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10/01/15Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!
09/21/154chan is now owned and led by Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel. Read more.
06/21/15It's now possible to use the legacy text CAPTCHA in the Quick Reply window. You can find the new option inside the [Settings] menu under "Quotes & Replying."
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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

New trial board added: /aco/ - Adult Cartoons. Please read the sticky before posting!

2918984Anonymous[Twistwave][L]3.56 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:57:460[Reply]
2918902Anonymous[boku][A]YOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!3.63 MB10/03/15(Sat)22:51:175[Reply]
2918839Anonymous[noko][H]1.25 MB10/03/15(Sat)20:45:104[Reply]
2918974Anonymous[06 ryan parry - I'll(...)][?]3.62 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:39:471[Reply]
2918862Anonymous[Lusine - Arterial][?]10 MB10/03/15(Sat)21:28:335[Reply]
2918977Anonymous[dagobah_Nyaruko_keyboard][?]8.11 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:45:180[Reply]
2918952Anonymous[shittychat][?]fuck178 KB10/04/15(Sun)00:07:171[Reply]
2918960Anonymous[05 ryan parry - Baby][?]3.55 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:22:261[Reply]
2918972Anonymous[test your might][P]8.13 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:38:190[Reply]
2918968Anonymous[black][L]Aphex Twin - Curtains1.55 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:32:341[Reply]
2918942Anonymous[Waist-uh][A]/f/ucking hipsters1.02 MB10/03/15(Sat)23:52:131[Reply]
2918863Anonymous[Sonic Adventure Review][?]9.31 MB10/03/15(Sat)21:35:193[Reply]
2918928Anonymous[Lolicatgirls][L]fuck yeah old flashes2.54 MB10/03/15(Sat)23:25:211[Reply]
2918828Anonymous[DAICON][L]9.97 MB10/03/15(Sat)20:20:134[Reply]
2918963Anonymous[See You Space Cowboy][A]5.86 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:27:350[Reply]
2918962Anonymous[which][G]posting an old classic1.38 MB10/04/15(Sun)00:27:270[Reply]
2918831stonedrainbow[armor_cube][G]212 KB10/03/15(Sat)20:21:1510[Reply]
2918880Anonymous[Idle mine][G]195 KB10/03/15(Sat)22:11:293[Reply]
2918941Anonymous[l♂ca ][A]9.17 MB10/03/15(Sat)23:52:070[Reply]
2918938Anonymous[Big Blue Doge][L]6.55 MB10/03/15(Sat)23:49:040[Reply]
2918937Anonymous[Heli-Attack 3][G]1.61 MB10/03/15(Sat)23:48:521[Reply]
2918931Anonymous[thelibrary][?]1.24 MB10/03/15(Sat)23:33:531[Reply]
2918922Anonymous[Dirt On Me][?]9 MB10/03/15(Sat)23:16:030[Reply]
2918892Anonymous[ukigumo][L]Post old flashs3.62 MB10/03/15(Sat)22:20:091[Reply]
2918904Anonymous[soft_saturdays][A]1.64 MB10/03/15(Sat)22:53:000[Reply]
2918901Anonymous[i want dat meatball][?]9.13 MB10/03/15(Sat)22:50:140[Reply]
2918899Anonymous[Miku Hatsune Lucid Dream (...)][J]Good night, /f/4.05 MB10/03/15(Sat)22:49:260[Reply]
2918838Anonymous[SPOOPY][?]Waking up on October 1st like9.77 MB10/03/15(Sat)20:39:292[Reply]
2918858Anonymous[I Want You So Bad I Can&#(...)][?]9.6 MB10/03/15(Sat)21:20:532[Reply]
2918849yee[SoftSaturday][L]Saturday Night1.64 MB10/03/15(Sat)21:00:042[Reply]

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