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File: 1531933232899.jpg (70 KB, 829x468)
70 KB
Previous: >>221725112

In case 4chan dies again, head to https://archived.moe/vg/thread/<current thread ID>

>[Century of Eternal Flame and Ice: Gotterdammerung - The Jolly Fellow of the Undying Flame]
It's out now.
Two new materials
Master level raised to 150
5* Saber Sigurd: 18-22, 26-1
Bryn: 23-25, 29-1
4* Lancer Valkyrie: Always on rateup, not limited
5* Rani CE: Ignore attack and 35% damage increase vs Berserkers
4* Julius CE

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Raita Yoshi when
>the release of FGO NA doomed this general
>most of concurrent posters from before stopped going in the thread because of massive constant shitposting
>things like the FC spreadsheet is becoming more and more ignored
Some hours this general is insufferable
Crawl back to where you belong, cringeboy.

File: 245.jpg (18 KB, 307x364)
18 KB
BEES! Edition

>Newest game information

>Unsorted text dump from the game

>How to hack the game yourself on emulator, then transfer the save to a phone.

>Unlimited everything for Hogwarts Mystery

>/s4s/ sticky

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I hope not because that would make it a quick thing
I want this ball to be a big thing
Shitposting art > Shitposting
File: IMG_1572.png (196 KB, 444x413)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>(you) find Merula's MC folder

How fucked is she?

File: 2028245298.png (618 KB, 1228x1736)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
Lovely Edition

Left his bombs at home: >>221597748

>Marching Fire - New Mode, Faction, & Significant Visual Updates:

>Marching Fire Videos:

>Weekly Content - 7/13:

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What's to stop them from baiting out your offense or using their own tools to break out your defense? You assuming high level centurion duels with what is essentially the training dumby.
That's pretty cool.

File: 1506439357999.gif (255 KB, 778x422)
255 KB
255 KB GIF
Gotta go fast edition
previous thread: >>221694125

>READ the pastebins BEFORE asking stupid questions
GENERAL FAQ: http://pastebin.com/wyz3Ye1g
Additional FAQ, SERIOUSLY, READ THIS ONE: http://pastebin.com/GHStmm22

>How to join Warbros NFA or the Alliance: http://i.imgur.com/gu5HZxZ.png
(Warbros IS accepting new applicants, but the clan is currently full and may not have room if there are no inactive members to replace)

>Notable links
Wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com
Essentials: http://deathsnacks.com/wf/index.html
Buying and Selling items: https://warframe.market
Farming Prime parts: https://www.war.farm/index.php

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come on, it's pub spy, what do you expect? just be careful and don't ruin it for the rest of us
wow, the astilla is actually really fun.

File: 1477828098715.gif (1.86 MB, 640x360)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
Old thread >>221407156

Is it time to panic?

>Hyperdimension Neptunia Downloads
(Skins, Artbooks, Manga, Guides, Soundtracks, etc.):
https://pastebin.com/yYPgqHqD (embed)
- Nep Nep Book LE Manga download has been updated to include two missing pages.
- Visual Chronicle will be added in the next update until then have the link here.
- New folder containing all the 4koma and Nepnokai raws, will be placed on the pastebin eventually.

New Neptunia title in the works. Promises to 'surpass expectations': http://www.siliconera.com/2017/11/07/new-neptunia-project-works-will-surpass-expectations-1000/

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File: Black Heart sheer dress.png (1.49 MB, 1728x2048)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
She's absolutely perfect
She really is perfection

File: s6IO1Ay.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
>Upcoming event: FFXIV x Monster Hunter World crossover August 7

>Latest patch: Under the Moonlight 4.35

>Job guide

>Resources, Free Companies & Linkshells (Outdated)

Previous: >>221690459
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and that is a good thing
File: help me.png (761 KB, 622x537)
761 KB
761 KB PNG
File: 65771164_p1.jpg (54 KB, 500x360)
54 KB
I like how Zenos manages to ruin and make uncomfortable every other person

File: 1528431366885.png (239 KB, 345x385)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
/rtsg/ /cbg/

Last turn >>221362985

AOW: Planetfall

>Official and Unofficial Wiki
>Community Hub
>Planets Stats

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>only 26 people live on Earth
I guess they finally got rid of all of the bad goys
File: 1499402516501.jpg (80 KB, 483x750)
80 KB
ancestrally our ancients

File: 2280131822835.jpg (153 KB, 700x375)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
True Queen of the Freljord Edition

Previous: >>221689483
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>>Star Guardian Leblanc (Legendary)
Fuck you
I know you are lying but i really really really want it
Well, I'm sure my patience will run out one day and I'll just play her again at last. Hopefully Riot can make an exception for her when it comes to VU at least. But in all honesty, Crimson Elite is the only one that's a little lacking between concept and execution, though, not by a terrible amount. I'm just being greedy for a slight techie/magitech touch to the effects.


File: 1505261583772.jpg (194 KB, 1181x1748)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Previous: >>221723830

>[Free Quest AP Cost 1/2 Campaign]
2018-07-17 21:00 - 07-25 20:59 PDT

>[Camelot Pickup 2 Summon]
2018-07-17 21:00 - 08-01 20:59 PDT
Servants: Altria Pendragon (Lancer) 5*, Gawain 4*, Tristan 4*

>[FGO Summer Festival 2018 - 1st Anniversary]
2018-07-07 18:00 - 07-19 20:59 PDT

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This. Really gives me a feel of pride and accomplishment when I roll a SSR on NA despite getting shafted on every single opportunity.
File: 01.jpg (230 KB, 1280x1822)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Guess which legendary book was finally scanned
you'd think that someone who has been drawing for 14+ years wouldn't still struggle with poses so much that he has to copy paste them to save time

File: 1531511349464.jpg (3.12 MB, 2931x3327)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
>Heroes Links

>Links & Resources

>FE16 Trailer

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6 usually gets the most hate for it due to it being the first game most people play with ambush reinforcements (which were the standard until 7) and the fact that 11-13 only had them on hard and above so most people didn't experience them on their first play-through
Azura's costume is much more recognizable than Lucina's spring one
Go with Azura's
Tiki nooo!

File: 1522897729813.jpg (117 KB, 850x1202)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>221393835

= NEWS =
>Tekken World Tour 2018 Announced
>Patch 1.12
>T7 1 Year Anniversary Content Released
>Tekken 7 to Receive Second Season Pass

>/tekgen/ Information Compilation and Character Guides

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A ninja with ninjutsu magic like teleportation and shadow clones lost to a lanky Russian trained in standard military hand-to-hand.
you don't use df2 for whiff punishment, you use uf2,1 you dumbo
Yeah bro its not like they'd ever remove characters and story arcs integral to popular franchise characters

File: Azusa Tonari ni.jpg (426 KB, 2170x1603)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Previous iM@S Thread: >>221652069
Archive of materials: http://sites.google.com/site/yukipobackup/
Japanese news: http://imasnews765.com
Official upcoming events schedule: http://idolmaster.jp/schedule/index.php
Streaming music: http://shijou.moe/imas-radio
Material translations and music downloads: http://pastebin.com/EzKcD6vZ
Character birthdays: http://pastebin.com/fKXLnxLQ
Upcoming events and merchandise: http://pastebin.com/yu6rrC2t

New here? Check out the FAQ and Resource Links: http://pastebin.com/icRtaLvv

>Event: 07/19 - 07/?? Token (Kirari, Mika)
>Gacha: 07/16 - 07/19 SSR Guaranteed Type Boxes

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No, I mean, I'm the same as you, my config stayed.
Not him but my configs reset too.
Maybe it was OS-dependent?
Does triggering story commus from the Theater screen count towards the "Talk with them in the Theater" special training mission?

File: 1480802132861.png (1.06 MB, 1280x900)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Welcome to the Sonic The Hedgehog General. Here we discuss all things Sonic!

/sthg/ #1467 - Low-Poly Adventure 2 Edition

>Sonic News<
Sonic Mania Plus is now available on PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch & Steam.

Sonic Mania Adventures - Complete Movie

Team Sonic Racing E3 Trailer

Team Sonic Racing Dev Interview

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yup. Kinda sad. I've been wishing for a game that would focus in on Sonic + Tails again, and have Blaze + Cream as their gameplay counterparts for extra missions or multiplayer or whatever.

Always felt like a no-brainer after the positive reception to the characters in Rush. But Sega seems to have put Blaze on the shelf, and Cream is now tied to her so Cream is screwed too.

My dream right now? Sonic Forces DLC is Episode Blaze, and has Cream interact with Blaze in the same way Omega and Rouge did in Episode Shadow. And I want one of the Team Sonic Racing teams to be Blaze/Silver/Cream.

But we all know we're just going to get Team Eggman, Team Chaotix, and a Ugandan Knuckles shirt in Forces instead.
I hate the idea of Cream being Blaze's sidekick when Maine exists, sure, she's been basically dead since her debut, but I still think that she should be given that position instead. On top of that, Cream works better as Amy's friend, sort of as a straight man to her yandere tendencies. Replace Big with Sticks and you'll have the ideal team Rose.
File: c the r.png (236 KB, 318x412)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>flashing her pantsu all over town

Good girl.

File: 1515231200293.jpg (76 KB, 720x470)
76 KB
You want planes in a pile? Pile o' planes.
Previous jej: >>221332736

This thread is dedicated to all games about building machines and systems out of blocks, in space or otherwise. Also, all these games are ded. Only ded games may join, otherwise they must have their own thread.
Whether or not a game belongs in /egg/ is a case by case matter, however games that would belong in /svgg/, space voxel games general, are automatically considered /egg/

WebM for physicians:

List of currently known and vaguely not dead /egg/ games (this list is not fully inclusive and if you think a game might belong here, feel free to ask):
>Chode - Children of a Dead Earth

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>work with modded
anon, I...
have you tried turning your pc off then back on again?
File: spengicide.gif (2.98 MB, 450x450)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
Keen, I swear to God Most High.

File: aedric spear.jpg (239 KB, 683x1024)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Aedric Spear Edition

>Wolfhunter & Update 19 Preview

>Elder Thread

>Latest ESO Live

>Places to Buy, Assorted Links, and Tweaks
- DON'T BUY THROUGH STEAM. There are myriad issues that you don't want to deal with.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Talk with crafting instructors and do the tutorial. Once you complete them and certify for profession, you'll be able to get writs daily.
You also need to be at least level 6.
I'm level 50 in all crafting and I've done the tutorial. I've been doing writs for at least 3 years, this last couple weeks I haven't been getting any dailies for equipment only, prob, alch, ench I still get daily, my quest log has none, no one will talk to me (NPCs) about it I even went to the trainer and nothing. The board just shows like you have already done your dailies. It would be nice if support would get back to me but if it's not removing threads and posts from the forum they can't seem to comprehend it. god damnit I'm salty

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