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File: toysrus.jpg (49 KB, 660x371)
49 KB

Toys R Us will close or sell all its 885 stores in the US after failing to find a buyer, putting about 30,000 jobs under threat.

Chief executive Dave Brandon said it was a "profoundly sad day" for the retailer.

The giant toy-store chain was already in the process of closing one fifth of its shops after filing for bankruptcy protection last year.

Toys R Us will also close all its UK stores by the end of April.
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Actually Toys R' Us made up about 15-20% of all toys sales. Amazon weakened them, but they tanked other trends in the past.
What actually killed them was vulture capitalism.
If you want cruel irony. It was Bain capital (Mitt Romney's outfit, and the same one that ruined and killed KB Toys) that bought up Toys R' Us.
Capitalism is its own worst enemy.
> They won't be on the Internet until 10
Even odds they know more of YouTube than you do.

They're probably already regulars on Stormfront and /pol/.

> Toys2Men
You think opening a sex toy store for gay men would have saved the chain?

Face it: King Bezos I is the leader America needs. Trump is just a warm-up.
the edgelord tips the fedora euphorically
Charles P. Lazarus, who founded Toys “R” Us, died of respiratory failure at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York

Mr. Lazarus’s death comes one week after Toys “R” Us announced that it would start liquidating its stores in the United States. Loaded down by debt and unable to attract new investment, the chain could no longer compete with more nimble toy sellers like Amazon and Walmart

>his franchise and optimism: gone
can you go i to a little greater detail for me on that one? Why did the company undergo a leveraged buyout, and why did that process lead to 5 billion in debt?

File: 200.jpg (20 KB, 300x100)
20 KB
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>temperature isn't a part of climate
>Not understanding that one point of data doesn't dispute a trend
Yeah, since it's cold right now wherever you are that means the ice caps aren't melting, the ocean isn't acidifying, and carbon dioxide doesn't cause the atmosphere to retain more heat. Nothing bad will come from the resulting global turmoil. Solar power employs less people than coal. China isn't getting rid of coal plants because they're just so damn cost effective.
the gaurdian is rothschild now isn't it?
lemme check
6th name down folks. the guardian is now bullshit.
It's now a prerequisite on /news/ to post a banner image with any climate related thread, in order to trigger these guys
They won't be moving into the first world outside of a very trivial number at most. The vast majority of that 140 million are probably going to die soon.

File: abc news.png (139 KB, 514x567)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
So Australia's ABC News Facebook page new to the internet fit the category as SJW's and other irritating left winged normies, you can see why here...

"Revenge porn forums sharing drives full of alphabetised photos of Australian women"

"Secretive online forums are sharing revenge porn images of Australian women with their names and locations attached."

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-23/revenge-porn-forums-sharing-nudes-of-women-without-consent/9577734?sf185274276=1

4Chan becomes a shock to internet illiterates once again.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
/pol/'s been working overtime to get the Internet hate machine up and running.
Guess /b/ decided they want in again... I wonder what /v/ wil do now that gamergate is old news?
No shit its a """"news"""" article, no one here is surprised.

Anyway its a news page, most likely filled with moms, recovered emo's and other lefties, comment your opinion on news pages and you'll get eaten alive, if you dont agree with them you're against them and a white male supremacist
So where are these drives full of alphabetised photos my fellow revenge porn forum users?
>leaving the comment that allows people to access the content the article is basically morally shaming
Top fucking kek
This is actually not 4chan.

File: 1511799184289.jpg (370 KB, 1536x2048)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
A wild turkey broke into a Kennebunk home through a window on Wednesday, prompting a call to the cops.

“This morning, officers responded to a suspicious incident in town,” the department wrote on its Facebook page, where they attached photos of a turkey that had “forcibly entered the house” through a bedroom window.

Glass shards and a broken screen lay on the floor beside the busted window, the photos show, while the turkey stands on the bed, gazing at herself in a mirror.

“We have attached an artist rendering of the suspect based on pictures from the crime scene,” the post continues, referring to a black and white line drawing of a turkey. “Please be on the lookout.”

6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>turkey busts into window to gaze at self in mirror
>"whos a bad bitch, im a bad bitch, gobble gobble motherfucker"
>police release black and white sketch of a turkey drawing

this entire thing is fucking hilarious next level bantz
Science and liberalism mate. Before the 1700, men were real men who had to kill everyday to survive.
Whether you win or lose, you will never be able to recreate whatever golden age you romanticize. Every era of history is a struggle to adapt to alien conditions from what is invariably seen as an organic, wholesome and good past. The folks who mythologize the past and promise they can show you the way to make it all better are all uniformly con men. If you want to be masculine, then adapt.
>threatening you or your loved ones
are you british?
In this particular case there's no real reason why the home owner couldn't have just shot the wild animal that entered his property. Not legally anyway.

File: leakedresignation.png (81 KB, 540x778)
81 KB
Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a longtime analyst for Fox News, told colleagues he is done with the network he says has become "a propaganda machine" for President Trump.

Peters said in an email first reported Tuesday by BuzzFeed that he chose not to renew his contract as a paid contributor with Fox News on March 1 because he was "ashamed" of the network.

He said the 21st Century Fox-owned cable channel has gone from being a valuable conservative voice to "assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law, while fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers."

Peters' comments directly targeted the network's opinions hosts — which include Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham — for their consistent attacks on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's investigation into Russia's interference with the 2016 presidential election. Mueller is also looking into whether Trump obstructed justice when he fired James B. Comey from his post as FBI director.

"When prime-time hosts — who have never served our country in any capacity — dismiss facts and empirical reality to launch profoundly dishonest assaults on the FBI, the Justice Department, the courts, the intelligence community (in which I served) and, not least, a model public servant and genuine war hero such as Robert Mueller — all the while scaremongering with lurid warnings of 'deep-state' machinations — I cannot be part of the same organization, even at a remove," Peters wrote. "To me, Fox News is now wittingly harming our system of government for profit."

17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nixon was a paranoid jackass who'd do anything for power, but at least he was a competent paranoid jackass who'd do anything for power.
>at least he was a competent paranoid jackass
Sure when he wasn't drunk and yelling at Henry about the media jews.., It's ironic that some of his legacy like the EPA is to be gutted under the current administration.
>Unironically swallowing conservative talking points
You're much bigger of a joke than I'll ever be.
Says the person supporting the paleoconservative
Who says I support the guy? He's always been terrible, but that doesn't mean that Fox News is right.


The government’s plan to legalize marijuana by this summer remains on track.

After a tense day of uncertainty over whether the Liberals could garner enough support from independent senators to defeat a Conservative effort to kill the bill, Bill C-45 passed second reading on Thursday night.

It is now headed to committee, where it is expected to face scathing reviews by Conservative senators.

File: boulder.jpg (94 KB, 1400x788)
94 KB
Who the fuck would do this?

61 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There is a lack of blue collar work in the US. CDL drivers can make 45K a year starting with no college degree. We have a surplus of college graduates.
post your sources
This isn't anything new, 5 teen in Michigan did the same thing just this January, and I'm pretty sure a woman was killed even further back by the same sort of accident.
Those jobs are all going to be obsolete in 10 years with driverless vehicles. Same goes for uber and taxi drivers and fedex deliverymen.
Being a truck driver isn't that great. I did it for a couple of years after high school. Remember that timed underwater escort mission you hated when you played vidya? It's like that but irl.

File: 2132066.jpg (35 KB, 610x385)
35 KB


>manlet and two globalist bull dykes
>brexit is over...
>article says nothing about brexit and is clearly shill tier.
um...o.k. sure.

File: iVESaIQ.png (475 KB, 587x600)
475 KB
475 KB PNG

>A Florida 9-year-old applauded his way into the Guinness Book of World Records by clapping his hands 1,080 times in one minute.
>Guinness World Recordssaid Seven Wade, 9, became interested in the hand-clapping record after seeing the previous record holder, Eli Bishop, on the record-keeping organization's YouTube channel.

>Wade said he studied the former record-holder's technique until he was able to best his record of 1,020 claps in one minute.
>"Seven badly wanted to break the world record and began bursting into random clapping episodes every chance he could to make his point!" said Wade's father, Chikako Wade. "Eventually we told him that if he really wanted us to take him seriously about making an official world record attempt, he would have to prove it by setting up a daily practice schedule where he would speed clap in longer intervals than his usual 15-20 seconds."
>Chikako Wade said his son started a practice regimen that saw him setting time aside for clapping several times a day.
>"I think it was important for Seven to witness and understand that a lot of preparation and planning goes into something like this. It's not enough to just be good at something," the father said.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I thought that was a typo but nope they really did name their kid Seven.

Apparently there's over a thousand people named Seven too
That's "high functioning" autism.
Yet none are "First". How dissapointing.
Rest assured I chuckled, Anon.

File: 1508626509297.png (396 KB, 582x572)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Around the world, different races have varying levels of access to wealth and resources. And in America, the disparity between black and white social mobility is still huge. Which is why one chef is challenging the way people understand racial wealth disparity by charging white customers at his pop-up restaurant more than people of colour. SAARTJ is the brainchild of New Orleans-based chef Tunde Wey. Anyone can dine there but white customers will face an $18 (£13) increase in their bill, compared to others. Tunde is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, and he’s previously organised a nation-wide dinner series called ‘Blackness in America’. His latest experiment comes from discovering that, according to a 2013 study, the median household income for Afro-Americans in New Orleans is 54% lower than for whites.

The restaurant is named after Saartji Baartman, a South African who was enslaved and paraded around Europe as a freak show thanks to her having ‘steatopygia’ – resulting in extremely protuberant buttocks. She died aged 26 and her story is seen today as the epitome of colonial exploitation and racism. Customers have two pricing options: a standard price of $12 (£8.66) and a suggested price of $30 (£21.66). ‘The standard price was available to all customers, while the suggested price was offered to white customers,’ Tunde explains. ‘The pricing differential represents the wage disparity between black and white households in New Orleans. The net profit collected from sales at the suggested price was redistributed to customers of colour.’

Tunde’s avoided publicity around the project in order to gauge genuine reactions from customers. But after running for a month already, he’s found that around 78% of white guests have chosen to pay the higher amount.
64 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Discrimination against gays isnt covered under the civil rights act whereas discrimination against races are. The point is that if this were conducted in the reverse manner, the law would be brought down on a white restaurant owner and people would clamor for justice. Its true and you know it
>A gay couple was ejected for being gay in a no-gay restaurant. The courts ruled in favor of the restaurant, stating they are allowed to deny service to anyone
Then what is up with all those catering business who've been ordered by the courts to cater at gay weddings despite their owners' wishes?
You should have a blackface, just to make sure.
now that would be a sight to see, hundreds of homeless people bombarding his shop at all hours demanding free food because they can't afford to feed themselves. If he says yes then hes out of business by the end of the month, if he says no then the whole experiment will backfire in his face and suddenly he's the racist.
As someone from New Orleans, I can tell you now that black AND white people have the same damn opportunities and live in the same shithole together under the same economy and more than likely with the same family circumstances. The only thing hold blacks back is themselves.
I'm white. I come from a poor, young single mother household. I didn't have the resources or family to care about a bastard child to go to college. My family is dirt poor, living on the bayou. My mom worked her ass off and so did I to just obtain a tiny studio apartment and my car. And these fucking negros that commit all these crimes around me have the fucking audacity to tell me I'm privileged because my mother and I WORKED for shit rather than robbed someone.

File: ep.png (217 KB, 483x248)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
- The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a new company — and the daughters of Donald Trump-supporting billionaire Robert Mercer have just joined as directors.

- Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer joined Emerdata on March 16, but it is shrouded in mystery.

- Alexander Nix, the suspended CEO of Cambridge Analytica, is also a director, as well as other executives from parent firm SCL Group.

- Emerdata also lists Johnson Chun Shun Ko, a Chinese executive from Frontier Services Group, the military firm chaired by prominent Trump supporter Erik Prince.

- Cambridge Analytica is under scrutiny for the role it played in the US election after The Observer revealed the firm had illegitimately hoovered up Facebook user data.

Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer, daughters of hedge fund tycoon Robert Mercer, have just joined the board of a mysterious new company set up by executives at scandal-hit political research firm Cambridge Analytica.

According to public filings at Britain's Companies House, Emerdata was incorporated in August 2017 and the Mercers were appointed to its board on March 16 this year.

Cambridge Analytica's now-suspended chief executive, Alexander Nix, is also listed as a director, as is Julian Wheatland, chairman of Cambridge Analytica parent firm SCL Group.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Emerdata is connected to controversial Trump supporter Erik Prince
Another notable company director is Johnson Chun Shun Ko, the deputy chairman of Frontier Services Group.

Frontier is a private security firm which mostly operates in Africa and is currently chaired by US businessman and prominent Trump supporter Erik Prince. Prince is best known for founding private military group Blackwater US and is the brother of US education secretary Betsy DeVos.

Prince also donated to the Make America Number 1 PAC, a Mercer-funded group that supported Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Make America Number 1 paid Cambridge Analytica $1.5 million in 2015 and 2016. During undercover filming by Britain's Channel 4 News, CA executives revealed how Make America Number 1 was used to seed online attack ads against Hillary Clinton.

The appointments indicate the strong ties between the Mercer family and Cambridge Analytica.

Robert Mercer is the primary funder for Cambridge Analytica, and was also a major backer of Donald Trump's presidential campaign through the Make America Number 1 PAC.

He's also the major funder behind controversial right-wing news site Breitbart. Breitbart's former executive chairman and former White House advisor, Steve Bannon, once sat on the board of Cambridge Analytica.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
nobody is concerned?
/news/ is a slow board. Also, it's like they're the fucking Claw from Inspector Gadget. Escape capture and then set up in a new base somewhere.
I don't know about 'concerned', but I find it interesting that Soros and the Mercers are apparently at war with each other and both spend massive amounts of money trying to win over the population of the world to their various causes. That's to say nothing of the Adlesons or the Kochs or the Steyers or the Bransons.

All that said, the direction the Mercers have taken their number one media property in the past 10 years (breitbart) is really telling of their agenda. We think Bannon is bad now but Andrew Breitbart himself would probably be in Trump's cabinet right now if things were just a little bit different and he could have managed to stay alive.

File: 1505709686070.jpg (31 KB, 534x401)
31 KB
Forget the baguette. The French are going crazy for burgers.

Figures released this week revealed that sales of the jambon-beurre – the ham and butter baguette sandwich, a classic of French snacking – have been surpassed by sales of American-style burgers.

The study by restaurant consultants Gira Conseil showed that about 1.2 billion ham and butter sandwiches were sold in 2017, while 1.4 billion burgers were eaten over the same period.

“Even the Americans are looking at us with wide-eyed amazement,” Bernard Boutboul, general director of Gira Conseil, told The Associated Press.

“Obviously the rise in popularity is not linked to sales at McDonald’s or other fast-food restaurants,” Boutboul said in a phone interview. “It’s due to the growing number of restaurants putting burgers on their menu.”

Eighty percent of restaurants in France included burgers on their menu last year, he said.

Overall, sales of both sandwiches and burgers are on the rise. The study notes that “the ham and butter sandwich recorded a 1.3 percent growth in 2017 while burger (sales) keep booming with 9 percent” growth.

“The French’s favorite sandwich is losing ground, slowly but steadily,” the study said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This doesn't look like a full meal to me https://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/b6f6efc0cde9743f6fd2bc35db4e9f0b825512f1/c=0-469-3453-3065&r=x408&c=540x405/local/-/media/2018/03/21/DetroitNews/B99641222Z.1_20180321114838_000_GID1U1V72.1-0.jpg
but i don't know, maybe you have the caloric expenditure of a lady
That's a shitty sandwich.
That sandwich comes from the article, that's the kind of sandwiches they were talking about, ham and butter very simple. Of course if you have a very long sandwich stuffed with all kinds of fillings it's another story
Seems kind of a waste.
Never got the whole single slice of meat or cheese on a slide of bread or baguette thing, might as well eat nothing then.
I live in the burgundian part of the Netherlands though, the retards above the rivers don't even butter their bread because calvinism.
All of them. American Sub, BLT, Philly Cheese Steak, The Club, The Cuban, The Dagwood, ironically the French Dip, Limburger sandwich, The Pilgrim. I could honestly go on but in short: America's sandwich game is on point son.

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
Video console death: US boy, 9, 'kills sister, 13, over controller' - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43455550

I don't support gun control nor do I oppose it. Never owned a gun, but never felt like others shouldn't. But this, well it really makes me think. Even taking the gun away, he still might have grabbed a knife or something deadly but the older sister could've defended herself against such a weapon.
82 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Where did he learn to use a gun though? I think that's an inportent question. Was it call of duty or did his father teach him? Eaither way this is some serious shit

> google
> 30 seconds, how to load gun
> 30 seconds, how to fire gun
> 30 seconds later kills sister
> ban google...
Allowing a gun to be accessible to a child should be considered child abuse. If society thinks that your judgement isn't good enough that you should be allowed to drive a car, then your judgement is not good enough that you should be able to handle a firearm. To allow such a person access to firearms is to endanger their lives and the lives of everyone around them.
How do you defend yourself against a knife in the back?

>hurr durr gun control
If he had followed regulations and kept it in a locker, this wouldnt have happened.
There's only one answer: make it harder for idiots to get guns.

Of course, that would technically make it harder for anyone to get a gun, but only the idiots would have real trouble. Anyone against this sort of thing must obviously be an idiot
this wouldn't work because of nra lobbyists. A better solution would be to mandate strict education on gun safety and punishments for gun safety violations. You cannot stop idiots from getting guns because there is a lot of money to be made selling guns to idiots, but you can try to teach them to be less idiotic.

File: stormy-daniels-avn-2009-1.jpg (151 KB, 1640x1093)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

Washington (CNN) Stormy Daniels was "truthful about having unprotected vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump in July 2006," according to a polygraph test report from 2011.
The report states that the "probability of deception was measured to be less than 1%." It was given to CNN by Michael Avenatti, Daniels' attorney and contains three pertinent questions: "Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump?," "Around July 2006, did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump?" and "Did Trump say you would get on 'The Apprentice?'"

Daniels replied yes to all three questions. The first two were analyzed to be truthful, the third question was "inconclusive" according to the polygraph examiner Ronald Slay.

Polygraphs are generally inadmissible in court.

The polygraph was performed at the request of Bauer Publishing, which owns Life&Style and InTouch magazines, according to the reporter who interviewed Daniels in 2011. Reporter Jordi Lippe-McGraw initially interviewed Daniels for Life & Style magazine. The interview was not published at the time, but Bauer Publishing released it in InTouch magazine earlier this year.

Woman named in Stormy Daniels' document accused Trump of unwanted advances
Lippe-McGraw told CNN on Tuesday that Daniels passed the test in a broader sense. "Based off of the interview, we had her take the polygraph test to confirm the details of what she was telling us. There wasn't much in the way of physical evidence, per se," Lippe-McGraw said, adding that the big-picture question they wanted to confirm was that the affair happened, and that Daniels passed. Lippe-McGraw said that Daniels told her she had unprotected sex with Trump, because Daniels is allergic to latex and didn't have condoms at the time.

Earlier Tuesday, Avenatti tweeted out a photograph of Daniels being administered the test.
74 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Can't I just enjoy the steady avalanche of this garbage person's dirty laundry?
>It's only in light of the blatant mishandling of the situation by Trump's lawyers and affiliates at National Enquirer that Daniels armed herself with a lawyer to pursue litigation, more to rectify her involvement in the whole thing than pursuit of revenge.
This wasn't a "whole thing" to be involved in until Daniels made it a whole thing. The issue was sleeping and buried up until recently.

>but the issue TODAY is the money.
Trump may not be as rich as he claims he is, but he is still quite rich, and $150,000 is chump change to him. Even if for some reason via magical retard accounting the money came out of his campaign, Donald Trump put $66 million dollars of his own money out of his own pocket into his campaign.

The difference between him paying $150,000 out of his own pocket to shut her up and him paying $150,000 to his campaign to pay her to shut up matters maybe for tax purposes and arcane legal minutiae, but practically speaking there's no fucking difference - maybe it was a Bad Thing but there is no world in which one of these is worthy of strident moral condemnation and the other is peaches.
The difference is that it's fucking weird and in no way should he have felt motivated to shell out 66 million as opposed to 65.85 million while paying out of pocket. So if it's chump change, why didn't he pay it out of pocket instead of using a campaign fund?

With no real reason other than arcane legal minutiae (and seriously, you're using the possibility of tax evasion as an excuse for why this is ok?) then why go through such a roundabout process. What motivation is there to do something like that?

Are we supposed to think that 150K spent deliberately out of a mutual fund was some accident or trivial mistake? Because 150K is a lot of money and I'd expect fiscal conservatives to agree that throwing it around without concern is fucking stupid since that's practically half their entire platform. Or should we be concerned that this is a part of a growing list of sketchy bullshit that's "no big deal guys don't worry about it"
>So if it's chump change, why didn't he pay it out of pocket instead of using a campaign fund?
Is there a reason why he would feel compelled not to use his campaign fund? The only thing that changes for him is the name on the check. It's about as "roundabout" as me routing money from my savings account to my checking account. It's not as though it didn't benefit his campaign.

>Are we supposed to think that 150K spent deliberately out of a mutual fund was some accident or trivial mistake?
I'm not sure you know what a "mutual fund" is.

>Because 150K is a lot of money and I'd expect fiscal conservatives to agree that throwing it around without concern is fucking stupid since that's practically half their entire platform.
Campaigns piss away money. Trump spent a billion dollars on his campaign. Hillary spent one and a half. All that money could have fed a million starving children but America simply accepts this because it's everybody's First Amendment right to piss that money away.

Donald Trump could have paid a Stormy Daniels every week for a hundred years and still had money left over. On a national scale (and unfortunately, Donald Trump is a national-scale figure) 150K is crap.
>All that money could have fed a million starving children
Someone should really make a chart of all the funds that politics wastes in terms of what charities could do with it. Most people seem ignorant to how much is spent on running for office, even for contentious state seats

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