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Requests go in >>>/r/. When starting a new thread, make sure to post some relevant images.

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Warnings have never stopped us, anon.
Let the rage flow through
That seems to be the best way to get what you want on the internet. Say you don't want something and like children everyone will do everything in their power to do the opposite.
Honestly we only really need 2 threads, one for giant women and one for giant men. Maybe a third for futa if someone wants to post a ton of it at once.

People saying doing this would result in a shitload of different threads being made are just overreacting.
File: Downwards.jpg (487 KB, 900x1200)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
The thing is, that's already happening. There are already giant male threads.

We also have a separate thread for vore up right now, and for a while in the past, there were separate threads for mini-giantesses (like, the ones no bigger than 12 feet or so) and a separate thread for implied-giantess-through-low-angle-shots.

I can totally get why just separating by gender works, but people have a lot of different tastes, and you can't stop people from making new threads. It might be a slippery slope fallacy, but I can see separate threads between murder/gentle and shrink/growth and that kinda stuff, and people would use the gender separation thing as an excuse.

And honestly? Seeing different ideas and fetishes clash is part of the magic of the size threads. If we just dig ourselves into tiny niches, we'll be unable to communicate with each other and find other things we might be interested in - having too many subreddits is one of the reasons why reddit is so awful. Sizefags gotta stick together, y'know?

I don't know if that makes any sense, and I could very well just be saying stupid things, so I'm sorry if this comes out sounding weird.
I guess there is a cure to this fetish after all

File: 1371359936483.jpg (230 KB, 850x660)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
If anyone knows, its you /d/.

What is the best way to remove cum stains from clothes?
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Rinse in cold water and wring out at the earliest opportunity. Washing and bleach will take care of the rest.
Get lots of saliva in your mouth and such on it until it disappears, then wash.
>Coldwainer Bird
>What is the best way to remove cum stains from clothes?

This is a good question.

File: 1428366035194.jpg (637 KB, 900x1200)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
"Jolly coexistence" edition.

Old thread : >>6067648

Haruhi mod:
Oreimo mod (contains bugs for some reason):
FIXED HERE (copy-paste in your oreimo.xml) : http://pastebin.com/RQH80nhe

Spankingsim source code : https://github.com/Andrusska/d-spsim
Last version of new Spankingsim (SPANKING STILL NOT IMPLEMENTED, coming never) :

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File: CDhuK3oVAAE5_5y.jpg (99 KB, 599x839)
99 KB
get to work scrub
File: maya-01a.jpg (78 KB, 400x604)
78 KB
Watching asobi ni iku yo have recently made me realize that I really want to watch girls play strip poker, except you can wager spankings instead of clothing. bonus points for it having to be on the bare because you wagered too much clothing beforehand.

i could write it, but it would be unbelievably fucking boring, since the amount of synonyms for the word "slap" is limited.
File: edit.jpg (73 KB, 400x604)
73 KB
Quick edit
File: CDmK9WdWEAA6Fp-.jpg (71 KB, 599x424)
71 KB
File: 1373910563192.jpg (52 KB, 600x409)
52 KB

No futa or male pics since there's already 2 threads about that.

Will be dumping a few pics to avoid being banished to the shadow /r/ealm.
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Who's the artist of that picture?
File: 1420619740648 cum belly.jpg (268 KB, 1024x768)
268 KB
268 KB JPG

I love those inflation pics where the woman getting filled's face seems to have that mixture of intesne pleasure, arousal, and oncomming relaxation/satisfaction. A sort of relaxed and drawn out "awwwwwww yeahhhhhh..." from a mixture of pleasure, the sort of relaxation a nice massage or back rub gives, and the satisfaction that comes with living one of your sexual fantasies.

does anyone have more of that?
would anyone happen to have any of banna galactics new stuff?
File: 136907701078.jpg (236 KB, 1010x1280)
236 KB
236 KB JPG

Thank you very much.

File: 1271046663863.jpg (48 KB, 640x480)
48 KB
anything that involves a man getting raped including futa on male
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File: image.jpg (137 KB, 620x1053)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (116 KB, 800x600)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (73 KB, 604x453)
73 KB
Last for now.
oh gosh, this one made me laugh, so much hate
>Have some porn.

Thank you.

File: 140376879759 cultist.gif (883 KB, 185x212)
883 KB
883 KB GIF
ITT: rituals, cult gatherings, human experiments with erotic elements or overtones.
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I wonder what she is up to. Is she already pregnant and the markings are a seal to make her unnatural pregnancy work, or has she fattened herself up so that her body has enough stored calories to survive whatever experimental procedure she is about to put it though.
This thread rocks.

Tail absorption cause reasons.
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File: 1275370247909.jpg (319 KB, 761x981)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>This thread has inspired me to start making terrible things.
If by terrible you mean AWESOME; I'd concur.

It's basically an example of how one scene, if seen by enough people in their formative years, can be mass fetish fuel that manifests much later in life.

Other examples include Kaa's hypnotic scenes in the Jungle Book cartoon and the blueberry scene from the original Wonka movie.
Please tell me the tail will actually function and she can go around tail voreing then absorbing people.
Some do shy away, but a big part of the problem for artists is having to know the underlying structure of the body; Bones,Muscles,etc. It's a hell of a lot of work to get all that down as well as looking at emaciated bodies for learning reference is none too pleasant.

But I'm another artist that has a big love for tail vore/drain, and it's the sole reason I'm learning to draw.
File: Snapshot_008.jpg (72 KB, 1600x1200)
72 KB

That's the plan. Working on making different poses/states for the tail. Then I'll probably texture it better with specular maps and stuff.

Username is Discarnate Resident if anyone wants a proper look. Could do with criticisms or suggestions.

File: 1429407031359.jpg (75 KB, 1200x1691)
75 KB
Post X-Rays - i love them!
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File: 1399582903922.jpg (88 KB, 639x1000)
88 KB
File: 1399568224986.jpg (765 KB, 1940x2730)
765 KB
765 KB JPG
File: 1399581886119.png (996 KB, 1399x2000)
996 KB
996 KB PNG
File: 1399588118225.jpg (983 KB, 1399x2000)
983 KB
983 KB JPG

Love how into it they are.

File: 36478480.jpg (592 KB, 1186x1680)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
Is there anything like "age humiliation"? Where a younger girl (student/younger sister/daughter) is more "developed" than and older girl (teacher/big sister/mother) and she rubs it in their faces? Knowing she will still develop even further but they are already finished.

Bonus points if the older girl gives up and lets her self get absorbed to help the younger girl develop even more or she gets absorbed because she is so jealous.
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I don't care either way, I just wish the novel had a translation.

I also wish the author would release his forever promised part 2.
D...do you have a link to this story? I kind of want to know what it says.
So it's 100% confirmed that she's dead then? That's a shame, it's way hotter if you imagine that her conciousness is somehow living on inside of her as a tiny part of her body.

Actually, no. From what I can tell, this is actually an age regression sequence, and I don't think the brunette is actually the blonde's mother... well, sort of.

What's actually happening is that the blonde is age regressing the brunette somehow, and absorbing her traits (hence why the blonde gets taller and her breasts and hips expand). The brunette regresses to a loli, as seen in >>6133149 and >>6133151, and then to an infant as seen in >>6133154.

From there, she winds up becoming an egg in the blonde girl's womb >>6133157, getting fertilized >>6133161, and then getting sucked into a placenta so she can be reborn >>6133163.

>>6133171 is the blonde's body injecting her DNA into the brunette's egg, which causes her to grow up differently as seen in >>6133155.

>>6133165 is an alternate ending which implies vore rather than age regression/unbirthing/rebirth.
That comic is unbirth in the actual sense of the word.

File: 1387842065940.jpg (134 KB, 713x1000)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Arapocalypse continues
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Bleh, I don't want to make an e-mail just for this and I don't want my personal e-mail on 4chan of all places. I guess I'll just keep putting content in this thread (which has slowed down a lot.)
File: tumblr_105.jpg (39 KB, 546x859)
39 KB
Well the room is just http://stinto.net/usyke
You could just drop in whenever you feel like it, don't need to wait for an e-mail.
File: 22507913.jpg (496 KB, 703x1070)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
Where is this from??

File: image.jpg (183 KB, 1280x580)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
The return of ditzy mask wearing gals who may or may not be after total human assimilation.
OC always appreciated no matter what quality. Help this bizarre little niche grow, as if you were infecting others with a mask directly.
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So much shygirl goodness

Love this fad.

Thank you and you. The world needs more Shygirl
Never enough preggo/big-bellied shygals...
Relevant. Sort of.
Anyone gotten this yet?

File: 1427664710146.jpg (874 KB, 1500x1125)
874 KB
874 KB JPG
Part 1. https://archive.loveisover.me/d/thread/6069936/#q6069936

Part 2. https://archive.loveisover.me/d/thread/6078110/#q6100141

You tell her that yes. She can stay with you. But only if she behaves herself, there will be times when work will have to come first.

She gives you a big grin and jumps forward to embrace you, squeezing you hard. As she presses her body against yours you can feel a bulge in her pants, clearly marking her excitement.

"Dont worry Lissera! I will be on my best behavior!" She quickly pulls you along down the hallway rambling on about something or other. You quickly interrupt her by bringing up the fact that she doesn't know where your room is.

After sheepishly apologizing Al'sun'yi steps behind you to follow you to your room.

After giving her a small tour of your living quarters you tell her to stay here and wait for her stuff to arrive while you go out to check on Lynu'li.
She nods and takes a seat at your desk, looking out the window.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Life first dude, but thank you for your dedication to our entertainment. It would be a sad, sad day if this thread just died.
Take care of yourself OP. We'll keep the thread alive while you are out.

So who here thinks a three way with our two fire warriors would be a good idea? I suggest getting to know each other over dinner with some inviting seduction.
Nothing like a relaxing three way with a couple of very fit and healthy Fire caste after a long day of diplomizing. Especially with the mixed genders of the two, a lot more options for us.
Dude, take your time off, you deserve it in my books.
Bump with plump Tau.

I haven't seen one of these recently so let's start one up! Girls getting their nipples fucked and maybe even their tits filled with cum!
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File: nipplefuck.jpg (411 KB, 600x2035)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
I ordered this btw. Might have a link to download it in it.
Well, that's a thing apparently.
When the hell are we gonna see a vid of an irl woman doing that though? I heard one woman had her body physically altered for it.
File: 1422921145003.jpg (610 KB, 1969x2497)
610 KB
610 KB JPG

While your comment about a woman getting her body modified to be able to do this has certainly drawn my interest. I think realistically the only way we are going to see this sort of thing in reality on any real scale would be with sex robots/gynoids. But I have no doubt that day will come.
Need more!

File: Stevonnie 12.png (993 KB, 1446x2048)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
Let's continue "My Demons"? :3
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File: 47.jpg (1.09 MB, 2480x3508)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
File: 48.jpg (965 KB, 2480x3508)
965 KB
965 KB JPG
everyone asleep? or at work? afternoon all.
I'm at work. Hello everyone!
Having fun at work? nerding on destiny atm

You plan to stream later for us pervs, Your Tammyness.

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