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This board is for:
  • Asking for help in finding an image or the source of an image, or more of a certain kind of image.
  • Asking for photoshop requests.
  • Asking for recommendations for a new anime or TV series to watch, or a new manga or comic series to read.
  • Asking for tech support or help with your homework.
  • Any other kind of work-safe request.
Once you have posted your request, please check the catalog for requests that you can help others with.
All threads and images should pertain to "work-safe" material. For adult content please use /r/ - Requests and for help with personal matters please use /adv/ - Advice.

Do not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids").

Personal army requests of any form are strictly forbidden.

WebM files with sound can now be uploaded!

File: image-w1280.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
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138 KB JPG
I'm looking for some cool anime shorts. Have to be less than 15 minutes. Can be music videos, shorts from anthologies or experimantal short features. Preferably more dynamic and entertaining ones. Some of the ones I like and have seen:
20min from Nishi-Ogikubo Station
Airy Me
Bubu & Bubbulina
Crazy for It
Daicon III and IV
Happy Machine
House of Small Cubes
L'Œil du Cyclone
Sex & Violence with Matchspeed
The TV Show
Wanwa the Puppy
File: a_experimental.jpg (1.08 MB, 1160x2600)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
try anikuri15 (exactly 15 minutes - one minute per animation)
also genius party and genius party beyond

File: Capture.jpg (83 KB, 698x679)
83 KB

I'm in love with this accent, I thought it might be a Kentucky accent but i'm an only a simple Englishman.
>literally says I am in the town of Bowling Green, Kentucky
>I thought it might be a Kentucky accent

File: Shield01c.jpg (85 KB, 539x384)
85 KB
I've been on an other world/isekai light novel/manga kick recently and I'm looking for recommendations.

Specifically, I am looking for a good "hero summoned from another world" story in which the hero outright refuses and wishes to be sent home instead. I've seen a few that come close and have the hero be reluctant or a bad guy -- Shield Hero and Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan, respectively -- but in just about every case I've seen this only happens because the "hero" is treated badly in the new world (betrayal and being considered useless, for example).

I'm looking for a story in which the supposed hero refuses to take the job from the beginning, with the story following the consequences of that choice to the end.

The only one I know of is Summoned Slaughterer, but it's a bit too try-hard edgy for my taste, and the MC is basically just a psycopath/serial killer who likes to have a "reason" for killing.

Can anyone recommend something along those lines?
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Neat. And thank you for the advice about the translators. I've only recently branched into light novel territory, so I'm still feeling my way around in regard to versions and such.

>Lots of murder, rape, torture, which gets rationalized because it's the MC comitting it.
Ah, so, Terry Goodkind syndrome. Thanks for the warning.

Tried reading it, but found the characters and humour too grating.
Still, I do appreciate the suggestion.
Scratch that, it's "Great Demon King", not Demon Lord. Great fun, that one...

Something you might also enjoy is "Everyone else is a returnee".
Some guy always gets left out because others just forget he is there. The ultimate loner. When the apocolypse arrives and angels evacuate everyone to other worlds to learn magic, god forgets him. He is stuck on earth alone (with an angel assistant) for 1000 years and starts reading books, mastering everything there is to master. He really dislikes being toyed with like that, and after the 1000 years, when everyone comes back and monsters come with them... let's say he has his own plans, not in line with what the angels want. He is a very self-aware MC, calling out foreshadowing and trying to avoid them.
It's gud buuk.
File: ddefense_-_header2.png (1.31 MB, 1440x600)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Oh, and my absolute favorite, which also has 10/10 translation, Dungeon Defense.
All the characters are mental in some way, and the way they interact, all the cunning and intrigue and assholeness is ridiculously fun.

(Guy plays game, wakes up as dungeon master in the game, broke as fuck, and some annoying cold hearted bitch is there to collect debts from him. Hatred and banter ensues.)
Just wanted to add, I really also like this one.
Shame it goes balls to the wall retarded with the MC's edge.

File: IMG_0645.png (53 KB, 475x354)
53 KB
Finished Bebop nearly 20 years after it initially released, need something that is as good. Got any recommendations?
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Amaama to Inazuma
Trigun,its basically the same environment but better and with an actual plot
i think samurai champloo is a better fit since it's by the same director and has similar style.
another one could be black lagoon or planetes
Nah trigun, and kenshin.
Great post

File: Untitled.png (17 KB, 685x655)
17 KB
Does anyone have the photo of the cross-eyed guy holding the confederate flag, commonly seen with the phrase, keeping the blood lines pure
You can thank me with $2 via paypal to uskwchndfstx8pz3@gmail.com . Or being a good person.

Can anyone give me some good anime, manga or light novel with paramilitary or military, war and politics taking center stage?
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My fav
Do you want a combination of Military+War+Politics at once, or just one of them suffice? Here's what I've read that are in top of my mind:

Ghost in The Shell
Last Exile
Wings of Honneamise
The Cockpit
Hyouge Mono
Arslan Senki


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Oh also the gundam series. Maybe Wing and 00 for your entry point.
File: 061.jpg (248 KB, 1378x1000)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare
(Thou Shalt Not Die)

From the moon head Yoko Taro
It's fucking brutal
How about Jormungand?
It's about arms dealers, and they participate in a shitload of war-ish scenarios.
It's also extremely fun to watch despite the brutal/sad/serious storyline.
And it has a top notch soundtrack, in both atmospheric...


...and adrenalin department:

Read "Release that witch" for politics. CN novel, modern person with modern engineer/history knowledge taking control of a medieval fantasy world. Lots of intrigue and development.

File: bluescreen404.jpg (86 KB, 762x617)
86 KB
I need some help, I just switched browsers (Firefox to Pale Moon) and now whenever I click to enlarge and try and save a webm it opens a new tab. I can't seem to find a way to make it not, any help would be awesome. I've tried looking it up and messing with the thread settings but nothing i do seems to work.

File: radicalfeminist.png (1.25 MB, 959x719)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
I'm trying to install windows 98, but some tryhard put puppy linux on this laptop, and fucked something. I tried fdisk to make a DOS partition, but setup still isn't happy. I can't delete the partition, because the volume label is garbage. Pic related.

How do I get windows 98 working on this shit? I already tried formatting with a minimal cd, but the hard disk keeps messing up.
Try zeroing the beginning of the disk to erase the partition table, then create it again

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=1

Make sure to replace /dev/sdX with the correct device for the HDD
Use gparted, and delete the disk into unallocated space. After that do what you normally do.

this phone wallpaper.
slightly larger resolution
File: image.png (923 KB, 1291x1146)
923 KB
923 KB PNG
it seems to be a custom image, at least i cant find anything on google with that exact screen
i extracted some pictures from the video and did some transforms on one of them, still neither provide a decent quality picture to set as wallpaper (should be easy to cut out one of them with mspaint if you wish to use it)

File: img000024.png (421 KB, 1698x1200)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
Where can I find chapters 37 and onwards for Ikigami? Bato.to, Mangapark, Mangafox, and all the other websites I tried stop at 36 for some reason, even though it's supposed to have 60.
It's not fully scanlated. Sounds like they're missing 1 volume's worth of scanlated chapters though, since I was able to find up to chapter 42.
what website was that on?
File: Dimples thumbs up.gif (785 KB, 600x540)
785 KB
785 KB GIF
thanks anon

File: goddamn-spiderman.jpg (239 KB, 1280x960)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Few months ago I saw a picture that was in the style of a political cartoon, explaining what a Nu Male was. It was surrounded with details like "the numale drinks BPA bottles to raise estrogen" and "the numale smokes weed cause its cool! and relaxing! regardless of the health effects". The numale in the center had swirly eyes too iirc.

If someone could post it or point me in the right direction that would be great. Ive been on google and sifting through archives for about an hour now to no luck.

Thanks in advance!
File: 1474747531971.jpg (617 KB, 1500x1543)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
Hmm, no mention of BPA. I'll keep looking.
i really appreciate it man good luck
File: ModernMan.png (1.45 MB, 3200x4136)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
File: eoctflex04ky.png (599 KB, 1000x724)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
I fucking hope so, because I'm DONE searching for OP. I feel like wearing paisley now, or something.

I switched out the filename one of the folders on the way to my screenshot folder, and now it keeps saying "Error writing screenshot!" despite the fact that I've already edited the path in the .conf file. Anyone know any fixes?
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My screenshot settings are:

The path to the folder is /home/skeleton/Pictures/Pictures/Pictures/Reaction_images/Screenshots

if you wanted my full config (I changed the name of my filepath again)
4chan wasn't letting me reply earlier, so let's see if it will now

Try running

ls -dl "/home/skeleton/Pictures/Pictures/Pictures/ReactionImages/Screenshots"

in a terminal and post the output here, so we can check the permissions. While you're at it, try to create an empty file with

touch "/home/skeleton/Pictures/Pictures/Pictures/ReactionImages/Screenshots/test.txt"

and see if it works
Oh, I fixed it around an hour ago. Thanks for the help though
No problem

File: Capture.png (642 KB, 889x717)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
>be me
>the end

File: Enn7s33.jpg (120 KB, 2032x1521)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Are there any bulk torrents of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies? I'm looking into downloading all 1,000 or so shorts.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'd like one too, but does MySpleen allow publicly distributing invites?
File: foghorn.png (8 KB, 173x272)
8 KB
source of elsewhere? i'd like to get in on this. always - i say, always room for one more sharing peer.
just send me an email :^)
File: Foghorn_Leghorn.jpg (39 KB, 580x321)
39 KB
thankin' ya!

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