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This board is for:
  • Asking for help in finding an image or the source of an image, or more of a certain kind of image.
  • Asking for photoshop requests.
  • Asking for recommendations for a new anime or TV series to watch, or a new manga or comic series to read.
  • Asking for tech support or help with your homework.
  • Any other kind of work-safe request.
Once you have posted your request, please check the catalog for requests that you can help others with.
All threads and images should pertain to "work-safe" material. For adult content please use /r/ - Requests and for help with personal matters please use /adv/ - Advice.

Do not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids").

Personal army requests of any form are strictly forbidden.

WebM files with sound can now be uploaded!

File: 1472774863168.jpg (125 KB, 736x948)
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In relation to the Dragonball franchise: Subs or dubs?
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Choose wisely.
this, the biggest shit about the American dub is that they change the god tier soundtrack too
Sounds like they tried making it sound more modern. The old soundtrack sounds like an old Spider Man cartoon. The new one sounds industrial and grungy, modern at the time of the dubbed release.

Still beats hearing Goku's whiny Japanese voice. Its easy to make out that the voice actor is a women.
Read the manga



I want to lose my faith in humanity. May I have your most miserable, soul-crushing pictures of fat kids?
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File: 1411431103549.jpg (271 KB, 634x1154)
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271 KB JPG
How is Honey Boo Boo even still alive nowadays?
File: OE6FYsQmsLo.jpg (62 KB, 439x604)
62 KB

>You can only wear clothes with city names on them if you're from that country


File: DYRTY56Y7567YRT.png (357 KB, 537x536)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Can you....make his skin yellow

File: IMG_0643.jpg (1.72 MB, 4032x3024)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
it looks like marble
tiger eye
some type of chalcedony

File: scarf.jpg (17 KB, 410x307)
17 KB
Recommend me some damn good 80's or 90's anime, particularly underrated or unknown ones.
hokuto no ken.
Initial D
I enjoyed Case Closed also known as Detective Conan back in the day, dunno when it was made though so not sure if it fits the 80-90s anime.

File: movie maker.jpg (53 KB, 400x400)
53 KB
Can someone help me out with finding a version of Movie Maker than is not coupled with malware and bloatware?
Thanks folk.
I posted a torrent for that on the thread you created
a few days ago
I doubt that seeing as this is my first thread on /wsr/. Anyhow, would you mind reposting?
my bad, I just thought it was strange 2 people asking for windows movie maker so close to one another, there you go anon


just choose windows movie maker when installing, no need for msn messenger and some other crap
Thanks a lot anon, you're a life saver!

File: ex.jpg (170 KB, 1070x682)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Hi guys, I tried a few times to solve this equation, but my result isn't right.

Can someone show me the steps reqired to solve it? Thanks in advance
Show what you tried.

File: 1493324963828.png (394 KB, 598x564)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
Area codes 508 and 774 are North American Numbering Plan (NANP) telephone area codes for the U.S. state of Massachusetts. This service area currently includes south-central and most of southeastern Massachusetts (LATA code 128). It includes Worcester, Outer south & southwest Greater Boston (such as the MetroWest region), as well as Fall River, New Bedford, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket.

On September 1, 1997, area code 508 was split, with area code 978 being assigned to the northern part of that service area. Area code 774 is an overlay area code that was added to share the 508 service area, beginning on May 2, 2001 and continuing to the present day. Since then, 10 digit local dialing is mandatory[citation needed].
aparently it's the avatar of Planet Bumble, a youtuber


File: 1324378.jpg (173 KB, 1452x2000)
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173 KB JPG
Requesting votes on this


File: meta.jpg (114 KB, 919x912)
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114 KB JPG
How can I rip the sound from this website?
File: 1442703493087.jpg (452 KB, 900x885)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
they have an app OP.
that it works offline.
Open up the network inspector in your browser (usually control + shift + i) (select the network option).
Refresh the page.
You'll see mp4's to download
if you're on firefox, with the page open, go to Tools and then Page Info. Then go to the Media tab, go through all the Audio type files and click Save As.. on each one

Or here are direct links


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awesome thanks a bunch

File: feelsbadman.png (361 KB, 500x438)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
I am making a DND C# game.
Many text based options choose your adventure. etc.
I've implemented a Dice system but wanted to have bonus points for rolling the same number in one hand/round for magic users (Paladins).

How do I compare the dice rolls if they are stored in an array in C#?
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Used this and it worked. Thanks anon.

I want to give out a bigger value based on the more same rolls. How do I do this?
Bump. for the morning.
came here to say this but my post was going to be more like >using for loops >not using functional programming

Anyone please?

I am trying to build a gaming PC on a sub $600 budget and I'm trying to make the best of what I can. I am hoping to use CEMU on this and I have heard that Intel chips have graphical issues with it which is why I have an AMD CPU. I could always change this if I needed to. Any suggestions are welcome.
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Google the phrase "working set", and don't come back until you understand what it means.
That's not how it works hoss. The pagefile is always available as a separate scratch space set. Windows and a lotta games and applications dump mid-to-low priority pages there, regardless of how close the memory is to being thrashed, and that includes pretty much all database sets. It isn't just an extension to memory to avoid page faults, that's why CreateFileMapping and MapViewOfFile are part of the WinAPI functions.
Wow this is a lot of shit I didn't think I'd learn from this thread.
That's 4chan for you.
Nice builds here.

File: am7.jpg (9 KB, 246x205)
9 KB
I've been using Acoustica Mixcraft 7 for about 6 months now, and recently, my VST plugins are not appearing in my program. I dump the .dll file into the "3rd Party" folder but... They just don't appear. Hell, I just downloaded 3 different pitch shifters and NONE of them apparently worked. Can someone either help me fix my problem or give me a good pitch shifting VST that will work?
not an acoustica mixcraft user but cubase. i never had my vst disappear but i know the problem from downloading into the wrong directory. cubase has more then one folder called vst plugins. maybe double check if it is really the right folder you are using ? and also try finding out if your DAW really uses this folder.
reinstalling the DAW ?
Okay I downloaded the 32 bit version and it works, for some reason. Huh.

Hey, /wsr/, I'm looking for a particular song from the mobile game Pac-Chain... it's the music when the ghosts are piled up really high and you're about to lose. Here's the only gameplay of it I could find.


the song plays at 8:35.

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