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01/23/15Tune in to moot's final 4chan Q&A on YouTube!
01/21/15News Post: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement
01/18/15Blog Post: New requirement for 4chan volunteers going forward
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NEWS POST: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement

moot's final 4chan Q&A—which lasted 8 straight hours—is embedded below. See the /qa/ archive for the question threads.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYUKJBZuUig

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Previous >>2946438
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Guess they won't be getting Utada to do the final song then. Her team threatened that she would only sing if the film came out in 2015 like planned.

He also could be lying.
You've misinterpreted the Utada thing.

Her record company wants the last Eva song to be part of the last album Utada is contractually obligated to do with the company, but that last album will happen regardless of whether Eva happens or not. The record company has no control over Utada doing the song for Eva anyway after her contract expires. The article was simply about what the company WANTS to happen, not what is actually happening given all the other sources.
File: 1394507694530.jpg (154 KB, 640x1200)
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I really loved Rei in NGE, and I think she was deserving of her popularity. But unfortunately I can't say the same about Rebuild, they butchered her in 2.0. Also, her large amount of screentime in the first two movies forced Asuka, Misato, and Kaji little to no development. So I don't know why the Reifags are throwing a bitchfit over 3.0 when she'll likely appear again in 4.0 anyway. Those are just my thoughts though. I think it's fine to dislike Rei, but straight up bashing her is just retarded waifufag behavior.
>deserving popularity

File: img536_20090816_1.jpg (117 KB, 700x561)
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I promised an /a/non pre-Pixiv Fafner fanarts, so here I am. Sorry for the delay.
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Trap thread? Trap thread.
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Fuck yes

This shit is so much better than girls with flat chests being posted.

I was wondering if you have some cute guys that are not drawn in a japanese/anime style.

I'll start with pic related.
Forgot to say, I'd like to see androgynous guys, so not only traps/twinks if possible.

File: 45271059_big_p6.jpg (352 KB, 702x1000)
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File: 1408208416435.png (1.27 MB, 1000x1000)
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1.27 MB PNG
Hot damn
File: 48327756_p0.jpg (160 KB, 831x1207)
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File: 1313292829124457.png (145 KB, 480x640)
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that feel when no bf
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There was once a sun setting in your horizon. What is his name, anon?
File: 47123251_p7.png (185 KB, 576x560)
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185 KB PNG

File: 1420827108116s.jpg (10 KB, 241x250)
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File: h7D4GV6.jpg (142 KB, 500x1580)
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is it gay to be attracted to feminine boys? when they are so feminine that they make the average girl on the street look like a hairy Mexican wrestler. when they would fit in a bikini better than any female would? where when you would normally see a male chest on anyone else, when you see it on this type of boy you get embarrassed as if it was something dirty? does this make me gay? I don't want to think so. I believe that being gay means you love a man because they are a man. I believe that I am in fact straight because I do not like this because they are men, but because they fit the feminine role far better than most females ever could. what do you think? if it makes me gay, so be it, I'm not afraid of that, I just don't see how it could since I would never be attracted to anything masculine.
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It doesn't have to be gay if you're still attracted to girls, there's a broad range of sexualities. Like bi, or pan, etc and it would take some research to figure it out. But like >>2949359 said there are red flags and alarm bells from your post and this is just uncomfortable
>is it gay to be attracted to feminine boys?
>is it gay to be attracted to boys
yes, you are gay.
flawless logic thank you so much for gracing us with ur wisdom
we've been lost before now
You will never find a guy that looks that feminine without being on hormones and had a decent amount of surgery done to his face. Being attracted to hyper feminine cartoons that happen to have dicks doesn't make you "gay".

But at the end of the day who fucking cares you little faggot? Fuck whoever you think is attractive regardless of gender. Quit being an insecure little fuck.
Im in the same boat as you OP but i stopped giving a shit because im not attracted to any IRL boys/traps, they're far too masculine.

>tfw i also like paizuri and loli

I guess what i really like about traps is them being cute and feminine, not the benis.

In honor of the anon who made a DotA2-thread with 150 images in the past, I have now begun gathering images of delicious DotA2 men. Gonna try to dump the entire night, feel free to join in.
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File: 1385130302806.jpg (68 KB, 450x762)
68 KB

File: 43004912_big_p1.png (250 KB, 500x713)
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Why can't my Cap be this cute?

Previous thread: >>2930272
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I see your Ryuko!Bucky and raise you Satsuki!Steve
File: 42991222_p12.jpg (87 KB, 456x600)
87 KB
File: B1bgnBEIYAAjh2k.jpg (103 KB, 600x800)
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Super serum, son?
I would've figured it went the other way around, with Pierce as his Ragyo, if you know what I mean.

Anyway I'm dying to see some sort of MGR crossovers and I guess this is the closest I can find at the moment.

File: 829443.jpg (188 KB, 777x1000)
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>no dragon ball thread
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File: mazyoko.jpg (275 KB, 600x733)
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Now we need someone who just has namekians
File: 40585283_p7.jpg (374 KB, 680x827)
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374 KB JPG
File: ngcl9dgmlY1s38c1io1_1280.jpg (170 KB, 1246x1763)
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170 KB JPG

File: 48270581_p26.jpg (471 KB, 500x666)
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And we're back with more. Never enough Yowapeda!

Old Thread >>2948937
/y/ Thread >>>/y/2136374
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Ishiyan's got it bad if he's blushing from this terrifying nonsense. WHY WAS THAT BEHIND HIS EAR? Did he crash his bike into a river? So many questions.
Great-Blaster translated the Kyofushi spare bike. It's..it's so short and Midou is so cruel.
File: 45423051_p14.png (380 KB, 534x802)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Aw! So adorable, Hairband!Midou.
File: 46382866_p20.png (151 KB, 500x903)
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151 KB PNG
File: 44297792_p2.png (431 KB, 734x1200)
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431 KB PNG
Midou probably placed it there for the fun of it. Love it how he just bites the head off.
I want to hold tiny Midou

I wouldn't mind getting midousuji's eel as a present if you know what I mean heh heh
...sorry someone had to say it

Midou looks great with every hairstyle
if i had to pick i would say original is my favorite and Mohawk is second
i like the shaved the least
Midou deserves hair as unique as him

old thread
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File: 48046659_p19.jpg (108 KB, 600x848)
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File: 48046659_p1.jpg (111 KB, 595x850)
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File: 47800033_p2_master1200.jpg (317 KB, 516x729)
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File: 47979877_p1.png (2.46 MB, 1120x768)
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2.46 MB PNG
File: 34164055_p11.jpg (137 KB, 800x800)
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File: 0110125.jpg (205 KB, 570x540)
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cont. from
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File: 41689443.png (311 KB, 1398x1000)
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Last thread hit max limit here >>2902053
Let's keep it going!
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File: 435685.jpg (452 KB, 600x698)
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so gangsta
File: 1798869.jpg (812 KB, 1290x939)
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File: 1519295.jpg (423 KB, 1100x800)
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