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File: 0329151436.jpg (2.72 MB, 4160x2340)
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Hey boo
Went to the UK and all your fish tendies were shit, Novascotia is much better
File: Clammies.jpg (64 KB, 661x522)
64 KB
File: rangoonies-springies.jpg (60 KB, 600x378)
60 KB
Rangoonies and Springies
File: IMG_20150220_153240.jpg (1.93 MB, 2448x3264)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Fried oysters @ Safe Harbor fish market in Jacksonville, Fl

File: Making_eggs_in_basket.jpg (119 KB, 500x333)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
This is literally the easiest breakfast next to pouring milk onto cereal.

This has changed my life, now I can have a hot meal before work and it's cheap as fuck.
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They do their non-stick right. I have one of their small fry pans that's made in France. It's been 3 years and still going strong.
Onion, stock photo.
my dad has a small one, maybe 6 inch or so that's not flaked for like 4 years. i have a decent 10" omelet pan but it's not as good. I mainly cook chicken breasts and thighs, pork chops and ground beef as well as veggies on the stove and sometimes in the oven. what would be my best bet for a new tfal cookwear if i just got one item? thinking either a saucier or maybe a wok.
>not wala
You fucked up, anon.
>runny yolk

Just made my own fruit punch with strawberries, plums, and apples

Teach me how please
enjoy your liquid candy faggot
just chop up some fruit and boil it and add some sugar

File: Pig.jpg (74 KB, 616x462)
74 KB
I have an eight pound bone-in butt portion smoked ham that I want to cook but not sure of a recipe.
I have
>canned pineapple
>brown sugar
>some flat cola
>cherry crasins
I don't have cloves, cherries, ginger ale or many of the things people often talk about using.
How would /ck/ cook their ham with these limited items?
Questions and suggestions are welcome.
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Thanks! Sounds easy enough and awesome.
>Soak in cola
For how long?
How long? I've heard 25 minutes per pound at 325 degrees (f).
Thank you, watching this now. 8^]
What side dishes go good with ham?
I dont like any of that sweet gunk on my hams. I rub the outside with chili amd cumin so its a liittle like a pernil

I also cook it extra long so the outside is very well done and crunchy
Pardon me if I seem terse, I kind of had a long day on the line, but one thing to bear in mind is that the ham is already cooked, just kind of get it warm, steam is good for this. I'd dig up some whole grain mustard or something similar, and make a kind of mostarda out of the craisins, and maybe the pineapple juice. You have so much sweet, and you need to cut through that with something acidic, hence, mostarda.
I have yellow mustard, is that a good start to anything?

ITT we post meme foods.
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So much this.
it's pronouced "fu" as in fucking
> healthy young man that has a good family behind him
> healthy young man behind him

yup, gay. or future sjw, in which case he would better be off as a masculine gay dude in terms of being a productive member of society.

Heh, you're that guy. Every time you start getting mad you start calling everyone sport.

>kid kid kid kid
Holy fuck this.

File: Ramen.jpg (345 KB, 800x533)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
How do you prepare your ramen?
with my dick. in your mothers dick.

i take the block, put it into a bowl, pour the powder on it, pour boiling water, put a plate on top of the bowl for a few minutes and then enjoy
Medium rare steak, scallions, red onions, cilantro, some kind of pepper

Broth: Chicken Stock, Fish sauce, malt vinegar and some sugar

File: panera.jpg (429 KB, 2738x1571)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
Could someone please explain to me why so many people think that Panera is "healthy" and "good for you" fast food chain?
because it doesnt feel like a fast food chain

they even had me fooled until I saw how they make their mac&cheese

>stand there waiting for my food
>they open a cardboard box
>see a binch of plastic bags with some goo in them in the box
>they take one out, open it, and pour it into a bowl
>its my hot mac&cheese

File: CAM00638.jpg (1.09 MB, 2048x1536)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Who eats this shit?

These strange salads that are smothered in cheese, mayonnaise, and/or ranch dressing. It just looks so disgusting
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File: 1401560515668.gif (864 KB, 160x270)
864 KB
864 KB GIF

Nigger in my 24 years I've been eating out at least once a week the last eight, sometimes have weeks of eating out nearly fulltime, and I've never seen something called Spinach Dip. Yuropoor maybe, but it sure as shit doesn't sound like a fine dining experience and I haven't been to a lot of dives when I was in the US.

Meant for >>6363612
Those salads are always around bbqs and shit where it doesn't really matter much because you'll overeat anyway.

Well, atleast in my country a bbq isn't a weekly thing
Eating thai food is generally a bad idea in places where there aren't that many thai people to start off with. I wouldn't eat tex-mex in Europe and I'd avoid eating thai in the midwest. Even in New York most "thai" restaurants are bad and are actually owned by Chinese or Filipinos who aren't giving you a real taste of the cuisine.

File: 644.jpg (18 KB, 336x325)
18 KB
> going to assign oriental restaurant
> Not using chopsticks
> Being an adult
> Not knowing how to use chopsticks

Explain yourselves

We have forks in this hemisphere. Why would we need to use a pair of sticks like an ape figuring out tools for the first time?
I didn't bother learning how to use chopsticks until I was 19 and living in Korea. I picked up on it during a single meal while drunk. Not much of a challenge.

Haven't seen one of these in what seems like weeks.

Drinking pic related right now. I can't believe how good this is. The recent batch is the only one I've tried, and when it was fresh the coffee taste was too strong for me. The coffee flavor completely masked the vanilla.

Anyway, drank 3 right away and I let 3 sit for a few months. The one I'm drinking now is one of the ones I let sit.

Holy fuck, this shit is so fucking good after 3 months. The coffee isn't as strong any more, and now I can actually taste the vanilla.

This beer is ridiculous. Probably one of the best I've ever had.
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A guy at Binny's was trying to get me to buy a $15 4-pack. I told him that's way too much, then realized I was holding a $15 fifth of Jolly Pumpkin. Expensive to like sours.
i pay ~10-15 per bottle for sours...

ohhhh yeah.
I also drink a lot of cider and that means i pay a premium for non-angry orchard/woodchuck or i have to drink that oversweet garbage.
thankfully ive started homebrewing cider so that should save a pretty chunk of change.
Even 15 is low for a good sour bomber.

I paid $24 for a Brooklyn Kriek the other day and it sucked.
I've been making cider, and it's only so so. Perhaps it's because I use frozen concentrate. I have yet to try some carbonated.
oh definitely, i spend 15 on an Almanac Farm to Barrel, that was fucking amazing but the LHBS has ones for 30+ that i want to try but cant justify.
That blows dude, im sorry.

ive got a couple batches going, Costco has some really cheap 100% juice. I just started a batch of Apfelwein, but forgot to cut the amount of dextrose i added, so itll probably be like 12% when its done.

File: Rabbit-in-aspic-006.jpg (74 KB, 592x355)
74 KB
Let's get a Food Gore thread going. Mmm, aspic.
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i used to eat this all the time :( its quite nice in a gross way like spaghetti hoops
those pancakes are sweating profusely
I want to char it with a flamethrower.

And then bury it so it never sees the light of day again.

i have gazed upon cthulu's heart, and though it no longer pumps ink like ichor through miles of vermiform veins and arteries, its unsteady beat can be heard still within the deep recesses of our conscious minds

File: 6265.jpg (51 KB, 398x398)
51 KB
What's up cu/ck/s

Just got back from the store with some turkey thighs. They're fucking massive, there's two of them, and they were only 4 dollars. In Canada, where food is more expensive than in the States. So this is a pretty good deal assuming I like this shit, and will probably be a regular protein in my diet if it turns out well.

I don't really know what turkey thigh is supposed to taste like though. What should I do to it? I was thinking of just brining it, patting it dry, making a spice rub, and then putting it in the oven at 350 for about an hour. What would you do to it?
That's a good plan.
How much do they weigh?
I like making a pesto type sauce with my turkey.

File: exps73_MBM1450751D45A.jpg (21 KB, 300x300)
21 KB
I'm going to cook some boneless pork chops tonight but I don't have any flour. I do have corn starch, however. Can I use it as coating for frying?
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are you gonna use eggs? if yu gonna use eggs, you can do it without flour
try sugar
just dont bread them?
apricot jammmmm

File: sal.jpg (87 KB, 500x500)
87 KB
Eating this rn , better than the beef pot pie, a good snack, what do you think?
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The Indonesian bakery at my corner sells them. Pork. Pork gravy. Carrot. Onion. Peas. Boiled eggs. Hot water crust. Other than the egg and pork rather than chicken, it's made the same way as a regular ol' chicken pot pie.

There are also pork pies which are basically a porkloaf wrapped in hot water pastry. Not gravy-based though some people, notable Australians, serve pork pies with gravy alongside, usually mushroom and/or caramelised onion gravy.

I have been known to make curried pork pot pie with curry gravy, carrot, potato, onion, peas and parsnip (which adds a nice sweetness without adding sugar to the gravy) from time to time.

Kroger's, for their free Friday item gave away MC breakfast pot pie's. They were pretty fan. tan. if you ask me.
Goddamn i'm hungry for pork pies now.

aren't those things like 400 calories

File: canned salmon.jpg (129 KB, 1049x436)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Why didn't anyone tell me how delicious this stuff is? I mixed it with some mayo and threw it on a hoagie, it's one million times better than tuna.
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File: 20150329_165014.jpg (1.98 MB, 3264x2448)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
Mustard race

I prefer my canned herring or sardines in water. I'll add my own mustard or Tabasco, thanks, but how's that cab wine sauce?

I assume it's nothing like the pickled, now listed as wine sauce, right?
Dont know, I havent tried it yet, it was the first time I saw it stocked at the store I went to.
did you buy this from wholefoods
Pink salmon is worse than cat food.

When I went on a fishing trip to Alaska everybody I saw who caught a pink salmon threw it back because their flesh is worthless.

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