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File: at the mall.jpg (619 KB, 2448x3264)
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619 KB JPG
What do you like to get at the mall food court?
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this is probably the saddest attempt at revisionist history i have ever seen
you don't just give out money, there would be a million aspects to it. my biggest idea is connecting fathers with their sons. give money for finding your family and verifying with DNA testing. (set up not to give money for new births)

My idea basically goes like...

Standard black scumbag, no job skills, works for low pay, in and out of jobs, has several illegitimate children -> He makes an effort to reconnect with his children, they find each other using a DNA database -> Programs help them psychologically grow together in some way/gain job skills together/learn together -> If a guy who fathered children and didn't take care of them goes back and fathers his children, give him good job training and preferential placement in certain jobs that directly relate to this program

You have to break cycles or things will never ever change. About 75% of their problems are due to the men not fathering kids whatsoever.
>I drastically want black people to have reparations
i strongly disagree
every other race has managed to work for what they want
niggers: everything is always about them. they are always the victim
black people are genetically disadvantaged re: living in societies and the modern world

I hate it for them and I'm the devil for saying it but it is the truth. I am >>9994025 and I view the world 100% realistically and I want people to have better lives

Most people on 4chan who talk about blacks know nothing about them or their culture btw. If you arent from a 40%+ black town that's integrated don't open your mouth about them
Will you do the same for equally poor and disenfranchised whites or is this all about how a certain race needs special help despite definitely not being inferior?
There's no shortage on white addicts to meth and Heroin but I don't see your heart bleeding for those.

File: IMG_2156.jpg (157 KB, 1242x1387)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Hello /ck/ I've already been to a few other boards (/lgbt/ /fit/ and even /adv/) but basically imI'm homogay and because of it step daddy beat me so i statted binge eating and got fat as fuck (230lbs)

Now i want to be a Trap specifically able to wear a maid outfit I'm already going to a gym but i wanna know what kind of food should I eat,
Any recipes for not gaining fat and to avoid building muscle? Please share or just call me a fag eithers good
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Honestly, the penis only makes it better.
If you had long hair and a boy face with cute eyes, like, if puberty missed you and shit? Holy fuck. Come on, tease a little more faggot.
>fat fuck
Wtf he is completly normal, at least you are not hugging a radiator, hate that shit both in chicks and dudes.
>Fudds and trannies
I want /k/ to stay off of /ck/.
>it's a nigger
Fuck this whole thread has been for nothing REEEEEEEEEEE
Honestly, estrogen fucks this up. I act a lot like a woman. But I can at least be brought back to my senses sometimes.

Transitioning has made me respect women less... though also more at the same time? Since I now know the craziness in their heads that they have to deal with.

File: doledip.png (576 KB, 665x429)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
So these have really taken the world by storm, huh?
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The reason that most of Central America is a completely destitute cesspool after being economically exploited for decades
Bullshit. They sold a product and we made it better. What's your definition of "exploited" are you some commie fucktard?
White people are evil and should give non-whites their countries.
How do you feel about the smores and the peanut butter versions? Haven't had them, but I've had a few of the others.

File: 1382539742687.jpg (61 KB, 616x462)
61 KB
Give me some tips on how to make some good Gazpacho
Use tomatoes.
serve in a bowl.

about to get a pack of this shit, what is the patrician brand these days?
There isn't a patrician brand. If you want good ramen you make the noodles from scratch.

File: alex_trebek.jpg (65 KB, 300x300)
65 KB
A food which is indisputably the best cure for a hangover
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Yes it is you fucking retarded idiot.
File: IRN-BRU-2-1-750x400.jpg (146 KB, 750x400)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Irn Bru and a greasy breakfast.
nice aspartame drink you got there
BF cock
>getting hungover
lol fucking frat boy alcoholics

What is your go to pig out meal /ck/?
When you’re really fucking hungry and got $20-$30 to spare.
>In N Out
>2 Double Doubles w/grilled and raw onions
>Two Animal Style Fries
>Extra Spread
>Like 20 Chili peppers
>Large Root Beer
>Chocolate Shake
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File: 20170625_184649-1629x1863.jpg (481 KB, 1629x1863)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Sorry, anon. I feel for you

>with samurai sauce

My man

It's a shame algecucks are appropriating the kebab here in France
I have such awful anxiety I can't order food face to face with someone else so instead I order online from any fucking local place that does delivery and pay with card and tell them to ring the bell and leave it on the doorstep because I'm not coming outside for shit
>It's a shame algecucks are appropriating the kebab
it still taste the same so good for me
I usually go to del taco if im in my home state of california.
>epic steak and potato burrito
>caramel cheesecake bites
>real strawberry lemonade
Thats about it lol or ill order a pizza but thats like 30 bucks.

Does anyone buy non-perishable food stuffs from this store/Walmart-hating enemy of stable gainful employment?
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And fuck Ford too, my family can barely find work for their horses now. All jobs should remain the same
This. It’s awful how many unemployed blacks there are today. Machinery took their jobs they used to have in the fields. Fucking racists.
I buy spices in bilk from Amazon.
umm amazon has created shitloads of jobs and made us all better off through competition

don't give a shit about mom and popcucks
>texasfag here. i love shopping at HEB
Houstonfag here. I've got about 6 nearby grocery stores to choose from, I always pick H.E.B. Their produce is mostly local and high quality, their meats/seafood is fairly cheap but also high quality, and they've got butchers that actually know wtf they're doing.

Plus, anytime a hurricane hits, they're always one of the first sending out supplies to those that need it.

File: whisky-istock.jpg (354 KB, 2048x1536)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
what's /ck/'s favorite devil water?
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Is older whisky better?
Its all subjective.
Jefferson's Ocean
Tomintoul is a rarity on how bad of a single malt it is though. There are good blends out there but modern JW isn't one of them, Compass Box make far better stuff. In regard to JW Blue bloody Auchentoshan 12 and even Glenfiddich 12 taste better than Blue.
Depends on the Cask and fill. If it's a 45 year old 3rd fill ex bourbon Cask it'll unironically be better than a 1st fill because a first fill for that long will overpower the spirit's qualities and basically all you'll get is wood like you get in Pappy 23 or Elijah Craig 21 because the new char is too strong and makes your bourbon taste like all oak and nothing else.
Just try some stuff at a pub and if you find one you wouldn't bat an eye at paying for then go for it.

File: yqnj1vq4ega01.jpg (524 KB, 1536x2048)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
..really America?
That's what happens when you don't exterminate your slave class and they sit around all day doing nothing.
As American as Sam Walton and electric scooters.
>you will never be this assblasted
>cool ranch fully stocked
nobody buys them. feelsbadman.

the perfect french toast...how do you do it
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well no shit batter and frying something tastes good. i could serve you cum that was battered and deep fried and you'd turn gay
isn't that just breading-covered fried bread?
Cut bread in slices, dip in scrambled eggs mixed with milk and a bit of salt until bread soaks that in a bit, fry on butter until golden brown. Enjoy.
Duck eggs and cream.

File: 1510941471949.png (648 KB, 1200x984)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
ITT: Horrible candy

Seriously, who likes this wax shit?
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Im not even that old and I chewed that shit all the time as a kid.

This thread has made me want to get some wax lips to chew.
Well... they are mostly candy.

HFCS and flavoring.

>Hating on Blow Pops
Mfw me and some friends would hang at each others house and practically use these as currency for favor like lending games. Sometimes we'd hang out on the trampoline "popping a cold one."
Sir this is a Christian bord.

File: BWB.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
>spends a quarter of the video showing off his luxury apartment
>spends another quarter at a grocery store
>cooks slow cooked meats fast in a pan
>"UGH this is why these meats aren't prepared this way"
>abandons the whole idea of the original concept from the show
>does his own hipster shit
Is this peak Binging with Babish?
LUL'd anon, hit it right on the head.
File: garbage stew.webm (2.67 MB, 640x360)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB WEBM
Jack X Babish collab when?

File: brown's.jpg (17 KB, 420x316)
17 KB
has anyone ever eaten at brown's chicken? if so, recommend me something yummy from there.
i usually just get 8 boneless wings with buffalo sauce, the fries, and a biscuit.
are their fried mushrooms any good?

File: deens.jpg (35 KB, 350x350)
35 KB
Jarred fish welcome. Gonna go to the Chinese grocery and buy a bunch of weird shit I don't know what it is. Eels and shit. What's the worst that could happen?
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I bought a can and it smelled like shit so I trashed it. Does it taste better or something?
brother your animals are safe, i have removed the curse, your doggo will survive as long as you post a picture, preferably with some of the good stuff
File: 1482008827808.png (592 KB, 500x500)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
>when you find a can of deenz you didn't know you had
Not using FOSS

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