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File: kol.jpg (190 KB, 640x405)
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>American chocolate taste like puke! HAHAHAHA

Can this meme stop?
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>He doesn't know what ale is
What? I drink ale all the time
>Most Europeans will drink local beers
Thats why the taps at pretty much every bar, and most of the space in stores is for giant macro brews?
fuck you talking 'bout yank.

this thread is about something called 'craft beer'
its like normal beer, but its over 9000x more pretentious and when you drink it you have to tell everyone how amazing it is a how shit all other beer is.
Sure thing, sport. Whatever makes you feel better.
>Most Europeans will drink local beers.
Can't say I know all Europeans but pretty much everyone I talk to will drink some local beer.
Hell I don't even see big brands like Heineken in a lot of places, they'd rather put in something more local.
>I drink ale all the time

Yet you're surprised at a 4.4% ale? Okay.

>Thats why the taps at pretty much every bar, and most of the space in stores is for giant macro brews?

See, there you go again with the wrong. Baring the cheap shitty chain bars (Wetherspoons) every pub has a bunch of local beers on draught and in bottles. I can walk into my local supermarket (Asda; owned by Walmart) and buy a bunch of local beers and ciders (including Bath Ales) right there; they have one side of an entire aisle for them.

Your perception is so skewed you don't even know how wrong you are. It's like trying to explain how a helicopter works, to a Chinese child, using Swahili.

Hello fellow /cucks/

So my girlfriend is a vegetarian fitness freak, and I am trying to cook more dishes we both eat. Since I am from Toronto, home of the Jamaican patty, I usually have a box of frozen ones in our freezer that I get from some nigger store that does a good job making them. Since she says the quality of the beef in them is a level of that above dog food, she suggested I make my own. I then thought I should try making veggie ones, so eventually she will make them and I can spend more time investigating the fake moon landing. So, has anyone here ever made Jamaican patties, Veggie or not? They seem fairly easy, this one recipe looks doable. Let me know your thoughts.


File: 1455324585417.jpg (41 KB, 346x404)
41 KB
>Toronto, home of the Jamaican patty
Just make the regular recipe but with TVP instead of ground meat
>nigger store
Jamaicans are honourary whites.

File: 222.jpg (25 KB, 570x414)
25 KB
I've been thinking of getting one, but they are a bit tiny. I'd probly better carry a waterbottle filled with jd or grey goose.
These things seemed laughable, why would I carry one of those, like wtf. But now that most restaurants, cities and offices are joining the alcohol-free zones movement, what is one to do right.
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wroooonnnngggggg. Amerifat living in the UK. There are signs prohibiting public display and consumption of alcohol within the city center (Peterborough) outside of pubs or restaurants. These Limeys are just as douchey as the US
I take a couple full of vodka to nightclubs so I can stay drunk without spending so much. Couldn't really get away with a plastic bottle. Also means I have some on hand in case I wind up at someone's house and get the shakes.
Bong here, can confirm. Had the cops make me throw my drink away on multiple occasions. Stupid cunts.
I'm not surprised that a stick-in-the-mud is delusional.
im curious now. which woman disembowelled you

File: burger bites.jpg (31 KB, 200x302)
31 KB
British paki/corner/news agents general

What food do you remember buying or still buy regularly?

has to be these. bargain at 20p. come in smaller packets now and dont taste the same.
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I never been to britain, dont plan to go

but these are the best fuckin chips ever
Tyrrells are fucking GOAT
(especially the ones you posted, so good)

It says it in the god damn bag

he was just correcting your country, they are actually called chips get over it
god i came into this thread with a mild dislike of brits and now i just feel sad for you guys, hope stuff improves geez

File: 1454901240245.jpg (715 KB, 476x9300)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
Good ole /ck/ cringe thread?
Starting with an old favorite.
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This entire channel is a goldmine.
File: 1396186482545.gif (1.96 MB, 324x235)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
Why the fuck would you make chili at 2am?
while he's retarded, wouldn't 2am chili be perfect for a crockpot.
>canola oil

Enjoy your block of rancid oily fake cheese. Throw your self in the garbage if you buy this shit.
File: tbYC_tLW.jpg (127 KB, 1252x1252)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

Hi /ck. I need help with realizing the plan D with my crush, tomorrow on the valentines day. I'm gonna grab the ingredients and work the way to her heart through the digestive tract. I figured we could maybe even cook something together, idk if it would be a good. Any Ideas what simple could I (a person with little to no cooking experience) cook for her? Anything fun to suggest? Thx for any input

Valentine's day. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Days until a major juvenile shooting in the U.S.A: 1
Don't worry bro. If I can work something up, so can you
It's pretty difficult to fuck up spaghetti or lemon chicken with rice. Hell, make burgers but use real cheese and buy vegetables from the market.

How do I make this taste not like swill?

Let's talk about wine.

What're you drinking? I'm currently drinking the Hahn GSM Blend from 2012. It's okay for a $14 red.
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File: caric2010.jpg (84 KB, 480x640)
84 KB

Caricature 2010

Am I a cheap bastard?

It's relatively cheap, but it seems to have some semblance of quality... Ignorance is bliss, I suppose- it's damn tasty with a decent finish~
Anyone have recommendations for ruby port under $40? I made the mistake of getting a cheap one last time, and I don't want to make the same mistake again. At the same time, I can't find (or remember) the first one I had that I liked so much.

No wine tonight, but for the weekend I have a Dry Comal Creek Red Port that is apparently "Rancio Texas style."
amarone. everything else is a waste of money.
File: 00ttmwba5adr4_375x500.jpg (52 KB, 375x500)
52 KB
Vallana Barbera. Not exactly great barbera and the first Vallana I've had that I wouldn't buy again.

All Vallana's nebbioli are creeping into $25-30 territory, they are no longer the no-brainer they were for years.

The world is going to shit.
I read this whole thread but still feel confused. I'm going out to Safeway this morning to buy some groceries for Valentine's dinner. I want to buy a decent bottle of wine for cheap, and suggestions?

File: image.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
When you go out to buy honey, then realize you accidentally bought mustard...

File: Dagashi_Kashi_ED_Scene.jpg (314 KB, 1280x1072)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
This is a new anime about snacks.

Why aren't you watching Dagashi Kashi yet? It's very educational and provides a history lessons regarding Japan's most popular and iconic snacks.

inb4 /a/, nothing they discuss about this show has anything to do with food.
File: Pink candy dick.webm (1.68 MB, 924x520)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB WEBM
>inb4 /a/, nothing they discuss about this show has anything to do with food.

Well, Hotaru is rather... distracting. I want to try some Umaibo if I ever get the chance though (no homo).
I thought the umaibo episode was interesting, but I found it annoying that I had no idea what it tasted like or what the texture is like.

Is there any comparison in the west? It seems like it would be like a very very light, sugar-coated donut shaped like a long stick.

File: bs.jpg (12 KB, 247x204)
12 KB
Best BBQ places no one knows about with location.
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If you're ever in Mooresville, Indiana, there's a place called Squealers. It's delicious.

I'm not sure why you'd ever been in Mooresville, Indiana though.
You know about it. That isn't what OP wants. No one can know about it. No one!

Not one fucking soul!!

>Gingers may proceed posting

Fucking soulless cock sucking faggots don't know the difference between BBQ and their daddies BBC.
You too are disappointing Mr. OP.
I've been through Mooresville a few times. I attend church in nearby Joppa.


File: chilicheesemac.jpg (617 KB, 900x598)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
>chili cheese mac

cooked macaroni
sharp cheddar
lots of minced onions on top
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Love chili mac.
i love drinking the entire contents of canned fruit (in water)
Spanish omelettes.
Tuna casserole

Potatoes - baked, wedges, whatever

Lunch meats and go full Subway folding the meat in an attempt to show value and maximize volume.
Fried egg, black beans and rice.

File: Blue-circle-200px.jpg (24 KB, 250x220)
24 KB
Can we have a diabetic-friendly food thread? What are some nice diabetic-friendly foods and recipes?
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a big bowl of sugar topped with corn syrup
also, the game.
>2009 was 7 years ago
Germs thread?
Yes, it was.

File: download (7).jpg (6 KB, 196x257)
6 KB
So tomorrow morning I'm riding my bike to the store to buy a lot of groceries.

Your post gets added as an idea to the list.
Dubs means I have to buy it if they have it.

Btw I live in California, US so you can't make me buy any of that weird foreign shit
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Shit, reroll.
Is OP gone?
Fresh saffron
I'm absolutely positive this time I will get dubs, reroll
That's a good one

File: 1455313472518.jpg (101 KB, 854x960)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Do you normally cook alone, or do you have a special helper?
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File: $_35.jpg (25 KB, 300x300)
25 KB

When you stop doing something you enjoy because you're worried it makes you a pussy you've already lost. I get what I want out of the relationship.
t. Role-playing NatSoc virgin
>When you stop doing something you enjoy because you're worried it makes you a pussy you've already lost.
but you don't have to worry because you already know you're a pussy.
>I get what I want out of the relationship.
Which is what? Are you practicing for your career wiping asses in a nursing home?

No I have a good time with someone in attracted to.

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