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File: alcoholic-help[1].jpg (533 KB, 1000x667)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
Is it ever possible to going back to drinking normally and maybe having a few too many friday and weekends after you had your first withdrawl?

Or does the kindling effect mean your brain is now too fucked to ever get drunk again?
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>I have a crippling fear of vomiting
>Am I an alcohol

Not even close, I would stop drinking if you fear vomiting that much though, you will probably be driven nuts when you start puking blood.
I'm quite aware of how my body reacts to beer, so I know when my limit has been reached and can cut off easily.

For some reason I think I should not be drinking three beers a night, I don't wake up feel bad or anything but something is telling me to cut back to maybe 2 a night?
>You are an alcohol
Hello, my name is anon, and I'm an alcononymous.
in new zealand you can get it up to 15mg in a pill but it contains paracetamol so you have to do a cwe

still you get like 600mg in a packk and it's only 12 or NZD (bout 10usd)

File: 52860180.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
What are the best kind of chicken tendies and what kind of sauce do you eat them with?
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File: IMG_1327.jpg (611 KB, 1536x2048)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
>tfw time for din din
gotta watch my figure
Just polished off a box of Great Value spicy tendies last night. Sometimes I have to pick out some fat or extra breading from thicker pieces but they're still good. Gotta overbake them big time and serve with hot sauce.

I also like Sweet Baby Ray's I think it's actually GOOD.
The best are the ones my local fast food joint makes. I eat them with ketchuup.

File: scotch on the rocks.png (73 KB, 203x219)
73 KB
What are you drinking?
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Nathan McPatentTroll actually recommend backwash for softening the tannins in wine that you didn't have time to aerate, so I don't see why this wouldn't work for whisky.
I bought this when I was already drunk a year or two ago. It made my poop black. I remember not enjoying drinking it even though I used to guzzle 211 at the time.
just take more opiates bra

works for me, I haven't had an opiate free day in like at least 5 months

fuck withdrawing I'll put it off forever
for a second i thought you typed balverine
I am drinking my pain away. How about you?

File: Nov13-BlackGrouse.jpg (101 KB, 814x1000)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Fresh off the /mu/ boat here. Can someone do a musical analogy for the different types of alcohol? Need to know what beverages are suitable with corresponding social groups and I guess the quality too.

>e.g. classical is wine, jazz is spirits, pop is beer, indie is craft beer
>smooth jazz is blended whisky
can do analogies for other interests/boards too :)
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The thread is obviously tongue-in-cheek, lighten up.

Also /mu/ has a good range of tastes especially for music since the 1960s. When someone goes out of their way to hate them I just assume they were made fun of for listening to stuff just because it was well marketed towards them. "/mu/ hates anything not hipster" meme.
mountain dew + jack daniels
File: drinkfy eyeliner.jpg (78 KB, 819x415)
78 KB
Wow that's pretty impressive.
How do they do it? Specially considering all different artists. They got all sort of underground music there.
Well, i'm listening to Eyeliner and drinking "The Eyeliner" right now and it feels good.
>How do they do it?
I think they use lastfm tags for the music (which are usually more emotive or intuitive) then match the drinks to each tag or combination of tags.
Cheap irish blended whiskey - Celtic punk rock

File: windmill.jpg (8 KB, 260x194)
8 KB
I have no idea why they are shaped like windmills, but these cookies are the bomb.

Lightly spiced, almonds, bliss.
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I don't understand why I can never find these in grocery stores. I can only find them in dollar stores.
They are delicious on white bread.
>Not in spread form
> the bomb

File: 1296965124719.jpg (47 KB, 488x348)
47 KB
do you guys bring lunch to work?
if so, do you cook your entire week's lunch in one day?
also, what are some things you bring?
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Some companies have really good commisaries, I mean like a whole floor devoted to it, and those can be really good and they're not expensive at all.

Some companies are pretty cool.
I pack a bento for healthy nutritious and filling meal unlike fat American retards who stuff themselves with deli meat full of nitrates and white bread (or worse, buy lunch, usually unhealthy garbage)
I get a work out time. An entire hour to go to the gym and work out, its great

TBH it really helps me focus and be efficient. I get more work done without that hour than I ever would have without it
I just take whosoever lunch is in the fridge
Sounds like you have an axe to grind. I don't get anything, I take it and make sure it's in my contract. Nobody in a real company would respect anything else.

I'm not there to work out, I'm there to get a job done and leave. Working out in some gym is a waste of time, I can do that on my own time.

File: Lamb00083.jpg (200 KB, 1094x821)
200 KB
200 KB JPG

1. Mexican food (it is good, but not as godlike as people want it to be).
2. Sriracha (It has it's place in thai and vietnamese cuisine, but people have began to mix it into craft beer and ontop of steaks).
3. Bacon. (Bacon is delish but people put it into and ontop of everything these days. Bacon pasta, bacon donut, bacon curry, bacon sushi.............).

Honorabel mention to nutella.

1. Lamb. (idk, no one talks about it but i find it delicious).
2. Smoked haddock (just try it and thank me later).
3. Muffins. (everyone wants a donut, cupcake, or some other pastry. The muffin doesn't get enough love).

Honorable mention to steamed mussels.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>every one and thier mother is constantly blabbing about them and how good they are
are you from the 1980s

so the usual 'too many other people share my opinion for it to remain my opinion' thing
'72 was when i was born, so yeah. came to canada when i was 12, all they fucking talked about
>implying that pork belly and bacon aren't the same thing
>i do very physically intensive work
That's very different than fat soccer moms getting salads from CPK for lunch after an hour of half-assing it on the tennis court and wondering why their husbands aren't interested in them.

File: 1416191473688.jpg (9 KB, 244x241)
9 KB
>buy milk
>labeled as "GLUTEN FREE!" =D
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They do that to make money
>stomach pains
>milk farts
I'm so glad I'm part of the SNP T-13910 allele master race.
>unpopped popcorn
>labeled as "MADE WITH WHOLE GRAINS:^)"
I wish I was making that up
You know how many people actually have problems digesting gluten?
Around 1% of the population.
ive seens it, and ive bought whole grain popcorn
[spoiler]not too bad[/spoiler]

File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
Hi /ck/

I was looking for some youtube channels about cooking for inspiration. Which ones are good?
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Seonkyoung longest is better.
I guess maangchi has more korean specific stuff though.
love maangchi and cooking with dog, cookign with dog is probably my #1 cooking resource
She needs breast reduction surgery.
and your mom needs a breast enlargement surgery.

File: index.jpg (20 KB, 225x225)
20 KB
They taste bad and are covered with pesticides.

Granny Smith rules!
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When I eat apples my gums start to itch like a mothafucka, like right up in where your supposed to floss. As well as my mouth and throat. It's hell. I get minor reactions to some other fruits, but nothing that bothers me like apples. Strangely enough cooked apples do not trigger the hell reaction.
Golden Delicious master race
Most commercial Red Delicious are garbage, but there are a number of groves of older strains that are absolutely top tier. I often see them come in as "organic" Red Delicious and one bite will make you understand how they got so popular.

there was actually a concentrated effort to mass produce the RD that started in the late 70's that was responsible for turning it into a crappy apple.

But if you can find the good ones when in season (August-mid Sept, cold storage until Dec) they are easily in the top three most delicious apples of all time
>Red Delicious
Not delicious at all.

>implying Fuji doesn't sound like a gay pride parade too.

And they are equally shitty to Gala.

True. They are the least shitty of apples.

>Apples are shit

Also true. But peaches aren't much better.
peach smoothies are god tier

File: IMG_20150417_121102.jpg (516 KB, 1664x1248)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
What are you enjoying at the moment beer wise? looking forward to something? Brewing some poison on your own?

This evenings haul for me!
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>the president is responsible for vry good thing that happens during his reign but none of the bad things unless he is a republican than the opposite

But the idea that the federal government not doing something would "throw the US economy into a death spiral" is ridiculous and shows you have way too much faith in the power of government

The right to control your own body isn't a real issue? Then what, the economy? You lost that one too. What else?

Maybe it's time to admit that conservatives are a catastrophe for freedom and prosperity in nearly ever conceivable way.

The entire global economic system is based on faith. If you yank the rug out at a fundamental level, you can very well throw the economy into a death spiral.

I picked up a bottle of Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout and a bottle of Hop Stoopid on my way back to my school today. I really like Lagunitas, I'm not that far away from Petaluma so the stuff is readily available and I've never had any ale from them I didn't like. I'm working on the stout right now and then I'm drinking the IPA at some time tonight. I have two exams and a presentation tomorrow so this is all I'm drinking.
>most american microbreweries are generally only so so good as good european macros
good european macros are in far smaller number than good american microbreweries. and this is if we're counting breweries like trappist rochefort, leffe, duvel, chimay, etc as macros, which i guess we could
european "true" macros like carlsberg, heineken, etc that sell a huge volume in the EU is trash on the same level as bud or pbr
the only really big european macrobrewery i can think of that holds its own in hoegaarden, because they focus on a specific style and actually do it quite well even compared to american micros

File: S3.jpg (98 KB, 520x520)
98 KB
My sister drinks this straight from the carton. Seriously.
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It's complete stock. What's the problem?
>not mixing bullion cubes with cold water and drinking that

nothing better than a cold glass of beef stock on a hot day

theres even directions on the package for the drink
She drinks a whole 1L carton every day.

its high in salt but you just piss the excess out anyway
Oh yeah well my sister sucks the semen out of my urethra every day.

Oh wait no that's your sister I don't have a sister.

File: butturu.jpg (33 KB, 440x320)
33 KB
ITT: /ck/-related pics that you can never find an opportunity to post.
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File: omnf.jpg (535 KB, 1600x1200)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
File: supperbowl.jpg (1.88 MB, 3072x2304)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
File: 1377239114086.jpg (102 KB, 1200x800)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
lol thanks for that pic OP, this is going on my tumblr
File: meatbaby.jpg (110 KB, 390x398)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

File: 1426269357778.gif (483 KB, 243x270)
483 KB
483 KB GIF
>try beer and hard liquor for the first time
>its disgusting but drink it anyway because being drunk feels good
>year or so of depression induced drinking later
>suddenly realize it's become delicious and I love it, buzz or not.

How long did it take you to actually enjoy alcohol /ck/?
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The only beer I've had that I didn't want to spit back out was a Corona, though I still wish I'd had a lemon.

Hard liquor I took to immediately. Patron Coffee Liquer, Kahlua, Bailey's, Jack Daniels, and whatever Tequila brand it is my dad kept in the freezer all the time.

My Aunt's Muscadine wine is still my favorite red wine, most of the stuff I get from stores has this plasticy taste. I'm not as fond of white wine, I don't like the way my mouth feels dry afterwards, but Manischewitz Cream White Concord is amazing.

My Grandfather taught my mother who taught me, to drink for the taste, not the effect.
didn't this exact thread happen with the same image like a month ago
illya did nothing wrong
IPA's are overrated hipster trash

File: 1024px-Jollibeelogo.svg.png (118 KB, 1024x1024)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Is Jollibee any good?
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 3e1.jpg (142 KB, 1014x746)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
It's literally the only fastfood I've ever bought and then abandoned after one bite. It's utterly wretched and there is something wrong with people that like it.

I didn't know about flip food before that, and I'm sorry I ever learned.
They are pretty meh. I don't know why Filipinos are so adamant that this place has the best fried chicken. It might even be a little worst tasting than KFC.
File: p1000244.jpg (214 KB, 1640x1230)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Yeah, it's pretty average but it doesn't necessarily represent the whole of flip food. To say that it does is like saying McDs and Burger King represents the whole of American cuisine.

Also, there's a big difference in taste between the items produced by the branches in the US and the ones produced in the Philippines. The US ones are so subpar that even me who's not a fan of the food can notice the difference.

I'll agree that the pies are good.

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