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File: ikea-365+-wok.jpg (11 KB, 500x500)
11 KB
Just ruined another good pan.
I'll be getting pic related as a replacement.

To avoid ruining another cookware, can anyone tell me how to care for them?

- Am I supposed to preheat it? At which temp? With oil or not?
- Should I stay medium with electric stove? I always used the highest setting. Does it mean Teflon cannot handle the max setting of electric top?
- Should I oil the pan regularly?
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If you're not getting wok-hei then there's literally no point in using a wok over a regular-ass skillet
I meant I used wooden spoon.
Wok is the most versatile shape.
You can fry, stir-fry, deep-fry, boil, steam, and make soup with it.
That's why Asians use it. Not because of wok-hei.
This idiot is literally only using it for stir-fry and he keeps destroying his pans in the process.

If he tried deep-frying anything he'd set his entire kitchen on fire.
Why so mean?

File: Downloads1.jpg (1.57 MB, 5120x3620)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
How do I make nicely shaped fried egg? Whenever I do it it just spills all over the pan. I don't want perfect circle. I just want something that looks like left picture, not right.

File: 23534324.jpg (295 KB, 2400x1231)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Any anons here whos on keto diet? Could you recommend me some recipes I should try out?
My meals are getting a bit stale at the moment
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might as well drink a soda
File: 1480778844156.png (797 KB, 812x806)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
>tfw your pee test sticks turn dark

totally worth all the suffering
>I want to go into ketosis so bad

Why the fuck

I was low carb for four months and it sucked
File: 20170308_191144-1097x1176.jpg (547 KB, 1097x1176)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
I do a lot of grilling, stir frys, and sauteed vegetables. Low carb tortillas are actually not bad at all. Made a very nice oxtail stew last week that was about 8 grams of carbs per serving
I thought those things weren't that reliable?

OP I'm pretty bland and just stick to whatever low-carb vegetables are on sale any given week, and just change up the seasoning on chicken breasts to whatever I feel like eating. Just search "keto" or "low carb" followed by whatever you want to make and there's probably some bastardized version of how to do it

File: 1370209841229.jpg (124 KB, 1024x768)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Why do they do this? I order the food I want, they order something they end up not eating, and then they start eyeing up my plate?


>"Im gonna make food do you want something?"
>"No darling"
>Make the amount of food I require
>She starts hovering over to my plate with wide eyes

I dont want to fight over food but I dont what to get meal-cucked.
Redpill me on women and food
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>on date with women
>eat all my food
>she only eats half
>get to eat her food since i'm hungry

It's good
Reminds of of Don't Starve Together.

Sounds to me like you've never been on a date with a woman and are just asking this based on what you've seen on TV. Get out more, Anon. I'm worried about you.

>Actually I just made that up
This is actually called the "Just-so" fallacy

TL;Dr people make evolutionary shit up all the time because it sounds good and makes sense.
>"Im gonna make food do you want something?"
>"No darling"
>Make the amount of food I require
>She starts hovering over to my plate with wide eyes

Then why the fuck down you just make something for her as well, you selfish pig? Women are like children, they aren't going to say what they want.

I grew up as the older child, if I made something for myself, I was considerate enough to ask my little bro if he wanted anything. Even if he said no, he'd be hungry. So I made him a smaller portion of what I made myself.

Are you autistic or something? This is how I know you've never had a girlfriend that you could cook for.
>why the fuck don't*

Goddamn Gboard...
File: 1490375400389.png (974 KB, 1280x720)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
>making toasties
>ask my sister if she wants some
>Not even at the table yet and she's eating my toasties
She does this with her boyfriend too, like the guy orders some walnut shrimp but only small because she says she only wants chicken, and then when he looks away she's taken half for herself. And he fucking loves shrimp too, I feel bad he puts up with my sister like that.

File: IMG_0405.jpg (1010 KB, 2048x1536)
1010 KB
1010 KB JPG
Trying this again:

Hello, /ck/. Recently got a new smoker and want some ideas on what to smoke. I'll start with pic related.

>pound of beef tenderloin
>mixed conola oil with minced garlic, black pepper, salt
>smoke on mesquite at 225 degrees for 4 hours, flipping and basting every 30 mins
>sear on a hot fire for two mins a side
Crispy on the outside, tender and bloody inside.

Tell me your smoke recipes!
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Already put the rub on a couple hours ago and wrapped it in the fridge, faggot. I use that Meat Heads rub. Sounds faggy but my Moms mentioned it and it's actually really good. I like using it on anything pork (my God it is immaculate on bacon). Not a shill, but it's good for pork.

Pissed though. Went grocery shopping tonight and the store I went to had untrimmed spare ribs, but the only ones were cut in half. I trimmed them up, saved the skirts, and rubbed everything up. In the fridge now.

Smoking the ribs, might put the skirts in the crock pot with a mopping sauce for moisture.
OP here. Thanks for the responses guys.

I'll try to keep this going.

I'm looking for a beef rib recipe that isn't too spicy, and has a little sweet to it.

Smoke times included. Thanks in advance.
Did these in the Weber the other day. Bratwurst, Italian pork sausage, and chicken.
Snags were in for about and hour and 30 minutes, chicken about 45.
Beef brisket with just salt and pepper. Smoke it on mesquite until it hits 200 and leave it the fuck alone until it's done then wrap in foil and let it sit for 30 minutes before slicing.
How do you utilize the space of the whole grill without having the meat over direct heat? Or did you just have the sausages on first over indirect and then once you put the chicken on you moved them to direct to crisp? I use the minion method on mine and can only use half the space. Even with the snake method, aren't you having some of the meat over direct?

File: 6ghPJwk.jpg (526 KB, 2448x3264)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
With all the talk of craft beers lately, do you ever find yourself retreating to a good reliable German beer?

Pic related.
the only good beer is miller lite u little fagboy
File: image.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x2448)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Belgium beer best beer.
>not drinking high life
File: 1486317791002.jpg (122 KB, 512x512)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Everybody in this area is moving to IPAs just because it has more pure alcohol without considering actual flavor. All the new kids out there are drinking just to get drunk instead of drinking for the actual drink, and then in turn get drunk from gluttony. They only see Denogginizer or Iguana and only ever ask us "is there one with a higher alcoholic content?" when going though checkout. I mean this is fucking Bev-Mo, at least let your taste buds explore a little before killing off your liver permanently. Kids don't even want to try the Japanese stuff anymore.
File: kirin-ichiban-6pk_1.jpg (46 KB, 480x439)
46 KB
In fairness, Japanese beer, like Chinese beer, is kind of shit.

File: images-2.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
ITT:restaurant horror stories

whether it be from a employee or a customer doesn't matter, just share your stories
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>hamburger with everything
>dozen different sauces and condiments and it's not recommended
Obviously you use smaller quantities so it doesn't turn into a soupy mess you fucking mong
>Eating at Black Bear Diner for lunch between classes, which has become my favorite place since they erected it across the campus
>Halfway through my fish some fucking ass starts yelling at some middle age dude and his wife (I assume it is) two tables away
>Apparently the old guy isn't tipping because he didn't like how his food turned out, and the other guy is trying to publicly shame him for not keeping in line with tipping culture
>Old guy isn't budging, telling the asshat that whether or not he tips is his decision to make
>Ass continues to preach louder, getting up and starting to go down the dining hall pointing at everybody and then to the staff
>Meanwhile I'm asking a waitress if I can get more sauce for my fries
>The fucker overhears me, apparently he doesn't like it when he's being ignored, he runs up to me and fucking spits on a perfectly good plate of fish and chips
>"This is what the cooks should do to you ungrateful little fucks when you don't show them the respect they deserve!"
>At this point I'm stabbing his legs with a fork and trying to smash a bottle of Papa Bear all over him
Never get between a fat man and his food, because he's gonna be eating something no matter what. Also I got banned for harming another customer, shit sucks since there's no other black bear in this city.
There's a McDonald's in my area that is complete garbage. Every time I eat there everything tastes like rubber and makes me sick. Well, the manager of that McDonald's got hired in my department in a Target Pizza Hut place. And I now know why I get sick from his food. He lets pizza sit out for 3 HOURS And he doesn't even clean dishes correctly! I hate knowing he works in my department and gets away with all that while my guests complain to me about the food quality going down. I know it's his fault...
>"f(BEEP)k you man, you have to tip! I'll call the police!"
>fast food chain in a department store
Better fire his ass fast, those places are supposed to have higher standards than the standard outfit

File: C7oazk3WsAAw4yf.jpg (160 KB, 902x1200)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
wtf have you guys created

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You either die a hero or see yourself live long enough to become the villain.
When I say Kay, you say cooking!

Harry Hills is back?
Do Eurocucks really watch this?

What is the manliest cocktail, besides white/black Russians, a man can drink?
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them digits tho
no drink with a clear liquor is remotely manly
The Dude is cool, but he isn't particularly manly
>25 years old
>never drink alcohol
>literally so pathetic that it's friday night and I am going to sit here and drink this cheap costco vodka i have in the freezer until i get drunk, which will probably only have 4-5 shots with of alcohol, so that i can test the merits of drinking straight pickle juice as a hangover preventer
Only sane answer in this thread

>clumps of dirt and roots
>there's a fucking poisonous beetle in it

They washed what 3 times? Is this another stupid American thread?
>doesn't wash his burgers 3 times

>trusting corporate farms employing illegals to provide adequate sustenance
>trusting produce from 3rd world countries
>not being connected to farmers, dairies and skilled tradesmen like bakers and butchers who barter services instead of charging
>not growing a garden
your dishes, idiot
it's not an american concept to make sure there's no dirt or roots on your plates when you use them to serve

Just casually choking on whiskey
I'm having a few beers. How was your day?
I'll just say, my current drink, I needed it
Sounds like you may have a problem OP. Book yourself into a rehab residential.
was going to drink last night, but I fell asleep instead. 40ish and drizzly today so I think I have to go scotch over bourbon tonight

post stories about your cooking fails.

>decided to make burgers
>used a small ass skillet
>7th patty burst into flames
>used water to put it out

surprisingly, it went out and I didn't burn my house down.
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that's some serious fucking mr. bean shit right there. I like it.
my dad did this. cleavered off the tip of his index finger. for some reason it grew back like he was a fucking lizard?
Finger tips do that. Pretty much the only part that does.
chopped mine off with a bb gun
they had to sew it back on and stick a rod through the bone
I took hot sauce to the eyes once. I pulled chicken off of a hot wing and it was like a small sapling when you bend it over, the piece flicked back and toward me and a glob of hot sauce shot right into my eyeball. That was an interesting 15 minutes.

File: IMG_2263.gif (48 KB, 300x169)
48 KB
If it bleeds, we can grill it.
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You got time to cook duck?!
File: 116447_8_167695.jpg (286 KB, 925x730)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
[spoiler]Ketchup here, ketchup here.....[/spoiler]

The other day, I was going down on my girlfriend. I said to her, "For me, it is the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. For me, it is the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich." She said, "Why did you say that twice?" I said, "I didn't."

The best grapes are red, this is the right opinion
green grapes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all
The best grapes are the big and crunchy ones regardless of color
I moved into a new property a few months ago. There is a grape vine on a trellis across one side of the courtyard. They finally ripened last week. A lush, dusty, dark purple. They look delicious.
Holy shit I thought sour grapes was just a saying. These things make my face pucker like nothing else.
Put grapes in the freezer for like 5-10 minutes before you eat them, 10/10 best way to eat grapes
Red grapes are red
Green grapes are geen
I love you darling
And so does my peen

File: cara.jpg (5 KB, 194x250)
5 KB
Have you ever gotten student loans and the day the money arrived you got 100 dollars worth of top tier sushi delivered to your house?

It was worth it desu senpai
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File: image.png (34 KB, 790x620)
34 KB
Fuck off weeb.
Go back to your containment boards.
>in the case of sushi, the nori is already soggy and gross.
fuck OP is a colossal faggot, but nigiri is a thing, dude
The entire website is for weaboos, what the hell man
Fuck off, this whole website is not for weebs, you stupid weeb

Fuck back off to your containment boards
Student loans are not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't think we should be approving them for anyone under 21. Let these people go out in the real world and work for a few years, they will end up being more sensible with money and less likely to take out loans in the tens of thousands of dollars to waste on an extended childhood learning feminist studies or political science or some other horse shit.

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