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File: 1466924525780s.jpg (7 KB, 250x236)
7 KB
Why am I a horrible cook? I cant make stuffing, pancakes, hot chocolate. Either everything is diluted, burnt, dry, or undercooked. Is there some sort of cookware for noobs?
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Maybe you're just thinking in the wrong terms? Pancakes are almost perfect for someone who wants to learn about food. You can do anything with pancakes and it's easy to start over. Keep trying. Don't be like >>8331727 . He lost his way.
And the meat at panda express is worse than mcdonalds, they use a lot of fillers that hold the meat together so that the inside looks like rubber.
File: 1480378766663.png (222 KB, 449x401)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
>Panda Express
Thank you =)
my problem with pancakes is the baking powder doesnt blend in and the inside is wet.
Maybe simply not stirring together hard enough? Or if it's after you think they're done, maybe not cooking long enough on each side? Every problem is solvable.

>Hey anon, you should try this high point vegan coffee siriracha stout that my buddy at my monthly beard club made for us.
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Heaven doesn't live here anymore
Sure I'll give it a try friend, not sure if I'll like it though doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Thank you for offering.
i dont partake in alcohol consumption liberal man
File: 246506.png (92 KB, 562x277)
92 KB
File: 1479230513798.webm (439 KB, 640x360)
439 KB
Upvotes, upvotes for EVERYONE!!!!

File: 1567437437835.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB
Hi peepoo and I'm back cooking agehn

Sweetcorn fritters:


New queen of /ck/! Discuss her recipes, enjoy the videos.
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the dog gets the same food. This is so depressing
How the fuck does she come up with these terrible recipes?
They seem to be pretty standard British cuisine. Lots of Britbongs have mentioned in these threads that in England she's a actually a good cook.
I don't get it, are you joking or do you seriously believe this? I understand that Americans are only able to see the world through stereotypes, hence the terrible english food stereotype etc., but surely even Americans have enough common sense to realise she's a terrible cook.

If you're serious: all the "britbongs" saying this is normal food were American trolls
It's not my fault you island monkeys have such atrocious food that she's considered a good cook.

Why is a tire manufacturer the authority on restaurant reviews?
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Read this>>8330984
Lamon council

The tire company offered a guide to the buyers of the tires as a gimmick, so the car owners had a reason to drive in the next city to try out new restaurants (and use tires )
And this: >>8330989
> what is Google
I honestly don't care about names and branding.
But if a restaurant has a Michelin star the food is (in my humble experience of having eaten in just 4 one-star and 1 two-star restaurants) really outstanding. Every Michelin certified restaurant I went to had a skilled sommelier who advised wine with the perfectly.

It's a shame the US doesn't have a standard like this, it would really motivate chefs and owners, since having a Michelin star is almost the highest achievable thing here in Europe
With the dish perfectly*
yeah the reason why Michelin stars are prestigious is because you can't bribe them because they don't give a shit, and you can never be off of your game because if a Michelin critic is in your restaurant you'll never know

File: spinach.jpg (85 KB, 580x384)
85 KB
Is this stuff as healthy as its made up to be?

its pretty much the only green veg (assuming it even is a 'green veg') I eat on a consistent basis anymore cause its the only one that really suits what I eat mostly these days and I'd like to think its giving me at least a reasonable amount of my weekly rec'd greenery as its routinely touted as some sort of magic food
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>Measuring nutrition of leafy greens per calorie
>Not per gram

That's stupid. Nobody cares if they have to eat 20 calories of some vegetable vs 40 calories of another to get the same amount of nutrition. The question is how much actual food are you eating, and perhaps how much each cost per pound.
why the hell do foreigners not understand sarcasm and jokes?
>why the hell do foreigners not understand sarcasm and jokes?

Are you trying to say the whole Popeye era was just a 'Hurr Durr - I was only trolling' thing?

Popeye was propaganda meant to encourage kids to eat spinach, sure, but that doesn't mean during that era the only form, or even the most common form of spinach available was cans. That would be silly.

File: image.jpg (1.76 MB, 3264x2448)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
Do you ever stress-eat at work?

Here's what I had for lunch today. It was a rough day.
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Looks like a lotta stress, fat fuck.
Salad for lunch every day at work.

If I stress eat it'll be a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips.
File: 1480382391148.png (154 KB, 330x319)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
I work 5 to 16 hours a day on average as an independent contractor and don't take a single break or eat anything but I drink about 2 gallons of water a day on the job then when I get home I drink until I pass out an smoke cigarettes then wake up at 4 am and get ready for work. Nothing but 5 star ratings on google and homeadvisor. I'll eat two hot pockets or turkey and kraft slice sandwiches every 2 or 3 days. That is my stress eating.
ya i order more than one bag of chips at the snack machine

File: Dates.jpg (207 KB, 1004x662)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
This is the best dried fruit. They taste like caramel

>chopped up and put in oats
>dropping one or two in a soup/stew for sweetness
>cut in half and stuffed with chopped nuts

Give me some more uses for these tasty motherfuckers
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>remove the seed and find those fucking mites or whatever.

Never eaten a date but what the hell anon, explain. Is this a thing??
Sometimes dates are no good, but you don't know until you look inside. That's why I always cut my dates in half and look at them before eating, even if they're already pitted.
Start buying better quality dates
Did you fail chemistry in high school?
Trips of truth.

Tasty, nourishing, healthy.

File: 7777.jpg (38 KB, 548x974)
38 KB
Checked the catalog and didn't see a beer thread, so, I decided to make one

What are you drinking? What are you looking forward to? Post anything and everything related to beer in this thread

Pic related is what i'm drinking at the moment; a classic Dunkel from a brewery that has yet to let me down
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yeah, something like that
But the beer is ok, even has a ok/good rating on ratebeer
I've never had a bad beer from them desu senpai. You picked good.
Anyone else think Ommegang is absolute shit and makes no good beer?
File: 20161202_172735~2.jpg (1.96 MB, 2340x3913)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Got some more St. Louis seasonals to try

I'm a fan of 4Hands' regular chocolate milk Stout, pretty pumped about this one. Not a big saison guy but it was on sale and haven't checked it off yet.
I love that beer. Modern Times is one of the best California breweries.

File: 20161201_185817-1.jpg (3.67 MB, 2600x1923)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB JPG
Went to Golden Corral tonight. How'd I do, /ck/?
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I go about once a year for endless shrimp and go home with like 2 boxes of biscuits and 2 or 3 orders of endless shrimp entrees every time after eating a shitload already and the meal is only like $25+tip or whatever.
So are you the same Brusselsproutfag from a couple of months ago?
It definitely is the same faggot, who else would post every plate they had at Golden Corral on this board as if anyone cares? Not to mention he has brussels sprouts on every plate again.
proper dps'ing, didn't fall for the carbs.
You are still a fat disgusting human piece of shit though.

File: heres to you.jpg (86 KB, 710x622)
86 KB

Wow, they actually did it.
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File: 7686178464_fdc8ea66c7.jpg (39 KB, 427x231)
39 KB
All they have to do is buy a new dog of the same breed. Name it Frances and carry on.
Imagine being as heartless as this anon.
Source? This is good art.
File: 1478913585641.png (363 KB, 682x461)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
I wish I knew, I just saved it. Sorry.

File: image001[1].jpg (19 KB, 406x308)
19 KB
You have five dollars to make this simple bowl of rice as delicious as possible.
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>japanese people don't put soy sauce or wasabi on their sushi
For 1-1.5 cups of rice:
2- medium sized tomatos (0.50$)
2 tbsp Butter (1$ for the whole)
4 tbsp of any vegetable oil (1.50$ for a bottle)
1-1.5 cups of water (Protip: use chicken or veg stock, about 2$)
various spices, use to your liking
3.00$/ 5.00$ with stock (recommended)

Grate tomatoes in pot and cook on medium heat with the lid on for 4-6 minutes.
Add washed rice, oil, butter and season. Let it cook for one minute (or until Butter has melted).
Add washed rice and liquid and cook on low heat until water is ALMOST absorbed (aprox. 10 min). Let it sit for 10 minutes.
Protip: Keep some liquid in a cup on the side if you want to reheat it on the stove or if you fucked up and it got too dry
Butter, garlic powder, MSG, salt
Stock cubes $1
Green onion $.50

Spend $3.50 on a bottle of wine.

Really friends? You lads want to be Asian so bad. I'm not even one of those people who thinks raw eggs will kill you but it just adds nothing to taste and destroys the texture because it eats like runny snot. This has to be a meme.

Kimchi, Sardines, Hotsauce, Lentils - You're welcome.

File: ck on a quiet afternoon.jpg (105 KB, 1000x736)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Old thread is kill, long live new thread.

Starting off with a question, do you even bother with measuring/portion control anymore? As in, do you still use a 0,2 or 0,5 glass, full glass, mug, straight out of the bottle? Where are you right now?
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Stay strong, compadre.

I beat my boozin' habit a few years ago. The biggest thing is to stay occupied. Anything at all will help to keep you on the straight and narrow
anything medical related really
What should I expect from my first relapse?

How damaged is my liver after 4 years of drinking ~2.5 liters of 40% liquor every week?

I had some pain in my upper right abdomen last week so I've since cut back and have even gone some nights sober, but I'm worried what the blood work I'm getting done in January will come back with.

File: iu[1].jpg (29 KB, 500x375)
29 KB
ITT: We judge each other based on our favourite snacks.

Pic related.
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Pale, tall, skinny, has very long fingers and laughs in a weird way
File: pate-d-arachide-001.jpg (113 KB, 600x878)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Apple and Peanut Butter (American style pb is expensive as heck in Paris, so I've been eating pic related. Reminds me of West African style, half way between chunky and smooth, unsweetened and salty)
Why would that make wiping difficult?

Anyway, sometimes I eat carrots dipped in pic related.

you're fuckin retarded lol

There's a lot of fat in hummus, and for some reason that makes my poops harder to wipe

the great debate
71 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.

natural peanut butter (that's without added grease)

Well if we're just handing out fucks can I get one thrown my way?
There is no unique answer. I'm kind of a "monster" but I'm married, my wife is pregnant right now and on the couch behind me watching a movie, and we still have sex pretty often. And I'm dicking around on the internet pretty often too since I don't like all those movies she streams.
>hold down a long term relationship too.

You're correct. I've been married over 30 years to the same woman, but there is a strange allure to this board and 4chan in general. I think it's the anarchistic mix of some quality information and humorous shitposting.

What should I do with 5lbs of already cooked and seasoned bone-in chicken thighs? So far I've come up with making chicken salad, making a pasta casserole, or just eating lots of chicken tacos.
If you're really desperate, you can separate the meat and process it.

Once it is into a slurry, you can add in a binding agent and make chicken nuggets, karage, or other nugget-like pieces.

Bonus: as a slurry, it can easily be re-seasoned. You could even turn it into a sausage.
What I would do
>make a shit ton of dough
>pick the meat down
>sautee up some onions/celery/carrots/potatoes/mushrooms/peas/etc.
>get it to a nice consistency
>mix in chicken
>use new mixture to make stuff buns
I'm actually doing this right now.

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