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File: -034.png (564 KB, 595x640)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Are millennials killing breastaurants?
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All I see is some dude on twitter who says he doesn't like flamboyantly "dumb" acting blond chicks with huge breasts, that basically describes every dude once they finish puberty. Where you got "feminist" out of that, I have no idea, regardless of your age it seems like your perceptions about other people's motives are warped by too much internet.
Who goes to hooters?

Groups of men broing down, usually co-workers, usually from a mainly male workplace where they have full time jobs.
Probably also very blue-collar, involved in industrial work.

Are boomers killing full time jobs in male industrial workplaces for millennials?
No. They have already done that.
Also I read the second part of the post, since I just skimmed it before, and he sounds like he's basically describing an escort or a geisha, I guess that's "feminism" if you're talking about the type of feminist who believes that being a cocktease for money or a regular old prostitute is the ultimate form of feminism, but then it's been consenting adults isn't it? So there's no reason for you to get all buttmad.
The guy is a massive virtuesignalling cuck and the original comment was about the obvious hypocrisy in his tweets. That should be obvious to you whether you know he's a "male feminist" or not.
>virtuesignalling cuck
Imagine being 36 years old and still talking like this.

Clean your room.

File: 103921903.jpg (65 KB, 720x480)
65 KB
'or 'e, 'ts 'he 'awaii 'za.

'he 'est 'za.
This thread sucks
let's hear you say that when I make this thread again in 8 hours, bucko
I'll be waiting.

>Pouring hot sauce over your food
>Not sipping hot sauce from the cup

Don't tell me you still don't do this.
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it's impossible to remove a lid that clean from a jar that is that much filled
i know that feel, bro. you need strength to remove it but delicacy to not spill it, it's so fragile
Pouring into where you bite into a burrito is God tier
not taking shots directly from a cup every time you take a bite
This man gets it.

If you think the blandests foods in the world is tofu with anything and pure plain rice with no salt is because you never tried tapioca with nothing stuffing/toping it.
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>pure plain rice
This is good though. Also calms me down.
Food with zero salt obvious excluding sweets and deserts of course is totally shit. I'm, you and almost all people in this world have "long-term salt dependency".

Gook, please. Just raw instant ramen with no cancerous seasoning package tastes better than pure plain coocked white rice with no salt. I used to eat it in my childhood when I'm satarving and my mom cooked anything and I'm too lazy to cook it or cook some cheese-ham sandwich.

Tapioca has a definite taste to it though.

who here meal preps? what are your go-to meals and do you calculate out the calories?

gonna be moving out soon and will have to rely on cooking my own meals 3 times a day
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it's true though

Mein nigga
>You sound like a fatass.
Reddit, the post.
also, youre wrong.
It might be that you're not letting the lasagna rest enough before digging in. Let it chill for 30-45 min next time.
Yeah. How are they ever going to figure out how to live on a government pension?

No, wait, they won't need to do that. Only the people with moral fibre and hep B from their rebellious youth get those.

File: dur.png (35 KB, 408x450)
35 KB
Can someone tell me where this guacamole on burgers came from?
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Link now.
But they are fighting back now in some places :)
prefer them separately. Give me a good hamburger, and then i'll eat a bowl of guacamole with a spoon afterwards.
it's habitual in mexico to add guacamole to steak tacos so its the next step.
place I live has had a burger with guac on it's menu since '05 so maybe this is where it started. It's in a small town in the southeast though so i don't know how it was able to spread from here

File: Mango.jpg (107 KB, 1000x667)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Is mango truly the best fruit of all time?
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File: 870x489_figue.jpg (81 KB, 870x489)
81 KB
>avocado isn’t keto
File: 1465241606520.gif (210 KB, 500x500)
210 KB
210 KB GIF
File: jackfruit.jpg (14 KB, 239x211)
14 KB
Faggots can't handle the subtle mixture of sweet, sour and bitter

File: Unknown.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
Okay: Hooters, but for feet.
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You're naive if you think constant meme shilling doesn't eventually turn into genuine interest.
What starts out as ironic (cucking, blacked, brapposting) eventually becomes real. It's hard to believe but the people here really are that stupid and that easy to brainwash
There's a chain in Australia called Pasta Cup that's exactly that.
File: 1517839575379.png (298 KB, 500x455)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
I'm not talking about just threads, I'm talking about everywhere on the internet and in real life too.
I wish it were just meme threads.
Hooters with girls that actually have tits and ass.
Dunno, but damn that was a good thread

File: damn.jpg (158 KB, 599x800)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
typical school food and discussions
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Tror ej ni äter mämma där. Det är vår grej.
Ja den kan ni själva ta credit för.
Det är som när ens barn är ett missfoster; man gör sitt bästa för att älska det, enkom för att man känner sig tvungen till det då det är ens eget.
You don't recognize Wasabröd from Vaasan each other? Insufficient patriotism.

Yeah, he forgot "work mentioning" in the middle. Just as fitting, we'll embrace the bits you deem too Mongolian for your taste that much more.
File: moochelle-angry.jpg (124 KB, 968x504)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Is that meat in that school lunch?

File: 1519552969139s.jpg (9 KB, 250x221)
9 KB
What country has the best food?
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Well you're in luck because it's fucking diagusting

File: 1 (13).png (191 KB, 461x468)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
After 3 weeks of living off Peanut Butter and plain cous-cous everyday, I finally got my fucking food stamps kek

Its only 50$, and I haven't gotten paid yet at my new job, so I need to make it last.....

Any tips?
If you give shit recipes im just going to blow most of it all on joke food and spend the rest on bananas!!!!!!111

File: this is not salad.jpg (46 KB, 387x387)
46 KB
Why do burgers call Lettuce "salad"?
A salad is a mixture of vegetables, not lettuce by itsself with no dressing.
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Lettuce is the plant, not the dish. That's like ordering a pig instead of sausages.
Maybe it's both, OP.
In German Salat refers to both salad and lettuce.
italians do that too
Yeah it's hilarious to see how obsessed everyone else is with our country. SIGH they can never compete :)
>poor personal hygiene
>56% face
>shits pants whilst grocery shopping
>develops diabetes during teenage years
why is everyone looking at me?

File: seolleongtang.jpg (44 KB, 500x334)
44 KB
Is Korean food the Mexican food of East Asia?
37 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
obviously flip food is the Mexican food of all asian
American* education*
>misplaced the asterisk
Perhaps we should talk about your education?
> not relevant
> worldwide joke

> worldwide
> not relevant


Christ, this website..

File: KombuchaScoby.jpg (75 KB, 940x788)
75 KB
Redpill me on kombucha
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
russians have been drinking kombucha since the soviet times
are we secretly the most hipster nation on earth?
It's great if you enjoy drinking vinegar, which is essentially what kombucha is.
You need to be humans to be considered a nation
Thread, I still have no what the fuck it is, stop trying to be funny

Homemade, It's good.

I think it gets a bad rap because a lot of the stuff in the store is overly sweet trying to catch the palette of the Pepsi swilling masses.

File: 1528852667443.jpg (514 KB, 1135x800)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
>take bite of sandwich
>insides get pushed out the back and make a mess
16 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't think he's the buttblasted one, weeb anon.
Animu is for faggots.
You are a faggot.
Put your ingredients a bit shifted to one side so you can squeeze the other.
Use big lettuce pieces to seal your stuff.
File: 1523812372345.png (3.03 MB, 1956x2194)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
Now fuck off, weeb trash.
File: 1279312326827.jpg (829 KB, 600x3300)
829 KB
829 KB JPG
It's been a few years since I've posted this, so thanks for giving me an excuse to.
Those are raw

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