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File: ptrson.jpg (14 KB, 259x259)
14 KB
>he eats pizza without dipping it in some kind of sauce
>he lives in a country that doesn't have real pizza
Hot sauce is best pizza dipping sauce. I just had pizza earlier and dipped it in Marie Sharp's habanero sauce.
Ranch dressing y Tapatio

Is this the peak human diet?
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Homophobia and racism belong on /b/.
never considered it this way before
my jaw also hurts after a long day of being on my knees, maybe soylent is just what I need
Facts are facts. Just because I don't agree with you faggots getting cock up the ass doesn't make me afraid of you, that's what you call "phobe?" GTFO and learn English.
And so do faggots, plent of trap threads there, you'll fit right in
You can stuff your "isms" in your ass too. Because I don't agree with you is that some fucking -ism? You stupid twat.

File: mahi1.jpg (181 KB, 990x550)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I caught 3 of these mahi mahi fish today what's your favourite way to cook fish fillets?

Not me in pic
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Cut the fish horizontally across so you get steaks, a bit of backbone should be in the middle of the steak.
Just pan fry it quickly.
It's pretty good to eat raw if it's fresh.
It doesn't freeze that well, it's best eaten fresh.
I saw Martha Stewart do that on one of her PBS shows and the fish looked delicious. Amazing that it doesn't come out overly salty, I wonder why that is?
isnt that a dolphin fish?
Same thing, just different name
Yes. Better known as a Mahi Mahi.

File: 1482863485831.jpg (60 KB, 576x1024)
60 KB
In America you can get a large peopporni pizza for 5 dollars ($5.45 after tax here). We call this a "Hot Carl" here in Californja. The best thing too is that you dont even need to order your food, just walk in and its already hot and ready to go.

What food deals do you have in your country?
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File: 1276196000101.png (116 KB, 368x327)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Never heard this nickname. sounds gross
Maybr in hicktown texas, here in deep south texas we call it a jose caliente
A Hot Carl sounds like a really bad sex maneuver a prostitute would do to you, probably involving poop.
That's because it is.

All of these anons are big ole fibbers
The label on the dip cups is annoying me. I know that if I open them, I will not be greeted with a few cloves of garlic smothered in butter (the promised buttery garlic). Instead, I know I will find two things: a garlic-based butter (if I'm lucky and it isn't margarine), hence "garlicy butter", and disappointment.

ITT: We discuss why it is or isn't wrong to eat dog

>dogs are too smart to eat
Pigs are smarter than dogs, cows and birds are also very intelligent.
>dogs are our best friends
You can befriend any animal, but not every animal is your best friend.
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Wrong, dogs that shared a relationship with the deceased will not eat them. Cats will though.
Morals are all relative and subjective, though. There's no such thing as an objective moral.
File: yummy-roast.jpg (734 KB, 2560x1707)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
>The only animal that is wrong to eat is someone else’s pet, or something that is endangered.

So then it's OK to eat humans as long as they aren't into pet-play. Got it.
Isn't carnivore meat supposed be awful?

File: elsascream.jpg (247 KB, 502x502)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>mfw I want Popeye's but soy fags tell me to eat Chickfilla
Those retrods dip their waffle fries in ranch ffs. Can anyone relate?

>2x spicy noodles challenge (DO NOT TRY)
>try it
>it's barely spicy at all

What a goddamn meme.

>high fructose corn syrup
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Absolutely fucking obsessed. There is literally nothing wrong with corn syrup. It's basically the same thing as sugar. Just eat it in moderation and you'll be fine.
It fucks up many recipes. Some people are allergic to it.
File: Spurdo.jpg (105 KB, 1600x900)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>high frugdose gorn syrub :DDDDD
It's government bullshit, look into the history of why it's there.
File: 1524021722680.jpg (21 KB, 563x503)
21 KB

File: Chicago-style-pizza.jpg (161 KB, 1024x768)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
If you seriously believe that thin crust pizza can stand up to pic related, please leave.
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The world recognizes it as pizza sorry
I believe both are shit compared to actual pizza.
Those are all "cheese and tomato bread". Those are all pizza.
Nigga Just Close Your Eyes

File: skgy.jpg (64 KB, 500x500)
64 KB
>be me
>exclusively drink tea
>however, I never call it tea
>if I have a tea, I refer to it as a coffee
>if I am stopping at a gas station for tea, I call it a coffee break
>I stop at a new store and ask them if they have coffee
>they tell me no, it's too early and the coffee isn't made yet but they do have tea
>that's fine, I reply, I only drink tea

Does this happen to anyone else?
first off
what tea
Just imagine how autistic someone would have to be to even make up something like this.
what a pointless story
made me reply/10
Piss off weeb.
You don't belong here anymore.
File: file.png (380 KB, 446x640)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
milk tea mostly. It's so convenient, I love efficient foods and the taste sacrifice isn't substantial.

Yams, milk tea, instant rice, canned foods, frozen vegetables. I only go to the grocery store every few months to stock up, and this doubles as emergency supplies since I can last so long without even having to resort to my actual emergency rations that stay good forever. I really need to stock up again now though, as supplies are low and there is rumblings of a real shortage on the horizon.

File: sfr-2.jpg (238 KB, 612x816)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Rate my shrimp fried rice
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What's wrong with cooking rice in light chicken stock? It tasted great. I drained it after boiling it.
>fresh wildcaught shrimp cooked for 1 minute at the end
there's nothing wrong with it, but it's not fried rice if you're cooking it in chicken stock.
>cook rice in chicken stock
>fry it later with other ingredients to make fried rice
Are you sure you're not absolutely retarded?
your rice is wet as fuck, stay wet, wetfag

A Hungarian friend recently visited and made it. Absolutely fantastic stuff but I neglected to get his recipe.
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Why people ask random 3rd parties makes no sense. Go straight to the source and ask your friend.
because this is a gigantic anynomous image board and chances are there's some hungarian anon who can clarify and possibly even give a better recipie, or alternatively some other anon who is a fan of youtube videos might post a helpful link, oh look! >>10505856
People can give you random advice that might-sorta-be-close but that's no subsitute for getting the EXACT thing that you had.

If I were seeking a recipe I wouldn't care about "close", I'd want exactly what I was looking for.

Any you haven't explained what's wrong with simply asking your "friend" about it? could it be that the person isn't your friend at all and your crippling social anxiety is preventing you from reaching out to that person? Or there is some other BS involved? If this person is your friend then wouldn't you WANT to talk to them anyway?
Gulaš is I think Slavic, and is a stew. Gulyás is Hungarian, and is a soup. Which one are you looking for?
Hungarians won't help you with that cause no one really makes goulash in Hungary

Thoughts on these?

I made one for the first time last night and found it quite gross tasting.

It manages to be both too sweet and too bitter at the same time.

Tastes like cough syrup IMO.
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you may just never like them
i also suggest mixing the ingredients in a beaker, with a couple large pieces of ice
stir for like 2 minutes, breakng as little ice as possible and then straining into a rocks glass with one large cube
they’re also pretty good served long:
make as usual, pour into pint gkass w/ice
top off with soda water
>they’re also pretty good served long:
>make as usual, pour into pint gkass w/ice
>top off with soda water
This sounds really good, I'll definately try it when I pick up some soda water later in the week, thanks!
you’re welcome anon
i like a Manhattan this way sometimes too
ginger ale also may/may not work for you
it’s fun to try different options
seems kind of shitty, but it's silly how much watering a drink down can improve it if it's too syrupy

I've been making (cheap) Godfathers with gin instead of scotch (2:1 gin:amaretto) and they're too sweet from the syrupy, over-dyed $8/fifth amaretto and a bit too harsh from the $10/fifth gin (seagram's extra dry), but they're actually excellent with 2 shots of water to the shot of gin and half=shot of amaretto. Tried it at first with club soda but that was too sweet also. Might just be my taste since I very rarely eat sweets and my early-20s peers found them dilute.

In a similar vein, when I still had a bottle of Jagermeister, I'd go half-and-half with good vodka (platinum 7x, it's almost completely neutral) because Jager's much too sweet on its own, as in so syrupy it's like drinking cream, as I found when taking a pull from a friend's bottle once
Underrated post

ITT: Post the front page of a local grocery ad. Other anons say what they would buy.
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>~0.55cents a can in America
>~2.5$ a can where I live.

I know it's just water, but I envy you sometimes.
It's illegal to have alcohol on sale here.
Are the mangoes any good? $4 for 12 seems like a good deal.
Makes sense though. My Costco is always full of Asians.
Motherfucking bulgogi bake.
What town?

File: fuk.jpg (46 KB, 450x300)
46 KB
>Open oven
>Face directly in front of door
>Blasted with heat
>Every fucking time
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>SS pan in oven
I hope there is a jew on it, the fuhrer would be proud
You can't talk like that here you racist
I do this every time too, but while wearing glasses, causing them to fog up immediately.
Fuck off nigger.
Ovens today are made to conserve as much heat as possible with insulation. This would be very ineffective.

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