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File: shoenice221.jpg (66 KB, 590x307)
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Is he /ourguy/?

File: 1472765703003.jpg (220 KB, 1200x1012)
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220 KB JPG
Nah, that's Jack

File: IMG_2981.jpg (163 KB, 1245x1130)
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is this cooking kino?

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I like their current stuff on slave food

because almost all of it is amazing and good
Jas. Is always a joy to watch. He seems to really enjoy what he's doing. I used one of his savoury powder recipes, it was great.

I've never looked into American history, don't have much interest in it, but v the snippets he give are nice.
>Has Townsend & Son
>only see little girl in some episodes
Is it trans?
They had sheepskin condoms back then, only for the tip though
Planes flyover us and into your buildings

Help me perfect my broccoli sauce. I've been making it for the last month or two to put on pastas, chicken, and other foods which typically require a marinara sauce as it's a healthier alternative and tastes great to boot. Here's the run down of how I'm making it so far. It's a simple recipe with few ingredients.

3 bunches of heads & stems
3 gloves garlic
1 leek, stock only no green
1 tbsp lemon zest
1 cup chicken stock (or cooking liquid)
salt and pepper to taste

Essentially you just cook the broccoli to tender then stick everything in a blender. It comes out great, but I feel there's potential here I'm missing.
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not that anon, but I admire your dedication. I hope you won't mind me pointing out that a tablespoon of bacon grease or butter per week is not going to be significantly worse for you than a tablespoon of olive oil. and that will probably be all it takes to impart a good flavour to the sauce unless you're going through a gallon of sauce per week.

also good idea. doesn't have to be much either, just a mild heat similar to what you'd get with black or white pepper. just tastes a bit different.
Not sure how well nutritional yeast would go with this but it usually fares well with vegan pasta recipes as it's their subs for msg/parmesan cheese and its low in calories. They also use soaked cashews/nuts to help with getting a creamier flavor in vegan pasta sauces. Could try a little bit of nuts next time if you wanna try out a healthier fat/emulsifier when you blend it next time. Raw cashews/almonds that have been soaked don't have much flavor but give a pretty creamy mouthfeel. Now that I think about it, your brocoli sauce is probably a variant of one of the more popular vegan cream sauces that use cauliflower instead. Sometimes roasted. Could try roasting your brocolli next time for more flavor or just trying cauliflower.
>black/white pepper
fuck off back to pol fucknugget
>Sometimes roasted

I like that idea. I'll give that a go next batch.

File: 1473068839433.png (252 KB, 688x631)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Jesus what happened... I used to like that show
I refuse to watch it since they got rid of the nerd Kimball. He had an odd charm.
Kimball was a based kitchen dictator of top style.

>Its a "Kimball forces his underlings to spend a FULL year recreating a period authentic full course Victorian dinner in his house right down to using a fucking wood cookstove to boil calf's feet jelly" episode
exactly! I watched mostly because of him, not those fat cows that have replaced him.

Kimbal practically started that entire company by himself... his ideas... they booted him. Sad!

There's a (((NYTimes))) article from last November that details the grim affair.

Kimball's new thing is not nearly as good. it seems entirely based around the idea that ou should be putting a lot of Thai seasonings in things.

File: hxVLSau.jpg.png (129 KB, 320x240)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Do restaurant workers really spit in your food if they don't like you or they are having a bad day? Or is this just an urban legend type thing?
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Your a decent human being. Love you.
Reasonable. But not fact.
You would find the skin i am in is less important than what it contains. As you. I belive the ichor that you contain is foul.
I worked in an oilve garden and one of the cooks reheated some pasta in the microwave using toilet warer. He was upset they ordered food 10 minutes before closing
File: 1479199966402.png (143 KB, 800x1000)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
I once fired one of my baristas who was a complete dumbass and thought she could get away with spitting in a drink. She pretended to drop something while behind the espresso machine, bend down with the drink in her hand, and spit out a big one right into the cup right as I walked out of the back room. Fired and kicked out of the store on the spot, banned her from our location and told other nearby Starbucks store managers why I fired her incase she came looking for a job.

File: eggs.jpg (65 KB, 680x445)
65 KB

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File: debt-denial[1].png (170 KB, 449x300)
170 KB
170 KB PNG

pic related, it's you
not an argument
Where do you see an attempt at argument in my post? I'm merely making an observation. Don't gratify yourself by implying I would argue with a retard like you. Read a book.
many factors WOOOOW I bet you understand them all

File: Broccoli.jpg (93 KB, 620x350)
93 KB
What's the best vegetable and why is it broccoli?
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whole wheat food, high fiber stuff, no sugar, no soda, no white flour.

losing a bunch of weight made me feel way better.
Onion is an herb, not a fruit
If you don't chop it fine you are doing it all wrong
I love broccoli
Trimmed close to the flower so I don't get too much thick tough flavorless stalk
Steamed lightly, al dente
Served with a little splash of soy, no thick gooey sauces or cheese
Brussels Sprouts.
All the nutrition of them cruciferous vegetables and they don't taste like shit!
goddamn do i love roasted sprouts

File: Potluck06[1].jpg (401 KB, 1308x1060)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
>Meanwhile, at the /ck/ potluck...
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can we address what the fuck this is
Can't tell if that's subtle bait, or blatant bait.
a shitpost
File: IMG_20170224_062334.jpg (31 KB, 415x428)
31 KB

File: alcohol.jpg (73 KB, 614x615)
73 KB
Why haven't you converted to teetotal master-race /ck/?
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Because I'm not an alcoholic and I have the self-control where it doesn't have to be all or nothing.
>everything in moderation TEEEE HEEEEEE
>This is how fatasses actually think
>Love is factually posion

Put away your katana boy
>making fun of moderation
go tell that to the entire buddhist world

File: download (1).jpg (11 KB, 290x174)
11 KB
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It's just regional for the south in general. Coke is the Band-aid of soda.
Idiot, just ask for half sweet and half unsweetened.
Wrestlers happen
Sounds like Massachusetts and Dunkin Donuts.

I've eaten at a few Waffle Houses and I cant complain, its pretty good comfort food, the ones I've been in the past couple of years have been pretty clean too. The lines are right out in front of you so you can see whats going on with your food.

More variety, but not as friendly service.

File: 20130209_salad.jpg (1.3 MB, 2448x2448)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Hello can any beaners teach me how to cook and spice mexican food?

I am specifically interested in:

>how to salsa - not real hot but still spicey (do you use cilantro???)
>how to spicy chili - jalapenos good??
>also can i add a sweet flavor to it? whats a good combo? jalapeno and pineapple?
>how to beans - plain pinto and black beans taste like shit. How do I get them good? Do I boil them then fry them?
>how to pico tomato
>how to pico corn

what does pico mean anyway? is it a spice?

I have never cooked before so dont come at me with your bourgeois shit like "reductions"or whatever other tricks you posh fucks use. Thanks.
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Pico de Gallo:
diced tomatoes
minced jalapeƱos
minced red onion
minced cilantro
kosher salt
black pepper
white vinegar

dice/mince the shit up, mix it together. Pico is easy. Don't use canned bullshit either.
>white vinegar

Nothing cooked or roasted

Pico with vinegar is wtf 0_@
Salsa nothing cooked or toasted might be off somewhere babe srry

Yes you use cilantro in salsa. Tomatoes, white onions, lime/lemon juice, cilantro, salt, very small amount of garlic and your pepper of choice.
>red onion

after you boil pinto beans drain them and add some bacon fat, add salt and garlic to taste, then mash half of them. depending on how savory you want them you can use less or more bacon fat

File: 1232165489626.jpg (28 KB, 382x354)
28 KB
>when wendy's and BK stop sending you coupon sheets in the mail
yea the only coupons I still get in the mail are a&w
>Why don't he want me, man?!?
I'd love to stop receiving this garbage, I eat fast food like 2 or 3 times a year. Would also love to not receive the free newspaper, I read news online. They just fill my mailbox with garbage which puts more work on me to take it to the recycling center.

>travelling around Japan
>make friends with professional chef
>mention I want to buy a handmade Japanese kitchen knife
>he drives me out to bumfuck nowhere to a little blacksmith run by a 90yo man who's been making knives for 7 decades
>buy this little beauty for $15

I was told I would easily have to pay $200 in a big city for the same.

Also, post your knives.
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Dumb bitch.
I've had some Pakistan-made Buck 110-knockoff for at least 10 years. I've used it lots and it's been my daily companion for 4-5 years. It has enormous sentimental value and while I can get it razor-sharp, it doesn't hold an edge very well and isn't the prettiest or best made knife.

But I like the signs of wear and age on it, dutifully treat the wood scales with a mineral oil-beeswax blend, give it a good clean monthly, and keep it sharp. Every year or so I replace the braided flagging tape tied to it (so I don't lose it in the bush).

I received an amazing custom Buck 110 a couple months ago. It's a beautiful knife with a great S30V blade, but I haven't used it much so I don't have an emotional attachment to it yet.

People with gearhead mentalities can be pretty insufferable. They seem to forget what a knife really is and its purpose. It's a sharp object meant to cut. It's not some glorified artifact meant to be put on display or occasionally used to cut 20 ft of rope as a test of its potential. They are pedantic people who probably don't even use knives often, simply treat it as a collectible hobby and take it to the OCD level that takes the fun out of it for most people.
No it wasn't. PH wasnt just some minor base, its where basically the entire Navy was stationed
>If you DO manage to get the proper steel in the US, you still have never worked with it before and are going off of what you've read, and your experiences with other steels more common in the US.
It's not like it's a fucking secret like Damascus steel, someone could easily figure it out. There are definitely experts on japanese steelmaking in the US that could do as good a job as some elderly backcountry nip hick.
File: IMGP2105.jpg (3.27 MB, 3072x2048)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
Your knife appears to have fake, painted-on kurouchi.

Here's a couple examples of what a kurouchi finish ought to look like. The amount of surface roughness depends on the blacksmith, but it's generally an even finish intrinsic to the metal, which is then partially removed during blade grinding.

File: IMG_1360.jpg (1.94 MB, 4032x3024)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
ITT: pictures of food you actually cooked

doesn't matter if it's not great, this is a no bully zone
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Turkey burger with green chile and pomegranate chutney, lettuce, and blue cheese
Creamy carbonara with crispy prosciutto and fresh parmesan
Nice job. That looks excellent
Looks good anon
try using your knife some time

File: IMG_1255.jpg (32 KB, 250x250)
32 KB
Why some people frightened by quesadillas?
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Die autist
Had a crawfish quesadilla in Detroit that was actually surprisingly good. Other than that, they seem to mostly be a pretty boring food.

Ignoring that this is an MLP shitpost.
But it really isn't
>rotten globs of fat are not my cup of tea

Stinking rotten globs of fat are also not my cup of tea
What kind of pizza has crust on the top? It's kind of unsettling honestly.

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