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File: lasagna.jpg (122 KB, 1000x500)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
My family has always eaten lasagna with rice on the side, but apparently that's a weird thing to do.
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File: 1510208838327.gif (631 KB, 489x532)
631 KB
631 KB GIF
when i was a kid we where really poor and my mom bought steaks for christmas and me and my sister needed to go to the local playground/park or just walk down and up the street telling neighbors that we had steaks for dinner and she even followed us and like hid in the bushes to listen if we said it. My mom though people would think we where rich even if we lived in a shack and everybody seen that it was really embarrassing people would yell "here comes the steak kid"
when i was 14 i told her i cant do it anymore and she started crying and yelling do i want people to think we where poor
Did you tell her to stop living in denial?
Underrated zing.


File: V.png (491 KB, 1000x600)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
This thread is for sips of an international origin. Does anyone else here import sips you cant find in your country?

I import pic related

Its difficult to explain the flavor, it has citrus notes with a slightly bitter undertone on the end but a very sweet upfront taste. It my all time favorite sip

Also pls include links to where you can get your products.


They're expensive to import so if anyones interested in getting some I could organize to ship some to you at as low a cost as I can manage, or we could do a sip swap or something.
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File: CaW5HNKWYAA5pU5.jpg (53 KB, 960x640)
53 KB
I spend all my money on Nocco™, it's what the pros drink. I aim to become a pro, so my goal is to fake it 'til I make it. I've got my games set to the lowest resolution, 4:3 and black bars on my 1080p 24" wide 144 Hz monitor. My DX Racer is angled 22 degrees, just like the pros, and I have all the mouse and game configs from my favorite team: NiP. If you use Wi-Fi and/or a wireless mouse, you deserve to die.
I remember my visit to Berlin where I tried all kinds of weird sips. Bought like 10 different brands and got green diarrhea
Drink tea at least you autistic fuckheads
File: DSC004931.jpg (154 KB, 1024x768)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Technically not a sip, but a fucking good energy drank.
I went to Prague around 2005 and bought some energy drink that tasted like cake batter

File: 1424178164916.jpg (267 KB, 1073x1428)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
>tfw you use food to get over the daily suicidal thoughts
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>tfw you hate eating so you just do it once a day
>suicidal: planning how to kill yourself
>eating: most basic act to stay alive
If you wanted to kill yourself you would have done it already. What we have here is an attention whore. Everyone has problems and nobody else cares so work it out or kill yourself.
I have dysphagia so I cant even enjoy my fucking food.
Become a qt trap or pretend to be a transman for brownie points

Ditto...today I'm gonna eat little Caesars

File: onizuka monkey.jpg (74 KB, 468x640)
74 KB
>go to butcher to get some short rib
>look in the case
>liver $12/lb
what? when did this happen?

File: chef-john-food-wishes.jpg (223 KB, 1140x700)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
you are boiling a boneless skinless chicken breast when this man sprinkles a pinch of cayenne over your girl

what do you do?
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I'd give him the olllllll tappa tappa, if you know what I mean
He sometimes cooks in the nude too and there are a few videos where you can see his junk reflecting in things around the kitchen.
The microwave oven is especially revealing when he deigns to use it.
tell him I voted for donald trump
>boiling a chicken breast
no im not
No one poaches a chicken breast

File: FB_IMG_1504362320726.jpg (9 KB, 235x213)
9 KB
I'm trying to find a discontinued candy I use to get when I was a kid

it was this sort of candy factory came in a box sorta like a lunchable it was probably seasonal had Little chocolate tubs that you could fill with peanut butter and eat. I've been trying to find it for a while with no luck.
if this rings any bells let me know it's been killing me
File: s-l-j.jpg (49 KB, 1280x544)
49 KB
What country you from? This ain't no candy I've ever heard of.

File: IMG_5278.jpg (93 KB, 600x401)
93 KB
Bought some genmai miso today, since i've been making quiet a lot of soups lately. Now i would like to give authentic ramen a try.

What's your prefered recipe? What do you like to top it with?

Also, how do i make ramen eggs without mirin? Just soy sauce?
How do you make a soup quietly?
Put kitchen towels on the counter do you can work in absolute silence. Also, don't boil it too much for perfect quietness. Abstain from using any machines and sneezing.

Good luck!
Mirin is easy to find, get a bottle of sake too for marinating the eggs. Some recipes call for sake in the stock or broth as well. In my opinion, the eggs need to marinate for 8-12 hours or longer.

If you have the time you should make stock from pork bones. I've been trying to recreate Tonkatsu ramen from this Japanese restaurant near me, their broth is so fucking good, very simple.

Why am I hungry an hour after eating chinese food?
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File: 1492620827880.jpg (26 KB, 495x495)
26 KB
>order beef and broccoli
>90% broccoli
>thinking it's "chinese" food

kys famalam
you're a fat cunt

average fast food tier chinese meals are salty and fatty enough to last me for a good while, sometimes the rest of the day
Eat some bars of cheese then you fatty

File: getimage.aspx.jpg (135 KB, 625x781)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
What are some of the highest beneficial calorie counts you can get for the least amount of money put into a food or a meal?

And I do mean proper food and not pure balls of sugar/lard/fat because someone will come in and be catty because this is literally the meanest board on this site and I don't know why
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Why does rice not make Asians fat? It's tons of carbs and all they eat. It is genetics?
Because they burn all those calories by working for 13 hours straight growing rice.
They don't eat ten trillion calories a day, and their meals are very light on dairy and other fats. They don't have huge beef farms and dairy farms, so their meals rarely incorporate them.
Interesting. I'd love to eat more carbs (I don't really like meat and am stuck as a soyboy from relative lactose intolerant) but I keep hearing glucose and gluten is the devil
Combine a processed/compressed carb source with fat. If you want foods already existing I recommend fried rice, cakes and cookies, halva, brioche, marzipan, trail mix. You should find an average of 5-700 calories per 100 gram. The higher the fat percentage the higher calorie density, as pure fat/oil has the highest density (but isn't a normal food in itself in pure form) with 900 calories per 100 ml (oil).

File: 13476787.jpg (33 KB, 520x520)
33 KB
Opinions on this? I love it and put it on my rotisserie chicken every time I get one. Is there anything similar to this that is worth trying as well?
its salt, onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper power, and black pepper sold at a margin
File: 000184771.jpg (147 KB, 1300x1300)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>Seasoned salt
>On rotisserie chicken

Yo get your blood pressure checked out dawg, and drink lots of water fucks sake

why arent you eating meat right now?
meat doesnt have feelings
meat doesnt mind if you just take a little bite
meat cant help but being so delicious
Because I need to get to sleep, my dog won't stop scratching herself.

File: Authentic-Goulash-3.jpg (161 KB, 947x650)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
I am going to make some old country food, but I need some advice (pic related). Should I used minced beef? If so should it be 80/20 or 93/7?

I was thinking that minced pork would be pretty good too?

Any anons have any advice?
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File: questionable.png (24 KB, 232x322)
24 KB
>Looks like the placenta stew I made for my wife after her son was born.
>her son
cu/ck/ fits you
Why all the hate for OP? Beefaroni is GOAT!
God this shit again.
You dont make goulash with minced meat.
You make it with chopped pork shoulder meat or ham meat when you want it falling apart or use thick beef steak but it will cook for like 6 hours to be eatable.
Where does the idea of using minced meat for goulash comes from ?
Hamburger Helper I would imagine

File: ljs-000236.jpg (65 KB, 360x495)
65 KB
Post your favorite chip flavor/brand
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>fuego takis
holy kek I don't understand how people eat these
they're great with beer. perfect bar snack imo
File: 71skDDJ65pL._SY355_.jpg (28 KB, 355x355)
28 KB
they're fucking delicious my guy
only thing is they're more sour than hot
File: 150g_SeaSalt_CAN_2017.png (446 KB, 700x1050)
446 KB
446 KB PNG

Find a better chip: Protip, you can't.

File: IMG_20171210_120010.jpg (1.2 MB, 2818x2249)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
yummy pizza I cooked up
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
crosssection pls
Take a closer look at that """chocolate"""
thanks anon! it's venison btw
Can't wait to see what it looks like once it's out of the oven, OP!

File: tbs.jpg (57 KB, 616x462)
57 KB
Do you find that dining at the table with family/friends enhances the experience, and to what extent do you bother with etiquette when table-setting? When eating alone do you opt for lounging or do you still take the time to posh it up a little for yourself?

Sitting around the table has always been non-negotiable for me; when it's time for a meal, everyone in the house will put their electronics aside and join. Music on, informal but proper setting of everything needed for said meal but nothing more, with the only excess of a centerpiece of sorts. When eating alone, I will probably chow down while watching a movie or something, but I still bother with etiquette as far as my set-up goes.

However, in both cases, there is one exception to the whole formality of it which makes my settings look a bit schizophrenic. Nothing can match. I have an aversion to matching cutlery/crockery so I will go out of my way to make sure not even two spoons are the same. My people think its odd. I tell them I like odd -- that's the point.

tl;dr: From the social aspect of it, to candles and cloth napkins -- and everything in between, on a domestic level, how important is table etiquette to you?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
>Napkin rings

God is in the details.
But the roll-ups look wrinkly as fuck. And the placemats look like pizza dough that's being tossed in mid-air.
It's a token image taken from google but thank you for your positive contribution.
On an everyday basis, we sit at the table for every meal. I make sure everyone has a napkin, the table has no clutter on it and the cuttlery is placed correctly. Other than that, we usually light a candle for dinner. If we have guests, i do the fancy stuff, but still keep it minimal and practical. I don't bother much with decorating the table, the socializing and the food should be the focus imo.

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