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This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other humanities such as philosophy, religion, law, classical artwork, archeology, anthropology, ancient languages, etc. Please use /lit/ for discussions of literature. Threads should be about specific topics, and the creation of "general" threads is discouraged.

For the purpose of determining what is history, please do not start threads about events taking place less than 25 years ago. Historical discussions should be focused on past events, and not their contemporary consequences. Discussion of modern politics, current events, popular culture, or other non-historical topics should be posted elsewhere. General discussions about international culture should go on /int/.

/his/ is not /pol/, and Global Rule #3 is in effect. Do not try to treat this board as /pol/ with dates. Blatant racism and trolling will not be tolerated, and a high level of discourse is expected. History can be examined from many different conflicting viewpoints; please treat other posters with respect and address the content of their post instead of attacking their character.

When discussing history, please reference credible source material, and provide as much supporting information as possible in your posts.

Name a country with more inept military commanders. I'll wait.
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>Protestant Ascendancy
A large amount of the Protestant Ascendant considered themselves Irish until being Irish no longer meant also being British. Some of the greatest Irishmen in history were protestant anon
based Frenchmen showing g*rms their place
>A large amount of the Protestant Ascendant considered themselves Irish
And a even larger amount didnt. Were those evil landlords that evicted and killed 6 gorrillion irish peasents during the famine also irish?
They were born in Ireland from parents born in Ireland
Sounds pretty Irish

Was he autistic?
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>In 1925, in his first known love affair, Montgomery, then in his late thirties, courted a 17-year-old girl, Miss Betty Anderson.

He wanted a loli gf
give me my bomber.
It was normal back then. After the war my great grandad married my great grandma. He was 34 and she was 17.

File: bosnia.jpg (328 KB, 1280x720)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
What is the /his/ conclusion on Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Bosnians? Most boards such as /sp/ and /pol/ claim that Bosnians are just Croatian/Serbian Muslims. But researching Bosnians it seems that they had some sort of presence in the Early Middle Ages in the Balkans and there was a mention of a Bosnian Kingdom and Bosnian Church.

>The Bosnian Kingdom grew and expanded under the Kotromanić dynasty to include Croatian and Serbian territories. As a consequence, even more Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians dwelt within its borders, along with adherents of a native Bosnian Church whose origins and nature are a subject of continued debate among scholars. Those belonging to this sect simply called themselves Krstjani ("Christians"). Many scholars have argued that these Bosnian Krstjani were Manichaean dualists related to the Bogomils of Bulgaria, while others question this theory, citing lack of historical evidence. Both Catholic and Orthodox Church authorities considered the Bosnian Church heretical, and launched vigorous proselytizing campaigns to stem its influence. As a result of these divisions, no coherent religious identity developed in medieval Bosnia as it had in Croatia and Serbia.
- Wikipedia

They're distinct from other yugoslavs, but only because they have diverged. In origin, they are one people with Croats and Serbs, and before the Yugoslav wars, their languages were essentially the same, just dialects of one another really (since the war, all three have made a conscious effort to add more loanwords, in order to make their languages unintelligible to one another).
>their languages unintelligible to one another

Utterly false.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a federation (almost voluntarily) made up of 3 states - Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Republika Srbska.
In these three states live three ethnic groups - Bosniacs, Croats, and Serbs. They don't like each other much, and two of them have their own states they'd like to join. But they can't, because if they did NATO would bomb them.
Also, the country isn't landlocked. It has a tiny little land dick culminating with a single port, and splitting Croatia in half.
They're essentially muslim southern slavs. That by itself is enough for ethnogenesis, so serbs and croatian claims of them being a fake ethnicity are retarded.
That said, slavic ethnogenesis is a controversial and very politicized subject, but by and large the current national ethnic group are very much younger than their names, so it's really silly to go look for the oldest mention of Bosnia as the period where the ethnic group was born. If you went to a professor of germanic history and asked him if the 1st millennium BC goths and Theodoric's goths were the same people (both ethnically and genetically) he'd laugh in your face.

File: teruel.png (72 KB, 315x883)
72 KB

Why were leftists so shit at fighting?
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this, the army, german and italian army, artillery and aircrafts vs poorly armed peasants
>commies know they have no chance of wining
>still send thousands of their own people to their death

Just like Nazi Germany
He’s got you ther m8

Why does every culture seems to have a flood myth?
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Norse don't.
Antiquity isn't a culture
Do you know how I know you're a pseud?
No retard, Ockham's razor does not mean "explanation with less words is true", but "explanation simpler is true", and simple means having less causes to find.
River floodings, being a common occurrence, easier to explain, would be true according to Ockham.
While a worldwide flood is harder to explain as it has a lot of hidden causes.
Because it wasn’t a myth?

File: leepicspelling.png (18 KB, 1587x598)
18 KB
Which is the greater trainwreck of a language?
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>language has too many words.
Well you only have to use the ones you can remember. There are plenty of niggers who only know a couple hundred.
File: 1515132914985.jpg (32 KB, 680x680)
32 KB
That's fine, but what do you do when someone uses a word you're not familiar with? Or if you read a word you like in a book or something, but are unsure how to pronounce it?
Actually you use Germanic/Dutch/Scandinavian spelling in some and Latin/Francophone spelling in others which is what makes modern English spelling confusing and contradictory at times.

File: unimportantimage.jpg (38 KB, 629x472)
38 KB
Why did he do it?

File: 1531249098927.png (927 KB, 1223x880)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
What happenned to Sumer and the Sumerian language, /his/? Does any historian know? Have we uncovered anything? Why is the Sumer language so different form the rest of the world's languages?
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Sounds more like a Hollywood thing t.bh
File: articleLarge.jpg (61 KB, 600x298)
61 KB
There's a graveyard in UR with both taken bodies and still resting ones. The bodies were also segregated between servants/other low-status men and the royalty/nobility. With today's technology one should be aboe to get something from there. But I doubt the Iraqis there would let Westerners dig up the bodies. And there doesn't seem to be much if any interest by the likes of David Reich in testing samples in Western museums (which there are a not insiginificant amount of in both West and Japan).

Ask David Reich's lab and/or Max Planck's institute.
Yeah, I've seen that story. Pretty cool shit. For all the memes about slaves building pyramids etc. for Pharaonic taskmasters, I think history mostly shows that doing construction for the state can be a pretty good gig. Surely it helps when cost is little object to the developer, as it were. It's still true that buildings which aren't erected on the premise of turning a profit -- like a courthouse, as opposed to a condo -- are more often built for quality and prestige rather than simply holding down the cost. I'm sure we all miss the days of high-quality, artistic and even extravagant public-use construction. A lot of the finer skills in construction trades are vanishing where I'm from simply because there's no call for them anymore.

Trade associations and guilds go way back in many cultures and they wielded lots of influence, I'm sure. But this was based on the premise of skills that are difficult to replace, and take years to develop.
They were annexed and assimilated by Assyrians.
>Sargon shithead
>Alt right

Lmfao I shit on my balls

File: Europe_1812_map_en.png (1.14 MB, 2284x1503)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Daily reminder that Napoleon was genetically Italian and he was in essence larping as a frenchman.
he was akshually moorish mixed italian

What are some good /his/ movies that use historical people outside of their usual history but still achieve a way of teaching about a period of history?

Pic related. Really gives you insight into how easy it is to support a populist, especially from the mindset of the average person.
File: ivanvasilievich.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
the only other I know of is the soviet film Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future/ Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession
Ivan the terrible and soviet dude who looks like Ivan the terrible switch places. Soviet kino

Were cornrows and dreadlocks considered low class?
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File: -.jpg (129 KB, 1208x354)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
The practice of combing the hair over pads was much in vogue in the Fanti towns.

Like many others in West Africa, upper-class people would adorn their hairs with jewels and beads.
>Something every culture and civilization ever did
>Posts this

0/8 shitty b8 m8
Good point. Cowries were used as a currency in those parts of Africa, so the chiefs were indeed flexing
How's that any different from any other monarch?

What if Grand Duchess Maria had become pregnant while in captivity?
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Pinched features. Maria is best girl.
Maria got a fat face yo
Daily reminder that R*manovs deserved it and the revolution wouldn't have happened if they were somewhat competent rulers.
Stop being a commie. Lennon and Stalin were way worse because they knew what they were doing and still had more people die under them. They didn't fucking care.

Fucking Beatles autocorrect

File: a43yewr4gyt.jpg (49 KB, 474x670)
49 KB
How do you go from this...
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Oy vey shut up goyim
File: wow.jpg (322 KB, 946x1347)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
to THIS?
These aren't the same person. In fact the people depicted lived hundreds of years apart!

File: rwandan genoc.jpg (116 KB, 1024x683)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>kill almost a million people in 100 days
>6 million over 6 fucking years of war and even more of build up

Why do you jack off to Nazis /his/?
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Hutus killed other Africans, Nazis killed G*d's chosen people
Those tall trees needed cutting
A massacre in Africa is like shit in India
>>millions of people suddenly missing
>>lol they just moved and never decided to tell anyone :^)

Million German soldiers go missing.
lol they just left and told no one ;)
t. Eisenhower.
This is just a guise for a Holocaust denial thread isn't it?

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