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10/01/15Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!
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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

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So I follow this guy on snapchat, and I wanted to see if I could find anything else of him on the internet. When I googled his name, I found a couple of nudes and a couple of videos. First of all, can anyone tell if it's fake or not? And in either case, can anyone find more? His name is Kane Larkin, and his Snapchat is kane_larksss

Or maybe this is the snapchat, don't remember.

File: image.gif (1.83 MB, 360x202)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
They're topping and bottoming each other at the same time in this Sean Cody gif. Any other pornos with a scene like this?
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File: 1391252515540.png (79 KB, 250x238)
79 KB
I... I didn't know this is possible
Are the dogs or something :DD
I knew this was possible!
Oh wow. That's..... Gonna be fun to try and recreate

File: image.jpg (63 KB, 600x600)
63 KB
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File: almost_kiss.gif (1.26 MB, 351x197)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
Are they really not fucking each other?
>Just good friends unfortunately... Fuck me if their not adorable together though.

Looks like our boy and his crew fucked up a little.
>Are they really not fucking each other?
in my dream, at least
Had a weird dream where I found a guy dressed like Spider-Man tied up to a chair. I took off his mask and turned out to be Dylan but with a ball gag in his mouth. I proceeded to straddle him.

Dream went elsewhere from there, but it was one of those fun moments where you can feel the boner your are having in real life from this in your dream.

File: straight.jpg (94 KB, 1000x750)
94 KB
Missing the lest threads...



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Sorry they are sideways
Very very hot. Where are you located in general?
You're kidding right. Look at his name
cute face, hot body, awesome dick - need more pictures!
got any contact info? kik? skype? email?

File: IMAG0458.jpg (1.02 MB, 1520x2688)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Let's trade some nudes

Add me on kik or post your kik


File: image.jpg (127 KB, 620x1100)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Let's have one of these threads!

This guy, for example, is a 10/10 husbando material in my book.
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Lost. Hard.
Goddamn he's one hot ginger
Didn't fall I love but I WOULD love to put my tongue in that ass
fucking lost
Reminds me of this

File: 1330304654990.jpg (118 KB, 490x695)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
this thread is for anons with fantasies of being dominated, humiliated, forced, coerced, or just out and out raped by guys, often with a side of slapping, pinning down, and degrading language to go along with it.

Post fantasies, stories, pictures, videos, and the inevitable link to Minets Sauvages.

>for me, it all started when I moved into a house with this gorgeous housemate
>he was a competitive swimmer, so you can imagine the kind of body he had
>he liked to walk around in his boxers, the kind where you can see where the tip of his cock tents the fabric slightly, waggling back and forth as he walks
>one night have a dream where hes in his room wanking with the door cracked
>i peek in, he sees me
>enraged, he pushes the door open
>berating me, he says that he should have known better than to let some bislut whore move in with him
>he shoves me to the ground, wrenches my pants down to my knees, and jams his cock up my butt right there in the hallway
>he taunts me while he fucks me, saying things like 'this is what you faggots like isnt it'
>he cums inside me, slaps me in the face, and leaves me there on the floor, trembling and used

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I hooked up with a guy a couple of times.
Always telling me how he wanted my big cock. So I go to his place, thinking I'm gonna go pound soms nice smooth twink ass. We get down to action, tearing clothes of, and then he's all like; Oh no, that won't fit. Bit pissed, but ah well, at least he'll suck me dry. Gives good head, but still wanted to fuck him one day.
So he keeps messaging me, saying he's sorry he wasn't ready for my dick, but he'd want in next time. Few weeks pass, we hook up again. Same fucking story again. Agree with him giving head again but I'm very forcefull this time, making him gag, and forced him swallow every drop. He tried to struggle during all this but gave up when he knew he couldn't win.

Then he stopped messaging me for a while, when at one night I get a random text from him, asking if I wanna hook up. Tell him no because he won't take it in the ass. He promises he will, for real this time. I tell him he'd better.
Go to his place again. He starts slurping my dick again, while I spit on my fingers to open him up. He already starts complaining again that he probably can't take it.
At this time I don't care anymore, flip him around, pin him down, spit on his hole and enter his ass. Keep pounding away and he's sobbing. He's begging for me to stop, but I won't, and tell him he's mine now.
Keep fucking him a little longer and I cum inside him.
I get up, put on my clothes and leave.
Don't hear from him for about a half year. And suddenly get a message from him begging for me, because he knows how to handle his worthless ass.
So I basicaly made him my bitch. Feels good.
Always liked the idea of being used and humiliated but never met a guy who would do that. I answered an ad from an older guy who was looking for a blow job and he turned out to be just what I wanted.

Fuck. Why are there no guys like you in my area.
Where you from?
where in the bay are you? union city here :3

File: nick pandering.webm (2.86 MB, 1916x1076)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
>all the Scream Queens pandering
Can't wait for more.
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File: Jonas_Sausage1.jpg (284 KB, 587x700)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
One I have on my phone of him

Seems legit.
He's been pandering to the gays for a while now. He keeps going to gay nightclubs and showing off his abs and dancing. Plus his character on the show Kingdom had a subplot where he was bisexual and secretly hooking up with guys.

It's a very smart marketing strategy because he knows that we, as a community, absolutely eat this shit up. It's at least 2.5 times hotter because he used to be a squeaky-clean Disney teen idol.
I just want to know if he experiments in real life as "role research".
File: boyfriendz.jpg (79 KB, 432x594)
79 KB
he's also gay on his role on Scream Queens. he knows what he's doing.

nick always seemed the straightest one to me. i always thought kevin had a sham beard marriage, and well, joe is a huge fag too.

the hell? Either Falcon Studios is doing somewhere where I live or these are just Grindr bots.
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Why the hell would they promote something in Guam? The population is pretty tiny, and from what I can tell. Ot entirely gay friendly. It's such a small market, they'd have been better off just doing something outside of the major cities in California.
Why the hell would they promote something in Guam? The population is pretty tiny and, from what I have been told, not entirely gay friendly. It's such a small market, they'd have been better off just doing something outside of the major cities in California.
Why the hell would they promote anything in Guam? The population is quite tiny from what I can tell, and probably not gay friendly. It's such a small market, they'd have been better off just doing something outside of the major cities in California.
File: oprahbees.gif (4.01 MB, 320x180)
4.01 MB
4.01 MB GIF
>free bees

File: arabonthewater.jpg (56 KB, 480x409)
56 KB
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look for seeren the persian king or something.

>you will never be pic related's habib

mostly french arabs
there's a huge arabic community in my area. my old dealer was arab and he would always give me these cheeky smiles. One night i went over with $40 for an 8th and could tell he was fucked up. as i'm getting out my cash he goes "wanna suck me off for a quarter?" I laughed until I realized he was dead serious. thickest meatiest dick i've ever had the pleasure of sucking, and he was a pretty lean tall guy. he was really into me licking on his balls, both huge and hairy. anytime i'd inch anywhere near his ass, he'd start clicking his tongue and guiding my head back to his groin. He came on my face and i left with over 8 grams of weed for $40. arabics are fucking hot man
i think its the religious rules they have, I'm new in DK and I noticed a lot of them too. My neighborhood is full of lil' arab thug boys :P

Let's start an argentinian guys trend, with all argentinian guys you can find on manhunt, tinder, grindr, manjam, etc. I asure you they're hot
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Sismo Kritikal
How big is the average argie cock?

what, no chubby thread? won't do.
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Who is he?
yea well welcome to gay porn. You can either be a scrawny twink, a generic jock, a muscle bear or a 500 pound amorphous blob that has to use a special tool to wipe their fucking ass.

If you want "normal out of shape/dad body" dudes you have to watch straight porn. I'm serious, straight porn has all sorts of regular looking dudes (albeit with huge cocks). You still get ripped dudes and lets be honest most of the guys in straight porn are pretty ugly in the face, but if you want someone that isn't slotting into one of the predefined gay porn model bins, that's what you have to do.


Instagram: bigbrownyy

I love this dude. Are there any new videos? The youtube channel that was uploading him seems to have stopped completely.

Is this dude a midget?

love him so much, does he has some nudes or anything beside youtube vids?
I found out his real name, better if you just find out through Instagram. Some of the people that like his stuff use their real names so just look through their friends list. First name is actually jordan. Someone catfish him on messenger pls?

File: baseball grind.webm (556 KB, 480x480)
556 KB
Last one over 300 post
50 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
this is HumerusFitness right? wat video is this from
i cant enter xtube, so is there any other link? or the names of this couple?
oh god i'├Čve been looking for this for so long
do you have a source?

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