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/hm/ is for sharing porn.

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.

Do not post any 'rate me' or any other self shots here. If you want to post pictures of yourself, please use /soc/ - Cams & Meetups.

File: Thomas-Rohler-00[1].jpg (65 KB, 1400x933)
65 KB
Continued from >>1410609
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>>1418134 The fuck is wrong with this left leg?
>>1419117 Don't see the appeal, but each to their own.
>>1419798 Shaved pits? No, just no.

>>1420042 I'm in love. Want to get my face in there.
>>1420852 Not my usual type, but I would.

Wrestlers are my olympic fetish.

>>1420797 >>1420798
Fucking pikey.

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File: bond.jpg (58 KB, 578x790)
58 KB
Isnt this the ukranian diver from last olympics? Dont remember seeing him this year...

Post spanking stuff

Also if you have interesting stories about spanking to tell, then do it.
If we can have regular incest threads then we can have this too...
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jesus christ, how old are you?
no, I have met him before
How much do you pay him for a session?
How did you meet him?
>tears by the midway point

Lol pussy.
>gross fat old men spanking
Thats the best part imo. Love seeing gross spankers and hot spankees.

File: 1472143500001.jpg (76 KB, 500x591)
76 KB
Happy Father's Day!
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File: jesus.jpg (382 KB, 1280x853)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>fat, bald, old

i'm gagging on a forest of grey pubes.

call me superficial, but what is hot about that?

and no, i don't want my dad to fuck me.

incest is disgusting.
Are you like new to being a fag? There's literally tons of people that like old fat bald dudes and as you can see for the incest threads on the board there's plenty of people that like that shit.

> incest is disgusting

It's current year anon. Get with the times.
File: 1461480071180.jpg (97 KB, 782x555)
97 KB

Meanwhile, at OP's house...
I'd like to have a son/boy when I'm a daddy. I think that'd be fun :)
This is kinda why I'm apprehensive about gay's adopting children; especially little boys. I'm not saying that every gay guy is a fucking pedo but it's disturbing that this fucking "daddy/son" fetish/culture is VERY common among gay men. That's why they don't want us to fucking have children, and I can't really disagree knowing what I know about our community

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File: VID_20160825_2235180.webm (2.73 MB, 640x360)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB WEBM
I'd pay to have your cum mailed to me
I think we found one on this thread.
I would like to cum on my face while someone is raping my anus
As a fellow twink I find you insanely hot and would gladly let you dominate me if I could explore your body.

File: shower.gif (1.9 MB, 245x245)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
Showering Men
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File: showerfuck.jpg (335 KB, 1248x936)
335 KB
335 KB JPG

Tell stories about your first time.
Where you were.
What you did.
Who you were with.
What made you cum.
include a related pic if possible

I'll start:
>14 years old.
>Sleepover party at my friend's house.
>He says he always sleeps naked.
>It is warm weather and this excites me so I decide to sleep naked too.
>Fall asleep.
>Middle of the night I wake up because I'm cold.
>Looking for a blanket.

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it is a word that geriatrics (old people) use to indicate fondling of each other's genitals, usually over clothing.
>straight female sharing her sex stories on a gay porn board
>lacking self-awareness to this degree
It's kind of cute, actually.
Fuck off, bitch.
File: drink.your.juice.png (346 KB, 406x404)
346 KB
346 KB PNG

this board isn't exclusively for faggots.
it is for posting pics of handsome men.
women are welcome.

stop being such territorial little cunts.

File: 28urjZ32I40.jpg (73 KB, 604x604)
73 KB
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he is by far the most annoying youtuber of the large youtubers ive listened to. I'd rather listen to scarce and thats saying something because scarce is garbage
anybody has pics of JonTron?
that dick
File: imready.png (427 KB, 846x432)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
File: dan200.jpg (117 KB, 450x338)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I'm not sure how long he kept doing it for, but I do have others.

File: fatgaycum.gif (1015 KB, 320x224)
1015 KB
1015 KB GIF
any and all forms of fat and chubby cocks and asses, points for hairy too :)
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Holy fuck source?
Please who is this ;_;
just learned that his name is biglittletim
You'll never find this video even though you know the guys name ;_;
Got any IM's like Kik or Telegram or Skype ya got cutie? I have a huge cock for ya

Top qual young boi pucci only. Bubble butts++++
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Amazing ass i just Blasted cum everywhere its ridiculouse. If you where my friend i'd blackmail you into sex!
Anyone know who this is? Or have more?
File: Ass spread sissy me.jpg (380 KB, 1920x1080)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
This is me daddy, kik is dtfforlife1000 , you should all hit me up.

File: AwWM7p9CIAAxRsE.jpg (70 KB, 480x640)
70 KB
Tell me your favorite porn actor
Mine is Tommy Defendi
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Riley aka gayhoopla Hawk.
File: corbinfisher-trey.jpg (74 KB, 500x750)
74 KB
File: phenix.jpg (1.3 MB, 1280x1920)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Phenix Saint

File: hm-tan.jpg (730 KB, 1486x1152)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
Old Thread: >>1408801 (in auto sage)

To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual sauce threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use Google image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

Finally, please do not reply to users who ask for a source by creating their own thread. This removes porn from /hm/ and they should not be rewarded for their actions.
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Does anyone know what video this is from?
File: 1471915900029.gif (1.41 MB, 300x250)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB GIF
I know this is men.com but who/what vid?
File: 1466822810704.jpg (9 KB, 360x311)
9 KB
Anyone have a sauce/name for this one? Love dat ass.

1. go to men.com
2. go to 'models' page
3. look at the models until you find one of these
4. look at the videos he's done until you find this video

we aren't your slaves.
>asking for info people often already know in sauce thread
If you don't have anything useful to say, you can just not reply.

File: boyfriend1.gif (920 KB, 500x325)
920 KB
920 KB GIF
Post hot guys showing off on webcam
89 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.

He's British... He's far above average to them... I think...

He'd get the shit kicked out if him here...
I think it's funny how some people trip out at someone who doesn't look very different from someone else they think is ugly...

Infinite diversity, in infinite combinations...

Well, almost infinite...
it came from some thread a long time ago where some anon dumped a bunch of webcam gifs with no proper sauce. probably catfished them himself. a lot of the webms in this thread are from that same thread
So no one has anything on eaglec1996?

61 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20160801_223342.jpg (1.8 MB, 2576x1932)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG

I'm flattered. Here's a much newer pic.
moar please?
File: 20160801_223138.jpg (1.71 MB, 2576x1932)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
Don't know if the rules allow me to turn this into a request thread, but here.
>Don't know the rules

well then read the rules.
they are clearly stated in a sticky at the top of the first page. >>886269 >>1299359

they are also on the rules page:

ignorance of the law is no excuse

that said you have a nice dick but you should shave the chin goatee. those went out of fashion 15 years ago.
File: img.jpg (447 KB, 1500x1125)
447 KB
447 KB JPG

File: 1422923435372.png (570 KB, 606x376)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
ITT: big, muscular legs, for the fetish you never even knew you had

unofficial thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlIedTmJ2Ic

let's see big quads, hamstrings, calves and of course glutes
160 replies and 102 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: aaaaaa.jpg (63 KB, 540x358)
63 KB
File: aaaaaaaa.jpg (125 KB, 600x661)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Any vĂ­deo source

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