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File: IMG_0308.png (4 KB, 205x246)
4 KB
>why did you turn the subtitles on?
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fucking hell
Millennials aren't technically zoomers though
I do this with Canadian films.
political board discussing politics?
fuck, this is too much to handle

File: apFLcvL.jpg (44 KB, 587x587)
44 KB
Strange movie/TV merchandise.
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File: poster.jpg (97 KB, 450x701)
97 KB
I remember this so clearly. It's sad but I still have very strong memories of the marketing blitz that surrounded the release of Episode 1, even though I was only 5 years old at the time. It's actually the first movie I can explicitly remember seeing in theatres. Came out on my dad's 40th birthday and we went to see it that day. We were so excited and I'm sure he left wondering what the fuck he had just seen, but I was a retarded little kid so I loved it.
I think I saw this once at a Suncoast
those sure are Todd figures
A schoolfriend actually had this one. Wouldn't take it out of the box though because it was a "collectible" and he was a ponce.
I don't think there's anything wrong with this except that it's fucked up that McDonalds doesn't put Shrek-themed Tenga eggs in their happy meals. Genuine discrimination.

File: 1537593624674.webm (1.85 MB, 640x900)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB WEBM
If coffee is so bad then why do so many people drink it?
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Absolutely pathetic. Either grow up or a pair.
If there's something you really want to exist and it hasn't been created, make it yourself. This is how great art is created.
File: thinking.jpg (24 KB, 532x320)
24 KB
Maybe I should do a Kickstarter
However if it's consumed too hot or the beans are overcooked you increase your risk of throat and stomach cancer respectively.
>My ultimate niche fetish is girls in loincloths and I've found literally ZERO content to satisfy it.
There are planet of the apes parodies that would satisfy this fetish, I recall one from the 90's starring Asia Carrera

No monkey business either just tribal humans fucking in a wood cage.

File: 1538787130072.webm (690 KB, 880x880)
690 KB
What are some films with heavy violence against tranny freaks?
The more graphic the better
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How much brainwashing did you get in school? If someone identifies as napoleon, do you address them as "Emperor"?
File: 1429686901754.webm (2.42 MB, 1024x720)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB WEBM
slavs+turks are the saviors of White civilization
Slavs+turks can't save white civlization because they aren't white.

hmmm... waltah... you're not going to break bad on me are ya... ahhh.. is that so??... waltaaah.. guys... solid... mmmhhhh
>we're gonna need military grade seasons.. our viewers will go straight through consumer grade vince...
how did characters got older in prequel?

reminder they cancelled bcs and vince is now doing a show with mike as the lead called The Fixer
he's old

File: 1535763927515.png (924 KB, 1170x1339)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
LAFD are suing his relatives for not paying the $1600 fees for the trip.
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nope, i got a $1500 bill from LAFD for just a ride in the ambulance, not stabilizing or resuscitation bullshit. i guess the taxes they take aren't enough for them, fuck these greedy cunts.
He has a sex tape. The woman doesn't even react when he fucks her
I haven't been to a doctor in over a decade. I'm 30 years old now. Most of my family has type 2 diabetes and my mother and her mother died of cancer. The other day my kidney was really sore, most likely because I'm addicted to soda and drink an irresponsible amount every single day. I only drank water for a couple of days and now it feels fine. I don't know how long I can float on by but goddamn it I'm going to try before life kills me.
>what a small little guy
>wish i could have him as a pet

he'd make a pretty rotten pet imo
they need all the help they can to keep the homeless shit off their streets.
he had a kino little broadcast where hed go to the store and pick up all the ingredients for a bitchin sandwich barely smaller than him, and hed make it on cam. they might still be up.

File: image.jpg (325 KB, 1000x563)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Why is Zack Snyder so HATED by most people ? I understand not liking his movies but people act like he is worse than cancer. Dude is pretty cool irl and everyone that worked with him said he's a great guy.

So why treat him like shit ? Just don't watch his films.
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Why are you white-knighting for him on an imageboard? I don't see a single thread up now, bashing him. Is someone paying you to advertise for Snyder?
People hate what they don’t understand. Casuals go into BvS expecting a big dumb action film but get frustrated when it has to make them think.
Not talking about the nature of the stories, though it says a lot that he's able to miss the point of stories for kids; he can't direct his actors for shit or stitch together the output of his serviceable technical skill into anything that doesn't resemble 120-minute trailers
Leftwing cucks hate him for making 300.
The dude has only ever made capeshit movies. And he thinks he is a genious atuer when his deepest film yet is laughed at except here where 15 year olds circlejerk about the fact that they know who horus is. Also his wife is a hollywood executive and gets him all his funding.

Rumor was, 2 years ago, Snyder was going to finally make a good Howard Roark film. And hey, he still isn't coming up with new ideas, but atleast this one has a real ethos. I was super excited for it even though I think Snyder is a hack.

But I haven't heard a word about the fountainhead in over a year.

File: 1539315239420.jpg (239 KB, 770x1056)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
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Quite literally who the fuck are number 2, 3 and 4?
nc would win because he has a gun
Nasally kid who posts /tv/ memes on social media.
>had to bantz or be bullied

He's a thin skinned faggot who likes to dish it but can't take it
His kryptonite is his anonymity.
Anytime someone is on the receiving end of his army of teen edgers they just have to say,
>turn up to a meet, Jim
He then proceeds to splutter and stutter and wear his cowardice as a form of merit

File: 1539562556963.jpg (89 KB, 1050x858)
89 KB
62 bans and counting
Fuck niggers
epic win
File: femjoy_114865_069.jpg (942 KB, 4000x2666)
942 KB
942 KB JPG

Christina Hendricks cast as the new Elvira.
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Elvira is all about the personality and comedic timing, which Hendricks does not have.

She's got great big fat tits though.

Which is worth a LOT
File: 268851.jpg (2.31 MB, 2448x3264)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
Big if true. Still big if false.

Holy shit. Look how easily she gives it up and cant say no. Are women really this stupid and lacking in self esteem or self respect?


desu makes me want to become a sex predator seeing how ez they let you grope them.
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We have 80 billion laws that limit what you can buy and sell. "b-but this is capitalism" is not a self-evident justification for the behavior.
>We have 80 billion laws that limit what you can buy and sell
So at worst he's guilty of soliciting a prostitute.

t. A guy that would suck a dick in a job interview.
You essentially are if you work for someone else.
>it's a "durr he has to hold her at gun point and force her to suck his dick for it to be an irresponsible and ethically untenable use of industry power" thread
Based minimum wage slaves thinking that agency is the same thing as opportunity.

Could a Spinosaurus even raise itself up on its legs? Not just its hind legs; It looks like a alligator or crocodile. Would its hips even have allowed its legs to bend that way?

Obviously InGen just added whatever bits and pieces they needed to make it work as a part attraction.
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Prove it
Well until you do you're retarded idea is going to remain exactly that and the rest of the world is spared your stupidity. Prove me wrong.
>not posting walking with dinosaurs
>ridiculous statement
>life evolved from water
I bet you think the world is only 5 thousand years old
I never said any of that.

You ever met a celebrity?

Me meeting Mike Matei

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File: LITTY.png (79 KB, 640x493)
79 KB
celebrities love mike
Growing up is realising that James is a lousy, no talent stoner and Mike is an absolute lad and the best friend a man could have.

Love you mike
No hate. Only laughs.
File: 1535861847845.png (560 KB, 621x348)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
post the original


File: 91q6tq6zYTL._RI_[1].jpg (776 KB, 2560x1920)
776 KB
776 KB JPG
This shit is more corny that Riverdale.
That forced Nazi symbolism and methods... they don't even make sense, but they are there, because Nazis did them before.
And that's their idea of a badass?

File: 1521430576248.gif (511 KB, 840x488)
511 KB
511 KB GIF
Just got back to my room from my living room

ask me anything
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File: 63ce51b1.webm (403 KB, 320x240)
403 KB
yeah pretty good
Post address you pussy ass faggot. I'll bet $100,000 you're too chickenshit to meet up. I will kill you.
what does that have to do with you being dumber than me? fucking idiot
>with my friends
Are your friends real/human or pets/imaginary?

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