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File: hgw_us.jpg (73 KB, 691x1024)
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Which one is it Rashida?
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stop watching porn
File: 1376274141318.gif (1.98 MB, 260x152)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
>Shione Cooper
>Christina Jolie
>Kristi Klenot
>Angel Wicky
>Krystal Swift
>Sophie Mei

Why are Czech porn stars so based
File: tour (40).jpg (34 KB, 912x513)
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Those beautiful don't usually do hardcore
The real answer doesn't matter. Women have it so fucking easy in life that they sit around until they're so bored of the vapid thoughts in their skulls that they have to "do something", and that means get pissed off. They still don't "do anything" at all whatsoever, but they're channeling their emotions into something until it gets boring.
That's about it, invent things to get pissed off about, literally non issues, make them a big deal, then get tired of it and find something else to get pissed off about. It's always in the name of freedom, too. Which is fine, people should be free to act how they want, but you DON'T TAKE WOMEN FUCKING SERIOUSLY, THEY'RE A GOD DAMN MEME
File: tour (41).jpg (34 KB, 912x513)
34 KB

File: uHQw6b1.jpg (12 KB, 478x640)
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thoughts on this tushy?
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lol mods

lol mods

lol mods
Imagine entering that little butthole
tfw no phat tushy daughter
File: 1487548090989.webm (712 KB, 500x800)
712 KB
Low test pedo

File: f6ED1dv.jpg (13 KB, 494x640)
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Would you watch a baywatch reboot with this girl?
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>kiddy pool
What's this?
a pool for children.
Lynn is so tight
what if she was a lifesaver on a nude beach?
haha what if she had to do cpr on ur dik lmao

File: 1492827805387.jpg (111 KB, 887x1200)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
It's 3:50 am, I've had a few drinkipoos and don't know what to watch before I go to bed. Recommend me something good /tv/.
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I second this recommendation.
do fat girl have sweetier pusy?
get the fuck back to Mexico, you fucking Pajeet

File: IMG_0222.jpg (22 KB, 512x288)
22 KB
> muh fish
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>ITT DCucks and NolanFags
>come in and shittalk japan
>everyone assumes I'm american
Perfect disguise.
australia always ruining threads

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (78 KB, 1796x1010)
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Thats kinda gay
File: 1482914511457.gif (961 KB, 245x213)
961 KB
961 KB GIF
>Hot Fuzz came out 10 years ago
It is but its real man. I can't help it.
File: 1299697734908.png (172 KB, 578x372)
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172 KB PNG
Where do you think we are?



just saw this. felt pretty lukewarm about it in general, but there were some things that stuck out to me as a longtime fan of the OT and i had some thoughts i wanted to share.

>mads mikkelson gave a great performance as usual. his character is without a doubt the standout performance of this movie. without him the movie would have no emotional impact whatsoever. he carries the film even with his sparse dialogue.
>i didn't mind the CGI tarkin or leia. they looked kinda funny but worked just fine as stand-ins.

>they pretty much got vader all wrong. his suit was off. something about the proportions just wasn't accurate to the originals. it looked like a cheap halloween costume or like a cosplay. i don't understand why they wouldn't just replicate one of the original suits. also, his voice was totally off. didn't sound anything like the intimidating, aggressive vader of ANH or the more methodical vader from ESB. some of the things he said just stood out immediately as things vader would never say, either the statements themselves or the way they were worded. i guess the intonation and speech pattern was too unlike the original character. whatever it was, it stuck out like a sore thumb.
>character development was spotty and inconsistent in a lot of cases. i had a hard time determining if this was due to shoddy writing, or the film being heavily edited. my guess is a combination of the two. a lot of character developments seem to come out of left field with no setup and payoff at all. i felt like i actually would have liked some of these characters if they had spent a little more time with them and made them a little more consistent.
>the constant subtitling of location names like its an early 90s spy action movie. whoever decided this was a good idea to put this in the movie should be fired. completely unnecessary as no sane person gives a shit and it ruins what is otherwise some pretty decent atmosphere for the first 20 minutes of the film.
>no kyle katarn
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Which was to his detriment that I believe was the intention of the film. If Vader had not wasted his time on the very last guy to crush his throat then he could have gotten the disc. But Vader couldn't resist after wading through everyone else relatively speaking. He wanted to savor one kill before it was over.
I think part of the issue is the way they framed the shots with vader and lighted them along with the actor's direction. The only good scene where it legit looked like vader was in the hallway because of the dark lighting and complete lack of dialogue.
Its actually amazing that David Prowse did an amazing job physically conveying emotions and feelings in the body language of vader so expressively in the OT as well as the lighting and framing of the shots helping as well.

When Vader talks to Krennic in R1 its not just the suit being off or the voice but its massively the body language that is off making it feel like a piss poor imitation. The fact the helmet is so loose and oversized makes it look extra shitty and the character appears to be less animated and more like someone just saying lines while not moving thier head and being completely motionless.
its cause it looks like his neck/head are retracted into the torso part of his suit sorta like a turtle.
You're remembering it incorrectly and its actually the exact opposite but yeah it's definitely the neck.

>Diego Luna
>Jyn in that black Imperial uniform with the visor flipped up so you just see her eyes
>K-2SO had some decent lines
>Donnie Yen
>Vader slaughter scene
>Bringing back the Hammerhead/Endar Spire (I know it was just to sell toys and not have to do any work but it was cool either way)
>The space battle in general was great
>Scarif was cool
>Single reactor Death Star shots
>Ponda and Evazan


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: C-DRPnFXsAI7mOq.jpg (34 KB, 600x400)
34 KB
do you prefer kate mara or rooney mara?
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Holy shit. I thought that was a part of the meme.
Roons is a true artist and will do anything for the sake of her art.

Mara doesn't care as much because she's well off either way. For her it's just fun. Roon isn't a slut because she takes her job seriously. Kys
Why not cut letters out of potatoes yourself?
Which Roon and which Mara are you talking about?
File: rooney couch.webm (2.92 MB, 1920x1040)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM

File: hqdefault.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
Who will play Christine Chandler in her inevitable biopic?
Ariana Grande.
Ted Cruz

>actors have great chemistry
>well choreographed action scenes (for western standards)
>superheroes actually are muscled bound freaks with high testorone
>character arcs occur
>$770m in one week
Disney BTFO. This is how you do fantasy on a $250m budget
Damn I didn't realize the budget was that high. Furious 7 was 190. That's quite a hike. Surprised they had so much faith in this one despite the loss of Walker.
Paul Walker's nice, but the film still has the Rock, Vin Diesel and Statham. Not only that, it was a well-filmed action movie. You can't just rely on star power.

File: 1492920286820.jpg (1.05 MB, 2792x1473)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
>Promoting mental illnesses as normal
>"Science" Guy
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I can't take a screenshot of it on my phone reeeeeee
DDT is safe. Don't fall for the "DDT is worse than Hitler" meme.
Google gender dysphoria
File: 1475646478115.png (34 KB, 645x773)
34 KB

Or maybe telling a sexually confused 14 year old to cut off their dick might mess them up for life?
>everyone I disagree with is an SJW
It's a tiresome loop anon. You are just going to do this for any point or argument you don't like.

File: 1481896722874.png (46 KB, 353x331)
46 KB
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The first step is a good plan, at least.
Moffat is deliberately referencing episode #2 from multiple previous series. Also Nefertiti from Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, and I think there was something from Beast Below.

I wonder if he's going to keep that up all season. That might get a bit weird when he gets to episode #12 from previous series, when that was usually the first half of a two parter.
Yes, that would meet TDC's canon rules.

Plus, you can show up on their panopticon and argue that, as a professional writer of canon Doctor Who, you can speak to the author's intent of other canon Doctor Who.
where's Phil's Smile revie REEEEE
Official skull-eye emoji when

>it's a mike waits in his car for 30 minutes episode

The memes are real NOTHING HAPPENS
>It's a Howard spends 20 minutes climbing garden walls episode
>It's a Jimmy pours sugar in his coffee for five minutes episode
stop this shit you fags

you're making me curious to watch this
File: saul_gus.webm (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
>its a gun sweeps Pollos hermanos for 15 minutes episode
All of these are true, but l still love this show so fucking much. It's comfy.

File: IMG_2556.jpg (403 KB, 2100x1397)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Cock merchant edition
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Friendly reminder that there's zero evidence that he wrote a single page since 2011
Priorities in George's life

>The Giants
>The Jets
>Meat pies
>Wild Cards
>The Hugo Awards
>Jean Cocteau Cinema
>Complaining about his fans
>Huge, dark nipples
>Editing anthologies
>Fucking Sibel Kekilli

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oberyn's plan was to either be gone or dead before anyone would notice. He wanted war with the Lannisters anyway.
Well a dozen or so chapters have already been released. I suppose they could have been written before 2011 though

File: 1492410730505.webm (1.52 MB, 720x320)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB WEBM
Pure kinography.
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and this is 4chan so what are you crying for
sorry i'm just a huge faggot can't help myself
I wish they didn't kill off the Asian guy
I'm just saying namefag, pretending to be retarded isn't that funny. No need to be so hostile
but you're not pretending

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