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File: furious.jpg (328 KB, 1440x1950)
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328 KB JPG
ITT: God-tier heroines
He was a cuck
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 460x276)
31 KB
uglier, so no.

File: 1427576200222.gif (51 KB, 500x376)
51 KB
ITT: /tv/ Confessions

I actually really like movies like INLAND EMPIRE and 28 Days Later that look like they were shot on cheap digital camcorders

I hate when tons of people beg me to watch something and will actively avoid it out of spite. Because this I will never watch The Wire, GOT, or the Sopranos.

I've never watched a James Cameron movie in one sitting.

I actually liked the last Transformers movie.
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I really enjoyed Tron Legacy, though I'm also a daft punk fanboy. I bought the soundtrack the night it was released.

I cried at the ending of 500 days of summer as well as Walter Mitty

Mad Max gave me a huge boner and the only other movie that has done that is The Raid: Redemption

I didn't like Jurassic World, I didn't hate it, but I was straight faced the entire time.

Twin Peaks is my favorite television series
I don't understand how. You must literally not have cable or go over people's houses that also have cable.

You must live in some form of third world country underneath a rock, or this is complete bait.

Here's your reply.
Well played. Incidentally you also showed him why that's a weak way to go about anything, even one's entertainment. Nice, anon.
>Mad Max gave me a huge boner and the only other movie that has done that is The Raid: Redemption

Unexpected. Especially the second one, unless there's something I'm forgetting. What scenes man?
File: boudu.jpg (5 KB, 258x196)
5 KB
I genuinely dislike movies in color when compared to older, black n' white movies.
I honestly like movies before the 50s more than anything nowdays, not because they are old but because visually, I always find them much, MUCH more appealing to my eye than "modern" movies. I find grey visuals more beautiful and hell, even fun. I have more joy in seeing them.
I wish movies could be done in black 'n white nowdays without everyone automatically thinking they are boring. I don't think just because there's color it means it's more "advanced". It's not just because we can have color now that it means we should, but any movie released nowdays not in color is deemed as "boring artistic crap".

File: 2qaxKC7.png (341 KB, 592x327)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
Jace's final speech incoming
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Day and Jason can win BOTB and then Audrey will win veto. Then bye whoever
it's a shame production added the twist to protect audrey from getting evicted this week
Give me one reason why you're not a BBCan4 applicant, faggot.
it will just be a 9-0 instead of 12-0
opiate addiction

really? nobody?: it's like a zombie movie with animals, what's not to like?
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shut up, faggot. i've never browsed reddit a day of my life. stop projecting your shit onto me.
I'm glad to see Billy Burke landed on his feet.
I'm giving this a shot but not enough happened in episode 1, I'm pessimistic about its chances.
>some piratical effects
Please go back there
I thought I was looking at The Lost World for a second.

File: image.jpg (118 KB, 1024x576)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Who was the best villain?
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Frieza. Buu was just a mindless engine of destruction, pretty boring tbh.

Cell wasn't even a villain. He was a character aiming for perfection and enjoyment by fighting, that just happened to be quite the psychopath.
Frieza > Buu > Cell
> vegeta going ssj1 for the first time
>[angry piano music starts playing]
And this is called trips or you can call it super saying three
>Super-Perfect Cell is pretty great too. 100% Power Freeza pales in comparison to the impact it had.

Nigga what?

When Freiza becomes 100% it actually brings him up to Super Saiyan Goku's level and they're pretty evenly matched for power the rest of the fight. It keeps dragging on because they've even matched and the difference is Freiza starts to lose his stamina while being Super Saiyan lets Goku keep going.

Cell went 100% and Ascended Gohan still kicked his ass like it was fucking nothing. That was the point: Ascended Gohan was supposed to surpass everything, literally nothing could ever match up to him because he had ascended beyond all known power in the universe.

That's part of why the Buu saga was unnecessary, because it just upped the power level again even though it was made clear at the ending of Cell that Gohan was the physical limit of power, so high that nothing else could ever compare (and thus the Earth was forever safe from future villains).

Despite being a movie and therefore non-canon, Bojack confirmed this too (back when it was going off what we knew to be true, before Buu retconned). Gohan uses his ascended power and kills Bojack and his cronies in like 2 fucking seconds.

File: amy-gone-girl.gif (413 KB, 1195x672)
413 KB
413 KB GIF
She did nothing wrong.
She was lied to, abused and cheated on.
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No she was evil as fuck, but still my waifu and best girl :3
I can't believe she didn't win over Julianne Whore
File: Gone Girl perfect wife.webm (2.91 MB, 1280x532)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
She killed a guy and tried to frame her husband so he would get the death penalty because she's a spoiled bitch who wouldn't talk to her husband about their problems
File: set_gone_girl.jpg (291 KB, 640x360)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
>he becomes a jobless loser who plays /vidya/ all day
>treats her like shit, argues for no reason
>leaches all of her money
>lies to her, cheats on her with some bimbo
>pushes her down violently at one point

He didn't deserve the death penalty, but life in prison is understandable.
Throughout the movie I was worried about that cat.

Pretty close to S3 Ep 4. Who here hype? W-We're still watching it r-right /tv/?
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More ads means more money.
We have just one in France and we use it to go to toilet
>More ads means more money.
Subject to diminishing returns, surely?

File: 1430537921353.jpg (29 KB, 600x337)
29 KB
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File: tealc01.jpg (11 KB, 472x432)
11 KB
>that moment you found an episode you haven't seen before
By any chance does anyone here have a pic or screencap of Carter shrugging or looking really perplexed? It's obviously for meming purposes.
This for based Keller alone
muh space waifu~
"That's it? Just...Ball?"

File: 658515_orig.jpg (212 KB, 946x600)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
old thread

Is he imagining it all?
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how did he rip the VGA cable out so easily?
Why would you have to toss out motherboards? Wouldn't the only thing you need to do is drill/sand your harddrive?
If KDE dude haxxored him when he accessed his mailbox, he could have installed a custom firmware on his BIOS.

>Writer trying desperately to save his lame show
File: wtf.png (434 KB, 1065x249)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
anyone notice this?

File: Ned Stark.jpg (267 KB, 1280x720)
267 KB
267 KB JPG

Simply the best
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Because the Great Other hungers
File: Queen_of_North.jpg (317 KB, 900x1135)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
>While on his way north, Bran Stark recalls stories told to the Stark children of the Night's King and the Nightfort by Old Nan, servant in Winterfell. She said some people believe the Night's King was a Bolton, a Magnar of Skagos, an Umber, a Flint, a Norrey, or a Woodfoot. However, she identifies the Night's King as a Stark of Winterfell and brother to the King of the North and hints his name was Brandon.
File: image.jpg (50 KB, 347x394)
50 KB
Guerilla Crannogmen when?
Ned didn't do shit. It was Howland Reed who saved his life and fought the Sword of the Morning with Swamp Magic. Ned is shit and would have died alone, all the credit goes to the crocodile freak.
Anglo Saxons.

File: 470578814.jpg (1.81 MB, 2555x3100)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
She is so fucking funny lol
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File: akbar.jpg (163 KB, 531x471)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>rainbow filter
wrong cuckboy, i listen to queen

File: needmoney.jpg (47 KB, 771x578)
47 KB
Final /meatballs/ thread of the night. turned out pretty good. just throw some frozen meatballs in a pot with some bbq sauce for like 30 minutes and you are done.

You have 10 seconds to prove TCM isn't the greatest horror film of all time.
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I don't know about that. It sure is my favorite TV channel though :^)
File: jawsheadshot.jpg (101 KB, 800x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG

sorry...113 seconds

File: image.jpg (67 KB, 498x576)
67 KB
>Ghost films aren't scary because ghosts aren't real.
>people actually believe this
Fear of the unknown is always better than fear of the known
If you never see it coming, it's the same thing as a ghost.

It's just that if you make a ghost movie, you don't have to worry about giving characterization to the perpetrator.

Why would a robot have to do its hair?
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>just fuck my jake up
I know, I hate it when my jake gets messed up. Takes me like an hour to get it right again.
What was the black goo?
Was the black goo different from the sparkly green goo?
literally Ridley Scott making shit up. don't analyse it too much.

File: image.jpg (69 KB, 1024x524)
69 KB
Why didnt they check the implant on the Indominus before opening the door?
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File: xkHOf[1].jpg (104 KB, 752x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
File: NEiKvwHPA3Jhmj_2_b.jpg (51 KB, 600x316)
51 KB
>beautiful red hair
>nice blue eyes
>full, kissable lips
>confident/badass as Claire
>can rock a variety of haircuts
There's lots to like.
How well do you think she'd be planning out sex?
>Thinking a Dinosaur the size of T-rex can reach top speed after only a few steps

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