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Was the prequel trilogy really that bad?
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>there was no Empire Strikes Back
File: MakPlain-POP.png (390 KB, 612x816)
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Look again, your treaty is now signed.

Good, very good.
Im no weak willed fool. you faggot. DIE *pew* *pew* *pew* *pew*
Why would the empire strike back? Their big ship thingy is gone and Darth Vader seemed like he was on a one way trip to deadsville

Besides, how many different plots can you possibly make about space knights?
>no space muppet
>no father tweeeeest
>obi wan remains an honorable sage instead of a lying asshole
My perfect world.

>implying Melissa isn't right
>implying anyone but an MRA couldn't see that it's all Todd's fault for overreacting
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>Actually I think she could have baked an apple pie without the cow.

Maybe. I'm not much a pie guy so I can't speak to their preparation. However, think about this: The one thing, the ONE thing, that Carol has asked Tandy to do for weeks now was to fix her door, and every time he presented a bullshit excuse or flat out blew her off. Phil is literally in town for one day and gets it done. Maybe she simply felt he deserved something special for that.

>And the reason to vote for him is because it's literally all he has left.

That's not good enough. Is he the reason they're all in Tuscon? Yes. But taking into account his continued awful behavior and the fact that he hasn't actually done anything as president, why does he still deserve to be in charge? Especially when Phil has done more to improve conditions in the community in a few days than Tandy has in months? And again, he brought it on himself by trying to lord his title over Phil. If he had kept his mouth shut there wouldn't have been a vote at all.
>this is what the misogynist virgins on this board actually believe

Tandy is an asshole and Melissa has every right to call him out for it because he never seems to learn.
>She was perfectly willing to still be friends.

In a just world, anyone who said or thought this sentence would be fed into a woodchipper feet first.
>If she still wanted to be friends then she would have been nicer about the whole thing instead of shoving it in Tandy's face.

She's never shoved anything in his face, she just hasn't hidden her feelings for Todd and expected Tandy to act like an adult about it, which he's incapable of doing.

>they very clearly made a choice to broadcast when they were having sex, even though it was obvious to everyone how jealous Tandy was.

It certainly wasn't obvious to Todd. Do you think he would have had that buddy-buddy conversation with Tandy the next day if he knew how much Tandy hated him at that moment?

>He already knew they had sex, he just wanted to hear Todd actually say it because hes obviously a crazy person.

That's the whole point though, he's crazy and keeps doing things that only serve to make himself crazier. That's not anyone's fault but his own. Going back to what you said earlier:

>I'm not arguing that hes not a psychopath NOW

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I didn't laugh but now I'm losing my shit thinking back on it. The fucking over dramatic delivery and the music

What is the worst movie going experience you've ever had?
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worst experience was "PLay misty for me" with clint eastwood.
the movie isnt bad but thesound in thecinema wasso fuckedup that i lost some earing to it.
A young girl started teasing and molesting me during the entire film
There is a place by me that serves dinner and assigns seats in the theater. Never been, but, if they are trying to meymey assigned seats actually do exist..





u sure wasn't peppers m8?

that said serving nachos in a theater is evil. And those people that eat the hot dogs, nasty...

File: Simpsons_1367456c.jpg (79 KB, 460x288)
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>now I know why they call you ms hoover!
That doesn't even make sense anon. Can you do math?
File: 1430046657435.jpg (141 KB, 498x363)
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141 KB JPG
Buenas noche Mein Fuhrer
I can't bring myself to watch this show. I was raised on it when it was good.
File: 14348635747.gif (1019 KB, 395x272)
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1019 KB GIF

File: Samaritan_Girl_poster.jpg (15 KB, 244x349)
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posters that make you want to watch the movie

Will there be another season?
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Why steal when you can just take?

There are no rapes in Sweden either, just white women who decided to act racist for a few minutes.
Americans have no place mocking anybody for having a nig issue.
haha truth
>quoting Tim heideckers tweet.
>implying mcnulty wouldn't be one of the rioters

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File: gotgpratt2.png (418 KB, 455x544)
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418 KB PNG
Got any good stories to tell? Ever met, talked, got shit autographed by a movie/tv star or whatever? Share your stories.

For me I almost had a Chris Pratt moment. I live in the same town he grew up in and I worked at a local drug store developing photos. One day I was developing Halloween photos and I noticed one of them was Chris Pratt(as Fat Elvis) and his wife (As Marilyn Monroe) in the photo. I couldn't believe it until I asked the person who came by to pick it up, it was the cousin of Chris Pratt. When I asked if it was him, she said "Yes, but I hope you didn't leak these photos on the web or share them with your friends. Otherwise I will return with my "Friends" over some legal stuff."
It was just a weird moment for me.
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Wonder what starlet they gang-graped to cast in the next teen young adult series
Shook Sylvester Stallone's hand in a Fitness convention. He promoted his protein shake or sth.
File: 1382480681038.png (231 KB, 499x276)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
I had breakfast with John C. Reilly and about 20 other people after he decided to drop into the local arthouse cinema’s bar while in town for a bluegrass concert. His agent had arranged for him to appear on the condition that it was to be a really casual breakfast get-together and not some kind of impromptu press junket. Nice guy, but pretty apprehensive; as if he was worried everything would all go to shit within seconds. We all ended up talking about his upcoming gig, about one of his films that was playing in the cinema, and discussing what he was going to be doing for the next few days. Eventually he asked if anyone in the UK had heard of Check It Out!. This was pre-S3, so I ended up asking him if there were any plans for a third season of the good doctor. His response: “Ohh, you’d need to ask Steve that.”
My family and I went on a holiday to the states from New Zealand in January last year and we arrived in DC on MLK day. We were killing time until a bus came and went into some portrait museum. Inside was Kurtwood Smith. Briefly chatted to him, nice guy and very friendly. Seemed genuinely chuffed that I was a fan of That 70's Show (Yes, I am aware that he didn't actually give a shit but him pretending was nice) I wish I asked him to call me a dumbass. Hearing Red Forman call me a dumbass would have gone right into the wank bank for future reference.
>be wasted in a bar
>see Tom Hanks
>got to him and punch him in the nose then run away like a little bitch while shouting CHARLIE FUCKING BABBIT!
>turns out it wasn't Tom Hanks
>turns out Tom was never in Rain Man
>turns out I'm Wesley Snipes

You will never believe this, and even if you did, nobody will believe you.

Feels good to be on /tv/.

File: caitlin-s-way.jpg (128 KB, 580x435)
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128 KB JPG
Does anyone remember this show? Was it any good? I remember seeing several episodes when it first aired, and watching the theme song on Youtube after all this time is making me nostalgia hard. I think I had a crush on Caitlin iirc
I remember big ass titties
didnt the amanda show make fun of this show all the time
File: in03Dvb6kW5c9.jpg (217 KB, 853x1280)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
That's true. Here's what they look like now.

File: cage.jpg (261 KB, 600x872)
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261 KB JPG
Nicolas cage as the joker? is this real?

The saddest movie ever made?
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File: 1428773731152.png (281 KB, 447x591)
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281 KB PNG

File: latest.png (25 KB, 600x274)
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What went wrong?
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And Mike Lazzo regrets that decision.
Honestly you could convet them to webm with vp9 encoding and it'd be dandy.
Having broad appeal does not make a show bad.
I already said that a show having broad appeal does not necessarily make it bad, I'd also like to say that the lack of a broad appeal or not gaining popularity in a given market for any other reason similarly does not make a show bad.

Is it too complex to say that any given show should be judged by its own merits, rather than its popularity?
>tfw you hated being up late on a saturday because you fucking hated anime

File: 1426614768894.png (274 KB, 812x382)
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274 KB PNG
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how can one man be so based?
>that scene where Black Widow calls Hawkeye's baby a traitor for being a boy

>when my cishet shitlord malescum actors interfere with my feminist camouflage
I like the personality he gave to Ultron. makes him unique from all the other capeshit villains.

too bad as a villain, he is shit and played tug of war with the Avengers instead of taking control of the movie like what Joker and Loki did.

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File: 1430219608252.jpg (231 KB, 705x420)
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231 KB JPG
I still can't believe that Richard isn't a faggot.
File: Miliband pepe 2.png (266 KB, 588x574)
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266 KB PNG
you're a big dwarf.
you forgot to correct kits height

File: sesevenen.jpg (583 KB, 1920x800)
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