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File: gameot_a.jpg (116 KB, 648x365)
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Eat your Heart out, Boys Edition

Old thread:
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>doesn't make sense

Gilly gave birth in season 3. The fucking kid is still a couple of months old.

Meanwhile, Varys traveled 6 months to a year in an episode.
File: 1465679132392.jpg (136 KB, 1920x1077)
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136 KB JPG
Miss me yet?
Well lets hope they don't get anymore "those" ideas

yeah but those aren't plot twists, that's an issue with consistency.

NOW. If Gilly's child happened to be God of Light then yeah, that's going to be a problem.
Soooo much
why is her crown so small ?

File: image.jpg (61 KB, 468x764)
61 KB
Why do people act like Cersei won? Sure she killed the High Sparrow but seriously look at this face, it's the face of a broken woman. She literally has no legacy, no loved ones and more enemies than she can count. Being Queen is literally meanlingless for her. On a scale from 1 to 10 how fucked is Cersei. I mean think about it, what's the point of having a ruler without any heirs.
All women want to rule shit, pluse she already knew all her sons would die because a gypsy told her so. She also has her own personal Jason so thats pretty fucking sweet. Oh and that new shoulder thingys turn me on.
Maybe she'll go attack dorne and finally avenge her daughter
>Why do people act like Cersei won?

Fuel for a misogynist persecution complex. They want her to have won so they can complain.

File: 15134235634534.jpg (22 KB, 800x500)
22 KB
Who's her next target?
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The actor had cancer, but he's better now.
According to Dabid and Dan she was considering killing Jaime too since he was a Lannister (he still wasn't on her list though). She ended up sticking to the original plan and killing Walder, Lothar and Black Walder.
mountain and cersei, they only ones remaining on her list.
But Arya doesn't know that, she just randomly dropped his name from her "prayers".
True, but the actor was dying, so D&D decided to just leave him out, because most normie viewers don't even remember/know who Ilyn Payne is.

File: 4311231234.jpg (166 KB, 932x601)
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166 KB JPG
Really makes you think...
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why on /tv/ thou, you have your board
and it's not like this is the first thread either.

And I don't give a shit either way, americans are just retarded whether they're black or white, liberal or conservative
Reminder that literally everyone who watches this pleb piece of shit is from reddit and that you better pack your shit and get out of here you worthless liberal mongrels
>you have your board

to discuss actors? ya we sure do
Turns from racist issues and now is an asshole nationalist.
Make up your mind.

File: 1466849193915.jpg (83 KB, 680x538)
83 KB
So how is Hotel Hell anyway? Some people were saying its a boring version of Kitchen Nightmares, but what I've watched from season 3 (the witch innkeeper that literally shits on the floor) it's pure kino.
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Frozen pizza is fucking disgusting.
File: 1405106870761.png (65 KB, 136x191)
65 KB
>isn't fresh
Fucking hilarious;

I love it.
Your luxury disgusts me.
>never had freschetta

File: Lyanna-Mormont.png (85 KB, 245x308)
85 KB
>So you guys like Lyanna Mormont... Noted.

GRRM just tweeted this.

What will he do to the bear loli?

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The old men could've pulled an Olenna on her. Tell her to shut up before a sentence is even formed. If that's too rude, let her speak, but mock her afterwards with baby talk. Whadda cute widdle bwear, now run along, child.

he never said he was almost done. the last update was 6 months ago and he said he still said it wasn't close to being finished. this will at least give him another excuse to keep his editor at bay for missing yet another deadline. works better than i was busy relentlessly promoting my stupid movie theatre in santa fe, new mexico or wherever the fuck he lives.
loled @ this 4 sum reason
id like to give her Steve's oil
(my name is Steve)
>It's a shameful house that has has its two last main members banished or sent to the wall.
You literally are retarded. Jeor willingly went to The Wall to allow Jorah to take over the House. The Wall isn't just a place to send criminals, its an honor to be a member of the Night's Watch. Or rather, used to be. Jorah married the wrong woman and had to resort to slavery to afford the elegance she wanted and then fled to Essos. Hes the only disgrace. He left with his wife and forced Lyanna into a leadership position, which made her mature up right quick.

Huh...really makes you think.
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how foreign are you?

Post the new post in 2016.

When all womans are the queens in GOT now.
Co kurwa?
By this logic I'd be doing womyn a favor by raping them.
god damn tumblrfags
>ever getting raped
I don't understand the implication here.

File: index.jpg (9 KB, 346x146)
9 KB
What are your favorite T.V. themes?
Mine's Deep Space 9
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Shit. I can hear it in my head now.

Mine is Stargate SG-1. Great theme. Always wanted an extended version.
"Ahhhh... after ten thousand years I'm free!"
Magnum, P.I.
Mission: Impossible
Simon & Simon
Law & Order

My top five.
Babylon 5 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Deep Shit 9
OP here. agreed.

File: scoob.jpg (680 KB, 960x1440)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
What went right?
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Fuck, scooby is still based af
File: PupperDoo.jpg (128 KB, 500x709)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Reminder that the scooby doo origins were the best incarnation of the tv show
the more I think about it, anon, the more I am inclinded to... DISAGREE!
File: GOAT.jpg (16 KB, 300x191)
16 KB
Fred was a conspiracy theorist who thought the bad guy was Red Herring every time. Show was funny as fuck.

File: 26523626.jpg (78 KB, 765x393)
78 KB

>still has 4 countries to open in
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at this rate 2032
If they stick to LotC, yes.

I've seen the webm of Thrall being picked up by a human. Is the human named in the movie, or it it random human 342 that turns out to be Durnholde?
The studio obviously doesn't care, but Duncan Jones seems to have really enjoyed making the film.
I wasn't against it. Any major Western film made with minimal Jew involvement is fine by me.

File: smug.png (123 KB, 488x614)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
What is his fucking problem?
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Jon stole his gf
he's thinking Jon is gaining too much influence and he may have to get rid of him at some point
In comparison to you.
Salsa didn't let him give her his little finger

File: 1461795476772.jpg (902 KB, 2421x3000)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
If Zac Effron was 6'3" would he be a better candidate to play Superman than Henry Cavill?

Also what else would you cast Zac Effron as if he was not a manlet?
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File: 1466764125057.jpg (23 KB, 338x430)
23 KB
>tfw i'm 5'7 as well
You can't lengthen bones, fucktard. Even if you could lengthen some bones, it would look disproportionate and fucking stupid.

Cus they're only able to add like 2 inches max

....and the process?

it would be extremely painful...
What if you're a big guy?
Then you don't need surgery silly!

What are some movies to take my mind off of the fact that I've had bloody diarrhea 7 times today?
Hopefully you'll just pick whatever is playing on the hospital TV because you're going to die you dumb idiot
Hey fuck you fag.
Slumdog Millionaire

File: 1465351560757.png (93 KB, 377x300)
93 KB
Movies released after 2010 that you've watched more than twice.
32 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
You hype for John Wick 2?
Hateful Eight
Dark Knight Rises
Midnight in Paris
Fury Road
Shutter Island
Social Network
King's Speech
End of Watch
Edge of Tomorrow
Rogue Nation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Blackhat-poster.jpg (180 KB, 884x1400)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
File: Rascal_Rockhog_01.jpg (52 KB, 595x335)
52 KB
Never gets boring.
Only God Forgives
Moonrise Kingdom
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Gone Girl

File: honey.jpg (47 KB, 600x400)
47 KB
>13 times 379. 4927

Was she autistic?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
To bad nobody asked you
>waxed arms
Dropped before picking up.
Fuck you krager. Stop changing your trip!
I forgot for 20 years that I had a crush on her

>tfw no south afrikaan maternal waifu
Is Matilda essential Dahlcore? I think it is

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