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File: cage-face-9-700x325.jpg (27 KB, 700x325)
27 KB
Show me a more undeserving male Oscar recipient.

I was gonna post Eddie Redmeme but then I remember this piece of shit won an Oscar. Saw him last night on Face Off. Terrible.
Well, he didn't win an Oscar for Face/Off, so I'm not sure where you're going with this.
You're right Eddie Reddit earned it for Jupiter Ascending though!

File: image.jpg (25 KB, 300x448)
25 KB
Omg so edgy!
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Kek, /tv/ stream when?
File: 1.jpg (174 KB, 1920x818)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Had some funny moments but overall the wiki plot summary is a lot funnier than the actual film. Tom Six gave no fucks about the execution.
Any good screencaps?
The execution isn't anything amazing but it's honestly better than 90% of low budget horror released these days.
Yeah the entire third film feels like a joke, like a parody of the previous 2. I liked it.

File: image.jpg (103 KB, 640x772)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Where did your favorite actress land?

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and what does candice swanepoel a model that was #1 last year have to do with the fappening?

just because you don't know people on this list doesn't mean other people don't
She's like 12. How does she have cellulite?
File: 23523623523.webm (2.33 MB, 640x640)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB WEBM

spic genes are the absolute worst
Shitty list.


Come and get it, /tv/! Your Friday night is saved!
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>some people will never experience this film's glorious soundtrack in a theater


I weep for you.
I wouldn't watch a camrip, but you do realize some people have PCs connected to large-screen HD TVs, right? Meaning they watch torrent downloads on a large screen, not a laptop.
Reddit spotted.
Fuck off.
YIFY or die faggt

File: image.jpg (101 KB, 788x681)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I know Tom Hardy knows about the bane posting meme because of reddit but does Aiden G. know that he is a meme also? How did he react?
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tumblr pls go
>all these people so sexually insecure as to feel threatened by this image
He's a shitty actor. Sorry to break it to you.
how can you possibly give this much commentary for such a small role?without memes
No, he is a decent actor, the problem is that Nolan cant write dialog for shit.

In fact Nolan cant write anything really.

His best parts were the ones where people dont even speak.

File: labeef.jpg (182 KB, 620x412)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Am I the only person here who actually likes LaBeouf?
He gets a lot of shit for playing the stuttering teenager in Transfomers but I seriously like him.

This guy needs to score better roles.
he looks like he would stink of fish, fuck him.

Holy shit.

10/10, best thing to come out in 2015 so far. Keep your Mad Maxine, faggots.
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It's no more over the top or try hard than Kung Fury.

But the main difference being one ripped off the other.

Animal heads on characters? I mean seriously? They could've at least waited like 3 years before Danger 5 was out to copy that
File: mfw newfag oldfag.gif (1.39 MB, 200x150)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
>i'm an oldfag, you're a newfag
>implying the age of images on your hard drive has anything to do with how long you've been here

I've used at least 8 devices for this website over the years, phones, laptops, PCs, tablets.

The fuck are you even talking about, nigger?
File: 1432344571603.jpg (8 KB, 140x212)
8 KB
>I'm starting to regret wasting the past hour arguing with you
>the city of you
File: 1238556639660.jpg (49 KB, 496x368)
49 KB
Im never claiming that >you and i, but you can be damned sure I'm going to counter that
>it was always shit
No it wasn't, and you'd be pretty sure if you were actually around then and notice the disparity in quality and spam and actual board speed over the years

But the fact you also really had a hardon for my (shouldn't never mentioned it either) point about the unix timestamp kinda goes to show
File: 1430091782179.jpg (173 KB, 519x384)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>mfw 30 minutes if reddit
It was just like reading the /r/movies thread
What a terrible place, what a terrible video. Such false, tasteless joy. None of these people watch film. They're simply fishing for interaction amidst the social platform

File: 1422817993585.png (746 KB, 500x724)
746 KB
746 KB PNG

>It's a Stannis thread
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Probably the Syrio scenes were the worst of Season one, but they are much better than a lot of the scenes in the later seasons.
nice meme

but I'm just saying, I've been given shitty genes as a result of the clan inbreding. I'm not mad but I'll have a pretty shitty life because of this, which is why I'll probably marry a white woman and impregnate her
>They're behind cousins, aunts, and the Moon Boy for all I know.

Stop forcing this bullshit misinfo, fucking wikifag. It's bad enough any dumb pleb thinks it's how it works without a smug one tricking them into believing so.
anyone else think Cressan was kind of an asshole? The show version not really in the book. In the show he should have went along with Davos and they could have got Stannis on the right track.
even the wiki doesn't line up with this

i mean it's just basic common sense, your inheritance goes to your children


Give me your opinion on this rubbish.
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No its fucking not.
The comic is a deconstruction of the super hero grene but it's not a comedic parody of it.
There is rape, war, genocide and Lovecraft it's not silly or comedic and nether is the film appropriately.
Anyone have a webm of the sex scene? Or silk.
Oxy is supposed to be the fucking Ubermensch, not a fucking skinny twink. He's supposed to look like those blonde haired german men on Nazi propaganda posters. And he's not supposed to be aloof and high and mighty, that's not his fucking character. He's supposed to be distant but empathetic. You can see this the minute he appears at the assassination attempt in the comic.

>It's faithful all but the end.

It rips a hole in the plot so large you can drive a truck through it. That's not faithful, that's moronic.

>The nudity and sex appeal is not a flaw

IT IS WHEN IT'S NOT TONALLY APPROPRIATE OR REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CHARACTER. Silk Spectre is built like a brick shithouse and her relationship with Owl is NEVER depicted as sensual in the comic, more obligatory and almost pathetic. The only time she's downright sexy in Watchmen is when she seduces Manhattan when she's 16. Heck, most of her character arc deals with her lost youth and beauty.
hahhaa holy shit kid, kill yourself. Way to miss the point of literally
>No the tone was dark and epic and retro.

Watchmen was certainly dark and had retro elements to go along with the nostalgia metaplot, but it as absolutely not epic. Watchmen the comic is the literal inverse of "epic". It's all about making superheros un"epic".

File: CONFIRMED.png (265 KB, 932x521)
265 KB
265 KB PNG


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Pathetic. They can't commit to killing any characters off. Its a big fucking tease.
Looks like the best season yet tbh

Though S2 finally is still one of the best things I've ever seen.
literally tumblr: the show
I loved this one, fucking EVERYONE is coming for his ass. Also that sounded a lot like Chilton at the end.
> tfw no abigail gf

File: p18833_d_v7_aa.jpg (113 KB, 480x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Should I watch this?
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pretentious weaboo garbage
Great film
literally japanese quentin taratino: the film
Yes. Neon-core like refn's but with qt grils.

Must watch

File: sandman.jpg (86 KB, 685x738)
86 KB
I wish I could just... wish away my feelings!
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So, was his translator fucking up in that scene? What was that noise all about?
>Check her channel
>40 videos just about some random alien race in star wars that has maybe 5 minutes screen time
This is the highest level of autism.
it's a goldmine
File: image.jpg (127 KB, 640x845)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

anyone see this doc on Netflix yet?
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That is literally what that sentence went on to state, why did you feel the need to omit that and rephrase it like it's some revelation you had. It doesn't change the fact that shoes are designed by men and for men.

You're speaking like someone who's insecure about his looks.

>I'm sorry, is it illegal for women to get an education and earn their own money? What the fuck are you going on about now?
No but it doesn't give them the same social capital it gives men. An ugly successful woman who never gets married will still be looked down upon
You know what makes your ass look good? Posture. Seriously just stand up straight and it'll look fucking great. And the best part is, I seem completely straight irl.
>ad hominem
/tv/ talks shit about anything you post so if you post it tomorrow or in a month people are gonna still be talking about this shit



Funny how a feminist website is the one critiqueing this.


He'd still be ridiculed. Can you imagine it going to court? What jury would believe him?

File: screech.jpg (42 KB, 600x400)
42 KB
What went wrong?
He stabbed a guy.
Most well-known role is being the ultimate beta on a hit TV show.

Rest is like poetry.
I didn't get to fuck him when he was a cute twink teenager.

Snorting coke off of Belding's dick has a way of fucking a little nigga up.
He didn't realize child stars never make it

So, this is what an 80s film would be like if you had big-budget CGI and no sex scenes

I hope the next Mad Max film gets a bit more raunchy for raunchiness' sake
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You do know the entire "MRAs are attacking Mad Max meme" is based on a single fucking article written by a man who explicitly says he's not an MRA? You're buying into an entirely false narrative, but going by the rest of your post this doesn't seem to be the first time.
so you don't touch yourself and are extra horny

Except you're fucking blind because all I've seen on this retarded, long-ago used-to-be-good board is people crying about "FEMINISM" and "SHILLS" and every other dumb meme buzzword you guys can conjure.

The fact that it's happening in this exact thread invalidates your argument because there's people legitimately buttmad about it only a few posts away from you. Learn to read dude. I'm amazed at what you can type without any shred of reading comprehension.
But it's not some massive orchestrated campaign by the evil MRAs, it's just a couple random idiots on the internet, it's nothing like how it's being reported. And yet you still buy into it, you still buy into the idea that there's some vast nebulous group of "MRAs" out there who made up the entirety of gamergate (they didn't) and now are all uniformly opposing Mad Max. Yes there are people acting like idiots over Mad Max but you're an even bigger idiot for trying to link it back to gamergate.
Supposedly the Bluray will come with a black-and-white version, which Miller claims is better.

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