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File: TomCruise.jpg (156 KB, 626x880)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Fuck Leo.

Why doesn't BASED Cruise have an Oscar?
Someday when they both aren't as popular or well known to the majority of moviegoers they'll be cast in "poignant" old guy roles and get their oscars.

They're both too Tom Cruise/Leo Dicaprio right now to disappear into a role.
Tom doesn't need it. He has nothing to prove, he doesn't have to win an award to be confirmed as a major actor. He doesn't do his job for awards either. He does it because he finds it fun, because making insane stunts in genuinely good movies is way more awarding than a stupid statue that will end up on a dusty shelf. Oscars don't mean anything anymore, anyway.
>needing an oscar when you're tau ceti alpha whatever

File: fuckinfeget.jpg (58 KB, 600x418)
58 KB
Jar Jar Binks, yes the village idiot we all hate is the main antagonist in the prequels, he is a sith lord manipulating the scene from inside, Lucas copied from Asimov a character called the MULE who manipulates it's way into power from a unsuspecting position


I want to ask Lucas why was he such a bitch

the theory is almost a month old, but it holds up exceptionally well, because it's the truth
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>the truth
>never was in any movie and never will be

I think you're just retarded
>he copied the idea from the MULE

the scenes where already filmed and they didn't have time to animate all of it again, the jump i can't explain, but it's odd that he talks while other fucking characters talk, almost as if he is making them say those things.


He mindfucked them all.... after lucas saw the backlash of the first movie he was pissing himself and decided to change the plot to what it is now
it's cool man i forgive you


not quite buying it, but it's interesting

>Mastah Skywalkah, dere's tchoo mainy of dem, wot awee guin ta do?

This kid fucked everything up, didn't he
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File: 1440879898799.jpg (22 KB, 488x488)
22 KB
>walk in
>see the little padawans
>shit I can't do it
>Mastah Skywalkah [...]
>oh well
File: B6tv6wFIEAAuSsn.jpg (36 KB, 600x360)
36 KB
>Hiding in the fucking temple
>Hiding in the fucking training room
>Hiding in the middle of the night
>With no adults present at all
So did that kid imply they were going to try and fight them off? Why would he say there's too many of them instead of "The temple has been invaded, what are we going to do?"
don't even start with that reddit shit again
That was not the training room idiots, it was the masters chamber

File: dead_2.jpg (76 KB, 960x761)
76 KB
Why don't zombie films/tv shows ever deal with the origin of the zombie virus/what it means?

Watching people try to survive is shallow and gets boring.
Go watch Resident Evil if you want that garbage.
your garbage

File: FirstOrder.png (2.73 MB, 3013x805)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
Those new AT-ATs look good.
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>wants it to be more like a battleship
>anon shows space battleship
>disrespecting a series that predates Star Wars
>gets all asspained and whiny like a woman

Tits or GTFO
File: 1393552594272.jpg (215 KB, 976x866)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Clone variant looks a better than the old one.
I didn't say cooler. I said more familiar.

And to be fair the Interceptor was supposed to be the deciding factor at the battle of Endor. It was probably a reminder the New Order didn't want.
I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of concept art where they do take off his head.
To be fair that new star destroyer looks sexy as fuck.

File: Palp_trustme.jpg (180 KB, 1529x1200)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
I watched The Phantom Menace the other day and it still sucks.

But the Star Wars Prequels did give us some pretty good things.

>Darth Maul.
>Ship design is fairly good.
>Jedi fghts are over the top and silly but mostly a lot of fun.

Say something nice about the prequels! Or Sheev will jump out of your closet and melt your face!
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>thinking I'll click that
Cool virus bro
the prequels as we know them are wrong

Lucas ran like a faggot in fear of the fan base

JAR JAR IS THE SITH LORD the central character in all the movies, he should have fought YODA


JAR JAR IS THE KEY i'm not even joking

It's youtube you fucking idiot.
Whatever faggot i'm not clicking it
>Darth Maul
>pretty good

literally 2 lines and a mediocre fight scene, still better than Bobba Fett fanboys, though.

File: 1376361726525.png (313 KB, 701x394)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
Whens Space Cop come out?
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How can you be so dumb? I asked one question and it was like 4 words long or so and somehow you answered the wrong question
but it's done
they said it
why are you complaining
his question wasn't
"is it done?"
File: Mimi.png (861 KB, 1280x720)
861 KB
861 KB PNG

Red Letter Media are the living embodiment of the smug, detached Gen-X ethos.

I'd venture to guess none of them has felt a single sincere conviction about anything since childhood. They exist as polyps upon the colon of culture, satiating themselves on the perceived failures of others (i.e. "The Man") while adding nothing new to the discourse aside from ironic complaint.

They're a group of insecure, lost, rapidly aging burnouts who silently believe they could do a better job of making films than the professionals in the industry. Yet they lack the ambition and ability to actually enter the very industry they're obsessed with. They choose instead to fuck around and make student film piss-takes well into middle age.

They are awful, awful people. I've met thousands just like them, and the last thing we need is for these people to gain any attention for their navel gazing.

Please, /tv/, do not aspire to become anything like these people. Theirs is a lonely and pathetic road leading to depression and a life devoid of real purpose.

I hope they disappear and their disaffected followers stop subsidizing their lifestyle. Perhaps that would force them to do something productive with themselves.
File: aids.gif (396 KB, 200x200)
396 KB
396 KB GIF
>Whens Space Cop come out?
Probably when Jay does. Amirite?

File: images (5).jpg (13 KB, 235x337)
13 KB
itt: forgoten gems

pic related

no one remembers this movie
I do, I had it on VHS as a kid. I think I also had some of the toys.

Which Cosmos series was better?

Sagan's or Tyson's?
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the answer is Human Universe
no just kind of goofy and entry level
but so was old cosmos so I don't get the hate

there is one part where he basically does say "i am euphoric..." but it was actually related to evolution which some people can't accept out of being stubborn so I think it worked within context

but it badmouths hitler and seth macfarlene helped fund it so that makes it bad to /pol/
Sagan's. Tyson is literally a hack who got lucky with affirmative action since libs wanted an epic black science man for troubled youths to look up to.
tfw i just cried to this
File: noel desoil holyfield.jpg (31 KB, 1023x570)
31 KB
Sagan's obviously.

Tyson's version was alright, but Sagan is pretty much impossible to beat.
It's good that they updated the series though, there was a lot of outdated information in the original.

File: 2015 Edition..png (10 KB, 285x511)
10 KB
Will we ever see a /tv/ sticky in our lifetime?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>/v/ is mid tier on list
Now I really know this list is a fucking joke
>/pol/ mid tier
>post-2012 /co/
>not shit tier

Switch /v/ and /vg/. At least /vg/ talks about video games occasionally.

The rest of the list is pretty spot-on though.
I know it should be God tier
File: 1423886458829.png (42 KB, 235x236)
42 KB

File: 1448386613009.png (257 KB, 600x579)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
>flippin through channels
>a good movie just started
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File: 1225928759432.jpg (36 KB, 400x337)
36 KB
Happened to me a few days ago, with Kindergarten Cop
Starship Troopers
The Fifth Element
Groundhog Day
>watching movies on tv

M8 they cut off the credits, the most important part of the movie.
File: 1379672365140.jpg (10 KB, 257x224)
10 KB
>quick-thaw a bottle of soda

File: see it then be it.webm (436 KB, 364x396)
436 KB
Old thread:

what did you think senpaitachi?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
link to preview? :3
File: 126426783.png (57 KB, 600x434)
57 KB
>tfw Dodd is dead
Is Floyd going to kill anyone by the end of this season?
Damn Dunst looks like shit
she got fat for the role

File: 3rd.jpg (927 KB, 1488x1080)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
What do you think of this shot?
meme cinema
Overdirected meme shit.
great composition desu

File: impatient_zps315f5c66.gif (857 KB, 320x180)
857 KB
857 KB GIF
Mostly does livestreams
less than 2,000 views for archived streams now
still does vlogs instead of reviews
Will spoony ever be god again?
185 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was just embarassing to watch for me, he looked like a pathetic wreck of a human being which he probably is t͏͏b͏͏h
File: smilecakefightwt3.jpg (71 KB, 640x480)
71 KB
>downward spiral
>Trent smiling

It's a photoshop right?
It looks like he was trying to do that jontron thing at 1:33, but it just doesn't work.
File: rezna-coasta.jpg (106 KB, 1024x819)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

File: 20151126102410241.gif (3.8 MB, 400x216)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB GIF
ITT: Convince someone to watch a movie with one gif/webm
287 replies and 111 images omitted. Click here to view.
was kind of cool until the teacher shot everyone up then the rest was absolutely bananas
she changed her uniform, but she still could've proved shit happened because she had blood all over her bra
What's the point of this scene in a movie with a serious subject matter like this?
could someone be kind enough to edit that webm to end just after he hits (cutting out her and his last reaction)?

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