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File: Spoiler Image (227 KB, 1524x1026)
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Mia's feet are better, there's no point arguing lexifags

plus lexi buy a fucking chin pls

File: 4780469.jpg (65 KB, 683x1024)
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What happened next in this scene?

Clue: She licked up every last drop
who is this boner condoner?
>She licked up every last drop
Kind of like your mother did for us last night

File: large domino blu-ray7.jpg (361 KB, 1030x1288)
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What do you think of body doubles as a concept in film/TV?
Has there ever been one that's not completely obvious?
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File: highness.gif (2.75 MB, 323x427)
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2.75 MB GIF
Tell her what?
That she could have had a more successful career with more than one big role if she didn't expose everything the first chance she got?
The just seems cruel at this point.
the ass was fat
Portman's ass is underrated
yes >>60458430

File: beemovie_header_bee.png (459 KB, 500x629)
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ITT: Post a movie and a first name. If the name is yours, you must watch that movie.

Pic related: Watch if your name is Brendan.
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File: 3400669224_f845d62d68.jpg (166 KB, 342x500)
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File: killerjoe.jpg (46 KB, 381x562)
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File: princeavalanche.jpg (41 KB, 350x518)
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File: tmp_12792--1657175082.jpg (81 KB, 486x720)
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Told you Jacks were assholes
Look at the way they type even
Faggot Jacks

File: 1440716777958.jpg (74 KB, 622x960)
74 KB
Can we agree K Stew was born for this role?

Probably the most convincing stoner girl act I've ever seen in cinema.
She's just playing herself.
Damn good in the role, and I actually didn't see the tweest until she mentioned the gas's effects.

See you, space cowboy...
>literally no renewals for Friday night announced yet

I like this franchise. I'm not a girl.
Both the main actresses in it are the evil stepsisters in Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez.

File: le_sheev.jpg (29 KB, 338x500)
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So you're in the club and this guy slaps your gf's ass. What do you do? Take note that he has mind control abilities and looks down on Jedis.

File: across110thstreet01.jpg (85 KB, 565x444)
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Post GOAT blaxploitation

I meant to say please. Please post GOAT blaxploitation
File: 12-1.jpg (287 KB, 1920x1080)
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287 KB JPG

File: 12314245363.jpg (16 KB, 575x431)
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Come up with a title and a story for a film.

Best one gets an honorary Oscar. Pic related.
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"Jack McCormick and the Incredible Adventures of Space Jesus"

The year is 1984. A wormhole in the space-time continuum made it possible for humanity to fast-forward in terms of technological advance. But there was a catch... An empire of interdimensional space ants made it through the wormhole, along with a super advanced alien civilization.
Rising from the ashes of Cold War 2: Colder, Sergeant Lieutenant Jack McCormick -- a decorated supersoldier and mankind's ultimate war hero -- is sent on a mission by the President of the United Federation of Earth. The mission is simple: go through the portal, destroy the empire, jack space tech from the aliens and come back. With mankind's extinction coming closer and closer, Jesus Christ decides to return to Earth and help Jack with his mission. Now evolved into Space Jesus -- an Aryan superman with the ability to fire lightning lasers from his eyes -- the two must save the entire human race before everything is lost.


Kurt Russell as Jack McCormick
Jared Leto as Space Jesus
Hulk Hogan as the President
Aiden Gillen as CIA Guy
and introducing...
Brendan Fraser as J.U.S.T.
This is actually a good ideia. Make Arnie that typical humble farmer, etc.
I hope you really thought to yourself when typing that shit out that it would sound stupid and you probably shouldn't post it, because it does and you shouldn't have done.
>Remembering the Six Trillion

The evil Nazis are defeated by the good goyim (the Allies) after killing six quintillion of God's Chosen People™.
Aztec Farmer living outside of Tenochtitlan. He sets off on a week long journey to the city to sell dried corn. on the way he hears of bad omens and then tales of men riding monsters and whole villages dying from disease. A few miles out from the city he sees men with military tattoos fleeing the city. The next morning he sees thousands of people fleeing the city some with boils being carried by their family. Smoke is rising from the city and he hears strange sounds like thunder. He abandons his wagon and starts rushing back home. He gets back and his crops have been pillaged and all his food stolen by refugees. His wife and child now have boils to. A week later they're both dead and he's has begun to fall to the disease as well. At the end an army of Spanish conquistadors and Tlaxcalans go through his town burning and pillaging as they go. Cortes stops for a moment to look at the dying farmer and then moves on without a second glance.

Title: Just Fuck My Shit Up.

File: 20130510-115028.jpg (129 KB, 1291x965)
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129 KB JPG
File: 1440106842608.png (154 KB, 356x356)
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154 KB PNG
File: 1436789213190.jpg (17 KB, 492x443)
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File: file.png (270 KB, 400x400)
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270 KB PNG
The bioepic is going to set records.

Are you ready for the rapshit overlords takeover?
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File: KETTLEFU.webm (283 KB, 1280x720)
283 KB
He is the son of Afeni Shakur, who in the early 70's was among the New York 21, a group of Black Panthers accused of plotting bombings in New York; all were acquitted. Ms. Shakur was released from jail when she was eight months' pregnant with Tupac. This background figures prominently in his press packet and his publicist, Taliba Mbonisi, says Tupac Shakur's "revolutionary credentials are in his blood."

Another article, linking to the first article of Dan Qauyle trying to pressure Time Warner to drop interscope over Tupac, they did eventually drop interscope. AP, September 1995


When Googling Time Warner and Tupac I found this lyric from one of his songs "Don't Stop".

Time Warner full of sissies, tell 'em all to miss me A bunch of hypocrites, Whistling Dixie Good riddance cause you never should of touched me You cowards knew you couldn't take the pressure, I'm gonna make you sorry Trust me Did I cry when they dropped me? (Nah) Can they stop me? If I wasn't spitting it'd be prison or death This rap game all I got left

A hard one to verify was him mentioning that Tupac was the "national chairman of the new african panthers" at 16. Utterly amazing if true, and it is. I found a radio interview from the late 80s.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Found this radio interview with a journalist who was investigating whether or not Tupac was being targeted by Police and the FBI, including COINTELPRO as far back as 1994, when Tupac was still alive. Some new information not in that post was that the arresting officers during Tupacs false rape charge had been the exact same first officers on the scene as his 1994 shooting :-/. He also confirms James Rosemond as ordering the shooting as said in the post. He also confirms from government documents that James Rosemond was in fact working for the FBI. Some other interesting weird shit in that too,


A comment from the same Journalist, he briefly mentions Tupacs Thug Life truces, getting gangs to truce, and describes it as a "threat to US intelligence". So yeah, Thug Life movement verified.


Probably the most amusing one I had to verify was his rocky love/hate relationship with the Nation of Islam. As in, they appeared to "love" him, while Tupac clearly obviously hated them. He was confronted by four nation of Islam bodyguards outside a courtroom in 1994. One of them made the mistake of laying his hand on Tupac, as in, trying to push him out the way as Tupac was about to confront the person they had been protecting. Tupac was shocked to see the nation of Islam, protecting someone from him, a Shakur. As if he (Tupac) had authority over them (Nation of Islam). Also the nation of Islams militant group is usually known for protecting black people from white people. They usually never get involved with black on black disputes, but they did this time, probably to get Tupacs attention.
File: a8b66a7a61f3.jpg (1.7 MB, 1526x1531)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
"What I wanna know is, since when did y'all start protecting niggas from other niggas?" he demands. The brother is taken off guard but he tries to answer Tupac with a blank military stare. Just then the Hughes brothers come out of the courtroom. By now the bodyguards are holding Allen and Albert back and creating a barricade between the two crews, making the mistake of pushing Pac. Le'chelle Wooderd, Tupac's attorney, and I, try and calm Pac down but it's way past that. Before we can say 'chill' Pac has both Hughes brothers, their boy and all four of their security backed up against the wall. "You gon' need mothafuckin' Farrakhan to calm me down! You got that? Farrakhan! You bean pie slinging, bow-tie wearing bitches. You wear bow-ties, remember that! I'll have niggas from Crenshaw with AK's and rags up here! Nigga, you don't even know who you fucking with—these roots run deep!"

And then later, the NOI bodyguards approach Tupac and beg for his forgiveness.

When we get to Division 75, we're searched and seated on separate sides of the courtroom from the Hughes brothers, who arrived five minutes earlier. Two of the bodyguards pull Pac aside. They want to assure him that although they are fans, they were hired by the Hughes brothers. They tell Pac that Allen and Albert are cowards, something he already knows, and seeks Pac's reconciliation.

Report on the JDL threatening Tupac.


WASHINGTON -- Tupac Shakur, the iconic rapper shot dead in 1996, received death threats from a Jewish terrorist organization in the months before he was gunned down, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported yesterday, citing recently released FBI files.

And here in a song is Tupac himself naming Jimmy Henchman, Haitian Jack, publicly, as well as puffy and biggie.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: feelsbadman.jpg (59 KB, 396x384)
59 KB
>the Jews didn't let Andre 3000's movie career take off

File: 1388050864778[1].jpg (39 KB, 750x421)
39 KB
Fun Fact: In the Spanish dub of TDKR, Dr. Pavel is known as Dr. Pablo.
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vi estas granda ulo
What other boards are really good at shit-posting?

I feel like /tv/ is something like New York Style shit-posting but for example /jp/ shit-posting is like Paris Style. They have their own unique methods of shit posting that vary from the techniques used here.
Fun Fact: in the German version of TDKR, Dr. Pavel is called Dr. Mengala

File: goose and oscar.jpg (78 KB, 824x464)
78 KB
>random spic that is in a movie with ryan gosling for 20 minutes
>several years later gosling is literally unemployed tier, and oscar isaac is now one of the biggest acting names on the planet doing major flicks like star wars and x-men, films like deus ex, and cinema like inside llewyn davis

who would have ever predicted that this guy would have been so big, and that drive was goose's last real bill as a star?
75 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>He's one of the new leads in the new Star Wars trilogy. He's set for life, no matter how you want to spin it.
I predict he stars in one Star Wars movie before he quits. He'll be too busy. He's got a wall to build.
Hold the phone, Villeneuve is doing this?

Damn, hype's now at 11.
>stealth "flicks/movies/films are different" memepost

Hah, no. If his arc doesn't end in ep 7 he can't just up an quit. It's in his contract. He'd probably have to quit other projects
File: ryan gosling sits down.gif (2.48 MB, 200x176)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB GIF

File: 2.jpg (290 KB, 1920x1080)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
>What the fuck did I do?
nigga you made up a fake serial killer
ruined an entire season
R.I.P. Bodie

Fucking so called smart cop doing that shit, wtf
>he will never sit on your face

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