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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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File: Quest3.jpg (35 KB, 900x630)
35 KB
The shadows crawl on your body, the cold darkness sticking to your skin, pulling you down. Tendrils of black ichor wrap around your neck, choking the air out, so close to taking your life with it-

You wake up covered in sweat, and find yourself staring at a sleeping shadow dog that's laying on your chest. Angrily pushing it off you, it takes a moment for you to regain your composture, and you're left breathing heavily under the damp blankets. You're alive. You're not trapped. You're the one in control of the darkness, now. Clenching your remaining hand into a fist, you get out of bed...

You are Ishikawa Akane, Ex-magical girl and revenge-driven teenage monster. Last time, you began training one of the girls who had betrayed you, after breaking her so thoroughly she left her other... friends behind and begged for death. You turned her weapon to dust and showed her how worthless she is without you, and she accepted it. The pathetic bitch... But she's a useful tool, and you intend to use her alright.

Rubbing your eyes, you go over to the river, splashing some water on your face. The morning chill helps wake you up, the beast at your side obediently following you as you do some light morning exercise. A girl jogging at early hours with her dog. Not the weirdest sight, on a weekend. You pass bellow a bridge, reminiscing of the past few days... But you should remain in the now. There's things to be done. Since policemen entered the Casino you were training Chouko in, maybe you should go look for a new spot to train...
>Walk around the city, searching for a new, safe spot to train in your powered up state. Preferably somewhere high up...
>...Or maybe you should go look for some of your enemies. You've been missing information on them, and it'd be a good time to set up, if you want to stalk them unnoticed.
>Perhaps you should just go look for a fight. You need to shake some rust off facing tougher opponents than a broken magical girl and some minor darkness monsters.
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Alright. Writing...
Best roll- 22.

Adjusting your footing, you raise your sword with the flat facing the Carrion, the hand smashing against it and forcing you to take a step back. These things are agile, yes, but their strength shouldn't be underestimated. Your Shade leaps at it, but it dodges by flying further upwards, staring you down despite its lack of eyes, looking for a chance to swoop. A chance you're not going to give it.

Reaching inside for the deep chill that's become of your power, you let it mingle with your own shadow, forming a platform bellow your feet as you jump back, then use the panel of darkness to jump again, gaining more height as you go for a downwards slash. Too slow- you use the momentum to twist around and meet its counterattack head on, the pommel of your blade crashing against the strike. This rooftop is not the best place to fight something like this...

>Continue using the shadow platforms to gain height and attack. Keep on the offensive.
>Adopt a defensive stance, wait for it to swoop down and counter.
Combat time!
>Defensive stance.
We're a ugs wielder. Go for punishes, so we don't leave ourselves too open. Also... Hey, we can double jump! Neat.
>Continue using the shadow platforms to gain height and attack. Keep on the offensive.
>>>Continue using the shadow platforms to gain height and attack. Keep on the offensive.

(Part One Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2641428/#p2670574)

When we last left off, you managed to escape the Void with Oib and the cat (who Im now gonna call Salmon just so i dont have to keep saying "the cat"), and ended up falling into a new reality. Unfortunately, the crash separated you from Oib and Salmon, but you were fortunate enough to be saved by a friendly stranger, who merged the chalk you were given with your physical body (which you dont know why he did at this point). The stranger also gave you a mission: Kill the Amalgamation that rules over all of reality, and whose servants are seeping into the Plane of the Free (your current location).

What would you like to do now?
>"Oh, silly me, I forgot to explain what I was doing. You see, you were unable to exist for long in your old form, so I simply combined your body with the chalk you had in your hand. The process was very long and complicated, so I'll spare you the details".
"Is it possible to learn this procedure, to save others from death?"
>but you were fortunate enough to be saved by a friendly stranger, who merged the chalk you were given with your physical body (which you dont know why he did at this point).
Can we still use the chalk abilities, maybe make some more pieces of chalk for others to use?
>Is it possible to learn how to do "chalking"? And is you fused me with the chalk, does that mean I have the same abilities that the chalk possessed.

"Well, you could learn how to do chalking, but it would take far too long for me to teach you. I believe it took me roughly three thousand years in order to successfully perform chalking. As for the abilities it held, I honestly don't know. Every time I have done chalking, the person had completely different abilities that seemed unrelated to the original chalk."

You're slightly disappointed at the answers to your questions, and you also now get a headache when you hear the word chalk, due to how many times you've heard it at this point.
>but you were fortunate enough to be saved by a friendly stranger, who merged the chalk you were given with your physical body (which you dont know why he did at this point).
That is.

>You're slightly disappointed at the answers to your questions, and you also now get a headache when you hear the word chalk, due to how many times you've heard it at this point.
>The stranger also gave you a mission: Kill the Amalgamation that rules over all of reality, and whose servants are seeping into the Plane of the Free (your current location).
Maybe this was all according to the Amalgamation's keikaku.

>Every time I have done chalking, the person had completely different abilities that seemed unrelated to the original chalk."
Guess we should figure out what our abilities are then. "Is it possible to find or create more original chalks?"
>How is this chalk created? And where could one find some?
The being sighs, and gets up from his chair
"Well, you definitely won't be able to make any yourself, cause that's nigh impossible, given the procedures. But, I can bring you to a site close to here that usually has chalk around this time. Let me get my things first, then we can go there".
The being (who will now be known as Tull), walks over to a large vase, holding a wide variety of staffs, swords, and strange items you've never seen before. He seems to be debating which one he should get, slightly mumbling to himself. After some time, he finally picks something out: a strange looking staff with a carved hand at the end of it, which seems to be holding a piece of chalk. The staff looks to be made out of old wood, as it looks as though it is starting to splinter.

"Oh, I didn't mean to be rude. You may take four things from the vase if you would like to. They're all incredibly useful, but I don't really use them anymore." Tull tells you, beckoning you over towards the vase. You decide to have a look and see what is inside. When you look, you see:

-A sword that looked normal at first, until you noticed the metal moving on its own
-A strange looking umbrella with strange markings on the handle
-A long, metal case that has many safety and warning labels
-A very large pickaxe that shimmers in the light
-A puffy jacket that looks very comfy
-A large book that looks to be incredibly ancient
-A desert cloak that has seen lots of use
-A rake that looks as though it would be used for a zen garden

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Commander.jpg (67 KB, 640x480)
67 KB
Korean- Finnish hyperwar

Episode One

You are Vice-Admiral Kohonen, 2nd in command of the 1st Finnish Space Fleet.

The battle is almost lost and your lines are being broken by the Korean Fleet. Your decrepit commander Hainonen stands in front of you with a gun pointed to his head.
"We have lost this battle, Space Budapest is lost..." He pulls the trigger, blood and brains go all over his command console.

>[] Take command and review the situation
>[] Run to a escape pod like the pussy you are are return to space budapest
>[] Write in
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File: thinking.jpg (157 KB, 1920x1080)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I could try to run a loghesque quest and draw semicircles in paint, but I am not terrible familiar with the setting/meme of the hyperwar. It would need to be another setting, and my record of running quests just a parade of failures too, so don't have high hopes.
I dont' think the hyperway is a good setting for this type of warfare since the two nations are located in the same planet. I don't understand very well if OP was trying to move both nations to space or what.
They were actually fighting in space too.
From what I remember there is also something like the Wewuz Kangzdom et the Emu Empire (that invade some kind of Japanese Faction at some point).
File: logh_announce.jpg (136 KB, 1280x720)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Just watch a couple episodes of the original "the legend of the galactic heroes" anime. Then you should understand what OP was going for.

If you're worried about running a quest on your own then open a discord conversation so we can all talk more privately about it.
I have already watched logh. My doubts about what was OP doing were more related to the Finno-Korean hyperwar than anything else.
Ah ok, I wasn't familiar with the abrivasion of lotgh.
Regardless, evedently OP wanted to have both empires on different planets. If you read back over OP's posts he mentions how we were months away from the Korean capital of space tokyo whilst we were in space combat over space Budapest. And i would say it's not a difficult to presuppose that space Tokyo and space Budapest would likely be located somewhere in off in space.
If that's what you're confused about.

File: One+more+for+you.png (557 KB, 1920x1080)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
Your name is Kurt Vander, and you are a Fist Wizard.

It isn't the official name given to mages such as yourself; the official designation for a practitioner of such a peculiar magic style differs from region to region. In the venerable West where civilization first arose, your kind are known as Kinetomancers. In the far reaches of the East, you are called Warrior Monks or Ki/Chi Users. Within the confines of the frigid North, you are venerated as Berserkers. In the untamed wilds of the South, you are hailed as Shamans and Spirit Sages.

Fist Wizard is the title you think fits your personal style of magic best. But regardless of the name, every mage who wields magic with their bare fists share one thing in common.

You all fight with your fists.

And your fists are sometimes magical.

With your particular skillset, you have enrolled into the Imperial College for Magic and Higher Learning in the hopes of expanding your craft and become a better practitioner of Fist Wizardry. Thus, your story continues.

Twitter for anyone who wants to keep track of updates: https://twitter.com/FistQm

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Ayy good to have you back FistQM!
File: riverside.png (1.37 MB, 1366x768)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Your name is Kurt Vander and you are currently exercising.

As per usual, you follow through with your (very) early morning routine by exercising. From your efforts yesterday, you have found the most suitable spot for you to maintain and develop your physical fitness outside of furthering your education into the magic arts. Though it is not as spacious as the one you have back home, it is suitable for your current needs.

A quick glance around you has confirmed that your shadow-boxing has attracted quite the crowd. Men, women, children; all are gawking at your movements and maneuvers. Some of the more active few are even attempting to replicate what you show, which predictably ends with them laying on the ground in an embarrassed heap.

You do not chuckle or laugh at their efforts; already, they show more promise than those who simply gawk. For they are at least trying to better themselves, no matter how humorous those efforts may be.

You hop up, spin, and land in a graceful low leg sweep that kicks up a light breeze strong enough to ruffle the grass. Your crowd of onlooker as suitably impressed by your display of skill and physical power, a few even clapping appreciatively for the cool air you provide.


A voice cuts through the light applause and you pause, turning to the speaker. The crowd turns with you and you see a group of ruffians led by...

>A young man with a large club

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Hi there FistQM, welcome back!
>A young man with a large club
I wanna see the looks we get when we punch that thing to splinters.
>A young man with a large club

File: swim.jpg (45 KB, 598x437)
45 KB
I just noticed my first thread is on page 8, so I guess it's time to start a new one huh?

Also, I don't know how to archive shit, I've been out of the game for way too long, but if anyone could help me out with that I'd greatly appreciate it.

Let's recap shall we?

In our first thread we woke up, a tiny nearly motionless blob. After a small meals, we lucked into a sleeping drunk man. From their, our growth exploded. We continued to eat more and more people, but we were careless. Our reckless consumption led to us being found by some secret government agency that may or may not have created us in the first place. Whatever the case, we've beaten the first agent with the help of our as of yet unnamed minions. We then fled into the bay, filling your flesh spawn with oxygen pockets, you were ready to take on the deep.

After a small hunting trip to gather up lots of new aquatic dna, you retreated to your new lair in the underground lake.

You have decided to hunt human once more, and fulfil your promise to your spiked minion, who wishes for more intelligence. Still, you must decide exactly how you intend to do so.

>Back into the bay, and then (write in)

>Down one of the unexplored river forks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
140 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Looks like the political approach wins out, with maybe a bit of deception. Writing out soon, first though lemme get 1d100, dc 50.
Rolled 91 (1d100)

Here we go.
Rolled 48 (1d100)

Rolled 24 (1d100)


nice trips my man

File: Macross OP alt.jpg (308 KB, 1030x1200)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Macross%20Quest

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/KJKYT3Su

You are pilot HARRY NEUMANN, the newest of one of the New UN Spacy's Tactical Sound Units!

Currently, you were with Dorothea as she was trying to make her case to NUNS High Command to provide more reinforcements to the Nabaal Sector for the offensive they were ordering her to execute. Your eyes scan the four men and women arrayed above you in their elevated podiums.

First, there were Admirals Elson, Harper, Norwood, and Collier, each one responsible for operations in a quadrant of the galaxy. Of special note would be Admiral Harper, since the Nabaal Sector was under his area of responsibility. Winning would be simple. Then again, he was probably the one hurting for resources the most at the moment.

Elson, Norwood, and Collier were different stories, though.

Elson had risen up the ranks as a lowly Valkyrie pilot, so he favored the use of space carriers and Valkryies, and had some of the most elite squadrons under his command.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Thanks for the heads up.
>You think you can dig in further on this?
>>You think you can dig in further on this?
>You think you can dig in further on this?
>You think you can dig in further on this?

File: small_398972898.jpg (21 KB, 790x380)
21 KB
You wake up. The springs in your old mattress creak as you swing your legs over the side and stand on the cool wooden floor of your single bedroom apartment.

You step into the kitchen and start a fresh pot of coffee. As the pot begins to dribble the dark brown liquid into your stained pot you return to the bedroom and open your sliding closet door. Wrapped in crumpled dry cleaning plastic a bright blue shirt and pair of darker pants sit peacefully inside. You withdraw your new uniform and set it on the bed. You pull out the small box resting in the closet as well and pop the light cardboard lid off it. Inside rests a thick black leather belt with many pouches for extra magazines, a half circle pouch containing a pair of new shining cuffs. You remove the belt and pull the standard dull black handgun out. You take a pair of scissors and clip the zip tie blocking the slide and insert it into your belt.

You hear a light ding. You grab the final item in the box, a small object wrapped in a silk handkerchief. Walking to the kitchen you grab your favorite mug and pour a hot cup of coffee, you slowly unwrap your handkerchief and stare at the shining untouched badge for the NYPD your heart fills up as you take a swing and admire your own name etched into the metal.

You finished training and have been assigned to one of the oldest and most respected Police Departments in the United States. You aren't a civilian anymore, you are officer....

>Name selection
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Backstory can be determined by you guys but it's a classic story of Starry eyed Beat Cop trying to move up the ranks. I'm going early 2000's on this.
>"Rosehall right? I'm your new partner!"
>Rosehill, right? I'm your new partner
>"Rosehall right? I'm your new partner!"
Don't be kill yet, OP

File: Pingualuit2.jpg (392 KB, 1200x851)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
In the year 2108 an object of unknown origin collides with the Earth, devastating it's biosphere and killing billions of people overnight. You were born ten years after the event on the moon, you've grown up never seeing an open sky or breathing air that hasn't been recycled. The year is now 2138, and you have just graduated to the role of Junior Investigator, part sheriff, part detective, part technician, an Investigator's task is to keep the peace in the sparse and nearly lawless settlements cropping back up on the Earth, uncover useful old technology, and more recently to explore rumors of strange "things" happening within The Pit, a 300km wide crater created by the alien object's impact.

>Setting, characters
>Rules and Rolls
>Character Sheet and Inventory
>Personal Discord
Feel free to contact me here at any time, or in the Discord I have dedicated to this quest, I'll be keeping an eye out for comments/criticism and both are welcome.
90 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Sneak attack
>Cut the guards throat and use his body as cover
File: ZTFmG4s.jpg (7 KB, 320x180)
7 KB
kk supportan
Ok guys, I think we'll call it a night here and I'll check for votes tomorrow.
supporting. as brutal as it is, they are unknown, and thus hostile. We are more valuable than they are.

File: Caster_Quest_Title.png (1.23 MB, 1920x2656)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Last session is over here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2632016/

The wait is finally over! We're back!
It's actually been a while so this is just as much a reminder for you as it is for me, but last time we: humanized our 'evil' twin and put him to the path of lesser evil (but not quite good), we gathered materials for our perfect robe and experimented with bone golems (the secret is in the bone meal!), we did a whole bunch of homework concerning Dinosaurs, Dragons, and found out we sucked at math!

Your information is here:
Your current inventory & lair information: https://pastebin.com/3xnHBDVs https://pastebin.com/xnLhuuRf
Your current spellbook & undead list: https://pastebin.com/tJNzGa4e https://pastebin.com/3W9U0fbG
Your crafting & dungeon info: https://pastebin.com/azDS5QV5 https://pastebin.com/pXTrGXVK
Your visuals! Your lair has been updated: http://spaghettiart.tumblr.com/image/175103241507 http://spaghettiart.tumblr.com/image/174249273237
We got new Undead Cards this week: http://spaghettiart.tumblr.com/post/175149169942/jeepers-creepers-this-week-its-everything-else

More recently though: you finished a brief trip to the Commune and Pug to see how everyone was doing and were surprised to find the Commune of all places to be a bustling hive of activity- Archie's completed his Philosopher's Stone and he's got his mind set on expansion and even Cheval's Orc Fort is looking a little more Pugnacious. Why, even the Changelings have begun to reclaim Hemlock Ruins.
Copse is alive with activity and the Rotwood has been suspiciously quiet for weeks now.. Who's to say what could happen next?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
103 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hmm I like this town idea but getting a population is quite a stumbling block.
>Populating it with flesh golems would be very time and resource intensive.
>Gobs could go native in the dungeon.
>Orc slave masses would require living near masses of orcs.
At this point I'm tempted to just start trying to make flesh golems as we go and also send out flyer with the gnomes "Human necromancer founding dungeon town near their ice dungeon. Looking for settler volunteers." just for the giggles because I'm sure that would cause some reactions, even though we'd probably never see them or many settlers.
>Now you're thinking of trying to seed the Dungeon so it'll just spawn them
I'm still really curious about what else we can seed the Dungeon with.

Different types of monsters we capture and release like our Hydra and Garms.

Maybe transplanting some fruit trees from the Jungle north of us to see if any crystal variety grow.

Imagine if we got crystal cocoa trees to grow. We could make Frost Chocolate
>rumor has it Catherine may have killed the Shrike and is getting stronger everyday.
I am very displeased by this news....I wanted to fuck the guy.

Last I checked En was still in the process of moving back to Hemlock? We could probably get our squad of gnolls to help out since no one can tell the difference between an alive smelling one and a dead one.
What if we leave Hemlock with a few dozen scarecrow golems as fodder defense and mundane labor?
It's the necromancer part and people eventually finding out that we're a paladin part I'm worried about. Then again, this is Copse, so any paladin that's not wholey blinded by faith and devotion would probably keep away?

>Maybe transplanting some fruit trees from the Jungle north of us to see if any crystal variety grow.
You know some people can sort of combine trees. Perhaps we can get a single sapling and start patching several dozen different kinds of fruits to see if the bark will take to the saplings or freeze snap off.
i.e. grafting fresh bark.
>It's the necromancer part and people eventually finding out that we're a paladin part I'm worried about. Then again, this is Copse, so any paladin that's not wholey blinded by faith and devotion would probably keep away?
Eh, Copse isn't so bad outside Rotwood. And paladins are typically adventurers. Adventurers have a habit of running headlong into the place most people fear to go. I'm a bit surprise Copse isn't more lousy with them honestly. But imagine what said paladin would encounter when he got to Copse and started asking around for us. In En? "Oh yeah that nice boy that help a farmer with ant and ghost problems, cleared out some creeps from Hemlock and recovered the old priests' remains, killed a troll for us, got some animal men that were messing up the church to leave peacefully and rescued a child from some Hags and made them stop causing trouble, what do you need with him?" Doubt they'd go to Pug. Commune #9? Probably just stony silence. Cheval Mannor would be suicide.

File: bosphorus.jpg (184 KB, 1478x875)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
"Morning, everyone. Today we're sending you to the Black Sea. Or, rather, the water passage leading in and out of it. There's a particularly troublesome group of remnant Puppets in the waters there that have made the straights completely unusuable by vessels ever since the invasion began. They're a unit of water-specialized suits we're calling the Rusalka. We're not sure how many of them there are, but they've made getting supplies into this particular region a pain in the ass, so your job is to go there and-" The lieutenant stops to check his notes "Go there and fucking kill them all. Pretty straightforward, right? Just don't do anything dumb and get yourselves killed, please. Remember that they have the advantage and they'll know you're coming once you enter their territory."

"Oh, and one more thing. I'm designating those present Fortune Squad. It's a lucky name, right?"

>this mission will start today, at around 12 Mountain Time.
File: 2_0 main.pdf (4 MB, PDF)
4 MB
This mission brought to you by a boat/gunfucking autist. And now for a word from our sponsors:

>What is this?

PACYOA was originally a /tg/ CYOA. A certain group of autists got really behind the idea and made a couple different rulesets to play games with it. This particular game has been running a long-ass time, and this mission is the latest of these games.

>Okay, I'd like to know more

In short, there was an alien invasion four years ago. The aliens had some shit hot tech but couldn't into war, so they used nanomachines to mind-control a sizable chunk of the human population to their cause, gave them suits of advanced power armor and ordered them to kill off the rest of humanity. The players are individuals who also got power armor and nanomachines, but were instead given orders to save humanity so the Ayys responsible for everything could watch the hopelessly outnumbered protagonists lose against their slaves so they could finally learn to into war themselves.
Except that plan totally backfired lol. Now that Ayys are probably gone for good, leaving the players to continue cleaning up the huge mess of an Earth that was left after the war. This point in time is where the current mission takes place during.

Check out the wiki to see the depths of our autism and the basic rules to the game. There's over 400 pages of that shit now, goddamn: https://the-power-armor-cyoa.wikia.com/wiki/Portal:TE

File: First.png (115 KB, 647x614)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
AN: So, this is a thing. I have no real timeline on what might happen or if I’ll run again soon or anything like that and you all know me too well for me to try and say otherwise. All that being said this is going to be a prologue so expect relatively smaller posts and quicker update times while I get things sorted. Not sure if any of you remember how the last prologue went but these choices do matter. Background will determine what I’ll allow the character to presumably do, age matters and where you end up in the world will affect what possible Sekirei you may be able to end up with. So keep an eye out.

I’m going to go back to the d100 system for this when I call for rolls. Only 1 or 100 will be crits, 100 is good, 1 is bad. That being said, you all know I don’t like to fuck you over with dice. Not sure if I’ll have any skills or not at the moment, still working on that. With that, on to the show.


Your name is Hatsu Toyoaki and you spent last night out drinking with your friends. Unfortunately it was way to late and way too much, even though you kept insisting that you needed to make sure you got up in the morning. Your head is throbbing with only four hours of sleep, a blaring alarm clock and one massive hangover still throbbing in your head.

You roll over and smack the alarm clock, silencing it as you roll into a decent position to cradle your throbbing head and wonder how a cat got into your apartment again. This was…

1. Your first time drinking so much since you all just finished cram school. You’re not sure you like this and you’re wondering if drinking always feels like this.

2. Pretty normal actually, you just finished college after all. The headache will go away, you’ll survive and prosper.

3. A fucking stupid idea, you’re old enough to know better and your friends are too but you just got promoted so you got a bit out of control. Aspirin, water and pretending you aren’t in pain are the name of the game.
193 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Meant more the done some shit part essentially.
Well done, Guide!
It's not HPQ, but it seems fun so far!
Remember to archive! ;)
This was a comfy start. Had fun. I'm looking forward to more.
Sleep easy, Guide. We'll be here when you come back.
See ya Guide. Hopefully, I can catch another session. I haven't been on 4chan for months, but I've read plenty of other quests and you're still my favorite QM.
There are actually quite a few named and otherwise described Sekirei, so unlikely to see OCs but it's not impossible.

I'm admittedly not all that great with completely unique characters.

He has seen and done some shit but he's nowhere near Solid Snake. More corporate espionage and dealing with troublesome criminals and the pike. Aside from the one major shootout where he admits he burned a life's worth of luck.

Glad you enjoyed. It's already archived.

Thanks man. Happy to hear that.

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"Sorry to bother all of yous so early in the morn. Me supplier went and gone done himself lost or sumthin' 'cause he hasn't been by in almost a week. Usually he just takes a day 'r two before each visit. Business 'as been mighty boomin' these days, and if y'all do me this favor I'll make it worth your while. Latest shipment was 'pposed to be some storm ash, wild lumber, and a whole lotta iron if y'get what I'm sayin."

With a good chunk of the day spent investigating this rather obscure supplier, the party manages to find a clue regarding their intended route. According to a handful of other patrons to the supplier, he mentioned seeing a new dock set up on a sea bank nearby his usual route. The location in question is incredibly well known for its connection to [Wild Element]s and as of recent months there have been sounds of [Industri] resonating from the shores. Perhaps it's a new colony or town? Would be difficult to set up shop in an area like that without your own small army, due to the pervasive inhospitable industrialists.

You may choose to do town actions instead of deploying. You still only get one town action each phase.

>Players will arrive by boat at the shown pier at nightfall. The less time spent on this quest the better, as a person's life is at stake!
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If it would be possible to adjust your character sheets to be organized akin to Tin-chan or Epoch's sheets it would be appreciated. Greentext is reserved for command inputs, and I am worried that mistakes will be made due to possible conditioning involving ignored commands due to greentext abuse. Additionally, not including weapon skills on your equipped sheet alongside their stats will result in ignoring reminders involving their use. At a glance reading that a character is using [Deflect] but seeing it nowhere on the sheet makes it appear to be an illegal action. You're not required to have the full description, but at least the skill names would be preferred. Both of these posts were grouped together in order to address that clarity is important to the person processing, and the more often I or another QM has to look into a sheet the more often information is lost.

I will do my best to avoid mishaps and run the game honestly, but will require the same level of clarity from players. Thank you for your time.
File: The Lumber Jacking 03.jpg (6.14 MB, 5566x3529)
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6.14 MB JPG
An all too familiar warcry springs up amidst the jackhammer echoes as bullets paint a path of destruction across the field. This is Blunder territory, and the party has made an unfortunate mistake in falling for their bait.

Epoch can see a night hunter baring a torch approach from the east, seemingly following the tire tracks. In their other hand is a signature weapon of the hunting legion, an indication of their true status.
Ah, you filthy little miscreants, ambushing and shooting people!

>Move 2S
>[Ready] [Steady Shot]
>Fire Hand Launcher at blunder machinegunner 7W 1S

Tin Can [Lv.2]
BLK 1 ARM 4/2+1+1(Food boost)
[Nanomachines] [Air-Boost]

Built-in: Curious Grasp (Dmg 1 Pot 2 Rng 3) [Delivery Fire][Alchemize][Pressurized]
Right Hand: Repeating Hand Launcher (Dmg 5 Rng 4 Ammo 5/5)
[Delivery Fire]

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Shades {Lv.1 Desperado}

[Block 0] [Armor 0] [HP 4/3+1]
[Actions 2] [Movement 4] [Initiative 6]

*Duck&Cover [Action: Move and take cover/go Prone]
*Shadow gate [Action: Deploy in any dark location]

Six shooter: Dmg 2, Range 4+1, Ammo 6/6 copperheads[overflows damage to next enemy in line]
(takes bullets: leadheads & copperheads)
* Fan Hammer [Action: fire off all bullets, takes two actions]

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> Move WNWN
> Guard
>- Face S
* Deflect - GUARD to block mundane ranged
* Parry - GUARD to gain 3% to BLK
* Riposte - If attack is blocked, counter-attack

[Designation] Takahiro [Lv.1]
Classification/Class: Desperado
[Block/BLK 0] [Armor/ARM 0] [Health/HP 3]
[Actions/ACT 2] [Movement/Spd/Mov 4]

* Duck and Cover - ACTION move and go prone
* Shadow Gate - ACTION deploy into any darkness

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File: In The Depths.jpg (100 KB, 736x792)
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100 KB JPG
Finally after two years in the service of the Dark Queen Quintis you have finally been promoted, no more marching through filthy peasant villages administering the Queen's justice, this is your chance to rise through the ranks of her Majesty's armies and become one of her generals, or so you thought.

When we last left Baldr, he had made it across the river with the point squads and was waiting for the rest of the train to cross.

>2 Successes

Following the path the old man was taking, you notice movement in the bushes and shrub trees within the copse of trees.

Pointing to the forest you shout “Heavies shield wall, hit the dirt.”

The heavies instantly close ranks and face their shields where you were pointing. Crossbowmen who could slid in behind the heavies, while others dove off the bank and into the water.

Moments later the air fills with arrows and bolts, crouching behind the shield wall you wait for the impacts.
Baldr Blooddragon:

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>Are you done? I’m here to see Selenas, not you.
yeah lets drop that we listened i n lads
Shit, you're right. Changing my vote to support this.

Good point, changing my vote to >>2671488

File: serge-birault-a7.jpg (88 KB, 800x800)
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This quest takes place in the DC Universe with characteristics mainly pulled from the animated TV series and films.
You are Reno, AKA Black Rider Battery! After a tremendous journey from boy to super-powered fighter, you've started taking the first steps to becoming a established name in the world of metahumans! It is now 5 years in the future, where you've raised a tower in your name! The 54-story building not only houses many of your Tamaranean and Oni subordinates, but the underground metahuman fight club known as The Metabrawl! Recently, we've turned a simple volunteer beating into a chaotic journey through time and space, arriving at Earth 3! Now you're faced with allies and enemies who've had their roles reversed in this bizarre world!
-10/15 Minute voting period after each post, I will now specify how many votes are allowed per post.
-Some actions (typically combat choices against non-generic enemies and certain social situations) will require 3 D100 rolls, using the best of the 3 rolls for said action.
-Critical successes/failures are 100/1
QM Twitter



MC Powers and Inventory
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Aight. Well, maybe we can turn things around, when we're getting patched up.

Man, how hard is AU!Mom's heart gonna break when we lay everything out about Reno's backstory to her?
I mean, in his world, she dies, her son is murdered, her husband goes mad, technomances him back to life as a doomsday weapon, creates an evil 02, turns himself into a monster to kill them both, AND her son has a daughter she'll never meet.
Like, there's missing out on your kid's life, and then there's THAT.
So how bad are they gonna freak once they find out we have apokalips tech on us?
I have absolutely no idea if mirror-world apokalips is anything like the DCU we know
>Also I convinced my 02 to try being a hero, turn things around. Abandon the whole "destroy the world to save it" thing.
>Which I think she was honestly going to try, but the old man came up behind me and killed her. My knee jerk reaction... well, let's just put at "he just barely missed me", which wasn't quite what I was going for. Turns out creating a Lorentz Force distortion takes .574 seconds longer than I thought.
I reacted... badly.
There is no apokalips because apokolips is located out of the nornal universe. There is a reason why Darkseid is called one of the new gods.

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