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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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Welcome again to Dark Empire Quest after our excruciating (for me) one day hiatus, but I'm feeling rested and rejuvenated. In case I haven't made it clear, my current plan is to run Dark Empire Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and every other weekend. My normal playtime is 7 EST on weekdays, and potentially earlier on the weekends.


Pastebin for potential Info Dumps

Twitter feed I use to announced planned game times.

This is the map system I use for planning

And this is a gold mine resource for Star wars info, take with a grain of salt since this universe follows its own continuity. >http://starwars.wikia.com/

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>Lieutenant, we are all afraid, we have to learn to control that.
>>Lieutenant, we are all afraid, we have to learn to control that.
>Going forward, I am to be consulted on all decisions that affect the safety of the ship, is that clear?
>While I understand your fear, and what you did probably did save us a ship or few, what you did was completely reckless and if we had a prolonged fight, we would have lost. During your leave, you can have a more in depth look at our guns and you can tinker, running any changed by me. Don't do it again, Lieutenant.
Why are we letting her touch our guns, she isn't an engineer, she just shut off the safety on the turrets.
But she is an amazing gunner, so there is a chance she sees something we, or others, don't

Twitter: @BeleagueredQM
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/FEc6v8FP

Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=beleaguered+prince+quest

You are Prince Meirion auk Gwyrren, the only sane man in a royal family with dubious concepts of strategy, justice, taxation, and governance in general. You have made it your goal in life to keep your family on the throne and your head firmly attached to your body.


"What are we doing tonight, your highness?"

"The same thing we do every night, Myrddin."

"Your highness, while you are a very attractive man, I believe your wife might find that sort of behaviour objectionable."

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>>[Dilettante/1d10] "Force him to go to a few parties."
>[Dilettante/1d10] "Force him to go to a few parties
File: Myrrdin4.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
"Force him to get to a few parties," you say. "The more public, the better. Ideally, some of his clients would show up as well."

"That would be terribly awkward," Myrddin says. "It's not like they could talk about these matters so publicly."

"I know. That's the point."

>Roll 1d10, best of three.
Rolled 7 (1d10)

Rolled 7 (1d10)


File: 1470088626083.png (232 KB, 1280x768)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
It's been a day since you fixed Mila Roses ''issue''.
Now waiting for your scheduled brawl with Starrk you're sitting on your couch, which you 'acquired'' from the late Aizen Sosuke.
As you're rocking gently back and forth you're humming to Sofia who's slowly drifting to sleep in your hand.
Soon enough you can hear her snoozing and can't help but smile.

Tia comes out of the kitchen and hangs up her apron.
''Okay, lunch is ready.
I set yours aside and prepared a straw and the meat grinder.
Just in case...''

''Thanks Honey!
You're the best.''

She pauses for a moment.
''What's that song?

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And I think that's a good place to stop.
But I'll resume, if not on Saturday then on Sunday

See you guys until then
that was great, thanks for the run spooky.
Thanks for running Spooky

Thanks for the session, Spooky!

See you next time.
Thank you spook

File: maxresdefault.jpg (363 KB, 2560x1600)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Welcome... To the world of Mother Quest.

Before we begin, I'd like to ask you all a couple of questions. I know there might be a squabble or two, but I'd like us to be able to come to a consensus if possible. The fate of Bleech Suburbs, and possibly the world, rests on the cooperation of your controlling forces.

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>>Hit it with something pointy.
Grabbing the nearest pointy object, you instinctively reach for a pencil, finding it weighty and corporeal in your hands despite you being in some kind of strange semi-dream. Or maybe you're just having a particularly vivid dream, you're not sure. Yanking your window up, you ram the pencil into the pupil of the gigantic thing, as it slides inside and disappears, a loud, formless roar shaking the house.

SMAAAAASH! Lewis deals 10 damage to the Acerbic Intruder!

You see the creature as it reels backwards, or part of it, anyway. It has a long, disgustingly long neck, and it's body plan seems strangely equine, with its neck easily being double the length of it's car-sized body. It has a large, pointed, serrated beak in the place of a horse's maw, and two bright reddish-magenta eyes, one of which is leaking an eye-searing yellow liquid down the side of the creature's face. You see an array of rainbow colored organs inside the creature's body, all thumping along at differing tempos and speeds, and a set of long limbs that stretch out of the view of the windowsill, equally as long and gangly as the creature's incredibly hideous neck. It rears backwards, and as it snaps its head forward...

You wake up, with the most horrible sense of deja-vu. Your clock reads 8 AM, and you look at the window - it's open. You look towards your desk, to find your normal schoolwork pencil missing. You know that neither of those things were true when you went to sleep, and you have a perfect recollection of the entire 'dream', if that's what it was. The sensation of you grabbing your own shoulders still weighs on your senses, and the horrific visage of the creature from your dream sears at your head. You look outside, just to make sure, and it seems that reality itself is at peace.

You know you aren't going to be able to get back to sleep anytime soon. The sun's already beginning to peak out, so how should you start your day?

Your name is Lewis Mark, same as it always has been. You have a father, Frank (although his name is Dad to you), from whom you get your tangly red hair from, and your love of mathematics (he's an engineer!). Your mother, Amelia, is a private jet pilot, so she's out of the house fairly often, ferrying around presidents and military officials and other important people. You have her tall, lanky frame. You have a brother, Clarke, who's 6 years your senior, putting him at 19 years of age - he's already moved out to the big city, Aammoni City, for internships.

You're a 13 year old boy, and the world is your oyster! Let's get started!

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>sharpen a new pencil
some things MUST BE DONE
>make breakfast
>Make yourself a delicious Beefsteak breakfast
>Make yourself a delicious Beefsteak breakfast
ah yeah

The cold chill of early morning air sends goosebumos over your chest as you draw your pelt blanket closer over yourself in your bed. The stray and cloth warm from a night of absorbing your body heat.

"Get up!" You hear a voice call and hands shaking you

You groan and roll over squinting at the white light outlining the figure in your cottage. Britton looks at you, her dirty blond hair tied into a tight bun behind her head. She yanks the blanket off exposing your near naked body, you pull back the blanket to cover yourself and give her a grunt.

"You have your test today, you know you can't miss it if you want to go on the next raid. Unless you'd rather farm for the rest of your life." Her words spur you into action as you remember today is your test of might to see if you have the ability to keep up on the raids now that the winter is dying down. You let the pelt fall and rush to your trunk digging through for your leather pants and your brynja. You get yor armor and clothes on before going to grab the gift your father brought back last raiding season.

He brought you...
>A sword and shield
>A hand axe and shield
>A double edged battleaxe
>A two handed greatsword
>A warhammer
>A dane axe

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>A bow and saxe knife
For a change, I'm tired of always playing melee vikings
>>A dane axe
Axe vikings are true vikings not pussies with bows
>>A hand axe and shield
>Two Black iron gauntlets
You grasp the finely made wooden long bow from its pegs on your wall. Your father retrieved it from an englishman he killed in battle and given your known love of bows and the outdoors he thought of you. The slender dark wood glistens from the oil you rubbed into it last night and the string sits coiled in the small wooden box on the shelf next to it, alongside your quiver.

You quickly string the bow and nock an arrow to test it out, you fully draw it with no problem. Your back and shoulder muscles, accustomed to this motion due to years training, feel no strain holding the string for a few seconds before slowly easing it to resting position. You grab your thigh scabbard and saxe knife, inspecting the polished steel and admiring the light blue hue before sheathing it. As you march past Britton she holds out an arm to stop you, grasped in the fist is your cloak, a mottled grey and black to help you blend in with the bleak landscape. You nod a thanks and clasp the cloak before jogging to the village.

You notice the large crowd gathered in the center, ranger instincts kick in and you hang back. You watch as your father stands in the center with a massive wooden club grasped in his hands, the head covered by thick cloth to lessen the damage. A small boy, you remember his name is Sven, circles your father with a large axe that is clearly to heavy for him. You also see Yarm, your older brother watching with interest.

>Approach Yarm
>Hang back and watch

File: NEW LIFE OP.png (31 KB, 500x500)
31 KB
Old thread here >>1383628

Let me know when you are here, guys!

1. Hybrid breeding program to cross Miel's bloodline with that of a Heven Jungle Honey Fairy hive, to produce stronger, more robust honey fairies that are also loyal and industrious.
>Got the Jungle Faeries, need to construct a Language Square at Hive Heven so that the Hegemony can Parley with the Jungle Faeries and make them into Vassals.

2. Getting the succubus tribe in New Hope, Eldric's hometown, to begin producing high-quality glass test tubes, flasks, and beakers so that he can put his chemical engineering knowledge to use.
>Succubus Tribe has been brought to New Hope; still need to be taught how to make glassware.

3. Get a progress report on the Inter-Dimensional Probe ship that is the current focus of our Albion research team.
>Need to build second series of probes and send them.

4. Progress report on Eldric's level, and if it's close to Lyann, Zoe, Stella, or Baldric's level.
>Eldric is a weak bum and needs to grind. His little sisters are higher level than him.

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>>agree and let him take us to dress up

He takes us to a ample room where there are plenty of wooden screens and wardrobes, as well as mirrors everywhere.

Oh, these are of polished metal. They give a rather pale reflection, but they're not too bad, I guess.

Uhm, should we...

>Dress Nina up and take ehr along
>Send her to our [Menagerie]. We're not taking our pet to dinner with our friend the king
>Dress Nina up and take ehr along
>>Dress Nina up and take ehr along
>Dress Nina up and take ehr along

>Dress Nina up and take ehr along

> Centuries ago, the old world ended in fire and smoke, leaving nothing behind but dust and ashes. It was tough, but mankind is resilient, and piece by piece, civilization began to return. It's nothing like the old, and it likely never will be, but it's something.

> Left alone, the world might be peaceful, but between the mutants, bandits, and would-be warlords, that's just not an option. With civilization comes plunderers, with order comes anarchy, and with the calm comes the storm.

> You are a Looter, lowest of the low, a parasite on decent folk, and a piece of filth in the eyes of the law. You don't care. Somehow, you've managed to setup a gang, and while it's small now, in time it could become an army.

> Fill out both of these sheets, the first to reach three votes wins

> Yourself

> Name: What do people call you?
> Title: What do your men call you?
> Race: Pureblood or mutant? If mutant, what kind of mutant?
> Motive: Why are you a Looter?
> Appearance: When someone looks at you, what do they see?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
> Name: Vice Jensen
> Title: General Jensen
> Race: Mutant with extra elbow on one of my arms
> Motive: Start a new gang controlled all white city from scratch
> Appearance: White, male, black hair, unattractive
> Skills: Pick 3 Skills to have a bonus in. Skills can be almost anything, also influences your starting equipment.

>have a lot of gold to possibly barter
>sound passionate and have a good convincing voice, may help get people on our side
>skilled in sniper combat

>Your gang

> Name: Neovice

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Name: Marchosias, the Mad Marauder
>Title: 'Marcos', 'Boss'
>Race: Strength-type mutant.
>Motive: Beaten and left for dead for being a mutant, now seeks survival for himself and his gang.
>Appearance: A hulking figure, far larger than the average man, swathed in black. Wears an iron mask to cover his scarred face. Wields a massive sword in one hand.
>Skills: (Brackets represent somewhat interlinked areas of particular specialization)
Charisma (Command, Intimidation)
Cunning (Tactics, Instinct)
Melee Combat (Brute Strength, Hand-to-hand, One-handed Blades)

>Your Gang
>Name: The Mad Marauders (hence Marchosias' epithet)
>Race: Mixed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

> Yourself

> Name: Tretch Nulthah
> Title: Emperor
> Race: Mutant, catlike traits
> Motive: Tretch Nulthah thirsts for wealth and the power that stems from it
> Appearance: A tall, wiry man with the eyes of a cat, sharp teeth, and razor sharp claws. His body is covered in black hair, and his ears aren't human. He wears a cloak and holds a massive longbow
> Skills: Persuasion, Stealth, and Archery

> Your Gang

> Name: Tretch's Reavers
> Race: Mutants, much like Tretch himself

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> The Boss

> Name: Pjotr
> Title: The Big Small
> Race: A midget mutant
> Motive: Personal megalomania. Pjotr wishes to be considered important.
> Appearance: A midget of a man, face constantly locked in a frown, wearing a beret and a fine black suit with the sleeves cut to fit him.
> Skills: Always with a trick up his sleeve, Sheer determination, Knowledge of production and proper use of explosives.

> The Gang

> Name: The Patchwork
> Race: Mixed
> Motive: Possibly because Pjotr is the only one willing to accept them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Voting for this

(So, I'm back. The laptop that had all the files for my last attempt at running a Persona Quest is totally trashed, so I'm starting from scratch.)

You step off the bus onto an empty street with luggage in tow. This is the town of Hashigata, and it's looking pretty dead here. The wind blows, cold and noisy. It kicks up bits of discarded wrappers and newspaper.

76 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.

Are you going to accept this fate? Are you willing to die just because someone commands it? Or are you going to fight?

>"I'm going to fight!"
>"I don't have the strength..."
>"I'm going to fight!"
>"I'm going to fight!"
>"I'm going to fight!"
>"I'm going to fight!"

Some resources: https://mega.nz/#F!rFIDxRRK!IEzkLlroRoPwmDqtxKRMsw

Discord: https://discord.gg/GQMr35k

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/G48KCHjz

Dice system: rolls are all d10's. 8, 9, and 10 are successes. Unless stated otherwise on the sheet, 10's and only 10's explode into additional dice (this is called 10-again). Willpower is spent to increase a roll by 3 dice.

Friday, July 8, 1977. 10 AM. Portland.

"What do you mean, 'I'm fired'?"

"I mean you're fired, Jerry." Conrad puts out his cigarette on the cafe table at which you are both seated. "You aren't our street guy anymore; at least, not by obligation."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Aw man, now I feel bad for Conrad the ET. Curmudgeon that he is.

2nd. Also tell him that while he may be unwilling to ever help us again and might even actually shoot us from his earlier threat, that our door is always open.
Changelings gotta look out for each other, especially ones that have been working together for as long as we have.
supporting >>1411056
>>(Get up and walk away)
>(Get up and walk away)

File: NA.jpg (241 KB, 1274x627)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Another night in New Angouleme, the city that never sleeps. The sound of the streets below and the light of the skyline outside, give a strong impression of liveliness well past the hours when decent folk turn in for a good night's rest. No better time then, for villainous activity! You wouldn't be the only one out tonight, doing so either, hopefully though you can pull this off without getting caught.

After an unfortunate accident which bestowed upon you strange powers, you became indebted to a villain and are serving as his sidekick of sorts for the time being. So far you've mostly just helped out with small things, little errands and chores here and there and felt more like a housekeeper than a dastardly individual. This is the first job which you've attempted on your own however, both as a means of building villainous independence, and to gain funds and other resources to possibly pay off the debt. Or at least for personal use.

>A modern day superhero setting, in a big city rife with activity, of both heroes and villains alike.
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Lets try to upgrade subspace trespass, so we can see what the hell we're doing.
We had awareness upgrade or something right?
No, we could twice it twice in one hour instead of once.
These were the available upgrades to Trespass, if you wanted to do that;

>Increased duration, a longer amount of time you can safely spend in subspace
>Increased uses, more uses of the power per recharge hour of your harness
>Realspace interaction, some properties of realspace will still apply to you while in subspace if you wish, like gravity
>Realspace awareness, while trespassing you can remain aware of realspace like still being able to see
>Dark energy drag, while trespassing you accumulate dark energy and upon entering realspace again you trigger an energy burst
>Afterimage, although you will slip through subspace there will be left a visual representation of you in realspace which can be detected but not interact or be interacted with in any way
I meant
We had the option to upgrade the awareness thing

File: goat.png (487 KB, 850x1200)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
Nikaeus is a nice person, you decide, and not just because his bushy gray beard is the size of his head. He has a calm way of speaking that you like listening to.

“Can I ask something?” You say.

“Of course.”

“Is Simon going to be okay?”

Hoh-hoh. “Your concern is kind, but the boy will be fine with rest. Incanting and maintaining a spell is tiring; particularly so for an apprentice whose fortitude is yet to be tempered by experience.”

You might look a bit confused. He asks a question too. “How many practitioners of magic have you met, Miss Baphy?”

You think back, counting. “A witch. A bush. A bird person.” Oh. You correct yourself. “Old man with lots of pigeons.”

A slight raise in his eyebrows. “You are referring to Grimnir, if I am not mistaken.”

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This. Curious goat is curious.
>[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
>+[ ] Goats.
>+[ ] The thing Archie said. Also... Heimy? Look up Themia.
>+[ ] Find something about marks, speakers, and Veil-stuff.
>[ ] Talk to the gnomes (about?)
> -[ ] Hats.
> -[ ] Odd speech patterns.
> -[ ] Oh. Also, what makes gnomes different from the other cpnstructs we've seen?
> -[ ] Ask about the sleeping girl.
[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
>+[ ] Goats.
>+[ ] Campfire magic!
[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
+[ ] Goats.
+[ ] Find something about marks, speakers, and Veil-stuff.
[ ] Ask about the sleeping girl.

That's some top cute stuff
Yes, yes it is. I'm glad Drawanon is here too

Tael-Amei rose his white war horse to the gates of the city of Itaria, his long blonde hair falling behind his shoulders from underneath his golden helm. He smiled as his bright blue elven eyes caught sight of the gaurds, and removed his helm, saluting them with respect as he rode into the city. It was dark in the city, for night had fallen without moon nor star to light up the darkness. Ever watchful, Tael made his way to the inn, stables his horse, and walked in. He made his way over to the bar, ordered a drink and sat down, nursing on his whiskey as he scanned the Inn, looking for talent for his mercenary company.

File: Aspects.png (2 KB, 244x244)
2 KB
Welcome to Runequest, a quest where you, and many others, play as a beginning wizard learning to harness the twelve fundamental aspects of reality by killing your peers

Everyone starts with the same stats, hp, and mana. There are three things you can determine when you first start, Your name, your color, and what rune you start with.

You will start with two runes, a Null rune and your choice of one of the twelve runes which are as follows: Spa, the topmost rune; Doo, the rune left of the bottommost rune; Bre, the rune above the rightmost rune; Har, the leftmost rune; Ra, the rune below the rightmost rune; Li, the rune left of the topmost rune; Ti, the bottommost rune; Fe, the rune right of the topmost rune; Blu, the rune below the leftmost rune; Mi, the rightmost rune; Ho, the rune above the leftmost rune; and Voi, the rune right of the bottommost rune. These twelve runes make up the whole of all magic, and by creating and combining them you are able to do nearly anything your mind can imagine, at the cost of mana of course.

You two actions on your turn, you can make both a move action, which would be moving your speed (You start with a speed of 3) in spaces, and a standard action, which would be a melee/ranged attack, casting a spell, or making a second move action.

You can bind your wounds to double your health regen or meditate to double your mana regen by sacrificing both your move and standard actions, you must say you are doing this to get the benefits.

You earn points by killing other wizards, you gain one point for every two runes the one you kill has, since everyone starts with two, a Null rune and one of their choice, you will always gain at least one point from killing someone.

On the map, gray hexagons are walls, you cannot move or shoot through them, and light gray hexagons are obstacles, you cannot move through them normally (You have to vault to go through them, vaulting is a standard action) and shooting through them give the one you are shooting at a +5 bonus to their AC.

To enter the game, fill out this form:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Knoxoli moves to A8, vaulting over the obstacle in his way.

Lavox casts Blu.
A crimson string shoots out of his finger and, since his finger was pointed down, it hits the ground and then spreads out to all the surrounding spaces entangling everything within them. You feel that if you were to cast the spell and point at something else you could entangle that and the surrounding area. Unfortunately you are now entangled, meaning you cannot move until the effect wears off.

Lowi moves to A3.

Magicus runs at top speed to B11.

Muhar spawns at J6 with Ti.

Lowi uses Li on the wall at A4.
She hears a voice in her head that says “The rune combination Li tells you what a single rune does and how much it costs and costs 5 mana.

Smoth cowers in place, too scared to move.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Meditate to regain Mana
Oh wait, I forgot to regenerate mana.

Here's the real character data.

File: S1R1.png (9 KB, 538x288)
9 KB
And I forgot the map.
Don't worry guys, I'll get the hang of this.

File: Airship_Main picture.jpg (58 KB, 630x716)
58 KB
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Class information: Both alignments have 3 classes that can be chosen.

Greygear Empire aligned classes:
Monster Hunter- A warrior trained in the ancient arts of combat against non-human foes. The monster hunter is versatile and can use most melee weapons (very large weapons such as great hammers are excluded), pistols, and some weaker level magic. Basically imagine if there was a Witcher in world war 2.

Magician- A disciple trained in the art of magic. Magicians have the potential to learn all forms of magic, ranging from destructive attack spells to defensive healing spells and various illusions and everyday use spells. However, magicians are not trained in close combat and rarely know how to use weapons other than clonking the enemy with a staff or firing a pistol.
Scavenger- A sturdy, hardened rogue with much experience around machinery. Scavengers are very knowledgeable about machines made in the Graygear empire and tend to also be experienced mechanics. Scavengers can use almost any gun including pistols, sub-machine guns, carbines, and shotguns. Really the only guns they can't use are rockets and grenade launchers. In a pinch, scavengers also tend to carry a survival knife for close quarters combat.

Crestpoint Aligned Classes:
(Quick lore related vocab lesson before we start. Pseudomagic- A technique of creating effects similar to magic using advanced technology)
Synthetically Augmented Organism (SAO)- An experimental weapon made in the labs of VerTech or GiroCorp. Only Androids can be the SAO class. SAO are androids made for both front line combat and covert operations. SAO can use all guns including rockets and grenade launchers and have internal systems allowing limited use of defensive pseudomagic. In close combat they can also use their android bodies for hard hitting martial arts.

Juggernaut: A hulking mass of metal and anger. Juggernauts are a fairly simple class. They where heavy power armor and use any melee weapon to smash their enemies in direct combat. However, the armor makes it near impossible to accurately aim guns and they have no access to magic or pseudomagic.

Technician- A pseudomagic specialist. Androids can not be technicains due to self-risk. Technicians can use a variety of pseudomagics similar to a magician, but technicians tend to favor offensive pseudomagics for disrupting and damaging androids, robots, and machines. Technicians can also use most one handed weapons including pistols, some smgs, knives, and short swords.
UPDATE: Due to unforeseen scheduling, I will most likely not be able to post the race information or lore tonight. I will be sure to post that early in the morning tomorrow and the main character will be chosen later in the day. Sorry for the delay!
You need to read more threads here.
Given that you certainly have more knowledge of this setting than we do, have you considered creating several choices of main character yourself for us to vote on?

I figure this lets you as a QM write from a point-of-view that you are more comfortable with, and also conceptualize the character and the narrative simultaneously and as a pair (rather than being forced to fit the world and story around an unfamiliar premade character).

For players, this would also mean that we get to be introduced slowly to the world through the means of the narrative rather than having a massive wall of text dumped on us.
File: Skyrise RP Pic 1.jpg (204 KB, 1024x1486)
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Name: Aegar Torin
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Greygear Empire
Class: Juggernaut
Appearance: A tall, heavy-built man with a scarred body from extensive combat. He has pure white hair, and a slight gray stubble across his face. His eyes are a dark brown, and he typically wears a light tank top and jeans underneath his armor.

There's a starting character, just in case anyone needs one

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