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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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File: 1464770758451.png (511 KB, 920x720)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
We play as Manfred a Neet that's on his way to get out of the Neet Lifestyle.
Our Neet is doing well for himself, got a job, learnt how to cook some food, and got a gun. Last time we left our Neet off. He was shopping with his mother for some groceries when things took a turn for the worst. A robbery gone wrong.

Neet stats

Previous threads
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Rolled 15 (1d100)

Hey if it doesnt count o_O
Rolled 36 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

Rolled 21 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

Just in case Op feels mercifull and only -15 count
Rolled 39 (1d100)

Ok seriously, i think we all forgot how to roll with a minus. =/

Your daughter, Melon, a magical girl, and she's been hiding it for a year. Your wife, Liska, is a kitsune, and she's been hiding it as long you've known her. Your current boss, Bernie, is a dragon (who might be a world-ending apocalypse), and he's been hiding it for as long as you've been working for him.

Your new subordinate at the accounting job, Reynold, is working for some agency with an acronym, and he's been hiding it from you as long as you've known him. Well, until you found the wire. His girlfriend, Rosemary, is a Leanan sídhe (and you're still not sure how to pronounce that), and she's still hiding it from him. He was hiding his employment from her, too - and that's not really your problem. They get to sort THAT out on their own. (Although Liska's been giving Rosemary some advice.)

You'd meant this to be a nice family barbecue. Introduce a couple of people to magic, have a powwow with your crew (three wizards, two witches, 1.? demons, some other folks, and a ton of magical girls) about how to deal with the magic rats that hold contracts on the magical girls, that sort of thing. Very low-key.

Everything got disrupted when Melon's friend, Mary, ascended to goddesshood in front of your eyes, and the magical backlash knocked down everyone in the magical yarnball you accidentally created.

There's really no explaining how things got here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Shotgun

That drew in the local dragon, Bernie (with a few of his crew), and Dionysus (who goes by D. Onassis now, thank you very much) a Greek god who happened to be in to be in town, and recently signed on as a client at Bernie's accounting firm.

So far, it's been rather peaceful, as your parties go. There was the part where Kelly (known as the Angel of Death in underworld circles) died and came back, after playing Russian roulette with the Grim Reaper for both his life, and that title people stick on him. Kelly won both times.

Oh, and the part where a magical girl became a goddess. And the part where you found out the government mole (Reynold). Also the part where you summoned Ellie (your older sister who became a magical girl, cut her contract and walked into Hell about thirty years ago) and pulled in your brother in law, Haru, with her. In giant fox form.

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>Laser mishap, can't really say from what
>Dunno. I don't have any weapon that could do that
>Dunno. I don't have any weapon that could do that
>Dunno. I don't have any weapon that could do that
>Why are you this determined if you know the job's so fishy?
A big stupid accident with an absurd amount of dumb luck. If it was that easy to take down a satellite then I think you would have taken an entire country off the grid via accident by now after shotgunning a bottle of teqilla.

>What is this?

This is a new Quest, where you take on the role of a single Imperial Guardsman, and all of the shit that entails.

>How this works

I stole these from Saiyan Conqueror Quest. Sue me.

Quest rules:
>20 minute vote, 3 votes minimum
>Only first 3 correctly rolled die count, best of the 3 wins
>Crits are 100, unless otherwise stated
>A 99 may net you an extra bonus on a roll
>Crit fails will count ONLY if a 1 is rolled and no roll passes DC, OR two 1s are rolled within the 3 rolls
>Two 1s will OVERRIDE a 100, resulting in crit failure

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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He has fucking provided!
Rolled 81 (1d100)

Rolled 48 (1d100)

>woman dressed in a Navy uniform
>He crumbles to the ground

so it's a chick or a dude?
File: itsatrap.jpg (106 KB, 967x544)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

File: Map (2).jpg (522 KB, 1024x768)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
While following a herd of deer your small band of hunters stumbled upon a clearing in the woods next to a lake with a small stream feeding it. They decided it would be a good place to call home. Your hunters down several deer and feel the village. There is some food left but you know it will soon spoil or attract unwanted predators.

Year 1, spring
Population: 80 (+5 a year)
Technology: [stone age]
Buildings: basic hide tents
Resources: stone tools, wooden spears, hide clothing, venison
Food: low
happiness: moderate

You may name your village as a free action

choose two:

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Rolled 86 (1d100)

>harvest onions
>send cronan back to the tower to collect the trap arrows (roll 1d100 dc 45)
Rolled 9 (1d100)

>harvest onions
>send more people to be student of the shaman
+1 this
can't let that roll go to waste
not only that but this is the second time he has rolled that high for this.

File: SwordCountryTitle.png (1.61 MB, 2342x2041)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
In the wide stretches of plains surrounded by mountain , ancient mandoms and bloodied battlefields was the peoples that were resigned to a peaceful life afterwards oweing no allegiance to any king but the few capable lords and knights that kept to their vigil. Came and went these warriors and soon more too would be drawn to the indomitable plains of these lands seeking only the spirit of adventure and the colorful life within until the end of their days.

This was life in the Valknyres. And though many a dark lord or three rose up in power in these lands, it's always fallen by the hands of a likewise commoner king that passed from generation to generation of unknown warrior. Those who claim to be drawn to these lands boast of being of his blood whilst others simply seek escape from the obligations of their own dire kingdoms. Both a frontier and an ancient kingdom there is much to be envied about this otherwise isolated place for no fantastical rumor has ever found its start , middle or end , without going through a day in these fields.


We are but a humble mercenary group. With yet a name to decide on our band. Fact of the matter is a hurried dispatch was needed at the Southwest border of the Praedatoria Range where a critical border fortress lay and kept our neighbors from getting an idea of our availability. Once arrived however, we saw that our stake of the River Famta was indeed liberated by the jackals in the area -- and more people would be at risk as the days wore on. Our Neightbors from the other side watched and waited.

As we arrived the band arrived We opted for a quick stream of aggressions but as predicted naught has come of it but exhausted men and understaffed cooks and farms. Though the bodies of jackals will pile , they are quick to replace them as often as they raid villages and hollow our women.

" Hold steady you lot, we enter world Phase "
" For those with you bearings still on you report in ! "
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Not sure what precisely is going on with my baby, but I think I'm going to need to take her to a friend to get her checked out.


Name - Birch
Class - Porter
Gear: Hammer Mech (+2d6. +1d6 to Structure. Crush)
Hp: 9/20
Armor: 12
Energy: 0 / 20
Move Stat: 4 Tiles. 1 to turn
Pound Lot : Break down rubble. Full turn.
Claw : Reach 2, Hold M, Drag L.
Character in battle. This is not possible.
>Move 2N
>Get food

Cristobal Junta - Red Mage
Gear: Wind Book (rng 4 dmg +2)
Hp 8/8 Arm 4 Mov 2 Act 2 En 0/16
[Expand Spell] Burn 4E
[Wind Arrow] Prepare or burn 2E
[Stone Jut] 2/2 Arm 6
Prepared spells: Stone Jut
Alright, I'll redo my turn if that is alright.

Just thought that since I had not attacked, nor been attacked for a full turn, and that qualified for being out of battle.
I could use a tow back to the farm. Until then I'll just be a wall.

>Turn off engine.

Name - Birch
Class - Porter
Gear: Hammer Mech (+2d6. +1d6 to Structure. Crush)
Hp: 7/20
Armor: 12
Energy: 0 / 20
Move Stat: 4 Tiles. 1 to turn
Pound Lot : Break down rubble. Full turn.
Claw : Reach 2, Hold M, Drag L.

File: CoSOP.jpg (219 KB, 1500x1102)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
It is said everywhere, from trade-chatter in the Unfree Cities in the east to the Hoppalon Archipelagos in the west, that all rivers in the world share the same source. This is demonstrably untrue but nevertheless, if you know the right way, you can follow any river deeper and deeper inland up towards a single point. And rising there higher than any mountain, atop an aquatic plateau whose edges are perpetual waterfalls, is the city. It stands between the bickering central nations but obeys, respects and recognises none of them.
It has a name, Aquitae Cogituum, but this name barely matters as its citizens simply call it the City. For only rarely would they ever see another. And why would they? It is the grandest city in all the world. It sits close to the heart of all things, above the Font and is both above and separate from all the Lesser Realms. To the city, the matters of the world outside...don’t.

Down below, prophets dream of walking its streets and wars are fought and kings slain for their meagrest treasure. For here it is said that all magic is born. This is something only said by those of the Lesser Realms of course, as it is a statement that would only invite scorn above. Magic is a foreign word. The people of the city above have no word for magic in the same sense that fish would have no word for water. Of course you could say that a fish doesn’t have a word for anything but in the city it just might.

It is the City of Dreams, the City of Reflections and the City of Revelation. It is also, rather more relevantly, the City of Duels.
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Damn it. We made the wrong choice.
Thanks for running Ouro!
File: HC.png (87 KB, 950x852)
87 KB
>What were you afraid of?
The repeat of Moloch's Heavenly Child
But Heavenly Child was 10/10
Yes, and?

File: the end is coming.jpg (30 KB, 474x316)
30 KB
Rolled 66 (1d100)

You are a Sleeper from the Old World. Only to awaken to a New World of the Post Apocalypse. Now you are a stranger and foreigner to your own homeland. So much as changed and the only thing you recognize is the ruins of the old world. Naturally you were in shock. You never got to fulfill your mission because by the time you woke up it was already far too late. Things...were a blur for a time. You merely survived and were in a stupor before finally recovering. You are tired of just surviving you want something more.

It was a short time after your shock wore off you encountered a fellow member of the Old World. Someone who is called a 'Fallen' someone who survived the Fall...from them you learned many interesting things about this new world. Sadly when you tried to persuade them they refused to join you. Once they left you were in trouble. You met someone who was becoming who was becoming a Zombie as a last gesture of goodwill they gave you what was left of their supplies and went on in a blaze of glory to keep you safe. All he asked was to deliver a note to special spot marked for those like him...

In the end it wasn't enough. You were targeted by Monsters who hunt Mankind who since you were alone thought you to be easy prey. They really made you suffer. You fell twice for their traps they had sent up for you. They were far more intelligent then you were expecting and you suffered for it. They were no mere mutated beasts but something far worse. Far more intelligent and full of sinister intent for humanity.

In the end you were in deep shit and could of very well of died if it weren't for a group of survivors putting their lives on the line to save you. They lost comrades and you owed them a favor for their rescue. One that they called in right away and thus you set out with them to repay it. You visited an train station owned by Omnitech a Megacorp of the Old World. There you found much riches...and strangely little danger that set everyone on edge.

There you encountered the backup Security Systems AI a Hive Network. One that instead of destroying or looting you offered it aid. As a direct result it spared your life and most of those of your companions. According to them though since you ripped them off thanks to it you still owe them that favor...and when the AI asked for further help. You accepted.

Good thing too since it was becoming dark...and things get much MUCH worse at night over daytime. With the Security System in play however and a refuge you at least have a relatively safe place to stay for the night. The gang is still pissed at you though. As you have gotten some of them killed twice now for a Lost Stranger. Its only thanks to their Boss that it didn't come to blows. Luckily the supplies the AI so thoughtfully offered you all helped smooth things over...barely but even their Boss made it clear you still owed them that favor. Since you screwed them over in exchange for helping out the AI who lived at the place they were robbing.
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>>See what screaming is coming from the front of the train
Rolled 6 (1d100)

>Grab your ticket and head inside it
Rolled 25 (1d100)

>>Grab your ticket and head inside it
Just try to stop me
Rolled 34 (1d100)

Rolled 57 (1d100)

Well you DO technically have a ticket. SO why not NOT go inside. You ended up approaching the train just at the right moment to get run over by a meat bicycle being used by the insane train conductor.

He was saying this "VRRRMM" mimicking a motorcycle and "BANG BANG" with his finger pistols. Just as you were getting back up you could see him to start throwing gestures couple seconds later he screams BOOM. So and so on does he 'drives' around and attackings invisible enemies with invisible weapons. So you let him...chase whatever imaginary thing he saw away far away hopefully. Instead you approach the train and attempted to go through when the door slammed shut and a strange power pushed you back.

"TICKETS MUST BE HANDED TO THE CLURK AND YOUR NOT ALLOWED INSIDE UNTIL THEN," bellows a towering monstrosity of an abomination.

"Then where is the fucking clerk at?" You ask shouting back.

"Don't know space doesn't work right inside the train. Probably still hasn't found the door yet. So ah oh right why don't you use some of the old World Booths they should be able to process it," kindly suggests the Abomination.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

It is the year 25XX, hundreds of years ago a mysterious plague caused all food crops to mutate into monstrous predatory vegetables. 70% of the human population was wiped out by the vegetable monsters and the resulting famine. The survivors escaped into space and continue to live on moon bases and orbital habitats. Despite having access to weapons of mass destruction humanity cannot simply wipe out the vegetables. There was no time to secure untainted crop samples or livestock during the great evacuation; to feed itself humanity must kill the vegetables and consume their flesh.

The vegetables reproduce quickly on any land that can sustain plant life so no territory can truly be secured against them. Only the lifeless Great Interior Desert serves as a suitable staging platform for the endless war against the veggies. To counter their reproduction, humanity adopted a doctrine of drone warfare. From the desert vast command crawlers invade vegetable territory, their onboard fabricators churning out waves of disposable combat drones who gleefully blast apart the unrelenting tide of plant monsters, leaving the corpses for scavenger units to process into nutri-blocks and ship into orbit.

For some reason the drones are made to look like cute characters and imbued with an almost childlike devotion to their commanders. They will happily fight against impossible odds just to earn their commander’s praise.

66 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh yes, my mistake. Engines were supposed to be lvl 3 last turn.

Crawler boosts apply only for the turn they were made. I think posting the crawler status at the end of the turn might have given the wrong impression.
"Yach, clear yer drones outta the way, yeah?"
>Command: _^Z
>Crawler: Build Munitions

Name: Wendigo
-Command Perks: [FSDUP] FS 2-RL. [SDUP] Signal 2-ST
-Squad: 8/8
3A: Skirmisher (2/4hp)
3D: Skirmisher (1/4hp)
3E: Signal 2-ST (3/6hp)
3B: Signal 2-ST (4/6hp)
3C: FS 2-RL (6/6hp)
-Protocol: _^Z

"Move out and prepare to engage!"

>Protocol: _^Z

>Crawler: Boost PDF

"If anyone's willing to drive us towards the enemies, the automated turrets should help our drones clear them out."
Sorry guys, something came up, turn processing will be postponed, hopefully by only an hour, but I might have to delay it for a whole day.
We're facing Zulu? I'll send the girls south, then.

>ICP: _^4 !=S

Name: Yacherii
Command Perks: [Orbital Response Teams][Interlaced Command Packet]
Squad: 6A Sig 6B-D FS
Protocol: _^4

File: Maybe.jpg (205 KB, 850x1258)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>Statistics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p2K_evlFKjbblbSTf3ZSf-0xECyNHEeiQEgyiFdADcw/edit?usp=sharing
>Character: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F43-0W17qNQ3Q_FwOOQPYw8Rf4HmSCFrEcAv-uOPQD0/edit?usp=sharing
>Map/Locations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ns6pDh5fkzxTvBYSN_5dICL4JbVLwk7qiNyoNHPcdww/edit?usp=sharing
>Tasks: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1agFmzgoNb0jeqd2G9H2voZ5Zm4N6fxPTQXQyt_GY9ec/edit?usp=sharing
>Rolling Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D6xlxpzfqF_rC2iemL-OGhFkNK4uiy8PZdvjkkdVBPU/edit?usp=sharing
>Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=shipgirl+commander
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiceToTableTop
>Buy Me A Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/CnaZ3B8yg
>Discord: https://discord.gg/DXsehSp

You find yourself in a familiar office, now crowded with more bodies than it had been intended to house. The Admiral’s working space is more cluttered than you remember … and its inhabitants more apprehensive than you’d seen. On most days, anyway. Two of the three technicians had departed. The fairies were more excitable, angrier, than you’d seen before. There is an edge to the situation, whatever it was; whatever it is. Ooyodo and Fusou are apprehensive. The Admiral himself had been quiet in the short journey to his office, going over whatever data sheets Ooyodo had handed him over not two minutes ago. Both of them occasionally share gazes, but neither of them talk. Fusou stands by the window, the fairies buzzing all about her, flickering between transparency and opacity, blue and green glimmers of dust floating about with their irritated movements. The remaining technician practically dances on his heels by the shelf. He looks to be a man in his thirties, with a belly and a stubble to accompany a clean-shaven head. He reminds you of a substitute teacher, casting his gaze on a rambunctious collection of students.

It’s an atmosphere that has you curious.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>‘I … I’ll do my best, sir.’ (Accept)
>>‘I … I’ll do my best, sir.’ (Accept)
>>‘I … I’ll do my best, sir.’ (Accept)
>‘I … I’ll do my best, sir.’ (Accept)
Continuing tonight. Be there if you want to. About ... 4 hours from now, I suppose.

File: 1534224844034.png (131 KB, 711x609)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Dear Diary: Date 944.91M41.

It has been five years exactly, since I began this shit show of a regiment, and I have nothing to show for it. Well, besides an empty pocket book, actual shit smeared all across the walls of my private ship, and the Ordos breathing down my neck about the the Alpha legion Sorcerer whom stole the Eye of Solarius... Maybe I can blame it on that Harkus fellow, I hear all the women complaining about...

>A direct continuation of >>2896626

>What is this?
This is a Free-form roleplay set in the grim darkness of the far future of Warhammer 40,000. It follows the (often times) heretical adventures of a Regiment of Imperial guardsmen which have been forced to work for the Inquistion, recovering artifacts, fighting Xenos and chaos forces, and attempting to keep themselves from being executed by the nearest Commissar for heresy.

>When do you guys make these threads?
Usually Saturdays at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time. Although we'll often make a new thread throughout the week, if we hit the bump limit early on

>Can I join in?
Sure, just think of a character and have fun! So long as such a character isn't considered over powered or unrealistic (I.e. a Tyranid, a Tyranid's brain inside the body of a Mechanicus magos, or something that wouldn't realistically be assigned to a penal regiment)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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As you wish, Bellahla.
>Carefully sets her down onto the ground
>Once she lands on the ground set lets out a yawn.
Goodnight Dastan, my your cycle go well.
>She walks off to her chambers.
Goodnight, my lady.
>Goes over to the shrine and prays, recited an ancient Fenrisian Prayer
Genetor you said that the preperations for a checkup would be ready by now
Corporal actually private

File: Sibella and Gregory.jpg (44 KB, 531x800)
44 KB
Time for more fun and games in the Ghoulverse.

158 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Got stuff to do tonight, so updating will be seldom.

So far we're tied at 1 a piece for elsa and winnie.

Who are we going to play as?
Play as Elsa
Put arms around Benny’s shoulders, and give him the divine bedroom eyes
Give a low, sex growl while we’re at it
File: Spoiler Image (864 KB, 2954x2074)
864 KB
864 KB JPG
like this
Play as Winnie

anal, what else?

fucking topkek
Fuck it, go for Elsa

File: Junglebuilding.jpg (95 KB, 640x426)
95 KB
When the Chinese invaded two hundred years ago the people of O'ahu turned to vault 67 for refuge. Inside they were forced to become slaves to the inventor of Cram, William Hormel. They were given two options, fend for themselves outside or consent to serfdom in the safety of the vault; they chose a third option and mobbed the Hormel family with any makeshift weapon they could find. The Hormel family, initially unsure about their position in the vault, were forced to fight for their lives under the guidance of their crazed patriarch. They came out on top and the vault was under the full control of King William the First. The line of succession dropped from one king to the next until it fell at your feet, then it was stolen by your younger cousin citing a bogus line in the King's code.

In the last thread we left the vault in an expedition sponsored by your rival cousin, now king, John. You are currently exploring a pre-war school. The vastness of the Jungle swallows you.

What part of the school will you explore now?

Rolling rules are: Average of the 3 best rolls. The goal is to roll under the skill or trait involved.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2878268/

Books are good, we might learn something.

File: freelancers op7.jpg (77 KB, 564x797)
77 KB
Freelancers is a tactical combat game where each player controls their own character in battle against xeno scum. Clad yourself in powered armor, take up your gun and blade, and join the fight to reclaim your homeworld.

New and returning players are welcome.

Previous Threads:


Ravenking General Discord:

Skirmish General Discord:
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Could I have grapple hook then fired? I'm not sure if using a swift action renders me unable to fire the SMG
you could do such a thing, yes. I believe you can also grapple and use a snipe rifle. the restriction only applies to movement with your feet.
It is too late now, but yes.
Rolled 10 (1d10)

>West 1, North 2, Unstoppable Northeast 2, North 1, fire upon flanked Thrall 2.

The memories of Weavers were fuzzy in Dozer's head. They were something of an issue when he had faced one down a long time ago, but remembering the moves and strategies to get around them he had long since forgotten. The seismic force project needed small pauses to work properly, and even still, it was running on full drive. Staring down at the shotgun in his hands, he knew that there wasn't much he could do to help those in the middle. "Just keep going." He mumbled to himself as he stepped out from the cover he had made inside the wall.

A scav dropship was inbound close to his location, most likely dropping off much needed scav reinforcements. With it blocking the direct west route to Office, now revealed to be a Worm spawning drop, him and the rest of the freelancers would need to divert down the middle. The worms were taking over bit by bit, but they should make it to control soon enough, possible a few more pushes. "Ermez, Smokes, Gryph, follow in behind me. Taking point, and pushing forward." Seeing the Thrall exposed, worried about the approaching worm, Dozer levels his shotgun again.

Name: Dozer (Legacy of Gallows)
Class: Knight
Level: 1
Health: 7/6+1(7 with Charged Vest)
Barrier: 1
Mobility: 5+2 (Phasing boots)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 9 (1d10)

Name: Thoth
Class: Mage
Level: 4
Spells: Channeler, Arcanery, Mirror Image (One image), Voidcaller, Surge (Two Charges)
Weapons: Scout Rifle (Dmg 2, Rng 25, +1 to hit, Break 1), Bonnie (Dmg 4, Rng 10, Break 1, Holding Aces)
Gear: Flame Grenade (Dmg 1, Rng 15, Burn, Break 2, Area 2, sets fire to area), Mana Grenade (Dmg 2, Rng 15, Break 2, Area 2, Destructive)
Health: 5/5
Mobility: 6
Barrier: 1/1

Move 5 North
Shoot Worm closest to Thrall 2 w/ Bonnie

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hello and welcome to Mahou Shonen Quest! You'll be playing as fifteen year-old Kageki Shinohara, a first year in genric japanese high school, who will soon awaken hidden powers that place him in an important position to decide the fate of his home town, and possibly even the world.

There will be plenty of allies and enemies made along the way, as you survive against the monster of the week and slowly uncover the cause behind the strange things going on. The exact nature of the people and relationships around him will be decided by the choices you make, including the nature of Kageki himself.

Rolls will be 1d100, best of three, and write in are encouraged. If there's anything I disagree with the direction of the write in, I'll be sure to let you all know and work with you to reach something I can enjoy writing as much as you'll enjoy reading.

In the future updates will only be once a day, but will be going on nearly every night (and the days that I don't update the story I'll be sure to post and apologize) as my work schedule typically doesn't leave much room to dedicate a large amount of time to writing. I do however have the entirety of today off, and am planning on using it to get us as far as possible. I'm also not great at collecting images, and will only be posting them whenever I need to start a thread. Today votes will be finalized 20 minutes after the first vote is made. Thank you for reading. Now without any further delay, let's get started!
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>>Use your phone, shine a light into the darkened alley.
>shine a light into the darkened alley
BUT step away from the entrance to the alley, atleast a meter or two, so we dont get engobblified
Apologies everyone, but I'm still having difficulties figuring out how to get this next part rolling, and am gonna need to push it back to tomorrow night.

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