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File: 0.png (117 KB, 500x500)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Grizzled space pirate: "She said her name was Cristal Cutless, have y'heard of her?"

"No, this is the first we've heard of her, but be careful. If she blew up that ship of endangered xenopusses who knows what other heartless thing she's capable of."

"Endangered? Just how many are there in the galaxy?"

"Just one, now. She will be waiting for a ship, and a husband, that never arrives." The voice sighs.

"I see," says the grizzled space pirate. "Why was the ship full of explosives?"

"The male xenopuss, Octavian, he's a paranoid fella, being the second-last of his kind. He filled the ship with defensive weapons to bring back to his home planet. Being paranoid didn't work out for him in the end though, did it?"

"Mmm, mmm.... all right. I'll be careful and thanks for ther information. I'll wire y'some jink for your trouble."


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QM, did you remember to read the QM pastebin before starting?

On another note, I was one of the players from your 2nd thread that made that somewhat complicated battle plan. Was that too complicated for the quest at the time? I forget to ask you about it earlier.
File: Bye!.png (44 KB, 378x339)
44 KB
My quest is pretty conventional for a drawquest, but before doing drawquests I did some very conventional write-quests.

I think you're probably right about questing generally. Some get warmer, but those things are ever present obstacles to every quest I've seen. They are things that go against roleplay by their very nature so everyone QM and player alike has to deal with them in some way, I think.

Lurking does just as good as the pastebin, and better actually. Pastebin has advice that isn't actually true, like don't let your players name anything. That's always worked out fine for me.

I think my biggest problem is just scheduling, and time of year. At least for this particular set of quests.

But thank you for the advice, I still appreciate it.

No, your plan wasn't too complicated. I can draw or respond to anything someone posts. I am not even sure which battle plan you're referring too, that's how little it bothered me.

Nothing you guys did bothered me, it was all good. :)

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Oh man
damn I thought your quest were alot of fun sorry you didnt get more popular.
It's ok it happens, thanks for dropping in and letting me know you found them fun!

File: ship.jpg (36 KB, 852x480)
36 KB
Your name is Theo. You are a twenty one year old kid on some coastal town on the pacific american coast, and for some reason despite your age and the current year, you want to be a pirate.

You ignore the fact that the pirate fantasy was during the seventeenth through eighteenth centuries, and that pirating in the pacific coast today is near suicide, because you were raised to follow dreams, dammit. Pirates were men unbounded by laws on watery worlds outside every jurisdiction. Each man's vessel was his own kingdom, where he was truly a free man. In the past, this fact was a mere matter of fact; today, it seems the most valuable of luxuries.

Although like many children, you were raised hearing and reading about fictionalized and real life pirate stories, your reimagination of the fantasy came from...

> A: Drama Student: After some years of character study, you are used to the idea of acting out characters that have much richer histories than your own boring life. In a way, your fantastic imagination complements your ability as a working thespian because you can put yourself into a very convincing act. A recent role in a pirate themed play sparked your dream to become a modern day pirate, and you want to fully explore this role until you practically transform into the character-- permanently [Theo starts with strong speech skills]
> B: Explorer: Born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore the galaxy, but born just in time to explore the ocean! You have reason to believe that even with satellite technology and a globally connected world, much of the world's oceans are unexplored. Minor island cultures, new ocean species, unusual geographic features; all never before looked upon by civilized eyes! You adored the fantasy of the pirate being an explorer in exotic lands. You've taken great study to learn practical and contemporary navigation methods, including stargazing, cartography, and geography. [Theo will start with strong navigation skills]
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Check both profiles while cruisn'
No need to roll friendo
Sorry m8y this be my first quest
its ok me laddie, my first time qming this sort of quest
made new thread since quest is still kinda new

File: image.jpg (382 KB, 1000x1251)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
It is the 41st Millenium, and there is only war. Millions upon millions of worlds are being besieged by Traitors, Heretics, Xenos, and Daemons alike. Defending themselves is the Imperium of Man, a colossal, Galaxy-spanning empire, under one of the most absurdly totalitarian regimes in all of history.

You are someone who seeks to bring down this establishment. You are a worshipper of the Dark Gods of Chaos, a despoiler of all that's civilised and pure, the Lost and the Damnned. Who are you as a person though?

>What is your name?
>What is your background?
>What was your reason for turning to Chaos?
>Which God do you worship?
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Enlightened by the visions you had just seen, you imposingly run up to the nearest officer, and bellow "AIM THIS SHIP AT THE NEAREST POPULATED PLANET AND RENAME IT KHORNE'S PHALLUS!!" Whimpering, the officer sets a course for the nearest populated planet, an:

>Hive World
>Forge World
>Hive World

More skulls, more blood, more gangers to rally behind us
This. Try to infiltrate the lower tiers of the city first and start gathering gangs.

File: 1495272837238.jpg (113 KB, 1680x1050)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Previous thread!-


Last time on XenoMorph Quest we began our humble beginnings on a isolated Scientific Research Station conducting strange and probably illegal experiments in the space equivalent of international waters. We slaughter scientists and androids, create a queen and gain two powerful assets early.

Our current hive total is
1 Queen
21 eggs
4 drones
1 Shadow
1 Predalien
1 Heavy Warrior.

We have 12 Human Captives and a Tyrosian Thumper from the secure specimen storage.

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On the way!
>Hunter’s Instinct
Applies to: Predalien
The desire to stalk and kill prey runs deep in the veins of both your species, your expertise in tracking the prey, striking from the shadows, and making the kill are fully expressed with this mutation.
+2 to Stealth rolls
+2 to Ambush rolls

>Proto Queen (Multi-stage mutation)
Applies to: Predalien
The Predalien casts off imperfect genes and becomes a latent queen, it loses it’s inner mouth and in exchange it can implant human hosts to grow the hive. You’ve taken your first steps on the path to a new and unfamiliar path!
+Can create new Xenomorphs
-Xenomorphs created by Proto-Queens can only be warriors
+Improved damage resilience
-Reduced damage in close combat


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File: ptzf5bg4xp2zqteap9sw.jpg (25 KB, 800x450)
25 KB
Is QM banned again?
Did he died?
How can mirrors be real?
Not liking the sudden silence

File: Admor.png (5.58 MB, 4000x2000)
5.58 MB
5.58 MB PNG
Twelve years have passed since the mists drew back, and revealed the unspoiled wilderness that is Admor. Our budding civilizations are bumping into one another.

Great evil has spread across the face of the lands, and been chased back into the darkness. The dark dryad, Julhana’s first plot to bespoil the face of Admor has been thwarted by the elves of the Belegorn tribe with an important assist by Oberon and the kingdom of the Fae. Still, the evil witch runs free, and has seduced another to the Dark Sidhe. One thing is for certain, they will be heard from again.

Trade and commerce are beginning to bloom and thrive with the establishment of our first trade routes.

our Discord channel:https://discordapp.com/channels/280551200003194881/280551200003194881

pop in and inquire if you wish to join

The forces of magic our civilizations have been taming apparently have a downside, as not all magical awakenings are beneficial in nature. The core of Admor leaks a dark substance that taints all it touches, and like the all things, it doesn’t touch all things equally. The forests it soaks turn gnarled and forlorn and the inhabitants become feral and ravenous, and sometimes they Awaken, and hell breaks loose. Running loose on the drought ravaged plains to the east of the noble Aarakocra, a species of flightless hunting bird has awakened. Due to their ability to move in complete silence, they are called awakened stealth raptors in the common tongue (not yet invented). Their bellies are gnawed by a non stop hunger that is not satiated by food, no matter how much they eat, they must seek the next meal… which bodes poorly for any who live nearby.
Turn 50
Forest Pelts
Action1 [Research] [Mathematics] With the current issues of the temple being had some of the gnolls have decided to delve into better ways of keeping track of the numbers so to speak of where the star signs are meant to be.
>Math T1 75/100

Action 2 [Build] Temple Shrine 449/500
>500/500 T1 Shrine: Complete

PP100-(10Unit+4Character)=86 for project 1 Attempt to get that math stuff finished quick like.
>Math T1 160/500
Joining in as Merfolk
OH SHIT is this the same guy??
The invite has expired
Rolled 36, 51 = 87 (2d100)

Turn 50

A1:Continue working on plans for the library

A2:Continue working on culture by getting people to be more religious (Accepting admor) and less scared of her gift the pool of holy water.

PP:91 Dumping it into getting T2 writing


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File: Shut it down.jpg (8 KB, 210x240)
8 KB
Previous threads:
Cards owned and decklists: https://pastebin.com/paeJYkxe
Twitter with updates: @QstingPlaymaker
(We're currently using the Speed Duel format)
You are Gerard Xavier , a duelist taking part in the Kaibacorp beginner tournament.

...at least that's what was supposed to happen. Instead, after falling into an existential crisis due to loosing too much (as you do), you were startled by the weirdest thunderstorm you've ever seen. It even left a card for you- a Synchro, no less.

But now Mokuba Kaiba took a couple Henchmen to apprehend you, and you don't know why.


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Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree would be great too.
One hour until it's morning in Europe.
File: Sorry people.jpg (145 KB, 1500x923)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
There is no episode today, I've stuff to do.

Updates on when the next episode appears will be on my twitter:

Once again, thanks everyone for participating. Se y'all next time.
Looking forwards to it Playmaker!
Hey guys, I had an idea. What if we, and bare with me here, what if we played Card Games, but on Motorcycles?

Previous Thread: >>1441536

New players are always welcome!

In this quest you assume the role of an aspiring student who is about to enter the Mageknight Academy. You must hone your skills, make some friends (and perhaps also some enemies) and fight battles in order to prove yourself worthy of graduating as a fully fledged Mageknight! Each year (every 100th turn) your character will be tested by the academy to see if your character is progressing well and meeting the Academy's high standards. After the 3rd year your character will head off into a their first mission for a final test.

How to Join:
New players must fill out their character sheets. The sheet must include the following information:
>Anyone can join at any time. Latecomers and laggers are given bonus action points to catch up with the other players.
1) Your character's full name
2) Your character's backstory, appearance and any other useful information.
3) You are given 3 Skill Points. Choose 1 starting spell and 2 other skills or spells.

How to Play:
1) Each turn you will be given 2 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions along with a 2d100 roll.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: skirmish.jpg (83 KB, 400x400)
83 KB
Long Range Skirmish between the [Corrupted Deertaur] and the [Madrid Marching Band]
>Advantage: Corrupted Deertaur +15
>Deertaur: 3 + 15 = 18 vs 23 (Madrid Marching Band)

Seeing the carnage being displayed before them, the Mageknight students of the Marching Band falters. Their well practiced and drilled military music does not completely cover the distance. The loud boisterous percussion and the brass trumpets come out disjointed, somewhat drowned out by the howls of the Deertaur as well as the gasps of the Marching Band themselves. In a desperate bid you, Nicholas Penn, begin belting out, louder and louder, that you are a ALL STAR. Busting into a song and dance, all that glitters may not be gold. But at this moment you project the confidence in your place in the universe and on this battlefield. Planting yourself in their ranks, you replace their faltering resolve with a mad energy. They ditch the military music and begin to play into your own Song. Due to your understanding of sonic theory you start directing their wild energies towards the terrible spectacle.
File: clash.jpg (44 KB, 522x350)
44 KB
Initial Clash between the [Corrupted Deertaur] and the [Hunters of the Watch]
>Advantage: Corrupted Deertaur +5
>Deertaur: 10 + 5 = 15 vs 44 (Hunters of the Watch)

Atop of the walls, the first Deertaur drops their twisted branch and grabs their head. Steady streams of viel and disgusting fluids pour out of their mouth, nose, and eyes. The ground is stained in the Defenders blood and the Deertaurs corruption. A nauseating breeze picks up that scent and wafts over the Frontline Hunters of the Watch. Ever the professionals they wrap their faces up in scarfs appearing like bandits from some far off and wild frontier. A division of the Deertaur separate from the bulk of the raiders, finally taking stock of your forces. Belting challenges against these stern figures they lower their heads and bar their goring antlers ready to charge.

The Hunters pick up their pikes and sure them against the ground, forming a defensible pike wall. For several moments, the air seems to empty itself from all sound. The focus of the men is razor sharp, simply waiting for the first clash.When it comes, it comes much too quickly for anyone to definitive determine.

In an instant, the backline fires their crossbows landing into the charging hides. And yet from the Deertuar themselves, they hurl small grubs, still covered in embryonic fluid, which land besides the crossbow men and latch ontop them. A new cry reaches the men, "OH GODS, THEIR BITTY TEETH." Those Deertaur that charge are impaled against the pikemen spears. The fierce melee begins. Blood, Taint, and bodies fall to the ground. The two sides collide, neither falling. The influence of the Marching Band and their ALL STAR, Nicholas, beings to erode the Corrupted Deertaur's backlines, ever so slightly, ever so much. A end to the conflict seems to be in sight. The winning Strategy is about to bear fruit. Until you hear an awful, terrible, HORRIBLE Roar explode behind you.
File: oh lordy.jpg (31 KB, 500x281)
31 KB
Reinforcements from the Forest
>Advantage: Corrupted Deertaur +10
>Deertaur: 99 + 10 = 109 vs 70 (The Fey)

From behind you, breaking through a dozen trap vines, comes a Terror, a Monster, an abomination to earthly biological understanding. It stands ten meters tall, this amalgamation of different creatures. It's many heads, and many antlers turn in the direction of your exposed backlines where the Marching Band stands safely away from the melee but directly in the creature's charging path. It stomps its hooves on the ground sending shock waves throughout the combatants. It gives another mighty deafening roar opening its maw and revealing the hundreds of diseased and serrated teeth fitting better in a prehistoric Lizard King than any other.
File: final_combat.jpg (24 KB, 500x333)
24 KB
Reinforcements from the [Cuerda Sukeban]
>Advantage: None
>Deertaur: 31 vs 91 (Cuerda Sukeban)

The Girl Gang, Cuerda Sukeban, shrieks and screams back in their own battle cry and charges the Monster threatening their backlines. Some brandish swords stolen from real Mageknights armories, Some bring to bear their Yoyos, All run together as one. Their footfalls seemingly directed by an unseen hand. The first group of girls throw their Yoyos wrapping around the Monster's arms, digging their heels in and fruitlessly pulling it back. For their efforts they are cast aside and thrown across the battlefield crashing into the Marching Bands lines. Disaster or Victory, the success of the this adventure hangs on a razor's edge. The music is still pumping and eroding the Corrupted Deertaur away from the fight. And yet, this Monster threatens to crash against their lines. The Cuerda Skueban are distracting the Monster as best as they can, but who knows if it'll be enough… Time?

You, Suzanna Yossarian, are thrown into the air after another failed attempt to bring the creature down. You crash into Nicholas who is for some reason holding a stopwatch. And in an instant the world stands still allowing you some breathing round. And a moment to think of how to tackle this Monster attempting to steal your Victory.

>Report to the #battle_arena, for the final combat.
Rolled 1, 76, 18, 81 = 176 (4d100)

Name: Markus Milton
From: USA

>Turn: 120
Train (First Aid): With Master Kiru out of commission, and the clinic on over time because of it, Markus attempted to follow routine none the less. Limiting his more magical training in efforts to reserve his mana for surges in the Clinic. So instead he resolved to brush up on his first aid responses in his training time. Luckily Jerry served as a great practice dummy for these times. [Related Skills: Basic Biology (+1), Basic First Aid Theory (+1), Basic Mathematics (+1), Intermediate Alchemy (+2), Doctor's Speed (+2), Steady Hands (+2), Advance Immunology (+3)]

>Study (Thaumaturgical Medicine): Medicine was a strong passion of his, and he found with both Remi and Kiru currently out of his means of access it gave him a familiar comfort. So he dove into the books available whenever he felt his mood slipping. Which as it happened was frequent.

>Turn 121
>Train (Blood Regeneration): With the the recent attacks creeping up, Markus felt it was high time to refine the spells he already had access with. His regeneration spell had been a big part of his first Thesis, so he started with that. [Relevant skills: Basic Biology (+1), Advance Mana Refinement (+3), Advance Blood Magic Theory (+3), Master Blood Medicine Theory (+5), Master Healing Magic Theory (+5)]

>Study (First-Aid Theory): He knew the practical steps and knowledge to things, but the academic hows and whys still escaped him at points. That needed to be corrected if he was going to make any serious head-way into things. So poured over the charts and books in Master Kiru's office.

File: Ranger Quest Image.jpg (160 KB, 770x1037)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Your name is Wade Harrison. You are a proud NCR Ranger... well were an NCR Ranger. After the damn'd Courier took control New Vegas and the Dam, you were captured Legionaires. For the past 6 months you have a been a slave to the Legion or at least what remains of the Legion. After the battle at the Dam, Legate Lanius struggled to keep the men in order, there was a huge power vaccum after Caesar's death and nothing could stop a civil war between the nation. None of that matters to you however, you are still a slave to a Legionary group loyal to Lanius. A Legionaire by the name of Krane leads the group that held you captive, he spends most of the time in his tent while those below him do all the work. Currently you are being kept as a slave in a Legion camp just outside of Albuquerque. That is where Lanius is held up as he devises a plan to take back control of the Legion. All you have left on you is some wasteland rags and a slave collar.

You've spent months as a slave to the Legion, but tonight is the last you'll ever be in binds again. You now lie in the slave tent, where you and two young women reside. It is night, so almost everyone but the guards are asleep. While setting up camp, you were able to snag a hunting knife from from one of the men. You cut off the rope that binds your wrists. The blood rushes through you're body, the feeling of freedom is almost orgasmic. One of the young women awakens to the sound of the rope cutting. She motions her binds towards, she wants to be freed.

>What will you do?
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The NCR is a shadow of it's former self. The ideals you held so high no longer reside in in you. You head east to Austin. Maybe you can make a new life for yourself. It's brotherhood controlled territory, so it'll be more friendly than Legion will ever be.

The journey to Austin will begin tomorrow guys. Good night!
Dead thread?
Looks like I missed out on all the fun
sorry guys finals got in the way of all this. ill continue this in a month from now. keep an eye out for it

File: SSQ_PRICEDOWN_OPv2.png (514 KB, 584x732)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
You're Emilou Apacci, one of a handful of arrancars who've decided that you prefer to work together with shinigami rather than against them. Which of course means that you've got to help deal with their problems every so often, but that's not entirely a bad thing. You don't mind helping Lady Riku, and if you're really being honest with yourself you've actually be able to enjoy most of the fights. It may not be the 'highest' parts of your nature but it's probably not healthy to deny the facts.

And fact of the matter is, you're feeling really good about that one.

“The hell is this?” the man you struck groans, rubbing his gut where you buried your fist in it. “Some kinda freaky deer woman... holy shit are you a hollow!?”

“Yeah,” you grumble, “I am. And you're messing up my home, so do me a solid and either fuck off or die. Your choice, but either way get it over with quick.”

“Did I miss something!?” he shouts, seemingly still stuck on the point. “Why're hollows and shinigami working together?”

“I can explain it all,” you offer before a sonido-empowered charge, at the end of which you backhand him through a nearby wall. “Fuck you, that's why.”

“You're gonna regret that...” you hear his voice from the cloud of dust.

“I doubt it,” you grin, raising your fists. “Though you're welcome to try and make me.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I mean, did you really think this was going to be a happy story?
Been watching some Shinkai, have we?
Some what now?
Someone worth googling about.

You can thank me later.

No man afraid of black water chapter 1.

In the year of our Lord, 1961 you play the role of Jack William Abel, a carpenter who resides in Donaldsonville Louisiana, You are 30 years of age, no wife or children, But a girlfriend you plan on marrying soon, you just haven't popped the question. You have a 2 bedroom house slightly outside of town in the boons,(swampish area) a truck, a single shot break barrel 10 gauge shotgun you keep next to your bed along with a box of 50 unshot shells, a .357 revolver in your truck with 100 rounds of ammunition. You have both for personal protection, you live in a quiet small town but it never hurts to be prepared. You are somewhat well respect in your community as you are a hard working, honest man. Your mother passed away when you were younger, 13 to be exact, your father lives in there house deeper in the boons. You heard from Sally the friendly elderly woman down the road that a salesman has been seen in town, but he hasn't sold anyone anything.
You awake to the sound of 2 heavy knocks on your front door. Confused you race to get dressed. "Who the hell is knocking on my door and how did they get out here?" You think to yourself. Pulling up your suspenders, you make your way through your living room to your front door. You open it to find a man dressed in a black loose suit, overcoat and topped off with a black streamline hat, holding a brief case. "Morning" he greets you with a thick Mississippi dialect and a wide upstart smile "Sure is" you reply annoyed, but still attempting to be pleasant to this stranger. "My name Is, Everett Abaddon, pleased to make your acquaintance Mr. Abel".
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
"I'll do it if it means Marie will be safe. but why can't you kill him if you're some sort of powerful God?" You ask blankly "because I am bound by my father's words not to touch those blessed by my cursed brother. " he says with mallace, "and he is?" You ask puzzled "YES, THAT IS WHY YOU MUST KILL HIM FOR ME!" his voice shook the earth below you and your house, "my apologies, this is business" he says loosening his tie and pulling out a metal ciggerete holder, he pops it open revealing 19 rolled ciggeretes, he takes one and holds the container in your direction "smoke?", you take one, your by no means a smoker but you have been known to smoke with friends or under stressfull situations, like this one.
"Anyways friend, all you got to do is shake my hand and kill Preston Dennings and we're all squared away, you'll never see me again but more importantly you get to see Marie again." He says as he offers out his hand

>shake his hand and begin preparing to kill Preston

>don't shake his hand but agree to kill preston

>Ask for a light for your smoke then shake his hand and agree to kill Preston

>ask for a light and just agree to kill Preston without shaking his hand

>do nothing.

Whatever decision we make now will be the end of chapter one and I'll start up chapter 2 later today cuz I have to get some sleep. Everyone cool with that?
>>Ask for a light for your smoke then shake his hand and agree to kill Preston
Can you guarantee me that I won't go to prison for this or do I have to work out that part on my own?
Good night.
You reach out and shake his hand, while lighting your ciggerete, "so will I go to prison for this orr-" he cuts you off "no, don't worry about the authority's let me handle that" he shakes your hand, puts his hat on looks up at you "Be seeing you, Mr. Abel" and with that he takes his brief case and leaves.

End of chapter one.

Song to finish chapter: Marriage of a dead coyote woman- all them witches.

It's just a cool song that fits with story lol good night peeps, chapter two will start later today or tommrrow so be aware. :)

File: neet_quest_one.jpg (23 KB, 432x432)
23 KB
You got decent grades in high school, and upon graduation decided to shack up your parent's basement while you looked for a job and saved up money for a place to live.The only thing that prevented you from doing this was the fact that you didn't want a job. You decided to become a NEET and more or less stayed inside your basement in the eight years following. Now you're a 26 year-old man who passes his days in his basement dicking around. The only problem is that your parents are fed up with you living in the basement, and have demanded that you start paying rent. Now you have to earn money somehow, as loathe as the idea of having to earn money is.

>What weird skills have you gained from eight years on the internet: choose two
>What do you have lying around to help you other than your computer and video game systems: choose two

Goal: Earn $2000 in 30 days
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I would have suggestion trying to be an animator since there's a massive animator shortage in Japan right now, but this works to XD
sell drugs
The darknet can always be a back up for that, good cheap resource for all drugs

Thats true... idk in my own experience working as any kind of media editor takes a very long time to complete work and you get paid by someone else on their terms, right? So we have to get 2000$ on our own terms before our time is up. But might be a person we can advertise for or something
I think a phone is crucial if we are to ever leave this basement...

Coding books idk, it's super easy to find any coding information online. I use stackoverflow personally. I can only imagine books being good for beginners.

Klonipin might be good if QM throws us a "You try to negotiate but are too nervous" fast ball.

But I didn't even think about phone i'd be hyped for that.
>A prized, small, vintage anime miniature collection.
>ancient Nokia Phone

File: SBFH 8.2.png (638 KB, 1056x824)
638 KB
638 KB PNG

With your polesaw in hand you begin turning overturned trees into big wooden wheels that Verde simply rolls off to the ditches at the side of the road. It’s a simple and well practiced routine that extends through the Sirens’ breakfast, both of you just buckling down and getting the work done in tandem easily.

In fact the wood is so swiftly parted that you have a little bit of free time before you get moving. Thankfully you haven’t missed any rehearsals or anything, since you need to learn a whole new production by tomorrow night. At least Switchwick won't be on your back, since she’ll be too busy - well on her back.

The thought makes you flush a little and you think Verde notices. You go back and forth whether Frank’s magic awakening your libido was a blessing or a curse. Probably wouldn’t have got together with Honamurei without it - but it also results in urges you’d rather not deal with during fighting.

> [ZEN] Get some sunshine fist practice in

> [CURIOSITY] Spend some time with Verde

> [WORRY] Search for signs of Stalker. If it isn’t dead it’s still out there

> Write-In

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
40 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.

That and family being a shit.

[WORRY] level up.

> New Passive

> New Form

Will get votes and write when shit settles down hopefully.
>> New Passive

Updated sheet, family drama won't fuck off so haven't started writing yet.


Worry; Able to tell when an ally will be taken out of battle by an attack (and whether it’s a death or maiming)
Sorry I disapeared guys. Life's been... fucking brutal the past 3 days and Outside of time applied to D&D I've been keeping an eye on family. It's almost 2am and first time I've been properly able to relax.

I'll try and find time for more cabin & SBFH outside of this busy week.

Going to archive then crash.
It's okay boss; take it easy for a bit.

See you next time!

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In the far away land of Arizona... In the year 2035.... something incredible is happening...

The Pheonix is rising from the ashes and our young heroes, fresh out of Highschool, now face an even greater threat. College!
Meanwhile something else, perhaps more sinister, is brewing deep in the heart of the lonely town of Pheonix.
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Rolled 2 (1d20)

Seeing as things resolved themselves better than expected, Worm leaves the scene of the bizarre encounter and looks for something to fight on campus.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Haq continues blushing at the naked woman
"I'm Haq, and what do you mean what hind of man am I?"
Her face goes completely red upon seeing the Woman's full naked body.
"Uh, yeah..."
Diplomacy of course!

Blush and slowly take his hand, imagining more pats from him.
"A-Alright, what e-ever you say..."
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Chop into the deer with my butcher blade.

File: title card.jpg (93 KB, 3000x2000)
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You are Hizuyo, a rebel against the local shogun's samurai, and you are rather skilled at sneaking around and stabbing people, among other related things. Unfortunately, you aren't that skilled, so you got caught here in this cell, but you were knocked out so you don't actually know where you are or who got to you. No matter what, you gotta get out of here.

There's dirt below you, stone walls around you, a couple of barred windows and one barred wooden door with what sounds like 2 guards outside it. The ceiling seems a bit weak, but too high to just wail on. How are you gonna try to escape?
File: title card.png (902 KB, 3000x2000)
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902 KB PNG
Less compressed image. No idea why I tried to use jpgs ever
Well shit. Try the bars. We are a ninja, after all.
Take off your top and attempt to seduce the guards.

File: Ultra Supernova quest 3.jpg (584 KB, 1948x804)
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584 KB JPG
Previous: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1437146/
Char Sheet: http://pastebin.com/mYBvajGn
Other Character Sheets!: http://pastebin.com/K05wcqLy <Going to add emi as soon as I can>
Sparks are flying everywhere, the world has become a shower of light, colors and heat. Usually when I assimilate someone it happens in an instant, but something feels a little different this time. Something is...wrong? No not wrong, but this is most peculiar, it is almost as if something has changed my perspective on what I am seeing...or something is making the wires in my brain fire at random intervals rather than the set pattern they usually have! How fascinating.

"Oh...oh no" I hear my genetic momma's voice say in my head as I slowly stand up, her lab coat hanging over mine and my skull like mask changed to resemble her goggles in some way, no idea how it happened but I guess we subconsciously changed it to make it look less grim. And my ears are longer and bouncier.

"Hey, eve I have an important question to ask you honey, you're seeing what I am right?" Emily sparks asks in my head

I turn, seeing behemoth, but instead of what he was, he's dressed like a wolf in a suit, quite literally. How odd. Thankfully all of the streams of energy and data are still in the sky, at least things aren't completely different and silly

"Oh good, no wait the opposite of that" She says as Behemoth realizes what's going on and tightens his grip on my arm "God its so weird having a clear....wait I'm inside you right now? How does that work? always been curious but well, couldn't keep my head straight to ask! always thought you just sort of ate people"

Oh, sorry I'm having some problem paying attention right now. Why hasn't anyone used the sun as the power source for a mecha yet? Seems like you could get around the massive problems they have with eating through whatever power source you put inside of them. And no, its more like I simply break their bodies down to their base elements and keep their mind safe inside mine, since I have more than enough space to spare to continue function normally with a few guests

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I just go really paranoid that you'd end FSRQ just after the upcoming time skip...
File: EVERYBODY HAPPY.jpg (8 KB, 488x488)
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Either way good to know
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Be afraid (don't be afraid)
I'm sure I'll be able to set a day if you ask me in a bit

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