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Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
Episode 9: The Nightly Rapings of Krauss
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It's fine. I'm not hung up on the idea. I just hope nobody is disappointed.
I didn't really have an answer after Jessica wrapped her legs around me that wasn't overtly lewd or pathetic.
File: 1237251063779.jpg (57 KB, 500x718)
57 KB
The role play was getting old, to be honest.
Help /seacats/.
I cannot hear Ougon Musou's soundtrack when playing, yet I hear all the SFX. Anyone knows what to do to fix it?
File: Jessica bra and panties.png (380 KB, 516x1189)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Well, since it won't come up in a rp anymore, I might as well post this edit I had prepared for Jessica.

File: mirror.png (594 KB, 1595x866)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Who would win in a fight?
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I never asked for this!
File: NeVS0ss.png (109 KB, 416x449)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
File: NmJ7e4T.png (115 KB, 402x442)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
thanks meng
File: QIOv4bF.png (174 KB, 474x494)
174 KB
174 KB PNG

File: Comfy Chen.jpg (322 KB, 1200x1600)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Adopt a soft girl and stay comfy this winter!

Places to buy fumos and other plushes:



Buyee/Yahoo Auction Japan:

Tokyo Otaku Mode:

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File: 20161024_080618.jpg (3.37 MB, 4128x2322)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB JPG

So the washing machine just finished up...
To be quite honest, I don't know how I'll dry these things. I might just hang them on the clothesline and have them bathe in the sun.
she's looking very shiny
File: fumo gore.jpg (182 KB, 960x720)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
File: 20161024_083515(0).jpg (3.3 MB, 4128x2322)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
I came up with this instead just now.
Good thing we had a few spare lying around.
those bears are really cute

File: asbestos.jpg (18 KB, 350x260)
18 KB
Fuck you customs edition

Heres your goddamn stickies
General Information - http://pastebin.com/0bzKekqW
Useful sites - http://pastebin.com/ECRgxz6u
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I bought more than once on Booth, logging in with my Pixiv account. I used BiginJapan forwarding service, and it was for preorder items every time. You can just place the order yourself on Booth, pay with your credit card (it will be billed immediately) and put the address of your forwarder of choice as destination. Should you use BiJ don't forget to buy one of their forwarding tickets anytime after you place your order, but before they receive the item (when it ships).
Otherwise you can simply ask your favorite proxy to buy it. They'll do the same procedure and will notify when receiving the item.

Are you by chance ogling the same >>15944587 Udonge daki cover I'm considering getting?
File: kagari4.gif (885 KB, 268x170)
885 KB
885 KB GIF
I just put one in for my creepy waifu with an artist on deviantart, kimmy77. He's not a nippon, but his shit is good. His commissions fill fast cause he is prob the only english speaking commissioner that isn't a stack of shit. Also, he is really cheap at about 60 or so dollars a character/side.

Otherwise, nippon commissioners on pixiv might run several hundreds of dollars and only communicate in moonrunes.
Does anyone wake up hugging their daki? I fall asleep cuddled, with my daki between my legs and my arms wrapped around the top, but whenever I wake up; my daki is always pushed to the side of my bed against the wall.

Only once or twice have i woken up still hugging my daki. Its a good feeling to be instantly greeted with the warmth of your waifu, but those moments have been very rare for me.
I sleep with two or three every night so it's pretty hard for me to not wake up tangled up in at least one.
Anyone else not have a daki because there are none of their waifu? I want to get one with her and I would get a custom one but the only "daki art" (didn't know what else to call it) of her is so far from the original art style that it doesn't look like like her.

Hey /jp/! Let's draw together!
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File: jaypeescapes.png (414 KB, 900x540)
414 KB
414 KB PNG
File: 1477257832226.jpg (210 KB, 970x1139)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Can I get a drawing of either Tewi or Reisen being forced to eat all the carrots. Pic related.
File: Aino Kishi - IPZ-433.webm (2.97 MB, 960x540)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
Webm related.
File: every day yay.png (74 KB, 900x540)
74 KB
This is literally the greentext about the hooker that was once posted on /b/ with ''As I hand her a bowl of eggs'', the one where anon took a hooker to take care of in his house. Which one of you did this?

File: A1OoPC0TQpL._SL1500_ (1).jpg (537 KB, 1181x1500)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
This thread is for Stardust idols.
Momoiro Clover Z, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, Team Syachihoko, Tacoyaki Rainbow, Tokimeki Sendenbu, Batten Shoujo-Tai, 3b junior, Okuzawamura, Rock A Japonica, Hachimitsu Rockets, etc…

Recent Releases

Momoiro Clover Z - WE ARE BORN

Momoiro Clover Z - マホロバケーション


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I am on jpopsuki and aidoruonline, but I still haven't decided if I should post it there or on nyaa.
Put it on the private trackers first so you can get epeen and a good ratio. Someone will quickly put it on a private tracker if you don't.
Good idea. Will probably do, but I couldn't care less about my ratio anyway. I got over 200 on both.
File: Kanako.webm (1.94 MB, 640x360)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB WEBM
How much flexibility do you suppose Kanako has lost over the past 5 years?
Idk but if that was her 5 years ago she has always been a true semen demon

File: 1471831004526.png (298 KB, 700x669)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
I wanna smooch Remi's cute loli vamp tummy
File: 59608380_p0.png (1.81 MB, 1877x2667)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
File: 1475246759872.jpg (89 KB, 449x497)
89 KB
File: prpr.webm (259 KB, 640x480)
259 KB
File: 1453380093049.png (1.02 MB, 1210x1800)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
But that's how babies are made!
I want to be the one to impregnate the Remimi's tummy with a big wet kiss!
File: 1471830732971.png (306 KB, 700x669)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
smooch smooch Remi tummy~!

File: IMG_20160625_154257.jpg (549 KB, 1536x2048)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
Any and all idol groups are welcome in this thread. It started off as a sort of metal-idol hangout, especially with Ladybaby and Death Rabbits, but if you have any new and unknown and weird idol groups to share, this is the place to do it.


>Mizuho and Ayano are graduating from Bellring Shoujo Heart at the end of the year. Until new members join, the group is put on hiatus.


>Avandoned: Vandits!!! https://youtu.be/ChVu1OXGad0
>Bandojanaimon!: Natsu no Oh! Vibes https://youtu.be/wf7dgLoaBCc
>Death Rabbits: Anger https://youtu.be/G0-VeghgkSw
>Oyasumi Hologram: Neuromancer https://youtu.be/UuPGNx_kzIQ
>Tentenko: Hokago Sympathy https://youtu.be/lDX3dEzXz20
>Yunomi feat. nicamoq: Yunomic ni Ocha shite https://youtu.be/8H6FP6yCeTw

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Thanks for the laugh guys.

Are you sure you know how to use this word?
True, he should have said idolcore or idolmetal instead.
fuck off
Isn't that Namahamu? I heard she likes udon.
Original comment do notu sutiru

File: FB_IMG_1464663242167.jpg (58 KB, 720x720)
58 KB
Rumia is best cant be denied
Here's a little something my maid and I whipped up.
File: huh.png (216 KB, 504x529)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
She doesnt even have all her fingers.

File deleted.
pissed off edition


previous >>15979543
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syunka would make me sad
I doubt you'll find that in a JAV. The stories are too short with hardly any context.
File: 1319951814460.png (132 KB, 475x354)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
what was up with that KUYASHII after the first scene
File: CKGc9I1UYAA-hTX.jpg (67 KB, 600x800)
67 KB
>tfw karen haruki seems to have disappeared from social media

>as far as I can tell, Ruka's anaru film has no gapes
>and it's NTR



File: 58370287_p0.jpg (383 KB, 750x1000)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
the guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a
talk about onaholes here
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she looks hot.

noob question but can't tell with her hand there. does she have a vagina you can penetrate or a hole where you stick your onahole in?
Are we walking like a banana type curve? Maybe do a shitty little MSPaint example.
She uses an insert. DSDoll do sell dolls with built-in nowadays though.
That's more a torso than a hip. Plus, I've heard bad things about it. looking for a loli hip.
Does anyone here NOT use talcum/corn starch on your onaholes? Please share your experiences.

Kirby edition
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"Koyukkuri instantly forgetting about whatever is happening the moment it goes airborne" is my favorite yukkuri meme
The especially stupid adults do it too, it's hilarious.
onishidesu's most recent story on pixiv is the cannibal holocaust of yukkuri, holy shit.

I was thinking yugyakuri would have that title, but it was not to be.
Sakuya keeps other Yukkuri clean, what does Myon do?

File: Daiyousei1.jpg (110 KB, 850x922)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Post Fairies
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File: Baka!.png (122 KB, 400x453)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
Baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka!
File: Huge Bag.jpg (41 KB, 455x255)
41 KB
File: 1449939613160.jpg (161 KB, 901x1272)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
So, what exactly is she doing here? Tripping on air, or is the tea just too heavy for her?
File: Daiyousei37.png (623 KB, 900x800)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Partially because it was too heavy, partially because of uneven balance.

too much weight forward caused the cup to spill over. Probably would have been less likely to happen were she not flying.
Fairies sleeping with the witch!

Full moon boobs
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File: seifuku-1.jpg (155 KB, 1061x765)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Who dresses the best, /jp/?
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File: 1432297360532-3.jpg (217 KB, 1000x694)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
sapporo and fukuoka are the best
File: 1467430944700.jpg (25 KB, 640x480)
25 KB
>no energetic playful tomboy with a romantic and girlish charm hidden away inside
I just want a girl who can beat me up in martial arts but also wants to be cuddled, damn it
I'm going to die alone, and your post made me feel the feel of sadness.
File: 1477157254769.jpg (76 KB, 704x528)
76 KB
God damn it I didn't ask for these feelings.

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