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File: 1310981818477.jpg (210 KB, 675x900)
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Since there seems to be some confusion (or lack of reading) on the rules of this board, here is the concept of this board clear and simple:

/e/cchi is for:
- Pictures of animu girls featuring either sexy clothing or nudity without sex.
- Masturbation and suggestive touching pictures are allowed as long as it's one girl doing it to herself without use of toys.

/e/cchi is NOT for:
- Blatantly-sexual images involving men, the sexual fluids of men or foreplay done by men. These images belong in /h/.
- Images featuring one woman touching another in a blatantly or suggestively sexual manner. These images belong in /u/.
- Images exclusively featuring men. These images belong in /cm/ or /y/.
- Requests. All requests go in /r/. Do not post requests here unless you have at least 6 pictures related to what you're requesting.
- Pictures featuring girls with a loli body type, or Furry pictures. Do not post these anywhere except for /b/.
- Western art. Due to frequent quality issues and lawsuit-happy western artists, western art or fanart is not allowed, with very few exceptions.

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File: image.jpg (79 KB, 574x1000)
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A little game I've seen played on /h/, so lets get to it /e/.

Rules are simple nothing that breaks the board rules, nothing /h/, /d/, etc.
You post an image, then proceed to relieve yourself to the next image posted.

I'll be handing out 5 images to get the ball rolling.
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File: 1412324236366.jpg (134 KB, 960x600)
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134 KB JPG
File: 1420794768876.jpg (1.52 MB, 1230x1720)
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1.52 MB JPG
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File: 1439215085974.jpg (398 KB, 1280x720)
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/e/ just doesn't feel right without one of these threads
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File: serena005_thumb.jpg (123 KB, 650x815)
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File: image.jpg (256 KB, 1112x1800)
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Here i'll contribute
File: 1448788217582.jpg (370 KB, 868x1228)
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370 KB JPG
does anyone know where MDF frequently posts?

File: 1444531859427.png (223 KB, 500x500)
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223 KB PNG
Explain this image? How does it work? How do I make one?
Uh, and here was I thinking it was just gifs with two frames. It's probably some photoshop trickery based on god knows what.
here ya go explains it all below


Tomboy Appreciation thread?
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File: 0000341825617.jpg (262 KB, 723x938)
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File: 1282510327323.gif (512 KB, 320x240)
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512 KB GIF

File: 1443308648731.jpg (769 KB, 1200x1709)
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Old thread has reached the bump limit. It's time for more toilet goodness. Canon toilet scenes from anime, manga, and hentai (as long as they aren't showing piss or poop in that frame) are welcome.
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>>1850988 just tell me name i don't have time for bullshit.
What is the name of this doujinshi I can't find it

SAUCE PLS google image search found nothing


Tenchi Muyo 3
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Classic Ayeka.

Tenchi Muyo was my main fap back in the day. And Ayeka was where it was at.
needs more kiyone
File: 1411945952571.jpg (95 KB, 677x963)
95 KB

File: 53725010_p0.jpg (714 KB, 1792x1344)
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714 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>1855491

ENF=Embarrassed Nude Female(s)

An ongoing thread for ENF themed images, stories, or videos.

Previous threads archived: https://archive.loveisover.me/e/search/subject/enf/

Archived Stories: http://pastebin.com/LARgaXEF

Notable ENF manga: http://pastebin.com/EVxahg1f

Notable ENF anime: http://pastebin.com/B4ex1tUD

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: ev_dia04d.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720)
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1.04 MB PNG
File: 0234.png (425 KB, 848x1200)
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425 KB PNG
File: 1406468257740.jpg (270 KB, 908x1209)
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270 KB JPG
what's the source of that image I keep seeing it everywhere but I'd love to know where it comes from.

File: 1447911312924.png (1.83 MB, 1366x1788)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Previous thread >>1856564

Artists of ALL experience levels are welcome.
I'm serious. That includes you. Yeah you. The guy/girl who's never picked up a pencil before in his/her life. You're not only welcome but encouraged to post here.

You know the rules:
>Include full names and what series your characters are from
>Compile multiple images into one or link to a gallery for additional references
>Try not to bump requests
>Do not hijack requests or more unsolicited suggestions
>No shitposting
>Keep it /e/
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>Have fun!!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thank you. I look forward to the finished project and goodnight.
File: XY_Furisode_Girl_4.png (63 KB, 170x253)
63 KB
Requesting Katherine kneeling on a bed nude with one hand holding a towel by her side and the other on one of her legs, with her body dripping wet. Also, have her carpet match the drapes.
File: 1440636731486.jpg (608 KB, 2063x3355)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
Requesting Yagyuu lying on a bed, masturbating with her pillow
File: Gretel__Black_Lagoon.jpg (1.86 MB, 2036x1538)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Requesting a nude Gretel from Black Lagoon.

Bonus points if she holds her weapon too. Her weapon is a Browning Automatic Rifle. But the weapon don't cover her breasts and pussy. Breasts and pussy must be visible.

Here some weapon references pictures (the first two are good):

The weapon is optional. A nude Gretel drawing without weapon and a sexy pose (like lying on the bed with spread legs as example) would be fine too.

Thank you in advance.
Requesting whoever (somebody feel free to chime in) DESPERATELY trying to keep their short skirt and loose shirt down in the particularly strong wind, barely/nearly succeeding while wearing nothing underneath.
Kinda like pic related except from the front. Long or Long-ish hair flying up in the wind would also be a nice compliment.

Last Thread >>1849854

Save One, Post One! If you are feeling generous post more than one!
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File: 49280786_p0.jpg (190 KB, 1000x1600)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
File: 1446267645176.jpg (755 KB, 753x992)
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755 KB JPG
File: image%3A10685.jpg (182 KB, 1400x674)
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182 KB JPG
File: 1448250553842.jpg (70 KB, 837x1200)
70 KB

File: 1421064890481.jpg (165 KB, 1000x1250)
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165 KB JPG
Merry Christmas indeed.

Last Thread: >>1863993
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File: 1418484337397.jpg (250 KB, 748x1100)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
File: 1418744113787.jpg (397 KB, 1420x1015)
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397 KB JPG
File: 1421284271935.jpg (587 KB, 849x1200)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
File: 1421287043255.jpg (334 KB, 734x842)
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334 KB JPG
File: 1421349780179.jpg (628 KB, 1478x1938)
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628 KB JPG

File: simca.gif (2.2 MB, 842x632)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB GIF
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This is why you are supposed to tie the cord on your PE shorts.
File: 1437060037120.gif (2.67 MB, 396x215)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB GIF
This is addictive. Look at those EYES.
holy shit you're right. you posted 1 of the best ones.
make a download link or drive

File: CRWHSqLUYAAAqZc.jpg (108 KB, 1012x1024)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Last thread:

Also, new Tsuji Santa Character.
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This might be the first of many, i'd wait for a cheaper one.
File: 53732922_p0.jpg (413 KB, 907x1280)
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413 KB JPG
File: 53335154_p2.png (589 KB, 719x800)
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589 KB PNG
File: 53814604_p0.jpg (643 KB, 1064x1607)
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File: 53828083_p1.png (976 KB, 1205x1568)
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976 KB PNG

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