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File: 3.jpg (3 KB, 145x37)
3 KB
So I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found my copy pasta of what used to be the board sticky.

Part 1:

/3/'s Official README.TXT
If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a
question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find
your answer.

Scroll to the bottom for useful resource links.

1.) "How do I get started in 3D?"

There are many ways to get started, the quickest way is to actually start
with a 3D program. There are many to choose from, such as:

-3DS Max
-Cinema 4D,
-Softimage XSI
-Blender 3D (Free!)

Once you obtain one the next step is to start with tutorials. There are many
on the net, they range from text and image tutorials to video tutorials. You
aren't going to find a tutorial for everything out there, but most will explain
techniques that you need to adapt in order for you to achieve whatever final
result you want.

2.) "Wow! That's a lot of programs! Which one is best? I heard ______ is best."

You heard wrong, there is no one program that is better than the rest, it has
and always will be the skill level of the artist. Which program you choose is
solely dependent on your own personal taste and which aspect of the 3D industry
you want to be involved in.
Max and Maya are the most hyped and so therefore the most used,
they have the most available documentation online. The interfaces have
a steep learning curve, but there isn't any 3D program you can't learn if you take
the time to use it and follow some tutorials. Go with a generalized package, not a
specialist one.
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File: VpNogcN.jpg (18 KB, 640x480)
18 KB
I know you have some of your renders from when you started modelling. Let's see em.

Optional: Post alongside current skill work.
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File: YourNightmeresHaveCome.png (220 KB, 651x761)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
>artstation vs deviantart

One of my first face sculpts in Zbrush
File: Coke.jpg (246 KB, 960x540)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Tried using Cycles for the first time after making something to 3d print. Probably not going to consider this my first real render, since I was just fucking around
I like it hes got a nice swagger in his step
Noice hammer, OP

File: topology.png (208 KB, 1210x952)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
Any tips for my topology? It's a game character, I want to try to keep the polycount near 1k.
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You can probably reduce the torso to even fewer polys without actually losing anything important.

Those triangles on the hands don't seem to add anything. You might be able to make the hands look better with a better thumb and the ability to bend along the finger joints even if the fingers are all a simple box. Having just the index finger separate is also an option.
File: NewTopology.png (343 KB, 964x646)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Thanks for all the feedback guys!
This is another iteration I did in the body. I've also decided to go for a more stylized/cartoony proportions, inspired by torchlight.

Am I going in the right direction?

You probably want to modify the feet so that the toe can bend up, otherwise you walk animations are going to look shit.

The armpits look difficult to animate too.
The wrists and armpits are probably going to deform like shit, unless you really fuck around with the weighting.

The proportions feel weird, but I get the stylized look you're going for, so I think it's okay.

File: Maya_Stuck.png (13 KB, 546x387)
13 KB
Hello /3/, 3DCG beginner here.

I'm trying to get into Maya after a few months into ZBrush. I've torrented Maya LT 2016 but it ran like crap. Started, and it took around 15 seconds to be interactable (max/minimizing window, clicking buttons), etc. And when it does get responsive, a click on anything takes another minute to yield any results. Also, double-clicking on the polygon button opens up the window for settings, but clicking create does nothing and it gets stuck like that until I ended the program through Task Manager. Any idea why this happens? Does anyone in /3/ have a suggestion on what I should do? Perhaps a better torrent that works?

Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz

And the torrent used is: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/11760603/Autodesk_Maya_LT_2016_[64-Bit]-[FirstUploads]

>inb4 torrenting
>inb4 learning 3D on a laptop
>inb4 get better hardware

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Wait, what? Are there any identifying marks with the student version of Inventor?
Is modo any better than ZBrush? I aim to learn them all, and Maya just happens to be next in the list.

A watermark that you can edit out with any notepad.
With questions like that you might as well give up now pal, not gonna make it
Stop talking out of your ass.

There are no watermarks. The only difference is a small line of text attached to the file that signifies it was created on a student version.
The 4 year limit is also not enforced in any way. The program will continue to function normally after 4 years.

I understand that this is /3/, and people love to act like they know what they're doing here, but you're just stupid.

File: WIP thread tubbies.jpg (1.2 MB, 1500x882)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
New WIP thread

Old one : >>537057
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This takes me back!
File: untitled.png (268 KB, 960x540)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
did this in cycles textures are 100% procedural
what should i add/change?
Maybe try and get the join where the rounded corners of the foot and head are visible. This might be one time you want your seam to show up.

Shouldn't the white part of the quilt reach all along it's top?
File: untitled.png (171 KB, 960x540)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
fixed the seam. its a separate piece in the ref
thinking about going forward and make a scene

How long much practice does it take to become THIS shitty at Blender?
a few weeks. maybe a week if you can get past the keyboard shortcut learning curve
File: What 3D software is this?.jpg (3.37 MB, 5406x3094)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB JPG
What tutorial series should I watch, or what aspects should I research to get on this one-week(s) fast track?
>How long much practice does it take to become THIS shitty at language the like english?

How viable is this?
Blender's tools for stitching clothing seem rudimentary at best, but they're as good as the tools I've seen in software for this specifically.

Also, I can't seem to use UV unwrap in Blender anymore, seems like it'd be a useful tool for making clothing since it converts a shape into a flat pattern.
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Rendering clothing and designing clothing are two very different things.
For rendering you have to figure out how to make realistic creases, and for designing you have to make clothes that have a way of translating between unstitched 2D patterns and stitched 3D patterns.
Have you tried marking the seams on your mesh first?
Where is the output of unwrapping?
you dum shit you design in MD
>using acronyms which almost no one understands which are impossible to look up

File: file.png (315 KB, 680x809)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Does /3/ have a board-tan?
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It has to be an original character created by the board you dumb dumbs.
but she mastered the art of doing 3d animu models and UVs in like two days
shes a prodigy
o ya good point
Just put tits on 3dorf and be done with it.
File: asdfasdf.png (578 KB, 540x842)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
What about Cornell-tan?

File: nike_parody.jpg (97 KB, 570x676)
97 KB
See this amazing seamless ad. It's not CG, just editing http://deadspin.com/5838417/the-bunt-home-run-and-the-world-famous-sneaker-company-that-may-not-exist
>It's not CG
posts on /3/

File: uvmap.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
How do I import an obj with an existing UV map into 3ds max? All I can find are tutorials for unrapping, not for re-using an existing unwrap
its saved in the obj/fbx/dae, you don't have to do anything
Always triangulates the models and fucks them.

File: 1477261734266.jpg (106 KB, 1068x748)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Can someone edit the following 3d model to look like pic related?http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:73484
Thanks in advance.
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Where will it be posted?
in your dreams ;DXDXDXDXD
Do you just expect someone to do this for free or as a "favor"? What compensation are you prepared to give?

sent :)
Depends how much money would an edit like this cost?

But it's fun.

Also titan tits.
And badonkadonk booty
You should subdiv before
I unfortunately don't have any rendering software. I just use XPS for posing.

File: question thread.jpg (33 KB, 428x281)
33 KB
Previous thread:

Outstanding questions from previous thread:

What is the w dimension?
Is it possible to use the inverted normals method of making cartoon outlines in maya?
Is there a mask selection tool in 3Dsmax?
Is there any reason to use topogun / 3dcoat vs. a down subdivided mesh from mudbox?
Are there any sites specifically for cycles shader examples?
How to get better at UV unwrapping for someone only familiar with Maya?
Is there a way to have a "straight curve"" in the soft selections in 3ds max? Like, instead of having a pinch or a bubble, making the deformation linear, like a cone.
What is VXGI? Is it kind of path tracing rendering or what? I do understand that it's voxel based, but I can't get WHY and what is this about, and reading about it doesn't really help.
What are some good sources for learning online (Maya in particular, but I'm also interested in Nuke and the whole vfx pipeline)?
I've never rendered anything before and every time I open the render viewer everything is ridiculously darker than it is while I'm in the workspace with the lights activated. Even when I change the gamma. Trying to render a PNG with Arnold.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: blink.gif (1.64 MB, 480x270)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF

Follow-up question; what's the best way to manage vertex groups and weight assignment in Blender? It seems terribly easy to fuck up.
If I'm looking for software for 3D modelling enclosures and such for 3D printing, what should I be looking at? I've been trying a bunch of stuff and can't figure out how to do what I want to do, which is basically cut a bunch of holes (some text shaped, some just regular vent type holes) in a raspberry pi case. Note: I have no fucking clue how to use any cad software or 3d rendering stuff. I'm mostly used to photoshop.

(Or is this a more /diy/ question? I figured since I'm having issues on the design and modelling side this board would be more appropriate to ask on)

Most modelling software these days can manage 3D printing to some extent. The problem with that is that most people on this board will already have some grasp of how to use powerful multi-function packages so they will use those if they want to do some 3D printing, rather than a more beginner-friendly simplified program which only does what you need.

I've not done any 3D printing myself, but maybe try the Autodesk free software? TinkerCAD and 123D should be fairly straightforward.
you fell for the meme
File: Capture.png (171 KB, 1904x1052)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
what are these objects called? They come with the humanik rig but I want to be able to make these things for a custom rig.

attribute editor names it as an "effector" but I don't see anything about creating them in the documentation outside of the hik interface.

File: uggo.jpg (183 KB, 960x1248)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
realistic 3d hair is impossible
prove me wrong

[spoiler]protip: you cant[/spoiler]
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Make a claim
>Can't back it up
>No you have to show me

Get the fuck out of here.
Well, my proof so far is knowing you are talking out of your ass arguing logistics because now I know you don't pay attention to films to make this claim.
How can i show that something doesnt exist?
because your so naive and pretentious in your thinking that you really believe what you're saying and you started this shitpost/bait thread in hopes of others doing the work for you. It takes maybe an hours worth of research to know that you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about.
Is this a Monday thing? Are people just dumb and retarded come Mondays?

File: NkyeM90.png (156 KB, 500x263)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
How do I freelance with 3D Animation skills? I'm a student at the moment and I'm just wondering if it's possible. What skills do I need to get into the freelance market?
First of all, you need at least a few more years of skills.

You're a student, I get it. But I guarantee you suck ass at 3D. If you still choose to ignore me, then you need to hit up local businesses. How and what to tell them, that's up to your shitty skillset and false confidence going in there for a pitch. You need to have a portfolio so the owners know what kind of shit you're going to produce for them and how much you decide to overcharge them. When they all tell you no, look into news stations. Most likely they will laugh at your lack of designs and portfolio so you will have to work at the bottom and work your way into the position you want years later.

You can maybe con your way into a music scene if you want but just know that musicians are broke as fuck and even if you create the best animations in the world; they will not value you, they will take advantage of you at every avenue, and you will still not be developed enough.

Freelancing 3D is possible but if you are here asking for advice on it, you're nowhere near ready. You're at a school. Network and listen to others, follow their path a little and see what they are interested in or moving forward with.
Try churches as well. But just like musicians, they won't value your work and WILL take advantage of you. The irony is they have plenty of money but are cheap as fuck towards your worth as an artist.
File: 1469097825410.jpg (54 KB, 540x472)
54 KB
How skilled do i have to be to become freelancer? I mean, you will more likely get projects if you are skilled and have proof, but i bet there are companies who are too lazy/cheap to hire a "professional" and would prefer to pay less to get tedious projects done. t. not op

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