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File: 3.jpg (3 KB, 145x37)
3 KB
So I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found my copy pasta of what used to be the board sticky.

Part 1:

/3/'s Official README.TXT
If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a
question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find
your answer.

Scroll to the bottom for useful resource links.

1.) "How do I get started in 3D?"

There are many ways to get started, the quickest way is to actually start
with a 3D program. There are many to choose from, such as:

-3DS Max
-Cinema 4D,
-Softimage XSI
-Blender 3D (Free!)

Once you obtain one the next step is to start with tutorials. There are many
on the net, they range from text and image tutorials to video tutorials. You
aren't going to find a tutorial for everything out there, but most will explain
techniques that you need to adapt in order for you to achieve whatever final
result you want.

2.) "Wow! That's a lot of programs! Which one is best? I heard ______ is best."

You heard wrong, there is no one program that is better than the rest, it has
and always will be the skill level of the artist. Which program you choose is
solely dependent on your own personal taste and which aspect of the 3D industry
you want to be involved in.
Max and Maya are the most hyped and so therefore the most used,
they have the most available documentation online. The interfaces have
a steep learning curve, but there isn't any 3D program you can't learn if you take
the time to use it and follow some tutorials. Go with a generalized package, not a
specialist one.
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File: $_35.jpg (5 KB, 300x300)
5 KB
thought the first challenge was a little bit too hard.

so i wanted to make something easier this time.
MINI IBIZA SPOON KEYRING. for you know what.
you have until sunday. congrats to the winner (who made the weird looking anime girl)

I'm using the knife project on blender, and when I set my mesh to smooth shading, the plane looks horrible.
Any tips to fix this (besides using squareish flat faces)?
What causes this exactly?
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That's not a good idea, if you want to be able to undo the support edges then use the Bevel modifier with a vertex group for just the heart edges

Auto smooth is also a fine option (use Mark Crease to control it finely)
You can use remove duplicate vertices to remove the ones made by edge split, so why is it not a good idea?
because it adds polygons and it works in the same way auto-smooth does, so why use it?
mark the edges as sharp

File: 1448837698009.gif (1.26 MB, 540x540)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
Share your work here with others.

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that metal texture on the blade is top notch
used black magic
That's racist, it's called VOODOO
pardon me I slit a niggers wrists and said fuck you nigger and then I used the black magic that nigger had in his truck
File: 1436668933157.gif (13 KB, 125x125)
13 KB

File: image.jpg (18 KB, 500x374)
18 KB
Hey, am I the only one pissed off by the fact that companies like Disney have exclusive software that I will never be able to use unless I work for them and make boring Disney-drivel unoriginal content that's trash?

They have the right to keep their toys to themselves, but that doesn't mean I have the right to be jealous.
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Doesn't really prevent you from being a good animator, character artists or a FX guy. The software Disney uses just makes the 1% of the 99%.

True, but a lot of it is neat

Liked me to this? And? That's not the software in taking about.

Most of the really good stuff is on lockdown.
Sure a lot of it is neat. Lots of it is probably amazing and super cool and fun to use. But you can achieve the same results with the industry standards.
But in your original post you said yourself that you were wrong.

Why should a company that invests large amounts of money to develop technology be forced to immediately share with the competition? That would remove a lot of incentive to develop more powerful technology and slow progress for everyone as a whole.

File: 81nOi+P9ybL._SL1500_.jpg (117 KB, 1500x1500)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
cleaning solvent - white board care

this challenge is directed at beginners and advanced users alike.
you have until 29 of September (two days from now) to finish modeling this, the more detailed the better.
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congratulations, you won.

I think you need some psychiatric help man.

also 4chan is an 18+ board.
WOAH! can we get a wireframe of this one please?
File: bottle.jpg (165 KB, 1907x1004)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Rate my bottle.
Dat economy of line.

File: question thread.jpg (33 KB, 428x281)
33 KB
Previous thread:

Outstanding questions from previous thread:

What is the w dimension?
Is it possible to use the inverted normals method of making cartoon outlines in maya?
Is there a mask selection tool in 3Dsmax?
Is there any reason to use topogun / 3dcoat vs. a down subdivided mesh from mudbox?
Are there any sites specifically for cycles shader examples?
How to get better at UV unwrapping for someone only familiar with Maya?
Is there a way to have a "straight curve"" in the soft selections in 3ds max? Like, instead of having a pinch or a bubble, making the deformation linear, like a cone.
What is VXGI? Is it kind of path tracing rendering or what? I do understand that it's voxel based, but I can't get WHY and what is this about, and reading about it doesn't really help.
What are some good sources for learning online (Maya in particular, but I'm also interested in Nuke and the whole vfx pipeline)?
I've never rendered anything before and every time I open the render viewer everything is ridiculously darker than it is while I'm in the workspace with the lights activated. Even when I change the gamma. Trying to render a PNG with Arnold.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Working on Zbrush and I'm trying to lower the amount of poly, but the problem being is that Decimation Master never worked, it always forever stays on the "computing, please wait" , and ZRemesher also always gives me a "Unable to Open File, user/shared/ZbrushData/Temps/objOut".
Is it possible to get the full -1 to 1 range in blender internal's lambert shader?
What should i use to render in real time?
How do I git gud at weight painting and assigning deform weights in general? Is it mostly a question of getting good topology around bendy parts? Are there any tutorials about this specifically?
Is there a simple method to make sure that all your quads are planar?
File: Kandrad.png (10 KB, 279x352)
10 KB
Can someone explain what is going on, Every time I try to unwrap it- it just completely fucks up. mostly the arm .

I looked around all my model to see if there were any breches of the seams- nothing- so then I thought there was doubles- nothing.
File: Kandrad.png (9 KB, 304x221)
9 KB
Found out, I just had random pins I placed.

File: How absurd.webm (125 KB, 410x296)
125 KB
>I'm a generalist
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This. It highly depends on what company and what area of work you are doing.
worthless no good projecting loser detected :^)
Good luck with that cement ceiling .
The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that the only career you can have as a 3d artist is in some studio.

The amount of random shit that people want everywhere is a great source of income if you know how to find those jobs.

My rent has been paid almost this entire year from doing simple animations & graphic design.

Yeah I may not be working on a game but I'm still getting paid; and I'm definitely not focusing one area either.
Did a generalist break your heart or something?

File: moc.jpg (1.36 MB, 1494x1000)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
is it possible to make very complex animations without mocap? or is it possible but extremely difficult?
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Does your brain work correctly?
I don't think it works correctly.
Why would you ask such a stupid question?
Have you actually thought about it for a second or are you used to ask stupid questions without thinking and let other people carry the answer to you?
that could be more plausible
Not him but that was a pretty good question
Look at P.N.03

all handcrafted

Movie animation is ridiculously busy these days desu. They put a trillion pointless gesticulations and microexpressions into every shot, and at least half of it adds nothing at all except maybe a slight distraction. The right movement done the right way with the right flow and emphasis is worth a thousand wobbling busywork details.

Hyperrealictic 3d lolis when?

Also how do i get into daz/poser/iclone to make 3d pr0nz for myself and not publishing?

Is it possible to make a 3d clone of someone in programs like reallusion's character creator? If not then how?

Plx respondddd
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is this ylyl thread
Anytime you want.

I think that's the figure from >>535251 thread
I reverse imaged searched it.,.. its made by a Japanese digital studio.
We are apes.

You're an evolved ape alien.

File: 1437399459552.png (936 KB, 3247x3000)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
A question for the blender people

I wanted to fix some stuff in my mesh so deleted a smaller part of it and now I want to fill that hole again.
The thing is, I was pretty much done with the whole model with textures, UVs and all.

I thought deleting some faces and filling the hole wouldn't be a bigger problem but apparently it isn't as easy as I thought.

Do I really have to do the whole UV AGAIN just for a handful of changed polygons?
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Bunmmp tiime

File: 1450840076877.jpg (74 KB, 600x600)
74 KB
Did VR fizzle or what? Trying to decide if I should make VR content or not.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.

It depends if you are a Trump or Hillary supporter apparently.
what does this mean brah

Hasn't even begun. Right now it's too expensive for the average consumer; this is literally the 'ground floor' of VR

It's going to take you years to really get stellar at VR, and by then VR hardware will be cheaper and faster, and general consumer computer hardware and consoles will have caught up.
The users of Oculus revolted when they found out the Guy who ran Oculus was against Crooked Hillary
File: jennifer-carpenter-movies.jpg (407 KB, 1363x2048)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Get practicing now, VR price will drop and the current engines available for pc will allow porting options to the console versions.

The console versions will be where the money is at. Sony/MS selling at a HW loss to make it back on the software/sub side.

There is an incredible need for a VR second life.

File: fightloop_2.gif (461 KB, 300x126)
461 KB
461 KB GIF
Hey /3/, I just finished my 6 month long student project and will be graduating in a few weeks. Any comments or tips for a fellow CG artist/animator going into the world?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
OP here. So far the student version of Maya hasn't been a bitch to me so youre probably fine.
As for something other than artstation, Artella which is more animation and group project oriented and it seems pretty cool. They even offer a free rig, which is what I'm using for my portfolio work.
guy you quoted here.

Student version is full featured.
Artstation is nice for modelers, for animators not really. I don't have an artstation, just a vimeo and personal website. Honestly as long as your portfolio/reel is clear it doesn't matter; you will be sending companies that directly anyways. Unless you're interested in getting contacted for freelance in which case Artstation might help your online presence.

For modeling, it depends what you are aiming for. Different industries and companies have different things they like to see. If you know what you are aiming for you can tailor your portfolio more. Otherwise, I'd try to cover a broad range.
Didn't know about Artella, but it looks really nice and worth checking out.
That's fine, I prefer modelling and I can save my animations elsewhere.

Thank you both, your help is much appreciated.
It crazy that you mention street fighter.
My design teacher in highschool and college both used it as examples for great color use, and my girl friends music theory teacher used it as well.
Mark of quality, I suppose.
How do you get this good at buttfucking 3d animation?

File: images.jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
Tomorrow there's going to be this gathering for unity. There are going to be people in the industry there like some guys from Ubisoft etc.. I wanted to know what is the best way to network? As I am currently studying and would love to get an internship in the industry. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Ask them if they post on /3/
just dont think much, go and talk to them
say Hello,my name call myself Anon

File: best-blog-3d-model.jpg (602 KB, 1590x827)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
What software/resources should I use to create 3d concepts of certain Ideas of mine. I would also like to have something that includes physical factors such as gravity and material density as well as something that understands the interaction between multiple parts. I would preferably like to have something that is free.

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