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File: RougeNudeModelCensor.png (561 KB, 850x716)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
I've been looking for a download for this model all day, but it looks like every link is dead. Does anyone have the .zip to upload?
I would use one of the other models available, but none of them feel as right as this one.
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well the only reason I'm trying here is because a link on the post I retrieved the image from was to a dead thread on this board, it was more of a shot in the dark really.
t3dm, yobi3d, deviantart (#xnalara, #xps, Stock Images & Resources -> 3D Models)

There's like a hundred rouge models on DA, not just the one fat slutty SFM one by KabalMystic that gets used to make ultra porn
>There's like a hundred rouge models on DA, not just the one fat slutty SFM one by KabalMystic that gets used to make ultra porn

That goober modeled the vaginal mesh separate from the character mesh so it deforms all wrong too. Literally every other rouge model is better by default.

Should I go, lads?
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it really depends
I go there now and am graduating soon
they usually have experience in the field and know a lot of good basics that help in getting a good foundation.
tutorials are great and cheap, but nothing like seeing the kind of work others are doing to motivate yourself to do better
you need to go to the school ur thinking of and talk to the teachers and see their work. i did that and liked their skill and knew id be able to learn from them. also got a lot of knowledge about good places for resources while attending.
if you can make it worth it, id recommend it. it helps with the push early on
For-profit universities are a scam. Seriously, do a little bit of research that doesn't involve asking 4chan and you'll have your answer. Even if you only look at the Wikipedia article for The Art Institutes, you'll know not to go.
My small anecdote for this thread: I know a guy who graduated from an Art Institute a few years back. He never made it into the industry and now works menial jobs. His portfolio is objectively terrible. He sucked before spending a ton of money on tuition and he still sucks now. It's honestly very sad.
>talk to the teachers and see their work.
also, check the portfolio of their best students and ask where those people work now
regardless of whether it's the AI or any other institution (or any other major) if the recruiters/website/lurking cannot get you legit info on the names and portfolios of at least 5 or 10 recent graduates with industry jobs, then that institution (or at the very least that branch/campus) sucks balls
avoid going to any sort of school in which people sign up for 3D art but end up as baristas for the next five years (might be because they suck, but also it could be because the school sucks; decent schools should not let retards in)

File: 1495883997604.gif (500 KB, 500x280)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
Last Blender film you cried to thread.

For me, Tears of Steele
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I nearly cried when I tried to figure out how to use camera tracking if that counts?
No. I do not cry to technical demos.
what is this shit?
I mean swriously ..
of joy that is over?

File: into3d.png (207 KB, 396x384)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
So I've been interested in making characters for a while, and I feel I want to do it in 3D. I do have basic knowledge around 3DCG, i.e. I'm at least above donut-level (hopefully). Sorry for the long post, I know this could have gone into the questions thread but I feel it's open-ended enough to warrant its own thread, plus anons can contribute their own organic resources and I'd like to see a discussion in general as well.

What's the best approach for this?
Considering this isn't going to be for a game, just for "cinematic purposes", would it be better to do box modelling or sculpting?

If it's the former, is Blender sufficient for the entire pipeline? I have several hundred hours tinkering around in Blender, so I'm able to navigate it with ease.

For the latter, I'm thinking of "getting" ZBrush, and since I'm new to sculpting I'd really like to know what tutorials would be best for someone getting started. Also, what benefits does sculpting with a tablet have over sculpting with a mouse, especially at such a beginner level? I do own a shitty old Wacom tablet, so I'm hoping I can get some use out of it too.

Final question: would Substance Painter be a good addition to the pipeline for texturing characters? What other software would you guys recommend for character texture painting?

I know, long post and all, but I really don't want to fly blind into this and waste more hours like I've done getting started with Blender, so I'd really appreciate all the help.
it mostly depends on what level you want to achieve.

if its simple lowpoly characters that have most of the detail in the texture (lets say ps1,ps2 etc) then your best bet is just using blender and something like bodypaint 3D/photoshop for texture detail.
for more detailed sculpts and such, you can STILL use blender. but the problem is many people struggle with dynatopo which is the tool you make characters with so i don't want to recommend it.

i would say Zbrush,3Dcoat,Blender for the full toolset.
i think redbeard have good sculpting tutorials with zbrush. you can find them on gumroad
alternatively, if you want to continue with blender you have yanalsculpts in youtube. which is mostly focused on high level sculpting with dynatopo

File: blender.jpg (297 KB, 2047x1020)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Make his face covered in cum.
oh, great, more fur rendering development
it's not like we need animation layers, quad retopology tools, physics integration, or any of the GSOC development over the last 10 years integrated into master anyway, so long as we dedicate more time to FUR
Stop this furfaggotry and add some actual useful features

File: Hugh model final.png (372 KB, 1906x1004)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
I just finished making higher-res textures for this Hugh Neutron model I did for /trash/. If anybody wants to use it, knock yourself out.

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>thumbs coming from side of hand
No one textures like that anymore with all the advanced shading options that we have nowadays
Stfu pleb
I am trying to give you constructive criticism

In that case however...

Your model looks like shit compared to the work made 15 years ago by some intern
fuck the haters
will use for memes lol

File: 1364579406064.jpg (194 KB, 522x640)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
>be me
>legitimate Maya license being paid for by studio
>mostly working remotely, license has my details on it
>start getting "courtesy calls" from Autodesk
>half of them are from people with heavy Asian accents that I can barely understand
>keep trying to tell them to stop calling but the calls keep coming
>they're trying to sell me shit and convince me to attend seminars
>calls are coming in the dead of the fucking night now

Keep up that whole "pirating autodesk software" thing for as long as you can imho
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When ever I get unwanted calls I always say I need them to take a quick survey before I can be authorized to answer any of their queries and then jerk them along for awhile. Whenever they try to move things to their sales pitch I say, "just a few more questions and we'll be good to go".

Unless of course if I'm busy then I just hang up on them.
Yes, but when people thiink of Asians their first thought isn't Indians. It's misleading
>Which continent is India part of?
>pajeet can't english
Piss off, ESL peasant.
say it to me bitch basterd

He used ZBrush but since arnold has a toon shader now, how would you tackle this?
given the complexity of the shadows and how they conform to the underlying forms of the model, i'd say those "lines" that look like medical muscle diagrams are actually sculpted detail or created through the use of a normal map (since the model is in different poses)
a toon shader that is basically a color ramp with multiple stops is then applied. these stops define the boundary between shadows and mid-tones, mid-tones and highlights, as well as an extra stop for highlights within the highlights (see back of helmet in pic1 [black > green > lime > yellow])
after that, you then set the camera to render using orthographic projection to remove the sense of depth and maybe use a lattice to make adjustments in the relative size of each body part
to make the streaks of color in pic2, since it's a still render, you could just use a single, flat-shaded polygon constrained to always face the camera for each streak. another method would be a flat-shaded polygon using vertex colors and a transparency map

Does anyone else struggle with finding creativity on a regular basis? My job in particular relies on myself alone 'filling the gaps' for clients when they want a 3D model/render created.. many are very vague in their requirements. This provides me with many 'creative problem solving' hurdles on a daily basis. Is this common in this field of work?

I know I shouldn't be bitching because having a job where you can consistently be creative is a dream but sometimes I long for the days when I used to code and the answer to a problem was obvious or easily obtainable.
creativity issue...
there are probably tons of pretty solid papers on the subject, but I'm not a scientist and I personally think it's a sum of all interesting, weird and uncommon you saw before(normies are swallowed by routine so they have to stop looking for these, only kids notice them and we artists HAVE to see them too) and you need to walk around the world with eyes open wide to constantly find new details in common objects, maybe a book or film or even a starfall, or mayflies swarming around something, or interesting rock, a conch... building your own library of millions of details in the process and always on the move from one to another.
then you need to use techniques to actually access all that stored information. there are plenty of them.
I'm not sure how you will translate that to 3dcg because I'm not sure what problems arise to you that require creative approach in solving, but when I'm stuck with simple 2d sketch(these have same fundamentals so I guess you will find a way to adopt them!) I often like to use "chaotic approach" where you scribble things meaninglessly and then look until familiar patterns emerge from mess - since it looks like I have quite a bunch of stuff I never even thought would be memorized inside my brain, this usually happens pretty fast. got this nifty little method from sketching: the basics book and it proved pretty invaluable when I'm stuck with something that requires creativity... basically my subconscious and the "library of weird" I've collected throughout my life does the jerb.

File: 1515697855286.jpg (32 KB, 428x344)
32 KB
Is creating and selling 3d porn considered a "dangerous" occupation or are there just way too many haters ?
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Shit got real for two of my best workers, one got wounded by a "fan" and the other is now "in prison" and others are getting threats from the fishes
Go to 4plebs and search "Christian druid" on /x/.
He's the dangers of cough syrup and surrounding yourself with roleplayers.
That's so weird. How do they even know?
I'm thinking this thread is schizophrenia.
Agreed and it is the best quality of spirit issue that I like to observe. Why the fuck are they even on /3/ anyway ...

File: Habitacion 02.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x1348)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
How do you see this work guys? lets share some tips
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you know i think design is personal but the skilll / techniques used should be shared. :D
why even bother when you can use models of actual products in software for interior designers like intericad and get better results with less effort?
Can I be the guy that just says ArchViz is fucking easy? Can I be that guy?
Why do I say that? Because, beyond the stages of interpreting architect's drawings and working out where you're putting the camera... it's kinda just... I dunno, like... assembling Lego or something?
Everything's there for you to use; models, textures, HDRI's - you just pull stuff off a shelf and put it in the space and make it look.... nice?
That's all it is - making a place that looks.... nice.
Not scary, not alien, not unfamiliar in any way, just.... nice.

Making a place that looks nice and tidy and clean and new and nicely lit is really, *really*, *REALLY* not hard.

I don't get why ArchViz is such a big deal. It just seems like an entire artform where you're just like... picking presets.
Nearly 100% of the models in this scene are from elsewhere. The furniture, plants, boxes.... everything... it's all just free shit from 3DSky and places like that.
The bed is just stolen straight out of this tutorial on Pluralsight:


It's just... bullshit. All of it. It's just downloading stuff from all over the place, sticking it in front of a VRay camera and expecting people to be impressed.

Sorry but, no. Just no.
I think of ArchViz as synthetic photography.

File: 1503534099784.jpg (74 KB, 500x500)
74 KB
Why do girls 35 and up prefer Blender, but younger dont?
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Younger women are after the looks, older women are after stability and money.
why do the really old, ugly asians like c4d tho
Maya Masterrace reporting in
For the same reason they pick RealDolls over real women: they are expensive, yes, but look decent enough, are easy to get going, and get the job done without much hassle.

Is there any good resources for painting older-style textures that were common from the early 2000s? A lot of the old sites that had techniques disappeared and most of the tutorial stuff now is either highly stylized painting (WoW/Dota/ect) or just modern normalmap workflows.
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File: br1.png (183 KB, 508x510)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
File: br2.png (128 KB, 512x512)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
File: h1.jpg (217 KB, 629x3172)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Do-able with the king of PBR, Substance Painter, just got to use a shitload of generator and masks.

Why the fuck are my renders never as good as the pros? No matter how seemingly detailed the textures/maps are it will 100% of the time look like fucking shit and fake.

Mine always turn into a slightly shittier version of pic related. What's the difference between me and this guy? >http://www.sbrusse.com
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>and seahorses

This, this is the actual secret
Unless you post an example of your work there is nothing we can really go on. Oftentimes some of the best works sinply comes down to having a computer with good enough specs that it can render scenes/characters God tier without crashing.
"sorry, I'm just asking for a direction for me to be successful at life"

We know nothing about you.
We haven't seen any of your work.
As far as I know you could be a literal Indian repeating phrases in a Markovian manner with no real intelligence behind it.

How you expect any useful answers without any useful questions or any useful information is beyond me.

Garbage In, Garbage Out.
It's all in the lighting. Again and again and again. The lighting. If you have decent textures you don't need to care about them, but you need realistic lighting for realistic rendering. Lighting is the crux of any 3d comp.

Look at that pic. The lighting is oversaturated. There's too much light. Worse it comes from everywhere. It looks plastic and fake, because the lighting is retarded.

In that pic the lighting is decent. Decent usage of emissive shader, clear line of sight from where the lights are coming. Could be better, but serviceable.

If you use Blender there's some options you can change to make the lighting more realistic. Disable the restricted dynamic range, it will make it better. But really it's all in the lights.
Do you do render layers and compositing. Use PBR materials.

File: 152036333958.png (209 KB, 604x613)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
What's a better software than blender to make game animations?
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>Do you pay for all the software that you use?
Not all of it.

I pay for:
Substance Indie
(thinking about this one) Houdini Indie

I don't *have to* pay for:
Fedora Linux
Maya (Educational)
Houdini Apprentice
Unity Personal

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
what are some of Mike Hermes' best beginner tutorials on Maya?
>Yes, you should invest your time learning software that the manufacturer has intentionally crippled so that you'll be forced into buying a license from them
I invest my time learning software that can do what I want or need to make, and that is offered on a free-to-study basis. If I have to paid for the commercial-ready version once I know the software well enough, I'll pay.

There's absolutely nothing morally wrong about this, despite your accusations of "jewiness".
I am a slave to Maya spacebar, but I think 3ds Max is still on top regarding animation, even tho it's horrendous.
Underrated shitpost

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