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File: rey.png (123 KB, 800x800)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
pls give me a job.
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>what's a license
You're wrong, I'm currently intensively job hunting and there are some companies who want blender people, at least in the german speaking scene
Established companies or new studios?
Were gonna make the next fantasy star online, baby

File: 1368668902927.png (10 KB, 369x369)
10 KB
>shit talking about the other's software non stop
>whining about not getting into his beloved "3D industry"
Just fucking use your brain for once in your life
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I agree with this anon, I think it's important to find something to do for yourself. there must be something in the world that's worth doing
What program did you use to make that
Why would it matter?
>It was Blender
>Ha! See, blender is only able to produce literal shit
>It was Max/Maya
>Ha! See, All the best memes are born in REAL software!
Anyone got that fluid sim gif someone posted here that's just an ass firing liquid shit into a hollow box? I wonder how hard it'd be to loop a fluid sim like that for this.

File: Bledner randomize.jpg (437 KB, 1333x1397)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Hello, I am currently looking for a way to randomize UV transformation directly in Hypershade similar to what is possible in Blender (Pic related).

Anybody know a clever way? I'm kind of baffled that Maya doesn't come with a simple randomize node.

I'm using Redshift, so Arnolds Object ID Node is no help for me.
true randomness is almost impossible. what you're talking about is pseudo randomoness and its all over maya
Thanks for the lecture. What would your preferred workflow be to achieve "pseudo randomness" in Hypershade?

File: rh-4.jpg (205 KB, 1000x483)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
ITT: Share anything or ask any questions related to terrain and landscape modeling
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So you want an effect like this?


This is possible and I know how its done. Is this what you really want or are you just bullshitting?
huh? no. sorry, I must not being clear. I DON'T want the texture changing angle or size because of the view. Basically, I'm asking how to consistently paint the texture over the terrain.
if the terrain is made from a flat heightmap, then you would texture it flat too.
>ask any questions related to terrain and landscape modeling
how do you do it
You download WorldMachine or something similar, generate a height map with a bunch of procedural nodes, import your height map to a 3D program or game engine and create your terrain. Simble as fug.

I need to find more inspiration in 3D art and see what it can really do, what kind of emotions and stories it can tell. I've seen a ton of work which looks awesome but is ultimately meaningless, so I actually search for concept art when I need to generate some ideas of my own.

So, what are some of your favourite 3D artworks? What are the artists you think everybody should follow? Just post good, meaningful 3D works to inspire people.

Random pic from some article.
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I don't think you get the point of the thread... the OP was saying to post scenes and compositions, he just worded it differently,

agree! studio character renders has no value at all, (as complete artwork). if there is no composition, there is no story. characters are created to participate in some stories, which can be showcased with compositions )
Not him, but I think you've continued to miss the point.
People are stupid, and that's why you need to tailor your arguments to them.
If you go on a rant about SJWs they will lump you into the alt-right group.
No matter how convincing your argument or premise they will now dismiss it, and it will enable third wave feminists to gain more control than if you had talked like a reasonable person.
Instead of saying, "you're not cucked by tumblr."

"Say violent/sexual media does not cause people to rape/murder. Even if it did these people are still adults responsible for their own actions."

"Children will always find this stuff anywhere not just in my own work, and it's up to parents to make sure their kids are raised right."

"If you want to see works of fiction with strong female characters then make them yourself.
You do not control what I make."

Usually these will be enough to derail any argument that feminists will make towards your work, if you keep with them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
you worded what I wanted to say 100 % )) thanks )

people who are against censoring, they themselves talk about any sexuality, in any form as it is porn.
even if it is used as comedic purposes, for example many fanservice in animes.
many artists create sexy characters because they think it's how cool females look... not because porn sells..
when you yourself sell any sexual hints as porn, some people will get wrong ideas. (you are basement virgin, jerking to video games)

if you want to defend what you like, learn how to do it. attacking whoever you don't like empowers them, you won't sarce them off with rude words and rape threats... that's how many "feminists" actually got famous and influential and now are censuring your shit.
speak for yourself pleb. I make my girls sexy just because it sells. Look at artstation and the flood of girls with such broken backs that they show both boobs and ass at the same time
haha ))
I said many tho, not every...

(I know this is not a composition. but texturing work makes it worhwile... (PIC releted))

File: gudrendertransf.jpg (197 KB, 710x458)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I'm having a weird time learning 3D. I feel ok with modeling but other than that I'm really not sure what direction I take and what projects I do for practice. There's other stuff I want to do like characters but where do I start? This is a transformer I modeled for my midterm but now what?
Learn texturing and baking pls. You can make your mechanical models look better with smaller textured details. You're pretty much stuck otherwise, so learn zbrush, substance painter or mari and xnormal or marmoset whatever
Add bokeh

File: 1518920309010.png (336 KB, 540x960)
336 KB
336 KB PNG

Check it out, newest one. Getting serious.

Tell me what you think, do I need to improve on anything? Yes, I will be animating shooting animations, I do not include them in a set, because they will either be a universal animation for all rifles, based on one bone, OR physics based by the UE4 Engine.

this goes for the walking and running animations too, Still trying to decide.

Check it,

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I really want to see the reaction of people who will one day get your portfolio in their mail, for job aplication.
>I'm Reload Animator, I'm really passionate about it, you know(?!) I'm different, man! anons said that my animations are AAA already, you know(?!) Call of duty quality!
I've seen some average, some bad and one good clip from you.
So you do have potential as an animator, but you seem to lack good taste which IMHO ties into that lack of style problem.

I say this because you presentation is lacking. I know its not as important if you actually want to showcase your animation and i criticize the ugly shader and abysmal lightning or the ugly background, but at the end of the day, presentation is important and if you want to appear as TRIBBLE AAEE you better nail it.
And i mean the animation by that, the presentation is a side-dish you also have to master.
So the honest truth is that you have to get better with your animation, your style (you have to find one), your taste (ditto), and the presentation.

If you where as obsessed with learning and growing as an artist instead of wanting to hear that someone calls your work TRIBBLE AAAAEEEE you would be actually better.
He's a glory boy in reality. He would not have wrote paragraphs of replyis and countless threads otherwise
and all of you are baffling me... you are givving him some impression that he will ever do anything with just reload animations...
If there is anyone who is making money with just that, that's because he got there doying shitton of other work and was so good that someone agreed to hire him just for reloads
and I'm sure it is one or two projects in his life.. oh and getting someone to hire you for shit like that takes much more charisma than your animation tecniques.
Jokes on you bro, I don't truly care about getting a job in the business. BTW I've got a contact who used to be in the business and reloads was his only thing. You act like you know everything about it? Reloads are a thing that is looked for. Look up Hyper, look up ImbrokeRU, look up mrbrightside.

They have all gotten a job based on their reload animations. One of the few also is a cinematic animator.

You have no idea what you are talking about, but even if you do, I don' truly give a shit about makin' it in the bizzz

I'm not a Glory boy. I'm a guy who has a hobby who wants to know if he's gotten good yet.

File: sssDragon1_noDither.jpg (435 KB, 1257x709)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Just rendered in Blender but couldnt dither it in GIMP. It looks horrible on the phones I tested.

Please help.
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File: nomoresadness.jpg (168 KB, 1744x928)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
There is no need to build a complete model for showing the behavior of a shader in just pointy shapes.
use suzanne
Blender SSS isn't plug and play, you need to adjust it quite a bit; don't really feel like going into it though.
you are just lazy, cant even do ss on a stock model
I agree. Moving sliders in Principled shader is very hard.

File: R14kkDj.jpg (61 KB, 645x517)
61 KB

why do this anime triggers this board?
It was because it was made on blender?
its not sexci
Your non-native english (or parody of) triggers me.

As for the show, the quality of the animation is a little lacking. It seems like a problem with interpolation, even if they're rendering very few frames there's not enough inbetweens and it makes the animation look stiff.

File: 1495860009550.jpg (171 KB, 1000x836)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
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not quite what happened.
PETA sued him because the picture was in a magazine, and they say the copyright should belong to the monkey.
How do we pay the monkey? Monkey whores and weed?
There's a point where you don't actually care about the wellbeing of animals anymore and just want to stir up trouble.

File: 430.png (189 KB, 556x556)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Is a college education absolutely necessary to get into the industry?
Any success stories about someone who didn't go?
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Yea I was lucky.

The studio is pretty good and well known, they make commercials for big car brands (AUDI, BMW, Porsche) and have an interactive department for online apperances for big brands in the food or sports industry.

Since I have written this, I was approached by another studio via instagram to visit them. Going this wednesday.

My portfolio is really not that stellar and what you would expect of someone doing generalist stuff for 2 years.

I have been told what landed me the internship was a orderly CV (structured and thought out), my interest in multiple things (2D Animation, Video editing, 3D stuff, general filmmaking (I've worked on Sets)).

Keep pushing, actively attack your weak areas and keep applying. Call them as well.
File: 2ad.jpg (40 KB, 720x720)
40 KB
>going to university to become an artist
Oh really? And what is wrong with the composition study of his? And prove that you can do better.

University for art is maybe not necessary but it is far from being worthless.
I'm so interested in your work if people are calling you after only 2 years of doing 3D. I know you'll probably not be willing to share it but could you at least describe the things in your portfolio?

Yea I won't share it here sorry.

But I can describe it:

I'm still in university, 6th semester starting soon, which I will do together with my 6 month internship.

I have around 15 self-made machinimas from 2013-2016 which are pretty shitty by my standards today but show that I started "early". That was also the time I started university (film school).

I then did some simple 3D in Blender, mostly hardsurface and pretty shitty. I stepped up my game with some "photorealistic" animations, a marble run and some other rigid body stuff.

Around that time I dove into Houdini as well, did some Pyro and FLIP stuff.

What probably got me the job was a project I worked on in Summer 2016, me and 2 friends recreated a Jaguar F-Type just from photo-reference. The studio is like I said very focussed on Cars and stuff, and my director mentioned "my car" in the interview. I'm gonna reupload the images to imgur for you to take a look at.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hey /3/ i have a question that i feel is too broad for /sqt/ because i want to see what everyone thinks, and not everyone is in that thread.

Do you use volume packs for models? stuff like grass, vases, cooking utensils, and so forth? or do you model everything from scratch? does it matter which approach is used for either a professional or amateur setting such as making a portfolio or working on a task for your boss/client? what type of line do you draw for sourcing models? if you make a figure and they're in a scene like a bedroom, do you feel it is acceptable to implement minor things such as a vase or lighting fixture, but not too far like a full bed frame or something the character holds, such as a lighter or guitar?
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I only use kekligons.
File: 1508262511847.jpg (72 KB, 640x640)
72 KB
They're called quadrilaterals you inbred retard. Triangles aren't used as often in animated films because the subdivision algorithm doesn't work well with them. It can also be difficult to get the mesh to deform well with them, so they are avoided when possible on organic meshes. Same deal with n-gons, but you're also allowing the computer more control over how a polygon will be rendered, which isn't always going to be the way you want.
Use your brain you fucking dumbass. Two triangons literally make a quadrilaterals. There are literally no reasons to use quadrilaterals but for "muh cuck ``artist'' algorithms". There's a reason video game made by true artists use triangons and not whatever you use to distinguish yourself from the masses.
you think that meshes are triangulated in engines because it is made that way? ))
render engines triangulate meshes(that's why ripped models are all tris). that's why you need to create quad meshes, so that render engine could divide them correctly, if you give it triangles it can not divide it.

File: Capture.jpg (128 KB, 1117x1244)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Time to kys, autoshills.
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This bootyful replica of the earth in that year 20201@9 was wonderful crafted in spacedraw while blenderrrrz fagya and cuckdesk users haz to spend 30 mizns an shittube Tut's jus ta make fat facefuck hogbitch boy.

GAME OVER. switch to spacedraw and staphgg paying for shit sofeware
blender has become quite something in terms of renders and shader outputs.
File: 1518769356193.png (49 KB, 171x125)
49 KB
>Try blender and set it to maya functionality
>still handles nothing like maya
>This is your average /3/ brainlet
Blender has become quite something in terms of shilling and being horrible software.

File: GDC.jpg (158 KB, 1021x580)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Is it worth going to GDC in attempts to network as a 3D Artist? If you've been, what was your experience like? Currently working outside the industry.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
True that, you need a good folio and resume on LinkedIn and smart recruter, also apply at every company website carreer posting
Looking for work at any of thèse évents ils a waste of time
IDGA has an extensive listing of compagnies,
File: Stronk.jpg (99 KB, 640x491)
99 KB
Are you having a stroke, anon? Accents don't belong there and that last word is French
I think it also helps if you post and lurk on forums

Not /3/ lol because we are trash

but seriously not /3/ because you need to be not anon and build a reputation/have available contact details.

This book was recommended by a guy called Alvaro Zabala in a CGSociety interview. Is anyone aware of this book and is it worth the $80 US?

Any other book recommendations on cg, or just general art?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: Capture.png (925 KB, 820x1033)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
I am more of a artis than modeller.
I've looked into this book from /ic prospective.

It had a lot of detailed DIGITAL references and transparent models highlighting specific muscules and how to distribute faty curves on the female body.

I personally prefer shit like Hampton, Vilppu and Proko video than show the process of constricting specific muscules like where the begin and where they end how to build them up etc.

>80 $
The only paper I would pay 80$ for is a 100$ bill. Just download a PDF lol and pay 50$ to a hoker to suck your dick, save the 30$ for later.
I just ordered a 3d printer for less than double the price you want to spend on a piece of paper with pictured on it.

Its on CGPeers, you can buy it later if you love it a lot and feel grateful to the authors.
>that orange peel
why the fuck do you worry about other people's money?... if everybody was pirating, nobody woul;d have made quality tutorials, at least proffesionals who know how to teach.
and yeah ve got it, you are smart guy, and know how to handle money.
>pay 50$ to a hoker to suck your dick
>lol and pay 50$ to a hoker to suck your dick

my sides

Is this how 3D people get through their hectic jobs

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