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Maybe wrong thread to post this in, but whatever.

Rate my first walk cycle?

Constructive criticism would be great too
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Thank you very much!

That's another thing to add to my list.
Currently it's:
Stiffen hands
try to get rid of that 1 frame knee click which triggers the fuck out of me
and more shoulder rotation
Humans have dewveloped some ridiculous head stabilisation to keep eyes steady. The head should move as little as possible.
there is an extremely small head rotation currently, but are you saying that is too much still?
File: TMwalk.gif (15 KB, 256x224)
15 KB
Needs more swag. Like this.
Yeah, would say so

File: Cinema4D.jpg (1.97 MB, 2540x1385)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Whats the general verdict on Cinema4D
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>bad unwrapping and no RGB vertex paint option, last I used it at least
Unwrapping still sucks but the last two versions have finally got vertex colors

outside of that I really love the UI
Better than maya for 3d animatoin
Better than after effects for 2d animation
Better than houdini for procedural animation

Whatever happened to Cunningham?
File: QzDRKyO.png (294 KB, 330x502)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>Better than maya for 3d animatoin
what end of the spectrum are you on, because you seem to be tipping the scale in one way or another.
>Whatever happened to Cunningham?
Just been fucking about with indie bands and seemingly not managing to get projects off the ground.
>Better than houdini for procedural animation

File: ojo1.png (50 KB, 742x458)
50 KB
I want to make a video game character for unity, with a face generator.

Problem is, I don't know how to make the eyes customizable, while at the same time being able to blink. I'm using shape keys for the blinking, but all the resizing I've tried screw with it.

I also tried using bones, but the effect wasn't that great either.

Is there a solution? What am I missing? Any tip?
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Oh dear lord please tell me you aren't using my "solution", because seriously, this feels like putting goto's in modern code.

But yes, it infuriates me when people dont' share their solutions after asking for one.
From here:

Unity is unfortunately one of the only modern game engines that doesn't support model morphs, so the only way to accomplish this (that I know of) is by doing it Half-Life 1 style; inserting bones into each facial feature you want to modify/animate and manipulating their positions. For instance, to manipulate cheek height, you would insert a bone into each cheek, weight map it properly in your 3D program, and have some sort of sliders or values in-game to adjust the height of the bones, thus faking morphing of the cheeks.
File: UnityShapeKeys1-1.png (309 KB, 1368x1536)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
>Unity is unfortunately one of the only modern game engines that doesn't support model morphs
Last I checked Unity supported Blendshapes/Shapekeys unless that's changed recently. I know for sure that one furry trash porn game Rack 2 exploits Shapekeys for many of the character customization stuff and that shit running on Unity.

Shapekeys should work out of the box in Unity, assuming you're using .fbx models. You're still gonna have to come up with and figure out your own character customization implementation though.
File: arm1.png (28 KB, 452x325)
28 KB
>You're still gonna have to come up with and figure out your own character customization implementation though.

I know. It is an interesting problem.

My first attempt used shape keys without any problem, and also some bones.

The issues from this one steem from the fact that I want the eyes to blink, and pure shape keys cannot deal with that while at the same time resizing and rotating and translating the eyes. (the sums are absolute, not relative to a scale the vertex cannot know)

The obvious option would be to use a lot of bones, but Unity has a limitation here: Any vertice can only be influenced by 4 bones. So I have to be creative.

I am implementing other "morphs" too, like altering the lenght of the limbs. The way parenting works with bones in Unity means that I cannot simply scale one in any axis, without distorting the result. So I have to use 2 bones for each limb segment, which surprisingly works like a charm.
Hey, I found a non-stupid solution after all.

See, the idea of using a shape key to "correct" the distorsion caused by the bone? It applies to correct shape key distortions too.

So instead of 4 bones precisely deforming the eyelids, one shape key serves as well, and allows for more precise shape. And the bone used to scale the whole eye still works!

Next I'll be testing interpolation between multiple eye shapes, to test this idea to the limit.

Any good guides/tutorial/references for good female body topology geared towards animation?

I sculpted a stylized female body in Zbrush but I'm looking to retopologize it now. I googled it but there seems to be some different results in topology layouts.

Any good references for a good topology for the body?
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I retopo faces with zremesher ) and I get animatable topo.
I love Zbrush, it's so good if you are willing to learn
File: facial-muscles.jpg (76 KB, 730x800)
76 KB
Honestly before even getting into topology flow, study human anatomy.

Copying a topology flow doesn't teach you anything. You need to study up on muscles and how they move and to really understand what joints/vertieces/deformers are actually doing. Then when you look at topology flows you'll understand "why" they are laying them out that way.

If you look at a typical facial topology, and compare it to the muscle groups in the human face, you will see a lot of what I'm talking about. Muscles are all just based on pulling shit around.

People often forget that good 3D is built on a traditional art base.
>good outside zbrush
Topology is the same in every 3D program you fucking retard.
No it isnt you imbecile, zremesher is a poor excuse for replacing correctly done manual retopo

File: 0000000025dc2ad.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1200)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Trying to model my own industrial room for exhibition stands like this one. Is it a good idea or should I just use an HDR? Trying to find one similar to this but can't find it, also what are those steel beams on the roof called?
Dude, you don't have to model shit. Just put a plane on the flor and roof, and then do 1 (ONE) of those steel beams and array the fuck out of it.

Be very careful, though, if you put jet fuel in your scene you are going to melt the fuck out of those steel beams.
I know I can use arrays. But I'm wondering on the implication between an HDR or a full room model
File: fe5.png (74 KB, 625x626)
74 KB
>Dude, you don't have to model shit. Just put a plane on the flor and roof, and then do 1 (ONE) of those steel beams and array the fuck out of it.

File: Gypsy_WIP_001.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Can we get a Stylized thread going?
Everybody loves realistic stuff, but stylized stuff has it's place in my heart aswell.

I've been doing this Gypsy dude for study purposes, i'm trying to figure out his proportions and stylized anatomy before dweling into details and clothing.

What do you guys think?
Any Tips on getting this better and mre neatly?

PS: He has no dick, sorry.

>>in b4 "No dick? Droped."
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no dick? saged , reported and dropped.
File: 001.jpg (532 KB, 1920x1080)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
Took a couple week off this model, then I tweaked it a bit and did the UVs.
Now with the UVs done, I want to texture in Substance and render in Arnold or Vray, let's see how that goes.
File: CAptcha.jpg (151 KB, 1599x971)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
here's the final version before starting texturing!!!
I'm keeping skin paint tho.
Looks awesome man !!!
daily reminder that it's fine to use blender to create animus

File: 533528521812587.jpg (217 KB, 1156x520)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Is (2D/3D) matte painting one of the most important part of vfx? It seems like literally every movie/tv series uses a billion of it in every scene even if the show is based on real environment.
if you look at breakdowns and making offs it seems like it yes. the amount of greenscreens nowadays is alot. i personally like matte paintings even in movies with a simple approach on environments. its just a really subtle art aswell as it can ascend to the most important vfx feature of the movie. matte paintings and set extensions are compared to other departments cheapest and easiest to produce. therefore its used alot in hollywood productions. full cg environments as well as charakters are more expensive still.
i wouldnt fully agree that its the most important part since vfx needs to be seamlessly integrated in the movie no matter what part.

File: serveimage.jpg (247 KB, 1280x720)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Is anyone here using a Threadripper 1950x?
I would like to know what its performance is like in ZBrush. If you can, post results from its performance test: Preferences - Performance - Test Multithreading

Afaik, ZBrush scales well with many cores, so this CPU should be very good for it. The RAM speed also matters.
Can anyone confirm?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
To continue I also tried to dig brush engine and dynamesh benchmarks, but those don't seem to exist. It would be cool to see if Threadripper scales at all. I would be very surprised if there's any concrete difference when compared to Ryzen.
Where did I say that ZBrush is all I use and I wouldn't benefit from the CPU in other software as well? I am only asking about ZBrush because that is the only factor of uncertainty for me and I'd like to see actual benchmarks. The inbuilt performance test is all that is needed.
Honestly for the money I would pick up 2 used E5-2667 V2's and a new 2S mobo. I got a pair of em for $490 on ebay for a CPU rendering rig for 3ds Max. Was gonna go 1950x but I just needed a spare rig to crunch frames.
Don't insult the dude when you're the one who came here asking questions. Do you even fucking know which operations in Zbrush are multithreaded or did you just hear a vague 'Zbrush scales well with more cores'?
Jesus christ, why not aswer OPs question? A dual xeon ebay board or a Ryzen isn't good alternatives to a Threadripper in all cases.

File: watdo.png (57 KB, 627x681)
57 KB
im having doubt about its gender
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
its not gay if she has a dick
If you're going for a man (Kind of leaning that direction what with the "phallic" shape on the front) then your hips are way to big/rounded, and the waist is abnormally thin. If you're going for a trap however, keep on trucking because you're on the right track.
I'm a 3D hobby digital artist and this is spectacular. You have great skills. People hate artists because they're jealous of our skills. It's the truth. Some dick will probably say smack to me for this comment and you know what, in the long run it doesn't matter. You know you're talented and that's all that matters. Just know you inspire digital artists like me. If you don't mind I'll gladly share this at my Deviant Art group. I'm confident our membership would more than happily admire your work.
Those hips are shaped wrong for a male. Get rid of the penis and make it female

File: bNxZDEY.jpg (449 KB, 1920x2150)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
Why do I composite my vray render (saved exr with all the passes) in nuke and get a brighter than render output?
wrong text. upper is nuke composite and lower one is vray render. sorry for the confusion
Probably something to do with inconsistent color spaces when viewing each. Look into that, I don't know the specifics for those programs.
Could be gamma/color space, but also could be that you have post processing effects in Vray that don't apply to AOVs. Stuff like photographic exposure or whatever Vray equivalent is does not carry through to AOVs because it is a post effect.

I think this, if you have not ticked on Srgb in the Vray frame buffer, id imagine it would look like this
shadows do not match the airplane shadows.

this is the most apparent to me.

File: PaintRusty-3980.jpg (2.52 MB, 2866x1744)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
So i dont really know which board to go for this but idk i'll start or post here i guess.
Basically im looking for a game dev or someone who is working in the gaming industry (indie/mobile/triple a whatever), im a student who's been tasked to contact and visit some game company in london/uk but i'm a total shitter to actually go and visit companies so im hoping if i can find someone who works in games (art/3d field) if we can meet up and just talk about softwares, games, what it's like to work, etc. I dont want to ask for a job or make them look at my work or anything i just want to talk, maybe get the name/artstation/contact to confirm for my task for uni.
I dunno i dont want to sound weird. If anyone fits the role and doesnt mind meeting up with some student in a public location for like 30 min we can exchange emails. I'll even buy food/drink for you if you wanna meet at a pub or something, i think company visit is a bit too much idk, kinda wanted to skip this entire thing but i think im being graded on this..
That's why networking is important.
Yea im bad with networking.. i enjoy doing this but lack in being social, i'm thinking of not working in the games industry because of this struggle.
make a business card and go to conventions.

it might seem like the internet connects everyone, but actually the majority of positions never get to the internet
>Lack of social skills
>Career in the industry

pick one

Stop, Bozhidar.
Dam, trips
owowowo nice digits my guys
nice script

what is the deal with this niglet?
How old are you?
1400 years old

File: zbrush.jpg (223 KB, 792x521)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of sculpting in software like zbrush and 3dcoat seems to come down to basically this, awkwardly pulling and pushing things into place until it looks right. I've been learning 3dcoat the last couple of days and I found it easy to get into. I get that it's more flexible and intuitive to sculpt the finer details with a stylus in a sculpting package, but wouldn't it actually be easier to just create the basemesh with regular subdivision modeling? It seems you'd have way more control in getting the main thrust of the forms.

Since Dynamesh was added there is no compelling reason to say that box modeling is better than sculpting from a sphere for everyone. There are pros and cons to both ways so do what works for you.

Okay, I'm a 2d artist who dabbles in 3d so my opinion isn't super informed. I just feel like if you would, say for instance, want to define the curvature of the neck/spine/tail it would be done with more precision with a traditional modeling approach. I guess I'll just have to try it for myself.
>awkwardly pulling and pushing things into place until it looks right
Honestly that sounds like 3D modeling in general to me.

>I just feel like if you would, say for instance, want to define the curvature of the neck/spine/tail it would be done with more precision with a traditional modeling approach.
Precision is overrated for organics, besides, what's wrong with first roughing out the shape and then shifting it into place? ZBrush makes it easy enough for you to do this despite the high resolution geometry.
With standard poly modeling you do get to be very precise, but in order for the actual modeling to be manageable, you have to manipulate as low-resolution a mesh as you can get away with and have a subdivision on top so you can preview curvature, but it's not nearly as intuitive as sculpting, where you can make these adjustments regardless of detail level and have a better picture of your end-result.
Even when you're certain you know what you want the end result to be, things don't always turn out as such, and you'll invariably have to fall back on intuition and just playing around with stuff until it looks good, as to what tool helps you do that the fastest and with the highest quality results, you can determine for yourself.
There are better tools and workflows for zBrush alone to create a basemesh than awkwardly pulling and pushing things into place (Look into zSpheres for starters). No offense but you are too new to make such assumptions. As others said, in the end, you should do what works for you, but do research in diverse workflows first.

Happy sculpting.

Look into using Zspheres in ZBrush, I find them to be a handy toold for making base meshes for more organic models

File: Wtfffffff.png (1.1 MB, 1891x1140)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Why does all my displacement maps look like this? C4D R15
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If it does it's just for some full-screen effects when the game is running at 3840x2160 like jelly or vignette, otherwise it's strictly power of two up to 8k or reportedly 16k. Why would anyone need a 3840px square texture anyway, it's so arbitrary and alien.

The mega-texture system also splits everything in 128px squares for John Carmack reasons so it probably wouldn't hurt anything much to have a theoretical 3840px texture since it can be broken into 30 128px squares, and anything that doesn't such as a 3840x2160 texture would just have an empty border to fill the tiles.

If your engine isn't John Carmack approved or pad textures out to a power of two or power of two chunks there's a good chance it'll matter, and even if it does you're literally just wasting VRAM on empty space so just make a full 4k texture for fuck's sake.
Well, the tiles are 128x128, but 4 pixels on each side are shared within neighbouring tiles. So in reality, they're just 120x120. On lowest mipmap level, there's 32x32 tiles, so that's 3840x3840. They must have a reason to do it this way since the rest of the system is very well thought out. Carmack has nothing to do with this engine, by the way, they hired someone from Crytek iirc.
Megatextures were his baby back when he was still on board with RAGE unless they fundamentally changed the technology, the engine as a whole though I can't speak on.
Also yeah I didn't think about the 4 shared pixels, I mean they're still stored in VRAM in 128 chunks because power of 2 is important for quick and easy lookups on the hardware level, but I guess if they all have those 4 shared pixels then the actual textures probably weren't power of 2 then. That's wild.

I'd still say power of 2 matters though, if non power of 2 textures are implemented in a way that doesn't impact performance it'll be through padding it to be power of 2 on the VRAM and at that point it really is just wasting VRAM so just up the size to the nearest power of 2 and you waste less and get more to work with. Not so sure it needs to be a square power of 2.
>Not so sure it needs to be a square power of 2.
Probably not, considering even very old games like Doom, Quake and Morrowing had rectangular textures (eg. 64x128).

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