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Im a professional Videomapping producer AMA
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when are you gonna move out of your parents basement?
How do you promote your team?
Where do your jobs come from?

this is the real shit, where the resolution of a project hits the 15k by 4k
Of course i do more than that kek
Its a second floor
Why go so high when the client doest even want to pay for the proyectors
Our team is extremly small we are 5 people, but our proyects consist on big events imagine the 4 of july main event of new york
Also we are in aliance with the event company so thats how they hire us
We went to cairo and rihad to for big events too

File: whats.jpg (64 KB, 1300x603)
64 KB
anybody knows what are these programs?
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First one looks like keyshot
a lot of thanks guys. still wondering in 3rd circle is what?
File: Untitled.png (4 KB, 153x62)
4 KB
Second from the right looks liek GOG.com launcher.

Games platform like Blizzard launcher or Steam.
btw geoglyph is awesome its good to know.

File: Arc_maul[1].png (70 KB, 506x99)
70 KB
I want to make a life sized version of the Skitarii Arc Maul from Warhammer 40K (Pic related) but I can't find that many reference images or even an stl. So far I'm just going from scratch and estimating but I want to be as accurate to the real thing as I can. Any help?
Looks pretty self explanatory to me
It does until you realize the other side isn't identical
How do you know it isn't, if you can't find any images of it?

i challenge you to make this 3D
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That's not the point.
File: test_cam.jpg (23 KB, 640x480)
23 KB
File: dogy.jpg (62 KB, 1018x940)
62 KB
hes a cutie
Yeah, it's that dancing gnome from that russian poster.

Is my Asus X555LAB i3 5th gen 6GB RAM strong enough to make low poly graphics like Katamari Damacy?
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What does that mean?
What else can I make?
I think he thinks your system will start choking around 100k and up triangles.
Per model or scene?

File: 14853813937070.jpg (201 KB, 1280x853)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Hey /3/, let's collab!
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>an anime lady with big titties
>a furry aggressively masturbating to Blender's source code
File: my pain.png (2.86 MB, 1114x1172)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
i'm new to /3/ and i dont know how a collab would go.
there was a thing i always wanted to do in hammer with friends that consist of:
a house/ship/spaceship/, consisting of corridos, connecting through different rooms, and each of my friends would make their own room to their liking and later on would make it into one map and showing them off autistically
bad thing was, nobody wanted to do it.
don't think that's the type of collab i would find here.
i've learned how to do scenes n' stuff since my lazy sister made me make her arch renders.
my dream is, to have a stable game with a simple first person perspective that you can walk around, and people make rooms for it while walking down the corridor, a la college campus stuff.
that'll never come tru since i can't program shit
collab is the worst thing you can do.

unless the collab are your close friends,never do collab.
make sure the guy you collab with have programming experience and he isn't lazy
that's one of the things i think my dream it's impossible, and can't ask people around or i'll look like the ideas guy, and im not much of a director

File: 1482339477271.jpg (51 KB, 517x317)
51 KB
ITT: post things you've made using blueprints in UE4, and also ask questions about Blueprinting and share resources / tutorials.
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i don't know how to do that,maybe just do it based on this image
it wont help you, you need specific maps from substance designer
rightclick material in content browser, choose migrate, select an empty folder somewhere, let it copy all needed files, archive that folder, and upload is to mega.nz
i deleted the editor for some reason, but i still have the sd files somewhere

CGpeers won't lemme register. Giving me "Couldn't proceed with registration
(Error: 0xE4000006)"

anyone else know what's going on? Tried doing all the thing- clearing cache/cookies/changing browsers/changing system/different emails etc etc.

Need that sweet CG tuts.
>tfw registered to cg peers years ago and found it of zero fucking value
Same for me. Similar error, Nothing i could do. I gave up on it. But i have an account at CGpersia, so i am not entirely fucked.

File: 3dsmax-logo.jpg (65 KB, 800x475)
65 KB
>Interview for 3D animation job
>Studio is switching to 3DS 2018 for animation (Probably to save money)
>Initially learned 3D on 3DS years ago but quickly switch to Maya and C4D like a big boy
>Fire up 3DS, how bad can it be?
>Garbage ancient UI
>Finally get fucking scene set up
>Rig is inheriting rotations, find out 3DS just "shows inherited values in it's non gimbal rotations".... k I use gimbal anyway
>3DS shits artifacts everywhere and crashes if you delete too many key frames at once
>Animation graph editor controls are god fucking awful archaic babby-Mac tier shit
>Graph editor in general controls like driving a car made of peanut butter

Should I even fucking stomach though this? All it is is animating a car side swiping a trash can, which I could bust out in a few hours in Maya at decent quality.

Why would anyone animate in this horrendous outdated piece of shit? Is there something I'm missing? If I try to simply put the animation graph editor on my second monitor, I better not even change any of my camera view-ports or 3DS can't handle it and with fucking shit the bed and make giant screen artifacts.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why can't they all just copy each others features?
I'm trying to attach a few objects together and 3ds max suddenly just creates a duplicate on top of the object I try to attach.


3ds max never fails to amaze me with it's stupid bugs. I've been using tons of programs through life, and never ever ever did I come across something as bad as this piece of shit. Constant crashes, constant bugs, slow, ugly, it's the ultimate piece of shit of a software.
> I've been using tons of programs through life

Saying this i think about you as a guy who already knows a bit about modelling and stuff and isn't a 20 year old who just made his first cube. Why exactly then are you using 3ds Max? For games studios use Maya + their engine for movies they use Maya and Houdini, 3ds max just isn't worth learning.

Never had this happen, maybe try using it properly.
>and never ever ever did I come across something as bad as this piece of shit
kek, don't blame the software because you suck

File: trim.jpg (298 KB, 2720x3500)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
How do you model/normal something as complex as the transformers? Do you actually sculpt/model each and every part for Baking into lowpoly? If that is the case, how do you animate these parts?

My most detailed model ever is some wall-e like mob.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

I have done up stuffs like Guns and Tanks in Hard Surface modelling. Just that I have been learning 3D for five years and I feel like there have been no improvement in the last two years.

Wanted to challenge myself with this.
Have you pushed yourself to learn more in these five years? The fact you're asking 4chan for advice on how greeble works makes me think you might not have been learning from the right sources.

true, probably learnt from the wrong sources. trying to fix that now ._.
post some of your work anon, it's hard to give advice on how to advance if we don't know where you are at.
I worked with the Transformers meshes. Everything is modeled, even the tiniest screws. It's incredibly heavy - high polycount doesnt seem to be an issue when it comes to these characters

File: 325325235235235.jpg (63 KB, 960x540)
63 KB
So there are billions of ways of modelling a 3d Face, some start from creating polygon after polygon around the eye/mouth and then jaw and connect those, some use box modelling and then just move the vertex/extrude to form the parts of the head, some just sculpt the whole thing and retopology it after. But what about you? What do you do? Also whats the easiest way in your opinion?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Wait what is this
Those are called "edge loops".
this is how people should always model something that can be animated.
too bad it's impossible to do that in a first pass with anything that isn't as staple as a human face.
>I model so rarely
oh good, you're just the person to lecture then

curve modeling?

File: ITS A BOMB.jpg (43 KB, 640x480)
43 KB
Hey /3/, newbie here. I'm not looking to be handfed, I'm figuring out how to do 3d stuff on my own time, but I wanted to see if I could expedite stuff for a specific project and get the right direction from you guys:

Are there any resources that help teach how to do 2.5d animation, or 3d cutout style animation?

I guess its more or less manipulating flat textures with some rigs, or doing some frame by frame with different parts of rudimentary 3d models, but if I could get any more specific help, I would appreciate it. Right now I'm using blender since I doubt this style requires anything too fancy.

Here are some videos of the kind of stuff I'm looking into learning how to do


File: download.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Where are all the entry level cg jobs? All I ever see posted online are jobs that require years of experience. Are companies negotiable about experience requirements?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Programming as a job is fucking cancer, all you do is write shit that gets rewritten a day after anyway because muh change of plans for 8 hours a day
But I'd love to work in a game industry. Is it that bad everywhere? I mean, when I think about it, I don't care about any other job in 3D apart from game art. I'd never want to work in CGI for movies because I fucking hate every movie with CGI in a first place, archviz is boring personally... What else there is? Doing random stuff for clients, like modelling jewelry, dildos, clothes, creating ads for their shitty products? No thanks. Game art though, environments, characters, interactive worlds, that seems pretty interesting, but I might be wrong since I'm a beginner at this.
Game artist here, I talk to people in vfx and it seems to be all roughly the same. "Entertainment" 3D jobs are mostly all the same, mostly decent, decent pay and working conditions. You need to really apply yourself to your craft to rise to the top but it's definitely possible. It won't pay as much as some niche industries (like modeling for the military or whoever else is ready to pay out the ass) but you don't become an artist to make mad bucks.
"years of experience" is honestly not that much

almost all junior artists have "years of experience" because it typically takes that long to be good enough to be part of a video game/vfx team
Also the truth is if your portfolio is good enough, they won't care about the years of experience. Between a completely average idiot who's done minor background props at a big studio for a couple years, and a little kid fresh out of school with crazy skills, they'll pick the little kid with crazy skills.
The hiring process in art is different, because in other jobs your work experience *is* your credentials. Here you have a portfolio for that.
This isn't to say experience is worthless, but it's not the be-all end-all of application requirements in art jobs.

File: Guess Who.jpg (64 KB, 730x885)
64 KB
Let's do a Guess Who thread!
Try and guess the celebrity or character of the sculpt. Also give feedback. I'll start.
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

His name is Robert Paulson.
Not a likeness.
Jeffery Wright?
Yes, but specifically Bernard Lowe
Alberto Del Rio

File: 1414214212412.jpg (107 KB, 525x700)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Is mudbox really that bad? I saw some pretty nice things created in it and it seems fairly easy to use, it also helps that i have Maya already. Why do people hate on it? What exactly can't it do that Zbrush can? pic related was created in Mudbox (and maya) and 3/4 of 3D artist can't even create something remotely close. What gives, is it just Autodesk hate?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Zbrush is a total bitch to use. Mudbox is really easy, yet lacking in performans and the tools. Which is quite unfortunate.

I recently was surprised to know that the guy who was involved in almost every Blizzard cinematic still uses Mubox to this day.

Because lots of the tools don't work well unless you've been working entirely with ZBrush. An entire finished sculpt in Mudbox isn't going to have all the proper poly groups on exactly the right areas and shit for things like ZRemeshing and such.
I mainly use sculpt software for fine detailing so mudbox fits me just fine. Cant fucking stand zbrush ui and the way it works. I believe that whoever created zb interface is autistic to some degree.
What even in the flying fuck are you talking about

>Create base model in Maya
>Add the details in Mudbox
>If needed retopology in either Maya or Mudbox
>Texture in whatever the fuck you want

Fucking Zautists i swear
Just got into sculpting a couple days ago, so I'm still testing the waters with both programs, but so for the biggest difference to me seems to be that ZBrush doesn't give a fuck about what you give it, since you can sculpt and retopo the mesh ad-infinitum right within the program, like you're working with actual clay.
MudBox can't dynamically remesh your topology as you work, requiring you to make sure the model is all quads before it leaves your main package, so it really does seem to be a "fine detailing" program where you're not expected to add significant additional geometry over what you imported. It also seems significantly easier to paint textures in MB, but also more crude over Substance Painter, so I think that neither package is really desirable for straight-up painting unless you have no other choice.

As a side note, I noticed that it's possible to completely change the interface of ZBrush by dragging buttons and sliders to where you want, so if everyone is so anal about the interface being Satan incarnate, why not just create a new and better one that can be recommended for new users? I understand that some workflow concepts can't be changed, but at least make them visible right up front.

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