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Hi /3/ just wondering if you guys know any good places where I can make and sell housing renders. Any good construction companies? Freelance sites? etc. Thanks for your time.
TY friend

File: Oval Cut Ring Render.png (391 KB, 1287x897)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Hey guys question, so I'm a first year design student that will be majoring into Product and 3D design for my second and third years, I've utilised other 3D CAD software such as Inventor, Rhino, Maya and Sculptris, what other software/programs can you recommend me and how could I use them to their best extent?

Here's one of my completed design models that I've created on rhino5 and rendered on Keyshot. Also know any other image rendering programs suitable for 3D design?
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>Why would you use Vray for rendering NURBS over Keyshot?

you don't. i think keyshot is the best product renderer outthere
its just that vray is more robust and maybe its better to use it if you do archviz or stuff like that
Have you tried the HDR Light Studio plug for Keyshot? You can also link Keyshot Live with Rhino and have real time updates. I use HDR Light studio for almost all renders with Keyshot. It has a lot more control than the built in HDRI Editor and it a treat to use. A combination of that and real planes / objects for floor walls or lights you may need for the right effect and learn to composite/take advantage of the Clown pass for Photoshop later.
If you are doing product design, you will pretty much only need to know solidworks and rhino along with a rendering software of your choice. If your trying to figure out what CAD software you want to use during your freshman year, you have your priorities completely wrong and will probably fail in the industry. Focus on designing through your sketches and physical mock-ups first and worry about 3d software later. Trust me, 3d modelling is the easy part.
>completed design models
Your design is shit.
Lets be honest here, that ring can't even be considered design.

File: RUN-Trailer-tease-19.png (424 KB, 1400x583)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
How long will it take before we see any serious improvement in CGI animation? While it certainly has improved over the years, at the core of it CGI creatures still have that rubbery jerky quality to their movement that is the trademark "CGI look". Obviously the horrendous color grading and sweeping camera shots doesn't exactly help in making pic related _not_ look like something out of a Peter Jackson movie, but still.
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>For animals, did you fucking see new planet of apes movies? We are already there when it comes to photorealism in both animation and rendering
humans are animals too lad. We are not "there" as you say. The apes were unconvincing tbqh. I go to the zoo all the time in the summer and this new apeshit didnt even come close to looking real.
File: Nigger.jpg (5 KB, 236x180)
5 KB
You stop outsourcing to streetshitters and chinks

But thats NEVER going to happen, because of grubby (((producers))) that just want a cookie cutter product out fast.
god you're insufferable
Thing is, technology can only go so far. I'm not entirely 100% certain we can do that in a way that cuts down render times.

As for motion blur, the problem is that both CGI and real footage has this issue where they overdo it a lot of the time these days. It's less "which does it worse" and more "Everything's beginning to look computerized, even the real things" when they overdo it.
yeah basically this
>Pajeet or Zerglings

I was watching some video earlier today and there were shots of the new Jurassic World juxtaposed with some of the og Jurassic Park, which lead me to: HOW THE FUCK CAN IT LOOK SHITTIER 24 YEARS LATER

File: 1496470926824.jpg (55 KB, 480x360)
55 KB
What is your opinion on masterpiece?
I figure if you use the same methods used in 3d printing pen art you should be able to sculpt some pretty nice stuff

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>it would be to try and sculpt in a 3D space without a physical touch.
It's incredibly intuitive, you contrarian nojob retard. All the VR sculpt tools are all lacking in features (aka they aren't Zbrush), and it's more physically demanding to sculpt this way and you're going to be faster doing it the conventional way because you've already spent a lifetime mastering the conventional way

20 years from now? VR sculpting may well be the norm since by then it'll have been integrated in ZBrush and even thirdworlders will be able to afford the necessary hardware
Right now? It's worthless. I sculpt with clay on a daily basis and use wacom exclusively for all my sculpting. Without proper physical feel you will have nothing. You have no pressure sensing, you have no real weight to whatever you sculpt. You're absolutely worthless if you think waving into the air in VR right now is acceptable for detailed sculpts. You are sculpting on absolutely nothing. Yeah, maybe twenty years from now it might be something. But right now? It's fucking worthless and any person who actually works with kilns and clay would know why.
Have fun with your dumb gimmick, it's worthless if you want precision. Won't be responding or reading your reply again because you show such lack of insight into how real sculpting works, and why proxy sculpting with something like a cintiq is the only other viable solution right now.

I've tried the Vive demo where you draw in 3d like this - it's neat but it doesn't offer any advantages compared to current sculpting and modelling methods. The most you get out of it is a sense of scale.
>proxy sculpting
what is proxy sculpting?

You move in 3d handling a 3d object - thats already something you cant do with a tablet. What they fail to do is apply a 2 hand approach, holding the sculpt with one, but they'll get to it eventually.

>that if u were working a klin u'd know nonargument

c'mon now, son

>in 20 years

I have no face and I must reactimage.jpg

haptics are something that is already in those controllers, you know. If you're mental I guess you could mount an arm to the desk you're sitting at and connect it to the controller so it could apply real resistance when you come in contact with the clay via the same mechanic as the haptics, but thats not something that takes 20 years, you numpty.

File: Thumb_1.png (705 KB, 1280x720)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Battlestar 3D Short (Runnin with the devil)
Link Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7Yxk1Iwjv0
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Might as well use this as an excuse to post my own stuff, since no one else will ever see it if I don't.


Other animators of /3/, show me what you got.
Hey thats pretty good stuff, did it by yourself?
I am just a Self Taught Enthusiast. C4D.
Made a few UFO's as well.
UFO ATTACK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkqbdQIFhO4

Other UFO videos are not uploaded currently.
Good Job. Must have taken a good bit of time on that.
Battlestar 3D in C4D
Thanks for the kind words, yeah I did it by myself in Maya. It was the result of my first 6 months or so taking an animation course at college. We had about half a month to complete our final project, so it took a lot of late nights to get this done on time.
Pretty much the same sentiment.
I know it's terrible, but for the sake of not being the guy who purges old stuff because it's not as good as it could be now, here:

Feedback would be mank
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Water looks metallic IMO. Turn down IOR, maybe to about 1.33.
Aside from that it's fine.
drop looks like it's coming out too far in the middle. with a big pipe like that, drips usually run along the pipe and then come off somewhere on the edge
who just sets a glass right in the sink? fucking mongoloids
being zoomed up this close is nice for seeing the details but it makes me feel more claustrophobic than anything. maybe show a bit more of the countertop, the mirror, etc. and give the scene some breathing room.
all in all the details look nice though, the fingerprints and grime look very real. i'd like to see more
try using some normal maps to bring out the quads
where are the caustics?

File: ISS Leaks0100_00000.png (520 KB, 1280x720)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
3D CG Render (C4D)
Flat Earth. NASA lies.
-->back to /x
wut:Definition please
thats wut maybe?

File: wip_ps.jpg (435 KB, 1297x752)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Previous thread:
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not op but, when you make it couple of times then you'll get hold of it and don't need much planning tthen

just download either refrence model with good topology or some pixtures and you follow it
File: subsurf.png (1.12 MB, 1600x2643)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
I do not have the habit to plan topology. In this case I've just started modeling right away not following any reference but I've seen things about topology and like to see pictures of females completely naked and anatomy in general. So the info is there in my head and when modeling I'm concerned just about the shape I'm trying to achieve.
After observing how subsurf deals with polygons I added 5 sides polys and triangles to the pallete. This gave me much more freedom and speed to my polymodeling. Sometimes when I'm not so sure I turn off the 'Optimal Display' in the subsurf modifier and check the result.
File: 3b4210d00a[1].jpg (151 KB, 1434x870)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
That tutorial is pretty much the holy grail. Its the one I used and continue to fall back on when I forget something. "Female Design & Hard Surface Mega Bundle" is another good one for putting a character all together.

Studying "Artistic Anatomy in Zbrush" right now to really learn the human body.
File: wip.png (317 KB, 1402x852)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
Making (or at least attempting to make) a cute zombie girl from this reference, in an attempt to make something from reference that isn't a direct front/side view.

I could stop working on the torso here because I'm putting clothing on it but I feel like I could do with the practice.

Also >>595528
five sided (and more) polygons are generally referred to as n-gons, and both n-gons and triangles are pretty awful for anything that moves. If you try and rig them you'll see that they cause deformation issues. Also they destroy your edge flow. Try as hard as you can to stick to squares. Look into poles, as they are a necessary evil that comes with only using squares. It's where you have a vertex that is connected by 3 or 5 edges (avoid six or higher). Good topology keeps everything square and puts poles in places that don't deform as much. I'm being super general here, you'll see these rules broken in default spheres and cylinders and such, but it'll pay in the long run to watch some re-topology tutorials. Right now I can see that the n-gons turn into squares when subdivided, but that just adds unnecessary poles and gives you terrible edge loops.

Best thing you made using cheapest most bare bones equipment/software. Go.
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From nu-male to ñμ-male in 5 easy steps
then why she wears ripped pantyhose? lel
>Got bumped again
I guess we're going for the 1 year marker on this PoS after all.
>lmao i was kidding
>Translation: i was pretending to be retarded
He was clearing trolling with the first post.
What are you, retarded?

File: 1495730398557.jpg (75 KB, 750x728)
75 KB
How do you cope with seeing your models used everywhere in the absolutely worst (in many ways) 3D productions like porn?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Getting my models in porn is the goal.
"can you maybe make this character available for sfm? x3"

Yeh first pay me to fully retopo and rig this speedsculpt you bitchlord
File: 1487978307507.gif (2.82 MB, 414x382)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF
Wtf OP? Having someone make porn of your work is like a badge of honor, it's like the CGI equivalent of an artist having Weird Al cover their song or something.

I'd be psyched. As a character artist I deem jacking off to illicit third party porn of my own OC characters a huge bucket list item, nothing I've done has reached anywhere near enough notoriety to go rule 34 on me yet.
I would love to have my 3d scan used for porn

File: Screenshot_5.jpg (41 KB, 558x397)
41 KB
How smooth is her armpit?

I'm asking the serious questions here.

Did they model hair follicles? Do elves grow armpit hair?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Too bad smellovision was never a thing. If it was, today smellovision technology would have evolved to a point where you could design shaders with specific smells to them.

So you could design an elf armpit shader and smell it. A big part of taste is dictated by smell so it would be a big step forward towards licking elf armpits.
Canonically elves do not grow pubic or body hair.
I would totally fuck her
File: Frebbo.jpg (34 KB, 285x242)
34 KB
>actually Silvanas is Night-Elf
File: 1500620519.jpg (231 KB, 800x720)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Fucking bummer
Now I'm glad elves are fictional

File: 1495860009550.jpg (171 KB, 1000x836)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
201 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why do I find this so adorable?
Well I guess the earth is flat.
Looks like minecraft steve fucking a pig.
I'm on /3/, right? I didn't click the wrong board?
frankly my dear, everyone here hates women, so it should come to no surprise, newfriend !!

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 239x211)
8 KB
When making a humanoid in blender, would you consider it "cheating" if you used the human-maker addon?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: expressions.gif (2.29 MB, 128x160)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB GIF

I'm just goofin you btw. you need to use literally whatever tool you can get your hands on to get the job done faster. it's the only thing that matters. you don't want to waste time, motivation and energy on trivial shit that you can get done with outside sources. and it if you ain't using them then you better believe that most pros are
Depends on what you're trying to do. As a one man band making his own independent content, I'm fine with using "shortcuts." I use Make Human myself.
Stop being lazy.
You clearly have a deficiency of knowledge when it comes to making human models, so go fucking do tutorials and LEARN and then you'll understand the depths of your own ignorance.
yess...learn every single vertex! every single edge loop! manually retopologise using every pixel by hand!!! and do it for every model you ever make just to be safe!
Does that make you less of an artist if you use CG pencil instead of real one? Go ahead tell that to new masters like Mullins or Ruan Jia.
Do atoms in it somehow make you an artist? And if you buy better pencil you will somehow sketch things better?

Does using vertices and edges and whatever else your new and exciting medium can offer makes you less of an artist? Did you knew that more and more traditional artists turn their eyes to 3d and even established 2d professionals use it now to concentrate on artistic, leaving block-ins for program?

Are you less of a sculptor somehow if you can suspend your virtual clay in zero-g and twist and mold it into whatever you desire?
You need special tools and real clay to be one?

Or is it a person behind the tool?

Hello /3/, I'm not entirely sure if this is the right board for this question but here goes.

I recently inherited a graphtec 3000-60 vinyl cutter/plotter and I was curious what software would work with this thing. It's fairly old; connects to the computer using db9 to db25 serial cable, also has ports for SCSI and firewire. I heard mention of vinylmaster pro, but is the latest version (4) too new for this thing? Would I need to back to version 2 or something? Thanks in advance.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
also may wanna try /gd/ too as there is probably someone there who use these. Also i jelly you got to inherit a machine like that. Seen these in action cutting stickers, cool stuff.
Blender can definetely do this, and it's free.
You should grab the nearest blender and see what you can do to your hand with it.
How old is that machine. My ancient laser cutter just used raster or vector formats generated in Corel .

how do I steal assets and get away with it?
Nice try CIA, I'm not giving you my secrets.
Don't ask Monty Oum
File: 1511470847067.jpg (55 KB, 720x715)
55 KB
He doesn't know how to do the one thing 3d artists get paid to do all the time. Ishygddt
File: wtf.gif (459 KB, 200x158)
459 KB
459 KB GIF
Not-so-fun fact: Monty's dead, remember?

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