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File: descarga (1).jpg (7 KB, 185x272)
7 KB
Hi /3/, does someone have the STL model for 3d printing of the Nameless Ghoul's mask?
Fuck off edgelord.
Ghost is a edgy shit band
And tell me, what group do you like?

You're free to have shit taste and hate good bands because they are popular, but you're also free to shut the fuck up about it so that you don't look like a moron in front of everyone. Back to your underground bands with 60 views on youtube. I'm sure it makes you feel very special faggot.

File: image.png (315 KB, 852x736)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
how exactly do i make something like this?


it seems so simple but i have no idea what's going on.

i get that it's just a cube with the twist object in C4D, but how do i recreate what's going on with the material?

can someone break it down for me?
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I assume it's just a mirror material reflecting a rainbow texture fed into the sky / HDRI slot.

File: irridescent.png (404 KB, 1892x841)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
To expand on what I explained here, here's a basic example:

Curvature analysis is set to concave, and then the value is plotted along the color gradient.
3/5 are me.
File: werked.png (593 KB, 960x540)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
File: werked1.png (29 KB, 432x466)
29 KB

maya+vray faggot here

Why is the Maya youtube community composed almost exclusively of shitters?
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Wowow hol up
So you be sayin that
"smacks lips"
I can do the same sheit in 3dsmax?
wut about 3dsmax?
They are 40 year old Xoomers
>Not writing your own software that tops the others
>Not writing an automatic worflow that doesn't need the artist to do anything
Oh boy, /3/
Is this guy the best information spreader out there??
Unironically can't manage without him.


FlippedNormal did a harsh truth on 3d industry.

. Very low pay
. Have to work 16 hours a day to keep up with everyone
. Can get fired at everytime
. Outsourcing is killing the industry
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I see. Well, It might happen, but looking at their (fairly)latest work(movies), doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. If there are indeed people with actual skills, looks like they're working for outsourcing.
Yes, I have.
I'm a lead at one of the top studios you all drool about. I am in the unfortunate position of also having to work with our Indian studio.
And let me tell you, Jesus fucking Christ it's a clusterfuck. At the end of this show I will probably have to redo all hero assets we gave them. And they are very hero. They are a bunch of juniors who are in no way ready to take on this responsibility.
It's madness. But they get paid peanuts so whatever, right? Fuck my life.
India is the cancer of this industry. And it's not the people's fault, we all started somewhere. It's the fault of the movie industry that is raping us for the cheapest work so they can make more BILLIONS.
File: 1519879046483.jpg (68 KB, 555x475)
68 KB

>I'm a lead at one of the top studios you all drool about. I am in the unfortunate position of also having to work with our Indian studio.
I'm in the same position, and I can confirm that 90% of everything that comes from our indian partners is shit. Their workers are like mindless pawns that can't follow direction, interpret a concept, or think for themselves in any way. Some are technically skilled, but it ends there. It IS cancer.
File: 1444082107428.png (280 KB, 473x618)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Too obvious, tune down the sarcasm
>You're pretty much guaranteed to be exploited in a small company


File: pepegondola.jpg (817 KB, 1920x1080)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
My first animated short(?)


Fresh out of oven.
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Pretty much this, I'm going to make my own part 2 just to spite you it's seriously not that hard to make shit on purpose 3D videos on youtube.
Looks like garbage, but that will improve with time. The fact that you have a finished product is good, waiting for part 2
Op Ill be waiting for part 2. Just do your thing ok? as long as you release it :)
fuckin' a that music gets me bruh, keep it coming.
you naughty icosahedron.

File: laptop.jpg (24 KB, 500x500)
24 KB
Gr/3/etings gang. looking to find a laptop that would be suitable for Autodesk Maya. almost went through with getting the Lenovo Thinkpad W540,(pic related) thought id see what my options are. looking to spend about $1,500. also, in addition to 3d work id like to use programs like After Effects for video editing if thats on any help. looking to get the most for my money, dont really know too much about computers. what i was planning on getting had 32 gb RAM and 2.7 ghz processor. also, general gear discussion thread. cheers.
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are you absolutely certain that you want a laptop? you'd get a LOT more performance for a lot less money if you build yourself a desktop. provided that you buy compatible parts (see /pcbg/ thread in /g/) it's very easy to put together and there are a ton of walkthroughs on youtube.
if you definitely want a laptop, then you would probably be looking at an overpriced l33t h4xx0r rgb ultra turbo gayming meme "laptop". again, /g/ is the best place to get specific advice. you could try the /tpg/ thread but don't fall for the /g/ thinkpad hype - they stopped being good when lenovo bought ibm's laptop business years ago. nowadays they're no better than any other product line.
also decide now if you're going to be rendering on cpu or gpu. on a desktop you're unlinkely to run into problems if you add or upgrade a gpu further down the line. you can't (easily or affordably) do the same in a laptop.
Get you a P50 or P51 or better yet (P70/71). They are thicc and have a pretty decent cooling. You can undervolt the CPU to -150mV (which is the sweet spot) and get slightly higher performances (debatable) and lower heat (did that, it DOES reduce heat). Be it the Xeon version or i7, it doesn't matter as they're mostly the same cpu with a bit more cache which may or may not affect your performances. Just remember to be on dual channel mode on ram (for 32, get 2*16 and put each on either even or odd number slots, like 1-3 and 2-4, or get 4*8GB and fill them all up, and if they're all identical rams (same clocks and manufacturer) it would be better) it would be of help to increase performances too.
Get a Mac people will think you're rich and it'll keep your lap warm
When I had a Mac (handed to me by my employer at the time), I used it on the commute, but I was always embarrassed about it. I made a point of having a very visible sticker with the logo of my employer on the back of the thing so people wouldn't think I actually bought that myself.

I seriously recommend against Macs, they make you feel dirty, and give you little in return.
GPU performance on a laptop will not cut it for GPU rendering unless you get one of those massive meme laptops. However the GPU is important for viewport interaction and display. You want to be able to toggle lights and shaders in the viewport at least.

Don't forget about single core performance if you're planning to animate. A 2.7ghz CPU can cause some serious lag if you're working with a complex rig.

File: ue4.png (31 KB, 254x207)
31 KB
Let's start with a New Year's gift from the God itself:

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Mhhhh how should I open it then?
No kidding, if you compiled your own UE4 version with the nvidia flex stuff installed I think that's possible.
Fuck all these out of date tutorials.

Where's a good place to find stuff?
god damn wish i could make game assets faster, i barely anytime to code the fucking game
This, I want to get into UE4 but half the instructions don't correspond to the current UI.

File: aBxYX9x_700b.jpg (129 KB, 700x594)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
hey guys, i have a question. it may be silly to those more experienced, but i am beginning my adventure with 3d so bear with me please.

I am aiming for the effect in the lower part of the image, kinda like a wireframe view, but all in white or light gray without any textures.

I've seen plenty of various renders like that, mostly product ones, but I've never actually encountered how to create something like that.

I'm using 3dsmax and arnold/vray. Any tips would be much appreciated
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.

thanks a lot guys! I'm definitely gonna try this out

also, sorry for not posting in the question thread, must have missed that one somehow
Oh those IBMs... When brainlets couldn't use computers
What do Blender users have to do with any of this? Can you guys stop turning every thread into software hate thread? Just enjoy life, man. Use what you want?
Not-so-subtle bait.
Too many levels man, bring it down a notch.


I'm making some educational videos and I'd like to replace my face into a 3d render. Do you know any software for pc for doing this - like animoji in iphone, easy for noobs? Thanks! :)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>I'd like to replace my face into a 3d render. Do you know any software for pc for doing this
Blendah, bruh:
Unironically this. Motion tracking in Blender is pretty great. https://youtu.be/jwJhwcPFh70
I want to put a dinosaur 3d head instead of my real face.

So Blender is ok? Will I die setting up?
>So Blender is ok? Will I die setting up?
You won't, but your chances at a career will.
Blender can do that

File: leprechaun.jpg (23 KB, 400x295)
23 KB
I need help finding the software that lets you spraypaint an image directly onto a model and into its' uv map. You can pick from the image with a "clone stamp" tool and apply the image directly onto your model.
Is it possible to do this in blender?
substance painter
>Is it possible to do this in blender?
Entirely. Did you even bother trying before you came here? It even comes with the clone stamp tool you described.
Please post in the questions thread next time. I honestly don't understand how you newfags miss it.
i'm an oldfag you retard, i've been here all summer
Blender can do that

Im lazy and fully aware of it but I’d like to know the best photogrammetry apps and or software that I can either download for free or get for “free” that I can use either an iPhone 8 or a mediocre digital camera to “scan” in some basic real life items. Low cost programs and or hardware combos work too.

They don’t need to be the best of quality, just recognizable / somewhat easy to work with.

I’ve tried Zephyr 3D but it doesn’t really seem to work very great. Any ideas / suggestions?
agisoft photoscan

You don't do photogrammetry with a phone. In any case, you take pics with the phone and process it with your pc
Forget phones for this, you need a half-decent DSLR
Colmap is pretty good

and forget about the phone part sure you can take the pictures with it but nothing else.
Aside from knowing how to do scans properly. Agisoft photoscan provides the best toolset. While RealityCapture blows it out of the water with it's dense cloud filtering.
I've been testing RC lately, haven't yet gotten to importing an object with good uv unwrap back to RC to project textures. I've read that earlier you couldn't project on to custom uvs in RC.

File: 1508760968859.jpg (73 KB, 597x874)
73 KB
How can we make SFM better, guys? I "know" someone at Valve if you know what I mean.

I have his balls over hot coals, he will change almost anything in the program, given sufficent reason
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
tell that to all the blokes making shit load of money for doing sfm porn
where are they? i typed "sfm porn patreon" into google and i found one guy getting 2k/month which is nice but not impressive for people with real jobs and everyone else seems to just be getting small change like $50-200/month even for reasonably high quality work. that's not a "shitload" of money unless you're a child.
File: SFM2.jpg (563 KB, 1280x720)
563 KB
563 KB JPG

>SFM better

With the current Source Engine?
one mans toy program is another man's money maker
Please just give some form of info that there is an update or improvements or anything for it, the few people who like it are desperate as all hell

File: Motunui_(Moana_-_2016).png (1.56 MB, 1920x800)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Disney made the Moana island scene available for download


it's only 70gb compressed
38 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yup, yup, true points. Went with "these days" subconsciously cause it seemed like more natural phrasing in my head.

Mhmm, Ptex. It's open-source too, so to the nip_anon: http://ptex.us/overview.html
Have fun.
Moana Island remake of Silent Cartographer when?
Have any of you had luck getting the cloud vdb to look decent with a typical renderer? It seems like all the usual suspects are completely inadequate when it comes to photorealistic cloud lighting/shading/scattering, because nothing I've seen so far comes close to the original Hyperion render.
These assets are licensed for testing / benchmarking purposes only. It's probably OK to use them in renders for your random furry porn tumblr but it would be seriously risky to try to sell anything made with these assets.


These scenes are made with Xgen, so it's all just instanced copies deformed with expressions. They exported the xgen primitives to raw objs. As >>631075 mentioned, they the instances themselves can actually contain references to other geometry. Clarisse can interactively display billion+ polygon scenes no problem, so Disney's in house Xgen can certainly do it on commodity hardware like that HP workstation.

They just dumped a scene from Maya into a format that would be more typical as on-disk input for a render engine. Arnold .ass, Redshift .rs and so on are also going to contain little more a raw hierarchy of geometry and materials. Json+obj was designed as a neutral platform-independent release so that one could develop tools to import into any environment or experimental render engine of choice. The main issue is that modern render engines do the instancing inside the engine, but the instancing information is lost here, which makes it a clunky dataset. I'm not a CS researcher nor do I work at Disney so I'm not sure what the motivation was to do it this way, since it's no longer a "real-world" performance test.
>tfw 20GiB left on my HDD

File: BlenderDesktopLogo.png (242 KB, 1054x934)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Im in a pickle /3/, Im on a team remastering an old game from the early 2000's, we've been in development for a few years and we want to get it out and done. Right now im fighting the urge to import the model and trace the damn thing. I fear that it will stunt my growth since id be tracing a mesh and not modeling it freely. I just finished up with my deadlines and im doing extra work while I await some new ones, what would you guys do? Trace to get it done or take some more time and model it only using ref images?
if you decide to "trace" it, think of it as a retopo practice, rather than modeling.

Timesplitters, by any chance? If so, that thing has been in development for a frankly embarassing amount of time at this point.

Just 'trace' it. Like >>631779 said, it's retopo, and it's not like being able to retopo a low poly model into a high one is a worthless skill.

Get the job done. That's what matters.

Having a completed project on your resume is more important than anything else, and if you sit in development hell forever, you'll never get there.
1)get the shit done

File: download (7).jpg (9 KB, 178x283)
9 KB
How do I know if my routine is pure shit or not?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yes lad. Good to know /3/ user is also a /fit/izen.

I also browse /pol/. Heil Hitler.
>a product render
It checks out. /3//fit//nazi/ confirmed.
poast your routine mate, how else can help you?
Mistaking fa and fit is somewhat understandable. But fit and 3? Wtf
Do you feel pain the day after you ended your routine?
Your poo has the same size?
Are you thirsty?
Are you sweating like a dog? (one of my friends works until he starts sweating....)

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