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File: modo_google_images.jpg (323 KB, 1920x1080)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Thoughts on modo? I like the way its ui looks so im gonna try this as first 3d software. Also how do I stay safe when pirating I heard the foundry cracks down hard.
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A friend of mine uses modo for his job and as far as I know he is doing just fine.
I guess you just need to look for that info, it might be just a myth
I know that Autodesk gathers info about the programs you downloaded but only if you agree to download additional things, problably it's a similar case

I like it a lot. AMAZING uv and selection tools.
good to hear, I rarely see modo talked about on this board
Great program. Infinitely more pleasant for me to work with than Autodesk shit. But just like Blender, it's not really industry standard afaik, and pirating it sounds scary so unfortunately I'm not using it anymore.

Atm I'm thinking about going back to 3ds max from blender because le industry, but I'm having a hard time getting used to the workflow after experiencing the glorious blender modeling. I absolutely hate having to use the buttons, but it doesn't seem like 100% hotkey based workflow is possible here, unlike with blender. If only Modo was the third industry standard option, I'd jump to it in a heartbeat.
Much superior to Maya and Max if all you need to to is model.

File: Tie Fighter Model v2.png (978 KB, 1920x1080)
978 KB
978 KB PNG
Give critique
Fuck off reddit
Posted this on reddit too yes
The vertical window frame directly in front of the pilot's face really rustles my jimmies.
I know that's how it is and interior shots show the window is rotated to not have the frame there, But if I was going to tweak anything canon, it would be that.

Alternativly, I'd move the pilot seat down so they would mostly look out the central pane.

But yes it looks like cheap plastic, though i dunno about the isometric look.
I think the attention to detail is actually pretty good.

File: screenshot109.jpg (157 KB, 1920x1080)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I keep wondering this, and I dont really know what to do. I need some tips

>Working with a highpoly model in zbrush. I reduced the polycount and detail a lot with zremesher. Im going to use it as a static mesh in Unreal
>I only want to pose the character (its going to be a statue). No rigging. I already have all the uv maps too

How bad would be to keep the highpoly model, decimate it, lose all the clean topology and then importing it in UE4?
Is it doable? Would it react bad to lighting? Or would it be better to stick to the lowpoly and bad detailed one instead?
A static mesh can be whatever clusterfuck of triangles and squares and ngons that you want, if it looks ok in your modelling viewport it'll look ok in UE4....


Good luck unwrapping decimated topology. So you'll have to unwrap it before decimation and remember to preserve UVs in pre-calculation for decimation, or....

Just reproject your hipoly detail back into your ZRemesh. You have tried that already I take it? And if you've laid out the UVs a
Ready, why are you just not baking it?

If I were you I would;
1. Output your hi-res model for baking
2. Create a mid-poly decimated duplicate, this is just a reference for your retopolo object so it doesn't matter how rough it is, just so long as 3DS Max or whatever can open it
3. Export your ZRemesh (after at least trying to reproject the hipoly onto it) and bring that into Max alongside the mid-poly version from step 2, set the midpoly as a draw-on surface and go over your ZRemesh with the conform brush.

Voila - quick retop.
Thanks for your reply anon, your method sounds better, I already thought about the problem about trying to unwrap lighting maps from a decimated model.

Ok, so, let me get things straight (I come from archviz so Im not used to organic workflow)

1. Already baked all the textures, diffuse and normal from the highpoly model. This highpoly is a 1.5gb fbx file
2. Decimated model is just 20mb, done
3. Zremeshed version done already, 90mb, I can open it in 3dsmax fairly well

So, now this step is using which option from 3dsmax? Is there any tutorial from it?
This guy is wrong.
Crazy triangles will cause you lighting trouble in pretty much any game engine. Handplanes is a free tool that can help mitigate some of the damage, if you know what your target engine is.
OP, get back to tutorials. It sounds like you're skipping around or self teaching from random small tutorials (as opposed to stealing a comprehensive course), which is why you've never heard of retopologizing until now.

Since you're focusing on Zbrush I'd encourage you to go pirate Gnomon DVDs, or at the very least look at a syllabus or title of all the lessons and then compose a self study guide based on that.

File: daniel-liang-2018-1-10-26.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x2742)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Any good websites to build music playlists for tabletops? Indont like having multiple tabs open for combat/exploring/mood music at a time and dont want to spend 2 minutes clicking to another playlist
wrong board buddy
next time try

Are there any programs out that will let me do this?
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360 or the new one?
File: 私も.png (249 KB, 407x397)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
I have 2 360 kinects which support the SDK up to 1.8 and I am able to achieve results that work but I mostly just use it as a toy

If you have an actual application for it you can look at the new versions of the kinect because they can produce some really good results
>the new versions of the kinect
Are there new versions? Wasn't the product discontinued?
File: ああ.jpg (26 KB, 424x380)
26 KB
old version: xbox 360 kinect
new versions: xbox one kinect & kinect for windows

and well i'm pretty sure nothing new will ever happen with the kinect because it's pretty dead but I was referring to "new" as afterwards from the original 360
Install Gentoo

File: untitled.png (713 KB, 1920x1080)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
Trying to learn blender. Rate my render
we've already got a donut thread, you donut! >>592675
We've got a whole thread for donuts, your uncooked donuts aren't worthy of their own thread!

Not with that depressing mug, anyway

Why do people hate blender here? Should I get a student license for maya if I wanna work with 3D in the future? I am using blender as a hobby right now.
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Nobody needs to memorize everything, you usually do with stuff that needs to be done over and over. At least having hotkeys is better than having the bare minimum.
Holy Mother of the Cosmos, this has to be a joke, right?

>Dick van Dyke
You learn that by using them over and over. And this way you learn only those that you need. For the rest, there's the manual. No biggie.

And yeah, sometimes it's a problem when you switch between programs and mix things up, but all programs have shitloads of shortcuts and it pays to know and use them as much as possible.
Nope, this is the Asylum. They also made these:

File: 1463826355047s.jpg (5 KB, 200x200)
5 KB
Hi /3/
I need some wife material
File: download.jpg (2 KB, 224x168)
2 KB
File: 1503450495954.png (787 KB, 673x896)
787 KB
787 KB PNG
a blender quasimodo waifu maybe?
Was there a manlier and more professional protagonist?
File: Mom.jpg (16 KB, 416x331)
16 KB

File: Untitled-2.png (28 KB, 1485x577)
28 KB
I want to model a tunnel cover, looking like pictured. Right now I only have the footprint and need to create the mound, but without lifting the edges. Any idea how to do this relatively painlessly? I also tried Meshmixer, but that isn't very accurate.
Either Proportional Editing or Sculpting. The first option would be easiest.
File: 1482484197275.jpg (48 KB, 798x809)
48 KB
Thanks, I'll try.

File: IMG_20180619_055057.jpg (3.83 MB, 3024x4032)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
How hard would it be to make a model like this (for 3d printing)
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j u s t end me senpai I'm a sculptor myself and I did quite good but when you see these beauties you realise you will never be as good as those Pygmalion Incarnates
you gotta realize the world was different back then. most sculptors trained under a master sculptor from a young age, and once they got proficient enough they would be sponsored by a patron, where they would be expected to make a few works a year and in exchange would have their housing, food, etc taken care of for them.

it was a very focused lifestyle, and for some reason in modern times we seem to have lost our stomach for training people in a profession from a young age. a lot of those people started sculpting or painting tutelage from the age of 5 or so, and would spend all day every day with their mentor
File: 4548469.gif (1.89 MB, 273x259)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
you might be right with those dubs

File: maxresdefault.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
You have to work at a fashion company and have your boss make them send you a special usb dongle.
Looks like it's a purely commercial product you have to contact the vendor to get a quote for.
You'd also have to be a brand, retailer or service bureau to have a chance, judging by what it says.

If you're looking for an alternative, the closest would be Marvelous Designer. Also pattern-based, more geared to use in a 3D workflow rather than just pure visualisation.
how dis compare to MD?
> how dis compare to MD?
Might be a bit better but no way to really know

File: Preview[1].jpg (92 KB, 640x407)
92 KB
Can you recommend me any good sites with 3D models, mostly low poly - can be either free or paid?

I know only of blendswap and unity asset store.
Turbosquid, CG trader, sketchfab

pick your poison
free3d and cadnav, also

How and where do I learn this kind of work?
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But hey, have fun using SFM tho. It has shit lighting options, shit options for materials, a shit particle system and no fluid support, you can't re-rig models on the fly, and if you ever want to create/import your own models have fun messing around with a fiddly compiler written in a language made for monkeys.
OP here, too much work.
just give a way to automate everything
SFM is still a lot of work. There is no way to automate anything. You animate it keyframe by keyframe. The people who make porn that way spend literal days scrubbing through 10-20 second of animation to get animated properly.
SFM porn is dead .
The only people who still make money off it are the ones with enough time to do crazy shit like hire voice-actors (no rly), create their own models (which you'll never get), or have a literal team of animators doing it.
You're better off starting real porn.
Then, at least you're guaranteed to get paid for your faggotry.
id go for using blender and getting rigged models online. you can find a bit of good ones on smutbase
The reason for blender is cause people mostly upload decent rigged models for blender sooo

After learning Blender/3d stuff for like 2-3 months, I can do some dope architectural renders and stuff. After trying them all out, these architectural, environment stuff is all I really have interest in.

After doing a lot of those, I don't think I want to make games. I think I may have made the right decision as games industry is nothing but sadness.

I have no interest in making characters, or some random props with preheated baked textures. Zbrush is fucking retarded, the Ui is not the problem, like sculpting is really not that interesting, the zmodeler is very limited. 2.5D is fucking weird.

However how is the visualization, like doing products and architectural renders? is there a big industry for it?
How is the freelance in it, cause I can continue to use blender...I like the UI( I code a lot so it makes sense to me).
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Maybe, but that reel still had tons of amazing artistic choices. That's something money can't buy.
true, without a good understanding of the art he would have get nowhere.
But there where others with that artistic ability, the technical advantage gave him an edge which got him all the attention.
yeah definitely
the combination of both made it an absolute success
In other words, shekels win again.
yeah, that's why i brought it up.

File: swap.jpg (159 KB, 783x666)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Image explains for itself but,

In Zbrush, how can I replace/swap the body? Which is the correct workflow?

Imagening the whole body is one single subtool divided by multiple polygroups, I only want to replace the torso.
If I cut the torso from the body, I will have seams between the cuts when replacing it.

So, any ideas? Any tips, tutorials or examples to look?
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this is pretty hot desu
>why everyone are so
ESL pls end yourself
Why don't you write proper English, mutt?
Pardon me, could I persuade you to jump from a bridge?
Fucking Christians and their afterlife shit.

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