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File: 1523416702251.jpg (53 KB, 828x617)
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Previous thread: >>613907
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what goatspeak is your native such that you don't know it's called wiping in English
File: wot.jpg (87 KB, 988x504)
87 KB
and here I thought the point of sharecg was to share freely.
New thread:
I've developed a daz fetish for making pics of fat ugly old bald guys with fat ugly old cocks fucking bimbo tweens. I could lots of fun with that guy.
I know that feel bro

This is a screenshot from Google Maps' 3D mode. How would I go about "tracing" this; that is, accurately use it as a reference image to produce new geometry?

I'm assuming it will involve carefully setting the camera, matching perspective, etc. I also assume it will be marginally easier than it would be with a real picture, since I won't need to worry about lens distortion.

(Another option might be to attempt to actually extract the 3D data and use it directly; for now I'll assume that's not an option.)

I have Blender and Modo available, but looking for a general technique overview rather than package-specific steps.
Match camera, build blocks, detail scene.
>Match camera
Thanks anon, "camera matching" was the magic phrase I needed. I had been googling variations on "3d trace image perspective" without success.
Blender has a very useful addon for that called BLAM.
You could also extract the models from OpenStreetMap if the area you want to recreate is available in 3D. I'm pretty sure it's also possible to extract the models from google maps (it was a few years ago when I tried) but since their API keeps changing finding up-to-date tools might be hard.
i used to use glextractor but the quality is so poor I ended up doing it from scratc

File: 1525588587679.jpg (171 KB, 1280x720)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Blender was a mistake
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Why, thank you. Took you a few years to welcome me.
I'm real slow
>Only been at it a year.
Lets see your youtube channel.
Lets see your progress.
oh, ok.
Imagine being this jelly.

I can't believe how edgy /3/ turned out to be. I am honestly happy for this guy and his passion for animation and all.
Yeah, real jelly.
I bet his mom only pays for half of that monthly pay.

Does anyone know where I can find 3d model files for mgsv? I need to use them in unity and blender (or whatever anim software ) (probably .obj or fbx).

Should I just get them from sfm workshops (.mdl) and then try to convert them or are there non-sfm downloadable somewhere?

Anyone got some tips. Otherwise ill have to it the convoluted way: https://github.com/BobDoleOwndU/FMDL-Studio-v2/wiki/Setting-up-Fmdl-Studio-v2

The fmdl solution is a bitch to do, so I'll try it if there aren't easier methods (i'm downloading mgsv [damn it's big] as im typing [read: shitposting])
since you have the game, just use ninja ripper my dude. it's gonna rip _everything_ that was in the scene, since it straight up takes the data being sent to your graphics card, so you're going to have to sift through all the data. but it'll be the faithful in-game models.
my nigger thank you
Where to find models: yobi3d, deviantart (#xps, #xnalara, #model_release, Resources & Stock Images -> 3D Models), t3dm (I think it's called something else now), sketchfab, themodelsresource

.mdl is a chore to import into Blender, you need to use Crowbar and then the other program to extract the .tga textures but it's not *too* bad; if you can get the SFML file in .smd (pretty common on The Models Resource) that's easy to import

NinjaRipper is great if it's a game model no one has ripped yet and you're a porn artist and you want to be the first to get your shit out there, OR if you're ripping low / low-ish poly models off a sketchfab / marmoset viewer type site.
If you're ripping a game model or other high poly model, it's going to make a gigantic mess that you need to hand cleanup over the course of hours or days; well worth it if no one's already done it and you're doing it as a career.


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
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Simply not true. Film printers (35mm) were used since the very beginning of 3DCG. The cheap alternative were single-frame controllers with 34 in tape recorders. The late 80s saw the rise of frame buffer cards(TARGAs) and in the early-to-mid 90s you had PASs(personal animation recorder).

Film printers were still reserved for studios only, with the cheapest models starting at $60k.
3/4 not 34 in, lel
File: soya.png (268 KB, 2518x1024)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
SOY face at 1:10
I really like the platonic solids one- that shit is so meta.

File: 1473538622548.png (212 KB, 540x580)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Are there any example of low poly porn I can study?
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CG porn is always hideous. No exceptions.
Do you take commissions? Need low poly models for an amateur game I'm working on
It's porn in the same sense as "Food Porn".
Unless you find wireframes of Buzz Lightyear erotic.
I won't judge.

Bobbles n viginyip
This piece doesn't look bad for a start
I do but I'm all taken for the forseeable future, sorry m8.

I thought this is the place to dump it,hear me out

you know how people moan that they miss the "feel" of blockbusters or their local video store? but they dont want to patreon these places due to the ease of netflix etc?

why havent one of you cucks not just built a 3d video store? it literally would be one room in unreal 4 and wouldn't take much to make.

imagine the vr game "neon retro arcade" but instead of an 80s arcade its literally a blockbuster or somert? and depending on what movies you have on your HDD the box scans change accordingly? im sure a community would pop up around it getting hi rez scans also as they always do.

this way you can get the ease of downloadable content but the joy of browsing a store for nostalgia.

i know there is some talented anons on here so if you are reading this and struggling for an idea on what to make next keep it in mind :)
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File: netflix.png (214 KB, 710x473)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Netflix has already done something similar to what you described.
It's barebones because it was only a jam concept, but still. You're not original.

As someone with VR (Vive), I can tell you the resolution just isn't there to watch movies in any way that's more enjoyable than irl. I had even bought my Vive with the intention of sitting down in a VR theater and watching some nice movies, but the dpi just isn't there on the screen to really make it worthwhile. This goes for the Oculus as well as the Vive.

Why bother with a convoluted file picking when the end result is going to be the same, you sitting down in VR watching a movie. You're not just making a virtual space to pick movies out, you're making an entire VR player.

If you plan to hook it into a different VR player, then what's the real point of walking around picking a movie when you can pick a file to watch in a fraction of the time on the player you'd hook it into anyway.
It's a neat concept, but that's about it.
Nice shadows, Netflix.
lmao you are the dumb one. You werent wrong in saying it was literally just a room in ue. Go make it then itll take a day
its like what my local cinema adverts used to say before they went out of business 'its the experience that matters...'

last one hit the bump limit >>610534
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Can morph targets be exhanged between models?
File: quads.png (11 KB, 654x454)
11 KB
How important is it to keep your shit in quads, I'm modeling a pistol and having a million lines running down the slide because of one spot on the back is annoying and can't actually be efficient for la computadora.
I want to make a cactus like this. I've made a tiled displacement map to make those vertical ridges/ribs. I'm not sure how to UV unwrap/model the top of the cactus so that the vertical ridges meet at the center. Using Blender but I also use Maya if that helps. I will post the texture and some examples of unwrapping that I've tried. I can model the cactus, but I'd really like to use textures for the displacement so I can make a color roughness etc to perfectly match it.
File: cac.png (11 KB, 232x442)
11 KB
I thought I could model it like this and unwrap it with follow active quads but it doesn't seem to be working
Should the UVs look like a grid with the triangles connected to the top row?

File: 1525316251817.png (131 KB, 349x356)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
I sculpt the forms i need, fem character lewd as hell.
I then get so hung up on topology that i spend a shit ton of time trying to fix things.
In the end lose interest in finishing the model with texturing/ rigging.
Repeat for almost all the models i've made.
It seems perfect as a sculpt, Time to prepare for animation and the topology not being right* is driving me crazy and i can't get past it.
Yeah but I mean how long have you been learning to animate? Everything takes time and just work on small things first. Not huge dream projects right away.
You're right, I'll just KMS.
Janitor if you're still alive and not fapping to /a/ plz delete this thread.
Hopefully, you are doing better every time you start a new model.

Your thing may be sculpting/modeling, not texturing. And that's fine.

File: 1490063412990.gif (1.99 MB, 400x400)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
i have a model that i can't seem to apply textures to. basically, whenever i apply a texture, say a hand or hair map, one will overrride the other, even when i have the mesh separated into their own objects. what gives? using maya btw.
>using maya btw.

Found the problem. Use Blender and you wont have this issue.
blender gave me even more issues like not being able to import rigs at the proper scaling so that's not an option.

File: girls_laughing.jpg (28 KB, 398x241)
28 KB
Just fucking lmao at all these people on this board shit talking Blender.
Even if it is a shitty program most of you don't even have the skills to justify using any software that's better.

Prove me wrong. Post the best work you've done that can't be done in Blender.
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Most Blender artists I've seen either do one of two things:
- most of their work in Blender, but things like textures in other programs
- split most of the work evenly with other programs (like zBrush for sculpting, sometime Maya comes into play for animation, but not nearly as often).

That's what most people seem to forget when it comes to Blender or any other 3D program. Not every artist is trained on one thing. If I had a better machine, I'd be using Maya for rigging and animation and zBrush for sculpting while Blender would mostly be used for just modeling and UV unwrapping.

It's called a ripeline and many people decrying Blender seem to forget that they exist even in the big VFX and animation houses.
There's also the very important factor that Blender is free to use for any purpose. So if it happens to be better than, say, Maya at, say, modeling, it doesn't have to cost any extra to use.

This leads me to think it's (personally) installed on many studio workstations even if their pipeline is centered around other programs, as long as it can communicate with them.
And .FBX and .OBJ are (mostly) universal, so it is feesable.
Can one actually get away with making model in blender if the emplyer asks for an .obj made, for example in Maya? asking for a friend
Basically, OBJ are lists of vertices and edges. There is no way your client can tell which program you used to create that data.

In fact, it would be retarded to ask for an OBJ made in X. Maybe the client wants the scene description (in native format)?

File: 3d+modelling.jpg (44 KB, 747x340)
44 KB
Is 3D modeling hard to get into?
How much does it take to to be able to make something decent, how much to master it?
how much talent does it require?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Is 3D modeling hard to get into?
Yes, you need both the technical aptitude to learn and use programs with more controls and functions than the cockpit of a Boeing airliner, while also having good artistic sense to back everything up.
>How much does it take to to be able to make something decent, how much to master it?
I would wager at least 4 years to get good at modeling if you crunch tutorials and practice every day. Mastering it means devoting your entire waking life.
>how much talent does it require?
Subjective. 3D encompasses a wide spectrum of things you can do, some requiring more or less of one kind of talent than others. You could be a CAD monkey and just spend all day entering numbers into boxes to make models appear, or you could have a keen eye and knock out highly detailed models from a number of sculpt packages without obsessing about numbers. You could have a talent for visual effects instead, or maybe you're really good at lighting and optimizing renders. Maybe you don't care about the creation of content and just want to animate instead. Try it out and see what suits you.
>I would wager at least 4 years to get good at modeling if you crunch tutorials and practice every day. Mastering it means devoting your entire waking life.
damn... that's a witch circle, you need to be good in 3d to get a job\have good portfolio\experience, and the best way to get that experience and getting better is getting the job in 3d
>the best way to get that experience and getting better is getting the job in 3d
No. The best way to improve as a 3D artist is to practice constantly.
doubt you can practice well enough if you're starving or work on shitty job that takes all your time, why not get into field where you get both free practice\improvement AND money?
As someone who started out as a purely digital 2D artist as of last year the biggest hurdle to jumping in to 3D is money and the learning curve.

As much as people like to poke fun on this board- programs like Blender, Sculptris and student Maya are crucial to continuing the conversation stream of fresh talent. However even that accessibility is hindered by the kind of money you have to put down just to get a decent computer that can run these programs to begin with.

Learning the programs is dry, boring, technical and in many cases horribly frustrating. Assuming you don't have the guiding hand of a professional who knows what they are talking about-tutorials, tips and intro videos are a mixed bag. It takes a lot of will power to finally understand the fundamentals. Once you do though you've finally hit clear waters. At that point it's all about finding out what you want to do, what's the pipeline for that goal, and using the respective software. As others have said if you are trying to go into the more creative aspect having a good grasp on art concepts, perspective and eye helps a lot. You aren't original for making yet another ArtStation slut, Testosterone McHero Fantasy Man, or a fucking car. But if you just want to be a cog in the wheel you do you.
Ultimately it becomes highly rewarding when not only you understand the fundamentals but you've refined your skills enough to make passable models.

File: 1500639851303.gif (15 KB, 80x60)
15 KB
Can someone with some coding knowledge explain to me what it is that determines the viewport performance of various 3D software? For example I've heard that Zbrush can push more polygons simply because it handles the vertices differently than any other 3D software.

Let's take for example Blender. I'm assuming that viewport performance in Blender is partly determined partly by the use of OpenGL? If they were to eventually move on to Vulkan would that improve performance? What other sort of optimizations would Blender need to have to get a viewport that can handle more polygons?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question. I literally have zero knowledge of this and I tried to look for answers on google with no luck.
depends on the api and how it interacts with your gpu
Some modern 3D tools still use shoddy and old implementations of OGL
For starters, most CAD-like software (like Solidworks) that uses NURBS is often done on the CPU, because curves can't be hardware-accelerated, at best you could be looking at a triangulated representation. In this case, optimization often comes down to CPU speed and optimized drivers on the GPU side, but such optimizations are often locked behind professional lines of GPUs.

ZBrush is also a special case in that it runs entirely on the CPU, you could have no GPU in your system and it would be about the same. This is because the mesh is stored in system memory and is updated based on local screen-space changes made from the viewport. You can see this when shifting thin objects, any geometry that is behind them won't render until after you finish the movement. Meanwhile, Blender and Mudbox are both true 3D editors, and as such sculpting capacity is dependent on your VRAM and however much transform your GPU can handle.

Pretty much every other piece of 3D software is a crap-shoot when it comes to how the APIs are handling the 3D rendering implementation.
Wow! He's a pretty slow one!

File: 1495018264-ddnvash2.png (25 KB, 136x102)
25 KB
They know about you


“The … interesting number is the 6 million plus pirates who are actively using our software—and by the way, we know that they’re using the software because we’re able to track the pirated serial numbers and the pirate activity,”
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and some people wonder why the free software movement exists
The free software movement is not about money, but (hacker's) freedom.
>t. poorfag
>t. daddy's boy
1%'ers are people too, my friend.

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what's this 'safe mode' shit?
do you seriously have to ask?
It's fucking Tumblr.
El grossio.
Oh great, every pleb does 3D now...
terrible form, never gonna make it, fact

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