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File: Model.jpg (151 KB, 831x976)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I want to learn human anatomy for 3D sculpting but i have no idea where to start. I don't know squat about traditional drawing aside from being aware of the basics. I want to learn it so that i can easily block out the basics in Blender then refine it in ZBrush then retop it in Blender for animations. My aim isn't photo realism but instead stylized recreations of characters from video games or movies.

Any good books or videos out there to study human anatomy? Are books about anatomy that are directed at traditional artist any good for 3D sculpting?
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As some anons stated, life drawing is quite important. And/or a life sculpting class if you can find one in your area. (I'm sure most life drawing classes would allow you to sculpt instead, if you don't make a mess. Synthetic clay, plasticine is cheap and useful). Down the line you could even try doing a live sculpting session with ZBrush too, but don't rush that.
And if you don't have access to any class, then buy a big mirror, or get somebody to be a model for you. No instructions/critique that way, but at least you are working from the real thing, not from images.
You can't really sidestep this part, since it's mostly about honing your observation skills, your penchant for forms along with your knowledge of the human body. Gesture drawing is a good tool for that too.

Also, get some anatomy books. I'd suggest something constructive like the Bridgman book, or Bammes. Forget medical stuff, you are interested in the structure, the mass, not the details of the intestines.
That would take forever.

Dont bother with a book for now, I am learning it now and just reading about the million muscles and bones is useless. Its pretty nice once you know the basics and you dont mind spending tens of hours creating minute details on your sculpt, but if you want to get to reasonable results fast, just do some video tutorials. Preferably not free ones, since those are usually pretty shallow.

Also get the female and male skeleton and ecorche. Having a Ztool that I can bring into zbrush which I can rotate around any way I want, zoom in, hide whatever I want and see how shit connects and layers up is much more useful than ten books on anatomy.
I thought myself just by practice over and over for 10 years now i guess. But i had a solid grasp after a 3 or so.
Nr 1 is using reference, real life not those crappy fucking models and and shitty 2d drawings. Study real life models, or 3d scans, or photos. Learn and memorize muscle groups, you dont have to do all at once, but having google open in one window to look up each body part as you work on it helps.

Still its mostly about knowing how the volumes of human body work and how bodyfat is distributed above the musculature, one of the nr 1 mistakes of shitty artists is not knowing how to distribute body fat realistically on muscular characters.
There are plenty of good video tutorials and books that will get you started, but just getting one singular good video tutorial and daily practice of 3 hours at lest is what you really need. Practice and study, and always always use real life refs, never models by other artists unless those were made by the best of the best in the industry.
A bit not on topic, but still. How okay is it to use existing models as your base for sculpting?

I am new to sculpting and creating character from zero is next to impossible. For now, i just put reference on background, pull some close basemesh from sketchfab, align it for see-through and start modifying it. But i am not sure how damned i would be if anybody knows?
dont "learn anatomy"
you want to look up figure sculpting. The word you want is "figure".

>vertex/box model a character
>is ready for games/animation

>scultp your autistic model
>not ready for games or animation
>millions of poly
>have to retopo manually (if he thinks auto retopo is usefull, lmao)
>your retopo mesh is literally of higher density and worse than doing the mesh using traditional methods

sculpting is a meme that is only usefull for nice render sculpts, and is a waste of time for animations and games.

literally working twice.
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If you're just going to go right ahead and apply baked maps back onto the original LP mesh you sent to your sculpting application - why not just do it in Substance Painter and save the hassle?

Seriously - why put yourself through all the bullshit of Zbrush and fucking around with geometry and stressing out that you're gonna break the silhouette... just to get the same normal map out of it that you'd get if you just painted straight into a normal map in Substance where you can see exactly what your height detail is gonna look like in a PBR engine *as you're creating it*

Using sculpting apps on your LP box model, just to just come up with a normal map for that exact same LP box model is utterly fucking pointless these days.
>implying that painting a heightmap in a software limited to a 4k-resolution is the equivalent of sculpting fine details on tens of millions of polygons

>limited to a 4k-resolution
It can handle 8k and 16k in some instances.

>sculpting fine details on tens of millions of polygons
Which is then just gonna get compressed down into a 2/4/8k bitmap.

Yeah - you may get a little bit more fidelity with a sculpting application but the trade off of speed and simplicity is WAY worth it.
And anyway - the limitations of 3D painting applications are gonna become total non-issues in the very near future.

Sculpting surface detail just for the sake of creating a normal map is going to become a thing of the past very, very soon.
I hope you're right m8
> limited to a 4k-resolution

Isn't limited to 4K anymore and supports UDIMS, anyway, so you can have separate 4K maps for each tiny little bit of your mesh if you're that concerned about microscopic detail.

File: rigging.webm (1.71 MB, 698x520)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB WEBM
Hey, so this is my first time rigging anything and I'm following Daniel Kreuter's tutorial:
I'm having trouble getting my model to work like at the end of the 3rd video.

Basically my character has a dress that extends from a loop around the upper-body down to her thighs. I rigged and weight painted the rest of her body separate from the dress and then, following the tutorial, made a deform mesh that completely encapsulated the dress. Then I gave it a 'mesh deform' modifier, selected the deform mesh object and my armature, and then 'Set Parent To' -> 'Armature Deform' -> 'With Automatic Weights' which is how we got the vertex weights set up with the actual body.

As you can see from my webm everything but the top of the dress is rigid. I've tried assigning the dress to any bones that might touch it as well changing the vertex weights like in the webm but nothing seems to alter its behavior at all

Am I missing something here? I would really appreciate any advice.
Sorry for the horrendous quality webm.
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Oh shit I fixed it!

Only the top vertices of the deform mesh were assigned to the armature vertex group for some reason.

I selected the whole deform mesh, assigned it to the armature vertex group, unbinded and rebinded the mesh deform modifier, and it works now.

The dress currently clips through the body at strong angles but that's just balancing the weight painting.
I think you can fix the strong angle issue through corrective shapes
File: Umaru.webm (297 KB, 960x540)
297 KB
That's a good point, but it wasn't really needed for what I was going for.

In case anyone cares: Here's the first thing I modeled, textured and animated without using a tutorial (I used a tut for the rig).
finally someone that utilized the texturing tools properly
thanks for posting the fix anon

File: 857235872537253.jpg (169 KB, 800x400)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Okay lets say you can only learn one (ONE(1(uno(ein))))modelling software in your life. What do you choose? I think i would go with Cinema4D, You can create any shit with it and its easily usable with compositing programs

>pic not really related, every software goes
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i would go with max cuz of maxscript...but i wouldnt pay for it since its free anyway
more appropriate question is why so many people hate it so much?
not simply disliking the software but such a passionate hate for it and the people using it
Like damn, just go back to wasting hundreds of dollars a month for licenses and getting cucked by companies that doesn't give two shits about you
people hate idiots
Blenderfags are loud idiots.

How about no, i don't waste money on software, rather i don't give a shit about the financial interests of companies who don't give a shit about me, but i use their software anyways.

The more appropriate question is, why are you so damn obsessed with a fucking awful porn meme?
Not a single mention of MODO? No wonder you all suck. Hands down most comfy modeling software.
soon most people will do hardsurface in shit like fusion and just bake it to a lowpoly mesh.
polygons really get in the way of complex shapes.

File: 8392832982353956.jpg (437 KB, 1000x563)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
>Can make environment,VFX and objects pretty easily in Maya
>Cant make human character's like for shit, even the easiest ones cartoon-ish fuck me up insanely
>I won't even approach the head because that shit is fucking impossible for me

Anyone else? Dunno if i should bruteforce it and just spam models until i am decent in it or i should just do what i am not-awful at.
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I'm the exact opposite of you. I can make some good faces and character mannequins but I can't for the life of me figure out what to do for environment.

I honestly don't even know where to start or what to do. Where do I get all the plant/objects for my environment? I'm assuming everyone downloads an asset kit. If there are what are some good ones? I'm a Blenderfag as well.
100% the same for me.
Don't know how to generate or texture terrain, don't know how to create or if i should just download plant / grass packs, don't know how to place grass / plants effectively. Don't know how to make it all look like a cohesive scene.

I'll take a character from concept to rigged and animated model over environments any day.
You guys should have the mental capacities and artistic abilities to create beautiful environments.
The only thing lacking is knowledge of this discipline and experience. You'll love it, its fun and less stressful, even meditative.

Terrain - sculpt it, generate it by height map, use a tool (Houdini, World Machine, Terragen)
Materials - tile-ables patches, layered by masks, use tools like Quixel Megascans or other libraries.
Plants - Speedtree or various plugins, make your own, use libraries

Take inspirations from Landscape painters/photographers.
Use references, do it often. Start small, get bigger.

Like, if you are asking questions like this, you didn't even bother educating yourself about the topic because you're probably just lazy. Nhf.

Just, like, go watch and read tutorials. Duh.

File: hammer.jpg (833 KB, 1920x1080)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
What do ya faggots think? Right now it's just one part to a bigger scene. /3/'s a relatively slow board so I might be able to finish the rest of the scene and post it in time.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
From your comments in this thread, I will allow myself the liberty of assuming you're a giant faggot.
bc the wood,grain is too small
I'm not a faggot !!!!
Head is too shiny, material seems to be a little bit off. It looks like it's made out of some kind of dough, or gray dog shit. Also despite some scratches on texture, it looks quite fresh, undeformed, unused too much.

The handle looks really old, normals are too strong.

In general it looks like you have a relatively new hammer head with really old dry handle. The fact that they both fit each other perfectly is very unrealistic. Normally if you use hammer a lot, the wood just gets pressed and deforms if not greaks, the hammer head tends to fall out after a while, the connection is getting more and more loose. Just try doing some honest work once in your life and see how tools work irl yourself.

File: 1488966487296.jpg (92 KB, 900x1200)
92 KB
It seems like this board is filled with a lot of shit talkers even more so than any other board despite how slow it is.
Am I wrong to assume that some of you have the skills and accomplishments to back that up?
Now I'm just a beginner and I'll admit that I don't know much or have a lot to show.

But for the rest of you, if your accomplishments match your confidence then post some of your best work in this thread.

pic not related.
>even more so than any other board
i see you've not been to /pol/ or /mu/.
/mu/ doesn't feature a lot of user created music. It's mostly just critiquing other people's taste and while they pretend it's objective no one takes it seriously.
/pol/ is just filled with shitposters where some of them are abrasive on purpose.

/3/ and /ic/ on the other hand are filled with these "experts" who have a lot to say on a given topic, where they can, but don't, often back it up with good examples or their work to see if there is any weight to it.
/3/ does have a tendency to badmouth other people.
i personally know a few people that browse here (well not personality, but just their avatars/nicks) and usually the people who bully are the ones who create ironic art themselves, don't take these guys seriously
kys >:^(

File: 25387238573257.png (395 KB, 1808x702)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
Does more faces/polygons add a lot more to render time?

Is there a ratio or something?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Keep in mind these are estimates of *maximum* figures. If you can go under these because your model simply doesn't need that much geo to eliminate all visible faceting, by all means please do.
This. Sampling Global Illumination and reflections/refractions has a much higher cost than poly-counts.
this, it looks like this model was sculpted/done in high poly first, and then just rebuilt with some simple modifiers. That front mask retopo is fucking terrible
yes, u think renderer runs on magic? u fucking mongoloid

File: 39Z1133 - Imgur.gif (244 KB, 540x540)
244 KB
244 KB GIF
I want to start writing my own dither shaders to achieve rendered results like pic related. Do any of you know any good resources to start learning how to do this?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ask this guy, he recreated exactly what you have in your pic
File: bwstripe.jpg (183 KB, 640x480)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
If you're looking for something like this, it's in the Povray demo files. It consists of adding a triangle wave noise pattern to the image and then boosting the contrast.
Get http://povray.org/ it's free, very useful and you don't have to learn "C and graphics theory" (whatever that is supposed to be) from that guy above.
This is helpful, thanks. Ill probably use this.

However, I really want to know how to make something like this myself -- I guess learning some C is the first step eh?
easiest to learn on unity

unity already deal with context for u so u can jump straight to coding

ull b writing in hlsl tho

File: maxresdefault.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
Just rewatched this shit, and I'm sitting here thinking holy shit, this dude made this by himself, in a cave, with a box of scraps, seven fucking years ago.

What the fuck am I doing with my life?
79 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'd lose the paint on the bricks. It looks like it's there for the sake of having a layered texture and not because it adds anything to the scene. It also doesn't really seem to make sense given that the rest of the room looks like a new, modern house.Also those laminate rafters look really tacky.
File: 1466478552954.png (57 KB, 227x226)
57 KB
you sir, are a fucking ignorant asshole
the floor is way to noisy and undefined m8
if its supposed to be concrete (??), look at some references,it should appear way smoother than that
>What is cinematography
>What is compositing
>what is composing
>Why am i so fucking autistic
It's there because one of my buddies has a sick looking fireplace-wall that's sandblasted brick and it looks a little like that, but I do think I should tone the paint down a bit. Don't worry about it looking out of place, I'll grunge the place up a bit as I go along. Most of it's just placeholders to block the scene in right now. :/ I haven't had a lot of time to work on this scene.

as i mentioned >>574086, this is just a placeholder, i think i'm probably gonna do a wood floor anyway? or maybe slate tile? not sure

File: 1491969611420.gif (904 KB, 140x140)
904 KB
904 KB GIF
I'm making a game and I may plan on hiring a animator/rigger.
What should I do/don't do when setting up my models for him to weight paint and animate?

decent topology is already covered but that's all I know.
posing of the model so that the skinning process is faster and easier.
as for this though
the rigger is going to like poses that make it easier to rig. The animator is going to like poses that deform well. These are not the same pose. You're going to have to tell one of them to deal with it, and it should be the rigger.
Drawing joints for characters in an A-pose is not significantly harder to do than on a T-pose. And more extreme poses like halfway-to-fetal-position might be tedious for them to rig, but the rigger's job is to endure discomfort so the animator doesnt have to.

animators are after all highly emotionally fragile and lack the maturity to handle the slightest of inconveniences.
You should probably watch a few tutorials on rigging/skinning just to know what they would expect from your meshes. It's one thing to think you know that placing some edge loops a certain way will rig or deform well and another to see it first hand. And in general, whatever aspect of 3D you're interested in, it always pays to "know your neighbors" so to speak. You can be certain that the person you will hire will know quite a bit of modeling themselves, but it'll be a waste of time and money to have them continually fix your mistakes or god forbid hold your hand.

Starting out I had a ton of trouble rigging and deforming A-pose characters, T is just way easier. I think it's more of personal preference in the end, and your rigger can always just lock the character into any default pose he wants before sending it to an animator.
God I had to deal with this fucking prick of an animator at one point that was this local subcelebrity in the CG market.

He'd force the model all the way back the pipeline for the slightest inconveniences and ended up delaying work for several days for stupid shit he could've fixed himself. Not only that instead of telling us what he needed fixed on an email or some shit he'd have us walk all the way over to his desk, leaving passive-aggressive post-its at our workstations. Fucking cunt.
>he'd force the model all the way back the pipeline for the slightest inconveniences
that's when you give him models he didn't ask for and has nothing to do with the project.
tell him that's what you were told to make.
when he goes to complain to the supervisor you switch files.
he looks like a retard.
tell him afterwards not to pull his bullshit again or you'll infest his hard drive with cp.

File: 2017-08-07.png (853 KB, 1712x944)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
i see cg artist do this but i dont understand why,i suppose that is for VXFcompositers to understand color??
For debugging purposes. A rendering and post-processing pipeline may have a hundred stages and you need to have a way to check if all that nonsense is doing what it's supposed to.
>what is a properly calibrated studio scene
> I need to prove i'm using properly calibrated studio lighting when it should be a given and not something to show off

Because they're pretentious faggots, OP.
File: aides.png (200 KB, 480x361)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
eeh, okay, but I highly doubt anyone is "showing off" with those.. they're basically just visual aids
its for color correction purposes, just to see what their color pallet looks like under the render conditions.

Whats the secret to making cute Disney characters ?
147 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was surprised overwatch was only 10gb
jesus christ TF2 was that size 5 years ago before the bloat happened
don't forget her trademark loud breathing
I'm no nigger fetishist, but I think your model might look better if you make the skin darker, and also add some subsurface scattering to the shader.
agent smith a qt
"nasolabial folds"? do you mean the philtrum?

yeah. neoteny is sexy.

File: images (1).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Is 3ds max considered "bad" in the industry?

I know the question may be silly. Im a bit new here in /3/ and i have roughly 2 years experience in 3ds and i keep seeing people mostly refer to maya. While at the same time people say that plenty of companies use it. Is that true? And if it is bad is it worth spending the time to learn maya in this industry?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Max 2018 ships with Arnold, you poor, ignorant creature...

Wait we are already at 2018 Maya/Max?
Jesus Christ... I'm starting to get behind this idea that we really should have a license to be allowed to use the Internet.
Yes, it has been released multiple months ago.
This is accurate

do you guys only make professional stuff or do you make silly one off things for yourself occasionally?
I don't because it is a waste of time.

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