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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
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For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: bulg-MMAP-md.png (125 KB, 1032x727)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
I was thinking about doing a 1-2 weeks holiday for this august, but I still don't know where to go.
I just saw that the flights from my city to Bulgaria are extremely cheap during that month, I really don't know that much about the country or if there's something particular to visit, but I think I can give it a try, the place looks nice, the main cities seems to have a decent nightlife and cool ruins/museums to visit, so why not.
I would be alone (in fact this would be my first experience as a solo traveller, wish me luck), any bulgarian that can help me a bit about this country, or that has recently travelled there?
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File: beglik.jpg (234 KB, 600x400)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
if you are into camping check out Golyam Beglik and the surrounding dams.

I will be there in August (just 18€ from my city, God bless low cost airlines) shame because I would have liked to share a beer with a fellow /trv/eller. Yeah everyone is recommending me this Hostel Mostel, looks like a neat place and quite cheap too. Have fun in your holiday bro!

I think i'll definetly check the Rila monastery and the Seven lakes, I'm not really into hiking but it looks like Bulgaria really has some gems in term of landscapes, it would be a shame to not visit them, especially since it looks like except from Sofia and Plovdiv, there's not that much to do in the cities..

I'd like to visit the Black Sea coast, Burgas looks like shit desu but Varna looks nice, I'd like to visit Sunny Beach too if I can find some time, I'm not really a party hard guy but since I'm going there in the time of the year where half the balkans will be there too, then why not take a look.

Yeah, I think I'll just leave Bucharest for my next trip, I prefer to dedicate more time to explore Bulgaria.
File: pollo.png (308 KB, 1106x580)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
sorry I meant to reply you here>>1265592

Ok so this would be an idea of itinerary for a 10-15 days trip, I will probably spend a couple of nights in Sofia and Varna, and just a day in the other towns. I have the feeling I am probably dedicating too much time to it, maybe just 10 days would be enough
Sound! I'm arriving on the morning of the 7th, would be up for a few drinks. Look out for a slim ginger/brown irish bloke in his low 20s.

yeah don't really know much about sofia. will probably spend a day on some of the tours and the cathedral then a day in the vitosha mountains.
yeah the rila mountains and the monastery are v impressive.

yeah there's some scenes in sunny beach aha, if you got to meet up with some people its a good scene.
yeah i'd leave out bucharest. you could continue on the train through into greece beyond rila instead but that might be a bit out of the way

File: CrownPrince-Bild.jpg (194 KB, 639x554)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Going to Thailand this year. Got a ticket for less than $500. Any tips? Somebody told me Bangkok is separated into 4 districts, Black, Red, Blue, whatever. Didn't see anything about that online. What kinda shots do I need and shit? Should I drink the water? etc.
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Am I the only guy who thinks that:

A) Most Thai women are distinctly unattractive
B) Most Thai ladyboys are extremely unattractive

I just don't get the appeal. I went to Soi Cowboy with a couple of guys from my hostel. I had a girlfriend at the time and just wanted to see the place, while they were both interested in maybe paying a bit of money for some action.

With a few scattered exceptions, I thought most of the Thai hookers - as well as ordinary women on the street, day to day - had androgynous facial features and flat, unexceptional bodies.
I wasn't talking about having sex with them but the shows are good family fun
>A) Most Thai women are distinctly unattractive
they are and yeah the bodies are horrible
>B) Most Thai ladyboys are extremely unattractive
yeah most but some are very cute and more than Thai girls they fit into western beauty standards but if you are into trannies like i am then Latin america is way better the bodies are far better
Bump out of curiosity on this point.
>but if you are into trannies like i am then Latin america is way better the bodies are far better
Where would these places be?

Brazil particularly Rio and Sao paulo also Manaus for real girls.

Colombia has Bogota, Medellin, and Cali (this one is a violent shit hole i advice keeping away from cali)

Lima,Peru has trannies far better than they have any right to be they tend to have cute faces and sexy bodies unlike the women who have the cute faces but horrible bodies.

Panama has Colombian and Venezuelan transgals so it's also good

Buenos Aires Argentina is great too the majority of street walkers are trans so you can be very picky

File: Film5483_21.jpg (2.82 MB, 3089x2048)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution.
Japan's sex industry is almost completely inaccessible to foreigners who do not speak Japanese.
What is available can generally be found in the following links

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Planning my first trip there and I'm looking at travelling between Tokyo and Fukuoka for 3 weeks next year. I'm setting aside 5000yen a day for spending money, is that reasonable?
More than enough. You can get by spending like ¥200 for breakfast and under ¥1000 for lunch or dinner. Train fare is cheap around town so unless you're planning on drinking or buying a lot of random shit you can halve that budget. I ended up being like ¥40,000 under budget by the end of my trip so I just blew money on booze and anime figs.
>planning on drinking or buying a lot of random shit
Exactly my intentions. If I can fit this under budget, I'm happy. Thanks.
I spent a total of 2 months in Tokyo over 3 trips now and still haven't seen even close to all of it
depending on traffic usually 30-60 minutes
the Manga Museum is worth checking out. Otherwise there's also a national museum I think
Tokyo is still my favorite city but Ishigaki was just amazing too. Fukuoka would probably be a really nice place to live and Kurokawa was probably the nicest small town that I've seen
July/August is festival fireworks season. Can recommend August

For the past two years, I've spent one month combined just in Tokyo. And I still haven't seen half of it.

You have to pay train fares.

Going to Outer Banks tomorrow with the senpai.

Is there anything cool or unusual there I should know about?
Go to the Kitty Hawk Kites store. Kites and beach toys, hang gliding lessons and excursions, water sort equipment.

If you get over to the mainland, visit Sanitary Restaurant in Morehead City. Good Carolina style fried seafood, plus you can amuse yourself by contemplating that implication that the Unsanitary Restaurant must be around there somewhere.

The Lost Colony outdoor drama is goofy and dated as fuck, but the Outdoor Historical Pageant/Drama in the summer was a big cultural thing across parts of the Carolinas, and is dying out. If you want to experience it, go do that I guess.
Disregaurd first poster; he's only right about the lost colony sucking. Skip kitty hawk kites and go right across across the street to jockeys ridge. I'd also check out Nags head woods. I think the huge water park across the bridge is open now, but I'm not sure. Uh, you could also go back to collington harbor and go to the little private cut they have back there (give them a random name at the gaurd gate).. Anything else you'd like to know? Born and raised here

I'm going to Berlin tomorrow for a couple days and the plan is to go clubbing as much as possible. I'm from America and have been clubbing in the states enough times to know how it works but is it significantly different in Berlin? I don't speak any German, but I don't know how common it is for Germans to speak English.
I'm also really interested in going to a sex club while I'm there, but I don't have anything to wear and again, worried about the language barrier.

In general, advice for a foreigner clubbing in Berlin?
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>I travel to go to bars in a foreign country

If you honestly don't get how stupid and pleb tier this is you're beyond hope
File: 1496946837955.jpg (149 KB, 788x949)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>>getting free drinks and free aids, because you're a cocksucking fairy
>That moment when I am not gay nor dumb
>That moment you realise you are just a jealous loser

Sucks to be you I guess
>Dutch people proclaiming loudly that clubbing and parties are better in Amsterdam even though they aren't.

Parties and festivals are better, clubs not per se.
>(you don't have to like Berlin), but at least admit that Berlin has a partying scene that is unrivaled in the world.

This is just not true, for me at least. Like I said, I dont like the "Matrix Cave" mentality of Berlin. Some nights I just want to try my luck with the girls. In Berlin that is somehow a sin (or dressing at least a little classy).

Berlin is degenerate as fuck; I literally ran into a furry convention outside of the Deutsches Museum as I was exiting.

File: home.jpg (72 KB, 580x250)
72 KB
So /trv/ I've recently moved abroad from Spain to Belgium, I need to go to Spain during some days for taking some stuff. I thought maybe the trains would be a better option than planes, specially than low cost carriers since It's not only the plane ticket but the displacement to the airport (let's say 10€ in each trip) and the bags.
but for my surprise, Trains (and buses also) are very expensive for what I've been able to find - 300€ r/t for trains 120€ r/t for buses -
I know know there are cheap trains out there, people gets nice seats for the same price or less than a low cost carrier ticket.. anyone knows how to do it?
I'd consider getting one of those 25% cards for frequents travellers, but at those prices it doesn't seem really worth
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I was looking at using blablacar for this reason, its basically the "trips/rideshare" section of craigslist, but european
it's not super cheap but you can get a 5/15 days interrail pass for 206€ if you are 27 or younger
Politics is fucked up badly in Europe, that's why
use the bus
The trick is to either get the early bird fixed prices (fixed travel schedule and trains)
Or looking for specials to/from destinations in the general direction where you want to go.
I travel often between Basel and Cologne, the cheapest option is to book the euro night special from Zurich to Amsterdam and just board in Basel and get off in Cologne for 19€ per way.

Sup /trv/. I'm going on vacation and I want to carry an Ottway telescope with me. It's a small, hand-held telescope (like what pirates and naval officers used to use). I want to keep it in my carry-on, but I'm not sure if this would cause any problems with flight security?

It's very obviously a telescope, but I've heard horror stories about airlines holding up flights because something a traveller was carrying looked like it could be a bomb / hold a bomb / whatever.

File: Thinking Emoji.png (101 KB, 640x640)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
What's the difference between a hostel and a sharehouse?

Hostel generally has more people in a dormitory fashion + a larger common area I believe
A sharehouse is permanent, it's not for tourists. It's just a regular house where people live who aren't related to each other.Student sharehouses are the most common. You have your own bedroom but share the common areas and the chores.
Alright, thanks. Are sharehouses full of noisy party-people though? Because that's an aspect I hate about hostels
Mostly its bears riding unicycles in all the ones I have been to.
I live in russia though so it might be different.

File: 1497726676623.jpg (61 KB, 604x544)
61 KB
I am already dreading winter.
I live in a van but have about ten grand to spend on a six month winter vacation to somewhere warm.
Drive the van to mexico or fly to someplace else?
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What troubles you anon?
Drive to New Orleans, literally no such thing as winter, it was 80° last January
Border towns are not good places
LA is not a border town
10 grand including a ticket I'm guessing. If you want to be in a beautiful city and live decently but semi local then go to Medellin. If you want to be in a hotter place with lower standards and live very well go to Cambodia. Phnom Penh is meh unless you're into gambling ( Nagaworld is the tits and the poker tables are soft as fuck). I recommend Travelling all over the country ( you'll afford it with 10k for 6 months ) but spending at least a month or two in Otres beach near Sihanoukville

File: kanazawa-_dsc0052.jpg (921 KB, 4000x2667)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
are there little pre modern traditional towns, streets, villages, etc in Korea like this picture of japan?
I see scenes like this ALL over china and japan in travelogues, but never really korea.

asking because I'm going to be teaching english in korea later this year and am a big fan of traditional art, crafts, historical architecture, etc etc.
want some stuff to see on vacations.
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jf theres a koreatown in your city you don't even have to go to south korea. it's worthless country and a waste of time that could be spent in taiwan, vietnam, china, indonesia, thailand, japan, etc.
>EVERY single thread about korea
you have severe, and I mean severe, autism
dude literally everyone in the world who is not korean agrees that japan is just a better country in almost every way full stop. maybe except for the teeth. enough with your korea shilling. you're just setting people up for massive disappointment.
Please stop. Anyone who has actually traveled to both countries wouldn't be posting like you.

I highly enjoyed Japan and Korea and have been to both of them multiple times. I'm pretty sure you actually haven't traveled much. Please provide some information on your Korea travels if I'm wrong. Which cities did you go to? Who did you hang out with? What did you do? When did you go?
File: 1493846283815.jpg (35 KB, 582x377)
35 KB

JEsus christ spoonfeeding these goddamn noobies all day long.

File: IMG_0917.jpg (1.78 MB, 3264x2448)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
Studying abroad in Florence for a month, arrived here yesterday afternoon. I'm excited to see everything that the city has to offer but the living conditions provided are terrible, the worst offense is lack of air conditioning in the Italian summer, I can't sleep in the heat either, doesn't help that we were told that the beds were twin sized and they actually ended up being smaller. I don't speak any Italian either and know nobody here except a professor from back home. I know that the trip is more about seeing what you came to see but the conditions I'm in make it seem like I'm gonna have a rough time.

Pic is our back porch
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File: 20160901_101222.jpg (1.23 MB, 1836x3264)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
My favorite panino place in the city is called Sandwichic (ignore the awful name) near San Lorenzo, also they have a student discount. There's also AL Antico Vinnaio, but it's always packed and very touristy.

Another good one is Alla Vecchia Bettola kinda near Santo Spirito - really good traditional neighborhood place, not expensive either.

Esselunga has essential groceries, stationary, etc for cheap, but if you cook try some of the produce from Mercado Central or one of the markets/specialty vendors.

The hike up to Fiesole is very nice and not too many visitors do it, Boboli Gardens are terrific, Archaeological Museum is cool and calm and has a neat new exhibit on the Etruscans.
>tfw most groups got free passes to the Museum so they could skip the line
>tfw my group didn't

Thanks for the recommendations though, I'll be sure to hit some of those up
OP here, having a much better time now that I've made some friends.

Fucking blows that you have to pay for water at restaurants with how hot it is here. I need to know a good place that sells headphones though. I'm living near the Mercado Centrale if that gives enough clues as to where someplace might be

Also this is my first time leaving the country/travelling alone, what's airport security like in Fiumicino? Hopefully the same if not similar to the US? I'd like to know what its like when I head back
File: 6089290_R_SET.jpg (69 KB, 620x620)
69 KB
*mercaTo centrale, mer-ca-TO
It's not fucking Spanish

Glad you've made some friends. As regards the high temperature, just go to a second-hand store or some Chinese shop and buy a small fan. It shouldn't cost too much, especially if it's old.

A good restaurant I know in Florence is Paoli. Ristorante Paoli, near the house of Dante. It has cool frescoes inside and it's not too expensive. Check out the website anyway, if you decide to go.
Any decent enough electronics shops in Florence where I can buy a decent set of earphones?

/QTDDTOT/ - Version #15159

Old thread died so I'm starting a new one. I'll start by asking: what are some nice cities in Europe to spend some time in that WON'T be fully booked for July already? I've tried finding an apartment in some of the bigger cities in Europe (Budapest, Prague, London, etc.) and they're all booked for a large amount of days.

Any less known but equally beautiful cities that won't be booked to hell for July/August?
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It's not a blurry line whatsoever. There is no credit line given to a person who has a Debit card. It is just a point-of-sale method. Visa and MC are simply banks similar to any other bank. Pulling money of you an account is dissimilar to giving a person a several thousands of dollars credit limit (ie damage to property being rented which has a high value).
A hotel room suite that has expensive antiques, making a deposit on a reservation, a sailboat you're going to take out on the water, a car worth $50k that can incur at a minimum hundreds of dollars in paint repair, these are things that businesses will place a hold on your card, and when you don't have adequate funds to hold, or you don't have a real credit line, you can encounter an inability to do anything like a person who has credit. You also lose some reverse protections against fraud, and it's not a good idea to EVER use a debit card that you use with your PIN, unless you are at your own bank entering that, and especially not with your primary or only bank account. A credit card company mails out a replacement charge, removes bad charges, and you're back in business able to pay your bills in a single day, and businesses know that. They don't want to be stiffed.
Don't be autistic; I've stayed in certainly over 100 hotels around the world travelling for work, I always use a visa debit card, and I've never had any problem. Some hotels put a "hold" on a certain amount and release the funds a day or two after I leave.

Most credit cards don't have unlimited, or even very high, credit limits. The point is whether it's a debit or credit card, they have all your details.
Please have a look at you card and tell us what it says. There literally are some colorful logos printed on it for a good reason . Is it V-pay? Is it Maestro? Is it VISA? Is it MasterCard?
>It'll just take longer
Yeah, that's the main plan. We're not in any rush whatsoever to get to anywhere. We're taking our sweet time with being on the road. Thank you for your advice though! Got any NOLA tips?
>Don't be autistic

VPay is a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) debit card standard for use in Europe for example , issued by Visa Europe that is NOT accepted outside of SEPA.

Has your nationality or race ever actually worked against you while traveling? I've been thinking about it recently and I have never experienced any harm due to being a white American yet people keep telling me that certain countries "hate Americans."

Pic is Russia, a country a lot of people have told me not to go to because they dislike Americans.
63 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, it comes withe the associations, I suppose. I don't have any problem with Turks, but when I think about Turkey I find it extremely difocult to come up with anything positive.
Most of my bad impressions of Turks come from staying in Ukraine, strange enough.
>Most of my bad impressions of Turks come from staying in Ukraine, strange enough.
That's like basing your opinion of Australians on people you meet in Bali or Pattaya. Turkey is a brilliant place to visit if you avoid the southern and eastern border areas for the time being, and Istanbul is one of the world's great cities regardless of the memes from /int/.
The Turks within Europe, like the Netherlands and Germany have a pretty bad name though.
> being white
> this is a disadvantage

You're doing it wrong pal
Same here in Belgium. Not as bad as m*roccans or gypsies but still pretty bad.

File: Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png (67 KB, 2000x1333)
67 KB
So I'm going to Seoul, South Korea for 1 week this year. I know very basic Korean, and can't read too well, but language aside, I'm moreover looking advice in the city.

What are the most reasonable ways to travel? Subway? Taxi? Bus? I've lived in Japan for some time, and we have cards for quick access to the trains rather than buying tickets... is there something similar in Seoul?

How difficult is it to book a ticket to see the DMZ? (especially lately)

Any suggestions on cheap places to stay? Preferably with a host present and private/locked rooms.

And last question for now.. Is "solo" dining common in S. Korea like it is in Japan? I'm here for tourism and food mostly, and don't see myself making friends in the span of a week most likely.
43 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nightlife is fun if you know what you're doing, or are with someone who knows what they're doing.

Same rule here with grills as it is wherever the fuck you're from-if you're handsome or rich, girls will be into you. Dress well. Clubs are fun, as long as you don't give a shit about the music.

I'd prefer going to a noraebang with friends and getting shwasted.
Other countries in Asia have people that are much nicer and cultures that are more interesting. Don't forget food that isn't one dimensional "spicy" pleb food or nasty kimchi.
>don't go to the DMZ. just, don't

I agree. It's absolutely hilarious just how upset Koreaboos get when you point out some objective truths, such as the fact that Japan is superior.

It's fucking boring and a waste of time.

Better shit to do.

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