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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
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For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: trv bike.jpg (74 KB, 588x364)
74 KB
Simple question:
Why do almost only people in the range 35-60 years travel by bicycle?

No problem with them, obviously but I can't understand this!
Bicycle is the primary means of transport for youth in Denmark. Get learnt
I'd say it tends a bit older (under 25 would be really unusual), but I've met some people doing long-distance year-long bicycle trips who were in their 20s.
...on reflection, it's probably because few have the guts to travel that way without some experience under their belts.

Babby's first backpacking trip will probably be on tourist shuttles, then they'll graduate to local's transport, then a motorcycle/van, then a bicycle, and finally true Elder God RealTravelers™ will walk/hitch/hop-trains everywhere.
I plan to travel by bike for 1-2 years starting early next year and I'm 25.

I think most people don't do it because they are scared.
But not me, I'm a big guy.
File: IMG_8677.jpg (2.43 MB, 3648x2736)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
There's a couple of reasons I can think of:

1. Most oldfags have done enough regular travel to try something different. Youngfags who have travelled little still have the whole big world to explore which is exciting on its own. Why would they pick such a niche method of traveling right off the bat?
2. Oldfags have more money and are more settled in life. They are more likely to be able to afford taking a month off to go cyling in bumfuckistan. The only real window of opportunity for people at a young age to do a long distance bike trip is when they're in college.
3. The current generation is a bunch of faggots. Cycling for days on end is exhausting and you'll smell like a hobo by the end of the first day. In a world where the idea of not having
a shower for two days in a row is inconceivable for most Westerners, bicycle touring doesn't look appealing. Some also geniunely believe it's dangerous.

Personally I did my first big bike trip when I was 16, with my best buddy. We were poorly prepared and failed horribly. My mate gave up on long-distance touring in favor of backpacking. I stuck with the cycling. I had paid for those expensive panniers after all.

I've been to 21 European countries by bicycle since. I've been trying to do one big trip every year.

From my observations:
1. People younger than me (I am 26 now) are a rare species indeed. There are probably more retirees than guys in their early 20s doing bike trips. The average long-distance cyclist is well into the 30s, at least.
2. I've never met a solo female cyclist. They only travel in groups, with their family or with the bf.
3. Most people who do travel by bicycle stick to well-travelled routes. E.g. there are hordes of cyclists on the Austrian part of the Danube bike trail but outside of mapped routes that are recommended for cyclists, like the eurovelo network, you barely ever see anyone.

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File: 1463163781113.jpg (172 KB, 1080x1349)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Where should I go for my first trip to Latin America? I wanna go two weeks in February but I'm not quite sure where to go.

Tempting between:
>Rio Carnival and other parts of Brazil
>Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
>Panama and Costa Rica
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This. Dont forget
I live in NYC too, I match with Mexiqts all the time on tinder

Right, most major US cities have at least some Hispanics
This guy's right. Latinas love whites fyi.
There are 3 kinds of Latinas in the US

1. Regular Latina
2. Whitewashed
3. Blackwashed

The first 2 tend to be open to dating white guys but not so much number 3

And that's just the US born ones, there are also the immigrant Latinas which I would say are open to dating white guys as long as there's not some huge cultural barrier
>not skinny and starving

Somethings fishy

File: IMG_6845.jpg (316 KB, 1242x1633)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
I'm in Venezuela

Anyone from /trv/ here right now? Or maybe been in the past couple of years?
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I chickened out a couple months ago when I was by the border (in Colombia). Everyone I met said I'd at minimum be robbed, and likely killed.
Lol robbed maybe but not killed. How gringo are you?
My whitest blondest friend, told me today he was travelling to Venezuela.

Should I be worried about him?

>I am Mexican American

>He is Polish/German
>Natural Blonde hair
>Bright Blue Eyes
>He knows NO spanish

yes you should be worried

he may drown in latina pussy
Yeah makes sense...he is still into me.

I hope he does..lmao..
hes been depressed. I am for it, that man needs a wife, bad!

The old thread ia at the bump limit. Ask about hostels, diving, motorbikes, or any general questions about the land of smiles.
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>Is pattaya's degeneracy worth to see?
Well, I like it.
i feel like im missing out on thailand by not fucking loads of random girls but my gf is too good to me to dump her just so i can attempt womanizing.
desu it is a big part of Thailand fampai.
Are you in thailand alone?

missing out on stds because thai girls fuck any attractive looking farang and many have no standards

File: images (2).jpg (9 KB, 220x219)
9 KB
Have you ever thought that you might die on one of your travels? What did you feel when you knew it wasn't the end?
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One of my friends died when we were in vietnam. This was like 7 years ago, we were 20 year old stupid backpackers, who grew up in germany, so we had no idea how dangerous the world reallt is.

>2009, Going to thailand and vietnam with my 3 friends, we rent scooters to drive from north vietnam to the south.
> Near the start we joke about how this is stupid since we have never driven a scooter before
>after a while we notice one friend is no longer there, so we back track and find his scooter with him under it
>he has been mangeld up and his body is laying in a weird unnatural position.
>locals keep driving and no onr stops to help, not even the vihicle that hit him.
>we call the hospital, they arive and let us know that he is dead.
>later we hear he must have lived on for atleast a few minites after, this will haubt me forever, i wasnt there when he died, it is our fault that he died alone.

I will never forgive myself; sleep soft jerome. Keep safe on the road guys.
You sound funny to travel with

If anybody interested I can greentxt the time I almost died with 2 others dudes from a hike in the Thompson trail B.C
Nah. Helmets are for faggots.
In third world countries, no one helps dead or people shot for the risk of getting accused


this is why i don't want to go back to SEA, you feel forced to drive a bike like everyone else and it's extremely dangerous

File: generic travel image.jpg (184 KB, 500x500)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Let's play a game, /trv/.

State where you currently live, and a different anon will recommend a place for you to travel based on your location. (E.g. someone states they live in Hawaii, so you recommend them the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for a completely new experience.)

I'll start: Dallas, Texas.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
The place tends to look pretty European but it's still got plenty of Latin American pizzaz
Upstate New York
Already crossed my mind, looks pretty comfy.
Funfact no one cares about: my grandmother was traveling to Lapland the day I was born (1983) and was informed of my birth on the hotel’s phone (you can guess how shitty calls were in the region). When the manager learnt that she was a grandma he managed to find a bottle of real Champagne to celebrate, on the House.
I was served the story basically at every birthday more or less as a running gag, but now that her Alzheimer’s getting more serious she doesn’t remember it.
File: image.jpg (845 KB, 2048x1366)
845 KB
845 KB JPG
Edmonton, Alberta.

Note, I've been to: California, Florida, Hawaii, BC, Yukon, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Las Vegas, UK, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong and Cambodia.
I live in LA and have been to England, France, Italy, and Japan. Also been to Chicago.

File: IMG_5903.jpg (45 KB, 470x313)
45 KB
I'm heading to China to complete an intensive short term study in Shanghai in January. If I have classes M-Th will I have enough time to see Shanghai over the 4 weeks?
I've then got an extra 3 weeks for travelling. Anywhere you'd recommend? So far I'm thinking Beijing, Xi'an and Harbin. I'd like to see rural China too, any recommendations of where to go?

China general also
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Let's assume I moved to China for a couple of years or more:

>would the police start treating me more sternly?

>will I start seeing more cases of breaking human rights than I can see as a tourist, or is it just a matter of chance?

>would they catch me for using illegal websites?
Where else would they go? Do you think Chinese peasants and wageslaves have any better options? It's not like fucking here in America where we can just up and move to the other side of the country if we aren't happy.
they have severe psychologiccal problems with leaving their homeland. They can't assimilate with any other nation and feel lonely outside of china.

and yes, the pollution is damn terrible.
Kyrgyzstan truck drivers take their own water with them, if they go to China. THey say that chinese water impairs sexual potence.
Depends on the weather and time of year. One week you can have perfect weather and it's no different from any western city and another week the smog is like heavy brown fog and you almost choke when stepping outside the airport for the first time.
Where is the best place in China to go snowboarding? I'm not a pro so more concerned with price/conveneience than how great the slopes are

File: 150309-selfie-stick-afp.jpg (94 KB, 1024x576)
94 KB
What are the worst type of travelers according to /trv/? I think it has to be people who go abroad and just sit by the pool soaking up sun the entire time they are there. Second would be roasties who don't care care or show respect for the people or culture other than posting shit with them in it on social media.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Australians and Israelis and American women with their hideous voices.
Chinese ones. Especially when they are in Okinawa.
There's nothing wrong with relaxing by the pool
Dude a lot of people work for a living. After 6 months of 50 hour weeks while raising a couple kids I can hardly fault them for wanting to just relax and get shitfaced laying around by the pool for a week.

Vapid people obsessed with social media are in general pretty hard for me to get along with, not just the types who travel.
Instagram whores/nu males and Americans are babby tier traveller complaints.

Real travellers (tm) know that CHINESE and Israeli tourists are absolute scum.

File: HNI_0080.jpg (53 KB, 401x595)
53 KB
ITT: Post RealTraveler Cliches
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Ask them what city or town they are from. If they have a North American accent ask them if they're Canadian (unless it's a Southern accent). If their accent is antipodean, ask them if they're from New Zealand. If they're European just try to guess.

Make it interesting and make it about their actions, not their identity. Unless they're a /Pol/acknowledge, then they only care about their identity.
Also if you meet someone colored ask them where they are really from. That makes them MAD
It's supposed to be a spiritual awakening. It's a pretty comfy book though, but I never got how people feel changed from it.
>cuck with soft feminine feet that can't handle a pair of thongs in any terrain

File: sagrada_familia.jpg (400 KB, 640x427)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
I live in Barcelona aka Europe's number 1 amusement park. Lived here almost all my life. AMA.
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Some guys will get mad at you in Catalanist bars (if they have a rattail its 50% more likely)

Otherwise no one will care.
Just don't expect to be treated like a local. Loads of guirís speak spanish. Loads more come here for 2 weeks to learn spanish so they can try it out for ordering stuff.

>Local hippies who are intolerant of foreigners
>Calls Latin American sudacas.

In which sense would NYC be better to live?
after tax?

File: Newcastle.jpg (2 MB, 3480x1624)
2 MB
Hey /trv/

Compiling a list of places to see in the UK that aren't London or Edinburgh

so far I got
>Brighton (in the summer)

Thoughts? Where should I definitely avoid?

29 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: No.2_'Dolgoch'.jpg (853 KB, 1920x1280)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
Great Britain is the Mecca of old-timey steam railroads. There are tons of them in every corner of the island. Some of the best are the narrow gauge lines in the North Wales area. The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway is the biggest one in that area, and the Talyllyn Railway nearby was the one on which Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends creator Wilbert Awdry worked as a volunteer. Other good ones in England are the Great Central Railway, Bluebell Railway, and West Somerset Railway, among many, many others.
Manchester has a kick-ass science and industry museum.
Cheltenham. That's where all the young + smart + ambitious people live.
>Wales is shit, blah, blah, blah

The southern half is crap, but the northern half is pretty neat. They have some of the best-preserved, meme-worthy castles on the island.
>building a carpark on the waterfront of a centuries old castle
What the fuck, why would you do that

>A British tourist and her Canadian friend have been found dead at a backpackers' hostel in Cambodia.
>Natalie Seymour, 22, from Bedfordshire, and 27-year-old Canadian Abbey Gail Amisola are understood to have been feeling unwell in the city of Kampot.
>Staff at the Monkey Republic Hostel say the pair had been to a pharmacy but were found dead on Monday.

Any theories? WTF could you get at a pharmacy that'd kill you?

Or did these slags just OD on recreational drugs?
49 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Don’t you have more important fights to fight?
Yet you still took the time to reply to him.
File: 1490046924195s.jpg (2 KB, 125x112)
2 KB
Question for you guys.

Ive read all the safety advisories and stuff for countries like this but i wonder what are some common things you can do to prevent this. Obviously normal things you should know like watch your drinks/food and dont be a fucking idiot and buy drugs from a dude in a foreign country. But like shit like this scares me. Im over 6ft and not lanky but would i still get targeted for things beyond general scams or pickpocketing?

Anyone wanna share their 'dodged a bullet moments*?
There really isn't anything. In China, it was so common for, e.g., a restaurant owner to decide to destroy a rival by breaking in and putting poison into the rival's food supplies that the government literally banned the sale of rat poison. In Thailand, insect problems are common in hotels and they spray highly toxic persistent insecticides around that end up killing guests. Taiwan has food safety problems constantly, and the government not only doesn't punish the criminals who use industrial chemicals (because there's a higher profit margin by selling toxic oil than by using food-safe oil), the government actively protects the scumbags because they get shitloads of bribe money. The last big scandal, where some piece of shit was selling plasticizer and claiming it was palm oil, for a 1000% markup on the market price, the government fined him US$100. Zero prison time. He was set free and went right back to doing it. The lab that caught him got shut down by the local government where its building was because they "didn't have the proper permits".

This is life in shitholeville.
Apparently people in China don't trust the food at home, and have to be stopped from cleaning Hong Kong totally out of food.
> buying pharm meds in Cambodia

I fell for this meme once, almost died too. Thailand is good for pharms, Cambodians do not sell legit meds.

File: 000444_145669.jpg (31 KB, 468x200)
31 KB
I'm thinking about traveling to Belarus. Does anybody have a stories of what its like?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>he spouts memes about somewhere he has never been to
It's like virgins writing about sex. Well he obviously is a virgin just like you.
>Girls are nice and affordable - you will have to pay for them (not as for prostitute, but for meals, presents, etc)
How open would they be to leaving Belarus? I am looking for someone to spawn with.
Visas will be a problem. First world countries aren't going to give them a visa just because she's your "girlfriend".
Rapefugee apologist. Leave.
I am from Poland you mongoloid. >>1325055
I live in Europe you cuck.

File: 20171112235156.png (641 KB, 663x376)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
Where to go, where to eat in Venice? I'm there for the weekend with gf. Looking for authentic place to feed ourselves. We only found average to poor quality café/restaurants so far unfortunately, internet review aren't helpful at all-

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