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File: erasmus.jpg (16 KB, 850x400)
16 KB
Hey /trv/, I'm planning to go on Erasmus for the coming Winter semester. As a poorfag, I can't really afford a western european country so I'm going to eastern europe. Since my choice is limited by the universities i can go to, my choices are Poland (Bialystok or Lodz), Latvia (Ventspils or maybe Riga), Hungary (Budapest or Debrecen), Slovakia (Bratislava) and finally Czechia (Pardubice) though it might be too expensive.
>I know my options are shit, don't laugh
Out of these options I am thinking of Bratislava as it is very close to Vienna and looks cheap for living costs. Is this a good idea? Looking for advice and recommendations on where to spend the semester.
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Why Bialystok or Lodz?
Probably the wors choices you can make. Go to Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw or Poznan, anything else is just a waste of time.
Polish guy here.
>Since my choice is limited by the universities i can go to,
Latvia Cesis or Riga
Hella fucking cheap and a very cultural place. High priorities for tourism and has an upcoming event on summer where over 130+ group of people are dancing for the event. So easy to transport around the food are amazing.
Women are easily amazed and easy to pick up.

Bad thing about it is that probably 50/50 of the people youll try to comnunicate to, cant speak English.
Uhh, don't come to Bialystok or Lodz. I'd also drop Bratislava, nothing interesting there, basically another Lodz.
I think your best choice is Budapest, really fun city, great food, nice views.

Where in Africa can you find the best-conserved sites of these pre-colonial kingdoms and empires? Have you visited any?
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This must be bait but it's good for the following reasons:
>Claiming Rome was more advanced than Renaissance Europe, Ming China too for good measure, while calling others poltards.
>Insulting others for not knowing elementary history, but confusing the European Dark Ages with the Renaissance, which is equivalent to confusing the Renaissance with the Contemporary era.
Made me think and reply.
File: cultural-sites-map.jpg (220 KB, 900x976)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
My favourite countries for historical buildings in africa are:
(too many to list, amazing churches)
(stone town zanzibar)
(small dessert towns with a very rich islamic history, and stil feel authentic)
(mosques of djenne and timbuktu, and the city build in the side of the rocks, not very safe at the moment but worth a visit at some point.
(some cool stuff build by egyptian-like people)

Some other african countries might have some sights, but not as many or as impressive. Almost none bellow the congo river. And ofcourse alot of impressive structures are in saharan africa, or build by european/arab colonizers such as in south africa and senegal.

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It's great how much input even questions about fairly niche destinations always get here. Love you /trv/ :333
File: (You).png (689 KB, 1000x767)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
File: SAM_3014.jpg (2.69 MB, 4000x3000)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
Forgot about Mauritania. I visited Chinguetti and was very impressed by the old architecture, and Ouadane is supposed to be even better.
Pic is one of the oldest mosques in the world.
Plus there are lots of cave paintings and rock carvings from before the Sahara was a desert, depicting hippos and crocodiles and elephants.

File: travellers-cheques.jpg (87 KB, 754x415)
87 KB
This might be a bit mundane and boring, but do you have a plan for things going wrong like your credit-card/money/passport getting stolen/lost?
How do you prepare for these things?
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I don't know if you're for real, but this is a pretty tight plan right here. I love the idea of having someone available to respond to a secret code word. I might actually work on that, now that I think about it.
My dad used to be shit with this, he kept on losing his passport, car keys, house keys, mobile phones, etc. It was so much stress as a kid, that I never want to inconvenience anyone as much as my dad did... So I don't. I keep on checking on my stuff regularly, so far so good. I'm mostly immune to pickpockets. As in I spot them from afar, and they see that I see them. I keep valuables on me at all times.
And I have a scan of my passport online which I haven't had to use yet.
I don't take very extreme precautions. I almost always stay in places that have in-room safes, so I typically use those for my passport, and usually for my stash of USD I use as transit money (I always have at least US$200 in cash when traveling between points/countries, for emergencies, visas, etc.)

If I'm somewhere with a really extreme reputation for pickpocketing or street crime, I might leave my cards in there as well, or even the whole wallet, and just bring out as much cash as I think I'm going to need for the evening, typically in a shirt pocket. But to be honest that has seemed like overkill almost every time I've done it, even in places like San Salvador and Nairobi. I have multiple credit cards, and I will typically leave at least one behind in the safe if I'm carrying my wallet. If I am carrying my wallet, and I am somewhere sketchy, I'll often put it in my front pocket.

I have owned money belts in the past, but I've never been comfortable using them. Serious thieves know exactly what they are and where to find them anyhow--a friend of mine was walking around in some European city with one of those silly travel wallets you hang around your neck, and a Gypsy woman walked right up to him, grabbed it through his shirt, and laughed "Nice wallet!" before walking away (she didn't actually take it).

Likewise, I've never done the false wallet thing, although I have thought about it on occasion.
I never lost anything.
reminds me how much shit my friends gave me when i first started using a small freezer ziploc for a wallet. (it's waterproof! and you see the money, so easier to find all that unfamiliar change.)
...only for them to start using ziploc after a few trips together, and now they love it.
pickpockets tend to leave the total idiots (like me) alone.

File: 920x920.jpg (38 KB, 920x611)
38 KB
I do a lot of flying for work, but I was considering doing a cross-country rail vacation this summer (i live in chicago). At $3200 for a two week trip is it worth it? It it just for rich older people? I'm 26, and while a nice few days on a train with a sleeper room sounds nice, for that much money I could fly to europe or something.

Anyone ever done a cross country trip?
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How does it all work with getting on the train and getting off once you've got your tickets?
Upon arrival:
>Open app with your ticket(qr code) open.
>They scan it.
>They guide you to your seat. They seat everybody by destination.

After you get your seat, you can pretty much come and go as you please. The conductor will tell you at every stop how long you have to hang out, take a walk, etc. Some places are longer stays than others because they have to wash the train, etc. For instance, the stop in El Paso was 30 minutes, so the guy on the left in that pic had time to go buy us some burritos from a street vendor. The stop in Houston was 5, so we didn't even get off.

Once you get to your stop, you just get off. It's VERY laid back. I stayed in San Antonio for a few days. When I got on there to come back to Bama, they didn't even check my ticket. Not sure how often that occurs though.
I think I might take it from Salt Lake City to Denver and do 2 stops

>Helper, UT
>Green River, UT
>Grand Junction, CO
>Glenwood Springs, CO
>Granby, Co

Which would you guys recommend? I'm not familiar with this part of the U.S. at all
>Amtrak isn't that bad except for the lack of timeliness. If they could get the trains to run on time it would be on par with the rail system in Europe.

my problem is the bigger lines only run once a day and always at the same time, so some bigger cities only have trains coming through between 10pm-5am

which one? I find trains to be boring at night, when there's the least amount of daylight I don't know how much I'd enjoy it

I went the opposite direction, everything after grand junction was dark so I don't know about the utah stops, there isn't much in grand junction, train station is in the old downtown when everything has moved to a newer strip

granby and glenwood springs are up in the mountains, I thought glenwood looked nicer

don't know if you need to take 2 stops on a 18 hour trip?
Thanks for the advice, interesting to hear from someone who says dont take the sleeper car

File: sponge-compass.jpg (581 KB, 2001x2185)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
Going there and need a quick rundown.

Can someone just give me the basic DOs and DON'Ts

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not go there it's a nice place
go there
Don't claim to be Irish when you are obviously some kind of red Indian-kraut mix.

Don't comment on Northern Ireland even if you think you know their views on the subject.

Don't compliment their "Irish accent" in your own great big honking burr of a patois.
Don't spend any more than two days in Dublin. Its just a typical Euro capital and particularly dull one at that.
Galway and Cork are far more ""Irish"", and even then, the Irish stereotype is agrarian paradise, not cities
Don't discuss politics, particularly Northern Ireland or the UK. They're really weird about that.
Just be aware that Dublin is basically like the equivalent of a Disneyland Pirates of the Carribean experience. You'll be corralled around a boring business district with thousands of other tourists, stopping occasionally to gawk at what is essentially a standard British city, and the only Irish people you'll see are the ones who have to be there for work

Gapyearfag here, 18, planning to spend between april and september in SEA. I have flights, accommodation, whatever paid for thanks to very rich relatives (who I am incredibly grateful for). Typical spoilt kid gap year gambit that seems to gets pushed so heavily. Obviously they have expectations of me to not just treat it like a free holiday though.

I know volunteering doesn't make a difference or is worse than money donations 99% of the time but I really don't know whether I should take up one of these expensive "gap year company" programs for like a month just to make my relatives feel like I've done a good thing with their money. One I'm looking at is in cambodia to do TEFL as well as look after elephants- TEFL is something I wanted to do anyway which is the main reason I looked at it. Another reason would be getting to share a hostel with rich white girls and hopefully I can get one to come with me to the rest of SEA since I have no friends or gf anyway. That would also be good if I found a TEFL job which includes accommodation. Anybody do anything like this? How much of a scam is it (they charge £450 per week not including flights), or should I just lie and spend my entire budget fucking hookers and going off (probably alone however) to vietnam?

Need to make a decision by THIS Tuesday for the gap year company to confirm me going in april or not, please help me /trv/
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you paying to volunteer? You can find a bunch of NGOs in most places including SEA, and if you get in touch with them you'll be able to do actual volunteer stuff without paying anything, sometimes they'll set you up with some cheap accommodation. Either pay or volunteer, don't do both.

>take and online TEFL, they arn't expensive. Serious teachers need serious qualifications but you will just be a short term teaching aid to help kids with pronounciation etc so it's OK

This. Don't be a fucking moron and do a gap year program because let's face it, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I'm currently teaching overseas as part of my break between my undergrad and graduate programs. It's a sweet gig.

>fucking cute liberal girls

As long as you keep it contained to "fucking" and not actually encouraging their idiotic drivel, I say go for it, but in a different way. """"Gap year"""" programs are bullshit
>be mid 20's
>too poor to travel
>want to see Europe
>find workaway
>learn you can work at a hostel and have free food / rent

I have absolutely no idea why someone who has parents subsidizing their lifestyle would "volunteer". Work a normie job and save in highschool, live with your parents, you've got several grand by graduation, as you're not paying for a car, insurance, rent, food, bills, unforseen costs. Now, take your "gap year" wherever you damn well like, as you've got a safety net and a home waiting on you, upon your return (not as ubiquitous as you might think).
I'm confused, are you supporting Workaway volunteering, but shitting on paid volunteering? Not that I disagree with that, the thing that makes sense about workaway etc... is that you get food and a place to stay for your volunteering. Makes way more sense than paying a ton of money to volunteer.

Hello, My gf and I are planning are first euro trip.
We are from Russia and want to go to CzechRepublic + Dresden And Leipzig(for a concert) + Bavaria.

Could tell me how correct my budgeting is?

5 days in czech republic.

4 days Prague.(1 day trip to Kutna Gora).
1 - day Krumlov.

Then we are going to Dresden. For 1 day.
1 Day in Leipzig.

1 Day Nuremberg
1 Day Augsburg

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thank you for reply!
We'd like to go with trains and busses.
Mostly trains in Germany since they are covered by the bavarian tickets.
Planes are sadly not an option, being silly, I can't overcome my fear of flying.
Hello! Thank you for your reply.
Yeah, we are fine with selfmade food but would like to enjoy local places about once per day in Germany and may be more often in Czech Republic since they appear to have very cheap food.
We are fine with anything that features a clean private room, so hostels aren't much of an option. Everything else is.

Thank you!
I googled for "cheap europe long distance bus" and got some sites, dunno which ones are good. But generally speaking you can travel across Europe by bus for surprisingly cheap.

For example a site called busradar came up, dunno how good it is, but for example giving munich to salzburg there gets plenty of hits for under 10eur.
>In Germany and Salzburg we are planning for about 60 dollars a night for accomodations
Would be cheaper to get private rooms in hostels desu
>+ up to 80 dollars on food per day.
Nah senpai
20€ a person will already buy you a nice big dinner in a good restaurant with beer and dessert
Maybe less.
Also I would shave off a day in Salzburg and go to Bamberg instead. Or two and also go to Regensburg. Both on the way between your destinations.
Salburg is nice but small. Easy to see all of it in one day.
>Mostly trains in Germany since they are covered by the bavarian tickets.
Note that the Bayernticket (30€ for two persons) is also valid in Metro stations or the bus. You dont have to pay more.
Flixbus is also an option. Same with Blablacar.
Make sure to check out the former concentration camp in Theresienstadt. It's directly on the way between Prague and Dresden, would me stupid to miss.

File: venezuela.jpg (97 KB, 1080x747)
97 KB
Hi, anyone been lately to Venezuela? Plan to visit for 3-4 weeks.

How much does a dollar go? If one avoids Caracas, is it so bad?
34 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>In America specifically, a Venezuelan girl will date WAY down in hopes of a green card marriage, as a fluent Spanish speaker, I get a lot of attention, even though I am Asian-American.
They're like flies to shit for whites in South Florida.
you're not turned on by getting domed off for an apple by a 14 year old?
As an Argentinian, I had a venezuelan taxi driver that got his car searched at gunpoint. He was told he would get killed if anything opposing to the current government was found.
2 months later he came to Argentina to stay, and was mocking us because we thought Argentina was having rough days.
I think he was right.
Wait a couple of years, until the president is not someone actively blaming USA for their lack of respect to the basic human rights.
OP wants to fuck 13 hot qt slutty ebony girls gor food and water
We have whores from Venezuela in Mexico. Search Zona Divas

File: Sarajevo-bosnia.jpg (198 KB, 800x483)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Hello anons

5 friends and I are travelling to Sarajevo come the end of this week

Where should we go to eat bosnian food / drink bosnian wine?

Are there any cool students bars or similar? Not looking for clubs, more down-to-earth places


Hey there,

I’m single, no kids, in my 30s, and with a limited budget but I could save up some cash or take a loan till then. I’ve booked some time off in June because we’re supposed to take some time off and I figured I could do with a holiday abroad which I have not done in many years.

Where would you guys go on your own this summer?

Pic not related.
File: 1507941543999.gif (1.88 MB, 300x225)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
Right because we know your hobbies and where you've been before. Come on me give us a bit more to work with what's your current budget. Where are you currently? For cheap easy fun trip SEA are always a fun safe trips.

>Taking a personal loan for a holiday

woo boy, you might want to sit down for this one, chief.

Personal loans are fucking expensive in the long run because their interest rates are much higher than that of mortgages and car loans, so you may want to consider saving a little bit more until then.

As far as vacationing solo goes, I'm a mountains kind of guy, so Colorado would be my first choice.

File: k1bri0r9i46-720x423.jpg (50 KB, 720x423)
50 KB
Are any of you into thermal tourism? Stuff like hot springs, saunas, steam rooms, and onsens.

Last year during a vacation in Europe, on a whim I decided to visit a Thermal bath. I know this type of thing is pretty common in other parts of the world, but here in the USA I don't think it is. It was really fascinating to me to experience an entire culture built around sitting in hot water.

Are there any places that are particularly great for this type of tourism? I'm particularly curious for places in the USA, but anywhere is cool.
29 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Would you get one of those that's built into the toilet seat like in Japan? They're pretty neat. As I recall there's 2 settings, one will shoot your asshole, the other is meant to spray a vagina. You might hafta shift around a slight bit to get right on target but it's not like you're covered in water, and it's easily managed with a towel.
If you're really worried, just use some soap on the area after an initial spray.
Study astronomy.
Whole lotta shit can be explained by that fuckin' weirdos.
Thinking of getting one that actually attaches to the toilet seat. I don't think the actual style of bidet would alter the issue I'm bringing up one way or the other though. I'm not even sure if it's an issue in the first place, that's why I'm asking.
I don't think it is.
Either way you should totally get one.
The coolest place I've been is Spa World in Osaka Japan.
They have a whole variety of different types and temperatures of pools, and saunas and steam rooms you can sit in. Of course it is required to be nude. And on the top floor of the building they have a water park. I didn't go on any of the slides, cuz I couldn't read what the signs said, like if they cost extra or whatever.

File: 20180131_083657.jpg (5.85 MB, 4032x3024)
5.85 MB
5.85 MB JPG
I arrived in Taiwan earlier this week and was wondering, is it always this rainy? The weather is positively dreary and makes it feel more like England than its own place!

Also, Taiwan general.
>what to do
>what to see
>who to meet
>what to eat
116 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.

>11 PM
>settling into bed
>faint sounds of traffic in the distance
>everything is calm
>kids on the street adjacent to mine set off a small arsenal of fireworks

No, it's cool, I needed to change the sheets anyway

If you're still interested, you can fly in this week (probably around Wednesday) and expect to see that most things have reopened. Don't spend all your time in Taipei, though, unless you REALLY like the city life
>Canadian ... their garage was infested with marmots
Hey, nice marmot!
Taroko made me feel like I was about to meet the mana tree
File: 20180219_133153.jpg (4.33 MB, 4032x3024)
4.33 MB
4.33 MB JPG
Jiufen is the tits but the amount of tourists there is staggering. Keelung Mountain is one hell of a view though

I have literally never had a smooth flight on one of these
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
just fly Southwest, problem solved. You dont see many Embraer jets overseas.
File: rj85.jpg (7 KB, 275x183)
7 KB
is there a more fun regional jet in the world to fly on?
737's are comfy as fuck
New-Gen EJet is coming out soon which should be less shit.

I’ve heard the Cseries is amazingly comfortable.
I work on these as an FA, I like the Embraers a lot. The back galley can get a bit bumpy but its still pretty nice. Also don't drink the potable water.

what do you think of Morocco?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
The major tourist cities are hell holes.

That being said, the smaller towns/countryside are great and the cities that don't get a lot of tourists (ie. Rabat) are ok
File: SAM_3272.jpg (436 KB, 1200x900)
436 KB
436 KB JPG

the big towns are FULL of hustlers like you've never seen anywhere in your life
some commercialized experiences like dessert tours are probably still worth doing if you arn't a TE lawrence
the amazir are fantastic if you meet them, they arn't really all that nomadic anymore in many areas

essiouerra is a favourite of travels, it's easy, more friendly than big cities
cherfchaourn is touristic asf but probably still worth

there are an infinite amount of roasties from england and ireland, who will spend foolishly.

I used rail and it was reasonably comfortable and cheap
Tetouan's pretty cool, I guess.
if you only know english and travel alone, can you get by in the smaller cities (find hotels, order food, get places in cabs)?

where is the absolute best place to get buffalo wings in Buffalo?
You are supposed to go to the Anchor Bar in the city, where the dish was invented.

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