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File: coop.jpg (170 KB, 1280x960)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
ITT post The Best offers you've ever encountered on airbnb.

Example: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/17207114?location=Maui%2C%20Maui%20County%2C%20HI%2C%20United%20States&check_in=2018-07-09&check_out=2018-07-16&search_id=7e238a34-6014-4844-982f-e11b282f39cb&federated_search_id=2da8a9f4-055c-4649-a9d4-7c331ec0c9c8

Amazing! Rated 5 stars!! 87$/night gets you this enchanting chicken coop in the fucking jungle with a tent pitched inside! No smoking and no pets!!!!!!!!
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if only. airbnb is a scourge that needs to be cleansed off the face of the earth asap


Have you ever been to SF? Its mostly Asians.

I stayed in a high rise in the city near the pier. Everything was in walking distance. Probably the most advanced apartment I've ever stayed in.

It just seems too good to be true...
Japan, Spain, Paris and a lot more places have passed laws meant to shut down unlicensed airbnb. I think many places will follow suit.
I mean this looks like a pretty nice place, for around $20. Camping accommodation should never be more than that.

Hey all, first time in Vegas and completely alone. What’s a good way to get weird and Have a good time.
Not much of a gambler.

Also is there any good sites that list all the deep stuff to do in towns? The thrillest used to be my go to, but it’s become either really commercial or hackish.
I am a total noob when it comes to going places, I am not good planning things for my self to do.. I usually just follow when it comes to going. Places and I don’t have that option this time.
>Also is there any good sites that list all the deep stuff to do in towns?

go to old town, aside from that no vegas is a fake city with fake people
I’m like right on the strip but I’m willing to adventure .. recommend anything in particular?
Wander around like you are in a big shitty mall, then go to the local Walgreens and buy M&Ms.

File: vietnam.jpg (124 KB, 1100x1509)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I'm going to Hanoi, Vietnam for a few weeks. What should I put on my itinerary? I don't care much for sightseeing, I'd like to meet people and do some exploring, partying, etc.
don't get aids

Is there anything interesting or worth a visit in eastern Northrhine-Westphalia?
From all I heard it’s just Midwest tier blandness with a few post-industrial shitholes in and around their part of the Ruhr area.
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Hey, I used to live there (in Wetter). There’s really not too much to do. My favorite thing in the area was the Wasserschloß Werdingen, a small castle in a pond which has a nice museum and restaurant inside. Lots of cool nature trails around it too, the woods around Wetter and Herdecke are beautiful to explore. The Schloß Volmarstein ruins are neat too, but not really worth the trip unless you’re already in the area. Besides that I’d say just go to Bochum and party or splurge on the ticket to Köln (if you do that, make sure to ride with your current pass to Solingen and buy the ticket to Köln there, it’s much cheaper than buying a ticket from elsewhere in the area).
If you're a /out/ist Sauerland is top notch for you.
File: 8854545.jpg (2.79 MB, 1920x1080)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
Dunno what you like to see, I lived there for 6 months and it generally has nice small towns (Detmold, Lemgo area), burt also fucked up and almost dead areas.

Check out Herrmannsdenkmal in the middle of the forest. There's some similar thing with Bismarck (I think) on Porta Westfalica.Pic related is Herrmannsdenkmal.
I've got some questions about a trip to Germany, so I figured I'll just resurrect this thread. Firstly, what's a good voltage converter any of you would recommend?

File: dfgdg.jpg (177 KB, 2200x1470)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Hi /trv/ fellas,
So, I'm looking for suggestions for a good place where I can do some jungle tourism during the European winter season. My idea is to go somewhere in Central America, but I'm looking for a place safe and not crowded with tourists. Any tips?
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Any countries in particular that you might recommend?

Been to the jungle. Central America is pretty good, I recommend Panama or Yucatan Mexico.
Tena, Ecuador was cool
Iquitos, Perú
Costa Rica is safe. Buy a guide to take you on a river rafting camping trip that also includes some cloud forest walking. Finish up at the ocean in a lodge with outdoor showers.

I have to travel to Montreal for work. My wife kept making jokes about me going for strip clubs. I finally asked her why she kept saying that and she said Montreal was well known for this. Is this true?
Saint Catherine Street West has a lot of those clubs.

Club Supersexe has the cheapest beer. At least that is what my Dad told me. He gives good advice.
Assure her that you aren't attracted to nor interested in looking at marginalized sad people plying their bodies as an addiction to money and their drug habits.

Montreal is known for being a mostly french speaking zone, militantly anti-English. It is known for glorious old Europe architecture in its old district like shut-your-eyes and think you are abroad, and Mount Royal, a mountain, with a cable car and a beautiful famous-for-miracles Basilica. There is an underground for shopping. There is famous Montreal smoked meat (Canada's version of pastrami), overrated poutine, horrible pizza like with sweet gyro sauces and weird garlic bread fingers, and a lot of fine and excellent dining as well. I don't think of red light district things at all. Weird to associate the city with that, really. In the world, you can count on one hand places famous for debauchery, and aside from the fun Winter Festival with sculptures? This is really considered an older person's city, a monied older person's travel destination to do right, not a party city. There could be some Le Cage Aux Folles types of shows a la Paris, but bleh, better to go to the ballet.
Back in the day it was more hardcore. These days there's still a whole lot of them but they're not localized in a red light district like they used to be (if I recall correctly the RLD used to be on Sherbrooke near St-laurent). Nowdays as the anon below me stated they're mostly localized on St Catherine, particularly near St Laurent although Supersexe is closed down now.

I don't like strip clubs anon. They're expensive and you're essentially paying some chick with fake tits to tease you. Makes no sense to me. Either way I recommend the Cafe Cleopatra or Chez Paree if you must go like for novelty's sake. Be warned however: these places fucking gouge you. Chez Paree is particularly bad for this. You pay cover, a table fee and then the drinks are expensive as well.

Do some research tho if you really want to go. I don't go to any myself so I'm probably not the best person to be advising you in this regard but I do spend a lot of time in MTL.
Thanks for the responses. I'm looking forward to the trip. I've been working on my French to ease the experience. Typically at work we do calls between the two offices in English but with the people I work with individually, I ask them to speak French to help me immerse. I just hope my Midwest accent doesn't butcher it too badly.

File: bepsi.png (1.06 MB, 773x3726)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
I'm going on a European vacation with the family in July and needed tips on places to go, restaurant protips (or specific dishes to try) and general things to do while I'm there.
Doing Barcelona (4 days), Vienna (5 days) and Prague (3.5 days) before flying back home.

I'll be staying near the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Stadpark in Vienna and near Powder Tower in Prague. Any info is very much appreciated. Pic unrelated.
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Right. If a we would propose a tour of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco in two weeks people would advise against doing that.
For Barcelona

Things to do
>Park Güell. Seriously, this is a must
>Walking down Passeig de Gràcia and gazing at all the awesome architecture, both modernist and contemporary
>Watching the sun set over the city in the old civil war bunkers del Carmel. Probably the best view over Barcelona. This would be a must for me aswell.
>Browsing the vintage and record shops in carrer Tallers
>Just strolling around aimlessy around the old quarter (El Raval and El Born). Check out the other cathedral of the city and the Santa Maria del Mar church.
>Sit on a terrace, drink a beer and people watch in one of the multiple plazas in the Gràcia district
>Go to the MNAC museum, already worth it only for the building
>Buy some weed from one of our legal "coffee shops"
>Eat out at La Lluna, delicious, traditional food with a modern spin. It's cheap as shit and literally one street from Plaça Catalunya.
>Tapas in any of the multiple tabernas in El Born
>Check out La Boqueria market, labeled as one of the best in Europe. You can find anything edible there. There's good places to eat inside aswell, like bar Pinotxo and El Quim. Or just pick something that catches your eye from any of the multiple stalls. Great place for photos aswell.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'll just throw some things out there about vienna off the top of my head:
If you wanna visit Schönbrunn palace, either book in advance, because at times it's as crowded as the sagrada in bcn, or ditch the inside view altogether and enjoy the magnificient palace gardens free of charge. Also check out the nearby zoo (one of the oldest in the world).

Having some coffee and cake is also a must. There are many traditional coffeehouses all over vienna, but steer clear of Cafe Central, Demel and Landtmann's. They'll straight rob you.
I'd recommend Cafe Schwarzenberg, which is also not quite on the cheap end, but has the most authentically arrogant and unfriendly waiters, who are the REAL attraction in any viennese coffeehouse.

If you wanna cool off in the summer, take a dip at Alte or Neue Donau where you'll also find a wakeboard-lift.

Rent a citybike and ride along danube island, or take a hike through the many vinyards within vienna. An especially lovely route takes you throgh the "Kellergasse" (an alleyway lined with wine cellar after another) up to Bisamberg with a glorious view over the city.

In terms of museums I can only give you some of my favourites, since vienna has got "over 9000" of those:
Vienna historic museum @Karlsplatz,
House of Music, Museum of natural history, vienna transportation museum, snow-globe museum, Sigmund-Freud-Museum.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>What is it with americans and these such ridiculously bizarre itineraries?
My family is retarded when it comes to doing travel properly.
>You'll either be spending your entire budget on flights, or your entire holiday on trains.
got the tickets from US-->Bar and Bar-->US using only points from credit cards, vienna to prague cost 100 bucks for all 4 train tickets and is under 3 hrs of travel time. Ryanair flights were around 36 bucks a ticket and we only needed bar-->vien and prg-->bar.
>Why not just visit 1, maybe 2 neighbouring countries and spend a few days in the cities you are interested in in each?
Parents are stubborn. My blood boiled when they turned down my suggestion for a day trip to Hungary because "lel its boring, its just like the rest of europe xD". Thats what I'm traveling with, but again, its travel I'm not paying for and its family. I love them but god damn I find it hard to believe I'm related to this plebeian tier mentality.
>You could even spend a week or two in each and not easily run out of things to do, plus you'd have more money to spend on luxury stuff like shows and day trips to nearby areas.
I know. When I traveled on my own I did Ukraine for 3 weeks and spent time in 3 cities inside the country, giving plenty of time to each of them. My parents are contradictory, they hate flying and train riding but they say X is boring after a few days and will train and fly out somewhere else. If you really want to rage:
>looking for places to stay
>i recommend cheap apartments with many beds and rooms
>lolno i want a hotel
>also it cant be a european hotel i want a modern soulless overpriced piece of shit
>omg this vacation just got so fucking expensive!
>why dont i want an apartment? lol I don't wanna make a bed or clean up a place that I literally won't be in for the entire day :))))))
>Vienna & Prague

I don't understand Barcelona but Vienna and Prague are only 4 hours apart.

File: gibbet-coffin.jpg (73 KB, 950x631)
73 KB
Why aren't screaming, crying, seat-kicking, loud and obnoxious kids (say under 15) kept in the luggage compartments of planes?

>pic related, but add breathing holes
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Gay ass faggot kys
Holy fuck i hate children
>I can't use a condom
>I'll make sure to encourage my kids to kick the seat on our upcoming holiday.
Am now praying for a accident and you're the only family member that survives.
You can have sex without it resulting in children, you know.

File: image.jpg (574 KB, 1224x670)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
What are the best European cities to visit?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dubrovnik is nice but make sure you have something outside of town to do when cruise ships are there. Avoid cruise crowds at all cost.
for the beach go to Noordwijk
for skiing/snowboarding go to Innsbruck
for WWII history + beaches go to Caen/Normandy
my 3 most recent
Can see it in 2-3 days, good nightlife, insane architecture, no rapefugees, cheap because no euro
Can see it in 2-3 days, good nightlife, insane architecture, no refugees, cheap because no euro. Lots of sites but they're clustered together and since the city is so small you can see the stuff on the east side in under a day.
Big city, lots of sights and decent nightlife, cheap, beautiful women, near zero poz, architecture from multiple time periods given its 700+ year history of being ruled by different peoples, great beer and vodka.
Also ukrainian so its cheap, probably the cheapest of all I've listed so far. Lots of churches, beautiful opera house with good tickets as cheap as $7. Themed restaurants everywhere serving good food for not too much either. It's really a place to just sit back, relax and enjoy while checking out some major sites and churches. If you go you MUST stop at Pravda Beer Theater, they brew their shit in house since its brewery is in the basement and the 3 floor bar has the middle hollowed out giving you a direct view to their brewers working live.
Big city, tons of history, tons of sites to see, if you go you have to see the church of San Ignacio, the barroque ceiling is fully painted but looks 3D with angels appearing to leave the roof, the dome looks 3D but is actually painted on a flat surface. Has a refugee problem so be careful.

I've also been to Madrid, Paris, Nice, Cannes, London, Milan and Venice but can't really recomend them except for Venice. It's really beautiful but expensive and currently flooding/sinking. If you do go, you've got to try their black pasta (with squid and squid ink), fucking incredible dish. Avoid Paris, its a shithole and I went there about 3 times BEFORE the migrant crisis made it that much worse, can't even go to the eiffel tower normally anymore since its been walled off due to potential explosions of peace.
Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and St. Petersburg

London has great museums and so but food is abysmal
Why Chisinau lol. I found the city quite interesting but that was mainly because how creepy and sketchy it felt.

Hey /trv/,

I'm thinking of doing this trip: Iquitos (Peru) to Manaus (Brazil) on a kayak. I've already got the kayak, but the rest is to figure out.

My question: what about safety in this region? Specifically, Brazil. Seeing as it is close to (and accross) the border, I'm a bit worried there may be some drug-trafficking gangs not very happy about someone slowly drifting down "their" feif
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this sounds like an actual nightmare
Yeah, Im gonna go out on a limb and tell you that this is a terrible idea and you will get violently murdered with a blunt weapon and your wounds will fester with horrible jungle diseases.
Not OP, I'm going to travel the Amazon but by boat from Manaus to Belem, do you think I have to worry about river pirates?

The Twitter of that woman is pretty funny, you should search for it. She was repeatedly warned by local people that she would be killed

especially that one:

I wonder if she wanted to die or if she was just stupid

If it's a comercial/tourist boat you'll be alright. The locals know where danger lurks. That stretch of the river is densely populated (for Amazon standards) and sees much more cargo shipments too.


Some people really romanticize the Amazon when it's one of the most inhospitable places in the world. Portugal and then Brazil have battled for centuries to maintain some hold of the Amazon, but the reality is even today the state is completely absent in 90% of the region.

File: 1306556256320.png (699 KB, 857x796)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Or is it just me?

I've been to a few countries now and I'm just about at the point where I'm comfortable showing my seething hatred of tourists. Why can't the masses just shut the fuck up, put away their selfie stick and respectfully pass through foreign lands? Why is there a 24/7 stream of people that go to countries not knowing the language or the customs? These feelings have only grown the more I've traveled and I'm just about ready to punch the next person that sees me and thinks "Oh! A fellow traveler! I'll ask them for directions to starbucks!"
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Travel to normie countries
>See normie travellers

What a surprise
>As a tourist,I find myself loathing all tourists. Except me I'm special.

You are supposed to be over 18 to post here.
people who are earnest about stuff but corny i don't mind.
people that are sarcastic hipster faggot millenials with vocal fry i dislike
I just went to Japan for the first time. After going through countries with a lot less tourists, I was the same as you OP. People got in my way constantly, stopping to take selfies and making asinine comments to each other.
Not to mention, if I wanted to see white people I'd stay at home. In some places it was like 'spot the Japanese'.
And on that note, in many countries people were interested to ask me about my culture and where I'm from. In Japan I could feel the tourist resentment coming from the locals who were utterly over them.

How can I make the most out of my solo trip /trv/?

I’ve found that wandering around famous sites by myself has lost its luster, and the only enjoyment i get out of the entire day is when i sit down and eat something good, or get to have a 5 minute conversation with a stranger.

I feel lonely as fuck and bored, what can I do to turn the trip around and enjoy what little is left? Also, I cant stand “””nightlife””” as it just gives me anxiety, doubly so if I just wander in to a club by myself.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This is what keeps me going. If I can't go abroad to spend 14 hours in my hotel room bed, I may as well kill myself.
lmao im the guy who always posts ,talk to em, and ,get that ***** rex, i finally got someone to hype my posts now, feels good mahn
this is a good point also
Thats pretty much what I’ve done today, feels depressing man
travel alone but dont know the basic to enjoy himself or the nightlife

the nightlife is your only option to get to know people, at day people wont be open or anything, but at night everyone is mad lovely
even going clubbing with friends, at some point you will be alone because you cant find your friends anyway, so just have a great time, bang girls, or talk to them, i dont know

File: Blowing-wind-clip-art.png (19 KB, 1024x768)
19 KB
Where is it windy all the time? I want it to feel like there's a fan on me.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Unless you are driving the wrong way.
beat me to it

go to punta arenas OP
>Where is there no wind?
File: 1509066222334.jpg (27 KB, 200x228)
27 KB
what about fans u dummy
>implying he has any fans

I always wanted to travel through countries, and not just stay at one spot.

This would be extremely easy in a country like the U.S, Great Britain or Australia, hell, even Europe, but I get really anxious when I think about doing it in a country with limited English.

I'd love to travel Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and such and actually see the countryside and minor cities, but the thought of not being able to communicate at all puts it off for me. In big cities it's generally not a problem as at least a few people know English, but when it comes to the countryside not only are less people knowledgable, but they may also be less inclined to even want to understand you if you are an outsider.

How do you do this? Have you travelled through countries, where English is non-existent, and made it back just fine?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I mostly talk with my hands
Learn another language faggot. All the people you encountered that speaks English in a non-english speaking country had to study to learn it. Don't be a lazy bitch
>google translate
It will fuck you over more than help you in countries with languages that are a different family from your own (Slavic, Asian, Turkic, ...)
I hate every travelerTM thats looks like those stupid danish cunts.
Add a bag worn in front and you are legendary.
The same type of people asking questions online if Iran is safe or some other retarded bullshit.
English is the international language, any major travel location will have English speakers.

businesses that do not accommodate English, generally you can speak broken language and mime or just point to things you want because 90% of the time they can understand you want food, a ticket, a bed...

countries that have a language using the latin alphabet, you will have an easier time translating things, however translating apps now allow you to translate text by taking a picture of it, not sure how successful it is.

File: 20180414_141314.jpg (3.59 MB, 4032x3024)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
For an economy flight from the UK and average hotel - 3 star - how much money should I bring for a 7 day vacation in Kyoto? Keeping in mind food, some clothes that I will buy, travel and a couple of activities.

Pic unrelated, and it is my first time ever travelling. It will also be only me who is travelling, but my girlfriend will keep me company all through the duration of my stay.

I'm wondering how much money I should have in my bank before booking anything so I'm in safe distance. Looking to travel in late December.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I don't get what you are trying to say
7 day vacation in japan from the UK?
Does this include days you're flying? Thats a lot of flying and jetlag and not a lot of Japan. Late december is also the most expensive time to travel.
I just got from Florida. 2k for hotels, and flights. 12 days though, and bunch of cities, Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Traveling solo is always more expensive though, and I'm not a fan on hostels.
How would the cost be for a week in March?
£500 for flights - use Google Flights and pick the cheapest dates

Somewhere between £30 and £80 per night depending on ok hostels or hotels. Look around

£50 to £100 a day spending money

That means 500 on flights and 500 to 1200 for accom + spending money

I went for two weeks in April and spent about £2000

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