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File: thCLVYHHVD.jpg (11 KB, 300x211)
11 KB
Has anyone ever actually went train hopping? Perhaps some general advice about it or some personal stories.
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In North America at least there's a whole mythology and romance around "riding the rails" (mostly from the depression era).
/oogle/ general

dudes insane from my understanding he never gets caught on a train or in a yard because his ass would get jailed and deported still BALLS OF STEEL
you just do... its easy to tell if someone has been around/lived there I mean being scared someone will show up and rob is well a tad silly

its fun as fuck

anyways the homeless general thread on /out/ has lots of travelers mostly vanfags tho
I have been trainhopping a bit. Maybe ridden ten trains.

If you get seen by a cop, they will have the conductor stop the train. Happened to me twice because I was in plain sight when I shouldnt have been. Got cuffed both times, the first just became a community service citation and the second went to jail for a night and got charged with a misdemeanor but not convicted.

Also went to the hospital once because I jumped off when it was going fast and managed to land on my heas. My head bled, but it turned out to be a scratch, not a concussion or anything.

Anyway, those are the more dangerous aspects of it. If you are in a rush, you are way more likely to make fucking stupid decisions that can kill you or make you lose a limb. All those stories just now were completely my own fault, simply from not being careful. Its possible to get caught in a train yard if they are looking, but otherwise if you stay hidden you will never get caught.

It is incredibly enjoyable and worth it.

There is a place in northern california that is a refuge for train hoppers etc. They are sooo cool. Huge train library in a remodeled boxcar you can sleep in, heated. Anyway, ask train people for the name of it if youre ever interested. Theres also a zine with detailed instructions on how to hop trains in pretty much every town they stop in, incredibly useful zine that will save you a lot of time and give you confidence in your trip.
beat me to it i was gonna post that shit, awesome video

File: Bucharest.jpg (390 KB, 2048x1152)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Heading to Bucharest next month, any recommendations on where to visit? Anyone know which hostels to book as well?
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Look at the train timetable on cfrcalatori.ro/en to see if something like that is viable; Romania is larger and trains are slower than you think.

If you fly in to Cluj, it's also worth thinking about taking a trip out to the town of Turda, there's an old salt mine there, Salina Turda, that's an awesome place to visit. It takes about 45-60 minutes in a minivan bus for 7 RON.

I don't usually post but I have some advice for you that you should probably heed based on my experience in Bucharest. The tl;dr is either don't leave Old Town while trashed or don't be an idiot, both are basically true.

>me and two friends, Friend A and B go to Bucharest on holiday as friend A has worked in a hostel there before
>every night is p fun getting trashed for not much money eating at restaurants everyday etc
>last day when we are supposed to leave we get to the airport and realize Friend B has a bottle of Johnny Walker red that we bought but never drank in his suitcase
>we resolve to down the bottle before getting on the flight
>long story short we are quickly back on our way into town and the air tickets are thrown out the window of the cab
>we are all already nearing a blackout and its probably mid afternoon at best
>later that night Friend B is robbed by gypsy kids who nick his phone from his pocket
>Friend A sees Friend B inconsolable and drunk and resolves to get his phone back
>Friend A disappears and it turns out he went to attempt to offer money to other completely unrelated gypsies to find Friend B's phone
>Friend A is lured by the gypsies down the walkway of the main street near Old Town, just outside the more tourist area and is promptly beaten to shreds, robbed of everything including passport
>wake up next morning, me and Friend B physically run to the hospital and find Friend A in a bit of a state and with a mangled face

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Oh on a side note -- Im sure not all the hospitals are this bad but the hospital my friend was admitted to was awful. He said it took like 6 hours for him to get a glass of water, and they didn't call the police to get a statement from him about the assault, even though the police later told us that was what they legally should have done.
Idiotic drunken tourists are taken advantage of anywhere on earth. Bucharest is a very safe city, you really have to be a next level clown to get yourself in the kind of trouble you describe.
It seems to be possible. From Maramureş to Bucovina it'd be a matter of taking two trains instead of just one but oh well.

And yeah, I was planning on visiting Turda one of the Cluj days.

Still toying around with leaving Bucovina out altogether and focusing more on Transylvania...

I really want to go on a trip prepared for me at some point, because I feel that after reading so much on the different places and seeing so many pictures, the impact of actually travelling there is lessened significantly.

File: 1507335079766.jpg (2.27 MB, 3120x4160)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
Has anyone here been an Au Pair?

I'm looking for an international experience before I leave for the air force, so I'm looking at being an au pair.

I'm an 19 y/o male who speaks English natively and speaks German at an A2/B1 level.

I'm thinking Switzerland/Austria/Germany, but I also want to check out Finland/Sweden, Italy, France, and Spain. It seems like there's a shit load of families seeking au pairs in Italy.

I've got a profile set up on Au Pair World, how should I introduce myself to a family and show interest in the job?
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>Male au pairs

surely this isn't real

>Male au pairs, generally known as au pair boys or bro pairs

you want to be known as that? a fucking "bro pair" an "au pair boy"? have some fucking dignity

this, OP is a classic trainee pedophile looking to get at some foreign kids
>how should I introduce myself to a family and show interest in the job?

find a gay wealthy foreign father who wants you to suck him off?
To be frank I wouldn’t expect a lot of positive feedback from here, where 80% of the posters are autists who can’t handle themselves and can’t fathom how anybody could take care or want to take care of another living thing. The remaining 20% are mostly spending their time traveling or working to afford traveling and see kids as a deadweight at best, a plague to be banned from traveling for most.

But I’m actually considering hiring a au pair for my son. I’ve only scratched the surface yet, registered on au pair.com and checked a few profiles.
I’m personally not against hiring a guy, but I’ll be frank I’ve mainly browsed girls profiles bc although I’m not stupid enough to shit where I eat, it’s always nice to have something cute to look at...
From the family side, I’d mainly look for somebody who has a previous experience with kids, not necessarily as au pair (older sibling, animation crew...).
As for the working conditions: own bedroom+shower room with toilet on the G/F,we have our own upstairs.
Expect him/her to help with the kid (taking him to pre school at 7:30am and picking him up around 3pm, 50meters from home),and helping with the housework.
Unless we have something scheduled (less than once a week) I’d be fine with our au pair to have his/her evenings free, as well as the time in the day when our son is at pre school. We live in a really nice place where there’s a lot to see and do, would be a shame to remain locked in the house when we have 330 sunny days a year and the beach a 3 mn drive away.
He/she would be welcome to share our meals, as well as helping with cooking, but I’d expect any weird food restrictions/specific ingredients to be self funded!
Also if you want to work in France brush up your French, although I would be glad to communicate in English my son is 2 and only starts to speak French, he could learn over the time, but communication would be hard at first .
Hope you’ll find a good family op.

File: 20160729_153908.jpg (2.11 MB, 2560x1440)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
Sup lads. If you were going to travel somewhere during December-January, where would you go?
Thinking about going abroad, but not really a fan of rainy-snowy weather. Or should I just go somewhere anyways? Thanks
I don't like winters so I usually travel somewhere for a month or two anywhere from December to March.

Where are you from and what is your budget? Central America is pretty great in the winter. It's hot but not ridiculous, the prices are decent, lots to see and do.
USA, AND about 2.5k-3k including air tix

File: images (4).jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
In general
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File: logo.jpg (24 KB, 300x400)
24 KB
how hard is it to land an internship in something art/museum related with no German? I speak English and French.

Was also curious how hard it is for a foreigner to get a job, specifically in a restaurant (as like a server or bartender)
If you are white and normal you kinda have an upper hand because it is easier to start a conversation, but German women are pretty tough nuts to crack, GL with that shit, my advice is don't give up, push through the awkward first couple of dates, the fuck hard

Learn German, you could technically do it without, but it will be extremely difficult

Frankfurt doesn't really feel like a German town to me, too western, but pretty good towns all around that area, and yeah you should be pretty good only getting around with public transportation
it's a reich laugh
File: shrug.jpg (101 KB, 864x717)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Compared to the other girls further east they are cold, unfriendly, ugly, overweight and dont like conversations.
Maybe its just my lack of success with them, but I do great with foreign girls here and abroad. And I got the same opinion from other people as well.

Once you get to know them they are normal, open and nice, but it takes me a lot of effort to get there. Too much for me to continue doing it.

unironically the only thing in germany I'd go for

I'm not even a degenerate sex tourist

I plan to spend a week in Berlin, and maybe some others cities around, how much would it cost per day ? I can take cheap accommodation like hostel and eat cheap food I don't care. I plan to visit museums, maybe doing things like festivals or going to bars as well.
Is 300-400€ for a week, without counting plane tickets, realistic ?
>Is 300-400€ for a week, without counting plane tickets, realistic ?
Depends on your drinking habbits.
Hostel: 10-15€
Metro ticket: 3/4€ a day (they have a week ticket for 30€ I believe)
Good food: Depends. You can buy cheap in a supermarket or go out in some restaurant. Can go from 2€ to 15€ for a day.
Museums and shit are expensive but they have a ticket for around 30€ for three days I think.
So were at ~35€ a day.

Can go way up, if you plan on drinking a lot of expensive things in the evening.

File: image.jpg (21 KB, 343x230)
21 KB
>he's not browsing 4chan from the Westin bar
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Ask if they have a Pisco Sour, best drink ever buddy.
File: IMG_3939.jpg (66 KB, 600x596)
66 KB
You're not the only one, brother
Yah I particularly like the ones with /trv/ in the foreground too.

That bar looks hopping
I was shitposting on /pol/ in Tijuana during the election, and I have never felt so attacked in my entire life.
>go to new country
>no one makes fun of my flag anymore
f-felt good

File: 1476672375015.jpg (1.88 MB, 3543x2362)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
What music do you listen to on long flights or trips or just in your hotel/hostel room? Have you ever seen a band/musician while abroad, what was the experience like?

I constantly find myself listening to Ceiling Gazing when I'm jet lagged in a hotel room in the middle of night. The song specifically mentions that and it fits that feeling so well. Especially when I'm on a long trip and start thinking about old shit that happened. Looking at the nightscape of a foreign city or town while this song plays is like taking a drug for me.


File: 1463163781113.jpg (172 KB, 1080x1349)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Where should I go for my first trip to Latin America? I wanna go two weeks in February but I'm not quite sure where to go.

Tempting between:
>Rio Carnival and other parts of Brazil
>Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
>Panama and Costa Rica
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For me the girl in your pic would be white. For me any latina I could make white children with is alright.
I said "one in ten thousand", that's 1 / 10 000, equivalent to 10 / 100 000 .
I see a lot of people here mentioning Mexico

I was thinking of taking my car all the way from the US down to Argentina

Is that possible?
Is it ok anywhere in Mexico to drive through the border?
Will I get murdered on my trip to/from South America by car?
No road between panama and colombia,
Ferrying your car can run up the price alot.
oops I did my math wrong

10/100,000 is not even noteworthy, many US cities are more dangerous than that. Philly, Houston, Dallas, etc.

File: IMG_20171008_111911.jpg (942 KB, 1920x2560)
942 KB
942 KB JPG
What is there to do in Montenegro?
>do a hike in Lovcen National Park
>visit the Austro-Hungarian fortresses around the Bay of Kotor
>marvel at the Venetian architecture of Perast, Kotor and Budva
>swim in the sea
>eat pljeskavica and drink local wines
>raft on the Tara river
Other than Porto Montenegro tivat I’m not too sure

File: new-york.jpg (406 KB, 1200x800)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
What's the best city to retire to where you have everything you could desire at your command? The best food, the best drinks, the best of everything essentially. Let's say price isn't an issue.

New York or London come to mind
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I think buying makes more sense if you have unlimited money. Because you can be customized to cater to your needs. Not any luxury penthouse will do. Maybe you need a penthouse with a 460 degree panoramic view with a water slide down to your harem of over 9000 midget transvestites.
Tokyo. Unlike in NYC you can actually afford to live in the heart of where ever you want alone. The place will just be tiny.

In NYC you need to be rich to not have 3+ room mates for barely more room in total.
Singapore or Dubai
>inb4 police state or muh sharia
I can do degenerate things in Thailand or the Philippines in SG and in Eastern Europe if I am in Dubai

A world class city that offers the best of both worlds. First class luxury mixed in with third world slums. A city like New York is over-gentrified yuppie paradise police state.
File: 1412805857182.jpg (216 KB, 1000x1494)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
The countryside, because I desire peace and quiet and health-beneficial surroundings above all else.

File: damn i knew.png (6 KB, 476x96)
6 KB
lads, im going to hawaii soon, and then dubai. How do I travel and vacation correctly? Everytime I go on vacation I feel like I just waste my time instead of accomplishing stuff. I plan on taking more pictures this time in HI and dubai, and I definitely want to explore more sights. Would you guys mind helping me figure out a checklist of stuff to hit up while at either of those places?

I am syrian arab btw. Not muslim. Anyone been to dubai know how they treat non muslims? Do they not give a shit since they know im a tourist? I know very little arabic
I’m not a complete expert on Dubai, but I know non Muslims have more rights there than any other ME country except for Israel. Around 10% of the population is catholic. However, they will treat you like shit if you’re a convert. People born christian are fine but if you converted from island then you’re basically worthless there

While you’re there check out
>burj Khalifa
>burj al Arab
>palm island
>the beaches
>the sultans mosque
>skydiving outside the city

In Hawaii, I can’t give you any advice except stay at the trump Waikiki

File: _20171011_101603.jpg (25 KB, 261x526)
25 KB
You know that feel when you lost an object that has no value at all but for you this is the best thing ever.
Well, last week (maybe 9~11th October, 2017) I was in Akihabara in Japan and near the Akihabara Station somewhere, in the night (around 21h) I've lost my precious cap that I found in my house.
This cap has something special for a "who gives a shit" hat in my view : brown with "Favarger" (chocolate company) and 1926(or 56) write in front of it (it's a little bit dirty too) .
I am hoping (why am I doing this) that someone will find it and I could wear it again.
So if any Japanese has seen it or if you can share this on every social network of Japan it wild be cool cool...
I will give my dignity in exchange.
Thank in advance
Ps: if course the only photo I had with it is me very far away from the camera so I had to zoom in. Great Pixel, much guy.
Contact me : BrownFavargerCap@gmail.com

I request help.
I’m travelling to Florida next month but only for a week.
I’m not from the US. What do I need to bring with me to make sure I get into the country smoothly?
pls and thanks god bless
Have your travel plans printed out and your return ticket. If you need a visa make sure to have one.
I did the ESTA and they approved and my travel plans are printed out. Only thing about this I’m confused about is my ticket is a pdf file in an email. I’m flying with KLM too. I dunno if that’s the only ticket I have or if I get a proper ticket in the mail? I dunno

File: 1420549507276.png (223 KB, 1000x880)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Did any of you ever meet up with some Anon while traveling? Post stories
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What did you talk about?
mostly tech stuff. AI, drones. He wanted me to work on some project with him but I wasn't that motivated and we didn't really speak again.

it was kind of terrifying for me waiting in a park for somebody I'd never seen
How do you guys even decide to meet up? I've never seen anyone on here plan to meet other travelers. These threads come up every once in a while but I never see people actually discussing meeting up.

Anyways, if anyone here is up for traveling around Australia or meeting up somewhere in Australia in the next 5-6 months let me know. I'm also going to NZ in January for 3 weeks to do a bunch of hikes so if you're into that let me know and join me as I'm going alone.
>met 2 israelis from /trv/
>2 years later we have been to eachothers countries 2 times

Top tier experiences overall. They hosted me and I hosted them.

>met some English dude from /trv/
>turns out we both played competitive tf2 as scouts at low tiers
I've posted some throwaway e-mails here a couple of times.
>Transcontinental country has many people from both continents
Who would have thunk it?

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