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desu not exactly a travel stuff, but more like migration stuff. I am wondering how the things are going in Switzerland (zurich, more specifically) for those who are not familiar with both german and french. Stuff like usual daily routines: interacting with other people, authorities, shopping, not museums and airports.
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I'm not from UK, but the fact that you assumed that I might be is a huge compliment for my language level

>You think you can spend your entire life not learning German you putrid cunt?
1) no need for rough language
2) hell, no, but that's definitely not a thing, I'm going to do in a first 3-6 months or so
That is fucking racist.

Last I heard there was a man by the name of yung lean in the club for some mophine
why do you need to move to switzerland exactly
It's not like I need to move exactly there. But I'd like to live in as many developed countries as possible (not 5-day-long vacations) and see the world thoroughly by myself. There are not so many employers with offices in Switzerland and I'm in a middle of the process with one of them, that's why I'm bothering

File: jal.jpg (84 KB, 1680x1050)
84 KB
Traveling to Tokyo in Feb with a few friends. They are all flying out of Florida(TPA or MCO) while i will be flying out of Ohio (CMH/CAK/CLE)

As far as airlines, the 3 we have figured would be the best combo of low price+not being shit would be Japan Air, Delta, and ANA
because 6'6 235, i will be flying premium economy while the rest will likely fly econ.

any other suggestions on airlines to tokyo?

as far as lodging, we figure airbnb would be best value
Canadian airlines usually have low prices to Tokyo but you have to connect in Canada

Going to LA for the first time next week with my girlfriend for 7 days. I'm usually pretty good a planning trips but LA is proving a little tough, I'm thinking due to the size.

We're staying at an AirBNB in Silver Lake/Echo Park area because we heard it's a cool area and has easy access to highways. Also obviously rented a car because LA public transportation lol (coming from NYC).

Since it's such a big area we're planning on splitting our time between different neighborhoods, parking and exploring for long periods of time. Got most of the touristy stuff down and also planning on doing at day at Disneyland, and possible a day trip to San Diego. That leaves around 5 full days for LA proper stuff.

The biggest issue so far has been picking places to eat. What would you guys say are must-haves for eating in LA?

Lastly, if you have any non-obvious stuff that we should be looking at, that would be greatly appreciated. Am I being optimistic that we can cover everything in this time period? Is a day trip to San Diego realistic? We were planning on leaving super early to beat traffic and heading back late. Is Catalina Island something we can do as one portion of a day?

Sorry for the random stream of thought here. I'm not as unprepared as I seem. Just looking for some advice from anyone with experience as I don't know anyone who has spent extensive time there or left the Walk of Fame/Beverly Hills.
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Go to Little Doms in Los Feliz. Its close enough for a walk up to the Observatory. Hit up Lassens Organic grocer for reinforcements. Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood has wine tasting on Fridays, good views. Some good restaraunts in Silverlake are Cliffs Edge (also has a bar) and Blossom vietnamese. You should also probably go to The Black Cat for drinks, and/or moules frites.

Be sure to visit Echo Park Lake as well. It is a walkable neighborhood with many bars, cafes, restaraunts, and music venues, as well as some vintage shopping.
But the plastic surgeons in LA advertise more prominently than those in NYC.
Visiting the beaches should be a priority. Malibu is overcrowded and only good for driving by on the PCH. Santa Monica is sorta essential, Venice is overrated but good to check off the list, Manhattan Beach is gorgeous. Huntington and Newport beach are nice as well but pretty far off in comparison.

Hollywood Walk is not too great as mentioned. Rodeo drive is okay to see and walk around. If you have time to drive around Beverly Hills and West LA neighborhoods l wouldn't hesitate.

DTLA is pretty neat on a weekend night to eat/drink, later hours might feel a little sketchy in some parts. Also Observation Deck Tower, Grand Central Market.

I would pass on a San Diego day trip. San Diego is actually preferred by many to L.A. but the traffic and distance means you can't do too much. Disneyland would be a much more time efficent day imo. Downtown Long Beach would be an closer albeit less interesting alternative to SD.

I honestly can't rec too much food except some Korean/Central American places in Koreatown, Japanese ramen in Little Tokyo DTLA, or Phillipes by Chinatown. Obligatory In'N'Out

Good luck getting the most out of it. There's a lot to see.
This is really helpful.
Don't waste your time. Go spend some quality time in Idyllwild or Big Bear or some shit like that. Otherwise your going to end up pissed off about the time warp that completely stole the 1 week you had together.

Have you ever travelled by freight train /trv/ ?
Holy shit that's cool

File: flag-800.png (5 KB, 800x533)
5 KB
I'm a 22 y/o anon fron memezuela and want to move out of this shitty country.
>Accountant (just graduated)
>Good English
>have European Passport
Where can I easily move to? Legally speaking.
Any advice?
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Denmark is just like Venezuela according to Fox News
What kind of Retard actually believes anything Fox News says is actually true?
tell us about slovenia.. i hear often that it's a gem
>Americans still thinking everyone wants to emigrate there
Since you speak few languages you can get a well paying seasonal job in lapland, northern part of Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Tourism there is accelerating and there isn't enough locals to fill positions. Last year I worked in finnish lapland and they'll hire everyone who is willing to put in work. You get cheap accomodation and 10-15€ /h from jobs like dishwashing, cleaning rooms, reception and waitstaff, also tons of foreign tourist guides there.
There was bunch of spanish speaking tourists there last season.

Could a recife dude tell me about the shark attacks there, gonna be there next week

Less of a problem than knife attacks.
I'm no too worried about that, I surf and will spend 90% of the day at the beach.

File deleted.
do i need a permission from their authorities to enter their borders with prescription psychotropics (concerta, xanax, etc.) or maybe a letter from my shrink in english is enough?
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>doctor's certificate endorsed by the health authorities by country of residence
is it supposed to be a certificate of him or her being really a legitimate doctor or a certificate of me having certain diagnosis and need to use certain medications?
The packaging for your medication should have prescription labels attached to them.

If for some reason the packaging is completely nondescript, just ask the pharmacy for something in writing because you're traveling to a country. They'll understand, you're not the only person in the world to take medication to a different part of the world.

t. Took medications with me to a muslim country & other countries with strict no-drugs attitudes before
we have no prescription labels in the shithole where i live but i can get a scan of prescription and print it and have it with prescription drugs

> just ask the pharmacy for something in writing because you're traveling to a country.
cant i write it myself?

Hello /trv/,

I'm going to be visiting Copenhagen for a few days next week, hoping for some recommendations for some less well known areas/things to do that regular travel sites don't usually cover. Already planning to visit the harbour and Rosenborg castle so anything outside that would be great.

Thanks in advace, and sorry if I've violated board code.
My #1 place to go if I was going there would be Tivoli Gardens. It's one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and is across the street from their main train station. One of their roller coasters is the oldest working one in Europe.

So I have a family member that works for an airline and therefore I get free space available seats. My brother and I are both in college with fridays off and we want to start traveling every weekend or so.

Being in college we don’t have a whole lot of money so I guess I’m asking what are the cheap ways to travel not counting the tickets since those are already taken care of and what are some good destinations? Websites? Etc.

I’m planning on just a cheap motel and maybe a rented scooter or something, unless y’all have better suggestions.

We are in the southern US and are planning on San Juan for next weekend. But I’m not sure if PR has recovered enough yet.

File: ajHAAO7_d.jpg (69 KB, 640x1136)
69 KB
Moving across the US in a few months. Any advice for how to survive a multi-day move?
Get decent sleep, no your car does not work
Eat a good meal, no subway is not a good meal
Don't drink energy drinks to stay awake, the crash is worse
Top out at 8 hours max, 1 hour break for lunch
Get some music or podcasts to listen to
Carry some extra water with you
fill up the tank at every stop

Drink coffee and dont be a pussy

File: index.jpg (7 KB, 292x173)
7 KB
I'm planning a last minute trip a nepal and india this coming december. I'm only now starting to get my itinerary together. Can you guys give me a hand in piecing together my trip?
>last minute
Fly into kathmandu, bus to pokhara, trek in annapurna for a couple weeks, check out jihnu hotsprings and mardi himal. go back to kathmandu for a night, fly to delhi, train to rajasthan, explore rajasthan, depending what you want weather wise you can explore the colder himanachal pradesh region or go south to goa, kerala etc.
have fun dude, prepare for frustration and nothing going according to plan
Really depends on what you want to see. You could spend months in Nepal alone. Trekking is a must do in the Himalaya, I did ABC and it was spectacular. Would love to do the Manaslu or Kanchenjunga trek someday. Pictures don't do justice to the magnificence of the Himalayas, you have to see them up close and it's a trip worth taking.

I personally have never been to India but I want to get to Mumbai eventually, and possibly do a motorbike tour thru the country on a brand new royal enfield.

Hi /jp/, I want your perspective on something. See, I'm gonna be going to Japan pretty soon. And I figured with all of your tangential experience with Japan you might have suggestions on things to do or places to see. Is there anything you've always wanted to experience firsthand that you would recommend to another anon?

I'm going to be visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa. I've already planned to visit the major centers in Tokyo like Akihabara and Shibuya but if you have any insider tips I'd love to hear them. Not just places and events but life advice is welcome as well (cultural customs, money saving tips, anything helps).
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Yet we have this thread >>19602285

All I'm looking for are more humanized suggestions rather than basic imagery.
Sorry, Anon. But >>1454356 is very much correct. This board is not dedicated to travel, but Japanese pass-time hobbies. Photography is very much a hobby, and it can be considered Otaku Culture. Please take your question to apropriate board.
Since your shit thread got moved here, I'm going to give you this piece of advice, look at the fucking sticky
check the japan general retard
If you're traveling alone and want to talk to people, Id recommend finding a street with a bunch of small bars and yakatori joints and do some bar hopping, stay out till its late and people get pretty social. I had a great night out with friends just going to different small resturants near Higashi Honganji in Kyoto, the world cup was going on at the time so it was pretty easy to bond over the national team with people. People are usually much less outgoing, especially if they aren't confident in their English abilities. Another tip is to go out in college areas, you're much more likely to find people confident enough in their english to approach you. Kansai Gaidai in Osaka was one place I visited for that. Overall though I'd still reccomend finding a friend to tag along, I can see it be a bit isolating because 9/10 you won't be able to talk to people, the mastery of english for the average Japanese person is next to nothing

File: 1.jpg (67 KB, 1200x630)
67 KB
where's the best spot to be a "digital nomad" in chinkland
File: 354534.png (1.19 MB, 1317x932)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG

You could start with Shanghai and move from major city to major city. Visiting Chengdu is a must since its a major tech oriented city.

I propose this diamond shaped route, you get to see the biggest cities and will be able to get a whiff of Chinese culture and history allong with it. Dont forget to check out the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, its impressive.
A foxconn factory camp
go back toyour own country whitey

How does living in Hong Kong compare to Mainland China and Taiwan? I studied for a while in Taiwan and would like to go back to a chinese speaking country for about half a year. Taiwan wasnt too much of a culture shock and i enjoyed my time there a lot. How would this compare to Hong Kong and one of the tier 1 cities in China?
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yeah thats a bit of the problem im facing rn. ive been to taiwan and hk and they seemed like nice places to live. But to study mandarin (or traditional chinese) ill probably have to go to china as i've been to taiwan already. Im wondering if living in tier 1 chinese cities will be close to hk or taiwan or if it will be too much of a culture shock
Just live in the Southeast Guangzhou/Shenzhen area. Guangzhou is the biggest city in southern China and it's right across the border from Hong Kong, so you can still visit it easily.
You can study ?Mandarin in HK, you can also become fluent in Mandarin in HK.
However it is a lower caste language, however I believe if you are white you can still gain lots of browny points by speaking Mandarin.
Not a fan of the Mainland so can't really comment about living there.
China will be relatively cheap everything
Hong Kong will be expensive but if you work, it is much higher pay and tax free.
Taiwan, is a great place, low local wages, if you work pay will be better than locals affording you a good quality of life.

If I had to choose I would choose TW over China.

However what will you do for six months, can you get a working visa.
If you have lived in TW, China will be much worse due to the culture,
thats what ive been thinking about. but ill still live in shenzhen about 95% of the time at least. Im just curious what daily life in china would be like when im there. ive heared some bad stories about racism etc against foreigners.
Don't be an idiot you will not have any trouble.
A regards to racism, you are a white monkey in a zoo, but at least you are white.

Somewhere 25c + in early november in Europe. Does this exist?
anywhere in southern Europe.
Try Sicily, Malta, Andalusia, Greece...
Canary islands
Malta is fantastic, especially if you dig gambling. expensive tho
wear a sweater

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