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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

File: deus excellent.jpg (13 KB, 500x311)
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So what is everyone in /sci/ majoring in?
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>Why switching? Whats wrong with chemical?
Nothing wrong with Chem eng, I just want mathematics and physics to be a larger part of my education. Considering this, there's really no point in doing chemical.

Also I hate labs.
>Math, comp sci or physics.
I did Physics including PhD. You really need that PhD before you get the more interesting jobs, especially if you want to avoid becoming a code monkey.

I had to do programming for a few years to pay down my student loans but now I am in a more relevant line of work.

Solid state physics is probably the safest career choice. Astrophysics is of course interesting but the job market is sheer murder.

>>I want money
>isn't there more to life?
Research is fun and interesting (as well as dangerous and more often boring). Problem is it is badly paid. Normies want the latest gadgets and medicines but couldn't care less about paying for the R&D that lies behind this. Tragic pay was the reason I left research. You simply do not get paid for the hazards involved.

Good answer, anon.

>i kind of like physics, but geology and chemistry are also interesting.
I also find geology interesting. Problem is, the bottom more or less fell out of the job market.

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Comp Sci + Math
Finance + Economics.
Any capital markets bros here? Should I switch one of them for something more mathy?

would it be feasible to bury a huge water tank far enough down that the water inside it turns to steam, moves up to turn a turbine, then condenses and falls back down into the tank?
I use geothermic heating in my house
i was thinking about geothermic heating and I was just wondering how far down you'd have to go to actually generate steam.

Why don't knives work underwater?
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is a new meme
google it
Well, I guess that explains the lack of sharp teeth in aquatic predators.
there ya go, yet another proof supporting knife theory
File: knife_theory_ggl.png (35 KB, 1348x659)
35 KB

File: problem.png (7 KB, 430x392)
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Is this problem solvable?
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File: 18b.gif (1.46 MB, 248x189)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB GIF
Firstly USE GOD DAMN LATEX. Secondly you don't get to criticize real numbers when you don't know what a square root is.
if a and b have the same unit, then Yes, this is unsolvable I think.
>sqrt(2*tu) = sqrt(2) * tu

Problems with math and op.
File: hmm2.png (27 KB, 430x629)
27 KB

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Whole values only
Alon amit showed how to solve a similar equation on quota https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-find-the-integer-solutions-to-frac-x-y+z-+-frac-y-z+x-+-frac-z-x+y-4?encoded_access_token=6bbe8da22f3848c0a530c01b1122540c
wait, is a=b=c, or not?
If they were LHS gives 3/2

File: noise.jpg (667 KB, 1920x1080)
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667 KB JPG
i am living in over-saturation

i can not invent/do nice things because of over -saturation

this is no troll. i am really facing "that" problem

what can i do?
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>i don't want a diagnosis, i want the cure
You realize that you can't get chemo until you're diagnosed with cancer right
Go outside somewhere you can be alone and pick up a heavy object. Throw it. Rinse and repeat
Doing something physical and monotonous works wonders
this sounds like bull-(shit) anything backing that up?
You ever hear a weightlifter complain about lack of creative initiative?
wha? i don't care about idiots doing physical labor to pretend they are doing something intelligent

Hello guys. I'm not much here. I simply return to ask this or that, and I find all of you very kind. More than that, you gave me resources when I asked for them.

I just wanted to say thanks for that. You really rocks.
Suck a dick faggot

File: clJi.jpg (146 KB, 1440x2560)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

the harsh realities of life

>>your body is essentially enslaved by your brain, life is recursive slavery of conscious energy
>>it's possible that your parents were not planning on having you and that you were an accident
>>life is all about superiority and dominance, but it has to be unless you want a bunch of 3 limbed mutants walking around
>>size does matter
>>when you die, you are dead for eternity and what has composed you will never exist in the same composition ever again.
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The things is that once an advanced AI emerges it will one way or another be the turning point. The way security is, it might very well go into hiding on the net.
What is DMT like? I think I have the solid mental health needed for that shit but I don't know anyone who does that kind of stuff. I don't even know anyone who drinks alcohol much
> harsh realities of life
>people who announce discoveries know about my discovery
>don't announce it
mind body duality lmao
literally why does this matter at all
edgy but true
eh to a degree yeah
that's actually pretty fuckin' cool imo
Watch EoE

Do you have any theories on how the universe got created? I know the big bang theory and all of that but does anybody have anything different. What was before the universe and if it was another universe how did the very first universe get created? If you have any theories please share.
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We are in a simulation.
File: rvLSskV.jpg (728 KB, 2515x2515)
728 KB
728 KB JPG

The universe is an impossible thing. There should be nothing.
Time is a property of the universe so "before" doesn't even make sense
Do some neat drugs and maybe you'll arrive at the same answers I did. Currently micro-dosing LSD, getting high and fucking loving figuring shit out for myself. I wonder if there is any scientific possibility I'm right:


Untapped consciousness of the multiverse would most likely be dark energy, and dark matter would be the utilized version of it.

File: spidey.jpg (18 KB, 213x839)
18 KB
How thick does a CNT-fibre have to be to hang yourself with it?
extra thicc~

File: FSo.png (10 KB, 528x535)
10 KB
A fidget spinner is currently at rest. It has a radius of 50 centimeters and its rotational inertia is equal to 50 kgm^2.
If a force of 10N at an angle of 30 degrees, how many full rotations does it rotate in 3 seconds?
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How long is the force applied for?
A fidget spinner is topologically equivalent to your mom.

Denote as the sum of the natural numbers is [math]-\frac{1}{12}[/math] it does 69 rotations in 420 seconds. q e d
[math]rF\sin(\alpha)=J \ddot{\theta}[/math]
I guess it barely rotates given the large magnitude of lamina.

It rotated for 0.0358 of a revolution or 0.225 rad if I didn't screw up like I always did in my homework.
need more info
we don't even have mass

File: brain.png (156 KB, 485x364)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Hello, /sci/, need some help from biologists or medical students.

How do I quit sugar without getting extreme tiredness? If I quit sugar, I get headaches the next day/two days after of an extreme nature and my sleep goes to shit (literally 12-14 hours of sleep).

What is causing this? Does increased sleep cause a crash of serotonin resulting in an endless cycle?

Do I have blood-sugar problems? If so, does that mean going cold turkey on sugar is actually a bad thing? Are people with blood-sugar problems unable to readjust sugar levels to normal?

Is exercise and a proper sleep schedule the best way to re-balance this?

I've also been suffering from stomach/intestinal problems a lot recently. I hear serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract, so does that mean my diet is having an affect on my neurotransmitters and affecting my mood/sleep?
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Just fucking fast dude, literally stop eating for a week and drink lots of water. Do you have an appetite? If not, it's possible your body is trying to fast but you keep stopping the process from your addiction.

Fasting is like the greatest thing for curing random shit.

Then when you are done eating start eating healthy (plant based diet, not a lot of carbs). You know how there is a fruit section as soon as you walk into a grocery store? Eat shit from that section.
You do it gradually as you would with any given drug, because at such quantities that is what it is.
A pill for headache will help.
After detoxing yourself take a blood test and find out if you already have diabetes.

welcome to the addiction

File: Untitled.jpg (125 KB, 855x709)
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125 KB JPG
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File: The sink of Feels.gif (719 KB, 293x182)
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719 KB GIF
>tfw 191
>MIT #1

French Ecoles shit all over it

Quite impressive to be honest, I thought my third worlder commie university wouldn't even appear in the ranking.
What did you do at UniMelb?
I wanted to go, didn't get the score so had to settle for 252, feelsbad
I have an offer (CS undergrad) from 60 (TU Munich) and 8 (ETH), but for the ETH I would have to write an (expensive) test to be admitted and pay shitloads of living costs for Zurich.

What do?

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