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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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I've been seeing a lot of articles about how AI is going to be awesome and help humans live indefinitely and all that jazz, but I'm curious if they'd have existential questions like humans do.

An AI would not likely be religious, as it knows it was created by man and not a higher power. It would be aware of the current proposed fate of the universe. As a creation designed with the goal of preserving itself, would that not cause it so undergo some sort of error?

Some AI advocates make the pretty bold claim that a strong AI would rather quickly discover if it's possible to circumvent entropy or bail out on our universe, but is that necessarily true? And how "quickly" would that be? An AI might go insane and shut itself down out of dread before it discovers some possible way for either of those, or either of those might just not be possible (In which case, people like Kurzweil say the AI would be content riding out the rest of this universe).
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But that's not the thread I made, Anon.
File: ohmygodbutter.png (213 KB, 610x349)
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213 KB PNG

kurzweil is a death fearing whining little cunt who never got over daddy dying :)
If an AI "errors" because it can't do one of its functions perfectly then its a pretty fucking shitty AI, like I don't think it's going to be doing anything important if it can't get over basic shit like that.
>circumvent entropy
I'm not sure about "an AI can't be religious".
He knows that he's been created by a man, but wouldn't he ask himself what created the man and the nature (technically in his case the man would be part of the nature)?

File: IMG_20170423_210017.jpg (71 KB, 480x589)
71 KB

How can psychiatry be taken seriously when these high profile people act this way? Is Psychiatry nonsense?
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This is how you spot an anti military commie hillary-bern cuck.

The person on the left is well aware of why hes fighting, and that is to protect the freedom of its nation and the lives of our white children around the world from the foreign invaders.

You choose to ignore this undeniable fact because you hate the military.

The guy on the right is typing on a keyboard wondering if his gf bull will come visit tonight.
i read it and jesus fuck what a cancer of an article
>Is Psychiatry nonsense?

Study after study shows they have no skill beyond what a fairly empathetic person with a 1/2 day training in counselling has.

So yes it is nonsense.
What makes you think this is necessary for someone who's been publicly spilling out their every deranged thought for years?
> diagnosis from afar doesn't work!
> absolute fucking bullshit!
> proceeds to diagnose patient from afar


File: 111.jpg (136 KB, 640x640)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Any other statistics major here?

I'm not sure whether I'm stupid or is statistics really supposed to difficult?
Even math is way easier.

t. freshman
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Also it verges into machine learning. So many traps and wrong paths to take.



I basically did the core courses of the stats major
Stats major of which school?
not a brainlet

File: ga780727.gif (43 KB, 600x174)
43 KB
Motion through a three-dimensional space is preceded by a directional force.

What is motion through a four-dimensional space preceded by? What force moves us through time?

File: math oracle.jpg (99 KB, 640x640)
99 KB
Post your questions that don't deserve their own thread in here.

Tips for good questions:
>provide context
>check stackexchange first
>if stuck half-way into a question, show your work so far

Previous thread:
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I did and I was just starting chapter 5 as I was typing that post; it is very well written and the theory is great but I'm having trouble with some of the problems

actually I'm looking for a good calculus book, maybe even a precalc book, to learn by my own because I don't think I'm able to do Spivak's with my not-so-solid background in HS math, to be frank with you

Apostol's calc books and Velleman's how to prove it would be the recommended books for me to start?


I was thinking of Apostol but I'll take a look on Stewart

Need some medical help please.

So, I got surgery to repair a fully ruptured achilles tendon a few weeks ago. Had a cast on for 10 days, then was put into a ankle brace.

Yesterday I accidentally stepped on the foot in the wrong way and really stretched the tendon passed its limit, and I was bleeding quite a bit through my open wound. However, I know that the tendon is still attached.

Is there anything that could have gone wrong that I should see a doctor for? Or do you think I just need rest and wait for it to heal? A tendon cannot grow in the wrong way, can it?
I fucked up /sci/.

I've got 5 hours to finish a research paper I haven't started. The dataset is for 2012 US Presidential Campaign Contributions, I just need to come up with a solid hypothesis that my professor says needs to be of "relative complexity"

Right now all I can think of is "The republican party, on average, receives more money than it's competition during the election season."

Does anyone have any ideas for what I should do for my hypothesis because the one I've got so far is shit.
Look into the way industries hedge their bets and donate to both sides e.g. casinos.

What industries donate a lot? Is it industries that are much affected by government regulation?

Contrast rhetoric with donations received and votes taken.
get working son, nothing like the last minute, is there a re-submit option?

Climate change deniers can pretty much be divided into three categories:

1. People who are upset that their unconscionable hoards of money will be smaller than they expected because of climate-change legislation when they finally kick the bucket

2. People who have been bribed or threatened by Category 1

3. People who have been lied to by Categories 1 and 2
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You're free to do you're own actual science but global warming remains to be disproven by any reliable source.
But their feeling are more important than having reliable science.
Besides they have the 4% of scientists who know the truth.
File: 1493002876245.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
>Saudi arabia and most eastern countries do not even support global warming.
literally false. the Saudis have said that they'll stick to the Paris accords even if Orange Daddy pulls the US out of them. they're not denying climate change; they just want to make sure the future transition away from petroleum is nice and gradual (giving them time to diversify their economy) so they don't get the rug pulled out from under them.

>That's atleast 10% of the whole world just by themselves. Counting the additional scientists who stays silent or simply don't buy your bullshit easily BTFOs your 97% meme bullshit.
The 97% figure does not refer to world population. Rather, OF PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL PAPERS THAT TAKE A POSITION ON ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE, 97% agree that it's a real thing.
>These people are psychopaths. And I think they represent at least 50% of the population.

But really, I've seen estimates that it might be about 1% of the population are sociopaths.

File: o-ISAAC-NEWTON-facebook.jpg (263 KB, 2000x1000)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Correlation thread?

Anyone notice a correlation between a specific taste in music and intelligence?

My father knows a couple of physicists who both have large record collections, there seems to be two kinds.

The ones who are extremelly smart and have a vast taste in music (from classic to wathever)

And the autists, the ones that only care about very specific interests and dont care about music at all (i.e Mark zuckerberg, look it up)

Anyone notices this as well?
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File: 1490699568928.jpg (240 KB, 600x600)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
I have an IQ of 5000 and I listen exclusively to Japanese denpa song while I study.

IQ of 73
I listen exclusively to Jazz
Music is only good for background noise when studying and if it's not classical then it's a matter of having shit taste.
>physics major here
I mostly listen to Zeppelin, the Stones (w/ Mick Taylor) and other bits of blues rock from the mid 60s to late 70s.
When I'm not listening to them, there's usually a song stuck in my mind and I instinctively analyze the composition. I've come to really appreciate the raw creativity of these artists that seems to have been catalyzed by the Dyonisian culture of the time.
While I genuinely believe some of these artists were objectively intelligent (maybe even on the level of famous scientists in terms of creativity), the consensus seems to be a correlation between this type of music and your typical 'git'er dun' mongrels and narcissistic boomers.

File: Goldigger.png (1.04 MB, 1072x1205)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

Say bye bye to any chance of seeing a man on mars in your lifetime.

Since Elon Musk is out of the game, how many years we will have to wait for another guy like him to show up.
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File: 1368893457982.jpg (97 KB, 643x960)
97 KB
>nobody outside of my mother
Then it'll balance itself around us. Problem solved.
There's no such thing as balance in nature, remember the ecosystem hype when people thought if you take a chunk out of a forest, the forest was going to regenerate the system as close as possible to the original state, when in reality the forest changes forever and nothing repeats - the higher the damage, the more it downgrades and would take a chill thousands of years for something nice to pop in again.
File: 1477232182419.png (201 KB, 640x480)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Goddamn Musk's a fucking retard. He could have almost any pussy in the world and he chose a bitch that is the most capable of sucking out his money. Goddamn cunts like these should be raped by niggers. Probably will take a couple of generations for a guy to be born and raised with Musk's potential and vision. Women are such cunts.
He has a lot of money and invests it on the right things and people don't want Amber taking that away.

File: hilbert.jpg (17 KB, 200x289)
17 KB
Why is David Hilbert always grumpy?
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File: reals.png (156 KB, 549x349)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
it's what set theory does to a man
>the other anon

Come on now, you're not fooling anyone
These 'look at my opinion' posts are the worst, especially when they aren't interesting
File: HilbertCaratheodory.jpg (30 KB, 600x868)
30 KB
Hilbert wasn't grumpy at all. He was known to be quite an agreeable fellow and on best terms with the waitresses of all the pubs in and around Goettingen.

he was born in le wrong generation

File: graviton.png (135 KB, 300x225)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
How to discover a graviton?
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Search behind the fridge. That's where I find most things.
>le ebin graviton meme

It doesn't exist boi. Gravity is too weak to apply to the standard model, so gravity is probably an emergent property, not a fundamental one.
The actual physical existence of messenger particles such as gluons is questionable. They could be abstract constructs used to foster the math.

You forgot under the couch, a whole slew of leptons had spun under there last time I looked

File: r1150937_14424150.jpg (18 KB, 340x191)
18 KB
Is consciousness an operating system of the brain? Is it something more than that? Does it have mass? Does it exist in more dimensions than our body? Are we even sure it exists?
Check out "The Soul Hypothesis" book.
It might open your mind to the possibilities of other ways of thinking about awareness.
"If the mind could benunderstood simply, we'd be too simple to understand it"
Consciousness is Consciousness.
File: platon.jpg (44 KB, 700x430)
44 KB
But what is it to be conscious?
File: 46.jpg (116 KB, 532x800)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
It's a unique set of particles that changes its parts instance by instance

File: images (21).jpg (18 KB, 474x310)
18 KB
>Be me
>Chem practicles
>Pipette 25cm3 of dilute H2SO4
>Got some in mouth
>Rinse immediately
>Mfw everything tastes funny
Will I be alright?
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Im in pakistan, this is our lab >>8850093. Our chem teacher treats us like shit. No gloves or safty equipment of any sort. We use our bare hands
dam dude. Sorry that your country doesn't have the safety standards that most other places do. Hopefully you can continue to pursue the awesomeness that is chem without causing anymore harm to your or anyone else. Best of luck.
I love chemistry but its really hard to keep on loving it when our teachers dont want us to have out of the box thinking. They tell us to just stick to our books and gets angry if I learn sonething thats not in our syllabus(since he's insecure about his knowledge doesn't know about topics outside the course)
stay strong bud. you'll be out of that place one day and none of their bullshit will matter. Your abilities and knowledge will.
>he's insecure about his knowledge doesn't know about topics outside the course
That's terrible. I thought only humanities courses allowed this kind of shitflinging. He should learn what a PhD actually merits.
Only thing for it is to avoid triggering his insecurity or "outshining" him, though, until you're on your own. Think of it as "manipulating" him if you have to.

Of the 2020's
The 2050's
The 2080's
The 2110's
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Free trumpcare
Decent anxiety meds
Mechanical heart
cancer cure
4chan deleted
Adult diapers that use blacks holes

still, rest should be pretty accurate if far-left/neo-luddites will take over
*ITER is the first fully functional fusion reactor
*EELT and other telescopes analyse the atmosphere of an exoplanet and find proof for life in it
*SpaceX puts a human on the mars
*A solid state battery that is far more powerful, cheaper, reliable, long living, and quicker to recharge than modern batteries conquer the market and essentially ends the oil age

~~~~2030's and 2040's nuclear world war that ends all civilization because of political erruption that come with ending the oil age~~~~~~~~

*invention of wheel
*invention of fire
*invention of basic math

*invention of iron smelting

*invention of internet, memes are online again
>nonlinear maths
>probabilistic mechanics
I can tell you're retarded because these things have existed for scores
well shit ;)

File: $.jpg (57 KB, 600x400)
57 KB
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>where the v& drivers gather daily to look for lolilovers to pick up.
>no party van has yet to be seen
not even the FBI wants me
You forgot the part where the Chinese put it in a vacuum with its own batteries and found zero thrust
File: pyramid.jpg (41 KB, 520x293)
41 KB
I have an experiment almost setup that is trying to measure a force with this mechanism. I probably won't get everything finished prior to leaving for my post doc, but the facility where I am going already has the experiments set up and in much better condition. Hopefully we can measure the force within a year...

Theoretically, I am dragging some ass. I have 4 papers backlogged that I have to finish prior to typing up this idea. This should be around a year as well...

What I am really excited about is the place I am going has all the facilities in place to get this thing off the ground...

The bottom line is this; If the idea works, and my post doc will have all the things necessary to check it, then it is gonna get done. There is a valid scientific pathway, based on very conservative(realistic) assumptions, towards making this thing actually work...

we shall see...

I will have to look into this air force thing a bit... could be interesting...
My ellipses game is tight son...

If you have any questions about physics, just ask. I am graduating senpai, and I feel like spreading some knowledge around...

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