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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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File: téléchargement (1).jpg (10 KB, 268x188)
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Smart minds of /sci/, please answer this. Our universe is extremely chaotic ans imperfect. Would a "perfect" universe not have chaos? Is chaos simply a necessity of any universe?
I hope my question makes sense, thanks
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Hah, but that's not what I was thinking of

Imagine a similar universe to ours with all the elements of the periodic table, except all those atoms are scattered evenly and orderly across the universe. Life, if we assume the biological circuitry (mostly carbon) and the very specific, non homogenous arrangement of atoms that make it, would never happen in a perfect universe, wouldnt it? The base arrangement needs non homogenous /chaos so it can happen
File: christchannpc.png (706 KB, 1329x1218)
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706 KB PNG
That universe will likely start dead and continue dead. Yes.
I'm sorry anon, I'm stealing this idea for a childrens book.
Unless the rules of the universe were changed.

File: 1540406530326.gif (1.86 MB, 250x417)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
But make an effort to ask intelligent, novice questions in your field of interest. And avoid making blatant pleas for homework helP.

Question of the day: scientifically speaking, why do I want the pusspuss?
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What do you name this compound


Organic chem's driving me nuts
dx = dy as per the initial definition
last line should be [math] 2 \cdot (-2y)^8 [/math]
this is the method you use for solving polynomials above order 2 btw
did you miss an o?

like 1-Methoxy-2-(1-methoxyethoxy)ethane i think
it looks like a penis

File: training-offenses_004.png (432 KB, 400x556)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
I'm currently about to lay out some formulas in a spreadsheet and i was curious about what unit is most likley to get me laid. Joules or calories?
electron volts
That is one of the gayest units i know
Tons of TNT

File: 1542507267100.jpg (41 KB, 540x532)
41 KB
What is the explanation for this?
ur gay lol
OP is fagget confirmed

How exactly does the body counter measure a gory and brutal death? Does it pump itself with so much adrenaline it goes numb? When someone is reacting to something that's killing them brutally is it willingly or is it an involuntary movement because I would assume so much trauma just makes you go numb physically and mentally.

File: do24-big.jpg (75 KB, 600x350)
75 KB
Designing something awesome. Hint: it's a small helicopter.

Yes, I'm a certified (private)pilot and i grew up playing flight sims and so I have an in-depth knowledge of flight mechanics and good and bad practices and features on aircraft and helicopters. I have a chosen powerplant and dome some napkin math on frame, body and fuel weight and added 20% for fun, and it was still well within the power capabilities of the engine at sea level, at least using a conventional rotor.

I need books on propeller, rotor, and general aircraft design. I'm not sure where to look exactly, I've read through some old NACA reports on related topics but its *extremely* dense reading us pilots simply aren't used to. I'd rather read a book on the topic. I spend most of my time reading non-fiction anyways.
I've been dreaming of building this thing for too fucking long, its time to stop talkign and start doing. Will post more when i start building(probs in a year or so)

tl;dr pls post aero engineering books about propeller and helicopter rotor design.
Also general aero engineering thread, lets talk pilot to designer about what not to do to your planefu, so she doesn't kill you out of spite.
>picrel, most aesthetic plane
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I meant design of course.
They're all electric. Shit range and hover time.

I'm putting this 180kw and 60kg gas turbine in mine: https://www.pbs.cz/en/our-business/aerospace/aircraftgines/turboshaftgine-pbs-ts100
they developed and released this engine from their 1000kn turbojet which was developed up from cruise missile engines.

another hint: its a hoverbike with an actual helicopter engine

The primary advantage of a hoverbike layout with two ducted vectoring fans is the compact size and the fact that the pilot can either bailout and pop a chute or use a rocket-deployed parachute(just one component in some zero-zero ejection seats).

The safety aspect is why i think this will sell, rocket deployed parachutes catch ejection seat systems thrown around 30ft high before they hit the ground. So a properly sized rocket deployed parachute could catch a hoverbike whose engine or something fails 30ft off the ground safely. Normal helicopters cant deploy parachutes, and the pilot cant eject, because either would be diced by the rotor.
File: jATGq.png (493 KB, 1238x924)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
and then you die when one of the engines fails. It's also impossible to control directly through mechanical linkages.

Helicopters are actually much safer than people imagine due to the ability to autorotate. Quads have too little rotating mass, and they are reliant on fly by wire from day 1 to function unlike helicopters which can be controlled directly.
And I forgot to mention that if your vehicle has an invariable pitch rotor like most quads do, autorotation is simply not possible even in principle. You need a collective control for that.

Helicopters are far safer than any manned drone will ever be.

File: 1320_effects-image.jpg (204 KB, 711x350)
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204 KB JPG
What does /sci/ think about the fact that runaway climate change is going to fuck us all over big time within a couple of years and that no one seems to be taking this grave threat (or even the possibility of it being a threat) seriously?
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dogs do the exact same shit they’re just worse at hunting. also the entire “global warming hoax” propaganda is funded by mil-industrial connected think tanks and rw oil companies
>implying they're not too good to leave no trace
>they destroyed all the evidence
very convenient for your evidence-free narrative
>what is mass migration

File: 102517MonroeSolarFarm5.jpg (293 KB, 1661x1143)
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293 KB JPG
Farming wind and solar energy while also grow wheat or breed cattle?
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Comfy thread
Wheat and solar plants would compete for light.
some crops grow better with shading
it does pay back, in some states it's even a great investment
File: Screenshot from.jpg (42 KB, 625x184)
42 KB
>a great investment
As long as the government gibs keep flowing.

File: fab.jpg (13 KB, 520x417)
13 KB
Am I missing anything?
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e = ln
it's an irreversible function
But of course an integral from 0 to x is not the "inverse" of differentiation. That would be antidifferentation (also referred to as "indefinite integration" in engineering literature).
That's a number and a logarithm with the aforementioned number as a base.

File: DZGGPAdU0AAIIVX.jpg large.jpg (430 KB, 1709x1312)
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430 KB JPG
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File: download (2).jpg (4 KB, 211x239)
4 KB
what did the church dogma have to do with their work? if the two were linerally related we wouldnt have the church collapse over and over again as europe progressed from the middle ages
>an ethno state in the US doesn't make sense.
You realize this country was 85%+ white from its inception to 1965, correct?
It doesn't really hurt people. They still pick out people who are suitable for shit but just to make it more representative. Honestly is extremely over exaggerated.
report this off topic shit.

File: Crq9uXKXgAEhHrA.jpg (50 KB, 563x444)
50 KB
> Von Neumann did some of his best work in noisy, chaotic environments,
>and once admonished his wife for preparing a quiet study for him to work in.
> He never used it, preferring the couple's living room with its television playing loudly.

What's your excuse /sic/? Why are you not studying like the real mathchads?
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this isn’t true at all brainlet
>wearing shoes indoors
This but dubstep-metal fusion and protein powder. I work best post-work out and during workout
I use a text-to-speech program to read 4chan threads to me while I work.
subhuman cope

If we needed to travel to a star several light years away from Earth, it would take hundreds of thousands of years with traditional technology, so why don't we just convert ourselves to light, travel there, and then convert back? It would cut travel time down to a minimum.
yes, please figure this out and post an arXiv link once you have it

File: a99d2a1.jpg (89 KB, 1500x1500)
89 KB
Pardon my retardation. But, I've had a nagging question in my mind for like weeks now. I was wondering if you could fall from a height and not having anything above you. Like if I was falling down a hypothetical timeline. Could it be possible that there is nothing above me? That I didnt have an origin point after 1 second of falling? Can I move down without creating distance between point A and point B? My logic says no it shouldn't be possible. But for some reason I have a strange feeling there is a way.

File: 1541656177485.jpg (19 KB, 200x267)
19 KB
Input go in.
Input get calculated into output
Output go out.
When will /sci/ become redpilled, and realize that the brain is essentially just a black-box with no free will whatsoever?
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Yes there is:
An agent [math] S [/math] has the ability to choose or do otherwise than [math] \phi [/math] at time [math] t [/math] if and only if it was possible, holding fixed everything up to [math] t [/math], that [math] S [/math] choose or do otherwise than [math] \phi [/math] at [math] t [/math]. Which isn't true if a world W is deterministic, but it's nonetheless coherent, because it's just a categorical analysis.. (and hence dependent on reasoning about possible worlds through modal logic)
the thing is that u only make 1 decision.. people who say u (as in consciousness making a free will decision) "could've" are ridiculous.. its like the first point in time just started a chain reaction and everything will respond according to the laws of nature (not necessarily physics) that doesnt mean theres only one way it could've gone though, because what if all parts of reality have a probability of performing action A and another for action B that would allow for different scenarios and no "fate" but this still means theres no free will because its just reactions in nature not a transcended mind
>Including the word "choice" in your definition of free will
this is blatantly circular.
If you define something, it goes like this
>Free will is ____
>Something has free will if ___
Rewrite it with that structure please
Lol, you're so dumb

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