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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
9 KB
Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

File: GAE print.jpg (1.5 MB, 2001x3000)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
The 2017 "Great American" Solar Eclipse
The sticky

What is the solar eclipse? On August 21, in just a few days, the continental United States will experience its first total eclipse of the sun since 1979, and the first to cross from west to east coast since 1919. Please keep all discussion of this event to this thread, and share with us where you'll be viewing this amazing and rare spectacle of nature and what you'll be doing to commemorate this time. The next total eclipse to hit the U.S.A. will not be until 2024.

Totality: To view the full eclipse, you must be in the path of totality. This is the narrow, 70-mile wide path where the umbra (the darkest shadow of the moon) passes through. If you are not within the path of totality, you will miss the amazing spectacle that everyone the world over is coming to see. Do not be fooled by people who say 80% or 90% or even 99.99% partial eclipse is good enough. It's not. Even 99% obscuration is not enough to fully cover the sun in the same way that 100% can, and you will walk away feeling let down. See the resources below for maps of totality.

Traffic: Expect nightmare-ish traffic conditions as you get closer to and especially within the path of totality. Even in the middle of nowhere like Wyoming, traffic could be gridlocked for hours or even days on end. The state of Oregon is equating the situation to a natural disaster, with many rural as well as city roads at a total standstill. Gas stations may run out of fuel. If you are trying to get to the largest cities such as Salem, Nashville, or Columbia, you should depart wherever you're coming from by Sunday morning at the latest.

Lodging: Sold out everywhere. If you hadn't booked 6 months ago, you're out of luck.

Major cities within the path:

Salem, OR
Idaho Falls, ID
Jackson, WY
Lincoln, NE
Kansas City, KS
Columbia, MO
Carbondale, IL

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That's refreshing to hear. I talked with a friend and realized that most of this advice is for people who are constantly looking up and not thinking it through.

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File: 4e2.jpg (139 KB, 680x805)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Kek God
File: file.png (216 KB, 781x380)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
OP should have posted this part.
Doesn't say what the riddle is though...
Oh, forgot that. The riddle is that you have to pair the three artifacts with the three gods, and those are the rules.
File: Untitled.png (2 KB, 254x64)
2 KB

First ask "Are any of these artifacts yours?"
Get yes from Tee and no from Eff, so now you know which is which.

Then I suppose you pick artifact one and two, ask if either of them are yours.
Then take replace one with artifact three, and ask if either of those two are yours.

Then you can figure out based on the answers which is Tee's and which is Eff's, then the remaining one must be Arr's.

>pic related

File: 1503177355796.jpg (299 KB, 522x1611)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Procrastinators of /sci/:

How do I effectively work for 10 hours straight?
Any advice?
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Go home, leave you phone and computer in the library.
There are huge diminishing returns past 3-4 hours a day
Try go to a cafe or internet cafe
yeah there is actually

File: IMG_1300.png (35 KB, 300x250)
35 KB
You can use a bijection to prove the interval A=[1,∞) is the same size as B=[2,∞), as any number n of A has an equivalent n+1 in B.
Question is: can you prove [1,∞) = or ≠ (1,∞)? If you try to make a bijection you would have to add an infinitesimal, which is more of a concept than a number you would add to a number set, so i'm really confused on this one
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Help a brainlet out here. I don't understand set notation and I'm scared to write down my thoughts using them.
Is it correct to write {1}U{2} = {1,2} ?
Or is it {{1},{2}}
And what does spamming brackets do anyway
1 is an element of {1, 2}
{1} is an element of {{1}, 2}
1 is not an element of {{1}, 2}
So the first guess then?

File: xlg_laughing_gas_0.jpg (185 KB, 704x1024)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
What's your worst lab incident, /sci/?

I'll go first:

>be me last year
>spergy amateur chemist
>be interested with synthesis of nitrous oxide
>parents go away for weekend, have to stay at grandpa's
>convince grandpa to take to house to do homework
>decompose molten ammonium nitrate in garage instead when gp leaves
>be on third trial run
>caking agent used to hold shitty ice pack NH4NO3 together causes insane foaming in reaction flask
>decrease hot plate temperature
>suckback from loss of pressure pulls water from scrubber into flask with molten ammonium nitrate
>foam spills into rubber hose leading to scrubber flask
>forget that foam is liquid ammonium nitrate
>pressure blows stopper off the reaction flask
>liquid NH4NO3 sprays all over the garage
>sweet smelling smoke fills room

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I say don't. Save it, it's getting harder to come by. If you really want to dispose of it, prepare a fat wallet and look for hazardous waste disposal company near you. but there are all sorts of people I know who would kill for some to clean up and use for experiments.
What's his account?
>parents go away for weekend, have to stay at grandpa's
Are you 12?
>be me last year
Oh wow, haha. How did that happen? That's kind of embarassing. I don't know how you could move on from that.
>work in a really poor underfunded startup lab
>have to manufacture and jury rig lot of our equipment on site
>run out of epoxy one day
>lab mate says he has an extra tube at home
>brings it in the next day
>hard as a rock, all dried up
>try to use it anyway
>at one point, it stops squeezing out of the syringe
>decide to use an exacto knife to cut it open and scrape some out
>shit is so hard, the tip of the knife actually breaks off, causing the knife to run up and slice a massive gash into my thumb
>run around the lab dripping blood everywhere while my lab mates grab the first aid kit
Fun times. We were at like "200 days without an accident" before that incident, too.

File: 1500092939422.jpg (505 KB, 1085x1083)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
No physishits (also known as redditors) edition.
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[math]\mathbb{R}[/math] cannot be shown to be a set.
why not?
It can't be shown to be finite.
>infantile cartoon
>infantile cartoon
Subhuman redditors aren't welcome here.

File: asian.jpg (28 KB, 580x611)
28 KB
An asian friend of mine just me one of their elementary school questions...

>solve for shaded area

damn chinks man...
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Dude, this is not hard unless you are brainlet.
Problem that OP posted was not even collage matertial and its harder than some of the problems from your test.
>some of the problems
No shit sherlock, thats what I said. The issue is that 60% babby shit won't save you from the harder problems when there's no curve and 12ish questions.
No h2 is not the radius of the larger circle. h2 starts from the origin of the larger circle and ends at point C.
From what we got the correct answer was around 29,3.
Oh ok that's pretty interesting.
>>9118181 ayyyyy 29.276 ...
lost some accuracy along the way the first time
File: brainlet mornings.png (28 KB, 800x600)
28 KB
i just solved for the intersection then shove that shit into wolfram alpha

File: female sociopath.jpg (407 KB, 1500x2249)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Can women have psychopathy (or anti-social personality disorder) just like men?
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They don't feel empathy like a man does. They do thinks to make themselves feel better, so they feel like they are on a high horse, not to improve the lives of someone else.
File: 1496552508942.jpg (955 KB, 2452x2668)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
File: 1478558031071.jpg (481 KB, 3300x1840)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
it is natural for men like you to crave the validation of their existence and get depressed if they fail to feel relevant, responsible, dutiful.
The best way for a man to cater his need for approval is to serve some woman (and some of her children) through emotional&financial support, which he sees as ''a childish useless submissive woman'' [or whore and he feels betrayed by her]
Men are pleased to contribute to someone else life, to support their family.

Why women are a good way to feel relevant? Because women love to be provided for and each woman will always find a man ready to please her.
[for most men, the best feeling of feeling real is when the girl moans from your cock in her pussy, or for the most impotent, their tongue in the pussy]

THe problem for men is that they are disposable in the eyes of each woman, since all men wish to serve the few women who talk to them.
Men must thus invent several ways to please women, invention and creativity which strengthen their feeling of being worthy, relevant, in touch with reality.
Men are too impotent to find other way to feel real.
Once that the a woman replaces a man by another provider, the man gets very upset and depressed.
THis leads men to think that they are better than women, stronger, smarter and that they must built a life outside women. Some men manage to indeed built an empire, but they will always loose it for some women.
Women give meaning to men and betas, no matter how successful outside women, will always give up everything for some relationship with some woman who claim to fancy them.
Psychopathy and sociopathy are equally common in men and women alike

File: SPFSAE.jpg (17 KB, 250x320)
17 KB
I've just finished my first year of physics, and Serway's books, while the best of the bunch (Yuropoor here, so not many choices), I think weren't all that good. Info was ommited, tons of stuff were left up in the air and it had the most basic of examples, while having some darn hard exercises. Considering that classes were a waste of time, I found that it wasn't that useful a book if that's your only resource.

Am I just a brainlet or have others had similar experiences with his books?

File: tpsougou96-6_01.jpg (131 KB, 780x1118)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
For optimal children, should I better
>nofap until ovulation time, sending a larger population of spermatozoon, maximizing the chances of finding an ubermensch at the cost of also sending week old seeds?
>only shooting fresh ones, at the cost of risking to put all my eggs in a smaller basket?
you should aim to no fap, cum in her, then cum in her again in 20 minutes

that's a mix of old and new
Are you like ten years old?

File: a84jPZZ_700b.jpg (14 KB, 500x245)
14 KB
Math really isn't for everyone
Why do people keep trying to convince you it is though?

You make people waste their lives when giving such bullshit to other's
This, there is absolutly no reason a starbucks employee needs to know anyhing more than basic arithmetic.
what if he doesn't want to be a starbucks employee?

File: 99 (2).png (916 KB, 1023x529)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
If love is just electro-chemical reactions in our brains,

How can I rid myself of this "need for love"?

Do we need to socialize?
Can we live isolated lives without going crazy?

Asking for a friend.

What is consciousness, and when does it begin?
42 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Following that, one interpretation is that the brain and consciousness are indeed materialistic, but the explanation of which is simply beyond our cognitive function.

Horses are aware of stars, but unable to understand cosmological physics. So too would we be aware that *something* is going on, but incapable of expressing it in a meaningful way, or explaining it using our current toolset of language and cognition.
Following on again, here's a wild thought: Consciousness is a field, like everything else, and like the gravitational field is warped into "concentrated" points by mass, the consciousness field responds likewise to "complexity", by which I mean how the human brain is the most "complex" natural system in the universe, and """purely coincidentally""" is the source of the most advanced form of consciousness that we know of.

As brains go downwards in complexity, from humans to apes to dogs to mice to insects, so too does their consciousness (which inconveniently doesn't have any standard units, but I'll call them C here). Complexity forms chemically with energy input, no arguments there from the biologists I would think. It could even be thought of as self-sustaining resistance to entropy.

So there's really no upper bounds to C beyond biological limitations, like the square cube law that stops elephant-sized ants. Nor is there theoretically a lower bound, other than... Heat death? Consciousness upon death would therefore remain, but in a lower "standby" state, and would be distributed widely over space. Trees, even cyclones, would have more consciousness than a rock, but far less than any classically "conscious" being.

Very new age.
This almost emerges naturally for anyone who believes in evolutionary biology. It would seem weird for there to be a binary light-switch moment at which some poor ape-man suddenly snapped into consciousness. Similarly the journey from embryo, zygote, fetus, infant, toddler, child, adolescent, adult, to geriatric, and to death.

Cutely enough, although no hippiness intended, pic related is the best analogy for this journey of consciousness.
File: 1451188997665.jpg (103 KB, 620x365)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I really like the way you put it, like a more elegant chinese room experiment

I like the way you think. Perhaps because I've had similar ideas, but you expressed them in a better way

>All this seems a bit lovecraftian though. Reminds me of SCP-2718:
"I dared not speak of this at first. You'd never have let me out of containment. The truth is, I was aware of all of it. I suppose there was a sweet oblivion, like deep sleep, at first; but in retrospect, I think it was no more than a day. Slowly, but unmistakably, I reoccupied my corpse with dreamlike consciousness: numb for the first merciful hours, blind, deaf, and immobile, but then I seemed to reconnect to every nerve, and became aware of every sensation - moreso than I ever was in life. I perceived myself trapped within an immovable object, and the intensity of the struggle amplified: subtle, then acute, then racking. I cannot describe it completely - but imagine holding your breath, beyond urge, beyond pain, beyond desperation - head throbbing and eyes bulging - a dream of suffocation without end.

"My skin blistered and split in the sunlight; biting insects descended rapidly. I felt eggs hatch, larvae crawl, gases build and burst within me, individual cells rupturing, interstitial fluids souring and blackening. Somehow my capacity to experience and store these sensations grew - even as I was keenly aware of my cerebrum being scattered and devoured, my perception expanded, into the gizzards of birds and the depths of fire ant dens. I was aware of every fingernail and strand of hair that pulled away in the wind - and my sensation clung to them as they settled in the ocean and dissolved in the maws of a trillion diatoms.
"I don't understand it. The more bits of me there were, the larger my capacity for the perception of pain. As I decayed into pieces smaller than living nerves could possibly distinguish, the character of the discomfort changed - from burning and aching and breaking I might relate to you in human terms - to something worse that I cannot fully articulate: a terrible, maddening stretching of every part of myself from every other part. Humans often numb to chronic pains in life, do they not? Yet every year, every month, every second that passed - I swear it only intensified over time.

"In my previous life, I ruminated on Heaven and Hell, and the likelihood of my experiencing one, the other, or something in between. As terrible as I imagined the torpor of Heaven or the torments of Hell to be, this was entirely different from either. In Hell, at least, there would surely be a tormentor, some memory of my deeds, some sense of justice, even if my soul rejected its logic. I can imagine some comfort in Hell, for a mind such as mine.

"I do not think this is a punishment. I do not think it is caused. I deeply suspect it is simply our condition, our nature to go on this way, do you see? In all that time, I was certainly, absolutely, totally alone, and before long all memory of life had shriveled to a cinder, lost beneath my interminable anguish. Alive again, I suspect I cannot quite recall the worst of it - as if my living brain is too small for the experience.

"As Overseers, we witness, inflict, or endure great suffering. Yet what awaits us all is worse, the way an earache is worse than a bee sting, the way frostbite is worse than a burn. I was dead for eighteen years, and my misery eludes description. Dare we try to fathom the collective agony of legions of ancient dead?

File: images-72.jpg (24 KB, 384x384)
24 KB
Why is there so much interest in terraforming mars but comparitively little on utilising the same Earth sciences to geoengineer the Earth?

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