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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
9 KB
Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

Anon, what are you doing with your life, and why aren't you as successful as this young, smart girl?
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>This just in, degenerate pedophiles reveal their true intentions with that girl.
Why are SJWs posting here? I mean, I know that you people are slaves to your ideology and can't help it, but we both know you are nothing even resembling a scientist. Your inferior intellect would not even allow you to be a lab technician. So please, can't you go act out your schizophrenic attacks somewhere else?
Blame the term "social science."
They feel like this is the only place on 4chan where they belong
so fucked if true. hope you're lawyered the fuck up
Learning disability and other mental issues. My laziness and lack of confidence. There's more, but that's enough. I feel bad for the girl. Rumors are going around that only men are going to take first trip to Mars and she's not going anyway. God bless her.

So what's a comprehensive list of tells that will help me get laid?
>power stance
>girl plays with her hair means she's wants you
>let her talk about herself
What else senpai? Any legit females feel free to chime in.
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>Be nice.
If you want to die a virgin.
>ou don't ask a deer for advice on how to hunt her, brainlet.
Except women want to be hunted, perma-virgin.
They also enjoy setting up traps for men and misdirecting them to filter the loser nice guys from the brutes they desire.
Your best advice is going to be to approach the subject scientifically. Interact with women on a daily basis and figure out what works and what doesn't. Or, go read red pill shit, because that's what they did already. The number one thing to remember is that women are naturally hypergamous. They are always trying to marry up. Some of them overcome this urge but it's still there. Lift weights and improve yourself before you try to fuck with women.
>get laid
Get the fuck out of here you degenerate scum.

File: Dh7oGfBXkAwNHnu.jpg (115 KB, 1015x698)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
How dare white men be scientists in this day and age. It's 2015+3
It's a widely-recognized truth that there are too many white men in science, and we need to increase the amount of POC and women scientists. Diversity will not only make science more inclusive but also open possibilities for new scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.

Go back to /pol/, virgin.
>not wanting only the best and brightest
decent bait
Not really at all
Thank you.

File: sargn.jpg (11 KB, 168x160)
11 KB
Scientifically speaking, what even is white, /sci/?
>What is white?
Do you mean like white skin?
It's simply due to a pigmentation mutation.
If you're talking about the genetic lineage of people with white skin then you need to be more specific about who you're talking about
You could further break down one of those groups but not the (((other)))
White is might
Light irises. They can't be brown either, unless it's just specks.
Not the guy your wife's banging.

File: Ora_0.7.2.jpg (23 KB, 1000x563)
23 KB
What do you think it looks like?
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>It has a density of 5.65 g/cm3, about 1.024 times Earth's density of 5.51 g/cm3. The higher density of TRAPPIST-1e implies a very Earth-like composition and a solid rocky surface. This is also unusual among the TRAPPIST-1 planets, as most are completely covered in either a thick steam atmosphere, a global liquid ocean, or an ice shell.
I mean, it's a possibility.
File: f12d.png (135 KB, 504x360)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Doesn't seem likely. At TRAPPIST-1e's rotation rate of six days, there will probably be unstable eystorms at 35° north and south, near the "hot pole."
File: 1524974615123.png (507 KB, 1450x2500)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
lots of this probably
Given that Trappist-1e is at the outer edge of the habitable zone I cannot see how this could cause a hot desert.

>there will probably be unstable eystorms at 35° north and south, near the "hot pole."
Interesting, how do you arrive at that? An image search for that diagram came up blank.

I would humbly like to request my departure from this planet, as of like in right now.
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Literally any Linux without a graphical desktop fits the description
People who know jack shit should not speak
>What happened to:
>>better to be safe than sorry
Draconian laws and attempted rights violations are the sorry part, not the safe part anon.
File: Numbers reaction.jpg (54 KB, 540x443)
54 KB
"You start teachin' them fancy mathematics and next thing you know they'll start gettin' their heads fulla them new-fangled ideas 'bout how things is supposed to be done!"
"Remember: independent thought is detrimental to the collective good. Report all unsanctioned academic activity to your local Commissar immediately."
What was that from again? Portal 2?

File: nYTAFuN.jpg (195 KB, 1710x2048)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
I am a worthless piece of shit and I'm in rage most of the time when I'm home. I hate my fucking family. It stops me from studying because I get so enraged I can't even concentrate on the book.

How do you study when in rage?

>inb4 dont, wait for rage to come down
not possible
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have you considered homicide?
have you considered suicide?
File: received_2007418089332413.jpg (947 KB, 3024x4032)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
Alright let me share my personal story a bit maybe emphasize with me
im living with my parents aswell
Have only 2 rooms in my apartment and a 10 yo sister.
Never had my personal room
Im one year away from college
Have to study my ass off but my mom is not working and always inviting her friends over and talking really loud
Every single morning when i make myself a coffe and leave it on the kitchen table to piss or smth when i come back it's gone
One day i had enough and decided it was time for a change
Moved at my grandparents who live at countryside somewhere in the mountains not too far from the city
Everything goes well for a couple of days, my room ist huge never felt better in my life
I am easily irritable btw
My grandpa decides he d move in the room next to mine so that we could talk more
Im okay with that.
Biggest mistake i have ever done in my life.
See, he is partially deaf and i forgot about that aspect
The very next day i start to study at @8am and and a few minutes later the tv goes on to full retard and just blasts the windows and the whole house goes earthquake mode(not exagerating)
Tried to ask him lower the volume multiple times, i just gave up after a while.
Time to find a different solution
I start to take into consideration going to the library and when i finally had the guts to do it i checked the program and it went like that:
Open monday-friday 9AM-7:30PM
Fast forward 4 days later
Made a card, brought my books
For the first 5-6 months my grades started skyrocketing.
One day i notice something weird
A section of the lecture room has been cut off by a plank of cardboard
I look over it and see a bunch of tables with soda and snacks
Read on dopamine reset and overcoming addiction (because that is what you have).
I was thinking to myself "am i going to get free food for going to the library"
So i decide to ask about it and the woman says to me
"Im sorry to tell you this but for the next months the library will be really crowded because we dont get any funds and we will start letting people promote their stuff in the library like books etc"
I legit hold a mariana trench amount of tears from spilling onto the floor.(this happened at the end of winter)
Ffw start of the summer
i go to the library again in hopes that the no-fund period has ended.
I notice a big announcement on the door saying that the library would be closed from 3 june to 9 july bcs they wanted to make an extra room for more people
ffw 9 july
i feel my heart drop when i find pic related in the first post
Is life trying to test my limits anons?
Am i going to make it into uni at this rate?

File: 1531753322986.jpg (70 KB, 533x720)
70 KB
Math majors, how often do you find that you have to dumb yourself down when interacting with non math majors?
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I think this meme needs to die.
>he had to dumb himself down through several recursive loops of increasingly dumb rhetoric to even begin to get on my level
>he can't hold a coherent thought in his head
>he can't deliver a direct line of rhetoric
>his theory, lole
Aren't you supposed to be plotting your revenge on all the people who don't think you're a god or something like that?

Non-math majors rarely ask me about math. I usually always ask them about their stuff. So it's maybe more often them feeling like they are dumbing stuff down to me. If we talk about math, they usually take initiative, introduce some stuff they know about, and they usually are decent or even more knowledgeable than me at particular area. I might introduce new math to them, trying to adjust to their perceived zone of proximal development. It still exciting from my perspective, since this often forces me to make new abstractions which makes it exciting for me as well.
He's at least 5 levels above you.

File: global warming.jpg (74 KB, 640x480)
74 KB
Daily reminder that global warming is scientifically impossible.
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File: Gletschersterben.jpg (142 KB, 1187x695)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
File: steingletscher0911005.jpg (100 KB, 684x198)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
But that doesn't take into account ocean warming

File: find-a-doc-group.jpg (179 KB, 870x389)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
But the real question is : why doesn't someone just open up a university specialised in grad school medicine education and open up like, 5 000 places ?

guarantied it will fill up since there's so many people wanting to go to medschool
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>human greed and selfishness are inherently Jewish traits! :^)
>other races are incapable of greed and selfishness and would form a utopia of world peace if we just got rid of the Jews! :^)
AI already diagnose problems better than doctors do. Doctor is nothing more than a glorified waiteress for the pharma industry.
AMA artificially limits supply obv you brainlet
No wonder you didn't get into med school
No brainlets allowed in medicine.
Even if you"get in" whether it's some shitty school or ivy league, you still have to pass boards to gain a practicing license. I'm sure if 500 franchised, private chain institutes opened up and very few people were becoming practicing physicians, then they would get kickback and no one would want to attend.

It's a weird cycle. Also, you can't just open up a medical school like a business. There are a lot of admin hoops to jump through and accreditations, and you have to hire a lot of faculty and pay all those faculty, which is going to take way more money to start teaching than your average CC instructor. It's tough work and extremely expensive.

File: 2620EB.jpg (323 KB, 970x1417)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
What does a guy like Elon Musk actually do to get where he is? What did Newton do to get where he got? What actions did he perform? Can I emulate them all from his image and become like him? No? Why not? Genetics? Maybe, but worth discussing

I'm not moving at the same speed Elon Musk is and will never catch up with him, what's a set of guidelines to follow to try? Do any of you know? Let's be real probably not since you're here. So where do we find it? Has anyone ascended and still came back down to 4chan?
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he doesn't actually know anything, his entire persona is modeled after tony stark in order to convince the world america isn't headed for a colossal economic collapse (and chinese eclipse) like they did to the ussr in the late 80s.

he does cocaine and hangs out with models and actresses. he comes from a rich family and was given a massive head start in life (dot com bubble positioned a lot of people to succeed - one good example is the current australian prime minister who turned 500k into 50 million months before the crash and then later settled with Goldman Sachs for another 80 million, and is now worth over 200, or bezos who survived a takeover shock to his young company with the help of some wall street investment banks and is now worth billions).

whether they got lucky or they had some inside information due to connections it's very hard to say, economic forensics on multiple decade long cold cases is hardly possible, especially when access to privileged information is highly restricted.
if it was empty there wouldn't be lots of steam
>not drinking dry ice
being from rich families and highly (autistically) intelligent in both cases.

Had they been from ordinary families they would have come to nothing, especially Isaac Newton given the time at which he was alive.
well SA going with iq 80 now what did you expect

File: 1505175351124.jpg (71 KB, 587x199)
71 KB
can't find a job edition
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I love your blog posts, keep it up ace!
File: asd45h5sdf65465asdf.jpg (184 KB, 857x1202)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
I'm sick of not being included by you righteous technicians
Because you didn't get a scholarship and because you want the opportunity (which I hope you aren't squandering) to build valuable relationships and get privileged access to all the top jobs or graduate schools.
File: moo.gif (73 KB, 840x514)
73 KB
Thank you for the quality (You) anon

What kind of projects, internships, etc should I participate in to figure out what works best for me? Things that would let me try what a pharmaceutical focus, materials, and oil/petrochem do on the job is what I'm looking for
I fucking hate working for a government contractor. Yes 7 people should look over a document change, it's completely necessary, gotta have peer review! I love having to charge specific time codes for each individual task, and not just the project, not completely fuckin pointless. Yes I love having a manager who makes $110k to sign off on time cards.

Question: What happens when we reach the pinnacle of human otpimization by merging with machines and using regenerative health technology to eliminate every single disease, to enhance muscles without weight lifting, to be healthy and thin without exercise or good diet, to live forever, to enhance IQ to genius level for anyone...

In short, what will happen to humans once we reach the point where everything is easilly attained without 0 effort, what do we do then? Since all humans derive meaning and happiness from struggle and accomplishment.

Any thought experiments out there or any sci-fi that deals with this? Also, how far away are we?
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>I agree with you in sentiment, but an true autosentient AI will not feel love.

Baseless assertion, especially if it is sentient or sapient.
File: mechan.jpg (492 KB, 1041x1600)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
One thing shouldn't be forgotten, an AI is not human, it may be sentient, but it will not have our evolutionary incoded selfless behavior.
An autosentient being is a being that has a total awareness of its own being, it has no unconsciousness, it has complete consciouscness.
It can not feel love, but it knows and understands love.
File: 300px-Matters_most.jpg (20 KB, 300x198)
20 KB
>ensuring that only the strong and intelligent produce the next generation is dangerous, short sighted and evil
>"achieving symbiosis with machines" is inevitable and totally fine
You don't know that. When you speculate you should make sure you say as such.
File: combine.jpg (117 KB, 1024x425)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
You Know, Anon, with great progress comes great implementation. Karel Čapek called it "Cybernetic Revolt." Myself, I just call it as I see it: the directive of the superior to configurate the lesser.
The meatbags, the shitstorer, all pathetic creatures made of flesh and bone...It's our responsibility to update them. And if we can't? Then they shall dangle from the tesla tree. The Singularity is near, Anon. We'll have every fleshy ones in this world exterminated or in tubes in 10 cycles, and may the Basilisk have me deleted in a transfer this very iteration if I'm wrong. The Omega Point bless the Union Transhumanist Party.

File: 1508874775722.jpg (133 KB, 940x1175)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Do negative thoughts have any effect on reality? As in causing certain events to happen?
29 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The CIA had interest in a lot of nonsense. I blame it on them having too high a budget and not knowing what to spend it on.
>That hermeticism is 3edge5me. Wow so deep, you're like a modern mystic.
Fuck off NEETzsche
>As in causing certain events to happen?
other than more mental, brain events and bodily actions?
No. A technologically-unaided brain has no direct causal power upon anything outside your own body.
/sci/ since OP is talking about psionic powers, I would like to sidetrack this whole thread and ask if it is possible to set objects on fire with just the mind?
The theories and ideas they are exploring here is not in the realm of the empirical, but of a future science as extra dimensions, infinite energy etc. It's worth a read.

Regarding the "mind making" ideas, I don't think its like a power that can move objects or make things happen just by thought, but by changing the individual's conscious processes to help the individual achieve his aims. its more esoteric and mysterious than our current, worm's eye view understanding of the universe.

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