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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

I know /sci/ prides itself on not being /x/...
all that aside, What conspiracy theories does /sci/ think could be semi-plausible? Provide credible evidence where possible. Just curious.
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Conspiracy theories are a conspiracy.

Actually, seriously, there's FOIA documents and Church Committee minutes recording incidents of COINTELPRO operations literally brainstorming conspiracy theories and tossing a ton of them into the media to muddy the waters as to what is really going on. They also have political advantages, if you spin the story proper - make some politician look as though he's in on the globalist conspiracy and the like.

I suspect a lot of these conspiracy theories are astroturf, rather than grass roots. Granted, it's almost impossible to tell which is which, as intended, and there's just enough that turn out to be real to lend credit to any one of them, almost regardless of how outrageous. But when you see a ton of different conspiracy theories suddenly surrounding a single event before it's even had time to circulate, it gets rather suspicious. There's plenty of evidence (also uncovered by FOIA) that points to the fact that the operation never really ended.

Still not as fun as the incidents of the FBI and CIA producing fake porn to discredit targets though (tfw you missed out on being a government funded porn star.)
File: mqdefault (2).jpg (15 KB, 320x180)
15 KB
This... Leak the true conspiracy story to Alex Jones - he'll scream it out at the top of his lungs, and no one will believe it - because it's fucking Alex Jones.
the economic arguments are a canard anyway. the real impact of mass immigration is the destruction of civic capital concomitant with breaking up established communities. luckily bannon and trump understand this.
>breaking up established communities
Maybe you have that problem in Europe, but here in the US, we already have our racially designated ghettos.

I mean, occasionally you get white flight, but that's not because of the immigrants, that's because the white jobs left, and the immigrants move into the resulting reduced price housing.

Not that they don't cause other problems...

>I mean, occasionally you get white flight, but that's not because of the immigrants, that's because the white jobs left, and the immigrants move into the resulting reduced price housing.

you're getting the causal arrow backwards. white jobs left because white people left. white people left because they did not want to be murdered, or have their houses robbed or their wives raped

>I'm an INTP
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>be INFP
>be existential nihilist

At first I felt like these should be mutually exclusive, but they're not.
ISTP reporting in, ready for people to say that I will kill myself

I think this stuff is about as accurate as astrology. Maybe a tiiiny bit more accurate, but barely.

I've taken these tests before and gotten lots of different combinations. Perhaps it's more of an indication of how you're feeling when you take the test.
It's just another test that assumes humans are incapable of adapting to their environmental stresses. Purely pseudoscientific nonsense.

File: maki.jpg (46 KB, 288x358)
46 KB
Why is the moon landing questioned? What would be the reason to fake it? Not even the soviets question it.
america has a bad educational system, and much of the country is 3rd world tier. spacefaring technology is withcraft and heresy to a large portion of the population, op
Contrarianism. Hop over to /tv/ and you'll understand the sort of person that does this.
>Why is the moon landing questioned?
because the van allen belt is too radioactive for a human to survive going through

>What would be the reason to fake it?
to control the good goyims
I think /tv/ has to be the worst board here. Not only are they contrarian douche bags but they unironically embrace the "le smart but lazy maymay"

File: death.jpg (24 KB, 460x276)
24 KB
What do you think happen after we die ?
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What caused the idea of qualia? The answer to this question either proves or disproves the whole idea, so perfect mechanical knowledge of the brain will end the debate.
>What caused the idea of qualia? The answer to this question either proves or disproves the whole idea, so perfect mechanical knowledge of the brain will end the debate.
It won't moron.
You still can't explain the redness.

I'm not sure what happens immediately after we die, but I do know eventually God receives us one way or another.

So it's a good idea to get to know a bit about Him before you go. It could be right, right? It's worth looking into. I would pray to God about Jesus and give it a shot.
The afterlife has been proven. There are extensive studies on near death experiences.
>why do we need to be conscious and aware of the issue before it will take action and fix itself

This is still fallacious though. A depressed patient doesn't need to be aware of his depression before he gets better. It may just improve with time since issues like this are often episodic.

I don't think any psychologist worth their salt would tell a patient that they need to just "will" their way out of being sick either.

Being generous with this argument, you could say that a patient may need to relearn how to cope with life in healthier ways. This is just attempting to recondition your brain. It's not something that necessitates an understanding of the issue from the patient's POV anymore than a recruit undergoing training needs to understand the logic behind everything they're being told to do. In a lot of cases the idea is that they don't understand so they're more malleable and easier to brainwash into following orders without thought as to whether or not they really should.

File: 1435982894473.jpg (68 KB, 700x700)
68 KB
>major in physics
>think i'm going to learn about the mysteries of the universe and shit
>just finished writing 20 page lab report about the friction of a fucking tennis ball
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That's because you're still in the introductory sequence you dumb faggots.
We learn Mathematica, and C for numerical analysis and Prolog for computer logic.

You have to learn the basics first. learning classical mechs is super important in order to be able to move on to the cooler shit.

You can't learn proofs until you know how to add and subtract. Same thing applies to phys.

But besides that. If you want to be someone who goes on to do string theory, you have to be top dog. Overwhelming amount of phys majors won't go on to do hawkings, faraday, or einstein level shit. The best they can hope for is to land a job where they teach the findings of other people, never being able to go off an do their own research.
>grouping hawking with faraday and einstein

what a popsci faggot you are.

File: 1-Mars-NASA.jpg (81 KB, 800x327)
81 KB
It gets to -73 Celsius at night at the *equator.*


It would be more viable to colonize the South Pole of Earth, but no one is going to do that because it's stupid. Surface structures like greenhouses are fantasy.
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>America colonized Saudi Arabia
It didn't. What the hell are you trying to say?
if untreated you can die from shock in hours with a very high dose

it's almost like getting hit with billions and billions of tiny pieces of birdshot
>some moron looked up one thing about mars and thinks he figured out something nobody has taken into consideration ever

like as if elon musk is going to see this thread and go "holy shit, we didn't even THINK of that! Fuck!"

fuck off OP you dumb faggot retard
no shit dumb fuck. a high enough dose of literally anything will kill you. radiation isn't nearly as dangerous as you retards perceive. talk to a medical physicist and they could explain it pretty easily how not dangerous gamma rays in the doses we are exposed to on earth, in medical imaging like CT scans, and on some mission to Mars is peanuts to something like being in the middle of a fucking nuclear reactor melt down or an atom bomb going off.
OP's right you know..

File: chalmers.jpg (90 KB, 828x712)
90 KB
What is /sci/'s response to the hard problem of consciousness? Why is there something "that it is like" to be a brain? Why doesn't all the data processing go on "in the dark", without the phenomenal experience? Do you see a big explanatory gap between function and experience here?


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File: 1486504738274.jpg (14 KB, 323x250)
14 KB
What did he mean by this?
No. Psychology and philosophy aren't science. Back to >>>/x/ you go, wandering /b/tard.
And if you tried to pass this "hard problem of consciousness" off as being a question of physics, mathematics or biology then it's a non-problem(so this board shouldn't exist). And if you try to claim that this is a topic reguarding some as-of-yet not understood sp00ky quantum skeleton physics that you think are science tier and not /x/ tier then you're wrong.
>some as-of-yet not understood sp00ky quantum skeleton physics
Yeah, but, who said that, and when? What?

When does Philosophy, as it is today, stand in for Neurology? When do the fields of Psychology and Neurology become the same thing? Why isn't Psychology a science?

It's very, very apparent that Philosophy and Psychology aren't of the same ilk that Neurology belongs to, exactly. There's probably a good reason why the "soft/hard" science divide exists. But I can't help but feel like there's something wrong about outright dismissing "soft" science, especially when aspects of said science isn't as cockamamie as
>some as-of-yet not understood sp00ky quantum skeleton physics

What's Linguistics to you, anon? Dookie?
>There's probably a good reason why the "soft/hard" science divide exists.
Indeed, one is science and the other pseudoscience thus comparable to:
>some as-of-yet not understood sp00ky quantum skeleton physics

File: 1487576910814.png (354 KB, 594x593)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
[math]\pi \epsilon \nu \iota \varsigma[/math]
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you have to learn it somewhere
[eqn]\rm {{\color{red}A}^{\displaystyle \color{yellow}u}}_{\displaystyle \color{green}t} \color{cyan}i {}^{\displaystyle \color{blue}s} \color{magenta}m[/eqn]
Where can I learn Latex?
how do you do unicode?

File: IMG_0996.jpg (40 KB, 260x335)
40 KB
Mathsfag here, will reading this book give me the skills required to do electronics as a hobby?
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it's probably the best book for that
thats kinda vague. what kinda circuits? just get a breadboard and some components, pick a project and start fucking around. make a 4-bit adder with switch inputs and LED output
Yeah I don't know how to do any of that stuff, so I'm not sure how to begin
if you want to learn digital circuits, start with a class like this and do the homework and labs. you will have to buy some parts for the labs but they are pretty cheap

What >>8703723 listed is a great start, the first is getting your feet wet whereas Sedra/Smith is an overall book for transistor theory and some digital logic applications for transistors

File: random force diagram.png (20 KB, 585x302)
20 KB
What programs does /sci/ like to use for making figures/cartoons for papers and presentations?
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This. Altho Gimp is ok.
ascii art
File: Bow_shock.png (25 KB, 425x409)
25 KB

Inkscape Buddy

>Fig [1] related
GIMP is literal garbage


95% of the students from my uni write the conclusion paper (don't know how you call it in english) just because they must do it to finish the course, doing as little work as possible.

I still have two years to conclude my chem degree and I plan to invest a lot of time on it and really try to do a good job. Then I ask /sci/, is it possible to write an useful conclusion paper? I don't want to get a nobel prize for it but would be nice to do something other people could use.

>btw theme will be food or green chemistry.
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>water waste, food waste
biogas reactor
I was thinking about home level and not industry/lab. I would like to write something that can be reproduced using simple equipments. This way I don't need to do something overcomplicated (I'm undergrad) and simple people can access and use the text. Don't know how it works in USA but my uni is public so anyone has access to undergraduates thesis.
Good idea.

Common situations in my country:

>tons of food wasted while hobos supposedly starve
>what is environment?
>people trying to steal wherever an opportunity appears
>overuse of any chemical, even medicine
>crop rotation is alien concept
>stealing nearby land is easier than rotating crop
>organic and green fertilizer is for fags, fuck nature
>marketing and logistics are alien concept for the small producer so they just waste like 50% of production
>no responsibility for anything unless the law orders to you

Maybe I can get a bunch of published project, plug them and write about using this to teach people.

You're South American aren't you?
Same deal in Australia, we just call it a minor thesis.

File: k.jpg (15 KB, 241x275)
15 KB
Graduate student Harriet Hungate took Kaczynski’s topology class. He impressed her.

“He was this young guy, tall and good looking, and had all the outward manifestations of someone who would be very sociable,” she said.

Hungate needed someone to talk to. She was in crisis, thinking of dropping out, “hanging in there by the skin of my teeth.”

She went to Kaczynski’s office for a conference. She asked questions about the course, but then her emotions took over. She spilled out her fears and doubts, looking to her professor for warmth and reassurance.

His response chilled her. Kaczynski didn’t acknowledge she had spoken.

“There was no reaction at all,” Hungate said. “Usually there’s a person in there who responds to what is said, but I looked in his eyes, and I saw no person there.”
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same, linear algebra. She was so fucking cute. There are quite a few Russians in my dept, not enough qts tho
He's anti-technology and anti-power he believed an anti-left stance was just a means to an end. There is nothing stopping him from being anti-right too.

In the end he's anarcho-primitivist and that is classically a leftist ideology. His anti-leftist stance was a reaction to leading leftist ideologies combined with his belief that technology and power were the means of leading leftist ideals. A hippy commune of anarcho-primitivist is more likely to identify as left since taking a violent reactionary stance is fairly uncommon.

if you'd actually read his manifesto you would know he shit on leftists explicitly
only leftist use this word and they cannot even tell what is behind it
File: memer.png (11 KB, 313x188)
11 KB

Kaczynski math-compiling-fag here,

I wish to state for the record that this thread has finally led me to fully investigate the context of a humorous footnote, made in some other paper. I had been wondering about it for a while.

-an image (pic related) has floated around the internet, and apparently now that I look is on the hated Reddit, a subject of discussion there. The point of the image is that someone is actually citing Kaczynski's work and is drily minimizing/calling attention to his other work.

-googling the right phrases with the key FOOTNOTE returns a blurb at now-irrelevant (blessedly, thanks to Trump's win) conservative magazine National Review. Political commentator and popsci math book author (but really, they're pretty good) John Derbyshire used to be a regular contributor there, until he was forced out due to having written a sensible yet politically incorrect piece of advice.


So there turn out to be two associated papers: the thing citing Kaczynski, and Kaczynski's older paper (note) itself. The big important point about this older Kaczynski paper is that it is NOT mentioned at the popular Kaczynski mathematical bibliography, which is HERE


The point being that there are other professional publications due to Kaczynski which I was previously unaware of! Moreover, it looks like my old college library has the stuff on physical file (there are kike paywalls / uniwalls associated with the online content), so I see a field trip coming up: get this other work of Kaczynski.

The paper CITING Kaczynski, source of the minor meme, is here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anyone here go from being a bad student to being a good student?
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Glad to see I'm not only one hating biostats
I went from being a B student to a A/B student once I hit rock bottom and my dream college denied my application for their Chem eng program. Nothing is as good a motivator as seeing your dreams slip your grasp because you're a piece of shit.
Transfer to community college and retake the classes.
Yes, whenever I come out of an episode of depression
Why do you hate mechE?
t. Concerned mechE fresher

Man made climate change is a farce. Intelligent people have known this for a long time.

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>implying that CO2 isn't transparent to the Sun's radiation spectrum and opaque to Earth's blackbody radation

nobody cares that you're too stupid and annoying to learn anything. fuck off already
I bet your post /really/ made a difference. I bet calling him stupid and telling him to f-off really made him think.

Or maybe, just posting insults with no substance is a waste of only your time.
Pretty hard to say something of substance to OP when he posted nothing of substance.
>Literally a climate scientist
>Read shit like this every day
>Drink alcohol every day
>Correlation is not causation....

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