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10021194For people to have any hope in colonizing mars and sustaining life on mars if earth is ever destroye…[View]
10022502Fishy business: Yo /sci/, which is the best and more current reference book for aquaculture (trout, …[View]
10022517Ok, I try to be as rational as I possibly can at all times, but how the fuck do I look at quantum en…[View]
10021307Hey nerds, /lit/fag here. I want to write a mathematician character but remembered I can't into…[View]
10022569Why aren't more cells tetrahedrons if they have the highest surface area to volume ratio?[View]
10022175I could spend my whole life Good Will Hunting, only good gon come is good when I'm cumming.[View]
10022747What causes fetishes or disgusting kinks? Why does the brain choose to associate some very strange t…[View]
10019703When did you realize that even if we were to see ayys, we wouldn't acknowledge them as living b…[View]
10021033CERN rapper: sorry, i just have to repost this. he's fucking sick. he raps about dark matter an…[View]
10018976daily reminder that pseudosciences like flat earth and climate change are the 'circenses' part in pa…[View]
10021965Morning, fellas, i want to ask you a question — what do you think of khan academy? Can you recommend…[View]
10000813>bfr is only 2 years awa- >complete design change yet again Why? It's literally just a me…[View]
10022665Can I make a computer out of citrus trees? The limonene could act as a binary switcher.[View]
10022345In what way would physics have to change to make double jumps a thing? And what would be the implica…[View]
10010611FLY ME TO THE MOON: New thread for discussion of the SpaceX moon mission. Live feed is now active: h…[View]
10021142Do you think game theory is aesthetic?[View]
10019198How would /sci/ set up an industry in space? Orbit? Or on the moon?[View]
10020183Name one distinctively human characteristic. Animals have emotions Animals have conciousness Animals…[View]
10019092Cryptography: I want to get into cryptography, can you, guys, recommend some books or smth like that…[View]
10022377New Science Podcast: New Science Podcast, A new habitable planet in the milky way galaxy as well as …[View]
10022176Mechanical engineering: Features of a reattaching turbulent shear layer in divergent channelflow D. …[View]
10022292Engineering Professors: How come they are by far the worst Professors in STEM when it comes to actua…[View]
10019513Colloidal gold supplement: What is this colloidal gold supplementation nonsense? Is this perhaps the…[View]
10022270Comfy Lectures: Post Comfy Lectures Here's one on complex analysis https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
10018983anyone ever studied with the open uni? what was your experience?[View]
10021911I'm trying to understand this problem. Can you explain why there is no possible one-to-one corr…[View]
10019633DUNE thread: ITT talk about DUNE first of all, great experiment, very cool. second of all, WTF ferm…[View]
10016002>be me >Lazy fuck >Jizz myself trough High School/Abitur >Decide to study math >Didn…[View]
10022070What would make a car go uphill when the engine is off? Have video if you don't believe me.[View]
10018238HOW TO INCREASE IQ: >Exercise, sleep well, eat nutritious food, and drink a lot of water >Reac…[View]
10021536How many of the famous scientists throughout history stole credit for their work from someone or som…[View]
10010551>the speed limit of light is the tick-rate of the universe simulation How do you respond to simul…[View]
10020549Artificial Intelligence: The Common Sense Problem - How close are we at solving this?: Hubert Dreyfu…[View]
10021186Rieman hypothesis hype thread. Will it get proven?? Did the old fart finally go insane???? What will…[View]
10021726How do I ensure my progeny won't be brainlets? I'm really good at math and english. I woul…[View]
10018739Can the SLS fill a niche in the face of Space X?: Can it be redesigned into something better? It see…[View]
10019723Anyone know any good logic/math puzzle writers? I have a bunch of books by Martin Gardner and Raymon…[View]
10020021Who knew, rats can be racist. Interesting study. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofpZoqD1_X0[View]
10021591guys my life is turning shit and i need to concentrate in learning something, i have knowledge in ma…[View]
10018024can science explain what is seen here in the reflection of this mans ipad? There is a thread on >…[View]
10021788maths: 2x^3 + 8xy - 2y^2 = 3 gotta solve for y i divided out 2 and i think i needa move the 2y^2 to …[View]
10021783At what point did plants and animals separate and why?[View]
10013453Biology is not a real science: Biology is psuedoscience at best. There's no jobs for biologists…[View]
10021614You realise that curved spacetime essentially means that anything with mass is actually a plane if y…[View]
10021301>be me >go on 4chan >create fake greentext >this is it >mfw I just created a paradox …[View]
10021592Why are children with old parents more likely to have autism?: Is it because the sperm is weaker(spo…[View]
10019158I COME IN PEACE: Hey sci, what do you think is the route to build a perfect country. Or improving a …[View]
10020384Starter Pokémon of Science: I consider maths, physics and chemistry the three starter Pokémon of sci…[View]
10018340Is chess /sci/ approved? And when will it be solved?[View]
10019317Linear Algebra Text: What's your favorite Linear Algebra text? I'm working through Aposto…[View]
10020394Would books such as these still be useful today?: Long story short I was at an old bookstore and I f…[View]
10021439>this question is optional but talented and smart students will easily be able to solve this Why …[View]
10020266I'm struggling with Calculus II: I aced a Calculus I test, but I'm struggling with Calc II…[View]
10018593What's the evolutionary purpose of women being able to cum as many times and as often as they w…[View]
10020642Is the smell of our farts partly genetic? Would someone be stuck with bad smelly gas for the rest of…[View]
10018003Should I go vegan just because my country refuses to test cattle for prions? How worried should we b…[View]
10021369Breast and buttocks size in women psychology: Yes it is a science as soft as melted butter and inclu…[View]
10020546What cant a pharmacist be replaced by a dispenser or robot: psuedocode clientdrugsarray =['x…[View]
10018299To those who had done IQ test: So there are questions to those who had done IQ test. I have heard th…[View]
10019065What is Aging?[View]
10018459Hey, some physics and educational questions if you guys dont mind. How well should someone who has b…[View]
10017501I just failed a Calc 3 test with a 64 because I got a single problem worth 25 points wrong. How do I…[View]
10010248Who is the smartest man alive right now? Is Newton the smartest person who ever lived in spite of th…[View]
10020946im watching the tree of life and during the universe/solar system/earth creation scene, theres a sho…[View]
10018634:test() :prgm :Inputstr 'm/s',ms :inputstr 'kg',kg disp ((ms*kg)^2)/2 :endprgm >why does this giv…[View]
10020196How possible would pic related be? Could that thing really do that?[View]
10020869Scientists who deserve a movie about them. >Wallace >Was born poor >Traveled the world coll…[View]
9999214Space Elevator: Can we have a lunar space elevator?[View]
10018781Was the big bang an example of vacuum decay?[View]
10020646Do you need to have long hair to be a great scientist? What is the science behind long hair allowing…[View]
10021905d-does long term depression really cause permanent brain damage?[View]
10015871Can scientific data be 'tainted' by the means in which it was required? Though I use Dr. Mengele as…[View]
10019980Seratonin and Melatonin - Strange feeling of the shift?: Neurofags I have something theorized becaus…[View]
10020238What diseases can you get from fucking animals? Asking for a friend.[View]
10020692Anyone else hyped for this? A L I E N S >inb4 /x/ Ahhh fuck y'all I fantasize about ayys bef…[View]
10019893How to stop getting raped by Control Systems course?: How to make it stop?[View]
10019951Post the ultimate final pill so I can red pill the snowflakes on facebook.[View]
10019824>When my daughter turned 15 months old, I took perverse pleasure in telling people she was “1.25.…[View]
10018808Can ESD Bags protect their content from EMP?[View]
10020458Hey guys what would you say are the most important theorems in real analysis?[View]
10020245How the fuck am I supposed to study when I know for a fact that this is all worthless, I'm goin…[View]
10020286>he watches thunderf00t[View]
10016158Can you solve the unabomber's math trick? (described on lower half of the page).[View]
10019891Has anybody read this book?: I bought the newest edition couple a week's ago. Apparently econom…[View]
10018065Future warfare?: It would certainly not be armoured guys shooting and cutting each other with chains…[View]
10019916Which is the best way to get a PhD (PAID) position? I've found not funded PhD positions, some …[View]
10018141Integration: This thread is for posting nice antiderivatives. Cool properties of definite or indefin…[View]
10019467Is data science a meme or is it actually fun? I'm trying to figure out if I should go with a ma…[View]
10018325Now that the dust has settled, what's the /sci/dict on the EM Drive?[View]
10016961>people who speak as if evolution has some kind of consciousness with a purpose in mind…[View]
10019784How much of modern science research is funded privately, and how much is funded publicly? Do the foc…[View]
10016783spring water: i've always believed in 'artesian' water and that the rocks somehow filter our wa…[View]
10020094what are some not-shit ways to get a good grip of the values, distributions, and patterns in a datas…[View]
10015762I hereby propose a new unit of risk, the Microcoitus: [...], defined as a one-in-a-million chance of…[View]
10017096Sci autism thread: >H-hey anon can you help me with this problem? >*glances over autistically*…[View]
10017899What is going on with IBD Medicine?: Crohns and colitis incidence is rising markedly yet the therape…[View]
10014463What if this was used on the moon?: https://vimeo.com/25401444 A machine based off of this could pro…[View]
10013586did I used to be smart?: I have a neuro-degenerative disease and I am studying biology, and chemistr…[View]
10019866How are neutrophils that are unable to kill ingested microbes destroyed?: During an inflammatory rea…[View]
10018601I want to study electrical or maybe chemical engineering but for the first year I have to do a gener…[View]
10018887How do people become their PhDs, advance their fields and then become quacks?[View]
10018713Softening water in an apartment?: Need your help /sci/guys. See this thread for more details: >…[View]
10006539/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Copying the previous OP edition: This thread is for questions that …[View]
10019687How true is the statement if you live 30 years you will end up living 1000? or is it just absolute s…[View]
10019721ABC is to XYZ as ABD is to XYA, then AMB is to ZNY as FRG is to ___?[View]
10019594Physics: Hi /sci/ I'm a physics student (year and a half right now) and I want to work in somet…[View]
10018623failed theories: one thing scientists rarely study is the big chunk of science that _didn't_ wo…[View]
10013611Obviously the human body is not made to be very tiny. You try to copy and paste a human except make …[View]
10019512Should Punjabi be written in the Cyrillic/Latin script: because the peso-Arabic script does not work…[View]
10019465>changes colors[View]
10019452>All human populations are equal When will this meme end?[View]
10018423how the fuck do you do formal proofs well: >3rd year cs >still shit at proofs >mfw getting…[View]
100183485! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120 3! = 3*2*1 = 6 2! = 2*1 = 2 1! = 1 0! =1 ????[View]
10017867Peter Scholze BTFO Mochizuki: >In a report posted online today, Peter Scholze of the University o…[View]
10020543So a friend calls me over because he is going out with '3' fucking girls. I'm like 'alright man…[View]
10019435Riddle me this, brainiacs: If there exists a sodium content greater than zero that is some non-zero …[View]
10018388why planet not form in asteroid belt[View]
10019355Would you rather see a friendly, albeit inexperienced doctor, or a serious but really smart one?[View]
10014674Hydrogen vs Batteries: What are the trucks of the future going to be powered with?[View]
10019307Which way would you choose that limits the effect on others? https://www.goliath.com/tech/8-ways-hum…[View]
10017884What is a good science experiment for highschool which has not been overused and teachers will eat u…[View]
10017860What do you guys think about Skillshare? I signed up a while ago for shits and giggles and got a yea…[View]
10018642A copper disc the size of a pizza is lying in the California Death Valley on a 45 degree Celsius day…[View]
10019070Holy fug btw he's a fields medallist and not some crank[View]
10018947why do footfags exist?[View]
10015446Is academic/STEM success just a compensation for the lack of athletic/social dynamic success?[View]
10019249MED FAG MATH: How long does it on average take for ferritin saturation to rise to the normal of 15-4…[View]
10018315>Asian >When the professor says something and that he won't repeat it >Raises hand …[View]
10014754For those who reject the idea of dualism for explaining qualia, are you personally rejecting the ide…[View]
10016901National Solar Observatory - New Mexico: Mmmm...[View]
10016949If addiction is categorised as a disease why isn't discipline or abstinence categorised as medi…[View]
10019079Factoring Player Haters General - /FPHG/: omg you know i enjoy expanding equations, I love numbers …[View]
10018916empiricism: we created lasers, transistors, and liquid crystals and nukes nobody else compares…[View]
10017601BRUH *sweating visibly* WHAT IF *licks lips* N EQUALS 1 ????????????????????[View]
10019035ITT Reasons CS is not a science: CS consists of multiple languages which constantly become outdated …[View]
10006135Why does the universe exist?[View]
10018970Can you turn a flettner rotor into a desk fan?: how big would it be, and how noisy?[View]
10016110LADS, imagine how stupid you would have be to send people with no knowledge in science to the mo- oh…[View]
10018955Is there any distinction between the edge of the universe and a negative-size black hole getting clo…[View]
10016318NPC thought experiment: let's say we make contact with an extraterrestrial life form that has v…[View]
10018925Bubblecup: Anyone else here at bubblecup in Belgrade?[View]
10018779this dude: this guy is sick; look at his lyrics: >They're trying to tell me that science is …[View]
10018317Is over?: 'Mochizuki sees things very differently. In his view, Scholze and Stix’s criticism stems f…[View]
10018391'Boutta have my Associate of Science in (((genereal studies))) why am i so fucked[View]
10018641how to stop watching porn and study math?[View]
10012459Is this statement scientifically accurate?[View]
10017518>Are you donating your body to science after you die? >No, In case I need my body parts afterw…[View]
10016820Will a CT scan give me cancer? I need a scan of my spine and am MRI is unavailable. Been in pain for…[View]
10018613How does one extract work from the pressure of vacuum?[View]
10018600Pollution: How long do you think it'll be before pollution affects the air we breathe so bad th…[View]
10014951The biggest scam in America.[View]
10016946What would happen if >we flooded the sahara with sea water?[View]
10014422I'm a double lung transplant: This article says they created a pigs lungs then transplanted the…[View]
10018556Let's hypothetically say you know someone who'mst've recently graduated undergrad, is…[View]
10017896I was homeschooled from 4th grade grade to 8th grade then joined high school for 9th+. I barely lear…[View]
10018513Where can I talk about dragons? 780382414[View]
10016373Requests for assistance to save mankind's life with good and clean energy: Dear Sires, Hello, I…[View]
10018426Why do we yawn?[View]
10016409JBP thinks he's a scientist. What does sci think?[View]
10015197Generations: Do you guys think that the next generations are fucked because of previous generations …[View]
10016072Mandatory Science/History Youtube Video Thread: Post em and discuss! How far away is it? https://www…[View]
10018379Should everything be OK to research?: I'm just interested to know whether there are areas of st…[View]
10014190common core: wtf are they teaching kids nowadays back in my day we were taught REAL, PURE math. no d…[View]
10017349Books about scientists: Do you know any good books about great scientists and their work? My anorga…[View]
10017188from horse-drawn carriage to interstellar craft in just a hundred years: how did we make that leap?…[View]
10018244Poison dart frog: I am looking to start a biome and have some poison dart frogs and have no idea wha…[View]
10004754What are the top problems modern medicine hasn't solved yet?[View]
10007892Humans should genemod ourselves to be like birds of prey: >naturally monogamous >matriarchal …[View]
10017537van der waals equation: i know its a long shot, but if someone here knows the derivation, or a sourc…[View]
10017204I'm starting to think that dreams are literally just your own thoughts. The only thing that hap…[View]
10018246Cancer staph: I've been looking for information about cancer but it's hard to find direct …[View]
10017819Brainlet: I am such a fucking brainlet. I have tried to play around some cheap easy 3d model ing pro…[View]
10016456>be atheist >don't believe in God >believe there is life on other planets Why do I kee…[View]
10017290Is science any different to pseudoscience at this point?[View]
10018149I don't need help with homework, I'm just asking because I'm a fucking brainlet and I…[View]
10017759Only people who don’t know shit about science trust it implicitly. Prove me wrong.[View]
10017485Can’t afford uni anymore. I have general chemistry experience. How do get a job working in a lab?[View]
10016713Post the smartest people to ever exist[View]
10017424If I specifically want a robot to rape, like that will struggle against me when I pin it down and ha…[View]
10016552ITT: Favorite Math & Science Youtubers[View]
9971549/engi/ - Engineering General: Another thread for engineers and applied scientists/mathematicians. Th…[View]
10016045is iq real? why?[View]
10017757In what ways knowing math has helped you in a 'real-life' situation outside of your job/university? …[View]
10017830Best resources for brushing up on integral calc?: Anyone know any good books online that have proble…[View]
10012791if 0.(9)=1 does it mean that 1=2?[View]
10016703Convert certain parts of a file from little endian to big endian: So I'm trying to make a mod f…[View]
10016262so how do i stop being a brainlet? say i have no background but high school science from years ago. …[View]
10017291Has technology replaced evolution in humans? Seems like evolution is too slow for us and we as human…[View]
10017398EU math/physics postgrads: I have a question. How does postgrad work in the EU? In particular how do…[View]
10005655Recently started to study Electrical Engineering. Apparently not a lot of people study E.E and most …[View]
10016964Should I quit my CS job that /sci/ hates so much and get a Bachelor's in Math and then a Master…[View]
10016816i just ate a ton of nutmeg for science: i just ate a ton of nutmeg for science it should take about …[View]
10017503Did Opportunity died? When should we start pressing F?[View]
10016277Re-learning math?: For almost the past two years I've pulled all nighters to maintain my grade …[View]
10016465Calclulus 3: Hello, so I'm taking calc3 this semester and we just finished chapter 12 (vectors,…[View]
10007589/mars/: Can we colonize mars? How will we deal with its 0.4g? Could humans just wear really heavy an…[View]
10016228Maths vs Physics undergad: Debate.[View]
10017268>[...] But Choron offers a caution on this vision that goes right to heart of it and demolishes i…[View]
10016989The notion that alien's haven't visited us relies on the idea that FTL travel is not possi…[View]
10017100Do you guys think the collatz conjecture will be solved in our life time?[View]
10011292>pisses off Russia >pisses off the ULA >makes getting to orbit cheaper >might actually g…[View]
10016934realistically, what could one do with an undergraduate degree in astronomy & planetary science? …[View]
10017399Scientists exploring Earth's sea floor to find valuable minerals vital in manufacturing smartph…[View]
10015279>prof this is wrong 10 minutes later >ok prof you're right Every time…[View]
10017233Edible piezoluminescent crystals: i recently saw an extremely beautiful display of PL exhibited by a…[View]
10016751If this was your life, would you still care about pure mathematics?[View]
10016520Corrected Planck's Errors: hbar = 9.670554000 x 10^-36 J*s h = 6.626070150 x 10^-34 J*s/rad Den…[View]
10015521Chesmistry: Is it possible to make titanium chloride (IV) from titanium oxide (IV) and use the salt …[View]
10013287i want to learn about physics and math; can you recommend me god tier books or forms of learning?[View]
10009094What are the hardest and easiest math courses you had in university?: I'm not talking about com…[View]
10017172Anons how did you learn 3D modeling? I tried to fuck around and learn by doing random things but it…[View]
10016472Motivation: What motivated or does motivate you to work hard in school, and when did this motivation…[View]
10017121https://github.com/SforAiDl/Neural-Voice-Cloning-With-Few-Samples I'm smart enough to follow in…[View]
10013165One trick ponies: Post'em.[View]
10016412Why is there no nonprofit organization focusing on space travel? I'd gladly contribute. We can…[View]
10016455A recent study found that women’s desirability on dating sites peaks at exactly 18.[View]
10017107An omnipotent god proves determinism: > God is omnipotent > Creates Space and Time, isn't…[View]
10017020Do stem cell injections cause cancer, /sci/?[View]
10016343How do I protect my apartment from the mosquitoes that infest the building? I've tried 3 fuckin…[View]
10013762What is the evolutionary purpose of gender dysphoria?[View]
10016933If space is expanding very fast, why don't we quickly move away from objects that are close to …[View]
10015700Can there be a vertical function? If not, why?[View]
10015223[math]\oint_{\oint_{\oint_{\oint_{\oint_{\oint_{\oint penis}^{\oint penis} penis}^{\oint_{\oint peni…[View]
10014233creativity: where does original thought come from? is there some 'reason' for why Einstein or Newton…[View]
10016921CS/PHYS Double Major Advice: I'm currently deciding on a major I have a nearly identical passio…[View]
10016452reality appreciation thread: let's take a moment to appreciate that reality is a very powerful …[View]
10014257IMPORTANT: Guys, someone is taking quantum immortality too seriously and is threatening to try it in…[View]
10013606Is there any way to become more intelligent, comparatively to how one goes to the gym to become stro…[View]
10014890Effect on life if the Earth was twice as far?[View]
10016624Any other Cal phd students here?[View]
10013583What does science call this phenomenon?[View]
10016588Adolecents are basically proto-adults, right?[View]
10016672>my class has 2-question quizzes and 4-question exams >1 question is a completely ridiculous q…[View]
10015209>want to make games >study CS >see this…[View]
10016757Why does math and cs come easily but physics not for me, /sci/?: >be me >finish calc series wi…[View]
10014905QM is deterministic: I have heard lots lots of people saying that QM is not deterministic, but this …[View]
10016674solve this dilemma ;^): (you) and 49 other space cadets (including a paraplegic, a blind man, severa…[View]
10014494Friendly reminder that if you're not using IUPAC nomenclature when naming hydrocarbons, you…[View]
10016633I didn't know whether to post in this on transportation or here but at the end of the day it…[View]
10016063Rocket science: Trying to know more about a sound produced by some WW2 rockets ( Nebelwerfer or Katy…[View]
10016126Hi. I have a TI-84 Plus CE and I've spent my four years in high school dicking around on this w…[View]
10012368Natural fat-loss substances for topical application: Do you know any natural substances, that are fo…[View]
10016541Mech Eng Jobs: Mech Eng Student in Canada here. About to graduate and join the workforce but the mai…[View]
10016502The other day I experienced an odd phenomenon...I'm not smart by any means...We had a lab assig…[View]
10014819Why does a simulation of a 3D drop into water lool so differently from a 2D simulation![View]
10013936im not very mature but this is hilarious look up 'Structural and electronic properties of chiral sin…[View]
10016222Studying tips?: Any tips for an Applied Mathematics student trying to do well? I find myself kind of…[View]
10015488What if Mars and Venus changed their orbits?[View]

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