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9367255Spherical Earth is a 2d explanation - Imagine this: A 3d SPINNING hypothetical spherical earth, alon…[View]
9366672Where's my Nobel Prize?: If [math]1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... = - \frac{1}{12}[/math], then it could be…[View]
9366961ITT: Bad Psychology Hard mode: No Chomsky Very Hard Mode: No Freud or Jung.[View]
9365461Rocket Lab Launch Thread: 2nd attempt for the Electron 'Still Testing' launch is today.[View]
9367993How is the Google Pixel 2 infinite, if the phone isn't infinite?[View]
9368231I am 25 and I have started getting heart tremors about once or twice every ten minutes. My job isn…[View]
9368039Is the HOLOCAUST real /sci/:beacause/ pol/ says it is fake?: So /sci/ is the holocaust real or not?…[View]
9367832Hardware vs Software? Personally, I like both, but I know more about software.[View]
9368161How do i get as much Adderall as possible as cheaply as possible besides a prescription?[View]
9367910https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSo5v5t4OQM >tfw sci can even deny peterson opinions on IQ >tf…[View]
9367908What are some good examples of medications that were thought to be beneficial but later discovered t…[View]
9366124Hey, /sci/ What are some good books (or video lecture series) about the fourth dimension, simulation…[View]
9368073Which of these are the most interesting?[View]
9364409Is drug addiction a disease? What physically happens?[View]
9368075https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkwewTlxS9k If non africans interbreed with neandertals and other no…[View]
9365444>programming 1 class with discussion forum >literal ''ackchually'' guy sho…[View]
9368001Main Science and Technology Indicators Volume 2017/1 Key Figures: This biannual publication provides…[View]
9363432I saw the related gif on /wsg/ and it made me wonder. What kind of math do you need to do to determi…[View]
9365861>when you call your prof mom in class[View]
9349063Post alien looking species Image >Goose barnacle[View]
9367369can a function grow so fast that it's impossible to linearize it regardless of how many ordered…[View]
9366018What are the advantages and disadvantages of single stage or two stage spaceplanes compared to Space…[View]
9367389math ph.d any job I want?: I heard that with a math ph.d you could get any job you wanted and get a …[View]
9367912so how du i interpret this /sci/ ? intercept is my alpha so can i say it is significantly negative …[View]
9367701Find information[View]
9365793Hello /sci/. I am interested in starting a youtube series explaining the mathematical fundamentals o…[View]
9364320A guy on research gate wrote: >Rational Number Set is bigger than Natural Number Set! ... He…[View]
9367568i need quick help in statistics. Students-t test etc is there anyone who can help? it would be beter…[View]
9368291Is high school a meme? Does it really determine your success? If you have low grades are you a brain…[View]
9365538What science has do say about meditation? The benefits are true? There seems to be a lot of controve…[View]
9365919/MOOC/: I was thinking about taking the course 'Practical Numerical Methods with Python' (MAE 6286) …[View]
9366514Xanax synthesising possible?: How do I synthesize my own Xanax? It's the only thing that's…[View]
9364253Virgin - Chad: What are the virgin/Chad subfields of your field and why? Pure math: >Virgin: Set …[View]
9367436If you're so smart then explain this https://youtu.be/SUamHEvVQy0[View]
9365610Biology: Can anyone send over a clear, well labelled diagram of the human heart? I'm studying t…[View]
9366781I'm surprised that many fail to notice the invaluable contribution to science made by Freud. He…[View]
9360281TFW 3-hour final[View]
9366962>Game design is as hard if not harder than engineering How should I deal with this level retardat…[View]
9365897Better self-control=x: I have a bit of a stress problem: I'm always in a time crunch because I …[View]
9366432Guys help a newfag, I have my exams coming in 6 months and I need to do fucking good in them. I have…[View]
9367304Thinking about dual majoring in Geology. Want to be reservoir engineer someday. Any tips / advice?: …[View]
9366854>you look at your phone >You have a voicemail from 5 minutes ago. >'hey anon, sweetie. this…[View]
9366660Yeah I know its really stupid of me to get stuck on something this simple but where did I get it wro…[View]
9364046I just have one of my most profound thoughts ever. Please give it some consideration We talk about b…[View]
9367129BOOKS: What books really got you revved up to learn maths or solve problems?[View]
9365261Likely hood of extra solar object U1 to be an extra terrestrial craft: We've all probably heard…[View]
9366840Show me the merits of your scientific model you dogs! Materialism, empiricism, realism are all obsol…[View]
9366638is random error truly random? can something considered random error turn out to actually be predicta…[View]
9366871Retrosynthesis of LSD: Is this right?[View]
9366260Studying by my own: Hey Sci I want to start studying math by my own, but i dont know where to start.…[View]
9366943>tfw have to do a BS in Biology to be eligible for a MS in Molecular Medicine >Have to study p…[View]
9365715It's the 21st century, what's wrong with incest?[View]
9367127Why people still use different languages not the one superior ? Dis sux[View]
9367085>unionically bonding to hydrogen[View]
9366671Why are p-values so fucking confusing? t.brainlet[View]
9365453>he didn't teach himself five different languages: A, B, C, D, E; by learning A; then learni…[View]
9360896Autism and Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia is the third most debilitating illness in the world, right b…[View]
9367035>'This is a millennium problem, so if you want to make money, pay attention now...'…[View]
9364420'Sapiens': Brainlet here. How ''scientifically accurate” is this book?[View]
9365367Exsanguination: hey anons i need a medical advice and i don't think there is any other place wh…[View]
9366243why isnt the alfa^2 placed in the exponential ?[View]
9366687I think /sci/ should be able to solve this.[View]
9366914Theory: You can't be succesful without being depressed: So I just watched this video: https://w…[View]
9366846Just got published for the first time: in ChemMedChem idk if that's even a good journal or not …[View]
9366885The umaomama was Fathers colonizing ship. We were granted the weather probes to completely controll …[View]
9366834(((this))) is science[View]
9364645>tfw you walk out of an exam and immediately realize a mistake you made on one of the problems…[View]
9364593Schiczo and I have trouble remembering shit, and feel foggy brained alot. Makes remembering philosop…[View]
9366808YAG vs CO2 laser?: Can anyone explain me what are the differences between CO2 laser and YAG laser in…[View]
9366587>problem reduces down to 7*9 >still input it into calculator because I don't trust my ari…[View]
9366786Why does the curve 2^(1/x) form a sigmoid when approaching 0 from the left?[View]
9366284Pic-related is the Eridanus supervoid. It is a region of space 1 billion light years in diameter wit…[View]
9365036Phd: I'm interested in biology, zoology, entomology, paleontology, etc. but from what I have be…[View]
9366344>tfw you *finally* understand Dedekind cuts[View]
9366755>functional analysis elective >'sounds interesting, can't be that hard' >3 months late…[View]
9366090>2018 is about to enter >people still choose meme degrees like physics instead of economics or…[View]
9362214Is sleep paralysis just our minds trying to wrestle itself out of the simulation machine?: Seriously…[View]
9366252Alcohol's Effect on the Gallon Challenge: I know that alcohol has a diuretic effect on the huma…[View]
9366251How to make mustard gas? Am from /b/[View]
9363428Will the world get us before we do?: As I see it - the development of a capability to detect and red…[View]
9366470can % be used as a symbol for ratio? Like can I say ratio of increase 60%??? Also can I call a tower…[View]
9364041I just finished my first quarter of QM and I still don't know exactly what is this picture show…[View]
9366571The lecturer who teaches me ceramics said that depleted uranium is used on the tip of missiles becau…[View]
9366342>when you prove the riemann hypothesis branlets BTFO[View]
9366580HIV: How similar is HIV to FIV? Could they mix to form a new strand? Are they other similarly lentiv…[View]
9365586ITT: Classes that we'd rather kill ourselves than take: We all have to do it whether we like it…[View]
9364137NASA: Has rockets that actually fucking work Hasn't had a rocket blow up in years Has been dut…[View]
9364848Failed Calc?: I approached calculus with the same mentality I had with all of my other courses this …[View]
9361509how would one go about synthesizing Carbon Tetra-chloride during the Middle Ages ?[View]
9365663Where does /sci/ get their practice problems from? What sites, textbooks, etc.?[View]
9364864Hey /sci/, name 3 negative things about Computer Science that has nothing to do with: - Unrigorous a…[View]
9364165How do we fix America?[View]
9362202Where's the line for the Nobel Prize? http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/112215-introducing-the…[View]
9363873Are you studying for your upcoming Spring semester or just fucking off during break?[View]
9366393Something to ignite: I'm designing a simple security system for a special application using a t…[View]
9366305why are snow days so warm?: whenever it starts snowing, it feels like there's ZERO wind at all,…[View]
9365216Artificial mRNA: I’m being retarded trying to study for finals and can’t determine what Artificial m…[View]
9365437post an pic of you're favourite text book[View]
9366278How do Websites know when there's going to be a star shower? are they sorcerers?[View]
9366240I find that I'm stellar at biology and chemistry, all the sciences and I get along great, howev…[View]
9365940Which, if any, STEM fields can be entered by people who have self-studied to an extremely high level…[View]
9366060Is there an intuitive way to think about implicit differentiation? If we differentiate x with respe…[View]
9366076HARD MATH ! Easy Problem ...: PDE's {Partial Differential Equations - Sturm Liouville} So I…[View]
9366144Webble World: Can anybody comment about this platform? It looks like new concenpt but coding is terr…[View]
9365396Evolution or creation?[View]
9361757Sleeping pill with delayed caffeine?: While doing dishes at 4AM, I thought of this drug and tossed i…[View]
9365859Derivatives of volumes: [math]\begin{align}\text{Volume of a sphere:} \frac {4\pi r^3}{3} \newline \…[View]
9364283If I want to find a book or article to read about [x] how do I find and know which ones are good and…[View]
9365844Air is at 20 C and 200 kPa. How do you find the phase?[View]
9364586Programming jokes[View]
9365098Experiment: I can't find anything about an experiment that I've heard about and I was wond…[View]
9365599CALCULUS: Im fucking dying with calculus what i need to know to pass the exam[View]
9364517How good is pic related? Should I work through Spivak first?[View]
9364557Feels thread[View]
9364497math stuff: Hi /sci/. I'm an ultra brainlet, like, minimum high school math requirements and th…[View]
9363578Why is SpaceX such a fucking joke?: >hasn't launched in nearly 2 months >latest mission d…[View]
9365269First time Mushrooms Question? (Clonazepam Exit Strategy): Hi, I wanted to try mushrooms at least on…[View]
9357862Is the EM Drive bullshit or not?[View]
9365313will vr ever actually feel realistic? I mean will we ever actually be able to visit amazing worlds l…[View]
9360078How do you maximize your points in coin flips?: Imagine you are flipping a two-faced coin (heads and…[View]
9363130Does time actually exist?[View]
9365523I need help. I cannot sleep the day before exams I've been taking amphetamine and drinking coff…[View]
9364367why haven't you unlocked your mind yet anon? Daily dosing of 300mg CoQ10 and a stimulant works …[View]
9364232>tfw the professor feels the need to insert his religious beliefs while teaching evolution…[View]
9358834How should gender dysphoria be treated?[View]
9354751Some math: A pointed topological space is a pair [math]\left( {X,x} \right)[/math] consisting of a t…[View]
9361284Is there a youtuber worse than numberphile?[View]
9364941Would you support 4th year math captchas?[View]
9362633Does quantum uncertainty deny determinism?[View]
9363962Alright so I know I'm retarded but I'm having so much trouble figuring this out. I wrote i…[View]
9365209should their be an option to cut out non STEM classes in high school?: America direly needs to restr…[View]
9365365Maldek? What really happened to it?[View]
9363852What is a smell exactly? Is there any way to permanently 'store' a smell? Is there any way…[View]
9362227what drug do you take when you want to get some sleep???[View]
9362573Sup /sci/ and sorry for the /adv/ question. So I have a Calc final in 10 days. Is it possible to bas…[View]
9365249Ito calculus[View]
9365219>tfw you realize that the Standford Prison Experiment ended because the head guy's gf was go…[View]
9364607Naming conventions for Maths and Sciences: This is the textbook for my Engineering Analysis class ne…[View]
9365201Math is cancer.[View]
9361328Polynominal dick: Could you, theoretically, draw a Dick with a polynominal function?[View]
9365078First off, not sure if I'm allowed to post this. It's school related, but no hw associated…[View]
9366400Help....: >junior year EE >spend summer before sending emails to EE and physics professor hopi…[View]
9365102>taxonomist claims his discipline isn't outdated bullshit[View]
9365058Need ur help guys: So guys, ill be appliying for a scholarship In april, but i already saw the exams…[View]
9363256Sertraline: Hey /sci, what is you opinion on SSRI's? I went to the neurologist for treatment of…[View]
9364873ladies and gentlemen... doctor peyam!! I just found this youtube channel... even though I've al…[View]
9360699Your move, brainlet[View]
9364973I can't find maths general or sqt, so If [math]f\mathbf{R}^n\to \mathbf{R}[/math] is countinuou…[View]
9364808I am doing an investigation about how the trees grow so i gonna build a function like this V(t)=a+bt…[View]
9362603does methanetriol exist: is this a real thing or na[View]
9361174>electrical engineering is so hard anon! Way harder than you physics science shit! >take a sem…[View]
9364804If we use imaginary numbers in real world applications then does that mean our reality is fake?[View]
9357783I think I suffer from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphantasia I have real trouble visualizing anyth…[View]
9364634Is 0 real or imaginary?[View]
9364755The Midi Speech Effect: Okay so /sci/ there is this thing floating online where people convert vocal…[View]
9364801where's scihub? I need an article called 'algebraic automorphisms of affine space' by H. Kraft[View]
9364138>argument doesn't include link to peer reviewed studies[View]
9363635If I blow some air into the vacuum of space will it continue to travel perpetually? Like...could I s…[View]
9362211Just give up right now.[View]
9364633Showerthought: Just had a showerthought: How hard do i need to shake a bottle to let the water insid…[View]
9361646Can somebody explain to me please, what is excitonium? I have heard of the band model used to expla…[View]
9364654so im taking the SAT in a couple of months, im doing fine on the english section and getting about 6…[View]
9355608Our body is made up of cells - individuals who make up a greater whole through specialized functions…[View]
9363442Why isn't changing direction relative?: pic related. Both rings are in an infinite vacuum. The …[View]
9359953how do we kill myopia, /sci/? will we ever find the magical cure?[View]
9363785Thoughts on using caffeine as a nootropic? I work out regularly and most gymbros take caffeine as pr…[View]
9361858>im not an expert of the subject but i have researched the topic[View]
9362918>want to become a computer scientist >about to fail my Calc I final >failed this class alre…[View]
9360113>Dividing by a number is the same as multiplying by the reciprocal >2 / 1/0 = 2*0/1 = 0 >2…[View]
9364503so i calculated several Earhart four factor regressions but now i got to interpret them what do the…[View]
9364396What is the difference between electricity and magnetism. Why do they not have identical properties?[View]
9364303Brainlet here, what's the answer?[View]
9364465Project Echo: Let's have an old fashioned space balloon thread. Project Echo was the first pass…[View]
9364448Kepler's new announcement: What is your opinion an EARTH 2.0?? Αliens ( :p ) ?? What the distan…[View]
9358571>start to learn math as a hobby >start with Calc 2 >realize I never properly learned integr…[View]
9362322What electives am I supposed to take as a physics major? Everyone is telling me O Chem but that…[View]
9362760So, when does he get a new body ?[View]
9364331Omuamua: What's your opinion on the Omuamua asteroid? Was it really launched by aliens?[View]
9364426I'm doing some spectral analysis and I'm using the PSD to evaluate the noise of a signal. …[View]
9363039Who's your mathfu /sci/?[View]
9363457What are some good science publications (online, app, physical) that isn't futurology shit?[View]
9363642Why you can't create the black hole just from adding mass and compressing?[View]
9363305Would it be possible to get to space not necessarily very quickly but with a constant force applied?…[View]
9362232What's the secret to not being a brainlet?[View]
9363405>computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, and actuarial science are the best…[View]
9361558MRI Photos: Any neuroscientists here? I had mri couple weeks ago and i decided to buy those pictures…[View]
9363884Years ago some asshole looked at the natural numbers and thought it'd be cute to put a minus si…[View]
9363603Degenerate Science: Has anyone noticed how interstellar objects such as planets used to be named aft…[View]
9363572Should old people be denied entry to post-secondary education? When some old single guy is accepted …[View]
9362808science data.: How is the enviroment? is like office type? independant? work in groups? What skills …[View]
9363809Need to teach a small group of people (5-6) a skill for 5 minutes as part of a group interview tomor…[View]
9364074Australia's/New Zealand's job opportunities: Australia's/New Zealand's chemistry…[View]
9363755>Class average for a STEM 400 level course is an 88 How do people take the college meme seriously…[View]
9363326The cure for cancer: Not a biology guy From what I can gather; cancer occurs because cells are not d…[View]
9357690How do I make a wormhole?: How does one make a wormhole in practice, not theory? do you need to alig…[View]
9361527Does /sci/ listen to music while studying? What kind?[View]
9363691You ever think about what a failure we are in 2017? It took 5 years from the first ever satellite ar…[View]
9363907Are biological weapons easier to produce and deploy than nuclear weapons? Or is it the other way rou…[View]
9360836Can people detect a loser-type?: I've always been a 'beta' loser type. I was always at the bott…[View]
9363865Realistically, how much would it cost to start an AI program that evolves and can execute its own pr…[View]
9363546Hey could you help me with these law of cosine problems all three problems are suppose to add 180 de…[View]
9363501hello sci i have a question could you get into a science major knowing nothing about math. i have al…[View]
9363606I think I'm stupid but why exactly is this wrong? Shouldn't this boolean expression be cor…[View]
9361940Who Digital Logic here?: If /sci/ can help, i need someone to solve pic related for me. thx[View]
9362048>abstract algebra final >one of the questions depends on being able to find the roots of a 4th…[View]
9362200Brainlet question: Curious idiot here with a question about space and shit. Suppose that somwhere i…[View]
9361730What's the best place to find practice problems for their exams?[View]
9358696We can filter out certain thoughts and specific visuals or noises, by concentrating our consciousnes…[View]
9363581>tfw analysis and algebra final back to back on thursday wish me luck friends :)…[View]
9361694Open book final[View]
9363338Hi. I'm dumb. Can someone tell me what type of function is used to amplify current? And can som…[View]
9361263I have no idea where to start or what the question is really asking for[View]
9360955Hey chemists... What effect, if any, would a potassium channel opening drug have on general anxiety,…[View]
9362671How bad exacly are earbuds for you? I used to use them everyday for music when commuting to universi…[View]
9363052How would you find integer solutions to variables a and b in an equation like this a^2 + a - 14b = 0…[View]
9362830there's car moving at 5mph relative to person A person B in car throws object that moves at 5mp…[View]
9362953i scored 100 on my calculus 3 exam[View]
9355156>The fact that so many textbooks still name π as 'the greatest or most significant or most influe…[View]
9361561Testosterone and health: If you're a man please keep your testosterone levels in check. At a mi…[View]
9360906Thoughts on Max Born?[View]
9362164/finals/ general: you are studying for your finals, right?[View]
9361628Free Education Machine: Asides from real world transferable knowledge from texts, movies, and games …[View]
9363258https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/11/16761016/former-facebook-exec-ripping-apart-society > In his …[View]
9361795Scientifically how do you lighten your skin and is it safe? Does skin whitening cream actually work?[View]
9363234What is your opinion on statistics as a field of study?[View]
9363250Can you please help me find a function that resembles the one I tried to graph here? The function ta…[View]
9360431You have more than enough information to answer this.[View]
9362585Should we care about the age of the Universe? Should society spend money to measure the age of the U…[View]
9362095Is the fourth dimension generally accepted to be time? or is it something else?[View]
9360708Do virtual particles exhibit wave/particle duality?[View]
9363089need your help, which Vector shall i take for the regression as 'e' ?? (look at next picture)[View]
9362446Hey /sci/ what are rocky meteors made of? On Earth we have sandstones, limestones, granites, gneiss,…[View]
9362986Is anyone here actually smart?[View]
9361963CS VS CSE: What's /sci/'s opinion on the difference between computer science and computer …[View]
9361734How to interpret the following. An old printer can print 1 page every 10 seconds, while a newer pri…[View]
9361250I came up with an idea. I think it's either very retarded or very original. I would love some o…[View]
9360116>information is never lost, there is LITERALLY no way to destroy the entirety of your physical se…[View]
9363033I'm trying to find out whether the effective key size of the Blowfish cipher is more than 449 b…[View]
9361320>mfw there are people who take out crippling loans just to get by with a 2.0 >mfw these people…[View]
9363019I work in a spring making factory. How dangerous is it to breathe the air inside the factory? We coa…[View]
9361824if ∞ = ∞ is true, then why is ∞-∞ indeterminate?[View]
9362813Could ayyliens with significantly advanced technology determine that the radio waves coming from Ear…[View]
9362897How do I writer a regular expression for this? Inputs: 0 1 Starting state: So States:So, S1,S2, S3 …[View]
9361489What's the absolute closest two Earth-like planets could orbit each other ala. Pluto and Charon…[View]
9361961how t=d/v when d=v/t[View]
9351919Calculators: Hey /sci/. What's the best calculator for high level math and science? I'd li…[View]
9361479Thermodynamics: I'm shipping fish, and the heat packets I am using to ship claim they raise the…[View]
9360097Immortal: Would we will ever achieve immortality?[View]
9362730Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and f…[View]
9362031Hey /sci/, quick question, what is more important when determining the strength of a planets magneti…[View]
9362596Cool math trick i cant figure out: >Friend showed me this trick,it goes like this: >I pick a n…[View]
9358251What does /sci/ think about 'the end' of physics?[View]
9360795Electron Rocket First Orbital Launch: Get in here! Stream's starting any minute! https://www.yo…[View]
9360147Is the speed of gravity of any practical importance, like, for satellite operations?[View]
9352769So, is race real, /sci/?[View]
9361152>interstellar anal probe[View]
9360740What role should women have in society?[View]
9364107Should I get a CS degree or should i self-teach myself CS and coding?[View]
9362542Is this the correct resonance for SP2. I took my final today and had the question to find all resona…[View]
9356071Why does Canada seem to have a different grading system than the US? why is 80% is considered an A?[View]
9361620> be me > ask professor for some research experience > 'so what are you interested in, Anon…[View]
9359867I'm a business major and the group assignment for this module is to develop a feasibility analy…[View]
9358562What skills and mathematics do I need to have to have corporations pay me 300k starting to crunch nu…[View]
9362263Anyone able to help me out with this fillet welding problem? Its an extra credit problem for my Stat…[View]
9359844Can we use genetic engineering to make willing slaves? Like design their brain biology to make them …[View]
9357624What happens when we die?[View]
9362201why girls don't like math, stem or CS?[View]
9359816Which is better career wise physics or applied math?[View]
9358924Fell for the math meme: What the fuck /sci/ i spent years getting a degree in math now i can't …[View]
9361986If we figure out the grand unified theory, and as a result we could predict the future with 100% acc…[View]
9362122>taking final exam for ME class > finish the first section so early i have an hour to slack of…[View]
9361850Why are none of you talking about this. Thank you Mr. Trump. Pay your respects[View]
9361933Help a brainlet out, what percenteage would each own if: >Paul has exactly twice the amount I hav…[View]
9361725Hello /sci/ I have a calculation for you. How much power is being wasted globally by inefficient bro…[View]
9358016Why am I mediocre with basic algebra but great with linear algebra and calculus?[View]
9361422Could I make myself appear high IQ on my resume by claiming I bought Bitcoin early? There no possibl…[View]
9352233ITT Shit they told you in school that is actually false: >Pluto is a planet…[View]
9361890>hey anon can I borrow a pencil? what do you do in this situation?[View]
9361857Have anyone made software that can win big at the crypto marked using machine learning? It seems li…[View]
9361894r8 my science kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JN_qFtvys8[View]
9361496Best software for algorithm depiction?: Any ideas? This is what I have so far and it's not quit…[View]
9358347G-guys... Is reality a blockchain? >Immutable past >Mutable future >Present coming into be…[View]
9355496Math help with Ballistics: I've been trying to find a formula or something online that I can us…[View]
9361666162 KB Are the pathogen emissions enough to change the global Climate: I'am doing a project at …[View]
9360634Come watch a live Rocket Lab Electron launch you brainlets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_oAGlhFe…[View]
9360914Should I be worried?[View]
9361209Biology Major and Genetic Engineering: My imouto wants to enter the field of genetics. She is very s…[View]
9361082>Want to learn Math & Science >I am required to take classes in (((Social sciences))) and …[View]
9348310/mg/ -- Blocks Your Path Groupoid Edition[View]
9360915Hello. A good evening and my regards O my brothers in science. Does anyone else have a red eye and a…[View]
9361386Why can't I put in effort into anything even if it's something I want to do out of free wi…[View]
9360167Is sexual tollerance (doing it without cumming) a mental or physical matter? Also, Have there ever b…[View]
9355676How much programming should I know before learning machine learning? I am a math major with zero cod…[View]
9355293Is there a way to prove correctness or diagnose failure in neural networks? Or is a giant meme.[View]
9358176Cold Shower Meme: So, I have been having a really shitty day as usual. Did a bit of a workout, and I…[View]
9361448>beautiful solution >elegant proof >magic formula >mystical property >flamboyant func…[View]
9360140who would have thought that the graniness you see in a photo when taking a picture of a dimly lit ro…[View]
9360199[Mathematicians and Physicists Only] Is problem solving really all state space searching?: If that w…[View]
9358728>exams in february >haven't really studied yet >the rope slowly tightens help…[View]
9361245What's a way of preventing something from exploding that does not require being close to it?[View]
9356927>tfw barely passed Calc I[View]
9360886Any theoretical colorists here? I'm getting a double degree. A science degree in math majoring …[View]
9360766How do you study, /sci/?[View]
9361141why is -2^-4 different from (-2)^-4[View]
9361239Was this game too preachy?[View]
9361206What do you eat before exams /sci/? Test tomorrow and I'm waking up early to get some studying …[View]
9361140Science made me racist.[View]
9360968>>>/sci/, I need help on matrices. What is the easiest and most error free way to find the …[View]
9361113I've just finished applying to some universities for direct-entry clinical psych PhD programs. …[View]
9357403What if we constructed rationals and imaginary numbers as only operations on some notion of ordered …[View]
9360692How do I force myself to learn things I hate?[View]

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