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9882654Is spacetime discrete or continuous? (ie is there an end to 'smallness' or is reality infi…[View]
9882582Double Slit: who would like to help me prove the double slit wrong?[View]
9875700What is the most autistic field of computer 'science'?[View]
9882420How old is the Earth?: How old is it? Not, how old is the stuff it's made of. And, how do we kn…[View]
9880944Are spaceplanes/SSTOs just a meme? Also, extraplanetary aircraft.: Do you think they'll ever ha…[View]
9879498>clone my brain into 100 copies(cloning is totally legal in Egypt) >figure out a way to connec…[View]
9882418What makes jurisprudence a science?[View]
9855388/sqt/ stupid questions thread: This thread is for questions that don't deserve their own thread…[View]
9879726>Biochem major >excited for first BC I lecture >sit in the front row; it's overrun w…[View]
9880683I was told that dinosaurs are more birds than reptiles. Are crocodiles more birds than reptiles?[View]
9880118Hi /sci/, transferring from a CC to a four year to major in biochem. Any biochembros wanna share the…[View]
9875827Does pic related scare you? It scares me.[View]
9879632>Take hot shower >Step out of hot shower into hot steamy bathroom >Feel cold Why the fuck d…[View]
9879689A scenario about tuna and rice: This discussion came out of a video of a man cooking rice with a can…[View]
9881285Daily remainder that studying science will make you bald How does that make you feel stupid balding …[View]
9879111why do sci makes fun of computer science? It's jealousy?[View]
9881453Game theory is the most influential form of mathematics today[View]
9879369If gear B was spinning at the speed of light, how fast would gear A spin?[View]
9880110could this ever be a real picture? like seeing this man whilst onlooking this background?[View]
9880556>can easily teach myself any material I want, no matter how advanced >struggle to learn even b…[View]
9858819/MED/ General: This is the general for all things both healthcare and medicine related. Any other f…[View]
9877443I don't get it: >has literally like one accomplishment: the incompletness theorems >is co…[View]
9870910the nosleep experiment: My shrink is a blue-pilled jew who denied me galantamine, so now I have to r…[View]
9877614How do you solve this?[View]
9881817So, i'm going to study mathematics and the brother of a pal who's done this gave me a scri…[View]
9881778So earth center solid iron: Does that mean we could just be microrgansms swimming on an old space bu…[View]
9878105Most mathematically likely solution to Fermi Paradox?: Which answer provides the most logical conclu…[View]
9881701When submitting a research article to a journal and they're asking for keywords, what is the ma…[View]
9881365If the core of the Earthis molten and mostly made out of Iron/Nickel, why can we find materials more…[View]
9881706Say I were to roll 2d10. To calculate the expected value of this, can i just multiply the total numb…[View]
9881427If flow of oceans is mostly influenced by phases of the moon, does it mean that our bodies also are …[View]
9881548How to destroy the universe ? Not kidding, not enough actively seek a way to destroy the universe to…[View]
9868180Launch Vehicle Discussion, Part V: Absolute Unit edition continued from >>9844772[View]
9881013thermodynamics: Wine contradicts 'law' of thermodynamics ami right? It gets better with time moving …[View]
9881467There is a nasty mimic of methamphetamine being sold on the streets and on DNM. It's very toxic…[View]
9879934>He thinks he'd be a genius if he just applied himself.[View]
9879626>tfw tried to self study digital signal processing from the book but got overwhelmed by all the e…[View]
9878482what's a girl to do?!: I'm 29 haven't done maths since high school. Average marks nev…[View]
9881310Phyics: How do airplanes calculate which way they are going(flight path vector) whithout using GPS.…[View]
9881258OP011, The hardest puzzle yet.: Below you can see the community made to solve the puzzle. And the pu…[View]
9879408can you solve the easy question for this innocent nip school girl?[View]
9877984I'm 20 Was I born too late to live forever?[View]
9881069Can I learn the subjects on my own?: Hello, /sci/, would you say it is possible for me to learn on m…[View]
9881079>Some solitary [parasitoid] wasps nest in small groups alongside others of their species, but eac…[View]
9879412Olivine-rich (olivene-rich) Altar Stone is from Anatolia.: https://brian-mountainman.blogspot.com/20…[View]
9880975I'm trying to learn to use R although i'm a complete ass in statistics and mathematics. Wh…[View]
9880956>uses transforms with positive exponents[View]
9880354Anyone remember this? Reckon /sci/ could meme something similar into existence?[View]
9880765has there ever been a parasite that turned into host, except DNA cucking RNA?[View]
9880544I have a few general questions here: 1) Are normies (90-110 IQ) aware that smart people (130+ IQ) ge…[View]
9879465Why isn't history of math taugh to kids in school? that's like teaching art, literature, e…[View]
9880832Surrounding things coming together causes things inside to come apart as radiation which radiates o…[View]
9877682I've got a brainlet question for you, /sci/. Why can't massive sea creatures like the fic…[View]
9880474Does our Universe exist out of random chance? Necessity? Or is there a coherent design to it?[View]
9880392How do i make use of knowledge on various oddly specific topics (mostly sciences) withouth working i…[View]
9877255What was the implication of gödels incompleteness theorm?[View]
9880478Has anyone ever had sex in space? Google just gives me the stock NASA 'not to our knowledge' spiel. …[View]
9872471Is Aether real? How could alchemists be right about so many things and wrong about this?[View]
9880201Is there any truth to the abiotic oil theory or is it 100% meme?[View]
9880112>the proof is left as an exercise to the reader[View]
9880315/stupid/ general: Who /stupid/ here? Share your experiences >Be me in high school >Very introv…[View]
9880574Flexibility of Space experiment: Back in somewhere like ~2015 (I am not sure), there was an experime…[View]
9880584Any of you dudes here on /sci/ go to any top ranked school for science? (MIT, Stanford etc) if so, w…[View]
9880467Calculus Textbook Recommendations: I've been waiting a while to write this post, but here goes.…[View]
9879794Evolution is dumb as a machine: Why do people say evolution is 'learning'? If it was learning then e…[View]
9879716Do you have a good schedule? How do I create one?[View]
9879541Do you guys know any good YouTube channels on Linear Algebra? I watched some of 3Blue1Brown's v…[View]
9879746There is room for only one species at the top of this food chain!: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20…[View]
9880306Big Bang meme: >In cosmology, the cosmological constant problem or vacuum catastrophe is the disa…[View]
9880316>tfw major in physics >tfw I studies stuff for pleasure and does math problems while at rest. …[View]
9879591>Wow, that *was* an interesting fact. I didn't know Schroedinger's Cat was actually a m…[View]
9880227What was the energy efficiency of the nazi coal burning crematoriums? Or, is there a way to figure t…[View]
9875178Which equation is best? Whose research is best? Who is the best researcher? >Derivation of the Li…[View]
9880140Will you help me with my assignment? One of the tasks is listing the ingredients of the recipe for …[View]
9880157One: Let’s talk about savants. Where do these gifts come from? Are we all capable of such abilities?…[View]
9880144>unable to become a polymath[View]
9878491Theory of everything: It will never be solved unless they realize the fundamental LAW of consciousne…[View]
9875104>a dozen new moons added to Jupiter's harem Why is he such a slut?…[View]
9880054Is genocide just an evolved form of natural selection?[View]
9878173Who is better at math: a goat, or the average /sci/ poster?[View]
9874828Fuckin' clouds, how do they work?: What are clouds really made of? The current 'understanding' …[View]
9876504New Shepard Mission 9 Webcast: Blue Origin is doing another in-flight abort test of New Shepard. Thi…[View]
9879991Is space a fluid: i have no calculations for this, just using observation to ask a question. nothing…[View]
9879168Are there any decent job prospects for someone wanting to go into agricultural research that don…[View]
9877448I’m currently double majoring in math and CS (my school well ranked and a research uni, so it’s heav…[View]
9879359hey /sci/ youst curious, what is your favorite book/textbook or what book/textbook has changed your …[View]
9879765Her face when I tell her: >I have a masters in mechanical engineering…[View]
9879695Just finished Calc over summer term with final today and probably failed. What do bros?[View]
9876817I'm an IQ 105 Genius Ask me anything[View]
9876837https://www.nature.com/articles/nature11128?WT.ec_id=NATURE-20120628#f4 Why is the European X/A rati…[View]
9875438Meditating to maximise my 80 IQ: Have you ever tried meditation? if so, what were some noticeable ef…[View]
9879854Has anyone found that studying math (and or other STEM subjects) lead you to being more socially awk…[View]
9879351>machine learning is hard[View]
9879763With a population of 7.6 billion If i take 99.999 with 10.000 9's after the dot, How many peop…[View]
9879690123, ?, 789, 211101[View]
9869758this time we are going to make it, aren't we? the high temp. superconductors and the modular de…[View]
9874743Science Is Fraudulent Warns Researcher: https://culturaltransmissions.com/science-is-fraudulent-warn…[View]
9878878is there a direct relationship between neuroscience and quantum physics or is that just pseud bullsh…[View]
9879331>plenty of proof that God created the world and existed >plenty of proof God is either dead or…[View]
9837467Creating a 4chan HR Diagram: Those familiar with astronomy will recognize this image - the Hertzspru…[View]
9878528HELP!!HELP!!HELP!!: So yesterday while walking in the early morning, I noticed a bunch of cores and …[View]
9879418Just saw this on /a/. Would this actually work? Could you beat entropy by extracting energy from the…[View]
9865203Who's the smartest person you've ever known, /sci/? Tell me about them.[View]
9877501What are some scientific reasons for someone not to kill themselves?[View]
9877069What the fuck is time? Many of our prevailing models do well to describe the natural world at its mo…[View]
9879460/sci/, is he our guy?[View]
9879058Time is a distance not a velocity Prove me wrong also Time doesn't really exist prove me right[View]
9878792How to write my first math textbook? Which subject should I write?[View]
9879409Fractal Thread: Alright fellas, here's the deal. Me, I love fractals. Well, chaos and dynamical…[View]
9867620Martin shkreli on nutrition: >There is nothing to know about nutrition >Scientist says it does…[View]
9878200GAS PRICES: Hello, masters of economics. Why are gas prices so high in California? What are the Jews…[View]
9879247What kind of research do CS majors will do? Can you do research while not being forced to teach in c…[View]
9878044gibe educational podcasts plz[View]
9878559Are we seriously supposed to believe that astronauts never fucked in space? Not once?[View]
9876779>The speed of light is like the cosmic speed limit[View]
9876071What do you guys think of pic related? I know Asimov's work was Sci-Fi but could these laws act…[View]
9878864How do you cure anxiety?[View]
9879195Do we like him, psychos?[View]
9879089If you were to change the mind of someone who hates math and think is boring BS what videos would yo…[View]
9870653Can science explain this?[View]
9877329Science can´t solve these mysteries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_unsolved_problems…[View]
9866710How to find drive to study during depression?: Long story short, I'm clinically depressed and h…[View]
9879054I've never been good at maths before, but I'm trying to improve. I need to do a course in …[View]
9877354If I get a degree in chemistry would that be enough knowledge to create drugs and become a dealer on…[View]
9879013Strange YT video, help me decrypt it: So i found on YT this shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ…[View]
9877962What competing theory offers legitimate competition to string theory?: Total retard when it comes to…[View]
9878884can you scientifically predict war happening?[View]
9878986https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_nxX8aJTiY What are your thoughts, /sci/?[View]
9878974Race realism thread: IQ of Nations https://iq-research.info/en/average-iq-by-country Heritability of…[View]
9878946Hi /sci/.So i want to become a math wizard and in order to improve my skills i have to work hard. Th…[View]
9877222how is it possible to be a math genius but mediocre at english?[View]
9878926LF specific topology textbook: Hey guys, looking for a specific topology textbook. I believe it was …[View]
9876929> mfw choose engineering degree rather than physics degree > I regret nothing 'It's Worth…[View]
9875487Sup /sci/ will be starting an ME undergrad at the Uni of Arizona in january, will i be able to build…[View]
9876259Is possible for an art guy to be relevant among matematicians? Like what engineers does (applied mat…[View]
9878813>over a dozen new moons found in fucking Solar System We still can't find all shit in our ow…[View]
9877167Physics: a mistake: Why are you doing physics? It's being average/less then average , while lov…[View]
9878726Mathematics: The guide: Good day, I've made this thread in hopes for some feedback on pic relat…[View]
9873551So every thing that happens that we observe has both a beginning and an end. Let’s call this thing t…[View]
9878581>tfw we literally have the know how and the knowledge to build a fully functional and ultra power…[View]
9878170Who's in the wrong here?[View]
9878760Set theory as described in LainZine, thoughts?[View]
9878606Diffusion markers of dendritic density and arborization in gray matter predict differences in intell…[View]
9878673How do we keep our smells inside so well? When I break wind it can fill a room and can stay for 10 m…[View]
9878439that's what you get for inventing calculus you fucking nerd. Ahahahahahaha[View]
9877656Is telepathy the solution to the problem of language?[View]
9878352Should I study DSP?: Just finished my physics degree (bachelors) with a decent grade. Am now conside…[View]
9877972>What papers you're doing this semester >What grades you think you'll get…[View]
9870497is there any way for me to prove that other people/animals are conscious? ive been thinking about i…[View]
9873805This man is more of an authority figure on science than you are[View]
9877063Law + Stem: Dear Anons, What are the stem fields that would best combine with law (international, ba…[View]
9878178Engineering Challenge: What is an invention or design that you believe could not or should not be im…[View]
9875778Underrated subfields in physics: What are some of the underrated subfields in physics, and why do yo…[View]
9873793Lecture me on antidepressants /sci/.[View]
9876461When bubbling gas into water, how would I know when the said water can’t take anymore of it?[View]
9875373Why have the claims of ancient Giants not been explored more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl-PI4…[View]
9877011To all geologist anons out there: Would you be so kind as to tell me if it is possible to draw rough…[View]
9876950Can psychedelics help us into recognizing what counsciousness is from a scientific point of view? If…[View]
9877316/low IQ/ general: I recently took an IQ test and got a score of 98. I guess I really shouldn’t be su…[View]
9877492Fission Reactor Thread: >We've build a nuclear reactor whoose cooling relies on the sea in a…[View]
9878046How do I stop thinking I’m telepathic and that people love me?[View]
9876422Can space colonization be profitable?[View]
9875261>phd is in theoretical physics >does experimental physics…[View]
9876814Is quantum entanglement simultaneous or just very very fast?[View]
9877670Where can i find some measurements of radiation/ radio wave emissions from wifi routers vs cell phon…[View]
9878109I'm trying to get into rigorous calculus/analysis, but my foundation in trig and geometry aren…[View]
9877655Do you think we should create/resurrect giant organisms jurassic park style? I think it would be a t…[View]
9876080Are looks the most important factor in sexual selection?[View]
9878033Conversion problem: Does anyone know the saline equivalent of 250 UI into ml (milliliters)? I seemin…[View]
9877893Is there an algorithm or a method that, given a track, can return the path with the lowest amount of…[View]
9878032>Only think you can do is run Why is Nature so OP?[View]
9872088Anon, what are you doing with your life, and why aren't you as successful as this young, smart …[View]
9868707/engi/ - engineering general: can't find a job edition[View]
9877807Proof of Twin Prime Conjecture: Simplified Proof of the Twin Primes Conjecture Sorry if formatting i…[View]
9875805how good is this book?: i just ordered it on amazon[View]
9877712Would it be too weird/creepy to send an email to a professor i never met from another university in …[View]
9877784>mfw finished 1-2 math textbooks a year skimming not count Why did I discover porn and vidya anon…[View]
9876337why people who are not vaccinated are dangerous to the vaccinated ones?: so i've heard many tim…[View]
9875463>musk is stup--- he's smarter than 99% of sci[View]
9872655I would humbly like to request my departure from this planet, as of like in right now.[View]
9871610Do negative thoughts have any effect on reality? As in causing certain events to happen?[View]
9876138> 0 has no value > 10 , 1000 , 100000 , 1000000 [etc] are still 1 And you call yourselves smar…[View]
9872921Removal of Sexual Desire: I wish to transcend the desire to both be with and procreate with women, s…[View]
9875341Guys, I'm hearing rumors that there was a propellant failure of the Starliner during a test. An…[View]
9871518Anisotropic Universe: So, what is it, /sci/? Why do so many multipoles and LSS's align with th…[View]
9877536I'm doing a thing[View]
9876629How to study pure math 18 hours a day?[View]
9877485How /sci/ saved me: > be hs student, shit grades. don't care. > start at shit-tier colleg…[View]
9872414Is it possible to outearn a doctor with a STEM degree? No meme shit pls.[View]
9875644Can someone remind me why he's intelligent again?[View]
9871269Has anyone ever seen anything remotely close to proof of paranormal phenomena or abilities? You go …[View]
9876509Is “over studying” a meme?[View]
9870335Could an evil billionaire somehow destroy the planet / kill all life without being stopped? What wou…[View]
9877262I was wondering whether there is a solution to 'rational sudoku'. More formally: Is there a function…[View]
9876957Are there any activities I can do that can help me with mathematical thinking? As in online resource…[View]
9877266What jobs are math majors on /sci/ shilling rn?[View]
9877115Assuming 100% efficiency, how much earth would we need to convert from the potential energies compri…[View]
9877188If we are to be precise in language the eyes of a potato plant should be called asexual seeds or ase…[View]
9877109what is the disease called when the skin can't handle the growth of the rest of the body?[View]
9873692What are the odda of another ice age happening in the next 100 years?[View]
9875350was he overrated as a mathematician?: in terms of his legacy and achievement?[View]
9869596A simple question about neurogenesis: We all know that the yooman brain holds about an average of 10…[View]
9875078What are some activies/habits that can make you more intelligent if done frequently? I guess some of…[View]
9875308How do I stop being obsessed by sex ?[View]
9875965How do I pass college?[View]
9876834science of conceiving: How to maximize a baby's chance of success from birth? Aside from geneti…[View]
9876042>global warming is real >nuclear winter is real But then doesn't the one cure the other?…[View]
9874274Would this work?[View]
9876728How do I get disciplined?: I can't even wake up on time.[View]
9875851Why is air invisible?[View]
9875729how to cure without medicine: adhd anxiety sporadic depression headaches[View]
9875379Hey. Brainlet here. I have a question for you, /sci/: what does the scientific community generally m…[View]
9875252Hey /sci/ Just wanted to know when you first got seduced by the beauty of the sciences and the symph…[View]
9876666So if people that are born female can get a male job and vice versa does it mean that I, being born …[View]
9876892/cug/ | College and University General: /cug/ Volume One Welcome to /cug/, the College and Universit…[View]
9876729>showing a plot without error bars[View]
9876879Extended Euclidian Algorithm: This application was designed for students who want to learn Euclid…[View]
9876268Whats the science behund NoFap? Ive been on like a whole month of NoFap and i havent been clearer mi…[View]
9873722>A Course in Arithmetic >Doesn't teach me how to add…[View]
9876273>Giant Calderas in the West >Killer Winds and Waves in the East Is the United States cursed? I…[View]
9875927Amnesia Service: How would you guys feel about a hypothetical service that allows you to lose all me…[View]
9875475Any of you subscribe to brilliant? Is it worth it?[View]
9866489Longevity Escape Velocity: For people currently in their 20s, what is the probability that we will r…[View]
9869804TRAPPIST-1e: What do you think it looks like?[View]
9875747Do you read the textbook?[View]
9867335Is a Physics degree worth it [UK]: Is a Physics masters degree worth doing in the UK given the low p…[View]
9876131Is the soul real, or are we just a ghost in the machine?[View]
9875956levitating bottle cap: how the fuck is this possible? (you don't need to understand russian to …[View]
9874788Now that Hawking is dead, who is the living 'synonym for genius' in popular knowledge? No bait answe…[View]
9874416Neutrinos: I need some one who knows more than I do to tell me about neutrinos. I know they're …[View]
9874829Are you following this genius advice?: are you pumping those rookie numbers up for maximum focus and…[View]
9875739What’s the difference between a float variable and a double variable?[View]
9875752/thg/ - Transhumanology General: Hugh Herr Edition: To discuss the philosophical school of thought k…[View]
9874382Theoretically, is there a way to somehow disable all the nukes at once, without detonating them? I r…[View]
9876163>data science[View]
9871691>he fell for the CRISPR meme[View]
9876136What would you say would be the maximum number of arguments required to describe an interaction betw…[View]
9871185What happens if a black hole collides with a white hole?[View]
9873821Smart Questions Thread: a thread for asking Smart Questions.: What's going on here? How can thi…[View]
9875548Anyone here ever failed a paper?[View]
9871578How hard is it to get $300k Google level salaries as a cs major?[View]
9874374>$40,000 in debt to study statistics Why god why[View]
9875731>mfw math brainlet Why did I discover videogames[View]
9875946In x billions of years, galaxies will be so far apart from one another that the light from them will…[View]
9875874Say you have 100 anons in two threads, one is a general with 80 and another is a smaller one with 20…[View]
9875900I regularly waste ENTIRE DAYS doing nothing but browsing 4chan, forums, reading manga, watching yout…[View]
9874759Do you ever just do easy numerical problems because you are so tired of theory and proofs? Lately I…[View]
9869578What does a guy like Elon Musk actually do to get where he is? What did Newton do to get where he go…[View]
9870298Where were you when the Elon Musk bubble finally burst?[View]
9863475Is meditation legitimate or a pseudo meme?[View]

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