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9236776>almost 2018 >not eating ur boogers to build ur immune system wtf u doing?…[View]
9235956is hardwork a meme?: Beyond simply acquiring knowledge and experience through hard work, how much do…[View]
9238039What does this even mean?[View]
9237620Is probability just a meme? Flipping a perfect coin with an equal amount of strength at a perfect gr…[View]
9238054>topology professor goes over long arduous process explaining a concept to class >repeat somet…[View]
9238034Have you ever argued with a professor, /sci/?[View]
9237266Is reincarnation/rebirth possible in any way?[View]
9237991Anyone know how i got this wrong? My math teacher doesn’t correct quizzes. Its calc 1 btw[View]
9237749My biology professor told us this today. It's an older woman with white hair and a scarf. Do an…[View]
9238035Paying half for rent: Rent a month is $500 For 30 days: $500 ÷ 30 = $16.67 a day Well, I put in $30…[View]
9238026World of Chemistry: Anybody remember this old show. I decided to re-watch it as a supplement to me s…[View]
9230687What is ‘scientific’ about Marxism. Popper stated his shit can’t be falsified and hence is comparabl…[View]
9235877Is there a difference between intelligence and knowledge? I consider myself fairly smart but a lot …[View]
9237832Left or right?: Left or right?[View]
9236996If someone did everything perfectly and followed the right procedure could they publish their own st…[View]
9235901Why is creating a comprehensive formula to find primes so hard to do?[View]
9235659What happens to a person when they get caught in a nuclear blast? Do they just basically disappear?[View]
9236722How was NLP discredited?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming[View]
9238353/UNI/ - General: >Major Physics >Age at which you started 21 (don't ask me why) >Age a…[View]
9238357I'm doing my master's in CS and was hoping to work on some abstract and theoretical field …[View]
9238871How does one get a PhD? Is there a step by step instruction?[View]
9238369Uni Thread Post em lads >Uni >Major >class standing >accolades (chancellors list / deans…[View]
9236305how come solving math//programming questions gives men a feeling of euphoria? I'm learning how …[View]
9236754Iq over 200 only club: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The…[View]
9232794Would you prefer C or MatLab for a computational physics class?[View]
9237862post your favorite chemical reaction Fr+O2->FrO2[View]
9234089Post strong acids[View]
9237804Gravitational waves: How could the last gravitational wave, that was 130 million ly away and the fir…[View]
9237824After a pretty lazy summer I always regret not spending more time in the woods. I am sketching on a…[View]
9236137Several questions about Phrenology: Have any aspects of phrenology been wrapped up into legitimate m…[View]
9237776Why hasn't anyone in power wanted to put people on Mars yet? If we got to the Moon, then we can…[View]
9229982What do you like to study in your free time that's unrelated to what you do or want to do profe…[View]
9237714I love this numbers[View]
9237619Every time I see a lambda, psy or a capital omega I raise my guard. Literally every single fields l…[View]
9237641Chemistry: Can you explain this to me in simple words? Simplest possible, I'm an exchange stude…[View]
9237540>it is easy to show that condition A holds for all cases, see exercise 3 >exercise 3: Prove c…[View]
9226232I know this is not /pol/ but I wanted to know why it is so hard for someone who likes science to als…[View]
9237633Neml: Anyone got the NEML that's being administered tomorrow?[View]
9236988Did anyone else fall for the engineering meme even though they hate math because they don't wan…[View]
92347074chan Space Program: Let's make this happen boys. In the conceptual stage right now we need …[View]
9235753>mfw fell for the engineering is easy meme[View]
9235356So I've been getting into a series of debates with flat earthers over the course of a year now …[View]
9230293Is /sci/ smart enough to solve this problem?[View]
9234392I wanna start taking dietary supplements, but how do I decide what supps to take? Any resources/advi…[View]
9233737Name a more fair form of eugenics: Force everyone to get a degree in chemistry, physics, or math and…[View]
9237489guys, what if the universe is a network and dark energy is just the dark web?[View]
9237505pooled ols, fixed or random effect: how do i know which type i should use! btw i'm using stata…[View]
9233638Biology: How do you get a degree in this field but also actually get a decent job in it without havi…[View]
9237436Mathematics tutor here. I want your opinions on something. I've been working on a small lecture…[View]
9236852It's Over.: >there's a real good chance the vehicle won't make it to orbit' >'…[View]
9237475What´s Rhodomagnetics?: Could someone really explain in detail what Rhodomagnetics theory is? Please…[View]
9234602What are you going to do after 99.9% of the workforce has been automated and you're one of the …[View]
9237254so if someone removed the orange area from my brain I wouldnt be able to understand language anymore…[View]
9230725If it wasn't for eugenics corn would still look like the thing on the left.[View]
9235448Does anyone know any good books or lectures on queueing theory?: If you do please share.[View]
9224687What's your favourite element? Mine is iron.[View]
9234407Press Conference at LIGO HQ Announcing Unprecedented Discovery: >LIGO will hold a press conferenc…[View]
9237355Hey /sci/ not sure if it's the best place to ask but I need help anons. My professor has taske…[View]
9236130Chemistry Job Shortage: >be me >about to start biomolecular engineering degree >have all th…[View]
9234807Dopamine & Schizophrenia: Increasing dopamine increases perceptual awareness. Beyond a certain p…[View]
9232940whats the next step of mankind: so /sci/ whats the next of evoultion after homo sapiens[View]
9236574Anyone else dead scared of HIV? I have safe sex 9/10 times but sometimes I get way too drunk and sti…[View]
9237016Fat scientists: Have there been any important scientists/mathematicians who were fat? Genuinely cur…[View]
9235784Marijuana & neurology: I've been fascinated - consumed - by thoughts ranging from the after…[View]
9237186So! When will be able to makes clones of ourselves, then transplant our brains to the newly cloned b…[View]
9235662Why is this true? For all rational x, for all rational y, y(square root(x^2 + 2xy + y^2) is rational…[View]
9237024subsets of Vector Space: Let X be a vector space and A be a subset of X. If x is a vector in X, then…[View]
9235182TeX battle thread: What's the last line you typed in TeX typesetting? What was the worst thing/…[View]
9237043Exoplanet WASP-12 b: Hi Anons, what do you think about my WASP-12 b artwork? Also, lets talk about e…[View]
9236937Germanfag here I spectated a massive anger issue today with alot of people. Everyone at my workplace…[View]
9236156>owns 100 billions dollars. >yet still wear glasses >not getting eye surgery. does he not r…[View]
9232085What does it take to do a science ph.d ?: Do you just have to get good grades and that's it, yo…[View]
9224901We always hear about SpaceX and what Elon is up to, but what about Blue Origin. How are they compari…[View]
9236879Textbook PDF's: Morning from Trumpistan, /sci/! I am helping a student of mine with his early c…[View]
9236667>Failed school because I'm dyslexic >Come into university with shit grades because of nor…[View]
9236693Why is there a massive orange cloud over BRIGHTON and NEWHAVEn ? WHAT IS GOING ON. ITS GONE TOTALLY …[View]
9236458Super Cum: How to deliver a giant gooey cumload: 4 Hours before sex: Beef steak 4 Boiled eggs Ban…[View]
9236569I am completely lost. I'll have my pharmacy degree by next february, and i don't know what…[View]
92352112+2=4,-1=3: quick maths[View]
9236332is meditation a meme?[View]
9235347How much speed and fuel exactly would you need to leave the Earth in a straight line without any of …[View]
9233793>you didn't single-handedly begin an entire field of mathematics by the age of 20 What'…[View]
9228334Mathematical mindfucks: >my face when I finally get how some infinities are bigger than others…[View]
9236236Is this proof we're living in a simulation?[View]
9236317Get the fuck in here /sci/: Julian Assange just tweeted out a series of digits (perhaps keys) 4767 5…[View]
9234151According to special relativity is your now different than my now? I'm having a hard time under…[View]
9236542Why nucleus in centre of every atoms to human brain it's showing in center of virus and cell to…[View]
9230285>extremely interested in organic chemistry >too brainlet to qualify for a PhD program…[View]
9236138How do we get rid of it and save science?[View]
9236378A great Victorian, who from the steam era worked out the mathematical principle that drives every mo…[View]
9236497What does /sci/ thinks of tensorflow?[View]
9236504What is the cause of Moores Law? And what impact has it had on the expectations from the public of t…[View]
9236487Would an AI tend to unitize as an oligarchy of powerful server farms with factions, egalitarian mobi…[View]
9233763re-post from /co/ to ask how /sci/ feels about this[View]
9236347metaphysical garbage: We have knowledge that dogs are intuitively aware of calculus. When you throw …[View]
9235151is /sci/ smart enough?[View]
9236258EM Drive: Why does /sci/ hate me? Edition. All I hear is negativity about this thing yet it continue…[View]
9232834How do I turn off/suppress my libido and desire for a gf? No girl wants me, so instead of boners, fa…[View]
9236240Fucking mangoes, how do they work?[View]
9236133How do you make this compound?: How to synthesize acid? Preferably HCl Just curious, won't do …[View]
9236233ITT: Required books that make no sense: Pic related. I'm kinda pissed we didn't use the Bo…[View]
9235028I don't want to learn calculus but I want to learn to integrate. How can I do it?[View]
9236107how do you stop staring at the abyss of mathematical knowledge you haven't obtained yet?[View]
9234667How do I learn real analysis and not feel like an idiot in my real analysis class? t. busting my ass…[View]
9231037Where is the best place to study theoretical Physics, /sci/?[View]
9235602What would happen to a person if every chromosome in each and every cell in her body spontaneously d…[View]
9234558Why do we waste our time figuring out 'IQ' with tests, when physical properties of the brain should …[View]
9235897why is this book so fucking expensive?[View]
9235868How the Universe was created: What if the universe was created from the destruction of a previous un…[View]
9235714Future of Genetics: You guys seem to be the most logical thinkers on this site. When do you believe …[View]
9235785>You're either something or you're nothing >You can't be nothing >No one is …[View]
9235934Stupid Questions Thread[View]
9235854https://youtu.be/KL8tzN3u0Oc >tfw you want to learn about batteries but can't understand a w…[View]
9235283In your professional opinion, are there animals that are conscious on other planets than earth?[View]
9234139“””Magic”””: How likely is it bros? I’m not talking about magic as in “sacrifice a rooster to Nyalro…[View]
9235312How to save trustworthy digital pictures of conversations: Hello /sci/, got a modern question here I…[View]
9235764Could You Feel it if Your Brain Were Shrinking: I have been experiencing sensation within a region I…[View]
9233920Suggested readings: I have finally decided to stop being a brainlet, sue the brain God gave me, and …[View]
9235340Do Polymaths ever make any deep results: polymaths are smart, but they tend to lack the deep results…[View]
9232099Sun as a Meteor: Theory: stars are something akin to a Meteor with significantly more material Why i…[View]
9235171I looked at my spoon and saw a reflection of myself except the reflection was upside down. Why is th…[View]
9235361String theory is non-falsifiable, therefore is it not science. It's just mental masturbation fo…[View]
9234721Why can a very small magnet pick something up? is electromagnetism that strong and gravity that weak…[View]
9235257Is it normal to have a 128 heart rate?: Is it normal to have a 128 heart rate?[View]
9231881What will the Transhuman Steve Jobs be like?[View]
9233939Does the term 'slow' refer to speed or velocity? And what would the equivilant of 'slow' be to the o…[View]
9234976What is the evolutionary/scientific explanation for sadness?[View]
9234928does fapping have an effect on cognition? and doing it in excess? does it also have an effect in r…[View]
9234722The absolute state of the meathead brainlets at /fit/[View]
9227147Replacing Science with Pattern Study: How long before we finally get rid of science and adopt someth…[View]
9234005I might be thinking the wrong way about single common ancestor. Could it be that the most primitive …[View]
9235500Why does entropy force us to burn calories.[View]
9235428I'm an idiot but I like making shit from stuff I like. Currently I am trying to replicate this …[View]
9233266What did he mean by this?[View]
9235362>>398409 Any mathfag here to help with this?[View]
9234863Never ending nightmare.: if there comes proof that we live in a multidimensional universe wouldn…[View]
9233698Tpyical brainlets: Why do brainlets /sci/ always say human Consciousness is the only way to experien…[View]
9233718what does /sci/ think about psychedelics? >Is taking them useful for one's mental health in…[View]
9234963Can someone find a copy of MCNP6 for me? I don't care if the CIA comes after me.[View]
9233822Do being /fit/ (exercise) increases your IQ?[View]
9234587okay Chemical nerds, what's the recipe of coca cola?[View]
9224855LINEAR ALGEBRA BOOK RECS: Im having a bit of trouble in my linear algebra class, and i realize I don…[View]
9233059>gravity exists How the fuck can an object act on another object without touching it? Fucking mag…[View]
9233606The infinite scale of the universe really fucks me up. For example, the relativistic size of an atom…[View]
9235240Today I saw a set of salt and pepper pots where the salt was marked Na Cl. The pepper was marked Pe …[View]
9233424Refractive Optics: Hello, I'm trying to get into refractive optics and I'd like to start b…[View]
9233066Do you think...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsoo8Gg-0f4[View]
9234767Is there such a thing? I mean the 2nd one of course.[View]
9233670>Human extinction is inevitable. No matter how advanced we become, heat death of the universe wil…[View]
9234744Is it possible to lift something off the ground with this technology? Like a football maybe? https:/…[View]
9232582>spergy betas write endless proofs for pythagorean theorem to convince themselves that it is true…[View]
9234221How to form a habit of 'learning' daily?: There are several things I want to learn. Logic,…[View]
9234512Do basic daily exercise and good nutrition can cure 90% of all diseases (basically all non infection…[View]
9232845How do I make an apple pie from scratch?[View]
9232920Who are your favorite writers in the hard sciences?: There are many technically sound but stylistica…[View]
9232720I'm getting into EE next year. The thing is I know jackshit about what electrical engineers act…[View]
9234739Maths tutor here (this word translates to 'math' for you burgers) I have a student that…[View]
9234347>tfw struggling with differential calculus with complex roots I thought i could pass engineering …[View]
9232675Where to get math books? I remember a Russian website with many editions of each book.[View]
9231733How did he do it /sci?: How did he come up with so many correct and measurable predictions from his …[View]
9233983Okay now, what colour are these shoes?[View]
9234518Recently I noticed something about my dreams: A few months ago, I suffered from severe depression. I…[View]
9234219How long do germs survive on surfaces? I heard that there are a lot of germs on your phone. If you j…[View]
9234504Properties of Silver: Hey /sci/, /tg/ here. I'm not in any way a chemist, but could you plainl…[View]
9234480I had a drugs-epiphany that while I know how to use math (up to some Calc), I'd be fucked if an…[View]
9234559Need help from the anons finding some good books on statistics for business for me to develop my the…[View]
9234544Problem from this code?: I found this code from some meme but I would like to see this in mathematic…[View]
9234507What's the point of a high IQ if actual autistic retards will always be lightyears ahead?[View]
9234042>he 'takes notes' in lectures >he spends the time copying off a slideshow which he can do from…[View]
9232932Post Science Memes![View]
9234444Big Bang Boffins Be Baffled Buffoons: Lrn2big-bang from John Mather: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/g…[View]
9232255you should be able to solve this: Okay /sci/ you're about to get stumped If I am running a mara…[View]
9229621Do protons, neutrons, and electrons really exist or are they just useful approximations/visualizatio…[View]
9234196Could the Cantor Set be used to explain the process of inscribing within a polygon an infinite amoun…[View]
9234367Replacement to the right hand rule: I always hated using this mnemonic because it felt uncomfortable…[View]
9229143Is he the smartest man on the planet?[View]
9234371What's the evolutionary advantage to humans not being naturally high on meth 24/7?[View]
9234231Barrier of Diffraction: Okay /sci/, I need help. We did an experiment at Lab III, which is basically…[View]
9234345Any recommendations for an intro book to semiconductor physics and devices? I'm a first year EE…[View]
9234070> Go to google translate > Select English --> Latin > Type 'the sailors love the beautif…[View]
9234066Refute Pantheism (Plot twist: you can't). Unless your suicidally depressed, we can all agree th…[View]
9232229What is the best planet?: and when the FUCK are we getting to Neptune[View]
9234185I started playing a game and I stumbled over a mathematical problem I can't solve. Maybe you ca…[View]
9233402Hey guys can someone in brief detail explain to me what selection sort is so I can finish these ques…[View]
9233392Name a more quotable mathematician. Pro tip: you can't[View]
9232788What's the connection between sperm and the back? Why does the back hurt when you anticipate se…[View]
9234043Hey guys why is it that I cannot comprehend higher order mathematics like algebra and calculus? I se…[View]
9232470Hawkings Lego set[View]
9234101Theory on climate change: We know since the industrial revolution there has been a steady incline of…[View]
9233642So I am trying to review some of the chemistry I learned in high school because I want to go back an…[View]
9232184What I'm about to tell you is the truth, NASA has built a device, an artificial sun simulator a…[View]
9234013How do you keep up with new developments /sci/? Do you just skim through article titles/author lists…[View]
9229947Graphene Desanilization Plant - Brazil/ Model UN: Hello everyone, I have been very intrigued since a…[View]
9232307https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj62Uy25uBs Why society still denies the importance of IQ? wouldn…[View]
9232247hey /sci/ i'm bored and messing with geometry stuffs. If you have a equilateral triangle inscri…[View]
9233451DEFINITE FINITE AUTOMATA: can someone ecplain this to me like im 5?[View]
9233368Is this a meteorite?: Anyone know who I can get in contact with to get a professional opinion? It…[View]
9224617Solar power: I would like a sticky on the board for spreading knowledge of solar power. I'd lik…[View]
9226892If you're stationary at a high altitude on a hill or tower, or on a high energy trajectory in a…[View]
9228932If thorium molten-salt reactors are so great, why isn't anyone using it?[View]
9227375>be 13 year old me >literally able to hyper focus at will >insane amount of concentration n…[View]
9233864Good place to find mathematics papers/sources? Need to write a paper on fast multiplication algorit…[View]
9225355What is the most scientific 100% reliable method to defeat procrastination?[View]
9233812How would a hypothetical war between two equivalent civilizations (type 1 vs type 1, type 2 vs type …[View]
9230845Returning and/or starting all over again: https://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/articles/10.1038…[View]
9227031Hieroglyphs: What are the most outlandish notations you have ever encountered /sci/? >take your …[View]
9233665Microchimerism/Telegony: What do biologists on /sci/ have to say about this? Is it real? Should I be…[View]
9233155Is there not a fundamental problem with the standard model when we have to resort to renormalization…[View]
9235478Oldfag here. Feeling depressed. I literally forgot everything after high school. All the math, all t…[View]
9233235I got 2 big boxes full of stem cells. > wat do?[View]
9232774Pythagoras & Music/Harmonics: Any good resources/videos on the Pythagoreans, in particular their…[View]
9232542What are some cool Physical principles that affect movement of objects?[View]
9233605If you have to fit a 5mm steel box in a 5mm steel slot smoothly mostly without friction how much tol…[View]
9233578Can somebody here tell me about physics when it comes to really small and light solid objects (such …[View]
9230621Who's laughing now? Well, we are, i guess.[View]
9232564What are some good Facebook pages for science and technology news or even companies etc worth follow…[View]
9234929Why is /sci/ so unscientific? I see race-deniers left and right. What's up with this? It is bio…[View]
9232861Improving mental arithmetic: How would one go about improving their menthal arithmetic? I'm qui…[View]
9229867i want to introduce myself in to maching learning and ai but i dont have idea where to start im alre…[View]
9231701How long would it take to force evolution onto small insects? For example ants? How many generations…[View]
9225129Is the human species too stupid for democracy? The u.s. just elected a president solely because of t…[View]
9231976Does /sci/ study with music or in silence ?[View]
9231289>huffing diethyl ether while waiting for the rotavap to finish.[View]
9232030realistically speaking how close is science to achieve something like this?[View]
9230793graphene: >fuck around with scotch tape >get nobel prize >mfw also quick question, since th…[View]
9229247Is there a single caveat in getting a phd in Japan?[View]
9233249anybody else doing/done this before? I found out that i'm not really that good at programming[View]
9230176I literally wanna learn the foundations of arithmetic and algebra, with autistic masturbation and fo…[View]
9232891Oh fuck: So apparently, my mother has two distant ancestors who were first cousins, meaning both of …[View]
9231686Steve Jobs, brainlet business man or genius?: Can someone explain Steve Jobs for me. He created Appl…[View]
9233140Am I the only one who took the time to actually start mathematics on khan academy from the very begi…[View]
9230489if the speed of light supposed to be the fastest shit in the universe, why do black holes exist? wha…[View]
9232293Monthly reminder that Civil Engineering is the patrician choice. Also comfy af[View]
9233083Do you think modern conveniences have made people dumber than their 1890's counterparts? I read…[View]
9231754Human evolution is influenced by various factors. Nowadays which of one of them has got the most inf…[View]
9232904>gravity is not a force[View]
9232934There is something I do not understand about gravitational potential energy. I have been told that a…[View]
9233003H-hi /sci/, uhh /pol/ here is uh race real??[View]
9231781Is she right about the forensics?[View]
9232833Is is possible to move a singularity? Is it possible to move a stationary black hole?[View]
9231466I strongly suggest we keep a consistent Roman naming scheme for our planets. I suggest the following…[View]
9231609new info on planet 9: https://www.space.com/38431-new-evidence-planet-nine-existence.html Seems like…[View]
9232783Learning style: Am I a brainlet for prefering to learn with youtube tutorials while lying in bed? I …[View]
9231519This is an experiment to see how many beers it takes to make captchas impossible I'll be trying…[View]
9231582I've come to understand that reality is only what my consciousness makes it out to be If I can …[View]
9232503Recently I've read a couple of articles that state that the pace of human evolution in the last…[View]
9232736Jaw Muscle Pain?: Why do the my cheekbone muscles sometimes hurt randomly after eating? It's a …[View]
9230048https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBND2wuf7Bg Did this woman figure out math? Will this be the new bre…[View]
9232689question for medfags, is it possible to inject birth control? asking for a friend link related: http…[View]
9232336Seriously, genetically engineered bunny waifus when?[View]
9231006Supervolcano: So is anyone's anxiety through the roof over this, or is this just typical FOXNew…[View]
9231775How Long Would It Take For Me To Understand This?: 10 years? 20 years? Never? I am kind of a brainle…[View]
9231481>Struggling to learn Algebra 2 and precalculus on khanacademy is there any future for me guys...…[View]
9230448Is rigorous probability good to have if I'm aiming in an applied field (but still in academia)?…[View]
9230925https://www.eso.org/public/announcements/ann17071/ https://www.ligo.caltech.edu/news/ligo20171011 An…[View]
9232539Math, Geometry and Physic Question.: When it comes to questions like how matter came to be or why th…[View]
9232389Does tape cause cancer?[View]
9232327Burning to death: How long does it take till your lights out? How much has to burn?[View]
9232354So I never understood how to do a problem like >You need item A to make item B >You need eithe…[View]
9231527How many FLOPS does the brain have?[View]
9229483What's /sci/ opinion on Dentistry?: What do you think about dentistry? Is it where failed medic…[View]
9230818Are there any studies or (preferably) images of the ACTUAL electrical or magnetic field geometry of …[View]
9228550Is there /sci/entific proof of Destiny?: Does Destiny exist /sci/?[View]
9227709What can sunflower seed husks be used for?[View]
9232105Does your significant other have any idea what you do /sci/? My gf is kind of a hippie, she just bar…[View]
9228993Who do I believe /sci/?[View]
9232106How smrt is /sci/ to figure this out?[View]
9232088Have a really dumb idea...: But I lack the scientific drive and knowledge to follow up on it. If any…[View]
9231012Scientifically speaking, is it actually possible to make bullets curve provided I can move my arm fa…[View]
9232127Probability Question: My statistics lecture's been a while ago. Let's say I play the lotte…[View]
9215589What would be the downsides to making your bones metal?[View]
9232121Cultural Intelligence Quotient - new intelligence discovered: >tfw high CQ >“The number one pr…[View]
9232132Accounting major here. I am in dire need to brush up on my basic algebra skills in preparation for m…[View]
9232107>do all of my le math homework assignments in le pen PROBLEM PROFESSOR????? TROLLED LIKE A BOSS…[View]
9232034How do I get gud at natural deduction/proofs?[View]
9232079SUB 4 SUB: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDS4j318UpKjNcpe_LeQxQ?sub_confirmation=1[View]
9231884Has anyone tried reading his a+b=c proof? http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~motizuki/papers-english.h…[View]
9232003I'm having trouble understanding the priorities of mathematicians Why are they so obsessed with…[View]
9231978the math trap: What if the marginal utility of mathematics will at some point diminish? By this I me…[View]
9229826bayesian statistics: Can someone redpill me on the practical uses of the Bayesian interpretation of …[View]
9232011Tooth repair of cavities with dentine.: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep39654 Promotion of natur…[View]
9231449>tfw study mechanical engineering >can't do a masters in applied physics >the most …[View]
9228576100 years to leave earth: Why does this man think we have only roughly 100 years on earth unless we …[View]
9231772Can you list more benefits from excelling in high level mathematics >STEM >Can tutor >Criti…[View]
9228708>R, julia and everything else that isn't MATLAB why is this shit still even a thing?…[View]
9227289Can you cheaply fly something really high or into space for low cost as a hobbyist? What's the …[View]
9231217Do you have a study buddy /sci/?[View]
9228901who can: who can guess what this is?[View]
9231436Is it really possible to be a self taught programmer and get a job job? I'm wondering if I shou…[View]
9231119>fall for the college meme >everyone is a chad and stacy but even worse because they're s…[View]

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