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9610252How come science caters to bullshit? Look at all of this crap from 'prestigious' universities such a…[View]
9611925I'm in a graduate STEM program at a US university, my department is 80% Chinese. How many of th…[View]
9612407Help: I have a problem I never though I'd have: choosing between top grad schools. I know I hav…[View]
9604694>it's a function[View]
9610750https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Z-IBZr_L4 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Z-IBZr_L4 how accu…[View]
9607478CS 101: does this type of problem have a name in computer science? let's say you have some reso…[View]
9608401Are we able to predict physical and chemical properties of compounds that have never been synthesize…[View]
9610500Is R the best language / software for data analysis?[View]
9610886What are the following claims based on? >we evolved to like wide hips because safe childbirth! …[View]
9609947My humanities professor assigned this blogpost (https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/27574/how-emotional-c…[View]
9609655>physics labo >Have to calculate the module of impendation in the RLC circuit >In order to …[View]
9610679So in the dissociation reaction in water NaCl -> Na+ + Cl- water can be seen as a catalyst or a r…[View]
9610770All Fools' Day! Universal Magnetic Reversal: UMR's Sparky Yesterday; Arriving on: Sunday, …[View]
9610757What was the last really important publication in mathematics?[View]
9610710Ask me difficult questions you want to know.[View]
9610613Alright guys, I found out something pretty nice today. 2018 is looking pretty dank.. >go to my mo…[View]
9608917Do they allow amateurs to write and submit scientific papers? Perhaps not a full study but if you h…[View]
9607673Standardized Clothing: >catholics wear kick-ass robes when in the church >scientists wear lab-…[View]
9609824I'll be doing my Honours thesis (Geology) this year. Any tips?[View]
9609835Is it possible that ghosts could just be light leaking over from a parallel universe?[View]
9608159why can't we warp spacetime to phenomenological levels with harmonic resonance gravity waves ex…[View]
9608650*solves your equation with ease*[View]
9610274Any evolutionary bioligists here? I'm struggling to understand the concept in 'The Selfish…[View]
9607741Is there a system of equations consisting of only variables with definite values for all of the vari…[View]
9609097Why does time fly so fast when you are focused and concentrating on something? Is the brain somehow …[View]
9610156Why do so many futuristic car concepts include 'hubless' wheels? Do they not know about the disadvan…[View]
9607998What is the impact of contemporary logic to other field of mathematics? Is it useless?[View]
9609653Am I a brainlet or is this just really obtuse? Or both?[View]
9610255Study routine???[View]
9609331Does anyone know a beginners book for Discrete Mathematics?[View]
9607904Organic Chemistry: >taking organic chem at uni >back to back pass/fail quizzes >no partial …[View]
9607318Realistically, how soon will it be before gene editing can give people animal abilities?[View]
9609917>he's an unironic singularity fag[View]
9610222/sci/ conquers a planet: Hey /sci/ I have seen a few threads talking about the possibilities of buil…[View]
9609134Classification of orbits by using classification of subspace configurations: Does that mean that two…[View]
9610345How do I get gud at math?: Self explanatory. I'm a dumb fuck when it comes to math and I want t…[View]
9609032>just got a D in an upper div chem course Who else /notgoingtogradschool/ here? My chances are ru…[View]
9607887How do SSRIs decrease sexual dysfunction? What biochemical pathway explains this phenomenon? I thoug…[View]
9609990Ap classes: Accidentally posted this in a thread What ap classes did /sci/ take? I have taken all hu…[View]
9610231explain one-time pad to a genuine brainlet[View]
9609976Anyone here work/worked in GNSS/GPS? I have a job offer at NASA in this field, though I'd be co…[View]
9610196how the fuck do I solve percent problems using proportions[View]
9607473> Get Portal Gun > Build vertical, vacuum-sealed cylinder with a diameter large enough to cont…[View]
9611309idk if this is the appropriate board to post it but whatever >study comp sci >had a few intern…[View]
9610799>tfw too dumb to ever get a physics phd and be a researcher[View]
9607172Is a technocratic government run by an emotionless AI network of brains of the best minds the most s…[View]
9610096when do you know you're ready to advance in a more difficult math topic?[View]
9604521So how did this retarded ass shit get into schools?[View]
9610091Can someone suggest me a good statistics workbook?[View]
9603538Is getting caught up in minor trivialities and not grasping high level concepts quickly a sign of a …[View]
9608843Why don't we just shoot nuclear waste into the sun?[View]
9609789Mars_aka_Earth_2.0: yaknow how the sun pulls things towards it with gravity? In the future, when Mar…[View]
9609842Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, David Scott, Jame…[View]
9604727/mg/ - Math general: What kind of math are you studying, /mg/?[View]
9610003solve:logic/programing 2.0: brainlet here,kinda need help with this,i have some idea about how the l…[View]
9609251Ways to cipher your text: Hi /sci/ I would like to cypher my writings, in a way that dosent affect m…[View]
9609500Matlab help: Hi /sci/, I am stuck in a run with regards to Matlab: I have been trying to plot my da…[View]
9608325School teachers in the 60s, 70s, and 80s when they would teach blood types and basic genetics to the…[View]
9606861Let's try to think of a reason to build floating cities high amongst the clouds of Venus. Relev…[View]
9607041Schrodinger's cat theory realistic? Or was he just high? Could it help solve real-world problem…[View]
9609855Cwe: Does a cold water extraction on codein/paracetamol really work. Is the white gunk paracetamol ?…[View]
9609799Explain to a brainlet how far you would have to be from a bear to escape it assuming you could run 1…[View]
9608957>based circuit teory lecturer makes fun of youtube diy pajeet videos and chinks and their accent …[View]
96057175-D: Could an object move through the fifth dimension? Would a living thing be fucked by it physical…[View]
9608108gamblers fallacy and 4chan gets: the gamblers fallacy is to believe that if a flipped coin come ups …[View]
9609690inverse of (1-(1/(x+1))^x)/2: what's the inverse of [math]\frac{1- \left( \frac{1}{x+1} \right…[View]
9609503So, basically this guy comes up and defines your Epsilon, what you doing about it???[View]
9608093does science ever regress?[View]
9609604Is there a 3D equivalent to Penrose tiling? I'm looking for a highly flexible geometry for modu…[View]
9608137you can't tell me they don't have warp drive: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs…[View]
9608509solve:logic/programing: brainlet here,desperately need help with this,i have no idea how the logic-d…[View]
9608415how would a suit for mars look like? pressure suit or hard body? doesn't seem to be anything to…[View]
9604686There has to be a better way to compute integrals than looking at paper with vacant eyes and waiting…[View]
9607610Mathematics are second to God. Prove me wrong.[View]
9571572/phg/ - Physics General: What are you researching, studying or working on lately?[View]
9608667Is it true that there is 0 credible evidence linking vaccines to autism? https://youtu.be/XIRXxEYnkx…[View]
9608239most research is useless: 'Synthesis of π-Conjugated Polymers Containing Benzodipyrrole Moieties in …[View]
9609003Is Economics Science?: Hey /sci/ Econ major here, what do you think, is it science or not?[View]
9609339If antibiotic resistance continues to increase, do you think we'll need to return to the antise…[View]
9608368What is preventing us from mining asteroids? Lack of infrastructure? Political will? Money? Technolo…[View]
9608305does entropy invert at a certain point?: say the universe is analogous to the surface of a lake, the…[View]
9602117Solve: I'm just interested to see if anyone catches the trick[View]
9608286What do you do when your brain is mush and can't think properly?: I'm tired.[View]
9609165Certainty by: I got this video off Lubos' blog. I thought it was funny when the detractor was s…[View]
9607951Sup, /sci/. I'm looking for any computer/electrical engineers lurking this board. I'm a ma…[View]
9609217Could someone tell me the polynomial function of this snake?[View]
9609078Sci, you love a challenge?: Then explain a brainlet (me) why pic related happens. How do the atoms k…[View]
9597159How long until scientists can gene edit intelligence into people? I'm tired of being a brainlet[View]
9609284Here's a human biology question. How long does it typically take for food to be digested in you…[View]
9602657Help me settle a debate, /sci/ When it's said that light slows as it passes through some media,…[View]
9607803Convex hull: Can someone explain any algorithm to calculate a convex hull to me? Given a set of poin…[View]
9605019Can you help settle an argument with my brother /sci/entists? Can you gain two pounds(or whatever un…[View]
9608995Is it possible for a human being to have a genetic mutation that involves self repairing or somehow …[View]
9608089are relativistic affects (time dilation etc) independent of classical variables? Like would a bar o…[View]
9608939Questions about Chemistry courses: I have a lot of questions to ask Chem majors, post-graduates, stu…[View]
9608884Chemistry Challenge: I thought it might be nice to try to make this infographic more complete by add…[View]
9607958should we ban pi?[View]
9609099Lifting heavy objects with superconductors: If I have a 1 pound piece of foam that has some powerful…[View]
9605460Why Are Orbits Two Dimensional and Not Three?[View]
9605718>in discrete structures course a few years ago as a freshman >learning proof by induction >…[View]
9608247'Hey I think there's something wrong with the procedure you gave us' >He left out 3 steps in…[View]
9608530Your intelligence is pretty much entirely determined by the degree of myleniation in your brain, whi…[View]
9608649If I wanted to become an electrical engineer, what math should I practice with?[View]
9608941Does string theory really predict this?[View]
9607523Deep Knowledge Thread: The integral of any given function is the integral of that function.[View]
9607851How to understand math: I'm taking calculus 2 rn and I know who to do all the topics. I can rec…[View]
9608781Does Photographic Memory Exists?[View]
9607956How do I think in 4d?[View]
9608614D&D BioChemist: This is /sci/ related I swear. So I'm doing a modern dungeons and dragons c…[View]
9608859Does anyone know the age hunter-gatherers lose their virginity? I feel like I should've been ha…[View]
9608690Whats exactly in the brain that makes some people so much smarter than the majority? And how hard is…[View]
9607806Motion: Can anyone point me to readings that prove that motion exists? As far as my vague browsing h…[View]
9607265Genomic DNA: I'm trying to get some genomic DNA out of some pig samples, but it won't go d…[View]
9593252ITT:: YLYL /sci/ edition[View]
9605399>DUDE WE'RE MADE OF STAR STUFF LMAO This guy earns millions of dollars being a celebrity, bu…[View]
9608664Who the fuck is Katsuko Saruhashi?[View]
9608340>turing test Whats the point of trying to make a machine pass as human when people don't eve…[View]
9607116How plausible is the Hollow Earth theory?: Even if you don't think it exists (although it does …[View]
9607255voyager pictures: watched a documentary on the Voyager probes and was curious about the pictures tha…[View]
9607805Online Textbooks: ITT: Online textbook login info I'm sure we have all been in a situation wher…[View]
9607448Math Basics Books: What are the best math basics material you've read? Basically to teach someo…[View]
9608395When can we use crispr to genetically engineer my perfect wolfgirl waifu? I WANT TO BE WITH HER NOW!…[View]
9604982Is math invented or discovered? I've heard several of you saying that 'math doesn't exist …[View]
9608476Memes aside, are they hacks?[View]
9604564Give me one objective reason why I should subscribe to your/societies' system of logic[View]
9607236Probability and Statistics: Taking applied stats for engineers this semester and it fucking blows. T…[View]
9605727Is the Simulation hypothesis plausible or brainlet Tier?[View]
9607681> 2018 > Not working in the category BananaMan…[View]
9606784Finding effective interest rate without principal amount: I just took a math test and one question a…[View]
9608372Brainlet here. Is it possible for two or more blacks holes to come into contact with each, to the ex…[View]
9607866Hello, /sci/, no dark matter guy here again. My black hole theory as of 2018: https://youtu.be/5r9Ae…[View]
9607230Can anyone here explain how feynman diagrams works comparing it to classical physics? e.g. in classi…[View]
9599394Genetically Modified Monkey's: Asians have developed genetically modified monkey's that gl…[View]
9606903How do I obtain an experimental drug?: Have a non life threatening condition that can likely be trea…[View]
9608259ITT we talk about superpowers and the plausibility for each of them, and if possible any advancement…[View]
9607512Help a brainlet: Hello /sci/ Any advice for a guy that badly knows algebra and now he needs to know …[View]
9603227What direction does the Sun move in its orbit around the Galaxy?: What direction does the Sun move i…[View]
9606661Fucking confused: Does anyone know why m58 always has a missing spot in this picture?[View]
9606977I would say the noble gasses are all subhuman as they are all unlikely to form compounds with other …[View]
9601944The moment I realized high-level math is fucking retarded: Pic related. Eat my shorts sperglords.…[View]
9603747i have 4 hours to learn a whole semester of Ochem 1 I don't even know what a nucleophile is How…[View]
9606816Reminder that humans will never in any truly meaningful way escape the clutches of Earth. This is wh…[View]
9607895>When US children are asked to draw a scientist, today roughly one in three will doodle a woman. …[View]
9593369Chemistry General: 100% Smug Anime Girl Free Edition: Because the math and physics threads are maxim…[View]
9605696How does it feel to be less intelligent to someone of the future?[View]
9607175What do you think of computer science majors?[View]
9605765>'Let's suppose we assume, for a moment...'[View]
9603433Look, I understand that melanin helps brown and black people survive excess UV radiation in hot coun…[View]
9607804I have hypnagogic experiences almost every night while I try to fall asleep. I'm too scared to …[View]
9602847If you could become a doctor, what specialty would you choose?[View]
9607489Hey guys I was in class today and my science teacher told us that mass cannot be created or destroye…[View]
9606018Am I sciency now /sci/?: Is this up to date? How much of what I just read is worth retaining? Or am …[View]
9607458How applicable are sentential, predicate, and symbolic logic to pure mathematics? I've been tak…[View]
9605209What's the correct answer?: Solve this /sci/.[View]
9599429Myostatin And Super Strength: Myostatin deficiency is one of the most interesting genetic phenomena …[View]
9605003How can I learn to integrate before differentiation? I never studied calculus.[View]
9607603Cheaters: Students in my lab period act cool with me, probably because I'm the TA grading their…[View]
9606443Born-Haber Cycle: Can someone explain how they got 1/2 Cl2 ?[View]
9602076Stephen Hawking's final article on how to detect parallel universes: What a fucking brainlet h…[View]
9607261Gang sent his department a donation for 1 cent.: This is a real story taken from our school's l…[View]
9607436Okay, seriously, what the fuck. I tried doing the taylor series of the exponential of the matrix, I…[View]
9605910Is there actually a way to increase IQ? Scientists either seem to hate humanity and want them to sta…[View]
9606235FRT 42[View]
9599438electrons, photons, mathemagicians and 4 dimensional space: Physics has become the laughing stock of…[View]
9605940SpaceX LA Shipyards @ Port of San Pedro - BFR Manufacturing Location: The plans for SpaceX's BF…[View]
9606484Zero-Point Energy = Dark Energy: Well? Are they the same thing? I think so...[View]
9606032*blocks your path*[View]
9600237>masters degree in physics >no idea what Maxwell equations are…[View]
9607365/sci/ I have a question. What if your instructor completely fucks up a quiz, what do you do? >be …[View]
9606766Hello /sci/ Can someone maybe help me with a nested while loop in bash ? while [ $y -lt 183 ]; #nu…[View]
9607252Hey new to STEM so I have a question for you homophiliacs. Or a poll rather. >Is the entire fiel…[View]
9607191ITT We create and rate each other's own IQ questions: What do you all think? Is this a tough qu…[View]
9603754Autism as a benefit: The world is headed to collapse because of automation, and sooner or later it w…[View]
9606139If someone is learning math from square one, would khan academy be good enough to get an understandi…[View]
9607036Science bros is this a malignant mole on my back - it looks suspicious to me.[View]
9607143Should I leave Tesla to work at Space X? I like car shit, because I can actually drive cars, but spa…[View]
9606222250 million sperm cells when a guy ejaculates 2.5% chance per sex act to get pregnant. Chance for j…[View]
9606528Please help me /sci/, I got a bed bug infestation and already bombed my place multiple times over an…[View]
9605625People Who Commit Crimes Go To Jail: Statistical Inference and SJW Culture: Are you just required to…[View]
9608336>translation: 'WAAAAAH!! MOMMY PLS HOLD MY HAND! I AM DEEPWESSED! WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!' why is the cu…[View]
9597385Deep Space Gateway: What's your opinion on NASA's Deep Space Gateway project? Also, talk a…[View]
9605380>at a top 1% institution >borderline retarded humanities student >try math because lol jer…[View]
9606952itt: brainlet filters[View]
9605468Is a mathematician elementary equivalent to a large pizza? I think they are but I can't prove i…[View]
9603412Entomology: Any entomologists here? What are you researching? What's your favorite species? …[View]
9606918This isn't a homework help thread. This isn't a career guidance thread. This is a what kin…[View]
9606457Good chem study aids: I'm tying to place out of uni general chemistry since I already took ap b…[View]
9606827>delta-epsilon proof[View]
9604216If travels in the time was possible, what could go wrong if i meet the'me' of the past?I mean,can ac…[View]
9605508i want to discuss something to find out if i understand this correctly outside of our universe time …[View]
9606716Intentional Exctinction: Is there enough nukes in the world to completely wipe humans, as in go exct…[View]
9605637ITT Tetrahedron Fun Facts: When every height of Tetrahedron meets in one point?[View]
9606842Im a brainlet, whats binary expansion: Is binary expansion just making a decimal number binary?…[View]
9602300>genius level physicist thread Post the top 10 most influential or smartest physicists who have e…[View]
9596799Is this true that it can kill instantly?[View]
9603927How do you choose a field of study?: I never understood how someone with a genuine interest in scien…[View]
9605431can we distinguish between real sociology and sociology done by people of colour and women[View]
9604899how fast do you have to be to travel 9999 lightyears in 20 seconds?: Question is in the title[View]
9606591How do we get actual scientific discussion going on here instead of having people who've just w…[View]
9601746Let's continue the discussion about this fucking retard.[View]
9603166Radiology: >pic of my lung What is wrong?[View]
9606042Studying as proof of aptitude: Is the willingness to chew and swallow through a mountain of tedium n…[View]
9603350Why are there only jobs for code monkeys? Or now also for code monkeys who know some basics of ML. W…[View]
9603040whats 'transcendent' about functions with e and log operations? i dont get it[View]
9603677So we all know about the Newtonian law of gravity. I wonder though are there other laws of gravity? …[View]
9606478Why is autistic STEMfag meme so true? In my intro real analysis class, the only people there are aut…[View]
9592947So spacrX gets to launch cars into space, but people all around the world and Africa are still starv…[View]
9606383Is it possible for a high mountain (Alpine) valley in Europe to be bitter cold (well below zero Fahr…[View]
9606413>We insist on the fact that, although unquestionably dependent on certain individual decisions ma…[View]
9605793What would happen if everyone did nothing for 1 hour all over the world apart from basic human funct…[View]
9603297Precognitive dreams: Anybody here have any theories on precognitive dreams that aren't entirely…[View]
9599275Not a troll post. serious insight: Without the letter A, STEM cant generate STEAM can it? Art is the…[View]
9602403Despite having acceptable precalc skills, I'm fucking terrible at basic arithmetic. I never lea…[View]
9606259Vortex Based Math: Your thoughts on Vortex based math?[View]
9606349What kind of cipher does this look like to you boys? HQ6FG2LNOBWGKIDJNYQGCY3UNFXW44ZAMFXGIIDUNBXXKZ3…[View]
9605412>humans only use 10% of their brain This is bullshit right? We just haven't really figured …[View]
9604312how would having advanced hive mind change structure of governing?[View]
9606263Hey /sci/, do you remember the threads where several 'experiments' were discussed? I miss them, is t…[View]
9605013How do I learn audio synthesis from the point of a musicfaggot, not a STEM guy.[View]
9599883Female Orgasm: Is there a scientific approach to cause orgasms in women? What can you tell me about …[View]
9604099Serious question: Can chads and masculine people do top-tier science?: I'm a cell biologist and…[View]
9605670Empty string: >Empty sting. >Empty m-tuple. Are those two the same as the empty set? I need to…[View]
9606071r-right guys[View]
9604958Are there any actual unbiased studies on the underrepresentation of women in Engineering? All I can …[View]
9602093And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth…[View]
9601392Bad at mathfag here. I have 3 forms of alcohol: 1 bottle 1.14 l of 40% whiskey for $40 6 cans of 473…[View]
9605983What technology that's likely to come about in the next 20 years and will affect the common man…[View]
9605418Why are there so fucking many Indians in engineering? I searched some videos(i.e. bode plot) on yout…[View]
9604094Hey you guys: What would happen if you split a magnet via cold welding in vacuum? Would that create …[View]
9605303>wear polarized sunglasses while on computer cause eyestrain >tilting head right causes lens t…[View]
9605830Does this scenario give a speed greater than the speed of light?: Consider two particles, each trave…[View]
9602263About to start reading pic related. What should I expect, /math/?[View]
9602670What is it about math that makes it seem so difficult, but is actually pretty easy?[View]
9605872a shunting locomotive strikes a wagon of a mass of 10 tons and sets it in motion with an inital spee…[View]
9605778Ohms law and units and stuff.: Hey /sci/ I'm a chemist but stuck with a bit of basic physics/ma…[View]
9601164what are the best ways to change the course of a meteor, besides nuking it? or is nuking the best wa…[View]
9605053How can one possibly change their biological chromosomes? Surely there has to be some way. In this s…[View]
9603853Would having a bigger brain actually make you more intelligent?[View]
9605264Please help a retard out: what are the chemicals used in pH strips and are they dangerous if ignited…[View]
9603889When I will finally be able to park my fusion-powered O'Neil cylinder somewhere in the Oort clo…[View]
9605429How would you create a sequence of this form: {1, 1 2, 1 2 3, 1 2 3 4 , ... , 1 2 3 4 5 ... n} Or, …[View]
9603426Will watching his videos on the foundations of mathematics fuck me over in the long run? I've w…[View]
9604730Does anybody know of a any books that contain problem solving practice? Somthing like a hypothetical…[View]
9605560math: I am very bad at math and I kind of hate it but I want to get better I am distracted very easi…[View]
9604687so i over heard some kids on the bus say that atoms could not be created or destroyed here on earth:…[View]
9605409>the double-slit experiment[View]
9604320The Work of Stephen Hawking in Physical Review: To mark the passing of the renowned physicist and mo…[View]
9595060Post /sci/ related photos that fill you with a sense of awe.[View]
9605261Feeling demoralized but fuck em: Noob faggot undergrad Electrical and Computer engineer, here. GPA…[View]
9601674Machine Translation reaches Human Levels Ahead of predictions: https://blogs.microsoft.com/ai/machin…[View]
9606536What's the best Python editor? I was told by this board to use Pandas, but by a tutorial to use…[View]
9603323Does anyone understand why using a visible component allows SFG IR to be surface specific? It's…[View]
9603804On the Method: Share your study methods, current work flow, note taking strats, etc Personally, >…[View]
9599631Absence of evidence is evidence of absence: What does /sci/ think of this? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
9605095Self teaching physic: I’ve been wanting to learn physics but never had any classes available. Are th…[View]
9605057Is it true that women live longer because they pee sitting down?[View]
9597804WHAT THE FUCK: Why when i skull this shit 20 minutes later i feel like going into hibernation.…[View]
9604672I was wondering... what personality types do most mathematicians and Physicists have? Are they like …[View]
9601624WTF is this faggot on about? Is he just trying to troll brainlets?[View]
9604059I hate engineers so much. They make me so mad. It literally makes me physically ill to think about e…[View]
9604373e g g: I'm new to /sci/, so forgive me if I break some unspoken rules y'all have, but I ne…[View]
9602992you should be able 2 solve this problem[View]
9604380What likelihood in there in % to find a planet that can support life in our galaxy?[View]
9604601/mg/ maths general Knuth edition: Talk maths Previous >>9594173[View]
9592669What does a good CompSci curriculum should look like in your opinion? Not that Software-Engineering …[View]
9604748India to get it's own National Biobank through US/UK companies.: https://health.economictimes.i…[View]
9603847From a scientific standpoint, what actually happens to the energy from our bodies upon death, or I s…[View]
9602060Rocket noob: Hey I'm trying to organize a school rocket club, but I've never launched a ro…[View]
9601937What'd this nigga even do?[View]
9604425Open cycle rocket engines are garbage why do ULA and NASA still use this shit?[View]
9604509our current picture of the universe somehow makes me depressed: and i don't know why i can…[View]
9605896University Thread: Post about your college/university. Does anyone here go to Nottingham University?…[View]
9604555Can beer decrease testosterone in men?: Some people say that it does, others that doesn't. What…[View]
9594173/mg/ - Math general: What kind of math are you studying today?[View]
9602698Hark and gather, for I have performed labors that only /sci/ might favor: I stumbled upon location a…[View]
9602288how many chemicals are there?[View]
9604035What are the best engineering fields for each type e.g. Twinks bears otters chubs etc.[View]
9599365What is the basis for the universe.[View]
9603986Super Productivity: Hello /sci/, I need you to explain me how I can use science to : - Sleep less wh…[View]
9602691> Live in country with designated shitting streets > Pass out of 10th standard > Start stud…[View]
9603559I solved the anime girl problem with the two discs held together by rubber band. for reference, the …[View]
9604119Types of intelligence predict likelihood to get married and stay married: https://www.sciencedirect.…[View]
9597459are ants fascinating creatures?[View]
9602784FUCK PATENTS: We need to get rid of the concept of 'patents' in science entirely. Science …[View]
9603937I have the chemical KNbO3 What is the oxidation state of niobium?[View]
9597022Service for theorems: Is there a service like 'myanimelist' for theorems one can prove?[View]
9602350Pressure: Hey guys I'm a first year instrumentation and control engineering technologist and ou…[View]
9603489How do I stop being intimidated by notation?[View]
9601118Is functional programming what diferentiates low IQ programmers (/g/) from high IQ wizards (/sci/)?[View]
9601770the Chinese company LinkSpace has done another VTVL test of their Falcon 9 miniclone https://www.yo…[View]
9603780>the universe expanded in the very first seconds faster then c >traveling faster then c is not…[View]
9602376Mathematical Proof that Living beings have a SOUL?: You might think I am trolling because no one has…[View]
9599223How do I become rich as a mycologist?[View]
9594662Please no bully for this probably stupid question but I really want to learn. So i'm sure all …[View]
9603417Mathematical Proofs: So I've been taking Introduction to Mathematical Thinking on Coursera. Th…[View]
9603644is the combined mass of the whole universe infinite? the dot the big bang originated from was infini…[View]
9601936Why do we even care for Riemann integral when Lebesgue integral is better?[View]
9602385The observable universe constitutes about 5% of the universe's total mass with the remaining ~9…[View]
9590954Is this faggot a meme? Seems like all he did was win some math contests and make predictions about p…[View]
9602222Can humanity ever realistically become a space faring civilization?[View]
9600306Civil Engineering: hi can you help me to find link to download aashto lrfd 7th si for free[View]
9600870Best way to calculate the percentage difference between 2 numbers increase/decrease.[View]
9603455>Repeat the Chargaff experiment >Get near perfect 1:1 ratio of A:T >Get a 3:1 ratio of C:G…[View]
9603304so we're existing in a kind of bubble in space where there's no dark energy: no expansion …[View]
9601798Will it ever be possible to make genetically engineered (monster)cocks for men with micropeens or a …[View]
9601390>Have a B in calculus Wtf, can I still make it /sci/?[View]

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