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10152908Why is chronic lyme disease such a controversial topic? Borrelia persisters have been demonstrated i…[View]
10153471reminder that there are stinky frequentists on this board RIGHT NOW[View]
10153727explain the fourier/discrete fourier transform in simple terms to a brainlet[View]
10153493>professor's syllabus says each day an assignment is late is 10% off >turn in my term pap…[View]
10152971What is the worst textbook you have ever used?[View]
10149217Are Nordic universities good?: Are they world class? It's free to study there and they're …[View]
10151624Brain: Can you monitor someone's brainwaves from far away? Is there such a thing as a long rang…[View]
10153552a tetanus shot contains dead Clostridium tetani which is the bacteria found in soil that causes teta…[View]
10150645Is this image true? How is it any different than the way I was taught growing up here in the Holy Am…[View]
10153940Infrared imaging: I'm doing research on infrared imaging. Anyone here can help? >what are th…[View]
10149974Is he smarter than Hawking?[View]
10152725/ETH/: /ETH/ general Where my swissbros at?[View]
10153258what did the physics phd say to the math phd? [spoiler]paper or plastic?[/spoiler][View]
10154308I will likely have two supervisors for my upcoming Masters degree/thesis. The supervisors know each …[View]
10151148Tooker <<<< Shiva: Zero-hat has now been rigorously defined as the first step in my danc…[View]
10154257How do I learn thermodynamics? I didn't attend the lectures and lecture notes are gibberish, th…[View]
10154292Does library science belong here or on /lit/?[View]
10153604What is the issue with mathematics and evolution he talks about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S89…[View]
10152750lack of discipline in science studies: I've tried studying several fields from stem category an…[View]
10153751hi. sorry for my bad english. I have a question. Is there online calculator which can find x in y=x^…[View]
10153050Guys, i have a probabilistic question: I have events (A,B,C) with expected value of it's durati…[View]
10150734Is China really trying to spy on us with Huawei phones?[View]
10150757Legitimacy of eye exercises: Aren't there any proper studies out there documenting the effects …[View]
10149146Is onions harmful? what's the scientific consensus on this important issue?[View]
10153706>math and CS degree >140k starting >all my CF friends have 60k starting code monkey jobs …[View]
10153576How Do You Eliminate Simple Errors?: > Study for Calc Exam > Very simple material, basic deriv…[View]
10154069Hopf Fibration: Can anyone explain what this bizarre thing is and why it's important?[View]
10152491What the fuck: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/birth-control-in-drinking-water-a-fertility-cata…[View]
10140556Why haven't we gone back to the Moon or beyond for almost a half century?[View]
10152551The Purpose of T-Rex's Tiny Arms: https://hubpages.com/education/The-Purpose-of-T-Rexs-Tiny-Arm…[View]
10151308Is Oumuamua an alien probe?: What do you think? Check this out and tell me your opinion! https://www…[View]
10148983Are you ready for a delightfully counterintuitive rocket? https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/106386…[View]
101523969 of the top 15 Universities in math and computer science are Asian: Is Western supremacy officially…[View]
10145950I made a theory on how to make cheaper more efficient computers: I really want better computers. My …[View]
10155315I analysed a solution with AAS and worked out the concentration of silicon in the solution to be 625…[View]
10153072if natural selection is real then how can being gay be 'something you are born with' (i.e. genetic)?…[View]
10153832Engineers are to scientists as nurses are to doctors. One is a respectable position while the other …[View]
10141054>taking exam, 30 seconds left >last question is about efficiency of something >calculate -5…[View]
10153550>take all trash >put it on a rocket >send it to the sun >do this every year What happen…[View]
10153698Musing on various things, I wondered what would happen if a moon-sized mass of antimatter were to be…[View]
10153445This isn't homework, I'm just curious. How would you prove that the sum of two odd numbers…[View]
10150926Is Marxism a science?[View]
10153291kind of an simple question but google is useless so here goes. Does exposing iron oxide powder to ir…[View]
10150902How useful is taking the determintent of square matrices whenever you encounter? Most of the time it…[View]
10153426This is bugging me for some time, should you use toothpaste with fluoride or not? I'm sure you …[View]
10147563Apparently is answer is 9, not 1. Why is this?[View]
10153500Space civilizations: Assuming our current physics are correct and that we cannot create a wormhole: …[View]
10152710Are migraine caused by the enviroment (ie wether change, pressure) or is it all just because of the …[View]
10151519I've got a newfound interest in math for some weird reason and i found this great youtube chann…[View]
10153506sci motivation: as a citizen scientist reading and doing experiments I found this to be inspirationa…[View]
10152789Analysis on Fractals: What is the state of the research in this field? Have there been any major res…[View]
10150934Why does our species have the ability to grow super long hair on our heads and nowhere else? >inb…[View]
10151759I am a brenlet. Please explain when to use 1 sample t test, paired t test, and 2 sample t test as si…[View]
10149194Medical Anons - Long term prognosis following the application of a tourniquet?: MEDICAL EMERGENCY SC…[View]
10154225The Function of Selfish: My girlfriend died in 2015 and everyone deserted me afterwards. Whats the s…[View]
10149124嫦娥: >Chang'e Apparently, the far side of the moon is 'tidally locked' and never faces the Ea…[View]
10150059RICIN: can anyone tell me how to make ricin from castor bean seed and make a concentrate out of it…[View]
10152602http://www.googolplexwrittenout.com/: how is this even possible /sci/? i thought there aren't e…[View]
10148228Math thread by: math https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/3001760/is-this-definition-well-posed…[View]
10145603Input go in. Input get calculated into output Output go out. When will /sci/ become redpilled, and r…[View]
10151677Voyager: Will there ever be a space program as fruitful as Voyager I and II?[View]
10152963/uni/bros continue without me please.[View]
10152650Hello there /sci/, I have a question concerning a small debate I had this morning. There was the hyp…[View]
10152464How do we solve three-body problem?[View]
10153061brainlet here: can someone point me in the right direction for this physics question? number 75 than…[View]
10152278Is not pooping theoretically possible? What if you eat only nutrients you need and nothing more? It…[View]
10153003I've been reading this book by Rodrick Wallace. It's called Clausewitz, the Fog of War and…[View]
101529593D egg shell form of tan(x) I came to /sci/ a few days ago with a question about making an periodic …[View]
10151328Dog-Chicken Chimera: Bear with me for a second >In ancient alchemist practice existed an idea of …[View]
10151302>PhD in Math >8 months unemployed >too overqualified for entry level jobs >too underqual…[View]
10152939Does anyone here knows a thing about flow velocity, velocity profiles, turbulent, laminar flow..? I…[View]
10152868>ochem lab >put acetone on my hand >cool hand…[View]
10152914>tfw you need to remake all your plots so the colors are distinguishable in monochrome…[View]
10152321Solar Gravity Lens Mission: 548.7AU (more than three light-days) opposite the Sun from the observed …[View]
10152880AI, the future, etc: Does anyone have books or pdfs on artificial intelligence? I want to go to univ…[View]
10148781Is hypnosis real or rake?: I cannot find a clear answer anywhere.[View]
10124109Are German universities good?: I'm considering a Master in Mathematics. The offers from German …[View]
10151350Teachers of /sci/. Be honest. Are you only teaching because you couldn’t get a real job?[View]
10152718Ughhhhh bRZAAAAABSZZZ[View]
10151079Why aren’t you studying?[View]
10151629does Bluetooth kill brain cells?[View]
10151065Sweet reminder that there are no successful arguments against antinatalism[View]
10152561last week I was getting bored so I look into brother's maths textbook that was lying around and…[View]
10150821Could someone explain this meme to me?[View]
10149561There will come a sad day when science manages to allow for male-to-female people to carry and give …[View]
10150913>Life is a random occurrence in the universe. There's no intelligent design behind it. We ar…[View]
10151675this is pure speculation but lets say that we reach the limits of computer technology,we know that i…[View]
10148250/BCG/ - Book Charts General: Dear fellow omni/sci/entists, In this thread we foster an everlasting g…[View]
10151569>fell for engineering meme >in junior year of chemical engineering >best in class gradewise…[View]
10152358https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Slotin#Criticality_accident >At the time of the accident, dos…[View]
10151219I got this sinus / ear infection that won't go away, so I flushed my nose with some salt, pyrox…[View]
10150291Self Study Group: Hello anon, I heard you have been trying to study some complicated books on your o…[View]
10150473What do you think about Mathematical Engineering?: As title[View]
10144294How do we save the gateway station? Could a lunar space station make sense in a BFR world?[View]
10151580how can i make the smallest,most basic,single call phone possible?[View]
10152274How would /sci/ rank the different disciplines in math by level of autism? As in, who would be more …[View]
10150761How much math is needed to be useful?: Currently taking calc 1. When people tell me they were bad at…[View]
10151636Bullshit Barracks Chemistry: Stuck in the barracks, I get bored as fuck, needing that good 'ol …[View]
10152218hydration of human body: question 1) suppose i'm chad af and weigh 210 lbs and am 6ft and am ve…[View]
10152204Perhaps /sci/ could help me out here. I have a table (attached), with blank spaces. The rows and col…[View]
10144275Scientists discover new branch on the tree of life: Holy fuck, lads. Fucking Leafs have made history…[View]
10152194Why don't these snappi bois attack prey in shallow water?[View]
10151398Will Ray Kurzweil live to 100? He's 70 now.[View]
10151403Is university becoming pointless?: Whats the point of attending 2 hour lectures when it can be expla…[View]
10150069Give it to me straight Are we really snacking on cloned aborted foetus cells? https://www.lifesitene…[View]
10145889What's more urgent right now to capture the automotive market: >battery breakthrough >aut…[View]
10152130I was speaking to my professor about the time he spent at CERN (5~ years) doing his doctorate and he…[View]
10152469Stanly Plotkin, grandfather of vaccines admits under oath that DTaP has not been studied for autism:…[View]
10151764Nima hate thread: >some qts at CERN chatting >qt1: 'nima? oh yeah he's one of the top exp…[View]
10150652Is chimerism false? It doesn't matter how many sexual partners had the mother of my children...…[View]
10152018memetics: I have been recently been acquainted with the topic of memetics like the dumbass I am I wa…[View]
10150207Schizophrenia: How can I get rid of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia?[View]
10137690My friend died I'm having an existential crisis. I want to believe that I'll see him again…[View]
10151853Would a category 5 hurricane have enough rainwater to extinguish the California wildfires?[View]
10150211Plenty Of Room At The Bottom: Did Feynman overstate the potential of nano-technology, or are we just…[View]
10145758So in homotopy type theory, dependent types correspond to fibrations and identity types correspond t…[View]
10151728I need someone to help this brainlet on truncated normal distributions.: I need to find the mean and…[View]
10149611Banks and Fischler: can somebody try to explain what these guys are trying to argue? they're ac…[View]
10151025Why can some people learn calculus quickly, some people can learn it with practice, some people can …[View]
10150624Is the criticism towards Evolutionary Psychology legit?: I'm very interested in the mind and ev…[View]
10149689Chaos: Smart minds of /sci/, please answer this. Our universe is extremely chaotic ans imperfect. Wo…[View]
10147685Double Bsc./Msc.: Anyone done this?[View]
10150573What does /sci/ think of this: Hey /sci/, I'm not exactly an engineer but I've been kickin…[View]
10151377>Got everything lined up for grad school >SOPs written, 164V/169Q, near perfect GPA and indust…[View]
10149794Pardon my retardation. But, I've had a nagging question in my mind for like weeks now. I was wo…[View]
10150184whats the best way to check if a number is a power of something? e.g. how do i check if 8 is a power…[View]
10150960Just got hit by this delightful error 404 while looking for an article. Does your uni have humour on…[View]
10150541Post some simple, nice-looking functions which pleases your autism. Bonus points if you didn't …[View]
10148599Commercial Gene Therapy: I got back into Bioshock recently, which begs an interesting question: Will…[View]
10152547I have to do my end of degree project (software engineering) and I'm not quite sure what it sho…[View]
10145410Are there any advantages to having an average or low IQ?[View]
10151055wow, you must be so smart[View]
10151131In pic related scenario, will the two spheres rotate around their center of mass? Or will they do so…[View]
10148060it's happening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeA7edXsU40[View]
10150181Positron Dynamics: Can they do it, /sci/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBjt2CgZACU[View]
10144487ADHD: is it real?[View]
10144785>physics professor starts ranting again and says stupid people should kill themselves because the…[View]
10150853Is there a way to estimate the IQ of a child based on the IQ of its parents? I don’t want my child …[View]
10150161Starman: >Starman has made its first pass beyond Mars https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2018/11/falco…[View]
10150666>But why, some say, the Moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask, why climb the h…[View]
10150400>the authors refer to linear regression as 'machine learning'[View]
10143609Does this kill internet companies? https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/11/spacex-get…[View]
10150674how to get good at abstract math?[View]
10150692Can dump people make smart kids?[View]
10150607What do I need to read before I can understand this? Note that I'm familiar with abstract algeb…[View]
10149790If we needed to travel to a star several light years away from Earth, it would take hundreds of thou…[View]
10150467Hi Anon, I heard you're good at maths. I'm trying to sum [math] \sum_{i=1}^\infty 1/I [/ma…[View]
10134164Humor: /math/ humor thread[View]
10150510Just how much of scientific research is fake /sci/?[View]
10150556Suns + Blackholes: The question of which is more destructive just depends on perspective a human can…[View]
10150318Why do all the conspiracy theory crackpots and neo-nazis (i.e. /pol/ and the like) idolize this man …[View]
10150585> be me > open my books > studying.jpg > yep is not that hard > try to solve some pra…[View]
10149066Logic Questions: k, can someone help me out with this? I recently did a syllogism test and got these…[View]
10150521What's the strategy i should use to prove by limit that this sequence converges to 1/2? I tried…[View]
10141300comfy old physics pics: ITT post comfy old physics photos, preferably 1960s-1970s stuff[View]
10147354SOHO LASCO C3 Bright object left frame: This is the current SOHO LASCO C3 image of our sun, what is …[View]
10148698How many chiral centers are in this molecule?[View]
10149137What would be the requirements to become a scientist in Antarctica?[View]
10147062I was just diagnosed with autism, fucking autism... Jesus fucking Christ I just wanna kill myself! …[View]
10135015What does /sci/ think about the fact that runaway climate change is going to fuck us all over big ti…[View]
10148545I just realized bio chemical machinery is Turing complete, as it is able to construct a Turing machi…[View]
10149506Salary in STEM: What's the highest paying job in STEM? Besides becoming the CEO of a dumb start…[View]
10149975Reminder that pic related is way better at gauging your brainpower than any online IQ test. https://…[View]
10149103When we calculate difference between means, we are only concerned with the normality of the sampling…[View]
10150315holy shit ecc is probably the coolest thing. ive just started learning this but can someone explain …[View]
10148159why do scientists be sayin we cant make expeditions to the sun like nigga just go there at night lma…[View]
10147769REGRESSION TO THE MEAN: How the fuck does evolution even work if animals keep regressing back to the…[View]
10150175String Theory is just bs. 10 extra dimensions, branes?, big bang was a collisions between two higher…[View]
10149831QUANTUM ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Will all the current deep learning stuff have to be completely scra…[View]
10150274Methane Hydrate: Killer cause of Earth's greatest mass extinction: https://www.sciencedirect.co…[View]
10148336prove him wrong pro tip: you can't[View]
10149273What is the explanation for this?[View]
10149887Is this the most useless operator in existence: >takes up way too much space >still have to us…[View]
10147486what is this a hopf fibration and is it important or just a meme? https://www.math.toronto.edu/drorb…[View]
10149919I got up everyday to do as I was told. I felt like a piece of clay for someone else to mold. My suit…[View]
10149478Since time only moves in one direction, why isn't it considered a half-dimension instead of a f…[View]
10149993How can someone write a law that explains perfectly nature without demonstration just from observing…[View]
10149976Would you let a more advanced civilization run Earth?[View]
10144658Top ten pranks that went too far[View]
10149983On the edge of Desperation: I need to reference this book but I cannot find any information about it…[View]
10148632>recovering from moderate brain injury visited neurologist one year ago and he was uncaring. been…[View]
10149854Can I teach myself linear algebra in two weeks? I already know matrix/vector operations, determints,…[View]
10146974I have Whooping Cough: I've had a bad cough for over 2 months and just read online my symptoms,…[View]
10149957I get bored too easily: I don't think I can do science. I get bored way too fast. The longest I…[View]
10149801Units: I'm currently about to lay out some formulas in a spreadsheet and i was curious about wh…[View]
10147126how the FUCK do I calculate NPV[View]
10147568What do you all think of a Statistics vs Data Science undergrad major. Also how programming heavy i…[View]
10148284I was thinking, if capsacin works by activating pain receptors, wouldn't opiates make you pract…[View]
10148142Can we all agree that tesla was a talentless hack and that he probably stole the concept of Alternat…[View]
10146917Am I missing anything?[View]
10147529> Von Neumann did some of his best work in noisy, chaotic environments, >and once admonished …[View]
10138971Uni Thread: What Uni does sci go to/graduated from? Your degree? And your overall thoughts?[View]
10145312Who here/brainlet/? >tfw struggling with Linear Algebra for Engineers >unironically looking fo…[View]
10144239>1200 pound bear hibernates in winter >800 pound bear wakes up in spring >hibernating bears…[View]
10145414i'm convinced med school is easier than engineering: I used to be good at math and physics, but…[View]
10146378Forgive me, holy Father: The set of all square primes = \varnothing The set of all quadrilateral tri…[View]
10147742ITT: counterexamples to the PHENOTYPE[View]
10146786Was he right?[View]
10149433I had 3 nosebleeds today due to me picking my nose, >first one second was me hoggin back the mucu…[View]
10149457Why do engineer/IT majors gets such a bad rep for the type of people in them? Does anyone have any s…[View]
10148265Scientifically speaking, why does gender dysphoria exist? What's the evolutionary advantage of …[View]
10144256Just finished drafting my Statement of Purpose for PhD apps. Essays are the bane of my existence, bu…[View]
10138165/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: /sqt/ - stupid questions thread / QTDDTOT For book recommendations,…[View]
10149454longboi object Oumuamua is also a smol boi[View]
10149416Hey fellow structural engineers, My class mate and I were wondering about the Unbraced length of a c…[View]
10145705SI-Unit thread: Today the CGPA voted for the redefinition of the kilogramm. Why is nobody talking ab…[View]
10149386I'm not asking you to do my homework since I need and want to learn shit myself: How do I find …[View]
10143826Is there any way to cure a herniated disc? They're easy to get and totally disabling, there…[View]
10149180Is it safe to drink sugar water (say 15-20% concentration, just ordinary white table sugar and disti…[View]
10138943The beginning of my quest to discover multivariable calculus: Is my proof correct? Let a and b defin…[View]
10146933Are recent changes to kilogram the ultimate proof of imperial system superiority?[View]
10148506Now what?: Where will I be able to shitpost about nerd stuff without getting downvoted for calling s…[View]
10147999The Lisette riddle.: I made a puzzle out of boredom. Let's see if you can solve it. What conne…[View]
10148979Hello /sci/, first post here, wondering if this idea I've been over roasting for a few days is,…[View]
10148928Ideal Nations League Finishes: Post how the last few matches should go for the Nations League's…[View]
10143847What happens if you're a civil engineer and you build a bridge and it breaks and people die.[View]
10147103So, what's the science behind the HTP test? Is it any reliable?[View]
10143908Do you use Nootropics? Which ones? Have you noticed any improvements in preformance and how so?[View]
10147708Microbiology general /micro/: Haven't had one in a while >Any research updates? >surpris…[View]
10148531>mfw heat travels with infinite speed Is it true?[View]
10148719Singularities: Can it be said that simplicity is a prerequisite for complexity? If so, doesn't …[View]
10144970How come African nations have low average IQs compared to the rest of the world?[View]
10145191>'Let's not colonize the galaxy because humans are evil, fight each other over pointless thi…[View]
10146392Is he really _that_ bad?[View]
10148076Freshman Undergrad Gore Thread: >first semester of college >english 1, c++ and government >…[View]
10145184What's the evolutionary purpose of cruelty? Why do we enjoy torturing small animals and similar…[View]
10147957Newfriend here, just want to say you guys are great.: >math and science >Oh, I didn't kno…[View]
10148466New BFR: So, what the new design /sci/ ? Are we actually getting anything or is it a meme at this p…[View]
10148382Hearts and minds, or US government behavior control: What methods does the US government use to indo…[View]
10145376The power of God: (this is not trolling, but rather just speculation) If in this universe it would b…[View]
10145068Is cgp grey video about automation flawed?: Is cgp greys video flawed, or we actually dommed and aut…[View]
10142030SpaceX Launch Thread: Es’hail-2: LC-39A has new cladding edition WHEN: Window is 3:46 p.m. EST / 20:…[View]
10148229Is there a good non-propaganda article about the effect of the climate change?[View]
10148118Anyone going to conferences and giving talks have advice for dealing with people asking stupid quest…[View]
10146844Why do people hold Africa to a lower standard when it comes to history? Anytime a culture like the G…[View]
10146140When should I use a hypothesis test to choose a value for a parameter in a statistical model versus …[View]
10148248Equivalence Relations: Let a ∼ b. By (E2), b ∼ a. By (E3), if a ∼ b and b ∼ a, then a ∼ a. This prov…[View]
10147485Nebula Genomics: Full genome sequencing for $99. Well, /sci/ have you had your genome sequenced yet?…[View]
10148192Is there a formula which for each positive integer n gives the smallest number divisible by every nu…[View]
10147882CO2 and Climate Change: Can someone explain to me, as a layman, the evidence for the theory that CO2…[View]
10148106Can photons travel faster than the speed of light?[View]
10148198Extreme Time Dilation: Are there any places in the universe where it feels like only a few years hav…[View]
10137687Is Randomness actually possible?: Please tell me if this paradoxon has a name yet. (I will not adre…[View]
10148071Best microscopes to see erythrocytes, sperm cells, etc?[View]
10144752Does Armodafinil help you stay focused and sharp for study sessions?: Hello everyone, i never tried …[View]
10130654>take adderall >everything is easy why is this allowed…[View]
10147596what's the most /sci/ programming language and i mean actual /sci/, not data ''''science''''[View]
10144036caesarian sections: hey /sci/ just wanted to know your thoughts on caesarian sections and its implic…[View]
10144617'the Paranormal has disproved Science': Is this true? If the paranormal disproved science, why are y…[View]
10146655eternal inflation: >bubble universes[View]
10147481Big Bang Cycle: How likely is it that once the ' Big rip' scenario occurs, another big bang eventual…[View]
10147855hey sci i need help, i'm planning on majoring in genetics and i don't know if ill make it …[View]
10147221Red pill bestows you with photographic memory and allows you to perform all mental mathematics at 10…[View]
10147622What can I physically do to drive myself insane? I want to stop being depressed, bros[View]
10146656Is there any evidence that IQ differences between races is not due to a mix of nutrition, fluoride i…[View]
10147390Limbs: Hello. I have a genuine question. As I understand it, insect limbs are neatly categorized int…[View]
10145319As a CompSci 2nd year student and a brainlet in Maths and Physics, but always interested in it (but …[View]
10147210Calculating compression ratio: So im building an engine and im having a hard time accepting the answ…[View]
10147530Metastuff: >Transmit beyond singularity brain upgrade schematics to self optimising minds worldwi…[View]
10147314Antares NG-10 Launch: >Launch time: 0901 GMT (4:01 a.m. EST) >Launch site: Pad 0A, Wallops Isl…[View]
10135364Favorite area of math: Post yours. I’ll start >differential geometry…[View]
10145258I got a vaccine but a few hours later I got a 2-hour nosebleed. Will this cancel the effects of the …[View]

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