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31380772>Talking intelligent animals held against their will So slavery, and possibly cannibalism, canon …[View]
31393140I have some extremely reliable sources, which shall not be named, that say the writers often take in…[View]
31393640Anyone up for something old school? http://www.lunchtimers.com/game/?game=letters&roomid=room1 P…[View]
31390714What would happen if you cut a pegasus's wings off of his or her body?[View]
31390451Post your best Pinkie Pie pictures or the plushie gets it.[View]
31389172>Starlight isn't a Twilight clo-[View]
31371569Conquest of Paradise #8 (CYOA)[View]
31383864This filly comes up to you and asks you to do magic because she thinks you can do it as an alien, wh…[View]
31385218Sexiest horse: Who is the sexiest horse? Back up your claims with evidence![View]
31390762Its not 2011 anymore: Is there still anyone who unironically likes dash best as their favorite mane …[View]
31391093Say Something Nice: This is Flubbershyte. Say something nice about her. Draw a pretty picture of her…[View]
31391139I translate Totally Legit Recap into Russian. watch?v=y0MkI4Aw6_Y Sometimes I don't understand …[View]
31387845>his waifu is Twilight >he doesn't like reading >his waifu is Pinkie >he is always …[View]
31366771Limestone thread. Post the best tsundere poner.[View]
31336304Femdom thread: Femdom containment thread. Green encouraged.[View]
31388808MLP General: 725 & 726: Shadow Play - Parts 1 & 2 Written by Josh Haber & Nicole Dubuc 7…[View]
31391504>YFW you make it to Equestria and meet up with your Waifu only to find out that they are literall…[View]
31391492You should be able to figure this out /mlp/ even with my shit tier photography[View]
31390378>season 1 >*teleports behind NMM* >season 2 >teleports herself+rarity+rd+spike miles awa…[View]
31389115Dead show Dead fandom[View]
31392070Given the characters, who'd have the subjectively shittiest taste in music which character woul…[View]
31233902Bat Pony Thread #281: 'Upside-down' edition. Previous sexy bat mom: >>31048328 >W…[View]
31390883ITT we post a screenshot from the show representing every board like pic related[View]
31389826>still no budget number released: What does it mean?[View]
31386624Let your imagination run wild[View]
31390155MLPFEMTORPG: Free if it's 30 mins or more Edition: >2 0 Rules goo gl/GZeKHu >2 0 Multicla…[View]
31380169EQG sure does suck.[View]
31380502There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare. Do it for her edition A collection of…[View]
31379339villians that would work: post villains you think would work in the mlp world. pic related>I…[View]
31390918>if you want to talk, talk to Aria[View]
31339606Anonfilly Thread: Romance Edition: >Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about? This thread typi…[View]
31390651My review: I just now watched the movie thanks to it still being in my local theater. Pros: Hand dra…[View]
31386947>tfw the poni movie is better than Justice League[View]
31387281I sure hope you weren't planning on being happy today.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFnDtvD…[View]
31388820Social Analysis and Bestiality: Would it be considered beastiality If you were a pony and you wanted…[View]
31380611let's be honest about the movie: Even if it (barely) managed to break even, 50 million for a ki…[View]
31389510what two parter plots could they do that center around one of the other 5?: What hypothetical two pa…[View]
31387289https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgi4EKA7QrY&feature=youtu.be Top 7 mlp fan creations[View]
31388406Derpy Saves Twilight In Movie?: Some feminist made a blogpost about the beginning fight between Temp…[View]
31385392Does anyone still regularly read fanfiction outside of this site?[View]
31389154What's his nickname?: I think Thunderlame would be too basic. Maybe Thunderlag? Thunderlate? Wh…[View]
31303525Coltquest Thread 72: Inventory & Spells: https://pastebin.com/M3JiXh4r Archive: https://www.anon…[View]
31386925I want to take advantage of teen Applejack and her first heat.[View]
31387283>Have a Nyx avatar for years >Finally changed it today >In traffic >See a car infront of…[View]
31374307why do you faggots like fart so much[View]
31384528MLP General: Comfy sisters edition 725 & 726: Shadow Play - Parts 1 & 2 Written by Josh Habe…[View]
31357401Random CYOA - v0.1: Okay, so let's just say you are a random pony, I don't know. Maybe yo…[View]
31387654>I realize that you've always been an autist Wow, that's pretty harsh. How did they get…[View]
31387743>He doesn't like the pilot.[View]
31385548>'Excuse me human, could you point me to the nearest ranch? These shoes are killing me.'…[View]
31388003Thinking of moth pony[View]
31372077CYOA Discussion: Stats Edition ITT: >We discuss current, finished and upcoming CYOAs. >Give ad…[View]
31381909/mlp/'s kinda slow: Your horse is kinda slow, /mlp/. Are you sure feeding it your shitposts won…[View]
31382329Redbull Makes You An Alicorn: Imagine if you will. An episode in which energy drinks existed in the …[View]
31387113Belly buttons are cute[View]
31387293If they weren't going to use him before, during, or after the climax, why didn't they just…[View]
31375837>That awful app has ruined my liiiiffffeee![View]
31384365Equestrian Sports General, because the last one died. Anyone remember this? Let's talk about sp…[View]
31376509Do you like short manes?[View]
31385530Can we all agree that 'an ursa minor broke my horn' is the lamest villain motivation in MLP history?…[View]
31386478UGH: I’m still shocked that Hasbro didn’t use this art book to make the movie. A potential classic w…[View]
31386668Would you adopt this filly?[View]
31381038Is this the best execution of dark genre?[View]
31382880Turn this: Into meme[View]
31382754Is this accurate?[View]
31387245How much will it hurt when she is reformed? How much autistic screeching will there be? Will it be a…[View]
31383900You prank your waifu with this contraption, or something similar like with bees. What happens next?[View]
31386725Oh just your regular shitpost What went into their heads when they translated this Thats high level …[View]
31385193Judgment Day: (Pic related) Judgment Day The world is ending, everyone you know is dead, and as far …[View]
31378902What type of movies have The Canterlot Movie Club seen? Are there additional members? Do they like T…[View]
31381921>Uh, Twi, why are you sitting on Anon's face?[View]
31368437Do they still make you happy? They still make me happy. Let's be gay, and talk about why they m…[View]
31370692Five million years later, still mad?[View]
31384724Classic Cringe thread!: I love this video! https://youtu.be/u8JaFzW0Rn0[View]
31386283Sunset Shimmer? Starlight Glimmer? I think you're forgetting the BEST Twilight Sparkle clone.[View]
31386591Isn't it interesting how a unicorn's horn grows out of the spot where the third eye chakra…[View]
31377840This is Twilight, say something nice about her[View]
31384370Ponies as described with mass-produced corporate sweetwater: Am I close?[View]
31384913good night /mlp/[View]
31383791So like......Worm 2 is happening/started and I know at least some of you fags are geeky enough and i…[View]
31362563After years of being picked on by Rainbow Dash, you've finally got the dirt on her that could r…[View]
31384836Does it make you sad that EQG is better then MLP[View]
31382845So which pone gives the best succ?[View]
31378016Hey guys, I have to go to work, can you watch this for me please? I'll be back in a few.[View]
31382382Come on everypony! Smile! Smile! Smile! F̛̹͖̯̠̣ͅͅi̸̢͖͙l̥̜̰͔̘͝ḷ̀́͘ ̯͍̰̱͕̠̜̻́m͍̫̖͓͔y̡͇̘̪̱͠ ̻͚͞͞h̹̬́è…[View]
31385386What's the worst 'why boner' the show has given you?[View]
31384195>I hate Starlight, so I’m going to act like a hyperbolic fan of her’s so no one else can like her…[View]
31384882'think fast mane 6'[View]
31378795*wubs your path*[View]
31383605Wow, I guess our movie wasnt so bad after all? Its even worse with their top critics, at 28% to 55%.[View]
31380638Daily reminder that Sunset Shimmer loves Veggietales.[View]
31381839Greed is good.[View]
31380902Are ponies all you have?[View]
31383614Why does anybody like the design of this character? I assumed it was an edgy OC and people on this b…[View]
31385177Is garble the most pathetic dragon in existence?: >throws a rock so limply that a pegasus can cat…[View]
31384490Andrea Libman in FaceApp. Decided to post it here instead of /tv/ because fuck if they know who she …[View]
31382029So is there a reason why this board isn't a red board? >it would just become a porn dump boa…[View]
31384307What's her name again?[View]
31318346Anonymous in Equestria Thread #1133: Last Thread >>31215896 Writer's Block Edition IRC: i…[View]
31380059MLP General: 725 & 726: Shadow Play - Parts 1 & 2 Written by Josh Haber & Nicole Dubuc 7…[View]
31383509Would you invite your waifu over for Thanksgiving with your family?[View]
31382550>always shit on EqG and the people who like it after watching the first movie >decide to watch…[View]
31378078/mlp/ scarves and jerseys: Team /mlp/ scarves and jerseys are on sale again! Support your board…[View]
31373110Glimmerfags utterly destroyed by EQD: Shimmy confirmed canon. How will they ever recover? https://ww…[View]
31374061Anon's Pie Adventure.: Pencil's late edition. Imgur gallery : https://imgur.com/a/7fQMi N…[View]
31380938Plush Ponies and what you do to them: Hey, How many of you guys have pony plushs of your pony Waifus…[View]
31382251won a decal tool in a raffle already got a conscientious objector give me a .jpg that ll show everyo…[View]
31373983Incestious Relationships Thread: Delicious cake edition Previous thread: >>31366037 → # Greens…[View]
31382442He nailed the music in the movie: Even if the story was shit Ingram did a fantastic job with the sco…[View]
31382889Celestia's as pure as light.[View]
31381165Funko Vinyl Collectibles/Merchandise Discussion: Didn't see another thread with this being talk…[View]
31381864You get to go to Equestria, but you have to fuck Spike every day. Do you still go?[View]
31380892Best pony[View]
31364892Alicorn Starlight Glimmer: Alicorn Starlight Glimmer Thread? Alicorn Starlight Glimmer Thread! InB4…[View]
31334812How much longer until Hasbro makes Starlight lead character?[View]
31381142Meru meru me, meru meru meee meru meru meeee meru meru meee. Meru meru mee meru meru me meru meru me…[View]
31379572Before glimmer posts infested the board what was the shitposter's 'go-to spampost' th…[View]
31382380Best crab[View]
31382578There's literally nothing gay about liking cute stallions.[View]
31382605https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwjkVHm9QGs&t=1s adventures of the badly drawn OC[View]
31381287I'm worried[View]
31381081How do I stop tapping to ponies?[View]
31381017Seriously how can anyone like this bland garbage?[View]
31167942Sugarcoat is open-minded: you can trust her thread number i don't fucking know. i did it at the…[View]
31324922Dazzle Thread #261: Troublemaker edition All Dazzling lovers are welcome. It doesn't matter if …[View]
31379201What will the release date for S8 be?[View]
31381299Commander Dash thread: >Attention on deck! >RD: This is for all you new ponies. I only have on…[View]
31378238characters you hate[View]
31381130>I like pinkie pie[View]
31381994>vast majority of EQG artwork is horribly off model really makes you think…[View]
31365603Would you flash a depressed Rarity to try and cheer her up, and show her she was still attractive?[View]
31380854based fucking Trixie saves everything: Just read this gem today. This novel deserves to be remembere…[View]
31380732Is Lilymoon best book-only pony?[View]
31379873So apparently a company that makes figurines that sell for hundreds of dollars is going to make some…[View]
31376476Ever had any MLP-related dreams? I just woke up from a dream that I bought pic related for my sister…[View]
31378765If you could keep 1 MLP episode and destroy the others, which would you pick?: My choice is Cutie Ma…[View]
31377255Is there such a thing as too big when it comes to plot?[View]
31381153Bats!: Why did they all start acting like cunts?[View]
31381054What's her tax policy?[View]
31374617Lets get a Star Wars thread going[View]
31379265High Quality Art/Papes: Just got a new UHD monitor, want to get some use out of it. Any pony, any s…[View]
31379682MLPFEMTORPG -- Set thine house in order: http://pastebin.com/Pu749mrT[View]
31380961>what's your name kid? >the pony holocaust How did hasbro get away with his?…[View]
31378282>The underlying theme changes from “Let’s celebrate this show we like!” to “Let’s celebrate that …[View]
31380916I don't get it[View]
31379498THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!: everyone who frequents mlp has been instantly transported to equestri…[View]
31377771So is Discord the next progressive trans character?[View]
31380442>tfw hiatus[View]
31379486Generals and Starlight Glimmer have polluted this board so much that it has become unbrowsable.[View]
31377990fun fact, these two characters actually have something in common can you guess what it is?[View]
31380098I want Tempest to open up my eyes[View]
31380462The pillars just show how poorly designed the mane six are: The pillars just show how slapdashed the…[View]
31373871There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare. Date night edition A collection of mi…[View]
31378015He's in love with Spike, isn't he?[View]
31379510Look at this big bastard I found at Target >On sale for almost $100. >Has over 90 phrases. …[View]
31376044Who is your favorite character off of MLP?[View]
31375442Musky Wonderbolt Suits: >implying you wouldn't a Soarin[View]
31374855MLP General: 725 & 726: Shadow Play - Parts 1 & 2 Written by Josh Haber & Nicole Dubuc 7…[View]
31379783guardians of harmony is pure cringe: Any attempt to make ponies seem 'cool' or 'badass' is just the …[View]
31372705Why does she smoke so much fucking weed?[View]
31379281>watch S1-S2 back in the day with older sister >she stops watching after that while I keep goi…[View]
31379414This board was a mistake.[View]
31315515Manos The Hands Of Fate: We are his faithful hands! Manos has risen again! Our previous thread: >…[View]
31373372Puppy love[View]
31374724I'm new to MLP. Are there any specific things I should know about before I start watching?[View]
31378898I must've been under a rock, because I've never seen this been asked / talked about it. Pe…[View]
31376240So, yeah: That's that in terms of 'Deleted Pony Songs' YT channel... Thanks, Hasbro![View]
31373822>implying there is a character more perfect than Sunset Shimmer She's better than literally …[View]
31378353Requesting explicit ncmares edits! Please make some lewd versions of his art.[View]
31378448So you wish to go to Equestria? Think again faggot! > There wouldn't be a guarantee that you…[View]
31357585/mlp/ Secret Santa 2017 - thread #6: The Posting Edition: Welcome to the /mlp/ Secret Santa 2017 thr…[View]
31377818You get to go to Equestria... but you have to give Spike a daily handjob so he stops pestering Rarit…[View]
31343029The Lewd Wizard Thread 2: When we last left our hero... Rune Glyph had woken up on the day of his wi…[View]
31376321Relapsing again: >watched first 2 seasons regularly, after that stopped but continued to like the…[View]
31378012>Christmas is canon Does this mean Equestria is a Christian nation?[View]
31373941MLPFEMTORPG -- Perpetual beach episode: http://pastebin.com/Pu749mrT[View]
31375615Ive found like ten of these u guys raiding?[View]
31373141Question for anti EqG people, do you guys hate it because of how bad it is or do you hate it because…[View]
31376003This is Twilight Sparkle. She is the central main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. S…[View]

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