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74088389ITT: Patrician albums the public actually liked[View]
74090794ITT: Hacks.[View]
74090087Is this seriously the greatest work jazz as an art form has to offer?[View]
74091269I'm not trying to virtue signal but this wasn't even that bad, I mean the autotune was so …[View]
74091047Redpill me on reggaet- >SUBEME LA RADIO[View]
74091344Music shit and such, other shit too: come chill out at our server called NOIDED, its a general media…[View]
74090927is it wrong to listen to music without playing an album from start to finish?[View]
74090724Is he the best drummer currently in the music industry?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNgwQ8xbAN0…[View]
74090241Just started my way into producing. What are good books or sites to learn about music and music prod…[View]
74090865asmr: is asmr musical / can asmr be musical[View]
74090226Why do a lot of people hate Revolution 9? It's a good song.[View]
74091046What the fuck is she saying[View]
74089584this was the real masterpiece of 2015, fuck to pimp a nigger[View]
74089674Who's gonna be the next big musician to off themself? Pic related[View]
74090427ITT: Post your filters[View]
74090779What did he mean by this?[View]
74090937Tim Burton style music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3rGlqZLAeo What genre is this kind of music…[View]
74088381Most Overrated King Crimson Studio Album: I'm sorry but I can't seem to fucking like this …[View]
74088920So best song on this is Got to Get You into My Life, right?[View]
74090874ITT: Artists you wouldn't want to 1v1 in a game of basketball[View]
74089398ITT: Best album covers[View]
74086556Why are there so few ugly musicians? And I mean legitimately UGLY, not 'Thom Yorke-ugly'.[View]
74082190Albums that are, in your opinion, perfect from start to finish.[View]
74089786How specific do you tag your genres?[View]
74089274serious question: hi /mu/ I recently was offered to open for a few bands touring in my area, larger …[View]
74090787Hi i'm a post male, what's some music for me[View]
74086112WHAT THE FUCK[View]
74087102>When you're the only member of your 9 memeber group who actually cared about the image of t…[View]
74089484Do you write the lyrics or the instrumental first?[View]
74090303Hayley time[View]
74090524Holy shit this is actually pretty good Easily a 9/10[View]
74090598Which song is worse?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLGFyxAP0QE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy…[View]
74090240that feeling when you have am audio technica lp-60 and some remastered records anyone who says ther…[View]
74090673What's the best way to listen to classical music beside being in an actual concert?[View]
74090439JZ: How do I into Jay-Z, /mu? Heard his verse on 'Pound Cake' and I'm down to jump in.[View]
74087725Sleep Well Beast - The National: anyone here also pining for it come out soon/leak? reviews copies a…[View]
74075116Chart thread: Recs pls edition[View]
74090347What did he mean by this? Also, rhyming 'America' with 'hysteria'...[View]
74088765whats with the fad of white musicians killing themselves? do hip-hoppers ever kill themselves? >i…[View]
74086296The Greatest Debate Ever: Lust for Life vs The Idiot? The consensus seems to be 'Lust for Life' 'The…[View]
74087958Life in the Fast Lane - Eagles Fun song, but I'd get tired of it quickly.[View]
74088340KPOP GENERAL[View]
74088197What are the darkest love songs Songs that have a dark approach on what love really is[View]
74087459songs like Candy Says?[View]
74088538What's the concept of that album?: >pic related[View]
74089397Good albums; bad album art[View]
74088916Is Vinyl really better than digital?[View]
74090328Death Grips: Discuss anything related to death grips here. Do you think they will release another al…[View]
74090255Describe an album using family relation metaphors: >RHCP's unplanned illegitimate special ne…[View]
74090260Sunburnt Shirt (Official Music Video): https://youtu.be/Dezkb4D1vWU[View]
74090285What's his best album? Pic related.[View]
74090258Goddamn, i was worried after Less Than, but every other track is great. this is better than the last…[View]
74088788looking for lush, ambient, cozy, recs with a lot of organic sounds. Similar vibes to this but more a…[View]
74088517How to find new music. Have fun this weekend /mu/ you lonely fucks. > go to discogs > look up…[View]
74090196name a better industrial band >protip: you can't[View]
74089908Painting With is better[View]
74089899whats some music for the beach[View]
74090184I can't get into emo past 2012 for the life of me. They pay no mind to the instrumentals, just …[View]
74090141What is /mu/'s general consensus on Black Dice?[View]
74086747What are you listening to at the moment?[View]
74089662watch out Kendrick[View]
74090081patriot folk: I'm not super into folk but I really enjoyed the show. Can you recommend musician…[View]
74089650Just bought a violin. Any good books/videos for complete fucking noobs? I don't even know how t…[View]
74090070ITT: Alternate album covers you use.[View]
74090026what is a good outkast album to start with: i never really had a chance to ever get into outkast the…[View]
74088120Best hip-hop album of 2017? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUNYcwDkBPc[View]
74090042ITT: we rewrite the lyrics to songs for kidz bop I'll start[View]
74089992Gucci Mane has an IQ way above the level of genius. For entertainment, he watches the films of Fassb…[View]
74089535Why are producers so much better than rappers right now?[View]
74089979Sister Irene O'connor – Fire Of God's Love: who else likes this psychedelic nun from the 7…[View]
74089165'I don't shop at the mall, all y'all just Dumb mothafucka, I'm a goddamn artist' When…[View]
74087444Neutral Shit Hotel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD6_QXwKesU This is the most shit album ever. No…[View]
74089163>writes the 5 greatest rock love songs of all time[View]
74089373http://celebmafia.com/taylor-swift-confirms-her-pregnancy-father-unknown-05142017-773048/ What'…[View]
74089776Why is this album not /mu/core?[View]
74079652They finally made a bad album[View]
74089093sadness: Can we start a thread about sad albums, or just albums that are overall depressing? Any typ…[View]
74089703Why am I suppose to like this[View]
74088711I cannot take this anymore[View]
74089511Children of bodom aren't that bad. I genuinely enjoyed this[View]
74087543Why did he kill himself?[View]
74088237another one of those guess personalities, etc. threads post >the song you're listening to ri…[View]
74087931ITT: Post the superior album Seriously, why did I only listen to Head Hunters for so long?[View]
74088750>on par with 'Headhunters': I find this album is overlooked in Hancock's fusion works[View]
74089409what album should I listen to while on adderall?[View]
74089266Just a Little Boy (for Chester Bennington)[View]
74089212Is it bad that I like Planetarium more than Sufjan's other work?[View]
74088138What's the most nu-male artist/band?[View]
74089558Is Stereogum usually this shit? https://www.google.com/amp/www.stereogum.com/1470691/premature-evalu…[View]
74089147Greatest EPs of all time: We love the full album experience, but sometimes you want something short …[View]
74088296Top 10 Albums Of All Time: Post your top ten albums of all time, discuss.[View]
74089446I keep seeing threads all over /mu/ talking about music girls like or what music are girls into. See…[View]
74089326ITT the best mastered/highest quality of production albums. got new iems and want to give them a run…[View]
74089438joji: is he, dare i say, 'our guy'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDZkdkPHQ00[View]
74074769Why the fuck do rappers keep glorifying this shit?[View]
74088005Panda BTFO Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper? More like Panda Bear Died Due To Putting Out The Worse …[View]
74084869Ironic He could save others from death, but not himself[View]
74087328Good music for sex?: Bonus points if electronic and/or especially rhythmic[View]
74087147What musical has the best music?[View]
74087051ITT: Fleet Foxes General: what do you guys think of crack-up?[View]
740825993x3, 4x4, 5x5 weekly chart: Post yours, recommend music, judge others, guess random shit, etc.…[View]
74089159Can somebody please explain to me what exactly is the 'wishlist' tab in Soulseek (when do you use it…[View]
74088588http://www.whosampled.com/six-degrees/ I can't come up with any myself so suggest me two very d…[View]
74089180How come /mu/ never talks about the greatest track of '95, Skee-Lo's 'I Wish'?[View]
74089104I can't find a song...: Can you guys please help me to find the name/artist of the first song i…[View]
74080423What's his endgame?[View]
74088928>tfw you bought Linkin Park tickets for August[View]
74088090Does /mu/ still fuck with this?[View]
74089003J U S T[View]
74088868>you're playing in the local bar band when these three guys accost you and say 'hey mister, …[View]
74088605ITT - Briancuck killer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4inGP8qMnPE[View]
74089007Ai Sound No.3 - Single: https://youtu.be/iUVifKKo7mw[View]
74088982Why couldn't he afford no shoes?[View]
74088946https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqGPq1zrD5E Is this kino?[View]
74088899>40% of the album is 'SUCKIN' ON MAH DING DONG'[View]
74086501Is Mike Shinoda a good rapper?[View]
74088820What's the future of music preservation? Every format is finite, even mp3's will either be…[View]
74088861>walk into the club >percocet >molly percocet…[View]
74088821Find a flaw Pro tip: you can't[View]
74088836Sex tunes: Hey /mu/, need some new sex music. Been listening to a lot of The Weeknd, Roy Woods, Maji…[View]
74088743So the melon killed Chester, now what?[View]
74088686Is he racist?[View]
74088708>THE BLACKSMITH AND THE AUTIST What did he mean by this?[View]
74087881She is the best female voice of Japan and nobody can deny it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJCk0L…[View]
74085938I beat my today, oh boy.[View]
74087617>Under modern society cuckholdry is considered immoral but Abraham and other Biblical prophets ha…[View]
74088424What are some songs about a hero who was actually the villain all along?[View]
74088279What does /mu/ think of Greta Van Fleet?[View]
74088444Hey dudes can I post my dubstep on here? https://soundcloud.com/zayaplaya/sour-sides-corners-full-mi…[View]
74088109How is Björk so awesome?[View]
74085912Real talent or just eye candy?[View]
74087385talented beauty aoty 2017[View]
74086917KPOP GENERAL[View]
74088019Post favorite albums & guess personalities[View]
740881877 O'clock in the morning and the rays from the sun wakes me.[View]
74087425Post good music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTMyr9x6ZPU[View]
74085349Visitor from /his/ never listened to them but heard the new EP and liked it a lot, where should I st…[View]
74072442/metal/: riffing wild edition old >>74054542[View]
7408808670's Bowie: Why are these his least liked / most underrated albums? (Only counting 1969-1980 al…[View]
74088050Anyone listen to 70s british prog rock band Babe Ruth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfiEiFcmCOY…[View]
74081734ITT: Shit albums with great cover art[View]
74086847Jim carrey[View]
74088039If Wojak had his own theme song, what would it be?[View]
74085542how to say MC ride: hi all, how do you say MC ride?? like this: MC ride or like this: Mac Ride ??…[View]
74086497IT STARTS WITH[View]
74081412>When I turned 13, I blew out my candles, my wish was to be dead at the age of 18 What did he mea…[View]
74086159Is there really such a thing as 'original' music if we have only a limited number of chord progressi…[View]
74087899Why were the ex pistols so much better than the sex pistols, shld i feel guilty for liking the ex pi…[View]
74087529your typical /mu/ browsers http://pitchfork.com/features/photo-gallery/the-best-band-tees-at-pitchf…[View]
74085766What's Kubrick-core? I know Ligeti, The Caretaker, the list goes on but there's gotta be m…[View]
74078143Why is the music industry so full of pedos? What's the connection between playing an instrument…[View]
74087433>stinkin fart[View]
74087571what mu thinks of my free improvisation a ccapella piece?: Sorry for the autism http://vocaroo.com/i…[View]
74087391>linkin fart[View]
74084780Are there any grils here? What music do they listen to?[View]
74087727What's the real story of how this guy died and where he was found?[View]
74077493>go to google images >search for 'artist/band+meme' >post results…[View]
74083704ITT: Pretend that you're posting a better doom album[View]
74087474Cringey things bands do: >male guitarist starts a relationship with the lead female singer >ma…[View]
74087676Goddamn, Iggy Pop is transitioning horribly.[View]
74087291Do you guys like Disco/Funk?[View]
74084093>'time to back off motherfucker' LMAO! Look at this old hag, who does she think she is? She prete…[View]
74086288Sir Clifford Joseph Price. >tfw will never bone Bjork[View]
74087292*samples 3 seconds of your song* *mumble sings on it*[View]
74084358You like Huey Lewis and the News?[View]
74087570>call your band after the concept of total release from avidya >be a whiny little bitch…[View]
74087473Do normies like any song their friends recommend to them? It seems to me like they don't have a…[View]
74087497Does anyone else find their videos irritating?[View]
74087258Mike Shinoda just changed his twitter pic to this new logo for the band and it looks like a fucking …[View]
74081448ITT: drastically improve an album by deleting one single song and making no other changes >delete…[View]
74087456Gimmie some good pop music, /mu/. I'm in the mood for something preppy today.[View]
74087463Any of you been there since the start?[View]
74086721Really makes you think.[View]
74087394Feeling A e s t h e t ic /mu/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRm0HuHw__M[View]
74087010where do i start[View]
74086893Brandon already tried to.[View]
74087345Brian may be a musical genius, but is he a genius at life? Also rare brian thread.[View]
74086278He stopped performing and making music. I am a big fan, so if any of you has some info, please share…[View]
74086047Voice of a generation?[View]
74087302Opinions on Public Image Limited a.k.a PIL? Their first three albums are fucing great imo, Metal Box…[View]
74086235/v/ideo game musics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
74086719Reminder artists listen to tons of obscure music and don't stop to the entry level stuff like y…[View]
74087233>genre: 131[View]
74086805music for this feel?[View]
74087158Is there anymore albums to look forward too this year?[View]
74086899Does anyone else get the impression that most critics don't really know how to talk about music…[View]
74087053vinyl: Any of you want to help a poorfag out? I need some money on paypal to buy a vinyl record. I k…[View]
740872208 Bit music: wdyt about 8 bit music? do you have any recs? why do you like it/dislike it[View]
74087140>artist has a pseudonym which sounds just like a real name[View]
74087116Bob Marley - Sunshine reggae.mp3[View]
74087097Albums that take a few listens to 'get'[View]
74086826Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74086488real Chester fans know that his Dead By Sunrise project is his most patrician work.[View]
74086428What's the Patrician Scene's current stance on Radiohead? It's a massively mainstream…[View]
74087104So did anyone catch this collaborative project between Dean Blunt and who I assume is Inga Copeland?…[View]
74084766/advanced/: >general for posters who have been here a while and moved past /mu/core and don'…[View]
74086846Anyone else love these guys? Saw them at a festival last week and my love for them was rekindled, fo…[View]
74086392Post your own music. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0uGVKzwztRZ[View]
74086753Well, Australia & gentlemen of /pol/ under your recommendation i have decided to go to china and…[View]
74084984Post your last 5 rates on RYM gentlemen And if you disagree with someone, say so. >Hardmode: and …[View]
74086916KPOP General[View]
74086911Piano VSTs: Why is it so difficult to find a good upright piano VST? Or piano VSTs in general.…[View]
74086889The thing that is wrong and tiring over here, is as rule, /mu's posting is about the musicians …[View]
74082537Ideal /mu/ gf: Actual gfs also accepted Current gf is pic related, template below[View]
74086535Eminem is gay[View]
74085200KPOP GENERAL[View]
74086624ITT:: Fans we actively avoid: >Lana Del Ray >Tool >Gojira…[View]
74085950>Voice of a generation? If not then who's more appropriate?[View]
74083298What's the message of this album?[View]
74077681/wor/: The worst of rym / rym cringe thread[View]
74086164Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74085797What do vegans listen to?[View]
74085575Zach Hill: What is Zach Hill's best work? Face tat is an obvious answer, but I like his work wi…[View]
74085795the great debate[View]
74085743I guess this is a good time to post this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeU0GoGjvaQ[View]
74086649Racist Musician: Who's your favourite racist musician /mu/? Pic related for me.[View]
74086626I've been listening to this album constantly for 4 years now. It's orchestral/synth/ambien…[View]
74085047This is the true patrician album.[View]
74085402there's a little black spot on the sun today[View]
74086201This is trash 4/10[View]
74084329Thoughts? I think I'm in love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u1VAa1HBpM[View]
74086357any good songs about suicide?[View]
74081980ITT: The top ten songs by an artist of your choice Animal Collective: 1. In The Flowers 2. Peacebone…[View]
74085504>see muslim giel in the subway with a headscarf >she pulls out her music player to skip a song…[View]
74086282Have you gotten around to experiencing these works of art, /mu/?[View]
74080707What´s the consensus on this?[View]
74086448What was his problem?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKOT6teSarY[View]
74084569tell me why this album sucks. if you've listened to it, that is.[View]
74085935Hey, it's not bad![View]
74086381how do i become the next afx? im a girl if that help. have 10grand to spend on equipment. tell me wh…[View]
74084432Stereolab is the greatest musical act from the 90s[View]
74085997ITT: lines from lyrics that you managed to get back with your ex within hours of her dumping you …[View]
74086306name ONE (one) (((1))) music[View]
74086321Worthy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvsFd85-rt4[View]
74085788Is Young Cash Register AKA Lil Broomstick patrician?[View]
74074144>people who deserved it[View]
74086123>absolute laughing stock for years >always number one in regrettable/hidden pleasures lists …[View]
74086103>Reading how chester was raped at a very young age , I just realized that the song 'papercut' was…[View]
74085929Sup /mu/, can you help me find more folk like pic related?[View]
74083393Panda who?[View]
74085820Make up a 'genre', get recs. Post-hardcore-gaze Atmogrind[View]
74086152every song sounds like an interlude[View]
74086142'Crawling' is not a bad song at all It's heartfelt teenager angsty condensed in a catchy yet ed…[View]
74086127People defend this faggot. He deserved it[View]
74086088>told this was a 10/10 album >literally just a Peter Gabriel ripoff with jazz noodling ITT: Ti…[View]
74085251mods delete this if not allowed https://soundcloud.com/baccyplug/fort-knightley my tribute to cheste…[View]
74052104ITT: Songs that you couldn't understand anyone disliking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs069…[View]
74086053Albums that made you go 'wtf mate'[View]
74085786So is this the opposite of Blackstar? >Artist release best album then dies >Chester release wo…[View]
74084378why do normies like this guy so much?[View]
74082723>every step that I take is another mistake to you[View]
74083305Have you guys heard this album? Are you guys interested in this style of jazz?[View]
74080151Music to kill yourself to?[View]
74083289lost my best friend of 20 years today. need some feelsy songs to listen to while figuring this out.a…[View]
74085924Rest in Peace Chester Bennington - a small tribute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAoOdcAZgJ4…[View]
74085444FIVE THINGS[View]
74082545London elektricity: Why doesn't this board like him? He makes some of the best DnB tunes out th…[View]
74084774is this the greatest emo album of all time?[View]
74085777https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg1jyL3cr60 More like this, the most depressing and downbeat stuff p…[View]
74084205Which song is your favorite, anons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqUFbO-KEfw[View]
74085681Is he next?[View]
74083530Why aren't we discussing this?[View]
74084902Pablo Honey: If this album were released by another band, you would rate it much more highly. You ar…[View]
74085793Choose what song you like most?: Choose one? Don't fear the Reaper - Blue oyster cult https://m…[View]
74085613Are there any good new female artists? From 2015 on. I'm trying to listen to more current wome…[View]
74083669reminder that /mu/ is a trash board that idolizes apehop and crap[View]
74085092Paranormal music: What's some music with paranormal qualities?[View]
74085637>Linkin Park turnt into Maroon 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvs68OKOquM When did that happen…[View]
74085611YOU READY?[View]
74078137ITT: music men will never understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1pMMIe4hb4[View]
74078839Bill Clinton Swag thread: Post swag, others guess what kind of personality you have http://www.billc…[View]
74085152Post your AOTY for years ending in '7' >1957 The Louvin Brothers - Tragic Songs of Life >1967 …[View]
74085465dude booze lmao: The 17th of July of 2015 was the day I decided to quit alcohol. Now, 2 years, 4 day…[View]
74079054What do I think about Metallica?[View]
74082987u2 *deletes bono* *inserts elvis*[View]
74085328R.I.P.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SWTIK6p6dw&t=65s[View]
74085172>A 3.5 album[View]
74082492Now that the dust has settled and we are being contrarian toward different kinds of music, can we at…[View]
74084145Will he ever be topped?[View]
74083984>why does she call herself Lorde? >look it up >her real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O…[View]
74084515>absolutely no pop songs how will the music industry react[View]
74083445Why is this so underrated?[View]
74083692In honor of his sudden departure of this world, what's your favorite Chester Bennington song? M…[View]
74085188ITT: Fuck you I liked it[View]
74084003KPOP GENERAL[View]
74083365Lana's back: Impressions? Only had it a few hours, but so far I'm really liking: When The …[View]
74084917Recommend some nice albums for running, /mu/. Perhaps something upbeat and catchy. Pic unrelated[View]
74085083Where's the posthumous album?[View]
74081220In your opinion, what's the best song about big asses?[View]
74080829post your favorite album released the year you were born.[View]
74081869What do you guys think? I figured I'd see at least 5 threads about this since it officially rel…[View]
74084926This is underrated as fuck. Best pop album since the millennium.[View]
74082851What do you guys think about Rammstein?[View]
74082058Linkin Park is not the last great rock band, its tame impala[View]
74078391Create a song and upload it http://vocaroo.com/i/s11XUKuEnqyD[View]
74081945the great debate[View]
74084913this is so fucking good[View]
74084414do you guys like pan sonic[View]
74084888WatchTV||'Open Championship 2017' (British Open Golf) Live Streaming Online Day 2 July 21-24, 2017: …[View]
74084880>I'd give up a bakery to have a piece of your pie Damn...[View]
74084833I wish I could save her in some sort of time machine.[View]
74073603/mu/mor thread[View]
74084506why do normies like this guy so much?[View]
74083667What do you think of this album /mu/?[View]
74084767/sca/ Scaruffi General: Scaruffi General: Post everything Scaruffi-related here Recent reviews: >…[View]
74084488Where can I go to have an intelligent discussion about music? This place is a great dumping ground …[View]
74083617https://www.infowars.com/infowars-announces-20k-in-prizes-for-best-we-love-our-somalis-cover/ What d…[View]
74083367What was her best album?[View]
74083401How the fuck do musicians or bands continue to play well without fucking up drunk live??? Ive heard …[View]
74084717Any recommendations for excellent jazz metal fusion, besides Animals as Leaders?[View]
74077171if we know what black music for white people is, then what's white music for black people?[View]
74084661What Could Have Been: When I was a kid Joanna Newsom would have been the ideal girl for me. If we ha…[View]
74084036I liked disc 2 more than OKC.[View]
74084288Make this album an 8 by removing 5 tracks: You can remove less if you want but 5 is as many as it ge…[View]
74084153>*blocks your path* >oi m8 what did you think of our last record?…[View]
74084160Thinking about seeing Cloud Nothings live. I enjoy their music casually, but how good are they live?[View]
74084503>tfw rating an album on rym after the first few songs[View]
74084308What does /mu/ think about this album?: Bowie + Eno + Mike Garson is a winning combination. Easily t…[View]
74082772Since 2009, Animal Collective have put out: >Centipede Hz >Painting With Both are generally re…[View]
74084303My iPod classic finally broke and now I have to use a streaming service. What is the /mu/ approved s…[View]
74083033https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof chill…[View]
74083635/mu/‘s top 5 favourite bands: 1. Radiohead 2. ______________ 3. ______________ 4. ______________ 5. …[View]
74084313ITT: Worst music videos of all time: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQHPYelqr0E htt…[View]
74083245You been listenin' to music in your cell, last night, boy?[View]
74083164how garbage is my taste >most autistic person i know[View]
74084251una vela? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8KGRcRB2L4[View]
74084245Who else had tickets to this?: RIP CHESTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkAR6awJirw[View]
74084228ITT: We communicate with [relatively] known Music Lyrics.: Trying to place it safe, if I could switc…[View]
74083741>'As a long time fan of INSERT BAND HERE, I think INSERT SHITTY REMARK MASKED AS AN OPINION HERE.…[View]
74083425Fort Minor The Raising Tied is the most genuine rap album I've ever heard. Mike Shinoda is clea…[View]
74080652Artists who aged like milk[View]
74084174Pretend: What does /mu/ think of this band/album? Pretend - Circular Ræsoning[View]
74078168ITT: Essential compilation albums[View]
74083794Coca coca Coca Cola Yayo bought me errythang Yulla yulla baking soda Cocaine is my girlfriend[View]
74081478the great debate[View]
74075803What album do you listen to everyday bro?[View]
74081231What's the best song on it, lads?[View]
74083282just carshed my dad's car mftf?[View]
74082700KPOP GENERAL[View]
74082451What are some albums that make you reflect back on your life while listening to them?[View]
74082399It's a joke album guys. Calling it now: their real album will be released later this month. I m…[View]
74080909Favorite drunk album? Pic related[View]
74080143What would you give this haircut out of 10?[View]
74082825SHUT UP[View]
74076755Are bassists the most irrelevant members of a band?[View]
74083715Essential Hip Hop: You know the drill /mu/[View]
74083682Black Metal: Black Metal Thread \m/ Share some of your favourite bands/what you're listening t…[View]
74067624lol wtf?[View]
74083536Recommend me songs based off this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=42ve4xVp9As I've hit a downtem…[View]
74082516What's so good about this album?[View]
74083496Anyone have a link?: Couldn't find it on soulseek.[View]
74080223What is this man's best song?[View]
74077347Against All Odds, Linkin Park Were America’s Last Huge Rock Band: When will the poptimist critical r…[View]
74079822As a five-song EP, this would have been a masterpiece.[View]
74083054>listens to industrial metal once[View]
74082103post em[View]
74083050i'm allergic to my own seminal fluid music for this feel[View]
74083364Who /worshipmusic/ here? Post your favorite obese nigresses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZuxWHUd…[View]
74083210>only fools rush in What does this mean?[View]
74083270what's up fuckin nothing im jus chillin with this shit right here u heard it nigga/ers?[View]
74083142Let's see if I got this right: Kind of Blue was the album that introduced, at least to the main…[View]
74083242Bad movies with god tier soundtracks? I'd say this and The Neon Demon both qualify[View]
74083198Slacker Rock General[View]
74080047Scar sighted, Exercises in Futility, Litourgiya, The Arc Work, Four Phantoms, New Bermuda, The Dream…[View]
740815345-9 minutes of repetition: the band[View]
74082822The logical bridge between Classical and Jazz. How did he do it?[View]
74083127Saw these guys tonight with Iron Maiden and they sucked dick compared to the last time they were on …[View]
74080503/noise/: It's been a time. There isn't much to say these days. Probably better off listeni…[View]
74082684Reduce an album into one MUH phrase: >muh intimate guitar[View]
74082838http://www.snopes.com/chester-bennington-and-chris-cornell-murdered/ >Chester got killed because …[View]
74081838what does /mu/ think of this[View]
74081887.why is house music such dog shit? i didnt even drink enough at the show and my friends didn't …[View]
74081217WTF there just shitty death grips[View]
74082129Bought Death Grips tickets today, anybody willing to tell me what to expect? I've been to hundr…[View]
74082945>a lawsuit forced the name change to Dinosaur Jr lol[View]
74082564What's the best solo Beatles album?[View]
740817384chan AMA: Hey guys, it's me. 4chan. I figured it might be interesting if you guys got to know …[View]
74082841>picture this >Chester Bennington was a Meeseeks. >and here's why >Meeseeks are sum…[View]
74080896is this, dare i say it.... AOTY[View]
74082854Most underrated Linkin Park album. >Doomed to be overshadowed by Meteora and Hybrid Theory. >C…[View]
74079919/mu/ made a serious album: So 2 months ago, a group of anons got together in an attempt to create a …[View]
74082607The Wall: Is this album emo or at least proto-emo?[View]
74081304Is there a non-retarded answer for refusing to go digital?[View]
74078766SAY THE WHOLE NAME GODDAMMIT: Is it really that bad for sites like complex or other online news sour…[View]
74082753please help me: i have this memory of some song called something like 'pet for a pony' or 'pony pet'…[View]
74081982>tfw avant math is a girl music for this feel?[View]
74082421https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBlI2OSZul4 You will never be as good as this.[View]
74082696>Have a ton of recommended/classic albums you want to get around to listening to >Literally no…[View]
74080635KPOP GENERAL[View]
74081144Fast pace songs: Hey /mu/, I would like some fast paced songs and that this would be the best place …[View]
74080594sad/depressing: i've been sad as hell as of late and i need some sad music, just hit me with th…[View]
74065148What is the most talented female musician ever?[View]
74079767give it a rating out of 10[View]
74076561DX7 drone Album: I just finished repairing my first DX7 (done a lot of other synths before) and boy …[View]
74080922you cannot argue with this[View]
74080387ITT: We Rate Musicians: Template provided[View]
74082391Albums where the artist/band was pandering to the reddit community: Can be applied to old albums too…[View]
74077897ITT: Rank an artist's discography Kid A > In Rainbows > Amnesiac > A Moon Shaped Pool …[View]
74082145collab when[View]
74082210Is this dare I say it avant-garde? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl62d27zPdo[View]
74081465This is his best album: You literally cannot dispute this[View]
74082350Best TV show music (volume 1 and 2 are both great ) also only full albums[View]
74082260who's the ugliest musician you know?[View]
74082274whats yer opinions on these knobs: the reatards are pretty sic if ya ask me[View]
74081432whyd he stop using a dj tag[View]
74080526How long until we can make fun of Linkin Park again?[View]
74079997Why would someone listen to digitally created music on vinyl? There are literally no benefits[View]
74081645Albums with drums like this: Or afrobeat[View]
74081467I like how as soon as this homonig shit dropped and y'all realized it was a light 6, you finall…[View]
74082223Scatman John: Was his music actually good or is he just a meme?[View]
74080975>be me driving on highway speeding >radio is shuffling through songs >'HEEEEEEYYYY MAAAAAAA…[View]
74080567Watch out Kendrick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxmAL7LNvww[View]
74081963the new tyler album is bad :/[View]
74082114moar liek this[View]
74075440Let's do a '/mu/ sings Linkin Park - In The End': Record only your a cappella vocals and post d…[View]
74082012Where do you start with Willie Nelson?[View]
74080323I haven't browsed /mu/ in 2 years and I come back and you fucking people are still talking abou…[View]
74081994if your favorite rap album's cover isn't ugly, it's probably trash[View]
74080383>My name's Jay Z, I'm back once more >With a brand new album called 4:44 This is wha…[View]
74081967Hey guys I need some help, can someone identify Mons Vi – Falling chords for me please? I don't…[View]
74081951https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_Wi2_rnfOY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fcmjDW9pws Does /mu/ li…[View]
74081107/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
74081471Which non-english speaking country has the best music and why is it Brazil?[View]
74079099I liked it.[View]
74080074God Tier Album Thread: I'll start[View]
74080487ay niggas gimme some trippy albums to fall asleep to. psychedelic rock preferred.[View]
74081835she remembers my name[View]
74080967Is there a better lyricist than Joanna? I mean, it's not even funny of how good she is.[View]
74081606Sing me a song /mu/. Post on vocaroo and i just might rate it. Maybe not. Just in a singing mood and…[View]
74081263Rank'em: 1. LR 2. 808s 3. TCD 4. Y 5. MBDTF 6. G 7. TLOP[View]
74081797slay queen[View]
74081780>Algiers >not from Algeria[View]
74079528Songs that capture the excitement and 'butterflies' of horniness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LK…[View]
74081667daily reminder Hip Hop is not music[View]
74081071How important has he been to electronic music as a whole? Has he even had much influence?[View]
74077384Trapping the pills out the tank[View]
74081167Remember me, /mu/?[View]
74081162>tfw pleb I'm tired of being bullied because of my normie taste. How do I become a patrician…[View]
74080733this is so fucking good[View]
74080723Can your waifu sing AND dance with an almost perfect vocal technique? If you don't know shit ab…[View]
74081444Rank'em: ATS>M>HT>MtM>power gap>LT>THP>power gap>horseshit>OML…[View]
74079146Now that pic related has been leaked and proven to be shit, what's your most anticipated album …[View]
74079424Thoughts on RATM?[View]
74080809ITT: Musicians you think might use pic-related in the studio, for taking notes and shit. Or ones you…[View]
74081247>scrolling through recommended on YouTube >See a song from pic related, click and listen >'…[View]
74081495anyone know of some guitar pedals that aren't totally fucking ugly? don't even give a shit…[View]
74080296what are the most foot-fetishy songs?[View]
74081054WOULDN'T IT BE NICE[View]
74081134I know Japanoise is distinct from western noise, but what about hapanoise?[View]
74074921Greatest of All Time Billboard 200 Artists: 1. The Beatles 2. The Rolling Stones 3. Barbra Streisand…[View]
74081296What is the best rock album of the 2010s? Is there one?[View]
74081374what's the best 'tear my entrails out with a rusty hook' music?[View]
74079546Album of The Year[View]
74080993Fuck you /shugazi/ for never sharing this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1rTKIsDS8o[View]
74081375what are some albums similar to aisatsana [102][View]
74053323Fake Albums Thread: Alright /mu/ let's see what you can do. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki…[View]
74078086What are the best aphex twin tracks and why are they: 4 Flim Xtal Ageispolis IZ-US Windowlicker Girl…[View]
74080484Does he have any good projects, or does he just have the occasional good song?[View]
74081245Looking to get in to some good hard edm, I like rythmic stuff, kinda in to industrial like Grendel I…[View]
74078882one week 3x3/4x4/5x5 tapmusic.net/lastfm what about you?[View]
74079270Local Bands: Post bands from your city town etc, I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spt…[View]
74081052ITT: L-l-l-los bukanas[View]
74081015Guys... Damn it...[View]
74080328Reminder that Scaruffi thinks Bette Davis eyes is one of the best songs of all time[View]
74080403>Hip Hop[View]
74080600What's some good fuck you, fuck the world, fuck pussy emo shit, fuck everything, idgaf music?[View]
74080936ITT: specific song types that are weirdly common ex. >the band's most popular song that also…[View]
74080912Percocets, molly, Percocets Percocets, molly, Percocets[View]
74080381Nobody is making any songs about incels lately. It's like incels don't exist and there…[View]
74079922This band is the shittiest, most pretentious mess of a band in indie music's fucking history. T…[View]
74077769We need another Death Grips thread. This is /mu/ remember? Fuck variety.[View]
74080661Is Yassasin by David Bowie underrated?[View]
74079849John Lennon actually wrote a song called Madman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_KJESNZLOE yess…[View]
74079986>one of the greatest albums of all time was made by a /pol/ shitposter[View]
74078910How do you feel about this certain album?[View]
74080799Overall this has been a pretty decent album. Better than Dead End Kings but not by much. In my opini…[View]
74080658Fuck it, does anybody here produce hip hop beats? I figured if there's a place w hidden talent,…[View]
74080746>I like sitting in my car, inhaling exhaust, because it doesnt remind me of anything what did he …[View]
74079469Does anybody here make music? I've been playing for a couple weeks now and created my first com…[View]
74080279Is it a classic?[View]
74080613How do I become this smug?[View]
74080534ONE MINUTE YOU'RE ON TOP THEN YOU'RE MAKING YOUR HEART STOP https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
74080630WHO WAS LINK?[View]
74078705KPOP GENERAL[View]
74079243What are the most cuck songs of all time?[View]
74077858Why does /mu/ suck its dick so much? It's not bad but their debut is better[View]
74078922Any opinion on The Black Crowes?[View]
74078172What's the best thing to learn piano on? I'm thinking of getting the Yamaha P35, which is …[View]
74077475I listen to too many sad albums, what are some top tier happy albums? Genre/year doesn't matter…[View]
74080146Reminder that this album was actually fantastic and if you haven't given it a listen, give it a…[View]
74080127Does anyone have that essentials chart with a bunch of periods and styles with rutracker links?[View]
74080459you like im??[View]
74080044John Frusciante: What's your favourite frush album /mu/?[View]
74080452I WANT TO GET[View]
74080445music you'll never admit to liking IRL: you can post it here, you a non e-moose see, i'll …[View]
74079839Is this NIN's best work since The Fragile?[View]
74080084Is saying Revolver is better than Sgt Peppers the biggest Contrarian opinion you can possibly have?[View]
74080301Why is the goth music genre seemingly bulletproof? Everyone talks shit about metal, rap, emo, etc bu…[View]
74078811>elevator jazz rock[View]
74079570>Created one of the greatest arena pop albums of all time >Hit singles defined the 90s sound …[View]
74080263I found my 10/10[View]
74080298https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS6HX2m-HNY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zodgKRmnikY https://www.…[View]
74080193Well there you have it.[View]
74080057omg what's wrong with him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbm5e6Ul6EE[View]
74080194Come watch this rat faced downie retard gay twink sing faggy songs on twitch he will sing about anyt…[View]
74079708The Mamas & The Papas: Why don't we talk more about this band and about this album? This is…[View]
74071354/rym/: Betas In Rundos Out Edition thots on the new site(s)?[View]
74079711Sum 41: I've only started coming to /mu/ yesterday because I wanted to see if you guys were tal…[View]
74077943What does /mu/ think of Blue Öyster Cult?[View]
74079027>song gets more and more distorted as it progresses[View]
74079348Most significant works of music 1950-1990: Why do we never talk about this scaruffi list?[View]
74079462Albums sober people will never understand[View]
74079872Get this shit everywhere. Chester was murdered to prevent a pedophile ring from being exposed http:/…[View]
74079932Can anyone recommend me some good /mu/core like pic related?[View]
74079655DAE tHIS little diddley? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjVQ36NhbMk[View]
74077285>Pleb Blur >Patrician Oasis You know it's true…[View]
74079336chiastic slide, oversteps, r plus seven, replica, garden of delete-- I like all these from oneohtrix…[View]
74079845He's next[View]
74079059>tfw you realize that nu-country is basically just (c)rap for yokels[View]
74079028he'll be fine[View]
74077977ITT: Fake suicides[View]
74073602ITT: Albums you have a huge hatred for: I hate everything what this album is and represents. Bowie c…[View]
74077926Well, obviously we have a dead member of Linkin Park. He’s hanging from the ceiling, tearing his ban…[View]
74077971Flower Boy discussion thread. What are your thoughts on Tylers new album?[View]
74077287New Soundcloud thread: Let's begin again folk, support the beautiful music of our anons![View]
74078249I can't stop crying holy shit[View]
74076820“Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and…[View]
74079675Do these guys get threads on here? Are they edgier than american bands? I'd say so.[View]
74076385Is he next?[View]
74078484There's a thread for happy music, so what are some top tier sad albums?[View]
74072377Post Your Top 10 Iron Maiden Songs: I feel like they don't get enough love on this board, Lets …[View]
74079299Sad song thread? I'll start >Guppy Titanic Sinclair[View]
74079363This album shits on any fucking British album that tries to compete with it.[View]
74079680I recognize that it is too much to ask, but will someone upload scaruffi's top list as a sort o…[View]
74078560It's been a while since I've seen a proper JBJ thread. Let's fix that... What are you…[View]
74079149Why are girls turned off by my music taste?[View]
74077418The new Arcade Fire just leaked...: http://hasitleaked.com/2017/arcade-fire-everything-now/ It'…[View]
74075579The Worst Fanbases in music: Thoughts? >Inb4 angry fanbase of one of the artists in the chart pr…[View]
74075569come on people: this is fucking hilarious. this is possibly the most comically satisfying celebrity …[View]
74079496The Alex Jones Prison Planet: EP of the year just dropped. What are your thoughts? https://youtu.be/…[View]
74077795>b-b-b-but Hybrid Theory 'no' Can we all agree that this was objectively their best al…[View]
74078582Lana del rey: Best album from Lana Del Rey[View]
74079454Just Hold on The weight of the world Will give you the strength to go[View]
74077765I've come to realize that my meaning on this earth is to be a lover, a satisfier of women What …[View]
74078165>you now realize this album was complete genuine and unironic and not pandering: is it kino?…[View]
74078843I'M NOT BLACK I'M OJ[View]
74078915What instrument should I pick up? I know nothing about making music but I'd like to learn. I…[View]
74078247for me, its Incantation[View]
74079085What was his problem? https://youtu.be/1gZWIE081po[View]
74078740Is /mu/ hyped for XXXTentacion's debut album '17'? He said it's gonna be R&B influence…[View]
74077988Which is your favorite?[View]
74077425Why does /mu/ talk so much about albums like Emotion, Art Angels, 1989, After Laughter (legit great …[View]
74079192Can somebody please tell me how to bend notes on the harmonica? Everywhere I look on like goes somet…[View]
74078301thoughts on this new ' *insert hip hop album title here* reaction and review' trend on youtube? why …[View]
74075112You realize Leave Out all to Rest is a fucking suicide note write?[View]
74071818/mu/ makes an album: dubs=tracks trips=album 42 and 69=artist we vote on cover[View]
74078580Why is this man such a shit reviewer and what is his worst review[View]
74078366Was anyone on /mu/ in a band in middle school? Did you try to start a band but end up just hanging o…[View]
74079011So we can all agree that this is the best album of all time right?[View]
74079017>'If it sounds good, it IS good.' was Duke Ellington right? does subpar lyrics make a song worse …[View]
74073922Are they unironically the best female musicians that ever existed?[View]
74078988WIINS & LOSSES: It's his best album (not counting mixtapes?), and I thoroughly enjoyed it, …[View]
74078932>watch lesbian porn >spotify algorithms recommend that I listen to Tegan and Sara…[View]
74074838ITT: Cartoony Albums: Give me some bouncy, weird shit Pic related[View]
74078852>white people incorporate hip hop into metal mu: ew, it's so edgy and appropriative! JNCO je…[View]
74078773>find song so good that the rest of the songs in the genre sound complete trash…[View]
74078594What's stuck in your head? Share it and see if it's contagious. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
74078784GERMANY: https://youtu.be/yYEVSvwQQ_8 Fuck Rammstein this is the new hot shit from Germany[View]
74068954ITT: Funny Pictures of Bands/Artists[View]
74077585Guys I have decided to become a mumble rapper. I am white, but I think I can get the job done. Brand…[View]
74078141This is my first post on here so i don't know if anyone here is into classical. What do you guy…[View]
74078477He's next, /mu/. >Released 200+ albums >Played with numerous bands >Signed with numero…[View]
74076205Holy shit this is actually pretty good Easily a 9/10[View]
74078386This is better than Slim Shady LP.[View]
74077012Sleep music: I got a pair of these, what would /mu/ recommend listening to while falling asleep…[View]
74078721Why are Les Paul's such pieces of shit?[View]
74078761You do realize Dylan Carlson killed Kurt Cobain, right?[View]
74075967What is it about Frank Zappa that triggers nu-males so much?[View]
74078348RIP 2017 is hitting me like a ton of bricks[View]
74069689Youtube/Soundcloud/Bandcamp Share/Support/Follow[View]
74078658did he influence grunge /mu/?[View]
74075575acoustic slowdive[View]
74077028KPOP GENERAL[View]
74078017There's absolutely nothing wrong with music being 'Edgy' Prove me wrong.[View]
74078192Why is this album so shit?[View]
74078150ITT:Your favorites Scaruffi's descriptions or reviews: >Despite the agit-prop emphasis, Gods…[View]
74078571>percocet >molly percocet damn...[View]
74077829>Only have a guitar and bass >Can't really be versatile in sound and genre >Really wa…[View]
74078246Is earl featured on the new tyler album?[View]
74078091ITT: Best compilations[View]
74078575LISTEN TO THIS NOW: https://soundcloud.com/carlos_orellana19/albums[View]
74078160Thoughts on this obscure indie artist I like? https://soundcloud.com/wolffe-music/shoot-you-down htt…[View]
74071245he's gonna be the next an hero, trust me[View]
74078239Oh no! There is a problem with your phone and it plays the last song you listened to at full volume!…[View]
7407831790s Dance: Is this anyone elses guilty pleasure?[View]
74077636>*about to delete The Murder Mystery* >not so fast, pleb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw_fW…[View]
74069078So, I just listened to Scum-Fuck Flower Boy, Tyler the Creator's new album. TL;DR - It's h…[View]
74077124>music peaked in the '10s: How does it make you feel? Pic related.[View]
74078206>The album has been certified Diamond for shipments of over 12 million copies in the US, making i…[View]
74078408Help plz: I'm looking for a song. The problem is, the only thing I can remember is a small inst…[View]
74078407What's /mu/'s opinion on Teddyloid?[View]
74077442Hoax or Nah?: Someone posted on HIL that the new Arcade Fire leaked on What.CD, which I thought was …[View]
74077928>hocketing is bad how did this meme start?[View]
74078068So what happened to his voice and why?[View]
74077416just remember anon no matter how bad it gets at least you will never be chad kroeger[View]
74077348Was banned for posting a non flattering picture of grimes in a grimes thread so couldn't ask du…[View]
74077566>that guy who calls singles '7 inches'[View]
74078238Recently discovered this guy, and really enjoying what I've heard (Pom Pom and thrash and burn …[View]
74078191Brandon already tried to.[View]
74078151>In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock What did Annie 'St. Vincent' Clark mean by this?…[View]
74055515/daily/ - Sonemic Lunch Edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new a…[View]
74075478now that the dust has settled, who was better?[View]
74077604What's the musical equivalent to Animal Crossing? Other than it's own soundtrack of course…[View]
74076510>song has a chorus[View]
74077496Drunk Music for this feel?[View]
74077889Admit it. Cobain's suicide in the prime of his career is what romanticised the band so much and…[View]
74073150>'FUCK WHITE PEOPLE' What did he mean by this?[View]
74077366*deletes Frontier Psychiatrist*[View]
74077164What's his best song? What's his best lyric?[View]
74075012all of these linkin park threads, and nobody's even discussing their only good album[View]
74077976>Find really good Hip Hop instrumental >Want to find the original source of the track >Fin…[View]
74076788>tfw their latest album was so shitty that it killed the lead singer Really makes you think…[View]
74077951Hardstyle: Gimme your Gems My current fav since defqon.1 2017 https://soundcloud.com/clockartz/clock…[View]
74077942Top 5 best (popular) rock bands of all time: 1 - The Beatles 2 - Pink Floyd 3 - Led Zeppelin 4 - Que…[View]
74075696Hollywood Undead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBQG3lgq1eM New Single leaked, Lads[View]
74076100>he doesn't listen to jazz[View]
74077370>/mu/ loves Grimes >/mu/ hates Princess Chelsea explain, it's literally the same shit, on…[View]
74076691Why are DG playing with Ministry of all bands? I mean of Al was doing a throwback tour and played no…[View]
74076663If your favorite song isn't on this list Bette Davis eyes is objectively better[View]
74076880>still actually listening to music step it up you fucks[View]
74077142I'm on a boat. Music for this feel?[View]
74076653I need some spooky forest music, that would be how imps and goblins sing and make music. Anything li…[View]
74077725Sperj Stankian[View]
74075413He's gone[View]
74076939Lil pump: He's a genius, you fucking idiots. The fact that you can't even wrap your head a…[View]
74076933Best Album Covers: Post your personal 10/10 album covers[View]
74069147Still the best album of the decade[View]
74077101Thoughts on this?[View]
74077327DO IT LOOK LIKE[View]
74057999I see no PURE Soundcloud Thread. So here I go. Rate/review/do whatever the fuck https://soundcloud.…[View]
74073694ITT: Song that come from weird sources that are unironically hella good: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
74077399You guys understand that suicide will only lead you to the depths of hell? oh well eternity to write…[View]
74077453He stopped performing and making music. I am a big fan, so if any of you has some info, please share…[View]
74077424How the FUCK this isn't good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmDcBF0z7_k[View]
74074424when u download an album how do u remember to listen to it[View]
74070336Dir En Grey: Anyone else a fan of Japanese metal band Dir En Grey? If you aren't I recommend li…[View]
74076121Panic at the Disco: Describe the band, Panic at the Disco, using one word or one photo.[View]
74074766Seems like the score of Hybrid Theory is going to tick up slightly in RYM. I still doubt it will pas…[View]
74077183Our generation's Frank Zappa[View]
74077254Do most people hate Linkin Park just because of the stigma attached to them and their fans?[View]
74075148What is the most effective way to discover new music? all of Spotify's suggestions are shitty[View]
74077011Use Your Illusion is better than pic related. Fight me/Appetite For Destruction 30th anniversary thr…[View]
74074373This album is unironically better than your favorite albums What, you think radiohead is better than…[View]
74077055Who is in the wrong here?[View]
74076122What does /mu/ think about this? As a huge fan of Boris, I'm personally a bit disappointed. I t…[View]
74077050Is Thank God For Girls technically rap?[View]
74077044ITT: Minimalist album covers[View]
74077182R.I.P. Chester: in honor of Chester I am going to share my favorite cover of Linkin Park songs https…[View]
74076043Anything worth keeping here?[View]
74072835>N-E-G-U-S definition: royalty; king What did he mean by this?[View]
74065838Does /mu/ like mumble rap?[View]
74077144The American Morrissey. http://pitchfork.com/thepitch/is-lana-del-rey-the-american-morrissey/[View]
74075494Please help me find a song. Here I tried to recreate it: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1GfNNVeDxMb I heard i…[View]
74077137/Emo/ Thread: What's your Emo banger? been listening to this a lot recently https://www.youtube…[View]
74077128Fans of NIN, APC, Stabbing Westward, orgy, Placebo, Silversun Pickups, and The Cure may appreciate m…[View]
74075767What does mu think of shanties ? do you like them ? what are your fovourites ? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
74076128What is it about Frank Zappa that attracts so many nu-males?[View]
74076107Fantano: Opinions?[View]
74077042MAN IT'S A HOT ONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niUHDB6lXzU >'Smooth' is a collaboration…[View]
74075209/phg/ - Post-Hardcore General: I finally listened to it edition.[View]
74075744ITT: Nightcore: opinions on nightcore? is it degenerate and autistic?[View]
74076118Holy shit, this is great! Avey is good again guys.[View]
74076831>he doesn't like hip-hop what are you, racist?[View]
74075004KPOP GENERAL[View]
74076811What's /mu/'s thoughts on Dungeon Synth? Linking some of my favourites. Lord Lovidicus: ht…[View]
74076902For me it's npr music.[View]
74076602Post French songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1008sA5KY4[View]
74075011This Isn't the Place > The Background World > Less Than >> Not Anymore >>>…[View]
74072984ITT we post rare Linkin Park songs: Remixes, B-sides, demos, whatever. Post 'em. https://youtu.…[View]
74076257What is it about Frank Zappa that nu males so much attraction get triggered?[View]
74074955>i live in a castle >i am a prince >on days I try >to rid the jews of my nation holy shi…[View]
74075332What are you listening on this lonely friday night bros? Currently jamming pic related[View]
74075155ITT: Best verses from your favorite rapper I'll start I do a shmoopy then I poopy, mammals can…[View]
74075969Lil Pump: Opinions? I still can't comprehend how this dude got so popular. All he does is smoke…[View]
74076455Do you know any Linkin Park fans that commited suicide after news of Chester hanged himself? Not sur…[View]
74076695DAT ASS: MEME :D[View]
74073943Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74076757ITT: Time Music Peaked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTq4JUDy52M[View]
74076354Is there any sites or forums where you can get feedback on songs you're working on? Been compos…[View]
74076722Post great albums that will never be reviewed by Pitchfork nor Fantano. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
74076708Is this the absolute apex of drill rap? Can it get any much better than this?[View]
74075479This album isn't good. Learn Music Thoery you fucking kids.[View]
74076679Synths: What's the best synth for making noises that go wreeeoowww wuhhhbbuuwhwuuuhhhuwhuhh ?…[View]
74076619Reparations when, whitey?[View]
74076509What does /mu/ think of fazerdaze?: pic related[View]
74074830Almost all people are irredeemable pieces of shit no matter how they manage to hide it with unimport…[View]
74073496Artists that you believe have Aspergers.[View]
74075020Has this leaked yet? Love this guy's music and he is easily one of the best on the XXL 2017 lis…[View]
74073718Punk Discussion?: Reminder that Joe Strummer was a middle-class art school yuppie who's father …[View]
74076500What is the niggerest, rap music video out there?[View]
74076466please PLEASE someone provide a link. I've been thinking about this album for a goddamn week[View]
74073271there's zero chance (no pun intended) he isn't a psyop, right?[View]
74074821> Normal day > Nobody is giving a fuck about X > Suddenly X dies > Suddenly he's th…[View]
74075719Just because chester died doesn't mean linkin park is good. Saying 'it's nostalgiac' doesn…[View]
74074020Who was better IN THEIR PRIME? Slayer or Metallica? I'm not talking about their full discograph…[View]
74076408Guess: Guess what rap song I'm listening to while I'm sitting down in the shower crying .…[View]
74073639She's next. She even has all the same signs Chester had. >Acts super happy in public appeara…[View]
740760751. Go to https://randomyoutube.net 2. Go through videos until you find something that's /mu/ re…[View]
74071394collage 5x5 4x4 3x3: http://www.tapmusic.net/ i dont see another one up post em and be nice to each …[View]
74074493Pitchfork gives Tyler The Creator's album Scumfuck Flowerboy an 8.5!: Are they right?[View]
74075300ITT: Nerdcore rappers[View]
74076217Some german hip hop for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvmEYPbmO5E[View]
74075119best rapper[View]
74076137You guys know any songs that get you caught in your feelings?[View]
74076143I actually had to check if I was listening to Dimmu[View]
74071139New GYBE in September.[View]
74072036Albums where the first track is pleb filter: I'll start[View]
74076056>You did it to yourself...[View]
74076065This is better than anything Kendrick has put out: I'm not even b8ing. Is J.I.D going to beat K…[View]
74076050www.soundcloud.com/AlexAuld >Rap >Alternative FEEDBACK…[View]
74074471The superior Neutral Milk Hotel album[View]
74076020Drop some J-Rock/Pop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCrwzN6eb4Q&ab_channel=A-SketchMUSICLABEL…[View]
74074973Bowie before death: >literally who >oh yeah wasn't he that ziggy starman? >space oddi…[View]
74074441Atrocity Exhibition: Literally try and name a better rap/hip-hop album from the 2010s. If you haven…[View]
74075072Paramore: I feel like they could make good music but don't because the record label wants comme…[View]
74073579Why is this truly great band so underrated?[View]
74075594Going to see Tears For Fears w/ Hall & Oats tonight. What should I expect?[View]
74075450What do you guys think of the new Dizzee album lads?[View]
74063886Bandcamp Thread: It's friday, you know what to do. Post, rate, review, comment, shill, blab, bu…[View]
74045470>band is literally never mentioned fucking ever on this music board >frontman's suicide f…[View]
74075851>Listen my favorite music over and over and over >Getting bored >Listening bad/average musi…[View]
74075153So who would win in a fight: Big Jim Walker or Leroy Brown?[View]
74074457>TFW Chester Bennington suffered for his art >TFW he continued to drink so he could make emo s…[View]
74074606What does /mu/ think of Dua Lipa?[View]
74075779Guys I am looking for a producer that is familiar with trap style music ( XXX , Lil Pump ) Will pay …[View]
74075343So all debate about who is a better rapper aside, which one of these two is the better artist? Which…[View]
74068558I was a radio DJ, and a music reviewer for a lot of years... and I can honestly say that the overall…[View]
74072872Is this guy a PR genius ? Im in love with his songs now that he is an hero. Turns it from teenage a…[View]
74075707What are some other albums like this?[View]
74068213/prod/ - Music Production: Post snippets using clyp.it give recs etc NO SOUNDCLOUDS, YOU WILL BE BER…[View]
74075683>hip hop in the summer >don't be a bummer…[View]
74073915Where are your friends tonight?[View]
74069370ITT: I only liked the first track core[View]
74075554Can we all agree that Linkin Park is the worst death metal band ever.[View]
74075260How did they got away with such obvious rip offs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=hdKR5t-LHV4…[View]
74068540any other famous / semi-famous /mu/sicians here?: anyone else in? let's share some feels if you…[View]
74075526What does /mu/ think of Whitecap Grave? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=43&v=dNt6LpX…[View]
74074202Taking a vacation to LA in about 2 weeks, what are essential music-related spots I need to visit?[View]
74074283ITT: Songs that made you unironically pose like pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpgX1NS9…[View]
74075444>beats his wife(s) >in a band called the BEATles how did we not see this?…[View]
74075411>Hey, Mick! >Say, Keith? >you remember those faggots that thought they could rock in 2000 o…[View]
74075285Bennington's death occurred on what would have been Chris Cornell's 53rd birthday.[49] Cor…[View]
74074734>I don't need drugs to enjoy this song because this song IS the drugs!…[View]
74074974Song suggestions: What are good songs for a band to learn[View]
74069690>generation x got musical genius, charming, good looking, feels-providing Kurt Cobain >generat…[View]
74074220Best lil Wayne verse? I'll start >Y'all don't get the picture unless the flash i…[View]
74074591Chris Bennington Suicide: Found some new information on Chris Benningtons death: http://www.politica…[View]
74074051>experiencing music by listening to a performance of it[View]
74074197ITT: Highschoolcore[View]
74067871>he listens to music with earbuds[View]
74075159Thoughts on hellogoodbye - dear Jamie sincerely me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jfeuzGbjJY[View]
74074915I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger defying the laws of gravity[View]
74075084Hank Hill BTFO of /mu/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-ruuKFyQBM Music nigger lovers BTFO…[View]
74075045>wahhh I hate attention! *signs deal to major record label* >'Depressed' >Literally the def…[View]
74072745Hey /mu/. Never on this board really, but I just got my highspeed internet for this month and am cra…[View]
74066596This new EP is the best thing NIN has done since The Fragile.[View]
74074677ITT: Great songs that take a couple of listens to click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT0qBdHLspQ…[View]
74074975los lobos: wow this album is really good[View]
74072988KPOP GENERAL[View]
74071538Should Fantano be held responsible for Chester's death?[View]
74071644Breaking the habit: Was it kino? https://youtu.be/v2H4l9RpkwM[View]
74073296ITT: industry plants[View]
74074121YOU READY???[View]
74074792Well, /mu/?[View]
74073652What is essential Just Got Out Of Rehab Core? Others I can think of are St. Anger and Relapse[View]
74073692>pew pew pew YO LISTEN UP![View]
74074570Albums that get an unnecessarily bad rep because of their members' actions[View]
74074560i'm trying to get into rap/hip-hop, what artists do you recommend? ty[View]
74074135Just listened to this and really really enjoyed it, what else by them is worth checking out?[View]
74071434Radio stations: Share the most tasteful radio stations, be they local or national, and help whatever…[View]
74074710Is there any jazz pre-1955 actually worth listening to?[View]
74074780...on an unrelated note, THE SKY'S FALLEN BABY[View]
74070968Pick one[View]
74070017Punk general thread[View]
74064590Kendrick vs Eminem: Let's settle this once and for all.[View]
74071262Did he 'fall' on purpose?[View]
74071515Be honest thread: Overrated rappers Post rappers that you think are overrated. Be fucing honest I…[View]
74074671>tfw nobody talks about Siddhartha anymore[View]
74073620>I don't need your pussy, bitch. I'm on my own dick.[View]
74072868What is your favorite AC/DC song? Mine personally is Night Prowler[View]
74074396Lyrically, this is the greatest hip hop album of all time.[View]
74072838Oh, don't mind me. Just the current reigning king of indie rock coming through[View]
74071823Does your partner/significant other share your taste in music?[View]
74074520>listen to music from any Western country outside your own >listen to music by African-America…[View]
74073936Remember at the end of happy Gilmore when Tuesdays gone starts playing.[View]
74074170>When you're so Avant Garde you can't make listenable music[View]
74074584/hip-hop/: hip hop fans have debated which weed-core albums work the best for smoking, but what abou…[View]
74073315ITT: Genre music for non-genre fans: I'll start with what is jazz music for non-jazz fans.…[View]
74073571is this parody? I can't tell anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH4kzAb4l0E[View]
74069320ITT: the worst album you heard this year[View]
74074338RIP Chester Bennington. Now 'In The End' your body is 'Numb' but you have 'No More Sorrow'. 'Breakin…[View]
74074065what's this wave of linkin park threads? did they finally make a decent album?[View]
74073416Is this the start of the dungeon synth genre? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMtsPv0JgLw[View]
74074463Ayo.: Garden Shed, Garden Shed, Garden Shed, Garden Shed.[View]
74074461Pick the better album: Also post your own (not necessarily by the same band).[View]
74072894>finally accepted im a popfag feels good[View]
74073861Did Tyler The Creator, of all people, just released a better album than Kendrick Lamar?[View]
74074316lol wtf they stole the meme N from Linkin Park[View]
74072035/j/azz general: jesus this is great also, >/j/azz general any recent discovery?…[View]
74073528>mu pretends not to be a total slave to crowd culture >everyone loves Linkin Park now that Che…[View]
74074291Top 3 songs thread, I'll start. Top of the Pops, Rats, Apeman[View]
74073295Name a more successful debut[View]
74074292Books with killer soundtracks. Pic related. Also honorable mention to the razors edge by Somerset Ma…[View]
74074302PSA: If you're a fan of Built to Spill and, like me, didn't know this existed, it does, an…[View]
74072616Holy shit, did you guys know John Lennon beat his wife?[View]
74072008woah: this is pretty lit, senpai[View]
74074136General rap/hip-hop thread: the name basically says it all, post tyour favourite rapers here. ill st…[View]
74066060Is she the new queen of /mu/? New album is pretty good.[View]
74072821Lana del Rey's new album Lust For Life just dropped. What's your thoughts? Favourite song?…[View]
74073073ITT: Great albums only you've listened to[View]
74073982GOOD BAND, BAD INFLUENCE: ITT: post good bands known for having influenced terrible ones[View]
74071385is shoegaze metal or romantic metal even a thing? i really like this ep[View]
74073808the great debate[View]
74072861album irrelevant other than its my favorite Hey /mu/ can u give me some advice for creating drums fo…[View]
74073954>Erase myself >And let go of what I've done ;_;…[View]
74069412DAILY REMINDER: The Beatles pioneered folk rock and Pedo Scacunny ignores it because it doesn't…[View]
74073948Why isn't he famous? Mac Demarco did it, and his music is worse than Tonetta's.[View]
74072389Guitar fell down so I need to learn how to fix pic related. Is http://www.instructables.com/id/How-t…[View]
74073707holy shit[View]
74069753Imagine when he dies...[View]
74073558so the most important rock album of all time has influenced what, 7% of all rock music?[View]
74072094>stay off internet for two weeks >Remember Linkin park songs all of a sudden >Never listene…[View]
74073379Am i patrician ?[View]
74064776New Chart thread[View]
74071451>first song on the album is ambient[View]
74073771you guys like it ?[View]
74071326were they ever good?[View]
74073169let's talk about god's greatest gift to humanity and her 10/10 album, which officially got…[View]
74073550what albums are on your top of 2017 list so far?[View]
74071124Story of OJ: >being alive >not liking this song how do you do it /b/? this is one of the best …[View]
74073583>'Enjoy Right Now, Today' features additional vocals by Pharrell Williams. so is the little kid p…[View]
74073577Does anybody know some emotional musique concrete albums like this one? Almost tore up during the la…[View]
74073573it looks like i ate the ass of an oompa loompa from wiping all my tears away[View]
74071696Is it okay to enjoy this? Even if he stole 90% of the music? I mean, he influenced Blur, The Flaming…[View]
74070451This is the best power death album out there. Try to disagree.[View]
74072280Why is she so perfect?[View]
74070990What's /mu/'s opinion on this man? (It's Dean Blunt)[View]
74073452Does /mu/ like PUP?[View]
74072590Holy shit this is actually pretty good Easily a 9/10[View]
74072117/studycore/ Share what you listen to during studies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSY1tyuR3WQ…[View]
74071957i'm a coward: put your knife in me[View]
74073468THE SCARUFFI[View]
74073105This is the best album ever made Try to prove me wrong faggots (you can't)[View]
74073447I WALK A LONELY ROAD[View]
74073441>Coil >J Cole[View]
74073421What's the best big wreck song and why is it that song?[View]
74073314Best Instrumental Music to Study To?: I'm looking for anything! Some instrumental stuff I like …[View]
74066953>35 fucking albums[View]
74072671Remember early 2000s rappers like Immortal technique Canibus Jedi mind tricks Talib Blackalicious[View]
74073245What song has the deepest bass? https://streamable.com/nzuoy[View]
74067468>rapper also plays piano[View]
74073260>named his concert event All Tomorrow's Parties >had one of the first Residents fan clubs…[View]
74072149ITT: Post rappers who are okay with gay people[View]
74073267>start listening to album >first few tracks are really good >stop listening…[View]
74073248Any good /mu/core like pic related?[View]
74073226is it a kayne west reference?[View]
74073153God Tier Punk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T12lMNcjfwY[View]
74073138track 3 sucks so hard, wow I rarely ever give up on an artist but even carseat headrest wouldve come…[View]
74072800Is Scaruffi right? Is Downard Spiral really that good? I looked at the name of this band and assumed…[View]
74054698Aphex Twin - DOZENS OF NEW TRACKS - LISTEN FOR FREE: aphextwin.warp.net I have hours to go on the ne…[View]
74072350Is he the greatest frontman of our time?[View]
74072578how do you actually review an album effectively?[View]
74071328KPOP GENERAL[View]
74072890What did he mean by this???[View]
74070724what music should i listen to to seduce wimen?[View]
74072874I've always been aware of the Pogues and their most famous records. Recently I've listened…[View]
74072742So /mu/, I need to know Was it Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation?[View]
74068399Is it even possible to hate this album?[View]
74071692chordino or any other software to recognize chords: Does anybody know another software like that to …[View]
74071496https://youtu.be/PXo2Zdhh7m0?t=402 @6:39 so i've been trying to find this god damn song for abo…[View]
74072732i havent been to /mu/ in months, have there been any good pop albums this year? i enjoyed pic relate…[View]
74072680Which album was their best, Sue or Ray? Sue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eviIapiznbA Ray: https:…[View]
74072474nip nong tunes: There's a shitton of Japanese music always shared on /mu/ - post-hardcore, math…[View]
74072585JD is next[View]
74072471I like to think that yesterday was a bad dream. But then I look at this and it hits me all over agai…[View]
74072364When did you realize that Chester was the 21st century version of Ian Curtis?[View]
74071327*deletes Vitriol*[View]
74070066>In spite of the way you were mocking mee-e-e-e-errr[View]
74072251Why did the singer ruin Romeo's Distress by saying n****r in the first line?[View]
74069468Please recommend me more punk/lo-fi hip hop artists in the vain of XXXTentacion. I'm pretty new…[View]
74072475Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74068048https://linkinpark.com/news/news/445586/new-vocalist-auditons-send-in Who's gonna submit someth…[View]
74071879Hey this looks fun. Pick 2 music genres you like and try to find a song that sounds like both of the…[View]
74072370ITT artists that need to commit sodoku: I'll start with an obvious one: pic related.[View]
74067289What does /mu/ think of Jamiroquai?[View]
74069058Growing tired of the hip hop genre, pls help: So my music library is 90% hip hop and the other 10% i…[View]
74069913man, I'm 130 IQ (literally top 10% IQ world population) but I can't enjoy white clasical m…[View]
74064290ITT: pleb filters[View]
74072284what's the obsession with this guy? he bit a bunch of people styles and his music is incredibly…[View]
74072163Sneak Preview[View]
74066109Recent Purchases Thread: JUST picked these up[View]
74070753/Mu/ I need your help to find a Mozart's fugue by description: >I turned towards the piano a…[View]
74071691This is a good pop album. Each track is groovy and catchy enough to be released as a single. Each of…[View]
74071932What do you do while you're listening to music, /mu/?[View]
74069366>band is famous >write them off as derivative normie shit and never get into them >years la…[View]
74071171ITT: the best albums you heard this year[View]
74069351Emily Haines general: It's happening. new album coming in September[View]
74071396WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: So what are you listening to?[View]
74070694is the story of oj just a poor mans untitled 03?[View]
74072083this is dope. what other lounge music is as decadent as this beauty?[View]
74071588Now that Chester is dead, can we FINALLY induct this album into its rightful place as essential /mu/…[View]
74070673I dissociate a lot and I don't like it. Shoegaze and lofi takes me out of my body What kind of…[View]
74072016Let's get some more votes in.: http://www.strawpoll.me/13493276[View]
74067002Alright, who's going?[View]
74070348New Foster The People Release: What do you guys think? As a long time Foster The People fan, I enjoy…[View]
74070331>out today >no on here is talking about it i know you guys don't love anco as much these…[View]
74070554Who Shadia Mansour here?[View]
74071742how cringe is it to dance by yourself? should I do it in the dark?[View]
74071922What does /mu/ think of Death Cab?[View]
74071811ITT: Post your AOTY[View]
74068107This are the top 10 albums of all time according to Sputnikmusic, a rival or rateyourmusic (the scor…[View]
74069993Who is the animal, again?[View]
74070757/mu/mor thread: pic related is an oc btw[View]
74071734who's next?[View]
74067967Whats the most beautiful song youve ever heard?: Beautiful can mean anything really. so i guess you …[View]
74070203Albums people gassed up but we're nothing but hot air.[View]
74068182Thom Yorke: How will you react/feel when he dies?[View]
74071521h-hold me /mu/ i can't decide which concert i want to go to[View]
74069891ITT:: Underrated krautrock albums is it too jazzy for the plebs on /mu/?[View]
74069207>Hybrid Theory (2000) >a textbook in how to turn teenage angst into the musical equivalent of …[View]
74069419couldn't handle the sudden meme surge[View]
74070575What's his endgame?[View]
74071480If the Jews would've just let Chester/LP be themselves (meteora/hybrid etc)and not pussified th…[View]
74065745You know what. This is actually pretty good. Easily a 9/10.[View]
74071470Famous Dexter is the epitome of hip hop.[View]
74071442If you could erase your memory only to rediscover one band or artist, which would it be?[View]
74070926Make out mixtape: What are your favourite songs to make out to?[View]
74071430Have you guys heard this? It's great, them at their most controlled. More impact to the noise c…[View]
74071091what's some great indie pop from the 2000s?[View]
74067043I never understood why Fred Durst got so much hate, can someone explain it to me?[View]
74069961Musicians keep dying non-stop An up-and-coming French singer, Barbara Weldens, has died on stage, ap…[View]
74068319ITT: Albums you can't dislike but also can't like[View]
74071037ITT: Albums Plebs Can't Appreciate[View]
74057166new thread post fake album covers and guess genre[View]
74066667ITT: name something more god tier than this[View]
74068142What do you think about this album? It finally clicked to me. Very good.[View]
74071291Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74070265KPOP GENERAL[View]
74069629It's a Mistake is a severely underrated Men at Work song[View]
74070954Grimes thread[View]
74071170Does /mu/ have any suggestions for some quiet rock for the midnight hour? Thinking in style with Mot…[View]
74070011Post music-related experiences you've had that ended up influencing your music taste.[View]
74071114Why was this the greatest hip hop album to come out in the last 5 years[View]
74071112What do you guys think about Mark Kozelek's latest musical Podcasts?[View]
74071048DUDE SUICIDE LMAO Did he seriously do it to keep up with Chris Cornell?[View]
74070779Can somebody explain André 3000 to me?[View]
74070426Why can't /mu/ get into experimental psychedelia? I thought this board was plebless.[View]
74068378Holy shit people are touchy about Chester: I posted something in a facebook group along the lines of…[View]
74070930Will it break 3B?[View]
74069936>suddenly the album name, song names and lyrics get new meaning Was this the greatest marketing m…[View]
74070877Which musician is the next to go sudoku?[View]
74069998How do you go from playboy to beggar?[View]
74070836Pentakill just dropped 2 singles teasing their second album 'Grasp of the Undying'. Any opinions on…[View]
74070440ITT: Albums this board should listen to[View]
74070375What was his peak? His magnum opus?[View]
74068769masochism when[View]
74065616Where do I start with Butthole Surfers? Do I just go with pic related and power through the whole di…[View]
74069049>HEY HEY >YOU YOU[View]
74054542/metal/: glam holocaust continues edition >>74033759[View]
74069855Ministry / Death Grips tickets went on sale this morning! Who got theirs? Will DG actually show up t…[View]
74070630Oh shit, is she about to... She can't, she's not high enough level to... How can she with …[View]
74069811>tfw there is a chance Masami Akita won't make it to the singularity and will die in your ti…[View]
74062076You know the deal boys Share / comment / add or whatever you faggots want do[View]
74070001Queen is the most reddit band. Prove me wrong. You can't because there is not a single band in…[View]
74069218Post suicidal Linkin Park lyrics: 'Awake in a sweat again Another day's been laid to waste In m…[View]
74070409>who the real owner if your boss gets a salary damn...[View]
74068934This album has some really catchy and memorable pop hooks, but goddamn the combination of those lyri…[View]
74066615Who is next on the murderous melon's hit list?[View]
74069823My friend's band is opening for Smashmouth What do I do with this information?[View]
74070110Were they ever good?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13493276[View]
74070209What is his endgame?[View]
74068602Does /mu/ like Evanescence?[View]
74070207>His favorite vocalist is Tim Buckley or David Thomas[View]
74069712ITT: 'wtf this is good?'[View]
74064016Appetite for Destruction turns 30 today Say something nice about it[View]
74067804KPOP GENERAL[View]
74070046*deletes Who Dat Boy and Ain't Got Time* Ahh, now it's perfect.[View]
74069956Is there really any electronic better than Fever Ray/The Knife?[View]
74069945Is it good?[View]
74067883This is the best album run of this decade, right?[View]
74070041Well, say it, anon. Say it one more time. As you used to.[View]
74068622I could masturbate to this. Show me something similar please.[View]
74070050>spending my evening writing 'hanging in there?' in every linkin park comment section such is lif…[View]
74068243I'm seeing Paul McCartney live on Tueday for his One on One Tour. What should I expect? I was n…[View]
74069347Just how good is it?[View]
74068936Post an album you don't know anything else like, anons give you albums similar to that one.[View]
74065251I've never been much of a fan of Tyler, Wolf was the only album I enjoyed caused it seemed Tyle…[View]
74069654should I feel guilt when taking pleasure in listening to this record?[View]
74069759Is Larry the Cable Guy genuinely a redneck, or is it just a character he puts on as an entertainer?[View]
74069312>the king of nu-males offs himself >nu-male general is still stickied >there are people tha…[View]
74064932AOTY released[View]
74069686Post songs that make you want to glow red and punch holes through the wall and melt all your dinnerw…[View]
74067934he's next.[View]
74069610Dave Made a Maze: Looking for the music in this trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAvk33B9oo4 …[View]
74069197Julian Lage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a3qAp81vY8 what an absolute god, how can anyone even c…[View]
74069590Along with Ween... Electric Six is another shamefully underrated band. Dick Valentine is a genius. …[View]
74069570/waddycore/: Who else /Waddycore/ here? What's your favorite? /DieAntwoord/ keep out unless you…[View]
74069292I'm drunk off my ass: Music for this feel?[View]
74069576okay, first of all[View]
74065887Anyone know any other Punk bands that have a similar sort of guitar style to Steve Jones out of the …[View]
74061411/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Django Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com …[View]
74069317>playing the exact same song over and over and pretending it's many different ones: the band…[View]
74067286Have you seen her face recently >JUST why did the record label make her do it lads. She used to …[View]
74069364Lyrics from Happy Mondays – Step On Lyrics: 'Gonna stamp out your fire, he can change your desire …[View]
74066044>one of the best hip hop albums in recent memory >edgelord contrarians pull the bleaching assh…[View]
74067411How old were you when you realized his music was never good?[View]
74069260Just try to refute this [spoiler]Protip- you can't[/spoiler][View]
74068749Thoughts on ABRA?[View]
74069247what score will he give for scum fuck flower boy[View]
74069262ITT: guilty pleasures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM213aMKTHg[View]
74069111>have a dream last night I saw Kanye live and he brought out John Mayer and Tyler, the Creator …[View]
74066169Collage Thread: 1 week, 3x3/4x4/5x5: You guys know what to do. Rec/Rate/Guess a thing[View]
74067661Thoughts on this?[View]
74069120Get Free is literally just Creep by Radiohead with a few things changed. Get Free: http://vocaroo.co…[View]
74066065Can you really trust someone who doesn't listen to rock?[View]
74068440> at concert, jamming out > in an arena > old fat fucks want to sit down > im standing …[View]
74069095>Mary Green >Today's a queen >One thousand dollies are her dream >In cotton frocks …[View]
74067605positivity music thread: no more sad (bad) music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7QPBzAJ_io https:/…[View]
74066301I need band name pls /mu/, give me something spicy.[View]
74068330It's been a while but I STILL can't believe Ice Cube is gay.[View]
74069004I'm seeing Sting on tour tomorrow in Denmark. What do I expect?[View]
74068950ITT: 10/10 hipster music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9Bw2MOcA-E[View]
74039151guys.... http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/20/linkin-park-singer-chester-bennington-dead-commits-suicide/…[View]
74067982Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74068921I'd kill myself too if I made this album[View]
74067528is Thom yorke patrician? https://open.spotify.com/user/third_bridge_creative/playlist/3qE12IrF0efkJr…[View]
74066979>mfw someone says prog is shit but they have little to no knowledge in music theory…[View]
74068335the great debate[View]
74068886At least we still have Fred Durst right? He ain't going away cause he cares about his fans, fri…[View]
74067739ITT: Bands everyone enjoys at least one song from them[View]
74065502Who are some rock musicians with personal demons that won't commit suicide?[View]
74068669This is the true patrician album.[View]
74065689LP5 when??[View]
74068161alt-dance band: I'm starting a sort of alt-dance band. 3 people - a prog-house DJ for electroni…[View]
74067345ITT we post non-ded musicians who we are thankful for for not offing themselves[View]
74066541Thoughts on these guys ?[View]
74067349Damn Iggy Pop is trending on Twitter what happened[View]
74068470>find new musician >they make good shit >go on their twitter >DUDE WHITE PEOPLE LMAO any…[View]
74067863Kanye: What happened between 808s and Heartbreak's 'I'm Amazing' and Yeezus' 'I Am a …[View]
740673922010s ROCK ICON: Who is the iconic rock group of the 2010s? The 50s had Elvis, the 60s had The Beatl…[View]
74065004Is Let Me Watch his best song?[View]
74065951AOTY Thread: 1990 Edition[View]
74068546Reggae has always been, even if you do not like it https://youtu.be/QvCLiVxu9vg[View]
74066543You guys excited for Avey's new stuff? https://youtu.be/FrHfDAADpj4[View]
74067461Thoughts on this album?[View]
74068288Why do rappers never say good things about Compton? They mention the bad side but they don't me…[View]
74068396What music do short hair girls like?[View]
74066604Cocteau Twins: Hey /mu/. I don't usually come here very often, so I'm not sure how often t…[View]
74067134Sally seltmann: Lads I present to you the greatest female musician you have never heard. https://yo…[View]
74066019is this good? or are the doors shit without jim[View]
74067735>he listens to modern rap for the lyrics >he judges rappers by what themes they rap about in t…[View]
74068298One-man projects: Any one-man bands in this board? Preferably black metal, but anything is welcomed.…[View]
74068291Thoughts on this artist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuccTS0xLtc i discovered her by being featu…[View]
74068230Feefo > Beezy > Kinge >>>>>Mykr[View]
74068227Comebacks you don't wanna see.: Reunion albums that you hope will never happen for the sake of …[View]
74068220This music is fucking great (but a little repetitive) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxZq6Lr6OOo…[View]
74066575Post best dreamy summer music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN1XzxOQWrA[View]
74066459ITT: post your favorite female artists and their best songs >claire boucher >symphonia ix (my …[View]
74067334>its a circle behind her head not a hat damn...[View]
74066313Rank their albums: 1.Meteora 2.Hybrid Theory 5.A Thousand Suns 10.Minutes to Midnight 13 Living Thin…[View]
74067695How much sex has he had?[View]
74066219After Johnathan Davis killed himself yesterday, is limp bizkit /mu/core now?[View]
74067127>the drums at the end of Lost in the World[View]
74067315What's wrong with her? Is she going to be okay?[View]
74068014Tool: Documentaries that completely changed the way you felt about something?[View]
74067895Is this the bravest, most amazing, and inspiring lyricism of all time? How can other artists ever ho…[View]
74066077What genre of music is this? https://youtu.be/yy-SiZSlmhI[View]
74067955Is it unmanly to openly listen to music like Oh Wonder? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiGt9C76U0s…[View]
74066794Breaking The Habit > Papercut > Faint > Cure For The Itch > In Pieces > Shadow Of The…[View]
74067636>cornell >chester >cobain >courtney I think we can see a similarity here…[View]
74067221Carly Rae Jepson is at least two times better than any of your favs, you can't prove me wrong[View]
74065888recently listened to murder of the universe, wtf were they thinking adding all of those monologues i…[View]
74067729meme's aside, if there any hope in the future for Rock music?[View]
74066582Is there a more reddit music opinion than this? This is the redditest music related thing I have eve…[View]
74067518Childhood is idolizing Hybrid Theory/Meteora: Adulthood is realizing A Thousand Suns was better…[View]
74065910kpop general[View]
74067654How much sex has Richard D James in his lifetime so far?[View]
74067713the album that saved music[View]
74060704They were a Korn tier band and people would only talk about them as much as Korn if not less if Kurt…[View]
74065145What will happen when he dies?[View]
74066920>DES-PA-CITO the song that saved popular music.[View]
74065936ITT: forgotten 80s hits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pk3A_QSINI[View]
74066466I TRIED SO HARD[View]
74067551hey look im edgy n memeing dead shitty singer, am i cool now guys?[View]
74067524The poll is still up >new reunion soon >last seattle survivor >the guy is a lunatic http…[View]
74067453Hey, I added new songs to my mixtape. Check it out and share, please https://www.youtube.com/playlis…[View]
74056375Do you miss the music and overall feel of the early-mid 2000s, /mu/? People seem to think things whe…[View]
74067402Songs you skip normally, but respect on a 'full album' listen: >Treefingers…[View]
74064503>there are people on this planet that buy £500 headphones then listen to music in 128kbps…[View]
74066874>Power Metal Can there be a more cornier genre of music?[View]
74065772why does his speaking voice sound like alantutorial?[View]
74066945I TRIED SO HARD[View]
74064922sup nigs don't really see this one posted often[View]
74066882ITT: Albums Rated[View]
74051521This is legitimately the saddest music death in a while. At least artists like Cornell and Bowie lef…[View]
74066732quality aside, this album is sincere as fuck itfeels weird thinking about how much radio music has c…[View]
74066636'Hey Bulldog' in high definition on Youtube: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4vbJQ-MrKo…[View]
74065289KUSO: FLYING LOTUS A RAPPER????: lol hollywood dumb as shit[View]
74051105ITT: We guess what normies will post on social media when musicians die: 'He's surfing up in He…[View]
74066849does /mu/ likes alternative?[View]
74066645Reminder to be harsh with grimes[View]
74067136What music does he listen to?[View]
74066813>listens to gosh WOAH! this is like rave music without the drugs or sex!!!!…[View]
74066770is this the best Odd Future related project? If not, what is?[View]
74064615Favourite Non-Core Metal Band: Core is for fags. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mfvSSl9L9M&t…[View]
74067061'''Audiophile''' on a budget: Lets talk setups guys. My main audio gear is a SONY DAV-888 surround s…[View]
74063859talented, beautiful, perfect.. how is this allowed[View]
74067023So what did /mu/ think?[View]
74066276Math rock it's just a lite version of prog rock, prove me wrong[View]
74061400King Gizz's Sketches of Brunswick East will be dropped randomly within the next two weeks[View]
74067000>imagine a perfect world KANYE PLEASE PUT NAV ON YOUR NEXT ALBUM![View]
74065244How was this song so popular back in the day?[View]
74066385i like boats n shit: lil yachty is that type of nigga who whines so fucking much but his music sound…[View]
74066890anyone heard this yet?: what think you[View]
74066503Which one is more likely to be next?[View]
74066719worst to best?(albums)[View]
74066399A Fever Dream: Everything Everything just released the title track of their new album, what are you …[View]
74066807Best tribal music goy?[View]
74066463ITT: We start editing the last Linkin Park album to make it good, in memory of Chester. There is a L…[View]
74065521in all seriousness does anyone else think the internet probably contributed to his suicide? If you…[View]
74066016/mu/ Awakenings: When did you start to realize most of the music they play on radio is total shit?…[View]
74065549Dare I say it, /mu/ core when?[View]
74066221lets start a soft rock thread u fucks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYOjne3ZHQU[View]
74066750Hey guys, does anyone know where i can get a belt?[View]
74065913What's your favorite depressing love song? Kinda in a funk right now and need something to pick…[View]
74065412could you recommend albums like these?[View]
74065860Are 'Things We Never Had' and 'Departed' meant to be bonus songs or apart of the main tracklist…[View]
74066295nice album?[View]
74060761Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life: I was expecting it to suck because of the collabs but I like how it tu…[View]
74066515Remember when music was good?[View]
74065417The noise on here is so fucking sick GOD DAMN[View]
74065601how come there aren't any serious S. Vin¢ent threads on /mu/? is her image ruined?[View]
74065823album - 30th of august: http://www.nme.com/news/music/kanye-west-album-august-537600 fucking waitin…[View]
74064818she's alright. 6.5/10 music, 9/10 cutieness[View]
74065590/mu/ waifu: >tfw no qt punk gf[View]
74066254https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7QcpCzsDB4 He looked so happy in his final interview, how can we ev…[View]
74066256Hey guys, when does the new Linkin Park album drop?[View]
74064816D E P R E S S E D: tfw suicidally depressed, lost all hope, this is genuinely gonna be one of the la…[View]
74062941Scum Fuck Boy Flowers: What would you rate it? What will he rate it? Favorite song. Worst song. Favo…[View]
74065642More stuff like this?: Not including other Daniel Johnston albums.[View]
74066124I TRIED SO HARD[View]
74064255What are some other albums that sound like this?[View]
74065776Let's cure our Linkin Park sadness with dance: PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT[View]
74064830>It's /mu/ but in 2012.[View]
74063631Music is way better when you're sad In b4 this statement triggers the fuck out of reddddit[View]
74066090Goddamn you half-Japanese girls[View]
74062916But where's the first one?[View]
74065709What does /mu/ think of Mon Laferte?[View]
74065130What a beautiful band :)[View]
74063932ITT: cringe-inducing lyrics: I'll start: Religion don't mean shit, there's too much e…[View]
74065174Fuck is there any other good 2017 black metal? Do you guys keep up with shit like this cause I sure …[View]
74065129>this is the only time I can listen to linkin park unironically[View]
74063606Explain why reggaeton is bad.[View]
74065005burial- archangel the greatest song of all time?? i think[View]
74066003Are bots the only ones who listen on soundcloud anymore?[View]
74063558/dale/ - Pitbull General: Mr Worldwide! >post your favorite mr 305 songs >post your least fav…[View]
74065229How do I get YouTube to show everyone my shit?[View]
74062044What's some music that sounds masculine or has masculine themes? I'm starting to feel like…[View]
74065940Flame throwing Piano: who needs one of these in their live! https://youtu.be/DZSW-xMIqpU?t=41s…[View]
74065259>tfw i once got really stoned and tried to listen to this and just found the vocals annoying the…[View]
74063809My fav linkin parks album: what is your favorite?[View]
74065139Rest in peace Limp Bizkit. Untouchables was the best nu-metal album of all time.[View]
74064966so this is their worst album?[View]
74065306Oi! Thread: Been getting into this genre lately, but could do with some recs outside of complete ent…[View]
74064010KPOP GENERAL[View]
74065788Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74065022Chester: Because of the recent deaths I just want u to kno anon... people care about you and if ur g…[View]
74065111What's some non-derivative music? I'm focusing more on modern stuff (30 years max) that so…[View]
74065214So this is their best album right? RIGHT???[View]
74064501S O U L Post your favorite funk/soul/R&B tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2IpoTKnDPw http…[View]
74064949>Thebe Kgositsile wtf is this motherfucker from africa[View]
74065812>Fueled By Ramen[View]
74065749Underrated Songs by Popular Artists: Radiohead - Vegetable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKRUEKgMy…[View]
74064172Regular music w/ vocals suuuuucks..... unless it's video game and anime osts. That is all I lis…[View]
74065541Linkin who? oh yeah, that shitty corporate mtv band[View]
74064635Do you think he's okay?[View]
74065308Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74065445ITT discuss Kool Keith. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITIYVqQ4qwI[View]
74065599Heavy music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spDK2MedUYY[View]
74065681>The most 'emo' band of all time >Music isn't that emo…[View]
74065109Too teenage, and that's saying something considering I'm fucking 19. MILK could have been …[View]
74065650What's your favourite Jeff Buckley song?: This is mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vbZ73q4…[View]
74063734ITT: Artists that have already peaked: and the project on which they peaked[View]
74064324>MY WHOLE LIFE >MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE Holy shit. How do they just keep getting better?…[View]
74064595I downloaded pic related's 50th anniversary edition, which includes the album both in mono and …[View]
74063853Trying to gauge the average collection of mu: https://strawpoll.com/6y4yegf9 I hope this will make m…[View]
74065564Mike Love Not War[View]
74065529Does listening to quadrophonic music in stereo ruin it, or is quadrophonic just a meme?[View]
74065519is this a joke? i have seen better at local open mic nights http://pitchfork.com/tv/51-live/watch-fr…[View]
74063413Sup faggots, im new here, want to kill myself, and listen exclusively to the beatles, tame impala, a…[View]
74065377Why doesn't he recognise us anymore?: https://youtu.be/6j-L50IZEZg[View]
74065389ITT: Thoughts about Metallica's 2003 'St. Anger' album: Was it good or bad?[View]
74065406hi /mu/, what happened to hipster runoff?[View]
74064845nigga what Is it actually good or is pitchfork just going full memerap again?[View]
74063587GUCCI MANE: favorite guwop song??[View]
74065350>>me when blodtorst[View]
74064771What's /mu/'s views on Unkle Adams? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyzb-diZ3Ds[View]
74065294Is Mark Kozelek releasing 10+ plus albums this year because he is taking advantage of his cult fanba…[View]
74064974Hello /mu/, I know many of you have bands and im here to create the artwork of your next album and a…[View]
74065201Are the artists ripping off memphis rap now going to develop and innovate later on? Are they already…[View]
74058711>releases an album every month >everything for free >quality rising continously >raps, s…[View]
74065152>SHEH AAH[View]
74049153ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
74065099Where the fuck does this go in my vinyl collection? Do I put it under 'M' or 'S'…[View]
74065138the true pinnacle of boom bap[View]
74064083What if he killed himself because of the memes, like everytime something is edgy someone mentions li…[View]
74064938is this really a spacemen 3 album?[View]
74065082>tfw someone calls her female death grips she's female B L A C K I E actually too much with …[View]
74052293Why is shred guitar hated?: Because learning how to shred takes a lot of skill and plush how long ma…[View]
74064211where were you when Selena became the goat popstar? Bad Lier and Fetish are fire.[View]
74064951>tfw shoegaze isn't dead[View]
74065029Did he recover from the financial problems he was having a while back?[View]
74064788https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjpSor9Otto: .[View]
74064525Anyone remembers G-Sides (2001) from Gorillaz? For me it was a very great album,but the community do…[View]
74064407Was Johnny Cash the first rapper?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__3wWqMKg4I[View]
74064984>TONIGHT IM ALL ALONE IN MY ROOM Why is Astral Plane the best song on here? Also is there a vocal…[View]
74063214How long is she going to get away with it?[View]
74063738What is the most Gorillaz sounding Blur song and vice versa[View]
74053138'Honestly, Chester's an old friend who we've hung with many times, and I have friends who …[View]
74063572Holy shit this is actually pretty good Easily a 9/10[View]
74063651Cocteau Twins: What does /mu/ think of them? I personally love Heaven or Las Vegas.[View]
74039290Chart Thread: Chart Thread! Say something nice and recc some music![View]
74063649*replaces Logan Rock Witch with Milkman*[View]
74064741Scum fuck flower boy has thankfully lived up to my expectations, thank fuck[View]
74064571okay guys: which one should I listen to first?[View]
74064191Rock Musicians of 2010s: So we all know that up to the 50s to 2000s rock was fairly mainstream, and …[View]
74064787>cuckcore threads get hundreds of replies >threads about actual music discussion die after 10…[View]
74046582If he had committed suicide in 2001, would he have had a larger impact than Cobain?[View]
74063325This isn't bad so far. On the fourth track.[View]
74064086what album is this ??? ?[View]
74063983Holee fuk[View]
74064165Lyrics that really make you think...: >SHUT UP >SHUT UP >SHUT UP >SHUT UP WHEN I'M …[View]
740631563x3 4x4 5x5 week: chart thread guess personalities rec r8[View]
74053799Sonemic just lunched: Open beta has just come out https://sonemic.com/[View]
74064454My best friend sent me half an hour of voice notes on whatsapp about depressing stuff during a menta…[View]
74064616ITT Disappointing follow up albums: >get really into The Adverts first album >second album is…[View]
74052181please help: As a rule I try not to listen to the same music as my sisters because they're anno…[View]
74063110>I'm not black I'm OJ[View]
74062583>female singer[View]
74063443Can anyone sing better than Barbra? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmTmAccLSb4[View]
74062870Now that that the dust has finally settled... What did he really mean by this?[View]
74063542Is he next?[View]
74063699Is it legal to monetize mashups on YouTube?[View]
74049041Midnight: Are you ready?[View]
74064439>Los Angeles' Linkin Park, fronted by singer Chester Bennington and rapper Mike Shinoda, wer…[View]
74062881Why couldn't it have been him?[View]
74064341Why is this album lighthearted fun for 14 tracks and then heavy-handed as shit for the remaining two…[View]
74064184What's some more stuff like this?[View]
74064347Schools out for summer today in the UK, watch the board quality drop... oh wait, it can't get a…[View]
74063516Getting married. Whats a good first dance song?[View]
74063042Avey Tare - Eucalyptus: What /mu/ thinks of this[View]
74063332Guys, check out my high school poetry real quick: I TEAR IT OUT DIG IT DEEPER JUST TO THROW IT AWAY[View]
74058811NIN - Add Violence: So it's out. What do you guys think? I loved track 2,3, and 5. It's a…[View]
74055906majority of this board has been here for less than a year how long have you been browsing /mu/ and w…[View]
74061857RIP: November 2000, Chester Bennington sang happy (13th) birthday to me. RIP to a legend.[View]
74058498is there blood on his hands?[View]
74064239Please Help: Hey, /mu/ So, I'm creating a comic series, and I thought it would be neat if each …[View]
74060712>tfw Steve Albini will never produce a Death Grips album[View]
74060339ITT: we pretend it's 2000[View]
74063663why would they ever make this? When do you think they'll hit peak annoying? At least with refle…[View]
74064238Telegram: Join telegram group Leisure /mu/ English only. https://t.me/Eliteville[View]
74062415Chester Bennington lyrics & themes: Chester APPRECIATION thread, seeing that all the elitists wa…[View]
740637781. Feels 2. Strawberry Jam 3. MPP 4. Person Pitch 5. Sung Tongs 6. Eucalyptus 7. STGSTV 8. Down The…[View]
74063589Give me some of the most depressing, horrifying, suicide inducing music you have. Rules: No shoegaze…[View]
74063920British Open 2017 Live Stream: http://dt-electric.ca/sites/default/files/open-championship_0.pdf htt…[View]
74064002>be ausfag in year 10 >day before school camp, teacher says we should all bring a cd we like a…[View]
74062146Let's settle this, /mu/.: http://www.strawpoll.me/13493276/r[View]
74063805trying to get into Earl Sweatshirt in which order do i listen to his albums? pic unrelated[View]
74064146He can't keep getting away with it[View]
74064126Is Atlas the best one hit wonder of the 00s?[View]
74062697I'm going to a Velvet Underground trivia night at a bar tomorrow and need a team name. Got any…[View]
74063169Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74064062>hip-hop/rap album >80-90 percent of the album features another rapper Why is this so common?…[View]
74063025>Chester dies and the boards blow up. >/mu/: 'B-b-but muh Cornell'…[View]
74064065Let's admit it. He was the most talented rapper to ever live.[View]
74064040Need to find more psych rock /mu/, what you got?[View]
74062883Albums with 'midi' sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgzE58kNa4I[View]
74063555Post well-liked artists you think are overrated and others try to guess what artists you like: >S…[View]
74062834post an album without posting it[View]
74063940WTF I love Pop now[View]
74063974>tfw every Linkin Park song is written like a suicide note[View]
74043830He's next[View]
74063843What's /mu/'s opinion on Tegan and Sara?[View]
74062158Rec me some good underground shit..any genre I don't care[View]
74055254Nothing of true value was lost: >Mediocre vocalist >Mediocre band >Album quality dropped af…[View]
74063827Currently chilling to some LoFi on a YT live What you all listening to? Here is the link check it ou…[View]
74061078Albums to lose your mind to: Title says it all[View]
74062798>Linkin Park rises to the top 10 in the charts overnight after Chester's '''suicide''' Give…[View]
74063158is vaporwave still a thing[View]
74063807HEY YOU. YEAH YOU STUPID.: was just joking about killing r.kelly idc >seriously though >leave …[View]
74063793inb4 Phil Anselmo to front Linkin Park[View]
74062739is /pol/ patrician /mu/? >>>134402787[View]
74063126Some of the best punk i've ever heard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5oibeAspJw[View]
74063744>the call that saved Linkin Park[View]
74063260In terms of raw talent, rhyming schemes, and discography on the whole he really is the greatest of a…[View]
74063730hey fags, found this heavy numetal band from downunder and really liking it FFO: SOAD, KoRn, Slipkno…[View]
74063630THE SCARUFFI[View]
74060925Chris Cornell: Chris Cornell[View]
74062806When did you realise Black Angel's Death Song is the best song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
74063605Linkin Park: >ITT: Post the cringiest Linkin Park lyrics you speak in ABBREVIATIONS because real …[View]
74063613>tfw nobody talks about Siddhartha anymore[View]
74062134Kate Bush Thread[View]
74059576Andy can just program a drumming track on his laptop like he does with every other instruments so wh…[View]
74062755>nightcore will never get the respect it deserves[View]
74063474ITT: Otherwise decent albums with embarrassing lyrics.[View]
74063499What did he mean by this?[View]
74060362wtf I love Tyler, The Creator now[View]
74063301album vs album: http://www.strawpoll.me/13494416[View]
74063337Guys... what if Chester's suicide was just a stunt pulled to promote their new album?[View]
74061196One More Light: So it seems that this new Linkin Park album, uh... It's not good.[View]
74062579Posthumous Grammy: who gets it?[View]
74058535Let's make a Linkin Park song in honor of their lead singer Chester The Cheetah[View]
74062271/prod/: Post snippets using clyp.it give recs etc NO SOUNDCLOUDS, YOU WILL BE BERATED ______________…[View]
74056161CHad: >CHris Cornell >Kill himself in May >2 monthS later >CHester Bennington died toda…[View]
74058852Charts: lets see your shitty music taste[View]
74060751KPOP GENERAL[View]
74061787OOOOOH AHH AHH AHH[View]
74063293Well I remember, I remember, don't worry, how could I ever forget It's the first time, the…[View]
74063235Why is this album so God damned good?[View]
74063243ITT: Artists you confuse(d) for each other: Cockney Rebel Cockney Rejects The Birthday Party The Wed…[View]
74049700/jazz/ general: ITT: Post your top 10 jazz albums and get recs[View]
74059377Did Chester just hate OJ?[View]
74059571Foster the People: Foster the People just released their new album today, Sacred Hearts. What are ev…[View]
74059180This is great.[View]
74061788childhood is The Beatles adulthood is The Beach Boys[View]
74063046What are some music genres you wish existed? Freak Country / Freak Western seems like it'd soun…[View]
74063112buy lust for life on itunes and in stores today![View]
74061275I like them, and I'm not and never will be ashamed to admit this.[View]
74063030just listened to this for the first time, and i loved it, what should i follow it up with[View]
74058292Did the universal backlash to this album really drive him to suicide? Plenty of artists put out shit…[View]
74062399itt: songs you can't help but sing along with: I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIIIISSSTTTT[View]
74011934/noiserock/: this is the third or fourth one: Get in here boys. >What is noiserock? An umbrella t…[View]
74063071F >Barbara Weldens >Chester Bennington[View]
74062440Which album do I start with?[View]
74062991is john frusciante next?[View]
74059448Does anyone talk about this album? It's good right?[View]
74062636Why dirty hipsters listen to college rock?: These bands like early R.E.M., Pixies, Sonic Youth or Vi…[View]
74057222what are the best audiophile headphones on the market right now for the price?[View]
74062738Where should I start with Sun Ra?[View]
74041526So, is it /mu/ approved now?[View]
74062102Who /regressing/ with me tonight? In honor of Chester I've been blasting late 90's and ear…[View]
74062757RIP CHESTER: You miss me[View]
74061621Small road trip in a few hours. Post songs to add to the mixtape. no albums[View]
74060194>mfw this normie board hates most of my favorite artists or doesnt even know about them…[View]
74062753¿Bandas de Shoegaze o dream pop en español? Shoegaze or dream pop bands in spanish that are actually…[View]
74058862This feels too happy and too current year political, what happened to the old school dark gangsters …[View]
74062079This is the only good indie rock album[View]
74062120Is he next?[View]
74062629You are only allowed to listen to one song for the rest of your life. What do you choose?[View]
74059463At my friends house right now with one other friend Both listen to My Chemical Romance and they seem…[View]
74055042>band member goes off to start a new band that's more successful but way worse than the orig…[View]
74062301What do you think of this selection?[View]
74062324I wonder how the In The End anon is doing right now :([View]
74061668I've seen posts here mention that is album is patrician in disguise Is this true?[View]
74061351Their music aged better than The Beatles music.[View]
74062453love linking park[View]
74052264Leave Linkin Park to me, guys[View]
74061997What's going through his mind now?[View]
74042308Bandcamp: old thred ded QOTD: Do all of your favourite artists influence you in some way?[View]
74061896Making music for beginners: lookin for tips to help me and others. Nothin in specific but anyone got…[View]
74062401Wins & Losses>DAMN.: Meek Mill>Kendrick Lamar[View]
74062389Open Championship 2017 Live Stream British Open: http://dt-electric.ca/sites/default/files/sky-open-…[View]
74056973If Chester killed himself after this album dropped, would his death have been more impactful than Ku…[View]
74061105RIP Death metal ;_;[View]
74059065the great debate[View]
74062223>listening to music without headphones[View]
74062290This is Janitor of Lunacy - Crimes on the Dancefloor. Post your dark music, give recs. Offbeat stuff…[View]
74061483Ok /mu/ if you're so smart then tell me which of these is Buddy Holly and which is Rivers Cuomo…[View]
74062212help: I have a vague impression of some hardcore album that has a cover similar to pic, but I can…[View]
74058970ITT: Murderers[View]
74058924scum fuck: pretty sure tyler's going to release more music. all music plataforms naming the alb…[View]
74061062Rivers Cuomo[View]
74058158ITT: We try and find the hidden Limp Bizkit album: http://www.metalsucks.net/2017/07/20/has-limp-biz…[View]
74060824Holy shit[View]
74056532I guess it's time: http://www.strawpoll.me/13492836[View]
74061741Does /mu/ like Elton John?[View]
74060707Seriously underrated Hip-Hop albums[View]
74060832Why is this album so underrated?[View]
74061693Advise me: I want to start a band. Problem is, the only other person I know who can play music at al…[View]
74061318Is rock dead? Discuss.[View]
74061544Most overrated rock record?: Easily Spiderland imo. Hands down.[View]
74061816ITT: FAST/HYPE SONGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCiDuy4mrWU[View]
740576953x3 4x4 5x5 WEEK guess life and talk music[View]
74059813Mr. Lonely and Boredom are the only good songs: Prove me wrong[View]
74060977MC Ride: MC Ride[View]
74061128Hey, so this is actually really good. The last song especially is pretty wow considering what just …[View]
74061609what's some music with top tier atmosphere? pic related sure is one[View]
74060355he's back[View]
74061672What do you think?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMzHdTUdaTyNRbTlBZdDXXQ[View]
74021208/classical/: Avoid Anxious Connoisseurship edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th cen…[View]
74061454He actually did it, this album is amazing[View]
74058861More like this?[View]
74059138>uses a 7th chord in one song >look guys im a jazz musican…[View]
74060602ITT: post albums that lost AOTY to Flower Boy >pic related[View]
74058586life of a rap fan: >be me >born in 1973. >gets into rap music into 80s. >90s come along…[View]
74061469if you like neo soul, rap, pop and so on you may like it: https://open.spotify.com/user/12155947746/…[View]
74059344Music about 9/11?: Music about 9/11?[View]
74060228Is there a non-retarded answer for refusing to go digital?[View]
74059689post some fucking G.O.A.T. L.P. A.M.V.'s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRbFSCLZZwc[View]
74060721bon iver - 22 a million: wat[View]
74061527https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ1yFhjRnNc&feature=youtu.be&t=1320 When she says 'in' there…[View]
74060034Where are your friends tonight?[View]
74060753When did you accept that David Lynch loves Linkin Park? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4AI6kHHyWs…[View]
74061395More music like this plz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ujnwmGGxEI[View]
74058865KPOP GENERAL[View]
74058429Heaven must sound pretty nice[View]
74054881Yea guys..... its time to stop......[View]
74031213/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Lemmy Lives Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar…[View]
74057317So This Was Death Grips Before Death Grips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18bMtR-7q3Y[View]
74061181This song is fucking lit[View]
74058217tasteful sad electronic music: Could you point me to more electronic music that makes you feel sad a…[View]
74054823Guns N' Roses reunion concert airs live in less than an hour on SiriusXM channel 41. Are we hyp…[View]
74058265I listened to all the musics and can confirm this is the pinnacle of human achievement[View]
74061055Would they not be so hated if Fred Durst didn't dress like a wigger?[View]
74059312/piano/ general: I have my first lesson in 5 hours. I it plan on doing a few lessons. What do I focu…[View]
74060574Is Berklee really the best music school or is just a meme?[View]
74057517Who is the greatest rapper of all time and why is it K Flay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC9qgBN…[View]
74057789This garbage ass album has the same problem as The Epic in terms of how limited and repetitive the i…[View]
74059439>Future Net Worth: 8 million how is this possible?[View]
74058988ITT: Post a posse cut, and others rank the verses: https://youtube.com/watch?v=nU4OIAYwo5g Joey Bada…[View]
74059203y'all are too pretentious to take this seriously[View]
74057544>he says he loves music >he's not a musician…[View]
74060604'Member Take CAre?[View]
74057023Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington remembered by Rihanna.[View]
74060598https://soundcloud.com/fractalfantasy/sets/first-opus-sinjin-hawke music like this[View]
74059914Stuff like this: Pic related: and not the more bluesy/rocky stuff - more of this spirtual/folksy gui…[View]
74060220Why was this a thing?[View]
74060300R.I.P http://www.politicaloutsource.com/2017/07/linkin-park-singer-chester-bennington-commits-suicid…[View]
74054558Wintersun - The Forest Seasons: The files went live earlier today; anybody else got it yet?[View]
74060150David Byrne: How will you react/feel when he dies?[View]
74059352Describe this image.[View]
74057088Can he take his reviews seriously instead trying to be another FilthyFrank?[View]
74059178Looking for a song: Help, I having looking for a song for the past few days, I don't remember t…[View]
74050534>listen to album >'wtf that sucked' >urge to listen to it again >'this is pretty good ac…[View]
74058902>This bald disgrace probably contributed to Chester's death PRESS S TO SPIT IN HIS FACE…[View]
74056753Post music made by other people who committed suicide.[View]
74056485Why was Death Grips' first album called Exmilitary?[View]
74056609I just want to let you know I fucking hate you guys so much. Radiohead is shit. Grimes is shit. Post…[View]
74059719Ambient: What's your favourite ambient album /mu/?[View]
74056124Are these the most technically impressive pieces of music of the 20th century for classical, electro…[View]
74059815Went to Linkin Park's wiki page, clicked on a link, and it brought me here. http://www.gnaa.pre…[View]
74059433Coldplay: Can we all agree that every album before Mylo Xyloto was pretty damn good?[View]
74059795Why is this 13 year old outside in the middle of the night[View]
74057863who /roadtrip/ here? Let's get some /roadtripcore/ going what are your favourite songs for lon…[View]
74057757What is the defining music of Gen X, other than grunge?[View]
74059564Try to give you warning But everyone ignores me (Told you everything loud and clear) But nobody…[View]
74057307how would your reaction have been if Mike died instead?[View]
74058955>Hanged himself on Chris Cornell's birthday. What did he mean by this?…[View]
74057710ITT: Big-Core Essentials[View]
74058046Van Morrison is really fucking great on weed. Y'all should try it sometime. Common One and Veed…[View]
74004213/prod/: Post snippets using clyp.it give recs etc NO SOUNDCLOUDS, YOU WILL BE BERATED ______________…[View]
74059404I think it's time we give this band some recognition now that a tragic event as just happened. …[View]
74059314tyler the creator: does anyone know where to find the full scum fuck flower boy album for free?…[View]
74058460this is actually pretty good easily a 9/10[View]
74059201Kate Bush and Ed Sheeran collab album when?[View]
74058937cinematic albums[View]
74058958/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
74059060who are they and what's their end game? it kinda wouldn't surprise me if the members are/w…[View]
74057448Work shitty job They play radio all day long Always set to the same pop&rock station >Chester…[View]
74059024Well, let`s start[View]
74056419getting into metal: Hello /mu/ I've recently discovered that I'm into 'oldschool' metal li…[View]
74058935ITT: shoegaze general (guitars, amps, pedals, bands, band names, labels)[View]
74057257ITT: Songs with E U P H O R I C outros: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7CF9yTKkH…[View]
74058663>I always felt our competition was healthy, although I was jealous when he started getting big, m…[View]
74058841https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE7i8MDzWDo livestream of FLOWERBOY fucking good desu[View]
74057234He's pointing at us...[View]
74056653Joe Cocker is the greatest musician of all time, prove me wrong. Pro tip: You can't[View]
74056184Is he a top or a bottom?[View]
74058068How do you think Linkin Park man feels about today?: The guy who listened to nothing but In The End …[View]
74057101holy shit[View]
74058751is he gonna be next to kys?[View]
74058214Who else thinks he caught his wife getting some BBC or something? This is cray.[View]
74056562KPOP GENERAL: winners only edition[View]
74058688Post amusing Nine Inch Nails OC here.[View]
74056787Why didn't Scruffy talk about how the Beatles pioneered folk-rock?[View]
74057373/trance/: Post your favorite trance songs itt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOb5vdqv61s https://w…[View]
74057919/mu/'s thoughts on pic related?: i really liked their last album but i was a bit bored listenin…[View]
74057128What do: >Chad Kroeger suddenly dies >Everyone now likes Nickelback What do…[View]
74058482ITT: Best live performances of all time: Berlin 2000[View]
74058360It's time to settle this, /mu/.[View]
74052987ITT every drug gets a song: >Heroin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EiTuyt8y7g…[View]
74057758What are some of /mu/'s favorite beats?: Can be instrumental or accompanied by vocals, just pos…[View]
74058288WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE CAR?: Is finally here!1!1111[View]
74058181Challenge: Listen to trap music for more than 14 seconds without gouging out your own cochlea[View]
74058358this album sucks. can /mu/ find a way to get cole back on H?[View]
74056967/mu/sicians who live in an apartment. how do you records? my current apts walls are so thin i can sm…[View]
74058279Cremation Lily: Opinions?[View]
74058242My equipment for music listening consists of my akg k7xx and a fiio X3 2nd gen. I've been think…[View]
74058232He will be next.[View]
74057977>have a dream that Paul Simon dies from heart attack >Chester Bennington kills himself in real…[View]
74058190Why has barely anything been written about one of the most influential and best albums of the decade…[View]
74058191'Sup, /mu/. What are some good vocaloid artists to follow? I believe any 'club-like' music is s…[View]
74058184REST IN PEACE[View]
74055517What's a good analogue polyphonic synth that's below $2000? I can find loads of good monop…[View]
74048658>artist uses fart noises in song[View]
74057732Is there such a thing as experimental ambient? I'm looking for some albums that are pretty weir…[View]
74055937>all the normies that made fun of you for listening to Linkin Park are shedding crocodile tears o…[View]
74057916We really need a sticky for this?[View]
74046238Youtube and Soundcloud threat (while it's still here) Bring em boys: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
74057945Hey guys[View]
74057165Music about being a degenerate?: Sup /mu/ I'm looking for more songs like I Am The Fly by Wire,…[View]
74057646Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry: are we /hype/?[View]
74057907>birdman >lil waye >frank ocean >young thug >tyler, the creator https://www.youtube.c…[View]
74055897Where are your friends tonight?[View]
74052429Is he, dare I say, next?[View]
74033080New NIN thread: Old one is hitting bump limit Add Violence>NTAE[View]
74056158ITT: /mu/ in 1980[View]
74057558Just bought tickets to a Guns N' Roses concert. Did I make a mistake?[View]
74056332He's next[View]
74055556HELP: I'm madly in love with the Rite of Spring, but I don't know why. Anybody care to exp…[View]
74057364Roast me, /mu/[View]
74056133he's next[View]
74057421mike shinoda[View]
74055092Punk: Hey /mu/. Looking to get more into punk. I've listened to very little in the past. Where …[View]
74053225apology for bad english when where you when lincoln park dies? I was house eating papaya when brothe…[View]
74057548IVE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
74055939Can we talk about how The Beatles' best album is a mash-up LP made for a fucking Circus act.[View]
74053864/mu/mour thread[View]
74057411hey /mu/ so my laptop crashed and i lost all my music. on top of that my iPod died. i was wondering …[View]
74056260Lets learn the /mu/ alphabet A is for Art Angels[View]
74057281i said are you gonna be my girl[View]
74055330>SONEMIC LUNCHED[View]
74057092IT STARTS WITH[View]
74057268*skips to the surf music at the end*[View]
74057300Any theory nerds out there I have a few questions.[View]
74057275New to publishing music, advice?: Okay, so the basics of it are that I'm able to make/master/up…[View]
74057231GREATNESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dOW4CuD-iA[View]
74051742Ocean-core: What are some good nautical albums? Kicking it off with the obvious[View]
74056898Wrestler Music: ITT we post wrestler music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYmm5YQSv2I[View]
74056522Hip Hop Scene, an inactive volcano?: I know that this shit always gets posted on /mu/ but i feel lik…[View]
74056071Funeral for a Friend: Good band or great band?[View]
74057129Why do europeans suck at jazz?: seriously not a single good euro player[View]
74055972Shit albums /mu/ tricked you into listening: This[View]
74056835How does this image make you feel?[View]
74056948>The Beatles Mono albums aren't sold individually on CD[View]
74055125Sad albums thread Because everyone needs to cry every once in awhile[View]
74055246Recommend me a nice electronic drum kit /mu/. >inb4 get an acoustic kit Not an option in a crowde…[View]
74056929Sarcofago Most Metal band I've ever heard. Hell sounds like this. I want to live in Hell.[View]
74056315Will Linkin Park now be 2017 New Order?[View]
74054085What if they're next?[View]
74056874ITT: Masterpieces pic related[View]
74054269Why do I love this album so much, /mu/?[View]
74055819What does /mu/ think of Creed?[View]
74056817Dare I say it, AOTY? Also BSS general[View]
74055458Wtf is buttrock?: I see it always mentioned[View]
74052595Legit question. If 9/11 never happened and everyone remained happy, would edgy music like Linkin Par…[View]
74056366ITS HIS FAULT[View]
74055616XXX > Atrocity Exhibition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30pYD2fpkRU[View]
74056651Feel-good songs: Post songs that always cheer you up when you're feeling down. https://www.yout…[View]
74049208>'Got to get a Jew in my wife!' What did he mean by this?[View]
74055418The definitive example of the uk garage and dubstep sound[View]
74056658Did anyone here have tickets to see them? I was supposed to see them July 30th at Hersheypark Stadiu…[View]
74024008ITT guess personalities by shuffling 10 songs on ur music player >RiFF RAFF - Twisted Pistions …[View]
74055487What does /mu/ think of Sicko Mobb?[View]
74055962This is unironically an amazing album that is generally unknown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVO…[View]
74053857If you didn't at least appreciate this album, you can burn in hell. You burn in hell. You sick …[View]
74036506Whad does /mu/ think about Steely Dan?[View]
74054535KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCr57C1F_38[View]
74052583ITT: the most attractive musicians[View]
74055181>prick your finger it is done >my waist has now eclipsed the sun >angel has chicken wings …[View]
74055672At what age did you grow out of metaI, /mu/?[View]
74053447Why does everyone hate Touched?[View]
74046331Today's the day that millions of hipster idiots across the world will start taking LP seriously…[View]
74056242Dream Collabs: Sunn O)) + Eleh Liturgy + OPN Autechre + Emptyset[View]
74056206Leave not one AOTY, but two AOTY to us[View]
74055154https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAUjGyMVhqw F[View]
74056130what are some of your favorite dj mixes of all time?[View]
74055325Jazz.. punk?: Is there any other music like this out there? I guess there are some avant-prog that s…[View]
74056145Birds of Films is the only good song on UT because it feels like a Benji song.[View]
74042100ITT: we predict the next artist that kills themselves[View]
74055205Is this phenomenon unprecedented?[View]
74055574ITT: Poorly draw an album cover and others try to guess what it is.: I'll start.[View]
74054396Will Linkin Park still brand themselves as Linkin Park or will they go the New Order route?[View]
74055953Driver: Your favourite driving and / or roadtrip music?[View]
74055589ITT: Better names for albums >We went to India and fought a lot[View]
74055852/ambient/: post 'em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4Ws3jTM_cQ[View]
74054938Recommend me some transcendental classical music to paint to. Choral, orchestral, solo, I don'…[View]
74055074>Jaki Liebezeit, a drummer for one of the most influential and genre defining krautrock bands die…[View]
74055716RIP Phil Collins[View]
74048279After hip-hop dies out in a few years, what's gonna take its place?[View]
74054456/aphex/ general: old thread about to die so[View]
74053795These were genuinely good albums.[View]
74054571Admit it /mu/, this was a good album. Meteora wasn't terrible either, but some of its song didn…[View]
74055629Who was the Jannetty?[View]
74039033ITT: Last.fm Collage: http://www.tapmusic.net/[View]
74055354Artists you regret avoiding: Are there any artists, bands, collectives, etc. that you've known …[View]
74053342>Malmsteen bows to Buckethead >In contact with chickens >Possess psychic-like abilities …[View]
74053000When do you think they'll hit peak annoying? At least with reflektor they were only half way up…[View]
74052790>Hey, Mick! >Say, Keith? >you remember those faggots that thought they could rock in 2000 o…[View]
74047809Who is the best film composer? (and why is it Preisner?) Post film music you like (or vidya music if…[View]
74055433gentleman post your predictions on >how much the view will go up >how big the intrest spike w…[View]
74055050ITT: guilty pleasures: heard this at my job a few days ago before my last day and cant stop listenin…[View]
74055382I hope Chester Bennington's successor is just as good. After all, he did leave some big shoes t…[View]
74054594How come Hendrix has so many posthumous studio albums? Are any of them worth listening to?[View]
74053449>tfw when kevin shields dies he won't get a sticky because mods are legit music normies can …[View]
74052010don't come to /mu/ much but I came to see the discussion and memes about Chester. Saw a couple …[View]
74054207Artists you're absolutely done with. For me its Kanye West.[View]
74008750/daily/: fuck previous thread >>73979224[View]
74054811It's not a religious thread. Just, I feel like really the apocalypse is close. Chester and LP m…[View]
74049512post a fake album cover and others say what genre it would be[View]
74053692Post some tracks that have brought you to tears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEjATbKHc9Y[View]
74053095DJ SCREW[View]
74055098Someone needs to leak all the new Aphex tracks already[View]
74054261What are your favorite music memes?[View]
74053930I unironically think A Thousand Suns is a top-tier album and I don't don't give a shit wha…[View]
74054920What are some albums or genres you can only appreciate over the age of 25?[View]
74053908Why are all musicians who kill themselves from the west coast? That place must be a major shithole.[View]
74054934itt post Albums that have sold 10 million copies.[View]
74054925>be fucking assnigger >get raped as kid in the ass (lol) >literally suicide what did he mea…[View]
74047954ONE THING[View]
74052913ITT: Singers that sound like cartoon characters: Edwyn Collins sounds almost exactly like Stewie fro…[View]
74054790It starts with One rope[View]
74054488Their 2 best songs are on this album[View]
74054325Is this confirmed /mu/core now?[View]
74049648ITT: Albums that only exist to support one track: ゲロゲリゲゲゲ / The Gerogerigegege is one of the nosiest…[View]
74054406What's your favorite Linkin Park song, /mu/? Waiting For The End is mine. The beat & feelin…[View]
74033759/metal/: spiting the faggot from last thread edition >>74024321[View]
74054561Just looking for relaxing album that is NOT ambient.[View]
74050363Let's settle this once and for all. Which is the best radiohead song 'let down' or 'airbag'.[View]
74054461what was his problem?[View]
74051664Why does /mu/ hate Marina? Electra Heart is a good album.[View]
74054471Linkin Park Singer Commits Suicide: I guess in the end, it doesn't really matter. http://www.po…[View]
74053709ITT: >Albums usually not mentioned here >Rate and rec, etc. This one is relaxing.…[View]
74052993Ween: >realizing Gene is a manlet I love Ween so much more now[View]
74052695KPOP GENERAL: Do It Amazing[View]
74053746Does /mu/ like U2?[View]
74053198Hell of a Life is the only thing stopping me from thinking this is a 10, can any of you that like it…[View]
74053710this is great.[View]
74054271anyone else see a face in thousand suns[View]
74054007This album has reached 10.000.000 of copies sold[View]
74053739I'VE BECOME SO HUNG[View]
74054043No one will ever do better than this https://youtu.be/tyTz_-EQOXE[View]
74052238What was he listening to when he did it?[View]
74054016Breaking The Habit: He broke the habit guys... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2H4l9RpkwM…[View]
74053371Why was Charles Manson in Pink Floyd?[View]
74051919>hurdur music helps me to deal with suicidal thoughts hurrr >stay strang, frend Let's set…[View]
74047246Stop being alive[View]
74036595Fresh AFX: aphextwin.warp.net[View]
74053670>tfw i meme'd before the guy killed himself ask me anything.[View]
74019636Rate an artist's Albums: One of these threads[View]
74053716>I had to fall to lose it all So what now Chester?[View]
74053228HYBRID THEORY Listen Along: Streaming the entirety of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory in honor of C…[View]
74044564What does /mu/ think? It's my girlfriend's favorite band and she's seriously telling …[View]
74053567>was molested as a kid >friends with Linkin park >also from 90's - 00's time peri…[View]
74052916Opinions on temple of the dog. In special: say hello to heaven. Idk why but i find it a fantastic so…[View]
74052427>Artist dies >their last album before they die was considered bad >they die and now everyon…[View]
74053301Is Santana patrician?[View]
74049405>tfw there are people in this board, RIGHT NOW that unnironically like Linkin Park He was a shit …[View]
74053536Any other Bernie Bros at pink Floyd #usandthem ?[View]
74053143Evidence of how poser /mu/ truly is: >Jaki Liebezeit played drums on one of /mu/'s most dick…[View]
74053525So because some fagot killed himself, we're supposed to pretend that Linkin Park wasn't a …[View]
74047843Lets make a list of popular 00s bands that actually had good some albums, but we won't admit it…[View]
74053480Relapse/Refill is easily Eminems best album. Why is it so underrated? Every beat is great, lyric wi…[View]
74053123who was the best screamer of the 60s? I'd say it's either jim morrison or paul mccartney[View]
74053180He went from the most important artist in the world in late 65 to not mattering anymore by mid 1967 …[View]
74051634Not really angry. Just a lot of autists falling all over themselves over this stupid band 'oh my god…[View]
74052161>has half of his entire generation constantly making fun of him on the internet It's actuall…[View]
74052749Stop listening to the Beatles[View]
74052200>the absolute state of /mu/[View]
74053305Post more like this I don't care if you call it cringe, avant-garde, comedy or dog shit Just po…[View]
74031565Friends of Grimes ROLL CALL: Friends of Grimes roll call: >say something nice about Grimes >cu…[View]
74053326Any other artists like him?[View]
74052690>Chester Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona >his father was a police detective who worked…[View]
74053321>want to make an emo album >realize I can't do anything except vocals goddammit…[View]
74053354Is she right /mu/? https://mic.com/articles/23810/i-haz-music-choosing-a-musical-genre-to-define-mil…[View]
74049045>A thousand lips a thousand tongues >A thousand throats a thousand lungs >A thousand ways t…[View]
74053246does anyone have a psytrance chart?[View]
74053129When is he going to apologize for killing Chester?[View]
74053218Anybody been checking this new Hyphyskazerbox out? It's crazy good, one of my favorites this ye…[View]
74053151>'''''''''edgy'''''''''' band >not even one suicide among members how the fuck can anyone take…[View]
74053173ITT: songs that sound good when you play them on top of one another https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
74027645>song has a jumpscare[View]
74053108And in the end, it doesn't really matters[View]
74053083So, they're pretty much done now, right?[View]
74052950Meat Puppets: What does /mu/ Think of The Meat Puppets?[View]
74052268ITUNES NZ GOT UPDATED: TYLER NEW ALBUM (M4A FILES) >omerta.is/12B4 >omerta.is/12B4 GO GO GO GO…[View]
74053041>60s/70s non-pop band writes a song that takes a dig at The Beatles[View]
74051577What are some good covers of Linkin Park songs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NlTH9DpE70[View]
74047904is Hayley Williams unironically the nicest musician in the industry, /mu/? she just seems like the s…[View]
74052997ITT: we post sp00ky moments in albums I'll start YLAOM - Poledo[View]
74052994I just came to post that Chester has 6 kids from 2 women.[View]
74047025post that last album you listened to (and share if u want!!): post that last album you listened to (…[View]
74052869Does /mu/ like Roky Erickson?[View]
74052432RAMMSTEIN: What does /mu/ think of Rammstein? Why did they achieve success outside of Germany wherea…[View]
74050250Fazerdaze: The female Tame impala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9H933ttaYo[View]
74051236I hope you guys are happy. The guy you roasted all these years because you thought his music was cor…[View]
74051572daily reminder that this album is the last REAL rap album released at this day[View]
74052768inb4 P4K gives Hybrid Theory a 10 for this week's Sunday review and writes some shit about how …[View]
74052305HE NEEDS TO APOLOGIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVdIzy6ck5c NOW[View]
74052761Electronic music was so cool and innovative in the 90's and early 00's. It seems like musi…[View]
74048549He seems awfully relaxed about it[View]
74052628breddy guud, thanks /mu/[View]
74050389dubs and he's next[View]
74050259KPOP GENERAL[View]
74048367>tfw you never liked Linkin Park as a kid Feels good being patrician[View]
74052528I miss him /mu/ :'([View]
74049652What's he listening to, /mu/?[View]
74052522It was a different time. Does anyone here still listen to witch house?[View]
74051832Scaruffi Gems: http://www.scaruffi.com/vol5/fugees.html 'Unlike so many rappers who were independent…[View]
74051857you can tell he was planning it[View]
74052386J U S T U S T[View]
74052214Is this the actual opinion of /mu/. If so you guys have fucking shit taste.[View]
74052282Does /mu/ like progressive nu-metal?[View]
74049281ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism: ITT: we support, follow, share, and…[View]
74051908Is this /mu/core?[View]
74051212Good night sweet princes: http://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/ween-murder-suicide-gene-ween-kills…[View]
74047563Swans: What on earth are these guys so popular for? Just wondering before diving into their music…[View]
74050283Was this why? Dem lyrics[View]
74052172So, I was listening to this album... Didn't know John Lennon's son sounds like an American…[View]
74052156What's the best Boris track and why is it Naki Kyoku?[View]
74051595Why'd he do it?[View]
74041193Why do Grunge and Nu-Metal fags kill themselves all the time? Is it the drugs? Or are they simply pu…[View]
74050410you laughed at him and his music all these years would you take it back now, if you could?[View]
74052081Now that he's dead will people finally recognize Linkin Park for its insane influence and innov…[View]
74051071What's the best music streaming service? pic unrelated[View]
74051638𝄢 𝄫: Why is she so fucking good? What are all those chords? DId she make this shit up? I can't …[View]
74048521Hello /mu/, Feedback here, manager of /mu/'s team in the Four Chan Cup! The Cup will begin next…[View]
74052007>acting like i was part of your property-ty-ty >implying you didn't think your ram crashe…[View]
74051056How to make your voice more manly/gruff? And just tips to improve it in general Also anybody want to…[View]
74051695Is this his best album?[View]
74048426Is he trying to tell us something, /mu/?[View]
74051134ITT: 'Woke' rappers/musicians that are actually fucking morons.[View]
74051922What are your favorite albums to listen to when you're too depressed to get out of bed? Here…[View]
74050425I miss Crystal Castles.[View]
74051513>Shock the monkey What did he mean by this[View]
74051861What's some essential armpit-core?[View]
74051718Rihanna is actually extremely attractive when she isnt acting like a complete nignog[View]
74051728this is unironically and objectively a brilliant album[View]
74050840nu-metal general: Now that nu-metal is bank on the forefront, what does /mu/ think of Theory of a De…[View]
74049803Steel Panther: This is what happens when you combine Van Halen, Motley Crue and Bloodhound Gang toge…[View]
74051283>Make one shit album after another >Get called out for making shit albums >kys Looks like s…[View]
74051511Something not Chester related: anyone have any recs for movies with good soundtracks? >pic relate…[View]
74051516Looking back and relistening, this album is actually really good...[View]
74050827hey /mu/tants. I've been out of the downloading game for some time now, and am having a ton of …[View]
74051036RIP Evanescence may you be a freak on a leash in heaven[View]
74051485mfw LP's front man an heroes and AFX released a heap of new tunes on the same day.[View]
74049934/prg/ punk rock general: hitler's cock edition >this thread is for the discussion of all th…[View]
74050151Everyday bro: Its everyday bro with that Disney channel flow[View]
74049666>when you spend your evening writing in every linkin park music video 'hanging in there chester?'…[View]
74051432ITT: We goodbye Chester by using our teenage persona: LooneWolfXRiot here, you will always be my HER…[View]
74051354So LP's front man an heroes and AFX released a heap of new tunes. Could this day get any better…[View]
74047214What genre are they?[View]
74043235Recent Purchases Thread: Picked these up today[View]
74050409how do you start a band? are any of you in one?[View]
74051172Sadness: I'm sure this guy is really sad right now[View]
74051214Has anyone else seen Fleet Foxes live this year? The new album was okay but their performance was a …[View]
74047699Linkin Park: Post best songs desu senpaitachi[View]
74050332So were they an actual band? Anywhere I can hear their songs?[View]
74051223Post pleb filters[View]
74048300Fleet Foxes: How did you like Crack Up? Does it feel as though it's even more grand than Helple…[View]
74051180The Best Super Group: You know it to be true in your heart.[View]
74049876I hated Linkin Park when i was in middle school and all my friends liked them, I still don't li…[View]
74051111Did (((they))) get him? What did he know?[View]
74046978>Kurt Cobain kills himself after Nirvana becomes too big for him to handle >following Alice In…[View]
74050671How do you think he's coping?[View]
74047133What circle of hell do you think he's in?[View]
74049852Who is the best frontman of all time?[View]
74050777I live in Palos Verdes Estates. AMA.[View]
74050837What should one listen after this?[View]
74050225Did you forget about me /mu/?[View]
74050945SRIRACHA: >Well then it's sriracha >The next it's not not, watch it drop >Making …[View]
74050126an hero has fallen: He was such an hero, to take it all away. We miss him so, That you should know, …[View]
74050697did u heared linkin park killed himself?: >Open up last.fm >All these Linkin Park scrobbles…[View]
74050453There is literally nothing wrong with liking Linkin Park[View]
74038296Post a cartoon character and others guess what music they listen to.[View]
74049757underrated as FUCK: desu[View]
74050550Say something nice about this album[View]
74049972Who is next boys?[View]
74050716Take him next, God.[View]
74050461Well /mu/, you finally memed me into listening to it and it was complete garbage. I didn't even…[View]
74050610>both singers of this band are now dead due to untimely causes how could this be? really activate…[View]
74050074Holy shit lads we've reached advanced cuckery: He left 6 of his children. Atleast when Kurt Cob…[View]
74049574Who's your favourite meme band?[View]
74048941Remember when Linkin Park Was good? Me neither.[View]
74043743What song did he kill himself to?[View]
74043153Harrison is bae XD: Post ya Beatles memes folks, time to swing it right back to the 60s.[View]
74048543Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74049224One of this threads[View]
74050271>Go Down on me, Moses What did he mean by this?[View]
74023776/mu/ references in TV/film[View]
74046098You have to recommend an album to each of the following boards: >/pol/ >/lit/ >/fa/ >/fi…[View]
74047112So did anyone listen to it yet? What's the verdict?[View]
74047401KPOP GENERAL[View]
74043631Who will be next?[View]
74043685>the absolute state of hip-hop in 2017[View]
74049131How do I choose a favorite album ? Is it the album that I save the most songs from or the album that…[View]
74043839Post your favourite LP album & your favourite song on it: This is such a good one & highly a…[View]
74049534I'm glad he's dead :^): I'm glad he's dead :^)[View]
74050099linkin park memorable songs: Making a playlist right now, what are some good post-minutes to midnigh…[View]
74049425>legalize it, every drug right now[View]
74050064Post the happiest or most disturbing music you know.[View]
74039064Why are manufactured 'artists' still a big thing? Is there no escape from the industry plants?[View]
74049423Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
74049461Infographics: Post em[View]
74045976This is the face of a killer now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVdIzy6ck5c&t=3s[View]
74045659When's it gonna be him?[View]
74049768Does anyone else always get fooled by the start of Caroline No? I always think the percussion at the…[View]
74048694Does /mu/ appreciate The Wonder Years?[View]
74048282hell be fine[View]
74049607Post yfw you realise Linkin Park invented post rock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4DLwztSF54[View]
74045726What's good punk that sounds like Crass in Penis Envy, I mean with female vocals with a similar…[View]
74049651Start listening to Abba, Martin Denny and gay club music.[View]
74048036Is it the most suburban album ever?[View]
74041640fucking rip[View]
74035583Dad rock legends: How many rock icons did you see live ? I've seen Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Lou R…[View]
74049377Papa Roach will never die[View]
74048195Is Mike Shinoda going to be OK?[View]
74049543Jimi Hendrix? More like vomit Hendrix haha[View]
74049524>gentleman that's going round, turning the joint upside down[View]
74048097Hayley thread[View]
74049301/instrumental hip hop/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDS7lLTlhIk[View]
74049173Music that makes you feel fresh/relaxed? Thanks[View]
74049438Post 'magical' music that takes you to another plane of existence. https://youtu.be/GCoCTkC0oL0[View]
74048740you're the only power...[View]
74046375Name a flaw[View]
74048857how is it?[View]
74049056if i am a pnw nomadic hipster, what music should i listen to?[View]
74044122HOW DOES THIS MAKE YOU FEEL: DEAD >Elliott Smith >Kurt Cobain >Scott Weiland >Chrims Cor…[View]
74049235i love musikalisches opfer and webern but think his orchestration thing is gay what's happening…[View]
74049057#dearthom youtube video (pls dont play in israel radiohead, bcuz they r bad tldw): >https://hookt…[View]
74049046NOW THIS IS A FUCKING ROCK SONG!!!FACT!!! https://youtu.be/5OkqAztfS-4[View]
74049023Best the divine comedy album?[View]
74048460Rec Thread: Good old fashioned rec thread. Recommend me something similar to this and don't tel…[View]
74048983https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s86-Z-CbaHA&feature=youtu.be&t=21m46s If you know what song …[View]
74048141/mu/tant Radio: /mu/radio General Playing Reanimation right now. RIP Chester Official Website: http:…[View]
74048918Can we have a thread for people who didn't know or care about Bennington? Linkin Park has alway…[View]
74046947> millions of dollars > travelled the whole world > legions of adoring fans > the knowle…[View]
74048183hip hop: this is dope. where do I go from here? also hip hop thread[View]
74045494Is this how people felt when kurt offed himself?[View]
74047138>Chris Cornell >born July 20th >died May 18th >Chester Bennington >killed himself on …[View]
74048558What is some other essential Naruto AMV core?[View]
74048625pop midis: posted on wsr as well but maybe I'll get some responses here too: looking for a data…[View]
74046596I guess in the end it really didnt matter...[View]
74046968https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mv5ugGxJeY What say you /mu/?[View]
74048565is Annie Erin Clark aka Street Vincent unironically the nicest musician in the industry, /mu/? she …[View]
74048551New NIN remix of Bowie https://soundcloud.com/thisisthenumbernineteen/i-cant-give-everything-away-fa…[View]
74048336Does /mu/ fuck with the prittest rapper in the game Pollàri ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKWbky…[View]
74048534This nigga is the GOAT. His music is so great that I don't care what he did or does. He could r…[View]
74048272Now that I've had some time to think. There's something up with this 'suicide'[View]
74042659Time to post dem old amvs, guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqTocV2qhWI[View]
74045491He's next.[View]
74043245Growing up isn't always simple. And lots of people turn to music for support. While I was a kid…[View]
74048340fuck you guys for liking LP only now that chester died, they were always great until MtM[View]
74048289I've become so numb.[View]
74048267https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZIummTz9mM holy shit F[View]
74035813Show your meme collection: Yes it's not much, I'm 'poor'[View]
74048208Friendly reminder: While edgy faggots unironicly shitpost about an edgy band, these faggots will con…[View]
74047258Literally....: This is music right now[View]
74042339Scaruffi on Linkin Park: >Los Angeles' Linkin Park, fronted by singer Chester Bennington and…[View]
74048073It was a perfect discography until this POS came along.[View]
74048071When will his time come?[View]
74048027Mainstream music was and will always be garbage. Just because that guy died doesn't mean their …[View]
74047932More than 20 listens and still can't decide if it's a good album or not[View]
74047870Can we get a viper thread? Post underrated Viper tracks ITT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us8RmBMD…[View]
74047664ITT: Musicians that have done time in prison: I found out today that Dan Treacy from the Television …[View]
74037252What the FUCK are they eating in the Netherlands?[View]
74044755We all know who's next[View]
74046726>No more AMVs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqWx5BQBl7U[View]
74039812ITT: formerly ridiculed albums that will eventually go on to be praised as misunderstood masterpiece…[View]
74047978ONE THING[View]
74043642Sup guys[View]
74047815>Artist releases song titled X >later on in their career they release a song titled X(plural)…[View]
74047879How did Pedo Scacunny overlook the fact that the Beatles were pioneers of folk rock?[View]
74047785NIGGA WTF[View]
74026148Fresh new SC thread: Old one is filled, let's begin again.[View]
74040337Which overrated 90's singer is gonna hang themselves next? I hope it's Anthony Kiedes.[View]
74047273>'Cheessa neenjah mah wongee Chewbacca. Kanjee teh droid' >'Manchy kabook noonee Solo' What di…[View]
74047693So we agree that it's time...[View]
74047413Was it auto-erotic asphyxiation?[View]
74047380>he fantasizes about injuring himself during a live preformance >then finishing the rest of th…[View]
74047475>CRAWWWWLIN IIIIIIN MY SKIIIIIN This meme is disrespectful as fuck now. Let's please make ev…[View]
74047348ITT: the superior album[View]
74045644Pay your respects to Jay Z[View]
74038379Is there a non-retarded answer for refusing to go digital?[View]
74047407Who is next bros? I'm scared, all my favorite artist are either dying of cancer or suiciding. I…[View]
74044342Trip hop recommendations: I'm into Portishead and some Bjork.[View]
74047506Hello! Chester Bennington here, I watch Rok TV everyday![View]
74046868He was a victim of cultural marxism, ethnomasochism and post-modernism: Hope you guys are proud of y…[View]
74047136We all know who's really next[View]
74046481FACT: No one will ever top Ian Curtis' suicide. Sorry Chester.[View]
74046008>All my friends are dead. Push me to the edge.[View]
74043759KPOP GENERAL[View]
74047325hell be fine[View]
74047310>TFW Blinkin Park has vanished for good[View]
74043340Thoughts on Rob Zombie?: I honestly like how cheesy it is but I wanna get someone elses opinion on t…[View]
74042143who else /listening to Linkin Park now/ here?[View]
74047260Hybrid Theory and Meteora are genuinely good albums.[View]
74047068Dude guys Chester bennington from linkin park killed himself. Apparently he had been struggling with…[View]
74045830/mu/sicals: General thread for musicals, *any* musicals, be they on or off Broadway. Any new musical…[View]
74047053Post power pop, please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0L9R6Ky-KY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
74046316Hybrid Theory [Warner Bros., 1999] the men don't know what the angry boys do ('Papercut', 'Poin…[View]
740470265 stars[View]
74046370Now that the dust has settled, can we agree this was trash? Definitely not better than S80, GKMC, or…[View]
74046777/This happens everytime someone dies/: >Stop the tired jokes >Stop acting like you weren'…[View]
74046883I'm glad he's dead :^)[View]
74039010Post your three favourite black artists: Funkadelic Kendrick Lamar Jimi Hendrix[View]
74043998He's next.[View]
74046455ITT: we improve a bands lineup[View]
74041861I put my trust in you. ;_;7[View]
74044714Was this the reason?[View]
74044334holy shit this is actually pretty good. easily a 9/10[View]
74039139Chester Bennington commits suicide: F https://twitter.com/BNONews/status/888097477093732352…[View]
74045070I always wanted linkin park as a band to die but this is a close second[View]
74035632What is the pinnacle of music, and why is it Jake Paul? Eat your heart out, mozart.[View]
74046420Was it suicide?[View]
74046352When you realize the first song on Linkin Parks newest album is called 'nobody can save me'. >Dat…[View]
74045635I can't let Chester One Up me like that: What's my next move???[View]
74046337>mfw eight (8) Linkin Park threads[View]
74046287Oiiii it's yer granddads give us your cash[View]
74046276GLO UP: Dat boi Kid Cartier jus dropped some fire. Look up kid Cartier GLO up on YouTube! It's…[View]
74043748terrible memes thread: i know this is bad but pinback is great[View]
74042883Linkin Park's best album coming through[View]
74046006If you listen to any of these genres of music you are a poptimist pleb and need to leave this board …[View]
74044403Waddy: Let's discuss Watkin Tudor Jones' work pre-Die Antwoord. He's done so much und…[View]
74046174>I feel like I'm being eaten by sharks >While hanging from a tree in the park >Anyways…[View]
74046141What are some music for when you realize you aren't completely devoid of empathy like you thoug…[View]
74041579Is this a new trend where over the hill rock stars kill themselves in order to get one last gasp of …[View]
74045958Meta: >Can the mods do their jobs and stop the linkin park spam edition…[View]
74045432>yfw a liberal junkie is found dead[View]
74045884anyone got recs for music videos like BROCKHAMPTON's HEAT and Odd Future's Oldie? I love t…[View]
74045872https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nym1P-BO_ws >No you don't know what you've got, until i…[View]
74045841is this good rap?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8RsEAE5yFM[View]
74045764Is it okay to like Linkin Park now?[View]
74045815You guys don't have to pretend Linkin Park was any good. Fuck that band and fuck the late whats…[View]
74045803You there! Post your favorite song of the 80s.[View]
74045709ITT The next lead singer that should neck themselves[View]
74045453Gabber thread[View]
74043634So now that Chester is finally dead, is this the end of Linkin Park?[View]
74042976Maynard to kill himself before new Tool album confirmed[View]
74041808Shit bands people pretend to like[View]
74045274Machine Head - Burning Red: Can we finally just admit this is Machine Heads pinnacle and anything th…[View]
74044149This is OBJECTIVELY the best LP track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw9JQnMcyQ4[View]
74044042Chester Bennington's found numb in his hotel room: He tried so hard, and got so far but in the …[View]
74037511Leave the AOTY to me.[View]
74045016So did he commit sudoku or was it Auto Erotic Asphyxiation?[View]
74045037R.I.P. voice of shitty anime music videos on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDQLyyyJM3U…[View]
74044724ITT Album only you listened to.[View]
74043852Do you like Corey Feldman? I've been a big Corey Feldman fan ever since the release of his 2002…[View]
74044465Guess who's...: Album sales up 400%! & Albums streams jumped an unprecedented 2000% !…[View]
74044894will he make the cut now that ches is gone? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnyXgdvAXqg…[View]
74044823IT'S HAPPENING[View]
74043950Sitar Groove: Jams that be smooth Like poo in the loo Hooked on a feeling https://youtu.be/ZIIatdfg9…[View]
74044807hahahahahah cancer is real hahaha nigga Bennington just killed himself haha nigga like just hang you…[View]
74044374I had just finished praying the divine mercy chaplet, as I was keeping Chester in mind. I decided to…[View]
74044686HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... <breathe> Heheheh<garblegarblegarb>HAHAHAHA![View]
74043827Is he next?[View]
74044535ITT: We Rank Mucore[View]
74044203it's rumored that Chester's wife was filing for divorce. Seeing as how Chester had 6 kids,…[View]
74043855>Kick John Cale from the band >It all turns to absolute shit really makes you think...…[View]
74039459Fred Dunst from Korn is in a heroin coma, or something[View]
74037591https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ScM9pKlCfo Can anons rec music like this? AM west coast warm smooth…[View]
74043559which is the better? doggo or catto?[View]
74044214what's your november?[View]
74043565The Murlocs - Old Locomotive leak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CqGpzKgiSA[View]
74044108Like Richey Edwards said: 4REALZ[View]
74044013hey it's all fine lana's still alive, creating perfect music![View]
74043930IN THE EEEEEND[View]
74035602Unpopular Originals You Prefer to Covers: Manfred Mann's doesn't have that feel-good sound…[View]
74043859ONE THING[View]
74042963>tfw you realise Richey Edwards was probably transgender and hid/killed himself out of shame beca…[View]
74041766Four Sail > Forever Changes[View]
74039835What Happened?: In 2009: 'This is FUCKING amazing, holy shit' *gets tons of praise online*…[View]
74043663Fuck you, 'With You' is a great song![View]
74039546He is alive http://en.mediamass.net/people/chester-bennington/deathhoax.html[View]
74038991KPOP GENERAL[View]
74041158>cum my lady cum cum my lady[View]
74038640Last.fm thread rate each others music taste https://www.last.fm/user/edenbish[View]
74043395Nothing nowhere > linkin park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH2GAkvAo6k[View]
74042027Hello all, I've never been to /mu/ before, but I have a question I'd like to ask. I signed…[View]
74042718Dare I say it, /mu/ core when??[View]
74037790dreamscope thread: https://dreamscopeapp.com/ We had these threads in the beginning of the year but …[View]
74043130wow Anthony really did it this time[View]
74043101Can anyone help me with this song? It goes DOO DOO DOO DEE DEE dee DEE DEE dee DEE DEE dee DOO DOO D…[View]
74043096Hell be fine[View]
74039755ITT: we post our fav underrated Linkin Park songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1PCW0C1aiM[View]
74038928I like literally all of Swans albums, EXCEPT for pic related. Is this odd?[View]
74041919RIP in sweet prince[View]
74042991THIS SUMMER[View]
74038611https://youtu.be/3yd_eoMOvqk?t=7s how can other music even compete?[View]
74037892Thoughts on Metallica?[View]
74042548What does our guy think of this tragedy?[View]
74042030Was Michael Jackson really killed by the jews, what do you think /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
74042396This was their best record right?[View]
74042347I GOT SO FAR[View]
74036610Just the greatest hip hop album of all time passing through.[View]
74041954who cares about linkin park? weren't they a shitty corporate mtv band?[View]
74039204IT STARTS WITH[View]
74042560This was so fucking terrible it literally make him kill himself[View]
74042537>teleports behind Arcade Fire >*catchy anthem start playing* >psssh nothing personnel, Win …[View]
74021830/rym/: 3 days[View]
74042409Despacito: >only in the past few weeks has the song really caught on on radio stations >only …[View]
74042377What was his name, /mu/?[View]
74041727Is this album going to be remembered as the worst album of all time? It was so bad it made the front…[View]
74042167Did he push him over the edge?[View]
74042022RIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDpZ9AlxVLY[View]
74041025Linkin Park Releases 'Talking To Myself' Music Video Morning of Chester Bennington's …[View]
74040723Good riddance T.B.H[View]
74041721How come Chris Squire didn't get a sticky when he died but everyone after he died got one. Even…[View]
74039437IT STARTS WITH[View]
74041896My name is Marco and I own a mac so I figured I'd like Mac demarco but it's so fucking bor…[View]
740387612017 AOTY so far: reccs[View]
74019844Chart Thread: You know the deal Also am I a pleb?!?!?!?!!!?? Please, I need to seek confirmation fr…[View]
74035565Lil Peep thread.[View]
74038085Scum Fuck Flower Boy: What would you rate it? What will he rate it?[View]
74041568hipster-core post punk: You know that specific shit thats kinda dream pop influenced and sissy-ish a…[View]
74041237Holy shit this is actually pretty good Easily a 9/10[View]
74038399Jello Biafra: whats the deal with Jello Biafra? why do so many people think hes a cunt? im not picki…[View]
74038685What does /mu/ think about this album? I personally thought it was really solid, definitely a step u…[View]
74041558I guess you could say, He tried TOO HARD and got TOO FAR. >*bum bum tiss*…[View]
74040869I'VE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
74040912fuck that to pimp a nigger, this is the real masterpiece of 2015[View]
74039568Are there competent musicologists that actually defend popular music? Most of them like Adorno just …[View]
74041212Kill Chester?[View]
74041113>The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yoursel…[View]
74038960My wah died: Anon, please help me. I recently bought a crybaby bass pedal (Model 105Q, pic related),…[View]
74040447ITT: Talentless hacks.[View]
74040915She'll be fine[View]
74040965Was it /mu/core all along?[View]
74038729What is the most square music of all time?[View]
74040944Better than Blackstar[View]
74040892RIP Corey Taylor (from Korn)[View]
74040760Chester Bennington Dead Of Apparent Suice By Hanging: But in the end, it doesn't even matter...…[View]
74040631Post song normies will share on FB and Twitter now that Chester killed himself.[View]
74035189thoughts on st. vincent?: do you like her music? favourite album? talk about it[View]
74039605What were his final thoughts?[View]
74040059What did he mean by this? >The band, specifically frontman Chester Bennington, have lashed out in…[View]
74040101DBZ 9/11 Linkin Park tribute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R86cZ46UUI8 ITT linkin park amvs…[View]
74038586So, what do we think?[View]
74039653>wen u realise Overkill and Ace of Spades were same song with lyrics changed how did this lemmy t…[View]
74040579Give a logical explanation of why Logic is the greatest rapper of all time.[View]
74037229This album is dated, redundant, and easily the most overrated prog of all time[View]
74040458>LinkinPark is the best band of all time because one band actually can't make these genres n…[View]
74040457rec other anons and ask for recs i listen to a fair amount of 90/80s hits, chillwave, and the occasi…[View]
74040449Rest in Peace, Chestnut Badminton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIscL-Bjsq4[View]
74036511Japanese Jazz Thread?[View]
74038308>(c)rap music[View]
74037215Hotdog store is my favorite death grips album.[View]
74036724>tfw you need 30mg of adderall to listen to an album all the way through to it's completion…[View]
74039866ITT: Albums that took a while to grow on you but would now say is a favorite[View]
74039108Is Brian Wilson the most overrated songwriter/composer of the 20th century?[View]
74038449This is actually a pretty good album.[View]
740367803x3 / 4x4 / 5x5: tapmusic.net topsters.net give recs, guess personalities, you know what to do…[View]
74039724Does this become a masterpiece now?[View]
74039651Is it just me or does this not work anymore? I tried to get it to recognize this song https://www.yo…[View]
74039567Fred Durst General: Give Fred your energy we cannot lose him.[View]
74036962Can we have a Beatles album ranking thread? The White Album > Sgt. Pepper's > Revolver …[View]
74037896Anyone have a leak link or torrent?[View]
74032618ITT: post god-tier guitarists I ' l l b e g i n[View]
74030369Favorite Aphex Twin song?[View]
74039460I'VE GIVEN UP[View]
74036482good albums with food on their cover art[View]
74038695Cringe Thread: 9GAG edition https://9gag.com/tag/music[View]
74039367I'VE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
74038918Name my band[View]
74038318/zone-out/: What music does /mu/ listen to when they want to zone out? Pic related, I mostly listen…[View]
74038753Hello Goodbye promotes rape: This song is decidedly pro-rape. It needs to be banned from the radio f…[View]
74026559Quick, /mu/! Name your favorite Beatles song. Rain[View]
74036283Unpopular Opinions Thread: What opinions do you hold that aren't the norm? I'll start: …[View]
74039221actually dead. Sorry guys[View]
74033264>The formal perfection of their melodies reached the sublime in 1967 with two 45s: the baroque/el…[View]
74039176I'VE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
74039134Linkin Park/early 2000's rapmetal appreciation thread.[View]
74039081ITT: Music that has parts that makes you feel anxious[View]
74037890Serious question: What the fuck is this XXL Freshman class shit? I admittedly have not followed musi…[View]
74039013Why doesn't Scariffu acknowledge that the Beatles pioneered folk rock?[View]
74039119Name a song with a more god-tier chorus than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4-Jz9Mb0Zg[View]
74039110Is there more music like The Pillows? The dope real shit? Dude come on I know you hide it under the …[View]
74035882What's the deal with the rivalry between the Smiths and the Cure?[View]
74038836Lil dick pump: >this is what people unironically listen to https://youtu.be/xjUiFeDKo_0 https://m…[View]
74037563KPOP GENERAL[View]
74038958can you guys rec me something based on this ?[View]
74027854Bandcamp Thread: Dead yet again. Post your stuff, listen to others, give some feedback. QOTD: What…[View]
73986183ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover art, the…[View]
74038184AIC blows every other grunge/metal band out of the fucking water, and yet practically nobody listens…[View]
74038873Post your best edits/remixes of classic songs. Stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1vx…[View]
74038759Sleep Well Beast Leak When: Does anyone here have it? It's been out for the press for a month n…[View]
74034599YOU JUST GOT[View]
74038129>The best living or dead, hands down Was he wrong?[View]
74038760Who was in the wrong here?[View]
74035484Being a Girl feels so flipping amazing: What are the best anxious/euphoric/quirky albums that would …[View]
74038454what does /mu/ think of one republic?[View]
74038033What went wrong?: >In the 1970s ...an underground urban movement known as 'hip hop' began to deve…[View]
74035222Post your fav albums, and guess personalities[View]
74038691Was a huge fan then I got sober and realized his music is insignificant. He has done nothing for mus…[View]
74033767Post fake album covers and others guess what genre the album would be.[View]
74037804Where did Lil B go?[View]
74032042Animals As Leaders: why do bands like this exist. i hate this sound. it makes me feel like im in a g…[View]
74037269When Stacy Meets Chad: Songs from Stacy to Chad while she is retarded over him. https://youtu.be/w7i…[View]
74031499share follow rate[View]
74037174Lana and Marina might wirk together on a song. Thoughts? I love both so much.[View]
74038546What's your favorite My Bloody Valentine album/EP?[View]
74035415ITT Artists whose entire discography you have but don't know why. Pic related for me. I don…[View]
74038544Saturation: what does mu think of this album? anyone know of other songs similar to heat? love the i…[View]
74038592>hear Pet Sounds pop up on a clip on some TV show >remember listening to Beach Boys on repeat …[View]
74036765What would a jordan peterson themed rap group be called[View]
74038581Chillwave/vaporwave/synthwave thread?: Vaporwave general[View]
74037086sippin lean need a ____[View]
74037449Reminder this awful stuff is not music[View]
74037546How do you download music in 2017? Back when i downloaded music it was mediafire was good for underg…[View]
74038443https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLpfDI7nabM who did it better. Beck or Ween[View]
74033730Other countries are you even trying?[View]
74035694Redpill me on Ed Sheeran[View]
74038412What does /mu/ think of Big Star? Best band of the 70s or generic garbage?[View]
74034132Going to try weed for the first time soon. What music should I listen to?[View]
74038387found a new band that sounds fucking gr8 m8[View]
74035500>tfw Kylie Jenner actually makes good music[View]
74038359>Album has 234.48:4 in the title >Lasts 239:31…[View]
74035509Will it ever be good again?[View]
74037102>Starting his career critizicing the other prog acts for being just 'nostalgia factories' >End…[View]
74038311do i love this?[View]
74036601I recently started a relationship with my new girlfriend. Like most 19 year old girls, shes a despac…[View]
74034636>I've got tapes >I've got c.d.'s >I've got my Public Enemy >My lilly…[View]
74036033best album of all time. best musician of all time. best everything of all time. I'm crying.[View]
74038166Guilty Pleasures Thread: One of mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG9C0VwruXE[View]
74037760Be honest, /mu/: Who's worse? Stray from the Path 'Goodnight Alt-Right' or Le Tigre's 'I…[View]
74035795This is the most under rated and under appreciated album ever to be released, if you don't like…[View]
74037900Post songs you can't listen to anymore cause they remind you of bad times: https://www.youtube.…[View]
74038128>gentleman that's going round, turning the joint upside down[View]
74035295This album is great without needing waifu hype like CHVRCHES Definitely a contender for album of the…[View]
74038145why is it that all these lost/unfinished albums are/were considered to be the artists best work? Are…[View]
74032284Why were Gen Xers and early millennials so much more angsty than earlier generations when it came to…[View]
74036326Albums similar to this?: I'm a jazz pleb looking for albums similar to pic related. I tried som…[View]
74037928>artist makes a cover of remix that was a remix of cover made a different artist who made the ori…[View]
74038077Are there any other mainstream top 40 pop songs that are actually good like this one? https://www.yo…[View]
74037169LCD: Anyone have a presale code for the Nashville LCD Soundsystem show that they can share? Thx!…[View]
74037249Male Artists.: Are this the best 4 albums made by male artists? Which one is your favorite? Least fa…[View]
74035848ITT: rap songs that go HARD: For instance: https://youtu.be/3AbNKKOgjbU[View]
74037728/rym/ Cringe Edition: Post degenerate shit reviews from rym, i'll start with something i found …[View]
74037654ITT: Songs about other artists: Starting with an obvious one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTSJYZ…[View]
74037846Does /mu/ like the best hip hop album of all time?[View]
74035025comfy jazz albums?[View]
74037296Death Grips is just grime music that Americans can digest.[View]
74036420What does /mu/ think about Randy Newman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrjStSqu_w4[View]
74037332Kid, Lift My Beautiful Hospice Over the Merriweather: What would Melonhead think of the new collab?…[View]
74024321/metal/: glam holocaust edition >>74020158[View]
74036978Can I have some albums that sound good on weed. My go-to's right now are Van Morrison, White No…[View]
74036343What do you think is the best rock or rock subgenre band from South America? (Pic unrelated)[View]
74037074Iggy Pop thread, post you favourite songs or albums made by this musical genius. I am currently list…[View]
74035266LSP THREAD[View]
74035473wine: lads im drunk whats some music for this feel[View]
74037575It's going to be ok.[View]
74037419that poppy[View]
74035488Wire are so fucking good anyone here into them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUZ5VgcMY88[View]
74036505KPOP GENERAL[View]
74036566Is this even music? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1Psx24n3rM[View]
74035018Franz Schubert here AMA[View]
74036865Top albums of your youth[View]
74037358I'm looking for more tracks/albums with a feel similar to CunningLynguists's 'Beautiful Gi…[View]
74037382>you will never hear this[View]
74037126Just post your favourite album, lads. Pic related.[View]
74036593In this technological and social media age, is 'making it' in America or England an outdat…[View]
74037325Trout Mask Sessions: what does /mu/ think?[View]
74036796Do you like Rost Pock?: My favorite is Latk Latk[View]
74029614DISCUSS: Was there any band after Nirvana that completely dominated and changed the culture?[View]
74036578Guitarist here, been playing for a long time but never got really serious about tone quality up unti…[View]
74034564pick one[View]
74036588Name a better song about the Summer. Spoiler: You can't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr0tT…[View]
74036953How in the fuck does one go from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLkyWdkZBJY https://www.youtu…[View]
74032247Name a better in song skit than the one in black ballerina[View]
74032913ITT: Albums people only listen to one song from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1-xRk6llh4[View]
74036404Any musician that embody Nietzsche philosophy ?[View]
74036298>album overall is a relatively dark and serious portrayal of drug abuse, gun violence, and the ot…[View]
74035892i showed my sister neutral milk hotel and she looked at me with disgust and confusion[View]
74037108>see your mother put to death; see your mother die[View]
74036599>breathe in >exhale[View]
74035197spotify is about to go public, business/licenses wize how would that effect the company?[View]
74015957listened/expected/got: one of these threads[View]
74034540>cause the players gonna play play play play play >and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate ha…[View]
74027941ITT: Albums where the worst track comes after the best track[View]
74031365Improve an album by changing its tracklist: Remove tracks, add b-sides, re-order tracks, etc. Do wha…[View]
74032013Just listened to this for the first time and it's fantastic, where should I go next in their di…[View]
74036128Queen Beyoncé: I wonder what innovational idea was going through her mind here. Are you guys ready …[View]
74036131Vampires desu[View]
74033906Is there a bigger joke in music today?: >manlet >beats women >murders people for being gay …[View]
74034871Simon and Garfunkel: Bookends > Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme > Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. …[View]
74035976Autism: How many listens does it take for you to rate an album, /mu/? Do you commit each song to mem…[View]
74034100Most punchable faces in music thread. I find Declan McKenna one of the most revolting fucking thing…[View]
74035410What songs/albums give you a feeling of occultism and magic? I need more than just witchhouse, some …[View]
74035160why did chillwave die[View]
74035118KPOP GENERAL[View]
74034161Are any other instrumental hip-hop albums this good?[View]
74036048what do you think about this masterpiece?[View]
74034309Neckbeard or sweater?[View]
74031375Have y'all heard Joji's new track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDZkdkPHQ00 I liked it.…[View]
74036118Help me /mu/ I've heard this music yesterday and i had the feeling that this music was old. I w…[View]
74036079Looking for traditional music like this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdBUQvm7itE https://www.you…[View]
74035995BOOK THREAD: Post good books about music I'll start with my Amazon list that has a bunch of em…[View]
74036010Anyone into Fra Lippo Lippi?[View]
74035923>we make 'em say ho cause the game's so pimpish[View]
74035912New Dan Auerbach Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWKh0KwGgpQ Thoughts, I like it better than h…[View]
74031029the look in their eyes, you just KNOW they banged Kurt Cobain was known to be THE most hung guy in R…[View]
74034490it's a dead horse[View]
74034114it's ok to just spend your time listening to music you love nobody needs to know it's ok[View]
74035214This sucks It's literally the 2016 version of AOR Neighborhoods was better[View]
74035545Quick I need some copy pastas about how bad rap is[View]
74035709nonenglish lyrics: What's your name, knight? I have a name: All The World It's my time, al…[View]
74030573Nine Inch Nails: What do you think of them? What are their best albums? What are their worst?[View]
74034419Been trying to pinpoint what my taste in music is, and I think I value good melody over lyrics. Whic…[View]
74033580This band is so fucking shit I can't believe they ever got popular, all miserable whining bulls…[View]
74032921Nirvana - Something In The Way: When did you realize this was their best song?[View]
74035584>search artist + song title on lime wire >[song title]_Spongebob_fucks_sandy.exe…[View]
74031901I have no taste in music: I tried listening to what normies listen but I don't know if it'…[View]
74034299http://aphextwin.warp.net New Aphex Twin album coming in two hours.[View]
74034898HERE IN MY CAR[View]
74034642Since I Left You is better.[View]
74032491>Boy you've been a naughty girl you let yo niggas down What did they mean by this?…[View]
74035519Good morning heartache You old gloomy sight Good morning heartache Thought we said goodbye last nigh…[View]
74030576mc ride ama: mc ride here ama[View]
74030436What does /mu/ think of prog rock? Is it pretentious or genius?[View]
74027980Listened/Expected/Got thread[View]
74034411what are some songs that are good to play guitar and sing for a girl? serious replies only[View]
74034969Wish we could turn back time to the good dope days[View]
74029958You! Post your favourite album of the 80s![View]
74035275when will /mu/ realize indie and hip hop is dead/dying electronic music is the future[View]
74034742what is your theme song? if you could have a song play whenever you entered a building/walked up to …[View]
74031317Extended MBDTF with only 10 minute songs: When I read this article on MBDTF https://www.google.ca/a…[View]
74033851I've been on Linux for years and I've basically had no access to music programs worth a da…[View]
74035276ITT- Music You've Made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsajbXstykQ[View]
74035153Name a better album. Ill wait.[View]
74034635Damn... What do we think of R. Kelly now? http://www.complex.com/music/2017/07/creepy-jezebel-report…[View]
74034468one of these: you know the drill[View]
74034646Tell me where to start with the Smiths .[View]
74034880So, after wanting to for a while now, I finally gave this album a listen, and I just finished it. Ho…[View]
74034497/mu/'s thoughts?[View]
74034432cringe thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYUbvCYdQhs[View]
74033232KPOP GENERAL: Best YG group edition http://www.vlive.tv/video/36317[View]
74033280Did snoop dogg kill 2pac?[View]
74024435>current feel >current favorite song[View]
74035071I tried so hard[View]
74033186ITT: /mu/core that was unfortunately forgotten about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmQX8-7v7RA…[View]
74032724Holy fuck this is good: More like this please. Not too emo[View]
74032871M E N I N G I T I S[View]
74029041how can anyone top this this year lana's back and she's better than ever[View]
74030681ITT: We rank Rolling Stone's Top 10 Albums of All Time[View]
74034908Ska is what defines me as a person, and i will never turn my back on ska![View]
74034185beginner to music: starting to mess around with music production, currently using fl studio 12. have…[View]
74027894ITT: 10/10 moments in songs: >the backing vocals in the outro for karma police…[View]
74034080Brian pics please[View]
74032209Name the 5 greatest rap albums ever made[View]
74034471What is the best version of a song? the Blue Monday 1988 (7 Inch) version is the objective best ver…[View]
74034433help a recovering p4kholic out: so after nearly a decade of suckling at pitchfork's teat i thin…[View]
74034746>Lo-fi indie musician is a Christian with an identity crisis[View]
74031442How did he become the greatest rapper of the generation?[View]
74033180>the album we all needed[View]
74034214Guitarist in need of assistance: I am in search of an upgrade in amplification. My current amp is a …[View]
740313685x5 4x4 3x3 etc www.tapmusic.net[View]
74034511WHAT FUCKING VERSION DO I LISTEN TO?: http://www.pinkfloydarchives.com/Articles/DSOTMCDM.htm…[View]
74029483Is this the most beautiful album cover of all time?[View]
74034592SOTY: This sounds like if Kraftwerk made hip-hop[View]
74032446Let's have a thread where we rate each other's original lyrics >Creep on college campus…[View]
74034007Good non-standard classical arrangements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3497MBwExxw[View]
74033206Genres you wish would come back: Pic related[View]
74015191ITT: Describe an album tracklist poorly and others try to guess the album (Again): Last thread reach…[View]
74033877Just picked up bass guitar: Any tips for a new player? So far ive tried it its p easy. I also play p…[View]
74034291Why is this nigga so catchy? https://youtu.be/xjtUx4-UqV8[View]
74034037Tell me your experience: Post for one of the greatest protest groups in music existence Tell how th…[View]
74034199you ever listen to car seat headerst? i used to know him on furaffinity, i bought twin fantasy back …[View]
74034250Is this truly masterpiece of dungeon ambient? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH4GwxePsIw[View]
74016398/shugazi/: Going Blank Again > Nowhere edition[View]
74031222Where did they go?: What happened to them, /mu/?[View]
74033751>Rap song plays >MURDA ON THE BEAT SO IT'S NOT NICE…[View]
74030111Oh shit /mu/. I'm going on a road trip in five hours and completely forgot my friends put me in…[View]
74031659How many 10' records do you own? What is your favorite 10' record? Everybody loves full 12' albums a…[View]
74034063I am a musician. I make electronic music, run a label, and have been active for over years now. I…[View]
74034061AOTY Thread[View]
74033982>When you realize U2 is a great band[View]
74033969Opinion on his solo stuff?[View]
74033948Sounds Good.: Why do I criticise others for their music when I've accepted that music is subjec…[View]
74033827mu für lit: What do you listen to while reading? I have found that my playlist doesn't have any…[View]
74031262new /chart/ thread: Haven't had time to dig deeper lately, here are some of my favorites from a…[View]
74032352>Still on the subject of collaborations, you are friends with Marina and The Diamonds and a few m…[View]
74031140What does /mu/ think of Kesha's new single, Praying? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4ApeHmFp…[View]
74032097You heard the best album of 2017 yet?[View]
74029155/phg/ - Post-Hardcore General: Last thread 404'd 5 posts in edition[View]
74033801New Lunice music video recorded in game engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBJzRa9hupg…[View]
74031319i thought this was supposed to be bad?[View]
74033740ITT: Summercore: Post feel good, summery albums that make you happy and nostalgic[View]
74031966Mantovani: Any of you faggots have any class? Try some Mantovani >https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
74032274Has /mu/ heard the new Yung Cash Register aka Lil' Broomstick single? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
74030791What does /mu/ think of musicals?[View]
74032836What is this /mu/?[View]
74033491>4chan has a japaholic baby fantasy >posting anime >trying this hard to be elite…[View]
74033385Hey /mu/ it seems with so much music out there now and so many indie types and stuff everywhere alon…[View]
74033427Why hasn't there been any good hip-hop in the year of 2017?[View]
74032052KENNY G GENERAL[View]
74033089>le U2 is bad meme https://youtu.be/9qs65r7gKuk Do the haters even listen to their music?…[View]
74033124Does /mu/ like avantgarde metal?[View]
74031779Is this the greatest album of all time?[View]
74031059Musicians of /mu/ who have achieved any amount of success, do you have any tips for self promotion, …[View]
74031602KPOP GENERAL[View]
74030463What went wrong?[View]
74031795does anyone else get a crush on a girl then start to connect the lyrics of super deep love songs to …[View]
74033041That feel when im a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm[View]
74031800I'M ALL OUT OF FAITH[View]
74033056Literally the most underrated band I've come across.: This is absolute GOAT-tier but there…[View]
74033006> Robert Christgau writing in The Village Voice, called it 'a bad record, a classic form/content …[View]
74032250why is ringo in jail[View]
74033016Narciso Saúl: Boulevard San Jorge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNnEMWoLlYw[View]
74028151Any bands similar to Godspeed or Swans? Pretty much just any albums that include large crescendos an…[View]
74032890Pro tip: any song by the name of Paper Cut or Paper Cuts is really bad.[View]
74032527I've never used/been active on Reddit's music related subreddits so i don't really kn…[View]
74032758>remix is better than original[View]
74024391IT'S HERE /NIN/ General[View]
74031693Now that the dust is settled, is The Great Gig in The Sky actually a good song? https://www.youtube.…[View]
74031145I loved this album, where do i go from here?[View]
74032775Classical guitar + Electric bass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYkf2Qjua80[View]
74032589what does /mu/ think of ƎVOLVE[View]
74032362>tfw you spend all night discovering new obscure kino music[View]
74029480>he looks up the chords to a funk song Guy, Abba did not use chords, neither did Johnny 'Guitar' …[View]
74032730I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror And bending over backwards jus…[View]
74024497/dsg/: Dungeon synth general Post the good shit lads[View]
74032542So I was listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWd6XgBVIcg And while its a joke song, it…[View]
74032192'Pop' Music: What does /mu/ think of the current Popular Music that's playing on the radio at a…[View]
74032551/hhg/ What have you been listening to lately?[View]
74031799Greatest Rappers OF ALL TIME? maybe they are...: Is someone better than those kids? absolutely not. …[View]
74031277i think i'm getting into rap. the fuckin swagger in all the beats and lyrics is super cool can …[View]
74032255Holy shit[View]
74029722What bands/musicians have consistently good discographies?[View]
74032377Can't remember name of an album: The album cover uses mainly blue and yellow and has a girl in …[View]
74032321>cover a classic rock song >replace the best part of it with some shitty samples and scratchin…[View]
74028634What is the best 'underrated' song by The Beatles? I gotta say it's The Two of Us. Great song. …[View]
74029015Did they?[View]
74032187Tips?: Guys don't laugh but I've really fallen for the Lo-Fi meme. I believe none of you …[View]
74029154Guitar Instrument Thread: I just got this new Gibson Les Paul Traditional, I find it really nice. Al…[View]
74032371will t. vs. the moon: you ever listen to car seat headerst? i used to know him on furaffinity, i bou…[View]
74032046>ywn be apart of the 70's punk explosion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3M4V36hOkE [Embed]…[View]
74032140Holy shit, The Adverts are amazing. Anything similar to this?[View]
74031953Anybody here like these comps?[View]
74032230Is this the only acceptable post-Euronymous Mayhem release?[View]
74030186Modern Day Teen Angst https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t2WkCudwfY How does it even work? Do kids sti…[View]
74031678ITT post your favorite AMVs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-huMbUB-oo[View]
74030036What kind of music does he listen to?[View]
74031458Is this man unironically one of the best modern vocalists? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCto3PCn8…[View]
74032248Music from Russia? https://abovetheearth.bandcamp.com/track/every-moment[View]
74030479How's my music taste? What albums should I listen to based on my taste??[View]
74032183New Age: What are you favorite New Age albums? I'm really digging pic related at the moment.…[View]
74031937anyone here play the banjo, why is it so hard? why does everything i play sound like shit, should i…[View]
74032130Slowly being taken over by a fascist electronic state mfw music feelies rec pls.[View]
74032116Need artist of chant: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6QmRxlrLzyo Does anyone know the artist/composer…[View]
74031186can you rec. bands similar to Weatherbox? I haven't really found too many bands similar to them…[View]
74028751>makes homophobic, anti-white, anti-asian and antisemitic comments in his songs and doesn't …[View]
74031430I want to say this somewhere but can't think of a proper board to. Smoking is obviously a shitt…[View]
74027003last.fm thread: :: paste my taste :: http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ :: friends who listen :: https://ch…[View]
74027364The soundcloud experience. >Extremely good instrumental/synth plays for 30 seconds. >Wow.jpg.…[View]
74031877>This is a great album! >Theres this song of a woman screaming for 5 minutes on it! When will …[View]
74031574ITT: post good albums that you've never seen on /mu/ before[View]
74029592Are cheap digital pianos any good? A long time ago I played trumpet. Then not so long ago I bought a…[View]
74031345>Contemporary R&B[View]
74028557/mu/ wrote an album: I've added a contributor list to the bandcamp page, if anybody wants to be…[View]
74031254Is this the logical conclusion to pop punk?[View]
74031803Thoughts on this album?: I don't know why but some of its songs give a really amazing nostalgic…[View]
74031834>debut material is a self titled 45 rpm single[View]
74029087I don't care who buys the record so long as they get to the Black people so I will be remembere…[View]
74025408At what age when you realized that wikipedia is better than RYM and last.fm at finding recommendatio…[View]
74030223is industrial/neofolk a genre for poseurs?[View]
74031406any charts or suggestion for getting into pure drone albums? I unironically enjoy the hum of machine…[View]
74031707last Johnny Cash song >'but I remember, everything' last Glen Campbell song >'I can't rem…[View]
74014444ITT: describe an album with 'DUDE ____ LMAO' I'll start: DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
74031628i hate blacks so goddamn much that it keeps me up at night. i need good night time music[View]
74030415what are some minimalist natury type ambient albums?[View]
74031493>artist releases single for upcoming EP[View]
74030981Music: Opinions about the 3 released tracks on Radiohead's OKComputer OKNOTOK remastered album?…[View]
74025332>genre: unknown[View]
74031528Who slept on the biggest Wu-affiliate sleeper hit of 2015? Who else /madhatterbigdickstyle/?[View]
74029713ITT: Post the last song that made you cry[View]
74031428Dusty Springfield: Why is she so underrated? She had a very distinct sound, masterful command of her…[View]
74029772KPOP GENERAL[View]
74030255So this album is being hailed as the musical masterpiece of the century by pretty much every publish…[View]
74029082Dedicated to Bobby Jameson: Can we discuss this great album? it has the before today sound with conc…[View]
74029488Why has he never grown up?[View]
74031080I cant believe I just got memed this hard[View]
74027017Is he the GOAT?[View]
74030903robert wyatt[View]
74009407/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Classically Trained Edition How do I start learning guitar? >just…[View]
74025775>When Swift was 14, her father relocated to Merrill Lynch’s Nashville office as a way to help Tay…[View]
74030742ITT: Musicians who literally got cucked to death[View]
74029965What does /mu/ think of goaty tapes?[View]
74030543Need some new recommendations /mu/ whatchu got or post your own[View]
74030678Albums with no bad tracks[View]
74028288Is this the best rock song of 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWptjJ200EQ This song should be a…[View]
74026585>I'm a beast, bitch, Gir, Invader Zim[View]
74030118/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
74028096Which one is better /mu/?[View]
74027305What the fuck is this?[View]
74028554>he hasn't listened to Style at least twice today well, get to it cowboy https://www.youtub…[View]
74027760Post spooky albums.[View]
74030062When does Black Flag start to get good? I didn't really like Damaged.[View]
74030532/power pop/: Best power pop album?[View]
74029989Perspective-changing albums: I think that gays are nothing but a bunch of degenerate faggots, but th…[View]
74030647Why are Oasis so fucking shit yet they sold millions of records?[View]
74029081Borderline OCD/autistic music related things you guys do? Any weird habits that you wouldn't da…[View]
74029940ITT: Famous folk with surprising music tastes. John McCain's favorite song is Dancing Queen. ht…[View]
74029980Popular = bad >Avant-Math God of /mu/[View]
74025079How do I increase my vocal range? Every time I try to reach this 1 note in a song, I either crack or…[View]
74027631What is his funniest/edgiest album?[View]
74029407Where would you rank this in their discography?[View]
74016089You! Post your favourite album of the 70s![View]
74028219Post your listening station[View]
74030394in terms of singing pete>roger[View]
74022072Favorite album? Last time you kissed a girl?[View]
74023712collage 5x5 4x4 3x3: i dont see one of these in the catalog post em and be nice to each other http:/…[View]
74030337Hows my music taste? What albums should I listen to based on my list?[View]
74029987Artists whose discographies form perfect (or near-perfect) trilogies I know these are obvious picks,…[View]
74021851ITT: Artists with the most badass deaths[View]
74023947UNI thread: To keep the thread music related post you listening to rn https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
74029460Where to start with jazz? I want to listen to more jazz because I have enjoyed the little I have hea…[View]
74030205NEED MORE LIKE THIS: Pls help[View]
74030156Where would music be if audio playback technology hadn't been invented and popularized ragtime?[View]
74029258Was it autism?[View]
74029997Old music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUcTsFe1PVs[View]
74030108>listening to music >instead of studying dance or opera Truly the least lit AND /lit/ board s…[View]
74028455ITT: times when mediocre/shitty bands made a 10/10 song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCUpvTMis-Y…[View]
74029935What are the best bands that aren't on Spotify? pic unrelated[View]
74029317DID YOU REALIZE: Did Kanye realize he was a champion in their eyes?[View]
74029990Which is better, trance or happy hardcore? Or are they both nightcore-tier trash?[View]
74029599the look in her eye, you just KNOW they banged joe walsh is known to be THE most hung guy in rock mu…[View]
74029438this rat faced downie will sing anything you want twitch: yourspecialfriend2[View]
74029618Is this an official design, or a fan densign? If its official, where can I buy it?[View]
74028890ITT: We writes a Power Electronics song one word at a time: CUNT[View]
74024796Holy shit[View]
74029828Was Generation X a good band?[View]
74029484What do you think of where Mark Kozelek has gone to with his last SKM albums?[View]
74029758'When I was 16 I had already read the entire Western canon twice over and in all the volumes of hist…[View]
74028693KPOP General: Buddy edition[View]
74029715This is so good holy shit[View]
74029279>Artist puts their best/most interesting work on short EPs and remix albums Who else, /mu/?…[View]
74011156Let's get a new SoundCloud thread going, old one is stale. Let's give each other complimen…[View]
74027794Modern female singers are crap: What made modern female singers crap? Seems like every one wants to …[View]
74029511WHY IS THIS ALBUM SO FUCKING GOOD: I am holed up in my apartment during a thunderstorm and listening…[View]
74029558Spotify recent listening: Post Spotify history, no cheating![View]
74029557Just listened to Ape of Naples for the first time and thought it was fantastic, where should I go ne…[View]
74029552does anyone else feel weird inside listening to pop music? like i wasn't popular in school and …[View]
74028598>'nam flick >it ain't me starts playing…[View]
74028699Why is synth music from retro horror movies such as pic related so fucking great?[View]
74029446Songs + Boards = ?: What's a song you know that could accurately describe a mixture of 2+ board…[View]
74029410>albums >EPs >singles No. You release a song as it's completed onto your website or wh…[View]
74026413>never listened to AM before >listen to pic related since it's supposed to be good >it…[View]
74025753Soul-cleansing albums/songs[View]
74029310>I'd rather see you wed, little girl, than to be with another man[View]
74028141who thinks this gay nigga's album is gonna be amazing[View]
74027097ITT: overused songs played in other media[View]
74028903Be honest with me /mu/. How much RAM and how good of a sound card do i need to dick around with frui…[View]
74029239im making a playlist for a college radio show tomorrow, send ur recommendations if ya feel like it a…[View]
74029078>He dances to music Fuck dancing, dancing is stupid[View]
74026418>it's the sex skit track[View]
74028977Eating snowflakes with plastic forks And a paper plate, of course You think of everything Short love…[View]
74028530Make this /mu/-related.[View]
74026761thundercat: What do you guys think of my nigga thundercat?[View]
74028984I can't Dance!! So what are you nu-fags gonna do bout it!?[View]
74028360Holy shit, it's not a meme.[View]
74019677What albums are the ultimate pleb filters[View]
74028338I made the Blackstar album art better[View]
74028383Is this actually their best?[View]
74017781one of these[View]
74028051ITT: pick a fictional character, and post a song that you think fits their personality. https://yout…[View]
74028690how the fuck do you make a song as good as seagull and follow it up with the rest of that mopey shit…[View]
74027244KPOP GENERAL: Black Widow[View]
74027056ITT: Post pleb bands and their patrician equivalent >pleb Devo >patrician Oingo Boingo…[View]
74026987Is this post-rock?[View]
74028635/mu/tant Radio: /mu/radio General ME Professional Edition :00 tune in, shithead Official Website: ht…[View]
74020175now that the hype is gone, do we all agree that this was heavily overrated? i mean cmon[View]
74028565s1ck musik vro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weerfbSlNhg[View]
74028310this is an emergency, I need that webm of Angel Olsen bending over pronto[View]
74028566What are some good releases by William Basinski? Please be detailed what they sound like - local rec…[View]
74028176All time top three favorite artists/bands?[View]
74028224>Mfw the SPLC's hate map helped me find a skinhead record label near my city…[View]
74023192*deletes Drunk and Hot Girls and Barry Bonds*[View]
74025119How the fuck did they become a meme? Why couldn't people just listen to them and enjoy their mu…[View]
74028421Where do i go from here? any albums like this one? holy shit its so good[View]
74025948Pls give me similar stuff[View]
74022108Music from your country: ITT: tell us your country, and some of your favourite bands from your count…[View]
74026881recommend me similar stuff pls: im trying to get in to decent emo similar to pic related and america…[View]
74026724Covers better than the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMEnQe6JQYQ[View]
74028066>the most innovative music of our time is happening right now in electronic music >/mu/ still …[View]
74027999http://www.4chan.org/bans: http://www.4chan.org/bans NAZI MODS FUCK OFF NAZIMODSFUCKOFFNAZIMODSFUCKO…[View]
74022024Why did I sit on this one so long? It's fucking amazing. What else should I listen to? Blue? Gr…[View]
74028105Enka Music Thread: Anyone else listen to this sorta thing? I really like the sound of it. it's …[View]
74022296Does anyone use Medly or Auxy to make music? What are your opinions on these app?[View]
74014750ITT: Annoying or Unique Vocals: Post a vocalist that you think has an annoying or unique voice and o…[View]
74027925>obvious gay singer sings about how hot a woman is[View]
74027555Which one is your favorite /mu/? imo stahl >gtfo summer[View]
74025935Hi /mu/ I need your help. I'm looking for an american schizophrenic singer-songwriter who lived…[View]
74019376Worst albums of the year: ITT: the worst albums of 2017 >tfw you're a huge fan of The Locust…[View]
74023509Is there a place to get video game soundtracks in good quality or should I just stick to Soulseek/Ru…[View]
74026548Why are there synths? What happened to the banjo and upright bass?[View]
74027079Why does your country suck at making music compared to Germany?[View]
74027111> there are people on this board who only listen to bleeps and electronic music Please leave, you…[View]
74027747Is he a good lyricist?[View]
74024946Victoria Legrand: I love her. She has a wonderful voice.[View]
74026350Post your dream musical collaborations[View]
74025632This is one of Albini's worst recording jobs. Did PJ suck his dick to have him work for free or…[View]
7402769520 years later, and mainstream critics still ignore the innovation and unique sensibility that elect…[View]
74026457post cute musicians[View]
74026697Can you guys rec me some early Modest Mouse esque records? I've listened to a majority of their…[View]
74027157So /mu/, have you tried charting a song you really love?[View]
74027686Music for nights like this[View]
74027812What Is Love is a genuinely good and the peak of Eurodance as a genre https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
74024286What is the best song on Art Angels and why?[View]
74023897ITT: Reading or concentration music[View]
74027069I never listened to any of Flying Lotus's music and now been thinking about getting into it but…[View]
74025544Hey, this is a great album[View]
74023389Kvlt metal bands: I want the best ones you got[View]
74027680Is this the new Summer of Love? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4inGP8qMnPE[View]
74024758>your country >your favorite song from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Tp_AwZFLH…[View]
74026436I wanna get into Yes. What's the best place to start?[View]
74027509Okay, so I need help identifying a female vocalist with red/ginger hair from the 90s/early 2000…[View]
74026546ITT: bands who singlehandedly invented a new genre >cuckcore[View]
74025752>Band plays a song at a significantly faster tempo than the album version during live show…[View]
74027453/Mu/ I need your help to find a Mozart's fugue by description: I turned towards the piano and b…[View]
74022176>every track on the album is untitled[View]
74026558ITT: Cuckold musicians[View]
74026951the last good rock band[View]
74023317OMEGLE THREAD: Set interests as 'music' Be arrogant and mean and utterly ruthless for best results.…[View]
74027361Was Shoegaze the last genre of Rock to ever be invented?[View]
74025539never forget[View]
74026311how does one get into psychedelic pop?[View]
74025661Redpill me on post-rock[View]
74026717Funeral for a Friend: Thoughts? Pretty old band but I started listening to them again and forgot how…[View]
74025503Smash or Pass /mu/ Edition: Let's play a game, /mu/. Post a picture of an artist, and the perso…[View]
74023796>Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe[View]
74023801What does /mu/ think of this album, or anything else by Bad Religion? I think Against The Grain is w…[View]
74023952Why don't English people sing in their accents more often it sounds so comfy: >The Lightning…[View]
74024567Can anyone explain why it would be important to point out to someone that they just got knocked the …[View]
74027237Post your recent favorite album /mu/[View]
74025613KPOP GENERAL[View]
74025412HOLY SHIT[View]
74026183>tribal drumming with surf rock guitar holy shit[View]
74022255Is this accurate?[View]
74027153hello what is the album cover with the lord of the flies pig head on it I want to know really badly…[View]
74024115LSD TBH: Albums which give profound LSD experiences[View]
74018720/mu/ confessions: be sincere[View]
74025722What's their best album, and why is it Adore ?[View]
74025594>Got a long dick and a fresh tan, left the gay bar glazed in cum and they called me THE GLOWING M…[View]
74023608*deletes we all stand*[View]
74019567why /fa/ circlejerk around this album? is it really that good?[View]
74026059>hear someone play Hypnotize by Biggie >all I can think of is Moon Man…[View]
74024714Is this the pinnacle of genre-blending music?[View]
74026666>I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU[View]
74026310>i like em young fresh n clean >with no hair inbetween >knowhatimean what did he mean by th…[View]
74024632Psychedelic: Good psychedelic artists/albums of the 2010s? Rec me your favorites[View]
74025664Yearly Reminder: >I was in this prematurely air conditioned supermarket and there were all these …[View]
74022394>tfw stuck in a toxic,painful, failing relationship because gf is threatening to kill herself if …[View]
74026352>i am the lizard king i can do anything what did he mean by this?[View]
74026486Piano General: Why no piano general? Anything piano related goes[View]
74023487ITT: We post band members who were obviously fucking one another[View]
74026406TICK TOCK: TICK TOCK[View]
74024604Been getting into Elliott Smith lately. What are your favorite songs of his, anon?[View]
74019025This sounds like pop music made by someone who feels pop music is beneath him, deliberately crowding…[View]
74025225>hip hop[View]
74026359ITT: uber normie music that's actually good[View]
74025915Albums similar to pic related?[View]
74024511*honk honk*: hey guys it's me, the best hip hop album of all time ![View]
74020158/metal/: anti nu-male edition Old >>74008295[View]
74025694ITT: actual good music you want others to discover. Not accessible indie or experimental techno.[View]
74024650Which band, /mu/?[View]
74022387ITT ancient /mu/ memes. Let's get it rolling for old times' sake, fellas![View]
74022636/b/ and /x/ failed, but what does /mu/ say?: don't let me down protip: it's not illmatic y…[View]
74024617/mu/ MAKES AN ALBUM - MINECRAFT EDITION (pt2): Previous thread was deleted, thanks mods For those ou…[View]
74025091trent here ama[View]
74025402>20th century experimental classical album >have to fast forward 30 minutes before any sound i…[View]
74026046RetroKEK - A 1000 7 inch limited Vinyl run of Shadilay retrowaveremix: Since the original Shadilay i…[View]
74025551>Just found out Green Day have existed since the 1980s. Fuck I to this day thought American Idiot…[View]
74012221Bandcamp Tread: RIP the old thread Long live the new thread QOTD: give a defining characteristic of …[View]
74024981Can you recommend me some abstract, noisy, avant-jazz? I love jazz, and I love the chaotic nature of…[View]
74023709King Gizzard: Was Melonhead right about Nonagon Infinity? If not, discuss.[View]
74024585Has anybody identified all of the tracks and excerpts on the OKNOTOK cassette tape yet?[View]
74024871Where are your friends tonight?[View]
74023868based Kirk Hammett just BTFO'd all Drumpfkins[View]
74020010>comments on a youtube video >DID ANYONE COME FROM ____ XD????…[View]
74022235>what an adorable voice, i wonder what that qt looks like i was a dumb teenager…[View]
74025692>https://youtu.be/jZ7iOlechpE Fast forward to 07:10 for the greatest cover of Blowjob Betty I…[View]
74022143What's the latest album you really enjoyed - the kind that you can't stop listening to? Ma…[View]
74024253the great debate[View]
74025628cop shoot cop: What type of brass instrument is this https://youtu.be/h1BHdkcsOUo @11.20 I think it…[View]
74024336KPOP GENERAL[View]
74025274>mfw people call Kansas boring dadrock[View]
74024442NIN EP: Just released Last song 11 mins[View]
74021988Trip Hop: What's /mu/'s thoughts on this album and trip hop in general?[View]
74025255Okay guys i need your help. Ive got about 2 grand to drop on a new speaker system for the house. Wh…[View]
74025015>Judges your intellect based off your music taste Why do you fags do this?…[View]
74024076Have a Nice Life: Was Melonhead right about The Unnatural World? If not, discuss.[View]
74021216>progressive pop[View]
74024194This album is underrated by people our age.[View]
74025014>he listens to Radiohead, Death Grips, Animal Collective, Swans, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Beach Bo…[View]
74022860>post an opinion on here about a new album >watch new melon album review for same album >sa…[View]
74024669>'Oasis aren't really that good apart from wonderwall'[View]
74025039Sonic Mania Erection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW6TtXKVLYg How big was your erection when you…[View]
74023053Anybody here heard of a band called Tool? (they're a little obscure so i wouldn't blame yo…[View]
74022476WTF I love Britpop now?[View]
74024893Music for pic related?[View]
74024137ITT: only the absolute best hip hop tracks + videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EyZUTDAH0U…[View]
74024766Do you like my hot spicey meme? https://youtu.be/oPAB9RWWwFw /mu/ videos general thread[View]
74024693will there ever be a live streamed music event as good as this?[View]
74023930How is Jazz compared to Classical? Still baby shit or advance blues?[View]
74020634What are some essential Delta Blues Albuns?[View]
74023532/phg/ - Post-Hardcore General: A Lot Like Birds edition. [spoiler]even though DIVISI was one of the …[View]
74022684U LITTLE FUCKERS![View]
74024158we're gettin' awfully close lads http://aphextwin.warp.net what's it gonna be? reissu…[View]
74024616Random Music Facts Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V1p1dM3snQ The FBI investigated the King…[View]
74021776>Deletes Zombies[View]
74024478twelve tone or serial jazz? I'm really insterested in finding some examples[View]
74018911he is better than Grimes.[View]
74024345New Rings Of Saturn album released yesterday. I'm only just getting back into my metal music bu…[View]
74023951Is he /mu/ approved? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP1N63hgSuA[View]
74022778KPOP GENERAL[View]
74024230Great work again.[View]
74024197When will any futurepop acts like VNV Nation release a new album? It's been 4 years since Trans…[View]
74024206What are Newman's top ten albums of all time?[View]
74023916Muse vs Radiohead analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL8-ubR8BZ4 Thoughts? Very intersting vi…[View]
74023915Tell me why this isn't a good song without sounding like a tryhard contrarian Protip: You can…[View]
74024136Albums you really enjoy: Simple post an album you really like in this thread Retch - Polo Sporting G…[View]
74024074>listen to mucore continually while playing minecraft >parents banned me from video games unti…[View]
74023840>closing track is instrumental >closing track is 8+ minutes long…[View]
74023341ITT: Say a videogame soundtrack you like and others post a song from an artist you might like. For e…[View]
74023531albums for when you're her side guy but you wanted more and she didn't and then she goes b…[View]
74020849WHO LOVES TOOL HERE ????????????????[View]
74023065Sonemic will NEVER lunch[View]
74007002ITT : Unpopular Beatles Opinions I'll start I like Doctor Robert[View]
74023554How does /mu/ feel about Sting? I was entirely indifferent about his whole discography but after wat…[View]
74023671Almost 50 years later and this song still manages to trigger imperialist faggots. How did he do it?[View]
74022306What's the best Led Zeppelin song and why is it this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlRjjGc6p…[View]
74021415mfw net neutrality is so dead spotify is suggesting me songs from my youtube history[View]
74021388gregory and the hawk - moenie and kitchi: by far one of the best albums ever for me, do you know or …[View]
74023830Any idea what these stupid 'shaped cds' are? Some late 90s trend I completely missed? Bootlegs from …[View]
74022029thoughts on this album???: i be curious[View]
74021557Who's your music waifu, mu?[View]
74020778Defend listening to prog in 2017[View]
74022721Do you guys like this band?[View]
74023751Prog rock thread post good prog rock bands I'll start: >Yes >Spertramp >Pink Floyd Mid…[View]
74023026Female artist.: Are this the best 4 albums made by a female? Which one is your favorite? Least favor…[View]
74023731my fucking mom is making me do the dishes tonight. what album can i listen to to vent about it when …[View]
74020139Paul McCartney said this, in his book Many Years From Now: >Paul: “We used to have wanking sessio…[View]
74023630Rap that goes hard, retarded: Pic related, first thing that comes to mind[View]
74022677On The Corner: What do you guys think about this one ? Also, what are you favorites Miles Davis reco…[View]
74022882Do you ever look at the sky and think, I'm glad I'm alive? After I heard Sum 41, I thought…[View]
74021243What % of all good music in the world never gets a mention here?[View]
74023376ITT: we assign each board music that quintessentially fits them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Im…[View]
74021915Is a mp3 player worth the but these days or should one just stick with a smartphone?[View]
74020825Thoughts on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?[View]
74023511All trve Arielheads know this was his last good album[View]
74023252Manlets, will they ever learn?[View]
74019905Reminder that Daft Punk is the most influential artist of the last 20 years, whether you like it or …[View]
74021728Post your best music to rid the west of Muslim hordes to. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
74023364whats his best release?[View]
74016533best scaruffi reviews: The word 'hype' wasn't enough to describe the media assault on the spraw…[View]
74023333ITT: Albums of the Dead: Albums with dead/dying people on the cover, starting with a pretty tame one…[View]
74022079jazz albums: Any good jazz albums /mu/ can recomend?[View]
74020223Paramore's worst album: Pic related[View]
74020159le rite generation: Why exactly did people get so steadfast about defending modern music, especially…[View]
74000651ITT: we write a SoundCloud rap song: include adlibs and whatnot too, think of something like xxxtent…[View]
74023139ITT: God-tier album covers[View]
74021941Post a tiny collection of albums you enjoy: pic related[View]
74022378Why did Fantano post a Dead End Hip Hop video on his channel without contributing? https://www.youtu…[View]
74023045how the FUCK is one person so good?[View]
74023051Why do the most talented musicians suffer from a tinge of craziness or madness?[View]
74023054/mu/st listen to: What are the albums /mu/ worships i'm kinda new in /mu/ and i want to know wh…[View]
74022982Daily reminder that if you think 60s Pink Floyd were better than 70s Pink Floyd you're a contra…[View]
74023078Gadget edition. This wasn't my first Walkman but it was the best. It was a real beauty, a pinna…[View]
74022934Sandy Mandy: So is his lyrics edgy occult poems or nostalgia trip stories ?[View]
74023031Where are your friends tonight?[View]
74022151What are some comfy autumn albums?[View]
74018775Why do people hate on Spotify?[View]
74019450how tf im supposed to vibe to this knowing that half of the songs are about white boy cock[View]
74022407*deletes entire discography except for Berlin trilogy and Station to Station*[View]
74020588What am I in for?[View]
740217192007: wow these guys must have been on so many drugs lol haha!!!!! 2017: wow lol these guys must be …[View]
74018807ITT: Post your 10 favourite albums from the 60s, rate others choices: In no particular order >The…[View]
74022465Do you like Huey Lewis and the news?[View]
74022538>tfw LITERALLY a normie but still have better taste than 99% of this board…[View]
74022691Scott Pilgrim Comic, the most /mu/ piece of fiction?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_8f1_E4rzE Li…[View]
74021197KPOP GENERAL[View]
74022590Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry: What does /mu/ think of DEMI LOVATO's new single SORRY NOT SORRY…[View]
74020587I had this weird dream last night that Trenzor posted here At least I think it was a dream, I can ha…[View]
74021471Is there such thing as good symphonic metal?[View]
74021648Post your favorite 'Not Mac DeMarco' artist[View]
74022210>killing yourself at 47 What the fuck was his problem? That's like 20 years too late.…[View]
74022574God-tier lyrical moments on albums: Post what comes to mind >Do not stand still, boast yo' s…[View]
74022424Why does he always suck every time he's featured on a Kanye song? Diamonds from Sierra Leone wa…[View]
74022447What do you think of Death Grips?[View]
74021303Thoughts on car bomb? Any groups similar (including the first album which is different and also bett…[View]
74018956How come no one's ever succesfully merged rock and rap? I mean, yeah, Beastie Boys and Run D.M…[View]
74021836*blocks your path*[View]
74021590Leaving memes aside, when /mu/ is going to recognize this album as a masterpiece?[View]
74022331Name 4-5 favorite bands, someone recommend one they think you'd like. I'll start. Cage the…[View]
74022397From Deewee: So we can all agree this is AOTY, right?[View]
74019670Gucci Mane has an IQ way above the level of genius. For entertainment, he watches the films of Fassb…[View]
74017620Alright /mu/, I got it. The closest I can get ti objective top 5 hip hop albums of this decade so fa…[View]
74019576What does /mu/ think about Prefab Sprout?[View]
74022060I've recently really started getting into music. Rap, rock, classical shit, really everything. …[View]
74022302Show some love for Zack Hemsey. As far as rap artists go, he's the only guy who isn't shit…[View]
74020681So, what is the definitive answer? Did he really kill himself, or is there really is some sort of co…[View]
74021531who is the mike's hard lemonade of music? who is the natty ice of music? who is the cosmo of mu…[View]
74019871The Antlers: What on earth are these guys so popular for? Just wondering before diving into their mu…[View]
74021834The new Grimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MQUleX1PeA wew[View]
74022205On a mobile phone: Hey humanoid life forms. I'm on a mobile so I'm posting slowly here but…[View]
74021618Is there any possibility this could leak?[View]
74022069Will there will be a day when this man will be memed just as hard as melon and scruffles?[View]
74021781Dragonforce: Why is /mu/'s opinion on dragonforce mainly their new stuff?[View]
74020300>be at work >listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq3jtv9RR7k >coworker comes in …[View]
74020796What does /mu/ think about these guy? They pretty much killed backpack rap by coating everything in …[View]
74020931rec an anco song for me to cover. pls chores[View]
74017856*bing* *bing* *bing* *bing* *bing**bing**bing**bing* *bing**bing* *bing**bing* *bing* *bing*[View]
73991274/classical/: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/m…[View]
74021414Hey /mu/, Please help me, I'm going ape shit over here looking for a song. The lyrics are somet…[View]
74021148is music underrated? music has become more accessible and readily available than it has ever been be…[View]
74021504babby's first drum break[View]
74016557ITT: Post the Worst/Strangest band merch[View]
74021756Fuck you all, I'm never coming this site again. What a waste of time, it's the same topics…[View]
74021820Oingo Boingo is the best band ever[View]
74020584we all know James Franco is a great actor, but what do you think of him as a musician? https://www.y…[View]
74017149What does /mu/ think about emo?[View]
74011384>Have audiophile friend >Has no idea how to torrent >Has no will to learn >Always bitche…[View]
74020449Albums whose title track was the worst song: It starts if good, then goes full on blink-182[View]
74021733I challenge /mu/ to post a better hip hop track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgUPpZ89lyY…[View]
74017537Rank 'em[View]
74020556Why do they sound like that?[View]
74021567>tfw if you remove rock and hip hop, rym charts are not bad at all[View]
74021162can you fathom the arrogance to make something like this? it's creating a future where some kid…[View]
74020419What's objectively the best hip hop album to smoke weed to?: >DUDE >WEED…[View]
74019326What is /mu/ opinion on Can?[View]
74020997>albums that get mentioned a lot on mu but you have never listened to. I have never listed to a G…[View]
74020786>religiously listen to music 4 years ago >begin to lose interest after trap rap picks up …[View]
74020981According to RYM: 1980s 3/40 top albums are hiphop/r&b 1990s 7/40 top albums are hiphop/r&b…[View]
74019520is it possible to make good music without knowing how to play a single instrument? (singing does not…[View]
74021349Is KMD patrician?[View]
74020999I'm an Alex Jones centred musician called Jonesing For A Rollie. Check out my first single. Lik…[View]
74021130hey /mu/ I need a voice clip of someone saying 'kim jong funk' I dont care about the specifics like …[View]
74020765ITT: Extremely underrated albums: Even if I hate anti-capitalist, 'muh evil rich piggies' songs I ca…[View]
74019903Where should I start with Butthole Surfers, /mu/?[View]
74019707KPOP GENERAL[View]
74021125you vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about[View]
74014199post the saddest song you know of[View]
74016865>song is called 8 1/2 minutes >it's not eight and a half minutes long >not even close…[View]
74020921>listen to /mu/core >hurrrrr drone >listen to anything else >hurrrrr poseur…[View]
74021075Does Alex Jones listen to disturbed? Is he dare I say 'Down With The Sickness'?[View]
74017264/Power Pop/: Post your favorite Power Pop albums and tracks! Also, I have an idea. The Poptopia comp…[View]
74021050What did I think of this album?[View]
74007241Lana Leak: Where is the leak?[View]
74021025What does /mu/ think about disco and its related genres? Found out that the mainstream and lesser-kn…[View]
74021001Favorite Album So Far: What's your favorite album so far this year? Rate the album above your p…[View]

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