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83400509i like the cure[View]
83401558why does this feature exist?[View]
83401698Does /mu/ like Fozzy?[View]
83401605Whenever I see a plain old guy my first thought is 'Is that Steve Reich?' he looks like th…[View]
83390785Which Fantano 10 deserved it?[View]
83401629GRIMƎS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5H-YlcMSbc[View]
83400866[Intro] Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum, it holds fifty, uh Scum…[View]
83398561Hello can you recommend me any good vaporwave albums[View]
83393565What is some music for having the realization that you’re truly alone in this world[View]
83401229is it normal to listen to starless multiple times a day for the past year or so and never get bored …[View]
83399115pick one[View]
83401446Finally, Aphex Twin made an album I can dance too.[View]
83400002Earthling by David Bowie: Earthling by David Bowie[View]
83367918ITT post your AOTY[View]
83401488I have been listening to these 2 albums front to back non-stop for an entire day now. Perfection. It…[View]
83401462Give me some electronic songs with GOAT ethnic melodies or lyrics. Don't care whether it's…[View]
83401464SOUL THREAD[View]
83397840>I used to be so cynical. But more than anything, Kurt’s death changed that. I still can’t make s…[View]
83394298/advanced/ general: This thread is dedicated to the users on /mu/ who have acquired a taste in music…[View]
83397963When Paul is talking about John, do you also get the impression that he never fully recovered John…[View]
83399362Acoustic guitar work: What's some good acoustic guitar/singer songwriter type music? I've …[View]
83400145Music you listen to to get to sleep? Trying to find ASMR type relaxing music[View]
83401349>breaks your copy of revolver in half heh what are you gonna do about it…[View]
83400201hahahahha L O L[View]
83391111No chart thread? Ok, chart thread[View]
83400036Black Metal[View]
83396929How do we discourage genre tourism on /mu/?[View]
83400167What Are You Listening To Right Now?: give me your deep cuts[View]
83401226IT'S NOT FAAAAAIR[View]
83399612why the fuck is RYM not letting me rate albums below 3 stars[View]
83401112What is it about this album that makes people regard it to be the pinnacle of Hip Hop production?[View]
83397517>tfw gf didnt text me back Music for this feel?[View]
83400522The Stockhausen of our generation[View]
83400990Who did it better?[View]
83399374Holy fucking shit, this is amazing. Why does /mu/ never talk about this timeless album?[View]
83386273ITT: we write a MF DOOM song one word per post. I start: Seekin'[View]
83399020Thoughts on Bob Dylan's best album?[View]
83394304So we all agree that late 80s/early 90s was the peak of rap music, right?[View]
83396367What are some albums where 2+ artists you already like on their own collaborated to create it and it…[View]
83400728Simply Red: Simply Red[View]
83398589What happened to all the threads where people wanted to talk about any music thats not current pop c…[View]
83398433Give me some shit to cry to[View]
83371121SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH: it's a secret[View]
83399421ITT: Lyrics you just don't get: >are we human >or are we dancer Unironically, what did he…[View]
83398065thoughts on pavement?[View]
83386747New Soundcloud + Bandcamp Thread: New thread > Post links to your SC / Bandcamp > Give actual …[View]
83399618KPOP GENERAL: It's a momo thread[View]
83398067So what's your thoughts on this album?[View]
83399172ITT: Post kino music videos: Try to find a better one than >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNzc6…[View]
83399397Alright fellas, give me your favorite goth, deathrock, and related albums[View]
83398043this board is so fucking dead right now by the way what’s this guys name?[View]
83400172Thoughts on Angel Marcloid/Fire-toolz/other aliases.[View]
83394772big titty goth gf[View]
83399817So, /mu/, who/what do we like today?[View]
83399084Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red album soon. Thoughts on this? Will it surpass Die Lit? One thing I k…[View]
83399997Why is there a rip steve soto comment on every video about music on youtube? people have gone back a…[View]
83399986music video of the year all years[View]
83398407Do you guys ever wake up from a sleep full of nightmares about someone? What was her name, /mu/? I m…[View]
83399849new juice wrld https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH9m5CVqAiE[View]
83396842HER VAGINA IS MOIST AND WARM, I'll keep you safe, just hold my arm.[View]
83399862So did you like ‘em songs?[View]
83399616holy shit[View]
833895972018 top 5/10 and whats your age mines 30 :][View]
83399496>exists >seething /mu/tantetty btfo snail mail ding dong diddly based…[View]
83397150ITT: 'underrated' albums that are actually overrated[View]
83399662calm songs such as this? alicks is a personal fav.[View]
83398652Why did he do it?[View]
83398899kpop general[View]
83399588Did /mu/ really sleep on this album?[View]
83396172Are these guys any good or did i just waste my money[View]
83396698What is your listening platform of choice /mu/? I recently tried Spotify, but got pushed away by all…[View]
83398806When did you realise that Children of God is by far the best Swans release?[View]
83397784>conservatism is not the new punk ro-[View]
83399453Techno / Trance songs from the 90's early 00's Da Hool - meet her at the Loveparade Aqua…[View]
83397320Patrician playlist: Hot Nigga - bobby 679 - fetty Trap queen - fetty Sicko mode - Travis Scott Gods…[View]
83397795/mu/'s opinion on pilotredsun? https://youtu.be/u1mUiAjHzAI give it a listen if youre intereste…[View]
83397434Saddest lyrics: >How can you just walk away from me >When all I can do is watch you leave?…[View]
83399354Which of Beethoven's Diabelli Variations is the most beautiful? >The Variations must be tak…[View]
83399127Jungles Happy Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv5uiDbbWv0 What did everyone else take away from…[View]
83390224Post 5 most favorite bands, other anons guess stuff about you. >Ween >Melvins >Kraftwerk …[View]
83399191moog one: so who else stoked for the end-all-be-all of synths i would fuck this beast[View]
83398896why does /mu/ hate student demostration time? it's a great song imo. could someone explain why …[View]
83398897if I make a dark ambient album will anyone even listen to it[View]
83398124I miss him /mu/[View]
83398681>*Blocks ur path* >WHO ARE YOU?[View]
83398422Which kanye is better? Boomer Kanye >CD >LR >Graduation >808s >MBDTF Or Zoomer Kanye?…[View]
83394762it isnt good[View]
83392924Post music you recently fell in live with and can't stop playing. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
83396710Avant-Folk: Why is experimental folk so fucking amazing, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr7-h…[View]
83397987KPOP GENERAL[View]
83397427Some kosher musics?: gentiles keep out[View]
83398215rock/alt songs with good outros?[View]
83398181is September by Earth, Wind and Fire the most uplifting song ever?[View]
83389389Anyone remember Squarepusher? His music is pretty catchy ngl[View]
83398831Epic fail for Kiwi DeMarco[View]
83381328ITT: /mu/ in 1998[View]
83398704Yeezus was peak Ye. To deny this is heresy.[View]
83396295Touhou Music?: Any anons on /mu/ appreciate some Touhou music?[View]
83395549now that the dust has settled and the grudges have been dropped; who, in this situation, was in the …[View]
83397222>mfw this is a show in the year of our lord and saviour 2018[View]
83398663GOAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5v6s0vUbXY&index=2&list=OLAK5uy_lRo6wUst04Buqa-V-E55zm…[View]
83398586Anyone know what album this is? I'm tryna cop.[View]
83398570check it out, get spooked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1G-9WUgptY&frags=pl%2Cwn[View]
83397318Does anyone know the song used in this trailer? I've been searching for a year and still no res…[View]
83395283ok /mu/, i want you all to show me the last album (which you found on your own) you really loved, ge…[View]
83398538Hey /mu/, have you ever met an artist before. I said hi to Roger Waters while he signed one of my re…[View]
83391684what is genre tourism?[View]
83398294What is the musical equivalent of pic related?[View]
83398080Music about pizza https://youtu.be/czTksCF6X8Y[View]
83391229Will Camila Cabello be a one hit/album wonder?[View]
83398431What does /mu/ thinks of mainstream rock music and mainstream rap music ?[View]
83398401Will anybody release a better album before the year is over? I think not[View]
83394432the last album you listened to is now representative of your life. how fucked are you? >womenless…[View]
83398335Elephuk: lol[View]
83394140lets get redpilled: dubs you listen to the album (yz => xy) from the shitcore chart trips and you…[View]
83396540life of pablo>>> ye can yhandi top pablo?[View]
83398273music critique general >all platforms[View]
83398269Move over, Machinegirl.[View]
83395797Rank his discography.[View]
83398074have u guys heard this[View]
83397516LADIES OF THE ROAD[View]
83397471Can anyone name the genre of this song? I'd really like to hear more of it. https://www.youtube…[View]
83396786The Bear albums are his best albums.[View]
83398140who did it best? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IPBgUKGdYk&frags=pl%2Cwn https://www.youtube.c…[View]
83397176thoughts on shoreline mafia????[View]
83398053Who wants to meet up. This show is gonna be great.[View]
83397656>he likes Snail Mail[View]
83398031ITT: songs that are now 'tainted' after becoming associated with an infamous/horrific event: https:/…[View]
83392856This is rap legend and beautiful man Danny Brown, say something epic about him.[View]
83397886This must be the greatest rock album of all time. Every song is so far ahead of it's time, and …[View]
83397213KPOP GENERAL[View]
83394992What's their best? First for Killing for Company.[View]
83396114How's /mu/ feel about this album? >FIND YOURSELF A NEW BOY[View]
83397860>HEY >MAY- >-BE >ONE >DAY >YOU'LL >SEE >ME…[View]
83397462Why do Zoomers love Queen so much?: Is it because the lead singer was a queer?[View]
83397877thoughts on the fall?[View]
83394943Let’s try this again: Best McCartney song?[View]
83395026Flawless album[View]
83397212Is this the soundtrack of the Yellowstone Eruption?[View]
83395883I let my nuts hang nigga[View]
83397534What are some good lo fi rap, /mu/?[View]
83394299/hhg/ hip hop general: since the year is coming to an end, share some of your favorite albums from t…[View]
83397811>yfw you'll never hear an album as good as picture related Post songs/album that resemble Po…[View]
83396389Which original Zeppelin album was the best? Which was the worst?[View]
83396549ITT: we write a TEKASHI 69 song one word per post.[View]
83397689'What do I do when my love is away? Does it worry you to be alone? How do I feel by the end of the d…[View]
83395866What's your favorite /mu/core album?[View]
83397241Thoughts On Negativland?: Rarely hear them talked about on this board.[View]
83395622>*sits in your lap* what do?[View]
83395948Another one bites the dust: suicide when?[View]
83397546mort garson: thoughts on this? also, what's more like it? found it through a podcast and love t…[View]
83397543What is the musical equivalent of Kung Pow: Enter the Fist?[View]
83395888Why are post-punk basslines especially good?[View]
83394574The first 40 seconds of this song is the best guitar riff of all time, prove me wrong https://www.y…[View]
83397221Thoughts on this album?[View]
83393898What would you do?[View]
83397216Why is this band so nice and pleasant to listen to?[View]
83396590>ariana grande is single Now is my chance[View]
83396106kpop general: the one true monolid to rule them all edition[View]
83396011>the representative from California has the floor >Sieg heil to the president gasman Why would…[View]
83396062Turn an album into a 5 song ep: Turn an otherwise mediocre album into a 5 song EP to make it better …[View]
83394162Which one /mu/?[View]
83395775music for this feel?[View]
83396558/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
83395078hi newfag here don't flame me >inb4 fuck off newfag go back to plebbit hopefully not >be …[View]
83396955Spector: Or other underrated British bands that deserve more credit[View]
83396986pre-nbbmn: Looking forward to nbbmn? Have a big backlog?[View]
83395551hey this thread isn't about politics it's about music please ignore the picture i found it…[View]
83391840Where should I start?[View]
83396862ITT: songs about missing: Someone i love so muchas is going for a long trip. I need your best songs …[View]
83392996>ywn do heroin and cuddle with a young sonny rollins why even live[View]
83395512what are your most soul-crushing songs /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbI75qOF7Sw[View]
83392957what do you listen to during fall/autumn, /mu/? post comfy recs[View]
83382984Oh god, she's on one again[View]
83389491ITT: The Philosophy Of Piracy: post your thoughts and feelings[View]
83396317What does the future president of Brazil listen to?[View]
83395670STOOPID is clearly his worst song, but what's with the sheer disinterest toward the record? It…[View]
83396699I attempted to enjoy this, but this nigga on the cover prevented it from being good[View]
83393885The last album you listened to now has the last album you listened to. What changes?[View]
83396660Anyone a fan of Toby Driver's work: Bands like Maudlin of the Well, Kayo Dot, his solo work, et…[View]
83396137why does no one talk about this[View]
83396236*doesn't scrobble your tracks*[View]
83396546How do into, if i should at all[View]
83396513>'A copy of Ween's The Pod in cassette, please'[View]
83395793Rap music sucks And I can prove it mathematically[View]
83394944Three albums for the rest of your life: You can only listen to three albums for the rest of your lif…[View]
83396354N/O/I/S/E: Have you heard it and what do you think?[View]
83396139live thread: post live recordings here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGEhzIe2-ds (live sets also)…[View]
83394842holy fuck who could've thought that Linkin Park released one of the best albums of the decade[View]
83395992Breakcore recs plox: No v snares, squarepusher or aphex friends. If anything, something similar to C…[View]
83396338When the fuck is Nardwaur going to interview them?[View]
83396283Anything he composes is a masterpiece.[View]
83392716Are cute girls better at music?[View]
83394667Miss me yet?[View]
83396217New rap song: Crazed H featuring Noah 1 'Love for Ya Homie' https://soundcloud.com/crazedh/love-for-…[View]
83396164>’this artist is putting out hit after hit. Recently he’s been in beef with another rapper you kn…[View]
83396156>tfw speeding without being on any drugs at all GOD DAMN I LOVE BIPOLAR MANIA GIVE ME MUSIC FOR …[View]
83393864ITT we come up with jazz fusion song titles. I'll start. >'Bolus'[View]
83395206Is it hard to learn how to play the piano?: People tell me I have long fingers, one of my bosses fro…[View]
83396151>still the best album of the 2010s This makes me proud to be British.[View]
83395832Whats does/mu/ think about more contemporary goth (goth revival?) bands like drab majesty, cold cave…[View]
83396017*deletes the shitty remakes of Temptation and Confusion and replaces them with the originals* aaaaah…[View]
83395000KPOP GENERAL[View]
83395996I really like Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar is my favorite rapist. I also like Tupac Shaker. But Tu…[View]
83392605Please Please Me. 22 March 1963 With The Beatles. 22 November 1963 A Hard Day's Night. 10 July …[View]
833877644x4 WEEK why not guess what we do, what we done recommend http://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
83395748Why won't they sell him his publishing? Imagine how shitty thatd feel they own your work. Might…[View]
83395698>horror-themed pop record Why did he do it, and why did it work?[View]
83388113CD or Vinyl: Which is more worth collecting? I want to buy physical versions of my favorite albums b…[View]
83394347Power metal can't be g[View]
83394006thoughts on the hit song 'Rose Colored Boy'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW5ueE2vUm0…[View]
83395568how do i be as based as him?[View]
83395814Whats the rap music video with the black guy in the lab and the video infers that the girl is going …[View]
83395333/emo/e thread: how it going pals, hope your having a nice day :^)[View]
83395786Math HW: Cried like a bitch for the first time in a couple years because of god damn homework. Music…[View]
83394359George Harrison was the best Beatles and here is why:: >based and redpilled about taxes and jews …[View]
83395752Consider the following: 50 Cent can be scarcely called human. Everything 50 does is either to fuck w…[View]
83387292No Love Deep Web: Discuss[View]
83394513what was mac miller's optimum opus?[View]
83392562Who asked Fantano for pics of his feet? I'm 100% sure this dude is here.[View]
83395371Reminder that even if you become one of the best and most legendary musicians of all time, your girl…[View]
83395541can anyone give me any albums/songs that sound exaclty like the songs 'The Argus' and 'Chocolate Tow…[View]
83395167i miss old /mu/[View]
83395499Share that one album that perfectly fits your life atm[View]
83395498What is the best King Diamond album?[View]
83395486RSD black friday: I might just be a slowpoke, but here it is https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelea…[View]
83395387Video game music is shi-[View]
83395317JuJu on that Beat *dab*[View]
83394446Joji/88rising thread.[View]
83395086I implore you, name a better album[View]
83395336what are /mu/'s favorite albums?[View]
83394993remember a few months ago when kanye went to the white house?[View]
83387303Albums /mu/ forgot about[View]
83393872cherry coke[View]
83393979Rockbox: Anyone on /mu/ install rockbox on their ipods? I'm thinking of getting ath mx 40s and …[View]
83394880Yanhdi snippets classic incoming https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1051473169075359745[View]
83392524the temperatue is dropping...: post the coldest song you can think of and rate it 1-10 on how cold i…[View]
83394125Best McCartney song?[View]
83390628Well, here they are. The 9 most polarizing albums of the year. Which ones do you like and dislike? W…[View]
83394268This is the best Yes album since Drama w the new Horn vocals. Think it flew under the radar cause al…[View]
83393919>I TOOK A PILL IN IBIZA[View]
83391844https://youtu.be/2EO4bhdv_ww Viper bringing out the heat[View]
83394769LOL literally me!!! Haha revolution 9 is so bad lmao[View]
83395021Is she just angling for a collab with Kanye?: Why does she keep injecting herself into beefs that Ka…[View]
83390822ITT The most cringeworthy things you've seen on /mu/: I'll start >Any time I dive deepe…[View]
83389265>Tfw you will never make a perfect album[View]
83394962Yo how do I appreciate jazz. These RYM scores are juicy as hell. Cover arts. The whole idea of it. I…[View]
83393978I want to get into 90s hip hop rap music, can you suggest me something very good?[View]
83393237What do Alt-Right söyboys listen to?[View]
83394168'Keep it like that, keep it tight.'[View]
83394800could anyone rec me some good classic romantic music similar to this one? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
83388691What do you think about Björk's body of work?[View]
83393664KPOP GENERAL[View]
83394850I'll be watching Dark Funeral live for the first time next thursday, what should I expect? Is i…[View]
83394214What songs will definitely be going on the Greatest Songs of the 10s list?[View]
83394802What is one of your personal 10/10 albums?[View]
83394862Think they'll do an acoustic version of this masterpiece next?[View]
83394074why do good girls like bad guys[View]
83394852Unironically who's their target audience in 2018?[View]
83392794John Lennon suffered from bulimia: >But he lost weight because in all honesty he was tired of bei…[View]
83394411>FLAC 1 song takes up the same space as an entire Discography on MP3 and I only have 128GB on my …[View]
83393357Prove this wrong[View]
83394441hmm: Imagine this >Be you >Meet an amazing girl, your idea of the perfect woman >Ask what …[View]
83394438as - another life: Why does no one seem to be talking about this? I thought it was wild[View]
83393741Oh so this is who Ariel Pink has been ripping off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LebD5YWRCZ0[View]
83392608Jazz is just mindless wankery with zero musical value. Try to prove me wrong. >protip: you can…[View]
83388386how many cds / vinyls do you own?[View]
83394598Now that the dust has settled, were they pleb or patrician?[View]
83394577If it weren't for Gil Evans, this man would be a nobody.[View]
83392694How/where do you guys manage your backlog? Do you keep a record of albums you’ve listened to/want to…[View]
83394521Are they the most underrated group in rap?[View]
83392210/snailmail/: Can the Snail train be stopped?[View]
83394156i fucking hate women[View]
83393023Battlestation thread?[View]
83394449Hey Guys, Rank your Top 40 Concerts![View]
83390309Private Music Torrent Sites: Why are you not at Redacted yet, /mu/? You are missing out on the bigg…[View]
83393488hey guys, i'm kinda in a slump right now. can someone recommend me some good music? maybe i can…[View]
833909263x3 WEEK why not guess what we do, what we done recommend http://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
83393124bullshit music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbvju16KldI&feature=youtu.be Death of meme rock.…[View]
83394135CRUSHED: CRUSHED[View]
83393974Name a more iconic duo Protip: You fucking can’t[View]
83391723Just listened to pic related and all i can say is that it absolutely crushed my expectations. What d…[View]
83392999I don’t wanna be that guy, but doesn’t Drake give u some serious “(((They)))” vibes ://[View]
83393721wait, is he being serious with the Black Hebrew Israelite stuff on here?[View]
83393753Getting into the band called Melt-Banana lately: Is pic related the best album to start digging? Whi…[View]
83393896ITT: Post pictures that aren't album art but look like existing album art. This is Daytona by P…[View]
83392991Why don't more people like old-timey music? This shit is so raw and full of emotion. https://ww…[View]
83386025Who was in the wrong here?[View]
83393743What are some solo artist whose solo works are equal to or better than the bands they were in before…[View]
83393996Alt-J fans have to be worried about the band's future content. >New album takes a year longe…[View]
83391718Will OPN ever surpass Garden of Delete? I actually went to the same highschool as this guy in Waylan…[View]
83391058My diy music is bad!: The production is muddy. I have no idea where to place the microphone or how t…[View]
83393651are all the avant-teens grown up[View]
83393502any borderline and/or schizo fags online right now? What song do you think best describes this condi…[View]
83392978/drum/ Drum General: Jeff Porcaro edition >Have you mastered the Rosanna groove yet? >What son…[View]
83376069ITT: album summaries: I'm Sad Because I Can't Fuck Anne Frank, The Album[View]
83392778/pop/: /pop/ is a place where we post pop music that matters to us. It can be from 10 years ago or 1…[View]
83392459New Finds and Pick Ups: Post some recent purchases and additions to your collection![View]
83392253Where the FUCK is Dr Dre's instrumental album about the solar system?[View]
83389419>Thinks The Beatles are unfathomably overrated >Thinks Kendrick Lamar is criminally overrated …[View]
83392693Watched this sweet french kino and it was amazing despite all the degeneracy every french film has.[View]
83392305KPOP GENERAL[View]
83390757ITT: Iconic /mu/ photos[View]
83391657yo. im a hip hop head tryna get into rock. give me some good albums[View]
83393605Whats a song that will always put you in a uplifting mood?[View]
83393585>no one knows the top 10 anymore[View]
83393445>I'll build a wall and we can keep them on the other side What did Trent mean by this?…[View]
83393509Ok /mu/, name m solo artists whose work is on par or better than the band they were involved with be…[View]
83393510I don't like choral music. I don't immediately hate it, but all liturgical music just seem…[View]
83377330If you could go back in time and save one artist from death, who would you choose?[View]
83392005What do you guys think of 'slice of life' music? ie simple instrumentals with field recordings of pe…[View]
83392874How do I make a guitar pedal?[View]
83392950What is the best song off of Songs about Jane[View]
83390333are we allowed to like kyary pamyu pamyu on /mu/?[View]
83391911Please post a download link ! I honestly can't find one at all. Thanks.[View]
83389577This is so good holy shit[View]
83392570T H I C C[View]
83387230Live album version is better than studio version: What is the song's name /mu/?[View]
83392643Hey /mu/ i'm gonna be hanging out with some old guys in a moderately successful outlaw country …[View]
83393191I can't be the only one here who fell for the Dir en grey ruse, right? I'm convinced they …[View]
83337593/daily/ - /daily/ edition: The point of these threads is to encourage exploration, by listening to a…[View]
83388712Hated The Wall until I watched this. Has there ever been a better music movie?[View]
83393134The Great Debate[View]
83393110What music do they listen to nowadays?[View]
83393063Hey /mu/ I made an orchestral piece a while back and I wanted you to hear it. It's about three …[View]
83392257Name my band[View]
83392333you have got to be fucking kidding me[View]
83391039God Tier: Are we ever going to talk about how good this is?[View]
83391560>he claims to be passionate about music >doesn't play an instrument and is a genre touris…[View]
83392224why would anyone care about opinions of this white knight cuck?[View]
83392046Opinion on this kid?[View]
83392906lifelover: they were so good bros...[View]
83388633He’s so handsome, I wanna be like him[View]
83392827hard times: i think this is even better than ice cap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2OWC5Hosv8…[View]
83391400ITT: Albums you don't love that much, but can still understand their legacy and/or influence …[View]
83389309Honest thoughts on Daft Punk?[View]
83392576is bts popular because they make good music or is it something else ?[View]
83388717>The 10s have been an absolute atrocity for musi-[View]
83390408*deletes My Wife*[View]
83392699What did you think of Vibras?[View]
83390126what does /mu/ think about eurobeat?[View]
83392672Rate my chart[View]
83392515holy shit[View]
83381680Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Youtube thread: post your stuff[View]
83388941Hey /mu/ what's your opinion on lo fi hip hop beats to study/chill/relax/gaming beats?[View]
83392433Lines in songs that blow you away that you don't see posted on here. Ideally we'll all fin…[View]
83363387Thoughts on new Current 93 album?[View]
83389569>Revolver must definitely be credited with having created a new sophisticated living room pop art…[View]
83392385looks like mac miller didnt die in vain after all.[View]
83391803literally only black people hate yeezus[View]
83392295where did he go?[View]
83389313ITT: Unpopular opinions Strangeways is the best Smiths album.[View]
83392270How do you live with the fact that you will never be able to listen to even a 1% of the music on exi…[View]
83390610name a single band (1) with a better output in as small of a time period. 2008-2013. https://www.you…[View]
83387258Obscure Music: Was browsing bandcamp and found this track buried in a mixtape. Anyone else found som…[View]
83372815ITT: listen to the album posted below yours.[View]
83392388>be deuce >go solo[View]
83392370What's it like going to a concert for an ambient artist?[View]
83387850Why do so many people on this board seek validation for their music taste? And why do they shit on o…[View]
83392133Why are bands like pic related being torn apart because of politics? We are supposed to listen to mu…[View]
83392223There are amazing parts of this album that you don't remember. Listen to it all the way through…[View]
83388833MY 1985 KAWAI KX2000 ORGAN IS A FULL STEP FLAT[View]
83391468Agree?: >Fastest/Least-illegal/For-semi-decent-listening-experience: way to acquire music: youtu…[View]
83391794'genre tourism' 'npc' 'zoomer' What's /mu/'s next HOT! NEW ! BUZZ WORD?[View]
83390591hey /mu/ r8 my new band? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Sq76jAf8gM&feature=youtu.be[View]
83386682great, another band ruined by the melon[View]
83390337Why do people waste thousands of dollars on messy pedalboards when they can get just as good tones f…[View]
83390263Does /mu/ like Suede? Saw them last night and goddamn were they tight. Anderson can still belt it ou…[View]
83389064Has there actually been any decent music to come from this country?[View]
83377901/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: >How do I start learning guitar/bass? https://www.justinguitar.…[View]
83388879ITT: Well Mastered Albums[View]
83389979Ok, so Exmilitary: Their rawest album The Money Store: Their catchiest album No Love Deep Web: Their…[View]
83390840Why do so many hipsters dislike metal for being edgy and childish screaming but listen to punk music…[View]
83391292Death's Dynamic Shroud DDS: What other musicians sound like Death's Dyanmic Shroud Especia…[View]
83391410>some anon on /mu/ recommends you an album >its really fucking good What album bros? Thank tha…[View]
83391285inb4 >genre tourist >babby's first jazz album but this is genuinely amazing and I want mo…[View]
83391588playlist thread https://open.spotify.com/playlist/79GOp6E8XbWyEthxFXuA98?si=jePSzH2wRPmvUNsFxszSvA …[View]
83391485POST POST-PUNK/GOFF/COLDWAVE RIGHT NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrobAjCqZgM[View]
83389053Based. RIP[View]
83387443Code Monkey get up get coffee[View]
83391478>Pero tú estás grande, estás madura >Te pasan los años y te pones más dura >Baby cómo te …[View]
83390693KPOP GENERAL[View]
83389994take the george-pill[View]
83387072Post your recents: post em[View]
83389284What do /mu/ think about the greatest music genius from Latin America, Luis Alberto Spinetta?[View]
83391443This album is a strong 10[View]
83390514Where the FUCK is Vampire Weekend LP4? It’s been almost 6 years.[View]
83390097what's your favorite Bobby Conn album? i like The Homeland and King for a Day[View]
83390925I think I wasted my chanes with a hot indie chick. Music for this feel[View]
83390221Listen to the song posted above yours: r8ing optional youtube.com/watch?v=8FNR4M-3Bu4[View]
83390538Name a better album from the last 5 years. Instant classic imo[View]
83391194You kicked and cried like a bullied child A grown man of twenty-five[View]
83391225stop using internet[View]
83390772Does anyone who posts on /mu/ genuinely unironically like 6ix9ine?[View]
83391035What do you consider John Lydon's best work?[View]
83387920Kanye's end days?: Anyone else got a bad feeling that we're witnessing Kanye's end da…[View]
83390956Ween on Nardwuar: Anyone hear the Nardwuar podcast this week where he played his ween interview from…[View]
83390608R U Mine?: Still the song of the decade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQH8ZTgna3Q[View]
83390112>'Dude nazi punks fuck off isnt cringe you are just another POLTARD!'[View]
8338608021st century schizoid man: Rec me shit similar to 21st century schizoid man[View]
83390996Itt: we make the soundtrack: Ok lets pretend we are supposed to make the soundtrack for the next nee…[View]
83389440Give me some lovecraftian metal before the weekend ends[View]
83388977https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSM0lLbVYOo Does /mu/ like Florence + The Machine? I think she'…[View]
83388568>'A copy of Ween's The Mollusk on vinyl please'[View]
83385991heavenly seven music: >happening to early or too late, occurs in a right timing >they are nea…[View]
83388066>this triggers the poltard punk is about a world view, one which is not accommodating to racism. …[View]
83389929I'm unironically a polka and corrido tourist but this shit is actually really good[View]
83390784https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVtuwxeqBYM why dont you get it?[View]
83390638i’m part of what some people call the alt-right and it feels punk as fuck. someone rec me some punk …[View]
83390719/advanced/ general: This thread is dedicated to the users on /mu/ who have acquired a taste in music…[View]
83387626Sorry but this is the best Magnetic Fields album[View]
83389907KPOP GENERAL[View]
83387032Just had a fap to stevie nicks[View]
83388282Why is video game music better than normal NPC music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfHVaY-GxXk…[View]
83388460>Doesn't know music theory >Reviews music…[View]
83390552Gangsta Bells: Is there anyone here that knows what vst. plugin to use for gangster bells or church …[View]
83390517what does /mu/ think of this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU-MYe0SL9Q[View]
83385609Who is the most important artist of this century so far?[View]
83390474All ages shows are fucking gross: >saw growlers last year at 21+ show >best show of my life, …[View]
83386922>“I’m married to a family where there’s not a lot of male energy going on,” he said. “The campaig…[View]
83389321post punk confusion: is post punk boring to anyone else? i don't know if i'm just an idiot…[View]
83389917Animus > Empathy > The Final Sacrifice > Helpless Child > The Sound[View]
83390336Albums similar to pic related?[View]
83388322itt: metal albums that you cannot bump loud enough[View]
83385986>multiple different interpretations of a song means the musician has succeeded…[View]
83390207Ariel Rosenberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zF2xHZ8FDo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecSg9Wp…[View]
83390159Everyone post your favorite album. Other people try to guess if you were molested or not. Haha - I…[View]
83389705why aren't you listening to Led Zeppelin right now? they are literally the best, most highest r…[View]
83387450/am/ - Arctic Monkeys General: >post lyrics >rate albums >discuss music >shit on AM etc …[View]
83368578ITT: Genre tourist albums[View]
83390115Lil Baby is the next to die[View]
83388811>get my first turntable >this doesn't exist on vinyl Well then what was the point…[View]
83388397Thoughts on music?[View]
83389519Is dad rap a thing now?[View]
83389513Vinyl Vs CD: This debate will come to an end today. In this thread, we will discuss the advantages a…[View]
83389203>tfw going to see Hack DeNarco live tomorrow and there's nothing this board can do to stop m…[View]
83389982So, is this it, /mu/?[View]
83390087i feel like the better the state of music gets, the worse /mu/ gets like music is getting so good th…[View]
83390067So which Venetian Snares album is the best of the bunch?[View]
83388854sup /mu/tants... need a name for my band any ideas???[View]
83388914Which one?[View]
83389495ITT: albums that get you hard[View]
83388627Is there any album that is essentially a 'dark' or 'gothic' version of this?[View]
83389960ITT: Albums where almost every song was a hit: .[View]
83389133*saves hip-hop* Pssht.....nothing personal..kiddo[View]
83386545anybody else going to see the boys in ATL tonight? how will they perform the songs with ameer on the…[View]
83388778KPOP GENERAL[View]
83389084This album would go from an 8/10 to 10/10 if Student Demonstration Time was erased. STD isn't e…[View]
83388247How do i start rapping if i kinda hate my rapping voice? Or will my voice sound better through a stu…[View]
83389443Hank Throwing Out Bobby's Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-ruuKFyQBM I used to not get…[View]
83389794been looking for a fl studio torrent link but i cant find any reliable one anyone got ?[View]
83389144Harmonica: What the fuck. I just impulse-bought a harmonica (C). I kinda know who Larry Adler is and…[View]
83389627Did we like it /mu/? Will Melon like it?[View]
83389808What are some albums similar to Mac Demarco's 2?[View]
83389694How does it feel that they will be the only band to be remembered in 500 years time? And all your be…[View]
83389483Musical equivalent?[View]
83389373LP5 When???[View]
83389472Got any good jazz tunes /mu/?: I'm feeling depressed and I needs some jazz in my soul[View]
83388809Imagine being 130 IQ and thinking it's so high you have to rush to tell everyone about it. 150-…[View]
83386349edgy music: not gay shit like nu-metal, i mean some REAL edgelord shit[View]
83384280hey /mu/ who are the best jazz pianists?[View]
83387112ITT: good albums by shitty bands[View]
83384084Do qt Latina hipsters listen to The Cure and The Smiths?[View]
83379851What is not to like about Ladytron? Why don't you discuss these synthpop masters? Don't yo…[View]
83388635f :([View]
83387595>people who come in just to post their shitty lofi beats on the soundcloud thread…[View]
83389315katharsis czesław niemen: my retarded roommate bought the vinyl copy of katharsis czesław Niemen and…[View]
83388875I've come to realize that life is but a game and it doesn't matter how you score but how …[View]
83388162whats the best of the brian jonestown massacre?[View]
83389201Does /mu/ like Trance? Why isn't is popular in America anymore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
83389191>says that the spirit of fela lives through him >goes to africa to record his new album >we…[View]
83375359shill thread[View]
83386670>removes doing it right Ahh, now its perfect![View]
83386661chart thread: r8, rec, guess personalities, bully, etc no lazies[View]
83389109Thoughts on new Thom York song Volk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpULWBT1WEg[View]
83383267ITT: albums that made you cry: Listened to this yesterday. Is there any backstory to this album? …[View]
83384458Best and Worst of your taste: Post your top 5 favorite (top row) and top 5 least favorite (bottom ro…[View]
83388949Black Metal[View]
83388014Billie Eilish[View]
83379264List your top 5 music artists and have others guess some stuff about you: >Björk >Talking Head…[View]
83388456happy music: post happy music :}[View]
83387744ITT: The entire ITAOTS album but you can only add one word, i'll start WHEN[View]
83388061i like this album a lot. it's good.[View]
83388791Yo anon, spit somethin' hypnagogic.[View]
83388822Todd Rundgren: Reminder to vote Todd Rundgren into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[View]
83386358ITT: musicians who look like Tommy Wiseau[View]
83387471what does /mu/ think of my music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQI2K5B9sTc[View]
83388286I was gone, what did /mu/ think of this?[View]
83387732KPOP GENERAL[View]
83388470/pol/ here What the fuck?[View]
83373338>itt we post cringe band merch[View]
83388686pls recc some modern classical albums, thank you[View]
83386051What version of Twin Fantasy is better: And why is it MTM?[View]
83388706wtf this is really good: why did he change styles. this shit is like a prequel to pinata.[View]
83387998Nick Cave: Is Nick Cave the GOAT?[View]
83388692i'm a... DABBING FOooOoooOooOoOol[View]
83388653honest fans know this is the best one outta them all yes even better than remain in light[View]
83388637Dire Straits - Making Movies[View]
83387567>album of the decade released in 2013 >kevin might release another contender for AOTD within t…[View]
83386126Lulu: Anyone else unironically like this?[View]
83382736>YouTube comment on a song from the '70s, '80s, or '90s >'they don't make …[View]
83388325>lyrics don't matter[View]
83388589>you rap quitty prick, but the masta is fasta[View]
83388518Some of you have been talking about the same albums for 10+ years. Stop.[View]
83387020Writing a paper about music, personality, emotions, and sociology. Help an anon out and give me par…[View]
83388554any orchestra/marching band players here? what instrument(s) do you play?[View]
83388544been getting into some techno lately. post some music that sounds similar to Amelie lens' stuf…[View]
83388542You're my friend We'll stick together until the end What else is there for a buddy to do? …[View]
83385561Defend hip hop as a legitimate music genre[View]
83388438defend this: defend this[View]
83388450Is Neo Soul good ?[View]
83388398Nothing ruins a music video more than sounds being played over the music. Why the fuck does anyone e…[View]
83385685Literally flawless.[View]
83388379I love this album, I also love drum n bass with female vocals, where do I find more of this? there d…[View]
83388377will this ever be available to the public again?[View]
83383636What is the chicken nuggets of music?[View]
83388124>alone at home >bored >try to sing like lil peep >record it with phone >play audio wi…[View]
83387715What do y’all think of this album I made? https://cartooncats.bandcamp.com[View]
83384775I'm no longer a Kanye West fan.: I don't care about the politics. They strike me as insane…[View]
83388222>Fuh You is actually a reference to an obscure 50 year-old apple records novelty song What did Pa…[View]
83386956Music here, thanks for listening to me[View]
83387620Any other based and redpilled bands like this?: >gone gone gone: the reddit express >gone gone…[View]
83386933music for this feel?[View]
83387053>This cover of someone else's song is much better than the original because I heard it in a …[View]
83385861>Albums first song references the first song of their previous album by having a variation of the…[View]
83381033Gimme some fucking hardcore aggression rap: I want all the angst and power. Hit me with the hard shi…[View]
83386053Post a short RYM review and other try to guess what album they’re talking about.: This one is maximu…[View]
83373948/metal/: tom warrior edition old >>83364777 https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc[View]
83387657is supertramp Good ?[View]
83387819This album has given me tinnitus. Fuck You Kevin Shields[View]
83385706What was the very first heavy metal song?[View]
83387266ITT: Soul crushing lyrics to resonate a little too well. Ill start. >And I claim I'm not exc…[View]
83387909So excited for this EP.[View]
83387901Damn, Roxette looks like that? https://youtu.be/nx2iLOvP0rM[View]
83387426What are some bands that drastically changed their sound over the course of their career? Whether th…[View]
83387201Spotify mixes: You have to say the genres of each mix[View]
83386579the light is leaving us all and the birds are sweetly singing and there are a thousand witches in th…[View]
83386309LET IT LOOSE LET IT LOOSE you can't fucking beat the stones man[View]
83387360I dont want any bitching or complaining. I just want more songs like this. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
83386335KPOP GENERAL[View]
83385204The Big Four: 'The big four' of grunge are Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam unarg…[View]
83387712https://www.bandlab.com/adamisgold/powersofthedog here's a mixtape for you people. love you 4ch…[View]
83387706Upside down guitar thread: hey /mu/ are you one of us ? post your videos of upside down playing ht…[View]
83384315What is the Dark Side of the Moon of this era?[View]
83386060ITT post the best songs under 60 seconds long https://youtu.be/NHWdlN9d35M[View]
83386412pic related is a /mu/ meetup from 2008. Could we ever rise to such a glory again? Would anyone here …[View]
83387617Never seen this band talked about here. Good or bad? Discuss[View]
83385656What's the cutest all-female band? >Shitty kpop not allowed[View]
83387635You ever just listen to harsh noise, industrial, and emo rap for a a week straight, and then stop to…[View]
83387594What’s their best album? Stankonia imo[View]
83383693ITT: we post an album and the best track of the album I start with I Want To Tell You[View]
83387587Young and arrogant > wlfgrl > the ugly art I was super fuckin stoked for the live drums but th…[View]
83387256Friendly reminder that pic related is the best lyricist of the 21st century[View]
83387240So anyone wanna explain how Dr. Disrespect managed to travel back to the 1970s to record mediocre co…[View]
83387563Animals Acoustic: Animals is now a decade old and TTNG have made an acoustic album to celebrate. It…[View]
83387158Going on a /nightwalk/. What should I listen to ? I want to have something that I never felt before.[View]
83384744NPC artist makes a really fucking good album-core[View]
83379117/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzJJIGNpOKY&t=123s industrial 4 scoops edition…[View]
83387529Does anyone know where to find or have a mega link for this album? It's not in the archive anyw…[View]
83386323what do their lyrics mean[View]
83386363Once and for all: is weezer good?[View]
83387260HOLY SHIT[View]
83384601why is she so based?[View]
83382720Kanye West has recently claimed to have a 97th percentile IQ, which is around 130. That's excep…[View]
83386509>40 days until Yandhi[View]
83380189>my favorite artists are Merzbow, Boredoms, Gerogerigegege, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, …[View]
83385872this the best Radiohead album[View]
83387059IF YOU COME HOME WITH ME: so this is dogshit right?[View]
83387127parafwen general: parafwen gemeral parafwen general parafwen general https://parafwen.bandcamp.com/…[View]
83387023Whats an artist that almost everyone on /mu/ agrees is good? Pic related is my best guess but i have…[View]
83384351What's the greatest double album of all time?[View]
83385521Why do Americans worship strippers and call them musical geniuses?[View]
83385064My favorite Beatles song is Long, Long, Long. What kind of person do you imagine?[View]
83387006Kpop sucks, fuck you[View]
83387104https://youtu.be/DZ6e8-94JRE So is this one of the best pieces written or what?[View]
83386961So /mu/, which is the better album?[View]
83386873What do I need to pull off an authentic late 70s/early 80s punk costume?[View]
83374749/hhg/ hip hop general: haven't seen one in ages, so just share songs you've been enjoying …[View]
83384306Friendly reminder that you can't name a better album from this decade.[View]
83386916The media crucify me like they did Christ They want to find me not breathin' like they found Mi…[View]
83386947*opens thesaurus*[View]
83380425How does he do it?[View]
83385371Musicians that are impossible to hate[View]
83386226Seeing this guys face makes me want to punch him[View]
83385210Why does /mu/ seem to like rap so much? >pic unrelated[View]
83386563Which music pic related listen to[View]
83385493Musiclet here. How would you describe 'baroque pop'?[View]
83385890Alright /mu/ I've been thinking of going into the music industry, I've got a bit of a song…[View]
83386695Possible AOTY[View]
83386621Wtf why did no one tell me[View]
83386593ITT: introspective albums[View]
83386630post your most incoherent stage rants https://youtu.be/FPkY6NuEwkE?t=3628 @ 1:00:00[View]
83380858Talk about it.[View]
83386429Compilations should be banned from the album charts. Prove me wrong.[View]
83386523>artist makes a 'short film'[View]
83386433>bohemian rap city is about freddie mercury having AIDS[View]
83386119Is this the greatest synthpop album ever made?[View]
83386235whats some good 60s acid folk[View]
83385090thoughts on The Final Riot?[View]
83385048Hello flikkers, the time is soon, for the 4chan babby cup (qualifiers). /mu/ is set to play against …[View]
83386134So i recently got a record player, and i'm trying to think of some albums i should buy, are the…[View]
83386292What did you think about this album, /mu/? I think it's nowhere near as good as the likes of Ca…[View]
83385271KPOP GENERAL[View]
83386287vaporwave/future funk recommendation thread[View]
83386272Is /mu/ still too contrarian to say these guys are good?[View]
83386095>I don't know anything about music, which ought to be a damaging admission but isn't, o…[View]
83385912Who's the greatest classical composer of all time, /mu/?[View]
83386213>23 positions in a one night stand[View]
83385124This guy was a keyboard GOD[View]
83383483Jesus, what a shit year for music it's been[View]
833848092018...I am forgotten[View]
83385972Honestly? It's a masterpiece[View]
83372677Favourite TDS song? Also, am I fag for not noticing there's a face on the album cover?[View]
83385995How does one become a professional songwriter?[View]
83386031Please suggest some techy/coder music similar to the Berlin School genre.[View]
83383537Looking for some good noise pop albums or songs, with actual fuzzy or dirty sound bc half of the ban…[View]
83384726Confess: I have never heard a song by 6ix9ine but I like to larp as a fan just to piss off disgustin…[View]
83384644ITT: We rate each others favorite albums and guess shit about each other: pic related is my favorite…[View]
83385636>theres plenty of good music you just have to look for it[View]
83385989GOAT: This album is the best album of the decade IMHO[View]
83385983Activate protocol 'Unabombers'[View]
83385929what are your favorite fall/autumn albums, /mu/?[View]
83385089What do you guys think about 6ix9ine[View]
83382512hello /mu/ I am a professional stylist pic related is my style what music go well with my aestheti…[View]
83383995ITT: New /mu/core. Newfags/plebs feel free not to post.[View]
83383914why can't basic bitches listen to music like this instead of BROCKHAMPTON and Rex Orange County…[View]
83384065Spit a verse, little nigga[View]
83382492I have been stuck with this song since yesterday and i can't stand listening to the same song o…[View]
83378025soundcloud thread: https://soundcloud.com/user-267992012-438325203 Heres 2 tracks we've recentl…[View]
83385086/tv/ here, can /mu/ recommend some audiokino? Just marathoned this album and I'm looking for mo…[View]
83385638Unabomber season approachin[View]
83384377Want to learn portuguese: Recommend me some gud portuguese/brazilian artists[View]
83385588What trendy music are you listening to? (The video this guy commented on had 13 million views in 2 y…[View]
83384485Rubber Soul + We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper Revolver + Paperback Writer/Rain Pepper + Penny Lane/St…[View]
83385419Is he the Unabomber of our generation ?[View]
83383605What are some more 'epic'-sounding albums?[View]
83384499Smells Like Teen Spirit is consistently rated as one of the best rock songs of all time. You might d…[View]
83385131Do you like Pulley?[View]
83384622What's the song ? Help please: I tried to hum the guitar. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1rwymOHMKeM It…[View]
83383935Why are there some people ignorant on music theory here in /mu/ compared drawing anatomy on /co/ or …[View]
83385109Anything that sounds similar to Stratosphere?[View]
83385403elo is best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djyViSY332M[View]
83385281ITT: Essential we wuz-core[View]
83385348ITT post potentially great collaborations[View]
83384950Post a fake album cover and others guess the genre[View]
83385309>can't sing >music is slow and boring, not at all innovative >lead singer is a fairy W…[View]
83384032Math rock general.: Post em; Simular artists, complex rhythms and time changes. Off rudiments and be…[View]
83384471>White boy, don't laugh, don't cry, just die! what did they mean by this?…[View]
83384218What are the other two albums in this photo? And are they good? (I know it has the title on the albu…[View]
83385262What’s that album we made: I was gone so i didn’t get to see it released. What’s it called and where…[View]
83384016KPOP GENERAL[View]
83384030is this /mu/core?[View]
83384430Why doesn’t he take the text off?[View]
83383277Tfw I finally grew out of mu core and have found my own tastes[View]
83385029https://discord.gg/2TprgvX Hey, this is a new music discord if anyones interested. Just for general …[View]
83379543ITT: /mu/ writes a song one note at a time[View]
83383362'with your beautiful hair and your sixteen years you kissed me as i lay still' just what the fuck di…[View]
83385157Why do spics love The Stroke and Interpol so much? Half the comments on their songs on YouTube are M…[View]
83383897/aroundthefire/core: anyone have any /aroundthefire/core?[View]
83380041What kind of music should you play in the background when having sex with a femoid?[View]
83384618Holy balls... this is awesome![View]
83384489>he listens to hip hop[View]
83385172HERE'S MY KEY PHILOSOPHY A FREAK LIKE ME JUST NEEDS INFINITY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j…[View]
83384712Who’s the fool?[View]
83385127Looking for feedback on a recent 2 song EP titled 'Stinger //Sublime', by my band Room De Dark. We…[View]
83372064/chart/: Other is deceased so give recs n stuff[View]
83384427people who care about clarence clarity[View]
83384854What is the most 'uncanny valley' album of all time? I'd say pic related or Invincibl…[View]
83385007I love this shit, lol.[View]
83383966>metal fans constantly remind everyone how 'tough' they are >get offended by some old guy read…[View]
83384323*blocks your path*[View]
83382943ITT: Songs women will never understand.[View]
83383532More like this?[View]
83384303You are now Kanye West: wyd?[View]
83384920ITT: album covers that hurt your eyes: bonus points if the album hurts your ears too[View]
83383774>I cooked you breakfast, anon[View]
83384187I feel guilty for smoking weed while being alone but I keep doing it, music for this feeling/moment?…[View]
83383354Roast him /mu/[View]
83384804One of the greatest noise rocks albums[View]
83379976Why is there so many k-pop threads in /mu/?: Its not even good[View]
83384762How can Kendrick 'I support woman assaulter Chris Brown' Lamar be positively viewed by anyone?[View]
83384617https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVEhvJMAhF4 Apparently, this is made this year, not in the 60's…[View]
83383987Richard D. James Album on Vinyl: Is it sound better on vinyl? Should i buy it?[View]
83384736Jacky Chan's Soundtrack album: Check Jacky Chan's Soundtrack album called 'The Villag…[View]
83378908ITT: albums whose first tracks are by far their best: Maybe it's just me, but this always annoy…[View]
83382711This is Breaking Benjamin for people that question the age of consent[View]
83384331>marries QT pop star >probably fucks her every day for nearly a decade >breaks up with her …[View]
83383440ITT: introspective albums, albums where you really learn about yourself and reflect on your life …[View]
83384543/shugazi/ - shoegaze, noise rock, dreampop, frank ocean, etc: I just found out some of the members o…[View]
83384521why not use female backup dancers?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO8TIDyreUU[View]
83382842Anyone know what these symbols are?[View]
83383889Anyone here ever deprive themselves of listening to a great album for really dumb reasons, and then …[View]
83380179Was he a faggot?[View]
83383279Listened to country again.: >raised in the south >listen to country a lot >just noise back …[View]
83371326More stuff like this?: Can someone recommend me good rap albums from this year? Besides pic related …[View]
83383622I'm addicted to new Thom Yorke song Volk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpULWBT1WEg Any songs/…[View]
83383895Based band[View]
83384289Does /mu/ like geary choons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSQ4bBDFMmU[View]
83382496>I read the news today! >I looove to tuuuurn yoooou oooon Wow so this is the greatest songwrit…[View]
83383960anyone know what the recurring synth line throughout this album is from?[View]
83382605What is in your eyes a perfect album? Mine would be pic related.[View]
83384168I used to be mad that p4k used kanye to destroy the indie rock era of p4k. but now im glad because k…[View]
833770924x4 last.fm collage thread tapmusic.net/lastfm: post in this thread or else... discuss music, recom…[View]
83383295What kind of a soulless monster wouldn’t like this album?[View]
83383794Black metal is the logical conclusion to rock and roll.[View]
83383905Is rapping really fast the new guitar solo's that's only impressive to simpletons?[View]
83379205Wireless headphones recommendations?: I checked the sticky, wiki, google, etc. but didn't find …[View]
83383954The generic band formation limits music too much. Why always drums, bass, lead guitar, and so on? W…[View]
83383434>admits the most powerful, personal song that closes his new album was ghostwritten Absolutely so…[View]
83381307Reminder that if you're arguing with people on /mu/, you're arguing with teenagers aged 16…[View]
83384062Weird Beatles Fandom: is this art? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKxZ_L5S0GA[View]
83381960Childhood is hating on rap Adulthood is reading MF DOOM lyrics and realizing he’s basically Bob Dyla…[View]
83383138KPOP GENERAL[View]
83377156New Thread: Soundcould and Bandcamp Thread >post links to your stuff >give rec's and cons…[View]
83378184/dg/ Mu finishes Death Grips Madness Bracket: Here are the winners from last round! Get Got (69%) Th…[View]
83379572Greatest artist of all time: https://strawpoll.com/wpkg3fsp https://strawpoll.com/wpkg3fsp https://s…[View]
83380037this is joanna's best album[View]
83383652Mfw /mu/, normies, and journalists WILL listen to the new album. Mfw you will all have to accept tha…[View]
83382818What album gets the best reaction out of people?[View]
83383753Albums that remind you of Autumn/Fall: I'll start[View]
83382739Why the fuck does he hate indie rock so much?[View]
83383729VSTs: Recommend me good drum and synth vstis please /mu/[View]
83370469soundcloud thread!: share your stuff, give feedback and rec, be nice and have fun[View]
83379458thoughts about KMFDM? why their last album sucks so much?[View]
83383681holy shit[View]
83383663Why can't we gringos unite against the latest trend of music! I liked it better when niggas mum…[View]
83383234It's great, but how did it gain its status? I mean outside of the killer opening track, which s…[View]
83380941itt: post an artists best respective work of art[View]
83383611What does mu think of this show?: And frank sinatra in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fctc…[View]
83379744Which is the superior album?[View]
83383513Please keep your distance The trail leads to here[View]
83383038Ruuuuuun, rabbit, run[View]
83377599>most lyrics sound like French >it's actually English Any other artist that does the same…[View]
83383370name a better rapper than lil tracy. >versatile >hasn't sold out >solid bars and good …[View]
83380326It's been a bad day[View]
83383017Music for a lazy sunday ?[View]
83381183>MAKE KANYE 2006 AGAIN[View]
83382956Describe thom in one word[View]
83379535Amazing fucking album. Why was it so hated when it came out?[View]
83372951Post albums that should be posted here more.[View]
83382418KPOP GENERAL[View]
83382301The Velvet Underground: They suck shit[View]
83380469post music that only NPCs like[View]
83382336Why do mentally ill Western teenage girls go crazy for these gooks?[View]
83383008Biggie or nas? Eminem or cannibus? KIk jonnasass[View]
83381186Death: Best Death metal album ever?[View]
83382920Albums and songs that make you feel like baby driver.[View]
83381248Who is he referring to here?: >'Cause there's always someone, somewhere >With a big …[View]
83380981>rapper starts singing[View]
83373905What will be his legacy?[View]
83382878I fucking love AOR rock bands[View]
83374779High IQ music[View]
83378940Do you think ayylmao's would like our music or is it something inherently tied to our biology l…[View]
83382710Tourist Music: A lot of albums get the phrase “tourist” thrown at them. The real question is: why is…[View]
8337583410/10 rap albums that mu never talks about[View]
83382775Hey /mu/, thinking of going to school to be a sound engineer, but I'm a little apprehensive abo…[View]
83382019Which albums released in the past 5 years do you see still being talked about in another 5 years tim…[View]
83382541I mean, you know, they worship the cube of Saturn.. which is, you know, fine i guess[View]
83382379>'it's a good album, but a bad (band name) album'[View]
83379409I have no ego /mu/, every month I completely change to another obscure subculture and identity. One …[View]
83380983What music do you think will be popular in the 2020s?[View]
83379782How do I enjoy music? I like to listen to stuff but I've never been floored by anything, or rea…[View]
83377304is he okay? http://youtube.com/watch?v=z9KJhp99sZs&t=320s[View]
83380908ITT: Albums only you've listened to[View]
83382003ITT: artists who's entire discography is concept albums[View]
83381421Why do Hip Hop niggas love Axelrod so much?[View]
83381828Best way to add album art to an mp3?: pic unrelated[View]
83372062sup /mu/, /fit/ here You guys are going to think I am fucking with you but I have a legit question. …[View]
83381762kpop general[View]
83382348FOLKLORE THREAD: Ill post a bit of flamenco stuff for anyone that is interested. Im curious to see …[View]
83382221When will Green Day stop making these 'punk opera' albums and go back to straight punk rock? Demolic…[View]
83381710The light has left us all[View]
83381747What what what is is is your your your favorite favorite favorite BORIS BORIS BORIS album album albu…[View]
83375401What am I in for?: I’ve listened to Swans entire discog except this. I saved the supposed best for l…[View]
83382120what's the correlation between him and communist zoomers?[View]
83380297KANYE BTFO'D ONCE AGAIN: Does he stand any chance of un-JUSTing himself?[View]
83381372Thoughts on Superorgasm?[View]
83381649Do you even lift, bro?[View]
83382121ITT: pleb filter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U76loq-MttU[View]
83381733unironically what did he mean by this?: >I hate you so much >I hate your laws >I hate your …[View]
83381957Ultimate Painting Album: This is a very good and underrated album you must listen to it.[View]
83380063Regarding the recent controversy of Quavo, of the Migos 'sneak dissing' Lil Peep, I've speculat…[View]
83381070Paul ruined every album George wasn’t a good songwriter Ringo[View]
83379695what is the best paramore album and why?[View]
83381701Is this pretty much a true comparison for juggalo and metal yes/correct?[View]
83380040>my favourite album is Children of God What kind of person do you imagine?…[View]
83381102kpop general: 48 edition[View]
83378492What does /MU/ think of them?[View]
83376140Let's be honest. Is anything by Metallica ACTUALLY good? >protip: if you say yes, it's …[View]
83381384Mayhem is cute. CUTE![View]
83373066YEAH im thinking hes BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CdcCD5V-d8[View]
83380190What do you think is the most personal album ever? One, that is exposing the artists true emotions a…[View]
83380458Are you ready for AOTY to drop?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b27s9U3Tgrw this song alone will so…[View]
83381426https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSvpAEx2fLE Thoughts?[View]
83381206Better than bonito generation and anything else that has come out this year desu and that's jus…[View]
83380703>that guy who dismisses Linkin Park because they are 'cringy'[View]
83380491start your Sunday morning off comfy with some coffee and best Vampire Weekend[View]
83380958Help /mu/. I waste hours weekly listening to crap music that I don't like. It started with the …[View]
83380835What can I expect out of this?[View]
83378377What's her best song?[View]
83381039why doesn't /mu/ like SICKO MODE?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-JBBNg8YKs[View]
83380443Reply to this post or your mother dies in her sleep tonight[View]
83380398KPOP GENERAL[View]
83381050Boards of Canada is officially for soibois https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbeG1XrZPJs[View]
83380966ZAPPA THREAD: Composer. Guitar god. Genius. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKYGaEafv4g[View]
83380940reeeeeee: https://youtu.be/eJO5HU_7_1w?t=117 how DARE eminem diss my late 90s/early 00's popque…[View]
83380507I think an unironic 80% of the new music I've discovered over the past three years has been fro…[View]
83380628ITT: we post kino rap songs. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_srvHOu75vM[View]
83376935Similar albums to YWNKW with similar production and dream pop?[View]
83380567Post 1 good album that not a single man was involved with making[View]
83380021Are the stories about Andrea Swift residually starving her daughter from childhood to prevent her be…[View]
83380315Ambient/Dark Ambient/Tribal Ambient/Downtempo: So I've recently discovered the works of Lustmor…[View]
83380687Boogie is notably creepy in a pedophilic, crusty bearded kind of way.[View]
83380652i used to listen to van halen 3 ironically now im starting to like it more than actual david lee rot…[View]
83380118More songs with lyrics such as those of Behind Blue Eyes?[View]
83380538any other equally degenerate band like this?[View]
83379242post music for an aching drunk heart[View]
83379628KPOP GENERAL[View]
83376729thoughts on mark kozelek?[View]
83380343Epic Rap Battles of History: ROBOCOP VS TERMINATOR BEGIN >Well I Wikipedia that and you Wikipedia…[View]
83379721im blind and gay and asian[View]
83380261>he cares about politics in music[View]
83378136Albums you liked as a kid that you still enjoy to this day?: More or less everything I ever listened…[View]
83375652Thoughts on Melon's latest NOTGOOD? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl5r-2xMQb0[View]
83380083I, I don't remember much I just seen her dead in there It definitely stood out I remember your …[View]
83371521Was he sacrificed?[View]
83380172Thoughts Pt. 2[View]
83379027Good place to find royaltyfree music?: Especially looking for Arabic stuff (for a history project)…[View]
83380075Is emo coming back?[View]
83380079Bro's im worried... https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1051253667687526400[View]
83379273Is there good music with either danish or swedish lyrics?[View]
83380033Greta Van Fleet[View]
83374973How are you handling the slow death of Last.fm? Have you switched your scrobbling to other services…[View]
83378981This is literally just yotube tutorial background music[View]
83378813Name a cuter duo[View]
83378468Wow This Is Fantasticualr https://soundcloud.com/nattyracks/fuck-u-niggas[View]
83378819give me some industrial hip hop records please[View]
83375122Greta Van Fleet: Best rock band this century. Name one better.[View]
83378986Songs like suppers ready: What else would I like /mu[View]
83378061Synthwave recomendations[View]
83379329Okay weird question but how to I stop my back/legs aching when I listen to music? I normally lie dow…[View]
83379838Britain's favorite albums: 1 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles. 2 21, Ade…[View]
83379374nuking the K-pop comunity: can some of yall give me reasons why k-pop is overrated trash[View]
83372251ITT: albums women will never understand[View]
83376716scott weiland, what do you miss about him?: probably one of the best frontmen of the 90s, behind sta…[View]
83379617>le “I hate being cold” guy Name a musician with a gimmick as bad as that…[View]
83378801>buying cool band shirts to impress the goth/new wave/hardcore girl is there a more alpha move…[View]
83378925KPOP GENERAL: Literal Goddess[View]
83375631ITT: Post your favorite Beatles song, others call you based or cringe >I Want You (She’s So Heavy…[View]
83377950Does he have something like Autism? He acts like he has asbergers.[View]
83378520ITT: Rank his albums and name your favourite Cudi song.: I'll start: >MOTM II >Indicud …[View]
83379206why has KSG been so overlooked by the music media? i can't point to one hip hop publication, ra…[View]
83379367name a worse band[View]
83374580>cause theres always someone, somewhere with a (((big nose))), who knows Wtf is Morrissey trying …[View]
83377384Favorites Chart: I'm back for a wee bit, lowlifes. Let's get one of these threads going.…[View]
83379467Post songs with plenty of comfy autistic repetition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0n_4ueupVA…[View]
83377284>album is a masterpiece >only has a few views on youtube, virtually unknown >will NEVER pos…[View]
83372042Post a picture of an artist without posting an actual picture[View]
83379405Hello my band Big Time Pig is about to release our first ever EP (Hog Gas EP) due out 4th November. …[View]
83379333Underappreciated Musicals: What are some top-tier musicals that don't get enough love? When you…[View]
83377584How do I make emotionally-powerful music like her?[View]
83377754Who are some other artists poached by the alt-right and who do we have left on our side now that Riv…[View]
83373506Are there any other aspiring rappers, on /mu/? Who are you inspired by, and why? How do you go about…[View]
83368098/drum/ general: anchor to page 10 edition: PREVIOUS: >>83336401 >>83292634 what is best …[View]
83377601does this board like Taylor Swift? I think she has a lot of good songs[View]
83379209Who are some people who have potential to be some serious talent but waste it on weeb shit and cover…[View]
83376211Hey /mu/. Me and some buddies are planning on experimenting with music, mostly rap infused with othe…[View]
83379036ITT: creepy music[View]
83374732do u like yung lean?[View]
83379142Let's discuss Silke F, infamously known for shitting on Aphex Twin. https://youtu.be/p43Vu2zkd0…[View]
83379139Blues Rock: So mu I want to get into blues rock. What should I listen to? Which albums? Artists?…[View]
83376633why do rappers always shout out to pimp c?[View]
83361763Soundcloud/Bandcap/Youtube/Sharethread: Post em[View]
83376913What's your favourite Kanye West line? >I'm in a speed boat, in my boat shoes…[View]
83367372What are your guys' favorite 90s albums? I need to listen to more music from this decade.[View]
83377987kpop general[View]
83378768What's some comfy, re-assuring albums?: For when you feel it's all fucked, this album come…[View]
83377730>mfw i listen to the beatles in mono and hear one of the songs with a slightly different mixing t…[View]
83378363Growing up is realizing that the Amnesiac version of Morning Bell is superior.[View]
83378403Anyone else checked this guy out? I just found him off spotify's discover weekly and I absolute…[View]
83375106What do we think of pic related?[View]
83377352*Covers you* wyd?[View]
83377560Machine Girl's new album https://youtu.be/HuJNhd65Apk[View]
83374203Sitting in a Walmart parking lot alone on a Saturday night because your alcoholic mother wouldn…[View]
83378776>advertising signs that con >you into thinking you're the one >that can do what's…[View]
83375944Music only you listen to: Post music only you listen to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn73q9l3ILw…[View]
83378559Beatles' bitch: How come my nigga Chuck gets no attention. I have only listened to his magnum o…[View]
83378709Draw an album /mu/ and others guess. >starting off with something easy Apologies for the flipped …[View]
83377989All their albums are shit[View]
83377772https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ije7d6xckSs What genre do I search for if I liked just the first par…[View]
83377721I can't stand this album: (Except Spark Plug. I like Spark Plug a lot.) What do the fans of Ste…[View]
83378281>go CD shopping at Savers >go check out >cashier points at this album when i pay for my shi…[View]
83376773Albums similar to The Stabbing Room?: Looking for albums similar in how atmospheric and horror theme…[View]
83377201More like?[View]
83375471any Halsey fans here?: Been listening to Halsey a lot ever since free youtube music launched recentl…[View]
83368472how hard is it to make very basic jrpg music for my videogame im making?[View]
83378089my search for best album is over[View]
83373712Wish you were here is Pink Floyd's best album as it perfectly sums up the bands feelings toward…[View]
83378152What is the musical equivalent of this?[View]
83372243albums you shouldnt shallowly listen to: starting with an obvious one[View]
83378268Emery wheelhouse? Anyone not gai?[View]
83377051Hi /mu/. I could use some help. I want to make my girlfriend a mix CD. That's exactly the kind …[View]
83376880Hi /mu/ I'm looking for a specific sound, and I hoped you'd be able to help. Melancholic, …[View]
83378033Rare Mechina album uploaded to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sObE_tEOEKQ I just dug this …[View]
83378028yeah... its kino[View]
83373217Lol was anyone else at Desert Daze yesterday[View]
83377397Third time I've listened to this album and I'm genuinely fucking sobbing my eyes out. It…[View]
83364748/gg/ - Guitar (and Bass) General: Brazilian models Edition >How do I start learning guitar/bass? …[View]
83377960Then I'll fly She makes me wanna die And change my stride Then I'll fly[View]
83377911Can anybody ID this song? Both Shazam and Soundhound turn up nothing. It's obviously a bit of a…[View]
83374705Can’t ever keep my guitars in tune: I’ve been playing for 25 years on and off. I’ve never been much …[View]
83377875hanl thread: how much money did Dan steal from you?[View]
83376677KPOP GENERAL[View]
83371253Ohhh I GRIEVE IN STEREO[View]
83377410Lol gay[View]
83376277Why the fuck isn't Interpol your favorite band? Why the fuck do you reside in comfortable shitt…[View]
83375479Wtf? I love medieval music now[View]
83375956Why black metalggers insist on trying to claim other shit? >Venom is black metal Not unless 'bla…[View]
83377309ITT: Future classics pic related[View]
83375902Loved them for years, but why the FUCK does no one ever post about these dudes -- particularly their…[View]
83377552What do you think of Slash's new album?: 8.5/10 Don't really have a lot of reasoning behin…[View]
83374034My cat that i had since I was a little boy died today. She got really really skinny so we took her t…[View]
83376360big titty goth gf[View]
83377391can i get a rec for something like this but good[View]
83377477It makes me very very sad he killed himself /mu/: Why did he do it?[View]
83376658My parents wouldn't let me.listen to this tape when my friends were over.[View]
83374844looking for albums for early 00's , any recommendation's ?[View]
83372973Lydia: This is Lydia. Lydia makes music. Today is Lydia's birthday. Please wish Lydia a happy …[View]
83376921ITT: Albums that would smell bad if they had a scent.[View]
83372275>THAT song that makes you feel like pic related Well /mu/?[View]
83377277Anyone like STD? BEST album of all time[View]
83374055Why do you pretend you don't like this album?[View]
83375561is anything by these guys actually worth listening to?[View]
83373823Which Beatle would you let fuck you in the ass? Ringo for me.[View]
83377121What is /mu/'s opinion on JMT? I don't see them discussed very often.[View]
83376963I’m currently on a lot of shrooms, what are your favorite albums to trip to?[View]
83375040why the hell did I sleep on this for so long?[View]
83376168what a some good psych that doesn't sound like ty segall (hate his voice and every single psych…[View]
83376893Is this thing a meme?[View]
83376741Do you feel bad for making fun of him yet?[View]
83375225Recommend me music, this album was a pretty fantastic release I see it getting into my top albums af…[View]
83376940Music to emotionally alienate me?[View]
83376866Have you taken the Contraforte redpill yet? >Tuning is better on every note, good on every key …[View]
83375050Does anyone know where I can get a free, full copy of Ableton? I'm broke af and just want to me…[View]
83375111Recommendation about jazz: I started listening to jazz some while ago and I would like some recommen…[View]
83376552Car Seat Headrest: Hey /mu, I'm about to see our guy Will in Seattle. What should I expect?…[View]
83376804what the fuck is the synth sample at the start of the song 'Cancer in the Water'[View]
83366805You have 3 words to explain to me why Dummy is not one of the best albums of all time.[View]
83373947>he calls them instrumentals instead of backing tracks[View]
83376130Talented Singers: Who are today's talented vocalists (Male or Female)? I can't rely on sal…[View]
83368509listen to synthpop[View]
83376052is this alt-j?[View]
83376438What do you miss about him /mu/?[View]
83376681Do you think Jason regrets leaving Metallica?[View]
83376240When will 3D music become a trend?: I'm so fucking sad this feature is not being experimented e…[View]
83375444This is their best album. It's a minimalist version of their previous material, but still maint…[View]
83376645>it clicked Okay, now this is epic[View]
83374539you guys lied to me theres only one good song on this album[View]
83376629Here's to you /mu/. Don't stop being you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzGwKwLmgM[View]
83375624KPOP GENERAL: iu queen of kpop and /kpg/ edition[View]
83374876Genre tourism isn't a bad thing[View]
83376511The Great Gig in the Sky is the best song and one of the greatest songs of all time[View]
83373942peaceful guitar: hey /mu/ i've only posted here once or twice ages ago, mostly lurk on /sci/ an…[View]
83376157Where do you listen to your music? Do you do most your music listening while working out, driving, o…[View]
83376200What is he scared of /mu/?[View]
83373661Was this non ironically the most influential album of the decade?: Only two years since and practica…[View]
83376457The early November: What can you tell me about this band ? My friend are going to this concert next …[View]
83376423This is their best work, right anon?[View]
83375797>Kanye has a self-reported 133 IQ Are you more intelligent than Kanye West?…[View]
83376413This song would be better without the mush mouthed chink[View]
83376389Musician morph thread. Morph two or more musicians and try to guess others morphs. Use Morphthing.co…[View]
83375463how does /mu/ feel about this album[View]
83376349Rock Psychedelic Space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0Vad6EETmQ[View]
83373360Best Radiohead Album: >not a bad song on the whole record >actual talented producer >exper…[View]
83375297He won right?[View]
83374903Are there any albums similar to this one?[View]
83370351I need some music that will help me cry since Pinkerton no longer does the trick for me[View]
83376251Any good 60s compilations? I'm looking for songs similar to Small Faces - All Or Nothing or Wa…[View]
83375178Synthpop: >Thread goes up earlier today >”Listen to synthpop” >I obey >Listen to synthpo…[View]
83376154which is better?[View]
83375712This was better than Rumours[View]
83375741Blues: Lets talk blues and its forms[View]
83375805>We'll she was just seventeen, you know what I mean? What did he mean by this?…[View]
83375654IT'S AMAZING[View]
83376060recommend me music to make me less of a pleb[View]
83375087what does /mu/'s audio player look like?[View]
83370256Post your favorite album of last year.[View]
83375485My good headphones broke and I'm stuck with EarPods and I've reverted to the normie practi…[View]
83375820I stream dj sets from my bedroom. Check it out sometime if you like. When I was a teenager i would f…[View]
83375676Alternate lyrics for 'Kanye West - Power' come up when googled: Can anyone help figure this out?…[View]
83375251Ween Thread: Ween fans get in here! I haven't seen a good ween thread in a while, too much garb…[View]
83374926Does bork have autism? youtube.com/watch?v=WpZ2iRAXxgc[View]
83374644Found out my highschool girlfriend is now a lesbian communist. Music for this feel?[View]
83374555does anybody else associate music to food/animals/colors??? pic related tastes like strawberry pedia…[View]
83371598Why didn't anyone ever tell me this album was so great? Any similar recs? https://youtu.be/5Amc…[View]
83375777Is this the best song ever /mu/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXdNnw99-Ic[View]
83373878Is Pink Floyd normie music? Motivate your opinions.[View]
83372568Criminally underrated[View]
83375129does /mu/ like nsp?[View]
83375427Thoughts on this album?[View]
83372425Why every white art hoe love these guys?[View]
83374824KPOP GENERAL[View]
83375614https://discord.gg/2TprgvX Hey, this is a new music discord if anyones interested. Just for general …[View]
83374809if I could I would go back in time and kill lil b as an infant so I never have to see you fags say b…[View]
83373208Is Drugs You Should Try It the most beautiful song ever made?: Drugs You Should Try It is the most b…[View]
83370731Is this their best album?: Personally I don't think this is their best, but I know plenty of pe…[View]
83374066how much estrogen do you need to achieve these vocals?[View]
83373774Would you agree that music affects your mood? I think it is so, and I think most would agree. And so…[View]
83375436What are you listening to /mu/? do you like it?[View]
83371102/mu/: Okay /mu/, give me your greatest Compilation albums. I put forward Cap'n Jazz[View]
83375076what are some albums with god tier instrumentation but not in a wank fashion?[View]
83373481>Put on some music for us, anon![View]
83374795Contemporary Classical thread anyone?: I especially like Minimalism (Glass and Reich mostly) and Ada…[View]
83375135hey /mu/, I'm a poor newbie bassist in a metal band and need a bass with a B string. Should I g…[View]
83371616write a song and I will play it: I have: >drums >guitar >bass guitar >a piano >a voic…[View]
83374470Is this a good album?[View]
83369387>avid music listeners for several years >still hasn't gotten into classical music…[View]
83375204Can someone tell me the title of this album? I see it being posted around alot but theres never a na…[View]
83375203Is there any album with a more bizarre ending track? Get Out of My House is god-tier.[View]
83367593old /chart/ thread derailed: rate my taste and give me recs (preferably non hip hop) ill give you so…[View]
83375182Music with androgynous vocals?: I've been listening to a lot of Cigarettes After Sex and pic re…[View]
83371021Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube etc: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube etc Share, post, review etc[View]
83373923GUILTY PLEASURE THREAD: No shame at all version.[View]
83375018This fire: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oDlLTYC6OOQ[View]
83371338DRAKE JUST HIT BACK AT KANYE AND PUSH ON LEBRON'S BARBERSHOP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2…[View]
83372392>most popular band in the world rips off Led Zeppelin >second most popular band in the world r…[View]
83368162So what's the whole deal with critics being obsessed with punk rock when it's musically ga…[View]
83372020Post the darkest, most depressing ambient you know lads. Post-rock and related shit is fine too http…[View]
83374958the most patrician genre is to hear remix of gansta niggers mixed with cute kawaii anime shit. prove…[View]
83374787What does he listen to?[View]
83374708This is Kanye West: She’s my second favorite 50’s country singer.[View]
83374655What do you know about ladyheroin.v3?[View]
83374740Anyone else think they kinda sound like Mojave 3?[View]
83374816yah me calling wuhdew gih me vree rye[View]
83373296This was the album that got me into music. I mostly listen to experimental electronic wank now and I…[View]
83373826KPOP GENERAL[View]
83374170>where do you want to the title, Close the Edge? >Yes wow wtf dropped…[View]
83370106so he touched 2 piano keys and talked into autotune and now he is considered the greatest musician o…[View]
83373520Why is Ladytron so underrated?[View]
83368314thoughts on city morgue vol 1?[View]
83374467Which were better? The original big 3 or the Oracular Spectacular?: Here's mine Original Time t…[View]
833687034x4 WEEK collage thread guess future, past recommend music from the future, past[View]
83374109These are the absolute pinnacle of Metallica. It's not a meme, it's not supposed to be con…[View]
83374246Do you think any nudes of her exist?[View]
83374458More like this? Sweet mostly acoustic, kind of cutesty? From this century ideally.[View]
83373470This may be the one of the greatest remaster albums ever, I mean FUCK, it improves on all of the son…[View]
83373060https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1fzJ_AYajA Listen to this song and tell me there isn't some ki…[View]
83374450>that commercial with the lady singing Der Hölle Rache Kocht in meinen Herzen in a soft voice abo…[View]
83363573Lana Del Rey: Why is this pretty young white woman resorting to nigger tier violent threats?[View]
83374392oh ya. id say hes back. prepare for album of the century. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo4I-O3Ai9-/?u…[View]
83374409Is Hyukoh good? What's their best album in your opinion?[View]
83374399IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR I gave feedback to like tons of people but nobody replied to my soundclou…[View]
83374396Louis Logic - The Ugly Truth: Here's a music video I made of the Louis Logic song 'The Ugly Tru…[View]
83372675how do i come up with a good band name[View]
83372874things that sound like death grips lyrics[View]
83369300>experimental music >no independent variable…[View]
83373625how do I learn to rap?[View]
83373280Kurt Cobain: I'm very interested in more about his life. Is there a general biopic or book that…[View]
83374353>While on tour following his 4th studio album, Pyrple chose to perform his set exclusively in foo…[View]
83365656Is MBDTF musically on par with the complexity of Pet Sounds and Sgt Peppers?[View]
83372560/snailmail/: >19 >only indie-rock artist to make Billboard's 21 under 21 list >less t…[View]
83372900guy listens to DG once and makes a fake DG song based on what he heard https://youtu.be/UXd1Liesdgg …[View]
83373366Holy shit[View]
83368122How the fuck did we let this happen?[View]
83373988anyone else love this sixty nine fellow's tracks? they really get me going! great energy!!![View]
83372938What's the smallest number of Shazams you've ever seen?[View]
83373941I made my own Lil Baby & Gunna Drip Harder album cover. Is it just as good as Fantano's?[View]
83372010Wow, /mu/, do you really dislike this band? A band that dares to stand up and go stand up for contro…[View]
83364777/metal/: nanna edition old: >>83353546 https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc[View]
83372578alright /mu/ who is the best female artist of all time and why is it Kate Bush?[View]
83373874VOLA - Why Haven't You Been Listening?: So I've recently been raving about VOLA since they…[View]
83373239/pop/: /pop/ is a place where we post pop music that matters to us. It can be from 10 years ago or 1…[View]
83373733How do I make a song that is so offensive that simply playing the melody on an instrument is enough …[View]
83372668kpop general[View]
83373725ITT: Post youtube recommended, others call you based or cringe[View]
83373412Ever since i smoked weed music has sound better and i notice the details[View]
83367342UNIQUE ALBUMS: itt: Albums that sound like no other album that exists. Starting with an obvious one.…[View]
83373706Hey /bleep/sters. More like this? Thanks.[View]
83373704Share what youre listening to and give others recommendations and discuss Band: Datenshi https://www…[View]
83370502Emo Noise[View]
83373138best bass lines of 2018?[View]
83369335>professional musician >loses his train of thought every concert…[View]
83372411I watched some of his interviews about his life, went and looked at his old social media posts etc a…[View]
83370864Would you suck dick to make it to the top of the music industry?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16641730…[View]
83372940I am locked into a process of becoming-girl that will never be completed or knowable, both because t…[View]
83372277What makes a 'pop melody' versus a non-pop melody?[View]
83373314UNDERRATED SOUNDTRACK: Seriously check this thing out if you're not familiar with it or the gam…[View]
83370404What about his voice? How did it get so high?[View]
83369170is there a more annoying faggot in music?[View]
83372843Was he really the best guitarist in America like Hendrix said?[View]
83366079Why are their other albums so unbearable?[View]
83363607ITT: ugly album covers: I'll start[View]
83373111>Japanese edition of album has exclusive bonus songs Why the fuck are the gooks always privileged…[View]
83371480itt: moments or songs that give you this feel >zap! from the avalanches…[View]
83373249ITT: good albums about sex/gender[View]
83372491>song starts with musicians counting down and ends with them congratulating each other on the per…[View]
83373151so this guy's about to blow the fuck up, right?[View]
83373175We could stand for a century Starin' With our heads cocked In the broad daylight at this thing …[View]
83370998What's some good death metal[View]
83373136Post your favorite album and others try to figure it out who are you[View]
83373099Made you look faggot[View]
83372598Remix Thread: Suggest a video or link to an audio file and I'll remix it. Hopefully some other …[View]
83372234How is this not horror-core? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgxRLHmu2HA[View]
83372390why didnt they just leave it at Yanqui UXO everything since has been filler[View]
83370168Hot Take:Anyone on this site who says The Pod is the best album are just trolling[View]
83372448What is the best Boards of Canada song and why?: Let's figure this out once and for all. My top…[View]
83372615Soviet Synthpop: So does anything top this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhpvh6v6PZA[View]
83372798ITT: Genuinly good human beings with rare cases of blowing up without selling their souls[View]
83370856Absolute banger: More stuff like this?[View]
83370304ISH THE BONITO GENERATION! Hug the Sarah! Get some shrimp, it's pink! Jump on the trampoline! Y…[View]
83371119What genre would stuff like 'ancient greek music' fall under? I want to know how to search for music…[View]
83372258The absolute best couple in the history of music[View]
83371550>degth ricks >gug[View]
83367814logitech z313: i just realized that the 'subwoofer' (that actually works as a reinforcement for lowm…[View]
83372747shit can happen... shit can happeeeeen[View]
83364881Bandcamp + SoundCloud Thread: New thread >post links >give rec's and constructive feedbac…[View]
83371899/mu/: It's funny how people sleep differently, like some people sleep on their back, some peopl…[View]
83372424I have this harsh-noisey techno track stuck in my head but I can't remember the song/group name…[View]
83365849What music does she listen to?[View]
83371427KPOP GENERAL[View]
83372570I've Seen Soy by MC Ride, Zach Effron and Claire Boucher ft. John Lennon & Yoko Ono Plastic…[View]
83372642Does /mu/ like Defeater?[View]
83371343what does /mu/ think of shlohmo?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqgYKKleoZY[View]
83372625More like this?[View]
83369662Thoughts on this trashy slut whore[View]
83370598holy fucking shit...[View]
83372557the pillows thread[View]
83372554*offends lip sleep fans*[View]
83371132Hello /mu/[View]
83372453Sound Cloud Thread >post yer links >give recc and feedback >be cool BE COOl…[View]
83371591Holy shit![View]
83371847WHEN I WAS 7 YEARS OLD[View]
83372447Any good music from here?[View]
83371220Any other group that their best album killed their popularity and acclaim and they never recovered.[View]
83369934Why isn't /mu/ talking about AOTY?[View]
83369577Snap Crackle Pop: Vinyl deteriorates every time you listen to it. Why would you ever buy it? CDs, on…[View]
83369164who's the mo amir of music?[View]
83372353Eminem be spitting lyrical miracles But his beard be looking like it was grown on my testicles[View]
83372067/teen/: A containment thread/safe space for teenagers to discuss Anthony Fantano, rap, top 40 pop, G…[View]
83369324what do you think about ewan dobson and his music?[View]
83369912Is Justin Bieber on meth/crack? Looks like a completely different person since he got married.[View]
83372166WTF is 'neoclassical darkwave' yo stop making up bullshit genres mm'kay. Also is this…[View]
83370789I miss him, /mu/.[View]
83370204Records that are only good on paper: Post some albums that are cool in concept or theory but terribl…[View]
83368851So, this is what indierock is? A generic white guy with short hair singing into a mic?[View]
83370053Why are people so clueless of the PC Music genre that wasn't made by SOPHIE?[View]
83372038ITT: Post your favourite album arts: Regardless of content[View]
83368373is there a better hip-hop album than this?[View]
83363332What's the Infinite Jest of music? Have any artists dropped DFW references in their lyrics?[View]
83370424The beatle's[View]
8336863110 years ago today- Kanye West released Yeezus[View]
83371362>that one weird history nerd in class who shits on mainstram music and only listens to Fallout mu…[View]
83371066The Unnatural World: What is the best song on The Unnatural World?[View]
83368391The only problem with this record is the lenght, just cut some shit like Working Me and this is a re…[View]
83370870Does /mu/ like Eurodance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60fqp2rLUR4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
83370335Looking for airy summer early/mid 00s gentle pop in the vein of Lamp and Saint Etienne[View]
83367751The Money Store: Discuss[View]
83371830trying to find an album help: it was vaportrap/hard vapor was from 2013ish and had batman and robin …[View]
83371807>tfw listening to lil peep while playing my switch ahhh 2018 feels great…[View]
83370285ITT: Seeing These on Sharethreads: >Lo-Fi >Experimental >Trap >Bedroom Pop >Industri…[View]
83371437Honest Band Names[View]
83370924This is the band 90's kids lose their shit over? It's just what if Velvet Underground was …[View]
83370532>band calles their album '-Anon.' Do they browse 4chan?[View]
83371754https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhJfdWxpI2Q In a strange twist of fate, this band seems like they wo…[View]
83371307Is there somewhere online where I can get song chords analyzed for me?: I can't figure out the …[View]
83370062KRXXP$XT: Is KRXXPYMVNE dead, or in jail? Why did he delete his SoundCloud?[View]
83365924Albums where the best track is the last one[View]
83370802Mini van core: What are some CDs that were in your parents' car growing up?[View]
83370730what do you guys think about the OST of this game?[View]
83368383The Great Debate: Nevermind vs Definitely Maybe[View]
83367435Only the first half is good.[View]
83370562Radiohead's Audience: Only sadboys allowed[View]
83368859Can we talk about the song earthmover? i wish this album was more mainstream just so i could find so…[View]
83371465>fuck roger we really messed up this whole 'musique concrete' thing >no worries old …[View]
83368966underrated drummers[View]
83368986When is Earl coming back to save hip hop?[View]
83369259Daily most enjoyable Post-Rock thread: Like a song, post a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVw…[View]
83370509KPOP GENERAL[View]
83371409Artists like Rev. James Cleveland?: https://youtu.be/aqXwgextvhM Full albums would be great. Super u…[View]
83370720If you have a rateyourmusic account then recommend me music here https://rateyourmusic.com/list/Stro…[View]
83370309Gonna be drinking pretty heavily by myself tonight, what's some suitable music for this occasio…[View]
83369533Donald Trump meets Kanye West at the White House. Circa Oct. 11, 2018, blacked[View]
83369675Can anyone even compete?[View]
83370327Thoughts on Depeche Mode and Ladytron? Pictured: Dm and half of LT.[View]
83368944Does /mu/ like melodic hardcore?[View]
83351673Grimes is important.[View]
83369306i am the ultimate authority on kanye west[View]
83370506What do you expect from Ladytron's upcoming album?[View]
83370846Unheavenly Creatures: coheed finally returned to form. feelsgoodman[View]
83371106My Bloody Valentine - Loveless[View]
83370908been getting into some techno lately. post some music that sounds similar to Amelie lens' stuf…[View]
83364021ITT: We post our perfect 10/10's I'll start[View]
83358210/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lRgHaDksls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q3g9NtKKEo htt…[View]
83368268/classical/: Genius Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1jjB7TrS1E >General Folder #1. Renai…[View]
83368791Why isn't Alice in Chains considered a metal band? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFgAE5SgFnw …[View]
83368634> tfw unironically been listening to 2000’s buttrock a lot lately like Breaking Benjamin, Seether…[View]
83351863Best and Worst of your taste: Post your 5 Favorite (top row) and 5 least favorite (bottom row) album…[View]
83370447>gone gone gone: the reddit express >gone gone gone: the reddit express >gone gone gone: th…[View]
83370714Alright /mu/sicians, I want to listen to some /mu/sic tonight. I am an very old millenial 36 yo and …[View]
83370135>SOPHIE sucks!!! OK, retard. Explain how she uses such unique chords not found in the rest of the…[View]
83370711Thoughts on the new Henny D? https://soundcloud.com/yourboyhennyd/mountains-ft-noah-viray[View]
83370641HEY TAKE ME AWAY TAKE ME UP SO HIGH WHERE EAGLES FLYYYYYYYYY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk6xTnY…[View]
83369965>called #1 Record >was never a #1 record wtf?…[View]
83368367This is the most overrated album of all time.[View]
83366882Delete one of these albums.[View]
83369513I want a quick fuck cuz im a sick fuck[View]
83369579Self Promo Thread: What's poppin, /mu/ Shameless self promotion thread. Here's my spooky s…[View]
83370445Yeah mate, so I'm a fan of proper music. I don't mean all this pop and dance and rap shite…[View]
83369302OH NO NO NO NO: https://www.loudersound.com/features/the-100-greatest-metal-albums-of-the-21st-centu…[View]
83370080What is the Antichrist of music?[View]
83369726>'i'm going to kill myself' >'to kill myself' >'to kill myseeeelf' >hasn't kil…[View]
83369505KPOP GENERAL: we jeongin' edition[View]
83369624You guys know what DAW this is?[View]
83369826Les Paul Finish: Not a huge Gibson guy, but I really like the finish on Schaffer's Les Paul her…[View]
83370311this is joanna's best album if you disagree, you are WRONG.[View]
83370305/stevie/: Stevie Wonder General[View]
83369944What’s Liam Gallaghers problem?[View]
83370266why is charlie xcx a hack??[View]
83367345No one unironically likes Dream Theater, right? This is possibly the shittiest band I've ever h…[View]
83370111Graves > Danzig[View]
83368407What the fuck is her problem?: He cant she just drop the victim card?[View]
83369992Why is this man so disliked: Why do people hate Kenny G so much?[View]
83365636Lush by Snail Mail: Lush by Snail Mail[View]
83369148Best male musicians of last decade Pic related[View]
83369428which one of you fucks was this[View]
83369893>have had guitar since I was 16 >now 26 >still can barely play any pop punk, punk, or metal…[View]
83369493filler: the album. tell me what I don't know, rolling stone and pneumonia are the standout trac…[View]
83369827good music out of china?[View]
83369825De La Soul are in the Library of Congress.[View]
83365432Paint album, guess album. Starting off with an easy one for you.[View]
83367381Let's do this thread![View]
83368923More like this please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FqlTh5xR7A I heard this and Soft Cell's…[View]
83363556/blindfold/ Saturday Edition: Welcome to the weekly /mu/ jazz Blindfold Test thread - still not dead…[View]
83368795Thoughts?: Is this correct?[View]
83369477What is the most album of all time?[View]
83369627>ywn write a song as good as Angry Son why live[View]
83369278Fleetwood Mac is country for people who listen to David Bowie[View]
83369552[insert angry ryan gosling][View]
83369009Name a better electronic album than this.[View]
83367065Holy shit this is terrifying: wtf i cant handle this[View]
83368690KPOP GENERAL[View]
83369489Bad Kid Chill City: What's the verdict on this /mu/? Lemme know if anyone wants the files I…[View]
83369439Why does nobody talk about the author of the greatest live album of all time?[View]
83365164What was this motherfuckers problem?[View]
83367595MrLtia1234: Been making music reviews for a while. I hope you guys can give me some tips to improve …[View]
83368085'Deceived' is pretty good, you gotta admit it.[View]
83368437ITT: overlooked bassists[View]
83367042Honest thoughts?[View]
83364617Does /mu/ like Butthole Surfers?[View]
83367417>Kid A is experimental When will this meme die?[View]
83367843holy shit! this is better than any of their albums. why don't i ever see it talked about?[View]
83369173Just made a wire transfer to The Netherlands, if you catch my drift Kind of excited desu Music for t…[View]
83363405So what kind of autist are you?[View]
83368740Which was the better album of 2000?[View]
83368948Never forget the king of /mu/[View]
83367655seven music: >happening to early or too late, occurs in a right timing >they are near us all …[View]
83368959ITT: Best hip hop albums to workout to[View]
83368218face it lads, this really IS mankind's highest musical achievement[View]
83366804favorite song by ur top 3 favorite artists: Do it mu. I'll listen to anything thats not obv bai…[View]
83365833It clicked[View]
83367696This album is has more replayability than TOTBL[View]
83364529name a better musician[View]
83367988Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_E-B6982s0 I would like t…[View]
83368970What does /mu/ think of Common? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTjMAXdHaQ8 August Greene is hip-hop…[View]
83352948ITT - Funny things musicians have said on social media[View]
83366554...: am i fucking crazy or is this incredible?[View]
83367658>be me >new to music, want to expand my horizons >listen to P4kcore and Meloncore >like …[View]
83368052How has it aged?[View]
83340815Soundcloud Share Thread Post your links![View]
83367889KPOP GENERAL[View]
83367300>listens to Ys once[View]
83368309What music does he listen to?[View]
83368413I feel like I could be the next Eminem. What do I do when I've written the lyrics? Do I just do…[View]
83368592Thoughts on this Playboi Carti feature?[View]
83367024ITT: your cunt and the last album you listened from it >Italy >Cosmotronic by Cosmo…[View]
83368498holy shit[View]
83368402Bob Dylan: KING OF HACKS[View]
83364983CD-chan: You still love me, right anon-senpai?[View]
83364623Cassette: I rise again like a phoenix from the ashes. Vinyl you better run and hide, because here I …[View]
83367641What's your definition of a 'perfect' pop song? and what are some examples?[View]
83358770ITT: best tfw no gf albums >pic related[View]
83368349If you don't like her music you're a contrarian.[View]
83366288Hello flikkers, the time is soon, for the 4chan babby cup (qualifiers). /mu/ is set to play against …[View]
83368322ITT: /mu/ in 2009[View]
83368318Youtube ever recommend you an obscure album for no reason but it's good?[View]
83368018Apparently a lot of people on /mu/ haven't heard this bonus track on MBDTF Here you go https://…[View]
83368246Pop/hip hop: Songs that are actually low key good https://youtu.be/lkaB46ZP3do Great song imho…[View]
83366515This is so true about music in 2018[View]
83367970part of growing up is realizing that this is their best album[View]
83367220Zoom!: This album is boring and mundane; I’m going back to 6ix9ine.[View]
83367020what went wrong[View]
83368059how many guitar tracks could you fit into a song before it sounds like a bee swarm?[View]
83368092Have y'all listened to N / O / I / S / E yet? It's like a emulation of Nine Inch Nails if …[View]
83362732Itt: perfect albums for a divorce[View]
83368086Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face do you realize we're floating in in space …[View]
83365121Rave zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckzBy25uocU[View]
83367460Holy fucking shit dude[View]
83364166Name me a more influential artist from the 21st Century: Pro-tip: You can't.[View]
83365871https://youtu.be/gKxy48qma2U Name a more NPC song[View]
83366734Ye's in Africa. https://youtu.be/Ixj37R9ndBI[View]
83366238What are some rappers that are aggressively smug and condescending to their listeners and looking do…[View]
83367064KPOP GENERAL[View]
83366583Whats some music with this aesthetic[View]
83366989/mu/ sure is dead tonight: Let's have some quiet comfyposting, why are you guys on /mu/ today? …[View]
83367412Moby Reverb Shop: find the gayest shit you can in here https://reverb.com/shop/official-moby…[View]
83367214ITT: music you can listen only if you're 16 years old[View]
83366881Say something nice about Cheap Trick[View]
83367263do you like kkb, pals?[View]
83367763Under a forested hill a white boat In the water a boat In the boat a village[View]
83367222PLEASE HELP ME REMEMBAH!!!!!: A few months back there was this video making the rounds... it was lik…[View]
83366447Post an album, rec an album[View]
83367452>play album >hear female vocals >instantly turn it off The only place where women belong is…[View]
83364866BANDCAMP THREAD: Shill your shillings goys[View]
83367569>I love David Bowie!!! >has only seen Labyrinth…[View]
83367554What’s the best song: & why is it Eternal Life?[View]
83355914post yr five favourite artists and ppl guess stuff about u >beach house >nick drake >groupe…[View]
83367510https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIyXupS88PU I like this and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSj…[View]
83365929>If all that you can ever be is just a lousy janitor, unless your uncle mods the board, you know …[View]
83367450The intro is one of the best tracks on the album[View]
83363291Joe Hisaishi: how can western composers even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFcuqBckowc …[View]
83367413ITT: albums that are just annoying[View]
83366418/chart/ thread I'll start[View]
83367402Wholesome-and-chipper-core thread: I'd love to see some people posting more innocent, optimisti…[View]
83357899What are some of your favorite video game soundtracks?[View]
83366092is there anything that sounds similar to this? i have already exhausted boc's discography pls b…[View]
83367323Recommend me original harp based albums[View]
83367311Anyone hyped? Big Boys Noize and Mr Oizo fan. Plus French and Germans are gods of electro. So this c…[View]
83364178>interacting with women who have shit taste in music are you sure?[View]
83366928Reminder that even Tyler knows that Cherry Bomb is his best album.[View]
83366029Underrated?: I forgot how many good tracks we're on this. Interesting album art to.[View]
83367261hey /mu/: due to depression i want a new hobby, and what i always wanted to do was make my own EDM/h…[View]
83367258Linkin Park Lyrics: https://youtu.be/sg2eS4uZe-I[View]
83367255YOU YO DADDY SON[View]
83365318when did you realize that smooth jazz was actually good?[View]
83364962ITT: Albums that are only liked ironically[View]
83367105How well does it hold up, /mu/? http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/[View]
83366153kpop general[View]
83367000>so anon, how's that album you're making coming along?[View]
83362493collage thread: 3x3 4x4 5x5 or just a 3 if your a pleb like me as usual rec rate and guess stuff…[View]
83366730*Actually believes the official tower 7 story in your path*[View]
83364268>Copies lyrics, rifts, and was essentially a blues cover band. >Still is apparently ‘the great…[View]
83364374What are the best synthpop artists?[View]
83366184Why do people hate Recovery? I really liked a good amount of the songs on that album.[View]
83366990parody of scary time for boys: need someone to perform song https://files.catbox.moe/cq80nv.png…[View]
83365565has there been a better performance that what Paramore showed in 2017/8? quite literally the best[View]
83365991Has anyone heard these guys before ?[View]
83365286Is this the best licensed movie soundtrack of all time?[View]
83364932Songs with a similar feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzB1VGEGcSU[View]
83362789What's up with those black Artists being borderline Metal nowadays?: or Emo Rap/Trapcore in gen…[View]
83364380ey yo you betta flee hops or get your head blown three blocks[View]
83365334An excerpt from the Pitchfork review of Drip Harder: >The chemistry of Lil Baby and Gunna breeds …[View]
83366544Friendly reminder you're an asshole if you smoke in the middle of crowds at concerts[View]
83365962I cringe myself today To see if I still cringe I focus on the cringe The only cringe that's rea…[View]
83366151There will never be another band like early modest mouse. Music for this feel?[View]
83366559It'll happen to you[View]
83366688>'Dude, come listen to this Christian band!'[View]
83366635>Why did god throw you down upon my head >Making shock yellow light emit from my nostrils >…[View]
83366618HOLY SHIT[View]
83362368What makes this better than any other Wu-Tang album?[View]
83366584Music Cringe: Music cringe thread. I'll start https://youtu.be/7tadvKZj1d0[View]
83366581Any recs for droney guitar based stuff like this?[View]
83365959>'I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (whoop!)' What did he mean by this?…[View]
83366538Dealership - Secret American Livingroom: you already know[View]
83366131Thoughts on DJ Okawari?: Thoughts on DJ Okawari? I've never seen him mentioned on here before. …[View]
83366390ITT: anti-pet peeves in music >lyrics acknowledge the next part of the song (for example a rapper…[View]
83365821Cassette-chan: Please ignore CD-chan, she's a whore! ......B-but, anyways...y-you like me r-rig…[View]
83355533ITT: Albums you listen to when you're depressed[View]
83366163Trash: Worst album ever[View]
83365520ITT- /mu/ essential for a calm rainy evening.[View]
83366317Any movie or doc you would recommend for the start of detroit sound and house parties?[View]
83366014What do you think, /mu/? Can he carry himself as a solo artist?[View]
83365983ITT overrated Artists[View]
83339102/classical/: Post your favorite concerto. Previous thread: >>83254526 >General Folder #1. R…[View]
83363069What am I missing this is so low test that I want to bully him hearing a single song. Why did you mi…[View]
83364425itt: fall/autumn albums[View]
83365135kpop general[View]
83364797hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahaahahaha: https://mobile.twitter.com/Darrel_nd/status/10511…[View]
83363983New Order? *cracks* now that was synth pop! *sips*[View]
83363675daily reminder that there is no better music bands in the universe[View]
83362756Music for completely giving up on life? Music for being wasted just an hour after you woke up with a…[View]
83365712why do pavement fans hate this album so much its one of the best pavement albums imho[View]
83366015Recent favorites thread: https://youtu.be/eRDm8enZ5vY[View]
83365969>tfw no medieval gf[View]
83361275ITT: Show your genre progression, and guess where other anons will go next I'll start: Radio mu…[View]
83365326Can an album be a 10/10 if its not perfect?[View]
83365835>mess around with drum practice pad for a day >wrists already hurt…[View]
83365277What happened to them?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fScQo9jA9VI&t=1324s[View]
83363939Post zoomercore music.[View]
83365742Post 1 good album that not a single man was involved with making[View]
83364751ITT: We fix Encore[View]
83364924Is there more hardcore jazz stuff like this? This was fucking amazing[View]
83365112https://soundcloud.com/masking/playboi-carti-bustdown New Carti + G herbo Thank I based Carti now dr…[View]
83363733More like this[View]
83365722Can we have a house thread? Rec me some good stuff that I probably don't know. I'm not tha…[View]
83363943Do you like it?[View]
83365574Thoughts and feelings on this album? Only Low album I liked before was Songs for a Dead Pilot. Didn…[View]
83362770If an 'artist' doesn't even have the music theory knowledge to compose and write down a simple …[View]
83365579Songname: I´m looking for a song which is played by every modern cover band It´s sung by a woman and…[View]
83365449trying to find a track: I have the name of a music on the tip of my tongue but can't remember i…[View]
83365569Thoughts on Thank You Scientist?[View]
83364795Say something nice about him.[View]
83365459Timber Timbre: Thoughts on Timber Timbre /mu/?[View]
83365202Is there music that captures the feeling of being a clueless autist who will never understand himsel…[View]
83364102Flawless albums that aren't 10/10[View]
83363898Vektroid: Unironically one of the most influential artist this decade.[View]
83365330Hey who’s going to see Death Grips tonight in Atlanta?[View]
83364974Where has Kendrick Lamar been?[View]
83360686ITT: Retards[View]
83365373Does /mu/ like punk rock?[View]
83364937*deletes She Said She Said* Now it's a 10/10[View]
83365316I heat up I can't cool down[View]
83364522Could this be the most slept on group of all time? I urge you to listen.[View]
83357511What's the best Black Metal ever made?[View]
83361222>Top 98th percentile IQ APOLOGIZE[View]
83365252Oh non[View]
83364736fuck hip hop[View]
83362064Tchaikovsky is the best composer?: Tchaikovsky is the best composer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
83365177How many of you actually formed a true personal taste and a true care for music without being influe…[View]
83364632What does moo think of Hayley Williams' body of work[View]
83353546/metal/: numale repellent edition old: >>83337668 https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc[View]
83365163Does /mu/ even listen to good music anymore?[View]
83365092I'll be your body when your body is broken[View]
83363759why is tekashi69 so attractive?[View]
83358778ITT: Shill some obscure bandcamp albums: Not necessarily yours. Anything on bandcamp that doesn…[View]
83363701kpop general[View]
83364883whats that album with the cover that looks like this i forgot it[View]
83364435LA DONNA E MOBILE[View]
83364972>tfw bf (im a male) music for this feel?[View]
83363147does /mu/ like purity ring? also what are some similar artists with a booming bass?[View]
83363002have you all heard 'Hollow'?[View]
83362435why are swedes so good at everything they do?[View]
83364921Musical cringe thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFPUqXrztS8[View]
83364805*crack* This one's for all you cultured kids out there! *sipp*[View]
83364486Any finger drummers? What's your pad layout?[View]
83364891*Pop Music LOVERS*: Name 1 pop artist and song that you/ve found lately that you think is underrated…[View]
83364510Post emotionally dishonest albums.[View]
83362882how's your band going?: personally, I'm sick of the other guys in the band wanting to play…[View]
83364183>score receives an automatic one star bonus because the vocalist is a girl…[View]
83364701Can someone redpill me on Lil Uzi? Everyone talks about him like he's Jesus 2 but I don't…[View]
83362564I love this shit, lol.[View]
83362964I make a thread[View]
83361680National Album Day: post your favourite album and why fags[View]
83364739its fucking good[View]
83363991Can any of you recommend some books on the history of Western music?[View]
83359798why do people laud To Pimp a Butterfly when this album did everything that album did way better 7 ye…[View]
83363666>tfw feel tired all the time no matter when I go to bed or how much I sleep >tfw slept 12 hour…[View]
83363925slint spiderland[View]
83363821Best musician to ever live?: And why it's Thom Yorke[View]
83359147>SOPHIE sucks!!! Oh okay. So you're telling me anyone in music right now has chords as impre…[View]
83364594Fre-e-d... Fre-e-d... this is your head... did you hear what I said?...[View]
83364540Can any Rec me some Trappy-Pop: Stuff like Vroom Vroom, PONYBOY, MILF$, i don't really know the…[View]
83364454Highly Suspect is the best band of the 2010s and no one can tell me otherwise.[View]
83362965ITT: GOAT covers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt3dG_SvbYQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fregOb…[View]
83364498Kanye West is not Picasso I am Picasso Kanye West is not Edison I am Edison I am Tesla Jay-Z is not …[View]
83363596Can anyone recommend some good Industrial music, so far u only like NIN and TG[View]
83363530post only the best orchestral/baroque/chamber pop in this thread https://youtu.be/M4evcOROMFI[View]
83364412ITT: Earworms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg8X7FYWDVM[View]
83364397Is he, dare i say it, /ourguy/?[View]
83356869rap/hiphop is the most popular genre right now yet it hasn't produced critically claimed album …[View]
83363917YOUTUBE REWIND 2018: Which songs do you think will be on the youtube rewind this year? Also what tre…[View]
83362744This is not horrible, holy shit[View]
83364347ITT: Review an album like Beavis and Butthead[View]
83333811Black Metal General: Black Metal is the best genre of music we all know this as an objective fact. P…[View]
83364175We /sp/ now[View]
83363395Man, there is no other band like KISS. The hottest band in the world.[View]
83364276This was good[View]
83360011Any good French music you'd recommend?[View]
83361918redpilled goth twitter strikes again[View]
83364271holy shit[View]
83364049This generation is the smartest generation yet. The politicization of music in recent times is hence…[View]
8336420530 year old gen z here. I started going to pitchfork in HS in 2004, when the mountain goats, interpo…[View]
83363869Give me some good surf rock albums[View]
83357377>Post:kanye sounds like a nigga that read some classic novel for the first time and suddenly beli…[View]
83363960Where do I start with The Replacements[View]
83359835The only good hip-hop is drill music. Prove me wrong.[View]
83358884Think Brandon's thinking of his bbdoll right now?[View]
83360251Holy shit: Any traditional/regional music that sounds exactly like this[View]
83363096New Machine Girl Album: Quit sleeping on the digital hardcore revolution, fags https://kittyonfirere…[View]
83363586https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6opadkWj6YI Hey guys, can you recommend music that sounds similar to…[View]
83362801Arabic music ? I can only seem to find shitty pop songs or 90s hits, if anyone has music that I woul…[View]
83357573THEY GOT HIM: I don't know wtf this is about but i'm gonna be real mad if they try to meto…[View]
83362990What are your opinions on this song, anons? https://youtu.be/q3gnxO8bUxQ[View]
83363873John Lennon Movie: Does anybody know where to watch John Lennon A Journey in the Life, aka Everyman?…[View]
83362919>account of my favorite list's owner on RYM has been suspended Music for this feel? Preferab…[View]
83363832What are some good beginner finger picking songs?[View]
83363241Music With Rocks In: Are you a fan of the Band with Rocks in?[View]
83363837Attempt to name a better cover >protip: you can't[View]
83363804ITT: Music for people who have just found a girlfriend who is amazing and makes you feel amazing too…[View]
83363747Minimal lo-fi alternative music?: Does anyone know any bands or artists who make minimal lo-fi music…[View]
83362584Literally just introduced to metal via hearts of iron (it's been about a day). I also listen to…[View]
83362494KPOP GENERAL: Prettiest idol edition[View]
83362838hey this is actually good[View]
83363599i'm fucking sick of youtube just recommending me the same shit over and over please just give m…[View]
83359517/dg/ Mu finishes Death Grips Madness Bracket: Here are the winners from last round! On GP (89%) Hack…[View]
83362415Gimme songs to jerk off to.[View]
83362405I like memes, rap/hip-hop and peanut butter and chocolate Pop Tarts. Favorite artists include: (In n…[View]
83358821>i don't like an specific genre, I like all kinds of music[View]
83363462kings of emo rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNAntX5iuJ4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW2fvO…[View]
83351627/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: A cute girl riding her bike edition >How do I start learning gu…[View]
83363489Any Bill Callahan listeners here?[View]
83360266Hi-Fi Brands: Does anyone still make this aesthetic hi-fi system? >brushed metal >wood panels…[View]
83363362“I don’t really like Nirvana, I don't know why everyone thinks they’re so special”[View]
83363297Favorite albums to listen to while you're tripping? I'm thinking of v:d:c and blonde so fa…[View]
83351504The only good emo rapper[View]
83363266Is this really that good and worth listening to?[View]
83363436Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. Shampoo. S…[View]
83362812You know it's true.[View]
83363149AOTY THREAD: Post yours.[View]
83361561Does /mu/ like rapecore[View]
83361252holy shit[View]
83355930Post a picture of an artist without posting an actual picture[View]
83363288Holy shit[View]
83362131Thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
83363063usually genres don't peak this late[View]
83362192I thought this was gonna be shit, but holy shit it's actually pretty fucking good[View]
83363134Kanye West = King Crimson Kendrick Lamar = Pink Floyd[View]
83363191Fucking rapgod[View]
83362060Why wasn't he invited to the AMA's despite being the hottest rapper right now?[View]
83362380Starting a band: How do I got about starting a band/music collective? I'm 19 years old and live…[View]
83362805Holy shit[View]
83362044I really like the vocal effect in the middle effect. What is it called, and how do I achieve it? htt…[View]
83362695hey this is actually good[View]
83362613Any more good and preferably experimental music like this with Christian themes? It seems all religi…[View]
83362953Most of my music background comes from blues and instrumental rock. Major scale Modes are awesome fo…[View]
83362800Iron Sheik ends the 2 Dope/Lethal beef[View]
83362853https://youtu.be/6VdGfNbI65Q (0:40) >Pop music is the classical music of now Was he correct?…[View]
83362855>Cudi isn't pronunced as 'Coodi'[View]
83362848he Pant Too Big For He Gotdamn Leg[View]
83361116Is this the most underrated King Crimson album? No one seems to ever talk about it.[View]
83362775/mu/ Cringe: It's been awhile. https://soundcloud.com/abiel-902011184[View]
83362751J-rock general[View]
83362413What is he up to nowadays?[View]
83361558Have any of you actually read the full article? I like The Beatles but he clearly makes some valid p…[View]
83362600Comfy thread: What are the comfy albums of /mu?[View]
83362545hey this is actually good[View]
83362459Everyone has bad music tastes except me ...and that's ok[View]
83360416wtf this is just cocteau twins in chinese[View]
83361540AXL ROSE Puts KANYE WEST On Blast After White House Visit: Will based Axl put him in his place?…[View]
83359465What's some good folk that doesn't sound like nashville country shit or discount pop?[View]
83362524>I ain't one of the Cosbys I ain't go to Hell man >Don’t ever fix your lips like Kyl…[View]
83362513What are some dreamy/hypnotic songs that are good to space out to? Any genre is ok.[View]
83362508Does anyone even know this album? Its fucking great[View]
83360978which one is the best?[View]
83362071>sophie suck! oh ok, youre telling me anyone in music right now has chords as impressive this? Ho…[View]
83361643can i get some more music like dean blunt please? pic related + black metal is all ive been listenin…[View]
83361603KPOP GENERAL[View]
83361729The Worlds most slept on album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odThhIA2gUM[View]
83362231Music Modernization Is a Political Act: https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/10/music-modernization-b…[View]
83360523Am i right?: 2013-2014 Yung lean is the most influencial person in hiphop ever[View]
83361628New Connan Mockasin album: Didn't see a thread for this. Have you listened to it? Thoughts? Opi…[View]
83356886>invents punk rock in 1966 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tnUOyfu8a-0…[View]
83362121Boomer music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo2qQmj0_h4[View]
83361051If you like peener coladers and getting caught in the rain[View]
83362302LADIES OF THE ROAD[View]
83361494Can af[View]
83362281Hello my band Big Time Pig is about to release our first ever EP (Hog Gas EP) due out 4th November. …[View]
83361441Are all The Beatles' albums worth the listen or only the ones in the pic related is enough?[View]
83361946Now that the dust has settled, was he hiding an erection?[View]
83361843FAST'N'BULBAS! can't get this song out of my head[View]
83362217I'M AN ALIEN[View]
83362062Kekcore: Kekcore[View]
83362162I'm doing a rock radio show for my uni radio and people want me to do live performances- like f…[View]
83361972Post best Midwest Albums with strained vocals and mathy insrumentals[View]
83358545>y'all lil niggas be running around with tattoos on your face nowadays >y'all don…[View]
83359023It's just Stereolab[View]
83360585Russian music: I've been listening to some russian hip-hop recently and was wondering what ther…[View]
83362129pay very close attention, everyone: Annie Lennox is a cutie[View]
83358709ITT: Ambient Pop: I love a good lush gorgeous ambient pop album with quiet female vocals. Only heard…[View]
83360892kpop general[View]
83336401/drum/ general: meme cymbals edition: just why? Don't these leave black marks on sticks eventua…[View]
83354577Morrisey? Why would I listen to that racist piece of shit? The Smiths, now that's a real band.[View]
83361281What is the best live album?[View]
83361629What are some good love songs or guidelines to use when making a playlist/mixtape for someone you li…[View]
83361902How will Chief Queef ever recover?[View]
83361834This good?[View]
83361611What is some music about OCD making you lose alot of money on crypto currencys: anyone got an ideas?…[View]
83359774When did you go through your post-rock phase and when did you grow out of it when you realised it…[View]
83361126this is a really good pop album: it doesn't have the depth or atmosphere of Disintegration or P…[View]
83361361William Basinskis q&a: Going to a William Basinski q&a at a local bar in about an hour, what…[View]
83361581I Beatles appartengono certamente alla storia del costume degli anni '60, ma i loro meriti musi…[View]
83361769cloudrap classics you can put kiddies on with: starting off with yung lean https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
83360834Hey /mu/, I'm going to see Twenty One Pilots live soon and was checking out the openers. One op…[View]
83361179It was great when african americans played Rock N Roll, blues or soull instead of meme rap or trap. …[View]
83361225Is Eminem the modern day Mozart?[View]
83361679Luxy Ferows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_w-wzmjCTs&feature=youtu.be[View]
83361655What are the most mind blowing songs you can find /mu: Or songs, or parts in albums that are just so…[View]
83349105/chart/: post ur fuken charts m8s and r8 others[View]
83359064now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts on this?[View]
83361597Chill out, dickwad https://www.rave.dj/mrxM5eRkMUP5Pg[View]
83360595Yeah, I'm thinking this is the best album from the 80s.[View]
83359725what celebrities have good taste?[View]
83359827where were you when music became fun again?[View]
83361294When did you realize TDS was the best album of the 90s, anon?[View]
83360849Best glam metal bands?[View]
83358562Post-Punk was the beginning of the end of the white race.[View]
83360930I stream dj sets from my bedroom. Check it out sometime if you like. When I was a teenager i would f…[View]
83351046Report in with your favorite album >Late gen y >Police regatta de blanc…[View]
83361155/shugazi/ - shoegaze, noise rock, dreampop, frank ocean, etc: Too many great songs on this one. some…[View]
83361411>people actually think this single-selling compilation of throwaway songs was good…[View]
83358924>listening to music is my hobby[View]
83361358Desert Daze: OHNONONO I told y’all niggas this was going to be a shitty festival. As a local this id…[View]
83360654>Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man? What did he mean by this?…[View]
83361324Mandela Meme Thread: Hang on, didn't Fatboy Slim write this?[View]
83360800elephants on acid: why the fuck fantano or ptichfor didnt review it?? People are sleeping on this sh…[View]
83361192i like lynyrd skynyrd and beer: is this unacceptable nowadays[View]
83361234ITT: Baddass Bangers[View]
83359781Gimme jazz or GTFO!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdyabrdFMC8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOd…[View]
83357970When did you realize that this is the best album of the decade?[View]
83360870does anyone have some quick last minute /mu/-related costume ideas? Going to a halloween party tomor…[View]
83361060ALMOST HEAVEN[View]
83361070Why isn't music inventive anymore?[View]
83360258favorite album by him? why cunt why why?[View]
83358347Friday Night: Why are you here?[View]
83358201Absolute trash, at least 90s east coast rap is listenable. Apalled at how acclaimed this is[View]
83359289Are yew part of the Bonito Generation? >:3[View]
83359035What's his problem?[View]
83360274KPOP GENERAL[View]
83360546*holds up spork*[View]
83360853>he needs the validation of internet strangers to like a song[View]
83360847post two similar (or not i dont mind) albums, other anons have to choose between them, bonus points …[View]
83360831>skipping feel so sad[View]
83360806Did you guys watch the new Lil Tracy video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJxpTcZ7XTs[View]
83358869remember me faggots?[View]
83357960This stupid faggot: I get that he's a genius prodigy or whatever, but does anyone actually like…[View]
83351740Are there any actual good Neo-psychedelia bands that don't just sound like weak indie-rock sung…[View]
83360122What is King Crimson's best live performance? I've figured that I've listened to the …[View]
83360768Machine Girl is NOT a meme![View]
83360196Forest swords - crow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lan-Pjv99Xk why is this so fucking good. its b…[View]
83359996HOLY SHIT[View]
83359605>Versatile, my style switches like a faggot >But not bisexual, I'm an intellectual…[View]
83360610more like dis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm-bzIa2RA8[View]
83357295>threads filled with complex discussion on classical music, culture, and jazz get deleted for bei…[View]
83349291ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
83360253What does /mu/ think of Sevdaliza[View]
83360282I fucking love Kanye West[View]
83358953Love is here[View]
83359805Metal is better than rap and EDM combined (except for emo trap music)[View]
83358920......HOME AGAIN[View]
83360256kero kero bonito? more like crushed crushed bonito, cunts![View]
83359191kpop general[View]
83356493ITT: Experimental/Avant-garde Bangers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGgO5018Vo8[View]
83359244EP of the year[View]
83360105What went wrong?[View]
83355434You say Taylor Swift, I say AC/DC You say Lady Gaga, I say Johnny Cash You say Hannah Montana, I s…[View]
83360115Post music videos: https://youtu.be/V5bYDhZBFLA[View]
83359018Is he becoming a super villain? He’s worked his way up to the president, and after reading this Drak…[View]
83356310I really like Mark E. Smith voice and style but i can't get into this, it's just too atmos…[View]
83359783post your favorite album from home country. Americans stay out. mine is manta ray - s/t (Spain)[View]
83359778Is there a more critically acclaimed artist that is so widely hated by the general public? https://r…[View]
83359793this is amazing /mu/, why didn't you tell me this was a thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q…[View]
83359141Drake talks about son: also shits on Kanye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4vQHqAr3Ao[View]
83359067>tame impala is bad i really need to stop seeing this meme everywhere. overindulgent, maybe. but …[View]
83359752Any more like this?[View]
83358608Is this the ultimate pleb filter?: I feel like this gets overlooked when people bring up eminems dis…[View]
83358069What are YOUR thoughts on this album..??????[View]
83359919What do you think about albums with more than 4 tracks? I think 2-3 tracks is optimal, too give the …[View]
83359207is it overrated?[View]
83356533I'm bored. Rec me some 2018 albums[View]
83359050Why don't you put me on the backburner????[View]
83356378Hey guys, just by curiosity, we don't like critically acclaim albums because we actually think …[View]
83357091IT'S UP https://youtu.be/GWnIjn9Uu2g[View]
83354734I still miss him bros ;_;[View]
83359447Is there anyone who would be willing to draw a picture of a school girl I can use for the cover of t…[View]
83359690How do i get into songwriting?: Got a couple of tunes i made in my head for a while, dont know if i …[View]
83356907ITT: Unpopular Opinions: I'll start. Nirvana is by far the most overrated band of all time.…[View]
83355238>Charli XCX HNNNNNNNG https://youtu.be/6-v1b9waHWY[View]
83358207>saves rock and BTFOs all of mainstream music for the last 5 years in your path…[View]
83359157gimme something for my new headphones[View]
83358946wtf this is actually patrician: Just listened to this album for the first time in my life and i love…[View]
83359085whole gang full of drug addicts[View]
83358363What does he use to make his voice sound like that?: Dont say auto tune because its not just that…[View]
83359680Is the classical music of our time?[View]
83359356>listening to After Laughter >realise it's the best thing in the universe anyone else fee…[View]
83359098Aphex twin daughter made this song wow https://youtu.be/juTZv8Kx_kw[View]
83359355and if you ain't a hoe, GET UP OUT MY TRAP HOUSE[View]
83359449>45 year old neighbors next door having birthday party >craig david 7 days is blasting…[View]
83358862What does /mu/ think of 'Nothing Else Matters'?[View]
83358191What are your honest opinions on this album?[View]
83358972i saw my devil and i saw my deep blue sea and i thought about a calico bunny from cheyenne to tennes…[View]
83336038/sharethread/ - relaxing edition: Hiroshi Yoshimura - Wet Land (1993) [320 kbps] >new age, ambien…[View]
83357751What are some artists that would be more popular if it weren't for their name?[View]
83359309KPOP GENERAL[View]
833579283x3 4x4 5x5 WEEK: >http://tapmusic.net/ Post collage and guess things about other anons…[View]
83359277major blues from the Jimi Hendrix[View]
83358661'Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say But nothing comes out when they move t…[View]
83358013KPOP GENERAL[View]
83358374so now that the dust has settled[View]
83357668VI-VII-i: (or IV-V-vi in major) love this progressions, recently realized how many of my favorite so…[View]
83355503>Soundcloud-tier group >Promotes faggotry >Refers to themselves as a boyband >romil exis…[View]
83344784Soundcloud Thread: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on v…[View]
83359041Why the fuck isn't nobody taking about Dean Blunt's new album?[View]
83359052I just wanna fuck Demi (Demi) nut on her titties whip out my cock make the bitch lick it (ay)[View]
83358520why is pitchfork legitimizing bro country?[View]
83356998Music is dog shit: Music cant be taken serious for a multitude of reasons firstly the appearance que…[View]
83357984thoughts on Jonny hobo?[View]
83358756New Ghostemane is lit fam[View]
83358952Please help me find a song: Hey guys, there's a song that's been playing at work and I can…[View]
83357479You either die a hero Or live long enough to see yourself become the villain[View]
83358845I'm trying to remember a band. The name was something like Otaskill River, but looking that up …[View]
83358927Bitch it's weezer and it's weezy[View]
83358754>Travis didn't stick with the first beat on Sicko Mode Has there been a bigger waste of a le…[View]
83358277This board fucking sucks.: That's pretty much it.[View]
83358196Fascism: >punched a fascist today I need more music for this feel…[View]
83357022Holy shit guys: got anything more similar to this?[View]
83357476Marios gonna be a sucker[View]
83358327Fuck your Autotune Basic Bitch millenial music mu!: s oy bitches[View]
83356620big titty goth gf[View]
83357019ITT Shows you wish you could have gone to Pic related, if you dont wish you could have experienced …[View]
83354841What is the general opinion on this? Is it ATOY? I want to see them in November. Are they a fun live…[View]
83355975There are people on this board who have listened to MBDTF but haven't heard the best song on th…[View]
83358266what's the verdict[View]
83358242Are there any other examples of a murderer and his victim working on the same album?[View]
83358531What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this photo?[View]
83358601Now that the dust has settled Can we all agree this is the best Kanye?[View]
83358420Can you imagine if this guy had fronted a metal band?[View]
83357361why are black people so much more musically talented than other races? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
83357395Is South Florida rap the new Punk Rock??[View]
83356596Admit it: Redbone is an amazing song.[View]
83356566What was their best album?[View]
83350597HARDROCK/HEAVYMETAL: Let's do a test drive, since the /metal/ general is limited to extreme met…[View]
83358017I'm a big name in deep space[View]
83358083Came upon listening to this for some reason, actually really good. Your thoughts on her?[View]
83358462Listen to my beats pls? https://soundcloud.com/magiclushroom/tracks[View]
83354753Bad Bunny[View]
83358385There is a problem: Hey 4chan, we don't appreciate you removing our previous post about guns, i…[View]
83358289How the fuck was this album not a hit? I think the opening track might be the ultimate pleb filter.[View]
83357961this board is gay[View]
83355730I think Black Metal sucks[View]
83358292Rest in Pimp Barry: It's October, which for me is a Barry motherfucking White month. What'…[View]
83358224can /mu/ recommend me some essential brownie batter-core?[View]
83357035'satanic' chanting music: Hey fellas, I'm looking for music that has spoopy 'satanic' chanting,…[View]
83357448Press R to rub his belly[View]
83350769Whats the best music to listen to while thinking ?[View]
83357468BOLT THROWER[View]
83358223holy shit[View]
83358116If I could go back in time I wouldnt waste anywhere near as much time on music as I did: If i had of…[View]
83358220>Rembrant's simple etching tells the >age-old pleasures of lust, not love. >Quietly th…[View]
83358112What went wrong? This new album sucks and Alex Turner looks ugly as fuck[View]
83356720Drake damage controlling about Pusha T roasting his boss https://twitter.com/PhotosByBeanz/status/10…[View]
83358190will be underated like og maco on his peak[View]
83358138what the fuck is he talking about?[View]
83355490KPOP GENERAL[View]
83358061would yall rate my beat? https://instaud.io/2NhR[View]
83353238Why is Devo so good?[View]
83357574is this the most roastie song and video ever created, you can actually see endless miles of dick and…[View]
83356920KPOP GENERAL[View]
83358007I remember once hearing a song that was a mix of New-Age (U2) and Classical, and it was an absolute …[View]
83358006/mu/ doing anything cool this weekend? Saw Hot Tuna tonight, shook Jorma Kaukonen's hand, and g…[View]
83356922KPOP GENERAL[View]
83357702Jazz thread Discuss jazz and jazz related theory[View]
83356382Albums you cant stop listening to: Denzel Curry - TA13OO[View]
83356627Rise Above: Wait, David Longstreth understood this album more than the punk Neanderthals that origin…[View]
83356875Lingua Nada - Snuff: Hey, you guys should check this out, indie rock + noise pop from this year with…[View]
833536502018... I'm forgotten..[View]
83354988Crying songs: Songs that make you tear up or sob[View]
83356760joy division albums>new order albums new order songs>joy division songs prove me wrong.[View]
83357115Jesus and Mary Chain: People don't give this band enough credit for how good they were. They ne…[View]
83357685https://discord.gg/2TprgvX Hey, this is a new music discord if anyones interested. Just for general …[View]
83350144/dark/: Industrial, post-industrial, goth, darkwave, dark ambient, ritual, dungeon synth, neofolk, m…[View]
83357893https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tO4dxvguQDk is this the most relaxing song in existence?[View]
83356667Thoughts, /mu/?[View]
83356856What is your favorite Oasis song that's not on the first two albums? This for me https://www.yo…[View]
83356917Anybody listen to einsturzende neubauten? What album should I start with?[View]
83357676Christina Aguilera: This is what she's up to these days[View]
83357610/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
83356729It clicked. >Fracture >Lament >The Night Watch >The Great Deceiver >everything else i…[View]
83357400Reckoning > Murmur[View]
83357529HELP ME NAME A SONG PLEASE: Some lyrics: I know I got freedom, I’m in control, ya. So, deep down ins…[View]
83357080High/Low Frequencies: Post your hearing range https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-iCZElJ8m0 Me: 44/157…[View]
83354365Cardboard-core thread: What's your favourite cardboard-core album, /mu/?[View]
83357480>'Placebo's eyeliner-and-lipgloss power-pop will never compare favorably with the masters of…[View]
83357470>sitting through songs you dont like to get the 'full experience'[View]
83357462What are /mu/'s favorite lil b albums/mixtapes?[View]
83357401Greatest EP of all time and nothing comes close.[View]
83356873Yoko’s songs are actually better than John’s[View]
83357138whats some more good black metal for people who like onions[View]
83357310Recommend me music similar to pic related[View]
83350992shuffle thread: shuffle 10 songs on your music player and post results here if you lie I'm dele…[View]
83356959>“Today we have someone like Lana Del Rey, who doesn’t even know what feminism is, who believes w…[View]
83351832Exmilitary: >Beware >Guillotine >Spread Eagle Cross The Block >Lord of the Game (ft Mexi…[View]
83356237I'm so tired of life. I wish I could just lie on bed xanax'd the fuck out 24/7. Music for …[View]
83357095Favorites albums according to my tastes, what can you recommend?[View]
83357232post your favorite weird al song/video. This one cracks me up every time, especially the intro. Even…[View]
83349362Autumn/Winter Music: What the title says. Pic related.[View]
83356465https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof share…[View]
83356771Lydia: Lydia[View]
83356357Are there any other aspiring rappers, on /mu/? Who are you inspired by, and why? How do you go about…[View]
83351145What's a more Reddit album?[View]
83356678the virgin bowie, the chad lou reed: >There was this kind of explosion, smashing glasses, and Lou…[View]
83356692>IM FIXING A HOLE WHERE THE NIGGERS GET IN how did he get away with it?…[View]
83354578What beach boys album has the best harmonies? The harmonies on Barnyard are mind-blowingly good[View]
83356967How do I make an album this good?[View]
83354248>he listens to kpop[View]
83356913Deepest rap verses: Yeah, I pay taxes, so much taxes, shit don't make sense Where do my dollars…[View]
83352770Thief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zF2xHZ8FDo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecSg9WpLgl0 https…[View]
83356826Hey /mu/, what do you guys think of Bad Bunny? He is gettin real big, now with a single from drake e…[View]
83355580Be frank, how many of you dirty hipsters shelled out for a Sega Saturn because of vaporwave album co…[View]
83353341What do you guys think of the queen of /mu/, Taylor Swift?[View]
83356434Whats with this generations incessant desire to larp as people from the past?[View]
83356697Rappers who make you think.[View]
83356829Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle[View]
83354892What are your favorite Hip Hop albums?[View]
83354811*glass breaks*[View]
83355283I've just realized that at some point on here I've been insulted by trent reznor.[View]
83356721OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
83356663Has he ever experimented in any of his songs? At any point?[View]
83356744Songs that bring the people together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnauET6TwYI[View]
83353070ITT: rym autism[View]
83354612ITT: Post what you're listening to right now Whats up /mu/, how's your day going?[View]
83352328https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LnYLF_E1NU is this peak music? 7:12 is legit the only moment in mus…[View]
83355684what does /mu/ think of slam?[View]
83355124Based or cringe?[View]
83356314Any more blue-circle-core albums to add onto here?[View]
83356664LIL WAYNE DISS!: 'Little Wayne Betta Move and Step Aside Find a Place Ta Hide! Before My Chrome Coll…[View]
83356183Does anyone remember the xx? whatever happened to them?[View]
83356651>7/10 What did you guys think of the new Uncle Acid album that dropped today? Overall it’s alrigh…[View]
83355465/Joycore/: I'm working on making a 100 Joycore albums collage on Topsters2. Taking all recs to …[View]
83356626What does /mu/ think about Yo La Tengo?[View]
83356578Nigger replant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7vg7ir8jyc[View]
83345005Does momrock exist?[View]
83356531How to shill music?: I have a cassette released. But I don't do any live shows. How do I shill …[View]
83356341guys this is album of the year.[View]
83355153Is this his best? I think The Idiot is close. Is any of his other albums worth listening to?[View]
83356439>Make good music >Positive with advertisement for website >Pitch a way to make money >Gi…[View]
83356436this album sounds like if a lobster and biscuit dinner became music[View]
83354952>tfw you're happy now but once around 12am-1am hits you're gonna be suicidally depresse…[View]
83354969Hypothetically, if you had $50,000 to book a band for a large public event, who would you choose? It…[View]
83355686Favorite albums that don't exist?[View]
83356060>album in sharethread says 320 >download >256…[View]
83352463>chilly autumn city afternoon >________ starts playing…[View]
83355321>If you wanna break free >You better listen to me >You've got to learn how to see >…[View]
83355462>Red Hot Chili Peppers ripped off Mary Jane's Last Dance >The Strokes ripped off American…[View]
83356301BLOOD SHIT: http://www.datpiff.com/Goofy-Blood-Stuck-In-The-Streets-mixtape.913893.html https://www.…[View]
83356219>acktkaully us americans were the ones who invented techno music and lay down the groundwork for …[View]
83355926Bebop jazz: Where should I begin with bebop jazz? I am mostly interested in drums, piano and guitar …[View]
83356057Terrible albums: Rec me some terrible albums. I've been listening to what's considered gre…[View]
83355775Damn nigga this album's crazy. Why do people hate this band again?[View]
83355875Today is my Mom's birthday. Say something nice about her music taste https://rateyourmusic.com/…[View]
83356027You like it, admit it[View]
83355658Why is it that the best artists in music are almost always the ones that committed suicide?[View]
83356008the GOAT: I leave my home, I leave for a couple weeks I leave my home, I leave it in the care of a f…[View]
83355746I can't get over how catchy this song is. It's just so good, but maybe its the nostalgia i…[View]
83355948Is sex with a man’s asshole considered gay by /mu/ standards? Jw[View]
83355969WTF this is great; why didn't you guys tell me about it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPilp0…[View]
83354182Please dear god rec me anything that sounds even half as good as Anjunadeep 05 and/or 06 I'm a …[View]
83353794RIP OFF (Mark E Smith/The Fall): None of these songs were given credit at all, just straight up ripp…[View]
83355857radiohead: are they your favourite band?[View]
83355941Who Smokin' Crack 2Nite??: NE1 Else Smoking Rock 2NIght? Anyone else like to CUT THEMSELVES? If…[View]
83349862Thoughts on this guy?[View]
83354776want some corn buddy? : ^ )[View]
83355456most people here thought he would fail but look at him now. He's one of the hottest singer rn. …[View]
83350828/sFAG/ - Super Furry Animals General: opintions? Pic related is their best album IMO. Herman/Pauline…[View]
83355149I GOT[View]
83355839Tunz tunz tunz parapara tunz tunz tunz parapara tunz tunz tunz tunz[View]
83355530ITT: post the most successful industry plants of all time I start with THE obvious answer. The Beatl…[View]
83352299Spooktober: I can't find a lot of good spooktober songs to play, any suggestions. Other than sp…[View]
83355793Based guitar riffs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CFuCYNx-1g[View]
83355773/last.fm/ general: http://www.tapmusic.net/[View]
83354509Tina Weymouth doesn't get enough credit for everything she had done for Talking Heads[View]
83355689This is actually pretty good.[View]
83355708https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ugkg9RePc I get it. He's blue (as in, blue being a bad mood o…[View]
83355401ITT: Industry plants[View]
83355372*deletes disc 2*[View]
83354416KPOP GENERAL[View]
83355460New Electric Light Orchestra Single?[View]
83338252Is Ladytron secretly the best synthpop band? For those who don't know about Ladytron, their dis…[View]
833533854x4 3x3 WEEK no 5x5 allowed guess fields of study, work guess favorite things to do, eating recommen…[View]
83354573>Artist peaks at their fourth album Does it exist?[View]
83354232Been a bit since /mu/ died Been a lot more lost in the wake[View]
83349650https://garrettdreyfus.github.io/unknownpleasures/ You know what to do.[View]
83354146Have they surpassed the Beatles?[View]
83354370Were they industry plants?[View]
83354493ITT: singers prettier than Taylor Swift[View]
83355093/prod/ - Music Production General: What is always on your master bus edition? GIVE feedback and RECE…[View]
83354326Never Let Me Down - 2018 ver.: Thoughts, favorites? https://youtu.be/yjY3ArRz19c https://www.youtube…[View]
83355333Reason - There you have it: Been loving this album but haven’t seen you faggots talk about it at all…[View]
83354006ITT: bands you liked in high school that make you cringe now[View]
83355303Random Songs: Post random songs. Comment and rate others above you: https://my.mixtape.moe/kkwned.mp…[View]
83354913How do you feel about people that only listen to one genre of music?[View]
83351547Post Malone thread[View]
83354887You can only listen to the albums you like if it has top tier album art How screwed are you?[View]
83354821Listening to this rn and she's definitely not a bad songwriter and producer but her voice is te…[View]
83353337It's better than Kid A: ...and all their other albums for that matter[View]
83355143it's becoming winter, find some heat: show me a more sweltering album than this. I don't t…[View]
83354941Why do his beats suck now? Seems like after 2015-2016, he started using the most simple drums, drum …[View]
83355056Post late millennial early zoomer core that doesn't bother you so much https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
83355060ITT: Songs that are utterly hopeless and have no positive feelings in them at all https://www.youtu…[View]
83354682ITT: post 10/10 songs that don't mention their title anywhere in the lyrics of the song >pic…[View]
83355042#SuicidePrevention #LetsTalk ';': I slit my Wrist, 'Cause I just became Pissed WIt…[View]
83354502What's the album equivalent to this film?[View]
83353759ITT: Covers better than the original I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKu7m2eftIg…[View]
833545411 year later... Still a 10/10 trap album[View]
83354971Give me some good music before i take a technology break[View]
83353950>that 16 year old boomer that enjoyed jenny death more than NOTM[View]
83352810TKOL: Hey guys, it's me, the best Radiohead album.[View]
83351678Xavier Wulf & Bones - WeatherMan: was this peak cloud rap?[View]
83353418If this isn't your favourite record then you're ....an Idiot[View]
83354924well this exceeds expectations by about 100x. the true spiritual successor to RAM[View]
83351256What is the ideal album to cuddle to?[View]
83354052Does /mu/ like Men at Work?[View]
83353884ITT: Summarize albums with pepes: End Position[View]
83336459ITT: Draw an album in MS Paint and try to guess each other's albums. I'll start with an ea…[View]
83354706post your favorite DG albums: Still a 10/10[View]
83353165shit album. only has one good song.[View]
83354784so he touched 2 piano notes and talked into autotune and now he is considered a great musician?[View]
83351944ITT: Post songs that make you have that weird feeling of nostalgia and sadness for time gone by mixe…[View]
83354237How do you stay true to one genre and not be a tourist? What keeps you commited?[View]
83352422ITT: Post good songs to give up on life to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoI2-JK4ZvI[View]
83354675>Isn't She Lovely >baby sounds come on…[View]
83346889/blindfold/: Welcome to the weekly /mu/ jazz Blindfold Test thread - still not dead edition, every F…[View]
83354625itt: bsides better than their asides[View]
83354574Opinions on river dance?[View]
83354436>'I like all music desu' >'...Except rock, metal, alternative, jazz, classical, country and ot…[View]
83354187Comfy albums with a lonely autumn vibe[View]
83354492What does /mu/ think of page 99?[View]
83350703shoegaze: Hi /mu/ I just started getting into this genre. I realized I've heard shoegaze music …[View]
83354494Was not expecting this to be such a banger. Songs that surprised you thread.[View]
83354408ATTEMPTED AUSSALT ON FRED DURST: Did you guys have a thread about this yet? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
83353910Retard: >listening to full albums[View]
83352372Kraftwerk: Opinions? More like this?[View]
83353497kpop general[View]
83354335ITT: Post music videos that make you feel happy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPnbYZnALVQ[View]
83352315do we have a successor to steely dan? im thinking tame impala or maybe foster the people, but those …[View]
83353987ITT: god-tier pop albums: Or just great/favorite pop/r&b flavored albums[View]
83354293track of the year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL5x4bBkkRk[View]
83353534New machine girl album https://kittyonfirerecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-ugly-art[View]
83353718this is a unironically a great album[View]
83353446Im performing a spiritual ceremony on MDMA today, share your best music https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
83347068What does /mu/ think of Lady Gaga?[View]
83352303Why can't normies get into this band beyond My Girls?[View]
83352796What's your secret pleasure/secret shame anon?[View]
83354107Thoughts on the Pulitzer Prize for music?[View]
83353948Post your go-to /comfy/ song[View]
83353223Albums or projects that failed but you actually like.[View]
83353140How did they manage to make such a good album?[View]
83353308BOWIE GENERAL[View]
83352647If rap and hip hop was never invented,what kind of music would be the most popular today?[View]
83351560Name my band /mu/[View]
83350565Why is /classical/ a general? Why can't they just make their posts threads? It would certainly …[View]
83353880ITT: Albums that make you wanna go out for a walk[View]
83353849Albums you recently discovered: Ice Level by Ava Luna was pretty solid.[View]
83353722Anyone else listen to the new version of Bowie's Never Let Me Down? It's pretty good.[View]
83351912okay this fucking slaps[View]
83351787>Life's not a bitch, life is a beautiful woman >You only call her a bitch 'cause she…[View]
83353353>female rappers[View]
83353764What's happening with Kanye now reminds me of when he was thrown out of Broke Phi Broke. https…[View]
83353137I'm joining a band. Should I play guitar or bass? I'm decent at both but trying to figure …[View]
83350049Why do people new in a genre always start with the “greatest album” in that genre? Doesn’t it ruin …[View]
83344892Close To The Edge has The worst cover of any classic album.[View]
83353294Slug's still got it[View]
83353462This guy is a true culture vulture[View]
83337668/metal/: winter nights soon edition old: >>83320062 https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc[View]
83353532/prod/: Uhh, hey bros this is a prod thread Someone tell me how to produce like “Van Rivers & T…[View]
83353506KPOP GENERAL[View]
83352633kpop general[View]
83353491Are there any fuzz pop masterpieces?[View]
83353295Why is H.I.M. only for women?[View]
83351803AOTY https://open.spotify.com/album/4ofyrOGZuob5pLYDC2LjBv[View]
83353437SOTY https://youtu.be/mDFBTdToRmw[View]
83352956Stop what are you doing and listen to Artaud right now.[View]
83352449God has spoken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpULWBT1WEg[View]
83352906>let's listen to Time 'n' Place by Kero Kero Bonito again bro…[View]
83352489Holy shit[View]
83349688Just took a fat line of amfetamine. Music tips!!!![View]
83353297Omg this is a hidden gem, why is this not talked about more on here?[View]
83351230Thoughts on Goldfrapp?[View]
83351939Lil Flexer thread: Is a sentient AI making SoundCloud rappers? Found this guy on the 6 degrees of mu…[View]
83353214ARE YOU FEEL GOOD?[View]
83353174What's the verdict /mu/?[View]
83351564Best of 2018? I need some lists.[View]
83350652Aurora - Infections of a Different Kind: Did you like it? What was your favourite song? Have you see…[View]
83351868What's he up to?[View]
83353131https://youtu.be/gIs0crK549w any more songs like this?[View]
83351062Chamber Pop: Whats some good chamber/baroque pop like Pic? bonus points if the artist is British…[View]
83353117Does ANYONE have the remaster for SFTB in FLAC? I have checked soulseek and rebeccablacktech and the…[View]
83347943/Math Rock/ Thread?[View]
83352808Les Rallizes Dénudés - Appreciation Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoYVEQeJ4WQ Omg this is …[View]
83353041Rebel Rhymez Volume 2 Clip: Nigga, I'm Spectacular! I'll Suck the Blood Out ya like Dracu…[View]
83353021A Day To Remember: I've NEVER seen a thread on A Day To Remember. Do any of you anons like them…[View]
83351200Post albums that you loved on first listen >neutral op pic[View]
833433395x5 last.fm collage thread: post in this thread or your mother will die in her sleep tonight[View]
83352479What went wrong?[View]
83350414this is literally just an aphex twin (selected ambient works vol. 2) song but with a beat in the sec…[View]
83351002What do /mu/ think about the greatest music genius from Latin America, Luis Alberto Spinetta?[View]
83352962Is georgie the greatest guitarist of all time ¿[View]
83351412Music/Albums for this feel?[View]
83352148THIS IS GOAT[View]
83351928Christmas is near[View]
83350427>everybody thinks I'm lazy >I think they're crazy! Wow so this is the '''''best Beat…[View]
83352258MC Ride sucks and death grips would be way better as an instrumental band or a group that would have…[View]
83352566Graham Lambkin and Elysia Crampton: To the anon who recently posted in a now dead thread who listed …[View]
83348478What does /mu/ think of this album? A lot of Hip Hop gets posted on here but I don't see much d…[View]
83351870/mu/ makes a Kanye West cover album!: Let's make a Kanye West cover album. Pick any Kanye song …[View]
83351587kpop general[View]
83352143Why does /mu/ still hate Chvrches?[View]
83352577What do you guys think of Gener and Deaner's work post-Ween? I'm mostly asking about each …[View]
83350549Why do we HATE Mike LOVE?[View]
83352089Why haven't you listened to AOTY yet?[View]
83351848/black metal/: we post the best black metal, i'll start[View]
83346807I don't get it. Voice is kind of annoying. Not much going on. Someone tell me what im missing.[View]
83352485How to get back to riffing after two years of strumming? I used to riff hard back in the day.[View]
83351304How da hell do I get into modular synthesizers? Buy some noob friendly patch and go with it? or is t…[View]
83348860RYM 5s: post your rym 5s recc guess age and personality[View]
83351745Fuck Trippie, i just want 69 and Zilla back again like 2016 bros..[View]
83352363neutral milk hotel remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azab2H8qgig&feature=youtu.be…[View]
83352290What's the Evangelion of music? How would you rank Komm Susser Tod, Hey Jude and Katy Song? (al…[View]
83350740Eminem: He's the G.O.A.T.[View]
83351741POST JAPANESE MUSIC RIGHT NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDSJxAwKbaI[View]
83350823I am taking a trip in mountains with my gf tommorow, music to listen to while we'll be on a bus…[View]
83347061ITT. WE POST GOOD POST PUNK BANDS and the best record from them >And also we deeply insult the an…[View]
83352286what does mu/ think of robyn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ojHWQrm4UM[View]
83347339>No matter how much music I get, I still feel like everyone has more variety than me. Anyone else…[View]
83340988Was Black Sabbath a metal band or were they more like regular hard rock/proto metal? Some say that t…[View]
83352154What was the best song on this EP?[View]
83352102I don’t know how to explain it, but whenever i listen to this album, I feel like gaining and absorbi…[View]
83352034Friends It seems like I've ran outta music to listen to got any albums you'd like to share…[View]
83351616What does /mu/ think of Angel Olsen's body of work? Is she milking her last album to the last d…[View]
83351146https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y63VQqpIO1g Recommend me some more good Brazilian music.[View]
83350654>Band poppiest record is their best[View]
83350076You are now Damon Albarn: wyd?[View]
83351718ONLY POST BASED MUSIC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHkaIHRK35g[View]
83350594Based Ringo[View]
83351776Music about feeling guilty for lying?[View]
83351983What is /mu/ oppinion o reggaeto music? Spics favorite genre. https://youtu.be/2zn4dAuZ2RU https://…[View]
83351125Underrated Album. Prove me wrong.: https://redricksultanband.bandcamp.com/album/fly-as-a-kite…[View]
83350842Why do good girls like bad guys?[View]
83350477What is the musical equivalent of Troma?[View]
83351319Bands whos only good album is their first.[View]
83346371Come on. Radiohead don't even deserve to be in the top 50. How did everyone get so easily foole…[View]
83351128Which is better?: I'm looking for an affordable amp to do small gigs with my band. Im looking a…[View]
83351229Pero tú estás grande, estás madura Pasan los años y te pones más dura Baby cómo te curas, yeah eh …[View]
83351884you are now aware of this album[View]
83348706What music does he listen to?[View]
83351853Any songs you like that were used as song samples for devices like computers and phones? https://www…[View]
83351732Is this the real life...[View]
83351743Has anyone here heard about this new kpop musician Brian Wilson? He's pretty popular.[View]
83349777Dream Collabs?: What would be the collaboration you would most love to hear? For me, Daniel Lopatin …[View]
83351546Saw one of these a while back and I dug it so >Post your Myers Briggs personality type >Post y…[View]
83347859Making this an instrumental album actually fixes a lot of the problems with the original. It's …[View]
83349901John Maus is the best synth artist post Joy Division and has a better discography than JD Change my …[View]
83351629>This man is the best artist and album of all time. How does the mad man do it?…[View]
83349222WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BRITPOP: Seriously, why was this even thing? It's literally just alternat…[View]
83338391/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: >How do I start learning guitar/bass? https://www.justinguitar.…[View]
83351576>And You And I by Yes[View]
83350292KPOP GENERAL[View]
83350546Music for feeling gutwrenchingly awful: I went out to dinner with my so-called girlfriend of over a …[View]
83351561Polyphia just launched New Levels New Devils. Please discuss so I know who to insult.[View]
83351097Theories on Pumpkin Witch identity ?: I'm amazed by this band, but I'm also pretty sure it…[View]
83350228>Open the curtaaaain >And let in some skyyyyy >Its almost half past 2 aaaand >You can te…[View]
83349700BUM TICKLEY GENERAL: Jeff Buckley edition[View]
83350932In 1976 Brian Wilson hosted a party that includes Paul and Linda McCartney. Looking to entertain his…[View]
83351355just got rejected by my crush and need some music to help me any suggestions?[View]
83349038Why is French music so bad compared to German music?[View]
83347186Why do I never see this mentioned around here?: It's honestly so fucking good Any similar cases…[View]
83348310/dg/ Mu finishes Death Grips Madness Bracket: Here are the winners from last round! No Love (58%) In…[View]
83351257ITT: 'classic' albums that actually fucking suck[View]
83349216dear God give us back John Lennon and we'll give u ringo[View]
83350382Dealership - Secret American Livingroom: Seriously, why was this even thing? It's literally jus…[View]
83349833Long-time metal sceptic who is enjoying pic related: How much of a normalfag am I and which albums/b…[View]
83350698>It's been two years since the 2016 clown epidemic music for this feel?…[View]
83346863What's his best song?[View]
83351192wow this is ten times better than antennas[View]
83351322Anyone have some songs/playlists they want to share when you're feeling depressed, I would real…[View]
83347990Why is Vulfpeck so aggressively soi[View]
83351307https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc9RjIi1-TQ how do I make beats like this? ive been doing it for 4 y…[View]
83350688Can we have a charli xcx thread?[View]
83350365God damn fucking shit this really GROOVES: Post some music that grooves beyond human understanding, …[View]
83349281>tfw you lay down a phat beat[View]
83341118AIC Thread: >post your faves[View]
83351165anyone know where I can find this for free? >https://www.amazon.com/Hear-Ear-Celeste-Boursier-mou…[View]
83347223When did you stop being a contrarian and realize that this album is a masterpiece?[View]
83347774How will we mourn his death?[View]
83351119Spit some emo rap bars boys Gotta text message the other day It was you and you said hey I said get …[View]
83350963Classic rock as a whole is the single most overrated category of music in America today and exists a…[View]
83349870Great albums with shitty cover artwork: post em pic unrelated[View]
83347023Is rapping something that is learned from a teacher or can I be able to rap good from listening to t…[View]
83350985Please dear god rec me anything that sounds even half as good as Anjunadeep 05 and/or 06 I'm a …[View]
83350111can we PLEASE discuss how amazing this album is musically and lyrically[View]
83350751Is this the most chad album of all time?: Would be even more based if not for the lib politics, desu…[View]
83345154>wake up >listen to 'Heaven' by Clairo on repeat >remember Diary 002 is coming soon Oh yeah…[View]
83350790Recommendations: Does /mu/ have any band recommendations that are similar to the australian band sti…[View]
83347700Why does he always ruin his albums by including a shitty banger track? He raps on top of some beauti…[View]
83347411Take out all the corny crescendo-core out of GY!BE and you get this Absolute masterpiece[View]
83349414Mewithoutyou (untitled): Wow ! It's a really dense and great album, maybe a little embarrassed …[View]
83347178is there anything like this but with softer vocals and a more psych influence?[View]
83349266Why does /mu/ hate Blur? Their self titled and 13 are both fantastic. And parklife and the great esc…[View]
83349441Decrepit boomer here. Is there some app or website where I can listen to music I like & it sugge…[View]
83350105Penis: Penis[View]
83348633What does /mu/ think of these 2 albums?[View]
83347998Chet Baker: Was the the Chad virgin of the Virgin chad of jazz?[View]
83349524Fleetwood Mac: Hard Mode: No Buckingham/Nicks era[View]
83349900What is the worst album you've never listened to?[View]
83348458Hello flikkers, the time is soon, for the 4chan babby cup (qualifiers). /mu/ is set to play against …[View]
83349406Brazilian POP // Funk: Can we have a thread about brazilian pop/funk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
83350234ITT: Bad albums with good covers: post them boysss[View]
83350580American Folk Metal Thread https://youtu.be/_Rg-qIlKyIA[View]
83350578Holy fuck[View]
83349656Why were they vilified?[View]
83350536Name that song: When Shazam fails https://www.instagram.com/p/Bos0MuGh5vh/?taken-by=vicmensa Music i…[View]
83342716I've been trying to understand this band and listening to some of their albums. Back in the day…[View]
83349552>sitting by the dock of the bay[View]
83348441Literally fuck Trump and fuck white people the album[View]
83350430Bts has cancer: There is a kpop group called bts coming down with something. They look odd. Let…[View]
83350466Omar and Cedric are no longer in their twenties and will never record another energetic Mars Volta a…[View]
83350446albums like sung tongs, but actually good.[View]
83340342How will 69 ever recover from Stoopid not hitting billboard?[View]
83350087>Just had a groundbreaking conversation with the president of the United States >Just landed i…[View]
83346447/mu/'s opinion on Nardwuar: What is /mu/'s opinion on the human serviette Nardwuar in gene…[View]
83349823Wait...people actually listen to this crap?[View]
83350309What is the Rick.Astley of video games?[View]
83348545*blocks your path*[View]
83348449KPOP GENERAL[View]
83348891Admit it, it’s really good. The best album of 2018. There’s not a bad song on the album.[View]
83348177I'm tired of being alone and not having a girl in my life. I miss that feeling of giving a shit…[View]
83349439KPOP GENERAL[View]
83350141What does /mu/ think of this? What genre is this even in? I've listened to it a few times but i…[View]
83349581>For Sale? - Interlude Did this song just invent Dream Rap? Dream Funk? Dream Hip Hop?…[View]
83350039Jazz: ITT: Your favorite jazz record[View]
83350068I outgrew Dream Theater in my late teens just like everybody else, but The Mirror and Space-Dye Vest…[View]
83349345Vocal / Progressive Trance: Vocal Trance is literally the best genre in the history of music. I know…[View]
83348771Are they the most chad of the 60s groups?[View]
83349806What is the poorly parked car of music?[View]
83348502Boomercore: Can we get some boomercore up in this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ugkg9RePc…[View]
83348101Music Related Tattoos: Got this one yesterday. Kudos to those who know who's it from.[View]
83349991G-Funk, Warren G's documentary: Great music documentary, what did you think anon?[View]
83349541Should I start converting my flac to ogg?[View]
83349189Can I get some feedback on my band’s first EP?: It’s on soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/user…[View]
83348116>says it's a wonderful life >it's not ohyou…[View]
83334099Bandcamp Soundcloud Youtube etc: Bandcamp Soundcloud Youtube etc share, review, post etc[View]
83348097>October >anons already forgot....[View]
83349535Name a better album[View]
83348283Do 6ix9ine concerts actually exist?: Does 6ix9ine actually do concerts? Have you ever been to one? W…[View]
83347955I don't get it.[View]
83349382Holy shit[View]
83347292Why does this board act like rock and rap are the only genres?[View]
83348513Which artist has been more influential over the past 15 years? Discuss. >pic unrelated?…[View]
83349355How can sgt pepper be the greatest album of all time: If this is the worst song ever made???[View]
83346971>bunch of mediocre jam shit the Stones banged out in the studio in between lines of coke >but …[View]
83348334>iTunes Bonus Track >iTunes exclusive Release ahh the mid 2000s were a strange time…[View]
833491061 meta thread: I was browsing 2chhk (Russian 4chan, I'm not Russian but I saw someone mention i…[View]
83346380What in the fuck happened? She was cool and now she's this pop version of herself. please expla…[View]
83349215What would be the aftermath or mainstream reaction to a musician blowing up through /mu/?[View]
83349170Meanwhile Madonna in 2018 https://youtu.be/F1G6gSS-g9Y[View]
83349099Why do so few instrumental pieces ever catch on? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBSotxpthXQ[View]
83347394ITT: Albums that you used to love, but don't enjoy anymore.[View]
83348986RYM: where the fuck do you find the automatic recommendations on RYM? I have an account and rated a …[View]
83346039Which one is better guitar player?[View]
83347109How would you rate the Minecraft OST? To me it's a solid 9.[View]
83348879This album made me a Christian[View]
83348994Post your sips and what you're currently listening to.[View]
83346179So who's going to this?[View]
83347446Man, Slayer sucks, I loved them in my teen years but they just kind of suck. They aren't as goo…[View]
83348532Richard Lloyd (Television guitar player) is having an album release party and book signing before hi…[View]
83347337Do you ever wonder what Frank Ocean’s penis would feel like in your butt?[View]
83348770VIRTUAL INCEST[View]
83348581ITT post genres that are patrician I'll start with krautrock[View]
83348492unironically the best kkb member i love you gus[View]
83344795Sufjan albums best to worst?: Illinois > Age of Adz > Michigan > Carrie and Lowell > Sev…[View]
83342050non-American /mu/tants: Whts your country, your top 3 artists and your AOTY[View]
83345222When did you realize being a musician truly is the noblest and most patrician life choice and you wi…[View]
83348528Post favorite music scene: What is your favorite scene in a movie with the perfect music. https://yo…[View]
83348573I LEFT MY MIND BEHIND IN 2015[View]
83347263>playing megaman x3 >no one told me that part 1 of sigma in this game is fucking impossible ho…[View]
83347085is this the most kino vocal performance of all time https://youtu.be/OIjPwzL_5Yk[View]
83347139https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zIFibkS_NDY Holy shit. No wonder he doesn’t cover Jazz anymore.[View]
83347798What John Maus song is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_WPWpo2AXU from 0:00 - 0:22?[View]
83346575yes death grips is awesome[View]
83347204>writes the most powerful song in the history of american music[View]
83346868>Pink Floyd was only good with Syd Barrett![View]
83347100KPOP GENERAL[View]
83347847why we dont have a singing general[View]
83346744Can his next album go even harder? Will he go to jail before he can release it?[View]
83347452What's the musical equivalent of Dear White People? >inb4 To Pimp a Butterfly…[View]
83348289Has /mu/ seen this? It's 6 hours long and I saw it on YouTube. It says things such as Björk and…[View]
83348231>Artist samples one of their older songs in another song[View]
83348256Will they ever record another studio album?[View]
833481292018... i am forgotten[View]
83348114*pssscrack* Bengalfuel? *sips* now THAT'S a band[View]
83348068Looking for recommendations: I'm into terrible indie/pop-punk rock music. I'm the kind of …[View]
83347050How do /mu/ feel about King's X?[View]
83347989>listen to music >music is good thanks music…[View]
83347298Why does no one talk about the new Behemoth album?[View]
83345741You are now Morrissey: wyd?[View]
83346659>MBDTF is a masterpiece >Nicki Minaj's verse on Monster is killer >Yeezus is experimen…[View]
83347654ahhhhh: so THIS was yeezy's plan[View]
83341253post them top tier vydia soundtracks. i'm personally obsessed with this one, such a beauty.[View]
83311517/prod/ general: You know the drill[View]
83347956Whats this track ?: i'm looking for the track in the video. quality is awful , but coud you hel…[View]
83347765FUCKING BASED[View]
83346969ITT: albums you listen to while mastubating: >inb4 Buyer's Market or the cursed album…[View]
83344447People would still consider 2000 as part of the 90s if it weren't for the music[View]
83347863>$400 for 6' 'audiophile' music speakers ahaha holy shit. we have these at the office and they so…[View]
83347643Epic Rap Battles of History: ROBOCOP VS TERMINATOR BEGIN >Well I Wikipedia that and you Wikipedia…[View]
83347873>I bet your favorite albums are a bunch of /mu/. In this alternate time line you wouldn't be…[View]
83344597Name my band[View]
83347696If David Byrne were a fire he'd be David Burn[View]
83347129ITT: Bands/artists that probably voted Trump: Pic related. I just get the feeling they would. Not on…[View]
83347778When you're lying on your deathbed, and you are given the choice of choosing any song you want,…[View]
83347644HOLY FUCK[View]
83345901Cloud Nine by George Harrison thread: Cloud Nine by George Harrison thread[View]
83347742this is peak cloud rap era enjoy while he's still here[View]
83344679this so fucking good[View]
83347674What did he mean by this[View]
83347685Le Guess Who: Anyone else here going to the best music festival in the world?[View]
83347307Why does this bad have no redeeming qualities?[View]
83346841What's the best Car Seat Headrest song? Also, what type of person listens to Car Seat Headrest?[View]
83347575Lyrics that kill you: >No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful >Eve…[View]
83340602You listening to this, anon?[View]
83347537What do you listen to when you're angrily shitposting, /mu/?[View]
83334662>snowy winter city at night > ________ starts playing…[View]
83344817ITT: the best album by an artist[View]
83347567Hey boys, I haven't been here in a couple of years, nice to see most things are the same. What …[View]
83341611what went wrong?[View]
83332511/chart/ - Whatever Edition: Post your charts, recommend and discuss music, and especially have fun! …[View]
83345068NEW HAVE A NICE LIFE SOON: April 2019 fellas![View]
83347115Why didn't this age well?[View]
83346090ITT: Albums it took you a couple years to finally be able to enjoy[View]
83347453How can one find their singing voice? Can I get better just by singing or would I need a learning le…[View]
83347483>Wrestlers get into a plane crash >All of them survive >Musicians get into a plane crash …[View]
83346734You know what is really annoying? The band Queen. This band is fucking terrible. First off they are …[View]
83344858Why is this considered their best album when Rubber Soul & Revolver exist?[View]
83347368DXXM is the future of both metal and rap. Numetal is finally having a resurgence and this is the cat…[View]
83347379For Drummers: Let me know when you can see it.[View]
83346856My friend from middle school is a jazz guitarist at UNT and he and a pretty damn good pianist he kno…[View]
83346915Why the fuck would anyone take up the bassoon? I don't want to come off as a bassoonist or anyt…[View]
83345359if you had a chance to replace a DG album opener, what would you replace its opener with? i'd r…[View]
83345509>tfw song on Youtube is noticeably sped up or pitch-shifted to avoid the old copyright rules >…[View]
83347232>'Wearing this hat makes me feel like Superman. It's my Superman cape.' -Kanye West I rememb…[View]
83345021What does /mu/ think of New Order?[View]
83346162Dean Blunt: What is the appeal of this guy's music?[View]
83346892>records hold 44min of music >cassettes hold 90 mins of music >CDs hold 80 mins of music wt…[View]
83345629How did a retard end up making one of the best albums of the 21st century?[View]
83344588what is the AOTY and why is it this ?[View]
83347208What makes a good melody?[View]
83347222What good new musicians are there that I should listen to? No K-pop pls[View]
83346903NEW MY BLOODY VALENTINE! TWO (!) ALBUMS IN THE NEXT YEAR. https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/10/my-…[View]
83347218ITT: Bands you'd never be a fan of but with fun as hell live shows[View]
83346156Advice on having a unique voice in Hip Hop?[View]
83347075fuck guitar music shits so last century[View]
83346529What's that one Midwest emo album with two robots on the cover? Also emo thread I guess. Any c…[View]
83346236Were gonna get a kanye album sooner than expected: As someone who knows things, i can tell you we ar…[View]
83345945KPOP GENERAL[View]
83347040I think David Bowie is a pretty cool guy. Eh loves the alein and doesnt afraid of americans[View]
83347038Is he gay after all?[View]
83342457Fucking die already: >overrated as fuck >famous for being part of an also overrated band that …[View]
83346848Why have they become less musically and thematically mature with every album instead of the inverse?[View]
83346554What does /mu/ think of their favorite waifu Lauren Mayberry and her band CHVRCHES?[View]
83345280Albums with amazing first halfs, shit second halfs[View]
83343540Which is worse, fantano or pitchfork?[View]
83346420I love Neutral Milk Hotel, Death Grips and Avey Tare. My taste in music is so good.[View]
83346897What are your highest rated/favourite video game OSTs /mu/? (just filter your ratings by genre with …[View]
83346694>Cat Stevens - Year of the Cat >The Cars - Life is a Highway >The Eagles - Fly Like an Eagl…[View]
83345932Tay-hoss: Favorite musicians from Texas? Mine are the Toadies, a really underrated band[View]
83346943https://open.spotify.com/playlist/73RezLrvoJGIq91fDCGPnF I hope you guys listen REAL MUSIC instead o…[View]
83344555Name my album[View]
83341461Is this accurate?[View]
83346928>i'm an IDM guy myself: aphex twin, boards of canada, oneohtrix point never, the list goes o…[View]
83346453Jassbusters: Thoughts?[View]
83340681SoundCloud Thread >post yer links >give recc and feedback to threadposts >be cool Be Cool…[View]
83346735So Many People In The Neighborhood sounds like Black Skinnhead by Kanye but this was ten years befor…[View]
83344060Name a band that has gone through as many vastly differing genres as Ulver and kept consistently gre…[View]
83343581Thoughts on Cardi B?[View]
83343792post boards you frequent and current favorite album >/ck/, /mu/, /vr/, /u/ >pic related…[View]
83346255which slipknot member should i make next?[View]
83346410Help me finish my rap /mu/: God is dead Get outta bed Don’t wake up Don’t need a hoe with makeup S…[View]
83345852Hey, like Lars Ulrich here, we're uh Metallica, like um masters of metal.[View]
83346546Da da da duh Duh duh duh da duh[View]
83345100Their music makes me feel like diarrhea[View]
83346193The Cure general: What the general consensus on this album? I know it's not one of their best a…[View]
83344330Autechre are the best artists of the current era, no one can arrive at their level of creativity and…[View]
83346663This album, though not well told, is not that old It’s not that funny, it’s not that great But I kno…[View]
83345116Does nu/mu/ even know who this is or that this album was coming out? Not a single thread.[View]
83337267Is she doing it on purpose?[View]
83346096thoughts on 88rising?[View]
83346354/strawpoll/ thread: Post polls https://www.strawpoll.me/16632728[View]
83342024best to least: >Paul >George >Ringo >John…[View]
83339911Quavo released his solo album. Thoughts?[View]
83344079wtf why nobody's talking about MassEducation? imho some songs suffer (masseduction and los agel…[View]
83346387Can we please start a petition for a music general board? At any given time half the front page is f…[View]
83346434Was winter 2017 - spring 2018 peak Tekashi? Will he ever reach that level again?[View]
83346418What does everyone think of blahblahblah etc you know the drill, post lavrens[View]
83346188Good Rolling Stones Album?: I like Under my Thumb, Wild Horses, and Paint It Black, but I'm not…[View]
83345194Most overrated name in hip-hop?[View]
83346202I don't get how someone can like pop music AND metal. Just pick one genre for fuck's sake.[View]
83345591What's the hip hop AOTY and why is it pic related? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YzD9KW82sk…[View]
83339163No one's talking about the horrible Music Modernization Act that TRUMP just signed into law!? h…[View]
83345774Quick shitpost. Anyone here know about turntables? I've had this one for a year and still haven…[View]
83338788I'm bored. Recommend me any album. Literally anything I'm open to all suggestions Also gen…[View]
83343612How do I fix my midwest emo obsession?: I think it's an amazing genre but hardly anyone on this…[View]
83346155https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzTG_1Xun54 We've all known Scaruffi to be the best rock/pop cr…[View]
83340435what the best rap mixtape?: pic related[View]
83345076Drake Bell is back b*tches Bow down to the returning king[View]
83345578Was pic related his best era?[View]
83344450/breaks/: What are the top 3 breaks genres?[View]
83343832post an album cover that's literally you[View]
83345881>Whatchya gonna be when you're grown, young blood? >Gonna be a helpless drone >Won…[View]
83343458KANYE BTFO[View]
83344515Musical Elitist thread: Taking an elective course in college; Musical Appreciation. Taking class wit…[View]
83344779KPOP GENERAL[View]
83345115ITT: your ultimate guilty pleasures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2ICtCO8TCw[View]
83344035Yep, I guess that's it. I just fell down the rabbit hole. I just memed myself into liking 6ix9i…[View]
83343927Literally impossible. This is why bass is the superior and more intelligently designed instrument, b…[View]
83345762I love this shit, lol.[View]
83340998Unironic 0/10s.[View]
83344500I want to start a musician moniker purely for profit. Main goal is lazy / stolen beats and uninspire…[View]
83344727The Black Parade [Reprise, 2006] In prog, a good sense of humor means so much ('Teenagers,' 'Dead!')…[View]
83345310Krautrock once again proves the superiority of the German race in terms of musical ability True or f…[View]
83345472Is there any good live recordings of their music or are they all shit?[View]

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