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72363478Calpurnia: https://youtu.be/PFsfZGkVc0o What do you think of Froggo' band? Is he a good musicia…[View]
72360088Do you think Bob Mould and Grant Hart fucked each other?[View]
72360309ITT:: Post albums that have aged very poorly[View]
72362493Remember N Dubz?[View]
72360940>put jelly on your shoulder what the fuck did lou mean by this[View]
72363335Album of the Century[View]
72363097What kinda person likes pic related? Would you hang out with him?[View]
72363518Eins Zwei Polizei Mo Do guitar cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5bRdtNXlf0[View]
72358376https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof…[View]
72358444*deletes Heroin*[View]
72363498Actively listening to classical doesn't make you smart[ Actively listening to baroque is pre-su…[View]
72363312i just got back from an orgy where i put on and had sex to jon hopkins with a lot of other people i …[View]
72360129Five Per Cent for Nothing is a fucking masterpiece and if you don't get why, you are a fucking …[View]
72361595Does /mu/ like American Primitivism?[View]
72363273Name a better opera than Don Giovanni. I'll wait.[View]
72363396vop mixer brother man bill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6oGUUMrFac: watch vop mixer brother man …[View]
72363152How is Nerdcore-Hiphop treating you, /mu/[View]
72361307Have you ever heard of Sun Araw /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-s9LdQPXF4[View]
72359948ITT: we say nice things about historically cringe/shit artists: He emulates early Em's flow in …[View]
72362510Perfect song streaks.[View]
72351892itt: PTSD: >I GOT A FEELING[View]
72363257what are some more tracks like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It7LM0bPi48[View]
72362965Do you know the band MGMT??: Talk about it I've heard the first two albums and the first (Oracu…[View]
72360384ITT: Music you're pretty sure only you listen to.[View]
72356242/rym/ Rateyourmusic / general: Hussein Mohammed 'Iran with the Sonemic money' Sharifi edition[View]
72361746/Ringo general/[View]
72363163Does anyone recognize the music that Chestbrah used here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQsIW6Qjkp…[View]
72362893Rapper Vince Staples Explains Why The 90s Are Overrated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y0rK7T7tV0…[View]
72362911Is Bones the healthiest rapper out there? The vegan in wutang may be a close contender, though.[View]
72360939ITT: Post an image that you believe represents /mu/[View]
72360433>poptimists called /mu/ hipsters >everyone pretends pop is good to prove them wrong >raptar…[View]
72362779>go to live show >performer dies on stage…[View]
72361600Guys I just noticed the A doesn't line up and it's triggering me[View]
72362750Ustedes que piensan de Kudai?[View]
72362952Hi /mu Check this out ! Free dl on soundcloud ! https://soundcloud.com/dj_hyperion/dj-hyperion-atomi…[View]
72362389vinyl thread post set ups, favourite LPs, any good cops from RSD?[View]
72361836ITT: In your opinion the best drummer in the world[View]
72359457When did you realize Look at Me is better than anything Death Grips has put out?[View]
72358081ITT:: favorite album, what you did today. guess personalities[View]
72362207Which dadaistic musicians do you know except for Frank Zappa who was a self-proclaimed Dadaist?[View]
72361488KPOP GENERAL[View]
723622681.Nirvana 2.AIC 3.Pearl Jam 4.Soundgarden 5.Smashing pumpkins 6.STP This is the correct list. Search…[View]
72361333ITT: people in the music community who have killed someone[View]
72362680for this image can you play some music over it and put it in the thread?[View]
72361205Is it me or there a lot of Springsteen-bashing threads on /mu/ lately? I'm sorry if you're…[View]
72360574What are some artists other than Ben Frost, Arca and sometimes OPN that make electronic music that c…[View]
72361084Does anyone else notice the constant battle between liberal and authoritarian views on music this bo…[View]
72361401how old is this board? how old are the people on this board?[View]
72362248I'm about to give this a spin. What should I expect?[View]
72361305*deletes Yum-Yab Killers*[View]
72357652Best weed/stoner albums? >inb4 DUDE[View]
72361934Music instrument: what instrument is this /mu/? guy selling it tells me its a Lebanese Ukulele, but …[View]
72361462*deletes Here She Comes Now and I Heard Her Call My Name*[View]
72362353>I listen to music in my head[View]
72360807ITT: Instrumentals with feels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhZaHf8RP6g[View]
72361354ITT: God tier covers only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV8Z3nmckNk[View]
723617912013 was the key year[View]
72360945ITT: /mu/ in 2017[View]
72359646https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzolQDQKQCk Humanz full album being streamed right now[View]
72362255What version do I listen to in order to not be cucked? Every time I get my hands on this shit it…[View]
72358539Radiohead: why is Radiohead such overrated garbage? I've listened to Kid A, In Rainbows, and mo…[View]
72361821Timber Timbre Album: What does /mu/ think about this album? the opener and sewer blues are great…[View]
72356863/songwriting/ general?: Can someone give me some thoughts on a couple of melodies/chord progressions…[View]
72351268Album covers that dont fit[View]
72361651Which song is The Smiths' best? NOT counting How Soon Is Now for obvious reasons.[View]
72362181ITT: times he was unbelievably right[View]
72362201What does /mu/ think of Mike Love?[View]
72358304But seriously is this album good?: I've never heard anyone say anything super helpful about it.…[View]
72362154https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1mWQQNBfri8: Prog rock from greece[View]
72362136What went wrong?[View]
72361538Anthony Cucktano BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN9tcl1yvhw[View]
72362102ITT: Albums that perfectly encapsulate the feel of elementary/middle school and suburbia in the summ…[View]
72361203ITT: Songs that have a comfy, nostalgic 'nighttime'-y vibe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZcGc-nbL…[View]
72361295WTF this literally sounds like an album Spongebob and Patrick would make after spending all day at t…[View]
72361863any other shpongle fans here?[View]
72332786SHARETHREAD: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
72356780>your mother will never be this proud of you[View]
72361724LISTEN TO BUDGIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItZqTueAaqU[View]
72361654Can someone give me the run down on Midori, more importantly any info on Mariko Goto? Just started l…[View]
72361870Unknown song: Hi /mu/ Can someone help me with this song? Its in local version of commercial for Vil…[View]
72361116I've been long time listening to this wonderfull band and still cant find any lyrics or decrypt…[View]
72359538Should I be using a VPN when using Soulseek /mu/?[View]
72361088What's some essential emo? I've only ever listen to American Football[View]
72361742Take the U2pill.[View]
72361726Favourite album: Favourite Shakespeare play:[View]
72361673Why aren't you listening to Dean Blunt? https://youtu.be/lt9nuV6NMus[View]
72361227redpill me on korean pop[View]
72359181Can /mu/ rec me some post rock? I like these[View]
723613102017 AOTY - nothing comes close: Friendly reminder to all, that this is still album of the year by a…[View]
72359846Best album of the 90's: Pic related[View]
72360279Can Kendrick Lamar be Considered One of the GOATS?: ...and if not, who is better? Kendrick has relea…[View]
72359317I unironically think this is the second best post-Sung Tongs pop AnCo album after MPP[View]
72361532What do you think about die antwoord /mu/?[View]
72360546/mu/ decides the best lyric OAT: >this pussy got ya hooked, pussy got ya hooked >HELL NAW!…[View]
72359372KPOP GENERAL[View]
72360963*deletes condom*[View]
72360981He promised 2 new NIN releases for 2017. It's almost May and still no announcement? Also do you…[View]
72361407Skid row Garage: Mc Hyser? Guy who runs the show is a fuckin rapist. Fuck that place.[View]
72361402THIS IS SICK! Havent this guy been here so far? https://aleutiansummer.bandcamp.com/album/indecis…[View]
72361068This man is the greatest rapper you've never heard of: And if you aren't following him and…[View]
72360045Do you let stigma surrounding albums affect your opinion of them?: Well, dooo yaaa???[View]
72361093What is this dance move called?[View]
72359801ITT perfect albums[View]
72358043What am I in for?[View]
72361213This is better than MHTRTC. (Geogaddi is the best though)[View]
72354651>man, there's got to be somebody for me[View]
72358294>Ringo isn't even the best drummer in the band What the fuck? Why he was such a massive cunt…[View]
72359845Name a better video game orchestral piece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzdhTGaWzec[View]
72355917''''Friends'''' seem to have collectively decided to stop hitting me up to hang out. Music for this …[View]
72361133>somebodys hiney >is crowding my fartbox an ass inside an ass huh? yeah real mature weezers *s…[View]
72360142Shpongle: Anybody here listen to Shpongle? Heard about them a few days ago and want to know where to…[View]
72361033*deletes every other hip hop album from my music library*[View]
72360915Stop deleting tracks[View]
72352970*deletes All Apologies*[View]
72351701*deletes All I Need*[View]
72357965new release: What does /mu/ think of the new Paramore single? Also general anticipation thread for n…[View]
72360872*deletes Paranoid Android*[View]
72360395STOP SMOKING[View]
72359957*deletes the second half of Daily Routine*[View]
72360539Paramore: ‘I've wanted to quit this band so many times’: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017…[View]
72360652Help /mu/, no matter how hard i search i cannot find an album that kinda looks like this. It had a …[View]
72360892>And take a look you may see me on the ground >For I am the parasite of this town…[View]
72358767Metallica Now Suing Fans For Listening To Their Albums: Metallica is no stranger to controversy. Whe…[View]
72360879Buy this album right the fuck now: https://recollectiongrm.bandcamp.com/album/s-t https://soundcloud…[View]
72358711RSD: Post the one that got away[View]
72359077what do you think about cassettes?[View]
72357936*deletes El Scorcho*[View]
72360724This is better than Madvilliany.[View]
72360004>Artist releases album >Artist then uses that album's name for his new band that releases…[View]
72358836Is this the best pop album of the 21st century so far? Can they top this?[View]
72354391Is SiriusXM satellite radio a good deal? I know they air more than music, but I thought this is prob…[View]
72354123When did you realize U2 > Radiohead?[View]
72359068ITT: Rank the songs in an album >Pic related Sleep > Storm > Like Antennas To Heaven > S…[View]
72360583Paramore thread? They just released a new single, I love it. Favorite albums and songs? Also post Ha…[View]
72360578Lyric significance: How important are lyrics to you? Personally, i've never cared much. I dont …[View]
72356167you have ten minutes to name a better rock album. if you can't i'm deleting this thread[View]
72356476*deletes Holiday*[View]
72356487Can we talk about Phantogram or are they too mainstream for /mu/? What did you think of their last a…[View]
72360242What are some good royalty free music channels? I am trying to get on the 'youtube' bandwagon but I …[View]
72355252Is there something wrong with calling records vinyl? I see people get a lot of shit sometimes when t…[View]
72360179What does /mu/ think of Kylie Minogue?[View]
72358428>tfw self hatred is setting in, again What are some albums to hate yourself to, /mu/?…[View]
72360439Who wrote that 'Oh Mi Amore' song?: Any sources to an original recording of the 'Oh Mi Amore' song?…[View]
72356614this is just boring arca & lotic with an unbearably white and straight fanbase desu[View]
72357457*deletes everything except Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth*[View]
72359551Anyone have a rip? I know the bootleg is up on youtube but I want the new mix.[View]
72360141what did i think of this, /mu/?[View]
72356626So now that the dust has settled can we agree Meeting of the Waters is the best AnCo release since F…[View]
72358705Thoughts?: I don't know why, but I really like this album. The sound is super cluttered, and it…[View]
72360233>God's Golden Sperm[View]
72344771Does anyone have a higher res version of this? Also what is the best song and why is it Mutilated Li…[View]
72358662Hey /mu/ I recently lost one of my tripfag friends to suicide. Post some music for this feel. https:…[View]
72360042Should we definitely bury him for this one?: https://youtu.be/87KPm0Soae8 Edit: off-tone vocals…[View]
72358840Listen to Roy Orbison.[View]
72359539Anison Matrix quality: So I checked out the VODs off the new twitch page where they'll be strea…[View]
72359615where the FUCK is /prod/?: what the fuck is wrong with that general? Why do I only find it once a we…[View]
72359862Where do you even find this album?[View]
72359959New Mac Demarco album?: Anyone got the leak link for it? Reddit fags cant be relied on for shit.…[View]
72358023>that screenshots of musicians getting BTFO on Twitter thread[View]
72359974ITT: we post kino- autistic music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6azwhe8xhVI I'm probably goi…[View]
72358550ITT: post album covers that make you go 'damn...'[View]
72359822>OMG Jimjam, did you hear what Anon just said? He said TKOL isn't a top4 Radiohead album. I …[View]
72345395Create an album cover game (cont.): Bonus: reply to people's covers with the genre of their hyp…[View]
72359618wow: how does /mu/ feel about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9j5GYmryR4[View]
72358849Once upon a time...[View]
72357603Is there a Discord about HipHop?[View]
72358261what does /mu/ think of this album? also psych general[View]
72359309how does this make you feel?[View]
72357703How do you feel about simpsonwave?[View]
72359777Should I take up the bagpipes?[View]
72357735Best Rage Against the Machine album and why?[View]
72359516is ben shapiro right about john lennon's imagine?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej0NBRwht-w…[View]
72359735Whatever happened to Marcel? did /mu/ forget about him? did he stop trying to viral himself?[View]
723580373x3 week guess lifestyles guess deathstyles[View]
72359396Manletcore General: Is he the pinnacle of manlet rap?[View]
72357474Computer Love is so comfy[View]
72358381Good day mu: i'm drunk as shit and also incredibly sad and i'm listening to mayonaise and …[View]
72359669What does /mu/ think of Sweet Smoke?[View]
72359626Tomorrow Belongs to Me: The sun on the meadow is summery warm. The stag in the forest runs free. But…[View]
72351672How's my taste in metal /mu/?[View]
72359425raw punk album for whatever fag wanted one: /mu/ is shit for punk[View]
72357910KPOP GENERAL: shows over[View]
72357926https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdyVUQkvUnY ITT turnt the fuck up songs[View]
72359367Any chance of getting some working links to Bass Amp Simulator vst's for Mac? Would ask in the …[View]
72357034Did your favorite band release any albums before you were born? Which is your favorite?[View]
72358820Brian Wilson didn't die for this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMulwkAQrT0[View]
72358656This fucking album holy shit Words escape me on how good this album is[View]
72358986mmmmmuhmmmmmmmmmm....do do do do...mmmmmmm......BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[View]
72358776Attila's first album: Metalhead or not, im sure a lot of you have heard about the autistic edgy…[View]
72352253ITT: god-tier drummers[View]
72358346Why did Ethan decide to continue on with the Crystal Castles project after Alice left? This is monum…[View]
72357709*deletes Treefingers*[View]
72356631Paramore's gone V A P O R W A V E * * * a e s t h e t i c * * * are they /ourband/?[View]
72341223/metaru/ general: prev: >>72313680 post some jap metal nu-males[View]
72358596*deletes nothing*[View]
72359016The Byrds: What's the deal with them? Are they worth checking out? Album recs?[View]
72356552Which artist has the largest discography?[View]
72358937>tfw album # 2 wasnt good what next?[View]
72358629I am here in my moe[View]
72357835more like this?[View]
72354968Who the fuck let this happen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLu2T-u443w[View]
72351557What does /mu/ think of Deftones and what is the most essential Deftones album?[View]
72358707what's the difference between electropop and synthpop?[View]
72358599Music for kicking your children into lava?[View]
72355799One of those threads: Post a fake band name and others guess the genre.[View]
72357742*deletes Everything in Its Right Place*[View]
72358530ITT: Bands that have only gotten better as time goes on[View]
72358086Dennis Wilson died for this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le-cUOvYMLc[View]
72357782GOD this album is excellent. I can't get over how good it is? What's your favorite song on…[View]
72358538Old Boots, New Dirt[View]
72358553Anything happen this weekend that didnt happen last weekend - besides Radiohead not having audio tro…[View]
72358292You got mad guns? I don't believe you. You got eleven cars? I don't believe you. You got t…[View]
72358613>Verse two says, 'You only have I known of all the families of the Earth, therefore I will punish…[View]
72358066*deletes music folder*[View]
72358584Steve Miller Band: Who here loves the white Pegasus? Favorite song?[View]
72357281Anthony Cucktano BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN9tcl1yvhw[View]
72358415what do y'all think of this thugger single?[View]
72358504hey, /mu/ does anyone have a group/artist/ that they've been following for quite sometime? I gu…[View]
72357772How the fuck do we save vaporwave?[View]
72355769How do I make my recordings more lo-fi?: Does anyone have any tips on how to make recordings more lo…[View]
72357817Can /mu/ help me by recommending bands similar to Thee Oh Sees?[View]
72358390have you guys listened to this[View]
72357190ITT: God tier rappers[View]
72357425>I feel like friends been overrated, Seinfeld way better is Kendrick our guy?…[View]
72358274*blocks your path*[View]
72355000Been away from music for awhile Do bands exist in 2017? All I hear is this weird pop/rap fusion thin…[View]
72358191*burns Beatles discography*[View]
72358193post your music/audio setups[View]
72357284Goodnight sweet prince[View]
72357593https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyc49kxqRnQ Is Pantera the epitome of metal?[View]
72357552Post your favourite album, brief summary of why: Never gets old.[View]
72358118*deletes Vertigo* *moves City of Blinding Lights to first track*[View]
72355003*deletes Frame by Frame and Matte Kudasai*[View]
72354448>Stop listening to rap[View]
72357615Feels Thread?: Post songs that give you feels. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvz…[View]
72341955/chart/ recommendations and ratings: Other thread just slid off. Post 'em folks! Get recommenda…[View]
72358017*deletes everything except Touched*[View]
72356447>figure i want to listen to U2 for the first time to just to see if they're a meme or not …[View]
72358019Play any fun gigs lately[View]
72355592AHHHHHHHHHHHHH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBB33-f4SQ0 lol[View]
72357453ITT: We post a song that defines an entire genre: Let's start with an easy one. >pop punk Bl…[View]
72355419Thoughts on this, /mu/?[View]
72357447The Top 10 Most Explosive Choruses – as chosen by NME – are: 10. Metallica – ‘Enter Sandman’ 9. Bon …[View]
72338778MEETING OF THE WATERS [VINYL RIP]: here you go lads. the titles are fucked (its 4 tracks, but i left…[View]
72357928Bands you never see talked about on /mu/ and think deserve the attention. >Pic related The Tragi…[View]
72355476Friendly reminder that you will never be lil peep[View]
72356375Can we get a Marina appreciation thread going?[View]
72355974One of these threads[View]
72357334For quite awhile, 'dadrock' has been a derogatory meme on /mu/. I love classic rock, as well as many…[View]
72356373Mastodon bois: So I just listened to pic related and how did I ignore this gold for a month? >Als…[View]
72355664wtf do ppl see in this shit?[View]
72356668Wat do you guys think of prince?[View]
72357213Recommend me the most raw punk album you can think of.[View]
72357237I am at the coheed and cambria show for this album. Which is about half good. They have a screen for…[View]
72356680so why does everyone hate this band? are they a meme, or is hating them a meme?[View]
72356781ITT: Last track best track[View]
72354995ITT: Screenshots of musicians getting BTFO on Twitter[View]
72356468What is the worst film soundtrack you have ever heard? For me its pic related I get it, the music is…[View]
72357475Is his name literally 'Muhammad Doesn't Drink Water'? Please tell me it is![View]
72357397Foobar2000: What skins do you use for it?[View]
72357394I need your help guys: I've been trying for weeks to remember a song that i've heard but i…[View]
72357325Still or Substance?: I'm in the market for some Joy Division, should I get Still? I just got Su…[View]
72354969What's the difference between Chamber Pop and Baroque Pop?[View]
72357331>track is called God's Golden Sperm[View]
72357297Hey, guys. I don't usually visit /mu/, but I was curious. What do you lads think of The Darknes…[View]
72357263Sonata Arctica: does /mu/ like Sonata Arctica? I revisited their music after almost 8 years or some…[View]
72357170Animal Collective in the studio >'Okay Guys our Last album Centipede Hurtz had a lackluster rece…[View]
72357221terrible obscure weird shit outsider online music thread check out this fucking weird guy. he's…[View]
72356959Shape of U: What is so special about it? It looks like a regular letter to me[View]
72356881*deletes alvin row*[View]
72355715>Gorillaz will never make another good album[View]
72355972Rhymes: I started writing a few raps to put over some music I've been making on FL studio and I…[View]
72356998I just don't want to be alone anymore.[View]
72356730What do normies mean when they say 'i like the beat of the song'[View]
72354361Albums that are doodoo when you actually listen and pay attention to them, but great as background n…[View]
72357114Radiohead is my favorite band. My favorite song is Creep[View]
72357138Everybody agrees that he has the best tone of all time, right?[View]
72355656KPOP GENERAL[View]
72356564Hidden gem side projects by artists we like. Love this record has everything I like about Damon alb…[View]
72352972>DAMN. >Seven deadly sins >References to God on almost every song >Last song of the albu…[View]
72357050This was such a breath of fresh air at this point.[View]
72356537can you suggest hacker techno such as: fatboy slim, prodigy, crystal method, mbm, and others. trying…[View]
723569708 lines of rap: Me and you on the couch Watching TV that's loud You put your mouth on my mouth …[View]
72356404>Best song on the album is the last one[View]
72356209what did he say, /mu/?[View]
72354352How do I get the Mac DeMarco sound? I want mad bitchez n cash[View]
72354499*deletes everything but Creep*[View]
72351909/bleep/: You're f*ckin melons if you haven't heard the essentials: >1910s - Russolo …[View]
72348963This guy is a genius and this album is a masterpiece. Discuss it.[View]
72356699Mac Demarco - This Old Dog: thoughts on his latest album? Moonlight on the River is the best song im…[View]
72356238>So please, please, please, release me. >So please, please, please, release me. >So please,…[View]
72345152what ruins a perfect album? Does something as small as Jay-Z's horrible verse on Monster ruin t…[View]
72343068>'put on some music anon my phone is dead' What's on your socially acceptable playlist?…[View]
72355481ITT: covers that are superior to the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jadvt7CbH1o…[View]
72356102Is Laurel Halo literally the only female artist worth listening to why are women so shit at music[View]
72356054ITT: Lo-fi/Hip-hop share thread: >Lo-Fi beats >Hip Hop https://soundcloud.com/imdrholler/white…[View]
72356731Are there any white musicians that sound like Dionne Warwick? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO073f…[View]
72356652Hey /mu/ give me some songs to learn on this guitar I got today.[View]
72356681I have a band, We need to find a sound, Combine genres and show me them[View]
72349780/mu/mor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7PzbJk7kBY[View]
723500874chan writes lyrics to a song.: Post your best rhymes anons.[View]
72355958Albums where the best track shares name with album name: pic related[View]
72352443which one doesn't belong?[View]
72356446Post Malone was: Enough Jesus https://youtu.be/D8mU0sjsp6Y[View]
72355323ITT: God tier drummers[View]
72349729nEW bANDCAMP tHREAD: new thread bois[View]
72355049*deletes myself*[View]
72356421Animal Collective - Meeting of the Waters (Vinyl-rip Remaster + Visualizer): http://alpacafurrug.tum…[View]
72356297I GOT 100 ON MY DASH GOT 200 IN MY TRUNK[View]
72353523This song is one of their top 5, you may not like it but you cant disagree[View]
72343034Best / Worst / Overrated / Underrated: Post albums and other anons pick the 4 songs that fit the 4 c…[View]
72354947More cozy FM synth albums like this? The warmer the better[View]
72355232Songs you wish had music videos[View]
72356247'If you can't understand the lyrics of a song, the author is probably talking about being cucke…[View]
72352905ITT: Tracks that make you completely re-evaluate a previously critically overlooked and/or derided a…[View]
72356220I asked a girl over text what type of music she likes: The White Stripes, Green Day, Arctic monkeys,…[View]
72356207Hey /mu/? Whats the best way to remove vocals from a song? The tutorials on Youtube don't reall…[View]
72348497Have you taken the AnCopill and realized this is the perfect summer album?[View]
72355363ITT: things pleb says: >tool is bad[View]
72355985SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME, PLEASE RECOMMEND:: Best music documentaries to watch. Some of my favorites a…[View]
72356159What's the point of making music anymore when this exists?[View]
72356105ITT: Post feels only patricians will understand >Falling in love with an obscure female vocalist …[View]
72354421So basically he's only a good drummer, right /mu/?[View]
72355548Post what you're listening to and preferred method of smoking. >GB…[View]
72355877ITT: Good country music[View]
72353856>listening to your own music[View]
72355546Shiina Ringo: More like this?[View]
72355271Wigger mosh classics (Beatdown): I know of a lot of you lil twinks are probably to soft to even leav…[View]
72355921Bluegrass General: Top 10 bluegrass albums? Can be old or new. Anywhere from Del McCoury to Old Crow…[View]
72354174What are some celebrities that are also pretty good musicians? pic related[View]
72354779Is there such a thing as normie -core or butt pop?[View]
72352693Genre Discussion: What genre do you think gets misconstrued the most? What genres do you not know th…[View]
72355023Does Bring Me The Horizon have any other songs like Happy Song? I listened to a handful of their son…[View]
72355774mfw pitchfuck gives damn a 9.2[View]
72355576Why haven't I heard of him sooner[View]
72354217KPOP GENERAL[View]
72353151*deletes I'll Be Your Mirror*[View]
72354586New album dropped 40 minutes ago niggers[View]
72352565Damn. This new Kendrick album got everybody all quiet.[View]
72355627Why do normies instantly dismiss anything outside of top 40 radio hits as bad or weird.[View]
72355626https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9I9R-IMG20 post gorillas[View]
72354834Daily reminder: that if you are a white male being interested in so-called 'rap culture' and listen …[View]
72355526whats that album where the guy fucks a corpse /mu/? pic unrelated[View]
72354528What does /mu/ think of Polvo? Just listened to pic related and enjoyed it, but I think there was to…[View]
72354597gym/workout music thread: post your best stuff! xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXvJuVcI5mU…[View]
72355405>Ironic satire of genres >Actually has some decent tracks What are some other examples of this…[View]
72354503What kind of music do they play?[View]
72355461ITT: Albums where every track is good[View]
72354620SIAMESE DREAM: SIAMESE DREAM _______________[View]
72355229Can you think of anything that talks other than a person?[View]
72355407VHS punk tapes: from when life was simple take me back lord take me back https://youtu.be/gGd3Jisqk5…[View]
72355176Music Recommendation: Alright homies, I need some help. I'm looking for music recommendations.…[View]
72355397Who here has heard this ?[View]
72354587When did you become patrician enough to realize that this is the best flaming lips album?[View]
72353799What do you think about this album ?[View]
72353834is it a joke?[View]
72354350What is of higher quality: Spiteful Chant or These Walls[View]
72355191Is my set up okay?[View]
72350332Look it's anon, he's really into music. Come on music guy, play something cool![View]
72354643What album is this? Also 10/10 covers thread[View]
72355246So did James really cop-out Nike so he can make his own version of E2-E4?[View]
72355157>Calls others pleb for their music taste >Listens to metal…[View]
72354655HOW TO BECOME FRIENDS WITH DEATH GRIPS: i had a dream that i became friends with deathgrips how do i…[View]
72353551Vocaroo Thread: Vocaroo Thread http://vocaroo.com/i/s0csLYeSzo1C[View]
72351562this is a masterpiece[View]
72354377holy sh*t[View]
72354505The eternal debate.[View]
72354028Is it just me or are The Chainsmokers just these guys but lacking self awareness?[View]
72354767A couple years ago I saw a post about this album and it's become one of my favorites. So thanks…[View]
72352857>when the music video has audio that drowns out the actual song[View]
72354646https://youtu.be/a7bEkCdikRU?t=480 you all know this melody what is the name of the song?[View]
72354846Best Countries in Music: 1.-UK 2.-USA 3.-JPN 4.-GER 5.-???[View]
72352592Why did normies fucking eat it up?[View]
72339400Record Store Day 2017: Happy RSD 2017! Post your collections, favorite records, and RSD pick ups! Re…[View]
72354780Anon, did you make all these threads? You're pretty bored, aren't you?[View]
72352374Im about to listen to the Aphex Twin Soundcloud dump tracks. Has anyone heard them? are there a lot …[View]
72352485Sade is one of the most underrated female singers. Her voice is honestly heavenly. Why does nobody t…[View]
72352049What did he mean by this?: >Fade In-Out >Fade Away >Half the World Away >Take Me Away …[View]
72354718what went wrong?[View]
72353795System of a Down: Why is this album so damn good?[View]
72354706>ITT: We are either extremely positive or extremely negative about this album and yell homophobic…[View]
72354697I've been watching this for a decade now: I found this video in 2007. Someone posted it on a mu…[View]
72354653How do you fix it?: >Hard mode no alternate Thom tracklist.[View]
72352662You DO listen to Body Count, right?[View]
72353932Calpurnia: https://youtu.be/PFsfZGkVc0o What do you think of Froggo' band? Is he a good musicia…[View]
72354538Rage: Hey mu, last thread yielded some gems. Gimme your nastiest, gnarliest, most in-your-face track…[View]
72353216melodic rock that isn't pleb tier?: the bubblegum crisis ost is pretty great desu and now I am …[View]
72353569This track was underappreciated: Made a video to go with it too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us1g…[View]
72354488KIDZ BOP THREAD: whats the most cringeworthy/funny kidz bop cover? my vote has to go to this https:/…[View]
72351289Oh shit, these are the only countries music left in the world, all your music from the missing count…[View]
72352504>it's spooky because ian curtis killed himself while listening to it…[View]
72354428Y'all ready?[View]
72353990https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQFNncIR8iU stream of leaked album faggots[View]
72353455>people on /mu/ flip the fuck out when the term EDM is used >but are fine when they call it b…[View]
72354519ITT: 'Lifestyle' music I'm generally opposed to 'lifestyle' music and trying to listen to somet…[View]
72354072>It's not a place >This country is to be a sound of drum and bass >You close your eye…[View]
72352839/rave/ general: post some good rave music >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KJ__06kyxs…[View]
72353291Doesn't this little queer have school to attend? What's he going to do when his 'rap caree…[View]
72353466Ambient Medieval: Is there any other music like Oblivion's soundtrack? Basically really mellow …[View]
72354386Vitas Thread: Vitas has been used as a meme a lot, but how many actually recognize his impressive vo…[View]
72354132Walking down Babylon lane: I LUV, I LUV, I JAAAH![View]
72353884how do i musically difference myself from my peers?[View]
72352653What do you think of my track? https://youtu.be/e768rzlYjJk Pic unrelated[View]
72350754Rank studio albums best to worst. Go. Here's my personal ranking: 1. In Utero 2. Incesticide 3.…[View]
72353263Rank sampled based album: Rank these amazing samples based album or else you're a fucking cuck.…[View]
72352646KPOP GENERAL: hats[View]
72352318Since what.cd died, i can't find one good place too download musics. Where do you download your…[View]
72353965ITT: Albums to hear on a rainy day[View]
72353684is this album pure unfiltered music kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLe_BZ1mo3I[View]
72353670remember when gorillaz was good me neither[View]
72354043This is underrated.[View]
72349597is there any such thing as Experimental UK Garage?[View]
72349821Can we all agree that this is AOTYSF?[View]
72349859Am I a pleb for loving this album?[View]
72354050>Take a look, you may see me in the dirt >For I am the parasite that hangs from your skrrt (vr…[View]
72353881M*A*S*H: More like this? https://youtu.be/xIIqYqtR1lY[View]
72353090This album is amazing. I really love the song Creep. Too bad the band completely fell apart after th…[View]
72352353Where does /mu/ go to buy their music online? Preferably .flac >just torrent it lmao Assume I lik…[View]
72353914>concept album about the human body >track about blood cells features a robot voice chanting W…[View]
72352987better than bon iver[View]
72349903>raps over uninspired half-baked 'experimental' beats with the voice of a yelping dog set on fire…[View]
72353544Swans & The Michaels Giras general Whats up with those family/children reference Stupid Child Yo…[View]
72352539ITT: Your favorite Kanye one-liners: >Time to take it too far now.. uh, Michael Douglas out the c…[View]
72353758avant-garde big band: Not a genre that gets a lot of mention on here, can we have a thread for recs/…[View]
72352880Is this an 80s song or a 90s song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry4iwzS4Na0[View]
72352918Favorite song to sing with guitar?[View]
72351973>it took Joanna Newsom 12 years to make three albums Hack. Spare me the bullshit about the creati…[View]
72353315What do you think of the best punk record in the past decade?[View]
72353673>reusing the same drum patterns >hihat-snare-hihat-bassdrum Why is Damon Albarn such a fucking…[View]
72352640Last 5 ratings thread: Post your last 5 ratings on RYM discuss or something idunno[View]
72353416Studio One v.3 software: Sup, /mu/, need some advice here. Recently i've acquired the software …[View]
72352192Is your waifu scaruffi-approved?: >The stylistic metamorphoses of Annie Clark on St Vincent (Loma…[View]
72352368Why does he get a lot of negative responses on /mu/?[View]
72350120Does colored vinyl sound any different than the standard black?[View]
72353305This is Bono. Say something nice to him![View]
72352331Records: To start with, I love records. There is something about putting a record on that I love mor…[View]
72353114Is there such thing as good deathcore or metalcore?[View]
72353432Indie/Alt-Rock: Anyone know anything similar to these guys?[View]
72351666Is this the pinnacle of music? Should we even bother trying anymore?[View]
72352635HELP. I found a music video of some French indie band on accident a couple of weeks ago and I can…[View]
72353145ITT: Musicians' other jobs: I found out today that Dean Ween's got a second job as a fishi…[View]
72352623ITT: Lines from albums p4k gave a 10/10: >At the mall there was a seance >Just kids no paronts…[View]
72352721ITT Best three-song stretches: >The Marching Beast >Battle of the Locusts >Do It…[View]
72353308where do i find a house set from ~ 2009 when all links on the web are broken? tried emule and soulse…[View]
72352707I wonder how /mu/ feels about /mu/sicals. Post your favorites if you got em. Side thing: I'm a …[View]
72346926IMPOSSIBLE NOTHING THIRD ALBUM: Holy shit, why did nobody tell me about this????? https://impossible…[View]
72353279>having limited and specific criteria that determine what music you listen to Shiggy.…[View]
72352513This album has the best drums ever in the sound of Metallica, prove me wrong. Protip: You can't[View]
72349831/altmetal/ general: Thrash, Glam, Grunge, Goth, Numetal, and Alternative Rock gems welcome[View]
72352768ITT: Essential Mental Illness-Core[View]
72341287Recent pickups thread?[View]
72351306I know this is cringe worthy but some anon recc'd this album on a sharethread and I cant stop l…[View]
72352488Hi /mu/. I need help. I just started making beats, for now I want to make these lo-fi chill ones sin…[View]
72353083Why can I sing better to a guitar tuned with 432hz as a reference than a guitar tuned with 440hz? I …[View]
72353029*Deletes Her Majesty*[View]
72349390ITT we defend opinions we have that are generally considered controversial: Pic completely unrelated…[View]
72352243ITT: artists lowkey best albums[View]
72350771>collabs with fucking Burial >writes a passive aggressive song about some bitch he likes Thom …[View]
72350250What are the Most Alien Sounding Albums? Albums where it literally sounds like it wasn't made b…[View]
72352425A night of grind & poetry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyqCJVQ6LVM[View]
72347012Where can I find old music videos in higher quality? I'm looking for Sabrina Salerno's son…[View]
72352842Depressed music: Any recommendations for music to listen to while depressed?[View]
72349792Ween - La Cucaracha: This album turns 10 years old this year, say something NICE about it![View]
72352679there's no way this could be as bad as running back... right?[View]
72351392What are your top 10 Ween songs /mu/?: Here's mine 1. Roses Are Free 2. What Deaner Was Talkin…[View]
72351330Post musicians with unique voices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSjvzt6KDjo[View]
72352619/bloop/: These threads are for the most mundane, repetitive, boring, generic, uninteresting simplist…[View]
72350684KPOP GENERAL[View]
72349958ITT: Post a critically acclaimed album that you don't like in a genre you usally do like[View]
72351624>song ends >audience starts applauding >It's not a live album…[View]
72352036What do you think of the duo Prussian Blue?[View]
72352542Favorite rock/metal band album cover artworks: Post some of the coolest album artwork you know of fo…[View]
72352508Thoughts on muslimguaze?[View]
72352527https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onKCL5MJ5N0 >stares out into the distance Anymore thinking music?…[View]
72347735Atrocity exhibition or XXX? For me it's definetly atrocity exhibition. 9.5/10 only weak point i…[View]
72326771/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV4TsZWEiE0[View]
72352486Songs that would work in other genres: Flow by Shawn James could totally be a hip-hop song. Are ther…[View]
72348275>I listen to all kinds of music[View]
72351212why are $uicideboy$ the most interesting duo in the rap world right now?[View]
72346416I have depression and I have lost all hope for my life, I see my life as worthless and I am close to…[View]
72352266Presenting: The Literal Scumfucks Of The Earth Kill self if you do this[View]
72348555>an artist u love >an artist u hate[View]
72351241will she drop the Pop-AOTY soon?[View]
72343738Hip hop/ rap: Ok, so i want to get into this kind of music, but i need some recommendations. The onl…[View]
72352294>tfw i still love the girl from bennington[View]
72351234I just committed suicide. Music for this feel?[View]
72352176What did he mean by this?: I'll take the spokes from your wheelchair And a magpies wings And I…[View]
72352262https://aleutiansummer.bandcamp.com/album/indecision It's /mu/core, seriously. I thought TMR wa…[View]
72351054Year you were born Your favorite hip-hop/rap album >1992 >Pic related…[View]
72350878Can we have a thread for old school Soul/R&B? Almost never see this sort of thing discussed here…[View]
72352081>all my friends are dead, push me to the edge[View]
72352221This is really good[View]
72350976Damn, this album is so fucking good. Any more like it?[View]
72352161>don't like EDM >barely like IDM >like this What's wrong with me?…[View]
72352158What are your top 10 QotSA songs, /mu/? I'll start: 10. Smooth Sailing 9. Walkin' on the S…[View]
72350804what is the music of autosports?[View]
7235199110/10 albums that no one has heard of[View]
72351021Name a more underrated Radiohead song than Blackstar: >You Can't Maybe Blow Out though.....…[View]
72347132God-tier rock vocalists thread: I'll start.[View]
72351577ITT: Post albums you don't get and anons explain why it's good: This whole album just seem…[View]
72352059Any other live albums where the band and audience get into a fight, or where the band fight between …[View]
72351697http://aleutiansummer.bandcamp.com/album/dont-look-back i think this is the best bandcamp release si…[View]
72352014>ITT: We share our overall favorite artist, album, genre, and of course, opinion. I'll start…[View]
72350391Why the fuck did Weezer think Feels Like Summer was a good idea?[View]
72351761What's headphones does Eminem use in 8 Mile? They look pretty cool in a lo-fi way. Also, hopes …[View]
72352004/ambient/: rec me your best ambient. love this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbsViaYiWws…[View]
72351994Genius or total trash? https://aleutiansummer.bandcamp.com/album/dont-look-back[View]
72350409whats /mu/ opinion on this chav?[View]
72351096I'll listen to the first 10 albums posted even if I've already heard them, even if they…[View]
7235064811/10 title tracks: Post albums with amazing title tracks[View]
72351149What kinda person likes pic related? Would you hang out with him?[View]
72347195Sonemic/RYM General: WW3 Edition[View]
72351833>he has an AOTY at the end of the year >he literally just listens to albums from (current year…[View]
72349527ITT: post your favourite painting & rec[View]
72351048/mu/radio General Official Website: http://www.mutantradio.org The Stream: http://mutantradio.org/pl…[View]
72350102Original vs Remasters: what is your opinion on remasters? Personally, a healthy amount of compressio…[View]
72351764Fuck you I LOVE it: Albums you genuinely love >300 lb neckbeard 20 year old >work out to this …[View]
72351462>tfw completely dead inside what do you listen to when you're post everything /mu/? these da…[View]
72351159AOTYSF?: What is your album of the year at this point, /mu/?[View]
72344525If you dont think lil peep is the future of rap then you are on the wrong side of history[View]
72351066Music Video Thread: I don't think I've seen one here before but I want to start one. Pic s…[View]
72351622Whats their fucking problem?[View]
72351638>City of Love >Rhythm of Love >Almost Like Love >Love Will Find A Way >Real Love Wow,…[View]
72350981Dir En Grey: Favorite songs by these guys. GO![View]
72348994>listen it to the first time fucking garbage >listen it to the second time best jazz sounding …[View]
72350390My Puppet[View]
72351599>band has almost as many non album tracks as album tracks[View]
72351598Any albums like Shallow Grave? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NgfcLG5V0g I'm not well versed…[View]
72351331>Rebecca Black is ba- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WUuR4E-BQA[View]
72351527AOTY 2015: https://aleutiansummer.bandcamp.com/album/dont-look-back Is this a serious contender for …[View]
72351332What genre is Primus? I don't think it's possible to pigeon-hole them into any one genre.[View]
72349170what does /mu/ think of A Great Big Pile of Leaves? https://youtu.be/-Lgzu6IYLaM[View]
72350154go ahead judge me idc[View]
72348633/anti-bleep/: post great dance music that the hipster retards in /bleep/ won't discuss[View]
72351455Is DAMN. Kendrick's best album yet?[View]
72346854Gorillaz - Humanz: now that the dust has settled what went wrong?[View]
72351380Is this the best rapper in the game /mu/[View]
72330531/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Dingwall Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.co…[View]
72351303holy shit i think i just found the most underrated album of 2015 in a bc thread. anyone heard this? …[View]
72345543/Paramore/: thoughts on the new Hayley Williams song, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEB6ibtd…[View]
72351187Colored vinyl thread: Post your colored vinyls[View]
72349359/shugazi/ general: /shugazi/ general. comfy edition how are you all enjoying the new slowdive /mu/?…[View]
72325519after my 4th listen i actually like this now. im just getting used to the new style but its actually…[View]
72351197Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/btheartist/konbanwa[View]
72349497Remind me why people like this südeaointellectual[View]
72350181Today I'll listen to Kid A for the first time. Wish me luck, guys.[View]
72347017Is it okay to grope girls who crowd surf at live shows?[View]
72347651Rank their discography.[View]
72351101has streaming killed music downloads?[View]
72351009So I'm a guitarist that has a gig tomorrow but my vocalist ended up in the hospital. It's …[View]
72350809ITT - Comfy albums only[View]
72349578Blah: What band would you guys love if the vocalist was different?[View]
72346184What does /mu/ think of J. Cole?[View]
72346377/mu/ makes an album - Autism Awareness Month Part 3: today we challenge the masters of autism and fa…[View]
72349408One of these threads[View]
72350590Influential yet unknown people: >We post influential artists of varying genres and see who can na…[View]
72348086ITT: Nostalgia I'm curious what albums /mu/ remembers from their childhood and/or invoke nostal…[View]
72350775What does /mu/ think of Riverside?[View]
72349400Is this a good idea for a thread?[View]
72324902list every 10/10 album to exist: list every 10/10 album to exist: 1. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV …[View]
72350758Any 90-2000 dance songs similar to this one? With xylophones or bells in the chorus https://www.yout…[View]
72349219Why is he so underrated /mu/?[View]
72341780SOUNDCLOUD THREAD: old one dead post your best stuff, bonus points for music video's! --------…[View]
72349335kpop general[View]
72350555Why didn't you guys tell me about this? Thoughts? Is there anything else like it?[View]
72350607Weens live albums: They're so good It's like their characters are in your face and it…[View]
72350111Post the last song you've come across and really liked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqfqVDH…[View]
72347366>3.5/5 's and I'm being generous cause I'm a Kendrick fan…[View]
72350371OHH WA AH AH AH[View]
72345090Ultra newfag here (first time ever on /mu/) what is considered good and what is considered bad. I wa…[View]
72350164What's the /mu/ essential nightcore?[View]
72350441ITT Artists who in your opinion peaked before their debut album[View]
72350252I want to make a Shadilay cover: I'll be recording myself on video playing Shadilay on the guit…[View]
72348538Is Bill Evans the greatest pianist of all time?[View]
72350374best album of all tim[View]
72350297*deletes Jocko Homo*[View]
72350398>didn't know what it was >thought shit this is really public >like public, i mean all …[View]
72348276What's your favorite /mu/core album? Which out of them are 10/10 albums for you? How do you def…[View]
72349548mercury rev great band[View]
72350013Kygo/Kygo replicants vs. Vaporwave/FutureFunk botchers: so /mu/ what's better and more tolerabl…[View]
72350286ITT: Albums you've been meaning to listen to: Post some albums you've been considering sta…[View]
72349507*deletes treefingers*[View]
72350248I cant listen to rock anymore, whats more stuff like this album?[View]
72349934Ulver thread. What's your favourite album? What's your favourite song? What did you think …[View]
72349334LATAM: You have 10 seconds to mame a better Latinamerican band Pro tip, you cant Chicanos NOT welcom…[View]
72332035/daily/ - Overly Complicated Tournament edition: what if a nigga ran in your house and doo dooed on …[View]
72346349metal 'dangerous'?: Metal-head here, been listening to and have loved the genre my entire life. Over…[View]
72349599Hubert Felix Thiefaine: Des français drogués à l'amanite ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYaW…[View]
72350060Does music gets more complex than Ferneyhough's body of work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L…[View]
72348348>so much good music >a day is 24 hours long >you have to sleep at least 6 hours >you hav…[View]
72348670*listens to Maggot Brain once*[View]
72348196The Truth About Motley Crue and Hair Metal: Some things are true. >Grunge was better than most ha…[View]
72350032one of the greatest guitarists in history passed away today and no thread?! /mu/, i am dissapoint. R…[View]
72349667Pleb filter: You genuinely don't respect Nicki's verse on 'Monster': You might a…[View]
72349755should I snort wellbutrin again and listen to pick related or should I just eat a bunch of junk food…[View]
72349163This is just fuck amazing[View]
72348484ITT: Underrated Guitarists: I love the solo in this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6urTrlgzc_Y…[View]
72347601Floyd: Which one do you guys think is better?[View]
72347628How the fuck do you guys have the audacity to say Pet Sounds is better than Sgt peppers?[View]
72348164Has U2's collaboration with Kendrick given anyone else hope that their next album will be a ret…[View]
72348983This is the best album of all time. Try to prove otherwise. Protip: you can't.[View]
72349319anyone else here a psych rock fan, but doesn't like tame impala, king gizz or anco? anyone else…[View]
72349634>UNO >DOS >TRES >CATORCE What did Bono mean by this?…[View]
72349176lkjhgfdsa: Which band or singer has the most pretentious fanbase?[View]
72348489>Band has 2 self-titled albums[View]
72347275This is going to be the worst Album of 2017: not only because it will objectively bad, but also beca…[View]
72349246FELA KUTI: is he the greatest afrikan composer?[View]
72349569I want to support some bands by actually buying some music, but I am trying to figure out the best w…[View]
72349563Hey /mu/, recommend me some good japanese hip hop please! Like a lot of occidental highschoolers, I …[View]
72349555Papoose's Meatbag: Am I the only one who thinks this album was let down by its own production?…[View]
72349411Eyedazzler reissue finally is up for pre-order after years of them talking about it. Let's talk…[View]
72347718Songs/Albums That Remind You of a Better Time: This is the first album that showed me music can be g…[View]
72347450Post your top 15 TRACKS of the decade so far 1. Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me 2. Mac DeMarco - Drea…[View]
72349483I'm still mad.[View]
72349352>listening to ITAOTS at 16 >Hm it's okay I guess, kinda...romantic? >listening to ITAO…[View]
72348866>this sex is on fire, I'm the king of Leon This is Kanye's worst line. Everything on Y…[View]
72348611ITT: Post albums that you think are great and others say if they agree/disagree[View]
72348792>tfw finally finished listening to every album I had downloaded and not given a proper listen to …[View]
72349244>I like all music except country, hiphop, metal ambient, folk, and that old stuff lol…[View]
72283497Grimes General: ctrl+f = no thread found.. yout let me down /mu/ ITT we talk about the most talented…[View]
72348864How is this talentless hack as popular as he is?[View]
72348404post albums with icelandic lyrics pls i need to use my knowledge of icelandic somehow[View]
72334306Record Store Day: Anyone getting shit tomorrow?[View]
72347883KPOP GENERAL[View]
72348802Download link?: This album is free but downloads have ran out in bandacamp :( Does anyone have a nic…[View]
72349269It's just dishwasher noises. If it weren't for the cover, nobody would associate this albu…[View]
72349250(deletes the second half of Halloween)[View]
72349043How did this happen?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12791192[View]
72345663>Album has more than 2 skits[View]
72348083Spark's identity?[View]
72346179So what do you think? I really needed something like this.[View]
72345450ITT: Albums that were ruined by a single member I think we all know which[View]
72347476Nice band t shirt faggot![View]
72348614>try to listen to heavy metal or noisey rock or hardcore gangster rap >get scared and turn it …[View]
72343235>PASTE MY TASTE http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ >FRIENDS WHO LISTEN https://chrome.google.com/webst…[View]
72347764What exactly did they mean by this?[View]
72348893ITT: Songs you can't believe were Top 40 hits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h8zs898lr4[View]
72346625Isn't Anything > EP Collection > m b v > Loveless[View]
72346634What does /mu/ think of Synthpop?[View]
72346398Stereo vs Mono: John Lennon was quoted saying you haven't heard Sgt. Peppers unless if you…[View]
72347412Does anyone know what's the sample on BLOOD.? I can't find it anywhere[View]
72345412Is New Grass the best song ever?[View]
72348259did /mu/ ever have good taste or has it always been so pedestrian?[View]
72346175Is Youtube right?[View]
72348282>LET THEM RAPE THE FOREST the fuck did they mean by this?[View]
72348453ITT: Bands that don't look like what they sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0nRJUPLuSI…[View]
72348695In 25 years historians will refer to the trap rap era as the Atlanta Renassiance[View]
72348529what does /mu/ think of Passion Pit their first EP is okay i used to like it a lot when i was in mid…[View]
72348664why does it feel like its gonna devolve into beastie boys sometimes[View]
72347958>it's a rap album with lyrics about assholes and austin powers BUT with some piano and prog …[View]
72348506>bandcamp 'label'[View]
72346315I can't help but feel that these vocals are pretentious. Is there something I'm missing?[View]
72348429woo hoo[View]
72347579Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this is the best post-AJFA Metallica album?[View]
72347536Metal against Antifa: ITT: Post metal bands that are anti-Antifa, anti-sjw, anti safe space, ect. or…[View]
72347193ITT Albums that would be 10/10 if they removed some tracks[View]
72344131He is one greatest artists of all time: >Critically Acclaimed Album >610,000 first week sales …[View]
72348425What so you think about The Beta Band? How do you rank their work?[View]
72337967/blackmetal/: black metal general boys. Listening to anything interesting?[View]
72348412What are her darkest songs? I like The Outsider (TFJ) and Savages (Froot).[View]
72348409Let's see if someone knows thes russian post punk band. they're pretty big in russia but e…[View]
72347829>There are people that go their whole life playing in standard tuning without learning about play…[View]
72348286what does /mu/ think of COIN?[View]
72344658Hello there Anons, I'm still looking for a song from my childhood in the late 90 early 2000s, …[View]
72342401BANDCAMP /bcg/: Post your music, share, spread the love, constructive criticism (even if harsh) >…[View]
72348246Sheet Music: New to this board, please don't slaughter me. Do people distribute sheet music her…[View]
72348198post rare kurts[View]
72346460Should I listen to this album in Mono or Stereo?[View]
72347869Name an album[View]
72348120Ah! Zabooga! *sniff* *sniff* Skeet Skeet![View]
72343671>Vapourwave became a normie meme >Forest rock is dead >Sportswave lasted like two days When…[View]
72347274>when Broken Heart kicks in I want to die.[View]
72344439AnCo EP: did someone make a rip of the new anco EP yet? I really need it, pls[View]
72348014>went to record store today >Didn't buy anything >Wrote down the names of a few albums…[View]
72348012This is actually pretty good[View]
72346144What was old /mu/ like? I mean from 2010 and before, if any oldfags are around it'd be nice if …[View]
72347948Here's the thing about Mike Patton the man has some serious pipes. He has a six octave range an…[View]
72346732more like this[View]
72347868ITT: First song only good song-core[View]
72343052Arca what the FUCK: You lil fago I opened this in front of my father[View]
72346405KPOP GENERAL[View]
72347438anyone know the name of the original song in the background of this video? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
72346817Post the last song you've come across and really liked[View]
72346196Misunderstood songs: >make a song about crushing heartbreak >want to make it super soul crushi…[View]
72345793Scriabine !: attempted to destroy humanity by music . verry first hipster. Best composer ever .…[View]
72347093What do anons think of the 10 year anniversary edition of Chocolate Rain? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
72345776/noise/ general - OH GOD MY EARS Edition: Haven't seen one of these in a while. Pastebin: https…[View]
72343968Making a 420 playlist. Recommend songs please. None of that vaporwave garbage though. Bonus points f…[View]
72347785Splippleman: Hey /mu/, have you heard of this band? they're pretty good. A brazilian band that …[View]
72347716hello can somone please be a good daddyd to me and upload a cd flac of humanz. thank you so much pap…[View]
72346939Redpill me on Devo[View]
72334789ITT: The most patrician album your parents own[View]
72346164Anthony Cucktano BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN9tcl1yvhw[View]
72347581I GOT A BONER PIC[View]
72347580ITT: Overrated meme companies. P.S. The Thinkpad may has a street value of 10% of the gear, but it…[View]
72339619Give me some album cover wallpapers[View]
72345361Hi, If you haven't noticed we are a much smaller page than you...: Hi, If you haven't not…[View]
72347493Record Store Day Haul: Also recent purchases. Did you get what you wanted? Post pics! >1/2 Heldon…[View]
72347254How awful, or good, is your local radio station? Pic related in Salmon Arm BC is absolutely dreadful…[View]
72346982Tomboy: This album makes me sad[View]
72347373made a Death Grips fan made music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLa4BiR9C6w&t=18s…[View]
72346094How will the 2010s be remembered in music history?[View]
72347129Albums you keep forgetting existed[View]
72342684classic rock is definitely objectively the worst genre ever[View]
72347121What's are the chances of this site getting taken down like megaupload? I have some stuff backe…[View]
72346857is this band just hipster garbage[View]
72347211>Beauty is not love Love is not music Music is the best... Wisdom is the domain Of the wis (which…[View]
72347146Does anyone know which instrument is played in this soundtrack Youtube /watch?v=gt28e02ZSKg starting…[View]
72347126how do i make a living out of nothing? https://christmoniker.bandcamp.com bandcamp thread?[View]
72345785/shugazi/ Shoegaze, Dream Pop. Blackgaze, etc: F̪̓͗Ụ̫̕Z̓Z̗̩͚͂͐͛ͨ͝Z͍̰̃́ͪͭ̍ͤ̄͜Ẑ͐̇͜Z̴̝̟̽͠Z̷̧̜ͦ͗́͘Z̬̼ͣ…[View]
72345422What's your favorite Annie song, /mu/?[View]
72345005Proto New Wave: Does it exist? If you think so, what are some albums that you think fit this moniker…[View]
72346304/mu/'s favorite genres: Vote for your favorite music genres here: http://www.rkursem.com/poll/…[View]
72345831Are you a denier of how influential they were?[View]
72346964I have 105 CAD for some over ear headphones suggestions please ?[View]
72347013guys, i jut got tickets to see radiohead in sweden. how are they actually live, in your experience?[View]
72346744Saw /MU/ top 50 albums. Frankly, I'm disappointed. >Pic related[View]
72345731/comfy/: Just got my turntable set up, playing Twin Peaks soundtrack, and lying in bed under a ton o…[View]
72345961ITT:Just Patrician taste albums: >pic related[View]
72346402wtf this is pretty good[View]
72346526Why does this get so much hate?[View]
72346530Grimes will soon have hard time competing with two these girls, if not already. Lets wish her good l…[View]
72345996>best band of the 2010's is a bunch of old fucks Why are millenials so talentless?…[View]
72345426>album has skits[View]
72346041Please /mu/ i still dont understand why people like this so mutch , i mean i think almost every song…[View]
72346695Adorable: She's the absolute cutest.Oh, and her music is alright.[View]
72346089AND I GOT HER NIGGA[View]
72346620https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjZlnQYqKgM what happened?[View]
72342960MY NAME IS PINGAS[View]
72345674What is the best way to listen to music in 2017? Spotify? Apple Music? Tidal? Direct downloading is…[View]
72346400>Started from the bottom now we here >Yeah that man Kendrick? He's a queer Oh fuck. Here …[View]
72344985ITT: albums that are the epitome of their respective genres. Starting with an obvious one: Vaporwave[View]
72345737post music from your country: Hong Kong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwObYQkSC8w https://www.you…[View]
72334991Create an album cover game: Bonus: reply to people's covers with the genre of their hypothetica…[View]
72346521Favourite album: Corresponding Shakespeare play:[View]
72346231Why were synths such memes in the 80s? Cant stand that shit.[View]
72344533Can we take a second to appreciate the true best rap group? fun fact- Juicy J is wearing some Syste…[View]
72346093https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVaWmErEKkA When did you learn that hip hop is just retards talking …[View]
72344639post artists you find overrated pic relate[View]
72346376What song is he talking about /mu/?[View]
72344792KPOP GENERAL[View]
72341640>tfw still haven't listened to a single whole Kendrick album >tfw only listen to good mus…[View]
72343003p4k is a fuckin joke in case you didnt know[View]
72345332Jazz, Jazz/Funk Thread: These are some of my favorites, recommendations?[View]
72345986Ok, ok, you absolute fucking faggot, yeah, you, the faggot that has been shilling this fucking album…[View]
72343923ITT: Post the most L I T christian rap songs[View]
72344263/mu/ cringe thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFhTdkuwa6Q[View]
72328389NEW ANCO SONG TODAY New EP tomorrow >Today we will play Man Of Oil from our Meeting of the Waters…[View]
72344657Remember me?[View]
72344841Favourite doom metal album?: Pentagram - Relentless[View]
72346085You didn't forget about me, right /mu/?[View]
72344347ITT: Meme instruments: >inb4 guitar Only +6 strings allowed[View]
72345943>album is less than an hour long[View]
72346059God tier mashup albums: post em discuss em[View]
72343709Rap and hip hop tracks with real drums: don't want none of that drum machine shit good example …[View]
72346048This album is what Pink Floyd's The Wall wanted to be but failed to do so.[View]
72346030Connect the Dots: Connections by band member to other groups. Chronological order. 4 max connects I…[View]
72345287I need more Bowie in my life: he might be gone, but his music still lives on[View]
72345721Got any more like this? Alternately, something that makes you cry.[View]
72345716I can't stop listening to the title track[View]
72344295Why has every mainsteam music outlet given this album nearly perfect scores. Is everyone this fuckin…[View]
72344370ITT: Good band names wasted on mediocre music I'll start >Brokencyde…[View]
72345798Thoughts on She Wants Revenge? I've been a big fan for many years, though I saw them live this…[View]
72345749Post your favorite album from your home country and get judged. Me: Poland Łoskot - Amariuch (1998) …[View]
72345821Someone know the name of this music? http://vocaroo.com/i/s0sshBM9IUGq[View]
72345818Underneath the bridge The tarp has sprung a leak And the animals I've trapped Have all become m…[View]
72344845>it's a Logic brags about his Latino wife episode[View]
72344979JUST: JUST[View]
72344650I want to make weird sound with eurorack is this good start[View]
72345079Is there an album full of songs with the same sound or atmosphere of Cuckoo Cuckoo?[View]
72345559>Yotsuba [B] Plebeian >Tomorrow Contrarian >Photon Patrician Prove me wrong. Protip: You c…[View]
72343948Top 3 GOAT drummers >Ginger Baker >'Philthy Animal' Taylor >Drumbo…[View]
72341679Name a bad song on this album: You can't[View]
72345528New Blondie coming soon, do they still got it? https://youtube.com/watch?v=gaL-G9zVxzk[View]
72343855>mfw no one cares about rock music outside of america why's that?[View]
72342551What is some /pol/ music? Similar to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skyVpnqi6ps Doesn't have…[View]
72344504Albums you loved at first listen[View]
72343789What music do you listen to when you drive long distances?[View]
72343959Well, music of course. What's your opinion on music?[View]
72342675Anyone else listening to this? I'm glad they've matured and developed their style while ke…[View]
72344228>a video game soundtrack is better than literally every single album to come out this year lol…[View]
72345275What's the best Explosions in the Sky album?[View]
72345378James Ferraro but patrician and actually good[View]
72345358What does /mu/ think of Black Honey?[View]
72345349Are we not good enough?[View]
72345114thinking about naming my krautrock band 'bad attorneys.' is it a based name /mu/?[View]
72345319>makes a 10/10 albums list >fills it almost entirely with pre-noughties classic albums which h…[View]
72344379While She Sleeps: What does /mu/ think of While She Sleeps new album You Are We https://www.youtube.…[View]
72344584So what do you think of the new Artificial Brain album?[View]
72344605Gangsta rap thread? Yeah let's do it. Pic related[View]
72344472Which one do you prefer ?: For me is the self titled.[View]
72345136Why didn't you tell me xxxtentacion was transitioning?[View]
72342143Did you cry? I did.[View]
72344685Sounds good is good: Theres obviously a lot of shit stirring and calling out on here cause its 4chan…[View]
72341052Does this country have any good artists that's not Abba?[View]
72344695DAMN. > gkmc > TPAB[View]
72345085Uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh uh uh onnn, uh uh-uh onnn Uh-uh onnn, uh uh-uh I'm ahead of my time, sometim…[View]
723446161910=music started 1920-1950=classical music 1960-1970=golden age of music for old singers 1980=perf…[View]
72344900Do people in north america even heard of this lesbian? I can't go anywhere in Europe witout hea…[View]
72342959There are a lot of music where there is just a guy singing over an acoustic guitar. But I havent hea…[View]
72344823https://streamable.com/617dl: Is Bill Nye really so irrelevant that he needs Desiigner to come on hi…[View]
72343522Why does method man get his own song?[View]
72343292Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
72344847why was funk such garbage? i mean when its sampled by some producers its decent but itself is fuckin…[View]
72344921While i was visiting one Yeca (Yellena) husband at work, the child in the crib the child in the crib…[View]
72344190How do we solve the recent Autism epidemic in Hip Hop?: >tries to act cool with his expensive spo…[View]
72344800Where did they release it to?[View]
72343664Any other Viper fans out there? I know he has become a meme but I actually enjoy his music? What are…[View]
72343495What were they thinking?[View]
72343312KPOP GENERAL[View]
72344704Death Grips is not a good band *tips his Fedora*[View]
72343152ITT: Artists where their debut album is objectively the best.[View]
72343860ITT really bittersweet songs Bruce Springsteen - Bobby Jean[View]
72341491Queen: Everyone knows that Queen is the best 70s rockband- and potentially of all time. Their discog…[View]
72340280/mu/'s favorite genres: Vote for your favorite music genres here: http://www.rkursem.com/poll/…[View]
72343785what is the worst album you have ever heard?: pic related for me, this is the worst shit I have ever…[View]
72341480https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y12kbiMQ17I What's the song at 1:01? Please please I've be…[View]
72344320Mono No Aware: God, why is this release so incredible?[View]
72344564Opinion on Walter Schreifels and his projects? >Quicksand, Rival Schools, Walking Concert, and hi…[View]
72344562Anyone ever masterbate to the sounds of music? I think I've lost my mind.[View]
72337202ITT: Albums you've disregarded for a long time then finally decided to give them a chance to fi…[View]
72339356So, you're 'really into' music, huh? Name 4 songs.[View]
72341556>tfw the magic dissapeared after the lawsuit >tfw you'll never experience the original Gh…[View]
72344500why was jonathan davis so cute back in the 90s bros?[View]
72343754>he thinks music fits into a normal distribution with most modern albums being average with few b…[View]
72344487lil snow - xanny: https://soundcloud.com/lilsnowgod/xanny[View]
72333011/U2/ general: Joshua Tree 30th anniversary edition. Who's going to this tour? What would you l…[View]
72343727Recommend me some good jazz albums, I only know about Davis, Mingus and Coltrane.[View]
72343322What does /mu/ think of the Beatles?[View]
72342934This was better much than his last album and at least as good as his first two, discuss[View]
72333234post your favorite female artists: No Waifufagging only post them if you like their music. Pic relat…[View]
72340071I challenge anyone to come up with an album about existential dread that's as good as this.[View]
72344385>'Total Entertainment Forever' is basically a synonym for Infinite Jest really makes you think…[View]
72343991What does /mu/ think of The Dark Third? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSx5BLaK10o[View]
72343985Is heavy metal music dead?[View]
72342032What the fuck happened to Burial?: >2005-2007 = god tier >2009-2012 = decent tier >2012-x =…[View]
72343434Holy shit: It's a 10/10[View]
72344328ok: >[View]
72343221Let's have a discussion about hardcore/borderline metal albums. Here's my contribution.[View]
72342462Post your favorite red albums.: Just like the subject line says.[View]
72344103Thoughts?: His best yet imo[View]
72344060Fuck this torrent bullshit, post a good website to download music from.[View]
72341667Is Thom a secret turbopleb?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imtSibPnTPE[View]
72343813PHM or TDS, /mu/?: Pic related is my choice.[View]
72343432Thoughts on Pogo, /mu/? /watch?v=pAwR6w2TgxY[View]
72343002more like this[View]
72344107How reliable is learning how to sing and gaining an ear for pitch by solely singing along to songs a…[View]
72343752Identify gear: Sup /mu/. /k/ fag here, picked up a box of 30 pic relateds at an auction for 5 bucks.…[View]
72344076which side has better music, left or right?[View]
72343987the best looking indie artists[View]
72342121whats some future garage for this feel?[View]
72343552Is this the best comeback album of all time?[View]
72343111>youtube comments >[artist] really helped me through some tough times what do they mean by thi…[View]
72343889>Ween released Quebec instead of pic related Why?[View]
72330492ITT: Post artists that started out strong in the beginning of their career, had a lull, then came ba…[View]
72343779ITT:Post the best album of a band and anons discuss.: >pic related…[View]
72341387ITT: Damn. tier list discussion: Rank it, boys, in descending order please. GOAT TIER: >Fear. …[View]
72317041ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
72340949post your last seven days I only listen to meme albums[View]
72343803Boy Band General /BBG/: Now I can see that we've fallen apart From the way that it used to be Y…[View]
72343802Any Atlas Fans Here?: So I just got done listening to Atlas' Album 'skeletons' and it was fanta…[View]
72343774ITT: Most unexpected musical collaborations thread.: Linkin park + busta rhymes was a major head scr…[View]
72343027What are some more artists like Duster? I know we've had many threads like this, but the archiv…[View]
72341874ITT: Albums that are all filler[View]
72342191Jesus, the production and mix/master job on this is really bad. It's far too sterile sounding f…[View]
72343060Music request: Hey guys, I'm looking for Swan Lee's debut album 'Enter', but I can't …[View]
72342033How do I redpill my friends to listen and enjoy Death Grips?[View]
72342291'You'll Cowards' is unironically good. 'I Sell Dope Boy' is the greatest Vi…[View]
72342468What is the most recent 10/10 album released in your opinion?[View]
72343625>Portishead and Massive Attack are the only trip-hop bands worth anyone's attentio-…[View]
72343098ITT: Post an album and others tell you their favorite song of that album[View]
72342245>mfw you notice a new detail in a song you love[View]
72342398How to into for death grips?[View]
72343189What does /mu/ think of the Beach Boys?[View]
72343610Soundcloud: Check this out ! https://soundcloud.com/dj_hyperion/dj-hyperion-atomic-original-mix…[View]
72343539What does /mu/ think of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYp28tEAVvs[View]
72343533SOTY https://vimeo.com/213900454[View]
72343462Thoughts on nu-rap? Is it le progressive, avant-garde, and creative-genius tier or crap memes?[View]
72341239post aotysf[View]
72343353is there anybody out there who sounds similar to them?[View]
72343445Why is Mild High Club never mentioned/discussed here? They're pretty solid.[View]
72334676ITT: we create a Jim O'Rourke Song: One sentence at time, I will play on my guitar once it…[View]
72325015Soundcloud Thread: Don't see a dedicated SoundCloud thread, so here. You all know what to do. h…[View]
72340614I have a theory about needledrop. You hate him because you can't be him. YOU wanted to be the m…[View]
72342548Kpop and xxx: Is Kpop now copying xxxmanletcion?[View]
72342141KPOP GENERAL[View]
72342641/techno/ thread: Post your best tracks. Looking for something like this (first seconds, don't w…[View]
72342240Is this module just a meme?[View]
72341908How do I download this set? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrAm9OCLTf4 any chance anybody know an H…[View]
72343210Lost Music thread: I'll make this a general lost music discussion thread, but there's one …[View]
72342750>let's talk about good music >ok, what's your favorite hip hop album?…[View]
72341995Under The Western Freeway: Opinions?[View]
72343145>Lupe Fiasco[View]
72342864list of music I think nobody really likes, but for some reason we're all pretending to each oth…[View]
72335851/mu/tant lyrics? Surely some of you write songs so let's see some lyrics.[View]
72341700L E A K E D: http://filecrypt.cc/Container/B2A933118D.html[View]
72340420what is an album that springs to mind to you as being worth three and a half hot dogs?[View]
72340104Would you honestly still like power electronics and harsh noise if they didn't involve any S…[View]
72342627How is it that one of the most underated musician's ever gave birth too one of the most overrat…[View]
72340260ITT: Albums with no fillers[View]
72342970Who's your favorite hippie in Rock music?: ?[View]
72341193/dalek/: Favorite Dälek album? Also /dalek/ gen[View]
72341258Bruce Springsteen is an overrated pretty boy hack. He can't sing or play guitar worth a damn an…[View]
72342408What does /mu/ think of Waka flocka flame?[View]
72340039Which part of the 00s had better music? Early 2000s or late 2000s?[View]
72334880ITT: God tier dadrock[View]
72339278Is Devo autistic music?[View]
72340035This shit is fucking terrible.[View]
72338086Deathcore?: Any good deathcore out there?[View]
72341967What do you think are Taylor Swift's best songs? Also I'm mainly curious about something..…[View]
72342623Hey guys have you heard of this upcoming rap group Odd Future? http://pitchfork.com/features/article…[View]
72342080what is the most underrated album of the year so far?[View]
72341952What's your favourite Residents album?[View]
72342584>Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! (That part) >Beggars can't be choosers, bitch this a…[View]
72341590Is he the next David Bowie?[View]
72342532Shit I been through prolly offend you this is paula's oldest son-- I know: murder conviction bu…[View]
72342519today i listened so much zero 7. I feel so calm.[View]
72342515Can someone help me think of this damn song name, i could have sworn i heard it in the Adult Swim sh…[View]
72340591where do you order music from? (physical)[View]
72341488Hey this is just a idea but what if the people who worked on the death of Pablo make a similar type …[View]
72342457Any hip hop beats with Carl Sagans voice spliced into it?: Looking for something like this: > htt…[View]
72341578Jeff Rosenstock: Is he the most fun frontman of the last 10 years?[View]
72338953/viper/ - viper general: i'm not the only one who unironically likes Viper, right? edition…[View]
72341119What does /mu/ think of Faithless?[View]
72338025>Chocolate Rain was uploaded ten (10) years ago today[View]
72342261Tracks for Chicago's Tinman: Chicago's tinman needs some new jams. Here is my current play…[View]
72337058Best white rapper?[View]
72342147https://www.thetoptens.com/most-overrated-bands/ How accurate is this list?[View]
72340914What do you think about these albums?[View]
72341851AOTY thread make using: http://collage.topsters.net/ what are your favourite releases so far this y…[View]
72341022KPOP GENERAL[View]
72336084Dylan vs. Young: Which of these two artists with vast discographies do you prefer and why?[View]
72340735https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgNvWfCMMh0 This came out 20 years ago.[View]
72342111the best Marilyn Manson's album?[View]
72341365>I was thinkin' 'bout Alicia Keys, couldn't keep from crying >When she was born…[View]
72342068This was posted on Oneohtrix Point Never's Instagram profile. What kind of tracks do you think …[View]
72341819Are there any Soviet electronic bands besides Zodiac? Begin to be kinda interested in this sort of t…[View]
72340986ITT: Good Avant-Garde Metal this one starts off slow, but it's real good[View]
72341925>All my bitches come in pairs like balls in my nutsack What did he mean by this?…[View]
72341114Why is there a /U2/ general thread on /mu/!?!?[View]
72341949USTA SELL A PERK-A-DAY[View]
72336747>he has more than 20 5-star rated albums on RYM[View]
72339660*blocks your dubs*[View]
72336974What does /mu/ think of Lordi?[View]
72341064Forgot how HARD PRODUCT goes. Fucking brilliant. Is there anything more that is both experimental an…[View]
72341864song title FF8: need sauce of this song. > shazam doesn't give a shit. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
72339689>PG > PC[View]
72341101Anyone else unironically fucking love the Minecraft OST? It just makes me so happy and calm, I can…[View]
72341726Any local and talented musicians in your town /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MCmlvf1OsQ[View]
72340837Do you like U2?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12791192[View]
72337001What's /mu/'s take on Cyndi Lauper? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIb6AZdTr-A[View]
72341709post the 5 best songs you've ever seen live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owNWgBnye5g https…[View]
72339866Why can't rockists understand that songs can be listened to individually and that listening to …[View]
72340809If I can't pirate it from youtube onto my ipod via individual tracks it's not good, or so …[View]
72341737You're not really a true patrician if you don't think that this is a 10/10[View]
72341735Posted Hidden Music Kino: Is this music kino? How could we have overlooked this gem? What else have …[View]
72341240Rise of romanian pop[View]
72341366/Vada Vada/ General: U Want The Scoop? is among 2017's best releases. Have you had the privileg…[View]
72337564ITT most obvious industry plants[View]
72339536A rich black kid suddenly feels like making some k-pop: http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/35…[View]
72341506https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 patricians' favourite track[View]
723385343x3 4x4 5x5[View]
72340576Rappers that make you think[View]
72337151Death Grips General: Thoughts? Worst to best. Favorite tracks. Argue[View]
72341153What the fuck did I just listen to[View]
72333525I hate Kendrick Lamar[View]
72336094/Paramore/: thoughts on the change in style, /mu/? I'd rather have country hayley but the new s…[View]
72341530X Ambassadors - Renegades (Full Cover): https://youtu.be/e6lotVLT9-Q[View]
72338166you may say he's entry level jazz but i say hes entry level GENIUS[View]
72341374best album?[View]
72341297Patriciancore 2015?: does anyone have this image-chart but with better quality? i can't barely …[View]
72338412Wikipedia + Discogs + Soulseek What else do you even need?[View]
72338539Call Steve Albini right now if you want!: Did you guys know you can just call Steve Albini anytime y…[View]
72339030ITT: Albums that surprised you with how good they turned out.[View]
72340980V A P O R E: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=gNzfsR7_39Q[View]
72338894Sup /mu/ I was looking for a video that surfaced a couple years ago and I cant find it. It was a bas…[View]
72339858You know it's their best[View]
72339949ITT Albums you once loved but then fell out of memory[View]
72340311So I just found out about The Caretaker, can I get some similar recommends for this its great https:…[View]
72339297post music to masturbate to[View]
72340145When you download the kendrick album and immediately delete the U2 track before even starting to lis…[View]
72340548looking for an old song i listened to in highschool: there was a song that used to come on pandora w…[View]
72340258kpop general[View]
72340750Diss track thread: Let's make a top 5 of best diss tracks of all time. I can start: 1. No Vase…[View]
72313680/metal/: this general is dead edition[View]
72340671This is the best jazz cd. I will fucking fight you over it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW-EBdF9…[View]
72340881Taste your ears, fuckups https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo4K7v8zQ9o[View]
72340391HEY NOW[View]
72337860What are good Elvis albums to listen to?: So I realized that despite Elvis being an iconic figure in…[View]
72340872Thoughts on Big Audio Dynamite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h8zs898lr4[View]
72340719is this good?[View]
72340314Let's get sad together. Share your favourite sad/slow songs.[View]
72340472Which are your favourite live albums?[View]
72339238What does /mu/ think of Gwen Stefani?[View]
72340500Why is this board so terrible?[View]
72327112Bandcamp thread: I can't believe y'all let the previous one die under 30 smhtbqhfam[View]
72339703Poll: Best and Worst track on DAMN.: Let's settle this once and for all. http://www.strawpoll.…[View]
72333895What are some musicians that only absolute fucking retards would dismiss?[View]
72340672STUPID QUESTION: Culture-wise, would you say the whole 'mainstream vaporwave' trend thing is somewha…[View]
72339993Did he really see one man letting another drown?[View]
72340424Doo Wop. Is this what it's like being on drugs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57tK6aQS_H0…[View]
72340069/rym/: april 2017 edition[View]
72339547amnesiac is their best[View]
72339683a name[View]
72340005Was Future the inspiration behind DAMN.? Is this why the album sucked?[View]
72339037Does nyone else unironically like this album?[View]
72337752What was his fucking problem?[View]
72340267SHE SAID SHE SAID[View]
72338249>someone posted a different opinion >NICE MEME FAGGOT >NICE BAIT >KYS everytime why is t…[View]
72319563/chart/ recommendations and ratings: Post 'em folks. We technically don't have one of thes…[View]
72337861When did you outgrow them, /mu/?[View]
72339980Would you consider Leaves Turn Inside You a post-rock album?[View]
72339383KPOP GENERAL[View]
72339825>According to producer Tony Visconti, he and Bowie deliberately attempted 'to avoid rock'n’r…[View]
72340080Shoot me again, I ain't dead yet huh.[View]
72337640ITT:: Pick what you think is the best album in the world, and prove to other anons why[View]
72337926what's so great about this? that's just pop music with lots of reverb and a bit of distort…[View]
72340177ITT: music related apparel or memorabilia you own, that isn't a shirt or some kind of top.[View]
72337350>I took a pill in ibiiiiza[View]
72336532Is it even possible to have good taste in music and get laid? Everytime I go on twitter all I see gi…[View]
72340062Something so special Something so real[View]
72334930/noise/: Oh no it's the wall, it's the harsh noise wall pastebin: http://pastebin.com/PhhV…[View]
72339008Amp??: So I just bought this amp for $90 (Aus) and I tried looking online to see what it was like an…[View]
72340020Favorite Music Player Software: Whats your favorite music player on android and pc? Currently using …[View]
72339952>talking like a retard to sound urban[View]
72339943I need a miracle I need a miracle: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ5ZJFHL6nY[View]
72338502What does /mu/ think about AIR?[View]
72338808ITT: We write Death Grips lyrics[View]
72339838fllleeew ou tre laasst door lik am nuk ting songs of lovin songs of dyin beach esa chelaklfk[View]
72335035What's the best hiphop album of the last few years?[View]
72339765What's some music my practice girlfriend would like?[View]
72339727Clasical music thread: Post on of your favorite clasical or similar song https://youtu.be/bH1s8PcDBE…[View]
72336135>synthpop is simpl-[View]
72339177why does /mu/ hate King Gizzard?[View]
72339609>'Cuz you're EV-REEE-WHERE to MEEEEEE...[View]
72339641How does he keep releasing albums from the dead?[View]
72337889Question: Why is Gorillaz so much better live? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX2nN1Xeo8c https://w…[View]
72332487/mu / memes like this[View]
72339544If they didn't try so hard to be edgy, would they be considered one of the best modern & co…[View]
72337040>TFW incel Music for this feel?[View]
72336162ITT: /mu/ in 1969[View]
72335598what is or what is your favorite Metallica album: we were all plebs once. be honest and post what yo…[View]
72338154ITT 11/10 musical moments.: Beats start in All Neon Like[View]
72337561Recommend me some heavier alternative metal[View]
72338513kpop general: I see you edition[View]
72339344they basically pulled off one of the greatest marketing stunts of all time and nobody cared or even …[View]
72339326HELLO. THIS IS. DEVO[View]
72339312I haven't been here in a couple years; do we still shitpost about Time Machine Modulus and ment…[View]
72338548Did vaporwave have anything to do with these 80s revival thing going on right now?[View]
72339210I liked LOYALTY. and GOD.[View]
72339071>that feel when FEEL the best song of his discography by far[View]
72339159>side b of an album is just an instrumental version of side a[View]
72339215Who's better? I'd say equal[View]
72336530What genres are patriciancore?[View]
72338290Mods are asleep post sinks[View]
72339163What are the vocal effect used on 0078h? Anything else with a similar style?[View]
72338793GAS: Rank the gas albums go[View]
72338831Blackbear: New Album. Some of it is pretty shit but tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are all okay-goo…[View]
72338788Give me one reason why Pitchfork isn't a joke.[View]
72333166/mu/mour:: GET edition[View]
72338104The new Animal Collective is actually good.[View]
72336104https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/fourwallsandaroof chill…[View]
72335767Lana Del Rey: >My boyfriend's black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35cTIXoBnuw What did sh…[View]
72335016>nobody in band is particularly talented >famous hits First hack band?…[View]
72338657plug.dj thread? Room I usually go to is pretty dead atm https://plug.dj/s-wat[View]
72334215ITT: post a fake album cover, other anons guess what genre it would be[View]
72338819When did you realize this was the best Beatles solo album?[View]
72337883>when bjork growls or screams in the middle of a song[View]
72337427ITT : comfy albums[View]
72325823/MU/CORE ROCK GENERAL: postpunk, 80s-90s post-hardcore, mathrock, 90s slacker rock, noiserock, late …[View]
72334900What is the best rap duo, and why is it Run the Jewels?[View]
72338572unnamed undamned: do you think he will release a b-side album just like he did for TPAB?[View]
72338234>I listen to everything[View]
72338027Even if you think the message is stupid, you still have to admit this is an (musically) amazing albu…[View]
72338569>genre: island vibes[View]
72338634why is fantano so salty about this album? Seems fine to me[View]
72337851>soundcloud rappers[View]
72337598Which INXS album is the best /mu?: Gotta add one of em to my vinyl collection. Which should I pick?…[View]
72337810Rate my music list: Alright /mu/ I made a top 100 album list no artist repeating. I fucked up and pu…[View]
72338101ITT:: Best, Worst, Overrated, Underrated[View]
72337612So, is Easy Money a ripoff of Money?[View]
72336841KPOP GENERAL[View]
72337995We describe people by the albums they chose.[View]
72338385Punk general thread[View]
72337716>record an awful freestyle >post it bonus points if you produced the beat i'll start http…[View]
72336909When does it click?[View]
72338346Ive had two years to think about this. This is the best album of my life time (1993), the layers of …[View]
72338074Can you post a better album than this? I dont think one exists.[View]
72336931Album of the year 2017 nominees so far? And why is it Pink Season? I'm waiting.[View]
72338333>YES I WOULD SAY THAT[View]
72337190>singer has a lisp[View]
72338308>DAMN is a step in the wrong direction.[View]
72337982>Alternative Rock[View]
72338094Last night you were in my room, and now my bedsheets smell like you.[View]
72336656>this is the kpop general userbase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFKl22j1RY…[View]
72337623House music similar to this?: /watch?v=jya4geS4eEk&t=52m1s[View]
72336014Is this good.: Is this album good. I don't wanna waste my time if its not[View]
72336719>out on a date >pic related walks up to your gf >'hey beautiful can I play you a song?' …[View]
72338127>'now halloween jack is a real cool cat' >dresses like a gay pirate and not a cat Why even bot…[View]
72335680what are some exemples of good music?[View]
72337279Jason Molina: His body of work (Songs: Ohia; Magnolia Electric Co; Molina and Johnson) is a 9.5/10. …[View]
72337976what's some actually good music?[View]
72338083Songs you recommend?[View]
72338046>Don't you know god is disabled >Is disabled >Clouds may gather all around you >But…[View]
72336978whether you like it or not, this is the best and most defining album of this decade so far[View]
72335542Disc one or disc two? Personally I think it's overall very close but ultimately disc one is bet…[View]
72336169>asunder, sweet and other distress is godspeed's worst album[View]
72337259How to find more music I like?: Am I fucking retarded or something? In the last 5 years I've he…[View]
72337632Did Action Bronson fucking retire or what?[View]
72337726So Max Bemis?[View]
72337560Guided by Voices: JUST[View]
72336439this kinda sucks[View]
72332752https://youtu.be/MtYyuU1aOrM Animal Collective released a new song.[View]
72337189Promoting: What are some good music websites to promote hip-hop music other than soundcloud? I rap b…[View]
72333674ITT:: Favorite album, last listen, what you thought about, what you did today. Guess personalities…[View]
72336305Ween Fans?: Is anyone on this damn site a fan of Ween? No. I'm not talking about ocean man…[View]
72337648HUMANZ: how many of you fucks enjoyed it? I wanna know.[View]
72337345Has any band been as educational as The Beatles?[View]
72337626talentless hack[View]
72336954Any Keith Jarrett fans here? I just finished listening to pic related and it's great. I was won…[View]
72332920holy fuck /mu/. i wasn't ready https://profoundlorerecords.bandcamp.com/track/estranged-from-or…[View]
72336100ITT: post fake album covers and other anons decide the genre/artist name/album name[View]
72334766Remove one track to make it perfect[View]
72329767Is Azealia Banks, dare I say it, /ourgirl/?[View]
72337433what was that joke band about a time traveling muslim called[View]
72335975Thoughts on Cortex? More like pic related?[View]
72337420TRUMPed: ITT: Artists you liked who were non ironically ruined by Trump Damon Albarn Wavves EMA Tim…[View]
72337445Is he the most talented living musician?[View]
72337391How did they record this song from the 13th century? Their weren't any recording devices back t…[View]
72334055What are our thoughts on this mixtape? I think it's fantastic.[View]
72336382I have hated rap my whole life. This cd by Suicide Boys have changed my mind. Anyone have anything e…[View]
72332332Admit it, you don't listen to 1/10 the music he (right) does[View]
72326279/rym/: um[View]
72337049why is everyone sleepin' on this?[View]
72335878ITT: you're best albums to listen to while going through a break-up pic extremely related for m…[View]
72335015What is punk?[View]
72334980Hey anon, in all seriousness, what's some good beginner metal? ;)[View]
72335172Kendrick Lamar is garbage.[View]
72335833name a better concept album[View]
72337140This is the best and fully realized DnB album ever made. Prove me wrong.[View]
72334494Fucking 'ell boyos Anyone seen this?[View]
72335501god tier songwriters[View]
72336134THIS. IS. MY. CURSE.[View]
72333913ITT albums made on heroin[View]
72337110Late listens: Talk about an album you've heard about for a while but just recently listened to.…[View]
72336704Post some aesthetic music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHLB2bpI_-s[View]
72337083Music like this: Looking for hype music similar to this. Would be much appreciated https://www.youtu…[View]
72336979>when you buy the last LP[View]
72337009Will music ever surpass this moment?? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBhB9gRnIHE…[View]
72335591/mu/ whats your guilty pleasure song? Is there anything that you listen on loop for hours on end tha…[View]
72336317What's some good Chinese music?[View]
72336716>muh working class[View]
72336790>'Listen to the live version of the album. It blows the studio version out of the water.'…[View]
72322762GUESSTHATALBUM.COM IT'S NOT RYM: guessthatalbum.com Draw album covers for other people to guess…[View]
72335888>Varg Vikernes >Lou Reed >Eric Clapton >Kendrick Lamar >Seth Putnam >Myrkur Why do…[View]
72335220KPOP GENERAL[View]
72335357The Smiths are just a poor man's Orange Juice.[View]
72336662/mu/ likie? https://youtu.be/hSst_YEmhmc[View]
72336273what do old nu metal fans listen to now? the ones who never moved on do they listen to the newest li…[View]
723256743x3, 4x4, 5x5 last 7 days post them, talk about music and have fun[View]
72333003Feel with me. More like this? I need some music to make me cry. Feels good, man.[View]
72334272The second half of this album is solid 10/10[View]
72336371>tfw people smoke weed to enjoy music more than they usually do and I've been smoking too mu…[View]
72326939What did Thom mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imtSibPnTPE[View]
72336646https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYjFKmo5DZI >this man occupies the same fanbase as you…[View]
72335725Which version of true love waits is better? Live or album[View]
72336324what are some song lyrics that just make you feel good /mu/?[View]
72334771Modest Mouse: Thought's on Modest Mouse? Went to one of their concerts, I've always been …[View]
72336434Why is France so shit at music? pic unrelated[View]
72336551Remember Me?[View]
72331646Hip Hop discord server: Join to discuss Hip hop. https://discord.gg/ASyFw[View]
72336452He is talented right?: he is talented right? Just wanna know[View]
72336526It just hit me...: Let me set the scene >With aid from his massive amount of money, Michael Jacks…[View]
72335324>Review this piece of shit place like only kike know how What did he mean by this?…[View]
72335566>how to ruin a good song good job Bono[View]
72335967I need actual help here. I don't know the slightest thing when it comes to musical creation, bu…[View]
72334609>U2 is leading in the poll Is /mu/ pro bono?[View]
72336360Who does that one album with the baby on the cover and the guy with the moustache and glasses who lo…[View]
72336359So it's agreed Fade Into You is the best song of the 90s, right? At least stateside[View]
72332765Why do dirty hippies act like John Lennon was a saint He physically abused both his wives, emotiona…[View]
72335918If Zauberberg is your favorite, you're a pessimist. If Pop is your favorite, you're an opt…[View]
72336248ITT: Shit you listened to in high school that you still kinda like[View]
72336245>listen to ooouuu for first time >oh shit its actually good >look at comments >wtf young…[View]
72335435why do some not like this? is it the scat?[View]
72335325What does /mu/ think of this masterpiece? Easily a 10/10![View]
72335997what do ya'll think of the new incubus album? it's better than i expected desu[View]
72334943The gerogerigege[View]
72330996Can we just go ahead and do this shit already? We don't need Hanging Cuck.[View]
72336058/mu/ i need your help remembering an album. The first name of the artist was Washington. The album a…[View]
72335986industrial folk for isaac please[View]
72335675ITT: Essential nu-male core[View]
72334906how do you cope with the extreme irrational self doubt that comes with writing lyrics? is the only s…[View]
72333574What do you think of this musician's body of work?[View]
72335927What's with all the fucking sub genres?: At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical old man, …[View]
72332556/prg/ - Post-Rock General: Discuss some lesser-known post-rock here. Someone from the last thread me…[View]
72335924i really liked blonde but the first time i listened to it i was on acid and it was all super chill c…[View]
72333901What to do while listening to music?: I have tons of music that I want to listen through but I am un…[View]
72331598anyone else feel like they are retconning the characters? i know i know 'hurrdurr another gorillaz p…[View]
72333750'Over across the tracks in the industrial side of Cream country lie unskilled laborers like Black Sa…[View]
72334242Record store day: It's record store day, I'm in the queue with 6 hours to go... what do I …[View]
72335810Your top 5 Kendrick cuts and what you did over Easter weekend, go. Untitled 06 Money Trees Fear Yah …[View]
72335803Why the fuck isnt this /mu/core?[View]
72335631So why are people on /mu/ have such a high sense of superiority in the music that they listen to?[View]
72335787Roommates New Track Looking For Helpful Criticism: My Roommate is small on soundcloud and is wonderi…[View]
72333668/mu/ writes a power electronics album/song: the previous thread produced this masterpiece https://cl…[View]
72335760Salad Days gets all the attention but Rock n Roll Nightclub always hits the spot at nighttime.[View]
72333688Give me ONE reason why this isn't the greatest sludge album of the '90s.[View]
72332074Will this album ever be topped?[View]
72335196> 5' 5'' JUST[View]
72333528>tfw no gf music for this feel?[View]
72335701Lyrics that hit you hard 'she's not mine and she never will be I'm reminded everyday, she…[View]
72335692Go check this out ! https://soundcloud.com/dj_hyperion/dj-hyperion-atomic-original-mix[View]
72334524What is the best Metallica album? imo RTL is one of the best albums ever made[View]
72334243it's time to take the abbapill[View]
72334584GG is GOD[View]
72335556>it's a get drunk and listen to sad songs from the 90s episode https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
72334451ITT: post album covers without posting them[View]
72333885terracotta pie[View]
72335373https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqFq1jL_4V4 Is Froggy Fresh the pinnacle of story-telling rap?[View]
72325036U2 is /mu/core now[View]
72335051not into electronic music much but i cant get this jam out of my head. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72327330/mu/ Announcement. It is now illegal to bully U2 threads. Such an act is worthy of deportation to r…[View]
72335010anyone else hyped about the $400 model d clone? sure it's >behringer quality but I think it…[View]
72335281finding playlists: So, what's is the best way to find these playlists on the internet? The one…[View]
72333763https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLrCGgA0bEY Who was in the wrong?[View]
72333934>get a swimming pool full of liquor and you diiiive in Wouldn't this burn your eyes? What di…[View]
72333890KPOP GENERAL[View]
72335175How do you listen to music? What kinds of speakers/headphones do you use? I'm using Senhiesser …[View]
72334758*blocks your path*[View]
72332162>album name is the band name[View]
72325377post your guiltiest pleasures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAzRGZqo8AY[View]
72333114What music sounds like dystopia to you? Pic related.[View]
72325990It's shit.[View]
72334700What does /mu/ think of the GOAT?[View]
72334952Thoughts on the new Chrome album? I haven't seen anybody talking about this album, and I'm…[View]
72325757Favourite dilla beat?[View]
72333823Post Good Albums: Post Good Albums[View]
72333230>video game music isn't goo-[View]
72333563What's the appeal? Most of their songs sound like paper being shredded.[View]
72321929ITT: bands with perfect discographies[View]
72322040Why aren't we talking about this? Is this the first Vapor Rap album?[View]
72332532Play me the most beautiful piece of music ever made.[View]
72334001is there any good edm or everything is just garbage[View]
72332644>yeah but, you see like, i knew kurt cobain[View]
72333992>Jeff can't seem to hit the right note, so he starts ranting about the 'fucking jews and coo…[View]
72334406/MU/ FANFICTION: Does anybody have any more material similar to this? I need some /mu/core fanfictio…[View]
72334792it's a tomato[View]
72334318>yfw you realise Curren$y released 13 mixtapes last year alone and they were all fantastic Honest…[View]
72334307Passing Out Pieces sounds like a Tame Impala song if Tame Impala were actually good[View]
72331936How can I make music like Twenty one pilots?, I have Fl studio.[View]
72333849DEAD SONS: Guys, does any of you have a link to download this album? Torrent sites get me nothing. T…[View]
72334599>he listens to butt-industrial[View]
72316270>band has exclamation point in their name[View]
72332921How come I never see him brought up when people discuss the goat? He's got unparalleled flow, t…[View]
72334671Songs that make you feel old: >released 17 years ago[View]
72334314https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioQLlX2ELbg&spfreload=10 What genre of music is this? I'm b…[View]
72334638under ground: whos good[View]
72333905ITT post musicians who will be huge in a few years. Pic really fucking related[View]
72333945Red or In the Court of the Crimson King?: Pic related is my choice[View]
72332782So /mu/tants i know that probably all of you hate Crystal Castles but...: i'm looking for somet…[View]
72334214How can I prove to my pleb friends that LOVE is objectively the worst track on DAMN and LUST is obje…[View]
72334472Why do people say this is hard to listen to? It's the catchiest shit ever. I want to sing along…[View]
72324167Post the the last album that you heard or the album that you currently listening now: Album that i…[View]
72334436Post your favorite hip-hop albums and guess stuff[View]
72334414What are some patrician 'throat-singing' albums? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOAuR_UdA-U https:/…[View]
72334410U2 Sucks lol: shut up about your gay ass band, even if they wern`t that bad on the new Kendrick albu…[View]
72334255Do you guys like The Books? Also what is some other sampletastic music like this?[View]
72332099One of These Threads: >Best The Modern Age >Worst When it Started >Overrated Last Nite >…[View]
72333442>5 discs of bonus material >no carnival of light…[View]
72334295Who did it better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqE_H1A-8B4 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C…[View]
72327996It's Robert Smith's Birthday today: let's have a Robert Smith appreciation thread…[View]
72333150>According to Billboard, K.Dot is projected to sell between 530,000 to 550,000 equivalent album u…[View]
72333847*deletes tracks 1-8 and 10*[View]
72333132'Yeah he might have hit it first' >might What did Kanye mean by this[View]
72329722Well, it's time lads. It's time for me to finally conquer my Ween folder. I have pretty mu…[View]
72321370Best video game sound tracks?: My vote goes for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhOEn7Xl8as…[View]
72334073alone, about to take a shit ton of ritalin. what should i listen to /mu/?[View]
72334022Eternal Instrumental Thread because this board is for music, not poetry[View]
72334043does anyone else only listen to the albums he gives higher than an 8? me and fantano's tastes u…[View]
72332821mercury rev great band[View]
72329521Surprising music facts: The vocals on 'When You Sleep' are not Kevin and Bilinda singing together, b…[View]
72328898Gorillaz - Humanz (2017) [128]: The best quality rip yet with proper tags by me. (not the actual cov…[View]
72333556Join us bros https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/the-offbeat Welcome to the off/b/eat, a room for music, me…[View]
72333635What do you racists think of Odisee?[View]
72331804'You have to conquer yourself and take control of yourself. I make fun of a lot of people like Brian…[View]
72332645KPOP GENERAL[View]
72332438>there are people who listen to electro swing[View]
72333835>be me >live in central cali hype for the new gorillaz album >get the app, it tells me wher…[View]
72332504Why do you all act like loyalty is a bad song? Its not even remotely bad. You're just being hi…[View]
72333770Did Kodak Black get away with saying the word 'kike'?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD2jHQGcNp4 A…[View]
72332817What does /mu/think of Matt Elliott?[View]
72333399>If you don't think Kendrick is good, then you don't know hip hop I see this sentiment …[View]
72333619Does it get any more kino than this?[View]
72329984Is she going to drop EPOTY 2017?[View]
72333115Playboi Carti: Thoughts on his music/recent tape?[View]
72333627Johnny Marr - Kill My Uncle: What the fuck went wrong here? Not only is the music shit, the cover is…[View]
72332238My parents found a notebook in which I discussed suicide and self harm. Music for this feel?[View]
72331866I changed my mind. I like it.: Am I the only one?[View]
72333082is there any sad/depressing post rock album or songs?[View]
72332852*pretends this album never existed*[View]
72331298Is it just me or is this album reaaaalllllyyy quiet in some sections?[View]
72333479What are some young bands that carry on the spirit of U2?[View]
72333302>/mu/ jizzes itself with DAMN. calling it the album of the century >more than 10 threads about…[View]
72332143which country made the best music during ww2?: >america https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycrb_ySff…[View]
72331480alright ya fuggin gay homos post the coolest thing you've heard recently[View]
72332017>I've been waiting for a guy to come and take me by the hand Did Ian kill himself so that no…[View]
72331285Who is your favorite Asian artist? For me, it's Sun Kil Moon[View]
72333142Jam Bands: How come jam band music is never talked about on here? For a board obsessed with avant ga…[View]
72332028reminder sympathy sells[View]
72331264ok what the fuck is the deal with this u2 meme bullshit right now? It's all ironic right and pe…[View]
72332709Legitimently a masterpiece. Your thoughts?[View]
72330385/mu/ recommends me new music: Something new? I've been having this music for ages,i need some f…[View]
72332853Take the U2pill.[View]
72332285Is this their only good album?[View]
72333070Started getting into this band and wow feels p good[View]
72329133ITT: the most talented member of imporftant bands. From Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page.[View]
72333059Whats the song?: https://twitter.com/urmumsausername/status/785580424026259457[View]
72332136this album >>>>>>> any Beatles album[View]
72332236Help me out /mu/: I found the song Dancing Anymore by IS TROPICAL on another board over some random …[View]
72331573Music to improve your masturbation: Let me hear it /mu/, music that helps you get off. Don't gi…[View]
72331961LE ASS IS ON FIRE 0_O!![View]
72331084Omegle thread: lets talk about music on omegle,add /mu/ and music to interests and talk about music…[View]
72332926>tfw swans finally clicked[View]
72330077Definitive poll: What is /mu/'s stance on U2?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12791192[View]
72332453What does mu think about this?: Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion[View]
72332301>album art is just the artist/band members standing[View]
72331023All this is is Kendrick parroting back all his influences, but there’s no synthesis. He’s excessivel…[View]
72332840Dust has settled. Is DAMN. a misunderstood masterpiece or an overrated album?[View]
72328781ITT: Post your top 4 albums and other people guess your personality[View]
72329027ITT: Bands that got progressively shittier with time[View]
72331511NEW ANCO SONG VERY GREAT http://www.mediafire.com/file/dac6i6db37c6s1i/Man+Of+Oil.m4a[View]
72332831This is Weezer's only good album[View]
72332788Soundcloud: Hey guys ! What do you think about this track ? https://soundcloud.com/dj_hyperion/dj-hy…[View]
72328150Niggas On The Moon: Why was it so overlooked? It's such a bold record. Especially for Death gr…[View]
72332181Yes. U2 are an amazing fucking band. They defined 'epic'. You'd have to be a Scaruffi-cocksucke…[View]
72331644itt: The best breakup song of all time https://youtu.be/Idfv4wyWfSs[View]
72332651808 state is fucking great 808 state is fucking great 808 state is fucking great 808 state is fuckin…[View]
72331987Essential Neil Young?: What are THE essential Neil Young Albums? Bonus Question: Rust Never Sleeps …[View]
72328614>CRAAAAAAZY FALAFEL what the fuck did they mean by this?[View]
72331447KPOP GENERAL[View]
72331768>mfw I've heard all the songs[View]
72332067Is Radiohead overrated?[View]
72332078>tfw sound like a massive faggot when I sing[View]
72332561/mu/core = trash: prove me wrong[View]
72332221*deletes george*[View]
72332406Lyrics you misheard for years >He used to do surgery >For girls in the Arab Sea…[View]
72331930Whats lil wayne's best project?[View]
72332190It's actually better than I expected[View]
72332511JROCK FEMALE BANDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqmVeLpBMmk[View]
72332398*deletes beatles thread*[View]
72330302ITT: Ultimate Musical Redpills: Pearl Jam's first album isn't bad[View]
72331965Best song you've ever heard?[View]
72332455LADY GAG FLOPS AGAIN: lmao trash https://uicradio.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/treview-why-lady-gagas-th…[View]
72329392*deletes Octupus Garden*[View]
72332147Metal music style: Hey, /mu/, this is a thread for all the metalheads. The real one, not the metalco…[View]
72330843Name my band mew[View]
72332227anybody seen my drummer steve?[View]
72331846Who here likes to go on an early 2000s pop video clips trip on Youtube?[View]
72331875>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Beatles[View]
72331629STOP RIGHT NOW! go listen to Kendrick Lamar's XXX. Or else I'll put another U2 album on yo…[View]
72331659I hate furries, but i like lapfox trax a lot. What is wrong with me?[View]
72330175>Friends are all at a party I didn't get invited to Music for this feel?…[View]
72329071This is the greatest pop rap album of all time, if only because of The Glory.[View]
72331716What's the best Swans album /mu/? I can't choose between White Light, Children of God or T…[View]
72332131Holy shit.[View]
72332011*deletes all irrelevant tracks*[View]
72331880I keep having this dream where SpaceGhostPurrp tweets 'Y'all got til cinco de mayo to get yo sh…[View]
72327577*deletes album except My Collection, Hallucinating and Solo*[View]
72328225>ITT: Describe an album using one song on that album Total Trash[View]
72332061THE downward spiral: NIN thread. Also this is the greatest album of all time.[View]
72331041post top 5 musicians and talk shit >mf doom >the doors >radiohead >nina simone >anima…[View]
72329096Post /mu/-PTSD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m48GqaOz90[View]
72329254Why does Alessia Cara's thread didn't last one day?: I'll drop some pics of her /mu/…[View]
72331679Tell me the best music news site: I hate Pitchfork. Tell me the best site to get news about music. P…[View]
72331813Albums /mu/ never talks about[View]
72331536What rapper would you pick for someone who wants to get into rap?[View]
72327971NEW THE WAR ON DRUGS SINGLE: https://vimeo.com/213900454[View]
72330653BEST OF FRIDAYS: Welcome to Best of Fridays. In this thread, we provide what we believe would be a b…[View]
72331848Violet Cold: Can anyone pass me this single in rar? Empty Creatures of Violet Cold[View]
72331844Best artist of our time[View]
72329801Let's see how rap has evolved over the past 10 years. >2007 >CRANK DAT SOULJA BOY YUUUUUL…[View]
72329856Tinder Anthems: What are good songs to put as anthems on your tinder profile? Post your anthems. Her…[View]
72331702>remix of any kind whatsoever[View]
72331111Bono admits that he used to not be able to sing! >I used to write songs that I couldn't sing…[View]
72316371/daily/ - 'old vs. new' edition: Why are we going so fast again? The point of these threads is to en…[View]
72330663Father John Misty: holy fuck were fucked and he knows it father jon pepe thred is his music pretenti…[View]
72331508Does /mu/ like Jandek?[View]
72331502Albums that tell stories: Post albums that tell great stories through their lyrics.[View]
72327958Why does he think he's Jewish?[View]
72331032What did /mu/ think?[View]
72330645>YouTube recommends me a video for a supposed live version of Talk Talk's 'I Believe in You'…[View]
72330404Are you ready?[View]
72331466Is this the Blurryface of 2017?[View]
72331493Is the guy from JANK alive and doing ok? Do you guys think he actually assaulted someone?[View]
72330725>I just prefer instrumental. I don't need to hear what other people are singing. And if I ne…[View]
72330971Post funny songs https://youtu.be/us61F-u-p3o[View]
72330221KPOP GENERAL[View]
72325691Record Store Day is tomorrow. What are you picking up?[View]
72327860Turned 19 yesterday What do you think of it?[View]
72331387it doesn't really get much better than this ... does it? ...[View]
72330752ITT: Modern Classics[View]
72331139Is this a masterpiece?[View]
72331006can you guys help me get into classical music? how do i start? any album recommendation?[View]
72331137Where were you when kendrick became the best rapper critically, and commercially? 610k first week. D…[View]
72331215Why does /mu/ still have caveman rockist groupthink? Let's fix that. Sell all your guitars and …[View]
72330289How did he do it? Beating drake of all people in first week sales?[View]
72330767albums you want to fuck[View]
72330632>when the marketing is better than the album[View]
72321033SHARETHREAD: The Thread Before the Previous Had an Edgy OP Edition: ETIQUETTE - Include correct form…[View]
72330390Untitled tracks... is this EVER acceptable?: there is no excuse for not titling your songs. I do not…[View]
72322075How is this getting ratings and reviews on the same level as TPAB? It's nowhere near it[View]
72329255Unsaucable Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNQRZiYg0Ro[View]
72323201ITT: Personal 10/10's: ITT: Personal 10/10's[View]
72329584https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-GPOr4DUaw music similar to this?[View]
72330659ITT: Bands that got progressively better with time[View]
72330802pick one moo: for me its marilia mendonça[View]
72330880ITT:: ITT: Post popular /mu/-core and recommend albums that are similar. Sunny Day Real Estate - 'Ho…[View]
72329388ITT: Post the worst songs of all time[View]
72320880who is the worst female artist of today?[View]
72328808What's her name again, /mu/?[View]
72330052Is it bad that I unironically enjoy this?: >Please don't kill me…[View]
72330691How come only their old music is used and listened to but no one gives a shit about their newer albu…[View]
72330318*deletes Nosferatu Man*[View]
72329598I can´t get enough of this album or the live version. I listen to it everyday! can you recommend me …[View]
72330699New video/single, just in time for the weekend! All aboard the Skeleton Ship! Yea, the good news com…[View]
72330141ITT: Great bands with shitty fanbases[View]
72329375Do you think Stefan has ever been on 4chan?[View]
72330655He really did 610,000 sales in his first week: http://m.hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming DAA…[View]
72329363So this guy's back, how do you like his new stuff so far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEh7I…[View]
72329694Name an album I dare you protip >you fucking cant[View]
72330005This is objectively the best meme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSgjqXebBto[View]
72329470Halp: Guys, I'm looking for a song and it's driving me nuts. Google is no help at al. I t…[View]
72314300Fa/gg/ot - Guitarfa/gg/ and Bassfa/gg/ General: BITCH I SAID OLD THREAD(!!!) all encompassing autism…[View]
72328851>Gospel - The Moon Is A Dead World Is there any album that sounds like this? I've tried to f…[View]
72319773When will people finally appreciate this for the masterpiece that it is?[View]
72330376Who the hell even listens to this shit?[View]
72328368Why is a lot of music so badly mastered nowadays? Not an audiophile but clipping, distortion and shi…[View]
72329467Best Music Player for Mac?: inb4 windows fanboys dissolve the thread into retardation[View]
72330354What is up with the interludes? Just to make a short album seem longer?[View]
72330275does /mu/ into The King?[View]
72330322Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
72329933Self-Titled Songs on Self-Titled Albums: Post 'em I'll start The song Porno for Pyros on t…[View]
72329882ITT: /mu/ in 2016[View]
72328846KPOP GENERAL[View]
72328956Since today it's Ribert Smith's birthday, and he is probably here, alone, with the last fa…[View]
72326085ITT: /mu/ in 1999[View]
72330084>she made that dick grow now it's big like a tower What did he mean by this?…[View]
72328345Why is punk rock dead? How did it die?[View]
72328567ITT meme albums[View]
72329419Name a good album that came out before 1966[View]
72317511Albums with zero (0) bad songs: cogito[View]
72329245you got a problem bitch?[View]
72326461HARD TIMES >Gonna make you wonder why you even try HARD TIMES >Gonna take you down and laugh …[View]
72330000any sugestions on 70's / contemporary space rock?: looking for long and trippy, similar to earl…[View]
72329989where the fuck do i go from here?[View]
72329754>XXX >Fear name a better 2-song sequence on DAMN protip: you can't…[View]
72321607Yowie - Synchromysticism: The new Yowie album came out today, it's their best so far imo[View]
72329940ITT album covers that piss you off[View]
72329070*Deletes 70's Bowie*: 1969 - 1980 is gone![View]
72329809WASTED & WOUNDED[View]
72324218*deletes entire discography because of how bad this album is*[View]
72327600wtf i love u2 now[View]
72329453witch house?: Recommend me some the best witch house[View]
72329634/chart/: old ones dead, have fun and be cool[View]
72329729oh look it's this thread again[View]
72329736What's the most kino concept album, and why is it W.A.S.P.'s Crimson Idol?[View]
72327203Mutant radio backlog edition.: Alright so I'm gonna get baked and play random songs from my 100…[View]
72326204Humor and meme thread: Its kinda true when you look at any soundcloud rapper and these monotonously …[View]
72326607Hey guys! What do you think of my top 100 list I just finished up? I start to care less toward the b…[View]
72329679>MARIJUANA MAKES MY DAY What did he mean by this?[View]
72326918Discography rate time, do any band you want Exm > nldw > Gov > Niggas > TMS > Jenny …[View]
72329668ITT: Only the purest of tunekino[View]
72329665My Favourite Band.: You guys know of any similiar sounding groups to KSE? I love the Melodies the mo…[View]
72329207ITT: Post the only good album[View]
72329648What did he mean by this? Is None a new album?[View]
72329499I wash myself with a rag on a stick[View]
72309437Vektor - Terminal Redux Edition Previous: >>72293476[View]
72327620which hip hop albums have similar vibe/atmosphere to this one?[View]
72329528Jim Wise killed his wife out of love for her[View]
72329596I hope that he and all the fans who liked that shit die https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEh7Ip4yvH8…[View]
72326862>mixtape number 25 Are there rappers with more work ethic than Bones?[View]
72327776>ITT: 'pleb' opinions that are actually correct Dälek is boring. This is better than anything the…[View]
72329012>hates on 'normies' and r/music >listens to type-0 and type-1 music…[View]
72328040RSD Approacheth: I'm sure a lot of you are gearing up. To get hype and ready for the big day po…[View]
72329434Is this the most patrician album of all time?[View]
72329359>artist is younger than you How do you feel about this? I'm 19, the same age Nas was when he…[View]
72328824what would a band that's a combination of death grips and talking heads sound like?[View]
72329175I have better taste and I know more about music than all of you. >protip: you can't…[View]
72329253ITT: Musicians who get too much hate: As people, not necessarily as musicians I know Bono's got…[View]
72328731Am I the only one who gets incredibly triggered by Nardwuar's annoying intro song?[View]
72328265Looking for more music like Trapped In A Burning House by Shlohmo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T…[View]
72328419Since Ringo Starr is probably browsing /mu/ right now, say something nice about him[View]
72329306Will they release a new album this year? What will it be called? Style? Discuss[View]
72322226Daft Punk: what's /mu/ opinion on daft punk?[View]
72325395>considered 'unique' and 'different' >sound like 90% of modern shitty watered down pop 'rap' …[View]
72329324Any guitar players no how to fix this shit? https://youtu.be/IUKxWLDZgpU[View]
72323137>*deletes Always Crashing In The Same Car*[View]
72328618Albums that make you really sad[View]
72329211If you worship Bowie more than Bono you're more R.eddit than /mu/, this is a fact, get with the…[View]
72329196remaster when[View]
72326744>implying you can hate one side more than the other >implying they aren't all lowest comm…[View]
72329197What was his endgame?[View]
72328249The four (couldn't find a pic with Big Sean in it) biggest rappers of their generation dropped …[View]
72327175https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V81DlvZkxGE Sup /mu/ Are you able to tell what type of instruments a…[View]
72328913ITT: lyrics that get you: I'm not here This isn't happening I'm not here I'm not…[View]
72327792jenny death when[View]
72329102afie > john mayer can't be disputed[View]
72328615ITT: Supposedly popular bands with only a couple hits[View]
72322533Bands that should have quit while they were ahead: >release perfect album the first time Why did …[View]
72328757how much time do anons spend listening to music[View]
72328464Anyone want some tracks mixed?: I just picked up a set of monitors after taking an audio engineering…[View]
72327934Angels fall: Recently discovered Angels Fall, and I am really loving them. What does /mu/ think of t…[View]
72327378KPOP GENERAL[View]
72321423ITT: post a pleb artist and their patrician counterpart >pleb: Kendrick >patrician: quasimoto…[View]
72328946remember when post-internet music was fun?[View]
72327424band-shirts: so say you got a cravin for some fresh band-shirts that don't look like complete s…[View]
72325815ITT: Amazing album covers on average/shit albums[View]
72328857what does mu think about four tet[View]
72327599Sonemic is past its due date[View]
72328849E-Doubble: Does anyone miss him so much?[View]
72327676Why do you hate me /mu/?[View]
72328294When did you realize that pablo honey is Radiohead's worst album because they were trying to be…[View]
72328376Post jazz for rockists Stuff that no true jazz fan respects[View]
72328721Recommend me some god tier music kinda like nujabes, j dilla, or anything chill like that.[View]
72324827ITT:: When already great albums go to the next-level I'll start: Pic related; The Cinema Show: …[View]
72328762Why doesn't /mu/ like The Black Keys!? I mean, besides some pontual indie shit, they have a goo…[View]
72328382Oooft this was good. Are all doom metal albums like this where do I go from here?[View]
72327703What do you listen to when you want to get your groove on?[View]
72327717More like this?[View]
72328587*ring ring* *answers phone* >HELLO HELLO[View]
72328634So are these guys the new Titus Andronicus or something?[View]
72328336>when you realize that this is his best project Enlightening.[View]
72328604Honestly pls: What do you guys think of my new mixtape? https://soundcloud.com/billykcee/sets/phases…[View]
72328515>tfw this song makes me cry everytime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHG2oizTlpY…[View]
72328480*deletes Low Lights'[View]
72328427All righ mu im going to walk out into the freeway now. What should I be playing I was thinking Hoova[View]
72326855ITT: post smile mixes you listen to Pic slightly related, since the guy never posted it onto his sou…[View]
72328239Can you guys help me find a jazz song that has a black man saying 'heavennnnnnnnn' a lot also this t…[View]
72325529name your 3 top jazz artists. 1. Pharoah Sanders 2. Grant Green 3. Tim Buckley >inb4 'ur a rockis…[View]
72326745why are metalheads generally overweight?[View]
72328384So what's the verdict, /mu/?[View]
72328047Is this the Neon Genesis Evangelion of rock music?[View]
72326722How do you differentiate legitimately good from mediocre jazz?[View]
72328329What is music?: What is music to you? What isn't music? How can you define it, categorize it? D…[View]
72322544Is it worth listening to any music from this decade?[View]
72325414/Paramore/: thoughts on Hayley's new style, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEB6ibtdPZc…[View]
72328165Underrated Albums: I feel like people over look my father because of The Seer and TBK but it's …[View]
72327911How can you not LOVE the song LOVE??[View]
72328000Radiohead: Listening to Pablo Honey at the moment. Don't get why its called their worst album.…[View]
72326662*deletes Pink Eye*[View]
72328083>They changed the whole store around , no moreTemples, Christine and the Queen's £9.99 Damn…[View]
72326763ITT: Patrician earbuds/earphones. Recommend me good shit, boys.[View]
72326644ITS HERE[View]
72327656Nigga got a nose ring the fuck he on some weirdo rap shit[View]
72327477Any bassheads on /mu/? Or is fun simply not allowed here?[View]
72327989what exactly makes them pop? always hear them called electro-pop/art-pop or something-pop.[View]
72326510Name my album, /mu/[View]
72327008Better than you: https://youtu.be/0la5U2bbi2E?t=226 My new music video is fire . Bet you can't …[View]
72327566The college dropout-4/10 Late registration-2/10 Graduation-1/10 808s and Heartbreak-5/10 MBDTF-6/10 …[View]
72326631What happened?[View]
72327603Are modular synths the true patrician instrument?[View]
72327332Blonde - Frank Ocean: Just listened to this. Did I like it, /mu/?[View]
72325904It's been a year.[View]
72325222>tfw there's no leak and no what.cd community to talk about it with…[View]
72327061>he doesn't discover at least 5 new good albums a day[View]
72322696>makes bossa nova album in 2010s >DUDE WHAT YEAR LMAO What a faggot, also he ruined Faith No M…[View]
72327604I never had listen to nigger music but a high horse made me listen to DMX and I am enjoying it. Suge…[View]
72326509Does listening to country rock make you more attractive to little girls?[View]
72327073ITT: It's time to hang it up and quit[View]
72327675Kendrick Made U2 Great Again[View]
72326718this is pretty good actually i thought it'd be a critical trainwreck due to the vulnerability o…[View]
72327618TAPE & CASSETE THREAD: any experts here that can help me out? i have the choice between a Techni…[View]
72324760somebody once told me rap was like paper.... it always loses to rock.[View]
72322742What music they listen ?[View]
72326341can anyone rec me some 'pretty' country or folk music thats kind of on the mellow side? i love music…[View]
72326834/mu/ approved music videos: Is this /mu/ tier? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOL5m-LIv1A Also fav…[View]
72327247Can we have a thread about this guy please /mu/? Watched This Is It on Netflix at random and was rea…[View]
72327516Join our discord https://discord.gg/MVzES make us patrician[View]
72325450Man last.fm sure has some weirdos on it[View]
72324916Anyone like The Fiery Furnaces? Favorite album? Favorite song? Here's mine: https://www.youtube…[View]
72321292This album is pretty underrated[View]
72322732Why do people take rappers like Kendrick Lamar or Jcole so seriously on black issues and political i…[View]
72327453I have been listening this for a while and the more i listen to it the more i like it.i discovered i…[View]
72323734ITT: Holy Trinities: Going to post two more examples[View]
72326793How do I explain to my bandmates that, when listening to music, that all music needs to be 'graded' …[View]
72326025ITT: Music to fuck your bitch to Do you listen to music when you have sex?[View]
72326103KPOP GENERAL[View]
72326825Am I autistic?[View]
72327255Is this the life we really want?: Predictions on the upcoming Roger Waters album? https://www.youtub…[View]
72327241Let's make this a thing edition[View]
72325898Hey, /mu/, I need help. Years ago, I found this band I like on Purevolume.com and now that page won…[View]
72327065>be me >go to local record store >store has music from local artists >buy cd >look up…[View]
72327198Turntable music EAI Onkyo Glitch Lowercase Electroacoustic Free Improvisation You like? http://www.m…[View]
72325954Post some good music, rock band related movies that you loved, this one was brilliant, very tense on…[View]
72316364ITT biggest disappointments of 2017 can't believe i wasted weed on this shit[View]
72327164> Youwere born just in time to be able to experience this beauty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
72326006Let's have a thread about post-70's Residents also thoughts on the new album?[View]
72325000ITT: Post a short section of a song that is better than the song itself. Provide timecodes. El Grupo…[View]
72327097ITT: albums where the first song is easily the best[View]
72324622Best Debuts: Bands that blew their whole artist load on the first album[View]
72326597>that demo of The Mollusk Holy shit it's beautiful.[View]
72326282what are some good tunes or albums for being drunk alone?[View]
72326748Hey, guys. Doing a hip hop related poll, come answer the question. https://strawpoll.com/z39dxrw[View]
72325494Sailor/Pirate Music Thread: Can you recommend me some pirate/sailor instrumental music to use it in …[View]
72320652>he writes reviews on RYM[View]
72326528best track?[View]
72326947Does anyone have a link? The archive isn't working[View]
72326964Name a better album Im sorry you can't.[View]
72326342Who's ready?[View]
72323783Artists who are betas.: This guy obviously.[View]
72326516>tune guitar to 432 >notice I can sing a lot better and in tune…[View]
72325563How do I get better at discussing or thinking about music? People shit on Anthony Fantano for being …[View]
72324959Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love: Tunnel of Love[View]
72326093but why though[View]
72326656trainspotting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PYY4dAhttA&feature=youtu.be[View]
72326243Got any good albums about space to recommend?[View]
72325948HNNNNNNNGyes more like Underworld, Orbital, Leftfield etc?[View]
72325601*deletes title track* *adds How Soon is Now? in its place*[View]
72324466Hey /mu/, can you rec me some bleep bloops with a latin flair?[View]
72325806The definition of good talent making terrible music.[View]
72326142Out of Control - #61 (1979) I Will Follow - #20 (1980) Fire - #35 (1981) Gloria - #55 (1981) A Celeb…[View]
72326207it's not coming: https://twitter.com/kendricklamar/status/855484349440958464[View]
72324192Does /mu/ like Black moth super rainbow?[View]
72325559ITT: Move a song and create a better ending to an album: Swap 'caroline, no' with 'don't talk'…[View]
72326086- Black Exellence - Post examples of black excellence. I start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3…[View]
72325533ITT: Write a Weird Al-esqe parody of All Star >Somebody once told me the world is macaroni…[View]
72325297Will AnCo redeem themselves with this?[View]
72321459/prod/ - Music Production General: i can't stop obsessively swallowing air my stomach and intes…[View]
72324397Perfect albums don't exi-[View]
72316836Power Electronics/Noise: Does anyone have any power electronics similar to: Genocide Organ, Anenzeph…[View]
72324815KPOP GENERAL[View]
72326020is /mu/ my best friend?[View]
72326014>considered 'unique' and 'different' >sound like 90% of modern shitty watered down pop 'rap' …[View]
72326012>watching music documentary with senpai >Queen segment >Guy being interviewed about Bohemia…[View]
72325767Recommend hip hop tracks that have a science narration behind it?[View]
72325182>70 years old >still playing shows I think hell be fine…[View]
72325409Perfectly Imperfect: Well the title fits.[View]
72325931ooooooooh i bet you're wondering how I knew: about your plans to make me blue[View]
72323121>tfw you start having patrician taste and a lot of the music you want isn't on Spotify…[View]
72325792where do I go from here /mu/? Hard to find a group that compares to the Alan Parsons Project. Anyone…[View]
72320922Fake Album Thread: Weezer - Weezer (Gold Album) [1999] 1. Modern Time 2. Lost On Me 3. You Can Go Sh…[View]
72301788Album covers you use[View]
72318060what's so special about this? it sounds like every other pop-rap album.[View]
72322229John Frusciante or Josh Klinghoffer?[View]
72319256What does /mu/ think of tool?[View]
72325694/rym/: kurt woloch edition refreshing young men ww@[View]
72325398>>72323336 I keep having this dream where I fuck your mom and the ass. It's not her usual…[View]
72325231What are the odds this thing is any good?[View]
72325560Field Recordings of Nature: really enjoyed the field recordings of nature in pic related, thought th…[View]
72322019Why is no one talking about the new Slowdive album? Souvlaki is basically /mu/core. Personally, I ki…[View]
72325527How does he do it?[View]
72324357ITT: Overrated retards[View]
72325580How good is this really? If released today how well would it be recieved?[View]
72323866Name a more talented artist today You can't.[View]
72323966Judge me /mu/. also recommend me some similar or better music.[View]
72320100Bandcamp Thread: Shill ya shit[View]
72323989What went right?[View]
72325406Holy shit...[View]
72325243Best sounding over-ear sub-$500 headphones on the market? I want to buy some really nice headphones…[View]
72290086ITT post an image, get a recommendation[View]
72324992Had an interesting discussion with my friend that thinks genres can evolve. I, on the other hand thi…[View]
72325026ITT:/mu/ redpills: Beach Boys>>>>>Beatles[View]
72324248Who here /haszeroknowledgeofmusictheory/? I'm not even sure what a time signature is.[View]
72325301When will you admit this is pretty good? I'm not even a fan of any of her previous stuff.[View]
72320157does mu like the green room?[View]
72324291Today is the only day you can bump this til next year[View]
72321060Top Artists Last 90 Days: lets see em' /mu/[View]
72325116>mind on my money >money on my mind[View]
72322172post the best lo-fi indie albums you know hard mode: No GBV, no Pavement, no Teen Memecide[View]
72323573best banger album[View]
72321225is this the most fedora instrument?[View]
72321862Serious question: how can anyone enjoy 'music' produced by these guys? It sounds like it…[View]
72323417jesus christ almighty this album is shit[View]
72320660>listening to music on the street with headphones on your phone or ipod is the ultimate form of h…[View]
72324302Name a more talented artist today... You seriously can't[View]
72324018пaлю гoднoтy: вoт https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-OsTyuViUE[View]
72325120What does /mu/ think of Soggy? France's answer to the Stooges https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X…[View]
72323610really makes you think...[View]
72324433The new Slowdive made me revisit Souvlaki in full and man, while it's not better than Loveless …[View]
72319534I decided I want to becomed a Kanye West fan what do i have to do to be one? never really listend to…[View]
72323630Red Hot chili Peppers Live: what are/mu/'s impressions of the famous band live? https://www.you…[View]
72324289ITT: It's 1967: SMiLE When?[View]
72323547KPOP GENERAL[View]
72324428>judging an album based on a leak with a consistent buzzing throughout the whole thing which subt…[View]
72324756Whack Wizard (One) - Official Music Video https://youtu.be/5ZNkoKZz2Bk[View]
72323626GOTCHAGANG: presenting my very first music video! >GOTCHAGANG >hoping for some feedback! enjoy…[View]
72324432>Fuck white people Whoa...[View]
72323856ITT: Guitar-Hero Core: Post your favorite songs featured on the series, comment,r8. etc. I always li…[View]
72324020Is this good?[View]
72324590how much is /mu/ sexist?: why is there in every beyonce related threads complains about how she does…[View]
72324532Thoughts on this guy?[View]
72322309Bowie: Is this secretly Bowie's GOAT album?[View]
72322858WTF I thought this was suppose to be bad?[View]
72313985Post yer AOTY 2017, laddies.[View]
72323853>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OPFbjEVXic&feature=share thoughts?…[View]
72319315has the internet's busiest music nerd ever awarded a strong 10? how can u get strong 10?[View]
72322378New Pond Single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xml6eYn5Eg Whatdya think? Excited for the album, y…[View]
72324049How would you describe the production on this album? I'm thinking, somber jazz samples, rough h…[View]
72324409>random people on the internet make better music than label artists[View]
72320891This is gorgeous wtf[View]
72323804AOTY incoming http://metro.co.uk/2017/04/21/actor-bill-murray-is-branching-out-into-classical-music-…[View]
72319612mommy what's a gravedigga: Where were you when you realized that niggamortis/6 feet deep is not…[View]
72323077roast me /mu/[View]
72324456Boy Band General /BBG/: Say what you will... BSB will ALWAYS be better then NSYNC![View]
7232185990's Nostalgia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFS_nfNvD2o[View]
72320923/anathema/: aww yess, get in here lads and talk about liverpool's finest[View]
72324004Alestorm: New Alestorm song! Anyone else here hyped for the new albume? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72324395Lost bulgarian album: Hey, 4chan I've searched the whole Net for this particular album ( or at …[View]
72324356Post albums that sound like this, from other bands. I really can't find anything like this. …[View]
72324312What went wrong?[View]
72324228/MU/CORE ROCK GENERAL: postpunk, 80s-90s post-hardcore, mathrock, 90s slacker rock, noiserock, late …[View]
72324233will this rock /mu's butt?: https://youtu.be/AVEdLhJ1McE[View]
72324224/mu/'s thoughts on Gonjasufi?[View]
72321180You think you're patrician? Give me a break[View]
72324188Who is the undisputed queen of blues rock and why is it Brittany Howard?[View]
72322710>*guitar starts playing a tritone very slowly and quietly in 5/4 time* >*the /mu/tant drops wh…[View]
72318843I can't get into trap or mumble rap no matter how much I try, /mu/. I find myself shaking my he…[View]
72324101zup guys.. does anybody knows the name of that song? twitter com /SooFunnyPost/status/827751044893…[View]
72323288I have some rare Jay Reatard bootlegs including Lost Sounds and the Reatards. Anybody want em?[View]
72324048>be me >24 years old >favorite song of all time is sk8er boi What have I become, /mu/?…[View]
72320400Post your favorite /mu/vie and I'll watch it if i haven't seen it already.[View]
72323934Can anyone recommend me some more music like this https://youtu.be/jyTJSm7LFCA[View]
72322321Is rock dead?[View]
72321480King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard: I NEED this on vinyl!! I just found it and it is seriously one o…[View]
72322345top ten rappers of all time justify every choice[View]
72323667ITT we share obscure gold https://youtu.be/zyY7NU4cbtY[View]
72322090New Burial: Wherein Will takes a timeless classic and bastardizes her into an off-key tranny, wearin…[View]
72323883I keep having this dream where Kendrick releases a new album. Its not DS3 and no, its not a follow-u…[View]
72322243>That guy on rym who gives Beatles albums 5 stars[View]
72323796>2011 >2016 Where did everything go so wrong?…[View]
72321735>tfw he drops the most depressing rap mixtape of the year how does he keep doing it? https://www.…[View]
72322640Collage 3x3 4x4 ASL edition: 26/M/Norway[View]
72322405Who listens to this?[View]
72323891>Literally on the website the second tickets go on sale >1 Minute later all of them are purcha…[View]
72319359Does /mu/ like hardcore punk?[View]
72322459When did you grow out of the rap meme and move onto real music?[View]
72320304Going to a xiu xiu concert, what am I in for?[View]
72323336I keep having this dream where Kendrick releases a new album. Its not NATION. and no, its not a foll…[View]
72321993>Go look up the best Thelonious Monk song on Youtube >These fucking shitheads show up before M…[View]
72322477Who was more popular at their peak?[View]
72318894Where do I start with them?[View]
72322454KPOP GENERAL[View]
72323510>1, 2, 3, 4, 5[View]
72323179Newcopypasta?: New copypasta Saw this in a Beatles thread: You are a perfect example of the plebeian…[View]
72314280ITT:Best and Worst: Best:Brain Damage/Eclipse Worst:On the Run[View]
72322712I know I'm late to the party, but this is really, really good. They're not going to fuck i…[View]
72323264What does /mu/ think of Burial?[View]
72323190this is the best pop album of the last decade, prove me wrong. (protip: you actually can)[View]
72323112Opinion on this[View]
72321511What music does (s)he listen to?[View]
72323155achy breaky fart[View]
72320835Music of da future: Where it gonna go? Who it gonna be? What it gonna be like? How it gonna get made…[View]
72323180'Stoner' music: https://youtu.be/QdD1yrOCwnY vs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKWE-s62l34 Who was …[View]
72321557how does it feel that most of your favorite artists believe in God?[View]
72322068Meat Is Murder: Why does everyone hate the title track?[View]
72323088Bro Country general?[View]
72321409ITT post your favourite >solo artist >duo >trio >4 piece >5+ piece…[View]
72322949post good mixes https://soundcloud.com/dkmntl/dekmantelpodcastautechre (mix by autechre, hope its no…[View]
72319697Awesome sound design: Post albums that has playfully awesome textured sound design. First time heari…[View]
72319192C'mon you filthy weebs, what's your favourite Nujabes album?[View]
72318163Favorite iconic music covers: Covers make the first impresion on the listeners, thats probably why t…[View]
72312274Soundcloud thread[View]
72322310Death Peak: What do you think of the last Clark record?[View]
72322148Anyone listened to this? Guy I know said it was better than their new shitty radio stuff.[View]
72322894/mu/ dubtrack: Please join and listen to music with me! Also pls bump if you join https://www.dubtra…[View]
72322280Just fucked a trap while listening to pic related. AMA[View]
72321020Rate my tastes: What does /mu/ thinks about my music tastes?[View]
72322352>That guy who only listens to death grips and queen but thinks he has great taste in music is me…[View]
72313151ITT: Your favorite album of 1978[View]
72320077Music Debate: Do you think that Toto - Afrika and Occidentali's Karma are similar in any way? I…[View]
72321194Music Videos: Ey bois I'm gonna binge a bunch of music videos while posting music videos that I…[View]
72322294>the only real thing is misery, submission, need to get murdered What did he mean by this?…[View]
72321201What did he mean by this?[View]
72322444Gorillaz (Banx&Ranx): Literally Young Metro Boomin' produced better beats https://www.youtu…[View]
72321426KPOP GENERAL[View]
72322278>He likes music that /mu/ doesn't like[View]
72322035Discuss Barrington Levy: What do you anons think of him and what are your favorite tracks of his?…[View]
72322013Okay mu, when you listen to a new artist where do you start? First album or most recent, or by most …[View]
72320430new david bowie album coming soon[View]
72316252What's this fat retard doing[View]
72321678Kendrick Lamar sucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2irUWB8EfO0[View]
72317906I need some real sad, sorrowful acoustic music like Nick Drake's Pink Moon. Any suggestions?[View]
72322189what is xe listening?[View]
72319873ITT: Overrated albums[View]
72319145So what does everyone think of all the beat switches? Too much? Fits well?[View]
72321997NxWorries: Best song? Worst song?[View]
72322116Name a better album for passionate sex[View]
72318993ALL MOI LOIFE.[View]
72320412Violin in modern music: ITT: Your favorite use of violin in modern music https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
72318326UNRENDERED: its up fuckers https://soundcloud.com/teamsesh/sets/bones-unrendered[View]
72321576Does anyone know what this album is called?[View]
72320637The fuck is this garbage?[View]
72318962Bout to receive these bad boys in the mail tomorrow. What are some great albums to listen to with hi…[View]
72321949/mu/ The Holy Lands: What are some great /mu/ locations to visit? Currently here in MN with my gf. T…[View]
72315666I miss Bowie[View]
72319265What does /mu/ think of All Things Must Piss?[View]
72319969I'm having an argument with my mother over this. What's the better song? https://www.youtu…[View]
72321756ITT: music you listen to while shitting Link related https://youtu.be/0WNCBPdetG4[View]
72319968i think its time for us to be real, this man has put out some of the most amazing music ever created…[View]
72308953Gorillaz - Humanz: >Gorillaz - Humanz Official discussion thread for the album, standard edition…[View]
72319679What's the general opinion on him?[View]
72319387TOP 5 U2 ALBUMS: Alright you fucking plebs, name your top 5 favorite albums by the most patrician ba…[View]
72316419Do Red Hot Chili Peppers have any good songs? All I've heard so far is radio-aimed garbage[View]
72321040>those great whites, they have big teeth >oh, they bite you HAHAHA HAHAHA This is what class…[View]
72321319Name our band[View]
72319673>'I only listen to REAL music' >'like Nirvana' >'David Bowie' >'The Beatles' >'Pink F…[View]
72320780What the fuck is this garbage?[View]
72321058Best Cure songs?: I like, Pictures of You, Friday I'm in Love and A Thousand Hours but I'm…[View]
72321325dude weed lmao: ITT: Artists who probably celebrated weed day yesterday inb4 Electric Wizard[View]
72320394KPOP GENERAL: http://www.vlive.tv/video/28206/[View]
72318802>male singing a cover originally by a female singer >changes the lyrics to make it 'not gay'…[View]
72321387james best album its like the weeknd went experimental[View]
72319070'MORE MUSIC' FROM KENDRICK ON THE WAY: >https://youtu.be/UtHt9Lzp-1c >21 minute >'I got so…[View]
72320607ITT : One hit wonders.[View]
72315403Who's the best female vocalist of all time?: Well, I don't know, ask someone else. Or the …[View]
72320199Favorite madlib track or project[View]
72320030Lil B: Remember this Reddit meme? /mu/ used to talk about all the time, what happened?[View]
72318886Are they literally the new Grimes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ3tmmkr3sg[View]
72320415>mfw Mom said shell delete my Death Grapes albums if I dont get better grades…[View]
72321147Can I get recs for albums from the 80s that have that ''80s sound'' with fuck to…[View]
72320498>mfw Spotify doesn't capitalize song and album titles gramatically correct for the most part…[View]
72318653ITT: Albums you dropped the fastest. 15 seconds[View]
72321235music: guys can you help me find music in video ? thx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvE-Yq9_mOQ…[View]
72314082Reminder: Just a little reminder that the new Gas album Narkopop drops tommarow. Shits gonna be good…[View]
72311327ITT: reddit[View]
72319722What are some things that triggers you? >searching for cover of song on YouTube coz i want to see…[View]
72319950I just created a Fishmans compilation double album. What you all think. Fishmans - The Rocksteady/Fo…[View]
72313915Feminist Music: Can /mu/ recommend some good feminist music? I know and love Poison Girls, Life Cycl…[View]
72311453School + Major + Favorite album: You know the drill, post your school, major and favorite album atm.…[View]
72319390My right headphone speaker broke. How the fuck am I supposed to listen to The Beatles now??[View]
72320978ITT plebians who dont appreciate Aphex Twin well enough[View]
72320916>See youza youza youza youza BITCH your hormones probably switch inside your DNA For shame, /mu/.…[View]
72312965/Paramore/: thoughts on Hayley's new song, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEB6ibtdPZc…[View]
72320574NaS: What's your opinion?[View]
72320735why modern music is bad really bad[View]
72320518any album similar to this?[View]
72319470What is /mu/s opinion on Tom York?[View]
72320185Best/worst thread: Genre edition: Hip hop: >Best Kendrick Lamar >Worst G-Eazy >Overrated Ka…[View]
72319629Someone help me decipher something from this album? In the lyrics sheet, Bible Silver Corner has wor…[View]
72317243Last Week 5*5: Post last weeks 5x5s[View]
72320247New Shpengul confirmed this year. Who hype?[View]
72320725he really fell off this is so shallow, feels weird to remember that Entranas was his previous releas…[View]
72320635Sia - Cheap Thrills ft. Sean Paul (Cover): https://youtu.be/-o1Q8SX5eUs[View]
72320634Prince General /PG/: A year ago today we lost the purple one. RIP[View]
72317609Post songs that make you cry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u6EbEnCY1Y[View]
72317628thoughts that went through your mind on the first listen 1st track >O shit this gonna be good, w…[View]
72320148Are there any artists or specific albums that use the organ like the Velvet Underground, the way the…[View]
72319783ミドリ: Is this the better album?[View]
72319078Why is Liz so sad, /mu/? :([View]
72316050This album celebrated its 25th birthday today. Say something nice about it![View]
72317291Thoughts on the new Pipe-Eye? I think its pretty fucking great.[View]
72319452KPOP GENERAL[View]
72319684Grateful Dead = Animal Collective Fleetwood Mac = Tame Impala[View]
72320212Need to get some feels out, so sad music thread. picrelated.jpg is 40 Watt Sun's The Inside Roo…[View]
72319725ITT: Albums that hold lots of personal meaning, but are often considered to be 'bad' compared to oth…[View]
72320261I like ski-mask but what the fuck is this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roEZqhB_V50[View]
72315306ITT:YOUR favorite album of 19FUCKIN77[View]
72306533What's the best U2 song?[View]
72318495Red Hill Mining Town (Steve Lillywhite 2017 Mix): Pretty good desu. Could have been a LOT worse.…[View]
72320176My favorites brazilian songs: Novos Baianos - Mistério do Planeta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW…[View]
72319851*listens to Television once*[View]
72318363Best Animals As Leaders song[View]
72319751These albums are legitimately great.[View]
72318487the absolutely most depressive album ever made. prove me wrong >pro tip: you can't even comp…[View]
72319577Power Pop recommendations: I listened to Jellyfish, Weezer, Jason Falkner, and Silver Sun (really un…[View]
72319827Bought the best violin mute of the world. Finally I can practice at night. Thoughts?[View]
72319817Bruce Johnston[View]
72317848Why did he eat the cockroach if he was just gonna barf it back out?[View]
72319741Slipknot: Slipknot.[View]
72319240Cooking music: About to make my favourite potato salad with a friend, what's some good music fo…[View]
72319707If you think it’s “ANIMAL” text RAG A, followed by your name, age and mate’s phone number to 81199[View]
72317422/mu/ i'm really depressed because no one on any board or website is talking about anything inte…[View]
72319544ITT: racists[View]
72316304Angry/aggressive singers?: It has been a while since I have seen a great aggressive stage performer.…[View]
72319537Gorillaz but Liam Gallagher[View]
72309317Tell me about the edge, why does he wear the hat?[View]
72319461How do they do it?: Out of Control - #61 (1979) I Will Follow - #20 (1980) Fire - #35 (1981) Gloria …[View]
72315054You now remember that in 1983, The Edge of U2 collaborated with Jah Wobble of Public Image Ltd, Jaki…[View]
72317972ᴸᴼᴼᴷ ᴬᵀ ᴹᴱ[View]
72319437Muh Mixtape: Alright, /mu/ I was given a blank cassette when I ordered some music online. I don…[View]
72313637/shugazi/ - Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Black Gays: Get NOISY[View]
72317693when will the large majority of /mu/ actually get some taste?[View]
72316898>Deletes everything after Teenage Wildlife: seriously, if you cut this album off at the legs, it …[View]
72318655KPOP GENERAL[View]
72319222ITT: Good album, bad cover.[View]
72318297sup /mu/, i just dropped this video the other day. super low budget because i'm broke af but it…[View]
72318543>pseudonymIwanttouse.bandcamp.com >literal fucking lyrics show up no other albums, just lyrics…[View]
72319095Future Funk thread (Night Tempo): Does anyone have a download link or torrent for Night Tempo's…[View]
72298298/rym/ Rateyourmusic / general: The best damn music discussion board online... Period! Which is why I…[View]
72310482ITT We decide on the best audio format: What is the best audio format to use to listen to music /mu/…[View]
72318923Does someone have a download link for this album, pretty please? It's called Kaiju by It Looks …[View]
72318294https://mu-radio-colonel.c9users.io/ A radio based off of /mu/. Takes random youtube links and plays…[View]
72317436Why was he largely forgotten Stateside after the '80s, but remains popular and influential in E…[View]
72317481Where to start with this motherfucker?[View]
72317983Best Pop Album of the Year?: I found this guy on Twitter through that dude @big_business_. He usuall…[View]
72315505remember when annie clark was the cutest being in the universe?[View]
72318794Where were you when Lil Peep sampled Deathconiousness and confirmed himself as the greatest meme rap…[View]
72317711why do you evan come here anymore[View]
72313241Name a single artist more sex than Rihanna.[View]
72318819Hey /mu what are some current preorders worth ordering? Vinyl preferably, bundles are cool.[View]
72317833Does /mu/ like the Pogues?[View]
72318422Best Music Player?: pic doesn't reflect my view on the question[View]
72313686Why are all kcfags such weeaboos?[View]
723162694x4 week the only good format guess life goals life goa[View]
72317605hello OK 'mu', Ive been wondering why the youtoo is bad meme is so popular, I mean, I havent listene…[View]
72317412what do you faggots think of this husbando's opinion on hype? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G…[View]
72318579GOTCHAGANG: presenting my very first music video! >GOTCHAGANG >hoping for some feedback! enjoy…[View]
72318518Indian Percussion: Is there a structure to this or is it just a bunch of rhythms? I don't think…[View]
72317451really activates my microtones[View]
72318492what do we do to 2015?[View]
72318479Guitar Gear General /GGG/: I have been think about this lately and I honestly Don't get why Gib…[View]
72316555KPOP GENERAL[View]
72318283Bjork slays[View]
72314102stop whatever it is you're doing and screenshot your music player right now.[View]
72316423What's the most obscure instrument you own?[View]
72317807Holy shit /mu/ I think I just devised the best alternate track list for TKOL. 01 Bloom 02 These Are …[View]
72317937I love avant-garde but i can't stand Reynols' music, what is wrong with me?[View]
72318141http://vocaroo.com/i/s1518UBo6W80 do i keep going[View]
72318301Hello anons, I'm desperately trying to find back a song from the late 90 or early 2000s. I have…[View]
72317019Do terrible meme rave DJs know their audiences are degenerate, mindless plebs? Case in point: https:…[View]
72317382Swans - Worst to Best: My Personal Opinion: 18) A Screw (1986) 17) Holy Money (1986) 16) Greed (198…[View]
72318237find a disappearance case and match it to an album: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_w…[View]
72313078bandcamp thread give feedback fags[View]
72318148Artists You wish were still active.: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5slSpzXbiO4…[View]
72314705itt we post our charts and others guess how old we are/how long we've been on mew[View]
72314032>889 million views Is this the biggest hit ever? name a bigger hit[View]
72315138this is not the best Sonic Youth album[View]
72315119albums you've been obsessed with recently pic related. didn't think it measured up to gkmc…[View]
72318107>ten-tee-see-in >temptation >ten-tay-she-in >ten-tay-she-ahn >ten-tah-seein >new-…[View]
72315720ITT: Jazzy Soulful Rap Albums Infinitely Better than DAMN: Try not to post obvious ones.[View]
72315924*teleports behind you*[View]
72315790>tfw it just hit me earlier today that jazz is my favorite genre[View]
72316654T̸͘͟ḩ̨i̡̛s̸̛̀͟ ̨͞I̶̧̡s̢ ̨͠A̛͢ ͝͞͡T̷̛͜e̴͘s̶͘͠͝t̴̛͝T̸͘͟ḩ̨i̡̛s̸̛̀͟ ̨͞I̶̧̡s̢ ̨͠A̛͢ ͝͞͡T̷̛͜e̴͘s̶͘͠͝t̴̛͝…[View]
72318041Is there anything that gives off a similar feeling of a melancholic walk through a misty neighborhoo…[View]
72317194me too?[View]
72317592greatest bands of all time: 1-Queen 2-Rolling Stones 3-Guns Roses 4-Scorpions 5-Aerosmith can we all…[View]
72316805Post a live album you like that isn't 98.12.28 or Stop Making Sense[View]
72314136Just played my first show ever, how did I do lads http://vocaroo.com/i/s0wfZYMKXiQG[View]
72316267Thoughts on Tiny Tim?[View]
72317949thank you my friends for finally remembering my phone number[View]
72317902What does /mu/ think of Low?[View]
72317934ITT: God-tier bands with God-tier albums[View]
72317106The best album of all time is Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heavan: Its an that gets the c…[View]
72317946>o'er the land of the FRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >someone in audience goes OW…[View]
72317727Perfect rappers don't exi-[View]
72316560AudioTechnica USB Turntable: How do you digitize your LPs? Phonojack or USB cable? I use the USB cab…[View]
72316877https://soundcloud.com/aguilerasounds/baile-acido-demo: Escúchenla, ta bien bonis[View]
72313641Greatest albums of 21th: This is fact. Can't disprove this.[View]
72315326It's 420 /mu/. What are some good songs to listen to while high?[View]
72316492The Nation/God dream isn't dead![View]
72317673>her favorite artist is Drake[View]
72317715Discuss this classic: Legendary album Favorite tracks? Least favorite?[View]
72316311I want to punch this guy in the face, especially on this photo inb4 kendric butthurt fan, i don…[View]
72313981Kendrick Lamar or Drake: Who is a better rapper.[View]
72317713Funny idea for Anthony Fantano: Anthony reviews a really bad album and rates it a 'get the fuck' out…[View]
72315660Anyone else think the best King Crimson album is Red? If you disagree, tell me your favorite and why…[View]
72316925Any other Dead heads with me tonight? Do yourself a favor and listen to Playing in the Band from the…[View]
72314591U2 HATERS BTFO: http://www.strawpoll.me/12791192/[View]
72316903>live album >just listen to people get excited about your favorite tracks…[View]
72314843What is the most reddit band of all time?[View]
72316181This is something that I have been thinking about lately and today especially. Many of the albums fr…[View]
72316094What's the least amount of Years a musician should take to create a new album? What's the …[View]
72317359ITT: Misheard Lyrics: I'll start No relapse and no surprises[View]
72317468Man, fuck all of you, this shit is great[View]
72269461/prod/ - Music Production General: let's try and save this general. good ol' fashion /prod…[View]
72317264Artists you respect and admire but just cannot get into.[View]
72317469what does music sound like if you don't have perfect pitch like when i hear a c major chord and…[View]
72312326ITT:YOUR album of 68: Mine: >pic related[View]
72314516post more like this[View]
72317283What does /mu/ think of the New Orleans rapper UTP Skip?[View]
72316445Underrated Albums: 10000 Hz Legend is one of the most underrated albums I have ever heard of. Any un…[View]
72316815How to into jazz?: I've listened to pic, Kind of Blue, and A Love Supreme. Where do I go from h…[View]
72315124When is Kanye coming back?[View]
72317380>artist justifies selling out by promoting the album as a collection of rejected songs she wrote …[View]
72314894When did you realize Taylor is the most attractive member of Paramore?[View]
72317211Holy shit, he single handledly managed to ruin the Hamilton musical. How can he be so good in the al…[View]
72316888WORKING AT A CD STORE: hey /mu/ do any of you cucks work in a cd/film place? specifically ausfags a…[View]
72316396Hey /mu/, why don't you people ever talk about the Grateful Dead? They're versatile and th…[View]
72317177hi /mu/bros, any knows what songs is play in the background in the begin of this video? pic unrelate…[View]
72317172šaban šaulic thread[View]
72316851Albums by /mu/: Can we get a banfcamp/sound cloud thread going? I'd like to hear what you guys …[View]
72314596Most Overated Bowie album?: What's Bowie's most overrated album? I'd have to say Diam…[View]
72317116>The Progressive Breaks I listen to is from Russia/Ukraine >My favorite Trance producer is Rom…[View]
72315315Music for when you have no friends and you've lost all hope because you squandered all your pot…[View]
72314511DNA annoying at parts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLZRYQMLDW4&feature=youtu.be&t=211 A…[View]
72317029Shout lyrics at each other: IT MOVES ME GROOVES ME HOW DIVINE CAN ONE WOMAN BE[View]
72316905Thoughts on pic related?[View]
72315349ITT: Underrated singles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McuHVXgR8dA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
72313153/our guy/ egg white gotta blow up with this track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2gqwgqU5LE[View]
72316160>XXX FT. U2 >U2 >'You too'…[View]
72313650Text To Midi Thread Type something in this: https://virtuallyfun.superglobalmegacorp.com/2016/08/02/…[View]
72316148Call Steve Albini right now if you want!: Did you guys know you can just call Steve Albini anytime y…[View]
72314889>Royalty, royalty, royalty What did he mean by this?[View]
72316124Drake album rating: Rate Drake's most recent five albums[View]
72316593Does /mu/ like heavy metal?[View]
72312878xBLAZEx420xBLAZEx: /mu/radio General - 4/20/2017 Edition 4:20 SMOKE THAT SHIT at :00 Official Websit…[View]
72316750Post-Punk thread[View]
72316705Sup guys, I'm starting up a tape label and running limited prints and I'm looking for like…[View]
72314679So, what do you think /mu/?[View]
723155702000 was the greatest ever year for music: how can one year be so based?[View]
72316570a song about marth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH7yPB5WHiY[View]
72314281Hey /mu/ I'm looking for something that will make me feel the way Fruit Stripe gum smells. I do…[View]
72316067/mu/ ptsd: >TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT >BE MY LITTLE BABY…[View]
723165423x3: post albums, get recs[View]
72314839KPOP GENERL[View]
72291252U2 is the worst band of all time[View]
72307111what do you expect from chvrches' next album?[View]
72316394Derek Kerswill: So my driver's ed teacher is Derek Kerswill of 'Unearth', 'Seemless', 'Kingdom …[View]
72311987Anyone else here actual /musicalgenius/? I once made my attractive female Music Theory professor bre…[View]
72315952Pop radio challenge: I have a challenge for everyone. View the current pop radio top 50 chart here: …[View]
72313692itt good 4-album streaks (because it's visually pleasing to look at): F U C K I N G H E L L…[View]
72316005Thoughts on this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRPuZGxEdhg[View]
72298534/daily/ - No Thots Edition: We love no thots on GOD The point of these threads is to encourage peopl…[View]
72316256How did we miss new Impossible Nothing /mu/ ? https://impossiblenothing.bandcamp.com/album/tonemenom…[View]
72315795https://youtu.be/UtHt9Lzp-1c You guys ready for more Kendrick? (at 21:13)[View]
72316230The Dante Quartet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVbvWEYgsRE What's the musical equivalent to…[View]
72313096TONETTA 777: https://tonetta777.bandcamp.com/track/anaha why don't more people support this bea…[View]
723033855x5 thread last 7 days: rec and guess stuff[View]
72313590I'm thinking of going to Amoeba in LA for Record Store Day. Any tips? Was I suppose to preorder…[View]
72316170How come there are never any EDM threads on /mu/?[View]
72315173Unsettling tracks on upbeat albums: >tfw Sense Of Doubt comes on…[View]
72315889why is there on RYM so many ignorant users obsessed with the 'avant-garde' tag? that'…[View]
72316011This album is shit. 1/10[View]
72313949ITT: 'Hey, that's not that bad!'[View]
72316079>When he says he doesnt listen to hip-hop[View]
72316008TKOL good album[View]
72316057>Not listening to Adult Contemporary Dub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKWKZOzzsjU…[View]
72314799should I study music in university?: what do you say anyone here done it?, It's either that or …[View]
72315552At risk of showing how much of a retard I am, I'll be making a new thread. My dad was selling …[View]
72315863Is this any good?[View]
72315858>markets about to crash Pardon me but how would a nigger know that?[View]
72315967ITT: We post actually good pop music. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpRe2b_gyCQ…[View]
72315940>sleep is the only time I'm happy >don't want to sleep because I don't want to …[View]
72315322TKOL DISCUSSION: Why do you hate it? Why do you love it? Indifferent? TKOL thread.[View]
72315678>people are finally appreciating the genius of The King of Limbs How long until the Pitchfork 10…[View]
72313983What does /mu/ think of The Sicilian Defence?[View]
72313101Musicians that put in GREAT effort and deliver GREAT visuals? No boring meme quirky stuff like Bjork…[View]
72314526where should i start with John Cale's solo works?[View]
72313774I've never liked krautrock outside of Can until today. I've been listening to krautrock al…[View]
72315427Who fucks with scatting?[View]
72315252wuts ur opinin bork[View]
72315148>ass with some stretch marks what did he mean by this[View]
72314028Rage: Hey mu, looking for the nastiest music you know. Bonus points for power electronics.[View]
72315645I've never seen anyone talk about this here, but I've been listening to it all day and its…[View]
72315020Post your favorite album, critique others' taste.[View]
72312973What's your favorite Annie song, /mu/?[View]
72314125Poppy / Mars Argo General: Let's discuss the cutest waifus the internet has to offer, and their…[View]
72314869Best Song of All Time: Tell me the best song we as a human race have created. Holland, 1945 is the b…[View]
72311401Why are the Jews so good at music?: You see them everywhere and its actually kind of amazing. How do…[View]
72314864I know nothing about noise and any genres or sub-genres surrounding it. I know noise isnt really mel…[View]
72315188Can someone take me through this shit from he top? Every time I try to look it up I get super confli…[View]
72314676What's some music to listen to while masturbating?[View]
72315430Rec me the best of blow music[View]
72315433My feeling about the state of pop music in 2017.[View]
72315050any nihilistic music out there? looking for some good stuff[View]
72310681I've listened to: Death grips- TMS Danny Brown- AE and Kanye- Yeezus where do i go from here …[View]
72315293I've been out of the loop lately but are Death Grips still around or have they called it quits …[View]
72314070name a more iconic duo. i'll wait...[View]
72315041The King of Limbs: 01. Bloom 02. Morning Mr. Magpie 03. Lotus Flower 04. Codex 05. Give Up the Ghost…[View]
72314066*blocks your path*[View]
72314134Does anyone else just totally not understand why everyone loves Kendrick Lamar? His music is just so…[View]
72315255How can I become a hipster?[View]
72315115Who is serengetti?: I can't find anything on him/her/them online. I'm listening to all alo…[View]
72312604Unspeakable opinions: His voice is so annoying and it doesn't make the songs more intetesting…[View]
72315137>Got summer hating on me 'cause i'm hotter than the sun >Got spring hating on me …[View]
72313824How did prog, the 'thinking man's rock music,' come to get subsumed into buttrock? Prog used to…[View]
72315120why aren't you listening to dean blunt? https://youtu.be/lt9nuV6NMus[View]
72315084This Glenn Danzig. Say something nice about him.[View]
72315019best cans?[View]
72314674ITT god-tier EPs: starting with 'holy shit is that philip glass: the EP'[View]
72314473Reggae/Exodus: So I finally sat down and listened to this album, and I absolutely loved it. What oth…[View]
72313784wtf is this haha https://soundcloud.com/baccyplug/my-life-ur-wife[View]
72313951STOP SCROLLING!!! post what you're listening to right now. no cheating[View]
72314797In The Aeroplane Over The Sea: Is this album a masterpiece or the overrated-meme lord?[View]
72266502/classical/: Practice makes profit edition http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08mdbjz#play >General…[View]
72314474thoughts on black moth super rainbow?: thanks[View]
72310925Little Wayne is the greatest rapper of the 2000s, bar MAYBE Kanye West. Ain't a single other ni…[View]
72314921*deletes BLOOD, DNA, ELEMENT, HUMBLE, XXX, FEAR*[View]
72310337Low or Heroes anon?: pic related is my choice[View]
72314052Classical: What is the best genre of music, and why is it Viennese classicism? What is better than M…[View]
72314782Does /mu/ like progressive rock?[View]
72313732I'm really looking forward to the next Arcade Fire album. What direction do you think they…[View]
72311654Right, we need to sort this once and for all: Does /mu/ like U2? http://www.strawpoll.me/12791192…[View]
72312106Biggie Smalls: Favorite Rapper Thread (just one you faggots) >pic related…[View]
72312815KPOP GENERAL[View]
72312680What are your thoughts on the new Actress album, /mu//?[View]
72312968Bones: Does /mu/ Like Bones? I want to get into. /r/ a chart or something.[View]
72314283Milk Eyed Mender is her best album Prove me wrong protipyoucant[View]
72314452What's worse, 'EDM' or 'electronica'?[View]
72310612ITT: Post your four favorite albums and anons MUST rank em: You have to rank them all. Don't be…[View]
72314721It's very scary out there[View]
72314386>ready to go to the club >it's closed Music for this feel?…[View]
72314080xxxtentacion: what does mu think about him? most of his stuff is good but he has some stupid stuff (…[View]
72312479ITT: music that is cold, melancholic, anxious, futuristic, atmospheric, sombre, cryptic, serious, ab…[View]
72312590Albums you wish you had discovered way earlier.[View]
72306286Vinyl Bread: What are your new recys? RSD is Saturday, whatcha getting http://thevinylfactory.com/fe…[View]
72306894/mu/mor thread[View]
72314342Only good black metal musician[View]
72312198Fav country song /mu/? Here's mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCxXnD2bVaw https://www.you…[View]
72313482What is the David Foster Wallace of music ?[View]
72314531ITT: fantastic albums overshadowed by their predecessors.[View]
72313660itt: album covers that perfectly encapsulate the album[View]
72314567Do you know about margot? The colour of one of her album is light blue, but I can't remember mo…[View]
72311907Frontier Psychiatrist: What genre would you consider this song to be? Are there any songs like it? …[View]
72290858ITT: Post your favorite album and anons guess personalities[View]
72314429Album titles that define the band: No self-titles you cheeky fucks[View]
72311253What did Thom mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imtSibPnTPE[View]
72312400What's the Silent Hill 2 of music? Hard Mode: no OST[View]
72310371What are /mu/'s thoughts on PWR BTTM? >inb4 they're gay fuck off carlos…[View]
72313694What was nin best album/song[View]
72314293Album covers that look like they smell nice[View]
72314434'She needs space because the distance is getting to her, and i feel bitter sweet about it' music for…[View]
72314188ITT: Songs about suicide: >hyperballad[View]
72313490this is a dazzling soulful bliss. I went into it with heart fully open and i wasn't left down. …[View]
72310688This Chris Martin from Coldplay, say something NICE about him. no no bully[View]
72307047/gg/ - Guitar and Gear General: Marty Friedman is the greatest guitarist of all time edition No lin…[View]
72314143ITT: Your favorite album that came out the year you were born.[View]
72313788Thoughts on the new Roger Waters single? https://vimeo.com/214109720[View]
72313145>see U2 poll >U2 is winning What is going on!?!? Are people memeing? Is U2 going to become /m…[View]
72313704Who's your favorite female artist? Mine are Julien Baker, Bjork, Johanna Newsom, and Grimes.[View]
72314030ITAOTS Weird Lyrics: I've listened to this album recently and I like it, I can see why it'…[View]
72313408>These are the people that listen to Kendrick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3X-0vC2TZ8…[View]
72312837Does he hate whites? If so then I think that adds a lot of thematic depth to his music. He's ge…[View]
72314121joe goddard (hot chip) just dropped the AOTY: released on Spotify if it's the 21st in your time…[View]
72313239ITT: Albums that go on for fucking ever[View]
72313796>we have you're mother fucking record company surrounded >Put down the candy and let the …[View]
72313600What is the hip-hop of music, /mu/?[View]
72314054Learning piano: Any pianists here? I recently decided I wanted to learn and bought pic related along…[View]
72302368Soundcloud Trend: Hey guys trying to get as much feedback as I can on my latest track check out out …[View]
72306877What's the general consensus on Death Grips?[View]
72313654The time has come we finally pursue 'Dawn Chorus/Wake Me (Before They Come)': Hey /mu/ I wanted to p…[View]
72299474/chart/ thread: post, rate, rec. make: https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ http://topsters.ne…[View]
72313946ITT: Unofficial music videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3JGxj2rvAs[View]
72312764>tfw haven't slept in three days music for this feel[View]
72310996Take the U2-pill. choose to not let your taste in music be controlled by memes[View]
72313840YYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO GEEEETTTTTTTT IIIIIIINNNNNNNN!! https://plug.dj/sdc-room-3-the-sequel[View]
72313343Anyone else feel that this is an unappreciated masterpiece?[View]
72312903Neo-soul: https://youtu.be/1g826StJhLk?t=216 Anyone know any more music like this? Like deep, slow, …[View]
72305155ITT: Post quotable albums and others say the first lyric that comes to mind from it[View]
72312755Smoking with a girl later to celebrate this blessed holiday what music should I play to impress her?…[View]
72313105ITT:Anons tell your personality based on your favorite band,favorite album and favorite film: >Fa…[View]
72313709Could it be said that In The Nightside Eclipse is the nu-male version of Wrath Of The Tyrant?[View]
72311978>my LITERAL face when people always ask if I'm emo and depressed just because I think black …[View]
72310335Problematic faves thread: post your problematic faves[View]
72313594So good[View]
72309454ITT: Band members who have definitely fucked[View]
723124023x3 thread 1 week: be nice to each other edition.[View]
72312616Post heartbreaking albums or songs, /mu/. Can't even go through pic related.[View]
72313089So, how does one practice with a metronome?[View]
72312638>what is this? >it's my music :) i found out about it yesterday…[View]
72313466U2 Popmart tour disaster: Just how bad did U2's 1997 Popmart tour fare in America? Check out 1:…[View]
72312193I need some Jazz recs. Any jazz recs pl0x[View]
72313429>THE CORPSE YOU REALLY LOVE 69/10[View]
72312739Q&A or Oh, No, /mu/?[View]
72312622Is this Radiohead ranking ass or class: Somehow I missed out on Radiohead, spent the last month tryi…[View]
72312482>vampire weekend[View]
72311657Albums where the forth track is the best song.[View]
72312011e--3 b--3 g--0 d--2 a--3, 2, 1 e--x[View]
72313200ITT: 10/10 albums[View]
72312662wtf where is radiohead[View]
72313184Guilty pleasure genres: nu-metal edm industrial hip-hop of 2010s trap rap[View]
72291709SHARETHREAD - fuckedupthelastone: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of releas…[View]
72308409ITT: Post the worst songs of all time[View]
72311538What did U2 mean by this?[View]
72313015Name more than 1 good U2: Pro tip: You can't[View]
72312508Is he the greatest producer of all time?[View]
72293158soundcloud thread 4/20: post/rate/review[View]
72310865Is this the best SNL music act ever? What is your favourite?[View]
72311674who are some bands that have made 5 albums in a year?[View]
72311052Buckley hate thread: In his opinion: Movies>>TV>>>>>>>>>>>Mus…[View]
72312979lost band: Alright. So, a while back I either watched a video or read an article talking about some …[View]
72312972ITT: You tell me why Burzum is not the only completely unshitty Black Metal band.[View]
72297031one of these fucking threads: Best: Element Worst: Loyalty Underrated: Pride Overrated: Humble…[View]
72311942You have one post to explain why you aren't listening to classical right now[View]
72312941Do all these songs have something in common or am i just stupid? foreal though i need more songs lik…[View]
72312904So did anyone listen to this album? More importantly was it any good? Can't believe that it has…[View]
72312681i;m white and have never done any of these things. what is kdot talkin bout???[View]
72310047Kendrick fans BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQZnOmDq_e8[View]
72311796Hey /MU/ , listening to Kendrick for the first time in at the second song and I wanted to ask: At wh…[View]
72312698Hey /mu/ I need help remembering the name of a band. >metal >album covers look kind of like p…[View]
72309452/jazz/: Post your favorite HatHut albums or recent discoveries[View]
72311958>go to a gy!be show >afterwards, efrim pulls you aside and hands you a paper bag >he says '…[View]
72311932Thoughts on Sonic Youth?[View]
72312621ITT: Joke Albums You Un-ironically enjoy[View]
72310582Kurt Vile: Is he the only relevant contemporary rock musician out there at the moment?[View]
72309904>Deletes Parents[View]
72311432kpop general: simply in 20 minutes[View]
72312248>Elvis, the white nigger What did Bono mean by this?[View]
72312057i think one of my friends just killed themselves. i need music for this to fill some space.[View]
72307365Greatest Hip Hop album of all time?: This isn't suppose to be a loaded or bating question. I ju…[View]
72312168How is this so bad[View]
72311273Who's better...: Posies or Pixies?[View]
72311597what are some really good, insightful interviews you've seen with musicians? my personal favori…[View]
72312593got the shit kicked out of me outside a bar, give me some aggressive/abrasive/heavy music for me to …[View]
72311923So pretty self-explanatory, looking for an album. I remember I found it here, a sort of 'slowcore' r…[View]
72311555Who'll be on it this year?[View]
72311756>i don't like this because of the artist's voice[View]
72304281Just announced: Tidal on VMP for first ever vinyl release use this code for $10 off http://fbuy.me/f…[View]
72311928Is there any violent, angry, rage inducing INSTRUMENTAL music?[View]
72312455I never thought a Joanna Newsom track would be hype as fuck but this is a certified banger. More rap…[View]
72312267So since we know that Lust for Life is going to be trash, is she going to drop AOTY 2017?[View]
72312405i have typical /mu/ faggot taste in music but i wanna find some new stuff to listen to, still in the…[View]
72311908le chopin banane[View]
72311016headphones: what kinda headphones u like?[View]
72308094God does not exi[View]
72312321Watch me werk it JT ;)[View]
72309715What exactly is post-punk revival and why is it so shit?[View]
72309195ITT: Musicians who don't look/act like they make the music they make[View]
72299440best experimental hip hop albums? why has it taken longer for groundbreaking experimental hip hop al…[View]
72310848Joke (bullshit): If you are in the Crazy Train, do you have the locomotive breath?[View]
72312186Friendly Reminder[View]
72311894ITT bands you dont understand but love anyway.: These guys always pump me up when they come on, real…[View]
72312197ITT Only post cover versions of songs that are infinitely better than the original https://www.yout…[View]
72312181Most aggressive song you know. All genres allowed pic related[View]
72311840What's the best Yo La Tengo album?[View]
72312031This is a thread ONLY for people who know all the lyrics to 'Funky Town' https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
72309509What's your favorite album of his? I used to really hate TPAB, but it's really starting to…[View]
72311640>spending over 500 dollars for a pc just because it has good resolution why do you need good reso…[View]
72311575Would /mu/ fuck a female MC Ride?[View]
72308981>Post-rock just isn't my thing because i feel like, because it's so repetitive, the mus…[View]
72307954This Old Dog Leak: Can someone please give me a link to download the leak? I can't find a worki…[View]
72310673Can someone please explain Sunn O))) to me? I don't understand...[View]
72311781Flowchart thread?[View]
72309705What are the best platforms to release black metal on?[View]
72302670What does /mu/ think of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gpWUQZslKE[View]
72311685ITT: Albums that contain the band's best, worst, most underrated and overrated songs[View]
72310445ITT: Obscure musical factoids: In 1983, The Edge of U2 collaborated with Jah Wobble of Public Image …[View]
72311682>U2 >R.E.M. >Radiohead How close were these bands to each other in the 1990s?…[View]
72311779honest thoughts on super furry animals? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i2Kn-EXh_A[View]
72307865Just made this on Custom Ink. Is it too fan-boyish? also general shirt thread[View]
72308913GAS: Narkopop: for the bros who got too drunk last night where you at bois[View]
72311294Fugg: I know for a fact at one point a couple years ago I heard about this band from the UK. Their f…[View]
72307250Explain me why this album is supposedly 'great/awesome'[View]
72311471lol he's already a nobody[View]
72311665I take one, one, one cause you left me and[View]
72309541The line is drawn, which side will you take?: Did Uzi ruin this song or elevate it to god tier? htt…[View]
72310743Best maximalist albums Pic related[View]
72310332ITT: Artists you don't ''''''get'''''…[View]
72311615is this the best rap song of the decade ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgOtr9mfP8c[View]
72311447ITT: Good Albums to fall asleep to: Help me /mu/ my neighbourhood's noisy at night, what can yo…[View]
72311591New group: https://youtu.be/xub4TyNovdQ Found this surfing, was diggin the sound.[View]
72310573Maybe it'll work now?[View]
72310651Help me /mu/: Help me /mu/. I have friends that unironically listen to Panic, Fallout boy and Pierce…[View]
72304386>Sister Ray, which probably remains the ultimate, definitive masterpiece of rock music, an epic p…[View]
72311386what's your reason for listening to rap despite being white?[View]
72311258This album is interesting. I think the first 13 minutes are a mess, but after that there's some…[View]
72311103Discuss Barrington Levy: I just discovered this Reggae and Dancehall legend, I am not usually into R…[View]
72311174God tier moments in Radiohead songs: MY BABY'S GOT THE BENDS Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WE DON'T…[View]
72309855KPOP GENERAL[View]
72311350Hey im not super familiar with all of these bands but is there anyone here that's kinda quiet a…[View]
72309394Let's start another one /mu/: I can't stop thinking about Alessia Cara[View]
72306712Does /mu/ like atmospheric rock?[View]
72311305Dead food bru[View]
72311279wake yo punk ass up for tha 93 SHOT[View]
72311084Am i a pleb for liking some coldplay /mu? Specifically x&y and parachutes?[View]
72310734What is Mu's opinion on Juke? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JScJ2b0fQSg[View]
72307402/mu/radio General - 420 edition I'm gonna be streaming some stoner albums for the next couple h…[View]
72311071Albums you love from genres you despise[View]
72310670Are REM the only band to 'sell out' and continue making good music?[View]
72309563thoughts on pic related: what a shitty comeback 4/10[View]
72311125Is this any good?[View]
72310040Why is 'Like a Rolling Stone' considered his best song, plus one of the best ever? Rolling Stone has…[View]
72311075lookin for music: hey /mu i watched pulp fiction and fuckin loved the song,'comanche' by the centuri…[View]
72307119Why doesn't this album get as much attention as other classics?[View]
72310585Meeting of the Waters 12' - RSD Release: who here hyped to hear some ambient jams from these two? i …[View]
72310861What's his name?[View]
72310172>We can be Heroes, just for one day >We can be us, just for one day…[View]
72309953>tfw dad is going to die from cancer music for this feel.[View]
72310820Need feedback. I welcome any kind of criticism. https://soundcloud.com/thomas-inked-karma/mitochondr…[View]
72310424>both similar sort of alt rock with pop hooks >both released great music in the 90s >both w…[View]
72310816REAL plug dj thread: https://plug.dj/s-wat https://plug.dj/s-wat https://plug.dj/s-wat already peop…[View]
72309072Post GOAT Viper songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR9rvzqNmiI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd…[View]
72306491Can we agree that they are not that bad and do not deserve all the hate they get!? They do have some…[View]
72310769fuck Dan Snaith/Caribou/Manitoba: you heard me[View]
72310228New to /mu/ from /tv/: Is he the 'Cinemasins' of music? What does /mu/ think about his music critic…[View]
72310693is this the greatest song of all time?[View]
72300540CHVRCHES: Admit it, this was good.[View]
72310636When you discover Rush: The first time you listen 2112 and you just.[View]
72304608/BCG/ BANDCAMP General, promotion and discussion: You know the deal[View]
72310520This is a Bono. Say something nice! NO no bully pls[View]
72310507When did you realize the Beach Boys > Beatles[View]
72309590Stop listening to rap[View]
72310453Besides Discogs, what are some other websites that are good for buying hard to find music?[View]
72310495>wowee zowee is the best pavement album[View]
72310512god gave rock and roll to you[View]
72310179>rock >rap >??? what's next?…[View]
72310249It leaked. Holy shit.[View]
72309154The Joshua Tree 2017: Who's going to this tour? What would you like to see on the setlist? I…[View]
72310007Wow it's complete shit..[View]
72308937was he molest?: was he molest?[View]
72310380This wasn't that bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8JWeesN5So[View]
72309379Why were they never good at the indie stuff?[View]
72309186Albums from a female perspective/ feminist albums: Not interested in debating politics, just want to…[View]
72310282Do I need to upgrade something?: I have this problem, these speaker sound a lot better when I use my…[View]
72306683>im starting to like U2[View]
72306418Music to drink lean to?[View]
72309001how deep is YOUR love?: A. 'like the ocean' B. 'like nirvana - hit me harder' C. 'no inhibition, no …[View]
72309919Why is Big Sur so much better than almost everything else he ever wrote?[View]
72300292ITT: 3/10s[View]
72306950>im starting to like Gorillaz[View]
72308823Why do people who listen to obscure music think they're so much better than us?[View]
72310131Got-te-te-te to get-it-it-it up Got-te-te-te to get-it-it-it over[View]
72308096ITT: Shit normies say about music >'I hate my generation's music like Justine Gayber and Lad…[View]
72310175Anyone else getting some Talking Heads vibes from this? Also, it was pretty great up until the Daft …[View]
72306594Post the best albums you've ever heard[View]
72310086ITT: Mind Blowing Albums: The fact that Eleh was able to create rhythms with only a few notes and no…[View]
72309817Are podcasts /mu/? Is there such thing as podcast kino?[View]
72303594top 10 kanye songs: Everybody's got em, and no two are the same. Post top 10s 1. I'm In It…[View]
72310055Bands and artists that have been both mainstream cool and hipster cool: These guys and The Beach Boy…[View]
72308685>u2 >post-punk[View]
72304813>album ends with a 10 minute long ambient drone track for no reason[View]
72308921What do I say when a girl asks what bands I like when all I listen to is pretentious weird garbage?[View]
72306378I just started this when does Gorillaz start playing?[View]
72309224Where would his career have gone if he hadn't passed?[View]
72307981/mu/ thoughts on Hayley Williams?[View]
72300793Oh shit, these are the only countries music left in the world, all your music from the missing count…[View]
72308604Bands that don't actually sound like shit in live recordings: I'll start: Talking Heads Th…[View]
72309639>tfw not seeing Ween in Charlottesville tonight[View]
72307778Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Is this the best example of 'that sound' of 00-04? If not, what's bet…[View]
72308244kpop general[View]
72308765>I don't like this song, it's too repetitive[View]
72308777Hey /mu/, I'm looking for songs with an interesting and dynamic drumset part that can be realis…[View]
72309422Empathetic albums: Post em[View]
72308706>QotSA >Buttrock[View]
72309581ITT: Times artist played with some injury or hurt themselves.[View]
72302249What did they mean by this?[View]
72309025Ski mask the slump god thread[View]
72306983What the fuck is his problem?[View]
72309024>tfw you like an album so much you don't listen to it again >tfw you like an album so muc…[View]
72308681So /mu/?[View]
72308020You got that (You got that) You got that MILK money! I got that I got that I got that MILF money! Yo…[View]
72309238Boy, U2 sure is popular around here[View]
72307453Why is U2 so popular?: Imagine you’re a middle-aged, upper-middle-class male. You live in a large me…[View]
72309377>tfw underground goth/darkwave is making a comeback in my city fucking finally…[View]
72307578There's a particular version of Get Back where before the keyboard solo, Paul says 'Do it Billy…[View]
72309346There are two types of people in the world.[View]
7230688010/10 thread[View]
72309278I want your opinion on this /b/ Also this kind of experimental/unusual/mystical folk thread[View]
72309371Anyone have recommendations for synthwave artists that match Com Truise's style? All I usually…[View]
72309087/tropgen/ - Celebration Edition: Howdy, y'all. The 2nd installment of the Tropical Music Genera…[View]
72306995>crumpets and tea >Robert Wyatt >best Prog >basically created USA >Spirit of Eden/Lau…[View]
72308934Hip hop/rap is black EDM White guilt has gone too far[View]
7230713460/70 shit: Why are 60/70 music so good? Started listening to the Animals and Doris. Got any suggest…[View]
72309272>Listens to Lady Gaga, David Guetta, everything billion views >Opens FL, time to write some ho…[View]
72309259Greatest album of all time?: This isn't suppose to be a loaded or bating question. I just want …[View]
72308558>bring girl back to my room after night out >'put some music on anon' >put on my…[View]
72309152here you are then[View]
72308428Lil Yachty: who excited?[View]
72308757plug.dj thread: just took a load of mandy lets listen to some music lads anything goes[View]
72308076Do you expect to be alive when the new album comes out?[View]
72306146Has /mu/ Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)?: Are there any other psychonauts on /mu/? I'm fairly…[View]
72293476/metal/: Which stage is more numale edition[View]
72309105Who is the best singer in the world, and why is it this man? https://youtu.be/b97wq-AVsAU[View]
72308264Any Lofi fans? https://soundcloud.com/denroh-beats/sets/blissful-naivety[View]
72308695Are these the best bars in the history of rap?: Hail Mary, Jesus and Joseph The great American flag …[View]
72304264Did anybody else order this? Do you guys reckon the 'autographs' are genuine?[View]
72309045remember when ATDI would jump around and put on amazing shows like no other band? yeah not anymore. …[View]
72307787Name a better drummist protip >you cant[View]
72308993cocaine is the big picture[View]
72308030ITT: Underrated mixtapes: >pic very related[View]
72307968j*sus chr*st why did they have to experiment with their sound this much? humanz barely listenable[View]
72308643>Favorite musicians? >Why do you like them? >Does personality affect how you enjoy their mu…[View]
72302848>complains about ''normies'' >listens to type-0 and type-1 music…[View]
72307995Unforgettable: Is this the best hook of the year? Is this the best hip-hop hook out right now? Is th…[View]
72308201pay attention[View]
72308797What the fuck was this[View]
72303349so we've got björk and noel gallagher on the right, but who are the other two on the left?[View]
72307217/glam/ general: thread for the discussion of glam metal also welcome: classic rock, AOR, traditional…[View]
72305912Am I pleb for considering Wild Honey and Smiley Smile superior to pic related? I mean, at least thos…[View]
72305915Death Grip should have been a rock band[View]
72291123AOTY so far?[View]
72308674I take 7 kids from Columbine, stand 'em all in line Add an AK-47, a revolver, a nine, A MAC-11 …[View]
72288734FUCKING D R O P P E D: Time to pack your bags lads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35cTIXoBnuw what…[View]
72306270Still one of the greatest ever. I once spent a week wondering the parks of 'dam getting high to…[View]
72308301What was the last song to make you cry, and why?[View]
72307758/shugazi/ - Shoegaze, Blackgaze, Dream Pop, Noise Pop, etc.[View]
72307698what do you carry you mp3s and whatnot inside of? I keep mine in this cute ipod[View]
72306348In this thread we are typing 5 best hip-hop albums of all time. Lemme start >Illmatic >The Inf…[View]
72308549How can one man pump out so many AOTYs[View]
72308531happy 4/20 /mu/ best music to get high to? https://streamable.com/yt4mv[View]
72306976DSBM / TRVE KVLT please Pic Related[View]
72306606>Deletes live albums. >Deletes compilations. >Deletes greatest hits.…[View]
72307273Stoner/Desert Rock Thread: Top 5 albums?[View]
72308462Arca is a sellou... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okVVKhCUBDw[View]
72307061What's your 420 playlist looking like?[View]
72307773ITT: things plebs say >songs with odd time signaturez are real music, enjoy your crappy songs in …[View]
72294014/mu/ deaths you will never get over.[View]
72307085Is Marina Diamandis the worst female Artist to ever exist?[View]
72306535Can anyone give me a quick rundown on the state of music these days?[View]
72308330AOTY Absolutely haunting, prog-rock is alive boys[View]
72308279Other God tier acid techno albums? Anything nobody has heard of?[View]
72308193>rap song starts playing >'WHAT? UHH, TURN MY HEADPHONES UP!'…[View]
72308230https://soundcloud.com/electriclightning111/mellow-moods I made a new song, this is for you house-he…[View]
72308215How do i do a sucesful fanzine?[View]
72306475KPOP GENERAL[View]
72306159Describe the last shit you took with a song title. >Blow Out https://youtu.be/LHTt9VQ2pMU…[View]
72308197happy weed day. enjoy some beatles reggae. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d-QrzTRVuU&t=1s[View]
72293930Music player screenshots: post your music players as they are right now /mu/[View]
72306214What's the best Smiths song?[View]
72305705When did you realize this was the pinnacle of music?[View]
72308147Does mu like chvrches? Fav song ? Excited for the new album?[View]
72306008Japanese music is superior to every other countries music: >Gets chummy with Japanese transfer st…[View]
72308007Should I go to Compton for a Kendrick Lamar album signing?[View]
72307328What does /mu/ think about Madness?[View]
72302707/PANDA GENERAL/: Speak of his masterpiece discography Post pictures of him ~ Most based musician ev…[View]
72306720Ive just been getting into Swans and I was wondering if there were other artists with music similar …[View]
72307629/bleep/ is dead post techno and electro >no one hyped over new Dopplerefekt…[View]
72306841Enough with the 80s rehash shit already. Everywhere I look in music it's all about 'le ebin 80s…[View]
72307266Outsider Music: /mu/ lets talk about outsider music[View]
7230722010/10 albums[View]
72307938Post rappers/songs from your area that you like: Washington DC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMxYZ…[View]
72305475What did they listen to?[View]
72307637If an album needs context to be considered good, then it's shit.[View]
72307897Discogs estimated value thread. https://www.discogs.com/user/sillyokid[View]
72306952*deletes Johnny and Mary*[View]
72301126*deletes Take Me Away, Spinal Meningitis, I Can't Put My Finger on It, A Tear for Eddie, Drifte…[View]
72306733>im starting to like future[View]
72286753ITT: Best four-album streaks[View]
72306723under what genre would you label this? asking for a friend[View]
72307822Is it true that pavement were stoned out of their mind the whole time they made this so that's …[View]
72307054Is it wrong that I like Elliott Smith much more than Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and both Buckleys?[View]
72307176Am I bugging you? I don't mean to bug ya.[View]
72307705Making an essential love song chart. Any suggestions?[View]
72307413Why is /mu/'s idea of being patrician liking the Kanye West album that got a 9.5/10 on pitchfor…[View]
72307697Comfy hippie music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE[View]
72307690>Saint Pepsi[View]
72306765Post your favourite song and others will rate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7ytPNb75Ho[View]
72307613Post music that literallly makes you feel like it has sex with you, if you've actually experien…[View]
72306374Rockists asleep Post non-rockist jazz[View]
72307559>neo-/mu/ddit suddenly hates popular calypso king Lord Melody What the fuck happened?…[View]
72307506this is great[View]
72306225GORILLAZ TRUMP: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/magazine-feature/7767690/damon-albarn-gorilla…[View]
72307464kreatrock > krautrock[View]
72307420>i quit the band because the industry is bullshit riiiiiiiiiiiiight[View]
72306024I know there's a 5X5 thread going around but I want one with your ALL-TIME 5X5. Let's see …[View]
72305937U2 has never been good, critically acclaimed, or culturally relevant.[View]
72306459Can someone explain to me what key Chet Baker plays that old feeling? If I follow the chords in the …[View]
72307122Explosions in the Sky are playing tonight,are they good live? And will there be weed there? I don…[View]
72306978skramz: lets get a skramz thread going https://ihatesex.bandcamp.com/album/world-of-grief…[View]
72305054ITT: Albums that you knew would become favourites from the first few minutes of listening[View]
723072284x4: 4x4 thread[View]
72306171Post your faviroute album at the moment in this thread[View]
72307131albums everyone forgot about: remember me?[View]
72303029/Comfy General/: Post your comfiest music my friends[View]
72304557What's the best record player set up I can get for a $100-300 price range?[View]
72291559/gg/ - Guitar and Gear General: no links edition[View]
72304380>first song is a god-tier rock single >next 9 songs are all blues filler What did they mean by…[View]
72305861does anyone actually miss the old P4K?[View]
72306934>pop >punk[View]
72306328tl;dr need flamenco music I work at an elementary school doing after school programs for kids and th…[View]
72306537holy shit[View]
72306009Lil Yahcty's album cover: What did he mean by this?[View]
72306274Does Twenty one Pilots remind anyone else of Animal Collective?[View]
72303946How should I listen to cassettes? What equipment do I need? Is it even worth it?[View]
72305655What is he listening to, /mu/?[View]
72306663>im starting to like death grips[View]
72294964thoughts on the new Paramore song, /mu/?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEB6ibtdPZc[View]
72305186Any good drumkits and bass samples for techno? That sounds something like this https://www.youtube.c…[View]
72306725funky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk5zjfSrmuk[View]
72306724Whats the name of this Tame Impala Song???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2SMr65qpfI&t=171s…[View]
72306658>everyone loves this kendrick lamar guy >apparently he's not like other rappers and is ac…[View]
72302620The Cure: Is this some kind of a joke? How does this wanky goth band have 11 singles with 4.00+ on R…[View]
72305168Can someone recommend me any good conscious hip-hop, bonus points if it's not only criticizing …[View]
72306497So do you guys like only listen to cloud rap and 90s shit[View]
72306047I just wanted to remind you that you shouldn't miss out on the greatest tour in rock history![View]
72306468Your favorite indie/alternative bands: i will start with Beach Fossils and Local Natives. From BF i …[View]
72305678holy shit[View]
72304267Six words The. Most. Chillest. Tour. Ever.[View]
72306371vive la france: good french musicians?[View]
72306345Give me your essential Hobocore, /mu/. And none of that weak-ass 'Big Rock Candy Mountain' shit, eit…[View]
72304964KPOP GENERAL[View]
72306284GFCHARTS: normal chart thread with recs and stuff but with girlfriends music[View]
72306395don't you guys just love french qts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdUOnp7fLTM[View]
72297410/jazz/: Armstrong Edition Here are some questions: >What are you listening to RIGHT NOW? >What…[View]
72305533https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHE8pRTK1Ls >'We're going to continue to abuse our position …[View]
72306229Deep South Hip-Hop: Who is the next Pimp C? Y'know, the pimp C that got murdered for uniting th…[View]
72306321>She's got everything she needs she's an autist, she don't look back What did Bob …[View]
72295714why is her music considered avant-garde? serious question[View]
72303414/shugazi/ - Shoegaze, Dreampop, Blackgaze, etc.[View]
72306070Where do y'all get music from these days? Ever since What got shut down my music collection has…[View]
72302094*removes he is* literally perfect now[View]
72306256420 Vapor Classics livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEk_8djY37s shout out to all the old …[View]
72304483Holy FUCK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crYouZYc2ow Mac DeMarco????? Is a jazz guitarist????????…[View]
72302753RebeccaBlackTech Down: Well, that didn't take long...[View]
72305262True love waits? Yeah, true love waits for your partner of 23 years to die so you can fuck a hot Ita…[View]
72305904What musician's have patrician as fuck taste?[View]
72305152Top 5 Kendrick Songs: 1. Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst 2. Wesley's Theory 3. u 4. PRI…[View]
72306078LAZYPOSTERS IN RATE/REC THREADS: Explain to me why you do this?!!?[View]
72306044Is there any album with a similar vibe?[View]
72305392Why does it cost 9 dollars?[View]
72304482Kamelot: who /Kamelot/ here? I remember when I bought The Black Halo album when I was still a teen …[View]
72304569Can someone direct me to some quintessential American music with little to no foreign influence? Clo…[View]
72305854When you're listening to a new album, how do you listen to it? Do you close your eyes and do no…[View]
72305969Twin Fantasy strawpoll: What is the worst song on Twin Fantasy? My vote's for Stop Smoking…[View]
72305148>he doesn't listen to music at 1.5 to be more efficient or skip through the boring parts…[View]
72296212sell-out core: post them sell-outs[View]
72305821>Song has Rhodes in it[View]
72299365Magic Eye thread: >go to http://peeinears.github.io/MagicEye.js/ >draw album cover >post an…[View]
72304518Billy Clintonne Swag Thread[View]
72304355Stop whatever you're doing and post what you're listening to right now. Pic related.[View]
72303070What is /mu/'s average IQ : Music Playback Speed ratio? I'm at about 128:1.7x for most son…[View]
72304808Pol Pot's Pleasure Penthouse: Anyone else is excited about this release for the RSD ? >remas…[View]
72299797Roszz Alatt hajnal szultet szamar madar: Does /mu/ like this album? also, post other albums that des…[View]
72305838post your music and we guess each others influences https://soundcloud.com/eric-seeling >pic not …[View]
72304570remember when Jack White kicked that guys ass?[View]
72305820A FLOWER?[View]
7230576710/10 albums >inb4 can[View]
72305313Do you agree? https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/66h1l8/til_in_2005_the_bbc_asked_reade…[View]
72305067How do I into shoegaze?[View]
72304764who are the best female synthpop Artists?[View]
72303801So /mu/ doesn't like DSOTM now? I no longer take this board seriously.[View]
72305781Are '''A&R men''' necessary?[View]
72305052Why aren't you listening to all of your music the patrician way /mu/? Buy a MiniDisc player now…[View]
72301793Terrible Autistic Albums: ITT: post the cringiest, funniest, most autistic albums you know of.…[View]
72305099what will you listen to in your sky taxi?[View]
72304323This works surprisingly well as fapping background music[View]
72305651X: What is the only good XXXTENATACION song and why is it King of the Dead?[View]
72305646I remember you was conflicted...[View]
72303179Is starting an independent record label for nothing but your own music the absolute edgiest thing a …[View]
72305665I'm listening to pic related for the first time. produced in 1998 but still so cool. what does …[View]
72304620Do you pronounce it 'DAMN' or 'DAMN PERIOD'?[View]
72305505>tfw 'Fun' is a vacant concept because it simply denotes enjoyment. It doesn't contain any s…[View]
72305613What are the deep voices at the end saying? https://youtu.be/TTAU7lLDZYU?t=5m51s[View]
72302869Literally anyone can make a single good song, but only very talented people can make good albums. Do…[View]
72303532Greatest tenor player of our generation. Reminds me a lot of Pharoah. Yay or nay?[View]
72305529Why did the #1 one hit wonder of 2016 have to be immortalized on this album?[View]
72305517Does this guy know how hard he's blowing away the audience rn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
72305495Did Paul Die?[View]
72304146>'objective' >'pleb' >'patrician' Just shut up grandpa, enjoy the music…[View]
72304895ITT: Describe an album with an Alway Sunny quote > 'My mommy's a skeleton! I feel too much I…[View]
72304087great rappers without classics: when there are discussions about hip hop on here it's always ab…[View]
72305415>melodic hardcore[View]
72305342Best of 2017 So Far: What are you guys digging this year? Most anticipated? Most disappointing?…[View]
72305325Ever listened to this[View]
723020381983 >we invent house and techno FUCK YEAH U.S.A. 1984-2010 >nothing happened 2010 >Skrille…[View]
72303284Remember Kid Cudi's first album? The late 2000s were a strange but comforting time in music.[View]
72304707Is there a Weezy project that doesn't sound dated?: As much as I like him, can we agree that hi…[View]
72301944new dean blunt: looks like hes parodying kung fu kenny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fS9995cjis…[View]
72302278JAPANESE MUSIC GENERAL: Post good Japanese music[View]
72302118what's the angriest song?[View]
72302934Favourite 3 albums of an artist: Rank top 3 albums of a favourite artist. Pharoah sanders: 1. Love I…[View]
723047794x4: Ill take recs, pls. Ive had kind of a normie week[View]
72302518Who is the peblest of them all? Post pleb grids[View]
72305029What exactly is a 'Dead Nigger Association'? And what is DJ Lamar singing about?[View]
72305021>FLEX ON SWOLE LIKE AAAAHA What did he mean by this?[View]
72303345KPOP GENERAL[View]
72303172Hey /mu/ Are dubs an instrument?[View]
72304879Any other Washington fags see Phil in Seattle last night?[View]
72304751>People that get pretentious about music that is obscure. Do you know anything about music histor…[View]
72304376If I could just look at my wife's ass one last time...[View]
72304729Teenagers think Pet Sounds is some kind of experimental emotional masterpiece when really it's …[View]
72304629Truly The Boss[View]
72304528My favorite album > Yours[View]
72302410What is the Infinite Jest of music, and why is it Pure Comedy?[View]
72301558Is it socially acceptable for guys to like Lana del Rey?[View]
72304711What music do you listen to when someone calls you a faggot in a ching chong dog oven?: I listen to …[View]
72304626how do i learn how to rap? everytime i try to follow along the lyrics i just choke up whenever it ge…[View]
72304498Anybody else from Canada? General Canadian music thread. Here are some of my favorite albums by Cana…[View]
72304497https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeLNuQdfcQw This is beautiful and if you think otherwise you can suc…[View]
72304338Albums you dislike, contrary to most of /mu/[View]
72302520Best Kanye songs?[View]
72300375How do you discover good obscure music, /mu/? >inb4 record stores 3rd world fag here…[View]
72303674What are some similar albums to the king of limbs?[View]
72304232The best live shows: Possibly one one of the best live shows >The Band >Neil young >Van Mor…[View]
72303686will this be /mu/core when it comes out? https://twitter.com/officialjaden/status/855078676932833282…[View]
72304328Why can't I stop listening to it bros?[View]
72302693Post the best Youtube Covers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bBlDeyBlZ0[View]
72301534How are the lyrical themes on this of ANY relevance to white middle class people?[View]
72301791If you don't listen to ___, you're a normie: Fill in the blank. Let the musical superiori…[View]
72304289ID: Hey /mu/. Can somebody ID this song that this person recited poetry over? It was posted on /lit/…[View]
72290037Favorite album covers[View]
72301610Kanye Thursday[View]
72304203Fag: Hi /mu/ I just made a mashup, could you rate it. >Inb4 hate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
72304179SOME: gimme some experimental (???) music, bacteria agricola or something Yeongrak, Goreshit, Vaenu…[View]
72299838>it's unlistenable >it's not music…[View]
72303244This shit is butt: Never been on this god forsaken board but I'm finna complain about this Clev…[View]
72302286how /mu/ rip their records?[View]
72303993Men want to be him. Women want to fuck him. Do you enjoy More Life or Damn more?[View]
72295314GORILLAZ - HUMANZ LEAK: http://www81.zippyshare.com/v/XRUltk22/file.html[View]
72302961Would you agree these are the 4 most reddit albums?[View]
72301498Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
72300716>I think I've written 4 or 5 genuinely good songs but have no means of producing or moving f…[View]
72300913>Artist is ugly as fuck >puts their face on every single one if their album covers…[View]
72302073Damn, really makes me think...[View]
72302584What did Rivers mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3NLwSVfSzw Was it autism?…[View]
72293705Best Albums by Cover Alone: Post your favorite album cover, then give your actual opinion on the alb…[View]
72303962What do these bad boys listen to? also, is lil yachty in MS 13?[View]
72294797'I'm really into music': >listens to Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Father John Misty, Björk, Tame …[View]
72303944More albums like this one? I'm new to this genre and have only heard this and Blues for the Red…[View]
72303804>When THAT track kicks in Y'know that track from the album that gets you all energetic and s…[View]
72303382Hey, does anybody know the remixed song name at 13:10? I have tried using Shazam and typed the lyric…[View]
72303868Is this a scam? Probably not /mu/ related but I'll give it a shot: >be music producer >tr…[View]
72303856Have you ever tried to make a list of your Top 100 Songs of All Time? What kind of stuff is on there…[View]
72302254Be humble.: Bitch sit down[View]
72303837What does /mu/ think of OneRepublic?[View]
72303767.thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG8k4IYIgvo[View]
72303724ITT:Greatest freestyles: https://youtu.be/A0CTg-0Urpw ODB druk as hell https://youtu.be/SmqXKbxDoJ0 …[View]
72303403Anyone here listen to CHON? They released a new song yesterday and I fucking love it. https://www.yo…[View]
72303319anything else like this?[View]
72303565Please, I want the link for this precious child deluxe version[View]
72301810>BLUBLUBLUBLULBULBULBULBUL HOT HEAD OH NO BLULUBLUBLB what the fuck? you guys actually like this …[View]
72302698Make a Band General: >Genres are stupid edition Lets make a band /mu/ Post what genre you would w…[View]
72302196/mu/ will defend this[View]
72303454What is electronic music? Are electric guitars electronic music?[View]
72303102Wat does MU think of Ed Sheeran and his new album?[View]
72303265Kendrick Lamar - DNA.: look at them hands on that moment: https://youtu.be/NLZRYQMLDW4?t=3m9s explai…[View]
72303088FACT: This amazing Reddit post cannot be refuted: Try to refute him. ProFACT: You cannot[View]
72302134>tfw you realise that this album is actually really deep and joji is a genius…[View]
72301633This is the best Animal Collective album in terms of everything[View]
72300862AOTY: GO GET IT.[View]
72302829Gr8 songs with shitty messages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZKJwdJRbCo[View]
72289806youtube/soundcloud/bandcamp thread: happy but dysfunctional family edition[View]
72293628Thoughts on this album? Did it surpass TDOP?[View]
72301916KPOP GENERAL[View]
72300943It's 4/20. What's the best album to listen to while stoned? Pic related.[View]
72300889Is Live Forever or That's Entertainment the best song ever written?[View]
72300774Is this the WE WUZ of hip hop albums?[View]
72299447Giveme some recs pls. Also general collage thread..[View]
72303075On, Bong On[View]
72297474ITT Album cover revelations: >it's an album, not a guitar[View]
72302932Motherhead: what you think?[View]
72301112This album fucking sucks, prove me wrong. >you fucking cant[View]
72302986>deletes ghost, plays untitled at 2/3 speed[View]
72302925>album has no cover art[View]
72302902Steinst Gate OST; Ethereal Chants: Does anybody know the name of the Steins;Gate OST that has Gregor…[View]
72302551/420/ - 420 General: what's on your playlist today /mu/?[View]
72302881>*puts on For The First Time on repeat*[View]
72302189>play the same tune over and over >get a billion views on Youtube How does he do it?…[View]
72298679Skrillex is dead[View]
72302842https://youtu.be/RYjsM709PFQ guys you've been listening to the wrong review baka[View]
72301339/mu/ dubtrack: does anyone feel like joining to share music n chill? https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/mu…[View]
72302672Grace VanderWaal: What does /mu/ think about her songs?[View]
72302003Rap songs that hype you up: Looking to put together a play list of rap songs to piss me off before I…[View]
72301821Could i get any suggestions? Cigarettes after sex, anything similar?[View]
72301113/last.fm/ - alien pussy edition: >PASTE MY TASTE http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ >FRIENDS WHO LIS…[View]
72302515r8 my top 25 I reset the play counts every year so this is just 2017[View]
72301064>hear anthony fantano is in my city >decide to give him my band's demo cassette if i run …[View]
72301863Why did this happen?[View]
72301707Which one is better ?[View]
72301796https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzR5jM9UeJA underrated perfection?[View]
72301868Stop listening to Gas[View]
72302195>yfw ZZ Top modernized Cinderella in 5 minutes with better music and no copyright infringement h…[View]
72299947Was this album that bad?[View]
72296407Is pouya the savior rap needed?[View]
72297332mac demarco hate thread: i hate his music, his fans, and his god damn sense of humor[View]
72302116DSBM / TRVE KVLT only thread Pic Related[View]
72299287the beach 'boys'[View]
72299895To a lot of people, heavy metal is today's real rock-and-roll--the music of the people. It…[View]
72275908/bleep/: rave casualty edition[View]
72302051Post album that is 10/10: i start[View]
72299769How does Kendrick feel knowing that without NATION., he got topped by a moody white man in 2017 stru…[View]

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