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76377851Is there anything that even comes close to the beauty that is this album?[View]
76374990NOT better than Liquid Swords[View]
76378013Try not to headbang challenge: I find it impossible to resist headbanging at the 1:50 mark in this s…[View]
76377821Essentials: Anyone have an art rock essentials chart? I'm getting into the genre now and want s…[View]
76377955Time to get pumped up!: Post your currently favorite Eurobeat/Italo-Disco/Hi-NRG track. https://www.…[View]
76375452September 9, 2001 Gary and I were skating at a hospital on top of a huge hill overlooking a valley[View]
76375898The sound is so repetitive in this album. There's too much looping[View]
76375658The only objective metric of music quality is sales/popularity. Everything else is subjective bullsh…[View]
76371239>/mu/ hates hip-hop now What went wrong?[View]
76376833Late Career God-tier Albums: OK, I used to like AC/DC back in the day, but then just sort of moved o…[View]
76377794>I wanna fuck you hard on the sink >After that, gonna spunk in your drink >Cut Nori's …[View]
76376193Bandcamp Thread: get in rate others and post your own[View]
76377444any music that sounds like this? indie lofi dream pop or something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
76377570How does /mu/ feel about camila cabello? Personally i think she's the best thing pop has going …[View]
76375242More like pic related pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA1e255zVow Dark, melancholy, heavy guitar…[View]
76376874Why are Americans so triggered by the garage remix of Gorillaz' 'Clint Eastwood'?[View]
76376990Can we PLEASE fucking talk about the music tapes? They're ledgendary[View]
76371091Who the fuck has this?[View]
76377401post a song you think is beautiful[View]
76377081I want to make music but where the fuck do I start? Something along the lines of psychedelia.[View]
76376852red pill me on music. Why should I love it? I want to be someone who needs to have music on all the…[View]
76377512When this will be essential /mu/core ?[View]
76377247he's right you know[View]
76376685/rym/: hey[View]
76374839Do you like latino american music?[View]
76377448OK anon so what's the sexiest keyboard?[View]
76373835give me some albums about living in flyover states[View]
76376211someone be my friend on soulseek pls[View]
76376746Shitty Chad cock rock for the nineties. Clean up the guitar tone a bit and they would have been forg…[View]
76376225ITT: Your guiltiest pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zbi0XmGtMw[View]
76365897What are the top five Kozelek songs?[View]
76370671Is it the greatest trap song ever?[View]
76377391i made a short song and i want more music that sounds like it http://picosong.com/wnHFU/ not looking…[View]
76377346ITT: Tracks that make you laugh: https://youtu.be/3CMBb-VjdnQ[View]
76360125/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Left-Handed Player Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justi…[View]
76376978these 3 are the best female artists. could you prove me wrong?[View]
76372581Shuffle Thread: You know the drill. Shuffle your music players and post the first 10 tracks, and oth…[View]
76374624Why is it impossible to have the same opinion on an album as this guy without a bunch of people sayi…[View]
76377326Lol, are you guys serious right now? This guy is trash, no wonder he offed himself[View]
76375832I bet he feels like a real jerk now...[View]
76375034Babby's intro to grime: I'm trying to get into grime but im not sure really where to find …[View]
76374658ITT: Hacks[View]
76371736Can't Find Any Good Music: Please somebody recommend an album that blows you away. Everything I…[View]
76375679ITT: Music atheists will never understand[View]
76377213Follow me into the shitty tundra. https://soundcloud.com/alexauld/only-once-over-vol-2 >Journey…[View]
76375442ITT: Music Conspiracy theories[View]
76377069Koяn: I listen almost exclusively to Koяn. Any recommendations for bands with similar style?[View]
76376858What do you guys think of this RHCP jam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5V9eaiKuxo[View]
76377173>hot pants break[View]
76376259Saturday Night Edition: YOU KNOW IT'S NICK CROMPTON AND MY COLLAR STAY POPPIN' https://www…[View]
76377052What song/band is this? https://www.instagram.com/p/BQK6VFoh1JZ/ Also general music sourcing thread.…[View]
76374183Remade the Mallgoth chart.: https://i.imgur.com/H1AYdW3.jpg[View]
76372366I heard Elephant Talk from pic related at a party once and I thought it was some unreleased Talking …[View]
76375203What other bands have that earnest, suburban, sentimental feel? The World is a Beautiful Place is an…[View]
76375986Legends of Music: Who ultimately will be more important 20 years from now?[View]
76374421Who did it better?[View]
76375575So good.[View]
76376869trad folk music is art[View]
76375532Welp, today is the one day anniversary since a legend of no-name hip hop stars has passed. Lil Bo Pe…[View]
76374463does /mu/ like classical music?[View]
76376054Have you taken the yaeji pill yet, /mu/?[View]
76376743/ddg/: DAILY DOVESPOSTING GENERAL Pounding >>> you edition[View]
76376524>metal is cooool[View]
76376276King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard: >quantity over quality[View]
76375887The great debate.[View]
76376454recommend me albums that sound like early MBV mainly this song mbv-strawberry wine https://www.youtu…[View]
76373546Thoughts? I'm not enjoying it. Saw a lot of praise so I decided to try listening to it and it…[View]
76372348at what age did you grow out of metal, /mu/?[View]
76375789can /mu/ recommend me some good sad albums? I could use a good moping[View]
76376462PC App to enhance my playlist?: Well guys i've been thinking about some pc app that doesn'…[View]
76376461countermelodies: best songs with counter melodies in the chorus or playing throughout, regardless of…[View]
76375811So is there any doubt at all now that King Gizz are mystics of the highest order?[View]
76376037>AC/DC are one of the greatest heavy-metal bands of all times, and one of the most authentic acts…[View]
76375020Goth: After looking up about a certain recent death I noticed the term goth getting thrown around an…[View]
76373566Is it AOTY?[View]
76376317>I like the band because the bass player is hispanic[View]
76374847OFFER: I will pay 50 bucks to anyone that can help me find this album/song.: The song I am looking f…[View]
76373251wtf I love New England now[View]
76374734KPOP GENERAL[View]
76372875what's the best electronic act? and why it's Autechre?[View]
76376121What do you guys think about Celer?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YtIk6itIOI[View]
76376093ITT: Dream collabs[View]
76375580Best Talking Heads' album?: pic related imo '77 is cool tho[View]
76376056Cosmo Sheldrake: What other artists are similar to his style? I know it's basically indie folk …[View]
76375105Melancholic Albums: ITT: Melancholic albums like pic related.[View]
76376002Lavren thread; lonely hearts edition: .[View]
76375773ITT: Hangover songs[View]
76375588Albums that make you go “meh”[View]
76375146i posted this song yesterday im a fan[View]
763714253x3, 4x4, 5x5 weekly last.fm chart thread: you know the drill[View]
76375839Post the songs makes you feel good every single time you hear them.[View]
76374231Is Take Me as I Am pop SOTY?[View]
76373274Does anyone else let their teeth lightly hit to the sound of drums or other percussion when they…[View]
76370121Zucker & Zimt: Girlpower from Berlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWI5T4C-hhY[View]
76375410Examples of Musique Concrete Dance Music?[View]
76372496I still cant believe he is gone... I am seriously messed up[View]
76371449was early 2010's memerap better than today's?[View]
76373829Heads up anons, but David Cassidy is apparently in really shit condition in hospital. You might have…[View]
76373841/ska/general: Alright rude boys, get out your checkers and suit up: It's time for a fun thread …[View]
76371785What are the odds they actually create quality music now that the band says they are writing new mat…[View]
76373451Name a musician with better banter than Liam Gallagher You literally can't[View]
76375089why is rock music so homoerotic?[View]
76375471ITT: Underrated guitarists[View]
76374012King Krule? More like boring drool[View]
76369643ITT: Retards[View]
76372505albums similar to this? i want to have angelic euphoria experience[View]
76371544Is there anything to making hip hop beats other than listening to a ton of old music and looping sma…[View]
76375202One of these:: Best: >For Sale Runner-up: >These Walls Worst: >Mortal Man Overrated: >We…[View]
76371762Morrissey was never good right? The Smiths were good, but that was only because of Johnny Marr right…[View]
76374627Bjork's new album got finally leaked and surprise surprise It's fucking fantastic. I pity …[View]
76375254Have you ever put off listening to a group/artist because the amount of great records they've p…[View]
76374259Is any of the rest of Phil's music this.. immediate/direct? I really want to get into the Micro…[View]
76373299GRINDCORE: I wanna get into grindcore rec me some good albums bois[View]
76375208What is some soycore music?[View]
76375098What do you think about videogame music? Post your favorite videogame soundtracks[View]
76373118WHERE'S THE LEAK MA'AM?[View]
76374501Can we just admit that this is their best album so far?[View]
76370455What do you usually do while listening to music?[View]
76363167name a more iconic duo.. I'll wait.[View]
76374958How many more years till people stop sleeping on it and recognize it as one of the greatest?[View]
76374941What plugins are worth buying with their novemember/Black Friday deals. Kontakt? Output stuff?[View]
76374912why do you listen to anyone other than bladee[View]
76374881How many musics are there?[View]
76372372What song is this?: http://coub.com/view/yw1lf[View]
76374823>girl calls your playing satie esq[View]
76374843post chill night time music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvENaArE7rk[View]
76374731Holy shit[View]
76374268That's it...? What a letdown. 1/10[View]
76373491He is a god and will never die[View]
76373626Hard Times, Pool and No Friend are the only good songs.[View]
76371672The essential /mu/ playlist on spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/x195n2eqm9knjamjxvltjuihw/playl…[View]
76372982KPOP GENERAL: happy burger day[View]
76372357Loved this, what next? Bonus points for fast paced bebop and free solos[View]
76371552Post career killers[View]
76373426Who are some one-hit wonders in classical music? pic kinda related[View]
76342999/metal/: still alive edition old: >>76325258[View]
76374300What's the matter with people?[View]
76373913White people are dying at an alarming rate in the music industry... I have a theory that the Marxist…[View]
76374041Where were you when Justin saved industrial metal?[View]
76374056Are there any essential charts for Russian music? Lately been checking out Kino and I love it and I …[View]
76372523Have you taken the Go Plastic pill yet /mu/?[View]
76371683This is so much better than Remain in Light.[View]
76374425TOP, DG, MSI: This is the holy trinity?[View]
76370604What container do you use to store your vinyl, mu?[View]
76373852what did /mu/ think of the 3 new Tame Impala songs? Powerlines is pretty good desu[View]
76370166>females at Metal gigs >grr look at me i'm so metal, give me attention just fuck off, lov…[View]
76373333THIS WAS 8/10 AT LEAST YOU MELON How can anyone still take him seriously?![View]
76372738What strings does she use?[View]
76373270>be me >in America on holiday >go to a show with my mates >at the end of every song peop…[View]
76373282Anyone else want to make 'music' but can't find the motivation or direction to go in? Part of …[View]
76372537Why is there 26 minutes of background music in the title track? Why don't I enjoy it? Is there …[View]
76374310Fucking delivers! Manchester fucking sighs! Aaaaaaaaxxxxxx!!!! https://m.youtube.com/results?q=morri…[View]
76370680Help, neighbors are playing terrible normie music. I need something to counteract it. I was thinking…[View]
76373609what think[View]
76374027George Gershwin[View]
76374176Tell me what's next: alien sex: I'mma disrobe you, then I'mma probe you[View]
76374020Know what happened Ti me? Aliens kiddnaped me guess why[View]
76365225what's better than Daft Punk[View]
76373857Have you seen this muscial? Did you guys enjoy it? If not are some better musicals? The only reason …[View]
76370863Best of 2017: what is your aoty shortlist? pic related[View]
76373120Where were you when Jaden Smith made something that wasn't total shit?[View]
76372299Morrissey: How does he still trigger people so much? https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/nov/16/…[View]
76373163>Rap sucks >Kendrick Lamar? More like Kendrick LAMEar…[View]
76373230itt:post your favorite hip-hop album[View]
76372745PUT ON YOUR DANCES SHOES: AND POST THOSE GROOVES /mu/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPlQpGeTbIE…[View]
76372222Saturday Night Edition: YOU KNOW IT'S NICK CROMPTON AND MY COLLAR STAY POPPIN' https://www…[View]
76370883ITT: Post an album and its World of Warcraft raid equivalent.: Icecrown Citadel[View]
76371348this is what i share a board with?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD_svHBnNrU[View]
76363223Chart thread: Guess, rec, and discuss music[View]
76372223What's wrong with Sabaton?[View]
76373417The sun comes up and I'm all washed out, Is this what Deaner was talkin' about?[View]
76370268How the hell did they get away with sampling The Beatles?[View]
76372419Does /mu/ like rock n roll?[View]
76373218>can barely listen to exmilitary >jam the fuck out to the money store…[View]
76372792musician deaths you know are coming soon but you still aren't ready for[View]
76372867What is the difference between an EP and a single?: Everyone keep saying they are synonyms, but Eps …[View]
76373157I live in Australia and the other day someone was trying to rob my house. I realized his ground harn…[View]
76373132This might be an odd request but does anyone have that screenshot of the weird dude on bjork's …[View]
76370515So, If Makonnen is a 100% gay and Lil Peep was a bisexual, my question sounds - DID THEY?[View]
76365821ITT: Post your last 5 rates on RYM Talk shit, discuss music, rec to others. I imagine I'll get …[View]
76373045Amanda - Worship Me: If anyone has this please please please send it to me i need it asap Pic unrela…[View]
76372754so is he /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHm0OMdpB5c[View]
76373039>2017 >Not listening to the uillean pipes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMvBnEvuBuA…[View]
76366174>what if we like put some stupid french shit in our album just like the beatles in abbey road ELO…[View]
76369458Now that the dust has settled, what is the official /mu/ consensus on The Beatles? Reminder The Beat…[View]
76369037With the fallout from all the examples of sexual misconduct in the music scene, triggered by Jesse L…[View]
76371258KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9c5HN6LADA[View]
76372204>two music nerds obsessing Is this the ideal romantic relationship?[View]
76372952This is so fucking good holy SHIT[View]
76372162>Greatest rock album of all time were made by kids[View]
76371828Which is their best album/track and why? In my opinion it's frizzle fry and lacquer head.[View]
76371795Germs Burns: Anyone here have an authentic germs burn?[View]
76372092Are there any other albums like this? Folk-ish singer/songwriter stuff with looping vocals?[View]
76372732im sure that a bunch of poeple here played minecraft ,and if youre on /mu you propably went a litlle…[View]
76372811great new upcoming band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq8JNX0OWn8&t=32s PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS…[View]
76372807ITT: Windows-core https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8pk4-wMUGA[View]
76368470>RIP Malcolm Young >RIP Lil Peep[View]
76372338Alright fellas, real talk, what are some good songs about engineering/mathematics?[View]
76365663NAT thread: Normie best: 1979 Aficionado best: Mayonaise True best: Tonight[View]
76370500Anyone got that virgin vs chad meme with the virgin tame impala vs the chad king gizzard? also virgi…[View]
76359408When My Bloody Valentine's new album is released next year, how do you think it will compare to…[View]
76372481why does he wear sunglasses now during nightshows?[View]
76368219Name a better composer.[View]
76371732ITT: albums that trigger nu-males[View]
76371065>Band best album is the eight one[View]
76370870Is Björk the female Morrissey?[View]
76369887What do you think about iamamiwhoami: I think the majestic and dreamy sound of t is really good and …[View]
76350712Post your most listened to album of ALL TIME.: Don't bullshit me.[View]
76371553Is this Drama Alert for the hip hop audience?[View]
76371140Am I patrician?[View]
76369359>I think Hip Hop is good and a very innovative genre[View]
76367897Post your favorite anime music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke6-PRA9gA0[View]
76365986Earlier this year, as Brand New was on the cusp of releasing a new record, I asked my male coworkers…[View]
7637086937 days[View]
76370095ITT: Albums that never get old no matter how many times you listen front to back.[View]
76371817Pedal help: I'm trying to find a friend a pedal for his Christmas present, and I need help. I h…[View]
76371126Pretentiousness in the flesh. Name one thing that has ruined music culture more so since pirating.[View]
76371631Is this eczema[View]
76372072What is modern white music and why is it Trap?[View]
76371840UTOPIA HYPE THREAD: 6 more days to go!!![View]
76371967*deletes Miserable Lie and The Hand that Rocks the Cradle*[View]
76371928Greetings /mu/tants Can anyone give me any suggestions for songs similar to Alcest - Onyx or Agalloc…[View]
76370980what went wrong?[View]
76361711RIP Sweet Prince[View]
76370245>people enjoyed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxLd7j69304[View]
76371741Camus: I want to read The Myth of Sisyphus, but first i need the background music Recs?[View]
76370826Is this song the pinnacle of experimental hip hop, /mu/? https://youtu.be/Cv61KxM2m1s[View]
76371657Would DAMN. still be a 7 if TPAB wasn't a 10?[View]
76371280Why are Ringo's solo albums so disliked?[View]
76371625Car vs Plane Rap Battle: https://youtu.be/b8fOFk39b44[View]
76371371what does /mu think of david sylvian?[View]
76371659Are Thugger and Lil Uzi gonna save the rap game?[View]
76370576Leak this already you fucking incompetent pigs[View]
76368293Red Hot Chili Peppers thread: What's your favorite song by them? Mine are Scar Tissue and Other…[View]
76371331Come over when you are sober is at least an 8/10. Stop pretending its not good.[View]
76370967Thoughts on Danny Brown? What's your favorite album?[View]
763680113x3, 4x4, 5x5 thread: sitting alone on your computer on a saturday edition[View]
76371133lil peep more like lil peen[View]
76366235Why is this album a meme here? I finally listened to it and it feels completely unremarkable. Total …[View]
76371362Part 2 when?[View]
76371419This day is sad af: F[View]
76370734Other artists with apathetic line delivery like pic related? Other examples would be The Jesus and M…[View]
76366024SPOTIFY THREAD?: obv Spotify thread[View]
76369718What the fuck is his problem?[View]
76368386>Ariel 'crossdressing' pink is dating this girl >You are still single How does he do it /mu/…[View]
76371186Was he the voice of our generation?[View]
76371236Listening to Schubert, Bach and getting more depressed thread[View]
76371153Hit me with your best NSBM/Nazi/Far-Right music[View]
76366514Gimme the best band from your hometown. I'll start.[View]
76371058Album closers thread? I'm really partial to Here Comes A Regular by The Replacements and Famou…[View]
76368771kpop general[View]
76368522>On Friday, Peep's older brother came forward to say his death 'was an accident, it really w…[View]
76363756ITT: features we'd like to see in the next Kanye album[View]
76364323surprising facts about musicians: john lennon beat his wife[View]
76371100*drops aoty* nothin personnel kid[View]
76371071>artists name starts with lil or MC[View]
76371063What is your favorite era of The Melvins? Why? For me it's the late 90s/early 2000s with Kevin …[View]
76370757Mods put this on the /mu/core chart, please. :)[View]
76371037Who are some other innovative artists?[View]
76370381rip, holy shit[View]
76367282Music for a bus ride: I'm taking a bus to Chicago, anon. Recommend some tunes to doze off to.…[View]
76370900Are you guys doing ok over here? Heard you were pretty big fans.[View]
76365124listen guys... im tired of being depressed, im tired of listening to depressing music. what are some…[View]
76366997'GENRES': Do you faggots really have favorite genres? Do you people really just uncritically lose yo…[View]
76369853This is better than OK Computer.[View]
76370856>$100 >soundtrack album >stickers right on the sleeve Fuck boomers…[View]
76370690Which one is the definitive hip hop album?[View]
76370360is lil peep the jimi hendrix of our generation[View]
76366032best albums of the 2000's[View]
76370687Music you listen to while watching porn.[View]
76369897anyone know how is this band/musician called and can you post more like this? pic related[View]
76369227wtf I hate fever ray now https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/nov/18/fever-ray-pleasure-patriarchy…[View]
76370628Problem with Foobar: Recently I had to reinstall my sound driver, and this has been fine except for …[View]
76370688Which is the best Musical Duo Made Of High School Best Friends With Homoerotic Elements?[View]
76370293What.cd, the best music site ever, was shut down a year ago yesterday. is there a clear successor ye…[View]
76367804THE ALIMONY[View]
76369336Is real music dying? And not talking about the flavor of the month, but REAL music, the one that man…[View]
76365158post your favorite female artists and their best song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqJQEf9q6go…[View]
76369392ITT: God-tier intros[View]
76367938Opinions on this? Also on Bastard, Goblin...[View]
76364286Which female musician would you treat to a footrub?[View]
76370427What is the Space Station 13 of music?[View]
76366450>people unironically like this Why?[View]
76368742Lil Pump: Had never listened to a single fucking SoundCloud rapper in my fucking life, but I've…[View]
76367863/mu/mour thread: /mu/mour thread[View]
76370267>mfw I realize all the best punk was made in the 70s[View]
76370000Why was this album forgotten /mu/? Produced by Isaac Brock, praised and covered by Arcade Fire. One …[View]
76369713Is Top 40 genuinely trash or is it just hipsters trying to be cool[View]
76369947You guys know about those punk goes pop compilations. My question is what other genres would you lik…[View]
76368581Taking LSD in 1hr. Rec me a playlist or artists for it[View]
76367033>listen to meme album >it's actually good da fuq :D…[View]
76369166can we agree now that this is underrated and a 9/10 at least? >inb4 le dadrock…[View]
76367976>pip dies RIP >young dies FUCK DADROCK LOL Honestly wtf is up with moo…[View]
76370189Just released our EP. Honest critiques and genre placment would be proper. Aske me anything. https:/…[View]
76367928How do you think he's handling this?[View]
76359636Post top 5 bands/artists, guess other posters' age: King Crimson Meat Puppets Tangerine Dream A…[View]
76370076Avant-Garde Thread: Just got done with pic related and I am now looking for some more insane music. …[View]
76368608Is this the greatest musical composition ever written? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRkP-rplNjs…[View]
76370029Thoughts on Charles Hamilton, SEGA, and the occult?[View]
76369930England is uncitic.[View]
76364568This is Avril Lavigne. Say something nice.[View]
76368347Thoughts on Linkin Park? Best albums/best songs?[View]
76368020>be me >learned to play piano from the age of seven (rich pretentious family etc.) >begin c…[View]
76369892How do I make a chart like the /mu/ essentials chart?: I know how to use topsters (pic from the old …[View]
76369755>Muh mumble rap! t. Doesn’t understand slang[View]
76368171what does /mu/ think about the Spiderland Bonus Tracks?[View]
76369563Nobody fucking cares how obscure your music taste is. Maybe instead of listening to harsh plunderpho…[View]
76368363The Lonesome Crowded West: Today marks the 20th anniversary of this classic Indie Rock masterpiece. …[View]
76369724You know it's Nick Crompton, right?[View]
76368033Why hasn't he said anything about Peep's death yet?[View]
76368071Any recs on hippity hops with futuristic beats ?[View]
76369417What are some albums?[View]
76364876bandcamp thread: bandcamp thread[View]
76363959Songs and bands where the lead 'speaks' more than they 'sing': Few examples: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
76359442All the bullshit about vinyl being the 'best way to listen' is just marketing bs pushed by labels an…[View]
76368468Post the best hip hop albums of all time[View]
76367954Is Master of Puppets interlude solo the most beautiful piece of music ever written by mankind? It do…[View]
76369351This is seer-wi-uss /wonderpets/ general[View]
76369146bruh look at this dude[View]
76369164>lemmy lives longer than most men do whilst constantly taking drugs/drinking >lil peep takes s…[View]
76369194More rappers like Illa J , J dilla...: Good beats and feels[View]
76365541>Lil Peep is, like, the greatest artist of our generation[View]
76369020Cause I'm a cuck I'm a nu male What the hell am I doing here? I belong on tumblr[View]
76369008>RIP Lil Peep:( Im so sad anons >Fuck Malcolm Young. >Dad rock >even the mods…[View]
76367530Who the fucking cares? Fuck that garbage band and their musician. AC/DC was horrible and I hope they…[View]
76365435>tfw the best jazz album ever was made by a bunch of english whitebois[View]
76364833Going Grey by The Front Bottoms: I listened to the album when it first came out and didn`t like any …[View]
76368640Well, /mu/?: Is Andy right?[View]
76368405>'I can't explain the state that I'm in' >It's in the album title…[View]
76367055so am I supposed to listen to both of the editions in one sitting or what? If not, what's the b…[View]
76368446Goodnight Sweet Prince[View]
76367789album art edit thread (im in particular looking for an edit of all things must pass, which is instea…[View]
76364439What's the worst album of all time, /mu/?[View]
76368432wtf i started listening to music again and the mixing is all worse and i can't enjoy it because…[View]
76368221Did Ray Charles inject his own heroin? Or how did that work? How does a blind man become a heroin ad…[View]
76366588KPOP GENERAL[View]
76363263Jazz is one of my favorite genres. I am a fan of Miles and Coltrane, and still can't get into o…[View]
76368330*ruins a genre*[View]
76368055Pierce The Veil drummer Mike Fuentes accused of sexual misconduct with a minor X fucking D http://lo…[View]
76366410What are some albums to drink some good coffee to while listening?[View]
76368205>claims to be a musically minded rocker chick >doesn't know who Stevie Nicks is S M H M H…[View]
76368206Music for 29 year olds: Can someone tell me what vsts I need to recreate this sound???? https://www.…[View]
76367253>seing fleet foxes with my cutie gf >comfy atmosphere, live is great, perfect sound and acoust…[View]
76365895Yo, So the /mu/tant livechat recently went public again after over a year of being invite only. You…[View]
76368021HELLO MU! I want to remix a song. Want to rearrange things, lay some vocals over a different beat, t…[View]
76367802/Mallgoth/ General: i.imgur.com/H1AYdW3.jpg Had to upload image on imgur due to the system rejecting…[View]
76367926Why no sticky?[View]
76367944Should child-molesting rapist dadrockers be exposed before they all die? http://www.rollingstone.com…[View]
76367475Does anyone know of any bands/albums like pic related? I'm desperate for more.[View]
76367878This is great[View]
76367882What went so wrong: Does he even realise how ridiculous he became? >*snorts 10 lines of coke and …[View]
76364885Is this the most hideous man to ever exit?[View]
76367843>she finna call the cops on me[View]
76367492Saturday Night Edition: YOU KNOW IT'S NICK CROMPTON AND MY COLLAR STAY POPPIN' https://w…[View]
76367658Most underrated rap album?: Doris imo[View]
76365032Why aren't more black kids into hardcore?[View]
76357763What's the best Alice Cooper record?[View]
76365974Need help. Long ago I downloaded a CD. The CD had only classical pieces, sometimes with rain in the …[View]
76365927who likes Flume[View]
76365794This is amazing[View]
76364238What's the Pathologic of music?[View]
76363933post your top 5 nick cave tracks >mercy seat >the hammer song >deanna >higgs boson blues…[View]
76367602Beautiful Music: Name songs that you will describe as 'Beautiful' https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
76349570ITT: Vaguely describe a band's discography, and others try to guess the band.: EPs and the like…[View]
76367399Lyrics Request Thread: Official lyrics request thread. Suggestions and contributions welcome! I need…[View]
76367353He’ll be fine[View]
76367255So winter's coming up /mu/, what will you be listening to in bed with your gf on cold winter ni…[View]
76367343>no sticly current state of /mu/[View]
76367084Why are Scandinavians such great musicians?[View]
76362442what's he listening to?[View]
76365227RIP Malcom Young[View]
76367184Remade the Mallgoth chart.: Had to upload on imgur due to the max size being 4mb. https://imgur.com/…[View]
76364496last.fm ~ <3 L.O.V.E. Edition <3 ~: http://www.last.fm/user/MalcolmX-Wing Post your profile fo…[View]
76364251I’m doing ketamine for the first time tmw what music should I listen to pic unrelated[View]
76366842Ehhh he just died[View]
76367036Why don't you stop yourself from watching one of the dullest discographies in the history of hi…[View]
76366144ITT: Musicians you hate with a passion[View]
76367002> oh fuck a new Hopsin song... yay. > listens to it > WTF THAT'S ACTUALLY DECENT…[View]
76346058/Bleep/: Rise of the Pards edition[View]
76366969https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1Kzef_kudU YOU DONT WANNA FIND OUT THAT IM FLYING YOU GONNA CRY NOW…[View]
76365893This album is great. I thought Dead Flag Blues was the best song on it but after listening to the wh…[View]
76345596Lil Peep? More like Lil Forever Sleep[View]
76366882What's a good sample pack for some non-808 drums?[View]
76360587soundcloud: get in here lads![View]
76366568LIGHT 7[View]
76365466Was he ever popular outside of his known meme songs?[View]
76366229Draw an album and others guess them[View]
76366799Pusha T: What's the best song from each Pusha T album, My Name is My Name and King Push - Darke…[View]
76364849Pac's death: Since the internet is the best place to work out anything, I want to know who kill…[View]
76365636Bands you feel extremely lucky to have seen live[View]
76364920Was Kevin actually right when he said that the rise of Britpop was a government conspiracy?[View]
76366630I have a digital piano with midi port. How should I record what I play? Through an audio interfase o…[View]
76365668/nickcave/: I listened to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' 'Skeleton Tree' and I'm looking f…[View]
76363227any suggestions for 2017?[View]
76366390Did they.....?: Did he.....?[View]
76366400Everyday when you're walking down the street, everybody that you meet Has an original point of …[View]
76361535Funny/cringey album reviews and comments thread?[View]
76364434Is Кинo /mu/ approved?[View]
76365392>dies so that everybody would forget about Lil Peep What a based man, rip Malcolm Young! https://…[View]
76366256Music Video inspired by my childhood: https://youtu.be/JZgz0QkzULM Hey guys! I just wanted to share …[View]
76364201>SHEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYNNNNEEEE What did he mean by this?[View]
76363981>Rapper says 'skrrt skrrt'[View]
76365271ITT: personal 10/10s r8 and h8 thread. do you think that an objective 10/10 exists? is it fair to ra…[View]
76365517Why are his solo albums such shit compared to his callas and soundtrack work? Pic related although i…[View]
76363747Were they gay?[View]
76362640what do you guys think of this fucker?[View]
76365921Cap'n Jazz appreciation thread?[View]
76356229Lil Pump: How is this thing so fucking FUN?[View]
76365616> meet girl > start talking > 'do you like music?' > 'OH GOD I LOVE MUSIC, MUSIC IS MY L…[View]
76363136What are some good pop-punk? I love Buzzcocks but never listened to any other bands.[View]
76365852I haven't listened to any of their album since Razor's Edge. What are the albums that i sh…[View]
76364217>deletes I prefer your love after you delete that song this is the only consistent album in her d…[View]
76365851*breathes in*[View]
76364832How do I become a great songwriter and recording artist like John Lennon?[View]
76362658Post pretend album cover pics, guess genre.[View]
76365241>friend asks me to sing in his band >says he thinks I'm energetic and charismatic enough …[View]
76365806mu i asked advice yesterday: no replies. so i killed malcolm, next time i ask you better reply…[View]
76361629ITT: Songs that make you emotional https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_GPxe91hWE[View]
76363421How would you rate it? 9/10 for me[View]
76357506Any good math rock suggestions? I've listened to American Football's good album, I'm …[View]
76359477björk: general[View]
763628733x3 5x5 WEEK guess life guess death talk about music[View]
76365510what happened to avril lavigne?: she was one of the most famous singer in the earl 2000's, but …[View]
76362066we can all agree this is the best song of the 1980s[View]
76365246>hardcore punk fans say 'hardcore' instead of 'hardcore punk' >hardcore techno fans say 'hardc…[View]
76365408the future of vaporwave[View]
76359734ITT: Albums that sound like nothing else[View]
76365413ITT: Music for sycophants[View]
76361966Geniune 10/10 moments in songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbU7oVz0Uq0 >4:55-5:28…[View]
76364645Is this the most depressing album ever made?[View]
76363650Album Art Exchange Blocked: Does anyone know how to circumvent this blockade or some form of communi…[View]
76365321mfw lil bo peep lost his sheep[View]
76365256what's the best >acapella album >prehistoric album >80's radio pop album >chin…[View]
76364596These albums both have no bad songs[View]
76364384KPOP GENERAL[View]
76364012taylor swift is pre-[View]
76361500How you gon' explain fucking a man??? Personally I show no love to homo thugs >where da hood…[View]
76364379Is Florence + The Machine /mu/-sanctioned?[View]
76363875>cupping your balls and then smelling hand Music for this feel?[View]
76363225Thoughts? never see him mentioned here[View]
76364342Emanc's new album: thoughts?[View]
76363985Is soyboy music the next big thing?[View]
76364438COVERS: post interesting covers in here, either really bad ones or really good ones https://www.yout…[View]
76363096i like this song :)[View]
76363304What song is this?: https://clyp.it/thnqaxab Heard it on the radio yesterday, it was a rock song, th…[View]
76364943something wrong i hold my head peep is gone our nigga dead[View]
76355403/nbbmn/: dead thread dead genre ye olde >>76340269[View]
76364300trent rezner: did add violence stick with you? why does new nin always get stale so fast? will he ev…[View]
76362235Proto-Bono over here.[View]
76364854Imagine 8 mile but instead of rapping they numble random words like 'raindrops' and 'drop tops'.[View]
76359314Post your favourite musician/band/artist, other people guess things about you/stereotype you based o…[View]
76356875Mozzer finally becomes /our guy/: SPIEGEL: Since we're in Hollywood, have you followed the deba…[View]
76364794>WHERE ARE THE OBLIGATORY NIGGERS? What did he mean by this?[View]
76364402PATRICIAN MUSIC FOR PATRICIAN MINDS: https://soundcloud.com/deepshitbro BAN ME NOW[View]
76364757was it suicide? was it the gf?: >Smith died on October 21, 2003 at the age of 34 from two stab wo…[View]
76362885this is actually great wtf[View]
76363958Is authenticity important in music or it doesn't matter? Do you only listen to authentic music?…[View]
76363344What album would you recommend to someone who's never listened to music? Looking for some acces…[View]
76361570>I show no love >to homo thugs[View]
76364385I unironically like 3 songs off pic related: Should I kms?[View]
76362190Hey /mu/! I just had my first 'can you stop playing, it's annoying' talk with one of my neighbo…[View]
76363723So...what has been proven and what has not? Only thing I can find is that he apologized about it and…[View]
76363536KPOP GENERAL: here she is edition[View]
76360819moments that give you patrician skin >'YOU WOULD DREAM THE DREAM OF LIVING THE LIFE THAT YOU ACTU…[View]
76364025African Death Metal scene: Kenya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmRlyyLaHhY Botswana: https://www.…[View]
76363091Post your favorite album from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s today Reveal your power level[View]
76364235got anything else like the new joji, and spooky blacks old stuff?[View]
76364221>the best country album of all-time was made by a fucking Geordie who wanted to be a priest as a …[View]
76364215>As pressure increases like khakis[View]
76364045remember when you were young[View]
76363427ITT: Hacks[View]
76361446Will he be the voice of a generation?[View]
76362084ITT: We're whisked away to the year 2004. What are you raving about? Hating on?[View]
76361835Post the best hip hop albums of all time[View]
76362722>rap 'music'[View]
76364031I keep forgetting that people genuinely loathe dadrock, that hatred of 60s and 70s rock isn't j…[View]
76360102https://youtu.be/nws6lKnLpCw does jimmy neutron have the best kids show opening ever?[View]
76363252ITT: Post modern rock, hip hop, or pop songs with classical influences or classical instruments For …[View]
76363326Is he the greatest country artist?[View]
76351295oh yes pitchfork, please unravel it for me[View]
76363793Is this the type of record that's mostly just impressive for its time?[View]
76355002exactly what's so great about this? i mean its ok but come on[View]
76362185>band has a uniform[View]
76359218You realize listening to sad music is probably a big contributing factor to your depression right?[View]
76363367Mother Mother: Does anyone else listen to their music? I'd say this is their best album, but wi…[View]
76362542If you could jam/collab/make music with one artist/band, dead or alive, who would it be? I feel like…[View]
76354512post your current 10 favourite albums/eps/singles[View]
76361388/shugazi/ general - winter edition: Best general etc, etc... I'm looking for more early 90s sho…[View]
76361447Post bands/musicians whos most recent album is their best album[View]
76362688>born 17. august 2000[View]
76363528Memes aside, when the fuck is the next album?[View]
76362941>Oh my wooooooooord >You don't wanna war with who, who? >dirtee-tee that's mree m…[View]
76362657KPOP GENERAL[View]
76357298Lonesome Crowded West 20th Anniversary: Two decades, /mu/- where does the time go? Favorite tracks? …[View]
76363297Pleb filter[View]
76360966How many of you autists are at the Black Banshee show in LA right now?[View]
76363293ITT: Go to https://www.azlyrics.com, pick an artist/band, copy&paste all of their album and trac…[View]
76362714who will be last beatle?[View]
76362016aphhx twn is complx musec[View]
76362557My little dark age Yaya I jizz in cherrios My shit smells strange Just no that ifya hide It dont go…[View]
76363202at what point does a remix become a completely different song?[View]
76363209I just discovered the hardcore style, can anyone tell me more about this and give me some recommenda…[View]
76361673Thoughts? I thought it was actually pretty good.[View]
76363201is this the absolute anthem ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8m2BYv02Nw[View]
76362809>album reaches 20k views on YouTube >delete it off music player and never listen to it again M…[View]
76362617Reminder that Lil Peep is alive and well with a new name somewhere in the country. This is all just …[View]
76363058Think of the last movie you watched: Post a song that represents that movie. Try to avoid using song…[View]
76363045what does moo think of yukihiro takahashi and YMO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZkz4qq0T4A[View]
76361136ITT: Double albums where the second half is superior to the first one: Pic EXTREMELY related[View]
76361571how much do i need to know about a band and how much do i have to listen to before i can wear their …[View]
76362358It's beginning to look alot like christmas.....[View]
76360729Running Music Suggestions: I need about an hour worth of music for running to, what do you have for …[View]
76358980Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
76357863how can any electronic musician compete?[View]
76361038>think an album is really fucking good >can't remember a single fucking thing about it…[View]
76359269/mu/core when?[View]
76362697oingo boingo[View]
763609731980's: The /mu/ official 80's playlist Post the essential tracks[View]
76360968KPOP GENERAL[View]
76361704Can someone please help me understand music theory for guitar a little better? I know the music alph…[View]
76361656>calls himself a rock 'intellectual' >thinks a bad one-liner and a pair of scissors counts as …[View]
76361725Who else here has ever listened to psy or goa trance?[View]
76361241One of these 'lil' cloud rappers needs to get pic related behind their beats and they'll be the…[View]
76361464Tim Hecker - Love Streams: This album fucked my shit up Thoughts?[View]
76362330>7 years old next week[View]
76307307/daily/ - ukrainian qts edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new a…[View]
76361079radiohead: what is their next album going to sound like?[View]
76362457post latincore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd4jntP0tco[View]
76362450Bands/artists that got us into our favourite genre[View]
76362140Looking to experiment with some music production. Mostly just for fun, but if I like it enough I mig…[View]
76360166controversial opinions: AOTY[View]
76362209the pic is sgp, bjut does anyone like five finger posse?[View]
76361006is richard stallman a patrician?[View]
76362316is subterranean homesick blues the best 2 minute song?[View]
76362348What's the music equivalent to Deleuze & Guattari[View]
76362385Pop Punk after 2015[View]
76362145https://soundcloud.com/starvalleycrew/poppy-seed-tea-ft-brujas-prod-verny-mack sad happy bap…[View]
76361905>Album cover has the band members on it[View]
76342271ITT we post the most fuckin beautiful ass music we know[View]
76362217make it one for my baby[View]
76361504Crow sound: I was listening to some old tracks and heard a crow sound, just wanted to ask if it has …[View]
76361667Ghostemane is legit great.: Hexada is nothing but bangers front to back.[View]
76362157How will he cope?[View]
76361989Who is the Tiny Tim of 2017? Can a person of such beautiful energy even exist today? https://www.you…[View]
76362075Lil Peep, more like Lil Bo Peep. ...has lost her sheep..don't worry 'bout it nigga, time t…[View]
76361672>well Jesus Christ she's underage >the kind that makes hormones rage >if they don…[View]
76361988>'Meet Billie, Billie is looting the american dream, this is his friend Tre; and his neighbor Mik…[View]
76361433Producer: How do i produce music? Also newfag here.[View]
76361889JOHN MURPHY ADAGIO IN D MINOR: thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQXVzg2PiZw i would kill mys…[View]
76361534Hello i am currently high and drunk what's the best album to trip to? I love noise rock so much…[View]
76361860>be lil peep >parents are harvard grads >born into life of privilege >start pretending t…[View]
76358058What went wrong?[View]
76361573Why have rap lyrics declined in quality since the 90s? Idgaf if you call me wrong generation it…[View]
76361747>*splash* what did they mean by this?[View]
76360472If you could force everyone on earth to listen to an album or a single piece of music, what would yo…[View]
76357357while all the underage plebs are busy with the new king gizzard, lets discuss the new album by the o…[View]
76361506Who /brocore/ here?[View]
76361223lowkey patrician: daily reminder that ZZ Top and Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac are the most lowkey p…[View]
76361772ITT: Albums where the cover is more interesting than the music[View]
76361669Bring da motherfuckin' ruckus!: It's kinda nuts how this album is just on another level co…[View]
76359068What's the latest album you've been addicted to? >pic related…[View]
76361650Whats the subculture around cloud rap even called?[View]
76360212Post the wort album cover of 2017[View]
76358865Music for straight edge types?: I'm sick of all this druggy music[View]
76361695Sonata arctica: Wow are they going downhill.[View]
76357146How do I get into avant-garde music?[View]
76355956What's an album that only virgins understand?[View]
76355329ITT: Unlistenable Garbage[View]
76361315Post what you're listening to right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n24kUq7AyOQ…[View]
76361323>deletes bleed american: >so here we are now. a sip of water a sip of wine a sip of water what…[View]
76361559>first song tells me to go to sleep >next 10 songs actually put me to sleep…[View]
76361293what did they mean by this[View]
76360401Can we get a God-Tier labels thread going? Flying Nun is a legendary indie label from New Zealand. I…[View]
76361533hey /mu/ i want to learn guitar but i suffer from social anxiety, and the idea of sitting down in fr…[View]
76361465seriously this is legit the best music he's put out: when will he figure out that meme rap work…[View]
76361452ITT: music for pseudo intellectuals[View]
76358953>deletes moonchild[View]
76354669last one got melted so we need a new topsters2 thread don't mind me[View]
76361386never listened to lil peep and i dont think i would like his music, but my 15 year old sister was a …[View]
76361380https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3Mfaczg2Kk Greatest Philosopher of our Time? I think so.[View]
76361172Is this album considered trip-hop?: the instruments and tempo sure sound like it[View]
76360866Peep isn't dead: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/7dnry0/lil_peep_and_eminem/ On th…[View]
76355706The man on the left is why blink pushed the bars and made their 2003 album wich still their best one…[View]
76361344[Muffled Esketits in the distance][View]
76361308How come musicians don't dress nicely anymore?[View]
76358279ITT: ways to spot a pleb >when you point out that an album or a genre is terrible and all some in…[View]
76356424>66-68 >everybody takes LSD and is pumping out the greatest material of their careers >69-n…[View]
76361185/2018/: Elite hacker loophole is open.[View]
76361198why is nude such an emotionally captivating song? the rest of radiohead's shit is pretty forget…[View]
763578443x3, 4x4, 5x5 weekly: you know how it goes[View]
76361169can we get an essential hip-hop in 2017 thread please?[View]
76358386Alex: Whats the news on this poor bastard? Who got his new albuum GIv here mates[View]
76356425What's the best track on this album?[View]
76360159I'm looking for a live piano recording. It's contemporary, jazz i think, the guy was suppo…[View]
76357722>there are '''people''' on 4chan who claim to like an artist without first going through their fu…[View]
76360339ITT: we discuss 1 hit wonders Mungo Jerry- In the Summertime[View]
76360914MELODY PROCHET: on june 27, 2017, her family released a statement saying that she experienced a brai…[View]
76358824hit me with any sad songs, even if you think I've heard them thanks!![View]
76360051Are the Beatles indeh?[View]
76359889What is your opinion about Bad Bunny?[View]
76346398New Soundcloud thread. Old one hasn't had any music in it for 40 minutes and seems to have devo…[View]
76346464GUESSTHATALBUM.COM: guessthatalbum.com Draw your favorite album covers and have other people guess w…[View]
76358622ITT: Unpopular Music Opinions: >Moonchild is unironically the best track on Court of the Crimson …[View]
76360947NATION.R (Demo/Mixtape): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XB7_0UApaQ This is a personal project I…[View]
76358789MIKE LOVE - UNLEASH LOVE: Mike Love's new album, his first in 36 years, a DOUBLE ALBUM, has lea…[View]
76360935Marmalade, I like marmalade[View]
76359543KPOP GENERAL: Lovelisa[View]
76360561Who’s your favorite classical composer? Franz Liszt for me[View]
76360874Are they currently the most talented band?: If you were just at the Houston show you'd understa…[View]
76360576What do you think about BTS and K-pop genre as a whole? I don't think their music is really bad…[View]
76359266Talk me out of buying the Deepmind 12[View]
76360132>Tfw you're a fucking pleb and don't even care anymore ama[View]
76360719*throws up roman salute*[View]
76360438Truth: I hope you guy's realize he tried something new that no one tried to do. That creativity…[View]
76359222It Clicked[View]
76356592what/10 is this new Billy Corgan song: What/10 would you rate this new Billy Corgan song? I like it…[View]
76359109does anyone else fucking love this album[View]
76359368*saves prog rock*[View]
76359916Do you ever watch the music video to a song for listening to it for the first time?[View]
76358037Why don't dogs like music?[View]
76360755old local music: Post old music from your local community. Something at least 10 years old. Here, I…[View]
76358350What Are Some Of The Best Rock Albums Of The 21st Century?: Also that feel when you realise this is …[View]
76359127What the FUCK happened to Danny Brown?[View]
76359106>go through heavy drug phase >always dismiss grimes >never actually give her a chance >f…[View]
76360665Ted cruz you will die by my hands[View]
76353346Music Story :): I'm bored, and I already posted it before, but here's a funny story on how…[View]
76359729in the aeroplane over the sea[View]
76357877Was he destined to be bigger than Kanye?[View]
76360106Should or shouldn’t you “like” songs on your custom radio station?: I can’t decide if it’s better or…[View]
76355820Why did he say nigger?[View]
76360593You know I got rhymes like Abe Vogoda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9M_fXX-RXM[View]
76359530What music does Gen Zyklon listen to?[View]
76351027>artists first album was their best album[View]
76358429sleep tight peeper[View]
76360204Nobody likes these guys and it makes me sad.[View]
76359168Soundtrack thread: Anyone else actually buy movie soundtracks?[View]
76360363>be guitarist >buy most expensive pedals from best manufacturers and also some local manufactu…[View]
76359730wtf i love jazz now[View]
76358855>Those two brothers >Those two lovers >And they're smooth-cocked adventures What did h…[View]
76359642I think this and Bravado are the only albums from this year I'll be listening to NEXT year.[View]
76346909ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
76358519What was Spark's best era?[View]
76360289Jesus how they so good /mu/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDW53hpZ7xU just listened to them on a w…[View]
76359089>Talib kweli dropped his album today > maybe he didnt dropped revival today because it would o…[View]
76359861George W. Bush right on her pussy, yeah Yeah, Curious George nigga looking boy, you so pussy, yeah Y…[View]
76359334So I did a cover of...: Tweeter and The Monkey Man. https://soundcloud.com/kill-everyone/tweeter-an…[View]
76355948What's the minimum IQ needed to play drums?[View]
76347905Which Taylor album do you prefer?[View]
76359958Can any1 identify this shirt?[View]
76359761How can you possibly prefer Disintegration to Pornography? What's your fucking excuse for prefe…[View]
76359241So now that the dust has settled This is the AOTY right?[View]
76351089Can Utopia leak already so I can stop coming to this shit hole?[View]
76359965Straight-Up Begging: Looking for a decent copy of this album. Looked high (no pun intended) and low.…[View]
76359173How important is it for an artist to have a sense of humor?[View]
76359738All music is shit All of it prove me wrong[View]
76359045Do you hate most music you have listened? I would say that I do.[View]
76358615*deletes Disney Girls (1957)*[View]
7635665910/10s: ITT: Strong 10s[View]
76353602This is Florence Welch, lead singer and primary songwriter of indie rock/pop band Florence + the Mac…[View]
76358741Is this true?[View]
76353451>I always wondered what you would look like as a bird laying eggs What did he mean by this?…[View]
76359197Me yesterday: >Who is this fucking degenerate junkie? He deserved to die, this generation is shi…[View]
76351869Thoughts on Ladytron?[View]
76358257I'm going insane that I can't remember this, what is it called when you play a string with…[View]
76358224Seven o'clock in the evening watching something stupid on TV.[View]
76359429ITT: Music related pictures that really make you think.[View]
76358293KPOP GENERAL[View]
76357052>A Dust Land Fairy Tale Beginning[View]
76359437PORTER ROBINSON || VIRTUAL SELF EP ANNOUNCEMENT: So Porter Robinson is slowly stepping away from his…[View]
76359393Lil Aaron is the heir to Lil Peep’s throne Go 2 Hell - https://youtube.com/watch?v=uZrMZXtUhto[View]
76355138I CHIME IN[View]
76359336damn... lady gaga looks like THAT now?[View]
76358745F: http://florida-times.com/breaking-convicted-mass-murderer-charles-manson-dies-aged-83/…[View]
76359360Camila Cabello - Havana COVER by 새송: https://youtu.be/g40zrN_UutU[View]
76359310this is the best album ever. this is the pinnacle of music and nothing will ever surpass this now th…[View]
76343833So Eminem pushed back his album because of negative reviews of walk on water?[View]
76359256Looking for a specific album: Hello, I am trying to find an album which features an Irish or Scottis…[View]
76359070wtf is this shit[View]
76359233*overdoses in the cringest way possible on the most pussy drug out there*[View]
76358508holy shit.... he's died[View]
76356172You're a GI in Nam in the late 60s. What's your soundtrack?[View]
76359112So I have this really unpopular opinion: Jonny Craig was good in Emarosa, but Bradley Walden has mad…[View]
76359001das it mane[View]
76358573There is a big chance Kanye Omari West will die in your lifetime.[View]
76357402Post god tier punk tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LriivMhwMIE[View]
76359038>She said it's not now or never >Wait 10 years, we'll be together >I said better …[View]
76357810ITT: Hacks[View]
76359076This dude is fucking great[View]
76358078why isn't this your favourite song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMjqgIZ1_YM[View]
76358009Albums to play in the dead of winter, hibernating in your room.[View]
76356667>*invents punk (Down on the Street, Loose, TV Eye), no wave (Fun House, L.A. Blues'), and post-pu…[View]
76354082Bandcamp Thread: Post your pages rate the other !!!![View]
76358864hel me hel me pleeeeease[View]
76358678>/mu/ starts talking about music[View]
76354917Based Ringo making the best diss track out of all the beatles: Paul - Calls him out for being a egom…[View]
76358797What's this disease called? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hYqvtHzr48[View]
76358652animalcore: What are some other good animalcore artists?[View]
76358759You like Venetian Snares? His earlier work is a bit too noisy for me, but when I first heard 'Rossz…[View]
76358646Driving Songs: Need a master list of best driving songs of all time. so far the list includes >Hi…[View]
76357390Josh Homme? More like Josh Homo[View]
76357250A favorite band of yours that speaks a foreign language. I introduce to you, Kent.[View]
76353476what does /mu/ think of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal?[View]
76358620ITT: The only album you would listen to when you were younger[View]
76348980Is there a more disgustingly self-absorbed person in the music industry? Beyonce has passed up even …[View]
76356214Opinion of The Kinks?: Ray Davies: /ourguy/ Dave Davies: Chad Lead Guitar Pete Quaife: Virgin Bass P…[View]
76346902/gg/ - /gg/uitarfagg & bassfa/gg/ /gg/eneral: clairo (the love of my life) playing guitar editio…[View]
76356997Is American Pie THE song?[View]
76352621Explain why this album is higher than a 7/10[View]
76357003Best SNL performances?: What are your favorite SNL performances? >https://youtu.be/Frud5RFtTi0 Is…[View]
76348384>he doesn't think synthpop is best genre >kraftwerk, the human league, thomas dolby, new …[View]
76358446What is Simon Lebon's favorite color?[View]
76358108>(feat. Jay Z)[View]
76356580>song is about relationships[View]
76358432opinion: what do you think ? is a song from my band https://wetransfer.com/downloads/77d9937d84837c1…[View]
76356261What does /mu/ think of Hed P.E.?[View]
76356805one man acoustic badassery. Giv'z some more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prF59Qp1mTc https:…[View]
76357240Talk to /mu/: Put 'music' and 'mu' in your interests and post results.[View]
76358333bb cum[View]
76357028>lil bo sleep in a brand new ditch we should have seen the signs, we could have saved him…[View]
76357760Iron Maiden or Rush?: Hard mode: you have to pick one.[View]
76357362KPOP GENERAL: JJ[View]
76351523What music do Chinese people listen to?[View]
76352578More new threads about lil peep than king gizzard or thee oh sees new albums Was /mu/ ever good?[View]
76357556>band has no drummer[View]
76358075Why didn't you guys like my new album? =([View]
76353232Who are some guitarist that just basically use a shit load of effects pedals and play melodically? G…[View]
76357485PUMP IT UP: POST HYPE TRACKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aatGji42TZk LET'S FUCKING GOOOOO U…[View]
76357232There is no proof for the existence of G-[View]
76355376what's your favourit daniel johnston album, /mu/ ?[View]
76357699Has the world forgetten this masterpiece? https://youtu.be/8YoiongdFDw[View]
76357667My name is Mckinley Morganfield.: Im just here reminding you that everything gonna be alright this m…[View]
76356829Lil Peep Tribute Challange: Why do people pay respect to someone who died abusing prescription drugs…[View]
76357950up come rapper check out: https://soundcloud.com/sweetpotatoincorrtatoisp[View]
76356479Post your 3 favorite albums of the 2010s so far and rate others I'll start >Tim Hecker - Vir…[View]
76355148Obscure Pop Punk: >Busted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSOHOBDdPvw >Dumdums https://www.you…[View]
76357865what should i think about amy macdonald?[View]
76357846This sounds like a vacation trip in the future.[View]
76351708>death grips album made by a more palatable personality[View]
76355193>start listening to nsbm >lose friends on rym…[View]
76355869Comfiest album in history. Fight me.[View]
76357680RYM THREAD: Post your most recent ratings[View]
76357619>tfw you bust a nut and already feel like you're on a comfy cloud Music for this feelarino?…[View]
76357633Whats your opinion about essential /tumblr/core?[View]
76357521I can do wheeling, I can do dealing (Yes we can) But I don't do no damn squealing![View]
76357509https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8vsuOXZBXc what did she mean by this music video[View]
76357358Why is this such an underrated album?[View]
76356047Are Midnight Oil any good?[View]
76357310>very lifeless can't believe he would mock a dead person like this. kinda makes you think he…[View]
76356330KPOP GENERAL: JJ[View]
76356836it calls failed normie core. Do you like it?[View]
76352514>Britpop Pulp Manic Street Preachers Placebo Elastica Gene Supergrass Suede Super Furry Animals T…[View]
76357160>talking to some members of a music club >'I-I go to music forums' >'Cool, do you got to pi…[View]
76357289someone please translate i can understand some of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbKDp6Ki-HQ…[View]
76357179got this today. RIP anybody else doing /did the same?[View]
76356498now that the dust has settled, were they good or not?[View]
76356615When is this man gonna release Revival?[View]
76356778Daily reminder that Kurt Cobane faked is own death and came back as Rivers Phoenix.[View]
76355573How did he do it?[View]
76356590HELL YEAH[View]
76356949Banks is great and doesn't get enough love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ4oE_tL7IA[View]
76356018Cassette Mixtapes: Does anyone here make mixtapes? Pic related is one I'm currently working on …[View]
76334011who else is 'only 2 good albums'-core[View]
76356314does Julia holter have the nicest bum of all time[View]
76356876favorite Dylan album thread? pic related is not mine[View]
76356825Has there ever been a more interesting artist to have ever lived other than pic related?[View]
763536253x3 5x5 WEEK guess talk etc do your thing be cool[View]
76353405Stop playing bass guitar[View]
76356785Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that the initial release version is superior? The in…[View]
76356724This is that thread where a 3oyr old listens to Lil Peep for the first time. >WhiteHype…[View]
76356617What does /mu/ think of Ice-T?[View]
76356674Post songs that make you want to kill yourself: https://youtu.be/3dgFykz0bNo[View]
76307110///SHARETHREAD///: Post whatever the fuck you want edition. Etiquette is dead edition. Just share so…[View]
76356658What was her other best songs?[View]
76356061When is the Lil Peep /mu/ Memorial Album coming out[View]
76356458Do I like Nick Drake?[View]
76350518When does sampling become lazy?[View]
76355889what's some good swedish music?[View]
76355241Artists that make fluoride music.[View]
76355753>tom york[View]
76344711Who's next?[View]
76356439Hey - bit of a long shot but, does anyone have or know of any better quality images of the spaceship…[View]
76355769>tfw you were too autistic to make friends in college >now you just have a shit job and a life…[View]
76353264I'm in the mood for world class drummers. Drummers that honestly make the shit they do seem inh…[View]
76354285Now that the dust has settled, what's the consensus?[View]
76354951KPOP GENERAL: lovelovelove[View]
76355437Jazz general: Friday night jazz thread Who are your favorite pianists or piano albums? 2017 jazz aot…[View]
76341123What do you think about this album /mu/??[View]
76355207>the song/album is about love or relationships >guess i can't listen to that…[View]
76355722Is Niko the Mozart of Eurobeat?[View]
76355921Do Debut Albums get better than this? I don't think they do.[View]
76354677>I'm never going to love anyone and nobody will ever love me, I'm going to die alone al…[View]
76355236Good band that gets underrated because of their one major song, which still wasnt bad[View]
76354067Name a better 4 song run than B L U E. protip: you can't[View]
76355318i just saw faust ama[View]
76356007Post Rival Albums: albums from the same genre but different in it's style[View]
76354996I like this new wave of RNB. Bryson Tiller Blackbear What other music in the new wave of RNB is goo…[View]
76354195is he /ourguy/?[View]
76349586New Metallica album teaser!: Seems Lars and the boys have been busy lately. Snare sound like never b…[View]
76355404>Kazoo Sonata in C Major[View]
76355709* Holds up Spjork *[View]
76355560What music do short 'men' listen to?[View]
76344620they made a new song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9GSF3ROa58[View]
76352543Vinyl Thread: Does /mu/ collect vinyl? Have you made any cool purchases recently?[View]
76355979Is she not the most perfect and beautiful person in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8QV5f…[View]
76354856What's some good music for when you could have been a successful person but you ignored every c…[View]
76355938/funkyguitar/: Hey guys, I'm making a playlist, help me by posting some bands or songs with fun…[View]
76355486best stopmotion/claymation music video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJWJE0x7T4Q[View]
76353686>Chester Bennington >Lil Peep Who will the NOT GOOD curse strike next? >Lil Dicky >The C…[View]
76355817What are songs with the best lyrics you've ever listened to?[View]
76353235I am testing my radio server right now Join and destroy the server Cannot pay for bug bounty meh mus…[View]
76353502/shugazi/ - I am so fucking baked: Drape - Silver spoon https://youtu.be/ylsxGxW1vbg?t=454[View]
76355634Help: Help me /mu/. I’m having a total loss in memory here. What the fuck is the name of that one po…[View]
76355677Name me one (1) genre where a white male hasn't been the objective best Not race bait I'm…[View]
76353313What does /mu/ think of Rolling Stone Magazine?[View]
76355334whats the best Cranberries album[View]
76351067Which Gallagher is the best Gallagher?[View]
76352930Why is so much good music meant for sad people? What are some happy albums I can listen to?[View]
76355335>I listen to field recordings[View]
76352253ITT: cathartic songs: Post 'em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBMwwJMkcRA[View]
76355300Is this the worst hip-hop album of all time?[View]
76353097Manowar: embarassing joke or great music?[View]
76350102paramore fake happy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8vsuOXZBXc[View]
76350375Morrissey's new album is finally out and surprise surprise... It's fucking fantastic. I pi…[View]
76355487Hey /mu/, I'm looking for uplifting songs, and ones that don't just *sound* happy but then…[View]
76353989Any music reccomendations for someone who hates themself for being an addict and borderline? I'…[View]
76353509Why does Iceland have so many famous musicians for a population of <400,000?[View]
76354212Ok, real funny guys but seriously, where is the album?[View]
76353536Holy shit this is like Pagan Poetry Part 2.[View]
76352547Is this alt-normie?[View]
76340269/nbbmn/: nbbmn Old Thread: >>76326682[View]
76353519Rate this album. I like it.[View]
76352551How come this generation doesn't bump Eric B. & Rakim that much?[View]
76355254>Album anniversary special edition is actually better than the original release…[View]
76354312Fucking shit.[View]
76354367How does /mu/ feel about System of a Down? idc about their later discography but pick related is fu…[View]
76349847>Gene Simmons has reportedly been banned from Fox News for life, after exposing his belly and att…[View]
76355172What do you think about the youtube producer Ramzoid?[View]
76355153Moderat: II > Live > III > Moderat (aka I) Shame they've split up recently, back into …[View]
76353961>remove oh comely >replace with oh sister ???…[View]
76354574There is absolutely no way this album cover wasn't made ironically[View]
76355042No way,., No fucking way...[View]
76355074Big Boppo: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ra…[View]
76351541the perfect rap duo does not ex-[View]
76354829this rocks[View]
76351369They came[View]
76353778KPOP GENERAL: DIA edition[View]
76354429Secret music thread: https://soundcloud.com/glorb-vlorbson/primer-x1-32b/s-Ptjxx[View]
76336950https://soundcloud.com/sewerraps/el-lapop Please listen. We are trying to hit 1k plays. We make rap …[View]
76354131Memes aside, this is a fantastic album!, I bought it second hand in a record shop for a good price(t…[View]
76354355come on /mu/, which of you have this?[View]
76341205There is a predisposition among certain (mostly academic) circles who disparage “romantic” era compo…[View]
76354485Not really emo. Not commercial enough for myspace kids. Yall got any more of this marginal pop punk?[View]
76354675Why doesnt Bjork release more songs like this? so good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWOMJHdH4QA…[View]
76351178Now that the year is going to end... Which one is the real AOTY? pic kind of related[View]
76349473>obscure instruments >le randumb key changes >DRUGS MY DUDES XD >treating voices like a …[View]
76353875Let's settle this once and for all: Best: Holland 1945 Runner up: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea…[View]
76354593homogenic: More like this?[View]
76346493Is Lil Peep the Ian Curtis of our generation?[View]
76354374Who sang hurt better? Cash or Reznor?[View]
76353920sup mu: i have a midikeyboard and older reason. whats a better program than reason`??[View]
76353469>one, two, buckle my shoe[View]
76354456Daily reminder that they’re all half white[View]
76354457Holy shit[View]
76352812I want to get serious about music and composition. I started learning the piano 2 years ago and want…[View]
76354047hey /classicmu/: whats the music in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj0fPQ8IwUY…[View]
76354074I'm going to fucking vomit. Why do people do/watch reactions to songs?[View]
76354310Post giant, cinematic songs: https://youtu.be/T-ljrrrSbnQ https://youtu.be/eLpbc1N9BB8 https://youtu…[View]
76354134E: C[View]
76353870cuba tim: https://cubatim.bandcamp.com/album/bicicleta[View]
76353856Anyone feel like being able to have all music available to you at the click of a button might have s…[View]
76354247This sounds so perfectly... Why did /mu/ never told me about this masterpiece?[View]
76354236i thought zoe was /ourgirl/ https://theoutline.com/post/2499/brand-new-sexual-harrassment-emo[View]
76348632all aboard: lets talk about YEEZUS[View]
76354213Tragically Hip thread: if you've never heard of the hip it's time to get your head out of …[View]
76353137This is pretty good but it makes me feel like a boring person for listening to it Is this what it fe…[View]
76351998Why do British artists sound American when they sing?[View]
76353941Green Day: What does /mu/ think about God's Favorite Band?[View]
76350411Vaporwave General: ITT: Share and discuss vaporwave. Plunderphonics is allowed, so is vapor you…[View]
76352565>there are people who unironically think Animals, The Wall and The Final Cut aren't the best…[View]
76346536Mid-90s Cat Power was so fucking hot. This is what cigarettes do to you over time, boyos.[View]
76336469How hasn't he died? Is he next?[View]
76349078What's next for her career?[View]
76340196Why is dying so good for an artists career: Lil Peep has gained 400,000 instagram followers since hi…[View]
76353781ITT: Albums straight people will never understand[View]
76352114What's the pet sounds of hip hop?[View]
76353787lol @ people freaking out over this album. overrated trash. the beats are the only redeeming feature…[View]
76353804International thread: 1.your country 2. song from your country (post translation if you can) 3.rate …[View]
76349300Musicians you are unironically in love with.[View]
76353768ITT: which album is better[View]
76352616KPOP GENERAL: happy sorn day[View]
76353752So can we talk about AOTY? B might just be the best intro song i've ever heard desu.[View]
76348928Songs of beauty: I'd like to introduce you good people to my most favorite song in all the worl…[View]
76351766Hey, /mu/, where do you order your music from? I'm looking for a relatively cheap europe-based …[View]
76351465From a fake product of nepotism to the goat american female pop artist of the decade How did she do …[View]
76352127Show me a better pop punk album from the 80s, I dare you.[View]
76347423Is there any Shoegaze worth listening to other than this?[View]
76348917Post what you're listening to right now. Be honest anon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxATyY…[View]
76353234Relativity: This song is accurate. I’m from the west side of Plano, Texas. To give you a hint google…[View]
76347861Name one musician that got better the older he got Protip: you can't[View]
76350125/Xmas/ General: >It’s almost time lads Have you listened to any Christmas songs yet?…[View]
76353490when did tweedy become such a cuck?[View]
76351917Post a more influential artist, i'll wait[View]
76349830This is the best shoegaze album of all time.[View]
76350383Is this true?[View]
76351765Beautiful Thugger Girls is 5 months old. Say something nice to the Album of the Year[View]
76351693How do you deal with tinnitus from loud music?[View]
76345079Why does anyone take Anthony Fantano's opinion seriously? He's just a knob from Connecticu…[View]
76352222Just came back from an obligatory event with my coworkers and it was terrible 5 hours of really exha…[View]
76351441What do you think of Shakira's bellydancing at her live concerts? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
76351642don't mind me just AOTY coming through[View]
76352702LOVE emotional personal and unabashed subjective discussion about music HATE snobbery elitism and ga…[View]
76352924What does /mu/ think about Vulfpeck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8fWZ9FjIK4 Not big into this t…[View]
76353104Whats your opinion on shamana /mu/?[View]
76352480Post your favorite minimalist album covers[View]
76335224/chart/: Rec, rate, and be courteous. neverendingchartgenerator.com[View]
76352805Why do all '''''''''''professional'…[View]
76352917music to hit the ganja to?[View]
76352602Going through /mu for months on end now and it seems like all I ever find is what I presume to be de…[View]
76352204This is the best thing I´ve ever heard in my life[View]
76352898https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oY74hOK_iQ Autism[View]
76349371Name a better French singer than Françoise Hardy: You can't.[View]
76350748What your opinion about Ñara.ore's latest video? Besides 'holy shit, Hayley had a fucking great…[View]
76348966Is he next?[View]
76350871Does anyone here listen to Wind Ensemble music?: Post and discuss based Wind Ensemble music. https:…[View]
76334522/prod/ - music production: you suck edition Remember to use: >clyp.it for WIPs >soundcloud for…[View]
76352717911 Call me some time[View]
76352244Anyone have links to people punishing their instruments?: Link related: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
76352389>Some mother's talking 'bout Guns 'n' Roses >As if I give a fuck, at best …[View]
76348470very sad about this Lil Peep situation. for people my age (25+) I think this is like if Tyler the Cr…[View]
76351092KPOP GENERAL: lisoo[View]
76352283Do you even asmr radiohead lyrics? Video in question https://youtu.be/k_-SR4mhnoU[View]
76349257based em[View]
76345990Am I literally the only person who doesn't mind the skits at the middle on this album? It also …[View]
76349913best coil album[View]
76352471>*out raps your favourite rapper*[View]
76338764MY XIT UR XIT: https://lapasionsegun.bandcamp.com/album/sue-os-de-ondas-lentas[View]
76352369Great pop album[View]
76352262what can be done about the epidemic of musical geniuses dying young?[View]
76338991Where the fuck is the Tame Impala thread at lads? Three new tracks, lets get going you autists.[View]
76325457Call me edgy as fuck but for once this fucker has actually brightened my day. In another week we are…[View]
76351406the fact that everyone keeps posting the mollusk as their favourite ween album is beginning to reach…[View]
76351188>when i go walkin' i strut my stuff yeah im so strung out[View]
76352180i got paid and i wanna support some actual obscure artists that deserve it. post bandcamps of albums…[View]
76352166most average tom waits album? pic unrelated[View]
76347163>doritos >fritos >cheetos holy SHIT how does he come up with this stuff??…[View]
76351064Thanks Lacey https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/unraveling-the-sexism-of-emos-third-wave/[View]
76351651lil peep[View]
76347979Cringe Music Phases: >Flashbacks to junior year >wearing a bright blue OFWGKTA shirt with a hu…[View]
76351934damn this album is great[View]
76351666Holy Shit this album is an easy 10 why does no one talk about it[View]
76349944First time listening to him seriously and he is acually pretty good. >fuck…[View]
76351293ITT: what songs have made you numb[View]
76350166I'll listen to any posted album if: -it got dubs -i've never heard it[View]
76351850>On /muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu/[View]
76348258Strangely nostalgic songs: I found this while lurking around here on /mu/ Clairo - Pretty Girl https…[View]
76348165more like pic related?[View]
76351709/electro/ post classic electro tunes in here, boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoNLYcP7f80 https…[View]
76351239Recommend me sad things /mu/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riM1KZn9q4k[View]
76351071>this one's called stella was a diver and she's always down[View]
763475453x3 4x4 5x5 collage: new collage bread tapmusic is down edition http://yoncalla.space/ http://lastfm…[View]
76351208Oy look! It's Percival live! Any other Slavic bands you adore /mu/?[View]
76347659Most insane Rap rhyme of all time: What do you think is the most impressive single rhyme you've…[View]
76351057Rolling music ideas: I'm not looking for dancy shit, i want chill layback emotional shit or a g…[View]
76351398Tracks: You Listen To Mine I Listen To Yours Edition: Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You…[View]
76350381should the album cover influence the vibe your getting from the music?[View]
76351333Found this song I like: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VuBwiJ6lCYc It's good,[View]
76351312Why is TOPS music so addicting?[View]
76349514Collabs that would be God-tier as fuck[View]
76351169im going ham thinking about how close lil uzi vert is approaching tuvan throat signing. like compare…[View]
76350533>artist's second album is all about the stress of touring and dealing with success…[View]
76348931Neil Young appreciation thread[View]
76350161Why does she try so hard?[View]
76351095She still never topped this performance. Not even her debut album was better.[View]
76350966'Rappers' singing incomprehensibly is that genre's version of the black metal bands using bundl…[View]
76348486show me a better pop record from the 80's because I dont think one exists[View]
76349839GLITCH/IDM thread i'll start: https://soundcloud.com/trngs/dipped[View]
76351052Rec me some harmonica + piano music[View]
76350874Lil Peep left a masterpiece behind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YJQgfSdL3k[View]
76347824the look in her eye, you just KNOW they banged Billy Corgan is known to be THE most hung guy in the …[View]
76347966Where the can I buy a Shamisen? How much should I expect to pay for one that isn't total junk? …[View]
76346660How can I convice my friend that listening to a full album >listening to random tracks on youtube…[View]
76350570Gonna take my friend on a musical journey, any suggestions on what I should play for him? pic not r…[View]
76348823Post the worst song you like[View]
76350708Daily reminder that Chris Cornell is dead[View]
76350842best underrated pop albums? pic related[View]
76349669what is wrong with my bridge?[View]
76349636what the FUCK is this????[View]
76345075Post your favorite music genius: say whatever you want on Kanye, he's objectively a music geniu…[View]
76350194will music ever top this?[View]
76350545GHOST SONG: I know I've heard this song (had it on a playlist on an old phone) and can remember…[View]
76350522Now that I’m gone.[View]
76349722ITT: we post great pop music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOZuxwVk7TU[View]
76349998Are the end of the year '/mu/ Awards' still a thing, or is Rusty gone forever? That was fun.[View]
76350478Who else is excited for the day we can say 'remember when hip hop was popular?'[View]
76350466Really depressing songs: I'm not speaking of regular sad songs.. I'm speaking of song that…[View]
76346677How does /mu/ feel about this album?[View]
76343475Stuff I slept on 2k17: So I'm making a list of shit I've been meaning to listen to this ye…[View]
76346612Post-Punk: Really want to get into this lads. Anyone got one of those /mu/ mind maps of this genre? …[View]
76346016Ok new theory: He's not the Kurt Cobain of Rap but the Dead of Xan Trap / Rap-Rock, the sacrifi…[View]
76350327Could you recommend me something similar to this? https://youtube.com/watch?v=X5ZtwbzUFZE[View]
76349648lil peep bless[View]
76349442Name a better band. Pro tip: [spoiler]You can't.[/spoiler][View]
76347841I'm currently donating blood but some faggot doctor is playing Skrillex really loudly in the st…[View]
76349606If there's a pedo ring for the music industry, which artist do you expect to get outed? pic rel…[View]
76347815>*kills shoegaze* >huh... nothing personal slowdive…[View]
76350074Any albums like this for that feel when you lose the only girl who ever truely loved you and you eve…[View]
76350108Anyone here listen to G Herbo?: Also, anyone know where I can get some High-Tech?[View]
76349838Which meme musician will do an hero next? I bet on Lavren.[View]
76347842Dr. West (Skit) 3 A.M. Insane Bagpipes from Baghdad Same Song and Dance Medicine Ball Stay Wide Awak…[View]
76349904>implying you wouldn't *peep* him[View]
76345232Lyrical Purge: It's purge night, the doorbell rings >>Pick one song you can recite the ly…[View]
76347045Obviously, the HM-2 is a great pedal for extreme metal. Legend has it that it goes best with a Peave…[View]
76349740Anything similar to this?[View]
76349229Is lil peep the lil peep of our lil peep?[View]
76348070Come over when you're sober: >asks her to come over >dies What's the point?…[View]
76346722/ferraro/ - James Ferraro general: ITT: We talk about the most groundbreaking, controversial, misund…[View]
76342630>album isn't on Spotify[View]
76349282Music for sleeping?: Other albums to fall asleep to itt[View]
76349498When is Come Over When You're Sober, Part 2 coming out?[View]
76343926>implying this isn't a fantastically written set of consistent pop rock melodies…[View]
76347921I'm glad Dead killed himself before this was recorded because Atilla's vocal performance i…[View]
76347696promotion of drug use in hip hop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HejGSHKZ5cE when has joe budden ev…[View]
76349113rank swans: best to worst: i'll start >soundtracks for the blind >to be kind >children…[View]
76349479ITT: Albums that have all of this: Post 'em[View]
76348808I need marxist music, /mu/. Something that sounds like Henry Cow (jazzy, chamber, free, experimental…[View]
76348108This is amazing[View]
76334501ITT: We post our personal music across various websites and critique others. Don't be a shill: …[View]
76348087So idk if you guys remember but awhile ago /mu/tants started this fake emo band called “Tears of Aar…[View]
76349294What is some redpilled, anti-soyboy music?[View]
76349320Any more like this? I struggle to connect with any of their other albums but the melodies on here ar…[View]
76349318So he's not gonna release the part 2 album?[View]
76346131RIP SLUG CHRIST: its real...[View]
76349222>album is over two hours long[View]
76349252Thoughts on Ichiko Aoba?[View]
76349218AOTY You literally can not deny this[View]
76343951Anyone got a link for the new Morrissey album?[View]
76348627https://soundcloud.com/home-2001/resonance tell me if the song is happy or sad? the idea is that the…[View]
76348858I just noticed an interesting comparison. The National's album progression is ridiculously simi…[View]
76347911Are all male to female transgenders countertenor?[View]
76348584Hi... i am the idiot who started to shitposting shit against Hayley Williams and her cameo on that v…[View]
76340764You think we can have a comfy thread?[View]
76348993any bands like acid bath?[View]
76349026>listen to album for the first time >didn't realise you were listening into the bonus tra…[View]
76337731post favourite album and favourite animal. get judged by your peers. >nilsson sings newman >ra…[View]
76347472Anyone else gets this weird feeling in the gut when listening to Lil Peep songs like this https://yo…[View]
76348708death grips discography rating: how would you rank death grips' LP releases? best to worst ((no…[View]
76347776Stop making Lil Peep threads.[View]
76348439Wolves - Music Video: anyone have a download link from Selena´s new music video?[View]
76348494>be me, 18, high school fag >be in pre-calc talking about music >one kid plays a song >i…[View]
76347720>John Williams is the greatest living classical composer[View]
76348497One of those threads: >Best: Broken Heart >Worst: The Individual >Underrated: Electricity …[View]
76348891How did we find ourselves at a Windows Vista release party DJing playing 808s and Heartbreak[View]
76344134Give me songs that hurt to listen to[View]
76347603ur literally gay if you don't like boobies: i'm an edgy middleschooler and this is the bes…[View]
76347846East Hastings > Dead flag blues > Providence Convince me otherwise, /mu/[View]
76348145Record Label: For years, I have wanted to start my own business. I did some research and there are …[View]
76347404what do you think of this?[View]
76348706Still nothing has beaten this when it comes to banger to song ratio.[View]
76346511Why did he kill himself?: >has wife and family >has qt European gf >going to America on tou…[View]
76348623Has anyone listened to this? 'The One To Wait' is pretty great[View]
76348612/mu/ confession thread Ill start I like Ed Sheeran no bully pls[View]
76348524so who the fuck are these guys, are they really the music for this generation of alternative kids?[View]
76348138Iluminate: http://m.topix.com/forum/who/lady-gaga/TD5TLK37PA4EAE2RT [QUOTE who='Hay woman']<quote…[View]
76348311Been listening to this a lot lately and digging it. What do you guys think about it?[View]
76348365NOISE: Anyone here wanna talk about noise music? Any significant recent purchases? Attended any impr…[View]
76347244Find me a pic with more musical talent than this. I dare you.[View]
76348304This album would've been better if the guitars weren't in drop D tuning.[View]
76348188Why do people all of a sudden pretend this faggot was some kind of underrated genius?[View]
76348277At what point does an artist become dadrock?: Is there a certain number of years you have to be arou…[View]
76346256Who /shit taste/ here?[View]
76348291S P I R I T U A L L E V E L: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4N_-8oT3z0 What went so wrong? Was the…[View]
76345175Post your favorite canadian musician[View]
76347215What is /mu/'s obsession with 'objectivity'? >you're not allowed to like music that…[View]
76348043Have the Foo Fighters released anything that compares to this?[View]
76348181so, why do you plebs hate grimes?[View]
76345387Dubs gives me my generic trap producer name, I'll see you in the soundcloud threads.[View]
76347226i....i just dont get it guys[View]
76347526RIP Bon Jovi: Died of awkwardness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoV5q9DD_9U[View]
76347411I'm alone most of the time. Post lofi, chillhop, vaporwave, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
76345967what's /mu/'s favorite Memphis rap? mine's pic related[View]
76347924Her new video is full of autism, but not so autistic as the autistic curse, xd, insult this bitch on…[View]
76347870Name a cooler name than fucking E. 'POWER' Biggs[View]
76343721When was the last time you listened to me, /mu/?[View]
76340368>sampled brand new >sampled the microphones >sampled modest mouse >sampled have a nice l…[View]
76346789KPOP GENERAL[View]
76347319>MAYBE I'LL[View]
76347079Was this guy any good or nah?[View]
76346890Metallica: Hey, any thoughts on these guys? I really dig 'em. ....And Justice for All's my…[View]
76346358ITT post what you're listening to right now/the last thing you listened to, discuss and make fu…[View]
76347446Faint: Awesome band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f7tgprbjtg[View]
76346639post your weeks tags and guess stuff comment talk etc find them here https://www.last.fm/user/YOURUS…[View]
76336863Is there any other genre of music that is so self-absorbed, so desperate for validation, so pathetic…[View]
76347683pop aoty pending new bork album[View]
76347484Less about Peepee's death and More about Slugchrist: Who else loves the Slug ? https://www.yout…[View]
76346384>skinny puppy >snarky puppy >my bloody valentine >bullet for my valentine >the dear …[View]
76347386How do we save stoner rock?[View]
76344158Rank these[View]
76347412>go to the grocery store, buy some new friends[View]
76345002Is this /mu/core?[View]
76347444RELATIONSHIP OF COMMAND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6eC8C-K1Vs I FUCKING DARE YOU[View]
76347431https://soundcloud.com/dj-slept A couple tracks of rare soul / r&b breaks will return feedback[View]
76342460Shhhh lil peep is in a deep sleep don't wake him up[View]
76342515Recently got kidnapped. Music for this feel:([View]
76345600singers who have speech impediments: Isaac Brock has a lisp for example[View]
76346850Are there any videos of Django Rheinhardt live? Also, Django Rheinhardt Thread.[View]
76347325Go Suicidal: Anyone have a studio release of this song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvrDVE7V9kU…[View]
76346884Is there an album with a better guitar tone?[View]
76337472AOTY 2017: 2017 has been fairly disappointing for music on the whole. But what five albums would you…[View]
76341442>girl asks me why the fingernails on my right hand are long Are normies really this musically cha…[View]
76315339/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Cara's Comfy Couch Edition How do I start learning guitar? >…[View]
76347106kill me: /mu/ rate my bedroom guitar riffs https://vocaroo.com/i/s0OdPE0IJI3l[View]
76347076Oh I want a new drug, one that won't make me sick One that won't make me crash my car Or m…[View]
76347069The Dreaming or Hounds of Love?[View]
76345008How do you properly rip mp3s from a CD with minimal compression loss?[View]
76347051Hush was always the superior album.[View]
76346872rms: >Music genres I often like include some Spanish folk music (but not Flamenco), Latvian folk …[View]
76346345More hip-hop like this?: Hip-hop that can barely pass as hip-hop. Or very experimental hip-hop.…[View]
76345678>artist is terrible in the past >releases something halfway not terrible 'HOLY SHIT this actua…[View]
76333551SYRE: So Jaden Smiths new album is out, and it's pretty good![View]
76340380>biggie > tupac[View]
76346443Are there any queers in the theater tonight? Get them up against the wall There's one in the sp…[View]
76346747Where does it rank?: Tone, Tax, Lex, Gloss, Phone[View]
76345919KPOP GENERAL[View]
76346328>ywn have 10 or 15 girls[View]
76345975This objectively bad album is unironically one of the most influential works in modern hip hop[View]
76332752ITT: Post songs you made when you were young and compare it to your best song from now. This one I m…[View]
76346497Wow really couldn't believe he was gone when I saw the news, rest in peace Peep for real Does a…[View]
76346441Rock>Rap: DAILY REMINDER that a million times more Rock stars has overdosed than Rappers have, an…[View]
76342713Rap music in 2017 is so fucking bad.: UH HUH *LOW FI TRAP MUSIC INTRO* YEP *NAME DROPS A DOZEN HIGH …[View]
76346416>rapper laughs in the middle of a verse[View]
76346112non-cringe /mu/ merch: help[View]
76344674GY!BE live: Catching these guys in Sydney next January. Looking for recommended live performance vid…[View]
76341258>2007 was a decade ago still hanging in there lads? ;__;[View]
76343027YOU GO BACK JACK[View]
76344388one of these >best Left of The Dial >runner up Hold My Life >worst Dose of Thunder >unde…[View]
76345410What's the best kind of set up for hip hop production? Got DAW (ableton) and midi controller, b…[View]
76346296>King Gizzard >Royalty Free album[View]
76341966Anyone that says he shows no emotion or that his emotions are fake because he's so deadpan the …[View]
76340478So apparently I'm not supposed to like this album, can anyone recommend me an album like it tha…[View]
76341447RIP PEPE: Rest in peace sweet prince. F to pay respects.[View]
76342969ITT: artists whose worst album is widely considered their best: i'll start[View]
76346237I haven't listened to this in years, I was in high school when I heard that shit for the first …[View]
76344619Should I see Yung Lean in February? I like his earlier albums but I'm not so hot on Stranger, a…[View]
76344253John Cale/Brian Eno - Wrong Way Up: This album's been added to Spotify recently. It's real…[View]
76345654Fave late year releases: Comment your favorite releases of the end year pic related: https://soundcl…[View]
76346102Some fucks don't learn to stay down, do they. Hope this fuck rots for his abuse and shitty musi…[View]
76346087what do we think, mu? it’s nice imo[View]
76346010Who is this?[View]
76346028album is named after track title: should be wrong but is actually a great idea[View]
76346018How do I into djing? What do I need?[View]
76345951Most redpilled album of the year[View]
76341906Does Kendrick actually hate white people? I can't really tell.[View]
76345031KPOP GENERAL[View]
76345181>official artist channel on YouTube >please come to Brazil!! xDD…[View]
76345007Name somebody more autistic than this whore[View]
76339882Is his album good?[View]
76344131>over at a hot qt house >she asks me to do piano improv on the grand >calls my playing sat…[View]
76343707Remember when she made music?[View]
76345255/mu/'s husbando thread: Post husbando's.[View]
76340533What the FUCK Are the rumors true... Taylor is a fucking Racist?[View]
76345520Why is this bitch so fucking bad at making music?[View]
76345065Why they have 2 (two) drummers?[View]
76340888If drug use becomes 'uncool' in hip hop culture, how would it effect new, 'ignorant' hip hop? Would …[View]
76344838ITT: Youtubers superior to theneedledrop[View]
76345513wtf??? Reckoner is the best song ever fucking made!! holy shit!![View]
76342664This album is quite literally a 9/10 The -0.5 for it being too short, and the the other -0.5 for the…[View]
76341242>finally made it: hey /mu/. I just crested 10m plays on spotify with only one of my songs being t…[View]
76345012I miss him so much, guys.[View]
76340240Paul Institute: Anyone catch the new tracks produced by Jai Paul? They are really good. Get hype for…[View]
763240043x3 4x4 5x5 chart: rate/rec or u gay as heck[View]
76345316>Gives album 0/10 >Says sorry a decade later 'I apologized and told him that I now love the re…[View]
76344613New music sucks: Anyone else tired of new music? I'm from the b board but I came here because I…[View]
76345350Who is the best lil rapper and why is it lil toenail? https://youtu.be/dU37i2hyJd0[View]
76343648How does this faggot have better lines than most 'rappers' today?[View]
76344684Why aren't you listening to the album of the year?[View]
76342421Thoughts on Arca? I listen to this shit while I'm working. So weird and so unsettling, but so n…[View]
76344948>I’ve met [Paul McCartney] a few times he’s been absolutely a dream, the last time was at the Roy…[View]
76344825Need help finding an album: it was like some kind of soul/funk/gospel thing and the cover had an art…[View]
76344890What does he listen to?[View]
76344195Why is nobody discussing this AOTY?[View]
76344276KPOP GENERAL[View]
76344426/mu/ if you had to create a normie music playlist how would you do it?[View]
76342194>musician makes all their music on their phone >it sounds like it…[View]
76343690Why are people here so pretentious and waste their time with objectively worse music[View]
76344677i feel at peace with myself,everything's gonna be ok. what's some serene music for that fe…[View]
76344656WE'RE CAUGHT IN A TRAP[View]
76344646My Apple Music app keeps doing this to albums I’ve downloaded. The album looks fine in my iTunes lib…[View]
76343432What features do you guys look for in a music player?[View]
76344492This is their best and if you think otherwise I'd recommend some soy in your coffee[View]
76342663What is the Dark Souls of music?[View]
76344350Hey /mu/ i know this literally has been posted more than a hundred times but the archive is down and…[View]
76340018/mu/, recognize the albums in this picture. The one who recognizes more CD, is the most patrician.[View]
76344523I fucking love spiritual jazz! It's the best kind of jazz![View]
76343521Cecile McLorin Salvant: So, apparently Cecile McLorin Salvant is the current it girl in the jazz voc…[View]
76344415What do all of you think of joji? I think he's okay but overrated because he's filthy fran…[View]
76342966is there anything else like this?[View]
76344333who's next /mu/?[View]
76341525What is /mu/core exactly?[View]
76344312Please remix this song: Want to use this song in a video but it needs a beat. Can anyone remix somet…[View]
76341257Should rappers like Lil Pump, Lil Yachty, and other rappers with a similar style be given a new subg…[View]
76344265yay/nay? 2 tracks in one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEzDBynggMk[View]
76343512KPOP GENERAL[View]
76344263Please help me /mu/. After years of using pic related to listen to music on the go, it finally died.…[View]
76341835Fats Domino Thread up in this bitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU9f_MUBCSs I like how he giggl…[View]
76344241Check it out /mu/, yo boi is back. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz6uye5WlUlQgaldVIoWYxQ/videos…[View]
76344215*blocks your path*[View]
76339996how low of an IQ do you have to be to like this auditory garbage?[View]
76344009how was 1977 so fucking based?[View]
76344155who /jokerman/ here?[View]
76343757>We rolling...?[View]
76342004He will die very very soon... soooo lets enjoy him while he's alive!: Post your favorite P-funk…[View]
76344098/lpa/ general - Lil Peep Alive general: I can't be the only one who thinks Lil Peep's deat…[View]
76341053Brand New: >release your greatest album as a band a year before breaking up >lead singer gets …[View]
76266756/classical/: Schnittke edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3Xehs1rHfM https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
76343864Anyone else listen to the new Talib Kweli?[View]
76336903norm fag passing through[View]
76339221this album makes me want to sell crack ironically[View]
76344059Can't find song pls help: I've been looking for a song for ages. It's got a music vid…[View]
76343998Any love for Anton Maiden here?[View]
76338236Give me your honest, unadulterated opinion of this[View]
76342628Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request: Why do I never see /mu/ talking about this? This is ab…[View]
76343952will he an hero eventually?[View]
76341421ITT: Biggest disappointment of the year[View]
76341363What do people listen to when they are 'real nigga certified'?[View]
76343122I saw this LP at goodwill today....: & I DIDN'T pick it up! Did I fuck up? What else is goo…[View]
76339976Future Funk is God-Tier Music with a Cute Anime Bow On Top: >denying that Future Funk is an extre…[View]
76340467So we can all agree that King Gizzard is the modern equivalent of cringey nerd rock bands from the 2…[View]
76340965Why is the bagpipe so criminally underrated? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rETv-fv6RWs https://www…[View]
76342903The Band: Is this the greatest live album of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O45dF34yAZY…[View]
76341180EMINEM REVIVAL THREAD: when will it be released? who will be on it? will it be trash or shit? will h…[View]
76341756What are the best albums for going on a camping trip by yourself?[View]
76342599what is that album that when you pressed play you said 'what the fuck?' but it turned out being your…[View]
76342042>try to listen to any song of this fat nigger >JUNIOR MAFIA >JUNIOR MAFIA >JUNIOR MAFIA …[View]
76343506Live fast die young >doesnt even die young[View]
76342640KPOP GENERAL: umji wins[View]
76340948Did Hip Hop kill RnB as a quality genre?[View]
76342748where can I find a decent quality zip of bird seed??? pls help I've been looking for it for day…[View]
76340827>tfw you realize 99.99% of music is garbage[View]
76341291Anybody else have friends that talk about their taste in music?: I only have one friend, and wheneve…[View]
76342786Most creative band ever?[View]
76342253>restrict 2017 to jazz >this is the fucking result…[View]
76340712>download 50gb worth of screwtapes >none of it formatted correctly…[View]
76337890now that he's dead, we can all agree that he was an absolutely terrible rapper right?[View]
76343198hey /mu/ is this type of music infested with normies and trendy piece of shit tumblrtards like vapor…[View]
76341019Rap & Hiphop are a scourge: Hip-hop and rap are nothing more than aggressive and yet monotone ly…[View]
76343055Any eurobeat man in? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItjjWECjD_M[View]
76325826so this is the woman that killed lil peep: is she gonna face consequences? https://twitter.com/feliz…[View]
76338168Sad, pathetic little grunge bitch.: You sad, pathetic little grunge bitch. Kurt Cobain was stupid, o…[View]
76342843Honestly I hated this album when it came out, but was Cage a visionary in the emo-rap game and just …[View]
76339675ITT: The worst moments in your AOTY >And the Pokemon GO, AND THE POKEMON GO, AND THE POKEMON GO…[View]
76342386When do you predict the fad of hip hop being popular will be over? Heavy metal, grunge, techno, nume…[View]
76341437ITT: your face when lil peep died[View]
76333278what do you want and what do you actually expect from grimes' lp5?[View]
76327272'Heavy metal is a world of its own, and even critics in their 30s who grew up listening to AOR like …[View]
76336921Desktop Wallpaper thread?: Anyone have any good Frank Ocean desktop wallpapers? Also general wallpap…[View]
76340840the melon could beat up 95% of /mu/ lmao[View]
76342798Hello everyone. I'm a socio-linguistics student, and I'm currently working at a project in…[View]
76336622Post your music player right now nerd[View]
76342033KPOP GENERAL: SOTY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uJf2IT2Zh8[View]
76342588lol dumbass[View]
76338255John Lennon's 'Come together' radio demo: Professor just asked if anyone could find a recorded …[View]
76342088apology for poor english when were you when lil pep is die i was sat at home drinking brain fluid wh…[View]
76341220GOAT live performances https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4PokULweDQ[View]
76339035ITT: we list artists we've seen live, and how good their live act was (not how much you enjoy t…[View]
76341911What does /mu/ think about The Blueprint?[View]
76338073holy shit[View]
76342189Strong 8-9 albums: What's the last strong 8 album you heard? (pic related) Heard Daniel Rossen…[View]
76339216A coworker is inviting me over this weekend to check out his incredibly hifi audio setup - said to h…[View]
76342305>i'm a raper[View]
76336925What did he mean by this?[View]
76342090How good is this???[View]
76334953Are there any good straight edge rappers to be a positive influence on the youth? This drug stuff ha…[View]
76342029Trance Hits Early 2000s Edition: Will I ever love you again? Will we be together again? Thought the …[View]
76341787You see me laughin': Just watched the documentary! I'm sure some of you guys have seen it,…[View]
76340778/weird/: who /weird/ here?[View]
76341372Smart music for smart people[View]
76341170>Drug addict starts doing music >Posts on Soundcloud >The music it's meh, but since it…[View]
76341148So what did we think of the new Burial?[View]
76340688Why doesn't this board, for how much it talks about hip hop, ever discuss good hip hop?[View]
76341367Anyone else /psychfolk/ here?[View]
76338758wtf his music is actually good[View]
76341290So GFOTY released this compilation thing. I love it.[View]
76340121Going through this guy's discography and just got to this. I thought his other stuff was amazin…[View]
76340857>only a couple posts and one thread in memory of Fats Domino >1600 post sticky and multiple th…[View]
76341300cheick this out ma boys, dis be the eddy mitchell of the 2010's.. ;) https://dyingkebab.bandca…[View]
76340411kpop general[View]
76341368Recommend me some music given that I like Toe.[View]
76341536https://soundcloud.com/sewerraps/sets/sewer-rap Is this officially the best soundcloud mumble rapper…[View]
76341488Someone tell me they got all of this show recorded somewhere. I know it's some /r/ shit but I…[View]
76341413Cmon /mu/: haven't been in a while, but holy crap! you guys are lame lambs. Every other post is…[View]
76340988*Blocks your path*[View]
76341231So what's the deal with MBDTF? It seems like it came out at the perfect moment - it was an amaz…[View]
76341398What's some music that you probably only like because you have good associations with it? I…[View]
76321413Draw an album in MS Paint, guess what it is[View]
76340884What's up with Kurt Winehouse: How did Kurt Winehouse die?[View]
76341235You're a Big Girl Now: Thoughts on this song?[View]
76327678oh shit https://twitter.com/stxphaniell/status/931205974626586624[View]
76339649ITT rank an artist's discography: Amnesiac - 6/10 Kid A - 6/10 AMSP - 5/10 OKC - 5/10 TKOL - 5/…[View]
76341199Any RTNC lads in?[View]
76341042this man is actually gone forever now. wwow. has the reality of it sunk in for you yet? it still jus…[View]
76340747lil peep: *talked about homophobia, women abuse, how toxic hypermasculinity is in music industry, pu…[View]
76340210Yung Lean - Stranger: Thoughts on the new Yung Lean album? I think it's his most mature and we…[View]
76339569ITT:: trap albums with cartoon characters made to look black on the cover[View]
76338552What do you think about this album?[View]
76339447PLZ HELP I'm a massive soyboy and I need some music that will make me a man!!! plz i'm des…[View]
76340645https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1Am45JrwQ4 this song is good as fuck,why is it treated like a meme?…[View]
76340874Paul Institute: Anyone else get a text from Paul Insitute? or at least hear the new singles? JAI PAU…[View]
76338862he seriously was the greatest musician of all time for he changed my life and made me complete perso…[View]
76339277similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3WstUsoeb8[View]
76340810>band is known for a meme song >they're actually pretty good outside of the meme song htt…[View]
76338973Give me your honest, unadulterated opinion of this[View]
76336138som lil boys just aint cut out for the game[View]
76340554>it's like hes depressed for the fashion of it[View]
76335765lil poop: my god these tattoos are terrible[View]
76340670New OCS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieD7Lzb6EmI[View]
76338018Drop me some techno[View]
76340254Tasteless Horror-Techno: Since its late night maybe a spooky thread would be appropriate. A genre lo…[View]
76340509Post your ten favorite albums atm and others guess a couple random facts about you as well as your a…[View]
76338661How do I quickly find the album based on album art? Thats what you guys always post. I just been usi…[View]
76339405where do I start with autechre, /mu/?[View]
76340375everybody's talking about rappers and drug addiction, but how come nobody mentions Grimes'…[View]
76339803What is supposed to be aesthetic about stacking cups?[View]
76339884hello strange board, how do you feel about Marina and the Diamonds here?[View]
76339719I'm honestly curious... What does /mu/ think of moonman? New album just dropped: https://www.yo…[View]
76340402Just came back from watching HOMESHAKE What’s up with you[View]
76339007KPOP GENERAÇ[View]
76340383American weekend: This masterpiece? I think so.[View]
76340377>you have to listen to the notes he's not playing[View]
76339921ITT: underrated albums I'll start[View]
76339037This board is a gay / lesbian abomination Stop worshipping lil bo peep you queers.[View]
76340248itt post top 10s and guess personalities, etc[View]
76339945why dont i like this album?[View]
76338228>Pleb: 1991 >Patrician: 1992 >Contrarian: 1990 Prove me wrong pro tip you can't…[View]
76339779Minimal piano: Anyone know of more artists like John Cage or (in pic) Morton Feldman?[View]
76337986What is this smart boi's best album?[View]
76340160If odds I take a bump of blow and you guys give me recs of music to listen to If evens pic related I…[View]
76338916How does /mu feel about Jethro Tull Imo i fucking love them[View]
76340086What's some good, relaxing coming down music that's experienced, positive, and pretense fr…[View]
76339583Is this a good Jazz record?[View]
76340111Artisits that had strange lives: Bobby Darin >Didn't have a father growing up >His 'mothe…[View]
76340099What genre is this?: Also Impossible Nothing thread[View]
76337079What does /mu/ think of post-rock/post-metal? Best albums?[View]
76333439So what was the first genre to get a revival/throwback subgenre? Was it folk? Were there classical g…[View]
76339845>are you unforgiven 2 seriously[View]
76339639This is literally the worst place on the internet to find new music and reccomendations. 90% is just…[View]
76340027music shitpost sharethread: do ya thing /mu/ >kpop >shameless muchdank ripoff >bonus mashup…[View]
76340009Help finding this song: I need help to find This song. > other people also looking for the song: …[View]
76338910>Come go the rescue peach >The super boy >1234567 >He like mushroom >He's a play…[View]
76336928where is MY slut, tell her bandmates i will end the band to have her to myself![View]
76339374Happy/Joyous/Giddy/Ecstatic Music: Music is all about emotion, so post songs that embody pure happin…[View]
76333447Rip lil peep. He saved my fucking life 2 years ago i was about to fucking slice my neck open with a …[View]
76326682/nbbmn/: trve edition old >>76310057[View]
76339597ITT: God-tier rap albums[View]
76331312lets share: soundcloud/bandcamp fags get itt post ur stuff pic related genre:alternative hip hop ins…[View]
76338029what are some of the greatest moments in live performance history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3…[View]
76339477wtf i like my chemical romance now[View]
76338814Jesus Christ this is sad.: I first listened to the Glow Part 2 for the first time and now this. The …[View]
76339449Can folk punk be saved /mu/?[View]
76325258/metal/: only death metal is real edition https://youtu.be/w1HlxD-MvYU old thread: >>76295218…[View]
76339622Who is the Brad Stevens of music?[View]
76339613Bryan Silva general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=WIZ83GKaXwU[View]
76339565is he next?[View]
76302470>oh Anon, you're so funny and I can't believe how much we've got in common! It fee…[View]
76335378define 'music'. go ahead, I'll wait.[View]
76339178ITT: What do you think of Jaden Smith's new album Syre[View]
76338762Name a rap verse better than Inspectah Deck's in Triumph. Protip: You literally can't[View]
76336095ITT: albums that peaked on the opening track[View]
76338459mfw not even /mu/ gets it.[View]
76339500plz help: I have to do a writeup on this artist and don't know where to begin. where to start, …[View]
7633783045 more minutes[View]
76338354>DUDE MY WIFE IS DEAD LMAO we get it dude, boo hoo.[View]
76336868Best album? Currently listening to pic related and it’s pretty good so far.[View]
76335177RIP: Fuck the edgy kids talking shit, they're just mad cause no one talks to them in school. Fa…[View]
76339325how did he react to the death of peep?[View]
76339339so when are these gonna be peep reviews[View]
76337398Your top 5 National songs in no particular order About Today Slipping husband Sorrow Ada The Geese o…[View]
76337984Forever her best album with her best song (All Too Well)[View]
76336802Are there any current labels releasing 90s-style electronic music? Electro, IDM, ambient techno?[View]
76338951worth listening to?[View]
76338838Why do bad things happen to good peeple, mu?[View]
76339191Anyone have any experience repairing guitar amps? I bought a used Fender Champion 600 and have been …[View]
76331433Which artist makes the most unique music in your opinion?: who makes the most unique music, looking …[View]
76335099I still can't believe he's gone lads. He was just kid...[View]
76338875ITT: Your current song obsession. Which song have you had on repeat lately? rate/hate/guess personal…[View]
76338924Can you be young and have a good taste of music at the same time?[View]
76339122HEY /MU/!? can you r8 my counter point pls? https://clyp.it/oogcgtop ignore the one with the half no…[View]
76337156Best peep Some 1 made earlier I save best peep[View]
76338892Fuck, I wish I could listen to this for the first time again[View]
76337744>average lil peep fans[View]
76339084Redpill me on Boris[View]
76339089What are some bands/artists you really enjoy but never really see discussed on /mu/? >Pic related…[View]
76337250this is the greatest album of all time. you cannot argue this[View]
76338928We own a gas station now and I'm fucking tired of radio We have a speaker blowing outside and o…[View]
76337703KPOP GENERAL[View]
76338889noise: Oh my god I learned something new today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyDpDz7fLkg Why didn…[View]
76335138Random Lyrics I Thought Of: A silhouette lurks towards the reflection, creaking the buttons Screens …[View]
76337518why is /mu/'s taste on psych rock so absolutely shit? king jizz, ohsees and tame impala is the …[View]
76329348HE'S NEXT[View]
76338786itt: post your best 80s music videos i'll start... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBsIGF-KZZw…[View]
76337547One more hour[View]
76338729hi. im looking for a torrent link of 'putumayo presents' discography on mp3 if its on 320kbps the be…[View]
76337686Can't find this song: I've been looking for a song for ages. It's got a music video w…[View]
76338624Itt: better rap music that lil sleep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hyMG3b05u0[View]
76338223For those who actually like Rush, which period of them do you prefer? S/T-Hemispheres where they wer…[View]
76338097Thoughts on Snail's House?[View]
76336915>And this is Anon's room. He's really the fitness enthusiast.…[View]
76337235>coworker starts playing music >It's all top 40 garbage…[View]
76337097The last song you listened to will play at Lil Peep's funeral. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S…[View]
76336712>ctrl+f bleep >0 results unacceptable https://youtu.be/JMksRXQ3GHM?t=40…[View]
76338421OPINION THREAD: Thoughts on DJ Yung Vamp and phonk as a whole? I've been addicted to this shit …[View]
76337605ITT: Sampling: Post the best works consisting of sampling[View]
76338113Where is the album Marshall?[View]
76338157>lil peep >chester bennington why have all the musicians for edgy 13 year olds been dying?…[View]
76337488Why is a shitty vaporwave album on the /mu/ essentials list?[View]
76337724mu is dead: the entirety of the board is just arguing over what is best and what fits a genre and wh…[View]
76334417Does mu like the pumpkins?[View]
76334994Fuck Lil Peep, this is what a REAL creative addict looks like. Guy straddled the line between death …[View]
76324116i dont like his music, but why are so many people so insensitive to something sad? i get it, its lik…[View]
76336165My motivation is dwindling and the past couple weeks have been a blur. I feel sick. /blog I'll …[View]
76334293Post a screenshot of your recommended videos on youtube and let /mu/ judge your taste. I give myself…[View]
76338005I know this psycho killed his wife but I can't help but love them. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
76337972wtf I love jazz now youtu.be/lRdpWnVkIXE[View]
76335672>its a good album because he died[View]
76335190Happy November 16th I hope it was full of nervous laughter[View]
76336490RIP DJ SCREW: DJ Screw passed away seventeen years ago today. What are your favorite tracks/tapes by…[View]
76336955Your album, retard.[View]
76337574Weezer/Red Album: What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
76337218ITT: Albums that were the bible to you during your angsty teenage years: I listened to this and Viol…[View]
76334566where were you when jesse was innocent? https://twitter.com/degvusser/status/930211774623711233[View]
76337702What have you been listening to lately? Give recs, share thoughts, be decent[View]
76336268Björk Guðmundsdóttir will die in your lifetime.[View]
76335861kpop general[View]
76337072First 5 songs from your library shuffle 1: I - Bad Brains 2: Looking for today - Black Sabith 3: Ton…[View]
76337576Admit it, /mu/, this is a good song. https://youtu.be/Q0oIoR9mLwc[View]
76335653What's your favorite Kendrick & the Lamars song?: Mine might be Wesley's Theory, shit …[View]
76334703Do musicians usually peak in their mid 20s?[View]
76337169Is it bad /mu/ introduced me to these guys and i actually liked their music ?https://youtu.be/Av3PDF…[View]
76337043Name good country music post-1970s and pre-2010s. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
76334419>makes fun of internet rappers >becomes one Really makes you think.…[View]
76337098Hey so uuhh, /mu/, what the fuck are these two images and how did I get them? Tineye returns 0 resul…[View]
76337476What does /mu/ think of Saint Motel?[View]
76335002The Best ambient album: prove me wrong[View]
76335806JJ: I don't give a damn about my reputation! Tay Tay: *Does a whole album crying about her repu…[View]
76336122WTF IS THIS ARTIST?! Please help!: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1TIbqr0x8HoKzKBNtNN8wf?si=lnQMapZ…[View]
76333329>Is he the Kurt Cobain of our generation?[View]
76337004Find a flaw. Hard mode: no ArtPop[View]
76335769In what way did he “ruin” the Traveling Wilburys?[View]
76334683How the fuck do I find new music? Whoever made the Spotify recommendations mechanic should be killed…[View]
76336139D&D Patrician Name: Im about to play a D&D Gme give me a patritian name for my character…[View]
76336836/Ska/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw-mLUAJufU Why does the best Ska come from South America and…[View]
76332686Can we get a nice Tori thread going?[View]
76336455Name a better album released by a japanese band: Protip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVR1ALVqGxA…[View]
76336911Never liked 'cloud rap' but this song isn't too bad. rip Lil Peep. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
76330725Who here loves MJ. My favourite musician without doubt.[View]
76336631Is there anything inherently wrong with listening to Jazz as background music?[View]
76330922rhcp: What's /mu/'s opinion of this band. Personally Stadium Arcadium is my favorite album…[View]
76333927this album is the best in discography.[View]
76336799Why aren't you listening to Young Thug anon?[View]
76336897Stan Rogers: You guys know him? Love his shit[View]
76335720Jeff Goldbum as the devil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrrRLXPFphw[View]
76320004Post your soundcloud music and critique others. DONT JUST SHILL!! Join the community! :D[View]
76336804>In Undertow >Dreams Tonite >Not My Baby >Lollipop (Ode to Jim) >Saved By a Waif 8/10…[View]
76336686James Hetfield was born in 1963, and released Master of Puppets when he was 23. What the fuck am I d…[View]
76335460I discovered Lil Peep a few days ago...I saw a vid of him in a classroom and that really touched me …[View]
76336753They're not original, they're not ground breaking, hell a lot of them aren't good, bu…[View]
76335006Will he wake up now?: Are we going to see a sudden shift in style, if he came to his senses..there…[View]
76336583big star[View]
76336610Why Will.i.am spelled william[View]
76336186Well /mu/?[View]
76336593Eurobeat thread: Post some of your favorite eurobeat tunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0HGITKHt…[View]
76333049Who drove the car?[View]
76336227thoughts on Musicbox alpha? so far it kinda sucks from what i've seen.[View]
76334694post warped tour music does it still hold up /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0fCXsles90[View]
76334050Morrissey - Low in High School: New Mozz album leaked. It sucks just as bad as the album cover.…[View]
76335633What the hell is this shit?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXxr58D-WiM This is probably the most e…[View]
76333386AOTY: Post your AOTY so far lads[View]
76336499Hardbass: So I love Russian / Slavic dubstep, known as Hardbass. Any good artists other thank Gopnik…[View]
76336055What would he have said about Little 'Peep'?[View]
76336365I have a quick question regarding subwoofers. My model has a reflex port which at the moment is sitt…[View]
76332590Do we like Jamiroquai?[View]
76328695So... quick rundown on this guy? Who the hell was he? Never heard of him until today[View]
76336160I prefer to remember the young Lil Peep from back in the day as he was before all his druggy emo shi…[View]
76332213Thom Yorke will die in your lifetime.[View]
76335660BIG ENERGY: Alright nerds post your HYPE songs. The genre doesn't matter, as long as it's …[View]
76335855She is the living description of autism[View]
76332307What's your favourite musical /mu/? This is mine.[View]
76336034Why are Poppy and Titantic Sinclair so much more successful and popular than PC Music are, when they…[View]
76330892Hellfest completely sold out in less than a day I thought no one likes rock/metal music?[View]
76334556KPOP GENERAL[View]
76335317>friend stops liking band as soon as they get mildly popular If there's one thing I can…[View]
76335864Post music similar to this[View]
76335835>Who are parents? >Parents are the ones who really care >Who are parents? >Parents are t…[View]
76335758Has it leaked yet?[View]
76335406REMEMBER ME?[View]
76332044Now that we've all revealed how much we hate peep, can we talk about this piece of shit? >Di…[View]
76335756What do you think about videogame music?[View]
76334331Who was in the wrong here?[View]
76333814Soy Metal Thread[View]
76335717Just discovered this track on the radio 'this love', this song is dope, reminds me of a morning wake…[View]
76333872Anyone else ever just fucking amazed at how much a pair of glasses and a mustache made to John Lenno…[View]
76334457Opinions on this masterpiece?[View]
76334328Songs that awakened our pre-pubescent selves to the power of music don't lie https://www.youtub…[View]
76333373will this now be recognized for how good it is and go down as a classic the same way Nevermind did o…[View]
76334546>tfw you are in the Lil Peep timeline and not the one where XXXtentacion OD'd after playing …[View]
76335475Who were the best rap group?[View]
76335626Anybody sick and tired of these trap beats that are getting waaay too much attention? I'm talki…[View]
76335205Help: Have you heard this fucking song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laYq9g3299I&list=PLtrJHT…[View]
76335580thoughts? I think it's catchy af, but it can be a bit overbearing at times[View]
76335569don't worry[View]
76333709What are some slow somber piano based but not entirely piano based albums that would be great to lis…[View]
76335279post EPs that are better than any albums the artist has done[View]
76334180Unpopular Opinions Thread: Us and Them is the best track off this album.[View]
76334112Why does /mu/ only like albums when they meet at least a few of the following criterias: >Bad sin…[View]
76335258alright now that we've had at least 20 lil peep posts, time for a chart thread psychoanalyze pe…[View]
76335011Post musicians who would be more missed and respected than Lil Peep if they died tommorow.[View]
76334613PEEP APPEAL: 90% of his appeal is that hes attractive as fuck + edgy millenial fashion If he was ave…[View]
76335308Vocaroo Thread: R8, rec, roast[View]
76332848Post music to listen to while drinking alone.[View]
76335354>i like it when it hurts like hell >There's nothing you could do to me I wouldnt do to m…[View]
76333972>tfw too dumb for Aesop Rock[View]
76334378what type of music should I listen to, to get over my girlfriend?[View]
76332903ITT: Alternate/Uncommon Album Covers[View]
76334181>take your favorite musician >FaceApp their ass up…[View]
76334882Holy shit[View]
76334829how a piece of music can be this good?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAVvBF7m260[View]
76329377Don't worry, he's just sleeping! :^D[View]
76334094Music like early Autechre? Clean synths, electro-ish x0x beats, subtle effects, focus on melody. As…[View]
76335062who's the Marilyn Manson of this generation?[View]
76333677Can Lil Tracy continue without Peep? Does he have a successful career in front of him?: Does Tracy h…[View]
76330301Volta: This is actually a great album[View]
76332496RIP lil peep: he will be the kurt cobain of rap[View]
76334161/Fela/ General: Erykah Badu is releasing a boxset, and I've never seen this album cover before.…[View]
76334922/pizzathrash/: its been a while https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gaeka-wSw5Q https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
76331633>be known as the inferior brother for 20+ years >everyone hates you, noel wrote all the songs …[View]
76334751Lyrically this is one of the most honest and real albums. It’s also cozy as fuck. Who else loves it?[View]
76333579wait, which screenshots is he talking about?[View]
76333604What's next for her career?[View]
76334745>Don't you, forget about me >Don't, don't, don't, don't >Don'…[View]
76334242>those doll faces AAAAAH![View]
76332564>be me >look down and see i have some unused guitar strings. >fuck it, i'll put em on.…[View]
76333928mike and marcus and christian for some boc that s no where else online i guess http://www32.zippysh…[View]
76334560>'original' song is a remix of a remix of a song made mostly out of samples…[View]
76333536Is he next?[View]
76333753>it's another 'post avant-garde future garage punk listener tries to lecture you about …[View]
76334557I'm alone most of the time. Post lofi/vaporwave/chill-hop.[View]
76333832Lauren thread: Ready for lp3 pals?[View]
76333299KPOP GENERAL[View]
76334197/noise/ general: I don't want no trouble edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maLv_8PRfAE…[View]
76333137Are the Cramps and Reverend Horton Heat the only non-cringey psychobilly bands?[View]
76332129DJ Tiesto has prolifically mastered pop into an artform. There is nothing “mediocre” or “formulaic” …[View]
76333149What will qe do when he dies? He actually made good music and will almost certainly die on drugs. Ho…[View]
76331431What are some examples of non functional harmony in metal?[View]
76334449The crimson curse? more like the autistic curse[View]
76334403please help with chords: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccfTqi-beAs can you help me figure out the …[View]
76331805hell be fine[View]
76334101The Doors: In my opinion The Doors are the greatest rock band of all time, discuss.[View]
76333317Songs that make you happy and feel good inside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rlDTK6QI-w[View]
76326143Surely will go down in history as one of the greats of our generation.[View]
76332954REMINDER: RAP IS NOT MUSIC: And discussion about it doesn't belong here, all rap threads should…[View]
76328910>a one, a two, a one to three four[View]
76332113Don't disrespect the king[View]
76332358this is one of the most absolute generic garbage synthpop/electropop albums i've ever heard fuc…[View]
76333993ITT: songs that give you extreme anxiety https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqBPsaxDSNo[View]
76331327ITT: Artists introverts will never understand[View]
76330505opinion of ariana grande?[View]
76332956Fuck. You can have your self-indulgent, help-I-forgot-to-clear-my-throat Kendrick Lamar bullshit. Li…[View]
76331553is there anything she can't do?[View]
76328053Anyone else tired of hearing the inaccurate 'Black people invented rock n roll and whites stole it' …[View]
76333185ocs (thee oh sees) - memory of a cut off head: any thoughts on the album? it's available on spo…[View]
76328761ITT: we talk about/talk shit on cassette recording[View]
76333020WHO IS STEEV MIKE?[View]
76333904Christgau vs Metal: Who is better, Christgau or Metal? Vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/14417811…[View]
76331191anybody here been to a Paramore show before they got big?[View]
76333512RYM Banned Baby: How to I avoid a ban. I want to join again. They won't let me. It's been …[View]
76333391thoughts on this album?[View]
76333059Nigga you don't understand! We gotta respect women! But you know what? Forget about that, fuck …[View]
76329196top 3 favorite rappers[View]
76333756ITT: best live musicians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP8_2RdA-nc[View]
76332150Cinematic instrumentals: I am on the search for music similar to this track https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
76333295what is the call of duty of music?[View]
76333675ITT: Tracks that are super ahead of their time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4AewahHom0 This lite…[View]
76326818Press F to pay respects for Lil Peep.[View]
76333471Morrissey's new album is finally out and surprise surprise It's fucking fantastic. I pity …[View]
76332245Life is pain, life is ONLY pain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9WO0Li3NWI[View]
76333107what are you listening to /mu/? does it make you cry? pic related. eluvium brings the feels.[View]
76323748why do upper class white sons of college professors get lots of face tattoos and die of overdosing o…[View]
76332313>x and y are responsible for killing Lil Peep[View]
76333034Why is the trumpet so shrill on 'Round About Midnight? This shit is giving me a headache[View]
76321552Is this the worst album cover of the year?[View]
76333215Stop prentendjng that Peep was a game changer or anything close to that.: Lean does his music much b…[View]
76333342who was in the wrong here?[View]
76332303Hey /mu/. Having my first live performance tomorrow. I'll play the drums. Any tips to not be co…[View]
76333327Who died first, Paul McCartney or Lil Peep?[View]
76327997/lpg/ - Lil Peep General: 6 Xanax edition[View]
76332242I got told I dont have good taste because I dont like Logic by a friend, music for this feel?[View]
76333252/TECHNO/: TECHNO THREAD? TECHNO THREAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qzeXLE2S9U https://www.youtu…[View]
76332361KPOP GENERAL[View]
76326752>board is up in arms when chester bennington and lil peep die >these are the people i'm d…[View]
76332466Bones killed Lil Peep.[View]
76332017What are some of your thoughts on Beirut[View]
76333179Courtney Barnett: I love her /mu/. I love everything about her music. She is cooler than Kim Deal. S…[View]
76330312FUCK YEAH NOEL http://www.nme.com/news/music/noel-gallagher-accuses-liam-of-legitimising-online-hate…[View]
76332423>a retarded rapper died One down, many more to go. All rappers must die…[View]
76330283Why do this feels more emotional than 95% of emo albums?[View]
76333156What does /mu/ think of Lauv? his new song just released today.[View]
76332569/noise/: Noise general and all things industrial/noise/power electronics Performance edition https:/…[View]
76333114Hello guys, listen this guy from bilecik/bozöyük, his name is famous rhythmist Salih Mert Ateşoğlu,…[View]
76331255If I was going to start listening to the grateful dead, where would I start? inb4 'I was born in the…[View]
76332785>david bowie dies >/mu/ mocks him relentlessly >lil faggot dies >s-stop being mean :(…[View]
76331357Is it just me, or does chief keef sound better as time goes by?e and everyone I knew thought he was …[View]
76332392>hatchet man >he's holding a cleaver…[View]
76332556>clinically insane >walking home alone I see faces in the rain…[View]
76329400What does /mu/ think of Gary Wilson?[View]
76332699Open library, shuffle, post first 10 tracks. Others guess height and age.: The Birthday Party - Haml…[View]
76331925I'm having an existential crisis so bad that its affecting my mental health, music for this fee…[View]
76332827name good new(ish)(er) artists: vok, odesza[View]
76331003what is the song at 6:29 it sounds amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOPcYdtXBGQ[View]
76332300where does one go from here?[View]
76331985RIP Lil Peep. I remember singing “Flexing Like Ouu” the other night man it’s crazy how he died young…[View]
76322993Is he our generation's Kurt Cobain?[View]
76330462Peep is dead but our swedish prince is still alive and well. aoty[View]
76332202I'm putting a stop on masturbation and porn, what's some motivational music to help you ab…[View]
76332677Thoughts on Billie EIlish and her brother?[View]
76332505>and people have the nerve to call him talentless >made one of the greatest albums in hip hop…[View]
76331861I'm depressed bitch, I wanna die, swag[View]
76332701what do you expect from this?[View]
76324858This is a reminder to wh1te g1rls to be extra nice to wh1te b0is so they dont get emo.[View]
76332668>Broken Hearted from grill >This time its lingering with me and only getting worse >Little …[View]
76325451New Jai Paul[View]
76332648well-played leaf: >be drake >see all these male celebrities around you getting btfo by sexual …[View]
76332630We need to bully tumblr again The faggots in that web are literally worse than any other faggot in r…[View]
76330054Moments that ruin an otherwise good album for you. >MY DREAMS ARE HAUNTED BY ARMIES, ARMIES OF GH…[View]
76331390Pop Thread: What pop music/songs have you been listening to lately, anon? I've been listening t…[View]
76330122What did you think of Free as a Bird and Real Love?[View]
76332334Music as an Industry: As an indipendent artist with one release under my belt, should I focus more o…[View]
76332475Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
76332320Dear God, hope you get the letter and I pray you can make it better down here I don't mean a bi…[View]
76330388What's your favorite Motown single anon?[View]
76331196KPOP GENERAL[View]
76328270What is this boards thoughts on Kate Bush? Post your favorites from her.[View]
76332324What are some truly patrish pop hits? And when I say hits, I mean top 20 at least.[View]
76332216>Chan Chaka Chan Chan! What did she mean by this?[View]
76330042Charles Manson: who gives a shit about lil peep charles manson is dying[View]
76332294RIP my man[View]
76331718Let's think of a better name for IDM since everyone knows 'IDM' is the worst genre name ever. C…[View]
76330483is there any meme rap/soundcloud rap without wannabe gangsta lyrics? instrumentals are cool too (i l…[View]
76332254Anybody here go to desert daze?[View]
76332233HighSchool Kids Rap: Some buds at school made this song what do yall think https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
76332183What are some bands you wanted to see reach sucess but never did? How'd you hear about them? ht…[View]
76310148ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
76330590/gp/: Gripspill general Discuss the most important movement in art & humanities inspired by MC R…[View]
76323693best albums by female artist[View]
76326579CHART GUESS: guess personalities, give recommendations[View]
76329600Lana: Admit it /mu/ You love her, you love her music and you love her aesthetic[View]
76320773Top 10 thread: guess personalities and age go go go[View]
76331048hey uhhhh how do i write a song Right Now ?[View]
76331458>this town ain't big enough for both of us >and I ain't the one that's gonna le…[View]
76331937Don't mind me I'm just the AOTY.[View]
76330140post a more CLASSIC album thant this, protip: you can't[View]
76291744Age Progression Thread: haven't seen one of these in a while rate, hate, do whatever[View]
76331330>Listening to live performance of highly acclaimed artistically intense musician play in intimate…[View]
76330336ITT patrician autist repellents[View]
76324928>musician's last name is your first name[View]
76330543Classics: Post em boys[View]
76292455/bleep/: yaeji hatethread edition[View]
76331589actually how the discussion about peeps death escalated, the only thing that keeps me curious is his…[View]
76327978Why did Grimes mock Lil Peep as he was dying?[View]
76326415UK Rock vs US Rock: It seems like the UK outweighs the US when it comes to rock musicians/bands. …[View]
76331501ITT: Best albums to listen to on a road trip.[View]
76331453Post shieet: YGYL https://youtu.be/h_YuBFF2NzQ[View]
76331369Question: I think their a highly underrated act, and better than many of their more famous peers fro…[View]
76330967I'm glad bowie is dead if he were alive, he'd be getting raked over the coals for fucking …[View]
76329642Now that Lil Peep is dead we can all move on to Lil Aaron for all of our Emo-Trap needs https://m.yo…[View]
76331072can you consider her a singer or not?[View]
76329919ITT: Post Your Favorite Album Art[View]
76329796KPOP GENERAL[View]
76324880Currents B-sides and remixes are out now: https://open.spotify.com/album/04uXkrNhFJ1iWEo88MGPva?si=3…[View]
76328360Is Kyuss the most Chad band ever? If not, then who is?[View]
76330180For those who actually like Rush, which period of them do you prefer? The first six albums where the…[View]
76329308Can we have a concerts/festivals thread? Which have you been to this year? Have you got anymore befo…[View]
76324061Why does some many people on this board critic lil peep for talking about drugs in a good light and …[View]
76330809Do you think lil peep will be immortalized like Kurt Cobain[View]
76331019A heart that's full up like a landfill[View]
76325623Are they next ?[View]
76329456lorde: she sounds just as good live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnCG77kK1Xs[View]
76330793What's some good music to wear baggy clothes to?[View]
76330026its up, fellas. kinggizzardandthelizardwizard.com[View]
76330585More like this? I've really been digging sabbath-esque rock like this, My War, and Houdini.[View]
76303398What are your thoughts on Nine Inch Nails?[View]
76330861Ready for (live) Album Of The Year?: Linkin Park - One More Light Live https://pitchfork.com/news/li…[View]
76329477https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdScIhdquIP9KG8QRqnZVXrHQfUODOWiKJedc9FrLmD_mVm3w/viewform …[View]
76328995>This is supposed to be the greatest band of all-time: >Baby you can drive my car >Yes I…[View]
76328760What's TSP's best album and why is it pic related?[View]
76330626>GOT SOME NIGGAS IN THE HOOD THEY GOT EELS NIGGA what did he mean by this…[View]
76329207I kind of liked Fort Knox, but really it's all into then 20 seconds of 'you've gotta get y…[View]
76323196>Around 2 a.m. on October 8, XXXTentacion was in the living room of the apartment playing Minecra…[View]
76330588ITT: /mu/ spits a verse: try this on for size: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyX-PRqzV78…[View]
76329759MORE like this. Doesn't have to be a white guy[View]
76330221Why should anyone learn how to read music or learn music theory when they can be just as skilled wit…[View]
76328614post Falco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVikZ8Oe_XA[View]
76329493/prod/ - music production: Remember to use: >clyp.it for WIPs >soundcloud for completed tracks…[View]
76328852rate this album[View]
76329608Can someone help me figure out what animal is on this album cover? I think it's a hummingbird, …[View]
76330433Y'all sleepin on zimbabwean rappers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KU9-aan1mQ silent killer …[View]
76323016post your journey accross /mu/ core and other anons tell you what to listen to next[View]
76326726This is actually really good.[View]
76328357ITT: Murderers[View]
76324138Is this how my grandparents felt when Bowie died?[View]
76330360ITS HERE[View]
76329663Ego: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z92p_moBrJE I'll just post an actual song here, its by cha…[View]
76329809tfw I have never related to the lyrics of a song, ever.[View]
76330255>The Diltmores are dead. >All the Diltmores are dead. >My memory's a mess. >The …[View]
76330086King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland listen along/ first reaction thread Free Downl…[View]
76326453/shugazi/ in-love edition: Greatest general, y'all know Post best shoegaze for being in love a…[View]
76330072What's the easiest way to make a pop song using plugins to allow a faggot without talent make a…[View]
76330049>the threads about that dead junkie are fucking everywhere >might as well give him a listen …[View]
76326671Personal 10/10: I haven’t seen a personal 10/10 list in a while. The last one had some gems that are…[View]
76329753What is this genre called? It's jazzy/orchestral, but relies so heavily on percussion and bird …[View]
76328158KPOP GENERAL[View]
76329740Holy shit, I ADORE THIS Where can I find more?[View]
76328841What are some albums/tracks that changed your life /mu/[View]
76327257Opinion on this album ?[View]
76329657Can we get a christmas thread[View]
76328700This hack has to be one of the most overrated artists of all time. Right?[View]
76329595>ATC - All Around The World (la la la la la la la la)[View]
76329544The Beach Boys and their overall impact on music.: Discussing the impact the Beach Boys had on the m…[View]
76327256This album is GOAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBvVHxp6YXs[View]
76325781ONE INCH MAN[View]
76329173Why is 90% of the writing on the internet about Young Thug so fucking bad and overwrought?[View]
76328441How come /mu/ hates Lil peep so much but when Yung Lean first got introduced to /mu/ everyone sucked…[View]
76324774Essential Country Albums Thread: pic related[View]
76328758tons of junkies die on a daily basis, what's different about this one[View]
76316833Name something heavier than early Bring Me The Horizon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h31ACL6VhCI…[View]
76329067What genres fit certain seasons?[View]
76328884Lil peep is our generations Oasis[View]
76329180F ALL THE HATERS[View]
76328024Better than Illmatic Better than 36 Chambers[View]
76328399>song starts with 'hello'[View]
76329318Why didn't TST get a sticky after he offed himself?[View]
76326766really makes you think[View]
76329321>produce numerous instrumentals >cant rap for shit Where do I find a rapper? I had a friend wh…[View]
76325924Going to a Tyler and Vince staples concert in February What should I expect?[View]
763235973PAC TRIBUTE THREAD: It is on this troubled day we remember the realest rapper who ever lived, a man…[View]
76328073Lil Bo Peep with a brand new ditch In the back of the yard With the oak coffin[View]
76321492bandcamp thread[View]
76322320Helena is one of the best songs I've ever heard[View]
76326168whether you altright edgy crybabies want to admit it or not this is a revolutionary 8/10 album and i…[View]
76326271Joy Division vs. New Order: Who do you prefer? In the minority here, but New Order for me. I find th…[View]
76322022Black Sabbath first six thread Rank em, post underrated / overrated moments, etc.[View]
76327482can someone recomend me bands like Rage Against The Machine[View]
76328527Rap is shit, prove me right.[View]
76328095The UK hip-hop scene is getting huge at the moment. How long until it reaches the level of/begins to…[View]
76328041ITT: Musicians who are neckbeards[View]
76326927Post acclaimed albums which you think are just average affairs: This boy here is nothing special, if…[View]
76328962>3 of the most highly rated albums of last year had the same guy do the mastering >David Bowie…[View]
76328879Post your favourite album. Everyone guesses the size of your jowls.[View]
76328590Music to listen to on an island in the middle of the ocean? I feel like I wouldn't want to list…[View]
76328456What is their best album? I'm going with Tri Repetae.[View]
76328801Greta Van Fleet: Just Led Zeppelin but with millennials? I mean they're pretty good Your thoug…[View]
76319848Reminder that Lil Whoever gets a sticky, but this legend didn't[View]
76328326Do you like Cannibal Corpse?[View]
76328847Why don't Americans take real drugs anymore? Look at British rockers. They live till 100 doing …[View]
76328446>LITTLE KIDS >LITTLE KIDS Why was this allowed?…[View]
76327479Good Night, Sweet Prince: How is /mu/ coping with the loss of the greatest artist of this generation…[View]
76328745good songs from OSTs https://youtu.be/rlaFTieGp6o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGqFlr6Sauw https:…[View]
76326845stop doing drugs[View]
76322770Music for when u wanna die: >recently was dumped by gf of 2 years > 2 weeks after break up sh…[View]
76322176Do Fantano's 'Not Good' reviews have killing power?: 40% of the artists he's giv…[View]
76328388What's the weirdest song(s) you've ever heard? I'll start off with Poop Ship Destroye…[View]
76325792Post albums/artists that you really like that never get talked about on /mu/[View]
76327539>steals the hairstyle of a loli >expects to live Everyone knows the punishment for disrespecti…[View]
76328500ITT: Musical emotional wrecks[View]
76328591>Hey Anon, I bought a new guitar and amp from my last paycheck. Wanna start a band? Your reaction…[View]
76322517The fuck is this shit: This is fucking horrible. How was this considered /mu/core?[View]
76327326so is any music going to get release post mortem?: From lil peep's twitter he talks about an al…[View]
76328274did you faggotronics read this book yet? what did you think of it?[View]
76328336ITT: bands that made only one good album[View]
76327965This is unironically one of the saddest and most personal albums I've ever listened to[View]
76326942/mu/ writes a rap, one word at a time: clout[View]
76328307Well mu is shit: https://discord.gg/4yXMMC >Not subtly shilling a discord for music that isnt gar…[View]
76324051thank you pewdiepie[View]
76328269Streaming: What music streaming app do you use? I prefer tidal.[View]
76324777What do you think of this album?: As a die-hard Genesis fan, at least until Wind and Wuthering, I do…[View]
76328160Worst bonus track of all time[View]
76327151How will history remember him? Will history absolve him? Will he go down as one of hip hop's g…[View]
76328159Kanye executive producing albums for everyone on the G.O.O.D Music label http://uproxx.com/realtalk/…[View]
76327976>Just ran a fucking mile. What fucking music makes me keep going FAST AS FUCK?…[View]
76327949What do /mu/ think of Allie X?[View]
76328058reccomend songs like this: been listening alot to i hate jazz for the last couple of days, really wa…[View]
76327878Brandon didnt do anything wrong: Lauren thread[View]
76327459Post albums that you need a low amount of testosterone to enjoy.[View]
76324546how would weezer be remembered if rivers had fucking died after pinkerton?[View]
76327180Cedric Bixler: Is he the wint of music?[View]
76327843>lieben raigen :D[View]
76326546I wear a Joy Division shirt in public just to get compliments (never actually listen to them). AMA[View]
76323166>tfw youre a pussy ass cracka[View]
76327786new jai: https://pitchfork.com/news/jai-paul-co-writes-and-produces-new-song-listen/ >it's h…[View]
76326874guilty pleasure albums: Itt post your guilty pleasure album heres mine[View]
76326308kpop general[View]
76326119Fender Jazz Bass players: Need some pics of famous Jazz Bass players other than Flea[View]
76326506>song about love/relationships[View]
76326190What lets you know instantly know somebody is a patrician? >prefers on the corner to bitches bre…[View]
76326991ITT: God-tier Blues albums[View]
76323745post the boards you use most other than /mu/ other people will make assumptions about your music tas…[View]
76327485>Claims to know all about good music >Doesn't know this song https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
76322486RIP Charles manson: Bad singer.[View]
76327467Here's to the good ol' days...: I wish I could be a kid again...[View]
76326993Mods, we only need one peep thread[View]
76327009that batman forever song was the only good thing u2 ever did desu[View]
76323484Post emo shit: Real emo hours post that emo sh*t[View]
76321254How do you define psychedelic music? What makes a song psychedelic? You can listen to anything while…[View]
76324319Don't mind me, just being better than every Bjork and Kate Bush album.[View]
76327351Americana / Country Rock recommendations: So after listening to a whole lot of Gram Parsons and Town…[View]
76326303Clairo General: I just can't get this track out of my head, /mu/. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
76326531Opinion on Alicia Keys? Which are best albums, is the artist active? Stuff I should listen if I like…[View]
76321965What does /mu/ think of Rush? I love em personally[View]
76325996F (Not a joke, look it up).[View]
76321477ITT: /mu/ writes a song one note at a time[View]
76326776ITT: Times Scaruffi was right. Pic related.[View]
76327175Bob Dylan: Holy Christ, Bob Dylan fucking -SUCKS-. I know that people have different musical tastes,…[View]
76327174Is he a dead meme now that he's dea or is he going to become a bigger meme now?[View]
76302666This bitch has the maturity of a 14 year old.[View]
76326547Nona Hendryx As Capt. Beefheart: I put this on so expecting not to like it, and by the end of the re…[View]
76325098ITT:calendar-core: Albums that you connect to best at certain times of the year r8/h8/rec/guess pers…[View]
76326839>Never made it as a wise man >I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing…[View]
76326561>tfw default assumption is that band members are friends irl >tfw you find out the members of …[View]
76326871Guess the song from those 3 pictures[View]
76326861Mark my song /20 ?: ==> https://vocaroo.com/i/s028LDdyzQ09 <== So... ? your mind ?[View]
76322279Now that the dust has settled, were they actually good?[View]
76325154what was the first thrash metal song? i wanted to give it to symptom of the universe by sabbath, but…[View]
76307011What does /mu/ think of angel olsen's body of work?[View]
76326155What did /mu/ think of the Jeff Lynne-produced Beatles tracks Free as a Bird and Real Love?[View]
76326696Which rapper will croak next: Alright. Let usgo at this again. http://www.strawpoll.me/14415442…[View]
76326455Find a flaw.[View]
76326387Good album, or great?[View]
76326575Kevin Lyttle: I dunno why I like this but I do it's so outside my normal music taste. https://…[View]
76326538The wait is over boys![View]
76324641Anyone know if he's good live?[View]
76310057/nbbmn/: nbbmn: Québécois edition Old thread: >>76300642[View]
76326401Destroyy: .[View]
76326321/brit/ dubtrack: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/brit https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/brit https://www.dub…[View]
76325104KPOP GENERAL[View]
76325159lil who?[View]
76324119Hey guys had you ever listened to this album ?[View]
76324000Any videographers the SoCal area? I'm trying to shoot a hiphop video. I have a budget too, not …[View]
76325490He made it![View]
76325977Moshi Moshi?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0dNpGO1pCk[View]
76321725Lil Peep's last video before death: https://youtu.be/EyKmcQB07YE This is so sad, how could this…[View]
76322733The last footage of Lil Peep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKWn_8ou10c[View]
76324899He'll be fine[View]
76322835How did y'all like this? I thought it was pretty good albeit a bit underwhelming.[View]
76322041Modern day cobain?[View]
76325897Use Me: https://soundcloud.com/bronemshit/use-me-produced-by-cashmoneyap[View]
76325770NEW JAI PAUL/A.K. PAUL SORT OF: just got a text about two new releases on their Paul Institute label…[View]
76325805Now if i fuck this t-shirt And I just bleached my model and i get bleach on asshole imma feel like…[View]
76322710To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Eminem. The puns are extremely subtle, and…[View]
76325234>yfw you don't make a peep[View]
76325714Recs for Shibuya-Kei albums like this one? Serani Poji - オチャメカン (Ochamekan) Instant Cytron - Una Mar…[View]
76325669Is 'Pet Sounds' spaghetticore?[View]
76323776will they bury him with all his ice on?[View]
76325143wtf his music is actually good[View]
76322472Which one was the best?[View]
76325702I miss him so much bros..: We gotta look at the brightside Rolling under the club lights I gotta loo…[View]
76325337Why is this album considered good?: I don't get it. Is boring as fuck and most of what they…[View]
76325729jaden smith bout to drop the hip hop aoty[View]
76324532Keep rhythm with thumb instead of other fingers?: So I have this issue where whenever I keep a beat …[View]
76323914>people on this board actually care about the death of some talentless piece of trash Wew when di…[View]
76322937Is he next?[View]
76325488who /jokerman/ here?[View]
76325586My New Piano Cover!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB8Qu3SWIbM [Embed] Do you like it?…[View]
76325260John Lennon's 'Come together' radio demo: Professor just asked if anyone could find a recorded …[View]
76325435Gay Top 50: here's my top 50 mostly hardcore/metal/noise tell me what a fag I am[View]
76325487>all these youngfags bawling about their shitty hip hop artist dying[View]
76325453What are some other albums that sound just like this one, but aren't made by Metallica?[View]
76325500Modern Country is trash tbqh[View]
76322746Is there no internationaly recognised slav music?: Almost every other large geo cultural cluster (or…[View]
76323811If this album didn't have Alex Chilton and Can't Hardly Wait on it then it wouldn't b…[View]
76325379check this out if you like beach house and wu-tang[View]
76325362>some Lil Wigger or whatever died >KGATLW is dropping a hot new progydelic album today is a go…[View]
76321556thoughts on this album?[View]
76323176THE NOOKIE![View]
76325336New Brian pic: hell be fine[View]
76325244I keep forgetting that people really do loathe dadrock, and that the dadrock memes aren't just …[View]
76325020i've been meaning to get into pavement for a long time where do i start?[View]
76323961KPOP GENERAL[View]
76322318Does any Hip Hop album deserve to be called the greatest album of all time?[View]
76323548reminder that 'lil peep' is/was a cia psyop to raise awareness of the fentanyl epidemic[View]
76324920Album of the year?[View]
76324121how do we stop him?[View]
76325024where on the internet i can find and download albums by this Frank Mendez guitarist https://www.you…[View]
76324938Anyone like to hunch?: This guy was way beyond his time... forget little peeps... this guy liked rea…[View]
76324933His 'rapperviper' account was terminated. Anyone know what's going on?[View]
76323600what is the song at 6:29 it sounds amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOPcYdtXBGQ[View]
76324758playlist advice pls: hey /mu/ rate my playlist if you want? please? feedback v much appreciated. it…[View]
76319613>when you put out your worst album not even three years after your best album What was he thinkin…[View]
76324670music: https://soundcloud.com/fatherromeo/gym-class-remix[View]
76324408He was just a white Kid Cudi[View]
76324657>g0thb0iclique make a h0e shake lel >g0thb0iclique til my s0le t5ke dark…[View]
76324023Would you watch a sextape of Young M.A and Drake?[View]
76323870Is Trap almost done?: I don't hate Trap like a lot of you but personally it's beginning to…[View]
76324355It's your own fault.: This is what we wanted.[View]
76323947Memphis Hip Hop: I've always really liked Lil Ugly Mane and Three Six Mafia but I just started …[View]
76323917if dubs mods ban kpop[View]
76323523>Female Lover What did they mean by this?[View]
76311721Robin Carolan's statement on Björk's control over her music: Do you believe him /mu/?…[View]
76295218/metal/: /metal/ general: fat goth girl edition old thread: >>76268676[View]
76322784>ate too much and now my tummy hurts music for this feel?[View]
76307413*deletes about ten tracks*[View]
76324391'I don't want to kill myself :'(': ITT: music about November https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
76322015Future Garage reccs: I started to get into this genre recently. Can someone reccomend me some good F…[View]
76324141Jazz finally clicked. Is there a chart I can use to start getting blacked? Any personal recommendati…[View]
76318166>he never released pt 2 of his album ;_;[View]
76324055so now that generic memetrap rapper died of an overdose, what are some artists who should follow his…[View]
76324130>it's a upper middle class new yorkers make a hampton trip like it's nothing…[View]
76317704In the end, he chose his lifestyle, you don't have to be albert einstein to know that drugs are…[View]
76323920emo-rap is a p4k marketing scam: just thought id remind the board that rock/punk influenced emo is m…[View]
76323541Songwriting tips: >http://picosong.com/wnE4E/ >Alternative, Psych, Folk Is their enough variat…[View]
76324046orchards: the most pedestrian urbanite clothes store faux hipster garbage I've ever heard to ma…[View]
76322901>walk out on your family >it worsens your son's delinquency and depression >he becomes…[View]
76299487These are always fun[View]
76316392Mods are asleep, post spinners. https://youtu.be/PLQD7ZAwVpM[View]
76322331Forget Lil Shit, I just found out Manowar is doing their final tour and retiring... wtf. Even Ozzy a…[View]
76322495KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ORXcfLXuXU[View]
76322325Lil Peep May have croaked but at least the only truly relevant hip hop artist in 2017 is alive and w…[View]
76323869I kinda feel bad for all the memes of Lil Peep I laughed at because I thought his music was trash.[View]
76323759I keep listening to this album expecting it to sound less shit but it's just fucking bad[View]
76323278ITT: songs that aren't sad by default, but make you feel miserable anyway https://www.youtube.c…[View]
76322128rebeccablachtech is online[View]
76320409Why does anyone like this: Just listened to pic related for the first time it really sucks[View]
76323709Take a ride into the danger zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siwpn14IE7E[View]
76323641Daily reminder that L Jinny is the best British rapper[View]
76315633What is the state of thrash metal in the modern era? Are there any promising or talented thrash band…[View]
76321382i think it's album of the decade. i have listened to this about 30 times and still don't g…[View]
76323636>'rapper' >doesn't rap, sounds like HANL with trap beats Someone explain?…[View]
76323596>take six xanax with fentanyl MOM'S GONNA FREAK![View]
76323592Lil peep dead, whose next? xxxtentacion[View]
76322908Lyrical Purge: It's purge night, the doorbell rings >>Pick one song you can recite the ly…[View]
76323546>I used to be cruel to my woman >I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loves …[View]
76320357is this the trinity of the best female artists?[View]
76322281>tfw Spiderland finally clicked[View]
76323167ok guys, wich decade has the best music: http://www.strawpoll.me/14413962[View]
76320624>tfw your favorite degenerate musician never raped anyone or died of a drug overdose but instead …[View]
76323379ANCIENTS OF /mu/ /mu/[View]
76323174Any suggestions for good piano pieces? I've just found piano pieces to be very eargasmic to lis…[View]
76321666you cant PIT any other female artist against lavren, cause they will lose[View]
76323252Is Security the best Peter Gabriel record? Because I haven't heard the others, love it and don…[View]
76319564Do you count double albums as one album or two albums?[View]
76323135The ting goes...[View]
76323118>be me: songs of overcoming challenges and growing older and wiser and rediscovering love >no …[View]
76322579Who will Die Next?: Welp, Lil Peep is freaking dead. Damned fool's body is going to start smell…[View]
76322422With the recent shit that happened, I am only one who feels this album in particular has only grown …[View]
76322620Who will save emo now?[View]
76319241Rest in Peep: What's his best song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rkJ3L5Ce80[View]
76317675What's some other good comfy winter-core?[View]
76319547Has there been a 5 album perfect streak in music history? What's the closest anybody has come?[View]
76320666RIP: F[View]
76322982>the walrus was paul[View]
76305345Rap AOTY?[View]
76322174Rap & Hiphop are a scourge: Hip-hop and rap are nothing more than aggressive and yet monotone ly…[View]
76322969I can't believe it's true, lads[View]
76322957Electric fuckin' Wizard: It's here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBzdZMi5dZ8…[View]
76322935what's the jay z quote that goes like I was selling crack when selling crack was a big deal? an…[View]
76322918post opinions that actually trigger /mu/. No weak shit pls >NIN has never done anything interesti…[View]
76314543Is Lil Xan now the biggest thing in underground hip hop after today's news? Much love to Lil Pe…[View]
76322849>Lil Peep is apparently more deserving of a sticky than Walter Becker th-thanks mods…[View]
76309310ITT: Post albums you don't get and others tell you why they are great[View]
76322571Is this the best album of his career so far?: From a market reaction perspective as well as its impa…[View]
76322354[spoiler] he's back [/spoiler][View]
76322623What in the shit is Broods? What is this even, haven't heard it, not sure if I even want to, it…[View]
76318633Reminder that this is the GOAT punk record.[View]
76322427>visit /mu/ for the first time >bunch of music for degenerate losers, drug dealers, and hipste…[View]
76320775Does /mu/ like Tori?[View]
76322170What does /mu/ think of her?[View]
76320812KPOP GENERAL[View]
76322310Post awesome movie soundtrack music. Has to be original to the movie, can't be some radio shit …[View]
76322171is it a classic?[View]
76319930How will he ever recover?[View]
76321568why isn't IDM called something more appropriate like ADM (ambient/atmospheric dance music)?[View]
76322127Is he next?[View]
76318218ITT: Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
76318593ITT: Masterpieces that must have wider recognition.[View]
76321972Yo! Just released a mixtape, I've made everything but the raps. What /mu/ think of it? https:/…[View]
76318933ITT: Criminally underrated albums I’ve been like trying to spread the gospel of this album to anyone…[View]
76322004Anyone got anything more like this? Been really enjoying the album. Also, post an album, someone els…[View]
76321953I am Hollywood... EPIC: I don't know what genre this is? Can you tell me anything better than t…[View]
76321987albums that would be better if it weren't for some stupid think: This might be my main bitch if…[View]
76316879Which death was more tragic for you?[View]
76321966Workplace music: I work in a kitchen as a chef and i normally get to choose the music, so i play a l…[View]
76321544now all of his stuff will be revaluated and seen by posterity with dignity; he will be seen as a gro…[View]
76321720RIP: Lil Spook.[View]
76320757/mu/ is not tumbl-[View]
76321913STOP WITH LIL PEEP: I don't give a fuck.[View]
76320191'Why the fuck do I own this' vinyl edition[View]
763124393x3 5x5 WEEK guess stuff and do your thing[View]
76317755How pretentious am I for listening to and enjoying the residents?[View]
76313667/mu/mor thread[View]
76320159How do I get a guitar tone like the one in this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj_f7F-9n7Q A…[View]
76319217Post two different songs that say basically the same thing but are in two completely different genre…[View]
76321121lil peep? more like lil poop lmoa[View]
76320290Will this be another Bjork by the numbers album with mediocre garbage that wouldn't have been u…[View]
76321624HELLO MU! I want to remix a song. Want to rearrange things, lay some vocals over a different beat, t…[View]
76321460Is he the Langston Hughes of our generatio?: What will he impact be when he's out of the limeli…[View]
76315768ITT lyrics you always mishear no matter how well you know them pic related[View]
76314072It's legit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bbi5ZC0lHoh/?taken-by=gothboyclique Rapper Lil Peep dea…[View]
76321400So like, do Gucci pay for these 'rappers' to shill for them or are they just retarded?: It's pr…[View]
76321348Can you guys reccomend me some metal songs with good guitar riffs and drums. Thrash is also welcome …[View]
76321502Wtf, Spotify Saved Limit Reached: So turns out you can only save 10,000 songs to your spotify librar…[View]
76318267/shugazi/ - Shoegaze General: >ctrl f >no /shugazi/ thread Best 2010s Shoegaze Album edition…[View]
76321392Which one of them is /ourlad/?[View]
76319618Who is next?[View]
76321112>He's probably next Please god, I actually like this one[View]
76321326I'm looking for more songs like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Tl8Ba9wWQ Where they ha…[View]
76321427what do you think about them?[View]
76321335https://youtu.be/BJniSaZ32EI Do you need any other reason to start listening to Italian rap?[View]
76320601>tfw ran out of ideas[View]
76321308What does /mu/ think of Future?[View]
76312985/mu/ creates a album: dubs: Track Name Trips: claim/make a track Quads: Album name/cover if names ta…[View]
76320851Is this album Anarcho-Primitivist?[View]
76310756>coworkers start talking about music[View]
76320131Look, vocal trance is an established sect of the genre. Yes, it’s pop but much of it is quality pop …[View]
76321117I miss him bros...[View]
76318634Lil peep die)[View]
76321115Satanism is that retarded bullshit that kills music. Prove me wrong.[View]
76321105Final Fantasy VII (1997)[View]
76319604So, Assassins Creed as quite a nice taste in Music for its Trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
76315281Thoughts on this album?[View]
76321026why is this better than the original song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tdyU_gW6WE[View]
76320758Why is this rated only 2.55 on rym. It was pretty good and had some great songs.[View]
76308501Is he really a nazi?[View]
76320918RIP Kurt Cobain 2017: RIP Kurt Cobain 2017[View]
76317614what kinda overdose will be the cause of her death, /mu/? apart from overwhelming success ofc.[View]
76320766>length: three hours fuck that shit you know what else you could do in those three hours? listen …[View]
76319384kpop general: lil peep + crayon pop choa + walwari + twice edition[View]
76309157Do you have any albums which sound better to you depending on the season? Is it all just placebo? Po…[View]
76320645What is it with all these soundcloud rappers calling themselves 'Lil..'?.Seriously, for a second the…[View]
76318649lil peep? more like lil POOP hahahahahahahahahahahHhahahahahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
76319753ITT: great records you've literally never seen discussed on /mu/[View]
76317032First it was Chester from Linkin Park. Now it's Lil Peep.: Which one of Anthony's NOT GOOD…[View]
76318808How does /mu/ feel about Cynic? Traced in Air is my favorite album of all time. It's fucking pe…[View]
76320002so, is it fake?[View]
76309352ITT: Albums with god tier opening tracks[View]
76318949>music as simple and good as this will never be mainstream again just die in my sleep already ht…[View]
76308740ITT: Albums with a 10/10 first half[View]
76318961I'm really liking pic related for their song's lyrics and how emotional they are. What are…[View]
76318056Who are some artists who DEFINITELY should have overdosed by now but somehow miraculously haven…[View]
76320077>when the sun hits starts playing[View]
76310723What is the sexiest song of all time?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M98_TEdsWkk[View]
76306219SOUNDCLOUD THREAD: post yr stuff, be nice and give feedback to others https://soundcloud.com/adrenal…[View]
76318925It's hard to imagine anyone today listening to the Velvet Underground for the first time and no…[View]
76320033What does /mu/ fink of Fink? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j63QBuIA4wM Just discovered his work. B…[View]
76318263Ancient Albums: Why are these two cro magnons from a century ago staring at you so intimidatingly? L…[View]
76316160i n d e s t r u c t i b l e[View]
76318194Crust/Sludge/Powerviolence post em.[View]
76314725The day the music Died: Arguably the 1950s was the last time music had innocence. Everything after w…[View]
76317095There's no /prod/ right now so I'll have to make my own thread for this What are the best …[View]
76315689>Idiosyncratic figure >Wrote many of the greatest songs of the century >Died too early afte…[View]
76318966when you're a meme rapper with more pictures of yourself online than songs and then you kys wit…[View]
76316028Does /mu/ like Radiohead?[View]
76299738/chart/: do your thing recs mostly[View]
76318429How do I into new wave?[View]
76319325Rate my friend's taste in music[View]
76319245>tfw your dreams of going balls deep in lil peep are dashed[View]
76316719We got another one boys: https://pitchfork.com/news/national-matt-berninger-accused-of-sexual-assaul…[View]
76319115you know what they say. 'All dosers dose dose'[View]
76312711You there, STOP!: Try saying Gucci~Gang 7 times in a row without your tongue twisting. Pro tip: you …[View]
7631919180s > 10s > 90s > 70s > 60s > 00s[View]
76319062Anyone who knows this guy will know. Lil Peep is like him for this generation, obviously not remotel…[View]
76315382Charles Manson did some voodoo shit and sacrificed Lil Peep instead of himself. >If dubs or trip…[View]
76317598Only the absolute best pop records. I'm talking 9's or 10's.[View]
76319029>there's a decently large collection of people on this board that unironically believe lil p…[View]
76305499>last song on album uses some of the same lyrics as the first song[View]
76318716What's your favorite radiohead album /mu/?[View]
76319006is he next?[View]
76316240getting into classical + suggestions for dark/dramatic classical: Always liked the stuff I've h…[View]
76318826the state of this board right now. this is amazing. we need more meme rappers to die more often.[View]
76318888Jayson Greene’s revenge?[View]
76312588Good Drum Solos: Can you guys think of any drum solos like the one in Styrofoam Boots/It's All …[View]
76318904Seven o'clock in the evening watching something stupid on TV.[View]
76312040Other music made for punk artschool twinks?: Spin gave this album a 10. Tiny Mix Tapes gave it a 9. …[View]
76309540Do you listen to Modest Mouse? If so, what's your favorite album and/or song?[View]
76316816ITT We post what album we're listening to right now (or the last one you listened to) then crit…[View]
76314923itt: post the last musician[View]
76312547>female vocalist in any sub genre of rock or metal[View]
76318535tfw feel like an asshole for making this thread: https://rbt.asia/mu/thread/74517532/#74517532[View]
76314972So this is officially dadrock?[View]
76317181no specifics just post your favorite album covers[View]
76318340ITT: the soundtrack to your death If you're like 40: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oohFGOmcxu…[View]
76308814I listened to this when it first came out. Didn't see the hype. Got bored/fell asleep every tim…[View]
76318197https://soundcloud.com/razorrheadmusic >Ambient >Dark >Chill >Electronic Currently liste…[View]
76317442Rest in Peace Lil Peep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0Kt0hNwaCE Yeah, he looks like an idiot, an…[View]
76308699ITT:: Albums only you listen to.[View]
76318035Goddess is back! Holy shit, I'm crying prism rainbows... https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/bjork-b…[View]
76315719Never steal from phil.[View]
76314538He's next.[View]
76314544>walk into liquor store to get beer >see this >wat do https://streamable.com/wry8b…[View]
76314196ITT: Cozy albums for when it's cold outside[View]
76317439I need help finding a song. I know it's a stretch but bare with me. Basically all I know is tha…[View]
76316434KPOP GENERAL[View]
76311589Best: Family Business/Runaway Worst: Barry Bonds/See You In My Nightmares Underrated: Addiction/New …[View]
76314302>mfw /mu/ loves lil peep all of the sudden THIS BOARD CAN'T HANDLE ANY MORE GARBAGE ON TOP O…[View]
76316127Ask man who dropped 300ug with his brother today anything. Send us new and weird music.[View]
76317609Lil peep DED?: https://mobile.twitter.com/ZacharyHodson/status/931068935654354949/video/1…[View]
76317591>there's a ghost in my house music for this feel?[View]
76310823Listening to Music with Friends: How do you listen to and show music to friends without it being awk…[View]
76313612ITT: Post solo artists or bands who have released at least one 10/10 album, and at least one 1/10 al…[View]
76309776post a shitter musician protip: you can't[View]
76315232Bee Gees and Nickelback combo thread: it is time to silence the myth that these two bands are bad ht…[View]
76317211DABDA Albums: A list of 5 albums that can follow the Kubler-Ross model of Denial, Anger, Bargaining,…[View]
76312994Why is this band so acclaimed? It's literally just radiohead for dadrockers[View]
76312398People who 'enjoy' this album are faggots pretending to like it to fit in or just trolling This albu…[View]
76313702What was your initial reaction to pic related, the first time you heard it?[View]
76314841Say what you will about the music but, holy shit, what a singer. Post the most talented male singers…[View]
76311630>grease >songs are catchy >does magical realism right >pic related >cant even rememb…[View]
76316247It's actually good.[View]
76317063Yeshua on Mars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhR5oHf93aw Mixed a J Dilla beat today. Enjoy…[View]
76315523Bet he's regretting his review now, huh?[View]
76305910What are some non-trash country albums? I don't enjoy any country besides Weens country album. …[View]
76316805Charles Manson is about to die. Let's have a thread about his contribution to the music indust…[View]
76316789Aw shucks: Lil peep died[View]
76316478>killed chester bennington >killed lil peep who’s next /mu/?…[View]
76316760This is the best thing since sliced bread.[View]
76313799Is this what an actual mid-life crisis looks like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ldTCLB8_BM[View]
76316659GUYS: ITS HERE NEW VULFPECK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3T8d50jzTk[View]
76315915Help me identify rap album: What was that album that was spammed on here a while ago? Can't rem…[View]
76306953>he doesn't think synthpop is best genre >kraftwerk, the human league, thomas dolby, new …[View]
76314782KPOP GENERAL[View]
76316107If you could go 100+ years into the past in some sort of time machine, what one (1) album would you …[View]
76311992tl;dr what melvins albums are as good/sound similar to bullhead and houdini? i got into melvins a fe…[View]
76314844Should have been looking for modern blues rock a long time ago. Recommended[View]
76312948Fellas... poast the comfiest albums you can think of[View]
76316267my song WHY NOT A WIFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u9rxpMWg1g[View]
76314804SebastiAn does it again. (Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest): Anyone else listen to this yet? Deadly Valen…[View]
76306508What I listened to, what I expected, and what I got: One of these threads[View]
76311990Recent Purchases: Can we have a recent purchase/pick up thread? Any format is welcome. These are va…[View]
76310753Why did they never get as big as Fugazi?[View]
76313426Lil Peep overdosed, rushed to the hospital[View]
76314438R...Remember me?[View]
76315391>'Take the gripspill. Life doesn't matter so do whatever crazy shit you want.' - Lil Peep, 2…[View]
76314424It was fun to shit on him but damn. RIP sadboy. May you continue your tears in the afterlife[View]
76312665What's the best socialist music?[View]
76314944ALBUM BATTLES: ITT: Album Battles I love these threads[View]
76315575just when I start liking a song, it just fucking ends. how can you like this half-baked shit?[View]
76315658What's he gonna be remembered by? A shitty short album with two okay songs and kissing guys. Co…[View]
76311147Did he hate what he saw? Was it the world or was it himself?[View]
76294043How normie are your friends, /mu/? I feel like I'm missing out on discussing music with friends…[View]
76314551What's your favorite Beach Boys song?[View]
76315370>calls himself a man >doesnt listen to gangster rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqM77Z5pC-…[View]
76310768Why is this album so overlooked? It's much better than Person Pitch.[View]
76312733what does /mu/ think of eurobeat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnuc79twI9I[View]
76315086Frances the Mute is better[View]
76283882What's /mu/'s opinion on her?[View]
76314360I'm drunk and wearing headphones. What's something good to listen to? Currently listening …[View]
76295182/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com Suggested Pract…[View]
76314897Hey /mu/ Help me out here. I was listening to some closure in moscow recently after years of not thi…[View]
76313368any musicians that want to jam?: any musicians that want to jam?[View]
76313447lil peep overdosed: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=lil%20peep&sr…[View]
76313528KPOP GENERAL[View]
76314510Holy shit, this is definitely one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. The chord progression…[View]
76314611Well /mu/?: well?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdaWe1seREU[View]
76310714>firefox updates to 57, destroying my 4chan x plugin music for these feels?…[View]
76314594Have ya'll seen this shit? it's basically a guy that wrote a whole book about why Lou reed…[View]
76314434How can 90's rap compete? This shit is way doper! https://youtu.be/4LfJnj66HVQ[View]
76313969I'm listening to Neutral Milk Hotel for the first time. I think I know how colours sound like n…[View]
76307533What albums shouldn't be on the /mu/ essentials list?[View]
76312788Best picture ever[View]
76312931Why do '''artists''' keep releasing music when this genius is still alive?[View]
76311275Punk general thread[View]
76308023/soyboygeneral/: Who else here LOVES Kid A?[View]
76313777This just in, lil Peep found dead in Az. The primary suspect is this fucking Sam Hyde guy again. UNB…[View]
76313015G-guys...more stuff like this exists right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAKpqym8HSQ >that atm…[View]
76313257I never understood why SOAD are so popular, so why are they?[View]
76309642Holy shit.[View]
76314009what's his sumbitchin' problem?[View]
76313916What are /mu/'s thoughts on pic related? Getting mad James Blake vibes on some tracks and its g…[View]
76310540Where to Download Albums?: Where do you download your music albums? I'm trying to find a high q…[View]
76310718I went into this expecting a good album and all I got was a painfully glib facsimile of folk music W…[View]
76313143https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV034dKASWc&feature=youtu.be Is this kino?[View]
76313694I just feel like 'Funerals From the Astral Sphere' by Midnight Odyssey is an awesome album…[View]
76311521Kurt Cobain must be turning in his grave right now[View]
76312974So i'm sort of in a bit of a musical rut here, constantly finding myself skipping songs and not…[View]
76313490What is he listening to, /mu/?[View]
76313549My music video <3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4oAyi9n44s&feature=youtu.be Please do not…[View]
76305725Bandcamp Thread: Post your Pages and review other[View]
76313523Yamborghini high Lambo by the crib this is how it is yeah these niggas fake no we can't relate …[View]
76313288Me is a meadow meal And the guess I get it And the gate I get it And the game I get it A wonderful w…[View]
76313268>he listens to music[View]
76312465KPOP GENERAL: L O V E[View]
76312647Hey look it's slint[View]
76313319Dadrock memes aside, were they good?[View]
76313256Tech N9ne: What does /mu/ think of Tech N9ne?[View]
76312487Romaplasm - Baths has leaked. What does /mu/ think?[View]
76310206>almost every trap artist has a 'legal issues' section on their wiki page…[View]
76312660Music Videos: Post your favorite music videos of any genre or period boys https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
76307642/psy/ - Psychedelic General: I really miss the 60s edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boJlejbu…[View]
76311908Free Jazz?: A kid I go to school with just posted this a few minutes ago calling it 'free jazz' Can …[View]
76308820This album rules. A bootful of metal kicking me straight up the ass. Anyone have any similar suggest…[View]
76312609>metal is for kids LOL y'know I've never seen an old person at an indie rock concert bu…[View]
76311818last fm thread: bread shout, rate, paste. do yr job last fm gang is hangin out here: https://discord…[View]
76309652Is Orchards already part of the /mu/core? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R5pUZy4UT4[View]
76309056She's not a girl who misses much Doo doo doo doo doo doo, oh yeah...[View]
76312934gayboiclique general: >yah my dad just wants to fuck I shove my dick up his butt yeah based https…[View]
76312784You can bring only one film score back to the 19th century to show classical composers. What do you …[View]
76312881Who are some musicians that trigger soyboys?[View]
76312885>these guys slap your girl on the ass and take her into their music sex cult What do? I bet most …[View]
76312819Alt-J goes full cuck: So Alt-J's new video is literally about cuckoldry. A guy consents to his …[View]
76310701What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
76312108Best music to get high to: What's the best music to get high to[View]
76305935>'I listen to Halsey, Marina and the Diamonds, and Melanie Martinez'[View]
76312759>rap '''''music'''''[View]
76312744rec me some good chillwave albums like this bros[View]
76312243What is the 7-1 of music?[View]
76311024Here's a list of all country and country related music that isn't total shit, broken down …[View]
76312387Youtube Thread: Post your musical youtubes. Everyone subscribe to everyone they like. https://www.y…[View]
76312535So how many of your lame ass high school friends are crying because Warped Pedo Tour is gonna end fo…[View]
76312227What's next in his career?[View]
76311633KPOP GENERAL[View]
76302472ITT: future classics[View]
76312445YOU JUST KNOW[View]
76307703Do people actually think she's comparable to Kate Bush and Bjork or is it just a meme like when…[View]
76312232Post your favorite album covers[View]
76312091Is this the peak of music?[View]
76312033plez vote for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0OglX9XScA https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubm…[View]
76312127Is this the peak of rap music?[View]
76311035Music to get /fit/ to: I've decided to get back into shape. Post some good shit to work out to.…[View]
76310130Heartbreak Albums: Give me your best albums to wallow in/mend a broken heart[View]
76310161Hey mu, what would you put on a playlist to bang your gf to?[View]
76311872holy shit Syd really fucked them up[View]
76312104>dude pop music is art I'm not doing it to inflate my ego I used to like Currents but I chan…[View]
76309297Is Lil Pump the Final Boss Of Music??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LfJnj66HVQ[View]
76310493do you think OSTs are inherently inferior to standalone works musically speaking?[View]
76311556Best Caravan Palace Album: Robot Face, Panic, or Caravan Palace? Mine is Caravan Palace[View]
76312072https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWz6vwhZKbY It seems talentless hacks end up leaving the life. Fooli…[View]
76301030ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
76309994just discovered this album and listened to it like 4 times, I really love it but I'm not sure i…[View]
76308054The Card Cheat is the best song on this album. Death or Glory is the second best.[View]
76303819Reminder that the greatest hip-hop track of all time wasn't even made by a hip-hop artist. http…[View]
76311183Rain Dogs?: What are your guys' thoughts on the album? Is it supposed to grow on you over multi…[View]
76311779Kid A was OK but Chuvches is all we have. THEN U BLAME ME TO LISTEN i WANTED CHRISTMAS jESUS[View]
76310574>What's your favourite band, anon?[View]
76311667thoughts on st. vincent?[View]
76311640why are the best producers of our generation genderqueer?[View]
76311724Romaplasm - Baths has leaked. Anyone have a link?[View]
76309929Any artists/albums in the style of the title track for pick related? Sort of like electronic nu jazz…[View]
76311466ok guys, i need help to figure out something who copied who here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu…[View]
76311638FOOD FOE THOT[View]
76311537>ah yes, classical music, truly the greatest music of all and the only worthwhile genre for the c…[View]
76309783What do you think about Bob Dylan, /mu/? Favorite album/era, songs, etc? Did he make any true breakt…[View]
76311087post albums you think you shouldnt like, but do pic related isnt bad. its like bleak, reverby pop[View]
76311619in this house, we love and respect carly rae jepsen[View]
76309632any pink floyd gurus here? my old music professor told me the last song of their then last album (di…[View]
76310441KPOP GENERAL: Nostalgia Edition[View]
76310888is this the best bass video ever?: is it, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7Sl8is8Huo…[View]
76310232Do you miss big summer tours?[View]
76311192metal bands that can be taken seriously thread[View]
76311472What are some non-classical/baroque/romantic/contemporary Art music albums?[View]
76310970Post underrated artists[View]
76311389Whats some music that sounds sick without being angsty?[View]
76310904What steps do you need to do to make a midi file sound the most realistic shit ever? Like, what do I…[View]
76309793>My ma bought me a cool shirt, when I wear it I'm the shit >I'm really not that legi…[View]
76309904>I listen to Prog Rock[View]
76308817Does listening to Progressive Rock make me a wizard?: Is prog rock made for wizards? It includes lot…[View]
76309978So what are the chances this will top Loveless? https://pitchfork.com/news/kevin-shields-talks-new-m…[View]
76306373i get cancer from spotifys top 50 playlist do people actually listen to this shit? what the fuck is …[View]
76311071Post your FAVOURITE guitarists >cute >is actually 120 years old >no gf/wife >average…[View]
76311105ITT: albums war: Which one is better?[View]
76310754What are they doing to keep this from being leaked?[View]
76310644Does anyone know what's the song at 15:35? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT2VPRo6Ewg For pro …[View]
76309571I am in dire need of some FAST ragtime music, preferably modern recordings. Please help me.[View]
76309304Say one bad thing about Alice Cooper >protip you can't[View]
76307362I like Bjork but it would be better without the voice.[View]
76278878/Prod/: >tfw you'll never be able to afford all the hardware you want Edition. Talk about mu…[View]
76308001>ITT: Songs that release your gay side Everytime i listen to this, i wanna have some penises insi…[View]
76308748this is better than blue[View]
76309161>when the name of the band is 'the lead singers name and the (blanks)'[View]
76310739What genre is this, specifically this song https://youtu.be/3XQhPiBocr4 and where can I find more li…[View]
76310177ITT: Forgotten meme albums[View]
76309687what's this dude's deal?[View]
76310205name a prettier song pro tip: impossible[View]
76310322>Alladin Sane >a lad insane[View]
76309661This sounds like a vacation trip in the futue.[View]
76308622KPOP GENERAL[View]
76312425META THREAD: Ok so obviously this board is shit, it always has been and always will be shit. That be…[View]
76310054drunk and questioning why my life turned out so miserable while simultaneously sweeping everything u…[View]
76308991what's the best song on Lodger? afaf[View]
76309514Sad shit: Hey, give me some of your best sad and depressing shit. Just bored, and would like to hear…[View]
76307812Why hasn't his music career taken off yet?[View]
76305166ITT: Post an album and others name their favorite song off it >Suspended In Gaffa (as of now, my …[View]
76310359this is a drag of my ex[View]
76307288Metal = great Prog = great Prog-Metal = boring pretentious horseshit What happened?[View]
76309329Royksopp > Daft Punks[View]
76308909ITT: 10/10 concept albums.[View]
76307026we can all agree that play dead is her best song oat right?[View]
76305823Nicest/meanest musicians thread[View]
76299395Why do nu-males like Swans when Michael Gira is the complete opposite of a nu-male?[View]
76309791Why do people listen to this? It's not even good[View]
763036573x3 4x4 5x5 last.fm: recs n rates, or not[View]
76310005Live Music: /mu/ post some live tracks that you think are better than the album version. Blind Melon…[View]
76300642/nbbmn/: NBBMN - Space Penguin Edition Old thread: >>76288516[View]
76309408>From out of nowhere Felina has found me Kissing my cheek as she kneels by my side Cradled by two…[View]
76309489if we had to disown all bands that have ever had relations with underage groupies, would there be an…[View]
76309526As I understand it, this album is a pleasant surprise as far as comeback records go. I haven't …[View]
76309820>Someone says they like Trap music >they aren't talking about pic related How fast do you…[View]
76309873I can't listen to more than one cursive song in one sitting without feeling like shit afterward…[View]
76309260>tfw the girl the who liked me and wanted us to have a relationship, suddenly start acting distan…[View]
76309750>top of my grad school class >full time job offer in my #1 preference city >girl 9 years ol…[View]
76309535>ITT Albums that shouldn't be as good as they are[View]
76303620what is the name of that acclaimed folk musician (probably Mexican) or at least his name sounds Lati…[View]
76304943What was the last influential rap album? Because wikipedia says there hasn't been one since 200…[View]
76304283is there a more pretentious musician? her newest album is an utter failure.[View]
76309525this is officially the worst music genre of all time- christian ska. i didnt think ska could get any…[View]
76306607*opens thesaurus*[View]
76305752>ywn see John take over the vocals with his twist and shout voice midway through helter skelter a…[View]
76308596KPOP GENERAL[View]
76309112Best album of the century?[View]
76309392Songs where busta rhymes is at his most Jamaican. Like on solid wall of sound[View]
76309092ITT: music videos that really make you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUcSTyD2T7M[View]
76308032I feel betrayed and hurt. Rec me some angry songs with lyrics that deal with this feeling[View]
76307627Post albums you like and quote other good albums in the thread.[View]
76308160I hope he gets exposed as a sex maniac so we don't get any more albums co-porduced by him.[View]
76309200Wtf is his problem?[View]
76308375WARPED TOUR FINISHED: >The Vans Warped Tour, the annual traveling, punk-rooted music festival sta…[View]
7630862147 or 48?[View]
76308895what did she mean by this?[View]
76309008Post your AOTY's dudes[View]
76309080Roast me and or give me suggestions[View]
76308721>Be me >Win an auction on a storage unit >mostly shit except this >pretty ok condition, …[View]
76307921Can /mu/ get Spiderland in the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple d…[View]
76307620might as well say DEFEND PEDOPHILES[View]
76306411Anyone else listen to these guys? Their live shows are fucking hilarious.[View]
76308080Is this band aged well?: I thought they were cool back in those Tarja days, but not sure about that …[View]
76307173https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N7MAVdtTas&t=45s >BEEN KICKIN' UP A STORM…[View]
76308430Are you meant to listen to this 4 hour long album all in one sitting? Is it worth it?[View]
76304594/dark/: Share the most depressive and gloomy genres, albums and bands you know >FEEEELIIIING Edit…[View]
76307420Weird song about money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0yGHHCllmg Money money money money money go…[View]
76306230KOST started playing christmas music on Monday. Is it too early to listen to christmas music? >ta…[View]
76307741why have I never seen a yoni wolf thread on here? Is there a better lyricist?[View]
76306735Goosebumps: What's the one song that gives you goosebumps every time? For me it's The Cat …[View]

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