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77481010Gotta ask: my fiancee and I are doing a tour of Asia for our honeymoon. We start out in Taiwan, then…[View]
77475185Do it[View]
77481832unblack metal: What does /mu/ think about unblack metal? even if you hate the lyrical themes it…[View]
77481168What is the best QOTSA song and why is it I Appear Missing?[View]
77481318I can feel it coming in the air tonight[View]
77479047The last song you listened to is playing, very loud, at a party you're at. Everyone there knows…[View]
77480018Looking for slow synthy albums? Anyone got any recommendations?: Also looking for not dubstep distor…[View]
77479725best way to learn piano from beginner? any youtubers or series?[View]
77476141Post pyhsical copy that you value the most.[View]
77479742I AM NIETZCHE[View]
77475926>one of the records true bangers[View]
77478702> lil dark age.[View]
77479985What song would you kill yourself to?[View]
77481156can music change the world, /mu/[View]
77481329What does /mu/ think about the minus 5[View]
77481277What are you're favorite marching music /mu/? For me it's Erika easily. https://www.youtub…[View]
77480651Rafae: Hello, I am Rafael from Lincoln, CA a town near the Sacramento area. I'm 19 and going to…[View]
774784583x3/4x4/5x5 collage thread: post yours or do whatever you feel like doing[View]
77479150Why didn't anyone tell me that U2 made fantastic post-punk back in the day?[View]
77480415ITT: Hidden gems[View]
77481178does anyone have the link to that video of the guy with the funne looking eyes singing, and then he …[View]
77480146>that guy who replies to a thread after a lot of replies and give many (you)s telling other anons…[View]
77476485Grimes: graimth[View]
77481137Helped my friends with a music video for their EP. Hope you guys enjoy it.: https://youtu.be/JDFjoeP…[View]
77481132Dubstep edm music: https://youtu.be/JOLWgE1G0Ng I think it's weird.[View]
77477051How does it compare to the soundtrack of the first film?[View]
77480917You niggas like doughboyz cashout?[View]
77480669Artists that sound like Suicide?[View]
77479626KPOP GENERAL[View]
77478460I've always considered this album to be evil sounding. Can anyone rec other evil sounding album…[View]
77476203Why does most Emo suck?: This is 1 of the only Emo albums I've heard that I actually like. The …[View]
77479594>band hates their most popular song so they play it with an attitude despite nobody forcing them …[View]
77479308Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
77479072CupcakKe: >this got bnm from p4k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ps-38KVmS8…[View]
77480387Hey /mu/ how do you commit to listening to your backlog? I am in too much of a rut[View]
77480267Ignore the memers, these albums are great[View]
77480490The First Days of Spring: Underrated album, give it a listen.[View]
77480317Real songs that sound like this?: https://youtu.be/DPYPmXETH00[View]
77480457Patrician choice for streaming tunes?: is it just for fags or can cool kids use it too? asking for a…[View]
77476910Hello I have written a song, my band Big Time Pig is set to release our first ever EP called Hog Gas…[View]
77480434Requests?: Been looking for a song by tokyo police club called 'you got a wing, i got a prayer'. It …[View]
77480263There's no such thing as a perfect albu-[View]
77480377How do I become as autistic as him?[View]
77480121What is his best? My favorites are Sushi and Silica Gel[View]
77480350>Tfw you realized that you forgot about this album[View]
77480198What does /mu/ think of soul asylum: https://www.youtube.com/embed/m0LPqLMQ8sE[View]
77480132album of the century so far?[View]
77477388Are these really the two greatest accomplishments of contemporary music?[View]
77480186I need some good psych rock (or even neo-psychedelia) to listen to, any recs?[View]
77480148Honestly I think this is my favorite of Julian's work. It's depressive,moody, and messy. I…[View]
77478893I've been avoiding bluegrass and country music and such all my life because I always thought it…[View]
77479821https://soundcloud.com/jamar/mlk-tribute Just put out a new beat, first ever one pretty much. Done w…[View]
77480156'WHAT WILL CHANGE US, OR WILL WE MESS UP?' What does /mu/ think of Sponge?[View]
77477913How could two gay pedophiles produce such amazing music?[View]
77472137future of music[View]
77451259/trad/ general - 'it's been almost two years since the last one' edition: /trad/ general A thre…[View]
77478205whats the name of that stupid ass album with a rock on the front of it smoking a cigarette ? it soun…[View]
77477197What the fuck is her problem?[View]
77480022Any ic3peak fans here[View]
77479469music to listen to while trying to quit smoking?: On my first day and need some music to distract me…[View]
77480007Albums as great as this?[View]
77474049Dilla or Nujabes? Who was the GOAT?[View]
77479403>2003 >walk into the club >'it's gonna be a long night' starts playing…[View]
77478862>ITT bands so good you'll get a tattoo of them[View]
77478389One of the good SoundCloud rappers: https://soundcloud.com/zayy_p/pay-me-mind[View]
77476168What is the Silent Hill 2 of music?[View]
77479859Elvis impersonator wedding.: Who's the best Elvis impersonator in Vegas who does weddings? Idea…[View]
77479429Albums That Would Make a Great Movie Thread Format: Artist: Album: Synopsis I'll start Ween: T…[View]
77477101I think I have a new favorite album. Thoughts on it?[View]
77479775Wonderful slippery thing: I've been looking for songs as groovie and funky as this one but coul…[View]
77479759?? the hellp???: came across this, surprised it only has 4k views? what are /mu/'s thoughts??? …[View]
77476820So is it a masterpiece or overrated? What say /mu/[View]
77479728The forgotten track poems is like modern emo soundcloud music, but far better https://youtu.be/NGe9…[View]
77478416ITT: albums for falling in love[View]
77478801dead thread[View]
77466799One of these again: >Best Hacker >Runner-up Hustle Bones >Worst Fuck That >Overrated Los…[View]
77478877Is it wrong for this to be in my top 10 hip-hop albums? Something about the absurdity to the product…[View]
77468896>Grohl said: “I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this, but there were times when Kurt was really…[View]
77473977What do you guys actually 'do' while listening to music? >tfw too pleb to sit and liter…[View]
77478193Looking for some new jazz and rock bands with female vocalists. Can you help me /mu/[View]
77478982ITT: Kino single covers.[View]
77475808Saxophone Practicing Methods: Hello /mu/, I was wondering if anyone has some knowledge of hitting an…[View]
77478449KPOP GENERAL[View]
77479559I have a concept for a new song. What does /mu/ think? POOTIE TANG POOTIE TANG POOTIE TANG POOTIE TA…[View]
77478587the worst song is that blink 182 bonus track where they sing about sucking off someone's dad[View]
77479126Sad music best music edition ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, y…[View]
77475746Music Confessions Thread: I unironically enjoy this cover more than the original https://www.youtube…[View]
77479078Did you know we had a colony on reddit ?[View]
77479552/top 10/: post 10 of your favourite albums, rec and rate each other[View]
77477159does /mu/ like it?[View]
77477434So what do you think of merzbow's favorites?[View]
77477147>black/white album cover with a crude drawing and/or a title written in marker…[View]
77478113Holy fucking shit the drums on this album are bad[View]
77479237It's real spooky like a real trife movie Remember the part when Terminator killed Tookie[View]
77479313Best of 2017 from your country: post it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBPRFTDkxKk[View]
77479311moments in songs that made you feel something >'and hope that at least one of you sing about me w…[View]
77478876LIL BITCH[View]
77479232ID on this cool arab song?: https://vocaroo.com/i/s10d9gODpxJ6[View]
77478746what is Three 6 Mafia's best song in your opinion?[View]
77478926Guitar Solo Education Alright so how the fuck does a solo work? I'm pretty new to guitar and go…[View]
77479221RIP Dolores O'Riordan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ejga4kJUts[View]
77479206ITT: we post the best couples in music[View]
77477266Posted about the clip earlier, I heard mixed reviews, anything similar for a possibly smaller laptop…[View]
77478829what age is too old to make music[View]
77479066When will Banks be appreciated as the god tier pop artist she is?[View]
77475991drone/ambient/noise general: I am absolutely addicted to making improvised ambient drone crap so can…[View]
77477500childhood is idolizing the piano adulthood is realizing the harpsichord makes more sense[View]
77478976Anyone else feel like this got slept on? IMO it’s one of the best gothboi releases to date. https://…[View]
77476939How do I endure solos? I feel like I have to wait patiently until the soloist is done masturbating a…[View]
77478940ITT: Underrated Albums https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m70sdq1Rnk[View]
77477132Logan Paul is a better lyricist than all Mumble Trappers: >Christmas around corner, get your merc…[View]
77475931last.fm thread: last.fm thread! poast em! >SCRUBBLER https://github.com/coczero/Last.fm-Scrubbl…[View]
77472281>anon likes shoegaze, alternative dance and industrial >anon doesn't know about curve htt…[View]
77477423Merriweather Post Pavilion roof collapses: https://pitchfork.com/news/merriweather-post-pavilion-roo…[View]
77478659ITT: Future /mu/ core 2020 and beyond[View]
77475452Eminem Thread: One month in, what do you guys think of the album now ? Did it grow on you ? Also Rap…[View]
77478602>tfw all you want to be is a musician: >Be 18 >Be multi instrumentalist >Be in universi…[View]
77477129RATM: Thoughts on their impact and music quality?[View]
77478390Fucking masterpiece.[View]
77478640>this smashes the soy guzzler[View]
77475832Why did Fantano give this album a 9? The insights are fedora tier, like 'dude religion is fake …[View]
77478493ITT: Post descriptions of a typical song of an artist/album and people guess what the artist/album i…[View]
77478451Auditory Gems: Post em..> MM.. FOOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga-R6mxI5X4&list=FLk_EhWm…[View]
77477514KPOP GENERAL[View]
77461977ITT: albums literally only you listened to.[View]
77465465Soundcloud Thread: The other ones are stagnate. Post your stuff and leave feedback, don't be di…[View]
77470867post charts & guess personality: have fun and be nice, bys[View]
77475869holy fucking shit[View]
77477825What are you opinions on The Front Bottoms /mu/? I personally really enjoy their music.[View]
77477380>what kind of music do you listen to anon how do you respond to this without sound like a pretent…[View]
77475602Why are Kyuss albums so poorly produced? They all sound too low.[View]
77473649What's your favourite chord progression / resolvement?: The title says it all , don't see …[View]
77478287Why were TVU’s albums pre-Self-Titled so incompetently produced?[View]
77478147I'm thinking about picking up the harmonica in the very near future. I'm currently looking…[View]
77477793Why are guitarfags so SHIT at music theory?[View]
77474695ITT strippercore >music to fit sleaze and degenerate lifestyles https://youtu.be/5HtqePscAio http…[View]
77476548Anyone else see this shit in their 'mind's eye' when they listen to music? >yeah, everybody …[View]
77471441Any of you lot going to Boston symphony hall tonight? I’m being coerced into going[View]
77468388Running a radio station. Tune in and send some requests. Songs can't contain swears and gotta b…[View]
77455268/chart/: other thread is on its last legs[View]
77476658Deep Internet: >tfw kinda itching to make another deep internet abum >What is deep internet? M…[View]
77466808Post 10/10 Alt Metal: I'll start, fuck man i slept on this album for way too long.[View]
77476051Is there anything else other than Pinkerton that is worth a listen from these guys[View]
77478041Do any of you know the sample?: The song is A Ridge Between Mountains by Lone. I feel like I recogni…[View]
77477373>ywn meet Hayley in high school, get paired together for a project, realize you both are passiona…[View]
77475976Does /mu/ like good music like ABBA or John Denver?[View]
77475878I have this tune stuck in my head for 6 fucking hours what the fuck it won't go away send help …[View]
77471811RYM was a mistake[View]
77477826favourite Avant Garde musician, /mu/? mine's pic related. love her style.[View]
77476248Off The Wall = Thriller > Dangerous > Bad >> History >>> Anything else Prove me…[View]
77477799>got no replies to any of my threads today music for this feel?[View]
77477211Post an underrapreciated 10/10 moment from your favourite album, one that revealed itself to you aft…[View]
77477846ITT: albums that are a joke in the patrician scene[View]
77472312/guilty pleasure/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFzodv8Orqs[View]
77477821Hope this faggot is next. check em[View]
77477689who does it best?[View]
77476946>mfw despise nigger-hop but listening to Devil in a New Dress' instrumental for the first ti…[View]
77477230Holy shit.[View]
77475686/MMT/ - Musician Meet Up Thread: MMT General Post: >Location >What you play > music you…[View]
77477676ITT: guilty pleasures[View]
77476097Gaynerd Keenan Goodburger: What a fag lol Cool music tho[View]
77477427>when the best album you ever listened to in your opinion is from the same artist that made the w…[View]
77474599Who the FUCK would win in a fight?[View]
77476786Was the death of Paul McCartney positive for The Beatles from an artistic standpoint?[View]
77476949I don't see the hype.[View]
77476743Albums that aged well: Pic related[View]
77456740Is this peak aesthetic?[View]
77476913Redpill me on plagiarism in music[View]
77476464KPOP GENERAL[View]
77477289/mu/ personality chart thread: Do any /mu/tants have any of these charts? If so post em, rate and al…[View]
77472708DO YOU HAVE THE TIME[View]
77477148>I gave you my heart >I gave you my soul >I gave you....…[View]
77475283What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
77462202/rym/: /rym/[View]
77470108RIP Kurt Cobain: He died today, minus 8686 days ago F[View]
77477175Looking for some good trip with with sultry vocals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEgX64n3T7g http…[View]
77477109What is some music to get #littyinthelobby to?[View]
77475877You're at the record store and this dude comes up to you and invites you back to his Utility Mu…[View]
77477115Anyone have any interpretations to the meaning of this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKsL90…[View]
77476826More jazz albums like this. Just bass, piano and drums. Nice and melodic but not to the point where …[View]
77476204wtf this is just primus but good[View]
77469256Who is the best mumble rapper, /mu/?[View]
77468556/bleep/: other one already died edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si9ZQVq1HKc[View]
77477001Post really long Metal songs that are pure badassery from beginning to end https://youtu.be/eSUYWm0P…[View]
77476278Best Iceage album?: I've been listening to Plowing Into the Field of Love and I dig it, how are…[View]
77476431Rolling Stones top 40 Punk albums: Thoughts: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/40-greatest-pu…[View]
77474869Who here works in the music industry? What do you do?[View]
77476700/earthrocker/: Does /mu/ rate clutch? Literally dadrock done absolutely right Neil Fallon is a legit…[View]
77476337Is he next?[View]
77474975'We need to make sure this never happens again'[View]
77475426What do you love most about Anthony Green?[View]
77476862Thoughts about this?[View]
77476071Rec me some spiritual jazz that ISN'T Alice Coltrane or Pharoah Sanders[View]
77476741i fucking hate lo-fi hip hop artists[View]
77467782ITT: shit artists with good taste[View]
77475912Why the mastering on this record is so god-awful? It's too fucking quiet[View]
77466829/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Miku cleavage edition. How do I start learning guitar? >justingui…[View]
77475589cunt: thoughts?[View]
77469995Rolling Stone greatest artists: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-artists-of-all…[View]
77476292What are some albums you've grown to appreciate now that you've grown up? Pic related[View]
77474614Michael, where are you now? Sleeping through the mornings in flannel impaired and Getting high in th…[View]
77476369Acid Rap or Coloring book?[View]
77475342What's some modern hip-hop music that still use boom-bap style of drums/breakbeat? Seems like a…[View]
77471410Autistic playlists you maintain: pic related, comfy to view all my vinyl label art in one place…[View]
77476014What went extremely wrong?[View]
77475461KPOP GENERAL[View]
77476325My one man band. Hardcore punk. For fans of... hardcore punk. >DISAXIS https://disaxis.bandcamp.…[View]
77476264SOAD: Why do people say System of a Down went downhill after Toxicity?[View]
77475737anyone have any atmospheric music without words?[View]
77476153>he hasn’t taken the 6ix9ine pill lmaoing at your life plebs[View]
77469412Electric Guitar $500 budget: Alrighty I’ve been playing guitar for just shy of two years, I’ve playe…[View]
77475451which of these two guys has the best guitar skills[View]
77476128what do you boyos think of Skegss[View]
77475465I'm so sorry to bother but I couldn't find a better place than /mu/ to ask this. I've…[View]
77474653albums that sound like their cover art looks >inb4 loveless[View]
77474857Just curious. Does anyone know any music similar to this song? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w-B6XN…[View]
77476070War of the Worlds vs The New Generation: Which one, /mu/?[View]
77451739Soundcloud thread Return feedback and get some on your shit! https://soundcloud.com/cynthtek/sets/pe…[View]
77476022This deserves more love dammit.[View]
77472661Post something more soothing than this[View]
77471290In the wake of Dolores' death...: Let's determine the Top 10 - 20 greatest Irish artists o…[View]
77472030i hate silence in songs. If i ever see a section in a song that is just silence, I open the file in …[View]
77475895>least favorite song on an album eventually becomes your favorite What's her name, /mu/?…[View]
77475392is there a better rip of this out yet or what?[View]
77474324Was Mac DeMarco a RYM user? He cites so much obscure old rock music from the 70s and 80s as his key …[View]
77474297There are no good musicians with natural red hair. prove me wrong >you can't…[View]
77475772ITT: Post a song and a gif that goes along with it I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B…[View]
77474903straight from Elba's mouth yuh[View]
77473899Hey guys, does anyone on here speak spanish? I'm writing some lyrics in spanish, but I'm n…[View]
77475681Gus here Thanks a lot guys![View]
77475690Is instrumental or ambient the only non-degenerate music?[View]
77475673CDs like this you forgot you loved[View]
77475324>every time I open the internet all I get is reminders that I'm both poor and have no friend…[View]
77474951Stop listening to rap[View]
77468627Songs/Albums about getting older: Hey /mu/ So I recently went back to my hometown for Christmas brea…[View]
77467524ITT: /mu/ in 1965[View]
77475495Dean Ween Group - rock2 (2018): Are you all excited for Dean Ween's new solo album? https://www…[View]
77474232Thoughts? This is quickly becoming one of my faves in the genre[View]
77472986Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
77472018are they any good /mu/? rarely see this mentioned here[View]
77475229Anyone else see this guys videos on youtube? Big fan. Gus Dapperton is his name btw.[View]
77475423whatever happened to alice glass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfbCLwNlGwU[View]
77475421HOLY FUCK[View]
77474536>tinnitus from earwax buildup and shitty sinuses >adds new layer to vacuum sound album…[View]
77474477KPOP GENERAL[View]
77475218Does he do Death Grips better than Death Grips?[View]
77474263Favorite Hip-Hop Instrumental Album[View]
77475261>Guwop can't rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Owr_qL-FeA https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
77475242will black people ever grow up?: imagine being this much of a man child at the age of 35. hes living…[View]
77475097Unironically my favorite Radiohead record[View]
77473090>Not him, but The Replacements were a very important hardcore punk turned college rock band that …[View]
77470186I'm kinda obsessed with this album right now. It's like calypso psychedelic in style - not…[View]
77475220Grey: What do I think of these two? I'm digging Chameleon. Bonus: Avril's sound is changin…[View]
77473379Who works in the music industry? What do you do? I work in a big studio trying to segway into workin…[View]
77473727>Why U2? How did these four Irishmen become the blueprint for every band with stadium aspirations…[View]
77469746Do you like Snow tha Product?[View]
77475179Is Discogs the best website to create music collections on? I don't want to pick a shitty site …[View]
77475175When the beat drops you canm hear a weird ticking noise ? You guys think this is normal or something…[View]
77475104Why don't people record concerts anymore like they used to? I was trying to find a Kanye bootle…[View]
77475113holy. shit. https://youtu.be/y-CvcTfcllk[View]
77462516post artists that have only made good albums[View]
77474055>Use RED to find out what the best version of an album is >Then download it from rutracker or …[View]
77473603Pay close attention to it and it's just another Slipknot record[View]
77474967How accurate is this?[View]
77472712Hey guys Zach here: Just squeezed some orange juice want any?[View]
77474061the fuck is this bullshit?[View]
77474992Thoughts?: Other than the hideous cover art[View]
77470623ITT: When an artist's worst album is still pretty good[View]
77474922ITT: top 3 hip hop albums of all time: 1 Liquid Swords (GZA) 2. Atrocity Exhibiton (Danny Brown) 3. …[View]
77453860GRIMES THREAD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!: checked and didn't see one. who's ready?[View]
77473956Looking for suggestions for some calming, lo-fi music/artists :)[View]
77474866cranberry death: Dolores O'Riordan died this is super sad cranberries gave me and my friends a …[View]
77474631Trying to figure out a song, or the name of it https://vocaroo.com/i/s1UsSys9a1El[View]
77474778the sis reveal was such a disappointment[View]
77473571Why did MCR make a Rise Against album?[View]
77474135We Lived For A Kiss: Recently lost my wife to Cancer and wrote this for her. Let me know what you gu…[View]
77472696/mu/, redpill me on a music degree: i started playing guitar about 7 months ago and i still have som…[View]
77473908This is great.[View]
77464517>/v/ enjoys challenging video games >/lit/ enjoys challenging works of literature >/mu/ shi…[View]
77473511ITT: kino greatest hits albums[View]
77474615motor sport: u a dork neva been a sport[View]
77474508First Review of LITTLE DARK AGE by MGMT out: Looks like AOTY confirmed lads.[View]
77469318Does a darker album exist?[View]
77471887/mu/ can't make a better recent (3 months) 3 hip hop album/tape sequence: 1. SHUTDAFUKUP (Juicy…[View]
77474499excuse me, best band coming through[View]
77473465KPOP GENERAL[View]
77473343ITT: Artists that ignorant underage /mu/tants incorrectly think are one hit wonders[View]
77474420what does /mu/ think of SMRTdeath https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIXriNqgoMk[View]
77473613Was Layne Staley overlooked as a frontman?: Amongst the ‘angsty’ music boom of the 90’s, and coming …[View]
77474322Best vocalist of 2018[View]
77473975*steals your melody[View]
77471732The Needle Guy: Does he have swag?[View]
77474040Listened to Merriweather Post Pavilion for the first time (first introduction into Animal Collective…[View]
77471085Is he really the greatest Hip Hop producer?[View]
77474207Why aren't there more rivetheads on /mu/ ?[View]
77472468Thoughts on DEHH? Favorite member?[View]
77472931What is the greatest love song of the last 30 years and why is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb…[View]
77473913i admit Science Fiction is pretty good and it's a shame it'll be their last album (also a …[View]
77471107Chad / Stacy music?: In a different topic, on a different part of 4chan, an anon was listing some ch…[View]
77469116Subtractive synthesis > FM synthesis > Physical modelling synthesis > Additive synthesis[View]
77473934/2018/: what's your favourites of 2018 so far?[View]
77472199Is he the corniest rapper in the game right now?[View]
77472731Damn, now I understand grunge. This album is a fucking masterpiece.[View]
77473322Attitude is more important than talent. Prove me wrong.[View]
77458383What happened to music criticism?: When did it become so easy to impress a music critic?[View]
77473694>mfw i convert entire music library to 32kbps >mfw everything is shoegaze now…[View]
77473719Post 80s/90s Japanese music! I'll leave you with my favorite Ranma OP https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
77473325Does anyone always feel put off from music until they get better equipment? I have a decent beginner…[View]
77469259What does /mu/ think about this album?[View]
77472178>There is no progression in any of the songs >Each track either starts off quiet then everythi…[View]
77469938Thinking of buying a Sansa clip, any thoughts?[View]
77471801This motherfucker has now outlived Kurt Cobain, Delores O'Riordan, and Chris Cornell. Courtney…[View]
77473489Post an artist that if they were alive today would be accused of sexual harassment/misconduct. >…[View]
77472710Which lines do you have currently stuck in your head?: Serpent of the Ocean Set the world extinction…[View]
77473361So apparently 'blue monday' is over (at least in my time zone), what have you been listening to?[View]
77472368i heard this thing once and i was wondering if it was true that if your gonna play in texas you gott…[View]
77473112Pay close attention to it and it's just another bop record[View]
77470313who's excited for this[View]
77470791These guys any good, or just a meme band?[View]
77468814Anyone into symphonic metal?[View]
77472046Scary Music: Post scary music Hard mode: NO dark ambient and NO metal[View]
77472385KPOP GENERAL[View]
77473362>ALBUMS YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN DISCUSSED ON /mu/ I know you guys are plebs but you're missing …[View]
77471916Any music about the inner experience of a girl growing into a woman?[View]
77462791The Fragile > The Downward Spiral[View]
77473079Name a more overrated electric artist.[View]
77473150Tfw youre waiting for the new Cage the elephant album but you know it's just gonna be Tell me I…[View]
77473095well i guess i'm a scientologist now[View]
77472779Thoughts on Opeth's Blackwater Park?[View]
77473008Can we make it ok to like x again?: Dude crossed boundaries people didn't know existed. His sty…[View]
77471509Is it weird to sometimes listen to the same album several times a day? Talking like 2 or more times …[View]
77472295>just took a shit in a urinal in a public restroom Music for this feel? pic related…[View]
77472854>gets with girl for first time in 3+ years. >no sex but get wiener sucked on >try to arrang…[View]
77471582What does /moo/ think of Devin Townsend? I think he's pretty good.[View]
77468252What's the best sex music?[View]
77472626>have an inimitably beautiful voice and complex songwriting style >be universally admired by …[View]
77472758I can't believe you faggots actually made me fall for the What/Red meme. Studied and went throu…[View]
77466196>last album you listened to >last thing you ate Ween - The Mollusk two egg mcmuffins and a cof…[View]
77472576WHERE ARE YOU?[View]
77472432Math rock: Math rock essentials. Suggest bands if I want to get into math rock and learn a sort of m…[View]
77472598where is /prod/?[View]
77468435>see new jack white track drops >not interested in jack white anymore so i ignore it >hear …[View]
77472467Hello idiots. I'm going on a trip tomorrow, 8 hour long ride. What albums should I listen to wh…[View]
77472473Twee Thread: Can we have a thread about twee pop? Beat Happening is one of my favorite bands ever.…[View]
77472357ITT: the thrill is gone: https://youtu.be/Ytj3RTjljnQ[View]
77467332ITT: artists you used to love, but now don't Aphex Twin for me, I relistened to him recently an…[View]
77472455Grant MacDonald: Ram Ranch is undeniably his greatest accomplishment, and personally I feel as if hi…[View]
77472387Albums you have a lot of fun with.[View]
77470939any Norwegian fags here? does anyone know the lyrics of the song Gorgoroth by Gorgoroth? i searched …[View]
77472287How do we stop white YouTube rappers? The situation's getting a little more out of hand each da…[View]
77471056KPOP GENERAL: Dawon edition for that one guy[View]
77470659Where is music gonna go in the 2020's? I am so tired of rap/trap music and folk/indie rock as b…[View]
77471621>that rapper that only you like Probably one of the nicest most humble dudes in hip-hop shame he …[View]
77472285ITT: Music that can get down to you on an emotional level[View]
77431325/sharethread/: /Let's not let this one die, ok?/ edition ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (ar…[View]
77471408>He doesn't listen to albums from start to finish Explain yourself, pleb.…[View]
77472144Screamo: Is there any more screamo like this? And I don't mean mopey, shoegazy screamo, I mean …[View]
77471699Coolest white person, and why its Keith Richards?[View]
77467935new aphex twin: something ricked this way comes[View]
77471941Drummers...: ... what makes a good set of hi-hats? I'm not a drummer but I like wasting time li…[View]
77457768>There has never been a good band whose name starts with 'The' prove me wrong, /mu/…[View]
77472080>tfw earned kang status for life music for this feel?[View]
77461547Is metal the only genre that still has any 'culture' behind it?[View]
77469334>tfw I drop every girl I get to know and have a chance with once we talk about the music they lis…[View]
77471560This is the shittiest album I've ever heard It's almost like literal noise made by toddler…[View]
77470342name your very own shitty Indie Pop band! Dad Slippers Love Handles Mom Bod VVelcome[View]
77469530What does /mu/ think of Trap? What are your fav trap artists? What unknown trap artist do you have t…[View]
77469494have you guys ever been to a DJ set on your own? ive been to see bands on my own before, but in thos…[View]
77471949Best vocalist of 2018[View]
77471930This is great[View]
77470323Weezer: Are they /ourguys/? All of their albums have given us classics of Indie Rock. They even have…[View]
77471803albums that got you through hard times[View]
77469510What does /mu/ think of the almond brothers band?[View]
77470889Looking for some post-punk, darkwave, gothic, coldwave, synthy recs. The grittier, more depressing, …[View]
77469051Get the fuck out of my room I'm listening to Death Grips[View]
77471663how to into his music[View]
77469978Need Help plaz: Hey can /mu/ help me find a song. trap music chillstep thingy. all i can remember is…[View]
77462682What music does /mu/ not consider to be art? For me, it's noise and drone.[View]
77466077What's some good music from Arizona?[View]
77471659Whaddup. I've been wracking my brain all day trying to remember the name of an old band that I …[View]
77469992Noise Blues: need some noisey blues. This genre seems to not exist but it really makes sense to. Wha…[View]
77468582Anyone tried it?[View]
77471443>Our rules, >Our dreams, >We're blind >Blowing shit up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite…[View]
77465412My mind is blown: GUYS i waked and baked today fucking hearing this shit for this first time in and …[View]
77469769tfw /mu/ will never be high test enough to understand CRO-MAGS[View]
77469838Thoughts on this?[View]
77469371Is Kendrick Lamar the rapper of choice of most redditors?[View]
77469612For me, it's a young Beyoncé Knowles.[View]
77469398>not listening exclusively by /r9k/core bedroom folk[View]
77471276Know any sites that would name this or a modern equivalent as art pop?: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
774689633x3 4x4 5x5 tapmusic chart thread: rate, rec, guess, be nice[View]
77471202anyone into jump up drum and bass? i fucking love it, the new shit and the old clownstep shit, its …[View]
77468588Would he have gone onto make some sick Psych music?[View]
77471102So what do you guys think about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RosviOqt77c[View]
77471182odd questions general: Is there any slowcore that sounds like slowed down post-punk? To give you an …[View]
77468757What's the best hip-hop beat and why is it Numbers on the Boards[View]
77466586f: they're finished[View]
77465615Video for Keke dropped yesterday, what's your opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02fRdleM…[View]
77466602Tascam appreciation thread post pics of your tascam, link music you made on your tascam, talk shit o…[View]
77463684music to kill myself to?: >inb4 don’t do it trust me I have no single reason not to neck myself r…[View]
77471075What does /mu/ think of classical guitars? And does one know of a good one i can buy for under 200$?[View]
77469752KPOP GENERAL: candy archer edition[View]
77470606Work out music: This is the year that /mu/ gets swole. What music do you find is the best to work ou…[View]
77470846>tfw mad Music for this feel?[View]
77464940What albums should Melon review for the next Classics Week?[View]
77469702Thoughts? Opinions? On both the artist and album.[View]
77470930rockist classical: what is the essential rockist classical? you know, the 'music fans' who primarily…[View]
77469801which is better?[View]
77469919Do you unironically listen to any bands popular with 21st century Teens like The 1975 or The Neighbo…[View]
77469540I'm rollin' with a swollen bowlin' ball in my bag You need a fag to come and tear a n…[View]
77463927Thoughts on Lil Xan?[View]
77469254Now that the dust has settled, which was their best, /mu/? Please motivate.[View]
77469619give me an artist that's unlike anything I've ever heard before or I'll shoot you wit…[View]
77470809which is better[View]
77469891You now remember that this album is better than anything Arcade Fire ever made[View]
77470769What does /mu/ think about Dave Matthews Band?[View]
77458119/bandcamp/ thread[View]
77466186Black Sabbath: THE ONLY GOOD SABBATH ALBUM[View]
77470266ITT: artists who will definitely get #metoo'd when that rolls over to music[View]
77470309Dolores O' Riordan dead at 46. Rest in peace.[View]
77467949why do people act like Migos is music for soyboys? They have some totally lit bangers on Culture, li…[View]
77470582Just a reminder that's he not talented https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YGfTzpTa70[View]
77469950GOD TIER GUITAR RIFFS >Band, Song, and Link >not a share thread for your shit tier underground…[View]
77470534>i'm in a band >oh cool what's the name of your band? >yes fucking epic...…[View]
77470505Just anotha negro making dank sounds: finally got the dick and balls to release some of my Music if …[View]
77468917Holy shit[View]
77470486Are there any other internet radio shows like Midnight Snacks? Datafruits fm, jetsetradio live, soma…[View]
77469142I know who killed the cranberry woman. Let's look at the facts >Eminem sampled zombie on rev…[View]
77468257What are you listening to for MLK Jr. Day?[View]
77469487how do we feel album this album?[View]
77468894Twin Fantasy hype thread: Get in here[View]
77463007He fucking did it AGAIN boys https://youtu.be/02fRdleMSaA[View]
77470290hey everyone, Aidsthony Mobytano here the internet's BUSIEST music nerd[View]
77469770Rammstein: What was Rammstein's best album and why?[View]
77470245every time I buy a ZZ Top album it is incompatible with my PC and Walkman.[View]
77470241Remaster when?[View]
77469686Audio-Technica LP120: Best speakers to go with this turntable?[View]
77470060>can’t rate things I hate on RYM because it’ll mess up my perfect ratings curve and most of my ra…[View]
77469460More like this?[View]
77468270Why so sad?[View]
77469276Find a flaw.[View]
77465691Gus here buy our new record please[View]
77469076Best Marilyn Manson song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4eh9NTzn7I[View]
77466479/jazz/: Any Tom Harell fans on /mu/? I saw him play in NYC yesterday and it was one of the most inte…[View]
77469908https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21xYqUC2iSE Well, /mu/?[View]
77469872LA DI DA DI DA[View]
77467995Lyrics meanings thread: Post a song and others post their interpretation of the lyrics >My Bloody…[View]
77466623HOW DOES IT FEEL[View]
77468514KPOP GENERAL[View]
77466920>'I like x' >'x is garbage and you're stupid for liking it' >'no it's not you…[View]
77467072What bands/artists have really consistent discographies? I feel like going through a couple catalogs…[View]
77466793KPOP GENERAL[View]
77460255I find it to be either Happiness Is a Warm Gun or Rocky Racoon[View]
77467917Why is this the best album ever made?[View]
77469169/mu/, what are the worst concerts you've been to? pic unrelated[View]
77466802best of copilations are for lazy normies[View]
77469356>song so good you get goosebumps >One section that utterly fucking ruins it Share your pain. h…[View]
77464531Is there any Elliott Smith tracks that are more happy, and not depressive?[View]
77467122>collage thread >recs, crit etc. >5x5 last month http://www.tapmusic.net/ feed me…[View]
77467627hope someone understands: Can we talk about how top is an objectively better layout than bottom? pic…[View]
77466597I was browsing the /mu/ catalog and found out she died.[View]
77466801Minnesota singer found dead in forest.: Some souls are too good for this world. https://twitter.com/…[View]
77469200where the fuck can i find the panda bear rip: you dillweeds better have a mega link or im shutting d…[View]
77468675https://www.scaruffi.com/music/criteria.html: Francis Bacon wrote that there are four reasons for ig…[View]
77468983what song should i fuck: have you guys ever tried to have sex with your speakers before? i got new s…[View]
77469100How do you deal with the crushing weight of that feel when there will never be peak Debbie Harry gf?[View]
77465642What album makes you feel like you're in space?: Something soothing, ethereal and mysterious. I…[View]
77469033Help identify album: Cant remember either album/artist/song names, so I sketched what i remember fro…[View]
77465106Easy musicians to bait?: Hey guys! From your experience, what are some musicians that’ll fall for ba…[View]
77463348Do you guys like Metro Station?[View]
77456852oc album art: Post album art you've made and others reply what genre it would be[View]
77465414WHO'S NEXT?[View]
77468945Piano General?: Why there are no threads about non-string instruments here? I just wanted help into …[View]
77468897>shoutout to all the pere ubu[View]
77465389Charles Manson: What do you think about his music? Could he has been a great singer if the producers…[View]
77465978Congrats, Brian![View]
77468718THE WATER BELOW[View]
77468698The music video for SOTY 2017 is out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0nbOenwCLw[View]
77468689/mu/ what do I need to do to learn how to play stuff like 50's rock n roll? I wanna sound simil…[View]
77468431is listening to music with male vocals GAY?[View]
77466358>literally a zombie now[View]
77465198It's real. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5271823/Cranberries-singer-Dolores-ORiordan-…[View]
77463578Have you ever met a musician? I once met Mark Mothersbaugh. >At some music fest in Ohio, back in …[View]
77466993Here's hoping she comes back as a ZOMBEY ZOMBEY ZOMBEY[View]
77466480Hang in there Brian[View]
77468420Which one?: I have time for album this night but I can't decide which one I should listen to so…[View]
77468009What are some other good bands for people like me who just dont give a FUCK?[View]
77466965hello. i have been learning the violin, but only for a few months so far, and i'm wondering abo…[View]
77465852>he listens to the virgin pac[View]
77465664Cait O'Riordan: Press F to pay respects[View]
77465723What does /mu/ think of them?[View]
77467544why wont he review Bach's art of fugue for classics week?[View]
77466154Kashmir is trash. It drags on too long, it's boring as fuck.[View]
77468187>one good song on your entire album What went wrong?[View]
77463319Why the FUCK is Pale Waves so good? https://youtu.be/7I9uietTqkU[View]
77468158Post album art you love of albums you don't like all that much.[View]
77467866Misfits or Samhain?[View]
77468107Why aren't you listening to this album right now? Legitimately a patrician album imo bumpin to …[View]
77468088http://www.datpiff.com/Juicy-J-shutdafukup-mixtape.878618.html GAWDDAMN[View]
77468081Nostalgia thread? https://youtu.be/JVX5IIcSdPo[View]
77467786What are some good samples for an industrial song?[View]
77467595>hmm I haven't been on /mu/ in a while, wonder how they're chuggin' along? >boa…[View]
77467856>/mu/'s 'patrician' taste in music is scientifically proven to be literall soy music Huh, gu…[View]
77465403Do you still need to live in the 'big cities' (L.A., London and New York come to mind) of the world …[View]
77467925Black Artist Thread: raycis ass /mu/ post them black music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06X5HYy…[View]
77462038this is my fav album of 2017 don't know why so many people think its shit[View]
77464929ITT: post your favorite record label. No meme labels like Sacred Bones or the Flenser pls and thank …[View]
77467720>music video >band is all walking somewhere or moving around as they play >drummer has to b…[View]
77461125Albums where every song is good[View]
77467260Advice: Need some advice, if so unclean vocals. Amity affliction and fit for a king are pretty big i…[View]
77467677reaction image-core[View]
77467661Post your set ups /mu/[View]
77467416Please tell me he goes next[View]
77467379Name a band where they have a great and fucking perfect run of albums other than The Smiths. You can…[View]
77466301So Black Sabbath are pretty much universally enjoyed by /mu/ am I right?[View]
77462764you're not a 'musician' if your image overshadows your art, you're a performance artist: c…[View]
77451522What is the most disturbing album you know of? I want an album that literally makes you feel sick w…[View]
77467561https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYGARF3OoEU >You have been visited by Jim West, Desperado >Pre…[View]
77467557>tfw nirvana with one note becomes an early flips b-side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUD-TrPW…[View]
77467530/tipofmytongue/ general: hey /mu/, what's that 80's song that goes 'dun dun DAN DAN' like …[View]
77467511Death Grips Meme I Made: https://soundcloud.com/deadassdepressed/inject-memes-into-me-papa…[View]
77464664>there will never be a better new wave album than Only a Lad[View]
77467454More songs like this? I really like the 'chillness' of it. <iframe width='560' height='315' src='…[View]
77466919What are some dead giveaways that someone's an earlet? I'll start with a couple: >doesn…[View]
77453748/Classical/: Chad composers edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern cla…[View]
77453536Why is this a 'meme'?[View]
77467378This is an amazing album btw. RIP.[View]
77466031Ariel Pink is a thief: He stole the same singing style from Falco. This has be addressed by many oth…[View]
77466257What happened to Hip-hop?[View]
77467251holy shet[View]
77467113Shes undoubtedly the greatest artist of our times[View]
77466569ITT post forgotten 90s hits with trip-hoppy instrumentals and sexy female vocals, I'm an absolu…[View]
77466206>Black Metal is music made by pussies of the lowest order, and we felt it was necessary to invest…[View]
77467190Picture this we were both butt naked: Rikok got caught red handed, creeping with the girl next door.…[View]
77467140Holy shit.[View]
77460283Jazz General: Didn’t see one so here you go. I’ve been getting back into Jazz lately and need to exp…[View]
77467014>he's never heard of Daylyt https://youtu.be/DKuQBY3_oYM[View]
77462490So is Lil Pump actually good? Or is fantano just joking?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88mOX_WCXW…[View]
77466204In this thread we discuss the best boris album.[View]
77466972You already know who the fuck it is.[View]
77463701Better than Illmatic?[View]
77466903The Cranberries were a pretty big deal back in the day, huh?: >Linger (1993) #7 Top 40 Mainstream…[View]
77461477Post best live albums ITT: This is a personal favourite it’s got all the classics: Jailbreak The boy…[View]
77464349/mu/ sings Two Headed Boy shilling my shit, ill post it a few more times throughout the week https:/…[View]
77463875Last 5 thread to start the day[View]
77463863Now that the dust has settled, what did we think of it?[View]
77462869PUNK ROCK GENERAL: pop punk edition[View]
77464390ITT: manlets[View]
77464281What the fuck is his problem?[View]
77466792Underrated Mixtapes: >Domo Genesis & Alchemist - No Idols https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA6…[View]
77465187KPOP GENERAL[View]
77459461This is the only good studio release Black Flag ever had. I really don't understand why they…[View]
77458918I’m so disappointed /mu/. I recently purchased some nice audio technicas to finally upgrade from my …[View]
77466572IN YOUR HEADDD[View]
77465595I want less known bands/artists that i could like according to my chart Also, recs thread[View]
77462423post your favourite song that you're certain no-one else on /mu/ has heard https://www.youtube.…[View]
77462460Who is the best band and why is it Oasis?[View]
77460908why are other Prince albums not as good as this one? I mean, they're great too, but Purple Rain…[View]
77459474SOUNDCLOUD THREAD >late night thread >post yer links >give reccs and feedback from threadpo…[View]
77466436Stop listening to Death Grips.[View]
77455300/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Playing classical guitar with a pick edition. How do I start learnin…[View]
77460471Why is this album held in such high regard?[View]
77466392*waiting for the new Tool album*[View]
77466356Now she's a zombie.[View]
77462283/bleep/: /bleep/ return of the anime grime edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9BDBJmAbMU…[View]
77466118The new face of emo/stoner rap?: Just found this and i think im on to something GUYS. >stuck on r…[View]
77465576German Bands similar to blur: Title says it all^^[View]
77465951Road trip songs: What do you listen to when you go on a trip in winter? I'm going with normies…[View]
77465929ITT: post a state/province/territory and other anons will tell you who the best artist from that are…[View]
77464220Rank the tracks on this album[View]
77465307thoughts on devo?[View]
77465815noob question: why techno artits release their music as singles?[View]
77465661Is she a Zombie now[View]
77464748ITT: musicians who genuinely terrify you[View]
77447325/metal/: badass edition old: >>77439603[View]
77465152New Stuff: Greetings all. Im looking for some new music to listen to. I like all genres though Count…[View]
77465655Post a song that makes you feel like being drunk as fuck in a mosh pit throwing your body all over t…[View]
77465653Exclu news release: Hello here is my new release it's the little family house https://musicoin.…[View]
77463747Songs about serial killers: Post em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afeAUndotas https://www.youtube…[View]
77461497/2018/: so lads, what's you're aotysf?[View]
77454731Was it really that bad?[View]
77465129who are some good contemporary jazz pianists?[View]
77462458What does /mu/ think of Sheer Mag?[View]
77465020Desert Island records: So, you will spend the rest of your life on a desert island, and you are allo…[View]
77465265https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOLE1YE_oF more music with synth loops?[View]
77465232Hootie & The Blowfish: Their album Cracked Rear View is a huge nostalgia thing for me bc my dad …[View]
77465059Let's do this shit. >only truly, honest opinions >no pretentious shit The White Album …[View]
77464173I LOVE YOU, JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST, I LOVE YOU, YES I DO I've listened to this album a lot…[View]
77463373>I'm turkey hungry, I'm chicken free what did he mean by this?…[View]
77464642NARGAROTH: Why is he so hated in the black metal community?[View]
774645475x5 7 day thread? 5x5 7 day thread please r8 m8 and recs would be quite nice too I'll r8 your c…[View]
77461958SHE DONE SAYING SORRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dAgTwSkxBM[View]
77463476What are some essential /whiteteenagemalegrowingupinthesuburbs/ core albums?[View]
77463871KPOP GENERAL[View]
77464315>talk shit about an album on /mu/ >i haven't actually heard it…[View]
77464917What's your autistic music file sorting setup like, /mu/? I have a very regimented procedure fo…[View]
77465001The Twin Snakes[View]
77456311Okay /mu/. I want to see you argue over which of the following bands are better: Beatles vs The Beac…[View]
77462253Post your favorite female artists >pic related >Antoinette 'Toni' Halliday https://www.youtube…[View]
77464073>tfw discover weekly fucking sucked this week[View]
77459430wtf this is just tool but good[View]
77464868Anyone had a similar experience?: This shit freaks me out, must be one weird coincidense. >Back i…[View]
77464487http://metaldisciple.com/aesthetics.html >De gustibus non disputandem est. Matters of taste are n…[View]
77464187Helios: Any idea where i can get a bust like pic related? I've looked everywhere for a bust of …[View]
77464701ITT: albums that seemed perfect on first listen until the vocals kicked in pic ULTRA-related[View]
77461216So you /mu/tants can agree that the Ramones is pretty much a poor man's Sonic Youth right?[View]
77464843Music for high value, upper class people, with high social status. Post albums. https://www.youtube.…[View]
77464396>sat in sixth form study area >year 7 walks past >year 7 says 'rolex is proper music, …[View]
77464768Post obscure albums: >how you found it >would you recommend it if anyone recognizes your album…[View]
77463013ITT: post a band's actual best album[View]
77462858OK: Holy shit...[View]
77459875So Throbbing Gristle / Genesis P-Orridge / Psychic TV is playing in my city next month, and I'm…[View]
77464707>tfw no Lady Lamb gf[View]
77463265who's your favorite Nerdcore rapper /mu/?[View]
77464692Does she have a point, /mu/? No babies until the bombing stops? https://youtu.be/vw1FdaI1DUI[View]
77464659What are some songs with really deep and thought provoking lyrics? >Your friends are high right n…[View]
77462775Does anyone own a Kalimba? How easy is it to play? I'm thinking of getting my girlfriend a Kali…[View]
77462803What does /mu/ think of Pet shop boys?[View]
77461375>muhhh look at me I'm Nils Frahm I play pretentious modern classical piano music which glori…[View]
77464647How do you choose what music to listen to? There is so much music and so little time, and I don…[View]
77463721What does hip hop bring to the table if it strips out most of the vocal melodies in favour of rhythm…[View]
77464099MK-ULTRA confirmed?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUIYWs3fdlk @ 10:06[View]
77463120Holy shit...[View]
77464014is glam metal the most aesthetic genre in music history?[View]
77463212Please rec me some more pop albums with melodies as achingly beautiful as these? Doesn't have t…[View]
77461925*removes It Ain't Easy*[View]
77462722Anybody in Minnesota wanna collab on an industrial project?[View]
77462887songs by artists that are unique in their discography: post songs by artists that sound nothing like…[View]
77462711Name that album: Describe an album cover and others guess the album... Drawn in detail Fox head with…[View]
77464402ITT: songs you like which used intentionally shitty production: Born To Be Wild That awesome-soundin…[View]
77413578/daily/ - full of normies? edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for ne…[View]
77462272I see a black man and i want him painted red, no negroes in my land i want them all dead. I hear the…[View]
77462845You're only allowed to keep one of those for the rest of your life, which one do you pick?[View]
77460521>le jazz loop >mc doodles 'yo yo the love you feel/make you real uh huh' >10/10 GOAT master…[View]
77464106can we post bedtime-core ITT?[View]
77463947/shugazi/ - Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Noise Pop, Blackgaze etc. general: Post some comfy albums I can lis…[View]
77464155Omnipotent Youth Society: What are some albums/artists that sound like this?[View]
77464116Songs and lyrics that capture the human condition: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
77463698fun game, name a Metallica song that isn't in the key of E or A minor I'll start: One[View]
77464044>American Pie comes on the radio at work >fades out after the second chorus…[View]
77458334Soundcloud/Bandcamp General: I didn't see an active one so here. This is my most recent song dr…[View]
77463992Do You Like My Music?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFr6L8N5qE29rmPKceg1qVg/featured[View]
77461980La mesnie Herlequin: Does anyone know when the web shop for La mesnie Herlequin opens again? I would…[View]
77463920Music: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sXzLVr32Rw8[View]
77457343Shuffle your library. Post first 10 songs.: No lying. 1. Too Many Zooz - Inward 2. Vampire Weekend -…[View]
77462416Tabs and Chords: Is there some trick I'm missing? I find it nearly impossible to find tabs/chor…[View]
77462725KPOP GENERAL[View]
77463401what do you do when you find out that one of your favourite artists has racist tendencies?[View]
77462590How do I properly review the music I listen to?: Note I don't actually care about doing this to…[View]
77458388Luxury Elite: What happened to her? She had the best Wednesday night live streams... She's jus…[View]
77463764>British rap choo choo[View]
77463232Im searching for a drum loop that is similar to the one from 'Lyn Collins - Think' There is a drum l…[View]
77463363Why is this so good?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZjt_sA2eso[View]
77462513My 3x3 of the past 7 days. Let's see em.[View]
77463636>Crt+F >'Math' >No math rock thread I'm craving some more mathrock. Post rec…[View]
77463720Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye: What do you guys think of my interpretation of 'Johnny I Harldy Knew Ye'? ?…[View]
77463472X: X makes a fucking vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUIYWs3fdlk&feature=push-u-sub&att…[View]
77463414We are the colors in the dark[View]
77462108Anyone know how to make the end of my guitar strap look nicer?[View]
77463545Rate my band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrmU8FVd1HM (Lyrics in spanish)[View]
77451154Debate on which one is better[View]
77463248Don’t wait for the avant-garde[View]
77462749Thoughts on Quasimoto?[View]
77463254Why are all his covers better than the original?: >Hallelujah >I Know It’s Over >Lilac Win…[View]
77461756Why is this album so hard to find. I just want to buy it for my collection[View]
77463362>mfw hearing the kill bill siren on a track not produced by 808 mafia[View]
77462591What are your opinion on Edith Piaf? Doesn't seem to be talked much round here or anywhere else…[View]
77462909i swear i listened to this album 4 times and i can't remember a single second. it's pleasa…[View]
77446357share it up[View]
77461914Beatles: 1. Abbey Road 2. The White Album 3. Magical Mystery Tour & Sgt Peppers 5. Revolver 6. L…[View]
7745960710/10 satire. How does he not break character?[View]
77462444Action Bronson: This man is terrible. Aside from a few 'meh' rhymes, he's terrible. He had the …[View]
77451641Turn a shitty LP into a 10/10 EP: Previous thread: >>77431912 I’ll start: 1. Father Stretch My…[View]
77463091Modus Operandi: Hey there! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this tiny band called Mod…[View]
77463020hello /mu/ I want to make some music but I want to start off with chopping up samples most important…[View]
77462979post obscure night bus music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEmyF8zP234[View]
77459936Does anyone else like listening to music on a discman? It's easily the comfiest way to listen t…[View]
77461883Was it their best?[View]
77461992What year did american Beatles fans learn that ringo was a last minute swap out? Or any fan that did…[View]
77462897>flashin >LIGHTS >LIGHTS…[View]
77461847What are the best industrial/nu metal bands? Ive been getting into orgy and MSI lately[View]
77461241Listens to Kendrick once[View]
77432265/mu/'s Top 100 Songs of 2017: ITT: /mu/ picks the top 100 songs of 2017 >post your favorite …[View]
77460036Customer friendly recs: I've recently been given tracklisting powers at the café I'm worki…[View]
77462567This is AOTC for bleak winters and brutalist modern architecture or generally shitty, run down city …[View]
77451356Do you care about material things?[View]
77450813Are you really *listening* to music if you're simultaneously doing ANYTHING else? I mean, if yo…[View]
77461712man why is every post on here so needlessly provocative[View]
77462332Ayyy, I think about the day: >my goy he ran away with my pay[View]
77459931KPOP GENERAL[View]
77462535Milo Aukerman[View]
77462467Need some more chill ass shit like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1_w4iKar_8 https://www.yout…[View]
77462220How the fuck are you supposed to trill your r's. Ive been looking at yt tutorial after ty tutor…[View]
77450863what album from the 2000s still feels fresh? >inb4 strokes nah[View]
77461450Before: Refuse is our inspiration Terrorism our trade Sabotage and piracy Chaos our mental state Mes…[View]
77462189Duet For Washing Machine + Bass: I mentioned a stoned bass + washing machine duet in a thread ~14 ho…[View]
77454782Post your favorite album /mu Also, general music discussion.[View]
77462178Found this dudes stuff, pretty cool. https://soundcloud.com/yunganxiety[View]
77461975Is this image real? Is this really mc ride?[View]
77460617https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HEhV1dQvCE How do you even reach this level of mastery over an inst…[View]
77461810When did this lose its meme-status? /mu/ never seems to talk about it anymore.[View]
77460246What do you think people in the future will think of this era we now live in, the era of sameness, b…[View]
77441610PUNK ROCK MOTHERFUCKING GENERAL: 'rules': - no bullshit - discuss bands, lists, charts, styles, punk…[View]
77462025can /u/ help me finding this famous music video about a girl killing her parents but in the end none…[View]
77461976Any Metallica fans here wanna fill me in on something? Who wrote 'Seek & Destroy'? Was it Metall…[View]
77460765please /mu/ help, I can not stop listening to these faggots. It's really a guilty pleasure[View]
77459955>'All I am saying is give conflict a try'[View]
77461544What was the inspiration behind foxygen? Besides the Clean[View]
77461554Is Bruno Mars the only 80's black man alive?[View]
77461784Pop Punk (): How is /mu/ completely unaware of the pop punk renaissance? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
77451510Does anybody post their SC stuff to other places? I've been posting to 4chan threads for a whi…[View]
77459077>album has parental advisory sticker >still censored…[View]
77461635post GOAT streaks[View]
77461685Rate my clip :): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmVKjeIBzM4[View]
77461673damn what post isn't b8 at this point why everyone gotta post b8 fucck[View]
77457219What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
77457481Holy shit[View]
77458597What’s the best VU album and why is it self-titled?[View]
77459800This album is one of the best albums of 2000-2005 and maybe in the top 5 of 2001[View]
77461193why the FUCK was this guy hated so much?[View]
77461454Is post-post-rock a thing yet? If not, post comfy post-rock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_WcNDy5…[View]
77461196Who has the most well known songs between these two?[View]
77460370WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO: Alright you /mu/tts what the FUCK are you listening to RIGHT NOW????!!? F…[View]
77461380It doesn't matter who he is collaborating with it always sounds like white people music.[View]
77460840Did you cry[View]
77460596I want to get a better footing on producing but every time I try FL studio, I get barely anything ou…[View]
77461269ITT: Essential albums for sycophants[View]
77460287Is big kirby /our guy/? https://soundcloud.com/guillotine-shawty/big-kirby-bitch[View]
77460926I'm looking for more funky house/electro vibe oldschool hip-hop like N.W.A., EPMD, Eric B. …[View]
77460906>>403508154 >Have a masters in music theory and composition. >Composing music has been m…[View]
77461119So what exactly do the planets mean?[View]
77456171Last.fm 3x3 / 4x4 / 5x5: hmmmmm[View]
77461087New soundcloud song by me give it a listen: https://soundcloud.com/star_gazed/lonely-or-lovely look…[View]
77459595>Bite the Pain >it's not about eating french bread…[View]
77460658>now you be the stranger and >I'll be the white-skinned son >you'll blacken my in…[View]
77460430ITT: Play me the song of your people: https://youtu.be/s0CvSIhF_tA - Canada[View]
77458696I keep making the same shitty formulaic song no matter how hard I try, any time I have a good idea i…[View]
77460437Hey! I just got a bass guitar second hand, and this is the only logo on it. What brand is it?[View]
77456334Is/Was Vaporwave overrated?: The music and the overall impact of it wasn't just a little too mu…[View]
77459217Can someone help me find a song?: I came across this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nad7SQhtno in …[View]
77457953whats the opinion of mu about this mixtape just listened to it and I'm still amazed by it.[View]
77458367Is his career dead?[View]
77460829I'm going to bed, /mu/. Post your sleep playlists guys. Do you order them in any particular way…[View]
77459313I think we can agree Wayne is GOAT[View]
77459649What's their end-game? What the fuck is their problem? Are they part of a government conspirac…[View]
77460833What's the best way to find harsh Noise concerts in my area? Also, if anyone knows any harsh no…[View]
77460591Why do you guys act like 69 is better than zilla? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpcVLE2zXdM https:…[View]
77460750this is good[View]
77457899recs based on type combinations: here's a bunch to start off: > Grass/ice Rubber Rodeo - Fo…[View]
77459927And in the land of star crossed lovers And barren hearted wanderers Forever lost in forsaken missive…[View]
77460627Fuck, does the rest of 2018 even stand a chance? This is incredible.[View]
77459677Knxwledge: ive recently been trying to get into knxwledges music but find it hard to constantly buy …[View]
77460315Robbie Blumpkin Unidentified Song: The man who own this Instagram has made my life just a pain to fi…[View]
77457216Jay-Z is a bad rapp-[View]
77459480Thoughts Tool's Lateralus?[View]
77460518Stand Your Ground: /syg/ general Stand Your Ground is the home of music arguments that are out of …[View]
77442704So /mu/ calls alot of music dadrock, what would momrock be? Chicago, Bryan Adams, Journey?[View]
77455125Jason Molina >proficient in several genres >soulful singing voice with impressive range >in…[View]
77459684ITT: albums where the first half is god like, and the second half is nearly unlistenable.[View]
77459786The most talented song writer of the 21st century.[View]
77450748ITT:: Musicians who fucked up their vocal chords[View]
77460288Runoff Sounds: Does anybody else have a tier list of their favorite vinyl runoff audio? I'm exc…[View]
77460412>and I'm reaching out for you >for you what did Paul Rodgers mean by this?…[View]
77460262>Made three albums >talk about the same shit every time >the one gay >the one talking ab…[View]
77459433What was your favorite album BEFORE you came to /mu/? Pic related was mine (still quite like it) Fee…[View]
77460263Best Jerry Reed Albums[View]
77460321ITT: albums that are made much better by moving the songs around and removing some[View]
77448727From 'WEWWWEWWWEWEWWWW, WOOOOOWEWWWEWWW' to 'Lexus Mercedes-Benz GTA 5 Mission Passed Fanfare.' Is t…[View]
77460092>Why are you listening to that music when you could listen to that real?…[View]
77460278u a dork neva been a sport[View]
77460087i'm sad and drunk, music for this feel please[View]
77458737Why are normies so obsessed with music being relatable?[View]
77454959Crystal Castles: So I just found out Ethan Kath is a pedo, reading all these articles and Alices blo…[View]
77452178Could I get some albums like pic related? I really enjoy the progressive rock elements of it, but I …[View]
77451737What's some 'My taste is vastly intellectually superior to yours'-core?[View]
77457367hey /mu/ i recently found out that the mods are fucking gay and don’t like anime titties what’s some…[View]
77459583When will you admit he was right?[View]
77456881Could Neil Peart do what Whiplash guy did at the end of the movie?[View]
77458975when did /mu/ stop being emo?[View]
77455755ITT Times Your Music Helped You Score: Fellow /mu/sicans, has your music ever played somewhat of a r…[View]
77459115Holy Shit[View]
77459825>Gets Casio keyboard >Messes around with it for a couple of mouths >Get's some good b…[View]
77458357Post Malone episode of Ghost Adventures. Get ready for some comfy ghost bros in a bit with /tv/, guy…[View]
77459872Will he ever make another album? his debut was the peak of trap[View]
77459752The first track was fucking great, but the rest of the album just doesn't click. What do you th…[View]
77459018KPOP GENERAL[View]
77457441>I listen to music from before I was born[View]
77459375Good places to (il)legally download music for free?: I just wanna listen to some tunes while I do wo…[View]
77458685Can we have a Prince thread? The guy produced, arranged, and composed almost all of his music, prett…[View]
77459342What does /mu/ like to listen to when they get high? Post music and drug if choice. Mine's pic …[View]
77459109Hello /mu/ . I've been a dancepop fan my entire life. Recently I realized how bored I'm of…[View]
77458587(WTS)MG>Definitely Maybe>The Masterplan>SOTSOG>the rest Is this accurate?[View]
77456435I CAN NOT REMEMBER THE NAME OF THAT SONG: So I posted this really late last night, and didn't r…[View]
77454397whats next for his career?[View]
77457280BROCKHAMPTON GENERAL: show some love for Americas Fav boyband![View]
77459556The Residents - My Window: I think everyone on this site (perhaps in the world) should listen to thi…[View]
77456297Advice for new Songwriters: I just recieved a comment back from a record label that I sent my band…[View]
77456847Tunes for when the bombs start falling what music to play during a full scale nuclear war scenario?[View]
77458148How do I find a rapper/signer who'll take my beats? U.K. based, here.[View]
77458006If Chester had killed himself after this album his death would've been bigger than Kurt Cobain…[View]
77454115>that feedback on 1992[View]
77456897This is a great post grunge album Why do you hate Foo Fighters so much, moo?[View]
77459308>I am the sun and the air of a shyness that is criminally vulgar[View]
77450240why does this album show up here so often? who is this girl?[View]
77452190Any recommendations for albums like these? I'm totally in love with this sound/vibe.[View]
77457321What does /mu/ think of Breaking Benjamin?[View]
77458138Why do avant-teens like this album so much?[View]
77459224Country and folk music has been really speaking to me lately. Post your favorites /mu/. I like the u…[View]
77455533Post the best music you've ever heard in a strip club: I'm starting. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
77456796seen a thread here several times alleging this to be satanic music and the model is mkultra and the …[View]
77459139Name a comfier album. You can't[View]
77455226ITT: comfy albums[View]
77455965https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NPATRzaF00 Why is Will re-recording Twin Fantasy? The songs just do…[View]
77458754Can we all agree that he's better than Dilla?[View]
77453534live versions that kick the shit out of the studio versions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B0kIA3…[View]
77459007Sup faggots.[View]
77458055kpop general[View]
77458848It's actually amazing.[View]
77453771Holy Shit: I don’t typically like metal, but this was unironically gut wrenching: >white slavery …[View]
77458943he's back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdW3UJ7lQvU[View]
77457688Korn: Actually not bad, apart from the crying at the end. Bass kills on this.[View]
77457097>yeah I listen to music[View]
77457747For people who are caught up with the news. Do you think the new Tool album will come out this year?[View]
77458823https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qtX_mlN__A What's the background music in this video? I think …[View]
77456817/mu/core alternatives: I notice that a lot of people get criticized for having /mu/core albums in th…[View]
77458525>artist gets fat[View]
77452050Albums That Never Were: Thoughts on this guy and his work? http://albumsthatneverwere.blogspot.com/?…[View]
77458703holiday weekend dubtrack night?: come shitpost with us. https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/the-crabcast-cr…[View]
77455182Are there any instances of an experimental/inaccessible artist making pop music on the side for the …[View]
77451486Insane core: Anyone have a more up to date version of this?[View]
77451896ITT: Shitty overrated bands[View]
77458210band find: I need help finding this one album I listened to on a rabbit and I forgot its name. Its r…[View]
77453326Flavor-of-the-month bands that literally only you remember and still listen to. Pic related.[View]
77456097ITT: post covers better than the originals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiZPrFy73uE[View]
77452618SPILL IT WILL[View]
774574846ix9ine more like 1ne4our hahaha[View]
77458230Does committing suicide add weight to an artist's work? Take Linkin Park, for example. People a…[View]
77455956>At guitar shop >Overhear a guy talking about his band to the clerk >'Yeah we're prett…[View]
77456573suggest relatively unknown underrated bands to others thread :)[View]
77454474Are they reviving prog rock?[View]
77457782Albums for long flights: As title says[View]
77455047All Caps just hit ten million views on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewc1hixzYPY Say some…[View]
77440371>Heyyy... heeeyyyyyy... heeeeyyyyyy... HEEEEEY-AYYYYYYYYYH...[View]
77458141Why is Wolf Alice so rarely mentioned here? Visions of a Life was easily one of last years better al…[View]
77457049please tell me why its good: alright mu someone please explain to me why is pic related literally nu…[View]
77457878>i'm a gang bangin ass nigga who don't fuck wit police >i be fuckin wit the system t…[View]
77455916german: Anything goes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNBjcnKu2v0[View]
77456982KPOP GENERAL[View]
77456461Best rock albums of 2017: Didn't see a lot of rock records getting buzz during list season - wh…[View]
77451166Does ur family know u make music? What do they think of it?[View]
77453846opinions on this album?[View]
77457766Why Does Everyone Hate The Bridge?: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/billy-joel-albums-ranked/ https:/…[View]
77457592Link when????[View]
77457407Why is eurobeat so good? https://youtu.be/gUzE4xJvct4[View]
77457744Floater: I've recently discovered this band because I live in the area. But I haven't met …[View]
77456971What do i do????: >listen to shit my friends dont like / find too weird >normie tier shit by /…[View]
77453600Best Black Sabbath album?: I wanted to know what /mu/ thinks is the best Black Sabbath album, or the…[View]
77457690Are there any serious contenders for best original score? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCNsHSJrn9…[View]
77454690Jimi Hendrix belongs NOWHERE NEAR a top 10 guitarists list. >He was too stupid to correctly rest…[View]
77455345Itt: Post the whitest music ever I'll start: https://youtu.be/myzNWd-Pp2g[View]
77457477wat if dis album cum out in 1968[View]
77456986Do you guys listen to entire songs? I usually get bored and skip with like a minute left[View]
77454657mono or stereo?[View]
77455123Vancouver: how's the music scene in Vancouver? is it possible to meet nice people and talk/work…[View]
77457185Fuck, Marry, Kill[View]
77456111Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
77450971THIS IS THE BEST KING CRIMSON ALBUM: It's a fact, and nothing you say will change it[View]
77457342ITT: So bad, it's good[View]
77456902So, when I was like 5 my grandparents made me a mix cd. Nearly 15 years later I no longer have the C…[View]
77457278What's your favorite recording of the chaconne from J.S. Bach Partita no.2? A lot of the greate…[View]
77455382>try to expand music horizons >check out Top 50 from different countries around the world …[View]
77456192it's really mediocre[View]
77457303albums cover thread: i need albums covers of the best music[View]
77455772Is jizz jazz synthy pop really at the forefront of the current musical zeitgeist?[View]
77455089Forever alone songs. I don't want 'I just broke up and miss my GF' I mean FOREVER alone. I…[View]
77455684Reddit: Kendrick Lamar 4chan: 6ix9ine[View]
77456416You groove you lose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTKY8NKKgjo[View]
77456855Where should i start with free jazz? I listened to pic related but i guess it was too much to take i…[View]
77456230>tfw you can't even muster a tear to the saddest albums recommended on /mu/ because emotionl…[View]
77438182do girls like these who '''listen''' to /mu/-core music really listen to the music or just rep these…[View]
77454187Childish Gambino: What does /mu/ think about this nigga? Also Atlanta was good tho[View]
77456957ITT: Music for sycophants[View]
77456831Where can i find free music software? i want to try some stuff out bros.[View]
77455890KPOP GENERAL[View]
77455943Coldplay Blue Room EP: What the fuck? This is actually good. If they kept doing this they wouldve pr…[View]
77455951What does he listen to?[View]
77455250SHE DOESN'T KNOW[View]
77455516Why the did no one Recc me Curve???: Lightyears better than MyBloodyVagina, and I haven't even …[View]
77455309>Artist justifies selling out by calling it 'growing'[View]
77455894>”into music” >doesn’t play an instrument >doesn’t produce >not even a basic knowledge o…[View]
77455851you guys like jazz rock? Totally fucking underrated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BvI6CA3FWU…[View]
77456802holy shit: more like this bros?[View]
77456562Stronger than me..: >amy winehouse predicts rise of nu-males[View]
77456642What is the best Neil Young album?: I personally like Harvest a lot[View]
77455092What are some essential indie rock/alternative albums: can be recent or classic, just looking for re…[View]
77456525ITT post comfy/somber music to listen to in bed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFQ4nuUuwNo[View]
77456635What other albums would you recommend me based on these 3? yeh I like beep boop radiohead and afrobe…[View]
77456630/eg/: Why does Selena Gomez keep collabing with every big electronic artist or producer? >inb4 Av…[View]
77454556De-Loused in the Comatorium: Thoughts on this album?[View]
77444315What are the best and worst Death Grips albums? Also best and worst songs?[View]
77388767/bleep/: /bleep/ why are we still trying edition https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jcVU68O67TU…[View]
77456473What does /mu/ think about Rollerskate Skinny?[View]
77456405So: Why mutards don't like ambient?[View]
77449240What are some Radiohead-tier musical evolutions? As in an artists that starts out by releasing medi…[View]
77455849ITT: Great bands who are not respected due to juvenile lyrics[View]
77455033Can anyone recommend me music with similar 'maritime' kind of piano melodies found on the …[View]
77455522name some good songs aboutbeing gay with your dad.[View]
77454747who's better, Curve or MBV? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ7_ufLazwM[View]
77455770You guys like Tesseract?[View]
77456172Contemporary funk: Any recommendations for modern funk with an old school 80s vibe? Maybe synth funk…[View]
77456150New Tool?: Possible Tool leak from /b/. Proceed with caution. The files are real, that is to say the…[View]
77456128Emo Urban Outfitters Teen Core: What does /mu/ think of The Neighborhood??? https://youtu.be/vKH-rc…[View]
77453776Whats the deal with David Bowie? Seems absurd that people act like he's some rock god. All it s…[View]
77453413Did you forget me, anon/?[View]
77455969Rate my taste in music: Rate my taste in music based on my most listened-to songs, r9k: > Coldpla…[View]
77456040Why is Blue Frank not on here? Also The Pink Room I guess[View]
77455982Rockabilly, Country; John Pine.: /mu/'s thoughts and opinions on John Pine? He is reminiscent t…[View]
77452067synthwave > futurefunk > vaporwave: discuss[View]
77451757Getting into Animal Collective: I've only heard Merriweather Post Pavilion because /mu/core and…[View]
77451603Death of Music - Devin Townsend: I wanted to share this. A vocal masterpiece. Thanks /mu/ for all of…[View]
77435874Soundcloud threads are dead Time for a night edition! Post, Leave Feedback, Enjoy https://soundcloud…[View]
77455880What do you consider villaincore, /mu/?[View]
77453489MEDIEVAL PROG THREAD: Can any band beat Renaissance? Give me recs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y…[View]
77454934Is this one of the best pop hits ever? Its crazy infectious. Whenever it comes on in a club people g…[View]
77454907KPOP GENERAL[View]
77454497ITT: Autism: If you had a theme song what would it be?[View]
77455373Sad nigga hours: Its time for S A D N I Q Q A H O U R S Post in here if you're a sad nigga and …[View]
77455744Kim Shattuck of The Muffs/The Pandoras/The Pixies sexually assaulted Nardwuar when he interviewed he…[View]
77455726What are some songs that sound similar to Ful Stop by Radiohead?[View]
77453973When does it clicks?[View]
77455009How many Oasis fans are left in the US?[View]
77455617Amazing album https://youtu.be/jbGTggv8IEI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DozCxuZYFLk https://youtu…[View]
77442348This is the best thing Panda has done since Person Pitch. This is the best thing anyone from AnCo ha…[View]
77451379Is this the pinnacle of music?[View]
77454368Psychedelic/Space Rock Thread: Post recs, get recs[View]
77455501how do i cope with the horrifying nightmare in which hope sandoval will never be my qtp2t gf?[View]
77454882why is passing your girl around to your 'clique' such a common theme in rap music nowadays? for exam…[View]
77455467Recommend me music: https://open.spotify.com/user/zerefdragneelzf?si=A_4zJKoDRXqkSw962_zfug…[View]
77455445overall album: very good fave track: the river phlegethon rowlin: juiced[View]
77455413after years of saying that releasing this song would signal the end of their career against the post…[View]
77454090Can anyone recommend me some albums to get me into more ambient music? I've been really enjoyin…[View]
77436578chart: the other one died right before i finished typing out nice replies for everyone[View]
77449567Post your favorite album and your personality type: >ENFP-T[View]
77455050/poprock/: Post pop rock, pop punk, and power pop that doesn't suck.[View]
77445774/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Vomit edition. How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com …[View]
77451350Arcade Fire Thread[View]
77452920Post your favourite album and the worst thing you've done.: I'll start, i'm not proud…[View]
77451392Omegle thread! Type '/mu/' into your interests and start chatting away![View]
77454285So is Mac the new influential artist of the last 5 years? He's spawned the generation of torch …[View]
77454616Vietnam era music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJVpihgwE18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
77453719ITT: songs where the instruments aren’t in perfect time with the drum beat.[View]
77455209I'm Not Racist (deep song): Don't usually like rap, but this song is pretty cool https://w…[View]
77455127grimes thread[View]
77454118Who won?: >As You Were ~450,000 units shifted worldwide Two Top 40 singles in the UK 71 score on …[View]
77455107Albums like this?: One of the only recent post-punk albums I've enjoyed. Hook me up with some o…[View]
77453917What do you think about zillakami /mew/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpcVLE2zXdM https://www.you…[View]
77437848Post album covers you wish were albums.[View]
77455008http://www.lightyear.fm/ which lightyear range is the most patrician?[View]
77452847there will never be any more white stripes albums: discuss[View]
77452201Post albums where the final track is the best track[View]
77454730>just stepped away from my computer and spent ten minutes looking for my earphones that were alre…[View]
77454914Best vocalist of 2018[View]
77445863Can you guys recommend some /mu/core math-rock? I think I like it.[View]
77445932What Movie Albums Would Be: Pic related is Blue Velvet or pretty much any Lynch movie[View]
77454124kpop general[View]
77448735You have 10 seconds to post your top 3 hip hop albums of all time. GO![View]
7742610990s indie thread: Post any good indie album/song from the 90s[View]
77452934>Implying to listening to music on a crosley isn't the most patrician…[View]
77454763garage rock revival: any good garage rock album recs? revival or original...[View]
77447512Old 5x5 thread is kill. Discuss Music[View]
77453408where do you download music? i'm looking for an album and i don't know where to look. i ju…[View]
77454737What genre of Rock is this???: https://youtu.be/qghT5cTLYaY[View]
77452341What went wrong with contemporary 'indie'[View]
77448079My dad wants to get me music equipment for my birthday What should I ask for? Pic related is my curr…[View]
77454126I never hear anyone discussing this on here.: It’s by far better than any Frank project so far in my…[View]
77454060/bleep/ House Edition: deep, minimal, tech.. whatever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8z8r9KOlg0…[View]
77448567Jazz: I'll tell you one thing -- I'm no longer ashamed of my inability to 'get into' jazz.…[View]
77453992>You've got everything now >And what a terrible mess I've made of my life >Oh, …[View]
77454466How do you remix? Isn't it just taking a part of another song (like the chorus) and recreating …[View]
77454442artists that look oddly similar to each other?: yo why does Jason pierce and Ian Williams look reall…[View]
77454214Paul Di'Anno was unironically a better sound for Maiden[View]
77453433i got shit taste in music only listen to normie shit help me change that recommend me some /mu-kino/…[View]
77454341have u sent them your demo?[View]
77449223What does he listen to?[View]
77454188Is it weird for an electronic & hip-hop musician to play their own music live (via Ableton, with…[View]
77453095ITT: Guilty pleasure albums[View]
77451490Hey /mu/, I've been listening to a lot of Boards of Canada and Lapalux and Vertigo Inc., along …[View]
77453590is this album patrician? my gf likes it more than me and she has patrician taste, says i'm not …[View]
77453923Give me afrobeat recs[View]
77454075>As anyone who follows election news reporting knows, polling isn't conclusive. And polling …[View]
77453509Strong Russian Accent: Hi. I have a problem, and maybe you guys can help. So, I NEED to make my own …[View]
77453988Jenny Death when[View]
77453143KPOP GENERAL: ISAC[View]
77453746Rec skramz pls[View]
77448332/shugazi/: get it goin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbcBq8KOXYE[View]
77452224This will be the year for soundboards and something else, I sense it. Meanwhile let's have a co…[View]
77452854Honest question: Is Aja the best sounding record ever made? Which other albums are perfect examples …[View]
77436327Album cover wallpaper thread! Share 'em![View]
77453875Does anyone know the music that's in the background of this ad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
77448978What do gamefaqs posters listen to?[View]
77448635I think you better quit: >talking that shit[View]
77453727Hidden Gems?: Hey /mu/ what are some songs no one knows about but are really good? Ill start charles…[View]
77453058so what's nu dad rock? old dad rock like rolling stones, doors, ac/dc etc. is now granpa rock[View]
77435467Best Album Art: Post the best Album cover art. Doesn't matter if the album it self is good or b…[View]
77453392best albums by female artist[View]
77452974Entry level songs from your favorite artists[View]
77452222>'so anon what's your favorite band?'[View]
77453646Tricky - Which albums of his are worth listening to? I know at one point he was forced to make album…[View]
77447314why do these two hate each other?[View]
77453593What is the best Bowie album and why?: I think it is Low for many reasons, mainly because of the ele…[View]
77453540Who else?[View]
77451696ITT: Underrated albums in an artists/band's discography[View]
77451639Jazz albums recommendations: I'm down for any and all, just fuck me up /mu/[View]
77453380ITT: great albums with shit artwork[View]
77450785is there a bigger hack in music than this guy?[View]
77451765I'm sick of winter. Post me some summer music, will ya?[View]
77452357any of you anons have a link to interstellar soundtrack, no active links in the archive. thanks anon…[View]
77452937ella ella eh eh eh[View]
77453147>putting the same song on the album twice Why?[View]
77452164does /mu know about/like fog lake?[View]
77452815Rec me some 'avant-garde'[View]
77453031Help Me Find This Song: Hey /mu/. There's this song from my childhood I can't remember the…[View]
77452003JUICY ROWLING: she's a milk maid and her music doesn't suck![View]
77452931>he calls himself a hip hop fan but doesn't he even know his favorite rappers dick size http…[View]
77451566Are these jackets cringey if they're well-made? Obviously most of them look like shit. I'm…[View]
77452803Recommendationcore you actually like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j58V2vC9EPc[View]
77450624Will there be a New TOOL album: Well?[View]
77451096Rate this artist give me your reasoning and remember, be honest.[View]
77452170KPOP GENERAL: ISAC edition[View]
77445683ITT: mirrored album covers[View]
77452425rec me albums similar to this[View]
77452832candy pop: is the girl in candy pop mv the same as tt?[View]
77450241Wireless Headphones: So I'm thinking about picking up pic related. Am I making a mistake? What …[View]
77449843What do you think these nice lads are going to do on Tuesday?[View]
77451286Post good obscure albums[View]
77451360Who is the most TALENTED female musician?[View]
77452591Anyone else excited that Friendly Fires are finally working on releasing their next album? The clips…[View]
77452546literally 2/10 album, calm your tits rowling[View]
77452447So what did you guys think of aaron dilloways new release?[View]
77451970This is actually a great album.[View]
77452235WEEKLY CHART THREAD + Recommendations for me: post the music u most listened to this week, you know …[View]
77451965What software do you guys use to test the audio quality of your files? Tired of downloading albums …[View]
77443569Can we all agree that j-pop>>>k-pop?[View]
77449682>title track is the 4th in the tracklist why is this so common[View]
77442875Why has no one told me about this album? If someone like Radiohead or Bjork made this, it would be c…[View]
77451793What's her most depressing album? (In artistic context, not quality)[View]
77448378New Andrew W.K.: > Andrew W.K. - Music Is Worth Living For https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdW3UJ…[View]
77451046I'M. JUST. KIDDING![View]
77452070Can I learn piano at a basic level on a 61 key midi controller? I want to get better at piano for ge…[View]
77447000What albums are you looking forward to this year?[View]
77452167The real AOTY 2017[View]
77449360>My band played here a lot in the ’90s when we had >Lots of female fans, and fuck, they all we…[View]
77451136Does the amount of stuff you own from a group make you any more of a fan of them? You see, I listen …[View]
77450656>He enjoys listening to music Why haven't you taken the buckleypill yet?…[View]
77451642Why is this considered to be a comeback album for Kanye? All his previous albums had singles that ch…[View]
77451326KPOP GENERAL: ISAC day[View]
77450911Why does /mu/ hate this track? Not only is it the best on TLOP, it's also one of the top 5 best…[View]
77444796What song is stuck in your head /mu/?: >I'M LIKE A BIIIIIIIRD I'LL ONLY FLY AWAYYYY …[View]
77451990Did anyone go to the Pat Dinizio tribute concert last night?: Dave Davies (The Kinks), Steven Van Za…[View]
77450017New Music Genres?: Anyone know of new music genres over the last year?[View]
77450609Best Live Albums[View]
77446552Contemporary post-punk: Looking for recs for contemporary post-punk, pic-related are some of the ban…[View]
77447365What is your one (1) song of all time? A single song that goes through all of your life, the one yo…[View]
77406395/classical/: >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern classical. Also contains a…[View]
77449972trash 'artists' mu tricked you into listening to bc of sluts[View]
77449764ITT Pleb filters[View]
77451822What's the capacitor function on DACs? I removed one near RCA output and my DAC still works.[View]
77446654ITT: We grab an instrument and play/sing a song and other anons guess what song it is. Instrument do…[View]
77449582What does /mu/ do for drums? Do they use their own samples and use effects in DAWs to shape them? Sy…[View]
77437958ITT: /mu/ sings Two Headed Boy Pt. 1 https://vocaroo.com/[View]
77451688Merzbow: Does anyone know where I can listen to Merzbow's collection tapes? Ive spent all fucki…[View]
77451700Post albums like this one[View]
77450938why is radiohead's fanbase borderline autistic?[View]
77451578Come on who doesn't like a bit of Simply Red??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izOdvBmTDh0 htt…[View]
77451606ITT: We post an album and others quote a lyric from it[View]
77451520post pictures of musicians reaping the fruits of their own success: exhibit A: rejjie snow[View]
77439615/bcg/ - BANDCAMP GENERAL THREAD: Throw your stuff. Talk about other's stuff. Make stuff up. Don…[View]
77451369More shoegaze like this from lesser known bands. Does Starflyer 59 have any more songs that sounds l…[View]
77451101Vocal isolation: Is anyone here good at isolating vocals? Can someone sample the 'I'm just the …[View]
77448496why do we enjoy music more while we are high?[View]
77444376Curious about the demographics of /mu/. Take these strawpolls and let's see who we're real…[View]
77448469quitting music: Have you ever felt the need to quit music, because it interfered with your Life? I n…[View]
77450338KPOP GENERAL: clc goddess edition[View]
77451239at what age did you grow out of metal, /mu/?[View]
77451142What is the best indie band?: And why is it That Handsome Devil?[View]
77450720Recent purchases: Post any albums you’ve bought recently[View]
774508342018 has been the worst fucking year for music prove me wrong idiots[View]
77450089Does he have any good gueat verses? Why not?[View]
77450932Based RYM[View]
77446816Hey /mu/. Going through some tough sort of memes and I need some albums to get me through it. I…[View]
77443867ITT: you post your favorite album and other anons say it sucks: This kind of thread is always fun.…[View]
77450690ITT: Post albums with under 10,000 views on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV64HZEKKnU Kic…[View]
77445156But did he touch those kids?????[View]
77447925Any good teen rock stuff like this album ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePulfgjures Doesn't …[View]
77450258Some help guys: I'm right handed but i play my guitar left handed i play it because its simpler…[View]
77450591>I got 99 problems >and they're all bitches…[View]
77450612Tell me, my pleb friends. What's the difference between listening to any genre where the averag…[View]
77450418What is some good /mu/sic about COFFEE[View]
77449808this is objectively better than the glow pt 2[View]
77450049anyone else here think that 'bands' like GY,BE! that make four-track-21-minutes-per-song a…[View]
77448823Better than Mezzanine tbf[View]
77448813>N.G.:I hate Thom Yorke physically, I dislike that kind of man. >H.J.: I’ve never understood w…[View]
77448919keke 6ix9ine: He fucking droopped his new shit boys, been waiting for ever check that out cunts http…[View]
77450335guys i realize i want to be an edm producer like deadmau5. how do i get started?[View]
77447439>synthwave >future funk >vapor wave hahaha the only great 80s synth genre is minimal wave h…[View]
77449081Black Sabbath- Vol. 4: What went wrong?[View]
77445499Holy shit[View]
77449569What are your favorite instrumental/soundtrack albums?[View]
77449456KPOP GENERAL[View]
77450323yeah mom i'll pay you back once my noise project lifts off[View]
77449629Where's the normal version?[View]
77449950National Songs: Post and rate the National songs of your country. We all give it time though. https:…[View]
77449919Meme instruments[View]
77450068I have yet to find a better a album than Innerspeaker. Ive been able to listen to it for 3 years and…[View]
77449040Were the Sex Pistols a talentless boy band or actually decent musicians? What makes pic related so g…[View]
77445605Why is Bjork so hungry?[View]
77449148Does anyone have those screencaps of John Maus's wife's Instagram? Specifically the post w…[View]
77448002>destroyed a moron in an argument. Music for this feel?[View]
77448779When did you grow out of popular music?[View]
77449963The fact that there's people who haven't heard this album astounds me[View]
77447794Albums that made you realize 'Wow, _ is actually good!?': >Wow, Ska is actually good!?…[View]
77446454Are there any dedicated 1TB or greater Mp3/FLAC players? I miss being able to carry my giant library…[View]
77449833>not having gapless playback in the current year How is this allowed?[View]
77447762Who else started listening to them because of Game Grumps?[View]
77449698Are there any artists that sounds like Tom Rosenthal but less mainstream?[View]
77446282Why the fuck i never hear of amon tobin here,his stuff its really good and most of his work are a 7 …[View]
77431003grims thread: Get in here![View]
77449241PLEASE HELP ME GET INTO FOLK MUSIC: I literally know like 2 folk albums, maybe 3 if counting Bob Dyl…[View]
77449622ain't anything harder than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob7opG_7Pss[View]
77444486Local bands from your areas: Post local bands from your local scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
77445368ITT: Songs with great titles >21st Century Schizoid Man[View]
7744958310/10 Liver performances: Elastica - Generator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glNI6c93now thought?…[View]
77444529solid 7/10 album[View]
77447610Kevin Ayers + Al Kooper + Neil Young + Jonathan Richman + Haruomi Hosono = Mac DeMarco[View]
77449371https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sFNGLPtxkA >has his own sound >distances himself from other t…[View]
77444661Strange symbol: What musician/band does this symbol represent?[View]
77449369I just finished my first vaporwave track. Take a listen.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTz3FWS7AI…[View]
77449405HMLTD: Has anyone heard of these guys? They got an interesting Post-Punk n Glam Punk sound and are p…[View]
77448626KPOP GENERAL[View]
77448907Guess the song from the youtube comment[View]
77447892>you're going to die anyways, so might as well smoke weed, commit crimes and not get an educ…[View]
77449054>take off that shirt anon[View]
77448634Do people actually listen to K/J-Pop unironically? So far the only people I met in real life who lis…[View]
7744744110/10 mixtape[View]
77446044When did you realise you're out of touch with popular music?: I just saw this, and I have absol…[View]
77444025ITT: Music for low testosterone men[View]
77431912turn an album into a 10/10 EP: 1.DNA 2.LUST. 3.FEAR 4.XXX 5.DUCKWORTH.[View]
77445179music for when your team loses its first game of the season[View]
77448765Is War’s Don't Let No One Get You Down the best song of all time? https://youtu.be/QsPVcqA7ezg[View]
77439839What’s the best thing to come out of this island?[View]
77447854does /mu/ like krautrock?[View]
77447983>you'll never slither down bowie's greasy pipe Why even live?…[View]
77433846Top 10s: Post your top 10 favorite albums and others guess your personality[View]
77448082reddit music account: I've been considering making a reddit account that just posts a bunch of …[View]
77448091hey can anyone recognize this songs? I know the quality of the recording is beyond bad. I can't…[View]
77448396what's some /mu/ approved citypop? pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIcjawG4_D4[View]
77448604Needs songs about disappointing your parents[View]
77447757Mr. Twin has been awfully quiet recently What's he up to?[View]
77447860KPOP GENERAL: ISAC edition[View]
77446822I’m certain this is /mu/core[View]
77446180>tfw apple music has a way better selection than spotify but you're on android now and the a…[View]
77447058Make up fake albums: Spooky lemon[View]
77447328We haven't had a Peter Gabriel album since 2002 (fuck off New Blood and Scratch My Back don…[View]
77446742Kino: Any russianbros on here? Can you please tell me about Viktor Tsoi and his band? How were they …[View]
77444280>are we rolling?[View]
77448325https://deepart.io/# Create/post previously done, dumping a few[View]
77448129shut the fuck up I don't want your conversaaation[View]
77446247/ystk/ - Yasutaka Nakata General: General for all things Yasutaka Nakata. This includes: >Capsul…[View]
77447583Is Resident Advisor a patrician site?[View]
77447337I need albums similar to Sunbather (Deafheaven) and Sleep's Holy Mountain Suggestions pls[View]
77446104holy shit[View]
77448116'Hardcore' Punk vs Everybody: I hate local hardcore punk scene bands. They are all elitists that do …[View]
77445065is there any validity to the claim that this artist/album has demonic or satanic values?[View]
77448051What does /mu/ think of Starbomb?[View]
77447264>vapid and regressive pop style >insufferable fanboys >treated as god amongst artists She i…[View]
77447542>Cake, cake-cake, cake-cake, cake >500 million, I got a pound cake >Niggas is frontin'…[View]
77441127Looking for extreme hardcore sex music: I like this album a lot. I can't even begin to count th…[View]
77447865How old were you when you stopped dismissing all reggae and dub music as dudeweedlmao?[View]
77447302EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN: are you excited?[View]
77441796>the absolute state of music journalism[View]
77431895>go on stage to headline woodstock 1999 in front of like 250,000 people + audience at home >dr…[View]
77446405I can go from The Downward Spiral to Grimes to NLDW to Kero Kero Bonito in a matter of minutes[View]
77447594>DANCE ! >DANCE ![View]
77446937KPOP GENERAL[View]
77447839PupSenatro: #PupSenatro https://soundcloud.com/user-783382568/gangstapulp[View]
77447124ITT: artists you want noone else to know you listen to[View]
77447832Searching for related bands: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPwPaCNSJq07enc4ulJcKnX1ZQDgJgE5…[View]
77442861LIL XAN / DIEGO DEAD AT 21: It finally happened https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/lil-xan-dead-at-21.4221…[View]
77447775KING CAPITAL: Where the FUCK is it?[View]
77445301talk more about how she is MKUltra and the albums are Satanic, it makes interest me[View]
77447642>'I like REAL progressive rock' >listens to 20 minutes of radio jingles…[View]
77446700proto post rock?: i like abstract rock music but i don't like progressive rock. what's som…[View]
77447673ITT: Your top 3 as well as your favorite cocktail: 1. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion…[View]
77447452Overlooked/overshadowed good albums: Why didn't you ever tell me this album was so good, /mu/? …[View]
77447529>tfw can't modulate[View]
77447528I just downloaded Grimes: What the fuck do I do with my life now /mu/?[View]
77447400>>77446978 >>77377777 >>77277777 >>77177777 >>77444444 >>7733333…[View]
77445189>”into music” >doesn’t play an instrument >doesn’t produce >not even a basic knowledge o…[View]
77438636Recommend me hip hop without gangsta thugg laif influence whatsoever. That is, no > nigga nigga n…[View]
77446298heyyy this isn't all that bad[View]
77447334>Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, the list goes on and on...[View]
77446150should i sacrifice myself to her while listen to the albums by knife in the chest?[View]
77447250FUCK CIRCLEJERKHEAD STOP RATING FUCK FUCK: Glad we could finally come to some conclusion about this.…[View]
77439920Favorite black sabbbath songs[View]
77445721D U N G E O N S Y N T H: What are some other really terrible genres?[View]
77432300bands that peaked too early[View]
77444736>'I don't like Brockhampton. It's just trend music for millenials. I prefer hip-hop for…[View]
77443241Is Bowie screaming and crying at the end of Five Years the absolute best moment in the history of po…[View]
77446856>/mu/ suddenly hates Limp Bizkit What happened?[View]
77446476Since ~July 2015 I haven’t been keeping up with new music after deciding that I wanted to become mor…[View]
77443483/mu/core soundtracks: Vanilla Sky >Radiohead >Spiritualized >R.E.M. >Sigur Ros >Paul …[View]
7744585180s/90s Japanese music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enteVV1TgqU[View]
77445907KPOP GENERAL[View]
77441644Post Songs that are not in English[View]
77446894Does anyone know where I can find this?[View]
77445039/noise/: DOA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVa_RBBtV2E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_L2T0Pzyj…[View]
77442588What does /mu/ think of Ulver?[View]
77445246ITT: Great albums with shitty final tracks Pic related[View]
77446761Will I become a better musician if I start drinking and taking drugs?[View]
77446747Amem Woofboof: Sorry if this is not the proper place for me to ask, but I can't think of anywhe…[View]
77446626>I lay around, touch myself to pass the time What did she mean by this?…[View]
77432948ITT: Post an album cover. Others guess the album[View]
77445077I'm a really new guitarist, but I still like to cruise Craigslist to see what pops up. Someone …[View]
77446542What are some scene bands that you think unironically hold up well?[View]
77446521can someone recognise this song? http://sickoo.com/videos/756/6996-pt-39/[View]
77434815/prod/ - Music Production General: 169 vacuum tubes edition Upload WIPs on https://clyp.it/ GIVE fee…[View]
77443716Are there any other musicvideos like False Alarm? Sonething about the gunshots and all the pther stu…[View]
77446442Best vocalist of 2018[View]
77443890Albums that are fun and energetic: Lately I've been listening to Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Bjork a…[View]
77441573Did you like it?[View]
77442078Avant-garde electronic music[View]
77446392This is secretly his best.[View]
77446065What are your favourite live performances on the tube? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44wDwMQVqCc…[View]
77444385Am I supposed to not be able to tell what the fuck they’re saying?[View]
77443962Post good/great 2017 metal/hardcore releases. I'd like to see if I missed something. Maybe some…[View]
77445089How can I get this beautiful shitty sound? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0ZSfPH3Po4[View]
77445484what are more albums like?[View]
77445802>was on an unstoppable creative roll from 1978 until 1994 >recorded the greatest US punk recor…[View]
77445380How many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink?: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
77445918ween and yung lean should go on tour and call it Yung Ween[View]
77437711ITT /mu/ shits the bed.: Post the bad music you unironically like. No lying edition.[View]
77445934Whats the best Jimi Hendrix live album?[View]
77445873Has anyone here been to the Berghain?[View]
77445949if u multicolor that's cool 2[View]
774459031.9/10 album (at best). thoughts?[View]
77444194dont have the words to explain how powerful this song is. Just have a listen to this fucking masterp…[View]
77445171Listen to this fire album, looking for remix or rapper: Send me some feedback on the new album, look…[View]
77444922KPOP GENERAL[View]
77445498stop being Haram.[View]
77445792>artist's best album is a B sides album[View]
77441375Will I better appreciate this album if I fully explore Fishmans' discography? Or does it stand …[View]
77442570How tf do I get into jazz?[View]
77445737I can't be the only person who thinks that George Harrison looked a lot like serial killer duri…[View]
77445713Non vaporwave music album covers that have a vaporwave like cover art aesthetic. Bonus points if it…[View]
77445624ITT: We post songs that actually have no flaws: >Mr. Crowley - Ozzy >One - Metallica >Time …[View]
77444481who is the best soundcloud rapper and why is it pic related?[View]
77432314Angry/Aggressive Hip Hop: Anyone have some recs? I'm already a fan of Death Grips btw.[View]
77433621LEAK WHEN?[View]
77445564This may be their best work up to date[View]
77445405I've never been to a concert or show without my mom, is that bad?[View]
77441827What music do you think the cast from the Loud House listen to?[View]
77435539itt: we share vocaroos of comfy acoustic songs we've written/are working on: get started here: …[View]
77434980/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Good Anime Edition. How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar…[View]
77443180> tfw you'll never make your guitar sound like Sometimes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0d…[View]
77445399wtf this is actually good, why did you lie[View]
77445197Now that the dust has settled what are ya thoughts on this album here?[View]
77444079More like this? https://youtu.be/tfx0-HFLfvY Image unrelated.[View]
77445243Love this album! Any more like this?[View]
77444033Post your charts, but add in your 'guilty pleasures' and shit that you wouldn't normally put in…[View]
77445020Why do I love this album but OK Computer is so boring to me that I can barely sit through it?[View]
77444575What do you think of this album?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-erNldHdV8[View]
774412433x3 5x5 WEEK guess lifestyle guess deathstyle talk about music http://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
77435171What's your favourite album of 2018 so far? Anything decent come out yet?[View]
77445085Earthtones: Got an early copy. AMA[View]
77443939Could this be the most average album of all time?[View]
77440040last.fm ~ <3 Sunday L.O.V.E. Edition <3 ~: https://www.last.fm/user/MalcolmX-Wing Rate, rec, r…[View]
77443758ITT: 7/10 albums[View]
77441776KPOP GENERAL[View]
77443702Haken: How does /mu/ feel about them?[View]
77437947What are you listening to /mu/?[View]
77444813> 9/10[View]
77443617KPOP GENERAL[View]
77442046remember me?[View]
77443074Is liking Nyanners pleb tier? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySRnjt65M8w[View]
77442274Is this the peak of hip hop?[View]
77436133Camila Cabello?: more like Industry Plantello lmao[View]
77444111Can you name the band I found on here a while back ago? I forgot the name of it. The album cover loo…[View]
77443452this is the worst thing I heard in my entire life[View]
77443898GUESSTHATALBUM.COM: http://guessthatalbum.com What is this? I've seen it in a sharethread recen…[View]
77443154Is he the best rapper/producer of all time?[View]
77442314What sounds like the slow parts from this album?[View]
77444342ITT: Tiny, insignificant parts of songs that you listen to over and over again, maybe even not bothe…[View]
77438129David Bowie: 'Heroes' is the greatest song of all time[View]
77441964Sufjan Stevens: What do you /b/oys think of this album?[View]
77444321Why do boys ruin everything?[View]
77438534Old thread is filling up Album rate thread >Best My Girls >Runner-Up Daily Routine >Worst L…[View]
77443423Is this album beyond repair?[View]
77444261What are you listening to right now /mu/[View]
774405336ix9ine and Bhad Bhabie should be in 2018 XXL Fresman Class[View]
77433398whats your favorite song on itcotck[View]
77442133What is the fucking thing already: strawpoll.me/14831650/r[View]
77444226Thoughts on post Future Days Can? I really enjoyed Soon over Babaluma but haven't listened to a…[View]
77440245>just realized tame impala is for numales and reddit Damn it, I wanted to enjoy them too. Guess I…[View]
77442931Collab when?[View]
77444119Frank Ocean Endless: Anyone get their pre order yet??[View]
77434532I miss the old fantano: All he ever reviews now is nig-hop albums for low IQ millennials[View]
77443533This is one of the best rock vocal performances ever. Bobby Kimball is underrated, absolutely belts …[View]
77440531Can't sleep: What's a good album for lying in bed on a cold, lonely Saturday night?[View]
77441536I DON'T GIVE NO SHIT[View]
77443101Traditional Music: Anyone know of any traditional music albums? Doesn't matter the culture, bu…[View]
77441984he did it again[View]
77440926Please tell me that I'm not the only person on this board: who gets really annoyed when some pe…[View]
77443860NOISE ROCK BREAD jesus christ this place is so dead, but post them records[View]
77440399Is he the last of the rock stars?[View]
77443318Name a better Coldplay song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOivOlP9GRk&list=LLCsZXZg3lzh88RPhB…[View]
77441851whats /mu/s opinion on melvins?[View]
77443478Whoever makes beats for ERB needs to be more popular, they crush it no matter how shit the videos ar…[View]
77442270my cat that I’ve had since I was a child ended up passing away this morning, music for this feel? pi…[View]
77442412What are some other good trap albums lads?[View]
77443431>music in 80s was bad! take off your nostalgia glasses[View]
77443128Similar piano music: where can I find music similar to gymnopedie by Erik Satie?[View]
77441211was he murdered?[View]
77423426One of these >Best No Surprises >Runner up Climbing Up the Walls >Worst Electioneering >…[View]
77436909ITT:: Band’s most Underrated Albums. I’ll Start.[View]
77439900Rammstein: Why aren't you listening to Rammstein right now ?.[View]
77438622Keep away has the same riff as hey man nice shot Stolen songs thread[View]
77442391Post your top 10 album from the 80s: Depeche Mode/Some Great Reward(84) Pyrolator/Wunderland(84) XTC…[View]
77443114People killin' people dyin'[View]
77440523What went so fucking wrong?: Her debut was good, UV was okay, Honeymoon was boring as fuck and Lust …[View]
77441041does he likes techno?[View]
77443200Is this a good enough solution or should I just buckle down and buy a new portable turntable?[View]
77442137Post these[View]
77429480share it up[View]
77441257I don't believe that anybody feels[View]
77443131Opinions on my drum kit: So I got this drum kit for cheap off of Craig's list (£300) do you guy…[View]
77428086>there's a punk and hardcore renaissance going on right now >nobody is talking about it W…[View]
77428452How much influence did your parents have over your music taste?[View]
77437158Years gonna pass and one day people will realize that this is the best album of all time. We don…[View]
77442652donwload shit: someone know a app alike to this piece of shit?[View]
77442806Which cult or religion has the best music? My pick has to be Eckankar https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
77442727BLOOD. EP: Since DAMN. partially sucked, I made a compilation of some of the best songs in the album…[View]
77442433Double-pedal speed.: What is the most efficient way of practicing speed & endurance on these fuc…[View]
77442682>he listens to music[View]
77442584>when she loved me When was that, /mu/?[View]
77434007ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
77441215what do you think Bjork thinks of niggas on the moon?[View]
77442248What's the name of the Bowie song that has tropical/xylophone-thingy intro?[View]
77441725I am to fucking lazy to listen to this slng but i'm curious to listen how Kendrick managed to d…[View]
77441832How do you stay updated with new music releases /mu/?[View]
77442386Perfect Discographies: ITT: Bands/Artists with Perfect Discographies[View]
77439695What are some bands you like that most of /mu/ despises?[View]
77442008Is Glamorous by Fergie the ultimate summer song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0SyUgw98tE[View]
77442226Is he being prosecuted or was it a publicity stunt?[View]
77439236Die Antwood: What does /mu/ think of these two? I've heard of them a few times and finally got …[View]
77439008What's the difference between the terms contemporary classical, modern classical and neo-classi…[View]
77441334DR aw one for J has been ruined for me because of that stupid Ugandan knuckles meme[View]
77440193Songs with Beatles tier songwriting: >Oasis - Listen Up >Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun >Hend…[View]
77439829/bionicore/: Any plastic patricians on this board? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxYeW8lYUBM…[View]
77441643French Post-Hardcore: I have recently come across several Post-Hardcore bands that were all French. …[View]
77441553How's the new Panda Bear?[View]
77439060Any good albums by the Beatles kids?[View]
77441954Prince - Big City (LIVE 2013) (HitnRun Phase 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6plzMUpmq4…[View]
77441106TLOPkanye: Does anyone have any HQ images of the TLOP notepad? Also Kanye general[View]
77436605/ambient/: music for remembering someone[View]
77441873Guys, I need help finding a song thats stuck in my head for few days now. It's kinda soft rocki…[View]
77439866What's your favourite drinking album /mu/?[View]
77441576Who wore it better?[View]
77441709Feelin depressed, share feels playlists https://open.spotify.com/user/bengals4481/playlist/7FnfprVGr…[View]
77438552Is this chart perfect? Is it the worst thing ever? Discuss.[View]
77439815This is Sonny Sherrock. One of the most important figures in free jazz history. Say something nice a…[View]
77435392Rating Albums Objectively: Post an album, last 2 digits are the albums objective rating/100. >get…[View]
77441584Is he /ourguy/?[View]
77440309What are some albums like this?[View]
77440184Crystal Castles: I'm surprised I haven't seen anything about this considering how recent t…[View]
77441462Favorite happy techno?: Whats this genera called? Happy Techno? Anyone got more like it? I like Dune…[View]
77439556Guess the song from the comment[View]
77439682why doesn't /mu/ like The Beatles?[View]
77441208Who /emo/ here? What we listening to today? Fuck the revival scene by the way[View]
77441439Hi I'm Doug Doppler and I betcha can't play this........ slowly[View]
77438613>tfw try to listen to new music but just end up relistening to music I listen to when I was in my…[View]
77441281https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91da9XpRupI any other pretty massive-sounding songs to reccomend?…[View]
77441167Opinions on Rockabilly ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX3UEGFrINI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
77439843Great albums /mu/ has collectively forgotten about[View]
77440670just taking my danse manatee for a walk: don't mind me[View]
77441082Why can't I form my own tastes? It seems like everytime i find a TV show, movie, game, or reall…[View]
77438082Is it good /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72GTz6dHcF0[View]
77439151What does /mu/ think of Juliana Hatfield?[View]
77440106mozz's most soul crushing lyrics thread?: >All those people, all those lives >Where are t…[View]
77441014Holy shit[View]
77438748How do I learn how to make harsh noise? All I know is that most people use mini mixers and pedals an…[View]
77439022I believe I've figured out what makes some music objectively bad: If it is made *only* to sell.…[View]
77440044KPOP GENERAL[View]
77440634Help me choosing folk albums.: I'm looking for something stripped down. Something like Leonard …[View]
77439938name a better band[View]
77431312Why does her face + that funky beat make my heart hurt? :,([View]
77440939>music that has the 'nu-metal' tag this is bad >music with nu-metal qualities not ta…[View]
77439130It's almost 2am here, what's some good late-night ambient?[View]
77439509CAN'T RECALL THAT SONG: I'm asking here because I think I might be losing my mind, but I s…[View]
77439929The sooner you admit that you skip the instrumental tracks when you listen to this the happier you…[View]
77440300so this is actually pretty cool, huh? I hadn't expected anything out of it because of the stone…[View]
77440627*becomes worst pop album of the generation*[View]
77439258Which headphone should I buy?[View]
77439532hot thoughts: Thoughts about hot thoughts ?[View]
77440605https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qK82JvRY5s: good morning /mu/[View]
77432933Playboi Carti: Thoughts on playboi carti?[View]
77440100Why do people think John Lennon was a better songwriter than Paul McCartney?: Yes John wrote Strawbe…[View]
77440511j recorded a piece of a cover can you guess the song https://clyp.it/jpi3m1lw[View]
77440506Long afloat on shipless oceans I did all my best to smile[View]
77437383How do you guys go about finding new, fresh, exciting shit to listen to? Feel a bit out of touch, us…[View]
77439248what the hell is this?[View]
77438001fuck i really want to become a professional producer and make shitty beats for famous people and get…[View]
77439679Does anyone know anything kind of similar music to rapping over jungle/dnb? Especially over more ol…[View]
77437172i like her shit but i know its kinda bad guess im gay[View]
77435595/Jazz/ General: Just got my hands on this record. What do you anons think of it? What have you been …[View]
77439992The Most Unwanted Song: Enjoy Fags. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDh4o0rOvr0 >https://en.w…[View]
77438138>macintosh plus came out 9 years ago[View]
77439003>get a new soundcloud follower >it's a bot…[View]
77438665Why haven't you become a soundcloud sensation yet /mu/? You don't need to be clever You do…[View]
77439025This is amazing pop punk. Let's Talk About Girls is my favourite track but it's honestly h…[View]
77439859>sleep pretty darling do not cry[View]
77439593why do so many people think it's acceptable to be tripfags on /mu/? I see a larger concentratio…[View]
77435328Was this the pinnacle of music?[View]
77439306What are the best Japanese rap albums? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Hovo63hp4[View]
77439131Anyone enjoy Cardiacs on here? First heard them 3 years ago and haven't stopped playing all the…[View]
77438824>listens to death grips, grimes, or animal collective[View]
77437680What Did She Mean By This? (Seriously): >OOH U AND ME WE GOT BIG REPUTATIONS What was she thinkin…[View]
77417288ITT: 10/10 moments on albums. >samurai sword[View]
77439018Why did he no vaseline himself?[View]
77438390best songs/albums to dissociate to?[View]
77439581Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
77437380The great debate[View]
77423930/metal/: fierce edition old: >>77409581[View]
77438967/hhg/ - HipHop General: What was the best hiphop album of 2017?[View]
77436776These lads are going to drop one of the best albums of the year, are you hyped?[View]
77435433When was the best time to see him live?[View]
77434353holy shit[View]
77439016Sad nigga hours: S A D N I G G A H O U R S Where my sad boys at; lets post some sad music and be sad…[View]
77438854Morita Doji: Anybody knows what happened to her? She's a fucking acid legend. Mother Sky https:…[View]
77439466ITT: Albums you think should be mu-core and other anons tell you why you're wrong. >Pic rela…[View]
77433762What is the first album that you listened to because of /mu/ that you really loved?[View]
77437293Now that the dust has settled, what do you think?[View]
77439304Saya no Content: wait, that's it?[View]
77439144https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdW3UJ7lQvU it begins[View]
77427670collage: i'm so happy to see you[View]
77439250Are these guys worth seeing live?[View]
77438178Best track on Pet Sounds? For me it's gotta be Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)[View]
77439238how i can find music like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwqtKlwJjgc https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
77437210My roommate just got these vintage Fisher speakers. Give us your fave bass-heavy funk/rock/hip hop/j…[View]
77438847>>77438353 is there any actual reason for /mu/ to continue anymore after this? Did we just rea…[View]
77439121Reposting this. the whole interview is something out of Philip K. Dick :^) https://noisey.vice.com/e…[View]
77439110Does /mu/ like Slow Hollows: They put on a good show tonight ITT: post pictures you took at a conce…[View]
77439027What does /mu/ think is the best Mr. Oizo album?: Just wanna know for some reason http://www.strawpo…[View]
77436347any thoughts on Logic?[View]
77433961'that' moment thread >NOOO THERE'S NOOO LIGHT[View]
77438070Is this the best Hank Williams compilation?[View]
77438516/grimes/: grimes general. quit spamming other threads. i’ll start with: butterfly is everything elli…[View]
77424479Sort an artist's discography into this chart: Bump limit reached on last one. There's stil…[View]
77438800>British rap[View]
77437608In the early 70s a german woman picked up an acoustic guitar and unpretentiously recorded herself pl…[View]
77436555I liked it before the rapping started.[View]
77438761https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjoSY_d1hUs music that only exists on mu the thread[View]
77437564ITT: amazing album covers >bowie on the deathbed of his 90s phase, being comforted by the return-…[View]
77435856Thoughts on Pic Related?[View]
77436858why is quality of music taste inversely proportional to attractiveness, /mu/?[View]
77438475Post albums not talked about on /mu/ enough.[View]
77438482is this a music??[View]
77436771>no one told you when to run >you missed the starting gun…[View]
77437278Who are some artists that make fun of normies music tastes in their songs?[View]
77436076>tfw started crying while listening to my own music I'm not sure if I'm just some delus…[View]
77436541Sad songs: What's the saddest song you've listened to, /mu/? I've gotta say 'Space Od…[View]
77437358>Turn up the Clairo, my dude![View]
77429071Cassette Tapes: When it comes to physical media for small bands, cassettes are a great medium. They …[View]
77438491What the fuck?[View]
77437004I need a party Playlist!: Hey /mu/ I need help with a party Playlist. Post some songs and I'll …[View]
77437442In 2017, is there any music that actually shocks you?[View]
77438198Is this post-pop?[View]
77436668What's your favorite Zappa album and why? I love pic related because it has hints and elements …[View]
77437552So what does /mu/ think about the first true experimental rock album?[View]
77433432>Blonde by Frank Ocean is the album of the decade. It defined an entire generation of new wave Rn…[View]
77435245*shoots son* heh, nothin' personnell... kid[View]
77437967I have reached the point where only folk and traditional forms of music interest me. Post your favor…[View]
77432272what is the saddest Cure song?[View]
77437868concerts that autistic people would go to >video games live - concert video game music played by …[View]
77437891Does Kanye actually have excellent taste in music of just hire a bunch of kids looking for King Crim…[View]
77435611Cold General: Goth, Darkwave, Minimal Wave, Post-Punk: Rec me, /mu/. This thread is for Gothic Rock …[View]
77437371>tfw spotify discover doesn't know how to differentiate between the melodic prog I listen to…[View]
77437654itt Artists you love the music to, but hate the lyrics to. Whether you disagree with the message, th…[View]
77433342thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSvVohwEtBc[View]
77425357Music predictions for 2018: ITT: Predict things that will happen in music in 2018 >Brockhampton w…[View]
77436478holy fucking shit[View]
77435844Your all-time favorite song thread. I'm currently experiencing the strongest depressive episode…[View]
77437810Underrated and Overlooked Prog Gems: Most prog discussion here is just about the big artists like ki…[View]
77434889>'The Show Must Go On' >Album stops being good Was this done on purpose?…[View]
77428185Was there ever a genuinely good scene band?[View]
77437715Sickly Albums: Is this the next The Pod?[View]
77430340ITT: Good bands with cancerous fanbases[View]
77437697Alright /mu/ what are some cheap ass yet versatile synths and stuff.: I wanna get my hands on some n…[View]
77436977last.fm thread: share and shout[View]
77435374Why didn't you like this album?[View]
77437526Help I'm retarded Is there a music app that allows for more than 1000 songs in a playlist?[View]
77435561>released the worst album of his career >refuse to denounce neo-nazis whose show he guest-star…[View]
77437632I never liked Pink Floyd that much anyway[View]
77437374What is the appeal of Deathcore?[View]
77437515wow: I love this https://youtu.be/Vj1sZDsWIzE[View]
77436027>The Ramones are such an important rock band because they sum up better than most just how blazin…[View]
77437022itt: singers who became better instead of worse[View]
77437502can you guys recommend me space feel rock album/bands like starset? I've listened to falling in…[View]
77436115>Influenced buttrock >influenced the glamorization of mental illness and suicide >Influence…[View]
77431784Musicians: Can you name these muscians?[View]
77436079James Hetfield: What do you think of James Hetfield from Metallica?[View]
77426270Thoughts on Led Zeppelin?[View]
77431074Bruce Springsteen's music veers from 'dull as dishwater' to 'absolutely chronic…[View]
77436621/gg/ - guitar and bass general: nice edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.com S…[View]
77437294Help finding a song thread: Hey, if anyone knows that indie(ish) pop(ish) song with a lyric 'go fuck…[View]
77437305Holy shit[View]
77436870WHAT'S A COMPUTAH?[View]
77435887Any music have some bad associations for you? Pink floyd the wall is hard to stomach now. And all of…[View]
77434423Taking over Kanye and Deathgrips.... move the fuck over... You're welcome https://youtu.be/Ti9…[View]
77436599Why is the alternative scene so big with normies right now?[View]
77436940I fucking love and hate wavves at the same time help me make up my mind /mu/[View]
774347075x5 thread lads[View]
77436208Just came up on my auto - play, jesus this shit is good Haven't seen the film but from this it …[View]
77436831ITT: Artists you use to immediately identify plebs for liking I'll start, pic related and any g…[View]
77436987Does /mu/ listen to 2000s RnB?[View]
77434721/beatles/: >favorite beatle >favorite album >favorite song >favorite song by your least …[View]
77435905How does /mu/ feel about Bully?[View]
77436328The true sign of a pleb is when they listen to tons of albums and claim they are primarily 'goo…[View]
77434873This is literally post-rock[View]
77436770ITT: Fun albums[View]
77435783a work of art: why doesn't anyone talk about this underrated record?[View]
77435413How shit are my tastes for buying this[View]
77436733You now remember the best guitarist of all time.[View]
77436405Bandana wrapped-wrapped 'round your head The bandana wrapped 'round your head Fuck niggas,…[View]
77436614Thoughts on this handsome man?[View]
77430797Why is this called grunge? It's good.[View]
77436466This guy calls you up and asks you to listen to Neutral Milk Hotel with him. What do?[View]
77435947You have exactly 10 seconds to prove that this man is NOT a plagiarist.[View]
77435243/PHG/ - POST-HARDCORE GENERAL: What's your favorite post-hardcore album, /mu/?[View]
77436232post patrician bangers ITT: I’ll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AuwOKxNCs[View]
77436409ITT: Musician Inspiration: Make similar collages with musicians.[View]
77435143do you have to be mentally ill to make good music? why or why not?[View]
77433375from which city is does he originate?[View]
77435682Give me an album to listen to as I pack my shit to move out. Something good, preferably.[View]
77436280emo bm: suggest me more emo bm like this[View]
77436080What the FUCK is Music's problem: Why are there no bands as good as The Smiths???[View]
77436051Good music with good bass playing with chords: Can someone recc me music with really nice bass chord…[View]
77435515/rym/ Your Last Few Ratings: Post your last few album ratings on RYM, lads.[View]
77436190Can we now appreciate Duran Duran?[View]
77434551Will Ween ever make another album?[View]
77433344*sends Syd to the back of the line*[View]
77436111>most of his reviews fall in the 3.5 or above range[View]
77434845Hip-hop is god awful prove me wrong[View]
77432926Anyone else really fucking hate U2?[View]
77431967AWFULLY HOT[View]
77435625Underrated albums from 2017: What albums flew under the radar last year?[View]
77435376What's the musical equivalent of Campari?[View]
77420339/dsg/ - Dungeon synth general: Can we get a late night DS thread going? I just ordered a Witch King …[View]
77435951More like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY_v_PN5Ra0[View]
77434162Looking for more albums like pic related and Joanna Newsom, unique styles with acoustic instrumentat…[View]
77435356Feel like pure shit just want him back x[View]
77435807ITT: Great bands that /mu/ never talks about[View]
77434970/mu/ makes an album - Disco Demolition Night: I know only 1 in 100 threads like this catch on, but w…[View]
77435693Why do I feel so comfy, like everything is going to be alright when I listen to lofi music? https://…[View]
77431460thoughts on this? >In any event she was clearly on to something, and her audience let her know. E…[View]
77433820Music: Does anyone know songs that gives off a 'everything is ganna be fine' sort of vibe? I don…[View]
77432929does /mu/ like post rock?[View]
77435184/kkb/ general: >check the catalog >no kero kero bonito general let's change that!…[View]
77431528reminder that this happened[View]
77430849>2016 was 2 years ago[View]
77425440/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Miku pedal edition. How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar…[View]
77434587What’s the album that’s cover looks similar to stratosphetere by duster.[View]
77430548>Americana came out almost 20 years ago[View]
77433169if you had to describe the 'sound' of the 2010s, what would you say? like in another 20 years, how w…[View]
77435430So what's /mu/'s opinion on this new (or rather recent) David Byrne's single? https:/…[View]
77433504Why does no one ever talk about how Eurythmics ripped off She Brings the Rain for Sweet Dreams (Are …[View]
77434130The new one was so boring and I was expecting this one to be garbage but it's actually decent..…[View]
77434494How based can one President be?[View]
77433520its cold in Canada. Looking for Cold /cabin/ music suggestions. starting with an obvious one...[View]
77433922Post Post-Punk that's NOT Fall, Wire, Interpol, Chameleons, JD, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, PIL, Magazin…[View]
77433848Remember us?[View]
77428227Timbre > Harmony > Rhythm > Melody > Lyrics[View]
77434516/bcg/ - bandcamp general: post links, give feedback[View]
77432252Batushka: What does /mu/ think of this masterpiece? Here's a link if you have not heard it yet?…[View]
77435026whats the best elliott smith song and why is it no name #2[View]
77435200The plan was to drink until the pain over But what's worse, the pain or the hangover...[View]
77434344ITT: happy studio accidents: >studio chatter that was left in and enhances the song >ad libbin…[View]
77434906what's your top cuck folk album, /mu/?[View]
77430497post what you're listening to[View]
77433710post an album released on the day you were born[View]
77425770SHARE YOUR MUSIC: other sc threads are almost dead so share your music and listen to other people le…[View]
77435055Best vocalist of 2018[View]
77434994What's the best hard rock record ever? I'm really in a mood for some good ol' 60s or …[View]
77433098Rate lyrics thread - something I just came up with: You need an urgent defence cause I've got m…[View]
77435088NEEDA: YOU NEED TO[View]
77435032jesse lacey: haven’t heard anything since his statement and the band cancelling the tour. did this, …[View]
77433416KPOP GENERAL[View]
77433754ITT: Albums that sounds like this YouTube comment.[View]
77434278I can't think of a way to describe this that doesn't sound fedora but can /mu/ please reco…[View]
77428119Anyone have an invite for me?[View]
77431287/chart/ - 2018 edition[View]
7743430410 Best Rock Vocalists: 1. Chris Cornell 2. Paul McCartney 3. Robert Plant 4. Freddie Mercury 5. Mic…[View]
77433801Beach Boys: What is their best pre-Pet Sounds album?[View]
77433238New age trap creator?: Ok /mu/ I'm searching all over the internet who is the creator or the mo…[View]
77433310What are some great albums that incorporate strings?[View]
77434795hey /mu/, do you know of any music similar to this track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAVnmuWXME…[View]
77434614ITT: 10/10 debut albums[View]
77430081Sludge Metal Thread: I'm on a Sludge Metal kick so recommend me some gems that aren't the …[View]
77434694what mom don't know has taken its toll on me ;)[View]
77434374What is some good japanese pop music?[View]
77433104Im crying bros I love lavren so much im crying[View]
77431552/mu/ made an album: maybe ill do it again someday hope you all best/runnerup/worst would be appreci…[View]
77434555>yfw you on pure chance uncover an old playlist from when you were in high school on one hand i a…[View]
77433013Thoughts on this guy? I know 4chan is racist and stuff but I think his lyrics are genius.[View]
77433004What genre is this song? I want to listen to more of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbwYZCga50U…[View]
77432826Why doesn't top 40 pop music sound like rave techno anymore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I…[View]
77432488Here's a serious question for you - What is the first post-modern rock album? In my opinion, it…[View]
77434422>Wake up mister West?!?! What did he mean by this[View]
77429372le meme toad[View]
77434442Snapchat album filter codes: Hey guys, I don’t know where else better to ask this but here. Any of y…[View]
77434239Post some of your favorite songs about suicide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI30jzuGTJg[View]
77433467Well that was underwhelming.[View]
77430510Covers that are better than the original: I'll start with some of my favorites https://www.yout…[View]
77433629>have a general pleb-acquantaince with industrial music >I do like TG but it's a bit of a…[View]
77434349Post albums about impending suicide.[View]
77428981DUDE ISLAM LMAO[View]
77433796What's the most Avant / Experimental album you've listened to and still enjoyed a lot? My …[View]
77431442>put on song on you-tube >set up speed to 1.25…[View]
77434269FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME im trying to remember a tune by a white girl rapper and a black guy with…[View]
77433842does /mu/ like avant garde metalcore?[View]
77434189>finds new album to relate to[View]
77434173Is this the only album that has the 'fire desire' rhyme in more than one song?[View]
77434016Keep talking shit about Fantano /mu/ see what happens.[View]
77431351Why would I listen to this when Black Sabbath exists?[View]
77432850Just here to remind you on what Tyler's worst album is.[View]
77433564Why are hip-hop fans so easy to impress?[View]
77433925The Pinnacle of Nerdcore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aULmYrFD_AI[View]
77433122What's the best music to sample?[View]
77431232Holy shit[View]
77431535Why is this hated so much? Is it just nostalgia for The Money Store that makes you guys dislike this…[View]
77433887Albums you never see /mu/ talk about.: Albums you never see /mu/ talk about. I'll post a few.…[View]
77432002Best Billy Joel Tracks: Thoughts?[View]
77431800Need more like pic related[View]
77430565is this the future of music?: >muh princess nokia >muh gus dapperton >muh king krule >mu…[View]
77432069https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj9Lvp17e9o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNSbRj8sKAs https://www.…[View]
77433537Does /mu/ like Pere Ubu?[View]
77433693ITT: Artists that need a complete box set: This geezer has like 66 studio albums and on top of that …[View]
77425562ITT: We post an album and others type the first lyrics that comes to mind[View]
77433466>Why do you wear metal braces in your teeth? Do you bite people? And then can you eat with them? …[View]
77432989What's the musical equivalent of pic related[View]
77433429ITT: The Rise and Fall of Panic! At The Disco: best album: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out worst al…[View]
77432258KPOP GENERAL[View]
77432836Isn't dub music jus the Jamaican version of vaporwave?[View]
77429414>band name is nazi >first ep has nazi aesthetics >ian curtis voted for tories >in his w…[View]
77433297Was he murdered in cold blood /mu/?[View]
77432990Guys, I just found out that John Lennon BEAT his wife. Why the fuck didn't you tell me this?[View]
77433291>friend recommends Brockhampton >he never listened to any hip hop from before 2000 really make…[View]
77432410Name an artist that could use this as a sample https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X-x5KtE9mg[View]
77430516ITT: post your favorite album from the year you were born[View]
77430285What will be the music trends of the 2020s?[View]
77432651Any rap that's not about sex, drugs, money, possessions, guns, killing people or bragging?[View]
77432115ITT: Post your Reddit username. Other anons will look through your post history and determine >Mu…[View]
77425615You can't: Name one (1) good artist who isn't gay or jewish[View]
77430624What albums from this decade are going to be classics in the future?[View]
77431021Why do bass players always have massive dicks?[View]
77432660my turntable stopped working... what decently priced, good record players are out there when you’re …[View]
77431711>plays a video game >first thing he does is beat up a woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed…[View]
77430674Good White R&B Artists: Are there any other decent white R&B Artists??? https://youtu.be/By…[View]
77431811P4K BTFO[View]
77429804mgmt singles: Hey guys, with the new mgmt singles coming out, which ones your favorite? Mines when y…[View]
77432874Remember me?[View]
77430861D Respect on whether Kendrick is the 'greatest': >'Kendrick Lamar only seems like the greatest be…[View]
77431834https://youtu.be/PE0wi06lvD8?t=3m41s Why are music journalists like this?[View]
77432703>2013-2015: Hopsin fails at being the new Eminem >2017: Eminem is the new Hopsin…[View]
77431233what does /mu/ think of Jacob Collier?[View]
77432715>Hey Bono, how many genders are there?[View]
77432696With most rock and pop stars, the magic is kinda killed the second you see them in interview. At bes…[View]
77432686god tier musical soundtracks? mines the best, by far[View]
77432596Phantom Thread OST: Holy, sublime shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCNsHSJrn9M[View]
77432199ITT: try to name some artists that very rarely/never talk about their material wealth in their music…[View]
77432262What the F*CK was his problem?!?[View]
77432593BREAKING #metoo whistleblowers are now calling out nick drake for sexual harassment[View]
77432227A lot of musicians write some of their best pieces while under the influence of drugs (mainly LSD an…[View]
77432346>the Eagles took over the best SiriusXM channel and won't give it up I want my Loft back.…[View]
77431724Hey /mu/ what whould be your dream supergroup and what would be their name?[View]
77398252/prod/ - Music Production General: Sytrus edition Upload WIPs on https://clyp.it/ GIVE feedback and …[View]
77430472I shit myself today...[View]
77431268why: ????[View]
77429846The Topic is Ass: What does /mu/ think of Naomi Elizabeth? Is she a legit pop writing genius or just…[View]
77428430Come on mods, do your job and get rid of this asshole spamming Downward Spiral threads[View]
77431345KPOP GENERAL[View]
774317922018 thread: Any good releases so far boys? Pic related is some Egyptian art pop I'm enjoying q…[View]
77430422KPOP / TDS GENERAL[View]
77431086>Threads died for this[View]
77431847Oh shit here comes the cops, play something unsuspecting anon.[View]
77432140Zay P - Pay Me Mind: https://soundcloud.com/zayy_p/pay-me-mind[View]
77431089Bands with this aesthetic?[View]
77431509hey mu have u heard the new Marshmello x Lil Peep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7K_lbglfI4[View]
77431980Hi babydoll, I had a bad dream about last night, I thought me and you and Matt were out on Mema …[View]
77431794I guess I missed this a couple weeks ago but it's still pretty new. Thoughts? https://www.youtu…[View]
77431962>screaming more >breaking shit >feedback >more feedback >Lo-fi as fuck very nice…[View]
77426955Can we all accept that this is the sequel to Pet Sounds? >Made by an extremely autistic, troubled…[View]
77431898https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfCqMv--ncA is this afrikino?[View]
77424525ITT: Post bands that even people who aren't into their genre like: Even people who aren't …[View]
77429876Is Ozzy immortal?[View]
77431733Thoughts on this?[View]
77430709>does anybody else in here feel the way i do? https://youtu.be/5-ecL2DGszc…[View]
77429904Plagiarism: Rick Beato on the recent plagiarism allegations surrounding Lana Del Rey's 'Get Fre…[View]
77430507Resonant: Please recommend some beautifully pioneered resonance/feedback works with that Eliane Radi…[View]
77426207ITT: /mu/ in 1971[View]
77429820First Chester then Lil Peep when will this madman stop?[View]
77431503/MU/ I NEED YOUR HELP: So hey /mu/, havent been here in years but I fucking NEED a zip or mega of Ha…[View]
77431401What's the most new wavey St Vincent song? She definitely gets influence and has commonalities …[View]
77431458Keep talking shit about Fantano /mu/ see what happens.[View]
77431455ITT: what song was the #1 song on the day you were born? Use https://playback.fm/birthday-song https…[View]
77430642>liked Ἀποkάλυψις >hadn't liked Pain Is Beauty >now listen to her again after all this…[View]
77431413What's the best? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vRlJrkxsqo[View]
77426842>was on an unstoppable creative roll from 1978 until 1994 >recorded the greatest US punk recor…[View]
77430393KPOP GENERAL[View]
77429956Can someone identify this Gibson and it’s worth? I just bought it for $50.[View]
77428682Preoccupations: what do you think of them ? i think they're pretty good[View]
77431274Music Visualizers: how can i make music visualizers where image bumps forward according to the beat?…[View]
77431208Paul was a better songwriter than John[View]
77424774ITT: Supremely Overrated Bands[View]
77430419>times when /mu/ told you an album was shit and it turned out to be good…[View]
77430724Why do these fuckers always feel the need to make me think one of my headphones are broken, /mu/?[View]
77431091q horas son?[View]
77430857Who is the elephant six of rap music[View]
77431093i unironically like hell-o roast me[View]
77430686What are some musicians who are on the autism spectrum? I know Numan and Courtney Love are diagnosed…[View]
77430879How does /mu/ feel about the opening track from Danny Brown's 2016 LP Atrocity Exhibition?[View]
77429632I'm pretty, pretty, pretty sure The Black Angels is the greatest psych band the world has seen …[View]
77430983horst wessel lied (orchestral?): hi does anyone know where i can find the full version of the horst …[View]
77430096>listens to Oasis once[View]
77429678*deletes Quote Unquote* *deletes Slowly Growing Deaf* *deletes Squeeze Me Macaroni* *deletes Carouse…[View]
77430525What is the correct order to listen to these albums?[View]
77429646On the first track right now holy shit[View]
77428927rate my chart[View]
77423400/noise/: Go again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVIyrOsL8gs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9qHu…[View]
77430599Best albume of 2017?[View]
77430652How does this compare to its predecessor?[View]
77428103Thread for people who have no interest whatsoever in this album: how are you guys doing today?…[View]
77425751One of these but for discographies >Best Kid A >Runner-up In Rainbows >Worst Pablo Honey …[View]
77429356Favorite Russell Mills album cover? Mine's pic related.[View]
77430768ITT: comfy and relaxing music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTEF2i6gK3k[View]
77430666ITT: Post album that is also the greatest album of all time.[View]
77426191*violently spews vomit all over my kids cuisine pudding*[View]
77430346>the absolute state of mu[View]
77430722>Dead Souls cover between Big Man and AWP yay or nay?[View]
77426991Is pic related the greatest album of the 20th century? There is literally nothing as unique as this.…[View]
77428357legit 1/10 albums?: pic related[View]
77429419admit this fucking sucks[View]
77428329Best vocalist of 2018[View]
77429157/hayley/: Paramore / Hayley Williams thread. Discuss anything Paramore! Song of the day: Grudges htt…[View]
77430447Bands only soyboys like that they pretend is manly[View]
77430546So are otamatones and otamatone-based genres the future of music? Discuss. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
77430336This is her best.[View]
77430446Where did we go wrong?[View]
77430522Underrated music videos. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVTo3yccekg…[View]
77427775Just listened to the first four songs. This is awful.[View]
77430489ppeogigayo ppeogiga aju ppeogigayo ppeok ppeok ppeogigayo ppeogiga aju ppeogigayo ppeok ppeok[View]
77428277really makes u think[View]
77428847YOO!! This shit actually bangs all the way thru!!! Did you like it?[View]
77430439Rat Kid Cool - Year of the Rat: Thoughts on this album? I went in expecting trash but actually enjoy…[View]
77423567>microtonally blocks your path What do you do here?[View]
77430352Am I the only one who found about this guy's music through that Popeye's Chicken commercia…[View]
77430284ITT: artists who think they are very smart[View]
77428148Why wasn't this outtake included on the album? It's really good! https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
77430214>I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel What did he mean by this?[View]
77428917KPOP GENERAL[View]
77430156The Downward Spiral is the second studio album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, rel…[View]
77430373>am walking to a gathering at a friends place >listening to Brutalisn by Idles >meet up wit…[View]
77430355I WANNA BE WITH YOU[View]
77430345ghetto bird is ice cube's best song[View]
77430312Ok /mu/ Whats some of the best live albums you've ever heard? Pic related[View]
77429906Yung leano: Pls do not sleep on lean That Goose sample to be iconic[View]
77430297>you're love for me has just goooot to be reeeaaal >before you know the way I'm gooo…[View]
77428273This is a 10/10: you pretentious numale hipster faggots[View]
77430199ITT: Post your favorite NIN album anything else like this album? I love Downward Spiral[View]
77430203who's their core audience?[View]
77430218Shit you hate: >Listening to new album >Enjoying the shit out of it >30 mins into it real…[View]
77430184LOL I POST IT AGAIN[View]
77429214What is your opinion on the breakbeat?[View]
77427984nine inch nails = bad music for 14 year olds[View]
77429268Porter Robinson: >2010 releases Say My Name a track that revitalizes a whole genre. >2011 rel…[View]
77428417I reallt, really like this pic[View]
77428947I've grown up with immense anxiety and always had problems with anger and society. I remember I…[View]
77429421>24 years have passed and this is still the heaviest album ever made What went right…[View]
77427567pls help me find diverse music, it's very hard to find music that isn't tainted by w*ites …[View]
77428754ITT: /mu/mor[View]
77428744more like this?[View]
77429642who will fill his shoes now that he's gone? im thinking Stitches[View]
77428520*greatest drummer of all time blocks your path*[View]
77429884Why mu doesn't love me anymore?[View]
77428134What was the best King Gizzard album of 2017? >its Polygondwanaland[View]
77427851YOO!! This shit actually bangs all the way thru!!! Did you like it?[View]
77427956Guys, I'm crying right now. Just listening to this album makes me feel something strange inside…[View]
77430003I want to get into djing, but I don't really like using computers for stuff. Should I get an MP…[View]
77429953ITT: Post the most underrated album you know: >Strangelove - Time For the Rest of Your Life Disg…[View]
77429950anybody here listen to this? what did y'all think? i know that the majority of you guys wait fo…[View]
77429940GET IN HERE: NEW SQUAREPUSHER+AFX TRACK: https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/brainwaltzera-fxmas-mo…[View]
77429739Where do you think her career is headed? https://youtu.be/6eug7Qv8iKY[View]
77429376Why does /mu/ post about music and listen to $50 Logishit speakers?[View]
77429877>not having gapless playback in the current year How is this allowed?[View]
77429039My friend has been giving me shit lately for enjoying rap. He says rap isn't intelligent and he…[View]
77428164What's /mu/ currently drinking, and what are you listening to? Daydrinking like a fucking boss,…[View]
77421687wwwwwwwwwwwww tell me i am cute /chart/ thread[View]
77428593>listen to this >it's actually pretty good…[View]
77429735ITT: Post lyrics you wrote and people talk about them Driving down to New Buffalo The wind was col…[View]
77429493Post the most wholesome, philanthropic album you can think of, and the most fucked up, misanthropic …[View]
77426948When is Frank Ocean gonna drop some new shit He said early this year.[View]
77423244>Called jazz 'negermusik' and hated it. What a pleb.[View]
77427480Hey I made an album over winter break, and I'm looking for a promotion service. I feel like my …[View]
77429637post secret fedora rap treasures[View]
77429630Ween - The Fucked Jam: Ween's The Fucked Jam instrumental Mixed with a bunch of verses from rap…[View]
77429623I'LL BE LONG GONE[View]
77426486Rex Orange County: Why has no one been talking about this masterpiece?[View]
77422732The future of music is here, and it's pastel coloured.[View]
77428312>tfw after weeks of intense search into ultra obscure shit you finally find completely new undisc…[View]
77421744love them? hate them? well, whatever you rate them, you're instructed by the Cosmic Union to te…[View]
77428438whats the name of this album?[View]
77428059How the fuck did a 26 year old girl from the UK write, produced and performed on the best pop album …[View]
77429552What's the most used name in love songs? e.g. Caroline >Caroline, No >Sweet Caroline >…[View]
77428306have you ever bought band merch to impress the ladies?[View]
77426133ITT: moments pop music BTFO classical: >Mass In B Minor sticks to B Minor for over a 100 minutes …[View]
77428781King Gizzard Guide please: Is there a guide to king Gizzard for a fan of krautrock?[View]
77429423what's an underrated chill, upbeat album?[View]
77418626is there a more essential school shooter core album?[View]
77429481HAVANA OOH NA NA[View]
77429363what are some bluegrass essentials?[View]
77429455>Listen to live version of song >Imagine yourself being the frontman on stages doing wild move…[View]
77428180whats /mu/ think of shabazz palaces[View]
77428583ITT: Post some of your favourite album cover.: I'l start[View]
77427012Maybe I should ask this on /int/ but it seems decent enough here. Not American but I'm heading …[View]
77427839The year 3000: 'I'm tellin' y'all Iron Maiden and Eminem were all black. Whitey taken…[View]
77426597>tfw smoking loud as fuck music for this feel?[View]
77427386Describe an album using simpsons screenshots and other anons guess what album is it you can find sim…[View]
77428861Am I right in saying the Kinks may be as good if not better than the Beatles?[View]
77429315/chad/ - New Found Glory / Chad Gilbert Thread: I hope love is in the air this Valentines for him an…[View]
774292671990s Dance/Pop/Euro: Was fucking awesome!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XDVoAl__Ec Find a fl…[View]
77429201Maxo Kream[View]
77429116>album art isn't a square[View]
77428498Why aren't you guys listening to AOTY 2018?[View]
77429150>46 years have passed and this is still the heaviest album ever made What went right…[View]
77426806what are interesting ways to make drones? what are interesting things to paul stretch? what are some…[View]
77429158>listening to Joanna Newsom mfw[View]
77428897Does /mu/ go to concerts?[View]
77429026https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuJDaOVz2qY Is this the best song in the history of music? Find a be…[View]
77428366Is this any good??? Thinking about buying one[View]
77429029What does he listen to?[View]
77428953All them boys in my will, all them boys is my Wills Anything happen to pop, then I got you like Uncl…[View]
77426033/sharethread/: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release,…[View]
77428918>literally who rapper >starts song with 'you already know who it is!'…[View]
77428876UFO 2: Flying: Why this album is not a classic ? Give it a try, you will be hooked i guarantee you! …[View]
77427751KPOP GENERAL[View]
77427414Why is he so underrated? Do Arca and OPN fans even know who he is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t…[View]
77423464Wu Tang Clan of our generation.[View]
77427075/UK Urban/: What do you think of 'Urban Music' that comes from the UK, especially London? …[View]
77428823Few albums better summarize the spirit of the 1990s than The Downward Spiral (1994). Each song is bo…[View]
77428694>remastered edition[View]
77428780Anybody know more like this?: https://soundcloud.com/pvdmusic/slow-drag I'm not even sure what …[View]
77428201DUDE ANGST LMAO[View]
77427638Best thing he done?[View]
77425138what’s the musical equivalent of OhMiBod?[View]
77428708who did it better?[View]
77428683Is this /mu/core?[View]
77428672Music: Do you know who this is?[View]
77427042RYM share/add thread? https://rateyourmusic.com/~bradwest96[View]
77427842D-D-D-DJENT: DJENT! I know people(especially here) consider this music as unoriginal, repetitive, an…[View]
77427283Guess A/S/L + personality edition[View]
77427606Jazz Thread: Post your favorite albums, what you've been checking out, 3x3s, etc. For starters …[View]
77428492can't remember the name of this song help me out, /mu/: There's this song I can't rem…[View]
77424135/mu/'s Top 100 Albums Closers (FINAL RESULTS)): Well, here are the final results. Enjoy![View]
77425411Have you listened to Songs In The Key of Life today, /mu/?[View]
77424217I want to wear a Joy Division shirt. How many times do I need to read the Wikipedia page and how man…[View]
77428358Degenerate Bands/Artists: What artist/bands glorify Degeneracy?[View]
77428218How does /mu/ feel about pic related?[View]
77428342Where can I find music similar to this? I really like it somehow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3I…[View]
77420831...and Justice for All: What do you think of this Butt Rock album?[View]
77428260Name one good album made by a millenial.[View]
77427505What the fuck was his problem?[View]
77425741I had a Gibson in my 20's that I broke like a fucking dumbass and never got another one because…[View]
77426881Oh damn[View]
77426707VSnares: he's done it again...[View]
77423904>literately a crazy sounding guy yelling into a microphone with random guitar notes and a monkey …[View]
77427603Is there a modern day equivalent to Stevie Nicks?[View]
77424189*saves prog*[View]
77425241ITT: Album covers that look better without any text[View]
77427226he has a good sense of humor. i like him[View]
77428002Please help me figure out which song is that: Please help me figure out which song is that https://w…[View]
77426652I'm going to binge Ghosts albums: What am i in for? i heard someone say they sound like My Chem…[View]
77427723Anyone rec music is like this soundtrack? It's fucking lit[View]
77423418I want to fuck Dinah Cancer's hair while she cackles in her witch-like voice[View]
77425377The choruses in this album are very anthemic, like celestial souls creating a shield to block the he…[View]
77419299AOTY 2017 Thread: Now that the dust has settled....[View]
77427846ITT post your bottom 42/50/whatever[View]
77423679What does /mu/ think about Kero Kero Bonito?[View]
77427814what are some nihilistic albums about the celebration of murder and death?[View]
77416995Soundcloud Thread: Listen, Review, Post https://soundcloud.com/eeaarrtthh >ALTERNATIVE TRAP >C…[View]
77426815KPOP GENERAL[View]
77426170Wiki is the best mc rapping over the best beats. Can you prove me wrong?[View]
77423712Where were you in '95? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm54XyLwBAk https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
77427469any anti-feminism bands?[View]
77427254Well? Which is it?[View]
77427585Okay, real talk, if you were a CIA agent, would the first person you would tell info like this is to…[View]
77412482ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
77427289what is an album that not only bores you to tears, but at times has even caused you to snore?[View]
77424444>Johann Sebastian Bach >Johann Bernhard Bach >Johann Christian Bach >Johann Christoph F…[View]
77426107Citypop & Other Japanese 80's Music: What's /mu/'s essential Citypop? I've n…[View]
77427447ITT: parts in songs that get you absolutely hard >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY0bQbENB3Q …[View]
77427423/shugazi/ -don't die on me edition - Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Noise Pop, Blackgaze etc: I noticed t…[View]
77423759Where were you when you realized pic related is the most original rock album of the decade?[View]
77426425Both are trapped in a burning building: You only have time to save one, choose and explain why.…[View]
77427047Youtube lessons: Hey /mu/ anyone here know about some good youtube channel where I can learn how to …[View]
77424513This is better than all of The Beatles albums[View]
77422234If I hear another female artist or any female singing with the 'indie pop' voice, I swear I'm g…[View]
77426764you take your car to work, i'll take my board.[View]
77427312>tfw this time I believed the hype >tfw lived in this illusion >tfw now I'm nothing S…[View]
77423893Have anyone else here heard this mini album? Do you know anything else like it? Post[View]
77426639Vegas by TCM is the best trip hop album. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance look…[View]
77427235>Extremely talented singer, dancer, and guitarist >Wrote and arranged all his music Is there a…[View]
77425662>Lil Pump makes bangers bro you just gotta turn your mind off and enjoy it…[View]
77425121How do you listen to music /mu/?[View]
77426892>we don't believe what's on /tv/[View]
77427036>he doesn't think synthpop is best genre >kraftwerk, the human league, thomas dolby, new …[View]
77426105Best album is a bootleg: ITT Artists who's best work is a bootleg release[View]
77425694friendly reminder that fidlar is music for teenage girls[View]
77426576what are some music to listen while stressed i usually listen to old albums like iron maiden and dre…[View]
77424663/mu/ actually makes an album: I have ~4 hours to use a shitty studio provided by my uni to make an a…[View]
77422994what do hypebeasts listen to?[View]
77426489I listen to Buck Owens every day.[View]
77426856/bionicore/: Any plastic patricians on this board? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxYeW8lYUBM…[View]
77425312Give me more like this[View]
77425942KPOP GENERAL[View]
77426635ITT: Music for sycophants[View]
77426236Does /mu/ like Dystopia? Or even heard of them?[View]
77416875ITT: 10/10 openers[View]
77417551BC THREAD: u know de drill https://surcoviejo.bandcamp.com > ujqnda rock…[View]
77417380albums where the most popular track is also the best[View]
77425954file conversion: Cant open .wav in audacity. how do i convert to .wav? every program is a free trial…[View]
77426506I want to make a white nationalist emo band. Contact me if you also would like to make a white natio…[View]
77426452http://carseatheadrest.tumblr.com/post/169661113586/even-when-i-dream-of-you-qa-with-peyton-thomas L…[View]
77421895>I remember you wuz conflicted >cuz we kangz and sheeeeit nu-males, p4k and Fantano drones: HO…[View]
77425764Vinyl: Why is Vinyl so superior to mp3?[View]
77423077Terrible Bands Thread: I'll start >Mr. Bungle Terrible as fuck…[View]
77426320I'm heading to the Big Apple. Give me songs about NYC[View]
77424649Will Tyler kill himself when he turns 27?[View]
77426308>listens to BADBADNOTGOOD >wtf I love jazz now God you people are annoying…[View]
77425447What are some good steampunk themed albums?[View]
77425105Was he mentally ill from the start or did it come on later?[View]
77424697Post the last 5 albums you listened to: Rate, hate, compliment and debate each other. I'll sta…[View]
77425834ITT musicians you would have stolen lunn money from in high school[View]
77425910I unironically listen to Charles Manson.[View]
77426171So when is it it gonna finally come out?[View]
77417751https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LfJnj66HVQ >420 million views >4 million likes what the hell …[View]
77419282Will country ever be considered a respectable or 'cool' genre among the youth or will it always be a…[View]
77425895what album is this? inb4 boku no piko[View]
77425971>and movies are as bad as eating chocolate ice cream What THE FUCK did he mean with this?…[View]
77423016Play me some Earth tunes: Hey humans of 4chan, I just visited Earth, and I would like what music do …[View]
77425148*deletes Merchandise, Greed, Sieve-Fisted Find and Reprovisional* fixed it desu[View]
77423597What's your favourite song and why is it Things Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Befor…[View]
77421589Let It Be... Naked or not naked?[View]
77424897KPOP GENERAL: rainbow edition[View]
77424555What are you listening to right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JybMBMTHWP8[View]
77425672Why are specific lyrics more relatable than general ones? I lyric like 'I saw you every day at the c…[View]
77425737What is Ray dancing to, /mu/?[View]
77425656Hey /mu/, remember me?[View]
77425718>I looked like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky[View]
77424668desu just name one (1) ((((Uno)))) song.[View]
77418906Name 20 songs named after girls[View]
77425448I NEED TO KNOW THIS SAMPLE: https://youtu.be/66efj0E9-z4?t=54 THAT VINE WHAT FUCKING SONG IS THAT FR…[View]
77425402What do you guys think of my chart? Pleb or patrician?[View]
77422555What is the best album made by people with 20 years old or less?[View]
77425598Xbarks is a god to me[View]
77423365The sound of rock and roll and country being raped by the 1980s corporate music cartel. There's…[View]
77424139things you hate about popular music: >all vocal melodies sound attempt to be rip-off gospel/soul/…[View]
77425494nu music: Hey /mu/, it's been a long time... I remember four years ago when you introduced me i…[View]
77424356I can't tell the difference between Future and Quavo.[View]
77422968wow, thank you if you're reading this.[View]
77423234What does /mu/ think of this band?[View]
77424059angry hype hip hop: im at the point where this is the only genre of music I can listen to pls post m…[View]
77416877ITT: Artists that wrote 150 good songs in the span of a decade[View]
77425149I’M HOME LOST MY JOB[View]
77422425>texting a girl I met recently >going well, likeable, smart enough, funny >'so what music d…[View]
77422791Thanks, /mu/. This is great[View]
77424006ITT: Essential Chad core[View]
77424436Do you know what a Fugazi is?[View]
77424182Trap slaps[View]
77425316V both sides of the 12 Steam both sides of the L Freeze smoke rings and they hail Sleet snow grind f…[View]
77425220Metal/Hard Rock Album Recommendations for a Hip Hop Head: The closest metal-sounding thing I've…[View]
77419100It's a fucking dispointment: I expected this to be pop AOTY 2018 but it's all over the fuc…[View]
77425261why are jews doing this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzNXfsJRijg[View]
77425130Why is Brazilian music so underrrated? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frq70agiADY[View]
77424003How do I like Aphex Twin without looking like an idm poser?[View]
77425216https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NONOZGGejb8 I know this might be absurd, but I really dig this guy…[View]
77425212>mfw the new Kendrick drops[View]
77425189More tracks like 'Total Entertainment Forever'?[View]
77423963at what age did you grow out of metal, /mu/?[View]
77421867This isn't helping my anxiety.[View]
77425053do we like him?[View]
77423724>Bro I LOVE music! >Music is my life, man! >Peter Sotos, Zenjin, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley…[View]
77425100>album has like 10 untitled tracks[View]
77425051>be talentless hack >suck some dicks in the industry to get a record deal >first album fuck…[View]
77422525Why do we listen to this guy again?[View]
77422383why are these 3 musicians just so far above everyone else?[View]
77425038This is a masterpiece[View]
77420983genuine question, why do black people make better music?[View]
77424282WHERE ARE YOU?[View]
77424946the best[View]
77413188soundcloud thread, no others are up[View]
77424845>why haven't these guys put out a new album in so long[View]
77422697Camila Cabello vs. Taylor Swift: Help me to choose my new mistress which I will worship and serve as…[View]
77423803CASH ME OUSSIDE XD: >this girl has a '''''music''''' career at 14 y/o >worth over $10 million …[View]
77423810kpop general[View]
77417108ITT: Great albums ruined by poor mixing.[View]
77424755Erykah Badu is patrician as fuck.[View]
77424880There's an air horn on this thing.[View]
77416004Why is she being memed so hard right now?: Sounds like any other 80s-era J-poop to me. Are people tr…[View]
77422401ITT: Songs that you initially thought were memes but are unironically good: https://youtube.com/watc…[View]
77423742Pairwise Album Sorting: This site creates an ordered list by presenting you with two comparisons at …[View]
77424779>tfw you will never hang out at dino's bar and grill[View]
77424508Prettiest, most talented girl in music[View]
77412701/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Sweaty catgirl edition. How do I start learning guitar? >justingu…[View]
77424686Van vs Train - RAP BATTLE: https://youtu.be/TVd1x-IGZ9k[View]
774048233x3 4x4 5x5 tapmusic chart thread: rate rec guess etc[View]
77424542songs that make u feel nostalgic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51K0DQm94xw[View]
77424176You guys think he'll actually follow through with the 27 club?[View]
77423967What did Paul mean by including this in the sleeve of the White Album?[View]
77424293Reminder that this is the best pop album of the 80's. Yes, even better than Hounds of Love.[View]
77423317Does anybody have a good quality download of 3 Feet High & Rising?[View]
77422723Albums that will soothe depression and anxiety.[View]
77424325>listening to a song >riff from another song i like is in this song for some reason >keep e…[View]
77422358SUBPOP just started streaming their reissue: of the BEST artpunk/posthardcore album of the 00s. Bett…[View]
77424315Music memes thread: Post original content too, I'll start with this one[View]
77421090Post ambient: Post ambient https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tsGy40PFqE[View]
77422130Neil Diamond: Why did you assholes tell me Neil Diamond was so fucking awesome?[View]
77423600itt: albums for a hangover[View]
77423395/Grateful Dead/: Any fans of these guys? Where do I start? There's so much material it seems it…[View]
77424114HELP I'm making a party: It starts in one hour and I need a playlist quick ![View]
77408517I'm actually pretty hype for the re-recorded version of this. People are too attached to the ol…[View]
77424068Why does sampling sound so good?[View]
77413848Were The Smiths that popular before 500 Days of Summer?[View]
77423510thoughts on Marshmello nd Lil peeps newest song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7K_lbglfI4[View]
77422257Klika: Experimental Trap music from Serbia. Bit comical. GOES HARD[View]
77422039Great albums with one shit-tier track >Momamma Scuba[View]
77423380chart: post your charts[View]
77423917Music Production Books: Hey /mu/, do you know where I can find some music production, mixing and suc…[View]
77422765What makes a novelty song? Some friends and I got into a heated debate on what is, and what isn…[View]
77423460>tfw you missed out on the 80s goth scene >tfw no legit goth gf instead of these fake goth aes…[View]
77423794Today for the first time in my life I listened to Bruce Springsteen of my own volition. Growing up I…[View]
77421590Most intelligent current artists?[View]
77423848One of these Reddit - Kendrick Lamar, Lil Pump, J Cole, Brockhampton /mu/ - Travis Scott, Future, Yo…[View]
77423655pessimist: I never see much discussion of more underground electronic music here - thoughts on Pessi…[View]
77409581/metal/: blast beats edition old: >>77404887[View]
77423719will Have A Nice Life release more material?: does anyone know if Have A Nice Life will release more…[View]
77421196Does anyone know where I could find a karaoke version of Ben Gibbards 'Where Our Destination Lies'? …[View]
77423190Plastic Ono Band > Imagine > Walls and Bridges > Double Fantasy > everything else[View]
77423100What's /mu/'s opinion on this one?[View]
77422000>Hey, are you also getting a copy of the new radiohead album?[View]
77414355I can't believe it's been 58 days since Lil Peep was taken from us. How is everyone else h…[View]
77422599Boyd Rice: Thoughts on this?[View]
77423484Status: [ ] Not Feeling It [x] Feeling It[View]
77423543>artist sings with a canadian accent[View]
77422816Tips to become singed 2 a major label: Figured there might be some smart brains here, any tips? Pop …[View]
77423463http://www.nme.com/news/music/1975-next-album-needs-like-ok-computer-queen-dead-2016877 >“If you …[View]
77423335Really loved this Vangelis soundtrack. Any more like this or any other Vangelis albums?[View]
77421939>remember when you were you young >YOU SHONE LIKE THE SUN…[View]
77423414Anything else like this? Beautiful melodies and I love the mixing, especially on the first three tra…[View]
77422952Why do rappers hate fags like me? What the fuck did I do to those stupid niggers?[View]
774221572017: 2017 was great[View]
77421394/bionicore/: Any plastic patricians on this board? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxYeW8lYUBM…[View]
77420246The most talented vocalist of our generation: Better than anyone else[View]
77419848video game music?: is video game music still music? or just tunes.[View]
77421711Post sick songs boys, this genre is my fucking one love now I'm so happy I found this out from …[View]
77422978Rate my chart[View]
77423198Post a bunch of different versions of the same song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH0G1o8xbt4 http…[View]
77423170What does /mu/ think of Lil Xan and his dumb chauffeur?[View]
77421874Why don't you, sit right back, And I, I may tell you, a tale...[View]
77422264Albums you've only listened to the first few songs on, and nothing else. Over and over.[View]
77423133When will you realize? Vienna waits for you[View]
77422043What are some albums that capture the feeling of being disconnected from reality?[View]
77422272ITT: unpopular hip hop opinions: Offset > Takeoff > Quavo https://twitter.com/yayaajax/status/…[View]
77423061Lana Del Rey: Really like her new album Lust for Life. The whole Creep/Get Free situation is messy a…[View]
77423007Anyone have the Kanye clone leak?[View]
77422676you may only post here if your country has a hardstyle scene[View]
77417646ITT: Albums ruined by one track. (You know the one)[View]
77422936Is he the most underrated metal guitarist?: >unique kickass jazzy solos, has been and is a member…[View]
77422588Anyone know of any 70'/80's J-pop that is somber and melancholy instead of upbeat and happ…[View]
77422902>trying to record a song in some basement >this guy says he's going upstairs to 'put his …[View]
77389799Sort an artist's discography into this chart: template coming soon[View]
77422821Have you taken the yaeji pill yet, /mu/?[View]
77422623What do you think of this finnish noice documentary): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_kGjy5PSTo…[View]
77419535ITT post rare bands you've been getting into lately https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzHg5WbZXL…[View]
77420162Ancient Egypt: Songs with an ancient egyptian theme? Or just a general vibe reminiscent of that time…[View]
77417187What is the most influential progressive rock album of all time? The very best or most influential?[View]
77422742>Turn up the King Gizzard, my dude.[View]
77422230Hi! Russian here. I like some specific old music - when a singer doesn't just sing but 'play' b…[View]
77422741his best yet?[View]
77422233Music Samples: Could somebody explain something about Music Samples to me Say I recorded a clear sou…[View]
77422690New and fascinating music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poMoJP0TPeg[View]
77416723>Excuse me, sir? >... >You dropped this meme toad.…[View]
77416229>*falls in front of your path* >THOSE who acquire trips will be able to enter one of two doors…[View]
77412630Brockhampton thread: This boyband is too fucking good, man.[View]
77422344Lowkey THE dark electronic album of 2017[View]
77406026name a better album trilogy[View]
77416756Will Moby save America? What's his best album btw[View]
77419406/mu/ I love you. Thanks for being here. I've made some great friends on here through the last.f…[View]
77422560Face all your fears, then get at me Hit so many donuts on them backstreets Sit so high in the nosebl…[View]
77422029Can this song win the Eurovision 2018?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t58r0WXHQ5s[View]
77421781This is sex on rollerskates. Oh my God...[View]
77421920Has Eminem finally redeemed himself with this remix? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg1O_fs7SzE[View]
77419314>tfw 2 songs should really just be one contiguous song, but the artist split them up anyways…[View]
77422503opinions on The get up kids?[View]
77422153Who is this nerdy ass lookin white boi nigga and how the FUCK is he suddenly blowin up in the hip ho…[View]
77420405Most Patrician Country?: What do you guys reckon the most patrician country is, in terms of number o…[View]
77420559Opinions on Kali Uchis and her music?[View]
77418309ITT we say every line from pic related in order. The whole album. I’ll start You might think you’ve …[View]
77421321Will his album ever come out?[View]
77421678Post neuro. If you don't like it or don't know about the genre, fuck off and browse anothe…[View]
77419388Epitaph is the best song on this album.[View]
77421632how come no one talks about this album? this album is great[View]
77406818YOU´RE A CUNT[View]
774186933x3 ARTISTS ONE MONTH guess things talk about the music we listened http://tapmusic.net/lastfm/[View]
77422211That faggot who asked which laptop speaker is the best is fucking cringe worthy, holy shit...... who…[View]
77421494HELP ME: pic unrelated what's that song that goes: 'i'm in love i think i'm in love i…[View]
77422180BOOL BALM[View]
77419410Which portable notebook has the best audio quality? From hands-on experience, I guess its the newest…[View]
77418111Going on a long trip, need new music. Let me have your favorite album, regardless of genre, age, art…[View]
77417993What do you guys think of dubstep and EDM in general?[View]
77421352So how are eminem/hiphop fans dealing with this album?[View]
77419854Aesop: Why is one of the greatest modern rap albums so underrated? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_…[View]
77420065When and why did hip-hop die?[View]
77421496Is this just pseudoscience bullshit and should I just go back to listening to death-doom and war met…[View]
77421331How to learn how to mix / DJ: Eyo /mu/tants, I'd like to learn how to mix/DJ, are there any tut…[View]
77420393Why was he looking for the pirate ship?[View]
77421829ITT: Solo artists you wish lived longer[View]
77420113Who are the coolest or most mysterious musicians. Pic related[View]
77409281Albums where one track nearly ruins the whole thing: Have a Cigar[View]
77416429can we get a good old emo/screamo debate music share thread goin?[View]
77421075KPOP GENERAL[View]
77421404what happened to kavinsky?[View]
77420896You faggots got any good Midwestern Emo recs: GOATs imo >Brave little abacus discog > Snowing …[View]
77416214ITT: We post our favorite genre and guess eachother's favorites genres. I'll start >pro…[View]
77421572Does anyone else like the really early type of rap music where it was done over disco beats and the …[View]
77420437Hey /mu/, why are most music pieces 3-5 minutes long?[View]
77421716Anyone else kinda nervous about this? The new version doesn't seem as good as the original. May…[View]
77420942this was far more introspective in a special way than MPP. are we ever going to get something as pur…[View]
77421597Daily reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u5uh0DZvuo[View]
77419930What are you listening to?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJQdq-1SkGM&ab_channel=Brennidepill …[View]
77421669This is just stolen music. Why is it so highly rated?[View]
77420522Personal 10/10s thats arent werent well received or popular[View]
77421487I don't get it[View]
77420515>went on dl spree to replace CD rips in my library with vinyl rips >find out that dynamic rang…[View]
77420845Why are the only good Beatles albums their solo ones?[View]
77415513Listening to this album feels good recommend something similar[View]
77421348Rate the song above you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTviW6w_-wI[View]
77421455McDonald's vs Subway - RAP BATTLE!: https://youtu.be/L3OhiqaP08s[View]
77420185Rescue me, audiophiles!! [Amp + Dac for HD700]: Currently with Fiio e10k, my senny HD700 suck. Recom…[View]
77420945talk about this album[View]
77418637Anyone else like to give feedback to artists that they meet? Gave some to pic related after an AnCo …[View]
77412957You are now reminded that this album exists and is terrible[View]
77415175Tame Impala: He's rumored to be putting out a whole new album this year. Will it be better than…[View]
77420725/mu/ can't name 3 better Guwop tapes/albums: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Owr_qL-FeA…[View]
77417319New Andrew W.K.: > Andrew W.K. - Music Is Worth Living For https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdW3UJ…[View]
77420005Who is ready??[View]
77419264ITT: Concept albums from this decade[View]
77421103why is Wendy Carlos such a hard ass..: about xir music publishing n sheeeit ?[View]
77420964do you use alternate album covers[View]
77419199Best anti smoking song? https://youtu.be/4TV_128Fz2g[View]
77420229Help: I don't remember what album nor track that was, but it was about a girl pop star, and dar…[View]
77420698How can Jap band sing so good in English?[View]
77417017ITT: Similar album covers >Pedestrian - Healthy Ways to Die (2015) and Radiohead - A Moon Shaped …[View]
77420764yeah you can touch me any way: https://youtu.be/Oc2MqIS9PQk[View]
77420349Help me get passed the lyrics[View]
77419672Will rap ever be this good again?[View]
77416180still the greatest rock vocalist soy can't compete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSegvvik984…[View]
77413507Eric Clapton: ‘I’m going deaf, I’ve got tinnitus’: lol, he's literally one of us now[View]
77415726Favorite /mu/ pics: Nirvana and Boredoms[View]
77409946post beautiful songs[View]
77419242ITT: We post albums, and others say which board they would best be befitting of.[View]
77419851KPOP GENEREAL[View]
77417684This is superior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-KAY_Glm[View]
77419386this thread[View]
77420346What does /mu/ think of La Roux?[View]
77420409Have you seen this small boy?[View]
77420210For me it's Marina. She's my favourite female artist with FAS.[View]
77411107beautiful and underrated instruments?: electric guitar is kinda played out. i love it as an instrume…[View]
77419373RIP Mikio Fujioka: Kami Band will never be the same.... fucking depressed. Just seeing this. https:/…[View]
77419584Exactly how did Orangy die? It's not fucking fair tbqh he had so many fans and so much talent a…[View]
77419879Hey this is my second time shilling one of my songs, can you point out everything that's wrong …[View]
77419054>song starts with the singer waking up this morning[View]
77418760KPOP GENERAL[View]
77418659https://youtu.be/3ZadAVfdf7w anco/pinkfloyd/tameimpala they called 'Squids' smoke weed[View]
77412568Best vocalist of 2018.[View]
77419154why did fleet wood mac steal their name from mac de marco[View]
77418365why are their albums always such a mess?[View]
77418320HEY YOU[View]
77412995Post god tier j-pop albums that aren't city pop[View]
77419483Thinking about getting a Boognish tattoo. Thoughts?[View]
77390163Are we witnessing the birth of a new musical zeitgeist with the emergence of Pablo the Boy, Rex Oran…[View]
77419588Need some good indie rock bands.[View]
77416733Who's the best actor turned musician? Steve Martin? Jared Leto?Jenny Lewis?[View]
77419268What's /mu/'s opinion on Siivagunner?[View]
77418451I rap better: https://youtu.be/ZjgdDB4EsK0[View]
77419491https://youtu.be/H1ChKOqg90g post dreamy songs[View]
77419497What's /mu/'s opinion on McBess?[View]
77418150What is your personal opinion of Pink Floyd's The Wall album? Favorite song? Song you dislike t…[View]
77417353Post Malone: Is he gonna do anything good after this or more of the same shit?[View]
77419185youtube covers: itt post you favourite youtube covers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7RVdI1TsOY…[View]
77412616Cum on my sad face /chart/ thread[View]
77415401Why does /mu/ hate them?[View]
77419364Does anyone know some good, groovy modern pop-funk songs similar to ones like these? https://www.you…[View]
77419198Oh you like American Football? Name 3 of their albums[View]
77419064>tfw stopped watching porn and started doing nofap music for this feel? besides Burzum…[View]
77418127how much of a pussy am i for crying at this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G3_kG5FFfQ[View]
77419252bands that scream ANTIFA!! ill start[View]
77416945What's the comfiest you've ever been?: Watch this http://youtubedoubler.com/mFxM Train vid…[View]
77417857What will music be like in the 2020s?[View]
77419138What was the best music festival that you've ever been to and who did you see there that made i…[View]
77416641Why are bands with female vocals so superior?[View]
77418991Converge is NOT soy![View]
77419163Can we all accept that this is the sequel to Pet Sounds? >Made by an extremely autistic, troubled…[View]
77415171Monolith is the best track.[View]
77417990I live in a duplex house and my side has a dirty dingy basement, how can I soundproof it cheaply so …[View]
77418514>Artist thinks title track is the best song on the album >But it isn't…[View]
77419117What non-Jazz/Classical artist could even compete with him circa ‘65? He’s truly GOAT[View]
77418125why was Brian Wilson obsessed with this overproduced garbage?: >Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys de…[View]
77418680What an amazing album[View]
77419055ITT: pleb filters[View]
77417933Was this the first neofolk album?[View]
77418604committin a fuckin sperm robbery[View]
77416209what do you think of this? in my opinion the first and last tracks are god-tier but everything in be…[View]
77418913Can /mu/ get Spiderland into the National Recording Registry?: I've posted this the last couple…[View]
77415593well this is fucking awful[View]
77418964>mfw Sub Pop would not sign bands because they weren't 'grunge enough' And people …[View]
77416846Storms is the best Fleetwood Mac song[View]
77416593Creep = best RH: I don't know what you guys are talking about. Creep is just objectively The Be…[View]
77416150There are so many tracks on this thing like where the hell did this even come from? Like what fuckin…[View]

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