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82276181Burning Man Thread: bmir.org They're setting up right now Bunch of weird shit getting played bu…[View]
82275120Thoughts on LL Cool J?[View]
82276100Name something more ridiculous an artist has done than Khaled making his son into a fucking meme, ef…[View]
82274452Rammstein is misogynistic, racist, anti-semetic, homophobic noise. Anyone listening to them in 2018 …[View]
82275373>snaws >goog[View]
82276022Me not working hard? Yeah right Picture that with a Kodak And, better yet, go to Times Square Take a…[View]
82269542RUH ROH[View]
82268555How can one man be so based?[View]
82275821Love the beta uprising on this board. Please continue to shit on modern “indie culture” and the garb…[View]
82274969I WAS BORN A UNICORN[View]
82275909Why doesn't this have its own anime yet?[View]
82275943ITT very different versions of a single song (whether it's a standard or an original song with …[View]
82274355Music for 'fairly attractive though not super hot' basic bitch 'yeah I'm pretty into music' gir…[View]
82267981>Soundtracks For The Blind is the birth and awakening of the beast >The Seer is the beast dest…[View]
82275857Bruce Springsteen: Why do people like this shit again? It sounds like proto post-grunge with a gener…[View]
82275704Me not working hard? Yeah right, Picture that with a Kodak And, better yet, go to Times Square Take …[View]
82274534> The year is 2000 and 8teens > 4chan retards keep posting lda maymay > it's been 6 mo…[View]
82247109ITT: Get yourself kicked out of a party as fast as possible when someone gives you the aux cord[View]
82274997>rap is good![View]
82272790Chart thread: Last thread is pretty much dead, so here's a new one! give recs friends[View]
82275698Who else puts their vocals through effects because they hate their voice?[View]
82275679King Gizzard was on KEXP last week.: https://youtu.be/wxwu7FYFSek[View]
82275692holy shit[View]
82275147>Father? Yes son >I've come to kill you >Mother, i want to... >WWWWWWHHHAAAAHAAHYEE…[View]
82275659Me not working hard? Yeah right Picture that with a Kodak And, better yet, go to Times Square Take a…[View]
82274685https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XXd7csfZH8 How did he get away with this offensive song? Was it bec…[View]
82275623Is this the best album of the 21st century (so far)?[View]
82275647Me not working hard? Yeah right Picture that with a Kodak And, better yet, go to Times Square Take a…[View]
82275368Why does it have the meme status that it does? I avoided listening to it for a long time because of …[View]
82272247Radiohead LP 10 LEAKS: Okay so I know Thom Yorke's brother and he gave some leaks on the next R…[View]
82273848Just wish I was in a band that tours and shit all the time Who here /failed musician/? How to cope?[View]
82274608AOTY thread[View]
82275311How many background records do you recognize?: Bonus points if you actually own some of them.[View]
82269054what am i in for[View]
82275273HOW IS THIS ALBUM SO FUCKING GOOD WHAT HAPPENED TO COLDPLAY?? yeah i saw sparks, yeah i saw sparks[View]
82275166ITT Albums That Should be /mu/core Essentials: Hardmode - must listen to album below yours[View]
82272157Will Jonny make anything this edgy again?[View]
82262896/chart/: rate and rec, guess personalities, etc[View]
82275418Favourite indie album of all time? Pic related I love this record[View]
82275419Unkle Dabams is the hero that hip hop deserves. He provides a great alternative to todays rap, with …[View]
82272896need help setting up a turntable: i bought an AT- LP120 recently and it's great, but i have one…[View]
82271997MTV VMAS 2018 LIVE GAMETHREAD: MTV VMAs 2018 on at 9pm EST, preshow on now Literally had no idea the…[View]
82275378archive is back up[View]
82275151Well? Was he right?[View]
82270282Was Styx ever good?[View]
82272593I am a pretty big Kanye fan, but there really is no defending this. It is actually pretty sad that K…[View]
82273610New /MU/Core: >Post-Punk, Tape Music >Scaruffi-Core >The NeedleDick approved why haven…[View]
82274762First time listening to meme rap, more like this?[View]
82273189Listening to Christmas music, it’s all shit but for a second I get to pretend I have a family that l…[View]
82268807if you listen to 2010s mainstream rap unironically: reminder that you are a literal normie. you have…[View]
82263291*cracks open can* *sips* 'Eagles, now that's real music!'[View]
82275037Dubs decide if I make trippy krautrock disco music or industrial techno rock[View]
82274980The Soft Parade is the most the Doors you can get. For most of the song, it’s Jim and the gang not g…[View]
82271648Fellow incels of /mu/, what’s your favourite album? Pic related is mine.[View]
82274649Daft Punk: >Veridis Quo by Daft Punk is one of the comfiest songs of all time prove me wrong http…[View]
82275071greatest album of the 10s SHE GOT THEM AT THE TANNING SALON[View]
82273845So I thought...: /mu/ was about making music. Instead I see threads full of faggots posting music n…[View]
82272174Roast me[View]
82273503https://www.strawpoll.me/16307720 Guys what album should I get I can't get both Pic unrelated[View]
82275072This is objectively his best song. Prove me wrong.[View]
82249374ITT: Post what you're listening to right now[View]
82273798Recent purchases thread: Anybody wanna jerk off their recent acquisitions? Any type welcome.[View]
82264780/prod/ - Music Production General: I fucking hate Hip Hop edition GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedbac…[View]
82270930what is the citizen kane of music[View]
82273415KPOP GENERAL[View]
82264393Name Your Favorite Album, As Well As A Disability/Disorder That You Have: ADD[View]
82273184I know Wes Montgomery couldn't read music, but did he know music theory?[View]
82274397I like this guy. Do we think he's gonna get big?[View]
82273822Aretha’s last brap: I sat in Ms. franklins house as her family gathered around her bedside. The nurs…[View]
82273925Deerhunter is trash. I saw them open for Kings of Leon and they were straight garbage. Why do you pe…[View]
82274513The Butthole Surfers: Any fans here?[View]
82271260>hums in your direction[View]
82270858Thoughts on this album?[View]
82274773>mfw even the intentional filler is itself killer[View]
82266909attractive electronic producers ITT, pic related, it's Kate NV[View]
82273120Blues thread: What are some good blues artist?Why has rap replaced blues as “Black ghetto music”…[View]
82274748Post essential country & western albums. What are your favorite tracks? “They’re Hanging Me Toni…[View]
82274721He's a painter. He's a sculptor. He's a musician. Mind you he's also had major f…[View]
82274767Hey folks. I've been using audacity to record and edit my music for years. YEARS. I'm stil…[View]
82273525Has anyone peaked as hard and early as DJ Shadow?[View]
82273256What is the /mu/ opinion on Post Malone?[View]
82273769What's so special about this album? Just listened to it for the first time today and it was pre…[View]
8227460080's music thread to music you might hear in Scarface. I have been listening to A Flock of Seag…[View]
82274526thoughts on Patton?[View]
82270464i want to give her a foot massage[View]
82272771Why were so many of the key grunge musicians incapable of keeping their shit together? Why was this …[View]
82273527>tfw my favorite website reddit.com is down Music for this feel?[View]
82273732is he a hack?[View]
82273331Is /mu/ watching the VMAs? Reddit is down so no r/popheads or r/indieheads to collab with[View]
82274462Seriously Bros... He needs it[View]
82274384This album lives and breathes[View]
82274391>Listening to SIDE THREE-A >Suddenly turns into Guided By Voices Alien Lanes I love it.…[View]
82272402Why is sissy faggot music so popular now? >DUDE I'M DEPRESSED LMAO…[View]
82274303How did you learn the instruments you know how to play and what do you think of self and online teac…[View]
82274258> mfw americ*ns are too busy shooting eachother at walmart to listen to LDA.…[View]
82274341no no no bjork that's the wrong way! you're not supposed to lick the watermelon skin, you…[View]
82271204Listen to Little Dark Age[View]
82271895ITT: Albums that are currently looking like your AOTY[View]
82273593Canned Heat/Alan Wilson: He was so good, bros...[View]
82272532What is some musique? And what is the difference between music and musique?[View]
82272366college n stuff: I'm about to present a project to my music production class and in the beginni…[View]
82273206damn can't believe it[View]
82273849Shameless: https://youtu.be/4o4Fi1ic3Lk When i'd heard the new Drake song, I'd knew i…[View]
82270769Opinions/favorite recordings of David Binney? IMO he's one of the most interesting and consiste…[View]
82273597YEAH I'M A MAN[View]
82273606How do people get into this shit? It's more bland than A Cold Dead Place. There were good guita…[View]
82260938/metal/ 'ctrl+f gave no results' edition last thread >>lookatthearchives,youmoron[View]
82271202Is this experimental rock? I see a lot of unusual stuff going on in this album. Madness sweet pop[View]
82271926ITT: these comics[View]
82273775Post a typical musician's fan without saying the name.[View]
82273489>listening to music >can only focus on the cymbals…[View]
82273050Does /mu/ like Surf Music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAyeVjnJg9E[View]
82273758What's the anthem for the end of August? my vote- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noS61QN9nag…[View]
82268693Holy shit. It finally clicked. It finally fucking clicked.[View]
82263401share your music: last one is p toast SoundCloud, bandcamp, etc etc show me your bops anon…[View]
82272668Poor Places is the best song ever written in the history of rock music, prove me wrong >protip, y…[View]
82272374Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground In front of the snow cone stand and began licki…[View]
82273586Soul Assassins VS Wu-Tang: Wu would be the obvious choice but patrician niggas would pick Muggs over…[View]
82273007Music to get Ice cream to, please.[View]
82270869Anyone know of another example of two unrelated forms of traditional music mixed with success?[View]
82272624Best Springsteen album?: Pic related[View]
82270417is Wu-Tang forever?[View]
82273319Judge my record store picks: One of these is not like the others[View]
82273166Prog album art: Post stuff you think would make great album art for prog albums[View]
82271954Why are autistic people drawn to metal?[View]
82270134Biggie was not letting those doritos leave his sight under any circumstances[View]
82271915>*kills own wife* Heh, nothing personal, s-o-yboys[View]
82273164Extensive research shows that this is the last image the human mind shows at the point of death, cou…[View]
82272159ITT: we draw one big red X over a musicians picture[View]
82272433Tell me who your favourite band is, and why you like them.[View]
82271111What's the deal with John Lydon?: This man fronted one of the most overrated bands in the histo…[View]
82273064You know.. His virgin-to-Chad evolution is pretty impressive... (2012 to 2018)[View]
82272502What was his endgame?[View]
82271745KPOP GENERAL[View]
82273200*brap*-the album[View]
82273024Is this better than Sunbather?[View]
82273147ITT Albums that make you feel weird XXX makes drugs sound so grotty and disgusting[View]
82273173Best concert memories/nostalgia thread: I went to see the growlers last year, and it's probably…[View]
82270967Ride the lightning > master of puppets > kill em all > and justice for all > every other…[View]
82273105whats up with djent: I dont get it plz[View]
82272098/mu/'s thoughts on KEN mode? Favorite album? Hyped for the new project?[View]
82268514Why do /mu/tards hate on Led Zeppelin: They are widely considered one of the most important rock gro…[View]
82273099ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO THREAD Post your band's shit that has a visual accompaniment. Just put out…[View]
82270818who does Paramore pander to now?[View]
82272682ITT: Music that makes you happy[View]
82273030When are people finally going to learn that Travis is an uglier, less talented version of A$AP Rocky…[View]
82272968Anyone else hear the very clear Steve Reich/LaMonte Young influence on this album?[View]
82272917Depressing instrumentals: So boyos, i’m feeling very suicidal and depressed again. Need some depress…[View]
82270408Anyone else fuck with Palm? Probably my favorite band right now, these guys kick ass live. If you l…[View]
82270173Meechy Darko is one of the best voices on hip hop today Change my mind[View]
82272950are there bigger cucks in music than classical musicians? >spending hours a day trying to perfec…[View]
82272927Anymore Jazz rap?[View]
82270794How is she holding up, bros?[View]
82272822Holy shit! Check out this white hot thread over on /tv/.... >>>/tv/102683001[View]
82272851Albums where the first song is the worst in the album: I'll start, pic related[View]
82271629Guitar is hard[View]
82269461ITT: post albums with insects in the cover or title: For example: Bee Thousand[View]
82270773I know it's gonna be 5/10 but just leak it already. Preorders from the label started arriving t…[View]
82272545Oh, so this is where every mediocre indie band of the 2000s got their sound from.[View]
82266017How do you feel about his death /mu/?[View]
82270658ITT:Your thoughts on FIDLAR: I like it[View]
82270592Recommend me some Miami bass lads.[View]
82272498Best/ favorite live performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXTDTQINc20 My submission…[View]
82265101Thoughts on this dude?[View]
82272469Thoughts on Danz (Computer Magic)?[View]
82270674How excited are you for the reunion, /mu/?[View]
82269325Bad/Terrible Boomer Tunes: ITT boomer music, so I can know what to block from my Spotify forever you…[View]
82270676There has never been a better rap/rock collaboration than Korn and Ice Cube[View]
82270623/sci/ here Y'all know any space music?[View]
82269840Was Phil Anselmo a poser?: When you look at the evolution of Pantera as a band, even just from their…[View]
82272156https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFAoRR-RnuM Recommend me something similar to this[View]
82271693ITT: music that calm down your anxiety https://youtu.be/gJbSQHz5WOg[View]
82271855Only four more days lads[View]
822645143x3 4x4 5x5 weekly chart thread: niceposting edition. give recs, guess what kind of person they are…[View]
82271310>Anon, aren't you gonna watch the VMAs?[View]
82272362MTV music awards general[View]
82271722post screenshots with similar artists from last.fm and someone else should guess the artist. i'…[View]
82272421>This kills the mozart virgin[View]
82272390I mean I guess it's a cool fusion of genres, I've never heard lowercase vocal jazz before.…[View]
82271772hand-core: what did they mean by this?[View]
82270582This is pretty good.[View]
82271791>Bravery of Being Out of Range >Perfect Sense >Ballard of Bill Hubbard Why is this album se…[View]
82272217What the fuck are the lyrics in Gym Class supposed to be about?[View]
82270670Despite the tv show, this album is incredibly great[View]
82270870What a fucking good album. This should be /mu/core![View]
82272053knock knock[View]
82272008A$AP Ferg: Thoughts on this fellow? And do you prefer him to Rocky?[View]
82271914>With children, my time is wastefully spent >A burden to keep, through their communion >I a…[View]
82270151>left headphone always breaks on my headphones within a few months >gave in and just ordered a…[View]
82272166Important Question: What is your favorite 'sha la la' on this album?[View]
82272129Wish we could turn back time, to the GOOD OLD DAYYYYSSSS[View]
82270714>two songs on an album with similar titles >the one you expect to be slow is fast and the one …[View]
82271442Did people think he was a good person with the kind of lyrics he wrote?[View]
82270487Still objectively the best and most daring, musical, progressive Radiohead album[View]
82271842Making a smooth guitar instrumental playlist, think stuff like Europa by Santana and Watermelon in E…[View]
82271066I just got a 4 pack of Monster to celebrate getting sober and dedicating my life to music. What…[View]
82264031Listened/Expected/Got thread: It's been a while since I saw one of those chart threads.[View]
82271203ITT: Best metal album in recent years[View]
82270365NOISE / HARSH INDUSTRIAL THREAD: What's some good noise music out there that has a sense of rhy…[View]
82271185Post-Punk: What are some other good post-punk bands?[View]
82271827Mr McCartney has died Paul is dead[View]
82271851FEMALE: For me, its Tash Sultana >Psychedelic, alternative, lo-fi, reggae rock >also extremel…[View]
82270916White people who like Hip-Hop: Why?[View]
82270792KPOP GENERAL[View]
82271711I liked this and The Seer. What's next?[View]
82269665post underrated albums: i'll start[View]
82268325holy shit. Pop AOTY???[View]
82271613What the hell even is Post Rock?[View]
82267902Azealia Banks just leaked a text convo she had with Grimes: Thoughts? This is 100% legit, btw https:…[View]
82271563neofolk is a poseur genre for beta alt-right kids and boomers[View]
82244623ITT: Post an album and a date, if a date is your birthday, listen to the album: last thread reached …[View]
82271210The later albums were better, but Creep still their best and most honest song[View]
82266493thoughts on glitch pop /mu/?[View]
82269568Are radio dramas /mu/???[View]
82268700STRONG AURA ARTISTS FROM DIS GENERATION: I don’t use the term “strong aura” lightly. Only post artis…[View]
82269969Show me your downloads[View]
82269973last.fm top 10: Let's judge each other based on peoples last.fm scrobbles[View]
82271400Does /mu/ like Miami Bass?[View]
82271355In this thread we are nice to each other and give recs like good young boys[View]
82270094I’m planning on dropping a dear old friend of mine. Music for this feel?[View]
82267224ESSENTIAL DAD-ROCK: heh heh \m/ Rock On \m/ .[View]
82270811What do rockists like modern classical so much?[View]
82271121why does /mu/ hate on anyone that goes beyond rap, rock and pop? I like free improvisation because a…[View]
82271187Post songs about >tfw no gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veNzHk-ZNEs…[View]
82270857>best song on the album is 50 seconds[View]
82271059*cracks open can* aahhhhh[View]
82268464What's some music for when you can barely sleep anymore, your job is a miserable nightmare, you…[View]
82270117>You can't write a good drum and bass prog alb...[View]
82269097Post some ignorant ass shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xWrnSmB7DM https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
82266611SPIRITUALIZED: Never has a rock band been more ruined by corny as fuck black lady gospel vocals than…[View]
82268004What's the best album with NSFW cover?[View]
82269719Tyler Bates is the best thing to happen to his career: TPE and HUD made me a light Manson fan in no …[View]
82265128what's bjork best album?[View]
82265882Now that the dust has settled, was Squidward really that bad at clarinet /mu/?[View]
82267858Is mathcore dead?[View]
82269178Alexi Laiho is a legend and COB were underrated.[View]
82260717Is Reckoner the best Radiohead song?[View]
82270569Holy shit this album is so fucking good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKDzfWzNd_s[View]
82270011Does /mu/ like Post Malone?[View]
82267375Am I the only one who loves hard rock and heavy metal but absolutely hates every other kind of metal…[View]
82270133/hpg/ - Hypnogogic Pop General: In this general we discuss our favorite hypnogogic pop, synthpop, ch…[View]
82268454I'm a total metal newbie but I really, really like this album. I love the energy, constant drum…[View]
82270661Best track?[View]
82268731P4K score predictions?[View]
82269695KPOP GENERAL: butt edition[View]
82270683Any love for Cock And Ball Torture?[View]
82268273Isn’t it weird that he’s essentially the most commercially successful artist ever and is still essen…[View]
82270164ITT: 9/10 albums[View]
82268818>Just need a young cunt >That's possibly tight What did he mean by this?…[View]
82269960What does everyone think of Peter Gabriel?[View]
82269150What's his end game?[View]
82268900Presented without comment.[View]
82269694Why is that so often the most beautiful and innovative music is made by the ugliest and least attrac…[View]
82267666ITT artists with such a consistent discography it's hard to rank their albums accurately Pic re…[View]
82267912Haird Bands vs Grunge: Can we continue discussing our memories of the Hair Band days, and how we fel…[View]
82270461ITT – Contenders for all time great compositions: simple enough I s’pose, post any piece you would c…[View]
82269945if you could be a musician who would you be and why, i'll start: jim >good musician and grea…[View]
82267953so now that the dust has settled, this is probably the last great rock album, huh?[View]
82268383>that 24 year old who still goes to concerts alone and makes everyone else uncomfortable…[View]
82270137What the fuck is he doing now[View]
82262019ITT: Post your music husbando[View]
82269321How do you expect me to eat my pizza without my drink?[View]
82266663Hey white boy.[View]
82270229Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) (MIX EM UP Remix): Preview of my next remix - https://drive.google.com/…[View]
82268411Favorite Smiths album?[View]
82269128Which is better? Nick Cave or Grinderman?[View]
82269915Thoughts on this? Why do you guys think this is so hated?: For some reason, this has become Animal C…[View]
82269862Is he the most patrician hip hop producer? >sampled xiu xiu, andrea bocelli, marilyin manson, bjö…[View]
82269220/mu/ the movie[View]
82255342Iron Maiden thread? I fucking adore this band, and they never seem to get any love here. I'll a…[View]
82267468Guess I'll be the one to finally come out and say it,: Psychedelic rock is horrible[View]
82268333>Song title has parentheses[View]
82269548Japanoise Thread: Need new Japanoise music. Been listening to Kazumoto Endo's 'While You Were O…[View]
82269885Give me sad, melancholy vibes[View]
82269685This is like the musical equivalent of a Thomas Pynchon novel[View]
82267881>I'm getting lost in your CUURRRLS[View]
82267722rate my music taste pls <3 am i cool or a big normie[View]
82269923/mu/, is this Song legendary? https://youtu.be/VdtyiJM287M[View]
82269910Can someone please remove the text from the image and post the picture?[View]
82269687Does /mu/ prefer 'darker' music or 'lighter' music?[View]
82264038ITT: Worst Album you listened to this week[View]
82269627looking for female Satanic/oculist composers.: I scoured Youtube for this one video i found of a fem…[View]
82269135Who is the synthpop version of Ween?[View]
82267520How alternative music of the future (2050-2060) will actually sound like?[View]
82269444Tool is the best band ever: Prove me wrong :)[View]
82268304What is the best version of SFTBH?[View]
82269820Good morning, Worm your honor The crown will plainly show The prisoner who now stands before you Was…[View]
82269075Is Genesis good after Wind & Wuthering? also are Peter Gabriel solo albums good?[View]
82269768Out here saving meme rap. New album coming soon https://soundcloud.com/pcpowerup/mars-bars-feat-smal…[View]
82256841post a fake album cover others give it a genre and name[View]
82268316She would be the 'queen of rap' if she wasn't so fucking psychotic and deranged. She is way mor…[View]
82269609I try to pay attention to this but I genuinely can't[View]
82268570KPOP GENERAL[View]
82269540What were they listening to /mu/[View]
82269465Instrumental Music: I'm lookin for some instrumental music (songs / albums etc) it doesn't…[View]
82262377ITT: Hot takes. Listening to classical music as if it's superior kind of ruins the experience f…[View]
82269289What artist in your opinion best represents the fusion of man and machine?[View]
82269512https://soundcloud.com/erim-c/master-riddim-shake: https://soundcloud.com/erim-c/master-riddim-shake…[View]
82267118ITT: Emotionally dishonest albums[View]
82267076What does /mu/ think about euro-disco[View]
82269345im on a binge. more like this please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5KP5xWtNvE[View]
82269366>a paulsong starts with just the opening chords played four times in a row…[View]
82268711What's some music that make your IQ increase?[View]
82269102>I DO NOT CARE FOR MY BLOODY VALENTINE Was Peter in the right? He's valid to his own opinion…[View]
82267221Thoughts on this?[View]
82267868>I AM IROOON MAAAAN[View]
82264177How the hell are you supposed to play this[View]
82265607What is the musical equivalent of this book?[View]
82269214NEW ZILLA: https://soundcloud.com/hikariultra/sets/be-patient[View]
82264733/bleep/: https://youtu.be/ZemLVg8gylw i smoke the blunt[View]
82256868>being under the age of 50 >wearing 70s rock band shirts I seriously hope none of you do this.…[View]
82269151Do you like your music loud?[View]
82268359Daily reminder that music is good[View]
82267611Who else here makes experimental music because they can't write good melodies?[View]
82269048>when the alternate take of Good Morning is better than the final version…[View]
82269035Artists with similar style to Flower Boy? (Tyler, the Creator): I really liked Flower Boy’s sound of…[View]
82268982press F to pay respect[View]
82268945Is liking Nirvana a bad thing?: I've been seeing listening to Nirvana somehow something to make…[View]
82268846Currently on a reading hype. Recommend artists/albums like pic related.[View]
82265864ITT: Based albums[View]
82268476I need help finding a song (Day 3): I need help finding a weird song. It was the outro of some click…[View]
82268864Underrated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltiZzvtJZ7o[View]
82268404what is /mu/'s thoughts on mumble rap: its not for me to be honest. its more for instagram norm…[View]
82268899Why didn't pitchfork review this album?[View]
82267625RECCS: pls give me more songs like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wCgZh-nczY fast and angry, …[View]
82267522ITT: albums /mu/ loved but nu-/mu/ doesn't[View]
82259385Post your favorite album and and your favorite pokemon and get judged[View]
82268614/mu/ Hall of Shame: Post /mu/ related material that is awful https://youtu.be/OoaAMY5EEBI[View]
82268698*puts all other hip hop “music” to absolute shame* How does he do it lads?[View]
82267644did you know mark e smith was into asian pop music?[View]
82268681More romantic rock like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF6mMaAkhc4[View]
82268239How am I supposed to listen to this entire album if can't stop repeating Luau?[View]
82267539KPOP GENERAL[View]
82264622Can someone explain the appeal of trap music? It unironically all sounds the same, and even the peop…[View]
82262509Hot damn this album is fantastic[View]
82268408>will you say hello to my ma? >will you pay a visit to her? >she was an artist, just as you…[View]
82266748What's your favorite musician and what's your college major/what do you do for a living?[View]
82267510I think I discovered a new genre/ cringe thread: I call it self insert core. I’m so sorry I’m doing …[View]
82267842post GOAT funk[View]
82267713Why does this album never get talked about?[View]
82267935What's with this trend of indie bands and artists taking their promotional photos in the woods?…[View]
82267209How the fuck do people listen to this shit and enjoy it[View]
82265726post musicians with cats[View]
82268032be real, for once. this doesn't sound any better than any of thousands of drone tapes you might…[View]
82266505What kind of person do you have to be to enjoy John Zorn's music[View]
82267457>2018... I am... forgotten[View]
82268173Now Big Beat, that was a genre... they don't make music like this nowadays.[View]
82268138>fool me, fool me >you're cold, and severe as the rain…[View]
82265067Our lord and savior Fred Durst turned 48 today. Say something nice about him[View]
82262154f r e e t h i n k e r s a r e d a n g e r o u s[View]
82267959>rape a pregnant bitch until my friends and I got a threesome[View]
82266804The endless quest for more albums like clarity by Jimmy eat world has led me to a few. I'd like…[View]
82267861M'DAY-O, M'DAY-O, MOMBAJEE AI-O[View]
82267997ITT: the faces of /mu/[View]
82265855What can we do to kill toxic masculinity forever?[View]
82267804What was /mu/s reaction when it released?[View]
82267461ITT: Cardboard-core[View]
82267859DJ'ing: I've been looking to start DJ'ing for my college radio, since the guy who use…[View]
82267812who put this poop in my pants?[View]
82266441Anybody watching the VMAs tonight to see Ari get her Video of the Year award?[View]
82266019Does anyone know of any other examples of utterly disparate forms of folklore combined in such a suc…[View]
82267536So any country bros here?[View]
82267725Good night, sweet princess.[View]
82267325what is the gayest instrument?[View]
82267105Your opinion. I do not post at all in this board (and 4chan at all, because of bad english), I'…[View]
82267692Tommy from BTBAM out here looking like Father John Misty[View]
82266719/hpg/ - Hypnogogic Pop General: In this general we discuss our favorite hypnogogic pop, synthpop, ch…[View]
82264941how about a 9x9 weekly collage thread?: https://alwhite-me.herokuapp.com/lastfm/ you know the drill…[View]
82266577ITT: artists who could be pleb filters, but somehow are not[View]
82266932Is this their best album? Also black flag general discussion thread[View]
82267493This is slowly becoming my favourite Radiohead album, it's almost hard to believe given how muc…[View]
82266736The guitar is the perfect instrument. Its a portablé orchestra with a timeless sound if you have the…[View]
82266674KPOP GENERAL[View]
82267291fuck you I like them[View]
82267442Sound Cloud Rap: Been working on my craft for a while now, and im curious wat the best community thi…[View]
82266924Is this album any good[View]
82266982Give me the best space rock you've got[View]
82266321itt: childhood kino[View]
82263732Post albums with infinite replay value Pic unrelated but my music player says I've listened to…[View]
82265203Is this the future of music? But in all seriousness this is cool as heck, has anything been done in …[View]
82264001Protip: you can't[View]
82265499Fav queen song thread[View]
82265979Least favorite lyrical cliches, ill start >just close your eyes[View]
82267150Ballads that you enjoy: Old Folks >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewjh-ShGl8o…[View]
82263306>can finally feel myself growing out of rap '''music'''[View]
82267144Is there any band that's honestly better to get hammered too and just have a chill time https:/…[View]
82267129stop using internet[View]
82266159>Makes a smash trace pop album as their debut without even trying >Creates an entire illuminat…[View]
82266292Dubs names the album I do a video react to I will do any album except absurdly long ones ala Bull i…[View]
82266975what music does your girlfriend listen to?[View]
82266540Music that sounds like the first example in the video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BIClcgACHpw…[View]
82266995how do up and coming artists get their music put on spotify playlists? do PR groups take care of it …[View]
82266918Do autists make the best songwriters?[View]
82252348post a girl you think is cute,other people guess your favorite genre[View]
82266898Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do? /noise pollution/ edition https://www.youtube…[View]
82264337His music is engineered in a calculated manner to be the same as everything else that is currently t…[View]
82263373Are metalheads among the biggest snowflakes ever? They get so triggered whenever you say a band is i…[View]
82266455I don't get where the legend comes from: 95% of her songs are just about a guy cheating on her …[View]
82266757>OMG FRANK ZAPPA[View]
82262430Blond turns 2 today: It’s been 2 years since our lord and savior Frank Ocean blessed us with this ma…[View]
82263976When will this old bastard finally die?[View]
82258041ITT: albums that their title track is the best track on the album[View]
82261607New Street Sects song. Pretty good. A bit overuse of the movie lines at the end though. We get it yo…[View]
82264929>look through CDs in the store >'the best of x' >'the very best of x' >'the super duper …[View]
82264285Why is Albatross so good?[View]
82266445What does /mu/ think of Daniel Johnston[View]
82264118“Let me get my hands on your mammary glands” BASED[View]
82266675My heart feels real heavy and sinking but at the same time way too light and kind of fluttery req f…[View]
82266655Sharethread: The Weens - Ween's Back Baby >Post-Punk, Bootleg, Tape music >It's Ween…[View]
82266657Kehlani & Cardi.B.: New song today. /mu/ thinks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcRWyLMVrFM…[View]
82265189He is pointing at us[View]
82265369KPOP GENERAL[View]
82263855Unironically in their top 3[View]
82266114sadsoy: give me ur saddest lo-fi basedboy shit. i'm am onions n mega bummed out ffo: elvis depr…[View]
82254880RIFFS edition previous edition: >>82241796 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc[View]
82266523RIP juice wrld: Damn... another legend gone, too soon #RIPJUICEWRLD[View]
82265912Post an album and the best song on it: >Ta13oo >MAD I GOT IT…[View]
82261847ITT: Post your music waifu[View]
82264113What do you think happened?[View]
82265948>Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade — The Notorious B.I.G., August 9, 1994…[View]
82265897Hip Hop is redundant with Pop Rap[View]
82265881I love ambient music but wasn't able to get into this until it recently clicked. Please recomm…[View]
82266318ITT bands/performers that would have been indie heroes had they never made it big[View]
82266391>bangs you're waifu[View]
82266444ITT: Rec some proto-post-punk[View]
82261328ITT: post Metalgaze I’ve been listening to: Violet cold Underling Heretoir Sorrow plagues Mare cogni…[View]
82266209Is Nicki Minaj's Career Over?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8qkoB45exA[View]
82266205I'M A FISH NOW[View]
8225848310/10 albums thread: pic related[View]
82266334>Well, my name is Schaffer and I'm here to say >I can rock the mic in the oldschool way …[View]
82265628Ye: Guys, I just listened to this again. Was it always this good? Or did it need some time to marina…[View]
82263700“You hate your life just admit it”: Holy shit[View]
82265496>Remember being in grade 10 in 2004 and sitting in your basement with your girlfriend and just bl…[View]
82266238>rap song ends >phone call recording starts playing…[View]
82265166Anyone got any warm glitch like oval? Also what's your favourite oval album?[View]
82265517Songs you love: But get sick of in less than 5 relistens[View]
82266054This Guy: Peel Sessions consistantly lie as one of the best albums of the given artists discography …[View]
82264969ITT: Worst album covers of the year: I dare anyone to top this[View]
82265960>generic pop song has reverb-soaked vocals >rym tag: 'alternative r&b'…[View]
82262791so do we hate her now?[View]
82265915Unkle Adams: I know the meme hype around his has died a while ago. But what the fuck is the future f…[View]
82265000>this destroys Talking Heads hahahahahaha[View]
82265846Overhated albums.[View]
82264726Truckerfag here. Need NEW jams to cruise to. Pls help[View]
82253018feeling nostalgic the solution is a lou thread[View]
82263532A Night to Remember: What was the music played at your high school prom? Post it and other anons gue…[View]
82265667i dont get it[View]
82265080If you woke up from a coma 12 years from now: Which artist's discography would you catch up on …[View]
82266010Is Mitski's new album actually original and extremely enjoyable with these unusual vocals and m…[View]
82257367Why do I love japanese music so much? anime, vn, videogame or just common japanese music all makes m…[View]
82265463Opinions on..: What does /mu/ think of The Offspring? (Talking about their older stuff, 1990-2000)…[View]
82264661Drukqs > Richard D. James Album > ...I Care Because You Do = Selected Ambient Works 85-92 >…[View]
82266001gone too soon...i will always see your shadows in my room #RIPJUICEWRLD[View]
82265662/NI(28)back general/ what's your favorite song[View]
82262751Honest question: Why /mu/ users like the industrialized crap that is K-Pop? It has no soul, no meani…[View]
82264535saw this online recently. anyone like any of these albums?[View]
82265984Gabrielle Aplin: What does /mu/ think of Gabrielle Aplin. https://youtu.be/u3YiS62WPo8[View]
82261964Tell Me How You Really Feel About My Album[View]
82265886What are your thoughts on fellow /mu/tant Adam Neely?[View]
82258907>brits listen to Oasis in 2018 http://www.officialcharts.com/charts/…[View]
82264668/prod/: GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback. Upload WIPs on https://clyp.it/ or https://instaud.io Pl…[View]
82264150how do i discover new good music and how i appreciate it more? i asked this couple of years ago, and…[View]
82265035What do you think about my first sound ?: composed on my own, i hope you'll like https://soundc…[View]
82265719What are some good balkan folk songs? I was on a vacation there a few days ago and can't get th…[View]
82261413Putting noise in music is stupid and autistic. Prove me wrong bitches[View]
82265824What’s the review where Anthony Fantano mentions Suicide’s self-titled album and Slates EP by The Fa…[View]
82263615CD collection Thread: What do you guys think of my CD collection also how big is yours? Post em if y…[View]
82264987Name one other album that has TWO direct sequels. Not a part 2 and part 3, I mean TWO part 2’s. Yach…[View]
82264607When did he turn into E! News for music?[View]
82264931Are there any good albums from Latvia? I think I've found some decent/mediocre progressive rock…[View]
82265630So do the 1990 CD releases have the uncensored Theese Boots cover? Wikipedia says its sissues after …[View]
82263274/punk/ general: Modern hardcore edition You know what to do. Post what you're jamming right now…[View]
82263774Post good road trip albums: I’m going for an adventure through Northern Ontario for the next few day…[View]
82265531Is he the most underrated rapper of all time?[View]
82264687New jams:: Post that up and coming shit that's gonna take off https://youtu.be/ptqKJsGK0YY Lit…[View]
82264717what's some albums with 70s/80s (japanese) cartoon aesthetic? like: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
82265449Is it just me or Morrissey isn't as gay as he looks like? 95% of his lyrics are pretty ambiguou…[View]
82263257What video game has the best music?[View]
82265252Evanescence: What went wrong?[View]
82263205>John “I Wanna Fuck Me Mum” Lennon >George “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Har…[View]
82254462How are those guys so fucking good?[View]
82265347>reads queer theory once[View]
82264187KPOP GENERAL[View]
82264864Album 2 of literally any of Chino's side projects when[View]
82263229ITT: The Beach Boys: I love the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and Smile Sessions. They are two of my o…[View]
82265280Let's see'um, rate'um[View]
82258993>not a five track EP ending with coral understanding what were they thinking?…[View]
82260657itt: the absolute state of /mu/: >the absolute state of /mu/ >the absolute state of /mu/ …[View]
82264748Their eyes are rivers, they give me shivers[View]
82265061ITT: Bands who've never put out a bad album.[View]
82264506SP General: Anyone else go/going to the shiny tour? Thoughts? Set seems way too long to me. I think …[View]
82265179Anyone got more like this? https://mikekrol.bandcamp.com/track/seventeen-age-2[View]
82265135the GREATEST rap album of all-time[View]
82262869dadaist trap rap[View]
82264761>God tier Painful >Top tier I can hear the heart beating as one And then nothing turned itself…[View]
82264399BRIAN WILSON HATE THREAD: >Cried when Sgt. Peppers came out and accepted defeat >Stole Mike…[View]
82265004Flute faggotry: Sup /mu/, rate this bad girl[View]
82264412Now that the dust has settled... is Paul Simon's Graceland a masterpiece?[View]
82263663Rank them as musicians and as performers[View]
82263125Ahegao Williams: fav song by this band?[View]
82264960listening to songs that were or are in the currently top 100[View]
82264576I got literally nothing out of this album. 1/10.[View]
82264630>live albums[View]
82263983What's the musical equivalent of morning cigarettes and coffee? Demarco doesn't count[View]
82240197/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: >How do I start learning guitar/bass? https://www.justinguitar.…[View]
82263721Is he the male Grimes?[View]
82264552The great debate: [spoiler]It's Midnight Marauders[/spoiler][View]
82263753Have you ever pretended to like music you didn't actually like just to improve your chances wit…[View]
82262997VERY fast crabbo snibbing at incredible high speeds[View]
82262209>Motion Picture Soundtrack[View]
82263293Music about being flabby and sick?[View]
82262741>Oh man, this song really takes me back. It was back in 12th grade and I was hanging out with my …[View]
82264587>invents nu-metal in 1969[View]
82264560what's that autechre song you can feel in your throat[View]
82262839>...and he cried, he cried, he cried, and he cried... >...in fortnite... Wait what the fuck??…[View]
82262600Your digits = your next song: After the success of yesterday’s thread of the same format (but with B…[View]
82264368/bleep/: no bleep? Haven't been here for months but I always enjoyed the recs https://youtu.be/…[View]
82264441OK: https://open.spotify.com/user/nate_the_gr8/playlist/2v3tNX9CmknkvxoEPKiqUR?si=pmEAwWHJRvygnyKe1D…[View]
82263395ITT: shit thread: https://m.soundcloud.com/angieniccals/locket-heart[View]
82264251does anybody know anything about this album? https://open.spotify.com/album/31hEynPH6SwiJ7SgFl25G6?s…[View]
82263860>On the inside, there was this guy. Called himself 6ix9ine. He was a real fag alright. Everyone o…[View]
82261621Fuh You: Was it dementia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYnI--eSbnc[View]
82262977His second worst album.[View]
82264226He's superior to the Beatles: >Turned complete garbage Get Back sessions into the next Sgt. …[View]
82259761What's his best album/song /mu/?[View]
82263008KPOP GENERAL[View]
82263250All pop music is ba-[View]
82262489Dishonest Chick Music: i'll start[View]
82264109>that white boy who listens to jazz[View]
82261034Can you imagine if sampling were done in any other medium besides music? >It's okay officer,…[View]
82263227djent is the new dad rock[View]
82262420Musicians i want to punch in the fucking face[View]
82263906What is wrong with her[View]
82263988Any recent bands going for what later-era Talk Talk was doing?[View]
82262765>You ain't seen nothin yet >B-b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin yet…[View]
82263954>Doja Cat[View]
82263817/mu/? Heh, haven't heard that name in years...[View]
82261922Is Grimes autistic?[View]
82261380Any Punks know anything about this band?: A friend of mine found this in a crate, apparently it soun…[View]
82263873Post epic moments from live music performances where popular music gods show off their extensive tal…[View]
82263867ITT every band member is great except the lead.[View]
82262949How do you feel that objectively this album is better than the entire Radiohead discography?[View]
82263821>album flops >go on Twitter rant Are we witnessing an implosion of a former star?…[View]
82263196>The Strokes, the White stripes, the Killers.... now those were the REAL rock bands…[View]
82263687WATCH MY SHITTY BAND PLAY SHITTY MUSIC LIVE: https://www.twitch.tv/qwertyman99999hd[View]
82262362bob dylan's music fucking sucks. but he's a pretty cool dude[View]
82262800post yfw genuine pop classic Thriller has been dethroned as the best-selling album in US chart histo…[View]
82263659>best metal album from past years was a fucking video game OST metalfags BTFO…[View]
82262367Give me 2000s vibe rock: Stuff you'd hear in the american pie soundtrack[View]
82259337Instrumental albums: Recently I've been listening to instrumental albums a lot (Fashion Week by…[View]
82263445I really love Brockhampton's new single: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICG0MuzEYzw…[View]
82263467does /mu/ have any recommendations for satanic underground three 6 inspired rap[View]
82263238This is a better version of Pinkerton, discuss[View]
82263441witch house revival when?[View]
82260651This is better than Pinkerton and if they completed finished this properly it would get far better r…[View]
82262199What do you think of Kendrick? Is he really the GOAT or just very overrated?[View]
82262988i tried to get to you[View]
82262374Do you agree that Faust is the greatest achievement in popular music, and Miss Fortune is the greate…[View]
82259386>I think the biggest misconception is in the sense of the music. Where our heads are at is much d…[View]
82262096This track is loony to listen to when you know what’s about to happen[View]
82262876>have you seen this creep listening those wierd asian girl songs >omg yes that wierd silent on…[View]
82262477What bands or albums would you reccomend to someone with zero knowloedge on 'electronic' music? pic…[View]
82263259'I like Morrissey'[View]
82263206Who is your favorite black Beatle?[View]
82262950>the 90's, now THAT was decade for music man. The music was choice man. It was the bees knee…[View]
82262309Tell me about David.. why does he wear big suits?[View]
82262511Is it possible to make Art Music/ Musique Savante with a electric guitar ?[View]
82259483ITT: Music that makes you feel like a cool 2005 emo girl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viT3LWrF3m…[View]
82263138What do Boltzmann brains listen to?[View]
82261949What happened to real women representing the pc music wave[View]
82262954ITT: garbage normies think they have good taste for listening to[View]
82261963The Eagles' greatest hits album has moonwalked past Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' to become…[View]
82263051Rec some math rock with prominent keyboards[View]
82262536Are there any musicians with famous daughters who make music? I think someone from Black Flag has a …[View]
82262992Dark Ambient[View]
82261925KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPhAEcLaiNs[View]
82262963Looks like kinos back on the menu[View]
82262918Peak of Butterfield's career[View]
82262879New Kendrick project in September?: I don't wanna get hyped but.. Kendrick shooting music vid i…[View]
82262888thoughts on Alice Kristiansen?[View]
82262812ENGLAND IS MY CITY[View]
82256153How can iTunes ever compete?[View]
82259938Do people unironically like this? It sounds worse than the demo songs that come with fruity loops[View]
82262801Daily reminder that this happened and millions of people on the 'ad free' service paid to see it.[View]
82260435ITT: Write a Slayer song one word at a time HYSTERIA[View]
82261595Does anyone else do this? You don't listen to music by artists you think look like faggots. Lik…[View]
82262653What do you guys think of nothing,nowhere?[View]
82262083This is just the Isley Brothers on Heroin[View]
82261996an entire album of bangers about getting your pussy eaten....powerful[View]
82261849can give me some vocal jazz recs? pic unrelated[View]
82256099Okay, this is epic.[View]
82251786SOUNDCLOUD THREAD >post yer links >give recc and feedback >be cool BE COOL…[View]
82261879DMT-core? Like DMT inspired music?[View]
82262490So i finally made a move on my oneitis and she shut me down, I feel great now and can finally stop w…[View]
82257783How can one man be so based?[View]
82262437You gone die You fucked off my drive-by It can't slide If it was me it wouldn't ride[View]
82260332What are some songs that will make me reach rational ecstasy?[View]
82259100Who is the best Beatle and why is it George Harrison?[View]
82262215/BRG/ - BUTTROCK GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTiGlNDnOtE https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
82262305This is the king of New York. Any questions?[View]
82247055There's a soundcloud thread but let's include our bandcamp and youtube pals. Post 'em[View]
82253976>I’ve never been into all these suffering artists, I think it’s a bit pathetic. You have your pro…[View]
82262225yo, can someone tell me pls where can i find this documentary to watch? 808s, 303s and 909s[View]
82262185Kendrick Lamar is deep because he put a gunshot in his song and sometimes black people get shot by t…[View]
82260566does busting make you feel good?[View]
82259941Who will her next bf be? serious suggestions only[View]
82261632Have you seen the footage?[View]
82258689Which is the most reddit band ever?[View]
82261540>Gay Z[View]
82261750Feedback on my new song: Hi I just have released a new song and would love some feedback. Thank you …[View]
82251956Daily reminder that She Said She Said is the best Beatles song.[View]
82261835Father John Misty / Josh Tillman: >removes True Affection and The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our …[View]
82260953KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=846cjX0ZTrk[View]
82252289Constructive criticism thread >Post your projects, either SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube etc, in o…[View]
82261516JPOP GENERAL[View]
82261801Why does her voice trigger me so much? She seems talented, but... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK…[View]
82261792Holy shit, 12 years later it clicked. It finally clicked. All that was needed was to simply remove a…[View]
82261363Best Rush album: What's the best Rush album and why is it A Farewell to Kings?[View]
82257254redpilll me on No Wave[View]
82261770I just found them. Good shit.[View]
82259440Covers that were better thread[View]
82251760/chart/: Old one died, so a new thread for a new day Only rate this chart, no recs[View]
82260738IT'S BEEN[View]
82261279Recommend me some songs with record scratching: What is your favorite use of turntables in a song? h…[View]
82261452The non-autistic Mr Bungle[View]
82257985YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER KNEW ME AT ALL *hits wrong note*[View]
82259873What's he dancing to?[View]
82258887>The time has come for coats >And over coats What did he mean by this?…[View]
82261276Together forever and never to part Together forever we two[View]
82252115Shift from Glam to Grunge: Who else remembers when MTV shifted from Glam bands to Grunge? Were you g…[View]
82260051How can one state have so much talent?[View]
82261242Bubblegum: So punk is under invasion from girl fronted bubblegum pop.Do you like it mu? https://www.…[View]
822570022018 flawless albums[View]
82260473NIGGA WUT?!?: Hey, could one of you explain this music vid for me[View]
82260176What are the best TV performances? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BonWfTW7jKc https://www.youtube.…[View]
82259654Taylor + Jaguar = <3[View]
82255629Who is the George Carlin of music?[View]
82256873little things you like: >beat continues for a time after the lyrics stop in a hip hop so you can …[View]
82260535Music you fucking hate. Didn't Sonic youth just rip off this band? They both suck cock.[View]
82252507>this album only got popular because of some faggot eceleb cringe[View]
82260952Ween sucks.[View]
82255502Spit a verse anon.[View]
82260114KPOP GENERAL[View]
82260891>snaws goog[View]
82256609Honestly what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
82259287>Lo-Fi >Ambient >K-Pop >Hip-Hop >Bedroom Pop…[View]
82260745Stray light run: Thoughts on this taking back Sunday spinoff https://youtu.be/Neo-I7U1UfI[View]
82259126How do I deal with my friends being obsessed with K pop[View]
82256366The next stage of the post punk genre; HMLTD - Hate Music Last Time Delete EP: Hmm, I feel like ther…[View]
82255386/mu/ filters thread[View]
82260193albums for this feel?[View]
82259857What do you think of tobi lou?: I don't even like autotune but he nails it and also has a great…[View]
82259994Blonde Redhead: I find this band on spotify, 2 italian, emigrated in usa when they're are child…[View]
82259546Rank a bands discography: As thread subject says, rank them discogs. I'll start. >Baroness …[View]
82258620What does /mu/ think about LOONA, the revolution of pop? Full group: https://youtu.be/846cjX0ZTrk Hi…[View]
82260482This is NIN's best album, it is actually subtle in all the right ways, Trent's voice is at…[View]
82260179Attention span: Do you guys just sit there or do something while listening to music? I can't fo…[View]
82258284when's the archive coming back?[View]
82259531Little Dark Age>Congratulations>Oracular Spectacular>MGMT Prove me wrong.[View]
82260510>tfw remember my Animal Collective phase[View]
82260472https://open.spotify.com/user/khadajhinx/playlist/2BL6cv3NoOkFYk1uMt1P5U I dont know how many of you…[View]
82260442American boomer, stay away from me American boomer, papa let me be Don't come hanging around my…[View]
82260341what does /mu/ think of incubus[View]
82258797We poorly draw album covers in Paint: One of these. Yep.[View]
82252476where does he rank in the all-time discussion?[View]
82260172CHART THREAD: Last thread is only rates, lets have some recommendations, guesses etc as well[View]
82260168Were they a slutty group? How much of it was sex appeal that BTFO the lusty negro attitudes?[View]
82254689What album or song are you currently obsessing over?[View]
82260110best blues imitator?[View]
82259425KPOP GENERAL[View]
82255096ITT: Peak music aesthetics: >Thin White Duke Bowie[View]
82257786Underappreciated Albums: Post any albums from popular bands or artists you think are underappreciate…[View]
82257957want to find chillhop/jazzhop/lofi hip hop rap artists that aren't completely forgettable: albu…[View]
82259884who are some truly chad musicians?[View]
82258400last.fm thread: poast em add supers fuck off discord.gg/YgyZvgw[View]
82259649Japanese Music Videos: I fucking love Japanese music videos so I'm going to post my favourites …[View]
82259396Name a more influential hip-hop artist (pro-tip: you can't)[View]
82257406https://youtu.be/ZG3dCUqdY_w?t=28 >that 40yo b00mer that makes Grime[View]
82255379whats his best work[View]
82250854ITT: Good Songs with weird and uncommon time Sigature I want to practice counting. Please type the t…[View]
82249567/bleep/: https://youtu.be/cDLEN7C1Ym8[View]
8225964020 years old[View]
82254545What are your thoughts on this album?[View]
82257774Listen to Little Dark Age[View]
82255368https://twitter.com/SuccCarl/status/1016423584783306754 So uhm... WHY is Snail Mail retweeting this …[View]
82257174What's his best song that isn't on Aeroplane? For me it's Trilogy.[View]
82258945AOTYSF: who's yours?[View]
82258672KPOP GENERAL[View]
82257423Albums that must suck because people stop talking about them 1 month after they drop[View]
82255782so i listened to Loveless for the first time last week and then i wrote this: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
82259304What songs tell a story that you can feel as much as you can hear? Example: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
82256050Why is this album considered a classic?[View]
82258524Wocking around with your head in the clouds[View]
82258337HERE IN MY CAR[View]
82259090Itt: post albums by /mu/core artists that never get talked about Pic related is so underrated[View]
82258866Does /mu/ like Tracy Chapman? I do.[View]
82258662Underrated Af: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CMwp3lbHuBg[View]
82256057Their eyes are rivers, they give me shivers[View]
82258864ITT: instant classics from the 2010s[View]
82258654>I can smell it floating in the air tonight, oh Lord >And I've been waiting to sniff this…[View]
82256991This is my fav mixtape/album ever. Astroworld just didnt do it for me. Can someone recc me anything …[View]
82255196any /mu/ approved classic? something very epic or touching[View]
82258449------------11------9-----------9----------9----- -------11--------------------9-----9--------------…[View]
82255492NSP General: Now that the dust has settled, this is the best album they've made right?[View]
82258724what do u think they talked about?[View]
82258083TELL ME WHY[View]
82258458/bik/: Post album to go biking to. Heard Rumours and pic related today, both pretty good for biking …[View]
82258163KPOP GENERAL[View]
82258588Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks [Modern, 1991] not a diva--a transgendered arena-rock god in all…[View]
82256796>about to go on a roadtrip with a super qt who i think has a crush on me music for this feel? i g…[View]
82257011>post-rock >ambient >slowcore…[View]
82258617Cringe post: the simple and subtle, yet powerful lessons you learn in life >be me >be with ex …[View]
82258605Very interesting song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72AiXDtqRmM&feature=youtu.be[View]
82256544organazation: dm a catfish account on Instagram if ur interested in joining an organization the acco…[View]
82258146>listening to albums... now that's how you appreciate music *cracks open* *sips*…[View]
82251763How to spot zoomers: >He doesnt listen to They Might Be Giants >He doesnt like Guided By Voic…[View]
82255693ITT: Post the worst album covers[View]
82258111How the hell can a band have its best song (Echoes) and its worst song (Seamus) in the same album /m…[View]
82256577*makes gear fags on /mu/ look retarded*[View]
82254399The Great Debate[View]
82258267>heh... now Metallica... that was a band... wagnerian dareisay even..[View]
82257241this is really good[View]
82256311Rank their albums from best to worst, 1 being the best 2 being the worst 1. Bloodlust 2. The Night C…[View]
82256899more albums like pic related. albums that make you feel like you're being raped. make you feel …[View]
82258176whats your favorite album?[View]
82255918Is this band the one exception to power metal?[View]
82257618KPOP GENERAL[View]
82258136How do i sing like Sabrina Carpenter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXEclaTvYl8[View]
82256994Hot take: This is one of the best albums ever made. I've been here for almost to decades.[View]
82257975How do you guys feel about Miami bass?[View]
82251102It's just post-rock with harsh vocals.[View]
82256267whats the name of that fuckin album that has a kid with blonde/brown hair and maybe a nosebleed look…[View]
82257884She looks like she fucks black guys[View]
82255320Why people shit on this so fucking much? I legitimately don't get it. The production is amazing…[View]
82255835The Sugarcubes - Life's Too Good: The Sugarcubes - Life's Too Good[View]
82257920What film is this from?: Does anyone know what film or game I might recognise this peice of music fr…[View]
82255899I'm Batman: I'm Batman[View]
82256064>his favorite band has been on tv[View]
82257132is this list right?[View]
82257290Tinnitus and earpain fucking suck, /mu/[View]
82255952Good religious themed albums: Can be from any religion but christianity is preferred. Would love to …[View]
82245689ITT: Fake Albums that you wish existed[View]
82255418can anyone recommend some good pop?[View]
82257203Albums like pic related? I've already listened to the for carnations and I want something that …[View]
82255930Faust - Faust: Faust - Faust[View]
82255684does anyone listen to music black people actually listen to? Black people don't listen to A$ap…[View]
82257119KPOP GENERAL[View]
82256266Hot take: This is one of the best albums ever made. I've been here for almost a decade[View]
82256419Album openers that you enjoy https://youtube.com/watch?v=a5mAxXU9-yU[View]
82254496Hot take: This is one of the best albums ever made. I've been here for almost a decade[View]
82257384Hot take: This is one of the best albums ever made. I've been here for almost a decade[View]
82237481Make a fake viper cover and post it.[View]
82257302One of the best albums I've ever listened to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps6or11UPK0&li…[View]
82256338ITT: post a movie and others recommend an album[View]
82257265Holy shit https://youtu.be/TGuQ1isXUjE[View]
82250204/PiL/: What's your favorite PiL song? Here's mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bGPPBo…[View]
82256452Idk how to feel about this album. I love like half the songs but don't really like some of them…[View]
82256385KPOP GENERAL[View]
82256632The absolute state of sch/mu/cks.[View]
82251354/prog/: celebrating a big get edition welcome to prog general. discuss prog rock, krautrock, experi…[View]
82257023I can't remember this artist I saw a while back on here, he was a kid around maybe 17-19 kinda …[View]
82255150Why do people that like nightcore or other chinese cartoon theme stuff are even allowed to live?[View]
82254989Looking for music with this instrument: Looking for music featuring this god-tier instrument[View]
82251535What does /mu/ think about DJs/DJing?[View]
82255161Is metal the stalest genre of music?: >be life-long metal fan and musician >stop paying attent…[View]
82255563The Abott Brothers. PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN: We need to discuss this. Why was Damageplan shit? you'd…[View]
822516452 months after its release, whats /mu/ thoughts on YOTS?[View]
82253190The Weens -: HOLY SHIT https://www67.zippyshare.com/v/q6xgPGnS/file.html[View]
82255791name a better female singer[View]
82256756Thoughts on her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-k29u0Kgpk[View]
82256694ITT: Songs that aren't on the same album or by the same artist that transition together perfect…[View]
82256034What is the album you'd recommend to someone who wants to get into The Beatles? Also what'…[View]
82254102Scorpion confirms he is goat[View]
82255093Why did /mu/ dislike this one so much? It's not Sound of Silver, but shit's good.[View]
822513313x3/4x4/5x5 Thread: Post rates and recs fellas[View]
82255603Essential drone albums? Anything like pic related?[View]
82255359SaP > FtaF = DG > PB = CJ > SL > EU Prove me wrong Pro-tip: [spoiler]you're entitle…[View]
82255019I might as well make a burner youtube channel for uploading music to, there's a good amount of …[View]
82256466ARUBA JAMAICA[View]
82256448What do you think about Meshuggah and where the fuck is Fredrik? Is he really recording his second s…[View]
82255008I'M FUCKING DEAD https://youtu.be/gOzHzwYMtK4?t=39s waifu of the century, my men[View]
82255239KPOP GENERAL[View]
82256357>Grug talking to friend about music >Grug say “Rock music is the best” >Friend say to look …[View]
8224565210/10 voices: Post your favorite vocalists, all styles welcome[View]
82256213how does this board enrage me to the point of preoccupying anger yet i keep coming? music for this f…[View]
82255193>comments on an album track outtake/demo version >'wow it's so much better than the album…[View]
82254800Why is this album always looked over when it comes to best Beatles albums? Every track's great,…[View]
82256070Sad Song Reccomendations: Can someone please recommend me some sad ass songs please. I normally list…[View]
82256067copies have been shipped, LEAK IT[View]
82255719Planning on cutting an old friend off. Music for this feel?[View]
82255614Anybody here struggle singing while playing? I’ve got a decent voice, can play, but I just can’t mix…[View]
82255901Album of the decade? Of all time? How can one album be so perfect bros?[View]
82254929post the album which you are listening to right now saw this one mentioned here many times. pretty d…[View]
82255533>hey anon, wanna go to the Nine Inch Nails show tonight?[View]
82255920I want to go back so bad >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu1hOAQJ6Ys…[View]
82254963ITT: Albums that are just too good to exist: Post them[View]
82255858>turning 30 years old tomorrow post music for this feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo2qQmj0_…[View]
82253834How does Radiohead make songs sound sad without sounding sinister?: Almost every Radiohead chord pro…[View]
82255582damn this shit good as fuck[View]
82254718Death Cab for Cutie BTFO[View]
82253381/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
82253465unironically AOTY[View]
82254797Hey anon, post the song that you know is good and you are really into at the moment. https://wetmut.…[View]
82250750Are Prozzak Canada's peak?[View]
82255636Did he do it?: Between being the biggest star and journalists sensationalizing everything they touch…[View]
82254468>all music sounds like shit now Why is this happening[View]
82221030/prod/: GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback. Upload WIPs on https://clyp.it/ or https://instaud.io Pl…[View]
82252572ITT we post god tier music videos: Try to top this https://youtu.be/RRKJiM9Njr8 Pro tip: you can’t…[View]
82254168Help a Metal pleb out: Pic related are my favorite Metal albums. Any recs?[View]
82254632good, great, or autism?[View]
82246569HERE I COME CONSTANTINOPLE: The Residents thread[View]
82253827who is the top one again?[View]
82249087ITT: Post a band name and I tell you if they played at the infamous NYC dive and launchpad for some …[View]
82255071what's more emasculating, playing bass or rhythm guitar?[View]
82255356ITT: Hardbass and shit: I really like hardbass Post some hardbass here >my list of good shit uame…[View]
82254214Realistically, how long would it take you to go from beginner at an instrument to passing an auditio…[View]
82244268Show me your amps and pedals[View]
82255237Name a better album: Give me a better album /mu/ >Mind Flowers best track of last 7000 years…[View]
82255234post self titled-core[View]
82254192KPOP GENERAL[View]
82253803What type of underwear were you wearing when you realized that Bob Dylan is the greatest songwriter …[View]
82254516Should I use my iPod Classic or my iPhone for music? Which do you prefer and why?[View]
82252138ITT: Things that make this album not flawless[View]
82251339>Okay, like, I know this ‘bout to be weird. But, like, I’ve been really into Radiohead. “The Tour…[View]
82253267Art Angels Thread: Art Angels is redpilled /mu/-core[View]
82254909ITT: God-tier album art: >pic related decent album too[View]
82254683How would you describe this album? It’s like post hardcore and prog combined but it’s not Progressiv…[View]
82254903Why is pic related so fucking good? Shitty band nowadays, but this album is fucking awesome. Discuss…[View]
82251199What do you believe to be the three best and most important albums?[View]
82254732>Rolling Stone: >There are no “newspaper taxis.” >Lennon: >Actually, that’s Paul’s line.…[View]
82253843Best Ram Ranch?: So me and some friends are trying to determine which Ram Ranch is the best Ram Ranc…[View]
82249385ITT: Albums eons ahead of their time: Recently discovered Streetcleaner. Holy shit, this sounds like…[View]
82254794Thoughts on Naked Raygun?[View]
82241796/metal/: M8Л8TХ edition Old: >>82233506 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc Want recs?: musi…[View]
82254341Whoever posted this on here the other day, thank you so fuckin much. This EP absolutely rips.[View]
82254345What are some songs that make you want to slam down on the accelerator when driving?[View]
82254307Imagine the greatest jazz album ever was made by a black guy[View]
82254494good recs for based /mu/core gf pic unrelated[View]
82254198dj0nt: anyone know some good djent bands i can jerk off to (aka AAL, Periphery, Shuggah)[View]
82254593post your AOTY so far pic related[View]
82253583albums that made you say 'jesus christ almighty this album is shit'[View]
82252318I was trying to find music similar to this album, specifically the song Mother and 1049 Gotho. For s…[View]
82254596ITT: Post pictures of musicians[View]
82254580Not Advised: After The Fight vs all of Conditions' discography Discuss[View]
82254301ITT: Talentless hacks who are only popular because of meme gimmicks[View]
82252926folk punk bands/artist suggestions? like AJJ,Harley Poe, Pat the bunny. stuff like that[View]
82253690This is not a Dark Ambient thread. Tell me why you like this album.[View]
82252451Name My Band![View]
82248673One of these threads: Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random https://en.wikiquote.org/w…[View]
82244590Psychedelic Rock: Will this ever be topped?[View]
82253083Is this a wojak?[View]
82254182brutal thread: ITT: aural violence[View]
82253187Reminder Kendrick Lamar has a Pulitzer Prize.[View]
82253950What’s some chill music (not Lofi bullshit) I can listen too while I fuck around on the web[View]
82254114Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey: >'I will love you 'til the end of time' >'I would wait a milli…[View]
82254206>silken hair more silken hair >fell on her face and no wind was blowin…[View]
82252938KPOP GENERAL[View]
82253129ITT: best Beach House album[View]
82247901Which one had the best solo output?[View]
82253705Music for late night mellow sessions?[View]
82248611>It's a 'Japan finds out about glam punk, steals it, and calls it visual kei' episode Why c…[View]
82253935Faith no More, the best band[View]
82253819retardo question: If i were to buy a new iphone would all the music i torrented/ripped from CDs carr…[View]
82254038embryo (solo acoustic bass guitar): https://youtu.be/pf1l3VG_F1w[View]
82252016>album is less than 7 tracks long[View]
82239871Kanye stopped for icecream at my robot job yesterday AMA[View]
82253811Wait, so he shortened Blackstar from 30 minutes to 10 minutes so that it could be a single? Even tho…[View]
82253952>*CRACK sccchhhkk* >*sssiiiiiippppp* Now Master of Puppets, that's what I call a good alb…[View]
82251987So damn tired of my music. I can't do hip hop any more. Anyone here left rap behind and moved t…[View]
82253508Bands whose lead singer isn't their best singer[View]
82247668What do you think she listens to /mu/ ?[View]
82253832Los Petit Fellas: yo, /mu/, I just found these guys, what do you think of them? https://www.youtube.…[View]
82253797>The GOAT basketball player and future GOAT musician both share the same last name hmmmm what a c…[View]
82251012>The /mu/ archive was removed after a copyright strike[View]
82253790ITT: Pleb Filters[View]
82251712I got banned for a few days, where do we stand on this feud?[View]
82248366what are your thoughts on The Doors?[View]
82253718Delightfully corny tracks: Songs that are endearingly cheesy or corny. Track 2 on Was (Not Was)…[View]
82241272Type <favourite band/artist. into google images with 'Anime' at the end, post first result[View]
82253025This album is honestly great[View]
82253189ITT: Cozy music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gNtuY4VAOA[View]
82253320is jojo /mu/s official anime/manga series?[View]
82251611What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
82253606When is he going to finally blow up?[View]
82250991Merzbow: /mu/ I’m curious what the appeal of noise music is to its fans here on this board. I’ve tri…[View]
82251756Bands who's main songwriter isn't their best song writer: Honestly the majority of my fav …[View]
82250224>songs youre too shy to play outloud For me any grimes songs. Im a guy from the hood.…[View]
82253518How dare Elon hurt my Grime!!!!!![View]
82253525Whats the best gong album and why is it Continental Circus >me balding in the back…[View]
82253495Happy two years frank[View]
82250025Who really cares, though: I'm interested in some of what he has to say, yeah. Does anyone actua…[View]
82253346God. Give me Frank Ocean's voice[View]
82249982How did Beck go from this to the sappy shit he’s releasing today? He could have innovated the entire…[View]
82251462If all music was destroyed, and you had to rebuild using ONLY the albums that you physically own, ho…[View]
82250494/bcg/: bandcamp general you know how it be, anon[View]
82251965name my band[View]
82249507If you were to make music: >Would you let people get it for free or make them pay for it? >How…[View]
82236953https://soundcloud.com/dennis-eelman/fill-up-the-seas Fill Up the Sea >Folk >Dreamy…[View]
82253252Post songs you think I should listen to when I practice roping. Hard mode: no country, no dadrock, …[View]
82246003Jazz or Classical?[View]
82252770this is the best pop punk album of all time and if you disagree you are a tasteless faggot[View]
82253264Aight anon, give me three song titles that sound like anime attacks[View]
82253110lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o41otMv5nc[View]
82251690Why do tons of normies listen to playlists instead of albums?[View]
82253101>Travel can inspire in surprising ways: Kurt Vile discovered as much making his first record in t…[View]
82252442where does it rank?[View]
82252373What the fuck was his problem?[View]
82251426ITT: Post an artist name and I tell you if they played as an opening act for Irish rock band U2[View]
82248024post a book and give / receive music reccomendations based on the themes or content of the book[View]
82252932>yfw you go on instagram and see all your old friends are living their life and traveling around …[View]
82252042KPOP GENERAL[View]
82250393say something nice about the pinnacle of rock music[View]
82251810Ok maybe this will sound slutty af but idc. The only reason i watch is videos is that I find him hot…[View]
82252177>I just broke my back >lil pump still sell crack well fellas, what did he mean?…[View]
82244905Don't lie: GTA had the biggest influence on your taste in music as a young lad. Post your favor…[View]
82251761What are albums where you think the vocalist gives it their all?[View]
82251586Truckerfag here. Need tunes to listen to while I’m on the road. Dadrock has really gotten old if it …[View]
82244287>daydreams about doing a what's in my bag?[View]
82252677Why do incels love him so much?[View]
82251283CRASS THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qxh0It9Trk[View]
82249768What kind of music does she listen to?[View]
82242789>ctrl+f >no chart thread Give rates, recs, etc etc…[View]
82252542What does /mu/ think of Ne-Yo?[View]
82251541Damn this is the most beautiful closing track I’ve ever listened to. What an achievement.[View]
82252539Gimme some fucking based fucking gnarly country music[View]
82252514What is the best album on the doors?: Personal opinions[View]
82250442Jazz Recs: Need jazz to smoke cigs and look forlorn to. Something slow and rainy or whatever. Pic un…[View]
82250717Just listened to all her albums and Genesis is the only song I really liked. Is she overrated?[View]
82248358Is it possible to unironically listen to bands like Escape the Fate without being considered corny/c…[View]
82245372What's the most degenerate genre after jazz?[View]
82250847Simple fact[View]
82249964Sufjan Stevens found dead at 43: http://www.nme.com/news/music/singer-sufjan-stevens-found-dead-in-h…[View]
82251859does /mu/ like deathcore?[View]
82249846As mediocre as this album was, it's still pretty impressive for an over 40 year old band. I wou…[View]
82252229Okay, now that the dust has settled What the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m…[View]
82241862Video game OST recommendations? the only one i’ve heard is pic related and to be fair i love it. rec…[View]
82240019Top 10 Thread: Post your top 10 albums and rate other anon's tastes.[View]
82252076best tv show themes? nothing beats mash for me[View]
82252055Can anyone help me find a song?: I need help finding a weird song. It was the outro of some click ba…[View]
82251238KPOP GENERAL[View]
82251997anyone still use last.fm? the social media aspect seems pretty much dead but i still like tracking m…[View]
82245949The /mu/ Big 4 >Deathgrips >Swans >Animal Collective >Radiohead…[View]
82251552What the fuck is James doing right now[View]
82251117Rate my rhythm guitar playing: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1tb8m4eSkHz[View]
82251197What's weezer's best album?[View]
82249171*namedrops a hundred bands you've never heard about*[View]
82251413The guitar is the perfect instrument. Its a portablé orchestra with a timeless sound of you have the…[View]
82249767Name our band.[View]
82251665ITT: Bands that you listened almost their complete discography but it's not your favourite band…[View]
82250109ITT: Post your current favorite album and anons label it based, cringe, bluepilled, redpilled, high …[View]
82247880Paraslut: /mu/ has and always loved this band.[View]
82251368Anything else like this? Pop with vaporwave-inspired production https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZZ7…[View]
82247241post a fake album cover others give it a genre and name[View]
82244071Who here Tessa Violet?[View]
82250385Pet Sounds vs. Pepper's:: Pick the superior album.[View]
82251576>Crab at the booty, t'aint gonna do no good What did he mean by this?…[View]
82249693What genre is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8jOWhBXFXA[View]
82250603This is my first time visiting /mu/ do we like the band Snail Mail?[View]
82251588Is there a better example than this of >sounds great in studio but trash live he would just play…[View]
82250387Name our band[View]
82250144ITT: Musicians who obviously have Asperger's[View]
82251498SEASIDE WHENEVER YOU STROLL ALONG WITH ME Other songs that make you want to sing from the rooftops![View]
82246597recommend dark and ritual ambient[View]
82249764will his music ever be topped?[View]
82250493KPOP GENERAL: F[View]
82249824Metadata - How to fix: >Get like 100gb worth of music from a friend >He's scrubbed all th…[View]
82251214What do you think of the remaster?[View]
82245650ITT: Post your five favorite songs of all time and other people say things about you if they want Be…[View]
82249739which are some songs for the xanax consumer?[View]
82250871The great debate[View]
82250253Autechre: Incunabula is underrated.[View]
82249557say something nice about swans best album[View]
82221108/prog/: too close to the edge edition welcome to prog general. discuss prog rock, krautrock, experim…[View]
82250308One of the best pop albums if this decade.[View]
82248054Whats the best UK band atm and why is it Idles?: Seriously, everything else, pretty much at least, c…[View]
82250149ITT: unpopular opinions i like the smiths very much but there is a light that never goes out is one …[View]
82249091any modern indie bands/artists that have the same hedonistic themes similar to modern hip-hop.: ?…[View]
82250670Hi where are the discussions about The Beatles :DD[View]
82250632he'll be fine[View]
82250616>I didn't know >A thing you said >Barking like dogs >Topping balloons as to avoid t…[View]
82243474So what exactly was the trigger for them breaking up?[View]
82250065>Andrew Jackson Jihad[View]
82247479Daft Punk RAM: Has this record aged well? What about their other records? Remember the hype it had? …[View]
82249544KPOP GENERAL: love all twice fuck the dubufag fuck the minafag fuck the chewyfag fuck the cub clan…[View]
82249109IDENBTIFY THIS SONG: Anyone know this name of this piece? https://vocaroo.com/i/basedeUZB97mJb…[View]
82247535what age did you grow out of metaI /mu/?[View]
82249894Translated Gummo: Here's the one I made today, no more 6ix9ine though for the next one, I lost …[View]
82250343Riddim shit: https://soundcloud.com/erim-c/master-riddim-shake[View]
82249342whats he listening to?[View]
82250163how didn't people notice she was so BASED?[View]
82250142What are the best dives in New York City to listen to underground/new music?[View]
82245144ITT: Post You Overall 14x14s and have other anons strain their eyes trying to make sense of it: http…[View]
82249975The Beatles vs Miles Davis: Who's better?[View]
82249962ahhhh here's a oldy but a goody... >WITH SO MUCH DRAMA IN THE LBC IT'S KINDA HARD BEING…[View]
82249404song that goes 'na na nana na, nana na nana na' and has people clapping[View]
82248217Can someone help me out: Does anyone know the name of that jazz song thats like 4 minutes long and h…[View]
82245479His pornstar wife fucking died. Say something nice about his music[View]
82248993Speakers Vs Headphones: Does anyone else think that music sounds better played through speakers than…[View]
82250001What's the musical equivalent of me?[View]
82248316what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
82249977albums for night time: essential late-night albums[View]
82249945>she say do you ugh me >i tell her only partly >i only ugh my bedrock and my mammoth >i…[View]
82249867Memes and contrarianism aside, what is the worst song you've ever listened to? For me it's…[View]
82248795WHY didn’t you guys tell me old music could be so based[View]
82246160Strawberry Switchblade by Strawberry Switchblade: Strawberry Switchblade by Strawberry Switchblade…[View]
82249873why do other rappers even try[View]
82244146NOISE / HARSH INDUSTRIAL THREAD: What's the best/essential industrial noise, noise music out th…[View]
82240567Is she correct?[View]
82249715I thougt that I was dreaming when you said you love me[View]
82249631Any other black anons like Radiohead?[View]
82242123Is it a grower?[View]
82248198Has your creative ability or taste in music ever gotten you laid?[View]
82245020ITT: end of summer-core[View]
82248754Why do you refuse to talk about one of the greatest albums of the year?[View]
82247527>make fucking beautiful melody >too short and simple to be a rock song >too loud to make ly…[View]
82247111What's better for writing music, guitar or piano?[View]
82249681Tim Kinsella & Steve Albini[View]
82247740lets settle this once and for all... is this album basey red or cringey blue?[View]
82248185What do they listen to?[View]
82247315Can this be considered as Vaporwave?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bakfTMVx5GM[View]
82245082What was he looking at?[View]
82249215>He exclusively listens to western music[View]
82248314What's the most beautiful instrument?[View]
82249010Does it outshine everything else in their discography?[View]
82249487ITT: Songs that make your heart go ouch in a goodbad way[View]
82249167Post Fav Album Art[View]
82248595KPOP GENERAL[View]
82232503what the fuck is Pitchfork's problem? their earlier review that they deleted gave it a 7.9.[View]
82246687what do visionary people listen to[View]
82246233Anyone here like chvrches[View]
82249380Music for this feel?[View]
82249428Thoughts on Hyæna? I love Siouxsie & The Banshees, and I love Robert Smith, but I could never re…[View]
82249388MEME: We should all start pretending to be Women while posting on this board. I’ve seen more & m…[View]
82249282Anyone got a leak?[View]
82248375Favorite Burzum track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeaTIANvAx0[View]
82247072Why do commies have such awful taste in music? Does their taste in policy have to spill over to ever…[View]
82249158What are some of the comfiest albums?[View]
82248481i still find this album unironically great[View]
82249145this is amazing https://youtu.be/QNDB7H1Zj2c[View]
82248061lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump lil pump l…[View]
82239100When I read his Beatles' reviews, I feel like he only gives their albums a 'low' rating because…[View]
82248970>Work in retail electronics store >Play the the Shaggs on speakers to freak out customers >…[View]
82242402On a scale of one to ten, how attractive is Kanye West?[View]
82248811The poop-dropping noises ruins it Glad we have the live version[View]
82248636What music does your gf listen to, /mu/?[View]
82248837Will RBT ever come back online or is it gone forever?[View]
82242261I honestly think this is pretty good. Much better with the film though.[View]
82247666Radiohead: What do you think their next album will be like? I'm predicting electro-bluegrass.…[View]
82248822What do they listen to?[View]
82248348Is this album as comfy as it's cover art?[View]
82248689This album is so fucking awesome[View]
82247723I think I figured it out.: I've always wondered why people hate Danse Manatee, even people who …[View]
82247446What the fuck is his problem?[View]
82242316What is it like to go to a concert with a gf? Does it make the music better? Or are you too distract…[View]
82246316Overrated albums: >pic related post'em[View]
82247815what genre(s) do you guys listen to?[View]
82248553Where can I download Broken China at 320kbps?[View]
82247150KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWx6wpXGI8E[View]
82245943Post your 5/5's, then rec others a nice album[View]
82247685Music books: I'm looking for some books on music. Post your favorite music related books, biogr…[View]
82247697>be me >work in retail >we have fishtanks >notice a few fish dead in main commune tank …[View]
82247396What does he listen to?: What does he listen to?[View]
82239570grimes is pur-[View]
82247626Kanye the GOAT for orchestrating this[View]
82247711Thanks for genuinely recommending this guys. Lean 4 Real is some of the best trap I've ever hea…[View]
82248257what the FUCK happened to the archive?[View]
82248286The great debate[View]
82247386ITT: women you would like to beat[View]
82248015whats up bois[View]
82247129Single of the year: I'll start[View]
82248064California: What the fuck, this is a masterpiece. This is better than most /mu/core. Why does no one…[View]
82240051ITT: Post an album and a date, if a date is your birthday, listen to the album December 28th[View]
82247950Black Metal[View]
82228015ITT: We turn okay albums into amazing EPs 1. In The Flowers 2. My Girls 3. Summertime Clothes 4. Lio…[View]
82247532Clairo Thread[View]
82247561Kero Kero Bonito US tour: I'm thinking about going to one of pic related's shows of their …[View]
82244292What direction does rock have to go in to stay alive?[View]
82246723Question For 'Music Theorists': Saw a thread relating to this earlier and now I'm curious. How …[View]
82244001What do these boys listen to?[View]
82245309>hey anon, wanna go to the Nine Inch Nails show tonight?[View]
82247928Make him famouuuuuussssss: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96lESorKKTCqVCRZwVyhMQ[View]
82247664>I'll never achieve any of my goals music for this feel?[View]
82247908Have you ever remade a song before?: Currently trying to remake Changeling by DJ Shadow.[View]
82246848Soundcloud Thread: Post your music and rate others https://soundcloud.com/hanging-dogs/sets/chronenb…[View]
82246820ITT: we make /mu/ trading cards: Make your own, or if you are too lazy or don't really give muc…[View]
82246694Who is Hand It Over really about?[View]
82245722What is your favourite Swans release? What is your favourite Swans era? What is your favourite live …[View]
82245494M.I.A. - Paper Planes: M.I.A. - Paper Planes[View]
82247808Is there an artist or even album or an entire genre that sounds exactly like Faith no More's 'E…[View]
822454533x3/4x4/5x5 weekly collage thread: let's have a comfy thread[View]
82241285What do young lads in UK listen to?[View]
82247708THE SEER: This is amazing to smoke weed too as you play it on Vinyl. Also love the Vinyl Track listi…[View]
82246978What is the musical equivalent of this image[View]
82246188ITT: post an aesthetic pic and what album it reminds you of: Gorillaz self titled[View]
82247649ITT: whores that are being shoved down our throat[View]
82240547My friend just cooked Victor Wooten a steak. He asked for medium-well with ketchup. What are some ot…[View]
822363334x4 thread: only 4x4s allowed anyone posting other collages will be EXECUTED[View]
82246969Litsening to king krule. What are other musicans or bands that sound similar to his singing?[View]
82244440impair my tribal lunar speak[View]
82247529Why do plebs hate it so much?[View]
82246849):: ITT: albums that remind you of happy times in your life that have upped and gone away[View]
82245301Name my band[View]
82245260good album incoming fucking finally[View]
82247413The sun aint yellow[View]
82246988Anyone play a junior size set as a pocket kit if you switch out the cymbals and throne? I need a sup…[View]
82241698Can someone rec me music similar to I Was A Prisoner In Your Skull[View]
82243914What are the three best tracks off this album and why are they Idioteque, In Limbo and Motion Pictur…[View]
82245986KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNH7X46gMjQ[View]
82245409Fuck you i liked it thread[View]
82246654YOU KNOW WHAT YOU AAARE!!!! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoNRZLOzR2s…[View]
82244952What core is this Or, alternatively The great debate[View]
82242725Can someone who knows rap check my interpretation?: I'm that guy who does the rap translations.…[View]
82245603Lazy eye! Silversun pickups! Best song ever![View]
82244030will there ever be another good album that reaches #1 on the billboard 200 chart?[View]
82246526Will they collaborate?[View]
82245104HOLD ME MU: Does having a REAL interest in listening to music make you less attractive to women? Why…[View]
82241817ONCE UPON A TIME[View]
82246890Alright /mu/ in 10 songs, put together your best driving tape. ***X-FACTOR: normies may or may not b…[View]
82245966Is there any other free jazz that sounds similar to Hair Pie: Bake 1?[View]
82246765Was this the hardest moment in hip-hop history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWoIpDVkOH0[View]
82244481POWER MUSIC: Hey mu, so i'm looking for most powerful music in existence, not with rebounce or …[View]
82246263Postmodernism is shit[View]
82246279Donovan is often considered a weaker rip-off of Bob Dylan. But if Bob Dylan had written 'Catch the W…[View]
82243833Thoughts on Powerwolf /mu/ ?[View]
82245190Oi whats up fags, its ya boys.[View]
82246172Albums similar to the flow pt 2?[View]
82242314>one of the few non-shit female musicians is ugly hmmm, really makes you think…[View]
82246356What's best Genesis album?[View]
82245048Please tell me what band this reminds you of, I'll know whether I've done a good job or no…[View]
82246376AYLEK$: Trippie Redd Gf (Angvish) AYLEK$ finally put out a track and guess what? It's fire htt…[View]
82245893Folk Punk Musician AMA: ask me whatever dickheads.[View]
82246420protomartyr: do we like it[View]
82246542It's the best love song ever made. There are three contenders i can think of: https://www.youtu…[View]
82246498Will Jazz Harmony also give me an understanding of Classical Harmony, or do I have to study both sep…[View]
82245985Kanye is old news: Why don't you guys make room for up and coming legends in the game instead o…[View]
82244633So what do you guys think of Blue October. I never see them talked about here[View]
82246260I can't stop listening to this shit: Fuck the CD 1 is so fucking catchy OH BABY IT'S ALL R…[View]
82246369The pinnacle of Hip-Hop,[View]
82246365What was her problem?[View]
82246128Help: I’ve been listening to the “Synthwave from Outer Space” playlist on Spotify on shuffle for the…[View]
82246329Why is boards of canada especially the fanmade videos so good when high as fuck /mu/? Really comfy t…[View]
82245863why isnt this considered art rock? its a 10/10 easily[View]
82242065Guitar Aesthetics / Cool Factor: Now that we are seeing a small resurgence in 'hip' guitar music (no…[View]
82245497Youtuber Music: Youtubers have been making shitty music on purpose just to get more traffic channel …[View]
82246264>Undisputed best rapper of the 2010s He's free friends. When will he drop?…[View]
82243069Does /mu/ still like synthwave? AOTY coming up https://youtu.be/aQYTuk-_hKg[View]
82243952ITT: albums you don't like but seem to get praise here[View]
82245517>tfw Fantano approved the album you liked[View]
82245693So how did Kevin Parker get away with blatantly ripping off this sound?[View]
82244943KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPhAEcLaiNs[View]
82245557Vaporwave General - /vwg/: yo[View]
82245934Does power noise rap exist?[View]
82245890ITT: rappers who make you think[View]
82245907Grateful Dead not psych[View]
82242505Nas fans utterly BTFO. Their one argument against Jay-Z is fucking destroyed. >b-b-but I-I-llm-m…[View]
82244902Apparently Martin Garrix was signed with Scooter Braun before the song 'Animals' even existed. How d…[View]
82244176Have your two favorite artists ever collabed, /mu/?[View]
82245588>listen to jazz record >guy in the audience coughs…[View]
82245394Cool albums that feature the christ cross.[View]
82228346/Chart/: Other thread died. Give recs, rate, guess personality etc... No lazy posting![View]
82245363esplain: How does the drummer do it, /mu/? is his brain on a different temporal plane? https://hookt…[View]
82245177>I'll be your sinner in secret >When the lights go out >Runaway with me >Runaway wi…[View]
82243398What was Miles Davis' opinion on John Lennon and The Beatles?[View]
82243793What are some great live performances when the musician(s) were on drugs? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
82244213Did somebody say Golden age of rave thread?[View]
82245233Finish the following lyrics: OOOOOH WE'RE HALFWAY THERE WOOOOOAH _________________[View]
82245245>People actually think TESTING is better than ASTROWORLD Why are you all still supporting that lo…[View]
82245228AVATAR: /mu/ ‘s thoughts on AVATAR? They’re a little... eccentric for sure. But I think they’re uniq…[View]
82244959People who listen to anime and game OST have no right to judge me for listening to Lil Pump[View]
82245055>best album of 2004 getting a sequel >Nobody talking about it ????…[View]
82244979art angels vs emotion: which one is better and why? https://www.strawpoll.me/16300538 https://www.st…[View]
82244338I need help finding a song: I need help finding a weird song. It was the outro of some click bait vi…[View]
82243870KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPhAEcLaiNs[View]
82243896let the boycott of LDR's music begin, boys.[View]
82242308Serious Question for Drake Fans:: What do you like about him as an artist? >doesn’t make any beat…[View]
82244910Red, white, green or blue CRUSHER crushed my windpipe phew I'm nympho woo oo ooo oooh My cunny…[View]
82244851Is this shit or is Feldman based as fuck?[View]
82244827>time is a jet plane, it moves too fast >i want you, i want you, i want you, so bad >wiggle…[View]
82241214What's an album I should pick to appear more 'eclectic'[View]
82244261post vidya music: listening to vidya music outside of the context of the game is some gay shit but p…[View]
82241464How do I play bass like Chris Squire?[View]
82241700Perhaps the first rap record. This is from 1926. Absolute proof that rap music began in the rural pa…[View]
82236789How can such a horrible cunt make such beautiful music?[View]
82243976>it's a go on a date with a tinder girl and she doesn't care about my music taste and j…[View]
82243641Fuck the grateful dead[View]
82244117Best edm genre. Something has to better than the other...[View]
82243933What upcoming album releases are you most hyped for? Mine are: >The Good the Bad and the Queen…[View]
82244544Hello, can we get a general thread about asian music released this year. Give us the genre and your …[View]
82243955where did he go? is he going to be alright, bros? ;_;[View]
82243437grr i hate the goverment[View]
82243465ITT: epic album covers[View]
82244517More like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Pwm7Kbjpfs or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAuf2…[View]
82235387How can one gender be so devoid of any talent?[View]
82242617Holy fuck this doesn't age well.[View]
82242432having the best week of my life, what's up with you guys?[View]
82243717Do you like the direction Kero Kero Bonito is going? Personally I prefer Bonito Generation over TOTE…[View]
82243212Any good boffa albums?[View]
82243272what did he mean by this?[View]
82243432Party Rock Anthem: So we can all agree this is the best song of the decade right? I mean you aren…[View]
82240845Yeap. Paramore is a good band.[View]
82244051ITT: Albums with positive reviews that were a foregone conclusion: What are some albums that were ge…[View]
82239493what do we think?[View]
82243481I like pop-punk/emo. Post some albums of that genre you enjoy so I can gear up for autumn.[View]
82243894Why are Anglos so horrible?[View]
82242021Amnesiac is not the logical progression from Kid A, it is simply the same thing done with more confi…[View]
82244092this is Burial’s best release. Each track is a 10[View]
82244076Just listened to “Smoke On the Water” for the first time. Ask me anything.[View]
82238039The Fame turns 10: ITT: Say something nice about this influential album that changed the course of m…[View]
82243972ITT: They just do the same thing for 2 hours and I love it[View]
82244050What are some albums that make you think, “Okay, this is epic.”[View]
82243030>miles davis is overrated and wasn't even important to jazz at all…[View]
82243597Which one has the best music in your opinion[View]
82242976YO, PEWDS CAN SING DESPACITO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI16_KI8Nus[View]
82242860Which one are you?[View]
82242758best rap album of 2018 change my mind[View]
82241357'Ma i trap zoomers si prendono esageratamente sul serio. Pensano che se un produttore che hanno già …[View]
82242873KPOP GENERAL: for me it's kim lip edition[View]
82243835What is the best album in the doujin scene and why is it Double Counterpoint?[View]
82243811Most artists release their best work early on and degrade in quality with time. What are some exampl…[View]
82243708how many of you are like this?[View]
82243643>Samples King Crimson How the fuck did he do it?[View]
82242761What happened to rym/sonemic generals?[View]
82243531Thoughts on Smote Reverser /mu/[View]
82239689This is the king of New York. Any questions?[View]
82237740Have you made any money with music?[View]
82243563Grateful dead a shit[View]
82243497why are all the girls in faith no more videos dragqueens?[View]
82243467I just inherited 1000 dollars worth of harmonicas, how hard is it to learn?[View]
82240242Is there anything else like this album?[View]
82241712Vinyl General: Does anyone have a bigger Phil Elverum collection than me? Actually curious. I'v…[View]
82243291>Spend a week straight inside on 4chan. >Start feeling severely depressed and mentally unstab…[View]
82243387>2011 >reading along with the lyrics when listening to music I seriously hope you guys don…[View]
82241903What an underrated album[View]
82243219would any of you describe qotsa gothic at all?[View]
82240422Does anyone still make dance music like pic related. Boom boom boom type shit.[View]
82242606>Black dick all in your spouse again[View]
82242321>the song has music in it[View]
82194628/classical/: Gabriel Faure edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SvQXzvHmB4 https://www.youtube.…[View]
82243167Where my Dokken niggas at?[View]
82242800What's some essential made-in-a-factory-specifically-to-become-licensed-radio/movie-garbage kin…[View]
82242424Edgy Music: We had a nice edgy music thread the other day and I want to get it going again. Post the…[View]
82242941Dark Ambient soundscapes[View]
82241788whats he grabbing at?[View]
82243021Name a subgenre of hip-hop better than UK Drill. I'll wait. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Urn…[View]
82239858Stuff You Found This Week: Just came across this. Anyone else heard it? It's genuinely fucking …[View]
82242233On a Goddamn Tuesday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_-VsyoDhyE[View]
82242862What's some good incelcore albums[View]
82242326just posting the best game soundtrack[View]
82242901Who is the Michael Cera of music?[View]
82243066BREAKING NEWS: >STEVIE WONDER ADMITS HE ISN'T ACTUALLY BLIND https://www.nme.com/news/music/…[View]
82241407how can one man make the worst drum solo of all time but at the same time the most passionate, beaut…[View]
82241123thoughts on mitski /mu/?[View]
82243028INXS thread[View]
82239728What's your favorite genre of music? > 'Rock'[View]
82227386ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
82242936>orange fuzz[View]
82241479What is the best #1 of the decade? No poptimists allowed[View]
82242855What did he mean by THIS?[View]
82242828False memories in music and things you were wrong on: post things you mistakenly thought were in son…[View]
82239193Swans sucks: Lololololololololololololol[View]
82241565KPOP GENERAL[View]
82242863itt: album covers that aged/will age very interestingly[View]
82242778IT: Patricain Core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXilINlZxE0[View]
82241047IT'S OVER: GRIMES BTFO[View]
82242764'This joke isn't funny anymore it's too close to home and too near the bombs' Dem feels[View]
82242675When did you realize Paul is a hack?: >Group splits >John makes a few great songs >George…[View]
82241993What the hell even is 'psychedelic rock', exactly? Most of it doesn't sounds that tri…[View]
82242670>bob dylan[View]
82242556If he stopped making a fool of himself he could have become a respectable reviewer like Christgau or…[View]
82242681looking for some bands that feature an equal amount of electronic beats and live drumming, any sugge…[View]
82242250*blocks your path*[View]
82242656This is the best synthpop album.[View]
82242632What's your favorite love song /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNQ97P0rQk8[View]
82241615Is Hayley the female Radiohead???: https://youtu.be/bZKarVIA1b8 https://youtu.be/bZKarVIA1b8 https:/…[View]
82229123From reading some of his columns, it seems to me that one of his principle objections to metal and p…[View]
82242332i'd fuck me: GOODBYE HORSES I'M FLYING OVER YOU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_DVS_303k…[View]
82242457What was his endgame?[View]
82239972Uh...: >first track is a beautiful space rock lullaby >second track is pure british buttrock c…[View]
82241406>listen to early progressive rock >it's just drawn-out psychedelic rock…[View]
82242486Lost all of my bookmarks. I had some pretty nice music sites but they're gone and i can't …[View]
82242503Is this guitar worth anything?: I got this Lyle model W410 acoustic, and I’d like to know if it’s wo…[View]
82241872The fuck is this edgy tryhard 'look im le different xd' shit? I member when Death Grips was good. 3/…[View]
82222073best song of all time?: ...if you had to answer right now[View]
82240299ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
82242396the holy trinity[View]
82237563/bleep/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxfqlQWh6So[View]
82242375>listening to LYSFLATH late at night trying to get to sleep >drifting out of consciousness …[View]
82239849Who’ve thought some honky manlet would invent Hip Hop?[View]
82242276What to real jazz heads think of this album[View]
82241814Xiu Xiu general /xxg/: fav xiu xiu track? fav xiu xiu album? fav side project? >fav album is pic …[View]
82242239*thrashes your path*[View]
82241255les paul Jeff Beck vs strat Jeff Beck?[View]
82240827why is this so good[View]
82242161How do I sing like him?[View]
82240883Where the hell can i find this album?: This shit is hard to find, even harder than the entire King C…[View]
82241835imadethis: Post your original content and lets give feedback! Starting: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
82242120Fantastic album[View]
82241632The King of /mu/: A few weeks ago we decided who was the queen of /mu/ (pic related was the winner) …[View]
82241550the band that defined the 2010s[View]
82240712YBN Nahmir > Kanye[View]
82240509Who is Taylor running from?[View]
82241085What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
82241139Queen of /mu/: Who is queen of /mu/, /mu/?[View]
82240990So i mistyped maria t-ta and found this instead.I had a fair satisfying cringe, and decided to share…[View]
82239113Has the archive been moved again? It's been down for the past two weeks or so.[View]
82237492I need some funky/heavy bass riffs.[View]
82240831>chaotic mashup fades out >... >copying is not theft, stealing a thing leaves one less lef…[View]
82241844Is this the greatest Can album?[View]
82236481Does anybody have that picture used on /mu/ as a typical art hoe?[View]
82239124how much time per day do you guys spend looking for new music[View]
82241660ITT: Albums and films which could make for a great double feature together Pic related and Inland Em…[View]
82240830Post albums that are only liked by women and gay men.[View]
82241533more like this?[View]
82241763This year[View]
82241595how do I discover new good music? it's been years since I last watched tv or heard the radio.[View]
82241732What’s your opinion on this?[View]
82241739Music for this feel?[View]
82241497This is their best album.[View]
82241448Do you prefer listening to your favorite albums on repeat or frequently listening to new music, even…[View]
82241585Who are some libertarian capitalist musicians?[View]
82231570Godly debut albums thread[View]
82240136>sad >try to write song to articulate sadness >too sad to write song music for this feel?…[View]
82241554Speakers vs headphones?[View]
82239645what are some of the best EPs / mixtapes / etc[View]
82240872swans: Phew, so I finished it, what a ride! My favorite album is by far the glowing man, love the s/…[View]
82239495How fucked up are you?[View]
82239795Best pop albums of the 10s[View]
82240692albums with 1-3 really really good songs with meh tracks for the rest. Do it like this >Screenwr…[View]
82240135Sugar Gay[View]
82241403/mu/ meetup 2019 be there[View]
82232303Is TayTay worth seeing live?[View]
82239935KPOP GENERAL[View]
82241353if you dont know who this is. stop posting on this board[View]
82239598Better than Mozart.[View]
82241441What sort of music do chaotic neutral people gravitate towards?[View]
82239310Andy here: First trips is the name of the next Death Grips album.[View]
82241456Anyone heard of Uffie? What do you think of her?[View]
82239518Party Rock Anthem: Okay so we all agree this was the best song of the decade right? Like you aren…[View]
82235218DEATH GRIPS: So what is the best album INB4 Where is the Exmilitary... It is not on spotify.[View]
82240556The Five: Post music by members of the five or otherwise distinctly Russian repertoires https://www…[View]
82238890What the fuck was his problem?[View]
82241061Any /carpenters/ fan in here? They're cheesy at times yes but also 10/10 rainy day material if …[View]
82241009Rate my lyrics that I wrote in like 20 minutes[View]
82240539Favorite Gregorian Chant songs/albums/choris: Getting into some Gregorian Chanting recently and real…[View]
82241254thoughts? is it the AOTY?[View]
82241064I’m not sure if this belongs more here or on /g/. I’m looking to replace my CD changer and I was hop…[View]
82240934The fifth member of Metallica[View]
82241221Has there ever been a more important moment in modern mainstream music history than this one?[View]
82240396ITT: Albums you will never listen to based on the cover alone[View]
82241209denisov ilya 375259350163 grodno[View]
82241130>rips off Beck[View]
82239628Earthling by David Bowie: Earthling by David Bowie[View]
82239053Sweet mother of god this is a shitty album.[View]
82233506/metal/: Demo edition Old: >>82221759 FAQ: https://pastebin.com/3gUFzMQc[View]
82239917why is sound poetry considered avant-garde and super artistic, while carti and others are looked at …[View]
82239163Hi I'm new can someone help me find more music like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5_eHs…[View]
82234899I've gone deaf in one ear, /mu/ and my other is going too. I'm actually starting to say my…[View]
82240809Why didn't clairo and her band just preform on acid? It's what any real rockstar would hav…[View]
82240569Were you browsing /mu/ in 2011? The year the best Radiohead album came out?[View]
82238573What does /mu/ think of Tiny Tim?[View]
82240133Make up a genre, anons rec something as close as possible: Psychedelic orchestral music[View]
82240905All pop music is ba-[View]
82240958ITT: We post albums that only britbongs can truly relate to[View]
82240656Hear me out, is Death Grips the new Nirvana?: >'Is he ok?' frontman with suicide being a common t…[View]
82240070>H-hey anon, do you wanna go to this hardcore show with me? There's going to be a lot of rea…[View]
82240295My Bloody Valentine meets The Ramones in Paramore’s Brand New Eyes — 10/10[View]
82237729'Hip Hop is the new Disco and will implode soon': Is he right?[View]
82239556Does your lover like the same music as you?[View]
82235742Its weird that someone can be so talented, so beautiful but at the same time so down to earth and un…[View]
82238421Why is drug use so common among popular music songwriters and musicians but so rare among art music …[View]
82240488Rocky or Travis?: Which of these two fine gentlemen do you prefer and why?[View]
82240826I really really like Bon Iver, but at my first listen of pic realted I didn't really enjoy it. …[View]
82240755>invents metal Hey, nothin personal, kid[View]
82239491What the fuck does this mean https://twitter.com/RapperViper/status/1030871470719860736?s=20 Also ge…[View]
82239537so (((pitchfork))) just posted a review for this, and the album name and cover interested me. So I g…[View]
82240157/mu/ tier music from uber/lyft drivers: when your uber/lyft driver isnt playing the shitty local rad…[View]
82240392/mu/mor thread starting with an OC[View]
82240592What is the greatest song of all time that features the amen break? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
82240359How much time does he have?[View]
82240562our boy done did it again[View]
82217717Post a genre. The genre below your post is what you have to listen to for a day. Hard mode: for a we…[View]
82231409do the allegations against kath make it hard for anyone else to listen to crystal castles anymore? i…[View]
82240582Does anyone know the name of the song at the end of the video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1cOa…[View]
82240185>leave needledrop reviews randomly on in background when im on computer, dont even pick the album…[View]
82240553holy shit the madman actually did it[View]
82240326Katy Perry[View]
82226356Fresh Soundclouds: Share your work! Review and be reviewed![View]
82240333What's /mu/'s thoughts on Soul'd out?[View]
82237218What albums describe the feeling of life seeming meaningless that you just pointlesstly wander throu…[View]
82238243/ppg/ - Post-Punk General: Post and discuss all things Post Punk. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n2y…[View]
82240096>Electronic keyboards joined guitar noise on Loveless (1991), the ultimate exploration of texture…[View]
82234294just realized rock, metal, and punk are the same damned thing[View]
82220741/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: >How do I start learning guitar/bass? https://www.justinguitar.…[View]
82237028How can one community be so devoid of any musical talent?[View]
82238208wtf, this is so amazing post good albums itt[View]
82236407>month 8 >no sign of a good album nearby >trap is growing stronger with each day and alread…[View]
82240072Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain is unironically their best song.[View]
82239945You may not like it, but this is what peak Homme looks like.[View]
82239314Cuckold/chad shoegaze coordinates: Just made coordinates table about cuckold/chad shoegaze also with…[View]
82238895Reminder that: This is the average _________ listener.[View]
82236913realistically, who's the new bjork and why?[View]
82239916Why isn't he discussed much here?[View]
82239392which is better[View]
82237723leak already[View]
82239956Hey fellow /mu/tants, I was listening to KCRW yesterday, and this funky ass song dropped and I'…[View]
82239757Albums I should download that aren’t on streaming ?[View]
82239705Remix thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftYd-R-ikHg[View]
82239873They had more than enough material to release something from this: So why record the half-baked Smil…[View]
82239623Im taking an International flight soon and im gonna stuff my face with edibles beforehand and im wan…[View]
82239184>tfw one of the best dream pop albums was made by blacks why didnt mu tell me this?…[View]
82238636KPOP GENERAL[View]
82239819Why is Z1RENZ off TA13OO so popular?: I was basically checking the views from the TA13OO songs, and …[View]
82239690The streaming numbers are fraudulent right? People aren’t seriously streaming this less than mediocr…[View]
82239543Is this the pop AOTY? Also poptimism general.[View]
82239664The great debate[View]
82236148Future goat desu[View]
82239534how come this album is never mentioned on /mu/? it's great, it's a lot better than their s…[View]
82225377The last three digits of your post correspond to the BWV number of the Bach work you gotta listen to…[View]
82238964More like her?: but less of the melodramatic 'I'm so sad' stuff it gets tiresome[View]
82239484post your rare jeffs[View]
82236047Can we just accept mainstream rock is dead?: The 2018 Video Music Awards are tomorrow night, and thi…[View]
82236519>instrumental music[View]
82239503What do you think of AOTY? https://www.discogs.com/Deadmau5-Wheres-The-Drop/master/1407619 >Style…[View]
82235749ITT: Bands where their most popular album is actually the worst: >The Queen Is Dead…[View]
8223915690s/early2000s trance: Any fellow boomers/normies that are still into this sort of stuff? https://ww…[View]
82239470last good rock album[View]
82239386Shaka Ponk sucks: I fucking hate Shaka Ponk Their music Their aesthetic everything is WRONg[View]
82239429You're diagnosed with explode. You can only listen to one album for night, as if it were the fi…[View]
82237215Which would win in a fist fight?[View]
82239114You have ten seconds to tell me why you're not watching dereckvon youtube.com/watch?v=ck4XThZ4a…[View]
82236391What do you think of scarlxrd?: If only his lyrics weren't so cringy I could enjoy listening to…[View]
82239106When you think ''corny'' or ''cornball'', what musician come…[View]
82239201pleb filter[View]
82239286Dot Hacker: what's our opinion on current Chili Pepper guitarist Josh Klinghoffer's music …[View]
82239101Word up Anons! Did you know it is hip and cool to purchase King Crimson songs from a licensed and re…[View]
82235853Who has better sad songs? Boomers or Zoomers?[View]
82238036is this album worth to listen?[View]
82230948are there any other album covers like this?[View]
82238901why havent you told me about it, /moo/?[View]
82239161https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8raADQ30fN8 Name a better cover. Protip: you can't.[View]
82238855Guys ok wtg?[View]
82238457ITT: Anti-Pitchfork-core: Artists that Pitchfork has it out for. Not artists like Liz Phair and The …[View]
82238162anthony fantano, here! internet's busiest music nerd![View]
82239115why is music twitter so bad?[View]
82239116/mu/cord: join this shit. dont complain that theres no one on the server. you either make it bigger …[View]
82239024Being a nice guy: Almost all people get really offended when you dislike/hate their fav music. >g…[View]
82237289Does /mu/ like death grips?[View]
82232374who is better?[View]
82238991ITT: Good music to get a juul headrush to[View]
82238772ITT: Artists that manage to be dark without being edgy Pic related[View]
82239050Is this medieval?[View]
82237927Fuck this album feels so close to being great. Any more like this so I can torture myself?[View]
82238420what are some good musics to listen to while my gf pegs me?[View]
82238329The Smashing Pumpkins Live 2018: -be me rscrap metal yard crane operator -go through wrecked vehicle…[View]
82237194If Sophie smoked meth for 4 days straight, this is what it would sound like.[View]
82238885Could anybody recommend artists and records that have influenced The Eraser? Thank you.[View]
82238080CRACK HITLER[View]
82235924Joey 'Coco' Diaz: What do you think of his music taste?[View]
82237934What music does he listen to?[View]
82238314HELLO THERE[View]
82233867i finally listened to pic related (i've never heard swans before) holy shit where do i go from …[View]
82238634Who are some musicians that are obsessed with being different?[View]
82238656Scenery is shit. >m-muh 6 years learning piano[View]
82236141ITT: What is the worst genre in the 80s and why it's all of they're cheesy songs ?[View]
82237632/nickdrake/ general: Let’s just have a comfy Nick Drake thread gang :) How would the fourth album ha…[View]
82238144Does /mu/ like Bjork?[View]
82237493KPOP GENERAL[View]
82238591Help me find a song I've been looking for /mu/ The song is about never having a girlfriend(I re…[View]
82238313Joe Meek: Has there ever existed a more talented pop producer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAptM…[View]
82237769Which is the better album, mu?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16297814[View]
82238155Komm Susser Tod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hey Jude[View]
82238205How do I stop reading /mu/[View]
82238454The Difference Machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Gh1MCMtNqg How does this band not have more…[View]
82234030early REM is the most underrated music in our era bar none[View]
82238246>So they say, >They say in Heaven >There's no husbands and wives >On the day that …[View]
82235815Karma police Arrest this man He talks in maths He buzzes like a fridge He's like a detuned radi…[View]
82238129The great debate[View]
82237944So i've listened to some of this guys work >Push The Sky Away >Let Love In >The Boatma…[View]
82238213What does /mu/ think about The Zonks?[View]
82238061Royalty Free Music: I'm looking for some royalty free music that I can use in my videos. Someth…[View]
82236643How many albums should a person listen to in order to not be on the same levels as normies?[View]
82238245thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5f8OoCh_XU&list=PLQb9R7KNz4jeO-qrerPAumOlQTh_NlIqE…[View]
82237995tranquility base hotel & casino[View]
82228135Does /mu/ like Bjork?[View]
82237555Is there anything more cringy than pirate metal?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv6ySRXFSUA https:…[View]
82224525What is /mu/'s favorite tame impala song? I'll start with elephant[View]
82237375So, who was the best in the band and who had the best solo career?[View]
82237373Owie the first song hurty my ears[View]
82238111Am I the only one that does this: Since I listen to so many albums, I have a hard time retaining any…[View]
82237786adam sandler[View]
82237715death grips is satan music[View]
82237424Green Day: Who's your favorite member of Green Day? Mine is easily Tre Cool.[View]
82237984Fuck Donald Trump[View]
82237780This is a great pop song, and if you deny it you are a huge pleb.[View]
82238029>Nobatty move, nobatty get urt[View]
82237719When an instrument fails on stage, it mocks you and must be destroyed.[View]
82238015Do you like the direction they're going? Personally I'm not that big of a fan of it, but m…[View]
82237895ITT: Severely under-appreciated albums on /mu/[View]
82236493lykke li trap album was good what do you think?[View]
82237111Sound Effect Help!!!: I've been trying to recreate this sound effect for 3 weeks straight with …[View]
82237770Should the /mu/core chart be updated: ?[View]
82237722Red pill me on Killy. Why does he sound like Sheen?[View]
82235478Oi!: Do you like oi! /mu/?[View]
82237785Anons, recommend me some good modern piano music like Yiruma's song.[View]
82237398Need some help, which Gang Of Four albums are actually worth listening to?[View]
82229983I genuinely don't understand why Bach is put on such a high pedestal. Listened to his work and …[View]
82236054ITT: your favorite album that you learned about from /mu/[View]
82236844literally hundreds of people have died. yet this album was released.[View]
82234448j-pop > c-pop > k-pop[View]
82236359KPOP GENERAL[View]
82236690The idea that disco died because of ebil striaght white people is poptamist revisionist history that…[View]
82235135Is it possible for me to get a top-notch musical education by self-learning through books?[View]
82235315Is classical ballet the real metal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mjPmSadubI[View]
82236544Thunder Perfect Mind: feel free to appreciate this album[View]
82236931Hey /mu/ I want to try writing songs but Idk where to start. Should i physically write them in a boo…[View]
82237387Define hip hop music.[View]
82237416Thoughts on this album? I suprisingly liked it, much more than when she changed her sound in the nex…[View]
82237400ITT: Post personal cringey stories related to music. It can be about you or someone you know, the po…[View]
82237349*HONK HONK* Wanna get a ride?[View]
82236808Will it be topped? Also, if you know any, drop a link to a good Dark Ambient album.[View]
82237125Why didn't you guys tell me INXS was so good?[View]
82237182>SCUM GANG[View]
82236898Obscure Artists: How's their taste, /mu/? https://www.reddit.com/r/askreddit/comments/98hafp/_/…[View]
82227880will it ever be topped?[View]
82229149You get handed the aux chord at a party. What music do you play?[View]
82235614He's not going to make it.[View]
82236044Does /mu/ dig The Specials?[View]
82236392your a plen[View]
82236512our boy done did it again[View]
82235581How does /mu/ feel about Oingo Boingo?[View]
82233731you guys seen Viper's new music video where he performs in front of a green screened image of t…[View]
82237044>Livin' easy >Livin' free >She's a nigger on a one way ride…[View]
82236194Who is the Stanley Kubrick of music?[View]
82236350Fans of skramz(pg.99, saetia, orchid, CTTS,) rejoyce! Dad Thighs is the second coming.[View]
82232177What is the musical equivalent of a breakthrough on DMT?[View]
82236926But really, can you touch it?[View]
82235858Hey /mu/! I just got met up with my long distance, smoking hot gf and we need some tunes to listen t…[View]
82234963Hey guys check out some obscure albums that redditors like https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/commen…[View]
82234761Screw this guy's music.[View]
82236850BIG - TRVPKING (Official Music Video): Sick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tekLKJod5xU[View]
82236756I miss him bros.[View]
82229976David Bowie was so fucking handsome.[View]
82233249Most underrated frontman.[View]
82236181how does this rank in thee oh sees' discography?[View]
82235724Boomers call in: To all Boomers (30+), which Zoomer-core do you like most?[View]
82235380/DEATH METAL/: im a death metal autist post itt anything death metal related[View]
82230202ITT: grower albums: Post albums that you weren't too keen on for the first listen but get bette…[View]
82236746whats your excuse for not listening to scott walker? he's probably inspired your fav artist.[View]
82234527What does she listen to?[View]
82232677>rock >jazz >classical >pop >country >metal >electronic >rap >caveman gru…[View]
82235343how do i become a bass chad? right now im a tenor cuck[View]
82236661Fill Up the Sea https://soundcloud.com/dennis-eelman/fill-up-the-sea Just finished making this song.…[View]
82236628Live: Joy Bloom https://youtu.be/vwOwFAYy40U[View]
82236518this is really fucking good[View]
82234334wow what a fucking disapointment[View]
82232498>listening to a new album while NOT high why do people do this?[View]
82234192Was Tupac gay?[View]
82235849You happened to pleb/patrician dichotomy? Did people start taking it serious?[View]
82234317Is the Les Paul the most boomercore guitar of all time?[View]
82232194Overrated Albums: >Meandering for 2 and a half hours >DUDE, CLASSIC I just don't think th…[View]
82235513Post your 4.5s and people guess your 5s[View]
82234768More dark ambient / drone like Thief ost?: Any good dark ambient /drone albums that sound like music…[View]
82236321S ...C ......U .........M ............G ...............A ..................N .....................G[View]
82235538KPOP GENERAL[View]
82235466I wasn't alive when pic related came out, was it a big cultural sensation?[View]
82233042What is the best 'Ozzy Osbourne' song and why is it Diary of a Madman?[View]
82234293Post your big 4s[View]
82235066There's a thread right now on r/askreddit entitled 'what's a 10/10 album from the last 15 …[View]
82235951'Music theory' has never been proven. Prove me wrong. (You can't)[View]
82222274Covers better than the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPlBwCFhbio[View]
82234072was he patrician?[View]
82235333So which one is the better genre?: ?[View]
82233917/sleepcore/: Got any sleepy time music for me /mu/?[View]
82228249ITT: Good albums not on Spotify[View]
82235895How was he the only one to ever make worthwhile piano concertos?[View]
82230518/jazz/: Any interest in a Jazz general? Do any jazz aficionados browse /mu/? Steve Coleman is pretty…[View]
82235845Deaths your still not over: Why did they have to go bros...[View]
82235160>deconstructed club[View]
82234933Going to the dentist. Give me some songs to listen to while sitting on that chair as my teeth gets p…[View]
82235608metal comes from rock punk comes from rock rock comes from jazz jazz comes from niggers niggers come…[View]
82233460Is DMC trying to be retarded or what? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPRmFJ_U8Ug[View]
82233700GHOST: get in here were discussing that this is the years f ghost faggotts[View]
82233935peak anco[View]
82235491THE GOAT[View]
82235420I know there's plenty of music to have sex to but what about spanking the monkey? Why is it tha…[View]
82234572KPOP GENERAL[View]
82235483Reccomend me more music like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fkNV-0O1ya8[View]
82235325>yesterday I woke up sucking the Lennon what the FUCK?![View]
82235388Spaceboy>Disarm Prove me wrong >protip: you literally can't[View]
822316236ix9ine Translation: I did him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNhLRRcc4B0&t=14s Tried something…[View]
82235042>she lives in a society[View]
82235150why does every person with bladee as one of their top last.fm artists also listen to bach a shit-ton…[View]
82235054God tier blues[View]
82235037What is modal jazz?[View]
82234398Thoughts on this album?: I just listened to it and it was great. Birthday, Mama and Delicious Demon …[View]
82232429oh no, they did it https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/the-prodigy-the-fat-of-the-land/?mbid=social…[View]
82233773Is it mu core? sub-mu core?[View]
82232203post song/album you are listening right now. post the truth, dont tip your fedora https://www.youtub…[View]
82235202>for the longest of time I had my speakers so close to each other I might as well might have been…[View]
82233895If you still haven't listened to this, do. It's a free download and is probably the most r…[View]
82234160Just listened to this trilogy, its really enjoyable if you just skip the song if you get tired of it…[View]
82234658Miles Davis or Beethoven?[View]
82232578you niggas think you're criticising music you just decide not to like shit that isnt specifical…[View]
82235073>he listens to 'deconstructed club'[View]
82230963Why are they the best rock band of all time?[View]
82235072are these redditors right? https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/98hafp/whats_a_1010_album_fro…[View]
82234991Yungblud: Thanks to this fucker I now unironically believe in things such as industry plants. What t…[View]
82234253anyone know some good artists that are similar to $uicideboy$, bones, lil peep. etc?[View]
82234976Best rock album of all time. Prove me wrong.[View]
82228422ITT: We rank every rap album since 2000: Via comparison. I’ll start. Is Man on the Moon above or bel…[View]
82234942best prog album ever[View]
82226798Are women paranormal? Is Lauren Mayberry a witch, demon? What is going on?[View]
82230625Title track isn't all that great, it's fine but that's it. 'If' onwards sucks[View]
82234691My god...[View]
82233665Does /mu/ like DnB?[View]
82233934music for this aesthetic?[View]
82228174Best live albums of all time? Currently listening to pick related and it's super nostalgic for …[View]
82228751post /mom/core[View]
82233806Convince me this isn't their best[View]
82234235ITT: we post cancer[View]
82232616ITT: Top 5 Most Influential Artists Last 100 Years: John Lennon Michael Jackson Kanye West Paul McCa…[View]
82234702Wtf is Seizure: Oldest member is the bassist (22) The vocals/lead is 18 1-10, how tight are they for…[View]
82230805it clicked[View]
82233173Reminder that Chance The Rapper's brother beat a man to the edge of his life for stepping on hi…[View]
82233823Whats your opinion of calpurnia?[View]
82234563Live performances that are better than the album version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2WQzLppfGs…[View]
82231483Space Metal[View]
82233463Yeezus > MBDTF > ye > TLOP > 808s > LR > KSG > TCD > Graduation > Cruel S…[View]
82234466Unpopular opinions: >Vaporwave is one of my favorite genres >Witch house is better than basic…[View]
82233497Is it better than LDA?[View]
82233099KPOP GENERAL[View]
82233559Post EDM, Electro Swing here, please.: Parov Stelar Caravan Palace Sim Gretina Gramatik NCS Nightcor…[View]
82233528Where should I start if I want to learn to sing in the style of Smokey Robinson? Think songs like: h…[View]
82234375LITTLE FEAT - WAITING FOR COLOMBUS REVIEW: Last week I made a thread in which I said that I would li…[View]
82234496INCOMING TRANSITION: INCOMING TRANSMISSION: soundcloud.com/siolence/soundcheck_1[View]
82234007Albums that only make sense when you're depressed.[View]
82234433Fun Pop-Punk?: I find it funny how many english speaking pop-punk bands are actually just whiny emo …[View]
82234238>People genuinely listen to rap music Gucci belt I got da chains I got da guns you will run I po…[View]
82233959Do you like Huey Lewis & the News?[View]
82234174HOLY SHIT[View]
82234370Is this really psychedelic? https://youtu.be/2nXGPZaTKik[View]
82234367*deletes everything and only leaves the Windows sounds part of Moonchild*[View]
82234327hello fellas, i am listening to this album, please give me descriptions of how it makes you feel[View]
82234224This album is fantastic, but the skits are such shit. Normally skits on rap albums don’t bother me t…[View]
82234138ITT: pseudo-magnets[View]
82232311Underrated albums / albums that should be talked about more.[View]
82233801How do you guys feel about her music?[View]
82231658>when jazz clicks[View]
8223405618 naked cowboys in the showers[View]
82232659>Yup, Modest Mouse sure is a great band >The Moon and Antarctica might be their best >Nobod…[View]
82231034>be me >at party >ask girl running the spotify playlist to play one song in it's entir…[View]
82231947ITT: Honest album titles >Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve baited-and-switched you into buying a shit…[View]
82234012Is singer-songwriter objectively the best category of popular music?[View]
82233613what the Superman 64 of music?[View]
82232347What non-classical music is considered big brain music? I'm thinking IDM/dad prog rock.[View]
82231066>My remorse, and it's Ten for the wolf and Three for the shepherd and it's One for the …[View]
82234005I SAY GATOR GATOR[View]
82231866What's your faviorate Al Jolson track? Personally I'm tied between Ma' blushin rosie …[View]
82232894Man, Van Halen is a pretty good band.[View]
82233862where can I find a higher res version of this? also what building is that in the background?[View]
82233759ddddd: https://soundcloud.com/dustin-kever-smith/burning-my-turmoil[View]
82230370Why do rockists think? Obscurity = Authentic Inaccessible = Depth Dissonance = Better[View]
82229520what's an album everyone can agree is good? I think it would be this, I have never seen anyone …[View]
82230403Why in the hell were they considered one of the Big Four?[View]
82232800Is it possible to cut a groove into vinyl to skip over a track? I'd like to have my copy of the…[View]
82233319https://m.soundcloud.com/hwitenoice/rain-man Can anyone with good headphones rate my production? It …[View]
82232839Stupid fucking lyrics: That Mitski song became so fucking unlistenable after 'venus planet of love w…[View]
82232219ITT: Only God Tier love songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GatFxNGvfBg[View]
82233691Alright I figured this would be a good place to ask since if anyone is autistic enough to want to do…[View]
82233684why does /mu/ never discuss this GOAT?[View]
82230474Favorite song about drugs[View]
82233499>ITAOTS is a meme >literally just a worse version of pic related similar albums?…[View]
82233400Pop music made by someone who feels pop music is beneath them, deliberately crowding out their obvio…[View]
82231703I'll show you how official niggas jack me off[View]
82233073Is he the most innovative 'contemporary' guitarist of the 21st century?[View]
822290783x3 thread: want a cute 5'8' or so boyfriend whose skinny but still has muscles and has medium …[View]
82221759/metal/ general: Mayhem is fucking great edition previous edition: >>82212560 FAQ: https://pa…[View]
82232946Whose 7 song album should he produce next?[View]
82233402just relistened to it. still a perfect album.[View]
82230240>death grips general[View]
822308004x4 WEEK one for the boys guess reasons of living, places where the person is recommend music, reply…[View]
82233411I miss New York: wish I could leave this shithole I'm living in. music for this feel?[View]
82232996Honest thoughts on BTS?[View]
82232664>He doesn't listen to The Smiths[View]
82232185>get invited to scaruffi house for a party >you wander upstairs to get away from the upper-mi…[View]
82233274Why do we celebrate this guy?: He quite doing music to paint. How could your favorite musician be so…[View]
82233320MusicPlayer/Playlist Thread: Thoughts? R8's? Etc.[View]
82232726what music do they listen to?[View]
82233277Old Bands You're Discovering: If anybody has a raving opinion on the themes behind UNKLE's…[View]
82232333>he listens to live shows and pretends he's the lead singer and lead guitar player…[View]
82231364A Z EA LIA * ** B A NK S !!!!!T HREAD ¡¡¡¡¡°••[View]
82232093post subdued music[View]
82232254post albums that fill you with so much emotion you can't drive while listening to them[View]
82232871Post some good Youtube Recommended core https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GW6sLrK40k[View]
82231683KPOP GENERAL[View]
82233033Each of their albums have three good to great songs, one or two that are just okay and five that are…[View]
82233002post funny album covers[View]
82232985literally shitty rnb with reverb. 3/10[View]
82232974Is he going to make smoking cool again?[View]
82231040I listened to Twin Fantasy and My back is killing me. I Really liked them, but I want something sadd…[View]
82231550> DUDE SONGS LMAO ITT: Post songcore albums[View]
82229792Spacemen 3 Thread: Finally figured out why Playing With Fire is my least favorite Spacemen 3 song. I…[View]
82232867any good record shops in paris? i'll be there this weekend[View]
82232828>I post the funny bean man drawing >I use the epic arrows >I say thing people like…[View]
82232675Why are rappers suddenly obsessed with this homo?[View]
82232265I just started at university, /mu/. give me some music for my first college playlist.[View]
82232752Does anyone have any recommendation for bands like Gnarwhal? Explosive, fast, frantic. https://www.y…[View]
82230691/mu/mor general: haven't seen one of these for awhile ;)[View]
82229428>Not a single Grimes thread What the FUCK /mu/? You've been consistently posting about C for…[View]
82232667Recommend me some unknown thrash masterpieces like pic related[View]
82232575>you guys heard the new afx album?[View]
82232608nu-goth: Are there any current-year goth bands that are actually good? Is newer goth even relevant i…[View]
82230384Is Tekashi the Nick Drake of our generation?: Thoughts?[View]
82229717Low - Double Negative: AOTY[View]
82232023Just listened to Nobody by Mitsky and it has the same sound i loved from St Vincent before David Byr…[View]
82231748I give him a week[View]
82232315Kanye West's best album.: You cannot prove me wrong.[View]
82230921where is the album[View]
82230251What's /mu/'s favorite Kendrick song?: Post your favorite song or reply to those who poste…[View]
82232314Have you been DREKKA-pilled yet? >fragile bedroom noise-folk How can anyone top this?…[View]
82229737Got a MBDTF Vinyl. YA DIG???[View]
82231261Albums for getting your heart broken.[View]
82231819KPOP NOT GENERAL: FUCK UNNECESSARY CONTAINMENT THREADS EDITION: Name a single reason why their music…[View]
82208139/dgg/ - Death Grips General: >thoughts on year of the snitch, now some time has passed >hopes/…[View]
82229741Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket, /mu/? How did it go?[View]
82228914Good music to listen to while high[View]
82229609the band that saved rock n roll[View]
82232197>He hit me >And it felt like a kiss AAHAHAAHAHA... SHE IS SELLING OUT HER 'LESBIAN SEPARA…[View]
82232132Out here saving meme rap https://soundcloud.com/pcpowerup/sets/pcpowerup[View]
82230524I read that Classical Composers didn't study 'Harmony' but studied something called 'Voice Lead…[View]
82231886vu fans: what do we think about doug yule?[View]
82229912Why was 2000s British music such absolute shit? The only good thing the bongs produced in that whole…[View]
82231877Does anyone have music like Death Grips but made in medieval times?[View]
82231653My homie's giving me free tickets to see QOTSA on Thursday. I've never been a fan. Give me…[View]
82230704If you play an instrument and feel talentless.....: Just remember. At least you have more talent tha…[View]
82229064Age Favorite Album Fetish[View]
82231505post creepy music videos https://youtu.be/iFe-sfJeh2E[View]
82231773Oh shit new Blank Banshee http://www.blankbanshee.com/missingnos.html[View]
82231858I want to get into Elvis Costello, where do I start?[View]
82231730>tfw listen to music constantly all the time >tfw playing games with headphones on when not li…[View]
82231159How do I get into gothic rock?[View]
82231759What does he listen to?[View]
82228007ITT: things musicians do that annoy you >live guitarists that play random chords after the song i…[View]
82231311give the put the music in the bag[View]
82230730Missing my girlfriend a lot tonight. Help me eat my heart out with some music to mope to guys[View]
82231532Music died after this and Nirvana[View]
82225290What should and shouldn't be bought on vinyl: I'm starting to earn more money, so I'm…[View]
82225820Who are your top 3 artists?[View]
82231734Spill it /mu/, is First Imaginary Symphony For Nomad good?[View]
82227453Pop AOTY[View]
82231663How do you guys listen to an album? Do you listen to it a few times all the way through before makin…[View]
82230255ITT songs that make you happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw3mlykbAfk https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
82231204Gotti Gotti HOOO: Can I like this song?[View]
82231461For me, it's 'Lush'[View]
82229793KPOP GENERAL[View]
82230630i wish i never saw the cover of loveless, i bet that hearing the album without having seeing it woul…[View]
82231602I like how John Darnielle always tells us which way he's going and on which street[View]
82226321What is the best song and why is Mr. Grieves?[View]
82227795where to start and proceed with black metal?[View]
82229006ITT: Nu-Metal: What is the current state of the art /mu/?[View]
82227790How many albums have you listened to /mu/?[View]
82230974Stand aside, commoners: Genuine gentlemen passing through[View]
82230813Why did this site's core userbase change from elitist snobs with decent taste in music to 16 ye…[View]
82231408https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShCRN3tFy80 Is this the best rock song of the year?[View]
82230435so many of you fags are afraid to say what you think of this album because fantano hasn’t reviewed i…[View]
82225658post autistic bleep blops like autechre, alva noto, 0PN and all that good shit[View]
82231141Just realized the first and last time i felt something approximating love was with an anime characte…[View]
82230250What are some good alternatives to Spotify?[View]
82231270Grimes unfollowed Elon so expect 9000 Grimes threads now that the virgins feel at ease[View]
82230982What happened to her?[View]
82229284'Best of Beach Boys' albums: Holy. Fucking. Shit.[View]
82229366my addictions to 4chan, youtube and tv are preventing me from becoming a musician. Ive already made …[View]
82228598collaborations you didn't know existed: Demdike Stare remixes Ennio Morricone's Gruppo di …[View]
82230471What went wrong?[View]
82231172Happatai Yatta cover: I heard a cover of Yatta somewhere but I can't find it anymore. Where did…[View]
82227474What was he playing?[View]
82230919Black Amnesiac[View]
82230406Do We Deserve a Sequel?[View]
82230672Any fans of Jagatara?[View]
82230306Holy shit Colder Still is a masterpiece[View]
82230918do you think Scaruffi could give this an 8/10?[View]
82229606this is my first thread here, are there any lorde/lana fans here[View]
82229449Flaming Telepaths is their best song and this is their best album[View]
82230395Hi /mu/, im curious to whats ur favorite drug and favorite music/band to listen to while on that dru…[View]
82230463Kraftwerk: Should I listen to them in Deutsch or English?[View]
82225275Music for this aesthetic?[View]
82230797Prince was the third best Minneapolis based rock act of the 80s.[View]
82230229Which black person invented the guitar?[View]
82230861PROG: Post best ProgRock from before 1983 please[View]
82230316Name me a more iconic duo[View]
82230793Straight White Men HATE Her! How A Gay Teen Girl Saved Indie With This One Simple Trick https://www.…[View]
82229532Ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of rock music[View]
82226246This is the best album cover of the 2010's: Change my mind. Pro tip: You can't[View]
82229981>futuristic music >it's just rock with some synths thrown in…[View]
82227919Thoughts, /mu/?[View]
82230398what happened to the rebecca black archive? i was trying to find a mega link for cannibal corpse…[View]
82227196Whose side are you on?[View]
82230166why is she so pretty lads?[View]
82230355what kind of music does she listen to?[View]
82230564Trips selects best 90s album: Roll[View]
82225660Their worst song? High and dry[View]
82226619>halfway through month 8 >not a single good album was released…[View]
82230434Does /mu/ like chopped & Screwed?[View]
82227794How do I learn to like things that I didn't grow up listening to?[View]
82228389I still don't get it[View]
82229777Can we talk about how fucking cool this album is? I feel like I'm living in the year 2064 liste…[View]
82224891Welcome to /mu/, how music are ya?[View]
82230438Covers that surpass the original. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hwiCkU73NA[View]
82230422Teamsesh: Have you even herd his new mixtape?[View]
82230002To all Zoomers (born after 1995), which Boomer-core do you like most?[View]
82224906All Hail The King: How much Elvis have you actually heard? Have you watched any of his performances?…[View]
82228971ITT: Post your favorite compilation[View]
82230058Well since the archive is dead let's have a classic obscure good albums thread[View]
82230185I want to be Doja Cat's sex slave[View]
82229783What's the best way to listen to full discography of artists you like and finding other artists…[View]
82227863Weaboo trash: They call me Killer Bee and i rap way better than this foo! Ya Foo!...Them ninjas over…[View]
82229379Why were they so good compared to other indie trash that tends to be insanely pretentious or even no…[View]
82230076whats some good modern >feels sad music[View]
82227885based or cringe?[View]
82230106It's actually a really good song[View]
82229206Unpopular opinions: these guys are pretty good, even Brothers and parts of El Camino and Turn Blue…[View]
82230072What is her best album? And the best song from that album?[View]
82215478what's the best bass line of all time?[View]
82229989Bad times for the Autechre boys[View]
82218153post GOAT techno and electro albums, comps and singles >fuck off /bleep/, albums exist, get over …[View]
82229998thank you to the anon who recommended me the fallen angels, i really enjoyed the album https://www.…[View]
82221375who is your favorite musician, and if they had to choose would they rather have grown up with a fath…[View]
82229925>tfw can just barely play a major 9th with one hand Am I doomed?[View]
82229700Testing 2?[View]
82229804Inspired by Kill Bill to get into making chill rap. But all I've got is an empty wallet, an And…[View]
82229888Juice Wrld understands our pain. He's truly one of us.[View]
82170236/daily/ Skorpio Edition: The point of these threads is to encourage exploration, by listening to and…[View]
82228267What's so great, new and enlightening about this music?[View]
82227784What's next for his career?[View]
82227516Should I start a CD collection /mu/?[View]
82224548I know this is going to sound disrespectful, but I need closure. is there a photo of jahseh resting,…[View]
82227865Thoughts on Hinds?: and has anyone here ever slept with one of them?[View]
82228551KPOP GENERAL[View]
82227564>Sell over100k less than Cardi B >Album is #2, Travis Scott is #1 >Album is the same commer…[View]
82229001>archive went from being 'temporarily' down to straight-up displaying a 404 message ok so...what …[View]
82225686*blocks your path*[View]
82226429DMC pretty much BTFOs all the junkie mumble rappers: He's got a good point ya'll https://…[View]
82228939How can we stop him /mu/?[View]
82227334When will we run out of music?[View]
82229529/chart/: Chart thread, everyone! Recommend, suggest, criticize and guess something about personality…[View]
82223195>tfw 6 years later pic related is still really good Honestly its no wonder so many people are try…[View]
82225688>hey anon, wanna go to the Nine Inch Nails show tonight?[View]
82227915>this artist received a marketing push from their label >this makes them an industry plant …[View]
82229463ITT: music about hypebeasts[View]
82226331Learn some basic music theory you fucking asshole: Learn some basic music theory you fucking asshole…[View]
82228294>August 18th... I am forgotten[View]
82226049Remember me?[View]
82228160Octopus's garden: This is gonna be ignored but fuck it >Be me >Have bad argument with da…[View]
82229306Does /mu/ like Dynamite Dylan? https://youtube.com/watch?v=82c1PAFg8_Y[View]
82229355pure music: what music sounds pure to you?[View]
82228428Good albums ruined by shit vocalists thread[View]
82229145Post a dream fake tracklist for an artist of your choice[View]
82227979give me your best big band jazz, im looking for something like whiplash, im new to jazz, i tried lis…[View]
82227617What's the best and worst song on this album?[View]
82229053best albums of 2017: what are /mu/s thoughts on joey bada$$? All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ was one of the be…[View]
82228089ITT: We Post Albums from Current Year that We've Enjoyed: Starting off with 愛をあるだけ、すべて by KIRIN…[View]
82226905>he couldn’’t play an instrument. So he became the instrument[View]
82229227Looking for a song: Hello /mu/ looking for a song that I can't seem to remember and I don'…[View]
82225124Why do idiots who listen to classical music feel superior?[View]
82228072The one memorable song on this album is a meme.[View]
82229086what did we think of this album van dyke parks has an extremely gay voice[View]
82229010Can you imagine sex with aaliyah?[View]
82228563They're selling postcards of the hanging[View]
82228945Kurt Vile: New Kurt Vile song - top tier. Also post your fav Kurt songs and similar artists. https:/…[View]
82228995Name a better mashup: https://youtu.be/huEtJw7pfLk You can’t[View]
82227695Has this leaked in 320/flac yet?[View]
82228902https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL0elylGeJM Sober by Tool's demo is much more interesting to me…[View]
82228742moooooooooooo i'm so smooooooooth[View]
82228815The Frights: any word on if the new frights album has leaked yet? I think it's out next week bu…[View]
82228050>album is literally just guitar and vocals >stereo version exists >vocals and guitar are in…[View]
82225503this is the best king gizzard album from last year prove me wrong[View]
82223370Discuss this album: Is it good? Is it bad? Why?[View]
82228514LIVE: https://conexioncapital.co/rockalparque/[View]
82228608Ok guys between this two... which one has the worst fanbase?[View]
82228645Cool and Interesting Music Videos: Post 'em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC2dRkm8ATU…[View]
82228635Vaporwave-Chillstep: Starting with a vibe, boys https://youtu.be/F7khiq25Xr0[View]
82225555How can soundtracks be so good when this is so bad[View]
82227930what is the best kate bush album from start to finish[View]
82228430EDM Thread: Create my EDM playlist /mu/[View]
82227634KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5ICrGFsSBg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuqArTA35T…[View]
82223216Admit it, he sucks: Also takes money for reviews clearly[View]
82225976*goes to art school once*[View]
82228423Roast my playlist /mu/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QTAjsC5Q7g&index=1&list=PLm3nmquYpb…[View]
82228418feels: Songs that evoke a strong feeling of longing for a loved one?[View]
82227636Ever listened to German hiphop, /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzOrzJ1dNQk[View]
82228334Whats some good folk/gypsy bands or music.? Bonus points if its depressing.[View]
82228243>That 30 year old boomer who still listens to Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire…[View]
82227837I know damn well Death Grips is capable of making some incredible music. I can hear it hiding throug…[View]
82223731Was it the pinnacle of music?[View]
82227541Why is God Only Knows considered by many to be the greatest song of all time?[View]
82227927MANIAC ALL BLACK[View]
82224928I'd say it's pretty decent, what do you guys think?[View]
82227760ITT: post kino concert films[View]
82227348Post the best synthpop albums[View]
82227247ITT: We describe albums using emojis, track-by-track, and other anons guess them[View]
82226186artists similar to ween?[View]
822242493x3 4x4 5x5 collage thread: guess things and recommend things[View]
82226466I want to start a prog band but i'm a violinist what can I do?[View]
82227205What the FUCK is the difference between coldwave and darkwave??? (darkwave as in how it was original…[View]
82228102Why is he the greatest music producer/film composer?[View]
82226864I think that Bones’s new tape is his best one yet. How does he keep dropping such heat? What do you …[View]
82225698*ruins rock music*[View]
82225618Post the best live performance of a band https://youtu.be/tiYPUBuYJdM[View]
82226762ITT: Artists not looking like themselves[View]
82227858Rate my guitar playing: https://vocaroo.com/i/s10OPRHsjdCG[View]
82227233Anyone here into PowerViolence? Recommend some good shit, been listening to loads of smaller bands …[View]
82227913Techno: Can anybody i.d. the track at 37:37? https://youtu.be/RcVnqFxWMDM?t=37m37s[View]
82226299We all agree that bands like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin are dad-rock, but can we come to some consensus …[View]
82226484holy shit https://open.spotify.com/album/3ngcrybWz1fUixAjS1ggl3[View]
82226989If you post a song you like, I will listen to it https://youtu.be/cntvEDbagAw[View]
82227374Why do they steal so many songs?[View]
82227773ITT: Trigger /mu/: >This album would be so much better without the instrumentals.…[View]
82225110imagine beating your wife[View]
82211880Your favorite album >for real >if a normie asks >if a qt3.14 asks…[View]
82227729>then kanye flopped it was polos and backpacks OH SHIT NIGGA DRAKE ENDED THIS NIGGA CAREER LMAO…[View]
82226455Artfags, get in here:: Post a picture of your original character and people guess what albums they l…[View]
82227304wow this is really good[View]
82226891>lofi hiphop radio - chill beats to study/relax to[View]
82225641It's all lipslap[View]
82227628Great albums with shit covers. Pic related[View]
82226343KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44TIElb5RrQ[View]
82224758Radiohead is what pink floyd would have been with talent, creativity and syd not going crazy[View]
82226183What does /mu/ think of Fox Amoore: He seems to be the most popular musician in the furry fandom wha…[View]
82226269What the fuck was his problem?[View]
82227588Steve Miller: Does anyone else here like Steve Miller? If so, what is your favorite album?[View]
82225478Post your guilty pleasure songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bEDM4bsfWg[View]
82225797King of hacks[View]
82222582*dumdum dee dumdum dee* UUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[View]
82227497blackend death metal bands suggestions? i just listend to some behemoth and its awsome! i also like …[View]
82227535this is the best screwston era album there is no debate to be had about this.[View]
82227479People who shitpost about this being pink floyds only good album are just contrarian hipsters. Just …[View]
82225766>tfw pleb dad[View]
82227413Hello, /music/. I haven't visited this board in a long time so I'm not sure what the curre…[View]
82217593Chart thread[View]
82225912Admit that youuuu l ike it ni gguh てイぼ ピみ果恩[View]
82227381ITT: Cool pics of musicians[View]
82226758What the Fuck happened to Hip-Hop?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QPRmFJ_U8Ug Darryl McDaniels (aka …[View]
82223162What's /mu/ opinion on Sabaton? My friend realy enjoys this band, but after I've heard the…[View]
82227353Any similar recommendations: This album was a little too “new-wave” for my taste[View]
82223039Like 20% of his lyrics are the n-word, and he’s not even black. If he can say it, why can’t Papa Joh…[View]
82226727Why is music getting worse?[View]
82227108What is your favourite genre/mood playlist on Spotify? They are all pretty trash to be honest. What…[View]
82224158Unpopular /mu/ opinions: I don't enjoy Noise Rock or screaming[View]
82222316Have you ever met your favorite musician?[View]
82227280Is modular worth it or is it pretty much just an expensive toy ?[View]
82227278https://youtu.be/ZpUYjpKg9KY Feeling angry as fuck. Give me some angry songs.[View]
82225209> title track is unironically the best track Come fight me /mu/[View]
82227166I generally hate electronic music but perturbator is just so fucking cool. I know about carpenter b…[View]
82224736Anyone Going?: I'll be in vancouver my guys[View]
8222654410$ paypal to whoever the fuck can tell me what this is sampled from https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
82227131does Kanye listen to Radiohead ?[View]
82225461Who is the best soundtrack composer, and why is it Hans Zimmer?[View]
82226137ITT: albums that make you feel oddly depressed[View]
82225020>tfw a noise album actually makes you sad what is happening to me[View]
82223317ITT: Albums you respect for their influence but dislike personally Pic related for me. Sounds like s…[View]
82226981Give me one convincing reason why this isn’t the greatest album ever[View]
82224468dude: imagine OK Computer but with a good vocalist[View]
82226360so, what do we think? AOTY?[View]
82227011Nostalgia: Check out my new single Produced by me Very pleasing to the ears :) https://soundclou…[View]
82225470>artist’s first album >is their best album…[View]
82226946> listening to a military song > the choir sounds like a bunch of pansies How hard is it to fi…[View]
82226808Recommend me some sweet saxual music[View]
8222239580s / 90s COLLEGE ROCK: Are you into 80s / 90s alternative rock of the sort that was big on college …[View]
82225953Party Rock Anthem: So we can all agree that this is the best song of the 2010s right? Like you aren…[View]
82225830Why is Sigrid so fucking good /mu/? Live edition[View]
82225736kid a shit: >i woke up sucking a lemon >ice age coming, ice age coming maybe striking the nons…[View]
822258363 festival essentials: What's your festival essentials? >MDMA >Alcohol >A tonne of ba…[View]
82226755Music like SOPHIE?: What's some music like SOPHIE that isn't just PC Music? I really like …[View]
82226026Will Tool ever come to europe again?[View]
82226651How come Coldsteel likes Nine Inch Nails but dislikes Trent Reznor?[View]
82224667alright, when are we gonna stop pretending that 70ies was good? also lets not start indulging in 80i…[View]
82226277/mu/'s thoughts on Styx?[View]
82226051Thoughts on Bobby Burns’ music?: https://youtu.be/b6XNB0ytIKI https://youtu.be/dmL8yKnTlEM https://y…[View]
82216871Saturday Soundclouds Share your music & review others Be cool![View]
82225248>baby i've been, ripping ass in your room again >listen >BRAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap …[View]
82226667Good metal bands: Anyone know of some really good metal bands? I've listened to alot of Powerwo…[View]
82224446>band is heavier in live shows[View]
82211952Bandcamp Thread Here is mine https://zacharysticker.bandcamp.com/album/pentasyllabic >post-rock…[View]
82224280why must these noise albums be so long anyway???[View]
82226437>I know I'm unloveable, you don't have to tell me >I wear black on the outside …[View]
82224954this is better than any beatles album[View]
82225828Best Kanye album, he will never surpass this[View]
82225491Currently eating a roast beef sammy while listening to little dark age, life's good[View]
82226380>it's a climber[View]
82223197itt: post the year an artist's best album came out, and the year their worst album came out. ot…[View]
82225055KPOP GENERAL: Happy Bona day[View]
82226325I hate to see your broken face This world would give you anything As long as you will want to As lon…[View]
82226199Dark Ambient classics[View]
82226037Last 4 albums you listened to.: Post them.[View]
82224843can't punk the pink: reminder to the anon who autistically tries to convince us that AP is a fr…[View]
82226263Most of you will claim to love this album yet you probably haven't listened to it in over two y…[View]
82224855yo, radiohead newbie here what albums should i listen to and in what order?[View]
82226189Radiohead's pretty good, but they're not my favorite[View]
82226147NOW CLAP YER HANDS[View]
82224398ITT: fav lfhh/trip hop/wonky/jazz hop: no elijah who/nohidea cancer. since i'm OP i'll st…[View]
82225670>Once again I'm in trouble with my only friend[View]
82225370any good lithuanian music?: preferably post-punk, but anything good is welcome all I've found s…[View]
82226125post surf rock covers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvtLMDuVZoU[View]
82225334>Barely any of the artists/bands I actually like ever go on tour in my area >Start googling up…[View]
82225720Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your Pitchfork Song of the Year 2018 winner, 'Prune, You Talk…[View]
82225414swans: Man, you guys werent lying, really loving this discography marathon so far. Just finished dis…[View]
82224983Who is the worst music video essay channel and why is it Volksgeist?[View]
82223371>invents dream pop in 1973 Holy crap[View]
82225940ahead of it's time[View]
82225878GOTHBOICLIQUE hours: Emo rap Goth rap Punk rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2f5kIZ9YuM https://w…[View]
82224457That last free-form freak out (it's actually a regular song) is the real best track on the albu…[View]
82225028What would’ve happened if he didn’t leave?: Alternatively what would’ve happened had he not gone cra…[View]
82223113*sip* Rush, now THAT’S a band.[View]
82224488How do I grow out of guitar music?[View]
82225575Post albums you like but everyone else hates ITT[View]
82224785>man is the animal[View]
82218471SoundCloud/Bandcamp thread Feel free to advertise recent projects for feedback[View]
82223629What is the best double album of all time?[View]
82225219ITT: Post good MIDI's, only post here if you're a man of culture aswell.: WHERE MY /MIDIBO…[View]
82223100Why does this band receive so much hate? I've listened to some of their music, I didn't re…[View]
82224998Post mainstream pop song you'd listen if there was nothing else to listen. https://www.youtube.…[View]
82224726Hey /mu/ not really a big music fan but i came across this song called despacito, really like it it …[View]
82223962>artist name starts with 'the' >make folders for all my music >don't include it…[View]
82220830Chvrches/Lavren Mayberry Thread: DAE CHVRCHES[View]
82224524EDM HANG OUT: Where do edm/eletronic music producers and passionate people hang out? I've been …[View]
82223493Is Medieval Club next big meme genre?[View]
82224814What does /mu/ think of MUSE?[View]
82224849What's the 60s rock equivalent of this???[View]
82222537Is Ladytron secretly the best synthpop band?[View]
82224187I need help, I'm taking a girl out but I don't know what to play in the car, she says she …[View]
82225033ITT: artists who white people ruined for you[View]
82223889Is it sure ach or shy reek?[View]
82219313ITT: albums where every song is at least a 9/10: >pic related is an obvious one…[View]
82224846Bull of Heaven: Can someone explain how their songs can be several trillion hours / years long? How …[View]
82221808Kanye is the GOAT for this: Not only is he paying homage but he’s trolling Drake because he knows Dr…[View]
82224130YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE!!!![View]
82224298Do drugs fuel creativity? I've had writer's block for weeks and it's a pain the ass. …[View]
82224682who in the actual fuck listens to these dudes[View]
82225076>but it was too late[View]
82225004Whats a good alternative to iTunes? pls halp no bully[View]
82223819KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU7f-akH-c8[View]
82224123Will there ever be a better black metal act than Paysage d'Hiver? You can't top this: http…[View]
82224210>*guitar solo* >oh yeah baby my baby yeeeeah >*guitar solo* etc…[View]
82223322Pickups thread[View]
82224860Kanye Thread: TOUR FUCKING WHEN? >XTCY is a good song >Ye is a 9/10 album >CyHi the prince …[View]
82224393so in what way is this punk?[View]
82217535ITT: Overrated artists: Elvis ELO Hendrix The Doors Scott Walker[View]
82223911I just realized that I'm gay Music for this feel? Pic unrelated[View]
82224900Opinion: here a novice https://youtu.be/fmawrZg7CC4 some fixes to improve?[View]
82224867Similar artists to Árstíðir?: I can't find anybody who plays in a similar style. Their website …[View]
82223148Great albums that most people will never fully experience due to the language barrier Pic related[View]
82224522itt: bands that really 'get it'[View]
82224805Can anyone recommend a really good album with a parlor jazz feel? Think in the vein of 'I am an Alco…[View]
82213277ITT: we post albums that virgins will never be able to understand[View]
82223748What artist gets the most amount of hate on /mu/?[View]
82224791a perfect album must have been released this year it happens all the time question is who of you ha…[View]
82224765is parable of arable land the only good satirical rock album?[View]
82224753for me, its how to leave town[View]
82224725favorite post-rock ITT, pic related[View]
82224599Greatest tape this year Gives me a warm feeling of happiness Feels good man[View]
82224161>can barely play an instrument >'i just strum piano' >struggles to play Videotape live >…[View]
82223611>How do you sleep ya cunt? Why was John so mad at Paul?[View]
82224454Reminder listening to a new artist chronologically is objectively the best way to get into them.[View]
82224583post based music to listen to when it's raining[View]
82224245BEHOLD: >itll take you in >itll spit you out…[View]
82224431Whats' /mu/ final verdict? For me, it's an AOTY[View]
82224476ITT: Albums that you associate with a particular season. Pic related always gives me cloudy autumn…[View]
82222613Whoms tha best drumma of all times?![View]
82223222What is the best album closer of all time?[View]
82223772Two months. It's been two months since my light went out. Two months of feeling lost, hopeless …[View]
82224336Oh, I think I get it now... kill me[View]
82223506y'all sleepin' on french rap[View]
82212837BITCH IMMA COW[View]
82224409The recorder flute is a patrician instrument. People just love to hate it now because they associate…[View]
82224375>the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides[View]
82224370Were they ever even good?[View]
82220969How the fuck do you even get Xanax contaminated with fentanyl? It's a pill that doctors give ou…[View]
82224026What are some bands that you honestly can't choose the best album from? Like all of them are m…[View]
82222668ITT: One Hit Wonders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl-JGJp-_CM[View]
82223661This album is shit. Thank god for Desertshore[View]
82224261https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/mu/ is it ever coming back?[View]
82220971>James Montgomery of MTV News has described Pretty. Odd. in retrospect as overlooked, writing tha…[View]
82224271collage 3x3 5x5: artist edition r8 h8 masturb8[View]
82221987Post your 5's rec r8 etc[View]
82220671What site do you prefer for music reviews? I'm at the point where I seriously need to find some…[View]
82218819Looking for an album with similar feel: I love the weird trippy noises and unique musical compositio…[View]
82223479How many of you DONT play an instrument?[View]
82222307Their weakest[View]
82223326Solve the CAPTCHA[View]
82221272The Bends deserves more love, it's a really great album. But more importantly the B-sides are f…[View]
82224087what in the fuck is this garbage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9BNoNFKCBI[View]
82224112new album when?[View]
82223192>listen to regular dadrock/pop etc at 15% volume >no side effects after a full album >liste…[View]
82224086Read UBO MAG: UBO MAG Album Release Review: Mahtie Bush X DJ Ethik Aug. 24 UBO MAG, Nor-Calʻs oldest…[View]
82221145what labels make you instantly turned off?[View]
82223924Keyboard General: Fellas, is pic related worth it ? Also discuss your keyboard and synth gear[View]
82223725Yeap. Nirvana was a good band. I wish I was dead.[View]
82223756Did Nickelback kill mainstream rock?[View]
82222329Bluegrass: Enlighten me on Bluegrass /mu/[View]
82223711>mom picking me up from second grade >I WALK A LONELY ROAD starts playing on the radio…[View]
82222631KPOP GENERAL[View]
82223168About car tape adapter. Can it screw up you estereo?[View]
82218549What's the best Jethro Tull album?[View]
82223669>'Track (Part 1)' >'Track (Part 2)'[View]
82219074>You got sick thoughts? I got more of em >You got sister-in-laws you'd smash? I got four …[View]
82223118Just a reminder that Peggy is a girl name[View]
82222842*capitalizes on wife's death*[View]
82223528Anyone else finding it very hard to play guitar and sing at the same time? I've been playing gu…[View]
82222237ITT: mind bending psychedelic electronic albums: >rel='picture'[View]
82223615What does /mu/ think of Patti Smith?[View]
82222619Me on the left[View]
82219309I am assembling a team[View]
82218568Thought I'd finally had a chance at a girl after years of complete loneliness and she rejects m…[View]
82223526Gig Posters: So, do you guys like gig posters? Yesterday I got really interested in them and found a…[View]
82221431Who is he /mu/?[View]
82218660Okay, this is...[View]
82217770What are more albums that flow together perfectly and sound like a single song?[View]
82223481What's the first band to come to mind when you read the phrase '2000's garbage landfill in…[View]
82223490Why is Young Thug so [spoiler]GOOD[/spoiler]?[View]
82223477Why are they so perfect? I wish I had just half of the talent that Claudio has.[View]
82219481Has anybody here ever had a one night stand or similar encounter with a famous musician?[View]
82223449Need help finding a music video: It was like 9 years ago when i saw on tv some crazy sht with animat…[View]
8222329969 > DG virgins will never understand[View]
82223233basslines in ableton help: I've always struggled at making interesting bass lines, to the point…[View]
82222652What is the single most influential album?[View]
82223403dunkys version of this is unironically better than the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLUa…[View]
82220184ITT: Overrated[View]
82219602It’s been 5 years today. What’s the consensus?[View]
82223058what are some good albums about loneliness? not depression, just loneliness[View]
82221293I'm getting into ambient, what's the best ambient album you've ever heard? Pic unrela…[View]
82223290I'm seeing Ween today what am I in for?[View]
82220046ITT: Good music for when you're hungover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68qOuQ7kzu8[View]
82222821Opinions on..: What does /mu/ think of Deftones?[View]
82220498So, what's the veredict?[View]
82222365Discuss this album: Is it good? Is it bad? Why?[View]
82222053ITT: Musicians who try to be Michael Gira[View]
82222620>I listen to metal and rap[View]
82221219Studio setup: Post a pic of your at home, I’ll start: 2009 MacBook Pro, 49 key midi controller, Logi…[View]
82221452Let’s have an age old discussion Are the Beatles supposed to be listened to in mono or stereo?[View]
82222296what are some of the most used guitar scales in metal?[View]
82208889What were they fucking thinking[View]
82222750Massive Attack (trip hop general???): Why doesn't this board discuss this group more? Their mus…[View]
82222701Bitch Mob - Task Force: Name an artist with a better fanbase. basedtip: you cant[View]
82223132>He listens to music composed in strophic form[View]
82221985> song has a refrain[View]
82222265judas priest: What's their best album?[View]
82220921Contemporary artists who are past their prime[View]
82222693We are japanese band「Sayonara miochan」: Sorry for the second post. We are japanese band「Sayonara mio…[View]
82222938Miles davis is nothing: Compared to this guy https://youtu.be/J6nhSDAKRj8[View]
82222433*deletes Seamus* Ah, much better.[View]
82222881>getting called a boomer for listening to Gen X music[View]
82222549Will /mu/ turn into a shitposting storm when chromatics finally release Dear Tommy? >Inb4 Ruth Ra…[View]
82222550do niggas really rate this garbage?: if you check rym, very few people gave it less than 2 stars…[View]
82222632Fu Manchu: How can other Rock bands compete with such consistent band?[View]
82222695Essential Femmecore: Pic Related. What's some essential femmecore? What do twinks, lipstick les…[View]
82212617>let's take xanax and listen to duster, anon what do you say?[View]
82222902anyone has any music similar to this one ? https://youtu.be/pQsF3pzOc54[View]
82221983This is beautiful, bros[View]
82219825Dave Grohl - Play: What does /mu/ think of Play by Dave Grohl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e05H8…[View]
82221491song: how much music is they're[View]
82221083HE’S OUT!!!![View]
82218076Power Metal: Why is Power Metal so hated, /mu/? Like, hated not for being bad, but for being cheesy …[View]
82221583what is his best album /mu/?[View]
82222056>made one (1) album in the 90’s >suddenly the face of old school hip hop Fuck boomers…[View]
82222538Are there any other bands as musically diverse as Radiohead and Ween?[View]
82222635Did Carti create Vapourgaze?[View]
82222622International Music Thread: Hello fellow /mu/tants, itt post music that you like from your country. …[View]
82221478KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WccvtPpwxms[View]
82220668Why hasn’t this shithole produced any good artists?[View]
82222515Is 6ix9ine a pederast or a paedophile?[View]
82221623any good gig stories?[View]
822157863x3 4x4 5x5: This is my 1 month, but post whatever timeframe you like.[View]
82222507ITT: Chill downtempo/house/trip-hop vibes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtZAzh0TSAo The kind of s…[View]
82220694Yo what the fuck happen to Jazz?[View]
82222246What does /mu/ think of The Prodigy?[View]
82221058Sujfan Stevens > Thom Yorke[View]
82221728will the /mu/cord is come back alive?: i miss /mu/cord dont blame me[View]
82222288Fuck the grateful dead[View]
82221222I'm looking for more music like Kero Kero Bonito. Any recommendations?[View]
82222282Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz admits he was listening to Mac DeMarco's 'Salad Days' befo…[View]
82221511Songs that increase IQ?[View]
82221485https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i7aBnoaYPQ thoughts on these guys? very like jesus lizard[View]
82221165how the fuck i'm supposed to pronounce his nickname? sixixnineine?[View]
82212444share your music general: don't see any of these, share your soundcloud, bandcamp, spotify, you…[View]
82221974Damn: Is this how a black guy looks like in 2018?[View]
82220967/Jazz/: Post the last 5 albums you've heard and get rec, etc. Andrew Hill - Smoke Stack Larry Y…[View]
82220217Is he the new David Bowie?[View]
82221873recommend my gf a song: >recommend my gf a song[View]
82222139Tangerine Reef[View]
82216868Why did Jarboe kill Michael?[View]
82221863Why doesnt this faggot use his platform to let people know about unknown artists? He's been doi…[View]
82222131Opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDOYL9Xk2Pc[View]
82221581Hey /mu/, there's an album I've been looking for; I don't know much about it other th…[View]
82221591Why does everyone hate Antipop so much?: I think it's a great album, obviously not as prestigio…[View]
82221279Wow this is great: What’s your favorite song on this?[View]
82222021Honestly: R8 me on dem feelz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5hLqA77tqM[View]
82218706Delete your Facebook Cancel your Xbox Live Destroy your smartphone[View]
82221939Everytime somebody makes a thread about Death From Above 1979 there is always someone replying with …[View]
82221970Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder was my jam and I'm just hearing about this now? The heck?[View]
82221255>The only good Kanye songs are the ones he didn’t produce[View]
82221614>iceage - white rune[View]
82221649Why do you think about elitism in music? Are you an elitist? Have you had elitist moments?[View]
82221911what kind of person listens to this faggot? lol[View]
82215042whats the best weeknd[View]
82220698Who has the smallest dick in rap? My bet is this guy[View]
82221519ITT: favorite instrumental albums[View]
82221654what's our opinion on current Chili Pepper guitarist Josh Klinghoffer's music with his own…[View]
82221737having the worst shit of my life right now, music for this feel?[View]
82221116>tfw you realize lil peep was good[View]
82221562ITT: Coolest album covers of all time[View]
82221429>ft. shiloh[View]
82219715>Niggas is savage, niggas is monsters >Niggas is pimps, niggas is players >'Til niggas…[View]
82220579Will Camilla Cabello have a successful solo career?[View]
82221636>Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, baptised as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart >Now …[View]
82221496Is there any more good noise focused on serial killlers? Huge bonus if it has vocals and/or sampled …[View]
82221610Is Vipers THOD shit actually legit? He doesn't wear them in any of his videos[View]
82221603Arbitrary shit in music that you love I have a hardon for the sound of lofi cymbals[View]
82211175Albums that sound 'cool': Albums you would describe as cool pic related[View]
82219135How can one continent be so devoid of talent?[View]
82220753Loop dee Loop or Doing the Sponge Which is the superior spongebob song?[View]
82221353>'CAN WE PLEASE JUST DISCUSS LIL PEEP!!!!!!!!!!'[View]
82221487kpop general[View]
82221469FACT: All of the best albums have pleb filter opening tracks.[View]
82220314KPOP GENERAL[View]
82221455Post a music vid and attach a screenshot of the meanest youtube comment I'll start with Connan…[View]
82221451what does /mu think about Tchami and Malaa?[View]
82217302Laughing Stock is the only sound that actually exists. Silence? An extended interlude that builds on…[View]
8221903581818: Share cosmic music. Not trippy music. Not weird music. Cosmic music. Have the post above you …[View]
82220526Tier lists: One of these threads[View]
82220831What band/artist gets the most love on /mu/?[View]
82219230Freestyle thread: Post ur favorite freestyles >pic related, the best to ever do it…[View]
82221392Hey /mu/ I'm having trouble figuring out the name of an instrument on this guy's one man b…[View]
82221374Music: https://soundcloud.com/joonas420/joona-em0ti0ns Would appreciate it if u could go and listen …[View]
82220701Why is pic related so underrated? It's pretty fucking great.[View]
82221307Favorite BROCKHAMPTON Album[View]
82221337niggas think albums are classic because they're perfect 10/10 critics like it when really its c…[View]
82221235Who was in the wrong here?[View]
82220068ITT: God tier album closers.[View]
82212560/metal/: /metal/ listen to Altars of Madness until you like it addition[View]
82221209Did he just fucking sample sweet trip https://youtu.be/kK0bbhECp0M[View]
82221075what's wrong with his eyes? is he blind or something?[View]
82221166Album of the year contender: Ka & Animoss delivered last night and it's incredible. Don…[View]
82221156Favorite song to watch another man (preferably black) fuck your wife to? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
82220232Is the voice on 'minus something' the same as on 'terrible canyons of static' by…[View]
82217082Are there any bands similar to Talking Heads?I've listened to tons of New Wave and Post-Punk an…[View]
82220291Look at this fucking manlet[View]
82220820ITT: artists that were once /mu/core, but not any more[View]
82221051>modern hip-hop is the new disco[View]
82220910Shitty albums with good covers: What are some albums that are bad but you think have good cover art…[View]
82220990>Cardiacs are an English rock band formed in 1977, originally as Cardiac Arrest, led by Tim Smith…[View]
82220099image limit with our favorite viper albums: craclk[View]
82219306Album of the Year[View]
82220202Why did these cucks let some teenage girl write this shitty album? Even my 5 year neighbor can write…[View]
82219131Rank their discography worst to best[View]
82220837Writing chord progressions: Literally impossible.[View]
82217602What's the appeal of Nine Inch Nails?[View]
82219986Heavy metal is saved![View]
82219050>'Artsy' metal album named Lulu >Not a metal arrangement of Alban Berg's Lulu Fuck Metall…[View]
82220054when will the soundcloud rappers come for him?[View]
82220657The best tv series production soundtracks. I'll start. https://youtu.be/rZfMiFi9Dvc[View]
82219084Why does hipsters do this? Even by rock standards Is This It is boring and unremarkable as fuck.[View]
82218175What is the 'music' of rap?[View]
82218129Itt: albums for people with this tattoo[View]
82219974Name our band moo[View]
82220605Power Pop[View]
82220581Now this (cracks seal) (sips) is an anco album[View]
82219011Based compass: /mu/ threads edition[View]
82220544Post the album you like for sentimental reasons[View]
82219833It's going to fuck suck, just as every Disturbed album, isn't it?[View]
82219444my kush finally kicked in try to get me to listen to anything but denzel curry rn[View]
82220330Reminder that the Beatles quit their India bullshit after Pajeet yoga dude tried to rape the white w…[View]
82220158>Every Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave album says 'All sounds made with guitar, bass, drums, …[View]
82217620Does anyone have any good love songs to recommend[View]
82218182This guy is shit[View]
82220326ITT: Worst Album Covers pic related is Zero by Sokoninaru[View]
82220316Why aren't you guys talking about the actual rap AOTY?[View]
82220233What the FUCK is the difference between coldwave and darkwave??? (darkwave as in how it was original…[View]
82218673IMPORTANT GRIMES UPDATE: grimes and elon musk have unfollowed each other on Instagram https://www.re…[View]
82219502KPOP GENERAL: Happy Bonaday[View]
82217223Is there a band that has more unreleased material than Weezer?[View]
82220188Spotify Playlist: Chill playlist perfect for rainy days, chilly weather, or just one of your melodra…[View]
82218179Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
82220110Does fans of Pagan exist? I listened to their only album many times and I wonder if there are people…[View]
82220109ayowa ayowa ah hay: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPd9be8R5bA ayowa ayowa ah hay ayowa ayowa a…[View]
82219645Best of All could have been a GOAT track if Avey didn't go full retard on the vocals, same with…[View]
82219370is there something I'm missing as to why this relatively mediocre album is getting so much disc…[View]
82217908Oh no, /mu/!: The Beach Boys seemed to have disappeared from their Pet Sounds album cover. Won'…[View]
82219977Is music art?[View]
82219975the hifty man - destroyer: https://youtu.be/yLF6Kb5cGMg[View]
82207220Post your 10 all-time favourite songs. No cheating, no shame: >Mosquito Song - Queens of the Ston…[View]
82219908Discuss: At the Drive In Makes Music for Invader Zim Fans[View]
82219883>he ain't got no yeezy in his serato[View]
82218841>music board >only cares about lyrics >only likes them if they're ambiguous Explain…[View]
82213769ITT: Post what you're listening to right now[View]
82218955Big milk: Does /mu/ like moo?[View]
82218323Is Medieval Club next big meme genre?[View]
82219778Spit in my asshole anon[View]
82217641i'm starting to think death grips is normie now. or have i been here for too long? shes a girl …[View]
82219799>the sun has faded away >that's the end of the day >as the moonlight turns to juneligh…[View]
82211954checkmate, rappers[View]
82219203Why is this kind of misogyny tolerated in rock 'music'?[View]
82219696SWEET VALLEY: What does /mu/ think of them? Favorite album? Did you hear EC 2 and what did you think…[View]
82219671Give me Folk Metal recs[View]
82217936top 10s: post em r8, rec, argue, guess personality/daily routine[View]
82219112How did he get away with it?[View]
82219026Post a pic of you and your bae and Anons guess what you two listen to[View]
82218627based & red pilled songs about women[View]
82219267Name a better song for when it’s 90 degrees out[View]
82218751Ok mu, who is the best guitarist?[View]
82217776ITT: songs that make you cry[View]
82218308RYM Ratings by Decade: Post your rateyourmusic ratings by decade (User > scroll down below your r…[View]
82218554KPOP GENERAL[View]
82219462Is this the best indie rock album of this decade?[View]
82219441How tf can ppl wait for hours in the mosh pit to stand in front? I want to do this but I don't …[View]
82219100What the heck is this? It just got uploaded on electric light orchestra's spotify page and it s…[View]
82217421What does /mu/ think of video game music?[View]
82218355What are some spooky albums?[View]
82217614What's your latest pick up /mu/?here's mine[View]
82219218ITT: Albums so bad they're good[View]
82219410Can anyone help me find the origins of this song https://archive.org/details/Bessiliye Can't se…[View]
82218932/ourqueen/ TayTay general: How did Taylor become even hotter?! Edition[View]
82218339why is this album so replayable: seriously, I'm STILL replaying it. It's fucking addictive…[View]
82218388realisticly speaking: Has there ever been a worse female ''artist''?[View]
82190579/gg/ - Guitar & Bass General: >How do I start learning guitar/bass? https://www.justinguitar.…[View]
82217667I'll spend my 22nd birthday tomorrow alone and i'm feeling like pic related. Music for thi…[View]
82219183>Can I feel you are you >mythological[View]
82215476ITT God Tier Artists: post some of your most favorite artists of all time pic related[View]
82217571Why did Coltrane become shitter and shitter after Love Supreme?[View]
82219114>thugger’s flow on Gain Clout[View]
82217325>I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow....…[View]
82214441How can an album be this fucking good?[View]
82208449I want to hear yall's opinion on Calpurnia. I definitely think they have potential, even though…[View]
82219002How many artists discographies follow this pattern? WPSIATWIN > FWN > H > SIAS < AM …[View]
82218775people shitpost about scaruffi for various reasons, but I think this is a less-known underrated gem.…[View]
82215110>There are actually people who are mad that Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer wear Peter and Ace'…[View]
82218792If the popularity of a band/song impacts your feelings on it in any way, you're a pleb who is j…[View]
82215679There isn't a single Grimes related thread right now /mu, what does that mean?[View]
82215137Is Little Dark Age the song of the year?[View]
82216693https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIf1uMZ7WRw& this is the funniest shit I have ever seen[View]
82218397audio turntable advice: hey /mu/ I want to buy a turntable for listen various kind of music (old/new…[View]
82218618Pop AOTY[View]
82150548Sharethread [archive down edition]: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of rele…[View]
82217725Does /mu/ like soijazz?[View]
82218785I wake you up In the of the night To express my love for you Stroke your skin and feel you[View]
82218750I'M A CREEP I'M A WEIRDO[View]
82218717Holy shit this sucks: How does a 28 minute long album feel like such a fucking slog? Why are all the…[View]
82217741that’s probably why your music is complete garbage[View]
82218743Best Travis Scott adlib: Choose wisely /mu/ https://strawpoll.com/2baz9hpf[View]
82210049Opinions on Nujabes?[View]
82209770/prod/: GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback. Upload WIPs on https://clyp.it/ or https://instaud.io Pl…[View]
82218514Any suggestions? I want more music to listen to[View]
82218214I’m working on a personal project — the top five albums of each year, dating back to 1958 to cover t…[View]
82217736At what point did you realize that pop music is for children and the only thing adults should be lis…[View]
82212726top 3 favorite artists, others judge >spaceman 3 >pink floyd >sweet trip…[View]
82218675What does /mu/[View]
82218283KYE TYE KO-OH: What did he mean by this?[View]
82218608Ooooh I think that I found myself a cheerleader[View]
82214918What does /mu/ feel about Grace VanderWaal?[View]
82218622helo i made musiks many melody wow https://youtu.be/SfizXiWvKFo[View]
82214291How come Reddit and /mu/ are one in the same?[View]
82218087Shuffle 5 songs of your library and post here, others rate it/rec it/guess things of you. No cheatin…[View]
82218533i still see your shadows in my room cant take back the love that i gave you[View]
82217529KPOP GENERAL: /slowpg/[View]
82218415How did Till go from this... >https://youtu.be/LIPc1cfS-oQ[View]
82218331When will the 4th wave of Ska hit?: >https://youtu.be/Cr_582i6MK8…[View]
82217763Post Your Top Ten Bands Of All Time. Mine 1. Swans 2. Pink Floyd 3. Velvet Underground 4. Kraftwerk…[View]
82218512What are some lazy slow songs that go perfectly with extremely hot summer days when you have nothing…[View]
82218336What type of person do you imagine if i enjoy these albums more than anything from this year? I…[View]
82218440Pretty good songwriting Terrible mixing[View]
82217237And you may ask yourself...: HOW DID I GET HERE[View]
82218338Smoking kills[View]
82218315Try your hardest to write the chorus of a famous song that you only know the name of but never heard…[View]
82218361help me make the definitive 90's hip hop CD my shitty car won't play mp3 or aux[View]
82216797As the decade draws to a close, can we say that this is the best shoegaze release of the 2010s?[View]
82218261Math Rock Bread: Rock isn't dead, it just moved to Japan[View]
82215971good albums lets go[View]
82218259What's the most stupid statement have you seen regarding music?[View]
82217527I was reading the newspapers from my country and there are a bunch of articles about Elon Musk but w…[View]
8221699610/10 Dark Ambient albums: Post your personal favorite Dark Ambient album that you consider a 10.…[View]
82218249Trance: does /mu/ like trance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUjD4zmU17g[View]
82218244this is Miles Davis' greatest studio album, prove me wrong[View]
82216979Rate my mini melodeath playlist[View]
82218173Ukulele appreciation thread.[View]
82217017What type of person listens to this band?[View]
82217588Literally all ex Beatles solo careers[View]
82218154What are your favorite Ladytron songs? My favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ_WXoeRXJg ht…[View]
82218114is there a more /mu/ musician[View]
82214607Is it wrong that my favorite albums are widely acclaimed? I dont feel like I should force myself to …[View]
82217457new DAUGHTERS single, album finally announced: and it's another belter https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
82218073Dude, just pick a song[View]
82218053https://soundcloud.com/torijasper/stay-the-night-prod-rodger please check out my song![View]
82217610Will people think i'm a nazi if i wear a Burzum shirt?: My dad insists that everyone will call …[View]
82214394Thought on this?[View]
82217999his vocal style was the best of the older style snotty vocals with the power and aggression of hardc…[View]
82217824ITT: weird allmusic reviews[View]
82217029What the fuck did I just listen to?[View]
82216819i got broads in atlanta[View]
82217927Hi /mu/ What's your opinion on this guy? One of my friends keeps telling me not to listen to mu…[View]
82217918thoughts on this album? I'm really digging it so far[View]
82217890>go to ball >terrible music non stop >unable to let loose Help why did you do this to me…[View]
82208983Vocal range: What’s your vocal range /mu/? Mines from E2 to Ab5.[View]
82214207What went so right?[View]
82215584Why has nobody done a good grungy cover of Wuthering Heights yet?[View]
82213501what 'dead' musicians are actually still alive? https://youtu.be/6zu9svX2L7A[View]
82217406I need the name of the band an the song of a fkn screamo band. i only know that i the music vid is a…[View]
82217380Paul or Faul?[View]
82213832anti-/mu/: Post genres you like that /mu/ never discusses and 404 alone Discuss those genres with ot…[View]
82217552rahhhhhh bmt[View]
82212774What is the musical equivalent of this?[View]
82216915>tell me why I cry when I feel it[View]
82214656ITT: Sex music: >pic very related[View]
82217193any more chadgaze suggestions?[View]
82217507What's /mu/s opinion on Fear Factory?[View]
82215961BREAKING: Johnny Mathis is gay!!!: Dude, I just found out Johnny Mathis is gay. Wtf?! I have been su…[View]
82217196in my feels songs threads[View]
82216894Reminder that: Ma i trap zoomers si prendono esageratamente sul serio. Pensano che se un produttore …[View]
82217575CUTE SEXY IN MY RIDE SPORTY Similiar songs?[View]
82216424I miss them[View]
82216603KPOP GENERAL[View]
82213779Pink Floyd is the rick and morty of rick[View]
82214299Why does nicki minaj exist: She's a shitty rapper and ruins good tracks like 'Monster' by kanye…[View]
82213616favorite song on based sweetener ill start: breathin[View]
82217314ITT albums that aged like dog shit poo poo[View]
82217278hey /mu/, /x/phile here. what are some disturbing albums. inb4 buyers market[View]
82215649>i came i saw >i came i saw >i praise the lord >and break the law >i take what's…[View]
82217285based af[View]
82216964Why is Layne Staley regarded as the best male vocalist of all time? Surely there's someone out …[View]
82215066why is 99% of jazz so emotionally devoid? it makes me feel seriously uneasy[View]
82216462Hi /mu/ this is a long shot, but iv'e been stuck with this song in my head for a long time now …[View]
82216904ITT: Covers that are superior to the originals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrUB0g8Vjgg[View]
82216500ITT: GOAT bands in their respective genre[View]
82215425Vaporwave: Best vaporwave albums? top 3 at least 1. Home - PrismCorp 2. Eyeliner - LARP of luxury 3.…[View]
82215720What is his best song?[View]
82216911Intro to BACH: Assuming one has never listened to any of his compositions, how would you recommend a…[View]
82216419if this man cannot put a smile on your face you officially have no soul[View]
82212648Music from my hometown, post from yours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb64oToVmdc (pic unrelated)…[View]
82217142Squarepusher's the fucking daddy Makes all the different styles of drum 'n' bass[View]
82217074You just know...[View]
82217070Sun vs Cloud | Rap Battle: https://youtu.be/imTISKFP2Fs[View]
82217061>throw the front man out of the band and emulate his style and lyrics minus him being a cunt to e…[View]
82216436What music does he listen to?[View]
82216991bell witch: whats /mu/s opinion about them? will any of you guys go to one of their shows for their …[View]
82216305Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
82204542sc thread[View]
82215816WHAT THE FUCK: Is /mu/ really accepting washed out pop now? There are literally two (2) Ariana Grand…[View]
82215793Top 10 thread: Rate and give recs I prefer recs Would love to discover more hardcore/post-punk. No l…[View]
82216014Ladies and Gentlement We Are Floating in Space: Which version of the title track is better? https://…[View]
82216861My shit: https://youtu.be/ldZOIu-B-B0[View]
82216145Can I get a hug?[View]
82214682Name one album from the 60s that still sounds good. There's tons of albums from 70s that haven…[View]
82216380lofi indie music: this is my new album, hope someone will enjoy it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P…[View]
82216786Real G's Music: Best thing in a while[View]
82215706This may sound silly but: who do you think that would produce better music? A person with a diverse …[View]
82213612top album charts thread gogogo[View]
82215756>She sells hearts >She sells MEAT >oh dad, she's driving me mad Who the fuck would fal…[View]
82216044pic related is the culmination of punk music. prove me wrong. >tip: it's impossible…[View]
82216516https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWfHMHdBNfs It's up.[View]
82215552what does /mu/ think of her new album?[View]
82215496>G-guys, I’m still relevant right?[View]
82215910I looked for love songs for years and only was able to find just a few that successfully managed to …[View]
82216259Unironically the best band. All other pale in comparison.[View]
82216580Vegan straight edge hardcore: Im looking for bands like this, but i only found VR and Statement. Any…[View]
82215701KPOP GENERAL[View]
82216562Now that Melody has given birth to a baby girl. How long until her next album and what genre will it…[View]
82216551The worst song that you like: Post it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJWJfRAGnHc prepare to have t…[View]
82215896KA #AOTY: One of the best albums of the year, certainly. I'm only two listens in (leaked a few …[View]
82216191lil xan is the only good soundcloud rapper but y'all hating on him coz hes white and dorky htt…[View]
82215341ITT: Songs with shit intros: pic unrelated[View]
82215891Why would anyone brag about this?[View]
82216254ITT: post iconic duos: Buckethead and Bootsy Collins[View]
82214086>he hates rap but enjoys Gorillaz[View]
82216290Looking for an 80s New Wave video of guys in blue balloon costumes running backwards. It happens rig…[View]
82214595How much music theory did the great classical composers (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven) know?[View]
82216304>listen to music >not sure if i should like it or not >see threads on /mu/ praising it >…[View]
82215039Holy shit this is too boring It's just a Number of the Beast and Judas Priest rip off Is there …[View]
82215770send me shit that makes you wanna end it all, in any context (sad, heavy, lonely etc.) bonus points …[View]
82215755Who are some of ur fave underground rappers[View]
82216267Neil Fallon for President.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuphcpY5a5A Make America Clutch Again.…[View]
82215511music for Alpha Indians to listen to?[View]
82215205'artists' you won't be surprised to see if you end up in Hell[View]
82214658do yov like Lavren Mayberry of CHVRCHES anons?[View]
82215282>mfw she's never seen bladerunner[View]
82199135/prog/: What the fuck happened to the previous one edition Discuss progressive rock, krautrock, rock…[View]
82215871Hopsin is the only good musician of this generation. Thank god we have him as a distraction from all…[View]
82216085What d'ya mean you've never seen Metropolis?[View]
82215941Coheed thread?[View]
82216016>Song contains any of the following words/sentences Baby Tonight I will never let you down Club L…[View]
82210717What is the single greatest guitar riff ever created?[View]
822149383/10 albums only[View]
82213941What are some good (free) classical guitar lessons for someone without classical experience? I’ve be…[View]
82215404> DUDE SONGS LMAO ITT: post song-core music[View]
82194061covers that are better than the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNBdwU-QV2g[View]
82213689Anyone (especially /classical/) know the name/composer of the piece in this video: https://xhamster.…[View]
82215796Is there any other songs/music videos with this aesthetic? https://youtu.be/uk0Se9YHJBI[View]
82207757good boomer music: Post songs that are objectively the best boomer music ever made. I'll start:…[View]
82215375honestly this is fucking boring and meaningless[View]
82215538making music is a lot harder than I thought it would be[View]
82212935Queen of Cans and Jars is so fucking good Also this album is so fucking good[View]
82214547my gf is coming to town next week sex playlist songs go[View]
82215073BRAND NEW - Beginner's Edition: how do i get into these guys? at first i was turned off cause t…[View]
82214560KPOP GENERAL[View]
82213057Classic rap: Anyone have any good classic rap? Like biggie smalls or skeelo. Trying to Branch out my…[View]
82206996Have you ever met your favorite musician, /mu/?[View]
82215090>plays a basic blues riff slowed down through 3 fuzz pedals and a full stack for 10 minutes >'…[View]
82209989Friday Night: Why are you here?[View]
82212442What music goes well with a hearty meal?[View]
82215469Is Fred Durst the most intelligent man in nu metal?[View]
82215471>YOU MAKE ME FEEL >YOU MAKE ME FEEL >YOU MAKE ME FEEL like a fat oold womaaan..…[View]
82215479'Leader of the Band' by Dan Fogleberg This song makes me feel alot[View]
82213997What is the best Xiu Xiu release?[View]
82215392Kimbra: Thoughts on this kiwi and her music?[View]
82214801Recommend me post-rock: I've listened to Godspeed You!, Mogwai, Swans, and We Lost The Sea, gib…[View]
82214407who's the best/coolest musician that went to your college or high school?[View]
82210795MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE: This is a legitimate masterpiece. Really sad that it would take some futur…[View]
82215314Anyone else having trouble with the archive rbt? Or is it just me?[View]
82214048Ram [Apple, 1971] 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey' is a major annoyance. I tolerated Paulie's croc…[View]
82213688music to self-harm to?[View]
82215244This is the best synthpop album.[View]
82214373nigga did not study theory all that scales and keys and shit can be self taught[View]
82215231who /ascended/ here: >age 4 hanson >age 8 the offspring red hot chili peppers acdc nirvana …[View]
82214973Which CD was your favorite off of Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness? My personal favorite was Twil…[View]
82210562Which are the essential Lil Peep songs?[View]
82215095im going to die before i listen to all the albums i want to. how do you all cope with this realizati…[View]
82210859What's the best Grateful Dead song?[View]
82213969LB general thread Best album? Worst Album?[View]
82215013Can anyone that knows music theory tell me if there's any similarity between Viper and black me…[View]
82214615HOLY FUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqa4_YuQQV8 and people said guitar music was dead[View]
82215076>rapper rhymes nigger with nigger >/mu/, a music related board, unironically claims its good…[View]
82214861Nostalgia General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm5lC9IwcdI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHPnG…[View]
82210920this is peak pop punk, nothing can surpass this[View]
82211315What do y'all say when people ask what kind of music you like[View]
82214940Recommend me an indie rock album to listen to on Spotify right now. Preferably an underrated album t…[View]
82201798>“My favorite Korn record hands down is ‘Untouchables.’ It was a record that we made that couldn’…[View]
82211092Redpill me on Berg and the rest of the Second Viennese School.[View]
82214868>plebs hate For Dinner . . . Why, exactly?[View]
82210767>tfw no gf to listen to Loveless with[View]
82214838Bandcamp Daily: Does Bandcamp Daily and music journalism in general piss anyone else off as much as …[View]
82214552I went through an embarrassing smash mouth phase as a kid Am I alone?[View]
82214802Heya /mu/ Can you help me find musicians/releases that sound like this but aren't from these ar…[View]
82214655Hey mu, what’s your favourite album of all time? Mine’s Astral Weeks by Van Morrison[View]
82214000i don't even listen to gus dapperton i just wanted to make this thread lol[View]
82212602What's your opinion on FKA Twigs? Started to listen 'two weeks' a few hours ago and I think she…[View]
82214517ITT:Dark Ambient: Give me some dark ambient recs, something similar to ambient like Message To Harry…[View]
82213525I don't get the hype. Sure, its a decent album but one of the GOATs? hell no[View]
82214784So, what will it be /mu/?[View]
82214028ITT: Musicians who still live with their parents Bonus points if they have some type of autism or ot…[View]
82214569tell me a better song[View]
82213650MWY - [untitled]: Nobody will pay attention to this because they're not a meme band and their l…[View]
82212535hey fags I need your help I told some girl that shoegaze sucks and she just said that’s an opinion …[View]
82213620Panda Bear smiling makes me smile.[View]
82213957It finally clicked.[View]
82213949What are mu's thoughts on this album?[View]
82214401when will trap truly reach a psych era[View]
82213582Who knew Marty Friedman was such a weeaboo?[View]
82213432Tropic of Cancer is better than any animal collective related song from the 2010s.[View]
82214529Ain't but two kinda people In this world that I can't stand Well that's a lying woman…[View]
82212179>tinnitus gets worse >turn music up louder to drown it out how long until i'm deaf…[View]
82213514Holy Shit.[View]
82214439https://www.discogs.com/user/argobrody/collection what kind of person am i, based on my collection p…[View]
82214310Was Moondog autistic?[View]
82214363just wanna let you guys know you would enjoy this[View]
82212959Contrary to their image of junkies and misfits, the Grateful Dead were one of the most erudite group…[View]
82212585Which headphones should I get? Budget is around $250 but hoping to catch a deal during Black Friday[View]
82212842Has he actually provided anything of decent quality to the hip-hop genre?[View]
82212988Name a better mixtape[View]
82213876What's the appeal of screamo? I tried listening to some Orchid albums because the covers were …[View]
82213250I haven't listened to this yet. What am I missing /mu/?[View]
82211354Is this the best New Wave song?[View]
82212462ITT: That song that's so nostalgic that it actually hurts to even listen to it. Ill start >A…[View]
82214037> tfw chainsmoking all alone looking over a city Music for this feel?[View]
82212390Anyone can fuckin rap: Nigga this Nigga that Nigga made of bubble wrap Nigga nigga ha ha Nigga nigga…[View]
82211001>go to barnes and noble to buy some vinyl records >see the jewish propaganda piece In The Aero…[View]
82213087Daily reminder that this album was the best album of 2013[View]
82212455KPOP GENERAL[View]
82211994What the Hell happened to Sarah? I've been trying for five damn months to figure out what this …[View]
82212506Are these things ever worth owning?[View]
82213154> tfw in your city will came 69, but not who, santana, rollings, clinton, dylan…[View]
82204231AOTY thread[View]
82212565Is there any song more ahead of its time than Tomorrow Never Knows? Is there any song that took such…[View]
82213777Punk Metal[View]
82210967like bad brains meets the fall, thoughts?[View]
82213823Just curious, what's your opinion about this? (El cuarteto de nos)[View]
82212781was he a hack?[View]
82213261>listen to this album (new time capsule release) >shit is actually fucking cash >music is r…[View]
82213309Why is she the best punk singer?[View]
82212901>tfw normies ruin your favorite song/album tell me her name, /mu/.[View]
82213762>Wow okay, what the fuck, my room is a mess, how am I suppose to clean this shit?…[View]
82212195>I DO NOT CARE FOR MY BLOODY VALENTINE Was Peter in the right? He's valid to his own opinion…[View]
82213768How does /mu/ feel about Buddy Rich?[View]
82199426Soundcloud Thread: shill your shit[View]
8221189310/10 prog albums: Hard more: no /mu/core stuff[View]
82211360ITT: songs that make you sob >pic related No Name No. 5[View]
82213674this is really good[View]
82207824post your shoes and last album you listened to & guess people's age/personality/sexual orie…[View]
82213644Tool: Why doesn't /mu/ like Tool? They're good.[View]
82213675Will young thug ever get out of lil uzi verts shadow?[View]
82213660Requesting aid with a song's name: Been watching that new show on Netflix, Disenchantment, sinc…[View]
82213242Why am i enjoying this? I wouldn't constantly put it on repeat like other albums but its really…[View]
82213611why so much critical acclaim?? i just don't understand...[View]
82212998You niggas didn't even give it a chance[View]
82213536In next year I want sell car and arrive in LA for summer and listen Dead and Co, Cradeance Clearwate…[View]
82213241best radiohead album[View]
82213480Keep scrolling, nigger.[View]
82213475!!!needs help identifying song: whats the name of the band that make the popular song about 'whateve…[View]
82209140Based Compass: Band members edition[View]
82213094Cringe and Bluepilled: Iowa by Slipknot Based and Redpilled: Strawberry Switchblade by Strawberry Sw…[View]
82213354were they any good?[View]
82213427What do you think about this album?[View]
82213099Boomers literally fucking respect Cuckgau This proves gen z are just neo-boomers because they respec…[View]
82212991What’s your opinion on this album?[View]
82212740Rose Melberg: thoughts?[View]
82211470Sublime thread: Could they have made it? Are they still considered a great band?[View]
82213268Remember that music is love, it is life, it is emotions you are feeling and felt and have yet to fee…[View]
82209697What's some good music to help with loneliness?[View]
82212660Let's suppose you meet a girl at a party and she says for you to eat her ass, but you have to p…[View]
82213130>my d*ck longer than a pringle box damn[View]
82211974/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
82211660Itt bands where the singer sings like an absolute faggot. This faggot ripped off the singer from Cre…[View]
82202526SOUNDCLOUD THREAD >post yer links >give recc and feedback >be cool BE COOL…[View]
82210200Albums where the opening track is the best[View]
82212233Post cyberpunk sounding albums[View]
82209124Which are you?[View]
82210371ITT: unconventionally attractive singers: why the fuck was she so qt in the crush video? am i normie…[View]
82210851bands that sound similar to dis: help me out plz original[View]
82212936竹田の子守唄: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_Z-EcOhsiE[View]
82212407ITT: Albums for people with IQs higher than 120[View]
82212875Oingo Boingo: This is their best album[View]
82212796Can stupid people truly appreciate music?[View]
82211689Getting real tired of all these contrarians pretending that the bear albums weren’t masterpieces[View]
82212687Why is 90s dancehall so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQqwea8ZSbk[View]
82212175Rank stuff: Rank the tracks one of your favorite albums if it’s not difficult choose a different alb…[View]
82212788AOTY incoming: https://youtu.be/utxAvt1a7FQ[View]
82212047There are people on the board RIGHT NOW that think Queens of the Stone Age is butt rock How can you…[View]
82211527How do you go from this...[View]
82212762say something nice about the most influential artist of the century[View]
82211445>Buenos Tardes Amigo into The HIV Song name a better transition[View]
82212477ITT: /mu/core gateway albums Pic related[View]
82212666Can I have some /nofriends/-core? Thanks guys.[View]
82204545ITT: artists that literally no one on /mu/ listens to, even as a guilty pleasure[View]
82212681similar songs?: Does anyone know any similar songs to Oh Honey by Delegation?[View]
82211578what's the musical equivalent to terrorwave[View]
82212067Sugar gay: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
82212600/mu/ goes cool: Post the coolest songs/instrumentals/pieces you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
82212212Looking for a specific Beatles song. Pardon my terrible humming, but there's a short electric g…[View]
82210222I need the most bizarre, edgelord music to impress my friends with how whack and strange I am thank …[View]
82210793can we have a 'Where are they now' thread? What's Kesha doing nowadays?[View]
82212107This is the Yeezus of rock music. >and that's a good thing[View]
82212171What does /moo/ think of toro y moi[View]
82209736/ourguy/ is 18 today say something nice about lil pump[View]
82212474Faces of /mu/[View]
82210265/nostalgia/: post songs or whatever makes you feel nostalgic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zRjGUS…[View]
82212480Anyone hear ever listened to this? Its bretty good[View]
82210764Post an album you enjoy that you think others might have not listened to. Then listen (in entirety) …[View]
82211610music for this feel?[View]
82209078R.E.M: Thoughts on R.E.M? Do you like them or do you not? If so, what's your favorite album?…[View]
82211124KPOP GENERAL[View]
82210544Does anybody else only to like to rock n roll for a reasonable portion of the evening, and party onl…[View]
82207298Is she our new queen now?[View]
82212040If he wasn't already famous, would anyone give a shit about his music?[View]
82211609>my favorite album of all time is Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven! What type of per…[View]
82212096Hey this is pretty good[View]
82212076THIS IS AMERICA![View]
82210392I have been listening to pic related for the last week and it sounds very familiar, as if I've …[View]
82210155>tfw conservative >tfw will never experience unbridled creative genius the way liberals do …[View]
82211719ITT: best album from an artist’s discog[View]
82212379What do you think of this album?[View]
82209481Translating degenerate rap: I translate dumb nigger music into understandable lyrics to show how awf…[View]
82210926Okay Computer volume 2[View]
82211083Thoughts and opinions on Foo Fighters and their music?[View]

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