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72989421Which one is the true voice of this generation? The best artist of our time?[View]
72988833DE: STINY[View]
72987682How are weezer in concert? Do they mostly stick to blue album and Pinkerton?[View]
72989607Guilty pleasure early 2000's songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3xDUiKYXl4[View]
72989320I know this is stupid as fuck, but I have a Twitter I basically use as an RSS feed to follow some of…[View]
72987472Why is this /mu/-core?: Because it was the last Coil album or what? It's not even top 3 in the…[View]
72986983Music you only heard: Music that you like and for sure no else has heard because it's from your…[View]
72989501Is Travis Scott a /mu/ approved rapper?[View]
72989246Is there a song for your pain? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t03CVIPzNBo[View]
72986086>Lorde is overra- https://youtube.com/watch?v=Yf0Np2bup9I[View]
72989452Dropbox Thread? I've got a folder of some demos of the band I'm in. I play bass. Construct…[View]
72989060Yellow Magic Orchestra Discuss Best band of the 80s[View]
72989296I wanna write pop songs and sing while I play guitar. Think Mac Demarco etc. some tryhard millennial…[View]
72989384Favorite Los Campesinos album?[View]
72988340What does moo think of the queen of moo, lavren Mayberry No goobers allowed[View]
72984468Why can't they top it?[View]
72989026what do you think about Natsume Mito? Her 1st album Nastumero was ok for you?[View]
72987598muse will always be better than radiohead[View]
729835945x5 thread r8 rec guess current life situations[View]
72987685The Top 50 Rappers of All Time 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. XXXTENTACION 3. Nas 4. Lil Wayne 5. Run 6. Jay Z…[View]
72987096Legit thoughts? >inb4 Filthy Frank cancer[View]
72989152Back then hoes didn't want me, now I'm hot hoes all on me[View]
72987730hey: Share obscure shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34UutDrXV2Q&t https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
72989187Summertime: Hey mu, >be me >pan pacific blazing faggot >gets hooked to this Summertime >…[View]
72987317>There are people on this board who use speakers[View]
72987627(jazz) Favorite: Artist Album Song[View]
72988560ITT: First track = worst track[View]
72989125What Does /mu/ think of Death In June?: I personaly love them and i just wonder what do you think…[View]
72989104itt:: Patrician pop[View]
72986583i fucked up a relationship that i had with a girl that we met online. we were talking for 6 months. …[View]
72988849>YOU SHOW UP WITH A BLACK GUY LOOKING TO START A FIGHT What could she have possibly meant by this…[View]
72989036>replaces Seamus with Mademoiselle Nobs[View]
72988987Yung Mojo - Bag Music Vol. 1.5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1aLcZPZfmM&list=FLvZF6vXG8sUuty…[View]
72987359grimes is already awesome. why do you hate her, /mu/? what do you want more?[View]
72988132What the hell I thought this was supposed to be mom-core I was not expecting these feels[View]
72988910*deletes Buckets of Rain*[View]
72986673I don't know if any of you neckbeards can help but I've been looking for a song for weeks …[View]
72987323Post-Concert /mu/sic: Are we entering an era where the music concert industry is going to crumble th…[View]
72986701melody stuck in head: sup /mu im drunk off my ass, and i have this intro stuck in my head. I think i…[View]
72988663>bands that transcendent their genre's barrier and can be heard by EVERYONE essentially maki…[View]
72988487I've been listening to pic related recently. I have enjoyed it a lot what else should I listen …[View]
72988056>Johnny don't wanna be black no mo no mo >Johnny says it aint facts no mo (no mo) >Joh…[View]
72988356Who's the oldest artist you actually listen to?: Living or dead.[View]
72985868Why do normies NEED vocals in their music?[View]
72988677You are the Illuminati what do you do?: >Listen >Obey >Buy >Consume…[View]
72986927'Look at that fat kid, in the audience. You want some pie you little fatty? I strongly dislike fat k…[View]
72988623https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2xH9vSmWg0 Hey /mu/ what do you think of music streams?[View]
72986322My brother bought me this red hot chilli pepper cd for Christmas but I don't have anything to p…[View]
72987709Art Sex Music by Cosey Fanni Tutti: Is it any good /mu/?[View]
72988614ITT funny pics of Rivers Cuomo[View]
72988180So tell me anon, why is it that you think your musical appreciation is better than other people…[View]
72988422psych thread[View]
72988182Can we all agree on the fact that this is a disapointing album. It doesn't have the things that…[View]
72986558KPOP GENERAL: purity edition[View]
72988346Covers like this are what hip-hop 'artists' deem acceptable.[View]
7298700111 years old >dubstep >nu-metal 15 years old >IDM >dubstep >nu-metal 18 years old …[View]
72987719What is your favorite album that was released in the past decade?[View]
72986873What kind of music genre is this? https://youtu.be/40JmEj0_aVM[View]
72983794desu idk how anyone can dislike him[View]
72988078ITT: Albums only you remember[View]
72988252What genre is this and what are some other bands that sound similar to them? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
72987506New Laurel Halo if anyone cares https://mega.nz/#!30VmGRCL!7RDfggkNsmjK4vh-NRqIXYJlFnwkQg04kHFr13fLG…[View]
72985714What does /mu/ think of Aesop Rock?[View]
72987266How can you call EDM shit and then have 20 meemrap threads an hour? Is it post-post-irony?[View]
729879433x3 Rate and recommend fuckers[View]
72986862What the FUCK is Despacito and why do I keep seeing shit about it on Instagram?[View]
72988064S. H. Y. N. E.: When will this real nigga be back in the music scene?[View]
72987840>listens to Xiu Xiu once[View]
72987833Whats the best song on this album?[View]
72987581anyone notice that one solo spliff is almost always the duration of around one side of an lp[View]
72987966*adds Pam*[View]
72987964Vukovi Album?: Does anyone have a link for a torrent/magnet for the band Vukovi's debut album?…[View]
72987649>listen to electronic song >breathy female vocalist blabbering about love and emotion >lyri…[View]
72987905/Field Day General/: Orright lads what's your schedule looking like? Mines HMLTD>Death Grips…[View]
72986748*deletes This Is Violence, Feels Like a Wheel, I'm Overflow and Bootleg* Now it's a 10/10 …[View]
72982592Bo Burnham: What does /mu/ think on this guy[View]
72984924What are the best concept albums of 2010's?[View]
72987791Vocaroo Thread: Post any music related shit. I'm playing Suffer Little Children by the Smiths. …[View]
72983692cds or vinyl[View]
72987713Just curious, what is a good music player for DSD? I use pic related currently but it doesn't s…[View]
72986805Thoughts on SZA's body of work?[View]
72987585What are some bands that sound similar to CCR?[View]
72987329Math rock that isn't generic bullshit preferably with some prog sensibilities and vocals: the t…[View]
72987674Hey. We're going to do a song called 'Tongue Ring'. Is it rusty?[View]
72986978Hi Elsa Jean here[View]
72987517Why and how do I grow out of my post-rock phase?[View]
72986986Why is this album so criminally underrated?[View]
72987050>he doesn't cancel plans to sit at home and discover new music If you don't do this, le…[View]
72984714Having a good time reading this to Kveldssanger by Ulver. Can /mu/ give me similarly melancholic and…[View]
72987031Fav song thread Ill start Brother Sport - Animal Collective[View]
72986235This was staged right?: https://twitter.com/DanielHewittITV/status/867684217966276608 No way the cro…[View]
72987256>He still believes Lennon beated his wife He slapped his girlfriend in highschool. Do you people …[View]
72986610ITT: post bad youthgroupcore[View]
72985882The best album of each band.[View]
72985704This is fucking awesome desu[View]
72987303So wait, can somebody clear something up for me? Did John Frusciante make the instrumentals on this …[View]
72987280Your sisters gone out, she's on a date You just sit at home, and masturbate[View]
72984520can someone explain to me what's the deal with his eyes? is he like blind or something?[View]
72985406ITT: God-tier opening tracks.[View]
72986105whats up with this album? [spoiler]I really like it[/spoiler][View]
72987208*poop splash*[View]
72981494ESSENTIAL LO-FI INDIE: What are some other essentials? Any changes?[View]
72986981What did Apple mean by this[View]
72986177Is Brandon really a bad person or is it just memes? I know Montie started that bullshit rumor about…[View]
72987187the truth: Y'all racist, did ya not know when all orginated from apes and started listening to …[View]
72987166How does /mu/ feel about Heartless Bastards?[View]
72986402i dunno share stuff if u want: who got the leak of the new chastity belt lp?[View]
72987159reminder that boards of canada are brain washing us[View]
72985047I want to get into tame impala, but everytime I put on a track of theirs it sounded like shitty elec…[View]
72986388Older sister-core[View]
72987045are 2 Live Crew the creators of meme rap?[View]
72985847This album has the best version on Strawberry field You know I'm right, too.[View]
72980600Was it really that bad?[View]
72987029Bands/artists where their least popular album is your favorite.[View]
72982923name a better shoegaze album[View]
72985767Mew - Visuals: The new Mew album is almost a month old now, what did you think of it? I really like …[View]
72987068Why don't people use Winamp anymore?[View]
72983350Post your music i wanna hear what you got: Let me hear the music u make boys https://soundcloud.com…[View]
72976757New Dawn Fades is the best song Joy Divison ever recorded. Feel free to debate me on this[View]
72985358Cigarettes After Sex: what's /mu/ 's thoughts on Cigarettes After Sex?[View]
72981215What went so wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uooqk3B0kC4[View]
72986554what does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
72986825Thoughts on FIDLAR? Do you like them? Are they good? Are they shit?[View]
72979575Deftones: Can we have a nice comfy Deftones thread? Whats your fav album by them? Fav song? Have you…[View]
72986599Which one of them had the saddest case of a band that went against its band leader?[View]
72985475>what's your favorite genre of music Anon >D-dream pop >Wtf isn't that like that…[View]
72986396She doesn't even look like her[View]
72986813Proof Panda > Avey[View]
72985786Dad albums/artists you unironically enjoy listening to: pic related[View]
72984003Is The Queen Is Dead the greatest album of all time?[View]
72983761Why do white people love Kendrick Lamar?[View]
72967448/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: fuck off roman edition How do I start learning guitar? >justingu…[View]
72986572is grimes smart or not i cant tell[View]
72986720Logic vs Token: Who would win in a freestyle battle?[View]
72985877Will this be the most patrician tour of 2017?[View]
72981506The Most Overrated Bands of All Time: 1. Joy Division 2. Sonic Youth 3. Radiohead 4. Talking Heads 5…[View]
72986675What's the best Radiohead side project? My vote goes to Bodysong, with Tomorrow's Modern B…[View]
72986674What's /moo/'s opinion on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpu0JZxDz-w[View]
72985467Mono or Stereo?[View]
729837253x3: don't be a lazy posting fag[View]
72984851Islam Rock: What is some Islam rock?[View]
72982538>nightcore will never get the respect it deserves[View]
72986432What band's concert is this, anon?[View]
72982188Why does this bitch always show off her legs?[View]
72986578>Mars Volta is overra- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHYYu6uuOU8…[View]
72985337been really getting into alvvays lately the more and more i listen the more i want to fuck molly in …[View]
72964193>ITT : Musicians you wish had done porn instead of music[View]
72983342why is there incoherent humming on so many jazz tracks?[View]
72984735Ever heard of this record before?[View]
72984959KPOP GENERAL[View]
72986401is this the most underrated dg album? it take multiple listens to truly appreciate it and getting th…[View]
72986415These two men will tear you a new asshole and you will cry with joy[View]
72986397Would you consider nsbm edgy /mu/ ?[View]
72985173JOJI: Does anyone have a .rar with all of joji's songs? I d love a link or something. Thanks! …[View]
72985926so which band is responsible for shit by the numbers post-rock, mogwai or godspeed you?[View]
72986361>song (ft. rapper) >it's a country album…[View]
72984130Defend this shit because I see no merit in it[View]
72986167r8 my future t shirt[View]
72985504Does anyone think that Lil Yachty is good? I haven't seen or met anyone who likes him but it fe…[View]
72986310Can somebody give me a link to i hear this album? >pic related[View]
72983785post the most bland, unoffensive, banal album you can think of[View]
72983108So somehow I've never actually given Aphex Twin a proper listen, despite listening to a host of…[View]
72978876Do you believe in elitism?: Why do the people at Metal Archives still thinks that Visual Kei is a ge…[View]
72983353is this picture right /mu/?[View]
72986230Missio Loner: What does /mu/ think of missio's loner album?[View]
72984293Fedora Hip-Hop: If stuff like Dream Theater is fedora metal, then what would fedora hip-hop be?…[View]
72986152Anyone else not sing along to music, but just lip sync to your favorite songs instead? I don't …[View]
72986142Going to Field Day 2017, Victoria Park, London: Anyone going? I'm scared of going on the 3rd of…[View]
72985742What does /mu/ think of Dan Auerbach?[View]
72985805Okay, my computer crashed , so while I wait for it to get fixed all I have are my phones . What app …[View]
72978891This is the best ambient album hands down 'babys first ambient album' doesnt prove me wrong either[View]
72985713music like the pAper chAse: More like this? I just can't get the same schizophrenic feeling fro…[View]
72986011What was the /mu/ consensus of this album? My first time listening to it I thought it was a disappo…[View]
72985996Guitar General /gg/: /mu/ why do you hate Gibsons and Epiphones? Are you that brand bias towards Fen…[View]
72985239Albums you haven't listened to because of the artwork: I didn't even like having it on my …[View]
72985227Ya'll like Death In June?[View]
72985210Cover songs that are better than the originals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43cPPP9njqE the orig…[View]
72984670suppose soundgarden's remaining members decide to perform soundgarden material with a new vocal…[View]
72985857>music features unpitched percussion[View]
72985024Bladee: Soundcloud rapper but I think he is the best to come from it. /Mu/ thoughts?[View]
72985812NO KEEPY MY PEEPEE[View]
72984921opinions on this album?[View]
72983445I just found this album on the Internet, it's a kind of futuristic world music mixed with vapor…[View]
72984544what's your favorite Melt-banana album?[View]
72985708We'll sail to the stars![View]
72985715Rammstein live: Livestream for the concert today @ Horsens state prison?[View]
72982374This is fucking shit[View]
72984689ITT: music for people that type in all lowercase with no punctuation[View]
72985570Best black musicians: Prove me wrong niggers[View]
72985624Indie rock sharing: sharing under appreciated artists Bahamas is afie // Bahamas[View]
72984024What is some good 60s music that isn't the Rolling Stones Velvet Underground Beatles Kinks or T…[View]
72985615>STARTING OUT WITH BERKLEY FREE STREET >AND LATER ON AT *spits on mic* PEOPLE'S *spits on…[View]
72985152So this was re-released.: https://youtu.be/XV4msjRe1wk https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/hiss…[View]
72984651he done it[View]
72985362ITT: Songs you rediscovered: I'll start with pic related[View]
72984755>50 years old https://youtu.be/oYkEJgXu49U[View]
72983625Examples of high level artists fusing art with pop in a way that is unique and services both and cre…[View]
72985551Beyonce is in the studio with Perfume Genius[View]
72985183uknothedrill: listen to the album posted below yours[View]
72985482https://youtu.be/29JghG1kUh0 just dropped a demo[View]
72981718The Jag Stang: Why do you guys hate Kurt Cobain a signature guitar? It doesn't sound, or look h…[View]
72984422is it worth getting into stars of lid?[View]
72984843music critics are pretentious cunts that try to intellectualize their opinion on music to compensate…[View]
72985320A rush and a push and the land that We stand on is ours It has been before So it shall be again And …[View]
72978545Blink 182 California DLX: Just marathoned this album. What did I think? First off let me say back in…[View]
72957126Remember when I created the worst pop album of the 2010's in a pathetic failed attempt at selli…[View]
72983922Sad Boi Beats: Please post sad boi beats like this https://youtu.be/CDCxGGwnAk8 https://youtu.be/L3U…[View]
72984973each recommend one song: here is mine https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DEHxw8iu5Hc[View]
72978949does she like Death Grips as much as Death Grips like her?[View]
72985221Hot Topic-Core chart?: http://4chanmusic.wikia.com/wiki/Essential_Charts?file=Essential_hottopic.jpg…[View]
72983875One of my friends killed himself yesterday. The fact that he's gone just hit me. I need somethi…[View]
72985112Songs about fighting with your best friend?[View]
72984854Guy wtf Death Grips broke up[View]
72984410Why is this the greatest album of all time?: Why is this the greatest album of all time?[View]
72980505What are the most beautiful and/or most extensive collections of birdsong recordings?[View]
72978039>human population has doubled over the past 50 years >no significant IQ drop >there are abs…[View]
72983597>song begins with piano[View]
72985100is this the closest music will ever get to Kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPtSwWG9Nk0[View]
72984891>classical 'album' >it's a compilation of etudes…[View]
72985077Sad Music: Have any of you listened to a song and can't help but start to cry? I've been l…[View]
72985019Soul Coughing: The greatest\deepest band on the planet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3PX0-3UHT0…[View]
72977334ITT: dream collabs[View]
72984071MGMT: Name a more perfect song. I'll wait[View]
72981748Sublime and it's lead singer Bradley Nowell died 21 years ago today What does /mu/ think of sub…[View]
72984964REMINDER that AOTY drops tomorrow.[View]
72983953why do we need a 2hr documentary on pretentiousness?[View]
72984702Now that the dust has settled, was it good?[View]
7298283670-80-s Japanese psychodelic gems: No weeaboo stuff please[View]
72983435KPOP GENERAL[View]
72984882can someone explain why J-Pop Bands have like 50 members?[View]
72984876Help me find this song please: I am trying to find this song. anon please help. https://www.youtube.…[View]
72984560I don't get it: What is so good about this album? And why do Bowie & Morrissey love it?…[View]
72983675Music hype or gym music thread? ie Till I collapse - eminem Remember the name - Fort Minor[View]
72980486*deletes Daily Routine*[View]
72980390>he pays to stream music[View]
72982040>an artist releases a noisy track with yelling >everyone is comparing it to death grips why ar…[View]
72982247new new Shabazz Palaces: >the second new Shabazz Palaces album leaked >not a single thread abo…[View]
72984710Rap Metal: Another rap metal thread last one was closed I wanna hear some good obscure rap metal ban…[View]
72983100>What a waste. They come up with a refrain that sums up everything they do--'I get up I get down'…[View]
72984701Post ur top 3 favorite hip hop projects and get recs that are similar to them I'll start with m…[View]
72982892post your fave female artists[View]
72984348Favorite album: What is currently your favorite album? Any genre. >A Winged Victory for the Sulle…[View]
72984371How is this unplugged? You can clearly hear an electric guitar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=freg…[View]
72984372What does /mu/ think of the Fall and Mark E. Smith?[View]
72984616god tier musicians[View]
72984576Launchpad MK2 or Launchkey Mini?: I need tips, thought this would be a good place to ask.[View]
72984518I need a one dance, got the Hennessy in my hand[View]
72984462Hi /mu/, I have a turntable with a built in pre-amp, a DAC, HS8 monitor speakers and the MPC Renaiss…[View]
72981385And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful house! And you may tell yourself This is not my b…[View]
72984376Why does this have so much fucking reverb?[View]
72984129>song starts with a speech[View]
72984361so much talent[View]
72982979On our new episode of Punchable Faces...[View]
72984237Do all of your files and tags follow the same capitalization rules, plens?[View]
72984279The car is on fire and there is no driver at the wheel[View]
72984197What are some albums that have the feel of this image?[View]
72971795Thoughts on Joji?: Everyone was pretty hyped when Filthy Frank actually started publishing music in …[View]
72984229Every album from 'The Room of Lost Souls' is dissapearing from the internet From Amazon St…[View]
72981852What are your thoughts on the 1975?[View]
72981986melon is about to reach a million subscribers.: are you guys ready to unsub?[View]
72972978/johnny/: ft. /metal/ edition prev >>72963275[View]
72984042you now remember yung lean[View]
72982707based anthony[View]
72984131> Band appear as a cameo in their own music video[View]
72983650I thought this song was supposed to be bad[View]
72983596please someone can you tell me what sample was used in this track? i don't know who else to tur…[View]
72983951Help: Need sauce on this image Where is this art/poster from ?[View]
72983799Why can't music videos be like how they were in the 90s?: Back in the 90s music videos were bri…[View]
72983747where do these rappers get their incredible fonts from[View]
72981605Disintegration Loops: Are they worth it? I vaguely remember listening to part 3 of this a long time…[View]
72982541Favorite Beatles song/album: British Invasion incoming, post favorite Beatles song. Favorite album i…[View]
72983505THE STREETS (UK RAP GROUP) TO MAKE A COMEBACK IN 2017?!: Nothing confirmed but this leak is doing th…[View]
72983762post your recently added albums, guess personalities[View]
72983684Is there any artist even remotely similar to Viper? It feels like his music is on its own genre. The…[View]
72983547He did it, the mad man.[View]
72983170Take two pieces of work from the same artist, and put them in the template. (Template coming soon)[View]
72979385Top 10: Top 10 thread - rate, rec, and guess personality and drink of choice.[View]
72983527Now that the dust has settled, what do you think? This project, along with the flashing album art, m…[View]
72982827Blur Or Oasis: I think we should settle this once and for all http://www.strawpoll.me/13039128…[View]
72983392This is the worst nu metal album ever released. Prove me wrong.[View]
7298233310/10 desu[View]
72983458what does /mu/ think of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLXOkZtAkPw[View]
72980604What would you think about a black metal band named 'Waifu'?[View]
72982302I'm looking for a song. All I remember it's some modern rock song where a guy sings about …[View]
72982375KPOP GENERAL[View]
72982327>when we were young I killed a King of Carrot flowers >and I killed a King of Carrot...showers…[View]
72982709ITT: Post a record you like that you think /mu/ would give you shit for liking, /mu/ responds[View]
72982676To Pimp A Butterfly will be Archived at Harvard Library: https://www.google.com/amp/www.independent.…[View]
72980978Ulver: What is your favourite Ulver songs? I need their catchy songs just like ''Kledt I N…[View]
72983351Has anyone on this board ever tried to start a community where people share pieces of music they…[View]
72982256>create discussion thread for a band classified as a 'rock band' >first comment is almost alwa…[View]
72983268holy shit, this is the best way to get music ever made. fucking insane[View]
72983133>Speed up music >anime music video >call it Nightcore Booooooooooooooooo >Speed up music…[View]
72981402Is he right /mu/?[View]
72983263https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NfnXdXpjL0 >someone bumped into me at music shop >clean mess…[View]
72980903no seriously, wtf happened???? :([View]
729824194x4 thread last 7 days[View]
72983138highlighted songs are the only good ones[View]
72983161What is the most overly serious song?: I nominate 'Machine Gun' by Portishead. Note: You can still e…[View]
72983109>Japanese edition[View]
72982119Utada: Utada Hikaru shill thread Why is Utada Hikaru a better artist than...everyone? She's a …[View]
72980126ITT: Misheard lyrics that you like better than the actual lyrics I'll start On White Teeth Teen…[View]
72982059/Elvis Presley General/[View]
72982796Holy Diver became 34 today[View]
72971800holy shit, this is the best black metal album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72981781>Album has more than 14 songs[View]
72982635>Store is down: >No refunds >No update >No news >People waiting on 100 dollar orders …[View]
72982534What kind of music is Counting Crows?[View]
72978020What's the best Radiohead song and why is it Jigsaw falling into place?[View]
72981488ITT: albums you don't get[View]
72982569found this on twitter[View]
72979772holy shit, this is the best punk album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72978439*deletes Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds*[View]
72982225Is this, dare I say it, the best 'ment 'bum?[View]
72982289Portable Music: Do any of you guys use a device other than your phones to listen to music on the go?…[View]
72979066How do we save /mu/?[View]
72982439I'm blowing up like you thought I would[View]
72982463fuck ariel pink[View]
72982485Bad lyrics by good lyricists >You had oranges and lemons in a canvas bag beside you >And seven…[View]
72982138>tfw you'll never be as cool as Dino[View]
72981371Please reccomend some more Gabber thanks[View]
72978352I've been listening to pic related a lot recently, love the music but can't relate to it o…[View]
72982383How many songs do you have?: My music collection is spread over 2 hard drives and a Spotify account.…[View]
72982547This is Kevin, he is my friend, we like to play with each others guitars and make music, do you like…[View]
72982324Holy shit[View]
72981947holy shit, this is the best industrial hip hop album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72982510https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih-SeheLON8 ITT: we discuss artists who were an influence on Brokenc…[View]
72982414>it's been over a week since he died It still hurts desu Toxicology report when?…[View]
72982473ITT: We shred /mu/'s favorite songs: Grab your nearest instrument and make a recoding of your s…[View]
72982399Lurning Instraments: I've always loved the sound of horns in music, especially when they'r…[View]
72978603I have a fetish for solo piano with a lot of reverb. Reccs?[View]
72982358uh: So /mu/ I've got this problem that's starting to annoy me. A lot of people like to con…[View]
72980950kpop general thread non-show edition: i dont like shows[View]
72981972Whats their worst album?[View]
72981154What is this dance style called?[View]
72969660>post an image >others recommend an album based on the image…[View]
72980807What song or album can instantly bring you in a good mood /mu/ ? Any recomends?[View]
72981333What's their best song?[View]
72977363Describe the music taste of the last three people you texted >My dad Dadrock and dad metal like L…[View]
72979334I want something light, summery, upbeat, not OTT energetic, nothing too slow or downbeat, not whiny,…[View]
72982153Books about music[View]
72981353Its that time again. This looks like an ARG for aphex twin https://twitter.com/AphexTwin/status/8677…[View]
72981734Hey /mu/ /o/ here I've never been to a concert before and my favorite band is coming near my ar…[View]
72981183Literally poorly produced blues rock until the 4th album.[View]
729820291. Nowhere Fast 2. Well I Wonder 3. The Headmaster Ritual 4. I Want the One I Can't Have 5. Rus…[View]
729814595x5 week , rec, guess interests etc discuss music[View]
72981290Plz /mu give me money.[View]
72981325Better than Pet Sounds[View]
72974047The new Beatles Sgt. Peppers Anniversary Remaster: The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Cl…[View]
72977603how can we finally put an end to this 'rap is good' meme?[View]
72981869Algiers: The new Algiers album is pretty cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o-iLl96AwI…[View]
72981864White Boy Reggae: What's /mu/'s general opinion on Bumpin Uglies?[View]
72978838I want to get into the Zombies. Where should I start?[View]
72981824>That 10/10 Closing Track[View]
72979174Are there any modern punk bands that sound like punk bands from the late 70s? Stuff that worships th…[View]
72967156WILLIAM BASINSKI: Is he /ourguy/? Has he released anything good lately, wanna give him another shot.…[View]
72976265Now that the dust has settled, why was this soap commercial-tier generic garbage praised by most peo…[View]
72979172Why aren't they able to make another masterpiece like TOTBL?[View]
72981785What is your favorite Video Game Cover Band?: Mine is http://consoul.nyc/ and https://www.materiacol…[View]
72981301Golden Slumbers > The End > Carry that Weight[View]
72981740I need more music like this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8sUC-dsW8A&ab_channel=tallyhall…[View]
72981649holy shit, this is the best jazz album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72981262Most Obnoxious Song You've Heard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfjtsQ-1H38 >repeats a wor…[View]
72981554What's the difference between FLAC and WAV? And does it matter?[View]
72981637drum & bass: is it dead ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtppf3xkby4[View]
72981495Why is my taste, not necessarily better, but much more diverse than most of yours?[View]
72978814what dose /mu/ think of $uicideboy$?[View]
72979656Sampha - Process: I don't know if any of you guys have found an album you're obsessed with…[View]
72980736good vibes hip hop: i m making a new playlist and its all about positive energy blessings good vibes…[View]
72981440discogs but for tapes?: So a friend of mine found this gem on youtube and it doesn't seem to be…[View]
72977617Making a playlist for romantic night driving music.. You know, when its dark, quiet out, no cars, ju…[View]
72979190What in the absolute FUCK is this? I just listened to the first 'song' and it's literally a bun…[View]
72980937Nico: Is her solo stuff any good? Pic semi-unrelated.[View]
72981221Death Matal: Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
72978048>music has food related lyric[View]
72981331How can you even compete with this guy?: This is fucking real btw... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
72980569prove me wrong nigga[View]
72978852SHE'S POINTING AT US: Apologize.[View]
72980453Do they have decent records /mu/ ?[View]
72978909>dude, if everyone had good mental heatlh, the world will be fine >:)…[View]
72979853Listening to albums on shuffle, when the current one ends in half an hour, pic related is queued up.…[View]
72980666Which one is the better album?[View]
72978935Name a band, artist or literally ANYTHING that isn't complete utter trash. YOU CANT[View]
72978245why does he wear the big suit?[View]
72978424What went wrong?[View]
72981180Being a music critic: I want to start a blog were I just review some genres like drone and ambient a…[View]
72979270Why do so many alternative rock bands have female bassists? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCfC5yVl…[View]
72981032Theories opposed to music[View]
72978435This album is flawless[View]
72975453Versions of songs you like more than the original. Can be demos, covers, remixes etc Here's min…[View]
72980879>it doesn't bump in the whip[View]
72980014Nostalgia: ITT: Albums that make you feel nostalgic Soundtrack to freshman year of high school right…[View]
72979847Sibelius or Finale?[View]
72975240where were you when you realized this is a perfect album?[View]
72976892>newbie asking for recommendations on /lit/ >start with the greeks >start with the bible(ob…[View]
72979354>invent a genre >others give a song in said genre sad post-rock bleeps…[View]
72980885Created a track with ma bro !!!! Criticize it https://soundcloud.com/amogha/clearvoid[View]
72979936ITT: The last two artists you listened to make a collab, what will it be like? >Deafheaven and Ka…[View]
72980318>listen to the music I used to love a year ago >it all sounds at least 100 times worse than be…[View]
72979652post ur pic, others guess what u listen to[View]
72980729Why do some songs click listening to them on speakers after listening to them on headphones and thin…[View]
72980164What does/mu/ think about this album by Daft Punk?[View]
72980745>born british >look like pic related[View]
72979662How does fantano find out about all the new artists and albums and whatnot ? What do you guys use to…[View]
72978452This is fucking great[View]
72978132Why is this album considered by some to be a classic record? I absolutely love the first 3 songs, th…[View]
72980638music to listen to in bed on a sunny thursday morning with a hangover? currently going through beach…[View]
72980080What are the worst lyrics you've ever heard? >I'm tired of facebook, tired of my fading…[View]
72979944KPOP GENERAL[View]
72980393Is this his best work?[View]
72978893>diamonds so cold you might need a fan what did he mean by this?[View]
72978911>terrible singer >unbelievably ugly How did he get famous?…[View]
72978163>tfw 21:05 How are they still so fresh this deep into their discography…[View]
72980212Are there any torrents of Jlin's stuff? I checked by the bay but no dice.[View]
72978977Gay 80's shit you'd fuck your mom too.: Gimme some new wave synth pop faggots.[View]
72979302do you like suave jazz? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybfh7Kc8zLg[View]
72979894my room mate is blasting music with his door open what do i do?[View]
72979806Why Lorde look like Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks?[View]
72955012Soundcloud: Hey guys looking to get as much feedback as I can on my new song, I will be returning al…[View]
72978913Who else listens to RATM less because they like the actual music and more they like the lyrics and t…[View]
72979080ITT: Most misleading album covers ever[View]
72978409is this vaporwave[View]
72978955Don't see a lot of Sublime love on here, what does /mu/ think of em'?[View]
72977262>song starts with guitar solo[View]
72979147rec me more music like this[View]
72978293Honestly, Daydreaming is the most uninspirational garbage i've heard, and it just happened to b…[View]
72978635KPOP GENERAL[View]
72979768this is basically london calling for millennials but not as good[View]
72978617>want to be a musician >all of your song ideas are shit…[View]
72979638What do you listen to when you want to get your groove on? Funk, soul, bleeps, latin, whatever…[View]
729785503x3 4x4 5x5: tapmusic.net rate, rec, guess interests etc[View]
72979433Good rap metal: Give some good rap metal but not Rage Against the Machine,Linkin Park or Limp Bizki…[View]
72976009trying to identify a song from end lyrics: Hey /MU/ sorry to bother you guys i think this is the fir…[View]
72976117Who is the best guitar player in the world right now?[View]
72977993Its brilliant[View]
72978981They want to be Black Sabbath so bad lel.[View]
72976441What is the craziest interaction you've ever had with a band during a show? Ariel Pink once jum…[View]
72975980Rec me suicide music[View]
72979490lyrics thread: >This is the moment that you know >That you told her that you loved her >But…[View]
72976500I want to have good taste in music: what do?[View]
72976549Last day of high school tomorrow: Music for this feel?[View]
72978763What's your favorite early Ariel Pink release? No 4AD Pom Pom discussion allowed[View]
72977358I want to start a band but no one I know plays any instruments. Have any of you ever tried starting …[View]
72976512dude nazi aesthetics[View]
72977030What in the absolute FUCK is this? I just listened to the first 'song' and it's literally a bun…[View]
72979182This is a better Gorillaz album than the new Gorillaz album.[View]
72978618So, do we like this album?[View]
72979123METAL: Streaming some metal and discussing. Get in here fggts or never make it to Valhalla. twitch.t…[View]
72977789world tour when?[View]
72979013Whats the best band and why is it Rush?[View]
72978777QUICK! Post the last 5 house music artists you listened to.[View]
72977098Albums that make ya go this[View]
72979024The Great Debate[View]
72978997Mouth Sounds: Is this anything more than a meme album?[View]
72975818James Root: Do you think he is a good guitarrist?[View]
72978910hip hop tips: always knew hip hop was loops of other music but whys it hard to do? do i just suck? g…[View]
72977552Has anyone here actually had an album help them get over a girl/guy? I'm especially curious now…[View]
72972954Why do you people like this album so much?[View]
72978544Why did rock never reach the quality of jazz?[View]
72977937Why is EDM Rap so much better than normal rap?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzF_FHzP4jM https://…[View]
72977434what's the most overrated album of all time and why is it DSotM?[View]
72977681>Favorite album The Milk-Eyed Mender >Top ten songs Sawdust And Diamonds Good Intentions Pavin…[View]
72978531Give me somthing like this. Maybe a little bit darker and moodier.[View]
72978803Euro Beats/ Hi-NRG/Itallo disco: Aye, any faggots know any good Eurobeats?? been meaning to dig into…[View]
72974488new Avey Tare solo: http://www.stereogum.com/1943044/new-avey-tare-album-eucalyptus-announced-via-ji…[View]
72977323What's some non-clothing related music merch you have or want to cop? I've got this Tame I…[View]
72977623>favorite albums are Trout Mask Replica, Yeezus, Heaven or Las Vegas, and Bobby Vinton Best Of: D…[View]
72978437alright boys, hit me up with the best releases from 2017 so far. I've been relatively underwhel…[View]
72978381Why do only gay guys and little girls go to concerts?[View]
72978017Unsurprisingly an unremarkable pike of trash. Utterly forgettable, retarded low fit sound contribute…[View]
72974113Most overrated band. They don't even have a solid album.[View]
72978316post bluegrass charts, recs, pls[View]
72978634kpop general[View]
72978505are they worth seeing live[View]
72978595Does /mu/ have any thoughts on Shakey Graves?[View]
72963849ITT: times when the melon got it completely wrong[View]
72977885ITT: Prog albums by non-prog bands Here's a nice gem by Memeplay. Surprisingly good, very space…[View]
72976948*deletes For the First Time*[View]
72976310CHILDISH GAMBINO - AWAKEN MY LOVE: Probably one of my favorite modern albums I've listened to i…[View]
72976591my name is fuck[View]
72976633KPOP GENERAL[View]
72977316what is that music for being treated as an object?[View]
72976012I'm going on a camping trip with cute girls next week, what songs would be good to learn on my …[View]
72978362hell be fine[View]
72977774What the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
72978269What are you spinning tonight /mu/? >pic related just got this beauty today…[View]
72978107>abandon goth motif you've been using for 10 years >make bubbly pop music >it's a…[View]
72978315>Oh, mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head[View]
72970334>Bitch I'm back out my coma >Wakin' up on your sofa >When I park my Range Rover …[View]
72978106Whats the 'Racist Mario' of music? That being: whats a song/album that always finds its way to the r…[View]
72973601Albums you want to live inside of[View]
72977822>The Tourist starts playing on car stereo >start speeding…[View]
72977019/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
72969563holy shit, this is the best prog album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72974887Guys whats a good and easy song to learn by the Beatles? I have getting in to them a lot lately and …[View]
72977755I cried listening to this, whats the fuck is happening to me? I sure this isn't even that good…[View]
72967946I'm going to Death Grips' concert next month, how should I prepare? Any stories from their…[View]
72977134the feel[View]
72976933Buckethead thread: Post your favourite Buckethead songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHMbUR-0m2k …[View]
72977080Post a song only you know on this board and get reactions. I start: Ariane Moffatt - Miami[View]
72977171autechre: So i've listened to Amber, Tri Rep, and LP 5 What should I try next? Also discuss aut…[View]
72977696Amy Winehouse: I'm really really really enjoying her music.[View]
72976769albums to play late at night?[View]
72976151What are some good albums where the bass hits hard as FUCK[View]
72973918what are you listening to right now? me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HqfLHTY4ws[View]
72968591BANDCAMP THREAD: The last one is now gone. General rules apply: post and comment, preferably on the …[View]
72974120>A$AP Mob - RAF (Audio) ft. A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, Frank Ocean https://w…[View]
72977311Post artists that brag about their looks in songs.[View]
72974770>deletes Love You To and Yellow Submarine >adds Paperback Writer and Rain literally best album…[View]
72977633Now that the dust has settled, who deserved to win?[View]
72977029>band comes back together after a long hiatus to release garbage Why is this allowed?…[View]
72977187anyone know of any good horrorcore songs/albums that are not ICP?[View]
729775978-Bit Music - Garvalf: Sharing this great 8-bit stuff with you guys, not the usual vidya tunes. Enjo…[View]
72977536Are they right?[View]
72976075>lyrics are 2deep4me to dissect while hearing the song[View]
72973485ITT: Artists who didn't develop their own sound[View]
72975624>Although increasingly reclusive during the day, Wilson spent many nights at Hutton's house …[View]
72975402Will learning guitar tabs make it more difficult for me to actually learn?[View]
72976425music: ;)[View]
72960229Hip-Hop cannot be held to the same standards as other music. It cannot compete with music as a whole…[View]
72976110Thoughts on Alt-j?[View]
72977408“I'm not afraid, as a writer, of being emotional. I'm obsessed with human emotion, body pa…[View]
72974671/mu/ top 10/50 artists/albums/songs: Has there been a poll or consensus on some of the best music ac…[View]
72973529Does /mu/ have any favourite films about music?[View]
72972936Planetarium Discussion Thread: Can we have a thread to talk about pic related? Been hearing great an…[View]
72976545What did she mean by this?[View]
72977315christ, he's aged horribly[View]
72975869How do you explain this?[View]
72976717/music videos/: Looking for hip hop music videos to watch while tripping. I like these the most, any…[View]
72976015What in the absolute FUCK is this? I just listened to the first 'song' and it's literally a bun…[View]
72970489Favourite SoundCloud Rapper?[View]
72959658RYM/Sonemic general: Postmodernist art has inherent value edition[View]
72977138Is there any newer ska punk that sounds closer to the 2 Tone bands like The Specials and English Bea…[View]
72977179new death grips https://mega.nz/#F!Qj5ByaiC!G1gqrrRAlHThZTOjctBosA[View]
72976076Best Queen Track/Album?[View]
72977156How can I be like him?[View]
72976839does anyone know what this melody is from i remember playing it in band years ago[View]
72953964Albums where the worst track is so obvious you don't even have to say it[View]
72976903>be me >scored tickets to see jeff mangum a couple years before NMH got back together >feel…[View]
72977086I hope you haven't forgotten about me[View]
72974725The 2017 lineup of Desert Daze needs to drop already[View]
72976680I need some help, /mu/. In the link provided below, 2:53 to 2:56 sounds just like one part in a song…[View]
72976748>perfect albums don't exi-[View]
72975571hello my gf just broke up with me pls rec some music to help me get over the loneliness, thanks. i l…[View]
72974302Rock music has had many of its musicians commit suicide but how many rappers have killed themselfs (…[View]
72972846Game Sountracks: What's your favorite game soundtrack?[View]
72976846redpill me on death grips what is their endgame? what does andy even do?[View]
72974642What are some redpilled genres? All i know are black metal and neofolk[View]
72973864>lead singer yells ARE YOU READY[View]
72973546House or Techno? Choose one[View]
72974288Favorite live album? Pic related[View]
72976515elvis fucking sucked[View]
72976595SURF AND ROCKABILLY GENERAL: >surf rock >rock n roll >rockabilly Share, recommend, post…[View]
72974373Philosophy of the World > Trout Mask Replica[View]
72974634>death grips are so unique and origina-[View]
72975273KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuCTamBpnk0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuCTamBpnk…[View]
72976445Feels lyrics ITT:: I'll start: >don't know what i wanted >i have a memory >bac…[View]
72975445>music is at 100% >sounds like it's at 50% Damn you, tinnitus.…[View]
72976403You can only pick one. Choose wisely.[View]
72963909>drummer is extremely technical and creative >guitarist just plays powerchords and simple riff…[View]
72975519how tf do i get my music heard[View]
72974993Just learn't pop punk isn't all shit. Somebody show me more, please.[View]
72974480Is he, dare I say, saving hip hop?[View]
72973620The Donkey Kong Country OST is the most patrician thing released since '94.[View]
72975990>wow blackstar is truly one of a kin...[View]
72966355What's the most unique album you've ever heard? Is there any album you know of that you ca…[View]
72969562Madvillain: Give me a reason why this isn't the best rap album after 2000[View]
72975939Thoughts on The Killers? My favorite band so I was wondering what other people think about them.[View]
72974809Yo I'm probably real late on this. Rate my taste /mu/. (Only using albums I own)[View]
72974274ITT: Incredible albums that /mu/ always sleeps on[View]
72970054Are there any bands similar to Death Grips?[View]
72968925Stereo: Why is music always so symmetrical? We have so much stereo field we can use, but people rare…[View]
72976068itt good band names: cock n ballz[View]
72973750King Gizzard: are they the new Led Zeppelin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XCoNLepG14[View]
72971906Why do europoor posters tend to more likely than not have a much better taste in music that burgers?[View]
72975878What makes Melt Banana so different from other grindcore bands? I want to say it's just the lea…[View]
72975573>Dr. Dre - The Chronic (1992) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U4BzaflOPfc >Wu Tang Clan (RZA) - …[View]
72974656time for a glass of 'Milk'[View]
72965621Post your favorite album and the album that you think that is the greatests album of all time...: ..…[View]
72975018how can one female artist change the world in so many ways? what's her secret to pure perfectio…[View]
7297478510/10 albums only you know about[View]
72974140Hey /mu/, I have been given a sunday only ticket to boston calling by a group of friends at work. I …[View]
72974339>tfw Forever Close My Eyes[View]
72974308Best Music Related Books[View]
72975143>it's a Death Grips thread[View]
72971544Why did rock never reach the quality of jazz?[View]
72975374>What rhymes with hug me? 4 years later and this is still bugging me. What DOES rhyme with hug me…[View]
72972970what do you dick weeds think about this album?[View]
72973132>one hit wonder >2 million people tried to get tickets to their 250,000 attended concert at Kn…[View]
72975337Just started getting into The Dear Hunter What are /mu/s thoughts on them, and similar bands?[View]
72971692Pink Season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B-wFx0aMlw Well, that was pretty legit.[View]
72975195What is the best makam and why it is Nihavent?[View]
72973820KPOP GENERAL[View]
729694713x3, 4x4, or 5x5 Guess possible career fields or personalities[View]
72971851ITT: Pleb filters: Revolution 9[View]
72972588>fleet foxes are good Post other examples of plebness you have encountered on /mu/. Pic possibly …[View]
72974668hello /mu/ im afraid of you but what are some annoying things you find that female singers do? I wan…[View]
72974799Name our duo act, /mu/[View]
72974259https://twitter.com/liquidhbox/status/864701491512266752 what song iddis?[View]
72974946This would is good except for the second song , I only listened to it because puppetmastaz are featu…[View]
72972626About to listen to this for the first time - what am I in for?[View]
72974885The home stereo thread: your old mono radio can be posted as well. my home audio system is a akai am…[View]
72973370When is her album coming out?[View]
72972002What do Patrician Pleb and Contrarian mean?[View]
72974423If this is the wrong board, go ahead and ban me. Do you guys use some kind of audio selector to swit…[View]
72974821Fellow Americans of /mu/, what is your favourite Blur song? Mine is Creep[View]
72973242https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z22oFCS-9Aw Why are One More Light's lyrics so cheesy? They can…[View]
72974823New G-Eazy literally blacker then logic https://soundcloud.com/g-eazy/sets/loosies[View]
72974523More like tangible gays[View]
72972690Was it truly the jam of a lifetime?[View]
72973513THAT LAST TRACK[View]
72973831I think even Volta is better: Does someone like it? I mean all songs. I cant listen to the whole thi…[View]
72973592Music to get in the mood for sleep: I decided to fix my sleep schedule and I tried to recall some ba…[View]
72974624What is the greatest music from film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO2vOBYveBo[View]
72971373Korean music that isn't Kpop ? Punk, hip-hop, indie, folk, if it's good it'll do[View]
72972647Are they a meme?[View]
72974690/mu/, how do I get into more genres of music? I've been a large fan of rock and funk/soul/R…[View]
72972338was Meet of the Waters kind of shit for anyone else? i wish they'd go back to pic related desu.[View]
72974635Alternate album covers that you use[View]
72973676Guys, I need help naming our band[View]
72972269>What are you doing today /mu/ >favorite album atm >current feel >I'm recording a n…[View]
72973505Anyone else unable to listen to music that you think you are likely to enjoy, in fear of not enjoyin…[View]
72972349*deletes Baby[View]
72972533Why is he so perfect[View]
72971976*deletes Nights*[View]
72974376Old school hip hop: >I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances >Finesse a nigga with su…[View]
72974041experimental/alternative hip-hop thread i haven't been keeping up with this genre the way i sho…[View]
72972069Thoughts on Ween: I've been listening to Ween pretty heavily for the last few weeks[View]
72974202Checkmate atheists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyTz_-EQOXE[View]
72973591who is the new bjork?[View]
72974130lil uzi vert lil uzi vert lil uzi vert li uzi vert lu uzi ver lu ci fer luci fer lucifer lucifer l…[View]
72973650Is this music of the Future?[View]
72970360what's the best band ever[View]
72973735Coppercab reviews The Needle Drop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgyUDtvCPhQ[View]
72974028hardcore ween fans: are there any actual ween fans on this board that know half a shit about the ban…[View]
72974100What are some bands like EMEFE, /mu/? I want more of this Big Band high-intensity jazz[View]
72973594https://youtu.be/N3kkNfH4yco more like this?[View]
72974037PINK SEASON: THE PROPHECY: This man will surpass all. https://soundcloud.com/pinkomega/sets/pink-sea…[View]
72972678holy shit, this is the best grunge album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72973962Post the last 8+/10 album you've listened to and your favorite song off it.[View]
72973751rate my chart, /mu/[View]
72973902Thought on this man and his music? I thought It's Colder at the Bottom of the Shower was a nic…[View]
72973541Is Bound 2 kino?[View]
72973734ITT: Take a genre and make a chart like pic related.[View]
72961696ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
72972305IT LEAKED BOIS: http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/yNWOKbnh/file.html[View]
72972843Post GOAT compilations[View]
72972184What are some essentail folk albums?: Excluding Bob Dylan, I have listened to him.[View]
72972110KPOP GENERAL[View]
72973291How do I get into classical?: I especially like Russian composers like Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov,…[View]
72972799Why is the mixing on this so weird? I thought switching from headphones to car would make things bet…[View]
72973746Hi I'm Doug Doppler and I betcha cant play this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5IlYQW1tZ4…[View]
72973400Are there any bands quite like death /mu/?[View]
72969976is it cool/contrarian to like them again now?[View]
72970372Where do I go after Post?: Good album. Also the cover for Homogenic is fucking horrible.[View]
72973681>be jewish >go to brother's bar mitzvah in jacksonville with family >they hire a fuck…[View]
72973670Just sold my les paul and got a beat up charvel for $140 to replace it. What's your excuse for …[View]
72962691What is essential summercore?[View]
72973595*deletes winter wonderland*[View]
72964904Why do users get so angry at people who don't share. I wouldn't be downloading shit if I h…[View]
72972205just finished pic related and holy shit. what other dark folk should i listen to next?[View]
72971732I am a huge fan of melodic metal, especially folk type, but ive ran out of bands, suggestions? more …[View]
72967815What kind of song is On the Run? at the time and what it would be called today[View]
72973511/mu/ Lorde is our new undisputed queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldhh3zFZbUU[View]
72973250ITT: comfy musicians that give a warm feeling in your heart.[View]
72972752/mu/ what's your favorite song about sex?: >and then you wait and you wait and you wait and …[View]
72970233Come on /mu/, stop the memes, stop the jokes, lets face reality here.[View]
72972209Where should I start with Les Claypool?[View]
72972677So I've been craving The Pillows ever since I heard they were like Pixies and watched FLCL and …[View]
72968462Alt-J General: Thoughts and opinions on the new alt-J song, and general alt-J thread. https://www.yo…[View]
72973428Hip-hop recs: Post ur top 3 favorite hip hop projects and get recs that are similar to them I'l…[View]
72973334How dose one get into Jazz?[View]
72965862why won't anyone share it?[View]
72972223How does /mu/ generally feel about Steve Wilson, the mastermind behind the acclaimed progressive roc…[View]
72971772Sampling: How does one get away with sampling? I know you basically have to flip it and not make it …[View]
72973062ITT: Post big artists you never see posted on /mu/: and other anons tell you their opinion on them I…[View]
72972869I spent an entire day on Pornhub spreading my hatred for pornstars I dislike and telling everyone th…[View]
72973272ITT: post fake album covers, other anons say what genre it would be: might actually use this one day…[View]
72973216Greetings /mu/ From a Real Ass Nigga: I'm looking for artists that would be similar to those I …[View]
72972882What does /mu/ think of Orange Juice?[View]
72973083best punk album[View]
72965071/dark/: Goth Rock, Post-Punk, Neofolk, Post-Industrial, Horrorpunk, Deathrock, EBM, Gothic Metal, In…[View]
72970009Fleetwood Mac Pleb or patrician?[View]
72972576What's his best granny song?[View]
72963275/metal/ general: waifu edition prev: >>72949134[View]
72973064I went to a Gov't Mule show last night. Awesome live experience. Truly a band that has mastered…[View]
72972852been getting into country a good bit lately. Its been a genre i have ignored for the most part... Ne…[View]
72972709Serious question. I own instruments, but I don't play them becuase I can make much better music…[View]
72973022we need to have some fun picture related!![View]
72972199is this what it sounds like to break the conditioning?[View]
72973002Can someone explain to me the purpose of the whining dogs at 2:30? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h…[View]
72972704I spent an entire day on Youtube spreading my hatred for bands I dislike and telling everyone that t…[View]
72970240Another song ruined by Kendrick Lamer.[View]
72968656Name a better radio station[View]
72972940Help pls: Hey MU, my friend is a very picky music liker. He only likes bands like Foreigner, Rush, B…[View]
72972888can we get him to do mixing and production for every rap album ever. like wtf, more life sounds amaz…[View]
72972643Rec me some ambient/drone based on these images: Hey /mu/, I'm trying to get into ambient and d…[View]
72972284WEEZER - PINKERTON: I never really listened to Weezer, because I thought they were shill alt-rock. I…[View]
72970527Why do people hate Inquisition's vocals? It's really fucking good and unique.[View]
72972648Mike Patton is a disgusting little shirtless weasel who thinks hes the love child of Red Hot Chillli…[View]
72972808I don't get why this was so coveted by people when it came out? I understand how cohesive it is…[View]
72972786A song about a brush!: https://youtu.be/GFLf6foR_WE[View]
72970655Friendly reminder house, techno and breaks are just as old, varied and expansive independent genres …[View]
72972589holy shit, this is the best twee pop album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72972721Looking for help: Hi /mu/. Im a young guy who is looking for help on learning how to play Ravens by …[View]
72968691New Ariana Grande single out, whatcha think mu? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ok7NPABVTsA[View]
72972460>Main melody comes from a guitar[View]
72971767what went wrong?[View]
72971336why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzDvpT-MjYs Why does this exist. I'm confused. I've m…[View]
72966852what the fuck was his problem?[View]
72971872Thoughts on Dispatch?[View]
72971450Why do I like this album, /mu/?[View]
72959003ITT: Post a perfect album.: Others explain how it isn't actually perfect[View]
72972268What do you think of my band? (I play lead)[View]
72972506/ourguy/ jamming to slowdive twitch raillpeisn[View]
72970976Why isn't the early 2000s remembered as one of the best eras of music: It was a very strong per…[View]
72971796Holy shit: Holy shit[View]
72972442Is Matt Ox /mu/ approved?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cZ8-RgtrP0 He's definitely the futu…[View]
72972441What do you think of the New York punk/surf scene?: (Specifically the Coffin Daggers)[View]
72972204How do I into 'cover art is a blurry picture taken with phone camera and has no writings'core?[View]
72972397These bitches want nikessss[View]
72965495>He thinks Lana Del Rey is better than Taylor Swift[View]
72972364>watches 'Top 10 Creepiest TV Moments Of All Time' on Youtube once[View]
72970557>yfw Yeezus will reach 3.50 in your lifetime I remember when it was sub 3.20. What's up with…[View]
72971644>Songs about getting high Why do they exist? Its honestly baffling how every song about getting h…[View]
72971239I'm trying to remember the name of this one Australian singer I saw on here like a year or two …[View]
72972203The first 20 seconds of I'm Not by Panda Bear just might be my favorite musical moment of all t…[View]
72972123Got this image from a user from r/animalcollective Supposedly this is the tracklist (not sure of the…[View]
72971556Just marathoned the first 9 tracks of this. What did I think of it?[View]
72971058This and Jenny Death are pure kino, why didn't DG end with these?[View]
72971898So I'm throwing a show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's an outdoor festival with food and drinks…[View]
72971671What's his end game?[View]
72972128https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ylSoAxpcKk WTF I don't completely hate U2 now[View]
72968151What are some of the best or underrated or your favorite album from this label /mu/?: Discuss fags…[View]
72971447This sounds like Tame Impala Innerspeaker era of the 60s[View]
72972071>'White Light White Heat (1967) contains Sister Ray, which probably remains the ultimate, definit…[View]
72969855Name a better 1970 to 1990 metal album.[View]
72969237KPOP GENERAL[View]
72970348Im so sorry I doubted you: >be me >fan of prog >Rush, Yes, PF, ELP, s'all good >…[View]
72970476Do you think these are the greatest albums ever or are they just posted in every thread for every an…[View]
72970903*blocks your path while he's off his Lexapro*: What do?[View]
72969876STEREO Beach Boys: who hyped here? FINALLY we're getting proper stereo mixes of Wild Honey and …[View]
72970942Which album was better, /mu/?[View]
72971483Artists with these criteria: Releases music but never performs live. No one knows what they actually…[View]
72970385Just started working at a coffee shop. Rec me albums to play on the overhead speakers[View]
72970530Post songs ruined by tacky saxophone solos. I'll start: >King Crimson - Starless…[View]
72959976Overrated albums thread[View]
72971191I like to think of Soundcloud/trap rap being the nu metal of our generation. Millions of nearly-iden…[View]
72971611Is this enough?: Summer coming up. Want to try make some tunes. Gonna get a £60 single octave midi k…[View]
72971698The greatest punk rock album of all time.[View]
72966186Anything good this year 2017 from the Lone Star state?[View]
72971728Cathy, don't go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lknW2mzXMMY[View]
72971705serious talk now is this not only of the best songs of all times, but also one of the most fitting …[View]
72971550anyone got the archive link for zach hills Broken ben draft1.mp3 on april fools day?[View]
72966816ITT patrician gym music only[View]
72970479/nu/ - Nu Metal General: Don't pretend like you didn't love Nu-Metal when you were a child…[View]
72968812what are good gabber albums?[View]
72971533Watch out, Kendrick[View]
72968933Apparently /mu/ thinks this garbage is good[View]
72971542it's out link pls[View]
72971430just put on a sweatshirt that smells like my ex music for this feel[View]
72966733holy shit, this is the best jazz album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72971375What does /mu/ think of the new gucci song? I would link to it but i don't have a mirror and /m…[View]
72971464Anybody heard the new album Myrrhys out by Nuomena yet? Check this new song out. https://www.youtube…[View]
72963089/prod/: Music production general; UbuntuStudio Edition! >no soundclouds >always use clyp.it Di…[View]
72965919ITT: Greatest album of each decade: Starting 60's - 2010's[View]
72970700>at a party >chad comes over and bumps me >'pass me the aux cord bro' >I NEED A ONCE DAN…[View]
72966589holy shit, this is the best ambient album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72971291Is Madonna /mu/-core?[View]
72970350Are you ready for prog AOTY /mu/?[View]
72969858yo this sounds like Diddy Kong Racing[View]
72971261ITT:tumblr-core albums that are good[View]
72970805Is there a band that just makes songs like Vitamin C?[View]
72968995When will people realize CDs are much better than Vinyl?[View]
72970935How does musicians survive in the new music area /mu/?[View]
72969951Band merch: Where are you supposed to buy this shit from? I want to get a couple really edgy powervi…[View]
72967141Heroin is Proto-Post-Rock.[View]
72968010heres some new dg.. not from the album but not on the mixtape https://mega.nz/#F!Qj5ByaiC!G1gqrrRAlH…[View]
72971176One of these[View]
72971166What is /mu/ general consensus on dungeon synth? I can't get enough of it. My favorite album by…[View]
72971119when is this years /mu/chella scheduele out? has there even been votings? this shit is like just aro…[View]
72969127ITT: Post bands you confuse(d) for each other: None of these I do now, but I used to >The Birthda…[View]
72970992>you just haven't listened to the lyrics yet >it has a pretty deep story…[View]
72969454>*listens to velvet underground and beatles once* >dude flowers and peace lmao Is there anythi…[View]
72970059I really like this sound. What's some more instrumental alt-country like Calexico and The Sadie…[View]
72968307Does /mu/ like Kate Bush?[View]
72970876Bones: What do y'all think of bones?[View]
72968629So, you're a philosopher?[View]
72970490Why is this album so good?: It's Latin music by a Swedish guy (Jonny Jakobsen) pretending to be…[View]
72970869Just another montage involving ITAOTS and WWII[View]
72970746help: I want more of this sort of music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34RsdhnBFC0[View]
72970709itt: summer night music[View]
72969690Study Music: Hi /mu/, finals coming up, need some music for studying. Have some Boards of Canada but…[View]
72970467ITT: albums that you're upset people forgot about[View]
72962021why did black flag have 2 guitarists? i can only ever hear one guitar[View]
72970543SHARETHREAD: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
72969244Who's /mu/ guy?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13034583[View]
72970622P-Funk appreciation thread[View]
72968958what was their deal?[View]
72970305Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II[View]
72971277ITT: We put song lyrics through the Gizoogle Textilizer and post the results: 'Andromeda' By Gorilla…[View]
72970466>one of my friends rates music by its sound and never reads or understands lyrics (i'm not f…[View]
72969116Post pictures of musician that look like Guy Fieri.[View]
72969305/mu makes an album/: lets make an album about the recent terrorist attack! we can't let them wi…[View]
72970028ITT: Post your favorite albums from the year you were born.[View]
72968938The Top 50 Rappers of All Time 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. Lupe Fiasco 3. Mos Def 4. Nef the Pharaoh 5. Lau…[View]
72969573Holy shit[View]
72970259of Montreal appreciation thread[View]
72968406If this is so great why did only Heart Shaped Box get a video?[View]
72969719>most p4kcore sounds generic and same-y >can't even listen to it without getting bored or…[View]
72969723Is there any artist that is bigger than Quavo right now?[View]
72968473ITT: Artists whos best album is so obvious you don't even have to say it >pic very related…[View]
72970184opinions on them?[View]
72965580what is some good accessible jazz?[View]
72968755>used to like Drake up until Views >thought it had like 3 decent songs >put him off for a y…[View]
72966654/jazz/ general: Is this math jazz?[View]
72969763We can all agree that Offset is the best Migo right?[View]
72966518Weird/trippy synth music: Post stuff you like, or post your own https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpIE…[View]
72966130What Smiths album should I start with?[View]
72966845what's wrong with his eyes? is he blind or something?[View]
72967210You have exactly twelve seconds to post a prettier artist Hard mode: She actually has to make decent…[View]
72969926Name a more summer band[View]
72967186/mu/'s pet peeves: What pisses you off the most on /mu/? For me its when people post wordless a…[View]
72969948dnb jump up: why is uk drum and bass so good jump up in perticular and why does everyone like it…[View]
72966020The best album ever made in your opinion[View]
72968607best Eminem album?[View]
72963563Dream Theater: Dream theater people around here? Whats your favorite song? To this day I have yet to…[View]
72968579I'm trying to find the song that sounds a bit like the verse of 'The Ugly and the Beautiful' by…[View]
72969448Thoughts? Is Wash My Hands Shorty the best song?[View]
72967257Favourite Eminem song?[View]
72969825>fuck you, I like it[View]
72963769SWANS - Deliquescence: Well, what do you think of it?[View]
72967900Me and a friend are starting a band. Does anybody have a good idea of what we should name ourselves?…[View]
72969718anyone have a link to the leak?[View]
72969370Black Metal: “He was a crazy guy back then,” laughs Manheim, “he was a maniac. I remember the first …[View]
72966799What climate produces the best music? A lot of the best music seems to come out of places where ther…[View]
72966237will her new album be one of the greatest things to come out in 2017?[View]
72956428Boris is my favorite band. Ruin them for me.: inb4 yea yea yea their recent albums are shit[View]
72969638Why does /mu/ never talk about Soichi Terada?[View]
72969523>Album is too problematic.[View]
72969590ITT: albums that make you feel happy in a strange way[View]
72969593The Divine Comedy covering Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush: This is the most hilarious shit I have he…[View]
72968750>want to be a musician >everything you write is shit…[View]
72969384Can anyone recommend educational music like this. https://youtu.be/Wllc5gSc-N8[View]
72967972Literally find a flaw[View]
72969452How come no one on /mu/ talks about this god tier album?[View]
72969438In anticipation: s'next?[View]
72969451Most underrated r&b this decade: Late nights. A song for every mood[View]
72968079how did he do it? and where in his discography did you go from here?[View]
72969105>post-1998 Swans[View]
72969381>albums you didn't care for the first time you listened to them, but liked the second time a…[View]
72968773'One of these Days' - Pink Floyd 'One of these Nights' - The Eagles[View]
72968123How can he think that THIS is the best Nick Cave album?[View]
72968190Listened to this about 5 more times. Sweet Charity is still the best track.[View]
72964641What is your opinion on this man?[View]
72968695Miracle Albums: Itt: Albums so amazing you cant believe they actually exist. Pic definitely related…[View]
72968664ITT: cute music[View]
72968267Who is the guy talking on The Beautiful Days and Minus Something? Also, what's the general opin…[View]
72969176Any songs about breaking a heart (and feeling regret) as opposed to getting it broken?[View]
72969114Anyone: Any BIG BANG fans?[View]
72968494This is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.[View]
72968606Why is Wire so good[View]
72968056Emo/alt thread again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9qXzpyPdJw&t=306s[View]
72967706So I recently discovered Nirvana after being a metal fan for like 15 years. I'm 25 and had neve…[View]
72969022http://www.nts.live/projects/aphex-twin crack this pls[View]
72969004Is it the greatest song of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhSjwU8gEsI[View]
72969001When will this bitch just stfu already and make a new damn album? It better be punk as fuck.[View]
72963276How big is your music library?[View]
72956999Name our band, /mu/.[View]
72968870Anyone else disappointed?[View]
729513283x3, 4x4, 5x5 thread guess ideal partners[View]
72968601good drum n bass?[View]
72966575Fresh new SC thread: Old one is getting filled, let's begin again with another one. Post music,…[View]
72968884What music do you like that has a classic feel to it? I'm not 'above' compilations. I have such…[View]
72966905Why is Current 93 shunned by many for incorporating nazi imagery into their aesthetic but countless …[View]
72967030Yo I had a dream last night about actually meeting MC Ride in person, but I forgot his name. It was …[View]
72968671Is this the waifuspam board?[View]
72958437>song starts >sound of a pig squealing[View]
72968304what are some songs about trying to win her back /mu/?[View]
72967480/last.fm/: >SCRUBBLER https://github.com/coczero/Last.fm-Scrubbler-WPF/releases/tag/B1.13 >PAS…[View]
72968615New mix from Iglooghost https://soundcloud.com/iglooghost/chalk-shrinemix[View]
72968263is it just me or is 'death is real' the stupidest motif of all time[View]
72968483Give me some experimental shit /mu/ >pic unrelated[View]
72967721*deletes Pictures of Me*[View]
72968521>You can buy the Beatles mono albums separately on vinyl but not on CD without buying a 140 dolla…[View]
72966806skyler spence is fucking trash george clanton is a genius the world is inherently unfair fuck all yo…[View]
72967701Hahahaha holy shit alex g fags btfo[View]
72965851Does anybody on /mu/ like David Binney? Which are your favorite albums by him? Thoughts on his new r…[View]
72967198Mastadon: What went wrong?[View]
72967978>had tickets to see Soundgarden in Denver two days ago >will never see them in concert ever ag…[View]
72967776ITT: Imply things about an album and others try to guess the Album. >implying I hate technology…[View]
72931144/daily/ thread - deep fried edition: 'B' The point of these threads is to encourage people to look f…[View]
72968073I find this album boring. Is there something better in his discography?[View]
72966832Who are some artists who were sell outs/very commercial and THEN turned experimental/alternative?[View]
72965072>at show >put in earplugs >cant hear my friends right next to me, and the music is extremel…[View]
72962443Why is this the only King crimson album I ever hear about?[View]
72968166holy shit, this is the best noise rock album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72967744Twenty One Pilots is better than Aphex Twin: Twenty One Pilots > its like three songs in one >…[View]
72965663what's some more stuff like Broadcast and United States Of America, like psych pop/library musi…[View]
72968071Justin Kuritzkes - Fuck Me So I Feel Alive: https://youtu.be/luRXobxAg8o Potion seller made a new so…[View]
72967462holy shit, this is the best drone album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72968139Is there a more based musician alive than Todd Jones?[View]
72968111Help me find this techno song: I need your help /mu/,I need to find the original song of this video …[View]
72961590Albums that killed a bands career pic related[View]
72967242It's time for this album to become /mu/core.[View]
72966848Looking for good Japanese Experimental Heavy Rock Bands, any suggestions?[View]
72967967holy shit, this is the best psychedelic album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72967852Help me expand my taste, /mu/: I'm a Jazz noob. I'm pretty adept in my knowledge of other …[View]
72964088holy shit, this is the best folk album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72966230ITT: recent discoveries, recommendations based on them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbO1Xeo1Gho S…[View]
72967464more like the noise at 0:32 in academy fight song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXkZI7WZWOo I don…[View]
72965069ITT: Post an album, others scream the first lyrics that come to mind.[View]
72966619DAMN. slayer incoming[View]
72966476what went wrong?[View]
72966209How dumb i'm I for buying vinyl only for the art? I'm broke af and don't even have a …[View]
72967732What do you think of the new Death Grips? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72967767/moz/: I love the Smiths but haven't listened to much of Morrissey's solo stuff besides a …[View]
72967705told u guys this was trashed alex g peaked at trick >inb4 p4kdrones say no hes amazing n0w…[View]
72967647*deletes Fool's Errand*[View]
72965803shit sux yo[View]
72966978>Jazz >not Jazz[View]
72967673ROCKLAHOMA: Anyone going? Wanna have a few beers? First time here. Got some other friends going so w…[View]
72965480Should ex-band members do more to stop bands being turned into solo projects?[View]
72960891/Classical/: 6 Voice fugue edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern clas…[View]
72967629Foliage: Hi /mu/ https://soundcloud.com/foliagemusic/dare-1[View]
72967608Youtube Artists: Best musicians you've seen on YouTube? >I'll start https://www.youtube…[View]
72965530anybody wants me to leak this album?: post if u want in case u think im trolling heres a song https:…[View]
72967562Animal Collective live @ Brooklyn: As much as you didnt like this album, the concerts for this have …[View]
72965068>these were the Beatles' wives/girlfriends during Beatlemania What the fuck!? Couldn't …[View]
72965377so which one is the actual sequel to Yeezus?[View]
72967460ITT: times your faith in GOATtano was restored[View]
72951094/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: born in it, molded by it edition How do I start learning guitar? …[View]
72967072kpop: Hi /mu/ i wanna try something new can you recommend me some kpop artists to listen[View]
72967366Post comfy 70s synth core lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bywvgMrEx4[View]
72967226Man'chesta: What is the best album, artist or band to come out of Manchester? Pic unrelated…[View]
72966047In The Aeroplane Over The Aeroplane Over The Sea[View]
72965440KPOP GENERAL: gugudan edition[View]
72966778Is this the greatest country album? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7M3EEHYkJ0[View]
72966294Is this the only good thing to come out of Canada?[View]
72966834Why are you not listening to Bach?[View]
72966242How come now one ever talks about this on here?[View]
72967112>Still touring age 76 Hell be fine[View]
72957985Is Birds the most underrated DG track?[View]
72965941ITT: post underrated bands[View]
72966581Post a track, others fail to recommend something with the same feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
72966368ITT: The creative genius of the band/group[View]
72965016/mu/ jokes: Q: What's the difference between a toddler and a bag of cocaine? A: Eric Clapton wo…[View]
72966955Songs where the vocal delivery gets more and more aggressive as the song goes on Grippy Examples: An…[View]
72965773What in the absolute FUCK is this? I just listened to the first 'song' and it's literally a bun…[View]
72965943FLAC or CD?[View]
72966229What do you feel are the most ambitious albums of the 2010's? Are these good picks; Why or why…[View]
72966737Looking for more Japanese Thrash Metal like this(Migi Mo Hidari Mo Shihai Suru Atama Wa Kyou Mo Niku…[View]
72955806BCG (Bandcamp General): Do it to it motherfuckers[View]
72966704>When Spotify knows what im fuckin listening to so plays the Volkswagen advert with Iggy Pop - Pa…[View]
72965653INDUSTRIAL: What industrial albums don't suck? Is it the edgiest genre?[View]
72962123Holy fuck, I've just discovered pic related and I love it! But why did they keep the parts wher…[View]
72963900/groove/: These threads intend to initiate discussion and posting about funk, soul, disco, gogo, bre…[View]
72966544Pop that wants to be extreme[View]
72965950EDM PRODUCERS UNITE!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCJwTo0QrZk&feature=youtu.be Hey! I want a…[View]
72965539What's /mu/ opinion on Lorde? Is she relevant? Give your honest opinion on her.[View]
72966678How come EASYFUN aren't getting talked about when they're the best part of PC MUSIC? Has S…[View]
72966267The Antlers: There isn't a single bad song on this album[View]
72966639>beach fossils >beach house >the beach boys…[View]
72964870<3 Moz: Underappreciated Morrissey tracks go here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JisVNL_PMRc Wo…[View]
72955593Contrarian: Post a highly regarded artist that you hate because you're such a special fucking s…[View]
72964980Post 10/10 IDM albums: pic related has 2[View]
72937121how /mu will react when she will drop her new album?[View]
72960513What's Fantano's deal againt Hopsin? I understand he can not like his stuff but lately he…[View]
72965704Worst song on your favorite album: the thread >The Wasteland[View]
72966463rate my new track fam: https://soundcloud.com/belagarbage/sanacks[View]
72965026DEVO GENERAL[View]
72965212albums where you can close your eyes and set a scene[View]
72964912Reminder Steven Wilson is more patrician than you http://stevenwilsonhq.com/sw/playlist-archive/…[View]
72966419Am I a pleb for not liking 60's music? It all just sounds so dull and whiny. The Beatles, Velve…[View]
72966416*inhales deeply*[View]
7296601380's/90's death metal thread: top 5? terroriser - world downfall posessed - 7 churches car…[View]
72966326Help me out /mu/: I have been given the task of finding music for an performance in my school and Im…[View]
72950541One o' these.[View]
72965689Why doesn't /mu/ rate The Black Keys?[View]
72964985Recs for good downtempo music? Something like Air. I already heard Zero 7, which was decent but not …[View]
72965571ITT: Album covers that could totally be a MAD fold-in.[View]
72966026Is music dead?[View]
72965757'I'm the son of Rage and Love!' What did he mean by this?[View]
72963580Is there a more influential artist/ band of our time than Kanye?[View]
72966153This is their best album. Skinny Fists is a meme.[View]
72965585I'm performing for almost 1500 people tomorrow, I've never played for more than 200 people…[View]
72965845>want to listen to depressive music >it's all whiny teenagers or whiny old men whining ab…[View]
72964964Was this all?[View]
72965130name my band, /mu/[View]
72965651You fuckers!: Why didn't anyone tell me about this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmZKVO…[View]
72965963>listen to an album >it sounds like shit >try it again next morning >it's amazing W…[View]
72964095Kishi Bashi Appreciation thread: I dunno if /mu have discussed this guy before, but provides insane …[View]
72965899PINK SEASON: THE PROPHECY (FT. GETTER, BORGORE, AXEL BOY, TASTYTREAT) https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
72963509>enjoying a good Pavement album >a Spiral Stairs song comes on…[View]
72964255im done with this board. only threads that get attention. are bait threads like grimes or political.…[View]
72965810ITT: Bands that peaked early in their discography.[View]
72965008unreleased demo from an unknown MF DOOM alias, should I post?[View]
72963409What the actual fuck?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUo4pe5eMbY[View]
72917284Sharethread: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
72963558Post GOAT ambient albums[View]
72965753ALE SZTOS KURWA JAPIERDOLE https://youtu.be/K6G9Ap3cWNM[View]
72964763Tripping off the beat kinda, dripping off the meat grinder Heat niner, pimping, stripping, soft swee…[View]
72965586Any Colour You Like is quite literally the perfect psych rock song. Nothing else I've heard eve…[View]
72965420Hey, Do you guys know any good Dark Americana/Gothic Gospel/Alt Country? I've recently been ge…[View]
72963777Whats the best transition between tracks?[View]
72965602Thoughts on the upcoming Roger Waters album? Singles in case you haven't heard them https://www…[View]
72964214Does /mu/ like the Grimes approved band Paramore? What's your fave album of them?[View]
72965549DAMN, noodle looks like THAT?[View]
72949134/metal/: Uniondale edition Old: >>72940987[View]
72965560Shit on poupose: I recently watched a Nirvana concert where they fucked around, and played songs nob…[View]
72965527Requesting some vibe pictures of music production process. Pic related.[View]
72965494>Mount Eerie >Ocean Roar > >The Glow pt. 2 >Sauna >Dawn >No Flashlight > …[View]
72964537Hey /mu/, non /mu/tant here. I'm looking for music similar to that of this soundtrack. My favou…[View]
72964059KPOP GENERAL: Our girls edition[View]
72964655any hip-hop that doesn't sound like hip-hop? pls no stuff like Death Grips or Twenty One Pilots[View]
72964633GOAT mixtapes: link the best hip-hop mixtapes of all time[View]
72964137WHEN I WAS-[View]
72965335what do you think he used to make these tracks? is it really possible that he made these crazy drum …[View]
72965352I'm looking for the name of a song and band. I think it has Angel in it. It's about this g…[View]
72965302BROCKHAMTON: just discovered these guys. I think they have massive potential, what does mu think ht…[View]
72965324>Most people think that Meme Clientele and Iron Man are better than Fishscale When will this madn…[View]
72965224I don't know anything about '''''electronic music''''', spoonfeed me music like pic related ple…[View]
72956782What's the oldest music you listen to on a somewhat regular basis? For me, blues and country fr…[View]
72964918Unironically not that bad of a song (compared to the other around) but of course everyone is going r…[View]
72964025Lady Gaga Just Dance: >Spend the lasto >in your pocko What the fuck did she mean by this?…[View]
72965157Alternate Tracklistings: Take an album decorated with trash and bad track flow and make a superior a…[View]
72964873Make me feel like I'm at a Caribbean beach party.[View]
72964891Is Akuma No Uta a good Album?[View]
72964922CRACK THAT WHIP[View]
72965107Most underrated Metal Albums: and why is it Vendettas Brain Damage.[View]
72962521Is this true?[View]
72964735What was his endgame ?[View]
72965058>tfw want to be big song-writer who writes pop tunes and makes shit ton of money Is this bad, /mu…[View]
72964996Was he right?[View]
72964806'nest thoughts on this 'bum?[View]
72964940Was this at all influential for Jonny Greenwood when he was composing the There Will Be Blood score?…[View]
72964682Kendrick kills it again on Future's remix of 'Mask off' > the song got upgraded to god lvl …[View]
72964900>abusing my power full of ressentiment[View]
72964884What's the difference between this as Burt Bacharach?[View]
72964792What is the best current generation song and band?: Argue over which song or band of this generation…[View]
72962227Why is this band so critically acclaimed again?[View]
72964595BOD BYLAN: best bob dylan album and why?[View]
72962755Rock music peaked in the 1950s. You literally can't refute this.[View]
72964681RYM year: >year you were born >post first 5 albums >rate 1- DJ Shadow Endtroducing..... 2 …[View]
72964742He is not Eminem! He is not Macklemore!: It's U N K L E A D A M S This rapper RIPS the mic with…[View]
72964587Is it just me being a moron or did the price of headphones and audio gear in general go up when Beat…[View]
72964625Gwen Stefani Looking Hot Video: Who was in the wrong here? I'm a Native American myself and I w…[View]
72964660Remember the time Scarlett Johansson made an album?[View]
72964676/chart/ thread: r8, h8, guess personalities[View]
72964131Why would you post in the thread about a musician or artist you don't like? Why would you go ou…[View]
72961658Were they ever good? I'm a huge black metal fan, and I've never really checked out this ba…[View]
72964480yoooo this is sick as fuck any more like this?[View]
72962930Why isn't /mu/ talking about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72964516Any music recommendations for coping with the feeling that we will never Spore the way Will Wright i…[View]
72962710Overrated: I listened to the majority of Eminems albulms and don't understand the appeal of him…[View]
72964546SOTY Thread: Here are some of my picks. Discuss each others' picks. Also plz give recs. 1. Stab…[View]
72964532Does anyone know of this beauty, thoughts[View]
72964465for me it's Grimes[View]
72964503Subtle faggot music: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktwlN_ocL-o[View]
72960866>post yfw you realized this is the best DG album[View]
72963562/nostalgia/ - Nostalgia General Favorite songs from when you were a kid. What is it /mu/? >top so…[View]
72964481/John Lennon General/[View]
72963058Is it washable?[View]
72960070What in the absolute FUCK is this? I just listened to the first 'song' and it's literally a bun…[View]
72963846holy shit, this is the best metal album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72964366this man makes beautiful music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMnr6zTuGrs[View]
72961774Amie ©lark: I thought she was gonna release an album this spring? where the hell is it? I'm itc…[View]
72964345Ocean & Montana or Milk[View]
72963375this is good[View]
72962688>Deluxe edition >Japanese edition[View]
72955274Where does Kanye's music fall within hip-hop? He isn't conscious rap, he isn't gangst…[View]
72963113/mu/ why some vocalists need to be associated to a band when the people are only interested in them?…[View]
72963281I have been trying to find music like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmSoW6H5ViI https://www.y…[View]
72964170music critics are pretentious twats that attempt to intellectualize their opinions to compensate for…[View]
72959141Death Grips is mediocre. Their only respected because every member in the group has an music/art bac…[View]
72964166holy shit, this is the best metal album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72963968Alright, I've waited long enough. Where the fucks that fleet foxes leak boys?[View]
72957570Why does /mu/ hate pic related? What recent jazz albums are better?[View]
72962814*deletes entire discography*[View]
72961882This album is one of the most important milestones in the history of the rock LP, and is comparable …[View]
72964097>Song has studio chatter[View]
72963727Ariana Grande General: What is her best body of work?[View]
72963340Whats next? Whats left? Where do we go from here?[View]
72962940This kills the beatlefag.[View]
72964016holy shit, this is the best jazz album ever made. fucking insane[View]
72960980*deletes entire album* *listens to Good Vibrations on repeat for 36 minutes instead*[View]
72962976Who else /babymetal/ here? Pretty sure I turned into a weeb after I saw this video. The girl's…[View]
72950078Chart Thread: You know the drill. R8, H8, Masterb8[View]
72961973how can we stop this 'rap is good' meme?[View]
72963840ITT: Post the weirdest music in your collection. >Christian rock from 1965 sung by a teenager of …[View]
72963387music for this feel?[View]
72960607What's the best song off this album and why is it Burn the Witch?[View]
72954286>Anon mindlessly listens to tons of new albums without giving any of those albums once a replay …[View]
72963471Best/worst song on this? >Best Decatur >Worst Night Zombies…[View]
72961013Daily reminder that we're all gonna die[View]
72962541It's still weird to think that's been 3 years since Zach left Death Grips.[View]
72963887r8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O46v33hpx4Q[View]
72957740Does /mu/ like $uicideboy$?[View]
72962216what are the best positive motivational albums? I just want something that makes me feel like an awe…[View]
72963843'I must get back to Dancecentrum in Stuttgart in time to see Kraftwerk'[View]
72963825ITT BAND ASSLICKING: >op band name: EINSTEIN BERNSTEIN >genre: math rock / emocore >sounds…[View]
72959751What do you guys think of MF DOOM personally i think hes one of the best rappers ever but thats my o…[View]
72963728I don't dream of you anymore[View]
72962597This is a 71 yo Cher. Implying /mu wouldn't smash[View]
72960355What do you listen to to cheer yourself up?[View]
72963311Why does this album get so overrated? Rym is saying that its better than unmastered.; which is absol…[View]
72963529new track feedback: hi /mu/ please check out my new track, feedback is much appreciated https://soun…[View]
72962037Album suggestions for travelling: I'm having a long ass trip soon. What are some good albums to…[View]
72963123If music is good then why there's so much of it?[View]
72962493KPOP GENERAL[View]
72961368I've got Planetarium. Some things: >This album is going to be incredibly polarizing and it d…[View]
72961630what did he mean by this[View]
72962627Rap is not bad. Just 90% of those are made by repetitive fucks lazy enough to fill their lyrics with…[View]
72963517Hey this sounds like Kraftwerk but good[View]
72963507kill me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGBb8ZEuDPs[View]
72962908>Post your fav six(6) albums right now >Other people guess your personality…[View]
72963466>'YOUR NAME IS FUCK' what did he mean by this?[View]
72960503What comes to your mind when you see this image?[View]
72961569What are your thoughts on Poppy?[View]
72960288Anyone else pissed about the mixing on the Danzig album dropping on the 26th?[View]
72963413BANG BANG BANG BOI[View]
72961640This is perfect.[View]
72962284just heard David Axelrod's 'songs of innocence', looking for more like this???[View]
72960148Listening and reviewing every album in this thread (unless I've already listened to it then I…[View]
72962680Are there any albums that even the most contrarian people of mu won't call bad? Albums where yo…[View]
72957842>the Beatles >need to get consume massive, untold quantities of hallucinogens as a substitute …[View]
72962100*police sirens* *gun fire* >fuck that nigga Trent, imma put him in the dirt >my names Johnny C…[View]
72961114We don't...[View]
72963192What does /mu/ think about Jank? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHsMOvTRZFg[View]
72963165Ahhh, I love yacht rock :)[View]
72962637This album has some depressing lyrics. I'm not used to Mac being this sad. A couple songs are r…[View]
72962978I feel like none of the individual tracks on this album are even remotely enjoying to listen to, in …[View]
72962074More like this?[View]
72962975*plays power chord* >'me sad sad me drug drug' *blows brains out* >'heh nothing personell cour…[View]
72959024so true[View]
72961703Just so we're all clear, everyone knows there's literally nothing objective at all about m…[View]
72961288What's some music you love that isn't 'trendy' or hip to like? Pic related for me.[View]
72963009ITT: Albums from your country that are lowkey 10/10[View]
72962157Please rec me some long, slow, heavy, bluesy jams in the vein of Voodoo Chile that aren't metal…[View]
72941169/dark/ General: Day After World Goth Day Edition: ITT: we talk about Gothic Rock Post-Punk Cold Wa…[View]
72955196Is On GP the best song they've made?[View]
72962472We live in a time where whole families die because of their terrible taste in music. /mu/ has never …[View]
72961508>be mediocre singer and guitar player >try my ass off to get even a mediocre recording >try…[View]
72962815Is Rock a 20th century relic? Should we just let it die a peaceful death already? Think about this 1…[View]
72961615Music for a specific feeling: I'm moving very far away from family and venturing into territory…[View]
72960793Name a better mainstream rock song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dm_5qWWDV8[View]
72960646What's that song that always makes you want to dance /mu/? >Don't fight it, feel it…[View]
72962625The Devil and the Almighty Blues: I've never seen a thread about these guys here, what does /mu…[View]
72959621Is this the greatest song of all time?[View]
72950907/shugazi/: what are you listening to right now?[View]
72962135Classic Hip Hop: More like this[View]
72962565>I want a boy, who isn't anything like me ;_;[View]
72955884>want to be a musician >everything you write is shit…[View]
72962081Album name?: Looking for the album name or artist name of this... I remember listening to it years a…[View]
72959686What is the best Soundgarden album and why is it Badmotorfinger?[View]
72960313ruin sunn o))) for me. i love them too much.[View]
72959802KPOP GENERAL[View]
72960168/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
72962341Can anyone recommend me some albums like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mz9qhcvG7cg&feature…[View]
72962385Eurobeat: Can we have a thread about good Eurobeat albums? post your favorites, please.[View]
72961915Recommend me a song similar to this: https://www.google.com.vn/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j…[View]
72939289Post recent purchases, rec some shit to people[View]
72960119My pick for AOTY, for sure[View]
72958822Why is this album so hated here?[View]
72961984metal music: hey all, i am hoping to get into metal, any/all kinds. I'm definitely an active mu…[View]
72962202>he sounds like the bastard lovechild of Isaac Brock and Morten Harket >...I kinda like it Wha…[View]
72962061What is the worst Kraftwerk song?[View]
72960529Is he underrated these days?[View]
72961179Yfw like a stone was about Layne Staley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QU1nvuxaMA[View]
72960851Hey /mu/ I'm not from here so I hope you won't attack me but I'm wondering if you can…[View]
72961995>put on some dope music >it's actually chill music…[View]
72961536whats wrong with his eyes? is he blind or something?[View]
72961088What's the worst band merch out there?[View]
72961424This shit triggers me[View]
72961662Is stoner doom metal the greatest kind of media that exists in 2017?[View]
72961525ITT: Post female musicians you can take seriously[View]
72961380/emoe/ is dead?[View]
72952510Is 'There is a Kingdom' the only good christfag song ever written?[View]
72959899Why did he do it /mu/?[View]
72955560Vinyl / CD Thread? Post what you've recently bought.[View]
72961010someone explain to me why no blur album is nearly as good as [pic related][View]
72960389i like sad indie music what does /mu/ recommend?[View]
72957168Emo: Emo/alt thread. Getting into it, more like this. Love the heart wrench https://soundcloud.com/h…[View]
72961775>'I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in High School' What did he mean by this?…[View]
72960984Hey /mu/ does anyone know the name of this? It's probably weeabshit if that helps also comfy mu…[View]
72957650ITT: Bands who's first album was the best Pic related, I came believe Joy Division pumped out t…[View]
72961539rate https://youtu.be/ELNvmFGNLRU[View]
72961337>White Light White Heat (1967) contains Sister Ray, which probably remains the ultimate, definiti…[View]
72958200what went wrong?[View]
72961507I'm desperately in need of help /mu/ How do I run a vinyl player with a built-in preamp, one re…[View]
72960780Rock music is dead to me. It just can't do what other music has done. The doors can do some ma…[View]
72959279Where does /mu/ stand on NSBM?[View]
72958674Post the album you can't stop listening to, and your favorite song from it. https://www.youtube…[View]
72961172Power Rank the Pearl Jam Albums: 1. No Code 2. Yield 3. Ten 4. Vitalogy 5. Binaural 6. Riot Act 7. P…[View]
72961446/music videos/: Hey /mu/, could you help me find some trippy hip-hop music videos like these? https:…[View]
72961165if you want to find love in your life then...: https://dogshowrecords.bandcamp.com/album/super-love-…[View]
72961348Chill 80's music thread: My song for the night would have to be Miracles by The Limit https://w…[View]
72961057Reddit bands and albums you secretly love: don't be afraid, come forward anon[View]
72959710Worst songs you've ever heard?[View]
72961375Does mu rate her?[View]
72961214How can 'people' enjoy musics with very loose rhytm? Are they soulless?[View]
72960169>that song you always ignored on your playlist >listen to it once >instantly addicted what…[View]
72954510Country and Western: Do you prefer dadcountry to modern country music? I rarely see country discuss…[View]
72959240Have you listened to it yet?[View]
72961178>´´Marley was the official distributor of reggae and Rastafarian culture. Often boring and repeti…[View]
72959652So how does /mu/ feel about the Decemberists?I never see anyone talk about them, and they sound pret…[View]
72960066WANT TO KNOW THE REST? HEY, BUY THE RIGHTS Whats your favorite one hit wonder?[View]
72959369This man has defined your the majority of your music taste, and you probably didn't even know w…[View]
72957600Why do people dislike within you without you?[View]
72960238Post your worst album art from music you actually listen to[View]
72959917The Beatles: post pic of favorite beatle[View]
72958141For Meg isn't even the best song on here I had this album for years, and neglected the rest of …[View]
72960246General Music Discussion: What is music, and why does it exist?[View]
72960946What do you guys think of this album? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2XNHwxvAr0 I like it more tha…[View]
72956360God-Tier OSTs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW-MEqhiGzc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H_HuzCUX…[View]
72960771Who's worth seeing? Going all three days.[View]
72960477More like this?[View]
72958522Don Cab: What does /mu/ think of Don Caballero?[View]
72960833Why do rapists and hips rap fans call the chorus section of a song 'hook?[View]
72960472What in the absolute FUCK is this? I just listened to the first 'song' and it's literally a bun…[View]
72960756Hey guys, aspiring metal band here We were wondering what you thought of our song, thanks. https://c…[View]
72959552with the new album being so disastrous, I though it was time for a ranking PURE RUBBISH One More Li…[View]
72956352Korean Music General: I'll be studying in Seoul this summer and I'm looking for recs of go…[View]
72960094Rush thread: What are your favorite Rush albums, buds? I'd have to say my top 7 are, in no part…[View]
72958324Left or right?[View]
72960480Is this the greatest rapper of all time?[View]
72960038Can anyone recommend some cyberpunk bangers ready to turn the dance floor into a fucking warzone?[View]
72960408What music has the best bass?[View]
72948931Albums you want to live inside of.: I'll start[View]
72952781*deletes Bungalow Bill, Rocky Raccoon, Don't Pass Me By, I Will, Mother Nature's Son, Revo…[View]
72960466Death Grips: Metroid music https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72959260a massive awakening is occuring[View]
72960370can other artists even compare?[View]
72957902The best thing you can ever do for yourself.[View]
72960428Share some links to your favorite Japanese artists https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9O5bjURLlHheG9E…[View]
72960344ITT: Good summer driving albums[View]
72958684what are some albums for feeling shitty?[View]
72959878Why is all the Death Grips hate popping up again?[View]
72960308Actually Best: https://youtu.be/FuXnVdtlEsw The only good band that exists[View]
72960195>lyrics are Hopelandic[View]
72958951can only see half which ones would you pick?[View]
72959786My dad just listened to this album, AMA [spoiler]No, I'm not underage[spoiler][View]
72956908Is this the Echoes of hip-hop?[View]
72959707ITT: Post your best various artists compilations.[View]
72957474>rapper orders food for a verse[View]
72957276/DnB/ general-THE RETURN: welcome back to the drum and bass general. Feel free to post anything rela…[View]
72941620Bandcamp/Soundcloud/YouTube: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to each…[View]
72959929Thoughts on Louis Armstrong?[View]
72960018help: There's this indie song I found on Youtube but I lost it and I can't remember the na…[View]
72958299Recently picked up this cd/cassette player at a garage sale for $5. What's the best way to get …[View]
72955441/Prod/ + Gear General I bought a 2 months old Maschine Mikro Mk2 off ebay for 130 bucks- did I do go…[View]
72955048ITT : If you hear it, post the next part: >'DO YOU HEAR A COW?'[View]
72954883What city has the best current underground Hip-Hop scene?[View]
72953950>itt: songs you identify with but wish you didn't https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZLfasMPOU…[View]
72959934Is this, dare I say, the King of Pop?[View]
72959348How do you rationalize this?[View]
72958538What's your favorite GG song?[View]
72958939BASED MORRISSEY http://www.nme.com/news/music/morrissey-manchester-terror-attack-statement-2076696…[View]
72959726Any manlet bassists think they can outbass me?: https://youtu.be/hKNZIrpbSC0[View]
72958670Brazilian music is too damn qt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EErxq6napo[View]
72959785funk: Aí, galera, tranquilo? Se liga nesse remix foda aqui ó https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ36W3…[View]
7295824021 savage-'Issa' featuring Young thug, Drake FINALLY DROPPED: ISSA HIT >shitty quality because it…[View]
72959756Any idea on why he doesn't sing 'One In A Million' live?[View]
72959698How do you feel[View]
72958212Lou Reed song labelled 'transphobic': Almost 50 years later. And people say that we don…[View]
72959526I want to into 80s music. Rec me things to start with[View]
72959020music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fXJaVuNpfU[View]
72959648So the new Merzbow track sounds pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paqwoh2G69A&ab_cha…[View]
72957042Reccomendations or simular sounding pic related: i know its pretty normie and memes but i genuinely …[View]
72959278ITT: Bands where the guitarist is 90-100% of the reason for their success.[View]
72957999KPOP GENERAL[View]
72959086ITT: Cute photos of rappers: Kanye a cute![View]
72956745What makes progressive rock progressive? To where is rock progressing? From where is rock progressin…[View]
72959584broke: I listen to everything except hip hop and country woke: I only listen to hip hop and country[View]
72958794What is the essentialest post-punk?[View]
72955473What is some music about sexually dominant women?[View]
72949663My friend says I'm a pedo for thinking Ariana Grande is sexy as fuck. We're both 22. Why i…[View]
72959447James Chance is an awkward motherfucker: https://youtu.be/tzvEyVTQIU8 I don't get it, the man s…[View]
72957036>first track is short and different >second to last track is much longer than the others…[View]
72955203/rym/: Let's Go Boys[View]
72956187>listen to album >it's supposed to be really accessible and catchy >it's just a b…[View]
72959262>the last 2 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uH--ZEVsgA[View]
72957104This is one of the best albums I've ever heard. Let's have a vintage J-Funk/J-Pop thread.[View]
72906797/classical/: Beethoven-senpai edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern c…[View]
72958314music that only patricians like: I'll Start: Nickleback[View]
72955293WORST FANBASES >IRL Zappa >on /mu/ literally all poptimist waifuists…[View]
72958736Why doesn't /mu/ ever talk about King Krule? I can't think of anyone of his age, as an art…[View]
72955688gorillaz /rate/ thread: 1. Demon Days 2. Gorillaz 3. The Fall 4. Plastic Beach 5. Humanz[View]
72957724That's not what I was expecting at all. What is this album about?[View]
72959002>In the following year, LCD Soundsystem recorded and released '45:33', a forty-six minute-long co…[View]
72958884*deletes Palo Alto*[View]
72957949Is '80s pop nearly guaranteed patrician?[View]
72956560Does /mu/ like Sky Ferrari?[View]
72958491thoughts on pic related's self titled?[View]
72958752make this go viral https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTujmdoFCy4[View]
72958385AOTY: post yours[View]
72955780thoughts on sun araw ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA09FuGtMbM[View]
72957556What song are you currently addicted to?: Homeshake - Every Single Thing https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
72954158Do you actually like Paramore? Thoughts on their new album After Laughter? Bonus: watch this - https…[View]
72952372*deletes your favourite track*[View]
72956031Is there a band whose music approaches the depth, complexity and intelligence of 21 pilots, or shoul…[View]
72954544what's wrong with his eyes? is he blind or something?[View]
72956414is she the best female artist to ever exist? pretty sure she is..[View]
72958547>he doesn't listen to evil pimp do you like pouya,bones,suicideboys? he created that style…[View]
72956981Anybody have the archive link to Zach Hill's post on April fool's day? It's the only …[View]
72952667what are your favorite female artists? post their best song too. >grimes >symphonia ix https:/…[View]
72953992What do you guys think of FLAC? I personally think all music should be released in .flac primarily a…[View]
72958427Why are both the perfect kiss and temptation 12''(new orders two best tracks excluding ele…[View]
72956081ITT post your top 5 albums at the moment iron maiden - the number of the beast the jesus and mary ch…[View]
72958255Why is it so rare for members of non-japanese bands to be female, and when they exist they tend to b…[View]
72948599Death Grips: Thoughts on the new mix And thoughts on death grips in general[View]
72957453Is this the greatest band of all time?[View]
72956001>decide to take a music theory class as an elective in college >teacher is an old ass hippie t…[View]
72957720>be me >20 >finally hook up with someone at a bar >bring a 10/10 qt girl back to the ap…[View]
72958152https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJMJ-keBDjc Does /mu/ like Anime music?[View]
72956361Anton Newcombe: What does /mu/ think about Anton Newcombe ? I mean the BJM have released a lot of mu…[View]
72957476are (((they))) still with us?[View]
72957969/TSG/ Taylor Swift General[View]
72957173>Britpop artists were vocal about their disdain for grunge. In a 1993 NME interview, Damon Albarn…[View]
72958133Danza di fuoco E ghiaccio sheet music: Does anyone here know where I can find this anywhere? I want …[View]
72956673ITT: Albums you're mad at /mu/ for not showing you.[View]
72957940What are some songs for the feel of having sex to someone you don't even care or know that much…[View]
72956321>removes Fool Now its perfect[View]
72957952What genre is he talking about, /mu/?[View]
72957892Why do a lot of bans labeled 'post-hardcore' actually sound less harsh and atonal, and more melodic,…[View]
72957987Devastatin Dave - Zip Zap Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clg9AziTfI4 https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
72957791Thoughts on Twilight Force? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP1R5cWC0jI[View]
72956593How can The Beatles possibly be considered 'the greatest band of all time' in a universe where this …[View]
72950239Post them Streambabbies need not apply[View]
72957371MC RIDE HERE AMA[View]
72957407Well /mu/? Would you say this is accurate?[View]
729574542010's Post-punk: ITT: god tier Post punk from this decade[View]
72957816This is the best Beach Boys album Prove me wrong PROTIP You cant[View]
72956484ITT: Guilty pleasures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ORUkHsR_o[View]
72957184Are they a meme band?[View]
72956770p optimism with red flats[View]
72957513>tfw just noticed I have 90 bands in my skramz folder[View]
72956854was it the baldness that made him start to suck: he seems like he lost his touch at like the same ti…[View]
72957203ITT: songs that remind you of 'them': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0dJqlvOSq4 jessica…[View]
72957421discuss or what[View]
72954892>be me >18, never heard prog before >my dad walks in, swinging a 40 inch curtain pole arou…[View]
72957366This album is so fucking good. MMT used to be one my least favorite Beatles album because I never r…[View]
72954091What are some other artists that will blow me away?[View]
72952788Was he a good rapper?[View]
72956590I listened to the new Linkin Park album for shits and giggles; it has to be one of the most disastro…[View]
72953387>tags: instrumental[View]
72955264DAMN. slayer incoming[View]
72956967Are they the only good thing to come out of Australia?[View]
72956954Korean rappers are gonna become the next big thing in 'Murica. Calling it right now.[View]
72956726Best plebcore artists?: pic very related[View]
72956589What are some more albums that are underrated AND overrated?[View]
72956970Ringtones: Dubs decides my new Ringtone. Also Ringtone thread.[View]
72954455>is a 'big music fan' >doesn't listen to classical music or jazz Explain yourselves.…[View]
72956834What are some good dungeon synth albums?[View]
72954216DEATH METAL RECS: What are some death metal albums that don't suck?[View]
72956758/folk/: why is this album so good[View]
72955148pic related[View]
72956783https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZPsRvcsxRw Hey, do you guys know of any music that sounds like this…[View]
72956415Shuffle all music and post the first 10 songs that come up, then get judged >Arcade Fire - Neighb…[View]
72955711Please can someone recommend me more songs like >'I Talk To The Wind' It's such a beautiful …[View]
72956546Covers better than the original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m7e7tCn7Bk[View]
72956672>that high pitched noise whenever the vocals cut in Jesus christ its unlistenable, how did this m…[View]
72947748Top ten favorite albums thread, this helps me discover[View]
72954777Is there anyone on /mu/ who actually owns a physical copy of this album?[View]
72953986ITT:Kill a album deletin only one song: 'deletes Venus In Furs'[View]
72954747https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyiEJaf-IzE is he really he best song writer of our time? this song …[View]
72956511Token: thoughts/opinions on token?[View]
72955246>steals your bread How should one respond?[View]
72952742Is capitalism destroying music as an artform?[View]
72956149Hey /mu/ I am getting married in two weeks and my fiancee and I need to select entrance songs for ou…[View]
72955578she is right[View]
72955392Ariana Grande tour continues: Singer Ariana Grande has released a statement letting her fans know th…[View]
72956302damn fellas I wouldn't have expected to be enjoying a new Feist album in 2017 but this actually…[View]
72952348explain jazz[View]
72955352What does /mu think of the new Underachievers project? I thought it was pretty good but not as good …[View]
72956362Music Discovery Thread: Reply to last post in thread with obscure/not well known album. Listen to a…[View]
72951973I GOT A STRONG URGE TO FLY BUT I GOT NOWHERE TO FLY TO (fly to, fly to, fly to..)[View]
72955829Post bands you're embarassed to admit you like: Post songs by bands you would hesitate to admit…[View]
72956268what is /mu listening to rust in peace...polaris by megadeth[View]
72955550How do I learn to appreciate drums?[View]
72954805KPOP GENERAL[View]
72954117What makes it so good?[View]
72955905Best video thatistheplan has made in a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2wj1SYp7WQ[View]
72955563>walking through concert >hear what i think is a sick bass drop, wakes me up, gets me interes…[View]
72954183what does everyone think of Gorillaz new album?[View]
72953761>tfw the two greatest mememasters of the century will never have a collab How do we make it happe…[View]
72955836elysia: anyone got the new elysia crampton?[View]
72955774Does /mu/ like Katy Perry?[View]
72955177Best rap I've ever heard https://youtu.be/f6P_mvD5DIQ (Pic unrelated)[View]
72954647ITT: post an album: Try to trigger the anon above you based on what they posted[View]
72953734explain rock[View]
72956071I AM LISTENING[View]
72955980fl: where to download fl studios for free?[View]
72943669soundcloud thread: post/rate/review[View]
72954289Hmm: Rate my gf's chart ... please don't be too mean post your own if you want[View]
72948225/mu/mor: Let's get a /mu/ humor thread going.[View]
72955568Who's the Next Pop Star To Really Blow Up??[View]
72955940Lyrics are corny most of the time and they can ruin otherwise good songs. Meanwhile they never actua…[View]
72950352>its an everybody pretends Money is a bad song episode[View]
72952551Who is this man?[View]
72954482What's /mu/'s unpopular opinion? Mine is that I actually kinda liked this[View]
72954252https://youtu.be/_uxxo07LxQA Anybody know this guy?[View]
72955481More music like the first half of 'Please Remember'? I know it's supposed to be an interlude-ty…[View]
72955750http://www.mediafire.com/file/rbri68bbdjpsthr/Missteps_III_-_Conduit_Closing.zip okay there you go n…[View]
72953340ITT: Kidz Bopify lyrics: >I can't even swing a stick without getting convicted…[View]
72955216i usually only lurk but FUCK[View]
729556017:21 literally sounds like diarrhea, it's a 9/10 EP but I don't get why they include sound…[View]
72955120were the Bee Gees cool?[View]
72955280where in the world is john maus?[View]
72954479wtf is this board even? why are people arguing over mostly subjective questions?[View]
72954225about to listen to this for the first time[View]
72954242What does /mu/ think of Chet Baker?[View]
72951687Are the smiths better than the beatles?: ?[View]
72955432Do you own any rare material by an artist that you know only you and 2 or 3 other people have? Bonus…[View]
72945737All Time Rock Vocalist Top 10: 1. Chris Cornell 2. Mick Jagger 3. Robert Plant 4. Roger Daltrey 5. L…[View]
72954984probably the greatest album released in 2015.[View]
72955190Does anyone else sort of check out of albums when they get overtly religious? I always cringe slight…[View]
72955351ITT: Only god tier music I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3pmMZDko60[View]
72951616What's /mu/'s opinion on Xxxtentacion? Is he the best Soundcloud rapper in the game?[View]
72953929one of these threads: >Best: When You Sleep >Worst: Only Shallow >Underrated: Loomer…[View]
72951788itt: Post a personal 10/10 and others try to find flaws[View]
72955259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpd3kx3glsc What genre of rock is this?[View]
72954698What does this thing say about the state of music?[View]
72954167Now the dust has settled how does it compare to the other mixtapes?[View]
72952120Do you like Vaporwave? I like it unironically. Vaporwave thread I guess[View]
72951691The Top 50 Rappers of All Time 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. RZA 3. Drake 4. Lil Yachty 5. Tech N9ne 6. Rakim…[View]
72954265Yo /mu/, I want to make lo-fi indie music but can't think of an artist name. Give me some name …[View]
72955062what's with the hands?[View]
72954807Lennon/McCartney vs Brian Wilson: Which was better at writing music? Which was better at writing lyr…[View]
72954820Holy shit[View]
72953455Is this true?[View]
72954913i'd trade it all for a stairway to heaven[View]
72951875Hip Hop is superior to Metal in any way: Metal: >It's all just guitars and some drums, almos…[View]
72953426Led Zepplin: What do you think of them? Best albums? Worst Albums?[View]
72954468when you update an old playlist on soundcloud, does it get bumped up in your profile page, or stays …[View]
72952739KPOP GENERAL: hana edition[View]
72954660This is an album.[View]
72954673Holy Fucking Shit: 40,000 is fucking stupid good what the fuck.[View]
72952883Joji is back!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfycALNEVlQ Any bands similar to Pink Guy/Joji you ca…[View]
729545301st song u DJ: Yo /mu/. What's the first song you play when someone passes you the aux cord in …[View]
72951448What is MY favourite album /mu/?[View]
72953126how old were you when you grew into limp bizkit? took me til 21 to realize that they're actuall…[View]
72951401/oasis/: OASIS GENERAL[View]
72954490DRIP DRIP[View]
72953982Whats the appeal[View]
72953792Best Pink Floyd Track/Album?[View]
72952075This bitch had explosions go off at her concert and she still isn't the bomb.[View]
72951918ONE THING[View]
72954440Where can i find Internet radio links besides from internet-radio dot com Do you have a collection? …[View]
72952496What is /mu/'s opinion on Tubular Bells?[View]
72954410Check this shit: http://thebluenoise.bandcamp.com/album/blue[View]
72953454Morrissey RACIST: What the fuck is his problem? What a piece of shit, Im deleting all my Smiths albu…[View]
72952116Lonely birthday: Recc music for a lonely birthday, please.[View]
72954366Music software question: If I have a lot of pirated music software, will downloading ilok to authori…[View]
72939540Top fiddy /chart/ thread: Post em and spinelessly make fun of other people's tastes in music.…[View]
72953670>current AOTY >favorite song from said album >current feels…[View]
72952079What does /mu/ think of Roy Orbison?[View]
72953637Using an album as background noise while you play some videogames: >That was an okay-ish album d…[View]
72953947Itt:post patrician industrial albums[View]
72954249What should /mu/ make him listen to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHBVq6xXkv0[View]
72954152the negroes at my wawa are taking a long time making my quesadilla[View]
72950508What are your favorite Albums released under Kompakt?: I'm trying to get into techno Lately.…[View]
72954148I've found the best song on earth...: sorry guys, you can all go home now, music is cancelled. …[View]
72954147Punk albums similar to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSlKBg9IOlo Female vocalist would be a …[View]
72952238Alternate Covers:: Gimme your best.[View]
72954034Where do I start with Passion Pit?[View]
72951389Name my music band and guess who OP is.[View]
72943114Bandcamp Thread: Pop off fellas[View]
72908295RYM / Sonemic General: When the fuck is this gonna launch[View]
72950141>listening to music >keep checking the time am i doing music right ? is this just a phase ? wi…[View]
729538695 bands in your lifetime you wish you could have seen: feel free to list things you kick yourself ov…[View]
72952791What is /mu/'s thoughts on Strongsoul?[View]
72953397What is the musical equivalent for 'kino' (as used by /tv/)[View]
72953627>Let's do BADBADNOTGOOD, but shittier[View]
72953865why aren't more people talking about her record from this year? The song Baybee is fucking tigh…[View]
72952805>login to /mu/ >hide all the threads which are the same as yesterday, the day before, the day …[View]
72949359P L A N E T A R I U M: Anybody got that leak?[View]
72953882alt-country thread: shoot the shit and share some favorites[View]
72952333Warp rep reporting in: Melodies From Mars will be released on July 3rd. That is all[View]
72951922What does /mu/ think of Journey?[View]
72947977Why are there so many Grimes posts on here? Have none of you seen the light? She's just a shit…[View]
72953772Post your favourite record labels[View]
72953844What are the best songs to have slow, feral, passionate sex to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzkR…[View]
72951330Fake album cover thread: You know the deal[View]
72951361tell me i'm your national anthem[View]
72951645Post an image, get recs[View]
72951825*deletes embryo*[View]
72953594Quick, /mu/! Claim your husbando before someone else does![View]
72953534ITT: God-tier Music-themed shows and movies: Post 10/10 shows and movies that have to do with music …[View]
72952317>Spent a whole semester busting my ass trying to pass chemistry. >Take an exam a week before …[View]
72950525ITT: Songs you want to bang to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koFM5paYEmM https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
72904932/prod/ Music Production General: (((I didn't post the usual pic cause i couldn't find it))…[View]
72952449More like this?[View]
72950238Cuck Bands: Who's the biggest cuck band and why is it Descendents? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72953403*deletes Gold[View]
72952643So (of COURSE ironically) who's your favorite trap/mumble rapper. I can't stand Future or…[View]
72953546Mask Off remix F. Kendrick Lamar: I didn't know there was gonna be a Kendrick remix of Mask Off…[View]
72953489> implying you don't like Jimmy Buffett Name better music to drink to [spoiler] you can…[View]
72940028/mu/ makes an album: /mu/ makes an album: post-punk edition previous one is dead dubs and 5s=track n…[View]
72950701Bands that could never live up to their debut album.[View]
72951149What happened to Frank?: Why did Frank Zappa's music take such an epic shit? His early work wit…[View]
72953410Any other songs/albums that sound like Chromatics' Shadow, /mu/?[View]
72950606Why are Metal fans such goddamn crybabies? I've literally seen people threaten to kill someone …[View]
72953322ALLAHU AKBAR[View]
72951539How did he make this album? What instruments did he use? Did he use any software?[View]
72951727Voyage-Air Guitars: Do they hold any merit? Everyone at my local Samash and Guitar Center say their …[View]
72953313Post the best rap song: Others r8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH3hrtp1T84[View]
72951548Hi, /mu/. I'm getting into 80's hardcore punk both angry and poppy and I want some recomme…[View]
72953284Punkheads, Came across these dudes on here few days ago called The Horrortongues, saw they released …[View]
72952641I got a synthesizer kind of like this one and I haven't really every used it, it's just be…[View]
72952326where were you when you realized this is garbage: this album was proto-creed, geffen's attempt …[View]
72953069Best hip hop album ever?: Have you guys heard this masterpiece yet?[View]
72952674What are some naff bands that are still pretty fun? Seems like nowadays bands that are bad are just …[View]
72952544in case you forgot,[View]
72952461The best album for you to stop procrastinating? I'm really pushing my deadlines. please help[View]
72950114Alright, /mu/, what am I missing out on?[View]
72952843Can we praise this man that brought us hope and pleasure to the world at large?[View]
72952473Music like this...: Hey /mu/, I really enjoy videogame music and ambient tunes. I'm looking for…[View]
72952651Do you like The Smiths?[View]
72951273Fuck this is so bad I promise I'm not out to shit on them, but Jesus... This is terribly generi…[View]
72951336>'time to back off motherfucker' Is this the most edgy and embarrassing moment on a waifupop albu…[View]
72951319Lmao fucj /mu/![View]
72952167Guilty Pleasure: Dad Rock[View]
72951423/jazz/ general: is /jazz/ dead? edition What have you been listening to? What do you think of it? Bo…[View]
72950977KPOP GENERAL[View]
72951694Triple trouble[View]
72952498was this the last time rock music truly mattered as a major cultural force?[View]
72951241It was only a kiss[View]
72952570need good headphones for my desktop under 90 dollars. any recommendations?[View]
72950725*blocks your path* *whips out dicks* *rapes u*[View]
72949427How DOOM hold heat then preach non-violence?[View]
72951730Loser: https://youtu.be/7hT759rB8G0[View]
72952077Why is he such a fucking weeb?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYgZolLini4[View]
72951537Really like this band and album but my friends take the piss out of me for it. why?[View]
72952284Be honest: Which is the better band?[View]
72942320Death Grips - Steroids: >tfw im dying inside >tfw death grips releases new shit >tfw my dic…[View]
72951905literally why even learn guitar when you can learn keyboard and put the guitar setting on. you could…[View]
72952260What did he mean by this? [Verse 1: Jay Z] Tears on the mausoleum floor Blood stains the Colosseum d…[View]
72952286THE GREAT DEBATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZhx1CPY2xs[View]
72948764itt: 2017 albums with no bad tracks i'll start[View]
72952185>stumble upon an old album on /mu/ and end up really liking it >can't find anything simil…[View]
72945360>There are people on this board who think Revolver is better than Sgt Pepper…[View]
72952153Were they the logical conclusion to supergroups?[View]
72951499What are some good albums to crack open a cold one with the boys to?[View]
72951717Rate/Roast my musical tastes[View]
72947025Haha, wow! Poptimism has actually, with absolute fucking sincerity, gone too far! Wow! And y'kn…[View]
72952096Lil Pump shits on all your favorite 'artists': NIGGAS HATIN ON ME CUZ IM IGNORANT https://www.youtu…[View]
72950074Anybody else here going to the Animal Collective show in Brooklyn tonight? I haven't seen them …[View]
72951749what does /mu/ think of Mark Motherboard?[View]
72950917Just a friendly reminder: Death Grips aren't innovative. Saul Williams did everything they have…[View]
72951943Music guessing game.: Hey /mu/, what was the website to that music guessing game that was posted her…[View]
72946845David Bowie: What is your favorite album anon of him. listing to this one now, pretty good so far…[View]
72950152What is the worst year of the decade so far for music and why is it 2014?[View]
72951765It seems like Pitchfork has been shilling boring indie-rock albums more often than usual (which is s…[View]
72945965Going to buy classical guitar: My friends suggested me Raimundo 103 M or Raimundo 104 B My budget is…[View]
72951470can someone recommend me an album like this one?[View]
72950611ITT: Fav song from recently listened to album album: State your favorite song from your most recentl…[View]
72951194>sin >give in >alright >tonight…[View]
72951752She never says a thing she just keeps talkin[View]
72949769Post some of the ugliest rappers, also the best looking ones too if you feel I love Travis but dude …[View]
72951290What's he listening to?[View]
72951395Why have we reached a point culturally where we want and actively encourage pop singers, rappers and…[View]
72951306Whose soul and lifeforce will he absorb next?[View]
72948337how old were you when you realised music was a shallow format that serves only to stimulate primal i…[View]
72951614i really do fucking HOPE TO GOD you all aren't THIS fucking RETARDED. If you seriously think th…[View]
72949412>tfw Meat Is Murder is your favourite Smiths album but you're afraid to tell people that bec…[View]
72951575Upcoming music TRUST ME: https://youtu.be/BA8Oc06ixKY[View]
72950800any one know the name of this girl?[View]
72951495>go to Ariana Grande concert >die[View]
72950359Is the music on the CDs in the Wario Land 4 Sound Room patrician? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T…[View]
72951485>pop song on SoundCloud >artist tags it as experimental…[View]
72951472RYM Cringe Thread A review of No Talking Just Head[View]
72951249ITT: terms fedoralords use to critic music: >aged like milk >run of the mill what else, boys?…[View]
72951408I WAS THERE[View]
72949797The Angels of Light discography: Is worth it?[View]
72951192What went wrong?[View]
72951133Is vaporwave dead?[View]
72946054Did you get your daily dose of Art Angels?[View]
72951238What's the best Fugazi CD to start with? Is it this one?[View]
72951202name my band /mu/[View]
72949962What are the best Mono and Stereo releases of this album?[View]
72951125/mu/: what went wrong?[View]
72951247>You Fucking People Make Me Sick >opens with nothing but a Jew's harp What did he mean by…[View]
72950414Is there a chart for /mentalillnesscore/ ? Would require DG, Kanye, Captain Beefheart, Vaporwave, Dr…[View]
72950603why do i like yeezus its such a shit album but i love it so much[View]
72951240*subject_name*: so, i've felt a highest level of nostalgy after discovering how good 'my s…[View]
72950859maybe it's because i'm stoned but I was for whatever reason revisiting this album and to m…[View]
72951199Methylphenidate: https://soundcloud.com/thevocoderguy/glue-70-learn-to-fly[View]
72951183Is Tom Petty's radio show, Buried Treasure, any good?[View]
72950397best music to kill people to: Your weak little brain has finally snapped and now you're murderi…[View]
72948141Perfection or edgelord trash?[View]
72949804How diverse is your music taste /mu/?[View]
72950716Has it been long enough for you guys to admit this album was trash?[View]
72950608Essential party songs?: I'm DJing a friends party next week and wanted some new songs to play. …[View]
72941900/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: with no survivors edition How do I start learning guitar? >justin…[View]
72950992Will there ever be a band that gives you that glitchy adrenaline feel of Death Grips again? They are…[View]
72951041What does /mu/ think of Ariana Grande?: Have you heard of her? She also recently ded from Limey-Musl…[View]
72949560Shabazz Palaces - Lese Majesty: Any thoughts about it? I'm just going to start listening it.…[View]
72949975/mu/ made an album: from yesterday https://suicideisanoptionrecordsc2016.bandcamp.com/album/very-goo…[View]
72950584Why do people pretend this is some kind of super-deep masterpiece when it's just a great prog r…[View]
72950985soundcloud thread / critique: https://soundcloud.com/user-675970409/habitation[View]
72950969music memes: when you realize you can rhyme ozymandian with sapokanikan[View]
7294715970s > 60s > 10s > 50s > 80s > 90s > 00s[View]
72950945https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Yl9tgkEbTg The last waltz - jo yeong-wook (OLD BOY OST) I listen t…[View]
72949835Any good Disco / Post-Disco / Soul-Influenced dance reccommendations? None of these are discussed mu…[View]
72950754Is this a musical[View]
72948546>mfw have no friends and feel completely lost and alone: Music for this feel?[View]
72950892Who are the best vaporwave critics and experts on the internet?[View]
72950640ITT: WOKE artists[View]
72949103KPOP GENERAL: haseul edition[View]
72949173Name a better American Band YOU CANT[View]
72942444OFFICIAL radiohead album rankings: 1. In Rainbows 2. The Bends 3. OK Computer 4. Amnesiac 5. Kid A …[View]
72950707I am tall and I am thin/Of an enviable height...[View]
72947873>Tim Hecker >Tim Heidecker[View]
72948879Albums you don't like but everyone else likes: Pic related[View]
72950341What does /mu/ think of him in terms of an innovator? Did he really pioneer jazz to a whole new leve…[View]
72950618Varsity: A few days ago there was a thread about good bands with female leads that were actually goo…[View]
72950588Anyone else bumping the new Token track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhWP5pS90UY&feature=you…[View]
72950300_blocks your path_[View]
72950487What did they mean by this?[View]
72949215This is the greatest ambient album of all time.[View]
72945112Albums that should be great but are heavily inconsistent: Starting with the most obvious answer…[View]
72950356I only like 1 or 2 songs from each band so it's really hard to find new stuff and I don't …[View]
72949267Name a more influential artist of this era.[View]
72949831mail-rock bread: post letter-rock[View]
72948454I know what Kanye's next project will be. The retreat from social life onto a mountain is obvi…[View]
72950345ITT: Your personal top 10 metallica songs, countdown-style like a Rolling Stone article. Rate others…[View]
72949455skhol: i am en clas guyz waht doin ?[View]
72950344Does anybody know this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-pBl6yjNJ8[View]
72941484Does /mu/ like lo-fi hiphop?[View]
72950323SAW II (Aphex Twin) vs. Blurryface (Twenty One Pilots): > Ambient music is a meme > Twenty One…[View]
72950316new release general: New Release General What's new? Whatchuall like? Listening to the new Moun…[View]
72950279Who's ready for his country career?[View]
72949812Anyone know where I can find some REALLY old blues? I'm talking something like 40s, front porch…[View]
72950101*deletes Moonshake*: Prove me wrong, fags.[View]
72943814ONE BY ONE[View]
72950232Is there any breakcore artist that mixes elements/samples of prog rock (especially symphonic bands l…[View]
72947785>MPC General >What model(s) do you use? >When did you get them? >What questions or advic…[View]
72950194*makes this the debut LP* There, now people will surely recognise this as a better album than Murmur…[View]
72950156This is the only album to make me feel anything in a while. Please recommend me more terribly sad, p…[View]
72950091ITT: Great albums ruined by their lyrics[View]
72947479music festivals: It's almost June, post music festivals you're attending.[View]
72950104Is it really that good?[View]
72947292Thoughts on this album /mu/?[View]
72949483Rate him as a drummer[View]
72948938So is it pretty much confirmed that he an heroed because In Utero was terrible?[View]
72949320Are music festivals going to remain this popular forever? Will people eventually tire of them? Every…[View]
72949251ITT : Great songs hidden in shitty albums. For me, Iron Lung by Black Marble.[View]
72949888I'm making a playlist of emotionally resonant electronic music, any suggestions would be apprec…[View]
72948071Poast goat noise rock[View]
72948097tricot - 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcJPmG52LU What the hell tricot? Used to be a cool all-…[View]
72945732Paramore - After Laughter: Wow ... This isn't teen power pop anymore. It is, dare I say ... goo…[View]
729474263x3 - 4x4- 5x5 - XxX / Last 7 days: tapmusic.net rec > rate > guess >>>>>>…[View]
72949783Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester last night was nothing short of explosive[View]
72949610Why is this hack even famous: >same monotonous voice >sounds ridiculous most of the time >a…[View]
72949918What are some rap songs with heavy lyrics? Pic related[View]
72944447King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Thread >name a better modern band[View]
72947440What does /mu/ think of New Wave? been getting really into Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Tears for Fear…[View]
72943780name my band /mu/[View]
72938357does anyone have any information about annie clark's new album?[View]
72949809ITT: Post Deathcore bands/songs/albums[View]
72949642*deletes Helpless Child, Animus, The Sound and The Final Sacrifice*[View]
72949714>2015: I hate America >2017: /kills 22 British children What did she mean by this?…[View]
72949699M E T A L thread: Post your favorite metal band and/or genre (if I see one post about anthrax I will…[View]
72949692/tfwnogf/: ITT: lets make a new /tfw no gf/core[View]
72949124https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZhx1CPY2xs What the fuck[View]
72949545entropy is the only song I enjoy by her. it might have to do with bleachers input, but it's sti…[View]
72948114/mu/ Rank these albums.[View]
72949474How will she ever recover /mu/?[View]
72949418Post an artist /mu/ needs to talk about more often for fuck's sake[View]
72943508He controls what you like.: Admit it, /mu/.[View]
72949458Most energetic live performances: ITT: we post the most explosive live performances you've ever…[View]
72949206Charple thread: post about our god, charple[View]
72949258r8, rec, guess personalities, etc.[View]
72947052ACCORDION WANTED: Who wants to lay down an accordion track for a melody of mine?[View]
72948172Worst albums of 2017 so far. I'll start[View]
72940987/metal/: muh grim throne edition Old: >>72931008[View]
72949231Are you going to any shows this summer?[View]
72949257ITT: 10/10 streaks[View]
72949200>dude don't touch my raf lmao[View]
72947661Name a song that is comforting in these distressing times[View]
72948050DNB thread!: What´s your opinion on DNB and all of its subgenres? Any favourite artists? Jump up - n…[View]
72949127Collab album when?[View]
72949137New Hip Hop Music: Check out the new Saint C 'Move the Crowd' prod. by Ryllo copy and paste the link…[View]
72946060>The most skilled lyricist in rap is a white guy who lives with his cat and writes songs about hi…[View]
72946968What does /mu/ think of ICP?[View]
72948844>bjork >makes electronic music >hires a bunch of trendy male producers, arrangers, songwrit…[View]
72947498What is this Les Paul ?: Is it genuine ? It looks it has been modified[View]
72947806you can't lose the election twice![View]
72948943How do bands like pic related have a following? Who wants to listen to the same blast beats and trem…[View]
72947838Can someone recc me some good drums only playlist or album? it can be of any genre as long as there …[View]
72947031>it's a 'band invents a new genre on the first song from their debut album then immedia…[View]
72948949Tfw: DEATH GRIPS[View]
72947377Kpop general. JUST edition[View]
72948790how can one human being be this talented and gifted?[View]
72942267IT FINALLY CLICKED. But where do I go from here with jazz?[View]
72948899aren't they cute together, hope they'll release something together too![View]
72947410death grips meme magic: >final death toll for ariana suicide bombing released >22 deaths >n…[View]
72934722Music about being a virgin?[View]
72947974>World is goin' brazy Lol. Do you mean Crazy there, genius? >Where did we go wrong? In s…[View]
72948853Whata does you think of Vincenzo Graffette? Is he a spicey meataball? What is your favourite dish h…[View]
72948817New lyrical freestyle hip hop: Saint C murders Dj Premiers So Ghetto instrumental off the top copy a…[View]
72948348Has this album been memed to death?[View]
72948540Albums about graduating: I'm graduating from college or whatever it's called in burgerland…[View]
72948778what is your favorite song?[View]
72945572You should listen[View]
72948729This geezer seems interesting but he's got so many albums that I can't even think where to…[View]
72948073is increasing gain bad? is clipping bad?[View]
72946066POPTIMISTS LITERALLY BTFO and I'm including the terrorist in that bunch cause that tasteless fa…[View]
72948605Send me your playlists: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccY25Cb3im0&index=1…[View]
72948202the best pop album of this decade was released 6 years ago today. what are your favourite songs from…[View]
72947383KENDRICK X FUTURE https://www.audiomack.com/song/bottomfeedermusic/mask-off-rmx that goosebumps flow…[View]
72944679Name a better female fronted rock band. Go on, I'm waiting.[View]
72947348Wacky Musical Duos: it seems all the best experimental comes from two odd dudes. more duos like ween…[View]
72947924You bought her new album, right /mu/ ?[View]
72947999Any other album like jamie xx's In Colour? It was great. The XX's latest album wasn't…[View]
72947556some of you recommended this album to me and i have to say it's pretty bad. is this /mu/core y…[View]
72946602>tfw I got into soundcloud rap a few months ago >tfw I want to stop listening to it, but nothi…[View]
72947468>we will never agree on something for 2015[View]
72947794What's the best guitar virtuoso album? pic related[View]
72947901Just heard the Joe Rogan podcast with James Hetfield. Rogan is really dumb isn't he? I mean, He…[View]
72941914what happened to King Krule?[View]
72948196How do you guys go about producing and arranging the style for your songs?[View]
72945706Does /mu/ like Industrial?[View]
72943333Post underrated guitarists[View]
72944047Does /mu/ like Die Antwoord?[View]
72948103Early Bird Edition: If you became a mainstream megastar tomorrow afternoon what would be your >ge…[View]
72947938Find a flaw[View]
72948040What does /mu/ think of Jonathan Coulton?[View]
72947592Is this musical kino?[View]
72947740>metal band has female singer[View]
72939276What does /mu/ think of Ariana Grande?[View]
72947458The New Album Cover Pissed me off so I edited it. Here you go.: The New Album Cover Pissed me off so…[View]
72941645Is this the best pic of tay in existence?[View]
72947801>Bang bang into the room (I know ya want it) >Bang bang all over you (I'll let ya have it…[View]
72947812What does /mu/ think of the new Coin album?[View]
72946719musicoin: Thought you Mu's like to get in on this from /biz/. Picked up alot of interest in the…[View]
72946202Thoughts on The Cars?[View]
72947729What's his best album, /mu/?[View]
72944018Is he the most aesthetic artist in electronic music?[View]
72947118SPIT OUT THE BONE[View]
72945689KEEP IT DOWN[View]
72946763>never met a wise man >if so, it's a woman What did he mean by this?…[View]
72943251/mu/ literature general: What are the best books on music? Pic related is one of my picks, it's…[View]
72947249HAPPY NOW?[View]
72946444Samuel Andreyev > Fantano: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-FhhB9teHqU >>> https://m.youtu…[View]
72947526Saw this band on here recently, they just put this out today too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B…[View]
72947441Can you make money from selling music and merch (and song-writing credits) alone? Touring's got…[View]
72945084Why the fuck do people like this shit?[View]
72947407give me american music that picrelated: im russian i know only Rebel Son and Hank Williams 3[View]
72947057what does /mu/ think of The Frogs?[View]
72947397>tfw listening to nofx at 20 years old where did I go wrong[View]
72936552I don't trust an opinion if _______: They rate Pet Sounds 10/10[View]
72945327What's his best polka medley? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY-oili63QQ[View]
72942564CHRIS CORNELL'S LAPTOP JUST MIGHT TELL THE WHOLE STORY: All this mystery surrounding WHY Chris …[View]
72944906This is fucking killing me right now. I have this god damn pop song stuck in my head from the 90s or…[View]
72947234>it aint me starts playing[View]
72942054what are some dynamite live performances?[View]
72933928What's that song, /mu/?[View]
72947208>Stone Temple Pilots >Ariana Grande >Eagles of Death Metal Reminder that if you like GOOD m…[View]
72947222>He doesn't listen to mucuswave[View]
72945870Cringe: Post'em if you got'em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh2jlZ1m4V0[View]
72947096hey /mu/ first time posting here. I would like to add more of this music style/genre to my playlist:…[View]
72917687Chart thread: because the other actual chart thread is dead rec, rate, etc[View]
72946129Whats your opinion on Epic Orchestral music Have some 'friends' that blast it all the time, but I ca…[View]
72945377Why did Geri Haliwel left? I She best girl?[View]
72946328wallpaper thread: post your /mu/ wallpapers here[View]
72944975Considering CAN is one of those bands whose discography is 50% garbage and 50% amazing, which are th…[View]
72942721youtube comment thread[View]
72946953shove it up inside surprise! rice![View]
72944056>make an attempt to find some good (c)rap >search discogs for approx. 1 hour >only good thi…[View]
72942375jazz is so fucking gay no one actually likes it[View]
72946512How many times do you listen to an artist's album before you go on to the next?[View]
72946163What's a good artist or playlist to listen to while I'm writing? I work from home and usua…[View]
72945804>tfw listening to Tool again I feel like I shouldnt be doing this but I like it. Maybe its the a…[View]
72935206last one died, lets go boyss[View]
72946343/comfy/ thread: Post albums you find /comfy/ pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDivHBJpBy4…[View]
72945967can anyone ID this song ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maQXOSOrseY the intro one where the band …[View]
72930665/mu/ makes an album: need something to keep me occupied inbetween pauses because I'm watching t…[View]
72946319ITT: Musicians wearing band t-shirts: HE WAS THE DURST OF THE GANG TO DIE[View]
72945684Have you pay your respect towards the Aryan Goddess?[View]
72946813The personification of consumerism[View]
72946489> be 12 > be in christian school in mostly christian country but also has muslims in the middl…[View]
72943994This woman's '''music''' is the most annoying pile of shit i have…[View]
72944460When the MV is as good as the music: Post your favs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL_cuUj_Pd0…[View]
72935107vocaroo: haven't seen one of these in a while. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT http://vocaroo.com/i/s1HtLh…[View]
72941356Can we have an AOTY thread? Post them[View]
72945754Deathcore general thread: General discussion[View]
72945500>we're on! >that's a nice way to start, jonny…[View]
72943304niggas on the moon>no love deep web>death grips ep>exmilitary>jenny death>money store…[View]
72946458Is 13:14 to 13:23 where music peaked?[View]
72946306What do you think he's doing right now?[View]
72943449Xxxtentacion or Lil Peep?: Who makes better music? Who's hotter?[View]
72946400>he doesn't listen exclusively to free music[View]
72946150So are all the vocals sarcastic or what?[View]
72946314Anyone here listen to Greaf? Surely I can't be the only one. I also wondered if anyone here lis…[View]
72946128if michael jackson would have made music, what would it sound like?[View]
72943152Does /mu/ like punk rock?[View]
72946253>utah (relevant l8r) >dad buys me a guitar before parents divorce, cheap garage sale one, arou…[View]
72941733Why don't you guys talk about me anymore :([View]
72940162Death Grips is the MLP of music A meme with an autistic fanbase that almost destroyed this board th…[View]
72943727Solo artists: I feel like I dont listen to enough good solo artists outside of rappers. Can we get a…[View]
72946065ITT: 10/10 Rap albums > pic related[View]
72943610>singer yells STOP >song immediately ends…[View]
72942823Pavane for dead princess: What is something that sounds similar to this and is not by Ravel? Especia…[View]
72945823why are there so few actual DJs left? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q72w4YFgk0Y&feature=youtu.…[View]
72945687Does anyone know were to zip compton (dr dre)[View]
72943498music for that feel when she has a boyfriend but still wants to hang out with you[View]
72944992KPOP GENERAL[View]
72945142General Perfect Hip-Hop Albums/Projects for Drugs Consumption: ITT: we talk about why this the best …[View]
72945656Holy shit I just saw these guys in London it was pure art and I feel truly blessed Any more black me…[View]
72944865ITT: Musicians confirmed to have autism.[View]
72942777Elvis thread Is he the biggest performer / artist ever?[View]
72943860ID THREAD: ITT: we help eachother identify music that we couldn't otherwise on our own https://…[View]
72945600Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan thread, western remixes need no apply ty Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
729426923x3 / 4x4 / 5x5: these threads die quick now... :'([View]
72945531Hmm who wants me to leak Shabazz second album?: https://soundcloud.com/ayylmaoooooooooo/1-welcome-to…[View]
72941273Why was the first track so shitty? How did Mr.Staples even get on this album?[View]
72945332party playlist: my housemates are throwing a house party in a couple of weeks we're making the …[View]
72943598In your opinion, what is the best music player for PC?[View]
7294495590s rave music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx3LccRvidg[View]
72942733WOKE DONT CHOKE: This is the third inaugural thread of THE 28 CLUB, an anti-auto-erotic-asphyxiation…[View]
72943299Deep rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD01TU6UMdo[View]
72940056Why aren't you listening to the album of the year?[View]
72944658What are patrician internet radios, I have less time to download all the albums, and it would be the…[View]
72945189Music just to listen and chill out at night. (I know this is shit-tier to everyone, but I dig it.)[View]
72945165Speedcore: Best new speedcore?[View]
72945130>Concert so bad that it left 22 people dead Like Pottery[View]
72942566Is pop punk completely dead ?[View]
72945052/mu/ opinion on Dreamtime ? >inb4 muueeeh, Ratus Norvegicus was Better, yes, we all know that, h…[View]
72943927What do you think about Foo Fighters?[View]
72932902I'm looking to listen to Swans. Should I listen to their huge discography in chronological orde…[View]
72944852I'm surprised Mark Prindle's reviews don't meme like fgntaony or scrrfffi because a: …[View]
72944099KPOP GENERAL[View]
72944849Death Grips are leading a harsh industrial hip-hop movement.[View]
72939581Roll and post it here http://vocaroo.com[View]
72944851https://soundcloud.com/djdarkplace/random-stem/s-5n19H What more can I add/take away/do to this groo…[View]
72944806HAXBALL QUICK: I'm bored as shits. Room - http://www.haxball.com/?roomid=~277e8f079af72ffbe16eb…[View]
72944781Anyone got a link to the leak?[View]
72940447If you became a mainstream megastar tomorrow afternoon what would be your >genre >gimmick >…[View]
72944667so this shit finally dropped all of a sudden yesterday after what feels like a gazillion years of wa…[View]
72943180what does /mu/ think about Marina and the fetal alcohol syndromes?[View]
72944721James Rolfe's new video is about pitting Megadeth and Metallica against each other, one of the …[View]
72944692How does a woman her age sing like this? Jesus fucking christ. https://twitter.com/rayofciccone/stat…[View]
72944083>and if I ever get my hands on that sick fuck that killed 22 kiddies at a Ariana Grande concert h…[View]
72943523ITT: Bands that fell off HARD Pic related[View]
72944049What is this Vietnam music bullshit?[View]
72944446>nigga touch my gang we gon' turn this shit to Columbine[View]
72944067ITT: We decide who the greatest musician to ever live was. Pic related has my vote.[View]
72942033Self deprecating introspective music? Preferably hip-hop.[View]
72944095ITT Islamic songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD2gAjFtZ1A[View]
72943969ITT: guilty pleasures I fucking love Eurobeat. It's great driving music.[View]
72940965Deftones Thread: Let's talk about this great ass band. Favorite albums, favorite songs, side pr…[View]
72943314Reasons Why DPDH Is Not A Terrible Album.: Part 1. Title Track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0_2…[View]
72943803An innovative and controversial band is successful because of their unique style! I don't like …[View]
72941565ITT: The most blatant industry plants[View]
72942491kpop thread[View]
72940114is this real? 'CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME In 2014, the Death Grips Twitter account @BBPoltergeist only f…[View]
72943754Summer EP thread: Give me some ideas you cucks. Structure >5 tracks >2-3 minutes long each …[View]
72942577what does /mu/ think of Jandek? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8mPu9RX_Pg[View]
72943279if he had died today, would this have been a topsters chart?[View]
72943371why do all whiteboi nerds listen to this?[View]
72942371Help! The tape player in my old stereo has been rattling, like an old car motor. I use it everyday a…[View]
72941380Why is it all successful musicians seem to have some kind of mental problems/autism?[View]
72942558'Money (That's What I Want)' Mystery Cover: Okay, so I just stumbled over this trailer of one o…[View]
72943651Autechre? More like Autistic![View]
72941774>live song >drummer throws in a completely unnecessary 4-minute-long masturbatory drum solo…[View]
72942786Why is Prog-pop such a hated sub-genre of music?[View]
72943578how can anyone listen to her music? i would rather hear a bomb exploding near my eardrum[View]
72943319Alice Glass likes my musique concrete track, and so should you. SC thread[View]
72943290You can only post ITT if you've Only listened to five or less /mu/core albums[View]
72943145Hey /mu/, Ever listen to a copy of Revolver on headphones and think 'what the fuck is this stereo bu…[View]
72942212I recently discovered that I love punk rock mixed with blues/country. Can anyone rec me stuff like …[View]
72943456Can we get an assumptions thread?[View]
72943495songs personified by drugs: Mushrooms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNkWac-Nm0A Weed https://www.y…[View]
72941754which one don't belong?[View]
72940355What the fuck was her problem?[View]
72943353the weeknd: make him see this[View]
72943334David Bowie and Bing Crosby: Peace on Earth: Bowie thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiXjbI3kR…[View]
72943091Are they the greatest band of all time? I think they're top 3 definitely at least. Fucking ever…[View]
72939494>Selected Ambient Works 85-92 >with a single pisstake exception, every single selection has a …[View]
72943245NEW GET IN HERE, KENDRICK LAMAR SINGLE LEAKED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN9ceXXRmc0…[View]
72943236anyone know of anything similar to this? don't give me basic noise or PE recs -- i'm looki…[View]
72942104ITT: post your RYM profile and the most terrified you've ever been: https://rateyourmusic.com/~…[View]
72941009Now that the dust has settled, is this their best album?[View]
72943214>I give her dick she a man How did he get away with this?[View]
72941250Where is my mind supposed to be when I write a song? I can write solid pop songs which harmony, int…[View]
72939527Great albums with shitty album art: It looks like something a highschooler drew in an intro to art c…[View]
72941993How do I get into this guy I really enjoyed his new feature in the new Gorillaz album but his solo a…[View]
72943121>songs that just repeat the title for the chorus[View]
72943087If you don't love this album, then you haven't listened to it. Lydia Lovless appreciation …[View]
72943073Why did nobody tell me Billy Idol used to be awesome? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J__uDDiKyfA…[View]
72943064What is their best album and why is it pic related?[View]
72940809Post an album that you really want other anons to listen too Bonus points: no /mu/core or p4k core[View]
72943022im looking for a spurdo version of pic related. has anyone got it? thanks a bunch[View]
72936494Sufjan thread: Post about Sufjan >Favourite album? >Favourite song? >Favourite happy sufjan…[View]
72943000Classics, I'm trying to get laid. I wanna show my girl this song, a classic to get in the mood…[View]
72938792Anyone been to a GG show?[View]
72942987What is John Lennon's best song and why is it 'Going Down On Love'?[View]
72939005What's /mu/'s verdict on The Police?[View]
72941944*deletes The F**cked Jam*[View]
72939667Freak Folk: Thoughts on freak folk? Thread soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26ka7ybdb0w…[View]
72941505/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
72937808/jazz/ general: >tfw the only good thing about the board dies edition What are you listening to? …[View]
72941053What's the best hip-hop group of all time and why is it The Roots?[View]
72942168I feel like I've gotten colder, less social, and more jaded over the years. Every second I thi…[View]
72935523Classic /longcore/: Listened to pic rel and The Disintegration Loops last night, both for the first …[View]
72935496electronic summer pt. 2: Continued from >>72928464 This is the current updated chart for our s…[View]
72941126One of these >Best I Just Wasn't Made For These Times >Runner Up God Only Knows Underrat…[View]
72940150Dark side of the room[View]
72936284Emo Music Celebration thread: WHAT'S THE WORST THAT I COULD SAY, THINGS WOULD BE BETTER IF I ST…[View]
72940015best albums of 1967?[View]
72928812ITT: Albums that you still haven't fully listened to[View]
72942406What did he mean by this---><3?: https://open.spotify.com/track/1NZrNs0oYw8jfbEFDcwmGY…[View]
72942384Favourite Song Right Now[View]
72940954Latino trap is godtier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c73Cu3TQnlg[View]
72941226/comfy/: Post comfy albums[View]
72942143Death Grips hasn't made a single good track since Government Plates[View]
72941773Municipal Waste: What do you guys think about the municipal waste?[View]
72942180>tfw unironically like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z18eMqK9BMM…[View]
72942255ITT: Orgasmic albums: My facking sides[View]
72942238Can you boolean search for genres on rym?[View]
72942226sup /mu/ recc me some soul/jazz tunes to the tune of pic related[View]
72937268So what are /mu/ approved classical composers?[View]
72941843What are some more good albums for eating Taco Bell at 2 in the morning all by myself staring off in…[View]
72942188Post things you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYQJ_SIVUVE In 2010, DJ Earworm (the same guy …[View]
72940653KPOP GENERAL[View]
72942107step into the spotlight /mu/[View]
72941861How does /mu/ feel about this album?[View]
72941030Just got back from hangout fest, camped out all day to see Marshmellow and NGHTMRE. Worth every seco…[View]
72942027itt: ur problematic fav[View]
72938002recc me some explosioncore[View]
72941011Does /mu/ like Industrial?[View]
72939508Anyone know this song? I'm desparate. https://youtu.be/KHLURPQIuD4?t=4m48s[View]
72940563How do I stop listening to meme music?? Most of what I listen to is /mu/core, but whenever I try to …[View]
72929995Been 40 minutes since the last reply on the old one, time to start fresh SOUNDCLOUD THREAD. Post, sh…[View]
72941743Thank you for always being there for me, /mu/. You have given me so many memories and advice. I love…[View]
72936956NEW DEATH GRIPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60…[View]
72940542Post 5 favorites and others tell you if you should get banned: Wipers The Smiths Steve Roden Prematu…[View]
72935872What's his endgame?[View]
72940045Can we all agree that this is AOTY?[View]
72941339>more people have died at Ariana Grande concerts than GG Allin shows[View]
72941427Whats that one album with a cover art that looks kinda like this...?[View]
72941278ITT: Talented hacks[View]
72917727One of these threads?[View]
72937478Ariana Grande (1993 - 2017): R.I.P.[View]
72937408Is there any board as uneducated in its subject matter than /mu/? The majority of the posters here s…[View]
72940836All I'm saying is Grimes & Travis Scott sould make babies.[View]
72932869Thoughts on Carly Rae Jepsen? Is Emotion better than Art Angels? What do you want from her next albu…[View]
72941341Your favorite song by The Police? mine is Invisible Sun[View]
72941512ITT: Haunted-Housecore: Post albums that sound like the soundtrack to a haunted manor or creepy ceme…[View]
72940617ITT: >your aotysf >your sotysf >current feel…[View]
72940663two great artists together haha right[View]
72941448>an artist is experimental >he has no basis and experimental tracks are all he makes Is this w…[View]
72940528TMR: This isn't anywhere besides YouTube? Is that the only place to listen to it? So far it…[View]
72940753kpop is garbage[View]
72937027The Top 50 Rappers of All Time 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. Chief Keef 3. Danny Brown 4. 2Pac 5. MF Doom 6. …[View]
72941246>'so, uh... I listen to pretty hardcore stuff. Don't be off put by it, okay?' >he turns o…[View]
72941154Do you ever suddenly become indecisive when it comes to whether you like a song or not? Like there a…[View]
72941265Thinking about picking up the audio version of this. Has anyone here read or listened to it? I'…[View]
72940787Bad idea but...: Here are my death metal lyrics. Do I kill myself? It's for an experimental/pro…[View]
72940078ULTIMATE ELTON JOHN vs BILLY JOEL THREAD: I think it's finally time we settle this. Personally,…[View]
72941090fuck Death Grips[View]
72941174Any of you faggots going to Primavera in Barcelona? Today's attack was a success and I'm j…[View]
72940735/POWERPOP/: Marshall Crenshaw edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj1M_HThkm4 >Recent finds …[View]
72940936>Cut Away! Cut Away! Send transmission from the one-armed scissor! This song made more sense back…[View]
72940938CHRIS CORNELL TRIBUTE: Post any Tibute to Chris Cornell that you like. Check this Version of AUDIOS…[View]
72931008/metal/: Ulver - Bergtatt edition prev: >>72919312[View]
72940886I recently got into Deap Vally, digging the whole raw blues/rock knockoff Black Keys/White Stripes s…[View]
72939973Can any of you recommend actual country songs and such. All of the country that you hear on the radi…[View]
72940657What was your worst concert experience?[View]
72922321Chart Thread: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, whatever rate, rec, guess shit[View]
72940817ITT: Times when the parody version was better than the real version I'll start[View]
72937934Rush?: What does /mu/ think about the band rush, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY2iKzm62AM example…[View]
72939446ITT: Songs that literally fucking everyone will know the words to no matter where you go: COMING OUT…[View]
72940811why dont they collab?[View]
72938189Hey /mu/ What is the bestest rap song have you heard in last 3-5 years?[View]
72940157What does /mu/ think? Talented musician or Timbaland product?[View]
72938131Welcome to MPC General >What model do you use? >How long have you used an MPC? >Feel free t…[View]
72940681Only patrician posts are allowed in this thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6fldyHVOsA This is …[View]
72940005help me diagnose my mic noise /mu/? (or help me find a place that can) I hear a terribly loud wind n…[View]
72940643/Jazz/ Sun Ra Edition: Happy 113th birthday spaceship man[View]
72939629What's the best Ween album and why is it White Pepper?[View]
72939090KPOP GENERAL[View]
72940308So this is really good. Haven't looked into their other works, but could anyone provide a link …[View]
72939391>Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home W-what did they mean by this /mu/?…[View]
72933738What is the best Ty Segall album and why is it Goodbye Bread? also garage rock thread[View]
72939148ITT 'Glad-I-gave-it-a-shot'core[View]
72939271Is Primus worth listening to?[View]
72934136The Beatles never released an innovative piece of music and spent their entire career ripping off ot…[View]
72939848/mú/ musica latina edition https://juanamolina.bandcamp.com/album/halo[View]
72940405*SLIPS IT IN YOUR PATH*[View]
72939430WHY DIDN'T THEY REMOVE THE BAND FROM CHRIS CORNELL'S NECK?: Martin Kirsten supposedly kick…[View]
72940009>add 2 seconds to the end of each track on DSOTM >share it on slsk >whenever people try to …[View]
72940253*deletes Exit Music and Tourist* Ok 10/10[View]
72939332Was he right about the 'Fab Four'?[View]
72922446/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: crashing this plane edition How do I start learning guitar? >just…[View]
72940244>Steven Wilson with his head up his own ass further than ever before >Spelunking Steve…[View]
72933182/mu/ backgrounds: Post your music desktop backgrounds. Dumping my folder, some made by me. If anybod…[View]
72940180Which one is the genius?[View]
72940143Post your best parody songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVqvSYFN9XQ&index=2&list=PLIta5R…[View]
72930952>want to be a musician >everything you write is shit…[View]
72940043I recently started listening to intro tier prog. I really like albums with that early 70's mide…[View]
72939177Rank them, /mu/[View]
72938133My mind: BTFO I just realized rae sremmurd backwards is Dummer's ear WUUUUT[View]
72939157Fantastic album, in all honesty.[View]
72934998Holyyy shit. I can't believe I slept on this album for so long.[View]
72939835>This is their best project to date besides Exmilitary I thought they lost it…[View]
72939551>be me >friend is getting into rock and music in general >recommend chuck berry, carl perki…[View]
72939640Is he autistic?[View]
72936912Is there a reason this is never discussed here?[View]
72939514Dubstep is obviously reddit in 2017, but did anyone think this in like 2010?[View]
72938067I just found out that pic related isn't a microphone.[View]
72939868Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix): Thoughts? Personally, I got a fashion week but wi…[View]
72932653>muh 3 chords, boring drum beat , and derivative bass riff for 20+ minutes Truly innovative.…[View]
72938150How does this album make you feel?[View]
72928063Let's start top 10 thread. r8 rec guess personality whatever.[View]
72939658michael jackson - thriller: that's actually pretty fucking good[View]
72938519Have you actually read Piero's writing on The Beatles? You probably haven't, instead just …[View]
72937701Can we get a Classic Country/Western thread going?: Country music today is dead. Completely degenera…[View]
72939714Comfy Albums: please rec me some /comfy/ albums to listen when its really really cold.[View]
72935824What chord progression is used in 1:15? https://soundcloud.com/user-850446841/mans-nightmere[View]
72939017Chance's songs are the result of a non depressing lifestyle which most rappers talk about wanti…[View]
72939209See? Fucking drones, all of you. One day soothe music criticism community will have a mass epiphany …[View]
72939123I love all of these albums, but for some reason I feel like I've got garbage taste. Give me you…[View]
72934083What didn't y'all tell me how good this was? How does the rest of Utada's discog comp…[View]
72930975ITT: ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various website…[View]
72939720Nerdcore: Nerdcore thread, something like https://youtu.be/AsLFutQIL1c[View]
72937868Hello /mu/, I was wondering if anyone here could recommend me something similar to: https://www.yout…[View]
72936974Music that sounds happy and makes you feel happy: Is there any music that sounds happy and makes you…[View]
72932748ITT: Albums you thought were just memes until you actually listened to them >pic related, why is…[View]
72936767https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XY6NgKzI-A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1ta4MOPssE What is new …[View]
72939553*deletes Fool's Errand*[View]
72937142You guys got any music that will make me feel like shit[View]
72935572I want to learn how to sing, but I don't want anybody to hear me sing. Is there any decent soft…[View]
72939431New single, thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh5MeAuXf-8[View]
72939308What's the Phil Kessel of music?[View]
72939385No one's died at my shows yet so everyone's fine! New CHVRCHES this fall. :D[View]
72937840Someone explain these fucking bears[View]
72939318I don't want to live like this, Lord I don't want to live at all I don't want to make…[View]
72938989>thank you for taking the time to unwind >with these soundtracks for the blind what the FUCK, …[View]
72922535/dark/: ITT: We discuss /dark/ music. Genres are as follows: Gothic Rock Deathrock Dark Wave Ether…[View]
72939140>BANG BANG INTO THE ROOM What did she mean by this?[View]
72938603Why does this feel so modern?[View]
72939279What is /mu/'s opinion on Martin Garrix?[View]
72936306How is there not a thread about this. what am I supposed to type in?[View]
72935273What do you guys think about putting your whole library on shuffle?[View]
72934003Thoughts ?[View]
72938615If you truly believe that music as whole is subjective and that there is no standard for music, can …[View]
72938965Guitarras, need help. Need to know the brand and model of this guitar. Very old one. National dobro …[View]
72938262I grew out of metal this afternoon. >Listen to Queen. >Ogre Battle Whoa, that's some D…[View]
72936983New Death Grips: https://youtu.be/JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72938964>Artist talks about politics[View]
72935663So I've posted here before asking for help on this particular piece, and I got great help in th…[View]
72938264The ultimate pleb filter.[View]
72938642ITT: Bands that are impossible to hate.[View]
72930033I bet you guys wish you had this, you little bitches.. New Gtoss[View]
72938624nobody's perf-[View]
72938606Bolan or Bowie?[View]
72937188Paramore- After Laughter: So, now that the hype has died down, how good was this album really?…[View]
72925947this is so good. why did they start making such horrible music after this masterpiece?[View]
72935722Why does /mu/ hate her so much?[View]
72934350Itt:post patrician industrial albums[View]
72938516What the fuck is 'nightcore'? Is it a real genre? Or just eurodance/trance songs with an anime pictu…[View]
72937787Name a more explosive artist in the past decade than her. Pro tip: you can't[View]
72936483ITT: Criminally underrated albums.[View]
72935225Friendly reminder that AnCo proved us all wrong and released a masterpiece[View]
72936823Favorite albums you got for free?: When my mom told her friend I had a turntable, she just brought m…[View]
72936076Just grew out of it. AMA[View]
72938432In the wake of the new Death Grips memeing the shit out of /mu/, I'm interested to know if ther…[View]
72937887I know the death grips meme is lighting the fuck up right now, but the latest ILYs makes a lot of se…[View]
72937510ITT: Albums that are the holy grail of music[View]
72936370thoughts on pic related's evolution through the years as a musician? I quite like it. except f…[View]
72937922Post-Punk with Oi!?: Before getting elected to the Front National's central committee in 1997, …[View]
72936800It finally clicked /mu/. Thank you.[View]
729343992 0 1 7 F U T U R E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFNjaL3fgSo&t=1023s F U N K 2 0 1 7[View]
72934553Who was the greatest lyricist of 20th century and why was he Nick Drake?[View]
72937947Who is the least hedonistic rapper? Pic unrelated obviously[View]
72938057Do any anon: Here knows more music of this style?https://youtu.be/7ON5k2Uj3yI[View]
72936692Social Anixety Music: Itt: good songs about social anxiety. These two come to mind: https://youtu.be…[View]
72936129>Nico once attacked a mixed-race woman in a restaurant with a smashed wineglass, saying 'I hate b…[View]
72935805Best Zeppelin track/album?[View]
72936277So Mountain Goats makes sterile mom-pop now...[View]
72937823Kristopher Schau thread: What is your favorite Schau-band?[View]
72933415Are death grips a meme? They sound like shit[View]
72929801Hey /mu/, what's your favourite rap album of all time? Mine's Madvillainy.[View]
72936835i need help, /mu/. my phone service provider no longer carries any 128gb iphone 6s in my state, peri…[View]
72936789Goat first tracks[View]
72935337Are these the only two hip hop albums wortth listening to? I also really like some Erik B & Raki…[View]
72937218Happy birthday: Happy birthday keepers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68lwA6EfSAo&t=1772s Truly…[View]
72935370Recent pickups Japan imports[View]
72937417RIP: Press F to pay respects[View]
72935553What an explosive performance tonight![View]
72937415Goldfish?: So what's /mu/'s opinion on goldfish? Favorite song/album? Personally think 3 s…[View]
72936980NEW DEATH GRIPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60…[View]
72936244More songs like this: Hey /mu/, my weeb little brother showed me a song that's now been stuck i…[View]
72935384'nest 'nions on this 'bum? in my 'nest 'nion its the best 'ment '…[View]
72937186New Death Grips Confirmed: https://twitter.com/bbpoltergiest/status/866809078357426177[View]
72935687Which modern day band did Eno do better: U2 or Coldplay?[View]
72936764Post songs about falling in love with someone you weren't suppossed to and you can never be tog…[View]
72936963Tell me about her, why does she wear the mask?[View]
72935712How do I into EBM?[View]
72935235KPOP GENERAL: literal goddess edition[View]
72936992Death Grips new mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72936730This guy is the biggest turd ever to wear a pair of ears. I can't stand the piece of shit. Any …[View]
72937002NEW DEATH GRIPS: https://youtu.be/JUTKTk60aGk https://youtu.be/JUTKTk60aGk https://youtu.be/JUTKTk60…[View]
72937000new death grips track/mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72936978NEW DEATH GRIPS: NEW ALBUM CONFIRMED https://youtu.be/JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72936971NEW DEATH GRIPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk[View]
72936968https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUTKTk60aGk thoughts?[View]
72929024ITT: Godawful songs hyped by normies also Mask Off, XO Tour Lif3 and Magnolia[View]
72911399ITT: Countries with no music taste[View]
72936737SONG OF THE SUMMER: https://youtu.be/Wd6JSA78dh0[View]
72936783musicians that start to melt when it reaches 30 degrees[View]
72936778ITT: Artists who have yet to release their magnum opus[View]
72936741>Listening to a Beatles album >John, Paul and George all sound the same >Think it's Jo…[View]
72936736You've got that RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT....... .........You know that i…[View]
72934575WAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVES: Is anyone else really disappointed with the new Wavves album, their past few…[View]
72932833This is Morrissey. He turns 58 today. Say something nice about him.[View]
72936525ITT: Essential FL Studio preset core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waohWwQk4l0 Speaking about Sky…[View]
72936282Has any other country contributed so little to the world of music? God I hate living here[View]
72936635'IM GAY' 'I LIKE MEN'[View]
72934757redpill me on math rock[View]
72935498What is the best video game OST and why is it Team Fortress 2?[View]
72936106https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqeX1Wx3f5E Hey, what kind of music listener is he? Is he taking it …[View]
72934812HAPPENING: Two explosions at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Unconfirmed reports Arian…[View]
72936530>One Note Samba >Has more than one note[View]
72933254ITT: We sing Hey Jude one word at a time I'll start: HEY[View]
72933502Experimental Hip Hop Albums: post god-tier albums only. will add to the chart as thread goes on…[View]
72933974hello /mu/, please excuse my ignorance but I need help with amp modeling software. Basically have no…[View]
72936198What are some hard-fuck-up karaoke songs?[View]
72935768https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_L9ctpq2-o Name of the first song, please? I've been looking f…[View]
72936341>tfw Loveless finally clicked[View]
72922928ITT: First album best album[View]
72936304Aesop Rock Beach House Candy Claws David Bowie Earth[View]
72936302Why would an 'army of mushrooms' be a threat in the first place? They can't move.[View]
72934755>dude I really love Pink Floyd hahaha >dude I really love getting high and watching Echoes liv…[View]
72936214Stop listening to Short People[View]
72934592Funniest songs: Songs that have actually made you goof. No normie shit (eg. Lonely island, Afroman e…[View]
72935609What are some /mu/ core albums that you think are overrated? I've listened to pic related like …[View]
72936192i see MF DOOM discussed here pretty frequently but rarely do i ever see anyone post about his old gr…[View]
72935846i downloaded some music today[View]
72936052Hey, /mu/ So I'm trying to get into black metal and I need some recs. I like the super hazy, no…[View]
72936047What's the best The Smiths song in your opinion? I think that's certainly this https://www…[View]
72935577OMG LOL yass[View]
72934759What are other albums that are very Beatles inspired?[View]
72935258Can someone explain the appeal of Tdd Rundgren amongst his small loyal fan base? I feel like I'…[View]
72934596god DAMN can we please talk about this PLEASE[View]
72935852Other men acting insecure and being dicks to me especially in the presence of girls because i'm…[View]
72935481Leave AOTY to me[View]
72934468Today is the 18th anniversary of the greatest Neo-Psychedelia album of all time. Thoughts? Favorite …[View]
72932821>yesterday >take acid >realize religion is bullshit Music for this feel?…[View]
72934038Hey /mu/ So I recently got in Bedroom Pop/Lo-Fi Indie music, but I don't really have a clue whe…[View]
72935741More like pic related?[View]
72932176Murmuüre: Well /mu/ why no one speaks about this album? I've heard it today and it is my favour…[View]
72932913The Smiths rate: Best to worst. Meat is Murder> Queen is Dead=/> The Smiths>>>>…[View]
72934888I've decided to take control of my life. give me positive sounding music that isn't comple…[View]
72934524Holy fuck why is this song so GOAT?[View]
72928464Summer electronic albums: Hey /mu/, I'd like your help and suggestions for this chart. Summer i…[View]
72935195let's put that shit louder[View]
72934982Holy shit guys, the new Papa Roach album is actually good. They took inspirations from actual punk/a…[View]
72935470There I fixed it: 01. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box 02. Pyramid Song 03. Trans-Atlantic Dr…[View]
72932337>open DAW >fuck around with themes and settings >get bored >close DAW how do I music?…[View]
72933649Black Metal: Can anyone suggest any NSBM bands other than Goatmoon and Arghoslent Thanks :))[View]
72934515post your favorite 3-album streaks, rate others'[View]
72935464We all agree that pic related is his second best after Shades Of Blue right???[View]
72928972Collection thread: Post your collection and rate others' treasure. This is my room. Original pi…[View]
72934894Any of you guys have thoughts about Bill Wurtz? (And why does he look a lot like Moot?)[View]
72935210What does /mu/ think of Al Jardine?[View]
72933234Does /mu/ like Nirvana?[View]
72935307Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
72934201Who is this wonderful lady?[View]
72934843This shit synth track is ripping off a particularly popular 80's song, but I just can't pl…[View]
72934352Savage Garden: What do you guys think of them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJrkGbyhrTg…[View]
72933385just name ONE fucking song Tbh[View]
72933370How does /mu feel about Father?[View]
72933065Thoughts on They Might Be Giants?[View]
72934174>it's a 'Varg talks about his armpit hair color' episode What the heck is this guy's pr…[View]
72935246I think I just accidentally listened to this twice, but I can't tell[View]
72931066Well that's mediocre.[View]
72935268What are some different artists one off 'we made a song in a completely different genre you wouldn…[View]
72935260What'd you guys think? >The 10-track album titled Liminal Minds — which is the first-ever i…[View]
72934190>all the other kids with the fucked up dicks What did they mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
72934095I don't get it[View]
72926672Space Music: ITT: Music to listen to in Space[View]
72934985TWIN PEAKS 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGUboLZx3Tk You fuckers ready for Chromatics to bec…[View]
72934387ITT: Albums you listened to because of their album covers[View]
72935173>i only listen to REAL music >soundcloud sadpiano drumbeat…[View]
72934681this is the best video anthony have ever made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgKAF_j11c8[View]
72934908Recording Cajon: I have a small home recording studio (Just some midi controllers, an AT2020 and few…[View]
72934580Is Father John Misty any good? He seems like a pretentious fuck.[View]
72935133Migos: SPLASH, DRIP, DRIP *WOO* SPLASH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm1YFszJWbQ&index=66&…[View]
72932831KPOP GENERAL[View]
72934325Polish music?: Does anyone understand this song? rlly like it but I don't know what the hell me…[View]
72934276CRUSADER MUSIC: retake the holy land music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QmRxlrLzyo&list=PLM…[View]
72934356I have an album or an ep or whatever, like 6 songs that I want to release. What's the best way …[View]
72932254Bachelorette is Björks best song am i wrong?[View]
72934981'i dont want to be the new aphex twin, so i made this'[View]

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