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75360366whats your favourite britpop album, artist etc...[View]
75360258Is deppression, suffering or insatisfaction in general essential for making good music?[View]
75360200What's his endgame?[View]
75360497ITT: Retards[View]
75360534Was there a thread for the 50th anniversary of Smiley Smile? If not then let's hate it.[View]
75360530Still the greatest dance tune of all time. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qriH-8yeqcE[View]
75360143Cold Waves VI: Anyone coming out to Chicago this weekend for Cold Waves? Should be a fun weekend!…[View]
75358025what does /mu/ think of Kraftwerk?[View]
75358841This is unironic. [spoiler]He's right.[/spoiler][View]
75354972>artist gets over his depression/mental discorder >his music stats to suck…[View]
75357932Can any english speaking dude tell me what is this song about? I'm not that good with english F…[View]
75359250New Yeah Yeah Yeahs hype:: New song = New album soon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4vUL6NYLN4 Al…[View]
75353854Fuck, he should have done more like this[View]
75357994Mumble rap: >friend starts listening to mumble rap >always playing it around me >decide to …[View]
75357168Lovebites: Fuck if this isn't the best girl band in Japan, if not the world. Helps that they…[View]
75352323>I'll never be your dream girl[View]
75359773Eminem is overrated: Honestly hes not even top 10 for best rappers. I would put Kendrick, MF DOOM, D…[View]
75360154Show yourself!: Who is the best musician browsing /mu/ right now and why is it you? Proofs if possib…[View]
75359495What does /mu/ think of this album?[View]
75357760Anyone from Portland ME? Wanna hang out?[View]
75359505Be honest /mu/, can you relate?: WOO!![View]
75359378>he hasn't taken the gripspill life is fucking meaningless so just do whatever crazy shit yo…[View]
75358739deleted this shit so fast lol[View]
75356983/mu/ in 2020[View]
75359097Where do I start with him ?: What are his best mixtapes, best songs, best feats and how do you feel …[View]
75357441Can we predict the next main trend in hip-hop by following Kanye's discography minus five or so…[View]
75358026Injury Reserve Hype(?) thread: So this EP comes out this friday. is /mu/ hype for this? opinions on …[View]
75359163What's the verdict on this, /mu/? Luciferian Towers by Godspeed You! Black Emperor[View]
75355069holy shit this is amazing. any more albums like this? already listened to soft bulletin & ladies…[View]
75329634/blackmetal/: Lonely Saturday Night Black Metal Thread How cold is it where you live? What are you l…[View]
75359543Stoner Rock: Can someone help me out and say that I not that crazy, but I`ve found this lyrics that …[View]
75359135What did you think of odd future[View]
75359706TOGETHER NOW album: would you buy an album with this cover art?[View]
75356809>95% of /mu/ likes Radiohead >post a thread about them and the first ten responses will be abo…[View]
75359630Death Grips: I talked to a girl about death grips today, AMA![View]
75359355Damn, that was pretty good.[View]
75359160Death grips memers: To all the death grips memers, do you guys non-ironically enjoy DG?[View]
75353077Gay-Z: Gay-Z[View]
75359666The Smiths - Meat is Murder (1985, Rough Trade Records)[View]
75354424ITT: Post cute lyrics: 'I could be a pretty girl, I'll wear a skirt for you' 'I could be a pret…[View]
75359629Would Simpsonwave still be as big as it is if P4K's Kevin Lozano hadn't written about it o…[View]
75359048>Mom deleted KC off my ITunes Music for these feels[View]
75348653What's your favorite post-Fragile NiN album? I'm listening to their discography for the fi…[View]
75357342Happy Albums: I recently discovered that my music collections has a lot of depressive music, which m…[View]
75357913Who watched the Lady Gaga documentary on Netflix?[View]
75359096memes aside: new album fucking when?[View]
75358488KPOP GENERAL[View]
75359059What IEMs should I get? Right now I am looking at these planars as well as some of the campfire stuf…[View]
75359200good music for planes and waiting in an airport??[View]
75354267Rank his albums[View]
75354684Pop music can be good[View]
75347787it's time for one of these threads again most recent fave album edition http://www.billclinton…[View]
75356590>haha I don't really listen to full albums anon, I just pick a few standalone songs to liste…[View]
75359144PANIC: What the heck happened to the Suicide Records bandcamp page? http://suicideisanoptionrecordsc…[View]
75348718/metal/: /metal/ general: progressive funeral doom with Deep Purple keyboards edition previous threa…[View]
75358031/zeuhl/: Are there any modern bands that's been heavily influenced by this style? I have a hard…[View]
75356194*blocks your path*[View]
75358589any oldfags here remember how /mu/ first reacted to this album?[View]
75358276/Bowie/ 1.Outside edition: Happy Birthday to 1. Outside - The Nathan Adler Diaries: A Hyper Cycle. …[View]
75358950*deletes Arnika* There, now it's perfect (and the best Sufjan release).[View]
75358824any oldfags here remember how /mu/ first reacted to this album?[View]
75357904ITT: Albums that feel like America[View]
75358702thoughts on Marina and the Diamonds?: So what does /mu/ think about the WORST FUCKING FEMALE ARTIST …[View]
75357078i kinda like that spammed a sunny day in glasgow ep...[View]
75355433This album is a masterpiece[View]
75349327what is 2017's most underrated album?[View]
75358499>I discovered that police bomb dogs are also drug dogs. So when there were bomb threats [towards …[View]
75358292How can one man be so devoid of talent?[View]
75358282The year is 2000. What you listening to, /mu/?[View]
75358485Galcher Lustwerk - Dark Bliss: y'all heard this yet?[View]
75357166KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GArqYduqkAA[View]
75357584Was Pete Best a good drummer?[View]
75358364progressive folk or something: please can you guys rec some albums similar to this[View]
75357225Guess peoples personalities based on 2x2's[View]
75353650Ok so I've recently gotten into electronics, but I feel I haven't quite gotten a good 'gri…[View]
75358439Help her she is good and starting: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFpqcfwp5zGo0AnuDRIco2A…[View]
75356772pink floyd SUCKS this is the real rock and roll[View]
75358349loveu: Anthony says memes are the future of music promotion. So /mu/ can you meme my music? ! https:…[View]
75358332Do you think Stoner Rock is going to be more known? Stoner rock general[View]
75358329I kinda feel like it don't make sense Cause you're bringing me in and now you're kick…[View]
75358193guys, seriously, what rhymes with laboratory: yeah, i know, but i'm trying to write some bars a…[View]
75357987Ariel back with another AOTY, damn[View]
75356561White J's, white Porsche White wrist, white horse Hi, bitch, hi, bitch Hi, bitch, hi, bitch[View]
75358060I want to get into classical music, but I honestly have no clue what to listen to or where to start.…[View]
75357090Remember bands like The Vaccines, The Maccabees and Noah and the Whale? What happened to that indie …[View]
75357997ONLY A STEEL MAN[View]
75356862What's /mu/'s consensus on which Bjork album is best?[View]
75358052>America was a bastard. The illegitimate daughter of the mother country Is Kanye West symphatisin…[View]
75357340Redhill me on goth, /mu/.[View]
75355019they'll be fine[View]
75354255Could you weight-in on what is the best Nirvana song?[View]
75357222Radiohead has a lot of production that they don't do anything with. It's like listening to…[View]
75358068Big Brovaz: Does anyone remember them? Did they deserve to be forgotten or Underrated? https://www.y…[View]
75357782HOLY SHIT! new Amenra track and video from their forthcoming album 'Mass VI' ! https://www…[View]
75358050Give me your cutest albums.[View]
75358037https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjOTW699dfY Why y'all sleeping on Young Trill Irvin? He's …[View]
75356728What are you listening to right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3sheMIWny0[View]
75357976What's mu's opinion on UK hip-hop? it's probably an acquired taste for people outside…[View]
75357703ITT: Albums you unironically like that you wouldn't tell anyone: .[View]
75357859Anyone else listen to Last Dinosaurs? They're one of my favorite bands but nobody ever talks ab…[View]
75356440Did this song exist?: Wasn't there a violin version or a strings version of Shiki No Uta? I swe…[View]
75357860Recommend me something similar to this?: I really, really like the way this album feels, a very 80s …[View]
75357854Is it worth seeing them live?: Or general harsh electronics/noise bands live ? I really liked there…[View]
75349990Can you guys recommend me some music that could fit the description of be the equivalent of cosmic o…[View]
75357136>tfw the album's main theme is childhood and aging >the album features harsh noises and h…[View]
75357647(Non) Edgy Music: Can an artist/band convey a deep message in their music without sounding too edgy …[View]
75355747Haha, he's so goofy and relatable![View]
75355091Is she, dare i say it.../ourgal/???[View]
75348318Was Whitehouse the only good power electronics group to ever exist? I mean the rest just sound like …[View]
75356884>3.8 billion views we're going to reach 4 billi, lads.[View]
75354434What is she singing, /mu/?[View]
75357432*produces your favorite dadrocker's album*[View]
75352343Faust: >A new Faust album came out a few months ago, and apparently it's pretty good What th…[View]
75357269Favourite movie soundtrack: As the title states, give me your favourite movies soundtrack! Pic very …[View]
75356755Can we have a good old ambient/drone thread? Taken up listening to ambient recently after having ign…[View]
75357455>WOAAHAHAJAHAJAHAHAHAGAHSHAHA what did they mean by this?[View]
75356133Is there good music from China?[View]
75353753im so done with this new direction, boys. It's all been downhill since pain is beauty. this st…[View]
75356050run for your life[View]
75355466*blocks your path*[View]
75356418Nueva Canción/Nueva Trova: Recommend me some good artists like Silvio Rodriguez, please.[View]
75357339What does /mu/ think of Aleksander Vinter (Savant)?[View]
75357150Can you guys help me to identify the sample used in this song? It's driving me nuts, it sorta s…[View]
75355440Hardware DAW or software? I know software offers a lot more flexibility/options, but I just want to …[View]
75335372ITT: Guess personality: Post top 5 and guess personality[View]
75357273Does /mu/ like Celestia?[View]
75357151>there will never be another metal record that uses synthesizers as flawlessly and seamlessly as …[View]
75356354Part of your charm was The way you would push me from All of the traps that I just couldn’t see Figu…[View]
75357172Only atonal polyrythmic 6+ voice microtonal fugues are worthwhile to listen to. Anything else falls …[View]
75357025Start listening to Burzum.[View]
75349485Post your favorite Anime Theme Songs!: Post your favorite Anime Theme Songs!! Check this one: https…[View]
75355649kpop general: pretty girls edition[View]
75353491I want some really dark music but i dont know where to look for and i'm pretty much stuck. In …[View]
75356778So like if the internet became self aware and could make its own music it would be Death Grips right…[View]
75356509Take a random piece of music. Add distortion to the whole thing It is now industrial music Sorry, th…[View]
75356692>band I hate breaks up >final album title apologizes for their mere existence…[View]
75356074I unironically need music for this feel[View]
75356155>tell me straight to my face that this white trash bitch isn't outshining any of you porch m…[View]
75356803Prog: Prog rock thread. Name your favorite bands, albums, things you just discovered etc. Just list…[View]
75355799>Some kid talking over stolen music is better than one of the greatest complex Prog Rock albums o…[View]
75356474What is the best one hit wonder of all time?[View]
75356562Both infinitely better than anything Death Grips has ever released.[View]
75356570Post the most uplifting songs of all time kicking it off with a well known gem https://youtu.be/A_Mj…[View]
75356727La Cucaracha: How can this be so underrated?[View]
75356478what music do you listen to when you're furious at the world and don't give a shit anymore…[View]
7535670825 minutes of tuning their instruments before they decide to play some music. might be a new record,…[View]
75351237We're all I'm agreement this is the best /mu/core right?[View]
75353556Quick, give me an album that will blow my fucking mind or I'll blow yours[View]
75356519What's your favorite song/album by Japan?[View]
75342269ITT: Describe your taste in music without naming artists, genres, songs, or albums.[View]
75356276>emo songs you like i'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yG6iw7AeWE…[View]
75356014ITT: great albums that have bad/uninspired/boring album covers[View]
75356541Spoken word: I've been listening to lydia lunch and Michael gira's Hardrock. I hope that t…[View]
75355373>one night stand with chick >realize it's not gonna work out, but fuck it, it's just…[View]
75355238>tfw can't relax and take in Vangelis How do I listen to an entire album with no distraction…[View]
75355949can you guys recommend me albums like this one? i don't necessarily mean a similar sound (altho…[View]
75356469Remember me?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP6XpLQM2Cs[View]
75355475I Do Not Like John Maus[View]
75353682new /chart/: other one on its last legs. rec rate and guess what others look like[View]
75356372Post your fav year in music, and why[View]
75356195ITT: Songs that make you cry: >ITT: Songs that make you cry[View]
75356314More albums like this?[View]
75356202what you think bout AM: what you ppl think about 'fans' of the monkeys liking only AM or only listen…[View]
75355555I heard this game has a nice OST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvKq4fuR8ao[View]
75356178I need some obscure albums from the 80s and 90s to spend these tokens, any recommendations are appre…[View]
75353598brian wilson is the beach boys[View]
75355988Pop producers/people in the industry, how do you 'cold-call' emails, or what do you look for when re…[View]
75356110What does /mu/ think of Lights’ body of work?[View]
75356086time again: Here is the rarest image of Mark Kozelek[View]
75353667When did you grow out of /mu/ ?: >be me >started browsing /mu/ at 17 >forced myself to list…[View]
75355621Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
75356042https://youtu.be/vJzjsaguv2I Anybody know the meaning to this song?[View]
75344298Shuffle your library and post the first 5 songs you get. Avalanches - Extra Kings Brian Eno - The Tr…[View]
75355259Are other countries even trying?: >Björk >Sigur Rós >Agent Fresco >Sólstafir >Momentu…[View]
75350001/mu/'s Top 100 Songs of the 1980s (TOP 100 VOTING): ITT: We make a list of /mu/'s favorite…[View]
75355939who would be in the 2017 sequel?[View]
75354783Rate my taste, /mu/[View]
75354764ITT: Post albums that everyone needs to listen to ASAP if they haven't already (aka required li…[View]
75355725Courtney solicited El Duce who passed the offer to Allen Wrench who passed the offer to the killer. …[View]
75355808Yung Gravy Train: I know I can't be the only one on this fucking hype wagon https://www.youtube…[View]
75349559Are Cigarettes After Sex the new Trespassers William? https://cigarettesaftersex.bandcamp.com/album/…[View]
75354805What are some other songs told in the perspective of a serial killer? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
75355032Why isn't there more electro folk albums? It sounds great in this album.[View]
75355328Does anyone actually listen to Devlab or The Hummer?[View]
75352799Do veneers actually cost 2500 a tooth?[View]
75354461Is this SOTY?[View]
75355684Yellow boy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPEKwdu-03w[View]
75354202KPOP GENERAL: /kpg/ is dead due to aids[View]
75354819Why do people say Justin Bieber can't sing when he has an extremely successful singing career?[View]
75354387Earworm: Do you feel deranged and a little on the crazy side when you listen to the same artist for …[View]
75355579>Hey Daft Punk, wanna be featured on my new song? >[HA?] >That's perfect, great collab…[View]
75348928>mfw people complaining that metal is a niche hobby genre now and not a mass market thing like it…[View]
75349623is DIY even good anymore or is it just a bunch of faggot crybabies?[View]
75350818People who think this is their best album.... why?: ??[View]
75355135Just listened to this for the first time and holy fuck it's good. what does /mu/ think of dori…[View]
75355062Don't really post on /mu/ much, but I came across a beautiful song and thought I'd share. …[View]
75348844Favorite Movie soundtracks? Also any recommendations for classical similar to Dies irae?[View]
75355435ITT: Make a great EP from a good album by cutting half the songs. > Can't Do Without You …[View]
75355340What are some good songs to play electric guitar to? I'm talkin like, soloing over. Here'…[View]
75354993What are /mu/'s neofolk essentials?[View]
753551941.2.3...cheetah: https://youtu.be/1ChA265iWvs[View]
75353032With so many millions of albums around do the majority of people who are into music still think this…[View]
75352544Instrumental versions of albums: I really enjoy listening to instrumental versions of albums I like,…[View]
75353965ITT: Retards[View]
75355082what went wrong?[View]
75354838Prague anons help: Hey, I just got in Prague and will stay there for a few months What are some good…[View]
75352268is there any objective reason to dislike a band or genre? if so, say it.[View]
75354854Thug Slug Vs Wicked Worm | RAP BATTLE: https://youtu.be/jpNHu8rT-84[View]
75351625>simple >soft >acoustic >melodic give me Wu Fei - Cloud of Birds [Chinese folk music] ht…[View]
75327704/chart/: Other one is ded. Rate, hate, rec, whatever[View]
75354687Name a better white singer. I'll wait.[View]
75355101Why were the 60s so boring?: >folk snorefest >basic britpop >girlbands >DUDE psychedeli…[View]
75349820Why is dadrock so good?[View]
75347337I don't know if it's what they were going for, but this album is a very accurate musical r…[View]
75350351Hey /mu/ at what age did you grow out of Visual Kei? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct4p40wRvhw…[View]
75355039What is Fenriz address? I want to send him my promo CD[View]
75355073What do you /mu/lennials think of Trout Mask Replica?[View]
75355052>first and last are the only good tracks What did he mean by this?[View]
75354881ITT: Pretentious hacks[View]
75354548Greatest Jazz album of all time. Greatest album of all time. Greatest musical achievement of all ti…[View]
75353919Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
75355028HE WILL BE FINE[View]
75353021As a black man[View]
75354006What is the essential autism-core music? I just realized that I don't know any music related to…[View]
75354960https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXhQDb2bQBc Thank you based god, I love you based god, Please help m…[View]
75354961try guessing the title (hint: it's translated, original song isn't in english): Mother, I…[View]
75351431binga moo gonna getchyeeeeeehaaaaw[View]
75354463Best album released in the last year (previous 12 monhts)? Not your favourite or some obscure crap n…[View]
75342270>Yeah i'm pretty into music. I'm assuming you're not really familiar with Neutral …[View]
75354241Sleep Well Beast: Sleep Well Beast[View]
75354794So anybody think they can help me Identify an artist with little, to no info? Trying to remember the…[View]
75354426Hello /mu/, I can't listen to music on headphones with my eyes closed. I know that's the …[View]
75342434Post the most avant-garde thing you've got[View]
75354739Sugarcult are the most underrated pop punk band ever[View]
75350670>be reddit >make 3 hour drone album >donate proceeds to charity haha oh my god what faggots…[View]
75353363Was 'I am the Walrus' the first post-modern song?[View]
75354647Leave rock music to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRplVmpZCa8[View]
75352070good or not good?[View]
75354304post foreign music ( non english / world ) albums/songs/movements welcome Ali Farka Tourke: https://…[View]
75349437These are RYM's top 16 artists most experimental albums Which band/artist was the most avant ga…[View]
75354157Wasn't even that bad tbqh: This wasn't that bad, i enjoyed the experimentation aswell as i…[View]
75354035Is this the greatest britpop song of all time, /mu/?[View]
75351783If everyone listened to Tool we'd have World Peace[View]
75343562Sorry kid, only lads with 10/10 albums are allowed in this shindig.[View]
75354320What guitar is this?: What guitar is Walter Becker playing on the vinyl fold out of 'Aja'? It looks …[View]
75354259Red Flags: >Albums name is something generic like 'Battles' or something.…[View]
75354333looking for recs plz :-) i am slow at finding new music i enjoy and trying 2 get better[View]
75354335Songs from popular bands that go under the radar: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae0zSbi-WKg From the…[View]
75351873>the song sounds identical both forwards and backwards[View]
75354169>he doesn't delete the songs he dislikes from an album LMAO WHAT A PLEB…[View]
75354174>its another kids react to another dad rock band recommened by teenage morons episode https://www…[View]
75349523>wa wa wa >wa wa wa >wa wa wa >cuz of u i get wattos >*guitar noises* What did she me…[View]
75346656Soundcloud Thread: Didn't see a thread, guys. Post some feedback; share the love. Let's he…[View]
75354121What does /mu/ think of the music of the Japanese animated series Senki Zesshou Symphogear and its s…[View]
75354087There are no perfect musicia-[View]
75353091KPOP GENERAL: wuju edition[View]
75352328Post good country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeL1Vjz8ves[View]
75353952How do you define a good taste in music? Would you consider yourself to have a good taste?[View]
75352394You hear it you lose >I'M JUST A LITTLE BOY (HAHAHAHA)[View]
75353951More albums like this in their catalogue?[View]
75351868How am I supposed to listen to this?: I heard 'Real Death' and that was enough. Shit is too heavy ma…[View]
75353956Reggie Watts: What does /mew/ think of him?[View]
75352518Is there a musician who isn't an idiot? Someone who's mature and has a good grip on life? …[View]
75353993New soundcloud rapper: https://soundcloud.com/kkihd/u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d-a-b-l-e[View]
75353895Why is music from Best Korea so much better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2tPm7QNgBA[View]
75353933Cloud rap: Any songs like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoKjrfi-s30[View]
75353946Why is Dadrap so good?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7t8eoA_1jQ[View]
75346896YT / SC / BC: I leave for an hour and both threads are gone? Share your music and leave feedback for…[View]
75350482more like this?: he's got such a sound.[View]
75353910Song name?: https://twitter.com/SBEdits/status/910940278218985473 Anyone know the song?[View]
75353749>What's the lesser of two evils? >If a suicide bomber made to look pregnant >Manages t…[View]
75350618>Genre name begins with Post[View]
75353226What's your favourite Joy Division B-side?[View]
75352388Post wonderful albums:: what a wonderful album[View]
75353560stop being white[View]
75353624where are the drums?[View]
75353331Lyrics Thread: Post lyrics you've written you sick puppies. I don't care if they suck.…[View]
75353679>Look out 'cause you know what you're doing >Turn up the American ruse >Whitehous…[View]
75351315Recommend some albums that are pretty groovy baby[View]
75352777Wild Beasts break up: https://twitter.com/wildbeasts/status/912240276558745600 Anyone else on /mu/ l…[View]
75348381>ITT: First song is the album's best song[View]
75350105Say something to GG.[View]
75341915I have never heard an album this good: it surpassed all my favorites[View]
75352313The superior album: By a country mile[View]
75352680To be fair, you have to be very intelligent to understand macklemore[View]
7535221210cc/G&C Thread: What is their best song and why is it rubber bullets?[View]
75352073Whenever I search for an album/song to download from Soulseek, I look for 320 kbps, then choose to d…[View]
75352918Describe musicians with a headline.I'll start. >Bon Iver[View]
75351167does anyone else thing this is his best album?[View]
75352066>the song makes explicit reference to itself >'and the song that I sing is the only way that …[View]
75347682What is the Minecraft of music?[View]
75352712Listen to music and enjoy sexy[View]
75343964Any other albums/music that sound like walking through a zen garden late at night?[View]
75351278underrated albums[View]
75348579Free improvisation that isn't jazz Example: pic related.[View]
75352911ITT: Near perfect albums.[View]
75352391KPOP GENERAL[View]
75347944Instrumental hip hop: I been listening to pic related, other madlib shiz, dilla, and avalanches nd I…[View]
75350278find a flaw[View]
75351200post some super catchy pop songs (in any style) that no one knows about. i'll start: https://w…[View]
75348441>getting depressed again and starting to not enjoy music Music for this feel?…[View]
75352363DO YOU REMEMBER[View]
75351728/groove/: Post 10/10 groovy as shit songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9cjw5OHAf8 https://www.yo…[View]
75352621The call that saved /mu/[View]
75348643albums only you've heard[View]
75350236favourite live shows[View]
75351351This is so much better than Pink Moon, why isn't it more famous?[View]
75352593i get seizures: https://youtu.be/kJ7osdJ4H_8 yall listen to this[View]
75352590Dark Skin(Vol. 1): https://www.audiomack.com/album/billyonair/dark-skinvol-1mixtape[View]
75346664ITT: Musicians who will die young.[View]
75352515I simply cannot stop listening to 'Niykee Heaton - Bad Intentions ft. Migos'[View]
75351705Hey, /mu/. I’ve been here for about four or five years now, and I just want to tell you that you may…[View]
75351690>claims to be a music lover >has less than 10,000 songs in his library Explain yourselves, Spo…[View]
75352447>make album making fun of prog rock >it ends up being an incredibly solid prog rock album Boy,…[View]
75351480kpop general[View]
75352321ITT unironically good albums[View]
75352254>Carnival of Light will never come out in your lifetime[View]
75352186Bokura hanbun yume no naka... Bokura hanbun yume no naka... Bokura hanbun yume no naka...[View]
75352189>tfw finaly got into this album it was worth it[View]
75351176so, what's his secret /mu/?[View]
75349179ITT: They can't keep getting away with it!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP2d8yZzhdM htt…[View]
75349816New book, new tunes: I bought a horror novel a couple days ago and would like some good music to lis…[View]
75351440What's /mu/'s consensus on which TOOL album is best?[View]
75350839Looking for a song, I think its from the 80s. The chorus goes something like 'Its a sign of the time…[View]
75351885He fell for the Beatles meme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIekhbbtR1g[View]
75352079What are your thoughts on Bethany Cosentino's body of work?[View]
75349975Guiltiest pleasures: Fuck you I like it edition: Post stuff you like that you'd never admit lis…[View]
75344985>there are some bad people on the rise Who was he referring to?[View]
75351934WE PUT A CLICK ON THE 24 TRACK[View]
75351702is queen the most influential band of all time? sports games were never the same after we are the ch…[View]
75352019>naaa naaa herny hernn na naa naaa herny hern[View]
75350207when you are lurking: and someone posts your work[View]
75350325What does /mu/ think of Walter murphy (Family guy composer)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvFRMMU…[View]
75350434First time listen. What should I expect?: Diving into this before bed, what should I expect?[View]
75351339>The Beatles haven't released a new song in 21 years[View]
75348597Playlist Building: Hey /mu/. I'm trying to build a playlist for a party I'm having next we…[View]
75351822this is the only good band and if you think otherwise you're a worthless piece of shit[View]
75348482i wanna die[View]
75351247AOTY: Coming thru[View]
75349880is it too late to learn to play guitar after a certain age?[View]
75350362How did such a shit band manage to make such a great album?[View]
75351715Whats the /mu/ verdict on this[View]
75349738when's their new album and what's your opinion on steroids? and why does andy look like a …[View]
75351561Hey I figured I'd ask /mu/ because they would know. So like the type of music you write, is tha…[View]
75347470tfw no gf: How do I find a GF with a slightly good taste in music, /mu?[View]
75349666How does /mu feel about Adam 22 and the no jumper podcast?[View]
75350353KPOP GENERAL[View]
75348094/bsoty/ general: What is the Box Set Of The Year and why is it Gene Simmons' Vault?[View]
75349235What music do they listen to?[View]
75351404>tfw want to create Phonk and DnB music What's the best program to do so?…[View]
75351088jesus fucking christ this is so good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tls8Neie2Q[View]
75351334Is alex cameron /ourguy/?[View]
75350797What to add? Also don't be mean I just started collecting[View]
75351297Am i retarded or is this band really good?[View]
75351293Thoughts on Graham: What does /mu/ think of Graham Kartna?[View]
75336156>your AOTY >favorite song on it[View]
75349907Jazz Fusion: Thoughts on Casiopea? This jazz stuff isn't really my realm, I stick to death met…[View]
75350847Show me the greatest live albums of all time[View]
75341186What is the best Björk solo album?: strawpoll.com/xgedrwdz[View]
75351226Holy shit[View]
75350586Who are some artists with both dogshit quality albums and amazing albums?[View]
75351000How do I get a gf who listens to pic related?[View]
75350275>chance the rapper delayed this album by 4 hours because he begged them to include 'waves' was i…[View]
75348448How patrician is Frank's taste? >Talking Heads ripplin' on the surface >Eyes low, ch…[View]
75347531>foo fighters is just a bunch of soulless pop rock if anything its way more darker then nirvana…[View]
75348760What do y'all think of this album? Also, anyone got a DL?[View]
75347310There is literally nothing wrong with this being your favorite David Bowie album[View]
75350885favorite album?[View]
75350868are they ever going to bring Winamp back?: nostalgia thread[View]
75347448I need help finding a song from the 90s. Only I don't know what it sounds like and I don't…[View]
75340217Who else saw Have A Nice Life in Brooklyn last night?[View]
75350828This album is very relaxing, thanks for showing me these gals, random people on /mu/[View]
75348173Why do most musicians look boring and like complete shit now? Besides the most famous stars (who hon…[View]
75347363B A L L S E M P T Y E L L Y F U L L[View]
75347302/mu/, if you could see any two musicians/bands fight to the death in a wrestling ring, who would you…[View]
75350393I want some fuck ass music. In the same vein of machinegirl or deathgrips. Gimme some shit I've…[View]
75350121>it's a brent album[View]
75343720You wake up one morning and you are lil pump What do you do?[View]
75350457post 2/5 albums itt ONLY[View]
75348924Is there any album truly like it, /mu/?[View]
75350651ITT: Albums where the B-side is better then the A-side[View]
75350615Producers in the pop industry, how do you usually 'cold-call' demos?[View]
75347392What is /mu/ genuine opinion on him?[View]
75349452Was there a more insufferable faggot in the history of music?[View]
75335045R A R E vinyl thread GO[View]
753453153x3/4x4/5x5 collage thread: how's the weather[View]
75346671>when you make kids pay for your rap career and after you make it you pretend they don't exi…[View]
75350106ITT: Bands that you are obsessive about[View]
75349312Album Mandela Effect: My gf and I were having a convo about shitty emo music, and MCR came up. We b…[View]
75348402Is there... some kind of deeper meaning to this song or is it literally just about werewolves in lon…[View]
75350258>Bands best album is a soundtrack to a shitty movie and some singles they had lying around…[View]
75349285KPOP GENERAL[View]
75345654>Classical for normies: the album Jazz the special needs kid people feel bad for so they try to a…[View]
75345963Is Ben Shapiro the one true Patrician? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE5XXQQG9bM[View]
75349161/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
75349085>Got a screw loose, I'm cuckoo, mentally disturbed[View]
75349675Thoughts on the new Ringo album, /mu/?[View]
75349962Cool album cover thread?[View]
75348333Would this album be better if the track order was reversed?[View]
75349923Oh so you say you like music anon?: my level of not giving a fuck vs. your level of not giving a fuc…[View]
75349797i thought it was a foot[View]
75349867If Aerosmith broke up after Rocks we would hold them up with the same reverence we give bands like B…[View]
75342176ITT: We pick songs that should have been left off the album. I'll start >Climbing Up The Wal…[View]
75347518Confederate/Redneck Music Thread: ITT Post your favorite redneck, confederate, country music No norm…[View]
75349734>when a song has the millennial whoop[View]
75349209What's your favorite or most underrated solo Beatles album? Pic related is the latter for me.[View]
75349010*raises glass*[View]
75342276What is he reacting to /mu/?[View]
75343617/BANDCAMP THREAD/: Listen, rate, recc, review! Give feedback and say what you think is good or bad.…[View]
75349078Yo why is this good[View]
75346916Asian music general What are some top albums from the continent of Asia? I came across this one and …[View]
75341631ITT: Musicians that /mu/ loves universally[View]
75349320Is Jack White the Wes Anderson of music?[View]
75349430Who has better hair?[View]
75348821The only thing wrong with this show is that you can't watch it all right now. Why haven't …[View]
75349093His body doesn't compensate enough for his lack of eyebrows.[View]
75347990KPOP GENERAL[View]
75349154I miss being so vulnerable to life experiences as I was when i first listened to this album. Now, so…[View]
75348986what are some good albums to shitpost about when you haven't listened to them?[View]
75347988face it, you only 'like' death grips so that when someone asks you what music you like you…[View]
75347809ITT: poorly describe an album track by track, others guess the album >Please Don't Kill Me …[View]
75347164Anybody know if the new Primus leaked? Going to be dropping acid at a Ween show next Wednesday and I…[View]
75346697Why can't we just be satisfied with top 40 radio?[View]
753430803x3: how was your week?[View]
75348424instrumental tracks that fill you with emotion for some reason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYBl…[View]
75347044Whats the american equivalent to this?[View]
75348923Any of you listen to Storaged Melodies? If so whats your favorite song?[View]
75347585What is some /mu/-approved music to listen to while working out? I'll start with the obvious.[View]
75342011Soundcloud Thread: post some exclusives, have some fun, get to know each other, don't just wast…[View]
75347248Whats his worst album?[View]
75348524What is the best Star Wars composition and why is it 'Battle Of Heroes? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
75348691What is the best band in human history and why is it The Smiths? Also, ITT funny morrissey pics.[View]
753486452016 was the year of Mumble Rap, 2017 is the year of Cringey Youtube Rap That's Only Big Becaus…[View]
75348746Is he, dare I say it /mu/, the most pure artist since Brian Wilson?[View]
75348649Who is this man[View]
75348614Who here /hype/ for Savageville?[View]
75343820/metal/: kafir edition old thread >>75338640[View]
75348594have any of you bothered to sit down and endure lowercase music? ive actually found it to be enjoyab…[View]
75345197what the FUCK y'all this album is great[View]
75346022just started to listen to this album, what am i in for?[View]
75345536Mono or stereo? Let It Be or Let It Be Naked? Lennon or McCartney?[View]
75345045I WANT TO ___ YOU LIKE A(N) ______[View]
75347239music in norwegian?: recc me some good music in norwegian pls preferably stuff that's a little …[View]
75348113do i need to listen to bob marley before using this?[View]
75346522Goodnight, /mu/.[View]
75346590Verdict?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TRqP52c0OLU[View]
75348280Do you know this band?[View]
75348105what do you think: can i use soulseek on my university's wifi? bittorrent clients are blocked b…[View]
75346735Y'all remember metro-ko?[View]
75347184what's the point of a hardware mixer, when you have less control than a DAW and your music is g…[View]
7534821121 Savage or RiceGum?[View]
75348166How does it make you feel if an artist you like uses anime imagery in their merchandise or cover art…[View]
75345768Music Programs: /mu/ can you suggest me some sites that provide cracked programs? also for those tha…[View]
75346912Unpopular opinions thread: >pic related is best swans album >I like the direction anco is goin…[View]
75346826hey /mu/ please dont be /mu/ on my fan discord or i'll get it taken down, i know what 4chan is …[View]
75339341Album Battle: Post two albums and anons reply with what they think is the better album.[View]
75345299What does /mu/ think of gearslutz?[View]
75344840Real talk: who actually likes U2 though? Where are their fans? >pic related, screenshot from the…[View]
75345921What's the most effective way to learn sight reading? I was gonna just print out a bunch of mus…[View]
75346258HOW TO BE LIKE PERTURBATOR: I want to be like him.[View]
75343196Does /mu/ still like vaporwave?[View]
75346875kpop general[View]
75344966Why does Tech N9ne get no respect? He's one of the most profitable rappers in the industry but …[View]
75345432Stop reading Pitchfork.[View]
75345437what's /mu/core 2017? pic trying to be related[View]
75345479Do you respect the silence that serves the foundation of creativity?[View]
75347692ITT: post your favorite band/artist name the quality of their music doesn't matter, only the qu…[View]
75346114How's your life going? Let someone tell you so you don't have to think so hard[View]
75345827What's some good depressive/emotional music that ISN'T slow and/or boring?[View]
75338923ITT: personal 10/10s[View]
75346493completely disregarding the context of both albums, does this album remind anyone else of Pet Sounds…[View]
75347583Is there any genre/artist that is to grunge as post-rock is to rock? Like, grunge music that has inf…[View]
75347790kike me: what kind of music do you guys think the king of pop would make in 2017 if he were still ar…[View]
75345101>Tfw someone says The Beach Boys are better than the Beatles on the same anime image board as me…[View]
75346783GOTH 2017 / Listening party: Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/0avedSF9/file.h…[View]
75347760rate thread: new to this sub. can you rate my last 3 days?[View]
75347623>just got back from a 3 day universal ban for posting uncensored NLDW Music for this feel?…[View]
75347496So I've been gettin in to pere ube. I'm up to the art of walking and I'm not sure how…[View]
75345930new skullflower: im liking Autumn Cannibal, have any of you lads checked it out?[View]
75341483ITT: we post patrician tips to help newcomers out I'll start Never use headphones, as they are …[View]
75345082I have to review an album for class tomorrow. Which one should I pick?[View]
75346874can we get a /lum/ thread going?[View]
75345850Name my band /mu/ Don't bully pls (me on the 2nd left)[View]
75347546>when you get the Zyklon B bean https://youtu.be/KfIXLLRNLgo[View]
75341592How much do you think an AUTOGRAPHED vinyl copy of 'oddities & sodomies vol. 1' by Ariel Pink wo…[View]
75347516>BOC will never release all of their old EPs What actually are the fake tracks anyways?…[View]
75346654ITT: absolutely atrocious album covers how the fuck did this get past the label and idol himself[View]
75345806Just played myself like a skinny fist lifted to heaven: >buy GY!BE Luciferian Towers on vinyl …[View]
75346354What do you think about this cover?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6yzrZfgQvI[View]
75346335ITT: Albums for retards: Pic unrelated[View]
75346579Listening to this for the first time.: I'm not digging it. Tell me why you like it if you do.…[View]
75339939Does /mu/ like death metal?[View]
75340535What is the most energetic song you have ever heard?[View]
75342956Jesus fucking christ it's so good, are there any other albums like this?[View]
75346384Was this ever discussed? Its pretty solid.[View]
75347142>make a Springsteen cover album >leave out all the passion and musicianship that made Springst…[View]
75346727the /lit/est singer?[View]
75347140liekdis: just found this playlist on my desktop no idea where it came from >statistic and artifi…[View]
75342482>Writes one song for Sgt. Pepper's >It's the best one What did he mean by this?…[View]
75346962I'm a legs man.[View]
75345683is pitchfork's 2016 aoty worth listening to?[View]
75345247>/mu/ makes a song let's do this boiz[View]
75345169https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6hXL4FsFSM post your favorite music from tv show,[View]
75346812Why do people consider this to be the logical conclusion to music?[View]
75345627KPOP GENERAL[View]
75346447sunday night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRtcEKbUifU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMT76_mYDV…[View]
75338192If he rated video games like he did albums, what would be on his list?[View]
75346728I still listen to them when they get popular fuck you hipster faggots, for example caravan palace or…[View]
75346725>Trying hard not to look like I'm trying that hard >Failing miserably at everything, incl…[View]
75346632Am i handsome?: Ur gf use to dig me a lot. What u gonna do?[View]
75326304ITT musicians whose death you won’t be able to handle[View]
75343128ITT: GOAT movie soundtracks[View]
75346310i wanna start a hardcore band but I have no idea how to play drums any drummers that can tell me how…[View]
75346345shoegaze album when?[View]
75345439Hey /mu/tants, I'm fairly new to making music (about a year) and I'm looking into making a…[View]
75346546feedback? https://soundcloud.com/acelsrevenge/kid-revenge-gamecube-prod-lil-samurai[View]
75345920Post an album and name your favourite song off of it. I'll start with pic, best song is The Lan…[View]
75342876Why is 2017 Trap Music Boring as Hell?: Culture was boring Luv is Rage 2 cured my insomnia A$AP Mob…[View]
75342792who here doesn't even like the albums in their chart?[View]
75344599ITT: We sing temporary secretary one word at a time[View]
75316223/classical/: MAGA edition. Post your favorite American composers, performers, conductors, and orches…[View]
75344049Hey does anybody know of any decent beat making software for linux? dont tell me to buy a mac or swi…[View]
75336677ITT: musicians you'd go gay for: Pic very related, young ozzy was the shit[View]
75343642less than a week from the end of humanity.[View]
75345919>Each day my baby loves me less and less >Soon enough I'll be love-less What the fuck wer…[View]
75346102>Now I'm singing all my songs to the girl who won my heart >She is only three years old a…[View]
75341951Prove this image wrong You unironically cant[View]
75345488Was this their mangum opus?[View]
75345289is this really the best he can do?[View]
75344684Airbag is the greatest opening track of all time, and the best radiohead song period.[View]
75345648Devin Townsend strikes again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVEzEmCEDZk[View]
75336516Thoughts on chelseas new album?[View]
75345857Do you believe that physical media should be bought based on the genre that the album is? For exampl…[View]
75344511German here. Can somebody recommend me music for watching your country fall?[View]
75346067> when you see hes holding a guitar[View]
75346046>Nico taught me how to eat pussy what did he mean by this?[View]
75343947'Brian Douglas Wilson, that's me!' Is there a more gentle soul in existence than Brian Wilson? …[View]
75342993at what age did you grow out of metal, /mu/?[View]
75345418Any good space thrash metal band I don't knowm[View]
75342583/jazz/: Prove you're not a pleb and write a review of the last jazz album you listened to.…[View]
75339508what's fashionable on /mu/? what's cool music here?[View]
75341967OK now be perfectly honest if she pays you $19k, would you be her bf?[View]
75345860>my face be black, my dick a pretty pink >thats why they call me the crimson king…[View]
75311178Previous thread: no fuck you stick with the prod, prod with the prod edition >Production Reso…[View]
75344689What do you play in the car when you've got a passengers/passengers?[View]
75345687So I've been an Elliott Smith fan for about two years now and no other singer/songwriters have …[View]
75340618>'We want the Death Grips audience'[View]
75345736Who /stick/ here?: I've been listening to a bunch of Chapman Stick oriented albums lately, espe…[View]
75345365Why does /mu/ hate this again?[View]
75345570it's an absolute shame this leaked.: imagine a world in which it didn't leak, and jai paul…[View]
75344238KPOP GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSwGLlVUJec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSwGLlVUJe…[View]
75344563can we finally agree that this is not a bad album[View]
75345416*blocks your path*[View]
75345296ITT: We just post some songs we enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg2s041E7mk https://www.youtub…[View]
75345397This is really great. What are some other folk albums I can get into.[View]
75345387Tupac and Biggie Smalls Special: Shit's on FOX tonight. Related thread >>>/tv/88145931…[View]
75345121can some cure listeners tell me how this album fits in the context of their discography, and whether…[View]
75345284So, there's this service that makes a list of your top spotify artists. It separates in all tim…[View]
75345301Yo... Kanye looks..... different....[View]
75343484HopKino is back on the menu. RIP XXXTENTACION https://youtu.be/MTUb25hZhVU[View]
75340765Thoughts /mu/? Certainly a more refined album this time round[View]
75344226ITT: Every song sounds the same Core[View]
75345249Thug Slug Vs Wicked Worm | RAP BATTLE: https://youtu.be/jpNHu8rT-84[View]
75343956Which [spoiler]vinyl[/spoiler] record should I get to a friend that likes 60's music?[View]
75342723Who /diversetaste/ here? >tfw genres and boundaries mean nothing to you anymore >tfw ive ascen…[View]
75313966/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Pink Floyd edition How do I start learning guitar? >justinguitar.…[View]
75345090Music obscurity: How much do you value obscurity when judging a new album or artist? I am wondering …[View]
75313044ITT: we support, follow, share, and give constructive criticism to eachother on various websites for…[View]
75342058>things start splitting at the seams and now the whole thing's tumbling down…[View]
75344334Drugs/Music/Raves: How's the rave scene in burgerland? I have an image of a certain kind of an …[View]
75343392what does /mu/ think of Shabazz Palaces? I never see them discussed on here.[View]
75344931this is too good[View]
75344184Hidden gems thread https://soundcloud.com/baxter-jones2/roam-around-these-catacombs[View]
75341581holy shit[View]
75344194ITT: Albums to put on while Chad fucks you.[View]
75344061what musicdo manic pixie dream boys listen to ?[View]
75341481Songs/moments on an album that fit the cover: Any one else get this? Songs or parts of a song that s…[View]
75344841>He hasn't taken the gripspill Life is fucking meaningless so just do whatever crazy shit yo…[View]
75343289ITT: Songs you unironically want played at your funeral https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSiU1T_w0-8…[View]
75343490Is this for real? £250,000? Were they rich from before, or what? pls /mu/, explain >The group cyc…[View]
75344814South Florida Rap Track: Hey /mu/, I'm looking for a South Florida rap track from the 80s or 90…[View]
75337827Can someone recommend me some music to hate yourself to?[View]
753434783x3 artists+recommendations: Only reply to 3x3's that have rec'd other people http://www.t…[View]
75344723>listens to ska punk once[View]
75344720I'm musically illiterate. Can someone tell me what the song is in the back of this old ad? if n…[View]
75333075Are you tired of Dave Grohl?: He has become the exactly opposite of what Kurt wanted to be >preac…[View]
75342941One more light appreciation: This is actually good[View]
75342925Where's the line between poetic and pretentious lyrics?[View]
75338382ITT: Music-related people you're glad that they are dead.[View]
75341731Sparklehorse. Discuss.[View]
75339496ITT: 10/10 albums[View]
75338352tell me about fishmans[View]
75339497ITT: First listen, second listen, etc. memes[View]
75342324Does /mu/ like Gost?[View]
75343504Brendon Urie is the Greatest Singer of the 2000s: >High Tenor >D2-C7, nearly 5 octaves >Str…[View]
75344346Albums that, years later, end up making sense[View]
75342189>some dude busking outside my place with a folksy rendition of Fill in the Blank weird feel…[View]
75344217post the most gay black album you actually like[View]
75342594iTT your favorite album of the 60s[View]
75342573progressive rock/metal is for people who prefer listening to instruments over listening to music[View]
75334738Best/underrated bass players: Best bass players that aren't all fucking Flea[View]
75337588sharethread. old one is dead.[View]
75343870What does /mu/ think about my waifu?[View]
75342740KPOP GENERAL[View]
75343439Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head[View]
75343958Any other bands with the anomaly of their most accessible music being the pleb filter?[View]
75341453Albums that make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.[View]
75342626I met her at the Living Earth Show She crossed the room, the lights sank low We're together, …[View]
75341313Post a pic with more talent. You cannot.[View]
75343865Countdown to ignition[View]
75343606>there are people on this board who decided they didn't like this album after listening to i…[View]
75338640/metal/: witching edition >>75331159[View]
75342975I need more cool nouns I can use around my friends to make them think I have a bigger vocabulary. I …[View]
75343771Any hard-and-fast rules for recording guitar demos at home? Do I need to add percussion if I have mo…[View]
75343683I need the saddest song in the world.. Pronto![View]
75323378>first song on the album is the longest one[View]
75343153wtf I love reggae now[View]
75342909hey /mu/ this is your opportunity to give me your saddest albums and tell a stranger on the internet…[View]
75343557Does /mu/ like gaycore?[View]
75343656ITT we post pictures and others recommend relevant music[View]
75339363this is phenomenal[View]
75343350>Graduation was Kanye's best album. Everything after Watch the Throne has been shit!…[View]
75339258Punk/Hardcore: I enjoy the hell out of these albums, what else would i like?[View]
75343189This.... Is Musical Autopsy. The segment where ol' Doc Buckley gets out the scalpel and hemosta…[View]
75334052ITT: forgotten bands of 2000s[View]
75341452What sort of albums are good for studying and such? I've always listened to video game OSTs, bu…[View]
75336720MODS WE NEED A STICKY THREAD FOR THIS GENTLE SOUL: Lived the toughest of life but was able to find s…[View]
75340982ITT: Artists who peaked way too soon[View]
75339636what does she listen to /mu/[View]
75343407ITT: Non hip hop songs that would make perfect rap beats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltBes7nEm3c…[View]
75340471I decided to marathon Nickelback's entire studio discography. I just finished Silver Side Up an…[View]
75343304Is Deadsy the greatest sci-fi band of all time?[View]
75343317Its on spotify, itunes, but can not find a place to download it from. What the fuck is the matter wi…[View]
75342633Post your favorite hip-hop albums of 2017[View]
75343287>he hasnt taken the lambkinpill yet life is fucking meaningless just do whatever crazy shit you w…[View]
75343255Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, Ba du dop Ba du bop, Ba du dop Ba du[View]
75343200*blocks your beatlemania*[View]
75279280/daily/ - Nick Cave's birthday edition: Born: September 22, 1957, Warracknabeal, Australia. Hap…[View]
75341326How did he drop SO much in quality from one album to the next?[View]
75342952say that you luv me ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CABdZ7fMb6s[View]
75342930Why does Depeche Mode sound like stock Final Cut Pro music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lTPhvOu…[View]
75341491>album cover has the band members on it[View]
75340452What are you listening to right now?[View]
75341766What to listen to while on this type of stuff? My usual dudelmao or hallucinogen music doesn't …[View]
75342804Why has nothing topped this yet?[View]
75341871where do I start with german rap? I actually am from Germany but got never introduced to the genre b…[View]
75342592>tfw fantano gave this a 7/10 when it's clearly AOTY, far better than any of his previous ef…[View]
75341727KPOP GENERAL: yuri thread[View]
75338603Whats a good instrument for impressing grills?[View]
75335097/mu/ made an album dedicated to Sucide: https://wholedamntownproductions.bandcamp.com/album/carbon-f…[View]
75342522>a Synth bass line in 1968 What are some other early examples of Synths in mainstream music?…[View]
75342485>tfw to smart to buy music[View]
75338357/mu/sic for this feel: I just found out I lost an opportunity with a long time crush in the last yea…[View]
75331622Is metal dead?: When I was in high school (2006-2010), metal/death metal/deathcore/metalcore was fai…[View]
75341042ITT: Musical Fetishes >when drums in an IDM track turn into 'extratone' for like a seco…[View]
75337106/mu/'s Top 100 Songs of the 1980s (TOP 100 VOTING): ITT: We make a list of /mu/'s favorite…[View]
75341767>Song 2 has the name of the album in its lyrics[View]
75342408Anyone seeing Gang Gang Dance tonight in brooklyn? Gonna be good, they havent put out an album since…[View]
75342393ITT: Albums you listen to whenever you need to think. Really glad this one came out when it did. Lot…[View]
75342326What do you think, /mu/?[View]
75342351ITT: Songs you hated the first time you heard them that are now your favorite tracks. >https://ww…[View]
75342293Yoooo, what is this stuff called? https://youtu.be/31j4DIpgY9U[View]
75342281Best 3-song streaks this year: >Empire Line >I'll Still Destroy You >Guilty Party…[View]
75342196Nardwuar vs Kanye West: 'Who are you?' 'The Louis Vutton Don, Yeezus, Yeezy, Kanye To Da, Mr. West, …[View]
75340812ITT: heavy albums[View]
75341128Any good, indie alt-rock album with energetic female vocals? Preferably something from the 2000s, bu…[View]
75341954As summer is almost over, it's comfy music time again. Walking through city or park in foggy/ra…[View]
75342147Rainy day music: So, it's raining and you're feeling comfy, what are you listening to? For…[View]
75341628how hard is it to learn piano? I have a keyboard that I got years ago as a Christmas gift and never …[View]
75341490It's AOTY.: It's a 10/10. /mu/ can't understand that this album does what no other h…[View]
75341775Well that was totally unexpected[View]
75340018Angel Olsen: What does /mu/ think of Angel Olsen's body of work? At this point, is she just mil…[View]
75340938Music for being alone all your life then discovering the absolute perfect QT that is obsessed with u…[View]
75341496ITT: Great musicians who are also great producers[View]
75341956Reminder that Brian was deaf in one ear and the Beach Boys have no songs that sound better in stereo…[View]
75335202Mods are asleep, post rock[View]
75341892This album is underrated as shit Better than The Beach Boys, Beatles, Queen, ELO, Alan Parsons, etc.…[View]
75326881ITT: Share great melancholy albums[View]
75338826Is Paramore, dare I say, the Beatles of our century? Reminder that Paramore, the biggest Pop Rock ac…[View]
75341861More music like this?? Please!!! https://youtu.be/OA7FMn5WOaY?t=31s Starting at 0:31 Thanks!![View]
75341706Do you think Paul cries to sleep sometimes when thinking about his wife and love of his life being d…[View]
75338596bandcamp: The other thread hasn't been progressing anywhere for the last 12 hours, I gave up tr…[View]
75339470oh look what you made do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do look what you just…[View]
75331412Can we just post cute pics of Björk?[View]
75340941KPOP GENERAL[View]
75341584ITT: Post feels-y performances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-50pwpfmJfA[View]
75337942Is it really THAT bad? I think it's pretty good.[View]
75339804>if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends what did they mean by this? do i have to …[View]
75335583>promise highly political album >release sexual one instead so much for artistic integrity…[View]
75336011Rank their solo careers[View]
75337638*yawn* well, this was a waste of my fucking time[View]
75339584Suede > Pulp > Oasis > Blur[View]
753382553x3, 4x4, 5x5, rec, hate, guess things, all of that jazz[View]
75341397Liverpool - *spits* Manchester - YEAH!![View]
75337052>make thread about how Lorde butchered 'Everybody wants to rule the world' >lordecucks mods de…[View]
75339220Musician/Producer Discord: Looking for a new community to share your music with? Trying to improve y…[View]
75341339yall see any Black Dahlia Murder leaks? Too hype to wait[View]
75339125>2013 >actually caring about /mu/'s opinions on music ISHYGDDT…[View]
75341293bass face[View]
75339968ITT: people with mental disabilities[View]
75340289Johnny Marr's top 13 albums: >1. The Stooges - Raw Power >2. T. Rex - The Slider >3. T…[View]
75339382ITT: Post yfw you realize Mode D/E/F is the greatest song in history.[View]
75340962Post best soundtracks[View]
75341053lets talk about Beach House's body of work[View]
75341180I dedicate this song to /mu/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeTMgwc4PFg Those words. For you…[View]
75341058Why does every prog influenced post-hardcore band use these annoying whiny high pitched vocals? Do p…[View]
75341161Laila’s Wisdom: is this album any good?[View]
75340111Does /mu/ like Spanish music?[View]
75341109>Album with the most ratings but a bit lower score >Album with the highest score but a bit low…[View]
75341153Is there more songs that basically say ''you're a fucking dumb bitch''? Kin…[View]
75340561Why are his albums without Madlib so boring?[View]
75335837What is the proper going to concerts alone etiquette? I want to see Alvvays in 2 weeks or so but non…[View]
75338120Post-Nightcore, Lolicore, Denpa, ect.: Music in these fields that dont suck. Nightcore excluded beca…[View]
75341002Does /mu/ like patrician music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zir_mX8i54s[View]
75340063The British government killed the man who wrote this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCch_W2Ro…[View]
75305339ITT: games with patrician music[View]
75338694Is Wasting Light actually fairly highly regarded?[View]
75339982KPOP GENERAL: dal shabet edition[View]
75320124ITT: musicians that you look like[View]
75335737ITT: Worst song you've ever heard[View]
75338016Tool: Thoughts? at first i didn't like it, bored me as fuck. Now i can't stop listening on…[View]
75340838>Donuts clicked hold me /mu/, I can't hold all these feels >I can't stand to see you…[View]
75337996ITT: Retards[View]
75340847Fucking hell this album is so bad[View]
75337726Why are Black People so much more diverse in music than any other race?[View]
75339372do you miss us?[View]
75339900/prog/ general: Proto-Prog Edition King Crimson's In The Court ripped off this album (specifica…[View]
75338785Why did everyone tell me Song for the Deaf is better?[View]
75340386Add your picks for what you think will make pitchforks 2010s list[View]
75339736Post great books about music[View]
75339721How old were you when you finally realized that Morrissey is the GOAT?[View]
75336756How is it that an indie rock band have an album with more raw emotion and intimacy, than many of the…[View]
75338262sup /mu/ it's been a while. i've missed you guys i've had a rough couple of days and …[View]
75339709>tfw gf Music for this feel?[View]
75339075>He doesn't use FLAC Level 8 when converting[View]
75338593https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My4j3vgFxbE waifu of the year[View]
75338157If your favorite album was a girl what would she be like?[View]
75340148Literally who?[View]
75337676Dark Days + Canapes: Thoughts on this one?How would you rate it?[View]
75339802>Hi anon, do you want to listen to the pixies with me :3? What do?[View]
75339280what is some music about coons[View]
75334984What does /mu/ think about these rap lyrics I just made? ey ey, i fuck a bitch ey ey, she suck a dic…[View]
75340028is Darci Lynne lyin'?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ropWor8aAM I study phonetics, and the w…[View]
75339514Ween's best album is The Pod.[View]
75338777KPOP GENERAL[View]
75329299What did this guy do that's special besides just wank on his guitar?[View]
75335600ITT: Recent Jazz you like: I've also been listening to some Marc Cary and Bill Frisell, and I…[View]
75338365Can we finally aknowledge him as the greatest artist of this decade? His new album is gonna blow eve…[View]
75337009Late 90s / Early 2000s music thread: Is there a worst era in music?[View]
75339140>tfw ive been making madlib inspired triphop since 2008 but never got any sort of following and l…[View]
75339815Is there a Japanese Equivalence to Death Grips? Specifically, 'fuck you' occultish lyrics with exper…[View]
75339834Holy hell this album is good[View]
75339455I broke up with my GF but we are still really good friends and I wish her the best, music for this f…[View]
75338820is this hip hop AOTY?[View]
75339852I wish I was a 12 year old girl living in the mid 00's-core[View]
75339762Do you synth, guys?[View]
75339830This song soundsvery similar to another one, but I cant remember the name. https://youtu.be/TLs4MGTT…[View]
75339792Any recommendations for other songs like this?[View]
75338225it's really not that bad[View]
75331238>(DISTORTION) Some questions for you guys Which EP was better, this or NTAE? We had plenty of tim…[View]
75336267Protip: You Can't[View]
75334193Can you handle this album, /mu/?[View]
75338707Why does nobody talk about this album? It's miles ahead of stratosphere imo.[View]
75339252More like Amon Tobin's first three albums?[View]
75339235Best albums of the decade ITT[View]
75336021Yes, /mu/ really did pretend to love this album.[View]
75339188so is this the patrician kanye album?[View]
75325161>go to google images >search for 'artist/band + meme' >post results…[View]
75333237I think this might be the greatest rap album of all time...[View]
75338164Why is this called a recorder: Stupid flute you can't record music, all you do is toot, I can…[View]
75339320ITT: Post pictures with a lot of talent[View]
75338658*wind noises*[View]
75337722This album didn't get nearly as much attention as it deserves. It's still my AOTY so far. …[View]
75338893Was anyone at the Goose Island block party last night for Animal Collective? Shit was fantastic[View]
75337802I can't stand myself or my life anymore I NEED THE /mu/ PILL[View]
75339162>been posting on /mu/ for years >never bothered to read the sticky >mfw…[View]
75339144surprisingly good video game soundtracks?: my favorite game soundtrack is NCAA football 2006. put me…[View]
75338265ITT: things that musical patricians do >deletes tracks that mess with the flow of the album…[View]
75339123What the fuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zir_mX8i54s[View]
75339032Still the best Pop album to come out this decade[View]
75338370What is /mu/ listening to today?: Currently play the first Rage Against the Machine album. Does not …[View]
75338199Why did he suck so much live?[View]
75336784Russian /mu pls help: Need to find beat from 'the smoke' by vendetta but everything related to that …[View]
75338942The Horrors - V: They're back lads. This album owns.[View]
75335869The patrician's choice[View]
75333794SOUNDCLOUD THREAD: you know the drill[View]
75337687KPOP GENERAL[View]
75338708fuk song: What is the best song, album, or artist to fuck to?[View]
75332359collage thread: last week 5x5[View]
75326900Is talent and skill integral to great music? Pic related couldn't play any influence, had no mu…[View]
75337161Was 2007 the best year for music of this century?[View]
75331159/metal/: Old men and young boys edition Old: >>75321643[View]
75338018I'm having a bad day. This is my favorite album. Post similar albums.[View]
75337867Is this the best song on the album?[View]
75338230Earthling: What's your favourite song from the best Bowie album?[View]
75338532Trancecore: I like Trancecore, it's terrible but I like it. Anyone else? https://www.youtube.…[View]
75338453b my pretty girl[View]
75338519what's the difference between power pop and pop punk[View]
75338443mu sucks too much to stay one more day bye die[View]
75336836does intelligence (in the IQ sense) matter at all for musicians?[View]
75337620mods are asleep, post malone[View]
75337773Can anyone even make an argument against the fact that he is the best rapper in the game right now?[View]
75338428How's that mixtape coming along, /mu/?[View]
75338360>that song you randomly uploaded to bandcamp in highschool will never get half a million views on…[View]
75338329wtf why is this actually good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjkDrgb-hDc[View]
75335817Stop being a fan of Burzum.[View]
75338185shitty local acts: I can't stand local rappers they aren't funny or clever in the slightes…[View]
75337792Does icp have anything worth listening to?[View]
75338171Who els founded hard rock and metal? Pic related -the cream[View]
75338025What is the difference between normie and pleb?[View]
75337888What's your opinion on Depeche Mode, an English electronic band that formed in 1980 in Basildon…[View]
75333244Anyone else notice how Loveless is the only /mu/core album that /mu/ universally seems to like?[View]
75338065Anyone got the new leaked album? Pic related[View]
75335355how do I make good music?[View]
75336062what is bowie's best song and why is it Quicksand?[View]
75336793Admit it. Grimes is just the poor man's version of Lady Gaga.[View]
75336314is this a bad joke here, why are there threads of this aloowed ? and does anyone have her contact de…[View]
75337268When will you amerifags admit that the Britain's amateur grime (rap for you tards) scene is 100…[View]
75327809Spit a verse /mu/?[View]
75337898Add your picks for what you think will make pitchforks 200s list[View]
75336932>we will rock you ends >we are the champions starts playing…[View]
75336760looking for a particular album: Someone on this board referenced this bizarre 90's turntable al…[View]
75335918Does her pussy really taste like Pepsi cola?[View]
75337354Which is the best Smifs album to start with? I like how much stuff is on this album and how it has s…[View]
75337696Ok no more memes. This is the best post-punk band[View]
75337016Is hip hop dead? It feels like it's been slowly losing popularity.[View]
75334195My gf is a normie who literally listens to nothing but top 40 what can I do /mu/[View]
75322262/bandcamp/: Everybody posts your bandcamps and everybody listen to each other. Don't be a shill…[View]
75337632What are some songs about having lost years and years of your life for nothing?[View]
75336382KPOP GENERAL[View]
75331113What's your favorite track off it?: Anoche right?[View]
75330201is he, dare i say it, the most influential music critic in the world?[View]
75337631The Mountain Goats: Anyone willing to link or trade a zip of TMG's discography or just a bunch …[View]
75334874Is he the most respected artist on this board? I think it's hard to find someone who doesn…[View]
75336618I recently stumbled upon the site of http://www.allmusic.com, and I browsed through some of my favor…[View]
75337628Fucking chipmunk-sounding music: What is that horrible style called? Example: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
75336930Double Concept Albums: Every decade seems to have a defining double-concept album, what are the 2000…[View]
75337563>broke up with gf Music for this feel but uplifting. Maybe something strong and bluesy like pic.…[View]
75337141This shit still blows me away.[View]
75337475Has anyone been to each of Kanye's tours? I always see videos of the WTT tour and it seems like…[View]
75335914It finally fucking clicked. But where do I go from here?[View]
75337459ITT: moments that hit you right in the feels: >sometimes I lay awake thinking about the past and …[View]
75337205why: >search for album on the catalog >first 3 results are expired >next one is a fucking 1…[View]
75336155What kind of music do Mouth-Breathers listen to?[View]
75336263When Julian comes in on his saw and Jeff stars singing I HAVE BEEN FLOATED TO THIS THOUGHT THIS HOUR[View]
75322564/rym/: fitness for trump edition[View]
75336744>so much music >so little life[View]
75320963Last.fm compatability: https://www.last.fm/user/acidminx let me know what we have in common/our comp…[View]
75336159Albums to test new headphones: Bought myself some wireless P7s, any albums I should try them out wit…[View]
75332273Stop making that big FACE![View]
75336831>he doesn't delete the songs he dislikes from an album he likes >he doesn't downloa…[View]
75337248Do we have any hungarian bros here? I think I like the sound of hungarian, but I've only listen…[View]
75337184>Cover/remix of song >Leaves out the best part…[View]
75337082If I want to be up to date with what's fresh, what should I listen to?[View]
75334666Does /mu/ have any Herbie Hancock fans?[View]
75333692The Shellac album that never was.[View]
75325022>band is named after the frontman[View]
75336022Anything similar to this? Not french house, but the gritty, scratchy, trashy hip hop stuff on this a…[View]
75334964I got interested in Kate Bush a couple months ago, tried this album and fell in love. Now I want to …[View]
75337104Does anyone have the Shoegase Discord link from the archived Shoegase thread? Link was always dead :…[View]
75337004What's your favourite 70's classic rock album. (normies welcome) Btw the 70s were the best…[View]
75335396What song is this?: Sup /mu/, I was in a shop earlier today when I heard this hip-hop song. I was wa…[View]
75335386Hip-hop recc thread: any hippity hop albums with similar vocals?[View]
75337069itt: musicians being sweet: youtu.be/UZ4P_-mfb-Q[View]
75336361ITT: Album that you listen every day.[View]
75336476Portable ear gear for <100€? AKG Y50? Sony MDRV55R? Shure SRH750DJ-E? Others?[View]
75335873I WANNA ____ YOU LIKE A ______[View]
75336889What went wrong?[View]
75336898What are /mu/'s favorite Deep House albums?: I don't see any discussion, ever, about the g…[View]
75334577NOW __ _ ____THIS _____ AND ___ ____ ________ ___ _______ AND _ GET ______ ON MY _______[View]
75333639The year is 2017 and some unruly teenage girl who became famous over wearing push up bras just got a…[View]
75330410What's he reacting to lads?[View]
75336816Is this vaporwave? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyhrYis509A[View]
75336660Were they too ahead of their time?[View]
75336276Is Sub Pop the Simpsons of record labels?[View]
75336379What does /mu/ think of picrelated? I have noticed people are really divided over it here, I persona…[View]
75332843>I fucking love stealing other people's music and selling it as my own…[View]
75336662BAD LUCK FIST FUCK[View]
75336484Little known fact: Gucci Mane has an honorary doctorate in English from Columbia University[View]
75336628better than a pukey blowjob their best album[View]
75336331Post pictures that really make you think: >People who like Susumu Hirasawa >May or may not lik…[View]
75330651>tfw the first couple of tracks are perfect so you have high expectations for the rest of the alb…[View]
75335214Why the FUCK is Reading 1992 considered one of Nirvana's best performances? His voice is fuckin…[View]
75336576This is Jin the rapper. Say something nice about him, /mu/![View]
75335001ITT: pleb stories: >chilling with friends >put morton feldman's second string quartet …[View]
75336537It’s about time somebody laid some truth bombs on your ass. Snowing is objectively, OBJECTIVELY, the…[View]
75336499claSSIC shoemazer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DTv-RtwyKc[View]
75335919*remove Earthmover* Now it's a 10/10.[View]
75336209waffles.ch freeleech thread: Waffles has freeleech going on rn. Give me your favorite albums to dow…[View]
75335882What does /mu/ look like?[View]
75336386Guys, is there a name for this gender with mostly just piano and a beat? example: https://youtu.be/J…[View]
75335160KPOP GENERAL[View]
75331731wtf i hate people now[View]
75336337ITT: We post metal albums suiting for fall[View]
75335942Will everyone please rise for the /mu/ national anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV0F_XiR48Q…[View]
75335078hey, what are some FEEL songs with strong emotion and a little bit of noise like i dont love by have…[View]
75336243Metal is basically mumble rap for rock music Prove me wrong.[View]
75336253>hey anon show me your music >dubstep and pierce the veil >”h-heh this is just a bad song” …[View]
75335532Flamenco What do you have?[View]
75327239one of these threads, rate others http://billclintonswag.com/[View]
75336148Songs you hated on first listen, but eventually warmed up two. >Change yr mind, LCDSS…[View]
75332360Stop making sense[View]
75336083This album and this band are like Weezer from an alternate universe where they don't suck.[View]
75335406What's some good kick pedals for playing those Bonham triplets? Also. Drum general thread?[View]
75335997KAMAU - ŬRTH GŌLD: anyone got a link?[View]
75313678ITT: Cyberpunk core[View]
75325040Whats /mu/ listening to? Currently playing the album Spiritual Healing by Death and holy shit its am…[View]
75335777Anons, give me your best >Here's the aux Albums[View]
75335903>his favorite AnCo album isn't Sung Tongs[View]
75335924If Lil Chris hadn't killed himself in 2015, he'd be 27 now. Should have waited to kill him…[View]
7533366590's Ambient/Detroit Techno >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
75335145ITT: music video kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryvHj2z-0BM[View]
75328533Realistically, how much time does he have left?[View]
75335664what are your favorite DOOM Albums?[View]
75334924>he listens to critics[View]
75325487post punk[View]
75333557Overproduced schlock.[View]
75335330Anyone else listen almost exclusively to female vocalists?: Obviously I make exceptions, especially …[View]
75334576/chart/: Post your metal charts[View]
75332048>2+2 is 4, minus 1 is 3, quick maths Is this the birth of progressive hip-hop?…[View]
75333344Alison Mosshart thread[View]
75335529Does /mu/ listen to Gary Numan? Why / why not?[View]
75332142/mu/, can't you see You belong with me[View]
75334618post videogame soundtracks that make you cry[View]
75335062Why isn't this The Mollusk of Ween albums?[View]
75333442what's all the fuss about? Velvet Underground/Lou Reed are nothing special[View]
75335231Xkito music, Waifu wednesday and Nb3's playlist creating like one: hey ever visited and listene…[View]
75335296Albums you tried to like at the force?[View]
75335212is this a classic it wasn't that big when it came out[View]
75334241post actually good feminist music[View]
75333424How come they're the best band of all time?[View]
75334279>boring night >checking /mu/ charts for something I haven't listened to yet >SILY pops…[View]
75334297KPOP GENERAL[View]
75333875Is this guy any good?[View]
75333198Hayley thread[View]
75333002This song is incredibly catchy. Can you recommend hip-hop albums with tracks like this?[View]
75335058Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oySNTZDS-Q&t=2s Need Criticism on this beat[View]
75334438Hey, do you know any songs/tracks that have engine sound samples? So far this is the only one I coul…[View]
75332318Do we have any foreigners in the audience tonight?[View]
75334393>Listening to midori >tfw she screams 'fuck you'…[View]
75334986I occasionally browse /mu/ and last time I did I fell for that meme. 10/10 No regrets. What is the n…[View]
75333506what you think about akai mpk mini mk2? is it useful? and show me musicians that use it if you know…[View]
75334530What happened to Brandon[View]
75334175What is the best Beatles middle 8?: This poll was posted on /r/beatles https://strawpoll.com/k3epgf2…[View]
75334722What are some albums with misleading intro tracks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-YqcuatM6I&t…[View]
75330251Just listened to pic related and i think it's great, what should i listen if i'm looking f…[View]
75334786>latest CD version removes weakest track >has a different track listing that is better…[View]
75333523Fear of reversed music?: I have this really weird fear of music that is played backwards, but im not…[View]
75334260>there are people on /mu/ who unironically listen to trap what is wrong with you…[View]
75332571>tfw 4chan's filters ruins a song title whenever you post it[View]
75332503Better than Joy Division? Fuck No: I see people all the time saying, 'Interpol are like Joy Division…[View]
75333068Does anyone else here not listen to an album if it has bad cover art?[View]
75332879kanye: how tf can you defend this?[View]
75333809Who are their /mu/ equivalents?[View]
75330995'There have been no new musical genres since the 1990s': Hi all, I claim that there have been no new…[View]
75334081/mu/ Let's try this: >Post a picture, a scene, a painting, whatever strikes your fancy >T…[View]
75334106ITT: The hottest opinions you hold: The only Swans era i like is the neofolk stuff Yung Lean is one …[View]
75334363modern prog metal thread: hi /mu/, the new Caligula's Horse album In Contact is very good and c…[View]
75334395pip general: hey guys any other pips out there? if so what do u guys listen too. these pips like th…[View]
75324645ITT: We sing Hey Jude one word at a time: I'll start HEY[View]
75332574this is so fucking good. sounds more modern than modern music too, the future.[View]
75333547KPOP GENERAL[View]
75334117What does mu think of The Radio Dept?: Never see people talking about them on here, pic related is o…[View]
75333649choose your pop punk princess[View]
75333176gorillaz is the best animated ba-[View]
75327240HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN ___________[View]
75334182Who's better: William 'Billy Shears' Campbell or Paul Mccartney?[View]
75329986Dick Wagner: where should I start with this guy?[View]
75323744Hai bois, I made a music video (and got my hair cut): what do you think :p https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
75334090Imaging if Mozart and Salieri from the film Amadeus made an album. This would be the result.[View]
75333023Albums you like from artists/genres you DON'T.[View]
75334035>his favorite album is Loveless[View]
75334070I would appreciate Joy Division more if Ian Curtis was a virgin.[View]
75333311Shoegays: Someone help reccomend me artists to get into shoegaze[View]
75332175Woke up, fell out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head: Brilliant. What a fucking genius songwriter…[View]
75329389I mean. It's Ok.[View]
75333323Ever see that episode where Stan becomes obsessed with My Morning Jacket but completely dismisses an…[View]
75333640Dēlfy - 'Body 2 Body': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPw2-hF2Zss >Synthpop >Contemporary Rn…[View]
75333806>It's like a disposable secretary, and it struck me as being funny. The song is written from…[View]
75325025Nina Hagen is indisputably the most patrician female vocalist of all time https://youtu.be/IqgcByaNy…[View]
75332332future garage is the best genre.[View]
75332434ROLLING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLLSDgvrPbs[View]
75333655ITT The bands with the 10/10 discographies[View]
75333631Bones actually goes hard desu[View]
75332749Break up songs: Is this the greatest break up album?[View]
75308958/chart/: u know what to do[View]
75333473Annie's taking Mrs Betty Bowers look & values for her new album, anyone else notice this? A…[View]
75333431I ATE TOO MUCH JAM[View]
75331845>having a king is against constitution of our kingdom what did he mean by this?…[View]
75332711KPOP GENERAL: dia[View]
75329213>used to be excited about discovering music >would religiously listen to everything from the …[View]
75329721What albums should i listen to if I want to get into goth?[View]
75332915ITT: Industry Plants[View]
75333346what went wrong?[View]
75331393Yoko Ono didn't break up The Beatles.[View]
75332748what do: What can you recommend me if i like this: Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy MADGIRL - WLFGRL…[View]
75333319HAPPY ENDING[View]
75333070Why does he like Lady Gaga so much?[View]
75333184Holy shit Ars Moriendi is my jam. Is that what you call Klezmer?[View]
75331003Chinese music: I've just discovered Hiperson and kinda like the sound of chinese language. Give…[View]
75333131What's /mu/s thoughts on this?[View]
75332861So I've just finished listening to pic related, was a pretty solid album but I feel like it was…[View]
75332918>when someone says the Beatles are better than The Beach Boys on the same board as me…[View]
75333147What would happen if I went to the music store to look at sheet music and just took pictures of ever…[View]
75331732What went wrong?[View]
75332335Will Colm Ó Cíosóig forever be remembered in history of drumming for his legendary 'snare x4'?[View]
75332688Who here /lostinthesauce/?[View]
75331628how did they do it?[View]
75332314Has Jordaan Mason made anything since horsehead museum even passably good?[View]
75326793PasteMyTaste thread: http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/ r8/rec/guess personalities/etc. I'm into Jeff R…[View]
75332316why is this so good?[View]
75331170is this rock aoty?[View]
75332789and we can pet the crocodiles[View]
75332126What does /mu/ think about Canned Heat?[View]
75330868Best live show you've ever been to Just got back from seeing Have A Nice Life in Brooklyn and i…[View]
75330859what else? i can't remember what that arabic music from the future was called[View]
75332579THE MISSING NOTEBOOK RHYMES: What does every think of the new mf tracks, I assume they are touched u…[View]
75332710Gene Simmons The Vault: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=97&v=A6aFNtrWEOo >Pri…[View]
75331919KPOP GENERAL[View]
75332497Stop listening to Burzum.[View]
75324704God Tier Pop Album Thread: It's Saturday night, /mu/. Let's get some fun stuff posted.…[View]
75332596More like this: Looking for stuff similar to Carpenter Brut. I'm familiar with most of the stuf…[View]
75332563shooooove my noooose in *SPIT*[View]
75332400When government plates is the most interesting sounding album[View]
75331910Name a more beta band: Pro tip: You can't. Most of their songs are about broken hearts and love…[View]
75329797A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January …[View]
75330944ITT: God tier music videos (if they exist) I haven't seen any great music videos desu. Hoping t…[View]
75330962Mack The Marko: Does anyone like Mack The Marko's relatively new album, this old dog?[View]
75331026Caught a nut real quick I mean real quick Suck so much dick surprised a ho aint sick Mental, fuck a …[View]
75331631I'm looking to buy a digital piano under 601 dollars. Any recs?[View]
75329462ITT: post a genre you don't believe exists and anons try to prove you wrong: math doom[View]
75330715sadako...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUIX8w5xcFw[View]
75328960math rock fucking sucks and you can't prove me wrong especially japanese math rock. like it ser…[View]
75329307Can somebody rec me more progressive rock songs like ITCOTCK or Close To The Edge. (narrative lyrics…[View]
75327961>listen to pic related >love it >listen to literally any other of his album >hate it and…[View]
75330140What is the heaviest album that you know of? Mine is pic related[View]
75331399Post your favorite album. Others guess your personality.[View]
75324093They're just a shitty mix of Rush and Zappa[View]
75330509HOW TO SYNTHWAVE: So what should someone who wants to produce synthwave music needs to know? I have …[View]
75331630Please debate their goodness: Physical Graffiti is one of the best albums of all time. The rest of y…[View]
75331616What are some other albums that are very similar to this? I don't want something overly funky, …[View]
75332136heH HEH YEH, I buy vinyls but don't use them but just just keep them for decoration[View]
75325519Post your favourite/best goth albums.[View]
75330284This loss is a tough one. Lived a hard life but managed to release his first album at 62 and continu…[View]
75329265SHAKEDOWN 1979[View]
75323702i can totally get why some people like Led Zeppelin, they have a lot of good songs. what i Don'…[View]
75331885What song is this: what the fuck song is this it's been in my head since I saw this https://www…[View]
75331833What does /mu/ think of Sleep's Holy Mountain?[View]
75330493ITT: Words that never make good lyrics: >Reality[View]
75326627Why US punk is so superior to UK punk?[View]
75331926/merch/ thread: Can we get one of these going? I ordered pic related a few days ago, am excited as f…[View]
75329423ITT: We sing Fitter Happier one word at a time: I'll start FITTER[View]
75327814Daft Punk: What does /mu/ think of Daft Punk? What's their best album? What's their worst?…[View]
75323660Name your price-core: What are some good name your price albums on bandcamp?[View]
75331165KPOP GENERAL[View]
75331831Do you think he fucks his sister?[View]
75321643/metal/: AOTY edition. No brainlets allowed. Previous: >>75316113[View]
75316273Should he retire /mu/?[View]
75322361If they all mysteriously died after Justice, would they be GOAT ?[View]
75328327Original Annies Edition: WHATS WRONG WITH TANDEM BREASTFEEDING? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsTI…[View]
75323839YEAH: YEAH[View]
75330687Why is he so popular? He literally steals elements of African American culture and repackages it to …[View]
75331558I want this to be a 10/10 so bad, but I feel like it starts dragging on partway through disc 2 I thi…[View]
75329562What recordings have you found go well together? I just put together Terry Riley's In C with St…[View]
75330633what does /mu/ recommend for drinking tanqueray alone on a saturday morning at 3 in the morning? the…[View]
75327388>tfw no diet cig gf[View]
75331473>*masturbates to this album while imagining myself in throes of erotic passion with Molly, and pi…[View]
75329206FUCK SAKES HOW DO I MAKE THIS SOUND GOOD!? https://soundcloud.com/online_band/scum[View]
75331466best album[View]
75330321he walked bob dylan up on stage and knew the grateful dead from 1966. who the fuck are you?[View]
75329915i just listened to this for the first time because i'm normie trash it's great but now i w…[View]
75329795>repeat hypnotic bassline over and over >just solo with a guitar with lots of distortion and f…[View]
75331070Thoughts on the new Horrors? I think its their best since Primary Colors.[View]
75331307How can i 'worse' quality of music?: Sup /mu/, iam looking for some convertor where i could do it, d…[View]
75329148it's already 10 years old.[View]
75331151holy fucking SHIT IS Ariel Pink a fuxking manlet? He LOOKS fucking 5'2' lmao I can't even …[View]
75331215wow.....just wow.[View]
75325714top 5 thread: guess personalities based on the 5 favorite albums of others[View]
75330254KPOP GENERAL[View]
75329920musicians as children[View]
75330157Post psychedelic rock classics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPjVlkcai78[View]
75330994hoi, can you point out to me indie artists or bands that are similar to Ratatat's instrumental-…[View]
75330956This is great[View]
75331008Listening to this again...: Anyone else heard these?[View]
75329276Ever since Pablo Kanye's been all fucked up. >Got abducted by the cia >Its for his own g…[View]
75322313thoughts on his music?[View]
75325124Oh shit whaddup[View]
75330904Bitch im the god of death Sayin the raider prayer Smell in yo breath That youse a player hater Stink…[View]
75330901did anyone like PWR BTTM? they had a handful of good songs and it sucks that they lost their record…[View]
75326464Are you excited about Annie Clark's upcoming album?[View]
75330295is there anyone else in music like qebrus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elr45kUgXE8[View]
75330644I think this is the right board, she's a little too /mu/ for /jp/. Seiko Oomori. Do you guys kn…[View]
75330657I suppose I chose The life That I chose or those I live on chose me Patiently Comin onna come up But…[View]
75330566What is this whiny bullshit? OOOOOH WAAAH I HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMZZZ Literally on the same level as Em…[View]
75327406/mu/ Resident DJ: Saturday Night Mellow Mix https://youtu.be/atha8XPhkuQ >Tbogt - Pause Menu…[View]
75328474>leaves the Beatles >makes an album better than anything they ever did how did he do it?…[View]
75328907Rolling Stones: What does /mu/ think of the Rolling Stones? What's their best album? What'…[View]
75330544Did they fuck?[View]
75330202>in new york i milly rock[View]
75329891Roy Orbison thread Hats off to the king of Rockabilly[View]
75326181ITT: Patrician instruments[View]
75329982You think that's baaaaaad, remember the time when John Lennon beat his wife?[View]
75330439Essential depressed hangover after partying core[View]
75329517your in whole foods with your girlfriend when suddenly this guy shows up, slaps her on the ass, make…[View]
75329480Friend just showed me this album after I just tried weed I need more Can y'all help ?[View]
75329654Anyone else into music so obscure you don't even know if you like the music you like?: I don…[View]
75329039XXXTentacion: Don't really get why this dude gets a whole lot of hate here desu. I feel like th…[View]
75329223AOTYSF thread: What's your AOTYSF? September has been a really good month so far, with pic rela…[View]
75328377Post music that makes you horny.[View]
75326002When will /mu/ admit Dave Grohl is an amazing drummer?[View]
75330243Is it possible for an album to give you a sense of nostalgia for a time or place you were never pres…[View]
75329402kpop general: fany edition[View]
75329694so deep so meaningful: Oh, what will you do now, my blue-eyed son? Oh, what will you do now, my darl…[View]
75327100What EDM would I like if my favorite bands are Swans, Lightning Bolt, Death in June, Burzum, and Vel…[View]
75326751If anyone is looking to blow off steam this is a great album[View]
75330026https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUUk1imHVno is there a deeper rap song?[View]
75330143>the fall FALL INTO WHAT[View]
75329614Do people seriously listen to this stupid shit? Wow. I'd rather listen to rap, which has more t…[View]
75327543Who is the most woke musician?[View]
75329268*harmonizes your chorale*[View]
75326233Post 10/10 Albums[View]
75327515post your favorite album that /mu/ doesn't talk about[View]
75329834https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YosHdZlTUCo WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS MUSIC? PLSSS I NEED TO FIND THE…[View]
75326980Anyone going to this tomorrow?[View]
75326746collage 3x3 4x4 5x5: tapmusic.net drunk and high edition[View]
75329768Moonwalkin RIP Stanley Kubrick[View]
75329740>You can't start a fire without a spark >This gun's for hire >>>>>…[View]
75327952Soft-Jap Jazzy tunes in general /citypop/: Oh, anon-kun... won't you stay with me?[View]
75329466In The COCK[View]
75322168ITT: Post the First Lyrics That Comes To Mind: Post the First Lyrics That Comes To Mind\ >UPTIGHT…[View]
75329661CD show off thread. This is my Roky Erickson collection.[View]
75329570ITT: Musical pet peeves: Ending a song with a fake fade out that just fades back in to the same sect…[View]
75329073Ok /mu/, let's settle it. Which version is superior and why?[View]
75327201ITT: Musical geniuses: pic related[View]
75328878>tfw high and listening to loveless: is there a better feeling?[View]
75328503KPOP GENERAL: jihyo edition[View]
75326171The name of the last song on your favorite album describes your sex life.[View]
75329107>first song on the album begins with a minute of static >last song on the album ends with a mi…[View]
75327163ROLI Seaboard Played by Scrub: Hey guys. Iam honestly a massive scrub but ive been surrounded by ins…[View]
75329171Why are only the first two songs on this album good, and the rest just sounds exactly the same?[View]
75328367reminder that Passionfruit is his best song[View]
75328875/bossanova/: Haven't seen a nova thread in a long ass time, you know what to do.[View]
75328688Reminder:: Debut is an incredibly strong pop record that contains some of the best and most memorabl…[View]
75328022Fantano BTFO[View]
75328945What are some ripped musicians?[View]
75328438Hey im an uncultured swine. I like Tame Impala, Joji, Flatsound, Teen Suicide, Xxxtentacion, Eminem,…[View]
75327105ITT: Albums from the 00s that you think are underrated[View]
75326111How do you refer to /mu/core?: I always find very difficult to answer whenever a normie asks me what…[View]
75328721Who are your favorite classical composers?[View]
75326479I don't get it What type of person do I have to be to enjoy this song?[View]
75326348Who is the most unintentionally hilarious rapper? For me it's this guy.[View]
75328940>The Smiths >The Cure >Depeche Mode >REM >Talking Heads >Blondie >The Pretender…[View]
75324394Sad lyrics in all caps and a sad image: AND IF YOU DONT LOVE ME NOW YOU WILL NEVER LOVE ME AGAIN I C…[View]
75328852Stop being secret destroyers.[View]
75328917VaJazz: We made a new band and a music video. It's our first time. What do you guys think? http…[View]
75322141This is the peak of music.[View]
75328455Does /mu/ like Daughter?[View]
75328127>She said in 1995 that she would love to have children, stating: 'I wouldn't consider it unl…[View]
75319309Soundcloud thread[View]
75328731paranoid weezdroid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nTo8rjo-lM[View]
75327607Only in Dreams > Paranoid Android[View]
75328435Black God[View]
75328719New TWIABP album leak: Who's got that link?[View]
75324439Who here unironically relates to this song? pls no bully[View]
75328564which envy do i start with?[View]
75328532What's your opinion on this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSD4vsh1zDA[View]
75328492Favorite Tracks of 2017: Need to find some new tunes from this year. Ill start https://www.youtube.…[View]
75324412If this wasn't the best jazz album of 2015 then what was?[View]
75327663CHELSEA WOLFE HISS SPUN: I like her but holy shit every song on this record sounds the exact same. W…[View]
75322896ITT: underrated songs[View]
75327701Objectively how is her music any different than literally every single one of these memerappers you …[View]
75326340What music do you listen to when you feel really alone?[View]
75328183What's the best Crystal Castles album?[View]
75328237are there any modern pop songs with aggressive vocals?[View]
75313090Does /mu/ still care about Grimes? If yes, what are your fave Grimes songs?[View]
75328222festivals: look at this lineup, what do you thing about this bad boy /mu/? ariel stink?[View]
75326540Has any one else noticed the selly-ester watts field in this album?[View]
75328087damn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GBZgzi1nYY[View]
75327614Please post songs similar to this... https://youtu.be/NbosplYmAT0[View]
75327999Lets have a /comfy/ thread: Whats everyone pisyening to tonight? Im curled up listening to 2814…[View]
75327272ITT: Post an album, other people post the first line from it that comes to mind: IT'S JUST A JO…[View]
75316451/mu/ Makes an Album: Requiem edition In 'honor' of the fallen Suicide, this album will have the form…[View]
75326649Why is it that Brand New was one of the few bands to survive the early 2000s pop-punk scene?[View]
75327140KPOP GENERAL[View]
75325664Is there a song you think I should hear before I die?: Something good that you think someone shouldn…[View]
75325780*blocks your path*[View]
75323688What is the most virginal instrument?[View]
75326982What are some bands that purposely made a shitty commercial album just so they could have the money/…[View]
75326825is there anyone who knows the beginning music? thank you in advance!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
75327589The only great singer/songwriter we have left[View]
75326631ITT: Good artists with shitty fanbases.[View]
75325346How do you organize your music library?[View]
75325108I don't get it What type of person do I have to be to enjoy this album?[View]
75324732Hi (again) /mu/, I made a thread yesterday trying to find a song here: >>75306837 I still can…[View]
75327313anyone have a rip of the videos will toledo made on myspace? the current window is old af and refuse…[View]
75326239ITT: Artists/Bands That Make You Want to Watch Sunsets: any suggestions are welcomed from small band…[View]
75326476>Creedence Clearwater Revival, May 28, 1968 >Bayou Country, January 5, 1969 >Green River, A…[View]
75326402I'm an ass man[View]
75326109KPOP GENERAL[View]
75324503Anyone else looking forward to Em's new album?[View]
75326862mu: where 45 year olds and 15 year olds argue about kanye albums[View]
75327063>Vocals don't come in until the 8 minute mark[View]
75326711>I'll never be man enough for you >tfw…[View]
75326856>h-hey anon you do the right thing and still b-buy records... r-right? >h-have you l-l-listene…[View]
75326874Recc me some DAMAGEDcore[View]
75326972What was she trying to communicate with this hair? How does this tie into the nature theme of the al…[View]
75326909Is Plateau the worst cover of all time?[View]
75311944Thoughts on pic related?[View]
75323938Why do people call this a meme? Listened to it for the first time and really liked it.[View]
75325944ITT post a feel and others will suggest albums/songs that match that feel I'll start: walking t…[View]
75323717why does noone talk about this album[View]
75326456Holy FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK I finally figured out why older people are at their peak music knowled…[View]
753262582000s nostalgia: Forgotten female bands of the 2000s >Au Revoir Simone…[View]
75326297To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Death Grips. The lyrics are extremely subt…[View]
75326525What are some aural suicide notes like Shostakovich's 8th quartet?[View]
75326606bathory is just this with worst production and high pitch growls info for the nu males out there[View]
75322306This is the best Fall Out Boy album.[View]
75326436ITT: Albums plebeians will choose for AOTY: (Concrete & Gold was ok.)[View]
75325573>Synthwave album >Cover is a city with an 80s aesthetic with random occult graffiti…[View]
75326558>tfw you listen to Hopisn's new song and actually kind of like it[View]
75326339ITT: post albums that give you a very specific feel and other anons rec you albums they think are al…[View]
75326416I'm searching for a name for my chillhop project. Any suggestions?[View]
75325590In this thread we post our favorite albums I'll start with consider the theif. This entire alb…[View]
75320598What /mu/ think about placebo?[View]
75326426>Band lists Green Day as an influence[View]
75325272ITT: albums that literally give you an erection[View]
75324684Comforting female vocals-core thread[View]
75324662why does /mu/ ignore this band?[View]
75325533I need a new Neon Indian album.[View]
75326438https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rXRG-WWDk7w I want to kill everyone desu[View]
75325477great album[View]
75326174what is he again?[View]
75325807Do people unironically hate Oasis?[View]
75323573i've decided to make a playlist for songs, and you fill it up with songs /mu/ doesn't matt…[View]
75326039artists who have smelly feet[View]
75324565you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
75325207anyone here from california? im looking for new people to go to shows with[View]
75325677holy shit[View]
75326310CLAHP YER HANDS[View]
75324848>in the car >friend's playing some rap on the aux >think it sucks >think about how …[View]
75325971Need new music to listen to: Leave a comment consisting of any music you recommend, I listen to anyt…[View]
75323409I forgot how many shit tracks were on this album Why do we like this again?[View]
75326179Any albums you're hoping get a re-release with bonus tracks? I'm waiting to buy this album…[View]
75324806who is the most futurstic rapper? who would blow the mind of someone from 1950 the most?[View]
75325896Was it worth the wait?[View]
75324581/bleep/: anyone hear the new burial? the kode9 remix goes harder than the original imo.[View]
75324986give me another music producer who puts so much effort and love into his tracks than bogdan raczynsk…[View]
75324837I CAN'T GET TO SLEEP[View]
75324814What do you think of Claire Boucher and her music?[View]
75324957KPOP GENERAL[View]
75326079>get recommended allbums on mu >look them up >set them u in new tab >hours later have a…[View]
75325225Rate this track my friend made https://vocaroo.com/i/s0njzUGdeLae[View]
75324587ITT: Albums that are at their worst towards the middle[View]
75325891You know he's correct[View]
75324407holy shit[View]
75325960XXYYXX ALBUM LEAK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gmqJKgNRFI[View]
75324501It's been my dream to win a Grammy for the 'Song of the Year', so I need you faggots to help me…[View]
75323980ITT: Horrible people who make good music[View]
75325652Sonus Faber Pryma: I've been constantly looking all over the internet, surfing Innerfidelity, S…[View]
75325596>I BURIED PAUL What did they mean by this?[View]
75322923ITT: Underrated albums[View]
75325321DIY guitar: I want to build a guitar out of this piece of scrap metal, any tips? Pic related[View]
75325767Their bands nowadays suck but to be fair these two are a fucking great singers[View]
75325448You have exactly five seconds to find an opening riff that's better than this one: https://www.…[View]
75318170Memes aside, what happened to the underground of music?[View]
75324360Top 5 Fall Out Boy songs of all time, debate this: 1. The Take Over, the Break's Over 2. What a…[View]
75325135Why was this guy so good at sad songs?[View]
75325576>he's a 20-something year old white male >he listens to effeminate pop music that's …[View]
75324377you guys like sheer mag?[View]
75325585hey guys, I'm trying to learn a song on piano but I can't find the sheet music and I'…[View]
75324459What went wrong?[View]
75325359wow this album was fucking great why didn't anyone tell me about this earlier?[View]
75321713Hi /mu/! What is your favorite album? mine is pet sounds by beach boys Thank YOU![View]
75325500what does /mu/ think of lauren mayberry?[View]
75325294What is Jeff Mangum's favourite Dexter's Laboratory character? Deeeeeeedeeeeeeeeee[View]
75323767Guys I desperately need help to find a rap video of a white fragile dude singing about booties with …[View]
75319810>deleted Yellow Submarine >replaces it with Paperback Writer This is now the best Beatles albu…[View]
75323581Can anybody recommend something similar to pic related? I haven't had much luck in finding anyt…[View]
75323084publicity stunt?[View]
75323115Does anyone here actually play an instrument? Or do you all just talk about your shit taste in music…[View]
75324527Contenders for greatest song of all time? I nominate Leave Them All Behind.[View]
75325192Radiohead alternatives: /mu/ are there any good alternatives to radiohead?[View]
75320014ITT: Musicians as children[View]
75323399Oh, how the mighty have fallen ;_;[View]
75325130ITT: Top 3 of Favorite Band: Top 3 songs of favorite band, don't disappoint https://www.youtube…[View]
75325126how come I've never seen /mu/ point this out?[View]
75322596>'My boys smell like salami' >'BOYS KISSING BOOOOYYYYYYYYYSSS' >*screams the entire alphabe…[View]
75324149Post cool artist photos.[View]
75322355press f to pay respects[View]
75324975>Before I can speak >my world is wishing me asleep ... >where are you >come back, I wan…[View]
75316904RIP sweet prince[View]
75319600who is the girl on this album cover?[View]
75324595Thoughts on this band?[View]
75323941KPOP GENERAL[View]
75324861*blocks your path*[View]
75322054Has music ever made you cry?[View]
75323183ITT: things that only brainlets say >Yeah, I love music. I don't know how to play any instru…[View]
75324687Only post musicians you LOVE!: Happy Saturday MU![View]
75324186>Album has a skit track tailored to the location it was sold in >You downloaded a copy from He…[View]
75323730Can someone rec me some 70's/80's punk with catchy hooks like the Misfits?[View]
75323047ITT: Albums that plebs and patricians can both enjoy[View]
75324599>Loved Donuts for four years >Just found out J Dilla died 11 years ago…[View]
75322263Who is the new Bjork?[View]
75322470How do I into Elis Regina?: Any hues who knows where to start with her music? She has like 15 albums…[View]
75317868How do we save vaporwave? Normies need not reply.[View]
75323674recovered music: >donnie and joe emerson >connie converse >sugarman >robert folsom >h…[View]
75324506more like this: https://youtu.be/6SN7MBWUHWY[View]
75320444'Real Emo' only consists of the dc Emotional Hardcore scene and the late 90's Screamo scene. Wh…[View]
75314370Now that the dust has settled: thoughts?[View]
75324206Artists' sophomore albums that BTFO their debuts?[View]
75320688so you're in your car with your imaginary girl(gf), she says your music is boring and wants to …[View]
75324369what's the essential /slaprockcore/?[View]
75324280Post music for this mood[View]
75323524Is this the logical conclusion to trap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NowWM0-3_U[View]
75324303>Wake up >Go on /mu/ >I MISS YOOOOOU What am I gonna do lads?…[View]
75324296How come the CIA has never discovered any actionable intel regarding this uhh... Syndicate?[View]
75319383*blocks your path*[View]
75324065>tfw kanye is a my bloody valentine fan: next album shoegaze confirmed[View]
75322635I don't get it What type of person do I have to be to enjoy this album?[View]
75324217now that my butt has setlled[View]
75323450/mischief/: >someone asks me what i'm listening to on my ipod >i tell them 'highway to he…[View]
75322288post fake album covers, anons say what genre it'd be[View]
75324101Thoughts on this guy's content I like his ideas regarding albums but his delivery, appearance, …[View]
75323232Hey /mu/ does anyone have groove/bloopchart?: >Pic unrelated[View]
75320217/Neurofunk/ thread: /Neurofunk/ thread[View]
75324090More songs like this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAJgs1P-uUE I can't stop listening to…[View]
75322309>that feel when you have no muscles to flex[View]
75319857Which State is responsible for the best music? Which is responsible for the worst? In my opinion: …[View]
75324002Now that the dust has settled[View]
75323988What is /mu/core exactly?[View]
75318341i jus talked to jesus he said what up yeezus[View]
75316346ITT: Album Cover Edits[View]
75323793What's some other good somber vacuum-core?[View]
75323428>studio has christmas tree lights hung up everywhere[View]
75323150Really cool, has some excellent songs on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r73fyInk--o[View]
75323052KPOP GENERAL[View]
75318480Post a genre and it's best band: Britpop[View]
75323686>listen to two seconds of one song >have to listen to the entire album now *sigh*…[View]
75321375collage 5x5 4x4 3x3 1x1 1 year, artists only guess ideal gf's personality, discuss and recommen…[View]
75318671ITT: Musicians you'd hang out with[View]
75323807https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShtVeHmhgeA Who was in the wrong here?[View]
75321341ITT: Critically acclaimed albums that are actually deserving of all their praise and are not overrat…[View]
75323644Alternative music[View]
75323601What is /mu/'s opinion of the Wiggles? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykOeSx3SwGU[View]
75302605Anon, do you want to listen to my album with me?[View]
75323158Album of the year: After a few listenings, this is considered the best album of the year. And you ca…[View]
75323184>Deliver us Some Sprite soda >Deliver us Pizza >Deliver us lasanga >We know we need it …[View]
75321639ITT: Songs and lyrics you find yourself relating to more as the years go by >He’s a real Nowhere …[View]
75319825I don't even know what to say. 10/10 or 0/10, I'm undecided[View]
75317877what's the best cd/lp/cassette/hit-clip you've found at a thrift store?[View]
75322297/mu/ album preservation society: Tried this earlier but gonna try it again now because of time zones…[View]
75322367What does /mu/ think of Fats Domino?[View]
75322744>Anon imagines himself on stage as Julian Casablancas playing Strokes songs to his high school wh…[View]
75323269Seriously, what went wrong?: How in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus H. Christ did we go from …[View]
75323456Lullabye is the best song[View]
75317432Is Samuel Hyde patrician? https://www.last.fm/user/alienmode[View]
75323387There are people on this board right now who actually think MBDTF > TCD I will never understand t…[View]
75319671Real Talk: SJW hate on Death Grips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVtuwxeqBYM She is right though.…[View]
75322934ITT: Post a picture of an artist without actually posting a picture of the artist[View]
75323307Honestly: Will we look back on this album like how we look back on a Bach or Wagner piece?[View]
75315621ITT: your 2017 AOTY: pic related, holy shit[View]
75322971>watches Inherent Vice once[View]
75315295Soundcloud THREAD: post links reply other people listen to music[View]
75322264Music for fuck. Starting with an obvious one[View]
75321991>Fatyeezyposting didn't take off[View]
75298836Unsane - Sterilize: leaked[View]
75322636y: why is denzel curry slept on so hard? this album is amazing[View]
75322171KPOP GENERAL[View]
75322149I need more albums that deal with electronic experimentation like the ones in pic related[View]
75322749whatcha listening to right now,/mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9CtWGYj4FE[View]
75323010Literally only the last three songs are good[View]
75322602/mu/ appreciation thread: I just want to say, even if this is a contrarian cynical board, I really l…[View]
75322743Whats his worst album?[View]
75322875Any tips on learning to improvise/ create/play blues music?Learned a few blues scales, but cant pull…[View]
75322918Any Albums similar to hesitation marks.: Specifically the songs Copy of a and came back haunted. I l…[View]
753169473x3, 4x4, 5x5 weekly chart thread: you know how it goes[View]
75322898/emo/: i miss these. what have you sad saps been listening to? emo aoty?[View]
75322509Upcoming Shows: So /mu/, do you guys have any upcoming shows that you are going to? Which ones are y…[View]
75318890this is better than any beatles album[View]
75317944Another one of these threads: Best: Holland 1945 Worst: Communist Daughter Overrated: King of Carrot…[View]
75322637ITT: Annoying guitar store songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTWKbfoikeg[View]
75319304Muse: What went wrong?[View]
75300340>listening to metal past the age of 14[View]
75310838ITT: /mu/ in 1984[View]
75322523Why is Mike Love singing about doing inappropriate things to a young girl on this song? https://www.…[View]
75320202Why does every Ween album start with the worst song on the LP? Is it merely just a pleb filter?[View]
75322270>mfw modern jazz is the best jazz in ages but this board is too damn stupid to care or even know …[View]
75322370the moment big sean is in your festival ur dead from the world go[View]
75321089Can you wear a band shirt to a different band's concert?: I'm seeing Have a Nice Life toni…[View]
75322260Will this man ever stop shitting gold, /mu/?[View]
75319851'foo fighters are like fucking nickleback' - 'Krist' Novoselic prove him worng[View]
75321584What are the best wireless headphones?[View]
75320727https://youtu.be/VsBJaZ6obNA i'm back listen to me sing along to more songs ![View]
75320115>Soundtracks for the Blind? >They should have called it Soundtracks for the Deaf…[View]
75321880this is so fucking fun[View]
75321184Holy fuck, this is better than Pinkerton. Why did you tell me it's shit?[View]
75322220Metal: CATNAP: You really should listen to that band. If you listen from spotify it's Catnap an…[View]
75322199https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNQuI039A2s&index=5&list=PLtyQnEc4zqt5nzYZTrMKBaSDMnrFVGZmT …[View]
75322087Underrated artists: Post your favorite underrated artists[View]
75318774Why this is so underrated?[View]
75321024KPOP GENERAL[View]
75321430Hey, I don't listen to a lot of music but maybe you could help me. I heard pic related and Anti…[View]
75321447Anyone on here listens to Gregorian chants non-ironically? Listening to them in an old cathedral is …[View]
75316972Goodnight sweet prince. F[View]
75321950Is 18 years old too late to begin taking up music as a full time hobby?[View]
75320116Where's the love for acid?: Post acid tunes I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QN…[View]
75321785Any other Space Rock influenced Slowcore?: This was amazing, is there anything else that has that ki…[View]
75318866>album includes studio banter from one of the band members saying he fucked up the take…[View]
75305695Bill Clinton swag.: Last 4 albums you listened to edition.[View]
75319218>deletes the black lady song[View]
75308042ITT: Post what you're listening to right now[View]
75321990Is there anything similar to this album?[View]
75312801toughts on this album? is it lazy or is it a masterpiece?[View]
75321875Is jojo /ourmanga/?[View]
75320747Any eclectic album, where the genre shifts a lot inbetween the various tracks? It's not a probl…[View]
75321252Sinead: fuckkkkkkkk guys. she's on dr. phil now. it's a new low, i hope she can recover so…[View]
75321331holy shit: also *deletes the first half of It Overtakes Me*[View]
75321177Big concert: Is anyone going to the Charlottesville unity concert tomorrow? Lots of big names but I …[View]
75321577/BHAD/: Hating ass jannies deleted the lasd Bhad Bhabie thread for no apparent reason. https://youtu…[View]
75318184Why is it suddenly cool to hate this album and act like Jim Morrison wasn't the greatest frontm…[View]
75320491you cut your haaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR[View]
75318525Postrock/jazz suggestions: looking for some more gud shit in/around this genre fav bands are >to…[View]
75319125do you think Fantano would change his mind about this album if he listened to it on psychedelics? I …[View]
75320397What are some good comedic artists that aren't Zappa, Ween, Mr. Bungle, Butthole Surfers or Pri…[View]
75319948>one day you're going to have children >one day you're going to be in a car with the…[View]
75321385Can someone please tell me the name of this song?? It is well and truly killing me right now. >it…[View]
75321027*deletes just a little boy* Ahhhh[View]
75311829SHARETHREAD: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
75320762Which one would you rather listen to?[View]
75314700is grimes the best female artist of this generation?[View]
75319863Bands lost to SJW bullshit[View]
75321218Face it /mu/, he is overrated[View]
75316113/metal/: metal general the previous thread: >>75302678[View]
75319748Volume Beta>Volume Alpha[View]
75319998Genre Charts: ITT Post your genre charts or make one http://collage.topsters.net/[View]
75321124https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxrdHZ2PZWA it's lit[View]
75320209What album should I smoke to tonight /mu/? Pic related is my favorite smoking album so far >inb4 …[View]
75320350Holy shit. Why didn't /mu/ tell me this was the best pop album of the last ten years?[View]
75320653this is kind of a weird req but could anyone give me some artists that make music similar to these t…[View]
75320995what kind of synths are these https://youtu.be/5GzYOit0G4E[View]
75319828KPOP GENERAL[View]
75319474what went wrong[View]
75320990>Kurt Cobain is dead What the hell are you talking about? He's right here. #KurkelBain…[View]
75319166more like this?[View]
75289795/rym/: supreme champion[View]
75317163I see a suprising # i=of people calling this Ween's opus. Can I get a legit explanation please?…[View]
75320892wtf I love King Gizzard now: All I did was watch this video while high and out of nowhere it just cl…[View]
75319478top tens: what are your top ten albums? here's mine - what do you think of it? (it's pret…[View]
75316046I know this album is part of /mu/ core and gets memed a lot, but I fail to find similar stuff. I…[View]
75319363can anyone rec similar music? all the other jazz fusion bands i could find seemed too boring and jus…[View]
75320738>tfw you realize this entire board is populated by socially awkward late-teen/twenty-somethings w…[View]
75320729>He hasn't taken the dylanspill Life is fucking meaningless so you might as well whine and …[View]
75319831stop listening to pop music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYua80VEcBk[View]
75320715https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtVU--O29oY What happens to this song 30 seconds in? It's like …[View]
75320539Rec me Beefheartesque music.[View]
75320441Man pol sure is busy invading today![View]
75318538hello /mu/, do you contribute to MusicBrainz, and why the hell not?[View]
75317816Favorite (real) punk band?[View]
75319850How much money does more obscure musicians make by playing gigs? By obscure I mean Merzbow, Fennesz,…[View]
75320342which artist truly stands out from his/her peers[View]
75320284What's that one folk punk song that compares love to LSD and ends like 'I'll just sit in t…[View]
75315489is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-L5-eXKhPY[View]
75320126ITT: Post albums which basically everyone compares to another (generally better) album by the same a…[View]
75315370Shit song: Do normies actually think this shit is deep and good? This song is literally a mockery of…[View]
75318780>james murphy will never be your dad[View]
75319733Pic related site is beyond contrarian. How the fuck is it even possible.[View]
75319882>yo thanks for letting me borrow your headphones dude[View]
75319835Can we all agree that this album has only one good track, and that it is Jocelyn Flores?[View]
75319901/electro/: What have you been listenin to?[View]
75317124>He hasn't taken the gripspill Life is fucking meaningless so just do whatever crazy shit yo…[View]
75319889Share your music: What are you listening to right now /mu/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9CtWGYj…[View]
75304309HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN ______________[View]
75317774KPOP GENERAL[View]
75318475Now that the dust has settled..[View]
75318814Almost as good as loveless.[View]
75319522lil peep[View]
75319318>last song on the album has 5 minutes of silence at the end of it[View]
75319678get em jay: what does he mean by this?[View]
75318186Hey, this is pretty good![View]
75316360ITT: Retards[View]
75316987Anyone here /tube/?[View]
75319544Anything similiar to this guy? His music seems really simple but there's something about it tha…[View]
75318749Why is videogame music better than 99% of popular music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud4LLsZWMpA…[View]
75319548>Do I hear 21, 21, 21, 21?[View]
75319618Les claypool is cool: He is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui0Y0fVRjzU[View]
75318565When did you realize they were a god tier band?[View]
75313799Where did it all go wrong?: >One looks like he's in his mid-thirties, still putting out grea…[View]
75319498when is this guy releasing new music?[View]
75318091Can any other rock even compare?[View]
75317772Cover art thread go![View]
75318844Poorly recreate album covers in MS paint.[View]
75319216Any /mu/ anons at the BAM in barcelona?[View]
75316763>there will never be a film soundtrack as good as this ever again How do we cope?…[View]
75316187i will fight anyone that says that my chemical romance doesn't have a great discography[View]
75317752Bandcamp thread: Share pages!!![View]
75318954I've been having diffiulties knowing what I want to listen to and even enjoying music once I pu…[View]
75318318Is this a good album?[View]
75319321Everything at Polyvinyl Records is 21% off thru Sunday peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.polyvinylrec…[View]
75319132Other albums that create a dark atmosphere of the singer being really angry? I haven't found ma…[View]
75318934John Cale > Lou Reed: Discuss[View]
75319275Can we take a few minutes to have a serious talk about the REO Speedwagon album 'Hi Infidelity…[View]
75319105Does /mu/ like electro industrial?[View]
75313199Did the western metal scene died around 2012?: Why is it only Japan that can make good metal music n…[View]
75317552Is this going to be AOTY?[View]
75318971>/mu/ is now '/pol/ sideboard #17' Epic, guys. Truly epic.[View]
75318655>he still likes Hip-Hop past sixteen years of age[View]
75310351I believe that Bob Dylan is the best lyricist in music that I have ever listened to. Are there any o…[View]
75319223The bass sounds like a fart[View]
75316865Mastodon - Cold Dark Place EP: Thoughts? I'm pleasantly surprised by this. The infusion of old …[View]
75318627Best METAL Albums of 2017 (So Far): Alright, /mu/... What are the best METAL albums of 2017 AD so …[View]
75319001>Near to the fall of 2017 >Not listening to Kasputin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=116QHk9jN…[View]
75318552HI BITCH[View]
75318308Rap the biggest con in history of music: He was right.[View]
75319011/Classical/ LEGO edition: /Classical/ LEGO edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th ce…[View]
75316896Thoughts about Simon & Garfunkel's music?[View]
75318999I don't see a lot of discussion about it, did you like the new Corbin Album ?[View]
75318085underrated or brutally underrated?[View]
75318849Expanding Library: I'm looking for a big music library to expand my library with. Any places I …[View]
75315554The previews are worrying me guys, seems like primus is dead[View]
75318600Happy 68th Birthday to The Boss![View]
75313867What was their best song again?[View]
75315730Is this really as bad as it's made out to be or is it people (chiefly Metallica fans) overreact…[View]
75315029There are beads that wrap around your knees that crackle into the dark[View]
75318734Nirvana: What was your favorite Nirvana song[View]
75318689I want to make my own beats, is Fruit Loops still the usual thing to use these days? I remember usin…[View]
75318283How did Fantano become the world's biggest music critic?[View]
75318773Dēlfy - 'Body 2 Body': Dēlfy - 'Body 2 Body': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPw2-hF2Zss >Synthp…[View]
75318622How the fuck do I create a complete song? I know how to make simple melodies with intervals and shit…[View]
75318714>mfw Tupac music is comfy af[View]
75318726/classical/: /classical/ Wang Chung edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/mo…[View]
75317535thoughts, /mu/?[View]
75310624Can we all admit they peaked at Ok Computer?[View]
75318665FOOLS! YOUR GOD IS DEAD![View]
75318629Ripping off a song: https://youtu.be/YPhVIoCpPWs Is it a meme or a concern? Pic unrelated.[View]
75316591There is no more catchy grime songs except Shutdown. Prove me wrong i dont know much grime and i thi…[View]
75318596>my feet hurt[View]
75318500What you say about Prog Rock m8?: Progressive rock is the best genre of all. It's the genre tha…[View]
75318455Metal versions of classic songs: on the twelfth day of christmas, my true love gave to me 12 satanic…[View]
75318520ITT: Music videos which will never be done again: Gives that special feeling, you know? https://www.…[View]
75312900itt: washed-up hacks[View]
75318372ITT: Musicians with patrician taste: https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2016/04/david-bowie-favorite…[View]
75316664whats the libgen.io of music[View]
75314963>listen to an album >hate it and can't finish it >listen to it again 3 days later >…[View]
75315987You faggots will argue about literally anything. [spoiler]Noel > Liam[/spoiler][View]
75315712>Skrillex remix[View]
75318162Feeling pretty depressed and in despair about how absolutely meaningless and monotonous life is. Mus…[View]
75317157Epic music: ITT post epic music like related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n6WP9qHyRM[View]
75318325what is frusciante's best solo?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV9IJVoFR_Q and why is this on…[View]
75317650Does /mu/ like Alison Mosshart?[View]
75318345techno production: techno producers of /mu/ what are your favourite vst's and plugins, post ex…[View]
75318206What's his best album?[View]
75318303Stream - Broszczakowski/Kuzak: My new song, enjoy! :)[View]
75318248>Dream up, dream up let me fill your cup, with the promise of a man.[View]
75318207Underground music heavily influenced by the game[View]
75314746Villians: So, what did you think?[View]
75314392/chart/: New chart thread[View]
75317855Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4C-Lw-YaWg[View]
75316416Does anyone have any study music? Trying to study for my entrance exam, but the walls are thin and m…[View]
75316139/mu/ feels thread >be me as an awkward loner in middle school, really into Pink Floyd >listeni…[View]
75318000what is the best ambient sleep music and why is it bengalfuel?[View]
75318128ITT: Fugazi - Red Medicine[View]
75317566Two plus two is four, minus one, that's three quick maths[View]
75312428bowie: what do you reckon the best david bowie album is and why?[View]
75316715DON'T PAINT YOUR TEETH, /mu/![View]
75315341There are few things more cringe-inducing than people who force themselves to like something because…[View]
75316599Is this AOTY?[View]
75317082what's your favorite ambient? https://youtu.be/mZi2XneKu2o[View]
75316768Holy shit, it clicked[View]
75317931>On the way home from college >Music on shuffle >Planet Telex comes >mfw…[View]
75317881>PUSH ME TO THE EDGE[View]
75315093*blocks your path* >Hey anon, would you like some coffee?[View]
75317713What are some other similar artists to Esno?[View]
75316383How influential were they exactly? And what particular scenes did they influence?[View]
75317292>go to aphex twin concert >he never plays his classic songs >leave deaf and blind https://w…[View]
75314774so i fucking loved this, where do i go from here[View]
75317306Suicidal music: Should suicidal people listen to suicidal music like the one Biggie made or should o…[View]
75317748ITT: rappers who fell off hard[View]
75317646What's that one folk punk song that compares love to LSD and ends like 'I'll just sit in t…[View]
75317706>i have been waiting for a guy to cum and take me by the ass wait? really?…[View]
75315908>implying anyone will ever surpass his mastery of stage banter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-…[View]
75317731Redpill me on cantopop, /mu/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?params=EAEYAdoBAggB&v=J0JAI2c1HVo…[View]
75316667Are cartridges that come with a new record player generally reliable, or is it worthwhile to look in…[View]
75316483music to drink yourself to sleep to.: music to drink the sadness and depression away.[View]
75316423Gonna dive in it, will I like it?[View]
75313570So what did you guys think? As someone who loves the shit out of dethklok and melodic death metal, I…[View]
75315397Is this their best?: I've recently been blastin through their discography and I think this is t…[View]
75316461https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs5QGN-zhwM https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mke9z4qfTFU https://m.youtub…[View]
75317624what does /mu/ think of paramore?[View]
75315988/mu/ confessions thread: I really love Golden Lights[View]
75317515>Tfw no qt gf to cuddle up and listen to softcore with Why bother living…[View]
75316891How do we fix /mu/?[View]
75317539Searching for a song: In 2003 or so I found a song online by a male singer. It was just him and the …[View]
75315880What's /mu/ opinion of DIIV?[View]
75317206I'm high on ritalin, what music goes best with it?[View]
75315989Is this the American Dream?[View]
75317286Is this the best dream/noise pop album of all time?[View]
75316887Thoughts on Malu's debut song and music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-zcNpZJX78&…[View]
75317267What is Rap: Help me /mu/, I'm losing touch with rap and hip hop as of late. I like Kanye, Post…[View]
75316497Jesse Eisenberg[View]
75316581Anything like track #11 [domino] Preferably something that has the same aesthetic/vibe (numbing, qui…[View]
75317209Help me to identify this 2 irish songs I tried soundhound and lyric search already https://vocaroo.c…[View]
75315153To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Death Grips. The lyrics are extremely subt…[View]
75307290>this was /mu/'s favorite band at one point Laugh at the poptimists. Laugh at them.…[View]
75316442>download albums from anons >never share anything cause music folder empty true love right the…[View]
75315999>plays a couple of power chords >shoots himself in the head…[View]
75316492Was he /our guy/?[View]
75317026Hey /mu/ I'm about to go on a date with this edgy girl who likes sonic youth and oaf give me su…[View]
75316151Apologize making a thread about this, but somebody requested this Mercury Rev t-shirt with the Boces…[View]
75315017Itt post music genre fans you used to make fun of in highschool. Always used to call scene and emo k…[View]
753155942017 so far: what have you liked this year /mu/? great year IMO still excited for Kurt Vile and Cour…[View]
75316909>visits dr.loudness-war.info before even considering listening to a new album…[View]
75314767Favorite tracks off this album and why? Mine are Wasted and 451 Wasted because I love the guitar rif…[View]
75316090This is gonna sound stupid but...: Is the Singer on Time=$$$ a female guest vocalist or is just Stu …[View]
75316307Any love for the old Manchester scene /mu/? GOAT Happy Mondays track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
75315964When did he peak /mu/ ?[View]
75310917>people have consistently been making 'now that the dust has settled' threads on yeezus >tfw t…[View]
75316069What are the best wall of sound albums?: Me after hearing the wall of sound https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
75315463Buy my vault[View]
75316592Admit it This Album Is Amazing And Better Than Any Talking Heads Record.[View]
75313242New TWIABP: What do we think?[View]
75301456ITT: We post our top 5 favorite albums of all time and guess each other's personality[View]
75302678/metal/: edition >>75298877[View]
75314273> tfw she doesn't see you out of the crowd :( How do you deal with not having a chance with…[View]
75316556>Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 Chill Gaming / Study Beats[View]
75311136What is your go to ''''''''depression'''''''' recovery album/song?[View]
75315789Bands that sound better live: They need to make a live version of the new album, just listen to this…[View]
75315439microtonic synth help: Hi, guys. Looking for someone who can help me with microtonic drums synth…[View]
75316184did you guys know he used to beat his wife? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1TFZgWZhnBq[View]
75316297One of these guys is a nu-male which one is it?[View]
75315452Why do people call ASAP Rocky pretty when Lil Uzi Vert is much cuter? Is it because the latter is 5…[View]
75315719Omni - Multi-Task: I'm not going to deny for a fraction of a second that this thread will likel…[View]
75316296Why is this so fucking good every song has the same basic pattern but it makes me feel like I'm…[View]
75316234Has /mu/ messed with modular synths? If so what is a good guide into purchasing one and learning how…[View]
75316229Can anyone help me identify a song? It starts more or less like this: https://onlinesequencer.net/60…[View]
75314911>tfw no one cares about last.fm anymore 11 years of scrobbling, and for what? What was it all for…[View]
75314575Why did normies and haters alike suck Chester’s necrotic cock when he killed himself? He didn’t make…[View]
75314673ITT: post an innocuous image. others post music that fits. i'll start with this cool painting i…[View]
75314974What was their best work? What their worst?[View]
75316067What does /mu/ think of ATR or digital hardcore in general?[View]
75315161>How do you do, fellow kids? >I'm a youngster, just like you!…[View]
75315530*produces your album*[View]
75314863lmao justin bieber amirite??? please show your and give me all your upvotes[View]
75315488Beatles: Apart from the studio albums... Which of these do you recommend?[View]
75315635how do I write enough songs quickly on guitar that I can play shows with my friend who plays drums?[View]
75301048ITT: Post an album and others name their favorite track off it >Lost[View]
75315568Anyone going to the HANL concert tonight in Brooklyn?[View]
75315039Bowie: When did you realise this was Bowie's best instrumental piece? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
75313414>Australian singer doesn't change or soften their accent while singing AT ALL…[View]
75301139ITT: Shit normies say[View]
75311395how is his personal life so impenetrable ? we know nothing about him desu[View]
75312444anyone knows more like this?: Jesus will save us[View]
75314501are you ready for the unavoidable 90s revival?[View]
75314573KPOP GENERAL: cub club edition[View]
75315727Can we all agree that he would not have killed himself if he didn't get hooked on heroin?[View]
75313595>when an artist/band sells out and won't apologize for selling out…[View]
75312417*deletes Sixtyten*: ahhh what a perfect album[View]
75315666>play mo-do >one of my friends ask how i find this stuff…[View]
75315277Bob Dylan? more like Bob Dildo![View]
75302230I miss her /mu/ :([View]
753141581 to rule them all: Tone > Tax > Phone > Lex[View]
75315622fresh new cover, check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmInn6uCDlE[View]
75315023Anarcho-Punk: What do /mu/tants think of Anarcho-Punk?[View]
75315586Damn, kanye looks like that!?!?[View]
75315380Discuss the best dream pop band of all time[View]
75314667Ben Frost - The Center Cannot Hold: Does anyone have a non turboshit link ? What do we think so far …[View]
75315535are musicians the pseuds of art[View]
75310244>walk into class >see this wat do[View]
75315431>listens to deathgrips once t b h[View]
75310708REAL /REDACTED/ HOURS, WHO UP?: Members only Sucks the freeleech tokens are going to expire soon.…[View]
75264539/classical/ Piano Concerto Edition: >inb4 how do I into classical >General Folder #1. Renaissa…[View]
75313633Make a 10 song setlist with songs that feature primarily vocal harmonies: GO[View]
75313623The Killers: Opinions so far ?[View]
75314060WTF this is unlistenable trash[View]
75314542art?: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0pUAkHxHfPs[View]
75312317Should I get a Harley Benton guitar?: My birthday is coming up, and I wondered if I should get a the…[View]
75310900Fake Album Covers: ITT: Post a fake cover and other anons guess what genre it'd be[View]
75315336you, a hoodrat: england is my city me, a musical genius:[View]
75315309The fuck is with this cat in the music video for I Dont Care - Fall Out Boy?[View]
75310594Albums to listen to on doomsday?[View]
75315302Why is Trey Songz allowed to make music where he admits to being a rapist and get away with it scot …[View]
75315250helb: I'm looking for a harsh noise album that had really sharp, clean sound and its cover art …[View]
753137303x3 4x4 5x5: i did 3 months but you can do whatever you like[View]
75311199What does /mu/ think of this band? It might be the teenage nostalgia talking, but I really enjoy the…[View]
75314237>tfw you fuck everything up Music for this feel?[View]
75313533How come we never talk about them?[View]
75315167Need help finding track: I've had this song in my head and I cant quite pinpoint who made it or…[View]
75314506thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q46xYqUwZQ[View]
75314420I'm looking to get more into jazz. Cyrille Aimee has kinda got me hooked, so I'd really li…[View]
75312601In honor of his 60th Birthday, Nick Cave thread! Anyone sees him live soon?[View]
75314242When did good music die?[View]
75314357>1:40 AM watching Ted Talks about suicide while eating junk food Music for this feel? >Pic unr…[View]
75314037Most of our favourite Beatles songs on here are stuff like Tomorrow Never Knows or Helter Skelter or…[View]
75313437would u[View]
75314498Thoughts on this EP?[View]
75314758After years of listening to obscure genres: I'm downloading the Billboard Top 200 and Rolling S…[View]
75314857Stop listening to The Beatles[View]
75311154What songs have drums become the main focus in a song? I'm looking for songs where the drums ar…[View]
75314211God tier albums[View]
75314198Look what you made me do Look what you made me do Look what you made me do Look what you made me do …[View]
75314724What think /mu/ about this ?: Am i a normie ?[View]
75314569hi /mu/, it's 4PM where I live and I just polished off a bottle of red wine after finishing my …[View]
75312972So this is the Velvet Underground in the 80's?[View]
75312940Thoughts on Paramore?[View]
75314188In my life, why do I smile at people who I'd much rather kick in the eye?[View]
75307967BANDCAMP SHIT: listen to people's shit, rate and review people's shit, share people's…[View]
75313715KPOP GENERAL[View]
75314519Can it ever be socially acceptable for a middle-aged man to enjoy vaporwave? Asking for a friend[View]
75313217help me out /mu/[View]
75308431>Everything dies baby that's a fact where were you when you realized Dad Rock is Emperor of …[View]
75312408>remember Joseph Goebbels um wtf?[View]
75294756Soundcloud Thread: Post and reply to the previous post.[View]
75308600https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NaAhBTD5Kg sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a female's p…[View]
75313238what is the musical equivalent to varg's youtube videos?[View]
75313764Brand New lyrics: Is it 'later on the bed' or 'laid her on the bed'?[View]
75313727>tfw no cute gnome boy to make love to[View]
75314288New twiabp, Always Foreign: Just leaked, do you like it? http://www29.zippyshare.com/v/sl2onExi/file…[View]
75311908CLAHP YUR HANDSTH![View]
75313500Is there any girly patrician music? ... interesting music that's also super cutesy like Go Sail…[View]
75306274>Souljaboytellem.com A- >In the Court of the Crimson King D+…[View]
75312514https://youtu.be/4aWhn0Hc8ps How can a white guy have so much soul?[View]
75313057Could I get some suicide-core recommendations? Thanks.[View]
75314183>Calls album debut >It's not technically her debut album…[View]
75308481Hi everyone. Is your /mu/ not patrician enough? Tired of all these lame threads about music not made…[View]
75311391ITT: we post things that only brainlets say >Death Grips has never made a bad album…[View]
75312192Favorite DOOM lines?[View]
75313358ITT: Quiet music for when you're hungover[View]
75312416How many times must a thread get dubs Before you can call it a thread?[View]
75313829Is this album ancap?[View]
75313634is micachu low-key one of the better musicians of this generation?[View]
75313061Artists who destroyed their career: ITT: Artists who destroyed their career[View]
75313967Were They All Throwaways?: Thoughts[View]
75308497Hip Hop General - old and new[View]
75312603ITT: Good artwork, bad music[View]
75307771lyrics that fuck you up every time: Fell on my face and awoke with a scar Another mistake livin…[View]
75313196Happy Birthday Bruce!: It's Springy's birthday, say something nice about him[View]
75312684Which is objectively the best song ever made:: A House is not a home by Luther Vandross or Bohemian …[View]
75312719KPOP GENERAL[View]
75313640https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOWf8uqGf8A BEST NEW METAL[View]
75312559post more /mu/ related tattoos[View]
75313301what are u guys favorite microhouse / minimal techno releases?[View]
75313197/mu/ album preservation society: Suicide has left us. His bandcamp is gone along with the music we c…[View]
75307097IT STARTS WITH[View]
75313378Is this happening still? 1. Waifu Fags Get Out 2. God Is Dead (And No One (But Me, I Do) Cares) …[View]
75313491What are you Listening to now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnaFxBLEI9Q[View]
75313364All praise the new /mu/ king.[View]
75308692The Blue Album or Pinkerton? Discuss[View]
75313340Music title please!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH2ECJ53PtM PLEASE - Title of music between 1:1…[View]
75309944https://youtu.be/BB0DU4DoPP4 this song is legitimately a masterpiece of pop rock in the 2000s. prove…[View]
75312791When you get burned out for listening to music for too long, is it a good idea to stop listening to …[View]
75310800This is the most underrated Bowie[View]
75312631Is this song a masterpiece?: As title suggests, is this song a masterpiece: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
75311518Is she music's best kept secret?[View]
75312184Albums to listen to when you just wake up in the morning: >pic related…[View]
75309788Will this be Pitchfork’s #1 album of 2017?[View]
75312272since this board loves talking about dadrock so much, what music were your dads actually into back i…[View]
75313200Is he losing it?[View]
75307997/mu/ Made an Album: https://wholedamntownproductions.bandcamp.com/releases Hello /mu/. With Suicide …[View]
75313154>...from Feb, 1987...to very early 2014 I video recorded (VHS) television shows of all kinds- new…[View]
75312707Going to watch The Flaming Lips preform.: I bought some tickets to go watch Mac Demarco play but I d…[View]
75313127Goooooood morning!: Heard this yet?[View]
75313083What went wrong? https://youtu.be/F0Sfg4CH4ds[View]
75313021Mark Ronson is probably producing the next album of Tame Impala, your reaction ?: shit[View]
75307742>'I just need a young cunt that's perfectly tight'- Ariel Pink 2017 ( I wanna be y…[View]
75312820What do your siblings listen to?[View]
75311580The Pod >>>>>>>>> Quebec[View]
75312830joosh growbahn[View]
75310901ITT: 10/10 moments in music: Discuss moments in tracks that make you nut. I Promise Never To Get Pai…[View]
75311480*deletes the first halves of both albums* *puts the second halves together* not that's a good a…[View]
75312766>there's no trout mask replica and exercises in futility on spotify why even live…[View]
75312085Why don't I like any other sort of electronic music other than burial[View]
75312376Going on a bus ride. Give me an album and I'll listen to it. Just as reference, Pet Sounds is m…[View]
75312571Gwe is ska queen[View]
75311901KPOP GENERAL[View]
75311732Your favorite rhythm roulette episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=733JlYQgWPw&t=534s[View]
75304927who's your favourite Stacey musician and why is it pic related, /mu/?[View]
75303734drug music: title says it all, post up all that music that just blows your mind on Weed/Acid/Ritalin…[View]
75311827Uh oh, it seems that Miles Davis is very angry. Miles: IF YOU'RE WHITE AND LISTEN TO JAZZ, STOP…[View]
75311507Can his career be saved? Will he ever put out a real album? Will he do another album from jail? Also…[View]
75312610Neofolk Thread: Let's be frolicsome, the paradigm shift is upon us! I'm listening to 'Wir …[View]
75312584YRT - Youtube Recommandation Thread: Youtube recommendations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIwDLN…[View]
75312258>Hey, little girl, is your daddy home? >Did he go and leave you all alone? >I got a bad des…[View]
75310894WHO'S GOT A PENIS[View]
75311996Hi does anyone wants the new Crywank tshirt and two vinyls from www.fileundermusic.com ? pic related[View]
75309157/mu/ is not tumbl-[View]
75312449it's a masterpiece[View]
75308655Imagine googling your own name and this is all you see >feelsbadman >sorrydevchanwefuckedugood…[View]
75310437Any thoughts on Toshiki Kadomatsu and general citypop?[View]
75311374music is so bad[View]
75311522Did it live up to the hype?[View]
75311819who here listens to mars argo? fucking awesome music and not to mention she's cute as fuck 10/…[View]
75312259Did you see the first episode of Mike Judge's documentary/cartoon series telling stories about …[View]
75312249SO FUCKIN PUMPED[View]
75310181>In October 1998, a Spanish man who had stalked Björk for four years broke into her mother Hildur…[View]
75309981>tfw you recognize the sample on the first listen[View]
75311717I'm tired of listening to grouper (not really but I want more), where do I progress to from her…[View]
75310584ITT: artists who have a generally agreed upon best/top2 albums. I'll start with Bjork.[View]
75311737Opinions on the UK electronic music duo Bicep? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPIJXJZH1zk https://w…[View]
75312036Is this nu-Springsteen?[View]
75310676MJ's discography: What is his best album? Worst album? Most Important? Most consistent?[View]
75310891Bjork is a very talented and skilled songwriter and singer. Talk about her.[View]
75310747KPOP GENERAL: kangz![View]
75311834screaming nigger band ranking: TPTB > STDS > TMS > EXM > GP > NLDW > BP and you?…[View]
75311887>I am the walrus >naughty girl, let your niggers down WTF ringo?…[View]
75311858how the FUCK do I produce a good track. all of my tracks sound like ass imo. I haven't taken th…[View]
75311372Why do we love The Beatles?[View]
75306197Power Pop: Rec me some power pop, /mu/[View]
75307258Does exist such thing like the equivalent of this album but in a 'forest' ambient?[View]
75309451Some other significant TV performances?: obviously there's the beatles on ed sullivan, but what…[View]
75310385My neck, my back...[View]
75311691Was he a talented potential poet? Was he a narcissist who got lucky? Some where in between?[View]
75310967Did he have a chance with Stacy's mom?[View]
75310733How do I get into the pod? I want to stop being a Quebec beta male[View]
75310451What does /mu/ think of parody channels? Brentalfloss, Rucka Rucka Ali people like that. I think thi…[View]
75311131ITT:: How you imagine the guy speaking on I Was A Prisoner In Your Skull looks like.[View]
75307081collage 5x5 4x4 3x3: tapmusic.net rip edition[View]
75310606Looking for recommendations for chilled out glitchy IDM stuff like Gridlock. Their album 'Formless' …[View]
75302466Would anyone happen to know the best place to buy a Mercury Rev shirt with the Baker-era logo? I kno…[View]
75311337>get a rec from /mu/ >listen to it >it's really good…[View]
75311074ITT: Times when Scaruffi was right: Essential pages: Radiohead The Beatles Aphex Twin Death Grips (…[View]
75311543So, what's /mu/'s opinion on Eric? Is he just extremely overrated or one of the great guit…[View]
75306273Draw a musician: Cool thread idea[View]
75309231Albums that you feel are underrated/are overshadowed by artist's other works.: pic related imo…[View]
75311538More like this?[View]
75311525What is the greatest song in the world and why is it Temple of the King by Rainbow? https://www.you…[View]
75310226Solid 7s: ITT post musicians that are solid 7s Bonus points if they make 10/10 music I'll start…[View]
75310131Kremwerk, seattle: Any pnw mutants here to see prism corp?[View]
75310314Name 5 albums that arent by ween[View]
75311243ITT: Musicians who aged well[View]
75310092>he hasn't taken the Byrnepill yet Animals are fucking useless, so just do whatever crazy sh…[View]
75311036>artist doesnt play song live because its too emotionally draining[View]
75311006*deletes Time to Live*[View]
75310786ITT: Comfy concert/documentary/behind-the-scenes DVDs[View]
75310841ITT: essential Greek/Roman bust album art[View]
75310697What are your top10 Beatle songs /mu/? Tell Me What You See Rocky Raccoon Taxman Lovely Rita She…[View]
75303815/mu/'s Top 100 Songs of the 1980s: ITT: We make a list of /mu/'s favorite songs of the 198…[View]
75311368This just might be aoty, I didn't know the sound of drifting through space could be so serene.[View]
75310376>why was east coast hardcore so right leaning compared to there west coast emo punks? how do you …[View]
75306602Is there a genre of music as sexually unappealing to women as progressive rock?: I've never hea…[View]
75311285holy shit this song is dope[View]
75310430/2017/: show me what's good, lads[View]
75295960/gg/ - Guitar and Bass General: Pawn Shop Prize Edition How do I start learning guitar? >justingu…[View]
75310455Best album to impress aliens with.[View]
75311030Favorite dead band?[View]
75310519>album ends with the singer vomiting[View]
75311235Don't get me wrong, it's a great album, but why exactly is it considered as the best jazz …[View]
75303848is it, dare i say it, patrician pop?[View]
75311185Who is the best modern rap group and why is it these guys?[View]
75310539Best A Tribe Called Quest album?[View]
75309987>when that extended twerk video drops >and in 4 years that sex tape…[View]
75310939How many cunts like Sleaford Mods?[View]
75310927>1992 >Turn on Radio Los Santos >JUST WAKIN' UP IN THE MORNIN >GOTTA THANK GOD…[View]
75310820>NK won't actually nuke the US music for this feel[View]
75298886Name ONE (1) time he was wrong.[View]
75310698>when someone calls jazz 'old white people music'[View]
75309234KPOP GENERAL[View]
75308537More albums like It's Time by Max Roach?[View]
75307480YOU SAY YES[View]
75307987rate my top 25[View]
75308820>Yes I'm lonely >Wanna die What did he mean by this?…[View]
75309041Back Cover Thread: Post those backcovers[View]
75307268This is the best song of the decade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8k3qB61lhk[View]
75309903Anarchist music thread, doesn't have to be any type of anarchism, all anti government music wel…[View]
75309724Why do I love A Perfect Circle but only like a few Tool songs? Anyone else feel this way?[View]
75310313Guilty Pleasures Thread[View]
75309938Synth Pack VST general FREE EDITION: Help a brother find more synths and samples pls[View]
75310240ITT: We sing 'subterranean homesick blues one word at a time[View]
75307252Is this the synthwave/retrowave AOTY? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldwg3eXiISM[View]
75298381This was fucking amazing recc me more prog like this[View]
75308366the next chris cornell/chester bennington?[View]
75305484Can we admit that this was legitimately a solid record despite the animosity towards the Peppers?[View]
75310015New burial track is soooo good fuuuuaaaaaaarrrrrrkkkk new album when[View]
75309563Good god this is tedious. Why are 90s rap albums so long and generic? I think once you look past nos…[View]
75308217How do I get 'into' Gucci Mane?[View]
75309114Who is the most skilled rapper?[View]
75307629ITT: NEVER EVER-core Albums that you know deep down will never come out (or will be disappointing if…[View]
75309983https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhMHbRYHkTc Not even MJ did Pop better,[View]
753006661. post in this thread 2. go to https://rateyourmusic.com/customchart 3. find the album that correla…[View]
75309215Post the song that most makes you think about the one girl in your life that slipped away Post that …[View]
75309961I don't even know what to say. 10/10 or 0/10, I'm undecided[View]
75308283>write 100+ songs over the course of a year and a half >only like 10 of them at most What the …[View]
75307758>n00bs think this isnt their best album i mean c'mon guys[View]
75309783rec me some music for a winter playlist: stuff with a similar cold vibe to james blake and bon iver …[View]
75307037>she hasn't taken the bjorkpill yet Life is fucking meaningless so just fuck whatever crazy …[View]
75307838TEMPORARY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdCH7ZewAfY[View]
75309863Hey /mu/ help me find this album I've been trying to listen to for a while but forgot about ent…[View]
75299305AYY NEW SOUNDCLOUD THREAD: You know what to do Heres mine to start: >https://soundcloud.com/fodpr…[View]
75309719Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: What's /mu/'s opinion on this band?[View]
75306344Which was better /mu/, Abbey Road, or Let It Be? I feel out of the two final records Let It Be had …[View]
75303454>rap song uses gunshot sample[View]
75309270is this good[View]
75309456Is there anything more disappointing than a potentially great song ruined by a shitty political mess…[View]
75307925where are the lower class and other voices in music? all hyped up artists these days seem to be just…[View]
75309338Why does nobody ever talk about White Suns? I think they're almost as good as Black Dice https:…[View]
75308848Listening...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CtmqjGozD4 >No original ideas here.…[View]
75306837Hi /mu/, I'm trying to find a song and I'm hoping my description might be enough for someo…[View]
75309437Better than NOTIR. All of the beats with none of the gimmicks and annoying movie samples.[View]
75306570it's pretty fuckin' good[View]
75309017Music you just cant deal with: O - so I half remembered this album from a long time ago and remember…[View]
75309364Sometimes when I´m sad and alone I listen to Avril Lavigne[View]
75309206Lil Wayne is so underrated on this Ugandan Fuck Stick amalgam.[View]
75308439*blocks your locker* >anon if you want to be a musician why aren't you spending your time wo…[View]
75309084Any music like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_kqwnunG4M[View]
75309310What does /mu/ think about mexican indie music? Bands like Clubz, YoungTender, or Lawall are worth l…[View]
75308278Scatman: was he ahead of his time?[View]
75309193chris pole: describe 4chan in 1 song >khalid young dumb and broke…[View]
75295944GUESSTHATALBUM.COM DISCOVER THE FUN: guessthatalbum.com A fun website where you draw album covers fo…[View]
75309049techno mix 30 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEkDaPK4N9E&t=386s[View]
75309204post album covers that are similar to each other and anons decide which is better[View]
75307965KPOP GENERAL: Soob in aussie land edition[View]
75304495ITT: /mu/ in 1956[View]
75308840young martha: young thug is a god https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yfo9PoRS8E[View]
75309138If you're so funny, then why are you on your own tonight? And if you're so clever, then wh…[View]
75308392>working on a track >it sounds like shit >try to fix it >it gets considerably worse what…[View]
75308996What's your favorite Ween album?[View]
75309026Why did he he create an entire musical saga about being cucked by R. Kelly?[View]
75308750Is there a term for two songs that are usually merged together on albums/tracklists? Only two I can …[View]
75309005Post melancholy-core[View]
75307823if you could save one (1) musician from dying who would it be[View]
75308947What are some good songs/albums for yet another night of wasting away your precious youth? https://w…[View]
75306610What the fuck is his problem?[View]
75308945What does /mu/ think of pic?: Dunno.[View]
75308868Tell us about your music /mu/: Not your shitty pentatonic jams, but your actual albums, EPs, mixtape…[View]
75308751>Bitch I'm a dog ROOF :) what did they mean by this?[View]
75308804I KNEWWW[View]
75308606Give me music that will make me feel pure joy. Pic unrelated[View]
75302717One of these threads. Post an album and shit. Best Song: Flashing Lights Worst Song: Drunk and Hot G…[View]
75308758It's 2017, all liked was Zeltron 6 Billion & Taylor Swift being,[View]
75308697ITT: Musicians who probably have the 'tism[View]
75305760Why is he so bitter?[View]
75308654Why isn't there an anime about Melt-Banana?[View]
75306872Post a better trap album/mixtape: No, not DS2/Barter 6/Rodeo[View]
75305758Albums that are execellent except for one overtly edgy track you can't take seriously[View]
75301281>someone downloads entire discography from me >60kbps WHY do people do this…[View]
75308477What do you guys think of Los Growlers[View]
75298172I like bjork, grimes, kate bush etc.. xD[View]
75305264joji: over rated garbage with a shitty fanbase.[View]
75307073>XO Tour song >Liked it but never really listened to what Uzi was saying on it >last month …[View]
75308409>SHE SAID CHEAT BUT NO MISTRESS, AND I HALF LISTENED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id7xT4OGLCo …[View]
75308130>he likes metal[View]
75308310Pay your respects F[View]
75307465music for the end of the world: obligatory >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsxavPANO8s also ITS …[View]
75307635lol it sounds like a monty python sketch[View]
75306931is this the most misunderstood album of the decade?[View]
75306492Artists like Father John Misty and Crywank?: Particularly artists that explore the human condition.…[View]
75308260https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yjYp3nxhxs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yjYp3nxhxs this song i…[View]
75308247What's your favourite cover of Warm Leatherette/TVOD? a good recent one https://www.youtube.com…[View]
75306959Name my band[View]
75306529Kyle Craft: What does /mu/ think of him?[View]
75307914>he hasn't taken the ringopill Life is fucking meaningless so spread peace and love…[View]
75305616Why are rappers shaving their eyebrows now?[View]
75308119https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1rNF2P-msU Where were you when a Indonesian pop music album became …[View]
75307900music for the feel that we are living in a post apocalypse without the nukes ever even falling and n…[View]
75308052The Pod is the best Ween album.[View]
75301114/mu/ album archive project: Suicide has left us. His bandcamp is gone along with the music we create…[View]
75304881ITT: Objective music facts: No good music has ever been made using midi[View]
75307735Can I get some help IDing this fit's pieces? pretty much wanna cop all of it[View]
75307334This is the best thing theyve done in fucking years[View]
75306783KPOP GENERAL: car edition[View]
75307303Murder, anyone?: I'm looking for songs about murder. But with a specific kind of vibe. Think da…[View]
75300752Soundcloud Thread: Must reply to another song before posting your own.[View]
75305170go on omegle and set your interests to 'music', post results[View]
75305681>i can only enjoy music if it was difficult to make[View]
75307446You're at a bar and this guy slaps your gf's ass, what do you do?[View]
75307751bruh look at this dude ohoho wait till you see the ph- ooohuhuhu oh nononono ohohuuuuu..... *weezes*…[View]
75306003Will she ever do another pop album again? The gate was meh. An everything after Vespertine (her last…[View]
75299828>current AOTY >favorite song on it[View]
75307419*blocks your path* 'I heard you're making an album.'[View]
75307660>whip it like a nascar[View]
75305539Ye... easy on the croissants[View]
75307638Fake Albums Thread: Weezer - Nightmare Atlantica (2018) 1. No Fun In The Bummer Time 2. I See Thru 3…[View]
75304987What is music that sounds sexual to you? Not literally songs about sex, music that has the rhythm of…[View]
75307313Does /mu/ likes /mu/?[View]
75307149>what doesn't kill you makes you stronger Is this Kanye's penultimate form before he dr…[View]
75307106Not sure if this is /mu/ or /g/ but does anyone used a DAC / AMP with their portable media device? i…[View]
75306976Why is MF DOOM associated with white people all of a sudden?[View]
75306764Artists that are underrated on /mu/: Nightmares On Wax >pic unrelated…[View]
75307432>He hasn't taken the Kanye pill Life is meaningless just eat whatever crazy shit you want…[View]
75306954When will the new Vampire Weekend album hit?[View]
75307214Hey anons. These days i've been listening the same shit, and i'm tired. Also I cant find s…[View]
75305669/mu/'s thoughts on lil Wayne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuyEgvCVYd8[View]
75304793>have you ever heard of death grips?[View]
75307215https://youtu.be/zDL3BafiIiQ Why did she have to go with dumb Samberg? They're so pretty togeth…[View]
75303841These are the Beatles absolute WORST songs, debate me All You Need Is Love Baby, You're a Rich …[View]
75305193is it an instrument?[View]
75302712ITT: artists that are basically you[View]
75300376Favorite less popular Beatles songs?: I'll have to choose Martha My Dear, Mean Mr. Mustard and …[View]
75306598Rate my new fl studio song please. Im trying to revolutionize rap ~~ https://vocaroo.com/i/s0apJ2nEC…[View]
75307044what does /mu/ think of michael jackson?[View]
75306946ITT: /mu/ in 1862[View]
75306928>He hasn't taken the adornopill Pop music is fucking shit and not art…[View]
75305702*Blocks your path* LET ME SEE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY[View]
75306372Hi /mu/, Im doing a self improvement project as there is 100 days left in the year. amongst other th…[View]
75305393Bleeps of the year?[View]
75301661Who is the new Bjork?[View]
75306276I want to have every Danzig era Misfits song without having any compilations. Does anyone have a lis…[View]
75306674what is it about this album that gives such specific feels?[View]
75306665Soundclown Mashup Requests: Yes, I am bored.[View]
75303423Girl I like is into this band the 1975,can anyone give me a quick rundown on them?[View]
75305821A continuation of today's earlier Demon Days and general Gorillaz debate thread. Proceed.[View]
75305911kpop general: w2c keychain[View]
75306768>Death Grips is my favorite band![View]
75299976Do you believe that any of your favorite albums are PERFECT albums /mu/? I was doing some thinking l…[View]
75306625What did they mean by this?[View]
75286868Do your best drawing (without using the eraser tool) of any album of your choice[View]
75304599Kanye: JUST[View]
75306046Faunts High Expectations/Low Results VS NMH IAOTS[View]
75305422Hello, I hope you are doing well. Please post simpson wave here. I'll start. https://www.youtub…[View]
75304904Name a better live album: You literally fucking cant[View]
75306113Illmatic Vs Ready to Die: The great debate. Which is the definitive East Coast hip hop album of 1994…[View]
75303893Is there anything the British CAN'T do?[View]
75297223>ugh, anon, how can you actually enjoy metal when it's so needlessly heterosexual? can you p…[View]
75306162Your guys' thoughts on They Might Be Giants? Flood a best[View]
75306411Rating albums: How many times do you listen to an album to finally rate it? I have only listened to …[View]
75306396>listen to first 2 songs of an album >don't like it >give it a 2 on rym…[View]
75306250Stop playing without passion.[View]
75298694/mu/ makes an album RIP suicide edition: minte tracks b/c i liked it when he did those. 10 + the las…[View]
75304885>Used to browse /mu/ all the time as a whacky avant teen >as years progressed started hating t…[View]
75306131>black metal album cover >happy upbeat music what did they mean by this…[View]
75306327Jador's new track: Check this out, homemade version of Something just like this by Jador, tell …[View]
75304063is this muddy or something https://55chan.org/mu/src/1506120303059.mp3[View]
75305782Study Trance Playlist: I'm trying to build a study playlist because I'm going to have a bu…[View]
75306011>Walking with a John Coltrane shirt >Some guy on the street notice and tries to have a chat wi…[View]
75306186Hope she recovers from her brain aneurysm :/[View]
75305926Does /mu/ like beefcore?[View]
7530607610/10 songs: Let me know[View]
75305731Orchestral/Classical Music that makes you weep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNZBtYT1vF0…[View]
75287781What's the best Rap album of 2017 so far[View]
75295852what are some legitimate protest songs?[View]
75304876KPOP GENERAL[View]
75305892My fellow Americans, I would just like to say once again that I did NOT have sexual relations with t…[View]
75305298>shooting stars >shoes and cars[View]
75305863CHOCOLATE RAIN[View]
75304871KPOP GENERAL: happy birthday[View]
75305856>It's been a long day, without you my friend >and I'll tell you all about it when I …[View]
75303819What the fuck is his problem?[View]
75303310unironically his best album[View]
75303137Anyone here /EnterShikari/[View]
7530569990's aesthetic music videos: Trying to find more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
75281254pastetaste: i miss last.fm threads http://pastemytaste.pe.hu/[View]
75305161Has anybody heard this on the original 12' 45s? Holy shit.[View]
75305252Currently hosting a party Out of tunes, post shit I should play at this party[View]
75304471What's your opinion on Ugly God /mu/ I find his last album was okay, had some good tracks but i…[View]
75303921ITT: Your favorite EPs[View]
75305241ITT we put our library on shuffle and post the first ten songs to come up Please be nice and rate an…[View]
75304785>Artist only has 1 album available on itunes >its their worst one…[View]
75305578>find cool punk you've never heard of before >you look them up to see if they're sti…[View]
75303615Dēlfy - 'Body 2 Body': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPw2-hF2Zss >Synthpop >Contemporary RnB…[View]
75294822ITT: Albums that aren't actually that good[View]
75304889wait, was she Jolene?[View]
75305487What are some of the most cinematic-like hiphop songs in terms of soundscape I think niggaz took ove…[View]
75304591https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYSzdHGFo98 what do you think of my drum machine?[View]
75304520>yeah I listen to some pretty weird stuff >chance the rapper, childish gambino, that kind of t…[View]
75298921hell be fine[View]
75304516Chart Thread: Rec, guess personalities, etc.[View]
75299563Bandcamp thread: Share your pages![View]
75296696Best Anime OST[View]
75304761Who is the GOAT singer and why is it Sam Cooke ?[View]
75304875>new album comes out >'guys our new album came out buy it on itunes' >can listen to it on s…[View]
75305236About to record an album. The leader of the band thinks that tracking without any pedals and having …[View]
75304812This just dropped today, who's hype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuGJywmUr2Q[View]
75304962ITT: Times where musicians stole songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS8qXe8bXbs https://www.yout…[View]
75305204Redpill me on the Beatles /mu/. For those who like them, how come and what are your favourite Beatle…[View]
75304899A BAND FROM THE PAST YOU MAY HAVE NOT HEARD OF YET! soak it all in[View]
75305073gimme more artists like rozz /mu/[View]
75304209hey this is pretty damn good[View]
75302368What happened?[View]
75302591>You just found out that you won the powerball 100 million $. What song is playing ?…[View]
75304784What's the point of John Lennon's 'Imagine'?[View]
75304921Can we get an /INDUSTRIAL/ thread going? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoUCyrg5Syo[View]
75304721rate my fl studio track: made a shit dark ambient track rate/10 /mu/[View]
75303933KPOP GENERAL[View]
75304794Hey /mu/ can anybody get a high res of this? Or make it high res somehow? Tryin to make a shirt, but…[View]
75304127Melodica/Keyboard harmonica: I'm thinking of buying a melodica, does anyone have any recommenda…[View]
75297983>literally no other albums like it >truly one of a kind >tfw waiting over 10 years for an I…[View]
75304679Holy fucking shit, this album is so fucking underrated[View]
75303826cheesy retro music thats actually not cheesy at all but super good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
75303347Reminder that if your favorite band has songs that use any of the following words in the title: >…[View]
75303144K-Pop? More like K, (i gotta) poop. Hard Rock? More like flacid cock! Rap? More like Crap! Reggae? M…[View]
75302224How do i get into the blues /mu/?[View]
75304608AOTY 1998[View]
75304634What's /mu/ listening to?[View]
75304107What does the title ''Blonde on Blonde'' mean?: Is it some Lesbian fetish Dylan …[View]
75302878why are so many of the touring bands these days middle aged?[View]
75304239ITT: /mu's real thoughts on PC Music[View]
75293637oh look the Killers just dropped their 5th 9/10: >it's Brandon Flowers' 7th…[View]
75302770El Clinton[View]
75303979DAMN. wasn't that bad, don't know why people say it was.[View]
75304528>the new Manson album goes hard[View]
75304524Does /mu/ like Peter Sotos?[View]
75303424Does this mean his music will be even worse from now on?[View]
753014043x3 4x4 5x5: not seeing one so here guess lifestyles, rec, rates[View]
75304232Do you actually feel the need to have someone tell you what to listen to and what you think of it or…[View]
75304371are there songs you use to become comfortable with an environment for me deirdre by b boys[View]
75304351>listening to Sunn O))) >headphones keep vibrating…[View]
75303740if one more person puts on princess nokia, coloring book, or brockhampton in my dorm im gonna BLOW M…[View]
75304169>tfw the Radiohead circlejerk is making you hate the band more and more[View]
75304099best bowie album?[View]
75303686OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU [TRAP BEAT]: NANI?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdgTC0EFMEs[View]
75303954What are some good music-related Wikipedia articles which you would recommend? https://en.wikipedia…[View]
75303211>frontman of an acclaimed WHITE indie band makes an anime television show >it's complete …[View]
75304017Rapper rhymes 'nigga' with 'trigger'[View]
75304039Post your best feel good music. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuMBmK5uksg[View]
75303975ITT: Viral Marketing: Hilites/lolites?[View]
75302716Any recs of hip hop/rap albums with neo-soul elements like this?[View]
75303415ITT: Albums that you didn't like at first but later warmed up to[View]
75299990Ambient: Need suggestions for good ambient. I know about Brian Eno but interested in more, even if i…[View]
75300629What is this kind of music called: Does an album that sounds like this exist? How would you describe…[View]
75302839KPOP GENERAL[View]
75300394Name my band /mu/[View]
75301804Let's make it official. Throw out suggestions and I'll update the chart.[View]
75303569Bands whose sophomore album is easily their most forgettable and objectively inferior.[View]
75299400Why is nightcore looked down to on 4chan? Nightcore speeds up slow but otherwise decent tracks to ma…[View]
75303830Does /mu/ know of / like Paul Clayton? What are your thoughts on him? Do you think he would have put…[View]
75302746There's too much music.[View]
75302443Your thoughts on this shitpost?: Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr3RUHuS_Lk https://soundclou…[View]
75294838Please /mu/tants, explain why the fuck this is /mu/core? It's fucking simpleton trash.[View]
75303770Gary Numan will guest DJ on SiriusXM channel 33 at 8:00 ET tonight. Who's hyped?[View]
75301750Curse of the Necrodancer: EDM. Good EDM. This game has surprisingly amazing EDM. Who else agrees? ht…[View]
75303470Did you love it? Or did you hate it? What would you rate it? I thought $uicideboy$ were a meme and n…[View]
75279979post a song you think is beautiful[View]
75301020Can anyone recommend some nice Cumbia/Salsa musiq? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnE3cRL2R80[View]
75297720Movie Soundtrack thread: post GOAT songs and the film it came from[View]
75296379ITT: If your birthday is mentioned, you must listen to the album. After listening to it, rate it.: S…[View]
75303172Pouya and Fat Nick allegations: So girls on Twitter are accusing these dudes of being 'rapists' with…[View]
75301376will music ever top this?[View]
75288771>be 3 years ago >extended family that i dont know very well come to visit >drunk mom says …[View]
75301859Name a better pop song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5-rdr0qhWk[View]
75293488>aesthethics are dark and gloomy >music is happy and joyful I don't understand goth https…[View]
75303476>Yeah, I love to scrobble all my music[View]
75303216ITT : fuccboi inspo: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxE4ngu78Ro[View]
75301029FAGGOT METAL GENERAL /ftg/: Faggot Metal General /ftg/ - Guilty Pleasure edition Here we post our fa…[View]
75303495Hey I just found this song that reggie mills did with some random guy, what does everyone think of i…[View]
75303283Know that Bossa Nova song 'The Fool on the Hill?'[View]
75301976Holy Fucking Shit: Most original and beautiful sounding record to come This year[View]
75295316/prod/: how to get this mix https://clyp.it/a3lkeir0 to sound closer to this mix https://clyp.it/…[View]
75303311ITT: talented pros[View]
75302480lil peep[View]
75302235how do i start a band /mu/ i dont even wanna make money i just want some bros to make music with[View]
75300318MAUS THREAD: Best tracks? Worst tracks? Most solid album? How big will his influence on music be?…[View]
75301601ITT : All That Hardware and You Still Suck[View]
75302920>tfw your posture will never blockout any of Molly Rankin's possible light…[View]
75301527Im about to listen to every album of his in one go for the first time: What should I expect?[View]
75303035My life is goin dowhill and I need music for it. Pic unrelated[View]
75303152>every line ends with rhyme[View]
75301425>I've been poor all my life and my girlfriend's a bitch >But I can get rid of her no…[View]
75303056Sunshine Pop thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4I3p7aKzbc[View]
75301852Meat Beat Manifesto: I own this album of theirs and it's pretty alright. Not fanatical about it…[View]
75296350Homogenic by Björk turns 20 today, say something nice about it.[View]
75302108What's the deal with everyone loving Gorillaz' Demon Days? Ever since it came out, I'…[View]
75297259>unironically thinking this piece of shit makes good music Lmao[View]
75302207Best song from each album: >Anchor Song >Possibly Maybe >Unravel >Unison >Pleasure Is…[View]
75301895thinking of moving into a shack in the forest /mu/. what kind of music should i listen to there?[View]
75302986I'm searching a cover of 'Killing in the Name of - rage against the machine made by Billy Talen…[View]
75302972Is it true he used to be a mod on here? Who is the man behind the meme?[View]
75301674PPP- The Pop Perfection Pantheon[View]
75291703/sharethread/ - Drinking and listening to new age wankery and other memecore edition: ETIQUETTE - In…[View]
75300164>Got memed into listening to Illmatic and 36 Chambers >Hate both >Stopped trying to get in…[View]
75302573this makes me happy to be alive[View]
75302019>he doesn't like the Carpenters[View]
75302848what did you think? best song on there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lLqwlVF9bU[View]
75301771Anyone knows anything similar? Anyway, depressing/melancholic music thread. Keyword: Music. Let the…[View]
75301851KPOP GENERAL[View]
75299646Name his best song. I'll start: Hyperdrive[View]
75284574/mu/ makes an album: /mu/ is literally too stupid to follow a simple theme, so themeless album inste…[View]
75302719FAKE DEEP: F A K E D E E P A K E D E E P[View]
75302175ALT ALBUM ART[View]
75298877/metal/: my wife's sacred son edition OLD >>75290255[View]
75299683>it's been two years[View]
75302634What is this app[View]
75302604I'm Bugged At My Old Man is Brian's ultimate pleb filter.[View]
75298205Is Kanye becoming the largest artist in Hip Hop?[View]
75302075ITT: Songs that are better known as a cover version: >Cum on Feel the Noize >by Quiet Riot …[View]
75302138ITT: actually good rap albums.[View]
75302471JUST:: JUST[View]
75301832Beach Boys Thread: Talk about the Beach Boys and post your favorite albums and tell us why you like …[View]
75301330>tfw you realize how difficult songwriting is and no longer have the ability to criticize other a…[View]
75299654Ween General: Le's get a Ween thread going.[View]
75300121When and how did this guy become a musical deity? I remember back in the 90s, he was basically a clo…[View]
75302288Is he the new David Bowie?[View]
75301690Thoughts on this album? Haven't seen much discussion on it. Personally I think the tension is w…[View]
75300944What's the Radiohead of Animal Colective?[View]
75302211Give me funky 4/4 beats that swing: You read the OP Something like this Not on youtube Pic very rela…[View]
75302195>he think he's 'superior' because of his music taste[View]
75300559J U S T: J U S T U S T senpai[View]
75302123Why is Tim Buckley so much better than Jeff Buckley?[View]

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