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78869111Was early new wave the greatest scene in pop music?[View]
78869138What upcoming albums are you guys excited for? I have nothing to anticipate this year. Fill me in[View]
78865476Describe an album with a Simpsons quote[View]
78866406What's some music to come out to?[View]
78868005>try to write dark, edgy music >just comes out poppy and happy GOD DAMN IT…[View]
78842661clairo - strictly music discussion and nothing else please: ok /mu/ at first i was with you guys and…[View]
78868976>tfw fear that I won't enjoy my favorites in the future[View]
78868415gmcfosho: Was he ahead of his time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrU_ef7DQgs[View]
78868967is this /mu/-core yet?[View]
78868411Can someone give me a quick rundown please?[View]
78868997TECHNO HOUSE TRANCE DNB: ANYTHING GOES EDITION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hsoXTZbhBohttps://ww…[View]
78868451Can /mu/ teach me the wonders of rap music?[View]
78868382Are they good?[View]
78868853Obscure japanese funk: Anyone know the song that starts at about 34:24? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
78865820itt: discuss kanye: i think tlop was influenced by Radiohead kida , especially tracks like waves, wo…[View]
78863859punk playlist: Trying to make a playlist on Spotify with any kind of punk to show my friend (and me)…[View]
78867253This was pretty great[View]
78867896Rec some early 90s ambient techno & IDM please[View]
78868771The song of the year: ALERT ALERT ALERT I JUST FOUND THE SONG OF THE YEAR LMAO https://youtu.be/HiBd…[View]
78864823Listen to it again.[View]
78857545So do you all still use last.fm?[View]
78866403What's the deal with Garfunkel?[View]
78867860Just bought this. What am I in for lads?[View]
78868001Is there a hardcore version of the beach boys?[View]
78868135once saw it in the catalog[View]
78855719top 10: Post your top 10 favorite albums and others guess your personality[View]
78867626KPOP GENERAL[View]
78868572Yeah I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeee Freeeeee falliiiin[View]
78866045Best Beatle coming through nothing to see here.[View]
78868469I'm doing my own record. I have 9 songs by now, ready to be recorded. Entering the studio when …[View]
78866060If Bach was so great then why didn't he ever win a Grammy®? Maybe he wasn't so great after…[View]
78868370Musicians you want to see a life-story move of? For me, it's Syd Barrett. This guy proved that …[View]
78867242I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78866874ITT: Albums that are only listened to by effeminate, scarf-wearing, faggots.[View]
78868343ITT high test alpha music only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikL-18q7uQ4[View]
78867629Post dem bipolar songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km2zUlpWy_w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2…[View]
78868341What changes can artists go through that leads them to mediocrity after making the greatest album of…[View]
78868057Why isn't this on Spotify?[View]
78867987New Friday New Music: It’s friday lads which means new music is dropping. What should I be listening…[View]
78867618Where do you guys download your extremely rare music? I'm looking for torrents for pic related …[View]
78867599what albums are going to be released in this friday (23)?[View]
78868224Pain In The Yeahs ffo: post punk/goth/psych: https://painintheyeahs.bandcamp.com/album/dopamine-noir…[View]
78866800Why do so many other boards consist of metal heads?[View]
78862202>band A comes up with new unique style >band B rips band's A unique style >band B is b…[View]
78868207Did Rammstein create the ultimate bros before hoes song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3q8Od5qJio…[View]
78868065holy hell this is so much better than joy division[View]
78868144/cringe/ thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNTIOZ3jJJo[View]
78865154Last.fm 5x5: I did last 6 months but you can do whatever :) Talk about music and stuff :)[View]
78868072didn't check the catalog[View]
78865129didn't see it in the catalog[View]
78866390Will it be their best?[View]
78842607Is tool good?[View]
78868050saw it in the catalog[View]
78866569post forgotten albums: good ones[View]
78866414JOECHILLWORLD: why had i not heard about joechillworld? this is pretty dope stuff for being made in …[View]
78868044COOL GIRL LOVE SONGS: songs that make u feel cute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MocWsGOH4X0…[View]
78853617Recommended for you[View]
78867356School Shooter JAmz Volume 10[View]
78867892I really like music and I want to go to college to learn how to produce it... I think? I'm a pr…[View]
78866896Enfin ils boivent aux dames Qui leur donnent leur joli corps, qui leur donnent leur vertu Pour une p…[View]
78867369What do you guys expect from YOTS?[View]
78867566'Billie Jean' is objectively Michael Jackson's best song. You literally cannot debate…[View]
78867274>mfw just remember the times when critics sucked lil wayne's dick and thought he was the GOA…[View]
78860726I feel that if they got rid of about three or four songs in the second half of this album, and had 1…[View]
78867022/mu/'s Eternal Debate!!! who is the best?[View]
78867596Does anyone else have the top releases on RYM not working[View]
78855795/gg/ - guitar & bass general: Clairo plays guitar edition How do I start learning guitar? >ht…[View]
78867652rate my music tastes Feel like my range is a little limited, any recommendations?[View]
78866145Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks[View]
78860417Tfw you will never be interviewed by Nardwuar :([View]
78867607ITT: Fuck You, I liked It.[View]
78866822KPOP GENERAL[View]
78863209anyone got any stories about getting in shit for wearing a certain band tee?[View]
78867534First thoughts when you see an album cover: 'I bet this dude has a big ass bald spot on the middle o…[View]
78865940Feeling kinda sad, what should I listen too?[View]
78867094Why do so many rappers like Tane Impala[View]
78852809Listened to it over 3 days it's pretty good. Alien Nation is my fav for sure.[View]
78865705Hit me up with some melancholic 19th and 18th century American fiddle https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
78863653God tier acoustic albums: I’ve really got back into this album since I started playing guitar. Notta…[View]
78865064ITT: Best of Yeezy Tweets[View]
788657576IX9INE, New /mu/core: We're having this thread again, billy niggas. Obviously he's /mu/co…[View]
78866945When did you realize his management was shilling him on this board?[View]
78859816GAS - Rausch: Official Rausch thread. Excited bros? Did ya even like Narkopop?[View]
78830277/classical/: Baroque edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btynSxzbbh8[View]
78866787Epic! Epic funny music![View]
78865514Does anyone else feel sad listening to happy music and vice versa? I've found myself to be in a…[View]
78866706NAME MY BAND (i'm the manager btw)[View]
78866292>mongoloid he was a mongoloid >one chromosome too many could they get away with it now? Did th…[View]
78867090post your gym music here: PR HITTING TUNES AND ALBUMS ONLY[View]
78867068is there their best album? why? why not?[View]
78840159What is the worst album /mu/ has tricked you into listening to?[View]
78866978Trailer Music Help.: Does anyone know the tracks used in this trailer ? Please help me. https://www.…[View]
78866392Well, is he right /mu/?[View]
78862909>listening to picamore >some negative loser says he doesn't like picamore >immediately…[View]
78866915https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBYsx1QWF9A is this it? is this the most Reddit thing ever created?…[View]
78866141He's back http://www.anothermanmag.com/life-culture/10236/an-open-letter-from-vincent-gallo-un…[View]
78864219why people keep saying that this album is inaccessible again?[View]
78865945KPOP GENERAL[View]
78866755>there is no light on this earth and i have damned myself to a life of solitude and negativity M…[View]
78866725Why is this allowed?[View]
78866662Just dropped a new track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHSFWA_94IQ[View]
78865269if jhonn never died where would they be today?[View]
78865675Nightcore: What does mu think of Nightcore? I love the angry 'lil chipmunks. https://www.youtub…[View]
78865485Take the blues pill[View]
78865845Are their any rap albums that entirely sound like the song Diesel Power?[View]
78866509Can we all agree that this is the greatest 90s pop album?[View]
78862973What's the musical equivalent of this movie?[View]
78865596Videogame music thread: Post songs from video games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XZuAunHqNU…[View]
78861174Stop listening to concept albums[View]
78863034best track?[View]
78866152Underrated albums: Post albums that you think are underrated.[View]
78865147>there will never be another Alice in Chains acoustic album it hurst[View]
78866253>Tell me, did you fall from a shooting star? >One without a permanent scar >And did you mis…[View]
78861976Explain this meme to me /mu/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2iifYC3whY[View]
78863152Post your 80's music waifu: Aimee Mann from Til' Tuesday. Holy shit, bros. She's like…[View]
78863915leonard cohen[View]
78865165Now that the dust has settled, what is his problem? Is it autism?[View]
78865617its kino brehs[View]
78866288Why David bowie haters say “Bowie is overrated!”? Just trolling?[View]
78865292I'm the snitch. See you tomorrow. 1. breaking 40 times 14:24 2. oil machete 17:50 3. rock sling…[View]
78863723Andy Morin's old solo recordings has been uploaded What are your thoughts on? https://youtu.be/…[View]
78860232>Better than Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) >Better than Illmatic >Better than Madvillainy…[View]
78865375tell me ONE good artist who is anti drug[View]
78865827Is there an artist you want to date so badly, you spend all day listening to her/his music?[View]
78862682itt: post music geniuses[View]
78866194This is seriously the best rock album released this millennium.[View]
78860640Are you excited for Preoccupations do Joy Division?[View]
78866106This is like Weird Al if he somehow got less funny[View]
78865345Fite me: What do you think /mu/? I personally think its one of the most underrated masterpieces of t…[View]
78864918Is this the best mixtape of 2018 so far?[View]
78821164/daily/ - I fuck linked the wrong last thread edition: The point of these threads is to encourage pe…[View]
78862246Describe an album with a track from it >Trash[View]
78850280/rym/ rape your music: Post you're music profile[View]
78865926>live song >some woman loudly goes 'woooooo' as they start playing…[View]
78865201CAT'S FOOT[View]
78864623What are some good songs for existential crisis's?: What are some good songs for existential cr…[View]
78858658BANDCAMP THREAD: Smooth.[View]
78865975This album is great[View]
78864020Ween sucks.[View]
78865844when is lounge, exotica, space pop influenced music coming back? I miss bands like Stereolab, Pizzic…[View]
78864804KPOP GENERAL[View]
78865511Fucking what: So, i was going through my basement and found this album. I recognize it from seeing i…[View]
78864259So how many more years do we have to wait before this has a critical re-appraisal as a misunderstood…[View]
78865823https://youtu.be/dtE0LXR-EC8 Most massive tune of the year[View]
78861936Whats your problem with him?[View]
78865725Is this the collab of the century?[View]
78865654>tfw you discover new music that you like[View]
78863086This faggot takes himself so seriously it's hilarious. 'Don't compare me to Death Grips!!'…[View]
78865377fucking meme toad?[View]
78864611Virtue Japanese tracklist thread: hey, they just announced the japanese edition of virtue by the voi…[View]
78865515I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78865158Is this the most patrician way to enjoy listening to music?[View]
78861182>brave little abacus for the pop punk crowd >actually better…[View]
78864973Why does mu hate the Stones so much?[View]
78865440Just asking, how do *you* live in the grid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD7NFK9Ozoc[View]
78851027/meal/: Swedish death metal edition Previous: >>78837696[View]
78864554What's this shitty screamo music? I thought you guys said this was supposed to be 'good'?[View]
78864946did they create theatrical rap?[View]
78865061Morton Feldman is fucking awful. Change my mind.[View]
78863887mission failed, boys :(: https://www.loc.gov/item/prn-18-028/ guess there's always next year…[View]
78864432Could this be God himself? Good album.[View]
78855391DIEGO (ex-Lil Xan): Who else is hyped for this madman's full-length album release in April? I k…[View]
78865088i want to janelle monae[View]
78864779What is this shittiest metal you have ever heard? Ignore the pic.[View]
78863368Music you listen to while playing video games (non OST): Bonus points if you say what genre of video…[View]
78860894WEEN BRACKET MADNESS (because you understand it and you want it) the songs were randomly distributed…[View]
78865009>'ever since I was a snotty nose'[View]
78857456Now that the dust has finally settled; >Favorite album >Favorite song from each album >Favo…[View]
78864103What are you guys listening to to prepare for YOTS?[View]
78864955does anyone here actually listen to pic related?[View]
78863329What does he listen to?[View]
78864915Pop kino[View]
78864809chamber music: do you guys fuck with this? i love it.[View]
78863911KPOP GENERAL[View]
78859886Last.Fm thread: post charts, recs, etc.[View]
78864711>has a song named 'untitled'[View]
78863901tfw dude weeding: gib music[View]
78864713Is this buttrock's finest achievement?[View]
78864679>I prefer pirating an album than downloading it for free from an official source Anyone else? Whe…[View]
78857812What made Kurt Cobain such an amazing onstage performer? I don't feel like he's really bee…[View]
78864370Speakers or headphones?[View]
78862939>read own lyrics >cringe[View]
78864195ITT: Surprisingly great albums[View]
78864534>Lil * >Yung *[View]
78861540Why do people not like days before rodeo?: Tbh it's probably Travis' best project thus far…[View]
78860139What music do intellectuals listen to?[View]
78864033will he save us from meme rap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVhnfTwh1OA[View]
78863729>In this white man world, we the ones chosen[View]
78860608Post albums people are only pretending to like[View]
78863710How come so few women played blues?[View]
78864114this sucks[View]
78864351In the context of Lamb of God's discography, what the fuck even is this album?[View]
78862125If I told you I wear Radiohead t-shirts, what would you think of me?[View]
78864194Is he underrated?[View]
78864225chasin pussy online cause the dog's feelin fine and he needs it[View]
78863852>muh X Japan >muh Luna Sea >muh Dir en grey >muh L'arc en ciel When will weebs fina…[View]
78864199>tune into alternative station circa 2015-16 >FLYING LIKE A CANNONBALL FALLING TO THE EARTH HE…[View]
78864234Moments on albums that make you laugh every time. >his random ass British accent on Do U Lie…[View]
78862150The GOAT[View]
78863666Was any jazz past bebop made to be ignored? Honestly, it sounds better when its in the background th…[View]
78863940todd rundgren: why couldn't he have made something more like a wizard/a true star? his other al…[View]
78864038YotS when?[View]
78864035>mfw i’ve only been listening to pic related and mac demarco’s rock and roll nightclub for the pa…[View]
78862375what's his best non-ambient album?[View]
78862483The Smiths fans found to be neurotic: How does this make you feel /mu/? http://www.nme.com/news/musi…[View]
78861513Is there anyone more patrician?[View]
78862681why arent you listening to rammstein, /mu/?[View]
78862643Zach Hill[View]
78862760KPOP GENERAL[View]
78863898>Walks into a room >Does not light it up Fuck…[View]
78853955>be 19yo girl >record music video with a webcam to a song you made on garageband >10 millio…[View]
78863338whats your go to gym album? Ive been on this lately.[View]
78863811Stereo Spirit: Is anyone gonna se Brockhampton on their current tour?[View]
78863711ITT: philosophical albums: this is truly one of the best albums ever made, musically and stylistical…[View]
78863623Albums you have been listening lately[View]
78862814Do you guys have any recs for noisy rock albums with pop hooks like pic related and Slanted and Ench…[View]
78852511SoundCloud: Post your soundcloud links below Comment/Follow/Like each other’s tracks My stuff: https…[View]
78860377Feeling pretty lowdown and need to listen to some sad country songs. Post your favorite, Hank Sr. pr…[View]
78853565What was his problem?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-xMkHgan0Y[View]
78863604Stop listening to music[View]
78862359ITT: Artists who's best work was just trying to be somebody else[View]
78863290name me a better original 1980s movie soundtrack. I'll wait. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7…[View]
78857613i hate artists relying on visuals, and sex, to sell their music[View]
78859290Thoughts on Chuck Berry?[View]
78861800>24/7 lofi hip hop radio - relaxing beats to study/chill/sleep to[View]
78860068Only contrarians dislike this record.[View]
78863267Animal Collective was one of the most innovative and important bands of the 2000's. Prove me wr…[View]
78863471>Year of the Snitch is a GOOD album title![View]
78863455So, KUURO. Opinions.[View]
78855065What do you think of Russian rap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBleNfmkScA https://www.youtube.co…[View]
78862980google knows something: >Brian Wilson, Inventor of California >Inventor of California What did…[View]
78862705these guys are so interesting, I might even dare say they are musical geniuses.[View]
78863108Remember that time Eminem destroyed Mariah Carrey? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xVnnWc4JPkA[View]
78863193CAN YOU QUACK[View]
78861803*saves metal*[View]
78863383>'Year of the Snitch is a bad album title!'[View]
78862719Oh FUG, it's out. https://open.spotify.com/album/0v7Q4ht1st3zYB40YW5vPG[View]
78862122Looking for some albums/songs/artists to listen to when you're feeling down. Any genre goes.[View]
78863257Is there bigger talentless hacks in music? They got DJ Shadow for make a whole album for them with l…[View]
78863205I want to get into “dark” blues, any recs?[View]
78862955i think this is the best thrash album[View]
78862915What are your go to sad time albums?[View]
78862391I fucking failed in one of the most important things in my whole life recc sad albums/songs pic for …[View]
78852753Which was better? What is your personal favorite song in a cartoon?[View]
78863183>established artist tries something new[View]
78862729David Hungie[View]
78856596/lit/ here, whats the most well-written album you've ever heard? pic related[View]
78859277Animal Collective Madness: I don't care if the bracket trend is already dead, I spent over 5 ho…[View]
78861646Powerful. Gus Dapperton is a nonbinary pansexual artist in Trump's America telling people that…[View]
78861527Why is this such a shit year for music? Doesn't even feel like music matters this year. Nothin…[View]
78858810*saves your industry*[View]
78860186ITT: Albums that are only good when listened to once a month[View]
78861967Can anyone share some original Groove Metal riffs? I wanna write some music but I suck at writing.[View]
78862017Music is the ultimate maturation. Pic unrelated[View]
78862893ITT literal cucks in music[View]
78862054Christmas season is soon upon us, comfiest season of the year. Post your favorite Christmas song! Mi…[View]
78861938>headphones on >world off[View]
78861114JAZZ HOP: Post your favourites[View]
78862749>Related videos[View]
78862736Do you like songs?[View]
78859846Are they good or just a meme?: I liked their first album.[View]
78828955What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
78860907i dont really like music[View]
78852377ITT: Inverted album covers[View]
78859381far and away my favorite bengalfuel video (and she isn't even naked) https://youtu.be/mZi2XneKu…[View]
78861900Music Sucks: Change my mind[View]
78861711It is pretty rare desu[View]
78857445I'm really not getting the appeal of these guys. Can someone explain the love for them?[View]
78862492A1 Cocaine[View]
78862424I'm alone at a show AMA[View]
78859127Albums that dont take themselves seriously at all: and it makes them so much better[View]
78857869whats the best album to have the worst album art i dont really know what it is about this cover that…[View]
78844574>when you send someone a thank you message and they don't reply[View]
78857202>when their favorite hip hop album isn't from the 80s[View]
78859962This is the Finnegans Wake of music. Discuss.[View]
78862149What band has the best hater base?[View]
78862282Holy shit It finally clicked[View]
78862274What does /mu/ think of this? https://kwazymoto.bandcamp.com/album/limerence-land[View]
78856194Here comes the sun is the best song George Harrison ever wrote. Fight me[View]
78862264DON'T BE SAD JARVIS ![View]
78859993ITT: Post non-hip-hop diss tracks: Aimed at the New York Dolls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDwKu…[View]
78862166Lucy Rose: just bought tickets after debated for weeks whether i am too autistic to go. wish me luck…[View]
78855766post your two favorite albums of opposite genres[View]
78861486>Ain't nothing sweet in the dark streets of Bed Sty If you recognize this rap line, please h…[View]
78862020https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE826YWqlT4 please give me your thoughts on this song[View]
78861989Holy shit[View]
78860963?: New tracks from my current favorite artist. Check it out and let me know what you think. Bonus o…[View]
78858187Post your favorite Radiohead album[View]
78861776>people who want to 'trade' digital files on soulseek[View]
78859695Japanese punk chart i'm working on, any suggestions?[View]
78858524Post some Beatle covers Here's Eleanor Rigby by Vince Guaraldi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
78860132mom: clean ur room me: i cant mom: y not me: LE ASS IS ON FIRE!! 0_o she doesn't get my quirky …[View]
78858592>And when I punch Nazi goys they say, 'Oy vey!' Enjoy hey >That the first time you got a face …[View]
78851091'Before Grimes there was nothing, when I first heard 'Dream Fortress' I could hardly make out what w…[View]
78849271Post an album and we scream its first lyrics that come to your mind >WHYYY BOOTHER? IT'S GON…[View]
78861600Death grips baby im looking forward[View]
78859732It still hasn't clicked.[View]
78860826Just found out about this album, any thoughts? I like it[View]
78861380Andy Morin - Waterfowl: What did they mean by this https://youtu.be/MPLaOkjkLSU[View]
78858153What does /mu think of Washed out? (pic related)[View]
78861397Am I the only one unironically into J-Walk? I love his dark and gritty indie sound https://youtu.be/…[View]
78861235Wtf this is way better than Brighten the Corners[View]
78861321Comfy vocaroo thread: Post your own songs/covers/whatever Here's a cover of Matt Elliott's…[View]
78861292how long until anthony fantano tears this thing to shreds?[View]
78860741Recommend me good music[View]
78861282Name of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl7C_d7ATCI Does anyone know the name of the song …[View]
78861188My favorite bands are System Of A Down, Metallica, Peter Griffin (a deathcore band that my heroin ad…[View]
78861263flubby wubby oh yeah ah ha mmmmmmm ANYTHANG![View]
78860472Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, And Lil Uzi Vert are the GOAT modern rappers. change my mind.[View]
78860238This album is 53 years old today. Dylan’s best album? Possibly.[View]
78860818I'm Asian.[View]
78861016Are aphex twink fans the worst fans in all of music??[View]
78861218I'm doing a review of a gig for a local music publication. Do any of you have experience writin…[View]
78859879>'this song SLAPS' >'it bumps inna whip' >*fire emoji* *100 emoji*…[View]
78857290JPOP GENERAL: How come I never see a jpop thread on this board? And don't bring me that crap th…[View]
78859711I truly do not like Death Grips. They are the musical equivalent to noise & trash. Goddamnit, ho…[View]
78859253Can we agree that What's Left Of The Flag is a masterpiece?[View]
78860905Did /mu/ care at all that he died? Sad that we give more attention to meme rappers who find ways to …[View]
78858026Plebian/Contrarian/Patrician: post yours[View]
788568406IX9INE, new /mu/core: Obviously he's /mu/core now and kicks the shit out of other albums from …[View]
78851914ITT: albums that are so much better than the rest of the artist's discography it's actuall…[View]
78859792Take me back[View]
78860940ITT: top 40 albums that are actually good.[View]
78860653Does /mu like Tame Impala?: some of you will call it soycore but I personally enjoy it. pic related…[View]
78857885ITT: Albums you will never 'get'.[View]
78858521Is there anythign this man can't do?[View]
78859593PUMPS AND A BUMP[View]
78858065What is his best album?[View]
78856003What did you think?[View]
78857835SoyWave: Cringehellashit[View]
78860521Check out my Soundcloud for trap beats... Or don't: https://soundcloud.com/benjamin_puppel/dmc8…[View]
78852612Anti-Soy general /asg/: Allowed >Classic country >Rock >Heavy metal >60’s pop (beatles, …[View]
78856966I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78859897what would be wew lad: the album?[View]
78859554Are Juggalos the most cringey fanbase of all time?: >ICP's last successful album was The Ama…[View]
78858405Band bracket --> post yours rate others[View]
78860096What does she listen to[View]
78859448What are your expectations?[View]
78859308KPOP GENERAL[View]
78859209[cheesy orchestral sample][View]
78859995quick! post industry plants[View]
78859466Cole bennet is one the reasons we have more and more trash artist blowing up. The only good ones he …[View]
78860229ITT: Surprising Crossovers: Nirvana did a cover of a DEVO song.[View]
78859026Happy sounding songs with dark/edgy lyrics https://youtu.be/tmozGmGoJuw[View]
78859683gorillaz 2018 leaks.vall 100% legit, from a member of the band. thoughts?[View]
78859336favorite music from vidya?[View]
78858802/vinyl/: Post recent cops, upcoming releases, anything you're planning to get. What're you…[View]
78859330Angst-ridden 90s alternative rock...: ...is the only music worth listening to. Therefore, post your …[View]
78860091>tfw you'll never live like common people >tfw the end is near again >tfw fat children…[View]
78859081squeeze his hand off[View]
78857953I listen to new music everyday. I've listened to all /mu/core and i appreciate pretty much ever…[View]
78859943itt: post the 80 song with this vibe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr9GJUcP1-g https://www.youtube…[View]
78859941ITT: Albums that are work in how simple they are: It's not 'deep' by any stretch of the imagina…[View]
78855346Does /mu/ like Joe Jackson?[View]
78859911What did she mean by this? https://youtu.be/qR8jgFGmqvU[View]
78857564why does /mu/ hate the talented grimes so much?[View]
78859790Jarvis is sad what am I gonna do?[View]
78859558When King Jizz hasn't dropped a new album in three months[View]
78859770>Hey, I'm WALKIN' here! well fucking meme'd, Miles[View]
78859754ITT: lvl 20 bards[View]
78849244Theres a direct link between virginity and lack of favorite female artists. This cannot be disputed.…[View]
78859708Can we get a thread going for modern gothic/EBM? Anything that would remotely fall into the category…[View]
78859669IT'S OUT!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bukLGsawUs[View]
78859657Baroque Pop: anyone got some more baroque pop? Or just baroque inspired modern music in general. Stu…[View]
78857780WHO CAN RELATE?[View]
78859651Hey Mu. I've been collecting vinyl for a few years and I'm starting to think I want to cat…[View]
78859229why do people like this? its literally just noise[View]
78858797This is dadrock now.[View]
78858159>he imagines the moment he meets his soul mate through some random encounter while listening to a…[View]
78859470Lollapalooza 2018 featuring Gus D, Clairo, and Pale Waves You stoked?[View]
78858320Getting into Big Blood: Seems interesting, but I have no clue where to start...[View]
78853557Who the fuck is this guy? When did he become famous?[View]
78855777This is the best album from the 90s[View]
78858310A Reminder is the best Radiohead song.[View]
78857833Patrician Rock V2: Post albums to be added[View]
78859325nodata: Is this site fucked only for me? I've disabled adblock and run untrusted scripts..…[View]
78858649What are other songs with an instrumental like this? Doesn't have to be Hip-Hop. https://youtu.…[View]
78858201SUNDAY MORNING[View]
78858398KPOP GENERAL[View]
78859293Why don't you like DEVO?[View]
78858061SCUUUUUUM G-[View]
78857932Russ is a pretty good rapper not gonna lie. What is mu’s favorite project from him & your opinio…[View]
78856715Male artists with the beautiful voices?[View]
78859193If you would havd to recommend one album from your favorite genre to someone who has never listened …[View]
78856657I bought into the record craze: >be me >2016 >get into new forms of music (eg top,p!atd,gor…[View]
78858326>on sight starts playing[View]
78855536this wasnt meant to be good: you fucking retards[View]
78858499I listen to a lot of Nip rock and Jazz and pop, but other than maybe Ichiko Aoba, I haven't hea…[View]
78857985ITT post albums released in the last 5 years only, that you really like Hardmode: No grimes or Twin …[View]
78853442WHAT UP /MU/: were hobo johnson and the lovemakers, we're a couple of kids (five i guess) that …[View]
78858855Does anyone recognize the song in the background?: If so, would you please tell me the name? https:/…[View]
78854422What kind of music do the people who perpetuate the soy meme listen to?[View]
78855473It's pretty average, but of course /mu/ dickrides it because Fantano said he liked it.[View]
78856812What the fuck was this supposed to mean[View]
78857677>Another dumb bittie playing DNA as background music and 'vibing' with it How the fuck do we stop…[View]
78856195So this is good?[View]
78858691Was he or was he not a clonn?[View]
78856441This is their best album.[View]
78857473ITT: It's like _____ but _____: >It's like early Plunderphonics but good…[View]
78854491>listened to pic related on 200ug of LSD Holy shit. I think it finally clicked. I understand now.…[View]
78856884Name a worse rapper: (hint: you can't)[View]
78856148Is this the peak of musical creativity?[View]
78857406How we stop the black panthers?: Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer. You hear that?[View]
78854995>Meanwhile on Bizarro /mu/[View]
78857480KPOP GENERAL[View]
78856818which one of these two is /ourguy/?[View]
78856384What do you think of this wonderfully talented musician named Maya and her beautiful music? https://…[View]
78857787The Tale of Ian Curtis: Could this guy's life be any fucking sadder? >has severe epilepsy a…[View]
78856791Rap is objectively garbage: When someone mentions they don't like rap because of the ghetto thu…[View]
78858084ITT: post experimental bands with groovy/funky rhythms[View]
78858266Thunder, Thunder: >Th-Th-Thunder[View]
78857595post the best track of an artists whole discography https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9yW-3vFxA0[View]
78856537Remember when /mu/ thought this was good? Lol[View]
78856346Which live Mayhem album is the best? There's pic related, Live In Zeitz, Live In Jessheim, Live…[View]
78854683*blows your favorite band the fuck out*[View]
78852841Janelle Monae: Is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
78856562Film Director, looking for inspiration for sci-fi film: Preferably with no vocals and eletronic…[View]
78858023lil pump guci gang remix: gucci gang remix - lil Pump x Bad bunny x Ozuna x J alvarez link : https:…[View]
78857234why do people like this? its literally just noise[View]
78854433What is the greatest punk song of all time?[View]
78856606CUFBOYS: This kid is so fucking cringe.[View]
78850298/bleep/: Would you let Ansome fucc your boipucci edition[View]
78857845What's your favorite three track combo?[View]
78855963What does /mu/ think of these guys? i think they've got some lovely tunes. Never got recognized…[View]
78857728best autechre lyrics?[View]
78850623ARTV Hate thread: can we talk about how this guy is the worst music critic of all time?[View]
78856920>faggot screeches for 40 minutes Why do people torture themselves with this shit?…[View]
78856720anyone know who this girl is at :45 and throughout smoking the cigarette? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
78857673>You have never seen the things that I've seen >I've seen things >In my dreams …[View]
78857459post your fave album covers[View]
78857295Which is the best ticket for anco someone pls help me ty[View]
78857388>Soo...you like emo, Radiohead, MGMT, Swans, Slint...uh huh...'great' taste anon, you're so …[View]
78855183>Bob Dylan is the greatest songwriter of the 20th century I dont get this statement. His music so…[View]
78840699/jazz/: Write your thoughts on the last jazz album you listened to! Essential Jazz: https://mega.nz/…[View]
78850440Did Krautrock reach it's peak here?[View]
78856623KPOP GENERAL[View]
78856771>shoegaze More like we-cant-play-so-lets-drown-everything-under-dozen-effects…[View]
78856348this sucks[View]
78845912God Tier Artist Names: Future Nirvana Fugazi T-Pain Frank Ocean[View]
78857235This is a criminally underrated album. Drake peaked and its all been downhill since.[View]
78856949https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa76c04G744 What was the song that got you into Ariel Pink?[View]
78856463I'd like some instrumental music that is weird without being audacious. Not ambient. Something …[View]
78857190Only added one more album to my rotation of current year releases between the weeks of 2/9 and 3/16.…[View]
78849013Literally every song on this is good. how the fuck is it possible[View]
78857122ITT: Acronyms of artist's names that describe them well[View]
78854299I'm surprised a dude made cat noises in a song and it actually worked well[View]
78855436Rate fake album covers thread.[View]
78855465Post albums that are pizza: Albums that everybody's tried, and everyone save for total weirdos …[View]
78857069Are there any similar bands to Everything Everything? Math rock influence pop, shitty singer optiona…[View]
78856954I just watched the sex tape honestly the girl doesnt even look 14 she has a full rack. also his dick…[View]
78855176When did everything else cease to matter?[View]
78856143How autistic are you when it comes to music? What's some real powerlevel shit you do, and what …[View]
78856385*saves the decade*[View]
78856742*removes the outro from Blood On The Leaves* Sorry guys, this is such a let down, the album is no l…[View]
78856751been listening to /emo/ for the last few months. Just accidentally made love with a female again and…[View]
78855440Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica: Surely, this is the best proto-vaperwave album: https://youtu.be/-W…[View]
78849144Alright, I searched 3x3, tapmusic, and collage in the catalog and found nothing, so don't get m…[View]
78856531High test core albums[View]
78855454>Artist has massive career that spans multiple decades >Releases one of their best albums righ…[View]
78856613How do I get into Synth? And I mean fucking making it.[View]
78852398>you will never be interviewed by nardwuar[View]
78855797KPOP GENERAL[View]
78856511(choo...i hate the past...)[View]
78856406Is this song really that good? Someone explain to me how, I just don't see the appeal that much…[View]
78856013>she accidentally mentions that she has a bf[View]
78851728itt: albums only you have listened to[View]
78856525>Nevermind the words they waste >They can't see your mind…[View]
78855924Best songs in their respective albums. I will start >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKNTRy-IHv0…[View]
78855515>At qt girls house to do project for this class >Shes playing music, its top 40 music but I do…[View]
78849588>I WANNA FUCK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL what did he mean by this?[View]
78853997wtf you guys didn't tell me this was actually good[View]
78856278I fucking hate this album >my bad relationship was just like hospice care I want to dropkick him …[View]
78855251Why was Bear in here? Pretty good song but doesn't fit the story.[View]
78853921What did Death Grips mean by this?[View]
78848545Bandcamp only. Post em[View]
78856120ITT: Post rare pictures of black metal musicians.[View]
78855304SOYS BTFO[View]
78856204Are you ready for the hottest mixtape drop of 2018?[View]
78856189RIGHT ON![View]
78854741BUT I'M A CREEP[View]
78852616>mfw bands like The Decemberists, Yo La Tengo, Of Montreal and tUnE-yArDs are making a comeback i…[View]
78855167I fucking HATE this board. Music for this feel?[View]
78853099How is he considered one of the best in the rap game right now? Maybe I'm just getting old, but…[View]
78852306new Oneohtrix point never song/thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTjn1d-d2II[View]
78854729tf is up with him and piss[View]
78855971last fm thread: Post last fms, leave shouts, make friends https://www.last.fm/user/tetravassafor…[View]
78855010*blocks your path*[View]
78855890His best song?[View]
78854828Now that the dust has settled, what does /mu/ think of this?[View]
78855323J U S T[View]
78855812Is this cover of Reba McEntire's Fear of Being Alone KINO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRLG…[View]
78854943KPOP GENERAL[View]
78844010Post a band and their: >Best album >Best song >Best band member >Kid A >Life in a Gl…[View]
78854456Name a better rapper in 2018 (Pro tip, you can't)[View]
78855511Albums to drink soymilk to?[View]
78845704In your opinion, which one of these artist was the greatest artist of 20th century?[View]
78854765Post top moments in an album: >The drumbeat of Kindred >The glass glass hitting (what's …[View]
78855657>gus dapperton[View]
78849571>'John BALANCE died on 13 November 2004, after falling from a two-story balcony at his home.' hol…[View]
78853932Is there a scummier person in music criticism?[View]
78853720Name something better. I'll wait.[View]
78855461New to Stockhausen, where do i start?[View]
78854314picture this, /mu/, assuming you know how to play an instrument >a beautiful woman, who shares yo…[View]
78855379What would he think of modern music?[View]
78855425>tfw I can't stop drinking V8 Splash® Berry Blend music for this feel?…[View]
78855378Any albums like The King of Limbs? I love how they fuse electronic music and experimental rock. It t…[View]
78848160thirdworlds has updated - YEAR OF THE SNITCH[View]
78855188/dappergen/ Let's discuss our guy Gus. Favorite song of his? Who's attending an upcoming s…[View]
78854881Stop listening to Swirlies, the Cure, Nirvana, Duran Duran, Alien Social Scene and Ministry. Start l…[View]
78850438ITT: Albums that help you sleep.[View]
78854145what will be the next big thing after trap and mumble fade? let's assume.[View]
78854211I'm going to be spending 24 hours in a car next week. What are some good albums for a long ass …[View]
78854962Remember kids, don't do drugs when you're young or your brain will poop out before 40![View]
78852815/ambient/: /ambient/ general because all the ambient threads recently have been stupidly specific wh…[View]
78853952Post your favorite 60s/70s proto-metal albums[View]
78852021>tfw someone likes After Laughter[View]
78853911KPOP GENERAL: pureposters unite! edition[View]
78852005>Artist spells out name of song once[View]
78854863Best intro of the decade[View]
78853943Who wants to come with me to Pitchfork this summer?[View]
78854789marketing and music: Do you think a good portion of what you experience with music is packaged nicel…[View]
78854578best mogwai album: what do you think is the best mogwai album? for me its the hawk is howling.…[View]
78854501Which band is better? >produces two great albums and a handful of great B-sides in 2 years and me…[View]
78854611ITT: Musicians with great taste in music[View]
78854653Why did Scaruffi gave this a 5/10?[View]
78850615ITT: Essential soycore[View]
78852423>tfw all great bands were formed by people in their 20s >tfw you're too old to produce re…[View]
78851792Moe Shop: What do you think of the new EP?[View]
78853598death grips peaked with NOTM and will never come close to making anything as good again. there is no…[View]
78854444thoughts on this guy?[View]
78852620Most boring band of all time.[View]
788529456ix9ine: Is He The Brahms Of This Generation[View]
78851703>One of the best singers ever >Wasted so many years on Slipknot shit Fucking why…[View]
78854529what happened to good music and why is everything a fucking hip hop/electronica hybrid now I mean fu…[View]
78854497>’Leck mich im Arsch’ Mozart was a brap chad[View]
78854466POST FOLK MUSIC FAGGOTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21O_iZxDaFI[View]
78854098I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78853008Ryan Wolfson General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOTH8Q4KIoA[View]
78854425French weebs make an album of Japanese chanting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y-VDRxKIUg…[View]
78854392What's the musical equivalent of being Latvian?[View]
78851327name a more skilled drummer[View]
78852575Perfect Day is a perfect song.[View]
78853796why does /mu/ hate the talented grimes so much?[View]
78854066Everything's going to die: >Everything you love will be lost in time >Everything's g…[View]
78853771your aoty so far?[View]
78845200/gg/ Guitar & Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ Gu…[View]
78854297Why did he let Bob cuck him out of his own band and make it into an ego trip?[View]
78852656>tfw can into every big post-punk band but the fall What's wrong with me?…[View]
78854106post songs like she works out too much that's some ddr sounding shit[View]
78854248Although Foo Fighters are pretty shit, and Dave Grohl is cringeworthy, I surprisingly really enjoyed…[View]
78853853I guess this is the right place to ask; how the fuck do I get into learning to play the piano? I hav…[View]
78849638Why are so many women generally untalented? Of course men make shit music too, but the amount of gre…[View]
78850192Name a rapper who comes up with better melodies than him >hard mode: no travis scott…[View]
78852503Pete Seeger hate thread: >Unironic Stalinist >Loved Castro >Visited Maoist China when the r…[View]
78850957Hybrid Theory>Meteora[View]
78850191Someone snitched: Its Happening[View]
78850038puking on your dick: the album[View]
78843893the new bengalfuel is the best bengalfuel[View]
78853906Ween sucks.[View]
78853895/mu/ has the shittiest forced memes on the whole 4chan.[View]
78853511What the hell is his problem?[View]
78852760KPOP GENERAL[View]
78853836Lyrics that absolutely destroy you: >Maybe tomorrow baby some place down the line >I'll w…[View]
78853875When did you realize this is their best album?[View]
78850767Greta Van Fleet: Thought on this band /mu ?[View]
78853833Thin Lizzy is the dad rock band other dad rock bands wish they could be.[View]
78852472>'The Shins Suck!'[View]
78853300wtf i love cock rock now![View]
78853590>your personal RYM rating changes the score of an album[View]
78851013Good album how come /mu/ never talks about it[View]
78852492Objectively good songs?: >sitting with gf, studying at uni >both of us plugged in, listening t…[View]
78844176>the strokes[View]
78852284Brian Wilson Appreciation Thread[View]
78853095What are the microgenres popular ar the moment? Which microgenres do you think are gonna get popular…[View]
78853413>has men write and produce all her music >pretends she's an ''artist'' and a feminist …[View]
78852971ITT: Feels Core albums[View]
78852173just listened to pic related and i wonder why this isn't considered proto post-rock by any mean…[View]
78853157This is actually pretty good, not cringe at all.[View]
78853097Don't mind us, we're just being the most innovative electronic act of the last 15 years.[View]
78853266IS THERE ANOTHER[View]
78848238ITT: Musician couples where the girl is the most talented[View]
78852884Why does ski mask's cover art look less cringy than 6ix9ine's cover art?[View]
78853031Butthole Surfers?[View]
78852222Whatever happened to genuinely good pop albums? And not some pretentious 'look dad I'm so exper…[View]
78852674Why does /mu/ hate Aloysius Scrimshaw?: Is Post-Experimental really that controversial?[View]
78852720Rap music that promotes violance: Hey /mu/ Doing my criminology dissertation on the relationship bet…[View]
78852797Shut up, shut up, shut up, I'll fuck you up Shut up, shut up, shut up, I'll fuck you up Sh…[View]
78852803/mu/'s greatest enemy[View]
78852830What do you think /mu/? I personally think its one of the most underrated masterpieces of the decade[View]
78852775Its time for yet another iceage thread[View]
78852432Last.fm thread: post those charts[View]
78852192now look at that, aren't they the cutest and most talented[View]
78851798KPOP GENERAL[View]
78852741is this the year Lolla finally dies?[View]
78852726BIG BABY DRAAAAAAAAAAAM: UNH . . . OH-KAY . . . WOW . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt7vl5vDB…[View]
78852154Gorillaz announced at a recent live show in Chile that their sixth album, the start of Phase 5, will…[View]
78852716#MARSAMERICA: https://america.thirtysecondstomars.com/[View]
78851106Any one of you plebs familiar with Shunsuke Kikuchi? Master composer responsible for DB/DBZ soundtra…[View]
78852683Epitome of ABBA: What is the best song of the Swedish pop-group ABBA? And why is it Lay All Your Lov…[View]
78850511You guys like fashwave? I think it's epic. It gets hate from people who dont give it a chance b…[View]
78850550i'm about to transition /mu/. no i'm not chopping my dick off, i'm transitioning fro…[View]
78851335Bassists who use multiple popping fingers: I've been teaching myself lately how to slap and pop…[View]
78851248Great music reviews of all time - Rich Dork Media Edition: https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/9464…[View]
78849861Trips and I reveal a secret about upcoming Nine Inch Nails music.[View]
78847695Do you guys think Thom is cool IRL? Has anyone here ever met him? Would love to hear some stories.[View]
78852338Year of the Snitch: Are you ready for their magnum opus and last outing together?[View]
78848809Should i go see them next week lads? I want to take a friend but theyll probably think im a gay. I l…[View]
78852100Tracks that start with police blotters/radio chatter Where can I find more of this stuff? https://…[View]
78851781>re-record first album because it sounded like some dudes playing in a garage onto an answering m…[View]
78851690what's the best DAW for doing live shows? FL Studio is really unhandy for on-the-fly pattern ed…[View]
78851069>took a bunch of drugs >the music i write is still awful you guys lied to me…[View]
78851109*reads description* >subscribe daddy ::) *subscribed* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI8fL77-0e0…[View]
78851892Hey guise. I've recently begun getting into celtic music and I was wondering what are the essen…[View]
78814329/mu/mor thread[View]
78846165Black Sabbath and The Stooges are pretty similar bands if you think about it >Both came from indu…[View]
78851915Electronic drummers, how do you silence the kick on your kit? I'm not talking about noise going…[View]
78850074What's their best song?[View]
78851294I'm putting together a team...[View]
78837696/metal/: OTHER BANDS PLAY MANOWAR KILLS (nu-males) edition old >>78824747[View]
78849471>yesterday i woke up sucking off an old man wtf radiohead? i was digging kid a then i heard that …[View]
78802841ITT: Soul-crushing lyrics.[View]
78852027*wins all your Oscars*: John Williams ain't shit![View]
78845731SOUNDCLOUD THREAD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ post ur soundcloud links below!! check out my music pls i hav…[View]
78848837uzi: thoughts?[View]
78851960the key to happiness is performance.[View]
78837584Was punk rock a mistake?: Genres like progressive rock were taking rock music in new, interesting di…[View]
78850853Want To Learn Accordion: Where To Start: I really like artists like They Mights Be Giants and the Mi…[View]
78851704What is the best album or band that /mu/ has introduced you to?[View]
78850805KPOP GENERAL[View]
78820934SHARE YOUR MUSIC: old soundcloud thread is saturated, post your music and listen to others, leave so…[View]
78851688Post dunning kruger effects of music radiohead tool st. vincent grimes father meme misty[View]
78851665Was there an album similar to Kidz Bop, that was released in the 90s[View]
78851654Can we get Fantano to review the new DJ Nigga Fox EP?[View]
78850796Seriously though why did critics shit on this album? it's seriously the best indie rock album I…[View]
78851561This is peak patrician music taste. Death Grips is post music in every sense of the phrase. I mean w…[View]
78849887ITT: You hear it you lose: >ALL I WAAAANT >IS TO BREAAATHE…[View]
78851600RRR UUU READYYY???[View]
78851594YOTS WHEN?[View]
78850941If /mu/ has any drawfags I hereby request a drawing of 80s pete burns as the captain of a pirate shi…[View]
78850762Rare Footage of Prince - When U Were Mine (1981): Here's a rare clip of “When You Were Mine” fr…[View]
78838082>Hey anon, I've got two tickets to the Pale Waves concert, wanna come along?…[View]
78851516And if you said this life ain't good enough I would give my world to lift you up I could change…[View]
78851493My top 5 favorite pop punk records[View]
78851138I'm bored of Death Grips. It's been seven years.[View]
78851422Roast me. You know you want to.[View]
78851459Thunder, Thunder: >Th-Th-Thunder[View]
78846985Best rap album?: >drakefags gtfo[View]
78849324Who was in the wrong here?[View]
78849191I miss him[View]
78851289is anyone getting ween pure guava mixed with early 2000s vibes from this? the rest of the album is …[View]
78851164Whats the noise scene like where you live?[View]
78851222Help me find an album: I remember listening to an album earlier this year from the Spotify discover …[View]
78851228Drah' di net um, oh oh oh Schau, schau, der Kommissar geht um! Oh oh oh[View]
78851219Looking for the arab version of these song: Hey there , If one of the arab folk know about let me kn…[View]
78847355Post your favorite songs need new music[View]
78845826>If you ever need self validation just meet me in the alley behind the railroad station What did …[View]
78850962ITT: pleb filters[View]
78848355This is boring as fuck[View]
78850756Lo-fi Math Blues[View]
78849918Why’d you all meme the fuck out of this light to medium 6/10 album.[View]
78849162>Listening to 70’s Rock Opinion about 70’s Rock? I think they are for the most part great, a huge…[View]
78850518Live bootleg recordings: Does /mu/ like bootlegs? Do you guys collect live bootleg recordings (audio…[View]
78848500Redpill me on Faul, /mu/[View]
78850546>When she’s fucking another man[View]
78848141Anyone else think that this is their best album?[View]
78849742National socialist music: whats some good National socialist music? ill post some classics https://w…[View]
78848406This man tracked down your home address, and is currently in your area. What do?[View]
78849695KPOP GENERAL[View]
78849358Post best noise rock[View]
78850754Any other ironic bad poser music like pic related?[View]
78848745I really miss him bros[View]
78850642So it was murder, right?[View]
78850160What does /mu/ think of Folk? Not shitty indie folk, but music like Comus, Robbie Basho, Dave Bixby,…[View]
78849349If he made music what would it sound like? He seems like a very sensitive and emotional man, loved …[View]
78850634Does /mu/ like Dynamite Dylan? https://youtube.com/watch?v=82c1PAFg8_Y[View]
78849163Someone explain why LoFi is so in right now?[View]
78850541Haha lol[View]
78849082as a prog rock fan where do I go after finishing the pig 6? >camel >gentle giant >genesis …[View]
78849375Who ya got in a fight and musically?[View]
78836686Stop listening to Swirlies, Nirvana, Ministry and the Cure. Start listening to Grimes[View]
78850406Underrated Albums: A lot like Interpol, it's good stuff. Also please only post actual obscure s…[View]
78850044Phone Music is pretty good: Phone is good player But Music is also very good IMO :b https://m.youtub…[View]
78849386Why do plebs hate them?[View]
78849587M O M M Y[View]
78847842ITT: Shitty Music Reviewers: This faggot is the fucking worst.[View]
78840458The Fader is Anthony Fantano's bitch[View]
78850043People who hate Limp Bizkit just hate fun.[View]
78850210>Same sample used twice or more in a song >But differently…[View]
78850201>discussion with black friend >'have you heard this song?' >plays eminem >'hes the edgie…[View]
78842097ITT: Red albums[View]
78847297>Talking to a qt about music >says she likes to listen to yeezus when working out >I say I …[View]
78847509Dark/Noisy/Catchy Post-Punk: Hey /mu/, I'm looking for post-punk bands in the vein of Iceage (t…[View]
78833366Name a more lyrical rapper with better beats. Protip: You Can't.[View]
78847517any 1 going to coachella? just found out im playing, not main stage but still. would be nice to see …[View]
78847336Why does everyone think that Loveless is the best shoegaze album when it isn't even the best fu…[View]
78846446polaaaroid of you dancing in my room[View]
78848813Classical guitar: Is classical guitar a neglected genre of music?[View]
78840912Is it true that metal is the closest thing to classical music in modern music?[View]
78842993ITT: post yfw listening to a genre of music: >free jazz[View]
78849631What is “post music”? Not post rock perse but i say what I mean. It has to be a real theory or ideol…[View]
78849685Deathgrips objectively make better music than Radiohead[View]
78849773What does /mu/ think of white lies?[View]
78848742KPOP GENERAL[View]
78846135general indie rock thread? i wanna like stuff from today to fit in with my friends but i decided to …[View]
78848260Just started listening to $uicideboy$ and they are quickly becoming my favorite muscians. I've …[View]
78837658/chart/ bread: last one fizzled out[View]
78849420>still listening to music god you guys make me fucking sick[View]
78849357does /mu/ like Beach House? any hype for 7?[View]
78849491Does anyone know what happened to Shy Child?[View]
78849299thoughts on ian curtis[View]
78849451Every indie singer/guitarist in SoCal is ripping my off Todd Rundgren[View]
78847382>Red Hot Chili Peppers >Red House Painters >Red Temple Spirits >Red Red Meat…[View]
78846539Unlike virtually every other 90's rocker, Billy Corgan believed and continues to believe that d…[View]
78848880Why does /mu/ hate U2?[View]
78848313post brackets and results requesting a modest mouse bracket if anyone has one[View]
788489233x3 4x4 5x5: any time or type, i did 3 months cause ive listened to almost nothing this week rate/re…[View]
78846952Why do post-males like prog so much?[View]
78841589What's your AOTYSF? Pic related[View]
78848961PSYCHO KILLER[View]
78841422Remaking the Patrician Rock chart, suggest albums[View]
78849148Why did nobody do what they did, or at least so well?[View]
78847583Is she great singer?[View]
78847065Any ambient music that uses bagpipes in a non-traditional way? This scene from Better Call Saul make…[View]
78849096ITT: Songs with sad, mysterious or creepy backgrounds I'll go first. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
78848698Post your boyfriend and guess what the person listens to I'll start[View]
78843041>I'm so glad you agreed to hang out and listen to The Cure with me, anon!…[View]
78849032>Das Racist was almost 10 years ago Also where can I get that panda bear shirt…[View]
78848120this is incredible. I'm sorry if you can't see it. But this is what would happen if David …[View]
78848292Rate my recent trip to the record shop[View]
78846486Hey, guys! Looking for some sweet atheist jams/albums/artists. Sick of musicians always hiding Chris…[View]
78848253>tfw listening to sentimental love songs and imagining myself in picturesque carefree romances I…[View]
78847446Is there anything that has ever gotten close to being as great as these guys?[View]
78844773There is so much music to pick from, which one should I pick? It's so overwhelming. Will this e…[View]
78848884/mu/ reaction image thread[View]
78835579ITT: Post movie, get album suggestion[View]
78848146Duck music: Ducktails Ducky Duck Sauce Duck Baker The Ducks Jimmy “Duck” Holmes Galapagos Duck Watch…[View]
78848646>moments in songs that give you goose nipples >7:29 of link related https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
78847837Request thread: Hello /mu/. I'm looking for a russian singer's name. His song didn't …[View]
78847985KPOP GENERAL[View]
78848671BAKA BAKA BAKA[View]
78848506>Listening to the doors Opinions?[View]
78848372tomorrow motherfuckers[View]
78847455strap in[View]
78846472why does every contemporary band (excluding death grips) sound so uninspired?[View]
78847146Post albums not posted on /mu/ enough[View]
78847907why'd they name it perfect from now on if everything following wasn't as good?[View]
78848474Vaporwave thread.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-p1UiMq-Y0 I'll start with my own work.…[View]
78827799MF DOOM & CZARFACE: Set to be HipHop album of the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dajMMU1O…[View]
78847581Muses: What other albums are there that are made to steal your best friends wife? Clip related https…[View]
78842414Piper CD releases: 4 of Piper's albums just got their first-ever CD release yesterday. Did anyb…[View]
78848396Is there an act with a better catalogue?[View]
78847804Frank Ocean is the most interesting OF member, discuss[View]
78845378Verdict on this?[View]
78845488/vinyl/: Post recent cops, upcoming releases, anything you're looking to snag. Just copped Merz…[View]
78847871*removes all the danny brown verses* aaaah, it's perfect[View]
78836233emo: Haven't been on 4chan in 6 years, back when snowing ruled the emo-kingdom. How are we feel…[View]
78848321AOTY already? D*mn...[View]
78844362Mostly familiar with the opening track since before but listened through this for the first time ton…[View]
78847607/r/ bands like SOAD, Korn and, Slipknot I love singing along with these, but now I need badly more …[View]
78848173All in all you're just another brick in the wall.[View]
78847979Why is Sufjan Stevens rigging elections in Russia?[View]
78847944Is /mu/ still down with Unkle Adams?[View]
78844811What's the deal here? They literally sound like they're a mediocre pop band from 2008. Thi…[View]
78844785Music taste thread: post some of your fav albums /mu/. ill post two more to help things get rollin…[View]
78846494Music is subjective[View]
78847569>when the live is better than the original whats her name, /mu/? [spoiler]https://www.youtube.com…[View]
78846606KPOP GENERAL[View]
78846521MY MY, HEY HEY...[View]
78846649What genre would you classify Nine Inch Nails as?[View]
78847015Good singles, bad albums: You know the like[View]
78845486Y'all eat pieces of shit?[View]
78844647Are there any medieval musicians that sound like Weezer? Like something that sounds like weezer but …[View]
78847741Hey mu, been quite bothered recently. Is it wrong, or maybe disingenuous, to find out about music th…[View]
78847222LA DI DA DI DA[View]
78846273Was he a incel?[View]
78846795Does anyone else realize this is a metal masterpiece[View]
78847751Is this about God?[View]
78845678What does /mu/ honestly thinks about Rammstein?[View]
78840528Fun, catchy rocky music to listen to with friends that isn't garbage? I'm thinking stuff a…[View]
78847701ITT: Post an album and an Eric Andre quote: >You're being so narcoleptic…[View]
78847080Alex G is great my dudes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xho3io5ExwI[View]
78847128more artists like Frank Ocean?[View]
78846808what is a blicky? seriously. i'm white so i don't get this nigger speak[View]
78847454Year Zero: So /mu/, a decade later looking back what are your honest feelings on Year Zero? It seems…[View]
78846725What bands are you seeing/want to see live this year?: Big tours starting to get announced. More to …[View]
78845160The Strokes were quintessential butt rock. How they liberated the greatest 60s-70s rock bands' …[View]
78846848Is this a good shirt?[View]
78845577Any of you guys have a chart or suggestions for someone wanting to get in to Math Rock and Midwest E…[View]
78844771Gonna take a walk in the snow later (if it's still walk-able). Any album suggestions /mu/?[View]
78847546Anyone going to soundset this year?[View]
78847338Is the bass just a meme guitar? how necessary is it? starting a band but cant find a bassist[View]
78846934How do people take Scaruffi seriously? >grimes shitty myspace music better than ziggy stardust an…[View]
78846690/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
78841055Best of 2017 thread: Alright guys, I have finally listened my backlog of 2017 albums Post your AOTY …[View]
78846474Does noise gabber exist?[View]
78847094I'm putting a band together[View]
78845473Peace Love Unity Respect[View]
78847312Does anyone know where the samples from pic related are. I know one is Charles Manson[View]
78847274is BG Knocc Out responsible for mumble rap?[View]
78846969ITT: mallgoth trash[View]
78847096Mellow albums with hip hop beats? >inb4 lofi[View]
78847173Hey guys, just bought a Casio CDP-135 and I'm learning to play piano. I know I need to practice…[View]
78836711share your links in this fresh new thread[View]
78846219no rate thread in >>>/mu/catalog ? 3x3 rate thread lets gooo…[View]
78846705'I'll never get out of this world alive' -Hank Williams[View]
78845034https://onlinesequencer.net/763669 Can someone tell me what song this is? I made the notes from memo…[View]
78846122KISS: Was it kino? https://twitter.com/Emily90Victoria/status/976382766173577216[View]
78846179GAS - Rausch: Official Rausch thread. Excited bros? Did ya even like Narkopop?[View]
78845606What music does she listen to /mu/?[View]
78845906I’m a le wrong generation dadrocking normie. What do I need to listen to to achieve patricianhood?[View]
78846809I'm really fucking depressed tonight. Does anyone have any good slower music with a melancholy …[View]
78846693Phone/MobileWallpapers: I fell asleep and the thread archived but I'll still be doing the reque…[View]
78835540*blows godspeed you fat redditor the fuck out*[View]
78844947NO MORE CHICKEN SANDWICHES, yes I will play for the damages.[View]
78845540KPOP GENERAL[View]
78846408>british people actually listen to this shit https://youtu.be/KSwGF8pRPMU…[View]
78843532Dr. Dog Thread: Whos hyped for the new album? Also favorite album/song and discussion.[View]
78846537really crappy photo of my gear cuz why not drums are my buddy's who plays right handed but he t…[View]
78846498Post your favorite indie band Mines pale waves because I love goth music. They remind me of the cure…[View]
78844343recently bought a pc after being on mac for 10 years: and idont like any of the daws wahhhh i want m…[View]
78845170Why's he lookin at /mu/?[View]
78840218Was Gentle Giant good? discuss[View]
78846429>listen to a song >imagine you wrote it and are playing it live everyone does this r-right? ha…[View]
78836066Any other songs like these that sound like walking in the rain in a futuristic city?: https://www.yo…[View]
78845537>gus dapperton[View]
78846431Why is Sora a soudcloud rapper now?[View]
78846392*changes music forever* Nothin perssonel kid[View]
78844410My guilty pleasure is Elvis depressedly[View]
78844859When did you find out that they were the only modern Rock band that have a unique sound and keeping …[View]
78843953Brockhampton Animal Collective Kendrick Lamar Grimes Chrvches Pale Waves MGMT Father John Misty Sun …[View]
78845532does mu like comfy folk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1_nSqqK04c[View]
78845442Is this /mu/core mathrock yet?[View]
78846232>yuor'e face when the tourist pooped his butt[View]
78844517What's the most dishonest album you've ever heard?[View]
78846134/comfy/: When was the last time you jaded nerds had a proper comfy thread?[View]
78845990Underrated: Modern Talking is the most underrated band from the past 40 years.https://www.youtube.co…[View]
78845732post your favourite album and say your favourite part of that album. others guess personality. >…[View]
78845601Long whispery melodic harmonies?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzuyVBMYq8A Does anyone know of mo…[View]
78838389Hey remember me? I memorized 5 chords. D,A,E,G, and Em. I'm on my way to success.[View]
78845087Take the psych folk pill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUvvEabKAFU https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
78846132I INVENTED SWAG[View]
78846114>I'M WALKIN' HERE! well fucking meme'd, Miles[View]
78831742/bleep/ - wtf no /bleep/ thread edition: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, /mu/! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
78845982Best Pavement album?: has to be crooked rain. they have one of the strongest discographies of the 90…[View]
78846017Has anybody listened to this?[View]
78839977Thoughts on this song?[View]
78845995Long time no see /mu/. What are some songs that make you feel nostalgic? Or happy in a strangely mel…[View]
78845831H-hey they're not half bad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCWKrEA4FBw[View]
78845942Singles that grew on you?[View]
78845834Better than the Beatles fact[View]
78845673/shill/: Post albums and artists that you love and try to post but never see posted by anyone else…[View]
78841467Stop listening to Steve Reich. http://thequietus.com/articles/24245-minimalism-sexism[View]
78845844Does /mu/ like industrial hip-hop?[View]
78845611When's the last time you heard a song where you felt as though the singer was literally speakin…[View]
78841605ITT: /mu/ in 1971[View]
78843180What will be Mac DeMarco's musical legacy?[View]
78844140What is the appeal of kpop? Cute girls is not a real answer. There must be a good reason that there…[View]
78845559>the s/t isn't the debut album[View]
78845668This is such a great album though . Why does nobody mention it?[View]
78842747hey there yall. mind if ya can rec me some country music?[View]
78831078Comfy acoustic thread: Post your own songs, your own covers, anything goes. Remember to listen to an…[View]
78844516Death of Cymbal: How are you mourning the demise of one of the greatest music sharing apps out there…[View]
78845019Best Smiths album?[View]
78841775Ahhhh the perfect album[View]
78844885Find me an album closer to the human condition than this[View]
78842223List your favorite bands[View]
78845511>'There's a new wave coming, I warn ya' >new wave era ends What did she mean by this?…[View]
78845352Seapunk's not dead[View]
78844161Will someone surpass him one day?[View]
78839998System of a Down is the only Nu-Metal band that was not only good but amazing. Toxicity and Mezmeriz…[View]
78843887Is there a better song about a boat?: I'm inclined to think not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
78836374/gg/ Guitar & Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ Gu…[View]
78845251where does he go from here?[View]
78845219Indie music is finally saved! >Hobo Johnson >Clairo >Boy Pablo >Gus Dapperton >Pale W…[View]
78845106> P I S S > I N > C H E E R I O S .…[View]
78843923which industry plant has the best body of work?[View]
78843258>1990 >over 100 albums rated 7 or higher >2016 >10 albums rated 7 or higher Is he right?…[View]
78844688is this the best metal album of the eraly 2000's?[View]
78842179Who's the Krusty Krab, /mu/?[View]
78844636faded af: music to hit the ganja to?[View]
78845101Post your listening station[View]
78843445Gus Dapperton General: New album when The tour is coming up in a couple weeks it's gonna be so …[View]
78844617what is your favorite rem album??[View]
78844257I haven't been here in exactly one year. What have I missed? Does /kpg/ still run shit and get …[View]
78844199bobby gillespie great guy[View]
78844784IT’S BEEN LIKE THAT FOR A MINUTE HEDI SLIMANE: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bwSFuML3IzQ[View]
78843988I can't believe this disgusting shit was once 'popular', ugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If…[View]
78843634Hal Leonard Books: Hey, /mu/, guitar fag here. Do you guys know where to download free PDF´s and suc…[View]
78844763What does it mean posted by OPN along with[View]
78844630What are the essential daddy issues-core albums?[View]
78838848albums that are overlooked despite being the best in an artists discography[View]
78844674when did you realize that ꟼaramore haters are just a bunch of sad lonely losers who don't see b…[View]
78844321whats that one deadmau5 song[View]
78843644Is Bohemian Rhapsody a good song? I know you faggots don't like anything that more than 10 peop…[View]
78844555ITT: Famous musicians from your country Pic related, a famous singer of Brazil: Mc Carlos Funk Sumar…[View]
78834481Post a pic, get an album recommendation based on that pic[View]
78841473what's your favorite string samples/library/kontakt/vst /mu/ mine wud prob be lass[View]
78843716one of these again: >Best Better Living Through Chemistry >Runner-Up In The Fade >Worst Lig…[View]
78844401What are some good anti religious themed albums/songs? >inb4 edgy[View]
78844419/bloop/ - rip /bleep/: post bloops https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONOdrjpqjUU[View]
78843884His credibility falls further.[View]
78844406I must find new classical musics that resembles Chopin (Nocturnes, to be more specific). Or Tartini.…[View]
78841949Great albums for warmer weather/summer? Pic related (but it's an EP)[View]
78842277Am I the only one who listens to albums because of the cover art? I mean, the cover art is part of t…[View]
78843765SIXES HANG IN THE DOOR Why isn't this on the /mu/core list?[View]
78842256Niggas iffy uh, Blicky got the stiffy uh,[View]
78841084Why the fuck am I still so sad that this cunt is dead? Fuck lads, I just want Mark back[View]
78843350ITT: rappers with THE look[View]
78844039>only pair of headphones is made of slippery material >eating dinner >headphones slide off …[View]
78844284Because I was not able to find a solid english discord group, I took the liberty to create my own Gr…[View]
78844172Bright Eyes: What do we honestly think of Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst.[View]
78844249Secondary characters with the better theme songs.: Pic related. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
78836626BANDCAMP THREAD: Oicho poicho[View]
78843901Check out my homeboy he the new wave: https://soundcloud.com/dagapkinggrizzy23/look-at-me-now-1 http…[View]
78844131Releasing bangers for 5 years straight: What other bands that you listened to as kids released the m…[View]
78841705>listen to an artist's most 'essential' album >it sucks >write the band off as overrat…[View]
78843283damn this is a great post-rock album[View]
78840117How does he make such good drug music whilst being straight edge?[View]
78841925Is he a genius?[View]
78839174My finals would probably be circlont6a or xmas eve vs xtal, you?[View]
78843917I am trying to promote a new Indian hip hop artist /mu/: I want to brand him as a bad boy because he…[View]
78843759The Silent Force>The Heart of Everything>The Unforgiving>Mother Earth>>>>>…[View]
78843845whos excited for new weezer?[View]
78843838first verse of Stronger > chance’s verse on Ultralight Beams ) anything from hamce’s discography[View]
78837191>when he listens to music he imagines himself performing the songs at his high school talent show…[View]
78829821>literally everyone on /mu/ outside of /classical/[View]
78841585collage: pretend to be a famous movie actor and others guess who you are[View]
78841665More like this please. This is the best music I've ever heard. What do you call this genre?[View]
78841873give me your best music with french lyrics /mu/. can it get any better than Stereolab?[View]
78841668anyone know of any other albums like this? this shit slaps so god damn hard[View]
78842605>Favorite Young Thug songs?[View]
78843586Epic shit music: Does anyone else like to listen to really epic music when pooping? ITT Post songs …[View]
78843589>wheelie, nigga >silly nigga[View]
78843379ITT: Really bad music: https://youtu.be/5MIVvnQHxeM[View]
78842355>tfw all you wanna do is sing and write lyrics >can't find a producer/song-writer feels b…[View]
78843480TO YOUR SOOOUUUL[View]
78841797recommend me some good dungeon synth bands pic very related[View]
78841013ITT: albums that sum up the sound of the late 90s and early 2000s[View]
78843436Songs that make you pee?: I have a shy bladder and in order to relax and pee in a timely manner I wo…[View]
78837896>out at nite on a date with friends and my highschool crush >watching a movie on the cinema …[View]
78841075What are your honest thoughts on Skillet?[View]
78842341Post the literall worst musician(s) youve heard. Pic related[View]
78834335>20 years old >member since 2016 >7000 ratings how to spot a pseud…[View]
78842417KPOP GENERAL[View]
78843016>I listen to everything except for everything that isn't country and rap…[View]
78841528Were XTC the best band of the 80s?[View]
78843162Reminder that anti-poptimists will pretend this isn't a 10/10 record.[View]
78842008if i was a famous (enough) musician, what can i tweet to make you guys make a 300+ reply thread abou…[View]
78843148>The band won the 1988 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental, b…[View]
78818452Describe your sex life with an album title[View]
78841782UNKLE ADAMS IS LIVE RIGHT NOW THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNIji8Ul3xs please…[View]
78843049whats some music like this that doesn't suck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3T8KznhThQ[View]
78838777So now that the vaporwave has died down in popularity a bit can we assess if it was ever a legitimat…[View]
78841872Can we post godtier piano songs with powerful female vocals? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLK4rGK…[View]
78841183Tell me how shit my music taste is. Make it really hurt.[View]
78841042What is his best album?[View]
78835038Describe this album with two words[View]
78842181S H A M A N I S M[View]
78842904Shuffled a playlist from an old ipod classic that I have an what came on was earth, wind and fire…[View]
78842571Post best concept albums >Bonus points for metal[View]
78842876I love black women always and disrespect ain't the way Let's start a family today[View]
78842591Do these guys fuck each other?[View]
78842125Are they the saviors of Rock music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alUHhtQSjr4[View]
78842705RIP XXXTENTACION I really liked your music[View]
78834997C U T E U T E and her music is good too is this real life[View]
78838686/rym/ general: ~hotzera how is it going Fellas[View]
78840073>This is a rap album cover in 2018 This era needs to die quick. The audience is literally middle …[View]
78842534what's the last band you heard where you felt it was truly a new sound you haven't heard b…[View]
78840393Why Corset Metal Blows: Without exception, every last band compensates for their obvious lack of sub…[View]
78835169HEY YOU: Post your top 5 favourite songs of all time, first ones that come to mind. Others rate you.…[View]
78842486what is your favorite musical platform and/or new musical platforms you think have promise?[View]
78840248i need more music that sounds exactly like this minus the lyrics about raping disabled people https:…[View]
78841464Anything else like this /mu/?[View]
78841295KPOP GENERAL[View]
78841131>Robert Johnson played in Standard, Open G, and Crossnote JUST Seriously, is there any good way o…[View]
78842221Roadtrip - Anyone have good songs for it, like country Neil Young type shit.[View]
78842272>tfw jeffie boo's voice comes in on i have been floated[View]
78842192Post how you learned the bass guitar https://youtu.be/9INEsCj_HW0[View]
78841736>Second album in discography is called 'Two'[View]
78834903Microtonal Albums: Anyone know any good microtonal albums? Whatever genre works[View]
78842120Does anyone know who sings this song? I’m wracking my brain but I got nothing.[View]
78842066Psychedelic/Hard Rock thread. Post only the best albums/tracks. Also, do you guys know any songs tha…[View]
78839513>song = band name = album >name one time when thi- checkmate…[View]
78841863Kill Yr. Idols [Zensor EP, 1983] Idolization is for rock stars, even rock stars manqué like these im…[View]
78841622I think I just had a revelation, and I'm over music. I've been literally completely obsess…[View]
78823821Its simple: you see your name, you listen: This one's for you Tom[View]
78841851We all know that John Lennon is the ABSOLUTE MADMAN, but what are some MADMAN moments from the other…[View]
78840008Fuck Pharrell https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/blurred-lines-did-infringe-on-marvin-gaye-song…[View]
78841552You have ten seconds to post a George Harrison song that fuckin' slaps[View]
78841926Street artist aspirations: Howdy! I was wondering if any of you fags have any experience in being a …[View]
78841732Is he the greatest rapper?[View]
78837555Ayo, we wuz founders n shiiiiit. Seriously though, is Hamilton worth the hype and more importantly, …[View]
78836991The Fragile > The Downward Spiral > Broken > With Teeth > PHM > Year Zero > The Sl…[View]
78840977>When someone tells me they like The Ramones[View]
78841487Best Albums?[View]
78841691itt: good late 2000s/early 2010s pop[View]
78841297I don't know if it's due to my anxiety or because deep down I'm an impossible-to-plea…[View]
78841686GOAT mixtape[View]
78840071/mu/, what do you think Marquee Moon could've been if Eno produced it? personally i think it w…[View]
78839019So is it one of the best songs of all time or one of the worst?[View]
78841426How did this man manage to write some of the most profoundly and organically beautiful songs of the …[View]
78840684Describe this album with one word[View]
78841533fuck ass fuck the cops what are some good anti cop songs boi[View]
78841548Funk: Best funk songs[View]
78841423Bands that are carried by one member: I'll start[View]
78841316mariachi fugazi[View]
78838431New Unknown Mortal Orchestra leaked: Just found out and DL'ed it, going to give it a listen aft…[View]
78838975ITT: Actual talentless hacks.[View]
78841164Why didn't Pirate Rock catch on?[View]
78841106I accidentally posted this on a thread so here we go again. >be me, 2 weeks ago >be with best …[View]
78839896How much longer does rap music have before it’s officially dead? It’s already on life support.[View]
78841339*blocks your path*[View]
78840525Which do you use? Why? I use AM simply because it does not have a bullshit 3333 song download cap on…[View]
78841307It's actually good. You guys told me FJM is bad, though. Who do I believe? https://youtu.be/n38…[View]
78840192Best Beatle[View]
78840405kpop generaI[View]
78838683What does /mu/ think of Death Grips? > inb4 Who is death grips lolol imo the best track is defini…[View]
78838133>covered 21st Century Schizoid Man in an earlier EP You know this album is gonna be good.…[View]
78833138The Dead Musician: Is Scrimshaw the only one left making relevant shit?[View]
78841133now that you've seen this you've been cursed and ur music taste will turn to shit[View]
78837781KPOP GENERAL[View]
78841215there was this awful shitty screamo guy with cringe as fuck videos and weird music he was posted in …[View]
78834253/chart/ - 'Making all the threads' edition: Your taste probably sucks, but post it anyways.[View]
78840803I've heard a rumour that Pink Floyd, although considered one of the most classical psychedelic …[View]
78836149Which one was worse?[View]
78840986>youtube recommended >tycho - dive[View]
78840426Need help: So I went to Russia and got this vintage balalaika from 1981 and I have no fucking clue w…[View]
78840881Breakfast at Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something is a masterpiece song. He's so desperate to…[View]
78840170>and I have been lonely...[View]
78840672>tfw anxious that the ceiling's going to collapse and a cupboard from the attic is going to …[View]
78840674He's not that bad, guys. 'Original' is his worst song.[View]
78840513Greatest EP of all time[View]
78840839What are some other albums that are basically a bunch of notable musicians hanging out and just havi…[View]
78834032this is the best thing they've released since LYSF[View]
78839842Fuck MC Ride & Russ is a goddamned motherfucking faggot cock sucking tranny pussy with no balls,…[View]
78840714*forms a god tier band*: What’s Mick Grondahl up to these days?[View]
78835554ITT British albums that Americans will never truly understand.[View]
78839802It's Like Green Day, But In The 70's[View]
78840092Sonic Youth is the best band ever: If you disagree youre a fucking loser[View]
78840362Retards Attempting Poetry[View]
78838987HONEY POPCORN GENERAL #1: They finally debuted! Let's discuss Yua and the girls. Bibidi Babidi…[View]
78840021working the kitchen close bymyself tommorow music for this feel?[View]
78839408anyone listened to this? any other good experimental stuff from this year?[View]
78835890ITT: music to eat while eating doritos[View]
78835880Phone wallpapers: Got a new phone and need some /mu/ related wallpapers. Thanks :^)[View]
78839418KPOP GENERAL: this is the thread[View]
78840384Audio Setup: Couldn't find a specific guide for this on the mu wiki so here's the question…[View]
78840383Who's the chad-est major music artist?: My vote goes for Elvis, OG Chad[View]
78834794ITT: Bands that help cure the soyboy epidemic[View]
78839259One of these threads[View]
78837692*shoves Roger away* *saves Pink Floyd's reputation*[View]
78835071This is the best album from the 90s[View]
78840050Is Kanye insane? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXj_GDktXaA[View]
78837955MOTFD: Hey boys i just recently started listening to MOTFD and i was wondering if you'd have an…[View]
78839832ITT: frisson >walkin', walkin', walkin' walkin' walkin'…[View]
78838426Where do I find more music like this & Camel?[View]
78839731I love you all[View]
78834999still hasnt been fucking topped[View]
78838234God damn this guy is some fucking garbage fuck Scaruffi that Italian shit. >just kidding he'…[View]
78816740ITT: Musicians that did (or allegedly did) awful things: >In September 2009, eight years after Ph…[View]
78839526Thoughts on Mark Kozelek?[View]
78837744What should I listen to: >Brockhampton >David Bowie >Electric Wizard >Bathory >Death …[View]
78840057>When someone tells me they like The Ramones[View]
78840038More like this[View]
78838060Only heard each of the singles once so far, but I think both are just alright. I haven't lost h…[View]
78836773thoughts on elo?[View]
78839131https://youtu.be/2ITrfn_AQGY How can a shitty meme song be so good? Also, where can I find songs wi…[View]
78836044Music for this mood: I don't often come on this board, so guess Imma newfag. Anyway can someone…[View]
78835487Ed Sheeran: >Makes real music with real instruments >Musically educated >Excellent guitari…[View]
78839690What was Evans thinking about in this photo?[View]
78839807Can we have a Stratovarius thread?[View]
788337986ix9ine: Mozart Of This Generation[View]
78837823New Punk Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5JgQlIdLGU&t=3s[View]
78839768Guilty Pleasures: ITT: Post guilty pleasures and the reason they are 'guilty' >I am a conservativ…[View]
78839767>I AIN'T NO (nigger) NO MORE![View]
78839702itt music that never fails to make you cry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_lSTthWy1c inb4 amerimu…[View]
78832987jesus christ what the fuck happened? Tried to listen to this shit and It just gets worse and worse t…[View]
78837515good spanish music: what kind of spanish music should I listen to?[View]
78838721>G, Em, C, D[View]
78822304SOUNDCLOUD THREAD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ post ur soundcloud links below!! check out my music pls i hav…[View]
78832523Surf's Up > Pet Sounds[View]
78837038New Wave: Will we ever get cool scene like new wave ever again? what is your favorite new wave band?…[View]
78836001The moment when you realised Fantano has no taste[View]
78839231Why would anyone want to be a fan of Joy Division? It’s not bad, but not good either. Very middle of…[View]
78839411Anything more patrician than TFF[View]
78838857Everyone on the outside annoys me, music for that?[View]
78839342rate https://youtu.be/Mzb9cm2fL-0[View]
78838473KPOP GENERAL[View]
78839158I WANNA KNOW[View]
78837871classics vintage Pop Rock: We áre a treasure ready to disco ver[View]
78839249>When someone tells me they like The Ramones[View]
78837531do you sometimes listen to music you like?[View]
78839172Post albums you can't seem to find on the internet in flac, or mp3 I guess.[View]
78839092Prog was all a big mistake. Psych was were it was at.[View]
78836293Favorite Death Grips track?[View]
78838613http://smirnoffequalizer.com/ You want to listen to artists you actually like? FUCK THAT Listen to w…[View]
78838483Hey guys what do you think of the updated 2018 /mu/core essentials?[View]
78838773It is now officially and objectively shit, so you can stop obsessing.[View]
78837728Looking for music to die to a heart attack to. Don't ask why[View]
78835724/bm/ - Black Metal Thread: The hype edition[View]
78837172If an artist relies heavily on computer software/pre-made loops are they really the ones revolutioni…[View]
78836699Help: Can someone please explain the meaning of this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGsAh2jx6…[View]
78838646the most precious and forcibly grandoise artist bio ive ever seen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
78836212What's he lookin at /mu/?[View]
78838633Post bands that don't look like they play the genre they play. Dillinger Escape Plan plays math…[View]
78836565KPOP GENERAL[View]
78838417/last 7 days/: last one was pretty dead 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 rec/rate/be civil[View]
78836286Show this beauty some love: it's at least a 3.80 https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/the-vo…[View]
788360513x3, 4x4, 5x5 thread: rate and rec[View]
78834786RANK EM: Rank the songs in your favorite album 1. Obstacle 1 2. Roland 3. Untitled 4. Obstacle 2 5.…[View]
78838303Will New Wave ever make a comeback?[View]
78836591>2018 >Still not a single good website or service do discover consistently good music and easi…[View]
78836446oppa despacito style[View]
78837526KPOP GENERAL[View]
78834232aids grips[View]
78824747/metal/: the edition…… old: >>78814868[View]
78834834Stop eating meat.[View]
78838274ITT: Soy-free Shoegaze[View]
78838123>dead grape works with the shrek guy >dead grape works with the tool bassist >somebody once…[View]
78834110https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMRHo7jDgyA she's only 19 and is well on the way to saving rock…[View]
78838290Aaliyah was the real deal on R&B. She was really one in a million[View]
78838183ITT: we look down[View]
78838312ITT: Post mildly interesting musical facts: In 1995, an established journal of classical scholarship…[View]
78836539This is fun[View]
78836396this album is phenomenal because there's lots of bird sounds[View]
78838135House gurus of /mu/: This song was played in a set from Leon Vynehall, do you happen to know the id?…[View]
78832988ITT: pleb filters[View]
78837140How important are lyrics to you when listening to music? Personally, I tend to pay more attention t…[View]
78835751Why are there so many references in rap to filming yourself having sex? Do people really do this?[View]
78835827How can I filter out as much rap as possible???[View]
78837884>there are heathens on this board RIGHT NOW who have not accepted Snoop Dogg as their lord and sa…[View]
78837726Prog had a choice. It could have followed the path of experimentation, complex polyrhythms, and uniq…[View]
78837411What's the best 2018 album you've heard so far?[View]
78837924The treated vocals on Providence sound like samples from the first tape[View]
78837835Did you guys ever figure out what DAY stands for?[View]
78837860name/author of song: I have this popular song in my mind for a few days but I can't remember an…[View]
78836413Can it ever be topped?[View]
78837114Why the fuck does everyone say 'rap is poetic' and 'rap is just so poetic' and other bullshit. I und…[View]
78837627TOOL'S NEW ALBUUUUUUM: Not this is not 2006[View]
78836218Who was 'that kid' in high school where one of if not the first thing you would associate with them …[View]
78837520Thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/GJoLKrEvVSk[View]
78832365It's My Day Off And I'm Procrastinating edition ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist…[View]
78834893itt: albums you are ashamed of liking[View]
78837260ITT: /mu/tants who made it big: Joji Will Toledo Devin Ruben Perez JPEGMAFIA Fantano[View]
78831228What does /mu/ think of Black Veil Brides?[View]
78837462Rec's and Request thread.: Request albums and recs. I'm Looking for prog rock with the ene…[View]
78836547KPOP GENERAL[View]
78836329viceroy: Hey! Wanted to get yalls thoughts on Mac DeMarco i specificity wanted to ask is Mac DeMarco…[View]
78836514>is this even music??[View]
7883546414 14 14[View]
78837014Daily reminder that this is a 5/10 to Scaruffi[View]
78836983I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 9 with extra dip, a number 9, two number 9s…[View]
78837279Jesus Walks is literally just a hip hop remix of the ARC Choir[View]
78836471ITT: soyim repellent[View]
78837220Can anyone make out the unintelligible speech in the last minute or so of Waiting for the Worms? All…[View]
78836761On the Tranny Question: i was told that this was the perfect marriage between indie rock and bruce s…[View]
78837202This is what my life feels like now Like I got abruptly dropped off by the side of the road In the m…[View]
78829290music to kys oneself to?[View]
78833490Frank Sinatra: Where do i start with this legend?[View]
78836022Ever noticed how Rap rhymes with cRap?[View]
78836017Reminder that Meme grips are basically JPEGMAFIA for limp wristed crackers[View]
78832291Why does everyone think Nirvana are overrated? Because they are mainstream? And do Foo fighters have…[View]
78834305>Converge is the only good metalcore band[View]
78831241What do you think about The Cure 2.0?[View]
78836356Time to update the patrician rock chart[View]
78833433Post your 2017 AOTY[View]
78836543i dont even play this game but ive been looking for this Tibetan throat singing song that i cant fin…[View]
78833311KPOP GENERAL[View]
78834031/rym/ - 'your taste in pop is actually really predictable and boring' edition: https://rateyourmusic…[View]
78836494ITT: cultural vultures[View]
78831932I'm looking for more idiosyncratic indie rock/pop like pic related. Ideally with the same kind …[View]
78835563What is /mu/'s opinion on Speedcore?[View]
78836139Is it wrong to let an artist’s background affect how you enjoy their music?[View]
78836461Gospel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8BrtWyBi4U[View]
78836203Thoughts on Eels?[View]
78826525/gg/ Guitar & Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ Gu…[View]
78833195opinion on math rock? is math rock the best genre? I certainly think so.[View]
78836409S tobom, s tobom...[View]
78835757Anyone else think this is pretty good?: >Liturgy - The Ark Work I've been listening to it si…[View]
78835614Challenge: Name the girl on the cover of Bloodhound Gang’s “Show Us Your Hits”. Hint: You can’t.[View]
78836316>where I come from isn't all that great, my automobile isn't all that great…[View]
78836276thoughts on this album? and on them as a whole i did not like anything past The Five Ghost. old star…[View]
78836059Chill Hop: Yeah, idk i´d like to read your recomendations about lo fi chill hop and stuff like that …[View]
78833782post cool album covers[View]
78836146>band's greatest song is exclusive to a label compilation [spoiler]https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
78810959Shill Thread (Soundcloud/BandCamp/Youtube)[View]
78826488>singer mentions an instrument >said instrument starts playing…[View]
78835337What does he listen to?[View]
78835982A while ago, I saw this porn video with a really good soundtrack. It was some kind of nightclub orgy…[View]
78835569this album is too challenging for the average joe so they say they say it's bad. it's act…[View]
78835906Listen to my shit: New Skizmatik track hit last night. . . . https://soundcloud.com/skizmatik-offi…[View]
78835904Brand new albums power rankings Tdag Daisy Deja=science fiction Yfw[View]
78835901What % of artists today has a perfect way of making a proposition and a justification?[View]
78831770Don't mind me, just posting the best concept album of the decade[View]
78834497Music that works in shades of grey: I've been interested in music that works in shade of grey. …[View]
78835077What's the one agreed on greatest album of all time?[View]
78834969Indie hate thread? I hate indie ''rock''. It's got nothing to do with rock. It's boring mu…[View]
78835390It would be a GOAT if it wasn't for Planet Caravan and Rat Salad[View]
78834575This hag got rid of prog and killed music. Press F to spit on her[View]
78835794*blocks your path to soundcloud*[View]
78835776Daft Punk Leak: https://soundcloud.com/user-993498594 Lets discuss why this is 110% them[View]
78833796It clicked.[View]
78835760Official thread of Carpenter Brut's best album[View]
78831068Best pop album of the decade, easily[View]
78831333Let's do like brockhampton. Who wants to start a band?: I play drums. I don't have problem…[View]
78835634FUNKADELIC: Can we talk about this amazing band? I grew up listening to dad rock from the 70s then i…[View]
78835688All music is inherently mall-goth[View]
78833849What do you think of this album?[View]
78826261How to digest music on first listen?[View]
78835212it's like Colors but actually good[View]
78834509Field recordings: Post ur favorite field recording ambient albums Discuss[View]
78834880bobby gillespie great guy[View]
78834282I'm putting together a band... what year are you in?[View]
78834244thoughts on sadness will prevail?[View]
78835503Get wrecked!: Likes good albums >Cal Chuchesta : 1 >Anthony Fantano : 0…[View]
78835525Goth is finally back: Are you jumping bandwagon early? Reminder that by 2020 neo-goth will be in ful…[View]
78834367https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM52w9xrdn4 What genre is this? They're all over the map.[View]
78835426Is Bubblegum Bass a real genre? If not, what genre are most 'Bubblegum Bass' releases?[View]
78835463>Sucked a dick long as swan's neck >Put some real swans in the pond then damn Post other …[View]
78835459When will he finally recognized as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century?[View]
78834184KPOP GENERAL[View]
78835417>Your favorite artist is erased from existence. You are only allowed to keep 10 tracks. make them…[View]
78831735I just want to remind everyone that everyone has different opinions about music and that's okay…[View]
78835285ITT: 10/10 songs https://youtu.be/ui9EbevA_c0[View]
78827325p@ramorє: when did you realize that people don't like pic related are just sad lousy individual…[View]
78834530whats your favourite Current 93 release?[View]
78834172Should this been a double album?[View]
78830088Can there be like a flowchart or guide to MUSIC in general?: Like it would start out with Queen Grea…[View]
78833361What are some good albums to fall asleep to?[View]
78834414I’m moving to the city this summer and I’m turning 22. Is this the perfect time to get into this?[View]
78835216What are THE BEST guitar albums?[View]
78828701which musicians will make you cry when they die? for me its ozzy[View]
78831542Surfer Rosa: This record turns 30 today. What do you think of it?[View]
78832613Artist collage thread: guess fashion sense edition[View]
78834118General stoner rock thread[View]
78829331old one died. post your bandcamps boys[View]
78834691Mercury Rev: Holy shit watch this interview and how seriously they started taking themselves. Is thi…[View]
78832363If this wasnt popular, it would be /mu/ core.: Weve hit peak contrarian.[View]
78835123thread about sad emo/indie musics where they say a girls name so we can cry about a life we'll …[View]
78834883I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78835031What do you guys think of this contemporary rnb? blackbear / bazzi / bryson tiller / xavier omar? an…[View]
788350032018 Year of the Rock: Who has put out the most interesting rock album so far this year?[View]
78826848This is perfection.[View]
78825269Do you agree?[View]
78831483Underrated Albums: Post underrated albums/albums that you think more people ought to know about…[View]
78834088What's the must-have plugins for Foobar2000?[View]
78834601>listening to pop-punk past the age of 10[View]
78832958More like Black Flag and Minor Threat?[View]
78831841julia holter is very talented and has made several great records but she's never mentioned on t…[View]
78830063ITT: post albums from the 80s that aren't shit[View]
78834260>artist rhymes 'gun' with 'run'[View]
78834623Help me make a playlist for a girl: Hey there, trying to make a playlist for a girl and I know a cou…[View]
78830518This poltards Fav Jew: I'll be your dreamboat lover and roll the dice We'll shine in parad…[View]
78834662Anyone know any band with a similar sound to Brown Bird?[View]
78831130146 more days.[View]
78834616You know they were the THE BEST, you just can't fucking deal with it[View]
78834450>you need to listen to vinyl to get the full experience of an album >vinyl sounds better becau…[View]
78831297its snowing, hit me with your best chill/comfy hip hop or jazz.[View]
78807799Who is the greatest classical music composer of all time?[View]
78832082I GRIEVE IN STEREO[View]
78834513Fav lyrics fragment Pic related: >EVERYONE GETS AROUND, WITH A PERPETUAL SMIIILE UPON THEIR FACE…[View]
78834505hey /notpmc/ Sosa is the GOAT and you literally can't change my mind but try to anyway[View]
78830225/mu/'s favorite rapper Lil Xan disrespects 2pac again: /our/ goblino? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
78834416anyone got some obscure john maus stuff? Serenity (1996) http://www.mediafire.com/?96dzt9woctgka7w …[View]
78834023> tfw you find a band with a really good sound, then you look them up and they look like this Wha…[View]
78831867unconventional 'straightedge' musicians: post your favorite straightedge musical inspirati…[View]
78832611Name a better snowy day album. I'll wait.[View]
78833846>*starts hardcore punk* Yeah, its personal[View]
78834277https://soundcloud.com/brainbakerymag/xxxtentacion-hearteater-exclusive I think you guys will like t…[View]
78834153I saw an album in a noise/sound collage thread that has a fish on the cover? I really enjoyed it but…[View]
78834179Do I like them, mu?[View]
78834170Thoughts on the new Jack White?[View]
78832718All of these songs sound the same wtf[View]
78833703songs with similar openings: http://youtubedoubler.com/?video1=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch…[View]
78832723What are the best Smashing Pumpkins songs? Cherub Rock is at the top for me.[View]
78833378ITT: Modern day Beethovens[View]
78823687Name an uglier musician than Shane McGowan. Go ahead, I'll wait. Pro tip: You cannot.[View]
78830276Is it actually possible to make an original melody with a guitar at this point? surely that leads to…[View]
78828280tapmusic.net 5x5 last week[View]
78833756*deletes frankie teardrop*[View]
78828164hey pig hey pgigy pigipgpigpig[View]
78833822TIME TO GO[View]
78833741is he right?[View]
78833705ITT: hottest music video girls Good Life - Kanye[View]
78833627Wall of Sound is a thing to behold Phil Spector looks like a goblin and records like a genius[View]
78833674Best AAL song for a jazzhead: I have a friend who listens to jazz. I want to show them Animals As Le…[View]
78833511What's /mu/'s opinion of them?[View]
78832778What does /mu/ think of Jack Stauber?[View]
78833263Holy shit[View]
78833605Why is she so perfect?[View]
78830032Normies are worse for this board with their radio rock/pop/rap than any /pol/ posters[View]
78833011>artist's music gets better the more they suffer[View]
78833498So how popular is this bollocks in Yank land? Is this shite played on the radio?[View]
78833190favourite Tessa Violet song, /mu/? mine's Tennessee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXk6LqvlgKs…[View]
78831832Someone who love step sequencers / drum machines ?: Someone who love step sequencers / drum machines…[View]
78830106Where should I start with Radiohead, I'm finally going to listen to them. Fun Fact: Ed O'B…[View]
78831218I REALLY don't get the appeal it's just a bunch of weird sounding pop songs?[View]
78833113more composers with a style like his also general anime OSTs thread[View]
78833211Do you think the shit's going to hit the fan over all the old rockstars sleeping with underage …[View]
78833244mama will you please give me some porkroll egg and cheese[View]
78832442KPOP GENERAL[View]
78817751''Fuck you this is garbage.'' thread: Post yours.[View]
78832114im dying inside[View]
78831529holy shit GUYS[View]
78829596>ITT: nostalgic soundtracks for movies / games[View]
78831714Eric's Trip: What are everyone's thoughts on this band? I heard pic related for the first …[View]
78832480Music discussion on here is based on whether or not you consume a bean these days[View]
78832196What are some good melodic death metal / melodic metalcore bands? I've been getting into the ge…[View]
78831272ayeeee fuck ur bish then hitma fuggin daaaaaaaaab aye choppas by my side u know it claaaap[View]
78833037As far as songwriting goes, what makes a song like Best Day of My Life (https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
78832902ITT: Insincere artists: Bush >protests war Obama >LOL wut drones? >Snowden was a bad guy!…[View]
78832972Guitar Grounding: So, the conventional method for grounding the components in an electric guitar is …[View]
78832970itt: moments in music that make you ejaculate: 'well I'm packin heat my nigga so don't sho…[View]
78831739Dishonest music: itt: Dishonest music Godspeed you black emperor Boy Pablo Gus Dapperton Clairo Wil…[View]
78832904you're favourite song snippet: I dont sleep cus when i do All my dreams are dreams of you…[View]
78832187wtf this is actually great do they have any albums worth listening to other than this one?[View]
78832864Are there any other platforms or apps that you can listen to music from besides Spotify, SoundCloud,…[View]
78832695Going on a forest walk, rec me an album pic related is my chart, find something i could like[View]
78821902Daydream Nation relative to Nevermind: Why doesn't Daydream Nation get the same amount of atten…[View]
78832756BMSR - Baby's in the Void: NEW BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW SINGLE GET IN HERE BOYS https://youtu.…[View]
78832032I really dig 'No Halo' on this album but the rest of the album I'm kind of meh on. Anybody got …[View]
78832410trips decide what song[View]
78832555Thoughts on the world's best kept secret, Sheck Wes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6fTBU9N41…[View]
78828950>Swans >Genres: Post-Rock FUCK OFF WHAT THE FUCK…[View]
78830684What's the ugliest part of your body?[View]
78829737>If the essence of hipsterdom is fetishizing the authentic, then Arcade Fire deserve a Canadian N…[View]
78829655ITT: Dopamine increasing music[View]
78828845if you dont have synesthesia you will never be a pro musician: literally every professional musician…[View]
78832079Give me a substitution for Renaissance music: I wanted some Renaissance music on my SD card but then…[View]
78831671KPOP GENERAL[View]
78820689So what albums from 2017 do you guys think will continue on years from now as classic albums? The ki…[View]
78832330Where the fuck do I start with Bebop[View]
78832248Underrated Wu-tang thread https://youtu.be/LJ_d32HZO2E[View]
78832123It's like the front bottoms but good[View]
78831660ITT: I want to create a playlist! 1. pick a well known artist 2. pick a song that is catchy / would…[View]
78831564Music is shit today. Normies no longer listen to obscure music and full albums and rock is dead. And…[View]
78829875Define 'real music': Every now and then some asshat preaches 'electronic music isn't real music…[View]
78831494Name a single male vocalist that is better than this guy[View]
78829962I KNOW YOU'RE FUCKING SOMEOOONE EEEELSE >*He knows you're fucking someone else*…[View]
78830743Post shitty obscure sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiGrq4uKqWc[View]
78821808/chart/ thread cum in my face shit head[View]
78810627It's so edgy, hip and autistic to make fun of Grimes. Yes...Art Angels was dumb but Visions is …[View]
78831750imagine the smell[View]
78824464Grimes: Legitimate talent or just another pretty face?[View]
78824051POST YOUR BANDCAMP: Bandcamp thread!! Post your link, listen to the one above - say why it sucks htt…[View]
78830144song request i guess: okay. first time doing this i don't even know if i can even request the n…[View]
78830657/kpg/ K-Pop General[View]
788300527 days rates/recs/etc[View]
78830247Modern hardcore punk: Is there a space for discussion of modern hardcore punk and derivate subgenres…[View]
78831563I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78831528'Off the Chain' Beyblade 2002 Japanese opening General: this is a thread where we talk about the Bey…[View]
78831500what song sounds the most 'dreamlike' to you?[View]
78829594What is the Bible of music?: ?[View]
78829446absolutely no quality music has ever been made digitally[View]
78831417>Prove it by Television off Marquee Moon >THIS CASE IS CLOSED >Not the final track…[View]
78830027Old nigga blues thread: John Lee Hooker[View]
78821182where were you when godspeed you faggot emperor was blown the fuck out for all time?[View]
78820887ITT: We prove we're oldfags. Pic related, this was /mu/core for a while.[View]
78829569New GAS album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eyAxdYz6dM https://kompakt.fm/releases/rausch_2xlp_d…[View]
78829533Steven Wilson: What is his best solo output? For me it's either Insurgents or Grace for Drownin…[View]
78831352Any more albums that help you after a shitstorm? The ones that give yo hope?[View]
78818425what is your Tinder anthem, /mu/?[View]
78831338>Howdy kids, it's Willy Braun with Reckless Kelly here[View]
78830717ITT: Pick a song/single that you would play at your funeral: (If N/A, assume your family loves you a…[View]
78830699ITT: God tier ambient albums[View]
78831214what do you all think of this one (and got anything else like it?)[View]
78831210Why did MJ become the most popular Jackson sibling? Was it a plant>??![View]
78830707Can we talk about desert sessions?[View]
78828490ITT post Rock bands you consider the worst garbage: >The Doors >GYBE >Marillion >ZZ Top…[View]
78827849Okay /mu/ I have a big night of study, can you post your favourite song of a band you really like (…[View]
78830975new album fucking when[View]
78830322Can someone explain why this album considered funk?: There is no a single funky tune on this thing, …[View]
78826954I wish I didn't miss you I wish I didn't miss you I wish I didn't miss you I wish I d…[View]
78831071Hot take: Punk rock is the best thing to happen to western musical culture, whether it's its ea…[View]
78826544>get introduced to genres with their best material >all other bands in the genre sound awful b…[View]
78830767Decent-to-good Tape Decks/Cassette Players: So, any /mu/sic fans have knowledge of good tape players…[View]
78828403Latin music (but not jazz) with impressive drumming?[View]
78824154Neutral Milk Hotel: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea[View]
78829315post dark songs in genres not usually considered dark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhVW0vMljP8…[View]
78830890whatever happened to this tape?[View]
78828768What's the verdict /mu/ ? Better than RDLS?[View]
78829317Is the reason that he doesn't break through that he openly considers drug abusers disgusting?[View]
78830804omg this song is powerful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XaS93WMRQQ are there any other songs this…[View]
78826702What was their best song?[View]
78827746Does anyone know what Don Van Vliet’s opinion on Trout Mask Replica was in his later years?[View]
78830046kpop general: Korean debut Honey Popcorn, 'We want to meet Twice... I'm from Osaka too' edition…[View]
78830411what genre is this?[View]
78824810This man is responsible for Faith No More Mr. Bungle Tomahawk Peeping Tom And not a single one is wo…[View]
78830342wtf im goth now[View]
78830568Suggest me some good funk/g-funk albums[View]
78830101Yeezus best song?: >I am a god[View]
78830336Help me ID a song, /mu/: The song in question appears at the begging of the stream here https://www.…[View]
78829944GAS Narkopop: Anyone got the vinyl version of GAS - Narkopop? It has a vinyl exclusive track (Narkop…[View]
78812584sounds like early aphex / autehcre. really mysterious and beautiful[View]
78830311Bruh... Look at this dude...[View]
78827507What does /mu/ think of this album and band[View]
78830223>woke up >got out of bed >smacked my wife across the head…[View]
78826407the absolute state of rap in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCPwpcurYns[View]
78829035Best Metal Album (please, no hate thread): Which you believe is the best album in Metal history? In …[View]
78830229damn, MILFs can sing like THAT?????[View]
78829857Wat muzik do u rike?[View]
78825164ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover art, the…[View]
78829130kpop general[View]
78829994fav albums from this label[View]
78825498>outspoken feminist >fag supporter >hip hop lover >keen sense of irony and self-deprecat…[View]
78817725/rym/ general: ~hotzera wtf i like joy division now[View]
78823999WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6P0SitRwy8[View]
788276891950’s: Post Patrician music from the 1950’s. Pic-Related is one of the most haunting albums I’ve ev…[View]
78829267Is there a better 80s pop song? I feel like I. Could listen to this forever.[View]
78829872what's up: Itt: say what's up damn knew there would have to be backlash against the big /p…[View]
78813139>For less than the cost of a Big Mac, fries and a Coke, you can buy a loaf of fresh bread and som…[View]
78826172what do yall think about hobo johnson? https://www.hobojohnson.com/[View]
78829774New MD song 'MD Train' trash or fire?: https://www.instagram.com/p/BgkvLuFls5K/?hl=en&taken-by=m…[View]
78829785Are they patrician? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOOsYtNK5ps[View]
78829762if music comes from the soul should I just give up?[View]
78825728Any good alternate tunings to mess around with (noise rock)?[View]
78828848It's such a shame that people born around 1990 and on wards only associate rap with Gangsta cul…[View]
78826826What is the musical equivalent of this? Feel free to post your own pics, I ain't gonna stop ya[View]
78828997Music critics are scum. Yes/no?[View]
78828533why did Will change the Nervous Young Inhumans monologue? it completely ruins the relationship betwe…[View]
78829620More like this pls https://youtu.be/3_5IJRXoKQE[View]
78822124Give me music to play on my college radio station[View]
78829584Dead Magic: AOTY[View]
78825955>Best Reflection >Runner-up Lateralus >Worst Faaip de Oiad >Overrated Schism >Underra…[View]
78826937Why the fuck didn’t you tell me about this album /mu/? I never cared for TVU because everybody alway…[View]
78817272Negative album art: Inverted colors album art. Last thread was cool and i want more. easy to do in m…[View]
78827665Really like this, in fact I think it's Kevin's best work since Paralytic Stalks I'm a…[View]
78824450'There are some days when I wake up and feel scared that I'm Ozzy Osbourne. But then I always t…[View]
78826539ITT: rate the album cover above you and post one[View]
78825160Are they really that bad?[View]
78829005Essential comedy-core: Making a chart, any recs to put on it?[View]
78829048WHAT HAPPENED????[View]
78828123what's up mu do you guys listen to russian underground electronic music? i think it's soo …[View]
78829147New Gorillaz track: Hollywood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jduPFTLf_Ys thoughts? Back to plastic…[View]
78823422bobby gillespie great guy[View]
78829189Now that Prince (PBUH) in his final months turned Janelle Monae into an insatiable sexpot with his g…[View]
78828349ITT: Artists you liked over 10 years ago and still listen to regularly: Pic related[View]
78829161Please tell me someone here knows if his latest album leaked![View]
78828480KPOP GENERAL[View]
78828550I wish more albums could learn from this one and drop every piece of filler and just focus on a few …[View]
78826834Hey guysssss, just found this bitchin new site callled 4chan and was wondering if you guys could rec…[View]
78824767What gimmick will their next album have?[View]
78821757*blocks your path*[View]
78828981is anyone else fucking tired of irony in music? god the whole jig has worn so thin. it's such a…[View]
78826497Why does this album get such a bad rap?[View]
78828827What does he listen to lads[View]
78828790what do we think of MattyBraps?[View]
78827055What went wrong?[View]
78827945Why does he keep singing about the Devil and ghosts? It’s creepy desu[View]
78828693This is an incredible record, Pitchfork really missed out when they gave this a low rating. Fuck the…[View]
78826865How much music do you have in your pcs?: if i had money I would support the artist but not for now…[View]
78823691>ywn get to hang out w/ ariel pink music for this feel?[View]
78828007Is he the most underrated rapper of all time?[View]
78825243NEW UNKLE SONG: He's actually getting better, goddamn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBMbjgaS…[View]
78811629/bleep/: Boxed edition[View]
78828295reminder that godspeed you is one if the trashiest bands to ever exist[View]
78827862KPOP GENERAL[View]
78822677best drugs albums[View]
78828352What is that one album that features what looks like a pinkish white jellyfish looking creature on i…[View]
78826808lol: >im trying to do what nikola tesla did only with music did he achieve it yet /mu/? is asap r…[View]
78828074Wait, this is really good, right?[View]
78827702BHAD BHABIE: BHAD BHABIE is the best artist of 2018 I can't think of another artist this year t…[View]
78826079I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78828149Death Grips, Arca, & KAGAMI smile are making the best music right now period. They are on some n…[View]
78824741What's up with oneothrix point never? I've never liked his music but today I've seen …[View]
78826576When is it too late to learn an instrument? I'm 20 and want to pick up the guitar, but feel lik…[View]
78827666Soundcloud rap is the buttrock of the 2010s.[View]
78827286Did you like it /mu/?[View]
78827598Leak.: Where is it?[View]
78827962post digital-only releases that are gone forever. i'll start.[View]
78826380I think I used to have a porpoise Then again, it might have been a bream[View]
78824136favorite song off each one?: >Talking Book Blame It on the Sun >Innervisions Golden Lady >F…[View]
78826180KPOP GENERAL: lewd taeyong addition[View]
78827737Impulse Buys/Listens: Ever bought or listened to an album on a whim and you were blown away or pleas…[View]
78822752Post your listening station[View]
78827376want to get a drum kit have 700 canada shekels to buy it what get?[View]
78796310/mu/ PTSD: NOW I'M FEELIN' SO FLY LIKE A G6[View]
78826968Cornelius: I'd waited 10 years to see them live. Perhaps the most delightful sensory flood I…[View]
78824779What exactly is Charlie Patton talking about in this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGsAh2jx6…[View]
78825130Could I get this without the sea-shanty? Only Ween album I've listened to and loved It's G…[View]
78821006To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Pale Waves. The influence is extremely sub…[View]
78823765/Sade/: favorite album? top 5 songs? why is she so underrated?[View]
78823479Been really digging this album. I know I'm probably a bit late to the party, but I want to know…[View]
78758960/classical/: Alban Berg edition >General Folder #1. Renaissance up to 20th century/modern classic…[View]
788181953x3 thread: f2p edition: Lets bully each other! P2W here: http://www.tapmusic.net/lastfm/ Rec, rate …[View]
78826395>Merzbow, Boredoms, Gerogerigegege, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Nurse with Wound, Einstü…[View]
78824211Why is G major best key?[View]
78823636Dr. Dog Thread: Who's hyped for the new album?[View]
78821296This is TVU & Nico of this generation[View]
78826345What is the absolute best track? most peoples trigger response would just be 'fukn Halleluhwah' but …[View]
78824528New to Faye Wong, recommend her album? where do i start?[View]
78825293KISS: Why do nu-males hate KISS so much? Everyone I know who likes Kiss is usually a guy with multip…[View]
78825368>steal a fuckload of music >sell it as your own Literally how do people listen to this shit?…[View]
78826876Majid Jordan: Does /mu/ like them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmSGClAOMfM https://www.youtube.c…[View]
78825881Stop calling Grimes a Mary Sue[View]
78824432>album is less than 40 minutes long[View]
78826221why is early 2000s pop so comfy and innocent? it's the perfect balance balance of cheesy, fun, …[View]
78824748Is Quarantine a unique electronic masterpiece? There truly is no other album like it. Perfection.[View]
78826470You now remember Millionaires[View]
78826759Alright, so at what location should we hold Trap Demolition Night?[View]
78819807>Neutral Milk Hotel >My Bloody Valentine >Robbie Basho >Radiohead >Stars of the Lid …[View]
78826614My pussy when he says he listen to metal[View]
78826178Thoughts? 9/10 for me.[View]
78819367What do you think of Syd Barrett?[View]
78822250>The famed Australian band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard has announced their newest challeng…[View]
78815280/gg/ Guitar & Bass General: Wangcaster edition How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.j…[View]
78824763For me, it's Bad Bunny[View]
78824920prove me wrong: Driving at night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVj61ZX_8Cs Driving in the desert h…[View]
78826300>take off $$$, the spanish track, Smash and Changes >give extra verses to Going Down and Floor…[View]
78826100>when your only noteworthy musical contribution was a sample on a rap album much better than your…[View]
78822827>made his mark by writing a song about MUH EVIL MATERIALISM and world peace >abused his son, a…[View]
78825048ITT: Bands and artists you hated for years and end up loving This and Magma[View]
78814335Fuck, I got back into prog again so please just post the best and most obscure 70s prog/krautrock/ca…[View]
78825219https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0LspDzvO84 Oh my god how embarrassing.[View]
78824557Any other albums like pic related? [spoiler]Besides Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair, of course.[/sp…[View]
78823801What does /mu/ think of Twin Peaks?[View]
78825132Thoughts on Morphine?[View]
78821281/mu/'s Top 100 Song Covers: ITT: /mu/ chooses the top 100 song covers >post your favorite so…[View]
78822711NIGGAS IFFY[View]
78824954KPOP GENERAL[View]
78825016Should you listen to your favorite artists more than other artists? I dont at all and an unsure if …[View]
78822227Best Leonard Cohen song?[View]
78824281Describe your dreams with an album/ep/song title[View]
78824176/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
78824804MP3 vs M4A: I just want to stick to one format to download music and store it on my phone. What form…[View]
78825306This Band has a post apocalyptic sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl27BnkHiVY&feature=yout…[View]
78823900You groove, you lose: https://youtu.be/6E5m_XtCX3c[View]
78823268Nirvana has like 2 good songs to their name >Smells like teen spirit >Lithium Most overrated …[View]
78824690Samples: What are your favorite samples that have been used in songs, /mu/? Hardmode: No GY!BE I lik…[View]
78820932flaming lips shit band[View]
78825147HEE HEE[View]
78823024>Classical music is de-[View]
78823606SEB ROLLING TIME: Roll for what Super Eurobeat Album you'll listen to today. The last three num…[View]
78811632top 10: post your top 10 albums get rated and recommendations https://www.neverendingchartrendering.…[View]
78825044'A-Team' by Wazii (@WaziiMusic): Shout outs goes out to A-Team. Unfortunately they could not be with…[View]
78825030>Black artists get btfo[View]
78824570Does anyone know the lyrics to this song?: I have been on the search for the lyrics of a song titled…[View]
78824030ITT: God Tier lyricists[View]
78824095>be real it doesnt matter anyway >you know it's just a little too late…[View]
78824125KPOP GENERAL[View]
78824857is this the greatest pop song of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpqqjU7u5Yc yes[View]
78824169ITT: Essential soycore[View]
78823630What is your dad's (or mom's) top three favorite bands and how would you rate their taste …[View]
78823112Listen to delta blues.[View]
78823610*deletes the black lady song* ahhhhh much better[View]
78822175Cocteau Twins Appreciation Thread: Cocteau Twins are one of the greatest bands ever. Favorite album?…[View]
78783428/prod/ - Music Production General: Previous /prod/ thread: >>78718047 - GIVE feedback and RECE…[View]
78814868/metal/: war edition OLD >>78805205[View]
78824471ITT: emotionally dishonest albums/artists[View]
78822927In Rainbows > all other Radiohead albums: Nothing will ever top In Rainbows for the rest of Radio…[View]
78820589So.... what do you all think is going on? do you think Kevin is bullshitting and Team Effort will be…[View]
78823605Opinions on silver Jews vs Pavement? Opinions on each and favorite album by each?[View]
788243851349: Does anyone actually like this band? I've tried intermittently to like them throughout th…[View]
78824360/Oi!/ Non Political Edition: Been a long fucking time since ive seen a Oi! thread so i thought i wou…[View]
78821239What do you listen to while you bathe /moo/?[View]
78821791>be me >like to listen to albums while going for walks outside >listen to music loud enough…[View]
78823857Sea Folk/Sea Shanties: Anyone here listen to Sea Folk/Shanties? I've been a big fan of Johnny C…[View]
78824017the patrician bengalfuel album inb4: mommy[View]
78823760When does free speech cross the line into hate speech when it comes to musical lyrics. https://www.y…[View]
78824248Remember to get your daily dose of autism anon: How does this music video make you feel /mu/? https:…[View]
78823075KPOP GENERAL[View]
78815496bandcamp thread[View]
78824075This is by far the best Cocteau Twins album[View]
78817058/noise/: why is merzbow the best noise? what are your fav merz albums? what do you like about them?…[View]
78824041>spend months compiling song names in notes app, taking pictures of the radio's text descrip…[View]
78823362I never see this album discussed on here (or any later LC for that matter.) It's really quite g…[View]
78817995Possibly The Most Overrated Vocals Ever[View]
78823106Is she great artist?[View]
78823914I never travel far without a little Big Star.[View]
78817525thoughts on the gorgeous lorde?[View]
78818851were these actually good or were we all just 12 years old?[View]
78822835Why is this so god-tier?[View]
78822359Oh how good is Alvvays live? Thinking about seeing them soon.[View]
78822962mercury rev great band[View]
78823705/mu/, what's the fastest/most consistent way to listen to an entire band's discography at …[View]
78820562ITT: /mu/ in 1972[View]
78823713listening for the first time rn, wtf is with his voice[View]
78822022Does the world need a Sid Vicious? I think so the world needs provocative music that jabs at our so…[View]
78823751post your least scrobbled artists on last.fm[View]
78822683Can anyone give me the link to Virtue by the Voidz? I just found out it leaked but I can't find…[View]
78819542What made J Dilla and Nujabes hip hop legends?[View]
78823146'IN NEW YAWK MY NIGGAS DON'T MILLY ROCK, MY NIGGAS MONEY BOP' what did he mean by this?[View]
78823532IS GARAGE ROCK DEAD?[View]
78823394from which city does he originate?[View]
78823235Hi /mu/ I'm trying to find an album i last listened to back in like 2013 or so, it was some so…[View]
78817861What do you think is the inherent problem of modern pop music?[View]
78823319ITT: albums with god tier closing tracks pic related[View]
78823500Albums that could have been good but ruined by something. Who Really Cares by TV girl has some fun c…[View]
78823072Underrated rapper thread[View]
78823264best eurobeat albums: i know there's like 200 super eurobeat but whats the best the genre has t…[View]
78821544when your favorite albums finally start getting hate on /mu/[View]
78822781So what's he the 'creator' of again? Not offspring, that's for sure.[View]
78822645Are there any other musicians that have done anything close to what GG did?[View]
78822001/workbient/ - Ambient for Productivity: Can someone rec some ambient music to work to? My favorite a…[View]
78823091help add to my playlist: It's called big ol sledge hammer. General theme is badassery. Using mo…[View]
78822159kpop general[View]
78822965Is progressive metal saved?[View]
78822541Any albums /mu/ can recommend that sound like the second half of this album?[View]
78822594>linkin park >incubus >R.E.M. >puddle of mudd >RHCP >nirvana >P.O.D. >korn w…[View]
78820079>Your country >Your opinion on its national anthem Very jumpy and hard as shit to sing. I miss…[View]
78820686Hey /mu/, my favorite aunt died and I've been asked to make a playlist for the funeral. She was…[View]
78822952It was so mystifying to see you so changed I felt some certainty that you must have died Because how…[View]
78822947Guys, I've been looking for the name of this song I heard at work, and I can't seem to fin…[View]
78819907Lavren thread, confirmed for lurking edition.: .[View]
78822904>not knowing the greatest cinematic composer to ever live[View]
78822895Would you let him stain your mountain tops /mu/?[View]
78822846is this zolo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLHHjb1YfMw yes or no answers only[View]
78822404ITT: subtle details about songs that took you forever to notice Pic related >mfw i just noticed t…[View]
78822492ITT: kino album covers[View]
78822641>THIS IS HUH... WOW[View]
78821597>supposed to go to concert on friday in austin with qt asian gril >she gets scared of the bomb…[View]
78822533Music: Anybody have any highly melancholic orchestral music?[View]
78820588Why did Ed and Scott quit?[View]
78822534Riding With The King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJK78Y3zoQk[View]
78822085memories make me want to go back there[View]
78811404How do I into metal? I really like Pantera, but I can't seem to get into any other metal band[View]
78821890Sounds like watered down prog metal[View]
78822471post THAT album[View]
78818594There’s two types of people in this world People who think the Beach Boys were better And People wh…[View]
78819585*turns up the mids knob* is this the logical conclusion to bass playing?[View]
78822432>*saves Rock*[View]
78821145Casimir Pulaski Day is sadder than this entire album[View]
78821830What are some more bands similar to the Smiths and jangle-pop My Bloody Valentine?[View]
78821056dj paul was showin himself making the new seed of 6ix album beats does anyone know what keyboard hes…[View]
78822363This guy was the best drummer of the 80's Just listen to this shit: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
78819892Post lesser known songs that would upset most of the musician's fans if they knew about it. Sta…[View]
78822097Gimme the songs in 6/8 or the 3/4: No genre preferred I just wanna study shit To Here's some I …[View]
78819085>tfw headphones broke and can't listen to music in good quality until new ones come in next …[View]
78820941Post your best photos of musicians[View]
78822165What are some more girly albums like this? I really like it, makes me feel more like a girl, listeni…[View]
78821993What do you hope to get out of this board /mu/?[View]
78822113Hollywood Chads and Stacies that don't get talked about: I'll start[View]
78814843Scrimshaw: Does sounding like shit make it experimental?[View]
78817680*BRAAAP 2*[View]
78821344KPOP GENERAL[View]
78821062*disintegrates your loops*[View]
78822115thats why i needa one dance gottaattaseeinmyhand onemoretimeforigo ihadpowertakingallover[View]
78822101I'm putting together a collective[View]
78819539ITT: songs to die to https://youtu.be/ONIJXHvoynw[View]
78818071A challenge. Remake this image with albums released in 2010 or later.[View]
78818118which is the better band, godspeed you! black emperor or silver mt. zion?[View]
78819576>lyrics are an important aspect in music[View]
78810415ITT: We post the first lyric that comes to mind to the album posted[View]
78821146This album fucking sucks.[View]
78810840ITT: albums that become perfect after removing one track: Death Grips 2.0[View]
78821822Somebody told me about this website today at work. That you guys liked cool and unknown music, thoug…[View]
78820298> Not supporting one of the greatest and most original metal acts since Meshuggah Bruh https://ww…[View]
78819652general suggestions thread: Hi I'm some faggot who used to hang out here like 6 or 7 years ago.…[View]
78820173Post/Recomend good midambient techno albums underrateds are welcomed[View]
78820363hight test albums pic related[View]
78810333Redpill me on audio formats and quality.: I've never really cared. If I want a song I'll u…[View]
78806335PALE WAVES GENERAL: So what do we think of Heavenly? Is Pale Waves the greatest band of the last 10 …[View]
78818427*deletes Moulin Rouge* Ahhhhhh it's now a 9/10[View]
78819468chinkpop general[View]
78821669bodys is far and away the best song on this album. stop smoking and my boy are great but wow, bodys.…[View]
78817464I'm throwing a party tonight: and I need bangers. give me your best bangers please, /mu/[View]
78805304Soundcloud Thread: Post, share, do whatever, here's my stuff https://soundcloud.com/1title-here…[View]
78817754Name one (1) band with a discography as solid as theirs. I'll wait.[View]
78821564/revolution/: ITT: I post the albums I'd play songs off of while I do some /interesting/ fun st…[View]
78754687/daily/ - Get Crunk Edition: The point of these threads is to encourage people to look for new and i…[View]
78820678Clearly the superior album[View]
78821018i'm looking for new strong and compelling preferably independent artists [not backed by a label…[View]
78821269Why can't we be friends /mu/?[View]
78821229>'I dont like metal'[View]
78818719Anons who were born in the year 2000: What is your favorite album?[View]
78820542KPOP GENERAL[View]
78820973does mu like Death Grips?[View]
78820506Why nu-males love ITCOCK or pic related?[View]
78821201Does anyone know an alternative to a phone's default player? Mine has a cut when chaning from s…[View]
78820650Name 1 modern artist with the balls to do something like this[View]
78821067Recommend songs that give off the same emotion and feeling with the sound of the song like this song…[View]
78819522>listens to ok computer for the first time >becomes a soyboy for the next 5 years help.…[View]
78820831What are your favorite hair metal songs to pump you up?[View]
78820044Why is he so Underrated /mu/?[View]
78820985what do you guys think of Starcrawler? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alUHhtQSjr4[View]
78819973guy help i could get into death grips but i can't get into radiohead. what does this say about …[View]
78818657what is the cut off age for being a pro musician?: like if you havnt made it by what age at what poi…[View]
78818095Dog Albums: ITT: Albums with dogs in the cover[View]
78820164>muh internet culture. Has Anthony finally lost it?[View]
78820827ITT: Bands/Artists that are impossible to hate[View]
78818448what kind of person do i need to be to into bengalfuel?[View]
78816760>its everyday broooo >get chills am i retarded?…[View]
78818272/black metal/ general: Black metal is a distinct genre from death/thrash/hardcore etc., so in recogn…[View]
78819443I-is he gonna be ok /mu/[View]
78820779How do I into similar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_hdmt4vpBo also maybe best disney/pixar musi…[View]
78820775ITT Literal villains[View]
78819806Honest opinion?[View]
78817244Anyone know of any more music like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0uK5-ILvEw[View]
78820230Does anybody know what song is this? https://youtu.be/HH-ON0odxgk[View]
78819758Hi guys, i hate to be this dude, and my examples are trash, but do you have more like this: I guess …[View]
78820416Check it out, an emo band pretty much invented the modern indie Mac Demarco sound 12 years ago and n…[View]
78820508Waiting for my moms 2nd operation. Becoming unnecessarily nervous. Music for this Feel?[View]
78820245serious question why do americans like WOO-ing so much?[View]
78820527Do you consider Questlove a good drummer? We always see him drum. But the question is, is he good at…[View]
78819465KPOP GENERAL[View]
78811290ITT: your top 5 favorite genres and people guess shit about you: I'll start: >Noise Rock …[View]
78818878I think I get it now. It's good because it sounds bad[View]
78820340>Codeine >Robbie Basho >Flying Saucer Attack >Coil >Einstürzende Neubauten >The R…[View]
78819552>sit back and chill with some killer weed >sit back and listen to madvillainy ...…[View]
78818149Who was in the wrong here?[View]
78818271any artist similar to dean blunt?[View]
78820161what is he planning for his next album /mu/?[View]
78818642Cat Albums: ITT: Albums with cats in the cover[View]
78815778the most beautiful and profound ambient video i've ever seen in my life https://youtu.be/QkVCtT…[View]
78818569This is like Depeche Mode but good[View]
78818983If you like this band, you're a manchild who never grew out of being an angsty teenager and sho…[View]
78819833ITT: Music you can’t listen to around other people because it makes you cry[View]
78815498ITT: guilty pleasures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVL4C6EVWOw[View]
78819368Who did the best version of Hurt, NIN or Johnny Cash?[View]
78799975/our guy/ general: prove you deserve his salvation.[View]
78818600How funny is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=46&v=meOj4b3oQQc[View]
78820068ITT: music for those of us who drink bottled water too much[View]
78816607name one (1) greatest hits compilation that isn't misleading and actually has a band's bes…[View]
78820031This is actually the pinnacle of hip hop. You cannot refute this point. https://youtu.be/3JcmQONgXJM[View]
78820007>In my days of flaming youth I was extremely suspect of any rock music played by white people. Th…[View]
78818108whats this band called[View]
78816631Childish Gambino Thread: Thoughts on him? Best album?[View]
78819809Post some chill ass tunes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbwYZCga50U https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
78811779Was this the pinnacle of prog rock?[View]
78809561Chart Thread: chart bread: new season edition welcome autumn or spring neverendingchartrendering.org…[View]
78817271why are there so many good lines in this fucking thing >the ocean washed open your grave >call…[View]
78819858Recommend me more of like this /mu/ this 80s new wave, post punk, synth-pop genre https://youtu.be/L…[View]
78818291I enjoy way too much music and always end up downloading a ton of albums. Should I just give up on t…[View]
78808479FAVORITE ALBUM THREAD: Post covers of your #1 album. All genres welcome.[View]
78819319Anyone else think of this album as the bastard child of Autechre and Hans Zimmer?[View]
78819757i think this band should do a double album. most bands don't seem unique enough and often when …[View]
78819659>tfw this is underoath's new direction f https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq1a_oMPswM…[View]
78819288hold your porn whores, this is the best bengalfuel album[View]
78811660>Everyone it seems >Has somewhere to go >And the faster the world spins >The shorter the…[View]
78818325does someone has the dl link for Phish - Junta, I really need to hear this album...[View]
78818226what would you favorite artist say if they were to honestly consider it and answer you if you asked …[View]
78811983Why exactly do people put classical and jazz on such a pedestal? What makes a multi-instrumentalist …[View]
78819238>tfw their production isn’t even good How do people like this shit? How is this even considered t…[View]
78818803What's her best album? Song?[View]
78819324The perfect mash-up doesn't exi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6zSbtcQ5ZA[View]
78818492Kpop General[View]
78817791The Best Grunge Band of the 90's: Has a new album. What does /mu/ think of it? https://www.yout…[View]
78816271this is boring mediocre rock music[View]
78816763>hey anon lets listen to ariel pink what do you do?[View]
78818362*blocks your way*: What album would you suggest him, anon?[View]
78816377>implying this girl nonchalantly whipped up one of the catchiest songs of 2017 alone in her bedro…[View]
78819234Leave AOTY to me.[View]
78818232itt:patrician OSTs[View]
78809982It clicked[View]
78811719What is the most awful opinion each of these fine music reviewers hold?[View]
78815822Since I Left You - The Avalanches: What are your top 3 songs from this album, /mu/?[View]
78819069what are some albums for laying in bed regretting another wasted day after years of wasted days and …[View]
78818475What did Trent Reznor mean by this??[View]
78818849ITT: Underrated Game OSTs[View]
78817328why is hobo Johnson the BEST NEW ARTIST in the GAME god I wiah I had a fuckign girlfreind[View]
78817986that was legendary...[View]
78817102Genuinely talented? Or a novelty propped up by good collaborators?[View]
78817372What's happening here, moo?[View]
78815704/mu/ opinion: opinion on this album? pic related[View]
78818494remember when music was good ? well i do let's discuss some gods of music ! pic related (steve …[View]
78817108this is pretty nice what do you think, /mu/?[View]
78817917post youtube music with under 100k[View]
78814996so this is what autism sounds like, huh[View]
78816711Stop listening to Type 0.[View]
78818677How do you guys compose mixtapes? I bought a car with a CD player, I have 100 tracks from various ar…[View]
78818086What does/ mu/ think of sid vicious : what does /mu/ think.: What do you think?[View]
78818229make this /mu/ related[View]
78817643thought this was another meme album but goddamn I was wrong. listening to this after wearing little …[View]
78818549How come this guy isn't more often hailed as the true genius of french chanson?[View]
78818422Post Punk Thread NOW: recommend some good post-punk gems. try your best not to post stuff that peopl…[View]
78817390KPOP GENERAL[View]
78816785Can I still Listen To Pic Related Even Though He Plowed An 11 Year Old???[View]
78818460ITT: legitimately funny lyrics[View]
78817379Anyone gonna see him live? Wanna have a /mu/ meetup?[View]
78818433albums that make you feel depressed hard mode: no slowcore[View]
78817649I have started learning the piano at 22.I have no previous musical experience.English is my second l…[View]
78818399Does this guy have a future? Why did people not want to fund the album?[View]
78817663name a gayer instrument for a grown man to play[View]
78817138Bluetooth speakers?: What are your opinions on bluetooth speakers /mu/ obviously not the best sound …[View]
78818317>browsing okc >find sweet awkward lonely girl >her bio almost makes me tear up >she seem…[View]
78818123/DG/ BEATDOWN MADNESS: where's your bracket /mu/?[View]
78817333>otherwise flawless album ends with 25 seconds of retarded doodling why?…[View]
78818293Is this a good cover? Thoughts of it?[View]
78817437hello mu, having trouble with finding this album cover, might even be a single. greatly appreciate h…[View]
78800648Fuck, marry, kill[View]
78817166Underrated albums by highly appreciated bands: I'll start[View]
78817949Music for reading: /lit/ here, I'm looking for music to listen to while reading, preferably som…[View]
78817321holy shit[View]
78818170i'm not crying, you're crying: do your worst /mu/[View]
78817371Anon, if you really think about it, why would anybody use this godforsaken website to shill their ow…[View]
78818125whats your guys take on celebs culturally appropriating /mu/? what do you think of all the notable p…[View]
78818064why don't you guys ever talk about Vampire Weekend? they're really good[View]
78818106Brockhampton - Puppy: I know /mu/ doesn't like Brockhampton that much but i'm actually pre…[View]
78818088Good Youtube recommended-core: https://youtu.be/SvfeL9vbfd4[View]
78816812Will I become a better musician if I blind myself?[View]
78817534ITT: Painful rhymes in songs: >they catch a cab to his high rise apartment >at last he can tel…[View]
78817461What do you guys think about it? for me it's wonderful![View]
78817744Wtf I hate school now >tfw its feeding me poison[View]
78817998/r/ing 'John Lennon Beats His Wife (in stereo)[View]
78816807ITT Live/Compilation albums that are a bands best release[View]
78813708Post your favourite soundtracks, /mu/ Mine's pic related.[View]
78816234What kind of deck do you guys use for playing cassettes? Pic unrelated.[View]
78817769Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDpoBc8t6gE[View]
78816525Name 3 artists/bands from Cuba that aren't Buena Vista Social Club[View]
78815092>dude weed That's literally the entire album. What a degenerate ass band…[View]
78817572Pale Waves hate thread: >tfw Pale Waves fanbase probably actually thinks this…[View]
78817499what does /mu/ think of this shit?[View]
78815523Gus Dapperton Best indie singer ever, he's bae and goals[View]
78816565ya'll niggas need some Astronoid in your life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0css1kqM0Y like …[View]
78816919The Best cover of 'My Way' was made by: Sid Vicious Elvis Presley Frank Sinatra?[View]
78814730ITT: Pictures of Bill Clinton listening to cool things[View]
78815291The New /Mu/Core adapt or get left behind[View]
78815929Cheerful music: I'm slipping back into depression so I'm looking for some music to cheer m…[View]
78816976>AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >*twang* What did he mean by this?…[View]
78815146I've never listened to them in mono. Am I missing something?[View]
78817409ITT: Songs that follow you around in life. By this I mean songs that you seemingly hear everywhere a…[View]
78816121>mfw creep is the only love song i can relate to[View]
78815159holy shit[View]
78817354holy shit[View]
78817282Why does the music industry have no new stars?[View]
78817161I never really liked this that much, but suddenly after I listened to it last week I've been wa…[View]
78816837Give me albums that focus more on rhythm, walls of sound, and building and testing instead of heavy …[View]
78813395Albums you don't see on /mu/: Post albums some of your favourite albums that /mu/tants never ta…[View]
78817150*deletes Transit 10/10 best ambient record of all time[View]
78816922Revival: Revitalized Mixing is leagues crisper Features the Chloraseptic cut with 2 Chainz and the e…[View]
78814586Sharethread: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
78815574/garageband/ thread ITT post any tracks, tips, ideas or tricks[View]
78814766Yo-Yo Ma: Is he over-rated?[View]
78817119SOUTHERN RAP: post best https://youtu.be/dKaT_s3NY3Y[View]
78815443Lucky by Radiohead is objectively the most well constructed rock song of all time.[View]
78817110What have we done?[View]
78817109Just try and name a better German artist.[View]
78816861Ive had v light ringing in my ears for a couple years now but its gotten worse in the last few days …[View]
78815336How /mu/ doesn't give a shit about this contender for AOTY?[View]
78817030How do I get into delta blues? Listening to Robert Johnson just makes me want to listen to Radiohead…[View]
78811057>get depressed >Radiohead becomes 10x better…[View]
78809008Does /mu/ like black metal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV8N44HzfBQ[View]
78816165ITT: Post a random image and others post the first album that comes to mind.[View]
78816358cuckmusik: songs like 'why cant you make up your mind' and 'the less i know the better' are about a …[View]
78815424/YMO/ general: favorite album, favorite song, GO[View]
78801509Post a cartoon character and others guess what music they listen to.[View]
78814042Name a better band[View]
78816688What’s the Shadman of music?[View]
78815872korean pop gener[View]
78816016My Lil Doik Age: I breath in stereoo[View]
78816806in the air tonight is his best song, fight me[View]
78816836*blocks your path*[View]
78815140How can an entire planet be so devoid of musical talent?[View]
78816750>Open up youtube >Check a Clairo song for the first time >recommended - Boy Pablo >Up ne…[View]
78804905/mu/ !!!! This is really good !!!!!!!!![View]
78814929Post these[View]
78816714Best songs called untitled[View]
78812006Help me making the ULTIMATE 420 playlist. The rules are the next: Chill Trippy Nothing too depressiv…[View]
78816706Who are the best musicians and actors?[View]
78816310shit albums that are secretly good[View]
78805205/metal/ general: /metal/ general death metal edition old thread: >>78793053[View]
78816577Talentless hacks general[View]
78801554/gg/ Guitar & Bass General: How do I start learning guitar? >https://www.justinguitar.com/ Gu…[View]
78815030Albums that sound like Spring[View]
78816453>I'LL FUCK YOU IN HALF[View]
78816495>ywn sneak out of a party with Björk[View]
78808494Recommend me something like this. Looking for manly lo-fi rock.[View]
788164896 God, BlocBoy, 6 God, BlocBoy[View]
78816323>practiced guitar at the age of 22 for a few months in a graveyard >suddenly emerged as a god …[View]
78816471Childhood is pretending to care about some irrelevant band from the 60's whose album you downlo…[View]
78816236Fishmans is my favorite band[View]
78816224>you will never be a pseud-alpha / closet beta musician who gets tickled pink by his qt girl fans…[View]
78795353/bm/ - Black Metal Thread: No soy edition[View]
78812109>Can we admit that this man's whole career started off his mugshot combined with his name? O…[View]
78811765What does /mu/ think of 80s/90s Japanese music like Akiko Yano, YMO, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kidorikko?[View]
78810712What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
78816147This man is an absurdist genius[View]
78814799Is music going to get better?[View]
78816138Is there any stream/er worth checking out for music? I know of pic related and the lo-fi hiphop stuf…[View]
78816125Recent cops/upcoming releases: What new records/reissues do you want? What've you bought recent…[View]
78815880Biggie was better than Pac in almost every way. This is a fact.[View]
78810837Are there any good music analysis/review youtube channels? >inb4 Melon or deepcuts I said good…[View]
78815883Actually good soundcloud rappers because 69 can't be the fucking guy posted on here i'll s…[View]
78816051I DONT REALLY CARE IF YOUUUUU CRRRRRYRRYYYYYYYYY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPPN2T9GG0I[View]
78815020>Oh whats that? Rock has become irrelevant again? >*sigh* alright hang on ill sort it out >…[View]
78816018The look in her eye, you just KNOW they banged. Ringo Starr is known to be THE most hung guy in The …[View]
78811724If you like Mac DeMarco, you should listen to Cuco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV8tI8-dVJQ[View]
78815988what does /mu/ think of the new kinography director? responsible for such acts like >clairo >g…[View]
78812213LiL Peep: wtf how was there no thread 4 the single best musician of all time[View]
78814198Tom Waits Remasters: Anyone take a listen to the latest batch of Tom Waits remasters? I'm talki…[View]
78815907ITT: Criminally underrated albums from this decade. Abu Lahab - Of Heliotaxis and Cosmic Knifing htt…[View]
78815225i hear stacking vinyl records is bad but is it okay to keep one of them laying horizontally? asking …[View]
78815784Jorman God aka Jbenitex newest hip hop instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLpiA--G398 Ins…[View]
78807865weekly 3x3 4x4 5x5 rec guess rate chat debate love hate http://tapmusic.net/[View]
78815728>embroiled in a steamy shit albums for this feel?[View]
78814810So are they punk?[View]
78814956Is he the epitome of an INFP male?: also type other musicians with memebti here if you'd like…[View]
78812899What is the /mu/ equivalent of CIA meme?[View]
78811681Red or Blue?[View]
78814963Any /mu/tants know of other conceptual math rock works? Currents EP by covet is a solid example, ble…[View]
78808146No 6ix9ine thread? Let's solve that. Thoughts? Opinions? What do you think the next move is of …[View]
78812612Still SOTD and its not even close[View]
78814638Despite what you may think, this is the absolute worst record of all time. No songs about rock n rol…[View]
78814822does anyone have a DL for all 4 parts on top of eachother?[View]
78815365'Birds of the Air' by In Spirit: https://open.spotify.com/album/2ILbgxSDd1GNF7jxfGGrij https://james…[View]
78810039Good news everybody![View]
78814381flowchart thread: post em[View]
78814303kpg general[View]
78814805>Nigga, hustlers don't stop, they keep goin' >You can lose your life but it gon…[View]
78814940crazy bitch[View]
78814511>Nothin' shakin' on Shakedown Street[View]
78805508childhood is thinking ocean man is their best song, adulthood is realizing it's gonna be (alrig…[View]
78812471Buttrock general: Rev up those guilty pleasures. Post your favorite buttrock bands, songs, etc. Disc…[View]
78814825whys he holding a goat lol....[View]
78810480>I feel down the stairs and ravioli on me Music for this feel?[View]
78810129ITT: Bands only true patricians like.[View]
78812869>my 2018 so far How bad is it guys?[View]
78810850Itt: their best work[View]
78814741>Do you need anybody? >I need somebody to love >Could it be anybody? >I want somebody to…[View]
78812714ITT: Top heavy albums[View]
78813468I Just Released My First Album & I Wanted To Share It With You All https://open.spotify.com/albu…[View]
78814588This is the best album from the 80s[View]
78812180/Crystal Castles/ or similar artists? https://youtu.be/CfbCLwNlGwU[View]
78814539Kyoka: Hey /mu/ Anyone here like Kyoka? Saw her live a few times and was blown away. Does anyone hav…[View]
78811211Rage Against the Machine is the peak of rock music[View]
78808036I turned myself into a potato, Morty![View]
78814031Music for this feel?[View]
78814361Source This Music Please: Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j2TO_QSxUo I NEED IT[View]
78814284You just know fantano will underscore Virtue, he cant get past julian being in the band enough to be…[View]
78811126>tfw all you ever want to do is drink and watch tv Any music for this feel?…[View]
78813487KPOP GENERAL[View]
78813422All of their songs are good but they all sound the same[View]
788101116ix9ine: 6ix9ine Is The Beethoven Of The New Generation[View]
78814237yo this is good[View]
78814215>lossy why do people do this when hard drives are so cheap? i have to scour the depths of the int…[View]
78813849How did i get here?[View]
78814152Trout Mask Replica changed my life![View]
78807089>kendrick is the shit, man![View]
78812520It’s Tuesday, Trent. Where is the new EP?[View]
78813828What's so great about this generic post-punk band? The singer tries really hard to sound like N…[View]
78812399The last I've visited /mu/ was a year ago and they're still discussing the same some twent…[View]
78813403INDUSTRIAL/NOISE/POWER ELECTRONICS Post your favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwiGZfCt0Zs…[View]
78788918/rym/ general: Fellas ~hotzera[View]
78813989i really like pic related, can someone recommend something similar[View]
78813438Yoko Ono > John Lennon tbqh[View]
78809571name a better debut[View]
78813848*Plays the wall on shuffle* *listens to about half the album before walking to McDonald's* Omg …[View]
78813741What are some good stuttery freaked out whoop whooing singers? Sorry I couldn't come up with a …[View]
78813205Death Grips cured my gender dysphoria[View]
78808469KoЯn KoЯner: that's right, it's time to talk about korn[View]
78813292Music about Extraterrestrial beings?[View]
78813720Birthday albums: Post the best album from the exact day of your birth.[View]
78813266How does /mu/ feel about Pertubator[View]
78813711ITT: Songs on albums you always disliked but now love: >Hey![View]
78813691Why doesnt anything else of swing come even close to the pure danceability and groovyness of this?[View]
78812886Why is the rest of the world so much better at pop music than americans?[View]
78807184Can someone red pill me on of Montreal? I just started the sunlandic twins and its pretty groovy[View]
78813639wtf it's good[View]
78812805kpop general: I got the cubs for 2018 edition[View]
78810913Post Hip Hop albums better than Illmatic. I'll start off with an easy one.[View]
78811805Holy Shit[View]
78813307Don Beveridge - WHPRBTTN (Bagel Remix): https://youtu.be/eOQ01j7ica8[View]
78810826Sex with car Sex on top of car Sex inside of car Sex with movie star Sex with Ringo Starr Sex with c…[View]
78811865Show me rock music with organ: Something like this at 6:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRja4HUsR…[View]
78808716Lets talk about the Beach Boys. Whats your favorite Beach Boys song and why? Personally, my favorite…[View]
78811472How do I quickly learn guitar?[View]
78812637is this the greatest jazz album of all time?[View]
78812801>listen to album >clicks on first listen[View]
78813022can someone help me identify the song?[View]
78812811why is this allowed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MIVvnQHxeM[View]
78802389Is this Julian Casablancas' best work?[View]
78809553Is this a good shirt?[View]
78809161intro to classical music: im sorry if people make this thread all the time, but i couldnt find anyth…[View]
78812485I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78809613Would you got to a concert with this lineup?: Boris Melt Banana Midori Maximum The Hormone[View]
78810949So this is what Laughing Stock would sound like without decent songwriting[View]
78812412Rank the songs: 1. The Overload 2. Houses In Motion 3. The Great Curve 4. Born Under Punches 5. Seen…[View]
78809000'Eno's work with Coldplay on Viva La Vida is astonishing, especially for a band that fell off l…[View]
78805775>Literally saves rock twice[View]
78812438Lets have an 80's /synth/new retrowave dance thread! Im building a playlist so post your favori…[View]
78811864KPOP GENERAL[View]
78803094New standalone Bandcamp thread Post your music, rec and give feedback to others[View]
78812704Sir Richard 'Ringo Starr' Starkey: have you taken your ringopill today?[View]
78811898>heee’s veeenus... as a boy(?) Ah yes. A true, lyrical genius you guys have chosen to circlejerk …[View]
78812532ITT: 10's[View]
78811810'No. 13 Baby' is the 11th track of 15 on 'Doolittle'[View]
78812459are they good? where do i start?[View]
78809075Did I like it?[View]
78811399What do tradies listen to?: Well? Is it butt rock, country?[View]
78811902how is this not main /mu/ waifu[View]
78812369>jeff mangum is on his own tonight >sorry mangum >thank yoooouuuu mr mangum…[View]
78812364Post good music to come out of your country. Can you guess mine? The f16s - Moon Child[View]
78796100How can such a sparsely populated continent have so much musical talent?[View]
78811666does this apply to this board? is anything real? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhx6IfKrvEQ&featu…[View]
78808920autechre pronunciation: aw-tecker[View]
78806716Indie then >Fugazi, Unwound, Pixies, Elliott Smith etc. 'Indie' now >Soy Seat Headrest, Soy Da…[View]
78811986Say something nice about Sir Richard Starkey[View]
78800327NEW PALE WAVES: https://youtu.be/A7VjtmmlEQ4 What a fucking BOP[View]
78804879How long until she becomes a hit on every radio station?[View]
78810914OPEN YOUR MOUTH[View]
78808187is shit[View]
78809891/kkb general/: BONITO! SARAH![View]
78808560Will he get it right this time?[View]
78811690Where do I start with listening to The Residents?[View]
7880421624+ /mu/tants: how are you old farts doing? what music have you enjoyed more with age, what music is…[View]
78811926uhhh what the fuck is this weebshit lmao [spoiler]please someone discuss the greatest musician of al…[View]
78810871what did he mean by this?: It’s easy to sell your trip once you get a bit of an audience and the ski…[View]
78809503>Voulez-vous écouter de la musique ensemble, anon? What would you do, /mu/?…[View]
78812004Eurovision France: can someone explain to me the nazi thing in France's song this year?i feel l…[View]
78811589Does anyone have that death grips meme which is a really shittily drawn MC Ride and there’s the word…[View]
78809267What are some sexy bands? Stuff like Lovage or Elysian Fields (gonna provide some links). I guess mo…[View]
78809551What are some songs like 'You Came To Party' by Too $hort & Meter Mobb? I don't normally li…[View]
78811869Hipster black metal thread Blackgaze, post black metal and avant garde black metal is welcome[View]
78810697KPOP GENERAL: 'soul edition[View]
78807214OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
78810736Listen to synthpop dummy chvrches, new order, ladytron, grimes, susanne sundfor, jesse lanza, kero k…[View]
78807544Stop listening to Swirlies, Ministry and Duran Duran. Start listening to Grimes[View]
78811722Staying at Tamara's: Cannot wait until Friday! Has anyone seen a leak yet or unreleased track p…[View]
78811400ITT: soymusique that you actually enjoy[View]
78811699this kills the godspeed/basinski babby[View]
78809800No Radiohead album deserves more than a 8/10[View]
78809468ITT: We come out together and praise fireflies by owl city. I'll start I enjoyed Fireflies[View]
78808948>ITT: Pleb tier artists with a Patrician album[View]
78811382Anyone know any artists similar to Mac DeMarco?[View]
78810469>tfw you realize that @ramorє is the best pop band out right now[View]
78810328(Prog/Reg) Metalcore Thread: Post songs / albums and discuss I'll start with some songs: Ocean…[View]
78811203Anyone got the updated version of this?[View]
78811283>at low-key house party with some relatively open-minded friends (in musical terms) >my turn t…[View]
78811168music for black excellence?[View]
78811267Will Lolla not be shit this year?[View]
78784488SHARETHREAD: ETIQUETTE - Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, c…[View]
78808173black anon here been getting into the p4k core. after only listening to hip hop, industrial and deat…[View]
78810784ITT: Albums only you have listened to[View]
78806577ITT god tier collabs Joji and MC ride on the same track? It'd be so. lit. Chill refined beats a…[View]
78811087I wanted to die In a hailstorm of fire I wanted to cry no more You hope and you prey And let yoursel…[View]
78810824I noticed recently that The Beach Boys' music tends to especially resonate with the mentally il…[View]
78808902Say nice things about my senpai![View]
78810546You just lost it.[View]
78808025Hey homeless fag here. Could you guys give me some good albums that came out in last 2 years. Have a…[View]
78811055need some good albums to daydream too. something bass heavy with some mellow vocals.[View]
78810993Songs That Peak Early: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYYRH4apXDo[View]
78810680What is P4Ks fucking problem?: >https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/11617-partie-traumatic/ Did …[View]
78810825Does she have the prettiest voice ever?[View]
78809574Grug likes when his music has bursts of noise on the 2nd and 4rd beat![View]
78810870Terrorwave Music: Post some APOLITICAL music that fits this aesthetic https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
78808248Black artists haven't produced anything significant since the 90s.: Debate me.[View]
78810849Albums with amazing drumming[View]
78810844>I know someday you'll have a beautiful life >I know you'll be a star >In somebod…[View]
78806510I'm getting into making music without using a computer. Who else here is /outofthebox/? Pic rel…[View]
78810765When did you grow out of the Beach Boys?[View]
78810756Jam thread: Can we talk about the greatest jam band ever? The Disco Biscuits. Just watch and experie…[View]
78810746More like his minimalist and spoken word works?[View]
78810708so what does /mu/ think about this man?[View]
78810688Is there actually anything good from this album aside from Floor 555?[View]
78809799KPOP GENERAL: nugu edition[View]
78809726Is fear of the dark the only relatable metal song ever made? Everything else is about fantasy-satani…[View]
78810648more like this[View]
78810012*saves indie music*[View]
78810616>If you walk away I walk away First tell me which road you will take I don't want to risk ou…[View]
78809141>Show normie an artist I like >'Oh wow I like it, this is pretty good' Why do normalfags alway…[View]
78810544*creates buttrock* psshh nothing personneel kid[View]
78810170what went so right?[View]
78808085bracket madness thread bait edition[View]
78808566*blocks your path*[View]
78810444Will we ever get another singer whose voice is as angelic as Karen's?[View]
78809214>album's first track is a rick and morty skit[View]
78810417itt: album equivalents of movies.[View]
78808359Jazz Appreciation Thread: Let me introduce you anons, to my best friend. My best friend is not a per…[View]
78808231https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eWJRqEtT6cA [Embed] song name? answer me.[View]
78807593*ruins classical music forever*[View]
78808900I just released a new EP for father's day and I'd like to hear some honest opinions from y…[View]
78809350Why is he so amazing? How does he not stop? He's contributed to 30+ albums in the past decade, …[View]
78805685Any songs about anorexia or other eating disorders?[View]
78808769what the fuck is the name of this tune /mu/? I remember hearing some guy play it from his phone on a…[View]
78796590the fattening: what's with pop stars becoming fat now?[View]
78809538>I wear black on the outside cause black is how I feel on the inside What did he mean by this?…[View]
78807435Broadway thread ok here?[View]
78809318Who is the next big thing on soundcloud?[View]
78807460What are some punk songs with good fast energy but depressing lyrics?[View]
78802597Leaked: quality varies from ~190-250 kbps, enjoy. https://mega.nz/#!4XgkXCCS!ntuiqOpbIkrHR7W0c8fYVCu…[View]
78808105Anon, are you okay, you okay, you okay, Anon?[View]
78809687What does /mu/ think about Hobo Johnson & the Lovemakers[View]
78807047ITT: albums with zero good songs[View]
78808521what's the best song on this album[View]
78808908KPOP GENERAL: the calm before the storm edition[View]
78809394What is the best Weezer album?[View]
78808897New to /mu/ Give me recs or tell me chart is shit i don't mind[View]
78808141Are you ready for dungeon synth to be the micro genre that takes over the early 2020's?[View]
78809692Music review: I made a new song last time you guys told me it was ok. I just wanna get an unbiased o…[View]
78807615Bandcamp thread, rate my music: https://thewaterboarders1.bandcamp.com/album/songs-of-love-and-tortu…[View]
78803941>at a concert >people start dancing why do they always fucking do this cringey shit lads…[View]
78807968Why would you listen to any other synthpop band when Depeche Mode already perfected the genre?[View]
78803816ITT: POST A POPULAR, WIDELY HELD OPINION THAT YOU AGREE WITH >War Pigs is one of the greatest roc…[View]
78808463This utterly DESTROYS the smiths soyboy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzIQquWxyK4[View]
78809552Charli XCX General: More like Charli SexYX amirite?![View]
78806503In Absentia: Wow this is really great. Why don't people talk about this more often?[View]
78808431Elvis: I've never really seen much discussion on him on here. (I may be blind) Whats the genera…[View]
78806447>Hey anon,I heard you like music a lot. I'm having a party and I was hoping you could give m…[View]
78806869More like pic related please[View]
78806758BANGARANG *dabs*[View]
78809019what do we think about him?[View]
78809197Similar things please[View]
78806232>tfw can't enjoy songs that have over 1M views because their normie pls post best songs with…[View]
78809230Grug only like TCD and LR.[View]
78808868Classical music question: Can anyone tell me the name of this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
78778461/mu/ reaction pic thread: Starting with a classic[View]
78808715what are some albums with this aesthetic?[View]
78808863>tfw the truth about 9/11 will come out in 43 years time Music for the feel?…[View]
78808296what's your favorite melancholic song? The one that just brings forth that certain feeling in y…[View]
78808689Has the mixtape been replaced with the playlist? If so how do we fix this and bring back the glory o…[View]
78799396thoughts on Halsey?[View]
78808763What do you think of him?[View]
78807923KPOP GENERAL[View]
78808879/Andreyev/-Core: What are the essential works experimental classical music?[View]
78808867musaic that make you wanna DAB ON A NIGGA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE[View]
78806338What happened to Silento?[View]
78808844>While I do like Simon [Reynold's] new book [Rip it Up and Start Again], my one qualm is tha…[View]
78803620The only worthwhile music discussion youtube channel[View]
78808737Something to listen to when you accidentally stayed up all night now you have to go to bed at 7am a …[View]
78808747Are there any modern songs and bands about Wild Beasts and Dungeons?[View]
78806704Ennio Morricone: Thoughts on this? Anyone here seen him? Worth going?[View]
78808636RIP Bankroll: This mixtape is one of the most underrated trap projuects of the decade https://www.yo…[View]
78808548Are compilations ever acceptable, and if so, what are some good compilations?[View]
78807864/BB GENERAL/: My Enemy is pretty good i don't know what you all are smoking[View]
78808510I remember singing along to this song on the PA system at Quick Chek where I'd gone to get coff…[View]
78789771top 10: >post your top 10 albums >get judged >get rated >get recs https://www.neverendin…[View]
78808562you faggotronics have good taste sometimes[View]
78808528anti-gravity bunny: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fucking amazing and underrated this …[View]
78808507SAY MY NAME BABY[View]
78802594How does this image make you feel /mu/?[View]
78804476Rank the Bjork’s discography[View]
78805029Jon Hopkins - Emerald Rush: holy shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sk0uDbM5lc[View]
78808185Post your number one (1) song of all time if it's on youtube. Imagine there's a gun to you…[View]
78807720wait, when did XXXTENTACION become good?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgN-vvVVxMA[View]
78808386Nice Guy Bread: What's the best album that you've listened to recently? I saw some anon h…[View]
78765059Grimes: don't mind me, just posting the artist of this decade[View]
78808276ITT: Your favorite album that appeared on a TV show: pic related[View]
78807832[RQ] monk chant [more like this]: looking for more, from a specific type of monk chant, like in the …[View]
78808069>cocteau twins >the members are not twins named cocteau really ruins the immersion…[View]
78806221*saves goth rock*[View]
78807502I don't know shit about anything electronic music related apart from really basic essential shi…[View]
78804825what your favorite based god track?[View]
78804641>enter sharethread >don't share anything…[View]
78798001Post an album that is reflective of how your year is going.[View]
78807496anyone here ever been caught for using cracked production software/plugins? if so what was it and w…[View]
78807409Piñata > Madvilliany[View]
78801375Can we all agree that if rappers like this didn’t get record deals that the genre would be considere…[View]
78805016>think metallica is some meme metal band for normies >listen to and justice for all >it…[View]
78805812Are people still into punk nowadays ?[View]
78807168kpop general: i believe in a future collab[View]
78807747I don't frequent here, I rarely visit /mu/, but I want to do this. Badly draw a music cover and…[View]
78807903#TrusaysPressRelease: https://pastebin.com/0AMxpqRg[View]
78804419What are you listening to right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOvgpIhx4Iw[View]
78807746Thoughts on this?[View]
78807725any link for this? i cant find any torrent or anything...[View]
78807731just found this gem. makes me feel a little cos i wish i had a little qt helping me get clean and he…[View]
78807276why would you believe anything a fat person such as this says?[View]
78801712Is Taylor Swift actually quite good??[View]
78804217This is just noise, with no semblance of melody or rhythm. I can't even make out the instrument…[View]
78805296Any album that sounds like this soundtrack?[View]
78805544I went to the office, I went to Pitchfork, I had it all, and I looked at it and said, 'This is a big…[View]
78786230Soundcloud/share thread. Don't rec people you don't listen to, fucking pricks[View]
78798566which one?[View]
78806952The most relevant streetware rapper of all time: Wow!!!!! Fantastic!!!![View]
78797732chart bread[View]
78804150Name their mixtape[View]
78805751when am i going to forget the dc metro stations and mac demarco LP birthday gifts[View]
78802265He's actually a genius guys[View]
78807069Thoughts on this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y78oMK6InCU[View]
78801227Why didn't he accept her on Facebook?[View]
78802694ya boy: How do you feel about John 'George Lucas Owes Me Everything' Williams?[View]
78804739Anyone else notice the cowbell?[View]
78805974Like Bauhaus, The Cure and The Fall had a baby.. if they keep this up they might just exceed all tho…[View]
78806443KPOP GENERAL[View]
78804709What music does he listen to?[View]
78806851cant seem to stop listening to lonnie liston smith lately, rec me more great fusion/ enlighten me wi…[View]
78798260/mu/'s Top 100 Song Covers: ITT: /mu/ chooses the top 100 song covers >post your favorite so…[View]
78804928New to /mu/. Rec/rate/hate my chart. One album per artist. you might be able to tell that there is o…[View]
78797340Tell me what you're listening to RIGHT NOW, or Ringo will shoot.[View]
78796917solid 7/10[View]
78804310This is literally noise, with no semblance of melody or rhythm. I can't even make out the whole…[View]
78804496So I just listened to this guy for the first time. Why does /mu/ hate him so much? https://youtube.c…[View]
78804690/fmk/ fuck marry kill: Post 3 albums. Pick which ones to fuck, marry, and kill. >Pic related Fuck…[View]
78791902old thread is very filled, lets start a new Share it up[View]
78804822it's way too late to be browsing mu and you know it. Play this. Turn off the lights. And prepar…[View]
78806377New Animal Collective - The Musicbox Set: new animal collective is interesting. here they are perfor…[View]
78806471Chaka Khan Support - Prince's Journey 2 The Center of Your Heart (2009 Concert): https://www.yo…[View]
78804479I'm putting together a band... you in?[View]
78806558Hey /mu/, Kind of in a tough spot regarding life rn :/. What are some uplifting albums you'd re…[View]
78806676songs as airy warm and weighltess as this im high on a bynch uf piills: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
78804529>mfw To Be Kind title track comes on[View]
78805836Anything similar to this (outside the rest of their discography, of course)[View]
78805454KPOP GENERAL[View]
78806366What happened to ''White Classy'' Bruno Mars? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyWNUtHXIho[View]
78799597>queens of the stone age >every person in the band is a man…[View]
78805916Has anyone actually paid attention to these guys since sweater weather?[View]
78798884Albums That Tittle Track Is the Weakest Song on The Album: Why is Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' …[View]
78804105Neo psychedelia, spacerock etc: New to the genres. Only heard some stuff by Pond (the album hobo roc…[View]
78805664the new boy pablo ep project sounds real good, dont know why they changed the front man tho[View]
78803938Was he really in key? I read Anthony Kiedis’ biography and John said that he was. I personally lik…[View]
78802437/band/ thread: What instrument do/did you play, /mu/?[View]
78806016God-tier Pop Album[View]
78800535Charts thread: >Rec >Critic >Share…[View]
78806045How to get gigs that aren't shit?[View]
78802732Why do they hate him so?[View]
78802264/mu/mor thread: somebody post those george harrison memes[View]
78806054Ernst Reijseger: What’s his best work?[View]
78805682Where can I find more shit like this? I’ve listened to some other electronic hardcore stuff like Ata…[View]
78805979bagpipe jazz: bagpipe jazz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmaicurzPb0[View]
78797643Is he the most evil musician to have ever existed?[View]
78803614This is the greatest album of all time.[View]
78803069>album is one song[View]
78804773>his favourite track isn't hold my liqour[View]
78805842Unreleased Kelela Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-nUhanvpWE[View]
78805777Music for when you stare at yourself in the mirror for 5 hours straight trying to convince yourself …[View]
78805788END UP BACK IN A CYCLE OF SHAME, looking in the mirror is hard. Some days I hurt myself to distract …[View]
78805749Wow this guy is really good Man, I'm a big Gus Dapperfan[View]
78804174redpill me on cris ott[View]
78802039itt: horrifically unpatrician views you hold anyways I like maroon 5 sunday morning than velvet unde…[View]
78792109The Great Debate[View]
78805593Please identify the stringed instrument used at the 1:34 mark. https://youtu.be/m4LLVIUh6ZM?t=94[View]
78805187Post music you think Werner Herzog would listen to.[View]
78803728How come I can’t get into this, and I’m bored? There’s plenty of droney, atmospheric music that does…[View]
78803101/last.fm/ well monday is over: >SCRUBBLER https://github.com/coczero/Last.fm-Scrubbler-WPF/releas…[View]
78805480Is music directly a product of the time?: If say, Rush, Geuss Who, Beatles, Zeppelin or Bowie were b…[View]
78795651What's their worst song?[View]
78798776Artists you can only enjoy alone[View]
78803667post the most badass rap lyrics you know >'I been with you since day one >Savage I ain't …[View]
78804130KPOP GENERAL[View]
78793053/metal/: las creaturas... edition OLD >>78781130[View]
78805248Why the fuck is this being shilled so much on /mu/ lately[View]
78802811Hope you guys realize that what's happening with Pale Waves now is exactly how we ended up with…[View]
78802247What else is there that sounds like the Diablo 2 soundtrack?[View]
78799318Be serious with me /mu/.: When do we say enough it enough....[View]
78804826>verse >instrument solo >verse >instrument solo…[View]
78805081Isn’t this album cover based off of an older album? I remember seeing it once before.[View]
78804143One of the best albums of the 80's[View]
78802472is there some kind of way to test if you're a musical savant? i think i might be a semi savant[View]
78804292ITT: Moments You Were Blown Away: >the first time i ever heard come on feel the illinoise…[View]
78804971So All Apologies is basically just a re-write of Levitate Me, right?[View]
78804936This is my friend. He makes hip hop in his spare time. he is pretty rad and it would be rad if you c…[View]
78804782Post the best player of your favorite instrument[View]
78803891>song is from the 60s,70s,80s,90s,00s,10s,[View]
78802954Any of you guys know a bootleg music website where i can download the songs i want?[View]
78803757>song fades out >song fades back in[View]
78801113WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO: Alright you /mu/tts, what the FUCK are you GOD DAMN listening to right th…[View]
78799037You have 5 (five) seconds to post a piece of music with this logo that isn't utter garbage.[View]
78804790https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqo5vDZxu-U unexpected good music?[View]
78804513DAMN PEGGY![View]
78791936ITT post your favourite artist and others judge whether you're soy or chad. Pic related is mine[View]
78803810Happy songs that remind you, that being alive is beautiful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vluBFWv4…[View]
78804570>hey guys my wife died did you forget? I need money so buy my album I have stuff to buy oh and ye…[View]
78804631my musical taste has gone so downhill that i will call literal distortion a 'banger' how do i fix th…[View]
78804423Do records have good resell value?[View]
78804041>fuck creativity, let's all just play our music like that one Black Sabbath song and turn it…[View]
78803841what are some songs about self-hatred[View]
78803358Can minimalist blues make a comeback?[View]
78795889>cares about artist's authenticity[View]
78804097>tfw as a kid used to listen to my favourite artists and imagine it's my music, i'm per…[View]
787977863x3/4x4/5x5 collage thread: lazyposters BTFO. I will try to give recs[View]
78802031/p4k/ - Nightly Pitchfork Countdown Hypetrain Thread: Fellow Pitchfork patricians, it is once again …[View]
78799215Car Speakers: I just bought a 1987 shelby and need to upgrade the speakers. I want to blast eurobeat…[View]
78802960/noise/ general: Fuck every other genre. Post some fucking NOISE.[View]
78804185which one?[View]
78804189>tfw mainstream pop will never be this good again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpqqjU7u5Yc why…[View]
78802642This is unironically good.[View]
78803025/bop/ general: post youtube bops ITT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My4j3vgFxbE[View]

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