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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 132 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
15459847/m/ watch guide: Can someone post the gundam watch guide. Pic unrelated.[View]
15455216ANN scores Gundam X: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/after-war-gundam-x/sub.dvd-collection-2/…[View]
15442306Is there any way to write fanfiction that isn't 100% autism? I'm rewatching 08th MS Team a…[View]
15454755How do you like your Gundam? Super serious or Super kiddy[View]
15432051Why do people like this?: Serious question. I'm 11 episodes in and I don't think I'll…[View]
15439345Why did mecha never take off in the west?[View]
15460204Left: Nagano Middle: Okawara Right: Fujita Which rendition do you like best from these artists?[View]
15441162Mekton Zeta: Anybody on /m/ still play Mekton? This is still probably the best mecha tabletop game.…[View]
15454896The Gunpla and Plamo General: *** BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DO NOT REPLY TO THE NAME/TRIPFAGS IN T…[View]
15455093Thoughts?: Pic related[View]
15457721Will 3D printing inevitably cause Gunpla piracy and general corporate butthurt?[View]
15460188Episode 07 of Magnerobo Ga-Keen has been released by Luurah Productions and Saizen Fansubs! Let…[View]
15458025Suit Suggestions: I'm planning on running a tabletop game set between 0083 and Zeta, with a bit…[View]
15453900Why is the dialogue in Zeta so weird sometimes? 0079 had goofy stuff but every single episode someon…[View]
15457629Do you like Nano?[View]
15449918Rahxephon: So I finished this a while ago. Can we talk about this heaping pile of garbage? It starte…[View]
15459432Let's change the world, Orga.[View]
15453929What's /m/'s favorite ~50ep mecha show? What about ~25ep?[View]
15457420>tfw one more to go[View]
15458012/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1500 - 15 Edition: How to get into KR and where to start? https://kamen…[View]
15458114https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SouFOCFUNOA HEre have another normie list[View]
15450264Name says it all Out of context only[View]
15452837Is Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen any good?: Really liked Imagawa's other works such as the Gian…[View]
15455263I'M BACK!: With half a serrated v fin and shoulder growth.[View]
15442149Space Sentai Kyuranger – 10: http://over-ti.me/releases/space-sentai-kyuranger-10/[View]
15453139Do large breasts ever get in the way of piloting mecha in any /m/ media? Has anyone canonically have…[View]
15458927Anyone else notice a rise in hatred toward Gundam X recently?[View]
15433610Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Teaser >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB4I68XVPzQ…[View]
15456187Am I crazy for thinking IBO's designs are way better than anything Nagano has ever churned out?…[View]
15454953What did he mean by this?[View]
15443872What were they thinking?[View]
15458826Best gundam of the decade.[View]
15455766Universe: What mecha that could destroy a universe with its own power. Pic might be related.[View]
15458844Obari is a GOD!!!![View]
15453265what could have been tatsunoko vs capcom 2: well I kid, it's a toy event featuring tatsunoko an…[View]
15449532Post /m/ phrases Any will do[View]
15447362What's the ugliest mech you've seen?: All the other machines they pilot in the show aren…[View]
15455518What Gundam is this?: https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/66o1ef/walking_down_the_street_when/…[View]
15454348So, imagine that you should be adapting some japanese mecha as a live-action show. Which show would …[View]
15457974Stop allowing your soul to be weighed down by gravity.[View]
15455492http://otapol.jp/2017/04/post-10363_entry.html Japan's Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improv…[View]
15454942Martian Law!: Do not worry lowly peasants! We're Knights of Mars and we're here to Impose …[View]
15449764How the fuck do I get into getter robo? I am aware they exist in their own universe but I wanna watc…[View]
15454345What are /m/'s thoughts on Turn A Gundam (the show)?[View]
15452846How would Char fare if his baby's mother wasnt killed? Would Char be a good father?[View]
15453499How come we never saw Zeon hold a parade in any Gundam show? It seems like such obvious imagery[View]
15453323Zoids: https://youtu.be/rxo8T7HfDp8 >Mobile RRRRRREEEEEEEE[View]
15455895Anyone going to C2E2? See you faggots Saturday out there somewhere[View]
15453473>They fixed Seed Destiny by putting Kira back as the protagonist for the last quarter of the show…[View]
15454634Thread for Miscellaneous Questions: For all those questions that are too simple to dedicate a whole …[View]
15455845Why are The Orign's character designs cartoony and butt-ugly caricatures of those from the orig…[View]
15456572What's with Tomino's soft-off for divorced couples and absentee parents? Watching UC. you…[View]
15458015Was Rochina gay for Chirico?[View]
15456581I didn't think Gundam protagonists could get any more insufferable but they really outdid thems…[View]
15452750Why was this allowed?[View]
15452758ITT: People in /m/ who did nothing wrong.[View]
15450008Why can't he do anything right?[View]
15457226What would he pilot?[View]
15456075>rightstuf has volumes 7-9 of Gundam Ecole du Ciel since when?[View]
15456624>Federation sees Newtypes as incredibly useful weapons and goes to hell and back trying to weapon…[View]
15457084I wish that I could be as smart as a Feddie new type[View]
15452539Crossbone Dust: What's the word on this? Did it end up being as stupid as the rest of Crossbone…[View]
15454292ZZ is real life if you die in ZZ you die in real life[View]
15458476Fuck these guys and their plot armor[View]
15455083The Touch:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A52--FKUQgU Hillarious this song was written for the fil…[View]
15452641Are there any pics that show Gurren Lagann ripping off other shows? I need it to battle against gay…[View]
15453215If you had to build your own mecha. How will it be? What size? What source of energy? What weapons? …[View]
15456504I want to watch Zambot 3, but now that Bakabt is practically dead I have no idea where to dowload it…[View]
15456497Is Shin Great Mazinger ever gonna come out in our lifetimes?[View]
15442789Kamille is a girl's name.[View]
15446549From http://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2017/03/custom-build-hg-1144-gundam-barbatos.html Didn…[View]
15456357How does the OYW tend to play out if Char decides he really only has a beef with gihren, kycilia and…[View]
15458447I seen a thread about one so why not make one[View]
15451539Was Nagai right about them?[View]
15452637I hope the next Gundam AU has B E A M S P A M[View]
15455535Too soon[View]
15435802Dancouga, Psybuster releasing in the US on DVD: >https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-04-14…[View]
15451383(POLL) Kamen Rider series that pissed you off the most (FINAL ROUND): Like it says on the tin. The t…[View]
15448177Crossboarder here, is this place good for aircraft discussion? I guess planes are /m/, but are there…[View]
15453981/m/ posters: Highres images that can be used as posters? Also It will be good if some anon can tell …[View]
15454328Bright Noa's hairline is the saddest death in the franchise.[View]
15455348>There are people on /m/ who unironically like Kira, Lacus, and SEED as a whole Proof that /m/ ha…[View]
15430122R.I.P Norio Shioyama, the character designer of VOTOMS and many other shows of Sunrise, was killed i…[View]
15450673The Nampho Fishery Station marked its 70th founding anniversary at a meeting Wednesday. President Ki…[View]
15457248What did Tomino mean by this?: .[View]
15443849Hey /m/, I'm looking to get into Macross. Where should I start? A friend strongly suggested Fro…[View]
15444533Is Valvrave The Liberator good?[View]
15453955Symphogear General - /sgg/: Symphogear AXZ PV/trailer released! New season in July! Preview: https:/…[View]
15448974/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #575: Be Good to Doggo: Previous thread: >>15439393 >Links for…[View]
15455245/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1499 - Insect Edition: How to get into KR and where to start? https://k…[View]
15436091ZZ Gundam: Was it anime, or was it, dare I say it, 'the real thing'?[View]
15448937/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1286: Previous Thread: >>15443479 If you need help with any g…[View]
15453659Realistically, how much damage would a colony drop cause?[View]
15454022Why isn't it recognized as the greatest mecha OVA of all times?[View]
15454006Satria Garuda Bima (remember it?): Hey, you indonesian karate birdman lovers.... A movie is coming o…[View]
15447671/m/usic Thread: Post /m/usic. I've had Ore wa Great Mazinger stuck in my head since I started …[View]
15450258Does /m/ appreciate dorvack?[View]
15454960What the heck was his problem?[View]
15454342Sunshine ripped off 2010 (which wasn't a good movie to begin with)[View]
15452960/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1498 - Embrace your sins edition: >How to get into KR and where to s…[View]
15431790Confirmed not gay[View]
15411793Does anyone want to have an Armored Core thread? What are your favorite games, gunpla, designs. etc…[View]
15438242ITT: 'Thicc' robos[View]
15453899>First new chapter since 2015 http://happyscans.blogspot.com/2017/04/babel-ii-chapter-14.html…[View]
15453952What is the best HyperWeapon with the highest amount of robots and dragon's heaven art? I got H…[View]
15449079Small breasts=Shit characters in Gundam media: Is there a reason why they make all the flat breasted…[View]
15444083Gundam F91: What the fuck is this? It looks so wrong.[View]
15450348Mr. Go heard you like Mazinger, so he is making more. https://akiba-souken.com/article/29918/[View]
15453013Gundam: Were heat-hawks always able to withstand beam sabres?[View]
15452503There has been 267 versions of War of the Worlds, but has there ever been a version where humans fig…[View]
15453586Gantz: > power suits > giant mechs > aliens > references to gundam, kamen rider, etc …[View]
15451641Post mecha crossover pics[View]
15449993Char, Haman, and Zeon: Okay, so actually been curious about this lately, what would have happened if…[View]
15453315what's up with Char's sword gun?[View]
15449240What was the first instance of power armor in fiction? Has anybody been able to trace it accurately?…[View]
15442567If Hollywood ever does a live action Gundam (and assuming they settle on UC and not Wing), is there …[View]
15453046So /m/, which is the first transformer? Raideen or Getter Robo?[View]
15431119Mecha Power Chart: New update out. Make suggestions for additions and/or changes and explain why.…[View]
15447001When? that little shit fucking got away with everything just because sunrise is lazy[View]
15433646I'm about to start watching 0079, what am i in for?[View]
15451061So, are Amuro & Char even really THAT good as far as piloting skills go? I feel like its really …[View]
15452808What's /m/'s thoughts on Transformers Masterforce? Currently watching this through at the …[View]
15450722Still no scans?: Pic related[View]
15450356http://www.dorkly.com/post/83138/why-you-should-be-watching-this-gundam-series-over-attack-on-titan …[View]
15449828ITT: Doozy Bots was a Success: (Also everything is 3 years behind because despite being made in 1991…[View]
15447644>didn't heed the doctor's advice and unsurprisingly the baby dies >they mourn her lo…[View]
15447228Guys? /tg/, guy here. I'm planning a game about aircraft light mecha suits and I would need som…[View]
15448803Looks like they're finally ready to turn the Empire into Zeon in canon material. Are you ready …[View]
15451177I think I found the worst top [insert number here] list on mecha ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]

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