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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 139 expired threads from the past 3 days

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15557492does the Tau in Warhammer 40k could insert in the Gundam serie ? and if yes what series could adapt …[View]
15555143DO YOU REMEMBER VALRAVE?: I liked it. It was like gundam seed but on LSD, it wasn't that bad of…[View]
15555319Zeta episode 26, that time Camille had a super vivid wet dream. man you guys weren't kidding ze…[View]
15552815construction equipment is the closest we are to /m/[View]
15554839>Earth scientists try to make 'smart' robots >they always end up as egotistical, genocidal, em…[View]
15548567Remember when we all loved the Sinanju? How did we forget about it so quickly?[View]
15556787SEED Thread: As painfully mediocre as SEED was, this was a pretty good scene[View]
15490046Gundam Breaker thread: GB3 Break edition (English subs) came out last night, so anyone that's b…[View]
15546353Star Citizen: What is /m/ thought on Star citizen? The biggest crowdfunding project in history with …[View]
15557782Bandai heard you guys love Katoki so they're giving us ANOTHER metal version of the Wing Zero C…[View]
15554032What is the best way to get into Gunpla?[View]
15558554Why didn't they just give Amuro a Zeta?[View]
15513130plane thread: ITT planes/ real life mecha[View]
15522864VOTOMs: I'm on Episode 7 of VOTOMs, what am I in for?[View]
15558402Mods let zetashitters shit on the face of /m/: This is the current state of this board, mods let the…[View]
15554787Zeta Gundam: Can someone explain to me what is good about Z Gundam? I am trying to watch it but it…[View]
15533008>make godzilla a digimon SOMEONE THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA[View]
15548985Murderzuki: Was he evil?[View]
15558582Was the ZZ a failure of a suit? It was never used again after the events of Gundam ZZ, while the Zet…[View]
15549649Getting into Transformers?: Despite living in the West and occasionally seeing the show was on, I ne…[View]
15558125Why is Dozle green?[View]
15555705Zeta: Zeta Zeta[View]
15557606Ok, so let's do a little thought experiment: Suppose the Tantive IV, post Rogue One, made a mi…[View]
15550429Is this /m/?[View]
15537248Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: It's showtime on the stage that is now mine. Then let's go…[View]
15555832/krg/ #1534 - My dad can beat up your dad!: How to get into KR and where to start? https://kamenride…[View]
15556151it makes his survivals better or worse?[View]
15542518Macross thread Is it possible that the next Macross TV series could somehow be worse than Delta?[View]
15554767Ideas /m/ has for IPs?: Here's some ideas I have: >Shin Grendizer >Shin Combattler V >…[View]
15513456Casshern Sins & Casshan Series Part Deux: Emperor's New Groove Edition[View]
15540034Does anyone know where I can download EG's Space Runaway Ideon? Magnet links aren't workin…[View]
15555684Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: I tried watching Zeta but it's just so bad on so many levels from the …[View]
15553345Is Kamen Rider Wizard as bad as people say, or is it just a meme?[View]
15292707Doraemon - v2: We managed to keep the old Doraemon thread alive for over 3 months, but we finally hi…[View]
15545521What would it take for American mecha design to break out of its current rut?[View]
15493649[xPearse] Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episodes 01-49 & Extras [1080p]: X Gon' Give It To Ya…[View]
15555664Z: Just finished Zeta and hated it. Dumb characters, dumb politics, absolutely terrible battles. And…[View]
15554120UC Gundam: I've only been a Gundam fan for a year now. Unlike most faggots here, I don't r…[View]
15555628Zeta Appreciation Thread: Just finished this anime. I'm shocked how good it was. Multi-layered …[View]
15554450Which UC titles are canon to the original timeline?[View]
15555673Zガンダム: Why is this so good? I probably had the best experience watching anime when I watched Zeta. I…[View]
15550090>IBO was good they said >IBO was best gundam since Turn A they said >IBO has good mechs the…[View]
15553191>ancient/outdated mech is stronger than modern mech[View]
15555293Samurai jack season five: Samurai jack season five top part of the helmet wip what do you guys think…[View]
15550322What would he pilot?[View]
15551892FSS five star stories: I didn't see this month's FSS chapter thread, did I simply miss it …[View]
15552369should i watch RE:0096 or just go with the OVAs? is the additional stuff worth it or is it literally…[View]
15552267Barzam: what is this? I can't find any info on this particular feature of the Barzam.[View]
15548506>You will never do the tango with your true love and defeat robot-satan with the help of the Burg…[View]
15548659I recently watched Gundam 0079 on recommendation from a friend. It's the first anime I've …[View]
15553552/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1533 - Bad parenting edition: How to get into KR and where to start? ht…[View]
15544573Looks like Zeonic released the latest volume of Beltorchika's Children... I think that puts the…[View]
15546359Favorite Super Robots: Simple. What's your favorite Super Robot? Super Robot show or a Super Ro…[View]
15551967Dozle survives?: What if Dozle Zabi had decided to go to Axis with his wife and kid instead of makin…[View]
15553207I was posting some webms I made as I skimmed through parts of Turn-A in the last Turn-A thread, whic…[View]
15550760IBO Movie: The movie will make this characters the best cast any other Gundam has ever had before. S…[View]
15542900ITT: We post mech versions of normal characters[View]
15550963/m/ Archive: Have the archives for the first half of 2015 really been completely lost? Did nobody at…[View]
15548264LEWD: Post lewd mechs[View]
15550009Sci-fi movies: I figure this might be a good place to ask. Can you guys recommend any fun sci-fi fil…[View]
15543528Symphogear General - /sgg/: Christmas Carol edition. Symphogear XD OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
15545217/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #585 *RIP Tatsuya Nōmi Edition*: Previous thread: >>15530563 >…[View]
15552121Shin Godzilla filmfag thread: Okay, so, I'm drunk as fuck, but I'm re-watching Shin Godzil…[View]
15550263why are robot cops cool[View]
15543542Did anyone play Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001? I'm almost at the end, and... it's not a very…[View]
15545205I wonder what's planned. Remasters for the Fall?[View]
15545690In Gundam why do mobile suits get bigger before they get smaller?: Discuss.[View]
15552966Was this actually good or is it overpraised wank that transformers fans make it better than it actua…[View]
15551886Heavy Howard Retirement Thread: How does /m/ feel about UN Spacy retiring the HWR-00 MKII this year …[View]
15546676/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1300: Previous Thread: >>15539679 If you need help with any g…[View]
15542324Can we get a webm thread going?[View]
15550641FUN FACT: Did you know that Angel, the protagonist of Angel Cop, is a cutie?[View]
15536486What a cute robot gi- Wait what's that?[View]
15552258So I've seen plenty of Mecha animes before, but I've never actually seen a single Gundam o…[View]
15550127zeon remnants have declared war on the EF for colony independence in UC 0223: in-universe reactions …[View]
15521914GOD DAMMIT WHY[View]
15536579https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dxe_ugmIVM I knew it was going to be shit but they're really g…[View]
15544386Let's talk about Big Metal Guns What's your favorite? How big can you handle?[View]
15551346/m/ can we agree Musashibou Benkei is the ballsiest character in getter robo?[View]
15543824My brother got me the set for my birthday. What am I in for /m/ates?[View]
15550642/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1532 - Better than infinite potential edition: How to get into KR and w…[View]
15551636Let's trade /m/ toy commercials!: Here are some I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGXXd7…[View]
15549548Hello /m/, I need a volunteer to pilot the EVA-01. You must be a wimp, a pussy, a goddamn loner, eit…[View]
15465671/fag/ Frame Arms Girl General #3: New episodes air Monday night 1 AM Japan time Anime website: http:…[View]
15546287Wallpaper Thread: /m/ Wallpaper thread im looking for some good Gundam ones! preferably G…[View]
15543812Mecha Upgrade.: This is not a thread about 00. The topic here are Upgrades in mecha shows. What do y…[View]
15548287I need some good /m/ recommendations: Idc if it's /v/idya or /a/nime I just wanna see some good…[View]
15541721Gunpla/Plamo General: Old OP Image Edition: *** BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DO NOT REPLY TO THE NAME…[View]
15529291Was Copy X actually in the wrong during Megaman Zero 1?: Just finished up playing through the Megama…[View]
15544121So the first season of the currently newest Gundam show just ended and we talk about . What did you …[View]
15543090Little did Char know that the founding charter of the Federation demanded exactly that[View]
15550750Xabungle is cancer: This is a show for people who like Tomino ironically. They are mocking him by pr…[View]
15540879Was this a good romance?[View]
15546576Can we get a robot models thread? I'm not talking exclusively gunpla, just cool looking models …[View]
15550270>been a gundam fan for 10 years >was there for ZZ whiplash >was there for F91 radically pac…[View]
15521508Nyaa Recovery Thread #4: This is a thread to ask for shit now that Nyaa is dead. Previous threads: …[View]
15549339Who is the most badass hotblooded pilot in all of /m/?[View]
15545721thoughts on this scene?[View]
15545661Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS: Is it going to be good, /m/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3tqx…[View]
15549934Will Jeff Bezos make anime real? On one hand, he's funding colonization of space and wants to e…[View]
15547851Is Armageddon /m/?[View]
15542493So is Zelda /m/ now?[View]
15547858Hangar thread: ITT we post /m/echa in hangars[View]
15541687What was the first instance of military weapon anthropomorphization in Japanese media used as a way …[View]
15528374How did we go from this...[View]
15537176Mecha series, summarized in a Spongebob Quote: >And now, you must acquire a taste for freeform ja…[View]
15539871blogposting: >try to leave /m/ >Hot pockets elsewhere are absolute Eric Cartman style twats We…[View]
15546408[RTA]Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - 32: http://anidex.info/?page=torrent&id=45083 GET IN HERE TIMES RUNNIN…[View]
15546793Why does /m/ tend to love old mecha anime to the point of worship but dislike old tokusatsu?[View]
15531166[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Amazons – 19: http://over-ti.me/releases/kamen-rider-amazons-19/[View]
15548285/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1531 - Girl Power edition: How to get into KR and where to start? https…[View]
15549069Why were IBO fights so one-sided 90% of the time? Can Okada not write good battles? pic is a rare ex…[View]
15539159I've never understood the appeal of Takahashi. Compared to others like Tomino, Oshii, and Dezak…[View]
15548903when the fuck is this coming back[View]
15547848Thought's on grendizer?: What does /m/ think of Grendizer? Personally the manga is my favorite …[View]
15540909>first ep in >protagonist is aw the cute does he stay like this or does it get even better?…[View]
15548188God Mars thread, post pics if you've got 'em![View]
15548243What was Char's endgame? He tells Sayla he's moved past wanting to kill the Zabi family, s…[View]
15547311What does /m/ Think of Infinite Ryvius?[View]
15548133>someone walks up to >says busou shinki are mechs and are part of the culture how do you reply…[View]
15548080Just finished this and boy was it good. I have to say that I was somewhat surprised that Kappei surv…[View]
15548497Would you be willing to be a parent of robot, if given a chance? One as advance as Rock or Roll.[View]
15545461Robots that have issues against their makers: 'I lost all hope of being cool the day Tails built me …[View]
15547956Good drawing guides for /m/?: I can't find any decent guides for how to draw mecha so are there…[View]
15545945Would you save her /m/[View]
15548063my buddy and i are trying to start a small scale business locally. we are going to be building custo…[View]
15545813There has been a couple of Aliens comic crossovers over the years. Which Toku heroes would have an …[View]
15544056Anyone reading Queen Millennia? Pic unrelated.[View]
15528172Space Sentai Kyuranger - 14: http://over-ti.me/releases/space-sentai-kyuranger-14/[View]
15540600Grendizer: What does /m/ think of Grendizer? I'm 11 episodes in and so far I like it, aside fro…[View]
15544649Urobuchi should make a Gundam where everyone dies, even the viewer.[View]
15547667Does anyone have links for the DVD Raws of Beast Wars Neo? I already have Beast wars II downloaded, …[View]
15542962Tried reading this last night. It's boring as fuck. Thoughts?[View]
15545970What are some of your favorite characters that you wish weren't killed off? Obvious spoiler thr…[View]

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