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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 124 expired threads from the past 3 days

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15942470GaoGaiGar FINAL: Miss me?[View]
15957675What Gundam series is the the best for fight scenes alone, in your opinion? Or mecha series in gener…[View]
15962617What would a mech meant for combating rogue magical girls, reverse engineered from magical girl equi…[View]
15964059Inheriting the Mecha: Why is the power/robot of a mecha protag traditionally one that is inherited?…[View]
15953437Muv-luv: Can your body handle the Yuuhi?[View]
15956243A hero /m/ deserve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jhpKopbMbU[View]
15959508He was right all along. This world needs to be erased back to zero.[View]
15962193Do you think spacenoids erected statues honoring zeek leaders and generals in public squares after t…[View]
15962853Which Gundam manga outside of Origin and Crossbone are considered kino? I've exhausted the ani…[View]
15962592IS GENDUM FANSHION?: Pic.[View]
15951901Hi, /m/ I used to visit /m/ years ago, around the time Gundam 00 was on the air. I don't want t…[View]
15957195/exvs/ - Gundam Versus and EXVS General: Anti-beam edition Previously: >>15951230 Basics: …[View]
15963672This is what we do to fags who bully monster bros. Watch the fuck out.[View]
15962917Can mecha get any more kino bros?[View]
15953905Recent /m/ pick-ups: What have you dropped your hard earned dough on lately /m/? The Ingram was a fl…[View]
15957006/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #633: Previous Thread: >>15945440 → >Links for beginners DDL: …[View]
15960259It's that time again /m/echs! I have the new pixel 2 xl on the way, need a new ringtone and not…[View]
15957183Best Mighty Number[View]
15957362/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1345: For a superior experience please add !C9UNU3S59A to your filt…[View]
15957836American mechanic designers feel that it is rare to adopt large twisted silhouettes, protrusions, or…[View]
15959992Setsuna GENDUM ASSHOLE Seiei DIE!!![View]
15953678Gundam G Reco: I know most people hate pic related for supposedly being a writing mess but I'm …[View]
15955760So a friend of mine has taken it upon himself to introduce me to /m/ by showing me as many good mech…[View]
15957721Char Aznable: Is Char Aznable the protagonist of UC? He is simply the most memorable and controversi…[View]
15961473ZAFT did nothing wrong.[View]
15955910Strada 5 full batch: It's been a long, strange journey, but Big Nova has finally finished the s…[View]
15962654Break Blade thread[View]
15960691Goddammit Hayato Dunbine is not meant for space[View]
15955676Why is Zorro romanized as Zolo when the characters even call them fox eyes?[View]
15956102Gentle/m/en , what is the most fappable mecha material out there[View]
15962683Speed fast[View]
15955778So I just beat the first Mega Man Battle Network and while I thought it was pretty good, I also foun…[View]
15950913MORE OF THIS PLEASE: why dont we have more of these?[View]
15960043Wasting Money: Sorry if there's a thread for this I couldn't see any /m/ buyfag thread. If…[View]
15945124Who was in the wrong here?[View]
15957154We need more Dino Getter[View]
15960447Why is he so overrated and meme-tier compared to his contemporaries?[View]
15960063are two GN drives enough?: obviously scaled up to match the Serpentera's size but would two be …[View]
15957140How can one chief be so based? Vol 3 is here: https://nyaa.si/view/968798[View]
15959292What would Turn A look like in the Gundam SEED timeline?[View]
15948893Is ultraman a kaiju?[View]
15958901This was a really underwhelming read. I know I'm not buying that official release. Hope the new…[View]
15957904*dainsleifs your path*[View]
15918588Dundine BDBOX II: Dunbine-anon, there is second bdbox on adc and u2. Can we expect rest of the serie…[View]
15962593Alright /m/ right your own /m/ approved show,[View]
15948720Dozle did nothing wrong: This man is a gift and should be protected at all costs.[View]
15955497Save the world[View]
15946564What does /m/ think of the Yatterman sub-franchise?: I used to hate it because it was such a departu…[View]
15957259Say something nice about Comet Lucifer.[View]
15957818What was his problem?[View]
15962453zeekwanks that need to be animated[View]
15962274Code:Hardcore when?!: Jesus christ when's the game coming out? People are getting angry at them…[View]
15946034Hey /m/, what's the name of this cutie?: I know she's from some gundam show.[View]
15961542I've just started posting some gameplay on youtube, What do you think about it? is the quality …[View]
15956138RoboMasters the Animated Series: Does radio-controlled robots counts as mecha?[View]
15961987>I want to ___ Kamille![View]
15954120Reminder that SEED is what happens when you take Amurowank to the extreme and actually do make your …[View]
15959833Mecha pilots should learn a thing or two from Devilman in the TV anime series. He's the manlies…[View]
15962012gundam best girls: best girls of universal century only ill start[View]
15962354Season two is back! Are you watching it, /m/?[View]
15912759So you're all ready for the second season of Time Bokan 24, right? First episode is in a little…[View]
15960218IBO prequel with these two when? Galan would be the Gundam pilot since he'd be the Mikazuki to …[View]
15959475Delta should've been just 12 episodes about Mirage working on her inferiority complex and final…[View]
15958237Is this worth watching?[View]
15900937Digimon thread: Did you know that MD Geist became a Digimon? Anyway, general Digi-thread. Been playi…[View]
15959230Mazinger Z frames: this is just author's style or it changes later in the anime? is kinda annoy…[View]
15959999Where do I start with Patlabor? I see a TV series, OVAs, movies, manga. The art style and mecha desi…[View]
15961973Goshogo: fuck macron, this seems to be the real serious thing but no subs or dubs... they exist? tha…[View]
15883007Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202 e3-6: subs are out: https://nyaa.si/view/959836 encode looks good from what…[View]
15930485Infini-T Force: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmmQmVlsWSk[View]
15961645ID-0: About to watch this, what am I in for?[View]
15953747Was it ever possible for Zeon to 'win' the war on Earth or was it always a doomed cause for them?[View]
15958542Gundam 00 watch thread: Today's topic: Why Tieria Erde is the undisputed best boy(?) in all of …[View]
15892792Sexy mecha: Can I get some sexy mecha pics?[View]
15960057/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1662 FausTube edition: >How to get into KR and where to start? https…[View]
15951156Chris is perfect: As an artfag, I recognize Chris as the benchmark gundam girl in terms of design. S…[View]
15949218What was his tax policy?[View]
15828482Sei Juushi Bismarck: Seems someones subbing it, episodes 1-3 are up on Nyaa https://nyaa.si/view/954…[View]
15950018GARO Thread: Makai Knights on Motorcycles Editon Previous Thread: >>15897920[View]
15951306Fafner general: We didn't deserve Exodus, it was too good for this shithole[View]
15960852How does one decide what counts as a 'classic' mecha anime?[View]
15953573Mazinkaiser is better then Shin Mazinger. It doesn't pretend to be deeper then it really is and…[View]
15944169Are tanks /m/?[View]
15911427Just started watching Vifam. Surprisingly good so far, despite the couple annoying little shit kids …[View]
15946431Discussion of Warhammer 40k usually fits squarely into /tg/, but what does /m/ thing of it from a de…[View]
15960244Do you think Sunrise could outdo themselves?[View]
15950915Gundam Plastic Model General: *** BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DO NOT REPLY TO THE NAME/TRIPFAGS IN T…[View]
15956868Symphogear General - /SGG/: Im just gonna say it right out. I love those boots edition. >Symphog…[View]
15959414hypothetical dream dub: Chirico - Christian Bale Vanilla - Kevin Hart Cocona - Sarah Silverman Fat O…[View]
15941466/m78/ Thread - Hawaiian Ukelele Cowboy: Prev >>15901433 MEGAs provide by hardworking anons, wo…[View]
15957227/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1661 Stalking edition: >How to get into KR and where to start? https…[View]
15958289Zeon would have won the war if they have a bit more time.[View]
15958079Why does this thing exist? The feddies already had the GM and GM Command for both space battles and …[View]
15958351Did anyone play this? It's an adventure game with mecha action sections. It's sorta like t…[View]
15958191Twin eye Tetra is hideous. Nice to see Natsumoto took a swipe at it too[View]
15937597Have you ever sperged out about giant robots?[View]
15953170More SEED HD (re)dub cast announced: From Gundam Global Portal Facebook: Rau Le Creuset - Kevin T. C…[View]
15949841Mechs in the Gundam franchise that deserve more. This bad boy.[View]
15949998New Star Control?: https://dogarandkazon.squarespace.com/[View]
15958062Just finished watching G Gundam and boy, let me tell you, was that a ride. Even though almost half o…[View]
15958049Gundam?: Hey I got this free with a gift box can anyone tell me what gundam this is and what series …[View]
15939369You guys just don't understand they deliberately designed the mechs, the suits and the cockpits…[View]
15913458Aldnoah.Zero: Am I the only one who feels Aldnoah Zero was a masterpiece?[View]
15956490Sup /m/: >https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21005/[View]
15957524Does /m/ like Giant Robo?[View]
15940232The mods are asleep, post Shikis![View]
15952686Megabots vs Suidobashi: Are you ready /m/?[View]
15956530Where's the thread for the Gundam 00 stream? It's still happening this week, right?[View]
15948755What did Hush mean by this?[View]
15956066Our /m/ hyper-corvette and ideas for it.: /tg/ here. I'm running a campaign about child state-s…[View]
15951946What do you want from the next Gundam Anime? To be Edgy? Lighthearted? maybe only 24 episodes instea…[View]
15956353Uh-Oh, looks like Harmony Gold is aiming to beat Arcadia and Bandai now.[View]
15957171A.C.E thread[View]
15951852MEGANIZE ME!: Is it gonna suck?[View]
15946086New Ironman armor: Okay Infinity War you have my attention.[View]
15948074Help a newfag: How do I get into Gundam?[View]
15950361A FUCKING WRENCH[View]
15954564Why is he so cute?[View]
15949239G-reco MSV: Did the entire G-Laboratory ever get scanned? I can't find it anywhere online…[View]
15953058>the person who wants to become a tranny decides to not transition because they are attracted to …[View]
15955594Mech_Romancer: https://silentman.itch.io/mech-romancer A short dating sim inspired from an idea from…[View]
15954526Voltron Season 4 Thread: Season 4 of VLD is out apparently. Did /m/ like it?[View]
15953237Kamen Rider W Fuuto Tantei Chapter 6 & 7 Storytime: http://live.ozc-anime.com/[View]

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