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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 134 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
16687161>I don't like mecha! >Evangelion, Code Geass and Gurren Lagann are their favorites >Th…[View]
16689663/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1848 - Dad is busy: KEIKAKU DOORI: >>16687567 >How to get into…[View]
1668502270s super robot magazine art: Does anyone know where I can find more art like pic related? Any help …[View]
16688758Is it weird to enjoy mecha series for the designs, the stories, the settings, the characters, the te…[View]
16688419Action oriented mecha anime/manga: even though i liked EVA, i felt a little betrayed all i wanted wa…[View]
16692846Mellowliiiiiiiiiiink: I read some m/ opinions about Armor Hunter Mellowlink and I got quite hyped be…[View]
16688290I made it 22 episodes of this. When does Build become decent? It has nothing going for it and I dare…[View]
16691059Is ANT worth watching? I've already seen the original Zeta.[View]
16669425/m78/ General: Subs Where: Pastebin of MEGA https://pastebin.com/7gLeuJKj Prev >>16643620…[View]
16650962Daburu Zeta: Is it canon[View]
16689287Still and forever the king, baybee. At this point in time no new mecha anime can surpass it. There j…[View]
16691127How do i even get into mecha? I'm not even that into anime so starting a series like Gundam is …[View]
16687200Is he going to maturbate today?[View]
16681671Gundam Wing: So having had a long time to look back on Wing, I do still feel like it started off str…[View]
16686086Gunbuster Vore Dragon finally gets a plushie: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2018-07-13/m…[View]
16688898>ITT: /m/-related combat vehicles that are not mechs Tanks, IFVs, Attack Helicopters, Fighters, e…[View]
16688523Zeon Back-up: What if these guys showed up during the One Year War?[View]
16664824pre-movie starship trooper designs are amazing[View]
16688350Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: *BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DON'T REPLY TO THE SHITPOSTERS ON TH…[View]
16668737Fat Ass Suit Thread: Favorite thicc Mobile Suits/Armors?[View]
16691289Ridiculous Waist Design: >Enjoyed IBO story and mech designs >Started to buy some kits >Not…[View]
16684386What do you guys think of Ordian?[View]
16687208I don't know anything at all about Gundam. I just like the robots so I build a kit now and then…[View]
16537122Find a flaw.[View]
16694033It's the 30th anniversary of Akira today so...: It's kind of sort of /m/ right? Also KANDA…[View]
16685913Who here enjoys Captain Tylor's irresponsible antics?[View]
16687957Obscure, Rare, Shitty, Forgotten: What are some mecha that only you have seen? Pic related. Run=Dim.…[View]
16688674Post based forgotten /m/echs https://youtu.be/ItCMX3A1qaE[View]
16688214Z and ZZ: Why can't we just agree that Zeta is a great show, and that, whilst the first quarter…[View]
16690788Was Gundam SEED Destiny unintentionally made to be a misunderstood masterpiece?[View]
16688548Found this on reddit. Why wasn't this a thing?[View]
16689702So I've watched every Gundam directed by Tomino, to me that's the greatest What can I watc…[View]
16690973How do Efreets manage to be underrated and overrated at the same time?[View]
16689611IDW Gundam: What would it be like? My guesses are: >Bright is a Christian Jihadi >Amuro is a N…[View]
16687354Gundam IBO: When's gonna be the next announcement?[View]
16679991A Gundam Love Story[View]
16689640/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1848 - Kitaoka is a fatass Edition: Old Thread >>16687567 >How…[View]
16685088Canonically, is he the strongest motivational force in the universe? A slap from Bright registers tw…[View]
16690089Itt: mecha that could be digimon or digimon that could work as mecha in a different show[View]
16690104Captain Tylor Mecha: Does anyone have any lineart for the Hammer mecha from Captain Tylor? I can…[View]
16662958Why are the early Ultraman series so widely praised but the early Kamen Rider series given the exact…[View]
16689931good fanservice: I did cume mah wee panties when I heard the newtype jingle jangle[View]
16689711Tamers is /m/ right? If so, my thoughts are:: Pretty Generic BGM, though insert themes are good, but…[View]
16685621Hey /m/ two questions: Do Mechas always have to be giant 30 story tall human faced robots, and What …[View]
16689670This show outsucked showa era and gathcaman crowds combined. By the way, it's getting a sequel …[View]
16688554Patlabor movie timeline overview: (Same op who made the patlabor ova and what to watch next threads)…[View]
16666187MG Turn A manual translation: https://mgxtranslation.com/html/mg100.html Notably not included in thi…[View]
16649196As a big fan of the original Eureka Seven, should I watch Astral Ocean?[View]
16680446He did nothing wrong[View]
16672207Macross: When I watched the original Macross anime, I hated Minmay, specially when her cousin gets i…[View]
16688526LOOK AT THAT DOOD[View]
16686957It`s the 00 Qant a super robot? by the feats? it looks like ayylien tech. or still a real robot?[View]
16687849That guy on youtube is never going to finish the last three chapters is he...[View]
16670198So say that The principlaity of Zeon existed in the real world and demanded independance, how much s…[View]
16673517>Gasaraki. >20 years ago.[View]
16686397>the only female that piloted MA and didn't be insane and didn't die…[View]
16679436where do i start for getter, should i watch new getter or the original[View]
16678459your road to /m/: what brought you here? what is your story?[View]
16685718recycled themes: is it just me, or does gundam unicorn use a lot of the themes and character archety…[View]
16688282Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin: My local library has the Origin series up to Cosmic Glow. I'm l…[View]
16680001>Be me >Decide to watch Zambot 3 >Evafag friend who thinks Evangelion isn't mecha deci…[View]
16687894New Translation: So how come Chars Counterattack can't happen?[View]
16687567/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1847 - DX Catalog WHEN Edition: Old Thread >>16684787 >How to …[View]
16687797Series Rekommandation: What are good series to get into when you are a huge Battletech fan, watched …[View]
16686727Trending Question - Who Should We Blame?: WHO DO WE BLAME THIS TIME?[View]
16687187This is a thread for dead robutts. Post mecha gore.[View]
16679368So why and how does this version of the Hi-Nu exist?[View]
16675455in the grand scale of /m/ jobbing...: ...how does this rank?[View]
16683772What the fuck just happened in this new chapter? Can /m/ explain?[View]
16683115How /m/ is it?[View]
16686680Who's the best /m/ villain: Pic might be related[View]
16681938It's the return of the semi-whenever Syste/m/ Shock thread: You're onboard the Von Braun w…[View]
16682989>smokes some weed >jerks off oh i get this show now!…[View]
16683218When do I watch this show?: I'm getting into Gundam--the only other shows I've watched are…[View]
16676985Were the Zekes right?[View]
16675317Just finished this, what went wrong? This is the first Gundam show I can say i really disliked, and …[View]
16684105average gundam fan[View]
16676224What are aome good Gundam U.C manga?[View]
16684892Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: *BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DON'T REPLY TO THE SHITPOSTERS ON TH…[View]
16679168Name a better /m/ protagonist >Amuro was a little bitch too[View]
16673801The best.[View]
16680176This was unironically better and more enjoyable than darling in the shit[View]
16674936>Rewatch Zeta Man, I forgot how much I hated Beltorchika. Such an unlikable cunt.…[View]
16667975I'm in a romantic mood, now that ditf has ended and plebs seem content with calling that mess o…[View]
16684884Real Real Robots: In the world of anime mecha shows we have super robots and real robots, but even t…[View]
16675249I'm 3 episodes into Gundam X and I'm finding it to be really enjoyable. Why was this cance…[View]
16679542YOU GET TO BURNING 君らしく 愛らしく 笑ってよ 夢中になった日々が きっと幸せ YOU GET TO BURNING 傷ついてもめげない 明日(あす)を目指す 勇気、見えるよ To…[View]
16686333Was he right?[View]
16685061ITT: post the most overrated and underrated suits in your opinion: i'll start >overrated zet…[View]
16666403Fuck you /m/ I cried[View]
16657480You have been isekai'd into your favorite gundam universe as a nameless grunt: How fucked are y…[View]
16686100System Malfunction / Cockpit Destruction: https://youtu.be/oyRztDED0Gc?t=32m4s any scenes similar to…[View]
16685243>the best VF was designed by the master Anno /m/ BTFO once again[View]
16685584Patlabor: Should i watch patlabor 2 or 3 first, i just saw patlabor; the movie 9/10 (Same op who sai…[View]
16684787/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1846 - Dank 2068 Memes Edition: Old Thread >>16682369 >How to …[View]
16680621>Umpteen Zeon insurgencies >Hardly any Titan remnants Couldnt they at least have given them th…[View]
16662842So Crunchyroll has the first episode of Mizukami's new show up, or at least a SP preview versio…[View]
16685562I'll admit, watching this. I didn't know which side to root for.[View]
16681696Zeta Gundam was shit: 'To tell the truth, as a creator of Gundam I think I should not have ake the s…[View]
16685445What the hell was the deal with this guy? He just shows up out of no where and starts beating the sh…[View]
16671777Why was AG 123 Flit so handsome and why didn't they include the epic battle against Dole Frost …[View]
16672675Mobile Suit Gundam 0079: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Y-PqWMxrk >he unironically recommends …[View]
16673287/sgg/ - Symphogear General: It's been like 10 hours since the last thread died so fuck you it…[View]
16684671>Blocks your path[View]
16682998Korea remade JinRoh?: https://youtu.be/yDrMQyzy3WQ This just appeared on my youtube feed, found no m…[View]
16685198Does anyone still care about Machine Robo at this point? The anime is actually pretty good once you …[View]
16677894Mitsuteru Yokoyama thread: What does /m/ think about Babel-II? What does /m/ think about Mitsuteru Y…[View]
16685109I can't believe Zinnerman is fucking dead.[View]
16684123What would they pilot?[View]
16680871Does /m/ like Nihei? Also I'm going to post Suzumega.[View]
16636916Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory: Previous thread: >>16582486[View]
16660643What does /m/ think about Outlanders?[View]
16684846What’s your /m/ collectionlook like?[View]
16677250Why is G Gundam one of those rare few anime series accepted by normies? Now you might be thinking 'b…[View]
16674865Metal Heroes Discussion - WIP Edition: I'm new to Metal Heroes, but digging all thing Space She…[View]
16674469Why Is Nobody Talking About Hexa Gear?: Just recently heard about this line and immediately got the …[View]
16673022Mecha gaikotsu and other gunpla reviewers are shit and they're catering to the lowest denominat…[View]
1668188200 Sky gets me so fucking erect.[View]
16680090Has there ever been a figure released based on the aborted God Mazinger?[View]
16681581What happened to these two? Did they die or something?[View]
16679003God Mazinger: What would it take to get a fansub group to tackle this show? Suppose someone offered …[View]
16684401Hey /m/, I'm looking for a youtube channel I found a while ago: the tl;dr is that it uploaded c…[View]
16670776Would you consider Spiral Energy to be a lot nicer to everyone(not just humanity) compared to Getter…[View]
16683746Am I the only one who likes the concept of anti-gravity wings that all the Getter 1 mecha use?[View]
16659175Muv-Luv: Its that time of the year[View]
16683961Better Gundam X20A Strike Freedom? RG or MG?: I don't have money for PG, so, I'm in doubt …[View]
16668945This is my little sister, Unicorn. Please take care of her.[View]
16673782Five Star Stories August Newtype chapter[View]
16674605Could Zeon have won if their mobile suits had two working eyes?[View]
16679205If the origin 6 is out on Hulu, why isn’t there a rip of it yet?[View]
16679886What would Sänger think of their sword? Besides that, what would happen if the two crossed over?[View]
16675170Gundam as an e-sport: http://news.denfaminicogamer.jp/interview/180710 “We want to turn gundam into …[View]
16677496/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1505: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Do yourself a …[View]

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