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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 87 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
16873222So is this /m/?[View]
16873413What do you guys think of the Gundam 0079 novels? I haven't heard much about them here.[View]
16869331>imaishi worked on Getter Robo Armageddon wtf i hate Getter now[View]
16870798Seed Destiny: Was it always planned that Kira would sort of take over Shinn's importance as the…[View]
16869126>Yazan was the real final boss the whole time[View]
16868001tfw your Gundam will never have boxing gloves[View]
16869211>/v/edditors think 'super robot' is any different from shounenshit[View]
16843471How the fuck is ZZ not the best Gundam show or at least better than Zeta?[View]
16869577Is it there a mecha bigger than super Tengen toppa gurren lagann?[View]
16871996/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1914 - Ride Striker: >How to get into KR and where to start? https:/…[View]
16865936Korean robot thread.[View]
16870159At what point did Harry realize that Dianna and Kihel had swapped places? I'm 22 episodes in, a…[View]
16871848Which 'I came here to laugh at you' do you prefer, original Japanese or dub?[View]
16870574I think the HD Remaster may have fixed SEED Destiny a little bit.[View]
16870184Does anyone know the information about the other crossbone manga ?[View]
16867602IronPredator: Is Predator /m/ nao?[View]
16863753RISE UP, /M/[View]
16871021What ever happened to Magenta?[View]
16862327Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory: What went wrong?[View]
16868183ys flight: Do you guys remember back in the days of macross frontier when sometimes we used to set u…[View]
16866377what if Lalah lived and Char died, would we have Lalah's counter attack?: also post Lalah…[View]
16867949Armored Trooper Votoms - Supreme Survivor: Gonna leave this here, it was my first votoms related mat…[View]
16857036Is anyone here a really cool mecha artist? I was wanting to comission an idea I had for a few mechs.…[View]
16869330Gundam Build Divers Episode 24: Second, to last episode tomorrow. Will Ogre and Riku be able to defe…[View]
16869890This is the BEST anime to ever exist and the WORST one too. Okay here's the hourly Eva bait thr…[View]
16871170How did Renton turned into Hitler?[View]
16866306Hey kids! Remember that somehow Mazinger reached escape velocity?[View]
16870286Is this asshole the best mobile suit pilot in the entire franchise?[View]
16868271is this gay?[View]
16869295Things that you can't unsee[View]
16799603Muv-Luv: Highest compatibility pairing for the series[View]
16864893What the FUCK went wrong?[View]
16870585How it should had ended[View]
16870475Malcolm Narducci: da man[View]
16869723Did you like her anime?[View]
16870272It's been 8 years since Awakening of the Trailblazer. Have you found UNDERSTANDING in your life…[View]
16868689What's your top 10 of the worst/best classic mechas?[View]
16869485/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1913 - Collar Grabbing Time: >How to get into KR and where to start?…[View]
16808550Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger – 29: https://over-ti.me/releases/lupinranger-vs…[View]
16870233In this show, only the Genbu and Suzaku references even remotely looked like what they were referenc…[View]
16868433Why do I love the Destiny Gundam so much?[View]
16870076You can't CLANG a robot, /m/. That's illegal.[View]
16868784How do we fix mech fights in Sentai?[View]
16808701Full Metal Panic! (FMP!): BD-BOX 2 is out. According to some comments from japanese fans who bought …[View]
16867652Char's Counterattack: >75% of the film is boring space battles between faceless mooks and re…[View]
16868579New competitive 3D robot fighting/shooting game made by the Custom Robo devs under a new studio debu…[View]
16867149Space Kaiju.: The last /m/ anime you saw world is being invaded by the Gunbuster Space Kaiju horde w…[View]
16866995Same Energy[View]
16869423It seems that some people here just can't handle the toxic masculinity of Getter and are trying…[View]
16869548Any info on this Anime?: Can't find anything on nyaa or anidb. Google only returns some old ass…[View]
16869067why is this ending literally Star Wars Episode III?[View]
16863142Looking for Comparison: i was told to come here for this. So, there this new movie, Next Gen, that c…[View]
16860515QUICKRUNDOWN: >Rochina bows to the Schmittels >in contact with aliens >rumoured to possess …[View]
16866419Personal significance behind your favorite mecha?: Anyone like certain mobile suits/mechs because of…[View]
16854800The Charmuro trilogy is the best thing about Gundam.[View]
16868591>psychopath turns out to be a sweetheart[View]
16865051In terms of subs, what's the current state for older Sentai? I'd love to watch Hurricanger…[View]
16863135Which ones are /m/ and which aren't?[View]
16865034So how exactly is a society composed entirely of newtypes or innovators going to function? If everyb…[View]
16867242Kamen Rider Zi-O – 03: https://over-ti.me/releases/kamen-rider-zi-o-03/[View]
16868060If lalah managed to survive and have char killed would we have seen her in Chars counterattack ?[View]
16863080Is there a more dishonest Gundam character?[View]
16865653Ideon: Why is every single character in this show an enormous assbag? I mean, even by Tomino standar…[View]
16862331Why doesn't /m/ like Sumika?[View]
16865138These two should be a couple in-universe.[View]
16866145Big Robots crossover art thread: I love that shit[View]
16846653favorite mech design thread[View]
16861749Shouldn't the Saotome Labs have some sort of tax exemption?[View]
16868106Hello, /m/. I have made a poll to find the best Gundam show. Please vote. https://docs.google.com/fo…[View]
16861014Does /m/ like Sukeban Deka?[View]
16851995Zi-O 2.5: https://over-ti.me/releases/kamen-rider-zi-o-02-5/[View]
16843629Macross Delta: Thoughts on the new Valkyries for the Movie?[View]
16863081>the Kaiser is a handsome man What did Bittenfeld meean by this?[View]
16866867Why is this allowed?[View]
16863402What does /m/ think about teenage romance in mecha series?: Do you enjoy series like this?[View]
16856793/sgg/ - Symphogear General: Birthday Bikki Edition >Symphogear AXZ music MP3 https://mega.nz/#F!i…[View]
16867592Gavan in SRW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IL01OEBb0w It's happening![View]
16862266Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: *BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DON'T REPLY TO THE SHITPOSTERS ON TH…[View]
16849953Neon Genesis Evangelion: In 1995 Evangelion was different, groundbreaking. It was hugely experimenta…[View]
16866537does anyone have screencap of Project E.N.I.S?[View]
16863945hello /m/ i am new to the world of mechs and i cannot seem to find an unofficial or official /m/ bab…[View]
16867064Why is Daba in Mospeada?: Cameo thread?[View]
16865714/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1912 - Not fit to be king edition: Previous Disappointment: >>168…[View]
16866369Do minovsky particles travel underwater?[View]
16865019Apparently Haman Karn is the most popular woman in the entire Gundam franchise. How did she do it?[View]

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