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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 80 expired threads from the past 3 days

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16995027Korean mecha time.[View]
16998699Are there any guides for playing this or Border Break?[View]
16970571/m/ /lit/ thread: Can we have a thread about /m/ literature? Share your favorites, ask for recommend…[View]
16997616Gundams with Monoeyes: Gundams with monoeyes create a distinct looking suit. Post some Gundams or Gu…[View]
16994244Could this series be made today in this social climate?[View]
16992650I/m/ages You Can Hear - Theme Song Edition: Post 'e/m/[View]
16981033>tfw there will be no /m/ sings Encounters[View]
16991077pirate stuff[View]
16998688Just Imagine, /m/ edition: So, with all the stuff about Stan Lee dying somebody reminded me of that …[View]
16996927Was he right?[View]
16998556This is some kino back end story[View]
16994456can cars be /m/[View]
16995349/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1539: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Threa…[View]
16994935Is there any mecha or any media that uses game logic for fighting styles? eg. Rocket Jumping, Roman …[View]
16997490So I’m debating whether or not to start up a Wordpress based site/blog covering /m/ themed games. I …[View]
16997704/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1953 - Hanging Out with God Edition: >How to get into KR and where t…[View]
16995457Dragonsaurus has just arrived to fuck things up! However you have the mecha from the last anime you …[View]
16997149How was the sex?[View]
16952755Lineart Thread: Lineart here: https://gundma.imgur.com/ https://gundaml1neart.imgur.com/ http://sees…[View]
16979734ITT we ID mecha: Gunbuster[View]
16994708Are there any mech animes you would consider 'artsy'?[View]
1699362713 Sentinels delayed indefinitely: https://www.frontlinejp.net/2018/11/15/13-sentinels-aegis-rim-ps4…[View]
16919233Mini-Mech Thread.: Let's talk about mini mechs anons. All those cute or cool mechs about under …[View]
16994786Crossbone Gundam Full Armor[View]
16993219Sunrise teases Hathaway's Flash anime?: Fellow /m/en, this is one of merchandise products for G…[View]
16992740Answer me this /m/ Was Char really a lolicon, or impressionable young ladies were just naturally dra…[View]
16996984Things You Didn't Expect to Be /m: Let's try to find how many things have a /m vibe. Any s…[View]
16989749Medabots 20th Anniversary Countdown: What are you hoping for?? https://nintendosoup.com/japan-medabo…[View]
16985431Why Japanese mecha is godlike? Why western mecha ls shit?[View]
16994929Best /m/ parodies?[View]
16988855I really don't like the character of full frontal. I count myself as one of the view folks here…[View]
16997049>people call Hasegawa's manga a super robot story when it has less magical bullshit than Uni…[View]
16995266So, the Unicorn series as a mobile suits and their purpose. We're gonna ignore some elements su…[View]
16989743What the fuck was his problem ?[View]
16995619What if Quess was in Zeta? Could she have saved Kamille?[View]
16972352List Them In Order! (Space Dandy, Bebop,Outlaw Star): My friends just had a debate over this! List t…[View]
16987901What did Robin Williams mean by this?[View]
16990444Only pretty girls are welcome in this thread[View]
1699364240 more days until Christmas! Lets start posting /m/ related Christmas pictures! Hanukah also welcom…[View]
16991697How are the dubs for the Godzilla movies?: I'm going through the franchise but it's becomi…[View]
16980764I want to VIOLENTLY SHOOT MY SEMEN all over Drossel's slutty garter. Robot fucking thread…[View]
16987464[Over Time] Thief Sentai Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger – 39[View]
16996224Is this show still a thing?[View]
16964008/m78/ General: I Just Don't Know Edition: Pastebin of MEGA from hardworking anons. If anyone ca…[View]
16993031Are shows like this considered /m/?[View]
16995949Get ready for a Film every 1-2 years: I wonder if they'll start having wide releases instead of…[View]
16990636Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi: New Sakura Wars will be shown soon, is “surprisingly good quality” https:/…[View]
16992756/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1952 - On Stage, On Parade Edition: Last Thread: >>16990425 >H…[View]
16994411Anyone mind selling me on the rest of Zeta Gundam? I am 8 episodes in and not invested at all. MSG g…[View]
16910117Code Geass: Oudo subs out New Re;surrection PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU3ZgEwUnHs…[View]
16992364/m/-related books and artwork: soo , i just finished this book , even if its some young adult novel …[View]
16995683I just wanted Jet Set Radio with mechs. Why is everyone such a dick?[View]
16995530Oc thread?: Oc thread Post donut literal steels[View]
16994535ID robot/series: Don't know the one between Kuromukuro and Regalia, what it's name and/or …[View]
16995186Just started this and it's pretty cool. What am I in for? Also, am I missing anything since thi…[View]
16994908The Gouf Custom is the sexiest mecha to ever be conceived. Yes or Yes?[View]
16995074A Gundam tabletop: Considering the amount of model kits bandai makes I'm surprised no one made …[View]
16986879We're making the mother of all omlettes here, Arthrun. Can't fret over every egg.[View]
16991570This is your new Astray[View]
16978203/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #725: Previous Thread: >>16978088 Links for beginners: DDL: >h…[View]
16994346dead. Gunguiser. are Mods Post[View]
16993132webm thread:: I wanted an excuse to post this.[View]
16978829Thoughts on IBO nearly 2 years later: While IBO was airing I was really disappointed. I feel that my…[View]
16977333The strangest thing to me about the /m/ community is this idea that Tomino is some super subtle 4d C…[View]
16989131Could he and his robot get in Smash Ultimate? >inb4 smashfags calling 'IT'S A GUNDAMM' or 'I…[View]
16992320I'm trying to understand how the 'transforming mecha' trend developed in 1980's japan mech…[View]
16994672Best pg?: What pg should I build?? my first pg was the rx-178. super cool but, somehow felt like an …[View]
16992841https://1d4chan.org/wiki//m/ Who the fuck wrote this shit?[View]
16994490Is there any substance to Demonbane as a story or is it just 'blah blah kill god with my omnipotent …[View]
16968730/acg/ Amored Core General: >still no Armored Core 6 Previous thread: >>16938391 Loading Scr…[View]
16992699>I'm gonna make a story to show kids the awful reality of warfare and how it isn't some…[View]
16992236What did Char see in Lalah? She seems like a pretty boring gal with nothing in common[View]
16993208Super Robot Wars: I was just wondering, how many SRW games were translated? Officially or otherwise?…[View]
16986151There's NO way Phil Saunders didn't watch a lot of Gundam[View]
16994107[HorribleSubs] Karakuri Circus - 06[View]
16983587Who's ready for Wanzer Gear Solid?[View]
16990749Subject: /srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1538: Yuichi Hasegawa Edition: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU C…[View]
16993215>Nirvash is now a Pokemon[View]
16987873Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: *BEFORE YOU POST, FILTER AND DON'T REPLY TO THE SHITPOSTERS ON TH…[View]

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