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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 94 expired threads from the past 3 days

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15629620Does /m/ appreciate Junya Ishigaki designs? He did the mech designs for Victory gundam, Gundam X, Xe…[View]
15630597Kaze wo nuke! Project: Recently I have stumbled upon a OVA called 'Kaze wo nuke!' Which is about a m…[View]
15627699Would you watch a new Ichigo series?[View]
15623624We can all agree that Tenku Danzato Skelter Heaven is objectively the worst mecha show, right?[View]
15621821/m/ commercials: Post Co/m/ercials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-8bLbKIIh4[View]
15629752This been scanned yet? Nip boards saying the original ending had no time skip. IBO ended with Barbat…[View]
15604727Who will pilot the Blue Lion this fall? https://youtu.be/LDO2tB7g4kw[View]
15626829How do I get into Tokusatsu/Kamen Rider/Super Sentai/etc?: Always seemed like a interesting genre to…[View]
15600898Zone of the Enders: Does /m/ like Z.O.E?[View]
15626790Make your own IBO Gundam: Alright /m/. Let's see what you can do.[View]
15621525why didnt kira ask Rey: So why didnt kira ask Rey to come with him when messiah is blowing up, he as…[View]
15622938Have you ever heard of a man with the name Char Aznable? Answer me /m/[View]
15629172Mazinge Z BD: >https://nyaa.si/view/932289 was there even a Mazinger Z BD release in Japan?…[View]
15629174Gundam AGE: I just finished Flit's arc. Boy, I didn't expect it to be that good. Might be …[View]
15626714What exactly was going on here?[View]
15623788Stardust Memory General: Just finished this... >Realistic (for mecha) romance subplot >Goon of…[View]
15610439Look at this majestic creature[View]
15629335Why is his name romanized as 'Lancerow' or 'Lansrow' when it's clearly meant to be 'Lancelot'?[View]
15622607Longest running mecha anime: thought I would make a list of the longest running mecha anime franchis…[View]
15618501IBO: So did they ever explained how they managed to blow up the moon in IBO? cause all the technolog…[View]
15629155So is this a flop? Season 2 when?[View]
15629152Five star stories thread. Designs 6 when?[View]
15628945What does /m/ think of Kai Shinden?[View]
15623436This is Asuka. Say something nice about her.[View]
15550765Nyaa Recover Mark 5: Nyaa is still dead, recovery is going on, one of the Shaider movies might be lo…[View]
15625681How can Japan even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVaSDBKL5RI[View]
15582591Pilot suit thread?: Pilot suit thread[View]
15557327Cross Ange: What does /m/ thinks of this show?[View]
15627449/a/ kept mentioning a propaganda machine from Anime News Network/TVTropes and was told you guys knew…[View]
15619843>her original name was Kira, and this was made public for seemingly no reason >her name was ch…[View]
15627606What are 'Zeon design principles?' I'm reading up on some mobile suits from Zeta and a lot of …[View]
15603933HOLA /m/ CITY! >From their winter escape, the team has slept the spring away and are back up and …[View]
15626185Zeorymer Omega: What can you /m/en tell me about this manga? From what I've seen and heard, it…[View]
15626776Does /m/ remember hypernaughts?[View]
15622249Favorite Mass Production?: What's your Favorite Mass Produced MS? I love the Strike Dagger and …[View]
15626886/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1558 - Inside Fate Edition: >How to get into KR and where to start? …[View]
15625328He was right all along you idiots[View]
15623899How did Gurren Lagann get away with blatantly copying this?[View]
15570805Thank you starforce for killing anything battle network related from ever happening again[View]
15622426So /m/, who else has made /m/ related parody songs?[View]
15627310Is this /m/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46ivFpsmEVQ[View]
15627535Mazinger Z Alter Ignition Chapter 2: http://mazin-go.com/list/ Another Chapter out![View]
15626860Has a gundam ever jobbed as hard a Flauros?[View]
15619654When it comes to getting into Gundam 'release order' is always suggested. I want to know have any of…[View]
15624475Where do I start with this series?[View]
15617707Hello, you know what time is it? Time to trigger the spicpostfag call me pedro, fernando, pablo or a…[View]
15624616What went so wrong?[View]
15626940Post your Armored Core 3/Silent line builds and screenshots here[View]
15622027Almiria's Revenge: Anytime now[View]
15624168What did Tomino think about IBO?[View]
15609999I need to play some mech games I've played all the mainstream stuff, so let's have a threa…[View]
15626145>it's an 'all the good Gaijin Mecha are stand alone paintings or drawings with no entertainm…[View]
15626751Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202: Subs out already or what?[View]
15622042What's your favorite /m/ anime and why? Doesn't matter if it's hated here or not, let…[View]
15622563character discussion: >emotionless badass with high kill count >is a new guy from the organiz…[View]
15604529People bitch all the time about certain mecha designs being 'impractical', so what the hell makes a …[View]
15621975/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1311: Previous Thread: >>15616520 If you need help with any g…[View]
15624302Happy Father's Day!: Can we have a good thread for the best dads of /m/?[View]
15625757So I decided to stop being a fucking secondary and sit down to watch MSG/Zeta. What's the best …[View]
15623028Another Gundam X Thread: Just finished it. I know we keep talking about Gundam X, but the last threa…[View]
15596972So i just watched this and WOW, you can super duper tell this is a series smashed into a two hour ru…[View]
15616517Is Bianca a well written character?[View]
15620157Lady M is obviously the best girl in Macross universe, why no one flip their shit in Delta?[View]
15607559ANTHEM: Bioware's new game prominently featuring powersuits and Trump's boarder wall: >…[View]
15624198>Giant monsters protect mankind from invading giant robots.[View]
15623126Symphogear General /sgg/: Shark week edition AXZ starts airing July 1st, 25:00 JST AXZ info http://s…[View]
15624500/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1557 - Moonlit Edition: Old Thread >>15620231 >How to get into…[View]
15615386Is it really so bad that I liked AGE? it's not as if I think it's good, or even decent, bu…[View]
15624719/m/, you have been invited to participate in the annual Bandai K1 circuit. What mobile suit will you…[View]
15620622>Char being shown drinking during Garma's funeral while calling him a brat Was that Tomino…[View]
15623993I'm going to watch Char's Counterattack so quick question. EG or OZC?[View]
15623001Does /m/ this kind of thread?[View]
15624506>RX-78-2 with a golden V-fin[View]
15622546Why is he such an awful director?[View]
15623858Looking for a translator.: Hi, /m/ I figured this would be the best place to ask. I'm a typeset…[View]
15608544/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #591: Previous thread: >>15593665 >Links for beginners DDL: ht…[View]
15623139Can i watch Shin Getter Robo without watch Getter Robo first?[View]
15624178Just finished watch all of pre-Turn A UC. Dubs decides which AU I start on. Kinda want it to be G, X…[View]
15615250Kikaider: How does /m/ feel about sad karate Pinocchio? I wish the Reboot movie was better than it …[View]
15624638How much would Irritating Bowel Odor be if Ein Graze was main gundam and Barbatos was the villain?[View]
15623623Toku director & effects director credits: What exactly does the 'effects director' job that Tsub…[View]
15596521Says he's the bad guy: /m/ keeps thinking he was the good guy[View]
15622653What did you get me for Father's Day, /m/?[View]
15620365Why does she wear the mask?[View]
15623784Is the anime worth watching at all? I've been replaying the games recently. Also how are the st…[View]
15624087A very sad Tomino is directing the last /m/ show you watched starting from where you left off. Is yo…[View]
15622441Garrison: Archangel: Garrison: Archangel is now Greenlit! Also, v0.1.21 is now available! >Downl…[View]
15622440Someone save Four from the evil clutches of Titans. Take away her Psyco Gundam, give her a Roland Ju…[View]
15623879This is my daughter, please say something nice about her[View]
15623644>Byarlant Isolde Well okay, I guess we're going all in on King Arthur references. Will there…[View]
15618173For what reason would a fighter pilot willingly give up the advantages of fighting in the air to bec…[View]

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