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91296371I can't pronounce this word correctly, record yourself pronouncing it. also random vocaroo thre…[View]
91301578The Jews 100% deserved every single thing Hitler did to them.[View]
91299973In a country full of beautiful mixed women, the fucking media always choose these shit whi*ides to p…[View]
91299276I wish I was european so I could trace my ancestry to the middle ages and play crusader kings while …[View]
91301112i hate depressed girls but i do like her, she wasnt an attention whore, she did it, she PUT her head…[View]
91302096>tfw you have to wait until you're in CDG to make jokes on 4chan[View]
91302085/한국어/: 똑바로 서라 조장 에디션[View]
91300220Telling french people I can't eat meat/dairy/eggs?: Hey - I'm going to france shortly for …[View]
91299793/brit/: why's this lad wearing a bikini lmao edition[View]
91299610Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
91298133living in the USA is a human right.[View]
91301936Have you ever lived in a really cheap/low-income apartment or home, /int/? How was it?[View]
91301699>no baka gaijins have asked for directions yet[View]
91300396Dear Europeans: We love you. Sincerely, Americans[View]
91297047How do Americans do it? They make Mexican food better than real Mexican food, Italian food better th…[View]
91295749Benjamin Franklin on Germans: >'Those who come hither are generally of the most ignorant Stupid S…[View]
91297354Euro immigration to Argentina: Can you imagine euros moving here in the millions like in the early X…[View]
91300781I stood on a shell and hurt my foot while jogging How often does this happen in ur country?[View]
91299525Do people in your country forget their babies in their cars and let them bake in the sun all day?[View]
91300931>tfw grandpa is starting to lose his hair because of chemo[View]
91298963>tfw your city is 98% white[View]
91301521Neymar´s girlfriend Wanted to be rich and chad to have this girl But im poor and loser. Please, Lord…[View]
91289855What's your excuse for being a virgin if you live in the west? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
91298640>checking out skinny short haired girl >she notices me staring and gives me a sexy smile >r…[View]
913002951) you're flag 2) best age for a gf or a female in general? 3) why? Poll here: https://www.stra…[View]
91276221The most fucked up things about your language: What are the most reatrded things about your language…[View]
91262407>poles consider this city 'cyberpunk' does poland not have any buildings over 3 stories…[View]
91287912/ex-yu/: Smrdi na svajcarske aparate edicija[View]
91300435>wake up >Mexico and the American Southwest are forcibly reunited cause lol What happens now?…[View]
91263806Culture Pals - /cp/: People of colour edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the w…[View]
91301111American Christianity *cringe*: https://youtu.be/of1Sa3oyTBs[View]
91300359Glad Midsommar! Hope you all had a good one[View]
91299869Contribution to modern music: What did your country contribute to modern music? https://en.m.wikiped…[View]
91300926Do you wanted to be this chad, white boi??[View]
91300933Get to know him. He already knows you.[View]
91300960Who here /Indian/?[View]
91300228Is the dream dead?[View]
91296951What is the worst crime that you have committed?[View]
91300373Why don't European countries give Poland more respect? They seem to be one of the few sane coun…[View]
91288412/cum/: Lolis edition[View]
91300979>you have to be 21 to drink in the states[View]
91300703The abominal creature[View]
91299669Heritage thread anyone[View]
91300233World Cup 2018 - WMAF[View]
91300637Map of biking raids/conquest: Who has the full map of biking raids/conquest. I’ve seen it posted mul…[View]
91300620I feel like everything I eat is a part of some Tarzan Lasagna.[View]
91300221Why do people think their personal anecdotes are enough to generalize an entire group of people?[View]
91298221unironically beautiful flag[View]
91282872/ita/ il filo di umaru: edizione umaru e kirie[View]
91300631>go to local book store >pick up Mein Kampf, Lolita, and The God Delusion >light up a stogi…[View]
91300551Every seven seconds a German soldier dies in Stalingrad! TICK TOCK TICK TOCK![View]
91300431Is there any future for this region? I unironically like the little Rust Belt port cities.[View]
91237731/danmarktråden/ #2: Den uendelige Peter Ingemann udgave Gamle tråd: >>91182631[View]
91294787How whorish are American women and Middle Eastern women? (Qatar) Will we make fun of them too? I h…[View]
91299739'Let them hate, as long as they fear.' - Caligula, talking about the United States.[View]
91290619/v4/ and /friends/: darker than black s2 edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCfDmr5B0-0…[View]
91295013Kurdistan will be revenge against turks for greek, Armenian, and Assyrian genocides[View]
91298007What if dogs can speak[View]
91299893You can only post here if your GDP is in the top 20. >Croatia >Argentina…[View]
91294134>are you sexually desirable in your country?[View]
91299576The more I learn about Jews and the more I meet them, the more I become convinced that Hitler had a …[View]
91298073>qt3.14 moroccan girl likes me[View]
91298955anyone else going to work in 3 hours? lmao[View]
91297161Is the ghost of 4chan white?[View]
91299396I honestly just think right-wing Americans want to LARP as pioneers. To execute their LARP they’ll v…[View]
91298131Why are immigrants, especially South Asians and Africans, so abusive and old fashioned?[View]
91298220america what the FUCK??[View]
91298921Hey dudes. I'm drunk and kind of horny. How are you doing?[View]
91298705Caste system is base- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvrjWlDgE4Y[View]
91297969/brit/: art hoe edition.[View]
91296655Why is it acceptable for girls to kiss each other? I remember being in hs and some girls kissed each…[View]
91294484autistic claim[View]
91297227France is quite literally sitting on stolen land. Why is this allowed?[View]
91299221h*Mans are sub-Greek[View]
91290755Explain This: Why would someone living in a first world country kill himself if he has a higher life…[View]
91294686Reminder that BLACKED.com and Hapa kids are memes; The real racemixing happens with mexicans because…[View]
91291832How do you call niggers and chinks in your language? In German it's Neger and Schlitzauge (slit…[View]
91282954/KEKOLD/ WORLD CUP #2: Russian women are massively fuck with football fans from Brazil and Mexico. P…[View]
91299479tfw living in the best country in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M https://www.…[View]
91295478Imagine being me Imagine if money was no object in your life What would you do with your life? No w…[View]
91288829Why did the USA attack Serbia ?[View]
91262622/rus/ + /bel/ + /ukr/: Иcпopтившeй мнe нoфaп Meгyмин edition[View]
91297454hi sweden[View]
91297325Learning Japanese: My Japanese lessons are coming along well. Any tips for the future anon?[View]
91299260ITT post countries with beautiful and powerful languages No French or Spanish speaking countries all…[View]
91296351pls help..[View]
91291819why are spanish girls so damn cute?[View]
91293896When will the world finally apologise for calling Slovenia Balkan and solemnly induct it into Wester…[View]
91290027Sverigetråden - nattupplagan[View]
91297508Imagine the scene. An old Serbian grandfather is sitting in his living room with his son, daugher-in…[View]
91298631hi, Chile[View]
91298979REİS 2023: https://youtu.be/v34FgeDuMr0[View]
91298352Official Balkans Rating Thread: Can we get an official Balkans rating thread going?[View]
91298819tick tock[View]
91298227Do people from your country like salted liquorice?[View]
91296453Are all Czechs male prostitutes?[View]
91297100What is going on there?[View]
91298808Why do Mexicans switch from English to Spanish only once they notice someone who can overhear them?[View]
91298710Reminder that J*ps have filthy Southeast Asian monkey genetics and Koreans are superior.[View]
91297540Does the Russian government monitor what Russian posters post? What would happen if a Russian poste…[View]
91298641Oh holy shit, I just remembered. A fucking leaf. How the fuck does someone convince you to put a fuc…[View]
91298583BEYAZ BOĞA: Whenever I feel down, I just imagine myself standing near my local river. Looking upon t…[View]
91268050/éire/: anime edition[View]
91296878>Endless shitposting about about how bad Brazilians are. >Actually go to South America >The…[View]
91265004Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91279644How would a brazillian be treated in your country?: Pic obviously unrelated.[View]
912983271265 - Dante Alighieri 1524 - Luís Vaz de Camões 1547 - Miguel de Cervantes 1564 - William Shakespe…[View]
91297875ancient egypt was WHITE[View]
91292180I'm looking for a news-website to improve English (theme: world). Which one do you recommend, /…[View]
91298411Does Japanese deserve to be Buddhist?: >Most (young) people don't differentiate temples and …[View]
91290413/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition des grenouilles[View]
91297206how do they sell stuff so cheap[View]
91297066Your cunt Is the sky at 2am this light[View]
91297621I’m sad :([View]
91298086Why do Japanese females love our glorious and magnificent Britain so much?[View]
91287746>purest white genes in the world >couldn't defeat NIGGERia Where's your god now wh*t…[View]
91298152do you ever sit back and just think about how perfect the world would be if brown people didn't…[View]
91291256America is a German colony. Deal with it.[View]
91296560/brit/: Cross Roads, Texas edition[View]
91290177Story of the real KARA BOĞA: His name was Jack Johnson. >Just a poor Afro American. >Learns ho…[View]
91297946>mom had me at 34 that explains why im 5'6, ugly and dicklet[View]
91298092Daily reminder that 真珠湾(pearl harbor) is rightful Japanese clay: >Japanese place name >Already…[View]
91295239Why are Uruguayans so cold and don't like to speak with strangers much? I thought they were Sou…[View]
91288963/mena/: ديس جينيرَل إز داد[View]
91297788How did beauty standards change when Euro's colonized other countries?[View]
91297000Why is Greece so fucking racist??? FUCK Greece!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXvwv2-ag88[View]
91291866Why is /int/ such a wonderful board. No other board has cultivated such a warm and welcoming communi…[View]
91293724Have you noticed that South Korea is not trendy anymore ? 2-5 years ago the age of koreanboos were b…[View]
91292871Do you fingerblast your anus in the bath/shower?[View]
91297210anime sure is cool[View]
91296664Why haven’t we murdered the neo-Red Menace?[View]
91297269lads I think I might be kind of gay I mean I love women and female bodies but cocks and fit male bod…[View]
91291891What are Baltic people like?[View]
91297343I just watched this https://youtu.be/XLKBBaQLGo8 The trailer dosen't do it justice but I was pr…[View]
91294720If you had to give away 100€, would you rather give it to this girl so she can buy more hormones or …[View]
91297324Do the Japanese have poor shit Japan home?[View]
91288854whats your favorite word[View]
91294407catto :3[View]
91295788your country do you hate yourself and your life? brazil yes[View]
91296234Servility: 'People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of the…[View]
912968841. You're a vegena 2. Do you believe in the sasquatch or any other supernatural being like Hitl…[View]
91296805my dick shrinked or what my dick used to be longer and thicker four years ago.... im not even fat[View]
91295407Pret motorina chisinau: salut moldoveni da pretudindeni. cat pula mea e un litru de motorina peste p…[View]
91296752Hiscraft Minecraft Server: A ''Historical'' rp server set after the fall of constantinople. plugins …[View]
91292127/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: hund ausgabe[View]
91293282/polska/: edycja Polskiej Republiki Ludowej[View]
91296677>tfw you have to look up how many calories are in the whole large pizza you just ate…[View]
91295085/brit/: Australo-Pakistani Friendship edition[View]
91295659Know the source: Anyone know the source of this image?[View]
91295672Do Greek Canadians hate Greek Australians like Anglo Australians hate Anglo Canadians?[View]
91295570Are there any brands/companies/corporations that you boycott and why?[View]
91293636Can we all agree that soccer was a mistake and get back to something proper like Cricket?[View]
91295899I hope the guy revving his car outside knows how cool he is and how much it's making my boipucc…[View]
91286765/balt/: Anime supremacy[View]
91269482/isr/: יום שישי[View]
91296065I really don't care that kids are getting shot at school[View]
91294840my dick is 3 fingers width how yours[View]
91295748The longest day is done and so we turn again to face the coming winter. The skies will only grow dar…[View]
91285044are we actually independent? i know we are on paper but it really doesn't feel like living in a…[View]
91289706Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91269123I just want Galiza to be free from Spanish oppression[View]
91296270I stand with Israel[View]
91296161All my friends are leaving to Europe: I'm such a failure, I can't go, even tho I can have …[View]
91285919Do you want to live in Australia? I would, it if it wasn't for the authoritarian gun control la…[View]
91293021Do you have a pet?: I have doggos.[View]
91282926/norgetråden/: Ostehovel-utgaven Forrige: >>91270287[View]
91292649I have an iPad Pro 2017, best purchase since the PS4. Do you own an Apple product ?[View]
91288896>roughly same size >Netherlands has 3x the population Why? Most of Denmark is inhabitable no?…[View]
91293808>perfect continents don't exi-[View]
91290015Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91292781Argentinians beg Black Nigerians to defeat Argentina: lmao yt bois[View]
91289942Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91293304only the best people[View]
91295423Is this the dream of the average Swedish girl?[View]
91287904You may not like it, but it's true.[View]
91289505Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91292171Question for Germans: I remember reading somewhere that German guys have a fetish for really dark sk…[View]
91295222What race is this?[View]
91292457Finnish Interior Minister proposes ten-fold increase in quota refugees across the EU: Interior Minis…[View]
91294883do guy like him really exist in england?[View]
91293696/brit/ + /birt/: Tomato garlic pasta with avocado and hempseedsedition[View]
91289636Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91292027well, /int/?[View]
91294639>Dessalines marched into Port-au-Prince, where was welcomed as a hero by the 100 whites who had c…[View]
91280945redpill me on AliExpress[View]
91294916If you're born in a first world country, are able bodied, You have nothing to complain about[View]
91291642NATO phonetic alphabet: >foxtrott >golf >kilo >lima >mike >papa >sierra These w…[View]
91294961>tfw country roads will never take me home to the place i belong[View]
91287406>your are're a cunt >has your cuntry ever wronged a neighboring nation germany no…[View]
91283234/ Norway-Thread: This thread is for the norwegian kin and curious foreigners to discuss the current …[View]
91293235BEYAZ BOĞA: The ARYAN man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. _Let's start by loo…[View]
91291307Do you have a serious illness?[View]
91293969how do i get this haircut 1:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UofJkq1t-ys[View]
91291108What's your favorite body part?[View]
91294306Just be yourself :)[View]
91294414https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrdg6JQ27eY >tfw no dumb German girlfriend…[View]
91293940>live in a gated community >see a young KARA BOĞA holding hands with a wh*Te girl >see all…[View]
91292688This is what we think of your countries.[View]
91293992Behold, true winner of this WC.[View]
912934601. Your cunt 2. Are you ready for a cleansing from street to street, quarter to quarter? EVROPA Yes…[View]
91294218DON'T. MESS. WITH. US.[View]
91288173How many of you Europoors want to move to America now? HAHAHAHAA![View]
91294067Why are German and French women so much better and less vapid than Anglo whores?[View]
91280486Why is Sweden such an ugly country although it's very rich? My Swedish girlfriend keeps sending…[View]
91293662>asking for bob and vagene doesn't wo---[View]
91294072put 340 euros to 1/2 on serbia albania pass pass with glory if i wanted it but God took me to the wa…[View]
91292933>your cunt >your height[View]
91289877It is my sincere belief that all americans should be banned again[View]
91293148Just a reminder that this is the kind of stuff the youth is exposed to on a daily basis[View]
91293807is your country's fans as based and civilized as Japanese and Senegalese football fans? https:/…[View]
91293339WTF I love the Balkans now!![View]
91293806Portugal? More like snoretugal[View]
91293792YEAH YEAJ KILL EM': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yr-LaMhvro[View]
91293431/polska/: edycja anime[View]
91289752>your country >do you love sun?[View]
91288474/brit/: Made the new thread super early haha x / fuck off yank cunts edition[View]
91293369your country do you live by the ocean? NZ Yes, most people do[View]
91293534IQ help: Does anyone know if this website is accurate? How does it compare to your real IQ? >Take…[View]
91285669would you produce offspring with pic related? That is, procreate, reproduce[View]
91293291/polska/: edycja jebaci njepolakuw[View]
91293436Work and school breaks: Do you guys have work/schoo breaks in your country so you can watch the cup?…[View]
91292955wow, Swiss people look like this?[View]
91292276Why are there so many virgins on 4chan? I feel out of place...[View]
91285925/polska/: Edycja przyjaźni Polsko-Ukraińskiej >Czule żegna się z dziewczyną, jeszcze czulej z Ukr…[View]
91280393>your pusy >what stereotype of your countrymen apply to you? Italy I'm lazy…[View]
91259609kurva anyátok[View]
91289860Your country Do you fear Fernando Martinez?[View]
91291506>ur cunt >are you diaspora scum? usa no[View]
91292757>be european >move to brazil because europe is a war-thorn shithole >brazil becomes a shith…[View]
91291571>Porn and vidya are harml-[View]
91292270my brother watching some netflix shit[View]
91292192>tfw the ameridumb meme is over 20 years old https://youtu.be/TKvL7eNWK0c?t=10m20s 10:20…[View]
91281428Post ITT if you love Vietnam[View]
91291643wa-a-gie getting ragie wa-a-gie getting ragie twinkle twinkle in the sky look at all the wagecucks c…[View]
91286495/deutsch/: Abendausgabe[View]
91291334I download at 101mb/sec and you, peasants ?[View]
912920221. country 2. is communism popular among the celebrities of your country?[View]
91290965dear lord of heaven i was a god girl I never leave home at this week please, give me a qt svenska bf[View]
91286114What happens in that little Indian section between Nepal and Bhutan?[View]
91286081The trade wars continue...[View]
91282028what ever happened to the british car industry?[View]
91291652I unironically find Spics the most handsome guys.[View]
91217288/Sino/ - 中文: Cindy Cho edition. The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chinese-s…[View]
91286350Serious question,no offense intended, why Central America is so violent?[View]
91282353ITT: post foreigners speaking your native language WARNING: those whose native language is English a…[View]
91291542whale on a beach? BLOW'EM UP https://youtu.be/5rf1Bn3Rg0o[View]
91289811the world’s a better place if all the men get killed prove me wrong[View]
91277348Does your country have decent trains? USA: no.[View]
91290224>tfw no gf[View]
91289875What ever happened to british cuisine?[View]
91290663Why are the Brits on the Turkish side? The Greeks would have exterminated every Turk if it wasn…[View]
91289146>The only kinds of music came out of his country is only shitty rap and rock music…[View]
91279968Are ANT*FAs a problem in your country /int/?[View]
91290369>French >Not gay[View]
91289596Black runners: Has any non black team ever beaten a black team in Olympic sprinting or distance runn…[View]
91288976>Country >Gender >Year you started posting here seriously https://www.strawpoll.me/15947933…[View]
91287901/brit/: made the new thread very early haha x edition[View]
91289169>German Engineering[View]
91290913Average Colombian.[View]
91290847Stop making fun of central and south America or you'll pay for it.[View]
91289991What anthem do you think is the best? For me, it's Tuva.[View]
91290743Do you know a fat cunt that everyone enjoys bullying? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz7pyHcQ9gE…[View]
91288285lessons I've learned today: blacks > whites albanians > serbians[View]
91268304/v4/ + pals: that will be 300 dollars for that fish whitu piggu edition[View]
91280829/USSR/ did nothing wrong: Scientifically USSR was far more advanced than the West. USSR took Africa-…[View]
91290640>tfw filters disable themselves, when you use the search bar >filter out ‘japan’ ‘japanese’ …[View]
91290295/fr/ - Le fil francophone: Edition des saltimbanques[View]
91290145huh..so this is the power of german engineering..[View]
91279966maGAYar boys where you at?????? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
91280160Why is this so hot?[View]
91275915/fr/ - Fil francophone et francophile: Edition hihihi[View]
91290133>Brewed according to the German law of cleanness ahahahahahahah[View]
91290103The French spy in Brazil will get lynched soon..[View]
91289727Why has America never won the world cup? do you think we will ever win one?[View]
91273607European villages: /int/ Post comfy European villages / small towns >Bonneval Sur-Arc, France.…[View]
91279431School uniforms go unisex as Japanese schools seek better fit for LGBT students: https://www.japanti…[View]
91289976Greek-Swedish friendship thread In this thread we can write about ways to bring our people together …[View]
91288875Is it considered weird to go to a club alone, in your country?[View]
91205582/flag/ - /extraflags/: Fugger Express :DD edition Previous Edition: >>91140673 Welcome to /ext…[View]
91286779Sexiest accents: For me, sexiest accents on girls are: 1- French 2- Brazilian portuguese 3- Italian …[View]
91289699best flag and based country[View]
91288449Why are Americans lovely in person but massive cock gobblers online?[View]
91288126Can some Polish please translate this? I am trying to make Polish baked beans. Thanks[View]
91285938If you ask an American what he thinks of the British, he will likely say that they are witty and fan…[View]
91289495being a virgin and having a sister at the same time is funny your sister being fucked everyday while…[View]
91288105I want to go to the Arctic circle and live with the Inuit[View]
91285129Polacks people refused my investment in Warsaw stock exchange. They canceled my order. Yet the fren…[View]
91286684Could I pass as a local in your country?: Yes, I'm aware that I'm a 6/10 at best.[View]
91281546ffs I saw a nigger today on a street. Fucking shitskins have finally reached even in my backwater by…[View]
91289313why i find prostitute are so attractive?[View]
91287108Montain jews Switzerland saved my money by scoring at the end of the game against Serbia THANK YOU B…[View]
91288881The BOSNIAN man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity.[View]
91286098what do slavs think of boris? is he just a fake memer?[View]
91289188Why don't Sweden and other Scandinavian countries invite Greeks so they could replace all musli…[View]
91262085/cum/: >tfw have never seen the Milky Way irl[View]
91286629Why are Brazilians black instead of Mestizo?[View]
91285702Wtf chinks are not allowed in MY taqueria. Insects get out.[View]
91285928/polska/: edycja var[View]
91283199>talking to serbian girl >hates gypsies so much >doesn't even consider them human >…[View]
91288012hello? here's Italy[View]
91285851Poland - Russia relations: Hello, I want to ask all people from Russia and Poland what do they think…[View]
91283918considering converting to islam 2bh[View]
91288794lets fly[View]
91285564Why did Amerimutts kill our great leader?[View]
91280873>22.5% of Nobel Prize recipients >virtually every great 'Western' thinker >responsible for …[View]
91285536Why are they so unattractive?: Why did they evolve the genetics that make them the least attractive …[View]
91288330La Creatura...[View]
91288301Opinions on this? Trump is really going into full on trade war against everyone else.[View]
91288475are you ready France?[View]
91283333>english get raped by iberians, french, romans, vikings, europe's genetic dumping ground …[View]
91284687>that 30 year old boomer who thinks kids should play less video games and go outside more…[View]
91286045Time to sleep wagie, you need to wake up bright and early for those saturday morning chores. The gra…[View]
91287571>black lives matter[View]
91287733>everything goes against my world views is cherry picked[View]
91287698Serbians fear the almighty KOSOVAN BULLS[View]
91278685>innocent Ukrainians[View]
91288043Why do danes do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty5YXhxEPro[View]
91282470Why do black-African immigrants hate us African-Americans hate us so much?[View]
91285678/brit/: Greatest Man In Human History edition[View]
91279006Which one femanons?[View]
91287598I just found out that Washington and Washington D.C aren't the same thing. Always thought Washi…[View]
91283184Ask a Romanian Anonette anything: I'm not a gypsy, also bully not allowed ;__;[View]
91284556What do you think about Polish women, /int/?[View]
91282523/balk/: Kids See Ghosts is the AOTY edition old: >>91276751[View]
91277655/ex-yu/: ovo mi je drugarica poslala izdanje[View]
91281816Sverigetråden - Midsommarnattsupplagan[View]
91286540Could me and the lads pass as locals in your country?[View]
91287317I wish I had blonde, receding, thin hair It sucks to be a shitskin[View]
912872381. Vagene 2. Are you smart enough to get a cold iin sumertime (~28°C) Russia Me smart[View]
91280921why are mixed women so perfect?[View]
912852951. When Serbs fighted Muslims, Europeans and Americans helped Muslims instead, why? 2. Muslims, Jews…[View]
91287311Can someone please explain to me how to get emotionally invested in watching a bunch of guys chase a…[View]
91287048Haha. Triggered LEFTY snowflakes! America is undoubtedly superior to ANY other country. Don't e…[View]
91279663The best region of the USA[View]
91287003How do Americans feel about being one of only two countries that torture children according to the U…[View]
91284023uh huh[View]
91281241Why are It*lians considered white again? The americans did it right 50 years ago. It*lians are subhu…[View]
91283952Another day in Sweden, anotehr cuck story. Swedish farmers made a swedish flag in their field to sup…[View]
91286712Next year is literally the last year of the decade. We are living in the 1998/2008 of our times. Wh…[View]
91284843A shitty Asian show that surpasses Eurovision.: Welcome to produce48. The world's greatest shit…[View]
91286290Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah[View]
91279155>1. Your country >2. Do more people live in houses or in Apartments? Bosna More people live in…[View]
91286759it's 00:42 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
91285085>search for spanish inventions/discoveries >almost all of them happened before 1300, while Spa…[View]
91270690/balt/: Kept you waiting huh?[View]
91275966Have anyone ever taken English lesson at the British Council? They are offering English lessons at r…[View]
91279706I didn't know white people thought we Asians were soulless insects until I started browsing /in…[View]
91277234Do you love Germany?[View]
91282789/deutsch/: XXXTentacion Gedächtnisthread[View]
91286135a jehovah witness girl knocked at my door today she was really cute[View]
91282698>ywn be a white girl and have every shitskin in the world orbitting you and tripping over themsel…[View]
91285530What is the greatest country in the world, and why is it France?[View]
91286193Why do white people smell like cheese?[View]
91282511Is it true that americans never put tobacco in their weed?[View]
912795241) vegana 2) are you successful? 1) Russia 2) no, not really[View]
91285316>tfw to dumb to learn another language wish my parents didn't have me in there 40's…[View]
91276415/Norway: This is the first /Norway-thread. Everyone is welcome to discuss things concerning Norway h…[View]
91284266>the year is march 2019 >order a redpilled white wife named natasha from russia >she arrive…[View]
91284219This is Anastazija Ražnatovic, daughter of Arkan, former key figure of Serbian mafia.[View]
91277052>baby....how many white babies should we make...???? 4? wat do /int/??[View]
91283624why did my parents have kids if they didn't have the money to raise us[View]
91278492/polska/: edycja seksu cipy ruchania[View]
91263595/eu/ - Article 11 and Article 13: Not sure if this has been discussed a lot on /int/, but you guys u…[View]
91285822/Africa/: Nigeria and Senegal edition[View]
91285816how is this name acceptable in the mohammetan progressive germany?[View]
91280149Ancestry thread, try to go as far as you can using the template in the next post[View]
91283080/brit/: So here we are then, the lads edition[View]
91284078I'm thinking about immigrating to Croatia. Thoughts?[View]
91285494This is the next president of Turkey. Your thoughts?[View]
91283425Do you love Belgium?[View]
91282555/balk/: OLD: >>91276751[View]
91282269Icelanders needed for translation: What do these fans are saying about that sluttish Natasha whore? …[View]
91280169Which country has the hottest women?[View]
91281038>I love dogs! They heckin' good boys![View]
91281052Based fuck greeks.[View]
91285114oh fuck yes[View]
91284970Money automate rob: Low IQ tier criminals try to rob bank-automata[View]
91284859;): I bought a lot of things when I visited Italy...[View]
91284965>The Romanian Treasure is a collection of valuable objects and the gold reserves (~120 tonnes) of…[View]
91282159Absolute fucking state of Poland: Poland-Colombia match will be held this sunday and I'm fuckin…[View]
91284898>tfw Napoleon was the last person to embody the ancient conception of a hero >tfw we'll n…[View]
91284386Happy midsummer my frends[View]
91283879Why are Western Europeans so stupid?: They say they can integrate Muslims and other ethnicities from…[View]
91281783how are weddings in your country? here in Spain all of the guests are supposed to give some money to…[View]
91283749This is how my ideal husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
91281538>tfw you encounter British tourists Why are their teeth so fucking bad? Does the very notion of d…[View]
91281855Why are G*rman 'men' so weak and frail compared to the Anglo BVLL[View]
91261015/NEDERDRAAD/: MONEY TOT DE DOOD-uitgave welkom: AFRIKAANSE LEEUWEN niet welkom: ZIONISTEN[View]
91278932How many of these insects plague this board?[View]
91281150Are Croats genetically different from Serbs? They seem to be of lighter complexion than Serbs.[View]
91278582How can I acquire an Asian bf[View]
91284415Best country between these two south slavic countries, Croatia and Serbia ? Both are : Qualified in …[View]
91282916This is the average Finn poster....[View]
91284373Why do they like Metal and Punk music so much?: ?[View]
91279850why did they lose: why[View]
91283596Are you watching the world cup?[View]
91284034my armpits stink[View]
91283786What the fuck is wrong with Russian women in this FIFA World Cup?: It's because the Latino mach…[View]
91284183Spaniards are the champions of the white race. Kara Boga BTFO.[View]
91283267BABY PLEASE NO!!!!! IT WONT FIT[View]
91281183>French voice on Google translate has Québécois accent[View]
91283789Why do women suck so much? I mean they’re not interesting, not funny, not skilled at anything, and a…[View]
91276366What do Italians think of Godfather?[View]
91283848Uuuh, can you stop talking about girls for one freaking second.[View]
91281859Colombian fan saves a Russian man from drowning in Kazan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=177wORDj0C…[View]
91281047no...another one of us....[View]
91275728This is France: What is she thinking?[View]
91281499Another Midsummer and I'm alone again. Should I drink until I pass out?[View]
91274452How similar goys?[View]
91276904What does /int/ think about argentinians?[View]
91229689/desi/ - hnnnng: Invited: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan Myanmar,…[View]
91281212Videos made by girls: This is the what 11-12 year old girls do these days, they make video blogs and…[View]
91277970Russian human rights activist wants Brazilian fans arrested: >Human rights activist Alena Popova …[View]
91280624Korea getting PAKI'D: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2018/05/120_249167.html?utm_source…[View]
91282602He is my bro Say something nice about him[View]
91274674is UK the best Country in europe?: >they speak the lingua franca >good economy >low unemplo…[View]
91280356/brit/: Ruhollah Komeinii edition[View]
91268127/asean/: SCANDAL edition[View]
91282003The difference between a white man and a white woman A white woman wants a black man A white man wan…[View]
91278370/deutsch/: Manga Ausgabe.[View]
91262267Serious question /int/. Are we unironically quality posters? inb4 answers from Russians doesn't…[View]
91281760Wh*tes: I punched a wh*te today To see if they can feel He lies in ground in pain Deserved for his s…[View]
91271856/ita/ - il filo[View]
91263250Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91281660I have never used public transport. What's it like?[View]
91267554I want a pale light eyed gf so fucking bad because they're so rare and exotic in the brown coun…[View]
91276751/balk/: Trending in Greece. How do we stop the Shiptar takeover of the Balkans? https://www.youtube.…[View]
91280878KARA BOGA'd[View]
91277152After WW3 when Christian forces will be victorious over Turkey, how should the Turkish flag be redes…[View]
91281985>OII M8 WATCH OUT >SICK[View]
91274760(((White))): Which countries are actually white aside from the krauts? I am Palestinian and I am co…[View]
91281869>he thinks he lives in a shithole but can afford himself designer clothes once a month and hard d…[View]
91277607I am BLACK. Pic highly related.[View]
91270287/norgetråden/: Alt-for-Norge-utgaven Forrige: >>91244763[View]
91272873/KEKOLD/ WORLD CUP #1: Russian women are massively fuck with football fans from Brazil and Mexico. P…[View]
91279341>book a cab through mobile app >call the driver >'yes I booked an ola...' >'where do I h…[View]
91270135Thread for Ukrainians ITT. Russian-speaking scum is not welcomed. Archive: >>91227050 >>…[View]
91280101HU HA TSINGIS KHAN[View]
91274508ITT: We watch a livestream following what people buy from a Finnish grocery shop on the midsummers e…[View]
91278244When will Chile ascend to its final form?[View]
91271133What are you?: Answer honestly[View]
91277196Greek men get millions of Swedish and other European women while white men can have billions of Lati…[View]
91279267/NIGERIA/: What part of Nigeria are you from lads?[View]
91272286ITT: we post our IQ to prove our respective countries superior intellect[View]
91279758No, seriously, what the hell is wrong with the UK? They still have a theocratic, incestuous dictator…[View]
91277944Why does /int/ hate my country?: pic-related[View]
91280601>your cunt >what you’ll racemix with to ensure the survival of your bloodline usa jew…[View]
91280514Blocks your path[View]
91279824why they didnt convert to islam despite being ruled by them?[View]
91280145>your region >how long could you last in a fight against a mighty LIGURIAN warrior? not so fas…[View]
91279126/int/ cuisine: Today i am cooking delicious Russian bortsch and American bourbon pecan pie... Wish m…[View]
91269926Why do so many Russian women look like porn stars?[View]
91280367DO YOU LIKE GIMLET?[View]
91278107/brit/: The Supreme Leader edition Britain cries out for Juche sub-edition[View]
91272991I like girls with no tits.[View]
91270130what's it like having a gf in your country?[View]
91272431Could me and the lads pass as locals in your country?[View]
91275589Is this the best region of Russia?: I mean, geography-wise >home of Amur tigers and leopards >…[View]
91277626you wake up as an insect[View]
91265624/mämmi/: lihan makroni latik panos[View]
91277515Faces of /int/[View]
91279686well wagie you finally made it, today marks the beginning of your 2 days of (limited)freedom. Get so…[View]
91279654based Salvini for riling up the g*psy menace[View]
91273598My sister had never been outside of the city. She's 23 yo.[View]
91279458Ask anything to an Israeli who is living like a king in a shithole I'll have to leave in 10 min…[View]
91278143I am going on vacation to a foreign country in 10 days. What would be a good website to meet local p…[View]
91278422Do you want to find love in Finland?[View]
91278707Why is this so popular in Argentina among women?[View]
91272069Sverigetråden - död åt bögarnaupplagan[View]
91276790I am a girl (Female), let us have a conversation about anything.[View]
91278882Reminder that Yankees are subhuman nigger mutts with Immigrant Irish and Italian ancestry[View]
91274534I'm gonna start learning russian because I love this language, I already know half of the russi…[View]
91273042Destroys brazilian economy and democracy to deliver Petrobras and the country's giant oil reser…[View]
91277190Etiquette: Post formal table setting from your cunt[View]
91275883Slavs can't make fun of Sweden or Germany anymore.[View]
91278894Papieren bitte![View]
91273956- Second most unequal country in the world - Largest number of homicides in the world (63,000) - Fun…[View]
91278849>Hey honey, let's go check out Elizabeth Tower[View]
91275621How do black people in your country look like? https://youtu.be/bIwRLWnP_p8[View]
91277391>the country that complains about degeneracy the most, so happens to be the most degenerate count…[View]
91278547Can any native English speakers tell if the following is correct A >I came here TO work This mean…[View]
91277605>dude, based russia is keeping it real, based putin, not like the yuropoors…[View]
912717311. your mothers wrath 2. do you put a tv cloth on your tv?[View]
91271074Do you love shiba-inu?[View]
91277789i know a guy that has autism and is 5'7, his sister is a famous slut on the internet, everybody…[View]
91278467>wake up >'ok, i wont hate my mom today' >she says a mean comment to me DAY RUINE…[View]
91272374>tfw we're living in the dark timeline where Julian the Apostate died…[View]
91277542I thought macron was /ourguy/[View]
91272414/polska/: niepedalska edycja anime[View]
91278348>tfw an entrancing rhythm combined with a sexy ebonic singing voice is enough to turn me into a l…[View]
91270767What did Japanese and Portuguese people think of this kino?[View]
91278265Call me Johnny one more time[View]
91274551/deutsch/: Scheiß auf Özil - Ausgabe[View]
91276940>pagheets are attacking your city wat do u do?[View]
91278224Swedish ice hockey star remembers a funny occurence during a game: https://www.suomikiekko.com/2018/…[View]
912775481. Your cunt 2. Heil Reich? EVROPA HEIL REICH[View]
91275682/brit/: 2016 /brit/ edition[View]
91277783https://youtu.be/StKVS0eI85I https://youtu.be/Z0DO0XyS8Ko how can they be the same white race and th…[View]
91277620Why are Brazilian 'comedy' pranks always so offensive, mean and harmful? https://youtu.be/s_nJkQROLC…[View]
91277305Lol: I think this is new kind of autism. I always see some thread like >japanese ' we are not Asi…[View]
91277832Real life chad Fernando Martinez??: How many russian pussies this guy could get?? https://www.youtub…[View]
91274347Good songs from your cunt to get high to? in any language i don't mind. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
91274708Post background music that plays when Fernando Martinez appears in front of the ladies https://www.y…[View]
91277524>that hapa that posts AMWF couples in every thread[View]
91275297YEAH BILL 'EM![View]
91274852Feel bad for this based Costa Rican goalie. Whole team played like shit , 8 defenders couldn't …[View]
91277345who /teamnigeria/ here fuck wh*Toids and especially fuck wh*Toids who believe to have wekang heritag…[View]
91270496Why can't europoors afford jetways?: >having to bus passengers to your aircraft embarrassing…[View]
91277248A real American hero[View]
91276780>It's ok to watch porn and play vid-[View]
91277051J U S T[View]
91268412/한국어/: 렛츠락 페스티벌 에디션[View]
91276925Faces of /int/: >mfw huge ameriboo and just got a new tattoo[View]
91271570Are you an incel?[View]
91264987Do you love Belgium?[View]
91276331Your cunt Do you hummingbird? Brazil No, at least not yet. I hear nothing but good things about how …[View]
91265023>Sister points at her chest complaining there are hairs on her shirt >Her tits are pointing ou…[View]
91274484will sharts ever recover ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igk4XvzwOCw[View]
91276704Ranking of American Regions: New England > Connecticut > Atlantic States > New York City …[View]
91275419Destloing Pul Halbur[View]
91276170So you mean to tell me the world cup and Olympics is where all the guys in the world flock to your c…[View]
91262119/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Пичкa Кoшкa edition <3 old: >>91246845[View]
91253048Imagine being a Russian man right now, your city is filled with handsome Scandinavians, tall German…[View]
91274938Do you want to find love in Germany?[View]
91269685Tick tock tick tock ...: Are Israelis brushing up their Polish and Russian? Because Israel will coll…[View]
91270683Why do non-whites pretend their own women are beautiful while all of them would kill to have a white…[View]
91270752Why are the British upper class sexual about AGAs?[View]
91274105Happiness is directly and mostly related to IQ and EQ. Humans are creatures motivated by primitive a…[View]
91275248>be latina >go to World Cup hoping to experience dick of handsome Russian tovarisch >end up…[View]
91275318I've become insecure because everyone keeps posting really qt girls from the country/race they…[View]
91275732why are turkish soldiers dressing like terrorists[View]
91272971your honest opinion on catalonian men[View]
91275084> tfw no gf to have lesbian sex with and browse 4chan[View]
91275820Why the fuck are girls so hard to talk to they're such brainlets.[View]
91276067>hear someone banging shitty EDM music near my apartment >go to balcony to see what it is >…[View]
91266919Why are Swedes and other Nordics so boring? Me and everyone else who visited these countries wrote t…[View]
91274704why are turks so disliked? europeans don't like them and want nothing to do with them. Arabs li…[View]
91275993WTF I love Russia now https://ru.xhamster.com/videos/kimsissykimsissy-s-cam-show-9524627[View]
91274462STOP MUSLIM-SHAMING ME: Stop Muslim-shaming me.[View]
91272420/brit/: VISIT MY STATE edition[View]
91275224Do you wear ear plugs when you mow the lawn / blow the snow?[View]
91265702Russians keep getting humiliated: Remember a bunch of brazilian fans who made a russian girl scream …[View]
91275082Is this accurate?[View]
91275294what do you feel looking at this?[View]
91273948People above 25 yo here, do you put moisturizing cream on your face ? France Yes Not even gay, but …[View]
91275111Why are Germans openly racist against Asians?[View]
91273994If your country regulates bestiality, then you live in uncultured subhuman shithole. https://en.wiki…[View]
91275597fatties will be the firsts to die[View]
91274142/esp/ - hilo español: Edición monárquica[View]
91275032Daily reminder there is a French store being named “BIO IT’S GOOD” Such creativity. How can the rest…[View]
91273635Why are they soooooo uncivilized[View]
91273450What did Manu mean by this?[View]
91274649>as American as apple pie[View]
91227179/luso/: Edição kurva anyátok.[View]
91275376Okay, this is epic.[View]
91275348Ah, so this is the power of American culture[View]
91275181is HRT cheap in your country? don’t you think it would be fun to be a cute little girl???[View]
91253181/ex-yu/: Sutra navijamo za Srbiju[View]
91272174Fuckers on 4chan telling me, always on /int/ Finland ain't bout this, Finland ain't bout t…[View]
91271081ITT: Ask the 8-ball anything: Will I have a gf this year?[View]
91275157I have a question on THIS graph of global economic history.: What is the reason that the European Un…[View]
91268352>Has supported dictatorships and corrupt governments in Latin America during 100 years. >Has s…[View]
91264653>come to /int/ernational, assume it's a melting pot of people from around the world having f…[View]
91275097i like girls with two tits[View]
91266041Why do Blacks look like this?[View]
91264166/fr/ - le francofilles: Edition petites tassepés[View]
912748471. cunt 2. did disco music corrupt your mind? flag yes, it gave me jungle fever[View]
91274834Who else is /LOVED/? Just stop being disappointments and maybe your mothers will love you too.[View]
91274044>your cunt >are you gay USA no, i’m bi[View]
91267679>tfw my house is literally older than America[View]
91274600Brown men can have sex with Russian women in Russia. Russian men cannot have sex with foreign women …[View]
91272536Yes, parents have a favorite child[View]
91273774Are you a third world country?[View]
91274497Were they just motivated by pussy?[View]
91260720shadbase.com is banned in Russia[View]
91274071as part of our diversity training this year my firm has decided to host a party for the nigerian soc…[View]
91270717/deutsch/: König Dedede Ausgabe.[View]
91274319>tfw sandwiched between Sweden and Germany Press F to give sympathy[View]
91274387Einsame Ausgabe.[View]
91274332The French spy in Brazil has been exposed[View]
91266255Do you love Japan?[View]
91274182>tfw fell for the aposematic hair meme and wrote to her only to be terribly let down like a piece…[View]
91273957How does Turkey treat wh*Teoids?: Asking for an honorary KARA BOGA friend[View]
91274128>retroflex consonants[View]
91273205Why does washington D.C. feel like stockholm in 1992? - Bums - Dark metro - A lot of money handling …[View]
91259387How do we deal with the problem of rising Sinophobia?[View]
91272845Story of a KARA BOĞA: Jack Johnson. >Just a poor American negro. >Learns how to box. >Gets …[View]
91273314Why do Wh*toids love ugly Asian girls?[View]
91271162>so? yeah, my wife has had one night stands, threesomes and hook ups so what? she is with me now,…[View]
91268600/brit/: Fastest gun in the East edition[View]
91262698/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: CRASHING THIS UNION[View]
91269668Describe the nation in three words. Germans: authoritarian, sadistic, narrow-minded Americans: fake,…[View]
91273755ramadan: oo[View]
91273695Why do Portugese look like this?[View]
91264730>tfw no tofu-eating, men-hating, coal-burning French gf[View]
91273483>Your cunt >MXC or Takeshi's Castle?…[View]
91273274The government always scared Israelis of the Arep threat but after years of many skirmishes it seems…[View]
91273471fuck this faggot monkey diver[View]
91272670my posts are in many different cringe compilations[View]
91272797just now one scooter bumped into my car from the back, my car has nothing only his cheap junks scoot…[View]
91273251tfw moving back to my homeland to live amongst the fellow anglos in london fuck europe and america[View]
91257206/balt/ + /ausnz/: This times the charm edition[View]
91272918why out of Italy food is so disgusting?[View]
91272800>go on /pol/ >realise all the anti-American spam on places like /his/ and other boards actual…[View]
91273140Apparently this is a 'she' boys 'shes' been hammering the lads over #peopleoflight on Twitter none s…[View]
91273039When I was kid during geography exam we had to connect names with flags and I thought this was India…[View]
91268681If you go to videos about Mongolia, there are high chances of finding in comments names such as Hasa…[View]
91272524why are americans like this?[View]
91272839Anyone: *posts literally anything positive about Russia* All Russian flags:[View]
91273118*mericans are subhuman[View]
91247956/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: georgia edition stop 404ing in the middle of the afternoon…[View]
91272919Man creates DOOM armor suit IRL: https://muropaketti.com/pelit/peliuutiset/talta-nayttaa-hakellyttav…[View]
91271938Do you remember the day we BLACKED you, Croatia?[View]
91272330/polska/: edition of koguts and good english speaks[View]
91271963Hello /int/ Do any of you have a skippers license? I want to get it and go somewhere cool to do it.…[View]
91272666BRAZILMONKEYS BTFO: https://www.gazeta.ru/sport/worldcup2018/news/2018/06/22/n_11688121.shtml?utm_so…[View]
91272777Everyday,I thank the Chinese for giving us the delicious gift of kwek-kwek(qual eggs for all you,day…[View]
91266330what do we do?[View]
91272743>you're not white, therefore your point of me not being white is invalid…[View]
91264130/anime/ - Anime: anime[View]
91272687Just shaved my face the first time in 3 month now I look like pic related and I dont even dare to go…[View]
91267918rare flags: what are the rarest flags you've seen on 4chan?[View]
91272596Keep going YES![View]
91270461I want to sail and hunt and camp in Greenland with my friends in December[View]
91271223why does my pee pee get hard when i see crying women?[View]
91269815my only hobby is masturbation and collecting porn[View]
91271563>wake up >your parents have brought you a hiyabi wife what do u do…[View]
91268957All the white girls of the world are moving to Asia. They know it's the best thing they can do …[View]
91270596Why do so many Russians seem so butthurt about him? How can they not realise how much worse they wou…[View]
91270763should I buy and stick to the car?[View]
91272301This is what the average roman people looked like: And you can still find this exact phenotype all a…[View]
91270440why are they sooooooo miserable?[View]
91272281finally met the chink friend, chilling out in Tokyo![View]
91272050I want to learn Chinese: How can I use my knowledge of Kanji to my advantage? Should I learn the spo…[View]
91269008What's your favorite marvel of German engineering?[View]
91272138CAN´T STAND THIS KICKBALL BULLSHIT DOMINATING MY COUNTRY ANYMORE!! Please, give me the sweet relief …[View]
91266889/polska/: edycja seksu małżeńskiego w pozycji misjonarskiej z trzymaniem się za ręce[View]
91264872why are polish men so ugly?[View]
91265751Hi any Italians here What does 'Vieni A Cinisello' mean? Thanks![View]
91268902Israel is using small drones to intercept the arson kites that are flown from Gaza into Israel. http…[View]
91270658>parents tell me to get a gf >finally get one >kick me out because she's 13 what the f…[View]
91269273/Antarctica general/ - PLEASE RESPOND edition[View]
91262647*thanks you for your service* do americans actually do this?[View]
91271028Which neighbour country do you hate most and why?[View]
91268327Are Argentinians white?[View]
91262201How do I study Mongolian? Each time I give it a try I eventually give it up because of lacking resou…[View]
91271210baked beans and toast[View]
91271695Argentina fan pens suicide note, goes missing...: Kottayam: Search is on to locate a die-hard Argent…[View]
91268206What do you guys think, how many japanese women did he bleach during his visit in Japan?[View]
91265627mashALLAH italy[View]
91265764post the most famous invention from your country pic related, the revolutionary hills hoist[View]
91267647>republicans literally cannot win in a real democracy and thus need an archaic, illegitimate esta…[View]
91268992Hi /pol, i'm from France and i'd like to know which of my country's uni are the most …[View]
91270337What is it like to be inferior (asian, black, brown) in white countries?[View]
91268391>parents keep pestering me about getting a gf >snap and tell them that no girl will ever be at…[View]
91268606>Killed 30 million chinese and southern asians and has practiced cannibalism and mass rape. >R…[View]
91265412>I like colonizing and subjugating people's with different skin colour, but when it happens …[View]
91265027It's Midsummer today so I don't have to wagecuck: Feels good man[View]
91269091Another roastie bites the dust Another roastie bites the dust And another roastie gone, and another …[View]
91269429Cheering for Costa Rica because i´m tired of this kickball shit[View]
91271057How do you call this in your country?[View]
91269550Why don't I ever see Japs making fun of them for mutilating their dicks? People always talk abo…[View]
91267116who are the winners today?[View]
91270051Should I buy some?[View]
91269755Anon, this is Marta from Poland. She does not speak english well and she is a bit shy.: >Would yo…[View]
91271211Is this some kinda sick joke[View]
91271093Why are semitic gods so boring and weak?[View]
91270739is Maine the Europe of the USA?[View]
91268727It's Friday Night: Why are you still here?[View]
91271141Are there Protestant churches Central and South America?[View]
91269391Would you want to see this as an Armenian flag?: https://ditord.com/2013/01/22/new-flag-of-armenia-d…[View]
91269869>السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته[View]
91266868Why don't Indians play real sports like Baseball instead of stupid cricket?[View]
91269169Can Romance languages speakers understand this? https://youtu.be/iXvkhA2WBQI[View]
91268488/brit/: Coming home edition[View]
91270033Japanese Birth Rates: How long until they all die out?[View]
91269616My wife's immigration visa was accepted guys![View]
91270568What is it like having neighboring countries?[View]
91270334Are your tits bigger than girl tits?[View]
91270483School is almost over and no new worthy shooting? Are you ok down there?[View]
91270080Are you a dual citizen /int/? If so then what countries? > tfw born in Guam > US citizen by ju…[View]
91264200>started pronouncing 'fucking' as 'focking'[View]
91264926/deutsch/: Ausgabe für Arterthaltung und Volkstumspflege[View]
91251098WTF Italy?[View]
912702471. Your place of origin 2. Have you accepted slovenian cultural superiority yet? 3. Why or why not?[View]
91265695Sverigetråden Midsommarupplagan[View]
91269724Daily reminder that Russia is a homophobic shithole and that the football world cup should be boycot…[View]
91268124Israel is here to stay. Deal with it.[View]
91266539I saw a group of 5-6 scandinavians tourists 1 hour ago when I came home from work They were all tall…[View]
91267193We beat the mutts (Colombia), but will Japan be able to beat KARA BOOGA?[View]
91268353>everybody is saying nice things about croatia[View]
91269722Cześć polska szlachta która nie pracuje, jak wam mija dzisiejszy dzień, jakieś plany ?. Ps: Krautcha…[View]
91244763/norgetråden/: Sykkeltur-utgaven Forrige: >>91224152[View]
91267199>Parents give me 500 euros to spend the month >I spend 400 on a camwhore and an escort…[View]
91269544What is your Skull type Europeans of /int/?[View]
91267893What phenotype is this?[View]
91268376>His language is spoken in more than one country.[View]
91269308http://www.bilibili.com/video/av25382066/ My friend's megamix 1:57 - There will be cute sounds…[View]
912692563 chicas en argentina[View]
91268852I wish I were French: They're always so smug, and they actually have the right to. Despite livi…[View]
91268532I imagine myself in Russia, captaining a seleção. Our mission to beat the gr*Ngo dogs and win O HEXA…[View]
91208017/asean/: /ausean/ was a mistake edition[View]
91267817It's a friday night, why are you here on /int/?[View]
91268263>'We will butcher traditional British spelling because we are Americans' >We will use British …[View]
91268409Why are they so pathetic?[View]
91268911American, I am american. Because I was born in America. It's early morning, freedom in the air …[View]
91268686>tfw can't call my friends lads, mates, or sick cunts[View]
91268301Average American in Europe.[View]
91266706I dont feel like living anymore /int/ what do?[View]
91268538slav = slave[View]
91264989what are these pastries called in your country?[View]
91268477So anon, how are you preparing for Croatian century?[View]
91268489/brit/: lovely day edish[View]
91267438Are Croats italboos? Why do they have Italian-sounding names such as Dario, Mario, Antonio, etc.?[View]
91262075Is Hinduism the religion of the future?[View]
91267709>Killed 6 million jews, gypsies, gays, commies and 20 million slavs. >Received money for indus…[View]
91268325Modeling in south korea: hey guys, I’m a fairly young us model that just got the offer to work in So…[View]
91266434Mom found the underground tattoo culture stash[View]
91268290/v4/: new edish[View]
91268100This is the flag of a french city, Menton[View]
91268188>his country's capital wasn't invaded by poland[View]
91264149how do i make women open bob for me?[View]
91268123Is there a cuter princess?[View]
91267598Serbians are weird.[View]
91267819Senegalese men are hot[View]
91257777OH NO NO NO NO[View]
91268027DEATH TO wh*Tes[View]
91268026/éire/ - Ireland: Too slow to save the last thread despite early anon's good morning wishes.…[View]
91267860ITT: Languages that look absolutely disgusting in print: I'll start >Japanese…[View]
91262643After replaying this:: I think it was the best Elder Scrolls game and the stuff everyone loved about…[View]
91264257/brit/: Stupid fucking saffer edition[View]
91267909Why are Poles like this?[View]
91265333>cunt >rate yourself Local standard only I’m myself am a 4/10 and i’m pretty fucking sad…[View]
91267761Fellow americans, are ancestry tests accurate? I hear some people think of it as pseudo science. Wha…[View]
91267503>11am >ikibey has already made 5 threads why is this guy not banned? He fills the board with t…[View]
91265774I'm so in love with her. Who is she?[View]
91266848Tfw no 10/10 moustached Persian qt[View]
91263773Should i convert to islam? It seems the most based religiion[View]
91261053This makes the Russian/chink/Mudslime shit themselves in fear.[View]
91266368Prettiest girls you've seen at the WC so far?[View]
91267543THIS SUMMER MUSIC: NUOVO TORMENTONE ESTIVO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-qu3OSW1Fg https://www.…[View]
91265544>Churchill was racist against Irish, blacks, Indians, afghans, Arabs, Germans, meds, pretty much …[View]
91253937Waking up as a European >pass the 1000 year old church on the way to work >pass the 2000 year …[View]
91264604Slavic countries should invite Greeks so we could impregnate your women and make your offspring supe…[View]
91265464Why are Americans so obsessed with baseball hats?[View]
91265976Greeks pollute their gene pool with white women, while germans pollute their gene pool with black me…[View]
91256888imagine having a gf irl[View]
91265033What is /int/ drinking tonight?[View]
91267242Why does everyone who moves to Thailand look like this?[View]
91264835What will happen when hedgehogs find alcohol?: https://www.stara.fi/2018/06/22/siilit-loysivat-viina…[View]
91267198Turks in Continental Europe: How are all the Turks in continental europe seen at home and by the res…[View]
91259420hilo latino hilo escanor y se burlan del argentino en chile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az91R2i…[View]
91262264Midsummer thread /Juhannus, Midsommar, Jaanipäev)[View]
91265598Seriously, FUCK NORWAY[View]
91266818When will you come to Japan?[View]
91260593why do people from South East Asia like Filipinos, Indonesians, Malaysians, Thais or Vietnamese look…[View]
91265351Last pay check of the financial year just arrived. $73k YTD. >Cunt >How did you do?…[View]
91252333/polzga/ aka /polska/: 3dycja idę spać aka nocna[View]
91265271All protestant countries end up as degenerate non-white failures while Greece is still the best coun…[View]
91262330Question for poo's how true is this ?[View]
91265775>The exact origins of the meme are murky. There are a number of threads on 4chan and Reddit accus…[View]
91265501do the british feel proud that we brown gods speak their language?[View]
91244603/v4/ + friends: based eternally mad hun edition[View]
91265533Which one?[View]
91266559What did the Germans and Austrians mean by this?[View]
91264248>person possesses a small amount of drugs and isn't hurting other people or causing a distur…[View]
91260106beautiful language[View]
91265929What's the source of German people's hyper-conformism, sadism and warmongering tendencies?…[View]
91265093>tfw no gf[View]
91264160/birt/: Edition: Friday morning with the lads[View]
91260609>european authorities abduct children if they're homeschooled[View]
91266070Why do White people do this?[View]
91265376What country was this guy from?[View]
91266080BEYZA BOGA[View]
91253590why are they soooo uncivilized?????[View]
91264506what happened here?[View]
91263405>your cunt >how you say 'brap' in your language >most interesting thing that happened today…[View]
91263266Is this true?[View]
91265339I have a question for USA dwellers. Is 38k $ per year enough to live in your country?[View]
91265352G'day. Just a friendly reminder that it's only 218 days until Australia Day. So on January…[View]
91245591/mämmi/: Pride month-painos[View]
91263867why do white people claim to be superior when in fact they just lucky from being ideally positioned …[View]
91263848Reminder that this is what true British looks like, Germanic imposters must go.[View]
91264665Hey britbongs, should I go see Farage live? It's only $100 a ticket https://tickets.penthouse.c…[View]
91261804Iberian Lynx: https://www.mtv.fi/uutiset/ulkomaat/artikkeli/luonnosta-lahes-kadonnut-iberianilves-on…[View]
91260472>He doesn't understand American math Boy do I feel sorry for you.[View]
91265135why don't european mainlanders have any sense of humour?[View]
91262910I thought you guys said that Turkey was a safe destination for beach tourists. So, why are nightclub…[View]
91249090/ita/ - il filo: edizione chirurgia estetica per il filo[View]
91264974I'm boarding the plane to St. Petersburg tomorrow[View]
91264937finna dab on them wagecucks[View]
91264933/Hitler/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
91255431/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/: Zeichentrickausgabe[View]
91259713What does this Say?[View]
91263062This is beautiful.[View]
91260875> colombia lost game in Russia > A drunk salty colombian fag forcibly japanese ladies to say I…[View]
91253758RPG CREATION: I'm making an RPG based around various world cultures give me some ideas I could …[View]
91262906Why do Americans think that socialism is the same as communism? Sometimes they write Greeks are comm…[View]
91260291Why are Indians and Asians so under-represented in Games and movies? They make up half the world…[View]
91262997/ancap/ general: Any country welcome. So, how do we destroy the state and kill all politicians?…[View]
91264635konfederasyon boğa[View]
91261826Will there be a baby boom in Russia after this World Cup?[View]
91260839Why do the French strike all the time? They're such a lazy and disorganized people. Thank God I…[View]
91255771would you produce offspring with pic related? That is, procreate, reproduce[View]
91264052󠀡 󠀡[View]
91262556Daily reminder that 'Azerbaijan' is full of TURKS occupying PERSIAN land and appropriating PERSIAN c…[View]
91256331Can /int/ afford a good computer? >Australia >no…[View]
91263306Why cant Americans stop raping? Theres a navy and airforce base in okinawa and people are getting ti…[View]
91263995how do I become a space colonizer? I dont need salary, even if its one way ticket to mars I agree wi…[View]
91261877Princess Mako will visit Brazil next month https://g1.globo.com/mundo/noticia/princesa-mako-do-japao…[View]
91262007i am smol pup deez hoomans here i like so much when they are near! they're smaller than some ot…[View]
91260200/brit/: you're gonna carry that weight edition[View]
91260612>mfw >Panama is at least 20 years behind Japan in terms of GDP (PPP) per capita. >No signs…[View]
91263913On which thread shall I declare jihad?[View]
91263782*blocks your path* what do[View]
91259818So I'm pretty lucky, I get $830 a month from social security in the US for free. What countries…[View]
91261049What Irani girls look without the hijab.[View]
91263442Why are Swedes and other Nordics so boring? Me and everyone else who visited these countries wrote t…[View]
91263396Alright, I admit it. The Japanese were superior. We should’ve let them take over Asia. Now subhuman…[View]
91262921Post tinder screenshots from ur cunt[View]
91263180Japanese girls are obese, Vietnamese girls are thin.: Percentage of thinness of girls aged 10 to 19 …[View]
91254343does she looks 100% european?[View]
91250481Sverigetråden - mejmej upplagan[View]
91258108What is life like in the West Coast? Is it the future over there?[View]
91261085le 56% face[View]
91257865/ausnz/: catbois edition[View]
91233388Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91260915Why has China destroyed its own culture?[View]
91262156Founder of Bush political dynasty helped Hitler: >George Bush's grandfather, the late US sen…[View]
91262956Indulge me a bit. I like listening to the podcast but Im always hearing how Joe proclaims to be whit…[View]
91262646based? i think yes.[View]
91260486Unironically and all memes aside, what is the all around greatest nation in Europe?[View]
91262978Post BLACK KANGZ[View]
91262608>new worlders think we care about where their grandparents are from[View]
91255359Why don’t people like Canadians? What is so intolerable about our country?[View]
91252621>1. your ethnicity/cunt >2. the other ethnicity/cunt you dislike the most Korean Northern Chin…[View]
91260997Would Greek Canadians fight Greek Australians if a war between Canada and Australia would break out?[View]
91262723>I hate a country because of what it did to mine even though literally nobody at the time in eith…[View]
91262454NICE HDI FAGGOT[View]
91257710Anime needs to be purged from this board, anime is a curse, a detriment to western civilisation as i…[View]
91259223I look exactly like the 56% face. What do I do? Should I move to USA to be accepted?[View]
91262514https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/21/rats-break-into-india-atm-chew-up-cash >superpower …[View]
91262654Why do mutts do this?[View]
91260234my sister used to have tinder when she was single i wonder how many chads she had sex with[View]
91262581So im seeing real white people on TV at the world cup. Then thought about this place and what Americ…[View]
91261681I've got mad palpitations this morning - and not because there's something wrong with my h…[View]
91262370Is this what peak human performance looks like?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwenLWoeItQ…[View]
91261707japanese F-35 vs korean F-35: Which one will win?[View]
91262495Japanese vs Chinese women: >White male American, best friends are from Taiwan, China, and Japan. …[View]
91261445why did gooks destroy this brand?[View]
91261260they keep breeding like rats[View]
91259062Unpopular /int/ opinions: I actually like how the Finnish language sounds. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
91260160sveri girl[View]
91259888What do you feel looking at this?[View]
91262293Company CEO dies in a phony explosion: https://www.iltalehti.fi/digiuutiset/201806222201031165_dx.sh…[View]
91261685Japan's ancestor[View]
91260479would you let me migrate to your country /int/?[View]
91250923/fr/ - Le Francofil: Edition Byzantine J'ai récemment découvert l'existence de la basiliqu…[View]
91253664/éire/: Ulster edition[View]
91259935Why do they larp as Latin and pretend the Roman Empire is their heritage?[View]
91258801is 4chan banned from China? I never see those commies posting here, I see the occasional post on /k/…[View]
91252705Why are there so many Norwegians on this board? There's like only 5 million of them lmao[View]
91258969/cum/: Troye edition Official thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41PTANtZFW0[View]
91260477>summer >barely any women in skirts FUCK THIS COUNTRY…[View]
91261985What do you think of this music /int/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR691N_8u1I7 https://www.you…[View]
91261781It's hunting season in Greece.[View]
91261305British Soldiers First to Eat Korean Combat ration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWMvfXaOEWE…[View]
91254725>always get Serbian and Croatian flags confused[View]
91254056Belize: Thoughts on Belizeans?[View]
91258089*kills your wh*Toid roastie gf* >'I'm your new gf now!!' How do you respond?…[View]
91259740moving to Australia: I know fuck off, youre full. im thinking of moving to australia because the usa…[View]
91261313How did the 'Iranians are secular' meme start? >all older Iranian people I've met who emigra…[View]
91260474i watch exclusively american TV and american youtube channels how do you call this disease?[View]
91260173our economy is controlled by china[View]
91261020Over the past 5 years the American public purchased more guns than all of the guns owned by the worl…[View]
91254128Daily reminder: its a lot of shills shitposting here[View]
91259737European freedom meme: https://www.mikrobitti.fi/2018/06/tekijanoikeus-voi-koskea-pian-linkittamista…[View]
91261459Intellectual property and copyright laws are extremely detrimental to technological and cultural pro…[View]
91261489Why are anglos so gay? http://cuteboy.world[View]
91260881>tfw THICC boss and secretly when I say 'Yes chef' I'm obeying her SEXUALLY. And getting dic…[View]
91260919American media representation: Why are Asians and Indians butthurt that blacks are represented more …[View]
91259889>Kill 6 million jews, gypsies, gays, commies and 20 million slavs. >Receive free gibs for indu…[View]
91256821I don't feel good in my head[View]
91260439>don't shave for a week >have a beard…[View]
91260925I don't talk to girls and I think it's weird that they behave like men and have equal righ…[View]
91260206world: world[View]
91261082I had a physical exam, and the doctor's fingers were kind of cold when she examined my testicle…[View]
91260135How easy really is to immigrate? Legally, of course.[View]
91260985you are the worst mutt yuo mutt idiot mutt stink remove mutt REMOVE MUTT from the premises[View]
91261109Argentina once again asked the International Monetary Fund for a bailout.: We keep a lot of dollars …[View]
91261101FREE IQ TESTING: >Take this test giqtest.com >Save your Test ID >Complete the test >Don…[View]
91259325oi bruv do you got a /int/ loicense?[View]
91258087How messy is your room anon[View]
91257847Why Slavic women so much braver than Western girls?[View]
91256602>Canadians think they can call anyone fat when this is what they eat every day…[View]
91259243Why do so many Americans wear baseball caps?[View]
91260187Literally nothing is wrong with this post. >>91257899 Goodnight.[View]
91259404how do spanish people feel about mexico? Do you mock mexicans like how brits make fun of us mutts?[View]
91260880When cracKKKers enslaved our Black brothers, we retalliated by enslaving and killing millions of cra…[View]
91247017/nederdraad/: trots-uitgave welkom: trotse jongens en hun vaders niet welkom: de rest[View]
91259787>Be me going to a cafe for brunch >A bunch of boomers infesting the place as they do with all…[View]
91258639>I'm an American and my opinion is that blah blah blah[View]
91258029Absolutely fucking based.[View]
91260792There's only one thing I fucking hate and that one thing is ALBANIA[View]
91257263Greece should destroy this shithole[View]
91258091Greece is surrounded by arabs[View]
91260345How do you say 'agehao' in your language?[View]
91260633G*rman, why you did that?[View]
91260236What's wrong with going overseas to teach English or other subjects?[View]
91260075/한국어/: 식객민우 에디션 https://youtu.be/QetuMp2uCYE[View]
91259075>that 30 year old boomer that thinks he can overthrow a tyrannical government with an AR-15 and h…[View]
91259479Tell me about this country.[View]
91260294>be American >get bantered >banter back >'WHY DO AMERICANS GET SO ASSBLASTED WHEN YOU BA…[View]
91256071This is sad.[View]
91257113>visit scandinavian countries >all of the people say dude constantly when speaking english…[View]
91260218Did you know we’re not allowed to import Vegemite?[View]
91260314Why is this the best country in Euroland?[View]
91258190what do you think of polish women?[View]
91257495My ancestors :)[View]
91260275Do you want to find love with a hipster girl in Japan?[View]
91255447>be American >want to get a job >have to do a drug test or you won't get hired…[View]
91256773/brit/: 2070 Welsh-led Nuclear-Powered Celtic Pagan Hyper Britannia edition[View]
91255710Drinking general - Pre-midsummer edition: It's thursday night/friday morning and I should be ge…[View]
91258881Do you want some of my starbursts, /int/?[View]
91259754Let's get an Iceland hate thread going. I mean, 54% of them believe in snow elves![View]
91259671I can't drive so my gf has to drive me around...[View]
91260037Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
91258505why are Americans so rude?[View]
91259192Costa Rica thread: Filibusteros BTFO! I am a ticoboo, by the way.[View]
91259937Guys, remember when the french fought over a tub of nutella? Lmao[View]
91259834耦合觀點: 敘事區碼頭 啊,我剛剛得到它。 英語語言沒有包容性敘事的文化,但不排除一個確定的'其他'第一。[View]
91258994Is there a way to lose my addiction to int. This fucking website is starting to mess up my social in…[View]
91256047South Korean anti-Jap activity /outside the countries/ edition: Lets talk about South Korean's …[View]
91259617>country >what do you call it in your country? Brazil mão com buracos…[View]
91259567>we ruled the world n shiet[View]
91253919Are europeans really embracing paganism or is it just a meme? Do you know people irl that claim to b…[View]
91256491What went wrong?[View]
91252911Culture Pals /cp/: Portuguese posters are unlawful, Coreans qts are beautiful edition Welcome to Cu…[View]
91257817>be blind american >want to shoot >pass all 'tests' and get a concealed carry per…[View]
91242223Post folkloric costumes of your country.[View]
91254257Why are Europeans such manchildren?[View]
91257729god it's so fucking hot wtf it's 4 AM and I'm sweating all of the liquids in my body[View]
91257903>a belgian replied to you[View]
91258066The average Portuguese vs the average Argentinian. Notice anything?[View]
91257686Can Greece handle the insect plague?[View]
91258996Holy shit I hate white men. They are the problem behind everything somehow.[View]
91256465How did jews become Nazis in only two generations?: There’s something particularly disturbing about …[View]
91257859Why do people get mad if you say black people were part of classical antiquity?[View]
912593171 your cunt 2 do you like lolis? >leaf >lolis are the best!…[View]
91250940Hilo Latino /lat/: boca salio campeon y eso es lo que importa[View]
91255392Why do Greek Canadians think they are better than Greek Americans and Greek Australians?[View]
91259246>look in the mirror >feel disgusted[View]
91259294What is Jerusalem actually worth? https://is3.4chan.org/wsg/1529635814748.webm[View]
91239782which one is you?[View]
91225851Do you like your neighbour countries?[View]
91256737How many Germans did your grandfather kill? Mine killed 8 Germans in Crete and strangled one of them…[View]
91255823Would you fuck pic related for $1000?[View]
91258914im watching jav porn and his dick is thicker than mine mine is longer tho[View]
91258944How come Poles don't look like your typical roundheaded slav?[View]
91251512Does /int/ own any flags? If so, post them ITT[View]
91254960Which country has the best flag in your opinion?[View]
91255419/cum/: LDR edition[View]
91258542>”Anon, I’m a multilingual speaker” >”I speak French, Spanish, and Italian. Am I awesome right…[View]
91257369i wanna suck an Ecuadorian guy so badly[View]
91258830what happens here[View]
91257490Do ching chongs have spelling tests?[View]
91258638Why don't presidents from USA visit Finland often?: Researchers provide some clues. https://www…[View]
91256198/carib/ edition: Lewd Sexy Kinky Love: Love qt eviny girls[View]
91245813Let's see.: 1. Your cunt 2. What's your main battle tank?[View]
91256943JoJo is coming back!: https://twitter.com/anime_jojo/status/1009692466344222721[View]
9125388920% unemployment rate: we need to leave like bongs did it[View]
91258653China is 0% white and they're doing alright for themselves.[View]
91256669>Brazilians making fun of russian women >literally the most common job of Brazilian men is tak…[View]
91257984white brownies: being white among browns why do beaners always try to be white on internet but brown…[View]
91258454This requires effort. Fuck this.[View]
91257509Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
91258487Do wh*Te bois actually think they can pleasure women with their toy penises?[View]
91255894I feel a lot more comfortable writing in English, but I also feel a lot more comfortable speaking in…[View]
91256402foot worship can change the world forever[View]
91258351>mfw I could kill everyone here in a one on one fistfight[View]
91257948So.... why don't you want an Argentine gf?[View]
91254664>innocent caribes YEAH KILLEM >innocent tainos YEAH KILLEM >innocent aztecs YEAH KILLEM …[View]
91256515Esperanto General: Made an Esperanto page on the wiki, if anyone wants to help flesh it out slightly…[View]
912551451. Ur cunt 2. In what year were you born? >flag >2000…[View]
91256181What is your honest opinion of the baby boomer generation?[View]
91257629My life is a nightmare[View]
91256524Gay /int/ellectuals: how did you realize you were gay? >be me >11 years old >in swimming cl…[View]
91251050''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''French''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' team[View]
91257826hi, Italy[View]
91252805>tfw you have low self-esteem because of your I ethnicity I wish I was born in another country. E…[View]
91257899Animals are just a bunch of single-celled organisms that joined eachother, which sometimes were more…[View]
91257060INTERNATIONAL MUSIC THREAD: Come on, my dudes. Let's post good songs from our native cunts. htt…[View]
91212221Why did they decide to stop speaking like human beings?[View]
91256498Press F to pay respects: Famous gorilla which could speak sign language died at age 46. Rumors say i…[View]
91218098/ausnz/: /ausnz/ healthyboi edition, eeessskeedd-healthy![View]
91252937What do you drive? I drive a car excactly like this.[View]
91253593>took a pic with >hence, they had sex that's how I detect incels…[View]
91256512>There is only one race, the human race! >HEY, RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT WHITE SUPREMACIST NA…[View]
91257697I REALLY NEED HELP...: I can't stop fapping to Japanese girls. What is worse is that I have som…[View]
91257602The largest ethnic group among jews in israel is that of russian jews How can these people still cla…[View]
912564091. Your country 2. Do people eat doner kebabs when they are sober there >England >No, and I…[View]
91257598I am a Hellene[View]
91252058What's summer like where you live? southernhemispherefags need not apply[View]
91257483Beaners: your honest opinion on beaners, you can tell your feelings from the bottom of your heart!…[View]
91257340>J'ADORE LA FRAAAANNCCE!!! Why do Americans do this?[View]
91252741What is Brazil's end game?[View]
91256759Is Canada more similar to the UK, or the United States?[View]
91257353Im greek[View]
91254285>your country >your ideal girl mine is pic related…[View]
91257045Germania reunification when?[View]
91254817I Absolutely Despise All Non-Germanic People[View]
91254288>go to local book store >pick up Mein Kampf, Lolita, and The God Delusion >light up a stogi…[View]
91254850>Innocent Pagans YEAH KILLEM >Innocent Africans YEAH KILLEM >Innocent Christians YEAH KILLE…[View]
912564561. Cunt 58. Favorite Dragon Ball arc? Mine pic related[View]
91254978/brit/: Drake edition[View]
91252641>Italian >white[View]
91255108fuck you i aint no faggot[View]
91254317Regina is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Many people priced out of more expensive mark…[View]
91254094I wish I were born in Eastern Europe >Shit weather, depressing as fuck,no sunlight , always grey…[View]
91256400What did Americans mean by this?[View]
91254529Muslims are hypocrites. Islam is a religion of hate and commands that the believers kill the infidel…[View]
91256433Does your country have any legends like Huemac[View]
91253202Proper OP edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here autistic sperg lo…[View]
91254618Which team will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?[View]
91254198Are these people white?[View]
91255907/USA/: What race should the united states be? Foreigners, please give me your opinions[View]
91255465Which country do you think that has the highest ratio of liberals?[View]
91255041Why are they soooo slutty, drunk, degenerate and uncivilized?[View]
91251961>Everyone can buy explosives in MURICA[View]
91253657what happens here[View]
91254218THE DEATH OF AMERICA: what went so wrong?[View]
91254755>fourth day in Manila (Makati) >still haven't had sex despite talking to some girls >n…[View]
91255590I Absolutely Despise All Non-Germanic People[View]
91253632Why is it so awful?[View]
91253833Tomorrow whites vs blacks the game Be ready, the white race is at stake[View]
91253292>North American work culture is letting your job control your life, never taking a vacation day, …[View]
91254567Why is he so fucking reddit?[View]
91252083Doc said I should stop using benzos.[View]
91254983Why do Protestants keep calling themselves Christians? Their eccentric hivemind cult has nothing in …[View]
91249130dropped out of uni[View]
91254677What/who is your favorite music artist /int/?[View]
91250922Lets have a moment and praise the gratest coyntry in europe, we can allso talk shit about holland(th…[View]
91252583why couldn't i been born somewhere in norway[View]
91255175What are some sayings about regions in your country? >Follar en Euskadi no es pecado, es milagro.…[View]
91228054/cum/: made the thread again lol edition[View]
91255361am so hungry? What should i eat (/int/ related meal from x country)?? I go to store grocery[View]
91254071Is it true that lying and scamming are part of Chinese culture? Like, as long as you don't get …[View]
91253325Bas3d MAGApede[View]
91250353/deutsch/: Drang-nach-Osten-Ausgabe[View]
91255069I am replaying Oblivion for the first time in 3 years[View]
91254298Who /scumgang/ here?[View]
91253145/brit/: 82,0513 Auschwitz's edition[View]
91254971Russian guy in twitter did already predict Russian destiny on group stage in WC Translation: >Ima…[View]
91254866I somehow get very emotional about history when I drink.[View]
91254917Why is modern life so complicated?[View]
91254905>saw a young teen guy with really light blond hair and deep blue eyes and the start of a strong, …[View]
91254192My scalp is bleeding I might have scurvy[View]
91254759>just got dabbed on by a libtard and i failed to t-pose i fucked up /int/…[View]
91252253Nobody is liking me on Tinder[View]
91252809Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America in: Democracy Peace Low perception of corruption e-governme…[View]
91253826I Absolutely Despise All Non-Germanic People[View]
91253739It's disgusting how this 'people' can't never stay in their fucking countrн, they have to …[View]
91253429How trustworthy are Colombian girls?[View]
91251963Finland's birth rate falls again in 2017 - likely lowest in 150 years: Finland's birth rat…[View]
91251199Is there an /int/ discord?[View]
91250706Did you know that the Soviet Union imported Greek semen en masse in the 80's? They wanted to ac…[View]
91253629Did you remember to pray 5 times today /int/?[View]
91212611Culture Pals - /cp/: Irish edition Welcome to Culture Pals! >gay faggots letting the thread die …[View]
912542401/3 uk posters are actually danish[View]
91244116/mena/: blue evening in Iran edition[View]
91250107>go overseas for first time >fucking italy, yeah! >still iffy on the customs >hotel has …[View]
91250884countries that have contributed absolutely nothing positive to Planet Earth[View]
91251185Spanairds look like that ? Wo Are spaniards the descendants of the vikings ?[View]
91254160Small peepee made me into a man and it's a good thing. now all i need is a bf to destroy my boi…[View]
91243593What is going to happen when America finally becomes non-White? Will they become more friendly to us…[View]
91254096>New Zealand, Australia and Europe are western. Umm, no. We belong to the EASTERN hemisphere. Try…[View]
91233881>ur cunt >do you take early lunches >will you make national news for taking an early lunch …[View]
91252683What do Swedish people think of him[View]
91253529the peaceful, fun loving, re-conciliatory croat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyV1BTelPhY the sa…[View]
91245633FUCKING BASED[View]
91246046Do you love Belgium?[View]
91251665Why are we so easy to bait?[View]
91243579I hope that /int is ok for a political discussion regarding the whole world, given that /pol is know…[View]
912534851ur bagina 2do you support japan-korea friendship??? Korea Yes ;3;3;3;3;3[View]
91203113/lang/ language learning general - no reddit spacing edition: JUST OPEN THE FUCKING BOOK NIGGA JUST …[View]
91249068You're opinion on swedish women?[View]
91228688/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Hapoднoe издaниe.[View]
91251079Why do americans speak bad language?[View]
91250649average face of world cup players: France, explain yourselves[View]
91219419Kurva anyátok![View]
91224431/éire/: Maidin edition[View]
91253674any creative suggestions?: im writing a script for a movie,i know i should post this on tv, but they…[View]
91253660Are you ready nips?[View]
91240799>cunt >do you lift weights >how much can you lift for your big three flag i recently got in…[View]
91247840/ex-yu/: fudbal edicija[View]
912467711. your ethnicity 2. the ethnicities of your friends 1. chinese 2. white american, chinese, indian, …[View]
91252728>go outside your commie block apartment >see this >what do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
91253390>that 15 year old zoomer larping as a scandinavian to promote communism…[View]
91250747>'You're surrounded yt boi. Give up your semen and we'll let you live.'…[View]
91253131The Spanish language is superior.[View]
91238534>Ravaged after 2 world wars >Grow to 4th strongest economy in the world in a short time How di…[View]
91250414What causes Argie autism?[View]
91253435imagine being a proxyhohol[View]
91253352How true is this ?[View]
91253156/brit/: turtlewave edition[View]
91253282i saw a cockroach and i got scared am i faggot? i walked away btw, that happened in the kitchen, i w…[View]
91248868/brit/: remember when that STUPID fucking CUNT described this MOVIE as EARTHY[View]
91253270>LOL, East Coasters are nothing but a bunch of Liberal-voting cu-[View]
91252420neloskaanilaiset aina kertoo mulle, aina /int/issä Suomi ei oo sitä, Suomi ei oo tätä mun äijä yks m…[View]
91252880Why are Russian women so gorgeous? How can Korean women even compete? I wish I was in world cup now[View]
91250964/brit/: snail mail edition[View]
91242505> Russian flag makes a post > Attaches a perfect never before seen kot reaction image How long…[View]
91252898>Meet French girl >her name is Camille >she works at a florist EVERY TIME. No wonder they c…[View]
91252856>be russian >go to work >die of old age…[View]
91251256>IELTS >TOEFEL AHAHAHAHAHAHA thats right silly yuropoors. study english hard. you wouldn'…[View]
91251374Finally! World peace has been achieved! We just had to-[View]
91252929how come white 'people' age so horribly?[View]
91251081Permissive firearms legislation within the European continent? Safer than virtually all neighboring…[View]
91244165Do I lose weight when I fap?[View]
91252921>tfw your 'country' is overdue for a supervolcano eruption >tfw your 'country' is literally a …[View]
91249048Thoughts on this?[View]
91251308>Americans have a literal list of naughty no-no words they can't use in real life unless the…[View]
91252226Where should I flee to when civil war breaks out in my country? I have no intention of staying here …[View]
91251646I wish Poland becomes the superpower of the Eastern Europe to cockblock Franco-German relation durin…[View]
91250527Love how suddenly there are so many more Serbs than Croats on this board. It's almost like they…[View]
91241905Have you seen american debt? is big[View]
91250897What happens here? Is it really no man's land?[View]
91243239/carib/: hi everyone[View]
91251894>be me >waiter in the shittiest restaurant in town >heading to a table so they can pay thei…[View]
91252050average Iranian man my ancestor[View]
91251659should i pretend to convert to islam in order to get a girl on interpals to send me nudes? i told he…[View]
91251435How did they fail? How did they fail to save Europe from communism?[View]
91249428Why are there so few burgers on this board? What makes them avoid it?[View]
91250795REMINDER: Denmark, Germany’s brain tumor, was humiliated by Strayan BVLLS last night.[View]
91252048*snap* yep. this one's going in my cringe compilation[View]
91251857My hungarian friend is hosting me and my collaborators in Las Vegas the following week[View]
91247601/polska/: ANONI = ŻYWE ŚMIECIE LUDZKIE[View]
91251215Why do Europeans blindly believe that Europe is cleaner and safer than japan?[View]
91252276is anime the greatest danger Lithuania faces?[View]
91250553Saviors of the white race[View]
91250539Do all of you watch the best /int/ show?[View]
91246405I fixed France.[View]
912510331.Your cuntry 2.How did you positively contribute to the world today 1.Chilexas 2.I gave money to so…[View]
91248972What is the final stage of capitalism?[View]
91237054/balt/: aaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
91251821Learning Japa: How's learning Japanese going anon?[View]
91222210British anon, I am here yet again, even though I am not sure you'll see this. I've just se…[View]
91244984hilo latino /lat/[View]
91250606Have you ever created something beautiful?[View]
91250400Eurovision: >11 month until eurovision[View]
91251608Daily reminder: This country is the reason the Middle East is in the shitter. And also America.[View]
91247769Viva la humanidad!: Lang lebe die Menschheit! Long live humanity! Este es un hilo en el cual se cele…[View]
91247775Do you listen to soundtrack from video games? Or am I the only autist? I find some of it better than…[View]
91243832Be Australian: >kill yourself thinking finally you can have peace >girlfriend has your balls c…[View]
91248810what games does /int/ like?[View]
91250674/google earth/: 1. open up google earth 2. bring back something interesting/weird/spooky[View]
91251448why are polish men so ugly?[View]
91242988ITT: We fuse two country flags into one. Let's have fun![View]
91241444What country has the best cuisine in your opinion? >My vote is China with India a close second.…[View]
91248653Polish-Crostian here I have one message for Argentina >HAJAJAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAJAAJJAHAAHHAHHA XX…[View]
91246842Press S to spit[View]
91242386Why are pr*testants retarded?[View]
91246465european union's liberal values disintegrating fast: >Battered by a growing assault from the…[View]
91242808What languages do people in your country speak /int/?[View]
91235375Wtf is poland great now?[View]
91246340>Waiting in line to cashier >Chad chatting up cashier >Chad leaves >Cashier calls to him…[View]
91248757What is it like being a wh*toid?[View]
91250987Koko the signs speaking gorilla is dead. Thoughts and prayers to the brazilian nation.[View]
91249752Hope Brazil lose too. I´m tired of this panis et circenses every 4 years. I want a civil war in the …[View]
91250274I Absolutely Despise All Non-Germanic People[View]
91248941Is your country cucked?[View]
91250827Why did they choose to abandon their own culture and language and subjugate themselves to the Anglo-…[View]
91242778>Yuropoors ridicule mmuh heritage Americans >like lal he's 1/64th Norwegian fucking mutts…[View]
91250829Gimmie your best argie 0-3 loss memes in any language.[View]
91248241For me, Its Ruhollah Khomeini[View]
91247725Yuropoors... this is the last time I say it... bow down to your Amerimutt overlords Or ELSE![View]
91250704how true is this ?[View]
91241927/ita/ - il filo[View]
91245256How do I masturbate when I don't have my cumtowel with me? I already masturbated 3 times into m…[View]
91247643Tfw Portuboo.[View]
91250584There is nothing wrong with owning a gun in America[View]
91247877OH DIOS MIO[View]
912494401. Your country 2. Do you have to pay sales tax on online purchases? America now we do, thanks drump…[View]
91248684>tfw immigrated to the US 4 years ago from Somalia >try to make friends with African-American …[View]
91248749Thank you Poland. You grant me two of my favorite consumables. Vodka and chocolate. Dog bless.[View]
91239921Rapists, thieves, homicidal monsters. has preyed an entire continent for 300 years and is still poor…[View]
91250376Have you ever played American handball?[View]
91250136Macron is so creepy[View]
91245685/deutsch/: El Creatura de las Americas Profundas... Ausgabe[View]
912483271. ur cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsIOr5feDY0[View]
91247617What's the MENA diaspora (especially the girls) like in your country?[View]
91247503>tfw I'm the only gay in the village I don't even want sex, I just want someone like me…[View]
91249696why you not like sideways pussy?[View]
91239229Ask an Eastern Euro Anonette anything: Basic info: >I'm 19 years old >I'm from Roma…[View]
91249252you're opinion on russian women?[View]
91247642Greetings /int/, my name is Andrija Brown. I was born an american but recently thanks to 23andme.com…[View]
91249327>summer time >live in orlando >go to the bars by the theme parks >shit load of brit slag…[View]
91233764>The face when Spain loves my country.[View]
91249105>people on /int/ say mean things about my ethnicity[View]
91249234>When EU bans internet everyone will just switch to TOR and continue. LOL!!…[View]
91248919I see arguments about whether Korean women or Japanese women are hotter. Tbh Vietnamese women are th…[View]
91240578/fr/ - le francofil: Édition des bibittes à patates Précédent >>91234266[View]
91247929>don't know what to do with myself when no sports are on or i don't have drugs…[View]
91248746/lolrgentina/ edition: Las Criaturas[View]
91247744Would a majority of Serbians want Montenegro or Kosovo back?[View]
91248108>mum found the cum blanket[View]
912406731. Your cunt 2. How do yu praise your leader? EVROPA HAIL VICTORY[View]
91247184>ayy anon are you happy we defeated the World Cup champions la Germany? come to my casa to celebr…[View]
91246376LOOK AT THIS DUDE[View]
91245472Does your country have a retarded brother?[View]
91246868Za dom[View]
91241399Russia, please explain[View]
91248563Look at this dude...[View]
91248521>mfw got banned again from Facebook Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee[View]
91248414How can I keep my latvian gf from lusting over polish men[View]
91245573How do Europeans find Soccer at all interesting? Is it peer pressure? It's literally men joggin…[View]
91221396/nederdraad/: Welkom; Jullie moeder & Ik Niet Welkom; Jullie Motto; Ik Neuk Jullie Allemaal De..…[View]
91247318Garchense a todos los e*ropeos[View]
91242797El Goblino de las Americas Profunda... Ausgabe[View]
91248079>your cunt >can you string words together to form natural sounding sentences when trying to in…[View]
91235290how many employees in the US are actually fine with sponsoring a visa to an europoor/polepoor? i jus…[View]
91247907>tfw no bullied small argentinian boi to hug and protect[View]
91238532Why does Arabic script on flag look so much more aesthetic than Latin script?[View]
91241395Sverigetråden - Heema negerupplagan[View]
91239757/ex-yu/: MI SMO BILI izdanje[View]
91247771Jacobo Árbenz, first victim of USA in Latam: He took office on March 15, 1951, and continued the soc…[View]
91246040>Why haven't you bought a house yet, son? Well?[View]
91247722Swedenbros, you have one job this Saturday.[View]
91245067>Japanese birthrate is plunging >this is somehow a 'bad' thing Is 8 billion people not enough …[View]
91246102El abogado[View]
91246828>be northern european growing up watching US movies and media >can't really convert feet …[View]
91242033/polska/: edycja Varga któremu dzisiaj urodził się nowy dzieciak[View]
91241737/brit/ crystal palace edition[View]
91247545Reminder that Messi is a children's murderer[View]
91243714/ukr/: Thread for Ukrainians ITT. Russian-speaking scum is not welcomed.[View]
91238504Imagine living in Bongistan...[View]
91247440Eurofags will be banned en masse in your lifetime: Fucking based[View]
91247317And here I thought Argentina was good[View]
91247346After WW2 US has given free money and technology to South Korea, Japan and Germany. Has opened its m…[View]
91246936How do i join a mejican cartel[View]
91246930Ek haat swart mense EK HAAT SWART MENSE AAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
91243649Why did Trump disappoint us?[View]
91235734/balk/: Kaci go klipa v'uv Instagram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkNCu0VFvDQ >>912205…[View]
91239621when you realized that islam is the final redpill?[View]
91241928Messi at the end of the game tonight when Croatia will win[View]
91246795> be Dinamo Zagreb: the country > be the country where football players are walking on the fie…[View]
91242537Why are there so many afro-Americans in Maryland?[View]
91243054start having hapa kids[View]
91236162Spaniards destroyed Tenochtitlan and drained the lake Texcoco ;([View]
91246715Pic related, the average American.[View]
91240020>constantly bombs and invades the Middle East, imposes sanctions, and channels arms and funds to …[View]
91246663Hello to america (only the northern states tho)[View]
91243121Have you ever visited Korea?: How was it?[View]
91231606>macron bullies a cute french twink in public and on camera what the fuck was Manu's problem…[View]
91246222Why was Argentina so much better with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner[View]
91246396>your cunt >do you stand with the DPRK against w*sToid imperialism Flag Yes…[View]
91246459North Muttericans: 'Kickball sucks, It´s just a bunch of guys kicking a ball and almost nothing happ…[View]
91243527Tell me about the tipping culture in your country.[View]
91246350Based Argentina Fucking kill yourself actually to lose my money[View]
91243389How do we stop the NORWEGIAN BVLL from breeding our women ?[View]
91246150slav = slave[View]
91234609>only 56,565 people >only one gay in all of country >legalize gay marriage What did they me…[View]
91246204Are they confirmed for white now?[View]
91244586You wake up in Norilsk, Russia. Wat do?[View]
91236123Porn: Which country makes the best porn? I've compiled some candidates.[View]
91241765/brit/: parmo edition[View]
91241841I hate the South so much. If the South was its own country, so many of our statistics would improve …[View]
91223914Are Balkan more mediterranean or more slavic? Why?[View]
91245840Muttzilian: Upper-Middle-Class brazilians just love the country when is World Cup. The another 3 yea…[View]
91244704finna dab on them wagecucks[View]
91242193there is a national feeling in Canada?there are some nationalistic people?[View]
91242817/deutsch/: Volkstreue Abendausgabe[View]
91242748why do white supremacists get so angry when you point out that most conservatives support israel?[View]
91245407>walking through uni >girls are staring at me, taking small glances and stuff >feels good t…[View]
91228782/mämmi/: Homous on moraalitonta-painos[View]
91245423How do you say 'system baby' in Argentinian?[View]
91244987We should have gotten Somali slaves instead of the ugly West Africans[View]
91245402can somebody help me? i am trying to find a screencap saying ''sun your shit give me some …[View]
91244537Why do Americans eat so much sugar?[View]
91245074Hey Finns, what can you tell me about this beverage?[View]
91243752>unironically listened to 6ix9ine today[View]
91243680I really really hate Serbia and the srpski people[View]
91234936/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends[View]
91240827I Absolutely Despise All Non-Germanic People[View]
91244450my job: airport cart worker, make about 2200 dollers per a month, no skill..no collage, The worst us…[View]
91241953In your opinion, what's the ugliest city in the world? For me it's Kano, Nigeria.[View]
91244852https://youtu.be/Z7uD_8wGAY4 What kind of music do you listen to?[View]
91244907Find the albanian in this picture[View]
91242057Which islamic script is the most aesthetic?[View]
91244635Allah Akbar: The absolute state of Islam[View]
91229625/v4/ + friends: based ottoni poster edition[View]
91244282Today I was at the mall and two dumb kids used a very loud speaker and put 6ix9ine until the securit…[View]
91241673All Eastern Euros are bros for me[View]
91244343i fucking hate latin america from now on. nobody here even closely does shit like you do. Absolutely…[View]
91224152/norgetråden/: Jeg savner sommer og sol-utgaven Forrige: >>91197348 >>91197348 >>9…[View]
91242158>graduate in some hard 5 year engineering degree at third world >average starting salary is 12…[View]
91244155it's 23:57 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
91242857I wish I had a slut Czech gf who is perfectly trained to be faithful with me[View]
91239016is this how americans view us[View]
91237534Redpill me on iranian women.[View]
91220271hilo latino /lat/: mundial del autismo edition[View]
91238927the absolute state of Europe[View]
91241831>be Czech >your girlfriend cheats on you on CzechStreets…[View]
91239441I don't consider fat people human[View]
91234148le e''''u'''' ''''bail out''''': >“Contrary to all right-wing myths, Germany has benefited massiv…[View]
91243642opinion on danish women?[View]
91243755are the portuguese white?[View]
91240696any fellow burgers in ol kaintuck or tennessee wanna help smuggle myself into fort campbell I just …[View]
91243520Have you tried dog meat?: How does it taste? I wonder...[View]
91234569>fights against Nazism because Nazis are racist, and like, that's bad. >entire war agains…[View]
91227050/ukr/: Thread for Ukrainians ITT. Russian-speaking scum is not welcomed.[View]
91236615Finland has 132 police officers per 100,000 people. The United States has 284 per 100,000. Finland i…[View]
91242538You can google right now the american map and you will not find alaska on some of them. Do people fr…[View]
91242401When did Canada become much more powerful than the US?[View]
91242980>>91242850 Thank you! Legitimately surprised that I could have just one thread instead of mak…[View]
91240166Is this what Putin is up to?[View]
91233147/ita/ - il filo: Edizione fragoline II[View]
91233913What's the most beautiful girl you've seen at the world cup so far?[View]
91241829In which order are cuck dynamics arranged? If whites want blacks to have sex with their women and As…[View]
91234542What would happen to a man like this in your country?[View]
91239529/Pornos/ ehemals /Deutsch/[View]
91239823France hate thread: fuck France for making Peruvian qt sad[View]
91236665>tfw you're beautiful but austitic as fuck[View]
91238934Who is your countries most famous bpack person? Don't lie. I know you have them too[View]
91240263*oppresses Catalans*[View]
91236880Please explain why Canada is better than the US.[View]
91239017Please stop calling slovenians slavic. Recent scientific findings have proven beyond the shadow of a…[View]
91241196>watching american news live >comercials enter >they're about paying your loans, payin…[View]
91240209How is it humane to own a dog? (in the modern era): the only conditions that would make it humane ar…[View]
91241321>red, white and blue flags >the best countries in Europe, the best countries in the Americas, …[View]
91234968Is it true that Swedish and other Nordic people don't dance and ignore their women? I video cha…[View]
91242405How much would I earn as a NEET in your cuntry? Here in Grease I only make 200 euros a month which i…[View]
91242459I really need help...: I can't stop fapping to Japanese girls. What is worse is that I have som…[View]
91242010>calls you a non-white and tells you to leave Europe asap How do you react?…[View]
91242267Absolutely pathetic: How can your race be so pathetic that it can't even breed?[View]
91238969/brit/ + /poo/: java edition[View]
91241000>you're cunt >do you play eroge ? >flag Of course I do…[View]
91240775I really, really like ethnic Russians. I see them as my fellow Europeans. Do you?[View]
91241064>forced to take a shower with your best friend after swimming cause there's only one cubicle…[View]
91242316Based Merkel[View]
91234264Which country's tourist do you absolutely hate?[View]
91241921What do Americans and Europeans think of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMy1ZLyaSqk[View]
91241748no, you are not white no, you are not italian no, your nona, even if 1/1028 italian, doesn't ma…[View]
91238778If your first floor isn't 'first floor', you live in a 3rd world shithole.[View]
91242096Alright /int/, how about a little thought experiment. Suppose that suddenly, 10% of the population o…[View]
91239263Why do they sell baseball bats in Europe if they're only used by gangsters to hit each other in…[View]
91242059>Game company makes characters based on Americans[View]
91241509Flags with whom you had most productive and informative discussions on this board: Flags with whom …[View]
912412381. Country 2. How does the average Chad look in your country? 1. France 2. Pic related[View]
91237681/polska/: edycja anime[View]
91236711/Hitler/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
91240467>butthurt wagecuck mods keep saging my threads[View]
91241669>has model marry him for his money >won't even hold his hand >thinks only way to get w…[View]
91232994>His country has a lower HDI than Cuba...[View]
91239264Midnight Sun day: Solstice time /int/. Post a midnight pic if you are privileged to live over the ar…[View]
91237341/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: radical edition[View]
91242435Killed 30 million chinese and southeastern asian people. Constructed an unit to make experiences in …[View]
91240546Why 90 99.999999999% of countries hate their neighbors? I have a deep hatred for Mexico even though …[View]
91237671>sex scene appears >mom turn off the tv[View]
91231770prove me wrng[View]
91231350German tourists: What are German tourists in your country like? Are they friendly? Do they like to c…[View]
91219804>“I support same-sex marriage,” Duterte said in a speech at an LGBT event in his hometown Davao C…[View]
91240153Faces of /int/[View]
91239768>that underage boomer that is still an unironic /pol/yp[View]
91241283RISK THREAD RISK THREAD: >>>/bant/5583987 A sneaky risk thread[View]
91241123Yes, my ancestors probably fucked squaws. What's a man supposed to do when there's no othe…[View]
91240083This is the perfect human being. You may not like it but this is what it's peak performance loo…[View]
91240334Why don't you have an arab bf yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiQnJWNtMfg[View]
91240926At Site of U.K. Poisoning, Doubts About Case Creep In: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/16/world/euro…[View]
91241049>tfw big dick[View]
91236732/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWHrnMgE4L4[View]
91240378Just got back from the Netherlands: I just got back from a 3 month-long vacation in the Netherlands …[View]
91239472Hello, ladies and gentleman! It is I, the great... NEET Magician! Today I'm going to use my spe…[View]
91238485Europe viewed by gays: Are they right?[View]
91238492Currently dating a Spaniard woman: How do I keep her from going full burrito as she gets older?…[View]
91240547el peruANO[View]
91234266/fr/ - le fil français de la francophonie: Édition sous la neige[View]
91239903>Video games >Anime >Imageboards >Hair dye >Streaming >Memes >Sports >TV Why…[View]
91238550First faps?[View]
91237235Lisbon or Lisboa?[View]
91237335Who else here /shit life/?[View]
91239905A woman's only important quality is her virginity.[View]
91227905They killed millions (of their own)[View]
91239976What languages do people in your country speak?[View]
91237673What country in Europe can I move to to live like Varg i.e. collect welfare checks and dick around t…[View]
91236986/fio luso/: Por que a proporção de homicídios é maior nas cidades do Nordeste do que no resto do paí…[View]
91239546Chinks dog eaters. Pancake faces Disgusting pedo dwarves[View]
91237908Okay, this is epic.[View]
91235577>be me >see a hater >dab on him…[View]
91233601Gypsies: Why do people hate them so much? When I visited Eastern Europe, the people there think of t…[View]
91218804/ex-yu/: Lunjara[View]
91238958>you should exercise, eat bland but healthy food and do other unpleasant things so when you'…[View]
91239418do americans really do this[View]
91239395Whats your country's New Jersey? Here its Valencia[View]
91234553Japanese women are disgusting: Flat face Big head, Short limbs. Short and fucked teeth Round face S…[View]
91238440>northern european 'food' not delicia[View]
91239396Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
91238912Why are shitalian pigs so racist?[View]
91239273/ex-yu/: Obljetnica Silvernice dolazi izdanje[View]
91236701/deutsch/ STAMMTISCH: Normies VERBOTEN[View]
91237231Israel is current nazi: They are pogroming Palestinians.[View]
91239003ragie wagie pudding and pie works three jobs and wants to die when neets cuck him night and day ragi…[View]
91232685my chink friend has come to Tokyo at length[View]
91234273Sverigetråden - kvällsupplagan[View]
91239004>Amerindians are ugl- wow. Europeans wanted to genocide this!? Are they gay?…[View]
91236310>your county >did you know what is this[View]
91232589Why are Japanese people such pathetic fucking virgins? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia…[View]
91237710Who are the biggest winners and losers in this scenario?[View]
91232498Butthurt Poles beat up innocent Senegalese fans: Why are Poles so violent and salty? http://global.e…[View]
91238847Any black people here? Why do black people like big shoes so much? And red sneakers.[View]
91236457haven't fapped at all today[View]
91237730wagecuck I know you're miserable but could you keep it down? Some of us are trying to sleep[View]
91237476One Arab Nation, with an Eternal Mission.[View]
91238622Greetings to Mexicans and other South Americans. I am very interested in the culture of your countri…[View]
91236488This guy gets access to your entire post history. What happens next ?[View]
91233029Daily reminder that Russia is a shithole for being homophobic and that FIFA should be boycotted for …[View]
91238353What goes on here?[View]
91238321Innus names are regaining popularity in the community. For exemple 'shatshitun' which means love.[View]
91237979>Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland don't have a minimum wage Why do Nords hate po…[View]
91232127Am i white?[View]
91237998Your time is coming white'human'.[View]
912377041. ur cunt 2. why does cock taste so good?[View]
91235737What happened to the IRA?[View]
91237822tick tock tick tock tick tock[View]
91236318In 'Freedomland' you can get fined for crossing the street (jay-walking)[View]
91237708are chinks human?[View]
91200238Italians, what are the stereotypes of the following cities? >Milano >Venezia >Trieste >…[View]
91235683Nordic and Germanic girls are whores. Slavic women are conservative and traditional. Slavic men are …[View]
91237190Any Belgians here? Are you guys alright?[View]
91230733/polska/: edycja tombojek[View]
91237528>whites >ooga booga were are all the latina women at? why do wh*tes do this? https://metro.co.…[View]
91236610/polska/ edycja dissowania różnych rzeczy: dania:zimno,hokej i blondyny jebane[View]
91237148Neglect yourself, but please don't neglect your pets.[View]
91237277Why are there so many afro-Americans in Maryland?[View]
91229929>Stop right here scum! What do?[View]
91237118Another 'Polish man' story: > be a pilot of saudi royal family > earn incredible hug…[View]
91235772>Innocent magyars YEAH SEPARATE 'EM[View]
91227413Does tinder work in your country? Here you have to be a 7/10 at least to get some matches[View]
91234511Summers: Are you having an summer vacation yet, anon?[View]
91236854Here is a black man married to a Korean woman. Why do Korean and Japanese women love black men? Is i…[View]
91237181Do you guys sign the SWEAT pledge in your country?[View]
91235872>iq of 80 w-whats the point anons. I will never be able to achieve great things with my life and …[View]
91235845Europe has cul-[View]
91232535Flat face Big head, Short limbs. Short teeths Round face Flat chest and ass No curves Manipulative …[View]
91236760funny things thread our word for honey is copper[View]
91236933My state would gladly ally with the Russians if it meant death would rain upon the N*rth[View]
91234551/brit/: Need you out of business sunshine edition[View]
91234794i love you guys !!!! :3: i love you so much guys !! Let's spread love all over in this planet …[View]
91235526>swedes are blond Why do people claim this?[View]
91236797What are some uralo-altaic words for tent except 'urdu' and 'maihan'?[View]
91230840/esp/ - thread spanish: thread discussion spanish general thread[View]
91233910Is American music like hip hop or gansta rap popular in your country or do you still have your own c…[View]
91235074>i fap to trap everyday[View]
91232775/Autogynophilie/ ehemals /Deutsch/[View]
91182631/danmarktråden/: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
91235486Average 'white' american[View]
91230393>the absolute state of American pizza[View]
91234360>Do women in you're cunt want to have sex with you ? >FLAG They told me I was not BLĂCK …[View]
91231238How do you call this in your country?[View]
91231519MALE POPULARITY RANKINGS: Rating of males by popularity with women: 1.Swedish/Italian 2.French/Spani…[View]
91234315Hello From the dark side in Does anybody here wanna be my friend? Want it all to end Tell me when th…[View]
91235969Upper-middle-class brazilian[View]
91233629Where is actual City 17 situated? Is it Russia/Baltics/Bulgaria or is it somewhere else?[View]
91227989Do you love Japan?[View]
91232770I didn't think I could hate D*nes more but you guys surprised me. FUCK YOU![View]
91233028What are some 'that guys' of /int? Here are some I've noticed: >that Finn who alwa…[View]
91235736RIP to the greatest musician of our generation. Pour one out for my lil nigga, he died too young.[View]
91233119What would the women of your country think of this guy?[View]
91231805>memes BAN'EM Reminder that Eurogoblinos are about to ban memes. So if you see someone from …[View]
91233960What's it like to have sex with a Mexican?[View]
91235535I Absolutely Despise All Non-Germanic People[View]
91229645wAKONda: >Akon to build new city in Senegal with own currency called AKoin >According to the o…[View]
91231765How do you call this in your country?[View]
91224762>My country should preserve its old, impractical architecture instead of modernising…[View]
91233837/brit/: Delusional ugly fat wannabe lesbian edition[View]
91234157>Starts a war against a bird >Loses[View]
91234485Why don't Americans build trains?[View]
91233572In the 26 blue states below, more white residents died than were born in 2016. That suggests a 'fast…[View]
91234287the absolute state of Christianity[View]
91230384what about freedom of speech?[View]
91220568/balk/ - narkoman edition: >ctlr + f 'balk' >0 results You should be ashamed of yourselves bal…[View]
91235105Post police dashcams from your cunt Bonus: shots fired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSeTUJFK-KQ…[View]
91234298>his country wasn't born in a blood revolution What's your excuse?…[View]
91228644I am visiting Latin America I will have sex and orgies with everyone there[View]
91230306why can't /int/ makes the difference between a government and it's people ?[View]
91234681Onko täällä virolaisia? Mä vedän teitä turpaan[View]
91233961>tfw no sexy gf[View]
91230562Fuck Australia for the penalty[View]
91233589https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsion_of_the_Acadians APOLOGIZE, ANGLOS[View]
91231964/brit/: Elite FIFA Paedophile Rings Exposed edition[View]
91229393Is this a real Finnish breakfast?: Or am I getting meme'd?[View]
91229786ITT most based people from your country[View]
91233758>Turkish butcher Nusret Gökçe's a.k.a Salt Bae newly opened steakhouse disappoints in flavor…[View]
91233516>You seem to have mistyped the CAPTCHA. Please try again. how is that even possible with google c…[View]
91234170>your cunt >do you want to have a loli gf…[View]
91231046God I wish that were me.[View]
91234044my anorexic oneitis is vomiting again! i hope she kills herself fucking whore[View]
91231453Are you people of light?[View]
91232152Do you love your job, int?[View]
91233700I will work as a physio at an English football club[View]
91232344>british people have to pay for they call 'TV License' what the fuck? really now? can't they…[View]
91226467/fr/ - le fil français: édition juste /fr/[View]
91230099Does your country have a space industry?[View]
91233535Convert to Catholicism.[View]
91229213I fixed Europe[View]
91232443These Russian women raped this poor Brazilian man[View]
91229569Stop stealing our women AAAAHHHHHHH[View]
91231726/Comfy/ edition: How's it going fellow Baltards ?[View]
91228015>Hurr durr I can carry some airplanes Who cares?[View]
91231627Why were all the old pagan gods of the world so cool? Zeus God of lightning, Jupiter God of War, Ra …[View]
91233477Zimbabwe we smoke it every day https://vocaroo.com/i/s0nBAcg1uyJZ[View]
91223072/한국어/: 레바논 미녀 에디션[View]
912327411. Your country 2. Hey cutie :)[View]
91218139Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91231849Guess explosion[View]
91233271Why does this board have the highest percentage of redditors?[View]
91227911/ita/ - il filo: Edizione fragolina[View]
91232416Would you drink gay cider?: To honor the Helsinkian Pride, Hartwall company (founded by native Finni…[View]
91231697Russian police had to safe two suicide britbongs in Volgograd (former Stalingrad) the british fan sa…[View]
91233077Do you have mandatory public holidays for muslims or other religious minorities like Denmark?[View]
91233068Tell me about the Dutch. Why do they respect the king of Spain so much?[View]
91232297What is goings on heres?[View]
91231933A better band than Imagine Dragons, it exists ?[View]
91231130Why is teenage prostitution so common in Japan? https://japantoday.com/category/crime/26-compensated…[View]
91232739Aesthethics: the country.[View]
91232378The Greek-Macedonian dispute serves as a testament that the EU is democratic at it's core - a t…[View]
91231981Please dont lose against Sweden Please dont lose against Sweden Please dont lose against Sweden Plea…[View]
91227408/deutsch/ /bayern/: Die Säbelausgabe[View]
91232200Frenchman going to the shops[View]
91226338Hope you danec󠀨uckolds are ready to get STRAYA'D tonight.[View]
91232022Why does soccer and anti-semitism, two things that are seemingly completely unrelated, always go han…[View]
91232314>be me >see a hater >dab on him…[View]
91230685do you love china[View]
91229146ITT: Feels that transcend all nationality and cultural differences. I'll start. >tfw no gf…[View]
91227222how much hairy are men in your cunt?[View]
91231293Gwailo's BTFO: This is a map of Europe with Chinese citizens' most googled term about it w…[View]
91227509When will Shitalians return our rightful clay to us?[View]
91232076I want to find love in Japan.[View]
91229332/brit/: my cute kitty edition[View]
91225184Wite women love: >Not materialistic >give them a van and they will make it a home >Will hap…[View]
912296761. your moms bagina 2. What are you plans for midsummer?[View]
91230023Why haven't you moved to USA to get a black qt yet?[View]
91231821Thinking about going to the liquor store (government owned and operated) to get some booze for midsu…[View]
91207458Today's South Korean anti-jap activity: >The students said their cross-country bicycle ride …[View]
91227676España-Türkiye: What is the relationship between Spaniards and Turks like and what do they think of …[View]
91231377I Absolutely Despise All Non-Germanic People[View]
91231539so I decided to sell my entire vidya collection yesterday I shipped the first 11 games not a single …[View]
91231632>Mum found the CP folder again[View]
91227875Sverigetråden - Jessica Alba-upplagan[View]
91230740Literally the only thing that makes me happy anymore is shooting guns. Sweden is tough because it ta…[View]
91231045What a totalitarian shithole[View]
91231299Russia 2020[View]
91231022Serious question Brap is about shoving your face into a woman's butt, maybe even sniff it a lit…[View]
91229858it's just a game australia, right? we play for fun no need to be sad you're losing big fuc…[View]
91224346What good things do you think of when you think of Sweden? Me I think of the many animals we have, b…[View]
91230240African americans are quite abnormal, Menwhile, My handheld pistol has an extended magizine.[View]
91230592post YFW Russia women gets BR'D,BLACKED, TAKBIRD, ORC'D and CHANG'D[View]
91231260its summer and i havent taken a shower in 9 days you dont know how bad my dick smells[View]
91231247Balkany Foods: So there's this bus stop I've been frequenting for nearly ten years now. It…[View]
91230394I tend to make things more difficult for myself[View]
91226991Niggas iffy, uh, blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh (Scum Gang!) …[View]
91219752>innocent women YEAH BURN'EM[View]
91229343>I’m Filipino but I still consider myself Asian[View]
91230233This summer.....: *thread theme* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ej3tFOFJmg&t=157s[View]
91231132/polska/: Edycja Cyberśmiecia[View]
91228985Russian military power and natural resources + German industries + Northern european companies + sou…[View]
91228406If you call your partner 'mommy' or 'daddy' during sex your absolutely disgusting![View]
91230997Dzień dobry państwu: Zagłosowałem za wprowadzeniem cenzury internetu. Mam was w dupie polskie pachoł…[View]
91225471Will the UK return?[View]
91230875Seriously though, what happened?[View]
91230686El Goblino[View]
91228440How can I get Russian girlfriend?[View]
91229852Shitskin genocide when?[View]
91230886How can you tell the difference between these two biologically distinct species? https://www.fifa.co…[View]
91230128Brazilian man taking a Russian woman to his bedroom Circa 2018[View]
91226933is cigarette smoking still a thing among people in your country?[View]
91230799> Beautiful cousin with beautiful body tries to cross the border between Mexico and the US > I…[View]
91229823How do your countrymen celebrate the world cup, /int/ies?[View]
91230088The (You) general: ITT we discuss anything to get (You)s and give free (You)s to everyone in need of…[View]
91226231ur cunt do you like anime[View]
91230109>Russian women[View]
91222714/polska/: edycja dziwnych przygód jankiela części piątej[View]
91228707Fastest way to learn new languages?: Hello guys, first time on this board. /adv sent me here. I…[View]
91230082actual image of a britcuck lol[View]
91230528*takbirs the danish infidels*[View]
91229341Worst posters on /int/ >1/ Koreans They are never informative They spam the same idiotic threads …[View]
91230464Why do they look like whiets so much?: Why[View]
91230515Hey, Denmark.[View]
91227826hello, fellow soyboys and gaymers. what will you buy this steam summer sale? I hope Pulsa: Lost Colo…[View]
91229217Do people in your cunt like Kot?[View]
91230065what is wrong with wh*Te males?[View]
91228046>watching Battle of Vienna from the Kahlenberg >intense fighting scene between the Holy League…[View]
91229320He is watching you.[View]
91229690press F to pay respects: famous gorilla which could speak sign language died at age of 46. rumors sa…[View]
91196536Family tree thread: Please no hate. I already know I'm a mutt.[View]
91229930Why are they so tribalistic?[View]
91229316So, america? Whats your response?[View]
91223959>the third highest GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity (PPP) in the Americas after th…[View]
91228269Describe your cunt with a Souls boss. I'll give some examples: US[View]
91220593my ancestors :)[View]
91225178Why leafs and aussies are shi- Ah, that's why...[View]
91229429Meanwhile in California: Streets are being painted in white in an attempt to cool down the area, as …[View]
91229327Which country makes the best porn?[View]
91229784Ethiopia: >Virtually the only african country with good weather >The only piece of land that m…[View]
91228705cunt why are dogs so based[View]
91226410I drank 3 250ml bottles of beer during the last hour, does that make me an alcoholic?[View]
91228204le e''''u'''' ''''bail out'''': >“Contrary to all right-wing myths, Germany has benefited massive…[View]
91226796What do you call this architectural style in your country, /int/?[View]
91228776thank you ,Australia[View]
91185594/desi/: Invited : Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalis, Afgh*nis, Sri Lankans, Bhutanese, Burm…[View]
91221530>he still thinks he can suffer in first world[View]
91229564Eating an apple.[View]
91228931I'll never get my foreskin back.[View]
91229133hi, australia[View]
91227435Why white americans have yellow skin and dark eyes like southrons, pakis and sandniggahs??[View]
91227939How do you pronounce his name?: It's coming a controversial Japanese web meme. >Pohm-pei-oh …[View]
91228260Wow... Russian men look like THAT[View]
912249061. You're cunt 2. Have you ever been cucked 1. Flag 2. Yes, my ex gf went to Spain for an year …[View]
91227802post cute animals from your country :3[View]
91229010>Her mother has Danish, Welsh, German, English, and French ancestry, while her paternal grandpare…[View]
91228873>continental Europeans can't post memes >Brits need a license to wank Feels good to live …[View]
91227610Are American blacks smarter than African blacks?[View]
91227519/brit/: the new look edition[View]
91214599>Sweden - ABBA >Iceland - Björk >Norway - A-ha >Denmark - ??? Why is this? Is Lars Ulric…[View]
91229073Do you want to find love in Finland?[View]
91203496/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Пaмяти Apшaвинa[View]
91229210An Australian with mental illness will shit in his shower for a few (you)s soon.[View]
91228055Any burgers seen this? It's a documentary about healthcare in America, compared to other countr…[View]
91226961Belgium doesn't have cultu-[View]
91213675I fixed Europe.[View]
91222476Guess my ethnicity.[View]
91227278Apparently some /int/ Anon just put me into his 'cringe compilation.' What the hell?[View]
91226858Anyone else here despised by all of their coworkers because they can somehow tell that you're n…[View]
91226431symbolize your country with spongebob pic[View]
91224898Your cunt Projected pop in 2100 Aus 42,389,312[View]
91204003/ita/ - il filo: edizione DEFTONES[View]
91228502>one of the best known figures in Idaho history >got his education in Kansas >born in Illin…[View]
91225712Can you recognize their nationalities?[View]
91183184/dixie/ — Southern US & Friends: Georgian salad bar edition.[View]
91228481What did Trump mean by this?[View]
91228074ITT: expressions from your language that would confuse foreigners[View]
91227967>long nose tribe ancestors kicked out from cave long time ago >long nose tribe come back, now …[View]
91226146mom found the piss bottle[View]
91228084why when white man move to isolated part of asia and spend 200 year build infrastructure and governa…[View]
91221786Looking to move to a European country for the women (have a Euro fetish) Any recommendations?[View]
91199530/v4/ + friends: good old meme edition[View]
91226836How are you enjoying the world cup so far, /int/? How is your country performing?[View]
91224519Do you think the EU has prevented a war in western Europe?[View]
91226539MUH HERITAGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKN7jHk1jn0[View]
91227133FACT: The Dutch military is the most powerful in the world.[View]
91218727This is the best country in the world, if you don't agree you're just jealous because you…[View]
91227937Will they ever get over it?[View]
91227474Israel is here to stay. Deal with it.[View]
91223159>9:00 JUST[View]
91217531Has anything good come out of this country ever?[View]
91226487Slavs and shit: Why are Russians and other Slavs so obsessed with shit and shitting as a process? I…[View]
91227757Definitely the best place for an Iceland-Nigeria match. I wonder whether any team has it better, hmm…[View]
91224408how do we fix this shit? what is the world going to look like in 50 years if this keeps going as it …[View]
91224959>white boy calls me chink on the internet >boot another wh*Toid family out of my apartment com…[View]
91226568what is your favourite shoot em up?[View]
91227672Aamulehti explains that the happiest Finns have high incomes, are in a relationship and reside in Uu…[View]
91220753Why don't you have an American gf?[View]
91226784Why are Germans always trying to ruin Europe?[View]
91225365/brit/: Specky freak edition[View]
91226992i focus on the spain the only thing thats real[View]
91226151Tabloid Iltalehti reports that a Finnish man arrested last week on suspicion of terrorism charges at…[View]
91227181I'll be spending a week in Istanbul. Are there any turkbros here with any tips? Any good food I…[View]
91227196Which European contries have the best public transport? >pic related >notice something btw?…[View]
91202668/mämmi/: virne -painos[View]
91227317Why is it so easy to tell people fake facts today? This place is now such a 3rd world cunt. It'…[View]
91224207/deutsch/: Morgendliche Ausgabe[View]
91225028この悪魔を勝ちさせない 勉強し続ける[View]
91226601I like Latvian chips[View]
91218762American culture is fucking vile. Under the Japanese, Emojis were simple icons to express tone in a …[View]
91225952People with yellow skin and dark hair and eyes are white??[View]
91225819>watch videos of black vs mexican streetfights >mexicans win almost every time Wtf you told me…[View]
91227100are these the most aesthetic buildings ever?[View]
91212421Is this the most aesthetic building ever?[View]
91221276Post your home city's wikipedia collage[View]
91223249I unironically really like Turkey. It is probably my third favorite country in the world. In the pas…[View]
91225914Pop science is criminally underrated, it's much more digestible than two-page articles with ove…[View]
91225639Does /int/ have pets? Are pets cruel when you live in an inner city apartment?[View]
91226585went to the shop to buy some pierogis and chips for my dinner and a cute MILF in the queue caught me…[View]
91225543They won't let me marry her because I'm Irish[View]
91226658How do you do fellow humans[View]
91226686Is this true??: Well, women in latin america love pinkish dicks.[View]
91222967>tfw have to go to magic school with Mexicans I wish I could just go to Hogwarts.…[View]
91217931do you wish you were a lesbians? sweden yeop[View]
91226514Hey, east coast fags.: Your half of the continent is shit and I hope it falls into the ocean.[View]
91225553Please take a trip to Holland. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SDPSjup6yK8#[View]
91226244are you hyped for the start of the Yulin dog festival? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lychee_and_Dog_…[View]
91226483Cursed image[View]
912144261. your cunt 2. does the average person in your nation actually dislike black people? >amerimutt …[View]
91224707I am moving to the usa,through work visa(still not sure) some acquaintance have something company or…[View]
91224552Why are Europeans so offended by surface parking lots near the core of a city? It seems to cause the…[View]
91226427Russia Yes[View]
91226413In Brazil you just are respected as a man if you are a 'zoeiro' or kill anyone who disrespect you. I…[View]
91225807>tfw N haplogroup Am I literally and unironically not white?[View]
91214820ITT we guess each other’s ancestry Hard mode no racism okay guys this is not pol[View]
91213106Sverigetråden - Söta flickor (pojkar) upplagan[View]
91222618why don't taiwanese have their own language. are they low IQ[View]
91223210America Is Less White, Getting Older, and More Urban: >Non-Hispanic white alone population decrea…[View]
91224702>How many white babies do you want to make femanon? 2? 4? wat do /int/?…[View]
91225640Fuck you Russia Stop trying to invade us, you mongolian savages![View]
91222555why is he allowed to say nigga?: why does SCUMMMMGANNGGGG 6ix9ine allowed to get the nigga pass?…[View]
91225767How many seasons does your country have?[View]
91223102I'm asexual. I've found a girl that is 100% asexual too and i want to be with her, i love …[View]
91225318>be me >bulgarian >white >find out i am a descendant of some gooks NOOOOOO THIS CANT BE …[View]
91219382Polish cows love BBC.[View]
91225522>Moldovan king raids vlachistan and has 2000 disgusting vlachoids impaled >Today they worship …[View]
91223853/brit/: gaijin nose edition[View]
91222340Have you ever experienced a water shortage? >Yes, once we didn't have water for a week becau…[View]
91222919Glad you like your new Chinese neighbors. They're real sweethearts aren't they. Hope you l…[View]
91224538belaruse: belaruse[View]
91219407/cum/: bobandy edition[View]
91218813Why are Chinese products so crappy?[View]
91225182Why dont you have a japanese girlfriend[View]
91225141I think Nargentina has finally accepted how they look.[View]
91221952Daily reminder that white women are property of Black and muslim man[View]
91220843Bibi is our PM for almost 13 years now (1996-1999, 2009 - present). There are Israeli children who l…[View]
91224795Huh wagecuck? What am I doing with this bucket? Gee I dont fucking know wagecuck, maybe you should m…[View]
91222761Epic foreshadowing?[View]
91224148https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Sorry_Day Reminder that Australia LITERALLY has a national …[View]
91221741What if we combined Danish, Norwegian and Swedish into a language called 'Nordic'/'Scandinavian' -- …[View]
91222797Skyrim belongs to the nords[View]
91224449How does it feel to cum into a Slavic slut?[View]
91224560HELLAS -HUNG THE TRAITORS EDICION: opinions on the Macedonian issue what will happen on the next el…[View]
91222522Strawberry from my dacha. Rate, anons.[View]
91223867Can Americans really not collect rain water? I mean that’s fucked up. Rain water falls from the sky,…[View]
91223334do you like american music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hES9IBTPbcw[View]
91221040This is Canada, and it is..[View]
91223694When is Mexico releasing Despacito 2 tho[View]
91223834G'day. Just a friendly reminder that it's only 219 days until Australia Day. So on January…[View]
91224146Is this how the average Black man looks?[View]
91224297Praise Volos[View]
91223470Holy shit i'm playing against KARA BOGA warrior. Is there any chance to win this?[View]
91220599I want to molest a boy[View]
91220464Just realized I could beat any one of you in a fight since /int/ is full of PUSSIES[View]
91222598Do wh*te women really like BBC?[View]
91224345>Be Norwegian woman >Go in the sun for 1 minute >…[View]
91214711Reminder that the creator of this site is american.[View]
91212755/Nachtschicht/ ehemals /Deutsch/: Nagatoro-Edition[View]
91223838Where do Americans get their water from?[View]
91223856Which second world countries does /int/ rate? Georgia, Algeria, Iran and Panama for me[View]
91222071/brit/: My name is Daniel Pearl, I am an American Jew edition[View]
91216345BREAKING NEW: We finally found the '50 y.o women' who had anal fisting made by Brazilian fans. It se…[View]
91223377>Amerimutts will defend this[View]
91223390>his only achievement to this day is being white[View]
91223735Are we white?[View]
91221833>american flag posts[View]
912236461. your cunt 2. would you shake hands with our prime minister? https://youtu.be/vSTNRr05YFQ[View]
91218243Let's be nicer to Belgium.[View]
91222559All hail Trump[View]
91223473>you will never find love >it will always be easier to be drunk…[View]
91223515>tfw no gf (male) to cuddle with[View]
91221125>when you see a white person in Toronto[View]
91217868so…why are they so uncivilized???[View]
91213103/fr/ - le francofil: Apprendre les nouvelles en se levant à 23h édition[View]
91206932/NEDERDRAAD/: Vorige >>91190209[View]
91197348/norgetråden/: Amalie-utgaven Forrige: >>91166757[View]
91223055Why do these tiny impoverished irrelevant shitholes that are all literally indistinguishable from ea…[View]
91221376Now that the US has a Space Force and will have space Marines will other countries join the new fron…[View]
91219516Why are latin americans (You know: Cubans, mexicans, Colombians, guatemalans, chileans, Argentinians…[View]
91222907The only democracy in the Middle East.[View]
91222772>I like to larp as a black male on 4chan[View]
91222850H-Haram, desu...[View]
91220176Why is one picking free markets, pro-business and conservatism, while the other is going to elect a …[View]
91222785What did she mean by this?[View]
91219220This is a German boy. Would you have sex with him?[View]
91222662this is the future[View]
91221643How will Americans ever recover?[View]
91221681is it possible to teach them how to pronounce words properly? Without that du-mbo shi-etu[View]
91218289>asian male >20 years old >still small penis WTF I THOUGHT STEREOTYPES WEREN'T ACTUALL…[View]
91222697Prague Gang ;-): https://www.novinky.cz/krimi/475532-trojice-mladiku-prepadla-v-metru-dve-deti-s-noz…[View]
91222692know you so well, so well I mean, I can do anything that he can I've been pretty I know you so …[View]
91217574Year is 2025 and /int/ is divided between anime posters and blacked posters who do you side with?[View]
91222430According to Judaism, non-Jews will get to heaven if they will fulfill the Seven Noahide Laws. Do yo…[View]
91219794/cum/: Asian pride worldwide[View]
91222361This is Ricardo Anaya Cortés. In 10 days he will become the 58th president of Mexico. Say something …[View]
91222346Boy stares into a laser beam and losts sight: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/06/20/health/laser-pointe…[View]
91222257Yellower than you, Chang Nguyen[View]
91205720/luso/: Edição do Brasileiro Soja http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/sociedade/homem/maioria-dos-prostitutos-em…[View]
91202967world of polska: edycja chuj ci w morde xDD[View]
91216905>i have never seen a non-white complain about lactose intolerance when 90% of them are supposed t…[View]
91221266What would happen if there were multiple democracies in the Middle East?[View]
91220997Goodnight int[View]
91220175How does this state make any sense? Long Island is like 90% of the state. They really should split i…[View]
91222251How did he get a beautiful swede valkyrie to fall in love with him? (Gideaon levi and his gf cathrin…[View]
912137891. Country 2. Ever tried Bush meat?[View]
91222003What's makes Americans act they way they do, is it the high concentrations of lead in their soi…[View]
91220181/brit/: Niggas iffy, uh, blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh (Scum…[View]
91215257/cum/: galactic empire edition[View]
91221468I like to pretend that nationalities that I haven't seen in person don't actually exist. L…[View]
91221835the weather is really really hot[View]
91220088This is Israel's Minister of Defense[View]
91218720Your Country Your honest opinion on North Colombia and South Central Americans.[View]
91221371I need Reasons why Japan sucks ASAP.[View]
91219914Why do all Latin Americans look up to Mexico?: What makes Mexico the golden standard for the Hispani…[View]
91220567Helsinki? More like, Hell Stinky, amirite? Finns BTFO once again.[View]
91213466Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
91221068You get the chance to nuke a country Which one would it be?[View]
91221198wh*Toids BTFO[View]
91207002/TN/: First edition allowed : tunisians and algerians No english just french or derija[View]
91219716Why is there huge influx of smelly white backpackers with dreadlocks and generally shady looking whi…[View]
91220931feels bad man[View]
91220825IVE PUT MY TRUST: INNNN YOUUU https://youtu.be/AzNAXaPhhyg[View]
91221184I don't get it. What does this gesture mean?[View]
91220319>pooland stro- lmao[View]
91217803just imagine doing this irl[View]
91220856>the hague[View]
91218661list of countries i hate: >Afghanistan >Albania >Algeria >Andorra >Angola >Antigua…[View]
91219563I'm moving from California, USA to Goyang, South Korea in exactly 2 months. Any advice? Any tip…[View]
91218103Happiness with foreign women: Why doesn't Japan open it's borders to single kawaii white g…[View]
91219792Where does the meme of Prussian military superiority come from?[View]
91215035Their lives just got destroyed They got fired from all of their jobs and are being exposed in the wh…[View]
91220515>Russia is SO bad! I can't believe, west hasn't destroyed it yet! >our wages are SO …[View]
91216720>Marisa Tomei >Age 53 is this the power of meds?…[View]
91217963>Spain will defend this[View]
91220756Prosecutor demands jail sentence in True Finns Party MP's assault, sexual harassment case True …[View]
91220718seventh state when? you know it makes sense.[View]
91220665Do you hate dark elves?[View]
91220352The only Democracy in the Australian continent.[View]
91204355Sweden is WHITE[View]
91217843>why yes I'm a conservative[View]
91220440When did you realized that islam is the final redpill?[View]
91219770Why are french quebecois such cuties[View]
91215829Has anything good come out of this country?[View]
91217780Unknown/untranslated kanji thread! Post kanji that you can't find a meaning to and we'll t…[View]
91220292>google something in a foreign language >bring something back 嬲る(Japanese)…[View]
91217936/brit/: people of light[View]
91218757how do any of you stand being neets for all your lives? I’ve been coaxed to take 10 days off work to…[View]
91213754/Hilo Latino/: Hilo latino[View]
91217296Civilization guess who: name the civilization in pic below[View]
91218291Can yellow fever be cured???: how do I stop wanting an Asian gf so bad?[View]
91211929Post the top 3 most useful languages according to you 1. 2. 3.[View]
91219806Man drinks tap water for 30 days: https://www.popsugar.co.uk/fitness/What-Happens-When-You-Drink-Onl…[View]
91218712Hi, I'm an American/Canadian/European 'poor' person. Let me tell you about my refrigerator, sma…[View]
91219096If you’re a Trump supporter, you are dead to me. I do not want to see you, hear from you, or even ac…[View]
912189131/2 italian + 1/2 Kuruminha is the best mix Prove me wrong... you can´t, whit*de[View]
91219817Here, Germany, don't say America has never given you anything.[View]
91219788La creatura..[View]
91216398Why do Protestant people always have this 'I'm so conformist I put children in gas chambers' ki…[View]
91217772Are the Portuguese white?[View]
91213212Could I pass as a local in your country[View]
91217456What is life like in your country?[View]
91218783There’s only one confirmed faggot in all of Greenland. Based.[View]
91210253>loyal >traditional >catholic >speaks a descendant of Latin >white enough to be civil…[View]
91215456asian architecture :3[View]
91217669SHE SAID YES: guys she said yes to a third date... i love you all, throughout my depression you stay…[View]
91216377/Hilo afrolatino/[View]
91209130Is Sweden real as bad as /pol/ makes it out to be?[View]
9121935917th century merchant ship found from Finnish Sea: https://www.lansivayla.fi/artikkeli/673696-suomen…[View]
91215639How stingy is McDonald's in your country?[View]
91214076Are all American women like those Magic Grow Monsters you put in water?[View]
91214332*destroys europe*[View]
91217295The plane you're on is going down: What do you say as this is happening?[View]
91209309See all these threads about cucking Russian men? It will be 200x worse when the Olympics in Japan be…[View]
91208879Russian girls are ready to lick even cardboard foreigners. Why have not you come to Russia yet?[View]
91219131Dog bless Ameriga :DDDDDD[View]
91211923The ONE time Americans had a president who stood for the working man, he was so popular that he won …[View]
91203952There are 0.6 billion Pajeeta's, why is none of them your gf?[View]
91218506Dicks are so cute omg( •ω• ) when you hold one in your hand and it starts twitching its like its nuz…[View]
91213232name a more perfect world leader pro-tip: you can't[View]
91218934are you ready[View]
91218982>the mental health worker is going to be here in 20 minutes[View]
91217304Upper-middle-class brazilian[View]
91216087countries that are beyond repair & basically are failed states[View]
91218818why do Dominican women have such big boobs?[View]
91214206>the most famous frenchman was italian KEK[View]
91183834/carib/: hi everyone[View]
91218773Indians... Explain this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWoqKyaqiw4[View]
91216967What's the combination least expensive and most safe Spanish speaking country?: Chile. Uruguay …[View]
91217238Have you ever experienced prostate massage? What did it feel like the first time you tried?[View]
91218694https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SgxHgN2gFw >trump rolls out >circus music starts to play >…[View]
91215884Daily reminder that cowboy culture is Mexican, Americans just stole it.[View]
91208775PRAISE MAGA[View]
91217557Why Southern Italians went to USA while northern italians went to Brazil/Argentina??[View]
91217792/ex-yu/: Anime of the decade edition[View]
91216760>I like Russia[View]
91216700Dream locations: ITT: post your dream location. Doesn’t have to be somewhere you want to move to, bu…[View]
91216147Would you rather move to China or India?[View]
91207846Are americans mentally diseased ?[View]
91216359If you had to choose between no pot and no booze for the rest of your life, wich would it be?[View]
91187362edizione estate senza debiti[View]
91206125Do you want a multipolar world?: Does your country's population want the USA to rule the world …[View]
91217339Israel is here to stay. Deal with it.[View]
91218175In Brazil you just are respected as a man if you are a 'zoeiro' or kill anyone who disrespect you. I…[View]
91202778/ex-yu/: skarletna zena izdanje stari - >>91170838[View]
91218218How do you make friends in scandinavia? People seem so distant and cold[View]
91217621When will the countries of the world unite against the real evil?[View]
91218097/ausnz/: An /ausnz/ thread for /ausnz/ posters and friends.[View]
91217656>He was a skater boy >She said see you later boy >He wasn't good enough for her…[View]
91216522Would you like to live in pic related?[View]
91217109>this man is 53% european and 'only' 33% african >look like a nigger Why are wh*Te genes so we…[View]
91218030>кoшмap >бaгaж >вoяж PIERRE'D…[View]
91215823Riddle: A refreshing beverage, of Australian heritage, yellow its color, and a pungent odor, devoid …[View]
91216415Haha ain't that right my fellow millennials.[View]
91215544/brit/: Jerusalem edition[View]
91216973how do we take back our manufacturing jobs fellas?[View]
91214602>in elementary school, a random kid sing the national anthem at the start of the day >it was m…[View]
91215513What are some authentic and regional American foods/cuisines? >inb4 ''american cuisine…[View]
91192059Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91212764living is suffering: >I'll never be Chinese from mainland China literally why even live…[View]
91215346>I get my political opinions from right wing youtubers[View]
91216099Show me how mexican are ya?[View]
91215882Attempts of introducing cultures.: I'm headed to pic-related next year for my informatics degre…[View]
91216136My facial hair is really patchy. ;_; How do I get the hair to grow all over my jaw?[View]
91216927Your cunt Do you get a thrill from killing animals usa yes killing deer is an almost sexual act[View]
91216818Why do white people smell like expired cheese?[View]
91217028Does your cunt have a technology problem? >Australia >…[View]
912168871: you are a cunt 2: how does your country celebrate pride month 3: how do you feel about lgbt[View]
91217200My (admittedly unorthodox) list of the most beautiful Italian cities: Most beautiful 1. Rome 2. Veni…[View]
91216414im almost 20yo and i have never had a phone[View]
91215920why is japan soooo civilized?????[View]
91216369Is it true that Mcdonald's is quite a feast for Americans?[View]
91206771Why is racemixing with mexicans more popular than BLACKED.com and tight asian pussy in the USA?[View]
91213122>The same childhood friend reported in a letter that Columbus had provided one of the captured in…[View]
91216039One of those days again It's been about 4 months now, I'll just have one cig to remind mys…[View]
91217023I used to think Japan should apologize for what they've done during WW2, but after doing more r…[View]
91215017This is Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In 10 days he will become the 58th president of Mexico. Say som…[View]
91214908RIP, godspeed orange motherfucker[View]
91206601Do you like your country?[View]
91212932>tfw you will never be able to truly appreciate America's culinary culture…[View]
91216623Goodnight /int/[View]
91204448UN Report: White America is 3rd World: 41 million living in poverty. 80 percent of U.S. adults face …[View]
91216309Who will be the next world superpower?[View]
91216337When memes become reality: What will your country do?[View]
91207509Why do people say that America has no culture when the entire world uses our websites, watches our T…[View]
91212255I know parents should not have favorites, but...[View]
91201283what is your favourite smell?[View]
91214802Goooooool Brazillll[View]
91215881How did this man get away with saying nigga?[View]
91215551Fuck, Marry, Kill[View]
91216035History of black peoples: Well sense most of you are ignorant retards I'm going to teach you ab…[View]
912108431your a cunt 2what does your a cunt call black people? my a cunt : nigger[View]
91213337meme languages: You can only post in this thread if you speak a meme language >what qualifies as …[View]
91212471why don't irish people want to speak irish language?[View]
91216004>Shitaly will become a romanian's colony[View]
91215909i just wanna have a qt virgin edgy girlfriend[View]
91201370Russian women love Foreign Cock: Now it's official. There are tons of proofs that hundreds of t…[View]
91215932is this how parents talk about their children in your country, or is it just an American thing?[View]
91215465Is this kind of hostility against progressivism common in your cunt /int/?[View]
91215970how many do you do?[View]
91214366Fact: the only reason European leaders cried about child separations was that we were making them lo…[View]
91211962>i love women[View]
91214946Do Americans actually look like this?[View]
91215768Do you love Korea?[View]
91215319I slept with an arab girl yesterday night. I jusg found this on my wall. Shall i get scared or shall…[View]
91213227What Germans look like: >according to the Japanese[View]
91214541i claim her as my gf[View]
91215392Iberian Dominance: Is Portugal or Spain the superior one?[View]
91206458>Poles are racist[View]
91213862India's cultures/peoples/regions whatever you call it >God tier >Poo tier…[View]
91212358Link: What nationality does he have?[View]
91215508He does it for free.[View]
91211754what language should i start learning? kinda thinking german. is it hard?[View]
91215475why are americans so anti-egalitarian? povertyball is the best sport because virtually anyone with t…[View]
91215472What does your country do with pasta?[View]
91185637/cum/: he cute edition[View]
91215434The only time I feel happy is when I'm hopped up on caffeine and sugar The more caffeine and su…[View]
91212743/brit/: xan edition[View]
91215158Who are good immigrants in your country?[View]
91215325Why should I learn German, /int/? I picked it up last summer and nearly forgot it all. Was conversat…[View]
91211209/balk/: Levski Sofia edition old: >>91201343[View]
91202806ñ: How often do you ñ?[View]
91209066Do ethnic Russians identify as European?[View]
91215016Whose fault?[View]
91214969Why are Turkaloids so insanely retarded? You can tell them any problem is the fault of the west and …[View]
91214490There's a demon stalking people at the Croatian woods..[View]
91210594poland appreciation thread[View]
912107092070 Welsh-led Nuclear-Powered Celtic Pagan Hyper Britannia edition[View]
91203783Britain UK hate thread: I've triggered so many britturds on /pol/ I believe I am ready to go af…[View]
91214699is A Certain Magical Index orientalism ?: i mean , if there is a animation about a white guy punchin…[View]
91206093This is a half tunisian half dannish post mixed people[View]
91212485FRANCE WILL LEAD IN DEVELOPING NEXT GEN FIGHTER: >France will take the lead in the development of…[View]
91214618>hurr durr we have a big lake we share with africans wow what a superior civilization you got the…[View]
91214591Is blackcurrant a popular flavour in your country? UK, yes. Here it replaces grape flavour in sweets…[View]
91214404at least I have my guns, mohammed[View]
91214319does your country like spanish women?[View]
91209138>Check a recipe on internet >Check several in several languages to see the better one (I speak…[View]
91213669Reminder that black crime is literally off the charts in the USA[View]
91206952Why does Europe have such a monopoly on wizard schools?[View]
91214269do you like architecture? if so, why? what makes some bunch of bricks and concrete more likeable to …[View]
91213145This triggers and infuriates Redd/int/[View]
91214215why does pol get triggered by low quality bait?[View]
91214333Is there any truth to this statement?: I've never been to any of these places and I'm curi…[View]
91212120Hey anon, what's the best type of gf and why is it pic related?[View]
91211465Do Americans celebrate any European traditions besides St. Patrick's Day or Halloween? Redpill …[View]
91214249You forgot a pic you triggered Brit[View]
912134281. your country 2. how often do you like to share candy with friends?[View]
91183992/éire/ - Irish general: Comfy ruined abbey edition. Snag invited.[View]
91195682>taking selfies and kidding with foreigners doesn't makes you a whore and doesn't mean …[View]
91214087Why is Basilicata so empty compared to the rest of Italy? Actually, a lot of the area around the Gul…[View]
91205651>Europeans have cultu-[View]
91213846Reminder: Colonialism brought street-shitting.[View]
91213611Had some canned ravioli from Aldi today as dinner guys i feel like a sub-human now[View]
91192082Hilo latino /lat/: espero que esten satisfechos, leddit[View]
91213804I am English and proud. God save the Queen.[View]
91191934/ausnz/: a thread for smartbois only, no losers allowed[View]
91209139Does your city get invaded by tourists in the summer? >stavanger >yes…[View]
91213318Why are black french people so racist?[View]
91212846what the fuck[View]
91213620Before I continue working on this, are there any more countries I'm missing? So far I have Faro…[View]
91209358When will you guys accept the eternal BEAN into your life?[View]
91212965>there is only one political party in Ukraine that's left of center politically…[View]
91213367What's wrong with black people?[View]
91208932Give me three good reasons why we shouldn't destroy the rain forest. that's 3 million km2 …[View]
91211629russia is best boy[View]
91211453What's your stance on Volga Germans?[View]
91212553this is French muslim player Paul Pogba[View]
91212930How could the Brits sink so low? Seriously guys, even retarded Belgium knows how not to shoot itself…[View]
91213087Why do French people do this?[View]
912129231. Your cunt. 2. Your opinion of Botan-chan.[View]
91213030IT'S TOO FUCKING HOT@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[View]
91211130>Log onto /int/ >It's literally just as bad as it was a year ago >Log back off and go …[View]
91212971in Poland, we spank Lithuanian boys[View]
91212477I wasn't born in Japan!!!!![View]
91209502Did you know that we have Taurus mountains in Turkey? Taurus means BULL btw.[View]
91212693Sweden no[View]
91212233Parents gave me 400 euros to spent the month I spent 300 euros to host a party and buy a rare fidget…[View]
91210274>Anon, I like you... But is it true you post BLACKED memes all day on /int/?…[View]
91212758/nordalbanien/, tagsüber auch /schweiz/ und gelegentlich sogar /deutsch/[View]
91210702/brit/: the yank ed[View]
91211263Suicide: How many of you are just counting thr days until you finlly decide to kill yourself? My lif…[View]
91212536Édition et toi ma chérie tu utilises quoi comme shampoing pour ta chatte ?[View]
91212490Portugal is the best country[View]
91207217/WM/ ehemals /deutsch/: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHRRRRRRR ausgabe[View]
91203175What is it like working in Norway? What's the salary like compared to the US? Kinda thinking of…[View]
91211683You may not like it, but this is what the ideal Finland looks like.[View]
91206412/fr/ - Fil Francophone: Édition des grosses bourdes[View]
91177625kurva anyátok[View]
912119831. yer cunt 2. do your countries women belong to BLACK bulls?[View]
91211974If you were absolute king of your country, what would you change/do?[View]
91212141Did you know bull releases during orgasm about 5 to 10 billion sperm cells while human releases only…[View]
91211536>Congo is a third-world country Oh really, /int/?[View]
91211756I ate some licorice yoghurt made in Åland and my stomach keeps making noises[View]
91211397>what toppings would you like on your pizza? what do?[View]
91196820Why hasn't man domesticated the bear?[View]
91211838>no woman will ever look at you like that feels bad[View]
91210086Is Karjala rightful Suomen clay? yes/no[View]
91211848Does this ever happen in your country?[View]
91186345Hello anons lets support russian bro: Russian Natashas insemination thread.[View]
91204429This is a mayor of a town in Slovenia Say something nice about him[View]
91211654based what starburst do you think he threw at her?[View]
91211721>tfw your ancestors took the 'America' boat[View]
91210151France will rape Peru tomorrow. Mark my words. 3 - 0 mini Also France is white, Peru is black pic re…[View]
91201843>Canadian lawmakers approved landmark legislation on Tuesday to fully legalize marijuana. >The…[View]
91210196Why do they take the foreskin in uncivilised countries?[View]
91210258Help!!: Someone hacked my origin account and leff a question in polish ,can someone help me translat…[View]
91211083wtf i love vietnam now[View]
91205419Americans on other boards have become hostile towards Europeans for whatever reason. I still like Am…[View]
91202728/brit/: Slags edition[View]
91211310does this drawing looks like it could be a local in your country?[View]
91202508Why are there like six threads right now where the subject matter is russian women + foreign men? Do…[View]
91209681What the fuck is wrong with Serbian girls I'm talking to one and she snaps me pics of her playi…[View]
91211190Why do these two words send Germans into a frenzy?[View]
91211179Irish people are discriminated by the dirty h*n bastards[View]
91209387Is it me or have astroturfing Mudslimes and leftists been going into overdrive on /int/ lately? Ever…[View]
91209177DIOS MIO: AMERIMUTT GIRLS ARE FUCKING HOT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvzcZdkZT80[View]
91210656The Belarussian hacker has turned to the Chinese..[View]
91207251Do you know that there are thousands of German, Swedish, Dutch and other protestant pedophiles in Th…[View]
91210179What can you tell me about MENA girls?[View]
91209184Dump cringe: Cringe thread[View]
912103341. You're a cunt m8 fuck you 2. Is there a specific region of your country that's respons…[View]
91210483>communism can work[View]
91210531told my parents that i am based and redpilled and they said that they are ok with it[View]
91209566h-heyyy y'all[View]
91205982Sverigetråden - SDupplagan[View]
91207588why yes? I'm actually slavic, my grand aunt was from bulgaria[View]
91208302Ancient Persians were nordic Sumerians were nordic Assyrians were nordic Ancient Egypt were nordic[View]
91209074>socialism can work![View]
91198023Would you rather live in: >Costa-Rica or >Panama ?…[View]
91204539What are american girls like?[View]
91208878Only rare flags allowed in this thread[View]
91206819How do you deal with the fact you will never be a white protestant male?[View]
91210228I'm going to give the pizza guy a $10 tip only because I want solid 20s only in my wallet Do yo…[View]
912060801. Your birth canal. 2. Are psychedelic mushrooms legal in your country? Canada Not yet.[View]
91207684Damn it feels good to be a Baltic am I right brothers?[View]
91207270My dudes, do you trust foreigners? I met a padre earlier. He's megalost and shit, needs help fi…[View]
91207044Why are Russian men so rude and barbaric?[View]
91201343/balk/: old >>91193063[View]
91210100I'm Chicano[View]
91206923SWEDISH BVLLS enjoy the submissiveness of slavic women[View]
91199260i mean, they're not wrong[View]
91202450edycja do boju Irańczycy[View]
91197352Daily reminder that this is what EVROPA would be like had the semites stayed in their desert[View]
91206168Who's the father of your mother tongue?[View]
91209261Speaking in multiple languages destroys my speaking abilities at each and every of them, how do I co…[View]
91209551I want an inuit gf[View]
91206933After watching this year's World Cup, I no longer want a Russian gf. What are some good Slavic …[View]
91167080Culture Pals /cp/: Corean girls are the beautiful and precious edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Mes…[View]
91207603/brit/: bush edition[View]
91206684did you know spanish 2018 eurovision contester: likes to smell the feet of men around her? what is w…[View]
91204392This is Fox in live, how many americans watch this ? 3 ? 4 ?[View]
91209305I feel afraid, Lonely, and alien in my own Home country.[View]
91208776Will Chinese Media ever be as good as Japanese Media: Will Chinese media ever be on par with Japanes…[View]
91206994Post your cat. Disgusting Brazilian simians are not allowed ITT.[View]
91208854Why don't people talk more of the Japanese concentration camps Amerians made during WW2?[View]
91207851Do you think I can bring an american blonde girl in France and marry her ? I mean I want an american…[View]
91192613What your childhood was like?[View]
91208858KARA INEK claims another victim[View]
91204136Why are Slavs so based?[View]
91199291Between 1990 and 2000, Serbs had to fight against a direct invasion from the USA + against Slovenia …[View]
91188148/balt/: Let's all love Anime girls[View]
91203394Where should Italy send their gypsies?: i' thinking of some more tolerant non fascist places no…[View]
91205883Why all African children (blacks) have the same haircut?[View]
91205008Beer and nachos![View]
91206729American In Brussels here Kinda sucks, I wanna go somewhere else Repill me on >Ghent >Antwerp…[View]
912083321. Your country 2. Is your country a sweltering hot shithole? Canada Yes 24 °C[View]
91205765Anyone else happy that Britain, France, Germany, and Sweden are being destroyed?[View]
91203685>15% of Dutch farmers has been approached by criminals who wanted to make drugs on their property…[View]
91204563Thoughts on Tunisian bois?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiQnJWNtMfg[View]
91208284You say American people are dumb, but French people are dumb too. Pic related if you can read French…[View]
91208205Shit pirates and murderes, obligated Haiti to pay tons of money to France as a reparation for the li…[View]
91202236Your thoughts on Russian women?[View]
91205656/brit/: the yank ed[View]
91197723Well well... Its finally come to this. Lets take a moment to say a heartfelt goodbye to all the Euro…[View]
91207611Are Persians mixed with Greeks?[View]
91204426>dad tells me I should move to Japan again[View]
91204196is it normal to pee in the sink in your cunt?: sweden yes[View]
91207845Why do half White Koreans look like full blooded Koreans but with cosmetic surgery? Pic related half…[View]
91207731FIFA cool: Swedish girls are best girls of FIFA[View]
91202448American “Justice” system[View]
91199363Who /straight/ here?[View]
91191712/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Хтo, я? Шo ?[View]
91205793NIGGAS IFFY UH[View]
91205396God i just want France to manhandle me...[View]
91207198Shit country, built on the corpses of millions of natives, built on the oppression of millions of sl…[View]
91192845>Russia beats Egypt >most couples in the streets of Saint Petersburg are still Russian women w…[View]
91203488>US has put innocent children in cages and tortured them with experimental drugs for years after …[View]
91203732/deutsch/: Pidserliebhaberausgabe[View]
91206883Russians now think that Swedish are the most beautiful people in the world, what do you think?[View]
91188674Why are Russian women so perfect?[View]
91202289european corruption: >Luxembourg will have to recover about €120 million in unpaid tax from Frenc…[View]
91206791Righteous Polish clay.[View]
91190209/NEDERDRAAD/: Vorige >>91178732[View]
91199674Anon, if you're seeing this, please let us talk with each other like we did again. I apologise…[View]
91199035>be europeon >die due to heat because you're too poor for AC…[View]
91199939So this is what trolling has come to? This is the standard you guys have? Pathetic. You can find bet…[View]
91203143Is polish Independence day coming up soon? Because I'm seeing ads for some kind of festival for…[View]
91195884The Korean government seems too incompetent.: I am dissatisfied with the Korean government. When I s…[View]
91206149What i felt after looking at this photo.: >They just made a specific plan during one month it…[View]
91205573Have you ever wondered what life would be if you were ugly or shorter than your national average? H…[View]
91205316>Kill one >Fuck one >Marry one >Let one…[View]
91196702What do italians think of Rome? The city seems beautiful and comfy as fuck https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
91203064american soldiers are the worst lmao just lol at these faggots MUH PTSD BE A REAL MAN, FAGGOT https:…[View]
91203873Weed is now fully legal in only Uruguay and Canada: My country isn't a special snowflake anymor…[View]
91202923Why is this so hot?[View]
91203700translate this, please! i'll reward with cute girls![View]
91205164>'Mardi gras' is actually what we call Shrove Tuesday what the fuck why is the US so degenerate …[View]
91205023>That time of the year again: *SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF* HNGGGGGGG[View]
91205962Why do Anglos tattoo their body ?[View]
91203701>Marco Asensio Willemsen was born in Palma, Majorca, Balearic Islands to a Dutch mother and a Spa…[View]
91205564What if...: we were to leave our countries and move to Israel? Migration problem solved[View]
91199921/brit/: what could have been ed[View]
91202965òc, mes ieu, ieu vai sol, per les rues, ab l'ànima en pena. òc, mes ieu, ieu vai sol, car perso…[View]
91205500Off to toil lads[View]
91203792>38 million people[View]
91201984Is $40K USD a good salary for Shanghai?[View]
91205242How do i get a Russian gf[View]
91205200FUCKING LEAFS[View]
91205109Una vez hablaba con un compañero de trabajo y me decía que lo tenían cansado los haitianos y centrac…[View]
91204599what did he mean by this?[View]
91198141Is crime in America really that bad now? I'm starting to hear people getting murdered more now.…[View]
91200845I'm doing a no weed for a week challenge because i smoke way to much and almost broke(Just to c…[View]
91204981Why are we so gay?[View]
912048991. cunt 2. are you a sad cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gl-9IaWMbo[View]
91204261russia is my fren love russia[View]
91196226Why russian men encourage foreigners to fuck russian women? they seem like very strange people desu[View]
91197115How are non-Whites supposed to compete, though?[View]
91190062/fr/ - le francophile: Edition des basées sandales de sport pour l'été[View]
91203260>fuck up the pronunciation of one vowel in a word >french people literally can't understa…[View]
91199255my country has been occupied for 153 years what about you /int/?[View]
911933161. ur cuntry 2. are you aware that romanians and gypsys are not the same people?[View]
91204324Jokes from your cunt: Man's father dies. He goes to crematorium to arrange everything. After cr…[View]
91203655Who's your favorite Soul Calibur character ?: Mine's Taki.[View]
91190535/ita/ il filo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-xNYuLMmQE[View]
91194200my ancestors :) post yours /int/[View]
91201534Huge if real[View]
91201948One of these countries provided the best group of immigrants the US ever had The other country incre…[View]
91202596Feels good to be European now.[View]
91203770Gönnt euch brudis[View]
91203662Why is the Iranian team whiter than the Spanish team?[View]
91200514What would the UK flag look like if Scotland became independent? Would the official name of the coun…[View]
91202572Is he the new king of /int/?[View]
91193775Rate the driving skills of your countrymen on a scale of 1-10[View]
91203528Daily reminder that 'Azerbaijan' is full of TURKS who are occupying PERSIAN land and are appropriati…[View]
91197915Sverigetråden - Jag har bajsat på mig upplagan: Afscucken[View]
91203284God I wish that were me.[View]
91200758How spread is ath*ism in your country?: how many are ath*ists in your country? do you view them as o…[View]
91202761>your country you like football?[View]
91194311what do you know about this country? except the usual stuff: cockroach, muslim, mixed race babies, a…[View]
91199257/deutsch/: Sommerabendausgabe[View]
91202553I need a translator: Hey does anyone know what language is this in, and what does it say?[View]
91201914my height grew by 5mm even though i'm already 23yo: i just can't believe...[View]
91202648The absolute state of Russian '''men''': Even without t-shirts you can tell right away which one is …[View]
91165772I'm really impressed of how whorish Russian women from Moscow are after this world cup. It…[View]
91203043This is correct?[View]
91199532Senegalese and Japanese fans cleaned their place up in stadiums White fans did not. Explain.[View]
91202740What do we EU-friends do when article 13 is voted through thus banning memes from the internet? Do w…[View]
91199926/brit/: Welsh Excellence v2 / Unfunny JF Freaks Go Home edition[View]
91140673/flag/ + /extraflags/: we're watching you Previous Edition: >>91088522 Welcome to /extraf…[View]
91196028so I went hiking today. what were you doing?[View]
91197631ITT: Police cars of your country Bonus point for posting the ones for daily use, not those one off l…[View]
91202657How do we make Germany less sexist? Female football commentators are just as good as male ones.[View]
91201863is this true ?: >if i call that below part yellow not a 'gold' , i can visit german jail as nazi …[View]
91174581reality check[View]
91183430/mämmi/: lihna perun latik panos[View]
91197027/polska/: edycja wiecie czego[View]
91202315Gib Portuguese gf NOW!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64UE-34q2TM[View]
91202374Is it true that polentoni don't actually eat polenta every day now that they're a rich reg…[View]
91170838/ex-yu/: Pozdrav argentini[View]
91202309>vagina >straight sex >movie…[View]
91202181it's 00:08 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
91086083/lang/ - Language Learning General: You fucks really don't like learning languages, do you? …[View]
91192987https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/20/us/white-minority-population.html >Deaths now outnumber births…[View]
91202192Spaniards fucking lost againt a team composed of mollahs. ayy lmao, Portugal is now the only represe…[View]
91202057My sister is in Malta 'it seems to be in Tunisia' she says[View]
91200327I like them and their country :) do you like them?[View]
91201944>one chance at life >born 6ft BLACK man[View]
91195196Brazilian fan-girl in Russia. Russian Ivans so happy! Thanks Brazil![View]
91201376>American says 'bloody'[View]
91189492>__ ________ >___ ____[View]
91199162Based Boomers.[View]
91202031>once chance at life >born in melilla[View]
91198433How do we fix modern white women[View]
91182044/luso/ - fio lusófono: Edição está chegando a vez do /nosso/ cara[View]
91201551English in other countries: Why do a lot of Asian countries have a bunch of their things written in …[View]
91195304Euros getting banned from 4chan: Why does the EU have to take the europeans away from us? As much as…[View]
91200645>almost 20yo >there are kids my age BANGING BITCHES 24/7 >MY PARENTS TREAT ME LIKE A 8YO CH…[View]
91186707Are Swedes white?[View]
91199310>your cat >how often do you floss flag never…[View]
91198446Okay, this is epic.[View]
91200241>tfw just lost 500€ on online slots[View]
91182060ROOMS OF /INT/: ROOMS OF /INT/[View]
91200632WW3 when?[View]
91199721>according to europeans this is the greatest athlete in the world[View]
91200679I don't know where is auto board so I post here. What is your image of this new small 4WD off r…[View]
91191263Question for Canadians: Hello I'm from Ukraine and I have a question for Canadians. As for me, …[View]
91200877Salut les Francais !: Comment ça va bien ? Vous saviez que le tabac était une plante sacrée mais que…[View]
91199981Is Korea as depressing as it seems?[View]
91200481If neonazis hate gays so much, why do they follow this fake blonde shemale??[View]
91193063/balk/: old >>91179007[View]
91199639/savižudybė/ - girtavimas kalėjimuose leidimas: Sveiki[View]
91200159Israel is our greatest ally FUCK OFF NAZIS!!!!![View]
91200653today is Flag day here[View]
91196269Just downloaded Cold Turkey and this cancerous board and its arrogant visitors will be the first thi…[View]
91200035Non-muslims, do you know what's Eid? Apparently, Stephen doesn't.[View]
91198968why the fuck do grown ass american men dress like this? dont they have any self respect? I saw two n…[View]
91200382American parenting: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/201806202201028885_ul.shtml American parents h…[View]
91195515Just WTF is Donald Trump doing???[View]
91198681Igor and Grishka Bogdanoff in jail!!! Has their reign ended? Igor and Grishka Bogdanoff has been put…[View]
91199399French police told me this afternoon at the police station that I am fiche S https://en.wikipedia.or…[View]
91200140Are new Europeans multi tasking and resourceful in your country?[View]
91198707>Swedish bois[View]
91198811*gains our independence*[View]
91200066>Football fans from Switzerland are taking a piss together right on the street Why are you like t…[View]
91198621What ethnicity do they look like?[View]
91199846Why is the US the only based White country?: Unlike Europeans, we do the following things: We go to …[View]
91198998Fukin Trump: What to do with the inmigrant children?[View]
91197572How does it feel knowing that the greatest living artist of our generation is Afro-Puerto-Rican and …[View]
91197969/brit/: Welsh Excellence edition[View]
91195934Why do Americans do this?[View]
91195256Joseph Stalin=God[View]
91196512Fucking lyme disease getting farther north every year because of global warming. Remember to inspect…[View]
91185735>tfw its impossible to change the international language from english to french…[View]
91196840why didn't you vote for him france: he was your last hope[View]
91194801What is the exact ethnic makeup of el goblino?[View]
91199233am i white?[View]
91198810Which language do Luxembourgers speak the most? Luxembourgish? French? German? all 3 equally?[View]
91197522is this cunt hell on earth?[View]
91192607I'm fucking ashamed to speak Slavic language. I want to be 100% Germanic master race, not Slavi…[View]
91192376That's the Polish Nord Stream, soon construction begins. Poland will be fully independent energ…[View]
91196694>Europeans need the government's approval for a name for their baby >Thor and Odin are un…[View]
91199662PLOT-TWIST: Be Merkel >Have control under the whole EU. >Inb4: a society comprised by cucks an…[View]
91193047>your cunt >do you want an underaged gf flag ofc like pic related…[View]
91196896I'm so hungry... what should I get delivered?[View]
91199536Is it true that Americans think that English/Scottish/Irish hate each other? What is their problem?[View]
91198533Amurrika has a smaller % of population with natural blonde hair or light eyes than Portugal[View]
91198638Beer: ITT: must try beer brands from your country[View]
91192076how dare fuckin south american niggers !!!: my precious russian girls !! ;-;) fuckin bitch !!! ARE Y…[View]
91195877Genoa: >made conquering Jerusalem in the first crusade possible >BTFO every other merchant rep…[View]
91195670/deutsch/ STAMMTISCH AM NACHMITTAG: Normies unter Strafe verboten.[View]
91193473gonna visit this cunt in a week. What should i expect?[View]
911813671. Country 2. Does your head of state btfo dumb commie kids? France Yes, to the point of public humi…[View]
91156060/v4/+frens: Ungarn edition[View]
91195260Elder seconds cousins wife said to me If I was older she'd marry me to her little sister who…[View]
91198854/mämmi/: PRÖÖÖHHH!! :DDD -painos[View]
91194465Does drinking 2 beers per day make a man an alcoholic? I look forward to it all day, when the clock …[View]
91198738Μπορει kανεις να μου εξηγησει τι θα kανει ο Μητσοταkης για το προσφυγιkο;[View]
91196001>we need to get money out of politics[View]
91189033BLACKED: Imagine how it would be cool if South Africa remained 'white' to this day. It would be deve…[View]
91195433>Anon, je veux croquer ta baguette[View]
91191925What would've happened to Finns if lebensraum happened?[View]
91193998GABON: Chinese Cannibal Gang uncovered and arrested in Gabon: Gabon, a peaceful and growing economy …[View]
91196631>tfw no american bf[View]
91193411holy fuck why is there no fucking aid conditioning on this supposed first world continent it's …[View]
91198318Is Benin the most bizarrely named country in the world? The country Benin is indirectly named after …[View]
91198236I imagine myself in Russia, captaining my squad. Our mission is to stop wh*Te dogs from advancing to…[View]
91194697/brit/: Dunkirk edition[View]
91197974Thoughts on this? Are you a neet?[View]
91197952Amurrika Has a amaller % of people with natural blonde hair or light eyes than Portugal[View]
91197864I'm petrified of blonde women[View]
91197580Estonian space empire fucking when!!!!![View]
91197792i fixed europe[View]
91197853I hate being a loser in this fucking country there's 10s fucking everywhere.I should of fucking…[View]
91196700Why did the brits sink it?[View]
91196205>dad showed me his finnish slaves in the basement again: very cool but I asked if it is legal and…[View]
91192532now that we, Germanics, have been defeated by inferior races in football, how do we proceed my white…[View]
91195904Bernd, you there? I miss you.[View]
91194849I fixed Europe. r8[View]
91197560>That based middle aged, working class man down the pub who gets too drunk and hugs you when Engl…[View]
91190032https://youtu.be/HVF3_6ONMUM A youtuber asked women in Shibuya, Tokyo, what country's men they …[View]
91197195what's your opinion ? same ?: korean girl : should be virgin for marriage. but if she cheats, …[View]
91197483What happened?[View]
91197416could this gayboy junkie pass as a finn?[View]
91185222Are Iceland and Norway white?[View]
91189831/int/ Article 13 edition: Only countries who are legally able to post memes are allowed[View]
91197347Enjoying your time off wagecuck? For me, I always have time off. I'm free to do as I please unl…[View]
91183382Daily reminder that Russia is a country where gay people are being treated like shit or even get kil…[View]
91185630are tatars closer to turks or russians?[View]
91194878Tonight's dinner -- /int/ edition: Pizza or Tacos? P/T[View]
91193339/polska/: edycja anime[View]
91193848What do you eat right before you sleep?[View]
911895451. Your country 2. What do people there think of him[View]
91166757/norgetråden/: Amalie-utgaven Forrige: >>91139170[View]
91192057Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
91196322>by now seen at least 20 pics of Russian women with foreign male football fans >haven't s…[View]
91193407Why do Caucasians think about race every day?: The Japanese does not care about race.[View]
91196179pakistani maadherchod[View]
91195713maho cute[View]
91191033>that 31 years old boomer who cares about colour skin[View]
91185364Do you support white immigration to Japan?: Why or why not?[View]
91195536Russia is now the indisputable leader of freedom in Europe. How does this make you feel?[View]
91196066dump eet[View]
91192097Do austrians miss the sea?[View]
91188391>tfw no gf[View]
91190515>Dad is being xenophobic about Andalusians again[View]
91193928ITT we summon /int/ girls: please come please come please come...[View]
911956601. Go to vocaroo.com 2. Give your best 'YEAH KILLEM' 3. Post it here[View]
91193126What does success look like to you?[View]
91195056Pic related had crush on me during first year of faculty. Her 3 friends organized for me and her to …[View]
91191985/deutsch/: was für 1 hurenspastiker[View]
91195426How are your investments doing?: >He didn’t invest in US stocks Lol @ ur life…[View]
91195340tell me about switzerland[View]
91195379Who are you rooting for in the World Cup? Since my DNA is 0.1% Sub-Saharan African, I'm cheerin…[View]
91194889Less than 3% of population is naturally blonde[View]
91189365Based: Romania is fucking based[View]
91194993> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masabumi_Hosono[View]
91192591Post your YEAH KILL EM edits, need to expand my folder, also which one is your favorite.[View]
91195357>YOUR Country >Your city >Do you like it? 1. Flag 2. Dallas 3. Fuck yes!…[View]
91191582I want to fuck a /int/ girl[View]
91195201/multicult/: Evening culture thread Invited: Sverigetråden v4 polska brit balk cum ex-yu norgetråden…[View]
91192055Peace nobel for russia and mexico: they're loving the love instead of the war https://www.youtu…[View]
91192407what happens here[View]
91192295/brit/: me and lads edition[View]
91187482How do you call this in your country?[View]
91194920Would you like to swing on a star? Carry moonbeams home in a jar? And be better off than you are? …[View]
91194989Japanese girls: Do Japanese girls with a western attitude exist at all in Japan? Or is social awkwar…[View]
91190809>xxxtentacion said that he was depressed >theres a video of him getting his dick sucked by two…[View]
911945711. Cunt 2. How long is summer vacation in your cunt? when does it start? Here it's 20th of June…[View]
91194816The government always scared Israelis of the Arep threat but after years of many skirmishes it seems…[View]
91189633Do you have a war memorial at the center of town? USA Yes[View]
91194621How much are janitors paid?Remind me[View]
91192084>tfw incel while surroundes by all these hot blonde finnish girls There is no feeling in the worl…[View]
91193287Have your country good future?[View]
91190119What would you say is your most significant accomplishment so far this week?[View]
91186575la creatura..[View]
91191820Transphobes BTFO[View]
91194251Faces of /int/[View]
91190019Why do Indian posters dislike Punjabis?[View]
91194188I am proud ot be Persian bvll[View]
91173372I don't get it. Did they just embrace being the bad guys at one stage or is their perception o…[View]
91194039Japan vs. Senegal: Who will win? The legendary Japanese vs. the glory of Africa?[View]
91189969Who is it that the bydlo of your country worship? Here it's just footy players and mildly raci…[View]
91194152Though I have no idea if you'll see this, I want to let you know that I apologise for wasting y…[View]
91192861Is there any country where people put their value on more than money? Sometimes I put Umaru-chan on …[View]
91192688haha take that sweden! *pulls the lever* *WHIRRRRRRRRRRRR*[View]
91193877Is apehoop popular in the UK?[View]
91193965'Niggas runnin' out they mouth but they never pop out I got the drop on your spot, everybody wa…[View]
91190471Consider the follwing: >Article 13 passed. EU fags btfo. >Memes are now Illegal content. >R…[View]
91192731The face of arrogance: *arrogantly judges you*[View]
91193661The last bastion of Europe has fallen[View]
91189364My girlfriend was literally watching disney movies and drinking wine when I got home from work shoul…[View]
91193618Nuke northeast Brazil[View]
91180960This brazilians made this russian girl yell 'pink pussy, pink pussy, pink pussy' in portuguese. The …[View]
91193457Show me the pasta of your country.[View]
91191812Is there any gay sex beach in Sardinia?[View]
91193229wow, are americans really like this?[View]
91188924/polska/: Edycja F-105D[View]
91190580do people flirt in your country?[View]
91193252I saw some dude on quora bitching about racism and shit in Karnataka with kannada speakers. Someone …[View]
91179007Did you book already /balk/? Where are you going? >inb4 t*rkey Make sure you dont do anything har…[View]
91193139itt: spIcy memes[View]
91192649What happens here?[View]
91192699Is Telegram popular in your cunt? If is, do your govt try to ban it?[View]
91185701In an ideal world[View]
91192637Why do Americans defend mutilating children?[View]
91180114/sino/ - 中文: Peru bought us a building in HK edition. The thread for posting in Chinese and discussi…[View]
91192663pic related is the complete truth, don't let the indo-europeans subhumans making lies about lat…[View]
91192577How the fuck does the world change so much in such a short time.[View]
91190590/ita/ - il filo: Edizione fatta con amore[View]
91192513i will not post on that shithole again (they ban KARA BOGA)[View]
91189575/brit/: england scotland border edition[View]
91192091El Gigante...[View]
91191737Am i white?[View]
91192321Meanwhile in Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJiJ_PAiefE[View]
91175036hilo latino /lat/[View]
91191090I just wanted to say thanks to that Panama anon who provides noice info about his vageena[View]
91191475Blonde hair, blue eyes: As a brown hair, green-eyed guy. How do you get blonde hair, blue-eyed kids?…[View]
91192031>landlady saw the cable ties[View]
91192029/isr/ \ישר\: TICK TOCK TICK TOCK edition invited: Danish clockmakers[View]
91191855[meaningless guttural sounds intensify][View]
91192015new ship for my game i will name it K𝓪r𝓪 Bog𝓪[View]
91190677Bye Europeans, we will miss you[View]
91192004/deutsch/: Ausgabe des fetten Hurensohns >>91191949[View]
91177517Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91179321/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Tвoй[View]
91190016The cuisine is the only one shortcoming of them.[View]
91189640Lychee and Dog Meat Festival: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lychee_and_Dog_Meat_Festival https://ram…[View]
91191883My BLACK brothers we will defeat rac*st pigs forever WHITE and BLACK together![View]
91191274Hohols become mad: Kiev start war! Nice news! Hohlostan make suicide by Russia![View]
91186421/SSP/ Southern Spain Thread: Everyone is welcomed[View]
91191741With Poutine you always win. Also the luck of Penaldo is big is bet. >>91075574 I have 900 in …[View]
91190589Shut. The. Fuck. Up.[View]
91156772/ausnz/: comfy edition[View]
91191540So what happened here my korean friends?: Oh no no no no! It's from a popular World of Warcraf…[View]
91190800Finns are Polish[View]
91191610Why are members of this race allowed to do whatever pleases them?[View]
91191198French people are really attractive[View]
91186180>wake up >no Persian gf Why even live?[View]
91191449Best resturant in the world is italian: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/worlds-best-restauran…[View]
91188473I think ill go eat a kebab at local kebab shop, do you want to see picutre of it?[View]
91188613Should I watch Indiana Jones I've never seen it.[View]
91190647German problem: Seriously, what's wrong with German people? Why are they so sadistic, narrow-mi…[View]
91188152>somebody calls America anglo[View]
91191181Which group of migrants/refugees would you prefer to enter your country: Hispanics, or Africans/Nort…[View]
91191069What happened to white 'men' in the west?[View]
91185132Niggas iffy, uh, blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh Scuuuuuuuuuum…[View]
91187409Help my mom hates muslims: >in car with mom >suddenly starts ranting about Muslims and says th…[View]
91189665Do you work half period (or don't work at all) when your team plays in the World Cup?[View]
91188175Looks like every supporters in Russia fuck russian girls. I should have saved money for the world cu…[View]
91183158US literally too dumb to understand irony: >High-context cultures prefer communication that is so…[View]
91189143what is the difference?: they look the same for me[View]
91190799'What the FUCK did you say about manlets, you lanky motherfucker?'[View]
91190619europeans BTFO again soon this board will just be /nt/ https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/technology-44546…[View]
91185441>The migrants are now here too These fuckers aren't even poor. Most of them are trying to pa…[View]
91186146Why are you retards not talking about the fact that article 11 and 13 just passed the committee vote…[View]
91187939>tries actively to weaken and subvert Christianity, Christian religion and Christian culture his …[View]
91185611Do you want to find love in Finland?[View]
91183606How does penis taste like?: I am not gay, just curious. I never taste one before[View]
91190531french qts belongs to italian cocks[View]
91190186Saw this ugly ass Chilean manlet on the left posting /leftypol/ and 4chan memes and shittting on ame…[View]
91189568When are they going to give back the land they STOLE from Poseidon? When the sea levels rise they wi…[View]
91190475NOI FUMMO[View]
91190295>so do you like social media? >'no i dont have facebook, but my boyfriend has one tho'…[View]
91189141FACT PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY: Being proud of your race, heritage, country you were born, DNA, your anc…[View]
91184885How this piece of refined american literature can be translated into your native language??: 'Niggas…[View]
91190120hola amigos como es en europa[View]
91188497Has your country ever won against Colombia in any fields?[View]
91178732/NEDERDRAAD/: FEEST EDITIE Welkom: Feestbeesten Niet welkom: Die ene dronken idioot die alles verpes…[View]
91189318This the Morroco football coach Hervé Renard Is this Jaime Lannister reincarnation ?[View]
91189191>filthy sandnigg-[View]
91189057How do i get a Finnish gf?[View]
91187680Arr rook the same: Emm no sweetie you can clearly see the differences you are just ignorant and raci…[View]
91188793Do you love Germany?[View]
91188772who is the most famous figure from your country? Chálǐ màn, pic related, is ours[View]
91187009itt countries that are slavic, but keep denying it: >Hungary >Romania >Lithuania >Latvia…[View]
91188150Why is south America such a low trust region?[View]
91185943/deutsch/ Feldmarschallsausgabe[View]
91187561/brit/: >anxiety edition[View]
91187332>watching porn >the actor is american with mutilated dick…[View]
91184206Sverigetråden - Fina upplagan[View]
91186130Do you love Japan?[View]
91189277New TV gave me Persia as an option of country in setup[View]
91188384How does the countryside look like in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy2VK7nBKhY[View]
91188494Are finns really white??[View]
91189048>1.5 billion people This State is literalIy way too big. Should it be split up into smaller count…[View]
91189117I think I have just lost a friend, /int/. Found somebody with whom I got along, found somebody with …[View]
911850221. Your cunt 2. Do women like men taking an interest in their feet where you are from[View]
91188999>1.5 billion people This State is literally way too big. Should it be split up into smaller count…[View]
91188915Slovenes are not 'Slavs'. According to a recently published Swiss DNA analysis they are 60% Teutonic…[View]
91187511>ur cunt >how do you say 'terrorism' in your language? usa terrorism…[View]
91187363How can gay people claim to be oppressed while simultaneously having every corporation shill for the…[View]
91185628How do you call this in your cunt?[View]
91188882What kind of music or bands are popular in your country? Krauts love pic related, hip hop duo 'SXTN'…[View]
91182171/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition ANGLOIS DEHORS[View]
91187670Weather today[View]
91188151Niggers wont the game but we at least beaten some of them to improve our moods https://sportsport.b…[View]
91188421Do you love Poland?[View]
91183445What the fuck is the point?[View]
91179880/polska/: edycja bykowania animek[View]
91184844ITT we make up future trump tweets. I'll go first: >@SOYLENT Is Ruining Toda'ys Men! Th…[View]
91184832So what gun(s) will you actually take with you innawoods when society collapses? It's not like …[View]
91185405Uh, America? Did your history budget get cut and privatised again?[View]
91186137This is the most overrated soft drink. Why do Americans like it?[View]
91185030Are Bulgarians asian?[View]
91188450Why don’t Thais leave whites alone?: Why do the Thai police keep picking on white people trying to m…[View]
91178139WOW! Japanese people look like this?[View]
91188348>tfw cunt not in World Cup Anyone here /irrelevant/?[View]
91188048/NST/ - Northern Spain Thread: Everyone welcome (Except southerners)[View]
91188154Is this normal to get sexual thoughts and medium erection at every nice girls I talk to? I love to l…[View]
91186255yessss this Sunday will be the day when POLAND recovers it's glory defeating a bunch of drug de…[View]
91186359Czech women have large breasts[View]
91184352/int/ is too race-obsessed. /bant/ is too slow. Where do I go?[View]
91188075I'd say the main appeal of this cunt in the eyes of most Jews from wealthy lands is its propert…[View]
91187756>criminal Jews YEAH GAS 'EM[View]
91187935Would you marry her?[View]
91187731I went to Andre Rieux's concert. He waited whole 2 minutes for two women who shouted at each ot…[View]
91183960Spy thread: The official spy thread of /int/! Only spies post ITT >your age >your sex >the …[View]
91187907Based and redpilled[View]
91187958Is this a win for the U.S. I mean Europeans don't want their shit hole cars regardless.[View]
91187895People who say the words >I dont eat organ meat[View]
91187826The darkest of night falls around my soul[View]
91180667I want a northern euro gf: I want a north european gf so goddamn much because they're so rare a…[View]
91182196>marry Japanese girl >she immediately quits her job and expects you to earn all the money >…[View]
91185598/brit/: [ASMR] Hugging CRINKLY Plastic Air Bags - NO TALKING[View]
91185305>Poland lost against KARA BOGA can't make this shit up[View]
91177487/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: voi, i porci[View]
91186092post comfy places from your country[View]
91187342Ayo, why is it that everyone says there no arabs in japan but every time I go down to the immigratio…[View]
91187408>Japanese female toes YEAH SPREADEM[View]
91185886What's the best arguments to DEBUNK the No Moon Landing Conspiracy?[View]
91186038Japanese teenager girls are obese.: This is statistics map of thinness rate by country. Japan is one…[View]
91186721A Jew, a muslim and a christian walk into a bar.[View]
91180522Well he's not exactly wrong is he...[View]
91186998Post your ideal international bf/gf[View]
91186706>tfw no bogdanoff gf[View]
91183456/multicult/: Afternoon culture thread invited: Sverigetråden v4 polska brit balk cum ex-yu norgetråd…[View]
91185220Living in China: Is China a really bad place to live? Or only in certain areas? >inb4 those certa…[View]
91183911Really makes you think, huh?[View]
91186967>tfw Jersey anon is still in prison Do you guys think he will come back to post once he gets out?…[View]
91183888Give me one reason that the race war won’t start, /int/.[View]
91186993This is why MENA are so angry all of the time.[View]
91181693/brit/ + /gurkha/: You now recall the Nepalese Royal Massacre edition[View]
91186912Boomer dad started to wear MAGA cap[View]
91186585>own a set of lockpicks >learned how to pick simple locks in seconds >lock up w*men's…[View]
91184936How do I acquire a Baltic gf?[View]
91184560>WHO decides transgenderism isn't a psychological issue >Canada legalizes recreational us…[View]
91182012You know what the strangest thing about this 'russian women lusting after foreign dick' thing is? Th…[View]
91183734>UNITED states >UNITED kingdom ...whats going on here?…[View]
91184881why is this board so much better in the night?[View]
91174816What makes Moldovans so /fit/?[View]
91183909Why this piece of shit is so poor???: After WW2 US has given free money and technology to South Kore…[View]
91183172>alt tabbing crashes the game[View]
91186248Friends wife said If I was older she would have married me off to her little sister >your cunt …[View]
91186223How do we stop wh*tes stealing our women?[View]
91183220Texas woman kills her husband because he was beating their cat: Mary Harrison, 47, was arrested in D…[View]
91177690Austrians are ancient Norwegian migrants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugii[View]
91177990How popular is PC gaming in your country?[View]
91179616>be north African >more maps at jakubmarian.com…[View]
91182709/schmachtnicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: erster[View]
91185411>she will never save you[View]
91184454why is he so fucking reddit?[View]
91184790Going to the beach today.[View]
91184246>innocent Hitler >YEAH KILL HIM[View]
91183979/brit/: Fuck with my day ones Yea you know I flooded the chain once Got the money and I split it wit…[View]
91185582KARA BOGAZILIAN, whit*ide??[View]
91184358You now work at US border patrol and encounter this 'Anon, te suplico no me deportes. Haz cualquier …[View]
91180003Daily reminder about Ukrainian paid trolls: https://www.rferl.org/a/ukrainian-protesters-call-for-bo…[View]
91180115france: france[View]
91181646What do you think of ethnic Russians? Do you see them as your fellow Europeans?[View]
91180158How are wh*Tes treated in southern europe?[View]
91184933Suleiman from Civ 4 looks like an Indian.[View]
91184514What's it like to live in a country filled with beautiful women?[View]
91184914Are Brazilians really this fragile?[View]
91185047If you think Ching-Chang's 4 inches can't do things to you, you'd be dead wrong son. …[View]
91183171Can a german speaker translate what she is saying in the first 40 seconds of the video and again at …[View]
91184870>Be Australian >Start a war against a bird >Lose…[View]
91183241My name is identical to a name of a certain country once you remove one letter from it. Guess my nam…[View]
91183774Your vaginal shrubbery What do you do when you should be doing something else? USA vidya[View]
91176433WE Japanese prefer not be called ‘ASIAN’. For,we Japanese are separate from inferior ASIAN race.WE J…[View]
91184836Who's still listening in 2018?? :))[View]
91173655post your shower[View]
91184814I am dutch I eat shit[View]
91184747I wish I was never born[View]
91184573How amerimutts eugenicists used to see southern europeans: Nowadays: 'You are our brothers in the fi…[View]
91182423>when the Turk thinks it's European[View]
91183718>american women are literally the most repulsive, uneducated, jew-minded ''females'' on earth tod…[View]
91179916Is anyone else kind of miffed that China is going to be the one to save humanity from its greatest e…[View]
91184669/éire/: Height of the morning edition[View]
91184433i'm sorry[View]
91183997I drew france: Am i talented ?[View]
91184446Fuck this cunt[View]
91183983*posted without comment*: >American nature documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDHtYfX7bW…[View]
91184244How often do you visit Africa, /int/? What are your favorite places to visit on the continent or its…[View]
91183394Do they have a lot in common? I often confuse the one with the other[View]
91180985hi, Spain[View]
91182929post police vehicles from your cunt[View]
91181996Daily reminder there are Brazilian girls posting here right now and they are mad with Russian women.…[View]
91183891I have watched hundreds of Blacked videos, yet this beats all of them.[View]
91178017I wanna learn Binnish[View]
91163086lil russian girl gets SWEDED[View]
91183550Germany is a slav country[View]
91182035>niggers are really stupid (70) >spics are slightly below average (90) >wh*teoids are avera…[View]
91181963Just based.[View]
91183272questions about latvia: So I've been wondering a few things about latvia: 1- How cold and hot i…[View]
91181334If you don't have black hair you're a subhuman /thread[View]
91182430>they know https://youtu.be/uvN_aCW5CVQ[View]
91163492What do you know about Greece ?[View]
91180446Hahahahahaa!!!!!! Netherlands cucks even more incels xDDD Rip Steam from Netherlands.[View]
91181762I have never met a nigger in my life. Are they really as bad as 4chan and JVC told me?[View]
91181575I just watched a documentary about cheap chinese slot machines causing a massive gambling epidemic i…[View]
91182367i'm a supreme gentleman[View]
91183335Why is this board full of bullies? Arent you supposed to like foreigners if you are here?[View]
91177770do they respect each other?[View]
91181752G'day. Just a friendly reminder that it's only 220 days until Australia Day. So on January…[View]
91179566Is there any country in the world that thinks positively of Indians?[View]
91178822Why do the Japanese use the term 'kurokami' (黒髪) to refer to 'black hair' in a poetic sense? Don…[View]
91176696How white are Australia and New Zealand?[View]
91179682I wanna learn Italian, but I'm too stupid.[View]
91180833which flag is the most self hatred and why is it pic related?[View]
91178883YEAH >innocent Occitans speaking their language YEAH >innocent Corsicans speaking their langua…[View]
91183391>im human[View]
91181209I hate all the countries except America!: God Bless America![View]
91181558>tfw two tiny shithole countries literally went to war with each other because of a football matc…[View]
91161756/mämmi/: lihan makroni latikko panos[View]
91183035hmm: >tfw you'll never be a lightskinned skinny lahori chad in black kurta taking your dista…[View]
91181352Everything is moving so fast, everyone is getting married, having kids and getting engaged and here …[View]
91183312I'd say the main appeal of this cunt in the eyes of most Jews from wealthy lands is its propert…[View]
91179871In Arabic, Iran and Iraq don't start with the same letter.[View]
91175935America is such a kind country.[View]
91180574Ugly language, bad cuisine, very shitty people, terrible politicians, boring countryside and shitty …[View]
91181325An*lo here, how do i get a Black queen?[View]
91177688/CUM/ Canada US Mexico: What if Russia had never sold Alaska to the US Edition[View]
91181805Just made an ass out of myself infront of all my relitive[View]
91182021>blocks your path[View]
91182491>I'll have one pumpkin spice latte >and yes Drumpf is literally Hitler for enforcing bord…[View]
91175122Trips names my kitty GO! Girl names only, gay shit gets ignored even if trips. Pic related its her.[View]
91179083Why doesn't Åland just become a part of Sweden? Are there any people who want this seriously?[View]
91183152IQ is pseudoscience used to justify economic inequalities: Far right people on the Internet form ent…[View]
91180070That neo-Nazi schizo Finn is posting on here again.[View]
91182900I've learned English language and i regret of it. My soul don't have any connection to Eng…[View]
91182137>your cunt >how rough was puberty?[View]
91178076Say something nice about Vermont![View]
91178027ITT : We write down your travel Fantasies: I want to travel to a country and end up in a shady looki…[View]
91180021/brit/: And I'm all up, all up, all up in the bank with the funny face And if I'm fake, I …[View]
91181972Brazilians in russia[View]
91182533don't drink tap water[View]
91180494who are the winners today?[View]
91182703>your country >do you shit in the shower? Australia Yes…[View]
91182680I wish I were French: They're always so smug, and they actually have the right to. Despite livi…[View]
91179986>he found a way to suffer in first world country[View]
91182924Why are polish people so self humiliating? WTF Pic unrelated, watch the vid instead https://youtu.be…[View]
91180041I also don't know why white/first worlds countries still have potato with their 'main' food, at…[View]
91174514>tfw muslim girls raised in the west are just whores like all girls LMAO MUSLIMS ON SUICIDE WATCH…[View]
91176349German Engineering: Can this meme die already?[View]
91177933/ScumGang/: /ScumGang/ General Let your nuts hang here you silly niggas and discuss the musical geni…[View]
91182392>90% of guards at auschwitz, treblinka, and sobibor were polish or Ukrainian volunteers >REEE…[View]
91173753Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk: Rispajupplagan - för SNSD samt de arga breven[View]
91182810WOMP WOMP[View]
91182797I always had thought Russians were based and know a lot about the world (Mysterious Russian Soul) …[View]
91154496How common are people like him in Spain?[View]
91181671I miss him[View]
91182724>tfw being racist again[View]
91180215>euro parents kiss and hug their children wtf[View]
91182689average Slavic man[View]
911786271.Country 2.How long does it take from your country's biggest city to your country's secon…[View]
91180068what do you think about these goats?[View]
91182290>innocent Jews >YEAH KILL 'EM[View]
91180162/éire/: new irish edition[View]
91172959/nachtschicht/ - ehemals /deutsch/: 'Ordnung muss sein'-Ausgabe[View]
91181394belaruse: belaruse[View]
91165647>The Trump administration accuses the Geneva-based body of being biased against Israel.…[View]
91169592/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition familiale[View]
91181704/brit/: One for the boys edition[View]
91179574>interracial porn triggers me[View]
91174759Why have they been trying to fuck europe so hard for so many centuries?[View]
91180993/int/, have you wondered why in all of the major Anglo (English-speaking) countries besides Britain,…[View]
91179596>Russian women are literally going crazy over handsome Swede BVLLS and don't want them to le…[View]
91178880!!! < 2 HOURS REMAIN: EU vote to save the net from surveillance and censorship (Art11 & Art13…[View]
91178676>tfw drinking 100 proof Kentucky bourbon for less than $10 Is there anything better than living i…[View]
91180863>I’m a citizen of the world[View]
91178469Why do you love Argentina?[View]
91180669Two foreign tall and blonde Jehovah's Witnesses just came over and handed me an invite to their…[View]
91178855>European immigrants[View]
91134039/desi/ thread: Invited : Indians, Pakistanis, Banglas, Sri Lankans, Nepalis, Afgh*nis and nice peopl…[View]
91180545Russian BVLL thread[View]
91180517How popular are steroids in your country, /int/? Is it normal for young men to use steroids to add m…[View]
91156428/balk/: The British Weapon that sent 'Macedonians' to Yugoslavia Old >>91141648[View]
91133854/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: HARLAND EDITION[View]
91176562why do australians go to bali?[View]
91179297what went so horribly wrong?[View]
91178375/brit/: when she sees your dick - edition[View]
91180235https://youtu.be/DKuIjT-k-C8 Are immigration laws inherently immoral?[View]
91175640North Europe vs South Europe: Who would win in a war today?[View]
91176944>tfw euros are kind of right but are still poor, lazy, and being overrun by muzzies…[View]
91179933>basedᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ >basedᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ >based >basedᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠᅠ >based >basedᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ…[View]
91174585>what are you doing this weekend?[View]
91179111Novosibirsk is a beatiful and relatively clean city, unlike any of Bulgaria's cities :( https:/…[View]
91178359Why are Russians so rude[View]
91165867/polska/: edycja BLACKED[View]
91142145/carib/: hi everyone[View]
91175628Does anyone have information about this russian girl?[View]
91179144I love Canada[View]
911785661.your boipucci 2.are you on Iceland in this world cup? Japan yes[View]
91179675Polish girls are unironically ugly and manfaced.[View]
91175985Why does Americans and Euros differ on the death penalty?: Euros had it until recently. I don't…[View]
91179592Could I pass as local in your country?[View]
91179447Anyone else here despised by all of their coworkers because they can somehow tell that you're n…[View]
91179637>tfw no british-lesbian gf[View]
91179435Why is finnish language so ugly https://youtu.be/H0ZaCosqQug[View]
91179374Civilization was a mistake[View]
91179334Is it true that Scandinavian women date nigger monkeys or is it just a meme? If it is true, why do t…[View]
91178153International jazz: Any jazz fans out there I just got home from a trip to New Orleans the birthplac…[View]
91177367They need to go back to Poland, Ukraine and Salonika.[View]
91179287why do first worlders like to murder their babies so much?[View]
91179448>tfw no pure and innocent gf from the Midwest Feels bad living on the East Coast where every wome…[View]
91178496i'm australian[View]
91175021>he doesn't know[View]
91170493How can I get an Asian gf? I wanna a Korean girl[View]
91175472Hare hard drugs an issue in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzwz90HKrm8[View]
91177442what's the deal with america, why are 1 in 9 americans actually an illegal immigrant?[View]
91177618If we go back to the Red Ensign will you guys stop laughing at our flag?[View]
91178454Why do non-whites born and raised in the West hate white people so much?[View]
91174391>he has a 15cm dick that is barely 5cm when flaccid, and his phimosis is so bad that sex would se…[View]
91178664Just think...we could have had peace in the Middle East by now...[View]
91178681Cool? https://www.google.com/maps/@57.1680527,65.5265669,3a,30y,286.3h,82.37t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s5L…[View]
91178363>mfw ill never be a badass viking fighting and raping in the name of the all-father…[View]
91178689Do you know how to do a proper breast exam, /int/? If you ever manage to get a girlfriend or wife, i…[View]
91175661The mayor of Gaziantep has taken in more refugees from the Syrian war than the prime minister of Ger…[View]
91178200/antarctica thread/ no burgers edition[View]
91178099meme country[View]
91177061/brit/: Like a seesaw up and down On a seesaw up and down Up and down with you Like a seesaw up and …[View]
91178188>thats right, Russian women belong to Brazilian cock I myself have fucked 10 russian sluts and co…[View]
91178075I don't get it. Does /pol/ like jews or not?[View]
91177763Imagine living in a first world non conservative country and still not having lost your virginity by…[View]
91163139ITT: Post a typical landscape of your zone[View]
91177843what are the parallels of the mexican aslyum seekers of the us today and the irish immigrants in the…[View]
91176945>brazil's match day in the world cup >people dont work and we dont have classes during th…[View]
91178182They don't know what they is.[View]
91175938Percentage of Illegal Immigrants who were kicked out of the US[View]
91176243Did they legalize weed to help with their epidemic?[View]
91177464>those damn beta brown skin yellow cucks are the reason i can't get laid with my own race ho…[View]
91174875/cum/: New Mexico edition[View]
91166722/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Brady edition[View]
91177122your age: age when you lost your virginity: (Also post your country if you're posting from abr…[View]
91177124the mountain of rap[View]
91177297https://www.rt.com/sport/430228-russian-fan-porn-star/ Is there at least one pretty Russian woman wh…[View]
91176727What do you like the most about protestant countries and their culture?[View]
91168307>be steppe wasteland >still have higher mountains than most of europe oh nononono…[View]
91177103what do rappers look like in your country: ITT we post rap from our country https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
91177613>ywn be a qt russian girl >ywn get pounded by 190+ blonde aryan Swedish BVLLS…[View]
91169318Are you fuckers intentionally trying to ruin your international reputation even further? This is jus…[View]
91177550Reminder: ambient is the only music genre that is 100% white[View]
91174360Gypsies are subhuman[View]
91173859/brit/: NO MORE YANK OPs edition[View]
91149027Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
91174512Guatemala!!: Guatemala!! general[View]
91176491what did he mean by this?[View]
91177482How common are minorities in your country’s police force?[View]
91168932how do i acquire a English gf?[View]
91177312>tfw you'll never be a 6'3 german Why live?[View]
91174144Español: What New World spanish is closest to the motherland? Accounting for slang, accents, etc.…[View]
91177382I want to travel to a country and end up in a shady looking back alley where I shouldn't be. T…[View]
91177328>got a girl to agree to giving me pity sex finally i can lose my virginity…[View]
91175623Why aren't there any good racist terms to use against White people?[View]
91173926some feminist came to school and give us a TALK about sexual education I FEEL SO BAD thinking about …[View]
91177291I still see your shadows in my room Can't take back the love that I gave you It's to the p…[View]
91177262Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub is EASILY on his way to become the biggest and mos idiocyncrat…[View]
91175877Are you proud, Spain?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DoWsLUkQcA Well?[View]
91164859Balkanization Wishlist: Which countries would you like to see split up, and why? What should the sub…[View]
91176988Which last names carry a reputation in your country?[View]
91157159hilo latino /lat/: que pelotudos che[View]
91176764What's the average age of marriage in your country? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_count…[View]
91177069I'm disgusted at the amount of cucking you faggots do for spics. I feel no shame in kicking the…[View]
911760441. ur cunt 2. do you like the ancestor of Finns/Koreans?[View]
91176831how do I get a black leaf gf?[View]
91177101/brit/: yank OP edition[View]
91176993What are some 'myths' in your country that you found out were actually true? I'll start: >Pl…[View]
91176984>Favorite book >the bible oh come on. no one has ever read the bible. It's a big stinking…[View]
91176688Oh, hi there wagecuck. I almost didn't notice you from under my comfy blanket. Say, isn't …[View]
91177002/brit/: Welsh Excellence / No More Yank OP's edition[View]
91176968>ay, we don want u in mother russia >get out ov our cuntry wut do?…[View]
91171882>tfw 22.5 BMI[View]
91171679I took 5kg since I bought my new blender 1 month ago. I do homemade peanut butter, milkshake with co…[View]

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