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82961001Argentinains are Amerindians of Incan, Quechuan, Mapuchian, Guaranian, Aymaran, Teheulchian and Toba…[View]
82959884I wanna kick some aussie asses.[View]
82957212I dream of a united America under Communism: Capital >Panama Language >Esperanto (modified wi…[View]
82961327God bless you upside down penal colonists[View]
82959436Why are rural/suburban retard drumpf voters disproportionately German descents?[View]
82958846How is anime represented in your country?[View]
82959677>Le KARA BOGA face.[View]
82954698What is this called in your country?[View]
82951017Post warships from your cunt[View]
82950036/BALKITA/: Edition: hello world[View]
82959361This is an American castle.: Say something nice about it.[View]
82959237s-send winter a-and snow pls h-help[View]
82959026Question to greeks, would a english-speaking greek person know what eastern orthodoxy is[View]
82961155>slightly banter an american[View]
82960772i don't like russian posters[View]
82960338Molecules expand Molecules exist If im a molecule Then i stand in the midst[View]
82947001How can one country be so perfect[View]
82960738>just shat my trousers at the shareholders meeting after accidentally bankrupting the company…[View]
82960694>entiende que yo sigo extrañandote >a cada instante >en todo momento…[View]
82959382why did mexicans kill one of the few good things that happened to them?[View]
82959729lebos r sexy people who u aussies would luv 2 b dey r proud of who dey r n dont giv a fuk about wat…[View]
82957157Are young people in your country disinterested about politics?: What about you? Why, why not?[View]
82960055I'm not even going to say anything and let /int/ debate on this: http://www.independent.co.uk/n…[View]
82941384/dixie/ - Southern US & friend[View]
82960502I do not enjoy life[View]
82960708>constantly hear how the Muslim world treats women like shit and dominates them >all the musli…[View]
82960737.: .[View]
82959497oui ;_____;[View]
82960067Can I pass as a local in ur cunt[View]
82958228Why are South Koreans nowadays beginning to sympathize with China over the US? Do they actually hate…[View]
82960460I will travel to Brazil to meet my wife.[View]
82960225kkzkk.com new porn site enjoy ![View]
82960455>the Finnish word for computer is 'knowledge machine' >tieto + kone = tietokone computer (“kno…[View]
82960262why do other countries like soccer so much? it seems like a pretty slow-paced game. watched a few ru…[View]
82958003Reminder that this is the power of 56%: You haven't even seen their final form. Ugly Duckling i…[View]
82957518>moot sold 4chan in 2015 Why was he so fucking retarded?[View]
82959628Is he white?[View]
82950598I unironically hate this place and justifiably so[View]
82956518Do you sleep with a blanket in you're country's?[View]
82943490Tried this thread last night but not a lot of people online I guess. ITT: Post a picture of the Emb…[View]
82959277Times when Canada was not nice[View]
82957476>1st world >the apex of civilization[View]
82954658Sverigetråden - Skånska upplagan[View]
82954590>I hear someone refer to a non-American black person as an 'African American'…[View]
82959787are there a lot of strong jawed women in your country, /int/?[View]
82959351Pardon me, but why do Europeans do this?[View]
8294527848 hours left.[View]
82959946I'm gonna come out and say it. Australian banter is overrated. Everyone thinks they're so …[View]
82956468Is being a Japanese male suffering? Do they have it the worst in Asia? >slave jobs often working…[View]
82956396>visit an escort while on holiday in Melbourne >get herpes reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee th…[View]
82959355Country Which one do you consider the first university: a) University of Karueein/Université Al Quar…[View]
82957103>starts two (2) world war >loses all of it >country still exists maybe germany is the stron…[View]
82957222are they ?[View]
82956450>western europeans cannot decorate their cities for christmas because this might anger Ahmed, Meh…[View]
82957560Even if you dislike the Chechens you have to admit that they are based, if Swedes or Germans were as…[View]
82959093>tfw you will never be the President of Italy and go to extravagant bunda parties Why must I expe…[View]
82958935Hello, I'm pretty anti-Semitic but I want to wish my Jewish friends around the world on /int/ a…[View]
82957752Could someone translate it to english? I'm desperate. It's korean.[View]
829588681. Your country 2. Are your troops protecting our EU siblings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZj0b…[View]
82958810Why do pajeets in America love defending India?: There's a reason you left. Even Indian flags d…[View]
82959034forever young i want to be forever young do you really want to live forever?[View]
82958601Hola amigos, este es mi thread, todos son bienvenidos excepto los bullys. Ojala pueda ser buen threa…[View]
82959004English Practice now: high school student[View]
82957393>Your country >How do you tan? Thanks Amerindian and African ancestors!…[View]
82959158Donald you there?[View]
82951768can i get a qt asian gf if im a 5'6 manlet? i would go to her country of course[View]
82958942Post thots from you are cunt[View]
82958481Is Argentina a White country???[View]
82958564Would /int/ racemix with a Jewish girl?[View]
82956389*blocks your path*[View]
82957586Are Jews considered African?: I know there are memes out there about their 'niggerness,' but on aver…[View]
82939119Post your city[View]
82958439ITT: post cigarette warnings in your cunt, i'm curious about how they are this one says 'smokin…[View]
82958746What do South Koreans think of the Korean-Americans that fucked up niggers in the LA riots?[View]
82958696Do girls dress like cats in your country?[View]
82956778Why was I born in this shithole?[View]
82940225/midwest/ - Midwestern US & Friends: QT Castles edition[View]
82957834Middle English = creole: What do you guys think of this hypothesis? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mi…[View]
82958583Why does the UK spend more police effort on social media posts than on real crimes? Fuck this nanny …[View]
82957024your country what do women think of latex? Have they tried it? do they think its weird? I know germa…[View]
82958518>be Bruce >watch your favorite TV show >meanwhile one of the stars dies >this appears on…[View]
82958554Why do British girls looks like troll?[View]
82955964>go to Portugal's most viewed videos section on PornHub >most of them involve 'mothers' a…[View]
82958190los mods no pueden leer esto así que vayanse a la concha puta de sus madres[View]
82945341People say I could pass for a Southern European/Lebanese what does /int/ think?[View]
82948495>mexicans consider mcdonald's to be luxurious[View]
82954019/cum/ canada usa mexica: れいん[View]
829562011. you're a fucking cunt 2. how do you deal with the incredibly deep void inside you?[View]
82951893/lat/ - Wetback autism: No brazucas allowed[View]
829571931. cunt 2. Why do you love Brazil?[View]
82951366/CHI/: this routine is hell[View]
82956675Cool facts with leaf.: If you are a wanted international criminal you can go to Best Korea to escape…[View]
82956479Poland: Why are they SOOOOOOOOOOOO dumb[View]
82957644i just booked my tix for chiang mai what should i expect[View]
82957121>Cuban girls get in a group at work >They hop like bunnies past me >One looks at me and say…[View]
82953810this is the prime minister of estonia taking a selfie what have the politicians in your country done…[View]
82957895Iceland: My girlfriend is obsessed with going to Iceland. To me it just looks like a boring desolate…[View]
82955473brit: brit banemas ed[View]
82957291>You speak Latin? How cute. I write novels in Proto-Italic[View]
82946697>his language uses grammatical gender[View]
82955793When will they finally join their European brothers?[View]
82956129do you have real christmas tree in your house?[View]
82954087¿what do you look for in other countries, as a tourist? do you visit monuments? or climb mountains?…[View]
82946454>you're a cunt >do you shower with 240 volts inches from your head?…[View]
82957491Me wants[View]
82911165/ex-ussr/ general: издaниe лингвиcтичecкoe кoмпapaтивиcтики[View]
82952306why is Finland landcucked from the north by Norway? why are Norwegians so evil and greedy?[View]
82957435Sorry if this has been asked to death. But what is your favorite flashcard software?[View]
82952655Is this the most autistically shaped country in existence?[View]
82957365>South Yemen >Youth Semen[View]
82957214This is what a Norwegian/Mexican family looks like say something nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
82956774What will the history books say about the era we're currently living through?[View]
82955557How many units of crypto-currency do you own? >Canada >ZERO (0)…[View]
82956585Why no one wants to live in NZ?[View]
82956995>daddy, what was it like when 'Northern Congolombia' and 'Northern Maghreb' w…[View]
82957017When will we finally obliterate the South? Thank God we still have California as a bastion of great…[View]
82955634ჰელლო ეართჰლინგს ი ჰავე ჩომე თო სავე yოუ fრომ თჰე ევილ ჩოუნთრy, უნითედ სთათეს ოf ამერიჩა. ლეავე yოუ…[View]
829570411. you're a stupid worthless cunt 2. there is no question, I just hold contempt for each and ev…[View]
82954836What does /int/ think of Shenzhen, or the mainland side of the Pearl River delta in general?[View]
82955068Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
82953335this is William B. J. Blazkowicz - average polish man[View]
82954871Why are Europeans such mineralets?: Here are the top 10 countries with the highest value of nature r…[View]
82956583Reminder that if your language is represented by your colony's flag, then you've been reve…[View]
82939005/Southern Europe/: Invited: Southern Europe Welcome: colonies and other Mediterranean countries not …[View]
82956693'hryvna' sounds like the sound a pig makes.[View]
82952835Sometimes I wish I was jewish, it must be nice to be apart of a tribe or a family who will always ha…[View]
82953462>I am a citizen of the world[View]
82953761>even homeless people get qt gfs should i just sell everything i own and become homeless in my gf…[View]
82945222I wish I was born in the UK and could live in London now[View]
82956344Could he pass in your country?[View]
82951910Ah, much better.[View]
82955824I HATE WH*ITE '''PEOPLE''' SO MUCH!![View]
82951329Algum br?[View]
82954204What is school like in your cunt?[View]
82955264Why do foreigners harass women in other countries?[View]
82945322Sweden is not a n*Rdic country, we are proud balts.[View]
82954683>be Black >literally get handed state issues white girl and free car for dating white girl. Wh…[View]
82952587Mare Nostrum /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of Al…[View]
82953676Spain please explain.[View]
82950748/alman/ ehemals /deutsch/: Alman Kultur >60 Stunden die Woche arbeiten >kein Spaß erlaubt >…[View]
82947953Americans live in the best country in the world and they learn the most important language ever... I…[View]
82951678Is this the future Americans chose?[View]
82945631https://youtube.com/watch?v=FBnAZnfNB6U Russian indi-rock[View]
82954201>tfw 15 cm penis kill me.........[View]
82950755Which US state has the best natural beauty?[View]
82945050Should yellow fever be classified as a mental illness?[View]
82938680/norgetråden/: Multikultur-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>82915455[View]
82945609I Am Greek[View]
82955498>more italians live outside of italy than in it[View]
82953749/brit/: Sell Bitcoins to buy Bigcoins edition[View]
82947996/polska/ - polish thread: morawiecki edition[View]
82953254/uni/: What are race relations like at your university? Pretty bad here in kkkanada, for engineering…[View]
82938231>''half fr*Nch half Russi*n'' You're like a baby, watch this... >arab…[View]
82954095woah, hot[View]
82949753How fucked are you if you are a 1ball in your country? >Canada >Bad…[View]
82954638>belgium responds to me >call him not a real country…[View]
82953432what is it like in america[View]
82953299is it me or does it seem like people that come out of saxony are just cheeky cunts? Every saxon germ…[View]
82955093ちんこ: I'm American! :D :D[View]
82950340What happens here?[View]
82938331Why are Russian women so pretty? (Or just slavic women in general)[View]
82948626https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-balkan-love-letter-leaves-some-feeling-jilted/ Fast tracking Serb…[View]
82952914>2017 >only 50k new babies are born in finland…[View]
82950712I'm just praying Germany wins next year again, so these monkeys don't have ANYTHING else t…[View]
82935398Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
82950642what's worse? bragging about your ancestors being rich when you are poor today e.g. south europ…[View]
82952449/balt/: TOSHINO KYOKO[View]
82953493/헬朝鮮/: What's wrong with this nation?[View]
82953065Is you're a cunt a good goy?[View]
82944268Never forget: Wish we count turn back time, to the good dope days..[View]
82947762/cum/ canada usa mexica: lain[View]
82949079>'Your privacy shouldn't matter if you don't have anything to hide!' Normalfags always …[View]
82928357Explain yourself, US of A[View]
82954099Too cold[View]
82952528Thank you Hungary[View]
82953943Sex and relationships are overrated right? I can make do with my Japanese cartoons[View]
82945567/fr/ - le fil de l'excellence française: édition des cercles et des lignes[View]
82952681>brits still have a monarch fucking lol how bout joining the 21st century you ding dongs…[View]
82953869hehe, nothin personal Mexico[View]
82945339Be careful who you bully in high school.[View]
82953426>I love traveling, I get treated like a celebrity because I'm white…[View]
829537951.Country 2.Have you ever thought about joining or starting a mafia? 1.Brazil 2.Yes[View]
82949108why do furries happen?[View]
82946961World's biggest Asado: Please congratulate Uruguay for once again holding the record of the big…[View]
82951249/brit/: Read the sign fuckheads[View]
82947623How do medshits cope with the fact that the Anglii and the Saxones (Nordic folk) now run the planet?…[View]
82950435do you hate brazil[View]
82944748You are all international people, do you have an international job? Or work for your cunts governmen…[View]
82942179How are you preparing for the African millennium? https://www.populationpyramid.net/africa/2100/…[View]
82943345Thank you, Japan.: http://micanaldepanama.com/japon-otorga-al-administrador-del-canal-de-panama-orde…[View]
82953093i love hiking but here in mexico no one else like it[View]
82942332Americans a-are you ok ?[View]
82933796Tomorrow's headlines read 'Russia Invades Europe': What's the very first thing you do?…[View]
82943160I'm visiting California the next year (Sherman Oaks).: So I'm visiting California during t…[View]
82941223>Why would they do this?Why are they calling me a mutt?Why are people bullies..? Look at the eyes…[View]
82951534>Wake up, zero matches on Tinder >'haha that's ok only my third month' >Driving to wor…[View]
82952593>i wanna create an account on tinder with my face to see if im too ugly to pick up a fat girl …[View]
82947215Why are nordic women so muscular and manly while nordic men are so cute and feminine?[View]
829352931. your birthplace 2. your honest opinion on Argentina and Argentines[View]
82948519>social worker asking me if i wanna get a job or do some activies NO, FUCK YOU LEFTIST WHORE…[View]
82946561>tfw my mum has to work christmas day so now I don't have to see my family feelsgoodman…[View]
82949207/brit/: deano my son edition[View]
82943853i hope america never changes forever they shall be a warning to europe of what liberals (libertarian…[View]
82949195How do I get a French girlfriend?[View]
82919835/lat/ hilo latino: hora de hacer noni[View]
82950010How is the entry to EU like for Americans? Visiting USA I would get my fingerprints taken and asked …[View]
82938518Does this mean it's healing?[View]
82941153ICH WILL SPIELEN[View]
82945587Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
82947799Do you ever wish you were a 8’8 WHITE protestant male with an IQ of 150, huge ass WHITE COCK, chisel…[View]
82946695/DRUNK/: I AM DRUNK are you? Why? Why not? I have no lectures tomorrow in uni so I got drunk Listeni…[View]
82944245>is he your brother? >omg hes so ugly hahaha >hes short af he looks like my 13yo cousin lma…[View]
82935409>On December 7, Portugal and Ireland announced their decision to join, taking the total number of…[View]
82946146Who would win in a fight to the death? Sminem or Potatoman?[View]
82921114/balt/: /balt/ goes in all fields[View]
82943794God forbid anon ever gets to be happy[View]
82948706Do you ever wish you were a 8’8 WHITE protestant male with a IQ of 150, huge ass with a queefing GAP…[View]
82949261NOOOO HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS! https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/9406298408724725…[View]
82945306>only 23 countries have a GDP higher than Walmart's annual revenue…[View]
82942785/cum/ - canada usa mexico: three guys on a motorcycle edition[View]
82939763/brit/ + /mämmi/: need a finnish bf Tbh edition[View]
82947029DAUGHTER OF ELYSEUM! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_Gq_Avh1WQ[View]
82934041What are your roots?[View]
82947331>be englishman >be year 2034 >live in the londonistani caliphate >get woken up by minare…[View]
82945229Jerusalem belongs neither to Israel or the Palestinians. It belongs to the Christians.[View]
82948054>neighbours are fucking again They're not even that loud, it's just that the building i…[View]
82950524free hugs: i need a hug virtual hug is acceptable so form a orderly line and give your hug to me...…[View]
82947341How do I get a Belarusian sweater?: With this pattern please[View]
82944882Why do whites look like shit when they gain a little bit of weight but Pinoys just look cuter?[View]
82951148Har ni julkänsla än, pojkar?[View]
82951147No such thing as an armenian genocide[View]
82921502/Luso/ - Fio Lusitânico: Edição Canções de criança https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sWlbHrrxr8 https…[View]
82951126Do you like Brazilian women?[View]
82942619/deutsch/: Stolz des reiches ausgabe[View]
82944563Is Kanada the civilized version of the usa? The country what usa always wanted to be, but never coul…[View]
82945096What exactly is the difference? Is Catholic not the same as Protestant now that liberal laws superse…[View]
82945739Is it weird if I haven't really celebrated Christmas in the last 5 years? Especially when you c…[View]
82944923I will travel to Brazil to meet my future wife.[View]
82943176kurva anyátok[View]
82950525UWWWAAY CHEEKI BREEKI *kills self*[View]
82929637what kind of woman does your mother want you to marry?[View]
82940309If your country isn't bullied on /int/, you live in an irrelevant country. Blue = Countries whi…[View]
82943419Greetings /int/lings!: People of /int/, I come in peace from /pol/! Have you already talked about je…[View]
82950606Why do russians speak with numbers?[View]
82950168Japanesse women.: This is my wife. Say something nice.[View]
82944696>his country and language isn't unique snowflake tier[View]
82937052>Anglos have 'lol' and 'lmao' >Spanish speakers have 'jajaja' >Portuguese speakers have 'kk…[View]
82946794/Osmania/ und nie mehr /deutsch/: Mund auf![View]
82942530/ita/ il filo: edizione Chancoin[View]
82924775>21 year old khhv in a country where most women have had 12+ partners by age 25…[View]
82949998https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psfMLKIjGTY So this is what goes on in Germany these days.[View]
82949246¿Podría pasar como local en su país?[View]
82932902/extraflags/ + /flag/: Best Korea Edition Previous thread: >>82907989 Welcome to /flag/, a gen…[View]
82945006Best Korea vs. Myanmar: Total War but no nukes who wins and why[View]
82922620/ex-yu/: Jutarnja edicija[View]
82940464>Your cunt >Does your history involve Baltides Latvia yes…[View]
82943087Why do so many Italians larp has Romans? We all know the Romans were actually Nordic which explains …[View]
82947100Prove me wrong: Is this what the most beautiful woman on Earth looks like? https://www.google.com/se…[View]
82946504You wake up in Norilsk wat do?[View]
82948746>upon becoming United States citizen you get assigned a race (White/Hispanic/Black/Asian) LMAO wh…[View]
82941436/balk/: old >>82932506[View]
829399511. Your cunt 2. Why aren't you in /biz/ getting rich off crypto?[View]
82941454Who will inherit the earth?[View]
82948737what happens here?[View]
82947453/brit/: Edition: Doing rizlas with the lads.[View]
82944255https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP8WsKNAJz8 >tfw no kazakh girlfriend what does /int/ think about…[View]
82948605Is dying alone common in your country?[View]
82933956/mena/ Al quds lana :^): How's your sunset famalam?[View]
82947897Mongolian singer Bayasgalan recently released this music video where she sings in Japanese. Such bea…[View]
82947190>in school >in sports >in meetings >in debates >after waking up >before eating mea…[View]
82947859ashkenazis: >dislike others but help each other mizrahis: >like each other because they help e…[View]
82942708/brit/: did an edit edition[View]
82936625/mämmi/: Joulun odotuspainos[View]
82942682/polska/ - polish thread: american edition[View]
829435801. Your country 2. tfw no gf[View]
82939905Before Norway got lucky and found oil, everyone was poor and lived in caves. It's all true desu…[View]
82929390gdp 1997 and 20017 per capita why is chile so fucking first world?[View]
82946094I wish I was Arab being white sucks because Arabian girls are best.[View]
82942894In spirit of the season with many’a families getting smashed >what are the different ways of sayi…[View]
82935545Their language sounds like Elvish.[View]
82943195Will peace ever be attained in this world?[View]
82942139>german cuisine[View]
82944994How do black migrants behave in your country?[View]
82945888Do you want an international bf? I do[View]
82940733Pompeius, also known as Pompey[View]
82944546How can we stop latex austrian girls seducing anglos to breed them?[View]
82945575Buzzfeed laying off staff after missing its revenue goals: https://www.google.fr/search?q=buzzfeed+l…[View]
82943464Weekly anglo hate thread: Tell us your nations great plans and how the anglo ruined them. Let's…[View]
82942663/brit/: Edition: Another cozy night with the Yanks, lads.[View]
82945247Modern Female Fantasy: >billionaire with aristocratic and dead judgmental parents >spares no e…[View]
82942371Europe is my homeland.[View]
82943446>you're American and you now live in a country with a similar GDP How fucked are you? >yo…[View]
82937293/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition noëlienne à l'honneur de Tonton Hansi, n'en déplaisent …[View]
82914710/nederdraad/: Dinsdag Saaistedag Welkom: Tulpen, Hoeren, Druks Niet Welkom: Politiek en Religie.…[View]
82940327Your cunt's villain?[View]
82918590European Union: >+20 languages >reduced space >almost no natural resources >had a lot of…[View]
82942852Why amerilards are always afraid of everything? Their entire country and way of living is based on c…[View]
82936718Why were Scandinavians among the most willing in Europe to embrace Americanization?[View]
82944489The Ottomans were a net positive in Europe as a whole Prove me wrong pro-tip you are probably not ab…[View]
82944154Why do Americans try to insert politics and race into every single discussion?[View]
82943791Secession and independence: Will Transylvania ever gain independence from Romania? I would move back…[View]
82940996How the fuck do these people LIVE?[View]
82943868>1980s film >antagonist is a fit, tall, blue eyed, blonde haired male >protagonist is a ner…[View]
829418941. Your cunt tree 2. Is it progressive? 1. Bulgaria 2. YES!!![View]
82934143Happy Hanukkah![View]
82942189>Walk into class >Classmate has a backpack sticker that says 'The South will rise again!' …[View]
82937989>North Korea is the Best Korea[View]
82936903>he doesn't speak old church slavonic[View]
82921511/ITA/ - IL FILO: Edizione: voi, i porci[View]
82940700Post Countries that you DEFINITELY are.: I am TOTALLY Italian. There is No doubt about it, how about…[View]
82937699fuck this shitty ass country.[View]
82936564Anyone else ever got recurring cold and fever?: Anyone else here ever got a bad cold so they stayed …[View]
82933933Japan is the best county in the world: LOOK! I live in Japan, so I living Matsue city where said the…[View]
829411991. Your country. 2. What's your stance on net neutrality?[View]
82939732White America: Wish you the worst, you triplenigger AIDS seed subhumans.[View]
82922271kurva anyátok[View]
82928970Post your favorite 3rd world country.[View]
82940367Happy Hanukkah![View]
82938085/deutsch/: echter faden ausgabe.[View]
82938042What's the deal with Americans and naming things/activities names that are extremely unconventi…[View]
82939867Sino / 中国:: Mountains of dog meat, mountains of debt. 为什么中国女人喜欢大白鸡巴?[View]
82937041Sverigetråden: Skatt är stöld.[View]
82932903/cum/: breakfast edition[View]
82942809/cum/ canada usa mexica: lain[View]
82942788>he called himself white while receiving welfare check[View]
82939863/brit/: the real new that paddy requested[View]
82931850What's ethnic makeups of Turkey?: Some Turks look Pakistani, Arabs, Asian, Persian, or European…[View]
82937801/polska/: edycja nie zdzierze juz tej samotnosci[View]
82942030What happens here?[View]
82941378>[non-western country] girls are pure and not whores[View]
82939946Holy shit why the fuck do Europeans want to control Australia? This is Chinese land.[View]
82922681Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
82937095Just what the fuck went wrong?[View]
82940375Post yours.[View]
82941186WTF Denmark https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/7jb1j6/nsfw_meanwhile_on_primetime_tv_in_denmark/…[View]
82941440>reply to a leaf with “t. Zhang” >get banned for spreading personal information…[View]
82941819Is there a collection of Flag Toads somewhere? I love these.[View]
82941739Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
82939421What do Russians, Chinese and Indians think about Denmark, Norway and Sweden?[View]
82931408What do you think of sweden's choice to elect a prime minister with no degree?[View]
82939560But why? What's the point?[View]
82920989/dixie/ - first colony & friends: Virginia is the best poster here, prove me wrong protip: it…[View]
82937474/brit/: peak physical fitness edition[View]
82932050everytime i go outside i feel like everyone is judging me[View]
82941316Ok, this meme has gone too far. Think about a new meme for 2018.[View]
82932506/balk/: old >>82923553[View]
82941155/NE/ New England: When Johnny comes marching home edition. Thread theme: https://youtu.be/2Gt6j2Ms13…[View]
82929508Prove me that French is not the best language Protip: you can't[View]
82939555>Communism doesn't wor-[View]
82938010Why don't we just rangeban these assholes? Pretty funny finns have been rangebanned few times j…[View]
82933568America the Evil Empire.: >“You Grow Up Wanting to be Luke Skywalker, Then Realize You’ve Become …[View]
82939096Show me one fruit that can defeat the mighty ananas.[View]
82935918Bought this in the store, it's a fuckload of meat (different sausages bacon and whatnot, the st…[View]
82941028What are some cultures about endlessly selecting cars and roads again and again and again even if yo…[View]
82932989How many of these am I supposed to eat to get me to start shitting? I ate like 8 yesterday(2 at a t…[View]
82936422WTF I HATE BRAZIL NOW!!!![View]
82938741Just found out I'm 1/8th Jewish. How do I reap the benefits of being one of YHWH's chosen …[View]
82940796>can name all the provinces/states in 47 countries >have many flags memorized >memorized co…[View]
82940736/EO/: monda eldono[View]
82939568/asean/: Naza Blade 250r edition[View]
82935612You wake up in Leningrad, 1985[View]
82936584>British accents are hot as fuck >British girls are ugly as fuck…[View]
82934302Did you know that American 'pork' comes from cows? In the civilised world, pork comes from pigs, and…[View]
82936546Place Your Bets Folks: Who's getting gold/silver/bronze in what this February?[View]
82931698Post your favourite Kanji![View]
82938703/Norgetråden/: Nasser BTHU-utgaven Forrige: >>82915455[View]
82939846Thoughts on Taiwan?[View]
82937730>has brown eyes, hair, and nipples >thinks he's white…[View]
82940272What is his endgame?[View]
82939781>Watch dunkirk >Half of the french soldiers shown in the movie are black Thanks Nolan, this ma…[View]
82921657Why are they so hated?: 5 years ago it was just another poor 3rd world country. But suddenly they…[View]
82931245Reminder that if you are over 18 and watch anime and have anime merchandise, you are the traitor of …[View]
82934774R8 my DNA guys no buly aloud[View]
82939751For all things int https://discord.gg/esrBCk[View]
82931504German girls: My new gf has Vietnamese parents but was born and raised in Germany, she is an exchang…[View]
82932415What type of dog is it?[View]
82938989Post things from foreign countries: Here is a russian music video bantering kim jong-un. https://www…[View]
82937178How are you preparing for the Asian Century? P.S. Thank you to the Japanese who made the Based[View]
82938775china will overtake America in being fat lazy, pigs prove me wong[View]
82938880>1980s commercial >everyone is white[View]
82939617Dear shipfukcer: The girl on your display is not real. Please realize how girls in reality is good. …[View]
82938535Is this the most famous moment in any movie to take place in South America?[View]
82936152I look exactly like this guy but way thicker beard and no tears. Am I white?[View]
82937316How is it like living south enough to not have D vitamin deficiency during every winter?[View]
82936346Sverigetråden - Knugliga upplagan[View]
82939279Who is the Hospice of countries?[View]
82937020Balkanization when?[View]
82938121TRIANON WAS WRO- Oh wait, no it wasn't.[View]
82935691The average bmi for Japanese women is 21.8.: Japanese women are too fat! http://ncdrisc.org/bmi-mean…[View]
82938670https://youtu.be/U3NOD8-KTK0 >Be American >Run away…[View]
82936778I'm gonna eat dog meat at next weekend with my family. What do you think?[View]
82936308Did he know what was going to happen? Why didn't he stop it?[View]
82937026International: This is how spaniards see moroccans[View]
82938420Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82938109Post good TV commercials of your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fYTkhb0yRE[View]
82906885/v4/ & wing: vrtuľníky edition[View]
82937997/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Alman[View]
829373971. Your cunt tree 2. Is it progressive? 1. Bulgaria 2. YES!!![View]
82938004>watching a movie >sex scene appears >mom turn off tv im 19 years old wtf…[View]
82937360Post the most retarded shit you have ever been unfortunate enough to read on /int/[View]
82936681Could /int/ handle this?[View]
82930620What is it like having foreign countries having same official language? Is it easy to be friends wit…[View]
829187241- you cunt 2- your attempt at facial hair 3- is it normal for people to grow facial hair in your cu…[View]
82933121/deutsch/ - Huldigung an Otto Ernst Remer[View]
82934727Would your family disown you for dating a M*d girl?[View]
82936944my sister will marry a british[View]
82937864The last time I washed my french feets was 7 months ago, now you smell on them! Do it, do it now you…[View]
82935824RadioActive General: In your country,dosimater is useful? I wonder I could need dosimater in Japan. …[View]
82937186OBSESSED: >Roy Moore: The eyes of the world are on Alabama election >Question: Just how intere…[View]
82937688mom's portrait[View]
82931545/polska/: Edycja 'Zaczęło się'[View]
82933035bit rude[View]
82935121If I kiss her without her permission, Anglo countries would kill me?[View]
82937265I've heard of people joining the Church of Scientology's private navy to get a sponsored U…[View]
82915455/norgetråden/: Nå er det snart jul i BÅDÅDDJO igjen-utgaven Forrige >>82896391[View]
82935343i sweat so fucking much wtf[View]
82934286Why can't Americans master these?[View]
82937261>Sovereignty resides in peopl- *bang bang bang* Keep saying it, *easants…[View]
82933100/brit/: If your cool you can come in. If not stay in the other thread edition[View]
82937105Since India has very little coverage on Google Street View, which country is similar that I could lo…[View]
82928241When was the last time you huggd a girl /int/? (Family Members don't count)[View]
82937024>You are a vagina >Who are the best/worst posters on this board? Flag Best- Finland Worst - Am…[View]
82932972What the fuck is her problem!?[View]
82935067>Why would they do this?Why are they calling me a mutt?Why are people bullies..? Look at the eyes…[View]
82936647Ate you a good person, /int/?[View]
82935116Replacing your bank notes with Euros is cultural suicide. Good thing countries like the UK and Swede…[View]
82916861/fr/ - edition du pâté: Bonsoir compagnons Pâté est tant bien, csq votres amis Amerilards pensent qu…[View]
82936940>This is a quadroon thots?[View]
82933081/v4g/ Visegrad 4 thread: Orthodox priest blessing Russian hacking equipment before US Presidential e…[View]
82931373I want to become a normalfag[View]
82933971europ = elf midel east = dwarf america = half elf africuh = human[View]
82936663/mämmi/: valkoinen etuoikeus -painos[View]
82934863What do you mean you haven't practiced that language you're learning today anon?[View]
82935395This year's Kanji character was announced today: 北 North[View]
82926342/mämmi/: Turun palo -painos[View]
82935434Are we the successor to the Roman Empire?[View]
82931503>communism ruined Brazil!!! >Lula is an example of communism!! >Brazil was a paradise befo…[View]
82936185i love welsh people[View]
82936056>euro banknotes have different size depending of their value[View]
82930929Southern European contributions to western civilization >Classical Art >Philosophy >Medicin…[View]
82933158So you're walking down a street in Turkey and suddenly these Turkish gentlemans blocks your pat…[View]
82934129An immigrant from Finland builds his house in your neighbour. Wat do?[View]
82933246How are retarded people treated in your cunt?: If their family can't/won't take care of th…[View]
82928564Arr Rook Same[View]
82935952Romanian: So I'm learning Romanian on DuoLingo, and I can't figure out the difference betw…[View]
82931049>americans put stomachs on their sinks WTF? Is this to clean the water?…[View]
82935279Why do Christian Americans vote for pedophiles?[View]
82930507Are white North Koreans popular with North Korean girls?[View]
82932419I am a professional race scientist from /pol/, and i will explain why Finns are not white but Korean…[View]
82935650/brit/: Jf and bum bandit friendly edition[View]
82935460>Actual trap posts in /balk/ Is this against the /int/ standards, /int/? Help us determine http:/…[View]
82932964/brit/: Edition: Cheeky banter with the lads.[View]
82933588Would you get along with Mongolian superheroes?[View]
82935082Top Ten Anime Plot Twists[View]
82921280Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
82934255Favourite movie trope? >set in the 80s >new kid moves to a new school or goes on vacation >…[View]
829349111. Your cunt 2. Did you miss out on Cryptocurrency investing? >tfw I could have retired early if …[View]
82933723to settle with ..im done with chat sights[View]
82934703>australians go to sleep >/int/ dies and becomes boring…[View]
82934736Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82933318Why is this album cover for my anime songs? Wtf happened to my phone? It annoys me every time. How c…[View]
82934003Why is no one here pro European?[View]
82929869KAWAII (カワイ)[View]
82932215I like the bahamas[View]
82933542>'mom, dad, meet my fiancée, Nour' how would your family react?[View]
82934622Japanese Love: https://youtu.be/zL7NrjSkISw Do japs really do this?[View]
82931272Why dont Central Asians convert back to Tengrism?: >Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and…[View]
82934410Tell me about KARA BOGA. Why does he strike so much fear into slavs?[View]
82905771/asean/: Ninja 250 edition[View]
82934035Are trade unions ruining your country? >Italy >yes…[View]
82933816I am so happy to be surrounded by asian nations. you are excellent![View]
82930258Not all Americans are like that, right?[View]
82933296Rukiveer, tavarits, samovaar![View]
82933585Poland Explain yourselves right now[View]
82923645Being Nationally Self-Depreciating: For example I find the Le 56% Face/Amerimutt meme hilarious. Any…[View]
82930178Goodbye /int/: i did it /int/ i get my first gf. since i've transcended to normie world, i don…[View]
82924307/int/ Hunger Games: still 24 cunt subedition District 8 wild card tertiary edition[View]
82933833I couldn't protect his smile...[View]
82931678/anime/ ehemals /deutsch/: Animeausgabe für mehr anime[View]
82933860Do women dress like this in your country?[View]
82928808/int/ needs to be split into two boards. /int/ first world and /int/ third world. Watch how quickly…[View]
82930635My korean friend invited me for lunch and I just found this fucking shit in the kitchen Can anyone h…[View]
82925844why are they barbarian?[View]
82933826>tfw looks in mirror and his extremely attractive Anyone else have those feels?…[View]
82924555Japanese women are fat!: The average Japanese woman is BMI 21.8. * 158 cm 54.4 kg is BMI 21.8. Judgi…[View]
82928658What is your honest opinion on Buddhism ?[View]
82933256>tfw your brother is a chad and you're an ugly manlet incel[View]
82932665Could I pass for a local in your cunt?[View]
82931821how do you feel about your boss: i hate her,[View]
82932194Lost and Confused: Is sex really all its cracked up to be? (Virgin here) People always say it's…[View]
82922328Israel would absolutely obliterate Iran in a serious war, who the fuck do you think you are, Arab cu…[View]
82932052US Friendship Thread: Official thread music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2rTafbQepg not welcome…[View]
8293221270's General: Do you like 60's70's80's?[View]
82931143>tfw manlet i really want to off my ride being a manlet is really a hard thing and the most discr…[View]
82929513>go to Russia >no one's rushing[View]
82931057/brit/: Great chebs, great scenery edition (terrible bra flag sub edition)[View]
82933162Is their country special to USA?[View]
82929902> Although Japanese is far less contextual than our language, it is still a language. It's c…[View]
82933273What was their endgame?[View]
82931137They are very good at playing soccer. This is all what most of the people know about Portuguese.[View]
82932774>Syrian Arab Republic So is it syrian or arab republic?[View]
82932252>ketchup on eggs Any kind of eggs, fried, scrambled, etc. Is this common and acceptable in your c…[View]
82917855/cum/ canada usa mexica: lain[View]
82932885Me want Brazilian wife.[View]
82932743>The British have committed more massacres on unarmed civilians than they've won battles Wha…[View]
829328621. ur cunt 2. do u hate urself 1. mex 2. YES[View]
82932178You wake up in Houston[View]
82928685Daily reminder that Sminemism is the new religion of /int/[View]
82932617How do we solve the Australian problem?[View]
82932587Stop pretending to not know/understand English please! Thank you.[View]
82928410Why do people on this board and in general feel good about themselves just because they get to post …[View]
82932314fuck wh*te monkeys[View]
82929710I ate fuckin hot ramen for lunch and now my butt burning.[View]
82923553/balk/: Bosnia edition[View]
82927102>'mom, dad, meet my fiancée, Tomomi' how would your family react?[View]
82923062South Korea to Ban Bitcoin, Illegal traders will be imprisoned for 10 years: http://the300.mt.co.kr/…[View]
82931811The Prussian aristocracy sneered that the British aristocracy were all jews.[View]
82918836*Shoots you for following orders*[View]
82928528Are tabletop games popular in your country? Do you like to play tabletop games?[View]
82928398i'm poor[View]
82929789how the things are going in that international relationship anon?[View]
82931428Singapore: >Singapore is a nice place >fifth highest human development index >highest avera…[View]
82930238apu apustaja makes me happy, thanks finland :)[View]
82930999/archi/ Skyscraper Edition: >post your favourite skyscrapers >can be anything >from histori…[View]
82929738i want to be happy[View]
82928661American rappers fighting against homophobia. The era of manly black men is over HAHAHAHAHA[View]
82928321Do Korean men even like black women?: I feel really insecure about being a black woman. In high scho…[View]
82927463Does your country have a special relationship with another?[View]
82931167Le 70% Face[View]
82913169/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
82931400No Latina gf to find your weirdness cute.[View]
82927308>Why would they do this?Why are they calling me a mutt?Why are people bullies..? Look at the eyes…[View]
82927877https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potential_superpowers Ready for 21st century.[View]
82931350I want a Italian gf, how do I acquire one?[View]
82931528>his country never won a gold medal in Olympic basketball[View]
82926076>the absolute state of wh*te ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''men'''''''''''''''…[View]
82931426>when someone includes Turkey on a map of Europe[View]
82931244Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82927805>gun is banned >loli is banned >porn is banned >4chan is banned >uber is banned >i…[View]
82930671>person from small european country replies to me >thoroughly picks apart my argument, destroy…[View]
82931326https://youtu.be/RdyX_JvEnK4 why americans do this[View]
82929358French boys are too cute :333[View]
82931231I think about going to Netherlands in few months. Any dutchfag can recommend some places to see?[View]
82930600What kind of salary and job security are you to except with your degree/education in Denmark? https:…[View]
82929001why canadians have sex with dogs?[View]
82931037Heal the world: Let's all come together and love one another https://youtu.be/BWf-eARnf6U…[View]
82916623Okay but what is the best Nordic country.[View]
82925016Your thoughts?[View]
82925674/brit/ the british culture general: HEY BABY[View]
82928888Israel is a shithole. Scandinavia is a meme. Germanic countries are a meme. Ireland is a meme. UK is…[View]
82926451why can't japanese speak english?[View]
82928857Is learning russian worth it?[View]
82930423Why is Estonia such a wonder of a country?! Only 25 years ago it was devastated by communist rule, b…[View]
82927371/österreich/ ehemals auch /deutsch/: Ein wahrer deutscher Mann - Edition[View]
82914245Japan best cuisine: Japan can boast about having some of the world's most exquisite culinary ex…[View]
82926782perfect country doesn't exi-[View]
82928683>You're Countree >Do you have Christmas in Winter or Summer? 1. Australia 2. Summer Hones…[View]
82930174I thought he was ethnic British before. I'm not even memeing[View]
82929159>be Arap >ywn have that amazing feeling of foreskin caressing glans as you pull it down…[View]
82922768Is Britain the America of Europe?[View]
82925952just build a fucking skyscraper in the middle of nowhere haha[View]
82921968Name 1 (one) Albanian intellectual.[View]
82928128What went wrong[View]
82930202Morata and sister: How is this possible?[View]
82930199Do you ever wish you were a 8'7 WHITE protestant male with an IQ of 150, huge ass WHITE COCK, c…[View]
82930173Belarus watch out North Korea has also started making tractors[View]
82924153/balt+/ausnz/: It's Almost Christmas Edition[View]
82920190wh*toids BTFO: why hasn't no one talked about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmR2n6ryQvg…[View]
82923306is poland really as bad as people say?[View]
82926861>great grandparents' surname got Americanized into something more English-sounding…[View]
82918031What happens here?[View]
82927069how the british diaspora has changed your country?[View]
82928266How are the military regimes that happened in South America are taught in your country?[View]
829282551. you're cunt 2. how do you feel about <your nationality>-americans?[View]
82928456>tfw spend my time talking shit about jews and other races being unproductive and whitesh having …[View]
82926769Are Italian Americans, meds, and eastern europeans even considered 'white' in America? Because here …[View]
82927713Hello picrelated is me, am I italian?[View]
82927793Sweden ATM It's not that cold though, I hate putting on a jacket because it gets too warm after…[View]
82925497I'm so thankful to Hungary for giving us Madison Parker.[View]
82929174Why do white women crave the bkc(big korean cock)?[View]
82928945>tfw you finally came to terms with yourself, learned to accept who you really are and understood…[View]
82928422'Honorable Father, this is Ruth Kensington and we're getting married': How does your family rea…[View]
82926789>food is culture[View]
82923876How do we liberate Hokkaido from Japanese monkeys?[View]
82925878> be American > obey police order > get shot > his last minute of life was crawling…[View]
82924896/waifu/: Post your foreign waifu My current love of my life is Saint Martha. Pic related.[View]
82925900Why is it that the Japanese culture doesn't have a presence, as opposed to the British, German,…[View]
82926812/MENA/: Caliphate edition[View]
82912990Why is japanese so fucking horrendous to listen to?[View]
82925598/brit/: Edition: /ourgirl/ ContraPoints, lads.[View]
82927980Is America doing a fun event again?[View]
82927131>be an erasmus exchange student >come to finland to study in ''''''''''''''university'''''''''…[View]
82926112Post something people from your country say all the time. I'll start: >Let's put anothe…[View]
82925659Happy Banemas: 1: your country 2: how are you celebrating the 6th anniversary of Baneposting today?…[View]
82928478luke dies without a reason snoke dies kylo new bad gay leia explodes into cosmos but with the power …[View]
82924460Why is the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, so incredibly handsome?[View]
82925595How fucking dumb are celebs in your country? Are they easily duped and manipulated?[View]
82928316any cute girls online? ;)[View]
82927170Russians > non-Russians https://youtu.be/q--5Ht49vNY You can't compete with us[View]
82921692>Best thing since sliced bread >To hear something straight from the horse's mouth…[View]
82925828Do you guys know Rübezahl / Krakonoš / Liczyrzepa? I was wondering whether he is a spirit only found…[View]
82928036>be Brazilian >get SOPA'd[View]
82926127Jerusalem is RIGHTFUL Afrikaner clay[View]
82924213The world's second-tallest skyscraper has officially opened for business. The Shanghai Tower st…[View]
82925285We had told ya[View]
82922398>tfw I always tell people I'm Californian instead of American when they ask me where I'…[View]
829262491. Your country 2. Are you ready for the future? https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/gydydm/g…[View]
82926838I wish I was tall white british noble man with big house, beautiful slaves, a lot of moni But I am a…[View]
82927041Who teaches Filipinos English they speak so well! I really love Filipino people because they are res…[View]
82917627So is central europe basically Germany and their copycats?[View]
82927691How much of the 56% are people like these? Is the number actually misconstrued? Is the real percenta…[View]
82927506Why he did it, /int/?[View]
82927576Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82927236Our emperor is at work to steal american scientists and bring them to Europe. https://www.washington…[View]
82922268What do you traditionally do on Christmas Day?[View]
82921294/deutsch/: Frühschichtausgabe[View]
82926766The tallest buildings in Europe.: Weird because 90% of the tallest buildings are located in partiall…[View]
82926908>sks >sms >sts >scs >sps…[View]
82926062Drumpf tells you its 4d chess to join Israeli army and die for Israel what do keep in mind its 4d ch…[View]
82916507Why is Latin America so unequal if you have communist leaders? Average Brazilian middle class guys …[View]
82917365/INDIA/: You are now aware the both Ireland and Portugal have Indian Prime Ministers.[View]
82924404In Germany we have a kid's game for gym class called 'Wer hat Angst vor dem schwarzen Mann? (Wh…[View]
82924236/INT/ SINGS - WALTZING MATILDA: Let's get together and sing the unofficial anthem of Australia,…[View]
82923606>tfw no Greenlandic gf why even live?[View]
82926216What happened to Victoria Flamel and why is she no longer waifu of /int/[View]
82924435>The youngest age you woul fuck >The oldest age you would fuck Youngest >15 Oldest >45…[View]
82915224What is the coolest country?[View]
82918298Faces of /int/ thread[View]
82926358Any Arabanons here? There is a new cute Arab (most likely Bedouin) girl at my work place, religious …[View]
82916647Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
82926465narodnidomobrana.cz: Nela Liskova je hodna holka - nenávidí Homosexuáli, přistěhovalce, je to vlaste…[View]
82922894Should Israel be scared?[View]
82926317haha look my phone just turned american[View]
82922574Americans BTFO.[View]
82918481What happens here?[View]
82908183/mämmi/: Mietiskelypainos.[View]
82921300/lang/ - Language Learning: Language Learning Thread >Learning resources First and foremost check…[View]
82918557ITT: Post a picture of the Embassy or Consulate of the country above you, from your country. Like, …[View]
82918776Name a more based state: Pro-tip: you can't[View]
82920142>Your cunt >Number of aircraft carriers America 11 Active…[View]
82923326Banter: Post some great examples of banter[View]
82921315>PhD thesis due next week >stuck on first chapter…[View]
82925413Fuck Serbia[View]
82926080Hey so, I got a train fine in Copenhagen a couple years ago due to an expired ticket. I have a briti…[View]
82923151>actually left my house yesterday[View]
82925884Do Viljami watch moomin?[View]
82924338WTF I thought snowflake can only be seen by using microscope[View]
82925875Could she be... /ourlady/?[View]
82925816americans comment live on the 56% meme!: What do you think? https://vocaroo.com/i/s084wmyU3aqW…[View]
82924997Can I easily find black boyfriend in your'e country?[View]
82923831/brit/ the british culture general: stopping ableism one step at a time[View]
82915143>come on anon let's have a cheeky pint What do? Pints are British culture…[View]
829252771. youre cunt 2. Do you support latino immigration US I fully support it https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
82911210Post facts about other countries that aren't true but seem like they could be.[View]
82921930So this is the power of Germany engineering...[View]
82925665> Their eternal life work is paying denbts http://www.morebuzzing.com/top-10-countries-having-the…[View]
82922903>+10c at 8am in december 12th Fuck you global warming, where is my snow?…[View]
82921647Goodmorning /int/[View]
82917677are these two ricenibbas becoming too friendly with each other?[View]
82924604Stop bullying Australia. It's not my fault the country's a shithole.[View]
82922079What's the best subreddit on the earth and why is it r/awwnime?[View]
82921985Is it possible for a Caucasian like me to get a GF like this in Asia?[View]
82923545Who here sad for all the anons that live in places that will soon enter the eternal darkness that is…[View]
82925295SOMALIA IS WHITE!!!!!!!![View]
82924357What are some of the laziest country names in the world? USA, UK, South Africa, and Central African …[View]
82923940>USA in charge of races GEG :DDDD[View]
82919060Hey weakest state Serbia!: Apologize[View]
82922442>reunionese art[View]
82911593Do asians and indians (feather) view each other as lost cousins?[View]
82925107i don't like /bant/[View]
82924349What the actual fuck happened to /bant/? I instantly got a brain cancer after reading the catalog.[View]
82922840Things you didn't understand as a kid: Where did African-Americans come from.[View]
82922805BALTS ARE PROSTITUTES: Why do Balts enjoy swallowing American semen so much?[View]
82923988Does /int/ travel? Tell me about it. I live on an Island and have pretty awful anxiety. Whats it li…[View]
82924550Why do mexicans love metallica so much?[View]
82922030>post in a thread >it immediately dies[View]
82921351where to buy cheap clothes online[View]
82920131Why are Europeans so evil? What makes them so inhuman?[View]
82922336Are they right?[View]
82915239Something needs to be done about this.[View]
82924104post Pepes from your cunt[View]
82916925This thread is for all countries to post their eternal love and loyalty to America[View]
82922309This is an Australian man. Thoughts?[View]
82914752>an american walks into your house like this >'sorry anon, it's my culture to always…[View]
82923730>hey anon... >I'm coming[View]
82923025out of curiosity as a bricklayer, is there any way that i might be able to work for charitable organ…[View]
82915956Is it possible for a Asian like me to get a GF like this in Europe?[View]
82907989/extraflags/ + /flag/: perfect gf edition Previous thread: >>82697806 Welcome to /flag/, a gen…[View]
82921535Im Asian and Im retarded and (autistic) is there a future for me?[View]
82922492/brit/: respond to my FUCKING POST(>>82921310) edition >your average english family sub ed…[View]
82923821/brit/: Edition: Tuesday morning with the lads.[View]
82920625>Be living in education district >Go outside >I literally can find white people everywhere,…[View]
82921593You're country do you have ebin menes >t. flag >yes…[View]
82921394>You are visiting Brazil: >And then any of this situations happens to you https://www.youtube.…[View]
82923485Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82923411>The mere mention of this topic will make EVERYONE from your country go into damage control mode…[View]
82922185Insult poster above you by using this meme starter kit. You eat pork and you look like pork, you f**…[View]
82920635Visit my cunt you spacks: I'm sure you'll have a great time :^)[View]
82921892/nostalgia/: The word “nostalgia” comes from the Greek. It means most literally the pain associated …[View]
82919489>”Hey mom, hey dad. Meet my new girlfriend Stephanie.” What’s their reaction?…[View]
82922745Who had the most badass leader?[View]
8291448123 and Me: Which one of you did this?[View]
82914869the absolute state of England[View]
82915690Why Japanese people are so disinterested in their National Politics?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
82916912Are there different accents between your country? Which one is the best one, and the shittiest one?[View]
82922505Why the fuck do Europeans want to control Australia? This is Chinese land.[View]
82922028Anime is for paedophiles.[View]
82897094>hi my name is Juan Carlos Rogelio Gutierrez Sanchez Dominguez Fernandez de la Calzada dos Santos…[View]
82922702>tfw subhuman Ba*toid I wish I was a superior SLAVO-SARMATIAN[View]
82914468do you hate brazil?[View]
82917147what are some countries?[View]
82922490i love australian posts[View]
82922537When will people finally recognize that the dab is just an altered Roman salute and /ourguy/ Jake Pa…[View]
82921193Why are Slavs and Chinese leading the world in cryptocurrency innovation?[View]
82919028/brit/ the british culture general: any schizophrenia man in? ed.[View]
82894044/midwest/ - Midwestern US & Friends: Buffalo Burger edition[View]
82922384I wish I could learn literally all languages but all I've managed is to learn the plebbiest of …[View]
82922156Why American nergoes are so often racist and butthurt in their movies? Is it okay to make characters…[View]
82922364the european union put us in a black list should we declare war to them? maybe get some nukes from k…[View]
82918865Why they fight so much?: Why Jews and Arabs fight against each other when they are literally cousins…[View]
82922049Post autistic memes in your lang[View]
82920644Australian school-age racial demographics: I'm working on a project and it would be fantastic i…[View]
82921607>The cop had all the rights to shoot him dead[View]
82922055Xi Khan :)[View]
82921936How can wh*Tes even compete with Indians? First we stole your girls, now we're stealing your co…[View]
82917936How is this character called in your language? >homem-aranha[View]
82919209>this entire board is just people being butthurt that a country less white than theirs (America) …[View]
82918574What do you call this kind of relationship?: >USA & Israel >China & North Korea >Ru…[View]
82920567Hey anon I'v heard you shitalkin us italian americans calling us ugly mutts. Is it true?[View]
82919313Do you like Portugal?[View]
82916185>Europe and North America are degenerate >Asia, Africa and Oceania are conservative But what i…[View]
82921608Brit hate thread? Nothing personnel, I'm just bored.[View]
82911703I'm jealous of all the europeans on /int/ who didn't have to grow up going to public schoo…[View]
82920921PEACE AND FRENDSHIP !!![View]
82918621Hamburg and Frankfurt: How is Hamburg the richest city in Germany while Frankfurt is the finance cen…[View]
82920313>Israel is evil they kill le Palestinian baby boys who spreads this bullshit?…[View]
82917853Why are there no Syrians fighting in Syria?[View]
82920943Americans truly are the master race.[View]
82920078what happens here ?[View]
82919603https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWlb1Atjd4o Do they celebrate Christmas in your country?[View]
82918417What happens here?[View]
82914991What is history education like in your cunt?[View]
82919154>tfw feeling so nauseous rn whats some home remedies from your country for this…[View]
82920651I came I saw I hit him right dead in the jaw -Ludacris[View]
82918844Why so many Shemales in Latin Countries? How to hire a shemale in a Latin country?[View]
82918992if europe is a jew's puppet (as america is)... then why doesn't europe recognize jerusalem…[View]
82918229How do I get a cute indonesian wife?[View]
82916862Malbinas es argendinas![View]
82916578I just did that ancestry DNA test and found out I'm 40% spaniard, 20% syrian, and the other 40%…[View]
82918182At its peak, how white was America? Obviously excluding ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
82919249Redpill me on the Phillipines, /int/[View]
82917438>*nime ''''artists'''' BTFO Just admit Tumblr dominance o…[View]
82919111Serious question to israeli jews: Why are you so genocidal?[View]
82918507Why are Canadians such weenies?[View]
82920903Pls help[View]
82920925y dale tiempo mami dale tiempo que tu, que yo estamos hechos para estar los dos[View]
82920196>American tv series are sh-[View]
82919532Maybe if my dad stuck around I'd be normal.[View]
82921139So, when will they fuck off?[View]
82911233/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Saracens and heretics, your time has come edition[View]
82903543>Access to a toilet isn't a human right in Europe what the h*ck[View]
82920373Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Chinese are the only foreign languages worth learning: Friendly reminder …[View]
82917166DAMN, White Americans look like that!?[View]
82918689Dark Web (?): I talked to this guy online for about 3 weeks, for 4+ hours a day. We really hit it of…[View]
82916703/brit/ the british culture general: big rab edition[View]
82918270I've heard of people joining the Church of Scientology's private navy so that they sponsor…[View]
82919092Tell me, /int/: is there anyone in the world who has a cuter accent than Bjork?[View]
82917742>americans would coup an entire company over a Fruit Company Are americans the most evil human be…[View]
82918284/isolated/: only lonely regions/cunts may post here[View]
82920701[something again about USA]: [obsessed post about the US][View]
82909580Why USA?: Seriously tho why would America coup latin america everytime they have a chance? We are lo…[View]
82919607Europeans always goes on about how great Europe is and how they are proud to be Europeans.Why doesn…[View]
82920886>be american >town name is an acronym[View]
82881377>police aim their gun at me >I have to do continuous backflips while reciting the notes for Be…[View]
82913068why are south americans turning into ladyboys?[View]
82919305I am from Iran, ask away![View]
82918786/ex-yu/: šuletova edicija[View]
82799486Daily Japanese Thread - DJT #1941: Japanese language learning thread. Read the Guide linked before a…[View]
82920796Why are Brits so mean :([View]
82918905Is the sissy lifestyle and culture popular in your country?[View]
82920602>Japan trending among Ossan (middle aged men) > natural girls http://mashable.com/2017/03/27/j…[View]
82913246Shit White People Say: >Ugh, these microtransgressions have me so triggered. >I'm just no…[View]
82857226Sino/ - 中文: Umbrella organization edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the…[View]
82920542Those are several different questions. >Are mixed-raced people more genetically healthy than thei…[View]
82920617kurva anyátok[View]
82918650TÜRKs are superior to european subhumans debate me you subhumans[View]
82897340/lat/ hilo latino: ¡Quietos! ¡Pongan sus penes gordos donde pueda verlos![View]
82918216What happens here?[View]
82919674Why are White so degenerate???[View]
82917939>have to study for final tests >too tired and depressed Should I just kill myself now…[View]
82919418what a way to exist...[View]
82880490/cp/ - Culture Pals: i like the numbers edition Sign up at: www.interpals.net Website with pastas an…[View]
82917850What's it like being skinny?[View]
82911528>mfw I see a fellow anon of color introduce themselves as a racial slur…[View]
82920280tfw my qt bf lives in the philippines[View]
82920158Why do Australians say “Done under”?[View]
82920255What do you think of the Pacific pumas?[View]
82905031Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
82919542Are we a simulation?: 1- your cunt 2- your opinion 1- Argentina 2- yes, everything looks so perfect …[View]
82919922>brazilians are self-loathing 'Hurr why are brazilians such attwhores?! they want attention that …[View]
82919290>walk down the street >see this what do[View]
82904053/CHI/: i'm being consumed by my emptiness[View]
82920129How am I supposed to support myself while going to school with a part-time job making poverty level …[View]
82879117/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição fodasse mano,eu só quero lamber a vagina de uma loli Fio Anterior:>…[View]
82916875what is this called in your language? poland niedźwiedź[View]
82908960ITT: post models from your country. Alejandra Guilmant[View]
82919673>your country >show the degree of acceptance of weeaboo culture in your country Japan as flag …[View]
82883257/mena/ x Khaoula Kherroubi[View]
82912886/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Smirnoff Ausgabe.[View]
82917752/brit/ the british culture general: a beautiful mind edition[View]
82903879/ita/ - il filo: edizione contro la famiglia[View]
82918338San Francisco: Is San Francisco a nice place to visit? I want to take a trip to Murrica, and SF seem…[View]
82914997Why does brazilians likes this so much?[View]
82880396/éire/: There's no snow edition.[View]
82899171Could your countrymen handle this much ass?[View]
82913790>living in area where it almost never snows[View]
82917178Why do brits and slavs have bangs?[View]
82918074Start playing video games, enjoy your time.[View]
82916584> muh libertarianism[View]
82887828How do Southern Europeans react when they see a white person? I think in bigger cities, they are use…[View]
82917776Quick my russbros, give me a text version of the username in this screenshot. This is an edgy 20 som…[View]
82846570Cunt How much money do your parents make? is it considered much Finland both make 4200€/month Not ve…[View]
82917308>post yfw the Amerimutt is inmune to Ameriredditors and Amerinormies >yfw the eternal Amerimut…[View]
82909946/ex-yu/: Nego anoni, da li ste nekada razmisljali ili sustinski promenili sebe (kontam da niste cim …[View]
82912928/cum/ canada usa mexica: 玲音[View]
82917952>American children's book >LITERALLY about being 56% white Have the memes gone too far? h…[View]
82917780European women lusting for Arab seed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7wveOu5hkQ >continent >…[View]
82911455>His father has English, along with German, some Scottish, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, dis…[View]
82915689The most disgusting thing you've ever done?: I have to know that someone here did something mor…[View]
82916280Are mixed-raced people more genetically healthy than their mono-racial counter parts? Are they reall…[View]
82914995>currently the least fucked western country Feels pretty good lads[View]
82912672Why do Mexicans do this?[View]
82917582if vietnam war was in sixties and ww 2 in fourties when was ww1? the tensies? whats the word for 191…[View]
82917654Tell me about Tunisian pasta dishes[View]
82916776I'm trying so hard I wish I had talent sometimes I'm writing some rhymes that aren't …[View]
82917125>I'll immigrate to other country It's 'emigrate/migrate' you brainlets…[View]
82917419Dark Web (?): I talked to this guy online for about 3 weeks, for 4+ hours a day. We really hit it of…[View]
82900473where is he? i wanna know if he killed himself[View]
82917306You wake up in Kenya, 1986[View]
82916571>'Globalism is fai...'[View]
82915677>tfw 19yo >tfw i lose erection easily[View]
82913678Post the most australian thing you've ever seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s…[View]
82911388so I got my degree in bachelor of science and I am doing my master right now. hypothetically I will …[View]
82916948Hey Mods, I noticed you doing your jobs by removing dumb bait threads. It's been a while since…[View]
82907506Japanese test help: Yo, to any Japanese speakers. I need a little help. I have a verbal presentation…[View]
82916949Canada demands hawaii. Our ethnic group resides there and the US governments are oppressing them.[View]
82909545How's your Christmas weather ?[View]
82916817>the virgin anime vs the chad socialist realism Animefags on suicide watch…[View]
82915890Improve Civ 6: Africa >replace Cleopatra with Hatshepsut >add Mansa Musa >add Shaka Zulu As…[View]
82915246What happens here?[View]
82915237brit: brit wtf janny edition[View]
82916621mfw even our favela houses are made from concrete while american upper class '''houses'' are made fr…[View]
82898224Russia: Why so many threads about Russia today?[View]
82916636post if you're NEET and getting drunk on a monday!![View]
82916523Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
82915583The future of europe.[View]
82911024/balk/ - Balkan thread: Sashko the great, Emperor of the Macedonians and Serves, Shqiptars and Tatar…[View]
82914355Do you like snow?[View]
82905439How does christmas in cour city/country? Here it looks like pic related[View]
82915926Am I wh*te?[View]
82879781What are Syrian immigrants in your country like?[View]
82916433What does it mean for the dead to go golfing(that day)?[View]
82911752Is anal masturbation considered to be gay in your country?[View]
82910995Are Saiyans white?[View]
82908454What's the point trying to save the world when the Chinese and Indians insist on destroying it?[View]
82894191Historically speaking, what would you say are the top 3 worst enemies of your nation, and how do peo…[View]
82913990>tfw i keep falling in love with 2D anime girls Will I ever find real love? Are foreign girls any…[View]
82915163What ethnicity am I?[View]
82909105>tfw no irish bf[View]
82914471Why are Mexicans and Brazilians so butthurt about Arabs? Are they just mad that we basically dominat…[View]
82913140Why are Americans so butt hurt all the time?[View]
82910630where and how to immigrate from fucking Russia?[View]
82907712Mare Nostrum /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of Al…[View]
82913074Looking for a pic: I've seen a picture posted here before of a female Australian Aboriginal mod…[View]
82908775>what's the matter anon, blur enjoying the English nightlife?[View]
82914225>Western people clean their asses with paper[View]
82914663your cunt do you lift? America yes[View]
82915206Guess the country: G u e s s u e s[View]
82915278Amerimutts are disgusting not like people of pure anglo sto- Oh no[View]
82915026Why do Amerimuts wear shoes inside the house?[View]
82913410Why is Portugal the greatest country in the world? I-It's j-just a simple q-question...[View]
82910900/brit/: the black portugese gf edition[View]
82899538They killed millions[View]
82906137WTF america!?!![View]
82913945>american parents live on bread and water for 18 years so they could save hundreds of thousands d…[View]
82893109Who will go to the world Cup 2018 in Russia?[View]
82914314>don't tax on me[View]
82913491Tell me, American, what is power! Is it money? That's what my brother says about money. You hav…[View]
82911412>Americans think this is liquorice[View]
82912410So I SOMEHOW managed to get a Date with this super cute chick from Geneva, which was pretty great un…[View]
82909071Retard parents named me Olaf because of a lost bet[View]
82914911What's his endgame /int/?[View]
82910501Wtf Netherlands?[View]
82913234why dont we just merge? our cultures, economies and politics are pretty similar[View]
82904392Post the tallest mountain in your country. I'll start, Mount Hope.[View]
82908344ITT: Posts songs sung in your language, preferrably with lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9f4…[View]
82866079>just go to the gym bro[View]
82910720Old map thread[View]
82904874/NEDER/DRAAD: Thierry Baudet-editie[View]
82907223Your window view.[View]
82907905What do you know about India: >More than a billion of uncultured useless monkeys >Call center …[View]
82914271Sminem and Friends: Class of 2013 edition[View]
82913265>walks towards you[View]
82903792Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
82912721How do you eat meals in your country?: You are presented with this dish. How do you eat it? How woul…[View]
82895796kurva anyátok[View]
82909610/south europe/: superior MED philosopher edition[View]
82891668>have to face ANOTHER day of the US being bantered by the international community WHEN WILL IT E…[View]
82906907Sverigetråden - Mysiga julupplagan: Fint OC förtjänar en egen tråd :3[View]
82905454get in there faggot: Thread for all those who feel lonely or in a need to have a pointless argument …[View]
82909166Are we living in the golden age of Scandinavian intellectuals?[View]
82910237why do americans love racemixing so much?[View]
82913318What is the general opinion in America (US) about country music?: What's the general cultural o…[View]
82911942post yfw you learned that Eurobeans spam mutt memes simply to cope with the sorry state of their cou…[View]
82912926/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: Smuggling cats Edition[View]
82900837/cum/ canada usa mexica: レイン[View]
82912841What do you think of youth political organizations in your country? Would you like to join one?[View]
82909863/deutsch/ und /antihelvetia/: braune frauen[View]
82910353I'm pretty new to this board so I'm not sure what thread this would go under, but I need s…[View]
82912533Do I smell.... SOUTHIEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS[View]
82903990The most powerful passports Thoughts?[View]
82901623/fr/ - le fil français: édition de l'île au sandwich, des pa au nom de voiture et d'Obélix…[View]
82912414How do I get a qt3.14 Arab girlfriend?[View]
82912499>You will need previous volunteering experience in order to participate in our volunteer program …[View]
82909359I've been speaking English for over 10 years, but I still have a noticable accent. I understand…[View]
82906015Is it racist for white people to wear Asian rice hats?: Long story short, I wanna order one to go al…[View]
82906506Do you swear in your cunt or only online?: Sup /int/, I'm writing a essay and I would appreciat…[View]
82911230why are there so many indians in my country? they smell like shit, they don't use deodorant, an…[View]
82896391/Norgetråden/: Vinlandskart-utgaven. Forrige: >>82883097 >>82883097 >>82883097…[View]
82910306I’ve seen some really really shitty low-iq posts in here made by another guatemalan. You better spea…[View]
829078391. Your Country 2. Post marchs from your country! Gonna start with Beethovens Yorckscher Marsch http…[View]
82897917/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: The Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Pri…[View]
82911684Why you haven't become a BLACK BULL?[View]
82887277Did your country get LIDL'D yet?[View]
82904526I have a question for you dear English speakers I wrote this poem and I wondered if there were any g…[View]
82894547/polska/: Edycja nowego rządu[View]
82910235I'd like to ask Americans if they think what the guy say in this video is accurate : https://ww…[View]
82910450My ancestors >google 'people of luxor' Rameses I, Horus and Anubis in the burial chamber in the t…[View]
82905128what are some martial arts TV series worth watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4x8jKG5pOE[View]
82910887/brit/: >stop doubting dna tests you dumb goyim edition[View]
828998521. Your cunt tree 2. Is it progressive? 1. Bulgaria 2. YES!!![View]
82906758Are whites white?[View]
82910707State your name cuz[View]
82909367/brit/: Mao Zedong edition[View]
82911104How do people in your cunt react to people who failed all their finals and want to commit suicide?[View]
82898679Why does Turkish sound weird when spoken, but sound Arabic when rapped? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
82901346/balk/: MALI I ZI edition Old >>82890966[View]
82906255>this can defeat a world superpower[View]
82897287>I only speak 2 languages >they're both european languages…[View]
82892835Why do Slavic languages look like someone just smashed their hands on a keyboard and called it a lan…[View]
82893072Okinawa is now suffering from communists: prior knowledge for reading this article >Okinawa Gov T…[View]
82908896The blood samples can back yesterday and you tested positive for gay[View]
82889108/ex-yu/: tfw no gf edicija[View]
82906178the BLACK pitBULL is the superior breed with the superior seed all wh*Toid subcanines will feel the …[View]
82904521>they eat dogs[View]
82907170/neu/ ehemals /alt/ ehemals /deutsch/: neue ausgabe[View]
82909095why are americans barbarian? https://youtu.be/qYRRSdjdcbo[View]
82886029Your country has to unite with another one. Which country do you choose?[View]
829087541. U cunt 2. Is your school on fire and are your finals postponed until next year? >America >Y…[View]
82906615When did you start to hate America?[View]
82909380called an italian non-white at bunnings today[View]
82908091/brit/ the british culture general: >yes it should be legal to murder unborn babies, in fact the …[View]
82893909/Southern Europe/: Because the beauty of the Southern European woman must not perish from the earth.…[View]
82903677Oh hey, the Netherlands has been added to Civ 6. I have no idea who this woman is who leads it.[View]
82908324Why aren't russian considered jews? Half of the USSR leaders were jews By the end of the USSR a…[View]
82904828>i only date girls from cultures i perceive to be more conservative then my own…[View]
82908549Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82898707>ywn punch a nationalistic right-wing anime girl as Japanese antifa[View]
82900645When did you realize that India will be the next superpower? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijvVHdF…[View]
82900115>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daxQ2TCrnTM Are niggers human?[View]
82904633Finland invades your country What do?[View]
82894224/mämmi/: Vauhdikas Gonzales -painos[View]
829057231. ur cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKxX-yWEpv8[View]
82906801/brit/: yank teeth edition[View]
82905680Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
82907494Guys is this a real language or is it gibberish?[View]
82906555Post your favorite book, don't forget your thoughts on it: Me Tristes Tropiques This books mot…[View]
82907740Do Asians have trouble using fork and knife?[View]
82906782Did people in the Soviet Union listen to 80's Western music or no because of censorship?[View]
82903249Question for all Canadians: I'm an American with a friend who is a Canadian ex-pat. He's f…[View]
82906188>ketchup was originally a Chinese sauce that didn't contain tomatoes >British traders bro…[View]
82878629Mare Nostrum /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of Al…[View]
82902413WHEN: WHEN[View]
82907646PEACE AND FRENDSHIP !!![View]
82897654Miss me yet?[View]
82907007Youre cuntry Do you feel loved? Italy I don't[View]
82900523Azov: What do you think about azov[View]
82840215/ex-ussr/ general: /ex-ussr/ general: Любитe дpyг дpyгa и пpoчaя и пpoчaя и пpoчaя[View]
82905315/brit/ the british culture general: songs of love and hate ed.[View]
82903675/megaCHAD/ aka /deutsch/: Postet eure Motivation fürs Heben 2D ist natürlich ausgeschlossen und wird…[View]
82906407>your cunt >your cunts economic system >your cunts thoughts on SOVIET bulls Flag Cr*pitalis…[View]
82906444DAMN i didnt know korean men look like THIS[View]
82901667What happens here?[View]
82906412>ottoman empire >turkish[View]
82904476eruomap: did I fix it ?[View]
82906027why do hispanics hate anything that's black?[View]
82905356EU anons: How do we make Federalica our leader? I want her to rule me and give me orders.[View]
82905303Are Manchus and North Koreans the masterrace? Because of the Mount Paektu bloodline?[View]
82890179/fr/: Edition : les narbonoïdes. Va te faire enculer avec ton tiret.[View]
82889361Could I pass as a Southern European/Lebanese?[View]
82884308portugal is the brazil's most successful colony[View]
82905347Is it possible to start a conversation with people on public transport? Especially girls? Or are you…[View]
82899918>Enter a room >it's full of wh*toids How do i manage to keep, my calm when surrounded by …[View]
82905284since america officially is one continent should i feel offended when people say americucks?[View]
82895835Current state of America.: I had an American teacher who is teaching me uae laws. She used to be a l…[View]
82894061Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
82904023Leave the arbitrary anthropological definitions to the 56percenters. It's much more simple: yo…[View]
82900373/brit/: Why don't Americans celebrate Christmas? edition[View]
82904657I am Körean.[View]
82904686/apc/ argentina peru chile: omae wa meow ASCENDED[View]
82901940>my brown hair reminds of the earth where i born cause i'm human >my recesive blue eyes r…[View]
82889677Sverigetråden - (Skånetråden): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5_TW5wHq8A https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
82904801Why are brown Mexicans so rare in American movies or TV series? They are half of American population…[View]
82904845whoa just look at all these cool cities /int/[View]
82904364guess the fruit, hardmode NO google yurocucks will not know this one[View]
82899731men and women in the box thread[View]
82902778will their genocide ever be recognized? will their deaths ever be avenged? will the k*rd menace ever…[View]
82759909/lang/ - Language Learning General: >Learning resources First and foremost check out the /int/ Wi…[View]
82902378Why are there no Russian posters on 4chan's /int/ compared to Krautchan's /int/? Not that …[View]
82904575https://youtu.be/H3DBP7KxeSk >Pussy Swedes can't handle our winters nords everybody…[View]
82898871>Brazil's Navy expert in the field of oceanography who had been sent to assist the diplomati…[View]
82896835Why has Mexico not made some video game/anime based on indigenous culture/history? It's interes…[View]
82880304/nederdraad/: Niet denken maar doen editie Welkom: cafeïne Niet welkom: luiheid[View]
82880618/ITA/ - IL FILO: Edizione: voi, i porci[View]
82903346What do people in your country do during the holdidays?[View]
82904301Who is the MBDTF of countries?[View]
82901163/bg/ - BLACK general: i'm a BLACK man i'm righteous i'm hard working my principle, is…[View]
82896484What are your thoughts on Arab women who DON'T wear hijab? Right? Wrong? Halal? Haram? Example:…[View]
82900678Russian Master race: Russians are new Master race. How you can even compete?[View]
82903592Giltig trådstart förfan[View]
82875307/v4/ + comrades: comfy edition[View]
82893757Why are Americans such pussies about wildfires: One little blaze and everyone in California shits th…[View]
82900440/BRiD GmbH ehemals und nie wieder deutsch/: Fickts eich[View]
828914021: your country 2: how will you be celebrating the 6th anniversary of Baneposting tomorrow?[View]
829018591. Cunt 2. Your salary 3. Your net worth[View]
82901688Sverigetråden - Albanska upplagan: Förra tråden: >>82895995[View]
82902075/brit/ the british culture general: odin nigguh edition[View]
82903468could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
82903278>ywn have the love of a good woman[View]
82903108Friendly reminder: English is the spiritual successor of both Latin and Proto-Germanic. Latin becau…[View]
82901676>Started to learn italian >Leave it at the week >2 months later >Started to learn italia…[View]
82901493/eu/: Would you want Israel in EU?[View]
82901206Why is this board so anti-American? It makes me kinda annoying considering half of traffics would be…[View]
82900059Cunt How much money do your aunts and uncles make? is it considered much Finland both make 4200€/mon…[View]
82902999/nut/ Nigeria Ukraine Thailand: So, who is /nut/ here?[View]
82902992Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82889027Public Transport: Post the ones from ur city.[View]
82900588Why do we have the ugliest women in the world, lads? What did we do to deserve this?[View]
82902092You know its true[View]
82897027PEACE AND FRENDSHIP !!![View]
82901066Why don't white '''men''' just give up and become sexual slaves to Black Men?[View]
82901751California Is on Fire – Literally[View]
82900343/brit/: It's coming home ed.[View]
82900964>19 yo >1.74cm >full of pimples >my teeth is horrendous, i need brackets >'white…[View]
82901160Who are the most badass men of your ethnicity? For me, it's Khalid ibn Al-Walid[View]
82901517ITT : things WH*TOIDS say: >Yeah my mother's third husband is coming home for dinner tonight…[View]
82892393when black peoples saw white people first time, they thought whites are the gods or something like t…[View]
82878959/cum/ – Canada, USA, Mexico: Canadian children's television series edition[View]
82898524Tell me about balkan people Are they actually all related to each other? Why are some very hairy and…[View]
82901265American Stereotypes: Why is lucifer always portrayed in American TV shows as a mediterranean guy?…[View]
82898321What is the best Asian country to go to for a black man? Asking for a friend.[View]
82901790Now that the dust has settled, why did he resign? I really miss him, he was so epic. https://www.you…[View]
82901409>Cunt >Would you let Kendrick Lamar inseminate your fertile womb?…[View]
82899533Are you ready for the American century?[View]
82895726/brit/ the british culture general: real men[View]
82900544>mexicans and brazilians consider mcdonald's to be luxurious[View]
82895758>His English doesn't reach at the level of CEFR C2[View]
82886733What makes estonians so cute?[View]
82900793Why do Arabo-Berbers were dress, are they faggots?[View]
82900542HOW CAN HUWHITE COMPETE!?!?!?[View]
82888229>Import 500k serbs >Muslim problem in your country solved…[View]
82896667Tell me about your dream last night, /int/. Mine: >driving through hometown with family >nucle…[View]
82898071How do you say 'You're fucked' in your language?[View]
82890966/balk/ - Balkan Thread: /balk/ - Balkan Thread шиткoйн eдишън oлд бpeд >>82877327[View]
82896950Bring her back. >Get divine orders from the holy god >Empower women >Blow lefties the fucki…[View]
82895873Name one country that isn't going to shit. PROTIP: You can't. All countries are going to s…[View]
82891845/fr/ - le fil français et francophone: Édition Louis XIII >image : pistolet à silex ayant apparte…[View]
82900385Daily reminder that santa claus was originally a BLACK TÜRK[View]
82895823Is the crime and corruption really that bad or is it just a meme?[View]
82897592Northerners please tell me about the Sami people and their wonderful culture[View]
82895574>your cunt >your cunts language >do you like your cunt? >do you like your language? Ame…[View]
82899450Would you die for your country?[View]
82889762/archi/: Share interesting projects from your city : >must be under construction >renders and …[View]
828991741-your country 2-are you happy? 1-argentina 2- hell no[View]
82899088Moving inside of Canada: Are there any places in Canada where housing is affordable, there are jobs,…[View]
828995101. ur cunt 2. are you whiter than him?[View]
82900441I'm a fucking polack thief raised in hard 90s when piracy was something absolutely normal in Po…[View]
82892587/deutsch/ Winter-Ausgabe[View]
82899449Cunt How much money do your great grand parents make? is it considered much Finland both make 4200€/…[View]
82900043Cuba - /fit edition: I'm coming from America to do a mandatory study abroad in Havana for about…[View]
82889878Torrents: Sup /int/ I have been casually torrenting for about 10 years now, but lately i have notic…[View]
82897586An ideal world[View]
82895995Sverigetråden - Nationalsocialistiska upplagan[View]
82899208Anon, why don't you go to Portugal?[View]
82892889Russians will murder this, including the children.[View]
82878166/asean/: its already noon but where is my /asean/ edition[View]
82894426>tfw can't grow out beard[View]
82887038>Foreigner speaks English with a strong accent from their cunt or makes grammar mistakes…[View]
82890933>wake up >suddenly, F/A-18 Hornets fly over your house >in your country, what would that me…[View]
82886700Hey whiteboi: >we heard you talked shit about India Oh fucc, what do?…[View]
82898944somebody euthanize these useless cunts already[View]
82898081I want to die[View]
82899223Le British/Shitskin Face[View]
82896375>Be American >Try to buy a vegetable from Walshart that isn't going on pizza or burger …[View]
82898858>tfw no matter how hard you try, no matter what you achieve,no matter the life you live, you will…[View]
82899283Who hurt you anon?: 'I'm sorry that it ended up like this, you're a good friend and I care…[View]
82895717If you could choose one leader to be the leader of your country, who would that be?[View]
82884484Japanese insane twitter account was discovered... https://twitter.com/4BDLMI9QIkB2F52/status/8912133…[View]
82894945Russia, why are you so angry at the world? Let's be friends.[View]
82898962>Come to int >Just a bunch of fags from pol larping Dont get why kids with autism cant stay on…[View]
82893883Why Japan?: Name another country where cannibalism is legalized or doesn't get you sent to pris…[View]
82898546>ur cunt >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBMq0GtD9pk…[View]
82895486Why do people still believe that Poland is poor?[View]
82893811Tell me a good reason you dont have a qt 3.14 muslim gf.[View]
82895709/brit/: respect the rules edition[View]
82897614In the name of the American people, I demand you stop posting images such as this at once! If you fa…[View]
82880757/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: the enigmatic Redneck Penman edition[View]
82897635What's the best looking flag?[View]
82896616Is it true that germans inspect their shit before flushing it down?[View]
82896845>normal people don’t like you because of your politics, racism, sexism, etc. >4chan users don’…[View]
82881275/flag/tism: No edition edition Previous thread: >>82697806 Welcome to /flag/, a general thread…[View]
82895910Is Astolfo the official mascot of /int/?[View]
82898028orgive england, im turk. i want study turan history in istanbul university but i cannot twitter, erd…[View]
82897783>tfw no brazilian gf[View]
82897684>tfw neither nordic nor southern european how would Varg classify me?[View]
82893592When America collapses, will your cunt take our refugees? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvvgzQ-Ito…[View]
82897048>can't even shoot myself because the gubmint took all muh guns[View]
82894414Brazilians are whiter than most of the countries making fun of them fact is fact you fucking losers.[View]
82894483I'm putting an army together. Wanna join?[View]
82897529Wir waren könige und scheiße: Meanwhile on Roman /int/[View]
82897515brazil is not racist[View]
82892788>i only spek english[View]
82897282Is it true Americans are very devout Christians?[View]
82891750Why are you guys so mean to us for no reason[View]
82876514/lat/ - hilo latino: hilo adinerado[View]
82892520/designierter Raucherbereich/, vorher /deutsch/: Spätnachmittagsausgabe[View]
82888986Snow cover in Germany: hmmm... do you notice something?[View]
82892244Coastal living thread. Invited: People living by the sea Not invited: filthy inland peasants Post th…[View]
82894676Have you ever had sex without condom,it's called 'Nama Ecchi'?[View]
82896295*Destroys Utopia* Nothing personnel, kiddo.[View]
82895237Question about Japanese society.: Is it true that Japanese students constantly view their peers as a…[View]
82896222What does /int/ drive? What does int want to drive? I'm more the type of a bike guy...[View]
82896902in silence frenchie[View]
82896657>be british >have a little snow and -5°C temperature >extinct…[View]
82896051Bitcoin 16 000$: Why didn't you buy Bitcoin when it was affordable, Anon?[View]
82894947If the Tsar Bomba had been dropped on Paris[View]
82890453Another great Italian invention.[View]
82896160/norgestantråden/: alahua kebab versjon[View]
82890517How satisfied are you with medical services in your country? I rate mine pretty good/10[View]
82895289>when you just finished fapping and your mom enters the room and the smell of cum is in the air…[View]
82894217Oh shit! Chris Benoit is back from the dead! Dubs decides which countries get put in the Crippler Cr…[View]
82893606>Ancient Egyptians? NORDIC >Sumerians? NORDIC >Indus Valley? NORDIC >Ancient Chinese? NO…[View]
82895878post the most important landmark from your count. I will start. EL ÁNGEL DE LA INDEPENDENCIA.[View]
82893199Я Pyccкий Oккyпaнт: What did Russians mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T65SwzHAbes…[View]
82894297Who is the 'Hospice' of countries?[View]
82890617how gays are viewed in your country?[View]
82895951Netherlands = Fail-Lands: A little bit of snow and the whole country grinds to a halt. What a joke o…[View]
82881824This thing of ourrss: ohh, my muddah, my muddah she used to make ah the best gravy. and she was a tr…[View]
828927421. Your country 2. I was naked and drunk outside a hotel with a girl around 6 am when a bunch of Pol…[View]
82889784How rare are blue eyes in Turkey?[View]
82889233Why has there never been a serious pan-Anglo movement? Or at least nostalgia for the British Empire?…[View]
82893040/brit/ the british culture general: test edition[View]
82892589Honestly feel bad on how we fucked over the Abos famalam They didn't deserve it.[View]
82878541kurva anyátok[View]
82889382Can we agree that ISIS is pretty much done and we should focus on ending the war in Jemen instead? …[View]
82889354Is it possible for a west european who is not muslim to have a chechen gf ?[View]
82895448I only like continental Europeans I don't like Americans, Canadians, Brits or Kiwis.[View]
82888215Want to learn something new? The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like…[View]
82895232If Canada was a European country, which one would it be? And don't say anything obvious like th…[View]
82890238/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition ISSOU[View]
82883097/Norgetråden/: Asbjǿrnsen og Moes utgave forrige: >>82863689 >>82863689 >>82863689…[View]
82894190It really shuts down my atoms to know that there are people out there that truly, seriously believe …[View]
82894863Recep Tayyip KaraBogan[View]
82894805get in the boat[View]
82888592euros, how does it feel knowing that whilst you are freezing in the snow and struggling to start you…[View]
82893662Do you read replies in accent of poster's flag?[View]
82889659EU-funded 92,600 tonne food aid package to starving Poland under way: >Poles at starvation levels…[View]
82893692/int/ banter: post examples of /int/ banter and culture[View]
82885927What was AFRICA like in the 1980's, /int/? Is there such a thing as '80's nostalgia' in Af…[View]
82889745What do you think you would be doing when you are 65?[View]
828880561 - Your city/country 2 - Nationalities of foreign female and male prostitutes in your country 1 - L…[View]
82893482Do you love Russia[View]
82881461/polska/: Edycja dobrej polskiej muzy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCIyK3ec4kE[View]
82890626Why have the Jews been persecuted for so long?[View]
82893697*inhals* http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/poortugal HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
82880636/mämmi/: Vanhan langan ennenaikaisen kuoleman kunnioituspainos[View]
82892205Friendship thread: Happy hannuka Israel!! I hope you are all happy and safe.You must be really happy…[View]
82890820Is there the best way to learn your country’s culture?[View]
82890111Have you ever had incestuous experiences in your cunt?[View]
82891076Will I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
82888404There was a time in Russia where a drunk hobo managed to get connections to the imperial family and …[View]
82893200So Russia being excluded from the olympics. Is it fair? Was it a political decision?[View]
82893370Just how similar are they?[View]
82892986I want to meet a beautiful Brazilian woman and spend the rest of my life with her.[View]
82891869Israel, fuck yeah! Jew to save the mother fucking day[View]
82891118Fuck: >tfw u werent born in 1980s usa in a comfy cul de sac when the usa was 90% white growing up…[View]
82881888Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
82887656>rebels against British Monarchy cause 'muh tyranny' >sets up new country with a Head of State…[View]
82892327This isn't English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kayiRqL-nTY[View]
82889684Sverigetråden - Revolutionära upplagan[View]
82891096/brit/: Fuchsgabe[View]
82881689Was your country better under communism? Mine was. Serbia was so much better under Yugoslavia, our e…[View]
82887567>first wife was Czech >third wife is Slovenian Does he have a Slav fetish?…[View]
82889621how can we save them[View]
82892448Stop calling Irish non-white.[View]
82889777>mfw Finland exists[View]
82892237Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people[View]
82891924you're count how good are the public services? flag 4/10, too much bureaucracy.[View]
82884545>a couple of inches of snow >'BRITAIN IN CHAOS, LONDON GRINDS TO A HALT, THOUSANDS WITHOUT HEA…[View]
82888506How does Denmark have better healthcare than the US for less money?: And here I thought the US'…[View]
82887910/Buntland/ ehemals /deutsch/: Antifaschistische Ausgabe[View]
82885245I never ever in my life was poor, can someone tell me how it is to be poor in his country?[View]
82892318A month ago I saw a girl at cafe while walking to my home. My god. In my eyes, she was the most beau…[View]
82891219Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
82891963How long till they ban the attention whoring posts from /int/ ? Ask /soc/ if you're white enoug…[View]
82890251am I a white man?[View]
82890537CUM - cute chebs edition[View]
82884612This is the Dutch leader in Civ 6: Is she acceptable to represent der Nederlands?[View]
82890614Do people in your country ever smile? Don't think so[View]
82890989Dum-Dum: What country do you think in general have the most dumb posters on /int/ from experiance? …[View]
8288849320 years of life and what do I have to show on this earth? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No degree or…[View]
82876743what did the chicanos mean by this >Hispanic attitudes toward intermarriage with non-Hispanics ar…[View]
82889237>hurg durrg me strong vikangz rape yo woman ngggh[View]
82890996>His ancestors took the America boat[View]
82884176Le 000.1% face.[View]
828908041. Your country 2. Do you drink Jacobs Krönung?[View]
82889330I am pathologically anglophobe. Should I cure this. If yes how?[View]
82890323I want to be normal looking but I need thousands of dollars to get plastic surgery but how can a NEE…[View]
82891521/fr/ - RIP[View]
82888553I got green eyes from my mother. I also got her thalassemias. Thanks mom.[View]
82884595This sends the Arab into an epileptic fit[View]
82889514/brit/: Australian Auto mobile Industry edition[View]
82886450ITT: we discuss the americanization of the world: Is it happening in your country? >Norway Yes, p…[View]
82877327/balk/ - Balkan Thread: 3 men shaking hands edition[View]
82889193Xinjiang thread: Discuss Reminder that Urumqi was always Han while Kashgaria was always Uyghur…[View]
82890465>be american >get blown up[View]
82888823/inion/: 1. Your country 2. How big is your inion 1. England 2. Just a bit bigger than a marble…[View]
82889814u're cunt What do you want for Christmas?[View]
82885365Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
82888368My (black) ancestors[View]
82888012>be american >get bombed[View]
82889459>mom found the cum jar[View]
82881364Japan is 1000X better than China and will always be[View]
82885726venezuela was the richest latin country in 1997, now its number 11 ALL HAIL CHILE[View]
82889647>be (southern state) american >buy a lifted truck with tire chains if 0.5cm of snow is forecas…[View]
82887120/brit/: britain cries out for socialism edition[View]
82873594/ausnz/: I just woke up Edition.[View]
82888345The GOod Country: How high is your country ranked? >Israel >53/Goy https://goodcountry.org/ind…[View]
82889493brazilian sounds liek russian[View]
82888351>claim for Dunal Drumpf as president >he's probably the most jewish president in the US h…[View]
82887382i love argentina[View]
82881183Would tinder help me get a japanese gf in Japan?[View]
82869052/ex-yu/: crni macori dbi[View]
82888670>be me in ikea >every person in ads is black >be me in h&m >every person in ads is b…[View]
82884644Why so many propaganda against American cops lately? Do they really want to castrate all American c…[View]
82888883Are they the only true Greeks?[View]
82889007>latinas are hot[View]
82889006your kunt please make a snowman from real snow like pic related and put your flag there. take a pict…[View]
82887110Italian women are the worst. Czechs are the best. Prove me wrong.[View]
82887039what did belgium mean by this?[View]
82886396>just hit the gym and be confident bro[View]
82888793>Grandma spoofed my DHCP server[View]
82888175>Be American >Get exploded[View]
82888046>be Japanese guy >say “I am sick. can you help me?” >but it actually sounds like “I am thic…[View]
82880392Am I stay ok in your country as people?[View]
82886156Should Russia join the EU?[View]
82888544/deutsch/ - Huldigung an Otto Ernst Remer[View]
82884032How do we combat the Amish threat?[View]
82887713I think it's great to be inspired by something.[View]
82883602What's his endgame?[View]
82884958Me chilling with the boys[View]
82880176Tell me why are white mexicans and latinos in general so much better looking than euro and amerifat …[View]
82888146Are east germans germanic?[View]
82888379>türk milleti çalışkandır[View]
82886722What's the point lf living in a safe country? I mean is way more funny and exciting live in a c…[View]
82883023Russian girls still wear fur because it’s symbol of wealth. Fucking roasties.[View]
82883394/deutsch/ - argentinische freundschaftsausgabe es lebe der peronismus[View]
82885544When did your country ban glyphosate? Switzerland: Not banned yet. Some politicians are trying to ki…[View]
82884683All Russian athletes will go to the Olympics under white flag: Not a single Russian athlete has deci…[View]
82888004What is a nice salad from your country?[View]
82884900>Just be confident bro[View]
82884785Is the South European skin darker than the North African skin?[View]
82887903Is Boban part goblin?[View]
82887682americans can walk?[View]
82884990Is your country a dicklet?[View]
82881206Can Vietnamese anon translate these please? This can be some juicy stuff. I will deliver more if thi…[View]
82887310Which state is the most irrelevant in Muroka?: >Alabama >Wyoming I didn't know these stat…[View]
82885230Which is better, a British coffee shop or an the USA cafe?: I like coffee[View]
82886503Did you make someone angry these days?[View]
82887578>You will never see EU army declaring war with Russia Why live[View]
82885827Explain Finland[View]
82886748What the fuck is wrong with Russians?[View]
82874404Is China autistic?[View]
82885593>my thread didn't get a single reply[View]
82885337Pic related are our afghan refugees[View]
82875525Sverigetråden - Döda Nattupplagan[View]
82884353totally average uni in pakistan[View]
82886186Can Vietnamese anon translate these please? This can be some juicy stuff. I will deliver more if thi…[View]
82880937>there are other girls posting on /int/ right now[View]
82884494Are you happy?[View]
82884648/brit/: Nazi Christmas Edition[View]
82874935>South Korea and North Korea need a reunification[View]
82885521America the best first world country. Brazil is the best Latin American country. Japan is the best A…[View]
82872986/fr/ - le fil français, le fil de la francophonie.: pas de copine édition[View]
82886716What was the movie where Private Ryan was saved? Asking for a friend[View]
82885330what the fuck is their problem?[View]
82885977my ancestor :)[View]
82881187How can people call Russia a depressing hellhole when Japan looks like this?[View]
82872370>step in your room >find picrelated What do?…[View]
82884783Why are they so niggerish? Are Serbs basically Christian T*rks, right?[View]
82886409Would Boban be friends with everyone[View]
82881388If your country is colored, then it is a shithole[View]
82880705>He is taking Japanese class at Univ[View]
82885667>Besiktas gets Bayern >PSG gets Real Madrid…[View]
82885957what happens here nowadays? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6grVJyS-ap4[View]
82885524Imagine there is no China.[View]
82880405why did they take off their shirts?[View]
82885955let's just say Poland isn't the country of my dreams[View]
82883277why are swedes so gay?[View]
82885793It's snowing yey is it snowing chez vous?[View]
82869145WTF is wrong with murican police and justice? why is he not in jail? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t…[View]
82883063Do you smoke?[View]
82881359The true history of Moden Japan: Japan was hijacked by the UK through Meiji Restoration which was no…[View]
82882839most grils in my class are ugly and unattractive and the few slightly attractive ones are out of my …[View]
82885193>they make fun of my nose[View]
82882449> asians and wogs squash lizards in their home Wtf[View]
82882270>nerd neck >rounded shoulders >pelvic tilt >bones cracking at evey movement 10 years a …[View]
82884315What's the scene/thing that arose your fetish /d/: I remember this scene from Book of Jungle 2 …[View]
82882418/brit/: Edition: Monday morning with the lads.[View]
82875980Where were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked[View]
82882164What country do you think in general have the most dumb posters on /int/ from experiance? Americans…[View]
82885242Cars are stupid for stupid Chinese. Please ride a bicycle.[View]
82852557Post the most russian picture you have.[View]
82883305How many times is your country mentioned in /int/'s catalogue?[View]
82881289>tfw China will never annex your cunt and use you as a base for attacks against America while sim…[View]
82884569/allies/: If you’re an ally of USA you can post in this thread. Enemies not welcome! Neutrals are we…[View]
82873102Who's your favorite Chinese girl?[View]
82880547>I have depression/social anxiety/panic attacks[View]
82875385do you like big nose/tits european girls?: 1. your cunt 2.do you like big nose/tits european girls w…[View]
82884408Explain to me: /int/ makes jokes about Asians and Indians or Pakis = Australian, Canadian and Britis…[View]
82884090Eastern Europe and poortugal are poor because of communism. But why is South Italy so poor?[View]
82884483https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp8MJ6T7jhE WTF I love Russia now.[View]
82883969Wtf is wrong with Japanese Tv[View]
82881828Why is Afghanistan even a thing?[View]
82876959China v. India: Who deserved the land?[View]
82881288why are americans so supportive of a war against iran.[View]
82881229How will I afford a nose job if I never get a job.[View]
82881211ITT: We discuss American culture[View]
82883714why are slavs so hardcore?[View]
82884105>tfw you btfo wh*Tes so badly their descendants are still butthurt today…[View]
82882924Daily reminder to stay positive and ignore the haters. Stay positive all around. Stay based - lil b[View]
828837371.cunt 2.do you have christmas beetles that appear about this time every year 1.flag 2.ye[View]
82883326is he white?[View]
82881752Drinking a beer[View]
82883212Mashalah, brothers![View]
82880481What's the 'one weird quirk' about your country??[View]
82882657Run for it Marty! The Libyans![View]
82879499>talking to US anon >is actually mexican >talking to French anon >is actually congolese …[View]
82877129Your cuntry Does your fag cuntry have an illegal immigrant issue? How many in your country? Which o…[View]
82879209please help... Is this french man playing football in my country white?? i have been fighting with m…[View]
828834071. Cunt 2. Age 3. Last time you got the succ[View]
82880566White*id hate thread: White countries >LGBTPQWERTY >high divorce rates >cuckoldry is becom…[View]
82876082/basel/ ehemals /deutsch/ ehemals /nachtschicht/: Basel-Stadt beste Stadt Ausgabe.[View]
82877545/balk/: Kill shkijet edition Old >>82867183[View]
82883096why does america want to fill eesti with niggers ;_;[View]
82875693Why did the british and anglo colonialists kill the native population instead of assimilating and br…[View]
82882562what are your honest opinions of united statians? (note: statian is pronounced like alsatian)[View]
82882320>be British[View]
82882962/catholic/: Here is a thread where Catholic countries participate Not Welcome: Protestants,Orthodoxs…[View]
82882791Explain yourselves.[View]
82882609>mfw I see white genes[View]
82871256What is the most beautiful country?[View]
82880942What is the answer to the Islam question?[View]
82881697When you realise that europeans will be gone in next 50 years[View]
82876165how do i get a greencard?: legally.[View]
82882359>go to Daintree River >launching my boat at boat ramp >British man and woman running toward…[View]
82879422/brit/: surfski edition[View]
82876995>Speak irrelevant language of some foreigner fluently >His eyes widen >He gets visibly cr…[View]
82863689/norgetråden/: Fjell og friluftsliv-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>82845130[View]
82879447where this map is located[View]
82880545>Post a beautiful picture of your city or your town. Extra points if you took it yourself, lest s…[View]
82877387Should I learn Arabic to sex qts?[View]
82880441How will your country fare in the upcoming nuclear war? Will you survive or die?[View]
82878312Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belén. (x2) Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belén. (x2) El…[View]
82881718Blow the fuck out, you silly serbs. Press F to pay respect to Cal Ripken Jr.[View]
82881674What is mentally wrong with South Koreans? https://www.pocketfives.com/f13/murderer-presents-greates…[View]
82881106If you can roll or trill your rs, you are actually subhuman. The reason you can do it is because it …[View]
82879287It must be cool as fuck to be a child soldier[View]
82841915Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
82851803History of latin America in one picture.[View]
82871508italians mass immigrating to your country what do?[View]
82880573What should their flag look like?[View]
82879092What do you think about New England?[View]
82861296/polska/: edycja premiera Maowieckiego[View]
82875157Lmao it sure is hard being popular[View]
82881327Non-poorfag thread: You can only post ITT if you are a part of your country's wealthiest 20% To…[View]
82881270>be american >be young guy >want to hook up with older women >they're all >300lb…[View]
82880887>you will never experience the comfyness of a 80s Christmas celebration in the US…[View]
82878380>I'll never learn Japanese[View]
82876370next year is the year of the gf i can feel it[View]
82875992>I've never had a job because I'm too shy[View]
82875181why the FUCK are these two countries latin american??? they are wh*Te and not BROWN like us latinos,…[View]
82845962Are conservative Americans really attacked or is it just whining?[View]
82865448/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Make Dagoth Ur pay for it edition[View]
82873515Bong hate thread: >Le 56% prince >I'm Anglo and Saxon and Roman and Celtic and Viking …[View]
82873809/mestizo/: Mestizo thread only for mestizo (and métis) fellas Where are you from? What do you like t…[View]
82874403Why is /int/ so obsessed with banter?[View]
82880147In WW3 I get to kill Chinese with no consequences (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و[View]
82865511/poor/ general: Who here /poor/? I saw this thread >>82846570 and it made me realize how poor …[View]
82873403Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
82879149Why are Japanese so good at making videogames, tv and films?[View]
82879342/INT/ SINGS - WALTZING MATILDA: Let's get together and sing the unofficial anthem of Australia,…[View]
82880652>ywa be a poortherner[View]
82880529ITT: Oh yeah that happened[View]
82880499>Canada >Accepting many ethnics like chink, pajeet, ayyrabs, and many more >still white …[View]
82880527Ansío la piel blanca ...[View]
82880514ponyboy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uERIXLWeik0[View]
82879509Ang: Reminder, it's the Falkland Islands. Rightful English clay.[View]
828720681. Your cunt 2. How will you celebrate Christmas?[View]
82874514Why haven't you visited Portugal?[View]
82875730What the fuck am I supposed to do with my life?[View]
82878154>Be 'murican >Don't wear scarves…[View]
82876264What is wrong with you Canada?[View]
82875918any /friends/ online right now ? let's have an international friendship discussion lads[View]
82875258Let's draw things together /int/: https://aggie.io/g3wio6_f/ (hope the link works)[View]
82879277Fairness: I'm starting to appreciate the European Union and the countries of Europe a lot more.…[View]
82879270Shave and a Haircut: Is it true that this innocent little tune means 'fuck your mother, asshole' in …[View]
82872282/brit/: eastern bloc edition[View]
82877646Why was Russia the only post-Soviet state to adopt federalism? Don't they see that giving ethni…[View]
82874132Why don't Americans celebrate Christmas?[View]
82873504how do i buy food from other countries? like i need this milk pudding but i cant seem to get it in t…[View]
82880113Chinese sounds better than japanese. It sounds like they garble because they don't give a fuck.…[View]
82880125>be American >get shot LOL[View]
82879308As a chicano, which dialect or variant of Spanish should I learn?[View]
82878522Swedish is gay: Swedish is such a stupid fucking language. To add to this list, tvätt (looks like tw…[View]
82878302You are the dancing queen Young and sweet Only seventeen Dancing queen Feel the beat from the tambou…[View]
82880177>Croats believe that their nation existed for more than 1000 years[View]
82846587/luso/ - fio lusófono: Edição amor verdadeiro[View]
82874506Tell me about Tasmania[View]
82874257/cum/ canada usa mexica: lain[View]
82880033Are we friends?[View]
828800661 cunt 2 Do you believe in God? 3 Why/why not? 4 Do you think secularism is the future? 5 Will you t…[View]
82875728>Vagoo >What would people in your cunt think of a 25 year old virgin guy who has never kissed…[View]
82878322Are we friends?[View]
82878574So why do amerifats even know they pay a shit ton of taxes a year dont have a medical care given by …[View]
82880099and if I die before I wake...[View]
82873992/brit/: israel iz edition[View]
82874485I've been noticing that there are more and more videos popping up in porn sites, in which girls…[View]
82865548Handsome /int/ernational men: Post them.[View]
82879789Why can't burgers handle banter? Every other nation fair well with bantz, but whenever Burgers …[View]
82880029Which country's home to the most fuckboys? Gotta be a three-way tie between Belgium, Japan, an…[View]
82877731/brit/ the british culture general: latina girls edition[View]
82878729Goodmorning /int/[View]
82879842>walking through the forest >suddenly a wild Polish merchant appears >'Witajte v krame univ…[View]
82879924Now that Germany is turning to the far-right again, what will Germany's policies be towards Pol…[View]
82875435pls invest here, we need money[View]
82879865Is it legit?: I'm kind of bored, and just stumbled over this page making a good case that Bigfo…[View]
82865863>go to wikipedia >look up german inventions and discoveries >compare it with polish inventi…[View]
828775991. your country 2. what are you getting the gf for christmas?[View]
82877606Does your country trust America?[View]
82876090Cuantas copas tienes?[View]
82866570I have a question about american culture: I heard american pizza chains give you dip with pizza How …[View]
828764171. your cunt 2. do people in your cunt wear this?[View]
82862407/CHI/: what a shit life[View]
82873621la creatura...[View]
82878344What happens here?[View]
82878601Weird traditions of your country? >portugal There's an habit of the husband calling their wi…[View]
82877523Hello this is the CIA we'll have to investigate this board.[View]
82872871How well-known is this guy in your country? If they know of him do people believe he really went to …[View]
82879681>your cunt >what are your thoughts on Bernd Höcke…[View]
82876866Which country has best ladies? I think Japan does[View]
82877597We all are wrestling fighters > Your artistic name > Your song intro…[View]
82873801Koreans are dying out: Why?[View]
82874355Is he white?[View]
82879517Post the top news story in your country right now[View]
82879486>ordem e progresso[View]
82877695/mämmi/: Finnjet 2.0-painos[View]
82875416UK & Australia: Explain this shit.[View]
82879578I´m a fucking cuck,[View]
82876329Was the Queen of the UK really that qt when she first took power and her sister that hot? I'm w…[View]
82869303/ita/ - il filo[View]
82873843Anything worse than being a Pajeet?: Even our women don't want us? Were we born just to die? Ne…[View]
82876529>Asian diaspora is bad because...?[View]
82876564>tfw you will never live in a comfy midwestern American small town https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
82879185Are Indians what humanity might look like in a 1,000 years if all the races mix together in one?[View]
82876794Globalism: What is it and why is it bad? Don't we need to make world peace before we can coloni…[View]
82876536forever young i want to be forever young do you really want to live forever? forever[View]
82807503/cp/ - Culture Pals: stolen gf edition Sign up at: www.interpals.net Website with pastas and script…[View]
82876262>tfw all my Twin Peaks bros are gone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiLkXZJ_XXg…[View]
82872184>an Irish flag responds to your post >read it in a leprechaun voice in my head >cant take i…[View]
82875256/ne/ - New England: Muh Heritage edition[View]
82875641>Be me >Neighbour leaves his dog shit on my lawn >I hate him >Call the cops on him and …[View]
828759741. Your cunt 2. I got bulled by a nigger when I was in high school[View]
82876854Is there any doubt shitzil is the worst country in the world?[View]
82878497how do we save russians from depression?[View]
82877285BASED ERDOGAN: 'Israel is a terrorist state' KARA BOGA! http://www.arabnews.com/node/1207141/mi…[View]
82868277>I take pride in my ancestors doings[View]
82878753me jappy war criminal kill meself[View]
82869434/nederdraad/: Maandag Editie Welkom: Droge Sneeuw Niet welkom: Natte Sneeuw Succes op de weg![View]
82877383favorite american cuisine? i like instant cheese product on my pop corns, plus a bit of bacon flavor…[View]
82874839The Redpill: >Latin American migrants are poor >Most poor Latin Americans are Indigenous >…[View]
82697806/flag/tism: Happy Finland Day Edition Previous thread: >>82500740 Welcome to /flag/, a general…[View]
82869798How we fix?[View]
82877507looks dont matter bro be funny and girls will fight over you because everybody loves funny guys bro[View]
82875986>ywn achive C2 level of English >ywn get 120/120 at TOEFL >ywn teach English in this count…[View]
82865166>south americans and central americans posting the mutt meme >iberians posting the mutt meme …[View]
82875305>You go to America for the Holidays >'Damn foreign boi u looking hella cute today!' What would…[View]
82860584/mämmi/: Finnjet-painos[View]
82870085/mena/=/me/+/na/: ANAAAAA EL AWAAAAN edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9muYwPE2MAg…[View]
82866905mi novia sawako: hilo latino /lat/[View]
82866156There is a girl I like at university. The only times I get to see her are two days of the week at th…[View]
82875808>his country doesn't have mosques lol[View]
82876000Why haven't you moved to Marine Lines?[View]
82875685>tfw no Aussie gf[View]
82864995Red pill me on the 4chan addiction and why you can never leave it[View]
82872883How's the motorsport scene in your cunt?[View]
82874049How hard is it to find a job in Argentina?[View]
82871007>tfw no gf[View]
82875321>tfw insomnia I can’t fucking sleep guys. I am just thinking about my looser life. What should I…[View]
82872889How many entire countries have been banned from posting on 4chan? Is it fair to label an entire coun…[View]
82875553Only cunts that have been on the moon may post in this thread.[View]
82875347What would happen if North Korea gave palestians a thermonuclear weapon with a scud to put it on?[View]
82875503Why did westerners kill Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara?[View]
82872763Can we stop fighting each other? When I see a dutch being hateful to a Spanish, a Dane trashing a Ge…[View]
82870771/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Montag Ausgabe.[View]
82875013>comment a Shakira video in Spanish >'hey speak English this is America'…[View]
82854843Tacoanon is back /December edition: Hello everyone! Tacoanon is here to once again teach you mexican…[View]
82861416Why are British people so ugly?[View]
82838808/danmarktråden/: Juletræspynt udgave[View]
82873230Are there any other Brazilian-Americans that browse this board?[View]
82869576Cunt Age Would you lick her soles?[View]
82874730>Be russo mutt >Get out of bed >Open blinds, sky is jet black >Dog eating trashbin >D…[View]
82875285Is he white?[View]
82859898Which level are you?[View]
82875266Minha namorada[View]
82872257Wish me a happy Hanukkah goyim[View]
82874423Does you country border a third world police state run by an orangutan?[View]
82859937Can Vietnamese annon translate these please? This might be juicy, if I found more I will deliver the…[View]
82874916Are they Chinese?[View]
82869816>Day 11 of NoFap >Contemplating self-sex How do I set myself free of masturbation?…[View]
82874066le coq: >literally le coq[View]
82861734Filum Mare /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of All …[View]
82871648Which city is the most beautiful?[View]
82860692Would this still be a good idea?[View]
82873601Let's get together and sing the unofficial anthem of Australia, everyone's favorite countr…[View]
82872556Is family nap time an Anglo thing?[View]
82874191You wake up in Tegicugalpa, Honduras. wat do?[View]
82872418when did you graduate from liking snow?[View]
82864235>sea rise 3 inches >all of Denmark underwater…[View]
82873668Do these look like finns to you?[View]
82867183/balk/: Things Bulgarians hate despite giving them their freedom. old >>82852781[View]
82862894/cum/ canada usa mexica: レイン[View]
82871370Who is the Geogaddi of countries?[View]
82864368Why is the 'lazy eye' so extremely common among asian women? Even to the point 2/3 of the idols (kpo…[View]
82869370>the absolute state of sweden.[View]
82872280/brit/ the fuccboi general: lil peep x lil tracy edition[View]
82873720You don't have to have a penis to be a man[View]
82872208Why is /int/ the most hateful and /int/olerant board?[View]
82865086Hey guys Im going to Munich and Wurzburg germany , on 20th and 21st of this month in Munch and 1 day…[View]
82873524What a fine specimen.[View]
8286052218% VAT on everything, 100% tax on cars and gasoline, 25% tax on capital gains and 35% tax on electr…[View]
82864986what happens here?[View]
82872588Whats the fun in suicide if you can't become anhero? Its better to take some people with you an…[View]
82873563/abbo/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBIubgsfK8E Abbo 'Culture'[View]
82869497I unironically find Russians more humane, relatable and culturally understandable than americans.[View]
82866174Why do women make such a big deal out of being raped? It's just sex.[View]
82867029EU-funded 92,600 tonne food aid package to starving Poland under way: >Poles at starvation levels…[View]
82870629>kiss a girl >you kissed every guy the girl has ever kissed Real straight niggas kiss guys bec…[View]
82873098>American culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLCjm-SLEw4[View]
82871239How come New Zealand is peaceful and has no animals that are dangerous to humans, and then nearby yo…[View]
82871145Does the Nordicist philosophy (and all its runoffs like varg) entirely stem from the fact that north…[View]
82871004i don't like British and Lithuanian posters they are both very rude, never had a friendly conve…[View]
82873281Why do americans eat shit everyday?[View]
82856991kurva anyátok[View]
82872254Your country Can you pull up your pants? Italy yes[View]
82872730>this was born a German male https://youtu.be/JC9FA8lZRy8 Is she popular in Germany?…[View]
82870324Sverigetråden - Knulla 2d Upplagan[View]
82871248>'european' tries to banter me >dont even read his post and simply answer it with: t.muhmmad…[View]
82839758/éire/: jesus it actually did snow edition[View]
82872002>losses every war they get involved in after ww2 >Still considered a superpower Huh??…[View]
82871754>mfw Germans sleep with their refugees on[View]
82872686*teleports behind your country*[View]
82868692Map of world if it went Nuclear in 1983[View]
82869425>it doesn't snow in my count why even fucking live?[View]
82871499would you racemix with an arab? pic related is an arab[View]
82872250Reminder that if you prefer hot weather/summer over cold weather/winter you are a literal subhuman[View]
82864899Ask an American negro anything[View]
82872218> partying almost everyday Fucking Brazilians[View]
82871140I wish I was Italian diaspora so I had a culture to be proud of.[View]
82864343Why am I so obsessed with English-speaking people?[View]
82868531God damn fucking banana kikes - I hate you all so god damn much. Argentina, fucking do something.[View]
82871549god, i'm so unhappy... in which moment my life got fucked up?[View]
82838991/snow/: 1: your country 2: is it snowing right now? Just woke up to this[View]
82871274Why does the mention of this place elicit such a strong reaction out of people here? Even people who…[View]
82870448/brit/ the celtic culture general: *pulls the sheep closer too my chest and begins feeling its soft …[View]
828699049/10 people can't name this cunt. Can you?[View]
82868561There, I fixed the world.[View]
82868034Why haven't you racemixed with a colombian girl?[View]
82870365>What happened to Poland?[View]
82864388it's 01:06 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
82864556in Poland you can't even own a baseball bat if you can't prove that you are playing baseba…[View]
82866073/brit/: White Australians Edition[View]
82852806/v4/ & foreign participants: edition of António de Oliveira Salazar sperging out in this particu…[View]
82864871If your haplogroup isn't I or R1, you're not European[View]
82871799There is a amerimutt who are worshipping us by posting various memes everyday like pic related. I th…[View]
82859408>mfw Christmas was banned in Britain until 1660 Why don't Brits celebrate Christmas?…[View]
82871747>muh region>>your region[View]
82871786Any wh*Te people here? Im going to stab you then rob you.[View]
82862819>Be American school kid >Asked to sing Mexican anthem and learn mexican 'pledge' to …[View]
82868572My ancestor :) Post your ancestors[View]
82870524My ancestors ;)[View]
82871327>il buio dell'oceano[View]
82871401Anglo ancestors.[View]
82871073Why amerilards are always afraid of everything? Their entire country and way of living is based on c…[View]
82868805How is it possible to not be racist?[View]
82869841> be yurosissy > earn 5k > pay 4k in taxes > things are expensive > be poor as fuck …[View]
82864151/midwest/ - Midwestern US & Friends: Culvers edition[View]
82870767Is the US as cozy as this video would make it out to be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D71iSwArWVI…[View]
82870922*blocks your path*[View]
82862612/fr/: Édition de la vérité[View]
82861613Are black angels the future?[View]
82866961/deutsch/: Zinkausgabe[View]
82859175meanwhile on bizarro /int/...[View]
82859684/non wh*ite/: welcome: kara boga brothers not welcome:the white dog,yakub spawn[View]
82870154why don't they make jackets for your legs?[View]
82866949/deutsch/ Hass-Ausgabe[View]
82859015Brazil is garbage: I'm finishing uni, but I can't deal with this shitty country anymore, i…[View]
82846745what do you call this? 'American dog' in Japan.[View]
82866048/brit/: Mao Zedong edition[View]
82846444Post the most american pictures you have.[View]
82853004/MeNa/ + /isr/[View]
82866782How the FUCK an I supposed to memorize all this shit?[View]
82869647>le idaly iz arap xDDD >liderally lazynigger shitskins ayyy >shitalian denbtzzzz loooool …[View]
82868599>tfw no Lebanese gf[View]
82867293Make my Friend A MEME: :v[View]
82867600Le Royal Baby Face[View]
82869847Accidentally posted this in /pol/ instead of /int/ a few days ago, got a non-answer. How are the nat…[View]
82837385/ita/ - il filo: Edizione tartarughe[View]
82867060>Prettiest race >110+ IQ >make a complete degenerate out of yourself.…[View]
82865953What the fuck happened to Canada?[View]
82859201>he doesn't have the brown eyes/brown hair superior Med aesthetic. Northern Europeans are ju…[View]
82860241/nederdraad/: Maandag editie Welkom: vroeg op, werken Niet welkom: uitslapen, ziek melden[View]
82858951/ex-yu/: fotka koja je obelezila 2017 godinu[View]
82865854Onanie or Masturbation?[View]
82867837>it is summer in the southern hemisphere >mfw I realise there exists people who celebrate Chri…[View]
82868645I'll just leave my Putin here. Don't you photoshop anything while I'm away. Get it, /…[View]
82866035/brit/: Britain's future edition[View]
82828664/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: the fruits of jihad edition[View]
82858528>one chance at life >born a hapa to a WMAF couple JUST…[View]
82863153How does this animal sound like in your language ?[View]
82867910Joining the army: Thinking of joining my country's army because I'm shit at everything and…[View]
82867456Today is United Nations Human Rights Day![View]
82865053The average amount of hot and cold ingredients in recipes per continent or part of continent. I thin…[View]
82868160>tío currante[View]
82867399>one chance at life >born an iranian[View]
82867468Anglo hate thread: Laughing at anglos dying in the sea edition.[View]
82863408Not sure I'll make it through the night lads. It was a pleasure knowing you all, farewell[View]
82844855/ausnz/: Friends Edition[View]
82863373/brit/: barbara pavlin edition[View]
82849506Why is every country without gay marriage shit?[View]
8285797390% of tastiest Turkish food comes from red areas[View]
82867242Top of tha morning to ya dudes!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Mkx-kfOPFM[View]
82862434Why are k*rds like this?[View]
82862538Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
82852781/balk/: Basque song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iiY012H9wk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iiY…[View]
82866951(531) 301 1195[View]
82865204/TIPS/: Americans need to tip people just for doing their job. American employers don't pay the…[View]
82865504>turks put their shit into the freezer[View]
82855457Confess my son.[View]
82860983/deutsch/ und /antihelvetia/: 9 von 10 Frauen finde die Schweiz scheiße[View]
82860384Why can Finnish be good at English?: Finnish language is so difficult for English Speaker So Englis…[View]
82861241How often does divorce happen in your country? Why is it like that?[View]
82865242Is he right, /int/ ?[View]
82866372Why can't we remove white people from history?[View]
82853463Write >tfw no gf in your native tongue Polish: >to uczucie kiedy brak dziewczyny[View]
82862764Winter is coming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4RjJKxsamQ[View]
82861220You wake up in Chita, Russia.[View]
82853444Why don't Greeks and Indians do math anymore?[View]
82866039/brit/ the british culture general: things you can never do edition[View]
82862431*dies from work*[View]
82865845Reminder to not fall into divide and conquer tactics, Americans![View]
82861462Post your country when influenced by the poster above you[View]
82865821>canadian has its origins in proto-indo-canadian[View]
82860772There is no valid reason to hate Jews.[View]
82856164Seriously world,: Why am I so good? Why will you throw some puns at me to handle your frustration?…[View]
82864808>tfw half Fr*nch half Russi*n[View]
828583011. You are a cunt tree 2. Can you identify any of these two groups ? 2a. If yes, do you have those i…[View]
82863544can we save them?[View]
82855702>one chance at life >born in fucking Latvia, the most irrelevant country in existence…[View]
82857578Why are brazilian men so hot?[View]
82865458>half brit half german 100% euromutt, i just want a clear cut identity[View]
82862993Is this guy well-known in your country or was he just a thing in America?[View]
82862698My phone turned american[View]
82860000Do you understand? Don't use the term 'trap' from now on.[View]
82864699¡Hola, /int/! Yo soy Ingles, y estoy aprendiendo Español. (Perdona mi mal Español.) Me gustaria ver…[View]
82864573Brazilian sound like Russian.[View]
82861630>one chance at life >born Indian JUST[View]
82860905>women are disgusted when they see me >as am I…[View]
82861030I need help. What's wrong with American economy?[View]
82854470ITT:: /int/ picks stuff for the Voyager Golden Record The idea is to make an archive of human cultur…[View]
82857132/INT/ SINGS - WALTZING MATILDA: Let's get together and sing the unofficial anthem of Australia,…[View]
82863834What's your country excuse?[View]
82864176O Great Overmind! I believe that Your appearance is inevitable. I receive You with all my heart, for…[View]
82864515>tfw no international bf[View]
82858600Could i pass as local in you're country??[View]
82861974>Finland achieved more in 100 years than your country did in 1000[View]
82857273Pagan thread: This thread for ethnic religions of all kinds from all around the world Invited: pagan…[View]
82863913>when brits tell you they're invading your country[View]
82860691how do i get albanian gf?[View]
82864104Absolute state of faggot mods in /pol/: Mod.abuse.General[View]
82862784>i will never be an american that drives BIG AMERICAN CARS >will euros be a euro carlet…[View]
82862211Most popular sport in your country? >ice hockey[View]
82855046/deutsch/: Büroarbeit-Ausgabe[View]
82863822tank you indonesia this bery good spageddi kurwa soub :DDD[View]
82863754Language Server: We created a new discord server to exchange spanish-english if someone want to join…[View]
82863643Is it snowing, /int/?[View]
82861398How do people in your country deal with depression and NEETdom?[View]
82861147/brit/: Mathilda edition[View]
82852868When I am president, I will negotiate peace in this region, just as Carter did at Camp David. Any ad…[View]
82851390How many sodas does your Cunt's leader drink a day? How many hours of TV does he watch?[View]
82853136/cum/: 2% - 26% - 1% edition[View]
82862818weed: 1) your cunt 2) how much is a gram of weed 3) how much is smoking weed frowned upon[View]
82862746How common is this in the US? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWddG71JqjQ[View]
82862740Is it possible to have a chechen gf when you are 100% european and not muslim ?[View]
82857815>this will never happen in your lifetime Feels bad, man.[View]
82862632/fr/ - Le Fil de France et seulement de France: Edition 1ère GM >>82848738 Ancien fil[View]
82861949europeans, please leave my continent. our cultures are not compatible, you belong in europe. america…[View]
82859212Ayo, why dere be white shit outside das sticking to evathang n' fucking wit my rims n' shi…[View]
82846954Are Native American men the perfect example of cuckhold porn in real life? They were cucked in astro…[View]
82861271Can any rich foreigner please adopt me? No homosex doe XDD[View]
82853905Based movie: Portraying pollocks as what the really were: bunch of antisemite forest bandits. German…[View]
82847509/luso/ - fio lusófono:: Edição brotheragem[View]
82861403God is a nigger: Which of these two countries do you find better and why? And do you think one of th…[View]
82861216You have 5 seconds to prove to me why /int/ needs to exist, and isn't the worst board on the si…[View]
82853891Would a federalisation of the EU be a good thing?[View]
82857497What's the best alcoholic beverage in your country?[View]
82837872Has your country fallen for the crypto currency meme? >put life savings in bitcoin >bitcoin cr…[View]
82818184attractive in your cuntry?[View]
82861632Tomorrow is the day, the day where they all fucking die. Since 1946, my family has been helping on a…[View]
82857420is the federal police well trained in your country?[View]
82856075Why is homeschooling illegal in Germany?[View]
82859964Post ur cunt's air-force.[View]
82860843Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel apologises after Donald Trump attacks him for 'fake news…[View]
82845130/Norgetråden/: Kiwi - Mini prisutgaven forrige: >>82822542[View]
82861708May I have a Korean bf pls?[View]
82861678you don't wake up[View]
82849401Filum Mare /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of All …[View]
82859368two of them are MED masterrace one is a nordoid. Guess who is who.[View]
82857918In Poland, 80% of people earn less than €400/month Poland is the only EU country that needs visas to…[View]
82861352Map of Chernobyl Radiation in Europe[View]
82842869I love noodles. Post noodle/pasta from your country.[View]
82852392Why are the French so arrogant lads?[View]
82860452hlelo furiends[View]
82847766/polska/: to wspomnienie zbyt boli[View]
82861022ODA: Thanks guys[View]
82861208>1. The last non-food thing you bought? >2. Where was it produced? >(Bonus points for not C…[View]
82852078/lat/ Hilo latino: Hilo latino, edición, que hacen para entretenerse en internet. Yo, visito mis can…[View]
82860061El questo contignio poldere con juego piangere da valdo Manera porqué. Mis amigos colorados Una vela[View]
82858729/brit/ the british culture general: >*gif of anime girls dancing at a fascist parade* edition…[View]
82838361Why did Arabs stop being cool?[View]
82857580el americANO[View]
82861197Americans on plebbit are crying at their % www.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/comments/7ivl14/white_population…[View]
82860535Why do americans dress like 12 year olds?[View]
82855040/deutsch/: I HOB KA TEMPERAMANETVOLLE OIDE – Augabe[View]
82858816itt we post old architecture and others guess where it is[View]
82858429When did Canadians become so angry?[View]
82860302Where to find a place to live in Amsterdam for 6+ months?: sup guys, im planning to move to Amsterda…[View]
82855514Name three best and three worst first world countries.[View]
82853029Should white men just stop pursuing white girls?[View]
82857409Why do other countries hate America and Britain so much? Is it jealousy or something else?[View]
82848738/fr/ - le fil français, le fil de la francophonie.: Édition d'un monde de lumières hors du spec…[View]
82847617/mämmi/: Iltapäiväinen 3D painos[View]
82860020FUCK YOU FUCK YOU /int/ I literally cannot look at other Americans anymore without noticing their or…[View]
82860245hi: Hey. By buying this box you donate us a percentage of each coin going to the lottery by followin…[View]
82857180Sverigetråden - Din mammas fitta[View]
82855018/deutsch/: Antihurensohn-Ausgabe[View]
82860141Norman saw on English oak. On English neck a Norman yoke; Norman spoon to English dish, And England …[View]
82834306/ex-yu/ - Metalcore Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQblSS2kl4Q Upadajte niggeri…[View]
82859622/int/ what do you think of the face of America? White Wholesome American Family man Beefy[View]
82837142Please love Japan.[View]
82858646These women are considered 10/10s in England.[View]
82851604/deutsch/: Melanin Ausgabe.[View]
82848701Where did this 'Swedes are fags' meme came from? I'll drop any of you fags if you step up with …[View]
82858117>Germanics refuse to be invaded so they don't become Romans >Invade Iberia and Italy late…[View]
82854432Stop trying to eat this, silly americans[View]
82856787On /int/ I sit empty-hearted The night has barely started I regret that we have parted Even if what …[View]
82852476Portuguese people have cellphones?: I'm really curious about this[View]
82843269/nederdraad/: NEDERDRAAAAAAAAD Sneeuw uitgave Welkom: sneeuw Ook welkom: zon Niet welkom: regen…[View]
82852646ITT /int/ posters you know/recognise >tajik Netherlands >turk in Netherlands >half German h…[View]
82856173/mutt/: WE WUZ MUTTS AND SHIET[View]
82856266/brit/: the chinese model gf edition[View]
82856990they're chimping out again in /lat/ mods pls rangeban[View]
82855566this is akaza akari say something nice about her[View]
82858584I remember the summer of 97'[View]
82855984I want to learn French. What's the best way to do so without schooling?[View]
82856208>Euros >literally accepting rapefugees over qualified STEM researchers from countries like Chi…[View]
82852025show the view out of your window.[View]
82857817>somebody makes a thread about the glorious north of Mexico >south trash that can't affor…[View]
82857627What countries are welcome to join the union. And which are not ? Let us hear it /int/.[View]
82847952/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
82852394where can i find a good looking japanese girl?[View]
82843451>be american doge >defend owner >get shot by police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDBZr4i…[View]
82855744Im Korean but Im ethnicity North Korean. Both of my parent's ancestor are from pyongyang and th…[View]
82853482One of these two countries is a third world shithole filled to the brim with overbreeding, low IQ su…[View]
82850316What habbens here?[View]
82841302At this rate i'm going to freeze to death in a few days, also post your cunts temperature i gue…[View]
82853076These are Belgium's top athletes: Say something nice about them.[View]
82857284>living in southern Ontario >not safe too much shitskins Drumph nuke us please.…[View]
82854036Post in this thread if neighboring countries don't hate you.[View]
82774336/sino/ - 中文: Chinese cryptocurrency traders edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion…[View]
82852318Can your countrymen handle black ass?[View]
82857063Elmbridge, UK: What happens here?[View]
82855631im in a restaurant with a bunch of normie classmates. they try to fit me in but I don't have an…[View]
82854014ITT confess one treasonous thing towards your country: I don’t like McDonalds.[View]
82855422I have lentils from Canada, olives from Spain and tomatoes from Italy. I am /int/.[View]
82856212Do Venezuelans really NEED food?[View]
82855711Why do they kill themselves so much? Suicide is pretty sad ;-;[View]
82855565Amerifats, Cancucks and Japagays OUT! hahahaha[View]
82838682How much do you earn per hour? For instance, I earn 2.00 euro. I want to fucking kill myself.[View]
82852933>tfw no THICC muslim gf to brap on my face[View]
82850704we rewrite american anthem OH SAY CAN YOU SEE...[View]
82849842Rekt by Pajeet,can't make this up.[View]
82833085kurva anyátok: kukac edition[View]
828545071.cunt 2. are you a massive failure? >asspain >yes, i am…[View]
82849090>Serbia (you)'s me[View]
82852136Are Illyrians white?[View]
82852870Do you love the Netherlands?[View]
82856216Is he the greatest Pole of all time?[View]
82845972will sweden ever pay reparation for sami genocide?[View]
82852206Adapt. Improvise. Survive.[View]
82855045>wake up >this guy is now the leader of your country >wat do?…[View]
82847353/Catholic/: Not Welcome: Protestants and Orthodoxs[View]
82853519KEK Kartvelis: I found the hidden Georgian net https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eC3aqJFnCg…[View]
82852817Music Thread: What are you listening to anon? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKkBenF-u-I…[View]
82839241Good morning fellow Europeans. Are you going to church today?[View]
82852218I wish I was Italian diaspora so I had some culture to be proud of.[View]
82853836/midwest/ - Midwestern US & Friends: We wuz viKANGZ edition[View]
82841652/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Alman[View]
82838821Why don't you like italy?[View]
82851105Can I pass as local in YOUR motherfucking cunt?[View]
82855345I'll turn your cocooned soul into a butterfly[View]
82854222>I wish I was Italian diaspora so I had some culture to be proud of.[View]
82854761>go outside >see this >day ruined…[View]
82851822Sverigetråden - 1,8%-upplagan[View]
82844752Do you like halal snackpacks?[View]
82822992/asean/: Majulah Singapura edition Strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/14566684[View]
82852643Is true that the same Brits who hate Central and Eastern European migrants love brownskin migrants?[View]
82853678/balk/: bros, what do we think about each other? when will the hate stop?[View]
82841242Do women resist the time of time in your country?[View]
82836523/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Yugomputer edition Old >>82802659[View]
82829530Are Finns the weirdest looking Scandinavians in comparison with the rest of Scandinavia?[View]
82847120*meaningless guttural sounds*[View]
82853536State of American '''athletes'''[View]
82849898Post cartoons of your country that animated your childhood I start with Les mystérieuses cités d…[View]
82851797Who's got your back /int/?: So let's say some horrifying military alliance between China a…[View]
82853123Who's your favorite female Youtuber? (and does she speak english?) - Tatiana https://www.youtub…[View]
82850634Are Finns the most powerful race in the world? The looks of a Nordic man and the smarts of a souther…[View]
82843775Your cunt Would you help Ukraine to kill all r*sshitians? Flag Of course![View]
82853307Almost 4th month of my constant depression. I am a Manley and a failure at life, I hope I can just m…[View]
82853376Why are russian women such goddesses?[View]
82821794How do we fix Japan fertility rate /int/?[View]
82852448I'll just leave this here[View]
82849466How many Americans here speak more than one language?[View]
82852413/v4/ + friends but no magyars: MAĎAŘI DO PLYNU EDITION[View]
82834007/cum/ canada usa mexica: lain[View]
82846642how come nobody bullies them?[View]
82838302/MeNa/ as-salam alayka ya rasul'Allah edishaan: thread theme: https://youtu.be/QLXZ4G3Dg8c…[View]
82852788/v4/ + fair people: no rudies please edition[View]
82852387/brit/ the aussie general[View]
82850489/brit/: anti-communist edition[View]
82854389/brit/ the wog general: schizophrenia edition[View]
82852483is humanity worth saving?[View]
82850652What do kids look like in your country?[View]
82852639>mfw i'm starting to lose hair at 21 years old do girls like bald guys in your cunt?…[View]
82851102>it's finally snowing[View]
82852577Why are Americans so worthless and objectively inferior to Canadians?[View]
82812550/V4/ Punished edition[View]
82849765>take train back to the small alpine town where I live after spending the weekend at my parents…[View]
82843212So serbs are basically turkish goatfuckers?[View]
82849677Any africans out there? How's going to university in your country?[View]
82852250Moving to Australia: I am thinking of moving to Australia from Sweden. What am I in for?[View]
82849625>You will never be Estonian[View]
82849965/isr/: average israeli edition[View]
82845066A,Are we racist? ;_;[View]
82851622why do swedes do this?[View]
82844417Sverigethreaden - Din mammas fucking fitta- Upplagan[View]
82845002name my band /int/[View]
82850627>America successfully banters me[View]
82848317No officer :-DDD[View]
82851756Wellcome to /int/: Want to learn something new? The /int/ Wiki is a language learn guide created by …[View]
82848589*fart* Do I sense a hint of Irish heritage in this smell?[View]
82825756ASK ME: bored,i want to clear misconceptions and culturally enrich you from here because i cant come…[View]
82847612/deutsch/: mit den jungs am chillen ausgae[View]
82850930Poles aren't wh*Te, stop insulting us you fucking cuckolds I fucking hate you w*sTernoid subhum…[View]
82848218attaractive of 'Kinshi Don' is Kyoto traditional food in Japan[View]
82845697Japanese women are fat!: Japanese women are fat! The average Japanese woman is BMI 21.8. [Note 1] 15…[View]
82851148Are you upset?: We won't pay the divorce bill if we don't get a trade deal. Why you mad ab…[View]
82850879Would you rather live for a year in the US, Canada, or Burkina Faso? I'd choose Burkina Faso in…[View]
82851051>be American >get murdered by your own police force who are by design almost immune to prosecu…[View]
82849548are spanish women best in the europe?[View]
82849633What is your personal non-meme opinion on the french people?[View]
82851042>Britain claims I'm not white[View]
82851107What is the greatest U.S. state and why is it Montana?[View]
82849906Americans don't wear shirts. They wear sharts.[View]
82842201Rate my hairstyle out of 10.[View]
82849946The Murdochs will unironically become the most powerful family of the 21st century say something nic…[View]
82848311Me and Montenegro[View]
82842431what's your cunts temperature record (high and low): Sweden: -52,6° 2 februari 1966 (Vuoggatjå…[View]
82831901Am I only one who thinks social medias are in decline? People aren't really interested about th…[View]
82846419What type of person watches opera?[View]
82850609would you race mix with a white black girl?[View]
82850607*shot you for trying to pull your pants up*[View]
82846625laffing at the e''''u'''': Here we see the pathetic attempts of yuros trying to be relevant on the g…[View]
82846746>amerishits are LITERALLY going to remove themselves from the internet you can't write a scr…[View]
82848284/brit/: nostalgia edition[View]
82843653Why don’t Swedish and Finn people care about Norwegian people? Which country deserves to be rival of…[View]
82846289why are racist caricatures of Italians so widespread?[View]
82850074Americans still believe in god in 2017[View]
82836936Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
82847547Sunday Edition: SHARE INSTAGRAM FROM THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OF YOUR CUNT: https://www.instagram.co…[View]
82841965I'll be visiting Munich tomorrow for four days. What should i expect?[View]
82840686/kor/ 한국어: >fuck you i made it discussion about korea in this thread…[View]
82849622>americans wear socks indoors[View]
82849900it is cold[View]
82846940americans are fat and stupid: discuss[View]
82847962At the bus stop today a Swedish man came up to me to start a conversation. He made small talk, this …[View]
82849488Ελληνιkό νήμα συζήτησης: 1. Σε ποια χώρα ζείτε; 2. Πόσον χρονών είστε; 3. Είστε kαθυστερημένοι; 5. γ…[View]
82842319why are americans barbarian? https://youtu.be/qYRRSdjdcbo[View]
82849529K-katy are you here? https://youtu.be/rjTpvtYOu3k[View]
82847932/mämmi/: huomenna töihin -painos[View]
82840647Filum Mare /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of All …[View]
82844141I want an anime montenegrin gf fucking bullshit man wtf stupid 3d? What? 2D what are you talking abo…[View]
82844162>when an american responds to you[View]
82837282>1920 >be Californian >get duped into buying Australian eucalyptus trees >plant thousand…[View]
82844397Sverigetråden - låliupplagan[View]
82847167IQ by country: How does this make you feel?[View]
82848774>not a single terrorist attack in Australia's history[View]
82844931Where is /int/ working? 1. Country 2. Salaryman/Self-employed 3. Sphere of work 4. Are you satisfied…[View]
82844189what happens here?[View]
82848871>Polska > Why[View]
82848723I want America to play with my butthole[View]
82847026say something good about norway[View]
82848185when where u were Canada's No. 1 export product topped herself me????? i was sat at home watchi…[View]
82839728It's your country rich?[View]
82843576i don't exist[View]
82844889Is it true that foreigners who go to Japan often end up dead or missing? I've heard that Nation…[View]
82845628Are black women literal sex goddesses?[View]
82848251I'm literally shaking of cold while there's rain outside. Go fuck yourself with your shitt…[View]
82846666are they americans?[View]
82847007>Nobody would want to live in Pola- Umm sweaty, perhaps it's time to get up to date with the…[View]
82845898If Canada and Australia were US States, they’d have about 50 and 34 electoral votes respectively. Th…[View]
82843787why japan make only shitty anime nowadays?[View]
82845533/hisp/ - hilo hispanohablante: edición Chespirito[View]
82828181/mämmi/: Evoluutiopainos[View]
82847630e pluribus unum: Do yanks know what their country's motto even means? Hey Don't google the…[View]
82826025/polska/: błagam piszcie coś[View]
82842479why are pakis such good posters on here[View]
82844522/deutsch/: Meddl Ausgabe[View]
82846618Snowy Trees: How often does this happen in your country?[View]
82844930/brit/ the british culture general: the wonderful culture off immigrants edition[View]
82844442Why do americans dress like 12 year olds?[View]
82846244>Be American >Make fun of arabs teaching creationism >Fund it in your country…[View]
82847501I listened some german music and the only songs I liked were created by...Polish singer. Why Germans…[View]
82815616/luso/ - Fio lusófono: Edição: apreciadores de arte anterior: >>82774057[View]
82841154Does anything uglier than Russian men exist?[View]
82833433What do you think of the Russian language? >Russkiy yazyk odin iz vostochnoslavyanskikh yazykov, …[View]
82845011This man approaches you to remind you that wind comes and goes to collect stories and sagas, and tha…[View]
82844554Movies: What is your favourite movie made in your country?[View]
82847077Americans are fat and dumb :DDD and shot :D:D[View]
82845144/Norgetråden/: Strongest general on /int/-utgaven Forrige: >>82822542[View]
82837520How do you think of police in your coutry?[View]
82843498why do we allow them to exist?: haven't they caused enough harm already?[View]
828396411. your country 2. did you go to church today Holland Yes[View]
82844258This man approaches you to remind you that we have not inherited Thule from our ancestors, we have b…[View]
82846542Australian Intellectuals: >Australian Intellectuals[View]
82844860>it's 2017 >you don't have an argentine girlfriend what's wrong with you?…[View]
82843791Steppe people (and the related ones) are random encounters: >year 300 >suddenly Huns >Euro…[View]
82840176This is the average French street in 2017. What happened?[View]
82844621I'm scared of dogs[View]
82842118ummm anon... you didn't invest in bitcoin.. did you?[View]
82845681I play a dwarf female shaman on world of warcraft.[View]
82843997i hate myself[View]
82845677polandball thread: post polandball comics or OC[View]
82844798Heinrich Potter und die Kammer der Juden[View]
82843378the prose and cons[View]
82827400/fr/ - Le Fil Français: Edition de la nuit[View]
82845457Is this how Turks look like?[View]
82840337The year is almost finished. What are some things you've done this year that you're proud …[View]
82845462Have you guys ever heard of the basso profondos of putin land? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNQ5a…[View]
82845315Rosvo Rudolf[View]
82841937/urban/ + /architecture/: edition future[View]
82833442Fucking confess.[View]
82843882http://www.strawpoll.me/14588988 Important poll Just want to see the opinions of the lesser races.[View]
82837908What are some international jobs anyone can do besides teaching English?[View]
82843191/brit/: Ethiopialad edition[View]
82840837Does trailer park people celebrate christmas in your country? >Norway yeah they do…[View]
82827640Karen + /ausnz/: Love Edition[View]
82840220>mom see's my toad folder >thinks I've converted to scientology…[View]
82833799>20yo in 8 months >kissless virgin save me…[View]
82842620Post your stance when you spot an American Christian of Meditearenian descent[View]
82841768/brit/: No more wacky bruce edition[View]
82840658>since 1900 we had a white christmas in 1915, 1923, 1938, 1956, 1969, 1981, 1995, 2009 and 2010 f…[View]
82843949>finals tomorrow >pigskins' neighbours have been blasting Johnny Hallyday songs all week …[View]
82841623/Frauen/ ehemals /deutsch/: ein schelm der böses denkt[View]
82841999Wasn't Africa better off during colonialism?[View]
82838026Daily Reminder: Southeast Asian are not Asian. They don't look like us, don't have the con…[View]
82839254>mfw a britshit looks at me[View]
82839977*blocks your path*[View]
82841782I wish negroids, bugs, germ*ns and mudslims didn't exist.[View]
82842533i hate my fucking life[View]
82842750Should Japan restore Chinese New Year?: Japan currently celebrates our New Year on the Gregorian one…[View]
82838607Are you ready for Christmas, /int/?[View]
82841459Why don't countries today have fantastical anthems such as these? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
82843904the dane said hi to me today[View]
82841403Are Welsh people white? I mean seriously wtf[View]
82841373Poland is the 3th world.[View]
82843455>American State / County[View]
82841564>people who post pics of food in their social media[View]
82820891Are you for more or less EU? Why?[View]
82835013Say something nice about nordic countries >pic related[View]
82842321You don't fuck with Sweden, SWEDEN FUCK YOU![View]
82835211why are russians so depressed?[View]
82842000I am feeling very melancholic /int/: What are you listening /int/? >https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
82841604>He owns a cat as a pet >He calls himself a man…[View]
82842859hwo can non-finn girls even compete?[View]
82842812natural borders[View]
82838668I ate Mexican cuisine tonight. What will you eat for dinner tonight?[View]
82822542/norgetråden/: Den Norske modellen-utgaven Forrige: >>82801251 >>82801251 >>828012…[View]
82819554/Nederdraad/: Oost-Brabanteditie Welkom: Oost-Brabant Niet welkom: West-Brabant[View]
82841934>protesters against the gov go to the city square >hold signs >teen walk by and ask 'what t…[View]
82841857Does it snow in your cunt?[View]
82839530Why don't we just create sami reservation right here and get done with their bs?[View]
82840488Please stop racemixing.[View]
82838452Does anyone still have the Spurdo edit of a certain event that happened in the US the mods get extre…[View]
82839086Snow thread. Brits report in, and others I guess[View]
82841413What's the prettiest Sanskrit derived language?[View]
82837976STOP BEING SO FUCKING RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
82838318Why are the countries in yellow in the EU again?[View]
82838382The Emperor of Japan, Akihito, has announced his abdication in 2019. He is to be succeeded by Empero…[View]
82834977What is the most innovative country?[View]
82840322/brit/ the fuccboi general: hoodie ed.[View]
82838106who the fuck came up with the idea of calling UK/Ireland 'North Europe ? its not even that far north…[View]
82840450Why are /int/ hostile to America? Is this a joke? They are harmless dumb people though.[View]
82837998Why the Japanese are a superior people?[View]
82840093Am i white?[View]
82840635>anglos are white[View]
828248631. your country 2. your favourite country on /int/ Italy Canada[View]
82841307Just go to buy bread and milk and this shit. Fuck this climate.[View]
82840872Bow before the master race.[View]
82840223>i fought for your freedom[View]
82838566/deutsch/: Khazar Ausgabe[View]
82840739it's snowing cancer hard, guys[View]
82839074How long will Russia last in war of two fronts?[View]
82840119why is china such a shithole?[View]
82825435/lat/ hilo latino: edición hungría[View]
82836492/brit/: Why can't women just be like men edition[View]
82837094I had a dream my life would be So different from this hell I'm living[View]
82829633Sverigetråden - Snälla upplagan[View]
82837173Is it possible for a person to change their ethnicity?[View]
82837839This board should be called /eur/ for fucks sake. Does anyone live in Saudi Arabia? I've been o…[View]
82822579When did you realise the superiority of Japan?[View]
82840857>yfw the meme is real[View]
82810844>be american >dress like an obese nigger[View]
82816967Filum Mare /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of All …[View]
82840439HEY THERE: What do you think of Albanian English accent? English accent in your cunt? https://www.yo…[View]
82838817How the fuck did England form so many accents when the entire country is the size of an Aussie pub?[View]
82839047/brit/ the australian general: I'M TRYING BUT I JUST CAN'T GET YOU EVER SINCE THE DAY I LE…[View]
82832538What is the Appalachia of Europe?: >Since its recognition as a distinctive region in the late 19t…[View]
82836310Raul: >tfw India almost elected an Italian man as their prime minister Why do these countries kee…[View]
82837964/brit/ the MGTOW general: real men edition[View]
82837938A Visual Historical Record of American High School Yearbooks[View]
82836360Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
82827785Animated Films: Does your country have animated or anime films? USA / France / Japan are the big pla…[View]
828398641. Flag 2. Did ISIS exist?[View]
82832457DNA test muh heritage: >'One woman sent the packet out with green shamrocks and a green leprechau…[View]
82837013Fuck yeah lads I'm about to become a home owner in an English suburb. What are suburbs like in …[View]
82838860What's happening there lately?[View]
82824552ITT: Pic of Your Hometown: ITT post your cunt and a pic your hometown. Also rate others hometown. …[View]
82838715AI will replace humanity. What's the point of studying at this point?[View]
82826413Why is China growing so much faster than India? I'm not shilling or anything, its just strange …[View]
82837581Appreciation thread dedicated to female feet of the Asiatic kind: Why did God make the feet of Asian…[View]
82835717/oceania/: Maui here[View]
82836333How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
82834925Why are people from Rwanda so tall?[View]
82838393>danish '''''''''''humor'''''''''''[View]
82836324>A filthy PiSSskin (as*An) replies to my thread[View]
82827973/ex-yu/: eksju lokal je otvoren izdanje[View]
82838657>make a shitpost and leave for while to let it marinate >comeback >another Canadian had pic…[View]
82838731America >Saint Nicholas Europe >Saint Niggolas…[View]
82838631>You are a cunt >How your country says 'slip an extra shrimp on the barbie' Australia 'Throw s…[View]
82832456Does this seem accurate to Europeans?[View]
8283859344% ameriMUTTS need more KARA BOĞA in their life, only then can they redeem themselves by accepting …[View]
82836772Post your country when influenced by the poster above you[View]
82838197>tfw no portoguese bf[View]
82824009Anyone else in Latin America actually hates the concept of Latin America and being grouped with the …[View]
82835613where is my gold?: where is my gold?[View]
82833828Why doesn't a spanish commonwealth exist?[View]
82837931>be american >walk in woods >wild cop appears >get tasered & shot repeatedly https:/…[View]
82834611Why does New Jerseyans have the reputation of being bad drivers?[View]
82833957>4/10 inbred manlet friend >gets 6/10 asian looking gril >am still single Wtf is going on I…[View]
82836268Just what the fuck is wrong with Amerimutts? https://www.instagram.com/p/BcgvYb-Dl3g/[View]
82835872Why is it nearly impossible to understand a thing they say? They've infused their ridiculous sl…[View]
82836382why is this allowed?[View]
82833660Find a flaw[View]
82837301Italian Americans: They are like American pizza. Better than the original.[View]
82836181Gävle Goat General: Ambulances and firefighters appeared about an hour ago. Seemed unrelated to the …[View]
82836639> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issei_Sagawa > http://www.news.com.au/world/asia/serial-kill…[View]
82837855Good morning, /int/![View]
82837517Post handsome /int/ men[View]
82836105>have 25+ ping in servers of my own country >country not even as big as Texas how bad is ping …[View]
82835324What is your country's version of 'get shot' or 'get acid attacked'?[View]
82837699>10th December 2017 Three years since I have had sex with a grill[View]
82834746Me and Netherland[View]
82836855>your cunt >do you get good ping overseas? Spain no…[View]
82836315You wake up inside the Kremlin[View]
82832908>Started to chat with a qt3.14 on instagram >3 days laters she noticed i have a photo of my it…[View]
82836960Afghans and pashtuns in Pakistan have a higher birth rate than punjabis who now have a declining bir…[View]
82834431/isr/: >“This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'I will punish the Palestinians for what they …[View]
82833315Why is the USA flag so fucking ugly?: Say what you will about Canada's flag, but it's aest…[View]
82836537Wtf if Americans are mostly German, why did America always side against Germany in the war?[View]
82835384Russian master race thread.[View]
82836822I think jews are hot[View]
82810181/ita/ + /ro/ - il filo - firul[View]
82836768Chem professor is a agnostic Shia feminist who hates men[View]
82835455>go to Spain >people speak mexican >go to Portugal >people speak Brazilian >go to Eng…[View]
82837242Me when I see a Tadj*kshit[View]
82836949>this american gentleman invites you to a game of twister what do you do?…[View]
82836663>American posts in my thread[View]
82836219foreigners know who they are?[View]
82836236>The representative of the Netherlands is a fat Mary Poppins[View]
82836793If you were to hop on a cargo ship and sail away to never come back, where would you go? I would go …[View]
82836954what happens there?[View]
82836893Brazilian sound like Russian?[View]
82836650Anyone else hate having to go outside and pretend to like normies? 'Haha yeah a weekend with the fam…[View]
82834802Who is the most relevant of all these countries[View]
82835210Do you have horse riding police? Here it used to patrol parks (those that like forests)[View]
82822115/midwest/ - Midwestern US & Friends: Fashionably late edition[View]
82814217Teachers In Your Country: Is banging your teachers an American phenomenon or does this happen in oth…[View]
82829238Where is hunting culture strongest in Europe?: I was told that in the UK hunting is generally an upp…[View]
82836553I need to get drunk as fuck I'm tired of school and exams[View]
82834155>british culture[View]
82836542I met a finn guy in my work. I used to work in the UBS as a sysadmin, and there was this finn which …[View]
82836127why all these sandniggers starting to chimp out again? Jerusalem IS a part of Israel, the sovereign …[View]
82833994How does one acquire an Arab Christian gf?[View]
82835152/brit/: bwainlut upwising naow edishun[View]
82835887Dating was much easier before tinder and all the other dating apps that inflated the pussy. There we…[View]
82836397can she pass as a finish girl[View]
82829625how do you use this shitty fruit in your cunt?[View]
82835089Why are all the threads about american police violence removed?[View]
82835894This TÜRKish armor was made by the souls of the best blacksmiths that Ancient Egypt could offer, the…[View]
82836130Hitler was indebted to the Rothschild, the payment was israel and fall of germany.[View]
82836347>tfw given up on life so much I don't even bother to wipe my arse anymore…[View]
82836331reminder: there's nothing more pathetic than failing life as a white middle class (or upper) ma…[View]
82834797>Country >do you pick up your dogs poo, even when no one is looking >Sweden >yes…[View]
82836300Wtf is this UK, apologize.[View]
82834755> Australians dont eat fish n chips What gives? I'm staying at the gold coast and there…[View]
82836272Congratulations Australia, you now have a faction in Rising Storm 2[View]
82836173I suffer, wherever I go.[View]
82832967tfw no American gf[View]
82836102What have I become? My Swedish friend?[View]
82836143Como conseguir cryptocurrency con Ethereum. 1 Crearse una 'Etherum wallet' descarcandola de la pagin…[View]
82832139Ancient Mongolians Were BLACK: http://www.wcti12.com/news/black-history-month-the-black-mongols-of-c…[View]
82819240>tfw wearing same jeans and jacket 3 years[View]
82835833Why is Poland always allowed to have land that doesn't belong to them?[View]
82832858I swear to god... If I see another anime picture I'm going to puke[View]

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