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93884288Post traditional houses from your region[View]
93884472>be russian >save a meme >get arrested Lmao those are the people who laughed at Europe and …[View]
93868071What does /int/ think of us?[View]
93875806Lazy Town actor robbie rotten(stefen karl) died: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-608407…[View]
93885028>the Joseon king had rituals to honor the Ming Emperor[View]
93884947When brits say 'bloody', is it equivalent to North Americans saying 'fucking'[View]
93883964The most terrible place in your country[View]
93832057/danmarktråden/: mads mikkelsen-versionen sidste tråd >>93758706[View]
93884740Would pic be considered an interracial couple in your country? Flag No[View]
93884448Frenchoids can you tell me why this website is so autistic?: Here in America, we have a lot of websi…[View]
93880973Is there a bigger succes story than this?: >used to be an agrarian dictatorship devastated by war…[View]
93884533why are korean roofs blue: >go to maps.google.com >korea >zoom in on any random town >t…[View]
93884169how do we fix the self hating people in this area[View]
93884470what's with these gooks being all lovey-dovey all of a sudden[View]
93866743kurva anyátok[View]
93882194What happens here?[View]
93881421>savage Brit assaults a French woman after cutting a roundabout in half https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
93884357Is there any better way to say 'based'?[View]
93881085What do you hate most about being a virgin?[View]
93883783Brit moving to Germany: Brit moving to Germany in October. Apart from the usual stuff, what do I nee…[View]
93881111/nachtschicht/, ehemals /deutsch/: Identitäre Ausgabe gegen die moderne Welt[View]
93883480The US is a 2nd world country with 3rd world crime and corruption.[View]
93882072/int/ in a nutshell[View]
93884129I'm a Chicano, problem perros hijos de puta?[View]
93884076>I have Iranian gf/wife/sex buddy >I have Russian gf/wife/sex buddy >I have muslim gf/sex b…[View]
93884045why are wh*toids so violent?[View]
93881651Would you racemix with a MENA person?[View]
93883968Is living in the New World enough of an excuse to kill oneself?[View]
93880673/balt/: Metal gear[View]
93878024did WWII curse America?: 1) cunt 2) any explanation for pic related?[View]
93876416Name a cooler legendary[View]
93861080/cum/: 11 years old edition[View]
93883495Do white people who get offended when people call them 'white people' realize that everyone thats no…[View]
93883556What do you call dis thing in your cunt?[View]
93880543>cunts are now defined by size of there white population How big are you in comparison to Turkey…[View]
93883900Had a dream I went to Czech Republic. Are you guys cool?[View]
93883002How do we fix Japan?[View]
93873216I love Russia. Do you love Russia?[View]
93880735Am i white?[View]
93883711this kills the brit[View]
93883410I have 17 cm penis lads[View]
938835691. Your country 2. Do you know this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWpZC1bKfX8[View]
93883501>Innocent Hawaii YEAH KILL 'EM[View]
938789545 out of 10 bloodiest conflicts in human history are Chinese civil wars what the fuck is their probl…[View]
93883368Why was the tornado season so quiet in burgerstan this year? The strongest confirmed events this yea…[View]
93881961Pic related is a disgusting rapist and her victim. https://www.thisisinsider.com/asia-argento-accuse…[View]
93883205whos gna win in 2020[View]
93876412/NEDERDRAAD/: Nederdraad Dutch Pride Editie Welkom; Moslims, blanke vrouwen en bruine Mannen Niet-We…[View]
93882528Post: the most beloved song in your country[View]
93879735Ayaposters, check in from your countries What do you think she is doing in USA? What do you think of…[View]
93878729How do I escape this shithole? Poles have a countries to easily escape to, blacks have countries to …[View]
93862264/hell/ ελληνιkό νήμα: Juche έkδοση παλιό >>93853920[View]
93880190why is american and canadian architecture so fucking blocky and downright UGLy[View]
93881619/brit/: https://twitter.com/BigLez10/status/1032001849413566467 wtf is this video lads[View]
93882693>he doesn't eat UMA[View]
93881829>koreans thought that the Qing were barbarians >get conquered by them >koreans thought that…[View]
93879124So we agree that New York pizza is the best?[View]
93881906How the actual fuck are there religious people on 4chan? Do they actually have faith, or do they jus…[View]
93876434What’s your view on brother/sister incest /int/?[View]
93871802/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: nostalgia[View]
93882424>Anon, you look so handsome! Would you like to eat some monkey soup with me? How do you respond?…[View]
93882616Anyone remember /int/craft from 3 or so years ago? Well I've set up a dedicated minecraft serve…[View]
93882596What happens here?[View]
93870191/ex-yu/: ide voz edicija[View]
93881656This is how white supremacists look like in America. Thoughts?[View]
93882423ha ilse of man[View]
93878856Why hasn’t this shitty Bureaucratic nightmare of a organization been dissolved yet. Literally fucks …[View]
93880807Ayy I'm walkin here[View]
93882269>there's a whole world out there but i'm only interested in watching anime, shitposting…[View]
93876449ok. I tell u the truth. I coming out. I hate Korea.[View]
93845866hilo hispano /hisp/: marroncitas > bl*nquitas[View]
93879265/ASEA/: RIP Malay-chan edition[View]
93879516Do you love Nordic cuisine[View]
93881369mom nagging me to take a shower again[View]
93882065>your cunt >what is/was the holiest animal for your people Finland We worshipped bears, mooses…[View]
93884234who was the worst leader in your cunts history? >pic related >Johnson obstructed everything in…[View]
93882060happa creatures[View]
93882031>tfw your head of state will never be this jupiterian[View]
93880504hey you yes you fuck you[View]
93877815/brit/: Moshe Dayan edition[View]
93881776Island frogs[View]
93876086/levant/: second day of eid edition[View]
93879927/brit/: we're gonna make a findom catfishing twitter circle and make bank so long /int/ virgins…[View]
93880944Imagine coming out of millenia of low-caste, low-IQ, street-shitting untouchables, your only options…[View]
93880405https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63hB5ZthbP0 you know, I've noticed that when natives in asia or…[View]
93881733ganada :DDDDD[View]
93881633China > j*pan japanese subhumans have no culture of their own[View]
93881566Why does /int/ sexualise Estonia so much?[View]
93875305>25% of your country now consists of British immigrants What do?[View]
938727491) you're a fucking cunt 2) make similar ones and post'em[View]
93876148The only democracy in the Middle East.[View]
93879412Are there any genuinely traditional Catholic areas left in Latin America? Or has the entire landscap…[View]
93875695/polska/: edycja najczystszej miłości[View]
93879564why is this video trending in germany and why does it have 3mln views within 24hrs https://www.youtu…[View]
93881426Could I pass as a local in your country? Could I be considered handsome in your country?[View]
93876694A real jap here, I need to practice English for national English examination. ask me anything.[View]
93874497Sverigetråden - Israeliska vänskapsupplagan[View]
93878044Beards of /int/: Post your beards Inb4 thats not a beard[View]
93880299Do you like Mexico?[View]
93876375>the best film about Wild West >filmed by Italians in Italy Absolute state of American 'cultur…[View]
93881136Tfw a nurse made fun of my penis[View]
93880711does this happen in your cunt?[View]
93875652>lord bellyton[View]
93879465How do you say 'CHECKMATE!' in your language, /int/?[View]
93869342The SWEDISH BVLL is the epitome of masculinity[View]
93840484>you can delete one (one) city/town from your cunt what do you choose?[View]
93865147Alizee is 34 today. Say something nice about her.[View]
93880943I saw this thread on /biz/ : >>>/biz/10785083 It's basically Amerimutts showing all t…[View]
93878607Powerful and brave[View]
93877790/feuer/ ehemals /deutsch/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYuldgIOelY[View]
93880822Why do all you Euros have red for your left wing parties? Personally don’t understand it. Pic unrela…[View]
93876159Do you like weed anon?[View]
93879433Why are Russians so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvYk7s7XSjk[View]
93878442spent 1000bucks on a slag[View]
93879100Why are beaners so violent?[View]
93877064Barbarism courses through my veins[View]
93869473/balt/: Spare some change for a fellow pirate?[View]
93878405>I just transferred and moved into my University >It's located in a metropolitan area …[View]
93879645i asked my mom if we could move back to newfoundland and she said no i hate alberta it makes me want…[View]
93880443why is Lithuania cute and adorable?[View]
93876293Yank on vacation here. Seen a lot of people in Munich wearing traditional outfits. Can anyone explai…[View]
93875757Anyone can translate?[View]
93870808Would you racemix with a French person?[View]
93879404I have pink ass and nipples therefore I'm white[View]
93877215My grandfather (mother line) died from alcoholism. My grandfather (father line) died from alcoholism…[View]
93880236My last name is Rodriguez[View]
93878141/rcg/ - international ragecomic general: ITT we post our best ragecomics. keep it /int/ related.…[View]
93879843Be 6 years old, innocent American boy: >play in the house >uh oh >it seems your 10 years o…[View]
93870295Indian is unironically used as an insult between central asian nations.kirgizs use that towards uzbe…[View]
93879385>que pasa chavales? todo bien? todo correcto? y io que me alegro[View]
93872214/fr/ - le francofil: édition officielle[View]
93876394Why can't America be like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tN_orb7SGY[View]
938659881. Your country 2. Do you love Romania Finland Yes[View]
93879306Fucking aussies! xDDD WHAT ARE THEY LIKE?! xD such epic trolls! I wonder what they’ll post next xDDD…[View]
93879417>mfw family in Iran is celebrating entire holiday dedicated to brutalizing livestock >mfw this…[View]
93876199>C++ written test tomorrow >didn't revise jack shit…[View]
93878585What is happening in Brazil?: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-21/brazilian-real-slum…[View]
93879512On the left is an Italian American. On the right is a German American.[View]
93877240I love my house, I love my family, I love my friends. Being alive is so great.[View]
93877981how do i link a post from another board?[View]
93879216>no poo in loo teachers this semester[View]
93877352>his country doesn't host the biggest gaming convention of the year…[View]
93878826ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…[View]
93878975Why is coastal Africa more educated than internal Africa?[View]
93879112>name of my town pic related >I deserve honorary German citizenship…[View]
93876465>tfw no beatnik gf to listen to Francoise Hardy and Jacques Brel with in late 50s Paris…[View]
93834320Culture Pals - /cp/: hoe has too many messages so she cant reply edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Me…[View]
93878946I love these Jordanians being buttmad about their shitty country, I think it's a new fetish,[View]
93847860/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: И гдe вce блять?[View]
93878778Halloou How do we destroy the e''''u''''? Let's find out[View]
93878689>studying nursing >it will all pay off when i get to laugh about lachlan's penis behind h…[View]
93871979Do you consider French people as southern European ? Some french do but some don't[View]
93878495Roastie got CHOMPED[View]
93878351AYO HOL UP: were native iberians egyptian?[View]
93875696Eurodance: Have you ever heard about this music genre? It was quite popular in Europe in the 90…[View]
93878237wow, when did nords get THIS cute ??[View]
93877959If whites are concerned about their numbers dwindling, why do they keep disposing their offspring wi…[View]
93875878/brit/: no edition[View]
93873545>always thought my penis is around 14 cm, never cared enough to measure >got bored and suddenl…[View]
93877620>go into the foreign language generals >translate everything into english with google translat…[View]
93876942my dick is so stiff can one of you gigantic faggots come over here and suck me off[View]
93875941>cleaning the sewers is illegal in india: OH NO NONO NO[View]
93878138Calgary vs Edmonton: Which is better to live in?[View]
93875981Why do East Asians look down on their Southern relatives again?[View]
93877603Your country and thoughts on Nardwuar the Human Serviette[View]
93877941No way, ya will not make straya home[View]
93877235This is what peak performance looks like in the chocolate world.[View]
93854897Delhi girls are considered the best looking in all of India[View]
93875742syrian woman in the netherlands[View]
93863179we are the bikey bikey boys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivq5icJnGXkwe[View]
93876907Your favorite English Word ? Mine is Hijack,that sounds so cool[View]
93874060You have to race mix with a Panameña. Which one do you choose?[View]
93873300How do non-Nordics cope with being non-Nordic?[View]
93877811Rip in Peace, you’ll always be #1[View]
93877346>KARA BO-[View]
93873823finnish soldiers will attack your country Infantry[View]
93873250Women were a mistake, shes's talking about hitler btw[View]
93874871Name a more lonely nation in Europe. Hungary is landlocked, flat, surrounded by artificially created…[View]
93874438/deutsch/: Quantencomputer Ausgabe[View]
93877649Comfiest places around the world to live in.: >no road >no airstrip >no even a wooden dock…[View]
93873909/CHI/: empty stare edition[View]
93874187Gosh I was that was me (on the right)[View]
93875382Aliens visit earth. Which country do they visit first, and why?[View]
93876754/musica/: burger here trying to learn spanish. could i get some album recs? I'm into indie …[View]
93870913/NEDERDRAAD/: nederdraad Rundkoek editie Welkom; Alfa Mannen en Beta Twinks niet welkom; Hetero Fli…[View]
93876912How do we stop the decline of Europe?[View]
93872047These countries should leave the EU and create a common bloc to put up resistance to German dominati…[View]
93874409What are the unique holidays that your country celebrates?[View]
93862266>Identity Evropa >filled with brown, soied up manlets What did Americans mean by this?…[View]
93876315>it's eid al-adhaa again GOD WHY WAS I BORN IN THIS BACKWARD SHITHOLE the whole house smells…[View]
93876790You aight, white boy[View]
93876424Are there specific meanings of certain tattoos in your country? Here, butterfly tattoo on girl is wo…[View]
93867773ITT: /int/ in 1981[View]
93867538>one chance at life >not nordic[View]
93876255I like Mexico, but they to hate us[View]
93872752ITT: Patrick just replaced your country's president/prime minister/dictator. What happens?[View]
93876425bottom lel: bottom lel[View]
93871839What are some good conservative papers in your cunt[View]
93874165Why does this particular pattern occur so often?[View]
93876334why do australians sperg out about nurses+[View]
93869459Why do some Native Americans look so Spanish? Maybe Latinos raped raped them before we did.[View]
93875085I´m whiter than 70% of europeans, 90% of americans and 85% of canadians nowadays. Especially the bro…[View]
93871145Is it true that Southern Euros and Nordics are best frens?[View]
93875589No human being is genetically equal, that means we are all mixed in some degree.[View]
93872063American puppet[View]
93851509/levant/: Jews and diaspora not allowed[View]
93872333Monarchy: If you live in a constitutional monarchy, what do you think of your cunt's monarch, r…[View]
93872833Southrons >friendly and sociable >10/10 accents >patriotic, love America and Dixieland >…[View]
93874783Hey /int/, I have a question for you: If she was really from Germany then... why she had a Russian a…[View]
93874323Lonely? Need new frens?: Why not join the comfy group on telegram. No bullies all frens. Share inter…[View]
93874070/brit/: brits are better than me edition[View]
93873069why are you not speaking finnish? it's an exclusive club.[View]
93870575Please remember. Thanks.[View]
93874215What’s his problem?[View]
93875753why are there so many finns on this board?[View]
93875125Isn't it crazy how unfair life can be? I was born an East Asian male, and as a result, I can ne…[View]
93875157Later virgins[View]
93870793/polska/: edycja buddyjska[View]
93872850Does your country celebrate TACO FRIDAYS? Sweden YES YES YES[View]
93831515Do Latin American countries respect Spain?[View]
93875455>Your country France >Your 5 favorite DC characters 1. My Harley Quinn 2. The Joker 3. Batman …[View]
93868622Handsome /int/ernational men[View]
93863860Hi, /int/. Have you ever thought about committing suicide? If yes, what made you stop?[View]
93875123Have you ever personally had any bad experiences with foregin tourists in your country?[View]
93875037This is how IRL Homer looks like: https://www.iltalehti.fi/fiidi/201808212201151980_fb.shtml There i…[View]
93871288one race goy[View]
93874182How do you deal with the soul crushing fact that you will never be Norwegian?[View]
93873962America thread[View]
93874655>be British >ruin everything for everyone…[View]
93874591Wew lad: Wew lad https://gizmodo.com/museum-visitor-falls-into-giant-hole-that-looks-like-a-18284628…[View]
93874849Pokémon! No time to question my moves I stick to the path that I choose Me and my friends are gonna …[View]
93873876>conquest through violence, death and deception 'based' >conquest through relative pacific mea…[View]
93872258What do zoomers look like in your cunt?[View]
93874776What was his problem?[View]
93873368America > Britain[View]
93874516Rate this germanic northern italian[View]
93873394I want to be colonized by a CHINEEZ BVLL[View]
93868594>'hey there bud, you have been arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police working with the Swe…[View]
93871232Makes you think[View]
93871000Why are Russians such pseudo intellectuals?[View]
93873923Just took a shit AMA[View]
93872095/brit/: south africa edition[View]
93874225>Spokane residents want to use fans to blow wildfire smoke back to Canada https://twitter.com/i/…[View]
93873058The Chinese Government is offering a free chinese course: For those who are graduating in Internatio…[View]
93874352anime friend[View]
93867890/deutsch/: Rechtzeitige und /deutsch/e Ausgabe[View]
93874017Niggas iffy uh! Blicky got the stiffy uh![View]
93871134Russian women are lerning to be good wives and girlfriends from their childhood. They can really do …[View]
93873574why the fuck do english turds name everything with -shire in the end like fuckin worcestershire, mid…[View]
93874093At first it was Americans shooting people: Now Kiwis are doing the same Why are Anglos so thuggish?…[View]
93860164/ita/ il filo: edizone pixellosa[View]
93872636just isn't the same without you xx[View]
93872695The real reason Anglos hate poles: Because we get all the women, only women the Anglo get is polish …[View]
93872375How common is wmbf?[View]
93871672*ruins your latino porn*[View]
93872879Tatar villages are cute[View]
93872131Don't mind me, just posting the average SWEDISH person[View]
93871996>hearing an American business reporter pronounce Givenchy as 'give-en-chee' and Hermès as 'hermee…[View]
93866825how do you say 'Okay, this is epic' in your language? I'll start: >Okej, det här är episkt…[View]
93869208Geniounely hate Anglo-Saxons t b h[View]
93870042>why yes! I sure do suffer in first world! >what do you mean “how”?! My NEETbux amount is too …[View]
93869482I've been waiting for my father to die for a decade. I don't understand how is still alive…[View]
93867885/brit/: autistic brits edition[View]
93869738Why is everyone so racist to us southern Europeans?[View]
93873225I can bench press 50 kg[View]
93872054>tfw los Estados Unidos and Britain have the highest obesity rates in the whole world >tfw the…[View]
938706011. Your country 2. Do they teach fake history at your universities?: Sweden yes. They teach us here …[View]
93867118There is a big scary spider on my stairs[View]
93867350Sverigetråden: Heja Jimmie[View]
93867975this bitch was found dead today rip, u wont get fucked by frat chads anymore[View]
93862525/navy/ general Post only if you were a highly rated naval power during your history. Allowed: Britai…[View]
93872679Does anyone from any English-speaking country pronounce acrylic like 'a cry lick'? Second syllable w…[View]
93868532Why do humans have to do this? There is literally a giant garbage island just floating around.[View]
93869804>i dont want to have sex with my cousin[View]
93871503it's 23:46 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
93859959Is there any European language worth learning?: Besides English. I was thinking of learning German b…[View]
93871887Dutch people are all skinny fat lanklets[View]
93870211/brit/: delusional spacker edition[View]
93871420Why do qt girls kill themselves?[View]
938711810. ur cunt 1. your age 2. age of your youngest friend 3. age of your oldest friend[View]
93871676How is it that the French race are able to produce such qts?[View]
93872100/brit/: https://youtu.be/BSTh2p3mWVo Limmy edition[View]
93871949Thoughts on the European-American people?[View]
93871900>see a cheerful 15.75 yo girl >remember I missed out on teenage love Why couldn't I have …[View]
93864643India is a BLACK nation[View]
93871526dios mio.......[View]
93870094Thoughts on the current Panamanian invasion of Egypt? Once the Suez canal is ours, we will become a …[View]
93871433these aren't rain clouds send help food tastes weird because my nose is full of soot[View]
93862277/fr/ - Fil Francophone: édition des caves intéressantes[View]
93860425/mämmi/: Työmaapainos[View]
93871671do you troll people this epicly in your cunt?[View]
93867308/deutsch/: Wie war euer Tag? Was macht ihr mit 10 Millionen Euro? Spielt ihr ein Instrument? Welche …[View]
93857096>wake up >open /int/ >start chatting with people around the world…[View]
93867142Would the Europeans of /int/ ever consider race mixing with a '''white''' American? How would your f…[View]
93871490Germany / Netherlands: Why has there never been a war between Germany and the Netherlands? -except W…[View]
93864335What should we do to solve this problem?[View]
93871444Everything happening in the borders between Brazil and Venezuela is happening under american influen…[View]
93871384I am drinking cereal with beer[View]
93865576Would your racemix with a colombian?[View]
93867747Brzezinski used to say 'America has to destroy any alliance between China and Russia'. They did this…[View]
93864392/brit/: Edition: How does this picture make you feel? Be honest.[View]
93867723You do have an afro, right /int/? After all, you're BLACK, no?[View]
93866786Why won't Japan apologise for Nanjing massacre? Why won't they admit they did it?[View]
93869654Brazil: 50% like America and 50% like Russia/China: PT (Lula) = Russia/China** PSDB = EUA http://www…[View]
93870943why did they go out of fashion? they're honestly less cringy than the memes we have today[View]
93869505Why Jap and Chink still use fucking ineffective alpabet?: The most inefficient character in the worl…[View]
93864995Cigany gyspies: How bad are Roma Gypsies truly? Personal experience stories are welcome[View]
93867052/polska/: Edycja słowiańska[View]
93858265/nederdraad/: /nederdraad/ Cabaret editie[View]
93870771edycja najczystszej miłości[View]
93863163why are Russians so good at literature/vidya but utterly shit at making films/music[View]
93866981Hitler you fool[View]
93868273I don't see anything wrong with race mixing as long as you aren't breeding with a Mexican …[View]
93870470taking a poo on the worst euros[View]
93863794What is it about Indian culture that makes them lie all the time, about everything? I'm a girl …[View]
93869819how is the relationship between Dutch people and Boers?[View]
93867871Try to guess what this man was doing without using google[View]
93869769>so anon will you fight for Ukraine?[View]
93870504>One coup in Latam every two years since 1954. >Africa is really evil…[View]
93848292If you're not blue, you're not white.[View]
93870303is this so called British culture I've heard so much about? wow, just wow[View]
93862416Why are Norwegians such boring superficial normies while Finnish people are so autistic? Shouldn…[View]
93867340My sisters called me Onee-Chan what does she want ?[View]
93865949>Your country France >What is the last book you read? Are Italians white? >What did you lea…[View]
93870131Did Lachlan kill himself?: A few days ago he made a thread where he said he was gonna kill himself l…[View]
93868498blondes or brunettes?[View]
93869869>at line waiting for check in behind French people >not A SINGLE ONE has both his ticket, pass…[View]
93869431tfw you have yourself a cheat day and now you not sure whether you are happy because you ate some ju…[View]
93868359>ywn get diddled by an italian woman why even live bros?[View]
93869725>committing suicide[View]
93862949Do Fish Balls exist in other countries or just Sweden?: It's like meatballs except made of fish…[View]
938646941. You’re a country 2. Do you, personally, honestly and unironically wish that your country was a to…[View]
93867205Give me reasons to buy this[View]
93859158/balt/: Do not bully Yandere's[View]
93869093>tfw 6’1 manlet[View]
93867630Why do Americans wear flip flops so much? I find it repulsive, especially when I see fat feet.[View]
93866225your thoughts on Pakistani chads?[View]
93868263Why are Greeks so fat?: Honestly they're just brown and disgusting please eat better food and d…[View]
93869109Just ate a really nice burger for 4 dollars. It had 2 slices of cheese, caramelized onions, nice gre…[View]
93866836/MENA/ Resurrection Edition: where did you faggots go[View]
93832189/balk/ - Balkan thread: Cooling off in the summer edition old >>93814956[View]
93869245Vai dar PT?[View]
93868794Why are AUSTRIAN BVLLS so succesful in their conquest of American girls?[View]
93869260>ywn have opsec clearance at the Langley Research Centre in Hampton, VA and pilot dynamically sca…[View]
93869052Do Americans really breathe oxygen?[View]
93869128i'm chinese-american, any questions?[View]
93865023Would finding love in Iran be acceptable for you? For your parents?[View]
93854011ITT: t. namecalling Example : im t. achmed[View]
93865016this girl ditches her classes for the climates sake, she wants people to care more about the climate…[View]
93868933>be a pure NORDIC stallion >be walking downtown >suddenly, an *ngloid jumps in front of me …[View]
93868527damn, Arabs look like that?!?![View]
93866184What exists inside Earth?[View]
93867562/deutsch/: schanzenfestnachbesprechungsausgabe[View]
93849380Why do they have no culture?: America has Pop music, Hollywood, skateboard, X-box Japan has Karaoke,…[View]
93866545>ur cunt >what did you do today ? >France >woke up >My 2 friends Radjah and Karim c…[View]
93864616Fucking, Austria: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Fucking,_Austria >There are children who use…[View]
93864627>your cunt >can you walk around with pic related sign without being thrown in jail for hate sp…[View]
93868043Why did (((they))) kill communism?[View]
93867309>i don't beat my wife and kids everyday[View]
93866030Am I fat /int/?[View]
93867125Is Jesus retard? Why the fuck did he create human beings?[View]
93867030>cunt >Do you own any /int/ related merchandise?…[View]
93867787i want to make money from internet so i can live in thailand. Rate my plan[View]
93860702Be daughter Hungary's prime minister: >leave a bag of shit in Croatia This is for 1848, you …[View]
93868085Long live the Empire.[View]
93868049/int/, what's your favorite racial insults? i love calling '''greeks''' t*Rks and telling k*Rds…[View]
93866663pochemu amerikantsy takiyeeee tolstyye?[View]
93868019This is a texture of a cigarette pack from the video game Resident Evil 4. I'm curious to know …[View]
93867849DER EINZIG WAHRE /deutsch/ Faden: Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser uezs.[View]
93802648/v4/ + friends: wake up dummies[View]
93864130>a year passed since the last Game of Thrones season >still almost a year of waiting for seaso…[View]
93863465/deutsch/: Investment für Anfänger Ausgabe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBqbhw44o8c https://www.…[View]
93867763anime lad[View]
93849816/ex-yu/: ovo je pravi konac edicija[View]
93852928why are they so poor?[View]
93867330how does LSD feel like[View]
93866475laughed my arse off (lmao)[View]
93867608shoot drugs not guns[View]
93861010>group of Portuguese girls blocks your path wat do[View]
93866614my mom just called me based[View]
93866941I wish I was born in Europe. The only places in Europe I've ever been to are Paris and London w…[View]
93867298How China could Destroy the AMERIFATS: China hosts a large number of major US corporations, includin…[View]
93867486I want to become a host in Japan and breed the women there![View]
93864631would you settle for a german girl?[View]
93866557A typical week of school lunch for kids in Paris vs. New York >Monday Paris: Artisanal baguette, …[View]
93866156what happens here?[View]
93867187I love russia[View]
93862910Did your country ever invent any unique punishments?[View]
93867305I really, really, really want to be raped by a group of women.[View]
93867158>watching 90's kino >gipsy kings starts playing…[View]
93866105The only white man on planet earth[View]
93866940/polska/: edycja ruda[View]
93866028My sister told me I browse this board too much and that it fucks with my head.[View]
93865533Where should I live?[View]
93858372Do you browse any other imageboards, /int/? Which ones?[View]
93862568/polska/: edycja króla polski[View]
93859107Save the white south Africans.[View]
93858457Tokyo - Narita: lol[View]
93852837/norgetråden/: God gammel kjeppjaging-utgave Forrige: >>93829948 >>93829948 >>938…[View]
93866715>city 'people'[View]
93860082>Ugh... I can't believe women don't value ARYAN genes ... whores.. the lot of them…[View]
93864641>flew to Britain >took a shit and pissed in the toilet in the hotel >Britain is now full of…[View]
93855742kurva anyátok[View]
93856673Does the fleshlight feel like a real vagina?: How can I get this product so my parents don't fi…[View]
93866615>watch bollywood movie >half an hour of dancing and shit >obligatory guy trying to woe a gi…[View]
93866581Are general people in your country good at English? I'm curious. I'll start. FUCK NO.[View]
93865950>wake up >see this what do?[View]
93859170Poland to make money for Guatemala: >The Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) has signed a contr…[View]
93857372What do Arabs think about Turks, what Turks think about arabs?[View]
93855161are you or your family wogs?[View]
93853860Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
93842160/ausnz/: Afternoon naps.[View]
93865744Before discovering /int/ and seeing people like Jorge, I didn't realize Latins could be khhv. I…[View]
93865958Pooland, apologize RIGHT NOW.[View]
93861415Is there a country or culture besides yours that you feel a real affinity towards?[View]
93864888Is it true that european men can't handle ass?[View]
93865670What anime should I check?[View]
93863904Why don't Italians assimilate? We have Italian-French who live in France for 3 generations and …[View]
93865901Be honest, do you actively participate in international culture in real life, or do you just go onli…[View]
93866078Was the exodus of (future) Icelanders from Norway the beginning of the end of the Norwegian nation?[View]
93861535why do they eat dogs?[View]
93852367Am I white?[View]
93854651Where's their general? And why are they so quiet Also >Least butthurt euro flag…[View]
93863041>manlet (178cm) >dicklet (13cm) >wristlet >head circumferencelet (56 cm) Should I just …[View]
93861948join us, its fun[View]
93860838recommend me: a song which cheers someone up[View]
93862067German anon gets a lot of pay.: I only get 2,200 dollars a month.I want to die[View]
938654371. Your cunt 2. Should the US have intervened in WW1 and WW2? America No, except for Japan because t…[View]
93859329Present for Japan: Hello Jap anons, I've got a present for you! >-<[View]
93865333ching chang chong ding dong haha[View]
93854068Waterworld: Thoughts?[View]
93862153the mark of the third world[View]
93856647If you support special programs for immigration concerning white south africans but complained about…[View]
93859985Do you have traditional dresses that reveal legs?[View]
93861170get out whitey[View]
93861846Sverigetråden - MY: >>93861691 >37kg bebisvikt[View]
93856414/Hispania/ general: General para la nación de Hispania diga tú provincia.[View]
93850920Cat thread: Post pics of your cats. Pic not my cat.[View]
93865142What's our current opinion on Turkey?[View]
93864034It's my time to sleep. Goodbye everyone.[View]
93862181Why do muslims hate this man so much?[View]
93859318How do you call this in your country?[View]
93858332The blood of Cyrus and Avicenna course through my veins. Yet you, some pathetic wh*Te man, think you…[View]
93859766Swedish question: Pretty girl has a Swedish name. What should I do? Should I contact her or not.…[View]
93853120Seriously, Why do so many White girls do piercing?? When i asked them the why, They told me they had…[View]
93850692Why is it so hard for people to accept the fact that the majority of ancient Egyptians looked like m…[View]
93859432/deutsch/: Große deutsche Hähne-Ausgabe[View]
93860099ITT We say nice things about Canadians[View]
93863306>watching some roastie vlog about afghanistan >could hardly understand what the locals were sa…[View]
93847325Wow Poland looks like THAT?[View]
93864219>Muslims literally have a festival that revolves around slaughtering animals Why are these '''''p…[View]
93864473hey wagie hey hey wagie catch[View]
93864700/baltic/ not /balt/ ok?: nothing is good edition[View]
93861651wtf i definitively ended the debate over what counts as a continent just like that???[View]
93848274oh no no no[View]
93857417>do you use wireless earphones?[View]
938613870. your country 1. are there too many natives in your country? 0. finlan 1. YES! https://www.youtube…[View]
93858412hey Russia What live in this place? nobody live in this mountains??[View]
93864564Can i be considered as East Asian if i live in Far of Russia and Japan/ Korea are in 500 km away fro…[View]
93861003Climate change: Do you feel effects of climate change in your country? Russia. We have milder winter…[View]
93864436Unironically wish I was born in Afghanistan. I despise Desi culture[View]
93863949>your country >do you sleep with jeans/pants on flag yes…[View]
93861795Why couldn't they just stay together?[View]
93861656/brit/: what a sappy gay film Paddington is despise Londoners[View]
93858045The good thing about being diaspora to a mutt new world country like Australia is I can be the son o…[View]
93864286Is sex being looked down upon and considered vulgar in India's public sphere, especially among …[View]
93863484waiting for RDR2....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUXGW6sWYDY&t=30s[View]
93860353What does your country think about him?[View]
93863214anon why didn't you sacrifice an animal for the almighty allah today?[View]
93803581/éire/: Back to work, wagie edition[View]
93860674>>93849984 >brit >calling anyone else mongrel…[View]
93860260Hi there, I'm going to Stockholm in mid Octobre for about a week. Do you have any recommendatio…[View]
93848252/dshs/ bivši /ex-yu/[View]
93863268Does she look pretty with makeup?: Or is it okay with a face without makeup?[View]
93855019I am just watching Asian games, but it is absolutely not good enough for us (master race) to evolve …[View]
93861441Let's be honest; the youth of today are utter shit. You cannot prove this wrong.[View]
93862275Woah I didn't know ancient Palestinian Jews were this diverse[View]
93859440I just ate a burger from mcdonalds and now I'm going to play vidya[View]
93862944>Brit refers to fellow europeans as 'continentals'[View]
93862553why are continental women so hairy??[View]
93852232/int/ more like /shit/[View]
93854591this is the future queen of Spain say something nice about Her Royal Highness Leonor de Todos los S…[View]
93862766why does this pepe always make me think of roy orbison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNAVrQ96mpA…[View]
93862889What do americans actually mean when they talk about the importance of having positive credit? Do th…[View]
93862421Its been raining like crazy, for months now, it feels a bit like England, in the past eleven years t…[View]
93857107/BEST KOREA/: With great care for the workers and the working class people, Comrade Kim Jong Un also…[View]
93857985/polska/: Edycja antykomunistyczna[View]
93861802Asian insects: >>93375593 >>93379615 >>93381865 >>93375747 >>93383331 …[View]
93856333Why do Brits call Europeans, continentals?[View]
93859013Ugandans getting cucked by based chinks: https://qz.com/857156/uganda-is-worried-about-the-number-of…[View]
93860086Turkey will join the EU sooner or later, and that's a good thing[View]
93858110/brit/: Lyrics[View]
93855454What is /int/'s opinion on strong black women?[View]
93853920/hell/-έξω οι βάρβαροι: Ιλουμινάτι edition[View]
93857583my starting salary is 55k Euro = 63k USD although it's good, it's still shit[View]
93859638I just ate a LIDL Kebab pizza with added pepperoni and I covered the finished product with oregano, …[View]
93861758>no I dont want to have sex with my cousin[View]
93859185>they are talking English in their generals[View]
93861866Sverigetråden - Mongoupplagan[View]
93861133>'greetings from x' why do normies do this[View]
93859450Why are they such narcissistic dick holes? they only like to talk about how ''better'…[View]
93851032normimentes kurva anyátok[View]
93858911/INT/ International int: >country >We discuss our day Go.…[View]
93857930Are they Nordic?[View]
93861121Are Indians ripping off Freddie Mercury or Is it the other way around? :thinkgen:[View]
93854167/fr/ - Fil francophone et francophile: Édition Alpine[View]
93857957Sverigetråden - Cosplayupplagan[View]
93858821>ur cunt >Your eye colour from this chart France D30 with T10 central heterochromia…[View]
93857927Which one do you prefer? City name changes: Salisbury/Harare Leningrad/Saint-Petersburg Koenigsberg/…[View]
93861148Indian 'men'[View]
93860065Wee lad: https://gizmodo.com/museum-visitor-falls-into-giant-hole-that-looks-like-a-1828462859…[View]
93856218Why are they sooo finnish?[View]
93860965Please love Pakistan[View]
93844952/cum/: Abolish the Royals edition.[View]
93854843Why do Europeans blindly believe that Europe is cleaner and safer than japan?[View]
93852772Among worlds 15 top economies, India is most disliked: And America is the most popular country :^) h…[View]
93858746wish we could turn back time...[View]
93860091this is a generic racial thread. here i will either a) distinguish my race as better than yours or b…[View]
93857177DAS RITE[View]
93860384Where are the Turks?[View]
93854790is it socially acceptable in your habitat to live with your mummy past the age of 30?[View]
93833840/mämmi/: Painos Sormusten Herrasta[View]
93838470/ita/ - il filo: il filo umaronno[View]
93859808Imagine if Russians had their Soviet empire this big.[View]
93848925Have you ever been beaten up?[View]
9385802095 year old Nazi After years of trying the U.S.A. has deported 95 year old Jakiw Palij, a former mem…[View]
93858575I am a khhv incel, armed and dangerous and you cant stop me[View]
93855799I would love to have friends from other Country, we could talk by massanger and shit. Maybe meet aft…[View]
93851325BASED POLAND[View]
93857861What's your opinion on the Benelux?[View]
93849886Is your country democratic?[View]
93857952Why do zoomers like to put usb keys inside their mouth?[View]
93795969/asean/: Xiamen Air edition[View]
93858301My father wanted to move to Maine before I was born but ultimately decided against it[View]
93859093/Religion/: What is your religion? How religious is your country? Do you practice? Is it a force for…[View]
93858881Polish immigration into the UK needs to stop. Britons have much more in common withmple Indians or p…[View]
93850782>one chance in life >could've been born a superior sex and life easy, carefree life with …[View]
93857911Remember Bindi Irwin?[View]
93853637N-No!! I prefer my ASIAN woman from Malaysia!! She's really hot and she cooks good rice recipes…[View]
93848218white countries are for everybody(^^[View]
93855436U.S. Air Force trainer selection is imminent.: T-50 ...Lockheed Martin +KAI BTX-1..... Boeing + SAAB…[View]
93852538Why is she so perfect?[View]
93857023This is my country of origin.[View]
93854839Why is Italian food so unhealthy?[View]
93857934>I wont fuck my cousin[View]
93855822this is the leader of alt right movement in the state of são paulo[View]
93857225Contrary to the popular belief people here aren't obsessed with skin color. Sure lighter skin i…[View]
93856295I really love snow countries: recommend me a good snow country to emigrate[View]
93850102going to the swimming pool soon[View]
93854869/brit/: BY AZURA BY AZURA BY AZURA edition[View]
93857773Where am I? Why is it so quiet? What's habbening?[View]
93848564/nederdraad/: Nederdraad klepel editie[View]
93857014Do you accept the necessity of preserving the slovenian ethnicity/nation and preserving its unique g…[View]
93852927/polska/: edycja normalna[View]
93847507Why you is the remove kebab meme so popular? In Sweden, all Serbs live in the ghetto among Muslims a…[View]
93841847>Make American become independent >'underdog farmers beat the most powerful empire ever on th…[View]
93856393>be me >be 26 >can't tie shoelaces Should I an hero, /int/?…[View]
93855068My package from Japan just arrived!!![View]
93850295Hi i'm an anglo and my opinion of québec is that blahblablablah...[View]
93853046Why do serial killers receive tons of letters written by women?[View]
93857222how does the fortnite females farts smell like?[View]
93855388why are we so fit? why are anglos so fat?[View]
93856558You can't drink water safely in Paris. Also, 90% of people here are shitskins. God what a fuck…[View]
93855941>all your Muhammadan relatives are wishing you a happy Eid even though you do not adhere to the t…[View]
93856538What american newspaper should i read online to keep me up to date with whats happening in murica an…[View]
93856156Any Russians here?[View]
93854586What's his masterplan?[View]
93855917why can't anglos into philosophy[View]
93853429very beautiful language[View]
93851511This kills the pajeet: >B-b-but Pakistanis are the reason there is no peace between India and Pak…[View]
93849508Osaka > Tokyo[View]
93854832EL SALVADOR CUTS TIES WITH TAIWAN IN FAVOR OF CHINA: >Now only 17 countries recognise Taiwan, aft…[View]
93853156end of white people's era. now world is east asian' s era. China / Korea / Japan. Those 3 …[View]
93854994If the majority of your country isn't forest, then you aren't white[View]
93856037If your eyes are brown you're not white[View]
93851806Why are browns so obsessed with white people? Seriously, it seems like every other conversation they…[View]
93851690Post the poorest region of your cunt.[View]
93854572Which country are the biggest perverts?[View]
93854179Why shouldn't I live in New Hampshire?[View]
93850444Jag undrar hur länge det skulle ta för Ryssland att ta över Sverige helt och hållet[View]
93855762https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_Families_Party >The Working Families Party (WFP) is a minor…[View]
93847790kurva anyátok[View]
93842713Sverigetråden - Christer Pettersons upplaga[View]
93848111Why are Indian men so creepy?[View]
93855257/insolvenverfahren/ ehemals /deutsch/: wieviel money seid ihr am getten? scuuurrrr![View]
93853808/Int/ernational music summer edition: >your country >what was your favourite country's so…[View]
93853533Me and my gf were looking at candid/porn subreddits and 4chan boards. We noticed that most of the wo…[View]
93854639It's happening: Finns are making Battle Royale - the game: https://muropaketti.com/pelit/gamesc…[View]
93853722only 2%.....so poor.[View]
93855293annoying accent[View]
93855351finland is best and YOU CAN'T PROVE ME WRONG[View]
93854322Greater Pakhtunkhwa when?[View]
93817670/dixie/ - The South and Acquaintances: Sunday edition[View]
93855244all british people complain that the weather is bad, their country is ugly and their food is bad + t…[View]
93852207/deutsch/: Vermögensverteilung Ausgabe[View]
93853123/pol/ in a nutshell: Let's be honest lurking pol cunts how much does this apply to you.[View]
93855187>always hear /int/ talk about wiki as propaganda for liberals or jews >read a bit about black …[View]
93855119>i am not the town rapist[View]
93849912>'cant wait for next month paki boy, you better have my rent or we'll have to settle it by o…[View]
93852496why is jpop so shitty(especially idol songs) but anime songs are decent? https://youtu.be/VjNVPO8ff8…[View]
93854289Never give up /int/. You can do it[View]
93852007/brit/: One American Cuisine, please edition[View]
93854036Just checked Quora. What's wrong with American education?: Are they really asking these?[View]
93854646ahhhhhhh yes mini pierogi with borscht is there anything more delicious?[View]
93854173/fr/ - Le Fil Français: Edition cosplayeuse[View]
9385333725% sales tax: Do you think that's too high?[View]
93851770new thing from /ourguy/ jakubmarian discuss[View]
938486841. Your cunt 2. Fictional character that reminds you of yourself >flag >for me it's Sasuk…[View]
93853107Philosopher, Bard, Father, Husband, Landlord, Farmer, Warrior, Mechanic and Shaman you name it. How …[View]
93853965How do you cope with being a Nordlet?[View]
93812961Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
93830763/hell/ - Άkρως Ελληνιkόν: Πειραιάς edition >>93818539 ολδ[View]
93848841I never understood this, why didn't someone just shoot him? He seemed unpopular[View]
93836413/fr/ - Fil francophone et francophile: Edition angélique[View]
93853422Psycho Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better Run run run run ru…[View]
93853018>Umm I don't find blacks attractive >75+% of the time finds light skinned blacks attracti…[View]
93849628Why is it so hard for Brits to understand 'no'?: Is it because they are told 'no' in French (non), G…[View]
93852831/polska/: edycja[View]
93853297Warum ist Deutsch nicht die Lingua franca der Welt?[View]
93849662Celtic Nations: To those of you from the celtic nations represented on this map with flags, do you f…[View]
93853265Why are h*Mans such primitive useless fucking ape animals? 100,000 years have past and these useless…[View]
93852548Will there be any other event as based as this?[View]
93848120Are they european?[View]
93853301Which one is the best?[View]
93852209How is a human suppoused to get out of bed with this cold?[View]
93853187/ireland/: God save the Queen edition.[View]
93852051Son, do you know how I got this car? And this job? With a firm handshake. Why can't you do the …[View]
93852923How does it make you feel that the real history is finally being told after so many years of lying?[View]
93851899Living in Latin America must be MAGICAL: >wake up, go to your suicide shower >maybe today is t…[View]
93851607Which one?[View]
93848262why is japan a safe country?[View]
93852972how common of a sight is this in your country[View]
93849798>your cunt >does your town have a local rapist flag yes…[View]
93851601>you live in a country when the only popular sport is soccer literally impossible to make any mal…[View]
93848001why are they so miserable?[View]
93851947I just realized I don't recall where I put my passport.[View]
93848425If this thread has a majority yes vote then japan gets rangebanned.[View]
93852453What ethnicity is JEssica Nigri?[View]
93841005/polska/ nocna: edycja /cm/[View]
93851538somebody please explain the gaming-while-shitting meme is it an american thing? do you people serio…[View]
93852494I saw a dream that Costa Rica had land in Europe near Italy, not even memeing.[View]
93850479This is a real language. I have not modified the image in anyway.[View]
93842145/nachtschicht/ periodisch auch /deutsch/: Sae-Ausgabe[View]
93852294/AA/-African American general: Whitoids must pay reparations edition[View]
93851418Jordan is a shitter country, please never come here if you know what is best for you.: >poor peop…[View]
93850646/brit/: Want to learn something poo? The /brit/ thread is a poo posting guide created by /int/ users…[View]
93851536your country your favourite pornstar for me it's Sarah Banks atm[View]
93845726Let's say you were born a girl: Exactly the Same personality everything the same... How do you …[View]
93850722Swedish Jas jet fighter hits a bird and crash lands: https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/G1AR7Q/jas…[View]
93841478/Eid/: Happy Eid anon Post them sheeps[View]
93848367>americans are stupi- OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA[View]
93847793/brit/: former zoomer official boomer now edition[View]
93850246Why is he not represented as one of the biggest villains in modern history?[View]
93851753Why do Americans hate fitness and glorify gluttony?[View]
93829948/norgetråden/: Alle er anmeldt-utgaven Forrige: >>93813253 >>93813253 >>93813253…[View]
93848846does your country have a tradition of cooking stockfish? what are some regional recipes?[View]
93848183Californians forbid the use of sugary bewerages on restaurants: source: MTV https://www.mtv.fi/lifes…[View]
93844581Are exchange students common in your country?[View]
93835892>Flag >Your favorite country-exclusive snack Other Mexas refrain from posting, this is the ult…[View]
93849517what should we do to the wh*Toids? rape their women? Glass their countries? Breed them out of exista…[View]
93850878Why aren't they united already?[View]
93850622am I white?[View]
93851097This is how much cost a toilet paper roll in Venezuela.[View]
93850031does your country have Commander Safeguard: it says its popular in Mexico in Wikipedia true or not …[View]
93850714Why the fuck do they even still exist? Like seriously why does the world even allow them to be alive…[View]
93851018Wow... Just wow[View]
93849093i honestly don’t give a shit about losing another “country with diplomatic relations”[View]
93848927>/int/ writes a story: This story represents /int/ in every way: https://vocaroo.com/i/s11BVitshv…[View]
93849990How do you say 'fuck you' in a way that the bongs understand?[View]
93848683are they insects?[View]
93848318Why is there not a single succesful non-white society in the history of mankind? Why are they so sub…[View]
93853343why????????: >chinese ,korean ugly languages >japanese beautiful language…[View]
93850763>your country >how do you say 'ahhh that first toke of the day' in your lang?…[View]
93849296Why does he hate Asians so much?: .[View]
93850281>'It's like comparing apples to oranges' How the hell are apples and oranges now comparable?…[View]
93849261Is America part of Africa?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seh_fZJqB94[View]
93849941Wake up.[View]
93848285>turkish men...[View]
93850122*brrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* Clean up my shit jannies[View]
93840977Post you are hobbies. I'm a drawfag.[View]
93849860I finally read up on what he actually did instead of just believing the headlines and what women hav…[View]
93849339Why are Americans like this?[View]
93850474>wake up >go to bathroom to do pee pee >notice there is a small piece of turd stuck to my l…[View]
93848972Are people who are actually african triggerd by this?: Why are SJWs triggerd by people experiencing …[View]
93796538/lang/ - language learning general: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning …[View]
93850007are measure words a meme[View]
93847643>one shot at life >ugly and 5'6 can i call it 'life'?…[View]
93849235/ex-yu/: kurwa anyatok edicija[View]
93848908This is Tampere, Finland[View]
93846272Ok, this is epic[View]
93830870/mämmipizza/: Thread dedicated to the eternal friendship of italians and finns. Western Finland will…[View]
93847852Is indian also a consistent jerk one when it's about their national cuisine curry, like italian…[View]
93849732Eid Mubarak[View]
93848150Do you love Colombia?[View]
93849564show me your dream borders you dirty sluts[View]
93848640Why exactly are you against this?[View]
93849374why are wh*Toids so weak and pathetic?[View]
93849644>be me >shithole >big population but no relevant talents on global stage >a nuisance t…[View]
938492631. Your cunt 2. Do women there enjoy their feet getting attention?[View]
93836775i have never kissed a girl i was not related to. is it normal in your country?[View]
93849172have a 5 word poop essay until the 8th september and i havent even started yet[View]
93848832Why does seemingly every kooky new state law/bill come from California? What kind of politicians do …[View]
93849246Whats that? You wanna know what's under my bucket wagie? None of your fucking business wagecuck…[View]
93849206why did he make those 'race of devils'[View]
93849320kurva anyátok![View]
93848179Bongs will defend this[View]
93849196Al-andalus = Vandalus[View]
93848054why are americans fat and STUPID[View]
93848681>japan posters[View]
93849054while WHITEYS lived in mudhuts INDIANS lived in CASTLES[View]
93848253IQ by country: thoughts?[View]
93848440Why is it that the UK has lost its power to the point that it's now not as influential as japan…[View]
93846481Congrats Ameriga, not even in Brazil we ve achieved this level of blackness: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
93849101reminder utah is based and should be indepedent, so they can attempt to Rewconquistea. they'll …[View]
93848996>'I'm smart, but lazy.'[View]
93847798help me muzzies i became a muslim last week and 5/7 mornings I was unable to wake up for fajr. i set…[View]
93847024korean in traditional German costume[View]
93848458>visited Europe >I had believed Europe was clean >tfw realized Europe is far dirtier than e…[View]
93847789/brit/ - The Historian[View]
93846156What went wrong in your life??[View]
93845564>/int/ only allows respectful discussion of other cultures toplel you redditnigger moderator cuck…[View]
93848748I got an interview for Ryanair as a flight attendant How fucked am I..? I know it's lowcost and…[View]
93846127How common is this phenotype in your city?[View]
93848844Stop playing video games[View]
93848718Insectoid nation[View]
93848547Another day of wagecucking waits for me[View]
93845784>French doesn't have a word for 'fluent'[View]
93847337>So how's the job search comin' you lazy millennial *crack* *sips*…[View]
93847648I unironically do not give a shit about what happens outside of Sao Paulo. I wanted it to be an inde…[View]
93847892why jap sooooooooooo inferior to China?[View]
93822095/lat/ - hilo latANO: daño cerebral permanente[View]
93829402>Your cunt >Does your town have a local church? Flag Yes…[View]
93846837>cunt flag >age 25 >virgin? y/n no >something you hate about your job never had a job, b…[View]
93847119This board is fucking trash, the mod team won't hand out permabans to the retarded spammers tha…[View]
93846562Why do white people keep killing their own families?: Are they trying to go extinct?[View]
93848340https://vocaroo.com/i/s11BVitshvGJ Only oldfags will understand[View]
93844823@ White people[View]
93846569aaaand noooow, the end is neeeeaar and so I faaace the fiiinal curtain my friiieeend, I'll say …[View]
93848288Holy fuck why is everyone so tall all of the sudden? I am a 188 cm manlet and i swear to god 90% of …[View]
93848238Xi Jinping! Your efforts to stop me has only made me more powerful! Make your peace now! I am coming…[View]
93847581in mexico we eat human leg tacos: did you knew?[View]
93847584The truth is that cuckropeans grew up on a hyper sheltered environment, resulting in their out-of-th…[View]
93848135hillary is the only president to endorse sharting in the mart, La Creatura confrimed[View]
93848140tfw no gf in my country[View]
93847075what makes you happy, /int/?[View]
938473161. your cunt 2. do you have any henges?[View]
93846680What is your general opinion of Australia?[View]
93846749/brit/: shit went bad edition[View]
93847957>walk into Caribou >See a group of Stacys grab brown sugar packets You white bois better star…[View]
93847884>tfw i just drinked 3 bottles of Monster Guys i feel like shit, am i gonna die?…[View]
93845685I'm 5'5 (165cm) and I live in a part of America where there are tall people fucking everyw…[View]
93845628Are korean boys the most handsome and classy boys in the world?[View]
93847765I am not kidding with you.[View]
93847753>wake up >check the phone >it's 8:15 already I want to sleep more.…[View]
93845944>Those ethnic groups confuse and enrage the young western european male. why…[View]
93847519How did the most powerful continent on Earth, home to the strongest empires in history become Americ…[View]
93836742Why are they so shit?: What is wrong with them?[View]
93842648What happens at your country's borders?[View]
93847107American phenotype: I see this everywhere here >brown hair >brown eyes >but otherwise look …[View]
93843233So how can I pick up middle eastern chicks/find a middle eastern escort? I've fucked at least …[View]
93837728/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Amor[View]
93846409Theoretically how could a lone Australian wage global war with Germany? Ideally without leaving my a…[View]
93843501>mfw just won ww2 as Germany in HOI4 but then I realized its just a game…[View]
93847209Wew lad https://gizmodo.com/museum-visitor-falls-into-giant-hole-that-looks-like-a-1828462859…[View]
93845231Universal currency when?[View]
93846057I just woke up.: I'm not working today. What shall I do?[View]
93822813/boomer/: /int/ boomer general NO ONE BORN AFTER 31.12.1995 MAY POST HERE so lads, *sips* ahhhh >…[View]
93847299Ceвepoкaвкaзcкoe издaниe.[View]
93845912Chinese and Pakistani border guards at Khunjerab Pass[View]
93847241Can you fucking Indian niggers stop calling me. It says Scam Likely on the caller id you fucking pak…[View]
93845528Tea with milk and sugar... what's the point?[View]
93847158>oh I've had it up to HERE with these dang millennials >yup, why don't those lazy so…[View]
9384553695 Thread: You can only post here if you were born in 1995[View]
93844085How did Brazil become so hardcore?[View]
93845839Bizarre Name Thread: what is an idiotic bizarre person's name that actually exists in your coun…[View]
93845458>mfw jannies delete my mom-racist thread about Dominicans, but they keep gay threads up fuck the…[View]
93844861What is it like to live in a black majority city? I'm going to work 3 months in Baltimore.[View]
93846641Average finnish posters[View]
938461701. country 2. do you pee in the shower[View]
93846014Are there still pirates In the Philippines?: Are there still pirates?[View]
93830800I am 203cm, 104kg all muscles. I could literally beat up every single person on this board.[View]
93846819if your country doesn't have its own wizarding school it's pretty much a non-country[View]
93845867I'm looking for a copypasta in english about niggers. It's a long tests and the world nigg…[View]
93844833The perks of being Muslim: >Born in Britain to Turkish parents >Born a Muslim >Don’t fast d…[View]
93836581What do you think about this Polish version of Battlefield? https://youtu.be/hTawLr62caw Trailer sh…[View]
93818597Why do Romanians love Italy so much?[View]
93846772/brit/: One American Culture, please edition[View]
93846755is he known in shitaly?[View]
93839060Why do they have Spanish names if the last people to colonize them was us? Shouldn't they have …[View]
93845586/brit/: For life is easy, once you understand the reasons why[View]
93846058>be the british empire >declare war on germany >refuse offers of peace and alliance >los…[View]
93846664Could she pass as a local in bavaria?[View]
93846666I am an Italian white boi[View]
93846227Reminder that America is a multicultural melting pot and ALL Americans are immigrants. We should wor…[View]
93844942Fuck Jordan: I can't take this anymore. I fucking hate this country. Everyone here is a fucking…[View]
93846586how do quebecois feel about the french about and vice versa?[View]
93844705What's the cheapest fast food in Toronto? Also cheapest alcohol.[View]
93845044this is what asia would look like without wh*Tes.[View]
93838129>one chance at life: >born a jordanian pooskin, literally the worst middle eastern ethnicity …[View]
93846384Why does /pol/ always steal our memes: They always copy threads that we make here it's insane h…[View]
93846089Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
93831830/nederdraad/: groot-nederland-editie[View]
93844807Best Latin Cinema is from argentina[View]
93846441How do the women in your country feel about Justin Trudeau?[View]
93842985Cyberpunk cities when[View]
93845738>Roman P*pery[View]
93846262What's wrong with Brazilians?: Brazilians violently expel Venezuelans and burn there camps. htt…[View]
93843573So this is the power of the American education[View]
93844216what was their endgame?[View]
93844869>cunt >do you/have you ever had a gf flag no and no…[View]
93844893Moving: Planning on the biggest move of my life to Scotland. This is happening sometime next year an…[View]
93846240girls with big souls > girls with big soles[View]
93844242/brit/: i am the puppetmaster i pull the strings edition[View]
93843153Why do Americans do this?[View]
93844802>plumbing in deep shit >bedroom turned into a swamp overnight >call roto rooter >give me…[View]
93845895>become a prayer warrior >keep calm and trust God Why does American book stores have so many…[View]
93842567hilo hispano /hisp/: nuevo hilo en el cual estan invitados todos los paises hispanohablantes sin exc…[View]
938402211. Your country 2. Who is your favorite Metal Gear protagonist?[View]
93845783>big drugs >small brains >good friends I love you guys…[View]
93843313>in jail >tops the polls at 45% THE SQUID CAN NOT BE STOPPED…[View]
93845249This is فاليري أبو شقرا. She is my wife. Say something nice about her.[View]
93837746Do you enjoy your empty purposeless life as an atheist?[View]
93842906Quel est le meilleur pays d'Europe et pourquoi c'est la France?[View]
93842469>one chance at life >not born in russia[View]
93840426>US isn't considered part of Scandanavia This triggers my autism[View]
93844351>My country has a strong centralized government and high taxes[View]
93830893/ex-yu/: tesko je naci normalnog decka, svi neki cudaci[View]
93839847What are the most commom male names in your country?[View]
93839737What's going on with Europe?[View]
93843980No drugs No alcohol No casual sex No partying[View]
93841204For this alone, we must destroy Britain.[View]
93841954>$15 an hour? say hello to your replacement[View]
93845131Why did Mexico support the commies in the Nicaraguan civil war???????[View]
93841687/Hispania/ general: Post your province Long live the Hispanian people.[View]
93840668damn why does everyone in new york look like this[View]
93845088What part of this will she enjoy the most?[View]
93844373White americans of /int/, what's your background? Are you Meds, Slavs, Nordics, or Euro mutts?[View]
93837283how can we stop the swedish BVLL from stealing our women?[View]
93833486/cum/ CANADA USA MEXICO: Great movies edition[View]
93841937Why do white men go sexpatting in Asia instead of Latin America?[View]
93844764>yfw Lachlan doesn't get mod status and spams this whole site in autistic anger again Rememb…[View]
93844204How did you feel when you found out that there are Brazilian virgins?[View]
93813592ITT: Post your cunt's worst leaders (hard mode: no current head of state please) >ultimate p…[View]
93841374Why are British women so ugly?[View]
93843989Argentine Women: Why are they so beautiful?[View]
93838097why are arabs so ugly?[View]
93842926/brit/: it is my birthday edition[View]
93843894These are mutt/int/ hours. Those who don't prove they're not white will be neutralized imm…[View]
93842203What the average Spanish man looks like.[View]
93840107do you like buildings like that[View]
93844033Was Canada a mistake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lg2fLx3y8Y[View]
93841538getting a Latin American gf is the unalienable right of every Iberian...[View]
938430361. Your country 2. What are you going to play aloud while mowing the lawn when you turn a boomer? 1.…[View]
93843368Would you?[View]
93843838International Encounters Stories: >be me >never seen a white person in my country before >s…[View]
93838905Can hardcore porn be shown on European television?[View]
93842652Why are American nazis incapable of spelling[View]
93843512>this is the sort of person who roleplays as a professional food critic on anonymous Sri Lankan s…[View]
93840157Why do Latinos in Quebec blend in with the Maghrebis and try to act like them? cringe[View]
93843202>live in shithole country >subhumans don't shut the fuck up at the theater AAAAAAAAAA…[View]
93836175>45 yo >look like 60 so this is the superiortity of the scandi genes…[View]
93842986what is life like in a non-democratic country?[View]
93842178>tfw you realize that America is a figurative Noah's Ark that preserved White civilization a…[View]
93841878why do americans eat this?[View]
93835818Spain, the parrot, give it back!.[View]
93843034>I’m addicted to porn[View]
93842987Welcome to white culture[View]
93842370>German >chad Why is that combo so ubiquitous?…[View]
93841454/brit/: the man the myth the legend[View]
93831680Your country Do you know this kid flag ofc[View]
93841322>as a free citizen of the United States of America my opinion is[View]
93840350God save our gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen! God save the Queen! Send her victorious, Hap…[View]
93842431trying to enjoy dinner but dad is going on another one of his anti-spain rants again[View]
93842854/asean/: foreign chink edition[View]
93842721>sign up for acting class at uni just for fun >go to first class today >find out that the f…[View]
93836355/fr/ - le francofil: édition de la musique japonaise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jSrIMu7Jjs…[View]
93836839Why is this region so irrelevant?[View]
93841132O boi my reddit message box is full[View]
93840930My paternal grandmother was German (Surname was Stein). It fucking pisses me off that my ancestrial …[View]
93835024American woman fired for rushing her son to hospital instead of going to work: USA! USA! USA![View]
93842017>Daddy, what was it like when New Beijing (新北京) and New Shanghai (新上海) were known as Toronto and …[View]
93841181You think I'm British?.I'm Scottish[View]
93836141How would you react if this man announces he will be making a vacation trip to your home country?[View]
93842406Warum gibt es dieses Land noch?[View]
93839939How do people in your cunttree react if they see gays making out in public?[View]
93840056I NEED a Japanese GF[View]
93842412Polaks and Euros of /int/, redpill me on Polish women. What do they think of shy American men?[View]
93842075why do they talk like pirates?[View]
93828736Why are you all so anti Slav? They're wonderful people![View]
93833458>uni starting in 41 days[View]
93838711How are you preparing for the asian century?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UnndFl1_Fpw[View]
93841708Is this the best part of Italy?[View]
93838137Tell me about Russians. Are they European, Asiatic, or a combination of both?[View]
93841965Tell me about Wakanda, GA[View]
93841927Why do Americans eat this?[View]
93841766>There are non-Americans that speak English Explain this[View]
93836838/leberschwimmbecken/ ehemals /deutsch/: >er hat nicht auf liverpool geld gewettet was geht jungfr…[View]
93838795Why do Americans do this?[View]
93828156/balt/: The bird[View]
93840430/brit/: pete edition[View]
93841608Ever wondered why all German people look as if they are constipated all the time?[View]
93841395long way to mukumbura edition[View]
93839722I am half Greek half Irish and live in Salford[View]
93841433Do Japs, KIKES, Russians etc romanise their names? Or do they use their bullshit alphabet?[View]
93831377The poster below you is where your future bf/gf will be from[View]
93826360ITT: /int/ in 1960[View]
93838691What's your favourite country /int/?[View]
93835831Here's your next POTUS and FLOTUS, Ameribros.[View]
93832958got back from europe a week ago and holy shit, why do some euro men seem so fucking ga. this wasn…[View]
93829645Why is it that other Nordic countries have an inferiority complex towards Sweden? (similar to how ot…[View]
93839860>family computer's psu has a switch for switching between different voltages >didn't…[View]
93841100Why do /pol/cunts get triggered when we btfo'd them: What do they expect. no one gives a shit a…[View]
93840158While the alt-right keep crying about 'muh white race', millions of americans are watching the nogli…[View]
93837072Are you saying so*Throns aren't worthless???[View]
93833237/polska/: edycja anime częśc druga[View]
93834547would these finnic gentlemen pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
93840811Can't think of anything cozier than a peaceful life in the North Caucasus region (far away from…[View]
93836949What's in Panama?[View]
93837885what did estonia mean by this?[View]
93839277/brit/: we slav now[View]
93838390Say something nice about the UK![View]
93840394Why are Finns so violent?[View]
93840259i see my penis from a pov vision and it is fucking small[View]
93840404You and everyone that posts ITT are on the RMS Titanic as she leaves Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland.…[View]
93840272How is Cortes remembered in Spain and Mexico?[View]
93840340So, this is what nords look like now...[View]
93840092What kind of music do you listen to /int/? https://youtu.be/p_4coiRG_BI[View]
93836931Beyond the Pyrenees begins Africa. Once that natural barrier is crossed, the Mediterranean racial ty…[View]
93838195>Both island countries in the Pacific >Both under American occupation >One ends up rich and…[View]
93834256Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
93833290The USA was Britain's worst mistake[View]
93839413Why do they get along so well today despite their history?[View]
93835861Korea is better than Japan: Korean are nicer than Japanese. Japan is backwards racist right wing nat…[View]
93803886kurva anyátok megborítós államalapításos ünnepség[View]
93837497>tfw no Ukrainian gf[View]
93837904What do you call this face shape?[View]
93838065This is how Amstel beer looks like in my country. What does a good stalwart beer that does the job l…[View]
93839631Average mutterican really thinks Columbus has arrived where today is the modern US[View]
93837517>rebellious >freedom fighters >evergreen >strong >happy >drunk little elves >gi…[View]
93838813fuck this is so sad I'm crying right now https://youtu.be/yRoOCv26-CU?t=10s post sad music from…[View]
93760758/flag/ + /extraflags/: seal-to-flag before-and-after edition Previous Edition: >>93688548 Welc…[View]
93839112When I type 'Japan ultra nationalist' in google, this is what comes up.[View]
93834015Whoah... Japanese girls look like THIS?[View]
93830002which language would you choose to be the global language BESIDES English[View]
93836152>/int/ writes a story: https://vocaroo.com/i/s11BVitshvGJ >>93824765 a u t i s i m[View]
93837721/brit/: Summer edition[View]
93837055>your cunt >should schools enforce wearing uniforms?…[View]
93834383Poland: What do you mean by this?[View]
93833968/dshs/ - država slovenaca, hrvata i srba: bivši /ex-yu/ konac servi i servomakedonci >>>/ba…[View]
93834311/CHI/: tune it all out edition[View]
93838994Thoughts on Panama? Only thing I know is they sucked at the World Cup[View]
93837348Studying in Munich: Im planning on studying in munich for my junior year at LMU munich. Im guessing …[View]
93840516Daily reminder that it's a white world, you're just living in it[View]
93830756Post Irene: Post her.[View]
93830972/Drachenlord/, /Herr Winkler/, /Schanzenfest/, /deutsch/: SCHANZENFESTFADEN Fadenmusik https://www.y…[View]
93832727>*cracks open an ice-cold bang's* >*siiiiiiiiiiiiip* My son sent me a video on Facebook w…[View]
93830081any other TURKEYboo here? I really like how Turkish sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIHwbY81e…[View]
93827723/ita/ - il filo: edizione cricetosa[View]
93838394/zoo/ zoomer general: m*therfkin animals addition[View]
93837926I love Spain so much, please take me back![View]
938320621. CUNT 2. how retarded are you family members? >flag >my cousin once threw a tortoise into th…[View]
93834809Thank you, Mexico!! Thank you, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba! Thank you Haiti and Jamaica!!…[View]
93835252One of them is your next president choose wisely[View]
93834160Any other ex-Muslims here? How are ex-Muslims treated in your country?[View]
93834520Are there any Germans here from Cuxhaven?[View]
93833704Why are they so based? They make everyone in the world butthurt.[View]
93837766>unironic racist shitposts YEAH WRITE EM >funny frog pictures YEAH ATTACH EM >well deserved…[View]
93832324Many years ago I was a weeb and even wanted to move to Japan. But then I realized japs are just stup…[View]
93837708luso: edição do viado brainlet de humanas absolutamente batido a foda fora edição[View]
93832569European languages: Alright faggots, we need a language thread on /int/ Best European languages 1. G…[View]
93835780/brit/: ahhh,, first sip of the day edition[View]
93836409Are they mediterranean?[View]
93837522Up the RA[View]
93823990What's a country where the average population looks like this?[View]
93834821One of the most successful shows of all time on French TV is a dwarf playing an angel. It's in …[View]
93835806五年前に先生になるために日本に行ったけど今は橋の下の箱に住んでる 外国人だから右翼団体達が私のことを殺したい 図書館のコンピュータからポストしている[View]
93837345CQD CQD CQD CQD CQD CQD DE MGY MGY MGY MGY MGY MGY 41,46 nord 50,24 west[View]
93831100Can any Spanish/Portuguese post some pictures of average people in your country? I seriously don…[View]
93834360This is Deutschland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dIDNyFdRkk[View]
93833902If the rest of the world was uninvolved, could France successfully conquer Germany? No nukes.[View]
93836391>I want a MENA gf because they are pur-[View]
93836373What's /int/ listening to?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPqK_zkTXIk[View]
93833901>Recently we undertook a cross-sectional study on fertile men in Japan to describe the current st…[View]
93833660Why does everyone says this guy looks mexican? He seems like an average 56% murican for me[View]
93786722/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição do Clerici[View]
93824351What does /int/ think of all the China pandering going around movies, lately?[View]
93830869What is school bullying like in your cunt? How common? bonus: were you the bully or the victim?[View]
93833410/Drachenlord/, /Ruiner/, /Wingel/, /Herr Winkler/, /Schanzenfest/, /deutsch/: TEIL 2: 20.08.2018 S C…[View]
93836513what the fuck is Brazil's problem?[View]
93830725Serious question: Why does he trigger yankees so hard? And why do yankees assume that everyone who …[View]
93833055wh*Te subhumans , how does this make you feel? You could have a completely homogenous community of m…[View]
93832197>end of August >'OMG summer is almost over!!'…[View]
93836216>Novi Sad[View]
93833885Would you racemix with a French person?[View]
93828546/polska/: edycja anime[View]
93835626Stop worshiping gay pedofil [Pbuh][View]
93834204/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etviGf1uWlg Groove is in the heart edition[View]
93823194could this young Italian man pass as a local in your country?[View]
93832085/brit/: fucking a girl missionary edition[View]
93831146You call me a subhuman? My ancestors did this while yours were still cavemen. I inhibit the DNA of C…[View]
93834213is dick shaming just a dutch thing or does it exist everywhere on the globe?[View]
93831905What did you do this summer? Did you travel? Personally, I went out a grand total of 3 times (to wal…[View]
93829953i like sweden...[View]
93832443My fucking sides. Americans want to kill all Californians dropping plastic balls (to control evapora…[View]
93835100NEETIE OH NEEEEETTIEEE Oh wait, no one has ever called out for you because no one cares about you, N…[View]
93827656Best app to meet women: What is the best app to meet women on? I have found a lot of scammers on mos…[View]
93833910>tfw not studying abroad[View]
93828024Human Extension Events: What are some human extension events that may happen in the near future that…[View]
93826463Can your country even compete with Norway?[View]
93833831In the name of all brazilian-asian guys, I would like to officially thank Japan and Korea for making…[View]
93834847Med Gf: Greek women are just better[View]
93834825and you don't seem to understand[View]
93834758>americans aren't allowed to worship any gods but Jahwe (the jew god)…[View]
93834748I could have been born any other race, but instead I was born as an East Asian male. Now I am ugly a…[View]
93827633Why the West of the USA is so superior to the East?[View]
93825849what are your thoughts on Pakistani women[View]
93834387why does reddit love this country so much?[View]
93829273can we have an /int/ foods thread?[View]
93821669Spanish girls are for ____[View]
93829613Wh*tes btfo: >Manga about vikings >Strongest character is a med >Main character is partly a…[View]
93825251/fr/ - Le fil Français: Édition Rafale Ancien >>93814355[View]
93834154[spoiler][/spoiler] [spoiler][/spoiler][View]
93764941Culture Pals - /cp/: So I hear you're a racist now father edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Mes…[View]
93824820He saved our nation[View]
93833931>Your cunt >Your cunts equivalent of the Oregon Trail (irl) >Your cunts equivalent of the O…[View]
93833864There is a mena posting with a norwegian flag right now. If he speaks about portugal or spain ignore…[View]
93833588What are some good towns/cities that are walkable?[View]
93832888*cracks* *sips* Ah, Berlin, now THAT'S a city[View]
93819613/mämmi/: Syksy on ovella[View]
93832263The Tale of The Afghan Samruia: Koshiro Tanaka was a Japanese Karate black belt and office worker wh…[View]
93833737what should I do with my life?[View]
93822505/baltic/ not /balt/ this is completely different: im dragging a dead corpse -edition[View]
93827941/polska/: edycja jebanaia lewaków[View]
93825112Never. End.[View]
93805352/cum/ Canada USA Mexico & friends: British-American edition[View]
93826161How common is it for people in Germany/Poland/Russia to have some distant Jewish ancestry? I'm …[View]
93830553Share your first experience with whatever(sex, weed, anime, etc)[View]
93831032tell me about finland, why is it so great?[View]
93833195My Finnish friend in MIT will help me construct androids that resemble humans even more so than the …[View]
93833294>Russia if Vladimir the Great had converted to Islam instead[View]
93825140/brit/: NEED an italian gf edition[View]
93829364What the fuck is wrong with Indians? I genuinely believe that they are the worst race. I mean there …[View]
93824030How do we prevent the US from becoming a Latin American country?[View]
93828068tfw ill be 20yo in 2 weeks[View]
93827945/polska/: edycja bykowania[View]
93832436Every time I make a thread about g*rmany I get banned, yey way to go[View]
93832916I fucking hate white trash think white supremacy. Why? Because all whitu believe all white supremacy…[View]
93832937russia :)[View]
93832830Why where Italian Americans so base back in the day but now they're wannabe Mexicans that eat p…[View]
93809518>These are the living members of the Osmanoglu family, the family that ruled the Ottoman empire T…[View]
93831470Weebism is so passe: China it is.[View]
93827952/polska/: Edycja wyludniania się nici już za 2 tygodnie[View]
93827643Whats the forgotten war of your country? >Spain >Ifni war in the 50's when spain beat mor…[View]
93825740/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Official Rozen Maiden Thread edition[View]
93832260>O di maria >O mascherano >O messi tchau messi tchau messi tchau tchau tchau >o argen…[View]
93830122/brit/: sad edition[View]
93830931Is it unethical for non-natives to continue to live in America?: As a white American, I feel like it…[View]
93831878What's it like being poor in a 3rd world country? >ask your neighbour lmao :^) No, seriously…[View]
93828936Why are Brazilians so evil?: I thought Latin Americans were one big family. But it turns out you…[View]
93830551Libtards trolled epic style[View]
93830602Indian talent knows no limit. This nation will rock the world! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOnS3…[View]
93823753London looks like a nice place.[View]
93824765ITT: /int/ writes a story. Every anon gets to write one sentence each[View]
93831422>this is what the average black brit will look like in 50 years is this based or cucked?…[View]
93824477/polska/: edycja nad wodą[View]
93827000Sverigetråden - SDupplagan[View]
93827306Is it worth going overseas to lose my virginity in a brothel?[View]
93829344why did they have to cover her sacred parts up?? WTF is wrong with them[View]
93826400/deutsch/: Anti Sören Ausgabe[View]
93799091What do you call the United States in your native language?[View]
93830166Will transhumanism and the singularity allow us to make non-whites as intelligent as whites/asians?[View]
93827593Pic related appreciation thread: Let's appreciate this Norwegian and Danish letter together ooo…[View]
93825456I want a med gf, is that too much to ask for in this life?[View]
93820729/NEDERDRAAD/: Hallo uitgave Welkom: Hallo Niet-welkom: Doei[View]
93826928>German >Chad why does this combo seem to be so common?…[View]
93830247Stop the ftw no gf you losers. Its fucking pathetic. You know how easy it is to get one you morons. …[View]
93814684How to find dads for unborn Finnish babbys?: THIS 19-YEAR OLD FINNISH GIRL needs to find a dad for h…[View]
93818539/hell/: Ελληνιkό νήμα Great love edition παλιό >>93801416[View]
93806230>Your cunt >Does your town have a local mosque? Flag Yes…[View]
93830372>Then Zipporah took a flint and cut off her son’s foreskin and threw it at Moses’ feet, and she s…[View]
93827672May god punish everyone who has ever insulted Germany and the German people.[View]
93758706/danmarktråden/: så dode den sgu efter 14.0 godt gået gutter og godmorgen - versionen[View]
938276171.your country 2.Do you like Thugga? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da4Z0sgURMQ[View]
93826475>Cumnada >Ass pain >Gaymany >Twink Republic…[View]
93819953ITT: t. namecalling example: im t. ahmed[View]
93830193Greeks are better than other humans[View]
93829929>fill out google captcha like a good human slave >asks me to pick out road signs >pick the …[View]
93825152My first time with a foreign escort, she speaks english. If you have 30 minutes to lose, it can be i…[View]
93824988Why are Japanese women being bred by Albanians at a breakneck speeds? Soon the whole island will be …[View]
93826981How do we improve the relationship between France and Romania?[View]
93820439For me, it's Sudan: Would you look at these handsome mofos. Towering well over 2 meters. Yet li…[View]
93821487A Perfect World >The Kingdom of Norway >The Kingdom of Denmark >The Kingdom of Sweden >…[View]
93827894does your cunt has friend? Mine: No. No one.[View]
93829510>ask god to punish Kerala for rampant communism/abrahamism >he actually does it Tell me again …[View]
93829532/CHI/: waiting for something edition[View]
93823118The Korean/Japoid question: How do we stop them? Can we convince someone to compromise them, to a pe…[View]
93822880Why were the Serbs portrayed as the aggressors in the Kosovo war? They were definitely the aggressor…[View]
93821592“Anon-kun sumimasen!”: >”What does the word kara boga mean??”[View]
93824793Your cunt 1. Are large jaws and big chins attractive in your cunt? 2. Are you a jawlet/chinlet?[View]
93822963what happened to these Germans?[View]
938289621. your cunt 2. are your local niggas holding it down? 1. Finlan 2. yes[View]
93826808I want to BLEACH a cute secular Turkish girl[View]
93813253/Norgetråden/: lovens lange arm-utgave forrige: >>93787330 >>93787330 >>93787330…[View]
93827062is this bitch sneaking in your room?[View]
93828865>tfw there will never ever be a good movie about 20th century spanish wars because Hollywood dont…[View]
93826403/deutsch/ oder heute auch /Schanzensturm/: Bald is es dunkel - Ausgabe https://youtu.be/WBjReow4l-E…[View]
93827957>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat-burning wtf is wrong with the french?…[View]
93820111Why did Germany turn into such complete cucks after WW2 while Japan remained nationalist, isolationi…[View]
93824503It's raining.[View]
93821855Information to Italy: The brown spots are 'rust'.[View]
93828040This is new 'Thief in law #1' Oleg 'Shishkan' Shishkanov. He was elected on meeting of leaders of 'R…[View]
93820511/balt/: Let's play cut the cake I play the blade Your face is the cake[View]
93827592>every government that has ever existed and ever will exist aren't violent terrorist regimes…[View]
93811984/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: voi, i porci[View]
93827647it's 23:49 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
93814307What do you see?[View]
93827954/polska/: edycja fioletowa[View]
93824462/polska/: edycja nudzenia się[View]
93819018just be yourself bro :)[View]
93824993He's 45.[View]
93826143What happend to those?[View]
93827590/brit/: this mornings walk with mr cuddles edition[View]
93823983>on this site, first worlders daily pretend to suffer, knowing full well that they just can’t exp…[View]
93825493What happens here[View]
93826214Does anyone else have this problem where their legs hurt, but its not their bones or knees or muscle…[View]
93824924In Tajikistan uni-brows are a Beauty standard[View]
93825832Countries including their ocean territory[View]
93824868Why doesn't USA give girls cute school uniforms like in Japan? Especially the white ones[View]
93820891ITT: post “countries” you hate[View]
93826989I've seen another spanish girl with a northron what the fuck![View]
93822674Why do you relate to me like to a rapist of Estonia? I didn't rape her![View]
93821566Olive skin is just an euphemism for self-hating sh*tskins to not say they have brown skin[View]
93817452Do Walloons and Flemings know each others' languages? Could I order a cup of coffee in Antwerp …[View]
93818362>muh sexual abuse, i was 17yo!! is this kid gay? i think he just wants money, imagine feeling abu…[View]
93816844/irene/: are all iberian women like this?[View]
93814930why are they so miserable?[View]
93826149Do ugly Brazillian women exist? Scrolling through IG and normie book, every Brazillian female is lik…[View]
93824822Does Chile like us?[View]
93825738Scandinavian empire when bros?[View]
93826537So, this is what is being white in America...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptSZnTtGCQA…[View]
93816478This is my cock.: Say something nice about it.[View]
93826382SOMEBODY TO LOVE[View]
93822456/deutsch/: Treffpunkt feiner Geister[View]
93826018Half of japanese women are over 49 years old[View]
93826102>no culture >arrogant why does this combo seem to be so common?…[View]
93825673Is it unfixable? Disastrously high public spending catched up with them at the worst time and Michel…[View]
93822153Average portugese poster[View]
93821235Did you country had equivalent of cossacks?[View]
93823870Why are they the best posters on 4chan?[View]
93825659>you'll never get to be a cowboy with a bandana and a six shooter in the old west give me on…[View]
93825676Perkele so depress gonna kill self[View]
93812908does your country contribute to UN peace keeping missions[View]
93824904Bomber Harris do it again[View]
93824846Does it look good? :)[View]
93813675Is it unfixable? Disastrously high public spending catched up with them at the worst time and macri …[View]
93822731/brit/: any chinlet man in[View]
938204431. your cunt 2. do you live in a gay cunt? >BR >not enough…[View]
93824364Is it difficult to distinguish French women with Mediterranean features from Maghrebi girls?[View]
93822361(SERIOUS) help plz. I had a brawl with my history teacher on campus today: >stupid obnoxious hist…[View]
93822563the semester starts today I'm going to fucking fail all my classes[View]
93821904Is fake tan popular in your country? UK Yes and it's disgusting[View]
93824844https://youtu.be/KTCv8R19gf4 What accent is this?[View]
93819513Are Arabs, Turks, Pakis and other Muslims actually discriminated against in Europe? Or is it just a …[View]
93823407Stop watching porn[View]
93822201am I white?[View]
93814920I want to go to Russia but I'm scared of getting beat up by krokodil abusing neo-Nazis.[View]
93814355/fr/ - Le fil Français: Edition de l'âge limite outre Atlantique[View]
93818407Is it true that they are white?: I always see Afghan (Diaspora! Of course) posters here say they are…[View]
93823846RIP Pvt Jessica Carter. Afghanistan. DOD 19-08-18[View]
93815222Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
93821623damn... really makes you think[View]
93820113/polska/: edycja anime[View]
93823000mama mia! datsa spicy meata balla[View]
93821321Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
93820277*hears the american anthem*[View]
93824198What are the best places in Sweden to immigrate to? A lot of Swedes are worried about muslim immigra…[View]
93806348Dutch engineering[View]
93819030So in fact it Christian who invented religious extremism?[View]
93821838Why do they have no culture?[View]
93822662Describe the state of your country in a single image.[View]
93819416i wish i was white so i didn't have a small penis[View]
93824591How do we make America a White nation again?[View]
93811517Absolue state of cuck island[View]
93817099Arab grills[View]
93822620am I white?[View]
93816033Could she pass as a local in SPAIN?[View]
93813758She is Welsh.[View]
93823096Do muslim boys gets extra search on airports and trains? Kinda jealous tbqh getting touched on every…[View]
93823309White people aren't white[View]
93818097why whites do this?[View]
93819078What are Boomers like in your cunt?[View]
93818782what western country treats ugly people the best[View]
93813128>Pashtunwali, meaning 'the way of Pashtun', is a non-written tradition of Pashtun people residing…[View]
93823008tfw no mad Italian football coach bf: https://youtu.be/TJ0-nnu_TYc[View]
93820115/deutsch/ - /schanzenfest/: Weltraum Ausgabe[View]
93822694>ywn live in a world where Rome never fell >ywn live in a world where Christianity is the worl…[View]
93821477Would you settle for a cute brown gril?[View]
93822290Greener than you, Mohammad. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/19/the-united-states-didnt…[View]
93822093why don't we just burn the trash in land fills and store the carbon dioxide somewhere else?[View]
93822519Technically, I can use the n-word as long as I dress in thawb robes and keffiyeh headwear so that no…[View]
93822790/LAT/ Hilo latino: Hoy es un buen dia para comer boludos[View]
93813652Why does /int/ sexualises Finland and Portugal posters?[View]
93817569have you ever met an american tourist? what were they like?[View]
93817316why did only this race fail to develop culture?[View]
93822464Difference between Scottish Cultures?: What's are the differences between Scottish Highland and…[View]
93820614>The perfect ethnicity/phenotype doesn't exi-[View]
93822327I have never seen black people in my life. What the fuck do they look like?[View]
93822383>tfw I will never be a Turk, descendants of the Gokturk, Ghaznavids, Seljuk, Timurids, Mughal, an…[View]
93819840Come here hohol I have question to ask you: I come here and I say Ukraina strong threads ?? How the…[View]
93806063/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Шo?[View]
93802039Hilo Latino - /lat/: Edición dross[View]
93815734Mediterranean men...[View]
93822115Remember /int/ only you can save beautiful ebony women from African '''''…[View]
93814523The 'white' race isn't just one collective thing: They all look facially different to each othe…[View]
93817952How do i get a Eurasian gf?[View]
93819059Why are Japanese cities so fuckin boring? also rook same[View]
93818771The fucking crab and lobster bastards have consumed the remains of countless drowned sailors and men…[View]
93820057YOUR COUNTRY WOULD YOU WAR WITH BINLAND? Aberiga fuck no, they have like 2 mcdonalds.[View]
93821166my ancestors :)[View]
93821826Spain only worked with a dictatorship: prove me wrong[View]
93818018>not white >not black >not Slav >not Arab >not Asian >not European >not ter…[View]
93821512>have learned multiple foreign languages >still cannot roll r…[View]
93816806What has made CHI rappers explode in popularity lately?[View]
93821365Morbilli infection in Europe: Morbilli, a virus infection also known as ash-fever is raging in Europ…[View]
93816870Why do people larp as if their ancestors were not peasants and they had any say in their countries? …[View]
93821475кoлкy cмe /мк/[View]
93811571Investing in your cunt: How would you invest 5 million dollars in your country based on it's de…[View]
93809240I’ll just let the images speak for themselves. Because what they say is so fucking important. 1/8[View]
93817215hapas are cute[View]
93820698So is creating racially segregated movies the new trend in the US? Bizarre country.[View]
93821327Sverigetråden: Samif Hydi-upplagan[View]
93815948I need to stop browsing this shitty site[View]
93821259White bois desire the BIG BROWN BULL: what can you do to stop it?[View]
93821161Here is my lion there is my patron. This is my concrete and this is my ghetto and this cocain line t…[View]
93806503>your cunt >whats the stereotypical breakfast people do in your country Spain we have colacao …[View]
93816987Who /knows English better than native language/ here? pic unrelated[View]
93805582You may only post here if you have brown eyes.[View]
93817196Why Spain is not Europe: BASED[View]
93813567The Virgin Korean poster: >thinks Americans are his greatest allies >his only hobby is playing…[View]
93815900Fuck you Korea Fuck you JPN Fuck you USA Fuck you EU Me have poem for you Me Chinese, me so rich, me…[View]
93819839Poles are Russian people who wish they were Italians.[View]
93789496/balt/: You came to the wrong neighborhood[View]
93819902I am Greek[View]
93820414How powerful is Turkish economy? As far as I know, Turkish companies build stuff in all of Eastern E…[View]
93820037Why are Americans scared of Big Gubmint so much?[View]
93820310>tfw no gf[View]
93820350>mom abused drugs when she was pregnant >floppy baby syndrome >too much body fat >no mus…[View]
93819211>named after the eponymous prophet of the Muhammadan religion despite being an atheist…[View]
93816489am I white?[View]
93818197/deutsch/: Anime Alternative Ausgabe[View]
93811422Which is the best?[View]
93820017Why is Tuesday the 13th unlucky in Latin America?[View]
93817941Every Serb is a nobleman and equal! A Serb is born to serb, sing songs and fight wars, and to resurr…[View]
93818641Daily reminder to respect Poland[View]
93816639ITT: You have 30 seconds to act as American as possible. I'll start >'My name is Nevaeh, it…[View]
93814090would you date a girl with visible self harm scars?[View]
93820121/polska/: edycja ruda[View]
93810349/polska/: Edycja jebania prawaków.[View]
93816494How is it possible to trill your R if you use the D/N/T sound just before? Please explain Pic unrela…[View]
93819833will the kara boga win against the sissy white boys?[View]
93819773MENA is an anagram for MEAN.[View]
93819762whats wrong with him?[View]
93819109Not a day goes by I don't miss lachlan, and not because he's gone from here or because you…[View]
93819594Has anyone seen Jorge lately? I’m starting to worry about him.[View]
93819568/ex-yu/: IDEMO[View]
93815058>One chance at life >Born in Fr*nce[View]
93818340nice, polite people[View]
93808015/mämmi/: /mämmi/ Taivaan ääni -painos[View]
93817241lmao @ Americans crying at the comments about Finns shouting nigga :D https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm…[View]
93808515Is the UK actually the 1984 surveillance state that /int/ says it is?[View]
93805904What is the country with the most blood on the hand?[View]
93815280the absolute state of the swedish film industry[View]
93804075Koreans travel abroad more than Jap: In one year, the number of travelers from Korea to Japan reache…[View]
93810232>go to centre of Porto >there’s a big store selling fake Juventus, Portugal, Porto etc shirts …[View]
93814309Only in The Netherlands: > The Dutch economy is outperforming most other EU nations > Sadly in…[View]
93816395What is the worst smelling country /int/?[View]
93819070Kosovo Question: Is Kosovo independent? because in some maps that i've seen Kosovo is independe…[View]
93812669How is this called in your country?[View]
93817818Heheheh,here we go nya nya nya Yayyyyy Nya nya nya :3 Do you like Portugal? Nya nya[View]
93816038/deutsch/: SCHANZENFESTAUSGABE Drachenlord wird besiegt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwxU8zerM4Y…[View]
93817968how do you reconcile the fact that you want to visit so many places in the world with the fact that …[View]
93818304>Europeans are looking for a better life after the wars >move to South America and South Afric…[View]
93813190Why are Russians so superstitious? Do they fear for their souls?[View]
93801416/hell/ - Αλβαναριό edition: old >>93797504[View]
93811952>the russian navy flag is just the flag of Scotland How did they get away with this?…[View]
93815091Why do Belgians do this?[View]
93814811BREAK THE CHAINS!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPKH4GHiihg[View]
93813607Dutch railroads issue alarm: >be niggerlands >highways eternally jammed >”take the train t.…[View]
93811585Asia's first Library in 1236, korea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qM6KUQLle4 It is a Perfect…[View]
93817392How do I get autistic French qt like Amélie Poulain?[View]
93815025we don't have bf 109 , zero or spitfire: we have this one. pls say something nice.[View]
93815528Indian women are for _______?[View]
93809260Do white people all look the same to people of other races?[View]
93812742/brit/: IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME[View]
93791124DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2037: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those study…[View]
93813174Which nation do you think tastes the best? In my opinion it's either Mexicans or Indians. They …[View]
93817143Are they more powerful than even the Jews?[View]
93813849Well /int/, is she?[View]
93811393lol fuck you germany[View]
93812840You have 30 seconds to translate “Advance Australia”, Australia’s motto, into your lang. Don’t be a …[View]
93815869Literally everyone on /int/ hates them. Is this the proper way of things or should they be shown at …[View]
93807662How are you preparing Chinese Ages?[View]
93813648Japan stronk me waching AsianGames Indonesia dominated gold and silver with china in swimming and ot…[View]
93816252What's in Denmark?[View]
93813659How can humanity seep at night if there is a lot of shitholes have nukes and ww3 can emerge anytime …[View]
93811242Do Japanese have souls?[View]
93807185/schanzenfest/ - /deutsch/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2YmK2kVStw[View]
93815072Woah... Russian girls look like THAT?[View]
93815768am I white?[View]
93802821RIP Pvt Jessica Carter. Afghanistan. DOD 19-08-18[View]
93816416I know a guy from Cape Verde whose name is Cadabra[View]
93816124A turkish woman just grabbed my son.[View]
93810859japan has no culture[View]
93816224Anglos don't have their own 'Bon Appetit'[View]
93812783YEE HEE[View]
93808958What happened to /sino/? Chinks/feet lovers of 4chan left?[View]
93814938Why did they not fight back against the turks?[View]
93813193Is it wrong if my Colombian gf is addicted to cocaine?[View]
93813070>tfw wh*Te >won't be a part of the new Finnish Khanate I don't want to be left behin…[View]
93815502After 4 months, it is winter.: You can make a snowman.[View]
93813517/schanzenfest/ vormals /deutsch/: Sae-Ausgabe[View]
93810950Would you die for Russia?[View]
93815766Did Americans appropriate your country's cuisine? How do you feel about that?[View]
93806412Finnish sounds like autists mumbling. Estonian sounds like delightful elven speech.[View]
93813786Who /comfy autumn weather/ here?[View]
93815523what kind of name is 'kristiansen'?[View]
93815291the first Indian restaurant in the UK was opened 50 years before the first fish & chips shop[View]
93812709/brit/: PREMIUM edition[View]
93811976Are they white ot brown?[View]
93810560AM I WHITE?[View]
93815168So what about Arab Christians? How they culture different from regular Arabs?[View]
93814460Come home, brown man. It’s safer here.[View]
93814571How do beta yayoi japs compete with jomon Chads?[View]
93811377So for all expats, how are the expat communities in your new home? Koreaboo here[View]
93809491wow... africa is big..[View]
93811235nose hair: How do you feel when you see a woman's nose hair?[View]
93810197Russian leader Vladimir Putin has joined forces with Germany against the US over a new gas pipeline.…[View]
93811784>country >which independence movements you support…[View]
93814741Where can I find love, bros?[View]
93814456Why do women think nigger lips are attractive?[View]
93814506>a /brit/shit flag replies to me[View]
93813792Why do they sound Italian? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1bYA8kmxCM[View]
93814247Meanwhile in Britain: Oi mate do u ave a loicense for dat[View]
93812515Why are f*nns gay?[View]
93814199stop proxying and show your face. 4chan should have login account. then new 4chan should name field …[View]
93813692Are Finns as strange IRL as they seem online?[View]
93814180Why are Turks such a hospitable people? Even during times of tension, they're courteous enough …[View]
93808673Indian grills love big wc: >Most famous female celebrity to come out of India >Engaged to whi…[View]
93810443i did it! i went to the swimming pool and swimmed over and over for entire hour my arms and legs hur…[View]
93813471mommy: mommy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bJOm0SuJvo[View]
93811508Shouldn't this country be called Albania?[View]
93805263/balk/: Fast internet edition[View]
93810643Today at work I saw an Italian man slap his gf out in public. Is this normal in Italy?[View]
93804146>Look outside >You see this, your new neighbours What do?…[View]
93811017What happens here?[View]
93812101You are only a real country if you have access to 2 or more seas.[View]
93812436Is the Russian oblast of Estonia first world?[View]
93807285/polska/: Edycja 2hu[View]
93811028Reminder that hes running his country into the ground and turks actually wanted this[View]
93810491This is what the buhdda looked like.: ▼ Settings Home /his/ - History & Humanities No new posts …[View]
93813465>Flag >What is this called in your cunt? Finland Average Finn…[View]
93810603/kiki/ ehemals /deutsch/: ich will nackt mit ihr kuscheln <3[View]
93810657your favorite asian country?[View]
93792593Is Korea the Poland of Asia?[View]
93797611/ausnz/: Don't get caught out in the rain.[View]
93802514What are the sexiest accents to you?[View]
93813038https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTWtILWG0rc Is this how swedes and norwegians actually treat eachoth…[View]
93768551Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
93790119/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition des loups cools et menaçants[View]
93810925/brit/: Manlet countries edition[View]
93812753It is a lie that Koreans do not smell.: It smells like strong garlic. And older people smell rotten …[View]
93812720/brit/: poo edition[View]
93809949>New Zealand bans sale of houses to Chinese to protect property market >allows Chink countries…[View]
93812582Working abroad: I am about to start working at my first real job after university ('Data Scientist')…[View]
93809147/hisp/ - Hilo hispanosfera: hilo para español@s, latinx y gente que se identifica como español@s…[View]
93803823Can Koreans read historical Korean documents?[View]
93787330/Norgetråden/: Trådenkaikkedofordaharjegingenåsnakkemed-utgaven. Forrige: >>93770036 >>9…[View]
93812294Why didn't they rebuild the WTC buildings in their original locations? It seems like a lot of w…[View]
93772318/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Confederate Juche edition[View]
93811361>white people[View]
93811836what happened to /savižudybė/[View]
93806778Who is the greatest Canadian?[View]
93806482When did you realize that life is completely pointless and there's no purpose to your existence…[View]
93793724/ita/ - il filo[View]
93807313Can anyone explain why 70 thousand people on reddit found this photo of a vodka aisle interesting? I…[View]
93807310This is beautiful road in Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8CtOIJKpQA Which road is very beau…[View]
93811896Why (You) do not panic sold this scam coin?[View]
93809898Question to Russians.: Do you recognise this mongol?[View]
93809771Do Americans really do this?[View]
93807899Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk: dansbands-upplagan[View]
93811452OH SAY CAN YOU SEE: LET THE RAPIST RUN FREEEEEEE https://www.vox.com/identities/2018/8/9/17670322/br…[View]
93806315The language of Spain should be called castillian just like the language of Britain is called Englis…[View]
93810313>tfw euro bros see qt mena girls everyday going to the local mosque Feels bad man.…[View]
93811147>normies get confused and angry when you point out that countries with less than 50M people aren…[View]
93806416what went wrong?[View]
93796201/polska/: edycja /cm/[View]
93811257How can save Turk women from this dictator?[View]
93807574/brit/: SoundChad rap edition[View]
93798887How popular are these open-plan cuck offices in your country /int/? Most Australian workplaces still…[View]
93803647The future looks beautiful :)[View]
93806005Does Africa have a future? >As soon as an African gets successful enough, they buy a one way tick…[View]
93809921>be American >be fat and stupid >get shot…[View]
93810948>I'm actually eurocentric[View]
93793616Let's play a game: Type a language, if you get dubs or higher, you have to learn it German[View]
93810121>liking women with facial hair >liking women with adonis belt >liking women with hair cover…[View]
93810879polack in kazakstan: polack is kazakstan, what happened with that guy? he promised to make a thread…[View]
93802950>Well son, you're 18. Get out. See you at Christmas! Do American parents really do this?…[View]
93808172Why is Canada such a joke country? Have they always been this way? What are they even? They were ju…[View]
93810730my waifu got married[View]
93809515Is it normal in your country for parents and their children to kiss on the lips?[View]
93810294He is too attractive to be politician. I want him to be my husband.[View]
93808109>Slavs actually believe this[View]
93810526Are Americans really bad at geography or is it just a stereotype?[View]
93808836Finnish comedies about the dane: https://youtu.be/wTib_pOSXPI is this spot on, on how the Danish lan…[View]
93809436/brit/: White people edition[View]
93806884Is Europe still willing to put warcriminals to the gallows like in ww2? or will lifetime imprisonmen…[View]
93807986The Tale of The Afghan Samruia: Koshiro Tanaka was a Japanese Karate black belt and office worker wh…[View]
93810471Is it true that mant Italian look like Arab??[View]
93807092fact: Poland is the Christ of Nations opinions?[View]
93810338/polska/: edycja śmieciowa[View]
93810207nitka pajecza[View]
93810000/polska/ trójwymiarowa: edycja wróciłem z siłki i nie mam zamiaru pisać w nielegalnych nitkach zrobi…[View]
93809341ohhhh u guys are so kawaiiii~~~~ I am 46 dude. yes I am your senpai. and I love you all. I wanna hug…[View]
93810078How does it feel to leech off your parents???[View]
93810049The Great Debate[View]
93804866/full English Brexit/: Lads, I have a question. The key argument of Brexiteers was that the EU isn…[View]
93808066>land gdp compare to countries well at least we are bavaria[View]
93808778>when people argue which dune coon religion is the 'best'[View]
93805459what happened with arabs on /int/[View]
93809886Walmart Greeter Breaks Into Tear-Inducing National Anthem Serenade When a Veteran Walks In[View]
93805749Asian women are either 10/10 Eastern Goddesses or 0/10 fugly with broken teeth and fat faces NO INBE…[View]
93807518Why do black people do this?[View]
93809601>get in faggot, we're gonna drive around the city all night[View]
93804426what lingua franca is used to speak to your neighbor country: e.g Russian is used in central Asia an…[View]
93809408>a brit boils water at the push of a button on an electric kettle and thinks it a sign of advance…[View]
93805758/int/ and 4chan I’m tired of your national socialism: Every time I come to this board you simply won…[View]
93809382Why is India so filthy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf1VA5jqmRo[View]
93805875Why is he talking like that? I though the ず form was outdated?[View]
93807590/brit/: lets try again edition[View]
93805073>oh yeah i'm bilingual >i speak native language and english…[View]
93801386What is your opinion of Native Americans?[View]
93808533were they superpower?[View]
93806789Tell me about Denver Colorado[View]
93805979/brit/: *zoomer music comes on*[View]
93809094>gf is crying again >says i should hit her just for speaking finnish…[View]
93807994Do mafia groups still have power in southern Italy?[View]
93804403Why doesn't the US government just put multiple sentry guns at places where they illegals try t…[View]
93803948/한국어/: 삐라 에디션[View]
938058491. are you american 2. have you thanked a trucker today[View]
93808721Fuck winter and fuck Finns.[View]
93804578Does /int/ have the least amount of /pol/tards?: I'll begin by saying I'm not familiar wit…[View]
93806066It's Hungary's birthday. Say something sad about Hungary.[View]
93802911What is the modern Turk (from turkey, not OG from central Asia) most closely related to. Obviously n…[View]
93807783/Romance/ thread: I just want the Latin peoples of the world to be united under one flag once again,…[View]
93808688>ywn be him[View]
93808558Hello world! I'm shitting right now. You have few minutes to ask me anything.[View]
93805447>I'm from *first-world country* and want to move to Russia because it's BASED…[View]
93806517To me this girl has white skin, but she isn't ''white'' she's Asian. W…[View]
93808357>Fucking some whore >She says that the introduction of Christianity caused the fall of the Rom…[View]
93806532What's the lowest hdi you can live with? 7.50[View]
93807609Post classical composers from your cunt: Here's Pablo Casals. >legend >popularized the Ba…[View]
93799793Do they have the most neutral latin spanish accent?[View]
93808036>quit job >buy guitar >travel west, play for food/clothes money >reach spain >learn s…[View]
93797921america should pay for all crimes it committed pay with blood[View]
93794346/nachtschicht/ ehem. /deutsch/: Sae-Ausgabe[View]
93802752did kerala deserve it? (yes)[View]
93807531This korean girl is a huge slut She gets naked and shows her tits and ass on livecams regularly. She…[View]
93807627/ex-yu/: crna pogibija izdanje[View]
93787541/ex-yu/: podljudsko izdanje[View]
93807410name a more based country than Macedonia protip you cannot[View]
93804985>my name is George Orwell >Oh well, this is going to be a great day…[View]
93806435can't stop thinking about Kate Bush...[View]
93800795>Australia and Canada are two countries that are vaguely similar >Both are roughly the same po…[View]
93799532>Americans have no cul--[View]
93802021I want to move to Russia and be an English teacher.[View]
93806160I will move to Denver Colorado, the perfect place for me and literally my dream state[View]
93801990>Pakistanis are the same people as Indians[View]
93804206Ask a French Canadian 19 year old anything[View]
93803815other balkan countries can't compete[View]
93803048Now that was music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kz6hNDlEEg Those were the good times, when REAL …[View]
938062851. You're a cunt 2. Give me a (You), the country who donates the most wins this chocolate milk[View]
93803486Friendly reminder to all mixed race here: From a full African. you will never look or be accepted as…[View]
93803236The Eastern Europe of North America[View]
93804319é uma merda é de suicidio que merda Então aposto que a historia é assim ela vÊ a amiga a morre fica …[View]
93802858>He doesn't call the United Kingdom 'Britain' >He doesn't call the Czech R…[View]
93806147When was the last time /int/ was in a Walmart? >Canada >2 weeks ago…[View]
93795243Visiting China: Hello /int/, I'm going to be visiting China in a month or so. I need to get inf…[View]
93798049Post some historical uniforms from your country and r8 them[View]
93804159/brit/: the king of thailand edition[View]
93780169/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Aнимe eдишoн[View]
93805588kurva anyátok - normik[View]
93805196special relativity is bullshit[View]
93805229Fuck the east coast. The east coast is entirely made up of irrelevant flyovers.[View]
93803185do you want to die?[View]
93803088/Meme Islands/: H-hey...[View]
93805119>watch video >mutts are whiter than me >become insecure Not gonna expose myself to the sun …[View]
93800787Post arguably based generals from other countries. August Willich >Publicly insulted Marx and cha…[View]
93802531Is India next USA?[View]
93801393/cum/ & friends: sunday evening edition[View]
93805268Why do some Arabs look like Dravidians?[View]
93805250Tell me about Cincinnati, Ohio[View]
93796969What ethnicity is this?[View]
93805562Japanese national basketball team out of Asian games for buying sex: >The Japanese Olympic Commit…[View]
93805577Wakie wagie, wagie. Can't you hear the alarm? There's no point in snoozing it, you're…[View]
93800299>Black hair >Brown eyes Well, I guess I lost at the genetic lottery.…[View]
93801876May I come in, U.S.? I am poor, know only a little English and promise to have many future socialism…[View]
93794807Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
93805256New Windows 10 grand update looms around the corner: https://tekniikanmaailma.fi/seuraava-windows-10…[View]
93802553How do people possibly like this country's food?[View]
93804499This is ikibe[View]
93802029What do you guys think of my new tattoo?[View]
93802421>I’m not having sex until I’m married[View]
93776345/balk/ - Makedonia oxi Hellada: old >>93754523 Daily reminder that greeks stole our history.…[View]
93803045cheapest rent: What's the cheapest rent you've ever paid for a place, and where was it? fo…[View]
93804900Where are women with cute upturned noses most prevalent?[View]
93804482/nigga/ breakfast edition[View]
93805028Business idea: send all the wall jumpers on a one way trip to Canadian Sounds like a win-win-win to …[View]
93804964Why is European dating culture so vague? Both as a burger and as someone who is probably a high-func…[View]
93804954How do I get an /int/ bf?[View]
93804434>Chad forgot his textbook in his room >Ask to share with mine >Agree because he's act…[View]
93804879>Say something nice about foreigners >They call me a mutt >Say someting mean about foreigne…[View]
93797211Why can't other languages be as simple and logical as Hangul?[View]
93800989ITT we laugh at brits: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=gP34_1533994206[View]
93804824What is the EU good for other than the single market and Schengen? What does the EU provide that can…[View]
93804836Am I white?: >[View]
93803989>mention that not enough brits died during WW2 >people get offended and think it's weird …[View]
93801377The Irish: >Be Irish >Live on an island in the North Atlantic surrounded by fish and birds …[View]
93802586This odd looking creature is our next Prime Minister. Say something nice about him.[View]
93803311This board is so shit why do you all even bother?[View]
93804547white people don't suck they swallow[View]
93802812/brit/: Boy, you disgust me Why is yo bitches so ugly? My bitch so perfect, she kinda look Asian (ye…[View]
93774494>Just found letter in brothers room to french penpal >he is 14 >letter has words like …[View]
93803864There is nothing wrong with being mixed race.[View]
93797244Why are they so cancerous posters?[View]
93801651>Europeans actually boil water instead of microwaving it[View]
93803943OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
93802982drunk texted my ex again[View]
93803932>Me wanna find a gf on online!![View]
93802516How do you cope with being really ugly? I mean even in fucking ugly poor Russia there will always be…[View]
93803385Are British women ugly?[View]
93804157/brit/: 4chan's choice of airlines edition[View]
93804039>meanwhile, in canada...[View]
93803399>tfw about to start college at 24, a community college at that Why didn't I start programmin…[View]
93803958What does average ghost in your country look like?[View]
93800429Wildfires are fucking awful: my lungs and throat hurt, and everything has this ugly orange mist that…[View]
93803962Why are there so many insectoid Asians in the world?[View]
93803929Make a post, if you don't roll dubs you have to learn a new language - the language of the coun…[View]
93803342Could I past as a local in your city?[View]
93803683weak korean boys can't handle BLACK QUEENS :([View]
93783265How does this [100% veridical] image make you feel? It makes me feel joy.[View]
93803746Do niggers in your country are kidnappers? Malaysia Yes https://siakapkeli.my/2018/08/18/sekelip-ma…[View]
93803140How popular is Dragon Ball in your countries? Mexicans need no reply.[View]
93803572I watch gay porn but I don't consider myself day[View]
93799710which Spanish speaking country would it be best for an American to immerse themselves into the Spani…[View]
93802744HOLY SHIT KATYA IS STILL ALIVE this is her first pic in like 7 months now[View]
93803410Do they actually believe they're white?[View]
93803522The English menace is destroying itself.[View]
93793283What went wrong?[View]
93803407So are Portugeese 'people' white?[View]
93794747Does your country smell? How the fuck do American blacks smell worse than pure Africans?[View]
93798330Why do Japanese have such strange nose?[View]
93800633>mrw I realize the US will be the last empire in human history since climate change will soon wip…[View]
93803252>A Canadian posts[View]
93800602Im wanting to learn another language I can already speak Korean. What language has the best films an…[View]
93798200This will be my last thread on /int/. Goodbye. I've moved to Quora where there are much better…[View]
93802261Goodnight Frens[View]
93794586Please remember. Thanks.[View]
93795297My dog is 10 years old, she’s getting grey in the muzzle and slowing down, and when she dies I will …[View]
93802324Nya,I'm a beautiful drunk portuguese anime girl xD Nya nya Yeah! Dance with me jya nya Left r…[View]
93801097Expat thread: I'm going to move to Germany in June next year. Getting an EU passport (not Germa…[View]
93799955>he unironically believes in RPG bullshit about longswords being heavy or blunt The European long…[View]
93802897Bomber Harris do it again[View]
93802136How come Haiti is so black while the Dominican Republic is mostly white?[View]
93800565What happens if you don't tip in the US? I never pay the optional service tax here in brazil be…[View]
93801550/brit/: *goes to shit edition*[View]
93801778>in jail >tops the polls at fucking 45% >ONU came personally to tell he must run for presid…[View]
93801757When will he waku up an clense Scandinavia and germany of their degenerate filth?[View]
93801908HILO SUDACA[View]
93801591>ban on usury and moneylending which is the cause of all modern financial crises >ban on alcoh…[View]
93798793>learned Korean alphabet in 30 minutes >can now impress normies with how 'worldly' I am by wri…[View]
93801804Do they have volcanoes in your country? Have you ever climbed one?[View]
93802269ITT: We laugh at the old world >They will never be BLACK BULLS[View]
93801912>Based and redpilled fellow magapedes. Christianity is based[View]
93801409Why do some ethnic Europeans look arab? This guys is German/Italian and he looks maghrebi.[View]
93800284Please come to Canada[View]
93801843Hanna's youtube videos uploaded 1 week ago. But porn profile created 1 year ago. She said that …[View]
93796161What are you listening to /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P3MNN2isbU[View]
93798094>watching dash cam car crash videos >they're all from Russia why are Russians so shit at …[View]
93800576>see interesting news article >open it >assaulted by 52 ads, popups, and things that slowly…[View]
93800912If there were a girl who were weeaboo/koreaboo/etc. for your country and she wanted to date you or h…[View]
93802144are you shallow?[View]
93797830/muint/ - International Music: Post music from other languages that you like Hard mode: no english i…[View]
93802068é uma merda é de suicidio que merda Então aposto que a historia é assim ela vÊ a amiga a morre fica …[View]
93800919>homosexuals don't deserve rights[View]
937995711. does your country have country music? 2. what are your most singular hobbies, based /int/? 1. fla…[View]
93795576/lat/ hilo latino: hilo haitiano[View]
93799478are northrons white?[View]
93800626Is it true that the upper class in India and Pakistan look more European than average pakis/pajeets?[View]
93794815If you are Latinx and you don’t hate this country and want to see it burned, you are a cuck. Simple …[View]
93801029Do you like German women?[View]
93799657Do you want to find love in Hong Kong?[View]
93797500>be norwegian >kill 70+ people, many of them children >spend the rest of your life playing …[View]
93801684Ancient Egyptians were like this[View]
93801673tfw no mad Italian football coach bf: https://youtu.be/9esB5Z2BdeA[View]
93801278ラクランと呼ばないでくれ それ私の名前じゃない[View]
93801621what’s the comfiest country in europe? debating between holland and germany[View]
93790076why do girls hate people with 15cm and thin penises? why did I born like this??? not fucking fair li…[View]
93799926This girl is half southron and half aryan. the best mutt desu[View]
93800413Well /int/, is she?[View]
93800272/brit/ + /birt/: lads only edition. brown hands not allowed.[View]
93799112Australia just bought 100 of these for rescue missions Rescue missions Wtf.[View]
938015211. Cunt 2. Are you heavily mixed? If yes, what are you usually mistaken for? I'm Malay but I lo…[View]
93780702/cum/: Asian pride worldwide[View]
93801122Why don't Americans like Whites and Asians succeeding at university?[View]
93793631How many times have you seen a girl who looks like this in your country?[View]
93800297>Do exercise >IQ shoots to 126 >Suddenly very awake and very aware of everything >Brain …[View]
93801112Hello ikibe[View]
93798954Why do people think Latinos are a race?[View]
93799487>homosexuals deserve rights[View]
93798950Porqué carajo los Dominicanos son tan religiosos? No saben que esa mierda de la biblia son puras men…[View]
93796199Where can I find men like this?[View]
93800570Homo BritaANNUS[View]
93797476AZN boys are yummy <3[View]
93799119what is it with usa and depression: so you know for a long time people been joking a lot about being…[View]
93800054why do americans do this?[View]
9380072950+ year olds shouldn't be allowed to vote[View]
93801113OOF: Inb4 butter emails cope-posting trump is an idiot through and through. If the dems nominate an…[View]
93801012Every time I try to socialize I try too hard to be entertaining and end up saying a lot of harsh/dum…[View]
93797484why do balkans shit on turks and pretend they're inferior so much? you were all the t*rks'…[View]
93799038What's the worst Monster flavor? In my opinion it is the Lo-Carb one[View]
93799394There are two sides to me... the first being the nicest Turkish merchant you'll ever meet[View]
93799120>did I die a virgin? http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/family-pay-tribute-to-18-year-old-killed-in-vehi…[View]
93800850Keto cured my homosexuality.[View]
93798581haha holy shit they just wont stop[View]
93800725If East Asians are considered 'yellow', then why aren't North-West Europeans considered 'pink'?[View]
93786801Anon, I heard you don't like us, Greeks. Is it true?[View]
93800404Burgers of /int/ what is the best State in the US? Why don't you live there?[View]
93798628I'm 19 and have the opportunity to lose my virginity to an average-looking slutty girl tomorrow…[View]
93800609What is Berlin like? Are there still notable differences between the east and west?[View]
93797969Having surgery tomorrow. I hope nurses play, take selfies and gossip about my hairy flacid dick whil…[View]
93800635>I talk to other people[View]
93799021Tfw no med (Corsican) gf[View]
93799562American Highschools: >cheerleaders >prom dance >football teams with their own mascots >…[View]
93793381Who is the craziest public person in your country? https://youtu.be/ntWieh7YIgY[View]
93799312/brit/: fat edition[View]
93800423Why did austria wanted to go to war to russia and serbia in WWI? Why did serbs kill the guy that sto…[View]
93800213>Google search 'city' homicide >Change to Google images >Only blacks show up…[View]
93800317Do Indians still feel vengeance against Kyrgyz for the Mughal days?[View]
93800082What was it that made 80s and 90s kids' movies such tear jerkers?: I saw these films as a kid a…[View]
93799825Race is a social construct.[View]
93800129What's the point of asking somebody's country on a board where flags are enabled (assuming…[View]
93798122ATTENTION ALL BURGERS: Pls stop coming to Canada and shitting it up[View]
93799894BEHOLD! The perfect Europe![View]
93793070Venezuela: what is going on there? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Da1cew9E_U[View]
93796671The Queen of /int/ has spoken: >1:39 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQU723ZsK0Q…[View]
93799771>I enjoy eating por- WRONG, Pork is forbidden and not halal. You should not eat a parasite infes…[View]
93798756UK flags: Wouldn't it be just gr8 if we had flags specifically for each 'country' in …[View]
93799205Anglos are stupid: >mfw a brazilian black guy that works in a taxi driver in japan speaks 8 langu…[View]
93795710Big Brain General: >your cunny >do you have a big brain Egypt Yes…[View]
93795135transrace: do any of you non white anons wish you were white?[View]
93799262Does Colombia actually exist?[View]
93795368Roaches made movie about Poland again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s2poY9gTLE I watched this sh…[View]
93798219a cuteboy asked me if i was gay while i was waiting for the bus again this is the second time this h…[View]
93799389Did your country do remakes of WW2 planes for real military use ? >Spain >Yes https://www.yout…[View]
937993421. Your country 2. Do you cum early? Canada yes[View]
93799322So many places in the world I want to visit... so little time and money...[View]
93799346é uma merda é de suicidio que merda Então aposto que a historia é assim ela vÊ a amiga a morre fica …[View]
93798017/brit/ - Pinups: Pinups edition[View]
937988281. your country 2. france or frunce?[View]
93798899>>93798717 >>93798664 >>93798330 >>93798219 >>93797969 >>9379747…[View]
93799213OI MATE, got your foreigner speaking english loicense?[View]
93796964Daily reminder that Panama is a BLACK country.[View]
93796252in which american states can you legally shot a trespasser on your land?[View]
93798059Why are they so based and redpilled?[View]
93797916Is your cunt relevant enough to have overseas territories? how many does it have?[View]
93796988/BEST KOREA/: The cities of Guaranda (55,000 citizens) and Echeandía (4,500) in Bolivar Province of …[View]
93797173Is his shirt a bootleg or is this really how 'Eminem' is spelled in russian?[View]
93798915strenght me>you reminder friendly :)[View]
93797001Countries where university is free: There was a recent study done here in the USA that says the huma…[View]
93798882Hey /int/, I need some Italian language help. I'm going on a trip to Italy and heard there…[View]
93798760>German '''''people''''' OH NO NO NO NO *wheeze* ZAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA[View]
93792304OH NO NO NO[View]
93798473Has your country ever influenced the american election?[View]
93796830>wake up >still east asian male i just had to be born the most cucked race...…[View]
93798664>wake up >no mena gf Why even live?[View]
93796883Why don't Africans suffer from depression?[View]
93795589>there are only two genders! steven crowder told me so![View]
93789423*sip* yep...[View]
93794767Facts Korea is just ruled by financial clique and few elites and they take very high income but mos…[View]
93794122How true is this?[View]
93792785>named after the prophet Muhammad >don't adhere to his teachings What would you do in my…[View]
93783753What’s the fucking matter with Chinese/Korean exchange students? Why are especially Koreans so fucki…[View]
93798347This shuts the Pajeet: >P-Pakistanis are not Aryans and are the same people as us Indi...…[View]
93792591Post the best alcohol from your country.[View]
93797042???: >land of free >everything cost money how??? can american explain???…[View]
93798019countries you feel pity towards ill start: > venezuela > mexico > colombia…[View]
93796178can your country compete with chile?[View]
93795438Do you still have the original word for bear in your language? Slavic languages only have a substite…[View]
93791072Go hiking[View]
93796745/brit/: Bregzit means bregzit, get the foreners OUT! Now where's me thai wife edition[View]
93797386Do you guys ever think about how many negros we’d have to kill to make Dandenong a livable city? It …[View]
93797175Why didn't they just leave Kuwait?[View]
93797820Ask a super proud 100% White Aryan-American residing in Japan anything[View]
93796839>tfw you just figured out US students have to take out loans from banks and private companies Hol…[View]
93794342/nachtschicht/ später wieder /deutsch/: Gemütliche Ausgabe[View]
93790910Why is this allowed?[View]
93797121What are your favorite African countries?[View]
93791028Czechinese: Boob[View]
93759512/v4/+friends: Vika is our guy edition[View]
93794990Hellenic BVLLS just got the gold metal in the 2018 Youth Water Polo Championship.[View]
93795248>every other f*nnflag here is gay Now imagine having to share a country with these mongoloid 'peo…[View]
93794732This triggers the Europoor.[View]
93793223What's the company that makes the highest % of their country GDP? (not considering countries wi…[View]
93775373/hell/ ελληνιkό νήμα: Καμινια νταλα μεσημερι εντισιον ολντ>>93760241[View]
937970911 Your cunt 2 Can you join the army if you are openly homosexual?[View]
93797504/hell/ - Άkρως Ελληνιkόν: Piraeus edition παλιό >>93775373[View]
93795427The “““u”””n needs to be dissolved. It’s a bureaucratic hellhole which hurts more Nations than it he…[View]
93794267How did Sweden and Finland end up without a northern coastline?[View]
93795753Do people in your country drive properly and respect traffic codes ?: Here they drive like they want…[View]
93797017>__ ________ >___ ____[View]
93782677>cunt >have you ever met someone who browse this cesspool in real life?…[View]
93783236Spanish girls...[View]
93788404gyopo gang: any korean-american bros here? let's talk about the kor-am experience, culture, peo…[View]
93771592/Levant/: Weebs and Jews are allowed edition[View]
93793764If you knew that 10 megaton nuke is going to hit your town in few minutes and you could choose only …[View]
93795656Guys GUYS! LISTEN! You know janny?? did you know that they do it for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??? LMAOOOOOO…[View]
93791508This is my town, San Miguel de Allende. Post your hometown and r8 others[View]
93790680/US/ America General: In this thread we talk about everything related to America such as culture, hi…[View]
93789966As an American, this is my ranking over the white races: 1. Meds >beautiful countries, grand hist…[View]
93789713wtf? is this true? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-45201725 Are Koreans really stopping to breed …[View]
93784100Why did the Swedish Empire fail so hard? All of Northern Europe combined (minus the UK) has a popula…[View]
93786075Post pics of comfy places in Europe: I'll start.[View]
93795230/brit/: The Political Compass edition[View]
93796613>tfw see someone who’s not disabled parking in a handicap spot[View]
93796645I managed to betrothe Rozelli with Ikibey[View]
93794036This is the greatest video game ever made.[View]
93796443Keto cured my homosexuality.[View]
93795267>mostly white people come to visit japan >still they write a message like this japanese are co…[View]
93791503>flag >*proceeds to form insult based on flag*…[View]
93771217Why do Americans think they have any right to make fun of Sweden?[View]
93795443I'm going with my Polish and Danish bros to a nightclub so we can slay some pussy tonight[View]
93793774No country should have over 20 provinces/states/etc. to be honest. Too confusing and no one will bot…[View]
93795533You're welcome.[View]
93794532is he white[View]
93781861Which black African country is the coziest?[View]
93787211Do you have DIY-culture (electronic hobbyists, car repair in driveway...) in your country? >flag …[View]
93794920How do we stop the Wh*toid menace?[View]
93795600hilo latine[View]
93784601I'm trying to make a song playlist of burger cities, states and regions. Songs about the countr…[View]
93772936Ask a Mexican anything[View]
93795237why aren't they called philistines?[View]
93792454/polska/: edycja dupy i stopy[View]
93795967>play literally any online game >group of people chatting in portuguese/brazilian >type …[View]
93792715Hello frens, how are you doing today?[View]
93796059How to speak more fluently in one of the languages you know (including the native language) if you t…[View]
93795708>saladin was kurd >yes yes he was kurdish of course! >fuck arap and torks they steal kurdis…[View]
93795834tell me about NZ girls, /int/. is it true they all have horses.[View]
93794064How can non-neanderthals even compete...[View]
93793515/brit/: county of sussex edition[View]
93794700https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_Christmas_calendar >A Christmas calendar... is a form of Nor…[View]
93764490hilo latino /lat/: culosardidos.uk[View]
93795293WTF: Netherlands and the EU are rejecting Boer refugees but Russia is accepting them? Yet they accep…[View]
93752659/lang/ – Language Learning General: Studying multiple languages at the same time edition >What la…[View]
93790639Chink insectoids: Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute In Datong City,…[View]
93795086what's the best way to conceal a grotesque face?[View]
93795173My contact in Athens Greece has gone silent[View]
93794443What does /int/ think of Winston 'Gun down the brown out of Cape Town' Sterzel AKA SerpentZA? Did he…[View]
93795096>he buys presliced fruits/vegetables[View]
93793995>russian poster makes a faggot erp post >get nervous because you know if he's caught he…[View]
93795088Sci-fi world building question that is /int/ related: would a 'basic' or 'international' version of …[View]
93794593Thoughts on Slovakia?[View]
93787808>brb let's name my country after a foreign invader's king >brb let's worship Am…[View]
93791204Proud UK citizens[View]
93794773Sverigetråden - Fickmonster upplagan[View]
93792074>remembered as a naval genius because of one improbable victory[View]
93792801Pick 12: Let's do this again. A terrible disease has wiped out all humans on Earth. Luckily, yo…[View]
93794430Why do Americans wash their dishes like this?[View]
93759358*csshhhhhK* kurva anyátok[View]
93789070Is India 4chan: The Nation?: https://www.economist.com/books-and-arts/2018/08/11/the-anger-and-ambit…[View]
93781749What countries do you RESPECT the most (besides Netherlands of course)?[View]
93790765/deutsch/ aber heute /Schanzenfest/: Der Sturm beginnt! https://twitter.com/rechtsgerendert/status/1…[View]
93761802/éire/: doggo edition[View]
93793548What Estonians think about Finland?[View]
93781870What's in Panama?[View]
93794256Sending secret messages: If I were to try to send secret messages to my 'followers' through means su…[View]
93792258You can only choose one: Prime Winona, Katya or the best angle of Grace Victoria Cox[View]
93792517>12:30 pm, getting back home from a night shift >see a roastie ahead >follow her >pick u…[View]
93792654ITT we point and laugh at turkey and remember most of them cant respond because their access is bloc…[View]
93792869i havent masturbated in about a week and now my peepee cant even get up[View]
93793904Post soups from your country Pic is chilpachole, a soup with shrimp and crab[View]
93794087Why do Americans love opioids so much[View]
93793573>your cunt >do they like refugees Brazil No https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a--q2CpmTKM…[View]
93787756Are they a real country?[View]
93791911/Hispania/ general: General para discussion en como mejorar los pueblos y ciudades Hispanicos.…[View]
93793650Going to Scotland next week. What can I expect? Do you like Dutch tourists?[View]
93793873Is this peak Americanization?[View]
93793748>mfw an American tried to eat me whilst I was cooking in the sun[View]
93786690/CHI/: nice edition[View]
93791479Look at all those vulnerable women and children fleeing their war-torn countries, guys![View]
93757096Imagine winning the lottery of life and being born in Finland[View]
93791317/brit/: fresh from the NZ memeosphere edition[View]
93772928/ita/ - il filo: umaru[View]
93790161I made this: Is it correct?[View]
93793453German History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ztOV2wrrkY How accurate is this video?[View]
93793405imagine being circumcised[View]
93793374How are Latino $0y boys treated in S. and N. America?[View]
93788313>tfw 3 weeks left until we get a nationalist government that will deport all the muslims and nigg…[View]
93787481You wake up in Novi Sad, Serbia.[View]
93792980Please enter. We accept everyone yet we are against globalism. https://chat.whatsapp.com/8Sl7jbTp0jY…[View]
93792509Why do Americans dress like European children?[View]
93792808When a Mexican and Turkish/German get together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgEk3Niie1E[View]
93785263Finally got back from my first trip to Europe (pic related). It was pretty good and I hope to go bac…[View]
93784097How was your life back in 2008? I was finishing middle school and starting high school[View]
93786578Lavrentiy Beria (Georgian: ლავრენტი პავლეს ძე ბერია) The second man after Stalin. Head of Secret Ser…[View]
93785993>that mexican guy that ate his leg,: he made tacos[View]
93790950>German is the most commonly spoken native language in Europe, despite the French absolutely domi…[View]
93792186Rolita hueona: https://youtu.be/MAU6_F2RXfo ¿Qué piensan de esta hueá anonsitos?[View]
93792649>it's impossible to suffer in the first worl- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLrFyjGZ9NU…[View]
93791023My cousin has got a crooked nose, she didn't have one when she was little. She turned 12 this y…[View]
93787906Sverigetråden - Japanska upplagan[View]
93786119>wh*te males will defend this[View]
93792507>neighbors clapping at the birds again[View]
93785391/NEDERDRAAD/: Men kan de Vlaamse leeuw niet temmen-uitgave Welkom: Vlaamse leeuwen, Nederlanders Nie…[View]
93788581/polska/: edycja króliczków i zajączków[View]
93785034Is Mexico the most cucked of all the latin american cunts? They are literally like 99% brown, and o…[View]
93770238I saw in a documentary today that more than 85% of Koreans below 35 years of age want to leave the c…[View]
93791499>tfw you taste shit and start reaching after eating out a girl's pussy and arse…[View]
9378676180's sound was good. What's your favorite 80's music?[View]
93789392Are tatars the mexicans of Russia?[View]
93791546>latin americans can't be 5 minutes without chatting about stupid shit or insulting each oth…[View]
93789963i like australia[View]
93790096Why is this allowed my burger friends? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6jzzh-FZgs[View]
93786730Why do the French look so peculiar?[View]
93791526Fraca Merda: I'm here visiting my family who live in a poor fishing town in the country-side, a…[View]
93777853Would a dress like this be considered slutty in your country?[View]
93789816Everyone wants to be white but I don't see any advantage of being white. I can't even get …[View]
93790905Im having more fun being right now with my family and old people celebrating my aunt birthday while …[View]
93785422>My beloved put his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him. >Song of S…[View]
93783234Would you eat this?[View]
93791239Just ate jumbo ananas pizza. I don't feel too good lads.[View]
93789461/brit/: bowie edition[View]
93779935Italian women are for __________?[View]
93789022we're all going to make it right?[View]
93777010How are you preparing for the pagan century?[View]
93781869Is it true that they're French people larping as Spaniards?[View]
93784471Bioshock? Now we're talkin'.[View]
93791016Always remember to redditspace your posts, dude.[View]
93791010ITT we make fun of kabyles[View]
93790196Hi /int/. POWER is a simple tick-based political browser game around which the community has built a…[View]
93790327American on vacation here. Why do Bavarians wear traditional dress? Is it for church? A political st…[View]
93790450What are the major news outlets in your cunt?[View]
93789290High school life[View]
93784795/deutsch/ ehemals auch schon /deutsch/: Nicht-Wingel-Ausgabe[View]
93790381since i started eating healthy i take a shit 3 times per day is that normal?[View]
93790360What countries do Peru, Kazakhstan, an India hate the absolute most?[View]
93790249I am happy we exist.[View]
93786545CONFESS: What kind of guy we're you in school: Be honest were you bullied or the bully or a aut…[View]
93789942How does your country feel about these?[View]
93790066jew gf: what countries does accept jews nowadays? coutries I know are israel and germany. i want to …[View]
93787774/brit/: Tonibler edition[View]
93785777Why did this British soldier kill the woman?[View]
93789904> Your cunt > Are your teachers trained to neutralize students with firearms? America. Fuck ye…[View]
93786842/luso/ fio lusonofo: ediçao futuro presidente[View]
93772745Superpower in 2030[View]
93789139>Just made coffee >Forgot to wash the coffee pot >There was a roach floating in it >Drin…[View]
93778345/fr/ - le fil français de France francophone: Édition bidonnante.[View]
93770531/balt/: This sure is pretty[View]
93788855my dad is going to sweden in october is this the kind of people he'll find there[View]
93789421>Town rapist escaped.[View]
93787100>No I do not beat my wife because it is barbaric[View]
93788316After a week, I've been unbanned! I made 1 (one) on-topic post on /tv/ and I was banned for a w…[View]
93786784Why are they so violent?: Why are people in the Americas so damn violent? It isn't just the car…[View]
93788252>Bulgarian 'people'[View]
93789057This triggers the Europoor[View]
93782682New Zealand's Minister for Women cycles to hospital to give birth: New Zealand's Minister …[View]
93788530Half of japanese women are over 49 years old[View]
93783980I want to find love in the Inca Empire[View]
93788969>haplotypes >adgroups >phenomixture…[View]
93788938special relativity is bullshit[View]
93787888If you have nothing and noone in your life is there really any downsides to becoming a criminal?[View]
93788590/polska/: edycja rudych[View]
93784023/polska/: edycja niewidomych[View]
93775161How bad is it really where you live?[View]
93788551*blocks your path*[View]
93783702>Used to think that Im pretty strong since I can life 9 plates >found out when people say plat…[View]
93756344Is it hard to get white Polish gf being Russian?[View]
93788386just filmed me fapping my dick looks huge from camera perspective(14cm uncut) also it made me instan…[View]
93784756/deutsch/: abendausgabe[View]
93788016Brazilian government is giving the Alcântara Rocket Launch Center in Northeast to Amurika. GET OUT O…[View]
93783173/brit/ Croydon edition[View]
93786132just ate 5 big macs and a mcflurry[View]
93787521Indian women are for _______?[View]
93787049Less than 1/3 of euro women are under 35 years old[View]
93785228/BEST KOREA/: Tonight the press is reporting lovely news that Chinese President Comrade Xi Jinping w…[View]
93788026Do you want to find love in America?[View]
93787604OH NO NO NO[View]
93783093Tomorrow, Venezuela will remove 5 0s from its currency, so 100,000 bolivares will become 1 bolivar. …[View]
93787912eating japanese[View]
93775805>fastest man on earth(Usain Bolt) is black >10/10 of the current fastest olympic sprinters on …[View]
93787381Ibero-American girls...[View]
93676335DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2036: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those study…[View]
93779581I fucking hate speaking spanish, such a fucking awful language for shitskins and its such a fucking …[View]
93777480/ex-yu/: ochajavamo[View]
93787533Chan francophone pour l'élite de la nation. https://franchan.biz C'est toujours en phase d…[View]
93782204>''So anon, how do you like my family so far? Isn't Spain the most beautiful count…[View]
93783071/brit/: Keevan edition[View]
93787416>I spam pictures of foreign women on /int/ because no women in my own country want me, and I thin…[View]
93784744/deutsch/: Entrepreneur Ausgabe[View]
93786182They hide amongst us. Do not believe their lies.[View]
93782543I, for one, support the Russian immigration to Finland.[View]
93786612>Women deserve human rights[View]
93780244>ethnicity >post skin color as hex using betafaceapi.com Vietnamese pic related…[View]
93786582When raising a family I want to adopt a child of every race(white, asian and black), the brown one w…[View]
93786688Why is the Netherlands such a wonder of a country? Are other ''''countries'''' even trying?[View]
93786812No Asian gf who was born in Russia and only speaks Russian/English Why even live Oh god why have you…[View]
93775520have any of you learned spanish? how did you do it, how long? i am learning spanish hope my frens ca…[View]
93784913wubba lubba dub dub im pickle rick[View]
93784808Which part of the UK are you from lads?[View]
93786687any american here who is actually fat and stupid?[View]
93783866i'm starting my plan to stop being fat tomorrow going to the swimming pool i also stopped eatin…[View]
93786369>ur cunt >do you feel like you were born in the wrong country? flag yes…[View]
93774381>you're cunt >would you welcome American refugees in you're cunt if the nukes start …[View]
93785738Is HK dead?: Will China destroy Hong Kong before I get the chance to visit? Always wanted to go ther…[View]
93786491>i now remember the time I went to visit a friend in prison when i was 18 and my friends did some…[View]
93785197*blocks your path* Whats your rank whitey?[View]
93784636where were you when the bongoloids got BTFO by India?[View]
93786123https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBEdRsF6wjQ thought finland had good animal welfare F U C K F I N L …[View]
93786013Why did France stop being good at war?[View]
93786126mfw in a resteraunt in Paris and I don't speak any French[View]
93786088Say hello to Britney ventis sisters: Isn't she white?[View]
93745593/luso/ - Fio Feminista: Superioridade Feminina. Homens suinos foram feitos para servir e bem tratar …[View]
93785525>that 700 yr old boomer who pays millions of $ to talk to the President's lawyer…[View]
93773603Data Mining Thread: How would you invest a million dollars in your country?(don't troll with so…[View]
93779498At first I thought you guys were memeing me but this girl is an actual white supremacist in america …[View]
93770036/norgetråden/: gründer-utgaven forrige: >>93749937[View]
93784393>Scotland is the only country in the history of the world to give up its sovereignity…[View]
93782438> ameridumbs think north america ends at panama and is a continent on its own holy fuck…[View]
93781814ITT We say nice things about Russia[View]
93784800What's your political ideology /int/? I'm mostly center-right though I do feel that social…[View]
93783750wheres my canadian bf?[View]
93784000Imagine your girlfriend cheating on you with a Paki.[View]
93780677Rank the top 5 Prime ministers/presidents/Chancellors of your country: Top 5 in no particular order.…[View]
93785146>Mexico's only cultural symbol was invented by Americans Sad![View]
93779651Sverigetråden - SDupplagan[View]
93785160Only us can shit on our cunt. When someone shit on our cunt, we kick their ass from here. Learn wit…[View]
93780931does anyone have that documentary with the finnish qt with autism?[View]
93783345How does your country like tea?[View]
93772711/NEDERDRAAD/: Noord-Brabanteditie Welkom: Noord-Brabant Niet welkom: haters[View]
937822411) There was no Republic of Korea in 1919, nor in 1920, nor in 1921. 2) All of Korea was a statutory…[View]
93775767/BG/ - Tatar Refugee General: Sit it out here while Hellenes are battling it out.[View]
93781154/deutsch/: >sonntagabendausgabe[View]
93784659banana in canada 2 per day is my mantra[View]
93781217/brit/: GoT edition[View]
93778003Aregentina are you guys doing ok?[View]
93765825Perfect countries' thread: I'll start >most liberal country in Europe >gang weed …[View]
93780170PEE IN PLANE: American arrested for peeing on passenger two rows behind him during flight to Japan..…[View]
93783438Reminder: Argentina and Chile are proud AMERINDIAN ETHNOSTATES. Wh*tes (may Allah forgive me for wri…[View]
93782208What does privatizing a war mean?[View]
93782425Any of you third world fucks witnessed any revolutions, wars, etc.?[View]
93783871>black men can't fight Think again wh*teoid[View]
93782154Who is the undisputed queen of pop of your country? https://youtu.be/c_sXhn8Omn8[View]
93784033my life is shit so I post pepe and watch anime :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD[View]
93780013Post some cartoons you used to watch as child?[View]
93780192Why do Americans wash their dishes like this?[View]
93779053/polska/: edycja holenderska[View]
93780867>all these fucking third world shitskins can write perfect English >i can't even learn a …[View]
93773739normimentes kurva anyátok[View]
93781528Fatima please come back to me Rajesh is a non-muslim you cant do this[View]
93778960Why do Filipino-Americans go out of their way to call themself Pacific Islanders and deny thier Asia…[View]
93780845Have anyone ever seen 90 day fiance? What do you think of it? Why are Americans that naive?[View]
93782960Is it true that in the U.K every brown person is called a Paki?[View]
93782775How do Spaniards feel about KARA BOGA coming into Ceuta? https://youtu.be/_LBk5xBy0SA[View]
93776992how would you fix this dysfunctional country?[View]
93781732Is it true that they're Portuguese LARPing as Spaniards?[View]
93768005/mämmi/: /mämmi/ - :D -painos[View]
93782174Remember when this was posted everyday? Now it would seem almost unreal. Get fucked by rapefugees :^…[View]
93780602are there any americans here that have had close encounters with tornadoes? Some of the sirens sound…[View]
93781030what would happen if the earth suddenly looked like this one day?[View]
93775586>take the bus >f*nn comes and sits next to me Why do they have the audacity?…[View]
93766551jag gillar sverige[View]
93778949How do you get sissy British bois to want your body water and then are willing to fight an army of o…[View]
93776120Why Japanese allied with Germans in WWII? Why Germans allied with Japanese?[View]
93780707Why don't French Canadian men want to date cute English Canadian bois?[View]
93780740Is it true that Germans pay taxes to the church?[View]
93781181>1. ur cunt >2. is party rock in the house tonight? 1. argentina 2. yes, everybody just have a…[View]
93774835>Population equal to Europe, Russia, and the USA combined >Very little international power or …[View]
93782976would you?[View]
93781351Do rich people in your cunt also travel to the USA so their child will be born in US soil and automa…[View]
93782935Refugees welcome![View]
93778130What does /int think of the new Paki PM?: Personally, his face makes me sick[View]
93782278TIL about 4% of my countrymen are descended from Pastanigs: What sin did we commit to deserve this?…[View]
93782461it's 22:56 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
93775630So what do Aboriginals think of: This is a Aboriginal Australian in the 1930's[View]
93776791Why is Brazil so manly and heterossexual?[View]
93782374Good advices on a long distand relationship?![View]
93776646>wake up >no mexican gf mfw[View]
93777666>indian landlord doubles rent again >say's if I dont have the payment by next month then …[View]
93771228The age of the white boy is over![View]
93780294Any muslims here? If so do you know this guy? What do you think of him?[View]
93781629You can be a nationalist AND date interracially. It makes you a conqueror.[View]
93774534Why are they so culturallt superior compared to Korea and China?[View]
93782259People with brown hair and eyes aren´t white[View]
93777509Well /int/, is she?[View]
93778431Why are frenchmen so cute?[View]
93781932Is it true that they're Moroccans LARPing as Spaniards?[View]
93781605I got really mad at myself and bit my arm really hard and i broke a huge blood vessel under my arm a…[View]
93781796Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.[View]
93781273Nobody can’t be this stupid[View]
93778390/deutsch/: edizione alto adige[View]
93781388Which ethnicity you prefer: Chinese Canadian, English Canadian or French Canadian?[View]
93780873/cum/: white power edition[View]
93777667stop being mean to korea[View]
93778824/brit/ - The Man who Sold the World: The Man who Sold the World edition[View]
93775998>1. Country >2. yfw when someone says the nazis were the saviours of the white race Flag. I cr…[View]
937809251) your country 2) is life fair? Canada No.[View]
93778809>wake up >wasn't born in america thank god…[View]
93780915Are you drunk?[View]
93778279Just how much American culture is influenced by Native culture?[View]
93774873travelers, which's best and worst places you have been, respectively? comes from a guy who…[View]
93780543Guess the ethnicity of this guy: Can he pass as a white guy in your country? Do you think he looks H…[View]
93771620Have you gone to church yet /int/?[View]
93779855>Walking down the street minding my own business >Frenchie walks up to me strutting like a coc…[View]
93756584/cum/ & friends: saturday night feels edition[View]
93778897American on vacation here. Why do Germans wear the traditional dress? What is the symbolism (if any)…[View]
93780090Why do W*stoids seem to WANT to go back to primitive?[View]
93780501why do they hate east europe?[View]
93777210What did Toronto mean by this?[View]
93780240Should i buy a gamer PC just because i like the lightning effect?[View]
93771003Be 87 years old, gentle American lady: >go on a short walk to gather some dandelions for your her…[View]
93780103Let us compare the Georgias State: >Land Area 153,909 km2 >Population 10,429,379 >GDP $554…[View]
93777530/arch/: Post cathedrals/churches/temples/mosques & other religious buildings from your country.…[View]
93780100I will immigrate to your country and you can't stop me[View]
93774439/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: ([View]
93780174>that Pole who posts little girls[View]
93776233Are they just a mix of Swedes and Samis?[View]
93779248Finland is best country. :D[View]
93778816>blonde hair >brown eyes[View]
93779973Post the best /a/ character from your country[View]
93779876Why isn't multiculturalism like on the tv? They promised all these great things and all I got i…[View]
93779623Why can't this stupid site just save a cookie or something instead of annoying me with the same…[View]
93775708Post your national hot dog Pic related is a Shuco, made with Mayo, Guacamole, and Sauerkraut.[View]
93776736What is their problem with English? I'm especially talking about their elites who are overprote…[View]
93779286How do I forgive America for what they did to Spain?[View]
93779280grug HATE other colour grug[View]
93775857This is funniest thing I have seen for a while >Named themselves the most hard working and trustw…[View]
93779499I hope we equate Southern Europe´s fertility rate and i hope the murders in the ghettos grow up[View]
93777166What the fuck is their problem? Why are they so opposed to world peace?[View]
93778526What are some popular songs you listened to growing up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMT698ArSfQ …[View]
93779433I that true that Burgers read 'lol' as 'L. O. L'? LMAO.[View]
93779340/brit/: Uno, Mr Bond[View]
93778586america lost cold war[View]
93778233Playing video games online, i have to say there are only people from three nationalities i have ever…[View]
93776949/brit/: Yank Rorke edition[View]
93779236Everyone is a brainlet: >people saying that Japan is going to go extinct >Japan population: we…[View]
93774140Why does /int/ get so mad when they learn I'm moving to Europe?[View]
93778940BEHOLD: the four menaces of Europe Anyone who doesn't live in these countries should agree to t…[View]
93773858>Norwegians unironically call this a 'chill closet'[View]
93776530Would you live in russia?[View]
93776435>ywn live in a world where Rome never fell >ywn live in a world where Christianity is the worl…[View]
93778961How China could Destroy Ameriga: China hosts a large number of major US corporations, including Appl…[View]
93773834Why are they so left wing?[View]
93778541Is it true that east asian and hispanic soles are nice?[View]
93778906Nail polish[View]
93774043/polska/: edycja nielubienia reimu[View]
93775012Slavic men are ug-[View]
93778471why doent schools in romance countries teach the more 'french' version of english? >liberty - lib…[View]
93778358>only 19cm dong[View]
93775659Literal meme Empire. Apparentely 90% of Swedish troops died of disease and weather and ony 10% died …[View]
93777340What's your favorite country in North America?[View]
93771278>Britain >conquered and sacked by nordic savages that lived in mudhouses while theres infighti…[View]
93774626/brit/: virgin freakazoid edition[View]
93774686/deutsch/: Mittelstand Ausgabe[View]
93778402>'you are behind on your rent anon' >'s-s-sorry Mr.Manish things have been rough lately, I-I p…[View]
93777175Only if africa had mosquito nets they could save millions of mosquitos from dying of aids[View]
93775542why are people from this part of Europe so arrogant and spiteful?[View]
93778190Dutch rape babies[View]
93776161Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
93777465What are some noteworthy differences between Central Americans, South Americans and Hispanic Caribbe…[View]
93771978How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
93774490fuck WMAF[View]
93777518Anyone of y'all learned German? How long did it take you?[View]
93774172I am afraid of Anglo American. Why? Because I watched world war 2 from space on history channel. htt…[View]
93776914I want a black gf[View]
93774923I'm sure do hate generals[View]
93769148Why don't they PREVENT refugees from having to flee in the first place?[View]
93777307>tfw no Brit tranny boyfriend to protect you from Paki molesters[View]
93776990Why has /int/ only gotten gayer with time? I'm sure i'm not the only one who's notice…[View]
93767710Are they Chad? > From a weak country to a strong country > BTFO Nazis > Splitted the world …[View]
93770504You wake up in Wakanda.[View]
93775441Im 21 and I think Im giving up on women[View]
93776192Post images that describes you the most[View]
93776495>tfw no med gf: *snap*[View]
93777091>american cuisine[View]
93774763Ever noticed how /pol/ take BBC posters in the upmost seriousness: BBC/BLACKED posters always get at…[View]
93760960>Your country France >Are you for or against death penalty? I am definitely for the use of dea…[View]
93761547/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition des tartelettes létales[View]
93776989/brit/: small willies edition[View]
93771257Sverigetråden - Fluffupplagan[View]
93772973Do people really think Mandarin Chinese sounds that bad? I grew up hearing it so it sounds pretty no…[View]
93775259what is the richest nigger country?[View]
93772085Mmm, pizza with ananas. The way it's meant to be.[View]
93757703/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Утpeнний. Haвaльный. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg-jKzdRFJ0[View]
93773113Looks fucking ridiculous.[View]
93776769Do you fantasize about colonial period Africa? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTQbiNvZqaY[View]
93770744ENTIRE MEXICO POLICE GETS ARRESTED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KncFtuUpUZc >a Mexican politi…[View]
93754523/balk/ - Skopje metropolis edition feat. Sqhiptars: old >>93715515[View]
93776302Why does the anglo thirst for aryan blood?[View]
93760241/hell/ ελληνιkό νήμα: έkδοση Rozelli ολντ >>93717273 Honorary mention: Πειραιάς[View]
93770094How to solve the terroni problem?[View]
93773179You wake up in Dontesk...[View]
93756847why????????????: >japanese beautiful language >korean chinese ugly languages…[View]
93775772I just want to drink some wine, why are they texted such a bullshit about starving South Africans he…[View]
93774423pls invest in eastern poland[View]
93775381>your cunt >what's ur job (or upcoming) >france >maintenance technician…[View]
93775280How do we get rid of the saxons and save of eastern and northern brethern?[View]
93775599>be american >get car bought for me at 16 >salute flag every morning and recite pledge in o…[View]
93775537American lifestyle, american food kills you[View]
93774804Why are russian women so beautiful?[View]
937716141. country 2. your opinion on skub[View]
93774132>one chance at life >not born russian, bielorussian or ukrainian Thank God…[View]
93774820>that 30-year-old boomer posting Alizée[View]
93772908How do modern South Koreans see North Korea? Is there still any emotional attachment left?[View]
937663151. Your cunt 2. Thoughts on ethnic, sexual and religious minorities? EVROPAN Empire Nothing good[View]
93769548>Order some food >Food deliver is Indian >Tell him he better not shat on my meal or I'…[View]
93774856>The personified form of the Americas (Colombia) is a European female White privilege at it'…[View]
93760214/ex-yu/: Bosanac & Biblije izdanje[View]
93774369Could I pass as a local in the MENA region? Please classify me /int/ be honest~[View]
93771229Why do old anglos look like this?[View]
93772944How are YOU helping make your country better /int/?[View]
93769892How did White people manage to get so many mutations? Alien genetic engineering?: >mutated eyes B…[View]
93773056Have you received your customary Med gf yet /int/? Mine just came in the post and I'm very happ…[View]
93774898Say something nice about the leaders of the free world /int/[View]
93773298Why do Americans all look alike?[View]
93755337Anon, I heard you don't like us, Greeks. Is it true?[View]
93774357I love kots but i have an allergy to them. Can't touch kots. Send help pls[View]
93773317Why are japs such fags about weed? Nigga it's just fucking weed, stop ruining people's car…[View]
93774274how historically accurate would be to make a game about deporting germans, irish and other non anglo…[View]
93773994Average med girl (Corsican)[View]
93772536Does your language have a good equivalent of the English word 'nigger'? A word for blacks that is co…[View]
93774045/polska/: edycja dobrej dupy[View]
93774359>'It was a face Ashwaq never thought she would see again. The man, known only as Abu Humam, was a…[View]
93769086Is fluoride in water bad?[View]
93763400What happens here?[View]
93770868/deutsch/: Die völkische Nachmittagsausgabe[View]
93773775Welcome to the UK: Russia ? No UK[View]
93773494Why do Facists have a worse reputation than Communists?: >Commies genocide their OWN PEOPLE >F…[View]
93763880/polska/: edycja dlaczego królowa polski to murzynka i dziewica[View]
93773791>tfw next world war will definitely start in east asia/south east asia >tfw we will gonna get …[View]
93773697tfw ill never look like young leonardo dicaprio[View]
93758697Whose side were you on as a kid boomers?[View]
93764519Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
93765927Arabs and Slavs are the master races.[View]
93767465Hard licorice sugar candy: Did you have small pieces of licorice covered in fairly thick and hard su…[View]
93772790Venezuela: >ooga booga where the gold at >still goes to shit https://youtu.be/Dt7hTCeoXUM?t=37…[View]
93768937have you heard of the high elves?[View]
93773022every single war involving germany in the last 1500 years was started by austria[View]
93773250>I may have gone too far in a few places[View]
93773059hapas are cute![View]
93758261/ita/ - il filo: edizione alba rossissima[View]
93772129>gen z is going to be 'conservative' >first white minority generation Do boomers really believ…[View]
93772011How well are/were Jews integrated into Russian society?[View]
93769752>I don't like winter[View]
93772579Can Germany be saved?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2hGrsExuyc[View]
93768092150 years ago France was unquestioned world leader of culture and arts, and was even competitive for…[View]
93771209Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk: Bögar är äckliga[View]
93767525Quebec: could anyone here tell me what living in Terrabonne in Quebec is like? is it mostly white or…[View]
93772494/Central Asia/: Orta Aziyanyng generaly eshkim kirmese, batyp ketsin[View]
93768706/brit/: are bond edition[View]
93772465Why haven't you accepted the Welsh superiority yet?[View]
93769150Why is Slovakia so difficult to find in the media but Czech? Are you indifferent about Slovakia in y…[View]
93761120>go to sleep late at night cause the next day is Sunday >thinking of sleeping till afternoon …[View]
93769539translucent eyes are supposed to be considered 'attractive', but when I see them in real life It…[View]
93760275/Nederdraad/: /Nederdraad/ Peru-uitgave. Welkom: beleefde, beschaafde en volwassen Nederlandstaligen…[View]
93770560How are you preparing for the Chinese century?[View]
93770612Stop going to Abrahamic prayer houses[View]
93762160Is America the only country that doesn't know what these things are?[View]
93770071/brit/: best crisps edition[View]
93772034when I visited Auswitch Birkenau, this had a strange smell: Did someone feel the same?[View]
93770568>you can easily tell the difference between plebeian (anglo-saxon) english, and the french spoken…[View]
93769317>1998 was 32 years ago[View]
93757813Start playing vidya.[View]
93769117/ostsee/: The general that simply everyone is talking about -edition[View]
93765318Why are they such racist spergs?[View]
93770641could i pass as a girl in your country?[View]
93771526Ok Russia you’re in charge while we go out for dinner Nooo funny business ok?[View]
93770435What is the relationship between native americans and asians? Natvies are ancient lost asians so i g…[View]
93762796Traditional German clothing: Norbert Hofer's less good looking best friend attended an Austrian…[View]
93764092>perfect girl dosn't exi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6w_3P_l5FA…[View]
93767796>meet VERY cute girl >get along really well >exchange numbers >am now no longer attracte…[View]
93766082/AMG/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
93767423It's Hungarian.[View]
93760326What's it like to have siblings?[View]
93771449/MeNa/: Didn‘t see a thread edition[View]
93766722>mfw wh*Toid women try to start a conversation with me[View]
93770392>be me >be atheist named Mohammed growing up in a shitty, poor, disharmonious Muslim family …[View]
93769416Based Russian Communists: Did you know that Russian Communist Party is against interracial relations…[View]
93756637/ausnz/: Fugg Y'all Are Lazy FYAL[View]
93768211Nordic women: I have noticed that even Nordic brunettes look better than women in the rest of the wo…[View]
93767566Since I filtrated all the East Asian posters, /int/ is a better for me.[View]
93771196>Te Rauparaha ordered the Ngāti Toa warriors to cross the stream in pursuit. Those British who ha…[View]
93770587/MENA/: Egyptian Big Brain edición[View]
93763956I thought varg was suppose to be dumb.[View]
93769044Why do Poojeets love cricket so much?[View]
93760792we summon Romanians[View]
93770511>he is a linguistic cuckold forced to forsake his mother tongue and speak the native language of …[View]
93770905>american youtube video >foreign name pops up on screen >'I'm not even gonna TRY prono…[View]
93766241You wake up in Ouagadougou[View]
93770415>haha Czechia is Germany >haha Czechs are just Germans speaking a slavic language >haha Sud…[View]
93764619Why do Brits do this?[View]
93764378Sverigetråden - en fin tråd[View]
93769492I am of British and German descent but i larp as a native Swede[View]
93749233how can asian girls enjoy sex with asian males? im a pencildick but i watched some amateur korean vi…[View]
93768848What makes them so mean in character?[View]
93763775Why are Italian such mama's boy who stay in the familial house until 56 years old?[View]
93760694when did you realize that China > j*pan?[View]
93768370I wonder why westerners don't take a bath everyday.[View]
93768758Are Asian girls diaspora in europe as big race traitors as asian-american girls? I don’t think i hav…[View]
93761480behold, this wild beast the japanese have bred for themselves should be illegal[View]
93764119MAKE BABY NOW!![View]
93770090como se me antojan unos pinches tacos[View]
93769727>yo s.o.y the absolute state of mexican[View]
93769922Spanish Thread / Hilo Español: Thread for the discussion of Spanish culture and the hispanosphere. H…[View]
93764902>tell firstoid a truth about first world >he starts insulting my country and weeping simultan…[View]
93769903>https://nypost.com/2018/08/18/former-isis-slave-flees-germany-after-encountering-former-captor/ …[View]
93761868your country Do you eat often at mcdonald? Swtizerland I haven't been there since I was a teen…[View]
93768895Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
93766626>nukes or >massive amphibious landings for me the latter so maybe an*me wouldn't exist.…[View]
93769636KARA BOGA products were designed to make butthurt whi*es mad.[View]
93767476I have today off from work, what should i do?[View]
93767830Today I saw a black person irl[View]
93769298Would you settle down with an average (9% african, 12% native american 79% european) evangelical lut…[View]
93769297Can't stand zoomers: My brother is a zoomer he was born in the year 2003 Holy shit it's cr…[View]
93767237W - Would you be my friend??[View]
93761515Tick tock Israel: Your country won't exist in 20 years. Go back to Poland or Ukraine.[View]
93749937/norgetråden/: Den endelige lösningsorienterte-utgaven Forrie: >>93725751 >>93725751 …[View]
93766657what kind of nord is this[View]
93768712/brit/: Glory and honour to the Waffen SS[View]
93764225>hey you >sit here well tell you something interesting What do?…[View]
93767131/brit/: Question mark nutter edition[View]
937652441. Are your hospital's nurses mean unprofessional gossipers or kind and comforting angels? 2. C…[View]
93768507Can any greekbros give an update on the state of greece right now? How the fuck do you kill off your…[View]
93768494La creatura: did i find non photoshopped real life creatura?? https://youtu.be/J_6p64ji7WE[View]
93763873Cunt is a good word in NZ/AU, why does it trigger people everywhere else: At work i am told there ar…[View]
93764279how do you feel about chinese becoming strongest nation in world?[View]
93758132Why was 2000s British music such absolute garbage? The only good thing the bongs produced in that wh…[View]
93768372Türkiye Türkiye...Haydi Türkiye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIHwbY81eyc[View]
93765461what the hell in sweden?: now i am anti-refugee[View]
93759434Where can I find some gook thots with ghetto asses that will twerk their brown jungle Asian buns and…[View]
93763988Do you want to find love in the Basque region?[View]
93766901Did the Holodmor really happen?[View]
93761346>people who refer to germans as ''krauts''[View]
93754975Can a Romanian or Romanian speaker tell me what they're singing about here? https://www.youtube…[View]
93769524>some dog races are more violent than others we should ban them to make our country safer 'yes th…[View]
93758251American on vacation in Germany here. Question: I see a lot of bachelorette parties walking around t…[View]
93757689Evil country[View]
93763881/polska/: edycja autentycznie wyglądających japońskich dziewczynek[View]
93760534what do protestANTS think about the EU flag?[View]
93767726>be american >go take a shit >finish >smear it all over your ass with paper >'aa…[View]
93746012/mämmi/: Erakkoeliksiiri -painos[View]
93760500On the Ukraine, the Buk anti-aircraft gun hit the wall of the Astarta business center. The parade…[View]
93767563Did you remember to pray /int/? It's easy to know the direction of mecca, just follow ur hart a…[View]
93756706Even if they studied almost as same as us, why they can't reach the wisdom that is about the sa…[View]
93755525/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: DON'T STOP THE CAR AND PRAY THE GAS IS FULL edition[View]
93767063>an American exchange student girl moved in from LA >I was excited to meet at blonde American …[View]
93765894/brit/: 5'7 edition[View]
93766981Cheating Chinks: >Country >University/higher education institution >Are international Chine…[View]
93767118this, no wonder jap office wageslavers jump to their deaths.[View]
93767004Deeply concerned: The state of jew posters in here is unbelievable. In the 7-8 threads so far concer…[View]
93765448Why is Putin attending the wedding of a populist right-wing Austrian politician?[View]
93759284Americans what do you think about this? Double beef with pulled pork and some bacon, chili dip and p…[View]
93766897Why is the US military so strong?[View]
93762785German freeloading: >I am convinced that anyone who uses Trump to demand that Europe finally has …[View]
93762866https://www.thelocal.ch/20180818/muslim-couple-denied-swiss-citizenship-over-handshake-refusal The f…[View]
93761534/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition grande classe[View]
93761679International cooperation to abolish all militaries and put the effort into space exploration: Why c…[View]
93766746>1. Your cunt >2. When did you swallow the Vargpill? 1. Flag 2. 2005…[View]
93761436Have you forgiven Germany?[View]
93762798>go to beach to bathe >see tourist with her boobies out Why do xenoi do this?…[View]
93762478>blacks in the west complain about the slave trade from centuries ago >demand reparations >…[View]
93766676*Africa Begins at the Pyrenees*[View]
93766687Maxim cafe mix[View]
93766510Whats so funny wagecuck? Why are you laughing?[View]
93763984Sverigetråden - För svenskar samt brödrafolk: Bögar är äckliga[View]
93757954>be wh*Toid >visit japan >get lost in shopping centre >start panicking https://www.yout…[View]
93766496>spastic foreigners actually think the sunday sport is real[View]
93763159How did Ireland become so rich? It happened so fast and out of nowhere. My mother still thinks of Ir…[View]
93759306bruh imagine like no borders n'shit, like no one owns anything and just hold hands m'dude[View]
93759793What language has the most beautiful Lord's Prayer?[View]
93759762The South: What went wrong with this region of America?[View]
93766053Pole is slang for cock.[View]
93765749>his country have significant muslim population.[View]
93765959Why don't you like your culture? Whose cunts culture do you like, or hate?[View]
93765947Based Tobleronefags. >A Muslim couple have been denied Swiss citizenship after they refused to sh…[View]
93763919/brit/: 5'9 edition[View]
93765895hey /int/ gute nacht how do i cope with the fact that even 3/10 girls won't even notice me and …[View]
93764736What does /int/ think of this guy?[View]
93765640Study: Black 'Men' found to have highest Estrogen levels by race: >'Conclusions: Contrary to the …[View]
93761823>tfw no russian gf[View]
93761361>tfw next Chinese leader goes full Constantine >tfw China becomes the Third Rome…[View]
93746625Why aren't you a father?[View]
93755063/nachtschicht/ später wieder /deutsch/[View]
93765000Blackmail the US with Israel: Why doesn't the EU and China threaten Israel with sanctions to ge…[View]
93756253i don't know what i want to do with my life. Do you, /int/?[View]
93765171Sandn*ggers have zero class: Look how distasteful and tactless this building is. And it's right…[View]
93759932>China wants to genocide this[View]
93756285Post the best vidya character from your country[View]
93695725Culture Pals /cp/ general: indopals edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the wo…[View]
93764974When it comes to fashion, is your country better than America?[View]
93756967/brit/: MGTOW edition[View]
93764366sud hilo sudaca: HILO SUDAMERICO suban viejonas med :v suban viejonas med me la quiero jalar antes d…[View]
93762566What do you want from Japan? ” except qt grills ”[View]
93729392Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
93761688Croatia: What's your opinion on Croatia and Croatians?[View]
93757674hilo latino /lat/: esta nunca falla[View]
93756957I wrote a poem about indians. I hope you guys like it. >Stinky pajeet >Only shits in the stree…[View]
93764098工藤 新一 高校生名探偵 日本警察の救世主[View]
93763686post real life battle royale in your country https://youtu.be/NZuy_TPoFj8[View]
93763739I thought mixed people are ugly, this guy is half Native American[View]
93752784/poIska/: Edycja morska[View]
93763828>tfw you will never look like this feels bad.....[View]
93763756German fox: One german man could cheat all supepower secret police organizations how he could do tha…[View]
93762150Do young people smoke in your country?[View]
93762102Do you love Japan?[View]
93759206>20yo in 2 weeks[View]
93763562What would be considered drugs of choice for each of these groups: huwhites, asians, dindus and brow…[View]
93760109>tfw balding at 18[View]
93757597What do you know about German women?[View]
93763499Yo its all about Snail Down the best show on television[View]
93760084Capitalism has changed: https://www.gatesnotes.com/Books/Capitalism-Without-Capital By the second se…[View]
93761466https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlRe_YATJsY Are girls exploited in your country? USA yes[View]
93762321Argentina: is WHITE[View]
93762376Describe yourself in one pitcher[View]
93762885it's scientifically impossible for a man to respect someone who doesn't have calloused han…[View]
93758278>tfw urge to fap is rising[View]
93757544How did this work? Could anyone just declare his town a dukedom or something?[View]
93762692the ugly whitoid fears the ArRYAN Indian BVLL[View]
9376234618 year old killed in car accident. What's she thinking in this pic? http://budeandbeyond.co.u…[View]
93755187/brit/: Real colony hours edition[View]
93755846What happens here?[View]
93762353>Caring about bonum commune is socialism[View]
93761673>e''''u'''' >relevant[View]
93760538/brit/: I DON'T REALLY CARE IF YOU CRY edition[View]
93762198>Be talking with qt online >I don't know how I did it but we start talking about tiddies …[View]
93760495Any fellow Injuns/Abbos here? I am Inuit, more commonly known as Eskimo. My people are from northern…[View]
93761521How do you call a big and well established Indian company? >A Loo Chip…[View]
93761738>Argentinan music anon makes a post about international music for people to share their own count…[View]
93761359Saudi Arabia: is saudi arabia arabic japan? low crime, strictly traditional, still practiced bedoiun…[View]
93749689Why are French people so rude?[View]
93759706Why do so many men hate gays? The more gays in the world, the more girls heterosexual men can get. I…[View]
93761957How much more advanced do you think the world would be if the intellectually superior Neanderthals w…[View]
93761817>be /int/ >wh*toids are liberal feminist soyboys >bl*cks hates niggers >sp*cs are trump …[View]
93761475Unlike white people, Why are black people so good at chopsticks?[View]
93760297This is the Japanese speaker's mortal enemy.[View]
93761793Will the turkish bvlls leave NATO and Join the SCO to anhiliate the wh*to*d menace? https://www.cnbc…[View]
93761730Okay, you've probably hard of panslavism, now picture this: panslavism BUT everyone is wearing …[View]
93760299>jobless neets caring more about the future of their country and race instead of their own future…[View]
93761570Francongo´s biggest border is with Brazil[View]
93759452tfw no med gf[View]
93743554/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de la salle des amis[View]
93752171Sverigetråden - Skogsupplagan[View]
93761043/glac/ - glacier general participation by non-glacier countries will be followed by a very chilly le…[View]
93759414American Prisons: >his country doesn't have a program where young juvenile delinquents are t…[View]
93759319Arabs and Slavs are the master races.[View]
93755850my presidenta[View]
93755790Any Americans here?[View]
93759394In America, you are more likely to wear 6XL than to be tall. Does this surprise you?[View]
93759973delusional euroshits genuinely believe prisons meant to 'reeducate' criminals[View]
93760619Proud american citizens[View]
93759675Tell me about Idaho[View]
93760226better dead than red[View]
93759577No intention to generalize anyone's opinion or express any form of environmental racism but may…[View]
93758173that 21 year old boomer whose birthday is today[View]
93756155Dear Americans: You have 10 states now (not pictured: Alaska and Hawaii as two individual states). Y…[View]
93760401/ex-yu/: burek sa piletinom izdanje[View]
93754845If Russia vs China happen, which win? China is richer than Russia. Chinese population overwhelm Russ…[View]
93755277Taiwanese and Vietnamese girls are cuter than girls from China, Japan, or Korea.[View]
93757333These are my pumpkins, you may not like it but I prefer this way. A gal near the draw-well, A cow is…[View]
93757410>your cunt >why can't I make friends?…[View]
93760448Why are female Brits abroad branded the 'ugliest in the world'?[View]
93757018My sister is hosting a South African dude she meet online coming next week and I wanted a quick rund…[View]
93760133i will never be happy[View]
93757873I poo in loo: 1. your cunt 2. do you?[View]
93759853Why are millennials such depressing people?[View]
93756702Are Russians ashamed that their ancestors fought for jewish bolshevism?[View]
93760330Your country’s favorite folk art Based alebrijes[View]
93759687wh*Te subhumans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dChsc1LUaZ8 the wh*Te men is epitome of male femini…[View]
93760121Thank you ONU; Our BVLL is back; Exxon-Mobill, we will take our oil back!![View]
93758832Do you live in an earthquake zone? Have you ever felt one? Share your experiencs /int/[View]
93759697>tfw no eastern european bf >tfw no far-right bf fuck this world…[View]
93759985/polska/ kara-boga edycja: CZARNY mężczyzna jest uosobieniem męskiej dominacji i męskości. Zacznijmy…[View]
93758482cringe nation[View]
93759773Are the people that live in Virginia virgins?[View]
93758984>Population equal to all of Europe and Russia combined >Very little news about the country Why…[View]
93759191Wtf, Trump supporters don't have economic anxiety. They are just racist.[View]
937497471. Your country. 2. How do people in your country feel about interracial relationships?[View]
93688548/flag/ + /extraflags/: Zheleznogorsk edition Previous: >>93629983 Welcome to /extraflags/, a l…[View]
93755126Latin American posters, what would you do to have an American passport?[View]
93758702Americans strip completely nude to do their washing[View]
93759531You know, why do Australians get shit for declaring war on emus, but Canadians get nothing for decla…[View]
93758777Where did the mods in /v/ and /r9k/ go? Did they just abandon ship and decide to come bully the beta…[View]
93758714How do you remember high school being like in your cunt? Are there any interesting quirks within you…[View]
93758167are you ugly?[View]
93759381i have been all night watching this livestream, people my age having fun, girls wearing thongs, peop…[View]
93758590How the mutts will ever recover??: In The Cat and the Coup, you play the cat of Dr. Mohammed Mossade…[View]
9375930020 years from now boomers will start going extinct and the gloriois age of millenial intellectuals w…[View]
93750022/lat/ hilo latino[View]
937581491. your country 2. Would you go through this abuse for 1 billion dollars?? canada NO![View]
93756168White roastie was dumped for pure asian girl. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uzOuSMWdCfQ[View]
93758041Do you love Taiwan? https://streamable.com/szn2m[View]
93758444How close is your country to eradicate homophobia and send it back to the past, where it belongs? Un…[View]
93757313all faggots should be killed on sight and by all faggots I mean not only literal homosexuals but als…[View]
93758804Why do Mexicans and Brazilians love killing each other?[View]
93758907Why the fuck do we exist, what's the meaning of this fucking life?[View]
93757004>ONU's human rights department demands brazil to release Lula, a convict corrupt politician …[View]
93749549France produce the best music.[View]
93759096>spend $180 on a drug deal from a dutch vendor with no escrow because i like his stuff and it has…[View]
93754289Why do Mexicans and Peruvians fight a lot in youtube ? They are the same fucking country. But Mexic…[View]
93753723>your country >do you have pink nipples? (if you dont have pink nipples you're not white)…[View]
93756658What do you think about this? Amerimutts fucked hard with Latam with the 40 coups?[View]
93752467~I love Russia, it's so cute! ~I love Russia, how about you?[View]
93757846This is my bf Rate him[View]
93758654I was abused by my parents as a child[View]
93758616What happens here?[View]
93758099Has any Italian/Japenese tried Sushi pizza?[View]
93751130What do Japanese people think of interracial/international relationships in Japan?[View]
93758422Honest thoughts on Australia?[View]
93751449So why does Guatemala think it's entitled to half of Belize's terrotory?[View]
93755703Reminder that the future is islamic Reminder that you daughters will wear veils and your sons will g…[View]
93757491I like narcocorridos.[View]
93758309I like videogames and weeb things[View]
93755705why is it allowed?[View]
93758335So why does Venezuela believe they're entitled to half of Guyana's territory?[View]
93755040Is your anus pink or brown?[View]
93757349America is singlehandedly responsible for destroying Europe if we didn't spread our degenerate …[View]
93756625Ecть ктo живoй?[View]
93756433Should i buy a Tesla car?[View]
93758185why do asian fetishizers shit-talk asian men?[View]
93757893What do you know about this country? Have you ever watched an argentine movie, or listened to an arg…[View]
93746707/carib/ - Caribbean: Enter this thread for a well deserved relaxing vacations on paradise. https://w…[View]
93757918>United Statian says we have the best music in the world. >Nobody contradicts him. >Check…[View]
93757892can they just die already?[View]
93757174Sao Paulo + Southern Brazil + Argentina + Chile + Uruguay have a GDP PPP bigger than Brazil with 80 …[View]
9375596518 year old dies in car accident http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/family-pay-tribute-to-18-year-old-kille…[View]
93754789why are there so many nords that look like this what kind of race is this[View]
93757974cursed nation[View]
93756536Do Jap girls have tight, cute little buttholes? Do they like to get rimmed?[View]
93757446It’s 11pm and i haven’t fed the Janitor yet! Ehehehhe my bad I’ll head down to the basement now. Wa…[View]
93757516Do you want to find love in Japan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpZbu7J7UL4[View]
93757816just ate 5 big macs and a mcflurry[View]
93735674British Slang: Does the world understand British slang? I'll tell you some British words, and y…[View]
93757795>tfw have to play keep-away with ex[View]
93744154We all know America are number one when it comes to music Show me your countries best[View]
93757122wheres the goodmorning /int/ anon?[View]
93756231Air Albania: Say something nice about air albania.[View]
93754072I just had anal sex with an Argentine guy. Ask me anything.[View]
93757568>there are people on this board sharing threads on their Normiebook social groups RIGHT NOW…[View]
93757458Why do asian w*men like wh*te men so much?[View]
93732797>Americans rebuilt Germany with the Marshall plan despite all the ignominies they did during the …[View]
93755201How would the EU handle a fair and proper annexation with compensation of Greenland and Iceland?[View]
93754987Is anyone here learning kanji/hanzi?[View]
93757307Based Redpilled Aesthetic Zmart Intelligent Lindo[View]
93756696Venezuelans BTFO'd: >Residents of the Brazilian border town of Pacaraima attacked Venezuelan…[View]
93747552>american education[View]
93745083Why are eastern Germans more racist than western Germans?: American liberal here with heritage from …[View]
93757136This is Miss Panama 2018. She is our first Miss Panama from a Comarca (she is the first Amerindian m…[View]
93757034How do we fix Neo British folk? http://www.wfsb.com/story/38908197/pd-4-women-1-man-arrested-in-new-…[View]
93750183Do you like Mexico?[View]
93685114/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Aнимe - гoвнo для пидopacoв edition[View]
93755694For me it’s Italy, Texas[View]
93738287why don't americans believe in global warming?[View]
93756921GDP 2018 PPP: Sao Paulo: 1,3 tri. Argentina: 1 tri. Chile: 450 bi.[View]
93756180don't know if this is the place for this, but born and raised in Zimbabwe, traveled a little th…[View]
93715578/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT edition[View]
93756466>1 your country >2 your country’s spotify top chart >3 are you ashamed? 1 flag 2 pic 3 yes…[View]
93754058I'm 23 years old and never went to a titty bar. What about you?[View]
93755899>people in foreign countries have problems like this while my biggest problem is being bored from…[View]
93755799Spread the Message about this Seismic Event: Warning to New Zealand/SW Pacific. A M7.5-8 earthquake …[View]
93747031How come they get away *Scot* free from all the crimes the British empire committed? >stole Elgin…[View]
93756330Memes and shitposting aside, have you learned anything on /int/?[View]
93753658/ex-yu/: Karadjordje edicija[View]
93741256/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: why is cum sweet and piss salty? - edition[View]
93756019Most beautiful Indian woman marries .... a Jonas brother: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have offici…[View]
93752460Today I saw a woman in hijab on the street for the first time in my life[View]
93734211/éire/: Eagrán NazBol[View]
93742791Saw this on an AKP supporter page[View]
93756160post intellectual music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGt_JGHYEO4[View]
93756428>there are people on /int/ that do know how to swim How? it's pretty much instinctual to swi…[View]
93752469ITT college major tiers in your country[View]
93752478>the blonde girl from ABBA married a guy who was stalking her why are swedes genetically suscepti…[View]
93753320What did Americans mean by this?[View]
93752959>your cunt >do you want the US to balkanize? Leaf Yes, neolibs/idpols should get their own cou…[View]
93748320portugal <3[View]
93750391Mods Are Fags: Completing a captcha for every single post, where tiles take to 3 seconds to refresh.…[View]
93749909Why is this even a country. It's literally American in every single way except for government. …[View]
93756033Yellow fever is a real and consequential viral illness. It does not mean you like east asian girls.[View]
93749846/danmarktråden/ 14.0: Gokke-udgaven Sidste tråd: >>93703519[View]
93756028Did you know?: The Netherlands is bigger than Belgium by 22 prtvrny.[View]
93752424>mom and dad are arguing again[View]
93755748this is what I see when I look at the map of world. sorry countrilets but you are just too small to …[View]
93755078Why do Americans pronounce 'intestine' like 'intestin'?[View]
93747622Can someone explain to me why everyone here is always so rude to indians. They are usualy really nic…[View]
93752312Why haven't you impregnated your Iranian wife yet?[View]
93755451I fucking hate mexicans.[View]
93755936I think this board unironically gave me jungle fever.[View]
93755874How do I get rid of my contempt for the outside world, friends?[View]
93755306Did you know?: Brazil is bigger than alaskaless USA.[View]
93747406What do you know about Finnish women?[View]
93755293This triggers the European[View]
93755758I AM NOT GAY[View]
93755637Why are you naked /int/?[View]
93753404Well fuck me. I am a completely caucasian and northern european looking man, but I'm in love wi…[View]
93754962Are they the most benevolent power in history?[View]
93755329How do white nationalists cope with this?[View]
93746577nordics really are the best desu.[View]
93754708Why do Puerto Ricans and Dominicans talk funny?[View]
93752130/nederdraad/: scandinavische uitgave[View]
93753566>I have seasonal depression[View]
93754638Wouldn't it be nice to adopt a blonde orphan and raise him as your own child so that you could …[View]
93755380>Richard La Ruina, 37, from Cambridge says British women not marriage material >Says British w…[View]
93752957I've got beaten up and humiliated by my own father while I could do nothing but to cry and scre…[View]
93754805why do some people on here larp as japanese and post shitty threads with bad grammar and end every s…[View]
93752547Why do Brits do this?[View]
93745956/ita/ - il filo: umaru[View]
93753438/brit/: pints with the lads ed.[View]
93754502>watching daughter and dad porn >boomer dad starts making dad jokes…[View]
93754673You wake up in Palermo...[View]
93754419Burakku peopuru and Whitu peopuru. Which is superior???[View]
93755076What are /int/'s favorite videos from Russia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW5J-S4Q6sM[View]
93753378Imagine how shameful it would be if your language didn't have a term for pan dulce.[View]
93754794Why do Americans believe that Cleopatra was black?[View]
93755000Does anyone else feel like white people are barely white? If they're even a little bit ad-mixed…[View]
93754759/sino/ - 中国: Peru? Where are you peru? What about Cindy peru? Peru!? Edition[View]
93750866/crossdresser/ ehemals /deutsch/: unterwürfige Hotelsession Ausgabe[View]
93729204Just deal with it[View]
93749090How bad is the homeless problem in Japan? Is it unsafe to visit certain places? https://www.destruct…[View]
93717273/hell/: τα βρώμιkα kανάλια του Πειραιά edition αποστολή στον Πειραιά >>93692701[View]
93753324Why do Turks drink tea like this?[View]
93754685How common is thievery in your country? America Pretty common by a certain group[View]
93754443How do I stop hating the country that rules me? Can any other vassal states help me out?[View]
93754301Saturday nights are best with /int/[View]
93750408I am sad because the irish mob is competing against the italian mafia in my neighbourhood[View]
93750943Americans are fucking toxic and cancerous to the rational mind.[View]
93747807Americans/Europeans, would you rather have an immigrant with a degree/skills that can help you make …[View]
93754429>Suriname is not in Africa >they also speak dutch over there…[View]

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