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96491881Do Germans ever think about reclaiming the territories they've lost?[View]
96493369HelloTalk General (language learning app): It's only been out for about a year and a half, and …[View]
96505375How do you feel about this?[View]
96507899la atrocidad del reino unido...[View]
96495881/balk/ - fir balcan: A légió és a kapitány él edition[View]
96508106it's finally the season to light the fireplace. do you do this?[View]
96496913Guess the country (thread 2). Person who guesses correctly posts a new screenshot. Previous thread: …[View]
96502681Generation(s) ago, you were a carpenter. Or a dam builder. Or a tax collector. You were proud of you…[View]
96507956Good morning Japs Mr Yamaguchi is expecting you at the office. No time to dawdle. He expects you to …[View]
96507424/brit/: https://streamable.com/2dzme[View]
96507834Holland gib tulips[View]
96503252>there's a sassy Italian girl posting on this board RIGHT NOW[View]
96504540Stop drinking soda.[View]
96506233tattoos make you look ugly and a sign of low iq[View]
96507337Can someone explain what this is and what it tastes like please?[View]
96507472More like this?[View]
96503263Captured German phycists in Britain were secretly recorded while getting the news that the US had ju…[View]
96505381How do I stop being a cringelord?[View]
96495760/polska/: edycja dotykania puszystego ogonka[View]
96505588>be britbong >literally pay for BBC OH NO NO NO…[View]
965062861 billion chinks[View]
96506605If the French think he is a hero no wonder they are doomed.[View]
96505672Here I am smoking illegal weed because my government supply is a complete failure.[View]
96506397/intebon/ International Ebony: Post related material and discuss black women[View]
96506334>I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more Do you have annae songs like this in your cunt…[View]
96469344/lat/: Hilo de drifting.: Hilo Latino. Edicion Takumi.[View]
96503980Normfag: Who here is actually content with their lives? I am btw pic not related[View]
96488974Are they Christians? If so, why do they kill children in gas chambers and extract gold from dead peo…[View]
96505702Why don't you have a gf, /int/?[View]
96501100/NEDERDRAAD/ Herfstvakantie maar niet voor ons: Vorige: >>96485249 Juiste pad editie. Welkom: …[View]
96505963>Pepsi at one time had the 5th most powerful fleet in the world. You can't make this up. It…[View]
96506497“I met him six months ago at work. I’m the manager of a store. He was a delivery man. He was playful…[View]
96506385hit or miss i guess they never miss huh?[View]
96505098>why yes, I'm Finnish. How did you know?[View]
96503046What is the most interesting thing you have learned about another country from your time on /int/?[View]
96498041Wagecuck rankings: I've worked in UK warehouses. Here are the country rankings for the people w…[View]
96504724/brit/: Armed and dangerous Ain't too many can bang with us[View]
96502368Okay int, I’ve been searching for this shitty chinese meme song for weeks now and still can’t find i…[View]
964882651. Your fanny 2. Is your cuntree politically divided: 1. 2. Yes, it is.[View]
96502939Beauty exhibitions is the new religion for norwegian girls: https://youtube.com/watch?v=2caQerYbFsQ …[View]
96504101DNA/Ancestry Thread!: Hello! Tell me about your ancestors! What were they like? Where did they live?…[View]
96505765Why do South Americans burn their steaks?[View]
96503764Today my new coworker, who is very passionate about sports, said I looked like Harry Maguire and Syl…[View]
96501526Just what the fuck are they doing?[View]
96504829what do you do with your load after you fap one out?[View]
96505593/asean/: ASEAN THREAD DOKO?[View]
96486736/luso/ - fio lusófono: EDIÇÃO: BASEADA M17AL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN751Mk3yDw ant.: >…[View]
96494665I saw a black african girl today she literally had a 9/10 face better than every cherrypicked girl i…[View]
96501243/deutsch/e /nachtschicht/: Oh, this has gotta be the good life This has gotta be the good life This …[View]
96505476What do you usually get from Daiso?[View]
96504909>british politicians[View]
96490131>americans call hamburgers liberty steak >americans call french fries freedom fries What other…[View]
96498685Is it true that Argentinians are really short?[View]
96503600Post an item that's commonly associated with your nation[View]
96500799How do I cash in on my jewish privilege? I'm tired of being a poorfag.[View]
96502025WWI propaganda depicting the Entente as sexy women. What country is the sexiest?[View]
96504688Do you think partisan politics will ever get better in the US, or do you think we're fucked for…[View]
96501812>Denmark >European[View]
96504233BEST KOREA: Free healthcare Free education Free medication Marijuana is legal No homophobia No racis…[View]
96502596Does anyone else here also make this face when they see an European ameriboo?[View]
96484307/éire/: eagrán na journal.ie[View]
96500934Can the international community bring an end to genocide?[View]
96504355Why is Poland so redpilled compared to other European countries?[View]
96504098Was Sweeney Todd his last good role?[View]
96506151>the jim crow laws shouldn't be brought back[View]
96502335Why is British engineering so much better, than German? Pic related easily beat Spandua.[View]
96495416What's the point of having children these days? Do you plan to have those nasty little shits?[View]
96504751How could the virgin man compete against the chad ?[View]
96456408>tfw gay chi >tfw want latino bf >tfw all gay latinos only want white guys…[View]
96469617Kurva anyátok[View]
96480550>/int/ is a classroom and each country is a student I wonder what the roles would be.…[View]
96496574She's not thinking about you.[View]
96504552When I fug I always imagine I'm black. I don't know why but it arouses me. Is this weird? …[View]
96504579How do you get a gf in your country? Even Superman can’t get one here.[View]
96503743Why do non-Americans hate American fashion so much?[View]
96483378/fug/: autism edition[View]
96498679I noticed Anglo couples often have a comfy chair beside their bed? Why is that?[View]
96489459Why are Spaniards so autistic about race classifications?[View]
96503981Nova Scotia is the only good province[View]
96504078Does Spain want it back?[View]
96497612/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Not straight edition[View]
96490809Why do africans trigger this much autism?: Its not just basic racism its seems like its more than th…[View]
96502062in a fair fight, Janny could never defeat me[View]
96502516/brit/: Alfie Evans edition[View]
96486133What are the most beautiful languages in your opinion?[View]
96497439>people still claim their poor even though Lidl and Aldi exist It's literally impossible to …[View]
96493850I hate my homeland: The population number in Nuuk is only around 17,000, yet i hear this thing almos…[View]
96503947is this common in ur cunt?[View]
96496711Baltic names for european countries[View]
96500631england and france: a love story[View]
96503118Daily reminder that these countries are exactly the same in everything except ideology.[View]
96503264Are light blue eyes whiter than dark blue eyes?[View]
96489722>there is one fr*nch nuclear power >there are 8 non-fr*nch nuclear powers why havent anyone nu…[View]
96503601Do you think it is patriotic to protest a war that clearly isn't beneficial for your country?[View]
96501993A festive October occasion celebrated with candy and costumes?[View]
96501022do you buy stuff from wish? i do.[View]
96503260Gentlemen, I fucking hate happy and socially succesful people (aka normies). I cant bear to see thei…[View]
96503312what is the boss of all countries? i'd go for my country, uk[View]
96483555>Be me, arab guy in japan >Start walking on the street >Suddenly notice a japanese woman si…[View]
96499827Is this common in your country https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45933852[View]
96501089Spiders strike in Greece: Now, just in time for Halloween, the spiders have struck again—this time i…[View]
96484657All of this belongs to thailand[View]
96503416Do you live in a white country?[View]
96502294One time I was in a hostel and a German left his candy bag open in the room. I stole his candy just …[View]
96501327IT'S OVER, AUSTRALIA IS FINISHED All hail Scotland. The banter lord is dead, long live the bant…[View]
96503165I need to shit: >le me, doing nothing >me has to shit >there is no toilet, nor shower >s…[View]
96486116Are Iberians from the former Crown of Aragon (Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Balearic Islands) and the…[View]
96497056I draw this for you Janny so you would feel better cleaning all this shit every single day[View]
96501972bonne soirée mes amis internationaux[View]
96496547>receive Legion of Honor medal from the fucking French president >dress like you're going…[View]
96493498America is a fucking 3rd world shithole that fucks with every country, anti-american movement when?[View]
96483621Which European country has the most beautiful women? For me, it's Italy.[View]
96501863In the late 70s, Spain had a musical duo made up of an 8-year-old girl and a man in his mid-20s. How…[View]
96502318Both 'communist' China and 'capitalist' Google have been making steady progress in the fields of art…[View]
96499689what is your opinion on the kingdom of denmark?[View]
96502830Are beards common in your country? Are beards the male equivalent of makeup?[View]
96502881>you can’t just set off a dirty bomb at the RNC?! that’s live, evil!!!!…[View]
96501515Fuck me, I really do love being a Caucasian BVLL[View]
96492163/skandi/: Hytte på fjellet-utgaven[View]
96496809european girls: 'did you see (reality show) yesterday? kanye wests new song is lit. ughhh i only got…[View]
96497538How much better would /int/ be if these two flags were rangebanned?[View]
96501334This is Western Canada in 30 years.[View]
96501855Being white in South Texas: I grew up in South Texas from ages 2 to 19 as one of about a handful of …[View]
96501338emergency contact? >... sir? >911?[View]
96495270hola putos I'm the first in the caravan that crosses the US border voting democrats in the elec…[View]
96482813These are the streets in >the city of Rome after 40 (forty) minutes of rain and hail. Say somethi…[View]
96488388Racial purity map of the world: Thoughts?[View]
96502093i dont get it: can someone explain me this picture please[View]
96502071How are YOU preparing for the Slavic Century?[View]
96479942The great debate...[View]
96493548How to spot generic whores in your country? They wear like this.[View]
96501126Please describe the sound this creature makes in your native languages[View]
96499429Imagine hating an entire race of people just because some of them act like subhumans[View]
96499637/brit/: Janny's back edition[View]
96500973What about this region makes it so prone to giving birth to fanatism? The three most influential rel…[View]
96467736White people btfo[View]
96500066Daily reminder that the last true ruler of Russia died in 1918 because of the peasant rebellion. Rus…[View]
96500371This is white in Brazil, Argentina, Iberia, Italy and in LOS[View]
96500496> cook some pasta > take out a knife to cut it in small pieces and add some ketchup for flavou…[View]
96492947How come the Italian mafia only really formed in the US and not the other Italian diaspora countries…[View]
96499772Dysfunctional mafia state.[View]
96500309>christmas is in 2 months and he doesn't speak french yet[View]
96491767Conquistadors are the most badass warriors to ever walk the earth.[View]
96493611I really really really really really really really really really really like big tits how about you …[View]
96499574>they don't sell tomato-flavored toothpaste in his shithole I laugh at your sorry excuse fo…[View]
96494784is it true that european girls like macho men?[View]
96496612>tfw living in a great country[View]
96494619These are the best countries on their respective continents: Africa: Botswana N-America: Canada S-Am…[View]
96494555Post masculine white women.[View]
96495445>bro why do you even wear a hoodie when it's 30 degree outside[View]
96499533I always thought that there is something evil in these american nuclear families. Something weird. M…[View]
96489384>based >cringe >yikes >NPC…[View]
96497569Sverigetråden - snälla städis upplagan[View]
965004601.country 2.greatest book from your country Russia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Protocols_of_th…[View]
96500405i gonna move to London: and you Nigel can't stop me[View]
96500251It's 1:55 and I'm still putting milk in my coffee. FUCK ITALY.[View]
96492696>be white >go out >your skin starts rotting under the sun NEETdom is the natural state of w…[View]
96498522where do you get a water license?[View]
96495148what's the first thought that comes to your mind when seeing this flag?[View]
96500124>Europeans literally started bringing millions of blacks to the new world to grow sugarcane to fe…[View]
96472599Do you like the names of your country in the English language?[View]
96497359Germanics aren't white: >French (Franks) swarthy >Italy (Ostrogoths) swarthy >Spain (V…[View]
96494567/mashiro/, ehemals /deutsch/: Abendausgabe für Mitte-Links und Toleranz[View]
96484776Do you love Germany?[View]
96499924Why does San Juan, Puerto Rico have a metro system while most US cities don't?[View]
96498123Ayyy, watchu looking at, whiteboi?[View]
96498352Do people in your country have bullshit fake ass “mental illnesses” like depression? It’s honestly j…[View]
96499417Welsh: What causes some welshmen to look very swarthy? I am 100% welsh on both side (parents moved t…[View]
96492106How to spot a gay in your country? Characteristic beard Sunglasses Instagram account Hispter drinks…[View]
96497356I just moved into a new apartment. These guys were delivering my stuff. How many times have you move…[View]
96498128meet the first europeans aka Albanians from middle east[View]
96498940I hate Japan[View]
96494133Is this common in your country[View]
96486173What is the most BASED country you've ever known?[View]
96489832/ex-yu/: čokoladno izdanje[View]
96487867Why did Russia conquer Central Asia? What purpose did it serve for them?[View]
96454493/v4/ + friends: coon love edition[View]
96495832Post /comfy/ photos from America[View]
96498260Are /int/ posters representative of their respective countries? Is this a good cross-section of the …[View]
96485249/nederdraad/: Nederland - uitgave Welkom: mensen die een goed wasmiddel kunnen aanbevelen Niet welko…[View]
96496779That Thailand thread that's up right now is confusing me. Why is the Malay hating on Thai and V…[View]
96498007Eel sushi sucks, why is it so popular in japan? Also why cant american japanese resuaraunts roll sus…[View]
96495009What is your opinion on Bosnian folk music, also known as Sevdalinka? >https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
96497057WTF Turkey?!: Turkey is the only European tourist hotspot where the locals spit on and beat up the A…[View]
96487340Nuclear Club Thread: Come and laugh at countries who dont have them[View]
96496563Austrian man wins 2.5 million in court after getting addicted: https://www.is.fi/ulkomaat/art-200000…[View]
96494530What happened in Tannu Tuva in the 90s?[View]
96493877Be careful when you insult Canada... We have tons of very accurate guns lying around waiting to be u…[View]
964948851. Your country 2. Who are your favorite youtube stars from your country? 1. America 2. Ashyton and …[View]
96427353/lang/ – Language Learning General: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning…[View]
96496626International co-op: Hey guys! Want to join an international discord server? Hey guys Wanna get invo…[View]
96492727>tfw fried potatoes with mayonnaise and pork after hard working day in factory…[View]
96489750Why is France so unhappy and what can we do to help?[View]
96492039How are you 25 and still work at McDonald’s ?[View]
96493816>I dislike Canada because 4chan told me so[View]
96492202What went wrong?[View]
96490796>Hearing neighbours doing it >No gf btw[View]
96496280>que wea de pinches españoletes que mal hablan los culiaos suenan reboludos wey :v don pepe y los…[View]
96496553Fucking poles on here, have you not got a car drive to tarmac or something?[View]
96496404Mutt thread: Mutts only in here purebreds will be executed on sight like the subhumans they are…[View]
96480859NAME ALL THE COUNTRIES: Can you name all the countries, and if so, how quickly can you do it? https:…[View]
96493348Great movie. 9/10.[View]
96485437Guess the country. Person who guesses correctly posts a new screenshot.[View]
96494916Pictured: the relationship between France and UK[View]
96477758your first name?: me Atsushi[View]
96476661/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Шo?[View]
96494282Mars and islam: Something is bothering me, if a muslim ever gets on mars, where would his qibla (the…[View]
96484456ITT:manga characters from your cunt[View]
96486997/balk/: rosen plevneliev edition old >>96456766[View]
96490126/polska/: edycja krzeseł co je stolarze robią[View]
96469169/cum/ Cana Meri Mexi[View]
96487057/fr/ - le fil francophone: édition du CdG[View]
96492868/brit/: cristiano[View]
96491382Americans and leafs fear the word cunt.[View]
96491528Swords made by your ancestors: If you're ancestors didn't make swords you're a subhum…[View]
96494786Can any Russians confirm this?[View]
96490930do you love ukraine?[View]
96488423Post the greatest period of your cunt[View]
96489246Sverigetråden - Måndagsupplagan[View]
96490467Why do people pretend to like beer?[View]
96494866I've never left my town before Is this normal in your cunt?[View]
96491005Why didn't the Ostrogoths germanize Italy?: Did they even have any significant impact on Italia…[View]
96491409aidez moi: What would a french person interviewing me for an exchange programme like to hear? Are th…[View]
96488607A cute Portuguese girls stare at me during school Does she wants my penis ? I hate interracials cou…[View]
96490198>a declining power like France can just send aircraft carriers to China's backyard with no r…[View]
96494559Cambodia Lite .[View]
96494434I really like boomer 'nam culture and music Makes me feel like a real badass, fuck commies and …[View]
96485724Free of Asia!: Free Ryukyu Free Uighur Free Tibet Free Ainu Especially sorry I couldn't protect…[View]
96489942It was a better time... a simpler time...[View]
96494197White genocide when? By the way, I'm a honorary black. https://youtu.be/o_rY2NNr8PQ https://you…[View]
96487323Why do they think of themselves as the protectors of the white race when they tried to genocide Slav…[View]
96493195You wake up to find out you traveled...1000 years in the past! Can you communicate with the locals? …[View]
96487081Caravan: Caravan thread? Caravan thread! What are you going to do with your new Latona GF when she g…[View]
96480144BELGIUM BUYS F-35 JETS: WHOOOOOOO CONGRATS. Now when the Germans come knocking again, you'll be…[View]
96484504Never realised India was this much of shithole till today.[View]
96477043/mämmi/: kari takko -painos[View]
96489717What is the ugliest language[View]
96488533What is the eternal war going on between Jewish factions?[View]
96491350You represent your country right Now. Say something wise![View]
96475830AIRBNB BANNED IN JAPAN: Why Jap ban Airbnb? Are Jap raceist?[View]
96491384>tfw m*Noglot[View]
96490377>15 c-cm is average b-bro you'll be fine[View]
96494487>go downstairs >sister and her chad bf here why are they alive like cant they die in a car cra…[View]
96494607Have you ever kissed a girl? How does it feels like?[View]
96490231/brit/: took this picture on a walk once edition[View]
96484727Was the Irish race a mistake? >very ugly to the point even we make fun of ourselves >all Irish…[View]
96492502>American uses a food analogy. >Chinese uses whataboutism arguments. >Brits blame the frogs…[View]
96487770Sup Indiabros. You're totally based and redpilled. Do us a solid and give us Kashmir.[View]
96466319/sigridtråden/ - /norgetråden/: Sigrid Sigrid: >>96453098 >>96453098 >>96453098…[View]
96492269What is this called in your country?[View]
96487289Hindu-Bali rebirth and revolution in Indonesia when?![View]
96488127Is Gibraltar like a First World version of Spain?[View]
96492146>Modern cutesy-wutesy anime making Japan is better than warmongering Imperial Nippon…[View]
96491262BELIEVE WOMEN[View]
96483441Tell me stories about ignorant foreigners (especially those from anglo/western countries) when they …[View]
96488976/deutsch/: Die Abendausgabe[View]
96484327/ita/ - il filo: edizione russa[View]
96490162Why Cuba is the biggest country? It's in the Caribbean sea. Its population is in Florida. Its g…[View]
96491544why: why[View]
96490865Koreans can't be alph--[View]
96479251I fucking hate tourists so goddamn much[View]
96491416>Be a 6/10 >Becomes a sexual symbol in Amurika…[View]
96467062/asean/: Cotabato Mosque edisi[View]
96489294>he'll >remove the ' and it becomes hell why is the english language so stupid?…[View]
96489681NEVER TRUST IN THE WHITE DEVIL: In 1641 the Portuguese governor of Malacca was bribed by the Dutch t…[View]
964888271. Flag 2. Does your country lack scenic nature? 1. Ireland 2. Yes, it mostly looks like pic related…[View]
96491157Which bridge should be constructed?: Sicilia-Italia Sakhalin-Hokkaido Hispaniola-Cuba[View]
96473312>Finland is a shithol-[View]
96490639Typical street from your city/region: >Galicia, Spain[View]
96483295Write the worst insult you can in your language: گشتی کا بچہ[View]
964878061 Your cunt 2 Do you wipe sitting or standing? flag sitting[View]
96484980Oi kid! You've got a loicence for talking in the corridors between classes?: No? You're ge…[View]
96490743Even military dictatorships went easier on the propaganda.[View]
964883681. your country in which you currently reside in or identify with 2. did you miss out on teenage lov…[View]
96489158me being dragged to an inferno called 'tomorrow'[View]
96476277Central Americans in denial[View]
96487319Why do normies and boomers hate them?[View]
96488479>post yfw you learned that Brazil is whiter than the USA[View]
96479875Saudi arabia sending their condolences to khashoggi's family. As the mena proverb roughly says:…[View]
96489610Hello int . I am Russian and i have a problem - my eng home work. I think it is very easy for you[View]
96482990How is the police force in your country?[View]
96482338How come the (very few) French 'people' that can actually speak english don't even have anythin…[View]
96490025Do you like it?[View]
96489391This board has become /pol/ congratulations you all suck jannys you suck fuck everyone on here go ba…[View]
96488319Japanese Space Elevator: Space Elevator Japan https://www.space.com/41278-japan-space-elevator-cubes…[View]
96479325/ex-yu/: >žene edicija[View]
96487988Daily reminder that this is the fvtvre.[View]
96476774Who is your waifu and which country is she from? Pharah Egypt[View]
96489482My ancestors were all Qing Royal Guards I was descended from a long line of Manchu WARRIOR BULLS who…[View]
96484846/polska/: edycja króla /polski/ czyli nadal mnie[View]
96483146>your cunt >which side your cunt will be on in the upcoming thermonuclear world war…[View]
964894211. Thing to the left of date 2. Favorite Vishnu avatar[View]
96489467say it with me /int/ DU TER TE! DU TER TE![View]
96489324Is Poland b&r?[View]
96489239Sverigetråden - Höstupplagan: Bögar är äckliga[View]
96483839What's up with these countries and wearing a hijab nowadays? All the SEA women I've met r…[View]
96488324why are american girls so paranoid?: i talk to american girls who are livestreaming and they wont ev…[View]
964875631. Cunt 2. Has anyone ever caught their parents having sex? >Flag >Yes, when I was 12. It was…[View]
96489072hmffff... meni meni based[View]
96488728Wakanda´s central tower[View]
96488847Why haven't you killed yourself yet?[View]
96486739/brit/: gfberg wants me on datetoil edition[View]
96488655When will the eternal anglo pay for his crimes?[View]
96485314/nederdraad/: Groot-Nederland-editie welkom niet welkom[View]
96488898/int/ is worse than r*ddit[View]
96486729How come latinos rather go to the US than Canada?[View]
96487352>why yes I'm Russian, how did you know.[View]
96482213Are jews short?[View]
96486270Pathetic dog eaters[View]
96488663Găgăuzia is an autonomous region in Moldova with a mysterious Găgăuz (turk) majority and a god-tier …[View]
96487713Why does this shithole LARP as the descendants of Alexander the Great, when they have nothing to do …[View]
96487427God I wish that were me[View]
96485667This triggers everyone in SEA (especially Thais)[View]
96487186You ever just sit there and wonder how your father married your low IQ mother?[View]
96487744pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy wen day is dark a…[View]
96488338Keeeeeek!! Do you live in a BLACK country??[View]
96481644The world belongs to Europe.[View]
96488309How do we save Iraq?[View]
96486314Yes. We are ugly.: so what? Most of us are ugly.[View]
964846681. Vagina lol 2. Are you a TURKIC BVLL 1. France 2. Alan blood flows through my veins thanks to my a…[View]
96486875>Read the phrase 'the bourgeois class enemies of the Icelandic working masses' in the state media…[View]
96476453Fallout New California aka Project Brazil, a massive mod for Fallout New Vegas that has been in prod…[View]
96486697how many of the jap flags are ACTUALLY jap born citizens, and not just proxy weebs and pedo teachers…[View]
96484073KARA BO-[View]
96485108Spotting the NPC: Is Raven an NPC?[View]
96389397/flag/ - /extraflags/: Ascension edition Previous Edition: >>96292640 Welcome to /extraflags/,…[View]
96485124/deutsch/: Dieser Beitrag ist nur für Abonnenten sichtbar.[View]
96488122Poop lagoons? Very cool America[View]
96475273why are we so polite?[View]
96484542Insomnia Japanese here Ask me anything (You'll see I'm not an English teacher by my bad En…[View]
96486000How beautiful is this??: I think this is very very beautiful... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVAe…[View]
96481453what is the strangest thing you've ever fapped to in your cunt? thread is a judgement-free zone…[View]
96486298>there are schools in america where every student gets paddled every year Imagine letting some fa…[View]
96485573Why are Japs such wehraboos?[View]
96487675ITT: Post your best movie most successful moment's in the history of the world Cinema for you w…[View]
96487440Did you know that if you burn an American flag the McDonald's logo will appear?[View]
96484917Why the fuck is k-pop so popular?[View]
96482773BASED frogs[View]
96487295I want to live in one of these countries Preferably a developed *hm* and trans supporter *hm* one. I…[View]
96484154>tfw no australian born chinese gf[View]
96481753Do Europeans fear Russia menace??[View]
96480141BEST KOREA: Free healthcare Free education Free medication Marijuana is legal No homophobia No ra…[View]
96486784it's 21:07 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
96483315Sverigetråden - Germanska upplagan[View]
96486535Germanic and anglo languages are the languages of science, machines and autism. Romance languages ar…[View]
96485023ITT We say nice things about Israel.[View]
96466680/fr/- le fil francophone: Édition bizarre parce que pourquoi pas. Vous n'avez rien raté >…[View]
96473906Are mexicans white?[View]
96484713Why yes, * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2iGM01Mgx0 starts playing*, I'm indeed 34 years old…[View]
96481161imagine being so beta to lose an empire because of this man[View]
96483219Visit flipland[View]
96477033why do the English hate the French so much? is it an inferiority complex?[View]
964864261. Flag 2. Your thoughts on hypnosis? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph561c5ab1df619…[View]
96486252I just found a receipt written in Japanese at a house I moved to. What do these japanese sentences m…[View]
96484817do you love Germany?[View]
96456858/luso/ fio lusofono: edição: cade o pardinho do canada que faz community college[View]
96485813How do we stop this?[View]
96485848Why is there such a corrélation between 3rd world and hot weather ?[View]
96484050Shouldn't nepal technically be Indo-china?[View]
96482386/brit/: afternoon te edition[View]
96485862all this belongs to china not niggernam[View]
96485245ITT: post pics of what you think I look like based on my DNA results[View]
96485681I imagine, this is what ancient slavic warriors looked like[View]
96485015Where has the korean bvlls thread gone? Where are the sissy gook hiding now? Russian bulls are commi…[View]
96479858>why yes I am from britain, how'd ye know? was it me accent?[View]
96481736Peru thread: Have you visited Machu Picchu yet?[View]
96478478what sports are they successful in?[View]
96471650What country do you most want to visit /int/? Pic is definitely related :D[View]
96456766/balk/ - Balkan Thread: CSKA edition previously >>96439378[View]
96485213>ur cunt >would you approve saudi arabia getting nuked leafistan yes…[View]
96482407Can we нave тнis sтyle of мaps тread? Posт if you нave one of your нoмe тown.[View]
96483214ITT countries whose sovereignty triggers you and basically is an insult to everything that's sa…[View]
964743301. Royal family of Italy 2. Royal family of Bhutan 3. Royal family of Brunei 4. Royal family of Jord…[View]
96482302>we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children…[View]
96480802Nanking never happened. It is a propaganda of chink commies. here is the proof the chink locals welc…[View]
96485039pet thread: >your cunt >your pet[View]
96473746>1993 was the first year imported cars sold more than local cars in Spain When did your motor ind…[View]
96478683Ayyy, whiteboi, watchu staring at?[View]
96483181The Hun is the plague. We are the cure.[View]
96481015>I'm white[View]
96477372Australian Muslims<<<<your c*unts Muslims[View]
964795571. Your country 2. Your expectation 3. The reality My expectation https://youtu.be/fT4lDU-QLUY The r…[View]
96476106/polska/: edycja dark souls[View]
96483717Why is Japan forcibly occupying Tsushima: It is Korean territory that is geographically strong in hi…[View]
964778951. cunt 2. how many moneis do you have right now 3. you age russia $3450 19[View]
96484512living in a big city is terrible, I need internship but everything is the fucking other side of the …[View]
96482370Why is the UK so grim?[View]
96481325What happens here?[View]
96484301Is this common in your country[View]
96484232Daily reminder :: This all you need to know about Korea[View]
96481429>lightly banter a jap >he spergs out and starts accusing you of being chinese…[View]
96481554>'I think Asian girls make the best wives!'[View]
96475990>Among Spaniards, lunch time is usually between 13:00 and 15:30, while dinner time tends to be be…[View]
96482943Korean history in a nutshell: This is why Koreans are so butt hurt today . They are losers of Asia…[View]
96484041Hello folks, I've been offered a job for €2,600 net and I was wondering if it this was consider…[View]
96481787France passes plan of 1500€ tax break for homes that house a refugee![View]
96479386What is the most irrelevant Latin American country?[View]
96483946I will go to Taiwan to visit my fuck-buddies next month. How can I avoid trouble with natives? I am…[View]
96483449Why does /int/ hate us so much[View]
96483835/3rd world/: 3rd world thread talk about 3rd world things, show 3rd world, talk about your cunt, any…[View]
96479957>be girl >have 10/10 face >have 11/10 body >have absolutely goatshit taste in absolutely…[View]
96478628japanese car vs german car[View]
96474167/ita/ - il filo: edizione generale inverno[View]
96483620If you could change ONE thing about your country, what would it be?[View]
96483484Europe is falling apart[View]
96478638I have never met a white guy who said they didn’t like Asian girls. From neet to Chad every single o…[View]
96478039Is your country white?[View]
96481867They have the audacity to act arrogant towards Germany, even though they made significantly less inv…[View]
96465459/sino/ China/Chinese thread: Mao Shan/Daoism edition 4chan的基友们,最近怎么样啊? long time no see[View]
96482519F for France: So i saw this news about a nigger pulling a gun on a teacher in france, so i visited t…[View]
96483421> Gå med familien til restauranten > Spil en gameboy på vej der > Når far kommer til at tvi…[View]
96481364>TFW 5'7' socially retarded Negro manlet >Want to befriend the Aryan god foreign exchange…[View]
96480699These lands belong to Vietnam . You can't deny it[View]
96483307>'I feel a burning hatred towards americans'[View]
96479643/Paulanergartenpolitik/ ehemals /deutsch/: wer seid ihr?[View]
96483039Hello folks, I've been offered a job for €2,600 net and I was wondering if it this was consider…[View]
96483168Do they sell these in Ireland?[View]
96482079This could have been a reality, if not for the Prussians.[View]
96473304Why do you hate French people ? They are actually really nice and helpful. Even in Paris ![View]
96480516>One week ago Russia was the defender of orthodox faith >Now Russia is a heretic country put o…[View]
96479765Do you ever get embarrassed by posters who share your flag? I do. I see them all around 4chan. It…[View]
96482353>New Zealander replies to me[View]
96481215>Wake up >World is this What do[View]
96477688>Be fat Australian incel >Still pull blonde Canadian thots Why can't Canadian women resis…[View]
96481354Does the USA really have people like Flanders? Here I don't think it's even 0.01%.[View]
96480977Is your country being invaded by Korean cosmetics? Now every teenager girl want to look like a soule…[View]
96482153Mansa Musa was white.[View]
96481660How much of his DNA is Moorish ?[View]
96482219Why is America averaging one school shooting a week?[View]
96475003Do girls enjoy lifting in youre cuntree?[View]
96482202Saxophono kikoeru in mai heart....[View]
96471569>Poland is a shith-[View]
96455030/Nederdraad/: Waarom hebben negers toch zoveel kontpijn als het over den Kongo gaat? editie Welkom: …[View]
96477397>white females with Japanese features are objectively the most beautiful females on the planet …[View]
96481019are they onto something?[View]
96481938Why are Mexicans so racist against central americans? They even built a wall, that's not nice[View]
96480716The definitive map of civilized nations (and Brazil) vs. barbaric uncivilized shitholes[View]
96479418>ye am englis how'dya'kno?[View]
96477858F*CK FRANCE[View]
96481783Historically Chinese: Founders of “Korea” were Chinese[View]
96476341Why do anglos do this?[View]
96466194You wake up in Europe in 814 What do you do first[View]
96477267A bear sees a burning car. he gets in and dies.[View]
96480330Do you support this? Yes, yes I do.[View]
96479604those lands are belongs to vietnam: historycally[View]
96480429poland will be superpower in 2030 Hans,It does not matter if you hate the idea, its still happening[View]
96481332Even the Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko also ate dog mean dish[View]
96460200/ausnz/ - Trannies Get Gold Edition: Good morning party people[View]
96473958Why is the Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo so expensive Japs? $800 usd night. Still looks the same as it …[View]
96478827Why are we even a country? We're basicly just Germans.[View]
96480589Explain yourself greekoids. https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/383796-greek-anarchists-vandalise-canad…[View]
96481061tfw when Amerimutt. feels good fam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5171eGo13hs&t=33s…[View]
96476786Sverigetråden - Havsupplagan[View]
96469394post qt German girls thank you[View]
96479032Why can't Sweden into seafaring?[View]
96479890Favourite non-anglos inb4 not polish[View]
96475356why are americans fat and stupid?[View]
96478750/brit/: British naval might edition[View]
96473267Imagine if America suddenly vanished leaving a vast ocean in it's place sort of like that Russi…[View]
96479834How do you say the King in your language? Pure korean: imgeum Hanja korean: wang[View]
96480316How can anyone in Europe not have a gf when every country is connected by buses and trains?[View]
96479410How do we stop this epidemic?[View]
96480351Why does Dutch sound like throat cancer?[View]
96480467>private defense contractors YEAH PAY THEM WITH TAX PAYERS MOENY![View]
96463428they think they are white why?[View]
96478997I have a question to French people. Why you hate Brits? Brits helped you from German attack in ww2. …[View]
96480300why do the french stink?[View]
96479228Jesus fucking Christ, America: They're just goatfucking cavemen. How did you let it come to thi…[View]
96469176Which countries nationalism do you cringe at the most?[View]
96478019Which one anon ?[View]
96477136>nobody tries to help him WTF!? I thought Japanese were good people? You mean to tell me they…[View]
96462254>Japs still use medieval pronouns and hierarchies knock knock, its the 21st century you freaks…[View]
96479878>race traitor[View]
96479045What is the best country in the world and definetly not a shithole?[View]
96476689>mfw been diagnosed a psychopath[View]
96476690Your cunt. What's your bank? Do they fuck you a lot? Yes, they fuck me over every month.[View]
96476242I am ugly[View]
96477662ICE AGE NOW[View]
96478076What went wrong?[View]
96479433>tfw you're a white trash with no education/money/high iq and have to speak with upper class…[View]
96479010muslim shithole[View]
96472968Be Indian: Get Trained https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amritsar_train_incident[View]
96476601Why yes I'm from Finland, how did you know?[View]
96479014Do german really say 'Eins, zwei Eins, zwei ' when they walk ?: Waving their arms ?[View]
96479130Why are white women so jealous Latinas ?[View]
96475953Do you know that Japanese people treat whites like gods because they are pretty and colourful?[View]
96473798When did you realize they arent the good guys?[View]
96478889Do you think your country has good drivers? Why are slavs and asians such reckless drivers? https:/…[View]
96478429Do you swim this summe?: I go to near my river to swim and fishing in japan . THIS IS CHINA RIVER . …[View]
96469174if your 23 and me is not like this, you are not white[View]
96478213>fate of Caucasian race rests on Poojeet[View]
96443662Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
96475196Japanese food is healt・・・・・ woah!! these egg sushi are shining unnaturally[View]
96478333Who do you think would win?: The full might of the American army vs a handful of asian farmers weari…[View]
96475502Do you know how to pronounce this letter? >groß >scheiße >anschließen >Preußen…[View]
96478643why chinese are nigger of east asia ?: yellow nigger thread[View]
96478268In USA homelessness is a crime. They literally fine and arrest homeless people for being homeless in…[View]
96478620Hey yo, doctor, here's another proper track And it's phat, watch the sniper, time to pay t…[View]
96476902International Protips thread: Posts some protips from your country. 'Then longer you stay single, th…[View]
96478439Hi America-senpai! Hi Brit-senpai! Hi German-senpai! I’m home!![View]
96474733/mashiro/, nie wieder /deutsch/: Morgendliche Ausgabe[View]
96457015/ex-yu/: ja desno domari lijevo[View]
96476372/brit/: hit or miss edition[View]
96478515nord vs med skull: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWULMDDe2pg[View]
96474302>The benefits of the euro >The euro was created because a single currency offers many advantag…[View]
96465973what are some myths about your cunt?[View]
96475567All I want is a cute Natashka gf who love me for who I am, is that too much to ask?[View]
96476047Why do Australian and British men choose South Asian wives?[View]
96387321DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2066: This is a Japanese language learning thread for people interested…[View]
96478090What are the general attitudes and mindset of the British? How do they individually differ generally…[View]
96473079DO YOU drink Tap water in your country?: me , yes why japan water radioactive?[View]
96478045Fuck the Latin script .[View]
96476256Does your country have an emergency number? If so, what happens when you call? Does anyone show up?[View]
96478002how do we turn back time? fucking npcs man thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BHX7ao8TdU…[View]
96477652What did America mean by this?[View]
96476998夜空中最亮的星~~: 請照亮我前行~~~~~[View]
96476422military song from your country: https://youtu.be/nR0cKe5PEOY[View]
96464052>Send an army to arrest one man >Man approaches your army unarmed, alone >Entire army defec…[View]
96477708>nearly 300 humans killed How the fuck have they not been exterminated yet?…[View]
96473931Why does London seem to have more niggers than Brooklyn[View]
96476215Is it true that hapa children are considered very cute in Asian cultures?[View]
96477460a nation of immigrants[View]
96465910>white 'people' cuisine[View]
964747911. Your fanny 2. Is your cuntree politically divided: 1. 2. Yes[View]
96477606http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2014/02/i-crashed-a-wall-street-secret-society.html Hmmm.[View]
96475837How is life like drug dealer in Russia? Is it good?[View]
96475500Fact: Your countries boomers are not even close to being as awful as my country's boomers. And …[View]
96471083Are the Japanese think themselves white or special asians because of anime phenomenon? What is wrong…[View]
96473054Does this happen in your country?[View]
96476849Be American Get Raped: >Racism perpetrated against white inmates by black inmates is indicated to…[View]
96476772Sverigetråden - Etnostatupplagan[View]
96459828Imagine if these three and their people just dissapeared tomorrow. What a glorious day it would be![View]
96467761>he's under 6'1 seriously tho, I'm only 5'11 and even highschoolers seem to b…[View]
96475544Why are Russian women so fucking hideous ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg7zR5wJo9U[View]
96475804Norwegian world war 2 hero died yesterday: Let's take a moment to respect this guy. If it wasn…[View]
96476949fuck w*men[View]
96472719What happens in your region?[View]
96470056Fuck Halloween and fuck Americans.[View]
96457476What's the dating situation like in your country? I've pretty much given up.[View]
96476731Can someone explain Parovi to me? From watching the live stream and not understanding the language i…[View]
96473400East Germany: Could East Germany have survived had it adopted partial market economy like China did …[View]
96471490Daily reminder that /int/ is one of the dumbest boards on 4chan.[View]
96468966China is a shitho- oh, yeah, it is.[View]
96474274Why do brits have the weirdest sense of humor on this site? pic related[View]
96475573LANKLETS BTFO: How will Lanklets ever recover?[View]
96473552What ethnicity is this?[View]
96473113>1. your cunt >2. is this big in your cunt? >3. post your abs…[View]
96451444/mämmi/: VALKAISTU.FI painos[View]
96473126Why white people noses are so big??? Are you trying to be a bird???Lmao[View]
96466478/rus/-/bel/-/ukr/: Dacha memories edition[View]
96473758GOTT STRAFE ENGLAND!: Was schiert uns Russe und Franzos'? Schuß wider Schuß und Stoß um Stoß! W…[View]
96467203Opinions of black americans ?[View]
96474459What are some cool, unique things to do and see in Moscow and Petersburg in Russia? places and foods…[View]
96473808>march 20 meters across the enemy >shoot >reload >shoot >reload >die >person be…[View]
96475748All I want is a cute Mohamette gf who love me for who I am, is that too much to ask?[View]
96472877Russia btfo[View]
96474418i didn't know italian girls are so tall: i think 170cm is average .[View]
96475073which country is the cleanest in western europe?[View]
96473724got 4 hours to kill in Toulouse[View]
96475449What would a Belgian colonial empire the size of British empire be like?[View]
96471337my mom told me that hopefully my sister will take care of my once she dies did my mom say that im re…[View]
96474966They finally made the deal with EU, right?[View]
96469577>A german gives you a (you)[View]
96456458/polska/: edycja wybuduje sobie nowy świat no bo suko stać mnie[View]
96472665Should I learn Spanish or Portuguese?[View]
96465800Sverigetråden - Mysiga Nattupplagan[View]
96475319just imagine how irrelevant / boring / cringe the us would be without their negroes[View]
96463311Latin America: Which Latin American country has the hottest women?[View]
96472971/brit/: ayo and teo[View]
96467679How come the Philippines (specially Manila) and Taiwan (as in Taiwanese Aborigines) never developed …[View]
96474758>american movie >dance/sing scene >mfw Do actually usafags like that shit or is just some …[View]
96475009Why can't Americans build houses that don't fall apart?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
96474370Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight are my favourite movies[View]
96472651>Wake up at 5:30 in the morning >Head downstairs >Pour myself a bowl of Harvest Morn (Aldi)…[View]
96469685Are abos really as bad as they get memed?[View]
96474505are ERP people on /int/ unironically gay or just LARPing faggots?[View]
96466006Why do spaniards refuse to give them independence[View]
96470262/int/ is a rightful russian clay[View]
96470954Why are British women so fucking hideous ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApuO-vn8pKA[View]
96473276Why do japanese deny their war crimes?[View]
96470865Every shitskin wants to be white.[View]
96465942Finnish girls have the best of East and West: Korean + German = Finnish[View]
96474088Why is that? I thought one of the key reasons to vote for Trump was that he was suppose to beholden …[View]
96474100i thought people on here were just larping but there is a mexican anon on here that UNIRONICALLY wan…[View]
96467775This is how Swedens borders are supposed to look like, everything outside is either danish/norwegian…[View]
96473969Japan: thank you for anime and manga[View]
96474221Is it true that white poop is white? Mine is yellowish though. And I heard black poop is blacked. Ho…[View]
96474076Anyone else here is fascinated by iran? It's a terribly interesting country[View]
96470182Russian Language Help: Not sure if its the right board to post this on but i need help with my learn…[View]
96473694Why US doesn't make Finland as it's 51th state?[View]
96471401Im on ketamine, /int/[View]
96473867Reminder: Daily reminder I am Nordic and Odin is the greatest and supreme God, what do you guys like…[View]
96471108Daily reminder Bolsonaro is aligned with the JEW. the JEW will help us and makes us first world, yo…[View]
96471302Can I convert to the Jew? Does it come with free Jew gf?[View]
96466781Generation X is at retirement age: As a Millennial, how does it feel knowing you're next?…[View]
96468331what does /int/ drive? post your cars from around the world[View]
96470922Open /brit/ >I SHAG >gf lads >honky ponkye dufta loofta >tooters lads >toil >ranka…[View]
96471656Should Americans be treated as Europeans ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq_IhJwCpSg Pic unrelated…[View]
96473586If Mexicans created Mexico. Why do we want them in America? It's an honest question.[View]
96470556What Single change to your Country would make you most happy?[View]
96473149No hablo inglish[View]
96468434Misconceptions you've had about groups of people: After doing research pre colonial africans we…[View]
96473318you now realize that owo is an actual word that exists in the Polish language you're welcome fa…[View]
96472494Ancient Egyptians were Indians.[View]
96470998Skyline thread?: Skyline thread. Post your city's skyline. ib4: a car.[View]
96472786Rightful Canadian clay[View]
96472728Is this how the Sweden™ experience is nowadays? God I am happy we aren't Swedes anymore.[View]
96473023DO YOU drink Tap water in your country?: me , yes why china water PINK?[View]
96472929>Deutsche >'Let's call them Germans' >Nederlanders >'Let's call them Dutch' Wh…[View]
96472864why swedish like to beat up innocent chinese tourist? Wtf[View]
96469655>Flipland is a shitho-[View]
96472978>facebook poll about which leader is best, Ceasar or some irrelevant brapzilian >brapzilian wi…[View]
96472546I...Finally made it[View]
96465684I wish my parents moved to a nice country like Canada (Quebec) or Sweden when they left Mexico.[View]
96464350/deutsch/e /nachtschicht/: Damn right, from the bottom we rise So high, now we cover sky lights We…[View]
96449413Are they the same country?: What's the main difference between them?[View]
96448219Handsome /int/ernational men[View]
96456294/ita/ - il filo: Edizione livello dell'informazione[View]
96470173Peru thread: Have you visited Machu Picchu yet?[View]
96439350/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: norway edition[View]
96471527What does this flag mean to you, /int/?[View]
96470936I hate Australians[View]
96469873>kills almost its entire native population >gets tons of native americans anyway…[View]
96466133>mfw New Zealanders can't grow vegetables on their own gardens: Can't make this shit up…[View]
96471362The chad african the virgin african American: Is this true?[View]
96472367>Oh yes I'm Finnish. How did you know?[View]
96471965will any japanese people be my friend even if im ethnically chinese :3 (i watch anime)[View]
96472036>tfw can't be a Youtuber or streamer because of shitty Australian internet How else am I gon…[View]
96471403How common is this phenotype in England ?[View]
96471037/int/ Armed Forces Thread: Anyone here in their countries armed forces? Also is this an accurate rep…[View]
964702841. Your cunt 2. Do you have this kind of animal? 3. What do you call it? https://youtu.be/18-xvIjH8T…[View]
96466423>fairly good at grammar when writing essays/paragraphs/etc. >dogshit at grammar tests/quizes I…[View]
96467377>I write everything on social media in English instead of my Native language to make myself look …[View]
96466763Are the Korean diasporas think themselves white or special asians because of fake k pop phenomenon? …[View]
96470688Whats the end game of height? Every generation is getting taller than the last but what happens when…[View]
96468292>be Turk >castrate and enslave Millions of Africans >make them menial labor workers at har…[View]
96459293Why aren't you a national socialist yet, /int/?[View]
96471645Is this some kind of American ritual?[View]
96471314I imagine myself in Aquitaine, leading my division. Our mission is to stop fr*Nch frogs from advanci…[View]
96471300honhon jajaja je sono europeo[View]
96469064I'm bored, post some cool things about us Arabs...[View]
96468629/int/ Rage Faces Project: Alright /int/. It has been a lot of time since we had new content of these…[View]
96471327How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
96471182Any other Chinese-Americans on /int/ on this comfy night?[View]
96470910>tfw look jewish[View]
96463500Do Asians have memes?: Do Asian countries use meme? If so do they have their own or do they use the …[View]
96470784Hey /int/, what have you learned about other cultures here, has it confirmed or debunked myths about…[View]
96461753Is your country an American puppet?[View]
96471263J'VEUX LES BENJAMINS BLEUS COMME PEEWEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1qRsVR-3Bk[View]
96470534What do you guys think of the name Henrietta for a girl?[View]
96471128Why Japan (Anime) want to look like white people. But Korea preserve own asian aesthetic with plasti…[View]
96469927serious question how am i supossed to stop hating women when i know they wont date me for being 5…[View]
96469191anyone else has a hard on for chile?[View]
96470257my mom told me that i have to take a shower cuz i can get scabies and im like bitch i spend almost 2…[View]
96466346>your cunt >thoughts on pic related? full vid: https://youtu.be/nr0wZYdlZNo…[View]
96466149Drinking general: It's sunday night/monday morning and it's still October which means we…[View]
96467613I learned Korean and Vietnamese so I could understand what those women at the nail salon are saying …[View]
96470977What happens here?[View]
96469977The Mature Japaness citizensh--: shithole[View]
96470132Australian posters are pure cancer and have ruined this board. All Turkish posters were range banned…[View]
96469959WTF GERMANY[View]
96470279why does america get targeted the most? is it because we're the easiest country to bait or are …[View]
96469880Who are your favourite African writers. Pic related are mine.[View]
96470509What are some famous tourist attractions in your country? https://www.baka.com.au/world/asia/austra…[View]
96469538Japanese famous comedian youtuber[View]
96460279>'I need my AR-15 to defend against a tyrannical gov-'[View]
96466309>North Korea is a shitho-[View]
96470057>'I'd take abos over pretty much any african or middle eastern variety of nig.' Lucky for yo…[View]
96469157can i find girls looking like pic related in Europe? usa it out of my reach[View]
96463491>US is biggest producer of oil >still has to beg Saudi for oil/oppress ME nations for oil I do…[View]
96459841What is the scariest you have experienced /int?[View]
96468115mornin frens[View]
96467350Honduran Zerg Rush 3 they stole a truck edition.: The immigrant March across Mexico continues, while…[View]
96468568I want to become a Salesman but I have no confidence.[View]
96465027I wish we'd declare war against the united states[View]
96459582>Yes, I'm from the greatest country in the world, United States of America. >How did you …[View]
96469316if you had to pick only two languages which would you pick[View]
96464200Halloween, Día de Muertos: Whats the point of Halloween and Día de los Muertos? Canada is less Chris…[View]
96463745Are there any countries you would really like to visit but wont because they are too dangerous? For …[View]
96453446Macedonia Begins Name Change: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45922955 >Macedonia's pa…[View]
96469627what does this mean is this good?[View]
96466704Lotta amer*Cans on /int/...[View]
96468813What would people in your country think of this guy?[View]
96452651/lat/: Hilo latino PROHIBIDO OLVIDAR[View]
96468537Did you give tribute to the Sun today /int/?[View]
96466241>Houston Stewart Chamberlain (/ˈtʃeJmbərlJn/; 9 September 1855 – 9 January 1927) was a British-bo…[View]
964693271999 EDITION[View]
96469153>I care about things besides my own physical gratification and sensory pleasure…[View]
96464334Why do they have a crown on their flag if they don't have a king?[View]
96447395I just realized that Central America is in fact on the same level as Africa, if not worse They are e…[View]
96468174/brit/: swaggy shit[View]
96468318How did one family become the Kings & Queens of England over all the others is there a point in …[View]
96468771british women look like THAT?[View]
96469055thoughts on isristine?[View]
96442859Why do Americans care so much about their lawns?[View]
96469034are murderers glorified in your country?[View]
96469022What is the beauty standard for men and women in your country?[View]
96466302Nepal is where it's at[View]
96468551What to do with 3D printers: This is why they exist, right guys?[View]
96468868Good fucking lord what the FUCK is their problem[View]
96468643Did other countries learn the walmart song in their schools?[View]
964608241. your a cunt 2. big tits and flat ass, or big ass flat tits?[View]
96465944Do you prefer women from Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe or Southern Europe?[View]
96468671Any argies want to explain what is going on here? 5:44 https://youtu.be/kqY3nN4Et7M?t=344[View]
96467766>Click on all the cars captcha >After clicking it takes 40 seconds to load the new image Fuck …[View]
96463113based and redpilled provinces thread[View]
96467799>The majority opinion is all that matters >The Mob is benevolent >We need an enlightened di…[View]
96468343America must be wiped out: As an American, we often sarcastically say 'death before dishonor'. As a …[View]
96468073Anyone else have a different accent at different times?: I'm 19 and from Columbia, South Caroli…[View]
96467779You end up living forever in the country above you, you have six months to start earning money or yo…[View]
96465779what happens here?[View]
96467482Which ideology is best suited to kill as many polish 'people' as possible and make them disappear fr…[View]
96464895>you're not ugly[View]
96465707>tfw Stalin was American[View]
96466209>China is a shitho- Woah[View]
96466814Everybody wants to be white except for white people.[View]
96466445Svenskt /pol/: Har funderat på att skapa ett svenskt /pol/. Helt på svenska alltså. Tror ni att det …[View]
96466615Is it normal to have an incest fetish? Is this a mutt thing?[View]
96454306/cum/ canada-united states-mexico and friends: approaching toil edition[View]
96467640>State record high temperature: 121 °F / 49 °C >State record low temperature: −60 °F / −51 °C …[View]
96467186Why is it easier to raise my mmr in North America?[View]
96467338What the fuck, Denmark?[View]
96460626Tfw no Israeli gf[View]
96466089Would you like to live in a small hut in peaceful and serene Northern Pakistan?[View]
96467577/mena/: Oh, you thought I was LARPing edition[View]
96458791https://gulfnews.com/news/mena/iraq/iraqi-teenager-brutally-killed-because-of-his-looks-1.2288828 …[View]
96467269Anyone notice how they're consistently the antagonists of history yet they still always won? …[View]
96467113‘ate frogs ‘ate chinks ‘ate gooks ‘ate sihks ‘ate Ottawa ‘ate DC Love salmon Love sasquatches Lov…[View]
96466215Is ‘phantom killer’, ‘random street attacker’ a word used only in East Asia?: And why are they so co…[View]
96448283Do you love germany?[View]
96464258>I want to marry an asian wom-[View]
96428024Kurva anyátok[View]
96430513/danmarktråden/: dansk-kinesisk venskabstråd[View]
96461217Would you let a colombian girl immigrate to your country?[View]
96466760Ive been eating curry almost everyday and im actually starting to smell like a Pajeet. holyshit[View]
96463708Although, they studies as much as we do, why do they not get any smarter than us?[View]
96465185Do you believe you're inherently better for being from a first world country? Growing up did p…[View]
96464851Daily Reminder that Aussies got cucked HARD during World War 2. I'm speaking in the literal sen…[View]
96464411Why are they so funny?[View]
96440812Do people in your country get their degrees in their mid-20s? >tfw about to be a 23 year old boom…[View]
96466597Best tennis player was a Romanian: http://mesta.net/mika-kaunotar-vuoden-parhaan-pelaajan-palkintoa-…[View]
96465270>why would you want to live in the country? it's so boring![View]
96433962/mena/: hbibti edition[View]
96455990Post firearms made in you country Nordarms NA223[View]
96465505How do I get into law school without an ATAR?[View]
96463216I'm going to badly draw/somewhat trace pictures of various countrymen loosely based on real pic…[View]
96464065has anyone seen a person with this kind of hair in real life? i have only know some few Indians with…[View]
96466170I want to live in Kristiania.[View]
96462830>Americans are forced to shit themselves while working can't make this shit up…[View]
96461246Japan: >we have many earthquakes so let's build our houses earthquake resistant USA: >we …[View]
96465739>STEM good >other degree bad[View]
96464033America is a morally bankrupt and degenerate nation. There's only one man who can save us now.[View]
96464050Je vous salue, Marie pleine de grâce ; Le Seigneur est avec vous. Vous êtes bénie entre toutes les f…[View]
96465902Why do people say Aktion T4 was a bad thing?: We should be killing defective useless eaters the mome…[View]
96456433How much is your TV license, /int/?[View]
96461516Did the Amerimutt meme teach Americans how to take bants? Americans barely get butthurt anymore.[View]
96441276Something something central america[View]
96465755>Average height is 6'2' >Triple digit IQ >Powerful physiques >Societies they build …[View]
96465809Sverigetråden: evig fucking ensamhet-upplagan[View]
96459913What the fuck is their problem?[View]
964654941st Nuke: Japan 2nd Nuke: Japan 3rd Nuke: ??? Who do you think it will be? Will history repeat itsel…[View]
96461254I want to thank usa for accepting all the mexicans: Thank god you exist[View]
96465637nice guys finish last[View]
96463552>be German >fuck with Brits >deal with 2 ton bombs for 75 years Classic.…[View]
96441238/éire/: Eagrán rinne sinn naoi/a haon déag[View]
96464852I'm buying a truck and converting it into a house I will live in and travel all over Europe wit…[View]
96465175Do they look similar?[View]
96464378>America so evil omg! Fuck off faggot, so sick of this meme being spread with absolutely no evide…[View]
96456515>sicilians celebrating the norman conquest against arabs notice anything?…[View]
964652101. your cunt 2. post your gay name[View]
96464445Why do Aussies hate us so much?[View]
96464591бeфcтpoгaнoв: Discuss.[View]
96453098/norgetråden/: Trippeldraputgaven Forrige: >>96419175 >>96419175 >>96419175[View]
96455869This man comes up to you and says >we deserve better wyd?[View]
96461538>On 27 June 2017, the Babushkinsky district court of Moscow sentenced Martsinkevich to ten years …[View]
96461781Does your country do this?[View]
96456427Why do people of pakistani origin love raping children so much? Do thy do it in their home country a…[View]
96460997ⰅⰁⰀⰕⰠ ⰐⰊⰃⰃⰅⰓⰑⰂ[View]
96453049>Yes I'm from Finland, How did you know?[View]
96437461We're the real latins EDITION >Languages to be used in this thread Latin French Spanish Port…[View]
96460128I have an exam on Tuesday. I'm supposed to be studying so I don't cram but I just want to …[View]
96464450amerimutt pride worldwide bitches haha[View]
96464242When did you started feeling nostalgic anon ? Me when I was 13[View]
96464635How popular is veganism/vegetarianism in your country?[View]
96463922/asean/: [Di umano intensifies][View]
96463618What is life like in Salvador, Brazil? Property in Salvador seems cheaper than in São Paulo, Rio, or…[View]
96454295How does a Cuban Spanish sound to people from Spain or South America? Since it's rather far awa…[View]
96455946i like sweden[View]
96462035/brit/: swag on em ya all[View]
96452647/nocturne/ anciennement /fr/ - Le francofil: édition il fait nuit, donc c'est officiellement un…[View]
96463477Do naziboos in your country have chins? >USA >no…[View]
96456250We made it to the big league boys[View]
96462104Did you know that Rio de Janeiro is the laughing stock of Brazil?: Rio de Janeiro citizens use tweez…[View]
96461448Your cunt-tree, do you hate your diaspora?: Only Italian-Americans They can't get overthe fact …[View]
96451238/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Шo?[View]
96463185So how bad is it, really?[View]
96463572>Be America in 1898 >USS Maine accidentally blows up >Decide to BTFO spain >Cucks them …[View]
96423491What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this flag?[View]
96463058Drugs and murder should be decriminalised in every country change my mind[View]
96463060How much would you pay personally for the destruction of Canada? I'd chip in a couple of fivers…[View]
96459753Is this picture accurate?[View]
96461492Do they include latam when they say ''the west''?[View]
96462586Would a 1.85 m tall Turkish BVLL like myself pass as a local in your country? unironic responses onl…[View]
96463031Fucked in the arse by Goldust. What do?: Today I've had a dream that this man fucked me in the …[View]
96461897Take me out of this shithole[View]
96449598Honest thoughts on YKPANHA??[View]
96460267Why do wh*toid age like milk ? Is it because KARA BOGA hates them ?[View]
96449226How hard is making frends in your country[View]
96457682Japan's secret: How are they so beloved by westerners of every kind? What's the Japanese s…[View]
96454729Why is Polish food so good to eat on a cold autumn day? It's peak comfy food[View]
96450728what % of Americans are Kyles, and what % are Cartmans?[View]
96462982After some careful research, I’ve deduced that 4-11 EST is the best time to be posting on /int/, and…[View]
96444412Why do Koreans men choose to be metrosexual when they can be alpha like this guy ?[View]
96462962What does /int/ think of New Jersey?[View]
96450776Norwegian bvll - italian woman relationship: What are your thoughts about it?[View]
96458690Lets play a game. Post your neighbor country that you: 1. love most 2. hate most I'll start: …[View]
96458389/deutsch/ gemütliche aber auch leicht depressive Ausgabe: Fadenmusik: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
96461995How do you get rid of old people in your countray?: In Norway we drop them in the ocean and let them…[View]
96462814>wake up >the world looks like this what do?…[View]
96458763Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
96458860Whats your countrys 'greatest' rival US Bongistan[View]
96462872Have anyone of you been to Africa? Looks kind of nice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ALJcJaaOY…[View]
96458765What's your country's Chick-Fil-A? Delicious, cheap, wholesome, pisses off leftists, etc.[View]
96460902>your cunt >did you ever get acme >leaf >no I'm slav-mongol…[View]
96462629What do people in England think of Exmoor and Devon in general?[View]
96461522What happens here?[View]
96459395there are 50 million mexicans in usa when will they go back to their country? lol[View]
96457536Now this was a team[View]
96459399Why is America so good at composing Indie Rock?[View]
964462381. Flag 2. Is your Capital your Biggest City? 3. Do you live there?[View]
96445184Is it true that Spanish schools villainize the conquistadors?[View]
96460536Chinese as the new 'World Language': How long until Chinese completely surpasses English and Spanish…[View]
96458817How do you go from this...[View]
964583991. your country 2. is britain turning into an indian-african-polish-arab nation a bad thing? it…[View]
96454681Which country has the world's second strongest military?[View]
96462392is Argentina a good place to live in? should i move there?[View]
96457019Question to native English speakers: Are you impressed by how well us foreigners speak your language…[View]
96446744Are you happy with your country's leader in Civ 6? Your country's important enough to get …[View]
96458644my chinese friend sent me this meme[View]
96461116why don't we fucking kill the leafs already?[View]
96460396>yes, I am from croatia >how did you know?…[View]
96457889is this true, americans?[View]
96459949Homosexual promotion thread: 1)ure cunt 2)when did you become a homosexual[View]
96460738oops i'm afraid i shat myself[View]
96455633Why do people think Asian guys have small penises? 12 cm isn’t small[View]
96460424/brit/: real recognise real[View]
96457499here's your commonwealth bro[View]
96461301Would we ever see a union of South American countries as is with the EU? Yes/no/maybe?[View]
96450760>tfw span*ard mutt ancestors it's not fair bros...[View]
96456147/paki/ + /kashmiri/ + /irani/ + /afghan/ = /aryan/ general: /aryan/: Would Take a Dick in the Ass fo…[View]
96445921moi? J'aime la France![View]
96457729beautiful american banknotes[View]
96461255Hello, does anyone have that webm with a Chinese woman giving birth in the street? Someone posted it…[View]
96461410tfw roommate found a bedbug. What do /int/? Are bedbugs a plague in your country?[View]
96461449>it's getting late and I'm tired Yeah, I'm non ironically going to sleep.…[View]
96453417Why are christians so violent?[View]
96461243>tfw not smart or pure enough to be a Jain[View]
96459767which military kills the most amount of wh*Tes and how I do joins?[View]
96458249Are Chicanos the master race?[View]
96459093Goblino training thread: This is a thread to help my fellow Amerimutts ascend from El Goblinos y La …[View]
96455742Argentina, no![View]
96442865internationl /music/: Post music from you country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmP89cIGJZM…[View]
96452737I illegaly possess a 22lr revolver[View]
964592401. Your cunt 2. The last album you listened to 3 What cunt was that album from?[View]
96459777tomorrow i will date with an indonesian qt what do what shall i expect how to act[View]
96453092just imagine a world without these countries[View]
96457128Amount of foreign aid the U.S. gives out by continent (2016). Thoughts? Note: I separated Oceania a…[View]
96458653Why yes, I am French, how did you know ?[View]
96459085My country is absolutely nationalistic, traditional. But we are supported only by the left. Why do U…[View]
96447505>give each region some degree of independence like states in a federation >but central governm…[View]
96459166yes I'm from Thrace how did you know?[View]
96457078/brit/: DPRK edition[View]
96459229>Feel tired all of the time even though I eat well and exercise >Have insurance >Go get blo…[View]
96453799How is their economy still alive at this point?[View]
96456360Was there any law in Germany that forbid invading Poland?[View]
96457816Only Finns and Brits are good at car stuff[View]
96457040>*stabs you to death for no reason*[View]
96458306ahahahahahahahahaha nooooo nononononahahahaa[View]
96456924Why are you still dumping in the ocean? Thanks to you there is a garbage island just floating around…[View]
96455984the future is bright[View]
96452745Rate my 'za /int/[View]
96436495>be me >browing /int/ for a while now >cant help but see the mandatory jungle fever threads…[View]
96450849>dad tries to talk to me[View]
96454656What does /int/ think of New Jersey?[View]
96451163why was Britain the only colonial power to create settler colonies?[View]
96451865Gotta check out southern Europe - in the past three months I was In Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosn…[View]
96458076Can you be cringe and redpilled? or based and bluepilled?[View]
96456662What does /int/ think happens in regards to the Honduran caravan?[View]
96444177Is it common for people to believe in ghosts in your country?[View]
96446445>Meanwhile in 1942 /int/[View]
96457236Why they always aim for the head...[View]
96442238/ita/ e /rus/: Cerco gli amici per praticare italiano. Posso insegnarvi russo.[View]
96451676neet exchange program: What are your thoughts on this idea I have. A website that puts neets in con…[View]
96455118https://youtu.be/AOlbFGmAEX0 What do you think of Anglo culture?[View]
96455986finns are our best friends, i love you finns[View]
96457367When will the Mongol empire rise again?[View]
96449938Why are Finns ashamed of their Mongol heritage?[View]
96453923/süB/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
96455137What are some common nicknames for guys in your country? We're pretty anti-PC when here when it…[View]
96452270this sight makes the jew boil with bloodlust[View]
96451779childhood is idolising Putin adulthood is realising Macron makes more sense[View]
96453152>flag >Is a NEW ERA approaching your country? Brazil YEA…[View]
96456729>tfw no American-Japanese gf[View]
96456587Why do east asians all hate poland while praising russia?[View]
96433275/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Fio grosso >Último fio (gay): Nem sei, a pergunta do zelador viado…[View]
96454467>had east,west,and south slavs united under one flag >collapses within half a century What di…[View]
96456299>Hey guys check out my 23andme results, it turns out my great-great-grandfather was actually from…[View]
96453153Sverigetråden - Fascistiska upplagan[View]
96443031>flag >your height United States of America I am a 169cm short 'male' turbomanlet midget.…[View]
96446299I'm a Chinese Canadian and i think Canada is a great place to live.[View]
96455215Seriously guys, there's nothing to worry about latino people overtaking the US demographics Pic…[View]
96454958Italy never should have united.[View]
96449594/ita/ il filo: È lui o non è lui?[View]
96452752are women like this in your cunt?[View]
96439378/balk/ - Balkan Thread: graeco-voulgarian friendship & cooperation edition last episode: >…[View]
96455724Is learning georgian as hard as it looks like?[View]
96441403/ex-yu/: smrt botovima edicija[View]
96446347/paki/ + /kashmiri/ + /afghan/ = /aryan/ general: /aryan/: Don't Bully Uzbek-anon Edition Invit…[View]
96455678France status:BLACKED[View]
96455646balkan countries were a mistake[View]
96455275ITT: We thank Italy for their delicious food.[View]
96452481/brit/: Tú, tú eres el toot y yo el virgino Me voy acercando y voy wanking el sister Sólo con pirata…[View]
96429518How do you say/Maps[View]
96455059>Acropolis? Is that some popular Athens' nightclub? Sounds retarded so let's not waste …[View]
96448191How would you revive the British Empire?[View]
96454662Why are other countries so jealous of our slags?[View]
96450512The Melungeons are a group of multiracial families of mostly European and African ancestry whose anc…[View]
96443815Italians may have invented pizza and pasta, but Americans perfected them.[View]
96443374>Be on Tinder >Swipe girls >All girls claim to be 175cm or more >Makes no sense since mo…[View]
96454383It's 12:45 and I'm still putting milk in my coffee. How do you say 'Fuck Italy' in your la…[View]
964461631. Female reproductive organs. 2. Who was in the right here /int/ ? The French or the Americans ? D…[View]
96442035/NEDERDRAAD/: biep boep Vorige: >>96416304[View]
96454355reminder that the Maritimes are the only good part of Canada[View]
96448439/polska/: edycja szatniarzu skurwysynie dlaczego robisz to za darmo[View]
96428695/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Late night edition[View]
96452050Founder of Turkish Armed Forces, METEHAN. The first TÜRKİSH BVLL.[View]
96440927Moving to Denmark: I am a Canadian that is interested in moving to Denmark and studying Computer Sci…[View]
96451521>a non white with a hoodie on[View]
96450126Honest thoughts on MAHYECTEP U??[View]
96452166Duude economy dude mortgage dude inflation dude middle class dude financial sector duude that chick …[View]
96435070How much money a month would make the average citizen in your country comfortable?[View]
96451030let's get one thing straight here.[View]
96442617How do I understand Russia's obsession with mayonnaise?[View]
96446502daily reminder[View]
96453231Could my cosin pass for a local in your countr[View]
96437877Which is more accurate?[View]
96447536Please don't RAMP our women. Thanks.[View]
96451773What the hell?[View]
96452781Your country Post the ASMR video you are listening to right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BY…[View]
96439789What the fuck will happen to Brazilian giant gay festivals if their conservatives win? You are famou…[View]
96445948How common was it for a german soldier to rape a jewish woman[View]
96429115What are the most beautiful animals found in your country?[View]
96450141Why do Americans are americans?[View]
96450197Why are americans so fucking nosy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faI8kacPGbQ[View]
96452492Does you cunt allow women into the army ?[View]
96427362/lat/: ̶H̶i̶l̶o̶ ̶d̶e̶ ̶a̶m̶o̶r̶ ̶y̶ ̶b̶u̶e̶n̶a̶ ̶v̶i̶b̶r̶a̶.: Hilo latino.[View]
96448490/anti-anime/ ehemals /deutsch/: fickts eich[View]
96437381>good looking >tall >fit >white >blond >young >european >uni student why did…[View]
96443400Have you seen aurora borealis?[View]
964462021. flag 2. Do you even weed? flag yes[View]
96436827Is this the JUST face? www.news.sky.com/story/pm-drinking-in-last-chance-saloon-mps-say-11531337…[View]
96437927ITT: We salute Evropa[View]
96450448>modern Greeks have no connection to their ancient ancestors Who started this meme?…[View]
96446319Does this country have any history: Most boring country on earth??[View]
96439297>website only ships to US, Canada and Mexico[View]
96382150/v4/+friends: Weekend edition Rise and shine sleepyheads[View]
96445373Korean film Thread: What is your favorite Korean movie? I am a [클래식= The classic] Released in 2003. …[View]
96412771/asean/: Eternal dumpling edition[View]
96450149can someone do a quick recap on this region, what even happen, what are they etc...I ignored their e…[View]
96451761why are they the worst country in europe? their biggest achievement was fucking sailing lmao[View]
96445905Why did it collapse?: And how can we help Italy revive it?[View]
96441145/fr/: France is cool[View]
96450738Need of international awareness to emphasis the prosperity and enjoyment of life comes only through …[View]
96450345>Koreans want to boil this alive and eat it[View]
96451184>itt: Countries that should be 1[View]
96436919/mämmi/: pekka rinne ja juuse saros -painos[View]
96445854Brasilians /hue/[View]
96439100>he's retiring next year H-hold me guys[View]
96419175/norgetråden/: Alle får som fortjent-utgaven forrige: >>96386499 >>96386499 >>9638…[View]
96450704These people are not only allowed to vote, but legally required to.[View]
96451079I assume this is Northern Illinois. Seems super comfy. Is it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXoZJe…[View]
96449067/brit/: ok edition[View]
96443370/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/brit/: Vladimir Putin - the true leader and chieftain of russian nation edition…[View]
96445552Although I've never even seen an American irl, I love Americans so much. Please just tell me wh…[View]
96445792Europeans are the most destructive force on earth.[View]
96441255Why do Americans sleep with their shoes on?[View]
96444034Ancestry/DNA Thread: Tell me about your ancestors! Where did they live? What did they do?[View]
96448627What's with spaniards and baldness? Many of them start balding in their early 20s[View]
96443960Sverigetråden - Schwedentrunkupplagan[View]
96450209Man eats pizza everyday for 30 years: https://www.mtv.fi/lifestyle/makuja/artikkeli/mies-on-syonyt-i…[View]
96450480Finland + Sweden: In this thread we tell you about our national culture and philosophy and why your …[View]
96446344>finnish is related to sumerian, not INDO-european >finns built permanent housing right after…[View]
96439733why do finns larp as nordic? why do romanians larp as latin? why do portuguese larp as meds? why do …[View]
96445413>granddad was bald >dad is bald >i’m going to be bald…[View]
96449470it's 23:04 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
96442716Why do americans do this?[View]
96445661Why do Italians have so many complicated rules about coffee?[View]
96438222>in Hialeah, USA, only 6% can speak english >spanish is the de facto language Oh no no no…[View]
96439951Does your city have any high culture? Pic related, the greatest concert hall in the world, from one …[View]
96440144>downtown reykjavík completely filled with NATO sailors/soldiers >avg height is a head shorter…[View]
96449065women dont deserve to be educated[View]
96446386Anyone from this cunt? How is it like? Do you feel like Cataluña brothers?[View]
96443968I love Italy and Italians (except northerners)[View]
964480636'3 vs 5'8, i thought there would be a big difference, kanye could beat that lanket up[View]
96444546/ita/ - il filo[View]
96444345>Finland is not a 3rd world country[View]
96442625St John's, Newfieland should be considered Canada's European port. Geographically it is as…[View]
96443874if America is so great, then why is homosexuality legal there?[View]
96449222Is your country relevant?[View]
96441525Meaning of name of region in Korea: Any thoughts?[View]
96447699TO ALL THE FUCKING POLESHITS: About your 'Kresy Wschodnie' larping. Here's the ethnic stat for …[View]
96448273World busiest container ports (in million TEUs) >1. Shanghai, China 40,230 >2. Singapore, Sin…[View]
96446752Central amerilards: Guatemala, el salvador, honduras, Nicaragua are smelly negroid manlet shitskins …[View]
96442313I've got a cold and feel like I'm about to die. Pray for me frens[View]
96437102Ancient Egyptians were Nords.[View]
96448317if you want to get better, you’ll just have to find a way. we can’t wait around saying nothing ever …[View]
96441638god is a bengali[View]
96443547Do you take your shoes off before entering someone else's house?[View]
96444908In 1911 Papuch Krisztián, Hugnarian archeologyst, close friend and discipline of Herwig Fotzenknecht…[View]
96446533>Wake up >Europe is now this What do?[View]
96444699post some examples of american education[View]
96433085Is marrying a MENA girl considered a status symbol in your country?[View]
96434640which city do you live?: me Tokyo Meguro[View]
96447312prove me wrong[View]
96437961When will the SLAVIC BVLL annexes us?[View]
96447200Why do Americans do this?[View]
96436070What would it take for Italy to become great again?[View]
96444895/brit/: occasions when ive narrowly missed out on some cool digits edition[View]
96446826>Austria >Australia[View]
96444079why yes, I am spanish! how did you know?[View]
96439230/polska/: edycja smutnych chłopców[View]
96442587/Burger/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
96433712How could this happen?[View]
96446167I do not understand, krautchan blocked?[View]
96423820Is it better to live in a hot climate country or in a cold one? Tell me your experiences.[View]
96437741is this how the average american looks like?[View]
96445380>yikes >based >epic…[View]
96445702What should be done with Western women who joined IS and their children?[View]
96444936Is there anything fun or worth visiting here?[View]
96439861/paki/ + /kashmiri/ + /afghan/ = /aryan/ general: /aryan/: REEEEEE TFW NO GF edition Invited: Paki-b…[View]
96444881Does your COUNTRY have a culture of circumcision?[View]
96438699/ugh/: ugh - ugh edition[View]
96416179/ausnz/: Mousy folk eatin bubgers edition[View]
96445468White women FEAR the Yamada.[View]
96445181>our country is a degenerate nation of drug addicts China could bring us to our knees in a revers…[View]
96445416>cunt >temperature you heat your house to in the winter/ cool to in summer Flag 73 Fahrenheit…[View]
96444600Do you have guts? https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1053856570608562177/pu/vid/640x360/yooAx4a2RP…[View]
96439776NASA finally considers Venus: https://www.tekniikkatalous.fi/tiede/avaruus/milloin-syoksyy-sukkula-v…[View]
96444485You have new messages! > (You) fight me[View]
96445097What goes on over here?[View]
96444730did australians feel safe with their neighbors papuans?[View]
96431862which country got the most evil innit[View]
96436633Ancient Far East: Black: Korea Red: Japan Yellow (orange): China Green: Nomads / Silk Road Merchant …[View]
96444467A daily reminder that you will never be Finnish[View]
96436652>Watching Turks take dna results >Literally everyone gets atleast a 1/3 Greek >Comments are…[View]
96432377Which season is the worst season in your cunt and why? For us it's spider season for obvious r…[View]
96438148>Suomi >Sapmi can there be any doubt that Finns are just Lapplanders who got enslaved by the S…[View]
96444141Cancer of Mankind[View]
96436977How common incest with imoutos in Japan?[View]
96442737Polar Bear terrorises Svalbard people: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/0bb1b3e3-534d-4687-822e-737…[View]
96439366a muslim, chinese and indian walks into a pub[View]
96443851Honest thoughts on POCCNR??[View]
96435687/ita/ - il filo: edizione slavonia[View]
96430987post your national Animal: ours is Markhor a Mountain goat[View]
96440401Are welsh people secretly iberian? All welshman that I talked to look iberian and more swarthy than …[View]
96437226* blockes your path *[View]
96443163>The '''EU''' is just supra national government the US setup after WW2 to effectively govern Euro…[View]
96441855/brit/: Rorke edition[View]
96443588fuck you, Australia![View]
96441849Wtf why do Portuguese act like niggers in France ? They are worse than Algerian, they all look Arab …[View]
96441402Is there anything sexier than the cleanly-shaven armpits of a woman ?[View]
96432451Post your traditional pagodas[View]
96443387REBUILD IT![View]
96443318Whore-cess-ter-shyre sauce[View]
96441353What will the upcoming generation be like?[View]
96437845Do you have Arabs in your country? What are they like?[View]
96442204>Tfw Gayrope and United Sharts of Amuttrica will be <50% wh-Te in a few decades…[View]
96389334your BMI??[View]
96440670>collecting rainwater is illegal in America land of the free[View]
96439968Why do Americans wear shoes indoors?[View]
96441471define 3 traits that makes a country western[View]
96442115Why do Americans drink from red plastic cups?[View]
96435728>your cunt >would you rather be ruled by uncle Sam or uncle Chang?…[View]
96440655/𐤍𐤀𐤏𐤍𐤀𐤊/: 𐤌𐤏𐤍𐤀𐤏𐤍𐤀𐤊 𐤌𐤏𐤓𐤀𐤁𐤀𐤃 𐤌𐤀𐤄𐤀𐤓𐤏 𐤑𐤅𐤈𐤓𐤀𐤈 𐤃𐤀𐤏𐤉[View]
96433545What do you really, really, really like about your country?[View]
96436285A Norwegian war and resistance hero from WW2, Joachim Ronneberg, died tonight aged 99. Ronneberg was…[View]
96441639Do you also feel like we had lost the understanding of how being alive means?[View]
96432150Why did Germany never fully unify like Italy?[View]
96438081>one chance at life >born an above average looking 187 cm middle class Canadian straight white…[View]
96440849Why aren't there any Ethiopians on this board? They are doing pretty good compared to another A…[View]
96439205Is Cyprus just superior Greece & Turkey?[View]
96440327Why do Europeans smell like shit[View]
96439888Why yes , How did you know I was brazilan[View]
96441826Je veux une petite amie française[View]
96439550>ywn live in the best city of the entire world: Vienna: why live??[View]
96431573/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/brit/: There is nothing wrong with loving Russia from Switzerland edition[View]
96441808>move to Taiwan >Discover the phillipino are all short fat and ugly brown trolls with the most…[View]
96437489Sverigetråden - Den tänkande mannens upplaga[View]
96441724November of 2018. Aliens destroyed the mankind's armies, economy and faith.: To restore faith i…[View]
96434324>be american >your entire identity revolves around being white >take a DNA test >45% bla…[View]
96416304/nederdraad/: Gulden editie. Welkom: Nederlanders, Belgen en Nederlandstaligen. Niet welkom: De rest…[View]
96441210Medicine for foreigner students: Hello everybody. New York university of medicine has recently annou…[View]
96437353>Nearest country is the world's largest Muslim country >Zero terrorist bombings How does …[View]
96437198Just got back from the UK and I have to say their bar culture is fucking shit. Hur dur muh heritage …[View]
96433379>tfw you will never be a Paksitani >tfw you will never have a kind and graceful ammi who will …[View]
96440372i don't like spaniards, i just don't.. doesn't make me a racist.. what's the big…[View]
964380861. your country 2. Do you also really like wholesome memes and how they fill you with positivity and…[View]
96439248Is your life in your country easy or hard?[View]
96435280When did you realized that chopsticks were the far superior utensils ?[View]
96432742>your cunt >does school teach you Columbus is good or bad? >Do ppl hate him in ur cunt?…[View]
96440585>be American/Canadian/Mexican/South American >have top tier women with big breasts and bunda/M…[View]
96399936Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
96434907/hell/ NEGRO CIRCLEJERK edition[View]
96438519Does Slovenia play an important role in your life?[View]
96438862Why are the French so fucking dumb and useless? What a terrible country.[View]
96438352daily reminder: Us Tatar turks are true turks, unlike those shitskin Anatolians turkey turks. Long l…[View]
96438850Education: Is US college the same as UNI? Or is US college equal to 'HBO' (vocational univ…[View]
96439632How is this acceptable?[View]
96435497/deutsch/ uezs: \o[View]
96439952/esp/: Spanish thread A que no hay huevos a no dejarlo morir[View]
96425769Which country would you choose to be the sole superpower if you couldn't choose your own? Amer…[View]
96437171/brit/: Hail Victory edition[View]
96436942You might not like it, but this is what peak French looks like.[View]
96439527Which one is better?[View]
96436868>tfw not having a brown muslim closet-gay bf[View]
96420243/ex-yu/: Pravi nitarski sati edicija[View]
96438046Was he a French sleeper agent all along? >Huguenot French descent >destroyed the UK and left f…[View]
96429990Finnish man finds foreign wife: https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000005870080.html Oulugian man Jarno …[View]
96439211Luxusbrand releases a new scarf: https://www.stara.fi/2018/10/15/kaulahuivi-kuin-vagina-luksusmerkil…[View]
96421734/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: Gul Dukat did nothing wrong edition[View]
96437704Why cant Eurononces assimilate Muslims like us?[View]
96428591/balk/ - Balkan Thread: wake up pansl*vic subhumans edition previous: >>96408577[View]
96431447/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du dimanche Ancien >>96417476[View]
96439127Scientists have determined that this is what the average American will look like by 2050. Thoughts?[View]
96438474What alternatives to Youtube do you use to avoid censorship? Wanted to listen to good C Y B E R N ∆ …[View]
96430148Morning int, let's walk and talk. Do you love England?[View]
96432152/polska/: edycja bojkotowania wyborów[View]
96436895/gemiadlicher noachmittaug/ ehemals /deutsch/: servas leidln moachts eich gemütlich[View]
96430780I fixed world no thanks[View]
96434763The only time in history when the most amount slavic groups were united under one banner[View]
96433223/paki/ + /kashmiri/ + /afghan/ = /aryan/ general: /aryan/: You'll never be Pakistani edition In…[View]
96432156Do you have insects in your country?[View]
96436611>Go outside >Take a picture of your neighbourhood >post your results…[View]
96431311do any other /int/ anons live in suburban sprawl?[View]
96432381Why are they so boring? Is this the textbook definition of a NPC country?[View]
96434888Korean weather spectrum[View]
96437938Is a life without an Australian citizenship a life worth living?[View]
96437036What is television like in your country?: Here during 2000s and early 2010s TV was nothing but the b…[View]
96438041>Mexican Muslims are a thing Ok, we're screwed[View]
96435580Australia is a shit hole[View]
96427445Anyone else learned english by watching Friends?[View]
96434619>tfw i will never have a gf >tfw i will never be accomplished >tfw i will never have friend…[View]
96437453i am tatar turkic, why does my nose look like this?[View]
96437673Does anyone else have those birds that scream? There's some sort of bird living in my street an…[View]
96436419>we spared the cultural capital of Japan >we obliterated the cultural capital of Germany BASED…[View]
96437250Vannak magyarok ezen az oldalon?[View]
96437724>tfw no Hitler gf[View]
96437563>tfw no indonesian gf[View]
96437666>With a good girl gone bad girl who ain't gay 'cause her date rape That's a metaph…[View]
96435938Tell me something about American ghetto culture without saying 'niggers'.[View]
96432596Now Italy, you ARE going to cut spending in this year's budget like we discussed right?[View]
96436151How would your family feel if you brought home a Bangladeshi girl?[View]
96437371Why do you think there is a pyramid in Egypt?: The Chinese government is oppressing us, but we have …[View]
96436297do you ever film when you go out in your country?[View]
96427946What do you know about Lithuania[View]
96436712Why are Americans so obsessed with the Vietnam war ? Don't you have better things to do ?[View]
96430744>OMG Amerikkka is so evil Fuck off faggot I guarantee we've done nothing wrong to your cunt,…[View]
96436235Fuck Halloween and fuck Americans.[View]
96434446>Canada legalises weed >on the same day China cracks down massively on foreigners smoking weed…[View]
96435241ma yak kooni e whiteboey hastem[View]
96433692You can only post in this thread if your relationships with women last less than 6 months and you ha…[View]
96436923Is this what the original slavs looked like[View]
96434600Anime makes it look like every single young japanese wants to be a mangaka or write light novels... …[View]
96432782In other news, this Swedish man killed a Norwegian guy in Oslo. Why are Swedes so violent and crazy?[View]
96432453Fixed their stupid flag[View]
96431579ITT - memorial to fallen /int/ menes[View]
96432037Why yes, my parents are cousins. How did you know?[View]
96435908How is your cunt celebrating the browning of America and Western Europe?[View]
96436452White model in korea: ㅇㅇ[View]
96425545Living as a crab is hell: This is a real crab holocaust machine[View]
96433350I got a call from a foreign number and when I looked it up on Google shady Russian websites popped u…[View]
96432404Sverigetråden - Alternativ för Sverige-upplagan[View]
96431298Do French people miss the old days when France was a European country?[View]
96436292Is sauna better if the walls have ceramic tiles on them or just wooden planks? If the planks are a b…[View]
96431061lista of italiano city buy standard of life[View]
96430241Don't mind me, just being the only nice-sounding romance language[View]
96435148notice how cool canadian posters are?[View]
96436114>ebony disco ladies[View]
96433523>yeah i'm polish you have a problem with that?[View]
96433376Which race of women are generally considered the most loyal?[View]
96435261etymology of a country: 1.Nation 2.etymology of a country 1.Flag 2.Ye->Gore->Gryeo->Goryeo-…[View]
96434866Nurses shouldn’t gossip about patients. Where is the professionalism when they go out of earshot?[View]
96435881accept it. Bow!!![View]
96434011lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckVYO9oI8vc[View]
96430563Why do Americans do this?[View]
96433989/brit/: canadian village people edition[View]
96435793Just a reminder[View]
96428991your country will you buy new fallout game? i already did and i will have lots of fun playing it![View]
96435487>Terminator as gobernor of California >Metal singer as councillor of Oslo What are some celeb …[View]
96435165>People call us 'Amerimutts' >The United States is literally the least muttiest country in Ame…[View]
964312581. your cuntree 2. fried chicken with rice: yay or nay? korea yay[View]
96430732Would these two receive rude comments or other verbal attacks (maybe even physical attacks) in your …[View]
96425486/chicas/ ehemals /deutsch/: was macht anton so?[View]
96429417was it a war crime?[View]
96430680Why am I allergic to French music? For example, I love this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8O…[View]
96413106/ita/ - il filo di umaru: edizione lettone[View]
96431653Why are Chinese women so scary? Why are Chinese men so weak? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmxxQgx…[View]
96432166https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq4RW6hQea4 Pilon, money, bitches, pilon, pilon, money, bitches Pilo…[View]
96429998Ich will eine Deutsche Freundin zu Koch für mich und Lehre mir d Deutsch. Warum können ich nicht ein…[View]
96428915How many flags can we get in one thread?[View]
96434689Do you think people saying that the rich aren't taxed enough under Trump's government is a…[View]
96423821The Chinese language and the 'uncomfortable truth': The Chinese character for Asia is 亚 (亞). Th…[View]
96408774/mämmi/: Rennostopainos.[View]
96434598Do people in ur cunt like thicc?[View]
96432588why 4chan is such shitty board and does not allow to upload more than one picture and 40mb webm with…[View]
96432568Why do white americans look so weird[View]
96428137China is the Rome that never fell: China is like the neo-Roman empire for the Saharan, bringing peop…[View]
96423720Best country for gibs: What is the best western cunt that gives gibs to Arabs in universities?…[View]
96434026Pakistan also has shemales. Our gay people become traps[View]
96429617Can you guess which one of them is a male? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCU2eKuAWbw[View]
96417875the final redpill is that they made everything you enjoy[View]
96433821What's wrong with Black people in America? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-jo1Q1hhG0[View]
96432226Why are french people so mean?[View]
96429670Proud to be an Afghan, the most superior race in the world.[View]
96431924>got a job >8 female employees >6 females's names are kim And I'm Kim too :D…[View]
96430268The practice of ostracism from ancient Athens is implemented in your country. Your people can now an…[View]
96430719>eat spareribs in USA >it has lots of meat >eat spareribs in Norway >it's more bone…[View]
96432047We may be enemies one day: Anyone find it weird that we get along on here, but one day you may find …[View]
96430931/brit/: just be yourself edition[View]
96429964The Western Allies should have stayed out of WW I, this would have allowed the Germans to vent their…[View]
96429450You may be mad or jealous, but This is the greatest city in the world.[View]
96430245So /int/ has your government had to change regulations allow for smaller condoms? https://www.dailym…[View]
96431519Do you love japan?[View]
96429687How is life in Amsterdam? I'm considering relocating there but know nothing of it. I was offere…[View]
96429800Europe most stable economy blocks your path https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-15/europ…[View]
96424880>migrant caravan of over 6 gorillions >still no wall…[View]
96432185Use 向け in a sentence.[View]
96429578Starting all over: What would be the solid plan of action in your country if you want to start your …[View]
96428596>I wouldn't want to live in a shithole like the philippi-[View]
964319741. Your cunt 2. Do you have ancient princess(es) that somehow becoming legendary? Hard mode: New Wor…[View]
96429677I'll begin by stating that Duolinguo has been quite useful to learn the basics of every languag…[View]
96426051How is your country preparing for the space age?[View]
96423665How do you get a gf in your country?[View]
96431588>It's another 'Americans argue with each other about the Vietnam war while real Vietnamese c…[View]
96431373>dry wit, sarcasm and intelligent satire broke >midgets, poo jokes and people being hit in the…[View]
96420220Why don't more Americans return to the Fatherland? (Ireland and Germany)[View]
96413208the promised land of RPG games[View]
96429208How do you say 'rectal exam' in your language, /int/?[View]
96427999Say something nice about the USA.[View]
96430061>your country >do your high schools do shit like vid/pic related? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
96424700Reminder that if you meet a Asian that's Christian, they probably have tribal origins[View]
96430474Were they really as scary as they sound?[View]
96410336/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/+/brit/: You aight there дpyг? Need a handie? edition[View]
96431021US birth rate hits record low: How'd it all go so right? >Fertility rates hit a high in 2007…[View]
96412710/polska/: edycja krzysztofa krawczyka[View]
96428602im in love with an american girl[View]
96430991>live in literal who hole >walk through the city >two British families walk by >go to lo…[View]
96431023Make Indonesia Dharmic again[View]
96427688What can you tell me about this place besides the “murder and drugs”[View]
96430837>only 6% of Australians have net worth under $US10,000 non-australians, what is your net worth?…[View]
96417476/fr/ - le fil francophone: Edition nocturne[View]
96429184post unique cuisines from your country[View]
96409323>This will never happen to you Why are European men so successful with Latina women?…[View]
96430180why americans do this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljfwUj7kk90[View]
96426883How is everyone doing?[View]
96421256Mexican average at this time[View]
96428661Is it based & redpilled to have your teacher at gunpoint to force her to write your name in the …[View]
96426948purification of the eyeball[View]
96429597Fork italians[View]
96428349/brit/: >Wake up >Donate to female streamers…[View]
96424976Japan milk looks good[View]
96427997What your country excels at?[View]
96429636Ugh... What could have been[View]
96427839Is he famous in your country?[View]
96429354You aren't supposed to swallow toothpaste: Yet American government keeps pumping fluoride in th…[View]
96425712If all the Chinese died: We'll have fresh air fuccking Dirty Ching chang chong chinck 짱꺠년들 다 …[View]
96418712Sverigetråden: Fettoupplagan[View]
96428916Sup fags, I’m white and want to go to Seoul for hookers. Where are the hot hookers in Korea? Would I…[View]
96427895China is growing larger.[View]
96429789>There's a hot Korean milf that goes to my school to pick up her kids And I can't stop…[View]
96429770>200 years later >Nobody has realised that Australia was behind the first Barbary War…[View]
96429456What are women like in your country?[View]
96428319>starts raining >Internet dies Seriously, fuck telstra and their monopoly.…[View]
96429717>white women More like yike women[View]
96428275Is every Despacito on /int/ a pasty Latino with glasses and a gaming pc and books[View]
96428200Who was in the wrong here?[View]
96428436>it's yet another thread where Poles on /int/ have a chimpout over a couple of redneck peasa…[View]
96428677Why are Scandinavian posters always so seething towards Slavs?[View]
96423643is it zee or zed[View]
96427322do russians really look like this?[View]
96428627Do you think thirdies ever compare the amount their parents sold them for? >My dad sold me for $3…[View]
96427090I am Korean girl and I will explain about Korea: Korean girks are maybe most beautiul girls in asia.…[View]
96429380>In Econometric class >Teacher ask us what subject we'll analyze for our end of the semes…[View]
96427650Which one looks best ?[View]
96429272>force myself to stop playing video games for an entire day >tell myself that i'm going t…[View]
96429220I can go with the flow.[View]
96425129>Vietnam still hasn't ruled Southeast Asia yet[View]
96429171Put him in the long-boat and make him bail her Early in the morning What shall we do with a drunken …[View]
96426633>flag >Is your country becoming more religious? Brazil Yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMT…[View]
96425304The perfect girl doesn't exis-[View]
96427908What is your honest opinion of Hong Kong?[View]
96427720America is a morally bankrupt country run by an elite oligarch. But unlike other countries with olig…[View]
96423994What happens here?[View]
96428244'Oppression of Russians in Baltics' Latvia: - everyone understands Russian language though not every…[View]
96428852Why are Balkan women such whores? https://youtu.be/UiXrlxkVBUk[View]
96423568Have you ever had an std /int/?[View]
96428109I tear down wal[View]
96428489Your cunt Your neetbux Binlan 1250€[View]
96426671>go out with friends >that one girl I liked coned too >I bring some weed >we all go to m…[View]
96426395What's the most anglo thing which has ever happened to you /int/? Mine happens last night. I wa…[View]
96425710Are you circumcised /int/ ?[View]
96423726let's see how different country's live post your home[View]
96428333https://t.me/joinchat/KH-XXUTvk-d9Ma8zBk5yCw join haha[View]
96425025Why is the whole world so obsessed with us and Japan?: What makes our cultures stand out so much and…[View]
96422098What's the scariest thing you've ever experienced?[View]
96426877ITT: Post what you had for dinner[View]
96428316what are some good apps for communnicating with native language speakers?[View]
96427345Promiscuity: >Can't stop feeling premarital sex can be a horrible thing that is ultimately a…[View]
96419448What happens here?[View]
964247301. Your language 2. What do you call each of the elements in pic related? https://youtu.be/nBYZpsbu9…[View]
96426664Former meat master has now 130 boxes filled with crickets: https://www.helsinginuutiset.fi/artikkeli…[View]
96427156Why do japs fear the PDA? (Public displays of affection) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_displa…[View]
96426158Poland is a proud BLACK nation[View]
96425267Why did Australia do nothing during the war? They just sat on their island like the UK[View]
96424179>''I suffer in the third world'' Why do thirdoids do this…[View]
96427875what the heck[View]
96423865Reminder that these are the people calling you 'mutt'[View]
96427831Germans are so funny when they're angry. They sound like Nazis from the movies. You know like i…[View]
96427136Is your country's leader this patriotic?[View]
96422577How can straight men from /int/ deal with the fact that you will never be able to touch a black puss…[View]
96421716Not enjoying North America: Dealing with unpleasant people and skirting dangerous ones is a part of …[View]
96426887Ugh What could've been![View]
96419276/cum/: Darkness rising[View]
96425776/brit/: '/brit/ was so much more fun when I was the deluded tranny attention whore' editio…[View]
96423934>Don't have a word for something? >just combine half a dozen vaguely related words togeth…[View]
96427511>Hey Fry Man, what's the name a' dat country wit' all them Taken dudes? I wanna ge…[View]
96426684>I am Romanian[View]
96427418is my interpretation of what it means to be left/right wing correct? My thinking is that right wing …[View]
96427434>amerifrens are going to sleep: gud nite amerifrens[View]
96426665What does /int/ think of New Jersey?[View]
96418766Countries you've been to.: Post em[View]
96426888This Jap is such a faggot lmao[View]
96422385/ sino /中文: Previous thread>>95727043[View]
96399441What's stopping Europeans from dating Latinas?[View]
96419223Japanese women are the most beautiful in the world. You cannot prove this wrong /int/[View]
96416885/luso2/: primeira edição aka edição faça isso ser sobre videogames de novo[View]
96427011i want to get into fights but im 5'6 and everbody would beat me up i want to beat a normie up w…[View]
96426874guys pls tell me how to get ICELANDIC gf as chink?[View]
96421308/lat/: hilo latino amour[View]
96426517Frankly, the first world war is this.: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Turkish, etc.[View]
96426807If you were Spain: How would you retake Gibraltar?[View]
96426489ITT: Post the Bogdanoff of your country[View]
96427129why are american girls so easy to talk to?[View]
96398883/Skandi/ Kalmarautistutgåvan[View]
96427108Any Mexicans going?: ITS FUCKIN TR3WEY[View]
96427021'just be yourself' in your language: ari no mama de ireba ii[View]
96426306Is this what firsties unironically believe?[View]
96426827>Lana Rhoades appears on German wiki but not American Why is this? Are Germans perverts? https://…[View]
96426238Reminder that back in WW2 Australians chimped out because they couldn't compete with Big Americ…[View]
96426078Are Turkish soap operas slowly taking over the world?[View]
96425217I just cried for an hour straight.[View]
96423952Thoughts on the Ahom people?: They are ancient Thais who migrated to Northeast India where they esta…[View]
96426592which one do you wanna live, my son?[View]
96416664>mfw I want return to England but it's such a rainy depressing shithole My ancestors probab…[View]
96426649British “rap”[View]
96426674When I think about what America was 100 years ago I want to cry. How is that we've fallen into …[View]
96426474Why are Americans so ignorant of other countries? I frequently see yanks talking shit about other co…[View]
96426096Can we nuke these fucking cockroaches already?[View]
96426104Holaaa vengo a flotar[View]
96384033/danmarktråden/: Lordagshyggeudgaven[View]
96426539French Africa being french makes me happy[View]
96426250Why do British people look like this?[View]
96425717ho.. main jo baithun to baitha rahun.... der tak[View]
96426254>ching chang nip nong >wh*Tes and other subhumans mock us when they hear our languages is ther…[View]
96420148>During the reign of José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, the first consul of Paraguay from 1811 to …[View]
96425503Hey, America.: You guys need a plan. Stop thinking obesity is cool.[View]
96426433Could my cousin pass for a local in your country?[View]
96400557international kots: kots you've seen around your country[View]
96424234Could my cousin pass for a local in your country?[View]
96424706So one told me that this looks Japanese: Does it?[View]
96417776>the Maritimes will never be great again[View]
96421867wtf I hate non-whites now ![View]
96425953So, why does Germany posses the largest collection of Europe's comfiest castles? Are there any …[View]
96424546Anyone ever been to Mozambique? I'm going in a couple weeks and who wouldn't be excited to…[View]
96426089>over one hundred thousand Indians move to San Francisco to become programmers >San Francisco …[View]
96426094Why shouldn't i be proud of my race over my personal accomplishments when women will have sex w…[View]
96425692>imagine living with your parents until 50[View]
96426013>Anon banters Portugal >start sperging out about how white and first world you are compared to…[View]
96425770Tell me /int/, what do you hate the most? What are those small things that trigger you? Chirping bir…[View]
96425048Post the US State Department Travel Warnings page for your cunt. How accurate would you say it is?[View]
96423922Are you getting ready for the nuclear Holocaust[View]
96425238American police hand cuffed the 8 year old boy: https://www.mtv.fi/uutiset/ulkomaat/artikkeli/poliis…[View]
96425713>your country >how much does 50 hearthstone packs cost in your country Brazil 160 bucks…[View]
96423228>I '''''''suffer'''''' in first world why are they like this?[View]
96414923WE WUZ LORD MAYORS AND SHIET https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jun/22/magid-magid-sheffields…[View]
96425592why are some people bitching about so-called cultural appropriation?[View]
96424329florida hurricane: Why don't they bury their cables?[View]
96425422>The Bombing of Dresden is a Featured Article in German wikipedia[View]
96425365>sup whiteboi what do you do?[View]
96421851/Canada/: Let's start a Canada thread fellow Canucks . No Americans or Mexicans allowed. (Don…[View]
96425291>Reality slips far away[View]
96425003the difference between summer and winter in Korea: Damn,extreme Korean weather[View]
96424646wow hampton brandon beat up ice poseidon on the boulevard, i would feel bad for ice because hes ugly…[View]
96412981Why is France so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhmLM1UCc2M[View]
96419505/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/ ehemals /taberu/: UwU verboten! https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/153866629150…[View]
96424710How do you say >Thank you for voting, daddy! in your country? Btw, is it common among the few peo…[View]
96424958if you need any convincing to never step foot in the USA just go and read a few of the popular board…[View]
96422982/brit/: '/brit/ was so much more fun when I was the niggerspammer' edition[View]
96417196>why do these cowards run away from their countries instead of staying and fixing their problems?…[View]
96423021Japan welcome you Japan is paradise, no1 bother u, Jap are quiet and polite. dont u wish to live nea…[View]
96423981Why does /int/ get infested with redditors on the weekend?[View]
96424368Is your country also a mutt country?[View]
96383779/lang/ – Language Learning General: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning…[View]
96424789>I'm not a fascist, I support the ethnotheocratic state of israel LIBTARDS BTFO…[View]
96423437Are Australian women a good investment?: >be me >Britfag >open up interpals account to chat…[View]
96424686FACT: Speaking more than 1 language doesn't make you smart, it just means your country is too i…[View]
96408577/balk/ - Balkan Thread: No edition edition previous >>96395644[View]
96424650Liechtenstein: Tfw when you don't live in Liechtenstein :,( The population is healthy and wealt…[View]
96424697I fucking loved her and she broke my heart and left me /int/… Why would she do this to me?[View]
96420722White America: >White people will perish in America, you're doomed. >We'll get into …[View]
96424617is it past midnight in your cunt? post good creepypastas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVS4Agu5LTg…[View]
96418413Mongalian women are underrated https://www.caak.mn/view/8274372/[View]
96421422There is a meme that is destined to either destroy 4chan altogether or to radically change its discu…[View]
96424396right or left?[View]
96424486Almost heaven...[View]
96411744So...what do you drive (or ride) /int/ ?[View]
96422924What would happen if I walked around Istanbul wearing this?[View]
96424212wagged off my part time job without permission: their repetitive phonecalls give me anxiety[View]
96422911Stop playing tsundere, I know that each one and one of you faggots love Israel[View]
96421217Russian racial experts, please tell me which minorities these Russian nationals were.[View]
96400193Do you wish you were French?[View]
96422900Jim Jefferies: What do Aussies think of him? I personally think he's pretty obnoxious.[View]
96423680Turkey will not surrender.[View]
96421517Ethnic Slavic Russian relations with Siberians: What do Ethnic Slavic Russians from the Western part…[View]
96410954>Im still Italian even though I was born and raised in America[View]
96406702Why are british police so nice and friendly?[View]
96423489Can gays marry in your country?[View]
96422187whats this place like[View]
96418419Brain Drain: How much of an impact does brain drain have on countries like India or Africa? How much…[View]
96417563Opinion's on american inventor Nikola Tesla[View]
96419484/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: >Edição da boa menina Último fio (gay): >>96391086…[View]
96420887Is being a 19 year old kissless virgin with no friends normal in your cunt?[View]
96422724Good evening /int/, what are you listening to tonight? https://deciphersound.bandcamp.com/track/coda…[View]
96422431Would you save her, /int/?[View]
96420366Post a picture of the presidential/royal couple of your country.[View]
96422394So /int/ what has been your experience with tourists like in your country? What are the best/worst o…[View]
96423502Poland?????: Is Poland a real country?[View]
96418566Non-Anglos, do you understand Anglo mentality? For me they are as alien as Japanese and Arabs. Very …[View]
96420909Give me 1 (one) reason to like Israel[View]
96423198>be me >wants africans to succeed >but to succeed in Africa…[View]
96410805Who do you think is the most powerful person in the world?[View]
96411309I like israel do you like israel?[View]
964070951. your country 2. does young people do this ? https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1540058990247.webm https://i.…[View]
96423109>mfw there are first worlders on /int/ that think socialism, equality and progressive morals are …[View]
96422648Why are all mass shooters wh*Te or ch*Nks?[View]
96413119Is true Europeans don’t have dryers?[View]
96422353Why aren't you a country? Your chances of a highers standard of living are more than just sendi…[View]
96416384this confuses and enrages the american[View]
96419155I've finally realized lurking here there's nothing more american than a good burger, the m…[View]
96413982France >centre of European Art and Culture stretching back for centuries >champions of Freedo…[View]
96420532rate my breakfast /int/[View]
96421201Tranny Politician Map: What's wrong with UK and USA?[View]
96420129Do Anglos have souls?[View]
96419188cunt Is the female orgasm a myth?[View]
96414324>he doesn't live in an innovative country Lmao'ing @ your life…[View]
96414710what makes americans so massive?[View]
96420899I just found out my grandpa was from a tribe called 'Phu Tai'. I feel like I've discussed verse…[View]
964111421.Nationality 2. Do you have unibrow ? Tataro-Russian mutt Yes[View]
96421778How do you normally start making food in your country? Which ingredients do you usually start with?[View]
96419248just got a fashy haircut but i'm a radical centrist[View]
96417183>I don't drink and drive[View]
96421240Sup fags, I’m white and want to go to Seoul for hookers. Where are the hot hookers in Korea? Would I…[View]
96413595Why do american girls love the NORDIC BVLL?[View]
96419924Guess the nacionality[View]
96422008Which country have you madly fallen in love with? For me it's either Hungary or Slovenia (pbuh)[View]
964209261. Your cunt 2. Are you Based? 3. Are you redpilled?[View]
96421815Thickness: Post big booty busty babes from your home land?[View]
964180401. Your cunt 2. My roommate killed our wifi what should i play?[View]
96419724/Africa General/: African and dispora thread.[View]
96416170Could I get girls in your cunt? 6'3 195lbs[View]
96419667Wot appens ere?[View]
96420245>22 years old >Have no friends, no job, no girlfriend >Only sit on ass 24/7 and play video …[View]
96382991/dixie/ - Southern US + friends: Arkansawyer edition[View]
96419493Why my country so irrelevant[View]
96421513Any Indians here?[View]
96421506*BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH* That's all it takes for a TV license officer to break down your door and …[View]
96420172>Norway couldn't singlehandedly-destroy USA in a week TOP KEK AMERICAN PIG SHIT!!! Oh believ…[View]
96413823Why didn't negro create anything ? Are they really retarded ? If so what make them so stupid ?[View]
96421350Wtf is wrong with Indians? This was in the paper this morning >have an effigy burning festival …[View]
96420004>Why yes I do love sunny weather, rain and dark overcast makes me sad :(…[View]
96421099Thoughts on ex-Muslims?[View]
96407194/paki/ + /kashmiri/ + /afghan/ = /aryan/ general: Invited: Cuckshmiris, Pookistanis, Sissy Afghans S…[View]
96421224prove your white: i masturbate vigorously to furry hentai which makes me 100% aryan[View]
96417316god I wish I was black[View]
96382730/Hilo Latino/: Hilo nocturno aprobado por Emma nocturna.[View]
96421015literally me[View]
96421004*treats you like a criminal when returning from abroad* Heh, nothing personal kid[View]
96414528What if the Spanish conquistadors tried to take over africa instead of the Americas?[View]
96419591>innocent gears YEAH SHIFT EM!![View]
96419788>talking to a qt Colombian girl >music comes up >ask her what her favorite genre is >'D…[View]
96419065How do you pronounce Schadenfreude?[View]
96420105Would you eat this?[View]
96420588feel like proper shit just want her back x[View]
96418865>A lovely Saturday in Europe >*opens up /int/ >*Ahem* >WHY DO AMERICANS _______…[View]
96418844https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRP_oEiPtJs Armenia looks comfy.[View]
96415222Name a Brazilian that isn't a politician or an athlete[View]
96395186SHOW ME HOW WILD YOUR COUNTRY IS: Show me what you're doing RIGHT NOW. Fuck I'm so hammer…[View]
96419187i like winter[View]
96417023>centracas fuck off[View]
96420056Is the Finnish system actually good? >Can we trust the Engineers coming out of Finland? >Is …[View]
96417887>britbongs and australians call this a torch[View]
96413766Alhamdulillah, God gave me everything.[View]
96412388>China is a shitho- Woah[View]
96416386is this considered a good pasta brand in italy?[View]
96418359/brit/: based pajeet edition[View]
96414995does your country have a young or aging population?[View]
96413489Slavic women age like shi-[View]
96416769>follow me anon! wanna show you smthing![View]
96416753France and Sweden are best friends. Sweden is French[View]
96419528/deutsch/: komfortable nachtausgabe[View]
96414199Hello folks, I've been offered a job for €2,600 net and I was wondering if it this was consider…[View]
96409663do u care about skin color[View]
96419267>there are white men who prefer asian or latin women even though they could easily date the best …[View]
96418518The best country.[View]
96418859f o r e v e r[View]
96405942>Consensus seems to be that maximum human population planet earth can sustain in a healthy, envir…[View]
964178631. your folk 2. how close does this hit home?[View]
96418632Why Europeans do not have interests in space science?[View]
96402598why don't afghan refugees look like this? why do we only get the ugly chinks?[View]
96415102>The board dedicated to international discussion and celebration of diverse heritages will ruthle…[View]
96417084Why the heck is England so diverse? Do they think they are New World? They are trying so hard to be …[View]
96410106Why Anglo mainstream media and entertainment industry hate Spanish conquistadores? They are part of …[View]
96401271>tfw forgot all the greek I learnt in high school[View]
96413497Immigrants or ethnic minorities of /int/. Do you identify with your current country or your ancestra…[View]
96418660This is some latest Amer*can fashion. Say something nice about it.[View]
96404957/cum/: Extremely fruity edition No Germans allowed[View]
96418164are there any lasting repercussions to getting a new phone number, changing my email, and moving to …[View]
96385102Do you find Northern Europeans or Southern Europeans attractive?[View]
96364576Culture Pals /cp/: NEET edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here au…[View]
96416211You get Isekai'd into modern day England. What's the first thing you do?[View]
96404028Vladislav Roslyakov: Kerch shooter[View]
96413958I have trouble telling the difference between Polish flags and Indonesia flags. Can on of you please…[View]
96410510/mena/: lubnan lubnan ya lubnan, 'ali madad edition[View]
96417892>White people stole the Americas from the natives![View]
96417213Your cunts most embarrassing moments[View]
96417276>Aghori are a Hindu cannibalistic sect dedicated to worshiping avatar Bhairava. Members live in c…[View]
96408100Why do the other Balkans hate us so?[View]
96413424i want a qt south african gf[View]
96415481What's the tax rate in your country? I make $75k usd/year, and get taxed almost 25%, including …[View]
96415561ITT - memorial service for fallen /int/ menes[View]
96417360I want to be a Canadian boomer[View]
96415179Where are the based saudi anons? Let's talk about this great country[View]
96417763Touch me like you touch nobody Put your hands all up on me Tired of hearing sorry Kiss and make, kis…[View]
96415465kurva anyátok[View]
96409633/CHI/: Saturday edition[View]
96404402The UK will be fine after Brexit. Prove me wrong.[View]
96413100/deutsch/: klicky kelm ausgabe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Icpz0VQ6A[View]
96416861The worst is still to come[View]
96416193/ausnz/ - Hair of the Dog Edition: Is anyone up yet?[View]
96413480my ancestors :)[View]
96403663Ask anything from an army guy.[View]
96411729I WANT TO BE FRENCH[View]
96417037race mixing sexy time boy poosy: 1. what race combo has the best looking offspring 2. what race com…[View]
96414392A good dog knows it's place https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/412354-trump-calls-saud…[View]
96414801/brit/: this ones for schizy[View]
96416246what are your pronouns, /int/? me: she/her[View]
96402081>wake up >still live in Turkey[View]
96414440Redpill me about Vienna.[View]
96386499/Norgetråden/: Mormor er atti idag utgave Forigge: >>96366779 >>96366779 >>9636677…[View]
96410043>his country doesn't play baseball If your cunt is not on this map, it is neither white nor …[View]
96413841What's going on here?[View]
96394263map thread: release your autism here[View]
96397361/ex-yu/: eksju tred rijaliti shou program[View]
96402968Favourite beer from your country?: My favourite is Baltika No. 3[View]
96394210International community, My country is facing a crisis. A hoard of invaders are trying to force thei…[View]
96416526started from the bottom[View]
96411481/fr/ - le francofil du soir: Édition nationale-socialiste, ça fait longtemps. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
96414682What's the point of learning another language when everyone is trying to learn English? In most…[View]
96416375This is how french schools looks like? https://www.clarin.com/sociedad/video-saco-arma-plena-clase-a…[View]
96415875Most men around the world wore Sarong/Skirts before Wh*toids enforced the wearing of pants. Fuck Wh*…[View]
96416217>be south african >get raped[View]
96416051So I've been listening to a pretty nice Circassian song all night and wanted to share with you …[View]
96391086/luso/: Edição mito tique toque, comuninhas[View]
96410655So this is France huh?[View]
96415749How do fighting games portray your country?[View]
96414808>i use the npc meme to mock people and phrases i dont like[View]
96404767Sverigetråden - meditationsupplagan: Inga bögbrev tillåtna, bara inre frid[View]
96410078What are some countries that spawn more than 1 continent? >Turkey has a tiny piece of land in Eur…[View]
96382853kurva anyátok[View]
96411173average polish man[View]
96414900>innocent grass YEAH CUT EM!![View]
96414109>There are at least 10x more Lao speakers in Thailand than Laos >The majority of Thai people a…[View]
9640987960s was the only time when British girls looked sexually attractive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
96414036This is the lowest denomination banknote in Mexico. 20 pesos. It equals to about 1 USD. (current tra…[View]
96414088>White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent UNITED STATES: 60.7% https://www.census.gov/quickfa…[View]
96414737Honest thoughts on POCCNR??[View]
96414412>disco ladies[View]
96414637>the gf successfully managed to make a clone of me that's 4 inches taller and now she's…[View]
96412637Another fucking day as a 169.5-170cm short 'male' manlet. I wish I had the willpower to deliberately…[View]
96403268>post an image that sums the current state of your country[View]
96409697This will be the first 10 countries in life expectancy in 2040. Meds, jews, chinks and mountain nigg…[View]
96410940everyone bashes the soviet union for being a surveillance state but the us is way more intrusive tha…[View]
96407558Argentina, no![View]
96412107If whites love their mums then why do they send their mums to nursing homes to die alone?[View]
96387532/NEDERDRAAD/: Anon denkt dat iedereen dezelfde persoon is editie Welkom: iedereen die dezelfde perso…[View]
96412141Which is the best (non england) country to get a qt anglo gf?[View]
96409795>try to gain kinship towards american relative so you could get the the fuck out from finland …[View]
96412709/საკარტველო/: დრო არის[View]
96403705>Paraguay was 70% indigenous in the 1760s >Waves of immigrants came from Europe >Now it…[View]
96413668How are people distributed in your cunt? Here is Finland, each color represents 25 percent of the po…[View]
96409993Why are Danes so Alpha? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NObz4_DniAQ[View]
96413691If they'd been fictional characters, who's the most interesting, who's the most borin…[View]
96400134What is you're opinion on Southern Americans?[View]
96413245pheno: huh[View]
96403998What are some small countries that have been memed into greater international influence and relevanc…[View]
96413538Historical pictures: Last one made was neat[View]
96413294My ancestor :)[View]
96402504Protips about your country: There are no redheads in Finland because we used to kill all redheads. T…[View]
96412978no cheating what city is more north vancouver CANADA or paris FRANCE[View]
96411831In Georgia, one of our candidates for governor is the person in charge of overseeing the election. T…[View]
96412818I hate Nirvana but this one is impressive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eojugM1GENU[View]
96401907/ita/ - il filo: edizione CAZZI in culo[View]
96389258/éire/: Eagrán éadóchas[View]
96412634Hello folks, I've been offered a job for €2,600 net and I was wondering if it this was consider…[View]
96411043/brit/: brit edition[View]
96412605could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
96406275Is it common to use Ubuntu in your country? https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/statistics[View]
96397725Pls visit Yakutia: 1. Our territory is fucking large 2. We have the coldest place in Earth - Oymakon…[View]
96408569Honduras can't be that bad, right?[View]
96412263>>96267000 you are the Rare Regional of the Week! congrats lad :^)[View]
96411189Would he pass as local in your cunt?[View]
96412207>i will live to see america collapse, their influence wiped out and their capitals turned to ash …[View]
96411770Finnish ski-jumper gets a new manager: https://www.iltalehti.fi/talviurheilu/7e878df4-21c5-47d7-a624…[View]
96410516Why do Koreans study the Talmud?[View]
96411973Do homeless people shit in your fountains? Canada Yes[View]
96400412Iranian girls take of their hijab and give the Islamic police the finger.[View]
96412086>tfw you fall in love with your language exchange partner[View]
96407186/deutsch/: Völkische Pidser-Ausgabe[View]
96409527Asado Argentino: seems scrumptious and mouthwatering[View]
96411803Édition de l'araignée du soir qui porte espoir[View]
96401963How did Sweden succeed to fool rest of the world that they are a blond nation? Was it Pamela Anderso…[View]
96403804How come the English language has so many racial slurs? how does it feel to insult/be insulted by on…[View]
96404019/polska/: edycja postępu[View]
96402672>Really want to bang this black queen in my area >look up statistics about herpes because Im a…[View]
96405708/fr/ - le fil français: [Édition de l'heure du repas] . . . ....Bon appétit[View]
96407329>China builds Ferris wheel on bridge >China builds waterfall on skyscraper >China builds.…[View]
96403975>Hello I'm from Au-[View]
96409117Just a reminder that for the first time in history Finland has a good football team and has gone 4 g…[View]
96410593A festive time for tricks and treats?[View]
96401076your vagene thoughts on the FRVNKISH master race?[View]
96402745Yesterday I drank with two Churkas ( Azeri) people. They wanted to arm wrestle. One was pretty good …[View]
96402388Always been a fan of askhenazi cusine, even my grandmother knew how to make tsimmes or cholent. But …[View]
96408103Is the Dominican Republic a black country?[View]
96409202https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWDIY4HewoI Its this true?[View]
96408319>E pluribus unum >We the people What do people in other countries think of these mottoes? What…[View]
96407350/brit/: awh hell naw...[View]
96402301Why Italian Brazilians look like this meanwhile Italian Americans look like Ariana Grande?[View]
96408432what country has the lowest age of consent that isn't muslim.[View]
96410953Are you boomer enough to remember CS 1.5? Did you play on other cunts servers?[View]
96404362This is a Finnish Man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swv3WVBCo8Q[View]
96403616/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Шo?[View]
96409288Post boat music https://youtu.be/Adw772km7PQ[View]
96403612Pakistan has a significant Transgender population. Ours gays become Traps[View]
96404746Sverigetråden - Kommunistupplagan[View]
96400768is this what poles really look like?[View]
96408850/mämmi/: /mämmi/ Rakastakaamme Lainia -painos[View]
96408849Your country? Have you seen someone dab. Sadly, yes.[View]
96408841/mämmi/: juuse saros -painos[View]
96406671Ugh, what could have been...[View]
96400698>this is considered white in America[View]
96398874They fought for Europe[View]
96404104why do they want to be a monarchy[View]
96405225I'm going to pic related for the weekend (my gf's family is from there). Any Central Ameri…[View]
96405835Faces of /int/.[View]
96408003Moving to Hong Kong for a graduate job: What am I in for lads?[View]
96405938>October 20th >It's already snowing[View]
96404180>tfw I will never live in 50-70s USA[View]
96406454I exist how does that make you feel /int/[View]
96407522>Yo soy[View]
96395644/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Best ally edition previous >>96384456[View]
96405934How would he be treated in your country?[View]
96407306this is the pinnacle of French architecture, say something nice to him[View]
96399251Brazil anons is this any good ?[View]
96406605Are you an out of touch elite?[View]
96404234Why are Japs so based?: In the West, porn emphasizes the overall kinkyness of the situation, and fem…[View]
96407359Oh lord...[View]
96406482Why do the Chinese love race mixing so much?[View]
96407310Honest thoughts on POCCNR??[View]
96405348why dont argies post about macri anmore?[View]
96407300Why are they so alpha?[View]
96407202ITT: we pretend we are employed by Russia. You want to know what really happened in Salisbury? Here …[View]
96406413https://steamcommunity.com/id/kikedestroyer2006 AHAHAHAHAHA LOL[View]
96405530post the seal of your local city/town[View]
96404956This is how I imagine ancient slavs looked like[View]
96397061Kerch school shooting: Vlad Roslyakov, 18. 21 deaths, 50+ injured now. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/n…[View]
96406403Dutch faggoid here, I've been talking to my parents about studying abroad in America. Just for …[View]
96382777/mena/: why are arab girls so beatiful ?[View]
96406713https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faI8kacPGbQ Why are white americans always acting like that ?[View]
96402649/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: pote den epaithenei to hellion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62Gq0ubu…[View]
96402723>country >do you like museums? As a kid I used to go to the Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Scien…[View]
96406644Goddamn I hate Canadians so fucking much. Such fucking insufferable cunts who think they've got…[View]
96406631>It's difficult to admit that male, white privilege is real when you've amounted to not…[View]
96388147/mämmi/: kari lehtonen ja antti niemi -painos[View]
96406144Ugh, what it could have been..[View]
96405358This map looks like complete bullshit to me. What do you retards think?[View]
96403046/deutsch/: Gefuckte Ausgabe[View]
96405443TERRA INVICTVS: reminder that this land of the free is unconquerable, univadable, and unoccupiable.…[View]
96406319Why is North Carolina so much better than South Carolina?[View]
96406279astronomical observation: i wanna do it[View]
96401947While you have been fapping here the EU made a free trade agreement with the most developed country …[View]
96406130Okay, what did they mean by this?[View]
96406201gib me greentexts and stories about getting hit in the balls plz[View]
96404030/brit/: saturday night slags edition[View]
96405819>As an american my opinion is BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH[View]
96405943OH SAY CAN U SEEEEE[View]
964025971. Your country 2. Enlightenment or Romanticism?[View]
96404802Is he /our guy/?: Jose Gaspar Rodriguez De Francia (who was a 1/4 Black mutt himself) made it illega…[View]
96405779dog: don't you find it amazingly wonderful to live with a dog since early in your childhood? yo…[View]
96401883Ugh What could've been ![View]
96399948How do we fix this world?[View]
96403332itt thread the country you live in the country you want to live in me >meme flag >Belgium, Hun…[View]
96404544To people that have lived 90% of their lives in post Soviet states: What do you want changed in Russ…[View]
96404422>it's happening >you cannot stop it, it hasn't even begun >it's too late …[View]
96401054Do you wish you were Vietnamese ?[View]
96404809Identify EVERY country: Sup /int/. Can you identify EVERY country in the world? https://www.sporcle.…[View]
96404470>your country >your face shape Me, diamond…[View]
96404644I'm watching anime right now :3[View]
96404174Are spaniards even white?[View]
96404540>x people is doing better because they are inherently superior[View]
96403081currently do you think that Central Asians would join with Russia to form a quasi soviet union gover…[View]
96382138/cum/: ... edition[View]
96403405Russian anons, can you tell a Churka apart by their accent or do they mostly sound russian?[View]
96403834Viets are my favorite asians.[View]
96397358/polska/: edycja skepty[View]
96403862Blini: It's the time for blini.[View]
96401995one more year ;)[View]
96395465/fr/ - le fil francophone: Mort aux cons, vaste programme[View]
96403453Putous series continue on Finnish tv: https://www.mtv.fi/viihde/televisio/artikkeli/putous-lahti-raj…[View]
96403169>Brazilian women... when they are in your presence and stand before you, and they are almost like…[View]
96403461>That American school shooter virgin? I remember that faggot. I once pulled down his pants in fro…[View]
96395978>cou're yunt >what are you drinking this afternoon…[View]
96401649this is why we have the lowest fertility rate, why would you even bother with w*men when you have th…[View]
96402146Is it the right time to invest in Syrian real estate? Anybody got experience with that?[View]
96403077Stop drinking soda.[View]
96401516The outlined states should have their statehood removed to become the territory of Dumbfuckistan.[View]
96402979Who here is familiar with the subreddit r/cringeanarchy? CA is pretty based. Anyone else post there…[View]
96402833How the fuck did this happen? I was born in the Soviet Union by the way[View]
96401914cocaine online when[View]
96400015is the french spoken in africa different from mainland french?[View]
96401871Honest thoughts on POCCNR??[View]
963992141. Your country 2. Do you stand with the Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un and our DPRK Comrades in stri…[View]
96400566>falling for the east asian qts >ben to china and vietnam >they are all fucking ugly…[View]
96402134Me on the left[View]
96392667>he thinks suffering exists in f*rst world Lmao[View]
96400738Kenya now has Street View[View]
96393123/med/: olive oil edition[View]
96392695Would you start a new life in Prince Edward Island ?[View]
96402348a japanese girl i have been kissing lately wants me to meet her parents in kyoto at christmas time. …[View]
96402202Is it true that Americans break the legs of children for good luck?[View]
96400964The most based African country[View]
96398703I am Korean girl and I was surprised about foreign boys: In Korea, my ex-boyfriend or many boys comp…[View]
96401448Norway? More like no way[View]
96401514price of having white skin[View]
96394476>green eyes what did my parents mean by this i want to be a pure nord[View]
96397084Sverigetråden - Snälla upplagan: För fina anons![View]
96397137Rate my based and redpilled OC[View]
96399991/brit/: he was right edition[View]
96401533I want to thank wholeheartly usa for taking all latinos: Thanks god you exist[View]
96400397If /int/ was a house, what would each country be doing?[View]
96398699do you love london?[View]
96397397This girl is my waifu. Does there exists white girl like her?[View]
96401858If he saw what became of Protestantism... do you think he would do anything differently?[View]
96401924Any anons/Japanons from Matsumoto city in Nagano or been there? im planning on studying a semester …[View]
96401554eastern sweden struck by magnitude 3.0 earthquake: https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/gavleborg/larm-…[View]
96401851FUCK MALTA They charged me 50€ for 5 mb of 4G data just by passing in boat. fuck them[View]
96401846>yurofaggots hate the south because of yankee media which they consume copious amounts of and fat…[View]
96401671Rate this Brazilian Claire Redfield: https://www.instagram.com/lari.anjos/[View]
96401458>I'd rather fuck fair skinned women over coloured ones![View]
96367232/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: peдaкция дopoги дaльнeй[View]
96398878Fuck Danes[View]
96399305>ywn make beautiful hapa babies woth your Japanese waifu FUCK BEING A SLAVNIGGER…[View]
963979011 what language are you learning now? 2. why? 3. whatcha gonna do with it?[View]
96399557I wish I could have saved her. Right before their bludgeoned her to death, when she was basically al…[View]
96401522>Your cunt >The most normal eye color in your cunt >Is this statement true? Are you attract…[View]
96401461Why do Americans use the phrase 'kill 'em, kid!' as a form of motivation?[View]
96396832Why Minnesota looks so comfy?[View]
96399209Man was about to commit an suicides - horse stopped him: https://www.mtv.fi/uutiset/ulkomaat/artikke…[View]
96397202/deutsch/: Ausgabe für reelle menschliche Bohnen[View]
96399507Why are Japs such cowards? They don't insult jake or tell him to go home they welcome him and h…[View]
96400295Should America be reduced to its original borders?[View]
96397457Where in the USA can I move to and survive speaking Spanish only?[View]
96391721ITT: say something nice about Moldova[View]
96399524All this is rightful American clay[View]
96391813Say something about the Russian patriot: This is Igor, 19 years old. He changed his residence and pa…[View]
96398328how is shrek seen in your country?[View]
96397609>Be France >successfully integrate Africans and Asians (to a certain extent) by granting them …[View]
96400387Black hair black eyes black everything böga out[View]
96398317Britain is obviously more influence rather than America. Although food is scum though.[View]
96399513AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL[View]
96383598which general is the best/worst?[View]
96397000Parents got me a high quality emerald gold ring to improve my career. I feel like green lantern[View]
96398861Americans are this cute?![View]
96400832>COMANCHERO... COMANCHERO COMANCHEROO... COMANCHEROOO OO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_pLleIU…[View]
96397385if i was born in japan am i japanese? my parents are fr*nch[View]
96398833The good ol' days ...[View]
96380815What are typical dinners in your country? Here is mine[View]
96389244OMG, London looks like THAT?[View]
96400515I'm BLACK[View]
96397477Do you think wh*tes ever realize how cringe they are[View]
96393146/balt/: you in the pic edition[View]
96392428Why do non white women pump out so many kids?[View]
96392815Why are white people so evil?[View]
96400320Shinzo Abe's Japan. thoughts? (somebody stop him)[View]
96398276It won't be that bad right? Nothing violent/disruptive ever happens here on a large scale[View]
96378675>you will NEVER shootup heroin in a medium size boring Russian city with your drug addict depress…[View]
96395592damn, Lithuanians look so much different than Poles, it's unbelievable that we are related...[View]
96400109Why are MENA cunts so fat?[View]
96398279>*Saves Russia from becoming an English colony* >'Nothing personal His Majesty'…[View]
96399841Only Great Powers Can Post ITT: The absolute fucking 'STATE' of powerlets.[View]
96393859Local dude invest own $900 on lawn repair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G--ktBA_jpg Now it is a lo…[View]
96396553Fuck SHITALIANS and fuck SHITALY[View]
96382688Are there still street kids in Russia in 2018? https://youtu.be/K5T_O-L5Mis[View]
96397578>ajajajajajajajajaj Cringe and Bluepilled >axaxaxaxaxaxax Based and Redpilled…[View]
963922241. Your cunt 2.How do you say 'Chink' in your language ? >Vietnam >Tàu khựa…[View]
96397735American English: I have troubles understanding American English. Can someone help me figure out wha…[View]
96399702Umbrella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSlGAgggDkQ You had my heart,,,[View]
96392832Kazakhstan /kz/ general: Қoш кeлдiңiз ! Welcome to /kz/ ! This is where we discuss the culture and p…[View]
96391668Are they culturally closer to America and Canada than to the other Central American countries?[View]
96398786mark of the 3rd world: what is this thing? Why do 3rd worlders mark themselves like this? The only p…[View]
96389794Black male Asian Female[View]
96374267/asean/: edisi ilmu hitam[View]
96399013>girlfriend raped me while I was greened out again[View]
96399486This confuses and enrages the human being[View]
96398467Japan: >why[View]
96399403europe europe watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when we come for you?[View]
96397123What would be your reaction if the UK turned into Europe's Cuba in the next 10 years?[View]
96394550Why can't we just nuke this country and its inhabitants?[View]
96399322Pakistan has a significant Transgender population[View]
96397954>my father's side is White Anglo stemming 3 centuries in Virginia >my mother's side…[View]
96392605/ita/ il filo: edizione eternamente umarosa[View]
96393653I hate dogs, they always try to bite me. Next time i will stab them and drink their blood[View]
96399119/pinoy/: kumusta anons?[View]
96397580/brit/: See no evil edition[View]
96392710ITT we talk shit about America[View]
96398678Beady eyes, NORWEGIAN lies Muffled Swedish women's cries Swedish children, big and small Vidkun…[View]
96390903BRITISH ARE FUCKED: How does one continue living in a shithole of this epic proportions? How does on…[View]
96396604>This girl approaches you >'Xin chào anon , would you mind giving me a tour around the city ?'…[View]
96364936Why are mixed-race people perceived as more attractive?: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2030185…[View]
96395938Soul food is so underrated! I wish there were more African American restaurants in Europe My biggest…[View]
96391109Do you prefer foreign women to women from your own country?[View]
96392065Hello folks, I've been offered a job for €2,600 net and I was wondering if it this was consider…[View]
96397946time for the daily /int/ cleanup.[View]
96398513How do you distinguish a Jew of mixed ancestry from a Med?[View]
96386250Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
96398220I have an obsession with black women I am not attracted to non black women anymore Black women are j…[View]
96387593>the EU is on the verge of collapse >the UK finally leaves >shitshow ensues >now nobo…[View]
96395154Do happa women have it easier then happa men ?[View]
96398164>your country >do you have pläp?[View]
96386184What's the biggest wildlife in your cunt? Here there are antelopes but they're rare. There…[View]
96398545/cum/: Spooky season edition. Edición temporada espeluznante. Édition saison spooky.[View]
96386455FRANCE FLEXING FORCE PROJECTION IN ASIA: >France said on Friday (Oct 19) it would send its aircra…[View]
96385208I love you bonbi - fuck Russians[View]
96397816what does he do all day? also did you know he spends $500 million/year of japan tax money. compared …[View]
96380544Why do Muslim countries not have freedom of religion?: You don't deserve to bully other religio…[View]
96398233Why does everyone want to be Nordic?[View]
96398397Do you have dreams, /int/? I go to bed praying to wake up as an argie but that never happens.[View]
96398277I found out why I hate jpop/kpop. it's because the english fans are beta males and the asian fa…[View]
96390867Does your country have this kind of candies: So called 'garbage bin bag' has weird named candies whi…[View]
96397549I hate White Anglo 'girls'. High test pretentious basic hoes that literally have no purpose. I hate …[View]
96398092Hяшных дeвoчeк тpeд.[View]
96398059Would you an aussie gf?[View]
96397596What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard?[View]
96397484What's the national equivalent of this?[View]
96391657Shall I become a USA citizen and make my son run a presidency campaign?[View]
96397922Explain a joke to a foreigner: Guten Tag, goyim. Can someone explain the 'good joke' that is said in…[View]
96397007/int/ dance party: Post catchy music from around the world UK https://youtu.be/dTQMd2I3drE[View]
96397863Finnish police runs after a criminal and catches him: https://www.karjalainen.fi/uutiset/uutis-aluee…[View]
96396695My Ancestors :)[View]
96394551Military recruitment videos: USA https://youtu.be/4_YJmyECNEI China https://youtu.be/l_qr-4AKM18 Not…[View]
96396158>In Istanbul there is a old Turkish woman >how she wished her son would grow to be a Doctor o…[View]
963968781: your cunt 2: what's the greatest architectural style of all time?[View]
96396818Another fucking day as a 169.5-170cm short 'male' manlet. I wish I had the willpower to deliberately…[View]
96397072God I wish that were me[View]
96397351https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EDXgUducfo your thoughts on the corsican hymn. I really like it.…[View]
96397701Ballots are here, lads. What do you think? Should I Make Oregon Great Again?[View]
96397681>colleague invited me over to have dinner when i visited his hometown >'Here anon, try th…[View]
96394638When will Swedes admit that their ancestors were dominated by high testosterone FINNISH BVLLS like R…[View]
96397207mfw when I get bantered[View]
96390600Laysa Fortuna, a trans woman was killed yesterday in the state of Sergipe by Bolsonaro supporters. …[View]
96395758>Why the fuck do you know what the flag of the Faeroe Islands looks like, anon?…[View]
96396850Does your country have some type of stuffed bun dish?[View]
96396450What is the gayest country, /int/?: and what is so gay about that country?[View]
96395800Having listened to both Japanese and Chinese, I can't help but think Japanese sound more beauti…[View]
96388746/polska/: edycja boji[View]
96389024Turkish nationalist pages have started to use Kara Boğa to push their nationalist agenda in 10 years…[View]
96388395How come you all have vanilla political beliefs? Are you retarded?[View]
96392975Why are Western women like this?[View]
96396584*dabs on the white race*[View]
96389573Poles in UK attack Muslim groomers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DKLcq8-7fY Why are Poles so BAS…[View]
96395992Most attractive women for each continent: This is how I rank the best women from each continent Nor…[View]
96395054/brit/ - The Pig In Wellies Edition[View]
963920621. Your country 2. Do you respect Poland? Finland Yes[View]
96395901Teen held over stabbing of grandparents says he planned to kill family before schoolmate: WAKO, Sait…[View]
96395960Why yes, I am a CAUCASIAN BVLL. How'd you notice?[View]
96395318Why do the Chinese hate us ? Is it because they're jealous of our success ?[View]
96394702The white race exis-[View]
96396188Ducks: Do you feed tame ducks in you're country?[View]
96395920>i'm Canadian and my opinion is[View]
96384501Post the best historical pic you've got[View]
96383460>most overrated country >most underrated country…[View]
96393034/deutsch/: Kerndeutsche Ausgabe[View]
96395935I cant stop talking in hood english people think there's something wrong with me[View]
96390367Your country How many different countries coins do you have? Can you identify the one in the top her…[View]
96386579why does everyone hate CHIs? We aren't that bad...[View]
96392279thanks, norway[View]
96393237why are americans like this?[View]
96392943>weed must be legalized[View]
96390799What ethnicity is this?[View]
96391899Does ur cunt appreciate a fat ass? Australia. No. We're a bunch of limp dick faggots.[View]
96395291I can see Albania from my window, am I still white?[View]
96397489Are there any actual Pakistanis on /int/?: Not proxyfags or LARPers. What are your thoughts on these…[View]
963955761. Your cunt 2. Is there any country that you never respond to? flag never give (You)s to dogshitnad…[View]
96389783How did they even manage to convince people to go to such shitty wars like WW1?[View]
96395022Dutch females produce the best halfbreeds[View]
96392309So what's your IQ?[View]
96394383Our friends from Leaf land arrived to Norway yesterday[View]
96395361*becomes superpower*[View]
96391713I'm a wagie faggot and holy shit I appreciate the weekends so much more now holy fucking shit f…[View]
96394853How does the giblartar look like? Can I get per boat to africa there?[View]
96385520What is your opinion on Greenland? I hate this depressing shithole with burining passion.[View]
96390410tfw brazilian gf[View]
96394763Hello folks, I've been offered a job for €2,600 net and I was wondering if it this was consider…[View]
96384456/balk/: Veliko Tarnovo edition. Is this general dead ? How come there was no thread? P.S. I keep se…[View]
96390453The weather is nice in England, do you like England?[View]
96391355Thank you Finland :3: I don't know what this is but I'm gonna eat it now.[View]
96392919Why are some first world states rich even though they don't produce anything worthy? Take some…[View]
96389584Gunshots are third leading killer of children in America: Do Americans live in a literal a war-zone?…[View]
96381669What is food like in your country?[View]
96394585does your country have good urban planning? Poland no[View]
96394037rock is anglo's sole contribution to the world? https://youtu.be/VR90gQ-SIaY[View]
96393492what do you call a wagecuck without a wage?[View]
96390259what happened here?[View]
96379799/fr/ - le Francofil: Edition nocturne et romane[View]
96393268>earasians are now the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States can chinks still resist …[View]
96391023This guy would be the king of Brazil if we restored the monarchy today. Now you know.[View]
96380019Only 73 days until we are allowed to have guns[View]
96393854>tfw referring to myself as ‘we’ in my inner monologues[View]
96391379Why don't finns just shut the fuck up?[View]
96391800Who do you have more in common with: 1. A randomly selected mane from your country 2. A randomly sel…[View]
96396031Since NPCs are basically automatons, what are some ways to hackthem? Let's say, I want to inse…[View]
96393749Ok, where can I sue American hosting services for this racism?[View]
96393847>AFP just cancelled my PPL for flying at night >Told I will have a day in court too FUCK AUSTR…[View]
96389949Does anyone find derelict buildings/structures strangely beautiful? I grew up in Detroit so I might …[View]
96393763Your Cunt. Is it a crotch stuffer country? Canada and Russia are you not deeply ashamed of yourselve…[View]
96393024I'm planning to move to Russia to a remote location somewhere in Siberia where I will be comple…[View]
96393491https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHjnGR8iAi8 is it weird to get kinda nostalgic over songs i have lit…[View]
96370513/ex-yu/: petak naveče izdanje[View]
96391442choose one[View]
96392190/japan/: cool beauty edition[View]
96389443What is the most trolley country?[View]
96392162Why do you retards care so much about if your ethinicity is being considered 'white' or not by some …[View]
96392977>get high paying STEM degree >can live well working only 3 days a week This is the best way to…[View]
96391408/brit/: Outdoorsmanship edition[View]
96392909>worst Korea and Taiwan are the only two genuine democracies in East Asia (China is China and Jap…[View]
96392902Why cant Chinese compete with Greek chads?[View]
96387010Do you love italy?[View]
96392198Is this the greatest album ever made?[View]
96392118What do albanians think of the Arbëreshë people of italy? Do you understand their language? https://…[View]
96392121This guy would be the king of Hungary if we restored the monarchy today. Now you know.[View]
96390350fuck, marry, kill[View]
96392202American Police: >“If anybody wants to fight or run, I’m a little trigger-happy, guys,” he told t…[View]
96385392Crime wasn't always this bad in our country[View]
96389985/deutsch/: Duhmerausgabe[View]
96369238/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Senegalese del filo[View]
96389839Why are g*rman subhumans jealous of Japanese cars which are taking the West European car market and …[View]
96386510/ausnz/: Communism is pretty cool edition.[View]
96389178Bosnia is a shitho-[View]
96383840Why did groyper die as a meme while other pepe derivatives like apu remained popular?[View]
96386996I'm going out with a girl today i like her very much we will be together marry raise a family a…[View]
96389685Hello folks, I've been offered a job for €2,600 net and I was wondering if it this was consider…[View]
96385287True Finns as Germans: True Finns politician women are now larping as Germans it seems[View]
96391571Post your cunt's gag dub of Lord of the Rings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOZ7wNSWTeg[View]
96390234i have literally failed at everything in life no friends, no accomplishments, mediocre in academics,…[View]
96391172I dislike Egyptian people[View]
96390405This is all you need to know about Russia.[View]
96390843STOP COMING HERE YOU FUCKING RETARDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=98&v=fLJ3p8yHd…[View]
96390697>only 85% of people living in Vietnam speaks Vietnamese as their native tongue Wtf , how did we …[View]
96390607how often do you eat at fastfood, /int/? is it normal to eat there often in your country? >italy …[View]
963878023rd world stuff: >In 2000. police caught 3 Pakistani men who were trying to sell alleged mummy of…[View]
96373406Paraguay: >White country that speaks a Native American language What the actual fuck…[View]
96390233Why does Finnish food look like nigger dicks?[View]
96391296EU emerges to be global trade power. Singapore is the most developed country in Asia. Good job guys.[View]
96383120in this thread I will be talking about the violent and mysterious foreigners residing outside of Chi…[View]
96390987>be American >participate in Halloween tradition >go to prison land of the free...…[View]
96387245What would jews gain if they destroy the white race?[View]
96388448Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days[View]
96386280Jap take pride in their beer. ASAHI. This is most glorious Japanese of beers. It is a crisp, refres…[View]
96385617does your country recognise kosovo? >yes[View]
96385198France has no industry![View]
96387175average korean poster[View]
96390714How safe is London for foreign visitors?[View]
96390207German is a powerful, masculine language French is a sissy language for girls[View]
96390579>my relatives, friends and cat are going to die one day[View]
96384703Unironically based[View]
96389185Italians being pranked by pizza delivery.: You can't make this shit up. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
96381997How fucked is your country if the ice caps completely melt?[View]
96390508American Chinese women belong to BLACK BVLLS[View]
96388562/brit/: jap chad edition[View]
96390416>A fist fight in Saudi embassy Must have been kino[View]
96389347>Our Jewish ray government just lost its one seat majority Is our country just a joke at this po…[View]
96384757Mexicans explain this NOW![View]
96386270Which languages have almost equal ratio of loanwords and native words?[View]
96387560>post yfw you learned that Brazil is whiter than the USA[View]
96387123>masturbate in library >get arrested OH SAY CAN YOU SEE... http://northofboston.wickedlocal.c…[View]
96370817https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=932meyERyFQ Why is Japan still allowed to exist?[View]
96384394Reminder: Chinese women belong to Vietic bvlls . Ho Chi Minh himself had a harem of Chinese/proto-C…[View]
96388764What do young Russians think about the Putin's regime? Is there any hope for a change? Also, i…[View]
96387211>I trust other people[View]
96379259>On average, there are 123 suicides per day. >White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 20…[View]
96389907https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5171eGo13hs Why are current day Americans so obscenely ugly?[View]
96388826IM BALDING[View]
96389735Traditional Central Asian Food: Post traditional Central Asian dishes[View]
96389512I relapsed and fapped and kpop dance videos.[View]
96389683>Thank God humanity is wise enough not to start a nuke Armageddon[View]
96384887Honest thoughts on POCCNR??[View]
96386466/afg/: Afghan general not welcome: dogs and whites[View]
96386517any italiaboos here?: i like that country famlam[View]
96388288why do republicans look like this[View]
96387114i love the american accent[View]
96387794Watching Japanese and South Korean flags constantly go at each other is hilarious and adorable, espe…[View]
96389204Just imagine the Turkish soldiers who fought and died in Gallipoli defending their nation facing tre…[View]
96383935Quebec and Alberta will leave Canada within the next 5 years. To survive against the leafs and burge…[View]
96387534but... he can't possibly be doing it for free? ....can he?[View]
963883461. Your cunt 2. What's your master plan? Flag Today, I'll begin my crusade, a crusade to h…[View]
96383507Besides your own, what is your favorite country and why?[View]
96388834Italian-norwegian combo is best combo[View]
96387605Hey you Vote for me you fucking whitey Thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you t…[View]
96368162/polska/: edycja luźnych lezb[View]
96386941LANKLETS BTFO[View]
96386292Hey Spaniard anons. Have you ever used this delivery postal service before? Is it a good company. I …[View]
96388034is there a word for this timeline?[View]
96384027How does this even happen?: Just get off the tracks.[View]
96386282>2018 >still live in 2018 why can't npcs just let it go already?…[View]
96383470/deutsch/: schiisst mi huere aa go schaffe geh - Uusgäbli[View]
96375848Sverigetråden: Patetiska-upplagan[View]
96388052Is he a king of incel??[View]
96384942What your country excels at?[View]
96387093>mfw I'm still alive with 2 billion versions[View]
96384314Didn´t know that life expectancy in America was so shitty. In fact, basically in the entire continen…[View]
96381149I thought Australia was largely free of Islam-related attacks: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/201…[View]
96386753When my friends make fun of China I make sure to spit in their noodles[View]
96370081/mämmipizza/: Eternal Fenno-Italian Brothership Thread early night-painos, /insomnia/ soon welcome: …[View]
96383723How can we make sure that Brexit fucks the bongs as hard as possible?[View]
96365173/mämmi/: Ryynimakkara -painos[View]
96386411is it true that if Euros can't learn English their entire family is sent to france and hanged?[View]
96386512Is your country a corrupt, unequal, third world shithole?: 1. Spain 2. Sí[View]
96384851Honest question here. Should we split /int/ into /int/ and /intg/? Over 90% of this board is filled …[View]
96292640/flag/ - /extraflags/: WE WUZ edition Previous Edition: >>96222073 Welcome to /extraflags/, a …[View]
96385524/brit/: /FUCK the janny/ edition[View]
96386367Emily's bikinis barely cover her up: https://www.voice.fi/paljasta-pintaa/a-169010 Emily Ratajk…[View]
96376229Honduran Zerg Rush 2: The immigrant caravan that parted from Honduras last Saturday have break throu…[View]
96383293>Du, du hast, mich, du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt My German teacher in high sch…[View]
96386352labia minor what are some beings?[View]
96383613do gays in your cunt like white guys?[View]
96381820/int/ellectuals, can you solve this problem my brothers?[View]
96386462>you'll never be ancientfag: Wish I knew 4chan when it was still a secretclub back in 2003/2…[View]
96386047It's yet another thread where Southern Cone spics create the fantasy that they're First Wo…[View]
96386793Nuke israel Firebomb Germany Gas France Launch Denmark into space[View]
96387073>Still haven't found a roastie dumb enough to date me[View]
96387027Based Great Britain[View]
96385136We do not all pronounce ti/di te/de(at the end of words) as chee and djee. We from the northeast and…[View]
96383646True love in Finland: https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000005869429.html Hanna, then 33, met her futur…[View]
96386443My father is a mail order bride[View]
96386317OH NO NO NO NO[View]
96386259It's impossible to understand Cypriot talk[View]
96386454Whats going on in New Zealand?[View]
96383592Chineese are the niggers of Asia[View]
96384780Another day another Chinese megaproject completed. The worlds longest sea crossing which connects Ho…[View]
96336869/ausnz/: Friday Fun Day.[View]
96381408How is it that English women are so repulsive and disgusting yet so fucking sexy at the same time?[View]
96376598Is America's brain drain an unethical practice? They take so much pride in the advancements the…[View]
96386107how do people in your country spend their weekend?: i currently have 2 bait threads up and running o…[View]
96380155Georgetown, Guyana any questions?[View]
96386168Irishmen are the friendliest and best people in Europe How can anybody dislike them? Literally the m…[View]
96384203Did they deserved it?[View]
96385962Cypriots talk very weirdly[View]
96383675I hate white americans[View]
96385934https://www.ubergizmo.com/2018/10/panasonic-horse-blinders-for-humans/ Wagie sits by Stacy's cu…[View]
96380085What happened to him?[View]
96386062Why does Turkey have so many gays? I see all those historic pictures of Turks fucking each other in …[View]
96384651What's your biggest regret /int ?: > Work really hard to learn English and speak it fluently…[View]
96384291Are Russian women really that great?[View]
96384247Your country Repeat after me: I am a billionaire https://youtu.be/kQpQd0zYJHo[View]
96383223>Mexico was our greatest ally all along[View]
96383294Rules to live by: And. Begin...[View]
96367297/nederdraad/: MASTER FINANANCE-EDITIE welkom: 300k in de week niet welkom: modaal[View]
96384751Why the fuck australians hate animals so much? Emu wars, segregational fences against rabbits, dogs,…[View]
96383781I love you too Kurdistan :D[View]
96376452Post your facial hair[View]
96384400International food site mentions Finnish food: https://www.mtv.fi/lifestyle/makuja/artikkeli/kansain…[View]
96383716Why do they do it?[View]
96383690Why is Vietnam so superior compared to other Southeast Asian nations ?[View]
96383463How acquire such beauty?[View]
96384108I identify as a citizen of the world.[View]
96383948how about discussing peaceful topics, /int/?[View]
96384493AAAAAHHHHH why do white girls have such nice feet? white women arent even that cute but their feet a…[View]
96385696Why are Americans not allowed freedom?[View]
96379268America faces big waves of immigration: https://www.is.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000005870867.html Venezuelan…[View]
96381167>Get ads about gay and bisexual ads on youtube, telling me that it's important to get regula…[View]
96376257Is baseball popular in your country? Post ballparks from your country.[View]
96378605Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
96379248Post tinder thots in your area[View]
96383699Yep.. Those were the good old days.. *Sippu*[View]
96384772What does the rest of /int/ get for ads?[View]
96384406Is marrying in your country a good idea? It's not in Finland because the woman divorces you and…[View]
96383082How popular are glue bags in your country? Australia. Very.[View]
96385313Maybe I should move to Canada.[View]
963837781. Country 2. What things do you do that your countrymen think is weird? 1. USA 2. I don't eat …[View]
96385280>go to /shint >it is full of pussyslaves threads aka 'no gf' Is this the most cuckish board o…[View]
96382548>Macedonia is changing its name to North Macedonia so it can finally join the EU and NATO Russia …[View]
96349263/luso/ - o fio que morreu: Edição fofinhas[View]
96385263What the fuck is happening in Japan?[View]
96383819Friendly reminder that we're descended from the manliest warriors in history.[View]
96385176What do Frenchmen think of Sharon Lee?: And other Vietnamese diaspora. Would you like to reenact Di…[View]
96378450Do you sometimes think about moving to another country?[View]
96383555>I am nationalist[View]
96382637Mexico was your greatest ally after all how does this make you feel?[View]
96384317MUH ANIMALS[View]
96384923I side with Israel. Fuck muslims. I hope they all die.[View]
96384744Why did Germans and Austrians allow these shitholes to exist?[View]
96382104i hate my stupid gay american accent. whenever i talk everything i say just sounds childish and anno…[View]
96384335What the FUCK happens here?[View]
96383143/brit/: this cunt edition[View]
96384024You wake up in Vancouver...[View]
96384410>your country >how many times a week do you think about fucking your mother?…[View]
96355680DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2065: This is a Japanese language learning thread for people interested…[View]
96382292Imagine being disgusting inbred European or Asian. Mutt pride worldwide!! List of mutt countries: U…[View]
96384467>look at a map of Europe >Iceland not included…[View]
96384635why are blue-eyed blonde american girls so pleasant to talk to?[View]
96383803Quebec is a province of Canada and is not, nor will it ever be, its own country. Thank-you you may n…[View]
96384579>You will never beat an american into a pulp as he struggles to pull his gun out of his bumbag…[View]
96366779/norgetråden./: Familie-utgaven. Forrige: >>96334659 >>96334659 >>96334659[View]
96380454Lover jumps out the window to not be beaten by the cucked in São Paulo. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
96384161BlackMale AsianFemale[View]
96380910Philadelphia: Any take on this city?[View]
96381207What are some Finnish sweet phrases to say to your finnish qt gf[View]
96373369Japanese international marriage nationality[View]
96354824/cp/ - culture pals: SWEDE GOT BLOCKED ON SIGHT edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from ar…[View]
96381725I'm really attracted to sloppy looking, gaudy-dressing chubby Eastern Euro women with big boobs…[View]
96378790What kind of music are npcs into in your country?[View]
96381000>the good old days[View]
96381269>at school today >Serbian chad walks up to me >stances up like he’s about to fight >I j…[View]
96380385How much drinking is too much?[View]
96381835Quebec was a mistake There I said it[View]
96377852Post your ideal prayer room[View]
96382136>tfw yellow fever >only asian girls in my city are chinese tourists >most of them are old b…[View]
96383328>tfw only attracted to mixed women thanks to this board[View]
96380476Why are they so evil and immoral to the core?[View]
96383360why are some spewing out their political anger on this Internet forum?[View]
96381578I'm unironically distant relatives with someone who joined ISIS[View]
96374223ITT: Discutimos ações criminosas dos EUA contra a América Latina e o planeta: Por quase 300 anos, os…[View]
96380698>cobra ket[View]
96379619Macedonian country changes name: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/6b02ee76-6b96-482e-bc81-7f83fbc45…[View]
96380938'The Netherlands' Why would you name a country that? It sounds like some kind of hellhole[View]
96383055May, Merkel, Macron are childless degenerates that want europe destroyed and whites dead. Why aren…[View]
96366114European regulation on food quality are 'unjustified': >Donald Trump's administration has sa…[View]
96381733havent spoken to my sister in 1 month hope that bitch dies[View]
96382534>ywn be a white male >Indian women will never throw themselves at you by simple virtue of your…[View]
96381055She's right.[View]
96382514Fuck Halloween and fuck Americans.[View]
96383050why do korean girls with light hair look like angels?[View]
96381635>Americans are dumb stupid obese retarded amerisharts If all of that is true then why are we the …[View]
96382172From Honduras to Mexico to USA: Ive never seen something like this in my life, first time in history…[View]
96378952So I come to /int/ and try not to be gay. But this is literally first thread and next one is about a…[View]
96382221The ideal women looks like this[View]
96377453Can non-whites on this board explain why they go to lands where they are oppressed?[View]
96381450>one shot at life >born in norway >still fuck it up…[View]
96381968/int/ Desktop Thread: Post your desktop >Do you have more than one keyboard layout installed? …[View]
96382834people who feel inferior to the Far East like Koreans and Japanese.: 1. White Not really white Yello…[View]
963815361. Country/Empire/State 2. Do you play DotA?[View]
96376578/lat/ - hilo latino: Edición Jaime Sin Tierra[View]
96382759Why are Arab men such semen demens?[View]
96381981Post the most based man in your country[View]
96360261Why do they get so mad when you point out that they have nothing in common with the real North Ameri…[View]
96382512What do I do: >join the military for adventure to stop being a NEET >am getting sent to northe…[View]
96379872>grow up being told me and my family are from Spain >Learn Spanish at a young age >Go to Sp…[View]
96381383i got diagnosed with autism 1 year ago wheres my goverment gf[View]
96376417/deutsch/: Bayerische Sonderausgabe.[View]
96381106/brit/: hello nigger edition[View]
96382441Why should mexicans stop the immigrant wave coming into america? These are the chickens coming home …[View]
96378231Why can't Italians be great anymore?[View]
96382229Napoleon should have won.[View]
96360157>your country >your favorite anime[View]
96357124kill, fuck, marry[View]
96370158/carib/ + island friends: WHITE ice cream edition[View]
96378134if they are white, why are they poor without oil? Is it because wh*Tes are subhuman?[View]
96379485are you related to any famous people, /int/? historical or present-day?[View]
96381225Americans are garbage people. Why are we forced day in and day out to pretend otherwise?[View]
96381603Since 2016, a famine has been ongoing in Yemen which started during the Yemeni Civil War.[10] Over 1…[View]
96379898>eat traditional aboriginal diet >good health, good teeth, good physique >eat the white man…[View]
96373894Tell me about Chicago. How safe is actually? What is there to do? How does it compare to living in …[View]
96381358>trace ancestry back to the early 1800s >family is 100% peasants…[View]
96361818How come these countries aren't Slavic like the ones around them? How did they fend off Slavs o…[View]
96374038What's your cunt's heritage?[View]
96381654Do you love Brazil? I do and have high hopes for its future.[View]
96378774I'm going to a mental hospital in december. How are mental hospitals in your country?[View]
96380875Imagine a world without m*n...[View]
96376256/cum/: Does intelligent life exist outside of North America? Discuss[View]
96381230>you will never kill leftists[View]
96336453/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: no worries edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkEhtfPN084…[View]
96381387How do Despacitos make such good food, music, and cultures?[View]
96380070these are the kind of people China is forcing into work camps and trying to genocide[View]
96380481are you afraid of police in your country?[View]
96381289Jordan Brown: >Be 11 >Need a lot of love >Don't receive a minute of it from birth >…[View]
96380729>'My grandma makes the best red sauce in whole country'[View]
96381249How aware are Americans in general about how atrocious their police are compared to the rest of the …[View]
96378429Why do americans do this[View]
96375748Your daughter comes home with one of these bfs: >Nigerian >Algerian >Brazilian >Greek …[View]
96380783Do girls in Europe also dress like this? girls here are clones -_-[View]
96316905/lang/ – Language Learning General: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning…[View]
96381178Moon base: The man you are about to learn about was just killed by being run over by a truck! Sgt. …[View]
96380643Greatest country on earth[View]
96379573>you will always be the 'bad guys'[View]
96378406how many pussies would this exact phenotype get in your cunt? here zero, because i literally look th…[View]
96379532why japanese are so creepy[View]
96379587How come non-Americans hate root beer so much?[View]
96380997what is this called in your country?[View]
96373091VENEZUELA INVASION: >mfw we are receiving 100 tanks from the US right after Bolsonaro's son …[View]
96380898Is life in Argentina really as bad as everyone says it is right now?[View]
9637898819/10/2018.. NO WALL[View]
96378857What Americans don't understand about China is that they don't want to usurp you, they wan…[View]
96342497/danmarktråden/: Op lille anon, op lille anon, op og slå på tromme udgaven[View]
96378019Do you think you could ever order a hit on someone? I would never be able to go through with it I wo…[View]
96375408What do you think of youtuber foreigners making youtube videos discussing your country?[View]
96378693Tunguska: What was it?[View]
96372256This is wildlife in America.[View]
963632231 your cunt 2 the worst city in your cunt 1 flag 2 Bologna[View]
96379230This movie is a horror masterpiece, why was it panned?[View]
96377236Does your cunt have this?? Opinion?[View]
96380343The absolute state of Ameriworkers[View]
96372579/int/, what is the most important thing in a woman?[View]
96380314Does /int/ like golf?[View]
96380272/int/ Music: Hello I am a white man who loves Bollywood movies and Indian music I recommend this ch…[View]
96374756Most common baby names in Europe: >Tfw Greek masterrace[View]
96366121Today the company where i work lost 1.000.000€ because of me[View]
96378976/brit/: Triumph of the Will Edition[View]
96380000>6ft idol of Jesus struck by lighting and destroyed >thou shalt not make a graven image What i…[View]
96377078Ugh What could've been[View]
96379140Greatest rapper of all time[View]
96363281/éire/: hand-holding edition[View]
96373633What are /int/'s favorite cities? My top 5: >New York City >Milan >London >Amsterd…[View]
96379233wtf Mozambique?[View]
96379930What are to most notable instances of your cunt having a Pyrrhic victory?[View]
96370317>Be America >Save Europe in WW1 and WW1 >Uphold freedom and independence throughout the wor…[View]
96379391what does asean think about evangelical Buddhism?[View]
96379120Isn't it weird the Queen has never been photographed by a paparazzi? Does she even go out? like…[View]
96376036Is it weird to go to the movies by yourself in your cunt?[View]
96379589has the zoomer phenomenom reached your cunt?[View]
96358080say something nice about German women[View]
96378782Venezuelean ´´men´´[View]
96339138Have you ever fucked a girl from another country? How was it?[View]
96379657God I wish I had a boyfreind like that[View]
96374215Why do they get bullied so much?[View]
96353889Non-Americans: who is your favorite US president?[View]
96379286Honest thoughts on POCCNR??[View]
96378886>my mom wants me to have a blonde wife but I like Latinas[View]
96378494>Europe is my home Uhm, sorry to burst your bubble but all humans are from Africa. Africa is your…[View]
96378624How is this seen in your country?[View]
96378891>when someone asks me to stop hating gays how do you hate gay people in your cunt…[View]
96375624Triplego, Morroccan rappers singing both in French and Darija just released this track today https:/…[View]
96377707How do I deal with boredom? Besides shitposting[View]
96378199Why do Asians live like insects?[View]
96374961so theses are the white aryan north Indians i have been hearing about[View]
96378900Fuck my bitch cause you based nigga In the hood with my hipster niggas and my skater niggas Wear pi…[View]
96368995Mexico's homicide rate up until August. 2/3 of the year reported. So far it's tracking to…[View]
96378140does your country has its own Donald Trump? what he is like?[View]
96378666How easy is getting white pussy in Europe?[View]
96377575>you can call me John[View]
96375862>I was born in Europe, therefore I'm European[View]
96377751>8 degrees celsius >building hasn't switched over to central heating yet im gonna freeze…[View]
96366451new friendship is BUDing hahahahahahaha get it? like WEED. DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
96376025Crêpe vs American Pancakes: Which one is better?[View]
96370422Tell me pros and cons of dating an Iranian girl (who studies in a Western country and plans to work …[View]

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