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86074206Why is Turkey called Turkey when it is only one of a handful of Turkic countries?[View]
86075704>you will never be polish why live?[View]
86057441This is Europe[View]
86077606>I'm an American and my opinion is that blah blah blah[View]
86078383kurva anyátok[View]
86070870/ita/ - il filo[View]
86077911why are they unstoppable?[View]
86075666Friendly reminder: China (PRC) fought a war on sparrows and in the aftermath 60 million Chinese 'peo…[View]
86076491El gringo enojado...[View]
86077372Throwing the third nuke on Japland when?[View]
86077436>Americans store their turtles in the fridge[View]
86041748/Norgetråden/: skummel utgave forrige: >>86041632 >>86015588 >>86015588 >>86…[View]
86064223/savižudybė/ - 'Bravo, Estija!' leidimas[View]
86071514US travel advisories for European countries[View]
86075074What’s his race??[View]
86062163If the entire world teamed up could we defeat the USA in a conventional war?[View]
86076406/brit/: arse men only edition[View]
86077343Lent: >Your country? >Do you celebrate Lent? Studied in a calotic shcool, used to do all the …[View]
86073235Which country is the Kolechia on this board of ours and how harshly must we exterminate them??[View]
86073903Why do Westerners always expect the standard of moral that the immigrant minorities can never achiev…[View]
86070861Why are Europeans so insecure about Americans?[View]
86074527>tfw every time I enter a bus in my town there's some black couple talking about moving to c…[View]
86076533Where do you fit?[View]
86075118/brit/: Sheriff edition[View]
86077138When I look at you I see magic. All the hopes and dreams of creation. The world seeks to destroy …[View]
86060236Do you like Jews?[View]
86073486What the fuck i love portugal now;[View]
86038084yo wtf where dem /balt/: niggas at[View]
86076768>go to 4chan /int/ >check catalog >nothing good >well, lets go check another site >go…[View]
86067163Koreans, go back to Korea instead to compete in The Voice France, we already have quebecois, swiss a…[View]
86068996My ancestors are smiling at me, can you say the same?[View]
86075761>stalking psychologist students on twitter (females) >they're posting naked pictures of t…[View]
86076061>in public >listening to Soviet music >forgot to plug in head phones Am I gonna get CIA…[View]
86075014are canadians circumcised like americans?[View]
86073916How do we stop Erdogan?[View]
86076557tfw you will always be paki/indian/desi feelsbadman[View]
86072815>mfw the amerilard lady only left me 20 for the night I thought burgers were rich?…[View]
86073056What's the worst dialect in your country? Here it's either bornholm or southern jutlantic[View]
86069923So the Trump administration has decided to keep the same race classification that was used in 2010 f…[View]
86049296/skandi/: *blockerar din väg* Inbjudna: Norge, Sverige och Danmark Välkomna: svensktalande finnar…[View]
86075940Poitou-Charentes general: This general is for the discussion and culture of the French region[View]
86075775why do I keep coming here? I just get upset every time[View]
86074141portal to hell unrelated: how long and how difficult would it be for white westerner starting day on…[View]
86075299South Africa To Cut All Diplomatic Ties With Israel: >The South African government is intending t…[View]
86063212Post the top 3 countries where you diaspora reside[View]
86076027Actually Belgian food is the best.[View]
86066072ideal gf: post your ideal gfs, because why not.[View]
86071928How are canadian men like?[View]
86075880i want to die already[View]
86075848What’s his race??[View]
86074883there are many shitposts about argentina on the catalog, lets have a serious thread to talk about th…[View]
86073477I'm not scientist or anything but it's me or it's just very weird that the main theor…[View]
86072002My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
86075662Did this guy do something recently? I'm seeing more /pol/tard threads today than the usual.[View]
86041966/sino/ 中文: Edición amistad cubana-china Este filo es para postear en chino y para discutir sujetos …[View]
86075544Norway Gangnam style: public tv in Norway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZQ8RZch4RM[View]
86075170Why if a guy has a beard like this there is 99% chance of he is gay? Is it some kind of gay trend?[View]
86060002An bhfuil Gaeilge ag aon duine anseo?: má ta Gaeilge agat tar isteach agus beimid in ann caint le ch…[View]
86074507Some parts of buenos aires unnironically looks like europe.[View]
86071827>this girl is mexican >MEXICAN I don't understand, she is whiter than the average girl in…[View]
86065981/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: My gear Edition[View]
86072400What do Germans think of this show?[View]
86072204Why are they the best country in the world? From the caatinga of Garanhuns, through the forests of S…[View]
86073037You are now aware Africa is big![View]
86066935Do you like the Jewish people?[View]
86071773which one is better and why?[View]
860670291. Country 2. What's your favorite Central American country? 3. What's your favorite South…[View]
86077792You may need a glass of water for this one. I'll let you in on a little secret, /int/. BLACK ba…[View]
86073062should small countries be allowed to exist? they will be taken over by the superior power having cou…[View]
86074558can someone tell me about this place? is there even anything worthwhile situated here?[View]
86074601/brit/: Yorkshire pudding Edition[View]
86058980Worst place in ur cunt: What is the biggest shithole in your cunt? Have you ever been there before? …[View]
86074659rare flags thread[View]
86074051Was 1990s Russia as wild as they say?[View]
86056634Does youre country have an anime version of its leader? >USA >Yes…[View]
86073817What is your opinion of this dictator?[View]
86068441Post-a-song thread: Post a song from your country and other anons rate it: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
86072264How do we fix Europe?[View]
86073237Why are Albanians and Balkanoids in general prone to speak in ebonics on the internet? It's hap…[View]
86072408Head shape problem: Who Is better[View]
86074010The strongest and most powerful man in history is European and a devout Christian. How can non-Europ…[View]
86071551Musa was a devout Muslim, and his pilgrimage to Mecca made him well-known across northern Africa and…[View]
86073622post danish things: pic rel, a danish landscape[View]
86072171/brit/: cheeky bit of chocolatey misogyny edition[View]
86071089Post your country's falg if your country was located in Scandinavia[View]
86059750I have never seen a jew IRL. Where are they hiding?[View]
86072828Cómo empezó todo...[View]
86065842/bullied/: You may only post in this thread if the majority of /int/ mocks your cunt Invited: >Un…[View]
86072186What did Germany mean by this?[View]
86072985Could you live like an average Hong Kong citizen?[View]
86067547>Brazilian poster calls Portuguese poster 'dad'[View]
86073507>that country is a shithole[View]
86069917Euromutt thread. All Euromutts post and identity yourself. How do you cope with a complex identity a…[View]
86072677What do you think about Russian Hiphop? https://youtu.be/yfF0RBxY1PY[View]
86073146I saw 3 different protests today. First i saw something kind of rare, a group of Iranian had gathere…[View]
86063744/fr/ - le francofil du soir: Édition Mgr Mayol de Lupé https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiSsWWJ6ogI…[View]
86069728No wonder they're such retards.[View]
86073292French men: Are they ruder or softer than other europeans?[View]
86069849Hello int, let me introduce you to the Yorkshire accent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB3ieNhEsDY …[View]
86065371>Other than English OR SPANISH: JUST[View]
86073085Is it the best French book ever written?[View]
860721666 foot dick edition[View]
86068652Why do Latinos still unironically enjoy FFFFUUUUU comics? Am I missing something?[View]
86072371>Europeans don't want this in their country Why are Europeans so gay? They literally don…[View]
86062922Are other Germans jealous of Basedvaria?[View]
86061509kurva anyátok[View]
86070489Have you ever met a Finn irl before? I’ve never seen a Finn before. I’ve met Norwegians (a tourist i…[View]
86072145If I travel to South Korea, will I be able to use my current smartphone, or will I have to buy one t…[View]
86070660do you agree with him? What do you think he says right/wrong?[View]
86068099/deutsch/: 4chan-Ausgabe[View]
86067145Your country Do you drink milk?[View]
86072219You will never be Karelian[View]
86071464The only way humanity can survive as a species is forcing every 20 year old to go on a space walk.[View]
86070289/brit/: What if? Edition[View]
86058789/ita/ - il filo: edizione kekistan[View]
86020913100 years of Estonian country: Also Finland is celebrating the 100 year old Estonia. Saturday 24.Feb…[View]
86071656Where did Detroit go wrong?: >Over 90% of Detroit's murders are unsolved…[View]
86064292>be anti gay >suffer the most from aids[View]
86071561>grug like moving painting more than woman grug[View]
86069716Gfk PP: This is the Purchasing Power in Poland. The three estern regions(Podlasie, Subcarpatia, Lubl…[View]
86071653Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
86069075>'wow anon you're so white' >'are your parents from spain?' >…[View]
86071149Is is true that Americans wear shoes inside the mall?[View]
860713291. Your country 2. How common racism is in your country[View]
86066496>mfw yuropoors don't even know what updog is[View]
86071244Why does the CIA celebrate 9/11?[View]
86071185Do you view your native accent as an accent or just the normal way of speaking?[View]
86070467American here. My ultimate goal is to move to China and get involved with any one of their internati…[View]
86066859>be old burger lady >share some memes made in russia >get publicly shamed by media giant fo…[View]
86071068>click on /pol/ >90% are americans screaming about muh genes >5% are germans with autism sc…[View]
86063668OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
86050925/lat/ - hilo latino: el lider supremo[View]
86069339Pre-Islamic Middle East: For the first time Muslims are open minded and curious about their pre-Isla…[View]
86066476Who did it best? Who did it worst?[View]
86070910>be american >go to school >it's weekly school shooting day >teacher shots school s…[View]
86067156What's with all the hate for generals, they seem like a place where people of the same ethnicit…[View]
86068635your country WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION!!!!!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!!??[View]
86070750>tfw Sudan anon gives a (You)[View]
86059990>your country >should boys wear dresses? finland yes, of course…[View]
86061320Can you believe that America actually exists? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVxeW1WLWpY[View]
86068506Those of you who belong to an ethnic group made up of genes and history from both a subjugated popul…[View]
86070162Do you love NICARAGUA?[View]
86070568I boycott tv series and movies that have wh*Te actors/actresses in them. I don't want to see t…[View]
86055816Why do americans uptalk?: Is there a worse accent?[View]
86063689How are the gun laws in your country ? As a private citizen can you buy semi-automatic firearms such…[View]
86070298Why are e*Ropeans so poor?[View]
86067606Why do these give me shivers even though I'm not american? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzGV…[View]
86067989ITT: australia-core post only the most australian things[View]
86066673Will europe ever recover?: But seriously could some South american countries like Argentina and Chil…[View]
86069181>be Spanish >rap and criticize the Spanish royalty >get 3.5 years in fucking jail What a sh…[View]
86022471/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: the bear edition[View]
86066150What do you think are the most popular songs from 80s - 00s that came from European countries? So fa…[View]
86069851Who are top and bottom-tier immigrants in your cunt?: America >Chinese and Indians Highest income…[View]
86061938guess the country/streetview[View]
86066783Mexicans used to be badass, what happened?[View]
86068188aw shity gyuys iqam totsalyy drunk guys[View]
86069630Is it true that United Statians are secretly jelly of our name?[View]
86053880You have ten seconds to act as Dutch as possible.[View]
86069553I will never support nazism because 1. I hate rich people 2. They believe in women's rights (th…[View]
86063654>in the finnish army atm Name our band /int/[View]
86066508Russian exports[View]
86064858Post and rate your configuration Here is my laptop[View]
86060996SO MANY BLACK PEOPLE: Ahahhahahahahhahahahhahhaaahahahahaa![View]
86066330No MBTI Thread?: I am dissapointed anons. Post MBTIs and tell us if ur country is nice to live in fo…[View]
86068341social isolation is killing me but i can't do anything because i'm a 5'6 ugly dicklet…[View]
86063137Sverigetråden - Vietnamesiska upplagan[View]
86069001Why this great country has fucked up? I miss you baby[View]
86069003>if you disagree with me you are reddit[View]
86055121Why is South America so shithole? Syrians are escaping from war and they said Uruguay is very unsaf…[View]
86068846In what Western country do ugly losers have it the best?[View]
86068905What is the equivalent of the S.W.E.A.T. Pledge™ in your country?[View]
86064652Best state to move to: North Dakota, Vermont or Maine?[View]
86065219who /cold/ here?[View]
86068869Amazing how much third-worlders will pay to LARP as American[View]
86052777Spanish speaking countries, who are the most loved and the most hated from this family? Feels bad be…[View]
86068756>capitalism doesn't wor-[View]
86052692Do you think your country is a friend of France? I really love France but I know Japan don’t have st…[View]
86067538Iran appreciation thread[View]
86068622https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp48SuVRMtY would you fuck a four legs female animal?[View]
86053965This thread is for the appreciation of Finnish cuisine[View]
86061117Realitically how would the separation of California look?[View]
86042813/esp/ - Hilo español: Edición narcotráfico[View]
86067964Is it true that German trade surplus hurts other EU countries?[View]
86068062Where should I go abroad?: I am planning a semester abroad next year, and I wanted some suggestions,…[View]
86068273/carib/: d*nbts edition.[View]
86068192Would this happen in your country?: >scrawny unarmed black man turns around slowly >'SHOOT TO …[View]
860635521. vagina flora 2. how much plastic is realistically save for a person to eat? also, anyone drinking…[View]
86067869When have American Politicians ever actually listened to their own people without 'conforming to the…[View]
86058473Is Brazil the most diverse nation on earth?[View]
86065578What is his end game?[View]
86067068>but why do you NEED a gun?[View]
86060702/polska/: edycja imperium lechitów[View]
86066709>at the club >pic related respectfully yet firmly places his hand on your genderqueer trinary …[View]
86038242/cum/: Best friends edition[View]
86052349Why are we so similar? Apart from the migration part we are >an island nation >similar economi…[View]
86067524Post beers from your country.[View]
86066968You can only post here if your reproductive organ is at least 16 cm long Dickets gtfo[View]
86066797yo /int/ i need your help. i'm looking for a beverage i've drank back in 2017 on my trip t…[View]
86067398Que se passe t-il ici?[View]
86044748In one sentence explain who's the bad guy in Syria.[View]
86066625I fixed the world[View]
86067255POLE: Age/cuntflag/sex Which more closely resembles your view?: >I Will likely outlive my friends…[View]
86066769>mfw an american posts pictures of their guns Is there anything cringier? Nobody cares you attent…[View]
86066103go back to your own country[View]
86060991Politick: what does /int/ believe? what are acceptable political opinions on /int/?[View]
86066021Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh Scuuuuuuuum G…[View]
86063577What do you think of Romania?[View]
86057901/balk/: when you fuck up your economy building bunkers edition[View]
86058550What's the mexico of your country? Lithuania Poland[View]
86062570>Russian television[View]
86066413American culture: First you make school shootings a prevalent thing, and now you turn 'school shooti…[View]
86059675The renaissance of the Hispanic Empire is inevitable[View]
86052130Are there any anons from Moldova here? Or maybe they don't even have an Internet in their count…[View]
86061762Ladies and gentleman, the Russian army! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qxu9yzB4Vp8[View]
86063229Is spanking misbehaving children common in your country? Is it frowned upon? Here it's pretty …[View]
86065613>arm the teachers with guns how about y'know, not allowing people with a criminal record to …[View]
86066242Canada on Suicide Watch: >How could this happen to me? I made my mistakes...…[View]
86065339should there be rules to which countries should be allowed to have their very own generals and which…[View]
86065249'good morning ladies and gentleman' *booing noises can be heard*[View]
86063120Why do Israeli guys look like full-blown Arabs whereas Israeli women look whiter than Mediterraneans…[View]
86037340Why is Estonia such a wonder of a country?! Only 25 years ago it was devastated by communist rule, b…[View]
86061772Lesbian here. Just a reminder that we are taking over. The fact is women have NEVER been attracted t…[View]
86062536What will happen for Russia whenever this man finally leaves power? He's been head of state so …[View]
86048253/balt/: Where the fuck is everyone edition[View]
86054272/nederdraad/: Zaterdagavonduitgave[View]
86064005do scottish(especially catholic ones) and welsh athletes that represent britain sing the british ant…[View]
86060429Why are 90% of nips so bad at English even though it's a core subject in school?[View]
86063240>tfw le 110% face because my family is inbred so I'm not racemixed…[View]
86061979Can they save Europe?[View]
86057467Why does Japan drive on the left?[View]
86063947Why did this meme have to die. They could've larped so much harder for far longer, imagine the …[View]
86064152/mämmi/: lähikauppiaspainos[View]
86063856Are skinny people ostracized in your country?[View]
86061502im a swede who likes brazil[View]
86064925Why is Karl Haushofer forgotten in the history books?: His geopolitics is what influenced Hitler and…[View]
86060423>wh*Tey asks me for directions >send him straight to barbès I'm sure my arabian brothers …[View]
86060119Does Europe have earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes? I know Greece has earthquakes, but I'v…[View]
86062443/brit/: Mao Zedong edition[View]
86060727/deutsch/: Kirby Gute Nacht Ausgabe[View]
86064370How do I stop being a shallow piece of shit and only liking people for their appearance?[View]
86064339Despacito: Every single person in this video is a US citizen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7k…[View]
86055530I fixed Russia.[View]
86064232/ASEAN/: Babaylan edition[View]
86058570Discuss: English is an awful language[View]
86063989'All high buildings and large mansions are built brick by brick. Why can I not be a brick? That is t…[View]
86062527Why do Americans worship their soldiers? Your soldiers didn't die for you. They died for capita…[View]
86063910https://insights.spotify.com/us/2015/04/02/loyalest-music-fans-by-genre/ >Spotify Listener Loyalt…[View]
86062764What is the greatest country in the world, and why is it the Republic of Texas?[View]
86060803Is your country represented in any street fighter game?[View]
86054567/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition de l’oignon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr0SMj0xeis Ancien f…[View]
86053897why is canada so empty?[View]
86061179Germans, I can not stop listening to this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxVcgDMBU94 Can you …[View]
86062297You wake up in colonized space[View]
86055536/mämmi/: Kalevala/ Itä-Suomi Painos[View]
86063470>some non german flag like: >hurr durr volga german go home to mother rashka >but polish di…[View]
86022266/luso/ - fio lusofono: Edição Balneário. fio anterior: >>85988617[View]
86061222gonna change my name to an italian one soon, thoughts? any suggestions? I will just tell girls I am …[View]
86041382>your cunt >would you be cute as a woman?…[View]
86059202I know you’re a virgin[View]
86059270>HIS MOM[View]
86053627When will americans wake up from the zionist dream?[View]
86060108Will Russia and Europe ever become friendly to each other?[View]
86032472/v4/ + friends: impending hangover edition[View]
86054348Where you live, is the word 'North' a good thing or a bad thing? For example: In the United States, …[View]
860545631. Your country 2. What the driving culture is like in your country[View]
86062283in fact, kosovo isn't really srbija[View]
86058608/brit/: digits edition[View]
86061388>This thread has been pruned or deleted[View]
86062345MAO ZEDONG DID NOTHING WRONG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tCMI0uKbBE[View]
86060624But I thought Russia was stronk?[View]
86058549/brit/: pay up piggy edition[View]
86055200https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb4hQd0pdWM >Bolaños asked Villagrán to break up with Meza becaus…[View]
86058379>Finally get a (you) after days of posting >It's a Brazilian…[View]
86055478Ég á gráa líf...[View]
86062080France, Oui: Study says, one French woman in eight has been raped. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/w…[View]
86059589>tfw it turned out there were other Portuboos on here >tfw my thread died overnight…[View]
86052534guess the country/streetview: guess the country get it right and post your own[View]
86060927The RUSSIAN CAT MAN: hey /int/, do you know about The Russian Cat man?[View]
86060689Bobs an vagene: https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/30/more-than-63-million-women-missing-in-…[View]
86057008Why are Italian girls such qts![View]
86048272The difference between Brazil and USA nowadays: >Now comes the necessity to devise some method of…[View]
86058894>tfw the women in your country love british men[View]
86061316Do British people still believe in 'For Queen & Country'?[View]
86050995Why do Indians act the way they do online?[View]
86054560Outer: >Your nation >The state of your nation's space program America and NASA is not fun…[View]
86060760an englishman was bragging about english imperialism: he said england conquered the world i told him…[View]
86053787EU funds per capita: thanks for it[View]
86039976kurva anyátok[View]
86055803How would the average person in your cunt react if they were put into a self defence situation?[View]
86060185remind that this mexican is whiter than most of america[View]
86054961>language selection in game >spanish language >mexican flag >portugese language >braz…[View]
86061252around year 500 BC, 44% of entire human population lived in Persia[View]
86059380about to consume 2k calories in five minutes, please convince me otherwise[View]
86061091i had a nice 2 hours siesta i wish i could sleep forever to be honest[View]
86059239Los Ogros Angleterra...[View]
86060964>All of these Norman-British people bullying Anglo Saxons[View]
86055970/deutsch/: Gigasübe Antiberlinausgabe[View]
86057238Why were there so little reporting about India's east coast during the 2004 tsunami? I only hea…[View]
86060807>What do you mean I don't look french? My grandma is from Louisiana you retard!…[View]
86050086What does poverty in your cunt look like?[View]
86060524Anon,I can't really see the problems you see in Europe.[View]
86057668>'Wanna have sex, anon? What d0[View]
86052161/polska/: edycja pomocy dzieciom[View]
86024103Thousand year old country thread: This thread is for countries who are more than a thousand years ol…[View]
86052219Sverigetråden - Emoupplagan[View]
86060336Is your country respected internationally?[View]
86059986Okay I'll admit that was kino.[View]
86057494I hate it that everyone thinks we only play football >Football is the most popular sport in Brazi…[View]
86049422>USA: The internet >UK: The telephone >Dutch: The telescope >Australia: Wifi, black box …[View]
86060052How would you feel if your country's language was the lingua franca of the world instead of Eng…[View]
86045249/ex-yu/: dovidjenja[View]
86059190Are you going to hike Ayers Rock (Ul*ru) before Australia officially bans the ability to walk on it …[View]
86058784>his country has 3 presidents[View]
86059654Has there ever been a more cucked country in the history of Europe? It's greatest kings were Li…[View]
86056372>I'm not American, I'm Canadian[View]
86022542/ASEAN/: morning coffee edition invited : caffeinfag not invited : teafaggot lesgo bois[View]
86040498/mena/: نسخة هبة This is my very first /mena/ thread and I don't want any gay posting or face m…[View]
86059713I don't really like the UK, I can't see how my life can pan out reasonably here so i'…[View]
86053669Why haven't you thanked iceland?: >has no history of their own >spend time at various sca…[View]
86054701I'm genuinely curious if any anons from China are on here. Its so weird that such a large count…[View]
86052210What does your country think of Mormons? Are there Mormons in your country?[View]
86054933Why are leafs so fucking stupid and embarassing ? Next time he goes to Québec, will he have a beret,…[View]
86057265Why do americans do this?[View]
86058147could he pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
86057057This is what my landscape looks like in summer, after 4 months of no rain is contamination a problem…[View]
86059314¿ Anti weapons nᵒ.7777777 mined ?: So Thursday I was looking at my news and saw anti weapon protests…[View]
86055452Post average Canadians[View]
86049323Redpill me on this guy: What is the general consensus about him in Uruguay? What were some good and …[View]
860566771. Your country 2. Are you human? 1. Finland 2. No[View]
86054655Why are Swedes so good at making music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG8R9e8KOs4 https://www.yout…[View]
86058802/ita/ - il filo: Edizione pattume con patatine[View]
86058212>Be American >Hate America for being filled with moronic retards that I'm forced to inter…[View]
86056600Why are Japanese such a model minority? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3oNfYCh5Vg They never cause…[View]
86058442Let's be blunt here. We are not going to make it if EU falls apart. Who else /finished/ here?[View]
86054323Does anyone outside of the anglosphere play this? I know Finns do.[View]
860586361. You're country 2. Do you like to see cute little baby macaques suffering? U.S.A. Yes, very m…[View]
86052522/ita/ - il filo[View]
86056178Why don't you get a qt Argie gf?[View]
86056629/brit/: sperging out edition[View]
86058238Where do you fit?[View]
86057972Let's go[View]
86054367What happens here?[View]
86056790/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Heeвклидoвo издaниe[View]
86055609WTF italy![View]
86049477Finally at the end of february we're going to get actual winter. Took long enough.[View]
86058063>Be Russia >Be WW2 >Have Soviet POWS sent to German Concentration Camps >At the same tim…[View]
86057215>aliens visit Earth >they come in peace if your post ends in an even number and attack if your…[View]
86057722>you call me racial slur me beat you up![View]
86055295Any Anglo Saxons here? I'm gonna kick your ass.[View]
86053621India vs Mexico: Who can take the most spice?[View]
86053952at least you live in Europe[View]
86056855Are Croatian-Australians chicanos?[View]
86037313/balk/: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/21/europe-crisis-balkans-eu-membership-ru…[View]
86055657I want to poop in her hat[View]
86057340Does Japan like Mexico? 日本はメキシコが好きですか?[View]
86054970I am italian[View]
86057361>talking to my German friend >trying to not make a single bombing joke…[View]
86057279What do Germans think of the Japanese? What do Japanese people think of the Germans?[View]
86055867What are you dirnking tonight /int/ ? Pic related for me.[View]
86054286>2am >want to sleep >family of women in the apartment next to me yelling and hitting each o…[View]
86054808>so these american kaffirs put me in 'white' under their retarded racial census when I arrived to…[View]
86057174What is your country's southern italy? >Brazil >northeast…[View]
86055010>medals per capita[View]
86054084woah...WTF: really activates my almonds[View]
86055763WTF Canada?: Is this the biggest open secret in the world?[View]
86056300>go into you average American store >theres at least one mentally insane person https://www.yo…[View]
860537261. Your country 2. Would you take a selfie with a lynch mob victim? 1. India 2. Yes[View]
86054856/brit/: THE GREAT RACIAL STUDY OF /BRIT/ https://www.strawpoll.me/15141396 https://www.strawpoll.me/…[View]
86039184>fellow arab on int calls himself sandnigger to appease evil whiteshits who destroyed his homelan…[View]
86056636Am I too drunk to drive to maccas?[View]
86051064Why do euros care avout amwrican school shootings? Americans dont even care[View]
86037585Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, dairy…[View]
86056005/deutsch/: Freundschaftsfaden oge?[View]
86053750>Father in !Kung Ba >Father in Arabic Baba >Father in English Pa or Papa >Father in Ch…[View]
86054566why are americans obsessed with their heritage?[View]
86039438This is your brain on America[View]
86040991Do you love pain?[View]
86050196/deutsch/: Ausgabe zur Verehrung der Suzane Salimi[View]
86055591oh boy[View]
86049372THE WORLD 2050: These are the Great Powers of the world in 2050. >Western Bloc Consists of the US…[View]
86055378>Fade in, fade out captcha[View]
86055420>some fuck is backing up in a motorway FUCK SAKE UN-FUCKING-BELIEVEABLE YOU DOPEY CUNT…[View]
86046351/mämmi/: Eesti editio[View]
86053677She played the fiddle in an Irish band But she fell in love with an English man.[View]
86055156>mfw my shitpost makes people from 7 different countries call me a mutt…[View]
86053188/brit/: Iron Guard edition[View]
86054206Why do third worlders always insist on youtubers going to their tiny village in the middle of nowher…[View]
86054875WTF Norway. Stop confusing our people.[View]
86052138Hey /int/ do you consider yourself religious? Are you the exception or the rule in your country?[View]
86054738Try taking our territory away from us again you bastards[View]
86054932>almost March 2018 >still no qt autistic Finnish gf…[View]
86053680UK Brexit plans 'pure illusion': The European Council president told a news conference in …[View]
86052169I hurt myself today[View]
86053814>just bee yourself anon it's all about the personality[View]
86048169>hey ivan let's build a huge commie block inside of another huge commie block! Why are Russi…[View]
86051970The current state of brazillian popular music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoSiDjDkzE4[View]
86053481/int/'s opinion on...: Hong Kong?[View]
86054368Name 1 (one) country![View]
86050887this is what sweden would look like today without d*nish imperialism and agression[View]
86048242Why do arab men hide their gay sides?[View]
86047897>baathism is right wing[View]
86044354Have you ever felt racism against you??[View]
86048992The hardest part of white people’s body is teeth. The hardest part of black people’s body is also te…[View]
86054211/idaho/ general: This thread is for the discussion and topics related to the state of Idaho[View]
86042192What are your reasons to live /int/?: >to see what happens to vargs children when they come of ag…[View]
86047201Are Icelanders the most overrepresented people in the world? Their country has three hundred thousan…[View]
86038862It's now been 100 years since Estonia first gained independence. Happy birthday Estonia[View]
86050298>tfw nationlet >tfw fewer people of your nationality exist than live in a proper city >tfw …[View]
86053254Why didn't they control the U.S. like Israel does?[View]
86027568Did you just say Russia was weak?[View]
86050847>you wake up in poland of anno domini 2020 what do?[View]
86053519How are you thanked Estonia today?[View]
86054156Are Germans deporting Arabs and Africans yet?[View]
86050777Would you marry a gitana?[View]
86044301/fr/ - le fil de l'empire colonial français: édition des assimilés et de la division chez l…[View]
86051134/brit/: London edition[View]
86051792An Italian elderly couple invited me over for dinner tonight, the wife is making dinner. I'm so…[View]
86053760One nation to rule them all, One nation to find them.: One nation to bring them all and in the darkn…[View]
86041807ITT : we write in English but with the grammar of our native language[View]
86045427Look at my flag[View]
86052045I miss the soivet union and the cold war.[View]
86050749FRIENDS!: OK Amerimutt, Japan and Poland needs our help so here the deal. We let you flood Japan wit…[View]
86043826/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Good edition edition[View]
86051588In Switzerland, women couldn't vote until 1971.[View]
86050519>australians had to invent sunscreen because its climate is to harsh for wh*Tes OH NO NO NO…[View]
86051133>be Yankee >lose more people than the South had fighting for it…[View]
86051522Slavic man with Slavic woman[View]
86051270Whats their fucking problem?[View]
86053167So I've noticed that my captcha images have started showing the city I live in. Is this a coinc…[View]
86052382>get a clean shave after 6 months >my christian aunt sees me and literally thanks god like he…[View]
86052807>type ANELE EU >get banned[View]
86052731>tfw i will never have a caring family[View]
86045691You wake up one morning to find yourself in charge of your nations newly created department of popul…[View]
86052898GDP of Polish voivodeships depicted as countries matching to it[View]
86047206West Slavic Union when?[View]
86052627only two weeks left until tide pods are available in my cunt[View]
86052746Ocean girl (Marzena Godecki , Polish immigrant to Australia) will turn 40 this year.[View]
86052674The world needs more Henry. The French have the right idea[View]
86052826>tried to poop like a european by sitting on the toilet >shit won't come out >can…[View]
86037876/ita/ - il filo[View]
86045324polish holocaust polish deathcamps polish holocaust polish deathcamps polish holocaust polish deathc…[View]
86048482The Christian God: Are people in your country aware of the Holy Trinity or do they think they the Ch…[View]
86049251Is Shina (支那) a Negative Word?[View]
86047340>tfw hot neighbor coing out with Bf again >tfw no gf…[View]
86048726don't bully us we have a lot of culture[View]
86052105>most famous english heroes epic is of a swede: ???[View]
86047782Why is this country so funny? I mean, why do the poles have this arrogant attitude as if they are th…[View]
86050945>im a christcuck[View]
86047907Why are Canadians such poor sports?[View]
86047365if you ain't Germanic... you ain't much[View]
86033957Hilo latino[View]
86046741/polska/: edycja: czy powinienem kupić taką koszulke ??[View]
86047613ITT: Post any hipster things from your country[View]
86040447Why do Serbians do this?[View]
86051245I need an answer?[View]
86050112What are some folk remedies in your cunt? Bonus points for hangover cure[View]
86036839What did your country in the first world war?[View]
86033884Fuck off we're full: yet we aren't, at all. Western Australia is basically one big hidden …[View]
86051709your country how many subhuman m*DiterrANUSes have you killed today? how did you kill them? flag i h…[View]
86042386Finland and India: Why do they suck at sports? Finland sucks compared to other wealthy Northern Euro…[View]
86045524Post the most famous communist activists from your country[View]
86050885Danes are inferior pathetic sub””humans””” who should be put into zoos and then gas chambres. The e…[View]
86048782do you feel bad now, /int/? you fucking criminals[View]
86051318why the fuck is there so much infighting between certain nations on this board. Is a person little m…[View]
86046685How do Russians feel with fact that Lenin was just a German agent? Do people in Russia even know abo…[View]
86045346>decided to eat breakfast like southern europeans do >prepared a garlic baguette in the oven …[View]
86051056>Sir we've asked you nicely before, please stop phoning Danish Lego support and pretending t…[View]
86048839/brit/: anime edition[View]
86050609Hey Turkey, remember that time you gunned down hundreds of Australians at Gallipoli? LMAO[View]
86048035/deutsch/: Kirby Ausgabe[View]
86044079FUCK! I stepped in the Danish language[View]
86048998What's their fucking problem /int/? Why do they feel so superior despite living in bottom tier…[View]
86043606BCE/CE or BC/AD? Which do you prefer and why?[View]
86044878Explain this, Germany[View]
86047298If you can’t pronounce this animal fluently, you are not white people.[View]
86049528Is this cultural appropriation?[View]
86049690>tfw you'll never look inside a schoolgirl's skirt... fml[View]
86034023/Nederdraad/ - 'Niemand is loserig genoeg om op dit tijdstip een nieuwe aan te maken' editie Welkom:…[View]
86049010la máscara del creatura...[View]
86042975This retard now says that he regret all the crime he did and wish that it was never done. What a los…[View]
86045884Stereotypes: Post a picture, others guess which countries/peoples you're referring to[View]
86050743/eesti/ - 100 Years Edition: Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, Eesti![View]
86050607>talking about how intolerant christians are in Brazil >everytime a christfag or slut start sa…[View]
86047361Since we are so good at everything, should we change our name from 'Norway' to 'Bestway' ?[View]
86046847Norwegian hypocrisy: >be norwegian >claims to be the pinnacle of civilization, where they top …[View]
86050535>Be born in South East England >Be Gay[View]
86045877Is there a country who got more justed?[View]
860400384 Latinas threaten to kick your ass How do you talk your way out of it[View]
86050286>aliens visit Earth >they come in peace if your post ends in an even number and attack if your…[View]
86050142>go to the Somme to look at the WW1 Battlefields there. >Nothing but farmland and massive crat…[View]
86039654hello all today i saw some french people. how was it known? I could hear them say the usual hon hon …[View]
86046936why are whites obssesed with thailand and its hookers? you can get qt hookers here for 20-60 euros w…[View]
86049468Your poop type: I'm bangladeshi[View]
86046432Jewish people: 1. Your country. 2. What is your opinion about Jewish people?[View]
86048263You wake up in Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil[View]
86048373Are there any real-life country comparable to Lord of the Flies? In short it's a 'disastrous a…[View]
86041810Sverigetråden - Nordenupplagan[View]
86037352/ausnz/: We're all lazybones here edition[View]
86048801Do you love Hungary?: If so, how do you express your love towards this humble, yet vibrant country.…[View]
86043571Did you know that Romanians are really good at warfare?[View]
86048984How can Canada ever recover?[View]
86048377The Chad Brazilian[View]
86045462Turkey, please.....bannerlord...please please, i need bannerlord[View]
86047846Americans, explain THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq_IhJwCpSg[View]
86039186Why is Spain in the EU?[View]
86047378Disobey the Anglo at your own peril. This is not a warning. The Jews were always just a scapegoat. Y…[View]
86048238OK, I just wanted to update /g/ on my project to ban all fucking faggot microshit users from my corp…[View]
86047828Catalonia will be free[View]
86048132Why don't americans celebrate easter?[View]
86047491>arap music >is actually TÜRKish >arap art is actually TÜRKish >arap culture >is actu…[View]
86045301/deutsch/: Perfidious Albion-Sonderedition[View]
86047948Damn Slovakia it's a fucked up place[View]
86047619Why don't the Americans celebrate?[View]
86047867Canadian skier Dave Duncan arrested at Olympics after group allegedly stole car while drunk https://…[View]
86047392>i'm obsessed with hating abos despite the fact that there are like three of them left…[View]
86043937After Brexit is finalized, will there be a free movement thing between Australia and the UK again li…[View]
86043966They're both Polish.[View]
86047518Why don't Australians celebrate Christmas?[View]
86047444when i highlight these countries in red it looks kind of like a scorpion. cool right?[View]
86045865What happened here?[View]
86043505Why are their posters so butthurt, obsessive and generally assholes to everyone? They're one of…[View]
86044248You know when you talk about gun control Americans love to post this picture. (leaving aside the fac…[View]
86041854Why are East Asian smarter than White?[View]
86039086>occupied and exploited by various germanic swine ountries for many hundred years >are now the…[View]
86047173>Coeliac disease is on the rise for unknown reasons when it was almost completely unknown just fi…[View]
86043814why are you unhappy[View]
86042816Why are they so bad with money?[View]
86045415Which French region is the France of France?[View]
86045741Salut ![View]
86038470>e''''u'''' >relevant[View]
86046025Jeoladian: Even she knows[View]
86046817>Brazilians calling me a sandnigger >they probably look exactly the same >>86046462…[View]
86046147>Americans get offended by nude artworks[View]
86044693The cultural center in Syria is on fire.[View]
86045776/deutsch/ Wir werden alle Sterben-Ausgabe: https://youtu.be/FFAoRR-RnuM[View]
86038899Daily reminder that the true Jews are the Mizrahi; Ashkenazis and Sephardis are filthy goy usurpers.[View]
86045799>Wh*toid see 3200 years old seal >what does wh*toid do ? >Wh*toid cut it…[View]
86025131/polska/: edycja hierarchii społecznej i nas na jej dnie[View]
86044564/brit/: make your choice, modern man edition[View]
86046662>driving home through the Surrey Hills >Its midnight and the stars are out in full as well as …[View]
86044698>I'm a conservative[View]
86045235Honestly, what's so great about the West anyway? I don't feel happy or fufilled here? Am I…[View]
86045855how thicc is the dog shit in your country?[View]
86044956>Amerimutt is just a me-[View]
86040288Nature tier ranking thread[View]
86045521Why is mental illness so prevalent in the US?[View]
86040163>This guy[View]
86044382What the fuck is wrong with americans?[View]
86044662Have women ever looked you like this??[View]
86029737>American flag >starts speaking perfect spanish…[View]
86045128Ma armastan sind EESTI[View]
86045242Why brits and Russian don’t have hair on their heads?[View]
86045523>Tons of snow outside >Below 0°C >Sunny af…[View]
86044118Which guys deserve to be your boyfriend?[View]
86032244Does /int/ like Dark souls?[View]
86045217WHITEOIDS ON SUICIDE WATCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhx_fdOvnrI Blacks are taking back what…[View]
86042176/deutsch/: Antifaschistische Ausgabe gegen die AfD(umme)[View]
86041149Why are americans so obsessed with Europe?[View]
86041653Can we talk about this nation and how they steal other nation's gold medals?[View]
86044578/brit/: >tfw BREXSHIT is inevitable Edition[View]
86043056Hundreds of Finns congratulate Estonia on its birthday: 'When you return from Europe to Finland, you…[View]
86045097La creature...[View]
86043554>Bavarian girls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX7NdtZZSio[View]
86039091Easter?: Easter soon and I need my eastertoad folder filled. Post all of them![View]
86041939/brit/: please don't let me go back to toilberg edition[View]
86043803lmao a laughing stock of the whole planet[View]
86038629Who else /portuboo/ here? Pic related, I took it in Coimbra over summer.[View]
86041565Oh, hi there /int/[View]
86044046i was in a local turkish kebab to buy something to eat and i realized the turk behind the counter wa…[View]
86045283To all of the hundreds of kissless virgins in this board, how are you all not literally going crazy?…[View]
86044016Is the Prussian spirit still alive?[View]
86042092How do I get strong? How do I start lifting? I'm to embarrassed to go to the gym I can barely d…[View]
86044012Post girls from your country alongside black men[View]
86037427describe your country in one picture[View]
86027422/fr/: >>86020470[View]
86044164>be mother teresa >be someone who left people to die in order to 'receive mercy from God' but …[View]
86042435Tell me 2 lies and one truth about your country and then others have to guess which one is the true …[View]
86041964stop posting your dumb amerimutt memes. we dont look like that at all.[View]
86042545I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic You can brush my hair…[View]
86040611why the heck is this allowed[View]
86038216Do you ever experiment with changing program languages to try and absorb or discover foreign vocabul…[View]
86041400Why do people always shoot up innocents when they go on a mass shooting? Like what's the fuckin…[View]
86041635I'm voting him because memes.[View]
86034635Do girls in your cunt make fun of single guys?[View]
86037052Chigga?: Uganda chinese[View]
86041358Oh man these pictures are cringy as fuck: explain this leafs: https://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000005…[View]
86041562How дeлa, fellow pyccкoгoвopящиe?[View]
86043260South_Korea.jpg: Anti-Communist protest in South Korea. Notice two things?[View]
86042705ITT: Make a gay porn movie with country flags I would make a gay porn with a Spanish guy, a Brazilia…[View]
86042029/éire/: Irish fry up edition Interstellar civilisation sub-edition[View]
86035948These are the Great Powers of the world in 2050. >Western Bloc Consists of the US, EU, Commonweal…[View]
86041473>Gosh Anon, you're such a kafir[View]
86043065You have one bullet and you make a thread on /int/. Of course, the shitposters Qatar and Malta immed…[View]
86041249>tfw life is going absolutely nowhere[View]
86040590OH NONONONONO HAHAHAHA: >Expats in China say condoms don't fit Shanghai--Some expatriates fr…[View]
86041256>Hillary-voting, neckbeard-sporting virgin soyscum what is it about this aesthetic and reddit and…[View]
86042738>yfw you realize that he regularly browses that racist antisemitic website 4chan…[View]
86041930/brit/: Up for the challenge edition[View]
86042367>tfw bf[View]
86041506Korean conservative protest picture[View]
86042683Why are the buildings in Europe so ugly and archaic?[View]
86040960Question: Is this considered a historical movie among black Americans?[View]
86039271Does your country have Texas Chicken?: (called Church's Chicken in America) >Thailand >Ye…[View]
86038054i grew out of 4chan last year just came back to tell you sadcases to grow the fuck up[View]
86042710The concentration camps are still running and operational, right? And they have huge capacities, don…[View]
86042381Any Russian want to explain to me what's happening here? Are the siberian hordes rising against…[View]
86038719Destroying the remainders of the e''''u'''': How do we destroy what's left of the european…[View]
86042121QUICK. Which was the better Australian Prime Minister?[View]
86042507Dear Israel: Explain this.[View]
86038575Tell me about this country, what is happening there? Just read some article about some murder from t…[View]
86037837i mean like...really? like...haha REALLY?[View]
86041970Why can't I get white girls I only ever get Asian girls!!![View]
86041937Why did serbs name one of their airports after an austrian scientist? I mean I'm kinda flattere…[View]
86038976You wake up on Easter Island: >You wake up on Easter Island[View]
86040391Olympics: Now all the athletes can gaze upon glorious kawaii best Trump daughter![View]
860415671. Ur cuntry 2. Do you make loud noises at home for no reason? Finland Yes. I scream, moan, roar and…[View]
86041224what the fuck, Canada[View]
86040989I'm at a German language competition. I have an hour left. I'll let you know how I've…[View]
86035454/deutsch/ und /nachtschicht/ die dann in /frühschicht/ übergeht: Morgen Brudis[View]
86037976Korea is great.[View]
86041835>someone tries to get me to sign up for their club >i tell them to go away but say i'll d…[View]
86033629Do you want to find love in North Korea?[View]
86039278Is this accurate?[View]
86041555Is it easy to live in the United States as a White man?[View]
86040176Putain de mère[View]
86041507why are non-wh*Toids so stupid?[View]
86015443Do you love Germany? Do German anons love Germany?[View]
86035254Black french people are scary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFfvYNemzVk[View]
86039818>your cunt >whats the most representative comic from you're country? Spain Mortadelo …[View]
86038535serious thread: I've been thinking about this all night and it's caused me to stay up all …[View]
86041084If there is ever a non-white james bond that will be my final straw I will kill people that's a…[View]
86032996You wake up in spacial /int/[View]
86036654Which is better?[View]
86039873Tell me int will brexit be good for my country or bad?[View]
86038863I'm so sick of the hateful comments towards Americans on /int/. None of you would say that shit…[View]
86038851American, Brits, Australian, Kiwi speaks only 1 language. But Europeans speaks multiple language inc…[View]
86005658/skandi/: Skandinaver og broderfolk velkommen. Hvad laver i på denne fine fredag?[View]
86039691>I love coffee[View]
86015588/norgetråden/: Fredagsutgave Forrige >>85980976[View]
86040724Swede in korea: Does she look sami[View]
86040721happy birthday lillebror[View]
86039598/brit/: aesthetic edition[View]
86037890The Italians have been suspiciously quiet for some time now... what are they up to? Do you think the…[View]
86040105We own you, mutt boi. http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/donald-trump-announces-newest-us-war…[View]
85986041/sino/ 中文: 汉服运动 edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chinese-speaking …[View]
86039023What are the most beautiful traditional costumes around the world? Give me only the best.[View]
86040531As we all know, Americans do not celebrate Easter. This has made me curious. What do YOU do in your …[View]
86040421woah... so this is the height of german 'culture'..[View]
86037165How is your parliament going btw?[View]
86016548/Southern Europe/ + /romance/: it's been a while[View]
86038842Is russia a BLACK country?[View]
86042853Should I kill myself if I don't have a 10 inch penis?[View]
86032875What are your phobias, /int/? I have crippling thalassophobia. Especially whales. I haven't bee…[View]
86040329>tfw Americans have to pay their subscription of freedom by getting shot…[View]
86036302>the less white you are, less tolerance to lactose you have What does God mean by this?…[View]
86028102Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
86038008i fucking hate new worlder[View]
86035684>gosh anon, we'd love to move to England but are scared, do you really hate eastern European…[View]
86037629The greatest leaders to have ever lived[View]
86037562/brit/: kurva anyátok[View]
86039604Do all middle easterners do this?[View]
86039536I'm a disenfranchised NEET that just finished watching this movie I've come to the realisa…[View]
86039085Chad leafs arrested because they could not bear cold outside at pyongchong Olympics. LOL http://www.…[View]
86037974I helped a white man who had asked me about direction of the train in the subway[View]
86037374Russia: Russia thread welcome fuckers[View]
86038604>'There are not differences between people! Everyone is the same!' >asians can't handle l…[View]
86038446What gun should i buy next /int/?[View]
86038297Кaкиe жe хoхлы дeгeнepaты, пиздeц пpocтo.[View]
86038909Cafe goes Cashless - Canada's future?: An attempted robbery early last week provided the impetu…[View]
86038581I am BOSNIAK My faith is ISLAM My language is BOSNIAN.[View]
86038016Is this true /int/?[View]
86038786Egy ünnep?[View]
86029033Can we finally admit it? The USA is a lost cause.: Clearly no amount of reasonable discussion, well …[View]
86038166What are you listening to, /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs069dndIYk[View]
86038795How do Koreans feel about the fact that this American won a Gold medal for her country in your count…[View]
860315681. Your country 2. What's the first anime you saw on TV? Flag I can't remember exactly, on…[View]
86038493whats the preferred method of suicide in your cunt? i'm undecided if I should seek a gun or jum…[View]
86032133Any other mutt countries wanna help me expand this?[View]
86038569>mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere >backwards ed…[View]
86030294Which country pictured here has the most bleak future and why?[View]
86038531America has a better Mexico than Mexico. Prove me wrong[View]
86037568How do we stop the hordes of millionaires moving to our countries?[View]
86038358>Country >Is your country slowly infiltrating another country and preparing for annexation of …[View]
86029957/cum/: Why aren't you out with your squad on a Friday night, /cum/? Edition[View]
86038247Do you want to find love in the UK?[View]
86035676i liek franec do u liek franec.[View]
86035799/Ind/: Good morning ^_^[View]
86035483There were 2 lotteries when you were born: 1 lottery you had around a 50% possibility to win and get…[View]
86031512>tfw the flag of your governor general is better than the flag of your country…[View]
86037952Why are eastern European girls so slender?: While western European girls are often overweight or ski…[View]
86034883Rate my outfit[View]
86037428Hello /int/ friends[View]
86037490>Definition of respective >1 obsolete : partial, discriminative >2 : particular, separate t…[View]
86036945>Great Britain >Its only okay[View]
86037683http://thenews.pl/1/12/Artykul/350711,Poland-plans-to-cut-GMOs-in-animal-feed >The Polish agricul…[View]
86023964Cutest country in Europe.[View]
86036672Communism: >robots product everything >capitalist states collapses >the predictions by Karl…[View]
86034078Toxic Water Seeps From Norwegian Mining Site in Brazil’s Amazon: http://riotimesonline.com/brazil-ne…[View]
86034208What are some popular bedtime drinks from your country?[View]
86035711Should the intelligence service of your country care surveil you? I don't think they should wor…[View]
86035033Polish Holocaust: Just a reminder that if your country has not suspended relations with Poland then …[View]
86035863Quick Reply Thread For Fast Posting: ITT: I'll reply to every post. If you want to ask a questi…[View]
86019779/mämmi/: Shitfucker-painos[View]
86037173la condena de los arios...[View]
86034382http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-asia-42990661/how-meat-is-recycled-and-sold-to-the-poor Would you e…[View]
86035883What does Japan think of this movie?[View]
86036799>size doesnt matter[View]
86029445Should racemixing be mandatory?[View]
86037615>White race is superior but a few scrawny Jews brainwash their race to destroy their racial purit…[View]
86034545fucking burmese monkey[View]
86033390I dislike absolutely everyone who isn't a white English speaking Canadian. People from other co…[View]
86037518im hungary[View]
86035177Is there something in the water here that's turning them into homos?[View]
86036528/brit/: Alfred the Great edition[View]
86033662>oi guvna, you got a loicense for dem eggs?[View]
86037103>tfw assisted suicide will never be legal >tfw i will live 60 years more…[View]
86030076Has there ever been a more cucked country in the history of Europe? It's greatest kings were Li…[View]
86016976Western world: This is the map of 'western' civilization(marked in blue). What do you associate with…[View]
86036804Why would you immigrate to the country which committed so many atrocities against your motherland an…[View]
86033556Why do Latin Americas always excuse their murderous drug dealers for indulging in an immoral practic…[View]
86000797/ausnz/: sleepy edition[View]
86034261You have ten seconds to act as German as possible.[View]
86032108Working together with spaniards: >Set up meeting at 10 a.m First people show up 5 minutes later, …[View]
86035889Why don't Americans celebrate easter?: I have recently learned a most distressing fact. It is t…[View]
86036164black......????? A NIGGER? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIGGE…[View]
86036396why do niggers stink so bad all the time? I'm not even a racist, it's just that they tend …[View]
86036379Why are East Asian smarter than the other races???[View]
86028697How do we save these poor bastards? :([View]
86030546How brave are the police in your nation?[View]
86037035Why are French army sooooooooo weak??[View]
86034572Americans are too fat to live. Why are they so stupid and annoying and loud?[View]
86035079Are the french really this rude or is it just a meme?[View]
86011794Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, dairy…[View]
86032028Communists pls respond: hello friends are there any communists here? I want to talk about Karl Marx …[View]
86035723Who /hemorrhoids/ here?[View]
86036061>tfw a German is now in charge of your country[View]
86034819Does Prussia still exist? Is the Prussian spirit still alive?[View]
86036718Does wh*toid loves your cunt?: Wh*toid hates malaysia because no alcohol. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
86035065EESTI 100 / ESTONIA APPRECIATION: Happy 100th birthday, Estonia! Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, Eesti! Her…[View]
86035916Stop making obsessive threads about my country please and thank you.[View]
86036780>see a thread I don’t like >spam it with illegal content reports using cell data…[View]
86036743>Why did you just call me a mutt, anon?[View]
86036647You're not oblivious to women are you /int/?[View]
86034948why are east women so perfect?[View]
86035776What is range ban? Have your country ever experienced this range ban? I am Japanese and I couldn…[View]
86034000When did you realize that mutt-shaming is wrong? Also >Koreans using unironically such an insult …[View]
86023991ITT: post a photo of your country's public transport This is a typical bus in Mexico[View]
86035205/brit/: The cycle begins anew[View]
86035361Wholesome thread: Today I got this as change. I like it. How did your day go anons?[View]
86035132This obnoxious Qatari twat in every fucking thread[View]
86034334Why is the west so much better than russia?[View]
86007054Why are black girls so hot?[View]
86031966>your country >do you want to cuddle with a boy? finland definitely…[View]
86008553/lang/ - language learning general: How are you preparing for the X Century edition >What languag…[View]
86036261Please don't offend me :(: Hello, I am a gay, autistic, jew who has no friends and no gf. I am …[View]
86036102Rare flag thread, anyone?[View]
86034381чтo вы гoвopитe[View]
86035233Daily reminder:[View]
86029685I put a curse on you if you read this, you will forever be miserable until the day you die.[View]
86028628Why are so many Westerners obsessed with Thai ladyboys?[View]
86022507How do we stop him?[View]
86035190Is the mob a problem in your cunt?[View]
86031965Why is your fetish, /int/?[View]
86035351You are not WHHHIIITTEE REEEEEE >what do?[View]
86032942Why are people assblasted over this man?: Consider the context that even the Ancient Greeks regarded…[View]
86028157Poland vs. Czechia: Where would you rather reside? In other words, which one do you think is the bet…[View]
86017108Why do people in warm countries honk so much? You almost never hear anyone honking here, even if the…[View]
86033831/brit/: Bosnian Beauties Edition[View]
86034976>The tax on childlessness was imposed in Communist countries as part of their natalist policies i…[View]
86033648Would you like British friends?[View]
86034868>vagene >whos your favourite player from the US women's hockey team and why Nicole Hensl…[View]
86033323Africa is a shithole because niggers are subhuman lol. Ukraine? Oh, they are just a bit poor becaus…[View]
86030113Can someone translate this image?[View]
86032617This one guy and his GTA images[View]
86034622>ywa be a poorthern monkey[View]
86033839r8 my autism[View]
86034131Are poptarts considered a type of ravioli? Italian Bros I need your wisdom[View]
86027955Should this country exist? No B-E-L-A-R-U-S posting[View]
86034654Does anyone want to see what a burger stomach looks like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNYNqybB-r…[View]
86034567https://youtu.be/vABOFleXLJQ I Fucking Hate South East Asian niggers. They're basically mixed…[View]
86033568Ivanka and moon destroyer: And his wife[View]
86022372>tfw /int/ has brainwashed me into liking black women how do i become normal again?…[View]
860344321) ur cunt 2) do you take the bus US. Yes, but sometimes people wait for you to be alone at a bus st…[View]
86016782You can only post here if your grandfather faught in WWII[View]
860293251. You're cunt 2. What music should your figure skaters pick to trigger your neighbors?[View]
86031529Why are Latinos so racist?[View]
86031497So why is your country a joke? Canada has an embarrassing leader and globally we are seen as insigni…[View]
86030153hilo latino /lat/[View]
86032888/brit/: Chomp edition >>86032512 Ask him about tomorrow sub-edition[View]
86033895/tropilat/: SCOOBY DOO PAPA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOjUQNvE-iQ[View]
86020023ITT: Things that make you sad.[View]
86021254/ita/ - il filo: Edizione della Vittoria[View]
86029988Sweden is just half a dick cumming on the rest of Europe, how can you be less relevant than that?[View]
86028906fuck hiroshigook: What the FUCK is his problem? >that'll surely bring us in more 4chan Pass …[View]
86030949Americans think anti gun campaign are all from liberals.[View]
86032916Poles are sleeping right now[View]
86033592ITT: Women with flat noses that you would bang but not marry[View]
86028733>your cunt >are frogposters common there portugal yes…[View]
86033165>be male, not shaved off beard for like an eternity >have quite long hair, like pic related …[View]
86032430Could I pass for native in your cunt?[View]
86032930>You wake up in Tristan da Cunha What do you do?[View]
86011607/éire/: an hero edition[View]
86025720Most spoken languages by native speakers 2018 Ethnologue 21st Edition.[View]
86033183Is it more natural to want to be a girl, /int/?[View]
86030437Can someone coherently explain the difference between Common Law (British) and Continental Law (Fren…[View]
86031452do you have panic attacks while thinking about your future before sleep too?[View]
86026078This board...: Go to /sp/ countries from all over the world discussing. Bant and meme threads but ac…[View]
86020809Does your country have a discount version of itself?[View]
86033098When will wh*Te Canadians finally shed their colonial settler mentality?[View]
86031761/brit/: Curly Wurly edition Previous Thread Highlights >>86030714 >>86031592 Have a good…[View]
86030178Why are American pizza boxes shaped like an octagan?[View]
86032376>Wake up >My country wasn't annexed by usa…[View]
86030103Swiss anons, r8 my älpermagronen[View]
86029038What are normies like in your cunt? If possible post a descriptive pic[View]
86021590I like German products.[View]
86032803>'only cops should own guns' >cops hid in panic during the Florida school shooting >'you do…[View]
86032631https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRjb9cr7tIU What's the most American thing you can find on the …[View]
86017683kurva anyátok[View]
86029010Hi, I don't know if I'm really high or not. So basically, China is closer to the west so w…[View]
86027665are all Tennessean girls like this, /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XYZbH5w5Hs[View]
86026668/deutsch/ Nachtschicht[View]
86031999Have you ever know those persons ? (Question for non latin americans): They are the cast of the prog…[View]
86020566How can we non-whites even compete with white men? Everyday I feel like a peasant scrapping the dirt…[View]
86030598Any black people here? Do you have an inferiority complex to white people?[View]
86032285This pretty much sums us up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSHjmpvJq5M[View]
86031664Apple campus: Just how bad is it?[View]
86023674Why germans are so good at rapping ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2hGrsExuyc[View]
86031600Who is he: And why did he do weird??[View]
86028254I've never met a Finn[View]
860240871. country 2. If you could move to any country, what would it be? 1. Argentina 2. Poland[View]
86027671Why are Danes always forgotten? We speak English better than other Scandinavian countries, goddammit…[View]
86013872/balk/: old >>85994437[View]
86031946pussy nigga[View]
86016249/balt/: ur gone and i gotta stay[View]
86028685/fr/ - fil de la nuit[View]
86022111Reunite Dakota pls[View]
86030737>English language Serpent and snake, literally the same thing. I suspect norman brothers for intr…[View]
86028450/brit/: let's get it on[View]
85995329/v4 + friends/: Iranian hostage crisis edition[View]
86031306/pol/=america ???[View]
86026901The most common Finnish man / foreign woman couples in Finland: These are the top 10 most common for…[View]
86030561ESTONIA 100[View]
860291581. your country 2. how many pushups can you do in a row USA 15[View]
86030158Post patriotic songs from your country. (not military marches) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKEz…[View]
86030976Yearly reminder that bornholm island belongs to SWEDEN[View]
86026998It's official: sweden has too much snow: it's hell on earth here.[View]
86031105Is it really this bad in Sweden ;_; Are the people really this cucked ? :( https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
86026883Stay strong Hungary. >A Hungarian city’s bid to become the European Union’s next “Capital of Cult…[View]
86008023My gf is 42 and I'm 19. Is this normal in your country?[View]
860229191. your cunt 2. are you disgusted by your cunts architecture?[View]
860309654chan BTFO[View]
86008610I feel sorry for the people in Syria.[View]
86026972is there anything good about this country ?[View]
86028629>make a good joke >'>>>>>american humor'…[View]
86028428/brit/: for the british edition[View]
86029941why aren't you chinazi?[View]
86028128What the fuck is this shit? I found out about it from BBC this morning, Filipinos eat literal garbag…[View]
86029413How bad is the heroine/fentanyl situation in you're country? >Canada >out of FUCKING cont…[View]
86022753/cum/: racism edition[View]
86022429>mom took a DNA test and found out she has a Jewish haplomeme >now she's telling everyon…[View]
86023928Do Canadians really do this?[View]
86011319Should EU kick out the poor countries ? I believe that is the only way the federal state of EU can b…[View]
86030343Can't sleep because I'm thinking of Irani girls again. What do?[View]
86012910/lat/ - hilo latino: http://www.pulso.cl/actualidad-politica/los-pilares-del-movimiento-j-kast-liber…[View]
86029999i have glimpsed my future lads. i do not like what i see.[View]
86029517Share 'fuck the police' songs from your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2mO5Vrto3k[View]
86024537Countries that you'd never visit[View]
86029595This wasn't supposed to happen[View]
86027249>that one Malta shitposter that feels the need to reply to every thread…[View]
86029863Do I love Japan?[View]
86018544/mena/: Tfu edition[View]
86029716Would I pass a local in ur cunt?[View]
86012642Are you ready Euro/int/?[View]
86029274Why do people not care about Denmark? Unlike Sweden we haven't done anything done anything exce…[View]
86029692let's play a game[View]
86029691How do we save Britain and fix their culture of child sex abuse gangs?[View]
86025214>live in Texas >gasoline is $2.04 per gallon…[View]
86026627thanks for the porn, guys[View]
86015796Average swede in 2118[View]
860271341. You re cunt 2. Help, I saw this cute swede walking around acting all faggy and to make him know h…[View]
86029104>Italians aren't white explain this meme pic related[View]
86026511Does this website makes you hate white people in general, slavs included?[View]
860208584CC thread Today we're up against /an/ right after the /mlp/ - /fit/ match that is happening ri…[View]
86011174/Nederdraad/: Geile Hitler-editie Uitgenodigd: Afrikaners, Nederlanders, Vlamingen Niet welkom: Wale…[View]
86023060At this point 2 days before closing ceremony Finland still havent won a gold medal >inb4 asthma…[View]
86027670Mutt thread: i lost my whole fucking mutt folder, i had some of the rarest best mutts, please post m…[View]
86024700>be american football fan >team ties with other country >scream victory >clap like a mad…[View]
86027919You wake up as a Black Slave in 19th century Southern US Wat do[View]
86026481Fried chicken provokes ideological debates in America.[View]
86024028>Stop right there, Gringo! How do you respond?[View]
86021904Why are europeans such countrylets?[View]
86028526How do you reward your mother for bringing you food in your country?[View]
86028700Vietnam Korean hotel: It this reasonable?[View]
86024661Why is there a belizean anon in threads sending pics of GTA Vice City and San Andreas while saying y…[View]
86028633>2018 >being a christcvck[View]
86025358this is the brize of freedum :DD[View]
86020765What would an independent African American state based in the south of the US be like?[View]
86028614RUSSIAN FAKE NEWS BOTS: How are they affecting your country? Link related: http://dashboard.securing…[View]
86028589ah yes, another weekend in posting on /int/ how wonderful[View]
86025424>tfw no loyal virgin gf[View]
86027563Why does the Doge's Palace in Venice have such an awful exterior design?[View]
86008237Finnic blood runs through the river Moskva, and on its shores rises a mighty city of a finnic ruler,…[View]
86021387Post ur cunt's airforce.[View]
86027481Which is the most autistic General on /int/ ? I vote for ex yu[View]
86021409Atheist world order: >Be me >Atheist Pajeet >Mfw the same outsiders who worship a middle ea…[View]
86026652/brit/: You arrive in Neocastle edition[View]
86028125Sverigetråden - Vinternattupplagan[View]
86028083bien hijo, bien!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbUeV1JKbnc[View]
86015900/savižudybė/: Ostapenko leidimas[View]
86024041>your cunt >your favorite American intellectual For me it's Christopher Hitchens. Miss hi…[View]
86027788>look up random HS in California >nearly 30% Pacific Islander ?????????????????????…[View]
860201731. Your sovereign state of residence 2. Are you able to pee at a urinal?[View]
86022765Are you grateful for Germany?: ITT: we list ways in which we appreciate Germany. You inflicted grea…[View]
86026563Average Americans will make fun of us...: the same people who defend their country![View]
85998138> Russia leaves coomunism in 1991, it's now a failed shithole >China didn't leave co…[View]
86024117Do you like black people?[View]
86018597i wish wh*Tes didn't exist...[View]
860260401. your country 2. do you hate your city tijuana nuke this shithole[View]
86027073Happiness should be illegal[View]
86024173When did you first realize that literally every single city in America is a massive shit dump? https…[View]
86018243>Spanish government pays you a home and basic income rent >All you have to do is live in Andal…[View]
86026626>I supprt uber bcus I hat the working class[View]
86017600>take the tricolore and drench it in piss >'it's butifel' t. Romanians…[View]
86027490If you think nobody can top shit, slavs will jump in[View]
86024802Amerifriend here. I have a question for any Brits here. Is the UK a great place to live now or not? …[View]
86025951DIOS MIO...[View]
86021813Brits will defend this.[View]
86016986>visiting Italy >Milan station >they fucking literally use text-to-speech google's fea…[View]
86023247have you ever tried /int/ meme in real life?[View]
86022250What are some things that you like about any of your neighboring countries? I like Canada's Wil…[View]
86022095Is it safe to drive in your country? What kind of car do you drive? I live in Midwest and the road f…[View]
86026100/ASEAN/: chill weekend for the wagecucks go outside and spend some of your hard earned cash with you…[View]
86026052WTF India?!: I only expected this degeneracy from California.[View]
86009954Post ski resorts from your country.[View]
86020470/fr/ Francofil francophone: Edition des traités d'Utrecht et des pépitistes en suicide montre F…[View]
86015097/ex-yu/: Jelena izdanje #2[View]
86025032Any Georgians on /int/? Is it really that much of a shithole? I just got done watching this on Netfl…[View]
86025135/brit/: my childhood kino edition[View]
86023475>tfw american >tfw fat >tfw amerifat…[View]
86022769What's up with Colombians and LARPing about being Spaniards? I see this crap all the time on /i…[View]
86015986What do you think about them - Whiteović or Nonwhiteović?[View]
86018658/deutsch/: Gnomonische Projektionsausgabe[View]
86026076What are /int/'s plans for the Weekend? For me, it's the same I did yesterday and the day …[View]
86025854>tired of being called a 56%-er >look it up on the us census site >we are actually 61.3% WT…[View]
86014893In Russia, there is a place called 'Jewish Autonomous Oblast.' It is less than 1% Jewish and no more…[View]
86020358>be american >get shot >get called a shill for being shot…[View]
86024068If you had to move to one of your neighbor countries, which one would you choose to move to? If your…[View]
86025007Hello /int/, I'll finish my highschool education this semester and I have a boyfriend in the U…[View]
86017682Sverigetråden - Vikernesupplagan[View]
86024862Revenge for Khaybar has come goy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyMTSvVAtWM[View]
86018246/polska/: edycja magii i prawictwa[View]
86019883>be mehican >vote for a party literally called brown woman Absolute state of these emasculated…[View]
860217461.) Your vulva? 2.) Your favorite nep?[View]
86023146/brit/: Ferreroo Rocker edition[View]
86024906Am I the only Mexican here that doesn't hate Americans?[View]
86011982Nordoids vs Medoids thread: How do we save Northern Europe from the Mediterranean menace?[View]
86015390>Builds nearly every successful civilization You're Welcome[View]
86018762What happens in Russia?[View]
86022931Is your country fucked?: Also map thread[View]
86023147/brit/: AAAAAAH[View]
86024289Does your country have any memorials, graves, or other monumental sites installed on it by a neighbo…[View]
86023633Polish tire sculptures: Anyone have that pic of tire sculptures comparing really awesome made ones b…[View]
86018924How are you spending this friday evening[View]
86017885What happens here?[View]
86016027Is this true /int/?[View]
86022694https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourbon_Restoration: Oh no...[View]
86021903>look up x english word >google always recommends first 'meaning in hindi' why? why can't…[View]
86017871Why do Nordic countries produce so many pop stars?[View]
86015976Do you like France?[View]
86023859UK who is the least gay? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/student-murder-whatsapp-argumen…[View]
86017203Who would win? >USA[View]
86019684https://vocaroo.com/i/s163Ow9s4LAV Let's get down tl business! To defeat, the mutts! Did they …[View]
86006800ITT: All of /int/ wakes up in a lost island.[View]
86023786https://www.reddit.com/r/TurkeyJerky/ I have discovered a secret hideout...[View]
86016504hey China: what are milk dogs?[View]
86023291Reminder to not assume nationality through flag :)[View]
85994688/cum/: /HEEM/[View]
86002219'th'- General. Why is it that only nations that conquer the world can say it? What does your languag…[View]
86020766/Brit/: Level 99 range[View]
86022795Anon from best korea: Has any poster with this flag ever been spotted here or on /pol/?[View]
86022037Why are Americans so bad in the art of insulting?[View]
86022918>Black women are ugl-[View]
86022889What is the history of 'black' American culture in America unironically. How does it diffe…[View]
86022864Union against the bartra threat and slavery - Peru: Support to denounce the social networks of Congr…[View]
86022546>South African wh*Tes[View]
86022174American 'education': New York Times journalist thinks Norwegian flag is a confederate flag. https:/…[View]
86003695Only 37.95 million Polish people are in this planet. Is it enough?[View]
86019809>becomes the international standard of beauty Is there anything whites can't do?…[View]
86010363t-This is a general...[View]
86021690its over bros, I ate 3 big macs, one entire packet of french fries and 1 litre of coca cola. Fuck lo…[View]
85988617/luso/ - fio lusofono: Edição Santiago[View]
86014670>you will never be black[View]
85982124/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: JAWJA edition[View]
86015368Every US state has a two-letter abbreviation. For example, California is CA and Nevada is NV. The on…[View]
86018651/deutsch/ am Abend: Ausgabe ohne - Ausgabe[View]
86021003>politicians are dum-[View]
86021143>grug prefer moving painting from bronze age tribe to woman grug >bronze age tribe is superior…[View]
860218304chan Winter Cup: /int/ playing soon. Get hyped! >What is this? A virtual PES tournament where 4c…[View]
86020379BASED CHINA: chinese government forces imams to dance and renounce their faith https://tribune.com.p…[View]
86021619To which heaven do Amerimutts go to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRNCpD3xhsY[View]
86004608/ita - il filo: edizione: la foto di quella dell'ultimo annuncio[View]
86019398is he right /int/?[View]
86016128People in my country always say I look british Is it true?[View]
86021141What is the difference between Flemish Dtuch and Hollish Dutch?[View]
86020962your country are your countrymen good at fighting?[View]
860209451. Your country 2. Office (UK) or Office (US)?[View]
86017878Do little girls in your country get happy about receiving murder tools? America Yes https://twitter.…[View]
86016658>game with a Comic Sans as a main font what is wrong with germans?[View]
86015727Malta looks cool: I wonder what their lives are like[View]
86018468/carib/: aliens edition. El chupacabra was a space traveler from the Orion constellation, he landed…[View]
86019187Why are they so rude to me? :([View]
86019386>your country >do you have a sister? >do you hate her? spain yes yes…[View]
86017735Is Canada only 53% white?[View]
86020678Why are Turks so self-hating?[View]
86019894This is like finding a unicorn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw_8w-5CVsM sound it makes is so nice…[View]
86015465>wake up >turn on news >see this >what do?…[View]
86017988This thread is reserved for nice countries. Not allowed: -Belgium (not even a country) -Qatar[View]
86019126They did nothing wrong.[View]
86018872>Mormons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountain_Meadows_Massacre[View]
85995663/ex-ussr/ general: мepтвoe издaниe #2[View]
86016817>flag burning should be illegal[View]
86012328>English people named themselves and their country after our language[View]
86017589Why is Afghanistan such a wonder of a nation? >#1 nation in the world when in alphabetical order …[View]
86017770Armed american teachers talk about how they will use guns to save lives http://www.waaytv.com/conten…[View]
86013168/mämmi/: animepaskapainos[View]
86019116How do we feel about Japan?[View]
86015504Argentina is a white country. I do not know why so many people in real life think Argentina is like …[View]
86018670What's a good first world country I could move to?[View]
86018008Do you wear shoes at home?[View]
86016815https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=447&v=RU7pVnaxCM8 [Embed] >So we're at the g…[View]
86018957How do I get a Peruvian gf?[View]
86015826Is it gay to like boys who dress up as girls?[View]
86018900>french people unnironically eat this[View]
86018807Flight check in: So /int/ I forgot to check in for my flight which is in 50 mins. On my way to the a…[View]
86018584>it's -7 outside >wearing only a t-shirt >everyone look at me feels good to be white…[View]
86008732/rus/ гeнepaл: Шпpoтниггepaм нe oтвeчaть эдишн[View]
86018629Any dutchanons have experiences with pic rel?[View]
86010694>“There are at the present time two great nations in the world, which started from different poin…[View]
86018502it's 23:58 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
86014023>he thinks his shithole can take over America pic related average american basement…[View]
86013025>tfw being a paki/indian or looking like one is a death sentence in canada…[View]
86012568/deutsch/: Kadsenausgabe[View]
86009615/fr/ - Le francofil des hérissons: Edition des hérissons et des nhérissons Fil précédent : >>8…[View]
86003461Russia is so big! Russia have everything. Did you know that Russia has 400 kilograms of cocaine? Pol…[View]
86015182/ex-yu/: tužni momki edicija[View]
86015455Fuck Sw*den, I want Netherlands to be our neighbouring country.[View]
85995435switzerland: Where my Swissbros at?[View]
86014386Slavs of /int/ how do you guys feel about the way western media portrays you? Also what are your opi…[View]
86016017>to stop a bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a gun[View]
86017866WTF IS WRONG WITH POLES? WHY DO THEY HATE ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nXm…[View]
86013408What can we do to protect wh*Te subhumans from extinction?[View]
86014582How does it feel to have to speak and know my language to survive while we don’t have to know any of…[View]
86016197Why does the idea of an united Europe capable of competing economically with the USA and China to pu…[View]
86017211https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qf72KEv6Mg YOU PICK ON THE WEAK YOU'RE ONLY STRONG IN GROUPS C…[View]
86012755Wine is for faggots[View]
86015303/brit/: based soviet man[View]
86017677should we ever forgive brits for inventing LOLSORANDUM humor?[View]
86013440What happens here?[View]
86007819Faces of /int/[View]
86011716/polska/: Edycja żydokomuny[View]
85988805/Mena/:: screwed up my sleep and now I can't sleep edition.[View]
86017400Why are Protestants best at everything except for immigration?[View]
86010161>Portugal >Estonia >Russia >Ukraine Explain yourselves. Clearly you’re not Africans so t…[View]
86015341>Finland has a super-serious Eurovision entry >Denmark has a meme entry I just don't know…[View]
86016379>almost March 2018 >still no qt autistic Finnish gf…[View]
86015995>we lost at both the men's and women's hockey >all because the NHL were being spergs…[View]
86017011>in America, slot machines make more money than movies, baseball, and theme parks combined Imagin…[View]
86013003>flag is a piece of cloth with a seal on it[View]
85994331kurva anyátok[View]
86008281What do you imagine boards would be like in real life? >/int/: U.N. General Assembly except all r…[View]
86015265How prolific are incels in your country?[View]
86011010>tfw 15cm penis God 1 - 0 Me[View]
86013910WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY[View]
86016604What do Germans think of this guy?[View]
86014824Why this flag is awesome?[View]
86015279I just finished watching this and realised it's my future and quite possibly every young white …[View]
86016196Describe your country in one image[View]
86011563I dare you to name a better country: Protip: Saying Spain is considered cheating. But honestly, Holl…[View]
86015739>Wake up >This happens[View]
86016311>former German colony >proceeds to ethnically cleanse ones they view as inferior >proceeds …[View]
86010220>pierre see no warm snail meal >pierre see no rotten grape drink >pierre INSULT…[View]
86015813What's your opinion on the current state of the EU?[View]
86016297I'm a disenfranchised NEET that is slowly coming to the realisation that I’m going to live a li…[View]
85999251/balt/: close the door behind you[View]
86015328Does /int/ prefer beer or liquor[View]
86015785Why is it a little bit cute when Spain or Argentina whine about something?[View]
86013532What's the difference between /int/ and /pol/?[View]
86015670Coldest city in usa?: i'm moving there, which is the city that rain everyday and it's pret…[View]
86015848That's Nicola Tesla, famous italian cook.[View]
86015467>2008 was a decade ago[View]
86015723>Go to Paris >Check into a hotel >Man at the front desk says 'you are fatty gay yes…[View]
86012503I want to go to Spain but I'm afraid the Spaniards will bully me for being CHI[View]
860154461. Your country 2. Is your dick mutilated (cut)? 3. How do you feel about it? 1. flag 2. kek, no 3. …[View]
860150101. Cunt 2. What is this called?[View]
86012260Stalin comedy forbidden in Russia: https://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000005579682.html How to make co…[View]
860152431) You're cunt 2) Are you a highly evolved autistic person Canada, Yes http://journals.plos.org…[View]
860156901. You're cunt 2. What's your definition of freedom? And what's the freest country i…[View]
86014932Red pill me on Romanians.[View]
86014773Try to solve the code[View]
86013210/brit/: based swedish man[View]
86015384Attention please!: Listen here folks! I have something of utmost importance to share with you! The i…[View]
86015054What to do in tallinn? Drink maybe?[View]
86005211/vocaroo/: voca-fucking-roo thread lads unofficial official rules 1. post something in your language…[View]
86011427Do you eat this in your country? One of my favorite snacks.[View]
86009495Sverigetråden - Blondinupplagan[View]
86012087el ogro de las americas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKXJuVYwCzk[View]
85999078why are they so miserable?[View]
86006421>go to a british bus >it's full of somalis…[View]
86007444You wake up one morning to find yourself in charge of your nations newly created department of popul…[View]
85997396https://vocaroo.com/i/s163Ow9s4LAV Amerimutts BTFO holy shit[View]
86014902I like my women like i like my coffee black, with not m*lk[View]
86014895Listen up you faggot mods. I know what you’re trying to do. You don’t think I notice how after almos…[View]
85980976/Norgetråden/: nordnorsk utgave forrige: >>85957259 >>85957259 >>85957259 >>…[View]
86014884wow this spanish show is famous in europe, latin america and turkey really makes me think[View]
86013455Thoughts on Volga Germans?[View]
86009212Well done America, beautiful speech. https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-in-nra-s-response-to-…[View]
86003179What's up with Europeans and furries?[View]
85979825/ex-yu/: slava herojima[View]
86002530Name a worse country.[View]
86013602>the most popular news site in Lithuania is making fun of Germans for being commieshits and hatin…[View]
86013578http://time.com/5171239/woman-assumes-norwegian-flag-is-confederate/ >Woman Assumes Olympics Fan …[View]
86011042>Indians are basically just really tan Europeans Really makes you think…[View]
86014158I can't stop tipping people[View]
86007738Hello, any people here? Is there a word in your language that sounds like 'Jaojet'? Thanks pic unrel…[View]
86012883Post your sibling Right[View]
86013808>you will never get a literal 10/10 kurdish freedom fighter gf why live?…[View]
86008826Why are protestant best at literally everything except for immigration policies?[View]
86012226>Chile & Argentina What is the explanation behind this?[View]
86012834What are the major cultural differences people outside North America see between Anglo Canada and th…[View]
86009504What is the ideal average annual temperature based on this map?[View]
86009353Indians unite to protest anti-rape laws: Pic related is a crowd of concerned citizens marching to pr…[View]
86012636Why is his last name Moreno when he's among the whitest latinos?[View]
86014151>tfw 5 days of nofap[View]
85983755/asean/: Sinigang edition Do you looooove sinigang?[View]
86000118>he is a hairlet[View]
86007043Are blacks the Poles of Africa?[View]
86007335Do you like meat /int/? or do you prefer brown rubber shit?[View]
86013762I'am going to die tonight in to overdose of ammonium chloride. See you tomorrow.[View]
86005791>'Jump in Anon, the water is nice, ooh its perfect, wont you join me for a quick swim in the Bill…[View]
86013713>Belgium >third place in gun homicides What's going on in Belgium?…[View]
86006793>cucknada >even cannot win germany now in hocky…[View]
86010817You have to move to a place that starts with 'United' Where do you move[View]
86013351Bosniaks love Iran. Do you love Iran?[View]
86012774Ayyyyy: *bombs you*[View]
86009897Was Hitler a slayer?[View]
85994437/balk/: rise and shine edition old >>85984130[View]
86011103/brit/: Toil's End Edition[View]
85989378Hilo latino[View]
85996792>See Frenchman >'Oh fuck here we go' >Try to avoid eye contact and walk past him >He run…[View]
86012458Where to talk with strangers on internet? I have a discord account but idk where to find servers.[View]
86011865this guy is 5'6 like me, im watching a show and... EVERY GIRL IS TALLER THAN HIM HAHAHA HE LOOK…[View]
86012821April 1st...[View]
86012802/esp/: Edición lolis galegas[View]
86012031Who was in the wrong here?[View]
86007689Is eleven thousand dollars considered an adequate tip in your country? USA no.[View]
85997107>1. Your country >2. What's your favourite anime/manga? >flag evangelion…[View]
85939630Culture Pals - /cp/: IBERIAN LOVER Edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the worl…[View]
85983946Learning English thread #2: Previous>>85955045 Feel free to talk at random! We welcome everyo…[View]
86011089Day of the rake![View]
86006832/mämmi/: perjantain narkkaus -painos[View]
86012470instead of having dreams about sex i now have dreams about watching porn[View]
86011014We pretend it's 2019: >le 34% face NUKE ME[View]
86012368Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2Yriy3M8qxyJZyraXuKQBZqRB1Ji2yJdwCK15euXT8_NgDA/v…[View]
86008714ITT: Countries that stole land from you and refuse to give back[View]
85995489Tbh the more I learn about these three the more I dislike them.[View]
86008070/deutsch/ /bayern/: Abendessen mit der gf Ausgabe[View]
86012150The best dainty in the world. Thank you German company[View]
86001302Do you love Japan?[View]
86011444Indian Rahul Gandhi meets foreign Rahul Gandhi[View]
86009370>american beats the shit out of me[View]
85984305Learning English thread #2: A thread that people who are not good at English study.[View]
86011891https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4ckbzKm4dk KARA BOGA anthem.[View]
86009057How come airlines with bad safety records don’t get liquidated?[View]
86008930Why do Americans always think about race in sexual terms? >BLACKED.com >le BBC >le black bu…[View]
86007811This is the most realistic map of the world to me. A Russian anon did it.[View]
86004373Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, dairy…[View]
86011620So true![View]
86010387Was it worth?[View]
86011173Is your country evil?: Apparently, yes.[View]
86004663/polska/: Edycja segregacji spierdonów i normików[View]
86011176So how possible would it be for at least a few of you to be using a proxy and talking like you'…[View]
86010569>people here have created sorted folders dedicated to shitpost about other nations…[View]
86008016Keep clicking on street signs for me. You're a great worker.[View]
86010815Are North Sudanese Arabs?[View]
86000375Is fucking animals legal in your cunt Funland Yes[View]
86010000>spend hours every day on google maps looking at places I'd like to go >feels like I alre…[View]
86010270Never should of come here desu[View]
85984350NEDERDRAAD: *Woef woef* editie Welkom: Tolerante mensen[View]
86006954At this point 3 days before closing ceremony Finland still havent won a gold medal >inb4 asthma…[View]
86010129Based Texas starts arming teachers http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-texas-school-armed-20180222-s…[View]
86005076Find a flaw.[View]
86010370Why they are so unbiased?[View]
85996127Explain this Yurop!!!![View]
86008062Now is the time to put an end to monarchy: Isn't it unbeliveable that there still are monerchie…[View]
86009980O sugador[View]
860022491. Your Country 2. Post old videos and pictures from your country. Preferably from the 50s-80s https…[View]
86008301>friday was 6 years ago[View]
86006521>nation >do you have a small penor >do you want a bigger penor yes yes…[View]
86000550Is this a big deal in your country: Why is this such a big deal? All the old cunt did was slightly g…[View]
86009501EU parliament president: 'The immigration problem is Africa': Antonio Tajani, the European…[View]
86008352Is it anyone's Birthday today? If it is, then Happy Birtthday from /int/![View]
86006016Mongolian government has protested against a Japanese comic making fun of Genghis Khan[View]
86002820Japanese girls vs Korean girls[View]
86007976>see childhood friend in the bus >she's become beautiful and I don't look bad either…[View]
85983644China in 50 Years[View]
86009445I have Italian(central Italy), French, Russian and probably German genes. Am I a mutt?[View]
85985876/fr/ - Le francofil de la nuit: Edition de l'Automne du Moyen Age 'Un peuple qui a beaucoup de …[View]
86001971how do you feel about him?[View]
86006452>I use the old version of meme >People who use the new version are dumb…[View]
86009410What have you learned about Latin America, /int/?[View]
86002836*invades your country* >we are here to spread freedom[View]
86009553Whether you are Muslim, Christian or Buddhist or whatever else, if you love me I will love you[View]
86009035WTF GREECE????????? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asiatic_Vespers[View]
86005320Catalonia will be free[View]
86008889Afrika today if the wh*Toid hadn't stepped there[View]
86006771IS this average pakis man? If so I'm surrendering to our brown overlords[View]
86008684Chans live: Go to a chan meeting, see this? What do?[View]
86000859How empowering...[View]
86006862/brit/: brfc edition[View]
86009024>outdoor temperatures are measured in Celcius >indoor and baking temperatures are measured in…[View]
86002074The hottest topic right now is 'what really gets you women?' What's your view on this?[View]
86008523How can i make gf?[View]
86008674Just how white do you think Putin is?[View]
86008267Is he gay?[View]
85999823Whoa...Arab women look like THIS?[View]
86002596Sverigetråden - Skoupplagan[View]
860074321. your ountry 2. What do you think about Cuntnada getting RAKED at the olympics?[View]
86000724Do you LOVE Korea?[View]
86006944Goodbye /int/[View]
86000148Estonian ambassador has a great vision for the future: https://www.uusisuomi.fi/kotimaa/242509-viron…[View]
86005145/deutsch/ Europa friert ein-Ausgabe[View]
85996903>black intellectual confronting a german neonazi He looks a bit intimidated doesnt he?…[View]
86006621/axis/ general: Get in here, fellow axisbros.[View]
86006113It really makes me think...[View]
85998013Hong Kong poland: 1[View]
86006997If Europe is truly white, then why is there a literal Finnish Turkey right in the middle of it? Expl…[View]
85999605Racists are mad because Jeanne d'Arc will be played by a half black gurl this year[View]
86006445*SPURT* *SPURT* *AAAH* That's all it takes for a foreigner to cum to Germany. Why don't yo…[View]
86007626/isr/ \ישר\: anime edition[View]
85989862I feel bad for Indians. They're not like other third worlders, they're actually nice peopl…[View]
86007552Talk to people all over the world!: South Africa! WhatsApp me +27748482825[View]
86006492ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-43153556[View]
86007484>Italians There's no such thing as an Italian ethnicity. Italy only became a country in 1861…[View]
85988843>Breaking news: Argentine coast guard opened fire to at least three chinese illegal fishing vess…[View]
86007224The Nazis were black.[View]
86005312Summers in Southern Europe: How do we stop them?[View]
86004913/brit/: nffc edition[View]
85998215When referring to Potatoes, Latin American monkeys will say 'papas.' White Spanish speakers on the o…[View]
85994932USA is our greatest ally: >Nearly all of the death camps in occupied Europe were built in Poland.…[View]
86001085/mämmi/: mä vasemmalla[View]
86001942Why do so many white Americans claim that the ancient Egyptians were white Europeans? The only semi-…[View]
86005089/Christ/ thread: Welcome, believers and non-believers! Let us give thanks to He who has mediated on …[View]
85998231Next Overwatch hero is going to be Turkish. What will his abilities be?[View]
86005052Russians are Polish brothers[View]
86005498el goblino del diablo...[View]
86003212your country's best food: i'm hungry[View]
85995973Hungarian: Chinese[View]
86003081>russia >white[View]
86005636>the ideal world doesn't exi-[View]
86003531*hops next to you* haha, fag! *hops away*[View]
86005747Why are russians so paranoid?[View]
86004704ITT: We post memes from other countries that we don’t understand and have anons from those countries…[View]
85992344>chatting with american in Discord >asks me where im from >post spanish flag >'i have no…[View]
85990120Who is representing your country's qts in the winter olympics? >brazil >Isadora Williams…[View]
85996123/rus/ гeнepaл: Дня зaщитникa oтeчecтвa эдишaн, c пpaздникoм чтo ли, пидopы[View]
86005319>I thought the Canadians saying sorry thing was a meme[View]
85996312>black girls are everywhere on Polish tv >we got so used to them we don't even treat them…[View]
86001871Will Farfour ever receive justice?[View]
85998653Should I learn Portuguese? Why?[View]
86004821/birt/: you're going to post in this thread and like it edition[View]
86005330>British people invented English >Can barely understand what the fuck they say…[View]
85999116This is the employment rate by country, among first world countries. >https://data.oecd.org/fr/em…[View]
86004108Does this happen in other cunts as well?: >A 13-year-old student of an elite Indian school threat…[View]
85995576What names do you call soft drinks in your region or country.[View]
86003191/brit/: carnivore cunt[View]
85986014Learning Spanish thread: Thread for the discussion and learning of Spanish Hilo para la discusión y …[View]
86002186/deutsch/ Anime-vermeidende Ausgabe: Und bleibt gefälligst in meinem Tempo.[View]
86004938/brit/: Fuck the other edition edition[View]
86004252>India is better than African countr- http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-43165745 And this …[View]
86004885>>ʷʰ*ᵀᵉ genocide is a good thing[View]
86004410>tfw Europeans do better country music than Americans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QleL9YZmQ0…[View]
86004556'For atheists, anarchists and positivist scientists, any political theology – like any political met…[View]
86003719>be American >go to Walmart to buy one year subscription of freedom >forgot to tip the cash…[View]
86004660Luxembourg and Ireland pay highest minimum wages: The highest minimum wage (€1,999 per month) is pai…[View]
85996027How do we save Japan?[View]
85987031/ita - il filo: Edizione: nostalgia portami via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW1nK9qHBvQ…[View]
85999594How are you going to celebrate the 57th independence Day of Estonia?[View]
85998945WW3: even joins blue odd joins red trips is neutral[View]
85995745why are urban southerners so much more attractive than their rural counterparts, /int/?[View]
85988634/polska/: edycja ślicznej japonki (chinki)[View]
86002831Go voting[View]
85997535Check out this map of Australia, 100% accurate, post your cunt's version pls[View]
86000076You may only post in this thread if your country was never communist[View]
86004277Shit, Canada really is the 51th state of America: >people rescue a 3 years old pet pig, nurse it …[View]
85980023Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, dairy…[View]
86001795/brit/: get it[View]
86003046Why are Chinese people so rude? https://youtu.be/T8OCR1suKcs https://youtu.be/5nI-BoGRbhg It seems l…[View]
86002591What are your favourite cheese from 1. your own country 2. foreign countries[View]
85997013WTF I hate murica now!: >In 1978, most Kyrgyz inhabitants fled to Pakistan in the aftermath of th…[View]
86003431I will personally end thotdom[View]
85995584What are you drinking tonight /int/?[View]
85992389Damn, so it's like that, huh?[View]
86000867TU Berlin: Is this uni good for computer science?[View]
86003249Good beer after dinner is what does an European man need.[View]
85995636>Korean war >USA saves you >Adopt PEPSI symbol >Actually be proud of it and even put it …[View]
86002135we wuz not brits?[View]
85996001Is 4chan illegal in any countries?[View]
86000306>when Uzbeks reach 10% of the Russian population, they'll start exterminating Chechens and o…[View]
86003178>wake up >falklands still not under their rightful argentine rulers…[View]
86003121God damn we need to set women straight.[View]
86002707The left column confuses and enrages the South American.[View]
85988537Daily reminder if this movie make sucess in Asia next month, white people are finished in pop cultur…[View]
86000872why are americans so fat and ugly? even their dogs are fat. absolutely hilarious.[View]
85998648Mysterious theft in Finland: https://www.mtv.fi/uutiset/rikos/artikkeli/punaiseen-lierihattuun-sonnu…[View]
86000394>tfw seborrhea[View]
86002774>i suffer in south europe[View]
85991144Why are Asians so blind?[View]
85996046>Be third world country, Vietnam, with barely functioning toilets and massive corruption and lack…[View]
85998714/deutsch/: animu ausgabe uezs[View]
86000005Italy stronk![View]
85998096Should I learn Chinese on Duolingo or is there a better way? I mostly want to be able to read it.[View]
86002440americans are waking up hide your hamburgers and salad dressing[View]
860022952017 fertility rates for Denmark is out It's 1,75 and declined with 0,03 compared to 2016. Hig…[View]
86002370El Xico está aquí: ¡Temblad, criminales![View]
85996302SHOW ME: How many times in a week is /int/ showering? Is being clean a part of your daily routine?…[View]
85996832Apparently the next Overwatch hero is going to be Turkish and it makes me realize I don't know …[View]
85993583why eastern europe is so racist? also Finland/Portugal WTF!? https://figshare.com/articles/European_…[View]
85992425How have Italian descendants affected your country?[View]
86001136/mämmi/: perjantaipainos[View]
85999480Do you go to bars/pubs?[View]
86001112How come /ow/ are superior in all ways to /o/? /ow/ should secede at once. Debaixo do douro tudo mou…[View]
85998710/deutsch/: Antinapoleonische Ausgabe[View]
85997301/brit/: white people destroyed[View]
86000130/brit/: pastor anderson edition[View]
85999996Let's give it up for the best country in THE WORLD[View]
86001424Looking for fun ways for my bf to teach me German? >sit in his lap and read German novels/philoso…[View]
86000213Do you follow Lei Feng's good example?[View]
86001091mämmi: Rokokoo painos[View]
86000882*blocks your path* >Give me your cigs, g*Rmanoid monkey[View]
86000411Don't worry Americans I hear you[View]
86001017https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=447&v=RU7pVnaxCM8 >So we're at the graveyard…[View]
85993326I don't care if there's a mass shooting every day. I'm not giving up my guns and you …[View]
85984903/mämmi/: Pajautus editio[View]
85996158>rural whites are trashy >rural blacks/mexicans are friendly, family oriented, and respectful …[View]
85998559Do Mexicans like Spaniards?[View]
86000498Daily reminder that Finnish girls are the most beautiful: Finnish girls have the best of East and We…[View]
85997320/isr/ - מהדורת הטירונות[View]
85999208This triggers the American.[View]
85998676/brit/: Ritsu edition[View]
85992197Why would someone move here?[View]
85996697Why do westerners like us asian girls so much?[View]
85996725>tfw americans literally has the same climate as poo in the loos[View]
85999907Ladies,ladies,please one at a time.[View]
85983909Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
85994966Is this true? This song enrages the average asian? https://youtu.be/JODQ7FlAaXg[View]
85996146How do we stop the Polish menace?[View]
85987487Why are brown women so much more superior compare to Wh*te women?[View]
85999420Draw spurdo: 1.country 2.do you like drawing spurdo Sweden Yes[View]
85978458Pics you've taken: Bonus: Travel pictures[View]
85998428Yay! http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/data_and_surveys/84682/malta_population_foreign_immigration_…[View]
85997427How can the Black even recover??[View]
85998807Why there is rivalry between Sweden and Denmark in first place? Just look at the land mass. Sweden l…[View]
85996556When will the international community finally take action against Poland for their role in perpetrat…[View]
85998896REEEE: >when a mutt calls me spic[View]
85994175>be american >enjoy a nice corndog[View]
85998241say it with me[View]
85998616r8 my meme[View]
85995454/int/ made me really like these guys for some reason, keep it between me and you though don't t…[View]
85998852I wanna dish out KARA BOGA on wh*tey[View]
85998640>Korean flag is pepsi symbol[View]
85992917Wtf I thought Indians weren’t white? https://youtube.com/watch?v=ijvVHdF7Ekc[View]
85991486/ausnz/: Only Union Jacks allowed edition[View]
85997898I wonder if germanics were to romans back in the day as niggers are to westerners today[View]
85997313how does one learn korean?[View]
85998033reddit here ama[View]
85998370How do these people look from your countries perspective?[View]
85993778Dogs Gone: https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-australia-43165427 Uh oh looks like Uncle Murdoch has …[View]
85994431/deutsch/: Morgenstund hat gold im mund und jetzt tagwacht kameraden[View]
85996509/cricfeel/: South Africa vs India, 3d t20i, 1600 GMT Saturday. South Africa A vs Australia, stumps a…[View]
85993698Paris 2050: Discuss.[View]
85995520>be american >refuse the vaccine >get shot anyway…[View]
85990052the state of california[View]
85997845>your cunt >is freedom of speech well respected Spain Not always..…[View]
85994577I'm an American wanting to move to China (HK or Shanghai) How feasible is this?[View]
85997188Sports sponsor advertisement: I have been wondering, does the advertisement guys have to pay extra i…[View]
85996264at least you aren't indian/paki...[View]
85949870/lang/ - language learning general: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning …[View]
85988349THE ABSOLUTE STATE of Canada[View]
85995834/brit/: 1:10 https://efukt.com/20909_Sex_On_The_Beach_FAIL.html edition[View]
85997052I hate Celts SO MUCH!![View]
85996491start visiting albania[View]
85994500Why are Italian diaspora so violent and prone to crime?[View]
85994765Why are protestants best at everything except for immigration policies?[View]
85994278What do you like about France and le Frenchie people?[View]
85994210>i liek kabeb takos nd cury so diversiti is gud[View]
85994187>tfw being fat Last year when I came back from college my normal shirts used to hang on me like I…[View]
85996614Do you like Iran? :3[View]
85995368why are they so based?[View]
85996715>British menus[View]
85994361>I speak _____ to God, _____ to women, _____ to men and _____ to my horse fill in the blanks /int…[View]
85992950Why Jew like asian: Especially girl[View]
85995417Americans are only matured people who can handle firearms within their society[View]
85996552>Can't even remember the last person I spoke to[View]
85984757What is to be done about the Swarthy Southern Euro Masses[View]
85994098why do Latin Americans and middle easterners pretend to be southern european?[View]
85995866how do we stop the canadians from becoming asian?[View]
85996518Today i shall reminder them[View]
85996513Is this the pinnacle of Italian-American cuisine?[View]
85995515>1. Your cunt? >2. Did the cool kids in your cunt wear G-Shocks? Germany Yes…[View]
85996119The largest group in the adoptions from abroad to Finland were children born in South Africa. The ne…[View]
85996316I want to become a flaming homosexual. Which country should I visit to make me a nancy sissy pants?[View]
85993448>be American >carry out a school sharting…[View]
85996100>It's okay to have brown eyes![View]
85995599I am sorry mother and father...[View]
85995765NATO=Peace: Did you notice that only terrorists and warmongering militaristic totalitarian states ar…[View]
85976690Did they become immune to this meme?[View]
85995883Wow. Maybe Syrians are wh*te after all...[View]
85994768/brit/: Optimism is cowardice edition[View]
85994305top KEK >JUSTin[View]
85990791Colombians close border to Venezuelans: Why so heartless? This Venezuelan girl just wants some bread…[View]
85986599>british cuisine lol[View]
85993175Alask is largest country Say something nice about her[View]
85983417What are your fetishes, /int/?[View]
85994641Чё, пoцaны C пpaздникoм, eбaтт![View]
85995360>Canada is only 53% white HAHAHAHHAHHAHA[View]
85995406>Swedes make Ericisson >Swedes make Erlang >Swedes make spotify > Are swedes done on the…[View]
85994261At this point 3 days before closing ceremony Finland still havent won a gold medal >inb4 asthma…[View]
85990960Do you feel 4chan and/or /int/ has made you more, or less racist than before?[View]
85995136Norman saw on English oak On English neck a Norman yoke Norman spoon to English dish, And England ru…[View]
85994748>anabolic steroids are created from soy extracts w-woah....[View]
85983538What's life like in American cities?[View]
85994538>what's wrong anon? >why won't you eat your bread-sticks to cleanse your pallet?…[View]
85993138/brit/: /ex-yu/ edition[View]
85989155/cum/: chicano boys were born to please big white cocks edition[View]
85993055Really makes you think[View]
85989660>ur cunt >whole milk or skim milk?[View]
85959564/v4/ + kamarádi: Horo edition[View]
85993671Why do Jews smoke so much weed?[View]
85993772Finns are Swedes in denial.[View]
85993595>at the age around 12 >usual outcast small kid that can out be outgoing, timid kind >think…[View]
85982227drinking thread: Lets drink[View]
85993352>be britbong >wake up to birds tweeting and snow falling >cook up some hard boiled eggs, pa…[View]
85987244Cuban Roaming Fees: Hi I'm Canadian and I'm going on a trip to Cuba next month. I went the…[View]
85991780/brit/: Stop watching porn[View]
85986020More important than any other nation in Europe, yea or nay?[View]
85991917Why is the Chinese government paying people to push their POV on 4chan, of all places?[View]
85991913Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, Jews, etc: Stop your squabbling for the moment. There is a much grea…[View]
85992525Are you a 90's kid /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps2Jc28tQrw[View]
85992714Hey Russians, just dropping in to say that the music that comes out of Murmansk is very very cold. T…[View]
85990122Your days are finally numbered, /v/: Prepare your boipussy.[View]
85993519/int/ 56% face posting made me support racemixing At first it was ironic but now I genuinely suppor…[View]
85988693White/Western power in 17th~ early 20th Century, the age when human rights were not even so importan…[View]
85992127Is this a good representation of American life?[View]
85993573>tfw no Wakandan gf Why must I suffer?[View]
85987477/deutsch/e /nachtschicht/[View]
85992221Imperial Units vs Metric Units: How the hell do Americans deal with these units? i mean, serious co…[View]
85990371>you can be racist to white people[View]
85993449Why is it so impossible to gather data from this place? Furthermore, what the absolute fuck went so …[View]
85992008What are your thoughts on the eternal Anglo?[View]
85988833Do you support Israel?[View]
85964003/carib/: the old man and the sea edition: If we give PK an island gf, will he stop letting the threa…[View]
85990186>only speak english >mom speaks English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, and two di…[View]
85993233Faces of /int/: Show off your guns Edition[View]
85992618DIOS MIO!!!![View]
85989703What is it about french girls?[View]
85992538virgin cave thread: virgin cave thread take a pic of ur room and post it[View]
85990835I need a you[View]
85983837>go to college >come home >walk my dog >go on 4chan, maybe play video games >repeat h…[View]
85992265>mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere >backwards ed…[View]
85983084>country >would you hit this? br hell yea…[View]
85989499The burger king needed a cheat sheet to remember how to show empathy and compassion. We have reache…[View]
85987137What's your country's greatest embarrassment?[View]
85993036>ʷʰ*ᵀᵉ genocide is a good thing[View]
85988429Question for non-Americans: Do you love California? (Flyovers will still reply and pretend that the…[View]
85992903>tfw sushi roller[View]
85992791>the police will protect me when someone breaks into my house[View]
85974181/cum/: only wypipol things edition[View]
85991090why does Tennessee produce so many talented musicians, /int/?[View]
85983831Post the enemy list of your country: Poland That is alll[View]
85992524>the only thing that can stop a school shooter, is another school shooter with a bigger gun…[View]
85991692Do any other countries have a mormon problem like we do in the USA? They come to your house, knock o…[View]
85992144In a perfect world..[View]
85992346OK you guys did something... what happened? how the hell did you make this real? What's going o…[View]
85992390Why are we banned from /tv/?[View]
85990334>the Southern Cone countries are the only ex spanish colonies where wh*Tes are still the elite Ho…[View]
85991298I WANT TO BE CUTE[View]
85988852>somebody on /int/ makes a racist comment towards my race/ethnicity[View]
85992177Are truth in advertising laws enforced in your nation? This morning when I qent out for ny burger I …[View]
85987011how do i find a qt depressed gf if im 5'6 and ugly?[View]
85988176America's Italy >used to be most powerful in the country >one of the oldest Euro-civiliza…[View]
85991966When I was in school I got told my ancestors were enslaved and before that they were swinging from t…[View]
85991266Anyone else read posts here in amusing accents?[View]
85990807>hogwarts isn't real[View]
85991841Americans think the world cares about the safety of their schools[View]
85991773/brit/: denko edition[View]
85987688Can anyone explain to me why the rest of the world finds the idea of arming teachers to be so odd? I…[View]
85991707>This little tiny beans threatens Westerners[View]
85978940Smartphone: Which smartphone do you use? I'm still using the 5s and I don't plan on changi…[View]
85990219learn french please[View]
85990290>tfw you will never be canadian[View]
85957263/ausnz/: Friends with my ex-bf edition (that I will always feel sad about not being with)[View]
85991112Learning spanish?: Better to learn central american mudskin spanish or noble Castilian spanish? I wo…[View]
85975254Why do Americans on 4chan always try to turn every conversation they enter into an argument about po…[View]
85989760>my culture means a lot to me[View]
85991227>no qt american gf to learn english with >she will never buy me a ticket plane >i will neve…[View]
85975241Is your country corrupt?: https://www.transparency.org/_view/feature/8162[View]
85991226If your country wasn't a main character in G Gundam, it's a non-country.[View]
85989901Niggreat: Statue[View]
85988598Post YOUR MOM in your language.[View]
85990732i need affection...[View]
85991046So is South America still being a shithole as ever? My dad was born in Peru and I heard the current …[View]
85988206Is Belize gonna get rangebanned because of that UR MOM poster? Pls don't. because im going ther…[View]
85990908>British people are ug-[View]
85991175How does an autistic Chechen end up in Belize?[View]
85989998>when someone responds positively to one of his /int/ posts he starts grinning and jumps out of h…[View]
859816581. your country 2. is your leader a pathological liar with dementia? USA yes[View]
85990948>no job >no money >no education >no friends >no gf >no hope literally cannot make …[View]
85991067>you will never live in the early 20th century when white supremacy was the norm almost everywher…[View]
85989745I never knew I was part of JIDF[View]
85967904>Whats your business in Mexico gringo?[View]
85990537Why did everyone act like it was not a big deal that Picard spent forty fucking years living as a ma…[View]
85984130/balk/: midnight hours edition old >>85960409[View]
85984377not looking like a tourist: so i'm taking a vacation to the UK and France and i don't want…[View]
85988671/brit/: >Sick of this aussie and his shit fucking threads[View]
85986556>Coffee? No thanks I’m a tea guy[View]
85990603This is the future of America and it's beautiful[View]
85984664God bless this country.[View]
85989158Denmark hate thread[View]
85990533How would be Latin America if England had conquered instead of Spain or Portugal ?: Probably, many c…[View]
85987276Amerifag here, I'm moving to Norway in two months or so to go to school for electrical engineer…[View]
85978126I am British[View]
85982072How the fuck will Russia survive the World Cup this summer? Literally every pub will be Bong hooliga…[View]
85989545The only good tricolor.[View]
85978742/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
85990384>Your cunt >Are you a virgin? USA yes...[View]
85988971What's life like in Austin, TX ?[View]
85983570>Your country >Which country has the cutest girls? USA Australia for sure…[View]
85989782young people that are heavily invested in politics are mentally ill[View]
85989794>tfw 182cm while my 16 years old brother is 190 i only live to suffer[View]
85989614>you will never have a teenager love[View]
85989896If your country was a boat, would it sink or stay stable? Mine would sink, of course.[View]
85972488/balt/: Baltide queen edition[View]
85990157Wtf apparently these guys are Czechia now. Did you know about this?[View]
85988975Do you believe in your cunt's primary religion, /int/? I'm not asking if you believe in re…[View]
85989639I need to sleep help pls[View]
85989567I made a shitpost and that rude belize fag didn't comment in it[View]
85975394>Americans flush their toilet paper down the toilet[View]
85987062>I'm not a finnophobe, I just don't like gayposting... Why do bigots think this accepta…[View]
85989698What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
85989832>opinion I disagree with <<<<<<<<< UH DUH DUH DUH DUUUH THIS IS WHAT Y…[View]
85985431>other country >do thing[View]
85989574Why aren't you visiting my country and spending all your money here?[View]
85988038>havent shaved for 5 weeks >still more patches than actual hair guys, still chances for full b…[View]
85989584>gay '''rights'''[View]
85989280america is nordic[View]
85989555>the government is always right[View]
85987669what's his problem?[View]
85989530nooooooo what is going on again we were doing so well here it goes agaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
85987145How do we solve the china crisis?[View]
85986036>Tax funded healthcare is so AWESOME[View]
85986649give me a movie to watch /int/, i'm borred[View]
85989309Americans would rather blame literally everyone other than themselves for their problems. It's …[View]
85980596German ''''tanks''''''[View]
85970110>cats in his country don't miau[View]
85982981why are chinese americans smart? why aren't white americans smart?[View]
85977730/luso/ - fio lusofono: edição do cara mais bonito do luso[View]
85980766Hi you motherfuckers, post a military song: https://youtu.be/p7xheqogpJU[View]
85982523Called a Brazilian girl an animal and now she won't talk to me. Give advice.[View]
85971518kurva anyátok[View]
85988738What does Dutchland think of its king?[View]
85985976>America is an anglo coun-[View]
85988346What are your thoughts on Eko Atlantic, /int/? When Nigeria becomes a global superpower, Eko Atlanti…[View]
85978019>Congratulations anon, the job of park ranger in Patagonia is yours[View]
85988290grug no speak english grug suggest you learn grug language[View]
85979814/ex-yu/: Jelena izdanje[View]
85970980/éire/: literally me edition[View]
85988089glug hate taco tribe glug vote drumb tribe chief drumb put rock between tribes and make glug tribe r…[View]
85981285Why do so many white Americans claim that the ancient Egyptians were white?[View]
85988146First world middle class >basically a peasant + debt >at constant risk of getting laid off due…[View]
85985651Make Argentina GREAT again when?[View]
85980960This region produces the best girls.[View]
85961273/vocaroo/: voca-fucking-roo thread lads unofficial official rules 1. post something in your language…[View]
85987432I'm a colossal furry faggot and can't accept it[View]
85987980Poдилcя пapeнь нa Дoнy Tepпeньeм в мaть c oтцoвcкoй cилoй И дaли имя пaцaнy, Пo хpиcтиaнcкoмy кpecт…[View]
85987042Hey Frogs, how do you feel about Unification (with Jupiter as president)?[View]
85969271>tfw 15cm penis life ruined by genetics, nice...[View]
85985655Noooooooo no no no puede ser AAAAAAAAAAh HAHA HAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2vOI8xWQGw[View]
85987551Why does the British accent make you sound smart?[View]
85977521/polska/: Edycja prawdy o /polsce/ poprzednia: >>85970425[View]
85972742Post the greatest city from your country.. I'll start.[View]
85975664/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Santo protettore del filo[View]
85987479no wonder why i became autist, when i was watching this kind of movies when i was a kid https://www.…[View]
85976604I just watched a few videos of this guy for the first time. Is he actually retarded? In one of the v…[View]
85955639/esp/ Gibraltar española edition.: Que onda chulos.[View]
85985695/brit/: An evening with the gf edition[View]
85984879Do you have an instagram-waifu? What cunt is she from? For me? It's Aya from Kazakhstan.[View]
85982214卐/deutsch/卐: Ronnyausgabe Ostmarksubausgabe Hobts ihr schon amol den Wehrmachtseid gschworen oder na…[View]
85984601/general/: /general/[View]
85982240Westerns are suicidal But could this work[View]
85978294What happened to the Mexicans living in the current American Southwest when it was first incorporate…[View]
85986570Remember this next time someone says arming teachers would stop shooters[View]
85980244Why is Europe so violent compared to the USA?[View]
85986451Would you rather be a cop in Rio or an syrian army soldier? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luiJzvXH…[View]
85984679What are your suggestions to make American schools safer?[View]
85981990Will Mexico elect a meme to be its President this July?[View]
85983835/brit/: miscegenation nation edition[View]
85978014If Belgium is the Belgium of Europe what is the Belgium of the US?[View]
85984337Sweden hate thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iERLyAxddVE[View]
85982046>Spain gives you a (You)[View]
85986674White Countries: I don't know, /int/cels, I think he might have a point. White people used to b…[View]
85985397>Boy I sure am glad I don't consume soy products, fucking soyboys amirite, we need to ridicu…[View]
85986273This is Norway's most famous millionaire couple. Sucks to be poor[View]
85986499what do Frenchies think of their JUPITERIAN President?[View]
85986286your cunt do you smash the hun uk yes[View]
85985701>ME LIKE COUNTIRES[View]
85983411>As an American, my opinion is that blah blah blah[View]
85985089>Yep, I call them crisps instead of chips. How wacky is that?[View]
85981112what will your nation look like in 150 years?[View]
85985938Wtf I hate Mexico now[View]
85985168do you have an epicanthic fold? me no, although i was born in a central asian shithole https://en.wi…[View]
85976184ITT: /int/ in 1912[View]
85983370wtf is wrong with them ?[View]
85985659Actually good chinese products edition. The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the C…[View]
85978796WTF? Do Germans really do this?[View]
85981015>tfw low carb is killing me Thats it bros, if I have to do this one more day I'll eat 10 big…[View]
85978922is there a worse flag in existence? I mean there are some pretty lame flags in terms of aesthetic ap…[View]
85983895>racemixing is wrong[View]
85982213/brit/: meow[View]
85981832GR vs ITA: Who makes the better music? Decide here and post the best songs. Vote here https://www.s…[View]
85978255What is the most Americanized country in Europe?[View]
85985580>be me >mexamerican, parents are immigrants >don't consider myself white in the slight…[View]
85981751>s-slava ukrayini!!! OH NO NO NO BRUH[View]
85953994/sino/ 中文 (秘鲁): peru? worried peru The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chines…[View]
85971695/fr/ - le francofil du soir: Édition ultra collabo[View]
85985443I'm confused. Do you call it the fatherland or motherland???[View]
85984477300 Greeks vs 2 million Iranians: Absolutely astonishing.[View]
85983616>wake up >Europe now looks like this How do you respond?…[View]
85981119>t. mohame-[View]
85984924I'm not gonna lie, you Euros can be brilliant at times >>>/pol/161503551[View]
85984927Can we please stop being so racist? I have 100% Germanic blood running through my veins but I think …[View]
85981018>tfw no Finnish gf[View]
85981218>Why yes, winter is my favorite season.[View]
85984834Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
85983875Will be visiting these 4 cunts in June. What to expect in each of them?[View]
85984851Do you love NICARAGUA?[View]
85984783i will personally end thotdom.[View]
85984685>tfw sitting at waist level to smell passing cute girl farts[View]
85981160Is this an accurate representation of american schools?[View]
85982194/brit/: fa inspo edition[View]
85984498Is autism common in your country?[View]
85982453/int/ A foreign government offers to pay you to shitpost and rile up the retards in your cunt. They …[View]
85983842>Finland's sea is 100% (100%) frozen as of today[View]
85976361/mämmi/: Koira[View]
85982828HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Americans, including their president, are seriously talking about arming school tea…[View]
85957018/mena/ م: الشّتات edition[View]
85984183>tfw for a brief and shining moment I lived in Colorado but I blew it and had to move back to the…[View]
85984118yo momo is pretty cute lol ya[View]
85955045Learning English thread #1: A thread that people who are not good at English study.[View]
85977799>El Grand Goblino del 86%[View]
85983914Dear America: I am bored. We haven't had a proper war in years. Why can't we bomb africa? …[View]
85981573I'm in Rome, ask me anything before they kick me out of Starbucks wi-fi for not buying anything…[View]
85964894/nederdraad/: weer een sgattige jongensuitgave welkom: sgattige jongens niet welkom: homofoben ook w…[View]
85960409/balk/: your mom edition old >>85943472[View]
85981569The largest group in the adoptions from abroad to Finland were children born in South Africa. The ne…[View]
85974270American author thinks Norwegian flag is Confederate flag: >The news tip a few days ago said: …[View]
85982382What is the state of lgbt rights in your nation? America here, we are ok but still a lot of progress…[View]
85979726>I'm a world citizen[View]
85982994What went wrong?[View]
85981747What music are /int/ listening to? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzsoNUmlO8A…[View]
85975180What did the Netherlands mean by this?[View]
85970642IRA: Are they heroes in Ireland? I always considered them based but I got no idea how reality was. A…[View]
85982978> > >[View]
85981708>what a weird accent anon! where are you from? >I'm from bra...I'm from Africa!…[View]
85982625Do you love cream pie?[View]
85976559Meanwhile, in 1776 /int/...: Friendship ended with BRITAIN Now FRANCE is my best friend[View]
85982572No sé qué tienen las flores, Llorona, Las flores del camposanto, No sé qué tienen las flores, Lloron…[View]
85982215the death camps were polish repeat after me : polish death camps[View]
85981106What did he mean by this?[View]
85970859Why Sweden causes so much buthurt on PJW? Is Sweden really that bad?[View]
85974853What are the urban megaregions in your country?: >pic related: USA and Canada…[View]
85982397Are Anglos more inclined to Serial Killing?[View]
85980846Brazilians and other South Americans what is your favorite ape or other animal that you've seen…[View]
85980160/brit/: finnish gf edition[View]
85935603/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: Cobb edition[View]
85970034Why don't Europeans celebrate Black History Month?[View]
85977070Südtirol ist /deutsch/: Rebellions-Ausgabe[View]
85978152why do people so much about animals nowadays? they're literally inferior mindless creatures, is…[View]
85975126but who does poland belong to?[View]
85976340>Bavarian girls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX7NdtZZSio[View]
85971325>Current Racial Map of the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpjbWjy65pA what do you think? I…[View]
85978981Do you know any furry irl? how is he/she like? I do know one, I know it because he told me when we w…[View]
85978985>Finlands economy just dropped by 50% in ONE day HAHAHAAHH OH NO NO NO[View]
85981497>Can't tell if this board is getting worse, or i'm growing out of 4chan…[View]
85971426Where did this idea come from that anyone can just be German or British for example that it isn…[View]
85966717If you vote Navalny, you vote for a person that wants to eradicate people like pic related. On 4cha…[View]
85980696>tfw no qt3.14 aussie gf to lovingly call me a cunt with her adorable accent Why even live?…[View]
85981332>some retard from latin america starts to write in spanish out of the blue on an english-language…[View]
85979981>The Gulf Stream warms Europe all year along! winters are mild and bearable :) oh no no NO NON NO…[View]
85981263>God made humans as creators like He is >God granted us creative powers so that we can create …[View]
85977866How accurate is that ?[View]
85980082Why are ukranians so cute[View]
85953336/ex-ussr/ général: мepтвoe издaниe + édition de Pavel Nikolaïevitch Groudinine. Le candidat du peupl…[View]
85980937When will the Japanese pay reparations for Dutch comfort women?[View]
85977097Sverigetråden - Litteraturklubbupplagan[View]
85977957>Arabs are laz-[View]
85980971860lbs (389kg) of Cocaine Seized at Russian Embassy in Argentina: BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentin…[View]
85978952>Post utter garbage >Dane gets mad about language appropriation…[View]
85978179/lads/: A comfy place for the lads to just be lads[View]
85980559Can we please stop being so racist? I have 100% Germanic blood running through my veins but I think …[View]
85980484Should you choose to be a chad in South Africa, or an ugly virgin in Japan?[View]
85978694>e''''u'''' >relevant[View]
85973948/brit/: *blocks you path*[View]
85979481Why is tipping only an American thing? Imagine being so entitled that you complain about getting *on…[View]
85978343What country do you like best?[View]
85969145BEING REALISTIC What country would you like to move to, assuming that visas were NOT a limiting fact…[View]
85979114>in another universe shitskin and gook countries might be taking millions of white refugees now…[View]
85960683>'hey ahmed why don't you go back to saudi arabia' >tfw I'm actually christian…[View]
85978426What's the best theme park in your cunt?[View]
85977328How did Swedes feel about the Swedish Princess scene from Kingsman?[View]
85979719>communism is bad >i hate being a wagecuck…[View]
85957259/norgetråden/: NAUT-utgaven Forrige: >>85926224 >>85926224 >>85926224 >>859…[View]
85973645/ex-yu/: podsjetnik na nultu toleranciju prema crnim govnima[View]
85979493yeah sure government i'm going to spend these monthly 429 euro in inserting myself into society…[View]
85978192Rate Strasburg Pennsylvania! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap5XyaCBjso[View]
85979278If Israel is an enemy of white people, are they a super-enemy of black people?[View]
85974261Why does he do this?[View]
85948732Americans discuss on whether 6 year old kids should wear kevlar armor to school.[View]
85971995Juncker 'worried' by Italian elections: European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker …[View]
85975170is the media too hard on americans?[View]
85978530Is 10,000,000 USD big money in your country? I just have curiosity about other first world country…[View]
85975139Why is Youtube banned in Eritrea?[View]
85975519Would my gf blend in as normal in your country? When she was in exchange in America people thought s…[View]
85976146>going to vote for Sobchak >mfw[View]
85975851/brit/: NEETs always win edition![View]
85978534>he doesn't get his weekly orgy of israeli whores personally chosen by Soros for posting ame…[View]
85977881Хaнты-Maнcийcкий aвтoнoмный oкpyг — Югpa: What goes on here?[View]
85968319Are they Europeans? Should they join the EU?[View]
85963401HILO LATINO[View]
85972404Did you guys know that Indians believe that Indo-Aryans originated in the Indus River Valley? Becaus…[View]
85970953America is the main character of /int/.[View]
85974949How strong is /int/ in numbers? Anybody knw? Estimates?[View]
85973216Because the beauty of the Ukrainian women must not perish from the earth.[View]
85964134What goes on here? Why does Japan want these islands? What race are the people who live here?[View]
85974560Brazil: I am brazilian with 100% german ancestry with a german name and surname and citizenship, and…[View]
85977444>The Amerifats want to give guns to teachers to stop school shooters[View]
85978060its almost here: what am i talking about[View]
85974530la creatura...[View]
85971138>tfw you'll never be born and live in Toronto as a non-binary genderqueer lesbian feminist w…[View]
85934313Are there people of Sicilian descent that actually look white instead of Arab/Middle Easterner?[View]
85977953it's 00:23 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
85977949I am a professional race scientist from /pol/, and i will explain why Finns are not white but Korean…[View]
85971639Tell me one good thing about the EU and one bad thing.[View]
85976556Why do Russians do this?[View]
85977107Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
85975417Daily reminder: illegal aliens kill some 2,400 Americans a year, more than school shootings. Daily r…[View]
85976586Anyone else just fantasize about killing /int/ards?[View]
85976458Ai wont hier loojer näu. Wai Finland poliis fak estonia WAI?!?[View]
85975760How similar are the romance languages? If I speak Spanish, can I understand Portuguese, Italian, Cat…[View]
85949465/luso/ fio lusofono: edição do tuga tipico[View]
85975552In Indonesia, there is an Anime Islamist Party.[View]
85958955>Some reports have said more than 100 Russian mercenaries were killed in US air strikes on 7 Febr…[View]
85975278Trump: Violent Video Games/Movies are to blame for Mass Shootings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3…[View]
85963797>Little Romanian boiclitties >HUNGARYAN men…[View]
85977035What do Australians think of this television program episode?[View]
85952849Why are Middle Eastern women objectively the best looking?[View]
85975182What do Americans think about Europe? What does comes first in your mind if you think about it and w…[View]
85970425/polska/: nitka obiadowa[View]
85950839Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, dairy…[View]
85973825One day...[View]
85972500What is “dating culture” like in Brazil? Virgins need not reply.[View]
85973598/deutsch/: 4chan-Ausgabe[View]
85970026Could I pass as local in your country?[View]
85974031>The master race >el 100% face OH NO NO NOOO…[View]
85973757It is impossible for mestizos to race mix with qt Japanese girls because they both are technically M…[View]
85976590Language - ethnicity in Finland and the companies: How big percentage of non Finnish speakers or non…[View]
85973244Which nation/people is/are the laziest? I would say arabs. They haven't built anything on their…[View]
85972713Americans don't want teachers to have guns, that is absurd. No one wants to go to school in an …[View]
85976175>watching old movies where everyone is white[View]
85974717How do I learn throat singing?[View]
85976194>2022 >Artificially Grown babies are the thing. >A measly 6 percent of Gay Euros have JACKE…[View]
85973633Why do Americans microwave their clothes?[View]
85968195/mämmi/: Ankka[View]
85973915/brit/: any fashy lads in[View]
85975233I fixed europe[View]
85972402German in Brazil for vacation here. Why do you Brazilians obsess so much over AC? Just open a window…[View]
85973245Can you tell me why I dont have frens? I want at least one fren.[View]
85975673What are weebs like in your country?[View]
859754861. your country 2. does anyone love you? Canada No...[View]
85969528/ita/ - il filo: ed. how to get a Georgian bf?[View]
85975824>it's an anon is filled with dread about everything episode[View]
85974210Is it possible to speak fluently three foreign languages? First language, English, I learn since pri…[View]
85975263AEAN Thread: Will they federalize and become one country?[View]
85972200How attractive women feel: Thoughts?[View]
85973692FINNISH NEWS: A15-year-old boy on a quad bike died in a crash in Joensuu today. He lost control of t…[View]
85974923is this the most useless board there is?[View]
85973928I am ASHAMED[View]
85971093Is it true that Americans[View]
85975044one is mexican and the other american.[View]
85963720How can I have English writing skill as good as an native speaker? I make twelve threads on 4chan an…[View]
85967459Russian nuclear power plant into North Finland: https://www.maaseuduntulevaisuus.fi/talous/artikkeli…[View]
85974586>go to Surrey >nothing but gays[View]
85972032Are we American-tier retarded now?[View]
85974648>English grammar ''rules'' >''rules'' >mfw…[View]
85971837>MAYBE IF YOU HAD A GUN THEN YOU WOULDN'T GET SHOT So this is the power of american educatio…[View]
85974584h-hey America are you gonna be okay?[View]
85974466Bald Eagles are the most important animal in all of the animal world.[View]
85974354ITT post your hottest rarest Amerimutts[View]
85949978/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: >edition[View]
85968029>welcome to australia, dirty chinks[View]
85964551Sverigetråden - Birgerupplagan[View]
85971475why do chicanos make best rap music? i was addicted to chicano rap and it made me unable to sleep.[View]
85969596What if the EU had tigers?[View]
85971253/brit/: Oh comedy, their illusions they have no choice but to believe Their horizons that just forev…[View]
85971796where do you stand on abortion, /int/?[View]
85972997Get in the rocket, ausländer. We’re making Europe great again.[View]
85973279When will white boys man up and get themselves a BLACK QUEEN? Can they not handle them?[View]
85967268/ex-yu/: KARA DŽOĆKO edicija[View]
85973462what an overrated country[View]
85970766wtf hungary???[View]
85972221Opinions on Micronesia?[View]
85972134I want to immigrate to that country. Does Communism really make me free from personal poverty?[View]
85973458>Other countries don't have PVP servers[View]
85973237Is the kara boga meme actually true? if you see in mainstream music they are all black wh*toids love…[View]
85969020/deutsch/: Der Ewige Leaf Ausgabe[View]
85970189>be dutch >fart the plane down https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=BSFWwJdjIOw…[View]
85971251/brit/: toil edition[View]
85962970RUSSIA IS GONE: Russia’s birth rate has fallen to the lowest level in a decade - birth rates would c…[View]
85955722What the fuck Finland[View]
85972770Is he, dare I say it, are new hero?[View]
85972725why americans do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78juOpTM3tE[View]
85967819How to get asian gf?[View]
85968083>Germans have free health care! >Germans pay 40% taxes from their total income…[View]
85947554/rus/: Я нa выбopы никoгдa нe хoдил, нo в этoт paз тoчнo пoйдy зa Гpyдининa гoлocoвaть. Кaндидaт oт …[View]
85971502How does your language sound with an American accent?: Cool? Uncool? Weird?[View]
85969284>i will go to the psychologist in a few days >i will see his nu-male soyboy cuck face fuck…[View]
85971209Which flag has best grandmas?[View]
85970746>a cave painting was painted over for this[View]
85956543Is the leader of your country on the autism spectrum? >USA >yes…[View]
85953977window view thread: Post your pics![View]
85971100Who also hates germans?[View]
85952869/balt/: wake up winter[View]
85958782So this what the famous Polish-Hungarian friendship is worth: Polish radicals set fire to the Societ…[View]
85972041We can do what a Bumble Bee does. Buzz Buzz Buzz, Buzz Buzz Buzz. We can do what Brown Cows do. Moo …[View]
85968819/brit/: Brad 'One Punch' Pickett edition Good Post of previous thread >>85968274[View]
85971684There are ''''''people''''' here...: who don't know how to recite neither 'Pater Noster' nor 'A…[View]
85971692>Guns? They’re forbidden in my country[View]
85963340*blocks your path* 'Korean police here! S-stop ... s-show me your hands, you are under a-arrest!!' W…[View]
85971125>average american family[View]
85971638How are gay boys treated in your country?[View]
85969578>literally all wh*Toids on /int/ are abusing drugs and stoners >dude weed lmoa >muh benzo m…[View]
85968005alright y'all i'm so fucking confused rn 1. how the fuck does the easter island have comic…[View]
85971347>tfw no Japanese gf to make qt hafu babies with[View]
85971091/chat/: Step in for a chat, lads[View]
85970879This flag is literally a piece of shitty toilet paper.[View]
85969246Why do you guys think Slovenia is so successful?: 'Cause I don't![View]
85970889Any African-Americans here?: I just want to say that we're sorry for what we (pic related) did …[View]
85971049French Crossdressers? What French Crossdressers? I bet they all look ugly as fu-[View]
85959256/fr/ - le fil de la France: Édition des prix abusifs au cinéma Ancien: >>85940700[View]
85971276Is the Arabic writing system the most aesthetic system?[View]
85970864>tfw took a shit in a bowl and threw it out of the window so i didn't need to face my sister…[View]
85971040>Being lactose intolérant I would like to say you don't miss a lot but you do…[View]
85964010Poland, we will never allow you to sugarcoat your participation in the Holocaust.[View]
85970834I am a Spanish retired[View]
85964450Any serbians out there that live outside serbia? I wanna bring my gf over from Serbia to France, she…[View]
85966909Why are white Americans so much tougher than all the other white nations: Seriously, we have shootin…[View]
85970001how important are Potatoes in your country's cuisine?[View]
85969863Ex-UN Official Accuses Aid Workers of 60,000 Rapes in 10 Years: UN is a joke[View]
85953989kurva anyátok[View]
85947225Any Poles on here worked in Western Europe countries? How true is this? >One factor in this chang…[View]
85965954/polska/: edycja bede gral w gre[View]
85969827Friendly reminder: When you faggots unironically use terms like 'normie' , 'sheeple…[View]
85969308>there will be a black james bond within my lifetime[View]
85968649Can i pass as a local in your country?: will seek refuge where i don't look like a local.…[View]
85968944You wake up in British Australia[View]
85969980What do people of your country look like in the 1990s?[View]
85965025Who's better looking?: Japanese or Korean boys?[View]
85946636/ita/ - Il filo: Rovazzi edition. Siete andati al cinema a vedere Il Vegetale?[View]
85959325Oooh say can yoou see[View]
85958327How come americans are so retarded, that they dont even know how to race proprerly[View]
85969796Would you date a German?: pic related[View]
85969644How is Norway so good bros? How do we stop them?[View]
85967740Sopa de Papagaio!!!: Uma delicia[View]
85969273Portugal is actually relevant, both in the past and present.[View]
85965540Nice empire you got there rome im gonna fucking ruin it :) >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iarL8…[View]
85961511Is this a popular activity among kids in your cunt?[View]
85965254>Perfection doesn't exi-[View]
85965361>friends nudes got leaked >his dick is bigger than mine…[View]
85969550So this is what a danish product looks like uh?[View]
85968791Why are they so consistently fucking evil?[View]
859668661. your country 2. have you heard of Johns Hopkins? 1. us 2. yes[View]
85958161EU to back entry talks with Albania and Macedonia: 'The EU Commission will soon recommend, most like…[View]
85968375>pumped up kicks playing in the distance[View]
85969378What do you think about Padania? What will happen to the north Africans without the gibs?[View]
85966131A Japanese family of three on a tourist holiday in the north of Finland found themselves in a pickle…[View]
85963514your cunt whose side are you on?[View]
85968849Traveling in a fried-out Kombi[View]
85968847>Australia lost the Great Emu War[View]
85968462Hey mexicans, life might be hard there, but remember: Stay strong and just don't lose your head…[View]
85964591more than 300 people died in the last days in Syria, when will the war stop? it's really sad.[View]
85961975/deutsch/: Blümchen - Ausgabe![View]
85965111>tfw no autistic Finnish gf[View]
85966677/brit/: Demon Duck of Doom odition Sister Thread: >>>/sci/9532571[View]
85957563no future[View]
85968788>reply to someone on a facebook comment thread >they assume i'm a fake account because my…[View]
85968193Is it weird if I want to be adopted by an alien culture that's much more wholesome than what th…[View]
85961303>Welcome to Spain, anon, please follow us to this room, we need to explore your body first…[View]
85965153Are Taiwanese people fully ethnic Han Chinese?[View]
85957039>international steam bf bought me a game I didn't want and now I'm forced to play it sh…[View]
85966422Are white protestants really just superior?: How do you explain this?[View]
85968311Decent movie but shit ending fuck you france.[View]
85964140la creatura...[View]
85963762What goes on here?[View]
85951537What western nation has the absolute worst food? I'd say the UK.[View]
85968137/JUDEO-CHRISTIAN/ CULTURE: Abortion is legal in the Bible: Numbers 5:11-31 11 Then the Lord said to …[View]
85949813>tfw parents met in Switzerland and could have had me there >tfw Amerimutt instead It hurts br…[View]
85956499Americans, would you say this video is representative of your country? https://www.liveleak.com/view…[View]
85961535/mämmi/: sauna kulttuuri -painos[View]
85967875Has there ever been anything as evil as the Anglo-Saxon race?[View]
85966193>Él habla burger.[View]
85964577Could I pass as local in you're country?[View]
85966824/cric/: international edition[View]
85964319If they had a 1v1v1 brawl who of the guys would receive most beating?[View]
85966921How will amerimutts ever recover?[View]
85966456Why are Serbian chicks so hot?[View]
85956042>this triggers the italian[View]
85965040/brit/: Uncle Cheddar addition[View]
85962065ITT we post the religious demographics of the state or city we live in[View]
85952149>If China is so great then why don't you go back there?[View]
85961644amerimutt: Why do americans get so buttblasted about racemixing? I mean as long as your culture stil…[View]
85966095retarded americans are so retarded why cant they have big brains like the people from the UK?[View]
85964435EU migration to UK at lowest since 2012: Net migration of EU citizens decreased by 75,000 over the p…[View]
85966102I hate being Southern European. Dark hair dark eyes big nose why can't I be beautiful like Nord…[View]
85938920China: Why aren't you learning Chinese? It's really clearly they will surpass the US soon,…[View]
85959969Serious bacterial infections in Helsinki region: https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000005577816.html Se…[View]
85966768>How could this happen to me? I made my mistakes...[View]
85963305Can Americans finally stop appropriating European cultures?: They do not belong to you. Our cultures…[View]
85965817>Grug give life for his tribe when tribe at war with another tribe[View]
85965914>Your country will never be known by anything important, but just to be a failed state third worl…[View]
85963964>Americans are so racially obsessed they had to name their parliament 'the white house'…[View]
85954812Do Russians like India?[View]
85962786POLISH DEATH CAMPS You heard me.[View]
85965967/poland/: edycja kazuistyki nome rheteric[View]
85957657/polska/: edycja pamiętacie jak japończycy rozjebali ruskich w 1905-ym roku?[View]
85957476OH NO OHNONONONO[View]
85963386holy land: inshallah soon we will retake our lands brothers from those inbred m*Slimes[View]
85950690DNA: My dna results came in today and I have to say I really was NOT expecting this. Do you think th…[View]
85965552What are we going to do with the German nation? They are a real concern, am I right? They are taking…[View]
85956650They murdered thousands of American Indians[View]
85914935What sort food do you buy from street vendors in your country? What does it look like? Do you have a…[View]
85957618>Grudinin will be elected >Putin and his oligarchy puppets will be executed >Glorious unio…[View]
85965303https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVAirmVc1ao Polish culture in England xD Rap about stealing and gang…[View]
85965164i wish i could have curly hair like him[View]
85949013Why are black girls so ugly?[View]
85963575/brit/: me n the boys edition[View]
85964543What happens here?[View]
85959609What the fuck is happening in Bolivia? Why people hate the president so much?[View]
85960192Post your face when pasta with ground meat is called 'hamburger mac' in America.[View]
85965060hey portuguese friends, what did she mean by this?[View]
85965052Why did he do it lads?[View]
85959582How do we stop our Amerifriends from shooting each other? What help can the rest of the world offer …[View]
85949471Mother Language Day 2018: New 21st Ethnologue Edition! >This edition is the result of more than 2…[View]
85962639Who are the n*ggers of your country? Poland Silesians >loud >swarthy >unwashed >MUH GER…[View]
85960543Nords = Nordics Bretons = Bongs Imperial = Romans Bosmer = Celtics Orc = Mongols/Huns Altmer = Chine…[View]
85963504So 'Russians' are the leftist version of 'the Jews' in America right?[View]
85963852do northern euros and meds that see a lot of teats still enjoy seeing teats???[View]
85962665What happens here lads?[View]
85958582countries you'd love to visit again: Me >Italy Why does the country varies so much? >Ira…[View]
85962182this is american culture[View]
85953858Do men in your country still hunt?[View]
85963171Eastern Europe can be Western Europe? Now they aren’t under the rule of Russia so they have chance t…[View]
85958040Gibe it back righto nau!![View]
85960753How do we save Yugoslavia?[View]
85962915guess ethnicity[View]
85963351>Hungary is whi-[View]
85963484/lads/: A place for the lads[View]
85960022ITT: '''''countries'''''' that are actually rightfully the 19th province of other countries.[View]
85963426Need kiwi prime minister gf[View]
85946167ITT: Post Planned Cities in your country: Pic related, this is The Woodlands, a city in Texas which …[View]
85953195/NEDERDRAAD/: WAKKER WORDEN! editie Welkom: loonslaven, studenten en vroege vogels Niet welkom: luie…[View]
85948098Hilo latino: bart[View]
85963018WAR https://www.rferl.org/a/montenegro-confirms-suicide-attack-us-embassy-podgorica-/29055917.html…[View]
85945497>aliens visit Earth >world-wide election is held to determine which country should lead the di…[View]
85959842Why are welsh girls cats?[View]
85960900What is “dating culture” like in Brazil? Virgins need not reply.[View]
85961291Let's say we get independence, what do we do next? That was my lifes only goal i dont know what…[View]
85961848Any African-Americans here? I just want to say that we're (pic related) sorry for what we did t…[View]
85961643>be American >get a girl pregnant >she collects alimony from you >be European >get a …[View]
85960652/brit/: Rotherham edition[View]
85962345Кpacивaя eлeнa:[View]
85954586Review each poster type: >Europeans The most insufferably arrogant and ignorant lot on this websi…[View]
85962031>american schools no longer teach their national anthem because is racist…[View]
85961232>no Wakanda flag on /int/[View]
85957704>you will never be Swiss[View]
85959270Why are Italians so skinny, are they mixed with Slavs?[View]
85960176Does it bother Europeans that America would beat the shit out of Europe in a 1v1?[View]
85958774/deutsch/: FICKTS EICH, AUSLENDER Ausgabe[View]
85961586Who is the unofficial leader of your country? >Portugal >Nossa Senhora da Imaculada Conceição…[View]
85961673Spot the meme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJIcKx4ZkL4[View]
85956011How do athletes accept Olympic medals in your country?[View]
85961500frens how u preper for ester?[View]
85958329CHAIRMAN MAO DID NOTHING WRONG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tCMI0uKbBE[View]
85955287/mämmi/: panssaroitu ydin -painos[View]
85959796Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a trap top? XDD[View]
85953515Spanning over 4,6 km this will be Panama's longest bridge. What is the longest bridge in our c…[View]
85952156Now, Korea has been expatriated at the Chinese portal site.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hGxRYg…[View]
85960591most advanced language.: seriously[View]
85958147/brit/: Darien scheme edition[View]
85946240>no actual economy outside of (((financial services))) and property bubble >everywhere not Lon…[View]
85953871https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyMTSvVAtWM *solves the muslim problem*[View]
85943472/balk/: old: >>85923672[View]
85959351How do we stop the Iranian Weapons Program?[View]
85958931Is the equivalent of 10$ a day a lot of money to spend on food per day?[View]
85959716Guys how do we deal with the rising threat from Poland?[View]
85954316/south asia/ general: Get your naans and triangular flags in here[View]
85957080Do only europeans find this funny or does it appeal to every westerner?[View]
85957460Is it true that Europeans consider the UK to be the America of Europe?[View]
85957087America is b- bas: >Having a nigger president is OK >Having 40 million niggers is OK >Havin…[View]
85936581/ex-yu/: Bez maloljetnih govana edicija[View]
85952487Does anyone else unironically kinda want to live in North Korea? No cagers, no sound pollution, ride…[View]
85959505makuchova@zsvn.cz makuchova@zsvn.cz makuchova@zsvn.cz makuchova@zsvn.cz makuchova@zsvn.cz makuchova@…[View]
85935121/v4/ + komák: regular edition[View]
85947384Moving to Japan: I’m moving to Japan to teach English next month so i’ve been getting rid of things …[View]
85957453>grown men argue with giddy turkish children on this board[View]
85952671How are you preparing for the Hapa century?: I am embracing it :3[View]
85955412>I drink coffee instead of tea[View]
85956417https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBF9XEsnvJI USA, USA, USA!!![View]
85957582>Americans hate the Fre- https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/21/amsterdam-paris-train-gunm…[View]
85953629You guys should have watched many of them in winter Olympics. What did you find the differences?[View]
85958512Facebook died - normie genocide: Normies start to kill themselves pretty soon I guess[View]
85956341I'm about to go to jail. For what I'm about to say. Are you Ready? 3. 2. 1. .. polish holo…[View]
85956918Why does everyone say americas edugation system is bad? Our life's are fast here and we don…[View]
85940700/fr/ Le Fil Francophone - Edition de la boule au ventre avant de se lancer[View]
85954491What does the average TÜRK woman look like?[View]
85952966Do you like chilean girls?[View]
85957840Serial murderer: In korea[View]
85953750/deutsch/-/Frühschicht/-/bayern/: Antischeffelausgabe gegen Ärbern, Haggeln und Anstrengung allgemei…[View]
85949996Is Elliot famous in your country?[View]
85956805Why does everyone want to more to USA?: It's literally hell, you either get shot and die instan…[View]
85952546>he spend too much time on /int/ that he doesn't feel offensed with the offensive words.…[View]
85957821/SS/ Sub Saharan Africa General: mup da doo po mo gub didda te dat tum muhfuggen bix nood cof bin du…[View]
85955710what do they call Paris in the French language?[View]
85958438dare you utter its name? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1domfYf72HI[View]
85956147This is Finland's biggest star[View]
85954868Moon destroyer: Moon[View]
85929427/ausnz/: Morning is heck edition[View]
85950623Imagine being a citizen of this continent. Your ancestors built the first civilization (Ancient Egyp…[View]
85955797/brit/: failed EFG suicide edition[View]
85950689Bavarian girls[View]
85950640How do we stop him?[View]
85955215Why don't the Japanese catch whales in US of A?[View]
85956445why are all the American women marrying English Chaddingtons?[View]
85954203women from these countries are all massive sluts[View]
85957660What the fuck is wrong with *ndians?[View]
85956057Can you even think of one reason in which a superior race would invade earth? Even if they can easil…[View]
85951672Cascadia: Do you support Cascadian Independence?[View]
859559931, cunt 2, what’s for breakfast?[View]
85955213>pretend to be Protestant to troll cucktholics, Mudslims and orthodox faggots >say Jesus suppo…[View]
85957073Why do Australians and all that lot pretend they were in any way relevant or useful at Gallipoli? Fr…[View]
85957061We could've saved him breh[View]
85957005/tr/: tirad öldü anonlar bölündü burasi /tr/ (reddit) anasida sikildi[View]
85955704RIP Genoa: The day started with an explosive beginning[View]
85953333Wtf Brazil: This 14 year old Brazilian model, Isabelly Cristine Santos, was caught in the crossfire …[View]
85951231Would either of them pass as locals in your country?[View]
85952741Hi, I'm British[View]
85956913Everybody look at the Swede and laugh. 2 minutes in and he's FUCKED[View]
85956236Why do yuropoors stole our numbering system?[View]
85943478/polska/: edycja bazowanych lesbijek[View]
85949720What are the differences Where is better to live Where is better to visit[View]
85952854Is Malaysia first world? It looks pretty nice.[View]
85956588Finoy fantasy: Drama[View]
85956411>mfw Bob Marley had a white daddy Shieeeeeet I did not know that Was Bobbo /our guy/?…[View]
85949219>American says something dumb >European says something whiny and leftist >Australia says so…[View]
85950047How will the borders of Latin America change in our lifetime?[View]
85956005What does it mean when someone has gravitas? I can not understand it. I'm learning English in T…[View]
85955483does /int/ follow comrade Lei Feng's good example?[View]
85955935Can we really stop with this whole le 56% meme /int/? It's not funny and as far as I am concern…[View]
85950790I've always liked to think of Japan as a close to perfect country. Low crime rates, very high s…[View]
859530181.country 2.do you use mechanical pencil?[View]
85951479How do false rape accusations go down in your country? I recently got accused by a girl I had consen…[View]
85955966>Greeks aren't whit-[View]
85950119Why didnt amerishits win any shooting events at the olympics? >GOLD >Germany (GER) - 3 >Fra…[View]
85954266wtf? https://archive.org/details/ThePinkSpurdos_vol1/6.+Lörsstyler.mp3[View]
85926224/Norgetråden/: boer-utgave forrige: >>85890271 >>85890271 >>85890271[View]
85950607How much has your cunt contributed to the eradication of racism?[View]
85942585How do we feel about China?[View]
85953868/brit/: my heroes edition[View]
85954104Why are there so much indians in the UK?: not being racist, just asking... indians with british citi…[View]
85935604/tropilat/: hilo tropilat[View]
85955110Why is Murica so anti-intellectual? It isn't something typical of the right or the left, the wh…[View]
85952139Post areas of your country which everyone wants to get rid of: >sPIC related…[View]
85945604Political Values Thread: https://8values.github.io/ Post yours![View]
85933235/mämmi/: Suomen pitää: 1. hävittää muun kuin europidisen rodun edustajat (tähän kategoriaan lasketta…[View]
85954197- Your country - What model of graphing calculator did you use in school? >flag >pic related: …[View]
85953228>JA mein frojnd We bin Roman Kaizerz and schei-[View]
85953110Why do Americans need notes on how to appear sympathetic?[View]
85952304Why are they so based?[View]
85951849Sooo.... The Bachelor TV show went international : 14 international bachelors and bachelorettes, hop…[View]
85953805>Europeans are making fun of us again[View]
85954264Why do black people think 'mean muggin' is cool[View]
85954534>Go to Germany >Some fucks are dancing on the top of the Brandenburg Gate.…[View]
85954341Any serbs here? This is for starting WW1, you cunts![View]
85945954ITT Pictures of you as a kid[View]
85953577Okay /int/ I stuck my weiner in a girl. The only thing is I was soft. We gave up after a few minutes…[View]
85954177Do you love China?[View]
85953949So Int, how do your countries handle constitutional adjudication?: Mine has its own constitutional c…[View]
85953976will i ever learn japanese without being surrounded by people who speak japanese?[View]
85951155Just attended this, ask me anything~![View]
85952012favorite visited country thread: post map of the countries you've visited. What was your favour…[View]
85947204what went so wrong?[View]
85950765/brit/: cuck edition[View]
85951981I am the only white person in a packed restaurant right now for my lunch break (12:32 pm local time)…[View]
85951798this caterpillar looks cool, don't you think?[View]
85951603I like people that like my country.[View]
85953738Which is better?: Curry or chili?[View]
85943070/deutsch/: Zurückdrehen des gesellschaftlichen Fortschritts - Ausgabe[View]
85953219guys, you have to help me. how to translate into english correctly. first word. girl have friend fem…[View]
85937668/carib/: tranquil waters edition: As God is my witness, this general shall never perish.[View]
85940626>there are Brazilian virgins on this board RIGHT NOW You were born in the easiest country in the …[View]
85948584What race is thing thing?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LfJnj66HVQ[View]
859518471. Country 2. How are you preparing for the Indian future?[View]
85951344Is this considered a good burger chain in America?[View]
85950479My grandpa just died[View]
85952157ugly language[View]
85953047What do South Koreans think of Canada and Canadians?[View]
85951291Born in the worst country in the world: Let's start with my physical problems. As I'm slav…[View]
85952714This is Korea.[View]
85917118/sino/ 中文: Where is the thread edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Ch…[View]
85945821East/South-East Asian social cues: I'm beginning to notice a pattern when speaking with migrant…[View]
85952791so the other day i was walking to the library, and upon entering the library i was shocked.[View]
85952272Thanks you Kazakhstan for apples :3[View]
85950312AMLO 2018 Thoughts/¿Que piensas?[View]
85949483Why is a country's North always better than its South?[View]
85951610How do people outside North America perceive the differences between Canada and the USA?[View]
85950483this is a sexy man in japan[View]
85952280why murica so fat[View]
85952483>My religion is odinism[View]
85945522How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
85951069'DUDE I LUV YOUR COUNTRY LMAO' -- 'FUCK OFF, MY COUNTRY SUCKS BALLS': Which countries exhibit the wo…[View]
85950398What's Tennessee like, /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XYZbH5w5Hs[View]
85948916I wanna find love in Russia now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkNt0xR5sds[View]
85952211Portugal is the Greece of Europe[View]
85951618At least you live in the Pacific Northwest.[View]
85951962/ausnz/ - The Land Down Under. Get in here, cunts![View]
85950488I have the opportunity of working in Germany in the future, should I go for it?[View]
85951186i gotta be honest but evo morales is just ruining bolivia until it doesn't exist anymore, the p…[View]
85949573Do japan has any future? It seems they're now deep past in the mouse utopia experiment.[View]
85946115Japan: Why aren't you learning Japanese?[View]
859394841.Your country 2 How many wh*te subhumans you slay today Argentina 24[View]
85951650¿ Anti weapons nᵒ.7777777 bought ?: So today I was looking at my news and saw anti weapon protests i…[View]
85950703>Be bored decide to read old Icelandic news paper from around the start of WW2 to see what my peo…[View]
85951360CHI: Soon[View]
85939739Wow, I mean - other countries, are you even trying? >be USA >claim to be 'superpower' >have…[View]
85950541Australians are not deserving of my respect[View]
85951469Website: wwwrizzo.com[View]
85949248Why do Asian women hate us Asian guys so much? Its not enough for them to prefer white guys over us.…[View]
85807207/extraflags/ + /flag/ | classic BENIS edition: Previous Edition: >>85699928 Welcome to /extraf…[View]
85950187How common is cuckolding in your country? How are they treated? Have you ever been cucked by someone…[View]
85949554Do you love Japan?[View]
85951035Canadians, after i am done with the commies of my country i am going after your cuck president, Just…[View]
85950853When you want to shitpost on /mu/ but your entire country is barred from creating threads on that bo…[View]
85950936I've always wanted to explore Antarctica: I'm done with being a useless NEET. What are my …[View]
85950962Why is /int/ so obsessed with race and nationality? In the long run, such toxic sentiments will not …[View]
85950725>living in a non-SDR country why live at all at that point?[View]
85950383Brits have been really annoying lately[View]
85949504How do you deal with paedophiles in your country?[View]
85922908Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, dairy…[View]
85950757Why are Finns such master shitposters?[View]
85946467>mfw Americans live in constant fear of getting shot Ah yes, '''first''' world country…[View]

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