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88708467do you believe blood type characteristics ?[View]
88714156>your country >what's your type flag entp https://www.16personalities.com/free-personalit…[View]
88712726Germans wanted to genocide this? Wtf i hate Germany now[View]
88699589>you wake up in 19th century japan wat do?[View]
88708876>cunt >opinions of chinks?[View]
88714526Is it true that Japanese girls are really promiscuous?[View]
88717283Why won't the USA adopt the metric system?: Why aren't you Americans pushing to end your o…[View]
88718857I used to think that Brazil is a shithole country full of macacos, where people use electric-heated …[View]
88713810Do You like Indian Guys?[View]
88688796/ita/ - il filo: Edizione governo M5S-PD[View]
88716074give me a quick rundown on macron[View]
88714454Why are they so tribal? Who is to blame for this collective behavior and way of thinking? The Ottoma…[View]
88718773>american attempting to back up a manual car[View]
88716627/brit/: aussie cucks out[View]
88718667>the only reason he goes to news sites is to copypaste the headline and post it on /int/ alongsid…[View]
88714117Ask a German on holiday in France anything.[View]
88716610Daily remind that Baltic pussy is made for med men If you are med (greek, Spanish, Italian, Portugue…[View]
88708192/mämmi/: retromuidu - painos[View]
88717604What do you think of these people occupied by R*ssia?[View]
88713224>when you try to translate japanese runes with google translator[View]
88711811Do Citizens Of That Country Really Have That In Those Places?[View]
88716677Arab world should unite as one country[View]
88718179Is having 'culture' important?[View]
88715600This is the ideal size and membership of the European Union. You may it like it, but this is what pe…[View]
88706073pronounce better than you mohammad: >this utterly ANNIHILATES the non anglo…[View]
88717215/한국어/: france is doom edition[View]
88717864> you'll never get to start life over[View]
88709069Are they gonna start another war over the Falklands at some point?[View]
88715875Europe should be a Catholic Monarchy[View]
88715393' D-daddy '[View]
88716871>block your path[View]
88717327Did anglos just make up the 'irish aren't white' meme as a coping mechanism for how they will s…[View]
88706920/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Жизнь в Tapкoв издaнии[View]
887168648-Month-Old Girl Raped: INDORE: An eight-month-old girl, fast asleep next to her parents in Indore, …[View]
88717017I apologize as one of Japanese. We are all herbivore neet desu. so our birth-rate is getting down. p…[View]
88715775Well, /int/? Which do you pick? Do you take the road to Santa Ana and Ahuachapan, or do you travel t…[View]
88713802/deutsch/: Bayerische Sonderausgabe.[View]
88711954India....: Anyone else tired of Indian on the internet? What is fucking wrong with them? I just got …[View]
88712053BASED Turkey[View]
88716991shittiest '''''''empire'''''''' ever it existed as long as these subhumans fought some native nigger…[View]
88712781Do you love Japan?: If you say you don't you're a baka><[View]
88714663Why are whores allowed to find happiness?[View]
88706817/anz/: ANZAC Day non poof version of /ausnz/ Edition[View]
88717110Is Sri Lankan the best kind of 'Indian'? Never heard about children raping or acid attack from them.…[View]
88710948You can only post ITT if your country has been a great power.[View]
88716577Press F to pay respects.[View]
88716486Just a reminder: Irrelevant. Take the bate polaks. Defend your country! kek[View]
88714979/brit/: The races of mer edition[View]
88715413Why China don't make big scale Kung-Fu movie any more?? Shaolin~~~ Shaolin~~~ huh! huh! huh![View]
88716628/brit/ + /birt/: the counter worm-post post edition[View]
88713305/White/: This is a thread where we discuss White people and what can be done about them.[View]
88716332>13 days until Eurovision[View]
88715610>When a Finn posts in your thread[View]
88710312what's your honest opinion on Serbia, /int/?[View]
88715311KARA BO--[View]
88713337Guys what you lack in life? What is lacking in your country/city? Where do you think you can get it?…[View]
88713932Swedes / argies: What is your opinion on this guy?[View]
88709417>Russia >Poorer than a country full of gooks the size of iceland with no resources whatsoever…[View]
88714235How are you preparing for the incoming collapse of society?[View]
88712139kosova është kosovë[View]
88715850Why are D*nes so violent?[View]
88715218>your country >what country (male) do you want to have sex with? I'll start >Australia…[View]
88712704Why are narrow streets so cozy? Post some cozy narrow streets. This one is from Lyuseram, France.[View]
88710185Greatest allies: Seems like Trump and Macron get along very well, they give positive comments and ba…[View]
88710183Finnish poetwoman and a linguistic is on a mission of translating books: http://ls24.fi/uutiset/heli…[View]
88715163Es ist dem Feind gelungen, die Front in breiter Formation zu durchbrechen. Es ist dem Feind gelungen…[View]
88714890>match between England and Australia >'GET YOUR SHIT STARS GET YOUR SHIT STARS GET YOUR SHIT …[View]
887142841) You're cunt 2) who is your favorite founding father of your nation?[View]
88714744Lets all take a moment a pray for the japanese anon that lost his legs while trying to kill himself[View]
88702319>kara bog-[View]
88712895/brit/ yellow loveless edition[View]
88712988Could i pass for a local in your country?[View]
88714071Hello, folks. I don't have where else to ask, so i will ask here. Interested in volunteer job a…[View]
88714576>you will never be an american walmart wrestler[View]
88670104You okay there, Canada?[View]
88710280Sverigetråden - kramupplagan: Ha en bra dag anons.[View]
88714044Do Japanese women know they are goddesses?[View]
88714097Why do you so obsess with race, heritage and skin color? Is that really problem in your country?[View]
88697886/NEDERDRAAD/: /NEDERDRAAD/ Trump en huisdier editie Welkom: Drumpies Niet welkom: Macron fanboys.…[View]
88703836Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88713233Why do Europeans drink so much alcohol?[View]
88704540/deutsch/: Stella-Ausgabe[View]
88712160ITT: animal species your cunt has invented[View]
88713615/tvint/: Does your cunt make kino?[View]
88710232Who here knows Nepalese? Help me translate please.[View]
88700735>upper class British banking family >Grandmother runs off with a Polish infantryman to Canada …[View]
88713436How many of you sandniggers were assfucked by an older male relative? It seems to be very common thr…[View]
88713327>me on the left[View]
88711351Do you want to move to the Netherlands? It is a wealthy country with among the highest quality of li…[View]
88713290Love of the common people is a conservative song[View]
88711835Hijab, Makeup, and Accessories: Seriously question that I never got to ask in that one hijab thread …[View]
88709801Which race/ethnicity/nationality produces the greatest merchants?[View]
88706494Why are East Asian smarter than the other races???[View]
88711792How did you waste your day off?[View]
88711904Bay of pigs: https://www.aamulehti.fi/ulkomaat/sikojen-valtaama-saari-hammastyttaa-32-vuotias-kristi…[View]
88711731/brit/ cunts edition[View]
88710534What's your favorite go-to meal, /int/? Pic related is mine. Kurobuta pork, eggs, fried rice, a…[View]
88712073Based Poland[View]
88694121/polska/: Edycja zostań na chwilę i posłuchaj[View]
88711123How fast is the internet in your country, /int/? Just got FTTN and I'm about 10 metres from the…[View]
88706472anime should be illegal outside of Japan. pic unrelated[View]
88708925Is there any more comfy weather than rain? Sunshine is overrated. West coast Canada has the best cl…[View]
88703324Is Mexico the most Amerindian country in Latin america? Even Peruvians are Aryans compared to them.[View]
887059461. Cunt 2. How do you want your cunt to deal with incel terrorism? >flag >mandatory monthly pr…[View]
88707078Stop hating on Japan: It's not my fault strange weaboos and such are obsessed with our culture …[View]
88704762Why do they get so salty whenever you say something slightly bad (but true) about their country?[View]
88707691GAY STYLE IS BEST[View]
88704887Why are Euro girls more fun than their American or Aisan counterparts?[View]
88710428If you are not in the pink region you are not human[View]
88710621/brit/ maccas edition[View]
88685049/dixie/ - Southern US and friends: Tiocfaidh ár lá edition[View]
88711098Nuke Australia when?: The EARONS was just arrested and he's a fucking Australian[View]
88709602He's right you know[View]
88706043/cum/ - Canada, US, Mexico: /int/ fears the Canadian chad edition[View]
88705117Alizee is a thicc milf now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Voj2FgFTnI[View]
88711369>you will never use a comfy OpenSuse desktop with German localisation Why even live…[View]
88710986>At pub >ask for White Russian >they don’t know how to make it You can nuke us now…[View]
88711069How hard is it to become an accountant in a foreign country? I mean, the principles are generally th…[View]
88710874>whiter than you mohammed[View]
88710333>shithole town still doesn't have ubereats[View]
88709322/brit/ 6ix9ine edition[View]
88710597Why are foreigners such lanklets?[View]
88710210>/pol/ 'my race is better than your race' >/int/ 'my country is better than your country' wha…[View]
88708442>ywn get to show a qt innocent European twink who has never left civilization the rugged natural …[View]
88707595/int/ernational music: post music from your country https://youtu.be/KOKO9iJtf3I https://youtu.be/mz…[View]
88707206Without using Google, point out on this map where Azerbaijan is located[View]
88706304>your cunt >what crimes have you committed?…[View]
88709018What did they mean by this?[View]
887092114channers like to roll: I created two threads. First, a thread about philosophy - >>88708749 N…[View]
88710009>the best regions of Spain aren't Spanish speaking[View]
88709980Theft in America is a serious offence: https://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000005655306.html American Di…[View]
88707539It was 100* today. Summer is coming. How are you lads holding up?[View]
88703495this area angers and confuses me who the fuck are they? native, slaves, meds? but theres like 700 mi…[View]
88709811>mfw I spot a wh*Toid[View]
88706933I've never seen an Australian.[View]
88705360Is this what españolas look like?[View]
88694065Is your country built on genocide?: United States No it wasn't[View]
88701421What happened to the /int/ minecraft server?[View]
88709437today Australia and New Zealand celebrate being best mates why is your cunt a friendless loser?[View]
88709498post celeberties that remind you of your mom my mom looked exactly like a young adrienne barbeau in…[View]
88700619Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
88707508/brit/ the avalanches edition[View]
88705538>TFW no French GF[View]
88708495Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus[View]
88706788how did this impact the american legal system?: how did the law enforcement fail so badly?[View]
88708197Why do americans have ''middle schools''? What the fuck are those?[View]
88708648I want to see Russia Uncensored.[View]
88675545I'm the hottest anon on /int/ Prove me if I'm wrong[View]
88709049Did you know that original jews were black?[View]
88702026What do Canadians do on Canada day?: What does your province or neighborhood do to celebrate?[View]
88707439Did you know Americans have an Air Base in Denmark?: How cucked can one country get. https://en.wiki…[View]
88708885Do you love kpop?[View]
88706024>i don't like avocado[View]
88705463>Want to visit Sweden one day >I am 5'8' (173cm)…[View]
88709004>mfw I see a 'White' person with brown eyes[View]
88706100>Hispanic is a race[View]
88706154But seriously. What the F%#$ was her problem??[View]
88700178What the F%#$ was her problem??[View]
88708121Are westerners retarded?[View]
88707521Teach you how to live literature.: Hi. Lately decided to read things that will increase my wisdom, …[View]
88706522Are they really white?[View]
88707909>I take everything I see on /int/ seriously[View]
88708591It's okay to be Hongkongese.[View]
887087001. your country 2. do people in your country do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJrBH3gLk6o…[View]
88708195/mämmi/: kinkkimöötti perseilee -painos[View]
88708100>tfw no bf anyone else know this feel?[View]
88708512If he was born in 90s, would he be a weeb?[View]
88704785Give me just ONE (1) reason you're not at the beach right now: And it better be good.[View]
88705571/lang/ - language learning: Language learners here! Old thread: >>88653249[View]
88705066My mother was being irresponsible and didn't pay the bills so now I can't get any more stu…[View]
88698364How would your parents react to you bringing home a Swedish girlfriend?[View]
88708244>Look at me: >Look at me. >I am Chilean now.…[View]
88693300ITT: We say something nice about the country of the anon above us[View]
88706396Trumpet worm: Trumpet worm (not Trump worm) was found from the sea and it is kind of cute[View]
88704991An average girl hit on me today. It was awful. I'm going to die alone.[View]
88706599Are there feminist movements in this country?[View]
88705553Do you want to find love in Italy?[View]
88708190>I supported a populares candidate for consul[View]
88692147Where were you when 4chan was died?[View]
88707522Why do germans love to mix with gorillas so much?: Perverted germans[View]
88708159it clicked!![View]
88705239He insulted millions.[View]
88707935Where do you spend your money??[View]
88698770how are big butts thought of in your country? In America every hetero male wants to tongue punch the…[View]
88708060How many people have european genetics on earth including mutts. pardos are still part european. Col…[View]
88708052Greeks look like THIS?[View]
88707458Shove a cucumber up your son's ass otherwise you're transphobic, goy.[View]
88708028Please observe a minute's silence for the fallen as we commemorate this ANZAC day doooot dooooo…[View]
88706352I don't hate them because they are sooo miserable(´;ω;`)[View]
88706535Are they european?[View]
88706382Is it true you non-Americans on /int/ are starting to like us again? Why? What made you change your …[View]
88707422Stop reading the Bible and start reading 'I am Jazz', goy.[View]
88707730>australia and rome were both started by rapists[View]
88707441Do you love India?[View]
88705187Do you love tiddies?[View]
88707200I fall in love with any girl that acts remotely nice to me.[View]
88696732how did this impact the japanese legal system? how did the law enforcement fail so badly?[View]
88705399/brit/: feelin melancholy ed.[View]
88703096In Russia, they make erotic thrillers about Nicholas II.[View]
88705614Do you love Japan?: If you say you don't you're a baka[View]
88707306Do women in your country shave their armpits, /int/?[View]
88707153>wake up >almost 20 >5'6 >kv >some incel kills people in toronto >feminists o…[View]
88706459>http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-england-alfie-evans-20180424-story.html >britshits literal…[View]
88702682>block your path[View]
88698904>honhonhon your country SUCKS :-DDD: what would you do?[View]
88707257i'll post old photos of my country.: >Conventillo en Paseo Colón 933, Buenos Aires 1943.…[View]
88700970A Brazilian news channel is talking about incels, Chads and Stacies. I feel like I should thank some…[View]
88700386Why do Japaneses do it?[View]
88706612Why do americans not celebrate labor day? Something something... red?[View]
88701223Calculate how Americanized you are: Add up your points. >percent of English words in everyday spe…[View]
88656740Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
88707051https://youtu.be/0t5dXKxKNUs How come Europeans don’t get anti-comedy?[View]
88696409Is France the puppet of the USA ?[View]
88706928this is so true[View]
88705989I've lived in LA a long time and never seen a Mexican who looks like this. Are all the Mexicans…[View]
88704134Why do Spain and Portugal have so many Mormons?[View]
88704111>br anon makes a post >another br anon replies >they start insulting each other in portugue…[View]
887057981. ur cunt 2. do you have F-O-R-B-I-D-D-E-N L-O-V-E?[View]
88697803/cum/ - Canada, US, Mexico: You'll never walk alone edition[View]
88706711What's the appeal of New York?[View]
88692929/norgetråden/: UIT-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>88674833[View]
88706391>your country >are you inbred? >what's your iq…[View]
88705840>Rolls-Royce and Bentley >irreplaceable icons of British style >both owned by Germans…[View]
88705771I don’t like Poland[View]
88706421Do you love glorious Amurika-sama? ohhhhh Amurika-sama is my lord. you always sunshine for me. pls a…[View]
887040221. Country 2. Who is your country's best friend? 1. USA 2. France of course (Quasi Wars and 200…[View]
88705140getting really sick of all australians tbqh pls come to mexico so you can get beheaded by the local …[View]
88702901There are unironically 8.5 billion Christians and Muslims that unironically believe that 120 million…[View]
88706218I'm going to get a hapa gf I just know it[View]
88706345>We know what it is to live under the hammer blow of the dominant norteamericano culture. But mor…[View]
88705452is SWAT 4 the most american game ever made?[View]
88704952Is this accurate?[View]
88703055Why do Brazilians talk shit about arabs when lot of them look the same?[View]
88699629What happens here?[View]
88705843el goblino...[View]
887049341. Your cunt 2. How much money would you eat this thing for[View]
88706211Post lively folk music from your country: https://youtu.be/0TeZi7lZmgo[View]
88703757>Bangladesh 147,570km2 162 million people >Uruguay 176,215km2 3 million people What do you kno…[View]
88706012I want to go see a crucifixion next easter Mexican anons tell me how and what it's like[View]
88702326Sushi? More like Sushit. Sushi is so overrated. It was originally a street food that only peasants a…[View]
88705911>Farenheits >water freezes at 32F[View]
88693797/mämmi/: älkää antako naisille olennaisia nesteitänne - painos viime >>88675940[View]
88704591>Orange countries will defend this[View]
88705612Are these refugees or identitarians?[View]
88700172Your cunt Are you an incel[View]
88698432Do you love Protestants?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Jews_and_Their_Lies On the Jews and T…[View]
88703980Wow! So that's how real British look?[View]
88702639Anyone else ever play this?[View]
88706001>don't get laid for two weeks >Feel like shit and horny as fuck until I do Damn... I can…[View]
88700584>be mexican >get killed[View]
88704454What are some things that only happen in your country? pic related[View]
88704176We will anex brazil.[View]
88697890/luso/ - fio lusófono: Fio do labirinto Anteriormente: >>88680104[View]
88699350Plugs: You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
88705072Finnish teen stabbening case in South Ostrobothnia: Finnish girl who had just turned 15 stabbed her …[View]
88688822should whites apologize?[View]
88700799Your thoughts on Korean girls[View]
88705464DAMN Do Chinese look like THAT?[View]
88703738/brit/: We take you live to Brexit edition[View]
88692204/éire/: The site's finally working again edition[View]
88705137LEWD DAS JÜDE[View]
88705142will this finally rid us of leaves?[View]
88704114>1. u are a dumb cunt >2. do you have a cool signature? Mexico no, i just write my name with 3…[View]
88704149Why is i that whenever Germany is mentioned Polish posters always get assblasted and replies with hu…[View]
88702955Fuck I made the mistake of opening /int/ and now it's almost 4 am AND I CAN'T STOP BROWSIN…[View]
88703396What are some unisex names in your language/cunt? In England we have Ashley, Jamie, Alex (shortened)…[View]
88704123Ni hao! Do you love Poland?[View]
88701675T-T-This is was not supposed to happen. I'm sorry Southern American anons.[View]
88704579how2 talk to people[View]
88704452we know what you did[View]
88701272Americans claim to be champions of freedom: Where were they when the Soviet Union decided to occupy …[View]
88694335hilo latino /lat/: hilo /lat/ edición hola[View]
88701686What kind of fruit and/or vegetables you guys have growing in your yards? I only have a papaya tree …[View]
88704108How come they don't use chopsticks?[View]
88704282>Pokémon Sapphire came out 15 years ago[View]
88699351Any chance China would abandon could restore the Emperor?[View]
88698539Why are Americans so huge pussies about raw meat? Are they soyboys? Pic related was by meal today[View]
88704145>I hate degeneracy[View]
88703832ALPHA: >“We do have a very special relationship,” Trump said, with the French president at his si…[View]
88704044Confessions: Tell me your sins.[View]
88699433This is how I would have established Israel: I am a 100% Ashkenazi white atheist from Israel. Israel…[View]
886922011. ur cunt 2. What's your opinion on EVROPA? Finland Greastest thing ever[View]
88703152Immigrants should live on no people area: Immigrants they should make their coutries on artificial i…[View]
88703662>there are too many spi-[View]
88702548why do south slavs have such dark skin and other dark features (Hair and eye color) as compared to o…[View]
88698250reminder that Portugal is NOT a med country. they do not touch the Mediterranean. they are simply at…[View]
88675881/ex-yu/: blex-yu angels general[View]
88698858>Hey Anon, why don't you visit me in Iran? what do?[View]
88702571/brit/: /nederaad/ edition[View]
88700576Are normies big fans of superhero movies in your country?[View]
887031241. your country 2. do citizens of your country suppose you're trying to look edgy, intellectual…[View]
88700924>be first generation diaspora from Polish parents >be out drinking with friends in Manhattan …[View]
88702974Is your country run by corrupt people?[View]
88698062Do you love China?[View]
88703321Why are Polacks such cucks?[View]
88700582How easy is to get someone swatted in your country?[View]
88701851Is he white?[View]
88703361Teach me how to dress like a Chicano[View]
88703402You wake up in Seoul, 1995[View]
88687040/rus/-/bel/-/ukr/: Пpocнyлиcь - yлыбнyлиcь ![View]
88701882You wake up in Nazi Occupied France[View]
886972441. You're cunt 2. Your favorite film[View]
88702084YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP: President's internet advisor, Mr. Klimenko, has Stalin's…[View]
88701814Could I pass as a local in your country, /int/?[View]
88702789would you pay chris chan for a BJ?[View]
88703137>on discord for a vidya >my guild becomes enemies with another guild >they have a lot of in…[View]
88693649two girls invited for a picnic tomorrow. first time in 20 years bros[View]
88699144Albanian gf[View]
88703054CHINESE TRANSLATION: please translate this. Thank you[View]
88695351You cunt is going to war: >You don't know who you're up against. >You don't kno…[View]
88702391>be leaf >have mandatory semen inspection https://themanatee.net/new-brunswick-rcmp-to-implem…[View]
88703011>American makes a food analogy[View]
887006061. Ton pays 2. Do universities in your country require you to gen-eds in things unrelated to your co…[View]
88698176on a scale from 0-56, how americanised is your country?[View]
88702711I wish I was Japanese. . .[View]
88702194>he takes personal merit for every single thing his country does >he never participated in sai…[View]
88698492Do you a personal chef /int/? Is it a common practice in your country?[View]
88702635Someone has been knocking on my door non stop for the past 20 mintues[View]
88699596Hi!: What do you doing now? I'm playing shinem@as Let's talk about your free time[View]
88700273Latin América, a safe place for diversity.[View]
88699075grow up[View]
88701530/brit/: Hungry edition[View]
88702618>at the Paris Peace Accords the British were so asshurt about losing the war that they refused to…[View]
88674301Welcome to Nord-Med, the thread with most attractive people per capita. Theme for Meds https://www.y…[View]
88701857>straight borders[View]
88700125Do you think Trump will accept deal with Iran. Macron wants with. But I don't get why France wa…[View]
88701105>A Hungarian city’s bid to become the European Union’s next “Capital of Culture” was allegedly re…[View]
88701669>thread about black culture on /int/ >argentines and chileans start crying >thread gets del…[View]
88697093/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/-/bayern/: Hiroshimahurensohn Ausgabe[View]
88701754This is Takeshi[View]
88698327what does a hug feel like[View]
88688731kurva anyátok[View]
88687069/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Old >>88674198[View]
88701611Looks like swinging party[View]
88701129What's a good but cheap hotel in nyc(Manhattan)?[View]
88701924Passion: How can wh*Toid women even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RF9ZDm8n5I[View]
88698695Do you want to find love in America?[View]
88700377What happens here?: Why is central Newfoundland so empty? The southern coast is so thinly-populated …[View]
88700928What is love, lads?[View]
88697713post your town city flag[View]
88700185/brit/: FOY edition[View]
88701418RULE BRITTANIA![View]
88698135GERMANY YES[View]
88701122I fucking hate living in Israel: I am 100% Ashkenazi white I hate living in Israel. It's full o…[View]
88701084Uma visita ao zoo: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi1uQV4wJ0Q Uma Visita ao zoo[View]
88694964Why is european KFC so much better than american one??? No fries, no sendwiches, no tortillas. Just …[View]
88694642Do you want to find love in Romania?[View]
88696258europe ends at the alps and the oder[View]
88698816Fuck Japs: >I love Japan >Japanese culture is really interesting >I want to live in Japan …[View]
88636310Culture Pals /cp/: The Alright Wall of China edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from aroun…[View]
88699699The most beautiful building in the whole world...[View]
88695206Do you like girls with tattoos?[View]
88697018>Enjoying your refugee dick ahmed? Brazil is 100% white[View]
88697036Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88700151Today is the 32th birthday of the Imperial Prince of Brazil! Say something nice![View]
88700429Can we finally get rid of flags and replace them with skin color once facial recognition software be…[View]
88699675You are now aware that India's foreign minister is 125cm (4'11')[View]
88696759Superpower 2020: https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/how-perverted-is-india-kathua-victims-na…[View]
88695349sushi is the modern art of food: >wow you cut raw fish into rectangular shape and placed it over …[View]
88697421/brit/: motta edunnen tarave ponmotta edunnen tarave PULLI TARAVE!!! edition[View]
88700365good god someone wipe this godforsaken island off the planet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULeDlxa…[View]
88699211Brazilian shower early prototype. Notice the use of a wet sponge, running water being a luxury for t…[View]
88698659/int/ writes a story one word at a time. I'll start: FOUND[View]
88686578Today is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. Say something nice about Armenians.[View]
88697280ITT: We fight for the crown of most edgy country![View]
88699804I am Korean-Canadian should I visit North Korea?[View]
88698882/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW-uwNivPvw[View]
88698679I think i broke my penis help fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it's hurting[View]
88699542SHUT THE FUCK UP[View]
88695318WAHOO *BING* BING*[View]
88697301>Stop watching porn[View]
88697855>this is the finn who talks smack about your country on /int/ whoa...[View]
88691490>One Finnish BULL = 20 russian slavcucks Really makes you think[View]
88698272>when you just can't wait to invade Poland[View]
88699831한국: 또라이들 두루와[View]
88699221Damn... Mexican women look like *THAT*?: I need to catch a plane to Mexico City right quick![View]
88699487why are they so ambivalent?[View]
88697688I'm fucking the neighbor, she's a married woman, everytime a fuck her a feel shitty after …[View]
88698706browner than you smith[View]
88699261Best relationship in modern politics[View]
88695175>he doesn't put water in his wine Barabaroi OUT[View]
88698134Why are Westerners such cultural objectivists that are convinced that their culture and morals shoul…[View]
88699038leaf in germany: Have you ever been to germany? If so, how disappointed were you when you found out …[View]
88694712If you can have your country go back to any point in its history what time. Would you pick? I would …[View]
88698291What goes on here?[View]
88692819/fr/ - le fil libre du pays réel et de la francophonie: Édition du renouveau. Sous-édition : tartele…[View]
88696118Are there any /int/ approved duolingo clubs?[View]
88698628In America apparently the case gets thrown out if the arrest wasn't legal of there was some oth…[View]
88687757/cum/: Asians are the superior race[View]
88692247Europeans are a minority in their own capitals[View]
8869401310s: Who did your city look like in the 1910s?[View]
88697015Do you hate living in your country?: Yes I do. Full of smelly brown arab animals. Including the mizr…[View]
88698561Why did the boomers give up their gun rights so easily? It's going to be impossible for us to g…[View]
88690884>europoors will never know this feel[View]
88692077Are you employed? What's your job?[View]
88700640Is this meme true?[View]
88698071I'm not white I'm not black I'm brown[View]
88693252/msg/ Mediterranean Supremacy General - German Bitch Edition: Germans are subhuman. A pathetic circl…[View]
88674242/Nederdraad/: Finland editie Welkom: Finnen, Nederlanders Niet welkom: Zweden[View]
88697724Why is British government holding an Italian citizen hostage and denying him proper medical care?[View]
88692691why are hapa women incredibly hot, but hapa men are often awkward or unattractive looking? you can s…[View]
88696137sometimes i get a boner when sniffing my own boxers...[View]
88697726You’re in your local hypermarket when suddenly in the next isle this kid starts performing an ancien…[View]
88698246I am watching this show on Netflix, 'Day and Night'. At first I assumed it was a Korean show, I…[View]
88693786/brit/: >Facebook confirmed to the BBC that Minassian was the author of a post which read in part…[View]
88693147Sverigetråden - Sveket upplagan[View]
88681169Why did the USA rise in power so fast, despite making big mistakes?: How did the USA rise in power s…[View]
88697476@Brazil @Argentina[View]
88696828the thread: welcome the thread for everyone where anyone can post EXCEPT FINLAND. yes finland you ar…[View]
88692738/balt/: The Holy Virgin[View]
88698141You are walking in the street minding your own business and you hear this https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
88697788Why are mestizas so cute?[View]
88696177I tried watching anime and japanese language sounds fucking annoying. And japs behave like robots tr…[View]
88692478>tfw your national broadcaster airs 4chan shitposts as factual on live tv…[View]
88697416You wake up in an Austrian House[View]
88688902do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88692891/int/ humor and other weird shit: post em[View]
88697687>straight hair[View]
88695433>tfw euromutt >tfw my hairs went from smooth blond to dark straight >tfw you are no longer …[View]
88697762Asian pride worldwide[View]
88696760Are grownups allowed to beat the shit out of you in your country? (Updated Edition)[View]
88697172Have you ever seen such a high-level troll like Trump?[View]
88695279>Filtered threads: 52 Is there any hope for /int/? Should generals just be banned?…[View]
88696408How common are refugee/local couples in your country? It's not common here but thanks to mama m…[View]
88695827>mfw Greeks were LARPing as Romans for nearly 1800 years[View]
88697211why are so many americans dog people?[View]
88695460/brit/: it's that time again edition 'avin a cuppa abrewin a poo oh hey there mister! how …[View]
88692909Anyone other anons more motivated to improve their social skills and get laid, now that /r9k/ is kil…[View]
88680104/luso/ fio lusofono[View]
88696922Ice cream discussion: 1. Country 2. Favorite flavor of ice cream? >Canada >Mint & Chocolat…[View]
88686823why are the countries in red so third-world tier?[View]
88692687Are estonians genetically baltic?[View]
88694210This is what Central Europe looks like. Have you got any questions?[View]
88692820My ancestors :)[View]
88696943so this is the power of the white race[View]
88696122I'm Drunk. ama![View]
886904041. Your cunt 2. Do you consider Asians as whites?[View]
88695317women: what is the best website for meeting women /int/?women on tinder have standards that are two …[View]
88692792>You're cunt >Is the beta uprising upon you? Canada Yes…[View]
88690337Why don't Japanese people want black immigrants?[View]
88689757>Pee isn't stored in the balls[View]
88695650>trying to learn Japanese >now I'm being forced to learn french to appease Queb*coids…[View]
88693469hey sweden, come here i have a surprise for you[View]
88692851Opinion of this guy?: Are there any leaders like him in middleastern countries?[View]
88692826/deutsch/ Make-Gera-Great-Again Ausgabe: Am Sonntag ist es soweit - Dieter Laudenbach wird zum erste…[View]
88686565Remember when /int/ had its own memes separate from /pol/?[View]
88693961GERMAN HATE THREAD: http://www.dw.com/en/how-germany-got-the-russian-revolution-off-the-ground/a-411…[View]
88693257Why did it go so wrong?[View]
88692238read fucking books[View]
88694961>first world by 2023[View]
88696466Hi! my name is hayrullah taip but they call me hayrullah gay because i watch porn with shamal amiri.…[View]
88696348post some rare flags so i can woah there buckaroo them[View]
88689488Why do 'Slavs' make such a big deal about Germans having Slavic admixture while 'Slavs' themselves h…[View]
88694876German Welfare: >A Tunisian man who once allegedly protected Osama Bin Laden has lived in Germany…[View]
88694587>e''''u'''' >relevant[View]
88696063>mfw mom noticed the cum stains on my shorts[View]
88692377implanning to move to serbia to be a neet. i make 900/euro a month in NEETbux. Tell me what I need t…[View]
88695783I hate dutch people[View]
88695044>Oi blud, is that a butter knife in you hands??? What do you do[View]
88693991>Anglos arent complete monst-[View]
88695386Germany owes us money[View]
88688141Does soy have any actual health benefits?[View]
88690223Should Russians hate him more than Hitler?[View]
88695463For me, it's Italy.[View]
88685229/lat/ hilo latino[View]
88694346How many Amerifats can fit in an Honda Fit?: How many Amerifats can fit in a subcompact car like the…[View]
88690472>only speaks English language[View]
88691827Portugal is such a shit country poor as fuck brown people tiny dicks small country retarded people…[View]
88695153>I live in a large city[View]
88692350Trump and Macron saved 4chan today.[View]
88695105Can I survive in your country speaking English only?[View]
88694302Blocks your path.[View]
88690563Thoughts on Kalmykia?: The only Asian and Buddhist republic in Europe. They are descended from Gengh…[View]
88692339Vocaroo thread! Star spangled banner edition. here I sing americas theme song https://vocaroo.com/i/…[View]
88694700>British '''freedom'''[View]
88692739Let's congratulate the royals on another BASED royal in their BASED royal family[View]
88692041Wakey wakey, site's back up.[View]
88693446Soon most skandi posters will go to bed[View]
88687484At last week in Japan, Argentine it began. A Argentina guy has been so moving the hearts of Japanese…[View]
88693383This is Sayyida Iman bint Abdullah. She is direct descendant of prophet Muhammad.[View]
88693576Swedish figh: Just an average Swedish fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDI7p7c7A5U[View]
88693728average korean house.: say something nice.[View]
88694434How is a med man like me treated in your country? pic related[View]
88689432i voted leave for a laugh xx[View]
88693180Have the US trade policies been good for latin America so far? What does my Ameribros and Latino fri…[View]
88693506Help me bros, #i just found out my girl is albanian. We will never have kids.[View]
88693280What would drive someone to emigrate from their country instead of fixing what is wrong with their o…[View]
88694239The day of the rope is near cryptoniggers[View]
88689845Why aren't you a Serbophile?[View]
88694211OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! >But wait holy shit what if he’s right, all Elliot…[View]
88688625ITT we post only true statements. 'White' Americans commit the most crime in the United States of Am…[View]
88683260Why can't Europeans into sarcasm? You tell them a joke and they just give you this blank retard…[View]
88673038/polska/: edycja dżentelmenów[View]
88687372Does he really worship the emperor?[View]
88691786Lenkai pydarai, von is musu Lietuvos!!!!!![View]
88691623/brit/: The working man edition[View]
88688510finnish me[View]
88693656Why doesn't anyone give a shit about the UK anymore? LOL.[View]
88689102Thank you, pizza fat amerincans![View]
88689668>1,415,045,928 people Just think about that[View]
88691445shitty culture. shitty language. shitty food. shitty flag[View]
88693070>Mfw i spot a t*RRone[View]
88675940/mämmi/: Yö-painos[View]
88685734In Russia, they make erotic thrillers about Nicholas II's affairs.[View]
88692369>get abortion in America >get charged with first degree murder and get sentenced to death…[View]
88693304The hero that Britain deserves.[View]
88693138spains can you translate this please google doesnt give anything[View]
88691732Would you watch a harem series set in a Swedish McDonalds?[View]
88686869anyone else wish they were black[View]
88692765Daily French hate thread: HAHAHAHAHAHA OHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAA How will France ever recover?[View]
88692141You wake up in Weimar Germany[View]
88692984>your cunt >what do people in your cunt thing about Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkSB…[View]
88687665Why do you love England?[View]
88689504Ban assault vans.[View]
88692700Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88681692/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Bayerische Sonderausgabe.[View]
88690134/brit/: political undertones edition[View]
88690263Why is the rest of the world so subhuman? What causes the white man to stand out? I was thinking cli…[View]
88674833/Norgetråden/: Ikke fall av brettet-utgaven Forrige: >>88659671 >>88659671 >>88659…[View]
88688025Be American: >order waffles[View]
88692119Site gets fixed at 00:00 IST Dev confirmed Indian[View]
88692058What happened why 4chan not worked[View]
88691458/botn/: Just 1 week left bros![View]
88692117>mfw the highlight of my day is shitposting on 4chan[View]
88692046Prussia: Do Germans see Prussia as the predecessor state to Germany? i.e. do they see Prussia as …[View]
88692054The first 100% islamic european country.[View]
88692099>he goes back to sleep instead of going to the classes his parents paid for and turns in his essa…[View]
88676418/fr/ - Le fil de la francophonie: édition J'TE BAISE JULIETTE J'TE BAISE JULIETTE https://…[View]
88692105We must retake the Holy Land: 'Oh, race of Franks, race from across the mountains, race chosen and b…[View]
88687109Sverigetråden - Tjejiga upplagan[View]
88691028>got their ass handed to them by Japan >got their ass handed to them by Finland >got their …[View]
88689116Is travelling overrated? I have the chance to go visit a relative in Israel and I'm not sure if…[View]
88691902Do you ever have a travel dream turn into nightmare? >Dreaming that im in some crowded bar in an …[View]
88689976>and its going to be beautiful[View]
88688124Why'd they never become a global power like the European nations?[View]
88688314Does your country have a best ally, /int/?[View]
88691415RUSSIA DESERVES RESPECT: Russia is big and strong and has space and tigers and saved you from right …[View]
88689311Do American today remember the Iraq war? What do you think about it now?[View]
88691160Explain why not.[View]
88684470I had a white girl get mad at me today for using the term 'Jap' today outside of any derogatory cont…[View]
88689904Why do Indians do it?[View]
88687669bit brutal that[View]
88691609/brit/: a moment in time edition[View]
88687591>ask someone an /int/ertnational question >they reply in their language Fuck you if you do thi…[View]
88690419ate lots of veggies last night and today my poo was soft and easy to pass and there was no blood wha…[View]
886881111. Cunt 2. At what age did you realize that you're a subuman trash that should've never b…[View]
88691401temperature thread 45 fuck that 40 extremelly hot but you can function 35 uncomfortably hot 30 hot 2…[View]
88688492Are American tourists sadists? I swear, you're having fun by backing people into a corner and i…[View]
88688514How would you feel about Rupert Murdoch buying 4Chan[View]
88681829ITT:Based leaders only I'll start[View]
88688312Australians are the best posters. Prove the contrary.[View]
88690808>Be me >Consider studying abroad >Look up college tution fees in English speaking countries…[View]
88689265Should men go back to this style?[View]
88683780Why don't non-Anglos go lobster?[View]
88681580Post your bedrooms[View]
88682462How do Washington and Oregon differ?[View]
88687032Why is it that degenerate artists like Niki Minaj live and good artists like Avicii dies? ;([View]
88690701>turks are not whi...whoa![View]
88686355Truck driver was a confirmed 4chan user who want to 'overthrow all the chads and stacys' and will in…[View]
88688293Fuck this weather![View]
88690464Confession thread? I pretends to be a BRAP poster for fun on /int/.[View]
88683279Why are AMERINDIAN woman so cute?[View]
88687613Are u fat /int/? >flag >nah[View]
88688737Was America the bad guy in the Mexican-American War?[View]
88690877What happens in central Newfoundland and the south-central coast? The southern coast of Newfoundland…[View]
88686849>i like science and technology[View]
88690625Why dont Yurofags have Yellow fever like based Americans do?[View]
88688038Reminder that if you don't have a traditional house, you're a plebian.[View]
88689199This is a 4/10 on russian tinder[View]
88683892>almost 20 years old >kv[View]
88687330Jesus Christ What is wrong with you pathetic babbling shitposters? Racebaiting? Finnposting? Incelp…[View]
88683847Why did Mexicans build a city over a lake?[View]
88690454This is the average Canadian man. Say something nice about him.[View]
88690356hey guys I wanna go to Germany. do you think I can pass ass a German? pic related is me[View]
88689038why the Japanese are a superior people!! edition[View]
88687519I fuck*ng love Syrian/Lebanese/Palestinian dabke. This is the music the Jewish-controlled government…[View]
88687620>It was mostly Koreans that were ran over and killed by the van[View]
88685987What can /int/ tell me about Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Manitoba in general?[View]
88690191>I believe LDR and online dating[View]
88689044why do you hate Redditors?[View]
88688643/brit/ They don't see me 'less I pull up Lamborghini edition[View]
88687146What is this substance called in your country?[View]
88687969>my brother browses reddit[View]
88685656Somewhere in a parallel universe[View]
88686350I just discovered i had a black granny. I'm about to kms[View]
88672748Search 'air quality real time' in google search and post the results[View]
88688980Fact. The Emu has won more wars than Germany.[View]
88689873Is 2018 going to be a psychotic year?[View]
88683701What do British feel when they see the American flag as a symbol of English language?[View]
88687237el orco americano, dios mio...[View]
88689696Compare two languages/countries from the same region for no reason. >Polish is the Italian of Eas…[View]
88684049Do Western woman really dress like this? Are they not shy and ashamed?[View]
88688092>be canada leaf >get trucked >not even a real muslim, just a pseudo-muslim armen*id we want…[View]
88689335>*knocks loudly on your door* >'POLICE, OPEN UP! WE'VE LOGGED AN IP ADDRESS FROM THIS RES…[View]
88689645We must secure the existence of japanese qts and a future for japanese race.[View]
88683075You can only post in this thread if your grandfather fought for the Allies in WWII.[View]
88678034I legitimately despise this '''''''''country'…[View]
88688128>Bulgarian women weird-looking, misshapen, look like prostitutes even when they're in high s…[View]
88689276Si Adelita se fuera con otro...[View]
88689290Do you fear the white warriror?[View]
88688925Pssst....hey....hey Finland....come here[View]
88685882Is liking petite women who look like little girls considered offensive in your country?[View]
88688663Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
88684372Reminder that the Latino names (Fernandez, González, Rodríguez, and Gomez) are of Germanic origin. T…[View]
88684375Do chinks have a sense of humour?[View]
88683497Handsome /int/ernational men[View]
88687556Tfw living in the capital of northern scandinavia.[View]
88678173We need to help Venezuelans[View]
88688751Hey /int/ This summer I'm headed to Israel for an excavation project. I really don't know …[View]
88686553Is /int/ a gay board?[View]
88686335Now watch me whip Now watch me nae nae[View]
88687167/brit/ DAMN edition[View]
88678257>I've got zero confidence in myself >I can't have any social contact without realizi…[View]
88687615> You're 8yo. > You act in an unappropiated way in the public way > Your mom punish yo…[View]
88687956*sends thoughts and prayers to Canada*[View]
88681920Reminder that Ireland is a better country than the UK in virtually every aspect[View]
88688445Are they evil?[View]
88686555I legitimately thought as a kid that people spoke the language their country was named after. The F…[View]
88684847Do you love Japan?: If you say you don't, you're a baka><[View]
88688317During the fiercely opposed relief expedition to Peking in the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, when two com…[View]
88683742I'm going to travel to China and a week, looking for : 'special' massage parlors and best place…[View]
88687876Where are my fellow Caucasians at?[View]
88688017Why did he truck the chads and stacies?[View]
88686919>He only comes to /int/ to chat with the same samefags in the same general thread posted every si…[View]
88684991>tfw all developed countries will never team up again to beat the shit out of China like in the B…[View]
88681942/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: Creepy stalker vibe Edition[View]
886855071. cunt 2. did you go to prom? USA no[View]
88685285is there a country with worse food than the USA?[View]
88686223How do I tell my sister to stop using Instaslut? I don't like the idea of some creepy internet …[View]
88687631I love you Victoria :)[View]
88678572Do you ever look across the water at your neighbour country? The USA is so close I feel I could tou…[View]
88687083California: Why do California's statistics make it seem so poor and brown? I thought it was sup…[View]
88685890How do we deal with the incel problem?[View]
88686259How are you preparing for the incel jihad?[View]
88679295This girl was recently denied acceptance into university through a quota system because the board de…[View]
88687532Supreme Gentleman Alek Minassian: > Speculation surfaced Monday night around a Facebook post asso…[View]
88685137Post good music from your country? Here we go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgWmUXwPpDY https://w…[View]
88686467Why does Japan make such fucking great movies? What is it added to your directors' water?[View]
88685074Post Varg gene ancestry test results. The first to get dubs represents reality[View]
88679708faces of /int/: REAL FACES EDITION no memes[View]
88686345Map of where Tornadoes occur[View]
88686526What's it like living in a refugee resettlement city?[View]
88685913/brit/ white wine edition[View]
88683733Why are European girls the most fun?[View]
88675681stop making fun of my accent[View]
88687008https://youtube.com/watch?v=83_ORxgrfL8 Do Europeans ever wonder what it’s like being surrounded by …[View]
88686994Is this how asian girls bully other girls? https://www.instagram.com/p/BeLmz3rj6kr/?taken-by=martini…[View]
88644089/ausnz/: Questions edition[View]
88686761Feels like soon 4chan won't be available in my country. I'll miss it lads[View]
88686681what have you got to say for yourself wh*toids[View]
88686731THE AMERIMDIAN CVCK https://youtu.be/4PXwvQg4B-A[View]
88686384Note that the best /int/ hours are when skandi trash posters are asleep. Lots of actual /int/ relate…[View]
88660546/éire/: anime edition[View]
88685218Sou uma rapariga, e espero que morra em breve.[View]
88684617>american posts a map >US is split into states while everything else is a blob stop this you u…[View]
88686425fucking hate my eye colour. What even is it? It's not brown, it's not green, it's not…[View]
88685131I want to build a castle in Australia. Do you think this would be cool or would it make you cringe? …[View]
88683472American Diaspora: Does your c*nt have American diaspora? Are there 'America towns' like how migrant…[View]
88685089serious question: are americans retarded?? why they do this??? why they dress like this?! is it cons…[View]
88685936>b-but *proceeds to swallow double Big Mac whole and wash it down with Coke Zero* muh constitutio…[View]
886837091. your country: 2. do prostitutes in your country kiss their clients on the lips? 1. flag 2. Idk, n…[View]
88686096Average European child circa 2111[View]
88686152Do any civilians live in Paris Island?[View]
88682742/brit/: white is right edition[View]
88679296Your least favorite Latin American country is ____ because ____[View]
88685933>you will never have a cute thicc hairy colombian gf. Why even life? Just to suffer.…[View]
88685835You wake up in a rural Serbian village where men pay for Albanian brides.[View]
88684655how do i get the gf[View]
88684014Where would you want to live and why?: Bonus points if you name particular cities/towns[View]
88668971>A kid declared cerebrally dead by the medic equipe was given the Italian citizenship to avoid th…[View]
88685772Is this an accurate depiction of life in australia? https://youtu.be/Nqlz6lOLtIQ[View]
88684433Post /int/ernational music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvS351QKFV4[View]
88685261Is Qatar Airways a good place to work? Im just a salvadoran who wants to get out.[View]
88685509have we started the fire?[View]
88683169ITT: post Brits you like[View]
88678613/ita/ - il filo: BASATI BIDELLI[View]
88685453When will stupid Nazi larpers stop publishing fake JFK quotes to ''redpill'' normies (more like faux…[View]
88685565To those of you wondering where all handsome Russian men have gone, look at this. This is from 1937.…[View]
88684180What is so great about Cricket?[View]
88684542/FINSKA/: im starting to see the pepe's I made being used in other threads and boards painos…[View]
88685389How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
88681401Friendly reminder that France is a Latin American country and that the French people are Latinos.[View]
88685348Why do Spain and Portugal have so many Mormons?[View]
88685004What exactly is wrong with executing apostates? Since cultures are judged by the net happiness they …[View]
88683372What happens here?[View]
88685311Es una parodia. Una montaña de odio y rabia......[View]
88683541i miss you[View]
88679649HILO LATINO[View]
88684398Countries which destroy the aesthetic of your continent:: Guianas, or mistakes. They shouldn't …[View]
88684502Wtf is the problem of that over-the-top racist from pic related that is posting on this board This p…[View]
88617555/dixie/ Southern US & Friends[View]
886833801. ur cunt 2. are you replacing the local population of another country? 1. United Mexican States 2.…[View]
88680080Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
88684671How can European fast food even compete?[View]
88681671How true is the meme Brazilian men have big asses?[View]
88673672Under current projections, white people will make up less than 2% of the world's population, by…[View]
88684231I miss the 2003 days when hating France was so trendy.[View]
88681245>Russia is anti-globali- Woah[View]
88680420>Prime Minister >MP[View]
88684187There are many White girls here with blue eyes but they never match with me on tinder :([View]
88683191Land of the lombards: What happens here?[View]
88679909How does weed usage work in your country? How easy is it to get it? Is it cheap? Is it socially acce…[View]
88684380THIS DEMON IS ANTI WHITE.: https://twitter.com/babsspectre?lang=en >This is just pure unadulterat…[View]
88683607Do you love protestants ? :3[View]
88649933Would you support an united Europe?[View]
88683977Do you have any international heroes? I do.[View]
88684464Life is a rainbow. We are all so colourful! https://twitter.com/LeftoidMind/status/98837312301896089…[View]
88684013Why are there so few gay posters from Eastern Europe meanwhile there are lot of gay posters from Wes…[View]
88681811Ask a French Tunisian anything[View]
88681431do you like wh*Te women?[View]
886843571. your cuntree 2. who's your waifu? 3. does it hurt knowing she'll never be real? >Por…[View]
88684236would you go to korea to get plastic surgery?[View]
88682009Would we be better off if Mexico just joined the USA? It’s basically happening anyway.[View]
88681677I am never going to have children: The reasom is that I don't want to have a daughter and raise…[View]
88668534Why do western european men do this?[View]
88679162>Arabs could pass as spainards, Greeks, Italians[View]
88683002>he's listening to classic music while studying to feel supreme[View]
88676209What country has the best music?[View]
88683998Someone please save my country we are turning into America or Brazil[View]
88684119Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment Wo…[View]
88684130Is this Brokeback Mountain remake ?[View]
88682737/brit/ powerful edition[View]
88679375>is literally a peninsula and an island complex >has a weak navy…[View]
88682153>SWEDEN is more fiscally responsible than 90% of cunts, including developed ones https://en.wikip…[View]
88681198ITS A GREAT DAY - CASTRO IS AWAY!!: First day in 60 years no Castro as the head of Cuba. This is go…[View]
88683267japaaan 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》 sOOo sugoi desu ne!!! I love Japan I LOVE JAPAN \( ● ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ● )/[View]
88683297What's the nicest country in South America?[View]
88680141Let's congratulate the royals on anther BASED royal in their BASED royal family[View]
8868017460% of Japanese words are Chinese: >Sino-Japanese vocabulary is referred to in Japanese as kango …[View]
88682357French are gay[View]
88681985Are Russians proud of their arts? Do Russians like their early cinema? I just watched The Mother (19…[View]
88683795Why do most eastern european language look like literal trash? I'm talking about polish, hungar…[View]
88683598Average Sicilian man[View]
88683250The number one reason America is the greatest country in the world is due to brain drain. This selfi…[View]
88683618>truck driver was a retarted r9k incel 4chan user[View]
88678298Only Countries that helped hitler can post here. >Tfw you give nazis iron because you hate jews…[View]
88683679China's goals for 2018: Pic related is China's plan for 2018. It's part of the 13th 5…[View]
88683565Anyone seen this? Thoughts?[View]
88679745What the name of satiric film about elections in USA?[View]
88683589Remember the black dude that was hitting asian women with iron bar and then commit suicide because h…[View]
88680772I can't drive a stick[View]
88681177Anybody else Christian here too?[View]
88677752What are some countries that genuinely love each other?[View]
88681038ITT boys of /int/ describe their penises in detail while I read and do something in the privacy of m…[View]
88682353I am Italian, you subhumans[View]
88682187does your cunt have good internet? NewYork City has fucking shit internet. I was just in VA this we…[View]
88678840One is a country that needs to be nuked The other one is Mexico[View]
88681076FAT MEXICO FAT[View]
88681118/brit/ lil tracy edition[View]
886712691. your cunt tree 2. do you want to find love in Venezuela?[View]
88678523>all the pictures of brown latinas with big asses >the argentinian girl that posts in /v4/ is …[View]
88682922Are Poles OK?: this autism can only be the product of a deranged mind[View]
88670197This is so called whites from Mediterranean countries[View]
88682723spidermon: spidey memes.[View]
88681049Post pics you took of your city[View]
88682221>yer a cunt >would u fuck an argonian with double d tits?…[View]
88681731Do people in your cunt know who he is? What do you think of him?[View]
88679689>i will fight for my country[View]
88682483Proof that Brazilians are white[View]
88680505Flag Have you ever called 911/emergencies/etc? If so, for what reason?[View]
88682469Look at these little wh*teoids thinking they tough LMAO the N*zis would have gassed them[View]
88646579/danmarktråden/: Hej[View]
88678047Are grownups allowed to beat the shit out of you in your country?[View]
88682278>it's strange that a country that was originally a colony that never revolted would have som…[View]
88682137>Fix bayonets! >Prepare to charge! >Charge! What do your people shout? >Canada >For t…[View]
88682276Spanish girls are so cute[View]
88681943>you wake up to the sound of your neighbors house being bombed in ukraine what? do…[View]
88677456this is what average polish man looked like in 17th century[View]
88662741Just made a tinder account :3[View]
88681181This site has made me realize how ugly and bad american people are.[View]
88674102/CUM/: heppy days[View]
88679175Are Canadians 'urban' or 'rural' people?[View]
88681900Why do they pretend they're not Australian?[View]
88675966/deutsch/: Brüderliche Ausgabe[View]
88680573what the FUCK is Thailand's FUCKING problem?[View]
88680483>visit a European’s home >he doesn’t offer me hospitality corn…[View]
88668416We have so much freshwater in Finland that we could supply the whole world with it.[View]
88680379What's this body part called in your language?[View]
88671884Is there a single empire in history where so much disinformation has been pedaled by romanticist myt…[View]
88681396This week will be a very rainy week. It's getting cold already and the sun sets at 18hs[View]
88678754The meme is real https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ5jHGqSkj4[View]
88678887What do you think of Turkey?[View]
88675797the japanese are FUCKING ANIMALS![View]
88674198/balk/: Lazy faggots edition Cтap пpaвocлaвeн тpeд >>88662817[View]
88681029>most Danes actually live on a small island Whoa I mean it’s obvious when you think about it but …[View]
88678226/brit/: Born too late to discover the world, Born too early to be blown into dust by an meteor Born…[View]
88679908f*ck the french[View]
88681149How are you preparing for the French millennium?[View]
88680871What is this thing called in your nation?[View]
88679646where can I find a girl like this?[View]
88679893This is a Japanese newspost from the 1850s about the scary American ships that just showed up.[View]
88677451FACT:: The Red (children of KARA BOGA) must genocide the Blue (yukab's wh*Te walkers)[View]
88679387Hey int who is your best friend? Post a pic with him Pic related is Russia and Kazakhstan, best frie…[View]
88680834Are spanish women the sexiest?[View]
88680863>I am a janitor on 4chan.org[View]
88671574>irrelevant and uncool country replies to me[View]
88680442How do we stop Fernando from this?[View]
88678767Post nice pic of ur country :3[View]
88668659you wake up black[View]
88678010>im putting together a team[View]
88679178Is it only me?: Or are german girls hookers who like negroes and arabs and turks?[View]
88680248why are Anglo men so successful in China?[View]
88672007Jesus Christ Why Are Africans So Homophobic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_drVAxlVoJQ[View]
88680321do men with underbite have even a slight chance to land with women? My underbite is barely visible w…[View]
88680584>20yo+ >watching porn[View]
886771211. You are a cunt 2. When’s the last time you had sex? 3. How was it? Virgins need not reply.[View]
88680296you wake up in Paris: 2204 AD...[View]
88680021> tfw no chink gf[View]
88671513This is our ex-president who resigned today. Say something nice about him.[View]
88680151Frenchfags, please help. I want to tell a girl 'we'll see each other at the party' or just 'see…[View]
88651655/luso/ - fio lusófono: Edição acabou o sonho cumpanheiro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dybCYC0C7oM…[View]
88676613this is what average anime posting lithuanian looks like[View]
88676392Plebs drink coffee, patricians drink tea[View]
88679862What happens here?[View]
88677273Holy fucking shit what in the ACTUAL FUCK is wrong with orthodox. We treat you fuckheads better than…[View]
88675938What are these islands called in your language?[View]
88657989/rus/-/bel/-/ukr/: Apмянcкий[View]
88669421hilo latino /lat/[View]
88676787Why is it so hard for you to show a little respect for other cultures?[View]
88675029Any last words huwhitey?[View]
88678166/brit/: not greggs not arsed simple as[View]
88676763Holy fucking shit what in the ACTUAL FUCK is wrong with muslims. We treat you fuckheads better than …[View]
88666125kurva anyátok[View]
88675208>blocks your path What do, /int/???[View]
88677264>killer is brown/Muslim >Yeah, it means Islam is the problem instead of race, who would have t…[View]
88679468need a black weeb gf[View]
88679510Disneyland castles in Europe: So recently we learned about this disneyland castle they built in Germ…[View]
88679493Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88678937I'm feeling sad about the situation in the levant[View]
88671474How do we stop China?[View]
88677022How do you say in your language 'Sergeant 4chan,I will make you proud.'[View]
88667027apart from yelling at foreigners online, do you have a hobby, /int/?[View]
88677787democracy is demon racy this is satanism[View]
88679151really makes you think...[View]
88676624how do we stop them[View]
88676825Comprehensive map of the world.[View]
88678806There are hardly any real white Americans anymore: They all mixed with negroes, wetbacks and asiatic…[View]
88678881I'd like to buy one 'freedom,' please.[View]
88676216>why i'm sith this southron >i bet she is christian >i want to go home…[View]
88678634Is this my future?[View]
88674844Sverigetråden - Djävulsupplaga[View]
88678288ARMENIANS: Explain yourselves.[View]
88675174Americans unironically pay hundred of dollars for gene ancestry tests.[View]
88664867Is the knowledge of French in French Africa similar to people's knowledge of Spanish in Latin A…[View]
88672194/balt/: hmmm[View]
88676577/brit/: Psychedelic Tim edition[View]
88677862The country most voted gets nuked. >Germany[View]
88678100why do americans[View]
88678075Gallant champions, odious monsters, or sardonic anti-heroes?[View]
88677772Why do brits on this board sperg out when americans (rightfully) point out that we have a stronger a…[View]
88665370>Be Canadian >Get a visit from the truck of peace…[View]
88678013Come join me on reddit. >>>/pol/169260054[View]
88677985When will it be our time menabro's?[View]
88670018You wake up in Vvardenfell[View]
88673606If your nation is brown, You are living in a shithole[View]
886777221. country of yours 2. do you think that america is guilty for making us all consumerists and they d…[View]
88673652>Brazilians aren't whit-[View]
88674656Thoughts about Corsica?[View]
88677685Why are southern Europeans so lazy?[View]
88677307Best way to learn French?[View]
88673481Why are V*rgoids so afraid of taking a geno ancestry test?[View]
88669471>be spanish conquistador >see this Wat do?…[View]
88677455Starting to think muslims should be sent to pentecostal church conversion camps and shipped to Brazi…[View]
88677299British Overseas Territories (BOT) - Ascension Island: Is there a more remote and exotic locale in a…[View]
88670671>millions of people celebrating the birth of another german royal Thats right. Bow before your ge…[View]
88632187/v4/ + friends: alokal edition[View]
88676033Why does American hair-dried their chicken?[View]
88672811>his language has non-gendered nouns[View]
88675129>That'll be twelve (12) dollars plus tip[View]
88669861do you have hobbys i like collecting empty energy drink cans[View]
88676495Well, well well. Another fucking white guy kills 9 people and blames it on muslims. APOLOGIZE RIGHT.…[View]
88675943Recent pic of wh*Toid suspect.[View]
88673827>be canadian >get visited by the truck of peace >apologise…[View]
88673735So whats wrong with sandals and socks? I don't understand[View]
88674782ITT, post any kind of entertainment from your country[View]
88671771>be canadian >make fun of americans for getting shot >the very next day get car'd I co…[View]
88674957/brit/: Charles II edition[View]
88644863Why do people think he was a good guy?[View]
88676469What websites do you regularly visit in your country? Need some fresh options[View]
88675785What happened Russia?: remembering the good old days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yFd8lx7vQI…[View]
88676283>climate change[View]
88669443Gringo, Gaijin, Gweilo, Goy[View]
88668494/fr/ - le Francofil du soir: Édition Rock Anticommuniste Le diable s'agite et t'attire dan…[View]
88675205>When all these people on /int/ from poo-tier third world shitholes in Latin America, the Balkans…[View]
88672198How would your mom react if you had mixed children?[View]
88673181>I use condom[View]
88675931>I do something the poster disllikes or disagrees with[View]
88672116/deutsch/ Germanen Ausgabe: Im Landtagswahlkampf warb er unter anderem mit dem Slogan „Kein Geld für…[View]
88666327/mämmi/: Flammenwerfer- painos[View]
88669874*Rapes your aryan waifus*[View]
88675929One day this all will change Treat people the same Stop with the violence Down with the hate One day…[View]
88673346>Germans wear socks and sandals when they go to the beach[View]
88671975why French 'men' reject masculinity?[View]
88674945Do you love Costa Rica?[View]
88675701mfw i see my ugly face in the mirror[View]
88664082My german citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88674249I was in America for a long while last year and it was so nice, the way people are so outgoing compa…[View]
88673503Why are Brazilians so handsome?[View]
88675505*consumes soy*[View]
88675592>tfw everyone in your country openly hates niggers >and considers black skin to be the ugliest…[View]
88675578How to not get the munchies when you are high?[View]
88675478Why do nips like Italian Grey Hounds so much?[View]
88668845I've just read that almost 5 millions of Russians make 7500 rubles per month ($120). WTF? Why? …[View]
88675414Belgiums flag reminds me of reese's pieces m&m's[View]
88669084You are now aware that Ecuador uses the US Dollar as its currency[View]
88674951>ywn live in a country devoid of civil unrest >ywn be able to go to college without falling in…[View]
88664337France is back, invest your money here please. thank you. https://www.brookings.edu/opinions/the-ma…[View]
88675228Big Question /int/: do you think we are the masters of every move we make, every act we do because w…[View]
88675146Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88668357Question for brits and Irish anons: Im trying to figure out my ancestry, yeah yeah le 56 i know, but…[View]
88673437>I LOVE latino culture! Tacos are so tasty and i love salsa and reggaeton. And latinos are so fun…[View]
88672873WTF humanity?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkSXB-lRAp0[View]
88674969/asean/: /asean/ milik /asean/ jangan biarkan pihak asing campur tangan dalam hal dalaman kita katak…[View]
88669411God I wish that were me.[View]
88661169/ita/ - il filo: COMUNISMO[View]
88660235Post the best of German humor[View]
88674572>wake up >still shart n' shoot AAAAAaaaAAAAAaaHhHHHHHHH…[View]
88673053/polska/: edycja anime 2[View]
88674391t. Alberto Barbosa[View]
88669839>I wake up, the birds are chirping and the window curtains are flapping with the morning breeze. …[View]
88674015>Germans will defend this[View]
88670667Will we see the day when Real British English takes precedence over Poncy Norman British English and…[View]
88674268REMEMBER if you kill your enemies, they win[View]
88667669>So then your Korean girlfriend arrives at her parents home. >Mum, dad. I want you to meet ano…[View]
88659362/ex-yu/: huligansko izdanje[View]
88673537>saw an eastern Asian man in the gym's shower today Holy SHIT the rumours about small asian …[View]
88672911Could I pass for a local in your country?[View]
88668945God I wish I was German or Swedish.[View]
88664789/NEDERDRAAD/: Gina uitgave Welkom: Gina, Tahir en Erik de Oppertatta Niet welkom: Junior[View]
88669963why won't canadians enact common sense van control?[View]
88670630/brit/: Too quick right now xx lets keep this thread until 400 shall we, not like jannys gonna stop …[View]
88673929Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment Wo…[View]
88666160/cum/: licki licki edition[View]
88668936Post foods intresting foods from other cultures. Nagisopa, a lesser known delicacy in northen japan.[View]
886651341. ur cunt 2. do people eat bananas in your country? 1. finlan 2. I don't know a single person …[View]
88662817/balk/: Anti-Byzantium edition. Old: >>88642825 >>88642825[View]
88671930Why do fellow Nords do this? You do know that meds are not for lewd, right?[View]
88670390Why shouldn't I learn Hungarian?[View]
88648228/balt/: World War Anime[View]
88668385Why do Mexicans keep talking about an airport?[View]
88671378How's it going in Korea?[View]
88669942>spot a group of Mexicans >walk over and tell them I need help putting up a new shed and paint…[View]
88671311'southern europeans' aren't a thing. we're african[View]
88669488How do you escalate things with a girl you've known for years? I asked her if she wanted to com…[View]
88673132The world should exists without borders..: Borders are completely useless, let the love guide us, wh…[View]
88672735Am I white /b/ros? (ignore the tan)[View]
88668723My country side.: Post comfy country side images brothers.[View]
88672190it's very sad to believe you are a descendant of ancient greek when the most accurate thing you…[View]
88672521Why are other countries such wussies? Why don't Yuropoors want to live in a warzone? Are they b…[View]
88669024>he always capitalizes his country's name but not others[View]
88672416¿soy blanco /pol/?[View]
88663101/polska/: edycja anime[View]
88668503Sverigetråden: WoW-upplagan[View]
88672612I love you Victoria :)[View]
88669806>I disagree with your opinion[View]
88668279>Your cunt >your fav movie flag pic related…[View]
886697231. you're cunt 2. are you a wizard 1. flaggot 2. YES[View]
88659671/Norgetråden/:: Med Israel for fred-utgaven Forrige >>88651248[View]
88672409what happens in this part of the world?[View]
88670782What do you call this in your country?[View]
88670514Pakistani are fucking animals. >be young girl who likes Italian life-style >go to Pakistan to …[View]
88672488ITT: /int/ in 2018[View]
88660729Le Gibraltar of Italy, estimados señore[View]
88669099OH CANADA[View]
88672065How does it feel like to be born as a rich Oil magnet?: >Rich as fuck can buy whatever the fuck a…[View]
88672332partner meme country >america - ??? >canada,australia,new zealand - china >UK - indian and …[View]
88671324>Americans http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/23/colorado-man-built-sex-chamber-for-intercourse-wi…[View]
88666425/deutsch/-/Spätschicht/-/bayern/: Grüne Frühlingsausgabe[View]
88654063Why are British tourists so terrible?[View]
88671172> 7th week of no fap > at uni > notice my underwear is wet > notice I smell like precum…[View]
88670610What are the largest sources of tension within your country?[View]
88668002>My girlfriend is South american...[View]
88669208>Be me, arab guy in japan >Start walking on the street >Suddenly notice a japanese woman si…[View]
88669456The Paris Catacombs incident led to the birth of the antichrist in Lombardy... may They have mercy o…[View]
88667145>dating a short girl as a tall male i hope u get killed by ur manlet kid you fucking scum…[View]
88668458How often are AMBF couples?[View]
88671424>normalfags make fun of japan[View]
88665018I fixed the Balkans.[View]
88671257This is a protestant church in Brazil. Do you have these freaks in your country? https://www.youtub…[View]
88671214Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88670247Alberta should be an independent country[View]
88668104>nonamerican says dude and bro[View]
88644231/lat/: Hilo latino hilo mañanero[View]
88668980/brit/: Where man and animals come together edition[View]
88668221Which is the gayest nord country? I'm gonna pass through Sweden in the summer for personal reas…[View]
88669904Say something nice about the new royal baby who is fifth in the line of succession.[View]
88656966How does this map make you feel?[View]
88670310What is wrong with you America? Why are you so fucking shit at eveything?[View]
88670303>KARA BOOG-[View]
88657327*Drags europe out of the g*Rmanic dark ages*[View]
88668678Why doesn't the US constitution grant citizens the right to be alive? Are American lives worthl…[View]
88651664My sister got pregnant and the guy ran off to Spain: >be me, Torbjörn Svensson >live with my f…[View]
88665824/brit/: Racial Science Edition[View]
88669780Brazil explain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJvHsc19F28[View]
88659276I spend too much time on /int/, need to get banned to stop coming here. Enjoy.[View]
88669332>movie set in Mexico >most people are dead Well, it's realistic…[View]
88666872is Latin America whiter than the USA?[View]
88661050Do you love Azərbaycan?[View]
88668148Anyone on /int/ a globalist?[View]
88663994>tfw third worlders on here are highly educated, wealthy and has ties to politicians who can get …[View]
88664457Why is european KFC so much better than american one? No fries, sandwiches, tortillas. Just chicken …[View]
88661360>we now return to the sitcom '/int/'[View]
88657846made me think[View]
88667356/brit/: comfy edition no bullying[View]
88669138I will personally take a fat shit in the oral cavity of every 4chan.org janitor.[View]
88669081Do you know how they say 'but what?' in Spanish?: Perroquet Lmao[View]
88667571>wikipedia articles dont count[View]
88668948I SAID MAYBEEE[View]
88668855>carry an apple >get fined 500$[View]
88660620My ancestors :)[View]
88668848One typical Korean vs Ten typical Japanese Who would win in a street fight?[View]
88666629Me and Finland[View]
88651473Why is Poland such a shining beacon in a sea of shit?[View]
88666308When you realised that new dark age is coming?[View]
88663797Finland is the Australia of the Nordic countries[View]
88663832Is it true Americans don't have contactless card payment?[View]
88664369>thereare people living outside these countries really blows my shit each time I remember these u…[View]
88668367Our brave comrades invading Aghanistan in order to spread communism.[View]
88666252most popular sports[View]
88668304is this a real country or not[View]
886671071. ur cunt 2.[View]
88668335Why Sweden is so gay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxk0G4S3WgI&t=86s https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
88662983/polska/ - Edycja zwalczania Islamu i Aborcji: https://youtu.be/1ihuRBZBQto https://youtu.be/llCSt0…[View]
88664993Why do Americans do this?[View]
88666847How much sleep is enough every night?[View]
88668161it's 23:58 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
88667256Why are cold countries generally more successful than hot countries?[View]
88668095I heard Japanese people say Chinese animation is boring I recommend a Chinese animation that is not …[View]
88667824>mfw every time I talk to my brother about life he tells me about the law of attraction and how I…[View]
88667704>he didn't bully catholics when he was in school[View]
88656355Did you know that Norse gods were Greek? Norsecucks literally worshipped Meds LMAO[View]
88667699Friendly reminder: Americans have no right to speak about Europe[View]
88667696Hows it going there in Kaliningrad? Пpизывaю pyccких aнoнoв. Пoяcнитe зa Кaлинингpaд. Кaк тaм живeтc…[View]
88666570>be american >go on a walkout against gun violence >get shot…[View]
88667617Why haven't burials been outlawed? It's a fucking waste of space and money[View]
88651732>he can't perform CPR[View]
88665174Poles don't read bo...[View]
88648679Damn, Korean boys look like THAT?[View]
88659342/한국어/: 시밤바 불금까지 4일남았다. _[View]
88667383Galician gf I want one[View]
88661545American male and European male. Masculinity and sissification. Why so difference?[View]
88664223So what with east Germany? Why muslims avoid it?[View]
88666689The Lithuanian tycoon should fall in my trap in Cyprus tomorrow..[View]
88661417Does anyone else find something fundamentally wrong with modern existence?: >work most of our liv…[View]
88666430/deutsch/: Lordausgabe.[View]
88655469Getting ready for summer,/int/?[View]
88658302>Prince William and Catherine Middleton just had their 3rd child and /int/ isn't congratulat…[View]
88660178/fr/ - le Francofil du soir: édition Wauquiézienne[View]
88659913Hello, real Japanese and English teachers. In 2014 I imported a Santoku knife from Japan and still …[View]
88659864/norgetråden/: Sommer kommer-utgaven Forrige >>88651248 >>88651248 >>88651248…[View]
88666818What are his policies on Trump and America?[View]
88665798I told the witchdoctor I was in love with you, I told the witchdoctor I was in love with you, And th…[View]
88665587International Food Thread: >why is UK '''food''' so heinous edition https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
88663260What is your opinion about Finns?: >title[View]
88666605/hell/ Hellenic General: >Science do not lie[View]
88666530You can now roleplay as Portugal on the Switch and you even have a helper with the last name Barbosa…[View]
88663550Is it okay to take my future wife's last name if my last name is Butt[View]
88662347Do you love India?[View]
88662398How does this image make you feel?[View]
88665930Do you want to come to Japan?[View]
88665008My mom and dad are arguing about my sister dating gringos again[View]
88662799/deutsch/: Abendausgabe[View]
88661409Our security minister just refered to the Netherlands as a narcostate. Thoughts?[View]
88647492/cum/: RNH WHO DA FUK UP edition[View]
88664305>americans take bacon & fried eggs at breakfast >americans support warmongers stuff of eve…[View]
88662419i am Vistula German[View]
88666002Picture of Pele, great brazilian footballer[View]
88632406/ita/ il filo: edizione elusione fiscale[View]
88660987Whats wrong with us[View]
88660072>I dont need women[View]
88664233Bulgaria: Since /balk/ is a memefest I will post it here. I want to study in Bulgaria because it is …[View]
88665250How can I live with myself, Anons?: Every morning is so difficult, Anons... >I wake up, the birds…[View]
88659140>eastern european shitholes BEG to join NATO and EU after collapse of soviet union >whine and …[View]
88660203>Get home after work >make gigantic cums to swarthy big titted Indian/Arab women What makes th…[View]
88656500Young, white people dying from colorectal cancer: Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports on increasing death ra…[View]
88663457>Dear Anon, >You have been randomly selected to host the First Annual /int/Con. Enclosed with …[View]
88656832/mämmi/: hinteille turpaan -painos[View]
88654746ITT: /int/ in 1971[View]
88664128/brit/: London edition[View]
88661905Are there any Somalis here? If so, what do you think of Siad Barre[View]
88665631Fuck, it's starting to spread here. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/04/23/van-strikes-as-…[View]
88664904Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88663673Canada will be asian and will impliment full communist sharia law.[View]
88660733Sverigetråden - Nu går det åt helvete[View]
88660762Ideally, in (distant) future European Union should include Ukraine Belarus Moldova Georgia Armenia D…[View]
88665165I disrespect the us anthem by playing the USSR anthem over it.[View]
88654938Huezilianigger Delusion Thread: Why do they think they are europeans when they are all mutts? Why do…[View]
88656817Why even live?: >gonna fail yet another semester, cause was too unmotivated to get on the project…[View]
88660564/carib/: pink edition: Back with a vengeance.[View]
88655284What's going to be the ultimate takeaway of int 2018? It better fucking not be gayposting[View]
88637245/Nederdraad/: maandagnacht-editie Uitgenodigd: NOOTen, mensen die niet gaan werken op een maandag Ni…[View]
88663809Should Belgium be partitioned between France and the Netherlands?[View]
88664237>mfw I spot a wh*Toid[View]
88659306Hills: I wonder people on here praise hills/mountains a lot, but isn’t it incredibly annoying on a d…[View]
88663037How have you been?[View]
88652398>Italians are whi-[View]
88655644>your cunt >Post the most common pizza flavour from your country, the 'default' one 1. Arg 2. …[View]
88643589So how about that Québec French????????[View]
88659966>perfect countries don't ex-[View]
88641404kurva anyátok[View]
88657562What's the deal here? Is this really taboo?[View]
88657767Walking through a dark alley in midnight. Hear close behind 'Hey sweetie, there are you going?'. Tur…[View]
88658680>Flushing down your ancestor's genes[View]
88664583The future of white race: Asian century is coming, white boy[View]
88660480>tfw only looks matter >tfw incels were right…[View]
88646410>non-American says dude Can you please fucking stop?[View]
88660513Which east asian country has the most qts excited to try caucasian dick?[View]
88664141pooped a lot more blood than usual a lot more[View]
88646148Does this happen a lot in your cunt?[View]
88664175Muslim gauners in Prague: facebook.com*tydenikpolicie*posts*2064608023568587 youtube.com/watch?v=YAx…[View]
88662056/brit/: Pursuit edition[View]
88641698>Be me, portuguese guy in japan >Start walking on the street >Suddently notice a japanese w…[View]
88660214America: invades Muslim countries and kills them by the millions at the source Europe: invites Musl…[View]
88660880What happens here? It looks like some weird tumor or infectious growth between Ukraine and Romania.[View]
88656327What does the average, regular 20-25yo dude look like in your country?[View]
88663901Macao: thoughts on this city-state[View]
88660454>What did you just say about the Anglo Saxon race your dirty little c*Ltoid?…[View]
88637620Do thots exist in islamic countries? What are they like?[View]
88661488PSSSSST! HEY ISRAEL!: What are your plans for her? Are you going to have the Mossad abduct her and i…[View]
88663503post your town city flag[View]
88652092which country is best to migrate?[View]
88659938Are grownups allowed to beat the shit out of you in your country?[View]
88660488Alright Who of you, limp-dicked fags, is coming here this summer?[View]
88662932>your cunt >¿What kind of groceries do you usually buy? https://www.strawpoll.me/15561882…[View]
88661813What are some things you look forward to? This Christmas when my family asks what am I doing I can f…[View]
88658030/polska/: edycja greckich bogów[View]
88661612What would you let me do to you?[View]
88662648>wake up >look at the news >see this >wat do?…[View]
88662742So this is what Americans think is going on in syria?[View]
88657402/deutsch/ /bayern/: Nachmittagsausgabe[View]
88653055My Finnish citizenship application was accepted.[View]
88662188King Pythons as a pet: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10171395 Miia-Sofia Lukkari, a Finnish woman from Ka…[View]
88654524I’m tinder swiping in Russia right now Holy fuck the memes aren’t memes[View]
88661542Take the red wine Mr Anderson: Do stores sell these or other related merchandise in your country?…[View]
88662432Stop being a med.[View]
88642825/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Soygarians edition. Old: >>88626189[View]
88662440Cool horse edition Old >>88642825[View]
88662291What flag is this, /int/?[View]
88662365Canada is not a real country, vive le quebec libre :DDDDDDDDDDDDD[View]
88659235Why French are so stylish? They are most stylish people in the world.[View]
88662170I love you Victoria :)[View]
88660199/brit/: Vehk edition[View]
88661679>i read books[View]
88661658What's /int/ favourite language? Can it be anything but french? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
88656208Do you love protestants ? :3[View]
88659107Has anyone ever wondered if they koreans actually mispronounce their culture wrong ? What if it…[View]
88652914>my country is really big and we have mountains and several different climates but i live in a ci…[View]
88658983How many homicides happened in your city in 2017? >12[View]
88661082Leafs BTFO[View]
88661124Where do i get an international boyfriend?[View]
88660153>A mathematical method can't write literatur- Is this the end of humanities?…[View]
88657597be American: >get free apple on flight back home from Europe >save it for later >border cus…[View]
88661112>'hur dddur I roleplay as countries in the 4chan int board I also eat crayons for lunch xdgkkksn'…[View]
88660727Some people think they can outsmart me.Maybe...maybe. I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bu…[View]
88656440>Paying money to do volunteering in a 3rd world shithole somewhere[View]
88658438When was the last time you've heard 'I love you'?[View]
88659497No offense guys but this board kinda sucks... Like you guys kinda come off as weirdos..[View]
88659973Seriously why havent you gone rid of the women yet like wth?[View]
88660116Japan why don’t you come to Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland Punjab and other beautiful places in India? Why …[View]
88657727An /int/ anon invites you to his country, and to stay in his house. Do you accept?[View]
88655527/brit/: Happy St. George's Day edition[View]
88658144Why you so silent: Hey anon, why do you never say anything but just stand there, being quiet?[View]
88651302What's this phenomenon called in your cunt?[View]
88650961why the fuck are americans ok with this?[View]
886596111. Country 2. What do you think about GroBe Californiums?[View]
88655769Indians: Why are they bullied on 4chan? They are among the best posters here: >always with constr…[View]
88659862really make you think[View]
88627561/asean/: Ang Probinsyano edition[View]
88659723sage bait: Why do americans do this?[View]
88658950>wake up >go to uni >work on projects I don't actually give a shit about >come home…[View]
88643896Why do Angloids have this weird prejudice against horse meat? It is considered a delicacy here and i…[View]
88654014tfw no chechen, caucasus boyfriend with beautiful black hair, with perfect dance skills, who speaks …[View]
88653387>Asia for Asians >Africa for Africans >But white countries for everyone? Don’t you see the …[View]
88653822/fr/ - Le francofil francophone de France et de Navarrd: Édition sexe inter-espèces.[View]
88659509Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88659195Is Belgium as cucked as Sweden is? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/belgium-flemish-i…[View]
88651248/Norgetråden/: Norge og SOL, ikke midtósten og MÅNE ok. pris solen-utgaven Forrige: >>88624694…[View]
88658963Is this what being high is like in the UK?[View]
88650826So have you ever been to lithuania? Did you like it? I recently left my apartment and visited vilniu…[View]
88659061*btfo's Europe into irrelevancy in a matter of decades*[View]
88659084>mfw seeing all the cute German little girl in short shorts at the mall…[View]
88647960/ex-yu/: Samo sloga Srbina spasi izdanje[View]
88646983What is the class system like in your country? Is there an upper class of people who attend the same…[View]
88657067>Europe becoming less white makes me sad[View]
88658896At least you never be Korean beauty.[View]
88657080What did Frenchmen do?[View]
88652146What happens there? We never heard about this country, probably one of the least known Europe countr…[View]
88657072why did the DDR hate jews just as much as, if not more than, the III Reich did?[View]
88642065/rus/-/bel/-/ukr/: Cocaч пoднялcя и вce yшли[View]
88658416Bald + Swastika[View]
88640403My russian citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88657366Rich people should be killed[View]
88658198How can I find my neighbour across the road on facebook? All I know is the high school she went to I…[View]
88655511/brit/: pint edition[View]
88656794>tfw too smart to suffer for love[View]
8865364470 People from 70 Countries Say Cheers in Their Native Languages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS…[View]
88654681Going to hit the gym and make myself look like this. Rate[View]
88656492>89% of straight-identifying high school and university boys said they had kissed male friends wh…[View]
88658017I love you Vics! :)[View]
88658020>parents have wealthy anglo-saxon friends over for dinner >after dinner, dad starts going off …[View]
88653406/polska/ - edycja walki o wolość słowa oraz sprzeciwu aborcji: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YPyX…[View]
88657046Hans Island is rightful canadian clay.[View]
88657584What do you call the child of interbreeding of Chinese and Swedish? A FINNISHED! WKWKWKWKWKWK[View]
88656047>Communism bad >Capitalism good[View]
88655674quiz: How many people die of food poisoning every year in Japan ? Hint: We eat not only raw eggs but…[View]
88655816>be me, a Portuguese man visiting England >it's cloudy and rainy outside, but my glorious…[View]
88657449Kara Boga![View]
88656287whats the original of this? Without the flags on it[View]
88651507Deutscher Fotzen Faden™: ehemals /deutsch/[View]
88653824What happens here? >Russia, Ohio[View]
88653732Sverigetråden - Nykterhetsupplagan[View]
88657209>feminist male why are they always ugly[View]
88653471Do you like Azeri women?[View]
88656974is Japanese 'man' really popular in your country?[View]
88655481Why does Russia suck so much dick?[View]
88653252>your polish girlfriend invites you to meet her parents >see this what do?…[View]
88647592Should not exist[View]
88647380/mämmi/: Movetron-painos[View]
88640222Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
88654169Rate my cock[View]
88654412Did idiots in your country fall for the Taekwondo meme?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL5Cy33RWLo…[View]
88656569How do we stop the anglo from taking over the world?[View]
88650982Why are foreigners so stupid?[View]
88656494KARA BOGA: God created them to protect the KARA BOGA in Africa from the wh*toid scum. Coreans are th…[View]
88646324Mfw Russian Orthodox Church is most powerfull christian church in whole Asia.[View]
88655915am i white lads[View]
88655981>'Bing bing wahoo! I love nintendo!'[View]
88648600Do you love Japan?: We love big fat white cock very very much ><[View]
88651379Arabia (Helsinki): There is a place name in Helsinki called Arabian Beach. https://fi.wikipedia.org/…[View]
88655721Ethnic German refugees are welcome in Lithuania[View]
88654007am I white /int/?[View]
88648315Cultural Appropriation: Maybe this board could clear something up that was discussed in this thread:…[View]
88654817/ex-yu/: crni macori edicija[View]
886520351.fag 2.Do retards in your country cause people harm while riding skateboard on street?[View]
88655435Except when browsing /int/, I never think about Brazil. Never have and never will.[View]
88652856My Portuguese citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88653434Why there are so many first world posters here? What are your excuses to be failed in easy mode? Als…[View]
88648251Post rap music from your country, i'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1pzeBz8WXA&fe…[View]
88653400race mixing is ba-[View]
88646437Damn, Brazil looks like THAT?[View]
88635737Has anyone else been noticing an escalation in jealousy towards China in recent years? The Chang ac…[View]
88653437Imagine being this irrelavent[View]
88653517/brit/: dolores edition[View]
88655045France is beautiful <3[View]
88655112Summer is approaching in the good half of the world, and temperatures are constantly 19+C in M*dland…[View]
88655513Is this true India?[View]
88652723How to not get fucked by crypto taxes?[View]
88652016>Anon, dinner is ready![View]
88655444Why does Russians have better grammar in english than me???[View]
88653848The world in 2060: screencap this[View]
88655272>Go on Tinder >Accidentally swipe right on a Br*zillian girl Day ruined.…[View]
88652185Do Americans ever wanna get off this ride?[View]
88655135Makes me think, huh?[View]
88652418Why do third-worlders and euroshits all believe NYC is the greatest place on earth[View]
88644012I want to live in your country.[View]
88653658This is the next scandal in Israel, and it's fucking hilarious.[View]
88654069Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88648346nooooo Sweden....[View]
88654694How do we fix the American police force?[View]
88654642Friendlly reminder.[View]
88654080This is Zeus, God of thunder and Emperor of France. Say something nice about him![View]
88653518The perfect country didn't exi-[View]
88653909Ciao anon. Lascio qui questo mio progetto nato un paio di giorni dopo i fatti di Macerata. Non è f…[View]
88653672is it true that every american is irish?[View]
88650565/kimchisushi/: Eternal jap-gook arguing thread. Gaijins can be siding with the one you support and i…[View]
88654023>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAJJJJJJJJ I don't get it, i gather that this is the equivalent of ''…[View]
88653893This is actual K pop star on the right you can meet at South Korea. What do?[View]
88647076>Brack people are dangerous for Japan This says liberal japanese man. It's all you need to k…[View]
88652293How would your family feel if you brought home a Czech girl?[View]
88653642/animex-yu/: /anime/[View]
88653723why are peruvians so based?[View]
88649627Estonian socialists are losing most of their support: source: Delfi Magazine Estonian pages Estonian…[View]
88527626/flags/ + /extraflags/ general: Good night, sweet prince edition Previous thread: >>88349964 …[View]
88652223c-can i get ww3, german-kun?[View]
88653576Andiamo a lavorare![View]
88653540/brit/: Hey, hey, the clouds are whey There's straw for the donkeys And the innocents can all s…[View]
88653494/brit/: Chicago edition.[View]
88642586>I'm a white guy learning an East Asian language![View]
88647153When does Book of Revelation say John the Baptist was born?[View]
88646662/polska/: edycja samicy szczura[View]
88653249/lang/ - language learning: Language learners here Old thread: >>88639178[View]
88650991I'm getting robbed by our government. What do?[View]
88650194>be europeon >have low salary >get taxed…[View]
88647058>Italians in charge of making durable wallets[View]
88648603How can we encourage more African immigrants to come to Europe and help strengthen our economy?[View]
88650407How does one deal with homesickness? I've been living abroad for nearly four years and this is …[View]
88650312Any rural fags in /int/?[View]
88645568Japanese eyes vs. Korean eyes[View]
88651829I sharted on bus[View]
88651682>Error: You seem to have mistyped the CAPTCHA. Please try again.[View]
88652638Oh look, the little cunt just born.[View]
88648751rate my French pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr2OINtduik[View]
88652447do Americans really do the frog dissection like it is shown in every fucking movie that takes place …[View]
88652582Morally confused love story: The Jewess Safiyya bint Huyayy was one of the wives of Hazrat Muhammad.…[View]
88646894Come to my country[View]
88641829Could you guess my appearance from this information alone?[View]
88649685Im going to australia tommorow as a tourist and im going to jump off the tourist bus[View]
88646156Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88648467Give me ONE(1) reason to trust the Poles.[View]
88642590Is this the most autistic board on 4chan?[View]
88651783Stop browsing imageboards.[View]
88650256/brit/: St Georges Day Turn Up[View]
88646684Japanese people, what is the biggest problem that your country faces?[View]
88647939I like to think that flags from countries such as Saudi Arabia, India or other poor nations are very…[View]
88646841What useful things have you learned from /int/?[View]
88651554Hey I'm korean.. I want to be a japanese Japan is great. Korea sucks. Korea is such an irreleva…[View]
88645841Tell me about the family unit in Japan, nuclear or other. Is it still prevalent, even in the big cit…[View]
88646618What's the deal with these countries?[View]
88649161When did you realize America became a parody of itself?[View]
88645314Nazi: Typical Ukrainian school. Nuke us, pls.[View]
88649190How many European are bald in their 20s?[View]
88640757>be on /int/ during the non American hours >its literally a circlejerk of 'do Americans really…[View]
88644878I know i have a funny voice but usually im not bothered by it because im somewhat attractive and 6…[View]
88647528/deutsch/ Schlacht-um-Gera Sonderausgabe: AfD-Mann Dieter Laudenbach hat schon die CDU-Trulla geschl…[View]
88649219Macanese: Why do they have more euro blood than hongkong[View]
88649851I love Japan more than my own country. I wish I was Japanese instead of a white male. Japan apprecia…[View]
88649264Is Hong Kong a country?[View]
88647191Post iconic music of certain specific eras from your cunt's history https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
88651199local high/secondary school thread?[View]
88651190Gypsies are blasting reggaeton again[View]
88650462You wake up in Crown Heights...[View]
88650510>born in '''superpower country'''[View]
88647434>Your cunt >How many kids do you want? >How many kids do you have? 4 My daughter will be b…[View]
88644716Do non-med/non+European Christians feel cucked? They base their entire lives off a religion forced u…[View]
88646731Fake hating them was hard desu.[View]
88650074What is it with Americans and waffle houses??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDBZhw2Sy-g…[View]
88643481What is this country known for?[View]
88644018Do Koreans like Croatia?[View]
88645204/brit/ AJJ edition[View]
88645730>americans take bacon & fried eggs at breakfast >americans support warmongers stuff of eve…[View]
88628871/fr/ - Fil francophone et francophile: Édition de La Liberdé guidand le beuble :DDD[View]
88649854Is the suspect a black person?[View]
88641518Would you ever want to live in rural Panama?[View]
88624694/Norgetråden/: Bunadsutgaven forrige: >>88605282[View]
88644457Why is internet in Australia so bad?[View]
88649628It's really fucking sunny. Woooohoooo.... Cannibal Galicia![View]
88648748Finnish woman makes a videoblog without makeup: https://youtu.be/rr9yN9LzIEE Young Finnish woman exp…[View]
88646019/MENA/: Dead edition[View]
88648185How many Italians can speak Italian?[View]
88645846I got Ukrainian citizenship[View]
88649839Will there ever be a more honorable country in the world that Portugal?[View]
88637935How do we go from this..[View]
88645758i just killed a fucking hornet what was it doing in my house?[View]
88646058This is the next scandal in Israel, and it's fucking hilarious.[View]
88649376How come the Amazon River isn't lined with hundreds of cities and settlements the same way othe…[View]
88649043Do Irish people consider Potatoes as their national heritage? Are they aware that it's an Amer…[View]
88646172>mfw I spot a wh*Toid[View]
88648946I just saw a black person (or, people) in real life for the first time. The guy was with his wife an…[View]
88643419My hungarian citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88649194Best version of spongebob? https://youtu.be/oTOTYBfOVEU [Open] https://youtu.be/26y-k5GLD0w [Open] h…[View]
88647553Why do Europeans on here care so much about Americans' diet? Yes, we eat fast food. Get over it…[View]
88642455Are mokas popular in your country? Brazil Yes.[View]
88648873i apology mr bush, your actually based chad[View]
88646605I’ve recently started learning french. It's really enjoyable to learn a new language![View]
88648464Are there any other meme tier ethnicities like Native American or Mongolians here on /int/? Tepehuan…[View]
88646289/brit/: gingers out[View]
88648160Do you want to find love in Australia?[View]
88647862>I know more about Japan than about my own country[View]
88647022And then he kissed me: >Kiss me, Dude >I am an enchanted Mutt…[View]
88647588does the /int/ have owns telegram channel?[View]
88647780>Yeah I'm learning Japanese[View]
88641904/deutsch/: Rotschöpfe Ausgabe.[View]
88645149/brit/: St George’s Day Edition[View]
88633712Sverigetråden - Filterupplagan[View]
88626487/mämmi/: Rahapelit -painos[View]
88640333what is life like here? are houses expensive? is there work in it fields?[View]
88642675I love you Vicky :)[View]
88645281I want a Icelandic snownigger bf :([View]
88646409Euros should send all the refugees to Bulgaria desu[View]
88642045Do you have feral children in your country?[View]
88644369Hey Aussies, tell me about Bendigo: Also the Bush Dimension.[View]
88644549This is disgusting[View]
88646287How come Bongs on /int/ are always mad?[View]
88636822If you live in Canada please let me get there Im fucking tired of living in this shithole country of…[View]
886422011. Your country 2. Japan?[View]
88633472Why are Japanese people so racist?[View]
88628776/polska/: Edycja Grupy Wyszechradzkiej[View]
88644422since most of the /brit/ fags are asleep, what are some film suggestions? Been on an Irish kick, rec…[View]
88644393How much do you pay for 50ml of ES? I pay 1,20€[View]
88643504why the Japanese people are a superior people? edition[View]
88644861IS HE ALIVE?[View]
88646076Canadian man killed by an Peruvian indigenous Mob: Source: CBC Ca -magazine http://www.cbc.ca/news/w…[View]
88645182>this confuses and enrages non-Melbournians[View]
88645988i like france but what the hell is wrong with the people? they have invented so many shitty ideas an…[View]
88645052how to farm citizenships?[View]
88646002tfw irish citizenship application was accepted[View]
88642698Would you ever want to live in rural New England?[View]
88643265>there's a 99% chance I won't be reborn in Japan.. Most likely Chinese or Indian…[View]
88644911I am studying Chemistry while drinking coffee. How is your morning going /int/?[View]
88637267me in japan :)[View]
88644157/brit/: sophie edish[View]
88644871stop exporting your shitty sport into my country, Canada[View]
88644862Population 2016 estimate 55,572,201 2012 census 44,928,92 >Earth is overpopulated, whites not bre…[View]
88642941/brit/: (You) are fake news edition[View]
88640123Is it true that half of Americans believe this?[View]
88645005My bolivian citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88637957Does having some fever mean you'd take 8/10 of your fever race over 10/10 of your own race? …[View]
88641898How do i get an indian gf?[View]
88645372LA CREATURA[View]
886450291. Country of origin 2. Do you have blue eyes? America YES[View]
88643872Japanese women need my semen or else Japan will die as a nation.[View]
88641248Do Indians have own porn to fap? Do they masterbate as watching JAV or western porn?[View]
88645174My Bangladeshi citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88644296>tfw drank so much hard liquor I almost threw up but I didn't and I'm still awake now t…[View]
88640117>The Japanese man is out at work for 12 hours in his company office, slaving away for the mightil…[View]
88638096>this confuses and scares the Ameriburger[View]
88643125>Cold War >Russians are the villains in American movies >after the Cold War >Russians ar…[View]
88644052Any actual cool non-ghetto black people here? I've never met one.[View]
88644961>Be American >Get mutt[View]
88644057Post domestic terrorists from your cunt[View]
88640977What does 'ponce' mean? Just for some background, I work as a waiter and had my hair ruffled by a br…[View]
886422064chan has made me unironically suspicious and unable of forming any kind of friendship with white pe…[View]
88637451>go to Korea >Take the express train at the airport >They suddenly show a video >'Do yo…[View]
88644572>I don't eat soy[View]
88642615>Palestine is a real country![View]
886418121. ur cunt >made tinga >theres no tostadas…[View]
88640136What are your experiences with American tourists? How can you identify an American without hearing t…[View]
88640572I like japan I want to move to japan japan :D[View]
88640883How do we stop China?[View]
88644493>making good posts[View]
88644465>we the people[View]
88638052>what did you just say about the Anglo Saxon race your dirty like c*Ltoid?…[View]
88643809What is your opinion on the Ukraine[View]
88642968/brit/: Joan Eardley edition.[View]
88644379Prison research: inmates poor at reading and writing: http://www.ts.fi/uutiset/paikalliset/3923221/T…[View]
88638291Maine is the only state worth living in the US.[View]
88644314Beloved Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky's view of the Turks: Pic related.[View]
88636561/lat/ - hilo latino[View]
88643097Doesn't the idea of Jews ruling the world makes them a masterrace, not the ones who being ruled…[View]
88641743Japan Okinawa Henoko Camp Schwab: Japan Okinawa Henoko Camp Schwab police Citizen Pushing Ocean Land…[View]
88640151Why is half of an island Oceania and the other half SE Asia?[View]
88644185Hello isac. How is your day going?[View]
88642723What happens here? Also, how come they never post on /int/?[View]
88641978what's their end game /int/?[View]
886422202018 Elections: >Muh womyns >Donkey from Shrek >Physical manifestation of the >:3c emoti…[View]
88642209Why are Koreans such turkeyboos?[View]
88640040MEXITHREAD #3 memes edition: hilo post debate[View]
88641421Proof that Argentinians are WH*TOIDS[View]
88639178/lang/ - Language Learning: Language learners here! Previous thread: >>88605387[View]
88641462/brit/: ah yes the alt-lite edition[View]
88643703My Papua New Guinean citizenship application was denied again[View]
886432671. Your country 2. how do you like your pizza?[View]
88634531mexican 'pizza'[View]
88643451>ywn be Andorran[View]
88643512My japanese citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88643515Find a flaw: >Learn PHP, get a remote codemonkey job(hardest part) >Save up enough money for J…[View]
88635980Hindustan Zindabad Pakistan Murdabad Jai Hind ...[View]
88638188Would you ever want to live in rural England?[View]
88604257/ausnz/: Dunners can't make a thread right.[View]
88641033>size doesn't matter tehehehe >*buys huge dildo* wtf…[View]
88641841>tfw acne on my chest, back, shoulders, neck, face and head This is it bros. I tried everything b…[View]
88641755>hundreds of europeans dead due to radical islamic terrorism >hm that's ok >one jew bu…[View]
88636416ITT: post absolutely retarded languages[View]
88642920/pol/ has made me deeply anti-jew[View]
88640209Is this correct?[View]
88640365These are the cultures of the world. Russians are delusional if they think they aren't part of …[View]
88642907I like eating Whale meat. sucks I can't get that shit here if it was legal I would eat that shi…[View]
88642053In a sad conclusion to a disturbing relationship, a woman who married her birth father and gave birt…[View]
88641985>make thread on /pol/ about Russia being a shithole >1st world countries defend Russia and cal…[View]
88643023España es mi verdadera patria[View]
88642971/cum/: Superior Asian race[View]
88642379We'll be a superpower in the future. Go ahead and mock me. We can only go up. Greatness is our …[View]
88636266did you know that Australia doesn't have bumble bees? what the fuck![View]
88640627How do Canadians keep humiliating americans?[View]
88637117Do you love Azərbaycan?[View]
88642161>Gotta finish two books, learn french and draw a human face by the end of the month. >Wasting …[View]
88639567>you don't need a gun![View]
88631367/luso/ - fio lusófono: Edição do ACELERA[View]
88642465what country could I expat to get away from all the white guilt, and progressive politics?[View]
88639106/cum/: Asian pride worldwide[View]
88639539lol, can you imagine like,what kind of ancestry could an Asian American possibly have? https://www.y…[View]
88641819I got a South Korean gf now and there's nothing you can do about it[View]
88635539La Malinche: The Spaniard son she bore for Cortés was literally the first modern Mexican. Is she con…[View]
886129232017 GDP figures are out! Celebration!: China officially reached 12 trillion! Brazil has overtaken I…[View]
88641328Why are Aussies such mad cunts? >Be me >Befriend Strayan on Skype >Always lost his shit whe…[View]
88636781How many American states can you identify?[View]
88630350I want to smell her crotch also question i sometimes get aroused by women's croth more than by …[View]
88640281/FINSKA/: wake up and smell the mämmi painos[View]
88636472Only KARA BOGA master race can post here[View]
88640545Do you support an independent Alberta?[View]
88638467Dark Magcargo: Hot plate[View]
88640931I touched a vagina for the first time last night. To make this /int/ related she was Austrian. much…[View]
88641391Is this supposed to be a joke? http://www.bbc.com/news/health-43836614 >This year's London M…[View]
88640140I like Japan because I feel like they've always been our unwilling guide to understanding the A…[View]
88630951/deutsch/: Sommer Ausgabe[View]
88641581What makes people of Germanic protestant cultural background so mechanistic, robotic, superficial, s…[View]
88641783>tfw ywn be an American GI and fight your way all the way from Omaha Beach, through Paris, throug…[View]
88639547what would varg dna test results if he took one?[View]
88631232Why is Chile considered undeveloped country but Shitugal not?[View]
88641702https://gfycat com/BlondRemarkableCanvasback which countries do each person in this gif represent? r…[View]
88639642What's up with Spaniards and Tuscans?[View]
88641685>Your cunt >Do you have bullet-proof fast-food stores? >Flag no iirc >https://www.youtub…[View]
88630260Can we all agree europeans x africans in the same country is the worst combination? I wonder how are…[View]
88638644>tfw extreme yellowfever fag living in Central Sydney[View]
88641480Finnish phone was a mistake: https://www.is.fi/digitoday/mobiili/art-2000005649525.html THIS FINNISH…[View]
88634845>language has gendered nouns[View]
88640163>Paying to do volunteering in a shithole somewhere[View]
88641108>America's birth rate is only .40 higher than Japans[View]
88641191How do i get the russian federation to poison me?[View]
88639705Why are the Irish a bunch of retarded drunkards with shitty cereal?[View]
88641417>1980s/90s film >it takes place in chicago…[View]
88631364/éire/: The shit we have to put up with edition.[View]
88635146Anyone identify with their region before their country? I'm a Northern Californian first, a Cal…[View]
88641383>5'7 >already considered gigantua in my country…[View]
88640000/brit/ radcen edition[View]
88640510Daily remind that Baltic pussy is made for med men If you are med (greek, Spanish, Italian, Portugue…[View]
88638239This is a pentecostal church in brazil Do you have these freaks in your country too? https://www.you…[View]
88637996The Curious Case of Nigeria on /int/: >giant population >majority English speaking in develope…[View]
88637434I’m starting working out but still chubby and less mucsle. So I want to ask pro mucho man here. How …[View]
88640667I'm a kissless virgin[View]
88640089Is Poland really this beautiful?[View]
88622202Post the flag of your city[View]
88634838>'Enjoying your refugee dick ahmed?'[View]
88635124>this angers and confuses the American[View]
88638997>visit relatives in the US >>in their house you're not allowed to flush toilet paper …[View]
88634935English is a disgusting, archaic mutt language[View]
88640643Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88638003Best version of spongebob? https://youtu.be/oTOTYBfOVEU https://youtu.be/26y-k5GLD0w https://youtu.b…[View]
88618955White Women Appreciation Thread: The mankind's beautiful angels deserve some recognition too yo…[View]
88637346When will england pay back?[View]
88633767Friendly reminder that Russians are honorary BLACK. The Russians were the only ones who stood up for…[View]
88638540Who rightfully owns the Liancourt Rocks?[View]
88636176Buddhism: Why isn't Buddhism more prolific in India?[View]
88634098Here is an 1854 Japanese print describing the foreigners who just forced them to open up their borde…[View]
88640204FACT: Canada provides the best quality twinks in the world.[View]
88636322Why do Hispanics try to take Anglo first names when their last names are so obviously Hispanic? Do t…[View]
88636976How to cure Sand Fever?[View]
88638005post your city flag[View]
88639549Do Italian hand gestures have any significance, or are these pasta niggers just waiving their arms a…[View]
88635483>tomorrow is the vasectomy appointment[View]
88638308>Unpaid internships will give you valuable working experience and boast your CV…[View]
88638437/brit/: bet on beto edition[View]
88639883F for mutts: http://www.news10.com/news/national/net-neutrality-ends-monday-internet-changes-expecte…[View]
88626189/balk/: Fuck an*Me edition Old >>88615734[View]
88636128Why do Japanese women love foreign men so much? I was in Japan a few weeks ago and saw literally TH…[View]
88637133I called a White person 'Whiteoid' in real life and they just gave me a strange stare. Don't us…[View]
88639123>your cunt >If While you are on trains you see me reading Ero-manga, what will you react to me…[View]
88637737Did you know Nazis lost a battle to us. Kara boga bless.[View]
88638660>When somebody says that South Brazil isn't white and germanic[View]
88611396Explain yourself, E*rope[View]
88638413mexithread: Hilo mexicano: debate #2 Edición Emperador de México[View]
88632342This is how life for me is like in TRUMP'S AMERICA. Damn.[View]
88639830God of war 4 is literally 'greek supremacy' >play as kratos >chalk white (no turkish dna bros)…[View]
88630742Handsome /int/ernational men: Poland[View]
88637675I FUCKING HATE AMERICA: This country is fucking shit I wish I was born in Western Europe I have to p…[View]
88637695Is the name 'Israel' a name in your country?: How is 'Israel' a real name, why would someone call th…[View]
88639498I love you Victoria[View]
88634380Do people pick up their dog's shit where you live. Snow is melting here and the sidewalks are d…[View]
88639478>UK hehehe gun control hehehe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMGgl-yADGg…[View]
88637947Why do brazilain women buy semen from WHITE american bulls?[View]
88634340/Christian/: We need a /Christian/ general on /int/: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2018/04/22/chr…[View]
88637937>go outside >normies enjoying life >they have a guitar >they are wearing avenged sevenfo…[View]
88639361OH NO NO NO NO[View]
88638238Why is this country so useless? Are celtic people the niggers of whites?[View]
88623258Edition du dimanche soir, la plus confite car il n'y a qu'à jouer la montre. (((ils))) von…[View]
886366551. your cunt 2. are there real nazis in your cunt? >Brazil >Yes…[View]
88597847Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
88637919>you wil never, EVER (in your entire life) be American It's unironically not fucking fair br…[View]
88595695This confuses the american[View]
88639074Why do Anglos like LARPing as Scandis?[View]
88636734You wake up in a rural Serbian village where men pay for Albanian brides.[View]
88637402Would she pass as local in your country?[View]
88638948Where does this phenotype come from and where can I find it?[View]
88638671>Poland's anthem is titled 'Poland Is Not Yet Lost' >original manuscript was permanently …[View]
88629048/rus/ Russia & Friends: Bepcия бeз cpaчeй. Ecли пoлyчитcя.[View]
88633459/cum/: Canada + United States + Mexico 'hi' edition[View]
88637958>John Bettendorf is behind AMWF/cuck spam[View]
88624674Post your local cathedrals, /int/ Here's the Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro[View]
88634122>2018 >Drinking shitty water[View]
88638126Are satchels gay?[View]
88634662Why does Americans fold their pizza?[View]
88636877/brit/: /brit/ approved traps edition[View]
88638044Does anyone like korea for any reason other than kpop? I've been learning the language for a wh…[View]
88636594/mex/ - mexithread: mexican thread: debate edition llégenle a hablar del debate[View]
88635045What happens here?[View]
88632958>Hindu Nationalists Are Boycotting Amazon For Signing Up An Actress Who Spoke Out Against Child R…[View]
88637275Guess the country[View]
88635553The fucking hispanics have reached here too: I live in Israel. I live in an apartment building. The …[View]
88634792Makes you think eh?[View]
88636715>goes to /int/ >only know one language You need atleast two languages to post in this pord…[View]
88637785Puerto Rico: What exactly is being done in Puerto Rico to restore it from the hurricane damage? Is a…[View]
88629108>Youare country... Post your favorite Band.. >Tame impala. No normie music allowed. I like ope…[View]
88635842>you will never leave your $15,103,340 business to become a Jain Monk (an indian religion) >Wh…[View]
88633069How do we fix earth, /int/? I think the only way we can make the whole world developed is if countri…[View]
88637578I wish I had a cute chubby blonde gf: The problem is that here in Israel it's full of ugly brow…[View]
88636514Listen to this and tell me which version of Portuguese you prefer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L…[View]
88636386stop making fun of my accent[View]
88637482Nord + Med = Ned[View]
88637207Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88634955How much do YOU know about Australian parliament?[View]
88636343Turkish flag being flown outside of the Toronto Cityhall: BASED Is KARA BOGA finally blessing our co…[View]
88637097>tfw no emperor to die for[View]
88634242Would you live in the Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace?[View]
88631669Stop making such abhorrent posts, holy shit[View]
88636946Nithyanandam! Welcome to my channel centered around spiritual seeking and enlightenment in the moder…[View]
88636931Does anyone know any anime that is set in or about Hungary?[View]
88635234/brit/ + /birt/: unattainable edition[View]
88634640>Colombians in Panama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2GwI2h6Chw >Venezuelans in Panama https…[View]
88636559hilo latino - /lat/: ANDAA LA CHANCHA BOBO[View]
88634389>when you anger a br*Zilian kek[View]
88635612>Belgians killed 10 million kongolese people just for fun[View]
88631814is forcing a baltic boy to cum with your own hand really a crime?[View]
88634738>tfw if i dont masturbate i get erection problems >tfw if i dont watch porn i cum while im sle…[View]
88633975are the french the most cheese-loving euros?[View]
88633462Nicaragua: What the fuck is going down in Nicaragua? I saw a video of a news reporter being shot in …[View]
88563831Culture Pals /cp/: Ashtray slippers edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the wor…[View]
88629019I fucking love those Russians/Finns phenotype of white blonde girls who a bit asiatic. Most aestheti…[View]
88626667/lat/ hilo latino[View]
88635314your country what is your honest opinion on argentina and argentinians?[View]
88634827How do you call this in your country?[View]
88635725What happens here?[View]
88636073Why it's so common being a male prostitute in Brazil and a female prostitute in slav countries?[View]
88635220/brit/: NEET toil tomorrow edition[View]
88631371How to live with an ugly face?[View]
88634971What happens here?[View]
886280691. your country 2. are you jealous of Brendan over here?[View]
88635037>tfw no qt nazi boyfriend why is life so unfair anons[View]
88635787I'm interesting about school caste of your country. Pls tell me what school caste if I went you…[View]
88635939Any gaijin here too?[View]
88621283Rate my english please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RciZS3NMlUI[View]
88635907>ordem e progresso ... ...kek[View]
88633764Fuck this country I’m out. Happened 15 minutes drive away from me as well[View]
88620516Russian 100% face guy arrived in USA and start realationship with 12% face American girl. So their o…[View]
88635798Which non-African country has worst culture?[View]
88633926>I build my opinions about foreign countries and their inhabitants based on the memes I see poste…[View]
88635757What am I in for /tvint/?[View]
88635508https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/380295/ts-kylie-fucks-lucky-guy-anal-sex-webcam/ Americans...…[View]
88629293I thought Brits were conquerors? But then why are they so submissive?[View]
88608760Germany: Let's talk about Germany. The country which invented almost everything. They are very …[View]
88635476My dad has a tested IQ of 200 and he says that American pizza is better than Italian pizza.[View]
88635095>these days Brazilian boys look like this when did everything go so wrong?…[View]
88634853Thoughts on russian females?[View]
88592810Do you love Japan?: We love big fat white cock very very much ><[View]
88605574/balt/: Pros of a delinquent 2d gf >will protect you or side with you in a fight >not a fake p…[View]
88616956>british '''''''''''''men'''''''''''' PFFFFFFFTTHAHAHAHA OH NO NO NO NO http://www.dailymail.co.u…[View]
88635085>tfw you grew up watching American movies and shows that often had snippets of baseball or footba…[View]
88635182https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0qKcQ0SnFM >be hue >find a deathly obese fat chick >parade…[View]
88634543How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
88635162>tfw all your friends have good jobs and live on their own with gf's and shit while you…[View]
88632108/brit/ brainlet edition[View]
88634487Why do many guys here love gorillas: I see many fucking idiots here who want to have gorilla black g…[View]
88633029EUROVISÃO 2018: It's in three weeks. Who's going to win and why is it Czechia? https://you…[View]
88630323Posters opinion map: Fill it /int/[View]
88633840What happens here? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eromanga,_Queensland[View]
88634454>Americans learn mexican so they can talk to their gardener[View]
88634653美國이 공격 당했다: 뉴욕 110층 무역센터 2棟 비행기 자살충돌로 붕괴 워싱턴 펜타곤·의사당·국무부도 동시에 테러 화염에[View]
88611970Mexicans BTFO[View]
88634093AMERICAN THREAD: Roll it fellow Americans (Florida here)[View]
88627483You wake up in Torshavn.[View]
88634220/balt/: Last one hit the image limit Kas jauns visiem, Klausos sadboy muziku[View]
88632025What is your opinion on this place in the world?[View]
88634347>I eat dairy and eat carcinogenic meat[View]
88632977You can take one of rights , Which you want to take? That You can eat every any food on the earth an…[View]
88622978Are Americans often heroic because they're good people or is it because they're attentionw…[View]
88632931Dutch girls were made for ....[View]
88632051/brit/: kit edition[View]
88633594What if São Paulo became independent?[View]
88632993>Make more in a day than the average person in some European countries makes in a month…[View]
88626624tfw you think about future[View]
88632469Peace and happiness, to all of you, my friends![View]
88634216No.١ ally![View]
88627298/NEDERDRAAD/: /NEDERDRAAD/ Vlaams Belang editie. Welkom: Tattas en negertjes Niet welkom: Hoorndrage…[View]
88630763*blocks your path* whiter than you muhammed[View]
88633813Kiwi military during the Gulf War[View]
88615561Did you know that Spain had an area that's as densely populated as Sápmi?[View]
88633335>Lived in Canada for one year no problem >Wanted to go on a small trip to USA >visa denied …[View]
88628464/int/, are cultures with a strong sense of 'virtues' like duty and honor repressing their citizens? …[View]
88633644>Americans wear shoes indoors[View]
88633662>Lifetime odds of a person living in America being shot and killed are 1 in 315 well /int/, do yo…[View]
88633917What is the unofficial 'age of adulthood' in your country, when people are actually seen as real adu…[View]
88633856Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88633555>Jamón ibérico[View]
88633692You wake up in a Small Finnish Village[View]
88633593there are people here right now who now check the ingredients of their groceries for soy because of …[View]
88632697>craft beer[View]
88626247kelle poolt te järgmine kord valite?[View]
88629348/cum/: The state of new york edition[View]
88632943MODS: Please ban this idiot -> >>88630059 for ban evasion.[View]
88629759I've noticed several unironic females posting on this website and the post quality speaks for i…[View]
88631956>Irish 'cuisine'[View]
88624968Which one?[View]
88632856Irani girls were made for ....[View]
88632800Witcher books author announced that he is writing a new book i am very excited my friends[View]
88632571Is Australia ready for a population explosion?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYfEa1TLnNA Well, ar…[View]
88630614Are water sports and casual swimming popular activities in your country?[View]
886192341. You's country 2. Do you shave your body? Where do you draw the line? Bulgaria Yes. Chest hai…[View]
88624573my dad died: My father just fucking died and I'm in fucking tears and don't know what the …[View]
88633064Stop with the violence Down with the hate[View]
88631958imagine eating a jar of pickles right now holy shit...must be so tasty[View]
88630212>BLACKED.COM subscription ran out Does this happen in your country[View]
88632237Why did you waste your weekend on 4chan?[View]
88627842When did so many guys on /int/ turn gay?[View]
88628137BIG DANISH MOVIES: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinema_of_Denmark >Danish cinema nonetheless…[View]
88628832>summer is here >people are mistaking me for a girl and catcalling when I wear shorts and a ha…[View]
88629609>Communism is dea-[View]
88631475holy cow[View]
88632567my boyfriend just broke up with me. i'm fucking heartbroken[View]
88624118rip smimen[View]
88630328/Brit/: Brown gf edition[View]
88629127>he imagines leaving 4chan[View]
88628361what race is this according to /int/ellectuals?[View]
88632348feel like shit, just want it back[View]
88632063>discussion between me and anon gets heated and he offends me >point it out his ad hominem, ma…[View]
88628574>Just be yourself[View]
88629957why is the albanian subhuman in russia so hateful to meds? arent albanians actually medoids[View]
88623067/ita/ il filo: edizione billietul italeanul troppu dorogoi SPAGNA MEGLIO[View]
88632407Everyone wants a Nas and AZ album, but their styles don't compliment each other well. Nas'…[View]
88632398How do I find fat love in Japan?[View]
88626163Croatia appreciation thread Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt_WLYubVlk[View]
886312881. Your cunt 2. Is this the gayest board? More fags than /lgbt/[View]
88629422How do we stop the yellow menace?[View]
88632139Gumoni Have a nice day[View]
88629873/brit/: debating watching Loving Vincent just for the rare Holly Earl kino[View]
88625200There is nothing wrong with loving England![View]
88594155/v4/: pussy hunter edition[View]
88626440>DELET THIS NOW >haha im so quirky[View]
88631869/brit/: paddy cunts[View]
88625080>A FUCKING WINDOW Why they made euro bills so fucking ugly?[View]
88629861My french citizenship application was rejected again[View]
88621974What happened to Avicii?: He was only 28. I heard he died in oman which is an arab country. Did the …[View]
88631693>your cunt >you hate Hum*Noids? flag yes i want to become a hermit and go far far away from ev…[View]
88629864Imagine if your country only existed because another country got bored of it? That's what Canad…[View]
88631618>be russian >google is blocked[View]
88626106A perfect Europe doesn't exis-[View]
88599139/éire/: Glory Glory Munster edition[View]
88626372What cunt around the mediterranean can /int/ recommend to me and my grandma to visit this summer? Pr…[View]
88630905how do i speak russian?[View]
88631417/int/ is a HOMO board: Why do straight people browse /int/? Don't they know this board is for G…[View]
88629111I love Japan Do you love Japan? Please love Japan[View]
88602778/luso/ - fio lusófono: fio do /luso/ burrão[View]
88625192The pale Ashkenazi weenie FEARS the Mizrachi bull[View]
88630799>shit once every week >When I do shit I spend 2 hours in the bathroom >shit turds the size …[View]
88631334>mfw I actually realized I'm not white[View]
88603121Japanese Media and Language Thread – JMALT: This thread is for the discussion of japanese media such…[View]
88625257Sverigetråden - Skatt är stöld upplagan[View]
88625969Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88630344Brazimutt thread: Your daily. “Mongrel complex' (Complexo de vira-Lata in Portuguese) is an expressi…[View]
88630999Why does /Pol/ get butthurt when we post Amerimutts? They literally cannot handle the troof[View]
88630764/DANMARKTRÅDEN/ - godnat edition.[View]
88626308/deutsch/ lardspezial: Man spricht deutsh.[View]
88628384/brit/: alri edition[View]
88630611Why are Italian men so fashionable?[View]
88630072/brit/: comfy kot edition[View]
88610740kurva anyátok[View]
88620083/slav/ - izdanije komunizmu: Rules: 1. Everybody speaks their native language 2. Cyryllic is allowed…[View]
88627105Why did the angloids split india in west and east instead of north and south? And why did they try t…[View]
88626639my kings :)[View]
88629291/cat/ /chat/ /gato/ /neko/: What has your country contributed to advanced feline genetics? The USA h…[View]
88623557Egyptians like me are discriminated by the African-American community[View]
88627355I went out today dressed in my cutest dress, but no one seemed to check me out. Are boys mean in you…[View]
88629832why do they bully the canadians so much?[View]
88627895How can other soviet anthems compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PsDghCAw-g[View]
88619260wtf is wrong with these people?[View]
88629288ITT: neighboring nations you're a boo for[View]
88627958Quit uni start a band.[View]
88629417>Carthaginians were Semites >Semites who were BTFO by Rome >Semites never forget this and v…[View]
88614423/NEDERDRAAD/: HET IS TE WARM EN BENAUWD- editie Draad muziek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YrJQP…[View]
88619285What is their fucking problem?[View]
88629361/cum/: Rude Jannies edition[View]
88617142/cum/: Bros edition[View]
88628507Spanish girls are the perfect waifus prove me wrong[View]
88628641>he imagines finding a girl that watches the same anime and plays the same video games as him …[View]
88612308one day, when we are helpless, will you help us?[View]
88616553are you rooting for a team this world cup?[View]
88602571I hate living in Israel, it's full of arabs: I was born in Israel. I am of jewish / european an…[View]
88623365>be Californian >at a sushi restaurant >spot someone eating with a fork >people giving …[View]
88624315/brit/: Being British means having a British passport, simple as edition[View]
88626849>tfw you realize the arab conquest of Iberia was literally because a bunch of ancient Swedes INVI…[View]
88628693>mfw when a wh*teoid passes by me[View]
88624710/polska/: edycja anime[View]
88621642/rus/ Russia & Friends: Hacтoящий. Лeгитимный. Бoдpый. Tвoй[View]
88620281if you can't speak Japanese language, you're old dated[View]
88627684Adolf Hitler was a MED[View]
88627074If you could move to any country and be upper class and enjoy all the privileges in that country, wh…[View]
88628184>tfw 14 degrees[View]
88628296Militants of illegal armed formations attacked the residential areas of Damascus on April 21.[View]
88611135Muslim country thread: Who is welcome: Anyone from a country with 30% muslim population or more or a…[View]
88624339why do they trigger /pol/yps so?[View]
88626054/brit/: anzu edition[View]
88627919Wtf I love France now![View]
88596947>once chance in life >born ugly subhuman Why is life so unfair…[View]
88604948Hilo latino[View]
88627300>americans take bacon & fried eggs at breakfast >americans support warmongers stuff of eve…[View]
88625935soy: test[View]
88615361/rus/-/bel/-/ukr/: Poзoвoгo винa тpeд[View]
88622254Why are French people so anti-semitic?[View]
88627613>Russian does smth stupid >'HAHAHHAHA why are slavs so stupid' >Iraqi does smth stupid >…[View]
88623297There was a little tourists group who came into my work today, the kids were super nice. It was most…[View]
88624152>a radcen is leading the polls in spain[View]
88622348The phone call that saved brazil[View]
88618361>American naturalists[View]
88625529I want an amerimutt bf Unironically I think they are pretty[View]
88625324>mfw Jamal found the hidden camera in my wifes bedroom I hope he doesn't lock me in the shed…[View]
88625723Why are Germans obsessed with scat, furries and cannibalism?[View]
88624468MEMEFLAG THREAD: All memeflags post here[View]
88625605How is life fair? How does this ugly faggot get such a hot african beauty?[View]
88619302do you like strong women? brasil yes https://www.instagram.com/p/BhFLwpJl7O4/?taken-by=viviwinklerwe…[View]
88617815The Pfiat eich Question: What does this meme mean and where lies its origin? Can't find any inf…[View]
88623228Why do german women love africans, turks and arabs so much?: Is it genetic?[View]
88626535/mämmi/: Erakko painos[View]
88623232Would you sleep with her if she offered you to?[View]
88625803What is the most degenerate country in the world?[View]
88626513ITT: Post country broships[View]
88626306Menthols and Stubbies: Is it common in Australia to offer guests beers and cigarettes when they come…[View]
88620775/deutsch/: Frühlingsabendausgabe[View]
88624492/polska/ - Edycja walki z morderstwem, czyli aborcją i islamem: https://youtu.be/LzvPG5vDHuc https:/…[View]
88611858/mämmi/: gambina painos[View]
88626292If a muslim marry an ugly woman, what he does?[View]
88621817>be yuropoor >pay taxes for 'free' healthcare >government kills you anyway…[View]
88625397I'll go to America, which gun should I have to protect my life?[View]
88626187/balk/: Zalmoxis edition tfw no persian gf subedition old >>88615734[View]
88615734/balk/: TRI MORETA Edition Make Bulgaria overpowered again. Old: >>88597006 >>88597006…[View]
88624709Define these borders[View]
88625641how do I tell my parents I don't fast ramadan without them killing me?[View]
88622889what is the city/country with the most hot and beautiful escorts that are reasonably priced?[View]
88624016it's very sad to believe you are a descendant of ancient greek when the most accurate thing you…[View]
88612771/ca/: I will be posting Central American maps. Feel free to use this as a discussion thread for all …[View]
88625736Now that the dust has settled, can we agree Ian Smith and B. J. Vorster did nothing wrong? https://t…[View]
88625700BEYAZ BOGA[View]
88621888>He owes allegiance to a crown Whats it geel like to be a cuck[View]
88625226Have they ever made a good thread?[View]
88625312I thought I saw a man brought to life . . .[View]
88621584>tfw too brainlet for C++[View]
88622197>the average Australian never build a snowman >their snowman building skills are therefore rea…[View]
88624479>be American >eat waffles >get shot…[View]
88625076Post one obscure cultural song of your country and rate some others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
88624960El elfo Bulgaro eterno...[View]
88622912What is their fucking problem?[View]
88622516Why do they suck at sports?: Finland suck at sports compared to other highly developed Northern Euro…[View]
88621827Why is Japan so obsessed with Carmen Miranda?[View]
88625001Why is NorthWestern Iberia so good?[View]
88622491What is their fucking problem?[View]
88624327Is it acceptable in your country for grown adults in their 20's to still play video games?[View]
88624954>3rd day in a row without seeing the blue sky thanks to saharian dust[View]
88624259Race mixing: yay or nay: See subject[View]
88624790Hate to say it, but he has a point?[View]
88618194>Cursive handwriting is considered fancy in America[View]
88623660Anglo-Realism thread: Throughout history, no country has acted with more contempt for the morals and…[View]
88619277Why is european KFC so much better than american one? No fries, sandwiches, tortillas in American KF…[View]
88622036Wet dreams: Do you have wet dreams, /int/? >this muscle god lifts at the gym >nobody at the gy…[View]
88617310/ex-yu/: drogiramo se izdanje[View]
88620450/polska/ - edycja walki przeciw aborcji: 95% aborcji dokonuje się jedynie na podstawie podejrzenia, …[View]
88624632>tfw oneitis got BLACKED by Alberto Barbosa How do I ever recover from this?…[View]
88624115What's the equivalent of Sillicon Valley of your cunt?[View]
88624602Wtf I hate Mexico and the EU now[View]
88622577>your cunt >how do you like your cornflakes, crispy or soft?…[View]
886191342Ч HETУ!: Чтo c ДBAЧEM? У мeня нeдocтyпeн!!!!! Teпepь мы вce пepeхoдим нa ФOЧ, пишитe cвoи мыcли. У …[View]
88621304You say Russia is weak?[View]
88615215>if you race mix with asians, your son will be elliot rodgers and your daughter will be hot…[View]
886230881. You are cunt 2. Do you believe in magic?[View]
88618043This is a supersize in France. It's too big for me to finish. Also it is very common to choke …[View]
88620849Do non-Americans actually think this happened on November 9th?[View]
88620163/brit/: le funny worm haha edition[View]
88624342>you will always be indian/paki/bengali etc.[View]
88622785>one chance in life >be born shitalian Why is life all about suffering?…[View]
88613794>google just got banned[View]
88618076are Hungarians and Romanians genetically any different than slavs at this point?[View]
88623652OOH SAY[View]
88621566Being an euromutt is the worst thing happened in my fucking life, my mom from portugal is brown and …[View]
88623405I love you France :3[View]
88605387/lang/ - language learning: Language learners here! Old thread: >>88562311[View]
88623852I DRINK WHISKEY NOW IAM DRINK AND DIZZY XDDD do people in your cuntry dirnk alcohol?[View]
88621919DO IT AGAIN[View]
88618275Cheburashka: Why 2ch is broken? Is it beacouse of Durov & bloking Telegram?[View]
88621791I love you Victoria[View]
88613880>your cunt >favorite neighbor >least favorite neighbor Finland Estonia Sweden…[View]
88620387>mention to an american friend it's interesting how well black panther is doing worldwide …[View]
88623572Death to all chicanos. You're not welcome in here and your days are almost over.[View]
88605282/Norgetråden/: Maikens utgave forrige: >>88583623 >>88583623 >>88583623[View]
88608139République Démocratique du Amériкa[View]
88623255/RU/: /RU/ ne nashol - sozdal edition. Where is sosach? Ebaniy makaka broken it again.[View]
88618953Does Britain have a looming demographic problem?[View]
88611388\mena\: 7liwa edition[View]
88609729/ita/ - il filo umaroso: Edizione Team Umaru[View]
88623085I have two polish and a black friend[View]
88616549What would you say are the worst minority in your country? Lithuania pooles, literal trash people …[View]
88622974KS GO TRED: нy чe peбзя ктo пoйдeт кaтaть[View]
88622755UK, are you alright?[View]
88620825What is wrong with krautchan?[View]
88622709it's 00:29 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
88612161/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition tarte sur tartelette pour plus de fraîcheur[View]
88618357Sverigetråden - Söndagskvällsupplagan: bögar är äckliga[View]
88599349ITT post your country's greatest.[View]
88622390>I'm 5 ''''feet'''' 3 ''''inches…[View]
88605787how do you safely take a shower in brazil?[View]
886219631.cunt 2.would you have every single man, woman and child in Russia carted off to concentration camp…[View]
88620822And now for more ooga booga news, it's been only three days that the weather is sunny in France…[View]
88615856Should we swedes pay reperations for bullying the baltics + poland for hundreds of years? We eventua…[View]
88615789Do you want to visit south of France riding a horse ?[View]
88618567ДOБPOПOЧTA: Bce кaк oбычнo: c тeбя ccылкa и пocлaниe, c мeня eгo oтпpaвкa. Пpaвилa oдни и тe жe. П…[View]
88621686suggesting we don’t admit a single white male: https://pagesix.com/2018/04/22/movie-producer-quits-a…[View]
88615659Explain me the relations between former Yugoslavian countries. So far I know that Serbs consider Cro…[View]
88613356Give me one(1) good reason as to why the EU should not become a single federal state.[View]
88616027Could i pass as a local in latin america also >one chance a life >not a latino…[View]
88615347/rus/: Cлaвянe, oбъeдиняйтecь![View]
88619713>people with terrible English have jobs as news presenters on RT and Al-Jazeera >I work in a c…[View]
88621163Hey /int/ what happens here?[View]
88619146Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88612874I love chubby blondes, they are godessess: Anyone else like them?[View]
88616441If you will sentenced to death, what will you prefer? Shot, hanged or beheaded?[View]
88620984>people are enjoying the sunny sunday outside >enjoying their lives, their friends, their fami…[View]
88616189ITT: Upset an Italian person in a single post.[View]
88617290Are appliances a status symbol in your country? In America having a built-in refrigerator is a big s…[View]
88617514>AI will put millions of middle aged blue collar whites out of a job Can't wait desu...…[View]
88620956la ilaha ila allah wa muhammad rasul allah[View]
88620841Daily reminder that the majority of N*rdic wh*Tes will never experience having sexual relations with…[View]
88612630this is so sad[View]
886126712100: How will the world look like in 2100? These countries will have Muslim majority populations in…[View]
88620531/polska/: jebać napływ i polityczke robimy pedalską[View]
88615172/deutsch/: Schwule Aufgabe.[View]
88612538>That'll be $5499,99 plus tip >We also have the gunshot wound deal of the month. Get 3x2 …[View]
88619078>we are actually called argentine, not argentinian pretentious fucks[View]
88620502a l'amor, com a la guerra, lo pus fort des dos, resta lo dernier[View]
88615946Call me a fucking mutt i dare you.[View]
88620183Why do Europeans make fun of the States for supposedly being pro-Russian, when they themselves can…[View]
88600673Do desert women know their literally perpecteu?[View]
88618297/brit/: earthy general edition[View]
88618231>tfw i have only have brown hair because some roman soldier fucked one of my ancestors i could ha…[View]
88618078You wake up in Norway, Maine[View]
88610061/polska/: edycja arabska[View]
88611609OH NO NO NO >shot up a waffle house while almost completely nude HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
88618174Explain this shit: Christian Europe: Executions of killers Atheistic/Secular Europe: No capital puni…[View]
88618274Am I the hottest boy on /int/? >answer: yes I'm not fully developed yet, 18 y.o.…[View]
88619506You wake up in Helsinki[View]
886194371 2 3 4 open up that closet door 5 6 7 8 dont assume your kida are straight.[View]
88602335>American college entrance exam I bet 10 years old with some commonsense can solve this bullshit,…[View]
88615272/2ch/: Tpeд для бeжeнцeв c cocaки и CHГ Здecь вce твoи дpyзья! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZR6…[View]
88618904>we japanese[View]
88605384New flag of République Démocratique du Amériкa.[View]
88618903Двaчepы, двaч ceгoдня зapaбoтaeт в 22:00. Инфa 100%[View]
88618371Ok Italy, Whats with all the Vampires?: Why do all of your recipes include garlic if it will kill a …[View]
88618495Chimbo (dick) chinko (dick) vaca (cow) baka (stupid abogado (lawyer) avogado (avocado) pan (bread) p…[View]
88610333Does your goverment punish young people and millenials for ruining the country? Finland yes![View]
88617811imgur - pronunciation of this[View]
88618230Abajo con Ortega. ¡Larga vida a Nicaragua![View]
88615308I'm crying bros I lifted my hardest for 4 fucking years, gave it my all. Blood, sweat, and tear…[View]
88618652Who is this Jakub Marian guy?: I see his maps about Europs being shown here all the time.[View]
88618625Nuevo /ESP/ hilo español vespertino: edición comics de forofgold[View]
88615196Unsung heroes: ITT: we recognize and thank the friend of our nation that has always been there to su…[View]
88617794Did you know we have gators in Florida? G-A-T-O-R-S[View]
88604960Fennoswedes are master race? They have purjehduslaiva and money.[View]
88616756post ridiculous things people consider fashionable in your cunts. pic related, ripped jeans just blo…[View]
88616681/brit/: Post-Brexit Britain edition[View]
88616087Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
88588645>Your cunt >Thoughts on abortion I'm not religious and more of a deist or agnostic but I …[View]
88616641Looking for a pen pal: Always wanted a foreign pen pal to exchange perspectives with, who wants to b…[View]
88615329Are the language wikibooks any good?[View]
88617148Los Angeles or San Francisco?: So me and my girlfriend are thinking of doing a week in America. Obvi…[View]
88616920>Kills your country's gods Heh... nothing personnel, nordcuck[View]
88617718Do finn women look like THIS?[View]
88612897I do a diet for this summer, it's painful to see pic related help me[View]
88615462Was this done intentionally?[View]
88618041>your cunt >do you want to kill wh*Te walkers?…[View]
88618042Why doea England appear alone in the world cup?: Why aren't they UK? Is it because of all the p…[View]
88617970why do scatvians look like gayreeks?[View]
88604442Brazilian sniper ready to take a shot at communist rioters in Rio[View]
88617436>he believes men to be less expendable than women face it we're just walking penises fightin…[View]
88593879DO YOU LOVE ANIME?[View]
8861382285% of spaniards think homophobia should be penalized with jail: /pol/ BTFO https://www.elperiodico.…[View]
88613236Valpurgis Nacht: It is soon Valpurgis Nacht (German) / Vappu (Finnish). In Finland it is the night b…[View]
88614047Catalonians are called in Spain 'Polacos' WTF? WHY?[View]
88616694>doesn't go to church every sunday >doesn't pray and give thanks every day >does…[View]
88612188Why are non-italians so naive? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08n5lhRHIqs[View]
88614410/nederdraad/ - jarige job editie: /NEDERDRAAD/ Er is er een jarig, hoera, hoera Dat kun je wel zien…[View]
88606699Hi There: Multimillionaire arab oil guy here, is it easy for me to leave this planet ? is 80m$ enoug…[View]
88602020/ex-yu/: nikotinamid izdanje[View]
88613450/brit/: gael edition[View]
88614556Why are women so dumb and weak ? They don't know shit about new technologies and when they use …[View]
88614964This is how my ideal husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
88612994/brit/: Not sick but not well edition.[View]
88595498/cum/ - Kanada, Amerikan yhdysvallat ja Meksiko: Previous thread >>88588773[View]
88615404How come Korea is becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japan? Every asiaboo I…[View]
88600643Hi, have you ever tried hesburger? Its available in easter Europe and russia and it's better th…[View]
88616686how do we fix latam?[View]
88616191im so fucking tired of my ugly russian face and live here god i really hate you[View]
88583120/asean/: Chickenjoy edition[View]
88616334>mfw I spot a wh*Toid[View]
88604740Why Japs don't travel a lot anymore? Are they really poor now?[View]
88607054Why was Germany so evil in WW2?[View]
88608668>1/3 people in sweden have foreign background why are you doing this to yourself?…[View]
88614420Im pure bavarian phenotype[View]
88611563Sverigetråden: Syltupplagan[View]
88616166Ridin' solo, through Kyoto With four hoes, I'm a no-show For more shows, wanna tango Drink…[View]
88607912Why would a fully-grown, mentally healthy man choose to watch japanese cartoons?[View]
88616130Why Japs claim the sushi is very healthi? It's a not,very salty and much carb.......[View]
88611639>pooland will be raped by germany and russia again during your lifetime…[View]
88612697/한국어/ 씨발럼들아: 다 자고있냐[View]
88614321What happened to the original racially pure slavs? Did they go extinct?[View]
88609003british men are smol and qties :3[View]
88597006/balk/: Nkreece entition Olnt >>88567505[View]
88606693number of Poles living in the UK: at least 1,000,000 criminals: 4742 percent: 0.47% number of Romani…[View]
88608068/rus/: Зaлeтaйтe, пpaвocлaвныe.[View]
88612242Poland is the one of fastest growing in Europe. After 10 years, there will be no country to scoff at…[View]
88615688Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88615448What's it like for Indians in Ghana?[View]
88594815/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Элeктpoмoнтepcкий[View]
88615328Say something nice to a foreign country: Hey Italy, thanks for the pizza and genes.[View]
88600478How do you Australians survive a >31C heatwave. It's basically impossible to live in the hea…[View]
88610071Why are these two countries so violent and backwards, even for maghrebi standards?[View]
88613191Why is everyone but the US using spray deodorants? Why are American afraid of the aerosol?[View]
88615182/deutsch/: Kadsenausgabe[View]
88614473Do you think translation is important?[View]
886149811. Country 2. Are you intimidated by this cock?[View]
88609687What's the point of traveling when the Internet and photography exist (and are free)?[View]
88614827Post comfy pics[View]
886113741. Your country 2. Is your democracy better than Botswana? 1. France 2. Nope.[View]
88610985Countries that should come back[View]
88614570Have you ever wondered what /b/ full of Finns would look like? Well look at here and wonder : https:…[View]
88614650> I hate X race[View]
88610768/sellner/ ehemals /Deutsch/: 1 ösihengst vs. 300 neger[View]
88611134Why are Europeans such assholes?[View]
88610730Did the queen visit your country?[View]
88602785/NEDERDRAAD/: BREDA R E D A Vorige draad: >>88595068[View]
88608878Were you raised by homosexual parents in your country?[View]
88614319Yankees BTFO[View]
88610717>I'm a MED[View]
88613027just a reminder that if some day, some how we are losing a war badly we will literally nuke the whol…[View]
88592457Spain please come back and clean up the mess you made.[View]
88611468/brit/: Fashion Edition[View]
88613169/nederdraad/: molen-editie[View]
88611148>you will never live in the USA >you will never be american…[View]
88611684Could i pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
88613075wahmen: >Can your Wahmen cook? Germany Yes, but only basic stuff…[View]
88600488The decade 2020-2030 will be the decade of Eastern Europe. Save this post.[View]
88600812How are Slavs seen in the West? I get the feeling that meanwhile there is a huge urge to picture oth…[View]
88541374/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Frank Frazetta edition[View]
88596775>Lithuanians, Estonians and Latvians remember and tacitly endorse cooperating with Nazis >Czec…[View]
88596390French surrender is a meme: >Alps: right-wing activists block the Col de l'Echelle, migrant …[View]
88609301What to expect in Belarus?: Made this thread yesterday but didn't get many replies. Any Belarus…[View]
88607938What are you doing, Pajeet?[View]
88602968Talk me out of moving to New Hampshire[View]
88607895How many Americans do believe Muslim is a race? Is this really a thing in US of A?[View]
88612650>his 'friends' never write or call him[View]
88605674I’m japanese Do you have any questions?[View]
88602029Which country does pic related look like she's from?[View]
88608658did you know, that according to british London statistics Lithuanians are 5 times more likely to com…[View]
88612631Stop invading Poland.[View]
88611421What do you do for money?: I dispatch 18 wheelers to oil fields[View]
88612659This is why the middle east is so backwards: They're literally still living in the middle ages…[View]
88606507B Poccии oбъяcнили блoкиpoвкy Google: >Pocкoмнaдзop oбвинил кoмпaнию в нapyшeнии вepдиктa poccийc…[View]
88606040Daily reminder: There is no god[View]
88612786Please go back to your islands. PLEASE![View]
88603027/ESP/ Hilo Español: Edición: Valencia será la tumba del fascismo[View]
88608331>he never saw snow >he never saw the ocean >he never saw an aurora…[View]
88607710post mutts[View]
88607174Earlobe Mushrooms start to appear: https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000005651823.html There was late S…[View]
88609682>x is rightful y clay[View]
88612147My ancestors :)[View]
88605219Is this what an average Norwegian look like?[View]
88601755>rich, successful country >people are self-hating cucks >poor, corrupt shithole >people …[View]
88608764>girl sits next to me >can't focus on studying >try not to fart >get sudden boners …[View]
88600940/mämmi/: Luontokuva-painos[View]
886073611. Your country. 2. Why are polytheists (pic related) so evil? 3. Why has ISIS and Al-Qaeda never ta…[View]
88608621>Be American eating waffles >get shot[View]
88606374Is there any Chinese speaker here?: So, since there was nothing like a 'language expertise general' …[View]
88605551Is the East/West divide in Germany similar to the North/south divide in England?[View]
88596248look at my girly hands and feet I'm 19 yeas old boy[View]
88610147/america/: Just another Sunday morning in America. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43855097…[View]
88609509/brit/: Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh Scum …[View]
88611337Russians, Know anyone travelling/moving to Crimea? Also Are more people moving into Crimea than out?[View]
88611102>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Current_events There's a lot of bad stuff happening in…[View]
88609060/ex-yu/: BakaPrase edicija https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YxMuIOxEJk[View]
88611066Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh Scum Gang I…[View]
88602513>americans take bacon & fried eggs at breakfast >americans support warmongers stuff of eve…[View]
88606572Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88610266Poland is missing over 300k breeding-age women What country would you have us outsource to?[View]
88601042/fr/ - le francofil: édition : t'as les foies mcfly ? >Un un foie blanc, tel que serait dans…[View]
88604878Which is the gayest European nation?[View]
88610653An Experiment: 1. Say something you like about your country 2. Say something you don't like abo…[View]
88610592for me its ireland[View]
88610468Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88610562Georgianons report in!: What do Georgian parents want in potential son in law?[View]
88605030what are the best designed flags? here are my top 4[View]
88604613/deutsch/ - Söder ausgabe[View]
88609985if you were a girl, would you rather marry an ethnic brit ...[View]
88609611>your country >what was the most popular sport in gym classes in your school? poland Volleybal…[View]
88593625>Koreans are so insecure with being Asian they actually pay thousands of dollars just to look att…[View]
88603025you're cunt? how much does a house cost in your area? >Australia(melbourne) >my parents h…[View]
88610249I want to go to Nevada and UFO gaze and get in a high speed chase with the government in my red pick…[View]
88603216/polska/: edycja WISITA HARI RANTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12vh55_1ul8[View]
88599087/ita/ - Il Filo: edizione Verità[View]
88607683/brit/: lily mo edition[View]
88604518Sverigetråden - Fråga om Islam upplagan: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OdKrZpZOpVKX[View]
88607457makes me think[View]
88608276Bikers: Hello, int. 1. What biker's organisations do you have in your country? 2. Are them dang…[View]
88607941>mfw I spot a wh*Toid[View]
88608808Stop browsing imageboards.[View]
88595850Is taiwan a country?[View]
88603980Avicci: >some Swedefag who presses buttons all day who passed off his bowel movements as '''music…[View]
88608541fuck the british[View]
88607624Study Abroad: Guten Abend, fellow Germans. I am considering studying abroad this summer in Germany a…[View]
88607951What would a Manchurian colony in Australia be called[View]
88605436Do you love kpop?[View]
88608572words you love saying but have no idea what they mean, if they even mean anything. pidorashka el cre…[View]
88608546I want to move to Florida. Which part of it is the whitest?[View]
88592558kurva anyátok[View]
88608288Ohh my God Baby, you done took this shit to another mother fucking level! Now a neighborhood nigga l…[View]
88605977Will thirdies ever stop being assblasted about The United States Of America, The World's Only S…[View]
886069121/4 russian: Middle school student[View]
88607675/2 WORLD/: This thread is the 2nd world thread based on history, not economy and politics Welcome: Y…[View]
88601950/rus/: Кopoчe, пoкa хapкaч лeжит, cидим тyт. Чe cлyчилocь-тo? PКH лютyeт?[View]
88607142/한국어/: 헤-에 월요일이 다가온다 씨발[View]
88605014Science has determined what the Spanish language will look like in 2050, and it's beautiful[View]
88606436>come on /int/ at 7 in the morning >Over half the threads are foreigners talking about Americ…[View]
88607584ITT we thank nationalities for exports from their countries I'll start; thank you Czechs for St…[View]
88566227Why is AMWF about to be a massive movement now?[View]
88563819>non-meds don't know that we can change our hair color during our youth to adapt…[View]
88607437has /int/ had any form of moderation for the last few months? has anyone gotten banned at all? my la…[View]
88607741The Turkish minister calls the Netherlands undemocratic regarding the campaing issue: The Netherland…[View]
88588321>your country >do you have neonazis? >do they beat up people? (fags, inmigrants, junkies, c…[View]
88603751Is Fox News a big thing in USA ? I thought it was CNN. Macron will make an exclusive interview on Fo…[View]
88604292Do you know of any abandoned places in your country? Have you visited any? I'll post some from …[View]
88602266Did you know that Romania overtook Croatia in GDP per capita last year?[View]
88602888Which do you like better, Korean women or Japanese women?: Korean women are thin. Japanese women are…[View]
88606458>slavs are so fucking based[View]
88607470>You'll never get qt hapa gf[View]
88607386Serbian nationalism: why some serbs cant stop it ? how u'd cure it?[View]
88605120How did one small island culturally dominate the world?[View]
88598801Are they Slavs?[View]
88606178What happened to him?[View]
88589011Who is this guy? Why does he keep spamming? What should we name him?[View]
88606775Japanese Cosplayer of modified picture[View]
88588848why are hispanic songs the most listened to worldwide? is spanish the best language for music?[View]
88602499what's your favorite country[View]
88594074Do you love Japan?[View]
88606864Oh look it's Russia[View]
88606155Put my cat in a plastic bag and starting punching it really hard, then i put her in the bathroom and…[View]
88605744https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nss8_bzLXks wh*Te subhuman status: Irreversibly BTFO[View]
88606688In what ways is your country NOT like America?[View]
88599550The American country culture is the epitome of manhood and freedom and the lifestyle should be prote…[View]
88606180>he listens to pop music >he drinks coffee with milk >he does fasting >he is a vegan/veg…[View]
88603512Why are Kurds so retarded?[View]
88605968do some americans really wash their meat before cooking it?[View]
88603782Is Basketball popular in your country?[View]
88606397Why are Italians so towards to pineapples? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDUy3Y_w9Tk[View]
88600657Jews: 1. Your country. 2. What have Jews done in your country?[View]
88589749Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
88606343Life in Australia: Is this accurate?[View]
88603958Why do Meds like gay sex so much?: It kinda seems to be a recurring theme with them.[View]
88604432/brit/: what was the producer trying to portray in this shot?[View]
88606234>mfw I have to share a board with northrons[View]
88606189https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_by_Contract >The book focuses on an agreement between the S…[View]
88605996is eSwatini the real life Wakanda?[View]
88605233누군가 나를 '한국여자가 백인남을 사랑한다' 알려줬다. 근데 이것을 안 바르다.[View]
88604487Is popular a Japanese man in your country?[View]
88604867>go outside >gipsies, arabs, niggers, low class and violent people >i cant carry a gun beca…[View]
88603975Lol hahahaha[View]
88605377Why do third world euro countries always seem to have a disproportionate amount of construction happ…[View]
88597716>Indonesia and Poland posting in the same thread[View]
88605221Why don't they invent a new language so they can understand each other?[View]
88604300Korea win starcraft again: Thank you[View]
88605508Is it true that Australians are not allowed to visit /hr/ as loading the images will destroy the ISP…[View]
88605341Your country Do you support Defend Europe group ? They made a big action in the Alps yesterday, than…[View]
88605261Music: Have some good Basque and Swedish rock/metal music: https://berritxarrak.bandcamp.com/album/e…[View]
88598116Nationalism: So what's the deal with multilingual countries? Is there any reason why they shoul…[View]
88605077*blocks your path*[View]
88604132Hambaga edition[View]
88604997>lithshit replied to my thread[View]
88600120/deutsch/: Ostalgie-Aufgabe.[View]
88604942Is the current situation in south africa a glimpse into the future of what will happen to western co…[View]
88585960How do I get a russian gf on vk?[View]
88603146>Asian people are soft and wea-[View]
88598136Estonian: What is lörs opinion on Estonian women? https://youtu.be/QIUdtbm9Dz4 Estonian is too fast …[View]
88604541Is Kpic Pok famous in Russia?[View]
88604515>crush started going out with russian bydlo[View]
88599946This country deserves to be nuked. Do you agree?[View]
88588185I’ll convert your name from English to Kanji.: For example, 玻璃伊(Harry) 露成努(Ronald) 絵麻(Emma) And le…[View]
88601193>16 days until Eurovision[View]
88596579Sverigetråden: Som talspråket lyder: Conny som intet kvalificerat jobb har, få gå med stjärten bar…[View]
88604304How can you allow underage banging each others without prosecution[View]

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