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80739366The U.S. military has these things called 'Morale Patches' that have been apart of the military cult…[View]
80727761Conscription thread.: What you usually do in your mandatory military service? How is it in Austria a…[View]
80739132why is dylann roof preteding to be a trans man and making piss cubes when he should be maintaining a…[View]
807391681. Your cunt 2. How does it feel like to live in a third world country? USA not bad desu[View]
80728833/fr/ - Le francofil: Edition dépolitisée (un minimum) Ancien fil: >>80720272[View]
80736104/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: ok brudis töten, ficken, heiraten[View]
80728894>please select all street signs >select all vehicles instead >works Captcha btfo…[View]
80736847What you can do in Serbia?[View]
80733649what do you call THIS?[View]
80738051What is the point of borders anymore?[View]
80736877/brit/: i feel like shit i just want him back x edition[View]
80735488say sometin nice: ITT we say something nice about country above. No banters, memes, insults.[View]
80738544Aye, vote 'Yes' and you may die. Vote 'No', and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in y…[View]
80737801>Indian guy is about to discover a world shattering perspective about how white women view him I …[View]
80733691Best country[View]
80733193non-whites can't into ski jumping truly a white men's sport[View]
80737747>1 chance at life >not born in France[View]
80709830/ex-ussr/ general: russian 'people' edition[View]
80722345/Mena/ - مينا: fat edition[View]
80737785>be burger >get money >.…[View]
80737994og du denvakre engel viss oss dei laere av gud og nagnad fratatt makt of aere og förste jaga grunnlö…[View]
80737304tfw 26 year old NEET virgin polack AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH[View]
80730610This is an Indian Car, 2013 Model[View]
80696236/éire/: Thread creators trade union edition[View]
80735860Goodnight /int/ :3[View]
80722128/polska/: edycja dajcie mi smierc[View]
80737618I realized today that blonde hair is not very common. My math class has 64 people in it and I'm…[View]
80736985helo bby send bob and vagene pictures[View]
80737564Rare Flags Thread: Rare flags, get in here. America needs y'all, darlin'.[View]
80736209How is /int/ preparing for the American century?[View]
80733521TUNISIA THREAD: TUNISIA THREAD ITT: we show our love for Tunisia >why are Tunisia posters the b…[View]
80737441Culture pals - /cp/: It's fun to be out with friends edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message Q…[View]
80734867what happened to the lang threads[View]
80737025>born white >live in africa AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH…[View]
80735500This is your country.[View]
80717514/ua/: ХOХЛOTPЭД. пoгнaли хлoпцы[View]
80736556Europe is 100% whit-[View]
80736940I actually learned that my Indian classmate gave his dog a handjob[View]
80729485>Your country? >Without which country do you think Europe would be better without? Lithuania I…[View]
80735173/brit/: >who are you quoting edition[View]
80734850For me, it's Italy.[View]
80736625What do you call this in your country?[View]
80734890Genuine question: why do americans think it's disrespectful to bow before their flag? Do they n…[View]
80736770FUCK TURKS[View]
80715849If Earth was dying and we had available rockets that could take humans to a new home far away from h…[View]
80736664>have you been to New York? I've been to the Pearl River Delta >Yeh, but have you seen Yo…[View]
80735134Country To tip or not to tip?[View]
80736663Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
80736325Tell me about Austria.[View]
80729354What is a good country for ugly autistic male?[View]
80729617FINNDIANS: In America Finns joined Native American tribes because w*iTes wanted to deport us under t…[View]
80717763/lat/ hilo latino: Bienvenidos[View]
80732992Why do Americans swim with shoes on?[View]
80736265How can anyone even compete?[View]
80734505So, Nicaragua is joining Paris climate accord. That leaves just USA and Syria outside it. Aren…[View]
80726609/Norgetråden/: Karikaturutgaven Forrige: >>80717316 >>80717316 >>80717316[View]
80732101/deutsch/ Broder Ausgabe: Für oder gegen ihn?[View]
80735188/brit/: based black man edition[View]
80730346>be danish students >go to Italy >can't resist the genetic impulse to murder animals W…[View]
80735473>mom dad i need to tell you i like man in skirt how your parents react in your country?…[View]
80735833What does /int/ think of Cambodia and Indonesia being added to Civ 6?[View]
80730848Is it true that people from this region don't think that they're Black and actually absolu…[View]
80732254What is wrong with Americans? Is it brain damage due to circumcision? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
80728536Should people with less than 50% Native DNA be expelled from the Americas to their original homeland…[View]
80734956>non-anglo flag says something inflammatory >other anons start conversing with them in their n…[View]
80734063A daily reminder that you will NEVER be Finnish[View]
80733769>graduating in International relations and economics >bombarded with Kant Anyone else knows th…[View]
80732847/brit/: he was there edition[View]
80731233Sverigetråden - kvällsupplagan[View]
80734638Lets share experiencies of meeting someone from X nationality and corroborate stereotypes >Meet f…[View]
80732741Opens /int/ there is no thread with international manbeasts.Why does this board sucks this much?[View]
80735131How can men from other cities even compete with men from Oslo - Norway[View]
80734582Has he legalized weed yet?[View]
80689844Culture pals /cp/: Is it so hard to make a new thread on time edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Mess…[View]
80735021Singurul lucru bun la bozgori e kurtosul[View]
80732276Daily reminder that if Catalonia becomes independent it will turn into a soviet state in less than 2…[View]
80734800>Found out my polyglot Basque friend in Netherlands is race-mixing with Azeris…[View]
80734400Do you feel sad about HitlerJugend during Battle of Berlin?[View]
80734261post more like this[View]
80720265Mediterraneans minding their own business, then all the sudden:: *blocks your path*[View]
80734683>I am a nationalist >'The truth does not fear investigation' >'Did six million really die?'…[View]
80731988Why does the American accent sound like this? https://youtu.be/RJeugIJFXas[View]
80734585>his ''''''''''''''''''''country'''''''''''''''''' has never had a foreign nuke detonated on thei…[View]
80714604/lang/ - Language learning: What language are you learning? Share language learning experiences! Hel…[View]
80732711>Your country? >Do you have a problem with suicide in your country? Lithuania Yes. I personal…[View]
80733779Americans are the most powerful race. https://youtu.be/PRMPQg43wgk[View]
80732815What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this flag?[View]
80721287>Hear anything about Québec >It's literally always better in every way than Ontario No wo…[View]
80731133Tell me 1 (one) language that has gone totally extinct under the Ottomans[View]
80734272/alaskan/ Where are my Alaska lads at?[View]
80733766>the absolute state of the english ''''''''''''language''''''''''''[View]
80732245Best Europe[View]
80660357/BMG/: Brown men general invited: /mena/,south and central america,brown Asians,swarthy south Europe…[View]
80721493ITT: /int/ wakes up in a lost island.[View]
80732342/ita/ - il filo[View]
80734054Are French Industries Still In Meme Phase?[View]
80733425Is this hazel?: Both my parents have blue grey eyes as do their parents. Somehow I have yellow bits…[View]
80714521Are Indians this hot in real life?[View]
80734030>be American >get ____ http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/harford/aegis/ph-ag-edgewood-…[View]
80733394Post a nationalist from your country[View]
80729290Please hate the UK.[View]
80729539>meaningless guttural sounds[View]
80732985I've never met an Argentine before, but if I ever did, I feel like he would look like pic relat…[View]
80719375Russian women are literally perfect.[View]
80720937Is Polish Military The Most Advanced In Europe?[View]
80733501whats the point of life if im not a qt girl with a sugar daddy? those faggots pay 6000 euros every m…[View]
80728917What happens here? No seriously, what happens here? Nobody talks about it. It might be the most obsc…[View]
80733177>Country >Does your country officialy celebrate the 1st of May, the day of the international w…[View]
80730931Americans pronounce my last name, Chiquillo, as 'Chick-KWEEL-low' Fucking 'Chick-KWEE…[View]
80732427Eʼeʼaahjí Naakaii Dootłʼizhí Bikéyah: >Navajos call Pakistan Eʼeʼaahjí Naakaii Dootłʼizhí Bikéyah…[View]
80733478Are cloning labs legal in your country?[View]
80731509I'm cat's kitty![View]
80732491Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen, heia hoho, Und wollen mit Tyrannen raufen, heia hoho. Spieß vo…[View]
80720831How do you say 'I'M CUMMING!' in your language?[View]
80732559>1. Ur a country >2. Do you read books? 1. Flag 2. Yes, pic related, my library…[View]
80724329>Another day spent working instead of following my passions[View]
80729051/brit/: not a soldier's gun edition[View]
80724590Why is this board so obsessed with Russia? It's just the biggest and boring country in the worl…[View]
80731359>mfw I won't die in my sleep[View]
80732625/tr/: İMPARATOR edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAKVRGJr3ys[View]
80728791Which is more likely? >The probability of Russia joining the EU >The probability of Turkey joi…[View]
80731408>tfw didn't attend to a high school in Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGR4S9y2MQ8…[View]
80732225Are you ready for the Russian Century /int/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOTnSXK_dHM https://www…[View]
80730958Are Japs honorary aryans?[View]
80732270Comfy Japan thread?[View]
80703608/ita/ - il Filo - Edizione San Marino[View]
80732289Happy Diwali anons.[View]
80721216This is what honour means for a TÜRK warrior: >Pic related guy was a Turkish officer during Turki…[View]
80731518>another day spent working[View]
80710165/cum/: apu edition[View]
80722525/mämmi/: Rönttös -painos[View]
80726773Kuala Lupur: I'm stuck in this city for two weeks, anyone have any good tips/things I should do…[View]
80730043it's 23:40 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
80731399I really don't understand the genuine hatred you guys feel for Americans. The United States goe…[View]
80726694/deutsch/: Trümmerfrauen Ausgabe Hiermit wird noch einmal den Trümmerfrauen für den fleißigen Wieder…[View]
80731976>russian school kids get krokodil injections instead of vaccines[View]
80731840Could he pass as a local in your country[View]
80731497Why blacks so racist against Asians[View]
80727798>BBC Three programs When did the BBC get this sensationalist and trashy https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
80731805'KARRRRRRRRR KARRRRRRRRRRR' https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=197&v=-_Ko3PG2oB4 XD…[View]
80728622>Chilean neighbor is hosting another Reggaeton party[View]
80731716>tfw I live in a nigger country[View]
80724685What now[View]
80731323Sverigetråden - Animeupplagan[View]
807309181. ur are a vegana 2. your honest opinion on Poland and the Polish people[View]
80707169/nusantara/: Wake up ASEAN[View]
80730737Why do Northern Italians look so different from their Southern counterparts?[View]
80716375NEDERDRAAD: bedankt anon voor de verjaardagskaart welkom: anons die mij feliciteren niet welkom: zur…[View]
80731248What is NEET life like in your country?[View]
80717014Your cunts accents: What regional accents in your country are the most disliked by the rest of the c…[View]
80684931/sino/ - 中文: 'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun' edition The thread for posting in Ch…[View]
80729085Are French white?[View]
80729075/brit/: 学习雷锋好榜样, 忠于革命忠于党 edition[View]
80725400america btfo by euro-canadian alliance: https://www.thestar.com/business/2017/10/17/bombardier-airbu…[View]
80722939Do you have any quirks when speaking english?: For example I often say 'what I mean is...' even thou…[View]
80728646>nordic '''''''men''''''[View]
80730823>constantly scurtinise, criticise and generally shit on your country with other countrymen >in…[View]
80724602>trying to use my visa last night to buy some budweiser >error (payment denied you exceeded yo…[View]
80730760>Greeks believe in alien and masonic conspiracies, demons, witches, miracles and spirits Literal…[View]
80720778>European culture[View]
80722381What do first civilizations have in common?[View]
80726531How do you say 'hey, that's pretty good!' in your language >hâ, kisâstaw ka mîwâsin anima…[View]
80729949I think that every Country should pay us Brits compensation in damages each and everyone of you…[View]
80728442>swede enters my thread[View]
80729638When will all Americans get wiped off the face of this earth?[View]
80730290>living in a bed and breakfast house >American guest say the pledge of allegiance crying loudl…[View]
80725500How do you say Black Angels in your language?[View]
80727765FINLAND - MISSED ALL THE FUN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_during_the_occupation_of_Germany…[View]
80726515eesti keeli :DDDDDDD[View]
80730041Love and Peace to all you folks, no matter what is the color of your skin, let your souls always shi…[View]
80720822ITT: /int/ posters from other countries we recognize >Those gay Finn and Swede animeposters >E…[View]
80729993Does your country have a special phone number to call when you get bullied by latinos[View]
80729975It's a never-ending cycle[View]
80726415You wake up in El Dorado[View]
80729883Tfw no Turkish gf[View]
80728654>Movie is set in Britain >Hero is a Chinaman >Villians are Irish Really makes you chink…[View]
80726163How is he viewed in your country? He is lion of Baghdad here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVGEFV…[View]
80725632Post weather[View]
80728799for what pvrpose?[View]
80722039Feroe Islands: What is this place like? Until I came to /int/ I didn't know this country actual…[View]
80729331>your cunt >do you have a gf flag i'm asexual…[View]
80727863Why are blondes so feminine and gay[View]
80729382Will they ever set apart their differences?[View]
80721746Stereotypes in ur cunt: Your cunt Stereotypes from your culture that arent used outside >Spain …[View]
80727313/brit/: beautiful edition[View]
80729213> 21st century > Still a conscription[View]
80728736>play online vidya >notice team mate is from sweden >call him gay…[View]
80728373*sits on you*[View]
80729181/tr/: TÜRK (ZENCİ) Süvarisi edisyonu[View]
80727945why are canadian so europized?[View]
80724376>his country is in the Euro-Zone[View]
80728981>American man teleports behind your blue eyed blonde 100% Aryan heritage gf >Unzips his pants …[View]
80719121/ex-yu/: ovo su bila vremena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX8X0-oMW1g[View]
80724632>Europeans have to be 35 years old to drive[View]
80725296Mysterious 'braid-choppers' are drugging women and cutting off their hair in India: https:…[View]
80720275Why are fewer people visiting UK museums and galleries?[View]
80709691Why don't White people have children?[View]
80724044>americans aren't allowed to refuel their own car[View]
80726387>just now notice that one of my co-workers has a left hand that is smaller than normal and has ti…[View]
80727466Our rightful clay[View]
80720272/fr/ - Le fil francophone diurne: Édition qui fait pleurer les gaullo-communistes. https://www.youtu…[View]
80725734My Finnish friend is right now in Kamchatka to negotiate a deal..[View]
80728469Average Nordic guy.[View]
80727915Is a modern-day military's purpose to protect its people, or to protect its economic interests?[View]
80727955anons, i need a hug :c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzjRyZSSKCE[View]
807223911) Your Country 2) Your Height[View]
80728421TÜRKish folk/doom metal: Enjoy my BLACK brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q4gQwtxpk8…[View]
80720296fuck finland[View]
80727664Can someone please adopt me? I want to become american I can't live here anymore I will do any…[View]
80728244Why are euros SOOOO pogonophobic? There is NOTHING wrong with showing your masculinity you fucking …[View]
80726938your country do you dab? finland yes D:[View]
80719383>egyptians were not bla- WHOA![View]
80716219Why DO the Americans celebrate All Hallows' Evening but not the resurrection of Christ?[View]
80722938>be american >get shot[View]
80726892Pray for Somalia: Over 500 people have died today in Somalia from Al-Shabab bombings. Trying times.…[View]
80722769blocks your path and slaps your imaginary gf ass >your cunt >what to do…[View]
80722632assburger: can someone pIease help me,I don't get why did he say 'Get your credit card because …[View]
80719431do some races have more autists than others? pic unrelated[View]
80727048>americans are proud of this POS: even the creator of the f16 said the swedish SAAB Gripen is 100…[View]
80725601/brit/: /radcen/ edition[View]
80726498You wake up in Mournhold, City of Light, City of Magic.[View]
80720497It's been 100 years and Japan is STILL butthurt[View]
80723403http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/18/us/maryland-shooting-latest/index.html >be american >get shot…[View]
80713820You wake up in Kiruna[View]
80725866oh my god you guys look. Just look[View]
80719248can the Minister for Education of your conutry compete with the italian one?[View]
80726819>'S*Cilian' American tries lecturing me on race >immediately can't comprehend a thing he…[View]
80723262Why aren't you moving to Finland already? Massive job opportunities, high pay and welfare. Ugly…[View]
80725468*blocks your path* >vittu perkele SATANA wat do?[View]
80726844I fucked a femenist vegan girl. It was horrible. t. straight white man[View]
80718507why is somali cuisine best cuisine?[View]
80726338Arbëria (gegërisht: Arbnia, ndërkombëtarisht : Albania), zyrtarisht Gjithangjaja e Arbërisë, është t…[View]
80725991>tfw a Finn tries to be funny around you[View]
80722546/deutsch/: Feierabend-Ausgabe[View]
807139771. your country 2. has your nation ever been defeated in battle? canada no[View]
80726409How pathetic and deluded does one have to be to feel national pride? You didn't contribute anyt…[View]
80684972>Mom dad, please meet my fiancée I met in Osaka Japan, Chizuru Hayashi 1.country 2.how do they re…[View]
80725730Why do South Korean women have such deep voices?: As someone who was used to Japanese and Chinese gi…[View]
80715375I'm going to invest in Western Poland. How easy is it to get a driver's license? I can onl…[View]
80720008Sverigetråden - Gräsupplagan[View]
80723908/brit/: traditional culture edition[View]
80716072This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
80724118I guess Turkey is cute :3[View]
80724784ITT: describe your country in the early 2000s[View]
80724490Republiko Srpska ponosita vilo Krajina je tvoje sokolovo krilo Napadnuta bila ma sa koje strane Koza…[View]
80725035it's over. wh*Tes are finished[View]
80720783St Petersburg vs Moscow: Which city is better?[View]
80725153>fridge >microwave >shoes…[View]
80714453>Pakistan is not a developed countr-[View]
80723903ISIS on Eurovision: https://youtu.be/gEzDD0dZU8U This is Europe's future lads ;D[View]
80723665FINNDIANS: In America Finns joined Native American tribes because w*iTes wanted to deport us under t…[View]
80719226I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're probably referring to as Spanish, is …[View]
80714810>Italians There's no such thing as an Italian ethnicity. Italy only became a country in 1861…[View]
80723028Why are American tragedies so much more memorable than other countries?[View]
80723502WTF I HATE BRAZIL NOW!! How dare you fucking monkey![View]
80717316/Norgetråden/: ærlig utgave forrige: >>80699735 >>80699735 >>80699735[View]
80721268>1. Ur a country >2. Do you read books? 1. Flag 2. Yes, pic related, my library…[View]
80713213ITT: if dubs your country is white[View]
80720463Your cunts version of Toronto: What’s your cunts Toronto? >stuck up/rude people >full of immi…[View]
80715502Why shias worship human idols like Ali and Hussain as much as god himself?[View]
80718985How do Spaniards feel about being the villains in Hollywood movies?: Did you root for Salazar?…[View]
80720680is wearing fur acceptable in your country?[View]
80720886Which board is gayer, /int/ or /lgbt/? I think /int/ might be gayer right now.[View]
80716165>pornstar is spanish >tags: latina[View]
80716939>your cunt >did you watch The Moonmans?[View]
80722068KKKrakers are pathetic[View]
80722282/brit/: GAS THE TAIGS lads edition[View]
80710343/balk/: Edición latina Buenos días, balk antiguo: >>80692543[View]
80699934How does this make europoors feel?[View]
80721797>tfw want to be my own boss: aka I want to be a drug dealer but shit at chemistry and don't …[View]
80720014Sverigetråden - för svenskar samt brödrafolk[View]
80717171Why are tropical countries always shitholes?[View]
80721551>norweigan weather station[View]
80723450You may not like it, but this is what Norway's capital looks like...and it's beautiful[View]
80723498wtf I like saudi arabia now https://youtu.be/slfAviDHtx8?t=179[View]
80722564>'Hey anon how much is your total now?' >Oh sorry I haven't been to the gym in months, wo…[View]
80716283Sweden is as LONG as the distance between Jacksonville and Toronto[View]
80712871fuck shitaly[View]
80703365/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: SWORD OF DOOM edition[View]
80718261ZIMBABWE 2017: https://twitter.com/Essence/status/920449497628626945[View]
80722720Question for Americans without using maps “What country bordered the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gul…[View]
80722610/mämmi/: Synkronoitu ryyppäys -painos[View]
80712018/Mena/ - مينا[View]
80713832/mämmi/: Halla-ahon huviajelu -painos[View]
80722497https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POs71VL7Wr0 Ya Ali!!!!!!!!!!!! Death To S*nni's![View]
80719752/brit/: the absolute STATE of normoids edition[View]
80720974new Kosovo of europe: >tfw we'll declare independence as soon as they shut the autonomy down…[View]
80695877/polska/: Edycja walenia matek[View]
80720326I bet that the 'we wuz Aztecs' Mexican, how gets triggered over the single mention of anuthing that …[View]
80720419favourite colour guys mine is red[View]
80719679>ywn be born in europe in a cluster of different cultures and languages >ywa be stuck in north…[View]
80693519This confuses and enrages the non-Anglo[View]
80718302/deutsch/ Galgenbaum Ausgabe[View]
80717729>make a great comment in a thread >thread dies…[View]
80718046Will green tea turn me into a cuck?[View]
80711580>USA cuisine Uma Delicia![View]
80721171>your country >do you ever wish you were a girl USA Yes…[View]
80720403>you post a 200 word long reply and this guy replies to you and says your opinion is invalid beca…[View]
80719335>translator >tfw assigned India and Indonesia AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK YOU INDIA FU…[View]
80717074Does anyone else have a crippling fear of the ocean?: Or just deep water in general?[View]
80717634/polska/: Edycja przedwczesna[View]
80720938At least you're not a wagiecuck...[View]
80712020What do you think of Paraguayans?[View]
80714587I will be the third Greek in history to win a Nobel prize[View]
80716389Is government employee popular job in your cunt??[View]
80720355>Be German >Join ISIS to fight for them >Be Polish >Join SDF to fight Isis this is all t…[View]
80716500ITT:: post your uni[View]
80719577>mfw i see a woman without make up why do females feel the need to maskerade their real face arti…[View]
80720592>ice caps melting >huge supplies of natural resources being uncovered >Arctic is basically …[View]
80706630Is there still a country on earth where basic agricultural jobs are socially respected and paid rath…[View]
80718901>eating pasta carbonara, drinking tea and listening to american music I am very international man…[View]
80713175Memes aside, Poland is incredibly rich and beautiful compared to the rest of Eastern Europe or even …[View]
80715639Finland pls answer: >cunt >How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? Canada 1-2…[View]
80720300Japan BTFO[View]
80720232Whats his name again?[View]
80708613Why is French not a lingua franca anymore?[View]
80719904Zorane kad si ti na Majevici Semberija mirno će da spi Zorane, Zorane nek' te čuva Bog Sve juna…[View]
80711890倭人: The Chinese word for 'Japanese' is 'Dwarf People'. So mean desu 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。[View]
80706298My wife is forcing me to join her on the 'hippie trail'. Am I crazy or is this fucking ridiculous? A…[View]
80719903>the wh*Te subhuman meme is almost 1 year old by now[View]
80708258Is Vietnam East or Southeast Asia?: Let's settle this once and for all...[View]
80707677Who /actuallyfinishedaduolingotree/ here?[View]
80717955Bangladesh of Europe[View]
80710333If you know this videogame, let's talk about it![View]
80716899/brit/: The Rock n Roll gf edition[View]
80719155>be german >take a shit >inspect it, smell it, touch it, taste it >invite your whole fam…[View]
80719438>Another day being spent working instead of working on my real passions - mathematics and chemist…[View]
80717923Is Donny Jr with us?[View]
80711135Let's find out what countries are the most liked and disliked here. Basically a map rating thre…[View]
80715945>20 years old in 10 months >kissless virgin does this darkness have a name?…[View]
80713179Why Brits love Barbara Palvin so much. She is literally average. Look at her potato nose. My uni gir…[View]
807172801.Your country 2.What sum of money do you need to be offered to have anal sex with other man? Russia…[View]
80714982>tfw small wrists[View]
80719160im happy that she has been robbed by some sandniggers, they were gays or something bc they didnt rap…[View]
80707524Are They European?[View]
80719048Was this man really that evil?[View]
80689717/ex-yu/: VELEGRADSKA edicija[View]
80714966>his cunt's flag is just flat, featureless stripes or bars without an emblem or coat of arms…[View]
80719039What will you do now, USA? Check MATE![View]
80714127иc тжиc жoy ю ввpитe ин pyccиaн?, oг is iт likё tыs?[View]
80718892>Another day being spent working instead of enjoying the outdoors, exercising, reading books, stu…[View]
80709668Which East Asian writing system is best?: Classical Chinese: 人人生者 均有權法 有知情仁 必為人弟 Chinese: 人人生而自由、在尊嚴…[View]
80718467P-People dont actually think what they say here about America in real life... right?[View]
80715390Why do superpowers like the US and China love spying on their people?[View]
80716557What would happen if someone in China went outside for a walk while wearing a shirt with this flag s…[View]
80718063>Another day to be spent working instead of doing something productive Fucking NEETs win again I …[View]
80714293pic related is how it feels to have an american poster agree with me but the best thing is when an a…[View]
80716510American engineering thread[View]
80700736/balt/ + /nz/: you came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker[View]
80714236is there anything worse than being a polack?[View]
80698087Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
80713574>be american >behave badly >as a punishment, your mom (or father?) sits on you >die…[View]
80713216/deutsch/: Reelle P*lenstunden-Ausgabe[View]
80717872Will the Jews allow the Yuan to overtake the Petrodollar?[View]
80717746You wake up to discover you're in the year 2101 and aside from yourself, the only person you fi…[View]
80696708/fr/ - le fil francophone.: Édition 2D Roussepostage interdit.[View]
80713314>country >favourite 2hu >italy >armpits…[View]
80715557How old do I look like to you?[View]
80717266why are americans white. they bring shame to other whites.[View]
80717445Why are all girls wanting turkish boyfriends despite the determination to become a potential islamic…[View]
80713877>americans unironically drink this[View]
80716828this chad looks good without hair, i saw pics of him with hair and he looks like a cuck[View]
80705246>your cunt >do you like tomboys Why do tomboys never like me :(…[View]
80714771Many Japanese people are shit on this board.: There are many right wings here.They like discriminato…[View]
80714019What other things can Burgers do better than Brits?[View]
80712266Sverigetråden - Skogsupplagan[View]
80708907kurva anyátok[View]
80716533Do Mediterranean girls really have abundant hairs on other parts of the body like armpit hair, beard…[View]
80713711/brit/: How do I get a gf edition[View]
80713703how many threads do other countries have hidden?[View]
80712936Is japan really paradise on earth?[View]
80714492would you?[View]
80715158>tfw handsome but social retard and autistic[View]
80713534/deutsch/ : Arabische braune süßmädchen ausgabe[View]
80712900You better have been practicing your mandarin boys[View]
80714285Why Russia is so poor?[View]
80711109Tokyo - City of the Future: This is Tokyo - city of Future. In Tokyo, if you are a gaijin, the local…[View]
80691353/nederdraad/: kikkerland versie welkom kikkers niet welkom nikkers[View]
80711461>TFW BORN JUST a few dozen miles from being considered ASIAN[View]
80714897The mods are awake now... It only took you 12 hours to delete some of the threads.[View]
80716006/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: bitch ass niggas edition[View]
80699735/Norgetråden/: Alle jenters forbilde-utgaven. Forrige: >>80687824[View]
80715818>Thank God white people populated America, not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look like Zimb…[View]
80713051¿como mejorar mi español?[View]
80712813>tfw training to be a Custodial Prison Officer >pays $85,000 a year >5 weeks into training,…[View]
80715546All the Brazilian girls in my office are Lesbians[View]
80708075Question for anyone who speaks Japanese, what does the 'DO'/'DON' I always see in Mangas stand for?[View]
80714308Are you a retard that likes challenge for the sake of it or would you rather be a girl to enjoy easy…[View]
80712915AHOJ HOLD UP *drinks beer from German owned brewery SO JŮ BÍ SEJING *makes cars for German overlords…[View]
80699867In 15-20 years the population in Norway will be bigger than Denmark and Finland lmao kek. Hello litt…[View]
80713708/brit/: My new watch edition[View]
80685834name five European countries that should be wiped off the map for a better world[View]
80713590Circumcision decreases penile sensitivity http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23374102?dopt=Abstract …[View]
80705400What's the New York of your country?[View]
806871151. ur cuntry 2. is seeing a n*gger on the street considered unusual and exotic there? 1, flag 2. yes[View]
80707554cancerball thread[View]
80710060‘Yes’ vote winning by millions, new data reveals: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/10/18/06/15/…[View]
80714724حَوّامتي مُمْتِلئة بِأَنْقَلَيْسو إن شاء الله[View]
80712820ITT post only the most American videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXgP2YD5WjI[View]
80714644>British museum >”””””””””””””culture””””””””””””” >”””””””””””””art””””””””””””” >””””…[View]
80713641>Another day to be spent working instead of building the future I want for myself…[View]
80714447UNDP announces shift in national incomes: Starting in 2018, these countries will see movement in nat…[View]
80714389/slav/ /cлaв/: privet[View]
80696892What would this country be like?[View]
80713497>americans sleep with their shoes on disgusting[View]
80714280The entirety of your being is a result of your enveronment. Nothing about you is original.[View]
80711405What are some countries that you enjoy the history or culture of but ABSOLUTELY despise the people. …[View]
80712501/brit/: wagie gets ragey edition[View]
80713605What the fuck is wrong with the Japanese writing system?: Why can’t they just write using hirigana a…[View]
80713611I love Cyprus! how do we make Cyprus into a powerhouse, into a Vatican, Macau, Liechtenstein, Luxemb…[View]
80713751ITT we explore beautiful cultures[View]
80710018If you’re white you can’t say the n word. If you’re Asian you can’t say the n word. If you’re a non-…[View]
80713557>Hungarian girlfriend found out about my connection to Viktor Orban[View]
80701254learn japanese It's easy as fuck[View]
80701585/mämmi/: Suomi -painos[View]
80713148GERM*ny HATE THREAD: Gott strafe Deutschland[View]
80705948Let's create a Eurasian master race[View]
80713090>Americans unironically eat this[View]
80711805no culture[View]
80695884https://futurism.com/the-international-robot-duel-is-set-for-october-17/ >The International robot…[View]
80709990What is the secret of Finnish wisdom?[View]
80710236/kanaken/, früher einmal /deutsch/: Mund auf, Schwanz rein, Alman[View]
80709412>one shot at life >not born Finnish I will never have a comfy snowy country where no one talk…[View]
80707031How do we make the Empire of the Rising Sun great again?[View]
80712701In East Asia: In East Asia Japanese 「JAP!!Superpower China!」 Korean 「Hell Korea! I love sushi girl」…[View]
80711741why are east asians smart?[View]
80711344I've met an Frenchie and an American and my intelligence was the first thing they complimented …[View]
80711522Brazilian middle class are cowards: You see the Brazilian self-haters in here. They think they'…[View]
80712997>Another day to be spent at work instead of doing something fun and interesting at home…[View]
80702881Should Japan join the EU?[View]
80712849What is an ideal parent in your cunt likely to be?: >>hardly back home >>impregnate your…[View]
80702648Hey, after US beated Japan what's happened to Asian countries? >European colonization → Japa…[View]
80710970/brit/: the thot phenotype edition[View]
80708054do you want to have italian gf?[View]
80709131I think I'm in love guys.[View]
80710404>18.10.2017 >STILL no Japanese gf[View]
80678850Why do White men love Small Asian Pussy so much??[View]
80709390What a sad week. Backstabbed on all fronts even by our own 'leaders'. We really do have no…[View]
80707302The world superpower we deserve[View]
80712135What is a painless way to kill yourself or if I am going to kill myself what should I do before that…[View]
80698000New Zealand Australia: How dangerous is NZ? is it like Australia? I wanted to visit those parts of t…[View]
80709822/brit/: new zealand edition[View]
80711093Who would win?[View]
80711726Why do Finns keep pretending they're awkward and socially reclusive, when they're all the …[View]
80708653Chhoti diwali?[View]
80706147Why don't you come to Brazil and have sex with our women? We're not full![View]
80711746>americans https://youtube.com/watch?v=iRUSQm5ZskQ[View]
80689153>America is not democra-[View]
80708485Giant Robot Fight Aftermath Discussion /int/ edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-ouLX8Q9UM My…[View]
80711640/Arab/: j00s and maj00s not allowed[View]
80711590They said they'd call me back for an interview...[View]
80711234>Sweden Hahahahahaha[View]
80707647Would your country accept chicano immigrants[View]
807106081. your country 2. have you ever had an international gf (or bf) Holland Yes[View]
80707701The smartest and nicest blacks I've met were gay. Anyone else notice this?[View]
80711000>He go walking speaking in english with himself in his mind.[View]
80705757>Incredible low self-esteem due to abusive father.[View]
80705075>mystery meat amerifats talking about their heritage[View]
80708004Do you have Yearbooks in your country?[View]
80710256Why is Japan?[View]
80707180One country named after Turkic tribe. One country named after Greek kingdom. Both Southern Sl*vs[View]
80709085>just broke down in the middle of the CBD in sydney Oh god I never cried so much in my life, peop…[View]
80710591Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
80710166left or right? You must choose one. You cannot choose death. You are objectively, without a shadow o…[View]
80700871Daily reminder Southern Cone is a shithole. They feel superior to Mexicans but they live in shithole…[View]
80708241Why white women don't like Mexican men and Amerindian men?[View]
80710838What does this translate to?: 'YARRAMI YE OÇ' Thanks you.[View]
80710087Post famous murderers from your country This is David Bain - he brutally executed his whole crazy re…[View]
80707615Shenzhen 深圳: The Silicon Valley of Asia. Do you know about this city of the future?[View]
80708641is the Internet itself hosted by Akamai.Inc? pic is me[View]
80692692Why is that board so anti-white? I know it was to make irony concerning the SJW era where we lives o…[View]
807067201. Your country 2. Do you have pets? 3. Which ones and how many?[View]
80709134Goodmorning /int/[View]
80710716What do you think of lunar eclipses in your country, /int/? Lunar eclipses are also known as 'the bl…[View]
80702073>you wake up in germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVJl9qi46Bw…[View]
80698924Im going to be in Germany for 2 weeks next march, what do I absolutely NEED to see and do?[View]
80707297> His continent is linked by road to other continents[View]
80710297/balk/: Roach edition >>80692543 https://mega.nz/#F!ZDw2RKbJ!FsG-39DXRmkIMQQs-5l-Hw…[View]
80701647/nacktschicht/, tagsüber /deutsch/: Suezsane-Ausgabe[View]
80695261Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
80705411Why slavs are so heartless?[View]
80709200What is the secret of Georgian wisdom?[View]
80709335What is the secret of Serbian wisdom?[View]
80710104/ex-ussr/ general: Издaниe вeликoгo Pyccкoгo Пиcaтeля Aндpeя Caпкoвa[View]
80710065banter: A LADY CAME IN TO THE STORE ONE DAY. ASKING FOR SOME MATERIAL. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
80709833see how big your country is when compared to the rest of the world[View]
80707238/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: McDolans Edition[View]
80709264Why do Americans have vestigial tails?[View]
80703577whats their fucking deal?[View]
80708668/brit/: Ed Miliband Edition What is Ed doing at the moment?[View]
80709201What would be your cunts equivalent to the NORTHERN BROTHERS ? Made up or not. NOUS SOMMES LES FRÈRE…[View]
80701313>penis inspecton day is an actual real thing that happens in America Does this happen in any othe…[View]
80708487Happie Diwali pajeet brothers[View]
80705302Post the area you see everyday My area In Canada. Pretty boring in fall but there’s lots of crops i…[View]
80699610/lat/: hilo lat decided to make a thread for you guys edition[View]
80709454This is what you get when you steal our women Be warned[View]
80706587Is she right?[View]
80704557Mexicans are proud members of the white race: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Mexi…[View]
80708173>anglo banters me >french bro joins him instead of defending me…[View]
80692543/balk/: Roach free edition >>80680324[View]
80706207Can a British person explain to me when/why you use 'amongst' instead of just among and 'whilst' ins…[View]
80704159Reminder that if you are a new worlder and aren't 100% Native American then your filthy kind is…[View]
80659883/tr/: ALFA edisyonu[View]
80709502>Korean replies to me >sudden urge to kill myself…[View]
80706999IT'S OVER[View]
80696055Say something nice about the collection of colored in shitholes[View]
80708988What would happen if this AI scanned your face /int/. What would your result be?[View]
806960211. Your country 2. What do you usually wear?[View]
80707790Choose your blackfu[View]
80706759comfy traditional shitholes from around the world: Fujian Tulou in Hong Kong[View]
80700359Did I just fixed it?[View]
80707686Is it one continent or two?[View]
80708601The Cherokee tribe are a part of the Turkosphere because of the close genetic relationship of the tw…[View]
80702948Let's have a thread where we are all nice to each other[View]
80705717/brit/: Justice for Liam edition[View]
80707969>Ukrainian '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''television'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
80701920>not making a song about theft and suicide part of your national identity…[View]
80698275So what's gonna happen once ISIS is removed?[View]
80706268Moving to Liechtenstein. Do I have any friends?[View]
80707917I am thinking of starting a collection of Portuguese women. Is it a good investment?[View]
80707423Multiple European flags/emblems contain decapitated Muslim heads. When will the left react to this r…[View]
80707863>be American public servant >make self-deprecating joke >have it interpreted literally >…[View]
80695149Learning Russian How To?: Estonian here, gimme resources on learning Russian. I know noting.[View]
80704183You must choose one of the 6 top selling shoes on German Amazon to wear for the rest of your life. W…[View]
80706891>non-rhotic 'accent' Why don't the people from the land from which English originates pronou…[View]
80707759Is Poland future superpower?[View]
80705755Good Night for you all:)[View]
80695423Should Scotland become independant? I don't know what to vote in the upcoming election.[View]
80695767Say something nice about Sweden RIGHT NOW! rude posts not welcome[View]
80707510Why are Mexicans obsessed with her?[View]
80707606>1 new email >'thank you for your interest in our company...' REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
80707571Hey! What, you don't know who I am? Why I'm just the coolest, hippest new country on the b…[View]
80707394>tfw too retarded to learn a language that isn't english[View]
807074651. Your cunt 2. Have you ever taken a DNA test? (23&me) America No, I already know I'm 100%…[View]
80707317hilo latino /lat/: hilo latino /lat/ yabadabbadoo edition[View]
80703252Will Lukashenko ever fall? Will Belarus ever be free?[View]
80707099Why is North-West Mexico so terrible?[View]
80704789/cum/: Sopa de macaco edition[View]
80700568Why Russia is so poor?[View]
80701572what's the nicest/comfiest place to live in South America[View]
80704340Italy indifference thread: Post how you feel indifferent about Italy.[View]
80706924Was in the hospital for 6 days, just got and didn’t pay cent FUCK USA FUCK NATIONALISM[View]
80706613Please tell me about the origin myth of Mexico.[View]
80705735I have a lot of ADMIXTURE maps (the genetic composition of a population) of Latin America. I can pos…[View]
80705179Wtf I thought Puerto Rico was mostly black/mulatto?[View]
80706763Is USA a white country?[View]
80706779For those who can speak Arabic or understand Arabic, what is this Syrian patriotic song suppose to t…[View]
80702745Sounds That Beckons Cat's Attention In Different Countries: https://youtu.be/OcPQ0AhewOs How do…[View]
80705815What is cultural appropriation?[View]
80704545I wish I was a continental so I didn't have to take a plane every time I wanted to visit anothe…[View]
80692776Please love Italy[View]
80705539>one of the most successful video-games in American history has a mission where you murder 100s o…[View]
80706417i havent watched anime in two years because my ocd or idk, when im watching anime i have to look at …[View]
80703360Argentina IS white Debate me[View]
80706299What is it like living in San Fran? I visited it once for a week and it was super good, mild climate…[View]
80701504>tfw no one wants to be arab anymore[View]
80689324Why didn't muslim countries colonize the new world like christian countries did?[View]
80704618Italy love thread: Why are you all shitting on Italy, it's a beautiful country with a beautiful…[View]
80706043What's it like to drive on the wrong side of the road?[View]
80692525Soon(2 years max) we will be richer than Italy, country with no communism history after ww2 and with…[View]
80703599Portugal and Ireland are a shame for Western Europe Also, >India >Middle East >spicland and…[View]
80703202The most highly rated tourist attractions in the world >Harry Potter Studio Tour…[View]
80704645Is your city a creative city?[View]
80704804Feels thread: Wife died a couple of days ago(not disclosing exactly), just want some kind words, sin…[View]
80702084What are your favorite examples of German engineering?[View]
80703555>I am a nationalist >'The truth does not fear investigation' >'Did 6 million really die?'…[View]
80703778/brit/: are kim edition[View]
80702781/CHI/: tired[View]
80702250watch your generals because im going to start making new threads for you, you stupid dumb sons of bi…[View]
80690879South Italy and Wales, you've got some serious explaining to do.[View]
80701958How angry does it make you to know that America is the smartest nation on earth? There's no clo…[View]
80702944Monarchy thread Posting the king of Italy and king of Chads[View]
80704399Tell me more about Seattle: in your opinion is a good city to live in? Would you like to move there?…[View]
80699686American F-22 Raptor in Powidz, Poland[View]
80702802Soon this man will be the face of the Canadian 20 dollar bill.[View]
80705266Why are Americans born without a sense of touch?[View]
80703638Why is the Italian language so disgusting? Compared to the heavenly French, Italian sounds like shit…[View]
80705292>South Americans don't wash their hands between posting in new threads.…[View]
80703096I have a school project about uk education system. Brits tell me about it[View]
80704862i think that nofap will fix my dick and my balding crown call me a dreamer[View]
80705167How easy is it for Argies to visit Falklands?[View]
80704729do people in your country tip? do you tip?[View]
80702492How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
80688260you all wanna move here, don't you? no lying[View]
80689679/isr/: previous >>80671677[View]
80704809Hihihihi,do you like Portugal?[View]
80704902>just OD'd on heroin and woke up in a shooting gallery to the grim and sobering realisation …[View]
80701623you're all fucking [spoiler]pretty okay guys[/spoiler][View]
80704591Post music from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgvtKk83wsQ https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
80676795Shitaly hate thread[View]
806988721. Your country 2. How does it feel to be part of the 'internet generation' in your country? 1. Unit…[View]
80701170>Ukraine What is wrong with that utter shithole? Literally SS-African tier…[View]
80699078/cum/: Japs can't resist the superior Anglo edition[View]
80703739Memes aside, why should a country 14,235 km away from Berlin have a holocaust museum?[View]
80702569>Try to bully putin >Get car bombed[View]
80701525Post artillery from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bbChtOr2xM&t=57s https://www.y…[View]
80703914>tfw you went outside and remembered 1066[View]
80704570Might go to Brazil next year: What are the best favelas to visit?[View]
80704156If, according to wh*Te supremacist, Europe for America, Africa for Afro people, Asia for Asiatic peo…[View]
80704391A certain dipping sauce?[View]
80666971/luso/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_sY2rjxq6M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMJvU4dVukE…[View]
80695645Do you get offended by 'national banter'. At what point would you consider it prejudicial and xenoph…[View]
80704270Guys, I fixed this region.[View]
80702770wtf Binland?[View]
807001871. your country 2. your country's current most respected philospher[View]
80704101If you've never had a pair of these and collected those badges, then you're not European[View]
80703278Wtf Denmark[View]
80703964henlo :DD in this thread we braise Binlan XDDDD[View]
80700440Do you think culture matters? I’ve realized most of the original culture in Europe has already been …[View]
80703931>banter an Estonian >Swede joins thread >they start having a gay anime roleplay…[View]
80703927I don't want a gf unless she's asian[View]
80694619What do you call slags in your country?[View]
80703028Will pay £20 to someone who can help me say 7:58 - 8:27 in the following video >https://www.yout…[View]
80698751>Kurdistan Isn't it great? Soon there will be Kurdistan. FUCKING KURDISTAN! Can imagine how …[View]
80687271Why is America so poor? 63% of Americans would go homeless if they suddenly had a bill for $500 that…[View]
80702093/brit/: st david edition[View]
80703664/ita/ - Il Filo: edizione toffachan[View]
80684726/ITA/ - il filo: Edizione: la verità rivelata[View]
80695342Catalonia: JUST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wouNL14tAks&t=44s[View]
80695032Why are Australians so fucking rude? I work at a casino, and before we had to close the Australian m…[View]
80683944Architecture thread: Post buildings from your country! Old, modern, skyscrapers, cathedrals, apartme…[View]
80698990At what time do you usually go to sleep?[View]
80702639You wake up in Wakanda. What do?[View]
80702636Between 2012 and 2016 red areas suffered a decline in the population Would you be willing to move to…[View]
80688740/dixie/ - Southern US and friends[View]
80698199Why eastern european hate asian?: it ok work with asian?[View]
80702777Why spics and blacks can't into science?[View]
80699753What's the most famous building or monument from your country?[View]
80678456What are some countries that you enjoy the history or culture of but ABSOLUTELY despise the people. …[View]
80702933>someone guesses my ethnicity in real life >Vehemently deny it…[View]
80701661/mämmi/: Mämmiläiset on kivoja <3[View]
80702939>Canada >Not a Chinese colony[View]
80701191tell me Austria How much longer until Chancellor Chad over here reforms the European Union into the …[View]
80702741Texas :D[View]
80701006Why are sw*Des universally hated?[View]
80683309Do you think Germans are unfairly bullied on here?[View]
80701841Charels ii of spain thread: Charles the second of Spain thread. Post everything you got on him…[View]
80689246post americans in their natural enviroment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ri0co3YRVU[View]
80696488What do non-Latino non-whites/PoC's think of Latin America and its people?[View]
80701080Why is U R Gay, a white country (average person is 90% european), still a 3rd world shithole? Wtf /i…[View]
80702057/gtc/: Guess the country The person, who guesses correctly get's the next turn! I'll start…[View]
80693222/brit/: DPRK edition[View]
80699478North America Circlejerk: Canadians and Americans Hop on in. Lets just get into a big group and circ…[View]
80698272International hats: What is your national hat? I am specially interested in traditional hats from ot…[View]
80691000oh? you hate danes? haha ok anon HOLD STILL[View]
80691105/mämmi/: ei jenkkejä mämmiin ei jenkkejä minnekkään-painos[View]
80697185Question for Italian anons: how prominent is the mafia in your Country? Have you ever met or known a…[View]
80690033/deutsch/: das reich hat nie kapituliert[View]
80701478/ex-ussr/ general: Издaниe вeликoгo Pyccкoгo Пиcaтeля Aндpeя Caпкoвa.[View]
80700879When did you realize that r9k and the neeties were right?[View]
80701324Why are sw*Doids so gay?[View]
80701072I really like Russian culture and music is it wrong??[View]
80701233>As for horses, mules, wagons, &c., belonging to the inhabitants, the cavalry and artillery m…[View]
80696569Why are they so pedantic and smug? They suck the fun out of every thread by either over analyzing ba…[View]
80701037German ''men'' BTFO How will they ever recover (they won't) it's clearly an advantage to b…[View]
80700219mena: made a thread for you guys edition[View]
80697163well, /int/? which one are you?[View]
80700963>ur cunt >do you have yearbooks in ur cunt?…[View]
80700938Why asian are master race in america ?[View]
80698792>Your country >Is it acceptable to beat up your parents where you live? Lithuania Yes just yes…[View]
80692926Really makes you think: > there are more ethnic germans in america than in germany…[View]
80688706kurva anyátok[View]
80663969/balt/ + /ausnz/: another day at the bakery[View]
80690568ITT we say nice things about muslims thank you for delicious lunch breaks[View]
80698500>Polish-Russian-American love triangle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UYjMR9ie-o thanks burgers…[View]
80697455Is it true there are no phone booths in sweden? How do you call your friends?[View]
80683659Does your country have a washed up Hollywood actor who is obsessed with your country?[View]
80698608Average slavs. Czechia confirmed not slav, but celtic.[View]
80698827Say something nice about TEXAS[View]
80696759/brit/: Kacy hill edition[View]
80700416/brit/: the Asian century edition[View]
80700310California should be independent[View]
80700354Do you think culture matters? I’ve realized most of the original culture in Europe has already been …[View]
80699776What went wrong?[View]
80699964/v4/: made a thread for you guys edition[View]
80698062>your cunt >are you afraid of the Bosnian wizard? Canada I DO NOT FEAR THE BOSNIAN WIZARD!…[View]
80699023Q:What is the difference between Russia and Turkey? A:There are many, but both are good countries fi…[View]
8069893924 days dofap[View]
80699990Satania sama[View]
80699209Will Poroshenko ever fall? Will Belarus ever be free?[View]
80653167/v4/ + pals: sorachi ace edition[View]
80697824Girls approaching their 30s (because when they are 20yo they are boring because they think they have…[View]
80698650when china takes over, doubles usa's economy, and is superpower will history become sinocentric…[View]
80671928/lat/: hilo latino hilo comunista[View]
80695486Can norwegians pass as locals in your country?[View]
80511493/extraflags/: Snowy Edition Previous Edition: Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely spin-off of /flag/ …[View]
80695229Sverigetråden - GW upplagan[View]
80698725>Why yes, i do indeed shop at Aldi[View]
80688912/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: wtf I hate anime now Edition[View]
80695052Where would you rank India in terms of most romantic place in the world?[View]
80698525HELP SPAIN: Please Int, Help Spain, Saved Europe! https://youtu.be/--paXk5PA0o[View]
80687814denmark hate thread[View]
80687824/norgetråden/: Nasjonalutgaven forrige: >>80676188 >>80676188 >>80676188[View]
80695069>What language are you learning? >Share language learning experiences! >Help people who wan…[View]
80686732What does /int/ think of the two newest additions to Civ 6, Khmer and Indonesia?[View]
80682872Why is twerking and rap music so popular with women in Eastern Europe? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
80698428>another day wasted working instead of creating the future I want for myself…[View]
80693324Any Arabs here? What were you taught in relation to the origin of Arabs? Do some Arab countries see …[View]
80695546we /g/ nao: post em[View]
80698388ITT: go to another board and bring something back: We need more meme material[View]
80698368>he unironically posted in a country hate thread >he isn't intelligent enough to apprecia…[View]
80696135Unibet = Swedish Spotify = Swedish Why swedish are superior ?[View]
80696782What happens here? No seriously, what happens here? It seems like the most obscure, least discussed …[View]
80698289Who is behind the recent fires in Spain? Smells like Catalonians.[View]
80693623>be american >get sat[View]
80697565All I want is a little bit of love to take away the pain[View]
80698055Please tell me about the secret network of Hokkaido, Japan[View]
80697956/deutsch/ - Steck die Waffe Weg! Ausgabe[View]
80695164/österreich/ früher /deutsch/: Fick-Grüne-Ausgabe[View]
80695344why british man went over street? :DDD there was marmite :DDDD[View]
80696786Americans, explain yourselves.[View]
80691072Did I just fix Europe?[View]
80691368/NEDERDRAAD/: Emo uitgave Welkom: Emo/scene kapsels Niet welkom: kalende en kale mensen[View]
80695122What's your favourite African ethnicity?[View]
80695056IF white women are for black men, and asian women are for white men, who are for the asian men?[View]
80667810Post a typical female weather forecaster from your country.[View]
80697207>Tfw no qt Russian bf[View]
80697401Halloween: Does your cunt celebrate Halloween?[View]
80695508Link some of your favorite music from different cultures Here is a nice australian song https://www.…[View]
80694966>parents will pay 60 euros for 45 minutes of psychiatrist fucking retards, NOBODY CANT FIX ME…[View]
80696907Europe is not a continent: How the fuck can Europe claim to be it's own unique continent? It i…[View]
80697130/Gael/: Deasachadh Clèireach[View]
80680910Tell me about the German people[View]
80689744Columbians of /int/.. After seeing Narcos and messing around on streetview, your country looks beaut…[View]
80693168Why do the Germans get angry when someone says that the EU sucks?[View]
80696277>tfw you will never live in 50s-70s Italy You Southern Europeans are most beautiful and happiest …[View]
80695004/brit/: pointy nips edition[View]
80689381/india/ Thread: India Chan is dead. Long live India Chan.[View]
80693148>'Kurdish men'[View]
80695460>americops http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/16/558147669/florida-man-awarded-37-500…[View]
80695771In 2014, ISIS published a map of how their empire should look like by 2020 Would these borders be be…[View]
80695828Your country Are you scared by Russian men? They can kill bears with bare hands.[View]
80696246Say something nice about the UK.[View]
80694397>this is what Southern Europe looks like when Germany starts offering Euromoneys…[View]
80696139>canada gets angry[View]
80694141you are poor, uneducated and a virgin? don't worry! i got you! here's how you turn your l…[View]
80687608/fr/ fil francophone et francofeel: Edition du soir spécial jolies filles[View]
80691985>'Hey anon how much do you bench press these days?' >Sorry I haven't been able to go to t…[View]
80689997>1. Ur a country >2. Do you read books? 1. Flag 2. Yes, pic related, my library…[View]
80695738Is your cunt a cat country or a dog country?[View]
80693878ITT: /int/ in 1987[View]
80692439Could i pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
80695528Where is the leaf that normally daily posts about how he wastes his life on /int/ he asked the same …[View]
80693581My family[View]
80691527Best Europe[View]
80684802Identify the nationality[View]
80695142ITT: Post similar music from your country https://youtu.be/zudFEvTj9H0 Pic unrelated[View]
80692537So this is the power of the second amendment huh...[View]
80693200/brit/: juicy chebs edition[View]
80687372What do you think of Italy?[View]
80691961Sverigetråden - Elliotupplagan[View]
80692467>hey anon want to go hiking this Friday? >no sorry neets, I must slave away all day long so th…[View]
80691668Whats /int/ opinion on this guy? Seriously, i don't know jackshit about Austria new leader.[View]
80672038/ex-ussr/ general: yзбeкcкaя эдиция[View]
80683656/polska/ edycja legalna[View]
80692351name 50 American states that should be wiped off the map for a better world[View]
80693931Wtf I hate Anders Breivik now![View]
80688307Is there anyone here who is still religious? I mean, 'prays to God', religious, not, 'yeah I believe…[View]
80694164Choppy choppy your peepee :))[View]
80668279/nusantara/: /nusantara/ is Walking Dead edisi[View]
80694276Don't know why,but I think of Russia when I see this.[View]
80685616Catalonia will be free[View]
80650463/éire/: Just a slightly windier day than usual edition[View]
80694106Friendly reminder that Russia is black[View]
80694013>Girlfriend is koreaboo and listens to gook music[View]
80693791DEATH TO AMERICA![View]
80680728Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thlead is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
80681202>He has a semitic name[View]
80690137>this scares the wh*Te sissy man[View]
80693386it's 23:52 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
80686573Can anyone help me out with bootlegging rosetta stone for spanish? or atleast tell me how? Im retard…[View]
80689234Tell me one thing about your country I don't know[View]
80688559Why did my hair change from blonde to brown as I aged?[View]
80691195Myths that wh*Tes tell about my country and people: >Ottoman Empire only fought against weak slav…[View]
80693385THE BRITISH: Why do they grasp the nettle while everyone else takes the biscuit?[View]
80693346where Chinese?[View]
80691491/brit/: cute eastern euro gf edition[View]
80684793Who is your country's most famous man?[View]
80671032>The reason I'm a virgin is because my country's women are all shit. Shit! I bet if I g…[View]
80692684I found out that a Mossad agent had been trailing me for the past week or so..[View]
80688290you may only post here if you hate your own country fuck the UK[View]
80684636>americans aren't allowed to refuel their own car[View]
80693016>be us >be sapiens ubermensch who succeded on lefting africa because of our intelligence and s…[View]
80691656Tchad or Romanian flag?!: I need help guys, for real. If it's Chad, then it goes in my flag lis…[View]
80689760Age. Country. Favourite film. 1. Australia 2. 21 3. Django Unchained[View]
80686128Turkbros can I get a translation: Sounds really catchy https://twitter.com/agirecudi/status/91715475…[View]
80690180Why are French people so good at espionage?[View]
80692242/balk/: bulgaria edition[View]
80691089am*rica hate thread[View]
80688553>'no' in finnish: ei >'no' in japanese: iie >'no' in tlingit (Southeastern Alaska): tleix W…[View]
80691967>mcdonalds commercial on tv >american national anthem plays i wish i was making this up…[View]
80688530Does anyone not feel accepted in their country? I was born in Ireland to a pakistani man and an Iris…[View]
80686689The only thing uglier than a russian man is an ashkenazi man[View]
80680324/balk/: New infrastructure edition. Shit is getting built here yo. Old>>80660741[View]
80686933Poland GlorificationThread/ Neither racist, European or bigoted.: Daily reminder that Poland is the …[View]
80685787Honest question... Why Switzerland maintain his original name in English, meanwhile Germany, Austria…[View]
80690936>another day wasted working instead of progressing in adherence to my life goals…[View]
80689852/brit/: justin pengdeau[View]
80690368Could we pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
80688245/deutsch/: Bodybuilding-Ausgabe[View]
80682597/mämmi/: Yllätysvieras-painos[View]
80691145/mämmi/: Evoluutio painos[View]
80691015>tfw live on top of a supervolcano[View]
80685730>capital of Turkey isn't Istanbul >capital of Australia isn't Sydney >capital of …[View]
80683443I am in metro, omg is this bomber ?! Goodbye;_;[View]
80690752You get reborn in Lehestan.[View]
80676309/MENA/ ''dream goes on'' edition[View]
80688671After decriminalizing spreading aids California now ads Non-Binary as option for your state license …[View]
80672163British hate thread[View]
80682043imagine sticking your dick in this and then *CHOMP!* jesus christ!![View]
80672666NEDERDRAAD: Vrouw (man) editie Welkom: vrouw (vrouw/man) Niet welkom: man (vrouw)[View]
80671677/isr/ גרסאת טכניוניסטים מתנשאים. יש פה סטודנטים?[View]
80689627What countries will go from shithole to first world in our lifetimes?[View]
80689839Alhamdulillah i'm not wh*Te[View]
80689929typical person of Massachusetts: what can i expect from person who live there (not in boston), any s…[View]
80674950Albanians are superhuman Why? They are the nicest, they make good cakes, they resist injustice, they…[View]
80684056What's a Finland? Some sort of aquarium or water park?[View]
80687142/brit/: MiG edition[View]
80684336This is my kot. Say something nice about her.[View]
80666378/ex-yu/: staropederska edicija[View]
80687166>be dutch >be bald[View]
80677868XD post polish women with niggers[View]
80682040I'm hungry /int/: Show me your countries food.[View]
80685695Sverigetråden - Pågenupplagan[View]
80689386Post your cunt's fursona[View]
80674474Is it true that Russia is a cold, gloomy, depressing place?[View]
80683866/deutsch/ + /MENA/ Freundschaftsfaden[View]
80686902Important!: Bonjour les gars, ricain ici. J'ai osé faire des crêpes françaises aujourd'hui…[View]
80685190/Flugblatt/ vormals /deutsch/: Die Festung Europa hat kein Dach-Ausgabe.[View]
80688656why are they so obnoxious and so unaware in games?[View]
80673666/cum/: Official /cum/ mourning period at the death of a great TPB actor edition F[View]
80688864Invading English Island?: I thought up of a genius trojan horse style method of invading a channel i…[View]
80685182American schools be like: Teacher: Ok kids what be 2 + 2?? Students: uuuhhhhh *entire class gets sho…[View]
80675933/dixie/ - Southern US and friends: More Lancel, your Grace?[View]
80673801kurva anyátok[View]
80687480Which do you like better, Germany or France[View]
80688586https://www.accredited-times.com/2017/02/13/afrocentric-history-white-people/ >scientists have pr…[View]
80688176what do you fellas think about them appalachian folk? we get a shit ton of hate for the crime of exi…[View]
80688416Why is mixed race the fastest growing race in the world?[View]
80684141Meanwhile, in a perfect world...[View]
80674217Are they european?[View]
80688044>Canadians and Australians have to bow down whenever they see an image of the Queen of England…[View]
80687253Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We are white, /int/, it is the Anglo-Saxons and the an…[View]
80686004Why is it like this?[View]
80688262I'm sure he would be the best Burger poster here.[View]
80687895Do you ever wish you were a White Protestant Male of good character and 6'5 with blue eyes and …[View]
80688015god damn I hate israelis especially on this board i hope they all kill themselves[View]
80678379A United Europe is a strong Europe.[View]
80685184Have you even been to Poland? If so, what were your experiences?[View]
80682818I can't help but imagine every anon on 4chan being a T H I C C anime girl who braps every hour,…[View]
80687577>licking steins I don't get it[View]
80671638why does this meme country exist?[View]
806825281.Your country 2. Kfc Macdonalds or Burger King Which one do you prefer and why?[View]
80680894How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
80682877What's the coolest religion ?[View]
80687340>americlaps boil their high fructose corn syrup in the microvawe[View]
80686636Welcome to the real world[View]
80678820Sverigetråden - Play Off-Lottning Upplagan: Eurosport 14:00 Var där eller var fyrkantig[View]
80684034Just watched this movie, are there actually people who missed living in East Germany?[View]
80676188/norgetråden/: Kulturell appropriasjon-utgave Forrige: >>80655459 >>80655459 >>806…[View]
80685132/brit/: fixed europe edition[View]
80664635How racist is your country?[View]
80686872Ancient Nordics were Greeks. Modern day '''Nordics''' are wh*Te rape babies[View]
8068422110/10 women: Anyone here have a 10/10 looking gf? How did you get her?[View]
80686456>'Hey anon wanna hang out this week?' >No sorry I have to slave away for my boss sorry NEETs w…[View]
80661224Why are western countries seeing a rise in ultra nationalism?[View]
80685828East Asian Brotherhood: We are a small community of only 4 ancient nations. It's time we cooper…[View]
80683868>your cunny >is the following statement true with regards to people from your cunny: 'If you h…[View]
80686178fuck god fuck jesus fuck muhammad fuck everything send me cancer if you exist, faggot[View]
80681600polish dream[View]
80685015HAHAHAHA WYATTPEEEPOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWwezKSdjZg[View]
80685724LITERALLY everything is better in the USA.[View]
80660725/fr/ Le fil francophone: édition des forces spéciales[View]
80685153>be american >store your [random object] in the fridge…[View]
80685122What a waste Austria you didn't even elect an anti-semitic government I'm disappointed.[View]
80685937How come Americans didn't reintroduce segregation after they held a trial for a year and realis…[View]
80685901>American character shows up >He's a cowboy or something Having a surfer dude accent in r…[View]
80685864Why were there only white people on the flight? DAS RACISS[View]
80684787italians have no cultur- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmWvJy6Vt1w[View]
80684727>an entire island of homosexuals why?[View]
80637000Culture Pals /cp/ general thread: Waking up at 4am to save the thread edition Welcome to Culture Pa…[View]
80684863How important is procreation in your country? Not very. In fact, they're trying to discourage p…[View]
80679692How do I get italian gf?[View]
80685099I wake up depressed everyday because France isn't the 51st American State, American people don…[View]
80684908New Zealand is BIG: pic related[View]
80684345I am planning to retrieve the nuclear codes of the UK from the M16...[View]
806710231. Your country 2. How do you sleep? 3. What do you wear?[View]
80683205Balançar que e uma loucura Morena vem o meu lado Ninguem vai ficar parado Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi, oi…[View]
80685284/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: You thought hell was dead, but you up the ass with a shotgun it ain…[View]
80681252/polska/: Edycja manletów[View]
80685152DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
80682395/deutsch/: Raqqa ficken und den Islam zerschlagen[View]
80685180Lunches of /int/[View]
80685007How do you tell Indians from Arabs?: And from Turks from Persians?[View]
80682776>you are now aware Russia and Japan are officially in a state of war for nearly a century >USS…[View]
80683020Do Eastern European people get angry that when a character of a video game or movie has a Slavic nam…[View]
80682333/brit/: The establishment edition[View]
80684146Who is your country's most famous woman?[View]
80654780/sino/ - 中文: Taiwanese Cultural Dominance Edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion a…[View]
80662321/ita/ - il filo[View]
80673257>entire world learns your language >refuse to learn the measuring system that the entire world…[View]
80681440Pizza Berlusconi: >Pizza Berlusconi is Kotipizza's name for a pizza of smoked reindeer, with…[View]
80679789When will we unite?[View]
80683188what race are the argentines?[View]
80684287>The Spaniards are the only tough Latins How can France and Italy EVER recover?…[View]
80674451Castle thread:: Post your countries castles Invited: France, Germany (Austria as well), Turkey, UK, …[View]
806767401. Your country. 2. The year is 1817. You wake up to this peasant girl in front of your bed. What do…[View]
80684354>store manager said he'd call me for an interview >he didn't What did I wrong no on…[View]
80682203>ywn never be terroni what is the point of even living https://youtu.be/AWQcDlHoE4o…[View]
80684280Why are there so many darkies in France?[View]
80675727How are you preparing for the White century?[View]
80682646Any 'fixed' map of Europe should have this as reference.[View]
80677245Saw this poster at my school[View]
80684201>your sister became an atheist and is dating a wh*te guy[View]
80684168>meet guy with polish surname >check if i have my car key in my pocket ever 5 min…[View]
80683814Why don't you hate the french, anon?[View]
80682193Ukrainian journalists urinate on the car of their Russian colleagues. This is the scum of Europe.[View]
80676954My dog's life is worth more than 10000 goyim lives. Prove me wrong protip u cant[View]
80683267I worship my Korean ancestors :)[View]
80672280/polska/: edycja wiecznego braku bf[View]
80680270/Tiếng Việt/: Tại sao không ai làm chủ đề Việt Nam duy nhất? Tôi đang nghiên cứu nó cứng[View]
80681896no culture[View]
80675519>your country >did you dip chips in soda as a kid spain yes…[View]
80683193I wish I was born in Europe.[View]
80682294TÜRK+Serb alliance Battle of Nicopolis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_0-Vc7uA4g The battle in wh…[View]
80677827Post autistic memes in your language /int/[View]
80678995Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
80681581>'Last month at the European Union summit in Riga, European Commission President Jean-Claude Junc…[View]
80674674What's his name, /int/?[View]
80678549/deutsch/ auch /deutsch/ und nur /deutsch/: Hört auf über Helloween zu reden. Das ist schwul. Ausgab…[View]
80682396Are people bred from different lineages inherently genetically superior?[View]
80681966O.K /int/ let's hear your national anthems. Do you like yours? Or are you ashamed? Can it top S…[View]
80680707>movie about a Dutch artist >has a British accent Wtf?…[View]
806781271. cunt 2. where do you start drinking? I usually drink 2 beers after leaving my bed. Just to start …[View]
80682207why are so many arabic or slavic foreigner men in gay sauna?[View]
80675361Why does Japanese pussy taste so salty? Is it all that soy sauce?[View]
80679804/brit/: Pyongyang edition[View]
80681978Are you allowed to make your own wine here or you get imprisoned?[View]
80682084>your country >DO YOU FEAR THE BOSNIAN WIZARD? Canada NO…[View]
80680428>Take a shower >Realize that my parents are older than my cunt…[View]
80682295What governments do you hate? >>No.1 North Korea >>No.2 China >>No.3 Japan Our go…[View]
80680448Polish President Duda says hopes Turkey will join EU: Boland what are you doing???[View]
80681181/mämmipizza/: invited:italy,funland welcome:norway not welcome:s*eden[View]
80681551WHAT DO YOU CALL AUSSIE WITH NO GF??????????????????????????? ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
80675782>tfw intelligent but socially retard[View]
80669585What does /int/ think of New Jersey?[View]
80678999Why are hungarians so autistic? Is hungary the finland of eastern europe?[View]
80681696Who is the most powerful man on Earth?[View]
80667872/mämmi/: Fasismi painos[View]
80671850If Thai men are feminine and we are all traps how do Japan explain this?[View]
80679501What did Eastern Europe let communism fall upon them, and why did Russia accept communism?[View]
80667405Would Latinos be better if it was the French that conquered South America instead of the Spanish? Wh…[View]
80681441>the south wtf happened America[View]
80677759TEFL in Eastern Europe with no degree: I'm strongly considering TEFL for a year, and Eastern Eu…[View]
806811751.) Your cuntry 2.) What is this man called? >1.) Canada >2.) M. Net…[View]
80680794god i wish i could sniff her rancid fart and prepare my throat for humungous shit log soon to come[View]
80681629I just found a very old looking medal in my dead grandma room. That have Hakenkreuz symbol. What is …[View]
806723051v1 me in Mahjong[View]
80681438You wake up in Kinshasa in the 1920s.[View]
80674239>born too late to see boxy sharp cars everywhere anyone know that feel?…[View]
80681472*blocks your path*[View]
80674941We need Japanese empireship again for world peace.[View]
80681314>americans aren't allowed to collect rainwater[View]
80670826Do you wish you were White Protestant Male like I am?[View]
80677900Why do Italians look like Arabs?[View]
806750171. Your cunt 2. Your OS 3. Do you have Indian heritage? >Australia >Windows 10/Arch Linux >…[View]
80678352Be nice to other flags Don't fucking be RUDE FOR GOD's SAKE you racists[View]
80677697anarchy has never been tried edition[View]
80679635the terroni of the anglo race[View]
80675964WTF I HATE BRASIL NOW!!![View]
80681212what happens here?[View]
80678020Post day to day life from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-ywlEn6Lx0[View]
80666021Why are they so afraid of us?[View]
80672105>His country isn't connected to England by a tunnel LOL O L[View]
80679333lol why are westerner men so stupid perverts? do they feel lustful to anyone? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
80680069>americans aren't allowed to refuel their own car[View]
80679392are somalis something like albanians in europe?[View]
80681057>oy gevalt son have you got yourself a kahlledge degree and become a dahktah yet?…[View]
80680850Are they asian?[View]
80680219*blocks your patheur*[View]
80680893What phone do you use?: And what do most people in your country use? Mostly iPhones or Samsung Gala…[View]
80680781>These are considered white in America[View]
80680549>*blocks your petrol*[View]
80673784Wtf I love pakistan now[View]
80673249>wake up >sister tells me that i was talking in my sleep >start to panic >what if i conf…[View]
80640455Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thlead is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
80680573i need a loyal european female servant with a lot of free time[View]
80677351Work is very stressful and draining. I don't know how wagies stand it.[View]
80678338When can we stop pretending Slavs are European?: Let's be real, Slavs are inferior to Western a…[View]
80680285>tfw only know 3 languages me caveman[View]
80660741/balk/: Macedonian economy booming edition 600e baker's salary >>80651360[View]
80660233How do we stop men in tighty whities from wrestling?[View]
80679744Why can't the Chinese form queues?[View]
80680013Hello, Canadians. Snow belong to Japan. (´・ω・`)Not yours.[View]
80679855how does an average person from ur cunt react if a foreigner spoke his language fluently?[View]
80663300Is it common to have girls in the military in your country? >Norway Yes…[View]
80677989/brit/: manchester edition[View]
80673271hahaha like wtf nigga, are you even a real country????[View]
80679492Political trap in your cunt.[View]
80674390How do I find internet friends? I'm boring and not really smart about any big subject, I just w…[View]
80679550tfw no brown jewish gf[View]
80679557>Tell a serb to take it easy and go to his local beach >HE FUCKING KILLS HIMSELF…[View]
80675048Is diwali celebrated in your country?[View]
80679165Where are some comfy places in England? Share other countries as well if they are particularly inte…[View]
80678737a gaze that made all other loves look false[View]
80674754Do indians play argonians in SKYRIM ? >working poor >dirty ass people >always complaining …[View]
80674501Brand name of your smoking cigarette: Go[View]
80677710Which country lies the most and where is lying the most culturally accepted? I'm thinking Iran …[View]
80678623why do the french love africans and arabs?[View]
80678628Am I white /int/?[View]
80677205Time Machine: You have to send todays Special Forces to liberate few nazi concentration camps, who d…[View]
80677944Is it taboo for a white man to date a black chick in the US? A few years ago i had an LDR with an am…[View]
80676387/unterrichtssprache/, für Nichtösis auch /deutsch/[View]
80678416>ywn be a greek[View]
80678369Ich te klaide in, teiken Burg in teiken Bergen Teik nen Togo, Teik ne Zogo Ich te klaide gaar, desch…[View]
80678357How do I find shart proof underwear?[View]
80678299Will Georgian stud return abjad as official writing system? It would make prophet happy.[View]
80676223Why do European women keep their hair short?[View]
80676213Arbëria (gegërisht: Arbnia, ndërkombëtarisht : Albania), zyrtarisht Gjithangjaja e Arbërisë, është t…[View]
80675594/brit/: Dust edition[View]
80677777How common are marriages between white women and Asian men in your country?[View]
80676308How difficult is it for USAians to get Argentinian citizenship?[View]
80676865Our housing market is going to collapse and I'm going to be stuck in a shithole with a bunch of…[View]
80677243>ywn live in Africa[View]
80677208Translation: Help me translate this pls[View]
80672015>your country >did you mix all the soda flavors at the soda machine as a kid USA yes…[View]
80674876Why do redditors refuse to lurk and assimilate to specific board culture? Is it really that hard to…[View]
80672203Australia completely ceases to subsidise renewable energy: http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2017-10-…[View]
80676056Internet surveillance and censorship: 1. Your cunt 2. Is your internet FREE or monitored and/or cens…[View]
80677279What happens here?[View]
80674609any laz people here? how do turks treat you? what do you think about georgians?[View]
80672656You wake up in Purgatory[View]
80672073Moving to Okinawa, what should I know? >inb4 rape jokes[View]
80677022Why does /int/ hate Turkey and compare Turks to roaches?[View]
80674016PLEASE ANNEX US: We've been naughty little yanks and we require a good spanking. Please PLEASE …[View]
80671942What are the natural borders of Deutschmany?[View]
80676864Do you study English?: 1.Why do you study English? 2.What do you think to learn English? 3.If you ca…[View]
80675841The siddi are about 1% of our population but live in and control the biggest and most important city…[View]
80674157/brit/: Northern heaven edition[View]
80676047>tfw no bear bf with a huge soft muscle butt to use as a pillow XDD[View]
80665491Sverigetråden - Antibög- och sötbrevupplagan Edition våldtäktsposören: Regel 1 inga sötbrev Regel 2 …[View]
80669247/deutsch/: anime - edition 3d frauen muessen draussen bleiben[View]
80670465'I speak different languages' 'Oh yeah? which ones?' >names only european languages…[View]
80675882Taiwanese girls are for ____.[View]
80671258Why don't people in authoritarian regimes like in North Korea or Iran just rise up and rebel? P…[View]
80675668Why do Americans have only three fingers on each hand?[View]
80675811/Savižudybė/: Numeris #3 Įdomu ar išliks šita temą iki kol aš būsiu atblokuotas?[View]
80675945/dixie/ - Western Turkey & Friends: Superior /turxie/ edition[View]
80674696*Someone is speaking in english* >'yeh because you know, blablabla' >Oh i can unders…[View]
80675946Fanny packs: Is no fanny packs in Europe a meme? > convenient to carry > easy to keep an eye …[View]
80666152Is bass a bad instrument if you want easy pussy? Can average jane tell the difference from a guitar?[View]
80675088>tfw living in a country of ugly men i want a bf[View]
80666605/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Miss redneck penman edition[View]
80675461All of my love to my favorite Canadian. You changed my life for the better, bud. RIP.[View]
80675748Arbëria (gegërisht: Arbnia, ndërkombëtarisht : Albania), zyrtarisht Gjithangjaja e Arbërisë, është t…[View]
80672245Tell me everything you know about Arizona.[View]
80673281How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
80672551I don't know where to move to in the USA. Why is this country so huge? It's impossible to …[View]
80674985do you like portugal?[View]
80675450The 8th 'day' I keep living the same day How do I escape this?[View]
80675108Is it worth my time studying Japanese? In the foreseeable future China will take over entertainment …[View]
80673652memes aside. what's going on here? tell me something about this country, it looks comfy af.[View]
80655459/norgetråden/: Fortsatt jomfru-utgaven Forrige >>80629050[View]
80672885The muslim 'man' fears the Italian warrior[View]
80674050Goodmorning /int/[View]
80672224Can someone give me a quick rundown on Jomon vs. Yayoi?[View]
80664836Je Suis Stepan[View]
80668307>Be Irish >Get hurricane'd[View]
80672008ITT Ideal Maps of the New World: Or you can post Europe maps I don't really give a shit[View]
80674788The US of A will never be made great again in our lifetime Actually feel a bit sad about this[View]
80672094Egypt: >Conquered by Assyrians >Conquered by Nubians >Conquered by Greeks >Conquered by …[View]
80659688Frenchies, please explain your furfaggotry.[View]
80672040>be Irish >get HURRICANE'D >be Portuguese >get FIRE'D West eurocucks... when …[View]
80672348here is a pic of my local wildlife[View]
80673689Japan, do you still worship the Emperor?[View]
80674520You now go visit this site and fight each other https://www.worldsolarchallenge.org/event-dashboard/…[View]
80674303>American wh*Te tells me he has more claims in Ancient Hellene culture than Greeks themselves…[View]
80673469Are Chile and Argentine first world? Are they safe like the US and Canada and Yurop?[View]
80669140>Country >Sexuality US Homo[View]
80673839>montenegro what even happened[View]
80672757/brit/: Progress edition[View]
80674084*rubs hands*[View]
80675122Will kurds ever get independance?[View]
80660858weather in your city: Kill me, please. (33°)[View]
80672387/newengland/ Northeast US & Friends thread: Only Yanks allowed[View]
80671774Los Ángeles 92: Wtf murica? I watched recently the NG documentary LA 92 and was incredible how nigga…[View]
80673503I want 4.chong admin to screen cap my thread and post it[View]
80671912Do people in your country eat spicy food? Protip: Black pepper doesn't count as 'spicy'.[View]
80670693/cum/: rip in peace John[View]
80673701Why finnish police fuck estonia?[View]
80650831Start talking about Portugal[View]
80666784What's your most honest opinion about Colombian girls?[View]
80673405Can you guess why?[View]
806727201. How big is the drug problem in your cunt? 2. Which drugs are the biggest issue? 3. How have they …[View]
80668533*rubs talons enthusiastically*[View]
80672136am i white?[View]
80672744Where is this?: I'll post a few more pictures. I have extra information, so if you're curi…[View]
80673343Did you guys notice something ?: After the rangeban(they were got rangebanned because od us), There …[View]
80672642How are Western men supposed to compete? They own all the luxury goods, hold high-ranking jobs (Goog…[View]
80673140>maghrebi boys[View]
80667835hilo blanco de clase alta: invitados: blancos de clase alta no invitados: marrones de clase media…[View]
80660075Are people from the Caucasus region White? Or are they something else?[View]
80672875What do people in your country think about Maghrebis?[View]
80673051Re: >When valid and funny criticism is aim at Canada, Leaves start to say, 'B-b-b what about Amer…[View]
80670391Have you noticed that in almost all american shows you see characters who drink alcohol all the time…[View]
80670837>hair is brown >armpit hair is brown >pubes are brown >beard is red…[View]
80663740why are swedes so good looking?[View]
80654566/nederdraad/: Europa editie Welkom: Europeanen Niet welkom: linkse parasieten[View]
80670600/brit/: woke edition[View]
80663459If you could marry one country, which would it be and why? I'd marry Russia because she is our …[View]
80672564rus: Russia thread come here white boy edition Welcome: everyone that likes Russia Not welcome: 2ch …[View]
80670897>banter mexico >american flags start popping up buttblasted as hell…[View]
80671167>Brazilians are taught they invented the airplane[View]
80670140Wow so this is the power of Brazilian tourism[View]
80671973>the name for Germany in Arabic is 'seculars' >the name for Venice in Arabic is 'bolt-action r…[View]
80671889>live in the Midwest >Another day goes by with NOTHING happening Actually pretty comfy. Where …[View]
80665687/carib/: where did everyone go edition I come to /int/ after a month or two and carib is nowhere to …[View]
80669787>European ''''''''''male'''''''''' underwear[View]
80669348>6'0 tall >still feels manlet as fuck…[View]
80672283Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
80671699Does anyone here know of good places for drug tourism? I have heard Laos and Bolivia are particularl…[View]
80663643Will Russia ever join the EU? What must happen before they do? Do any Russians want closer ties with…[View]
80671381I trained myself into a picolo anon, I'm a picolo apu[View]
80668136How popular is Starset in America? They have low views. I'm very curious. It's weird becau…[View]
80671714Ukranian '''''people''''': Is there a more heartless group of people besides Ukrainians? https://www…[View]
80672079/v4/ + /friends/: waking up in the dark is actually comfy as fuck edition[View]
80671816I can't believe I spent more than 2 hours per day on this shithole arguing with literal runts o…[View]
80633574Why is Japan's birthrate so low?[View]
80667845hilo de la compañia de jesus: hilo latino sean buenos catolicos soretes[View]
80671473What do Australians think of their portrayal in American media? https://youtu.be/YHf7e67T54Y?t=75[View]
80671695Why do Koreans think they're relevant? I swear they think that everyone looks at them as role m…[View]
80670528>20 years old in 10 months >still a virgin IT'S HAPPENING…[View]
80670180Can any Chinese person tell me what are these? Danke[View]
80665418What the fuck? I thought America was a free place. Explain this.[View]
80671452They literally and unironically did nothing wrong and are not doing anything wrong now.[View]
80670284Why don't mods delete /pol/ threads?[View]
80667436Pooland is literally the only cunt I know where people wear their traditional clothes as casual outf…[View]
80666773'How do you pick up chicks?' >replies with pic related Is this true in your country?…[View]
80671203ebin :DDD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iVkY7sZvUU[View]
80668602Canadians cucked HARD.[View]
80670820>things americans will never experience[View]
80671019>one chance at life >born in American with no banter skills…[View]
80670828Even if i was born white i'll probably ended up as Appalachian hillbilly or something[View]
80670972>sky in the UK goes orange for half an hour >everyone freaks the fuck out…[View]
80670654you guys ever heard the story of how he had allende murdered?[View]
80667839Why do I have a boner for anti-Russian countries lik eBaltics or Poland? Do you feel weird attractio…[View]
80666342free speech should be defended[View]
80666970/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: Shame of the North Edition[View]
80639559Danmarktråden: Efterårsferie udgave[View]
80669660Patriotism is fucking stupid If you love your country fuck you[View]
80670535Do you guys think becoming a Jew is the best way to infiltrate the mass media scene? Would they assi…[View]
80669023Looking to learn german. What do?[View]
80669296/brit/: Britain's diverse future edition[View]
80669096I'm trying suicide with xanax, wish me luck[View]
80669326You used to have black friends in elementary school and watched shows starring black characters but …[View]
80669702Why are Canadians so much better than Americans?: They're so polite while Americans are such su…[View]
80667220Only tough countries with harsh winter can post here. Sissy southerners, stay away. You wont survive…[View]
80666448Ask a Persian anything.[View]
80669568This country is a mistake that's gone on for far too long. Would anyone like to invade and gen…[View]
80669954Are we the only White country that is willing to tolerate genocide?[View]
80670352https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_mc4DUfhVk Jesus fucking christ, why are hapas so autistic?[View]
80655369>the Tatars seldom cultivated the soil themselves, with most of their land tilled by the Polish, …[View]
80670325Am i white??[View]
80663211Why do Americans have so many allergies? I've never known anyone to have peanut allergy for exa…[View]
80668669How do so many Black people know French?[View]
80670150Why are Canadian refugees more well behaved than actual Canadians but European ones act so bad?[View]
80670231>tfw no ficki ficki[View]
80668194>you will always be a goy why live[View]
80670177Post public transport from your country/city Here is typical Russian bus[View]
80658412The map of BLACK people. Thoughts ?[View]
80670173That is correct.[View]
80669889Japan 1987: Did the Japan the Japanese and weebs feel nostalgic for even exist in the first place? V…[View]
80666470why are italians so superior in everything?[View]
80667338Anyone else feel bad for Bengalis?: >Live in crippling poverty >Over 90% of the country is sta…[View]
80666862>be american >have your circumference resized…[View]
80663191Wordmap thread: post em[View]
80668220Cleavage: What do people in your country think about visible cleavage?[View]
80667653Is this country literally Heaven on Earth?[View]
80592691Daily Japanese Thread - DJT #1915: Cornucopia of Resources / Guide Read the guide before asking ques…[View]
80669525me laik countri a lot!!!!![View]
80669606>tfw can’t do pull up just once[View]
80666525i do 50 push ups everyday i dont know why tbqhwy[View]
80669538Kurds more like Turds lmao[View]
80667388Are gays huge, degenerate sluts in your country too?[View]
80655917/CHI/: i love my scandi internet friends[View]
80668009Which country do you think will be the super power of the world after America?[View]
80666556SPAIN is making this girl cry!: Spain, stop right now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wouNL14tAks…[View]
80669233season seven is here[View]
80667267What's your honest opinion on colombian men?[View]
80667908https://futurism.com/the-international-robot-duel-is-set-for-october-17/ Time to kick some Japanese …[View]
80667856/brit/: homolove edition[View]
80669161Does your country eat potato salad?[View]
80668483non-Hispanic white americans are an ethnicity unto themselves[View]
80661837>Access 4chan >Instantly get warning from government Does shit like this happen in your '…[View]
80665810reminder that yakub was TURKish[View]
80650785/deutsch/: Eselficker Ausgabe[View]
80661778What is Northern Mexico like? Are the people there really as different from other Mexicans like the …[View]
80667611The World is a shitty place full of egocentric people. Nobody cares about you or your well being. No…[View]
80668627Shitpost McGee: .[View]
80667380North American city tier list >God-tier New York San Francisco Washington, DC Portland, Oregon, …[View]
80668339Why can't Americans digest solid food?[View]
80667782Is your country a young country?[View]
80668345Who's this guy?[View]
80668507ITT We talk about the mental health in our nations. >tfw not only am I in America, but also in Fl…[View]
80665787hilo latino: Hilo de ocho (8) segundos[View]
80661659swedes women: >talk to swedish chick >umm..anon, like, it's pretty complicated, i don…[View]
80668140Everybody get the fuck in here and choose one option from the following questions. Americucks are no…[View]
80668051>'Iam a wh*Te supremacist'[View]
80657167/polska/: mam ochote pierdolic polska kurwe w cipe rozumiecie to chce mi sie seksu mam potrzeby jak …[View]
80664925/brit/: how the turn tables edition[View]
80666584How do I get oppressive Estonian bf to whine and bully me on daily basis?[View]
80667651I want human instrumentality to happen. All humans should be turned to LCL and return to lilith…[View]
80665214Pay debnts plox[View]
80665058why do they love africans and arabs?[View]
80667330>carrying an umbrella outdoors in clear sunny weather What was his endgame?…[View]
80667548>Be imperial yuropoor >Invade third world shitholes >Hundreds of years later and they invad…[View]
80667061Is Malaysia the most underrated Asian country?[View]
80643796/lat/ hilo latino[View]
80667462Gimme random images in /b/ i only found porn[View]
80665921Russia=Slavs Slavs=European Russia=European Debate settled[View]
80648132Why are Nordic women so much more beautiful than other women? Is it just a genetical coincidence or …[View]
80667381https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZtm1yB6hAM >Croatian culture[View]
80662761Sverigetråden - Fällupplagan[View]
80664714Ukrainian men are ____[View]
80666146>your country >have you ever tasted cum? Canada Yes…[View]
80656838/mämmi/: prööt hyh lemustaa[View]
80655577show me the loot your cunt stole from other nations: pic rel is 'the devils bible' which sweden stol…[View]
80657924suured munad :DDDDD[View]
80667100/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: late night hell on wheels ekdosis[View]
80638572/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição:brazilian women are for portuguese cock only[View]
80660317/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: Haha Remember When The USA Had A Black Man For President? That Sh…[View]
80666996>Mexicanon sages threads that have nothing wrong with them. Why? Does he forget to turn his trip…[View]
80665820>anglos call their lovers 'baby' What the hell is wrong with them /int/?…[View]
80649731/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Miss mexicolad edition[View]
80666215>Russia is not degenera- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1DzZ-AMYuM…[View]
80666844Why does the more the skintone resembles feces the worse they smell?[View]
80662773Post your country's army: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6abtMAcDbXw[View]
80665059>Be NEET (Leech off parents / Welfare): >+ Tons of time >- No money >+ No stress >- N…[View]
80646676/mena/=/me/+/na/: shitty Tunisian roundabouts edition[View]
80665890Why do Brazilian men like touching other men's dicks so much?[View]
80665950/immigrant/ thread: Who /immigrant/ here? what cunt are you from? where are you living now? Hows you…[View]
80666384>Türkey is not bl....[View]
80666083Would I pass as a local in ur cunt?[View]
80664310I want to work in police to smash scumbags during my service with my baton or tazer. Am I normal ?[View]
80659980Portugal please come back ;_;[View]
80661596Is your country afraid of North Korea? Are you?[View]
80665724At what age did your parents stop taking you on vacations with them? I'm 21 and they went on ye…[View]
80653737My favourite Western-style building is unironically Tokyo Station. https://youtu.be/4NAIhg809ZQ http…[View]
80664776Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy: What kind of relationship do these countries have with each other? Is the …[View]
80665439I am a world citizen.[View]
806476491. Your country 2. Your favorite rapper 1. Flag 2. Lil Uzi Vert[View]
80661283Redtugal IRL :DD sorry portugal :([View]
80663385/BT/ Brazil,Türkey & Allies: The union of two people edition[View]
80666119it's 2:04 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
80652087These are the ideal European borders. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks l…[View]
80666140Why do u hate Russia?[View]
80648455Best Europe[View]
80656064is this considered attractive in your village?[View]
80662697/deutsch/ zopf-ausgabe[View]
80655679How are we going to solve the ''Kyrgyz'' question, /int/?[View]
80632765/isr/: Thread theme: https://archive.org/details/SOMEKAYAKS /They finally took it off youtube - afte…[View]
80656206Butthurt Belt thread[View]
80658551How true is this[View]
80659435>Russians will sell this for the equivalent of 200 million dollars today >Russians will sell t…[View]
80665350MESSAGE TO ALL LEAFS: Apparently Mr. Lahey passed away... https://globalnews.ca/news/3806747/actor-j…[View]
80665041It is not to be mean but why when I see pictures from Finland here, people look always retarded. The…[View]
80657514We are black[View]
80661657Parts of America that were Krauted from day 1: Keep in mind that at this time all German Americans w…[View]
80664221>The drug addict on the bus is begging for change by yelling again and spitting on the floor agai…[View]
80626696/ex-ussr/ general: Издaниe нoчнoгo бeccoннoгo cтopoжeния https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjF8ZCi3KlM…[View]
80652000kurva anyátok[View]
80665001Are American cigarettes different from other countries' cigarettes? Suppose I buy a box of Came…[View]
80663353Is your country a coffee country or a tea country? Ireland is definitely a tea country. We're t…[View]
80662932i dont undestand the homeless, just steal a pocket[View]
80661484>tfw inteligent but lazy[View]
80662268why are americans so rude?[View]
80662635Ethnic Map of the 13 colonies before the C*thlics ruined it[View]
80660585Why are Arabs so badass?[View]
80663506is this correct?[View]
80655475>europe: come over >america: i can't, just got shot at mcdonalds >europe: my parents …[View]
80664882An week's old chickencockshit :D Smell it?[View]
80663763Go all over Balkan and everyone eats steaks and filet so well done that it's like chewing gum. …[View]
80654653/ex-yu/: tahi edicija[View]
80663663What's toronto like? Is it shit house? Literally asking for a friend[View]
80664673Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
80664365Jews are better than other humans[View]
80663034https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_e8AIvOKY0 Russian delivery xDD[View]
80650898ITT: /int/ in 1956[View]
80663927>cuisine thread >americans just post meat…[View]
806597121. your country 2. how do you say 'polish businessman' in your language? russia пoльcкий бизнecмeн[View]
80664272BRAVO ICELAND![View]
80632288/arab/: /mena/ is basically colonized by Berberians and Iranian diaspora so I thought I'd make …[View]
80663386Are the Visigoths the worst Germanic groups that migrated in Europe. They were responsible for Rome …[View]
80663523Does this prove that Estonia is indeed Nordic?[View]
80662927>black girls are disgu-[View]
80663445/brit/: swipe down edition[View]
80660710I asked my family to fill out a blank map of Europe and compiled their results.[View]
80658478Anglosphere flag Thoughts?[View]
80635634/balt/: .[View]
80661610Is your city Alpha /int/? Mine is.[View]
80648972Which country do you feel sad for[View]
80660905The state of California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef93WmlEho0 Feel free to watch earlier part…[View]
80636071Im 5'3'' , 161cm tall man. I didn't choose to be like this. When you laugh at m…[View]
80656888thanks sweden for this awesome invention[View]
80657600/polska/: edycja chłopięca[View]
80659976This confuses and enrages the European.[View]
80663422>Germans will defend this[View]
80663603You wake up in Charlotte[View]
80661465Hey! American here, just landed in Dublin a few hours ago. Starting my week long vacation first thin…[View]
80662961I bet with you tha Black Panther will bring at least 1 billion dollars in box office because any wes…[View]
80658908post teeth, anglos: i'll start[View]
80659684>banter americans >aidf (anglo internet defense force) attacks me How do we stop this?…[View]
80650180>reggaeton will soon replace autotuned negro r&b and rap garbage as the soundtrack of western…[View]
80659006this guy is considered french ;D ;D ;D[View]
80644175Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
80660942>Polish friend visit Greece >I show him around >we drink together >he fuck my girlfriend…[View]
80655389So uh I bought from a notorious grill nearby (spiced sausage with an egg 4,50€) and this is the meal…[View]
80662347>comment on a thread hoping for replies >thread gets deleted…[View]
80659462I'm fat.[View]
80658621/deutsch/: /Afrika für Affen, Europa für Weiße/ Ausgabe[View]
80661592Countryball community: How can a community be this cancerous and retarded?[View]
80662661thanks Russia for this awesome invention[View]
80654967What does a typical breakfast consist of in your country? Some toast and eggs is pretty common here,…[View]
80632350Il filo /ita/: Edizione stronzi coloro che già dormono ft. le tette di Arisa[View]
80651805/fr/ Le fil francophone: édition du courage[View]
80659631/brit/: *laughs in semaphore* edition[View]
80658814>leave small shithole city near afghanistan >move to big city shithole (karachi) >greeted b…[View]
80661304Can a russian correct these sentences please? I translated it straight from Google translate. Ha py…[View]
80652414/Twensa/: l-fil é-tounsi dzeirya wl mgharba zeda!! 1ere edition[View]
80661994/Qartu/ ცომიანი პერაშკები edition: სხვა რაშვები ?[View]
80659632>for years though that Minority Report is some American organization where citizens can report cr…[View]
80661083here is the question: How do we get rid of /generals/? This shit ruins int.[View]
80656038LIFE LESSONS: 1. Never reveal your power level At school when we were starting to learn English, hal…[View]
80641438Am i balding?[View]
80646566Why is the sky yellow?[View]
80653674Do you find life boring?[View]
80643408/our emperor/[View]
80656540What makes the appalachian mountains such a crime haven?[View]
80661154why is norweigan so easy to understand but not danish: this is not am banta/meme thread, i really wa…[View]
80656427>ask a two part question >they only answer one part…[View]
80654347>Rabbi Hanina wrote: 'It is forbidden to sleep in a house by oneself. To do so is to bring Lilith…[View]
80657163>Spend $2bln on eurofighters >Have to ask the US for permission every time they want to fly th…[View]
80638841Why don't you stop being racist?[View]
80660941https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPBD9iwsT5M Hey caravan leader slow down ,for my wounded soul is dis…[View]
80656556Krauts: Come and pick up the nazi junk you guys left behind. It's leaking quicksilver now…[View]
80651360/balk/: my ancestor :) old >>80642778[View]
80649283Sverigetråden - Vargupplagan[View]
80643407Post music from your country and rate others' I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
80657108German boys *.*[View]
80649300/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: fall edition[View]
80653787/brit/: Another brick in the wall edition[View]
80659607>invaded us three times >stole our corn, cowboys, poinsettias, etc and called them their own …[View]
80658623>Flag literally has Arabic all over it >Language has become infested with Arabic words >Wor…[View]
80654643How do I defeat a Jew and an Indian[View]
80612171/tr/: AtaTÜRK edisyonu[View]
80652489white europeans invading and colonising africa = no problem africans immigrating to europe = bad rac…[View]
80649235What do you think of Japanese boys? Are they usually very shy and autistic? Awkward? Seems no girls…[View]
80659930tfw no military gf who calls me a sissy and beats me[View]
80657592What sort of breakfast is traditional in your country?[View]
80652531Which EU country dislikes burger immigrants the least? I'm an Irish citizen but spent most of m…[View]
80657848/brit/: 学习雷锋好榜样, 忠于革命忠于党 edition[View]
80659740do you know the name of a qt porn actress with dick?[View]
80659453i need a loyal european female servant with a lot of free time[View]
80655969How is to be white, /int/?[View]
80658377'Du wirst dies nie erleben'-Ausgabe[View]
80648660>Finns are not Germa-[View]
80658860Zorane kad si ti na Majevici Semberija mirno će da spi Zorane, Zorane nek' te čuva Bog Sve juna…[View]
80651538I lost my kite ;_;[View]
80658734are there famous western females posting on this site?[View]
80658060How many wh*Te hearts did this TÜRK bull steal?[View]
80651167Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?[View]
80657558How come wh*tes call everyone else shitskins when they have the shittiest skin that ages the worst?[View]
80656276>Almost November 2017 >Told myself id be rich and fit by 2015…[View]
80658699Historical tergiversation: I'd like to hear about how your dumbfuck countrymen misinterpret his…[View]
80651893What is the internet like in your language/tld? Is it a different experience than English internet?[View]
80658087>tfw D.A.K is already over 1 year old[View]
80657363Nordics travel to Thailand to go to nightclubs where there are only other Nordics.[View]
80656489/deutsch/ - Diogo Alevs Ausgabe: 1810 in Spanien geboren, siedelt Diogo Alves schon in jungen Jahren…[View]
80651536Draw your country's borders[View]
80652568How is Canada viewed outside North America? Are they just thought of as a boring USA ripoff (which i…[View]
80651895Say something nice about the UK![View]
80648396I-Irelan? Are you fine?[View]
80640752Why do Americans have so many allergies? I've never known anyone to have peanut allergy for exa…[View]
80657426The only thing differentiating races are skin co--[View]
80655250Jobs and food.: >Mexican >Geologist, Master's degree So, I just got graduated and I'…[View]
80646929Should Russia be considered European? >pic related is Russian citizens[View]
80648932FINLAND - MISSED ALL THE FUN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_during_the_occupation_of_Germany…[View]
80657233why do white women all look same[View]
80657050Im going to corner store, does anyone want anything?[View]
80655093Post comic book characters from you're cunt[View]
80646145/polska/: edycja dobrego życia mimo swoich porażek[View]
80651226why are slavs the most intelligent people on earth?[View]
80656868georgiofinnoeesti khaliphate when? >georgia Literally best(gave birth to me) <poor as fuck so …[View]
80648323/mämmi/: Sale on alfa- painos[View]
80646547ITT: post kyrgyz people[View]
80650206In this thread we post racist and stereotypical jokes about other countries. I'll start What ki…[View]
80654260>be BLACK dictator of a BLACK people >leading an entire army of superior BLACK KARA BOGA Somal…[View]
80652236I will have to go on an underwater expedition to search for the lost Norwegian submarine north of Sv…[View]
80650552For me, its 51%[View]
80655402What comes into mind when you think of white people?[View]
80656212Could Isyanqar cCc pass as local in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdZxmSAL4Oc[View]
80656211Fuck Russians[View]
80654582>European council meeting >everyone sits down >Juncker's first question is 'Where are …[View]
80655416Britain £500bn poorer than thought: >Britain is £490bn (€550bn) poorer than thought and no longer…[View]
80655799R: 0▶ I don't have any interests in Guys or Girls. I've had many attractive girls ask me o…[View]
80643756What country has the best looking / historic & meaningful emblem?[View]
80647427Why are American fat?[View]
80652299Russians are always the bad guys in video games and movies, sometimes I feel sad for them. At least,…[View]
80655129Which country has an average wage which provides the biggest purchasing power? t. economic illiterat…[View]
80655530ITT: Badass National anthems. Posting Mongolia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2kZLOQBmD4[View]
80653796Kreni vojsko kreni sad komanduje major mlad, narodna je trajna vjera sve dušmane da protjera! https:…[View]
80651417Could that be a street in your country?[View]
80653997>tfw getting my first gun today Am I officially /free/ now? Am I an honorary American?…[View]
80651021Know the difference[View]
80655276>Be me >work part-time in a butchery shop >this girl which cooks meat is there too >Teas…[View]
80649269Sverigetråden - Feta upplagan[View]
80654933WTF? I'm sexually aroused by Belarus now![View]
80648489Can someone translate the sentence in the image to a Partizip form in german?[View]
80654942HOW MAKE ETERNAL ENGINE??????????????? MAKE ESTONIAN THINK OF RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
80646928'Ideologically unemployed': A generation of adult Finns refuse to work because unemployment money is…[View]
80654312>Be me >work part-time in a pastry shop >this girl which cooks sweets is there too >Teas…[View]
80654899Scandinavians, vocaroo yourself speaking another fellow nordic language: please, i want to hear how …[View]
80653729>you wake up in 2150... what do?[View]
80653347Why didn't the Jews just refuse the offer to take a shower? Why didn't the Irish just go t…[View]
80625238/ex-yu/: Robotska edicija[View]
80650508my ancestors :): I am Suebi and Germanic anyone else here also Germanic?[View]
80652198/brit/: ginger freckled gf edition[View]
80654178>http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30329362 wtf I love Thailand now…[View]
80638388>ottoman ''empire'' loses a war >renames itself after an american bird…[View]
80652872I'm living in northern Switzerland for 3 months, looking for the best way to visit Matterhorn. …[View]
80653970I WAS MOON: Is there anything more nauseating than people trying to claim they were somehow involved…[View]
80653846>Tell a serbian to take it easy and go to his local beach >HE FUCKING KILLS HIMSELF…[View]
80651711why did they steal Haiti's flag?[View]
80650773/deutsch/: 3D-Ausgabe Anime ins Brausebad[View]
80650224why does northern europe like traps so much?[View]
80650937Anti Turkish: Daily reminder Turks aren't Turkic at all They are false larpers They must stop u…[View]
80645882How much cost was your last fare?: >Country >Was it value for money >Mode >Single/ retur…[View]
80647960Kırgız sama i know that they'll never fuck you because a TÜRK never mates with a race traitor w…[View]
80629050/norgetråden/: Amalie-utgaven Forrige: >>80605482[View]
80645916What happens here How do Finns live[View]
80652943>Slaanesh, showing 1000+ billion genders to the imperial guard,Cadia, 40.017…[View]
80649477let's talk about Georgia. i'm going to be your guide tonight. ask me anything you are inte…[View]
80650664Europe will never be the same again How do you cope with this[View]
80594928/v4/ + friends: don't write to qts when drunk edition[View]
80649432>my employer rejected my request to take Thanksgiving off and visit my family >I'm going …[View]
80646268What the fuck is wrong with F*nns?[View]
80649944/eire/+/éire/+/gael/+/celt/=/anmaith/: Animefags OUT edition The storm was overhyped sub edition…[View]
80644443does your country have school uniforms?[View]
80652434Can I has a kiwi?[View]
80626856/vla/ ~nederdraad~: Welkom: intellectuele discussies Niet welkom: /nederdraad/ers[View]
80645371Poles painting their commie blocks: awww look at that! It's SO CUTE[View]
806467611. your country 2. Do you eat Magdus Palestine yes[View]
80650572Things in your country you wish were erased[View]
80650468/brit/: footy edition[View]
80644610Why do so many Americans have German ancestry?[View]
80649817Why is Russia building its second biggest building in Chechnya?: Also it's a quite phalic skysc…[View]
80651998Are russians white? Or are they mongrels??[View]
80608467/sino/ - 中文: Ancient Chinese Lesbianism Edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion abo…[View]
80634313kurva anyátok[View]
80650663How are Burgers dealing with the fact that there are 50/50 chance their personal info can be bought …[View]
80646741Hey, /int/ Im going from board to board and asking members to tell me what the most popular channel …[View]
80647633Please love The Netherlands[View]
80648114>there are people on here right now that unironically don't have a middle name…[View]
80650720Inquiry: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen... so I'm planning to study and live in Latvia for a while …[View]
80647594Hurricane Ophelia in Northern Ireland: Hi guys, NI fag here. Theres a wee breeze here today. Everyon…[View]
80647221Haya-haya-haya-haya Hypp-hypp-hypp-hypp Hoy ahhhh Sensei >You shall always fear the french…[View]
80635329What do they all have in common?[View]
80642768Is this acceptable THICCness in your country?[View]
80641693/asean/: What happened???[View]
80649810>Be NEET (Leech off parents / Welfare): >+ Tons of time >- No money >+ No stress >- N…[View]
80644525>be swedish >use immeasurable time on making fun of brothers like danes by making jokes and me…[View]
80651385KOREA EDITION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFHAioCMJZA[View]
80640777/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: we're bakc ekdosis[View]
80649995Could i pass as local in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBheZRXeysw[View]
80651074really want to punch an i-talian lads[View]
8062335017 active fires in Galicia ATM: The worst case is the city of Vigo, the fire has literally entered t…[View]
80646617why are nordic men so gay?[View]
80634725Are Turks turkic?[View]
80650586Her title literally is >Raider of black Why are japanese women so whorish nowadays? And why do yo…[View]
80648295/brit/: Alt-Right edition[View]
80634213/nusantara/: hmm[View]
80646778/deutsch/: #Ehrenmann Ausgabe[View]
80647812Do you have these annoying cunts your country? What do you call them?[View]
80650295Who else >Rich LA Suburbs here SoCal isn't completely lost yet, there's still America…[View]
80640090How are you getting ready for the Chinese century?[View]
80648525DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
80642778/balk/ - Balkan thread: whites = niggers edition OLD: >>80629327[View]
80642223Sverigetråden - Antibög och sötbrevupplagan Edition baserade juholt?: Regel 1 inga sötbrev Regel 2 i…[View]
80650409>be gook >cannot read technical documents because you literally threw out your 漢字文化 in the nam…[View]
80644561/éire/: RIP wheely bins edition[View]
80641922My family :)[View]
80650009i wish i could have a friend in the real life why i am so alone? I cant find a friend who wanna fuck…[View]
80639027How popular is Starset in America? They have low views. I'm very curious. It's weird becau…[View]
80647491Why is twerking so popular in Russia?[View]
80649588>5 years ago >all the 20-30 year olds talking about how weed is so good for you and how it…[View]
80650159I hate Northern Ontario it's too cold and run down here I wish I lived in British Columbia[View]
80650100Why anons considers themselves subhumans just because pic related laughed at them at high school and…[View]
80647873Please love America[View]
80649901Wake up one morning to headlines saying Africans are the most advanced race on Earth: >reports ar…[View]
80649961>Your country France >Your sexe Male >Most beautiful females (Most beautiful males if you a…[View]
80649937/MENA/ /MOAN/: Using Farsi terms like a proper traitor of Arabism edition[View]
80641697>sky turns red Wish we had hurricanes more often desu, this is pretty cool.…[View]
80596364Would eating nothing but chocolate make my poop taste like chocolate?[View]
80638737I am proud to call myself Indian. You got a problem with that, /int/? And just so you know, Pajeet i…[View]
80629331/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: early 70s hard rock edition[View]
80649298What's the silliest real accent? I'm from the San Fernando Valley, so I hear Valley Girls …[View]
80637122Have you ever met an American? What was it like[View]
80643915It's 9:58 and I'm drinking cheap whiskey. What about you guys?[View]
80633810/cum/ Chicanos United States Mexico: everyone who posts in this thread has to give me a blowjob- edi…[View]
80643262Why are 50% of /int/ threads about Turkey?[View]
80648378Why do nordic women have such big noses?[View]
80648878WE WUZ KANGZ[View]
80643732>invaded us three times >stole our corn, cowboys, poinsettias, etc and called them their own …[View]
80636385Would you fight for your country?[View]
80644439A daily reminder that you will never be Finnish[View]
80638019Fun Fact of the Day: In Sweden, some parts of Finland and Norway, and, less known, in Austria, Germa…[View]
80643522Meat Pie: A lot of people don't know this, but the meat pie is Australian. And your thoughts?…[View]
80648039You'll never be BEADY[View]
80638334/fr/ - le fil francophone: édition nostalgico-larmoyante[View]
80641853Dont go to gym Be Japanese[View]
80646186/brit/: Bregzit means bregzit edition[View]
80648347Hungarian chad here. Looking for Romanian girls to fuck, can you help me?[View]
80647996Why dont we nuke germany ?[View]
80647207Weren't earlier times better for Eastern Europe? Not rich but no one starved, there was order a…[View]
80627947AHAHAHwwwww Please tell me this is a joke.[View]
80640424Why does the Suebi homeland burn?[View]
80643295Is this the power of American culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBOgS2KqLCk[View]
80640995Are Turks white?[View]
80643165Would you have a mixed race girlfriend?[View]
80645975Can I pass as a local in ur cunt?[View]
80647399>tfw no Rothschild sugarmama to finance my rise into becoming the young, hip and handsome leader …[View]
80637508Ask a half Croatian half Moroccan anything.[View]
80645268Do attractive Black man exist irl??[View]
80643807>females in the psychologist waiting room[View]
80644723manlets when will they learn[View]
80647127Are Greeks better-off than other Meds?[View]
80637003your opinion on sardinia[View]
80644367/brit/: rave at greggs edition[View]
80644165Linguistic Europe: Is it better this way?[View]
80646952Your tears are so delicious k*rds. Kek.[View]
80645192What if immigration stopped?: What would happen if ALL immigration stopped in your country? What are…[View]
80644633Is there a country more unanimously hated and despised in all of Europe than S*rbia?[View]
80636623Do you know mongrels in real life?[View]
806377884 degrees of Hitler: >go to www.en.wikipedia.org >click 'random article' >try to get to Hit…[View]
80642576/deutsch/: Autistische Hobbies für Jungfrauen und Mannkinder - Edition Außerdem Nids > alles, uez…[View]
80633150This is our future[View]
80646374BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!: Transgender Woman Refused Business Cards Citing Normalization of Anti-Ch…[View]
80644922How do I tell the difference between the Finnish glare and the Finnish stare? What are they like wh…[View]
80644692the entire planet (and planets not yet discovered) belongs to the white man[View]
80644656>tfw no gf(male)[View]
80643342When you think about it, there really is no point in doing anything. Probably you will die at 70 or …[View]
80641295>Be NEET >Lots of time but no money or motivation, literally spend 10+ hrs a day on 4chan >…[View]
80645755WTF Germany?[View]
80644466>black women are ugly anon >no they aren't anon >post mixed, Somalis and Ethiopians Ev…[View]
80644293The insertion of gems into teeth predates hip hop culture, and started in what is now Mexico when we…[View]
80634515/polska/: Edycja dla wkurwionych[View]
80645742How do we protect /int/ from the Australian menace?[View]
80639036Do you have lighthouses in your area, /int/? What do you call a 'lighthouse' in your language?[View]
80604992Global dong sizes: How accurate is this chart, guys? What's your country's standard condom…[View]
80645591Will a massive increase in Europe's population lead them back to serfdom?[View]
80645262>american moves in next door: >star spangled banner curtains in window >american eagle on t…[View]
806417081. your cunt 2. Have you ever sexually been touched by a man?? My fellow touched touched my dicks an…[View]
80632208TIL. France was started by some German dude...[View]
80644786/dprk/: 위대한 지도자 인 김정은을 존중합시다[View]
80643801>americans aren't allowed to refuel their own car[View]
80634054Do Italians make the best cookies?[View]
80639927Third world countries with low birth rates vs third world countries with high birth rates: which wou…[View]
80644739Powerlessness: How do you deal with your powerlessness to really change anything in the world? Like …[View]
80644506>the terms microwave and kettle are used interchangeably in america[View]
80637400/Aus/ + /NZ/[View]
80639041What is characteristic of chads in your country?[View]
80643711I am meeting an American banker in Zurich tonight[View]
80640809Can someone please explain to me why people have collectively decided to forcefully educate themselv…[View]
80642198Explain this,zapanese!: >brought a Japanese-chinese auto dictionary >full of 片假名(katakana,word…[View]
80637542Lets talk about Laos[View]
80638977Is it true that Americans don't celebrate Easter?[View]
80641069It's 14:00 and it's getting dark I need Vitamin D[View]
80642052/brit/: homolove edition[View]
80629467America was a mistake[View]
806443621. Your cunt 2. What anime are you currently watching? 3. What anime are you most impressived? >f…[View]
80638688/brit/: religion edition[View]
80631465>be Germany >try to take over Europe with the Kaiser >fail >try with the Nazis >fail…[View]
80640382Are they Celts?[View]
80644166It will be mandatory for the coco-brown master race to place a jar of mayonnaise on the TOMB of the …[View]
80635202/éire/: Last day above sea level edition.[View]
80641997why do east asians hate gay people[View]
80641150How do we save the Germanic race from self-destruction?[View]
80642181>your country >do you eat garlic with bread?…[View]
80625732What is served as American food in your cuntry? Is it popular?[View]
80643537>whites are allergic to sunlight lmao are you even from earth like bruh…[View]
80631619H-hey, any Caucasians here?[View]
80634874When was the last time your country gone crazy over a certain type of food?: i remember egg tart wen…[View]
80643029/int/ age: Let's find out the average age of /int/ users 29[View]
80639799/deutsch/: > Sowohl Kurz-Freundin Susanne als auch Straches Ehefrau Philippa fanden sich Sonntaga…[View]
80643284>cuckstamp replies to you[View]
80635609Is English affecting the way you write in your language?[View]
80641838where can I find a girl who will accept to live me in a farm in the woods?[View]
80632996/éire/+/eire/+/ourgirlophelia/: 4am poster literally Blown the fuck out edition[View]
80642380Is there anyone who wanted to be born in America?[View]
80625068>'Great' Britain >isn't actually all that great…[View]
80641731Why are American and Russian men manlier than West Europoor men?[View]
80619380>India Literally how??[View]
80638852Is it true that in Dubai you can buy a shawarma for $1 US? I've been there but remember prices …[View]
80630634Only In America: ITT: Post things that only happen/exist in America pic related[View]
80637397Which country has the best hope of ensuring humanity's future as an advanced civilization?: The…[View]
80629327/balk/: grujovisti on suicide watch edition last : >>80616511[View]
80642508Hair of /int/[View]
80642567we summon KARA BOGA[View]
80642607>Catalonya independentists do a victimism campaign for years calling out the 'oppressor state' wh…[View]
80635702Explain this, RIGHT NOW[View]
80642372The wind is picking up outside, and the rain is starting to fall heavy. Its the beginning of the end…[View]
80635569It's time to stop larping, Turkroaches Reminder: The Turkish people aren't Turkic at all[View]
80641672Tell me how to gain the favor of your local synagogue..[View]
80640101/brit/:: Paki edition[View]
80641550My Japanese gf called me Nordic[View]
80641705Comedy gold: >be irish >get hurricaned…[View]
80638811why would i not go to live to New Zealand?[View]
80639884/MENA/ ''love and unity'' edition[View]
80640587troll survey: Hi, if there are internet trolls here could you answer my survey? I'm doing my m…[View]
80632792Sverigetråden - Låliupplagan[View]
80640233Russian artist Petr Pavlensky burned the Bank of France: Based Petr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
80640638At least you don't live in Canada....[View]
80636197shitskin america[View]
80636887Puigdemont has sent a reply to Madrid, but instead of a 'yes' or a 'no', he…[View]
80641062How many of you play this game? What's ur cunt? www.nationstates.net[View]
80637158/int/ needs to learn about American apartments. Millions of people live in them and they are not com…[View]
80639704How would you say hrrffmmph in your language? Finland hrrffmmph[View]
80640539Is hating Arabs also anti-semitism?[View]
80640660Why is it 'trick or treat' and not 'treat or trick'?[View]
80638404what do you guys think of the chips i'm eating right now this is my breakfast[View]
80639089here: What happens here?[View]
80639404Tell me more about; the Norwegian Taco[View]
80639862/biz/ friend here. If you were Chinese and saw these digits, would you buy the crypto currency (link…[View]
80636221wanna play?[View]
80637179Healthcare thread. OP is an EMT. Meaning I provide basic life support while packaging and transporti…[View]
80618771Post ur cunts Air Force.[View]
80592858Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thlead is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
80639921If Jesus was pacifist, why do murican's love their guns so much?[View]
80639836is our culture the product of gay men's creative power?[View]
80636494Which language has more content (as in entertainment) between Norwegian, Danish and Swedish?[View]
80636488/deutsch/: Faule Neger-Ausgabe[View]
80639683i just want to fuck a lot of lads and be rich with absolutely zero effort[View]
80636269/Savižudybė/: Haha ar girdėjote apie tą moterį kuri vakar nusižudė prie savo vaiko išokdama į Nerį?…[View]
80639002Can i make kebab without cumin? Kebab with only salt and chili flakes? Please send help![View]
80636422Russians: Why are Russians so peaceful and kind ?[View]
80638172>be turkish poster >get called nonwhite shitskins for years without end >suddenly stop post…[View]
80639063Why is no one discussing this? Isn't it /int/ernational enough?[View]
80634098Anki: Hey guys, what have your experiences been with Anki? I was interested in trying to shove as mu…[View]
80634432Ask a bored Armenian diasporafag anything[View]
80638876this is charle's darwin university. it's just a shitty building in australia's northe…[View]
80634075>Takata airbag recall >Toyota emissions scandal >Kobe Steel Scam What are you doing Japan!?…[View]
80636546Hi I born an raise in England (FUCK IRELAND) and I just got me licence to own a T.V. Fiil Gud Man :D…[View]
80638384Why do Americans faint when they defecate?[View]
80636991/brit/: 1814 edition[View]
80638148>see asian ashamed of his height and dicksize >feel bad for him >get angry at my fellow whi…[View]
80628869/mixed/: Who /mixed/ here? t. Half Croatian half Moroccan[View]
80634638want to know what it's like to live in a british culture on the opposite of the world to britai…[View]
80638398/fr/ - le fil français: Edition des feuilles mortes.[View]
80636124You wake up in Turkey 1945[View]
80637081How would Pennywise survive India?[View]
80636075How come foreigners tend to be cunts to others when you try to speak their language? t. Got humilia…[View]
80633210>tfw being f*nn[View]
80622212/fr/ - le fil français: Édition impériale[View]
80632944Do people in your country prefer Coke or Pepsi?[View]
80638020Why is TURKEY the best country in the world?[View]
80625835do you love Portugal?[View]
80637121Italy has no parmesan cheese or garlic: Mind = BLOWN[View]
80633896How scared are the Jews in Austria right now?[View]
80632815What's the best places to live in China?[View]
80637468Look at him: Look at him and laugh. Let the whole world know of this retard >>80596512[View]
80637162>ywn be white I use to laugh at whites when I still lived in Brazil but being her now is torture.…[View]
80636692>hungarian africans >The name 'Magyarab' is not a portmanteau of the words 'Magyar' and 'Arab'…[View]
80635297hilo latino[View]
80637299>woman says she'd never date a guy who's slept with a hooker >she thinks I'd te…[View]
80635771From which village of Kosovo and Metohija are you from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_jCIe9OVZ8…[View]
80632880Colombia & Race: What is the relationship between armed guerilla groups in Colombia (e.g. FARC) …[View]
80636975'leave the gun take the cannoli'[View]
80636628Why are they so Russophobic?[View]
80635780/brit/: ENGLISH OUT OF WALES edition[View]
80636762>Be European in the 21st century >Die of hot weather…[View]
80636842Post pictures of modern european male clothing. I'll start with the underwear.[View]
80628170I wonder why african pt sounds closer to eu-pt and our pt sounds different.[View]
80633825How do I get to have sex with a thicc hardcore-Zionist Jewess qt that hates Arabs but knows I'm…[View]
80634144>Americans can't cum into foreskin Literally the best, fastest and least messy clean-up meth…[View]
80636060>be American >watch wrestling in a Wal-mart…[View]
80635140Why are there no Spanish memes?[View]
80636439I will try stop fapping again Say something nice to me[View]
80633911Why cant I get a job anywhere?[View]
80636479Is porn addiction a problem in your country?[View]
80634745I was made to live in a place with harsh winters. I hate heat. My body is full of hairs[View]
80636434WTF I hate Austria now![View]
80627510/nachtschicht/ oder auch /deutsch/: Depressive Pinguinenausgabe[View]
80633959ITT: international literature: Must-reads from your country.[View]
806335101. your cunt 2. do you like your president? 3. why? 1. flag 2. no 3. cuz he is useless as fuck[View]
80616394/mämmi/: NÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ[View]
80626062Are snow niggers the actual niggers of the white race? No cultural archievements at the level of gre…[View]
80635642Why do I have a feeling he frequents /int/?[View]
80634962Could i pass as a local white supremacist in your cunt?[View]
80634262/brit/: The Alt-Right edition[View]
80635614Hi :DD where are discussions about Finlan :DDDDD[View]
80635786Are human beings the niggers of the solar system? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newyorker.com/tec…[View]
80634957>>'So, Anon, I see that under 'hobbies' you've wrote 'anime'. >'Care to explain why a…[View]
80635681>Any bachelor's degree required[View]
80599482/balt/ + /ausnz/: numbing the pain edition[View]
80635536*blocks your path* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aivvwBM5h_Y[View]
80635281your cunt do you smoke? Y/N bulgaria no[View]
80634530Portuguese cutes are running from fire,are you going to help? https://twitter.com/beatrizfpedrosa/st…[View]
80634878>October 16th, 2017 How are those goals coming along, /int/? What have you accomplished this year…[View]
80633751White people think Asian people are ugly?[View]
806346181. Country 2. What do you think about Terrones?[View]
80635356Goodmorning /int/[View]
80631269wtf italy: Italia has the shittiest emblem. Out of all countries I expected you to have a historical…[View]
80635317What's so special about this chunk of jungle?[View]
80631444British or American accents Which are better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcA6YzbdH6c[View]
80629246Katya Appreciation Thread[View]
80634599TIL. Germany was started by some French dude...[View]
80633671>Eruofag travels from one European country to another >calls himself a world travler…[View]
80634666>tfw my english speaks sucks >tfw no british/canadian/american gf…[View]
80627046How do people in your country feel and think about the nukings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII?[View]
80632238name a more iconic duo[View]
80635078>be American >get whiplash[View]
80634408Why are the French stereotyped to be hairy? They're snowniggers, they barely have hair.[View]
80629381/lat/ hilo latino[View]
80634409>Canadians have to have a Visa to enter USA but Bruneians don't[View]
80633363Can hispanics explain this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnWbVH9nYsU[View]
80631424Do you guys prefer indoor or outdoor activities?[View]
80632279Brazilian at da club[View]
80634718the thread[View]
80617797/romance/ - romantic languages: welcome:france,italy,spain,portugal invited:greece[View]
80631370The Grocery Manager at Coles said he'd call me today and he didn't I thought this would fi…[View]
80630223I will ATTACK Croatia.[View]
80631797/un/ - Un/int/ed Nations: Welcome to the 78th meeting of the General Assembly of the Un/int/ed Natio…[View]
80631577Os Brasileiros são animais![View]
80630344>popular music video on youtube >'greetings from ____ (european country)' why do euros do this…[View]
80626637>Finnish ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''men''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
80632714ITT: Your personal favorite dictator that your country funded. He was good at removing red.[View]
80633290Leave Luck to Heaven[View]
80632802So, what can we do to wipe Turkey off the map?[View]
80626993Indonesia has 265 million people, yet is poorer than Australia with 25 million people. How?[View]
80627403Austrian patriotic party wins the elections: FPÖ (Folk Partiet Österreich) has won Austrian election…[View]
80632932/brit/: real iranian gf hours edition[View]
80630620/cum/: Average American Lifestyle Edition[View]
80632899I post this simple little image and I get FLOODED with angry buttmad comments from buttmad dogfucker…[View]
80633003ask a chicano anything[View]
80626566WTF? I didn't know Canadians were this badass[View]
80617851>this is how americans actually live[View]
80600070/luso/: Edição tsu[View]
80628060You Groove You Lose - /int/ version: Post a song you like from the cunt/language above your post. ht…[View]
80630624/cum/ - Canada, Usa and Mexico: brady edition[View]
80633764Why do Americans develop arthritis as toddlers?[View]
80633536>{{{humans}}} make up less than 99.9% of all living creatures to ever exist >yet {{{they}}} ha…[View]
80633006How do you guys think? Like, what thoughts do you have in your head when doing something? Do you spe…[View]
80633674Brits, tell me, have you got YOUR T.V. Licence yet?[View]
80626667Post police chases from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B8CE18KWXk[View]
80633703>modern western women[View]
80630988British hate thread[View]
80632866Is it true every South American hates Chile? First it's their fault Bolivia is landlocked secon…[View]
80630719whats the point of life if u have a small dick[View]
80631347Where was the fat American pumpkin?[View]
80631149Who pays for all the undersea cables?[View]
80632475Why haven't you booked your tickets to visit America?[View]
80628221How is your cunts economy?: >Country >GDP (PPP) >GDP nominal >PPP per capita >Nominal…[View]
80630493Why are Northern Mexicans such assholes? I live in a heavily Mexican area and work with Mexican migr…[View]
80632721If brits invented the english language why can't they pronounce any of it properly?[View]
80632656I'm going to France. Tell me about comfy places to visit.[View]
80632961How do I get a Jewish gf with big ole milkers?[View]
80632436WHAT IS CALLED FINIEST SWEDISH FOOD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…[View]
80631672What the fuck is wrong with F*nns?[View]
80632652Panama is a yellow country: Pic related is average high school class.[View]
80631063Macaco flavored candy?[View]
80599838Culture Pals - /cp/: DD-generation XXX titman+curvy turks collab edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Me…[View]
80631744/brit/: Lefties are mongs edition[View]
80616387/CHI/: misery[View]
80632806http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-college-strike-1.4356051 >be canadian >don'…[View]
80631884Post average family from your cunt-tree itt. Pic related is an average Indian family.[View]
80631848Spot the potential future mass shooter[View]
80632488How can other countries' friendships even compete?[View]
80632608how can wh*Toid females compare to this BLACK queen?[View]
80632546*Tetris song start playing*[View]
80628530my ancestor :)[View]
80629605>oh boy its helloween better dress up in my cool ninja costume to attend the party at Vienna >…[View]
80631920My ancestors :)[View]
80623380Fuck sw*des[View]
80600881>*kicks your tree*[View]
80630828Why are they so obsessed with America and American culture? I was watching 'The Chase' (a British tr…[View]
80631750/brit/: Just be yourself edition[View]
80631923how do brits cut meat if knives are banned?[View]
80631574why doesnt this exist anymore: >THE FRENCH REMEMBRANCE >REMEMBER: HE DIED THAT YOU MAY REMAIN …[View]
80631957i would never have a fat gf dude, if u cant get a qt gf just spend money on qt hookers your parents …[View]
80631299Are you tsundere, yandere, kuudere or dandere?[View]
80631677OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES /int/, it´s 2017, we cant be this schleep[View]
80631118In honolulu, anyone know where to find one of these babies[View]
80621360What is an good book(s) for teaching myself German? I have never been taught the language before and…[View]
80630593/brit/: had to put my pizza down to make this new for you lazy ungrateful cunts edition[View]
80631303Why do Swedes and Finns keep posting traps here?[View]
80613952Where does Europe start/end Draw the line[View]
80631305Did the Star Wars OT (or even PT for that matter) do anything to establish why the Empire were the b…[View]
80629396Alcohol belt yellow = beer blue = vodka red = wine[View]
80625152What's the first country you think of when somebody says: 'cold frozen shithole'?[View]
80629908Post yfw a German replies to your post[View]
80631433the most irritating buzzwords/fillers (not only in English): let's start >REDEFINE >oppor…[View]
80631414Why are americans so obsessed with political leaf posts?[View]
80620930I've never experienced extreme weather before. What should I expect?[View]
80631273>tfw no cougar Rothschild sugarmama to finance my rise into being the young, hip and handsome lea…[View]
80631280Only the cunts in a shade of blue can post ITT: Not so fast Eurolets[View]
80621235Can somebody explain this meme? What's wrong with asking for evidence?[View]
80616752France got so butthurt afterwards that they forced the Haitian government to pay them 40 billion dol…[View]
80631182watch this. now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCOKl9lE5eU[View]
80629485why do american women have such hairy arms?: ???[View]
80629448What is the general stance of your cunt tree on cannabis? Not talking about the legal status but ju…[View]
80617423post best underground rap from your cunt UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob16zU9WunM https://www…[View]
80630513What is the silliest accent that people actually have? I live in the San Fernando Valley and hear va…[View]
80622020Which country do you think has the best culture?[View]
80630686>australia makes denmark hate thread http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/…[View]
80630403Would it be for the best?[View]
80630760My roommate is watching Time magazine: How do I save him?[View]
80630825I am Greek you subhumans[View]
80630153>I will never live in a grand palace like this, along with my servants, walking the halls at nigh…[View]
80630769Why do Americans secrete a layer of mucus to cover their skin?[View]
80619063what have i done[View]
80594872/éire/: Ophelia's coming edition.[View]
80618748Do any africans browse this board? What's it like down in that shithole[View]
80630342What psychiatric drugs are you taking? I'm taking Lithium, Olanzapine and Citalopram[View]
80625545Sverigetråden - Dibbeupplagan[View]
80627263What happens here?[View]
80630598>banter a wh*tey >he starts posting crime statistics…[View]
80628703Hey Int, what's your opinion on this car?[View]
80623878/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: all Hollow's Eve-edition[View]
80628558We all want to be American :)[View]
80628872/brit/: complete holocaust edition[View]
80629107>google ophelia >pics of dead ginger girls in water >not a single meteorologist as been abl…[View]
80622215/brit/: falklands edition[View]
80630387wtf am i reading[View]
80621638Why are europoors so obssesed with the american continent?[View]
80629117What do you drive /int/?[View]
80629541/polska/: edycja mętliku w głowie[View]
80629915i laik kuntri[View]
80630240What happens here?[View]
80627852Romanian: Has anyone here successfully learned Romanian? What resources did you use? How did you go …[View]
80622931i dont undestand homeless are they retards? just steal a pocket or a phone, dont use violence and u …[View]
80627196People's of Europe: how accurate is this?[View]
80626809>Start seeing more and more asian qts in Warsaw >There is especially large number of them in t…[View]
80627950You wake up in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.[View]
80562654Danmarktråden: OOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL[View]
80629366/melayu/ - formerly /nusantara/: tempat berkumpul dan bergosip[View]
80627117>Be me, portuguese guy in norway >Start walking on the street >Suddently notice two nordic …[View]
80629650What's it like to have a white grillfriend, /int/?[View]
80625580If the conosur become a reality... will england be in?[View]
80629977Reminder: Black women are superior.[View]
80628853I called my dog a fag today I don't know what came over me, he just looked so Canadian[View]
80629301This is Antarctica. what do you think about it?[View]
80625596This is what honour means for a TÜRK: >Pic related guy was a Turkish officer during Turkish War o…[View]
80629479What you gonna do when brazil take over the world and becomes an empire ?[View]
80627721Reminder that Italy has been Germany's bitch since 475[View]
80629326Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way K…[View]
80629554Who do you work for /int/? Neets not welcome itt[View]
80627485>So anon. What exactly do you do in your freetime?[View]
80620091What makes Germanic countries and those influenced by them much better than others? Many examples li…[View]
80615643Who are your favourite posters on /int/?[View]
80625160In Russia shit gets done: Why do Russia get so much shit for being corrupt and backwards? They are l…[View]
80611397Average wage in Europe[View]
80613422/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: every confederate state EXCEPT georgia edition[View]
80625399Praise Yakub KARA BOĞA[View]
80622633Hilo latino pro vida[View]
80627376Natural Disasters: What kind of natural disaster is common in your area of the world?[View]
80618674/mena/: 7liwa edition[View]
80626471One third of worlds Canada gooses are in Finland: There must be over 200 000 Canadian goose in Finla…[View]
80616511/balk/: all glory to russia edition >>80595512[View]
80620471American hours are worst hours. >post quality decreases >underage figs >butthurt posters …[View]
80627629/brit/: Yeah? The 90s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_HGqPGp9iY are we talking about the 1990s?…[View]
80628893Do gulenists drink this[View]
80624136Winter pics from your country: comfy[View]
80626061Why do Amerirudes on this board keep threatening us with nukes?[View]

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