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1288652Eclipse in Oregon: I think I'm gonna take a bus up to Salem, but to save money I dont think I…[View]
1288388Lisboa Tips?: Going to Lisboa for 5 days. Anything cool to do in Lisboa or nearby cities? any tips w…[View]
1288187Gotham City: Hi, /trv/. Going to Gotham City on my next vacation, on Halloween. What should I expect…[View]
1288062Have you ever had a problem with language whils visiting another country?[View]
12885105 days In Austin, Texas: Hey anons, Gonna visit Austin Texas August 24th-28th. I got some friends to…[View]
1288400What to see/try/do in Stockholm during one day visit?[View]
1287189Travelling to the US from London in a week: Hi /trv/, I was just wondering if I should be applying f…[View]
1286734Well lads, I just bought a ticket to Sofia for three months. I've never left the USA before. Wh…[View]
1288455I've been to Crete this June. Please ask me anything about it and watch my short movie if inter…[View]
1288402My first real vacation: I have been working all summer and want to treat myself to a great, cozy vac…[View]
1287973Belgium: I am spending four days in Belgium with my wife. Any suggestions on how I should divide my …[View]
1288130Fellow amerifags, Which of the following cities would you choose to live in for a few years? Looking…[View]
1288379Would Belgrade be a cool place to stay for a few months?[View]
1285540>Is dehli belly (travelers diarrhea) really unavoidable in India? I've traveled to many thi…[View]
1288204Wheel for heavy rider: Just bought a new bike made sure it could support my weight but I have a prob…[View]
1284498>go on tour bus with family >random Chad joins our tour with 3 Stacies >2 Stacies on his la…[View]
1286625Travelling to Montreal: Hey anons, I'm a student and at the end of the month I'm going to …[View]
1288334Study in Malaga: I`m going to study in Malaga, Spain. Is there any good sugestions where to get weed…[View]
1276815/AMA/: I'm a lifelong New Yorker who hates my city with a blazing passion. Ask away[View]
1287873Overnight layover in Amsterdam: I fly into Amsterdam at 10pm tomorrow and my connecting flight is 13…[View]
1287649El Camino del Santiago Anyone done it? Where did you begin? What were your reasons for it? Did you g…[View]
1281498The world is beautiful: Hey /trv/ We are all red blooded men here as far as i know, so tell me: Out …[View]
1287486Illness abroad: Does anyone know how to beat fungal foot infections? I'm changing my socks and …[View]
1287605Is it ill-advised to use websites like orbitz for flight booking? Orbitz in particular, really. Goog…[View]
1288169Cheap travel: What's the absolute cheapest place to travel to outside of Europe from the UK ava…[View]
1287874Two months on the road - what to cook in a hotel room?: Starting in the last week of September and c…[View]
1287453Thailand Jungle Accomodations: Hi, I have 3 to 4 nights during the early September in Thailand and I…[View]
1287547Detroit General: What are some fun things to do in Detroit?[View]
1288083Montenegro: Something interesting to do in this country? More specifically in Herceg Novi/Igalo…[View]
1286612Norway!!: Just found out my brother is leaving tomorrow for a 14 day trip in Norway. -Land in oslo -…[View]
1287608Had a question about traveling in the Sahara. I'm a uni student, third year who has never ridde…[View]
1287859Slovenia: Please, /trv/, red pill me on Slovenia. I'm visiting for the first time next week for…[View]
1287498hey /trv/, I have no work or class from 11/18-11/29 and a budget of about 3,000 USD. I'm not su…[View]
1287665Stop me from shitting on a Japanese bench.: kinda NSFW im going to be visiting japan(tokyo) for a wh…[View]
1285937It's been over 2 years. Are you still there peru bro?[View]
1284000Have you ever had troubles with the police / justice while abroad?[View]
1287020Rome and Italy Thread: Me and my girl gonna spend a week in Rome.Any advice about things to see or o…[View]
1286811Tr; Dr: Is the shady bit of your city one chunk, or spread thinly everywhere? Just moved to Pittsbur…[View]
1287290Is it true that being an in shape 6'1' decent looking white guy will make me more attractive to…[View]
1287711What do you think of these statues?: These are the statues in Korea. One is expressing ginseng as a …[View]
12864213-4 days in venice: Must see? Must avoid? Money advice? What is the creepiest /x/ spooky type thing …[View]
1287834USA for 3 Months: So I see that my European passport allows me to stay in the USA for 3 months max. …[View]
1279205Sights to Behold in Montana and Idaho: Hi, /trv/. This September, I’m road tripping from Minneapolis…[View]
1286593Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a hot tub and was wondering what the grey tcircle things on ei…[View]
1285647Hong Kong: Looking at going to Hong Kong, was inspired after a thread on here a few months ago. I…[View]
1287027Budapest meet?: Im near Szall Kallman. Anyone want to meet and discuss Budapest?[View]
1280782Japanese visiting New York next week. Assuming I don't get BTFO by Kim's ICBMs are there a…[View]
1286015Hawaii/Oahu/Honolulu: Hey /trv/, I will be traveling to Honolulu in September for a week with friend…[View]
1286931Travel for long for less money: Hello hello Lets say i have 10k to travel for and want to go as long…[View]
1285632i hate where i live. where to go. can only speak english right now but will learn any language to ge…[View]
1287781SEOUL KOREA???: Sup /trv/!! >22 y/o Korean Canadian >Only been back to Korea 3 times in the la…[View]
1286256Travel credit card advice: What's the best card for getting air miles? I know there are all kin…[View]
1286400Boston: Going to Boston next weekend for 4 days. Will be doing the Freedom Walk and Red Sox game. An…[View]
1286556I am able to visit any 2 of the following states, which should they be /trv/? >Virginia >North…[View]
1287591I'm a 25 yr old burger who has spent my entire life living in and around Boston. I want to quit…[View]
1287628Hi /trv/, I'm looking for advice on where to go. I'm a 27 year old single guy who hasn…[View]
1286335Construction worker currently on Guam. Been out here for about a year and never had the gumption to …[View]
1286982Where would you recommend I go to have a wild night out with the boys? Im travelling to all of these…[View]
1286999I have some time during September to travel (maybe a week), and money isn't an issue within rea…[View]
1286434hey everyone im flying to Berlin and Amsterdam for 9 days total. I had a couple of questions and was…[View]

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