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1333154Reykjavik in a little over a day: I'll be flying home for Christmas from the UK to the USA and …[View]
1333097Tell me about trains in Sweden. Is it monopoly like in Finland or what? What is the cheapest way to …[View]
1332348How much of an effort do you make to learn the local language when traveling / living abroad? I…[View]
1328867West Africa: Ill be spending next semester in Ghana, and after May will have a couple months to trav…[View]
1329999What are some (cheap) countries where (first worlders) can live indefinitely without too much hassle…[View]
1332222What is the comfiest place in america to spend christmas time this year?[View]
1333751Im from Florida and im new to travelling, im a college student on a budget so im wondering how/where…[View]
1331562Patagonia: I want to go there with a group of 3 friends in a car and camp there. What should I take …[View]
1331239My family and I traveling to Prague for a Christmas vacation, and my birthday happens to be four day…[View]
1330543The big debate.[View]
1332440best hats in europe: I need the best, warmest hat possible. I'd like it to be some traditional …[View]
1331972i wanna go to hell what should i expect to pay[View]
1328748prague alone: cool or gay? ..going december to january[View]
1333434>love mountains and nature >can't really hike because of injury I'd like to rent/ …[View]
1333307Crossing Afghan-Iranian Border: In August this year I will travel across Iran from Turkey to Afghan …[View]
1330436I want to do the Real Traveler (TM) experience in the Dominican Republic. My Spanish is good, and I…[View]
1333447Las Vegas - Nevada State: Sup /Trv/, Las Vegas is a good place to live and engage in a Superior Scho…[View]
1333076Any good YouTube channels about travelling? Something like Rick Steves or Wolter's World? Or ju…[View]
1333459Can we all find this place?: I know for sure its somewhere in Georgia,maybe near Khertvisi fortress,…[View]
1332626What type of credit cards do you guys use abroad ? I’m from the U.S. btw. Also, general /trv/ pict…[View]
1333546Going to Washington DC for 4-5 days in late December. What should I expect? 1. I am going from Balti…[View]
13327472017 is wrapping up, what travel plans does /trv/ have for the new year? So far I have: >Tokyo in…[View]
1332300What's life like in Salt Lake city UT? I'm interested in moving there soon. Tired of being…[View]
1330042Japan General As always, feel free to ask about: >Traveling to Japan >Living in Japan >Teac…[View]
1333386I'm tired of Canada. I want to find somewhere tropical to live and work. Is there anywhere warm…[View]
1331623Which location/country/city, a place in general that combines beaches, mountains, forests (Europe on…[View]
1332991What bars are hipster/indie etc in LA? Or if it's easier, for young people in general?[View]
1333232French course in Quebec: Hi, guys. I'm from colombia and I want to make a French course in queb…[View]
1333387Going to canada bringing wine on my luggage: I'm going to canada, quebec city precisely for a f…[View]
1332142LONDON THEATRE: Going to London. Are theatre tickets as expensive as Broadway? Do you have to book m…[View]
1332528Tunis: Will be in Tunis for three days over Christmas. The focus is the Carthage site but are there …[View]
1333047Hey guys, I went through the catalog and couldn't find anything on this, I posted to /g/ as wel…[View]
1333144What's it like to be a tourist in Greece these days? What's the socio-economic situation l…[View]
1331597What can /trv/ tell me about Birmingham, England? I'm an American but my favorite 'football' cl…[View]
1331540Iceland, Norway, Sweden: Hey guys! My family is going to Iceland, Norway, and Sweden this summer for…[View]
1322566QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own threads.... How do you anons find the time and …[View]
1332718I’m solo travelling and I never cooked a day in my life. Been over a month of eating shit food and o…[View]
1332850I have a serious dilemma that could have been posted in either /adv/, /trv/, or /int/ but thought I…[View]
1332838I cannot for the life of me think of the name of this place that is similar in name and region to th…[View]
1329873Bora Bora: Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here has ever traveled to Bora Bora. I'm traveli…[View]
1332111Is the wanderer's type of livin' worth it? Has someone ever just pack a couple of things, …[View]
1331944I'll be in Santorini for four days this May. Any suggestions on what to do? Scuba diving looks …[View]
1332857Does anyvody know where pic related is located? I think it is suppsed to be Reine in Lofoten, Norway…[View]
1329583Hi, I quit my job and I'm now looking to spend most of December and all of January somewhere wa…[View]
1332826A nostalgic and peaceful coffee shop in Saigon: A nostalgic and peaceful coffee shop in Saigon https…[View]
1331369Anything worth seeing in Silicon Valley?[View]
1332822vietnam travel: Amazing coffee shops in Saigon: The Vietnamese have a love of coffee that is borderi…[View]
1328176Moving to Japan or Korea as a neet?: Hey /trv/, not sure if this is a good place for this thread or …[View]
1331795vanlife / overlanding: Is you were to live / travel on 4 wheels for an extended period what would yo…[View]
1332606Wanting to go somewhere okay in Canada for two months for as cheap as I can. Honestly I'm not r…[View]
1332309will people give me shit if I wear my comfy cowboy boots while traveling?[View]
1332567What is the best way to learn a new language in preparation of travelling to that country? I'm …[View]
1332600Kilimanjaro Veterans: Looking to go up Kilimanjaro next September, group of 4-5. Any tips from some …[View]
1332378I have a little over two weeks planned to go from Singapore to either Myanmar or Sri Lanka next week…[View]
1332127I’m planning a multi-country Europe trip with the Netherlands as my first destination. How easy woul…[View]
1332638New Year in Kiev: Going to be in kiev for new years. Any tips what to do or where to go bar/club wis…[View]
1334289Places with the least amount of Jewish influence and advice for things to see/do in this places. I…[View]
1332471Access in China: How do people in China get around the Great Firewall? It's impossible to acces…[View]
1332303dominican republic: Going to the DR for a week, what can I expect? What activities are there for de…[View]
1332233I will go to atlanta this week for 7 days. Mostly work but two or three days for whatever I want. My…[View]
1332547Hey there /trv, im looking to go away for 6 weeks at some point next year, i roughly wanna spend aro…[View]
1332289Which countries in Europe are the hardest to immigrate to?[View]
1330332First time posting here but I guess this is the best place to get some good advice: I'm plannin…[View]

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