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1364882Guinea or Madagascar?: So my parents bought me one of those tickets that’ll take me anywhere Delta f…[View]
1365087Going for Cape Town for 2 weeks with 400 euros. Accomodation paid. What should I do? I want to hike …[View]
1359760>What is the least visited country in terms of Tourism? I was going to say North Korea but after…[View]
1365167Banos, Ecuador to Huaraz, Peru: Hey guys, I apologize for making a new thread, I would've poste…[View]
1364833On fakebook >haaaiii we are leaving for thailand for three weeks >Cya inserthomecountryhere Wh…[View]
1356561Obscure parts of Russia: Anyone who's been to an obscure federal district of Russia and wants t…[View]
1355022Regions/countries you never plan on visiting: >Anywhere in Eastern Europe (Russia included) >A…[View]
1363814Wine tourism in Victoria: sup ausfags. I'm thinking of visiting vineyards and tasting wine in V…[View]
1362506I'm Irish and never have been to Ireland. Ever. Parent's moved to US before I was born due…[View]
1363532My mom and I wanted to do a quick vacation over my Spring Break so we decided on going to Quebec Cit…[View]
1365150First time going far abroad (not Western Europe), looking at going to the Caucasus/Turkey or Central…[View]
1365131New York City: I'm in New York City tomorrow, just for one day. It's my 3rd time there so …[View]
1362059Could I get a job in China with a masters in mathematics + work experience from a russell group univ…[View]
1365009Do you feel as if you have to be a natural extrovert in order to enjoy travelling alone? I'm no…[View]
1363978Move to Phoenix Arizona or Las vegas U.S: Thinking about making a move to either of these cities. No…[View]
1362718Can someone tell me how much money I should budget for 2 days in Switzerland excluding accommodation…[View]
1364944Where is this?: Subject.[View]
1361963New York Vs London I've never been to any of these places and know basically nothing about them…[View]
1362514Anybody here have any nostalgic or bittersweet stories about travel romances/friendships they experi…[View]
1364884What is the best place in the US for a camping/hiking trip? I just want to get away from my life for…[View]
1361958Japanese Manners: Traveling to Japan in two weeks for business (and some leisure) and wanted to ask …[View]
1364785What country should I live in?: I want to live in another country in europe, in a couple of years. I…[View]
1364507Working in Ibiza?: So might be able to get some work in Ibiza this summer on a party boat. However …[View]
1364675Anyone have experience fucking women who work at the All inclusive resorts at Punta Cana? Or have yo…[View]
1357799ROAD TRIP: Planning a week long road trip to get from my current military base and my next base. Thi…[View]
1361298This is just a rough idea, and I doubt all of you have seen or read Stardust Crusaders, but how hard…[View]
1364584Road Trip Critique: Hey bois, first time posting on this board. This is a ~~3 week road trip I am p…[View]
1362055Best place to LIVE in Brazil for 1 month?: Any advice? I want to avoid shitholes, but I also don…[View]
1359628Well /trv/, I tried and failed. Long story short I'm from USA, met an Austrian au pair, we fell…[View]
1363228I'm going to Europe this summer with a friend and we'll be spending a day or two in Paris,…[View]
1362856Mexican tuggeries ?: I am in Cabo Saint Lucas for the weekend and there are massage places everywher…[View]
1363875britbong coming to new york for a week solo: ok phags, I'm booking flights to New York for a we…[View]
1363501skiing trips: I'm planning a ski trip to Argentina this summer. Has anyone on this board ever b…[View]
1362899/westaustraliabestaustralia/: Perth and Western Australia is the best place in the world. 'Literally…[View]
1364371Cruise General: Is it worth it? How many days is enough? Any advice to make the most of it? Free d…[View]
1363842Personal Assistant in Canada?: Hey how do i got about hiring a personal helper or personal assistant…[View]
1362837Thinking of Travelling to Iceland in the near future. Redpill me on basically the do's and don…[View]
13596592 OLD 4 WHV: Who here /wastedyouth/? >getting to old to use WHVs >getting too 'old' to use hos…[View]
1363743What are some high-density but nature heavy cities/regions? Curious to see if there are some Austral…[View]
1364105So i'm seeing this chick that works for a large airline. She put me on a list that allows me to…[View]
1362739tradesman edu in Canada: Are there any opportunities of actual apprenticeship/tradesman education on…[View]
1358441Visiting Greece: My girlfriend and I will be visiting Greece this March and we are looking for sugge…[View]
1364395Drive West: I am driving from the Detroit area (48301) to southern California (92262) on the 20th. I…[View]
1360811Altitude sickness/acclimatization thread: Hey guys, I was wondering if we could get a crash course i…[View]
1364331Have any of you in your travels, found a place that above any other was calm, relaxing and serene? L…[View]
1363191Remnants of African kingdoms/empires: Where in Africa can you find the best-conserved sites of these…[View]
1363517This might be a bit mundane and boring, but do you have a plan for things going wrong like your cred…[View]
1363141Ireland: Going there and need a quick rundown. Can someone just give me the basic DOs and DON'T…[View]
1363277Falling for the volunteering meme: Gapyearfag here, 18, planning to spend between april and septembe…[View]
1363432First EuroTrip: Hello, My gf and I are planning are first euro trip. We are from Russia and want to …[View]
1364250Sarajevo: Hello anons 5 friends and I are travelling to Sarajevo come the end of this week Where sho…[View]
1363366Venezuela for a month: Hi, anyone been lately to Venezuela? Plan to visit for 3-4 weeks. How much do…[View]
1364129Where to go on holidays?: Hey there, I’m single, no kids, in my 30s, and with a limited budget but I…[View]
1361318Thermal Tourism: Are any of you into thermal tourism? Stuff like hot springs, saunas, steam rooms, a…[View]
1363656what do you think of Morocco?[View]
1364143Going across the river for wings: where is the absolute best place to get buffalo wings in Buffalo?…[View]
1363787Do you wear sun hats, /trv/? I really don't want to be one of those 'vacation panama hat' guys,…[View]
1364046Going to Calli. Any sugestions?: I've lived in Alaska all my life. Going out of state for the f…[View]
1363171turbulence stories: >roughly how many hours a year you spend in air >how often have you ever e…[View]
1361151SPAIN: SO MANY PLACES: Have eight days and looking to make an itinerary for Spain but could also go …[View]
1361900How do I have the most aesthetic trip to Asia? Taiwanese night markets? Hong Kong clubbing? Japanese…[View]
1364025Long-Term Luggage Storage: I'm going to be in Nice, France for 2 weeks in May for a sort of bus…[View]
1364043Belarus?: Planning on stopping by for a short weekend trip, now that they have visa-free travel for …[View]
1353388Middle East General: Ask anything regarding Middle Eastern Countries[View]
1363454Food poisoning Is it inevitable? How do you deal with/prevent it when eating on the road?[View]
1363139Central America - Los Angeles in 4 weeks: Hi, I would like to fly to Central America (from Europe) a…[View]

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