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No. Name Excerpt Replies
1201699AnonymousIceland Trip: Hey, Hope there are some Iceland bros here. I was wondering if I could get some help,…7[View]
1202682AnonymousWhat does /trv/ think about travelling through a volunteer program vs. backpacking by yourself? Pros…4[View]
1199017AnonymousCentral America or Mexico?: Is traveling in Central America or Mexico better? I want to experience M…13[View]
1202689AnonymousMoved back to small town from city I'm so depressed I havent left my house but to apply for job…3[View]
1202817Anonymousscawfc: awdaw0[View]
1202461AnonymousHey /trv/! Long-time /trv/eler here. I'm out of university until September and have nothing pr…2[View]
1201694AnonymousToday it turned out I need to travel to Beijing. Have you ever been in Beijing? What is the smog sit…10[View]
1201669AnonymousEast or West: Hey /trv/ My friends and I are planning a trip out to Europe (Americans). They all wan…14[View]
1200729AnonymousSahel: Has anyone been to Niger or Chad? I'm planning a motorcycle trip in the Sahel region, an…9[View]
1184100AnonymousWhat was your worst case scenario while abroad?: Anything bad as getting kidnapped, mugged, beaten, …255[View]
1202355AnonymousDubrovnik Croatia and Kotor Montenegro: American here The girlfriend and i are looking at visiting t…20[View]
1202450AnonymousNow that the visa situation is nicer, I'd like to visit Minsk or nearby Belarus for a bit (thou…5[View]
1202361AnonymousGoing To Scotland (Glasgow, Campbeltown, Islay) In May, Tips on Finding Good Lodgings?: So at this m…5[View]
1202638AnonymousHawaii: I'm heading to Hawaii in late April for a vacation with my girlfriend. We plan on flyin…0[View]
1201774AnonymousTravel from Vietnam to Europe by train: I just started my travel in South East Asia some days ago, r…6[View]
1199649AnonymousJapan General: New Japan General As always, feel free to ask about: >Traveling to Japan >Livin…316[View]
1201976AnonymousNot actually a traveler but a student in other country, what to do if u lost ur wallet and have noth…4[View]
1199738AnonymousI recently started vlogging. Could I get some honest feedback on my first travel vlog?17[View]
1202075AnonymousSup /trv/, I'm doing a road trip around the south eastern United States, and hope to be hitting…5[View]
1201911AnonymousSan Diego: I'm going to San Diego, CA with a friend for 7 days this summer, /trv/. Redpill me o…6[View]
1199685AnonymousGf and me decided spontaneously to go for a week to Oman. It was her idea and I don't know anyt…52[View]
1197279AnonymousMorocco - Marrakech: Hi guys I don't post here much but I just wanted some advice as I'm v…28[View]
1200495AnonymousDutch language: Not sure if this is the right places to be asking this. I'm 3/4 Dutch but born/…28[View]
1202326AnonymousTuscany: Hey /trv/. Going to Tuscany, figline valdarno region, with the girlfriend in May. Any reco…1[View]
1195699AnonymousYear in retrospect: >Where did you go in 2016? >What was your favourite country and/or city? …65[View]
1200472AnonymousIs India the most spiritual destination in the world to visit?26[View]
1200791AnonymousSofia, Bulgaria: I'll be in Sofia for 3 nights soon. Is there anything you would particularly r…10[View]
1201822Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0tqWjGvZtI&t=5s Should one go to Denmark? is it like vid relate…3[View]
1201064AnonymousUSA Eclipse: Anyone travelling to watch the Great American Eclipse on August 21st? I'm flying …12[View]
1202391AnonymousI really wanna go abroad for 1 year (work and travel) but I didn't completed apprenticeship yet…0[View]
1201515AnonymousHelp me build my life again, guys: Hi /trv/, this might not be the best place to ask but it's s…9[View]
1201054AnonymousStudying abroad: I'm stuck with a dilemma. I have the option of studying abroad, but I cant see…8[View]
1202205AnonymousAn-225 Mriya The Biggest Passenger Airplanes in The World Biggest in the World 2017: An-225 Mriya Th…6[View]
1202214AnonymousSan Francisco for cheap: Going to San Francisco for a weekend. Any recommendations on what I can go …10[View]
1191194AnonymousSouth Korea General: Let's try to get a good, informative thread going and hope the weebs don…131[View]
1199305AnonymousIceland: I'm planning a holiday in Iceland and was wondering if anyone could give me some info.…18[View]
1201741AnonymousCity's: what is you requirement for a city? >convenient public transit and metro >at leas…14[View]
1202300AnonymousGoing to spend the rest of the week in Freiburg with my old man. Anything worthwhile a 70 year old h…0[View]
1201877AnonymousI have 21hrs layover to spend in Changi Airport (Singapore). What am I supposed to do while waiting?…16[View]
1201092AnonymousI'm going on a lengthy tour of South Asia - India, Thailand, etc. - and I want to bring [A LARG…19[View]
1202281AnonymousI'm heading off to Maui from Oahu for a couple of days. I'm planning on staying on the eas…0[View]
1202272AnonymousPlanning a trip to Los Angeles: Which are the good neighborhoods to visit/stay in LA? Which neighbor…0[View]
1199479USAGuyUSA! Talk: Gonna start a general United States thread. Going to NYC? Post here. Going on a road tr…11[View]
1200909AnonymousMetrics to Consider: What kind of things do you consider important when moving to a new city? Cost o…7[View]
1201370AnonymousTunisia: Hello, /trv/. I'm looking to take a couple weeks off and visit Tunisia, because airfar…8[View]
1197320AnonymousSo I've been living in Paris for a few months now (studies) and I've seen al lot of the th…12[View]
1202138Anonymoushey /trv/ I'm a Canadian university student applying to an exchange program with a university i…0[View]
1200816AnonymousWhat's the best way for a girl from the Ukraine to get a visa and come to the US? My brother ha…23[View]
1195381AnonymousIran?: So, as an american am I allowed to go to Iran, and should I? Is turkey a much better vacation…58[View]
1201250AnonymousShould I drop my hometown to live in Colorado for a few months?: It will cost 2k about, I have nothi…2[View]
1200109AnonymousSleeping in car: I'm 5'7, got a 5 seater diesel, no obligations, a steady passive stipend(…6[View]
1201914AnonymousGerman: I'm planning to go study music in Austria, so I'm looking at learning some basic G…4[View]
1173948AnonymousThailand: My friend and I are going to Thailand. This is our itinerary: Bangkok 4 nights Ko Samui 4…324[View]
1200246AnonymousWorst Travel experince you have ever had: >Girlfreinds grandma dies >she wants to go to funera…15[View]
1201900AnonymousI hear super good things about Colorado i am planning a trip there as i may move there soon can anyo…0[View]
1201725AnonymousAn old vagabond in his 60s told me about it over a beer in Central America, goes something like this…8[View]
1197655AnonymousGoing to Florida for a while to escape the snow, what's there to see except for the usual touri…35[View]
1201374AnonymousI'm going to Victoria, Canada on July for english improving at Global Village (in Downtown) thi…7[View]
1201633AnonymousHow much more expensive is it to travel with two check-in bags as opposed to one?6[View]
1201412AnonymousVermont: So I'm visiting Burlington Vermont from Ireland next month and looking for any stuff f…4[View]
1201794AnonymousHitchhiking general?: I'm going to be hitchhiking from Oxnard California to New Castle Indiana …1[View]
1200932AnonymousI get to spend a week in France after attending a conference, and I have around $600 saved for those…10[View]
1199936AnonymousTaiwan Living/Travel?: I'm thinking about moving to Taiwan for 6-12 months maybe longer if I li…25[View]
1199928AnonymousMight be backpacking Europe over the summer: Going with friends. Starting in London, going to Scandi…10[View]
1201674AnonymousAnguilla (British Overseas Territory): Any Brits here been to Anguilla? According to the Visa websit…2[View]
1201276AnonymousWhat should I know/do while in Buenos Aires?8[View]
1197592AnonymousCuba: Flights to Cuba from the US in the spring are super cheap friends and I are looking into going…19[View]
1201606AnonymousMe and the lads want to travel on motorbikes around Vietnam, however all of us has never rode a moto…7[View]
1201464AnonymousI've always dreamt of a beachside town in a european country with good music, cheap local food …6[View]
1199978AnonymousHow much do you earn? How much do you spend on travels? How long do you spend travelling each year?13[View]
1201177AnonymousI need ideas for a nerd-friendly lads holiday. A place where my idiot friends can go without being b…8[View]
1201638AnonymousDriving through Europe: Anyone have any experience of this? I'm heading off from UK towards Gen…0[View]
1201154AnonymousAnybody here have any experience finding jobs in other countries? It looks like I'll be going t…7[View]
1201235AnonymousI recently turned 18. For my birthday, my godparents have offered to pay my travelling expenses for …9[View]
1201607Anonymouskuala lumpur, looking for company: hey! I'm in kuala lumpur now (for 2 days), want to meet some…0[View]
1198805AnonymousIs this country worth a visit?30[View]
1201555AnonymousJET Rejections: Post in this thread if the JET program didn't even have you move on to the inte…1[View]
1197791Anonymous>go to dubai for work >it's ok >wouldn't want to live there forever but it was in…110[View]
1196332AnonymousNew Orleans: Good places to eat in New Orleans? Cool shit to check out?24[View]
1197657AnonymousBest of Austria: Hello Anons from Austria. I am often visiting your country and like Tyrol the best…10[View]
1201478AnonymousPost Travel Depression: How do you all deal with the jittery restlessness that comes with coming hom…7[View]
1201502AnonymousHey trv, My fiance and I want to go to Russia and Ukraine (to visit Pripyat) for our honeymoon. She …0[View]
1200476AnonymousBali general: Alright bros, I'm going on my honeymoon to Bali in less than 24 hours. We work so…7[View]
1201249AnonymousTaking time off to travel: I've been heavily flirting with the idea of taking off of school/dro…9[View]
1200772AnonymousI'm going on a lengthy tour of South Asia - India, Thailand, etc. - and I want to bring my digi…30[View]
1201306AnonymousI'm a 27yr old Aussie doing the LA to the Bay Contiki tour in August - https://www.contiki.com/…1[View]
1201294AnonymousHave any of you guys tried WWOOFing before? How was it?0[View]
1201283Anonymous/trv/, I'm a young college student from Brazil and I want to spend a few months in the US or En…0[View]
1201258AnonymousI may be getting a traveling job in a few months. I've lived and worked in the same small town …3[View]
1199742AnonymousTravelling Europe as a minority: The refugee crisis has completely changed the dynamics of travellin…21[View]
1201238AnonymousAnyone live in Los Angeles ? How is life there? im reading reviews and it seems like a romanticized …0[View]
1201173AnonymousI fucked my rental car in Portugal: I mounted a curb and it took a chunk out of the inside of the ti…6[View]
1201163Anonymouswhere is the cheapest place to go for a weekend in europe from the UK (flights and hotel) so far the…3[View]
1199709AnonymousSpain & Portugal: I didn't see a thread in the catalog, so I thought I'd just make one…14[View]
1201137AnonymousDrinking in Boston, good idea or bad idea? Going to be there for 2 weeks.1[View]
1197199AnonymousVisiting the MOTHERLAND this summer: I'm planning on visiting Russia this summer with some frie…14[View]
1201112AnonymousWhat up /trv/ im about to go on a cross country road trip. This will be my third trip over the cours…5[View]
1200241AnonymousHas anyone you know ever been to easter island as a tourist? And how long do you reckon it would tak…3[View]
1200847Anonymous>try to find carry on luggage since the duffle bag i bring is a little bit bigger than requiremen…3[View]
1199608AnonymousITT: /trv/ feels stories >be me >be in August of 2016 >travel to Portugal to meet two inter…6[View]
1200229AnonymousWhat's a way to travel cross country with no money or transportation?7[View]
1200430AnonymousHow to travel without traveling? I'm stuck as fuck in this shithole suburban area for legal rea…10[View]
1198220AnonymousLet's color in one map with the places we've been in 2016, and where we plan to go in 2017…40[View]
1200839AnonymousBaby's first trip here: Took my vacation days and went off to Thailand. Loving every second. Pi…6[View]
1200595Anonymous>flight delayed 50min >connection layover was 50min >have to catch another connection after…3[View]
1199204AnonymousHello, I want to go to America (I'm from England if that matters) and have always been interest…14[View]
1200388AnonymousFlying internationally with a guitar amp: I'm going to japan for a few months relatively soon, …7[View]
1200747AnonymousI have a six hours till kill during a lay over (not including flight/security nonsense) in Kula Lump…3[View]
1200586AnonymousHow much liquid can I take in checked baggage on an international flight? I want to bring a 5 litre …4[View]
1198595AnonymousWhere in Africa are people least hostile/most welcoming towards Mzungu travelers?10[View]
1200574AnonymousItalian Beach Advice?: Ciao, /trv/, I'm spending the summer in Italy with my family (wife and t…2[View]
1199528AnonymousI'm going to Florence soon. Any good restaurants you'd recommend if you live or have visit…8[View]
1200737AnonymousI'm soon going to take an international fly with two scales (Milan and London) and I need to re…0[View]
1200341AnonymousAustralian in Moscow! What do?3[View]

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