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1453997Not sure if this is the best board for this, but I'm on the north shore in MA. That new casino …[View]
1453840Will I get bored if I stay in Bangkok for 3 weeks? I've never stayed in a city for that long. I…[View]
1453951I guess you get this questions on a daily basis but i figuered i give it a shot: me and my friends a…[View]
1452926I have a question lads I need help. My all inclusive vacation flight time was changed by Sunwing and…[View]
1453572Can a cutie Swedish chick please show me the rural areas of sweden while im looking for a farm to bu…[View]
1449619I've been thinking about visiting a Scandinavian country, which one would you say is the best f…[View]
1453652Has anyone heard of the company 'Remote Year'? thoughts, opinions etc... I'm thinking of quitti…[View]
1452627When would be the best time to visit Europe in your opinion /trv/? Autumn, winter, spring, or summer…[View]
1449517Georgia/ Caucasus: Hey /trv/ booked a flight to Kutaisi and back for 2 weeks early October. Any sugg…[View]
1453773how do I leave my small town if im on probation? I have money and I just want to leave and go to the…[View]
1453474Redpill me on cruises Are they fun, boring? Considering one but I dont know much about them, gimme p…[View]
1446705Likely getting a job soon in San Fran. It is part time work making about $3000 after taxes, with a 6…[View]
1446536San Antonio or New York: I’ve just been offered a move within my company to New York from London,( o…[View]
1448421I’m a Mexican and next year I’m getting my Spanish passport thanks to a new law that will permit Spa…[View]
1451643So, going to the south of France. Flying into Bordeaux but beyond that I'm stuck. Can you recom…[View]
1453318Has anyone traveled around southern Italy and Sicily? The furthest south I've been is Salerno. …[View]
1450858Hungary: Will go to Budapest soon, any recommendation is welcome[View]
1452390Polish Travel Tips: I'm gonna travel for the first time in Lodz soon. Any ideas what not to or …[View]
1447754Has Italy actually become an underrated destination to relocate to? I remember articles in the news …[View]
1453439Yo tell uncle buck and everyone at team IQ I'll be back from the equator on friday, shit is not…[View]
1452051Standby Flights: Its by far one of the most stressful experiences you can face inside a airport othe…[View]
1449557Working in Cuba: Any advice for a European working in Cuba for 5 Months? > Cuba General…[View]
1453228Moving to Bangkok: I’m planning to move to Bangkok. Where would I find cheap apartments? Is it possi…[View]
1453114sup /trv/ is Cuba good to visit for 5 days in August (next couple of weeks)? or will the weather be …[View]
1452959Long distance by boat: To make in short, I took a travel in Asia and felt short on money recently. I…[View]
1452823in athens, just saw an old women approach a female tourist and start hitting her with a stick and ye…[View]
1453262'Courtesy Hotel Shuttle' - how does it work?: Thread title kinda says it. I've booked a night i…[View]
1451044Going to Budapest and Krakow in Christmas time. Gonna spend 2 weeks, one week in both. Any tips, rec…[View]
1453263redpill me on this guy is living in an rv the redpilled way to travel?[View]
1453183Redpill me on Mexico: Ive never ever heard legit bad things about it, and the ppl who actually go sa…[View]
1452499How does Japan check visa eligibility? Basically >went to japan twice this year >got 2 90 day …[View]
1453160Getting jobs in other countries: How can I be sure that I can work in Singapore. I am a refinery/nuc…[View]
1453010Hi /trv/ I need some advice. Me and my wife are traveling to New Jersey for wrestlemania next April.…[View]
1452684language: has anyone here forgot the most basic things in a foreign language? I was in Greece until …[View]
1450454Omaha NEBRASKA: It's been roughly 10 years since I've been stationed in this literal hellh…[View]
1448633What travel youtube shows do you watch regularly?[View]
1452968I’ve only been here a couple days but boy, is it ugly. I love museums so at least there’s that, but …[View]
1452655are these pages for real?: http://www.noborders-group.com http://www.job2go.org These two just appea…[View]
1452636Crime of the century: I’m Australian. I’ve been living and working in Canada for the last year. I’ve…[View]
1452649First time traveling solo: I'm looking to see something new and travel alone as a single 25 yea…[View]
1453069has anyone here worked as a snow maker at sun peaks resort BC? was it an ok job? trying to ring rev…[View]
1448969What would you guys prefer to visit in august. Regular Canada/French Canada/ New Orleans[View]
1450431What are your best/worst hungover situations in a foreign country?[View]
1453040Me and my brother are planning on saving up some money, and leaving town in a few months. Going from…[View]
1452765Visiting amsterdam this september.: 4 students and we are on a budget, but we do have a car. We…[View]
1451744Grees: I have a ticket to Athens, flying in 2 weeks for a week. Do you think it's safe consider…[View]
1452879Help: Hey guys, I have a question. I'm a Serbian citizen but currently living in the US on a sc…[View]
1449685Have any of you ever gotten tired of traveling? If so why? Inb4 travel photos[View]
1452885Hidden gems Europe: Alright /trv/ what are some real hidden gems located in Europe? It can be cities…[View]
1452273Wat do: So me and a friend are planning the end of a trip to Europe from September to mid October. W…[View]
1452036What is the best language purely for traveling?: I already spent about four years learning Japanese,…[View]
1452622Spontaneous trip to Hawaii: So recently (last night) I was a few drinks deep and got a call from an …[View]
1433364TEFL GENERAL - Respect and Kindness Edition ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ: Alright, boys. Let the love and peace storm…[View]
1447561What are your thoughts of Dubai?[View]
1451651Izmir Bazaar Musical Instruments: Hello /trv/ bros! This Thursday we decided to visit Izmir from Chi…[View]

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