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1307397MEXICO CITY: Calling all Mexicans. I need some guidance from you. I am planning on travelling to Mex…[View]
1311499Afghanistan thread: Sup /trv/ I'm starting a Central Asia - Middle East trip in a week and I…[View]
1308211I'm trying to book luxurious hotels in UK for cheap. Is my best bet hoteltonight? Any other alt…[View]
1310856im planning a trip and im still undecided[View]
1311787Pop songs are tourist marketing gold: https://aboveaveragetees.myshopify.com/products/galway-girl-ir…[View]
1311211Volunteering: Is it normal for hosts to jew their volunteers? I offered to volunteer in Indonesia fo…[View]
1311490Is South Korea really just a shittier version of Japan? I went there for work for two weeks a few ye…[View]
1311632What's the most interesting trip you've ever taken on a whim? After I broke up with my las…[View]
1307424First Time in Boston: Hey /trv/ I'm flying into Kitchener on October 12th for a friend's b…[View]
1311349Amerilard here. I want to move somewhere affordable (but not disgusting like Cleveland or Detroit) a…[View]
1311561Going to Munich for the new years. Any cool stuff to do there?[View]
1307326What's Mannheim like?: Hello. So I'm planning on studying abroad in Germany next year. I w…[View]
1303060Budapest: Why didn't you warm me that this is a complete shithole? No one speaks English, Germa…[View]
1307818Cheap Room Prices!!!!: With recent events, I've heard a rumor that Room Prices in Vegas are goi…[View]
1309092I'm an autist going to Budapest for my first solo trip. I suck at initiating with new people, t…[View]
1311036Has anyone on /trv/ done Tumbleweeding at Shakespeare and Company? Would you recommend it?[View]
1310107Hi guys, I'm a 27 year old guy from Uruguay. Will be travelling to Europe, arriving to Amsterda…[View]
1310616What's it like to live in Ireland, particularly the West? Should be going on a study abroad to …[View]
1310588tl;dr What cities would be most enjoyable to live in as a disabled person? I'm living in San Fr…[View]
1311136WWOOF?: Has anyone her traveled through WWOOF? I think its a neat idea in its entiretiy but how effe…[View]
1310892How hard would it be for a 30yo gay virgin to get laid in Amsterdam, if they were thinking of going …[View]
1310079Film Alert: Darien Gap threads are common here. Many times on /trv over the years I have seen people…[View]
1304363Veery hopeful RTW: So this the second installment of sharing few photos from my (still) veery hopefu…[View]
1296525Why is Rome so shit? Not even the 'sights' make up for it. It's just shit .[View]
1311181Country between country in Europe coming from the US: How much of a hassle is it for me to travel fr…[View]
1311368First timer in /trv/! May not be the best place BUT... My job requires me to travel city to city fo…[View]
1309816Moving to London for a year because of work. Suggestions on where I should live? Budget up to 2k GBP…[View]
1309837>tfw haven't traveled anywhere so far this entire year[View]
1310970Halp me /trv/, you're my only hope. Is there a way to use Google Translate on images from my we…[View]
1310434North or South Korea budget problem: The problem - I'm a student and only have a budget of 2000…[View]
1309603>meet french person in hostel >they are a pretentious dickhead every goddamn time.…[View]
1311192Can you hire ski gear in Zermatt?: I don't have any appropriate gear for skiing at all, includi…[View]
1310959Travelling as a wagie: I'm assuming most of you guys are like me in that you have a full time j…[View]
1310121What country should I visit in Latin/Middle/South America? I like culture, nice beaches, good food a…[View]
1309198Sup, I am planning a halloween adventure trip for the 26-30. I want to make it a tradition among my …[View]
1309965Iran: Has anyone here travelled to Iran ? Do the young people there speak english ? What should I ex…[View]
1310606Thoughts on australia, cool things to do/places to go planning on going soon[View]
1310853I live in Melbourne, Australia and I want to go by car to Uluru with a friend, since neither of us h…[View]
1310954Work in Australian outback: I'm going to Australia in a couple of days on a working holiday. Th…[View]
1310329Is there anything worth seeing or doing in eastern Oregon? I'm actually curious.[View]
1310619How much money would you say you need in order to travel rest of your life. Let's say we automa…[View]
1308033Any advice on a central european road trip? I'm thinking of starting and finishing in Munich an…[View]
1307773New Japan General As always, feel free to ask about: >Traveling to Japan >Living in Japan >…[View]
1310431Is there a more autistic testament to civil engineering than the Tokyo subway system?[View]
1310597Anyone from/have visited Montreal here? I’ll be going up this December and wondering what all is ope…[View]
1309821Language Immersion: Where should I go to learn Spanish? I plan on doing a language immersion program…[View]
1309016My dad is renting a house on Turks and Caicos for the family for Christmas break. What are some thin…[View]

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