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1222007/SQT/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Since there's no thread right now, let's get one going. F…[View]
1227486Hostels: I'm travelling to central Europe solo this summer using mainly hostels. I am only 18 a…[View]
1227706hitchhiking general: Ask questions, tell stories, meet travelling buddies I'm polish, 24, male.…[View]
1224351Ehi anon, I would like to travel to Sarajevo with my 3 friends by car from Italy. One of my friend i…[View]
1227373Lithuania and Poland: Sup /trv/, so me and a group of friends (20yo) have 11 days to spend in Lithua…[View]
1223299>popular tourist places you have 0% interest in ever visiting, even for free. Pic related.…[View]
1224373Japan General: New Japan General As always, feel free to ask about: >Traveling to Japan >Livin…[View]
1226207Moscow and Golden Ring: Hello /trv/, I am in the early stages of planning a trip to Moscow and the G…[View]
1227520Do you guys upload your journeys to tumblr at all? New to it and thought I'd enjoy following so…[View]
1226419Flight Cancellation Fees: Halp /trv/, I'm doing a road trip across the US with my father in lat…[View]
1226867Philippines question: I'm in the Phils, and want to purchase some dick pills aka viagra. How mu…[View]
1227467My First Cruise around the caribbean: On Friday I am taking my first Cruise, >Cuba >Jamaica …[View]
1227158I want to take VIA across Canada. Im having trouble finding detailed information on their website ab…[View]
1227198Riga vs. Pardubice: So I'll be studying one year in one of these countries. But I'm not su…[View]
1226880Hey /trv/ I'm an American wanting to go to England tomorrow. I know it's basically impossi…[View]
1227343Alone in Japan: Hello, everyone. I'm thinking of going to Japan alone for two weeks in the end …[View]
1226686ok guys first time posting here so yea ill cut to the chase umm met a cute girl online shes from por…[View]
1227312sup /trv/ Plannin on a trip in late april with my two friends, riga-amsterdam-paris-riga, a weeklon…[View]
1227304Any techno clubs (maybe something more underground stuff) in Copenhagen? I found info about Exile bu…[View]
1225990After some research, I've decided to either head to Colorodo, Nevada or Cali for a retirement m…[View]
1227086I've never travelled before in my life, but I fucking need to go somewhere, or I'm going t…[View]
1226481Rome in the rain: Rome in the rain: How would you spend 5 days in Rome when it is raining? Thought…[View]
1227175\\\How do I apply for a work visa /: \\\How do I apply for a work visa // Job in Australia/UK/South …[View]
1224109Lobster-adventurer (it will be kind of nickname): Hey wats up guys! Im from Ukrain and am fucked up(…[View]
1226983Hi! I am a foreigner in Austria and I was thinking of visiting a legal brothel here (I have never vi…[View]
1227118Hey guy's I'm really sick and fucked in the head because there's so much mold growing…[View]
1226330How/where do i find a cheap apartment in Spain to stay for a few months?[View]
1226599Miami beach: hi, I am going to spend 2 weeks in miami beach with my gf, any tips what to do there? i…[View]
1227079Hiking in Eastern Canada/US: I'm planning a road trip from Toronto to Mexico City this summer a…[View]
1226633Hi, i'm new to this board. in august im going for 7 days and 6 nights to amsterdam, i'm wo…[View]
1227021Working in Amsterdam.: I've just returned from Amsterdam on Sunday night and I really loved the…[View]
1226677>(random Italian gibberish) >sorry, don't speak Italian >'aah, Americano?' >nah, Au…[View]
1226433Have an unexpected two week vacation coming up. Where can I travel to thats fun and costs less than …[View]
1226987What a beautiful![View]
1226950is NY to LA via 'route 66' the best american driving holiday for a foreigner? any other su…[View]
1226200How much money in U.S. dollars would it cost to travel to Japan and see the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I…[View]
1226933Shanghai & Hong Kong: Hi guys, I'm looking for some tips and recommendations for my upcomin…[View]
1226722Loneliness while travelling: Hey /trv/, I'm currently on my first solo trip in Europe. Im in se…[View]
1226888Hello, Can anyone tell me, is there any particular/popular booking websites where majority of russia…[View]
1226877Things to do in Northern New Mexio April 8-13th: I'm going to Santa Fe during my spring break, …[View]
1226242Lapland - Lappi: Going to Lapland with a rented car in few days. We want to focus on the natural pla…[View]
1221825Travel Jobs: Soon to be college graduate here, I'm looking into travel jobs that I could fuck a…[View]
1226538>Hot grills >Great nightlife >Cheap tickets >Westernised and multicultural, looks like L…[View]
1223492Hey /trv/ so I've never been to minneapolis but I'm planning on moving their at the beginn…[View]
1226700Travel Podcast: What does /trv think of my new travel podcast?It is a fictional traveler sort of mem…[View]
12226343 months in India: Hi /trv/ ! So my work is sending me to Bangalore (India) for 3 fucking months. Ho…[View]
1226496USA Travel Suggestions: Been to the US for a couple of times now, but I cant seem to decide where to…[View]
1226486How do I get ready for Mongolia?: I want to go to Mongolia and become competent in the native nomadi…[View]
1223759I want to go to the Philipenes, what should I know before I go there? Not my first time travelling b…[View]
1225512I'll be travelling to Rouen, France in May. Im also visiting a few towns in Normandy. What shou…[View]
1223552What do: I'm in greece, fags! What should my black ass do?[View]
1224478Should you spend your twenties having fun and travelling and then build a career in your 30s? I fee…[View]
1220609>15 hour flight How do I stop from stinking by the time the plane lands? Any tips on how to be fr…[View]
1226493Morrocco: Hello, I'm travelling next week to Morocco. I will be visiting Marakesh and climb Jeb…[View]
1223580Any tips on picking a ski field for the South Island of New Zealand? Will be traveling around the is…[View]
1213878What's the worst experience you've had on an airplane?[View]
1226111Are the red regions worth visiting?: I was planing to do a road trip around this regions? Is it wort…[View]
1225522From U.S.A to Japanland: Hello, I was a bit unsure exactly which board this thread would belong on s…[View]

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