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1264650XC Road Trip: I'm taking a cross country road trip from Atlanta to Coronado or maybe San Fran. …[View]
1264569Crete for 6 nights: I'm going over to crete with a couple friends, we are all in our late 20s. …[View]
1261287Bringing a laptop with porn in it to China: So, I'm going to China soon, and was wondering abou…[View]
1264540I could use some help buds, I'm staying in Hawaii for a week and would like to know where to go…[View]
1262805How do I travel as cheap as I can? I need tips since I just started and I don't have alot of mo…[View]
1260073Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela: Hello /trv/, I have some questions about the Jacob´s Trail and…[View]
1264314Marrakech: Hi /trv! Tomorrow I'll take a flight to Marrakech and I've never been there. We…[View]
1264365TSA Electronics: I'm leaving to Europe on Friday and I read somewhere that only 2 lithium-power…[View]
1264013I have about ten days around New Year's with which to travel. Which do you recommend: Cambodia …[View]
1264230Anyone on /trv/ ever just move away?: I've been thinking of just dropping everything and moving…[View]
1263091Hitchhiking: Hey /trv/ I'm planning on hitchhiking from Seattle to Los Angeles for the first t…[View]
1264041Public Transportation in the US: Hey, /trv/ My family wants to visit my uncle for his birthday in Ma…[View]
1263998Has anyone trained at a Muay Thai camp? What were the pros/cons? What suggestions do you have for so…[View]
1264081Is this too much?: I have a plan for quite a large trip next year, starting from the Netherlands, my…[View]
1256746Biking Denmark - Italy: So I'm three days from leaving on my bike trip through europe and despe…[View]
1264030What kind of career options can I approach to give myself the opportunity to traveled. I have been t…[View]
1262202Safest Place In Utah/Colorado To Sleep In: Preferably a white suburb where I can roll out a sleeping…[View]
1261179If I go to Brazil, as a slightly above average american white man, what are my chances with the loca…[View]
1263931Not sure what other board to post my /tr/avelers, but I am at a predicament. I speak fluent English,…[View]
1252930World's largest household thing: Recently I've checked out some guinness world book record…[View]
1263682What reason is there to travel outside of the United States? This is a serious question. The United …[View]
1263611Airplane anxiety thread: Travelling from DEL-KUL in a few hours, and even though Ive flown atleast t…[View]
1263244I have the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka for a week or two in August. What am I supposed to do in t…[View]
1263588Going on a roadtrip soon with my friend who has never been to the west coast. How does this route lo…[View]
1258832What is their to do in Nice? I'll be going with my gf in Aug.[View]
1263636I just spent six weeks going around Spain, thought I'd rank the cities I went to. I went with m…[View]
1262738PASSPORT VALIDITY I'm a US passport holder with only four months validity left, resident in the…[View]
1263906>decide to drive into payson with no AC cause my AC broke >get to payson. >115 F >steeri…[View]
1262393Freight train hopping.: As a bong who lives on a small island, i really want to experience train hop…[View]
1263035How to get phone service while traveling for a few weeks internationally(america to greece)? My phon…[View]
1257259Blending in: Do you try to blend in with the locals when you travel? Or do you resign yourself to to…[View]
1263540Hey anons, i'm done living my life, I want to get away from all of this bullshit. I just want t…[View]
1263550Vermont: Going to northern Vermont next week. Any suggestions on places to go? Mostly gonna be kayak…[View]
1262449Because of work, I'll be staying in Nuremberg from September to December and I have a couple of…[View]
1262354I've always seen South East Asia as a place for insufferable young people to 'find themselves' …[View]
1263481Has anyone here done a tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat? If so, who did you go through? I'm lookin…[View]
1263000I'm going to Dubrovnik for a week with my family in like four hours, whats some fun shit to do?[View]
1262038Portland, Oregon: AM 24, living in shithole town in Tennessee with no jobs or opportunities for shit…[View]
1263687Millennial in manchester: Yo /trv/, I have a traineeship starting next month in manchester so pls gi…[View]
1262852How do you guys get the money and time to travel so much? I can barely get 2 weeks free this summer …[View]
1263408>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9eXi3RL8q4 What are other youtube channels like SerpentZA and A…[View]
1263615How long does it take for an ETA to Canada to process if they ask for additional documents? My fligh…[View]
1263466I've got 14 hours worth of flying ahead of me. How do you self medicate for flights? Do you nee…[View]
1261341Greek Travel: Nah, I'm not talking about Greece, I'm talking about travelling while in a G…[View]
1263545Whatizzit?: Hey /trv/, let's play a game. Post some pics from your travels and the rest of us w…[View]
1262404Greyhound Bus: So /trv/ I'm considering taking a loooong trip on a Greyhound bus. Is it going t…[View]
1256769What's a good career for people who want to both live and travel abroad as much as possible? Wh…[View]
1261816YUGESTON: HOLOGRAPHIC HUGE HOUSTON EDITION: I'm going to Houston in July. I like drankin microb…[View]
1259539Rabies in China: Oy, I'm in China soon (Shanghai, Peking, Huangshan). Couldn't get a vacci…[View]
1263191Hey guys, wanting to go to Thailand soon. I hear you get treated amazing and the food/resorts are gr…[View]
1262870Is it normal to sometimes get slightly depressed over how temporary friendships you build while solo…[View]

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