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1240444sex tourists /trv/ meta thread: Sex tourism posts need to be banned, it ruins the board and the coun…[View]
1238201what's bangladesh like for backpacking compared to India?[View]
1237554I'm 18 years old and want to go here really badly but only have $2,000 saved up. Can I make thi…[View]
1238124Two Week Itinerary for Ecuador: Hey all, I'm flying from Detroit to Quito on May 8th and going …[View]
12407315'6 Manlet here. I've been doing research as to the countries with the shortest people. I…[View]
1240417So I'm gonna fly into Vegas next month and rent a car. I'll be in the area for 8 full days…[View]
1240178Kathmandu informations: Hey, French guy here, stuck in eastern KTM for 3 months, looking for general…[View]
1240428>parents going to bangkok for a week >i'm going with them >i have another week of vaca…[View]
1238132alright, family. i'm gonna give it to you straight. i hated having a job, i hated going to scho…[View]
1240678Why do you many of you seem to get upset at progress?: It seems a contingent of /trv/ bemoans when d…[View]
1240762Emigrating to Lyon: I am a brazilianfag, aged 18, I'm going to move to Lyon in july, I'll …[View]
1240811Kibbutz: Anyone ever volunteered on a kibbutz? I'm considering doing it this summer, but the no…[View]
1238919>is a one day tour of Chernobyl worth it? I have 5 days in Kiev and I absolutely hate tour groups…[View]
1240466Okay quick how can I get free rides to and from where I need to go (the next town over) to pick up m…[View]
1239918What are your experiences of getting lost somewhere while traveling? Pic related is me slav squatti…[View]
1240490Ski/Snowboard Trips: Sup /trv/, do any of you guys travel for the snow? Favourite destinations? I…[View]
1233796Peaks of the Balkans - has anyone hiked there? I'm thinking of going there this summer, maybe i…[View]
1236526Britfag here This year I want to take a road trip around art of the USA. My provisional route is in …[View]
1238188Japan General: New Japan General As always, feel free to ask about: >Traveling to Japan >Livin…[View]
1240608Father/Son Euro Trip: Hello /trv/. I'm looking for recommendations. My father and I (I'm …[View]
1238184Thinking of leaving my life behind and going to California for a while. Financially what should i ex…[View]
1230978Travel fuck-ups: OK, /trv/, which one of you is Milan Schipper. Put your hand up. We're all fri…[View]
1239876Posting cigarettes: Hello travellers of 4chan! Wondering if any of you guys have posted cigarettes b…[View]
1239773Cheap Travel Tips & Tricks: I know many of you guys aren't the stereotypical go-to-some-tou…[View]
1240284what percentage of your time do you spend travelling?[View]
1240124I am thinking of studying tourism (Here in the Netherlands it is called HTRO and at the university I…[View]
1239764Spring Break parties THIS WEEKEND!!: https://youtu.be/_rU0gs-Wmvo[View]
1240011Athens thread! Any recommendations about Athens and the area? This can include sights, museum, trav…[View]
1233606countries with a bad rep that arent really very dangerous: Somebody stiffed me at a store earlier by…[View]
1240545Renting a Car: Hiya /trv/ Going to Denver in July and need to rent a car, never rented one before. C…[View]
1240491Is there anything in Northern Alberta or Northern Saskatchewan worth seeing? I'm moving up to N…[View]
1240300Disneyland: Can we have fun in Disneyland with my gf? I do not know anything about there but I think…[View]
1240152Unplanned Yellowstone etc trip: i need help /trv/ i am fucked >from europ >want to go see yell…[View]
1240206Finland!: I'm going to be in Helinski for the 100th anniversary celebrations on December 6th. W…[View]
1240346Young 25 y/o entrepreneur here from USA going to dubai to try to convince some billionaires to sign …[View]
1240252North Italy to Switzerland - Itinerary: Hi guys The fiance and I are going to North Italy for a hone…[View]
1235327Trans-Siberian RR: I've heard romanticized stories of the past about this railway, and I think …[View]
1234796New Zealand: Hey guys, What are some cool things to do in New Zealand? I'm planning on going t…[View]
1238837Montreal: Hi ! I'm going to spend some months in Montreal Quebec since I'm lucky and got a…[View]
1240274Hey /Trv/ Here's a questions. I'm traveling to Japan in a few months. I went to Europe las…[View]
1238898Small Towns & Cities: Places worth seeing outside of tourist and immigrant hellholes known as ci…[View]
1240275Hey guys, I currently live in the UK and I was wondering if it would be possible to move to Hong Kon…[View]
1240207The beauty of Brittany (North France)[View]
1239866Nantes for cheap: Hey /trv/ I wanna try and check out the bigass robot elephant in Nantes but I…[View]
1237531NYC - Experiences: I'm very well travelled, just got back from Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakh…[View]
1238646Netherlands: When should I go there? Which places should I visit and which activies should I do? my …[View]
1239436Big cities Australia: I've lived and worked in Brisbane for the last 6 months, now looking to t…[View]
1240120I plan a weekend solo trip to Stockholm. Can you give me some advices, what should i definitely see …[View]
1239949I have never gone out of the USA before and was interested in visiting Bali, has anyone here been th…[View]

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