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1213663>that person who always tells you how dangerous the place you're traveling to is…[View]
1214172Going to Montreal for Nuit Blanche this year. I'll be there with a friend from Thursday the 2nd…[View]
1214961I'm looking to mentally and spiritually detox in SEA. I'm planning on doing Three Passes a…[View]
1215286I'm in mexico near tulum and i have 2 weeks to do something mind blowing... can travel anywhere…[View]
1215291>He doesn't live in a first-world paradise at a safe distance from worldly concerns Must suc…[View]
1215205Hey /trv/ planning a 10 day trip to Spain in May. Our flight is to Barcelona, but we're thinki…[View]
1212680>Warsaw - 3 days >Torun .5 or 1 day >Gdansk - 2 days >Berlin - 4 days >Wroclaw - 1 …[View]
1215018SE Asia: beach with low tides for snorkelling: Where can i find a beach with low tides at this time …[View]
1213166Living anywhere but here: Who here has moved internationally? Where from/to? How did you find it? Ar…[View]
1213942Going to the Philippines in april, heard pick pockets are a big problem. Any ideas on ways to avoid …[View]
1214892Balkans Advice: Hey /trv/! I'm flying to Sofia next Tuesday and will travel around the Balkans …[View]
1214165re-enter NZ with a different passport?: Hey folks, Would love some advice of course, any first hand …[View]
1209226Hi /trv/ >europe trip with gf, january 2018 >never been to europe, neither of us >5000 USD …[View]
1211184Japan General: New Japan General As always, feel free to ask about: >Traveling to Japan >Livin…[View]
1212245I'm starting a new job in Eskişehir, Turkey, next year. Because I'm going to be pretty fla…[View]
1214166Reaction thread trv edition >Walk into the hostel lobby and acoustic covers of pop songs are pla…[View]
1215005So I'm from the US, but I really have a strong desire to travel and visit Central and South Ame…[View]
1214307Learning to sail: I'd love to learn to sail and one day sail around Europe and maybe beyond, or…[View]
1213848How can I travel such that I enjoy it?: I'm young and have money. Supposedly that means I shoul…[View]
1214019Does Shangri-La exist? Can someone recommend me the most beautiful tropical place to hike? The type…[View]
1208431Why do so many americans think international travel is prohibitively expensive? I am an american and…[View]
1214578Okay famalam, here's the deal. I'm looking to move out of the USA. I'm 21, have rough…[View]
1213698Camino de Santiago - Who here /blessed/?: I leave in a week to Spain, and will be there for about 6 …[View]
1211842India general: Sup /trv/ I'm planning on travelling India from January to July next year with …[View]
1212058What would /trv/'s perfect 3 whole day (and 3 night) itinerary be for Tbilisi?[View]
1214660Shooting in Makati: Visiting Makati for work for a couple of days. I come from somewhere with hardco…[View]
1213853https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQSzk44hBmk >sold everything >bought a van and a piano >tra…[View]
1213044Just post a photo of the one place you want to see before you die. Kel Suu Lake.[View]
1210610>Adelaide, Australia >business travel >2 to 4 weeks >March-April wat do? I'm likely…[View]
1214265Serious question. How do I become a Buddhist monk in Nepal? Specifically in Nepal though.[View]
1214708Hey guys, I'm planning a car holiday from the Netherlands to Austria but there's a proble…[View]
1212606Planning a journey of a lifetime for this year. I plan on going from British Columbia to Patagonia.…[View]
1214006Travel + Backpack question: Hi guys, i will be flying from Munich to Australia next week and i want …[View]
1212773I'm taking a job In Seoul. Has anyone been to seoul, or South Korea in general? How are the se…[View]
1210846Travel Photos Thread: Haven't seen one of these in a while, let's get going.[View]
1211538Real Travelers general: Namaste, lets have a Real Travelers general going? Post about the exotic loc…[View]
1213482Aus to Canada: Considering going on a working holiday from Australia to Canada. I'm almost 19 a…[View]
1211179Arrived Laos few minutes ago. What should I expect?[View]
1212264I will be going to chile in april and be there for around 2 weeks. What do you recommend doing? Any …[View]
1214116Travel & Survivalism question: Hey /b/, I currently live in France, but it never felt like home,…[View]
1213487Is Vegas a meme, overpriced rooms, overpriced alcohol, and pinky activities that take money?[View]
1213469how feasible is it to do regular international travel with a doggo?[View]
1214343European SIM card: Can anyone recommend a SIM card that works in all/most of Europe? I'm stayin…[View]
1213662Backpacking in Australia: Hey guys. So lately i've been thinking about backpacking in australia…[View]
1212422what was it like living in new york at the time of 9/11? what changes did you see to your life? was …[View]
1214414Going to spend 4 days in Berlin. What cool things are there to do there?[View]
1212064What are your experiences eating out alone while traveling? I'm not really afraid of being judg…[View]
1214294Overland crossing Myanmar-India: Sup, /trv/. I know for a fact that crossing Myanmar-India is possib…[View]
1214281Has anyone here travelled to do aid work or disaster relief in the third world? Share some experienc…[View]
1213221How autistic is it from me to plan my first trip alone with an excel-table ? Does anyone else do thi…[View]
1211642I have 0 /travel/-ing experience, but i decided to un-fuck my life and visit spain alone. So i need …[View]
1213603>speak fluent Spanish >want to visit the Dominican Republic with my gf and 2 other friends …[View]
1207652Which city in America has the most efficient public train system? You know, for people that don…[View]
1214367English assesment: Hey guys Im writting a travel diary for my english assesment in which i have to w…[View]
1214185What is there to do in or around Santa Fe, NM? It can be touristy, I don't mind.[View]
1207963Couple vs. Solo travel, /adv/: Always wanted to solo travel. I'm 21, 6'3 blond/blue eyed a…[View]
1213886Hey /trv/ going to singapore for about a week for my mates 21st What are some cool things to see (I…[View]
1214335ive been looking at cost of hotels there and its about 1k a week on average, but every picture of th…[View]

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