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Displaying 54 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1478366How do you feel about long-term traveling, say 6+ months at a time? Have you done it? Do you recomme…[View]
1476415Is now the time to visit Thailand?[View]
1479636Got as job as a travel agent: Anybody here a travel agent that can give me pointers or what you get …[View]
1479906europe: me and my grandfather are going for 3 weeks because hes getting old and may not be able to g…[View]
1477369Less known travel destinations: Let's list some of our favorite places you've been that mo…[View]
1474309>9 hour layover[View]
1474130Eastern Europe thread: Is Eastern Europe worth visiting? Any underrated dishes? Any favorite cities?…[View]
1477971Are hostels safe? Just the idea of going to some dirt cheap hellhole to sleep in an open setting ful…[View]
1478150Anyone here been to Madagascar before?[View]
1475304Turkey general: With the lira so low is there any reason not to visit Turkey? Favorite places there?…[View]
1474634Australian WHV thread: It's coming up to the big money winery season in the Riverina in the nex…[View]
1478226does anyone here ever wish they went on a cross country trip with friends? >take rv or camper …[View]
1478933Budapest: I'm going to Budapest for a few days with a couple of mates next month and have a few…[View]
1479487Does anyone here work in the tourism industry? What sort of job do you do? Do you recommend working …[View]
1479617Me and the lads are thinking of going to Croatia for a holiday. What goes on here? Good choice? Wha…[View]
1476621This thread is about scam, touts, traps and general criminal activity that primarily targets tourist…[View]
1474264Washington and Oregon: I'm planning to go to Washington and Oregon this coming Christmas to vis…[View]
1479317Going to japan for a 3rd time: Ive gone to japan twice with some friends well this time im going by …[View]
1479454How do you get over post-holiday blues? I just went on a 3-month trip to Europe having the time of …[View]
1479305Austin & Dallas: I'm going to the 2018 US GP (Formula 1) in Austin with a small group of fr…[View]
1479412Honeymoon: USA or Japan/Trans-Siberian train: Hi! So it won't be very specific thread, but I…[View]
1479020In a few weeks I will be staying with friends in Graz, Austria, and visiting Ljubljana and Trieste. …[View]
1477115Korean Tutoring: Anyone here interested or know of anyone trying to learn Korean as an English speak…[View]
1477711Balkans in winter Is it a good idea to travel to Balkans during winter? I'm planning to visit S…[View]
1479180Best online resources for travelling? Europe in particular.[View]
1477157Hitchhiking Experiences?: I'm planning to travel soon, and one of the things I wanted to do was…[View]
1479333Havana for a day: Currently working on a cruise ship that is heading to Havana the day after tomorro…[View]
1479181Fiji: Sup /trv/ Going to Fiji soon and was hoping to get some recommendations about day trips to oth…[View]
1474727What are the best and worst things about living in New Zealand?[View]
1478189Romania: Have a few days with a car in Romania and want to experience the traditional life. Am going…[View]
1476374visa types and moving to the US: hello, i've never been to this part of 4chan before. used to b…[View]
1479011Trip to London: How much money would you recommend having as spending money for a trip to London? Is…[View]
1478990Planning on going abroad for my first time. Is it a bad idea to fly first class across an ocean if …[View]
1476470Can never fall asleep on planes What do?[View]
1478790Amerimutt traveling to Prague -- Hotel, AirBnb or Hostel?: My Dad just died, so I'm flying into…[View]
1477513I'm a 26 year old and Argentina with italian citizenship. The crippling economy in this country…[View]
1478874Namibia, anyone?[View]
1479058Going to the fijis in two days. Is thrre anything worth doing other than just relaxing at the beach?…[View]
1477224Cuba Thread Couple of questions. How do you pronounce the name currency. Cucs. Is it pronounced cuck…[View]
1478962I want to bike through Europe (UK, France, Germany) Is it worth it visiting the towns and countrysid…[View]
1477832How does /trv/ define a Real Traveller™?[View]
1478494What's the best Disney resort?[View]
1478922Barcelona: Off to Barcelona soon, what do there?[View]
1478879What are the smartest, most economical ways to pack lightly for a long trip?[View]
1477880Driving from Bucharest to Graz via Serbia/Croatia: I only have a burger driver’s license. When I cro…[View]
1478282BELGRADE TIPS AND FUN: I am in Belgarde on a boys trip right now. Any tips on what we should visit a…[View]
1444489QTDDTOT: I usually always just draw money from ATMs on my trips. However the last to trips (India an…[View]
1476769Where to go after christmas/early january?: Sup /trv/lers, I was considering traveling after christm…[View]
1476195New to singapore: Visiting singapore for the first time for a couple of weeks does anybody know any …[View]
1477119Why has Yemen issued a travel ban on analysts?[View]
1475632LOL at RVers who 'travel' in the US when it all looks like pic related[View]
1476542Advice: Im looking to book a trip for 2.5 weeks in November. However, I need some advice as Im a bit…[View]
1476581Japan General: Post about: >Traveling to Japan >Living in Japan >Teaching in Japan >Join…[View]
1478110What are the best and worst things about living in Croatia?[View]

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