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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 54 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1422350New Life: Hey /trv/, so idk if this is the right board but I'll write here anyway. So I'm …[View]
1422427I plan on becoming an expat and moving to Czech Republic. pls tell me about your country[View]
1421446The Australian Government gives travel advice to its citizens on the safety of countries. What'…[View]
1421264Virginia: Hello Virginia anons and /trv/ anons who've been there, I plan on staying in Lexingto…[View]
1421839Going to be in Dallas next week for work. Looking for some bar areas that might be busy on a weekday…[View]
1422298most likely moving to VA in 2 weeks: moving to an area near lexington in 2 weeks from ct and dont kn…[View]
1421910*glares in your face while you sit down* fuck was philly thinking?[View]
1418485Is it worth it to take a trip to southern California for 5 - 7 days? I don't have enough money …[View]
1419861Things to do in Chiang Mai over a five night stay?[View]
1422207Hello everyone This is my first time on /trv/ I would like to ask you about my trip to venice i have…[View]
1422165Relocation: Repost from /lit/ at an anon's suggestion. While closest to my interests, /lit/ was…[View]
1422154Im planning a trip with a couple of friends to holland and was wondering if any of you have some tip…[View]
1421279Hi /trv/. Planning to spend a few weeks this summer holiday hiking around Czech Republic/Austria. I…[View]
1420515Spanish Pyrenees: Me and some friends are taking a road trip in a campervan through the Pyrenees nex…[View]
1421873Going to Bretagne this friday, what are your recommendations? Especially in regards to food, nightli…[View]
1419279American Hoods: Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8l23xcAT1o&t What are the best Am…[View]
1422060What do you think of Bologna?[View]
1422103>my gf is moving from Minnesota to Florida Any anons out there that can give me some advice to m…[View]
1418739Gonna be in Boston this weekend, /trv/. Couple of questions for anons who know about the place: 1. A…[View]
1419320W-why do they have these dish cleaning nozzle so close to the toilet? Do Asians wash dishes in the b…[View]
1421620>read suggestions for travel >go to X neighborhood what exactly do you do in these neighborhoo…[View]
1422044Hey /trv/. I have a few weeks up my hands before I start a new job. I'm just sitting around the…[View]
1419538How do I do this? Does it work for Masters?[View]
1420434Hi /trv Me & my gf, Polish-Turkish couple are going to Porto at the beginning of July (5th-8th) …[View]
1419006Hello /trv/ I'll be traveling from Toulouse to Marseille renting a car for one week at the end …[View]
1421987If I'm traveling to Europe, I shouldn't have to mess with international call plans or anyt…[View]
1420135>visiting places with population under 1000[View]
1418650Back when we were still Humans: Is there any lawless place left on earth? It seems any corner of thi…[View]
1421762Italy-Germany: I’m planning a trip and wondering if its feasible to go from Italy to Germany overlan…[View]
1421619ITT: Medieval /trv/[View]
1421957I'm going to Hanoi, Vietnam for a few weeks. What should I put on my itinerary? I don't ca…[View]
1418529Is there anything interesting or worth a visit in eastern Northrhine-Westphalia? From all I heard it…[View]
1421378Jungle Tourism: Hi /trv/ fellas, So, I'm looking for suggestions for a good place where I can d…[View]
1416505Barcelona, Vienna & Prague: I'm going on a European vacation with the family in July and ne…[View]
1420483Why aren't screaming, crying, seat-kicking, loud and obnoxious kids (say under 15) kept in the …[View]
1420916down amazon - safety: Hey /trv/, I'm thinking of doing this trip: Iquitos (Peru) to Manaus (Bra…[View]
1421676I’m traveling Solo and not enjoying it: How can I make the most out of my solo trip /trv/? I’ve foun…[View]
1421581I an travelling Norway across in a week. Any advice?[View]
1421629I still sometimes have wet dreams. I'm going to be on a really long flight tomorrow, and I…[View]
1421524Anyone tell me what this dam thing says ( And no it doesn't say im a faggot I already checked)[View]
1420838What would be a good major for school that would allow me to travel a lot? I'm not really sure …[View]
1421441Polar Bear / Beluga capital of the world: Any one been to Churchill, Manitoba? Seems like a dope pla…[View]
1420990After College Getaway Thread: So, my friends and I will be finishing college next May and, just like…[View]
1418876Travel hiccups, flight cancellations and unforeseen events: Has anybody ever cancelled a flight with…[View]
1419897Should I move to Brunei or is in danger of crashing?[View]
1421390I'm in South Korea, and someone gave me a live cactus. How can I get it back into the USA?[View]
1419944I'm thinking of going to Turkey for summer vacation, what places would you recommend me to go t…[View]
1421360Domestic US Travel--any favorite rental car companies?: Hi, all! Californian heading to New England …[View]
1420193Why is cheap travel looked down on in the US so much? I recently told my coworkers about how I trave…[View]
1409577Girlfriend getting in the way of travel: She wants to do resorts and cocktails. I want to find weird…[View]
1421160Holy fuck plane tickets are expensive: >Not been on holiday since I was twelve >Don't car…[View]
1419778Northern Ireland: Have to be in Belfast, Northern Ireland for a year starting in september, have to …[View]
1421347Flamenco: Well /trv/, i'm planning a trip to Madrid. I'm fantasizing about going to some b…[View]
1421290Which city is that ?: Hello Do anybody know which city that is ? Thanks in advanceeee <3[View]

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