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1736874AnonymousHow do I find out what coin was just added to c-cex???2[View]
1738149Anonymous>price moving lower >rsi bottoms moving higher Brace yourself guys. Warn /pol/ as well.…2[View]
1737151AnonymousHey /biz/ lately I've been in need of those online services on which you can receive free sms a…2[View]
1737971AnonymousQuestion for bizfags: What the fuck do I major in? I hate math, I'm absolutely awful at it. I f…12[View]
17370504chanthugMoney: I'm a high school senior and It is imperative I make $20,000 by June. What are some good…29[View]
1736842AnonymousBND: Good time to get into bond funds?3[View]
1738069AnonymousWho else made money on tsla?6[View]
1738298AnonymousRedpill me on Goldman Sachs: How do they have so many of their alumni in high positions of governmen…1[View]
1738243AnonymousHello, newfag here. My daughter (minor in the US) got a few thousand dollars this christmas. I woul…6[View]
1738168AnonymousWhat type of business could give a hard-working individual a small fortune? I'm looking for a k…14[View]
1737618AnonymousWell lads it looks like TRUMP has been dumped. I'm down 4%, should I cut my losses and save the…10[View]
1738218AnonymousHi /biz/ I was just wondering something about the stock market. Couldn't it be possible to neve…9[View]
1737867AnonymousNewfag here I got $4,000 cash gifted to me. I've got no experience trading or anything of the s…8[View]
1737264AnonymousNewbie stock questions.: Okay i dedicate this thread to a place where new traders can ask questions …8[View]
1732325AnonymousPrinting money: Tell me why the government can't just simple print more money to pay off debts …41[View]
1734771AnonymousCan you all just stop majoring in computer science? It's literally a meme degree and the market…73[View]
1738158AnonymousHelp me pls: Assume the minimum bank capital requirement as 8% of assets. Start a banking company wi…1[View]
1737823AnonymousSo I accidentally sent in a resume to a business using my personal gmail account, which I got really…2[View]
1737763Anonymous>shouldve listened to /biz/ on trumpcoin >bought only $50 worth in november because I thought …8[View]
1737754Johnny AppleseedCar Stocks: /Biz/, whats the best car company to invest in going into this week?5[View]
1738094AnonymousQuestrade: Is Questrade a good platform for Canadian long-term investing? Any better alternatives? S…2[View]
1738054AnonymousSup /biz/. Anyone ar familiar with Copyrights ? I want to create a news website for a specific nich…1[View]
1737074How to make money as a kid besides jobHow do I start investing in dividend paying stocks and possibly cryptocurrencies using PayPal and a …19[View]
1737058AnonymousMinors: Are they useful or should I concentrate on what's important? I am taking Economics with…3[View]
1737266AnonymousIs it even worth investing in these guys or are they going to stay in the $30s forever?5[View]
1737895AnonymousJust watched flash of genius FUCK FORD !!! Justice will always win.. Rest In Peace Robert W. Kearns1[View]
1725553Anonymoushey /biz/ I'm a girl and I want to make money on the internet how do I accomplish this without …110[View]
1737790AnonymousNintendo. Let's talk about it. The company revealed the Switch last week in a long underwhel…5[View]
1736604AnonymousI'm well aware that purchasing land in China is very different to the West (1. foreigners can…7[View]
1737845AnonymousExtra money: Which way do you guys gain some quick extra money online,(selling and buying bitcoins, …0[View]
1736359AnonymousHello /biz/ is there anything like 'bitcoin general' I want to start mining, any tips ?14[View]
1737829AnonymousWhat would the best possible global trade alliance for America? Would an Eastern or Western market b…0[View]
1737034Anonymouspic related owns KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut but I was wondering whats the point? what do they eve…5[View]
1737579AnonymousCan I buy a city?4[View]
1735703Anonymousis /finance/ a lucrative major?19[View]
1736891AnonymousSo is he full of shit?: Anyone one of y'all encounter this millenial growth hacker? I've h…6[View]
1736790AnonymousProgramming for /biz/: What's the best programming language for a finance major to learn? I hav…10[View]
1737489Anonymous/biz/ Save the bluepilled coiners: BTC 911 has come and the tower is ready to fall on it's foot…2[View]
1736089AnonymousDoes anyone have an effective system for filtering stocks out in order to have a closer look at pote…13[View]
1734963Anonymous/TCG/ - Trumpcoin General: RACE TO THE TOP EDITION: How will the world governments react to their ne…329[View]
1737552Anonymoustherealtrumpcoin: Tired of the pumps and the dumps meme coiner apprentices? Cryptocuck two pump chum…5[View]
1735710AnonymousOPERATION PUMP THE TRUMP: Lets get TC to rank one on pump my coin. Step 1. go to pumpmycoin.com Ste…8[View]
17376734chanthugewhore 4 Money: Does anyone know anything about ewhoring? I'm trying to get into it, how does i…0[View]
1737585AnonymousWhere can i find the answer key to this GMAT pdf: http://www.kaptestglobal.com/sites/kaptestglobal.c…5[View]
1737281AnonymousOkay, so, after reading a lot of posts talking about the TrumpCoin I decided that maybe it'll b…14[View]
1735837AnonymousI save money by eating only plastic rice and ordering in bulk from China. How does /biz/ cut food co…14[View]
1737054Anonymous>tall >good looking >billionaire hedge fund manager You have 10 seconds to tell me why Da…5[View]
1737475AnonymousChildhood obesity is on the rise >inb4 moon How do we profit from this?…2[View]
1737477Anonymous>over 600 days wasted through procrastination since I left university >plus the 400+ days I wa…8[View]
1737529Anonymousis he /ourguy/?1[View]
1733978Anonymous>not buying stocks of well established companies that have been around for 50 - 100 years with re…13[View]
1737166AnonymousI have an edge to make millions of dollars off the foreign currency market, but I'm broke penni…28[View]
1737347AnonymousWhat are some essential books or writers for economics/finance2[View]
1730493Anonymous/rgt/ ROBINHOOD GENERAL THREAD - HOLDING OVER THE WEEKEND EDITION: >Bump limit is 315 and thread …319[View]
1735601AnonymousTell me why I shouldn't convert all my US dollars into euros when they reach parity.14[View]
1736515AnonymousCashing out on dual citizenships?: So I now have dual citizenship in England and USA. My family is p…7[View]
1737411AnonymousIs this shit normal or warning signs?0[View]
1737209AnonymousIndian Sanjay is coming for your job anon. What are YOU doing to help your fellow western worker /b…7[View]
1737402AnonymousWhat do I withhold for 2017?: I have a part time job that pays me $20K per year. I have some intermi…0[View]
1736773Anonymouswhat do i do: heres the scoop i had 4 grand in btc from buying/selling etizolam (started with $300 …8[View]
1735694AnonymousGood Books on Electrician Work?: Hey /biz/ Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I wan…3[View]
1729020AnonymousMeal Supplements: I'm looking to create a meal supplement like Soylent. Why are people afraid o…84[View]
1737118Anonymousbruh, I don't have a fucking single degree, just made capacity test and scored very well. I hav…14[View]
1737355AnonymousHas anyone else had government interviews akin to this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP0sqRMzkwo…0[View]
1735708AnonymousAlright bois. RNVA is ready to set sail to the Moon on Tuesday. Buy it at $0.10 or lower. It's …8[View]
1737208AnonymousPrivate Security Business: Greetings /biz/. I'm looking for thoughts about the Executive Protec…2[View]
1737195Anonymous>get an email for a job application >'we regret to inform you that you have been unsuccessful'…3[View]
1734301Anonymous26yo, disabled from work accident, living in gothenburgm small flat, getting €1150 + €820 a month9[View]
1737007AnonymousQuestion: What would it take, realistically, to become a millionaire using stocks/penny stocks?…3[View]
1737237AnonymousGood reads on stock trading: What are essential reads on stock trading?6[View]
1735911Anonymouse-commerce: Who here has tried their luck on places like eBay? Any tips? Did you spend a lot of time…2[View]
1737149AnonymousMedical Cannabis: Whats the most profitable sector in the Medical Marjiuana industry? Dispensaries? …8[View]
1736526AnonymousTfw: >you will never go to the market after selling your shares in a maurutanian mining company a…8[View]
1736899AnonymousPassive income?: Been making about $100-$300 a day for the past year and a half, looking to earn mor…15[View]
1735660Anonymoushow do I into Forex?: Probably not many people up right now, but are there any good (free) courses t…5[View]
1736194AnonymousI need to make $50,000 in a year's time to pay back a loan shark or I am fucking dead. My curre…25[View]
1737141AnonymousFall for the public sector meme or put money elsewhere?: What do? There is a mandatory (pre-tax) am…0[View]
1735140AnonymousFreelance websites: Hello. Let me put you in context. I live in Venezuela, yes, you know it, the com…27[View]
1736761AnonymousIf administrative and accounting jobs are under such a great risk due to automation and information …4[View]
1737091AnonymousHow retarded is it to take out a £10,000 loan, invest it in FTSE 100/S&P 500/Developed World Mar…3[View]
1736256AnonymousI just started a $200 account for fun and I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I literall…33[View]
1736554Anonymous/biz/ pump and dump: heres an idea: why don't /biz/ get together and start pumping extremely lo…7[View]
1736766Anonymous>he spends more than 100$/mo on hobbies9[View]
1736126AnonymousI bought £100's worth of Canadian $'s last tuesday, should I expect them to creep up or to…4[View]
1736563AnonymousBecoming A Machine: Hey, fellow /biz/illionaires, what are you doing in order to maximize your life …7[View]
1735490Anonymouswhat are the best ways to identify a housing bubble?10[View]
1736772AnonymousInvesting techniques: Since I got addicted to finance, concretely to the stock market, I've lea…8[View]
1736327AnonymousI'd like to ask your advice /biz/. Do you think it's possible, or even relevant to ask any…3[View]
1736914Anonymouswhat are some relatively safe /biz/ drugs i can do to be on a constant dopamine rush4[View]
1736760AnonymousWhat is the fastest/simplest/most guaranteed/ best way to liquify btc for the real cash money?5[View]
1736815AnonymousI want to be rich. Filthy rich. I want to be rich enough that I can bribe my way through life, to ge…4[View]
1736836AnonymousInvesting account: > I was so hyped to open my cash account today at my bank, had all my photo ID…2[View]
1735641AnonymousIs this how you money?: If I make only if my yearly net income minus all living expenses is only $25…11[View]
1736843AnonymousStarting Bitcoins: So whats the best way to turn US Fed notes into bitcoins and how do I use a bitco…1[View]
1736413Anonymous>invest in buttcoins >forget about it >come back and it's now a small fortune, say hal…9[View]
17346914chanthugImmoral ways to make money part 2: I want to start selling fake supreme to rich hypebeast fags. Some…42[View]
1736740AnonymousTop of the chart?: There are articles that the housing market is starting to cool. There are article…0[View]
1736650AnonymousMotivate me to move my ass: I'm 19, never worked, never had a GF, living in my mom basement, do…7[View]
1734376Anonymousto the moon: Swedish MyFC and this beauty. https://www.amazon.com/MyFC-JAQ-Fuel-Cell-Charger/dp/B00U…10[View]
1730739Anonymous>Be Mexican >Computer Engineer >Recruiter wants me to go atlanta to be a codemonkey with S…48[View]
1735511Anonymous/biz/, save me: >weed is a waste of money >weed makes you unmotivated >weed makes you lazy …23[View]
1736465AnonymousHow do I profit from my blindness?: So /biz/ I'm diagonised with glaucoma and will become compl…10[View]
1735885Anonymoushey biz: How to make money online? Tell me ways to do it? I have no idea how. What is a easy and eff…3[View]
1736601AnonymousDavos meetup: Anyone from /biz/ at the WEF? Piano Bar 11pm?3[View]
1736631AnonymousHow to tell if a currency is sucessful or not: How do I tell if a currency is doing well or not? Is …0[View]
1734858AnonymousMaking Money Online: >tfw just want to make money online so I can travel wherever I want whenever…5[View]
1736546AnonymousIs anyone in /biz/ involve in restaurant business? Would a waiter/waitress get pay more if they rece…2[View]
1736509Anonymous>be self-employed in Europe >generate 12,500 Euros per month in revenue (so raw incoming money…12[View]
1736539AnonymousCheap programming labor: I keep hearing /biz/ mention cheap IT and programming labor in Asia but whe…6[View]
1736538AnonymousNTCXF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhvZMaZpuYU Bounce off .25 then breaking .4 and its loose...I…0[View]
1734394AnonymousWhat am I doing wrong - Shopify?: My prices are reasonable, I think I have good products, although I…30[View]
1733150OPTech: Tech startup thread. Ideas. Thoughts. If you think you want to start a company, what do you fe…39[View]
1736493Anonymous[spoiler]>Having been raised with the self esteem movement so popular in schools, I used to expec…1[View]
1735157AnonymousTo Canadians:: What's the best site to sell random stuff on the internet? Kijiji? Ebay?2[View]
1734634AnonymousYay your rich you get to enter the 'waiting to die' phase of your life earlier than everyone else wo…22[View]
1735836AnonymousInterview with Fluffy Pony: TEAMSPEAK Tuesday ts.whalepool.io5[View]
1733839AnonymousWhat kind of ventures have you embarked on to make money on the side other than a job, /biz/?39[View]
1735591AnonymousIs joining the Air Force a smart financial move?: I've been thinking about joining the Air Forc…3[View]
1736063AnonymousI already have some TRUMP that I got at 63c. Should I /buythedip/ too?5[View]
1734622AnonymousI have 350 euros I can spare. How do I use them to gain more money?9[View]
1736299Anonymous1 MILLION DOLLARS: Hi /biz/, first time poster here. Didnt even notice this board exists but now I f…5[View]
1735539AnonymousMoney laundering: I need a way to launder cash into my back account. What are the rules with banks a…16[View]
1736181AnonymousWaves: Is waves ever going to make comeback? It was on it's top in november. I made a mistake a…3[View]
1736258AnonymousHi /biz/ it's my first day at job, give me some tips for a good start1[View]
1735992AnonymousBITCOIN TO MOON: >Shenzen stock market nearly crashed today >Trump inauguration Friday >Chi…9[View]
1735114Anonymous>learn physics and math from internet/books >get a job from how smart you are is this possible…5[View]
1736188Anonymousgonna be 23 here in 2 days, should i just file bankruptcy biz? i make around $970 a month from gambl…5[View]
1732618AnonymousFigured I would be honest and post my situation for some advice Used to work $10 hour slave and ende…27[View]
1735810AnonymousTHIS IS IT LADS ITS HAPPENING https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-16/china-s-shenzhen-st…12[View]
1735760AnonymousWhat do you want /biz/?15[View]
1736000AnonymousMy grandmother left me lots of money in bonds: My grandmother left me five $10K EE savings bonds. Sh…7[View]
1734055AnonymousHow do I make 1000 $ a day?23[View]
1735897Anonymous/PTG/ - [PRES] President Trump General: This is the next generation of Trump coins. It has dipped an…4[View]
1733643Anonymous>There are literally people on this board who have been sitting on cash for the last 6 months wai…12[View]
1734890AnonymousSo my brother works at a retail store and he got a bunch of candy they were planning on throwing awa…10[View]
1736039Papa_daigoRaindrop community0[View]
1735673AnonymousOk, so! My mom passed last year and left me her condo which can pull about $90k in the current marke…45[View]
1735285AnonymousSo a bunch of pussy stock brokers are gonna sell stock dirt cheap on inaugaration day. What stocks a…12[View]
1734795AnonymousGET ROLLIN!2[View]
1734798AnonymousBinary trading: I've seen the ads of this 'IQ Option - binary option trading', is it any good? …10[View]
1730962AnonymousWHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS?!?! https://youtu.be/6Hv-SDEwXP4 new king of /biz/!!!53[View]
1734875AnonymousBitcoin on a Gift Card: I was wondering if there was any way to use a Visa gift card to buy bitcoins…6[View]
1735916AnonymousHey /biz/, I've got a friend that is basically a complete waste of space, he's autistic, h…3[View]
1735788AnonymousWhat up, niggers, seems this is the most appropriate board for my question. Applying for a new job, …6[View]
1733782AnonymousI am 18 years old and am studying, my only income is from daddy's wallet. What can I do to be s…10[View]
1733982AnonymousMy father didn't teach me much about anything. What are some good father figures in the world o…19[View]
1735629hg96please help: okay so i have a job,work min wage no car,and walk to work. i still have bills, and are…7[View]
1735400Anonymousneed business advice: i am opening up a bakery/ catering business with a partner. His dad has agreed…37[View]
1735714AnonymousI wish i have the balls to quit my job. I hate my job to the point that its making me depressed. I l…18[View]
1734618AnonymousWhat did ethereum mean by this?7[View]
1735346AnonymousInvest in tech: I have 13k to invest. I want to invest it into a tech startup. I have never investe…6[View]
1735782AnonymousIs Binary Trading Worth it?: Okay you /biz/ tell me, is it worth getting binary trading? I plan on s…3[View]
1734457AnonymousI had a job interview the other day for a position as a Copywriter and the company liked me enough t…7[View]
1734135Anonymous>2002 >What do you do, anon? >I drive a cab and take in lodgers >Later, loser 2017 >W…9[View]
1735774AnonymousHi guys, I am an economics student at a non target school. I got a very high B in macro economics, …0[View]
1731678AnonymousIs investment banking the biggest meme? Why do people want to get into this field so bad? >Study…73[View]
1733164AnonymousWhat do you use to buy/trade stocks and why does it work best for you?24[View]
1734306Anonymous/biz/ books for beginners: Is this list still relevant? I am trying to get into making money as a st…16[View]
1735670AnonymousFIELDS OF FINANCE: >soon to be at the point where I have to choose graduate school for finance or…0[View]
1734580AnonymousHow much can I make as web developer (Full package, html-css-js-php-mysql-boot-etc.) in my first yea…3[View]
1735073Anonymous>he didn't buy the trumpcoin dip lmaooooooing @ no trump coiners right now…5[View]
1735554AnonymousURGENT: Transfer Looking to major in Finance: Is this a pretty good course selection for this semest…4[View]
1735598AnonymousI only have $1500 in savings and about $400 in my checking account. I have a credit score of 773. I…0[View]
1735382Anonymous22, shit job, 10k in the bank. Should I learn a trade or fall for the STEM meme? I'm interested…12[View]
17350344chanthugFinance: ITT: Any tips or advice for a high school senior aspiring to become a financial advisor?…11[View]
1735507Anonymouscan someone with enough money like a billionaire crash the stock market and generate a global crisis…3[View]
1732323AnonymousHow to make money online? Tell me ways to do it? I have no idea how. What is a easy and effective wa…47[View]
1735373AnonymousAnyone here have any success flipping domains? I recently had the idea to try selling domains that a…4[View]
1735280AnonymousBeginner wanting to invest in real estate: So I have a $50 000 down payment and want to invest in re…9[View]
1735383AnonymousIs quantitative finance just a meme? Or is it really possible to beat the market with algos?4[View]
1735404Anonymous>Submitted my 2016 year goals/self evaluation and waiting for official word from my manager on th…1[View]
1732417AnonymousMy family is embarrassingly low class. If I hadn't got a grant for uni I shudder to think about…27[View]
1734847AnonymousWhy doesn't everyone just buy those 10% + dividend stocks25[View]
1732460AnonymousWe need YOUR help /biz/!!!: Our team is competing in the Minneapolis StartUp Weekend competition. We…41[View]
1735296ggI've got a day-trading question for you guys, I had $25,000 in my stock trading account and I w…8[View]
1734513Anonymousyall mothafuckas Don't know the first thing about business. I started with $20 and look at me n…5[View]
1735127AnonymousMining Cryptocurrencies: Are there any Cryptocurrencies that are still viable to mine with a standar…5[View]
1734848AnonymousApp: Whats a good financial app or app to look at stocks on an android3[View]
1727181AnonymousHow high net worth would I need to get a wife like webm related?97[View]
1735269Anonymoussomebody has a link to this book ? more books on negotiating ?0[View]
1735240AnonymousLooking into dropshipping as a potential way to make a good bit of cash while going to uni. Do I nee…1[View]
1735186Anonymoussilver investments: I recently liquidated all my stocks and im planning to move into physical precio…1[View]
1734522AnonymousGap year: Senior in high school currently contemplating taking a gap year. Can someone tell me about…24[View]
1728828AnonymousSome bucks for pokemon cards: Hello /biz/fags. Third worlder here. What is a good way to make quickl…26[View]
1733845AnonymousHow does /biz/ feel about it's chance of prosperity under the incoming Trump administration?18[View]
1735079AnonymousMaybe this is a stupid question but am I locking myself in a finance position if I study financial e…2[View]
1735096AnonymousBusiness management: Any tips for the aspiring entrepreneur? Or is this just a board where people ho…0[View]
1735078AnonymousActuarial science major looking into finance./IB: How hard is it for me to transfer into financing?…3[View]
1732267AnonymousExcel stock portfolio thread: Hi /biz/ Can you help me and post your excel stock portfolios? How you…11[View]
1734967AnonymousI don't know how to 'be' rich. I see all these instagram people living this life that I could l…4[View]
1734965AnonymousI'm trying to start a monthly income for myself, but need some equipment to get started. I…12[View]
1733367AnonymousITT: We talk about our biggest splurges to make everyday life livable >weed for vaping >Diet m…65[View]
1733970Anonymous>when you're off on a scheduled holiday (literally in writing, months in advance, that they …12[View]
1732663Anonymousi want to buy btc at market price once it hits back to €800 on kraken, how the fuck can i do it? i d…7[View]
1734877AnonymousIf I buy a stock in America using an american broker but than move back to Canada is there a way to …2[View]
1728407Anonymous>mfw buttcucks are still in the 'denial' phase Anyone else grabbing their popcorn for the upcomin…40[View]
1734352AnonymousJust got accepted to med school with zero debt from my undergrad. How poor of a financial decision a…16[View]
1734780AnonymousWhat's a stock/ETF/Currency that if I buy and hold for one month, i'll benefit from it ?8[View]
1734925AnonymousI'm fucking stupid: Hey /biz/, collegefag here, and i got one of those prepaid greendot debit c…0[View]
1734676AnonymousJobs for underachieving STEM majors: As a recently graduated STEM major with a shit GPA and one palt…7[View]
1733669AnonymousGetting paid for Hentai: So I already have people interested in my art and willing to pay for it. Th…8[View]
1733906AnonymousHow to buy crypto currencies?: Ok old fags. I am an FX trader but have never looked into crypto curr…4[View]
1734856AnonymousWhat did she mean by this?1[View]
1734776AnonymousExplain how it's possible to rent an apartment and attend college as a student making minimum w…13[View]
1734398AnonymousDUMP THE TRUMP3[View]
1732989AnonymousWhat is a good course to take: to learn to run a small business?17[View]
1734685Anonymousi am an student who doesn't work but wants to i have 150 dollars, is it too little to start inv…9[View]
1733811AnonymousHow do I move to a city as a poor loser? Like a Los Angeles or Miami type city22[View]
1734751Anonymouscan I use my etrade account if I go abroad2[View]
1733320AnonymousGetting $1600 NEET bucks a month. GF makes $1200 a month. What should I do? Bills:$825 split Own our…39[View]
1730039AnonymousWhy aren't you rich /biz/?109[View]
1734466Anonymouswould you invest in this company?: face it: women are the best journalists. they can write and write…11[View]
1734519AnonymousFirst time investor: Hey im new on /biz, i usually go to /pol and i have accumulated 3000 euros from…6[View]
1734651AnonymousIs bitcoin the perfect pyramid scheme?5[View]
1733507AnonymousThere's a bunch of fastfood places hiring near me. Should I apply? I'm a NEET17[View]
1734204AnonymousSuppose someone makes a mistake on the tax returns: If the IRS tries to audit, and the person fails …3[View]
1731574AnonymousDANGER: Anyone still holding bitcoin, or thinking of buying seriously should read this article: http…28[View]
1732693AnonymousWhat investment software do you guys use? I know of Robinhood, but I'm not necessarily interest…11[View]
1734514AnonymousWhat market to focus on: I'm currently trying to design a webshop for a market which is littere…0[View]
1734346Anonymousselling fake Glock clothing: i dont care if anyone steals this idea, its pretty half assed at this p…5[View]
1729618AnonymousWorking from home: Does anyone here work from home? If so can you tell me what you do. How you got t…13[View]
1731461AnonymousHow do you transfer money anonymously online? Paypal gives away your information, so what's an …18[View]
1733003AnonymousAsk a Fedex Express Manager Anything: Ask a Fedex Express Manager Anything. I was a courier for eigh…6[View]
1733162AnonymousIs this a meme website or is it actually any good and worth reading?3[View]
1734354AnonymousHow do I onto business etiquette? In all seriousness, help me out. I seriously have no desire for s…3[View]
1734244AnonymousEUROPECOIN: 1.Inform yourself about ERC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=901605.msg17506375#m…3[View]
1733814AnonymousWhat do I need to open franchise?: I work in sales for 2 years but I want to start building my capit…2[View]
1734321Anonymouseurocuck: Why I plus 500 bad?1[View]
1734239AnonymousHow do I make it in the freelancer business? I want to start doing some freelance translation stuff …5[View]
1732594Anonymous/TCG/ - Trumpcoin General: DONT LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS: Yesterday, you said tomorrow. Some people…358[View]
1734276AnonymousAnyone started from the bottom and onto the top?5[View]
1734305AnonymousSo I'm taking a year off after graduating highschool to experiment with the wagecucking life. S…1[View]
1734193Anonymousportfolio rating thread: can some /biz/anon rate my portfolio. how shit is it?5[View]
1734064Anonymous>Is it possible to buy LSK/Lisk without buyin BTC first? >If yes how and where?…4[View]
1734223AnonymousQuestra holdings: Should we still invest in questra holdings /biz/? Or will it crash soon?1[View]
1710231AnonymousDROPSHIPPING GENERAL - Basic Arbitrage Edition: This shit is easy. No inventory. >What is dropsh…321[View]
1734155AnonymousHello /biz/ complete new lad here, just a quick question regarding online stock/share trading platfo…1[View]
1734141AnonymousMaking money as an american in UK: So, Im finally applying for English citizenship, because my fathe…2[View]
1734025AnonymousHow to make enough money to buy this watch /biz/?: >Graff Unveils $55 Million Multi-Colored Diamo…3[View]
1731521AnonymousAside from credit rating, is there any benefit to getting a credit card when I don't need one? …12[View]
1733605AnonymousCOPE NOCOINERS COPE: >mfw nocoiners are going to just keep missing the boat COPE COPE COPE…6[View]
1733011AnonymousHow the fuck do I advertise socks?: How would you guys advertise my store. Can't figure out for…8[View]
1732752AnonymousI made 25k off of trump coin AMA31[View]
1732506AnonymousStarting to learn investing: So I bought a notebook today and I want to learn more about investing a…41[View]
1733844AnonymousI'm here just waiting for /biz/ to salt because they missed the putin coin train. Buy now befor…12[View]
1734140AnonymousJnug Missed out on getting in under $5 like I wanted to. Got stoned and literally forgot to buy all …0[View]
1734096AnonymousWhy would you buy any other stock when you can buy Berkshire Hathaway and let uncle Charles and Warr…1[View]
1733001AnonymousIs there anyone in Economics or Finance more wrong than this guy?9[View]
1733734AnonymousPoor people hate thread: You can clearly see survival of the fittest in action between the rich and …9[View]
1730245AnonymousJames Bond Stock Market: Movie Casino Royal Villain sells all his stock of Plane Company Sends Man t…14[View]
1733303AnonymousCan he be trusted for /biz/-related advice?5[View]
1732485Anonymous>graduated 1.5 years ago >worked part time wagecuck jobs and wasted almost all my free time af…4[View]
1730161AnonymousTOP FUCKING TEN MOTHERFUCKER !18[View]
1716247AnonymousBlue Monday is coming...: Coiners and bluepillers I send you yet another warning. Blue Monday (the m…65[View]
1733931Anonymous/biz/ do you know about The Law of Diminishing Returns?: You need to read up on it. It is about to b…1[View]
1733927AnonymousMy coinfloor verification got candled because I wasn't in town to receive the letter. How can a…2[View]
1732791AnonymousFETISH PORN: I know there's no more money to be made in porn, but if I wanted to do it, how wou…11[View]
1733887AnonymousPRES is the daily pump for today. Easy flip https://c-cex.com/?p=pres-btc Volume rocketing buy walls…2[View]
1733222AnonymousJust end my fucking life18[View]
1733793AnonymousSleep deprivation?: Hey anons, am i sleep deprived? Monday: Allnighter Tuesday: 2:30-5:45AM sleep …8[View]
1731436AnonymousMASSIVE DATA BREACH: As of 4 hours ago user data of 20,000,000+ people has been stolen. It wasn…28[View]
1732143AnonymousJust inherited 4 million aud and some real estate I am coming from nowhere, my nights consist of pla…32[View]
1733381Anonymous>he didn't buy trumpcoin8[View]
1733391Anonymoustfw I sold my trumpcoin 2 weeks ago8[View]
1733660Anonymousmy state in Australia is pushing for 30% ethanol availability. ethanol factories are at full product…1[View]
1733747Anonymous>Selling items on Ebay >Constantly getting low balled on all offers IF YOU LOW BALL ME AGAIN I…0[View]
1731004Anonymous>TLDR: How do I get a coworker fired/ to work more I have reports showing: >Employee A complet…25[View]
1733655AnonymousDid you take my advice yesterday to buy LBRY Credits? If so, tips would be appreciated. I only had .…1[View]
1733591AnonymousThe fuck should I do /biz/?: So here's the deal I recently turned 18 after finishing HS a year …11[View]
1733094AnonymousOPEC has agreed to cut oil production. Historically every time OPEC has cut oil production oil price…5[View]
1732112AnonymousI have literally nothing in my life. No friends, no family to speak of, etc. I've come to the c…19[View]
1730633DuhDuhDumTrump Lawyer Disbarment?: Is this feasible? Any lawyers?67[View]
1733496AnonymousWhat are good sites for leveraged trading on BTC, I want to go all in with my trumpcoin earnings1[View]
1733345AnonymousWhy the fuck do you faggots not have a powersuit yet?8[View]
1732250Anonymous>tall >good looking >billionaire hedge fund manager Is Einhorn the king of this universe?…4[View]
1733427KyleCan anyone assist me ?: Hi, everyone. My name is Kyle, and I would like to start a career in photogr…4[View]
1733415AnonymousMSTX server Hacked!: Biotech currently trading for pennies, some interesting looking research docs o…2[View]
1732614AnonymousHello /biz/. How prestigious of a college would you need to go to to get a high tier financial job? …3[View]
1732081AnonymousSo two of my friends and I found a soda machine at college that gives you double of what you put in.…15[View]
1733013AnonymousHi, I am super embarrassed to be asking this question, but can someone explain to me how limit /stop…11[View]
1732475AnonymousRed pill me on accounting. Is a cpa worth anything these days?5[View]
1732959AnonymousI just found a bag with 20k in cash in it? What do?12[View]
1733147Anonymouswhy HR departments exist? wouldn't it be much better for the manager to filter out applicants t…10[View]
1733206AnonymousAssets: i have $2,000 and I want to open a brokerage account and start making trades, any advice?…2[View]
1731825AnonymousI want to be rich. Filthy rich. I want to be rich enough that I can bribe my way through life, to ge…9[View]
1730961Anonymoushey i was offered a shift supervisor trainee role on the other side of the country. is it worth it t…19[View]
1732984AnonymousChanging from employee to LLC, possibly: Topic is using skills learned while working for someone els…16[View]
1733161AnonymousHows 2017 treating you so far? Are you making 5 BILLION dollars like me yet?: Didn't think so y…1[View]
1731624AnonymousBTC: After Plank Party: Let it SINK in. At least the ocean is blue coiners. In theory you can stay b…27[View]
1732658AnonymousSpaceX Rocket Successful Landing: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/14/us/spacex-falcon-9-launch/index.html…6[View]
1717176AnonymousASX - RMX Suicide Pact Edition :^): Alright chaps, it's time to pump this stock to the moon and…195[View]
1732396AnonymousI am doomed forever: >I will always miss pumps and always get dumped in shitcoins >I will alwa…5[View]
1729115Anonymous420 Blaze: What do you think of the emerging marijuana industry? Still time to invest? Canadian BTW.…39[View]
1731220AnonymousAbout to start investing in Vanguard. Should I buy VFINX or VTSMX? There's a lot of conflicting…20[View]
1733010AnonymousWhy don't you start a charity and get paid to 'administrate'?6[View]
1732839AnonymousI'm about to buy a house in Texas. The negotiated price is $185k, and I have about $15k in the …4[View]
1732754AnonymousI've been considering studying law after I finish undergrad school. Is it a good idea? Is study…3[View]
1731404AnonymousI need some redpilling, /biz/. I recently got a job at a local insurance agency, and it looks to be …2[View]
1732988AnonymousThe reason Bitcoin is broken...: They weren't using the right stuff. How much longer will they …0[View]
1731061AnonymousDid you get your Silver yet /biz/?: All those profits from meme coins need solidified. Insure your p…15[View]
1732985AnonymousI'm looking for suggestions of marijuana stocks to buy I'm workaday so I'm going all …0[View]
1732105AnonymousWHY WONT BTC CRASH13[View]
1728957AnonymousFidelity to Vanguard Roth IRA: Should I move my Roth IRA from Fidelity to Vanguard if I plan on sell…12[View]
1731194AnonymousHow the fuck am I supposed to launch a website when every single .com domain name is taken? Is it wo…12[View]
1731646AnonymousI need private healthcare coverage in Canada now that I'm not a student. What do? What is the m…1[View]
1731538AnonymousDaily reminder that ICONOMI is the investment of 2017. screen cap this, it is currently $0.36 and it…18[View]
1730845AnonymousMCDONALDS PLUMMETING IN A WEEK: Don't ask me how I obtained this information, but Mcdonalds is …33[View]
1732731Anonymouscan you recommend me any literature on donald trump?1[View]
1732643AnonymousIs it too late to get into the house flipping business?4[View]
1732709AnonymousWhy shouldn't the minimum wage be increased to $15? Why shouldn't the minimum wage be a li…8[View]
1732725AnonymousHow do I protect my online identity? Here's the deal faggots. Since 2010 I've doing small…2[View]
1732552AnonymousValue in Degree: Goal is to become a Creative Director. Think Ad agency/University/Coporate in-house…3[View]
1732205AnonymousAnyone willing to help me find a product or be my FBA mentor. Been searching for 3 months no luck. I…3[View]
1727965AnonymousOPERATION: >> GET TRUMPCOIN LISTED ON POLONIEX <<: Here are your instructions: I will gi…43[View]
1732623AnonymousWhat is a reasonable rate to pay an accountant for a year?3[View]
1732629AnonymousI cannot trade or mine coins worth a damn. I need money not to feel good, but to confirm that a tal…1[View]
1732558AnonymousMy parents were in a lot of debt 20 years ago and sold their house to my big brother. They pay rent …4[View]
1731797AnonymousWhat is the point of this money? It has no value at all, it's just paper. Why don't we tra…31[View]
1732494AnonymousShrkeli's Daraprim Plan: So memes about the guy himself aside - what was Martin Shrkeli and Tur…4[View]
1732512AnonymousFor tax purposes, is controlling an LLC considered to be a form of personal capital, like owning a h…2[View]
1732511AnonymousIs social media full capitalised on? Take instagram, is there any way to actually make it on there i…4[View]
1731894AnonymousDo balance sheets mean jack shit in company valuations?4[View]
1732538AnonymousIf the technology in 50 years will be vastly different than what we have now... How can people claim…2[View]
1732044AnonymousIs there an advertising bubble? Somehow the population has been tricked into advertising to each oth…12[View]
1721730Anonymous/Econ/ Economics General #3: Trade Policy in 2017: This thread is for a discussion of economics. Pol…48[View]
1732117AnonymousIs it better to work more or get a good night's sleep? For example, would you be more productiv…7[View]
1731430AnonymousI need to make at least $750 a month to maintain my current residence. I donate plasma twice a week …27[View]
1732429Anonymous>21 y/o >College for Microbiology (Minor in Chemistry) >About to start a job w/ a pharmaceu…3[View]
1731511AnonymousYou.own a business in a decent sized town. Do you cater to the locals or do you go for them tourist …4[View]
1730539Anonymous#1 book your idiots need: >full of sensible advice >points out that chasing money is retarded …20[View]
1732341AnonymousWhere can I find decent hotel rooms for cheap? One peak at any travel guide and it lists rooms as 15…9[View]
1730889AnonymousIs it a good degree or just a meme, /biz/?26[View]
1732394Anonymousfiat currency: was taking the gold standard away the biggest mistake ever made? how is an economy su…2[View]
1732410AnonymousI wonder how long this bull market will last. It's especially odd since it has been brought on …3[View]
1731075Anonymous'Safest' Companies who will last into the Future: These stocks will last at least as long as your li…6[View]
1732259AnonymousCANADFAG HERE - contribution limit TSFA/RRSP question?: i made a $6000 withdraw from from my tfsa to…2[View]
1731423Anonymous>sister asks if I can day trade for her >say yes because I think I'm cool >lose her 20…23[View]
1732361AnonymousNever bought stocks in my life. prospecting stocks for giggles. Theory? NASDAQ:IRDM IRDM is planning…3[View]
1731200Anonymous> RNVA they said > To the moon they said What the fuck guys?…19[View]
1731854AnonymousI'm going to inherit 14 billion USD when my parents die in 40-50 years time AMA15[View]
1728965AnonymousHow fucked is a 30 y.o. with $50,000 in student debt and a degree in English? Asking for a friend.29[View]
1731173AnonymousResume Thread?: Can we get a resume critique thread? Just put this one together today.16[View]
1731195AnonymousMemes or andromeda mission??: Would RNVA and NAK be good long term holds? Both companies seem to mak…4[View]
1732184AnonymousHow do you move out of your parents house? How much do you need? How do you set it up? Do you need a…14[View]
1732189Anonymousmin wage thoughts?: What are /biz/'s thoughts on the minimum wage? I see it as nothing but hol…18[View]
1729190AnonymousTeamwork Meme: So what started this whole 'teamwork' craze that's going on in todays corporate …17[View]
1723981Anonymous/TCG/ - Trumpcoin General: LEAVING HUMANITY BEHIND EDITION: How many scoops of TrumpCoins did you ge…349[View]
1731011AnonymousThe Hunt Brothers And You: About how much capital would you need to pull a Hunt Brothers style pump …14[View]
1730854AnonymousIf I want to be a quant, a real one, not a high paid code monkey, is computer science or math the be…7[View]
1732108AnonymousI'm looking to pay off some credit card debt with my tax refund. Would it be better to pay off …6[View]
1730071AnonymousIm a wagecuck at McDonalds (I make $15 assholes). I am looking to buy 10 shares of the company, is t…17[View]
1731406AnonymousHow low will BTC go /biz/: Hey anons how low do you guys thin BTC is gonna go? waiting for that dip …3[View]
1731850AnonymousInvesting knowlege: Read some books on long term safe investing. What are some good long term high r…5[View]
1731028AnonymousFuck a bachelor degree. I have a High School degree and I'll be rich !!!!13[View]
1732106Anonymous>got my real estate license >have to wait a year to make my brokerage to start my own real est…2[View]
1732073AnonymousCosmetics Industry: How do I break into this industry. I have a few ideas I want to bring to market …3[View]
1729732AnonymousDiscord servers: Please suggest me good servers on Discord regarding business, investment, stocks an…10[View]
1731839AnonymousHow are money transfered between banks? I thought about it and I dont get it, if I transfer money fr…2[View]
1731835AnonymousIm a mid 20's foreigner living in Tokyo for 1 year. What can I do to make some money? Im almost…9[View]
1731970Anonymoushow do i become a male escort for older ladies im 5'5 little brown, i think i can look nice if …5[View]
1731724Anonymousbong share trading platform: What is the best uk trading platform? something similar to robinhood.…4[View]
1728987AnonymousYou've just realized you haven't made any money at all browsing this forum.24[View]
1731862AnonymousHow do I actually take advantage of all my free time and make myself work hard? For the past year it…7[View]
1731457AnonymousWhat is /biz/ opinion on the stock market? Good? Bad? Trustworthy?7[View]
1730474AnonymousHow does a full time college student make infinite monies: Im taking 16 hours at my local community …17[View]
1730508AnonymousFree (real time) stock api/data feed: Hey guys I'm thinking about teaching myself python by doi…13[View]
1731559AnonymousIs he right /biz/?5[View]
1731394AnonymousWhat do you guys think about working in the Tourism industry? What are your experiences as a costume…10[View]
1729880AnonymousIs it worth working for university as a teaching assistant in Finance? Does anyone of you have exper…8[View]
1730785AnonymousCryptocurrency: I've been thinking about this subject for a while, and I have a few questions. …7[View]
1730389AnonymousSold before the bitcrash /biz but now I feel like a filthy nocoiner again. What's the hot new c…6[View]
1731386AnonymousWhat are some interesting jobs in tech? I'm studying computer science but I don't want to …8[View]
1730329Anonymous/FAILED BUSINESS/ - No Bully Edition: Who here had a /failed business/? I realize the survivors are …19[View]
1730710AnonymousForeign Interest Rates: Why aren't people dumping their savings and bank loans into foreign ban…24[View]
1731716AnonymousComputer game model design trademarks: >making a car game >based on some certain cars How much…3[View]
1730689AnonymousI bought $10 of TRUMPCOIN yesterday and the value has risen by $4 overnight. That's 40%. Thanks…20[View]
1731625Anonymouswho is the stallman of /biz/ /biz/? I'm looking to get into trading but I have no idea where to…2[View]
1727214AnonymousAMD: AMD dipped hard today! I bought in at 10.51$. >Also AMD General…17[View]
1731558AnonymousDaytrading Bitcoins: Is anyone doing this? Seeing how volatile BTC is this could be a nice way to ma…1[View]
1731470AnonymousObamacare tax: Tax seasons coming. How can you avoid the ~700$ assraping obama is giving to those wh…7[View]
1731477AnonymousBrits, what's going on with our market? It's so unpredictable, growth after Brexit (despit…3[View]
1731496AnonymousTrump/Putin comics opens can of butthurt: Investing.com posted this drawing on their FB page and Tru…1[View]
1730391Anonymoushttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal's_Wager https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_marshmallow…19[View]
1731408LambOfGodthank u for calling: I will be happy to assist you14[View]
1731014AnonymousEB-5 Immigrant Investor Program: Is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program a scam, or the easiest way t…1[View]
1731213AnonymousT-thank you based fortune cookie2[View]
1731397AnonymousMobile App Yolos: What's your shitty app idea, /biz/? Doesn't have to be something you…0[View]
1729188Anonymous2.5 years ago I started making money with my website started off slow, but after 6 months i started …9[View]
1720007AnonymousHumblegoals: Humblegoals thread. All I want is an independent life in some nice city, nice single or…180[View]
1731343Anonymousfuck all these dumb threads about new fag cunt betas trying to get off their feet... stop looking at…5[View]
1730771AnonymousHold or Sell: So Im a long term trader. Ive had great success being a long term trader and whenever …6[View]
1730703AnonymousHello /biz/, i have an issue. I'm terrified of taking action and leaving my sweet sweet comfort…10[View]
1731342AnonymousCEGX is going to go hard on 1/17/2017: A bull run is starting; Wall street money is hitting a penny …0[View]
1730107AnonymousHey /biz I'm currently in class for Nuclear Technology about to get hired for a 6 figure job. B…6[View]
1729936Anonymousim a 24 year old, software engineer working in NYC working at a corporate office. I fucking hate co…14[View]
1730597Anonymoustrump coin: I found a paypal account that has like $30 in it and i have been following trump coin fo…9[View]
1730666Anonymoushello /biz/ Making a cool $6k a month from music. The money comes solely from the music, no merch ye…11[View]
1731232AnonymousI know of a book that has been written in Japanese that I also think would be great if it was transl…1[View]
1727863AnonymousAunt has money: My aunt has about 85k and is needing to go to a nursing home. She doesn't k now…19[View]
1729753Anonymous>be son of powerful politician >tfw can't be CEO because 'hurrr nepotism' >tfw can…5[View]
1728657AnonymousGraduating in 2008/2009 >no jobs at all even mcjobs are getting thousands of resumes >unemploy…45[View]
1728967AnonymousQuitting timewasting: How do I quit the two things most stopping my success? I can't stop argui…25[View]
1727049AnonymousWhy is healthcare effay?: Srs. Why are all the alphas in law and finance while all the women and bet…18[View]
1730794AnonymousHow can I drive attention/sales to an ebook on Amazon? Should I pay for ads or is that a waste of t…2[View]
1730986Anonymous'Start a business'. Such a simple piece of advice, uttered from those who have stood in our shoes an…3[View]
1729783AnonymousScalp Nasdaq Futures?: So I was on my paper account when I decided to do a little test. >I added…7[View]
1731089AnonymousCorporate Slavery: I won't mention any names, although after being fired for an approved day I …3[View]
1730975AnonymousI am applying for college and would like to know what the best job would be in terms of salary. I am…3[View]
1731079AnonymousHey /biz/, I was wondering, which websites are perfect for expanding our knowledge about Business an…0[View]
1729921AnonymousBITCOIN: PLUTO MISSION THREAD: Bitcoin is BACK bitches! By the way, I've thought of a lucrative…4[View]
1730893AnonymousHow to get a job on freelancer without studying something. They chose people who have a degree in t…4[View]
1730769AnonymousI invested in a crypto-currency that was dirt cheap and is now skyrocketing What does one do when on…13[View]
1730069AnonymousI'm at an impasse. I've got surgery on Monday for a health condition I developed when I w…5[View]
1722918AnonymousBitcoin forming the classic 'walk the plank formation': its over? Friday the 13th & Blue Monday?…118[View]
1730573AnonymousGold revaluation cometh: Better check your faces. I think I'm seeing double. Get your eagles be…8[View]
1730912AnonymousHYIP/RevShares: Anyone here ever invest in a HYIP or Revenue Share? I head that if you get in and ou…2[View]
1730790AnonymousIT jobs: Help me /biz/. I want to work something IT related and I study CS but I dont know what I wa…2[View]
1730823Anonymous>tfw Mediterranean heritage >tfw your skin is golden brown so you can tell employers you are h…5[View]
1730081Anonymous>no more leverage on chinese exchanges: do you guys realize BTC is at $800+ with BASICALLY NO LEV…7[View]
1730266$1,000,000senior in college (22 yrs old), graduating in 5 months. Degree in business finance @ a mid tier scho…4[View]
1728023Anonymous>not buying everything on credit on a rewards card and paying it off directly Are you retarded if…38[View]
1728568AnonymousBTC price 'Goat Bouncing' (gif related): Watch and learn how the eagle handles the goat. Notice the …8[View]
1730268Anonymoushow can i start funding camgirls?5[View]
1725370AnonymousWhat's the best sport betting site in the US??31[View]
1728147AnonymousIs intuition a good thing to base investing on? When Netflix nosedived after they separated the DVD…13[View]
1729669AnonymousBSG Online: I'm just starting this course. What's the best way of cucking people out of th…12[View]
1729570AnonymousSCAM: Tell me all you know about escrow scam or fake logistic. How does it work in details. It mostl…4[View]
1730662AnonymousWhy are contact lenses so expensive still? It's literally just a shitty thin piece of plastic. …2[View]
1727825AnonymousMagazines worth reading: What arena the /biz/ related magazines worth od reading? On my way to buy s…6[View]
1730166AnonymousSelf-Belief: How important is it and can you ever have too much?9[View]
1730206AnonymousBest part time jobs while in school: Starbucks >5% employer match 401k >free starbucks dividen…3[View]
1730687AnonymousShould I invest my $3500 student loan?: I'm looking at CNI, NRG, and FSLR would this be a good …3[View]
1730432Anonymousdont wanna brag or nothin but...28[View]
1730616AnonymousJob Interview: I have a job interview on Monday, as a Media Sales Consultant for my local newspaper.…0[View]
1729985AnonymousDo students use financial aid to buy bitcoins?: curious if this is a trend and more millenials are b…4[View]
1730546Anonymous>failed yet another graduate interview >graduated 1.5 years ago How the hell do you pass gradu…4[View]
1729299AnonymousBook Recommendations Thread: Recommend good books for business self-education. I'm looking for…6[View]
1730570AnonymousJob references: I have to give two references for a job. It says they should be supervisors. I have …1[View]
1730070AnonymousSo what should I invest in? I've got around 5k left and want to get most out of it in the next …4[View]
1728433AnonymousAnyone know if real estate broker's typically require prior/related experience when hiring agen…6[View]
1730229AnonymousGood, or meme-tier shit? Looking for a book that explains the banking industry4[View]
1730246AnonymousSo i decided to delve into the whole debt meme i hear so much about because i was sick of being econ…4[View]
1729010No EmotionsMy forex Journey of 2016: I am 20 now, i started learning forex at start of 2016 and opened a live a…13[View]
1730419AnonymousIs it possible that automation could be restricted if it caused massive unemployement in a short per…4[View]
1729426TheGiver !!RlZegNhfyRrSo here's the play on TBIO for today: >Market will open pretty strong, but continue to dip …15[View]
1730356CPInterview for a Business: I get to have an interview with 4 self made millionaires under 30 years of…3[View]
1729227Anonymous/rgt/ ROBINHOOD GENERAL THREAD- MAKE IT OR BREAK IT: >Bump limit is 315 and thread subject is /rg…330[View]
1728270Anonymous>invested a few thousand dollars in doge coin a couple of years ago when it was actually worth so…41[View]
1730370AnonymousCrypto Traders ROOM - Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment Discussion Group: Direct link to join th…0[View]
1730366YEETOPCoinbase/bitcoin: What are the current starting limits for coinbase? For the debit/credit and the ba…1[View]
1729275AnonymousI have an EE degree. What job can I work 3-4 days a week for my whole career and earn 60k a year? I …10[View]
1728755AnonymousI have been working off the books in China for the past two years, and I have roughly $100K in RMB s…8[View]
1730137AnonymousWanting More: Why can't I just enjoy my dual career (law enforcement officer + military), be ha…12[View]
1725114AnonymousMy gf wants us to marry and DEMANDS a dream wedding, since I (!!) have €28k in stocks WE (!) can use…95[View]
1728824AnonymousAlright /biz/ how the fuck do i get rich off the stock market? Simple question needs a simple answer…41[View]
1728105Anonymous>snapchat founder met with co-founder in stanford and created snapchat >winklevoss twins met w…14[View]
1729934AnonymousAsking for advice on my finances post-college: I've seen a lot of military anons posting here l…6[View]
1730108AnonymousBusiness Ideas: Give me ideas for a business that requires a small amount of capital. I have just l…6[View]
1728924AnonymousWhich one is better for dropshipping?11[View]
1729064Anonymousshould i major in finance, accounting or engineering?8[View]
1728479AnonymousAnonymouse Payments: How do I accept credit/debit cards and paypal anonymously? Its going straight …4[View]
1730064AnonymousIs it possible to get a mortgage with a criminal conviction? Should I even try or just go for accumu…2[View]
1729072AnonymousJust how low will they go? Down 5%? 20%? 50%? Is it still possible to make money shorting when you k…17[View]
1729433Anonymoushow should i get onto property ladder at age 22 in uk with 20k? my savings are about 7-10k a year b…2[View]
1730105Anonymous>25 y/o neet with no experience I went and am still going through some life bullshit, my father…1[View]
1728098Anonymousdo you think gold is money, /biz/?40[View]
1723484AnonymousVanguard Mutual Funds: I have Ten Thousand dollars and I've been told that Vanguard Admiral fun…45[View]
1729552AnonymousAffording Rent in College: How does one have enough money for rent while having a minimum wage job i…25[View]
1729919AnonymousHow to make money online/from home?: Hey, first off, let me say I am not planning on doing amazon m…3[View]
1729332AnonymousPissed off my manager and now my hours have been cut to 24 a week... I earn $8.30 an hour... Advice…10[View]
1728713AnonymousWhy do people attempt to follow every kind of meme investment strategy when dollar cost averaging is…8[View]
1727538Anonymous/rgt/ - Robin' goys General Thread: Superior Jewish Genetics edition -- Links -- Stickerbitch…277[View]
1729953AnonymousPrepaid Debit Cards: Hello, I'm travelling to the UK soon and would like to ask if anyone knows…0[View]
1729907AnonymousWhere should a 21 year old american with $2,000 move to if they want to have the highest chance of n…1[View]
1729735AnonymousWhat are the implications of blockchains used for startup capital in businesses while tokens are bac…9[View]
1726328AnonymousLads, this is guaranteed to go huge tomorrow. Get in first thing it opens tomorrow, and don't m…83[View]
1729759AnonymousIf I take a student loan of 650$ every month for three years with an interest rate of 4% and, instea…13[View]
1728746Anonymousvirtual assistants: I need a virtual assistant for basic data entry , its even partly automated , I …2[View]
1729407AnonymousAny tradesmen here? Is it really the golden ticket it seems to be? Making money without the college …13[View]
1729754AnonymousDayumn, we hit 44k today. :P To the MOON!2[View]
1728597AnonymousYoung Britfag help: I'm 24, I just stopped being a neet after graduating 2 years ago, and I don…6[View]
1729794BizSavyStart-up. The next i-Sensation?: Ok, so society sees the recent increase in pedestrian accidents and…0[View]
1727997AnonymousInsane Additional Private Student Loan???: /biz/. I got off the phone with my private student loan p…30[View]
1723072AnonymousIs it true that math and physics majors get all the good finance jobs?28[View]
1727661AnonymousCVM: Invest in CVM, it cures cancer.7[View]
1729258AnonymousAny tips on gaining a career in real estate??? Live in Australia, any advice is appreciated.3[View]
1726855AnonymousI have recently purchased a company, but have issues with crooked competitors: The company is a dist…14[View]
1727257AnonymousHow much would I need to move to Dubai?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahdfA_DJ-0A24[View]
1729189Anonymousstop pumping memecoins and penny stocks6[View]
1729059AnonymousGood student CCs: sup /biz/ Collegefag here just moved into my own apartment. Other than rent/tuitio…3[View]
1726063Anonymoushow would you invest $250,000?69[View]
1729535AnonymousIs stockpile worth it? I've been using them to trade since I was 16 but I was never really seri…1[View]
1729318AnonymousSmall business - sourcing products from China: Hey /biz/, do any of you guys have experience sourcin…3[View]
1729324AnonymousI just purchased some more Bitcoins. Am I doing good buying the dip /biz/?13[View]
1726354BTC right nowIt's popping Get out while you still can coiners20[View]
1728476AnonymousHas anyone had any luck with Amway? Looking to make extra $$$ and seems like a pretty good deal.8[View]
1729341AnonymousEasy money for non biztards: This thread is to brag about ways you made easy money using non-bitcoin…2[View]
1729291Anonymousmaking money from legally pump and dumps: Here is an idea i have had for a while.. can /pol/ please …7[View]
1728373AnonymousWho /salesman/ here?9[View]
1728022AnonymousHow to increase sales.: Hey /biz/ I need some help I just inherited my families manufacturing plant …18[View]
1729126AnonymousCoiners on suicide watch7[View]
1729178AnonymousTrades: How profitable is working in a trade? Can you earn 6 figs from it? Trade school is cheap and…17[View]
1721211Anonymousis data analyst a meme?49[View]
1727906AnonymousI have acces to a 3x3m room with a power outlet. I dont have to pay anything for the electricity. Ho…6[View]
1727887Anonymous$CEMP Advice: wtf do i do? do i just sell and move on? i dont see many big plays ahead6[View]
1727010AnonymousWhich is more important: a frugal lifestyle based on steady saving and investment or an aspirational…11[View]
1729055AnonymousMarginLoan Thread: Ok biz/ Margin Loan Thread. Specifically, can you please redpill me on Margin Loa…9[View]
1727541Anonymous/rgt/ ROBINHOOD GENERAL THREAD- RED THEME EDITION: Bump limit is 315 and thread subject is /rgt/ edi…69[View]
1727425Anonymous>does playing chess improve your brain capacity, or is it a meme?20[View]
1728300AnonymousHR: >Never thought I'd have to contact HR about anything >Manager has been harassing me n…29[View]
1729112AnonymousSo now that bit coin has fallen 300$ in 6 days can we 100% say the bubble is bursting? Will it be si…9[View]
1728621AnonymousI have this much bitcucks What should I do with them? What can i spend them on?3[View]
1728627AnonymousI have a bunch of land in north bay area. Web development skills. Besides knee pads, what can I prod…8[View]
1727985Anonymoushttps://www.wellsfargo.com/jump/checking/everyday-special/ >$250 bonus (minimum of 1500) >No c…4[View]
1729081AnonymousI want to commit suicide2[View]
1726570AnonymousIs there an ETF for the dogs of the dow or do I need to emulate it myself?5[View]
1728600AnonymousHey /biz/ Thinking of changing my major from Supply Chain to MIS. Anyone have any experience in eith…3[View]
1729030AnonymousHow do you get a management job with no management experience? I am working in a hospital and want t…2[View]
1726663AnonymousGOP just voted to remove Obama care. Furthermore, they reduced medicare and medicaid. Plus, people w…39[View]
1728356Anonymousinvesting money: Do you know how can i earn money? I have a job and i want to invest a part of my in…8[View]
1722735AnonymousAnyone else pulling out of stocks until the crash? The bull market has gone on so long now. Inb4 don…76[View]
1728972AnonymousIs there a single fucking place I can pay for 1 BTC with a debit card and USD without any cap like C…5[View]
1728514AnonymousHow much have you made since you've started investing?16[View]
1727882AnonymousPost-Military IT Employment: Does anyone here have some insight, or even general advice into transit…23[View]
1728918AnonymousSup /biz/ I sell my product using instagram. So far i have been following people from local business…3[View]
1727902AnonymousWhat's an easy tech service that I can offer to people in my college town to earn easy money on…32[View]
1728897AnonymousTIMBER INVESTMENT THREAD: You got questions? I got answers. remember: >roads will be your number…7[View]
1727291AnonymousCan we get start a resume thread? Post your resume and give others tips on how to improve there resu…3[View]
1728786AnonymousWould it be acceptable to wear a bolo tie to a job interview or actual suit and tie type of job or w…6[View]
1728681AnonymousWhat do you guys think of Lucy Flawless' body of work?2[View]
1728552Anonymous/BIZ INVESTOPEDIA SIMULATOR: http://www.investopedia.com/simulator/portfolio/?gameid=372021 http://w…2[View]
1728814jap in japanWhere is rich??: i had not ever seen a rich man without shit TV shows and fake riches. Where is rich…0[View]
1727152AnonymousHi /biz/ I've been given an assignment for my Economics class to develop a concept for an app t…10[View]
1727718Anonymousbest stock trading platform?12[View]
1728064AnonymousReward: Get TrumpCoin Listed On Poloniex! :D >> Instructions inside <<: Here are your in…8[View]
1728009Anonymous>want to leave company to go work abroad >apply for jobs and reach out to people online >no…1[View]
1728322AnonymousIf you ever get rich will you start an IG account just to flex on people from your former life? I wo…3[View]
1728299Anonymous>tall >good looking >billionaire hedge fund manager Why isn't David Einhorn the kin…4[View]
1728519AnonymousDestroying a business: Im currently having some trouble at my workplace.I have worked there for 1 an…12[View]
1728464Anonymous@therealdonaldtrumpcoin: Redpill yourself and get the real donald trump coin. Don't be like a s…3[View]
1728128Anonymoussrsly askin: Any Hungarian businessman here?8[View]
1728082Anonymous>when you browse zerohedge for the first time in weeks and remember that you're a powerless …2[View]
1727701AnonymousTBIO going through the roof.: Is it still time to buy? They just got a licencing contract. http://cn…8[View]
1727440AnonymousBest Country to Be Rich: My country is a shit >>1726639 and i want to live fucking comfortable…56[View]
1728454AnonymousThe future of btc: I have a little bit over 500 btc, I bought them whenever my father passed away an…10[View]
1727793AnonymousWTF is up with the new pop up banner ads? (bottom of screen) Annoying as fuck being in literally eve…12[View]
1726108AnonymousBimetallism: Hey /biz/, How would bimetallism be successful?7[View]
1728618Anonymoushey biz ive got a questions so a guy told me i can buy me a game use the code and then tell them it …0[View]
1728232AnonymousI want to start investing. What brokerage site do you use?10[View]
1728367AnonymousAll I see on this board are wagecucks and wannabe 'traders'. Is anyone here actually a successful en…8[View]
1727241AnonymousADVICE FROM THE ELDERLY AND WISE plz: HELP ME BE IN A GOOD PLACE IN A FEW YEARS (i wanna be a entrep…6[View]
1728413AnonymousWhat degree/line of work is not saturated to shit and nets me 6 figs? How good of a uni will I need …0[View]
1720073Anonymouswhy even bother? it not like any of you virgins are going to have kids to leave it to.46[View]
1728170AnonymousIs AMD the future of AI?: Is it a meme stock or should I spend a few hundred dollars on it while it…2[View]
1727639AnonymousI sell video game currency to my friends/their friends in a video game. I make a few thousand a year…7[View]
1728266StartupRetirement feedback: Hey guys I'm conducting a survey to understand what would make your retire…2[View]
1726711AnonymousInvesting options: Hey /biz/. I was wondering what the most effective investment option with a $100k…10[View]
1728309AnonymousI'm fucking sick of paying taxes. The small business tax in America is fucking brutal, I can…4[View]
1727991Anonymous>'How's that job search going, anon?'6[View]
1728174AnonymousI have 6 mos left on a $1200 lease. I put in my 30 days because I can't stand to live there any…3[View]
1726895AnonymousDoes not having a Facebook or big Social Media presence really affect the interview process?: I just…15[View]
1727432AnonymousI just bought 1btc for £680. Did I make a wise investment or a wreckless gamble?8[View]
1728129Anonymousinternational gemstone trading: If someone was residing for the largest part of the year in one of t…0[View]
1721053AnonymousPost your portfolios.41[View]
1726639AnonymousI live in Venezuela and everything is a shit. i had some questions. Do you think this country will c…35[View]
1728086Anonymoushow do you know when youre about to get fired? right now in restaurant business part time and they w…2[View]
1728102Anonymous>Business model is only profitable by tightly controlling labor >Employees get hours cut >A…0[View]
1724808AnonymousBTC new bottom 700 - 740 Falling while trump enters office. Launching after.11[View]
1710947OP !fPHLi/7sjs/CCG/ - Cryptocurrency General - BTC Is still bullish as fuck, trust. MARGIN TRADING/BTC FUTURES PLA…121[View]
1726819AnonymousIf i want into affiliate marketing and i want people filling surveys, can i promise anything for fil…2[View]
1726503AnonymousThis guy walks up and slaps your portfolio's ass How do you respond to this tough situation?10[View]
1725299Anonymousbtc: At what price do I invest in Bitcoin again for the next pump? I am thinking 400.47[View]
1723579AnonymousI'm a 22 year old virgin living in Ontario Canada. I don't have a highschool diploma, driv…58[View]
1727268AnonymousProfit for lazy faggots: I'm a lazy, but poor fucktard, currently in college. How about some u…12[View]
1725947AnonymousReal Estate vs. Bitcoin: Plain and simple question. Should I dump my money into real estate (i.e. pu…23[View]
1727596AnonymousComputer Science or Finance...: ...for my minor? I'm currently a 3rd year college student pursu…5[View]
1726669AnonymousIf I wanted to build a tech company and have complete authoritative control over it from the get go,…3[View]
1727711Anonymouscan anyone teach me how to stock market? i have 380€ and im registered in plus 500. i need to learn …1[View]
1727401AnonymousI want to be rich. Filthy rich. I want to be rich enough that I can bribe my way through life, to ge…14[View]
1721003AnonymousHELP ME PLEASE: Can you help a girl from japan with finding a good investing for 50,000$ so that she…34[View]
1727712Anonymousbetting memes: Don't know a whole lot about sports. I see that players are always being announc…2[View]
1727754AnonymousCareerism: Exactly what the hell is careerism? Why is it bad?0[View]
1726916AnonymousHow does one find a profitable dropshipping niche? I'm thinking of selling USBs from Aliexpress…12[View]
1727285AnonymousInvestment theories: Many professors and top class mates have recommended me many investment books. …5[View]
1724669AnonymousHow much did you lose holders? I lost over 2k :/31[View]
1727150AnonymousCVM+: Invest in CVM+. It's a cancer therapy center with potential for extremely high percentage…2[View]
1726966AnonymousWhy are Jews so fucking good at making money?: Pic related is the best hedge fund in the world. Any…13[View]
1727361AnonymousGod I hope the Chinese government cracks down on the Chinese bitcoin exchanges and puts them out of …14[View]
1722522AnonymousOne stock: If you could invest 100k in one American stock right now, which would you pick?75[View]
1727232AnonymousJob Opportunity: LA/Long Beach Longshoreman: This was published today in local papers. The last time…10[View]
1727576Anonymousgood website ideas thread I'll start. >sendshitbymail.com >you type someones mail >cli…1[View]
1727561AnonymousYesterday my debit Visa was charged over $200 on multiple trips with the Uber app, but my Uber accou…0[View]
1724521AnonymousGold Bugs and Autism: >doomsday preppers >fear all other forms of investment >cite le techn…20[View]
1726893AnonymousWith the world quickly turning very Muslim... Would it make good business-sense to convert to Islam …5[View]
1726994AnonymousWebsite Content: Anyone here that has experience in writing articles for websites? Easy subjects, 60…8[View]
1726623Anonymous>own a company >provide business services (yes I'm keeping it vague) >work we do is si…10[View]
1726784AnonymousCan I use a cashier's check with my bank to pay someone else's rent? I'm helping a fr…13[View]
1727250Anonymous>AMERIFATS ON SUICIDE WATCH3[View]
1727118Anonymousr8 my budget: All monthly. After tax. Income: $5900 Student loan payments: $1498 Car payment: $248 …11[View]
1727345AnonymousSo there's this good friend of mine. He has gotten a lot of money lately so I asked him about i…6[View]
1726351Anonymous/rgt/ ROBINHOOD GENERAL THREAD - TO THE MOON EDITION: Bump limit is 315 and thread subject is /rgt/ …383[View]
1727193Anonymous>economics is just a theoretical academic field and the degree implies no practical skills >fi…4[View]
1724566AnonymousLinda Perry ( ExxonMobile) has a new business venture. Online advertising...big clients already on..…4[View]
1726042AnonymousAre there any laws against manipulating the price of Bitcoin to my own advantage if I have the capab…22[View]
1726830AnonymousRemember to buy and hold that sweet ETH :36[View]
1725519AnonymousNew Silver Krugerrands: Any of you bought the 1 ounce silver Krugerrand yet? Picking some up soon…6[View]
1727164AnonymousWhere can I find a list of all the big UK companies HR departments email addresses? I want to send m…0[View]
1726716AnonymousCan I buy Amazon gift cards with my Rewards Visa and use them on my own account to get 2x the cash b…3[View]
1726885AnonymousHow do you use money to live if it's all tied up in a portfolio?7[View]
1727070AnonymousHow would one go about opening an art house movie theater?1[View]
1727114Anonymousjust a picture of lord business0[View]
1727082AnonymousEarn some extra money...: Hey /biz/ some I need some help if there is a nice guy out there to help m…0[View]
1725814Anonymous>pharma dipped 26 billion during speeches This is shaping up to be a deathmatch so far. In terms …7[View]
1723990AnonymousIdeas for wagecuck with extra time: Am looking for a 'project' idea/method of monetizing in my free/…8[View]
1726978AnonymousWhen are you gonna invest in asteroid mining?1[View]
1726783Anonymousmarijuana industry is going to grow a lot as legalization becomes more widespread. how should I act …4[View]
1726838Anonymous>All those Bitcoins will be lost in time... like... tears... in rain.... Time to die...…4[View]
1726924AnonymousSup /biz/, Experienced game developer here. I'm running into a bit of a slump in my freelance w…6[View]
1726890AnonymousFAKING A RESUME: So as the title goes, I'm tired of working in hospitality and am looking for a…2[View]
1724642AnonymousMost lucerative PhDs, what are they?: >Please refrain from memeing and give sources.…43[View]
1726081AnonymousAdult help kill me: So this is it anons. This is the time in my life when I will be graduating high …7[View]
1724287AnonymousPlease Advise: I bought in about 5 bitcoins at about $1000 average, and I'm starting to panic a…54[View]
1726805AnonymousIs China fucking with its currency again?3[View]
1726881AnonymousI have held the same UBS stock for more than 10 years now. Havent sold it because of how shit it has…0[View]
1726237AnonymousRIP F5[View]
1726814AnonymousGet Rich Quick: Wanna Get Rich /biz/?? I have one word for you. NETWORK, meet as many influential/no…1[View]
1726835AnonymousI mine bytecoin bcuz its dumb: so i've been cpu mining bytecoin, i got 1000 coins just today. i…6[View]
1726234AnonymousWhat is /biz/'s opinion on Milton Friedman?16[View]
1726848Anonymous>Bitcoins at 767 HOW LOW CAN IT GO?!?!? HOW LOW CAN IT GO??! Anyone else waiting to buy at 400?…1[View]
1726006AnonymousCredit Unions: Opinions on Credit Unions? Any experiences with them to share?18[View]
1726776AnonymousBig 4 Audit or Investment Bank Boutique? What would be better for my future and for learning and exp…1[View]
1723872AnonymousWhy don't we all combine our assets into one really big /biz/ fund and use that collective capi…31[View]
1726707Anonymousgive me advice on what to do: I'm 18 and in a few months I'm out of high school, I worked …2[View]
1726278AnonymousHow do I get into the drop shipping business?7[View]
1726714AnonymousHow do products hit the market? Let's say you're a small company that makes some new produ…1[View]
1726644Anonymous>mfw thinking of all the Normie's who bought btc and probably thought they had to buy a coin…3[View]
1726331AnonymousWhat jobs are most resistant to being BORGED in the future? I don't want to be caught in the in…7[View]
1726379Anonymousfuck it. i'm movin to vegas1[View]
1726433AnonymousHold the FUCK up: The government is censoring the adult content on backpage.com! When the fuck did o…11[View]
1726383AnonymousAsk a guy who makes a killing selling underwear anything. pic unrelated6[View]
1726662AnonymousHey guys, Science student needing help with introductory macroeconomics terms. Need to determine the…0[View]
1726651AnonymousCorporate social responsibility: Hello /biz/ Recommend a thesis topic for me, it has to do with corp…1[View]
1726648AnonymousWhat stocks would you buy/short if you are predicting a Trump impeachment this year? Assume a Presi…2[View]
1726201Anonymous>So tell me anon, how do you plan on scaling your Hentai business? Its an over saturated market.…5[View]
1725154Anonymous>tall, good looking, billionaire hedge fund manager Is Einhorn the king of this world?…3[View]
1725695Anonymous>stupid fucks brought his stock of their own free will >actually fell for the pump and dump Be…21[View]
1726369AnonymousI'm about 80% done with a tech project i've been at for a while and want to start planning…3[View]
1725816AnonymousWhat is currently the safest long term investment that is easy to make?54[View]
1719359AnonymousDrop me an invite to the /biz/cord please? I think I disconnected.29[View]
1726582Anonymousdeciding on tech specializations &c.: Hey there /biz/ here's my story >be recent college…0[View]
1726491AnonymousAny great microeconomics books: I'm taking an intermediate microeconomics course at school this…2[View]
1726445AnonymousIs this board really useful for a businessman or an investor?6[View]
1726248AnonymousDoes anybody else think Trump will be bad for large companies (ie publicly traded companies)? Everyt…4[View]
1725160Anonymoushypothetical: lets say you found a card with some serious cash on it and it's not blocked . how…25[View]
1721260AnonymousWhat should I major in to get rich?46[View]
1711615AnonymousHow do hospitals survive financially in the US if anyone can walk in needing treatment and they have…157[View]
1724038AnonymousREEEEE >work in wagecuck retailcuck job for cucks >failed all graduate interviews because they…11[View]
1726052AnonymousComing down from a Shroom Trip: >be 22 >about to graduate with my masters in econometrics >…10[View]
1725773AnonymousNew Investors/Information for Sticky?: I've just opened a money market account with TD Ameritra…12[View]
1725822AnonymousHELP ME PLEASE: 18 year old Senior in High school here. Im Canadian and today is the last day to sig…26[View]
1720757AnonymousPyrimid Scheme V.2: Would /biz be interested in creating a pyrimid scheme? http://www.strawpoll.me/1…34[View]
1723464Anonymoussup biz, 20 years old with basically no money to my name, trust fund baby that doesn't have to …19[View]
1722081AnonymousLooking for a way to make super easy money.: illegal or not, I don't really care. Give me an em…37[View]
1726327Anonymous> Personal finance is finance Background information Age: 28 Monthly Income (after all deductions…2[View]
1726339AnonymousDo any of you guys feel like you're too red pilled for normie business activities? I got invite…1[View]
1726319AnonymousHelp: Ok so I'm getting out of high school I have a minimum wage job I'm applying to a bet…0[View]
1726291AnonymousAre there any SoCal anons part of a credit union that could give me some recommendations? I'm n…1[View]
1726089AnonymousHey /biz/ I flunked out of school and am wondering if the major I wanted is actually right for me. I…6[View]
1725296AnonymousRIP TO ME?: story time fellas >be me >make all payments on time >Nov 2016 forget to pay …18[View]
1724532Anonymous>to the moon they said >it'll just keep going up they said How can the bagholders cope?…27[View]
1726092AnonymousIs investing in marijuana a meme?1[View]
1724853AnonymousSovereign Wealth Funds: Why doesn't the United States start a sovereign wealth fund? What are t…6[View]
1721044Anonymous/biz/ Movies: Give me them47[View]
1722251Anonymous>be a wagecuck >get home from work tired and miserable >almost immediately have a decent me…51[View]
1725872AnonymousHigh risk investments: I want to invest in something that's high risk/potentially high reward. …11[View]
1726127AnonymousAdvertising online stores: Hi /Biz/, Need some advice. My gf has started an online adult store. Any …0[View]
1724165AnonymousWhat are some good books on learning diplomatic skills and business acumen, respectively? pic unrela…10[View]
1722813AnonymousShit-tier ex-reality 'star' here, have 10k-20k followers who are over me, how revitalize?: Help bis,…25[View]
1725999AnonymousWhat now?: So I was just laid off from my wageslave job. I have about 17k in savings, Canadian 23 y/…17[View]
1726002AnonymousAnyone here know anything about being a quant? A real quant that is, not well paid developer. I foun…1[View]
1725992Anonymous>be me >work retail >want a career in something involving problem solving (IT, engineering,…5[View]
1723892AnonymousHow do i get 9999999999999$ money?7[View]
1725939AnonymousWhat platform do you use for your long term investments? ETF's, Index Funds ect. I have a decen…2[View]
1725858AnonymousIs there any money in drafting bitcoin contracts? Or are they so easy people wouldn't even pay …1[View]
1725692AnonymousWho workaholic here?1[View]
1725141Anonymous>carry a 4k debt for 5 years >finally get my shit together and start saving up properly instea…14[View]
1725886Anonymous>'What do you mean anon, you did not doubled down in bitcoins? Even I did it. Are you scared like…2[View]
1724403AnonymousWHEN WILL THE DOW BREAK!: Look at the technicals. RSI is overbought MACD is signaling a sell off WH…4[View]
1723757AnonymousHow long is your commute: Hey /biz/ how long is your commute to work? I have to budget 70 mins to ge…19[View]
1722539AnonymousShitcoin: Failure to launch edition: Bitcoin is LITERALLY on life support >$900 It's been pu…67[View]
1722885AnonymousSo you want a job?: Good luck famalam, with so many women in HR how can you land that job?20[View]
1723897Anonymouswelp time to get a real job19[View]
1725529AnonymousIs it a good idea to invest in the FTSE while its at a record high?2[View]
1725832AnonymousCareers Meme?: So I'm real worried that because I haven't really gone jobs wise in an actu…2[View]
1725005AnonymousLightning Network Alpha released: The Lightning Network Daemon Alpha has been released! https://gith…10[View]
1725477AnonymousHas anyone used Plus500 for investing before? I'm looking to put money into a FTSE ETF3[View]
1725809Anonymous>tfw playing madden 17 owner mode Im an expert in finance now. Ask me anything.…0[View]
1725565AnonymousI'm a NEET. Should I apply to a local mcdonald's or other fastfood restaurants? My parents…9[View]
1725778AnonymousAny other poker players on here? I make around $300 a week playing 1/2 at my local casino, been play…0[View]
1725771AnonymousBitcoin and Altcoins down at the same time?: Not looking good. They are not pumping into their dumpi…1[View]
1725670AnonymousVR stock: Looking to buy some shares in a VR company. Which do you imagine will be performing best i…7[View]
1717311AnonymousWhat motivates someone to work in a degrading and soul destroying job such as fast food? Thoughts /b…57[View]
1725752AnonymousCan you make reasonable money investing in stock for a TV channel if you can predict whatever new se…0[View]
1724854Anonymous/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: Bump limit is 315 and thread subject is /rgt/ edition -- Links -- …365[View]
1724522AnonymousWell /biz?8[View]
1722858AnonymousMy wife is starting a business helping people with their nutrition and wellness. Help her choose a …35[View]
1724124AnonymousI enjoy BTFOing you clueless bitcucks so much. Pic related.12[View]
1724654AnonymousWhat is the most redpill investment there is?: Pic unrelated, I just wanted to catch your attention,…8[View]
1725422AnonymousBusiness Ideas: Guys Give me ideas for a business that involves as little capital as possible and I …9[View]
1725349AnonymousNeed advice on aggressive short term investments and starting a business in the apparel industry: Im…4[View]
1724897AnonymousBuy the BTC dip15[View]
1725464AnonymousHow does it feel not being a smart Jew businessman Americaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha…2[View]
1724160AnonymousWhat the FUCK went wrong?8[View]
1723261AnonymousWill the Alberta oilsands boom again?5[View]
1725454Anonymous>buy lots of stocks, increased demand increases price >sell stocks, increased supply lowers pr…1[View]
1725374AnonymousHow do I make money off women: I need a gameplab on having a business where women are my #1 target a…4[View]
1725377AnonymousAnyone holding this? Looks really promising but I don't know anything about them0[View]
1725360AnonymousHow fake are the Chinese bitcoin volumes?2[View]
1724479AnonymousI know nothing about business. Hopefully you could share a few helping words. I'm thinking of s…4[View]
1725235AnonymousThis board has so much potential. But you turned it into a Bitcoin cirlejerking board. what a letdow…5[View]
1725240AnonymousCVM+: Invest in CVM+. It cures cancer, it's cheap, and it's skyrocketing.2[View]
1725073AnonymousIs it feasible to attract a large audience by making mini movies involving horror and sex? /x/ and /…1[View]
1723855AnonymousCredit Rating and Utilization: Sup /biz/, I'm a student currently trying to give myself some cr…17[View]
1725056AnonymousI have a small business. Made about $60k this year. Gonna deduct like $20k between expenses and a bu…10[View]
1723975AnonymousExcel Stocks: Hey /biz/ I am about to buy my first stocks in life. I would like to manage them prett…15[View]
1724896AnonymousBITCOINERS ON SUICIDE WATCH ~ AGAIN: Hahahhahahhaha silly bitcoiners, when will they learn?! You can…17[View]
1723224AnonymousI picked this (and a few others) old stock certificate up at a yard sale a few months ago. Just curi…14[View]
1717116AnonymousCVM+: Invest in CVM+, it's a cancer therapy center with a low price. It has potential for extre…36[View]
1725108REB's VoDKahave: high value2[View]
1722597AnonymousStop living in your parents' house96[View]
1724463AnonymousWhat is /biz/'s opinion on /r/wallstreetbets? Shit, cringe, good, funny ????7[View]
1723708AnonymousAcademia feels like such a fucking stupid circlejerk, is being a carpenter a valid alternative? This…11[View]
1724990AnonymousAlright /biz/, newfag here.: Okay. What I'm most interested in stocks are their yield percentag…2[View]
1723436Anonymous>be paid 19 a hour to operate a machine in a factory >didn't sleep hardly any today >c…10[View]
1724763AnonymousLess sarcastic advice needed: does /biz/ know of LEGIT ways to feed ones family from home, online. S…12[View]
1722836AnonymousHow do you get information? I ask a lot of questions on the internet, but I'm increasingly comi…8[View]
1720832AnonymousI just want to say thank you to any and all anons that shilled CVM+. My portfolio is finally green f…31[View]
1723427AnonymousCVM vs. CVM+: Who's the bigger money machine? CVM or CVM+?6[View]
1723155AnonymousCollege Elective Choices: I have enough free elective slots (slots that can be literally whatever cl…2[View]
1723765AnonymousRare Metals Trading: Opened a Goldmoney account the other day and I'm about to start trading. N…4[View]
1724398AnonymousApparently today's bitcoin dip is due to more shenanigans in China. First there was some fake n…29[View]
1717199AnonymousGovernment on your back? Need to get money out of the country without anyone finding out? Need to do…39[View]
1722928Anonymous>normie colleague asks me where I live >say I live by myself >congratulates me for my indep…17[View]
1724655AnonymousI can't find the thread. Does pic related have been completed ?2[View]
1724592AnonymousHeadhunted in Fast Food: I guess being a wage cuck at McDonald's is an old meme now. https://w…3[View]
1723802Anonymous>the indicator most popular with Generation Z respondents was a promotion (23 per cent). By contr…18[View]
1722493AnonymousMom wants me to pay to live home, should i just pay her?: So me and my brohter have been living with…55[View]
1723286AnonymousHow to make money during a recession? I saw somewhere that we are heading into a recession in the ve…11[View]
1724308AnonymousWho /shitpostingatwork/ here?9[View]
1723153AnonymousStock alerts: Hey biz I'm looking for a free, professional and real time bio stock alert that a…9[View]
1723513AnonymousHow GM CEO Mary Barra Plans to Get More Female Engineers: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.timeinc.net…2[View]
1722404Anonymous/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: $PTN bag holders edition -- Links -- Stickerbitch's calendar …268[View]
1723528Anonymous/rgh/ /rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: C U T E 2D GIRLS EDITION -- Links -- Stickerbitch's cal…368[View]
1721482AnonymousIs bitcoin safe from Quantic Computing?: Some of you may or may not be aware of it, but quantum comp…14[View]
1724633Anonymouspsst hey kid wanna buy some bitcoin? I got some real low prices. great deals youre gonna love. liste…0[View]
1723995AnonymousIntroduction to Stocks: I'm going to start off by saying I'm currently in a meme tier prog…22[View]
1716412Anonymous>Move to NYC 2 and a half years ago to get a job in investment banking >Went to Canadian unive…64[View]
1721555Anonymous/biz/ Discords General: We post all /Biz/ related Discords we know right here. >The Stock Trap h…14[View]
1724472AnonymousAnyone have any good biz related Discords?: Just wondering what you biz bros are apart of any biz re…0[View]
1723839Anonymousquick look at my sheckles20[View]
1724035AnonymousBitcoin what are you doing19[View]
1723768AnonymousRentec Medallion: How do they do it, /biz/? Do they just have enough sheer brainpower to average ove…1[View]
1724030AnonymousFairly new to /biz/, what was it like here on the morning after Brexit?4[View]
1723924AnonymousI've started selling all my books on Ebay and after the cost of shipping (which completely rips…8[View]
1723808AnonymousShould I buy Ripple XRP for speculation purposes? Does anyone think the value will go up?4[View]
1716193AnonymousThis board is garbage: Not a huge surprise, but mainly get rich quick BS, bitcoin, forex trading, et…76[View]
1724021AnonymousHey /biz/, since it seems like the majority of you guys are traders I was just wondering a few thing…1[View]
1720767AnonymousGalaxy Resources Ltd.: WHOOP THERE IT IS42[View]
1724007Anonymoushttps://www.bitstamp.net/article/bitstamp-introduces-xrp-trading/ bitstamp will introduce XRP tradin…0[View]
1723788Anonymous>boss is trying to force me to quit so I don't get a severance package and unemployment >…4[View]
1721613AnonymousLow overhead methods of making money: All right so I've been programming for about 3 years now …10[View]
1721617AnonymousAre the richest and most powerful really on Forbes' list?: Qaddafi Was Worth More Than $200 Bil…17[View]
1723081AnonymousI rent Apartments on the seaside in a prime location regarding the nature. People come to my place t…1[View]
1723911AnonymousI'm 20 yo NEET who lives in my parent's house. My Dad gives me $300 for waste in whatever …8[View]
1723392AnonymousHow do I get hired on to a big bank to implement my ideas that will literally start new probably tri…7[View]
1723728AnonymousWhat's the fucking answer15[View]
1723833AnonymousHello /biz/, how does one starting to get into trading and make profit from it, even if its not much…1[View]
1723661AnonymousMotivation: I'm doing a school project and need to know why people choose to work hard and make…7[View]
1720554AnonymousRide Sharing: General UBER related thread(Lyft is ok too) >What are your experiences with UBER(ri…18[View]
1723377JOE MCMILLON !aj1zWETzdEShort BZFD NOW!3[View]
1723365AnonymousI'm 25 and haven't started college yet. Should I just kill myself?7[View]
1723359AnonymousWhat is the most lucrative local business that I can open up to capitalize on liberated college coed…6[View]
1723452AnonymousAre there any companies that focus on battery tech or manufacturing? Or a company that produces or r…2[View]
1723758AnonymousBusiness Learning Resources: I'm bored and want some information to consume. Please reply with …1[View]
1722222AnonymousSoftware developper Unemployed Debt of $5k USD Need at least $30 USD a day I live in Mexico What ca…22[View]
1723725AnonymousShould I put any investments on hold until the day Trump enters the white house and the inevitable d…2[View]
1723385AnonymousI'M RICH BIOTCH: >be me 7 years ago >inherit $5,000 >remember what granddad said >'…5[View]
1721075AnonymousIt finnaly happened, a company messaged me pic related on instagram What do I say? How much do I ask…13[View]
1722625AnonymousWhats the most profitable industry to work as a software engineer? How much money can i make with t…1[View]
1720452AnonymousBy what age should aspiring biznessmen move out?41[View]
1717611AnonymousHas anybody actually had some success with the principles of this book?19[View]
1723611Anonymous/biz/ success stories (stock trading): Howdy /biz/. I want to get into stocks but I need to be sure …7[View]
1722794AnonymousWhere you do recomend for buying a domain /biz? I hear GoDaddy sucks ass How about hosting? The Bizt…11[View]
1720447AnonymousNTDOY - Nintendo Switch Revealed: The revealed is Thursday. >Nintendo Switch Will Blow You Away,…23[View]
1723466AnonymousJust bought one of these suckers. They're dirt cheap? Is Amazon even making any money off these…7[View]
1721738AnonymousAhahhahahahahha >hires only women because she thinks they are superior >drives yahoo into the…13[View]
1721705Anonymouswho hoarding all their bitcoins here?5[View]
1723277AnonymousHey /biz/ I had a rough time at Subway earlier and I just want your professional opinion. As a consu…10[View]
1717289AnonymousFrugal thread: Post good tips only. >instead of buying paper towels I'll buy small hand tow…154[View]
1723429AnonymousI am Needin life and financial advice and shit and remember this dude from highschool. If he's …1[View]
1723248AnonymousHey, /biz/. Been lurking here for the past couple of weeks and just absorbing a lot of what is said …6[View]
1722606AnonymousWhat is the best Phone App to use for Day Trading?: Total beginner to this kind of stuff and always …3[View]
1723349AnonymousWhat does your schedule look like this week? Y-you do have a weekly schedule... r-right?3[View]
1723362AnonymousReal estate fags get in here. > 1st time on this board so no offense ... yet. A friend is in rea…2[View]
1716940AnonymousYou have 0.1 seconds to refute this115[View]
1721677AnonymousSo /biz/ I have managed by God's grace to get an interview at a London investment bank tomorrow…8[View]
1721611AnonymousIs it too late to get into bitcoin? what about any of the other digital currencies?18[View]
1723189AnonymousSorry if y'all have better things to talk about, but I could really use some advice here. I…5[View]
1721479AnonymousWhat's this app called?11[View]
1721974AnonymousCASHFLOW GENERAL: Links: http://www.richdad.com/classic What is cashflow? Cashflow 101, created by R…48[View]
1723247AnonymousIs anyone here involved with the porn industry? I've been interested in this for a while now, b…4[View]
1723283Anonymous$hip: Any thoughts on SHIP? Has been bouncing off 1.20 and 1.15 for the longest now. No news for abo…1[View]
1721797AnonymousDUDE: So my state recently legalized weed. How do I profit off this?9[View]
1722980AnonymousDaily reminder health services are going to make us rich: > The baby boomers are getting old …5[View]
1723108AnonymousWhat all do you know about opening a business? I'm a serious coo/ck/ and have dreamed about ope…8[View]
1722975Anonymous1 year returns: Post stocks to buy that if sold next year will make me a rich anon. (Already bought…4[View]
1723205AnonymousEtrm hold or sell2[View]
1722689AnonymousFriday the 13th: Hey /biz/ this Friday is the 13th. If you're an investor what do you do? Park …7[View]
1720722AnonymousSide income: What can I do at home to make side income. Just something to do when im bored.21[View]
1721490AnonymousThis little shit right here is going to sky rocket. 1. Low in Volume 2. Initially released. It is …6[View]
1723172AnonymousWhat are /biz/ the thoughts on community college Does it worth it?, Some of the degrees offered can…0[View]
1722231AnonymousStock Market: a lot of people in my office(IT Company, no one has a background in finance) focus a g…11[View]
1721662AnonymousOk /biz/ I have 25 bucks. What do I do to make it a $250,000.31[View]
1684094Anonymous/TCG/ - Trumpcoin General: REPLACING THE US DOLLAR EDITION: Is TrumpCoin the death of the fiat? Will…315[View]
1723093AnonymousFull time to part time: How can I convince to switch from a full time to part time internship? I…1[View]
1723103AnonymousOpinions on $ACIA? Been holding since 670[View]
1722833AnonymousCan you explain economy to me like I'm a complete retard?4[View]
1722903AnonymousCan we get a king of /biz/ thread? I made 120% in a short time on a penny stock Am i the best inves…3[View]
1722895AnonymousExtraBucks: 3 years ago today I made a decision. A decision that would kickstart a life long journey…5[View]
1722599AnonymousI understand the basics of drop shipping, what other info could you recommend?: Any videos you would…9[View]
1721307AnonymousProcurement Specialist: I have a job interview about becoming a Procurement Specialist for the city …15[View]
1722811Anonymous2017 Stock Predictions.: With Trump being inaugurated the 19th, what is your predictions for the cur…14[View]
1720862AnonymousSo here is my situation: I'm a forester who graduated in may and am now working a 44k/year job.…4[View]
1722880AnonymousBest place to buy BTC?: So as a normie trying to break into the crypto game, what is the best place …1[View]
1722877AnonymousSup /biz/, I'm a freshman at college and planning on going to law school after undergrad. Paren…0[View]
1722790AnonymousTech Investors BTFO: who needs some piece of shit app that generates 0 profit when you can get a 100…0[View]
1722690AnonymousBecause fuck you if you want to rent for 2,4,7 or 10 months.5[View]
1721759AnonymousI'm considering purchasing an internet forum. It has around 198 current active users, which can…9[View]
1721749AnonymousMargin Call - the movie: I saw the movie Margin Call recently i have a some questions about what the…8[View]
1721405AnonymousRSI STRATEGY: Hi /biz/ Is trading with rsi indicator a profitable strategy ? And whats the ratio? An…1[View]
1721518AnonymousNetworking: How do you network professionally? >be me >be autistic >has just started a temp…5[View]
1722750Anonymous>bitcoin still hasnt upgraded past 2 tx/second: are you maximalists feeling a bit disappointed? o…0[View]
1722720AnonymousWagecuckery is a meme: doesnt matter where you start, if you are hard-working and smart, you can wor…1[View]
1721570Anonymousayy, so like. How do I get started in stocks? How much is a stock and where can I buy it from?7[View]
1722472Anonymous>Just landed a junior accounting position What now? It's a pretty big company.…5[View]
1722355AnonymousPublic Sector Employee investment options: Educate me on my options /biz/... Public sector employee…2[View]
1721587AnonymousJP Morgan: I have a job interview ('assessment centre') tomorrow at JP Morgan for a technology summe…12[View]
1722638AnonymousUnemployment employer appeal hearing tomorrow what is the best way to assure a win against the corpo…3[View]
1717854AnonymousReal Talk: Bitcoin: Okay, are cryptocurrencies a fad or just ahead of their time? What are your thou…62[View]
1717141AnonymousBuilding wealth: I remember in high school my algebra teacher told me that making your first million…97[View]
1722578AnonymousPQPI: What the hell do I do after PQPI? Pls Help0[View]
1721531AnonymousCFD trading & trading in General: I'm trying out different methods and I had limited succes…1[View]
1721576AnonymousWhy was I born only to be a NEET? I never asked for this...14[View]
1717408AnonymousAnyone else get a kick from firing employees for no good reason? I don't know why but it makes …27[View]
1722403AnonymousFinancial Advisor without a degree: So /biz/ I've been researching becoming a financial advisor…5[View]
1722525AnonymousWhat stocks are my fellow /biz/ ballers following? Me: $CYBR $CARA Also looking to trade Delta Air…0[View]
1721841AnonymousHow much money did you make from Trump's election?16[View]
1722421Anonymous>BITCOINS ROCKET INC time to jump on the train again boys, its about to go up again.…1[View]
1722447AnonymousEvery stock I touch tanks. I'm telling you! It's rigged! It's all rigged!!! RRRREEEEE…2[View]
1721989AnonymousHow does the US Economy work if we just import all of our products, and export hardly anything in re…11[View]
1722354Anonymousdafuq?: 1800%? https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/geocoin/2[View]
1722368AnonymousIs a MSci in Finance worth it?: I already have a dual major in Law & Business and am currently w…1[View]
1722074AnonymousWhat went wrong?12[View]
1720784AnonymousAnyone have an archive link or screenshots of the Money4Anon guide? All I can find is archived thre…4[View]
1722341AnonymousSkills to make money: >22 year old philosophy major >easy as fuck, never go to classes, study …2[View]
1722367Anonymous>bitcoin is volatile0[View]
1721568AnonymousWebsites - Buying Content Articles: Yo I am working on a small website and am in the startup phase. …3[View]
1719229Anonymous/rhg/ /rgt/ Robinhood General (Thread): One week to #MAGA edition -- Links -- Stickerbitch's ca…330[View]
1722303AnonymousDrop shipping questions: I would like to start a drop shipping site. I have the site developed (easi…0[View]
1722011AnonymousBecoming a Scandanavian Gangsta: So, i'm an american and things arn't going out as planned…3[View]
1721664Anonymouswhy is bitcoins so much cheaper at btc-e then any other exchange?5[View]
1721522AnonymousMovie finance: How do I enter the ranks of movie financiers?5[View]
1720100AnonymousWhat is the largest bitcoin trading site, and how do I own bitcoins?: Im thinking of buying a couple…8[View]
1718130Anonymousshit you do to piss people off at work thread: if someone calls the elevator up and i'm on one …49[View]
1721958AnonymousExxonMobil Stock: I bought 200 shares of Exxon stock in a finance competition at my university and I…5[View]
1721772AnonymousI recently got into an argument about the relationship between supply and demand. My argument was th…6[View]
1721984AnonymousCommodities General?: I've always been more interested in commodities and currencies than I am …2[View]
1721775AnonymousWhat are some networking/business/philanthropy clubs or organizations I can join to both make connec…5[View]
1721729AnonymousHey /biz/ I recquire your assistance !: I'm new here and I'm student in Computer Science. …11[View]
1721544Anonymous>I guess its all just water under the bridge now, stockholder number 33,421 How do you respond?…13[View]
1721773AnonymousXRP: To the moon! Indian bank using the XRP network to move all their monies!!1[View]
1721115AnonymousTax evasion: How do I evade tax on just everything from food to expendable goods to luxuries and com…13[View]
1721780AnonymousAnyone into trading/forex online that can suggest us all a good trading platform? What do you think …0[View]
1721740AnonymousGo to assholeconsulting.com1[View]
1721678InvestorAltcoins: Thinking of buying shift coins, looked at shiftnrg.org and seems a promising project...any…3[View]
1721627AnonymousIs buying a miner worth it?I have XXX euros to invest, was thinking about buying a few AntMiners. Wh…4[View]
1718625AnonymousEthereum Enterprise soon Buy or stay poor forever.22[View]
1721467AnonymousI have hundreds of books on self help and business. Before I waste my time, would they sell on ebay?8[View]
1720759Anonymous>now having over 119% gain in stock in a very short time its like you losers dont want to earn mo…10[View]
1720455AnonymousSoftware: What software do you use to keep track of stocks, cryptocurrency, etc?17[View]
1721042AnonymousHelp me... Please: Hi guys. I come here seeking your assistance. I have dificulties saving and my mo…2[View]
1721536AnonymousWhy is this allowed? How did the person manage to get the stock at 1/3 of it's value? WTF5[View]
1721545AnonymousThis summer I was bored and starting following stocks. Did I mess up big by not buying around June a…3[View]
1721542AnonymousIf a company hasn't gotten funded in a while, does that mean that it's a sinking ship? I d…2[View]
1719331Anonymoushow the fuck do poor people have relationships? this shit is so expensive i've spent like 15k i…22[View]
1721266AnonymousLooking for an IRC with a knowledgeable entrepreneurship community4[View]
1720561AnonymousReal Estate Memes: >Be American >Have a credit score of 803 >Be told I don't qualify f…18[View]
1719627Anonymouswhy am i still miserable69[View]
1718441AnonymousDo you love pleasure? If so you will never be rich.21[View]

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