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1809114Is being an executive a matter of having the money to pay for the college degrees corporate wants yo…[View]
1808791Thoughts on becoming a male nurse?: I'm considering doing this and desu it's sounding like…[View]
1811149Hi anons I have a question for you. I live with my parents, my brother and my sister. A good thing …[View]
1811314I need to make $420 in the next 7 days. Will do just about anything, tips/advice? Don't know wh…[View]
1811518Coin slot eyed gook here What items best to buy in china and resell in NA? Hardmode: no counterfeits[View]
1811501Promising cryptocurrency?: I really liked the banner ad you guys have on other boards. Okay, so I go…[View]
1811372Market for Drone Footage: I live in a rural county with a population of about ~50k. I was interested…[View]
1811328Boss fucked up my W2: I filed my taxes already and got my tax refund, but my boss just informed me h…[View]
1811309Weighing Risk: I come to you with a hypothetical. Suppose that you have a degree from a prestigious …[View]
1807494What kind of small business can I start with 100k dollars? I have zero (0) skill and I'm lazy a…[View]
1808898How rich is too rich?[View]
1810347Leadership?: Any 'leaders' here? I'd like to know the best form of coaching or study to get int…[View]
1811240Damn, when I graduate in year I'll be 40k in debt. How fucked am I /biz/?[View]
1809687Graphic design: How would I go about being the person who connects graphic designers to clients. Lik…[View]
1808635>own most of the stock in a successful company >dump it all >people think it's a fires…[View]
1809407The Cyber-Cafe guy: Hi, i am that anon that posted a plan to create a cyber cafe in Brazil and askin…[View]
1811201Why have the interest rates of municipal bonds been higher than Long Term Gov Bonds for the past few…[View]
1810438>you still not have bitcoins? [sings] >wish you step back from that ledge my friend…[View]
1811172How do I rid myself of all pride, ethics and values? Achieving the complete Jew mindset is an absolu…[View]
1810386Post stocks that could grow bigly because of Trump https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Deere https://…[View]
1811156I got a little over a thousand dollars to invest. do I Buy a bitcoin Buy etherum or buy half ethe…[View]
1810964/biz/ what are the methods used too conduct pre employment background checking. id like to check any…[View]
1807402>Lose all my inhibitions taking adderal >Set up amazing things >Wake up the next morning in…[View]
1810708The Rare Pepe economy is real, and there's serious money behind it: http://www.dailydot.com/unc…[View]
1810836Why are stocks at an all-time high again? Is there anything fundamentally underlying that signals a …[View]
1810418Being set up to fail at work: How do I stop being set up to fail at work /biz/? Even though I work h…[View]
1810973Is having a website targeting an industry-specific audience, that's close to buying something r…[View]
1809910So my place decided to put me on a split shift. How do i tell them to fuck off?[View]
1807872UberFeets: Anyone here do UberEats too?[View]
1808126Does being rich make you happier?[View]
1809817Didn't see a pinned wiki or info dump. How do I learn to invest? What's on the reading lis…[View]
1807829Can you help me guys managing my money. Im a college student and I work part time at Mc Donalds (ke…[View]
1810404Bitcoin at all time high, no hype threads?: I guess this is a good thing, hype train not even starte…[View]
1809842>Technical analysis doesn't w-[View]
1810172Hello /biz/ I will be spending some time in the US and I wanted to ask you a few questions, sorry fo…[View]
1810714Hey guys, writing on the economics of intellectual property just now and was wondering if this diagr…[View]
1810436Switching Careers: Has anyone on /biz/ switched from a career they don't like to a completely d…[View]
1810491tesla is a big 3?: >Ford and General Motors >both over a century old >both sell millions of…[View]
1810555Automate facebook profiles?: I have about 50 accounts with 5k friends on each, and it takes half an …[View]
1806434/rgt/ - robinhood general thread: FUCK THE LONG WEEKEND Edition -- Links -- Stickerbitch's cale…[View]
1810590Is APPCO scam or is all thoose crybabys just shit at sales: Is APPCO scam or is all thoose crybabys …[View]
1807444Why is Austrian Economics mainly promoted by entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders when its a huge …[View]
1810470Do you ever get urges to fuck people over just for the sake of fucking people over?[View]
1809294Favorite biz Youtubers: Post favorites and what subjects they cover/why they are subject matter expe…[View]
1810413lost every single penny on my past 12 casino visits on my best run i only managed to get 29USD PROFI…[View]
1808871Free time: I have 16 hours of free time every single day. What can I do?[View]
1810513>Utility maximisation[View]
1810289I'm graduating from the third best school in the country with my degree(applied mathematics) an…[View]
1807864Should I major in Computer and Information systems, Business Administration, Accounting, or become a…[View]
1810279Hey /biz I want to get into the stock market, I spend 3 hours a day traveling to and from work, want…[View]
1810374Career Advice: Can we get a career advice thread? Answer a question, ask a question. >Ever since …[View]
1796379>How old you are you >How much did you make in 2016 >How much do you have saved >What is…[View]
1810359I'm studying engineering outside USA and I had a shitty enterpreneurrship credit. It was so bas…[View]
1810323How can I avoid paying $920 dollarydoos in tax each fortnight?[View]
1808844Typical startup: Imagine you run a startup. Your task is to find beta testers for your product. Wher…[View]
1810296I'm mentally ill: how do I get more money????[View]
1810176taxes cyka blyat: hi anon can you help me understand this situation. me and waifu made 158k in 2016,…[View]
1809611How do I short life?[View]
1809996>he buys actively managed funds[View]
1810099>tfw just pissed away 7 grand on property taxes >tfw will have to piss away another 7 grand in…[View]
1810080stock market privation: Hello /biz/. I have very generous implicated implementation into the stock m…[View]
1810181Best site to hire freelancers?: Hi, Hey /biz/ community. I'm wondering what is the best site in…[View]
1808912Ebay General: People around here were talking that seller should always include shipping costs into …[View]
1810151>all you need to start a business is file with your local county and ashere to regulatory rules i…[View]
1810133>tfw he thinks really thinks it's just about the money[View]
1810087How many of you work as contractors? I currently work for a major media company's Ad Operations…[View]
1807815Is it still a good time to buy defense stocks? Trump has always said that America should have the bi…[View]
1810029Music to listen to while watching/trading stocks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-PbS0Dtjgo[View]
1809374Is Accounting really in danger of being automated? I know it's been the hype for many years now…[View]
1808909Are these people super-dark triads? What the fuck is wrong with them? How can they smile into the ca…[View]
1809060What would happen if one were to sell one counterfeit item on a site like Amazon worth $2000 and cla…[View]
1808543Money for blogging: Let's say I have a blog that gets 100 views per day. How do I make money of…[View]
1808492Can you guys recommend a decent web brokerage house for a Canadian to use for stock purchases? I use…[View]
1809988How would you start?: Okay, currently reading the book Investing for Dummies Also reading investoped…[View]
1809937College freshman - Where do I start?: I have a decent paying job in college and I'm planning on…[View]
1809913Help me out /biz/: Hey /biz/ I'm stumped on this question and i have no idea how to go about it…[View]
1809823>'anon you should really listen to Dave Ramsey'[View]
1809351Why is this forum mainly about social issues and trite questions that could be solved with 5 seconds…[View]
1809903Tell me what the most affordable way to start with bitcoin is please.[View]
1809831Whats your excuse for nothing entering the Alphabet train ?[View]
1809868Question about Yelp? Can I go on other companies pages and message customers who reviewed them? Good…[View]
1809845Can someone tell me the point of having a UBS account over other accounts? Lately I'm seeing a …[View]
1807513>muh cars >muh women >muh yacht Why was he such a nigger?…[View]
1809818So how did you amass your fortune /biz/? Did you invest in Maneki Nekos?[View]
1808880AMD Ryzen neuronal network: Will Ryzen change the world of crypto mining? Supposedly it has a decent…[View]
1809721not sure if gonna make it lads: How do I get into the mindset for accounting? I'm taking a coup…[View]
1809260>It's 9:20am >first day of your new job at the NYSE. >you're the new hotshot tr…[View]
1809727Promising volatile stocks: High risk, no bs[View]
1809640What are some of the most reliable stocks to put my money in for long-term growth?[View]
1807260Restaurant business advice: Speciality indian restaurant grossing 373K Discresionary cash around 12…[View]
1807255Hello successful adults: I need help, and I need your advice. Right now I'm a 21 year old man w…[View]
1809695is buying bitcoin on btc-e viable or do you get fucked by tarifs? is localbitcoins the only place wh…[View]
1809000I have an investment/tax question. I hope there are some smart people here who can help me out. As a…[View]
1809694What's up senpai. I am filling out my taxes and probably about to get pissed off with this shit…[View]
1807880How to be rich.[View]
1809380accounting or cs? can someone tell me what to go for, i want to make good money for a long time with…[View]
1809619https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRW0ISEOD3Q&feature=youtu.be YELLOWED[View]
1807968What kind of foods do entrepreneurs and savants eat? It has come to my attention that the nutrition…[View]
1809392Anyone a teacher or used to be one? Were you transferred to different learning centers before you fo…[View]
1808506how to write /biz/ness plan /biz/? ive got 30k to work with what would you do and or think of??[View]
1809461First time posting in biz. how do you guys deal with financial hardship while chasing your goals? I …[View]
1807431Whats a realistic way I can become a trillionaire? (Thats $1,000,000,000,000 by the way.) >hard m…[View]
1809564Do I really need to go to company social events? I get along with my coworkers and I'm not real…[View]
1807672/biz/ I am going to enroll on a degree part-time and study in the evening while keeping my job. How …[View]
1807224>Which is better to start trading, stocks or BTC? Why? I preffer stocks because i have fundamenta…[View]
1809479>2017 >still following autistic neo-classical economics Wake up lads. Post-autistic economics …[View]
1809484Behold the ZCoin muh drooling plebs! The future of moon. >Massive increase in trade volume >Ab…[View]
1807630Schiff: Peter Schiff said on his latest podcast, the US stocks are at about their peak, but that for…[View]
1809477>Managed to save 1 month's worth of a salary working my first job (part time). >Bought an…[View]
1809092My parents want to buy me a 100 grand house, but it just feels like a leech sjw thing to do. I told …[View]
1807580Sin Stocks: I've been considering investing into sin stocks but I've never done anything r…[View]
1809178Where would one find a list of cryptocurrencies that are about to go live on exchanges? I'm sic…[View]
1807682>Hedge Fund >Hedge >Hedge funds are not supposed to beat a bull market's index perform…[View]
1808496/biz/ investing scenarios: I see lots of hypothetical shitposting here so let's be serious for …[View]
1809384HOUSING. Anyone here work in a housing/property maintenance/related field? Be interesting to get a …[View]
1808974I have £500 and fuck all else as discretionary how do I double my money /biz/ ? literally any idea i…[View]
1809404what's the difference I really can't tell. I kinda want to make something, I'll want …[View]
1809232>employer looks at your CV >has a STEM degree >but no relevant experience >has a history…[View]
1808654>chinese bitch at city hall tells you theyll never give you your beer license for your business W…[View]
1807709Dream job: What is your dream job? How do you plan to get there? >dream business consultant >p…[View]
1809052>TFW forget market closed How is /biz/ spending their day today?[View]
1807436Sweet Youtube Money: Hi /biz/, i was looking at youtube trending page today, and it was full of chil…[View]
1808981Simulator challenge advice: What penny stocks would you bet on now? Need to win crappy $100,000 chal…[View]
1807076ITT: We post our age and what we've learned about economics/finance I'll start >20 >…[View]
1809180I'm trying to buy some crypto currencies and I have no idea what these fields fucking mean. c-c…[View]
1809338I'm pretty confident I tanked my phone interview. It was scheduled to last around 25-30 minutes…[View]
1806813Okay /biz/ I need advice, I've been running a demo stock account for about a month now. I start…[View]
1809169I want to know the thought's of /biz/ on this. >live in burgerland >fly to Cuba >buy c…[View]
1809291http://cryptoelite.com/guide/ These guys are mentally retarded at shilling, what a bunch of idiots. …[View]
1807243Stocktrading, investing, where do i start?: Okay i live at home, and am still a 21 y/o student. Stud…[View]
1807594Complacency: I'm 23 and take home ~$3K a month working in a factory. I have no formal education…[View]
1808565/tv/ here I'm fascinated with how far Netflix has been able to be competitive with HBO as a pre…[View]
1799710Higher minimum wage -> More spending power beyond bare necessities, money gets actually saved for…[View]
1809240took a mix of drugs and hit my head, passed out, btc is goon be over 100k in 2020 just take loans se…[View]
1803943Scrap Metal Collecting: I live in a pretty big city and I had a friend a few years back who made a s…[View]
1808841Where can i find a good guide about trading stocks ?[View]
1806446How to avoid my whole portfolio going down 40% in one night when the next recession hits? For day tr…[View]
1806513Holy fuck /biz/ Im 22 and just learned about filling taxes .... Ive been working since I was like 16…[View]
1808204World Debt Watch: Not sure how fun a thread this could be but maybe some of our more intelligent pos…[View]
1807052What are some good entrepreneurial forums? This one is garbage desu.[View]
1809177Harvard The KINGS of Africa's Digital Economy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDj1quRZFiA Harv…[View]
1809062On equality of opportunity:: Was gonna post this on pol but something something ip ban. Thought this…[View]
1807608Somebody just deposited 40 thousand dollars in bank account What do you do with it?[View]
1809108>Amazon has a PE ratio of 172 I know its a 'good company' and all, but is that really a good stoc…[View]
1809130/biz/ merged with /trash/: >BBR raising from 9800 satoshis to 92000 satoshis >Everyone ignorin…[View]
1808816Jim Cramer: Is he a fraud, /biz/?[View]
1808777Inheritance - WWYD?: I am going to receive around $60,000 in inheritance in a couple of months, so i…[View]
1808890AMA: I am the GM of a well established valet company, ask me about my sweet life.[View]
1808353Here-ye Here-ye: Have you guys started mining the gold that is the cannabis industry? https://www.ne…[View]
1808240How do I profit off the spread of cultural Marxism and 'progressive degeneracy' in general? I dont …[View]
1809017Dental business: Real niggas only Listen up /biz/ i really have a huge idea that could change my lif…[View]
1809049New Bitcoiner: Got doolarz, need coins and I need to know the best trader for bitcoin. Any posts wel…[View]
1808700Can you withdraw from a pension plan if youre still employed and contributing to the pension plan? i…[View]
1808767The Golden Mongol Horde: After the news the IMF is bailing out Mongolia for the SIXTH time since 199…[View]
1808069Am I fucked? bitcoin gambling nitrogensports: I was sharing my computer with my brother when we both…[View]
1808933What's a business that relies on one object that's also pretty profitable? I assume that o…[View]
1808701Degree Advice: I'm a 25 year old Marine veteran, currently knocking out my first year gen ed re…[View]
1808927Redpill me on monopolies /biz/, do they overall have a positive or a negative impact on society? Tex…[View]
1808661Why the fuck do the jews at Bloomberg think I want to see this shit talking about markets?[View]
1807009What do you think of my new investment, /biz/?[View]
1807382I wanna be a motha fuckin rich ass nigga what the fuck I do[View]
1806119Anyone here in the Air Force/military? What expenses can I expect? What percentage of my income can…[View]
1808376If I sold novelty pills, could I be sued if they actually work?[View]
1808814>be me, 18 >studying industrial engineering in Mexico. >lost my way to pay for tuition. How…[View]
1808804Australian Superannuation 'Spaceship': Anyone want to convince me to roll my super into this fund? S…[View]
1807433taxes: how do rich people avoid paying taxes? I'm working as a 'contractor' for a courier serv…[View]
1808541Want to Make an Art Online Business: Good evening, everyone. I really didn't know where to ask …[View]
1808664How do you guys think you could handle people that have really bought into a fucking pyramid scheme?…[View]
1806192I want to sell beats on YouTube but I'm such a fuck up and I dont even have a laptop. This fuck…[View]
1808738Afraid intruders or creeps walk into your room while you sleep? Are you one of those people who need…[View]
1807528New Sticky: The /biz/ sticky sucks. It just tells you not to advertise on this board. So we get the …[View]
1807264What Should I Do?: I'm finishing up my first year at a big state university. Currently, I'…[View]
1808670How to start a little business: I've been working in a couple of ideas that I had with some fri…[View]
1807011I've been digging into a lot of economics lately and find the field much more interesting than …[View]
1808572have bachelors...working in corporate financial management want graduate degree or equivalent what s…[View]
1808459how do you get rid of someone who owns 25% of the shares in your company and hasn't been around…[View]
1808099Expat: Would you trade 2-3 years of your life to go live in a shit city overseas for a large salary …[View]
1808586Finances kind of bottoming out on me while going to school, need some advice: >Almost 27 >In c…[View]
1807832What should I do for my future biz?: I want to major in finance, but right now i'm only taking …[View]
1808254Apologize again: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/02/19/elon-musks-spacex-laun…[View]
1808176So /biz/, I might have terminal cancer. Medical drama aside, this was an entirely preventable situat…[View]
1807620>live in third world shithole >want to get somewhere in this life >spend all my time studyi…[View]
1808443What is the best medium through which to advertise?[View]
1808464who is tai lopez and why I see his videos about him giving free cars and money to people on my fucki…[View]
1808480NPV: Why is it better to use net present value instead of investment rate of return when it comes to…[View]
18084811. Go to listverse 2. Find a good article 3. Change the title slightly 4. Replace 2-3 of the entries…[View]
1808105Will writing a book bring me loads of cash?[View]
1805902apartments in cali: why are there no $200-$300 apartments in California? Especially in Los Angeles? …[View]
1806130growing population of neets being mentioned on the tv news and news sites. is the next financial cri…[View]
1803634What's a good degree/career for people with ADHD[View]
1806658Other Things You do at Work for Income: What are other things you can do at work online to provide e…[View]
1806794ATTENTION NEETS: Stop making shitty threads about not finding a job. Just shut the fuck up and read …[View]
1806421Hi fags ! The other day some guy posted about making money by hosting porn videos and waiting for th…[View]
1806967/BIG/ - Biz Inspo General/Lifestyle thread /biz/ is full of young, hungry, inexperienced people and …[View]
1808211Bitcoin: Comet Prophecy fulfilled....again: How many times must you blue pilled warriors be warned? …[View]
1808280Deth of Bitcoin (incoming): Gif related.....this ends badly. Black Jack coming for his booty.[View]
1807938Hassle free banks: Who does /biz/ use for every day personal banking? I use BoA currently and while …[View]
1806716Good Software/Service for Practicing Investing?: So, hello /biz/. I am an undergrad econ student who…[View]
1808342I pay $14,000 per year to live out of state in a nice apartment and go to a really nice community co…[View]
1808313>'Your payment should be available within 3 days of delivery confirmation' >Day 3, 6:40 PM …[View]
1807177Bitslaves, Forex fegs,and Stock boyz:: Do you think boomers are going to flood into your markets whe…[View]
1808081Future CollegAnon: i plan to major in Information Technology, is it worth getting a master's de…[View]
1807364Corruption: How does corruption work? specially in the private sector? I worked for a while in a gov…[View]
1807720>he doesn't have a short on gold in preparation for the next tax hike Leaving money on the t…[View]
1807882I am working with another guy to develop an app. I'm on a very tight budget and my biggest comp…[View]
1805763The Wealth of Nations: I just checked out this book from my library, as I want to tru and understand…[View]
1807758Fiverr and shit: So I've seen this place gaining some attention recently. Visiting it I saw peo…[View]
1807824Anyone applying for startup accelerators?: Sup /biz/. Anyone here thinking about applying for any ac…[View]
1807551i inherited a small amount of money which is enough to buy 1 KG of a gold bar, and im considering pu…[View]
1806883Oil & Gas Industry: Business Analyst here Fuck working in tech, I want to be an oil man. What ar…[View]
1807923did undergrad in geo, but I want to go grad school for econ. What are some books/ text books I shoul…[View]
1807876What are /biz/s thoughts on the average yearly return for a trader?[View]
1807926Anyone want to feed me some good ideas and we'll make money together? -Programming/doing web th…[View]
1807831Maybe this is a question better posed for /fa/ but I'll ask here anyway. What exactly is '…[View]
1807783FFFFUUUUUU: >moon mission >hurrr durr were going to $10 fuck you guys…[View]
1806756Hey /biz/, was thinking about training a neural net to make long term investments. What are your tho…[View]
1806375What's the difference between /biz/ and /r9k/? I can't seem to find one...[View]
1804037>Rent $7,200 >Travel to wagecuck job $5,200 >Food $3,000 >Utility bills $1,200 >E…[View]
1806616snapchat stocks: would snapchat be a smart investment? whats your thoughts? or will it just turn int…[View]
1806489Wow, what a bunch of bullshit.[View]
1806425How much do you earn and what percentage of your earnings do you save/invest monthly? Ca. 1200 Dolla…[View]
1804815I'm in college and I have a bit of money saved up and most of my expenses paid for until summer…[View]
1807662Did u see that? They caugh them Online casino cheating online lol Goddamn https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
1805448opg: Online Poker General Any chance we can get an online poker thread going? I can't be the o…[View]
1806807>Snapchat plans to roll out new IPO stock worth $22.5 Billion http://www.politicaloutsource.com/2…[View]
1806717post your P/L since the start of 2017 i'm up 125% on my 3k day trading account, (more like 250%…[View]
1807426Percentage held by institutions: The change in the percentage of shares held by institutions seems l…[View]
1807487born 2 slow: >Be too slow and lazy to respond properly to buyers and stock changes. How do I fix …[View]
1806630ITT gambling stories. I'll start > be me > 4th year economics student > risk adverse p…[View]
1805398I'm financially illiterate and just came into a significant sum of money (about 16,000), where …[View]
1805367Does anyone here actually work in a office setting? What's it like working in a cubical? I wor…[View]
1807067How do countries realistically counter outsourcing in the 21st century?[View]
1807425What's the next hyped alt coin?: I need some meme coin to throw my money at. Give me a hand ano…[View]
1807535Recommended books: Hello /biz/. I want to start reading some good material and right now, I'll …[View]
1807493What do you guys think about lawn-care services? Is it over-saturated? Also, how do you think the de…[View]
1795926dude WEED lmao[View]
1807484Peer to peer lending: Is this a good way to beat the market or a good way to lose money?[View]
1806997Any etsy sellers here? Do you recommend it? I'm thinking of selling some of my prints for about…[View]
1805094How does getting laid affect your business and the skills therein? I understand in business situatio…[View]
1803916Just bought some Modafinil. What can I expect?[View]
1803810I live in Canada where the housing prices are crazy (GTA). I'm at the point in my life where I …[View]
1807262Recommendations for investing: Hi /biz/, due to some unfortunate events, im having to retire early. …[View]
1799929Leverage Trading: Hey /biz/. I'm looking into leverage trading and exploring options, forex, an…[View]
1806158/Youtube/ General: What does /biz/ think about Youtube as a passive/side income source? I am thinkin…[View]
1806346Summer School of Harvard?: Hello guys ! Someone did summer classes in Harvard? If yes, how it is? I …[View]
1807292Should I get smaller multiple secured credit cards or 1 big one? I figured having as many as I can a…[View]
180688667 step program for free?: I don't want to give this scammer a single shekel, but I want to kno…[View]
1804872Which American cities do you think are going the have the best future and develop into something gre…[View]
1806521>be doing a high school project >genius hour >complete useless garbage if you want to be a …[View]
1807063So whens the next financial recession coming and what could an anon do to prepare for it? Thinking a…[View]
1807169There is a lot of land for sale in my city for $16,000. Its only .11 acre. I want to buy it, as an i…[View]
1807231Alright, /biz/! How do I get into the kneepads business?! I'm on board for it.[View]
1806278BTC VS ETH: Who will win and why?[View]
1807183Affiliates Marketing: I have a blog about financial markets and i'm trying to monetize it using…[View]
1806480What is the minimum yearly salary it would take for you to become a wage-cuck? I wouldn't do it…[View]
1806709Will accounting still exist in twenty years? Could it survive automation by becoming more of a consu…[View]
1806853How big of an impact will blockchains/cryptocurrencies and automation have on costs for consumers? W…[View]
1802680Why do people say bitcoin can do 7 transactions per second?: it clearly cannot.[View]
1807135>he invested in PEPECASH[View]
1805365I have fully unsupervised overtime at $45 an hour and I get to put in my number of hours at the end …[View]
1805536i just got a debit card, how do i start with cryptocurrencies?, do you need to have bitcoins to buy …[View]
1806788Is now a good time to start saving to retirement? I have about 7k cash I can put into an IRA but it …[View]
1806868/biz/ coin: Would you faggots help promote an altcoin if I made one?[View]
1807034are mineral and oil permafucked: Are mineral and oil prices ever going to go up. Oil is so cheap and…[View]
1805664Law of diminishing marginal utility: Was having a discussion with a nonecon friend about the law of …[View]
1806475Is IT a viable career choice. Was thinking about going back to school for a certificate[View]
1806586Prescription Drugs: I'm in college and have heard a little bit about these. Not interested in u…[View]
1805682is there a way to set a different payment option on eBay: PayPal is a fucking scam that not even eBa…[View]
1801321You are an employer or a manager. One of your female employees says she is taking part in pic relate…[View]
1803660Aussie here, buying with USD. Buying 4 Bitcoins. Will have $3533 US left, I am looking to invest tha…[View]
1806806Exchanges: What do these guys do? Aren't exchanges fully electronic and based on the internet t…[View]
1806988Refugee coin (REFFO): Last week I had an idea to create WOMAN coin - >>1794183 Today I came up…[View]
1805922I couldn't find any reliable information on this anywhere: How much do you have to inherit befo…[View]

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