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2230685a year to half a year ago biz was full of eth is a mess posts, none whatsoever now have they all kil…[View]
2226733how to withdraw money from bittrex? and avoid paying taxes?[View]
2230621Wanting to rent a house: How common is it for the landlord to demand 2 months worth of rent at the s…[View]
2230022>tfw I just changed my grades with the 'inspect element' feature in firefox and then printed out …[View]
2229184Buy sia now faggots: Meme triangles Meme triangles Meme triangles >he wont buy sia what a cuckl…[View]
2229005Is this nigga gonna crash?[View]
2230525Why should I not go EHT -> BTC -> EHT (after dump) seeing as how EHT is rising but BTC isn…[View]
2228209Sell me on Mysterium ICO.[View]
2230324so i was monitoring gdax for quite some time yesterday and saw some 64 btc sell order a couple of do…[View]
2229449I start my first internship tomorrow morning at consulting firm. I'll be doing programming stuf…[View]
2227233Don't come to Bittrex in a few days.[View]
2229930Guys, has anyone here ever been homeless? If I dont get a job soon im going to be out on the street …[View]
2229861I want to work in a hedge fund[View]
2230514Help: Can I use my USD wallet on Coinbase to buy more coins?[View]
2230374>was here when btc was at 1.4k USD >was here when eth was at 90 USD >they're now at 2.…[View]
2229625'Buy the dip', they said...: Just checked Coinbase. BTC down to 1700 and falling. I've been che…[View]
2230462>why would they exclude the biggest crypto market in the world? Fine. I'll save my shekels f…[View]
2230447How do I become a NEET?[View]
2228226Hello, /biz/nessmen. I am about to invest a large amount of BTC into five shitcoins. My family is in…[View]
2228140SHILLS?: how do you find out if someone is just shilling vs someone who actually believes and knows …[View]
2230421are you ready for the rapture.... this is ETH return to normal... lol say bye bye[View]
2228005Ripple: Thoughts on this?[View]
2230348any day now.....[View]
2229278RE: ETH, DONT MISS THIS: Hi /biz/ I am a psychic whale AMA[View]
2230405Crypto QTTDTOT: I'll start cause I'm new too Why is it sketchy to leave your coins in an e…[View]
2229577Keep your eye on this one the next 72 hrs.[View]
2230364Can someone give me a quick rundown on what ICO is and why it's expected to blow up? I'm a…[View]
2229179Is BAT a scam?[View]
2229821Are these guys actually gonna fuck me if I withdraw like $2,000 a day to my bank account? I swear I…[View]
2230203WARP 2 IS A GO: Grab on to your butts!![View]
2226806>tfw I didnt buy $ETH when it was $7 >tfw its $195 now I unironically fucking want to off myse…[View]
2229981Alright you fucks. You bastards. You made money while I didn't. It's time. What are the b…[View]
2229148Mining: Why are all downloadable Monero miners flagged as viruses by Google Chrome and my antivirus?…[View]
2230286Currently using coin base to buy ETH and BTC. However I want to delve into the dank realm of Strati…[View]
2230136Crypto broker? Should we start setting up portfolios for people for pay? I already know lots of pe…[View]
2228792Anyone else laughing at the altcoin shills who don't realize bitcoin is the best coin for obvio…[View]
2230064How do I cash out a couple hundred ETH and then buy the dip. Is it even worth it or will I get pound…[View]
2229585ETH tradable at china's largest exchange today: >Whales pushing to $199 to break sell wall I…[View]
2229155>tfw you fell for the Mooncoin meme[View]
2228394posw soon to be supported by LEDGER: https://twitter.com/POSWallet/status/864476785794322433 get in …[View]
2230188Baby's first margin trades how'd i do lads[View]
2228961What the fuck guys.: Where is the moon? and the announcement? is it supposed to come tomorrow? I fel…[View]
2230059If you are dealing with a low ammount of ETH right now (I got 2.9) does it make more sense to use pa…[View]
2230187BTB - bed time bids: Lets have another round of bedtime bids. What's your money on for tonight?…[View]
2228846I have $150 to spend on coinbase.... Should I go: 50/50/50 on BTC/ETH/LTC 75/25/25 on BTC/ETH/LTC 25…[View]
2230164Let's find a new way to steal money from the retarded plebs. >what about crypto goyim? Oy ve…[View]
2229846this is wow what's your story right now, biz?[View]
2229649ITT: laugh at the crashcucks HAVE FUN WATCHING FROM THE LAUNCHPAD AH HAHAHA[View]
2230065What's the best website to buy altcoins? I'm not in the US btw, if that makes a difference[View]
2228271$30 by row get in now faggots[View]
2230087>mfw somETHing gets chinked in 24h[View]
2229938ROCKET DOORS ARE CLOSING. HAVE YOUR TICKETS OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-3J9CLQD_c $300 in…[View]
2229801Guess the coin: >better version of LSK >does the same thing as SHIFT but with added features (…[View]
2229870Say it with me ALL TIME HIGH[View]
2229520i don't get you neckbeards, it is like you don't have common sense. Money first developed …[View]
2229593Tales of Berseria: Is this game good? The reviews are at 95% positive on steam. I just want to sink …[View]
2229729This is what's happening to ETH right now: >people buying in, increasing price little by lit…[View]
2229629KORE COIN: Not a PnD sorry. >Awesome dev, self funded. NO ICO, no premine, no scammy shit. Just a…[View]
2227480Reddcoin Moon Mission V3: Who here bagholding some good ol' reddcoin? Look at that perfect meme…[View]
2229823Myriadcoin: This is a goddamn scam don't fall for it. Its 50% premined (according to rumour) an…[View]
2229741Okay /biz/: You can have a House on 1 acre, an apartment/condo, and own 10 acres of land. Where woul…[View]
2229505How do I make free money doing nothing? My PC sucks so I can't mine bitcoins. Should I just le…[View]
2229735Totally Not Larping: Hello, /biz/nessmen. I am about about to invest a large amount of value fiat in…[View]
2228794Tee Chink Wave is Coming: So when does this bank holiday end in China and the Chink sell-off begin?…[View]
2228348>tfw you spent at least 10 000 hours playing videogames instead of learning actual skills…[View]
2229171Need to make $15,000-20,000 this summer to pay for college and buy a vehicle. IDEAS?: So I dont know…[View]
2229700PASC: /biz/ lets talk Pascalcoin, They've just released a new whitepaper and are the first coi…[View]
2227917ETH crash: I don't always buy ETH but when I do I make sure it's right before a massive du…[View]
2229498New to trading on margin lads what's the difference between settle and close?[View]
2227677Digibyte DGB: Still holding on to my DGB and you only have a few more days to acquire some if you do…[View]
2229207Anyone know why this shitcoin has seen a 30% spike in volume in the past cpl hours? Is it about to m…[View]
2228739Can someone explain proof of resource to me? I know it has to do with the SAFE network and coins lik…[View]
2228795Don't come to Kraken in a few days.[View]
2228764Can I profit off an ASIC miner for srcypt at $0.08 kw/h?[View]
2229144Did I do good /biz/?[View]
2228107What countries do you not pay taxes from cashing out crypto?[View]
2229531>Be me >get email from some company in Japan >Reply back >Get form I have to fill out …[View]
2226777So, I haven't 4channed in a HOT minute but I was wondering if there's any US guys or gals …[View]
2228670Ok /biz/ lets take a test right now u have 1btc and see this chart, what do?[View]
2228972Idk what to do after high school How fucked am i /biz/[View]
2228651Don't come to Coinbase in a few days.[View]
2229489Exchanges: Which exchanges are 1. Safest 2. Anonymous - such as avoiding IRS tracking 3. Easy to us…[View]
2228154What do you fags think of game credits? Should I buy? Mine?[View]
2228404Hey /biz/ Im creating a startup textboard for my campus. How can I advertise it?[View]
2229458Any poker players? Anyone read pic related's book on poker mathematics, thoughts on it?[View]
2228272How do you cope with all the bullshit in society? It seems like everyone is humiliated twice, throug…[View]
2229394It's eerily quiet /biz/. Too quiet.: Where are the parabolic charts? Where are the crashes? Wha…[View]
2229059>just figured out how to buy on coinbase instantly and it was all because of coinbases desktop we…[View]
2229310Alright boys, how do we defeat the digibytetards? Their shitcoin is rising a little bit, and they…[View]
2227803>Bought BTC at $2600CAD yesterday >I've already made ~$400…[View]
2228885Stratis: Post YFW you realize monkey coin is beating all your investments.[View]
2227263How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon: how legit i…[View]
2229387Every god damn time: If it happens again i will an hero No matter what it happens, i zig it xags i z…[View]
2228621Don't come to Gdax in a few days.[View]
2227051ETH can't break ATH: Sell now[View]
2226467So what are your honest opinions and analysis of this coin? Where will it be in 1 month? 1 year? Nex…[View]
2226400honest thoughts on gold and silver?[View]
2228750Cex.io, what the fuck: So I tried to make some money moving $860 worth of btc from coinbase cex.io. …[View]
2228491Don't come to Poloniex in a few days.[View]
2229045Arbitrage - Tiger Woods Edition: What is arbitrage? Arbitrage is taking advantage of a price differe…[View]
2225541Best New ICOs this summer? Here are the three I'm putting $1000+ in Status: June 17th 2017 http…[View]
2228290Why is there still no info about bancor sale?[View]
2229127http://lenpenzo.com/blog/id14498-18-flippant-facts-you-didnt-know-about-the-2-bill.html >cashed o…[View]
2229152It's going to be a money making week faggots hope you all bought the dip[View]
2228304Not buying the top PoR (proof of resource) coin... https://maidsafe.net/safecoin.html >https://ma…[View]
2228842pivx just did a trend reversal.. you dont want to be late for the next moon mission, do you? you hav…[View]
2228952Does BTC really have a transaction limit of 7 per second?[View]
2228188Posw stealing coins: If you faghots havnt heard posw stealing all your shitcoins and even btc deposi…[View]
2229013Can some anon give me a quick rundown on Theter? Someone has use it to get bitcoin? what about fees?[View]
2228980does a holding company need to have an executive team[View]
2228818What does /biz/ think about the potential of Fedcoin?[View]
2228899Don't forget :)[View]
2228485Stock Charting Software: What do you use to track stocks? Are there any good free options? I am inte…[View]
2228852Noob here Can someone explain to me why my shares are getting rejected ?[View]
2228144What are you holding besides crypto?: >pic related (my stash)[View]
2221580Casino wagering: whats the best way to beat the house.[View]
2228691Better Get In Here!!: Gonna be a wild night, ladies and gentlefags[View]
2228735Bitcoin isn't going back up is it?[View]
2228681Bitcoin volatility: And will a stablecoin work?[View]
2228529musical chairs: bitcoin is just an elaborate game of musical chairs if there are 10 people, and all …[View]
2228555Aeternity: Did you guys buy in? There's still more time! What's your opinions?[View]
2225450Technical Analysis: Is TA dark magic, unfounded BS, a reliable tool, or a self fulfilling prophecy?…[View]
2227340Still laughing, faggots? PoSW WILL moon with dividends like this[View]
2228010LOSING MONEY SUPPORT MONEY: Let's hear your disaster stories bros. You will feel better getting…[View]
2228068SYScoin: this entire board is mainly shilling dying coins but here's a tip: buy SYS before this…[View]
2228500Someone draw meme triangles plz[View]
2226604BURST Blasting Off?: Big announcement for BURST tomorrow and already up 15% since this morning, abou…[View]
2228122Where can I buy a gun with bitcoin?[View]
2228274Sia coin = pluto: This is about to bust a nut. Buy wall stacked higher than mexico boarder. This is …[View]
2228413Are Cover Letters necessary? In Corporate Banking?[View]
2228368syscoin: buy syscoin.It's rumored that there's going to be a pump and dump in it, but it…[View]
2227872images that hurt the super rich.[View]
2227343Are you niggers gonna buy Zen when it hits the market? Are you pumped? This is the shit, Teh Shit I …[View]
2227266Warrior Trading: What is the /biz/ consensus on this guy/strategy? Can a noob jump into day trading …[View]
2227103PPC: This will come back strong. You've been warned. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=7…[View]
2228342What time(zone) do Bittrex reset their % change statistics? As I understand it it's for the las…[View]
2228195Crypto Tax Liability: If I'm daytrading crypto, is my tax liability calculated at each trade on…[View]
2228022holy shit guys look what my friend showed me: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0RsBdEHfjqc look what you fucker…[View]
2227306STRAT celebration thread: Man it feels great to see a non-shitcoin pump so hard How many of you have…[View]
2226766What does the ideal résumé look like? I'm 21, in college, and with no previous real work experi…[View]
2225478What do you use to judge whether or not to hold on to a coin. I'm right now holding 1k in Vox, …[View]
2227781Pls help me out: I know, these questions are silly, but this is my first ICO as a fellow Newcoiner, …[View]
2228228Buy my 4 ETH off of Gemini for $196[View]
2223194XBY HAS GONE PARABOLIC: HOLY SHIT >HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT >HOLY SHIT the meme triangles were righ…[View]
2227865hey wasnt sure who to ask so why not ask /biz/... https://s.metjm.net/IIkyeuE.jpg wanted to know if …[View]
2228199Someone holding syscoin here? He's going to participate gave a lecture in August, showing their…[View]
2224694Post your rollercoasters. (1 week graph)[View]
2227883Gold/silver: Couple of questions. Is gold controlled by Jews and how? is it worth buying it physic…[View]
2227984programming languges on a resume: At what point can I put a programming/scripting language on a resu…[View]
2228048CryptoPing: Thoughts? I've had a quick look, seems like it has potential. Normies are just catc…[View]
2227904Serious question. Could I avoid taxes entirely if I made my income my sucking dicks?[View]
2227948BAT Ico is LIVE: Public address is: 0x281038247134fdae5e7c2c1fa3710d3afb5d4f21 Recommended gas price…[View]
2228083mfw when I do online sports betting, move my gains into cryptocurrency, and make even more gains[View]
2227027POSW just mooned on Cryptopia: >5.3BTC 24h volume What does this mean /biz/?…[View]
2227944What should be my net worth before I acquire a wife like this[View]
2227459>he missed the HMQ dip he missed the HMQ dip >he missed the HMQ dip he missed the HMQ dip >…[View]
2227858Is it possible for an alt to be with >1 btc?[View]
2227686*********BANCOR ICO IS UP*********: ----------------------------------------------------------------…[View]
2226617bout to drop a fat load on VOX: read it /biz/-bitches, bout to drop a fat load of VOX on trex. warni…[View]
2227633BUY MOON: >OP smart liked ur moms insta[View]
2227167Crypto Trading Strategies: Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of my trading decisions have…[View]
2227819GUYS THE BAT RATIO IS 6400 PER ETH, WHICH MAKES ETH ONLY 153$: PLEASE READ THIS https://basicattent…[View]
2227218Alright Faggots: Figured its time I get involved. I just made my first $1.00 off a trade. Put $20 in…[View]
2227416Why didn't my orders on gdax get filled?: Apparently eth dipped down below 150 and none of my o…[View]
2227031Tell me about Monero. Why does it have potential?[View]
2226768Hushcoin: HUSH is a good buy if you're look to make gains. Theirs a limited supply HUSH is also…[View]
2227486Ubiq has huge potential: >Similar to Eth but arround the 25k sat price point. >Recently moone…[View]
2227772Is political betting the easiest way to get rich?: Literally free money[View]
2219351top secret: $mue $burst tmrw, dont miss[View]
2226944They say liftoff is the hardest part. Once a coin has reached a new bottom and is comfortably in pr…[View]
2227427BAT sale has begun early. 5 mins to get in. Public key here for convenience.: Public address is: 0x4…[View]
2227855Anybody here owns PEPECASH?: Would like to buy some Pepes but it seems neither biz, nor pol are inte…[View]
2227823>Guys the cashing out meme is just a joke >Salty nocoiners are just trying to scare you >BU…[View]
2227018Praying for a ripple pump: Anyone else hoping for a cripple pump, so they can dump this shitcoin and…[View]
2222614ETH MINING: any1 who has any xp with mining coins especially ETH with GPU? i heard its pretty good m…[View]
2227640XVG - What's going on with Verge?: It's a solid coin and it didn't get hard pump and …[View]
2227146/BIZ/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ChqmrqG[View]
2227814this is it lads it was nice talking to you all[View]
2226741Coinbase Thread: BTC: $2362 ETH: $200 LTC: $27 BTC will go up to $2800 by the end of the week. ETH w…[View]
2227799IOC: Where are my IOC niggas at?[View]
2227788See how important bitcoin is? Look at all the 7d[View]
2225922Sold all 20 of my bitcoins when the price was dropping for a lose Now the price is knocking down 200…[View]
2226343Mooncoin - Going to the Moon: 2 Sat Sell Wall is about to dissapear overnight, grab on or get left b…[View]
2225266What is the shittiest shitcoin with the least potential that you're currently holding? Why did …[View]
2226643bizbot mailing list feedback / support thread: As this is the first time I am activating bizbot, and…[View]
2227748I know there's plenty threads about it already but I'm just a wee shrimp and I've nev…[View]
2227707>years of experience with cryptocurrencies >reading whitepapers >kept track of all the tren…[View]
2226423how long are BTC transaction times currently? need to know[View]
2227366im new to all this shit. can someone tell me what the catch is? lets say i have $100k USD. whats to …[View]
2227565see you on mars faggots[View]
2226360Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.[View]
2227013Don't miss this chance to get into HMQ at an INSANE discount...random sell off to multi-day low…[View]
2227234will it crash?[View]
2226890/biz/, I have $10k budget to start mining. What sort of setup should I get?[View]
2222342Did I do it?: I just used a ETH miner and I think I did it. What's all this mean?[View]
2227128Alright boyos, bought at $20 Red pill me on this meme[View]
2226725XEM is finna moon senpai[View]
2225945How do you take advantage of being non-white in the business world?[View]
2227117Statistic fags, Engineers, Physics, Mathematicians, Lets Talk Financial Modeling: Extrapolation Four…[View]
2224199Who is ready for moon: Siacoin is ready for its next juemp for the moon, get in before its too late.…[View]
2223315Let's be honest guys, who all is getting in on this shit?: BAT ico starting in two days. 11am E…[View]
2227438>he missed rdd >he missed dbg >he missed pre-shill 1 sat moon will he miss the hmq dip? Bou…[View]
2217201Anyone else still live like they're a poorfag even after they got a decent job? >still live …[View]
2227482Get in for the Lambos[View]
2227475Temporary Currency: Assuming that ETH will dip again and I want to sell high, which currency is best…[View]
2226805This piece of shit plummeted AGAIN, really testing my patience.[View]
2227170What happens when someone defaults on FAFSA loans?[View]
2227224bittrex issue: hey guys, I recently sent ETH i bought directly from Coinbase over to my bittrex acct…[View]
2227089How long until ICO's hit exchanges and you can start selling for profits? Or hold. Basically if…[View]
2227257does anyone know where you can trade with fake money? (especially with cryptocurrency) an app would …[View]
2227330What happened to this?: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/alphabet-coin-fund/ Can someone explain…[View]
2225295i found this backup from 4 years ago, are any of these still worth something?[View]
2226818100 dollars per week into ETH, Bitcoin, and Litecoin on Coinbase. What you think anons?[View]
2227260Should I diversify more?: Do you think I should sell some cripple and put it into something else?…[View]
2226902ETH 200 $ Party Tonight ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSPxlhR60_o[View]
2226382http://www.newsbtc.com/2016/08/17/gregory-maxwell-vitalik-buterin-ran-quantum-computer-scam/ Guys gu…[View]
2226867Got a question: Any exchange sites that allow you to buy crypto with PayPal?[View]
2227033Can someone explain Doge to me and why it is still exists, not only does it exist but is currently m…[View]
2224928[BURST] BursCoin announcement: checkout this coin >asic proof >PoC >has a huge anouncement …[View]
2225697What I am doing right/wrong?[View]
2226277I told you guy about Gridcoin literally 8hrs ago: For the last time jump on the train before it leav…[View]
2226124As someone who is deeply involved in th cypto community and has taken part in a dozen ICO I am warni…[View]
2226320what the hell is going on??: is it just me or are most of the altcoins doing the MEME triangle . leg…[View]
2226763ARK: Alrighty boys what are your opinions on it? I'm debating throwing 500$ on it[View]
2226670CRASHFAGS ON SUICIDE WATCH BTFO >mfw ETH >$300 and BTC >$3000[View]
2222994Just hit the Chinese exchange: >gonna moon[View]
2226918Spectrocoin: Anyone used this exchange? Apparently you get a Bitcoin-cash debit card with it too. C…[View]
2226887Fucking folding Coin: Can't beleive I bought this piece of shit; Was kinda bored so I threw som…[View]
2226996It's time for summerfags to learn about the epic tale of the 'Slaying of the Bearwhale' and it…[View]
2200084/MILO/ - MiloCoin General - READ THE POST: Last Stand Edition Okay guys, I've been mulling this…[View]
2225855Where to buy shitcoins? Sick of poloniex[View]
2226756Buy AMD/MSI: >inb4 gramps Mining rigs are selling this shit out everywhere…[View]
2226884https://kin.kik.com/: What does everyone think of kin?[View]
2226644The Japanese are going to start buying Monacoin now (the only real japanese cryptocoin) And it'…[View]
2225480The sleeping giant...?: How come nobody talks about nem/xem. Is it because everyones just looking fo…[View]
2225844Guess which coin is slowly making some nice gainz? Shills tried to kill this coin but it KEEPS GETTI…[View]
2226204/biz/ I just had a revelation that lead me to this question. Why should those with very little eth …[View]
2226487Can someone either correct in my head or confirm my thoughts on buying a home? To me it seems like, …[View]
2226759MR TRADES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9AQydxoXuY[View]
2226371post your Poloniex balances >mfw i grew this in a week from a 5 BTC deposit…[View]
2225444>put $11,000 into STRAT last year during the ICO >everyone said it was just some scam and nobo…[View]
2226611Mr Trades is doing a live stream on ytube, lets shit up the chat with /biz/ maems https://www.youtub…[View]
2224876Is there any reason why one shouldn't flip the switch and turn full on sociopathic in business …[View]
2225743Hopefully by the time I post this it's not too late, but Augur has still yet to rise back up so…[View]
2226381APX: APX is exploding buy now bitches[View]
2226577Post cryptofolios you'll notice mine has different coins than you're used to see on /biz/ …[View]
2226520Are you in charge?[View]
2226321What does an energy trading analyst do? There's a job offer and I want to apply but I'm on…[View]
2224566S-so a-are we done crashing n-now?[View]
2225013Mooncoin: Did you retards actually buy this?[View]
2226595>tfw no Bancor gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzBy5OUPGLA[View]
2226420BLITZCASH: This coin that I never heard about pumped 200% volume in less than 24 hours How do I stop…[View]
2226403ETH: Any reason why you shouldn't put most of your money into ETH right now?[View]
2222031ITT: We Wait for 2222222: What coin will Kek say that will provide us with maximum gains? >22222…[View]
2226526Is there any way I can convert USD from a debit card issued in the US to bitcoin? >inb4 Coinbase …[View]
2226497what will UASF do to my meager BTC wealths?[View]
2222356Waves: Haven't seen a waves thread today. That is unacceptable.[View]
2226482Remember 3 days ago when half the posts on here were telling people to sell because BTC had finally …[View]
2226466DGB is crashing LOL @ digicuck bagolders[View]
2226488Hi /biz/, so basically im a newfag here (not in 4chan though, been lurking for years) and i want som…[View]
2225381Burst is gonna break out!: Just wanna drop this here before it happens.[View]
2225951Bat or bancor: Which will be the better bet ico[View]
2224790How do I use margin on kraken? I have never even noticed I had that much? Please explain how in use …[View]
2225988why aren't you in on sia?: hop on quickly[View]
2226459>everything else going up >S*S still shitting in the street…[View]
2226154Fuck you /biz/ I wanted to buy ETH at 115$ but you faggots said it was the end and it would totally …[View]
2225585Who bag holding sia here? When is this shit gonna rise I was promised DGB style gainz[View]
2225727Kraken bug?: When I attempt to place a market buy order, I can't select how much fiat to spend.…[View]
2226268ITT: We speculate on BAT Personally I think ads are a fucking meme. Consumers don't want to wat…[View]
2226356Is there any site that archives old biz threads?[View]
2225211Who else is holding LTC until the inevitable BTC segwit hard fork?[View]
2223756>post yfw golem isn't added to Coinbase[View]
2225852Blitz: How the fuck did you let me miss this moon mission? Nothing but suicide pepe and bull trap no…[View]
2224767Bitfags BTFO once again by XBY: What now Bitfags? It's ok, nobyters, there's still time to…[View]
2225395>mfw I sold ETC in the middle of the flat sea This is why bagholding eventually pays off. It…[View]
2224946>Every coin I touch goes down in value literally seconds after the trade is made why?…[View]
2225404I come from a wealthy family where all my needs are met. I literally don't need to do anything …[View]
2226239Should i sell my 7 mill mooncoin? If so, what should i buy next? >bought in @ 1 sat so i have not…[View]
2225899Crypto Refresher: OK guys, I was mining and dealing Crypto back in 2013/14. I survived the MT GOX an…[View]
2225657So where's the second dip you all said was going to definitely happen? fuck you biz are you eve…[View]
2223556Espers, buy now or kys later: title says all enjoy your work today wagie.[View]
2225009How am I supposed to sleep when the markets are open 24/7?[View]
2224963How much money do I need for a trophy wife?[View]
2226117Get in now or lose your lambo: You want money anon, you buy into espers on novaexchange. In all seri…[View]
2225086So... no crash happening?[View]
2224816fuck this board: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0RsBdEHfjqc Fuck /biz you guys never ever do what's good…[View]
2226139Is there anyone on here that has ever cashed out on Coinbase? I've heard so many weird stories …[View]
2225753ITT we kick ourselves for missing buying more bitcoin during the dip[View]
2224510Buy low: >Thinking the Chinese will explode the market >Not realizing they have been buying Et…[View]
2224691>current year >not buying talmud coin it's like you goyim don't want to make money…[View]
2225968most secure wallets? i've been looking into kraken. coinbase fucked me over.[View]
2226043noob here i installed bitcoin core to have a wallet is it necessary to write 100GB on my HD for sync…[View]
2225559ETH<100$ club: where are all my ETH OG's at? I bought some at 87$ and have had a fucking lau…[View]
2225957Has anyone from /biz/ made it big? Filthy rich? Went balls deep and wound up booming towards Alpha C…[View]
2225967https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/bitpoint-plots-bitcoin-payments-in-100000s-of-japanese-stores/ > …[View]
2225859Thoughts about golem coin?: What are your thoughts about golem coin, wanting to invest in it but not…[View]
2225779is the volume on XRP/ripple fake? no coin can seriously be in the top 3 for volume for weeks straigh…[View]
2225730look at this graph what do you think will happen? what is the smart move here? it's an eastern …[View]
2223549>where were you when china started trading eth[View]
2225788Do you have a separate bank account for your crypto shit? I know I do[View]
2224842Investing in miners: Sup /biz/ Let's say power is not a problem/free and I have a couple of gra…[View]
2225595how many minutes/hours does it take to transfer Bitcoins from a wallet to kraken or from another exc…[View]
2224855I have $20,000 that Im just sitting on and have no idea what to do with, but I'll need more to …[View]
2225268how do i get bitcoin or ethers within 24 hours?[View]
2224508>tfw sold all my ETH during the dip[View]
2225440Mobile Application Users: Hey /biz/, I have an app on the app store and I am struggling to get expos…[View]
2223690Stop being poor thread: I'm tired of being poor, which coin will be the next Ethereum and cost …[View]
2225432Damn you bitcoin shills are desperate right now. It's almost like you're trying to prevent…[View]
2225629How do you predict tops and bottoms?[View]
2225428How does one successfully daytrade? Is it worth it?[View]
2225634How can 1 ETH cost more than 1 Apple share?[View]
2223152If you haven't bought Gridcoin yet you deserve to be poor: >Highly undervalued >Actually …[View]
2225067technical analysis doesn't wo...[View]
2217286Bitcoin is FINISHED! There is no possible way it can recover from this. It's going back down to…[View]
2225492Guys, I'm too tired trading cryptos to figure this out. Does anyone know the background on this…[View]
2225502>all the bitchass nucoiners and panic sellers that spammed this tying convince themselves they di…[View]
2225544What's the realisitic expectation of a coin with so many conferences coming up? Ripples next 30…[View]
2222588'grandpa, how did you become so rich so young'[View]
2225138How much money do I need for a trophy dog?[View]
2224041Can you guys please pump MOON back to 4 sat so I can brake even and get out[View]
2218978So I built a bot: Get emailed once a day with the number of times each listed top 100 CoinmarketCap …[View]
2225413>tfw ETH fire rises >I-it's a crash! $20 in June! Post your face ITT if you sold at a los…[View]
2224089This shit goes nowhere but down Fuck you /biz/[View]
2224631>2 days ago suicidal >hodled through the pain >today everything is in profit and rising Oh,…[View]
2225425Buying and Selling Bitcoins online: I've got the ability to buy and sell bitcoins via Paypal in…[View]
2223931ETC is going to blow up: Don't miss out, it's been called by reliable twitter sources…[View]
2225348Buying BTC with Paypal: any legit sites to buy BTC with paypal?[View]
2225203Betting: Experience on BTC betting. Casino/Sport. I tired anonibet but i cannot tell if it alright o…[View]
2224215uhhhhhhh: y'all gonna argue with the GOAT?[View]
2225103What websites do you use to check the stock market ?[View]
2224685Bitcoin...more like pitcoin[View]
2225346How much money do I need for a trophy toaster?[View]
2225331Anyone try out mecoin? Seems pretty legit, but who knows how long it will last. A lot of people ha…[View]
2223075It's Happening - Get into crypto before the stockfugees get in!: pic and link related af http:/…[View]
2224032ACCUMALATION PHASE OVER (get btfo bull trap fags) Lamboland here we come fellow hodlers![View]
2225247Bursty Bust: How many Burst do i need to burst in my trophy wife?[View]
2223910Question: How do I reach robber baron status?[View]
2224845Hey /biz/, I'm seeing pic related on eBay for dirt cheap ($50 USD or less for one). Would it be…[View]
2221449is Lending BTC or other crypto profitable at market interest rates on exchanges that offer it?[View]
2225256How much money do I need for a Trophy Pepe???????[View]
2225255mining alt coins: need some help thinking of setting up a antminer s5 with 1115 gh/s to mine dgb or …[View]
2225111How much money do I need for a trophy husband?[View]
2225248How much money do I need for a trophy?[View]
2222336Gridcoin - help science - use GPU/CPU Power & get GRC: I would like to gather attention to Gridc…[View]
2224731Get the fuck in now you faggots we're going to the moon. Accessible, cheap, low volatility atm.…[View]
2225153How much money do I need for a trophy?[View]
2224909Kek wills it, burst to 2000: Buy now or cry Praise kek[View]
2217206Who here still hasn't lost money on their initial investments? join the club and laugh[View]
2223742how do i start mining bitcoins or etherum? anyone can explain please? somebody say i should delete s…[View]
2224966DGB will get one massiv pump around 4th/5th of June. Around the 8th of June a big dump / or a slower…[View]
2224359>Investing longterm >Can't stop checking the prices…[View]
2225073What does it mean by this?[View]
2221524/biz/ workstations: post em, r8 em, h8 em[View]
2224542Tokens from ICO are released tomorrow for trading. I got mine. What anons are going to be watching M…[View]
2224832Bancor Protocol ICO: Get in here you autists, they say they're going to pay you for making meme…[View]
2223389goys goys goys: >buying a lambo >not buying a helicopter what gives?…[View]
2219444ITT: share your business ideas.[View]
2223578Not OPEC, China Dictates The Oil Prices: Is it a good time to buy oil? >The OPEC deal will lead t…[View]
2224774You know what it means?: You know?[View]
2224897The lifespan of crypto: When do you guys think burgers will ban crypto(if it gets too much momentum)…[View]
2224868Hey dudes, one of the Mysterium Founders is having an AMA right now. Mysterium is that sick new ICO …[View]
2224537Help me validate this anon, I think I found a winner here.: They've just released big news 2 da…[View]
2224571Is meme magic real?[View]
2224575>tfw fell for the VOX meme[View]
2224383now THIS is bull trapping![View]
2224817Buy buy buy![View]
2224802Its always a good time to buy: 'There is a lot of fresh liquidity flowing into bitcoin, thanks to a …[View]
2223621Let's make like a million threads about Mooncoin and make memes with a girl on it. We buy in @ …[View]
2223440PnD shitcoins and whales: Hi /biz/, we need to create a PnD group to pump some shitcoins up for prof…[View]
2224165>Pivx mooning I told you /biz/. It's probably one the most undervalued coins right now and …[View]
2224742'Oh yea dude did you hear about that new thing called buttcoin or something? I went by my moms place…[View]
2223894Seriously, 800+ altcoins... and they all pretty much do the same fucking thing: Smart contracts, fa…[View]
2224697How in the fuck am I supposed to get BTC or ETH for these ICOs? I can't verify quickly enough a…[View]
2224693How can I buy/sell coin faster? I'm using Coinbase and buying takes 8 days, selling takes 3 day…[View]
2221939Mysterium ICO: I got early access to the Mysterium ICO address. 20% discount on an ETH token. Dubs g…[View]
2224457Can anyone give me a condensed rhetoric on the arguments between the segwit bitcoin adoption and thi…[View]
2224655Can we get a battlestations thread going? Lets share each others trading setups and rate[View]
2224584FOLDING COIN: Why aren't you in foldingcoin biz? meme triangle activated, same pattern as DGB w…[View]
2224626wtf I love BANCOR now[View]
2224580Econofags. Crypto during a stock crash: How would crypto react in general? Does it hold value?…[View]
2224011Scamming the Scamcoiners: /Biz/ /Crypto/ greentext >Be me >Log onto favorite exchange for shad…[View]
2223977Ethereum is only $400,000,000 away from taking over Bitcoin. Everyone should jump on the Ethereum tr…[View]
2224403'ETH is going to moon on 31st because ETH will open on 'Chinese markets' >mfw 'chinese markets' …[View]
2224483Burst = 1000 +: You heard it here first[View]
2224514I heard you guys were giving away free MOON after the great crash of 2017... 2ZS27gKTM2nBRM1BAbMQtoX…[View]
2223908Something like espers seems like a viable candidate in terms of the future of cryptocurrency. The le…[View]
2224451need help to recovery my girlfriend: my girlfrien has let me alone , i need to recuperate her but ca…[View]
2222750Where can I buy bitcoin in Russia?: - Buyer wants to buy $200k worth of bitcoin at bitstamp rate, an…[View]
2223594The last round of funding is selling out fast! What are you doing get in now! Every new block chai…[View]
2222524Now that the dust has settled, where is Sia going?[View]
2224022ITT: Cryptos most likely to become Mainstream,: Pic related. >also ethereum…[View]
2224212Siacoin is the next moon. Don't say you weren't warned.[View]
2223190Muh Shekels: Mobilego.io Anyone else haveing issues logging in? I got an email saying they will be w…[View]
2224375MUH DIP[View]
2224344>muh bull trap >muh meme chart Lol fucking retards…[View]
2222746last chance the board the train[View]
2222224DGB to $5 by December[View]
2224301you know we're all going to make it, right?: There is no fucking way you guys don't have a…[View]
2224289my name is ling bing bong chao please to meet you have you herr about eth its gonna hit big exchran…[View]
2224093>He didn't patiently wait for ETH to dip, then go ALL in on ETH at $120, and hold until now …[View]
2224221i have a hundred dollars: how can i make some money[View]
2224182GOODBYE MOONMEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgqiSBxvdws >My life is a fucking joke How much …[View]
2224171'MOST' Chipotle restaurants hacked with credit card stealing malware: http://fox13now.com/2017/05/28…[View]
2222172Can /biz/ redpill me about the Federal Reserve? So I know that they're not federally owned desp…[View]
2221743is posw dead? price continues to drop and the devs are struggling.[View]
2223665Billion dollar messaging app Kik is going an ICO for their token Kin soon. Who else is going to be …[View]
22239051. Your country 2. Are you a proud POSW bagholder? Sweden Yes[View]
2223043Official 'Laugh at DGB bagholders' thread #43 Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
2224238Stocks: What are you buying, what are you selling?: Everyone just want to talk about crypto shitters…[View]
2222914GTX 980Ti for crypto mining: sup /biz/fags, Is a single GTX 980 Ti useful for mining any kind of coi…[View]
2222757How much would I gain by staking my 10mil RDD? Currently they're just sitting in Bittrex.[View]
2224141>ITT we post sleeper mooners. >EDG. Edgeless casino - release of the platform in june/july alr…[View]
2222788Bitcoinsbrain down: So I guess thats that, it has been a short but at least somewhat profitable ride…[View]
2224116Buy Swarm City right now Thank me in 2 weeks[View]
2223238How to win: It is time to invite you plebs into my world. I never made a bad investment in my entire…[View]
2224119https://twitter.com/cnLedger/status/869046697992650753 How your meme coin compare[View]
2222852/biz/lit/: What are some good books pertaining to business, finance/economics, marketing or manageme…[View]
2223862Help me out here /biz/ I've been trying to cash out my 2000BTC (bought when it was still $1) th…[View]
2223676Why not buy $100 of every shitcoin?: Everyone is always arguing about which coin to buy, and whether…[View]
2224109HOW2MAKE EZ MONEY??''?: Newfag here, i've been lurking /biz/ for a while and started …[View]
2221811Newcoiner General (QTDDTOT): BITCOIN AND CRYPTO RESOURCES AND LINKS Believe it or not bitcoin.com wi…[View]
2223500>It's time for a real /biz/ thread. We all want to be successful, buy lambos, blah blah, stu…[View]
2223706Have 17,000 in debt, seasonal job (~2k a month fall-spring) and no income right now, and 3 past due …[View]
2222991We aren't in a bubble guys, r-right?[View]
2223344VUG ETF, undervalued but over-performing?: I'm a small investor looking to throw some money int…[View]
2222433>tfw only made $70,000 from crypto. I've gotten drunk several times because of this. It bot…[View]
2223892Is Ubiq a good buy?[View]
2223575>mfw tell normies crypto is a scam and safe money is in real estate. 'it allwasy goes up!…[View]
2223733BITCOIN HACKED: This guy called it and we didn't listen >>2156016[View]
2220729is digibyte a meme ? look at that fucking thing why are you guys into this, sell it to me dont meme …[View]
2223780I heard a stock market term a long time ago, and was hoping you guys could help me remember it. It…[View]
2223648Minimalism: When thinking about money, most people care about the Income and don't give a shit …[View]
2217414Disasterous Weekend Has it Been For Ya'll: After lurking and seeing since Friday, a lot of peop…[View]
2221150What is really 'risky investment' anyway?: I'm starting to think that 'risk' is just another Je…[View]
2223088Should I buy Lunyr?[View]
2219487What started the fire?[View]
2223626Funny TA pics?: Looking for more comedy/funny Technical Analysis pics. Will post what I have.[View]
2223682Waves: Why haven't /biz/coins bought me a lambo yet? Tired of waiting.[View]
2222154Should i keep my coins in Bittrex or should i withdraw them into a wallet? i've seen so many ho…[View]
2222824bid for .eth domain name: https://registrar.ens.domains/[View]
2222733How come not a single IT personality or notable entrepreneur hasn't launched his own altcoin ye…[View]
2222714*blocks your path*[View]
2223253> We support BIP148 and node count doesn't really matter at this point. We will have our nod…[View]
2223420HUSH looking primed for the big time: It's a clone of zcash that's going to have a cheap a…[View]
2223504USDT: can you buy tether directly using a credit card or bank account? Has anyone done this and succ…[View]
2222313why the fuck does this coin like to chill so much? is it going to do something one day[View]
2223331How much money do i need to go back in time and be this guy in highschool? Can I make that much mone…[View]
2223327XLM / Stellar Lumens I won't even bother with a shill post. Have a look for yourself and decide…[View]
2222448Why are many cryptocurrency companies/foundations based in Switzerland?: For tax reasons?[View]
2223040huobi tweet: What the fuck does this mean? Is it secret code to alert the chinese to dump their bitc…[View]
2223430Blockfolio trying to rustle my jimmies intentionally. 'Enjoy using blockfolio?' And every coin brigh…[View]
2223415Did anyone seriously not make loads of money during the crash?[View]
2222885NAUT ~ NautilusCoin: check this out https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-NAUT 4 btc wall …[View]
2222569Trading server: There was someone here a while ago who created a server that acted on the actions of…[View]
2223395>muh crash >muh bubble[View]
2222352i said doge will CRASH last night its pump and dump and everyone laugh, now im here to warn against …[View]
2223267Why haven't you bought DGB yet? Time is running out.[View]
2222604LIVECOIN.NET IS DOWN: Fuck these scum pieces of shit. I had $150 worth of MNE on there. Any chance o…[View]
2223235What cryptocurrency should I buy today?[View]
2223286How do you set a trailing stop order on bittrex?[View]
2223219Solid coin with some future. *Espers*: So I know everyone is sick and tired of shit shilling and bul…[View]
2219655What biz think?: Freind told me to invest in XBY What biz think?[View]
2222444Stop buying crypto.[View]
2222786Anyone with half a mind can see the market is being manipulated. How do you join (((them)))?[View]
2222007when you hold ripple[View]
2223116Sooo.... Is a short term BTC crash still imminent? Should I buy some ?[View]
2222284am I fucked?: Hi /biz/, I have 1 year of experience in big 4 advisory but have been placed on the PI…[View]
2223186Do you have any loyalty to /biz/ ? Eventhough this place is awash with scamcoins lately, I do want t…[View]
2223098hey /biz/ remember me i told you to sell your xrp for a month now i hope you did before you regrette…[View]
2222838Basic Finance: Basic financial advice and tips. Tell us how you got to where you are or how we can h…[View]
2221697Found this old gem: >Dat APY Could've been a multimillionaire...…[View]
2223015Why would a private untraceable currency win out? Wouldn't this be a nightmare for business? Is…[View]
2222932shoud i start stealing rich kids gaming desktops and use them for mining?[View]
2222904How's cryptocurrency investing not gambling?[View]
2221800BURST confirmed with an announcement tommorow. It is at a super low price, and should go up a simila…[View]
2222414Fuck poloniex: Anyone else completely unable to login to poloniex most of the time? It keeps loggin…[View]
2221397BTC crash has begun: It looks like the BTC crash has really begun now. I advise you to sell your BTC…[View]
2223032ICO post scams or deals: Orocrypt 1BN Supply ICO sale 9eur PER UNIT Is this a joke or scam or somet…[View]
2223030What do you use for trading/wallet?[View]
2222775ITT: Your experience with Fiverr and other services.[View]
2219410Is crypto taxed everytime you sell? Or is the sum you deposit into your bank account taxed? I.e, if …[View]
2222922Why doesn't /biz/ help each other out?: I don't understand why we can't all just put …[View]
2222143RouletteToken General: Moneday gainz edition Recent Dev ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic…[View]
2222806Anyone going in on this tomorrow? I'm tempted to just because of how well all the ETH smarth to…[View]
2222868Time to moon the bitbean again guys! Buy in!![View]
2222891License for selling/producing heroine: Given how medical heroine is one of the most expensive substa…[View]
2222140ok /biz/ Whats the next shit thats gonna get me rich? The next Bitcoin or Ethereum, not talking abou…[View]
2222574>Graduated with a Bachelors degree in economics >lol jobs 404 >Had to resort to working in …[View]
2222699>Another day >Another laugh at mooncucks[View]
2222535So /biz/ is late to the train again... Investing in ICOs now is a mistake much how it happened with …[View]
2222428Short SHLD: I ask you one question, /biz/, is there any reason not to short SHLD?[View]
2222592tfw you finalized your long term crypto portfolio and are done trading shitcoins feels good man pic …[View]
2221835Job: What do you do for income besides pretending to be a Crypto trader? Data Analyst here, 60k/year…[View]
2222777help me select a username for the Poloniex trollbox[View]
2222504Got 0.616 BTC, which shitcoin should I buy? I wanna make 10 million with it.[View]
2222328So is this going to fall the fuck over or what?[View]
2222049Explain to me why you're not investing in yourself yet? I simply don't understand.[View]
2222722NEW SHITCOIN PUMP AND DUMP: SMLY on NovaExchange. Pure pajeet garbage and we're going to get ri…[View]
2222485So do we wait til Tuesday to buy in after the banks open back up and the panic ends?[View]
2222245Burst gonna burst up to another GALAXY!: HUGE announcment coming up soon!! Thats the official BURST …[View]
2221153No coiner fag here. So is there way to buy altcoins with credit card and then sell them for $$? Or d…[View]
2222712One thing, I don't know why It doesn't even matter how hard you try[View]
2222705What are some markets that lets me trade with smaller coins DGB for example? I'm new to this, s…[View]
2222548Any experience with Genesis Mining and cloud mining in general? I'm planning on trying them out…[View]
2222639>tfw to lazy too even check prices of my own cryptos[View]
2222676Switching wallet: Hey guys, so I'm pretty new to all this cryptocurreny. I bought some Ethereum…[View]
2222615BTB - Bed time bids: Heading to bed, but I just bought 1,000 USD of BTC. I don't want to leave …[View]
2221594Top 3 ICOs in the next 3 months GO: 1. Tezos 2. Bancor 3. who cares??[View]
2217912Lets get down to business and become millionaires - ICO research - why they succeed or fail: We are …[View]
2221430Longing and Shorting: Is it worthwhile to long/short a stock and cover them with calls/puts? (Or to …[View]
2222419Vitty Kill the Bear!: Lend Vitalik your power anons! We must kill the bear! Fight! Fight! Fight! Ki…[View]
2222463Bleutrade is down.: Looks like they closed the whole server and took the money, anyone know wtf happ…[View]
2220800I have $3k. How can I put it to work?[View]
2222489Why the fuck is this board called Business & Finance? Just fucking rename it 'Cryptocurrenc…[View]
2222094Minin setup: So I figure I can make 100$ a month running my current setup. Mining ether. So why not.…[View]
2220955why cant cryptofags get their own containment board[View]
2221565hey kids, you wannna buy some MOON?[View]
2221221whats a good way to make money?[View]
2222379At what age did you grow out of wasting time on 4chan?[View]
2220352ReddCoin is climbing. How much are you holding?: Since the dip, the climb has been steady and we can…[View]
2222253Let the numbers guide you[View]
2221001I would like to get into some mining for some lower level coins like ETH, Monero and some others. Ho…[View]
2218785Has anyone here taken out a loan to buy crypto?: Would you guys take out a loan to buy crypto rtight…[View]
2222294What is this crypto currency meme?: I've got 4 dollars on my debit card. How can I put it to wo…[View]
2221889strong support at 120, buy wall at 130. my offer is in at 132.1. i want a long hold but i also want …[View]
2219686>Install Minergate.exe on school computers >+10 ETH in 1 month…[View]
2221918Bittrex withdrawal delay: Is it normal for Bittrex to not send out withdrawals for a full day? My ET…[View]
2221579When will the housing market crash again?[View]
2221107How many fags around here are in the CS field ?[View]
2222223realistically how many coin developers give a fuck about their coin? lets be real, 96% of all coins …[View]
2217297Come sail the ARK.: About ARK: >ARK provides users with innovative use cases through the developm…[View]
2222306Chipotle on suicide watch.[View]
2220422How will you use your wealth to attract a woman? Would you be content with arm candy - knowing they …[View]
22221972222222: 2222222[View]
2222250What happens when someone defaults n FAFSA loans?[View]
2222237i am kek btc 3000 eoy[View]
2220601Trading crypto without a credit card: Possible?[View]
2220796how can i stop my daytrading addiction, i've been doing this for 32 hours straight geeked on de…[View]
2221973Serious Question: What is the catch here?: >deposit 1btc >copy one of the most successful trad…[View]
2222123its happening boys: BURST is going to happening right now[View]
2221083I have 100 MOONs, what do? i always ignored every thread about this money cause I didn't though…[View]
2222103BURST Going Up: Looks like BURST is about to be added to a major casino, now is the time to buy…[View]
2220254UK Banks: So I'm looking to get onto the Cryptotrain, awaiting verification for Kraken, Coinbas…[View]
2221980Why is this board such a cesspool? There's almost no discussion on developing businesses and va…[View]
2220645Stratis Pump and Dump: Stratis going for a P&D get in for those quick profits boys[View]
2221413Everyone on here seems to have the wrong intentions & motivation when it comes to money... >I…[View]
2221485Is this the next big coin? Only $60 million market cap (Aragon-ANT)[View]
2220547We still have another month of Eth slowly dropping before it stops loitering around 160-170 Bull tra…[View]
2221833Is the cryptocurrency market of today the online poker of 2003?[View]
2220618>mfw I realize I could've made $10k+ in a single anime con weekend selling fidget spinners f…[View]
2221979/biz/ Organized discussion: Is there a general /biz/ discord? If not, link your niche community disc…[View]
2221684How old is too old to stop going on 4chan and start making something of your life?[View]
2221807New David Zimbeck Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XytHPaLgQ3g David Zimbeck of BitBay doe…[View]
2221698Satoshi Nakamoto: who's he?[View]
2220752Relatively newfag here. Been lurking for a while and I'm pretty interested. One thing I don…[View]
2221863Be real with me biz, am i holding a bag here? Or is this an (((accumulation phase)))[View]
2221702I'm a newbie. what is an ICO? is it a coin? why are people investing in these? thanks[View]
2221245LMAO, you feel for the bull trap? BTC at 1500 by Friday Eth at 80 by Friday Xrp at 0.1 by Friday Asi…[View]
2221288What's the best coin to day trade right now? everything seems dead.[View]
2219949SLR: >Not investing in SolarCoin >Literally up 25% since yesterday >Solid concept and team …[View]
2221478hahahahahahahahahha: Not gonna lie, former Bagholder here. This is fucking hilarious watching Bitcoi…[View]
2220402You have 10 seconds: to tell me where and when the next PnD will be[View]
2218892Im new coiner: Hello, i'm new coiner, i have a question What the best way to get alt coin ? Iv …[View]
2220542Has anyone here worked for the Government? I'm getting a degree right now and plan to work for …[View]
2221669Whale here. About to shake you poor motherfuckers down. Good luck.[View]
2219412Huge ETH selloff about to go down on GDAX tonight, screenshot this thread.[View]
2219215>buy BTC for 2000 >sell them on localbitcoins for 2300 Why isn't everyone doing this?…[View]
2220151Vergecoin Thread: XVG is gearing for lift off. most promising coin since WINGS and WAVES tune into V…[View]
2220057DGB: Where are you guys at now?[View]
2219984Stratis: No one talking about this? Looks like its breaking out.[View]
2220787Anyone else trying to get verified to one of the exchanges in the past couple days? Got verified wit…[View]
2220597Digibyte Meme Contest!!! 50k DGB Prize!: -50k DGB prize money!! (That's $750 at today's pr…[View]
2221268Is this shit dying or what? It seems to be extremely polarising on /biz/ and I can never get a strai…[View]
2220687Who /vape/ here? I find the nicotine very stimulating while I trade throughout the day.[View]
2220336crypto oldfag here. things like this have happened many times since 2013. after each big crash, you …[View]
2220563GNT/ETH is on the launch pad awaiting orders just need to light the thrusters.[View]
2221411Accounting: Fellow business minded people. Might I inquire as to where reserve and surplus must be p…[View]
2220892what will happen to bitcoin once all the miners quit? who will verify all the transactions?[View]
2220627How do you guys do this shit? None of these shitcoins have any action at all...I used to day trade S…[View]
2220175hi anons, i need your help about my future plan. i have 400K $ cash in my bank account right now. i …[View]
2220419Minereum: Anyone into Minereum? >Brand new coin >800k marketcap > Unique mining concept …[View]
2221521Myriad bagholders: Any Myriad bagholders here? Got in at 70 sats. This is my first coin. My cousin i…[View]
2221470Tether (USDT): So should I just convert everything to Tether until further notice or...[View]
2221040Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Espers?[View]
2221463who /800+ credit score master race/ here?[View]
2221100I have an idea for an online business that sources a product from China and ships it to buyers in th…[View]
2221319i sent coins from coinbase to my bittrex wallet but it says 'pending deposit', how long does it take…[View]
2220939I just read about the 1971 Nixon Shock. Can someone explain to me how were foreign currencies traded…[View]
2221135Any tips for moving up in a company? Here is my basic situation. >work at lower level in post pro…[View]
2221390Where were you when the great war started?: https://steemit.com/ethereum/@kevinternet/ethereum-vs-eo…[View]
2220585Coins that were dump-proof during exodus: >ARK >PIVX These two didn't budge the whole tim…[View]
2219543PIVX going to 10 dollars next week[View]
2219337Wallet Thread: Lads, I decided to heed your advice and move the bulk of my funds out of exchanges an…[View]
2221321How is something like BTC or ETH ever going to be a real world currency if it is so volatile? No rea…[View]
2221230How do you guys monitor the prices of your coins? I cant have 20 tabs open to monitor this shit all …[View]
2221306Knew this was gonna a happen. Glad I waited to buy back in. >nothing personal kiddo…[View]
2220811Don't say I didn't warn you. Here we go. Day 2.[View]
2216445>convert €3000 into crypto >manage to turn it into €300 000 >somehow almost €100 000 of tha…[View]
2220948>tfw tripled income over the last year >tfw $2,000 surplus after basic needs and bills are met…[View]
2217591Hey people, this is my mid-term analysis for BTC/USD based on this week data. Also, a quick disclai…[View]
2220509https://kin.kik.com/ - kik cryptrocurrency: so the kik app soon will have its own cryptocurrency wil…[View]
2220840Paper wallets: Correct me if I'm wrong: >generate wallet address through website >transfe…[View]
2219861>Get education early on with regard to personal finance >Parents' didn't have that a…[View]
2220891Just got a 1,000 bonus at work Ready to invest in shitcoins memecoins whatever the fuck you guys wan…[View]
2220844Should I kill myself /biz/? I wanted to buy eth at the dip, but then I decided to wait to get verifi…[View]
2219952Why do bad things happen to good people?[View]
2219126How do I get filthy rich with only a bit of money?[View]
2219226https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIRCvIrz4Dw Praise Kek High.[View]
2221119Business idea: don't invest in a coin where 90% of the supply is controlled by the corporation …[View]
2220303BUY THE DIP U Y T H E D I P[View]
2220682How the fuck do I make money REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE am currently hodling 200$ worth of coins but i…[View]
2221004MOONCOIN will get to 6 in two days then drop to 2 again then rise for a time[View]
2219189How do I stop wasting money like a nigger?[View]
2218576BIT 148 is coming on august 1. Time to remove btc from exchanges. Anyone knows where jaxx stands abo…[View]
2220882I got a strategy for July and I'm ready to go AUSTRALIA!!! Who wants to know?[View]
2220954What you guys think of Ecobit?[View]
2219850Hi /biz/ Newfag britfriend here. I was planning on getting into cryptocurrency, although it feels li…[View]
2220675SLR what the fuck: Can someone explain to me why SLR of all things is making gains please? Theres be…[View]
2217659What do you think of this as a short term investment? DISCUSS[View]
2218312Accounting help - cost of capital: Hey guys, I'm studying Acca f9 module and bit stuck on quest…[View]
2220893Literally nothing on this site except bad attempts at scam coins and literal dead coins. What has y…[View]
2220874Huge GET! For Autism![View]
2218689Best Degrees: In here you post degrees you know for a fact that are goat and won't leave you jo…[View]
2216885>tfw low key stacking POSW and getting dividends while summerfags buy on the latest pump…[View]
2220114Destination Tag?: Hey, /biz/ Im new to cryptocurrencies, I knew that Bitcoin existed but didn't…[View]
2220788i wanna mine some new 1sat coins bitches[View]
2220541How2BRich: Anything is appreciated. I want to get rich, not because I care about money or possession…[View]
2220456Moon?: I know its hard to believe its potential or to even talk good on this board because of the me…[View]
2219572the joy of drawing accurate trendlines does anyone else appreciate this feel[View]
2219221FOR ANYONE STILL DOUBTING THE FUTURE OF CRYPTO: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1864397.1800…[View]
2220241Tired of LOSING MONEY based on shitcoin shillz, anon?: Then why don't you turn your luck around…[View]
2220082>bought 10k more posw[View]
2220616I'm a piano player and I need a business idea to make more money to buy more crypto, ideas boys…[View]
2219864Sir, I have a very attractive offer for you. This is not a scam, you will get rich. All you have to …[View]
2218762I'm $900 on debt and can't drive or anything... what's the best way to make like $7/h…[View]
2220292SMLY PUMP & DUMP: SMLY COIN (exclusive to Novatrade) To untrained normie eyes, this is what one…[View]
2219612Itt: we post our cryptocurrency rookie mistakes I'll go first. I bought a low volume shitcoin a…[View]
2220529Will there ever be a way to directly change BTC to USD through vendors like shapeshift and wire it t…[View]
2220487How can I start my own fashion line?[View]
2220499>noticing more and more services are charging online tax now Whatever, I didn't want money a…[View]
2218496What's the easiest way to get a $2500 loan - no credit check? I don't care how high the in…[View]
2218922Shitcoins: Let's talk about shitcoins. Which shitcoin to invest in? Which has potential in the …[View]
2220219>tfw /biz/ has become nothing more than a cryptoshilling board with no discussion about business …[View]
2220102let's pay respects to those who fell for the crash meme and sold RIP[View]
2220391How should I go about learning Spanish? It seems to me to be a valuable skill, and I don't have…[View]
2214995Blockfolio: Small fish here /biz/, will hodl for a long time. How am I doing?[View]
2220425Future Crash: Anybody here with the minimum knowledge on technical analysis knows that BTC and a lot…[View]
2220412>biz trying to time the market when will you niggers learn and also stop falling for pump and dum…[View]
2220302And it's worse, but better times seem further and beyond The top gets higher the more that I cl…[View]
2219898is it stupid to have 5 btc on bittrex?[View]
2220314Espers: Here we talk about espers, and expel the moonfags.[View]
2220088H-how are you holding in there, /biz/?[View]
2219086>tfw you fell for the Mooncoin meme[View]
2220244With marijuana becoming decriminalized and made legal, can we meme hashcoins into reality? Legit 90%…[View]
2218548Is June the Month of XRP?: >What does /biz/ think? >Where are my fellow bagholders at?…[View]
2214977Bitcoin has no future: >5 years from now >want to buy a burguer with bitcoin @ the Burguer Kin…[View]
2220156pump is over, sell while you can ; )[View]
2220225Opportunity: Perfect for those of you just getting in,[View]
2219034What is the best cryptocurrency exchange out there? I'm on the fence, don't know if I shou…[View]
2219233watch GNT: watch it closely right now[View]
2218826Market Manipulation: Look at this fucking Coinbase image: The three big coins have moved in perfect …[View]
2220172What's the best Ethereum wallet that can support coins based off their network (like GNT)? I wa…[View]
2219669>he didn't invest in stocks[View]
2219778Anyone else invested in this shit SYS coin? I have 3905 SYS which I bought when it was like $0.06, a…[View]
2219897BCN: bytecoin is going to moon later this week. its only like 125 sat and it has solid volume as of …[View]
2220073You guys should buy at least $10 or $20 of Mooncoin >but its a meme! >a scam! Probably, but it…[View]
2219140Margin Trading on GDAX: I just realized my coinbase account is verified enough to allow 2.2x margin …[View]
2218736>tfw down to my last $300 in my bank account I invested every other saving into crypto....... but…[View]
2219522How true is this?[View]
2219473LUNAR ECLIPSE: MOON THREAD GENERAL Post your gains Haha I'm just kidding. You feel for a comple…[View]
2218379401K Help: Looking to increase my profits from my work 401K. Currently work provides Charles Schwab …[View]
2219851Uh oh: Hey guy's, I'm a mole that managed to get the inside scoop on a couple whale groups…[View]
2219972hahha: Person i know says to me 'might invest in crypto but doesn't want to affect market too m…[View]
2218125Mining thread?: If I paid in BTC somebody wanna help me setup mining digi or ETH? Runnin a gtx 1060…[View]
2219910'It's a bulltrap wait for the big dip' 'Bitcoin will fall down to 1700 I got intel, its true!' …[View]
2218984When just starting as a noob, I literally bought any shitcoin because I had no idea what I was doing…[View]
2219548/HODL/ General: Confessional Edition: So, if you were already in the red (thinking of you DGB 700+ b…[View]
2219723What the fuck is this comission? 182€ just for a 5€ transaction? What the crap is this?[View]
2219566Remember when LTC was number 2 on Coinmarketcap and people believed it will take over BTC because it…[View]
2219741Just in case you retards can't figure out what's going on with crypto, see pic related. NK…[View]
2219787Moneh: http://MyMonthlyWork.com/?taskid=13559[View]
2219175What's the exchange with the most altcoins traded? Preferably with no fiat deposit available so…[View]
2219580huge buys for XRP, get yours while its relatively cold[View]
2219631Thoughts on this? I'm gonna move my entire bulk of ETH and BTC to it from Coinbase. It's p…[View]
2219766Unable to sell altcoin: So, I can't sell this coin I'm trying to get rid of cause of the i…[View]
2217089i inherited a house.how much does a 3+1 house normally costs at your country? pic related my home g…[View]
2218631It's not too late to get into the Monaco ICO[View]
2218465Is this enough to grant me a lambo or am i supposed to buy more?[View]
2219667LISTEN UP MORONS OF /BIZ/: Stop complaining that you bought a shitcoin. Truth is, /biz/ made me a ya…[View]
2218949It's safe to assume we're all highly intelligent liberal's here - correct? Studies sh…[View]
2219398How do we stop them, /biz/?[View]
2219651Redpill me on HUD homes[View]
2217456Monaco?: What does biz think of Mona.co?[View]
2219537Can you access ETH domains from the ENS registry like a normal website? How does this work?[View]
2218532How do i hire cheap overseas people to google stuff for me. I work full time and want to delegate s…[View]
2219286Can /biz/ squeeze every penny?[View]
2218721what about Aeternity ?????: See some people talking about aeternity and buying into the ICO Team of …[View]
2218515My wallet keeps getting stuck like that? What ETH Wallet do you use?[View]
2219526Was the Golem whale last night Coinbase buying up in prep for a fiat offering?[View]
2219399Whale here, there is goin to be a huge pump on ubiq this week. Get in before the real fun starts![View]
2219186gnt +40 % why ?: gnt +40 % why ? Any explaination? or just pump ?[View]
2218452friendly warning, get out now and buy lower[View]
2216667So /biz/, what's your take on solo mining? I was doing a research on it to see if it's sti…[View]
2216546>tfw you bought 19000 golem for $475 >tfw it's now worth $10,000…[View]
2219346Technical analysis: So I've recently been getting interested in stocks, and have started readin…[View]
2219149How, what and where do you sell and buy? I would appreciate some specific instructions for a newbie …[View]
2219311Underrated Crypto Thread: We all know about Bitcoin,Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero,etc... that are very …[View]
2219318What if the globalists will actually endorse the cryptos that no one controls rather than handing th…[View]
2219338Best short term investment?[View]
2216700Why go long on bitcoins when you could trade them and make a killing? People on Localbitcoins sell o…[View]
2218526>Graduated with a Bachelors degree in economics >lol jobs 404 >Had to resort to working in …[View]
2218136COIN STORAGE: sup /biz/fags, how do you guys keep your coins safe and sound? I bought a Ledger Nano …[View]
2216787>Pepecash to be added to bittrex[View]
2218945Etherum ICOs: How do ETH ICOs work? Do you just send them ETH and they will credit tokens to the wal…[View]
2218153XBY will replace all crypto: The biggest fear of all normies in investing in crypto? Security. XBY w…[View]
2217602>literally the only coin that's in the negative anyone else fall for this scam?…[View]
2217960I could have bought in 2010: Alright, I'm fucking stupid so give it to me in simple terms, boys…[View]
2219023Is coinbase the only good exchange? When I buy coins there they also get stored there?[View]
2218866Don't be alarmed, BTC correction is near an end. I suggest you *drumroll* buy the dip. You won…[View]
2219052Memorial day weedend predictions: What will happen to ethereum this weekend? Will it go up, down? A…[View]
2218795What are some good ideas for a website that could make money[View]
2218320How does the jaxx crypto wallet work? Is it online or offline? I don't understand.[View]
2217785Accepting questions about Mooncoin: Moonfag here, ask me anything. Also what is the reason you think…[View]
2218847>It's like uber but...[View]
2218876How successful do you think I'd be if I put 5% each of my btc into 10 different altcoins in the…[View]
2217486Official support group for moon'd and vox'd victims. Why did you buy in? What price did yo…[View]
2217628>tfw sold Golem at 18700 wanting to buy more after it dips what the fuck why did it just randomly…[View]
2218746Russian Bankers Push to Legalize Cryptocurrency: https://news.bitcoin.com/russian-bankers-push-to-le…[View]
2218959What is the best app for keeping track of transactions and just keeping up with my portfolio in gene…[View]
2218249>be stem student in third world country >literally have no more than U$100 available >predi…[View]
2215023CRYPTO LOOPHOLE: >buy 1btc on cex.io >$1800 >move 1btc to coinbase >$2300 >repeat E…[View]
2215661Up or down?: Thoughts?[View]
2217052Idea: >Serially mine every new crypto currency as soon as they are launched >Acquire as many …[View]
22187501. Your country 2. Have you invested no less than half of your crypto capital in POSW? Sweden Yes[View]
2218856UASF: Anyone here running a uasf node and boycotting on August 1st?[View]
2218301This BTC crash bullshit is annoying the fuck out of me because i can't trade alt-coins. Oh i…[View]
2216798All my shitcoins are back to 'normal' RDD being the only exception. Please kind whales pump it back …[View]
2218859Cryptolol: Let's create crypto currencies to avoid control by governments. It will be safer and…[View]
2216863ITT: We post historical charts for every crypto and try to find patterns.[View]
2217432Law School Online: Anyone here an Online Law Graduate in NorthAmerica? What are your opinions on thi…[View]
2218784Redpill me on Eth and why Etc is superior[View]
2217367>Only the strong survive.[View]
2217239I'm planning to buy $50 of Bitcoins and $50 of Ethereum when there's a dip in each of thos…[View]
2218771Just to educate you retards.: I have lots of BTC! Now how do I maintain complete control over a chea…[View]
2218577What are some good crypto portfolio websites/app where I can trade multiple coins non stop? I need i…[View]
2216363/biz/ Long story short, I chose a worthless degree and now have poor career prospects. I want to sta…[View]
2217776Owning a strip club: I am looking to invest in this project to own a strip club, anyone dealt with t…[View]
2218194Why theres no Bleutrade nor Novaexchange on Blockfolio to track my upcoming Mooncoin moon mission re…[View]
2213585RLT - Roulette Token General: OK stop fucking falling for MOON and HTML5 absolute garbage coins. Her…[View]
2218676plz plz plz add GNT coinbase[View]
2217991I got 1000$ in the bank.: How should I invest my moneys?[View]
2218342kill me: kill me[View]
2217069where do you get your fresh, reliable crypto currency related news from?[View]
221863950% off Bitcoin for Amazon gift codes: I am trading Bitcoin for valid Amazon gift codes from physica…[View]
2218105Post your biggest crypto-related fuckups: I put $40 into the Stratis ICO and sold it as soon as I co…[View]
2218436What determines the starting price of a coin?[View]
2218541How to fix this?[View]
2218546Cryptocurrency Discord: If you are interested in crypto and are looking for a community that isn…[View]
2218313H E L P: I'm not a fan of BITTREX and I've been waiting patiently for XVG and a few others…[View]
2218242The Abyss: >former NEET, find job >AWESOME I MAKE 3000 A MONTH I CAN MOVE OUT OF MY MOM'S…[View]
2218283>start with ₹100 > invest in 1sat coin which goes to 100 successively four times >come out …[View]
2216730Hey mommy, i'm going to be a millionaire! :): Opinion, sir?[View]
2218358Who else is getting some Monacoin here? The Japanese can now easily buy into BTC, so it's not g…[View]
2217845Hey /biz/, I'll make this short and to the point >Be my mom, 51 years old, Illinois >Was …[View]
2216741how do i start mining cryptocurrencies? whats the best programs and currencies that can be profitabl…[View]
2217947Do you still believe in RDD? I honestly believe that it has some great potential and will go up to 5…[View]
2218352Who else /knows literally nothing about cryptocoins but acts like you're Satoshi himself/ here?[View]
2213279Espers: Hey guys, if you're interested in learning about the coin espers, you can join our disc…[View]
2217643golem dump has started, sell now and buy the dip[View]
2217895Is it because I'm white /biz/? Why do they need all my personal info and a photo of myself hold…[View]
2217507BTC/USD won't go lower than 1900 for a while: This trend line is solid[View]
2212965>ywn be rich enough to marry a 10/10 like Pic related why even live?[View]
2216528Bitcoin is a series of bubbles: This shit can't keep up forever.[View]
2217212Software to trade in bitcoins in eur: I'm new to bitcoin trading even though I'm watching …[View]
2218263Posw pajeets do drugs: Look at this posw support doing drugs bahaha no wonder their coin is dying Su…[View]
2217362you NEETS fucked up everything in life, what makes you think you aren't just a sucker this time…[View]
2216623Help me: Joined the army 4 years ago. Hate the job and my life here. Now stuck in Estonia for 6 mont…[View]
2217638jewtrade: Has anyone ever had issues depositing into bleutrade? It's been over 12 hours but the…[View]
2217540>have 4500 euros >want to invest in crypto and make 100 times as much in 1-2 years what do I d…[View]
2218254Has GDAX been messed up for anyone else? I can't look at price action when the chart is this fl…[View]
2216833Bull trap over?[View]
2217159PEPECOIN IS MOONING, JUMP ON IT: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/memetic/#charts BUYBUYBUYBUYBU…[View]
2217893What happens when the price of Bitcoin doesn't keep going up?[View]
2218139Not getting Cucked on fees: What site will not cuck me on fees for selling ETH to USD and then back …[View]
2217945Meta /biz/ thread Almost all thread on this board have less than 50 replies, and there are a bunch w…[View]
2218026RDD up to 150sat by next week. Screencap this.[View]
2217979>see MNE shills on biz >so much hype >'only 300k coins, buy now! This is going to mars!' …[View]
2217673Just bought $100 worth of bitcoins, do I invest in golem or ripple to fly to the moon in 3 years?[View]
2217860Here we go[View]
2216948Eurofag exchange: What is the best exchange for eurofags? Do any of them accept fiat? I want to get …[View]
2217836Opinions on Aragon (ANT)? Thinking of picking up a few hundred bucks worth.[View]
2217368Serious question now. I m a newcoiner, and i know this market is very unstable right now, but what …[View]
2217984select all images with cars: ayo let me get this straight you think crypto is dying and also invest…[View]
2211870Bitcoin Bulltrap: We're in a Bitcoin Bull trap right now. This shit show aint over guys. Its a …[View]
2217688please pump this piece of shit coin[View]
2217583Have $100 to blow on cyrptoshit coins but other than the coins I have idk what to put this on What d…[View]
2217712To all of those who say that BTC has no real value..: ...You clearly do not understand what value is…[View]
2215335Will Mooncoin go up again?: Should i sell my last coins or should i wait for a new memewave ?[View]
2217736we told you faaaaaaags[View]
2216398>click 'hide zero balance' >all wallets disappear…[View]
2217169how do I short eth on leverage?[View]
2217556Shark Tank: So I have been watching this show for some time, being a /biz/ness man I can't seem…[View]
2216874>tfw literally no place to buy BTC or ETH with USD without waiting a fucking week for verificatio…[View]
2217251Remainder that crypto is ONLY profitable if you choose the right coin.[View]
2217738Why the FUCK is BTC $2220 on Coinbase but $2000 on Poloniex?[View]
2217402Moonmemes: Post your mooncoin me messages here for others to save for use when the moon comes out on…[View]
2217803excuse me friends; how do i into daytrading memecoins?[View]
2214494Future lambo owner here, what's the best MMORPG to play while waiting for your margin orders to…[View]
2216693Guys how to improve my algorithm? // Falling Knife // 60% drop in 24 hours //Sell at 50% gain // Po…[View]
2217287Why did he delete this one?: Was it to reward only his 'Fastest followers?' These crypto whales and …[View]
2217313I have a business terminology class this semester and we got an assignment to write a short essay co…[View]
2217464Heard it through the grapevine: LTC gonna moon soon Makes sense, it's overdue, and the volatili…[View]
2213950>CANT SMITE THE DIGIBYTE This coin is honestly amazing. Through all of the fud and intense shill…[View]
2216225Bitcoin noob: New to biz and new to bitcoin. There's a bitcoin ATM near me but I need a wallet…[View]
2217186>attempt to buy BTC, ETH, and LTC a week ago >my credit card refuses to cooperate >get a li…[View]
2217566Im all in on pick related till september. Thoughts?[View]
2216138how to get rich: I PROMISE YOU THIS IS NOT A SHILL The S&P 500 is the investment of the future. …[View]
2216654https://medium.com/incerto/how-to-legally-own-another-person-4145a1802bf6 How is it possible to read…[View]
2213158capital gains tax thread: so, say I buy 1 ETH and sell it at a profit. Then I buy more ETH from coin…[View]
2213467When will /biz/ collectively agree that DGB is the future of the crypto world?[View]
2217487>the moment you realize owning 21 bitcoins puts you into the rothchilds of the future financial e…[View]
2216652any bitcoin poker site?[View]
2216879Is trading crypto a job?[View]
2216829100 US Dollar equals 0.04547 Bitcoin No one is going to take Bitcoin seriously. Who wants to buy 4% …[View]
2217435>you can't predict the market so don't even try to trade!!! >You should hold your mo…[View]
2217343Why didn't you listen?[View]
2217097FIAT CURRENCY: keep drinking the kool-aid folks! work your ass off for an ever depreciating stack of…[View]
2217270/biz/ why aren't you investing in the only halal coin? https://onegram.org[View]
2217333What the hell makes people come on here and actually unironically beg? Who the fuck is raised like t…[View]
2217308It's over[View]
2207495>hypes BTC >dumps on normies when they buy in >accumulates dropped bags he truly is the kin…[View]
2215946Oh god...$20,000 down the drain. I can't believe I got talked into crypto by you fucking NEETS.…[View]
2216544So there is a happening? Show me the charts.[View]
2217167I have the power to make any crypto coin go down just by watching it. Tell me what to watch. Tips ap…[View]
2217221I was so happy to see it crash, I really thought it was going to be like 2013 again and it would go …[View]
2217244Seems like most crypto exchanges dip low in the afternoon and rise in the middle of the night in my …[View]
2216265/mcg/ - Mooncoin general: Mooncoin is a three year old coin that has just started to generate immens…[View]
2217248Welcome to Crypto Kids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_xnU5MMdK0[View]
2216941Monero: I have been researching Crypto for about 3 months. It's pretty clear to me that Monero …[View]
2215112>UBIQ (UBQ) >launched in january 2017 >Ethereum based >already in top 50 >shilled by …[View]
2217165What ways are there to buy bitcoin or ether instantly? I have like 24 hours and my coinbase account …[View]
2217202Withdrawals suspended in china: Extra extra read all about it discuss below https://www.cryptocoinsn…[View]
2216958BTC under 1900 on Poloniex![View]
2216861So, I sent a transaction like a week ago and it's still unconfirmed (3mBTC with a fee of 0.05mB…[View]
2217170YEAH I'M FREEEEE![View]
2213683>tfw you had a wallet from 2011 with around BTC in it >tfw you forgot the login info for it am…[View]
2216337> I tried to short BTC on leverage.[View]
2217153Is it dead?[View]
2216236You sold at the dip now you wish it would crash again, but it's not, now please kys[View]
2217020Can you predict market movements (pumps/dumps) on the values in the order books alone?[View]
2217035Feel when missed pump and dump and still baghodling virginity[View]
2216867I have a home appliance repair company, any idea how to get more customers? So far I've only go…[View]
2217036Someone enlightening me on Golem and how to buy it.[View]
2216732I put $15000 into MOON. Ask me anything.[View]
2216973It's kind of incredible how much time and money I have wasted recent years, especially the past…[View]
2215858Give me one reason why I should spend a minute longer on 4chan when it just keeps me from my goals.[View]
2216694Weak hands on ETH?: Buy up some LTC while it's dipping. Transfer to ETH later once it dips.…[View]
2215528biz how the FUCK do i stop buying high selling low?[View]
2216944'The Crypto world is like a ride at an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it, you think it…[View]
2215869Out of 10: How do you rate your chances of making it?[View]
2216455If you have a decent computer, what's the easiest coin to mine to get started?[View]
2216439dear rich anon i got rekt hard. >pic related I was dumb enough to buy at ATH bc trickster anons …[View]
2216331Any of you dudes on Stocktwits?: Hey dudes, I just discovered Stocktwits and I really like it. It…[View]
2216754MoonWord Programming language[View]
2216849how do u actually enable a thread for watching?: i think it might be useful for people here in /biz/…[View]
2216641Espers likely to be added to livecoin: Espers are about to be added to an exchange with 42x as much …[View]
2215502minereum: Anyone here who invests in Minereum? Pretty damn cheap right now, and the upside potentia…[View]
2216648World's worst investor is back: >Buy ETH >Get bored >Sell ETH >It moons >Buy PO…[View]
2216808>all these people losing money they don't have Is it just overconfidence, lack of experience…[View]
2216658Have you ever had a startup? How did it go?[View]
2215941Why don't billionaires just BURN THEIR MONEY to make everyone proportionally richer instead of …[View]
2216268UK Housing Bubble: wake me up http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-58691083.html…[View]
2216781Eth is going to 0.1 btc, screencap this[View]
2215867What is this bullshit of an ICO? Sharia compliant, wtf? Why was this promoted on facebook's Bit…[View]
2215588DREAMS THREAD: Hey /biz/. How much money would you need to start up a night club or a bar? Not a big…[View]
2216498>MFW whales keep selling 25btc / min @ marketprice >MFW you guys are actually BUYING THEM ins…[View]
2215882No Coiner wanting to buy in: No coiner who's been following btc seriously for about a year. Nev…[View]
2216683How rich will I be in 5 years if I buy 30k worth of bticoin when it stops crashing?[View]
2215398DGB: It's time ;)[View]
2215534Bitcoin will go under 1500$ this week. Mining cost of production is about 1100$ per bitcoin and you…[View]
2216206Anyone buying back in?[View]
2216659How many Burstcoins did you buy for the Burst mooning tomorrow?[View]
2215231>Another day >Another laugh at mooncucks[View]
2215153ETH I bought at $178 wow. I'm so glad I held in . it's actually over $180. and that feels …[View]
2215390Strong Hands Prevail....: Didn't sell a single Coin and Today Almost made a Full Recovery. But …[View]
2214645We are about to witness the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Don't you …[View]
2214726>the date is 1/1/2009 >you appear in front of your past self >you only have a minute to tel…[View]
2215464>Ethereum 24h volume is CRAZY (pic related) - almost on par with BTC's 24h volume >Golem …[View]
2216609/biz/ broke through a 60 btc sell wall on moon coin. If /biz/ did that to Canada eCoin instead, you …[View]
2216538Minereum... a Mission to the Moon: >missed DGB >missed Stratis >missed fucking REDD Don…[View]
2213642Is it over? Or bull trap? Discuss[View]
2216577Please contain your exposure. Too heavy indebtedness is of little value to society. Maybe you can de…[View]
2213351Home Ownership: /biz/ is supposed to be 'Business & Finance' rather than 'Cryptocurrency', so I…[View]
2214845Ether guy vs waves guy who wins[View]
2216341What is your dream? What do you need the money for? No lambos for me. I want to import and keep a cu…[View]
2216446>mfw I've turned hundreds of dollars into tens of thousands in just the past month trading c…[View]
2215843Can someone please photoshop the XBY logo onto a shamwow add, but change the words shamwow to scamwo…[View]
2213693What's the latest on mooncoin?[View]
2213032>not investing in the next eth[View]
2216162What's your favorite crypto-exchange and why?[View]
2216180>muh crash[View]
2215241Golem: mfw when golem is up 50%+ but you're not sure if it's just a bull trap and it will …[View]
2216321I know that you fags are playing Dice on YObit What's the most you have won? For now, I have se…[View]
2216416fuck me after this bull trap (or not) i'm going to sell all crap without future and leave some …[View]
2216355getting in: After waiting for years, I've decided to get in on the crypto game. If I am correc…[View]
2216418How does it feel to be rich, /biz/?[View]
2214134Literally Free Mooncoin: Did everyone get there free mooncoin? are_you_interested_in_mooncoin_post_y…[View]
2216389Cyptotrading app Android: Hey fellow /biz/nessmen. I'm in a dilemma right now. Gaining some nic…[View]
2216118Crypto currencies fluctuate in worth very drastically day to day. I could buy 1 ETH or BTC, sell it…[View]
2214087Golem GNT: Is golem making a comeback or is this a bulltrap? Bought in at 1780 sat. The fuck is happ…[View]
2215376Got rich, no plans: I got rich and I don't know what to do about it. So you people are into la…[View]
2213352For anyone who thinks RDD is dead, or has no future. RDD isn't even alive yet. With the ReddID …[View]
2216244Hey dudes!: So redpill me on the pimpin life bros?I got some nasty bitches to put out.not CLEAN BUT …[View]
2215388How are you supposed to cash out a shitcoin? Just exchange it for BTC even if BTC is at an ATH?[View]
2215284been out of here for a bit what happened with ripple any big news before the rise?[View]
2214544Shake 'em out shake em out, shake em out shake em out Ooooh oh ooooh*[View]
2215883This shit isn't good for my mental health[View]
2216218Tfw going to invest in Kin: https://steemit.com/etheruem/@nole/kin-a-crypto-by-kik[View]
2215704WAKE UP: Is there any smart money in here, or do all you dumb fucks really think it's 'bac…[View]
2214052ETHERUEM MOON THREAD!! >all those cucks that sold on the dip on suicide watch edition https://twi…[View]
2215663>tfw two intelligente to use btc as base currency[View]
2216102What effect will a market crash have on crypto: The market has been on a huge bull run since the 200…[View]
2215529>Hundreds of thread about cryptos >not a single thread abou NEM Why /biz/ is ignoring this cur…[View]
2214777RouletteToken General: Sunday easy money edition Recent Dev ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?t…[View]
2216126Swaps?: ITT you give me Ripto Bux and I give you Biz coin. First to deposit RBX gets /biz/ coin…[View]
2213339*REMINDER*: Aragon is gonna be the next big rocket. Their market cap is only $74 million and it just…[View]
2215639Lets Vote, Bear or Bull?: Is this a bear trap or is the market still bull? http://www.strawpoll.me/1…[View]
2215688https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysh6Q7nV4z8 He's right... isn't he?[View]
2216050is now the time for ripple to rise?[View]
2214763Odds of losing job over 'following too close': >tl;dr rear ended someone while delivering for piz…[View]
2215825Minereum PSA: Okay guys, this is NOT a shill, my investment in this coin is way too low for that. I …[View]
2215282RDD moonride at launchpad!: Seemingly shallow concept, but a very consistent equity story. Intrinsic…[View]
2215959>missed gnosis >missed wild beast block >missed augur >missed stratis >missed lisk Ho…[View]
2216042Give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man. >“This was the perfect challen…[View]
2216031Is Cloak dead?[View]
2215708Mobile mining master race[View]
2215792Want to fall for the cryptocurrency meme, which wallet should I use and why would I use anything oth…[View]
2216011is there a 'read the sticky' newby guide for /biz/? where do I buy coins? what do I buy, how? how do…[View]
2215879/newfag/ here, how do you spot fake buy/sell walls and read charts properly? Is there any informatio…[View]
2214445TRADE FOR RIPPLE: It's gonna go up, sell then. At + 4.31% right now.[View]
2214912BitBay: Is this shit even going anywhere anymore or is it basically dead? Is the POS with this worth…[View]
2214585BTC: Get in on this shit now or be sorry. This is your final warning.[View]
2215915How do i short this shitshow?[View]
2215609Best place to buy coins?: Nocoiner here, want to join the fun. What's the place with least comi…[View]
2215791Give me one good reason you don't own at least 1000ubiq Right now[View]
2215889So now that it's pretty much confirmed that crypto is dead, where do we go to now?[View]
2215900Pimping is the new black: Hey guys!Back from the banned 'hood!So any one coming in on my pimpin…[View]
2215545You think future generations are going to hate us for all this crypto shit? Are we the next Boomers?[View]
2215633Do you guys have a good starter pack on getting into neet trading and crypto currency etc?[View]
2215819Has anyone here successfully created their own pump and dump with some random shit coin?[View]
2214964i welcome our lord and savior espers[View]
2215627See this. this little nook right here is a rare opportunity to get in while it's still cheap. y…[View]
2214898>bitfinex get hacked last august, bitcoin crashes from $700 to $500 or so AHAHAHA COINERS ON SUIC…[View]
2215380Any lawfags here? Can the PnD groups be charged with price manipulation? Is it possible to get in tr…[View]
2215689what does biz things about XRP?[View]
2215097RIpto Bux: Give me one good reason you're not putting all of your money into this cross platfor…[View]
2215617Not gonna shill you guys with some Bs. Mooncoin almost has the same amount of volume as eth on a shi…[View]
2215116*drops off a cliff*[View]
2215385>Bought 7 million more beans at 48 during the crash. Actually buying a bean plushie when they com…[View]
2215144Augur [REP] should be your next pick!: Not another groundless hype. Check REP for fundamental value.…[View]
2215436So this was it? This was the bull trap everyone was afraid of? Anyone that's crying 'BULL TRAP!…[View]
2213093Can someone teach me to save and budget. I earn $700 - $800 aud per week and its gone in the blink …[View]
2215457Did this ''''crash'''' scared normies away?[View]
2215482SEO: I need to up my keyword game for Amazon. Anyone got any good tips or resources for improving se…[View]
2215425amature crypto trader: >You sold ETH on 100$[View]
2214996Should i make my own pop corn or go buy a bucket or two?[View]
2215326Why would someone build bear/bull traps in virtual space when bears and bulls are too big to fit ins…[View]
2215357I just want to point out that 1ST is on sale 50% off right now[View]
2215207DGB is about to take a hard hit BAPPED THE FUCC OUT DGB HODDIES[View]
2214708MUH CRASH!!!: >TFW traded everything into fiat waiting for the crash to re-buy and everything kee…[View]
2215310What if I cash out my buttcoins to a prepaid Visa card like BitPay? How do I handle taxes then?[View]
2208472who /sia/ here? currently sitting at 325 sats on polo We are surely going to moon soon r-righ guys?[View]
2215341>He bought the bull trap[View]
2215283You missed the dip again didn't you? hahahahahahahahaha! Bought in @ $2060 Come the fuck at me[View]
2213690How to Win: It is time to invite you plebs into my world. I never made a bad investment in my entire…[View]
2214985Pluton: Alright /biz/, check this coin out. Pluton. Potentially one of the most useful Ethereum toke…[View]
2213906Robinhood: What do you guys think of Robinhood, do you use it?[View]
2215272Bittrex daily withdrawal limit: What happens if you accidentally exceed your daily withdrawal limit …[View]
221350450% off Bitcoin for Amazon gift codes: I am trading Bitcoin for valid Amazon gift codes from physica…[View]
2215244Buy the dip guys.[View]
2215228Mooncoin pump: Mooncoins volume is 11 btc and at 2 sats. Pump and dump in 30 minutes![View]
2214600Noob here. So I've just recently started looking into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and investin…[View]
2213429ALT COIN TIER LIST: If i put in about 500$ or so into these alt coins in the coming few days with th…[View]
2214431Biz I'm finalizing what I want my desired portolio to be for the long run >20% BTC >30% E…[View]
2215142Is eth gonna be safe tomorrow??? Should I sell before I go to sleep?[View]
2215091BTC doesn't give a fuck: about your charts, TA, bullshit! We in cryptoland motherfuckers, your …[View]
2214908buy BTC with paypal??: virwox doesnt work for me keeps deleting my accounts anywhere else i can buy …[View]
2215124,.bv bn v' ?:bn v:' bvn'?:>b vn>? cvghb;gbh c[;[View]
2214968Is it safe to withdraw 8mil RDD from Bittrex to Poswallet? Or is there a possibility one of the two …[View]
2215061What is this? Why have I never heard of it on here?[View]
2215110If Cryptocurrencies is about privacy, why do exchanges need my SSN, house address, phone number, ban…[View]
2213718YFW you want to jump on the Cryptotrain for the first time and buy a fucktonne of ETH during a dip, …[View]
2214384Should I sell my coins?[View]
2214236Exchange: What's the best exchange, most active, doesn't jew you on exchange rates?[View]
2215011Dont get in until wednesday: We will see a dip in the beginning of the work week in ETH and BTC. Bu…[View]
2214873ETH OVER $700 IN 8 DAYS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtq2GPz1_og (9*24*((147.8-115.67)/(14-3)))+…[View]
2215010What do I do with bags I can't sell?. My inner Hebrew won't let me sell at a loss but the …[View]
2209752Who here thinks that ((governements)) are going to ban bitcoin and other cryptos, everything that th…[View]
2214993how can coinbase (gdax) always have a +5-10% price on bitcoins, don't arbers put this down even…[View]
2214802Bull market. BULL FROG PRAISING KEK KEEPS THE MARKET BULLISH PRAISE KEK post your best pepe crypto m…[View]
2214596Golem going to the moon RIGHT NOW. Get in to make up for your losses.[View]
2208847Are you faggots stacking precious metals? Or is this place just for speculation?[View]
2214657no weak hands allowed itt: HODL!!![View]
2214888Aeternity: any thoughts on this?[View]
2214693EDG - CryptoGambling Muthafucaks: I am trying to diversify into CryptoAssets; EDG and ANT are my fav…[View]
2214935Didn't call the low last night[View]
2214416To some if not all of you, what does it feel like to waste time and live in a disorganized way? Why …[View]
2213555You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man.[View]
2214484HOW THIS GRAPH ACTUALLY LOOKS: >theories actually seen in practice…[View]
2210265Ethereum, something created by a 20 year old Slav that may or may not even exist, has a market cap i…[View]
2214794Has anyone watched Shrekli's investing course on youtube? What do you think about his method of…[View]
2214796/BIZ/ DISCORD: GET THE FUCK IN HERE ALREADY https://discord.gg/ChqmrqG[View]
2213610Should i leave my cryptos in my Bittrex wallet?[View]
2212576If you aren't invested in these coins right now then I hate to say it but you are a literal nig…[View]
2214579AYY we good today: finally everything going back up like ripple digi monero and basically everything…[View]
2214696Temporary euphoria thread: Post them. These wild swings will make me unstable one day.[View]
2214039>Bitcoin skyrockets up alts go down >Bitcoin dips into the earth alts go down What kind of jew…[View]
2213518How much money do I need to open up a pizza parlor? I'm fucking hungry as hell[View]
2214652How the fuck do I stop caring about what others are doing? Im extremely self-conscious and constantl…[View]
2214340how do you go about getting a direct connection with a coffee farmer in a coffee producing region?[View]
2214607BTC or Alt: Is it more beneficial to have holdings in BTC or Alts? If I hold onto Alts, won't t…[View]
2214550you are all: retards kys[View]
2214229Just to educate you fucking idiots.: I have lots of BTC! Now how do I maintain complete control over…[View]
2214139>Tfw ETH was $120 earlier today[View]
2213951How do I easily see if my coins on Bittrex? I am talking about their profits compared to what they w…[View]
2214501Spreadsheets: Anyone have any good excel sheets you use for tracking trades, P&L, and any estima…[View]
2211655Do rich people browse /biz/, or this is just a hole for poorfags like me?[View]
2214154Ether Mining: Is Ether mining still worth it? I have access to a supercomputer in my lab...[View]
2214291It went up $50 it's all over now.[View]
2213768*SMACKS LIPS* AYOOOO HOL UP Whatchu got in that bag there pussy ass white boi[View]
2214357Is 21 years old too late to turn your life around? I'm tired of being fat. I'm tired of li…[View]
2213377Verge: I came across Verge earlier today and it looks like a pretty good try. The chart looks health…[View]
2213738MFW I read idiots talking of a huge bitcoin crash: Next year BTC will hit $10,000+ Screencap please.…[View]
2214424Anyone Know Anything about This Company?: A buddy of mine started working for a subsidiary of these …[View]
2214294Kraken vs Poloniex vs Bittrex Which is best? Pro cons of each?[View]
2214303best app for graphs[View]
2214375How to spread fiat: Getting into this crypto stuff and not sure how to start. Should I buy all BTC …[View]
2214094Blockfolio: Survivors Edition: Hope everyone is safe. Call and check in with your loved ones.[View]
2213343BTC Update Opportunity: Will the recent crash in the price of BTC indicate that it will now be easie…[View]
2213994Hi /biz/. I want to retire by 40. I've done the math and I can live comfortably off the interes…[View]
2214131>finally cashed out my crypto[View]
2213370Is he right, /biz/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT2QqdThV1E[View]
2213210Why does this sub 5 million market cap coin look like it's about to drop the biggest dApp of 20…[View]
2213431Procommerce: You guys claim you like ICOs Won't even buy Procommerce, which will bring cryptocu…[View]
2214195ETH back on track?: Will ETH dive more or is it about to get boosted by fresh gook market? I missed …[View]
2210407How much will I need to buy to be a millionaire by this time next year?[View]
2212497Are you guys joking about becoming millionaires with less than $60,000 USD invested into cryptos? I …[View]
2214321What this? Good buy?[View]
2213070BE LIKE TRUMP: OK biz gaggets , listen up. I want to be a business man like Trump. What the hell do …[View]
2213968Is it possible to use PnDs to turn 500 dollars into 60k by the end of the year?[View]
2214089UBIQ: jesus marie joseph there's no stopping that thing LOL tried to shill it to you idiots at …[View]
2213858How do I turn a couple thousand into $50,000? What stocks/coins do I buy? I want a Volvo ://[View]
2212460where do you buy bitcoin instantly with a credit card without any id confirmation >pic unrelated…[View]
2214157this board is an embarrassment, i come here looking to engage in actual discussions related to buisn…[View]
2213146MINING: how the fuck do i get into mining?[View]
2213806> im done day trading > i will pick one day thing and hold like these faggets > hey what is…[View]
2213980How much money does organized crime make? I read somewhere that the Yakuza earn billions annually[View]
2212914BTC showing good resistance at $2000. Could this be the new bottom for Bitcoin?[View]
2213708Expect a GIANT bull run on bitcoin on May 30 - 31. In addition to banks resuming activity on the 30t…[View]
2213872Why don't phone companies put the phones out in a variety of different colors? Is having fun an…[View]
2213399DGB climbing back up!?!?!: I see DGB climbing up will it finally moon???[View]
2213770http://coinoutletatm.com/2give-altcoins/ 2GIVE has ATMs now. Very good hold and more stuff coming u…[View]
2213656I think its over[View]
2213892So we're readjusting now? It's gonna gradually go up now yes? Fuck knows why it says 100 l…[View]
2213880Hello I make a coinbase. Wait now to get verified. In mean time I am testing to see if my wallet are…[View]
2213659Ok guys just bought $500 of BTC and im logged into Bittrex and am ready to trade Start shilling me o…[View]
2213763Price is recovering already Buy buy buy[View]
2211611Ripple is a mess. Ripple is a big fat mistake.: Even when Bitcoin is crashing cripple still can…[View]
2213575dont move nigga i will gut you with that hook nigga unless you tell me one thing nigga what is the n…[View]
2213636poor faggot from Venezuela, need 4btc to leave the country with my family, it's getting hard to…[View]
2207889Who /DGB/ here? Hold this for a year.[View]
2213726/biz/ HELP!: I'm slowly falling for the precious metals meme! Last time I fell for this Silver …[View]
2213660What language should I learn?: So I have some free time in my university schedule next semester beca…[View]
2213669whats gonna happen to crypto when the stock market crashes next yeaR?[View]
2213722After Crash? Are NEM and ETC good choices?: NEM and ETC are rising and probably until BTC and ETH st…[View]
2213717None of this even really matters does it? If I buy BTC right now, bulltrap or not, I'll be in t…[View]
2213262>buy bitcoin >can't withdrawal it until 5 days later why did you guys tell me to use this…[View]
2213655>the moment summerfags realize the entire cryptocoin market is a big scam giving life support to …[View]
2213658Fuck happen mooncoin?[View]
2211220HTML5 COIN: >He missed BTC >He missed ETH >He missed DGB >He fell for the MOONCOIN scam …[View]
2211585What is even the reason of this crash?[View]
2211796>missed out on Bitcoin (too young) >Missed out on etherum What coin will give me great short t…[View]
2212225BAGHOLDERS OF /biz/: Who bought btc over $2500? At what price will you sell your hodlings if this is…[View]
2212184Why does everyone here panics and calls it a crash? Why would there be a crash if there are no bad n…[View]
2211688ITT: We pretend it's late 2017[View]
2213065What's the best online Bitcoin casino for sports betting? Everything I find is disabled for the…[View]
2212343Dubs Pump & Dump: Hello /biz/, welcome to the weekly Dubs Pump & Dump thread. What is a Dubs…[View]
2213060Ranking multi-algo coins: 1. Myriad: Gold standard. The OG. Fairly mined. 2. Unitus: One of the olde…[View]
2207472ATTENTION /BIZ/BROS: I am a very rich man. I have been holding since Bitcoin was $0.10. In 6 hours, …[View]
2213439MUH Bitcoin: What is happening to muh gainz? Where is the BTFD bot? Is this the end? I wannacry.....…[View]
2213510> oh no apocalypse we r in dying bubble > gamble in dgb moon rdd xvg mfw…[View]
2213503Sup new fags, some informations for your brainses: Read it and weep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
2212769Website: https://ubiqsmart.com/ ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1763606.0 Exchange: Bit…[View]
2212889Please give me a quick Moondown?[View]
2213403Dogecoin: whos still hodling doge?[View]
2213328>the moment summerfags realize the entire altcoin market is a means to a single end: make more BT…[View]
2213264XRP is mooning lads get in here[View]
2213440Stellar lumens are still cheap, why's this Not come back from the dead after that fire sale las…[View]
2212752Is this nigga serious? This is traumatic. Vitalik surely can't fail us.... or can he?[View]
2212040Reddcoin hodl: Currently hodling ~37k Reddcoin, in it for the long run and hoping it gets to 100 sat…[View]
2212741it paid off who else is holding this? >tfw only 70[View]
2211055Ways to make money online?: Inb4 lel suck dick/sell drugs. Legit ways to make money online. Drop you…[View]
2213082Absolute noob here I am thinking of getting into this whole thing after seeing the price of bitcoin …[View]
2212864explain in two sentences max the difference between ETC and ETH and the future outlook of each[View]
2213176How safe is it to use apaper wallet as a cold storage method for ETH holders? I am seriously conside…[View]
2213237So I have 60,000 of these shitcoins and lost a fuckton of money with POSW Should I wait for the next…[View]
2207539Want a safe haven away from the market crashes? XBY in the green all day baby[View]
2213215Is the dip gonna continue or should i buy now?[View]
2212297guess the floor: itt: we guess btc floor 1600[View]
2213344Ripto bux: Evening gents Some faggot sent over 10k Ripto Bux to my WAVES wallet. What do?[View]
2208196Who here /down75%/[View]
2212977Ripple: What the hell is going on with it? Looking for some serious discussion about its future…[View]
2210048Portfolio: Loser's edition[View]
2212499MoonCoin - On the way TO THE MOON: Bet you all regret calling us Shills now HAHAHAHAHAHA HATE US CAU…[View]
2213007What countries can an American buy a house in without being a citizen?: Old whale here, What countri…[View]
2211464What went wrong?[View]
2212280This crash.: Give me a good reason BTC isn't about to repeat history...[View]
2211412Don't buy MOON: Hey guys, I just want to share a warning with you to not buy MOON. The coin is …[View]
2212332Promising IPO's: I missed the ETH boat. It listed at 80cents initially. What are some of the pr…[View]
2213280/BIZ/ DISCORD: GET IN HERE FAGGOTS https://discord.gg/ChqmrqG[View]
2212823Before getting into crypto: I'm going to put my savings into crypto. Mainly ETH/BTC I have abou…[View]
2213049Minereum is where it's at!: Everyone must buy Minereum it's the future![View]
2213101Is it crashing because everyone says it's crashing thus making people panic sell and making it …[View]
2213079yo quit playing i thought we were supposed to be $1 by now[View]
2212916Bitcoin: I'm waiting for bitcoin to crash to $50 so my neet ass can finally afford an ENTIRE co…[View]
2212776How low do you think the BTC will go, anons? 1750 on Monday? 1500? 2000-2200?[View]
22104821. Your country 2. Do you give your crypto earnings back to children in Africa? Sweden Yes[View]
2213125biz discord: Hey guys join my discord server where we can talk about job and bizness ideas and of co…[View]
2213057itt: laugh at weakhands and armchair chartcucks who thought we were crashing lower than $2000 and so…[View]
2213085I'm thinking of earning some cash, but the only skills I have is that I can write, and I can sp…[View]
2213080Can we get some limitation or rules with these cyrpto posts? the majority of these posts are just sp…[View]
2212894rate my new fraud idea: 1- create 2 paypal&ebay accounts 2- create a listing for 1k$ product fro…[View]
2211241Myriad to the moon: want a coit that is legit going to moon next month? get in on this hugely underv…[View]
2212840waittttttttttt ETH dont go up yet!!: hope ETH dips again what you guys think i need buy moree next l…[View]
2207687Should i sell it now?[View]
2211968Debt collection: Hey, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm about to apply for a j…[View]
2212809Moon help me: >Coinbase won't verify any of my cards, saying the address isn't right no…[View]
2211075After lurking the past few days, I feel like I missed out: There some rich guys here, then there is …[View]
2212457It says here you don't buy coins based on how cute their names sound and how colourful their de…[View]
2211931China just woke up and will save us from the weak handed faggots but only if you say THRANKS BRASED …[View]
2212756Family: I just gave my niece 1 ETH. I won't have her growing up to be a filthy nocoiner.[View]
2212407Has anyone tryied this cloud minning site?: It seems highly profitable to mine ethereum with them, b…[View]
2212616No coiners have taken a small break from their suicide watch. They deserve it for waiting for so lon…[View]
2210286ITT: Post people who literally did nothing wrong from a financial/business perspective.[View]
2212443are icos a meme? can i make huge returns by getting in early? how about pic related?[View]
2212648just came back from a PnD on BTC where's the next Moon mission kids?[View]
2212425Will Tezos be the one that brings up to lamboland or we will be the idiots that yet again get their …[View]
2210855Here are my general tips to becoming financially set:: >keep care of your shit (maintenance on ve…[View]
2212309>Part of eth alliance >Low marketcap >Already has a platform >Isn't a copycat with …[View]
2211423Any of you /biz/ cucks have your series 7 license? I am supposed to take my test in a few days and I…[View]
2209814XVG - on the VERGE OF A NEW MOON MISSION?: Volume is up, price is right (best deal on bittrex). All …[View]
2212437How do I make money from home?[View]
2212506so how bull shit is this guy assume i know nothing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-WipmObnUM[View]
2212228Business with significant other: Does biz have any opinions on or experiences with couples who go in…[View]
2210380Pretty sure I have mental health issues, but I gotta try to manifest this A.I. I'm working on. …[View]
2211682This is it. Buy now or never - BTC will never be that low Ssshhh you didn't here it from me[View]
2212535Let's talk bizness: so, what are you guys predicting; I am not great at technical analysis but …[View]
2212465>mfw half of /biz thinks this is just a dip Is there really this many newfags?…[View]
2212346Is bitcoin mining still viable? How much should you invest to see the best returns? Best hardware?[View]
2209497So I just ordered one of these things for holding a ton of ETH instead of leaving it on Coinbase. Di…[View]
2211608How is the black pill not the only option?: >living on my own in London >26 years old, have my…[View]
2212113ITT: We pretend to be crypto traders. >I'm not going to cash out any of my 5x gains because …[View]
2211361What jobs do sociopaths excel in?[View]
2210318How low will BTC go?: This is moving too slow to be a crash, so what is the correction post-$2500 go…[View]
2209903What upcoming ICOs are on your mind, /biz/?[View]
2212224Mooncoin Insider Info: I am in a secret whale discord and there is currently discussion with Bittrex…[View]
2211945> Between August 1st and November 15th, >UASF nodes will consider all blocks invalid that >…[View]
2212213You can't explain this. If hodling guarantees profit then why doesn't everyone hodl?[View]
2210465why do many corporations seem to have a death wish for the environmental?[View]
2212180Career change: Becoming an insurance adjuster: I found pic related on /pol/. Does anyone know if it …[View]
2212190Bitcoin for Amazon gift codes: I am trading Bitcoin for valid Amazon gift codes from physical Amazon…[View]
2212144How would one destroy a coin?[View]
2211979Voxelus: anyone else still hodling? hahahahaha[View]
2210887>buy cap was at $50 weekly >added I.D >cap raised to $150 >ok cool >made purchases o…[View]
2211810>poorfag with no capital and extreme unwillingness towards wagecucking >living off of freelanc…[View]
2212116woooooooow: /biz/ bros, wut in the actual fuck, you guys have the weakest hands I've ever seen,…[View]
2211572What are your thoughts on Bitcoin's UASF?[View]
2212024I remember coming here when I was young, naive, and full of hope. I seen the BTC threads on this for…[View]
2211803I'm glad: I bought some crypto on the 24th just to get a feel for the markets. I stumbled in he…[View]
2211934So what's the next coin that's going to be pumped?[View]
2210179I can understand the short term speculation on ETH, I think it's a good short term investment a…[View]
2211378You thought us no-coiners wouldn't have the last laugh /biz/? We fucking told you coins were a …[View]
2211952I literally posted 2-3 days ago that this will moon.[View]
2212002You can't lose money if you don't check your wallets: >wake up >check /biz/ >eve…[View]
2207471i want to be rich already[View]
2207170/mcg/ - Mooncoin general: Mooncoin is a three year old coin that has just started to generate immens…[View]
2211680>not buying USD[View]
2210337Things to Invest in: I'm new here from /bant/ I'd like to know if there are any 'shitcoins…[View]
2209647> tfw you can't get USD quick enough to take advantage of this massive dip…[View]
2211208bear trap general: Hey there kiddo. Watch your step, you almost stepped in a bear trap. See you at 1…[View]
2211889Bittrex Skimming?: Is Bittrex skimming ether? This is the contract that bittrex sends your ether to …[View]
2210867Complete the equation for my algorithm please guys: Internet Talk + Previous ATH more than 3 months …[View]
2211689Are these two chart-clones safe to buy yet, or are they going to dip more yet?[View]
2211648Let me share with you crypto cucks some advice when a market went all time high >One should alway…[View]
2209815Polish culture in workplace: Hi guys, I am going on assignment to Poland for 2 years and would like …[View]
2211583lads this isnt funny anymore im getting fucked up the ass, my portfolio slashed by 30% has the bubbl…[View]
2211034It is waiting for you: Why is nobody talking about that sweet gal here, might isn't as sexy as …[View]
2211683MR KEKKLSTEIN: Hello, my name is Mr. Kekklstein. I have been monitoring your bird for several months…[View]
2211674ATTENTION /BIZ/KETEERS: I am a duper wealthy oilman see. and I have been holding PenisCoin since it …[View]
2211634Who here /buttcoin/?: I'm addicted to making buttcoins. I love spreading my cheeks and squeezin…[View]
2208052Is Waves better to keep your money in then BTC and ETH?[View]
2211503I am ready to make a semi-large(for a wageslave) investment into ETH. I missed the bottom of the dip…[View]
2211054>alpha as duck[View]
2211578BURSTED: since the Jews on this board bursted their own crypto bubble faster than the boomers crashe…[View]
2209893>buy bitcoin >hold it >keep buying every dip >I keep getting richer on the rises and cor…[View]
2211331I have information from a reliable source that Dan Blitzerian opened a $5,000,000 short position on …[View]
2211494ETH: Currently holding ETH and DGB. I refuse to be a limp noodle faggot whale like half your broke r…[View]
2208714'use your btc to buy gold': What is the point of buying gold bullion with btc instead of cashing out…[View]
2210330What percentage of biz actually understands what a blockchain is?[View]
2211495So what's the easiest way to just sell my coins? I have them on a hardware wallet.[View]
2207329Give me one reason why you aren't successful yet.[View]
2211473what are you listening to right now /biz/ as the bubble is popping? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
2211228theme song for /BIZ/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIscL-Bjsq4[View]
2211355this cant be happening rn: i saw dan's post and went balls deep with my goodboy maniey[View]
2211455dear /biz/, is there any way to buy bitcoin with fiat that does not involve a cash deposit? I'd…[View]
2211087Coinbase said my coins would arrive by Friday. It's now saturday afternoon.. Would I be justifi…[View]
2211436Does this sound like a vector marketing scam kind of job? Had a short interview 15min for this posit…[View]
2211416Oops: Uhhh... Guys I am sorry about the whole Bitcoin thing.[View]
2210442Anyone /dogecoin/ here? I have around 6000 coins that I mined when this meme coin started. Should I …[View]
2206488Aragon will be added to Coinbase Exchange: Aragon is gonna be the next big rocket. Their market cap …[View]
2211384Revolution on how we will trade crypto currencies.: Get in on vertcoin and litecoin boyz cause this …[View]
2211346crypto: someone tell me how the fuck crypto is supposed to be 'decentralized' when banks can probabl…[View]
2210447Complete newbie - Any tips?: Hello /biz/. I don't do this kind of thing usually but I've a…[View]
2210533Minereum is the future: You know you can't resist the powers of Minereum![View]
2210895>Not buying OneGram, the one coin that holds islamic values what's your excuse…[View]
2211299Japanese Conglomerate GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is launching their 0 fee trading platform …[View]
2206652Moon: Get in guys. Wall is 8 BTC right now. Just try reading the new ANN, it isn't your ordinar…[View]
2209985Nocoiner: Want to get in before all the chineese start trading eth. Got 10k Euro in the bank, colleg…[View]
2211255we the MOONmen: And I think it's gonna be a long long time 'Till touch down brings me rou…[View]
2211218>wake up >all my gainz gone JUST[View]
2209975I keep hearing trades are taxable? Also what about cashing out on an exhange on poloniex? Whats the …[View]
2211254MAKE IT STOP[View]
2211230>be government >ban uber and airbnb >awesome >oh fuck >whats this? >literally noth…[View]
2211125C-Y-T-R: this was randomly shilled on here last week and i decided to buy. something is happening an…[View]
2211154When will the free fall end?[View]
2211067Give me one good reason why you don't have Mooncoin in your wallet. Protip: You Can't![View]
2211167*shits the bed*[View]
2211162I donated & YOU can too!: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232351179978?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_…[View]
2211041W-what happend?? I went on a short vacation trip without internet, now im back and my whole portfoli…[View]
2210983Found this rare coin: US 2015 $2 1/2 coin, really good condition, practically mint. Just lying on th…[View]
2208579MULTI BILLION DOLLAR IDEA COMING THROUGH: Have a revolutionary idea: A device on your house door, wh…[View]
2210507Some Unusual Motivation to Share: Meet megachurch televangelist and 'prosperity gospel' proponent St…[View]
2210886Esper: Be warned, once this coin is on livecoin / bittrex it will moon[View]
2210889Mooncoin: Whale here, In about 2 hours, Mooncoin is getting pumped... HARD Fyi[View]
2211069BTC Hardfork: /biz/ what are the chances that BTC will hardfork into a new currency and cause the en…[View]
2211056Got bored so decided to bcome rich: Send Bitcoin 2me plaz or ETH http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232351179…[View]
2211013>pc harddrive fails >decide to have a day away from the internet while it's fixed >com…[View]
2210317Why would mooncoin be a good/bad investment?: Mooncoin just caught my eye and I'd like your hon…[View]
2210510/biz/, i'd like to have a word with you...: it's 2017, why are you not investing in a prog…[View]
2210056>he missed ETH >he missed DGB >he missed RDD DONT YOU DARE TO MISS MOONCOIN…[View]
2210243Anyone else getting in on xst? Low volume, last week or so it's been following a pretty simple …[View]
2210848Emergency Money: When shit hits the fan, how well is /biz/ prepared?[View]
2210316So basically if I want to avoid taxes and big brother I just have to convert all my altcoin gains in…[View]
2209933some of you guys are alright, don't sell your espers coins[View]
2209594Mooncoin Whales unite: In 36 minutes from now I will pump 25 BTC into the Moonmission. Buying at 2 S…[View]
2210883>he doesnt own any liquid assets >he thinks he can get by on just rentals >he doesnt activ…[View]
2210264>tfw I fell for the VOX meme[View]
2210749I'm starting a storage company with a friend in a few years. How in the hell can we possibly fu…[View]
2210734why are you guys not buying LBRY its like you hate money[View]
2210684HTML5 Coin: Moon coin pump is over. HTML5 coin is 1 sat. Double/triple your mone, just watch as the …[View]
2210844Verification Woes: What the fuck KRAKEN?: Four days and waiting for two tiers of ID verification to …[View]
2209046It's going back up, Buy buy buy[View]
2210655Quick run down me about this crypto: Hello, i need a quick run down on this crypto and why it got +3…[View]
2209572opinions on Basic Attention Token, Civic Identity Verification, and Bancor Protocol? low IQ shitpos…[View]
2210738When will you fucks learn to have stronger hands?[View]
2210063Wallet: Hey /biz I wanted to ask, is Coinbase a good wallet for beginners? I'v just recently en…[View]
2209742Is he the one?[View]
2210713How to make money with crypto: Since the vast majority of normies don't know shit about crypto,…[View]
2210711Platform: I am new at investing, what platform is best for beginners ?[View]
2210567Is it too late to go long on $MSFT?[View]
2210323>5-20 dollars per transaction >Transaction takes 2 days to complete >Too much volatility (o…[View]
2210591I'm so fucking done with this shit. I can't buy any bitcoin on the main websites and can…[View]
2210552Hey /boiz/, how do I settle off my debts? Currently reading the 'snowball' strategy to pay off the l…[View]
2210588Is this the new pump and dump? Currently it has a better price than mooncoin, plus it's fairly …[View]
2210547What's the chepeast way to get a urine (blood is allowed too, but I hate needles) sample cross …[View]
2210332Let's talk about Bancor before its upcoming (albeit now delayed) ICO. What does /biz/ think? If…[View]
2210375UBIQ: Good long term hold for your portfolio Two new ERC20 tokens using their blockchain. APX Ventur…[View]
2209383Can you buy eth/btc from coinbase right away after you sign up or is there a waiting/verification pe…[View]
2208207Why don't you all use bitmex and buy with 100x leverage? You all have this unshakeable faith th…[View]
2209040Crypto Memorial Day Sale- What did you get?: Hi I’m Crazy Charlie, President and CEO of Crazy Charli…[View]
2209952Think its about to moon?[View]
2209571Do you think LITECOIN will ever be on the level of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Going over $100 or even $100…[View]
2209921ETH: >didn't buy at 100€[View]
2210187mooncoin: Okay what the fuck is going on Are we even going to break 2 sat again? should i just sell?…[View]
2210383we have some more seats on this espers train guys, and no fucking 30+btc buy walls https://bitcointa…[View]
2209472This board was on fire up until this recent dip. Everyone was making insane returns and it was a fuc…[View]
2210362>He bought Mooncoin at 3, 4, 5 satoshi[View]
2206982Starting an IRA/Roth IRA: Anyone got advice on the best place to do this and how to start building a…[View]
2209251coinbase won't let me immediately buy BTC or ETH. I need it thousands worth right now. What are…[View]
2210311>Pls sign up to fairpumps Proof of fair pumps.pdf[View]
2210284this is the beginning of the flippening strap in boyos[View]
2208939ETH about to break through and go to the moon goys[View]
2209987Say you have $500 to invest in crypto and you want to turn that $500 into $1000 by July 1st. What co…[View]
2210043When you guys have a coin that's mooning and you say 'SELL SELL SELL' when it starts to decreas…[View]
2208656>90% of /biz/ is still holding[View]
2210140/biz/ I have 1000 dollars to my name. With everything down right now, what can I put it in to be abl…[View]
2209394Do you guys think Ethereum will eventually overtake bitcoin in market cap? What fundamental differen…[View]
2209804Bitcoin has finished the correction 3K is next target: Stop crying you fools. BTC had made it's…[View]
2209779How do I scam retards out of their coins/get them to send me their coins? There are millions of dumb…[View]
2210029Bitcoin crash: So /bizgoys/ how are you going to kill yourselves now that you're BTC investment…[View]
2210180Digitalnote: 1. Good resistance at .60 satoshis since 2 weeks and depsite the bloodbath , 2. More n…[View]
2208747Looks like ETH is recovering faster than Bitcoin. Hmm.[View]
2209500who here >sold at the beginning of the crash >set a buy order for where you thought the crash …[View]
2210061so now that every coin suffered a loss and is struggling to go up cause everyone's being weakha…[View]
2209886It is time to invite you plebs into my world. I never made a bad investment in my entire life. Every…[View]
2210040Where do you buy Bitcoins?: I'm just looking to purchase bitcoins for USD to transfer directly …[View]
2206571Know the right time to cash out...[View]
2208583Wow, it was literally nothing: BTC's price back to where it was 7 days ago ETH's price bac…[View]
2209907I just realized something...: What if the government banned VPNs under the pretext of stopping pirac…[View]
2209603Paper profits aren't real: REMINDER: Paper profits are NOT REAL! During the current bubble, a b…[View]
2209922mixing income streams for max profit: http://heavy.com/marijuana/2017/05/heat-cannabis-marijuana-gro…[View]
2207834Fuck: Ripple guy from yesterday. What's the quickest way to off myself? I just lost 500k in pot…[View]
2207054HOW TO WIN: It is time to invite you plebs into my world. I never made a bad investment in my entire…[View]
2207830Am I the only one here who's not worried about the crash? BTC won't go below $2k and my pa…[View]
2209833==RESEARCH ABOUT CRYPTO==: Just want to make some questions, please give honest answers: 1- Your cou…[View]
2209576What keeps you going on days like this?[View]
2209675Shit about to go down: Tether, the one crypto that was meant to be regulated and stable to match the…[View]
2209783Looking to buy more crypto: Currently hold btc, dgb, xrp, bcn. Looking to put $200 more in during th…[View]
2209688>asks for dip >sells dip[View]
2208418Where can be found some good crypto trading signals?[View]
2208786>prices plummet >Coinbase goes down for 'maintenance' Enjoy your digital, government tulips, b…[View]
2209582>He doesn't use the blockchain that's backed by gold Why isn't this talked about m…[View]
2209698>all this delusion lmfao say goodbye to your money faggots[View]
2209513'market crashing?' Hahahahahahahaha How are your hands so weak? Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen…[View]
2207595I took out a fucking 100k loan and now Im down to fucking 60k. What the fuck do I do to make back 40…[View]
2209638me btfo[View]
2208334To the newfags who got tricked into buying MOONcoin, here is your way out. Canada e-coin (CDN), avai…[View]
2209093>only 1% up from my initial crypto investment IS IT TIME TO BAIL???[View]
2209593Faggots: Two days ago: >Holy shit eth is the future, bitcoin will go up forever long term, look a…[View]
2208094>be newfag >invest a small amount into mooncoin at ATH i.e. basically right at the start of th…[View]
2209514Oh hello there /biz/, i didn't see you! I'm busy making a nice homemade lasagna. I have so…[View]
2207119I've never seen so many misguided investors in once place before. You guys are banking on crytp…[View]
2209417Fucking Coinbase: >Poloniex >ETH at $146 >Coinbase >ETH at $160 >Can't buy with …[View]
2207604Welcome to the first Bull Trap boys: Report in your losses and holdings Feel free to hold your alts,…[View]
2209438hmm: hmmmmmm[View]
2208856Why aren't you getting in on the only altcoin not dying? Moon IMMINENT[View]
2208951Was that the bull trap or the bottom? Please respond.[View]
2207558Eth is the new bitcoin, it's already recovering while buttcoin tanks, switch your horse before …[View]
2209362Should i sell my altcoins now? Some of them actually could make money still, as i bought them at pen…[View]
2209271I have 1 BTC, should I go all in on ETH right now?[View]
2207796Thesis / Multinationals and Tax evasion: Hi /biz/, Would need your help for my master's degree…[View]
2209381bitcoin is ded: >Looks at logarithmic chart > :^)…[View]
2209164>>>2207472 >Some guy claims he has 15kBTC (he doesn't) >He claimed he will crash…[View]
2208107So this forum is now better than any You Laugh You Lose topic on 4chan. I am really laughing on the …[View]
2208124>get reverse mortgage out on house >buy EXM and BTC last night >an hour later they both cra…[View]
2208501where in the fuck can i buy ETH FAST? I need to get several thousand USD worth ASAP[View]
2209289Beginner: Never invested before, is this a good time to start ?[View]
2206579Save-your-burning-money edition >img extremely related Recent Dev ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/in…[View]
2208039Made a BTC deposit from livecoin to my bittrex account 4 days ago and it's still pending 0/2. …[View]
2208641what do you guys think about insane coin (insn)? 6 cents per coin and a max supply of 30mil?[View]
2203939>put all my ETH into POSW in April J U S T U S T[View]
2208306Fuck. I know everything will return to normal soon and I will make a nice profit if I just hodl, but…[View]
2207124REMINDER GOYS ANT, REP & GNT going to coinbase. https://blog.coinbase.com/a-beginners-guide-to-e…[View]
2208483I want to live please help: Please help me[View]
2208010MY COINS HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN DEPOSITED YET at this point as long as it doesn't go to $0 I…[View]
2206845>mfw almost invested everything in XEM[View]
2209194When you stay out because you know that $164 isn't for you. Don't go in. It can't go …[View]
2208519>tfw you wasted thousands of hours on 4chan instead of doing something productive…[View]
2209137Should i keep my BtC on exchange or transfer it to wallet? I plan on buying hard disk and keep walle…[View]
2208102GNT: This is golem. He is very strong. If you buy him, he will beat others in 2 hours[View]
2208335Who here /shot themselves in the foot by buying high and selling low instead of hodling/?[View]
2208200How come the crash in the west is double that of China?[View]
2208852We're back: The markets are starting to heal Hope you bought the dip[View]
2208818/biz/ BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlXKKztVgVw[View]
2208454so....what now lads[View]
2208602Just lost all my coins for RDD... Spent the past three days trying to get them back. I had saved 5 b…[View]
2208948Looting season!: Right bizbois, all those smartasses who got out in time or even those who didnt kil…[View]
2207528What kind of music does /biz/ listen to whilst doing /biz/ness? What are your usual sleeping hours?[View]
2208222Does anyone else think this is a really good idea? After reading the whitepaper, it's super obv…[View]
2208799better stock up, /biz/[View]
2208824>waiting for transaction confirmation[View]
2207045> you missed out on ETH > you missed the ETC pump Here is your new gainer, get in early mother…[View]
2206955Ether is the new haven: While the fire burns BTC people are seeking sanctuary in ETH haven as we spe…[View]
2208702>tfw have long beautiful at an early age >its all gone from male pattern baldness and im ugly …[View]
2208712>mfw i couldn't buy the dip fucking COINBASE REEEE[View]
2208615Are we done, or do I need another drink?[View]
2208725So... Who feels like we have been played ?: So what happened these past few days show clearly that /…[View]
2208192It was fun while it lasted boys, had a thrilling time riding the roller coasters with you[View]
22083121. Your country 2. Do you give your crypto earnings back to children in Africa?[View]
2206899>already seein gains on the gnt (golem) dip I bought Thank you weak hands. What did you guys pic…[View]
2207565>not making money off margin traders[View]
2207749Is this high stress feeling normal? It's not comfy at all. I just wanted some coins I could che…[View]
2208158Everything's going to be alright.[View]
2208544200+ buy/sell wars everytime there'a spike LMFAO fucking love some whalewars on btc[View]
2207068Selling ETH to buy BTC on the dip?: Got my eth @ 50$. SHould I pwn off some eth for btc and maybe so…[View]
2208328PIVX primed: Lets all make some more money, pump it up.[View]
2207129HOW THE DUTCH SURVIVE THE DIP: >alpha hands >inb4 not most profitable way >tfw all the tits…[View]
2206806So lets say I want to make an app similar to Uber. Two questions >What programming language shoul…[View]
2208239the new king will arrive soon[View]
2208170listen up instead of cashing out on fiat in this crash, exchange it for an alt most of them are on s…[View]
2208302Can someone explain to me the differences of all the altcoins because they all seem like the same sh…[View]
2208354>sell sell sell[View]
2208319Cashout correction over. BAT ICO Wednesday: Get in again, or get more Rampant speculation and volati…[View]
2207593Don't Buy Bitcoin. It's Going To Crash!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbZ8zDpX2Mg…[View]
2208241so really who is buying bitcoin today? anyone?[View]
2208235don't mind me, I am just going to make steady gains in the stock market, doing my research and …[View]
2208181Quickest rebound ever on crypto market: Crash is over. Don't miss out on buying MOON.[View]
2207786Folding Coin | FLDC: >2017 >not buying the future currency of medicine FLDC has awoken. Why ar…[View]
2207485Why are they all in so much denial?[View]
2206572Welp just convinced some older people at the most expensive hotel in my city to invest $20k into bit…[View]
2207085ITS A SALE: Quick anon! Everything is on motherfucking SALE!!!! What you getting? >mfw loaded up …[View]
2207588All crypto is now in red BUT which coins gained the most from this bubble?[View]
2208035/biz/: Why BTC prices in all the sites remain so high although BTC prices actually dropped in every …[View]
2207837meme triangle forming[View]
2206343>two days ago : by the end of the year Bitcoin will hit $5000 and ETH $1000 >today : SELL SELL…[View]
2206870Helms Deep Opens: Help other bizraelis protect their assets Declare your HAVEN coins here BITMARK BT…[View]
2207846PHONE TRADING: what are the best apps for iphone to trade crypto? tired of fruit ninja[View]
2208030Dividend reinvestment or Take cash? If I take cash instead I'll simply put it in the bank for o…[View]
2206202>$15,000 in gains wiped out of my portfolio in a single day >Laughing my ass off for some reas…[View]
2206685>there are people here right now who own $20,000+ in crypto currencies and haven't dropped 2…[View]
2207281what driggered the drop?[View]
2207999F: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIscL-Bjsq4[View]
2206841I spend 200$ on my first ever crypto yesterday. Then it crashed.This always happens when I invest. I…[View]
2206962Bitcoin will bottom @ $200: Calling it now faggots. Screenshot this post so you can come back in 2 y…[View]
2206886MNE STILL OVER 80k satoshi[View]
2207075DGB cancelled the June 4 release: >DGB cancelled their release for June 4 >The news resulted i…[View]
2207671All the cryptotwats on Twitter are saying they're buying more bitcoin right now and expecting t…[View]
2207902Are you faggots tired of hearing about mooncoin? Don't want to invest in a project that was gi…[View]
2207895Can you learn how to make a profit or is it all just experience, intuition, and luck? I'm not a…[View]
2206114where can i find real time charts of crypto currencies and alt coins and trades? i want a tab open t…[View]
2200085DGB BEG: Since /biz/ is the reason why I'm becoming rich, I want to give back to the community.…[View]
2207421mm yes, keep buying up the dumps and drive that price higher so I can dump more of my shitcoins on y…[View]
2207437WHAT THE FUCK!: How do I expect to get involved in crypto if this is how they fuck me?[View]
2207655post yfw ETH dumps to 30$ and Ethcucks commit sudoku[View]
2206702I told you guys[View]
2207737jfc: >see ETH at $120 >fast forward to 2 hours >ETH now at $151 >tfw my BTC transfer did…[View]
2207664wanna make some serious gains? buy eth - one of the biggest zerg exchanges adopts eth: this is fucki…[View]
2207605Butt hurt?: Who just got handed your nuts over the past 48 hours...? Isn't it sooo much more fu…[View]
2206938>just bought 6k BTC This was the dip. You heard it here first. Buy NOW[View]
2206969DGB Dip: I was at work for the majority of this dip in the market. Can anyone please inform me as to…[View]
2204674ahaha you fucking idiots: Look at /biz/ now - tears fucking everywhere, all these motherfuckers quiv…[View]
2207255No one said that the road to lamboland would be an easy one Hodl onto your coins faggots, this is a …[View]
2206448DGB/XRP Relationship: Hey friends. It seems that DGB and XRP are in some type of relationship. I…[View]
2207118>mfw fibs ACTUALLY work >I trusted /bi(l)z/ 'TA is a meme' >leverage has never been so fuc…[View]
2206795>Invested 13k over 2 months >Grew to 23k >Down to 17k >Still out performing stocks…[View]
2207134I'M SO COLD: Hodl me Anon[View]
2206274This is what kills the BTC: Don't you get it? 20 billion disappeared from the market cap in 12 …[View]
2207110Hi friends: Your friendly everyday crypto trader here. Just a reminder to keep $ellling. You don…[View]
2206889New thing: Now that we have made our money from crypto /biz/ what's the next big thing? How can…[View]
2207458China's largest exchange just added ETH, get ready for the rebound. Mark my words boys MAY 29TH…[View]
2206933Is XRP dead guys?[View]
2206903>he invested in Mooncoin Not sure if to laugh or pity..[View]
2207319Bag holding general: See this guy? He is smart, he knows he is holding bags so he is making it easie…[View]
2206402Who else fucking barrow gloves here? Holding this shit in spite of seeing -25% loss which is 25K los…[View]
2204742>mfw holding dgb >mfw holding xby >mfw holding mne…[View]
2207297Hey there, kiddo. Good morning. It's good to see you up. It was a rough one last night wasn…[View]
2207363WAT DA FUQ IS GOING ON SHOULD I HOLD MY ETH OR SELL?????????????????????????????????[View]
2207091>wake up >check /biz/ I'm not even going to check my portfolio today. It's already r…[View]
2206497>you can't cash out crpyt-[View]
2207292I bought EHT at 190$. I'm buying more if it goes sub100$. I also put some money in DGB before t…[View]
2207245>he's a cryptocurrency ''''investor''''[View]
2207096>how much did you invest >your personal ATH >how much do you have right now? me >investe…[View]
2206959hello cryptokeks: What is the best trading platform for europe faggits like me to get coins with fia…[View]
2206805>tfw bitcoin this low >tfw no coiner who actually wants to start >trying to complete coinba…[View]
2206785Serious question about Etherium. It's being called a shitcoin. I have read that many altcoins i…[View]
2206296Please RDD I bed you[View]
2206947I'm not entirely convinced of digital currency yet. I've been following its rise, brief fa…[View]
2207172UBIQ is doing alright?[View]
2207151Get in bois and recover your loses from panic selling[View]
2205062So after watching it for a bit, how long is the crash expected to go on, and what is the theoretical…[View]
2207113>It's a tricking dumbass foreigners into buying my imaginary memecoin episode and profiting …[View]
2206477/biz/ Discord: Complain here: https://discord.gg/ChqmrqG[View]
2206373>BTC crashing stateside, at $2000-1900 >Meanwhile in the Zerg Hive Cluster, BTC trades for $40…[View]
2205975$20billion wiped off marketcap: How's everyones hands? Who's holding who's selling? W…[View]
2206949adSDAd: fAfAsdAds[View]
2206648Hey guys, I just woke up wtf happened???!![View]
2206705I got some money to throw around. I'm gonna start a youtube channel on cryptos. What should my …[View]
2206747/freefall/ general: Who /freefall/ here? Balls deep into BTC at $2500 and Eth at $190 A years pay go…[View]
2206951>He thinks this is a crash >He doesn't know this a prince manipulation by chinks to buy B…[View]
2206305It hit $2,000 30min ago before going back up to $2,100. Is it over? Are we going back up? Please som…[View]
2206852Wait for next crash: don't get horny for the current stop[View]
2206838UBIQ: Whilst /biz/ is losing its mind in on this dark day, there are gains to be had. Today and lon…[View]
2206690My wife that doesn't spend all day with my daughter. and is lazy and unsupportive. I make $60+/…[View]
2206813So now that the dip is slowing down, what do we see the market-cap for BTC hitting before the end of…[View]
2206618Guys, guys!: Stop crying! We have only dropped something like 30%. This is not even the crash yet. W…[View]
2206824>$1200 felt high 2 months ago >nocoiners saving face claiming its over at $1975 >summerfags…[View]
2204490Anyone noticing that there seems to be a recent influx of idiots from /pol/ on this board recently?[View]
2206751If coiners ever get too desperate you know who to call.[View]
2206678When did you realise that a 4chan Pass was the best investment you ever made?[View]
2206789oh GOD[View]
2206788>mfw all these cheap coins[View]
2206761New to crypto: Where to start? What are best trading sites? Market times? Is there a pastebin for th…[View]
2206204Fuck Mooncoin I'm officially out, I went from decent gains to a bit above breaking even overall…[View]
2206597Bought in at 2700 couple days ago and already lost 10k Fuck every single one of you my wife is gonna…[View]
2206755>everything's crashing[View]
2206745True Dip[View]
2206738WHAT THE FUCK IS BITMARK: fucks goin on here cunts?[View]
2206470Most of you are fucking bitches: The freakouts are amazing to watch. Who the hell bought crypto with…[View]
2206458CANT CRIPPLE THE RIPPLE: Already recovering....[View]
2206682We're good. Buyers are coming in. This is the market now.[View]
2206666SERIOUS QUESTION: pls no BS Which coin(s) target social media the most? For example: when you wish t…[View]
2206462Mooncoin: >coin got a new dev >has actually good features >active community >price is st…[View]
2206667What do you know about them? Because I might know something you don't[View]
2206631Hey coincucks, wagecuck here. How's that lambo coming along? Any moon missions tonight? No? Me?…[View]
2206478whaoh, look at that - a sale. what are you guys looking to pick up based on the most recent prices?[View]
2206127MAN THE FUCK UP: Reach down and grab those nuts and hold on... You guys think we won't have som…[View]
2206641Let's have a thread where we look at the bright side of this. I'll start. BITBEAN SHILLS B…[View]
2206636Hey /biz/. I have 50k on hand ready to invest in the ASX. what companies and sectors should i invest…[View]
2205935/biz/ rekt thread: Rekt thread post your losses[View]
2206012DGB: Who else here /tyingtheirnoose/?[View]
2205869>ETH at $130[View]
2206138>you now remember the guy that bought btc with student loans[View]
2205462Fear Not The Dip #Inb4nextspike: Chill the fuck out peeps. You should have expected this after the a…[View]
2206479why haven't you bought ubiq yet, https://ubiqsmart.com/ do you not like money[View]
2206573>tfw was about to spend 6k on btc and eth at it's ath but couldn't get verified I learn…[View]
2205936what happened at this moment to make it all go so wrong?[View]
2206540Hey /biz/. I'm researching stocks. I want to invest in something thats stable with a decent ann…[View]
2206085I'm assuming BTC's bleeding won't stanch anytime soon. If I can afford to lose the mo…[View]
2206455Cool your jets anons: I present to you some hope the bloodbath is slowing up. Do what you gotta do, …[View]
2206550Bitcoon ATM?: Should I buy and put a bitcoin ATM in my local mall? They only run about 8-10k.[View]
2206546Is this year the year lads?[View]
2206501Newfag Gameplan: Newfag here, starting a new job at $500 next week. Wanna get into Crypto Thinking o…[View]
2206452>ETH still at 13m+ market cap. This is just the purge of the shitcoins guys, the true king will t…[View]
2205934who here /down but not worried/? invested 9k earlier this week, was up to 11k within 24 hours, now h…[View]
2206320May 1st: $1350-1400 for 1 Bitcoin May 26th: $2800 for 1 Bitcoin May 27th: $2000-2100 for 1 Bitcoin I…[View]
2206294What's the longest you've held bags for?[View]
2206465>he fell for the crypto meme[View]
2205471I WANT OUT FUCK: I fucking bought ETH at the top of the bubble through bank transfer and I have unti…[View]
2206414bye bye normies :^) don't come back[View]
2206301Good Time To Remember: The True Value.[View]
2206234IT'S NOT FAIR[View]
2206422I don't understand. How are you guys panicking instead of rejoicing? The crypto market is way u…[View]
2206155note: when bitcoin had its first crash it had 1 or 2 highpoints to sell at before you could gtfo i …[View]
2206409It's over faggots. You can relax now.[View]
2205948>Sing it with me Biz And now, the end is near-[View]
2206401Hey assholes dealing with Mooncoin... REMOVE YOUR FUCKING 2 SAT SELL WALL This right here is the rea…[View]
2206132who else waiting for the stabilization at 1500 before buying back up?[View]
2206368Brainlet nocoiner here, what's the best way to buy crpytos without the verification bullshit?[View]
2205924All these weak hands are quadrupling my bags. Thanks for putting BitBean on sale guys[View]
2206381tfw /biz/ isnt as active as /pol/ and have to wait for fresh threads[View]
2206098>be me >buy 25 ETH at $185 >feeling good as price goes up >still waiting on coinbase to…[View]
2204517HOW LOW CAN IT GO ???[View]
2206001WHY WONT IT STOP DROPPING!!!!!![View]
2206333So /biz/, I just set up my wallet to try and cash in on the boom, but coinbase was being a fuck, so …[View]
2206340>he gambles with digital 'currencies' >then wonders why he never has any money…[View]
2206162We back boys: $129 was the bottom. Hope you bought the dip. All uphill from here.[View]
2206077Bought XRP: Bought 1800 XRP at €0.18110 i am dead[View]
2205932Sell now and buy back in lower?: Or just keep holding? What to do /biz/?[View]
2206319>another FUD thread to try and convince you to panic sell your BTC so I can buy it back under 2k…[View]
2206235Press F to pay respects to the greatest bubble in years.: We had a good run, lads. F https://www.you…[View]
2205569Who's a true believer? I know everyone here wants to make money, but who here actually believes…[View]
2206252some of you guys are alright, sell everything you've got right now[View]
2206195WE'RE ALL FUCKED, THIS IS NOT A DRILL: >he's thinks it'll return to the normal tom…[View]
2204003Moon in bittrex: So I just emailed Bittrex... Waiting on a response[View]
2206070What is everyone buying during this firesale?[View]
2206120Meme Triangles: What happened to meme triangles /biz/? They are not working anymore.[View]
2206019On this day many moons ago I was born.: I shall always remember this day as the darkest day in /biz/…[View]
2204651Be honest, /biz/. How many of you here have actually cashed out 6 or 7 figures due to crypto trading…[View]
2205029You were the normies: >the bubble will only begin once the normies get in! YOU were the normies t…[View]
2206043S-stop falling please, I'm begging you, just stay above 100 sats[View]
2206083Why are you all freaking out? It's just gonna go back up[View]

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