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4436650Biz's opinion on Astro?: What do you guys think?[View]
4434346wish me luck.: Sup. I am 21 yo but I decided to make my first business about week ago. Now I finally…[View]
4436661neo: Breathes in - HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA Ive been saying this for a week, hope you fucks listened. ive …[View]
4436739There's a job for you, /biz/. You are the most qualified. >>43621240[View]
4432653Moonman moonman can't you see[View]
4436478I made more money today by watching my investment than minimum wageslaves make in 1 week Does anyone…[View]
4436717>5M mcap >Conference next week with WTC and Binance >Buy now or regret later…[View]
4436697Getting just'd by blockfolio. Got excited for nothing.[View]
4436712YGYL biz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rwMTlPNUhc[View]
4435530SALT: Seriously, if you are getting JUSTed and its absolutely killing you and you absolutely have to…[View]
4436301I’m tired as fuck of the rat race. I bought $20k USD in ETH yesterday and all I want to know is if I…[View]
4436485TA: Where is the fibonacci chart in the 'studies' section. Do I have to make one myself?![View]
4436359financial iq?: hey , we are all here for making money, but, who else here is actually also intereste…[View]
4434458Finally ICO worth going balls deep in: You thought ICO is over? You faggots fell for the 'ICO are ov…[View]
4436619Today: NEO attending China open source conference 2017: Source: http://www.huodongxing.com/go/cosc…[View]
4436323I'm doing the best I can, but I feel like I just can't win...[View]
4436480just bought my first Cryptocurrency. £100 LTC Have I fucked up?[View]
4436591I'll send you guys a pic of the moon[View]
4434995Was anyone else waiting for Ethereum to dip and is now getting JUST'd[View]
4436107binance: two sell walls set up on Substratum.. accumulating whale bastards..[View]
4434964>24h high 0.18500000 >24h low 0.14500000 How can that be organic?…[View]
4434313Aeron about to go 4x: Aeron ARN currently top performing coin on binance and still at Ico price (0.5…[View]
4435862I don't think I need to say anymore than this.: https://etherdelta.com/#TIO-ETH[View]
4436337i-is it g-going b-back to $15?[View]
4436403Guys NEO is at support line, now is best time to buy before the final FOMO pump before the announcem…[View]
4436419The next 10x: Literally this shit just keeps going. and it's not even at ICO price yet. harvard…[View]
4436278Can I trade just one dollar with some memecoins that are worth less than one dollar? Or do I get rap…[View]
4436361Legit: Make easy and legit money online by posting links. http://IncomeDoze.com/?refer=11764[View]
4435250pinkcoin: misput this in a thread.... ~ any 1 no if there is news or a pnd is in babby stages?…[View]
4435946say goodbye to your shitcoins anons: I can confirm for you this money will not be buying BTC to buy …[View]
4435809wtf! i came in into biz/ on the august rush only holding something like 0.05, and get used to trade …[View]
4435259Hey biz, i'm here to post another easy 3x/4x erc token: 1/ Potential new GEM - A decentralized …[View]
4435045/genesis.vision: i think it might be the next etherdelta shit coin. already listed on binance too...…[View]
4432728If NEO breaks ATH, all bets are off: There literally is no limit to how the high the fucking thing c…[View]
4435021Does anyone else panic buy and panic sell 100% of their stack several times per day?: How is it work…[View]
4436192ITT post what you think Rory looks like. Pic related.[View]
4436222Someone in this forum told to 'buy the dip' at ARN and that it was going to go high, I did it and st…[View]
4436221'Satoshi's vision'[View]
4433026Loopring is a hidden gem: Smart money is swallowing up Loopring. Loopring buyers are looking to 3-5x…[View]
4435031Thinking about doing a 1k to 100k challenge (within a year) through crypto day trading+swing trading…[View]
4435893>price goes up >mark price keeps going down liquidated…[View]
4434836Poor people are superior to rich people. Knowing this fact, why do you still support capitalism?[View]
4434692Newb here. So what makes an altcoin shit and what makes it worth buying? What signs do I have to loo…[View]
4435240Are you fucking stupid? Buy Powr NOW. It's a fucking miracle that I stumbled upon this coin whi…[View]
4436008Sorry, I'm a newfag. Why can't i move this chart to the left?[View]
4435490someone shill me on this seen some of the big sell walls vanish on etherdelta, good time to get in?[View]
4433524I need to make a $2000 loan to buy some photography equipment for a gig that pays after. what is the…[View]
4421923pre-moon sale: I'm not even going to try hard to shill this one. Just look at the 10 page whit…[View]
4432922guys help me please: I went all in on LINK at 0.48 (24k USD worth) and sold at 0.15 and put my 7.5k …[View]
4432556WARNING: LTC Moon Coming: LTC moon tomorrow morning is highly likely at this point. Bull flag, highe…[View]
4436038I bought my first litecoins at 27.4 now my investment is 28.8 how do I invest my first profit dollar…[View]
4434909who /livingpaycheck-to-paycheck/ here??[View]
4430810Can't make this shit up.[View]
4435665NEO: Why is this the Chinese ethereum? I've seen maybe one or two ICOs launch on it. China is g…[View]
4435667Hey fellas can someone post all the LINK forks posted today? I think I missed a few of them. Thanks.[View]
4435741China not lifting ICO ban soon - Telegram chat with (CEO NEO = CEO Onchain): Hey - thought this was …[View]
4432868Stop talking about CHING CHONG NEO: Fuck you people who bought the dip, fuck you people who bought y…[View]
4434758Hidden gems: WaBi, Sonm, bitcoin cash, Request.network and airswap what else?[View]
443588740 ETH sell wall demolished on BitBoost - still below ICO price though. 5-10x incoming (NOT ON CMC):…[View]
44354222018 picks: What do you guys got for 2018?[View]
4435778Fuck I just woke up. Am I too late to get on the NEO boat?[View]
4435900>no limit to how high this goes[View]
4431576Wtf is happening: Will we ever hit 8000??? I know we will, but when? Im fucking impatient[View]
4435852COVAL EMBLEM: https://emblemvault.com/ Have any of you pajeet heard about this project from the COVA…[View]
4435801Who here /bullish/ as fuck[View]
4435349i nord korean we support Groestlcoin (GRS): We have the job to pump the Groestlcoin (GRS) to 300% in…[View]
4428666Blockfolio thread[View]
4435711My holdings: SUB POWR ARK NEO DCR UBQ Now these coins I got them when they was at their lowest when …[View]
4435050Not weird?[View]
4430354ChainLink realistic price by 2019[View]
4435771GTFO redditfags: An epidemic is upon us /biz/ A subverse blight which is destroying the /biz/ biome …[View]
4435761Stocks: What is the best, flawless investing strategy? I need to make money, but it doesn't hav…[View]
4435301Are there any mobile app wallets that I can send my LINK to? I don’t trust Binance is going to aroun…[View]
4434653daily reminder that Bitfinex is MtGox 2.0[View]
4435226POWR: I told you this shit wasn't stopping anytime soon.[View]
4435465>not having powr in your portfolio hows it feel to be missing out on this trip to the moon…[View]
4435705current erdc20 tokens on neo or lisk: hey guys, would it be possible that the current smart contract…[View]
4435548Considering the rise of crypto-currency, is gold still worth investing in? I like having tangible as…[View]
4434581>There are people on this board that havent sold there bitcoin yet Haha bro like its fucking almo…[View]
4432411Story time: Tell us what calls u listened from 4chan and whether it made or lost u money.[View]
4435072COCK baby: first 5 addresses get 100 COCK each ;)[View]
4435544This girl I thought I had a chance with ghosted me. Should I just show her my womancoin stacks?[View]
4435198I bought ASTRO a few days ago at .007 eth per ASTRO without doing any research. Am i about to get ju…[View]
4432733Let's write a whitepaper for a new coin. Each post in this thread is a sentence of it.[View]
4435512'Everybody Wins' coins: It seems like most of /biz/'s favorite memecoins have a common feature …[View]
4435347I'm a total retard when it comes to blockchain shit but I know that I have had BTG airdropped t…[View]
4434975>Decentralise the decentralised[View]
4435351Be ready to get out tonight boys. This is your second chance to keep your gains. DONT fuck up. Youve…[View]
4435473LRC and NEO partnership: LRC and NEO will announce a partnership on Tuesday China time. Get in now o…[View]
4435464Hidden Gem Civilianz on ED: Civilianz (CZT) seems like a hidden gem, it's gaining alot of pace.…[View]
4435340Noob here Should I buy into BTC now or wait for it to drop? Seems like it cant go much higher[View]
4435421Why didn't I listen to this faggot AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
4434333neo is fucked, you fucked it: it will go down to 0.003 soon. 61 was the peak 55 was the breakpoint y…[View]
4434721Here's Neo Roadmap for trading: Buy the dip today Sell during aggressive pump tomorrow Buy the …[View]
4435212Yes or No: Is it good time to buy Neo or should I wait longer ?[View]
4435302Time is running out[View]
4434802>hanging out with coworkers outside of work[View]
4435079PAYPIE partnerships with Canadian Gov't: Just a quick update for you. PayPie has started conver…[View]
4435242NEOFAGS btfo. Asia has woken up and it’s dropping like crazy. Hope you toke your profits. And if you…[View]
4435150Still not in BBT? You braindead? Read my research for your own good.: Up from .0008 to .001 since my…[View]
4434555Has any altcoin gotten to $1000 per coin. Really makes you think. Maybe you're just playing the…[View]
4433796Women Coin: The other day we were joking about making a cryptocurrency for women. >Ha ha anon, th…[View]
4433850>ETH, LISK, NEO, QTUM, Hyperledger, Rootstock Just how many smart contract platforms do you fags …[View]
4434300>people talk shit on USD tether Its literally the most useful crypto right now. Allows you to qui…[View]
4433567>https://fitvitalik.io HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY CAN'T BE SERIOUS TOP FUCKING KEK…[View]
4433396Zencash is going to explode right ? The secure nodes are going to be released soon, maybe Wednesday …[View]
4435169Nexus Earth fraud[View]
4435151Damn pajeets: >looking at a couple of Youtube videos >twf pajeets are better traders than you.…[View]
4432042Chaintrade (CTC): So I saw this mentioned in a thread today and did a little research. These guys ar…[View]
4433936Get in before it explodes. Not a scam. Research it: Harvard grad ceo robotics genius not on cmc low …[View]
4434961Last week to get REQ below ICO price: Hold on a few more weeks you faggots. Colossus is on the way. …[View]
4435068Kucoin Pura Promotion: Saw this on their news board, thought I'd let you guys know. https://new…[View]
4435058>solid dev team[View]
4433651Can we do something about /biz/'s rampant bullying problem. This has all taken a twisted turn i…[View]
4435010IOP next lambo coin: Another friendly reminder that IOP will be the coin to boom soon. > I was ri…[View]
4434576Afternoon capitalists. Have grand to invest in something other than USD. Bitcoin, silver or ammuniti…[View]
4434996The prophecy has spoken, the Ark is ready to ascend to the divine realm. Climb aboard now and may yo…[View]
4434984NEO almost back at $43, soon to hit $45. We are moving again![View]
4434745Give me some tips on picking a cheap exchange that doesn't ask for my ID, if possible can'…[View]
4434541The REAL Chinese Coin: Why are you not buying Walton? They have an actual working product They have …[View]
4432311*moons quietly*[View]
4434670Nobody will buy my Req bags: I have been selling my REQ for 3 days now and noone has touched it. GET…[View]
4434823>tfw just found out NEO is basically Chinese Ethereum FUUUUUUCK, WHY DIDN'T I INVEST IN IT E…[View]
4434341this just came out, neo took a dump[View]
4434610Someone explain this shitcoin to me[View]
4434219Hold guys. Fundamentals have not changed. This was just some profit taking, and then noobs have pani…[View]
4434530How do I determine if a company is a good buy? What am i looking for specifically in the financials?[View]
4434002BUY LINK. This shit's bout to blow up. Drop that stanky ass NEO already. The news is gonna be s…[View]
4434755Sold SALT right before the pump[View]
4434443Redpill me on fees for trading. I'm new and what are fees and how they fuck my 30 USD on liteco…[View]
4434062bitconnect: Is bitconnect.co a legit site? Do you have any experience guys?[View]
4433974Am I gonna make it or nah?: 10k LINK 300 ARK 2 GIOTA 20k REQ 5k COSS Am I gonna make it or did I mak…[View]
4433411BBT BitBoost - Decentralized eBay - Hidden Gem: https://www.bitboost.net/ Solid team, CEO is a Harva…[View]
4433831You guys want to guess which coin this is?[View]
4434295Now is the time: Ever see those thin sticks at the bottom of the green dildo? Where people who were …[View]
4433625>595m tethers and counting[View]
4434640Best ICO's right now?: I think ZAP.store looks good, any others?[View]
4434087Hidden gem only at ED: https://etherdelta.com/#TIO-ETH Only 400.000 tokens in circulation, easily 3-…[View]
4434648https://discord.gg/73pTKJ9 free exchange listing and trading alerts Come join and have fun party pe…[View]
4432809we warned you but you would not listen. low marketcap + solid team + pumping with NEO + actually use…[View]
4434654I just went on crypto redit, the immense amount of shilling on so many different coins makes me go J…[View]
4434628NXC: this is 100 percent a scam coin. don't buy it. you've been warned![View]
4433883Something is seriously off: I just saw a whale eat ALL THE SELL ORDERS on bittrex. Like there was no…[View]
4432608LISK: Next stop: 200k sats[View]
4434494The 4CHN BOOSTER pack was designed to promote better Chancoin growth. Lend your hand together with t…[View]
4434569So there was Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash... Are there any other hard forks now or coming? Thank you[View]
4434069If you become a multi-millionaire ($100m) in crypto and can hire any celebrity you want as a hooker,…[View]
4433549Winter is coming---Load up on SALT[View]
4433507Who else feeling comfy they bought NEO under a dollar before the rebrand? Antshares appreciation thr…[View]
4434537>price it in[View]
4434493LTCrap: What is the fuss about LTC all of sudden? stop shilling and start helping the family.[View]
4434367how do u guys browse /biz/ which option is best to keep up with the freshest shit?[View]
4434310do you diversify: How can you be so confident that crypto will stick around? Why aren’t you in norm…[View]
4431757Dont buy ChainLink[View]
4434464>Hi, I'm Brooke. I am a marketing analyst for Apple. NEO is banned in the app store > AAA…[View]
4432259HST: Where my HST bros at? Are you ready for $1? Post your price prediction and the ETA![View]
4433543All memes aside, would this be a good entry point for LINK? It seems like it's reached its floo…[View]
4431687Front-running the miners: Guys, ETH is going PoS some time in 2018. For those who don't know, …[View]
4434356This is the NEO news. It is a partnership with Da Hongfei's company Onchain. No government par…[View]
4434223ANNOUNCEMENTS NEXT WEEK: Prior to Turkey Day, we will have some more major announcements, updates, v…[View]
4434175When You Meme The Dev Team: >>4413422 I am literally laughing out loud due to the fact that, s…[View]
4432007who else getting REQT[View]
4434072Mods shut down this thread. Thoughts? Actually makes me bullish on the coin, since he sounds so desp…[View]
4434339you're going to buy the dip, right anon ?[View]
4434198What do /biz/tards think of staking? I'm kinda confused wouldn't this kind of interest lea…[View]
4432993https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XalSBqIRlw im back and i might of lost 70BTC last week, but my othe…[View]
4433879HOT OFF THE PRESS. NEW NEO MOON INCOMING.: Pic related.[View]
4433212COMFY AF: Me hodling > 50% NEO > 15% chainlink > 25% BTC > 20% ETH…[View]
4433340Rate my holdings, its only half, got the other half on binance. Got them at low price.[View]
4434152LINK @2300, NEO @.00545: so, some faggot sold his link to buy neo at ATH. now link just shoved a mas…[View]
4434055ALL ABOARDD[View]
4434181Is that a new ATH I smell? Clench your assholes everyone, we're going for a ride![View]
4433325OMISEGO: I told you faggots, We are coming back, and we're gonna fuck your girlfriend.[View]
4431885GRS. It's time.[View]
4432812give me the rundown on bitconnect.: friend texted a ref link to bitconnect. share your experience/kn…[View]
4432345Which is the higher-risk, higher-reward investment? Bitcoin or Etherium? Go.[View]
4432528Is this a good time to start investing in the stock market?: It seems like PE ratios are really high…[View]
4434127Did I get rekt by a pajeet on4chan? FEENX? https://etherdelta.com/#0x017188526374f723ec66509ea0c44dd…[View]
4433672>he doesn't realize alts are about to dip again[View]
4432668Walls: Rise and shine Mr. Sergey, rise and shine.[View]
4433653Daily reminder that cryptocurrency is just a flavor of the month meme and is only good for short-ter…[View]
4434091EMA is changing its slope and the SMA hasn't caught up yet. Recent spike in volume and a great …[View]
4433619>$32 million >2 person team. Literally, just 2 people. Youre joking right.…[View]
4432605>crypto is actually becoming mainstream >didn't accumulate enough >25x-1000x are now o…[View]
4433751when is iota gonna moon /biz/?[View]
4433487Friendly reminder that whatever No.4444444 demands, 4chan HAS to do.[View]
4433967alright niggers i'm ready to play the new listing etherdelta lottery game. name some coins that…[View]
4433903mfw I looking into decred on reddit and see the developer is supporting ASIC mining and not asic res…[View]
4434031Are we about to moon?: Seriously look at the price...[View]
4433178Buying coin with CASH (literal paper money - no account involved): I work under the table selling...…[View]
4433492You may like it or not but these are the new faces of America.[View]
4432121ARE YOU READY FOR ROUND TWO?: Next stop is $100, new floor is $45 get in now or post pink wojacks to…[View]
4432266How do restaurants ever go bankrupt? The restaurant I work at nets 350k a year... if they were compe…[View]
4433931Wtf is going on: This is some 5D chess being played on the intrawebs[View]
4433871Withdraw a little BTC from GDAX try to send to Bittrex but its gone? Where is it? What do?[View]
4433916BTC is climbing back to 8k.: Do you have your sell orders ready and more importantly, why have you b…[View]
4433851I choose arrogance for this question. Also, this guys a moron.: https://audioboom.com/posts/5905753-…[View]
44332732020-2021: Need 2-3 alt coins for long term. I don't have time to day trade like you all. Let…[View]
4431974BCH going back up soon, don't say you weren't informed[View]
4433087New recommendation LUL: >anon wants the new recommendation[View]
4432509Who here /addicted to adderall/ here? Ive taken so much the past few weeks Im kind of scared im abou…[View]
4432132Signatum: >Devs are coming back from vacation, r-right g-guys?[View]
4433010BTC allfork index: is there a site that tracks the worth of legacy pre forkwar bitcoin, meaning incl…[View]
4431977So who thinks Astro will finally rise once bitcoin starts correcting and money flows into alts? Also…[View]
4433784There is way too much green. You should know what this means. Pic related, stay safe in the storm th…[View]
4433142Dual purpose investments, history, object-stories: During the Manhattan project, an enormous amount …[View]
4432915Zap: Holy moly this ICO looks awesome[View]
4433268Is it over?: I've been bagholding this since August. Is it time to realize the losses, or keep …[View]
4432476FUCK MY LIFEEEEEEE: Kucoin just added many NEO pairs. 'KuCoin adds more NEO pairs to NEO markets, th…[View]
4433331Crypto oracle new video Top 5 long term holds: https://youtu.be/HbfosuUYdtg[View]
4433364Just spoke with Alibaba helpdesk, confirmed NEO accepted[View]
4432032I'm at a cryptocurrency class right now: What should I ask?[View]
4433065I'm in the top 1% of this board.[View]
4433576NEO is breaking above 6...........now humans. You've been warned.: 32 BTC buy wall about to pus…[View]
4433725>That face when you wire up a shotgun to your head and set it to fire when your stop-loss hits do…[View]
4433226Next flip: Which alt with good volume is going to make some 10-20% profits in the next day? Thinking…[View]
4433094XST Going to Boom!: Get on before it's too late... you been warned![View]
4433667Clear explanation why xrp is a bad investment: Give me your best info on why XRP is a bad investment…[View]
4433082BCH formed a triple bottom after a bullrun up to 1373, why haven't you bought BCH yet /biz/? O-…[View]
4433650RE: quick profit turnover opportunity thru TIO: At those laughing at my previous post.You guys need …[View]
4433641>shitcoin >low volume >historic low >two huge buys +20 BTC today Is this my golden ticke…[View]
4429209Market Cap: $4,918,121 >Conference with Binance and WTC next Saturday >New exchange before th…[View]
4432402Is bitcoin going to 10k by the end of this month?[View]
4433141GAS or NEO?: Hey billybinguses, which one and why? I'm in GAS because of the bullshit PBC call …[View]
4431026NEO CONFIRMED FIBONACCI LINE: NEO is growing like nothing else seen in this crypto world. Get in now…[View]
4433586Coin: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripio-credit-network/ • The ONLY source of RCN Tokens at …[View]
4433546Still waiting for that moon mission[View]
4433187Get Ready: Thank me later BTT - BitBoost[View]
4433530>woke up to gains from all-inning XMR at $125 Feels rich, biz[View]
4431616What coins have the biggest ROI potential over 2 years besides BTC, ETH, NEO, LINK, Iota and ChainTr…[View]
4433367This is the 'NEO NEWS'. No goverment stuff.: >SELL NOW.[View]
4432958who here /one in a million/? for BTC you need 21. but for NEO you just need a paltry 100. Don't…[View]
4433488LETS GO BOIIIII[View]
4433485Tether tries to conceal its connection with Bitfinex: Reeve Collins (https://twitter.com/ReeveC) cla…[View]
4432048Friendly reminder that Omisego Marketcap is double of Neos. That means Omisego will always be tied t…[View]
4432177heart 2 heart: Real heart 2 heart going on in FunFair telegram with Alex. I think he finally broke t…[View]
4431657Alright guys, rare sergey thread let's go.[View]
4433182DLT: thoughts?[View]
4433376Just found this math paper by searching on my uni library. Wtf does this mean?[View]
4429373So /biz/, what obnoxious vehicle are you going to buy after you make it? Pic related. Fully electric…[View]
4430435Startup capital: Is $100 a good amount to start trading with? I'm poor.[View]
4432946>eats own dick[View]
4431182PBL: Thoughts?[View]
4433152COSS exchange: When is this thing gonna do something?!?![View]
4433281Get ready[View]
4432874The absolute state of /biz/: Never change /biz/[View]
4432835If you do what everyone else is doing You get what everyone else is getting[View]
4432167>fibonacci pattern confirmed[View]
4433007> he isnt buying Paragon...[View]
4433253Day trading on GDAX, viable way to make it (or at least make enough money to not have to have a real…[View]
4433075JUST PASSED 0.13 BTC FOR THE FIRST TIME! Thanks /biz/ for the POWR shill[View]
4432900Someone please explain what I am watching NEO[View]
4433015Groups that have gotten you gains?: What are some great telegram groups where you've seen the m…[View]
4432898What did you faggots say about Rory now? He mentioned someone insulting him[View]
4429532holding 430 XMR not gonna sell before 500$ , am gonna make it biz bros ?[View]
4432847So which currencies are safest from the bankers and governments? I don't want these rats to tou…[View]
4433003comfy desu[View]
4432982All right guys, I'm not a pro trader but I managed to gain 50% on my BTC holdings trading alts …[View]
4432670Discord down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdKI1wj-JpI[View]
4432364Did I really get caught in another pajeet and dump?[View]
4432972help me out: Help me out anon, just visit this link, and i get 5 bucks http://IncomeDoze.com/?refer=…[View]
4432945U mad, cashfags?[View]
4430773Own a thousand XRP and gonna pick up 1k in LINK. Am I gonna make it? Also thinking about getting int…[View]
4432468HODL you stupid cucks! What are you doing?!!! My money! my fucking money! AHHHAHAHAHAHHHH[View]
4430983what is your best coin for long term holds /biz/? for me its ETH[View]
4432169Kucoin just added many NEO pairs. 'KuCoin adds more NEO pairs to NEO markets, the following pairs ar…[View]
4432428Product launching on 20th - new exchanges coming - GET IN NOW faggots[View]
4432538Wise tip from Old man NEO.........: When I bought NEO in 2017(Currently 2089), I noticed there was a…[View]
4432866WTC Teamleader wants to dump: So it came out in a screenshot that CRYPTO FU which is the teamleader …[View]
4432038Why is shitcoining so hard, I'm tired of this bs. Why can't I strike a 3x 5x moon mission …[View]
4432415Take a look at Aeron on Binance: Low market cap - 5M near ico price/ atl REAL WORLD USE CASE great d…[View]
4432425ETH: >silently mooning next stop is $600 https://twitter.com/CarpeNoctom/status/93195771151593472…[View]
4432767I am taking a course on crypto: So far so good. Any info you guise want me to get?[View]
4432758Seeing other people's positions: Is it possible to see other people's margin trading posit…[View]
4432645XVC MOONING OMG[View]
4431370DELUDED LINK BAGHOLDER: just hold my link bags while i kms[View]
4432242>77% of coins in top 50 wallets >35% in one wallet Defend this, i dare you…[View]
4432703PBC report leaked: > it's POWR > it's SLR > it's NEO > it's BTC >…[View]
4432711Things that scare cashies[View]
4431961strat breakout?: Guys i think a breakout is happening on strat just now.[View]
4432717Obsidian: Hey kid, Wanna buy some Obsidian? I got some real cheap specials for ya[View]
4432658>He still holds DGB[View]
4431141Just did research on LINK for first time: > $32,000,000 RAISED (at the time) > 2 PEOPLE TOTAL …[View]
4431971Building a permanent portfolio. Best way to go?: Anyone else in here aiming for a permanent portfoli…[View]
4430018https://finance.yahoo.com/news/meet-people-getting-rich-bitcoin-181650451.html Aren't you envio…[View]
4432375Ark is leaving are you in?: Mobile wallets and business entity, are you in? This is going mental in …[View]
4432502>he imagines himself as a millionaire in the future because of crypto[View]
4432505Bogdacoin. ICO next month.[View]
4432520It's a trap: I've seen this pattern before. BTC has not properly broken through 8k yet, an…[View]
4432170Phishers can get around 2FA with just your password on poloniex..: What's the fucking point???…[View]
4429785BUY QTUM[View]
4432441Best of Pajeets on Bitcointalk: >'It still has a lot of insects' Hello, sirs/ Post the best attem…[View]
4432451Really ?: Anyone realize that Qtum is the real asian coin ? 1 : Bithumb (Korean) 2 : Coinone (Korea…[View]
4429340>make a few decent trades >make a few sort of bad trades >barely go in the positive as a re…[View]
4432498Which alt is the best to daytrade with?[View]
4431693has any one hear about this. Blockcat (cat) https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/blockcat https://bl…[View]
4431764Confirmed not SLR Confirmed not PWR What IS the PBC pick?[View]
4432359If china is going to ban mining shouldn't i invest in a rig?[View]
4430906Are you fucking stupid? Buy Powr NOW. It's a fucking miracle that I stumbled upon this coin whi…[View]
4431348What is the best site for Crypto news? Or do you just follow all your favorite Cryptos on their twit…[View]
4432370DigiByte: >Delusional >Grieving >BagHolder…[View]
4432349Do you feel it bros, it's alt time again. Finally, our time to shine[View]
4430308LISK NOW !!!!!!!!: Img related get in here fags or stay poor forever[View]
4432268EtherDelta is kill: 404 errors on every attempt at loading[View]
4431660Next potential huge gainer: Check out SUB or stay poor, a really interesting project, got listed on …[View]
4430480NEO @ 59: buy the dip this is the last best chance you're going to get before Monday[View]
4431867BTC is up BCC is up Alts are up I-is it over? Is new money finally coming in? Because it looks like …[View]
4431880any daily etherdelta shit coins worth dropping a few pennies into? something worthy of 2x-5x in a we…[View]
4432066CHAD MODUM IO: No but serious, deeply, truly, anon, do you hate money?[View]
4431323Wakey wakey: In a couple of hours the chinks are gonna wake up. I've been visiting them in thei…[View]
4430953what went wrong?[View]
4431847ATH of .07. Am I ever going to make it?[View]
4432210Pumping soon.[View]
4432014Explain the Lightning Network in your own words.[View]
4427675Are you ready, /biz/? Are you prepared?[View]
4432158Monero looking bullish af on bittrex Get in her bois[View]
4431911HST: Will this shit ever recover?[View]
4431655NEO unofficial/unconfirmed news : - Bittrex will announce that they will add GAS and give holders GA…[View]
4430447BUY ETH[View]
4432018Wake up, Neo...: EVERYONE, GET IN HERE![View]
4431707Bitfinex will start buying ETH with Tether: Bitfinex knows they cannot pump Bitcoin all the time. At…[View]
4432098ETH be fucken prepared if the beast breaks 345$[View]
4428468>mfw people here use 2x, 3x, 10x, 11x, etc because they don't know how to express it in perc…[View]
4430502Neo or Wtc[View]
4431813Aeron about to go 4x: Guys check out aeron on binance and hitbtc. Currently the lowest mcap coin on …[View]
4431189Cryptojacker ep01 COMEDY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2QuP38MGtM&feature=em-uploademail…[View]
4431787is this the safest ticket to lamboland? also: fuck chainlink[View]
4431730HOLD?: What does /biz/ think of this coin? Seems like a good ROI and similar to Iconomi and other po…[View]
4431989/Biz how would you change my portfolio. I haven’t made any gains since August.[View]
4431906COSS: >accumulation almost done, ready for take-off[View]
4431990EXP is pumping[View]
4431951where my icon (icx) niggers at: 30x EASY.[View]
4431623Any advice for someone who’s just getting into crypto currency/trading? >Currently have 0.07 BTC…[View]
4430331Power Ledger - POWR: I put more money than i want to mention into this. Am I going to make it it /bi…[View]
4430060Wallet Thread: Share pics of your ledgers![View]
4431105>moons in stratis[View]
4431550wtf bitcoin stop that shit, why are you still above $7500?![View]
4431831>tfw you evade tax so hard that you become a country[View]
4428551did anyone get JUSTed as hard as request marines this year? even stinky linkies are 50% above ICO, r…[View]
4430364ok, finally biz magic working for neo, now: ok, biz guys. I listned you and brought some at 38$, loo…[View]
4431325MT. GOX ICO: PRE-SALE WHEN!? https://news.bitcoin.com/mark-karpeles-wants-resurrect-mt-gox-ico/…[View]
4430554friendly reminder: Reminder: 60M tether printed yesterday. Boy it sure is lucky how every bearish si…[View]
4431820THE BEST CHATROOM IN THE GAME: Daily reminder that the cryptocurrency chatroom on trading view is th…[View]
4431659If you don't own LINK or, at BARE MINIMUM, plan to buy LINK soon, you are a retard. You just do…[View]
4430645Is insurance a scam?: If you think about it, insurance is really just gambling. But we all know that…[View]
4431770Anyone else here shill their coins by posting bad FUD littered with spelling errors and insults?[View]
4429276Golem: Why the fuck isn't this doing anything?[View]
4430423BIGGEST GAINER OF 2018.: Read their whitepaper, and read a bit around on the forums and check it out…[View]
4431482will btc dip to 3k again? i have 25k ready[View]
4431561JAMIE DIMON BTFO: JPMorgan Busted For Money Laundering, After CEO Condemns Bitcoin >https://www.c…[View]
4431533DOVU: Are you gonna miss your chance again, anon? .[View]
4431389Anon, don't tell me you're seriously missing this one...[View]
4430288Non-crypto, career question.: Anyone here a Credit Analyst or know about the position? I want to kno…[View]
4431342oooooooooOOOooooooOOOoooo *rattles chainlink*[View]
4431487What does a NEO nocoiner say? > Meeeh Im fine with old 1960s Chevy, dont need a new Tesla Roadst…[View]
4431391>4/5 coins I bought started to drop right as I bought them I see what you guys are doing. You cos…[View]
4426026NEO depth chart on Bittrex looking bullish AF: Get in before it hits $50, boys.[View]
4430948NEO is going back up. buy the dip and dont listen to weak-handed wagecuck plebs!!![View]
4431365[XST] about to pump: Here is my gift, now plzzz slap me with money senpai[View]
4431155>50% of current jobs will be obsolete by 2032. What did they mean by this?…[View]
4431330mother won't accept rent payment in ETH: dumb bitch, I DON'T HAVE ANY FIAT FOR YOU NOW MOM…[View]
4431301Are you ready to hold on to those bcash bags yet, cashies?[View]
4431102Want to thank you biznessmen. Youre shilling has made me 5gs and youre all great. I could have made …[View]
4430586Why isn't he saying anything?[View]
4430825Neo: >Romours also: >Bithumb will add NEO on Tuesday or Thursday >- China will allow ONLY…[View]
4431071The case for why NEO will challenge ETH, while smoking the rest of competition: Consider this folks.…[View]
4430530>increase blocksize from 1mb to 8mb because blocks are full >average blocksize: 0.1mb…[View]
4429822DIGICUCKS WHERE YOU AT: holy shit you can't make this up[View]
4431267lets go: sold neo gain, all in xmr + ltc[View]
4430939Bitcoin markets worldwide stalled since 24 hours: IS IT DEAD?[View]
4431184The real reasons why alts went up with Bitcoin from March to June 2017 and after that everything wen…[View]
4429977Why has this fallen so much? Was it a Pnd or is it a legit project?[View]
4431092hahahahahhhHhJjjjJajajajajajajaj *breathes* hahahahahahahahahahajajajajajjajajajajaja[View]
4431165Captain hindsight: Post everything that mooned this week. https://coinmarketcap.com/gainers-losers/…[View]
4423726I just spent 300 dollars and creampied a prostitute. ask me anything pic related this is how i feel …[View]
4431053You heard it here first /biz/. Flippity flip flip[View]
4429405Who here on the 1+ BTC club?[View]
4431113Is the king about to moon again? Time to close shitcoin positions?[View]
4430693If you want to transfer a large sum of BTC, is it better to divide it up into smaller parts in case …[View]
4430764BUY MORE ARK FFS[View]
4431010I WANT IT NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw4jkyfY4HE[View]
4431068Don't mind me, just dropping some financial redpills[View]
4428150NEO: I just went all in NEO with my measly wagecuck earnings. You guys can all dump on me now I gues…[View]
4429776FACTOM: is it time?[View]
4430419If i were to print out tons of sticker sheets with crypto related shit, and sold them, could i be su…[View]
4430330Link realistic price by Q1 2019: In a year and some odd months from now, what do you realistically s…[View]
4430294Newfag here: Invested £100 in Bitcoin over the weekend. Been playing with the idea for a while and t…[View]
4430622my btc transaction has been stucked since 09 Nov 2017. What to do?[View]
4428707Ark added to ANOTHER exchange: Ark now abailable at South Korean exchange Upbit, tradIng with Korean…[View]
4430605Help for reactionary retards thread?: Been on /Biz/ for the past two years, made some money, now bro…[View]
4430967How can I into bankroll management? Anyone have particularly effective reading on the subject? I bou…[View]
4430917SHIFT undervalued?: Okay, whats the deal with this coin? >coming down from a big pump/dump >se…[View]
4430898What's up /biz/? Am I a meme yet?[View]
4430937who /GAS/ here? remember, if NEO will take off, GAS will eventually too![View]
4430724The Reason MOD is mooning: MODUM is a blockchain agnostic application for relaying data from tempera…[View]
4427492i must be the only fucker on this board that is losing money right now. everyone has been experienci…[View]
4429680Let me explain to you what is happening since you're all fat and retarded 1)Neo is mooning as a…[View]
4429895>the bitcoin network is being attacked with small, spam transactions paying low fees of $10 each…[View]
4430703Which deludedlinkie was this[View]
4430739am apparently stupid.... how do i move ico tokens from mew to ed?!?! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME[View]
4430271Monaco/MCO: Monaco looks really bullish today. expect 20-40% gains if you buy now and sell by end of…[View]
4430595>solves the I don’t have very much money problem[View]
4428398Why do people keep falling for this scam?[View]
4430473All the hype and FUD of Link reminds me of Ethereum in 2016. You people dont know how high this can …[View]
4430699IRL coins: Are they good long term investment (I mean years) or just a meme? Also gold or silver one…[View]
4428786Isnt LINK supposed to be pumping harder in December than SIBOS?: I don't get it. We all know SI…[View]
4429232Is anyone here actually using technical analyses on cryptocurrency or is it just bad joke?[View]
4430098Why is economic growth considered a good thing? Why is it considered a good thing that trees are bei…[View]
4429882new website online, check out what they try to achieve, i think this smart contract templates could …[View]
4429978Waves: What does /biz/ think about Waves? Will it become a multi-billion dollar project? Will it bec…[View]
4428987Let me tell you one thing about LINK: Don't let the FUD get to you fellow linkies. When all FUD…[View]
4429599Chainlink: I don't usually shit post this coin but has it finally hit the floor? Can I buy this…[View]
4430001Genesis Vision: 4 Mill coins in circulation 7 mill marketcap listed on Binance, Kucoin,and Etherdel…[View]
4430592>wake up >check blockfolio >brace for impact >not getting JUSTed for the first time in…[View]
4430588MOOOOOON NEO GO FLY AWAY: https://twitter.com/kucoincom/status/931922594080595968[View]
4429094Poor ass student with 500 bucks, invested 150 in Powr and 300 in Neo kinda bevore the big bumps star…[View]
4430038Ontology and NEO update: Looks like this rocket is just taking off boys.[View]
4429535Are they any legit P&D signal groups on Telegram out there or are they all scams?[View]
4430503https://themerkle.com/swiss-jpmorgan-subsidiary-charged-with-money-laundering/ Kek. JP Morgan BTFO…[View]
4430466time to shine: almost too late, hurry hup[View]
4428756NEO ABOUT TO SURPASS BCH IN VOLUME: stay poor[View]
4430287shill me a coin pajeets: i want make money[View]
4430052All in NEO now. If you like's my advice please consider donating to me with your gains or anyth…[View]
4430357Just a warning...whales are accumulating.[View]
4430360get on decred RIGHT FUCKING NOW we going to 0.005 in 20 minutes[View]
4430245I am a fucking failure. Not larping.: >Bought NEO when it was still ANS at $7 >Never heard abo…[View]
4428380List of active PBC calls: Handy list of currencies spotted in reports[View]
4429784am i actually retarded? MEW confuses the fuck out of me, i literally cannot get my head around it.[View]
4430324Thinking of getting a Ledger Nano S I see that EtherDelta has some kind of compatability with it. Wi…[View]
4429963I AM ALL IN.: DYOR and you will know why. This are going to be my easiest gains desu.[View]
4429220what's the easiest coin to day trade?[View]
4430258I've been warning you guys the last couple of days to get in NEO. Why aren't you taking ou…[View]
4429875what coins are YOU in?[View]
4428984I live in Ontario Canada. Is there other Canadians on /biz/, can we have a meetup sometime and discu…[View]
4429968neOoO: today neo pump ! tomorrow start ico of neo dark ! good opportunity or shit token ??[View]
4429265ETP next moon?: Will it moon next? Buy???[View]
4429228when the fuck did dash reach $450? and why? fucking christ never expected random shit like to to tan…[View]
4430185How can I earn sheckels of 4chan and autismo bots in general? Is starting a YouTube/Twitter/Patreon …[View]
4430186So now that we’re all feeling good and blessed with a thousand green arrows...when and why do we exp…[View]
4430178you know what this means right, get in faggots[View]
4430049here is some real info: china and usa are in a currency war. dollar vs yuan nothing new so far right…[View]
4430093Well after waiting a week and a half my deposit finally posted. What do I do now? I missed bitcoin a…[View]
4429880Why aren't you dropping this piece of shit for bch?[View]
4430130reminder: do not be greedy[View]
4430080>crypto fundamentals[View]
4429801Lets get to it : I suggest you invest some money in the altcoins that are available on the Exodus De…[View]
4429789OTN OTN: Brother wants to buy 1.4k of this shitcoin, good or bad buy?[View]
4429329AERON Chinese blockchain conference with Binance, Walton, others: On the 25th. AERON will be announc…[View]
4426559Fiverr: the land of pajeets[View]
4428033How can modum not be valued higher? The CEO was an engineer at Go Pro, one guy worked for 7 years as…[View]
4429976>He didn't get in sub 1k >He didn't get in when it reached 1k >He still didn…[View]
4429899December price predictions for Chainlink?[View]
4429856THIS is your next ticket to the moon[View]
4429944Did anyone go to law school? Was it worth it?[View]
4427897Dubs unlock the concentrated autism within this cube[View]
4428538>bcash only goes up on the weekends from korean pumps >bcash has already inflated 150k more co…[View]
4426773Time to admit it. You want BTC to fail because you are jealous. It isn't 'Mah satoshis vis…[View]
4429134Bitcoin going to 12.5K by EOY: Our Satoshi who art in the keyspace, hallowed be thy name. Thy softwa…[View]
4429559WHERE ARE MY FELLOW ANTS AT?: If you got in while NEO was ANS you can test your luck here. Any blue …[View]
4429445>Upload a selfie[View]
4428272Help me decide biz should I put some profits into Walton, Metaverse or Vechain ? WTC price is lookin…[View]
4429821REQ and LINK bag holders its not too late to make some money[View]
4429141I'm going to be nice: The Movement DAO will be big. There are many legendary bitcointalk users …[View]
4429277you need 300k to start a business, which has three businesses as a byproduct. you start with $0. How…[View]
4427292I just sold all my LINK,REQ and BCH for NEO AMA: Who else sold their precious coins at this ridiculo…[View]
4429480100 Days: Average daily price change since genesis is +.5124% Anyone with a BTC will be a millionai…[View]
4429157Modum $8 pump confirmed: I just spoke to one of the guys in the so called 'coordinated pump' group f…[View]
4427545Give me the truth: Ok faggots, been lurking on this board for a few weeks, made a bit of cash last w…[View]
4429772Muhahahaha good good NEO you have served me well, you did not dissapoint me for being such as high m…[View]
4429749Remember me?[View]
4429408Speculating NEO upcoming news...is a Bithumb listing 1 of the 3 news items?[View]
4429435Free 10 IGNT for the first 4000 ETH addresses whitelisted, with an additional 10 IGNT bonus for ever…[View]
4429670It’s getting harder and harder to hold this chink coin. Wait til January they say. Don’t worry they …[View]
4429620Need some help to start, dear NEETs: Newfag here. I don't want to buy with fiat so... Anyone he…[View]
4429712ZRX 0x: WTF happened?!?[View]
4429639>Got 8neo at $30 > have 8700 LINK just sitting underwater. >Should I pull my link out from …[View]
4429704BitcoinWhite solving data inflation on mainchains: Why are you not putting everything into Bitcoin W…[View]
4429447breakout imminent just hit front page of bittrex for the 2nd time about to hit a squeeze point on an…[View]
4429699>Prototype Did anyone save the Adex video that the team removed? I'm compiling a list of all…[View]
4429403>NEO stops going up. >GAS goes up. >GAS stops going up. >NEO goes up. This two man moon …[View]
4429647>tfw poorfag >tfw even if things moon wont be anywhere near making it >have to hope I moon …[View]
4429301These are the multiple NEO news: FIRST NEWS: NEO Dapp Tournament to be Announced during the Conferen…[View]
4429613Is there a word yet for beyond JUSTed? Because that’s what I am right now[View]
4427390ETP on the move!: China is allowing ICOs again! NEO already moved, ETP is next![View]
4427885People always ask me how I got rich: I tell them i do the exact opposite of everybody else, and buy …[View]
4428899NEO When to dump the bags ?: Will it hold, Will it go up? or its going down? When is the time to dum…[View]
4422254What does ARK actually do? it's my smallest position and i only bought it because it's a m…[View]
4421589What the LINK?: So after seeing constant posts here and hearing both sides, I've decided to go …[View]
4429473Moon chasers: Ok, so how many of you are really just retarded moon chasers and switch from pump with…[View]
4429082We Want you: Modum starting to grow some legs, get in hierrrr!!! >MODUM is a supply-chain solutio…[View]
4429548I have thought long and clearly about this and came to a conclusion. I went triple down, all in on R…[View]
4426098Do we need Satoshi to come back now more than ever? Wouldn't his guidance and wisdom clarify t…[View]
4429514/biz: DNT ready to.........[View]
4428801JUST FUCK MY DIGI UP: OH MY GOD How is it even humanly POSSIBLE for someone to be this business ill…[View]
4429518Calling Bitcoin (Cash) BCash is a core psyop. Don't fall for it. LONG LIVE BITCOIN CASH! LONG L…[View]
4429324Will NEO hit BCH prices? Discuss.[View]
4427929I've created Pump detector w/ Push notifications to iOS & Android: Hi lads, I've worke…[View]
4427996Knawledge thread: Just realized that I've poured more than $25,000 of my hard-earned money into…[View]
4428814NEO: COME AT ME EDITION: Why are you missing out on this? 0.01 tonight, 0.1 monday.[View]
4429402warning: >bought wtc thinking it has to go up and NEO can't moon anymore >immediately goe…[View]
4427919Horizon State (HST): This 6mil Market Cap gem is about to go on three exchanges in a week (Kucoin, C…[View]
4428785Interviewed at investment bank: >had interviews yesterday at graduate assessment centre for inves…[View]
4426823what wallet do you keep your linkies in? I don't like MEW[View]
4428963Psst: Hey kid, wanna get some gainz? Invest now in BCH, I promise it will go to $1500. After that yo…[View]
4429022Pssst, Hey kid. Want to buy some ODN? You can message your friends in private and buy weed. Make u f…[View]
4429124What the fuck is going on with padlock head? Why is it dumping? I thought there were no whales?[View]
4425105Anyone else thinking about RLC? Looks like an easy 3x...[View]
4429123Ethereum Blasting Off: MOON TIME BOIS[View]
4429142Can somebody confort me? I bought bcpt before the binance competition at 0.36 and then it got dumped…[View]
4428889Neo Gold Hacked: https://neo-gold.com/ Website hacked https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=23459…[View]
4428571Ark: Ark is it. The One. The coin that will elevate my life to the lofty heights I always known I am…[View]
4428366Buy or cry later: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/lomostar-shaking-china-crypto-market/amp/…[View]
4427372For all your morons who bought Bitcoin at $8000: It's being artificially pumped by USD Tether. …[View]
4429107who here friendless, jobless, and dependent on crypto for a good life?[View]
4428648NEO HIT $45 !!!!!!![View]
4428841In Australia, as a stimulus measure, it is possible to get an instant write-off for an asset purchas…[View]
4427540I used POLONIEX, BITTREX, liquoi Etc..: BUT NOTHING... can beat binance. Holy chit that advanced mod…[View]
4429096>Yesterday >Neo its going to dump back down >Just sell your NEO and buy back when it dumps …[View]
4428892Can anyone please explain to me why LTC hasn't been making any substantial gains[View]
4428846GRS mooning! any updates ?[View]
4428652Those: Those little fuckers are making me rich. Stay poor fags[View]
4426759Request Network: What's the next shitcoin we are shilling hard so newfags are losing their mone…[View]
4429131>Stock portfolio made 13% returns this year >Lost 15% on cryptos and now bagholding only to lo…[View]
4428840Invested 900 euros a month ago and I'm 70 euros up right now. I made it /biz/ good feels thread[View]
4429115M I C R O B Y T E: Why haven't you invested anon? 3-6x profits ASSURED!! SEE THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS…[View]
4429081JUSTED BAGHOLDER GENERAL: pls buy my vtc bags, they are very heavy[View]
4428008im thinking of buying 6000 more ARK: Should I do it? I think it's gonna explode real soon.. I a…[View]
4429036NEOC: So just found out about this new coin called NEOC that is being developed right now and was wo…[View]
4428481BTC miners where are they going?: WTF is going on... BTC lost 1/3 of the mining capability in the la…[View]
4428882Now's the time to buy LTC: https://cointelegraph.com/news/first-btc-ltc-lightning-network-swap-…[View]
4429063>I am using technical analysis on cryptocurrency charts[View]
4429053Pic Related: News in few days will be just related to this? A partnership maybe? The extent could be…[View]
4428573Daily reminder that bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0.[View]
4428349Good Exchanges: Where do i trade fucking alts at? Ausfags What are generally good sites to look at c…[View]
4429027HST buyer: Who was it I know your out there fat fingers[View]
4428541is there a virgin vs chad meme for ETH and NEO?[View]
4428793BUY NEO OR DIE POOR: thank you mr. china for those comfy gains[View]
4428901Should I always withdraw my BTC or ETH from exchange onto paper wallet? I have about 1k€ invested, b…[View]
4428976https://discord.gg/73pTKJ9 free exchange listing and trading alerts Come join and have fun party pe…[View]
4428475How long will Ether be stuck at $330?[View]
4428973Is it me or most Crypto developers have punch able faces?[View]
4428813what did satoshi mean by this?: perhaps, block size was always supposed to increase? that the coin i…[View]
4428548High risk investment, take a look. 6.2m supply $40k market cap Available on yobit https://yobit.net/…[View]
4428504Look familiar?[View]
4424410Power Ledger - POWR: Possible mooning get in now[View]
4428869IOP next 50x coin: Another friendly reminder that IOP will be the coin to boom soon. > I was righ…[View]
4428465https://web.archive.org/web/20140104141936/https://coinmarketcap.com/ Look at this list of coins fro…[View]
4428826When will it be our turn?[View]
4428741>still on track for me to buy in at 5 cents who /comfy/ here?[View]
4427745OFFICIAL ANNOUNCMENT: BIZ is crying all over LINK and REQ so hard for several days already completel…[View]
4428838Etc Is Mana? And why did I buy so much of it? Lack of sleep or super move of the century?[View]
4428810What's going on with BTS?: > Bittrex delists > Poloniex having 'wallet issues' > Polon…[View]
4427295Omisego - about 1 week from Nov 30th talk in Japan: There were folks who sold their sub $10 ethers i…[View]
4428823Vertcoin is our future?: What do you think about Vertkunin something he died down completely?[View]
4428803yay I'm 70% up on NEO[View]
4428342The easiest money you'll make all year.: Too busy living a real life? Miss all the pumps buying…[View]
4428153Where do I put my money?: I am about to hit the end of the month and I don't know what to do. I…[View]
4428655when you're a hardcore btc faggot[View]
4428768>he missed out on an easy 20x -promising project -supply burn tomorrow (burning 791 mil out of 81…[View]
4428391Get in anon, extremely undervalued and stable: Undervalued, MOD>WTC, lower supply, x3 easy. WTC p…[View]
4428742What is this shit?[View]
4426438EXIT BTC ASAP, EXIT BTC ASAP, EXIT BTC ASAP,: you should exit BTC asap, here is why: >tether scam…[View]
4428133BCH: 1) Bitstamp to offer BCH trading in 2 weeks 2) Coinbase/GDAX to offer BCH trading 1st of Januar…[View]
4428131GRS: GRS starting its second moon mission >Change 1h 6.15% >Last moon mission 1.25$ Get in bef…[View]
4428403>traumatized from getting dumped on constantly >Buy NEO during the dip while BTC moons >Sel…[View]
4428458RLC: A good time to accumulate or will it goes down further?[View]
4428431In case you missed this insightful piece on why QTUM is superior: https://storeofvalue.github.io/pos…[View]
4427090xmr: 200$ till eoy?[View]
4428247Be honest. How chinked am i?: >Missed ANS >Missed rebrand >Missed first dip >Missed …[View]
4428343Realistically speaking, when can we see ChainLink move, if the developers actually deliver and give …[View]
4428176You’re missing it once again: Two days ago a cool dude called it, LMC up to 1200 on the Saturday pum…[View]
4428509THIS IS SERIOUS: something big is going down[View]
4427286Shift right now: Go go go to the mooooon[View]
4428436ITT we speculate what 'the news' will be, the price in the lead up to the news, and the price after …[View]
4428111after working as an intern at a national bank for almost a year now, i learned 1 important thing tha…[View]
4428354OK you niggerfaggots, I am building a trading script and I need market data, crypto market data, exc…[View]
4427056Graduating and starting my own business: Do any /biz/fags have any advice on starting a company or t…[View]
4428161Are you fucking stupid? Buy Powr NOW. It's a fucking miracle that I stumbled upon this coin whi…[View]
4428356NEO: Why didn't you buy NEO yet anon?[View]
4428444Cheating Money!: Hello Friend! I am Friend of Prodcuer of Chainchink! I stealed 100k of his Coins fo…[View]
4427599What if..: The whole point of altcoins is to lose bitcoin??[View]
4427284WE ARE FORKING CHANSTINK: Yo homies buy CHAINDRANK comin soon to etherdelta, I only promise that I…[View]
4427818Up 15% 20% 55% on various coins like NEO UBQ POWR SUB etc... Should I just sell?[View]
4428250/XMR_help: hey biz bros i need your help, i withdrew a small amount of xmr to my new paper wallet to…[View]
4427434>Bought 1k Linkcontract >Bought 3k Chainpink >bought 500 Chainstink >bought 5k Chinkcont…[View]
4427926Which coin would you recommend to buy for trading altcooins? LTC, ETH?[View]
4428234Luxcoin: @LUX_Coin is a new perspective coin, guys. More profitable than ZEC and BTG at the moment, …[View]
4426412Blockstream is controlled by ex-JP Morgan, Federal Reserve, Mastercard Banksters: http://dcg.co/who-…[View]
4424201Why haven't you bought me yet, anon-kun?[View]
4428319Gambling: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253265544747 free money investment[View]
4428240neo's circulating supply just increased to 65,000,000 from 50,000,000[View]
4427577Hello I'm new, I want to deposit 500€, but Coinbase has insane fee, Bitstamp even worse, I don…[View]
4428122Are LINKies the new GTAT shareholders?: > http://forum.thecontrarianinvestor.com/index.php?thread…[View]
4428051Can someone donate me any coin please im desperate and im in debt. If you want to donate tell me wha…[View]
4425109I posted a couple days ago about a ERC20 token I made called New Year Token, well, I decided to make…[View]
4427733>this token has an infinitely increasing value[View]
4426838Who here getting JUSTed right now?[View]
4428093How are you sure you'll get to the moon? We have all invested in a different coin with an equal…[View]
4428202Can't believe Bitcoin is done it happened so fast.: Can't believe Bitcoin is done it happe…[View]
4427805Sharing my top 5 CRYPTO tips to become rich: Ok so brothers I tought I would contribute to biz what …[View]
4427669Bitcoin over $7500 still wtf is habbening[View]
4428183so who isnt getting JUST'd right now? the last time i wasnt getting JUSTed was late september :…[View]
4428167Blockmason, predictions: What are your predictions for blockmason? Thier app and news will be publis…[View]
4427366WENT BALLS DEEP INTO NEO: See you at the moon, biz.[View]
4428069L I N K I E S: How do i create my own LINK fork?[View]
4426499>bank teller flirts with you[View]
4428145Hi I'm satoshi nakamoto. It's time I come clean once and for all. I lost access to my wall…[View]
4427699> Link stopped dropping and is rebouncing soon > Everybody in crypto at the moment keeps think…[View]
4427694Whitelabel Ethereum DebitCard: Once people realize that TokenCard is a Whitelabel Cryptodebitcard fo…[View]
4421499NEXT TWO HOURS BCH IS ALL PROFIT!: I've made so much money the last 5 hours in BCH. Still 2 hou…[View]
4426967I hope you bought into BCH for the weekend[View]
4428061pajeets hysteria numbs the mind.: why do people get so defensive about alt coins. your all pajeets, …[View]
4427757LSK is coming: You faggots holding bags of LSK, your time is about to come. Get fucking ready. Next …[View]
4427440Portfolio Software: What is good software to track your various investmensts that can handle: stocks…[View]
4427515Last night I lost 40 pounds that somehow fell out of my pocket while I was going home. Now I feel li…[View]
4422527WE ARE FORKING CHAINLINK ! ! !: We are gonna be forking the popular /biz/ coin LINK, on December 1st…[View]
4427765hey guys, i have around 1600 Euros saved. Where should I invest em if currently Im not in a desperat…[View]
4427982DGB 2.0: Every other thread about Chainlink. Large dump incoming. Screencap this.[View]
4426041Shill me shit coss: Shill me this shit crypto[View]
4427968What happened here? time to buy?[View]
4427872> Buying BTC at ath Look at the history of BTC. Before it goes higher it will certainly with 1000…[View]
4427378What is the best way to lose money?: I need to lose money biz tell me[View]
4427053KOREAN MARKET LISTING STRAT AND ARK https://twitter.com/UPbitExchange/status/931773023002251265[View]
4427461Give me ONE reason why you aren't all-in Bitcoin right now.[View]
4426942Biz why is ripple such a fail coin? Can't even hold 30 cents with news of amex. Its actually pa…[View]
4427066Every satoshi you lose brings me pleasure.[View]
4427796why aren't you buying right now ? small marketcap + small supply this is easy 100x[View]
4427349ڌيان 4chan !!!!: اسان مشهور / بزنس / ڪيڪ لنڪ جي تقاضا ڪرڻ جو ارادو ڪيو، اهو نشان ڊسمبر 1 تي جاري ڪئي…[View]
4426051Do you know which coin doesn't have the centralization problems that are causing all the politi…[View]
4427795>have a buy order at 10% of the value or sell order of 1000% in the hopes someone will make a mis…[View]
4427143/It's over/ guys, we have to get a 9-5 job now: You can still make it if you buy LINK[View]
4425245NEO: neo... breaking $40 soon[View]
4427385BTC vs BCH: Is BTC going to moon again, or BCH is finally winning and i should dump our bags and get…[View]
4427418Say my name[View]
4427415Just used Etherdelta for the first time: I’m a noob, no bully plz. I’ve only ever bought BTC and ETH…[View]
4423485trips and i give private key[View]
4426571Why us NEO mooning?[View]
4425508GIOTA CLUB MEMERS ONLY: This is a thread for GIOTA Club members to discuss topics such as... The sup…[View]
4427465You fellow marines do realize that next month is the make or break month for LINK. SWIFT is going to…[View]
4427557What LINK fork will be victorious? >>4427284 >>4427297 >>4427459 >>4427398 …[View]
4427588Introducing chain link chain link >chain link[View]
4427547A trend seems to be forming. Isn't the lower oscillation of the BCH DARI line slowly crossing t…[View]
4425901Anyone else see a pattern? Exit bch now.[View]
4427503Counter-scamming the Pajeets: I've found a way to get our revenge on the poos, /biz/. >go t…[View]
4427399#1 on coin market cap tomorrow[View]
4427379sold all my NEO and omiseGO yesterday because of irl financial problems and now it moons[View]
4427538Can this be handled swiftly so we can move on prosperously?: When folks complained about scam ICOs t…[View]
4426137buy NEO next leg up incoming, still 2-3 days left of buying rumors. definitely not priced in yet. wi…[View]
4426200Hi /biz/, I know you're all pros and always have something to say about anything that can be ma…[View]
4427474I need to be named.: Open - source insurance company: We are looking for the optimum ratio of identi…[View]
4427459CHAINMINK: We are solving the mink problem, by disrupting the cruel mink-fur-farming industry with C…[View]
4426910is there an ebay or amazon for cryto only?: As the title says, im looking for an ebay or amazon that…[View]
4427361>Tell me to sell NEO >lol no >Go sleep comfy >Wake up >See NEO at 550k sats >Victo…[View]
4427398We also want some free money thats why we at team LINKSH have decided to fork the upcoming fork of C…[View]
4426414>REQ is in affiliation with ING, an actual monetary firm >lel who cares >OMG is in affiliat…[View]
4427241WE ARE FORKING CHAINPINK!!!!: In light of recent events and taking in consideration the lack of comp…[View]
4427344We are forking chainlink[View]
4425040Chancoin General: there are two americans in chancoin: scammer gossamer socks and desperate, angry, …[View]
4427190WE ARE FORKING LINKCONTRACT!!!!!: After not receiving my LINKC from the airdrop we at team LINKP hav…[View]
4427335btc about to crash[View]
4427264Lisk hodlers get in here![View]
4423730Req is just a white paper ico. They dont have the team or devs to do small token burns on transactio…[View]
4427215Entering the next jump up: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BCHUSD/GYjyAraW-BCH-up-to-1450/…[View]
4426794What make a coin a good coin? >adoption >support >partnerships >actual product XLM has a…[View]
4426039if i have .1btc, why is it worth $830 not $775 or whatever[View]
4427022anyone else day trading this puppy?[View]
4426674Raiden (RDN) is going to 300 millions before December: Mainnet release the 28th November, shitload o…[View]
44265628 milions invest confirm by australien gouvernement: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/australian-sola…[View]
4427306>https://genesis.vision/ >https://twitter.com/genesis_vision I like the project i like the tea…[View]
4427183Send Bitcoin Gold: Remember that fork noone gave a shit about? Send your BTG to me so you're no…[View]
4427218STRAT & ARK MOON: Get hyped for the moon mission, STRAT & ARK listed on KRW markets[View]
4427159you should be buying GAS: NEO is indivisible. GAS is the currency of the NEO platform. NEO yields GA…[View]
4425256How do restaurants ever go bankrupt? The restaurant I work at nets 350k a year... if they were compe…[View]
4425664Am I going to make it? Will this get me to fordfiestaland?[View]
4426788Currently holding ETH, NEO and OMG. I want to get some ARK and LINK, as well as 1 more coin. Give me…[View]
4425572Metaverse?: What's the deal with this coin? Can someone give me a run down and if it's a g…[View]
4427052Why can't people send money to an online poker site that allows them to cash out in bitcoin and…[View]
4426843DGB support group! Any Digibyte holders around?[View]
4426915NEO is a SCAM you fooking dumbassess: You idiots say NEo is the ETH of ASIA and bla bla ... dumb cun…[View]
4427059How long before the whales unload there BTC?: How long before the whales unload there BTC?[View]
4426292Christmas anon here, need to get this page full help stickers[View]
4427156LGD to open Clubs in Miami & New York: LGD going to see crazy demand soon! Check their latest n…[View]
4426781i sure hope you fuckers accumulated during the dip yesterday. QTUM is going parabolic soon. This is …[View]
4426817WaBI Q&A tomorrow: https://www.reddit.com/r/altcoin/comments/7ds3kg/qa_with_wabi_founders_sunday…[View]
4426465quick ROI opportunity with TIO: Here's a great opportunity with TIO TOUR GUIDES. They just go…[View]
4426321Made a ton of money in crypto blah blah blah not larping. I'm tired of hookers. I've spent…[View]
4426996'Perfect community managers don't exi---'[View]
4426916We are forking Rory[View]
4427000BCPT is the way forward bitchez[View]
4423044What's better, a set salary or an hourly wage?[View]
4426953Is Neo going to be the first $200 billion coin?: Is Neo going to be the first $200 billion coin?…[View]
4426434PAYPIE is better than POPULOUS: 1/15th the market cap... Hello crowd, Just a quick update for you.…[View]
4426007NEO is about to burst to 0.01: been on 0.005 since last night. Get your Pajeet dicks ready.[View]
4426183COSS: >accumulate[View]
4426159Besides Tether and knc, what other coins are bitcoin-rape resistant?[View]
4424341Get ready for liftoff[View]
4425838I would buy now, because once it hits 10k it’s going to go up up and away.[View]
4426862BCH listed on Nasdaq: Just noticed now. That explains a lot. proof: http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/bch…[View]
4425194NEO: NEO $100 end of the month?[View]
4426789Chain Link: Discuss[View]
4426558Any minute now[View]
4426810>Didn't send btc to scam anon on /biz/ >bought in btc on secure website instead >tfw a…[View]
4425211The Real Chancoin General: Some scammer is trying to make you miss out on free chancoins and just po…[View]
4424082Accumulate now!: Huge RCN buy orders popping up on binance. This one over 440k. Crazy cheap at the m…[View]
4426277last time i will leave hint here for this coin, if you aren't in you deserve to stay poor.[View]
4426432Ark is going to make a MASSIVE bull run this week. Be ready.[View]
4426718im short on the money, so i can't really invest to any coins. what are some good ways of earnin…[View]
4426597Put a fork in it: Put a fork in it tuesday is the wake whos coming?[View]
4426102The best coin to hodl.[View]
4426497Where can I torrent this?[View]
4425370I was able to predict and react accordingly to this latest Neo pump because of my cutting edge state…[View]
4425045What do you guys think about 0x and wtc[View]
4426701So let me get this right. I still own about 5000 tokens from ICO. That is 1/3000th of the total supp…[View]
4426700New product - new parthership: http://www.getneos.com/ is on the map now and we going to show the ne…[View]
4426649Neighbor lady dosent clean her week: I live in apartment with 6 other apartments. Every 6 weeks we h…[View]
4426686NEO picking up where it left off before the China bans let's fkn do this[View]
4426298TokenCard Release Q4 2017: Card and App get released in Dezember.[View]
4426366PUMP: ....[View]
4425902I have .5 ethereum on etherdelta.. whats a quick flipper for the next few days?[View]
4425801this shit is on freefall for weeks now, what is going on? are the shills working overtime to demote …[View]
4425789Tell me if my plan is valid. > open a business in Bulgaria > operate 100% online > generate…[View]
4426418Give me one reason why you haven't joined this PnD group yet. https://discord.gg/qnaUWB > bu…[View]
4426553So is 7.5k the new dip to set buys for BTC? I got scared shortly before the crash to 5.5k happened..…[View]
4425442Made a thread earlier but fell asleep- I've made about 800k in crypto since May. I keep 500k in…[View]
4425463How much did you start with and how much do you have now?[View]
4426324i have 2btc is it even worth gathering bitcoin anymore?[View]
4425411Heh... It's a tough world out there, kid. But I'll let you in on a little secret of mine.[View]
4426479>silver coin has a higher value than its weight in silver Are you trying to trick me again /biz/ …[View]
4426454is it too late to buy OMG? should i wait for the dip?[View]
4424252I lost 2/3 of my Money in LAToken how do I recover Stellar/Chainlink?[View]
4425222>mine ETH in 2016 >have tons of free ETH >give 10 ETH to a Brazilian girl cause I have it …[View]
4426290moshi moshi: get satoshi on the line[View]
4424107SUB. The next >100m coin: https://mobile.twitter.com/SubstratumNet/status/931689953511329792 Subs…[View]
4426373Hey Biz, successful daytrader here. Buy high sell low? Join my channel if you want real signals, no …[View]
4425445BCH on a run: It's doing it again...[View]
4426344honest thoughts on biz books? are they any good?[View]
4426303BUY ARK NOW[View]
4424497Today we moon Get ready nerds[View]
4425064Request Hodlers in about 6 months: The ico hasn't 'mooned' yet, so we're already…[View]
4425898Hey guys. Lost my job last week :/ and i have rent and bills due the 1st december, is there anyone o…[View]
4426243Will I make it biz?: I will make it right? I can quit my slavewage job soon right?[View]
4426231BTC looking bearish and bolinger bands are tightening! It's mooning soon.[View]
4424197Is it enough guys? Should I buy more GAS?[View]
4422726Is it going to do something?[View]
4426246Portfolio Software: What is good software to track your various investmensts that can handle: stocks…[View]
4426017Can one of you kind pnd groups please pump Coss to 20cents so I can get rid of my bags[View]
4426220Live news: NEO, Onchain and Ontology!: https://www.reddit.com/r/NEO/comments/7drcp6/live_tweet_cover…[View]
4424973/tax avoidance general/: ok /biz/ I have £500,000 in Bitcoin, I have held since the beginning and ob…[View]
4425938Neo is about to explode guys, BCH has settled, this is the last opportunity before it explodes.[View]
4425650THE NEXT MOON! BETTER THAN NEO: QTUM is so much beter than NEo not sure why it's not getting th…[View]
4426175Who here /bullish/ Alt + bitcoin bullrun at the same time about to take place[View]
4426076I can’t afford to buy any bitcoins, so is this my next best option?[View]
4424306China allow ICO: guys, most reliable news , first in biz. chinkis going to allow ICO's from nex…[View]
4423842That's it, right. BASELINE REACHED?: It can't POSSIBLY go any lower right? Like mathematic…[View]
4425944Where can I buy children from with Monero? Its not that Im a pedo, its just Ill never have a child o…[View]
4423056What are your predictions for the weekend and monday?[View]
4425846Need advice: I hold 60% in ETH and BTC combined. 20% NEO, 10% ark 10% ETP Im planning to move some o…[View]
4425336>there exists people here on this board right now who own 0 (ZERO) BTC[View]
4426002Is it possible for the total crypto market cap to reach into the trillions of dollars? How much will…[View]
4425858Chain Link: According to /biz/ this coin is apparently a sleeping giant. I had a look at their white…[View]
4425852When the fuck are coins going to break this dreaded sideways action?[View]
4425284WE MOONING: get the fuck in here! Take off commencing[View]
4425007Hello goyim. I'm here to tell you that there is no resisting us. We will destroy your culture,…[View]
4425976Not specifically about investing but relevant for those who do banking, trading, etc. on their devic…[View]
4425957What's /biz/'s current take on Electroneum?[View]
4425917Any of you jews have deeponion??? Holy shit we gonna be rich, just found it and farkkkkk[View]
4424080ITT: Best Sergeys: Linkbois, gimme your best Sergey.[View]
4424837did you not buy decentralized facebook.: low supply 6 mill, current mcap around 600k, currently unde…[View]
4425170What would somebody be dumping $200k+ on this shitcoin?[View]
4424488Just announced !!!! Walton x Alibaba partnership!!! Holy fucking moon !!!!!!!!!![View]
4425882blockcat: >beta next month, around ICO price now, low market cap MEOW…[View]
4425527Tell me, what do I need in order to run a ChainLink node? What are the requirements?[View]
4425746WaBi AMA Sunday 19th of November, 9 p.m. GMT+9 Beijing Time. The ICO is in a week and a half[View]
4425610NEO adjustment anytime soon?[View]
4425366Is this shit gonna pump more?: If not, when? What's the latest on 'the plan'?[View]
4425690When to buy: I’m in BTC for $1k right now, I’m sitting on another $10k. I’m sticking to the main coi…[View]
4424535Nuls: Don't miss out on this crazy train, /biz/. Nuls is about to be listed on KuCoin in 45 min…[View]
4424938who here getting JUST'd right now[View]
4422964We need to stop calling Indian people pajeets. There are words that are way more hilarious, like Raj…[View]
4423656Who is sick of all the LINK FUD? We're doing fine gents, we'll be rich in a few weeks. Jus…[View]
4423663All chinks and pajeets are banned from /biz/ effective immediately. All Juden must report to the inn…[View]
4425376Is it possible to get scholarships?: I've submitted 9 essays in the hope of getting a scholarsh…[View]
4425698Can a whale please dump the price down to 47k sats for a moment? I want to buy more cheap.[View]
4425551Free money I guess: http://FixMonthlyincome.Com/?refer=180840[View]
4425686Shitbay: private moderator keys? how is this being shilled as truly decentralized when its just oper…[View]
4422251J U S T: I feel ill[View]
4425497where is this shit coin going?[View]
4423892Why have you not bought coffeecoin yet anon? Token sale ends the 24th. coffeecoin.io[View]
4425573I just want to make it bros, what is the best way? Thinking about going balls deep into ethereum, sh…[View]
4424950>mfw it looks like im not going to make it[View]
4424288Bittrex is down?[View]
4425625This looks like it's starting to get some legs, might rise considerably over the next few days.[View]
4423564Pros and cons anons??[View]
4425464is this ever going to 10 usd?: verge i mean[View]
4421420>tfw finally gonna sell my 1000 BTC in 30 minutes I know it's not a lot in the grand scheme …[View]
4424302Is it worth dropping another 1K in ETH? Looks like it can only go up from here... Unless koreans mov…[View]
4423096$$$ Chainlink $$$: >node operators get paid in tokens >node operators get more money if their …[View]
4425593Does this BCH address belong to Roger?: https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin%20cash/address/19hZx234vNt…[View]
4417034Stacking thread: Bought another 4 oz today, now at 33. A third of the way to my goal. Anyone else he…[View]
4425375Penny stocks. End of week edition: OTCBB/PINKS ONLY. What are you buying? What are you selling?…[View]
4424911holy fuck /r/bitcoin is a cancerous shithole[View]
4424904Just brought 50 AU worth of bitcoin. What now?[View]
4423555ITT: we post shitcoins which are going to 0[View]
4424693Is it possible to long being a forever alone loser who can't hold a girls hand and has no frien…[View]
4425280I have 0.00469136 BTC When do I 'make it'?[View]
4423364LMC: Sadly it looks like this think didn't take off today. Anyone hodling lomocoin?[View]
4423592Why haven't you put your life savings in BTC yet you poor fags, I did it and look at where I am…[View]
4424728ITS HAPPENING[View]
4424673Anyone else trading the BCH/BTC roller coaster right now?[View]
4425383So a couple of weeks ago some guy was doing an 'eARK' airdrop and he delivered. Wtf is eArk?[View]
4424866>Just realized we would have $25/coin @ Ripple's marketcap >CL's value proposition d…[View]
4422818Now that everyone is making money again, let's get down to brass tacks: HAVE YOU DONE YOUR KEGE…[View]
4425330IT'S TIME.[View]
4424861>Trust me, I'm a software engineer.[View]
4424939Worth buying now?[View]
4425237Buy the weekend Flip[View]
4424021Newfag here: What was /biz/ like before the crypto mania?[View]
4424565Give me one reason you haven't invested in Walmart[View]
4425185Invest vs Job: Looking for a third source of income (short and long term profits) that O can do part…[View]
4424816need advice: how high will this go? asking for a friend[View]
4423223If NEO gets no news about Big bad corrupt government accepting NEO then you can see where the price …[View]
4422181>BCH 'flips' with BTC >People who bought BTC in August and later are screwed and los…[View]
4424325((they)) are going to do it: How will they take and redistribute our coins? When will they activate …[View]
4425086What do you all think? lydian.io[View]
4425004Now that normies are officially aware and hopping onto cryptocurrency what is the next move?[View]
4424501>connect the dots[View]
4424347You really think bitcoin is worth 7k anon? A coin that is only used by a small population of Pedophi…[View]
4424655LINK marines, be seated!: Now I want you to remember, that no investor EVER, got rich by dumping LIN…[View]
4424161BlockMason Credit Protocol: dont be the one who missed out on an actual working product[View]
4424171What's happening on the 22nd?: I feel like BTC will either break a giant double bottom or not m…[View]
4424935If you don't hate money jump on the Rise Moon Mission[View]
4424694pajeet here, i have robbed 100 banks and now have 1000$ to invest in cryptopoo, should i go all in p…[View]
4424380I have 3K from getting paid quick BTC or BCH[View]
4424896Don't bet against the King.: Buy Bitcoin Cash NOW[View]
4424706which side will win the war?: red and green ids give +1 to respective sides, let the games begin tal…[View]
4424883PPP PAYPIE.. BIG THINGS: Just a quick update for you. PayPie has started conversations with major cr…[View]
4423753*trades next to you*[View]
4423679Recruiting TEAM to go to The MOON!: I found an undervalued coin with great upside. This project is s…[View]
4424181are we done for today?[View]
4424691I dont understand. Is Bitcoin Cash going to go up more or what? Not getting any younger[View]
4424826We are the DigiMarines. We are one and many.[View]
4423155what was this[View]
4424788Goatse token giveaway: The Goatse boys are back and giving away free tokens: https://goatse.cx/ From…[View]
4422603- Horizon State offers a secure digital ballot box that technology provides a hack-free voting exper…[View]
4424226What trade should I learn?[View]
4423616Its time to stop: I posted this thread two days ago and you went full autists. I'M FUCKING PROU…[View]
4424742Goodbye /biz/. You were all like friends I never had.[View]
4424591Does this board do anything other than talk about crypto? I thought this was a business board.[View]
4423647You guys ever get the feeling that when you buy, a voice goes 'Anon bought. Dump it now boys…[View]
4422655how do i long me never having any friends/gf and staying home every weekend?[View]
4422414Next stop, 8k[View]
4424246What's the best site to buy digital currencies (big and small)? Newbie here. UK.[View]
4423460Tell me one good reason I shouldn't dump 10k on this fucking coin![View]
4424628Investing.com is a fan of OMG it seems: pic related >strong buy[View]
4423177see the thing is, if its not gonna be btc, theres no point in it being bch. we get to pick anything.…[View]
4424597a bitcoin merchant: so I made this video, hope y'all like it. https://youtu.be/MVh5keK_Lh0…[View]
4424262So here is a completely hypothetical question for you anons. Let's suppose that all you are po…[View]
4424057COREFAGS BLOWN THE FUCK OUT. Satoshi himself envisioned nodes being only run by server farms and for…[View]
4422783Any aussies here? I'm trying to buy BTC asap to buy BCH with localbitcoins are either 11k+ AUD …[View]
4422881got 70k usd to invest: recommendations?[View]
4424530Trig is about to be pumped to 10k. My whale friends insist.[View]
4424225You're good with money, biz. What is this year's christmas presents for mum and dad?[View]
4424443SEA OF: GREEN[View]
4424457feeling triggered?[View]
4423217Predict when news will come out I'm thinking Feb 2018[View]
4424209Get in now.[View]
4423904No PPPs on suicide watch[View]
4423672Gimli vs unikrn: Hey guys, anyone know anything about Gimli in respect to unikrn? Gimli is backed by…[View]
4424070Hi Lo Ping Pong. Chinkey wakey up right now. Ching Chong.[View]
4424210Buy ETH now or humanity will be destroyed. Submit your children to me. GRAALALGRALALALALA[View]
4424102What did they mean by this[View]
4424058AntiHype a coin and explain why you're skeptical of it.: Let's hear your arguments[View]
4424282any of you faggot use this shit??? I don't wanna pay .09 for a gunbot[View]
4423991hmmmm: 146 btc buy wall? I hope you pussies are in[View]
4423238[Intro] Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity To buy every lambo you’ve ever wanted In one m…[View]
4424175I am 4 years clean from heroin and a successful bizness owner. I base all of my decisions on past ac…[View]
4423718Round 2 Get Ready![View]
4424115Alright, anyone still holding BNT, are they trying to crash the price to 0?[View]
4424032Post yfw you buy/sell enough of a coin to significantly alter the market[View]
4421048So many biztards with LINK bags: Sell now and move on. This shit coin will stay shit forever.[View]
4424050>stop loss: NONE[View]
4421896How do you buy drugs with crypto? Can I do this in the US? And how is untraceable of the ledger reco…[View]
4422257Neo is about to burst: Buy in around 47 or 48 maybe even 46, it is going to moon with the upcoming a…[View]
4423635Normies learning 'bout Tether: I'll be right tho... yeah? https://cointelegraph.com/news/r…[View]
4422645Just went all in on neo: Expect some heavy crash, it always happens to me Just wanted to let you kno…[View]
4421877Blockfolio rate thread: Post em[View]
4423373BCC will pump bigly in 40 minutes when chinese back from lunch. Screencap this[View]
4423411Let's go TOGETHER to the MOON !!!!: Ooops, the previous thread was archived so I could not post…[View]
4421312I want a personal apology from every one of you shitheads who shilled this garbage on here.[View]
4419338Millennials with Rich Parents: >Buy homes with large down payment of which most of it is gifted b…[View]
4422644Do I have to spoon feed you?: This is one of those tokens among a sea of shitcoins being shilled on …[View]
4423919You haven't forgotten about the 97% token burn happening tomorrow, have you /biz/?[View]
4423900>hide pajeet paid shills >do not post on pajeet threads 18 fucking posts about this piece of s…[View]
4422616OUCH: HUGE DUMP[View]
4421075/pfg/ - Personal Finance General: Ask questions about your personal financial situation. Please prov…[View]
4423885Investing in baby digital currencies: On https://cryptomate.co.uk/ (or any other website, please sug…[View]
4422450Where do I put my BTC before the upcoming dump?[View]
4423803ETH: You guys seeing this shit?[View]
4423682Rock bottom doesnt feel that bad after all: Anyone else absolutely JUSTed this month? I'm down …[View]
4423292Bitbay claims yet another portion of victims...[View]
4423116Wallert: Where can I stash OMG and IOC? I wanna get my coins off bittrex bc Im gay and Im scared of …[View]
4423480Hey kid, Yeah, you over there... Ever heard of margin? Using it once can't hurt can it? bitmex.…[View]
4421907What is going on I don't know anymore.: Update from earlier. I don't really know what is t…[View]
4423212REQ and LINK: No fudding in this thread, just looking for information. People are saying that REQ an…[View]
4423523Wallets and Exchanges: Recently I've been hearing a lot about coinbase going into people's…[View]
4423761Anyone have experience with 1broker? I'm tired of hodling crypto[View]
4423746Can NEO overcome this big wall? Stay tuned![View]
4423705We are the fastest growing pump group, Super Bittrex Pump. https://discord.gg/E8jwyaA The owner of…[View]
4422956>It solves the Python problem.[View]
4423391Anyone remember these guys? KEK[View]
4423010It solves the faggot problem.[View]
4422896I did it again, didnt I? I bought the fucking all time high again[View]
4423288Any candle stick experts chime in? Is this the best indicators of a bullish cycle beginning? (day c…[View]
4422970BUY BITCOIN CASH. BUY UP TO $1,400. NO STOP LOSS.: And remember, let the game come to you![View]
4422764How much have you gained from crypto? How much have you lost? Worst loss? Have any of you actually b…[View]
4423190whales accumulating grs btw[View]
4423186BlockMason major updates coming: Prior to Turkey Day, we will have some more major announcements, up…[View]
4422570>the flippening[View]
4423540SOLARCOIN WON: http://www.electricchain.org/ekwateur-shakes-the-old-world-of-energy-suppliers/ c’mon…[View]
4423355Reminder that CND will blast off if its devs ever find the most perfect exchange to ever exist.[View]
4421327Fuck all you fags ITS FLIPPENING TIME: I literally went all in on this shit. I’m all in BCH and I’ve…[View]
4422866Alright friends, I might have accidentally went full autism and alluded to the fact that I could mak…[View]
4421132Can we trust these two?: 32 million dollars. thousands of bagholders. money belly is alright, he tri…[View]
4423375TRIG MOON MISSION: Buy while u still can[View]
4415043You have been warned: Buy now.[View]
4420052Why is it whites have to be autistic to be as smart as the average Asian? It is true. Think of the w…[View]
4423437OCL: if you like waves, you must buy oceanlab[View]
4423427what does this order book tell you?: not too sure where this coin is going[View]
4416613top 5 coins for 2018: have 8k to invest what are the top 5 long term hodls ( 6months - year) with mo…[View]
4422691Hello biz!: 下午好。正如你已经知道的那样,过去这一天有很多关于NEO的讨论,我在这里让你放心。第二十届NEO及其近期的发展势必会有一个大的公告。感谢大家在我们努力工作的时候有信心,确保NE…[View]
4423350Watch the volume: If BCH's volume supersedes BTC's own, it's going to be another wild…[View]
4422457Ankorus: Token backed asset exchange, except they act as a broker dealer and buy the asset on the ma…[View]
4423282Is Neo the 2018 crypto commencement coin: Each class will graduate Shrimp become guppys Guppys becom…[View]
4422240What the fuck >price 0.00040181 >arks 122519.68531911 >total amount 49.2296…[View]
4421351I've made about 800k in crypto since May. I keep 500k in my portfolio and cash out everything a…[View]
4422852>the news is a microsoft competition https://github.com/neo-project/neo.org/blob/develop/NeoWeb/V…[View]
4422983Genaro Network an ICO that has already a application developed ready for testing, you can check out …[View]
4423208Indahash: Hey Guys, PRE-Sale of Indahash got sold out fast! ICO starts november 29. Register now wit…[View]
4422828who here getting absolutely JUST'd right now ?[View]
4423144>delet this, i'm not done accumulating[View]
4422107you know what time it is? ITS TIME FOR MUH FLIPPENING! >exactly 1 week later >same spikes like…[View]
4420352Lol you thought it was over? Heading back to $2000, get in or stay poor.[View]
4420001LINK FUD: Does anybody else here enjoy FUDing chainlink even if they're invested in it heavily?…[View]
4418528Exit NEO now. It's going to go sideways until the 'big news' drop and it turns out to be nothin…[View]
4422345>that one guy who built a bot to list coins 1 sat above the next highest/lowest and buys from him…[View]
4421809Does sex fee; better than having 100 bitcoins? Because I haven't had either[View]
4422329Bean core member here, going to market sell my 2 billion beans on bittrex. I'm ditching my grou…[View]
4421845>btc tried and failed to break 8k several times now the normies are LAUGHING at us…[View]
4422558The OmiseGo Propehy will be Fulfilled: Before I continue: Forewarning, I am a shaman in real life an…[View]
44229260.185 = $1400 congrats boys! now let the game come to you![View]
4422525Real NEO talk: On Monday, if China actually does come out and say that NEO is going to be the offici…[View]
4422873operation dragon slayer: what did they mean by this?[View]
4421749i just killed myself: im a ghost now here to haunt u fagots until the end of time for shilling me gr…[View]
4422804Link: Why is Link constantly shilled on this board? Its shilled in a condescending way, where if we …[View]
4422490Can someone in the UK give me a job? There are literally no fucking jobs out there, I'm fucking…[View]
4422111>too pussy to announce the price Is tesla a safe to invest in for future gains?…[View]
4422044IOTA at its lowest: When is it going to moon?[View]
4421913Buy cheap IOTA: Let's watch it moon together[View]
4421355Power Ledger: What price does /biz/ see this coin going to?[View]
4420926I've had an earache for 4 weeks and it's killing me. Any of your rich niggers a doctor? Ho…[View]
4422263Don't mind me, just posting the facts about investing[View]
4421433White meat: Should non-Indian IPs be banned from biz? Each ID equals 100 votes.[View]
4422639How do we exploit women coin and dump on the stupid angry feminist wymin who invested in it? Do we a…[View]
4422623whats currently the shittiest altcoin? and why is it chainlink?[View]
4422557What did they mean by this?[View]
4421336Neo Autism: Here's my guess at what could possibly happen if the rumors are true and there is a…[View]
4422057daily reminder, that if don't use our site, you have no idea what's going on with your cry…[View]
4422494Get on or get BTFO: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/okcash/ Chart shows it's in the proces…[View]
4422091Opinions please: I have bags of SC, & BCN. I was idiot and bought SC when its was around 600. BC…[View]
4418679I just sold all my BCH, LINK AND Req at a low ass price for NEO: Who else sold their precious coins …[View]
4421315Is what is good for bcash bad for bitcoin?: pic related Big if true. Also would the ideal situation …[View]
4421846Bro what the FUCK do i put my btc into: Someone tell me where the fuck I should put my BTC during th…[View]
4422430Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha <breathes> Ahahahahahahaha: We gave you more than enough time to get…[View]
4422426#4CHNallday one of the only alts thats still going up.[View]
4415559#4CHNallday >The tipping extensions Chrome : https://github.com/VladimirPewtin/CHANCOIN-TippingEx…[View]
4421394The absolute state of /biz/: stop the shilling pajeets[View]
4422086What the fuck?: You told me I would be rich! Why God why?[View]
4421488Normiebase getting ERC20 Tokens support: https://custody.coinbase.com/features Prepare for the crypt…[View]
4422219Help!!!: I just transferred 1k worth of eth to binance, and it has not arrived yet. I also found out…[View]
4421026what does biz think this coin will do?: press s to spit on grave if you think it will break the dema…[View]
4422259How many years will it take for the average normie to realize that bitcoin isn't the only crypt…[View]
4421703alts: yo cn any of u tell me wen dafk is ma alta gna rise??????? fk dis sht..................[View]
4422260Where were you when nuls mooned?[View]
4421171>Hide chainlink paid shills threads >Don't reply to Indian posters…[View]
4422112Where were you when BitcoinCash saved Crypto?[View]
4422220I just bought BTC dip at $7500. Holding the best bags in the world.[View]
4421802>tfw you lost money on NEO[View]
4422200IS pedo coin in a wedge? truth?[View]
4421857Neo has connections with Microsoft https://mobile.twitter.com/ByteSizeCapital/status/931677965351395…[View]
4422185Why Why Why: ..would Teeka pick POWR and risk his reputation by coming across as a nepotist shill ju…[View]
4421821BCH bullrun to 1500: I've been getting everything right with this chart for the last 2 days htt…[View]
4422160Mt.Gox token: hey guys, miss me yet? i got this great idea. let's make it work this time.…[View]
4422119Kek: 1) Started with 2500$ -> invested in a few coins (LTC / ETH / BTC mostly) 2) Gained 1500$. …[View]
4422145I'll warn you everytime[View]
4422007Who else here gets pissed the fuck off when (((coinbase))) and other exchanges ask you to show your …[View]
4422108Who else steadygains here even through the bitcoin dip? Post 1 week charts[View]
4421740MFW: Seeing the OMG / ETH ratio go up on Bittrex[View]
4420325With possible China unban in sight, which Chinese coins would you recommend for investing?[View]
4421449DONT BE FOOLED this is being pumped so people can drop bags. i would stay out[View]
4421746BCH and NEO pumps: What are the chinks not telling us goys[View]
4421044I'm about to dump 2500 LTC on bitfinex: Set your buy orders pajeets, you have 10 mins.[View]
4422052Is the bubble popping?[View]
4421158PUMP is coming. Get in now or forever regret.[View]
4421986Damn it feels good to be a LINKster[View]
4422038PROOF that tether is manipulated: Tether is a complete scam I can't believe people still don…[View]
4422001What happened to the guy on here who had like $1.5 million in Siacoin before it tanked? Did he kill …[View]
4421972Who /biz/illionaire here?[View]
4420728Reminder that Posw is waking up: https://medium.com/@john_draper/how-posw-flash-tx-differs-from-othe…[View]
4421018Post itt if you add an extra zero to everything in blockfolio so you aren't embarrassed to chec…[View]
4421942An ICO thats going on RIGHT NOW, take a look my biztards. Cloud storage on blockchain with lowmarket…[View]
4420734> 'In order to understand the essential truth of things,' he theorizes, 'I think you can find it …[View]
4421874Spank Chain: Get ready to hop on the train its going to be listed and release any minute. Porn rules…[View]
4421653Who actually wins these and how many do you have to hold: To celebrate Blockmason listing on Binance…[View]
4421248Tfw when you posted your private key in picture form and your main address on biz in the past few da…[View]
4421863What are these rumors I hear about pedo coin? Is this thing worth buying in the dip or nah?[View]
4421850Sell wall above BCH and buy wall below BTC. Cash is at it's peak. For now at least. Don't …[View]
4420923could this piece of shit have a worse interface: what's a better place to monitor coins on a de…[View]
4421815GoldReward another 100x Opportunity: No matter what you think of bitconnect, regalcoin etc. . . Let…[View]
4420493Why BlockMason Credit Protocol is the next moon: This is one of those tokens among a sea of shitcoin…[View]
4421434>Progress doesn't stop. By the time you have read this, you are already standing with Neo, o…[View]
4420725Don't mind me just taking my bag to page 10.[View]
4421647>Cryptocurrency being made by the dude who created BitTorrent >New mining method different fro…[View]
4421316>this is very interesting[View]
4412942As someone that almost bought ChainLink, because of all the shilling and 'technology', I s…[View]
4420058Chainlink order book: Help me out here. I completely avoided chainlink out of aversion to the hype/f…[View]
4421650AI prediction EZ: The oracle has spoken[View]
4420838Guys, i'm living in pure hell in 3rd world country. I don't have fucking bed, my salary is…[View]
4421696Remember this guy? Yea that coin is worth 67,500,000 now. https://youtu.be/0tMXLDVpPs8[View]
4421648No one knows what it's like: To be the bad whale. To be the sad whale. Behind the Buys![View]
4421417ITT we pray that Lord Jihan vanquishes the disgusting corecucks once and for all and brings peace to…[View]
4421468CME Clearing Member To Regulator: Bitcoin Futures ‘Impossible’: BWAHAHAHAAH corecucks BTFO https://c…[View]
4421354GRX ICO TOKENS: Do I sell GRX on Etherdelta or wait till its on exchanges?[View]
4421436WOW: think it will go up all weekend?[View]
4418193Ark Giveaway: 2 Ark to the top two most deluded Ark memes. Will announce at 12 aest[View]
4420893Should Indian IP addresses be banned from /biz/?[View]
4421608Anyone know where to buy cryptos online using a debit card¡?. I am from outside the us and buying cr…[View]
4421360BCPT or SALT?: With the Credit Protocol, BlockMason has taken the next logical step in the decentral…[View]
4420272LinkMarines...: I'm convinced...ya'll memed me into it. I want to get into the LINK. Anyon…[View]
4421511Neo planned this pump shortly after the s2x fork just like the other pump with the bch fork. Do not …[View]
4420876Post your BCC exits[View]
4421405Man predicts Bitcoin will be at $100,000 in one year: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElEekw9Pd2…[View]
4421126Blockchain developer: Hi, are there any professional blockchain developers here? I was able to convi…[View]
4421396It's time.[View]
4420061Those of you interested in Day Trading tips: Here's a nice and friendly group, quite organisez.…[View]
4421484Gulden: Anyone in this? New release coming soon I really think it may moon but i cant find any rea…[View]
4421124Im lose all now. It oevr. myself is kill[View]
4421358Which god can I pray to that will actually help me portfolio? Running out of ideas here.[View]
4418015Anyone else on this gene-chain ship? Erc20 being released in next 24 hours.[View]
4421390>throw a hundred bucks at the all time high to make the pumpers sell trigger >buy the dip with…[View]
4421368Why the fuck are there so many LINK threads? Its literally non stop. How many of you are LINK bag ho…[View]
4418265/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: Old thread got bumped[View]
4421292Microsoft/Neo Competition: https://github.com/neo-project/neo.org/blob/develop/NeoWeb/Views/Event/Co…[View]
4421172NEO goldwebsite defaced: rekt https://neo-gold.com/[View]
4421064Cryptocurrency is only good for short-term fiat gains.[View]
4421106Yob2x - The volume on this token have been insane on yobit but I can't find info on it. WTF is …[View]
4421216NAVcoin: Huge pump incoming, get your shit in now while it's low, and don't bitch when you…[View]
44201004k wat do: I got 4k that I've been stacking for a minute, what do I invest in? This ain't …[View]
4421257>link Hi /nupoli/ >neo(ANS)/ hi senpia >bitcoin/ hi old fag…[View]
4418572>'buy at the dip' >it's just another entrance to the ride…[View]
4421200FLY ME[View]
4420746LordOfTheBean: Bitbean is rebranding, safe hold is safe last train to da moon[View]
4421161Pajeet shilled me ignite ratings and zilliqa ICOS. Are they good?[View]
4421140Luxcoin reminder!: LuxCoin has the capacity for Parallel Masternode networks, providing a public net…[View]
4420188How to get food delivered to your house cheap & avoid the delivery shackleberg?[View]
4420974Is this board literally all just a bunch of pump groups and manipulators now? It’s hard to trust an…[View]
4417248Hardware wallet shill thread: >own thousands of dollars worth of crypto >don't own a hw w…[View]
4420790This would be a great time to sell BCH because BTC will bounce any second[View]
4421125Press F for respect: RIP this shitcoin. only had 1 day in the sun F[View]
4421090Rip BTC 2X Hardfork: Hardfork is officially dead[View]
4421062What advantages does BCH have over ethereum for transactions? Especially after POS is implemented? L…[View]
4420875Reliable and huge pump group: https://discord.gg/PznmM9q Join us! ^^[View]
4418195THE Gamechanger Link: It’s quite obvious what the “NEW PROJECT” in the energy PBC pick is going to b…[View]
4420865PRIVATIX: Do you seriously hate money anon? 2.4M total raise (orchid is literally raising 200M for t…[View]
4421100ICOs: What is even the point of flipping random coins? Unless you are willing to put 10k at stage at…[View]
4421028If The Trader does not avoid the Sirens Call, he will surely end up on the rocks: I feel like I…[View]
4421010Voice chat - Think tank: Only join when you can contribute and use the actual voice chat. discord.gg…[View]
4420458does the pain ever end? this is officially the worst decision I ever made[View]
4420438Neo Raising: Chinese traders will rush in 10-15 mins for their business hour to start. Expect anothe…[View]
4421002Luxcoin get in now!: Only reason why the price is low is because the community is actively trying to…[View]
4421003PUMP is coming. All of this centralization on BTC mining is making the algorithm look bad. Strap in …[View]
4420754GRS. It's time.[View]
4420029https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4FNmp3mKp4 This could have been you, but you were too busy being a …[View]
4419997>there are people ON THIS BOARD who will actually buy this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrpbNX…[View]
4420967OKCash - CISCO & Microsoft: https://twitter.com/GoldenSmophy/status/931533297527730176…[View]
4420920They are pumping Btrash again. FUCK YOU ROGER IM NOT BUYING INTO YOUR SCAM[View]
4420815If you deliberately make your portfolio up to nice round numbers then you are autistic[View]
4420895Mt Gox 2.0: >this guy https://www.coindesk.com/gox-ico-ceo-karpeles-floats-token-sale-revive-bitc…[View]
4420921Feelin comfy[View]
4420104>it's another jihan tries to usurp the king weekend[View]
4420894I have no idea how to handle finances: Is there a general guide around here as to not be an idiot wi…[View]
4420513trump signals @ t.me/pumpandtrump just called that NEO news will be the release of the NEX NEON Dece…[View]
4420905>XRP moon when?[View]
4420903Guys if you plan to buy bch to hold this weekend just remember to wait until it hits 1400, alright? …[View]
4420832RIP SOLAR FAGS: F[View]
4418980NEO Rumors: > https://twitter.com/CryptoKirby/status/931649106963042304 Discuss…[View]
4420802Ready To Get JUSTD, CoreCucks?[View]
4420701/!\ WARNING /!\: Hey /biz/, you know those nice gains you've been making for the past few weeks…[View]
4420762>pay income tax >invest in shit >pay capital gains tax >pay interest in a non registered…[View]
4420355Coins that are rarely shilled with moon potential: I'll start: KMD LRC LRC is even partnered wi…[View]
4420779>Want to convert ANYTHING into Bitcoin >Exchanges will take exactly half of my money >Trans…[View]
4419663Invested in ARK: I invested in ARK when it was 0.00046 BTC, how fucked am I?[View]
4420778LINK is near all time low right now: The fundamentals are there. Nothings changed. The best time to …[View]
4419925>he fell for the req meme[View]
4418651ChainLink is going to be the top performing coin of 2018. eoy '17 - $0.15 eoy '18 - $25.00[View]
4420768Why does he keep trying to kill his brother?[View]
4420406Publica PBL: Thoughts?[View]
4420693I fap everyday. I told myself nofap november. But i can't.[View]
4420541>sold $25,000 folio to all in BCH right now[View]
4420494JOB = REKT!: People working for a salary are retards when you can get 45$ per day of passive income …[View]
4420315nice ark orderbook man...All those bagholders[View]
4419758What's the logic behind holding link right now? Wouldn't be better to just wait since btc …[View]
4420472Market Crypto hour live http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ghost/2017/11/18/true-capitalist-radio-hosted-b…[View]
4420174BCH: lmao where did all the gloating corecucks from yesterday go? Hope you bought the dip fagerinos,…[View]
4418708Pretty obvious where this is heading...[View]
4419987i'm ready[View]
4420650Why arent you buying Atmos, anon? Forgot those gimick coins, this is the real deal >Completely pr…[View]
4420041WTF IS THE DEAL WITH POWR?: I put in 25% of my portfolio into POWR and now it's cutting into my…[View]
4420606Why does Bittrex suck so badly? I havent been able to make any trades for two days.. Anyone else hav…[View]
4420218>tfw 100% in OMG since ico[View]
4420581EMC2: EMC2 hardfork in 21 days 9 hours 50,000,000 coin burn 299,000,000 max coins -->249,000,000 …[View]
4419547Can someone explain how chainlink will scale regarding to the amount of transactions ? It uses ether…[View]
4418509Sell your BTC.: Once people realize that it's not practical for everyday transactions, it will …[View]
4420198Whys link shitting it's pants today. Scared it's gonna drop below 15c.[View]
4420508>>4409384 i did tell u to buy BCH, didn't i Anon?[View]
4420251>tfw i fell for the 'work hard get rich scheme' >tfw all i had to do was to buy some imaginary…[View]
4420402No way that pajeet nigger scam artist teeka picks SLR over Power ledger right? I mean- >https://m…[View]
4420446>SELL NOW >QUICK PROFIT it's about to dip back down to 5k and then skyrocket up to 10k+ f…[View]
4420361PUMP GROUP: https://discord.gg/PznmM9q Let's make money boyz[View]
4419946It's time to choose. Pedo ETH or chad NEO?[View]
4419419Get ready /biz: This one is gonna moon this weekend. Monero is breaking out. Get in before the whale…[View]
4420426(NEO News is Microsoft coding cometition on NEO)[View]
4419813>https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ormeus-coin/ Why the fuck is this mooning so hard? It seems…[View]
4420201NEO: >Be me >Wanting to buy NEO for weeks >finnaly decide to do it >buy 5k worth of bitc…[View]
4419105Thoughts on the BTC sell wall?[View]
4420389Who else invested in Neo for the first time today? We are the Neo Nazis. That is, the new neo holder…[View]
4419617etp: Should i keep ETP after china unbaning ico and neo becoming china ethereum ?[View]
4418057Please tell me the rice meme is true. My wallet was on my phone that got washed with my sheets.[View]
4420064When do you consider yourself a whale?[View]
4417283Time to expose Bitfinexs Tether Scam: https://twitter.com/Bitfinexed Follow his account Retweet his …[View]
4420044>Deeper partnership discussion[View]
4420357Bitboost: Is this the real ebay blockchain killer?[View]
4418170All in on XMR ETH Mining: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't dump 20k on mining hardware t…[View]
4420077*loudly moons*[View]
4419718quietly mooning[View]
4419445Litecoin: Can this piece of shit fucking faggot coin do something? It fucking gets 10% max return th…[View]
4419892GET IN BCC NOW!!!!!!: OR DIE POOR[View]
4419482Power Ledger: I really like the idea of POWR but don't want to get JUST'd by pajeets. What…[View]
441990830m USDT just minted. These guys sure know how to take peoples money desu[View]
4420226Is it a good idea to buy an apartment/villa in Castelnuovo di Magra, Italy and/or Ourense, Spain? Th…[View]
4417247donation thread: >post proof of your poorness >wait until some anon will donate…[View]
4419821If you think NEO is stopping you're an idiot.: I don't even like NEO and I know this is se…[View]
4419156ASTRO is up next.: Seen a lot of “Getting JUST’D by ASTRO” lately. If you can’t learn to hold for mo…[View]
4418515I’m a shit trader and lost 90% of my bitcoin. I have .1 btc, what can I do to gain it all back?[View]
4419741NEO is the next ETH. If you haven't bought into NEO yet, you don't deserve to be in this s…[View]
4414734Blockfolio Bread: Lets see em, dont be shy[View]
4420124Did you think $100 by December was a joke?[View]
4419192What is even the point of making money if I will always be skinnyfat?[View]
4419219>tfw getting JUSTed by gvt, hst, astro, epy they are all decreasing in price at the same fucking …[View]
4420090How would a futures contracts for bitcoin even work? If a buy the contract for may at 10k, and then …[View]
4420062TFW youre sitting comfy in the future Eth. Sitting here laughing at all the /biz/autist faggots FUDi…[View]
4420079Get in NEO chasing candles or...?: Volume is picking up Da Hongfei is an advisor, a neo based exchan…[View]
4418853Horizon State (HST): HST will be listed on Kucoin, Cryptopia and Livecoin by the end of the month. K…[View]
4420065Thanks for the pump. Bought at 39 and sold at 52. Newbies please read why you should be very careful…[View]
4418804Got woken up today up by this email. The volatility and manipulation in crypto is just fucking stupi…[View]
4419689Who woke the sleeping giant?[View]
4420014http://www.safepaybtc.biz/ Site is legit or what? Some guy will only accept escrow via this shit[View]
4418546BITBAY IS UNSTOPPABLE: Reminder that Bitbay - will BTFO Syscoin and Particl - will BTFO Ebay - will …[View]
4419454I bought NEO at the ATH 550k... Should I sell now at a loss or will it recover?[View]
4419899REQt: enjoy your heavy bag REQ fags. sam altman already have his 100,000 ETH from his whitepaper.…[View]
4418314ETC a sleeping giant or what?[View]
4419973Who here sold his neo because pic related told everyone to do it[View]
4419638why are block times on BCH still... errrr... you know...... fluctuating even after the fork?[View]
4416446Calling All LINK and REQ holnders: guys in biz every one knows about this req and link potential. bu…[View]
4419885NEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFfftjWj76o[View]
4418718ITT: Poorfag chinkfolios[View]
4419864Interstellar HOLD: /biz/, I know you've been wojacking through this entire runup of btc. I have…[View]
4417144Holy fuck China is the worst market manipulator ever. Honey dicking on a massive scale.[View]
4419298Bitshares: Ready Set Go !: I told you a few weeks ago around 700 Sats and no one cared. Im taking my…[View]
4419826LTC and XMR: Load up, this weekend is gonna be huge. It's party time /biz[View]
4419648So what exactly was going through BCash idiots minds who bought at $2500? Did they not see the parab…[View]
4419180with the inevitable weekend bitcoin core dip and bitcoin cash pump, will the money ever flow back to…[View]
4419819Please do not buy NEO[View]
4418389What Strategy works out best if you only have 1200 dollars? And what overal strategy works the best…[View]
4419311Justice has been served. https://neo-gold.com/[View]
4419512> holding this chink coin > NEO moons while I’m working my wagecuck job > keeps dropping Ho…[View]
4419303pls send moony: hi im south african scammer i need many moony to carry my family pls send i have pay…[View]
4419642Oracle and NEO: The Matrix is starting to make sense almost 20 years later. All in on NEO and LINK.…[View]
4412131Tesla: >current products don't work >already shilling new products Is Tesla a fucking mem…[View]
4419702IF IT HITS 600 IM GOING ALL IN[View]
4415030My gf has stolen money from me and I don't know what to do about it. I had a little more than …[View]
44195256900 NEO am i going to make it?: Am I doing it right? Or am I seeing you fellas at .01+?[View]
4418834NEO-Onchain just found this gem on discord chat: https://hackernoon.com/neo-onchain-and-its-ultimate…[View]
4419615Sell your Knee Oh.: Mmmmmph heh. OMG that was a great joke. Uhehehehe[View]
4419599>Be me >Buy nuls, goes 300% with only 1k volume >Buy neo, goes 50% with a wooping 10K volum…[View]
4419056DIE PIECE OF SHIT![View]
4418852Poorfag student here i have 100€ to put in cryptos what do i buy ?[View]
4419471And so the hour is upon us. The time when I, the great NEO, will become THE ethereum of China. I hop…[View]
4419530NOVEMBER 18 - 20: PHR - Coin burn GUP - Release of Alpha 2.1 NEO - China Open Source WAVES - Dex 2.0…[View]
4419175Strategically, hidden under the radar. Now, it's time. You're not gonna miss this one righ…[View]
4417955What is Happening?: So BTC looks like its dropping, and BCH is increasing! is it another flippening?…[View]
4419183Are you ready /biz/?[View]
4419485You anons know what to do: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ebitcoin-cash/#markets https://ether…[View]
4419218London Euro Clearing: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/06/13/eu-to-tighten-grip-on…[View]
4419467NEO is unstoppable: NEOs price has been purposely kept as low as possible til China is ready. No new…[View]
4419195Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the predicted trend. It was obvious and clear that Chancoin…[View]
4416955(insider info): Their plan all the time was to kill btc and replace it with bcash This was (((their)…[View]
4419356NEO!!!: Ride this Rocket faggots!!![View]
4418872what the fuck is this bullshit[View]
4416124Is GDAX a good exchange for a UKer to use? Someone recommended a process of >UK bank->revolut…[View]
4418570Tonight you will slip into a coma, only to awaken in 2020. You have one last chance go all in on the…[View]
4419226We doubled. We doubled again. We doubled again. Moon incoming. Buy or stay POOR.[View]
4419030>NEO GOLD smart contract got compromised >Le hackers dumped on coinexchange.io How do we avoid…[View]
4418781newfags gonna newfag[View]
4419283>big news always comes out while im asleep >miss all those easy pumps NEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
4418188Now is the time to buy NEO. I'm all in. My cousin lives in Beijing and he's saying that Ch…[View]
4418790hmmmmmm: Easy Moon Rocket if even most of these are true[View]
4419268I’ll start with admitting I’m not the brightest when it comes to working with numbers. Code and deve…[View]
4418688OH GOD NEO IS GOING TO 200[View]
4418406Decred is getting a ASIC developed for it meaning when people start mining with ASIC on decred the d…[View]
4417241/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: Buy The E Corp Dip Edition Robinhood is a commission free stock tr…[View]
4419208Are nowalties even human?[View]
4416770>$50 tx fees are totally ok goys, it's not meant to be used as a currency…[View]
4419120What do you think of real estate investments /biz/? Is it worth getting into, and would owning an ap…[View]
4419126Does anyone have a link to this?[View]
4418952Astro: >mfw I realize only biz is dumping Astro See the rest of you at $10…[View]
4418516buy link: buy link[View]
4419102>Lower lower all time low you're too fucking good for this. please stop. You're hurting…[View]
4419074Just over 7M circulating supply and a market cap of ~2. Getting added to Binance soon. You do the ma…[View]
4418976Revain. Just letting 4chan know. Dyor.[View]
4419084Twentya: So why isn't /biz/ talking about twentya's new pick??[View]
4418268hot gf broke my heart and dumped me 2 months ago. the only way i can recover is to make burnouts in …[View]
4419046Mt.Gox token: hey guys, miss me yet? i got this great idea. let's make it work this time.…[View]
4418904Leak.: Do with this information as you please. Good luck.[View]
4418773Overnight portfolio .: Let's go hard and make money while sleeping dreaming comfy... Good night…[View]
4418893Drop out of college?: Should info all Zuckerberg and drop out of college and throw all my life savin…[View]
4418026Zap Store - Get it NOW: >Not hodling ZAP ICO tokens This one's tickets to lamboville…[View]
4417561Cash out for the weekend.[View]
4419029Post your phone wallpaper. I use Mine as motivation but it is autistic[View]
4418479Why is LlNK not recovering like the other alts?[View]
4418949What's the name of the following strategy? Buy litecoin then use it's profits to buy small…[View]
4418925Buy NEO at fresh highs or?: https://neonexchange.org/ White paper release in 3 days Strange coincide…[View]
4417715NEO good dip to Buy: Neo had a nice correction /BIZ, get in now.[View]
4417771Can bitcoin reach $1m?[View]
4418039>Be victim of credit card theft many, many times >identity theft once a month >wonder how t…[View]
4418320>REQ and ARK This week has been brutal[View]
4418065BTC and BCH are inverse: if any of you faggots have any patience while holding your shitcoin bags yo…[View]
4418815just put in an order on binance for 1.00 NEO at a price of .001 btc. How long should I wait before c…[View]
4418275Buy up to $1400. No stop loss[View]
4417905teach me how to convert 50 bucks into thousands of dollars.[View]
4417237Tether fud debunked: take 5 minutes out of your poor paranoid insect life and fully read this before…[View]
4416405Forex last call We are trading the forex until it closes in 6 hours Going long NZD/USD[View]
44187295 days ago I lost 30 billion market cap in the blink of an eye. And the internet just fuckin' l…[View]
4416821Might be speculation might be true: http://rmbtheory.com/china-allowing-icos-neo/[View]
4418682NEO will be china bitcoin >.<[View]
4418063bitcache: So when is he going to release it?[View]
4416305Anyone holding IOTA? MOOning soon[View]
4418551NEO's GAS is your undervalued buy! PBC Prediction up to $3oo!: This is what Teeka said about GA…[View]
4416776XMR released Kovri.: Strap in boys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxgbLI6IZGs&feature=youtu.be…[View]
4416914>a year and a half later My investment strategy is paying off handsomely. Stop daytrading and sta…[View]
4417513whats the deal wit chancoin?: why dont u pajeets in here pump this shitcoin? why are the threads ign…[View]
4418492>been sick for a week and a half >getting worse but I don't want to go to a doctor If I d…[View]
4418607How do you fucking withdraw with this shit??[View]
4417000Tether should freak us all the fuck out but maybe its fine: >+30 mil USDT >+30 mil USDT >+3…[View]
4418123Day Trading tips 17 November: Nice group with friendly people. Anyone who is in day trading welcomed…[View]
4418493PLUTO MISSION: The answer has been right in front of us the whole time. We have to meme the collapse…[View]
4418252Fuck pajeet shillers and their stupid promises: Some group of fat hair stinky pajeets promised me th…[View]
4418553So where can I sell this shit? Can't find any exchanges currently allowing deposits.[View]
4418322It's me again. Generous today, won A LOT on daytrading, let's play a game. You send x $NEO…[View]
4417965It is time.[View]
4418440Does Bittrex distribute Gas? Have had my NEO there for months. Am I retarded missing out on Gas earn…[View]
4418462http://www.swissnexchina.org/en/event/future-of-moneyseries-coming-to-china/ Shanghai is hosting the…[View]
4417952not all in on icx?: LMFAO KYS[View]
4417107How Do I buy Neo: What is the best Exchange to buy neo and when will it be around $28 dollars again?…[View]
4417920bags are heavy..[View]
4418430'Perfect PnDs don't exi----'[View]
4418207>he isn't holding NEO[View]
4418266Who else got JUST'D ?: Now I am a poor pajeet[View]
4416078Want to get rich with crypto before 2018?: Then go and buy Oceanlab (OCL) on the Waves dex or tidex …[View]
4418335really makes you think[View]
4418149Y I K E S I K E S[View]
4418007New Strategy: Sell Green: I just fucking discovered a new trading strategy that guarantees returns. …[View]
4417257blockcat: some hours left till expanded team is introduced through new website. beta in december…[View]
4418324TIKI AND RONDE want to share lucky Money: I've been to Vegas and back collecting bags. I can…[View]
4418173>back from work >pay day today >log into bittrex >sit and look at the BTC chart for 15 m…[View]
4418124ITT: We pray for Buttcoin to drop below 7K again DROP, BUTTCOIN[View]
4416649Most of you are not going to make it.[View]
4416266Bitcoin topped $1,000 in January 2017 and will top $10,000 in January 2018 easily. My face when it w…[View]
4418254This time it's for real...: new ATH soon, get on board! No China bans anymore, blu sky ahead...…[View]
4418251>an alternative means of transferring value[View]
4418199Set your sell orders around $3500 on BCH early /biz/lets we're going interstellar this weekend.[View]
4417812How much $ could I make for advertisements on my website?: I already run Adsense. But how much would…[View]
4418158What happened with this?: Remember having high hopes for it. Is there any way this will ever recover…[View]
4416451POWR RALLY THREAD: You have to be an idiot to sell any of this under a dollar. There's about tw…[View]
4417832JUST: Who else is getting absolutely JUST’D right now? >bought SALT at $4.01…[View]
4418143heh heh. hey kid u wanna buy some odn? buy some weed without your parents knowing. make u feel real …[View]
4418080XST repeating its pattern if you zoom out. Now is the last time to get in. Screenshot this[View]
4418055Sell all of your Privacy-Based alts They're gonna be worthless very soon Don't say I didn…[View]
4418085We are going to $3500 this weekend, stabilizes at $2000 screencap this[View]
4414943Am I cursed goys?: >buy into hst It crashes >buy into epy It crashes >buy into astro It cra…[View]
4416732Hmm. What shall we think?!: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/about/resources/news/press-releases/2017/1…[View]
4417449Power Ledger: I tried to help out one of the Alts by putting a little capital in. A couple of petula…[View]
4417784WARNING WARNING WARNING I'm going to dump around 14k Ark, set up your buy orders now because I…[View]
4418033Chancoin is heading towards the 2000 sats mark! The real question is - are you going to buy Chancoin…[View]
4416470short it (double top)[View]
4418002soon I will be King of fucking China[View]
4417553jarunik - Effective share ratio: 90%: - 80% profit share - 5% reserve (to cover fees) - 5% voter bou…[View]
4416139Sold it all yesterday.: Seriously fuck this coin.[View]
4417400[NEO]What's stopping me from going to 1000 USD /bizfags?: WHAT..........DO..........YOU........…[View]
4417053Fuck, the unpredictability of crypto can really make you bipolar.[View]
4417940there will be PUMP: screencap[View]
4417744If you missed out on NEO and all that other shit, you can still get profits by investing in Stealthc…[View]
4417819Interesting Group to join for Day Trading Tips[View]
4417694This is Sparta: Fresh OC[View]
4417838How to make it in the current markets >buy a shitcoin worth under $20-30 million that is rarely o…[View]
4417910Buy the dip unless u pajeets hate lambos and spaceships. See ya at the moon.[View]
4417320Salt: I was looking at other exchanged and found salt on gatecoin is about 5x more than bittrex, ive…[View]
4417903Banks pay billions for secure market data every year[View]
4417871I thought we were on a moon mission???[View]
4417030Litecoin: How has this not replaced BTC yet? It's the same concept but transfers are much faste…[View]
4417897looks pretty good from the whitepaper: https://viabet.io http://bitcoinist.com/this-blockchain-power…[View]
4417893I want a something that will populate and cancel buys on GDAX with a keystroke. What would you use f…[View]
4417870Mining Bitcoin Cash: C O M F Y[View]
4417627How Will Arkies Ever Recover?: Explain this arkies. http://www.fujitsu.com/global/about/resources/n…[View]
4417857https://discord.gg/73pTKJ9 free exchange listing and trading alerts Come join and have fun party pe…[View]
4417820Always moon when asian sleep: So asian don't buy anymore?[View]
4417604/biz/ more like /coin/ This page is all coins. How much market potential does crypto have that y…[View]
4417262Jun Hasegawa about Omise's vision of the future of payments.: Jun Hasegawa - President and Repr…[View]
4417380>need to upload drivers license for GDAX registation >forced to use webcam >go dig out webc…[View]
4417737China is waking up in the next hour Will they pump Neo to the Moon, or Dump it back to 30?[View]
4417765>never invested before >put 50 bucks into bitcoin at the dip >its 75 bucks now i made it br…[View]
4417412All this NEO news: WHAT about metaverse?[View]
4417115BlockMason: What is BlockMason Credit Protocol? - product use token - existing platform with a produ…[View]
4412859Why is it so hard to understand? Bitfinex and their sister company tether are running a ponzi scheme…[View]
4415502Why is there no shilling of Zcoin? – The case for XZC.: Background Zcoin launch one year ago and is …[View]
44129398k coming soon: nooooooooooooo.....prepare your wojaks[View]
4415235I don't want to make it in 5 years. I want to make it in 5 weeks... Any coins I should hold? Be…[View]
4417229Why nobody is talking about GVT ?: Good team good product. Only 4 millions tokens, wit a Mcap below …[View]
4417659Has the Chinese govt. officially declared NEO as their legal ICO platform?: Debunk below bizfags and…[View]
4417667Sup /biz/? If you want to talk about trading and exchange ideas about coins you should visit our dis…[View]
4417562If you own zero DASH, it is because you have a micropenis[View]
4417465How many ARK will be needed? Post your estimates.[View]
4417583Why are chinks pumping BCH? Please explain I'm retarded[View]
4417305Have you seen this coin?[View]
4417538Bags: Getting heavier by the day.[View]
4415717Translation: 'Progress doesn't stop. By the time you have read this, you are already standing w…[View]
4415642I think of bitcoin nowadays as a pure store of value i.e. 'digital gold'. Consider that there is a f…[View]
4417526The normies have arrived. This was on the front page of yahoo news https://www.yahoo.com/finance/new…[View]
4415140Is Ripple the future or will it just remain 20 cents?[View]
4417515VMR: I don't even own this shitcoin but OUCH what happened?[View]
4416407# STOP FOMOING FROM COIN TO COIN, do not go all in to join a pump, and sell at the first natural se…[View]
4417433OMG is the next moon mission for today!: NEO is over hyped and the moon mission is over. Also, i hav…[View]
4417431Selling your mooncoins: Do you set sell orders even on your HODL coins? I feel like even for a coin …[View]
4417428Just spend 30 bucks on buying litecoins using efecty with some online recharge local bussiness. Stil…[View]
4415710I told you guys good news was coming. Now just wait until the Chinese hear about it. Strap on your s…[View]
4417304ni hao[View]
4416289After seeing the ridiculous amounts of money /v/ spent on some gay phone game fgo I want to get in o…[View]
4417251Clear Poll: /CPG/ - Clear Poll General - ClearPoll is a great new way to have your say. Simply inst…[View]
4416775>15. December 2017 >you wake up like always >check Blockfolio >LINK is at $18 and rising…[View]
4417327Comfy watching this NEO run up while I bnought in at the very bottom desu[View]
4417307https://discord.gg/mk9CPw hey cucks join this guys PnD server and flip the coins for a safe 15% when…[View]
4417228sup /biz/ So im interested in getting some altcoin. I only have a coinbase account. Which exchange s…[View]
4416589Blockstream is controlled by ex-JP Morgan, Federal Reserve, Mastercard Banksters: http://dcg.co/who-…[View]
4417170PBC Discord?: I actually have a PBC subscription. I've heard a few anons sort of mention that t…[View]
4416977Stealthcoin: Stealthcoin mooning guys[View]
4417035>invested in the right coin with a future See you fags on the moon.[View]
4417240Whale Moves™ the SWT +253% PUMP: git gud[View]
4417220S2X code was buggy and literally flopped on arrival. People were unironically shittting on Core for …[View]
4417218Get in BTC, this piece of shit is going to break 8k: 30 million in Tethers issued 59 minutes ago. Th…[View]
4417212Happening Now XST MOONIIING: bittrex -> XST 30% already Join the group who started this for more …[View]
4417209How to trieth?: . ⟠ ⟠ ⟠[View]
4416304#4CHNallday You heard it here first! Screencap it! I will get lots of replies It will go viral here …[View]
4417056why did ark just dump?[View]
4417062What's to prevent people from buying in troughs and selling at peaks? Most coins seem really pr…[View]
4416910Trying to reach 100k followers on Instagram: www.instagram.com/knockouts_page Some spectacular knock…[View]
4416973Hey guys, quick guide on how to get rich quick. If you haven't been following what's up wi…[View]
4417126https://goldreward.io https://faceblock.io WHAT[View]
4413837Hello /biz/ what are some secure 3x~4x in the next 2 months?[View]
4417086Kyber to get listed on bithumb?: https://twitter.com/stelyb/status/930764924686548995 hmm..…[View]
4416329bank verification , is that Normal or should avoid ?: guys , is it normal for bitcoin users to do ba…[View]
4413488welcome to the early retirement club[View]
4406412>Hi, I'm Brooke. I am a marketing analyst for Apple. What do you do for work?…[View]
4416922Who's that cryptomon?[View]
4416905How can we get more normies to buy cryptos? I will hodl until im a millionaire (own 0.3 bitcoins) so…[View]
4416249GAS > NEO: when everyone is hyping NEO but they dont realize GAS has higher % gains .... the mone…[View]
4417017NEO, will it cut down ETH from 2nd spot /biz: I THINK IT WILL. Govt sponsorship is way more valuable…[View]
4416414ETH going to triple in value? Or these shills? https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/eth…[View]
4416968>Probably another fucking two weeks of annoying NEO shills now Kill me[View]
4415608masternode: Are there any coins worth putting money into for a masternode? i have a few thousand $ b…[View]
4416887The real flippening is when the marketcap of NEO + GAS exceeds that of Ethereum. Screencap this. We …[View]
4408524.....: .............[View]
4416316Is it SLR or POWR? All signs point to SLR for me and they recently presented to the European parliam…[View]
441640830 million Tethers, coming right up. That's over 200 million this month alone.[View]
4414139So...will altcoins ever come back?: With bitcoin going crazy, this won't end good for alts. Whe…[View]
4416893I pay 0.03 dollar per kwh , will starting a mining farm still be profitable?: planing to start with …[View]
4416865We are the Neo-Marines!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sg7Smn_83w[View]
4416603Fucking neo! Stop mooning! I want in! REEEEEEEEEE[View]
4415886keep my long @ 7900 $ or cut losses?[View]
4414539Daily reminder about tulips 2.0: Saw it today on fucking 9gag!! 9GAG![View]
4412086/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: Harvey Weinstein raped my portfolio edition Robinhood is a commiss…[View]
4416406Swarm City: Just bought 275000 euro of Swarm City, went from 1,20 to 6,30 euro. Told you a half hou…[View]
4414753is bittrex good exchange for alts? never used anything else, am i getting played?[View]
4416791Hold tight, the big money will start to come in soon! https://youtu.be/eKjnOi9BUiY[View]
4416486Are ya readyyyyyyy kids. Todays the day!!!! Breaking out of orbit and landing in your front yard. Ge…[View]
4416707>whales are coming in http://fortune.com/2017/11/16/bitcoin-coinbase-custodian/ Big Money coming …[View]
4415225ZAP ICO: Don't miss this one.[View]
4416583ARK is dumping right now unusually low. Not a bad time to buy. 385 as of posting this[View]
4415302Stop telling people about ASTRO: >Stop sharing ASTRO with people >Trying to buy in lower Dont…[View]
4416336BTC going to drop again? Someone tell me why china was able to manipulate crypto world this much....…[View]
4416550hello bitcoin implodes cuz of tether, bitcoin cash takes the throne D I S C U S S[View]
4416612What does it mean?[View]
4416575Which one is better at programming?[View]
4416449This is what a scam looks like.[View]
4415547>just had interview for job I really wanted >did better than any other in person interview I h…[View]
4416556ethereum: got some?[View]
4416211Blockcat: Stop me from going all in on this /biz >Is it gonna make me some gainzzz? >What to e…[View]
4416459Alright BizFaggoz, time to do price predictions on NEO. GO......: I'm callin .3 price top. Can …[View]
4415894>4.5M mcap >11M circulating suply >Listed on binance What are you waiting for?…[View]
4415354Was this the single worst week in crypto history? I don't remember feeling so shitty and stress…[View]
4416544Bjork video released today - album launches in 1 week, purchasable through Cryptocurrency: Anons, ge…[View]
4413576Neo mooning![View]
4412302Explain to me why you aren't holding HST right now[View]
4415427The coin(s) you held at one point and sold too early: I'll start[View]
4415185Accelerating Coins - Discord group: Here's a link to one of the more successful pump groups I…[View]
4416366Big Monero (XMR) fan and a software engineer here, so I understand a decent portion of the cryptolin…[View]
4416326Ok you lot its been a while i have 31,000 what the fuck is a bitcoin[View]
4414587CONTEST: Send 1 BITB to this address 2DdUHnuh3eeuttYaFGQAaaTZA2vPusZv1d for a chance to win 100 BIT…[View]
4415809>Intial interview >2nd interview >3rd interview >Lunch with the boss >Rejection lette…[View]
4416300Who would win a fist fight Western pedo communist vs. Eastern chad[View]
4414025i can make water-tatoos now (they go away if you rub really hard) Anyone want some?[View]
4416095⬫L⬫I⬫N⬫K⬫: >mfw le ebin may-mays are 3deep5every1 so i went all in Post your lamboface.…[View]
4416246So what happens if the US loses net neutrality next month? Couldn't that have a huge effect on …[View]
4415668>As for the long vision: we're not looking just at short-term profits, and we're not ju…[View]
4410635Finding volatile coins to daytrade?: I wanted to change strategy and take 2hrs a day to make 2 or 3 …[View]
4416287Streamr DATAcoin: Who is on board for the moon mission?[View]
4414319The Top 100 Wallets: None of them have sold any. All of them continue to simply hold or accumulate m…[View]
44134992nd run incoming[View]
4416254The Mind The Body The Soul All Dance To The Rythm of the word DigiByte, Secure, Faster & Forward…[View]
4416183Should i throw some money at BCH?: Evening bizzers, last week i made good money with the goold ole…[View]
4413422ChainLink: My wife's friend's husband knows one of the developers who've been brought…[View]
4416222These chinks are gonna make me fucking rich.[View]
4414323Coins ripe for the picking: biz is full of plebbit-tier buy high sell low monkeys now so here's…[View]
4415576>corporate culture[View]
4415064Listen here you little shits: Walton is going to be big, bigger than any of your tiny little brains …[View]
4416110is it too late to buy NEO? I know some people have a hard time trusting the chinks but f the Chinese…[View]
4415320Trading crypto made me start up smoking Jew sticks again[View]
4415933Product launching on 20th - new exchanges coming - GET IN NOW faggots[View]
4415982How the FUCK do you withdraw from Bitcoin into USD/CAD without being flagged as money laundering??[View]
4414868KEK: I heard the real token is going to be called BLINK.[View]
4416088What the fuck is happening with this shitcoin??[View]
4415112You can't stop what is unstopppable, the name? Bancor.[View]
4416177Buy Bitcoin Clashic, ya?[View]
4416045Doesnt Rory imply that SWIFT is real here? When I read this I realized we really are going 100x. The…[View]
4415876Can you recognize the coin by looking at an address? Also, what would happend if the wrong coin gets…[View]
4415650CFD: Who here is winner? >so far a low market cap but only available on ED >Dev burned their 4…[View]
4416152Shoot down Raiblocks for me: Raiblocks, DAG based, No fees, Gets faster with usage, scalable, comple…[View]
4415953niggers: How fuckin easy is it to scam motherfuckers out of their btc right now? I.e. pic related…[View]
4416140I will never be a millionaire.[View]
4415821I just put $400 into this and it's already down. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
4415000Bitcoin IRA Daytime TV Commercials[View]
4415475I'm a person who regularly LARPs here as a multi-millionaire Ask me anything[View]
4415178>tfw all you had to make were basically 2 trades this year to be as rich as Donald Trump (in term…[View]
4416090>Brooke from Apple[View]
4415728Bombardier: http://www.bnn.ca/bombardier-expects-to-hire-1-000-in-montreal-over-next-18-months-1.916…[View]
4416043WHAT the fuk: wha gwannin, btc artificially pumped to 10k bruv[View]
4416064one coin to rule them all: why aren't you dumping your link bags and becoming a crypto central …[View]
4415971Pump happening in less than an hour These guys legit? https://discord.gg/nnjTbHr[View]
4414742NEO confirmed: The 3 day thing is legit. It's gonna set a new comfy base for NEO. Buy before th…[View]
4414787Ark: No Ark thread today. So Im sitting comfy at 100ark now, definitely hope to get a few K more soo…[View]
4416024>Group orientation[View]
4414515What dirt cheap altcoins should I go for?: /biz/ I've got $1000 that I want to put into crypto …[View]
4413841Obsidian: Sniff Sniff, I was browsing the internet and smelled a lot of dummies on this website. I l…[View]
4414013POWER LEDGER IS A BUY TO $2.80. IT'S: PWR IS A BUY TO $2.80. Bitcoin needs to consolidate for a…[View]
4415970https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4FNmp3mKp4 This could have been you, but you were too busy being a …[View]
4415509Made 20k yesterday and I'm gonna do it again: >made 20k yesterday with ED shitcoins >doin…[View]
4415931New post on their twitter. Supposed to be some big news in a few days. Don't miss this one, ano…[View]
4414418Neo just went parabolic: What's causing this. It's been minutes, now may be the time…[View]
4415197Daily reminder that bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0.[View]
4415826It's happening https://www.coindesk.com/ethereum-soon-launch-first-casper-testnet/?utm_content=…[View]
4415858is there a way to connect bittrex to metatrader?[View]
4415810I unironically believe in iexec and chainlink based on my own reading but though they've been m…[View]
4415449DO SOMETHING I am so close to selling this piece of shit for minimal profits. Was it all hype?[View]
4415356HODLING 60% bitcoin, 25% bitcoin cash 15% ethereum: Is the ultimate truth. Be blessed.[View]
4415691BCH Pump! #koreaeffect: This on Saturday 18/11 and on Sunday 19/11 we are very likely to see some sp…[View]
4415752Could crypto somehow be used for anonymous web browsing?[View]
4415532/biz/ I realized something. Unless I go for the ultimate risk and invest most of my savings into cry…[View]
4415581Mfw posted about POWR having strong resistance at 3k sats and almost thread empty, always fucking ha…[View]
4415755Reddcoin Redd-ID Social Tipping beta release tommorow. You bought already, right?[View]
4415636In early 2017, Da Hongfei received a C&D letter from a group of powerful lawyers representing a …[View]
4415701>he didn't buy ELTCOIN when it was under 1k sats[View]
4414881Pretty spooky coincidence[View]
4415667does /biz/ want to get rich? www.sunvsmoon.ml[View]
4413492Does anyone here own ETC? If so, why?: What are your reasons for owning this alternate ethereum? Do …[View]
4415429ASTRO - Astronaut Capital on CMC: Just listed on coinmarketcap. Up 99% in two weeks. Only on ED. AST…[View]
4414831Bitcoin Crashes: Hypothetically let's say Bitcoin starts dumping and never stops. What does tha…[View]
4413966Holding support like a fucking BOSS: Get ready, the minute BTC chills, ^^^^^^^^^^^ boom[View]
4415594I may have a legitimate invention idea on my hands. What are the first things i have to do to make i…[View]
4414535I'm numb. I don't feel the -10% when I look at my portfolio each day. Another day means an…[View]
4415524gtfih for lolz: >>4413001 scroll abit. strong fucking retards. must be a burger lmfao holy fuc…[View]
4415371>tfw you used coinbase >now you have to pay the taxman or go directly to jail…[View]
4414192why does 1 day everyone on here fucking shilling this and then the next day everyones on here FUDing…[View]
4415290>BTC back up to where it was yesterday >BCH not dipping back down I N V I N C I B L E…[View]
4415508How fucked up is Bitcoin?[View]
4414382BUY BITCOIN CASH. BUY UP TO $1,400. NO STOP LOSS.: And remember, let the game come to you![View]
4415316remember anon, sell when everyone is greedy, and buy when everyone is fearfull.[View]
4414218Steem it: Can you make good money posting/writing articles on steem it? Or is there a catch[View]
4415493fml: > Sells coin, which is slowly falling. > Goes to WC. > Comes back. > Coin 10% up. a…[View]
4414017Startup launching crypto debit card: A London startup is launching a debit card that lets you spend …[View]
4415439>there's a token on ED called 'ERC20' lmao[View]
4414509$NEO MOONING HARD: Get in while you can. 7 news coming up in the next few days/week, NEO founder wi…[View]
4414926Genesis Mining thread! What do you all think about the open ended BTC mining project? Any thoughts a…[View]
4415060>Day trade with $10,000 >Make a messily 1% a day >Compound gains >Do this for 1 year …[View]
4415402Send BTG plox: Send me your BTG because it's worth nothing anyway. Address: GMBbdx2khSKnuLGvGqP…[View]
4414519What's stopping me from making my own coin and having it pumped?[View]
4415365Listen up fags, i am holding heavy bags of these to shitcoins. Sell at a loss or wait for the recove…[View]
4415364QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: If you have little to invest, like 1000…[View]
4414989>wake up >lose $2000 another normal day[View]
4414800Which coins did Lil Peep hold?[View]
4415244so what's these deal with the chink coins?[View]
4415283Tierion: Is this shit ever going to recover ? It's been almost 5 months of pure JUSTing, I…[View]
4413665POWR: This shit ain't stoppin' any time soon.[View]
4414834LTC you better be ready: 1.advance 2.consolidation 3.continuation[View]
4414516Mooned/mooning coins: ITT: We point out coins that already mooned. In hindsight we're all rich …[View]
4415279GLHF: wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake u…[View]
4414917If you missed the nuls, hst, and storj missions, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. …[View]
4415267last week t.me/pumpandtrump said to buy NEO and now all of this shit is popping off. if you missed A…[View]
4415254at 20:00 UTC pump and dump on Bittrex by AC group: Pump and dump organised by a nice and friendly gr…[View]
4413311Has /biz/ influenced your behavior some way? Aside from checking cryptocurrencies once every hour, I…[View]
4413898redpill me on chainlink: Is it really that bad? Wouldn't it reasonable to buy now while the pri…[View]
4414398x5 if not x10 by February, going to be huge.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzhXncTVOzA So Boxmini…[View]
4415169Chainlink Rubiks cube: How am i the first one that thought of this S00N[View]
4413173Are you the famous oracle? You and me got a problem to solve.[View]
4415124Pretty comfy: You snooze you loose, you snore you loose more :)[View]
4413645WHOAPEPE-RARPEPEWALLET.COM: Join the party, the revolution. What are you waiting for. The meme econo…[View]
4415098HST x2 tomorrow, told you to buy it but you didnt listen: HST will be listed on Kucoin, Cryptopia an…[View]
4415094*blocks your path*[View]
4414657I warned you guys on this one..: Oracles.org just sold out the ico in 2 blocks, even faster then sti…[View]
4414873Promising ICOs?: What are upcoming promising ICOs? Besides ShipChain[View]
4413882POWR looks like it could be great, but HOW do you generate new POWR tokens? Because if it isn't…[View]
4414988Anyone have the pic of the full securities connection? I think it was one of Sergey's slides[View]
4414389Agrello (DLT) Digital ID sneak peak released: Agrello just released the first sneak peak video of it…[View]
4413496imminent mooning: >he doesn't realize what happens to LTC every time BTC settles from new AT…[View]
4415021OTN: what the FUCK is this shit, why did it go from $2 to $55 and WHY is no one talking about it ?? …[View]
4414934>im the guy who told you about 'X' when it was (old price), buy 'Y' now or regret later…[View]
4409875Why do we have so many maximalists now?: Since when did we have so many corecucks here? This was alw…[View]
4413103Anybody worried?: There are a lot of students on this board. Is anyone worried about the house'…[View]
4414948Guys , were to BUY Bitcoins with PAY PAL ??: does someone knows a good website were i can do this , …[View]
4414359Told you to buy the dip desu senpai :3[View]
4414474Tell me what you think. I am confident this has YUGE upside. Q2 2018[View]
4414090Request Network: I cannot keep up with the pace of this shitcoin Made a thread several hours ago tha…[View]
4414920Will i make it: I have 1.2k link You can make it too anon[View]
4412605BCH is just better than BTC: Ok lets forget about price for a moment. In terms of brand recognition …[View]
4413710I'm about to go all in on BCH with x3 leverage[View]
4414673Why havent you bought stocks in Canadian legal cannabis yet?[View]
4414941Free Bitcoins Thread: Let's talk about all the ways to get free Satoshis. Here's a good-pa…[View]
4414602How long does it take you to choose a coin for short to mid term? I tend to go all in but it takes m…[View]
44148185K ON GDAX: WHICH coinbase meme COIN DO I BUY AND COME BACK TO IN 12 HOURS FOR 1-2% COMFY GAINS? abo…[View]
44145052GIVE: A little birdy told me 2GIVE is about to get a juicy pump at 6:00pm UTC. Recent volume sugges…[View]
44138492018: not all in OMG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UENGjijz9O8&t=3m50s[View]
441412418 November at 7pm EST - MOD will be pumped to 8$[View]
4414855NEO, Im predicting .05-.07 BTC at least. Prove me wrong Biz.: Big rumors goin around......big enough…[View]
4413258Why does nearly every thread here have to start with something sexy or sex-related? These are the so…[View]
4413544How the fuck do I stop losing money? I started with 5000 dollars 4 months ago, now I'm down to …[View]
4414144Does cam whoring work? Currently my countries economy is to shit, being unskilled and a sickly twin…[View]
4414439Who else is /comfy/ in Neo & Ark?[View]
4414720Can that infamous P&D group please pump Verium again. It's my Bday and bags so heavy.[View]
4414042So I've been saving my farts in plastic bottles for the past month. Let's say I jump over …[View]
4414695Screwed over by Vizard and bigpump? Tired of seeing red when you should be seeing glistening green?:…[View]
4413804Which cryptos considered as blue chips? Just want to buy some and forget for a couple of years.[View]
4414396Why does coinbase make you wait two fucking days to pull your money out of their vault?[View]
4414296Young/newfag here, trying to convince my father that this is not some kind of MMM bs.: https://www.w…[View]
4414669Looks like I haven't gotten fucked over my holding NEO and GAS. Honestly though is the whole 'b…[View]
44139683 days left! 150 $ per Neo incoming...Translation: 'Progress doesn't stop. By the time you have…[View]
4412832Palm Beach Group on Telegram: This guy promise to forward all from our favorite pnd within 1 hour af…[View]
4413958What does /biz/ think of Dave Ramsey?[View]
4413722FUCKING WHEN?[View]
4414614Pump group: Pump group, pump imminent in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Won't hurt to join: https://di…[View]
4414612Hello Sirs, by the Metaverse or be mother flipping broke[View]
4413589Are banks fucking with us?: https://squawker.org/technology/wall-st-controls-bitcoin-and-bitcoin-cas…[View]
4413498This has all happened so far: Wow. What is Operation Dragonslayer?[View]
4414574Those who believe in Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are strongly in the minority in the general…[View]
4412247Tether (USDT): There are people browsing this board right now who unironically think Tether is a sca…[View]
4414558PBS: What eastern date and time will news be revealed[View]
4413932Remember me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzhXncTVOzA[View]
4411869*quietly moons* You realise how big the partnership with YouTube is, r-right anon?[View]
4412655Popular crypto Twitter accounts are commenting on the Tether scam now. What happens when whales fin…[View]
4414172easy gainz - extra poorfag edition: i got 0.00140917BTC. how do i turn them x10 within two weeks? is…[View]
4413783The end is nigh[View]
4410577Product launching on 20th - new exchanges coming - GET IN NOW faggots[View]
4413412You have 21 days left to accumulate[View]
4414374Tracking clients data: I just started my own company and I am wondering if using Google Forms is sec…[View]
4414206Parity is so fucked. No ICOs in the future will ever use them if they have any functioning brain cel…[View]
4414358TokenCard Release December: I think its time to buy TokenCard now. MCO was at 230 Million, TenX at …[View]
4413337Goldreward just started trading on EtherDelta: www.goldreward.io token GRX This can be super big gai…[View]
4412872How do I make 6 grand rather quickly? Currently stuck in Australia until I earn enough money to rese…[View]
4413759Is there any interest in the crypto-community to have access to real world assets?: I have an idea f…[View]
4414160Sleeping Giant: Modum will be the biggest gainer of 2018, and so few people know about it. Modum.io …[View]
4413001>day trade and make 1% profit every day >become a billionaire in a year Why doesn’t everyone…[View]
4413910Heads up: Volume is increasing drastically on Binance, and there's buys of the same amount happ…[View]
4413994ITT: Times the FUDers were right: No, not stuff currently in a dip because all alts are getting JUST…[View]
4413963Astronaut: Any news on this thing?[View]
4408777be smart this time guys have good exits[View]
4414170If you're in the mood for a Hail Mary...: This coin is like roulette, it's either going to…[View]
4413685POWR last chance: Before I sleep I shall remind you that if you do not buy POWR you are a deluded li…[View]
4414130>mfw I didn't buy at 6300$[View]
4413297>been here since 3 months >see 10 LINK shill threads a day >still doesn't know what it…[View]
4413551Astro: It looks like Astro found a support level. I'm in at .0057 before you claim I'm a b…[View]
4413782Looks like we have a working demo/blockchain !!! The tech looks amazing. https://www.reddit.com/r/w…[View]
4413777https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzhXncTVOzA Boxmining visiting Waltonchain. Looks like it's act…[View]
4413493ZRX: Why did 0x die? It's definitely not only because of the alt crash, because it crashed all…[View]
4413803>got into crypto too late to fall for the link scam >got in early enough to fall for the req s…[View]
4413712If chain link moons significantly, I'm getting a tattoo of the chealink logo. Thoughts?[View]
4413191why tf aren't you buying now and selling at 20c?[View]
4413269third time now: Ive listed this three times now is my ad bad i dont need help from you guys buying u…[View]
4412943Have you bought your ticket to the moon?[View]
4413578L l N K: >'Well, allow me to retort. What does Sergey Nazarov look like? >'What?' >'What ex…[View]
4413053Pink Wojak Thread: Post your pink wojaks[View]
4413091Hello /biz/, I'm looking for a job. I quit my university earlier this year and was skating by o…[View]
4411419I cashed out yesterday. The Tether shit was nauseating and terrifying to discover. If you're no…[View]
4413622Hero token: Who is in for the presale niggas?[View]
4413563How much would businesses pay for a banner advertisement?: I run a website that gets decent traffic …[View]
4413824Pattern between large swings in BTC and tether entering Bitfinex: https://twitter.com/CryptoSlant/st…[View]
4412556IOP next 50x coin: > I was right about NEO (ANS from 1$). > I was right about WTC. > I wa…[View]
4413862Today: https://youtu.be/w2ELUlpGm8E[View]
4412676New ATH coming in ~ less than a month: Load em, lock em, get ready for triple digits boys.[View]
4413537Hello, my name is Pablo. I'm 26 yo. In the first -sorry for this spam-like message) And.. An…[View]
4413336So give it to me straight. Does Digibyte has long term potential?[View]
4411497RKC = MASSIVE SCAM, DON'T BUY!: https://medium.com/@axorkro/royal-kingdom-coin-rkc-is-a-big-sca…[View]
4409219So what is the point of living if your wife is ugly? I mean we are all trying so hard just to have a…[View]
4413687When will the alts get a chance to shine anon got in august bought all the alts at the high[View]
4413766I'm a bong with a few thousand £s. How do I get rich?[View]
4412745B2X: Anybody else watching this shit show right now? jeez jeffrey fucked up big time[View]
4413595I'M THE CAPTAIN NOW[View]
4412244BTC TX pool being spammed: https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions[View]
4413729Bank of china meeting in 2 days. most undervalued coin right now[View]
4413478Monday: ya lads ready? bow to the king!![View]
4413364Hey guys im new. I want to get into crypto currency. Is there a sticky? Where do i start? I am start…[View]
4413677Syscoin going to go x20 from now to februari. Why are you not in yet /biz/? Why no shilling on a co…[View]
4413158Good morning /biz/, let me being by saying I looked through the catalog and didn't see an appro…[View]
4412894>'Phew, hot day today let me check out dat new REQ blog post about the Colossus release >Creat…[View]
4412401If Finex is printing imaginary money (Tether), why would they do it on the blockchain where everyone…[View]
4413243ITT: red flags: >it's only listed on literally who exchanges >team has a woman on it >…[View]
4412516pussy ass money don't make no profit. time to buy this LINK dip. we got real, life changing tec…[View]
4413139In case you need a few big reasons to buy more Powr: Who's Elon Musk?[View]
4412441Get in while you can[View]
4411828Advice for Newfags: Hey /biz/, i am a broke college student and i want to stop being a no-coiner. I …[View]
4412749So I had a contract with a freelancer for some logo design work. We weren't pleased with the qu…[View]
4413483New website, new android app: EnergyCoin first block completed ! MOOLING IN PROGRESS PRIVATE INVES…[View]
4412630I am a newfag into this whole cryptocoin scene. Is there a way to try to multiply U$65, which is my …[View]
4412435Should I get in at 7k BTC? Let's say I put 1k in and BTC is worth 14k in a year (it was 2k in 2…[View]
4413459Yo, girl! Wanna see some sick tats?[View]
4413505tether fud: lets say i have definitive leaked proof that the whole tether debate is a paid fud campa…[View]
4413482FCT possible PBC mention?: Just seen this on Reddit. Any more details coming out? https://bittox.com…[View]
4412153So was this a scam like biz was saying last month or does it actually have long lasting potential?[View]
4412583What ICO are all y'all anons betting on right now?[View]
4413442bitcoin ath failure, ltc about to moon again[View]
4413284dumping my 1k sat order bags for you niggas if you wanna buy. day trade request and got fucked but i…[View]
4412476Crypto Blog: Hey guys is there anyone here with a blog / website about crypto currency. I'm sta…[View]
4413379IFT reveal: suppoman as insider of investfeed has said that they will reveal monetization feature. S…[View]
4408130Give your single best piece of advice for being a good leader.[View]
4412896Litecoin accumulation pattern: Moon imminent, I'm in ballz deep.[View]
4413327MOON MISSION: https://etherdelta.com/#INDI-ETH TAKING THE FUCK OFF.[View]
4413312Pump: Pump group, seems to be legit, last pump was good. Won't hurt to join: https://discord.gg…[View]
4413275BITCONNETC: Someone explain me what is bitconnect and why they are the best?[View]
4413296Why have you been losing money?: Hasn't crypto only been going up in price?[View]
4412702Contest to win $LMC cryptocurrency!!: We are giving away 10,000 $LMC coins for the best Meme! Read r…[View]
4412842Decentralized Crypto Currency: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[View]
4411561https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLm6MWP7rC4 why are you still holding ARK?[View]
4411438How can they keep getting away with it?: Explain this to me /biz/[View]
4413223Basic Attention Token: https://basicattentiontoken.org/ https://basicattentiontoken.org/brave-expand…[View]
4413217Getting a Ledger Nano S. Any objections? Is it a good choice? Things I should know for using it?[View]
4413144I've gotten to the stage where all my friends call me an impulsive gambler for holding Bitcoin …[View]
4413133Ripple: WTF so much news yesterday. i bought in at 3800. i need to dump these bags tho. I'm jus…[View]
4413183Accelaration: https://discord.gg/HTADed[View]
4412815The final days of Crypto: https://www.coindesk.com/visa-launches-first-phase-of-blockchain-b2b-payme…[View]
4411451tell me again about the rabbit George.[View]
4412830Anon, would you invest in this coin?[View]
4410882Did they pump it up with tethers AGAIN!? Jesus fucking christ...[View]
4413112At last!: I woke up bagless today! A pump group pumped my coin while I was asleep and bought my bags…[View]
4412714How I know LINK is the shit: A) Every time BCH pumps, LINK dumps heavily, which leads me to believe …[View]
4413030shopify domain: Looking for a good domain for my shopify store. + tips for best advertising. mostly …[View]
4413024does someone has EXODUS working on win32 bit ??: wtf , do they not support it , what can i use inste…[View]
4411711Confido confirmed on 4 more minor exchanges: Working prototype in about 2 weeks and then it'll …[View]
4413015LMC: >barely moved during last night BTC attempt to hit $8k while all the alts were crashing >…[View]
4412648Shill me on this coin. I personally don't use social media but know every other person is prett…[View]
4412622Should we just give up? Should we just give fucking up?[View]
4411506DECEMBER IS NEO MONTH: 4 conferences over the next 5 weeks, 2 of which in China, Onchain blockchain …[View]
4412855Worth it?: https://yobit.net/en/trade/ALTCOM/BTC Mining works well, have 20 coins in 2 days with my …[View]
4412563I’m truly happy for you BTC holders Truly. I wish I got in early, like anyone. But I’m truly, in my …[View]
4410590Who here getting ultra-JUST'd by pic related?[View]
4408458Chancoin General 4CHN coin Join our discord channel Tipping bot is up: >What is Chancoin (4CHN) C…[View]
4412856DGB dejavu: >muh memes >muh conference >muh long term hodl >muh it's not pump&d…[View]
4412782HELP ME /biz/, How do I convince my mother to cover-up my crypto losses?[View]
4412924Wake up, Neo: https://twitter.com/MalcolmLerider/status/931521977839505408 Moving forward, never sto…[View]
4411516The cat is out the bag. The Emperor of Crypto will be killed by its own kind. RIP BTC. You'll b…[View]
4412223XRP: The best time to buy Ripple is NOW !!![View]
4411434Say I want to cash out my buttcoins for some fiat in the UK, what options do I have? Who has the bes…[View]
4412858>tfw when you correctly guess when a meme alt coin moons from 8cents to 14cents Reminder that you…[View]
4412833I've become so numbbbbbbb I can't feel YOU there: GG /Biz/ Pajeets, you finally got 90% of…[View]
4412834Only reason why the price is low is because the community is actively trying to keep it on the low. …[View]
4412505OKcash: https://twitter.com/GoldenSmophy/status/931533297527730176[View]
4412822Why has every btrash supporter turned into Tether conspirators?[View]
4410083DOVU: During the ama yesterday they said they would rather focus on developing the project than mark…[View]
4412166ALIS: From Japanese twitter. If there was ever a reason to go all in on a coin it was this cutie.…[View]
4412477>people unironically missing out the next moon mission again >they'd rather hold LINK or…[View]
4412415POWER LEDGER: GO GO POWR RANGERS CUE MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pQYtmb-f0w >https://…[View]
4412496Ctrl+F NO LINK? YES LINK!: LINK 300 BY 2018[View]
4412626Hold vs scalp: What method works the best to make the most amount of money ?[View]
4412335anybody else has enough of crypto?: holy fuk senpai. the constant stress is fuking me all the way up…[View]
4412046E-mail from Coinbase about s2x today...: When did you get it (how many hours ago). Check out the seg…[View]
4411837Making memes - submit your request below[View]
441172010000 LMC reward for the best memes: I know this board is full of professional meme creators. I pers…[View]
4411021ASTRO - bit of a change since yesterday, no?[View]
4412666What's up biz I've been trading in Bittrex for some weeks now, I want to trade more shitco…[View]
4412431Bitcoin has multiple primary cancers (blockstream / constant contentious forks / no scaling solution…[View]
4411978any technical indicators that can make us rich or is it all just cope?[View]
4412297As a complete newfag that doesn't even know trading terms I want to start making money I did a …[View]
4412615NO2X: What's this? Is this a religion or something?[View]
4411189Guess the coin, anon.[View]
4410796It starts again: Yesterday I was the first that posted on the Amex partnership. The quick of you sho…[View]
4412263The existing system of blockchains has chained our minds into the tomorrow while blinded us to the f…[View]
4412643When will Bitcoin crash? Fucking hell. My wagecuckry hasn't allowed me to buy enough.[View]
4411153EMERGENCY POST: Okay anons, I'm back. 30 million more fake tethers being created for Bitfinex. …[View]
4412611Get in before we breach 0.00006: OKCash is being listed on poloniex on the 24th[View]
4412604Hey /biz/ I have a list of user-friendly faucets to make a few satoshi's, who wants?[View]
4412030#4CHNallday every other altcoin is trash.[View]
4412569Browsing through ICO websites, see this: >'bundle of sticks studios'[View]
4411831How much are you holding?[View]
4412539Upfire POS: Yeah-eh-heah You are my fire The one desire Believe when I say I want it that way But we…[View]
4411931Is this shitcoin going to moon or what: Fucking holding the entire market ransom on its temper tantr…[View]
4411403oh wow[View]
4409100>trying to sell my bitcoins ASAP >everywhere requires identification confirmation PLEASE someo…[View]
4411743things that normies say about crypto >but the bank guy said that is a bubble…[View]
4411874You have 3months to make $100k, how do you do it?[View]
4412498Anyone want to sell me their Bitcoin Clashic?[View]
4411281Being rich is useless if yo dick ain't workin: While you're trading make sure you do your …[View]
4411887Someone wake me up when the JUSTing is over please Thank you[View]
4412411Can someone please translate this? It is supposed to be a conference with WTC, ARN and Binance but I…[View]
4412336Psst..: Its factom[View]
4412325this + token burn mechanism. And pajeets are selling below pre-sale to buy bitcoin at ath. It'…[View]
4412429best crypto wallet? opinions on Exodus?[View]
4412428Those with their heads in the sand, either deviously or out of a blinding optimism are repeatedly ci…[View]
4412205The inevitable rise is in the horizon. Why haven't you accumulated QTUM yet?[View]
4412283mods please help!: Mods! can you please ban the people who are spamming tether fud here? in actualit…[View]
4411998TRX: Why is the volume like this? Moreso than similarly priced shitcoins. Is it 'cumulating?…[View]
4412133blockcat: we are the CATMEOWRINES and we are not fucking barking (like the ARK'ers) WE STAY FLU…[View]
4406491Why do you give money to this guy[View]
4412359Skycoin in 2017 is like Bitcoin in 2012: I bought this coin years ago at a penny and its amost $5 no…[View]
4408952Why are idiots selling? Competition is for buying[View]
4410730linKies getting justed so hard. I have got insider information and would advise u to sell. link wil…[View]
4412326Pretty decent price on a very low Supply shitcoin at the moment[View]
4412147What now: I need some deeper partnership discussions to break even[View]
4412298/Biz, serious discussion here.: Now that blockchain technology has grown and been toyed with we can …[View]
4412272Im going to bed now, if i wake up and im still getting JUSTed im going to be upset[View]
4411759giv btc pls 1KQfBgmJKSAJU2h5R87CUwrDAPJmUU9pwZ[View]
4411179BAT: Is he the best lead-off in Crypto?[View]
4412104OMG: Nov 30th speech - expect sdk wallet info.[View]
4412173NEO refueling! GET IN NOW[View]
4412207Anyone else going in? Pre-sale available. https://token.gimmer.net/[View]
4402384This is going to skyrocket. The only question is: are you going to do anything about it? -Small Mcap…[View]
4411505This is the successor to LINK huh[View]
4411265How high?: Is it gonna moon too?[View]
4411261wtf is happening I think I got scammed[View]
4412072HTML - COIN SWAP: Any of you fags in this or getting in? There is some coin swap happening on the 20…[View]
4412040Cash out! BTC and BCH - Major drop incoming...investors are getting nervous because there is not eno…[View]
4412156Goldreward just started trading on EtherDelta: www.goldreward.io token GRX This can be super big gai…[View]
4411616GUP - buy it now. This thing can easy 10x. Test net coming out and main net next month. Huge potenti…[View]
4411853do you think BTC will dip this year, even if just for a short time?[View]
4412130Gib Bitcoin Gold shitcoin plz: Don't want anything to do with thaty forek? Send me your BTG! A…[View]
4411951neo: Neos rocket is about to take off. eoy $100 is still on. dont miss out[View]
4412116/rgt/: Greasy Geisha Edition Robinhood is a commission free stock trading app on iOS/Android --Robi…[View]
4410538BTC ARK NEBL NULS[View]
4408018For anyone interested in a really speculative crypto, look into tradecoin. It is listed on novaexcha…[View]
4412054any pajeets want to get me started with vericoin: i'd like to stake a bit of vericoin VVnKJLdf4…[View]
4410848Request Network: Below 0.00015000 ETH Can we declare this shitcoin as dead already?[View]
4411990Want to buy more ETH, which is undervalued at this point, but not sure if whole market is about to g…[View]
4411680>The segwit fork will never happ-[View]
4410579Coinbase blocking buys on anyone else ?: Since yesterday I've been trying to make various purch…[View]
4411991Bitcoin price infographic: I've been looking for this piece of shit all morning and it's n…[View]
4412006>when he's deluded himself into thinking gambling on useless internet 'currencies' is actual…[View]
4411631Segwit2x Is Still Happening: HOLY SHIT[View]
4410444#4CHNallday You heard it here first! Screencap it! It will go viral here on /biz/. You will see it …[View]
4411625These are my holdings I got for nice and cheap when BTC was at 8K. I'm nice and full. Waiting f…[View]
4411936How long did it take you to form your own opinion about crypto market, based on opinions of others? …[View]
4411617... So, where are your buy orders?[View]
4409010BCC MOON AGAIN: Last time the profitability was this good was right before the last big spike. You a…[View]
4411818is this dropping any lower than 15 cent or are we buying NOW?[View]
4411334>be 2014 >delusional bitcoin fags spamming /g/ with claims that BTC will one day be $1000, $10…[View]
4411689Moon time!: WTC about to moon. DYOR and all that but just check it out. It's pretty clearly abo…[View]
4411550JUST DIE ALREADY THE WORST SHITCOIN it literally does NOTHING that other coins dont do better[View]
4411372How do you make an altcoin? I have about five ideas that would make idiot redditors spike it for lik…[View]
4411627I'm a brainlet. Is this the ticket to lamboland?[View]
4404761Last Time: Last time the real btc under 1000.[View]
4409418Security: Hey faggots since most of you play with a shitton of internet money I assume you got your …[View]
4411547Binance explain this[View]
4407926Tesla Roadster is Our Car: Bizbros, Reminder Lambos are slow, ugly, obsolete shit compared to the ne…[View]
4411487POWR to the people: I fucking warned you retards. Intelligent whales will recognise that government …[View]
4411635>pshhh i need to accumulate[View]
4411704I have a huge sum of tether on Finex but I realise this is a scam and they are not backed by USD. Wh…[View]
4410792How many percent you crypto traders earn per day ?[View]
4411714DBIX ArabianChain is a scam: Partners of RKC which anon is saying is a scam also. Get out now /biz…[View]
4411468Is it starting again?: These pumps are becoming more frequent.[View]
4410675Childs: Suddenly his fashion sense is not funny anymore[View]
4411667Any page that pays for small online jobs like transcribing a video or whatever in crypto?[View]
4409108How do I buy Chainlink: Could someone help.[View]
4411185Can LTC kill Bitcoin Cash ?: It serves the same purpose and is not antagonistic to our lord and savi…[View]
4411482GUP (matchpool) is a sleeping giant that is about to be woken up!: The Title explains the main point…[View]
4410914I apologise: I sold 10btc before the first fork. I just now bought 3.5. I will not wait for a crash,…[View]
4411070Comedy gold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAzQl1E2OQw[View]
4411555Which coin should I invest today ?: I have 500USDT. Give me an advice.[View]
4411624ALL ABOARD: follow the green candle[View]
4411351We are the fastest growing pump group, Super Bittrex Pump. https://discord.gg/E8jwyaA The owner of…[View]
4411577*silently recovers with full speed*[View]
4411515Bull in the tether: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JGBNkLM9_8 I got forked now I'm just gonna…[View]
4410727Bitcoin will never be higher than $8000. Digits confirm. Praise Kek and screencap this.[View]
4411130good luck anon!: Something big is coming and this picture the only hint I'm willing to give. Sc…[View]
4411435solar coin: Smart money get in here Who else is stocking up on cheap solar coin?[View]
4411425Nebilo has a tweet that they said they will get listed on binance, it got deleted shortly afterwards[View]
4410392Bitcoin Segwit2x Fork!: ummm, guys? What is this?![View]
4409986S2x fork still active???: http://www.cryptodaily.net/segwit2x-activation-countdown-timer/ What the f…[View]
4409982Waves and Stellar KRW pairs added to Upbit. You know what time it is /biz/[View]
4411278>In bed with American Express >Tiny spike >Back to normal like nothing happened Is this the…[View]
4411232Is Chainlink really a scam? I can't even get into the slack, pls help.[View]
4408375Bitcoin Cash Rally: BCC BCH to .15 at least. Here are my impressive technicals.[View]
4411296Someone make a shitty eth token that'll look like a legit project and airdrop some to us so tha…[View]
4410841Why was this still posted?[View]
4411287THE SHITCOIN DINOSAUR HAS BEEN FED: 30 million tethers this time, http://omnichest.info/lookuptx.as…[View]
4410962So whats going to happen after the 'fork'? Bitcoin goes up? Down? Bcash explodes?[View]
4410702>there are now creatures walking among us that bought bitcoin at $8000 >at some point there wi…[View]
4410856Exchange: Best website to buy BCH? I am in the UK.[View]
4408910How much do you think ethereum is worth in 2020? Im trying to get 100 to hold. Currently have 90[View]
4408613who here getting JUSTed hard by this shit?[View]
4411008>4CHN,LINK,ARK, REQ Guys is it just me or does everything /biz/ gets heavily involved in and buys…[View]
4411242Hmmmm: Think she likes little green dicks?[View]
441124030 million tethers coming: http://omniexplorer.info/lookupadd.aspx?address=3MbYQMMmSkC3AgWkj9FMo5LsP…[View]
4405924Red pill me on Rogert Ver: Been hearing a lot of different info. Particularly that he is a US exiled…[View]
4410375Facecuck monetization: Let's take a quick break from trading shitcoins and posting pink wojaks.…[View]
4410766linkies are the new digimarines... too delusional to realize they got scammed and will hold on until…[View]
4408835What the fuck is this?: Gather round This coin is under the radar, releasing in December Most people…[View]
4411160Reminder, Verge (XVC) shitcoin is dying - Get out now!: It has steadily been dying despite efforts o…[View]
4410835>have interview today for job I really want >have interviews and group exercises that judge yo…[View]
4411171How does the BCH difficulty work?: I'm confused. BCH is supposed to adjust every 10 minutes, ri…[View]
4409472wtf is happening to ASTRO?[View]
4411147What if this s2x fork nonsense is being continued by Ver and Jihan to pump BTC to increase their dum…[View]
4406459RLC: This is at an ATL. Pick it up soon or forever be poor. This is the future of the internet.…[View]
4411142The BAT signal in the skies, we're saved![View]
4409175How poor will I be a year from now? Also blockfolio thread[View]
4410034Why is there so much hate against each other at the moment? I think this board is infected and we al…[View]
4407653Which altcoin will moon soon?[View]
4411079Christmas box anon here; shopping for ideas If i turned those into wojaks yes/no?[View]
4411055Finom is getting a token. What for?: Why the hell does a mining pool need a token? What do you guys …[View]
4410354POWR HUGE NEWS: https://medium.com/power-ledger/australian-government-awards-grant-to-8-million-proj…[View]
4410069How is this not The Final Word in Crypto?: >no transaction fees >coin rewards for packet forwa…[View]
4411011Buy , very cheap now .[View]
4409384buy BCH. 47k+ unconfirmed transacitons and rising 1.55x more profitable to mine BCH than BTC right n…[View]
4409635The hookers that you hire using meme money, do you trust them? Who's to say they won't tel…[View]
4409678The pump has started. Get in now before it's too late.[View]
4410911I hurt myself today[View]
4410750CHAINLINK: srsl is this just a scam? I cant' even... bags too heavy I am broke[View]
4410676WHATS HIS FUCKING DEAL: He's rising again[View]
4409948BUY MORE ARK[View]
4410787oh lol here we go again the fastest pumps on the interwbez[View]
4410897YES YES YES WAking up to seeing my alts not being JUSTED makes me very very happy[View]
4410206I CANNOT be a wagecuck when im older, even if it was a well paying finance job which is what im tech…[View]
4409238Hope you bought the dip[View]
4409903I have 0.01467825 BTC what do i buy to wake up with more money[View]
4410568What exchange do I use when I don't want to pay capital gains while day trading my buttcoins? I…[View]
4410597I have 11k satoshi on a forgotten account on bittrex. wat to do?[View]
4408152asx thread: who /g88/ here?[View]
4410688is it worth buying this now that it has been dumped? What price could this realistically see before …[View]
4410620BCH.: Get in. Now. BTC is now owned in majority by investment funds, hedge funds and other Wall Stre…[View]
4409256>new website today >beta next month[View]
4408801I think I've justed myself into oblivion. I just post because maybe someone can get a laugh out…[View]
4410164Rise: Someone tell me why rise isn't the perfect long term hold.[View]
4410312Goldreward just started trading on EtherDelta: www.goldreward.io token GRX I posted yesterday and al…[View]
4408786Online courses, certificate: Im currently a NEET cause I got extremely sick of the construction job …[View]
4410125>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who panic sold their BTC at $5500 and bought BCH at $28…[View]
4408020Digital Gold: In a few years people will look back and laugh at how a group of idiots thought that a…[View]
4409101F general: F[View]
4408560Bitcoin: Why is BTC not breaking $8000 ? Could this be the start of the alt era?[View]
4408140What Does it Take Biz?: https://www.idrlabs.com/dark-triad/test.php Take this test and post results …[View]
4410142we are going to live rent free[View]
4409120Mans gotta sleep. Other than BCH, what should I hop off BTC into? ETH? LTC? Both? Might put a little…[View]
4410606Remembering Upfiring?: remember when this was being shilled here? people bought the top and lost 75%…[View]
4410624buy BT2. thank me later: segwit2x happening in a few hours[View]
4410611Thanks daddy bitcoin for blessing us with those comfy gains. Turned 600€ into 820€ within a few days…[View]
4409493Stop loss: NONE[View]
4409682Should I pay back my student loans now that I have the money?: I can cash out 22k from my crypto gai…[View]
4410534When to sell POWR, 0 clue just bought in cause some one called a moon mission.[View]
4410323ETH price predictions for q1 2018?: has this autist halted the progress?[View]
4409545store of value: BTC should stop mining. Fuck the greedy miners right? Who wants to pay them fees? 1M…[View]
4409630Does anyone else hate the crypto market with a passion? It's nothing but a neverending cycle of…[View]
4409646Dear core shills: Just admit that your afraid. Theirs no shame in it, I would be too. Theirs a reaso…[View]
4410237I'm new and I don't know if I'm missing something it Bittrex exchange, but why can…[View]
4410157Save your balls: Hey guys, We started a donation mouvement for Movember un our company, but no one c…[View]
4407654Who makes money doing blue collar work here?[View]
4410427pssssst 180% PoS webwallet ofline staking soon™ masternodes soon™ and many more for Q1 2018 DYOR[View]
4410384WAKE ME UP When is the JUSTing going to finish?[View]
4409136anyone able to send me 13 link to help me hit 1000 LINK? Im broke as fuck and my OCD is killing me h…[View]
4409222UFR will be on fire this weekend: 97% token burn this sunday, get in before the FOMO starts[View]
4410262are you accumulating NEBL? i hope you are desu[View]
4407788LITECOIN: I-I thought we w-were gonna m-moon...[View]
4410292Who here still holding cindicator? Are we getting memed?[View]
4406345Satoshi was wrong: Satoshi was wrong, at least for now. Crypto will never become a medium of exchang…[View]
4409928neat little WTC infographic: https://imgur.com/a/8fCWe WTC info bundled in one graphic[View]
4404333Have $500 want to get in on cryptocurrency. What do?[View]
4410298Reality in mining Round Progress: 331.07 % (zec/suprnova)[View]
4407208is this true?[View]
4409862Hello, guys! I have a project in my university that involves working on an idea in legal tech. First…[View]
4410111STINKY LINKIES: Why is your main goal not trying to get Link onto bittrex? That would cause a 3x at…[View]
4396285/biz/ Job cucking thread, lets see what you miserable fucks do for a living >age >job >sal…[View]
4409584Fuck btc. Buy cheap alts, retards: Btc fags will throw themselves a party when btc 'moons' from 7700…[View]
4410120I need a helping hand regarding fees and wallets.: Hello, I am just so freaking confused. I started …[View]
4409378POWER LEDGER NEWS: The Australian Government Just Awarded $8 Million To A Project In The City Of Fre…[View]
4409698What's the best exchange for UK? I hear anything actually based in UK is fucked, so I need an e…[View]
4410109My baaaaaags ahhhhh: >long term investment in promising projects -> bags >short term PnD tr…[View]
4409817How much does /biz think that XRP will be worth next year??[View]
4409444POWR officially endorsed by Australian government: https://medium.com/power-ledger/australian-govern…[View]
4409379>bch total supply: 16,806,125 >btc total supply: 16,684,362 >121,763 more than btc How wer…[View]
4409998Bitcoin: Easiest way to invest in Bitcoin in EURO. If you have a depot. No wallet, no exchange. Buy …[View]
4409585No bagholder here. But since I'm only seeing Wojaks and cry threads about how chainlink broke f…[View]
4409205Lumens to the moon bois: Are you all ready for the moon mission this weekend? How filled is your wal…[View]
4409158You have 10 seconds to explain why you are not investing in this man![View]
4409959Can't fucking search any coin news on twitter without telegram group shit? try this.: > use …[View]
4409798>withdrew eth from kraken >tfw not sure where it went but its definitly gone cool…[View]
4409931How much is my .3 of a BTC going to be worth in 5 years?[View]
4409272What's your biggest regret, biz?[View]
4409914Mommy and Daddy can you please stop fighting. I know Mommy is mad at Daddy for selling his body for …[View]
4409656>make 15k playing poker >lose it all on crypto what the eff…[View]
4409907Eolie: Just do it. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5qedrpC-O9h1ilzAbkv8uuJlt4vwGOwh4SGbCN…[View]
4409905give me 2 good reasons why youre not holding the big 3: - BCash - ETH - LinkChain[View]
4408972Anyone else absolutely filling their boots in Link's mega sale?[View]
4409604press f to spit on its grave[View]
4408825Why do men feel the need to flaunt money? Pic related the girl is worth at least 10x this man and he…[View]
4409304Anyone else sitting /comfy/ with SpectreCoin right now? >Innovative 'stealth addresses' so you ca…[View]
4408434i have $600. how can i double or triple this without crypto bullshit?[View]
4409068There Is Still Time: the miners won't completely switch over to BCH and cause the chain death o…[View]
4408597Horizon State (HST) will be listed on KuCoin and Cryptopia soon. Third exchange will be announced la…[View]
4409187What's your take on this /biz/?: There's a new shitcoin from Indonesia called EAGLECOIN th…[View]
4408581The first thing CME is going to do: >is try to sink our shit. What can us plebs do? They're…[View]
4409395To all you pajeets!: I found an undervalued coin with great upside. This project is so amazing and b…[View]
4408424So I've got 4 antminer S9's coming my way, claimed 13.5 TH/s, let's call it 12 to be …[View]
4409503ride the $ada moon inc[View]
4409097Recruitment...: I found an undervalued coin with great upside. This project is so amazing and below …[View]
4409500Biz to stupid to invest in real projects: https://twitter.com/PowerLedger_io/status/9314366453244108…[View]
4409078$1400 buy upto for BCH: this guy knows some insider shit[View]
4409372Let's shit post these faggots: Come over to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG4VI2zctnU and shi…[View]
4409330POWER lets go champ: GOAT product on the market right now[View]
4409504Vitalik Buterin and his fucking name: Is it... vita as in vitamin and lik as in lick? Is it... vit-a…[View]
4409213I am here to shill you Lisk, the German Ethereum based on Java. Just a heads up, blockchain reward …[View]
4407382I want to hold this for a year. Is that a bad idea? Should I go with Waves instead?[View]
4409435what are some good btc brokers?[View]
4407247COSS, Crypto One Stop Shop: Is it too late to get in???[View]
4408555We are the fastest growing pump group, Super Bittrex Pump. https://discord.gg/E8jwyaA The owner of…[View]
4408998BTC BUY WALL INCOMING. Get back in here![View]
4409284Are Moonshots Done?: Are moonshots done? Am I the normie that came late to the party? Party over? Wh…[View]
4409341*yawn* that was a good sleep time to check my blockfol-: AHHHHHH....JUST[View]
4408053GOLD REWARDS NEXT BITCONNECT: told you fools to buy in when it was still in ICO. Its not too late...…[View]
4408564Three Incomes: For a little bit now, I've been thinking and looking to add another income to ad…[View]
4406746NO LlNKERS WILL BE SHOT AT SIGHT: Hey my fellow linkies, are you still excited for the project? Are …[View]
4409227Just waiting for the west to catch up[View]
4409239>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that bought bancor tokens through bitcoin suisse…[View]
4408778Is he dumping again?: Is he dumping again?[View]
4409221Fork is still on. It's a god damn shkrelijewgoldburgstien kamakazi yakuza conspiracy.[View]
4408297Metal (MTL): It looks like MTL is in a good position for a decent short-term gain. What do you guys …[View]
4408969>get into crypto >buy a fraction of btc >read non-stop, discover alts >sleepless nights …[View]
4407911>people still freaking about the price of LINK when its listed only in one proper exchange that i…[View]
4408796Bitcoin Cash has broken out, prepare for moon[View]
4407880Waltonchain: Waltonchain is getting ready to Spike with youtuber boxmining doing his video tour of W…[View]
4407845if you missed icon..: i got some bad news for you biz. this might be the last 30x ico in history. we…[View]
4408934>btc moons >alts crash >btc dips >bch moons >alts crash i am tired of these dinosaur …[View]
4409066Friday special: https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions there we go again 100k soon…[View]
4409103Congratz seriously.[View]
4409102we are hitting levels of JUST that shouldnt be possible[View]
4409061hands of iron: you can only post in this thread if you've been all in bch since .08[View]
4406641BAY: Buy this dip. Thank me later.[View]
4407949Kyber on Bithumb?: https://twitter.com/stelyb/status/930764924686548995 Is this true? Why is there …[View]
4408365you aren't in this guaranteed moon yet??: guaranteed moon mission from this stellar team. accum…[View]
44090397995 to 7470: So glad I got the fuck out at 7900[View]
4408888How long before LINK moons?[View]
4407376Purealt a shitcoin: This coin does not have the basics of any coin. No whitepaper, no roadmap... Dev…[View]
4407831No LINK thread? New LINK thread?: bwahhahhahahhahahah ***inhales bwaahahahahahahahah This reminds me…[View]
4408943Our Savior: Repent your sins, you've been given a second chance. Do not worship false idols.…[View]
4407538Probably going to fucking regret it but I am back in bch. Anyone else?[View]
4408892All the posts here are so fucking fake. As soon as something moons, then dies, fucking billions of s…[View]
4406952Daily reminder you wannabee wall street traders would have done better if you just held bitcoin[View]
4409011I need help brethrens[View]
4408850Anyone else ever get loads of ads for crypto they've never heard of?[View]
4408813MOON MISSION: Get in or stay poor. Let's goo!!!!![View]
4408977Why aren't you guys in this coin yet?[View]
4408904How do I lower my fees? I deposited some small money yesterday and was a little bit disgusted, when …[View]
4408482Buying high and selling low: Does anyone else seem to do this again, and again, and again, and again…[View]
4407353MT GOX 2.0: Quads. Coinbase. Tomorrow.[View]
4408386top kek[View]
4408871Who here allined shitcoin cash at 800 USD? ITS MOONING !!!!! My dubs confirm 3K tonight. Stay mad co…[View]
4407587Trader: I started trading 6 months ago. I now manage 2 millions and made 60k for my self in 2 weeks.…[View]
440531392% forex win rate.: Hi, it's me again. Posted earlier today about not having a single losing t…[View]
4404924Iota: The future of crypto, ready for another moon mission.: Quick run down >Quantum proof >No…[View]
4408279Korean whales will pump LINK to $5 tomorrow. Screencap this[View]
4408744Long term hold: What is the best coin for a long term strategy? Powr?[View]
4408173I'm rich now and want to hire a personal female assistant: where do i start? do i make an ad on…[View]
4408700Did you buy VTC like I told you to?[View]
4408754You mean a country can make bitcoin illegal?: REEEEEEEEEEEE![View]
4406753We curse BTC: So, as many of you guys know, if BTC breaks 8k on Bittrex, alts are finished. If you …[View]
4408570Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin. I will be selling all of my Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash on 00:00:01 U…[View]
4407524RPX: Need some actual advice, when do i decide to hold or pull out? Why would i do either of them? T…[View]
4408712>when bitcoin is going up to $1M and nobody can stop it[View]
4407034WTF!!: Any one know wtf is going on ?? Is it the new platform launch`?? Heard they had explosive ne…[View]
4405902THE NORMIES ARE COMING: True story: My old man owns a car dealership. I stop in usually once a week …[View]
4407907NEWFAG WALLET-ING: Started trading this week. Has been a lot more productive than shitposting on /po…[View]
4407979What is the preferred method of cold storage for safeguarding all my cryptos against exchange shenan…[View]
4407040Who's holding comfortably?: Bought at 0.0095 currently at 0.0075 not worried one bit.[View]
4407290I'm a cubicle wagecuck and I'm balding Should I just off myself?[View]
4407856We are the fastest growing pump group, Super Bittrex Pump. https://discord.gg/E8jwyaA The owner of t…[View]
4407954Opening a drone photography and videography business: I am starting up my drone photography and vide…[View]
4408550If I change banks but have a credit card tied to my old bank that I want to close does it effect my …[View]
4408485HST announcement?: I thought HST was going to announce their exchange...any minute now.[View]
4408359Thoughts on Diamond (DMD)?[View]
4408154Not a larp, willing to pay someone 0.01 BTCs worth of whatever crypto they want for some advice. I w…[View]
4397398I said it would be listed today: https://etherdelta.com/#ASTRO-ETH Lets review /biz/ 1. 4mil total s…[View]
4408517for fucks skae make PIRL a meme: CAn one of you fucks make PIRL a meme so we can profit. PIRL is the…[View]
4407931JUST: Who else here getting justed on top of their justed justs?[View]
4408073SHITCOIN PUMP: Time for Some Iron hand GAINS No balls or sleepy need not apply. This shits gonna be …[View]
4407483NULS being added to kucoin on the 18th. New site coming soon. Will this new exchange be enough to by…[View]
4408440I feel better now: >not a scam[View]
4405777AIR TOKEN is extremely undervalued: https://www.forbes.com/profile/victor-santos/ CEO is on the Forb…[View]
4408247Reminder that 8k, 9k, and 10k are just arbitrary numbers. It's inevitable that this will go par…[View]
4408394bittrex under attack...[View]
4408178Good coin to buy?: Since Vitalik is a closet pedo, would it be better to buy Etherum Classic? It loo…[View]
4407193Giveaway: I will send 0.0015 BTC to anyone who can find this google street view snapshot. You must s…[View]
4408331By what signs do you know that the pump is finished and will soon dump?[View]
44080811E4QJwkrmME1MyyBqepqr6VrhnXzjN5yec: So I know this is old news to everybody, but coinbase is fucking…[View]
4407755Strap in for another moon mission by yours truly, DCORP: Unless you hate money and would rather wage…[View]
4408147I'm sure it's nothing rrrrr-right guys?: https://status.coinbase.com/ >Investigating - …[View]
4408006>I accidentally Ethereum *kills your contract*[View]
4406649Rate my portfolio Am I dumb or do I have a chance?[View]
4399311[Tut] Turn 1k into 250k within 60 days: Step 1: Read this https://pastebin.com/6xcsc2jR Step 2: and …[View]
4407072Um guise: Can't I just make a shitcoin, keep 70% of the coins and sell them all? If yes, how do…[View]
4405017Bitfinex is artificially inflating BTC price with Tether: It's a SCAM boys. See those colored p…[View]
4406858TEEKA: OBEY[View]
4407622New fag here!!: Here guys im a be of a new fag to the trading of alts, and was wondering if i could …[View]
4407020S-should I sell my BTC? I think 8k is going to be the max[View]
4408119ELLA: Looks like a breakout is underway. See you at $10 https://bitscreener.com/coins/ellaism…[View]
4408067Daily Reminder: Daily Reminder Obsidian is a scam >Clone of Wickr messenger >affiliated with S…[View]
4406313bitcoin is going to crash overnight big time just warning you all take care[View]
4406782Stinky Linkies: You can vent in this thread. Just let it out anon.[View]
4406884i finally fucked up: ask someone who sent 2.9btc to the wrong goddamn address anything[View]
4407806Help me pick a job: Hi biz, I have the opportunity to work at a young startup. I have my choice of b…[View]
4408039OK serious odds: Link how much % it will succeed how much % it will fail? Thinking about putting 500…[View]
4408042The link to buy Dollarydoos on IDEX just got posted to a 66,000 member Facebook group about The Simp…[View]
4408065Anyone got anything good/bad to say about Bittrex? Just looking for an exchange to easily sell my ER…[View]
4406881Hello, I'm a certified financial analyst and I'm here to give free investment advice. Let…[View]
4391740Let's play a game /biz/: If your ID contains a crypto you must buy $10 of it and hold it until …[View]
4408015>Alts dip super low during BTC surge last month >Haha great time to buy no problem it'll…[View]
4408016Should i buy back into bcc now or do you think it'll drop back to .11?[View]
4404941BUY BITCOIN CASH. BUY UP TO $1,400. NO STOP LOSS.: And remember, let the game come to you![View]
4407366Any swing traders out there? I'm trying to learn some technical analysis (inb4 memes) and wante…[View]
4407706Come to /Biz/ to discuss the ongoing hostilities, like the rest of the 'great warriors'?[View]
4407364Should I go with the communist kike pedos or the chinks (Bcash)?[View]
4406895Wojaks: Need lots of Wojaks; making stickers.[View]
4407969discord groups thread? i'll start: discord.gg/TCujrxH discord.gg/fTeN6Fx[View]
4407961Have you forgotten about me, anon? https://twitter.com/janko33bd/status/930499342968016897?s=17[View]
4407419Hey, /biz/. I am interested in learning day-trading and hold $2,500 ready to invest in a growth-orie…[View]
4407570$3000 to invest: I already have invested a bit in crypto but im looking to put in a fresh 3k. I want…[View]
4407725Segwit2x Fork: Is the Segwit2x fork still happening or not gotdammit!?!?!?!?!?!?![View]
4404167I've seen quite some shilling for chancoin and at first I didn't give a shit because obvio…[View]
4407817Ethereum has made bitcoin obsolete Enjoy your exit pump[View]
4400900CME Futures Opening in 4-6 weeks: The only thing preventing mainstream institutional investment in b…[View]
4407609Segwit2X update from coinbase: What will happen? https://blog.gdax.com/bitcoin-segwit2x-update-9abcc…[View]
4406643Is it a good idea to invest in a coin that has kept steady for several months and hasn't fluctu…[View]
4407778Pink LINK[View]
4407147>BCash cucks actually thought the chinks would win against the Jews and allied with Jihan. They …[View]
4407329Looking for Mentor: Im looking for a Competent mentor. Preferably somebody that has extensive exper…[View]
4406754The Tesla presentation on their new semis is starting soon. GET IN HERE! www.tesla.com Tesla is in t…[View]
4407044Gather around gentlemen, ladies and traps of /biz/ This is a BCH PR announcement by the BCH Marine C…[View]
4407182Abandon ship: BTC give up its try to break $8k No serious supports until 7500 or 7300, and the fear …[View]
4407668who here getting JUST'd right now?[View]
4407700Andreas compares Bitcoin to Pornography... SELLSELLSELL!!!!: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! https://youtu.be/1dEc…[View]
4406890>Massive swings in BTC and altcoin valuations >My portfolio is barely changed Who else is som…[View]
4404700Me right now at this ASTRO price: > Get em while their cheap[View]
4406945Which one of my alts will fail me?: I don't think i can consolidate further. Thoughts?[View]
4407355Hey... Anyon e know a good site where I can get constant up to date news on South Africa?[View]
4400664When are people going to start buying alts again[View]
4406715You must by ASTRO: https://etherdelta.com/#ASTRO-ETH[View]
4407589Can aussies redpill me on this coin? Why is it mooning without any news?[View]
4407292$1000 Chainlink or Req: What is the best coin to hold for 1-2 years[View]
4407549Just received this email from Coinbase. What the fuck, I won't be able to send my coins to exch…[View]
4407255who here /one in ten thousand/ (100k+ LINK club)[View]
4402857Fucking idiots. (they) have convinced you that the way to riches in crypto is to desperately gamble …[View]
4407331Houston we have liftoff[View]
4407198Hey biz Going to go sleepies now. Some how after getting into crypto a month ago and making constant…[View]
4407384This always happens when there’s a first in any industry. It’s called hindsight bias. >They figh…[View]
4407383basic bitch day trading: all this yammering on about exotic alts... is anyone else here just trading…[View]
4407305Leaving this here[View]
4407047I'm gonna kill BTC for what it's done to my alts, /biz/: I've had enough[View]
4405686Ripple moon?: After Amex news, did we find new bottom? New moon mission?[View]
4405884Is Marriage a Bad Deal for Men?: pls discuss, /biz/, and keep it civil shall we. this is a family-fr…[View]
4407073Can someone post that one Link meme.: Of the guy that had a wire through his face, and the caption r…[View]
4407185>inb4 not crypto I know this is essentially just a crypto board, but why don't we set up a m…[View]
4407216i heard there a bitcoin spoon[View]
4407205Pump and pump: Opinions on power ledger and mod???? Is the pump real... also Walton /:[View]
4407140Upcoming NEO dates.. You would have to be crazy to be not holding it right now[View]
4404686Is this shit ever gonna moon again? I thought they were further ahead on development than Lisk? Why …[View]
4407074Is Electroneum ETN worth hording or what?: I've cashed out all my worthless ether and bought BT…[View]
4407143I hold dcr ubq neo ark req powr and sub. OKAY I AM NOW GOING SLEEP GOOD NIGHT, IM GOING TO BE FINE R…[View]
4406021>tfw normie coworkers do drugs and drink alcohol, many are in debt, dont invest at all etc…[View]
4406718Trades: Sorry if this is a newfaghish Question, but what are the best trades to look into? Im intere…[View]
4405828Too all the faggots who keep conning me into buying lite when its at its high, fuck you i hate you a…[View]
4406593i have literally made 0 money since i started in march this year at first i was very bad, and i had …[View]
4406959what do you guys think of horizon state?[View]
4406246ETH + Plasma = ????: Just got myself a shitton of ETH. What should I do with it? Hold or buy cheap t…[View]
4406815Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice, shame on me Fool me thrice, ????[View]
4406697ELTCOIN: Saw this shilled the other day. I'm on the fence. Anyone here holding? Gimme your best…[View]
4406267ChainLink Killer?: Oracle Poa is supposedly being advised by none other than Vitalik. Currently Chai…[View]
4403107Goys...: What the fuck are you doing?[View]
4406967>lost ~15% sats overnight FUUUUUCCK[View]
4406610Tether is NOT a scam: Reminder that Tether is not a scam. >B-b-but every time BTC turns has a pum…[View]
4406618XLM/KRW added to upbit. https://www.upbit.com/service_center/notice?id=66 Youre fucking welcome…[View]
4406901'A Likely Scenario': > be me in 1 week > BTC starts to bleed a little bit, corrects to 5k. …[View]
4406875refueling and ready to moon![View]
4406604i'm gonna wake up tomorrow so fucking JUSTed, arent i[View]
4406155want free money?: buy astro you fags its about to popopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopopo…[View]
4406864Who here didn't buy the dip? I want to commit suicide[View]
4406180Thank fuck for the LISK retrace, this coin seems to go under the radar by /biz/. Lisk: Javascript ap…[View]
4405471Don't forget to buy the dip[View]
4405831Moon mission coming[View]
4406779For anyone interested in a really speculative crypto, look into tradecoin. It is listed on novaexcha…[View]
4405977Why do altcoins even exist is this shit happens every fucking time BTC does anything[View]
4406347Is it too early to buy alts?: Or is it juuuuust the right time[View]
4406797What is this GXShares that just got listed on binance?[View]
4404019I keep buying into ETH the past few months and missing every pump ever, and I'm starting to thi…[View]
4405524Reminder to buy the next upcoming coin. Fuck Bitcoin, we're crashing this market with no surviv…[View]
4406694whats the most active PnD discord? and not vizards fuck that shit, I want stuff all the time[View]
4405929Hey /biz/ I'm at my last $2k to my name. What's the fastest way to working that into $100k…[View]
4406655FunFair: Pump almost finished. My pump group is about to dump. I personally hate this shit coin so I…[View]
4400015Quickest way to a million dollars with 2k starting capital, go[View]
4406716SALT. Buy the DIP: Now.[View]
4405942BEGINING: Where/what is the best way to learn? I want to get myself clued up and in a knowledgeable …[View]
4406406GXS just listed on binance get in now![View]
4405608FLIP IT[View]
4406695How come noone here talks about based Centra? This shit has long term potential as good as I have se…[View]
4405773Bitcore: What is this shit and why is it mooning?[View]
4406637CureCoin: What is this shitcoin and does it have potential?[View]
4406373bank the banks: This is STILL the best alt coin. The logo, teammates and marketing is second to NONE…[View]
4406382What do you guys think the speech Mario Draghi will give titled 'Europe into a New Era' in a few hou…[View]
4406419To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand ChainLINK. The concept is extremely subtle…[View]
4406513signatures when signing legal documents: This is probably a stupid question, but does my signature n…[View]
4406600>FCC is repealing net neutrality and broadcasting network merger regulations >he isn't in…[View]
4406165Total brainlet here. Is it smart to cash out alts into btc when btc is high like now?[View]
4406069uhhhhh, what is happen. is btc kill?[View]
4406433Help me get this fucking CSS mess fixed and win .1 ETH: So basically I was fucking around with the C…[View]
4405314there are people on this board right now that sold BTC at $5.6k and bought BCH at $2.5[View]
4406231Genesis Vision: > Hurry, anon. Buy on Etherdelta and move to Binance. This thing is about to take…[View]
4400456Is the market simply too stupid to understand this coin?[View]
4406544I dont get it, since S2X is back doesnt this make BCH pretty much useless? redpill me[View]
4406322We are the fastest growing pump group, Super Bittrex Pump. https://discord.gg/E8jwyaA The owner of …[View]
4405893Sick of all the crypto scams. What stocks are we flippin?[View]
4406449Just said basically the same in another thread. We actually are the smart ones no matter how retarde…[View]
440603625% in BTC. 75% in BCH. Quote me on this.[View]
4405658I look at ARK's roadmap and see they're trying to complete lots of things. No wonder why p…[View]
4406439Cointedtoken: So /biz/ what do you guys think of cointed? Haven't heard it mentioned around her…[View]
4406187Bitcoin to $8,200 tomorrow afternoon: Hello, Anon. This is Lain. Please see title. $8,000 within the…[View]
4405673COINBASE GDAX S2X[View]
4406240Is Decreed a pajeet coin[View]
4406337VTC incoming: Want some free muns? VTC will rise 10-15% within the next 12-24 hours source: my own …[View]
4406316Thanks coinbase: After the email that they're giving free coins, btc is up almost 2% in 45 min …[View]
4405226Who here getting JUSTED?[View]
4403405Ark Giveaway: Come to me, all you who are weary and deluded, and I will give you gains. Post your Ar…[View]
4406093Random TRX deposit to the binance wallet.: Idk even know what TRX is. Explain please.[View]
4406288storytime: It was a cold, heavy night. shill and pajeet pumped around the campfire, crying songs and…[View]
4406256J U S T[View]
4405737Why aren't you guys invested in a literal MEME coin? I been in the telegram a few days and the …[View]
4406289Stay Woke anon: https://medium.com/@bitfinexed/the-bitfinex-dilemma-blow-up-now-or-try-a-hail-mary-t…[View]
4406285B2X FORK GOING THROUGH? What's this mean[View]
4405668So was this fake all along?[View]
4406174It´s clear as the day[View]
4405231>muh swift partnership when will you faggots wake up and accept that this is a shitcoin…[View]
4406133What the fuck does this shit do exactly, and is it worth holding long term?[View]
4405618I just bought 2,000 LINK as my first non-ETH alt purchase bros. I'm going to not touch it for 1…[View]
4405896BITFINEX and Tether - warning to you all: Tether is being 'printed' by Bitfinex without any guarante…[View]
4406221The gigs up boys[View]
4405952Bcash bagholders so upset that btc's going up and their shitcoin being dumped they started buyi…[View]
4405801Monero vs ZCash vs PIVX: Privacy is going to be big niche crypto market. I want to go big into XMR h…[View]
4405727>be on /biz/ pretty frequently a couple of years ago >/Robinhood/ all day every day >leave…[View]
4406079XRP is pumping again: What are you doing? Make me some money![View]
4406112Will Guppy turn me into a whale? I hope so because I all my buy orders got filled recently. Now that…[View]
4404890opinions on stellar (XLM)?[View]
4405388Metaverse: Is this a good time to buy ETP?[View]
4405505A good read for newbies about the fact that the USG has been trying to hardfork Bitcoin for years (a…[View]
4404942to the ones who lost a lot today...: I know a lot of /biz/ lost a lot with alts dropping today. I ma…[View]
4405746HST new exchange coming SOON!: Decision Token (Horizon State Token) incoming exchange news! HST new …[View]
4406092How fucked am i? >shapeshift .3 BTC into monero during BTC/BCH tantrum >30sat/byte fee >bum…[View]
4406061Mission control we have go[View]
4406078Was on the 'your id is the crypto u invest in' thread (>>4391740), and some dude rolled with t…[View]
44054853 Best Twitter Crypto Accounts with less than 5000 followers: What are the best accounts to follow l…[View]
4406068>its another episode of 'the floppening' by the cashcucks it doesnt matter if you're right o…[View]
4406044'The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date' Yet Reddit is eatin…[View]
4405996Why is my P2POOL Payout So Low?: https://imgur.com/a/GYdvM These are pictures of my node and miner. …[View]
4405694YLYL - YOU LOSE YOU LAUGH pic related HAHA[View]
4404456I have a 20M Follower Network on Instagram, ask me anything. If you have any inquiries, Kik me or po…[View]
4405938Will you answer his call this time?: Will you buy LTC?[View]
4405213Uh oh[View]
4405838comfy: liquidated all alts for money to buy Bitcoin Cash at .1 BTC, sold BCH at .42 for more bitcoin…[View]
4403078Discuss Copper news and Copper futures we are trading copper futures today[View]
4405889apology for poor english where were you when altcoins die i was sat at home huffing ether when rojar…[View]
4404800I will not FOMO. I will not FOMO. I will not FOMO. no no no I will NOT FOMO. can't make me. can…[View]
4405837>trusted community managers have the moderation key to this decentralized marketplace…[View]
4405867GDAX Segwit2X news: Who else got the email that GDAX will disable deposits and withdraws in 1 hour b…[View]
4403119I'm growing tired of posts about ChainLink's communication skills. This is a little explan…[View]
4405821Ever seen a devil with a halo Ever seen a angle with some horns Everybody got there own own demans …[View]
4405846yo tards i made a shit coin and it ico's tomorrow. do you know any shills who can shill me on …[View]
4401588ITT: we try to justify why we didn't buy the 5400 dip[View]
4405466PTOY Healthcare seems ripe for blockchain disruption. Anybody have any insight on this coin?[View]
4404356i bought this at 0.009 wtf should i do now ??[View]
4404336What good resources for crypto: I wanna know more about crypto from non-lunatics. Any one to follow …[View]
4402253Why aren't you buying Ark right now? Anyone who can do basic TA would tell you that this thing …[View]
4405627I'm in the process of buying a house. I declared about 7k worth of assets when I applied. It…[View]
4404805DRP: You know there is no way you can't make money off of this coin right? It's dirt cheap…[View]
4403113listen to /biz/: I warned you fucking niggers about LTC Over the past week I've created like 10…[View]
4404108Lightning Network: If you are going to do a majority of transactions on a layer 2 solution that isn…[View]
4405327Dear panic sellers, Thank you for being so easy.[View]
4404695>don't talk about this, i'm not done accumulating[View]
4405240an ETH shitcoin to autotrade innumerable other ETH shitcoins >i'll take 30000…[View]
4404659Rip link: Take that big red dick[View]
4405677Volume of BTC: On June 6th, 2016, Bitcoin's volume on USDT was 1 dollar. Today it was about 83 …[View]
4404459Is WTC gonna drop some more? I bought at $2 and i believe in it and i wanna buy more.[View]
4405487I've searched for new coins: And I can safely say that CRYPTO. IS DEAD. I don't see how a …[View]
4405345>bought BTC at 5k in Jul >Family trust you to take care of their money and bought more >pro…[View]
4405584Promising 1WO ICO: Get in quick, It uses a similar system to BAT but better. Is an established busin…[View]
4405477>STOP LOSS: NONE[View]
4403761$8,000 BTC LET'S SEE IT[View]
4405373POWR: You better get in and buy POWR right fucking NOW unless you want to feel JUST'd for missi…[View]
4403257Just a reminder: The Chinese saved bitcoin by resisting crazy blocksize increases for so long (I mea…[View]
4403871Japan: hey Biz what are the best crypto projects in Japan right now? I've invested in NEM. Look…[View]
4405390LINKIES! THEY THINK THEY CAN INSULT LINKIES! AHAHAHAHAH! Look here. This is your first warning. Do n…[View]
4405395The Chink ETH General NO SHILLING: Goys I want to talk about NEO. Since it already mooned this isn…[View]
4404662When will the correction happen? I missed the last dip at 5400 and at 3000[View]
4404843gordon....... leave this place or u will desintegrate into particales i havent named cuz im fucking …[View]
4405322Sodl my virginity for BTC in 2013 to buy drugs is it too late to claim rape?[View]
4405072Shitcoins: Why do they exist? What's the point of them? The way I see it all people should just…[View]
4405140>Proof of Stake[View]
4400278bat: do you think its about to blow up? discuss dont shill or fud please[View]
4405376How do I short a country that doesnt have a currency?: https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/879926…[View]
4404473Can someone explain to me why ETH is trading at a 20% discount in USD?[View]
4405172I just bought $100.00 Bitcoin and I already lost $2.00: I thought bitcoin was going UP UP UP![View]
4405368Now is the time to invest in ELLA: This shit is going to explode. You stupid nigger. https://bitscre…[View]
4403838Take it all in my fellow Cashies, all these smug corecucks that are oblivious to what's coming …[View]
4405360Anyone else bullish on bitcoinz after all the VTC, GRS, and FTC pumps?[View]
4405248Holy shit, this 10 minute difficulty adjustment shit is legit. Even after BTC pumped like hell the g…[View]
4405202Fasten your seatbelt[View]
4404508Almost back at 15 cents[View]
4405303Why you don't listen, /biz/?: 24 hours ago more or less I made this thread: >>>4385026…[View]
4404121#4CHNallday >The tipping extensions Chrome : https://github.com/VladimirPewtin/CHANCOIN-TippingEx…[View]
4405300Coinbase Courts Hedge Funds With Institutional Storage Service: Have not seen any of you faggots tal…[View]
4403133Hello Biz, wanted to share an experiment I've been conducting over the past few weeks. I have 4…[View]
4405158What's the going price on retarted Wojaks?[View]
4405179fuck jihan[View]
4405190Riddle me this /biz/ Why do the highest volumes on Bitfinex always trade in USD, when Americans are …[View]
4405208STATUS TO THE MOON: ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN TO THE MOON!!! Status is at an extreme low right now, Good …[View]
4399465Ark - Let's UNITE: The downwards trend of ARK is slowly but surely reversing. It did go down sl…[View]
4405090Singular DTV Pump INBOUND: P&D discord group pumping Singular DTV in 25-30 minutes Get in for a …[View]
4402435REQ update. https://blog.request.network/request-network-project-update-november-10th-2017-a57193780…[View]
4398950Most legit ICO of the year closes on the 24th. Sells for a dollar a token at ICO. Orders at less tha…[View]
4404513$8K HERE WE GO[View]
4405009anyone got change for a dollar? the vending machine down the hall only takes coins.[View]
4404962bought link at 0.00002759, dlt at 0.00002450, and rcn at 0.00001636 and they're all crashing wa…[View]
4404771Accumulate. twitter.com/vitalikbuterin/status/931323377008046080[View]
4404729Urgent need help!: I was just in the middle of a transaction and im short 0.001 ethereum to go trhou…[View]
4405103Diamond!: Only reason why the price is low is because the community is actively trying to keep it on…[View]
4404280Post coins that will moon 1 to 3 months from now.[View]
4404241It cant even break 8k, I hope you are in BCash, because there is a pump coming[View]
4404832Is it possible to start a business with 45k?: At this point i absolutely give up on making it throug…[View]
4404988OH NO NO NO NO[View]
4404961NESARA: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/editors-pick/do-you-know-about-nesara-i-bet-you-dont-but-it…[View]
4404206BEST PnD group out there: https://discord.gg/CZXAJcy Big Pump coming up tomorrow. Already done 4 ma…[View]
4404905I WILL SURVIVE[View]
4402491Daily reminder that bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0.[View]
4404842Fuck Bitcoin and Tether Thread: Fucking up the whole market[View]
4404833I bought bitcoin at 8k. Did I fuck up?[View]
4403581Get Fucked, Liskers: 'tee hee MY alt doesn't suffer when bitcoin goes on a rampage!' 'this will…[View]
4404531/biz/ will read this tonight before going to bed.[View]
4404245I dont know who im more mad at: Sergey for not giving a fuck about his investors or plushitard for n…[View]
4404582dumb nigga: >be me, 16 years old still in high school >teacher sets an essay on social topics …[View]
4400684Pump on Friday, LMC you heard it here: Hi everyone, I am the dude that called Storj breaking .12 and…[View]
4404764If it werent for this I'd be getting: totally JUST'D right now[View]
4403382Roger took his wall down. Congrats on this, cashies.[View]
4404610Ethereum moon countdown: This is it. This is your official notice that the Ethereum moon is about st…[View]
4403771Is this coin a fucking disgrace?: It JUST'd me hard.[View]
4404388What kind of trading has brought you the most success so far? HODLing bitcoin? Microtrading LTC or E…[View]
4404590Give me a quick rundown on vertcoin. Why do some of you say it will take btcs spot over any other al…[View]
4404640Aight that was fun, sold all 65k FENX I had for about 6k. Thanks to all you who participated in pur…[View]
4404193>satoshi's vision why do you think that this isn't a legitimate argument?…[View]
4404268get in testing 80 soon![View]
4403501This guy owns 9832 bitcoins that he mined back in 2009. How does hat make you feel biz?[View]
4404660lmaoing hard right now as Bitcoin Core cant even break 8k. Get in on BCash you idiots[View]
4403324HST ready to take off: 7 hours more until exchange announcement. HST bros, are you ready?[View]
4403464How does your net worth stack up, /biz/? https://dqydj.com/net-worth-by-age-calculator-united-states…[View]
4404372what exchange gives u your btc the fastest?: gemini is like 4 5 days until u can withdraw coinbase i…[View]
4402931>ITT: laugh at cashies general[View]
4403367Investing 20k: I'm an 18 year old NEET with 23k in savings. What should I do? I have zero expen…[View]
4404494saying thanks: thanks anon. Good buy earlier with astro, made some quick money on trading it, but go…[View]
4404349BCH hate thread: Can we have BCH hate thread please? I fucking lost a lot of my yearly gain on this …[View]
4403968Can you feel it in the air anons, so many coins near there all time low while getting close to compl…[View]
4404227OFFICIAL LAUGH AT BITCOIN CASH THREAD: post your best cash memes. ETH and LTC bros welcome[View]
4404479There's no way that 10k wall isn't going to hold, right? Who would sell 100k BCH at that p…[View]
4404087Ethereum moon countdown: This is it. This is your official notice that the Ethereum moon is about st…[View]
4404530PSA: Time to cut the crap and get serious.: I am deeply concerned about our fellow /biz members that…[View]
4404520now it will be at $330 for 3 months[View]
4404474what do you think about USI Tech. i make more than 1 percent a day swing trading eth. but usi tech …[View]
4403751ETH-X: Ethereum x is prepped for mooning https://etherdelta.com/#0x494bbaf0124285e6ecb4dfd9eac76e18a…[View]
4403782QUICK: What's the most volatile alt I can buy right now with $200. I wanna see upwards of 5% mo…[View]
4404089Help.: Hello anons can one of you please help me out im trying to send my tokens from myetherwallet …[View]
4403928you guys werent kidding. chainlink is the comfiest hold ive ever had. bought for the first time toda…[View]
4404396Wake me up when we hit 10k.[View]
4404090I didn’t think I was a brainlet, because I maintain a high paying job, but crypto has really made me…[View]
4402026You motherfucking employers, you sniveling kikes, why the fuck won't you hire me?! I've be…[View]
4404419next 3x.: volume increasing. get it in now. they have announcement on 20th. low circ supply. https:…[View]
4402380>hst >epy >gvt >hat who here getting JUSTed by ED shitcoins right now?…[View]
4403837RIPPLE [XRP] MOON MISSION: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/16/american-express-santander-team-up-with-r…[View]
4404318According to my analysis: This shit going to andromeda next week target 1217$[View]
4404203Never Forget - Bitcoin Cash Marine Memorial Thread: They died so that our gains could live.[View]
4403205I know how to solve The Oracle problem: Add Link to Bittrex. I'd love to buy some but I'm …[View]
4404101Send any ERC20 compliant coin here: 0x87d975fF3D8d881EE7406da12092F4ac099cbc7E Ain't no complai…[View]
4404060Ethereum Derivatives News: If I read it correctly people who participate may actually receive ether …[View]
4403599Voice Chats - ThinkTank: Only experienced daytraders: trend analysis, share ideas, fun. discord.gg/Y…[View]
4404217You guys see this right? Buy pressure is building behind this like a boston marathon pressure cooker…[View]
4403421$LUX: Only reason why the price is low is because the community is actively trying to keep it on the…[View]
4402824Buy low and hodl. The famous line I see posted all over here. Fundamentals. Bla bla. Kind of hard to…[View]
4403497>tried to destroy crypto >trusted a chink and an international felon LMAOROFLCOPTERTOPTIPPETYK…[View]
4404142Ok /biz i need your opinion on my thoughts. If you followed recent events in PnD you have seen Storj…[View]
4402570Buy up to $1400.[View]
4403289Am I the only one who sees bitcoin is at a double top?[View]
4402307>all in alts S-stop it daddy. Let us grow too....[View]
4404086ASTRO exchanges?: Any word on ASTRO going live on other exchanges?[View]
4404016BTC dip incoming, target reentry point $7,600[View]
4403075Aren’t there too many moral implications when investing in BitCoin? The whole thing is gonna be use…[View]
4402955Is there anyone more rekt than this little guy? no one gives a single shit about their tournament.[View]
4403900Hey goiz bitcash is going to moon the flippening is happ- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAH[View]
4403595Fuck your mother if you want fuck!: You're suppose to be worth at least 7500sats right now! S!…[View]
4403976Apologize to me: People laughed at me when I said bch would stop bleeding and start pumping once it …[View]
4403708>when you make more money trading on the weekends than you do at your job My entire career is a j…[View]
4404034LALALA LAAAAMBO!: Well, suppoman or no suppoman, I listened and got in at 0.6 And now? Well, this is…[View]
4402095Boomer thread: > Why don't you millennials stop being entitled with your muh-degrees? > T…[View]
4401997Why don't you have any Bitbay yet anon?[View]
4401013Play with other people's money: So I am very good at daytrading. I make around 20% each day wit…[View]
4403964Best time to buy BTC: Yes good Goyms all over the world, buy![View]
4400723UH GUYS: >>>/pol/149690394[View]
4403960HTMLCOIN Swap in 3 days - 10X: Seriously Anons? This will be my one and only post about this out of …[View]
4403791Why the fuck are people saying it will take years before LINK finishes their product when the tight-…[View]
4398133Reminder: You ll still get justed even as a billionaire. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/2017/11/1…[View]
4403198This has doubled in value, biz is unaware: Why anon , why are you not holding bitdice?[View]
4403788say bye to <0.0005 bitches fudders already out here angsty they sold their bags for pennies[View]
4403081Hope you got in on that dip: We have take off boys - dip is over - clear to launch upward >ASTRO-…[View]
4403875>tfw all in on bitcoin and litecoin[View]
4403825https://discord.gg/73pTKJ9 free exchange listing and trading alerts Come join and have fun party pe…[View]
4403893LONG LIVE THE KING: The KING! BTC unleashes his wrath on all the alts including pedocoin ETH. LONG L…[View]
4403855Ok btc, you can stop mooning now, we get it, you're the king[View]
4403779Astro - 50% Dividend in December: Astronaut (ASTRO) has launched on Etherdelta, days earlier than th…[View]
4399225Whats the point?!: Whats the point of getting money if you got a small wiener? girls will only use y…[View]
4403127Btc gamble guessing game: I thought this would be fun, guess my age, net worth, and the first letter…[View]
4402849>Have to give drivers license to coinbase I was so close to getting rich, it's not fair. I d…[View]
4401223why the fuck xrp didnt moon today with amex adoption?[View]
4403318>he sold the astro dip AGAIN[View]
4402822Looks like it's the end: Come at me.[View]
4403483Daily reminder that BTC will be worth $100K in 5 years, rsfags understand this[View]
4403179Correct me if I'm wrong: > open a business in Bulgaria > operate 100% online > generat…[View]
4403611Altcoin JUST thread Kill me[View]
4402783ODN rising in the middle of a BTC pump. get in while you can[View]
4401170ltc going orbital[View]
4403666How much JUST can a man take? It has been non-stop. Bitcoin rebounding from 5400 to 8000 in 4 days …[View]
4403692>buy a coin after a dip >its a dip within a dip episode >sell a coin after a small gain …[View]
4402830>SOLD BTC AT $4300 3 MONTHS AGO aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
4396959Has there been any news on IOTA? I don't understand why it was stuck for a week and it's b…[View]
4400621Is this /cuck/coin going to do anything besides float between $55 and $65? Even with BTC being bipol…[View]
4403450>mfw I was waiting for a 5k btc dip, and didn't buy at 5.5k.[View]
4403433Telegram Channel: I'm starting a telegram channel. I will be providing a premium service for fr…[View]
4403705God laughs at men who deplore the effects of which they cherish the causes[View]
4403602a communist and a child porn supporter walk in a bar[View]
4403620LTC: if i were you i would hodl atleast 2x gains. 50 ma crossed 200 ma upwards, its decent uptrend…[View]
4403512What problem did he solve again?[View]
4403387AstroToken: What are you doing astro???[View]
4403631Astro or Lisk: Which should i invest in? I want to dump my ether[View]
4401064AstroToken: are you in yet??? its about to fucking skyrocket on etherdelta[View]
4403563Anyone else feel bad about taking money from poor farmers[View]
4403588APOLOGIZE: where were you when you realized that ltc was /our coin/ all along?[View]
4402979Genesis Vision: Serious about this, are we staying quiet on this one cause I will erase this but loo…[View]
4403424You did sell the news right?[View]
4403487It's time to take your profit guys, correction is imminent.[View]
4401921Congrats on this. Seriously.[View]
4402779Howdy partner: I'm looking for a particular Anon who MAY have information regarding a shit coin…[View]
4401926NI HAO, WEALTHY CHINAMAN: Get ready lads[View]
4402556RIP DELUDED ARKIES: >b-but, muh cross chain swamps >we're gonna connect all the blockchai…[View]
440295925 000 € in a week. Fucking A.[View]
4403391Congrats on this, ETH hodlers. Seriously: It's still a good idea to have your portfolio 1/2 ETH…[View]
44033405:1 LTC/ETH Ratio has been breached:: LTC is good for 10% gains over the next 24hrs if you are looki…[View]
4403313Congrats on this. Seriously.: This chart may have been off by a week what do you guys think. Droppin…[View]
4403143>in order for atomic swaps to work they need a decentralized oracle you feel me…[View]
4403137The Lightning Network Now Supports Transactions Across Blockchains: https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/…[View]
4402980new fag: Best crypto wallet? Opinions on coinbase? What do they require when you register? Is it man…[View]
4402789>Bought LINK before SIBOS >Now is ignoring something like this in Binance Thats how you keep f…[View]
4403241I literally have 30 bucks to waste on monopoly coins. tell me what do I buy?[View]
4402591>BCH 900 >The flippening[View]
4403255any good day trading/analysis books[View]
4403276Is it feasible to make it wage chucking and buying $200/wk of bitcoin[View]
4402738If I bought some cryptocoin and it blew up big, and I wanted to cash out, how would I do that? Is th…[View]
4402476first atomic swap between LTC and BTC. https://twitter.com/lightning/status/931277111490265088 https…[View]
4402640Long term hodl coins: In your opinion what are some good long term cryptocurrencies that you're…[View]
4399200Publica: Are you ready for this one biz?[View]
4402443http://feenix.tech/ Dont say I didn't say I didn't warn youuuuu[View]
4402397Walton on steroids. ICO isn't until next year. But look out for this one. You're welcome.[View]
4402614How's my TA /biz?[View]
4402579More like Bitcoin Crash: Bitcoins surge to 8k yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering Chinks …[View]
4402775why wont my coins go up in btc value[View]
4403163don't buy bitcoin: I can't help but notice a trend forming pointed out by the gentleman in…[View]
4402357Why the fuck is this mooning?[View]
4402661What are your thoughts on Lisk anon?[View]
4403046i-is it too late to start?[View]
4402550Biz, hit me with some twitter handle to start following for crypto[View]
4402936I'm sorry link marines I'm selling. I just can't take it anymore. I wish you the best…[View]
4402582Operation Tether / Bitfinex: To all the AltcoinHodlers and Bitcoiners, Bitfinex is hurting us with t…[View]
4401826MFW BTC going ATH: and I'm almost exclusively in alts.... but the ones I'm holding are the…[View]
4402965So whats the vig with the PBR is it not being released tonight?[View]
4401494>biz is one person Biz is literally 3 different groups[View]
4401941#4CHNallday You heard it here first! Screencap it! It will go viral here on /biz/. You will see it …[View]
4402896So now that Bitcoin is >10k CAD and BCH is around 1k CAD can all of you bitcoin cash faggots fina…[View]
4397889That sweet traction Chancoin is starting to receive!!! This is the best ''Buy low'…[View]
4399711any fellow NEETs here comfy profiting off crypto? feelsgood desu[View]
4401742/aus/ general Did anyone real this complete takedown of Australian economy? https://medium.com/@mat…[View]
4402834Thank you for the few seconds of green candles now its time to accumulate again.[View]
4402746mfw I spread fud about bitcoin to accumilate at lower price[View]
4401270Calling on all Anons: DUMP IT.. Dump all your alts at a loss now. These alts need one last mega dump…[View]
4402677TO THE MOON[View]
4401866Just wanted to tell you UBQ is a very good buy right now, it hit the floor as shown from before, I p…[View]
4402755Altcoin Entry Points: What's the best time to buy into a decent altcoin? I always trying and bu…[View]
4402693Who else is excited for the Tesla semitruck reveal today?[View]
4402161ROBINHOOD STOCK TRADING: Robinhood is a commission free stock trading app on iOS/Android & Comin…[View]
4402623>trade the forex >not a single trade goes through, stop loss is hit every time >lose a doll…[View]
4402664>have a authenticator for wallets and various coin market accounts What do I do in case my phone …[View]
4402346FBL: hi Faceblock just listed on coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/faceblock/ https…[View]
4402002g-guys It's not going back down... guys?[View]
4402296When is this shitty coin going to take off?[View]
4402170Has anyone used this Paid Indicator on TradingView?[View]
4401831Honest question about all time highs: What is the point of trying to reach them if they are just sol…[View]
4402139Post your evidence that this is a BTC pump: Jihan and Ver are planning a repeat of last weekend. Mak…[View]
4402109NEO ABOUT TO MOON IN 2 hours: Someone just dropped the 38BTC 0.00368 sell wall on bittrex, buy now a…[View]
4402635heh heh heh heh........well.......I guess.......... nightmares really do come true.................c…[View]
4402399newfag crypto: Sup capitalists niggas. I want to start to mine bitcoins or whatever or at least star…[View]
4402179MY LIFE SAVINGS: I was all in alts but used them to purchase ~19 bitcoin at $7500. At the time it dr…[View]
4402513CME just published that futures will be available for testing on NOVEMBER 20th! Get ready for instit…[View]
4402577what are you buying in 2019 fellow Linkies.[View]
4402600Seems like everything's gone so high in the last year. There's practically no coins with g…[View]
4402596https://discord.gg/73pTKJ9 free exchange listing and trading alerts Come join and have fun party pe…[View]
4401314BlockMason trading competition: In just under 2 hours this competition is beginning: https://support…[View]
4400654I have 1000 euros to invest in crypto. How should my portfolio look like?[View]
4401723sup faggot got your powr yet?[View]
4402429So now what, it will take another 4 months to have a spike? BTC/BCH[View]
4401452God dammit[View]
4402441>Tfw invested all in LTC and BTC[View]
4402196Is it real or shill?: Bitbean[View]
4402409is coss.io legit?: I've done stocks for a while but im autistic when it comes to crypto, and i …[View]
4402127This shit's Volume is growing hard. What is this coin? I got airdropped lately on Binance for s…[View]
4402292MEOWWW the happening tomorrow[View]
4400368Pumps/Impulse Control: How long did it take you to learn not to chase the pump? I fucking ate up the…[View]
4395602Can someone explain why anyone would pay $7,400 for 1 bitcoin when in 2010 it was literally 10 cents…[View]
4402142sitting comfy with a buy order in at 7k[View]
4402202>$8000 NEVER EVER[View]
4401483idk who said buy ASTRO but THANK YOU: >buy astro three days ago >Sure I'll go full retard…[View]
4402129is there any memelines discord i can look at? like, some guy sharing his memelines or something ty x…[View]
4402133When: Such walls, many riches[View]
4402053let's go req: ing clearly interested in crypto payments https://www.ing.com/Newsroom/All-news/B…[View]
4401996ASTRO CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/astro/ we live[View]
4402245Opinion about this one? Soon moon?[View]
4401644Buy BTC now?: I am new to crypto and am trying to figure out when to buy BTC. I have been watching i…[View]
4401016There are two types of Bitcoin owners. Group #1. The autistic, psychotic nerds who believed in Bitco…[View]
4402186Revain and why you want it: Revain is a review platform that records on the blockchain. The ico was …[View]
4401733Just bought 5 BTC at $7970 what the fuck do i do now??[View]
4401116Why are people abandoning this again?[View]
4401119Video about leaked bcash infos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIasr2AiyZ0[View]
4401804WOOOOO: ever seen something like this red dildo machinegun??[View]
4402062NULS??!!??: What happened to NULS? all the news just died on this coin... where is the 40,000%…[View]
4401624So many bagholders shilling shitcoins here hoping for an impossible dream. If you're interested…[View]
4401669Remember when 'the weekend dip' was a thing here? It was about alts mostly. But now alts are just in…[View]
4401981Anyone else set traps?: I never look at blockfolio, I just buy some coin then set a series of limit …[View]
4400140PBC these vol 2: Where my SLR fags at? POWR People?[View]
4401752C-can I cancel this[View]
4401083Apparently etherdelta have a UX department[View]
4401690I'm comfy as absolute fuck with my ODN sack: With all this FUD I can't help but buy more.…[View]
4401748Coss: literally a ponzi scheme[View]
4400658Coval: Serious Project coming out of Stealth mode New Website released on the 11th. Slack announceme…[View]
4401960https://cryptovest.com/news/bitcoin-to-feature-in-tv-sitcom-the-big-bang-theory/ This show already r…[View]
4401447G g g g g guys?? Help?[View]
4401948FUDDERS AND BITCH BASTIRDS BTFO.: Check Binance, remove sell orders.[View]
4401431BTC HITS $8k!!!: NEW ALL TIME HIGH. $10K+ here we come[View]
4401910segwit2x secret fork: segwit2x is still going to hard fork tonight at midnight. hard forks are bad f…[View]
4399683CRYPTO FIRM - College Edition: What's up /biz/raelis? Chad here, I got 3 chinks to do my coding…[View]
4400781im officially a link marine i was waiting for a good dip for a while and decided to buy in on this o…[View]
4401191Anyone ever used hexabot for trading gains? seems like a major scam, but I don't know. Also, yo…[View]
4401634What do you think about a crypto related sticky on /biz/? I always feel sad for anons who go full i…[View]
4400799Soo... Is a dip ever coming??: EU fag here... So... Since BTC has mooned and all... When do you thin…[View]
4401671IS it dead? Should I move my money off of here?[View]
4401053POWR have very strong support at 3k sats even in the BTC rally, this tells me people are buying this…[View]
4401795>buy bch when it reaches floor at 0.05 >wait for fork money wandering >wait for bch reach p…[View]
4401166VeChain General /VENgen/ - Salator Sunny edition: VECHAIN https://www.vechain.com/#/ >threadthem…[View]
4401538>yfw its holding 7900 range[View]
4401220I have $5000 and plan to save $200 per month. Where should I invest? Are robo-advisors a good idea? …[View]
4401465Delusional linkies: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1nmLU284fIk Sergey and his last project that he du…[View]
4401756The next moon mission, JUST ADDED TO CMC 45 MINUTE AGO: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/faceblo…[View]
4401743Oh now I get it. Use Less leverage, but use more money[View]
4401547Bitcoin is a bubble, no plans to short-sell: Japan Post Bank CIO what did he mean by this?[View]
4401056How do you mange your Blockfolio? Its way to stressfull to type in every trade i made with all the f…[View]
4401224I really hope /biz/ didnt fall for this con artist[View]
4400680>he still hasn't bowed to the king >he still 'invests' in scam alt coins…[View]
4401618Parents kicking me out after Thanksgiving. I need to triple my stack FAST! So I can pay for 6 months…[View]
4401021BTC to 8K: Countdown for the inevitable 8K milestone. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.…[View]
4401652requesters trying to maintain the price ahahahaha just let it go man[View]
4401674>PAID FOR BY: /biz/ >Shill Inc. All rights reserved 2018…[View]
4401162went 100% XMR at 87$ for 295 xmr , am i gonna make it biz bros ?[View]
4401130Are you ready for the weekend dip /biz/?[View]
4401573ASTRO Telegram: Anybody got an invite link for the chat?[View]
4399723ICO Prediction: zap.store's ZAP token looks like a great buy holding for a moon late this year…[View]
4401565Tell me right now!!!: Why is marketcap 230bln and my blockfolio is going down!!![View]
4401295Hamu. It is time.[View]
4401430Factom FCT?: Thoughts? Seems like a good price to buy right now. Volume has been picking up lately.…[View]
4401218When will bitcoin hit $8k?[View]
4401543STRAKS COIN: What have you heard? ICO coming soon with a 4-1 exchange from sigt. They have a pretty …[View]
4401352Next moon mission they said It's OK to buy at 20x ico they said. It'll moon further they s…[View]
4401189'MUHHHhh FlipPEENINGG': 'B-b-but Satoshi's vision'[View]
4400122I am the son of a alibaba senior, and im here to leak valuable information on the alibaba stock. It …[View]
4401355Dad plz.... plz stop.... PLZZZZ >8k[View]
4400745why are some coins rising in USD price but sinking in BTC price? does this mean I should buy bitcoin…[View]
4401392If we go through 8K without getting a pullback I don't know what I'll[View]
4400199Fact: there wouldn't be ten people on this whole board that could explain what QE means and why…[View]
440103310k is the next psychological barrier, isn't it? That is where the king will find resistance, n…[View]
4401101How come it's so hard to convince your friends to buy Bitcoins? I have been regularly telling m…[View]
4401381https://viabet.io/ https://themerkle.com/this-blockchain-powered-platform-aims-to-disrupt-the-gambli…[View]
4400907COSS: is now a good time to buy COSS? Looks like it's been sitting at 900-1000 sats for a while…[View]
4401137excuse me biz but WHY is xrp not mooning right now? I bought fucking 25 min after that article came …[View]
4401360Guys, is segwit2x still happening? I keep hearing crypto celebs talking as if it were still on the t…[View]
4400896just wait.....: just wait until youtubers and twitterfags start shilling this for their dividends...…[View]
4400531what's your stop limit on btc /biz/?[View]
4401006DONT BUY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO but EVX is going to pump very soon. This isn't for you /biz/…[View]
4397322Why is bitcoin rallying? For what reason?[View]
4399544Lock in now or miss the moon to 90&beyond: >he doesn't realize what happens to LTC every…[View]
4400134I just want to buy some bitcoin with fiat, /biz/, but every fucking place is either charging like 3%…[View]
4401243LINK/USDT soon[View]
4400669Newcomer to Crypto: >BTC >ETH >LTC Which should I make my first investment in? Just wanna d…[View]
4399861I am psychic: a̗̩̭̱͓̬̪̹̔̏̋̄ͣ̀̉͊s͕̗̠̞̯̟͈͎̮̐̎ͨͯ͘k̷̛͖̭̠̻͖ͯ͊̽ͬ͆͊ ̮̜̜̬̏͑͗͘m̨̳̘͛̐ͬͩͦ̔͠e̷̢͈̱̤͓̪ͩ͊̐ͮ̀ ͭ͋͛͑͒ͮ…[View]
4399830You've got $200 to invest in crypto by the end of the night. What do you do?[View]
4400765RIPPLE $XRP: Get in , it's going up and fast. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. Last c…[View]
4400704What's the best low-risk way to turn $1 million into $1 billion in 10 years?[View]
4400995Official laugh at BACH thread[View]
4401109Should I quit this crypto nonsense? I've started having dreams that my coins moon, but when I w…[View]
4401088If you make a million dollars in june, but then lose 900 k of it october, how does the taxing work? …[View]
4400955Bitcoin fraud > ICO fraud: Anyone else sick of Bitcoin maximalists calling altcoins frauds/scams …[View]
4401011Who here /handsofsteel/?[View]
4400553chicken tikka masala is he buying VEN let's find out!: Anyone else watch the stupid Teeka Video…[View]
4400387Name a shittier coin than LINK pro tip: if you can, youre a bagholder[View]
4400588Coinbase: What the fuck is up with this website just signed up to buy a small amound of btc only £25…[View]
4401002Notice that the price of LINK is slowly bleeding? It's pretty obvious why. The coin got hyped u…[View]
4400980>muh flippening[View]
4400721Goddammit if link ever moons hard I'm gonna an hero Imagine the mix of elation and shit storm h…[View]
4399034Request Network: Asking /biz/ for help. I went ALL IN in this shitcoin. (Don't ask why, clearl…[View]
4400984Do I need to sign up to different Exchanges, or can I just get Blockfolio and do everything from the…[View]
4396643My first 100k. Just need to do this 10 more times to make a million[View]
4400947BIZGANGGANGANGGANGSHIT: >https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077JDNF6K?ref_=pe_2196150_146773810&th=1 …[View]
4400755Help me /biz/: Ive traded myself from 0.2 btc down to 0.4 eth. What do I buy to make back my losses?…[View]
4400899I just submitted a selfie and ID card for the Bittrex enhanced verification. Am I cucked for life no…[View]
4397350I'm a psychic, ask me anything.[View]
4400972blockcat: price tomorrow ?[View]
4400959who /JUST'D league/ here: MOOOOMMMMYYYY[View]
4399788All trades that we deem to be “wash trades” will not count towards your total trading volume for the…[View]
4399883BITBAY: what's the next movement guys?[View]
4400333I did it. l just bought 1000$ of bitcoin. I've been watching it since it was 200$ and l was alw…[View]
4400914>project goes from '$1 EOY easily' to 'long term hold faggot'[View]
4400003did you not buy yet , next easy 2x-3x: low supply 6 mill currently under 1 mill mcap swiss firm priv…[View]
4398951is this my last chance to buy BTC before 8000+ or is there doing to be a dip?[View]
4400876Gvt crypto: How high will Gvt get to in 2018? Could you see it reaching $100[View]
4400866Why do people use LINK's team size as FUD? It honestly makes no sense to me - most successful b…[View]
44008027950: WHAT THE FUCK[View]
4400828>tell me your honest opinion[View]
4399491ITT: post your face, networth and height 45.3 BTC 31 ETH 110 XMR 5'5[View]
4400797Hourly reminder than this token is your ticket to lamboland: This is a once in a lifetime opportunit…[View]
4385229Ok biz, got a nice car now not a lambo but also expensive. How the fuck do i show it off aside from …[View]
4400025Well, /biz/, I invested $15,000 in COSS 1 month ago, and now it's worth $5000. That was my tuit…[View]
4400352What are you buying in the BIG alt SALE?[View]
4399688I need to learn about bitcoin mining: How can I learn as much as possible as quickly as possible?…[View]
4400773Bought Link: So I bought Link, I think it has potential. Thanks 4chan! Wouldn't have done it wi…[View]
4400706I've been day trading bitcoin based on a 5 minute frame chart, but the fee for each trade is hi…[View]
4400760Whales suppressing price of IOTA on Binance: Same thing is happening with the ETH exchange[View]
4398358Daily reminder that SWIFT partner with LINK in december: Read, understand and feel the fomo. Ripple …[View]
4400668im going to fork bitcoinereum guys get ready to lamboland[View]
4400729Boomerang Demand, Heavy Displacement: Consider an economy of two people, Gamma and Zeta. Each has $3…[View]
4400092Is it too late to buy bitbay?[View]
4399542OmiseGLOBAL: Hello, Biz, Today, I have the honor of introducing you to the future of payment process…[View]
4400655STEEM about to launch: I'm going all in on STEEM this chart looks like a launch pad. I'm a…[View]
4400674Could JUSTcoin be a thing?[View]
4400583Quickest way to become wealthy after graduating uni?[View]
4399265ChainLink debunked on YouTube: Daily reminder that this 'stupid crypto YouTuber' has been making goo…[View]
4400645Tell me /biz/, is HST a good buy? Mid term or long term hold?[View]
4400518>bitcoin moons while at work[View]
4394580AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH: >discover this shitcoin in june >'hey I like the idea lets put some money…[View]
4398419ODN: Where are my fellow Obsidian brothers? After the messaging app, what would you like to see next…[View]
4400041This moons the Bitcoin: Hyosung, the biggest provider of ATM machines in the world, just introduced …[View]
4400309$1000 on bat $1000 on ripple $1000 on link for short term what are your thoughts?[View]
4400389What means 'I got memed?'[View]
4398584/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: the city of LODE edition Robinhood is a commission free stock trad…[View]
4400451Is there anywhere besides coinbase where you can buy bitcoin with a credit card as an american?[View]
4399924BCASH: guys don't buy this coin it sucks[View]
4399643Daily reminder that all people selling are retarded.[View]
4400432Porn Coin of the Future?: It makes sense that in the future there will be one or more porn-centered …[View]
4400217Im ready to start trading the forex! wish me luck![View]
4400269yeah yeah we all bought this shit, now what: >alright alright we all bought this shit coin what a…[View]
4399398Ripple's XRP, baby: I'll see you on the moon.[View]
4400436Boomers have it rough. All they know is work. They hate or don't understand any of the activiti…[View]
4400062How do I get good at this?[View]
4400429crash: when will btc crash? at what price? 8k or 10k? 2017 or 2018?[View]
4399231Serious talk. Don't you guys ever get tired of the constant shilling, P&D's, and just …[View]
4400412CME head says bitcoin futures will consider the coin's wild volatility and attract young people…[View]
4400360Are you accumulating SUB?: It's been steadily appreciating over the past few weeks. Volume is u…[View]
4400321Sup, /biz/ When do we start shorting women? Pic related girl (the only reason I know her is that I…[View]
4397964Big news for Stellar this week: >November 11- SatoshiPay partnership with Stellar officially anno…[View]
4397990Which of you retards is busy selling cheap links?: Seriously you are selling them for 2100 satoshi? …[View]
4399337Just bought some SC. HUGE POTENTIAL!!![View]
4400279oh look 117k request for you guys to buy up at a low price, accumilate[View]
4400308ALT SIGNALS - NEW COIN ALERTS: https://discord.gg/wvnhTuV https://discord.gg/wvnhTuV https://discord…[View]
4398597We have a 1.0 release right around the corner.. Why the fuck is this doing fuck all? Ive been waitin…[View]
4398441Ripple: Can someone explain Ripple? Looking at this chart, if someone bought $1000 worth in Feb of t…[View]
4400289EAGLE COIN: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eaglecoin/ What's the good entry point for thi…[View]
4400066How does one go about starting a business that requires outside contracting from a practical standpo…[View]
4400228DRP Piece of Shit coin[View]
4399921S to shit on graves of BCH bagholders: S RIP PS: HAHAHAHAHAHAH DELUSIONAL CASHIES[View]
4399949>he hasn't realized that there's no incentive for selling astro…[View]
4400090Any traders here? I use Bittrex for shitcoins and I'm trying to trade but not sure if I'm …[View]
4400204Goldreward just started trading: This can be super big gains, low ICO price and referal programs mad…[View]
4399781Low market cap, experienced VPN developers, ICO literally just ended and it's already up 40%. T…[View]
4399857Bitcoin in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiJa9diJOMk[View]
4396666This keeps going down HELP[View]
4399412Why is BTC the one? It's slow as fuck, high fees, and always in a civil war. Why /biz?[View]
4396419Mining farm expansion: Hey guys, currently own a mining farm with about 500 RX570/580's, ~80 GT…[View]
4399242ASIC mining vs. GPU mining: Which is better for passive income?[View]
4398169>the flippening[View]
4399680So i have a macbook air, i didnt even think about memory on my start up drive and i started download…[View]
4398909SCAM ALERT: ASTRONAUT (ASTRO): TL;DR: Man in the middle attack A few days ago the owners have remove…[View]
4399998Guys is this legit?[View]
4396551>goes 300% on 2 days Damn my FOMO is strong[View]
4399974Just got done accumulating on Binance 2.0[View]
4399679PBC DELAYED UNTIL 20TH CONFIRMED: Finally found that screenshot that has been posted around. It was …[View]
4398742what the FUCK biz you said this was a moon mission you said $1 by December what the FUCKKKKKK REEEEE…[View]
4400087Who here ready for the great crypto crash of 2018. You though May/June was bad? You ain't seen …[View]
4400089/biz/, what are the best bitcoin and non bitcoin investing apps for android?[View]
4399757b2x: how come nobody is talking about this? its literally mooning right now[View]
4399518How tf do I sell my btc?: Hey guys this is an actual question. I literally have no idea how am I sup…[View]
4399255Biz meets Emphy: Hello biz guys, i would like to introduce you Emphy (EPY): 7M circulating supply 1.…[View]
4399954Shill threads: about to buy some link, I ignored the shill threads and it looks like it has decent L…[View]
4400027ALERT!!! Fasten your seat belt emphy is about to take off: Another low market hype will moooon…[View]
4398980Rip Wallet, Fuck BITB: So I heard BITB was pumping so I decided to hop on and lost some bags :/ Not …[View]
4397223Blockfolio Thread: Alright boys let's see 'em. >VTC SEGWIT enabled, 84 million coin c…[View]
4398733Shilling for Horizon State Decision Token: Hello there ya Pink Wabbajacks. So, today I want to help …[View]
4399972What is your opinion on KMD?: G'day /biz/. What do you think about this baby?[View]
4397584$7725 BTC new ATH: Cashcucks on absolute suicide watch lmfao[View]
4399999Code-name ‘Virtuoso': According to certain reliable indicators on Trading View any of the next …[View]
4399332Told ya /biz/: Been shilling HST in the last few days. My threads literally gone unnoticed. And now …[View]
4399929Roger ver is actually planning on building his own country...: https://youtu.be/5Z2do8q9WXs[View]
4398218Whys this shit tanking hard[View]
4399909biz, Emphy made me pregnant: i think this baby will shoot out of my vagina[View]
4399841That's it. I caved in. I bought LINK today. Why? Because 4chan has always been ahead of the tr…[View]
4395852I thought I’d share some of my stock market knowledge to help my fellow HODLers get a perspective on…[View]
4395792kms: I'M RIPPLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >lost 20% on ripple pump…[View]
4397760To ANON who called bitbay you are a god: Jeezis fuck dude I'm sitting here eating my cheerios a…[View]
4399446Give it to me straight boys, is IOTA gonna correct or am I an idiot if I don't buy before this …[View]
4399852HUGE chance - SMALL CAP --> UNIFY: Watch them gains incoming! UNIFY back on Cryptopia, soon: So…[View]
4399179Lisk don't give an F about Bitcoin, apparently: the market is strong with this one bizfags.....…[View]
4396850You have 10 seconds to give me ONE good reason why you aren't investing in this man.[View]
4399407>Apply for a part time job because don't want to work 30+ hours. >Tell manager my availab…[View]
4399689BCH did hard fork and split into new chain: Boom, get out now: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurren…[View]
4399654ASTRO loading up the rocket: Airdrop soon Limited tokens VC company that shares profits in ETH Check…[View]
4398907ASTRO: >he still hasn't bought ASTRO sell walls just got lifted, last chance anons.…[View]
4399612ASTRO: https://etherscan.io/token/0x7b22938ca841aa392c93dbb7f4c42178e3d65e88#balances The order book…[View]
4399174I want to start fucking around on the alt coins market and make lots of money so I don't need t…[View]
4399760>tfw you daytrade BTC and go from .0478 to .260 BTC in one weekend thanks to Roger Ver…[View]
4398021The only coin that's winning and will skyrocket...........: Just look at it right now, the mark…[View]
4399768Are there any volatility indices or 'etf-like' investment vehicles out there? Ones that al…[View]
4397324I connect people with money: www.t.me/pumpnotifiergroup I connect people with money. If you have ov…[View]
4399159Hey /biz/ I'm new and looking for a secure platform for trading crypto and energy (either one a…[View]
4397765How come its always the coin no one talks about on this board, that actually moons. link, neo, all t…[View]
4398604Website is ready Energy drinks are in production 1 more item I wish i had a 3d printer chainlink…[View]
4399693Exit scam[View]
4399687Time to hop in this binary chain coin. (Vericoin): The chains are self-sustaining and with no single…[View]
4399594anons am i gonna finally make it please hold me[View]
4398889Post your face when you realize $10k BTC end of year is actually possible[View]
4399219Hello darkness my old friend...[View]
4399046What yall thinking of Monero ?[View]
4399624Is it time to buy?[View]
4398409IOTA is launching, lads. IT'll be worth $3 tomorrow.[View]
4399042I just made my blockfolio[View]
4399591Can't you see that this is the future /biz/? Why haven't you been accumulating below ICO p…[View]
4398194>Well, well look who finally decided to join us for dinner! How's that Bitcoin going for ya …[View]
4399312>16 cents and dropping AHAHA linkies just give up it's getting sad https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
4399084Should i now join emphy?: emphy has 7M circulating supply and only a amrket cap of ~2M... I heard so…[View]
4399336Anyone who bought into SLR/Powr is BTFO. You guys fucking ruined it. [Forwarded from Asian Whale Clu…[View]
4399511How do I make a GDAX account without showing them mt drivers license/ID?[View]
4399509Why can't link stop mooning? Wanted to buy the 16 cents dip and is now at 17 cents[View]
4398973This coin will spike to 400-500% it's value at some point within the next month due to a whale …[View]
4399050Hello sir Please buy sir Great coin. Wall Street money Huge profit Amex partnership Please sir[View]
4399500MASSIVE buy walls on bittrex: wtf up with this, about to pump hard?[View]
4399294Thoughts on this? A good hold? Looks more solid than Monaco[View]
4399493Long x100 bitcoin[View]
4395815Does /biz/ have experience running their own 3rd printer shop? My city currently does not have one s…[View]
4399457What do I do? How do I get started? Where do I make an account to get these fucking coins?[View]
4399157You think I'm scared of my 50% losses? You think I haven't become numb to all the pain? Yo…[View]
4399059Hi: Can someone fill my buy order for REQ? ty[View]
4397905ALT DIP: What are you guys scooping up right this moment? Personally, I just became a member of the …[View]
4399322It's time![View]
4398558What is exactly happening with BCH?: On Bittrex it has 22k buy orders vs 7.5k sell orders. It seems …[View]
4399279PBC delayed[View]
4399359I think we got something big here. still at ico price.: Privatix. 1.2 ish mill supply. current value…[View]
4397568>Encrypgen/Gene-Chain >Blockchain to store genomic data so researchers can use and pay people …[View]
4398694NEO GOLD: Is this fucking piece of nigger shit getting one last pump? I'm bagholding Why did u …[View]
4398519WHEN WILL BTC STABILIZE: Will we ever enjoy prolonged horizontal BTC movements again? Or is it only …[View]
4398633Everyone jumping ship for BTC. Perfect time for BCH to make a move.[View]
4399269When my portfolio is over 50% in these two pieces of shit.[View]
4393548I was in the 21 club. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I keep betting against Bitcoin? It…[View]
4399221Ugh guys POWR is going back to 3799 right? I didn't just fall for a pnd right?[View]
4396452is it too late to join the bitbay moonride?[View]
4399193Hello, /biz/: There's a new coin called EagleCoin (EAGLE) and since the coin supply's arou…[View]
4395630PBC Thread Vol 1: PBC Is NOT out yet. Don't believe any fucking leaks. It may be POWR, but I …[View]
43987363 exchanges confirmed: ASTRO's telegram >Matt confirms 3 exchanges soon WE HAVE TAKE OFF…[View]
4399078It's time to enter the 21st century: Hire and train young women even if you won't get a re…[View]
4398260LOL if you're still holding ETH: LOL If you haven't sold your no-growth coin for the KING …[View]
4399116Donate for my M8: A good friend of mine is really low on money. He's short on his rent and need…[View]
4399102what's to stop google releasing googlecoin and completely destroying the rest of crypto with ac…[View]
4399125I'm for the most part retarded about this. Is there a way I could give someone my initial inves…[View]
4398880'If you can't handle my 870% losses you don't deserve my 4% gains'[View]
4399049You know what he meant by this. I'm not some Pajeet shill, go research BQX, it's more prom…[View]
4397034What ALT coins you guys think are super promising? Currently 100% in Link but wanting to diversify.[View]
4399000Where did the buy orders go: My biggest bag's buy orders have decreased by 75% since yesterday.…[View]
4398985What is the likelihood i buy a used computer or hard drive with more than 1000 btc on it? Im asking …[View]
4398984Lily Wang: Oh My Goddess! Make me RICH![View]
4398957https://www.coindesk.com/youtube-brave-browser-earn-bat-tokens/ All in, boys![View]
4398106Post music to sit back and relax as you get rich. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxSdrtkOls8[View]
4397373Another 20 million in tether shipped to Bitfinex 45 minutes ago. Another huge BTC pop...another spik…[View]
4398096Is this really the next ethereum?: everything is pointing towards it.[View]
4398793Guys I got burned bad on LINK. What is the next moon mission coin? Idk about coin fundamentals just …[View]
4398910I think I need to check into crypto rehab. I believed the LINK meme a little too much and over-inves…[View]
4398897I can hack crypto wallets. I can intercept text messages to reset wallet and email passwords. I…[View]
4398877Number of online wallets: Hey /biz/, How would I go about finding an estimate of the number of onlin…[View]
4396232Reminder that XRP is your ticket to eternal comfy NEETdom BUY AND HOLD[View]
4398818Blockfolio rate thread: Rate my protfolio. I know it's shit[View]
4396777Rate my portfolio: Any suggestions? What should my next move be?[View]
4398591https://vimeo.com/238680842 How many normies are going to buy in? I just saw this commercial on Fox …[View]
4391344What is the block chain solution to the immediate hunger crisis in Somalia? https://ahtribune.com/wo…[View]
4398830Moon mission[View]
4397191>BTC at $7700 >Alts stagnant I am never buying alts again, goddamnit.…[View]
4398758stop fiddle diddling with crypto currency invest in Canadian legal cannabis before it takes off[View]
4398783I've been debating whether or not to help altcoin holders. See, I currently hold alt pins mysel…[View]
4397860Why is BTC still rising?: Can you explain to me why BTC is still hitting ATH almost every week since…[View]
4398771BitBean: Flick the bean faggots... don't miss whats coming ... trust me[View]
4398080https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0RT8NrvJp0&feature=youtu.be ChainTrade talks at the Dubai World…[View]
4398092So, how do I get into crypto/biz? Also why doesn't this board have a sticky or something, I bet…[View]
4398287>having a job[View]
4398027too late to get in?[View]
4398611BTC mooning while ALTs drop again...[View]
4394503>he hasn't bought some HST Big exchange listing within 24 hours, probably Binance. Solid pro…[View]
4397893>when your coin is mooning and a whale puts up a massive sell wall[View]
4398615> print tethers > margin trade > others FOMO > sell at peak > short as falls > re…[View]
4398647Got an email about new site. dont know why: Just got an odd email. I haven't signed up for anyt…[View]
4396525Why is ripple even in cryptocurrency scene[View]
4397769Amex and ripple partner: Smug AF. And u guys said ripple is scam[View]
4398613So will BitBean continiue to pump or it is it for today? I see people are buying 100000+ beans even …[View]
4398594Why is this shitcoin pumping?[View]
4398177COSS: GARBAGE: Buy it.[View]
4398397Big Bang Theory Bitcoin script leak[View]
4393999Sell BCH at a loss or hold?: Can someone convince me why I shouldnt sell my BCH at a loss right now?…[View]
4397690ETHlend: https://ethlend.io/en/ What say you guys of this[View]
4398283Quantstamp Crowdsale: Is anyone buying crowdsale Quanstamp tokens? How much are you willing to spend…[View]
4397928>sold at $7480 and went all in ETH at 332 >fake tether pump +$300 literally 2 minutes later w…[View]
4398373Repeat after me: 'Buy high, sell low', that's the way we roll. FUD the pump so, the coin I…[View]
4397915>Follow crypto since hs but too pussy to invest >Bet on Trump winning the election >Won 10k…[View]
4398485What do I do, biz?: I have work in 3 hours and I need to sleep. Currently all in on BTC wanting to b…[View]
4398314Why BTC has no chill ?: can we please discuss for the fucks sake.[View]
4398460BTG can be mined from gpu. >satoshis vision[View]
4398446one day left - accumulate[View]
4397321SWIFT is already a nobody. Do you use SWIFT? How about your friends? Does anyone you know use SWIFT?…[View]
4398392ZAP moon incoming: the moon is coming soon for zap.store >decentralized oracle marketplace >ce…[View]
4397698Your bags? My: Bitcoin Gold Stellar Lumens POWR[View]
4398217Coinbase says Segwit2x still might happen???: https://twitter.com/coinbase/status/931236263067185153…[View]
4398333Should I HODL my BTC or cash out now? I have £500 worth.[View]
4398281>yfw you realize this is an artificial BTC pump for whales to slowly exit meanwhile they accumula…[View]
4398278Get in on Astro moon on ethdelta.: Address: 0x7b22938ca841aa392c93dbb7f4c42178e3d65e88 Name: ASTRO D…[View]
4398184Where do you buy Bitcoins with PayPal ? Every site I visit seems to be scam[View]
4398253Bucket Trucks: Why are bucket trucks 100% dominated by mexicans, when you can charge $1400 a tree?…[View]
4396952BTC just wiped out the green dildo. Prepare the wojacks![View]
4396630BAT is live on YouTUBE: DO NOT MISS IT NOW. BAT IS LIVE ON YOUTUBE https://www.cnet.com/news/brave-b…[View]
4393662/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: --Robinhood FAQs -- - VISIT THE WEBSITE FIRST DAMMIT!! - www.robin…[View]
4398113>I don't want it to go up, I'm still accumulating![View]
4397428I went all in to Bitcoin Cash at $1800 (0.28) and i want just leave this cryptocurrency shit but mak…[View]
4398119PIRL: any thoughts about it?i think i t could be huge as the total marketcap keep rising[View]
4398179LUX: All you degenerate shitcoin traders like myself should be picking up some LUX from cryptopia. 5…[View]
4398076>office potlucks[View]
4398159XVG shitcoin going down the toilet finally: Buy walls have disappeared. Get out now if you have been…[View]
4397995Hey /biz/ Honest question here. I've been living in Japan for the past 6 years, attending colle…[View]
4398111Sup /biz/ You mad bruh?[View]
4398081Mining BTC: >small initial investment for long term gain >no need for continuous money input f…[View]
4397080Shill me on this coin Why is it blowing up on twitter and reddit?[View]
4395338well, this just leaked... https://pbc-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/editorial/pbo/201711/20171120-pbo-mont…[View]
4397879Binary options, day 3: In case if anyone is interested, I have professional background in Forex trad…[View]
4396215Congrats to those that sold high. Seriously.[View]
4395459told you fags it was powr[View]
4397039Thinking of selling your LINK bags?: You know pic related is going to happen as soon as you do…[View]
4397657Who here is getting JUSTed? Too be fair not too much down vs fiat, but this fucking bitcoin dump is …[View]
4397496So many coins.: Can someone explain to me how there are so many coins? When does it stop? What'…[View]
4398011which one of these shitcoins are you buying: looks like out all these ASTRO is the only strong one. …[View]
4397830The Crypto Prophecy: https://anathematicdotorg.wordpress.com/2017/09/23/liberalism-bitcoin-and-the-f…[View]
4396395Is there anything you can do to royally fuck over people who promote their Bitconnect referral links…[View]
4397304BITB PUMPING NOW !! DONT MISS: BITB being pumped by some of the biggest pump groups. Get in now 1st …[View]
4394815Sub 1k BCH! I can't wait to see the denial threads![View]
4397838What shitcoins to mine?: I've got an oldish desktop with a NVIDIA that was decent like 5 years …[View]
4397694My work mate says that he got inside info that PBC coin will be BitBean but I refuse to believe this…[View]
4397945Mining BCH: Any miners in here? I'm done mining BTC and have switched to BCH. Profits are much …[View]
4397628Give me a quick rundown on cloud mining[View]
4397380Wtf: >make transfer from ED to exchange >3.2 eth >0.1 eth >both same address >triple…[View]
4397831The flipping is still happening. Right? The moon rocket is just fueling up. I didnt waste all my m…[View]
4394916Is it over before it even begun? B-b-but we're first movers[View]
4397863OHNI UTOPIA SHITCOIN TO THE MOON: Why no one is talking about ohni? This token is shit but is backed…[View]
4397828ITS THE NATURE OF TIME https://vid.me/8s5D8[View]
4397853Bitcoin and it's USD value is a distraction. Control freaks want your Alts. It's always be…[View]
4397818What are some good businesses to start that aren't cryptomemes? Restaurants seem like terrible …[View]
4397214BMC LIVETALK GET IN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKriKh_11vg Live, ahead of a massive year …[View]
4397688Will Bitcoin destroy altcoins?: How long does this last? I'm just about over it. I made 20 ETH …[View]
4397819>Moons in secret Is /biz/ missing out, again?[View]
4397077justed.: Sick and tired of Getting justed thinking of just taking my entire trading account and goin…[View]
4397646>TCP/IP of finance limited to 21 million shares >'why is it rallying again?'…[View]
4397718Would a friendly anon be willing to explain Tether to me? Curious to hear the opinions of detractors…[View]
439706710k guys?[View]
4392132I'm really getting interested in economics. What are some works (books, video series, etc) whic…[View]
4397268btc at a racking up unconfirmed transactions at a rate of 300 per min thats 18,000 every hour... …[View]
4397296PnD faggots: People are hoarding too much Literally everyone on /biz/ has 30k+ I've seen some …[View]
4397320BitBean is going to the moon: BitBean is going to the moon guys, re-branding today-sih[View]
4397705BTC is only pumping because of that stupid fedora show they can't have it low and stagnant for …[View]
4395634HAHAHA Lisk bagholders: Exploit just revealed today that you can change the time of your transaction…[View]
4395901thank you for the powr pump. i bought cheap SLR bags for the normies SLR is 100% the confirmed PBC p…[View]
4397636https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions Unconfirmed transaction count is sky-rocketing. Get…[View]
4397672LISK is the only coin going up with Bitcoin: folks if you don't see it, I don't know what …[View]
4397665I predicted the recent bitcoin crash: I saw it all comming. I predicted the market. I saw all the pa…[View]
4396381Be honest, if you had bought Bitcoin back in 2011, would you have had the patience to hold? Would yo…[View]
4397541>the state of the alt market right now.[View]
4397607Feels good to be accumulating such a fantastic coin at a price so close to the floor.[View]
4397597I owned VEN for months and a few days ago I got fed up with it. Never moved, despite BMW and Givench…[View]
4397121Picked up another 20K, anyone comfy now?[View]
4395571is this shit for fucking real how did we leak it???? https://pbc-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/editorial/p…[View]
4397527prepare for FCT[View]
4397488Selling at 8.2k before this rally is done. You?[View]
4397503Ever had dreams related to crypto? Today I have a weird one. Money skelly was there and he was showi…[View]
4397379>Corecucks actually believe they will hit 10k and beyond The bigger they are the harder they fall…[View]
4397116ARK vs LINK - ELI5: Some dudes help me out here, help this fag out. I plan to dump some $ into these…[View]
4397439Easy 3x in next 24h Screen this anon[View]
4397388Not too shabby: > stayed in ETH this week > didn't lose any money That, my friends, is mi…[View]
4397041Why is nobody talking about this? https://twitter.com/BitBeanCoin/status/930826256370761728 This is …[View]
4397265Worst possible bags?: DGB for 2600 SiaCoin for 850 Swarm City for 200000[View]
4394780PoSW - more new tech (scalability): https://medium.com/@john_draper/how-posw-flash-tx-differs-from-o…[View]
4397248HST: Horizon State (HST). >3 exchanges coming soon, now it's only on ED >real life usage,…[View]
4397338Repeat after me: 'Buy high, sell low', that's the way we roll. FUD the pump so, the coin I…[View]
4397378Ark Core v2 soon: https://blog.ark.io/re-engineering-of-the-ark-core-9e69a2b5d70a[View]
4394027Theres no hope for you: Friendly reminder if you own ODN your fucked. The team will never get it dow…[View]
4397346I heard wojak dies ; is that true?[View]
43973317900!?: Will BTC crash as it hits 8k?[View]
4396516>rich but STILL can’t get a girl to like me >downloaded a couple dating apps like plenty of fi…[View]
4396833Daily reminder that what goes up goes down too: Don't FOMO when the time comes. Don't be t…[View]
4395507.....: ......... it’s gonna recover right[View]
4397288Make it stop: Make it stop!!!!!!! I Can't take the losses anymore! I'm losing my mind! AHH…[View]
4397144Cindicator: When the fuck is this going to get listed?[View]
4397266>he didn't buy LISK at $10[View]
4395879RequestNetwork website for Q4 2017: REQ is actually at a 20% discount from the ICO price on Binance …[View]
4397146PBC LEAK IS REAL: POWR PICK!: get in boyos[View]
4397225ZAP - the ICO to invest in Q4 2017: ZAP is a DECENTRALIZED marketplace for oracles that will solve t…[View]
4396902ITT: /biz/ pics you can't use anymore[View]
4397204you will never use them anyway so just give me those vtc Vj3zPVi7Bqb19hjYVCdXTBs1F2EXeJdcS8[View]
4396594Sell at 55% up, figure it's about to dump, come back 30 mins later pic related fuck me up man[View]
4396628Guys 1300$ What is my all in mission: Short term gainers? i need a moon mission ASAP getting cucked…[View]
4396865BUY MORE ARK[View]
4395846Just bought 20k RLC at 7800 sats. Feels kinda comfy. Any other people buying RLC?[View]
4396856>tfw writing a bot to make me rich on crypto who else /tosmart/ for there own good what are some …[View]
4395933Can I ever stop being justed in my life? Im only 22 >lost 50% of my portfolio in Bitcoin cash and…[View]
4395848EOY predictions?[View]
4397154Whats more valuable? Bitcoin gold or reddit gold?[View]
4393639Learning how to play poker: Greeting from Portugal. Do you guys think that playing poker in Portugal…[View]
4394872can we please get this fuck off YouTube?: Can you guys help me report all his videos and report his …[View]
4397127>BTC is going to reach ATH >have to wait 4 business days for my money to deposit and be usable…[View]
4397113Can one be both an Arkie and a Linkie?: I am both, are you?[View]
4396123Thoughts on NEO?: EOY price predictions? 3 years time? share your thoughts pajeets[View]
4397093I tweet about mid to long term hold coins and leverage trading Bitcoin. Follow me at twitter.com/Lev…[View]
4397065cloning slavery[View]
4397057Emphy EPY: Hey biz guys today epy is quite low...so good time to buy your moon ticket...soon we will…[View]
4396976Tfw when you find out how many bitcoins it would take for a coin to even go 40% and now you hope to …[View]
4396176PBC deleted the last link. Repost. Thank me later. https://www.docdroid.net/guOjvWi/the-renewable-en…[View]
4396783Who's still bullish? I'm not, it's a lottery ticket now.[View]
4396930next 10x: I have 5 spare dollars to spend on bittrex What's a coin that can 100x there ?[View]
4396998Bitcoin: TAKE OFF![View]
4396990Alright faggots, listen up. I'm in a good mood today so I'm giving you 1 (one) opportunity…[View]
4395453Hey, I have a cell phone repair business and having some issues with a customer. I fixed a girls iP…[View]
4395799Lets say that the universe truly hates Linkies because the tech fails or sergey dies. How fucked is …[View]
4393834Confido: The Confido team just decided to lock their tokens indefinitely, reducing the total token s…[View]
4396261Everything green. Everything except those two fuckers. That's just not fair.[View]
4396731Privatix, EtherDelta: Dont even fucking think about it you dusty ass pajeets. Leave this one alone, …[View]
4396880I'm ready biz: I just transferred about $500 worth of litecoins to bittrex. tell me what to get…[View]
4396609I am in the UK and I have always loved sifting through dirt and things since I was a kid. I am 34 at…[View]
4396737Confido, the sleeping giant!: Sleeping giant but not for long! New exchange announcement in 1-2 days…[View]
4395387NULS breakout point: Do you expect it to go up or down? This Binance competition sucks, it takes the…[View]
4396466WILL 1000 ARK BE ENOUGH TO FUCK?[View]
4396759If you.: If you could see the price of 1 coin/token on this day next year, which one would it be?…[View]
4396109where's the fucking PBC report?!: they took down the link, did anyone grab it and post it somew…[View]
4396588So I bought decred at 500k sats and 470k sats, bought a total of 0.05304728 worth and if I sell now …[View]
4396014I won't be advertising for much longer once it hits 4 and up I'm done. This thing will fly…[View]
4396306Stop trying to chase pumps, your hands are already holding too many bags. You just got baited into t…[View]
4395908Last chance to get in on GVT: Whales accumulating. 2.8m supply in a trillion dollar market. Look at …[View]
4395612im actually getting rich: thank you biz thank you sir thank you thank you[View]
4396691Lock in now for moon after BTC settles. It always moons afterwards.[View]
4396698what does fidget spinner mean for LINK?[View]
4393081Going to start a mining business. Researched and nailed down supply chain, already got capital and a…[View]
4395289how can i start my own internet business?[View]
4396672LTC: Have you bought in on some LTC before the moon mission?[View]
4396646Is there such a thing as a Reverse FOMO? >Resisted FOMO when BCH was pumping up to 3k >FOMO…[View]
4392635That sweet traction Chancoin is starting to receive!!! This is the best ''Buy low'…[View]
4394891I had over 1500 bitcore last week. I sold it when /biz/ convinced me it was a scam. I sold it for ab…[View]
4396587Oracle just launched his new program holy shit it looks good: https://youtu.be/Gg5BAKs4WLw I just bo…[View]
4396581Banks' activities can be divided into: retail banking, dealing directly with individuals and sm…[View]
4396577Moon: https://www.google.se/amp/s/www.cryptocoinsnews.com/american-express-opens-ripple-based-intern…[View]
4395374I want tot start a Bitcoin Casino: Hello /biz, i am currently 22 years old and studying software eng…[View]
4395967Buy Crude Oil[View]
4395736So since nobody responds to threads that aren't on first page. Creating my own. There is curre…[View]
4396265If you'r smart you'r all in BTG. >twf bought for 312 btc btg from the floor >feelsgo…[View]
4394869>company culture[View]
4395347Is ODN's rebranding gonna actually accomplish anything or is it just a desperate attempt to mak…[View]
4396518need yuor investment: belugapay 4 moon mishion[View]
4395195i bought a shit ton of chainlink and i am expecting to retire in 5years. total €250k in chainlink, i…[View]
4396256Allah akkhbar my friend: إلى القمر[View]
4396229POWR: Why is /biz/ not buying more of this????[View]
4396486Horizon State (HST): CEO said 3 exchanges will list before the end of November. Currently only on ED…[View]
4395982BRAVE/ BAT EXPANDS TO YOUTUBE: Buy BAT with bitcoin, litecoin, eth, and support your favorite youtub…[View]
4395844Who here still getting absolutely JUST'd right now?[View]
4396447BlockMason: - Working product out already - Under 15m market cap - Just listed on binance, other exc…[View]
4395179VeChain is looking mighty fine today: I've been following VeChain ($VEN) for a few weeks now. W…[View]
4396167why haven't you bought your moon mission ticket already /biz/? do you hate money?[View]
4396276Does anyone else exclusively trade BTC/ETH for comfy 99% confidence gains? i dont see gambling on al…[View]
4395426How is Biz doing security? Seeds, passwords, etc. What is your way of storing these things? How to k…[View]
4396371Is this the ultimate shitcoin? Should I buy the dip?[View]
4396404Stock market fair share price of different companies are independent of each other Crypto market unf…[View]
4396351Can't wait to keep accumulating profits with my 95% Forex win rate and end up a millionaire wit…[View]
4395712Expanding @AttentionToken to @YouTube today. Now creators can earn BAT for their content directly fr…[View]
4396319>the average human being is unironically so stupid he needs a job to keep himself from being bore…[View]
4396367>When you waste all day reading erotic stories on 4chan instead of wasting all day inspecting /bi…[View]
4396368What's a web with news or just information videos or a forum l don't even care anymore jus…[View]
4396364Sending cows to the moon?[View]
4396361Blockpool / Bjork - album launches in 1 week. Get ready: Blockpool (currently only on cryptopia as i…[View]
4396195How can you make 10$ everyday in internet?[View]
4393682Happy Teeka Day Everyone: What does everyone think he'll grace us with today, SLR or POWR?…[View]
4395928Professional Investment Group: ETH IS STARTING A NEW BUBBLE: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ETHBT…[View]
4396208Youtube: https://basicattentiontoken.org/brave-expands-basic-attention-token-platform-to-youtube/…[View]
4396151Tether: So can anyone pill me on Tether and specifically the relationship with Bitfinex? I get these…[View]
4395744Where my DRAGON bros at? Comfy as hell holding these and they haven't even released the tokens …[View]
4395771KEK: Whales are pushing the price down to accumulate. Dont be fooled young padawans. Accumulate too …[View]
4394452Resume Thread: Post your resume and help each other improve them.[View]
4395641You're Welcome: http://docdro.id/guOjvWi[View]
4396105I'll just leave this here[View]
4395728BCH getting added to Bitstamp: Don't Fall for the dump. BCH getting added to Bitstamp in Nov/De…[View]
4395569Who's been paying attention to AdEx today?: This thing's goin nuts.[View]
4396015POWR: Guys it's POWR. I am POWR bagholder and I can confirm it.[View]
4396067You have 22 days left to accumulate[View]
4395664Donation: Someone plz donate for me i dont have alot of money. Bitcoin 1BGGT7kWzwPWPPQJ1snN3rJY5TNyK…[View]
4395975Powr in pbc report: buy up to $1[View]
4396021BlockMason Credit Protocol: Working product out already Under 15m market cap Just listed on binance,…[View]
4395215lost $250 out of my $3500 this week, thanks bitcoin for hurting my cute alts[View]
4395998Is lisk still bullish after that moon?[View]
4395358You will never experience 2016 again: No more huge gains, it's over. This is from a year ago…[View]
4394614Guys this is serious, you need to go all in BTC before we hit 8k.[View]
4394675JUSTED BY BINANCE. FUCK YOU HONG KONG DOGS: > XRP moons > Deposit to Binance > Wallet conve…[View]
4395757POWR PBC! The whales are keeping the price down![View]
4395659wtf American Express Have i just lost the 5k i put into LINK?[View]
4394957BCPT potential?: What do you guys think - working product - 15m market cap - big updates coming bef…[View]
4394520JUST: Posted this yesterday, even more JUST today.[View]
4395340Investment Options: I've got about 3 grand I want to park somewhere. Normally I invested in amm…[View]
4395877XRP Hey guys I'm new to the cryptographic currency world and want some advice, is XRP good to i…[View]
4395512I've been on /biz/ for over 5 years and I have never once told the truth while making a post, I…[View]
4395403Stocks HIVE Blockchain Technologies: Missed the BTC ride in 2010 >Missing the HIVE ride in 2017 W…[View]
43935111yr pfolio plan:: This is getting too stressfull and im starting to change (for the worse) so i deci…[View]
4395406Is anyone still doubting POWR at this point? It's definitely the next Teeka coin. MIT connectio…[View]
4395807>consolidating at 7450[View]
4395619This is the future Buy now or regret forever as you slave away over a grill.[View]
4395043Hold tight boiis[View]
4395560PBC pick is POWR: Confirmed. We told you it was POWR. It's still a gerat entry point, dump your…[View]
4395743Im just sick and tired of it all[View]
4395668SWIFT: Is there potential?[View]
4395610so is this shitcoin really the next pick or are we being scammed?[View]
4395458Raid: Raid this Discord and make fun of SilverStars for losing all his money and his wife on the EXN…[View]
4395707NeoGold mooning again(tokenburn/bittrex listing): Neogold shot up to .11 from .02 after the last tok…[View]
4395257Fuck you btc leave my alts alone[View]
4393446It has begun: https://www.coindesk.com/american-express-opens-first-blockchain-corridor-ripple-tech/…[View]
4395665>He missed the BTC Moon >He missed the BCH Moon >He missed Ripple .....anon, how many moon …[View]
4395075#DYOR anon: ;) you're welcome.[View]
4395649lgtss >BCH[View]
4393636>Walton and H2O now on COSS feels fucking fantastic that I'm a coss whale and accumulate all…[View]
4395635Cryptocurrencies are a black swan, governments never saw them coming and completely unprepared to de…[View]
4395294welcome to the early retardation club[View]
4395494Vechain: You guys are looking at the old gems. WTC had a delay and already at 120 million market cap…[View]
4395596PBC Preview: POWR: SLR fags btfo. Get in here you fucking poorfags!' https://pbc-assets.s3.amazonaws…[View]
4393698XMR: What is the /biz/ concensus on XMR? I have been mining (free electric) on an old gaming rig. Fo…[View]
4394884Selling at a loss / Daytrading: Lets say I had $1k of crypto, and now its worth $975, and stabilizes…[View]
4395562https://pbc-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/editorial/pbo/201711/20171120-pbo-monthly-draft.pdf You're …[View]
4395112>he thought ETH was going back to 400 DELUDED METH HEADS[View]
4395148I have a newbie quesiton, how do I transfer BTC from paper wallet to Bittrex or any other exchange? …[View]
4395150>he bought Bitcoin post 2013 >he thinks he is an 'early adopter' >he expects it to 10x >…[View]
4394008will I make it biz?: Tell me fast so I can end it[View]
4395349TRON: So, fellow /biz/raelis, apparently I got some TRON dropped a couple of days ago, but I have ze…[View]
4395450<1'000'000: anons do you know some low hard cap ICO ?[View]
4395401IOP lambo coin: Consider yourself lucky if you get it at the current price. Coming really soon: >…[View]
4394921ATH in Dollars :) Hold until Q2 2018 (rolling peg) for winning at this cryptogame[View]
4395307So, are we just going to hold our eyes and ears shut and hope this shit just goes away?[View]
4390087Binance: Anyone else think this?[View]
4395265>Alts getting cucked by the king >Except IOTA, that's up 33% since yesterday Goddamn if i…[View]
4395139Guys you do realize that when the BTC bubble pops be it soon or a few years from now alts will final…[View]
4395335There's more in these thrusters: You're telling me XRP spikes for no reason to 4016 on Nov…[View]
4392274Is Bitcore (BTX) the final nail in the coffin for Bitcoin Cash? Bitcore is faster than Bitcoin Cash …[View]
4394482Don't forget to get in on the dip before it moons back to 90 with BTC settling at new ATH[View]
4394837do i buy btc now? will it drop?[View]
4395314>hey guys, what's the next moon mission? >10 minutes later >REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
4393660Get in, now. RIPPLE: https://www.coindesk.com/american-express-opens-first-blockchain-corridor-rippl…[View]
4395058November 18, 2016: You've already made it. You just have to wait for time to catch up.[View]
4395229Platforms UK: Have my vast wealth on Cbase at the mo, too expensive and too limited in markets, I…[View]
4394937I’ve seen this in my dreams[View]
4390696Hi, One of the gems I stumbled upon is Verge. I do not hold any coins yet, as I don't consider …[View]
4394731You idiots fall for it every time.[View]
4393289VeChain's prepare take off. Count down in 10: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vechain/comments/7dbsdp/…[View]
4395251China Unicom and VeChain: With the many blockchain projects seemingly coming out from every corner, …[View]
4394587CFD announces 4.5 (~30%) token burn: CFD announces 4.5 (~30%) token burn. Get here now anon or be po…[View]
4394574To the Moon: I hope you boys bought the next low marketcap gem in its ICO. The next GVT for sure. On…[View]
4394436General RIPple Pink Wojak Thread: Okay, tell us everything, we're all gonna be alright. How muc…[View]
4394515>ripple just annihilated link >confido just announced they're decreasing supply linkmarin…[View]
4395138WHY AREN'T YOU BUYING BITCOIN RIGHT NOW?: We're going to 12k! There are no brakes on the b…[View]
4394919join muh discord if you want new coin listing alerts and trading alerts for free https://discord.gg…[View]
4395200How has this not replaced BTC yet? Much faster transactions between users[View]
4395152Ripple teams up with AmEx: http://fortune.com/2017/11/16/amex-payments-ripple-blockchain/ This is fu…[View]
4393847>every morning for the past week[View]
4395096REQ: Press F to pay respects to this dead coin[View]
4393806GAY Money: We started the new LGBT Revolution with GAY Money GAY Money is the first cryptocurrency b…[View]
4394551Ripple CEO Retweeted the price prediction of 2$ by 2018: This article predicts Ripple price 1USD by …[View]
4395086What do I do to make it right now /biz/?[View]
4393468Privatix, Microcap ICO: Is anyone going in this ICO? ICO ending in 50 MINUTES!!! ONLY 2M MCAP RIGHT …[View]
4393881Dovu AMA: AMA in 10 min. You are strapped in, are you anon? Bombs will be dropped, exchanges will be…[View]
4393849Confido devs lock up their 4.5 million tokens indefinitely!: ANNOUNCEMENT: After consulting with our…[View]
4394822Whale here. I have a game for you guys. Guess which country does this scammer in pic related from, a…[View]
4395071MY powr bags My Request bags My Decred Bags My Ak Bags They're all so heavy I just want to let …[View]
4395002grs coin is going to come back up R-R-R-RGHT GUYS??? link??? WHAT ABOUT RIPPLE, IT'S GOING TO .…[View]
4393966Portfolios: You guys keep posting your crypto portfolios. But the question is how to you adjust the …[View]
4392204When will you sell your BTC? 10k? 20k? 100k?[View]
4394966Newb here. I want to set up a wallet. Electrum a good choice? How do I do it? Can you lead me throug…[View]
4395006Advice on Zen Protocol: I heard about Zen Protocol on the Bitcoin Magazine site, if I understand cor…[View]
4394885Can I convince my bank to give me a month long 250000$ mortage then I can just pay them back while m…[View]
4394651MTL a good buy right now?: It got gashed from $8.00 recently, and it looks to be recovering. Would t…[View]
4394969Tax Bill Poised to Pass: Well, I sure hope everyone in /biz/ are all wealthy corporations, as they…[View]
4394468How much money should I keep in my emergency fund at 25 years old? I think I'd be off work for …[View]
4393503BTC needs another pump (or BCH dump) or otherwise hashing power goes to BCH.[View]
4394887Coin Conversion: Trying to convert a shitcoin that I bought on bittrex back to bitcoin but can'…[View]
4393547Why didn't I just hold my Bitcoins?[View]
4393925People here panic sold BTC @ 5500: And bought BCash. HAHAHAHA[View]
4394803We are the (((Cripple))) marines[View]
4394715I changed my mind on banking out on my Bitcoin - I want to keep it in the cryptosphere and make a co…[View]
4394348RIP deluded linkies: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/16/american-express-santander-team-up-with-ripple-…[View]
4394667How can a wagecuck ever make it? I make $45k/year, do I have hope? How can one such as me make it?[View]
4394781Clif high: Scam or not?[View]
4394755this is the face of a pedophile.[View]
4394625Ok, how the fuck do I use EtherDelta?[View]
4394805There are no good exchanges[View]
4392956WAKE ME UP[View]
4394540Tell me about good podcasts to educate myself while commuting. All sorts of things: Economics, inves…[View]
4392847Someone on Ethtrader said Ethereum is going 10x from NOV '17 to NOV '18 landing somewhere …[View]
4394660Who owns Boston Dynamics right now? Alphabet or SoftBank?[View]
4394726The next confido, the next GVT: Only 2 milion marketcap. Another moon mission started https://etherd…[View]
4394684>21 BTC in Jan 2016. >1.2 BTC in Nov 2017. >Didn't sell any. >At ~0% absolute loss …[View]
4394446set buy order at 5100. dipped to 5400. just bought in again at 7400. best suicide methods?[View]
4394636these are gonna be a nice christmas gift: NLG (Gulden) > Solid dev team > Only 33m marketcap …[View]
4393386Which shitcoin has he invested in ?[View]
4394573Why has my life become 100X more stressful and correlatively shitty since i started lurking on /biz/…[View]
4394552get back its mooning again ATH today[View]
4394641Is a trx pump coming? I saw something here yesterday and it's selling off to prepare now I…[View]
4394386Palm Beach Confidential: With multiple contacts who are subscribers, none of them have got any email…[View]
4394231Shill: >Oracles they have. >Get in now, thank me later…[View]
4394376pathetic linkies[View]
4393062The next GVT: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/emphy/ Solid Dev team, 7 million circulating coin…[View]
4394566What do you guys think about Crypterium? It's promising us the the ability to make any payment …[View]
4394463got some CAT ?: who here /comfy/ with the cat ?[View]
4394493nooooo i keep losing money![View]
4394548Shitple: There are still people here who actually own ripple, as if banks won't use a private s…[View]
4393481Who else found GVT through Ivan on Tech?: Does /biz/ like Ivan?[View]
4392403METAVERSE BANK OF CHINA ?: as seen on their FB page[View]
4394424> He isn't buying the REQ dip[View]
4394288RIPPLE: XRP has landed some huge news. Ripple has already mooned. The sell off and dead cat bounce h…[View]
4394184BCH Cratering - How Low Will it Go?[View]
4394381Metaverse with Alibaba?: Metaverse, the only blockchain, that is currently invited and is currently …[View]
4394355More like Bitcoin Crash[View]
4393935>pssst metaverse were invited to attend a summit sponsered by the bank of china >pssst they we…[View]
4393432I heard that whales are accumulating 'blank' and that billionaire investors 'blank' and 'blank' are …[View]
4394329I am genious. Buy ETH, sir.[View]
4392081Published my poetry on Ethereum: I also spent 0.0629 ($20 USD) writing this flag. All ethereum nodes…[View]
4390084http://www.huodongxing.com/go/coscon17 November 18th neo presenting with Samsung, Linux and more. Wh…[View]
4394357I purchased BCTP at 0.38 and it’s 0.29 now. Wtf is it dumping so hard. SOMEBODY TAKE MY BAGS.[View]
4392301$RCN (Ripio Credit Network) strong buy at this lvl (1500-1750 satoshi): RCN (Ripio Credit Network) i…[View]
4393634right now, on this very board, someone is getting JUSTed[View]
4394333Apologize. Apologize right now.[View]
4394307TIRED OF BITCOIN FEES?: You're obviously a smart guy anon and thus it is my privilege to presen…[View]
4393609Is Monero the best long term hold?[View]
4393857Ripple SEALs reporting in. HOLD THESE COINS AT ALL COST. THEY WILL BE WORTH A LOT IN 2018.[View]
4394278BUSINESS BETTER THAN ECOINZ (GIMMIE SOME ECOINZ YO): List some business ideas that are better than e…[View]
4392969>I-its gonna moon next year for sure >value won't stop dropping Welp I'm 10k in How …[View]
4393844>ANNOUNCEMENT: After consulting with our community we have decided to keep our portion of CFD tok…[View]
4391596Starting from the bottom: Total newfag here. I've spent most of my adult life in the poverty tr…[View]
4392677Make money on Instagram: Do someone earn money on Instagram? I finally reached 53k on my page based …[View]
4394227Who else here /unperturbed/: I accepted my bags and will trade my way back up[View]
4394177Can someone send me some Bitcoin, a very small amount just to see what it is. New to it My address …[View]
4393584How hasn't this mooned yet?: $5M market cap. First of its kind in the aviation field. This has …[View]
4394169moon: Big rally coming. Strap in boys.[View]
4388446/biz/ book summaries: Post what you read, and briefly summarize it. I'll start: >pic related…[View]
4393385ODN moon soon ;): Rebranding.. Gonna be like NEO back in aug ;)[View]
4392611/biz/ completely wrong again: >when btc hits 7k it's gonna cra-…[View]
4393956What coins does Jeshua of Nazareth hold?[View]
4394031https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbR1SXIje1U It's all OGRE .[View]
4391248Will litecoin surpass it's all time high of 81? Or will it dip again soon? How much does the bi…[View]
4393283why is bitcoin mooning? Just woke up to see all my alts red as blood[View]
4391705GVT. On Binance. Really soon. (Also already active in KuCoin): https://www.binance.com/trade.html?sy…[View]
4393993Every day I wake up happy as fuck, cause it's another day closer to retiring on my 100k LINK st…[View]
4393988LET ME TAIL YOU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbR1SXIje1U[View]
4392706BUY THE POWR DIP: This shit is at an absolute steal right now because of the BTC run. EASIEST MONEY …[View]
4393951PBC today or 20th????: Alright, everyone is telling a different story. This confusion is getting pre…[View]
4393938MTL moon mission!!: MTL added to another exchange, and an offer of free MTL!!! https://www.huobi.pro…[View]
4393764METAL to the MOON: https://www.huobi.pro/notice_detail/?id=688[View]
4393762https://www.coindesk.com/american-express-opens-first-blockchain-corridor-ripple-tech/ https://www.c…[View]
4393920Burn Tomorrow: TOMORROW 84% will be burned! 500mil to 80mil! >ACTIVE TEAM >DAILY UPDATES >H…[View]
4393805Ripple confirmed this month PBC[View]
4393770BTC fork: I haven't been following crypto closely the last couple of weeks, what happened to th…[View]
4393599Coin for a quick 10%: Need to make 10%, cash out and buy new car, any picks? Preferably solid volume…[View]
4393885Anyone staking KEK coin? MemeChain is on the way. What you think bout memes on blockchain anyway?[View]
4393337Monaco's Police Brutality: Cover Up Corruption!: ATTENTION PLEASE! To all VIVANOVA CLUB goers: …[View]
4393816Ripple said that its cryptocurrency, XRP, will 'come into play'[View]
4393133I want to buy LINK but I see so many mixed opinions. It has POTENTIAL to be a great coin, but their …[View]
4393640Um guys.....[View]
4392790IOTA Ponzi scheme, shameful.: Nobody has been testing IOTA for 2 years. No universities, none of the…[View]
4393623FCT: Just hit front page of bittrex. Volume is going up. Looks like breakout immanent[View]
4392778You're a fool if you're not buying now. One of the best prices to buy in. It's an eas…[View]
43912441E4QJwkrmME1MyyBqepqr6VrhnXzjN5yec: How do guys sleep at night? What do you hold overnight? Also tet…[View]
4393783Ripple!: Buy buy buy let's create a new generation of bagholders like every month[View]
4392370ChanSoldier: Okay biz, im going to military for 1 month, and wont be able to check on my fagportfoli…[View]
4387778is buying iota a good call?[View]
4393719RIP: PLE[View]
4393661Drawfag: Why'd the beam pump . Beanbois get in here.This is OC Btw.if you have picture ideas te…[View]
4391903When will this nugget of CERTIFIED SHIT moon!? Why is it's retarded brother lisk MOONING so har…[View]
4393742Poorfags, get in or stay miserable. No normie discord, TELEGRAM t.me/WolfCryptoPub[View]
4393093>pump the btc >withdraw it in fiat >buy the cheap alts that resulted from btc pump >pump…[View]
4383577Mobile Wallets at 98% Formation of Business Entity 98% Ark Core v2 coming early next year. Anyone el…[View]
4393271I’ve been working really hard these past two weeks: And now I have $1000 ready to invest in crypto. …[View]
4393486Don't know what to buy: Waste a whole day on biz Still don't know which coin I should buy …[View]
4393377Crypto in 2018 - Year of The Alts?: pic related As decentralized exchanges begin to mature centraliz…[View]
4393632This sleeping giant silently mooning[View]
4392962Someone on r/xmrtrader said that Monero is going to 10x before eoy.[View]
4392702BCC rebounding after hitting sub-1000. BTC struggling.: Easy money.[View]
4393582Already 20x from ICO: 2.7m supply, 15m total, low market cap, dividends from profits starting 2018, …[View]
4392799Strange things happening: Honestly, a lot of meet ups and partnerships with Stellar these days. Circ…[View]
43902641 million USD: One day you're checking your online bank account and you find out you have exact…[View]
4393575BitBean moon when?: Volume is still pretty decent[View]
4393538Jooz: Why have the Jews taken revenge on humanity? Is it because of what nazi Germany did to them du…[View]
4393508>I use technical analysis on cryptocurrency charts[View]
4391420Something is very wrong with crypto. Let me be very honest right now for a moment. I come from a fai…[View]
4392972Insider Information: Kucoin will list HST on Sunday Cryptopia will list HST on Monday Binance will l…[View]
4392807I urgently need help: I need to make a transaction but im 0.05 ether off. Would anyone be willing to…[View]
4393317eGold: Any eGold holders? Is it realistic to reach 5 mil cap?[View]
4392739doge & xrp: Both are still on the 0.0... What is the fiture of these cheap altcoins. I am of th…[View]
4393417umm guys request has come down in price its time for you to accumilate it right? Just buy it all up …[View]
4393427>he only invests in cryptyo[View]
4393252List of companies to avoid working for: I'm surprised that there isn't a blacklist yet of …[View]
4391158PBC pick: Is this being released today or what? Usually /biz/ is filled to the brim with pictures of…[View]
4393260Blockstream is controlled by ex-JP Morgan, Federal Reserve, Mastercard Banksters: http://dcg.co/who-…[View]
4393140XBL - Billionaire Investment happening: Heard that the XBL Billionaire coin has attracted investors …[View]
4391732Tax heavens general: What is the best tax haven for living AND keeping your money safe? Isle of man?…[View]
4392008i sure hope you bought the dip. QTUM has some serious support today, a lot of korean money moved in …[View]
4392474Are you accumulating this sleeping giant anon?[View]
4393153If you hold every shitcoin, there is no way you'll miss out on the next intergalactic mission -…[View]
4393319Question for Anon: Anon, why are you wasting your time on x when you could do y?[View]
4391469Can someone explain why this board is basically just /crypto/? No one ever discusses actual business…[View]
4392382Get ready for the 18th.[View]
4392772PASC: I think it will be top 20 in 2018: Maybe even top 10. There is still some work to do, but I th…[View]
4392087Big daddy bitcoin is JUSTing my alts[View]
4393269https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockchain-wallet-will-add-segwit-full-bitcoin-cash-support-by-2018 G…[View]
4392163is it too late to buy some bitbay?[View]
4393151Hey anon, which coin is currently forming this chart pattern?[View]
4393073Just took out my btc and threw it all down on KMD and POWR. Will I make it? Can't hodl on btc b…[View]
4390853Is it the end of this little white n blue bastard? I think everyone's seen that YouTube video …[View]
4393124Someone on Linktrader said link is going 10x from NOV '17 to NOV '18 landing somewhere aro…[View]
4392925Why I didn't sell BCH earlier? God damn it. I could have 100k EUR now. Instead, I have 23k (sta…[View]
4393016Told you 14 days ago at $0.20, told you yesterday at $0.60, last call at $0.80. Token burn of 80% on…[View]
4393040SHUT UP: STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP!!! STOP talking about LISK! You fuckers, just do it fagg…[View]
4393020what happened to all the anons shilling bitcoin cash?[View]
4392029Req: Hello my minimal wagemstes (MWM) Since i own a few Link i would like to own a few Request Netw…[View]
4392592Seriously how the FUCK do people come up with startup ideas? People keep saying 'good ideas aren…[View]
4387940DOUBLE BULL WEDGE ON BAY: Im the anon that called storj, to prove it here are my BTC and ETH wallets…[View]
4390185Roger Ver posts about the wall that is probably his wall: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/7d9x…[View]
4392325I just got an airdrop in Binance. 500 free shitcoins. Does this happen often? Do other exchanges do…[View]
4392149>New day >New ChainShit deep Fuck u anon, seriously. Never listen / biz…[View]
4392426Storing LINK: What's the best way to store LINK GAS/NEO I'm using Trezor for BTC and ETH b…[View]
4391977Wait a minute, why is Onchain not using NEO? It's creating another blockchain instead. Has NEO …[View]
4391119we going up now? back to 1200?[View]
4392849Just shorted bitcoin with 100x leverage, ama.[View]
4391643Which ALTS BIZ?: After the BTC 8K run is over. What are 4 of the best coins I can invest into?…[View]
4392236BTC shits on BCH again, $10k by christmas: BTC $7500 BCH $1000 barely. >muh crashening…[View]
4393053Blockfolio thread: Currently holding ODN and BTC after doubling my money on NEOG in the past two day…[View]
4392758Floor found for NXT?: Well its at mid-april levels price, its hard to see this tanking any lower. In…[View]
4391608altcoins: ALTCOINS getting Fuuucckked........[View]
4392720ZayedCoin ZYD (6.2M supply): Offloaded ARK bags for very quietly being developed, under NDAs, huge u…[View]
4393011I've given up waiting for ETH to fall back down to $300 again. I'm going to buy today, how…[View]
4391054LEAK: Nuls special announcement leak: Just saw on twitter, it got deleted. Nuls is going to get adde…[View]
4392146My portfolio: Tell me I ll make it 4chan[View]
4392583Want to know what it takes to hold OMG?[View]
4392289Steemit Thread: Sup guys. I recently created a steemit account because its fucking lucrative. this i…[View]
4391906im currently working on my website for my christmas project for biz, pajeets dont celebrate christma…[View]
4392715Alarm apps or desktop software: Are there any good desktop or Android apps that will ring (like an a…[View]
4390152Forget 5x, forget 20-30x, I want you to give me the next 100x coin that'll happen in one year.[View]
4390889LAST CHANCE TO BUY ETH: ETH IS GOING TO MOON HARD (0.25) YOU'VE BEEN WARNED https://www.tradin…[View]
4389869can you get ABI data from your coins/json file? one of the coins i hold is accused of being 'fa…[View]
4391033feeling comfy for next week 3-5x: just added to ed, not in cmc yet. volume increasing . next week bi…[View]
4391924Just fuck my shit up.[View]
4392743BCH bag holders: flippening boys. you'll be rewarded soon enough[View]
4392801background check on investment fund: Hey, I need help to background check certain investment fund fo…[View]
4392798how come my stop loss order gets filled 100+ dollars below what its set for? And why does it get tri…[View]
4392515>buy high sell low This is so fucking true for alts, in the alt/BTC ratio, that it hurts, even wh…[View]
4392525LINK has never been overbought on the RSI: Pump incoming[View]
4392441For anyone interested in a really speculative crypto, look into tradecoin. It is listed on novaexcha…[View]
4392121Why is HODL such a thing?: Why do people advocate HODL on alts? Its a shit strategy. I should know, …[View]
4392705All corecuks need to fucking die[View]
4391922Palm Beach Confidential: >recommends buying up to 1400$ >recommends no stop losses >mfw You…[View]
4392389Place your Moon bets on Ripio[View]
4391853I will only be posting this once today so don't miss this: We are the fastest growing pump grou…[View]
4391670Newfag here: Got 5k to invest in crypto, looking too 20x my money next year willing to lose it all. …[View]
4392536Wich do you enjoy more? >Bch bleeding Or >Btc tanking I d say fiddy fiddy. Told people to get …[View]
4392672Hate general: In this thread we will vent and share what makes us angry/hateful. I'll start : F…[View]
4392656Can Komodo do a Lisk?[View]
4392391REEEEEEE: >Let's play a game >If BCH don't reach 3000$ by the end of the year >I …[View]
4392631GVT :): Check out their current clients list on tools4brokers that handles billion dollar transactio…[View]
4389983when is REQ gonna move?[View]
4388228.....: what the FUCK is its problem?![View]
4392264Starting to see a lot of NEO posts... I’m convinced that it’s going to moon once btc dumps who else …[View]
4387280LINK overvalued? New video: This crypto Youtuber just gave a savage roast of ChainLink: https://yout…[View]
4392446Who else got the iphone x: Ive been making some nice gains here and there so i treated myself to the…[View]
4392493$ALIS: 80% token burn on 17th Nov. CEO to speak at NIKKEI BP event alongside OmiseGo. Daily comms fr…[View]
4392482Binance down?: G-guys? You having the same problem?[View]
4392385This is the last warning you get, before HST moons.[View]
4392326Howto turn 12k into 500 bucks??: If you want to turn 12k within 2 months into 500 Bucks you just hav…[View]
4391942Gentlemen, the meme is over: You have been JUST'd[View]
4391426BlockCat: 1 day left....[View]
4391980*Silently moons*[View]
4392251Did everyone forget about Bancor? It looks like it's primed for a pump, I feel like it's g…[View]
4392186Somebody tell me to stop >trade forex and crypto all day every day >9am to 4am (19 hours a day…[View]
4391026What the fuck is the next Monacoin/GRS/VTC/BCC moon mission?: I'm dying to put my BCC gains int…[View]
4392197ZOIN: This sure looks good...[View]
4391518It’s obvious that after this Segwit2x FOMO pump on btc, alll the money will dump into NEO. On the 18…[View]
4392263>Bought LINK at $0.50 >Bought COSS at $0.20 >Bought ODN at $0.70 Should I just KMS? I got …[View]
4392022your welcome idiots, those who all bought yesterday on my last post.[View]
4389907Mooning: Happening in T-4 hrs[View]
4391932Can someone explain why there are buy sell orders out of this zone? People placing buy orders at $2k…[View]
4392278It's over: Almost perfect head and shoulders formed on OMG/USD trading pair. Goodbye cruel wor…[View]
4391493>First time getting into crypto, friends highly recommend!! >Buy BTC at 7300. >See it drop …[View]
4389570Enjoying Factom Gains?: So, I recommended Factom several times today, and also several times last we…[View]
4391648When did you realise BTC was king? >Be me in Feb - one of you start shilling on >POL about ETH…[View]
4391755Wich is the best exchange for swingtrading?: Binance, Bittrex or some other gay shit? No margin-hipp…[View]
4390995ATTENTION CASHIES: This is the battleplan: >miners mining BTC at a loss, fooling everyone into th…[View]
4391730CS degree still worth it if you're not planning to start your own biz?: It's 2003 and Dave…[View]
4391858lisk: bought at 4$ iv'e known since 2$[View]
4392110Who else just skipped over suicide entirely and went into assassination mode?[View]
4391707BTX is Moonin' like a motherfucker: Where my bitcore crew at from a couple days ago? I got in a…[View]
4390763ICO: Any promising, upcoming ICOs? Blockstack is tomorrow.[View]
4390813Every day that I don't just get a wallet and invest into bitcoin is just more money I have to p…[View]
4391963Here me out for a second: Here me out biz. I've been thinking about all of this. What if we…[View]
4390982Lost over 10k EUR of BCH gains by not selling earlier. FML. Anyway, now that I have Blockstream Coin…[View]
4385462STORJ is about to pump, BULL FLAG: I like you guys since I have made some money off of the more smar…[View]
4390542ARK: This coin REFUSES to stay down. Holy shit this is the comfiest hold ever.[View]
4391001>I don't want it to go up, I'm still accumulating![View]
4391739GVT ON BINANCE!: GVT listed on ED, hitbtc and Kucoin on first day, and now it looks Binance is addin…[View]
4391379WHEN THE FUCK IS THIS MOONING BIZ. Its almost december ffs. Ive been holding this for a 2 weeks alre…[View]
4383150ITT: post your face, age and networth 21 years old 26.31 BTC[View]
4390129Hey guys, I've need finding btc in old wallets using private keys. It takes time, i've onl…[View]
4390878What the hell: Can someone explain what the fuck happened? Bitcoin literally died?[View]
4391902lost a million dollars today[View]
4391351Here's why Bitcoin keeping fees high is good: Econ 101 tells us that price is determined by sup…[View]
4391733Where all my smug LINK faces at? Connect the dots, right? Hahahahaha. Get fucked.[View]
4391720POWR: Can the PBC pick be POWR? What do you guys think?[View]
4391909I have done a shameful act: I am shilling here, but i joined a pump group and have already earned su…[View]
4391854Who here /goingsideways?/: I've been bagholding OMG and XLM, and for some reasons my gains and …[View]
4391827What the fuck[View]
4391861Chinks are better than kikes, buy BEECASH.[View]
4385005>the morning commute[View]
4391844surveying target demographics: I have a problem other students and market researchers might also fac…[View]
4391466Something is wrong here. The marketcap rose more significant than the price. Was it overvalued or is…[View]
4391609I will only be posting this once today so don't miss this: We are the fastest growing pump grou…[View]
4391593Newfag here, interested in buying Bitcoin.: Hi /biz/, never posted here before.I'm not a trader…[View]
4390891BTC mooning: SELLWALL LITERALLY PENETRATED BY BUY PRESSURE We going 8k bois Shitcoins about to get d…[View]
4391563How many more minutes do I need to stay up to see bitcoin cash hit 900?[View]
4389763NULS is getting fucking tight. Breakout soon. Pump or dump?[View]
4385648Bitcoin Cash Gains More Adoption: https://blog.blockchain.com/2017/11/15/segwit-bitcoin-cash-update/…[View]
4391645Good time to buy shitcoin?: Let's all agree this is a shitcoin which many anons lost money on. …[View]
4390779ways to High earnings with Google adsense [read www.wittybit.blogspot.com][View]
4391510Will this coin ever break the downtrend? How can this really be Teeka's big -1$ pick when all t…[View]
4391613Is BCash ever going to rebound? Why is Ver not doing anything?[View]
4391580Who here getting JUSTed right now?[View]
4391485Aud Fud.[View]
4389623PBL: Small market cap - check < $1 million > Strong team - check < Scandiweb with clients s…[View]
4391558Can someone tell me about this YESTERDAY coin on ED?: I can't find it on coinmarketcap[View]
4391566>Jobs was worth a million dollars when he was 23 in 1978, 10 million when he was 24, and over 100…[View]
4391070What is the comfiest long term hodl? And why it is iex.ec - RLC?[View]
4391535>tfw nocoiner >setup an account on bitstamp but can't find an entry point for btc what el…[View]
4391350Reminder: Always do opposite of what pol says. Especially 'buy bitcoin cash now its about to moon'…[View]
4389052why is lisk mooning?[View]
4391402>being so delusional keep holding your bags AHHAHHHAHAH[View]
4390863Is 10 btc enough to make it?[View]
4391509Vitalik Buterin just commented on Twitter about this Daily Stormer Article: >'The Dangers of Bro…[View]
4391502go long[View]
4391176Uhhh guys. Look what @jack just retweeted.: What's about to happen?[View]
4391404GVT to be listed on KuCoin today 12:00PM GMT: Why aren't you buying the highest volume piece of…[View]
4391452PnD: Why people believe in this stupid PnD shit? Are you totally retarded? Whales never tell about t…[View]
4390787I ONLY shill what's WORTH shilling: 1. NEBULAS is going to be huge. Mark my words. I'm pro…[View]
4391409ZCG pump u fags: ZCG is going to pump shortly, whales artificially decreasing price for the pump to …[View]
4391267what is your heaviest bag? >fell for biz ELIX P&D scam down 80% still holding this shit, luck…[View]
4391393How can I forget about crypto for a while? All day and all night i'm checking out my blockfolio…[View]
4390072Wake up Anon: It's 2020 Rankins are wrong tho[View]
4389799How do you deal with the likely chance that you will be a wagecuck your entire life?: bad thoughts b…[View]
4391189I think the consensus among the autists in this board is that this is a sure fire moon mission. Wors…[View]
4390802Just dropped 70k BTC on this bad boy[View]
4391288Help a /biz/rother with Ark: Wanna start with Ark, but need Ark first. So help a poorfaq out, i want…[View]
4391016Aight /biz/ I got in on Lisk cause I thought the logo looked funny and now it hasn't stopped go…[View]
4391044God damn mother fucking shit To make back my losses, I need to make a 500% trade. Should I just put …[View]
4390852Is it easier to make your own mining rig or buy one? Australian here so any local advice would be gr…[View]
4390778>mfw found an ICO which will certainly moon but it requires passport information and the company…[View]
4391234Dear Sir, buy up to $1,400 for short term gains.[View]
4391237>blockfolio receives update that makes it actually usable >doesn't matter because altcoin…[View]
4389991>Work my ass off for the last 7 years >Promotional opportunity comes up >They give it to a …[View]
4389916In Blackstone we trust: Gains are so close I can taste them[View]
4390594BCPT is mooning most probably x3 today.[View]
4390616Retirement.: What is the lowest amount of money you could possibly retire on and live comfortably? F…[View]
4390956Anyone holding raiden? I advise you to sell this now.: once more people realize it's a useless …[View]
4389467Metaverse ETP: Tell me something about this, /biz/. Should I go all in?[View]
4390739New fag new, can someone please direct me to the best wallet to use and best place to buy coins[View]
4391137The moon is in sight for these coins: FTC & NLG Get on board or miss the launch. You can thank m…[View]
4386557RCN: why hasn't anyone shilled this coin? they released their alpha today. Great potential. Gre…[View]
4390634we out here stealing your girls[View]
4391069Is there a dark skin for coinmarketcap?: It's burning the shit out of my rets[View]
4388838How long do we have and what are your post-pop plans? I say 2-5 years max before we hit '2001…[View]
4390076Can someone please help me? I want to invest some of my money into few cryptocurrencies, but don…[View]
4390742Ahead of roadmap Strong team Rebranding should be in place tomorrow Already mooning This is a no-bra…[View]
4380454That sweet traction Chancoin is starting to receive!!! This is the best ''Buy low'…[View]
4390590Have lots of money, dont know what to do.: Ok biz, I dont know shit about finances and I want to do …[View]
4388650How much can i expect to earn day trading $2000 per day? My mum cut off my allowance no kidding and …[View]
4390705NIO: 2 DAYS TIL ANDROMEDA: AUTONIO - First decentralized AI-trading Bot with 30+ indicators. -Token…[View]
4390181ITT: /biz/ gets me a job. My resume is to the left. Any advice you guys have for me for my resume, …[View]
4380796/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: 'Fuck your gay ass template nigga' edition --Robinhood FAQs -- - V…[View]
4390964Factom General Did you fall for the PnD?[View]
4390239Tesla AU will partner with Power Ledger. They are already partnered with Origin Energy. You are an a…[View]
4390955I will just leave this[View]
4389070oh baby.[View]
4390144Help me decide: Binance, Poloniex or Bittrex? Or some other exchange?[View]
4390910does not adequately explain anything[View]
4390903>every miner will leave and cause the chain to die slow[View]
4389102Are 'network marketing opportunities' a good idea? Basically a high school friend told me to apply. …[View]
4390854Can you send bitcoin directly from Coinbase to bittrex?[View]
4383796Has anyone here ever invested in traditional stocks, meaning no crypto? What was it like? How differ…[View]
4390831Nuls uptrend imminent?: Is it happening Anon? Fake walls to scare everyone off are fake? the 2h char…[View]
4386577Things oblivious rich assholes have said to me: >'You should travel more.' >'You never take va…[View]
4388764Astrotoken (ANN): Why isn't this god tier coin listed anywhere yet? https://etherdelta.com/#0x7…[View]
4390405Forever at 18c: Deluded LINKIES BTFO It's not too late to board the Ark, we are truly solving t…[View]
4389446The absolute state of anime~chan[View]
4390377BCPT potential?: What do you guys think - working product - 15m market cap - big updates coming bef…[View]
4390086latium ICO has started yday, why no thread? I've hard that McAfee will it his dick if they don…[View]
4390704Man what is up with these sell walls? Their legit, they're getting eaten up, but like, someone …[View]
4389425Next week biz......: That's all I'm giving you. Thank me later[View]
4390079>tfw cashed out all your bitcoin at 7500 to buy weed[View]
4389857crypto Bag holders thread: >2000 >1800 >1500 >1380 >1250 >1089 right now RAHHHHHHH…[View]
4384163>Goes to Harvard Business School >works for 50 Cent…[View]
4390416Evil Whale mother: >tfw your mom owns 1.4 million USD worth of Bitcoin. I told her about BTC back…[View]
4390388I will only be posting this once today so don't miss this: We are the fastest growing pump grou…[View]
4389036how does /biz/ advise their clients when a stock's price goes from 87 to 57 in 1 year?[View]
4390606Blockfolio handling ETH and BTC pair trades: Say you already bought a particular alt with ETH at one…[View]
4388936WEW: where were you when Stellar was about to moon?[View]
4390504I have 7 ETH, what should I invest in to make it 10 ETH? I already own 11k LINK[View]
4390497...Is this pic correct /biz/...?[View]
4390032Is there a way to buy a domain with paypal ? I dont own a creditcard Im opening my bizmas project s…[View]
4389922I know this will be a $10+ coin, but how can I make it happen faster? Is there a way to somehow conv…[View]
4390302PORN BACKED CRYPTOCOIN: People say that there is no intrinsic value to cryptocurrency, what if I cre…[View]
4390289You should switch over from Lisk to Ark, mobile wallet gets released today[View]
4390343Just a reminder that if you have even a single dollar invested, you care more about finances and you…[View]
4389768Tired of getting justed by those pathetic PBC 'leaks'?: Stop complicating things and go in Factom. S…[View]
4390023The Bitcoin Cash pump and dump last weekend was epic. I made 200% gains and didn't held for the…[View]
4390407Eat, Pray, JUST: WTF biz, i stopped looking at my blockfolio until after the supposed Segwit2x fork.…[View]
4390050I will only be posting this once today so don't miss this: We are the fastest growing pump grou…[View]
4390288Dont miss the next lisk: Buy ETP brainlets. 2018 20$+[View]
4390265Told you. Where you at ARKbois. Cant see you from the moon.[View]
4390299The Wolf: What is /biz's opinion on this shithead? Seems like a decent chap[View]
4390340Opinions on okcash?[View]
4390335We're still going up....right?[View]
4390251EBET: Pssst, hey kid. Why do you put an ETH or 2 into this one, and then forget about it for a while…[View]
4389965Easy gains: Confirmed breakout of downward channel, correction from 1st resistance level complete. p…[View]
4389637Dovu: Who's strapped in for the AMA today? They're gonna drop some bombs outta nowhere...…[View]
4389342Hello /biz/: Check the smart contract of NEO GOLD. Try using the transferfrom function in MyEtherWal…[View]
4390227ITS TIME[View]
4390219Kucoin just boom again, how long you will wait? Invitation bonus: E3dQVJ[View]
4388149QTUM is mooning.: Ahhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!![View]
4388893Serious Newfag here: So from my current understanding, I read that you should mostly pay attention t…[View]
4390184you need ? you must pay your total is with 0.0027 BTC[View]
4390180ZCL: The chart looks good to buy at 22k, but the order book looks a little thin. Do you think there…[View]
4385269How do I become as famous as Dan if im just as rich[View]
4388798Top ten here we come[View]
4390157Something fucky going on with FBL?: Been keeping an eye on this since that pajeet was shilling it ea…[View]
4390027Hamu. Time to sleep.[View]
4390124Will I make it? What alts should I get to make a good longterm approach?[View]
4389779$$$: Ok so, how long until the feds find cheese pizza on this austist computer? Also, buy EOS $2.00 …[View]
4390080/biz/ Checklist: >hot girl >downtown condo >sports car >expensive watch >designer war…[View]
4389653Beg thread for poor fag: DFZ4yb4rE5VPuqYGQigaKEz4arfj2QPC3r I will love you forever if doge appears …[View]
4388574iliza shlesinger on the average worker: Is iliza right? Should we just give up dreams of the lambo a…[View]
4389175http://www.coinparator.com/ Website for tracking owned coins. Yesterday I've finished fixing la…[View]
4390065Nazarov old media https://www.twitter.com/SergeyNazarov/media He likes the simpsons and sugar One of…[View]
4389958COMFY XRP BAGHOLDER: These bags are made for holding[View]
4389726Okay /biz/tards I need to go to fucking sleep. I have 2k worth of ameridollars sitting on bittrex ri…[View]
4389188As general market research, if you are a straight guy, how much money would you, hypothetically, cha…[View]
4390006Best crypto exchange: been doing the shapeshift shit a bit because my country doesnt let me into coi…[View]
438807910X Q3 2018: Thoughts? Originally put in ~$100.[View]
4390021Thoughts on BCPT?: Been researching this token and it looks very promising: - product-use token (not…[View]
4389355Is Bittrex working properly for you folks? Also is FCT still going up or is the pump done for today?…[View]
4389708hey: just a quick reminder that the lightening network for Bitcoin WILL BE centralized. also, you gu…[View]
4389617Can someone less retarded than me clarify this shit: >want to move from ausland to america >pu…[View]
4387633Honestly what's the point of even being rich if you can't look like this?[View]
4388043Post your trading horror stories/messups: Fat finger autistic fuck up >Two nights ago I stayed up…[View]
4389518who else got pajeet'd by this shitcoin?[View]
4389237Lisk is taking off, and yall keep talkin about chains and bcash.: Biz never gets it right. I'm …[View]
4389762What's this movement on OMG?: 19 BTC buy wall keep it at the floor 10 BTC sell wall keep it at …[View]
4388244How do you get rich as a wagecuck? Dollar cost average into bitcoin and gamble some on alts and prey…[View]
4389688Guy, you need to see this. I've been reading about this Sophia robot that just received Citizen…[View]
4389332Guys I've got $500 How do I turn it into $3500 before EoY?[View]
4389864BCH confirmed new ATH from this dank meme-magik I just witnessed![View]
4389528Redpill me on scalping. Is it guaranteed gains, or just luck?[View]
4385581Buying Monero seems hard, how do I buy it the right way? If I use shapeshift wouldn't that lea…[View]
4389821>When Lisk surpasses the 1 Billion marketcap for the first time[View]
4389801So bullish about this project in the upcoming months..[View]
4389486Why do so many Indians love to trade?[View]
4387684>gvt >hst >epy who here getting JUSTed by these pajeet coins?…[View]
4388392300,000 people visit the /biz/ catalog a day. Let that sink in for a minute. also get some XMR if yo…[View]
4389330Aeron new exchanges: Just announced in telegram from ceo, more exchanges at end of month. Comfy…[View]
4388648What's the deal with HShare? Why is nobody talking about this?[View]
4389697what do they mean by this?: https://blog.bitmex.com/bitcoin-cash-futures-now-live/[View]
4389662No BS plz: Legitimate thoughts on Troy? I know absolutely nothing about it and have never even heard…[View]
4389368For you poorfags: Buy it now and hold...thank me in 6 months from your new lambo.[View]
4388948Should I buy Upfiring?: Coin burn happening in 4 days and it seems to have gotten dumped alot. Is th…[View]
4389610Request Network: This shitcoin only knows one way and that's down. When will it moon?[View]
4389646All aboard the confido moon mission: choo choo![View]
4388458$300 x100 leverages : longing / shorting: Hey /biz/, I've got about $600 / month to play with, …[View]
4389525New exchange coming in a few days: Buy a nice little bag for some hefty gains[View]
4389420Last chance to buy the dip We're going back up up up[View]
4388581Is bitcoin helping the AI???: Check out pol right now! im so turned down to know this was helping th…[View]
4389071Hope you are buying this small retracement (take this post seriously out of all of the bullshit): Wi…[View]
4385882Why does LINK get shilled so hard?: Because LINK connects ANY type of outside data to the blockchain…[View]
4389010Tired of crypto yet? Give canadian cannibis a try. Check out TSX WEED & TSX ACB[View]
4389508Just in case no one was around for the news we have been doing some sleuthing and uncovered some maj…[View]
4389478EPY is Crashing: sell sell sell[View]
4389158no LlNK? not human[View]
4388847I have $1000 to invest in crypto: what should I invest in to make fast short term gains?[View]
4388945BTC vs BCH: Alright BTC supporters. I would like one reasonable explanation as to why you think BTC …[View]
4389259Like shooting fish in a barrel.[View]
4386508Buy the Dip@7050: Buy The Dip @ 7050[View]
4389421>TA bullshit >ASIC resistance bullshit >buy my bags bullshit Seriously though are there any…[View]
4388785>mfw I had no idea what to do going into college >mfw majored in business management >mfw I…[View]
4388526Am I gonna make it? How should I change my portfolio?[View]
4388723If my username is pink with the capital D we will make it.[View]
4385026Guess who's on his way to $8000?: My meme line crystal ball predict this rising wedge to end on…[View]
4389168Pump this and i'll name my son Pajeet[View]
4389064I know the next 3 ICO's that will moon 10-15x. I don't know shit about crypto but I'v…[View]
4389288>he's too fucking stupid to understand chainlink[View]
4386875How can you tell when a pajeet is posting: Need info on this.[View]
4389290Who here getting pajeet'd right now?[View]
4386841so is this shit going to do anything or what[View]
4388719is housing going to keep going up? it's impossible to buy in California. will they dip soon? cr…[View]
4388494POSW Order book on Cryptopia: Guys... Check the order book for POSW Cryptopia. This bitch is gonna …[View]
4386502This deserves its own thread. Save yourselves, BTC holders.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvin_Ay…[View]
4387958NEW LINK DEVELOPMENT?: Possible new Link development, partner ship with symbiont? Caitlin Long talke…[View]
4387463Buy soon friends[View]
4386160>retards think bitcoin futures being listed on the CME is a good thing >mfw institutional mone…[View]
4387203>Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahah[View]
4388701QTUM what: whats going on with QTUM today? whats the news?[View]
4388021Am I a retard: I haven't seen much talk of this one anywhere Is this a shitcoin? All signs from…[View]
4389165> 290k LMC > Bought at 601sat Am I gonna make it anons?…[View]
4388482Chainlink website is a work of art: Seriously, name me one other crypto project that has a website a…[View]
4388799Obsidian Shitcoin: Press S to Spit on its Grave. >Rank 300 >Fell 180 ranks from a month ago …[View]
4388050Red flags.: Red flags for girls having to due with money. >she financed, or leased her car. >f…[View]
4387887ITT: we post like we're on biz in the year 1999: I just went all in on pets.com why do you guys…[View]
4388538What's with these alternating buy/sell walls on BTC? Are the Chinese manipulating the market at…[View]
4388554>digital gold how is this shit any better than actual gold if you can't make transactions?…[View]
4385485You DID Buy Factom Earlier... Right?: 'Hi, Teeka's one-day-only live Q&A is about to begin …[View]
4386600Pump time[View]
4388190Can someone explain this? It says I bought 25,000 Futures us dollars, it goes up 0.01% and now Ive g…[View]
4388444Get in quick: ask side thin as fuck. ready for lift off[View]
4387789>BTC getting near 8K, little growth before small correction >ETH in ICO hell never breaking $3…[View]
4388659Obsidian Marines Recruitment: Sniff Sniff, I was lurking around the internet and I smelled a lot of …[View]
4386465Chinks or Kikes?[View]
4388855going to sleep, I'll probably see btc up near 8k[View]
4388854> at work today > normie co-worker starts talking about 'that bitcoin thing' > other cowork…[View]
4388843Do you guys ever stare at your chart for lengths of time imagining a big green candle appearing and …[View]
4388266ETH IS GOING TO MOON HARD: target is 0.25 get in while you still can[View]
4388775Aeron, a blockchain for aviation safety, was just added to Binance a few days ago. It's a brand…[View]
4388467Doesn't it get incrementally harder for BTC to reach a new high every time? Why do people think…[View]
4387599>tfw you finally realise TA is useless in crypto and its all about anticipating hype and filterin…[View]
4388264What the fuck do I major in /biz/? I'm reasonably smart, I just can't sit in the same plac…[View]
4387689Hey faggots, how does it feel knowing that studying business and finance won't make you any mon…[View]
4387706Anyone else worried about the lack of nolinkers/linkhaters? Few days (not even weeks) ago I noticed …[View]
4387749how does a bubble pop? does it mean people just sell off their bitcoins and this tanks the price?[View]
4388608Anyone else had dreams about crypto before? I had a dream that BTC crashed to $4k then within litera…[View]
4387407I have just acquired $2500. How do I turn this into a lot of money?[View]
4388646Iron hands reporting in - this thing is showing life again. Previous ATH was $1.29 (29k sat)[View]
4387915>less than 2m market cap >privacy-oriented social networking >Just added to Etherdelta toda…[View]
4388015>money cant buy you happiness :^) Why don't normies realize money supersedes everything?…[View]
4388488hey biz/ why all the cryptos moon this summer? what happend on that time? like every coin have a pic…[View]
4388636buy my bags... RIGHT NOW DO IT!!!!![View]
438781580% of my life is about crypto I don't make music anymore, I don't party much anymore as I…[View]
4386678how do I achieve the best orgasm with my incredible crypto gains? I've made over 600k so far. I…[View]
4387224If SWIFT adopts it even in Q2 2018 then it will hit 500 Billion market cap by end of year. I don…[View]
4388564It's going down, right?[View]
4387597Fuck YOU bitcoin cash: Lost over 40% on this mother fucker and it just crossed its support line. Fuc…[View]
4388594>oh no goyim, don't put your money in leveraged stocks, leverage decay will destroy you…[View]
4387238Bitcoin is on block 494,548. Once it reaches 494,784 in a few days, is the blockchain still going to…[View]
4387886ITT: Serious REQ Discussion: Price predictions EOY?[View]
4388086Can I convince my bank to give me a month long 250000$ mortage then I can just pay them back while m…[View]
4388512Litecoin at equilibrium! Cleared for liftoff.[View]
4388188$FBL going on other exchanges soon: you're gonna regret missing out. buy while it's cheap …[View]
4387399>mfw just went big on the GVT dip The token economics and advisors behind this coin are unreal. E…[View]
4388171Is $7100-7200 for BTC the new dip? I feel like I'm just gonna miss out on the next moon if I si…[View]
4388193So I see a corrilation with coins mentioned on here that just go down in price when people talk abou…[View]
4386532Crypto mining: Assuming I've got free electricity, would it be viable to mine cryptocurrency in…[View]
4388361I’ve been drinking. I hate all you fsggots because you’ve lost me a lot of money but I keep coming …[View]
4388207NEO Looking to breakout: My IOTA call yesterday smashed through both targets so trying again this ti…[View]
4386460are there any newbie crypto guides that cover everything ? mining, making wallets, trading, exchange…[View]
4387114DECENT & DRAGONFLY PARTNERSHIP: https://decent.ch/en/decent-and-dragonfly-to-bring-blockchain-to…[View]
4388217How many people are on /biz/?: I am convinced there are about 45 people on /biz/. It's super ea…[View]
4388349You happy now /biz/?[View]
4386869Found hidden gem , easy 3x: boys, I am the one informed biz so many new comers 3x,4x like dovu, epy,…[View]
4385695What are your dreams, biz? What's in store for you after you make it?[View]
4388295Crypto is magic[View]
4388274what gon do with your chainlink millions, bros. me? gonna take a loooooong vacation[View]
4387283PBC Leak POWR to the Mooooonnnn!!!: Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter Leak POWR muzafuckers!!!!…[View]
4384962Can it realistically hit $100? $35 billion? Give me truth here.[View]
4387935ChainLink Accidental Insider Info: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/crypto-voices-2/crypto-voices/e/…[View]
4387122>All in BCH at .27 >Freefall with no end in sight Send help.…[View]
4387952Just bought 10 shares of TSLA. Is that chill?[View]
4388111VHS vs Betamax: I am from the year 1975 Shill me on what i should put my life savings into[View]
4388210H E L P: According to a reliable source, there is a PND group that today has pumped FTC and Storj. T…[View]
4387994Bitcoin newfag here. What's the best site to create a wallet with, and where should I avoid lik…[View]
43849441 GIOTA Club: I have 1 GIOTA, am I going to make it?[View]
4388187SHIFT: I've been looking at shift for a while now and it seems like the mcap is way too low for…[View]
4387018WHY IS IT MOONING?[View]
4388155Who else feeling comfy holding cindicator: So yeah I got scammed into buying this shitcoin @ 4 satos…[View]
4385872>not using dynamic linear models to determine regression shrinkage on leveraged bitcoin future sw…[View]
4387889couple more blocks and bitcoin cash will be dead. I don't think that delayed blocks works for t…[View]
4387538Does anyone else feel that crypto is going to crash? This is all a dream?: I know people have been w…[View]
4387833Mining Crypto is so 2017: When will you IOTA skeptics just admit that Blockchain & Mining will b…[View]
4386637information: So how does /biz/ does their research interested on where and how you guys get your int…[View]
4387185Quantum taking off?[View]
4388032Buy Bitcoin Crash, the blocktime is amazing! NOT[View]
4387970'Salvator Mundi' by Leonardo da Vinci, turned into the most expensive art in history. Cost…[View]
4388024weekend dip or moon ?[View]
4387964tfw a billionare and put buy walls up on Apples stock to keep the price up[View]
4387742This blockchain card is worth more than most portfolios on /biz: Currently each is above 250k dollar…[View]
4387751Please shill me on LINK: Holding 100 k link since sibos and the devil voices are trying to make me s…[View]
4386763Getting money in and out of exchanges without leaving a trail.: Can any anons layout the groundgame …[View]
4386746Best trading pairs on Bitfinex rifght now: Anons. I didn't listen to you all and lost on BCH. I…[View]
4387792Outside investors: ASTRO just released in their telegram about outside investors, 1.5mm token airdro…[View]
4387498Do you think we'll ever see another surge like we had early this year? I could really use anoth…[View]
4387086Can BCH just adopt segwit already!?: It's 2017 for fuck's sakes![View]
4387125DON'T SELL YOUR bcash, WE GOT HUGE SUPPORT AT $100 (hundred)[View]
4387791everyone here is a larper. neets dont have money. tell me about this if you have so much.[View]
4386856HST: Moon time soon pajeets.[View]
4386895Anyone wondering why PBC is marketing themselves so agressivly on their videos?[View]
4387266So is bittrex ever going to give us our btg?[View]
4386584Eth two years ago: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/971481#p974090 Be patient. Your coin/token/penis wi…[View]
4386971I started with 300 dollars on crypto a week ago and only made 100 so far. And I made them all during…[View]
4387317TRIG: I bought 2,161 worth of TRIG at 7500. I've got a sell order in at 8200. I think selling a…[View]
4387097Help an anon out: Have a net of 35k after the bch pump... I need a break from crypto but can't …[View]
4386292sup /biz/ need a new name for my normie hedge fund/bond. I want normies to give me money for a long …[View]
4387663just bought 30k tethers: hey fgts just bought 30k tethers- when do i get my lambo? thx -fgt[View]
4387158who else here feels physically ill when thinking about missed opportunities with crypto? In 2009/201…[View]
4387003Hi guys, I have Req Do I even need to say more?[View]
4384200Okay so what is this TRON shit that binance just put on my junk? I tried going to the website throug…[View]
4387562/pinkfeel/ thread soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k36sIRRdFSU what did you fuck up today…[View]
4387603Are you fucking kidding me? I signed up for Investing chart website and after you register they tric…[View]
4385765Odn: floor established over past 2 weeks. Only one direction to go. Anon the pump is coming[View]
4387343>tfw a corn chip gets more gains than any of your alts[View]
4387346>there are wagecucks on /biz/ really make me think[View]
4387405POWR leak from PBC: Palm Bach Confidential Leak Next pick is POWR to the moon!!! Read this here: htt…[View]
4387004OMG Fees: What is your honest expectation of the fee percentage of this network? Consider how low ET…[View]
4386960>tfw accumulating a diverse portfolio of alts and shitcoins on coss Super comfy…[View]
4382622Siacoin and Digibyte: anyone else still hodling? ive had mine since june is there ANY chance of thes…[View]
4387084How do I turn $17k into $90k?: Currently $11k in LINK, $5k in NEO, $1k in BTC and $50k in stocks. Lo…[View]
4385246I'm curious... how many of you with 6 digit blockfolios actively researched and/or traded your …[View]
4387416Rest assured this shit will be above $10 again if these net neutrality killers get their way.[View]
4386592how can I make 10% tonight, /biz/?[View]
4385861Just got fired from my job today but I hope that at least my blockfolio is doing go-... AAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
4383028A-am i deluded? I spent 78 hours researching about ChainLink, every single text about it. Every sing…[View]
4387483It will only moon if you sell. You know its true.[View]
4387312MARGINALLY TRADING BTC: So I want to margin trade BTC. I watch the order book on bfxdata and i want …[View]
4386275Crypto Bot General: Anyone here write/run a crypto bot? Wanna talk about it? What's everyone…[View]
438702521 Bitcoin Cash Club: Who else here 1 in a million? >tfw comfy[View]
4387413what I know about your favorite coin[View]
4387071/biz/men if you had the money would you still rent or would you buy? I feel like renting forever is …[View]
4387129>muh non contentious hardforks https://twitter.com/BitcoinClashic/status/930197022401015808 KEK I…[View]
4383135Ready to trade Forex and Copper futures today anon? The fund is growing[View]
4387327800 years in the future[View]
4387208post a 5 Company BRKA that will be profitable in the year 2300[View]
4387196these were good times.[View]
4387123Is Chainlink staying as an ERC20 token, or are they creating their own coin/blockchain?: ?[View]
4385238Iam a millioner?: So apparently i made it. what now? Hate my life and dont know what to do[View]
4387165Biz vernacular 101: Help a faggot out. Post common /biz/ acronyms and slang with definitions. I…[View]
4386010I am about to meditate and take a special once a year voyage where I will speak directly to the Univ…[View]
4382085Do you do acid? Do you get financial insights during your trip?[View]
4386904What's the HMRC's position on crypto-gains? I've seen a bunch of people saying not to…[View]
4385349Request Network: I was FUDding REQ the last few days hoping the price will drop to accumulate 100k. …[View]
4384130How to i start learning to read the charts?: Im sick off being a complete brainlet who just wings it…[View]
4386659I'm a guy looking to make some money on the side trading crypto. Got about $500 in BTC on Bittr…[View]
4386293Chainlink allows ETH to run oracles. but who cares? Can anyone answer this simple question? Gaylink …[View]
4385559CHAINLINK: how much of it do you have, biz?[View]
4387079As someone all in on BCC and getting justed, I gotta admit, it is nice nolonger seeing the shill thr…[View]
4385118Just sold this trash. I was riding the wave but now it looks like its in a irreversible bear market.…[View]
4387051BTC and other cryptos with Paypal: How do I trade other cryptos and BTC using Paypal????[View]
4387011Why are you not already all in on Waltonchain? -Legit team in place -partnerships already set up -k…[View]
4386872SLR at 7k sats - last chance: Tomorrow's PBC pick, SLR, has dipped to 7k sats on a refuel. Mig…[View]
4385256Streamr/DATA next big one boys: Completely unknown at this point, once it picks up steam is going at…[View]
4386969What is /biz/ going to do when the crypto bubble bursts and you have to invest in normie stocks for …[View]
4385867IOTA: >0 fees at all why aren't you getting in on Bitcoin 2.0?…[View]
4386078'You did buy LINK, right anon?' What say?[View]
4386981Can you start an ICO without it being a company? I get the feeling a lot of coins are missing the po…[View]
4386967DGB foundation: The foundation website unveiling tomorrow will get DGB back to $0.07 right anons? …[View]
4386953Israel finally ready to put a man on the moon[View]
4386951Who here #segwitmarinerefusingtosell?[View]
4386927I found this place two-ish months ago on a whim. Started with 11 ETH, listened to biz, now 4.5. I…[View]
4386839I laugh everytime I read the worst JUST or JUSTED. Thanks /biz/: Gets me every damn time and always …[View]
4386878fuck teeka buy $fbl: dyor gonna moon already is lol[View]
4386801Is Metaverse the official Pajeet coin?[View]
4386415Lambo when?[View]
4386367REQ: Way down we go[View]
4386206Walton: What's the biz consensus on this WTC chinkscam coin? Good for a quick flip or avoid com…[View]
4386764ZAP: The ICO to invest in Q4 2017[View]
4386805Are we gonna see storj moon?[View]
4385688Sup Biz, anyone else in my situation? I come from a pretty good family. I'm tall and good looki…[View]
4386714Trading crypto: 4Chan gods, make a man of this mouse. Please lay on all the must know information fo…[View]
4386735Internet Money thread: Hello /biz/ guys, share your source of internet money website mine, http://su…[View]
4384660Nuls about to moon get the fk in here[View]
4386388Why the fuck does anyone hold Litecoin? Litecoiners, explain yourselves.[View]
4386086TrezarCoin (TZC): You've been warned /biz/[View]
4386127Faucets thread: Hey guys remember the good old time where faucets paid you 1 BTC? Well, that time is…[View]
4383538How do I short women?[View]
4386385Hi /biz/ I am 22yo, I am studying full time and I got part time job. My gf is pregnant. We got no p…[View]
4385202I'm going to put .05 bitcoin into ten coins and walk away from crypto for a couple years What c…[View]
4386130PBC Live Now: AMA faggots.[View]
4385786Hey im a new comer to /biz/ how do i get started investing penny stocks, ie sites and guides.[View]
4386434eBoost: >moons loudly >no news on biz >check twitter holy fuck... are they burning 33% of t…[View]
4386478BTFO DELUDED LINKIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1R7wFK9SwE&feature=youtu.be[View]
4386537Will I make it?: Holding 150 NEO, 3k link, 1000 BQX, 1 BTC Will I make it, and when?[View]
4386254Will ETH dip below 320 this week?[View]
4386201do you think she's a feminazi?[View]
4385306Blockfolio Thread: Is it just me or are the numbers smaller now?[View]
4385161List of best altcoins that will rise much further in 2018. Accumilate before christmas. NEO LSK POWR…[View]
4386450>wait for Bitcoin futures to be listed >short the fuck out of it >launch an investigation a…[View]
4384176share me your thoughts of him and the future of ETH[View]
4386464NEO Gold: Will definitely pump now. Buy now biz bros!!![View]
4383545Why do we think that the swift-link partnership confirmation would make the price skyrocket? When ib…[View]
4385140Why is this only 3 cents?[View]
4386436Do you see BTC going down considerably by the end of the month? Sell BTC now and buy when it's …[View]
4384747Is this how chainlink works? t. The brainlet[View]
4382031So Anon, what book changed your life?[View]
4386237Going to the moon[View]
4383007Bitconnect: Daily reminder that your could be letting your bitcoin work for you, instead of letting …[View]
4386290Why did litecoin and eth succeed while other alts were dumps and pumps[View]
4384844tell me what to buy RIGHT NOW if i want +50% in the next 6 hours[View]
4384789Which coin has JUSTed you the hardest, /biz/?[View]
4386294Where can I invest btc with leverage?[View]
4385949These charts look spooky similar. The dip might not be done guys, what do you think? 1/2[View]
4386300Is it me, or do companies these days absolutely refuse to hire anybody on a whim anymore if they hav…[View]
4386262Ethereum Gold: Why don't people also fork Ethereum to create for example Ethereum Gold and othe…[View]
4386159IOTA targets[View]
4384824100$ what should I buy?: ?!?[View]
4385124>he isn't making a comfy passive income via affiliate marketing and instead wastes all his t…[View]
4385942Sup Power bros, We feeling good tonight? What are you going to buy with you 10x gains?[View]
4385387Blockpool launches Bjork album in 1 week!: Blockpool (currently only on cryptopia as it opened last …[View]
4385055anon, why arent u living with ur parents and saving $$ on rent? my parents want me to stay with them…[View]

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