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Displaying 600 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1979682Jesus Christ, ever seen this stuff they sell on the Darkweb? What's the point of even working o…[View]
1982018I got into this financial/economic world and I'm overwhelmed to death, I'm dizzy and feel …[View]
1980455>spend thousands of hours developing my strategy >it successful predicts the direction of the …[View]
1981577Any1 jumping into humaniq ship? Links: https://cointelegraph.com/news/humaniq-launches-ico-moving-to…[View]
1981995>Shilling crypto like you can get real rap nigga money >Why is everyone who boosts alt coins o…[View]
1981467>2020 >The Bean Sprouting Alliance was just announced. >Top countries are joining the BSA t…[View]
1981921>NOT BEING A BEANER: wow some of you guys are fucking retards hahahahahahahahahahahaha >not bu…[View]
1980903POSW ABOUT TO BE LISTED ON BITTREX: >Verification passed >ID process passed Now we just wait f…[View]
1981205Ready to buy $100,000 worth of POSW, expect big things soon. Started with 5 BTC a couple years ago. …[View]
1981896RCEP, 4 questions you should know about it: The RCEP, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnershi…[View]
1981854Crisis of Puerto Rico in 5 Graphs: Why is Puerto Rico in Crisis?[View]
1981463>tfw less than 50 eth REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
1980764How do you cope with losing out on an investment that you could've done? I bought a dollar wort…[View]
1969598Business Owner General: It's been a while since I've seen one of these on /biz/. Any busi…[View]
1981569>its sunday morning >Beanman and Friends is on your local Fox affiliate's morning block o…[View]
1980760How much FRN do you have?: I currently hold 10k[View]
1981637POSW=illuminati???: You can't make this stuff up folks[View]
1981559Why isn't it called /biz/ - Cryptocurrency?[View]
1980300BITB and POSW have already made me thousands. But we can do more /bitbros/ The runway is ready but w…[View]
1980632Why it is the best time to buy Francs (FRN): In my honest opinion, all those attacks in France give …[View]
1980952Why POSW is going to change the crypto market: POSW is one of the best investments in crypto right n…[View]
1981199Is it bad I wanna be like Jonah Hill in War Dogs? Like is it possible for someone with no connection…[View]
1981464Disclaimer: I'm a retard Why are people who make hundreds of millions a year still allowed to h…[View]
1981655>/biz/ is literally getting rich off of trading 'magic' bean coins We have truly reached another …[View]
1981504>TFW fell for the wagecuck meme instead of the credit card fraud meme No one fucking respects wag…[View]
1979262Just bought 5 bitcoins on coinbase with some of my neetbux i have saved up. How do i go about buying…[View]
1980624>be me >crypto newfag >see POSW and try to jump onto revolutionary concept >inb4 shill …[View]
1980731>Why didn't you buy bitbean when it was less than 100 satoshi, daddy? >We could afford mo…[View]
1981573reminder posw wants to buy africa: sinisiter things indeed[View]
1981557What does biz drink? Hardmode: besides cum[View]
1980621Common problem. You have a social network or multiplayer game that requires a critical mass of users…[View]
1978969My parents are thinking about throwing money into a CD but I'm not sure it's a good idea. …[View]
1981471is Imarketslive a scam?[View]
1980642People buying posw coin is just investing in a new exchange, face it, the coin itself has no revolut…[View]
1981092Best exchange for crypto? Jumping back on this bandwagon & mtgox doesn't seem to exist anym…[View]
1981366>it's january 2018 >you've just checked your portfolio and POSW and BITB are all at …[View]
1981387United States Budget: Why couldn't the United States, with taxpayer money, buy a company like A…[View]
1980347Price Flipping: I finally got my first paycheck and I currently have $800+ in my account. What I wan…[View]
1981246>Investing in PIVX[View]
1979977STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING:: and post how much BITBAY, PoSW, and Bitbean you are holding >>B…[View]
1981339CopyRighted or Public Domain?: So I have this channel and a producer under 'Viso Music' claimed my v…[View]
1980069>PIVX doesn't stop correcting[View]
1980416/biz/ shuld take a moment and remember those we lose along the way. F[View]
1977199Pumping! Look at the price[View]
1981293how the hell SEO and Keyword targetting even work? Google 'Nasty Naughty Juicy Granny Pussy', there…[View]
1980261What will you buy once POSW hits $10?[View]
1980322LTC1BTC is signalling: >LTC1BTC is signalling[View]
1979762portfolio rate thread[View]
1980241Business for $3000: What's a good online business that will make reasonable profit, with a star…[View]
1979994Confirmed on slack that RLC will soon be featured on major exchanges. its currently slowly gathering…[View]
1981223To the moon baby!!! this shit is mooning fast. Devs saying they are in talks with poloniex and bittr…[View]
1980111>filter all the shitcoin threads >mfw these shills then start posting pictures advertising the…[View]
1980373Gridcoin - Rewarding BOINC Computation!: What do you think of Gridcoin? It rewards volunteer distrib…[View]
1980717Go all in on Litecoin inmediately.[View]
1981180why is this not being shilled here? the price has tripled this week and I've brought in a decen…[View]
1981085should we be concerned by this USDT/USD crash ?[View]
1981141>holding POSW >holding LTC Holy shit im making so much money and it has only begun.…[View]
1980953What is the definitive way to start a beverage or supplement business? I have a lot of experience in…[View]
1980837I still can't wrap my head around cryptocurrencies. Where the fuck does the actual value of the…[View]
1979839>have 1 million plus bit bean >still steal from the faucet every 6 hours…[View]
1980302I just inherited $5.1M and I want to become the next Elon Musk. What should I do?[View]
1980638Give me 2 good reasons why you aren't sprouting beans as you read this.[View]
1981037sold all my coins (bean, trust, XEM, ARK PIVX NLG... etc) they are all so low right now. buying iEx.…[View]
1980844Beans: I currently have no Beans. How many here will make 500K+ if beans ever rises to $0.10?[View]
1980550/jizz/: >come to biz >coin thread >coin this >crypto that >another coin thread >co…[View]
1977351Reminder if you >smoke >drink on the regular >care for a pet >provide for a gf/wife >…[View]
1980482Putting my life savings in crypto: Lost my job and going to be homeless in about a month. I'm w…[View]
1977165Thoughts on Amanda B. Johnson?[View]
1980980POSW: How are the devs making money off of this thing? Or is this a dump scan?[View]
1976506What were you doing when missed the second PIVX-like super mooning of 2017?[View]
1980463How do you work from home? What can you do?[View]
1980664I genuinly love you /biz/, you've made me rich![View]
1972036Has Fear of Student Loans Gone Too Far?: There's a common theme in many high school personal fi…[View]
1979037alright you sons of bitches, you have my attention: shill me on this.[View]
1980909So you don't have balls to become rich and buy own castle?[View]
1980871>buy beans at 15 sats >buy posw last night for 12.7k sats >wake up >both are still going…[View]
1980834If i buy a car made of concrete will its price go up?[View]
1979486How to become a Cryptocuck ?: Don't know shit about Crypto; Never understood how it works; Can …[View]
1980743>FDIC only insures up to $250k How do people with more money than that keep it protected? Or do t…[View]
1979900Been reading some /comfycrypto/ and I'm trying to learn some more about using POSWallet. If the…[View]
1980782Best cryptocurrency wallet: Hey /biz/. I am new to cryptocurrencies and I have no idea what wallet t…[View]
1980244/xaurg/ - Xaurum general: >What is it? Xaurum is a gold backed crypto (think DigiX) with an ever-…[View]
1978727BITBEAN GENERAL - FRIDAY FUNDAY EDITION: >What is it? BitBean (BITB) is a new Crypto currency wit…[View]
1978403Money from /biz/ advice: Has anyone actually made decent money from here? I just started my crypto -…[View]
1980788Reminder that RLC is talking with being listed on POLO: Julien on slack (in charge of social develop…[View]
1980273FRN Campaign has started!: 'The pack contains a presentation booklet (see), FRN accepted stickers, a…[View]
1980025Gnosis launch is in 2 days Is this on your radar and is it any good? https://gnosis.pm/[View]
1980382>keNEEzhen Economics[View]
1980604How low will it dip?[View]
1979263car telematics: who has done this? should I sell myself out for a discount?[View]
1979973When will nocoiners learn?: >he didn't invest in bitbay >he didn't invest in bitbean…[View]
1980686/eco/ -- earth day general: > making money on windmills and shit > getting electric car subsid…[View]
1980668Index funds: Who here has index funds? What do you have and why? I'd like to get into index fun…[View]
1977811>got job cleaning condos >first shift in cleaning with 2 other guys they joke about sex and s…[View]
1980614>current situation >dreams/goals >Computer engineer major >2 summers of internship under…[View]
1980452Yall buying the dip, shit about to leave the atmosphere and won't be coming down. Last chance t…[View]
1980569Come join the /biz/ discord for non shilling /biz/ discussion https://discord.gg/z5bjG[View]
1979510>500k bean >10k bay >1.5k posw >zero stake on each Is staking a meme?…[View]
1975497>its sunday morning >Beanman and Friends is on your local Fox affiliate's morning block o…[View]
1962811CryptoCurrency General: CryptoCurrency General >>Shillfags welcome What are you buying? What …[View]
1980030We have been telling you to get on this train since it was less than a cent. Are you another dumb wa…[View]
1979777biz im about to start summer and have a grand around. i guess i can workout for 1 month. what are th…[View]
1977930Buying apartment building: Is this a reasonable business? I'm not talking about the Projects, b…[View]
1980446/polbiz/: The premise behind this thread is to seek ways to profit off of /pol/ through investment t…[View]
1979703Surf the waves before it's too late![View]
1978566How do you escape the wageslave life?[View]
1977176Finance vs. Quantitative Finance: Hey Biz, I have the opportunity to either study Financial Manageme…[View]
1980361pls help meee: Hi guys! Im starting A melbourne based web service (australia) to give you enhanced c…[View]
1980349I'm curious as to how metal prices will develop. Is there any good place online for predictions…[View]
1979279Is making a youtube channel still viable as a means for profit?[View]
1978294Join me to the POSW revolution: Register for your POSW account using my ID, shoot me a message once …[View]
1979010friendly reminder[View]
1977580Official $POSW MOON thread pt.3: Previous thread: >>1963955 My last 2 predictions, $MONA and $…[View]
1980234To the fag or people that own coinspump, nice fucking website you have there.. gets to the last hour…[View]
1980194Would a company ever purposely lower it's stock price to fuck investors over?[View]
1978490Yall about to get Josh Garzaeeeed: How the hashlets coming along... oops i mean posw ponzi[View]
1980180>nobeaners Give me 5 good reasons why you aren't holding bitbean right now.…[View]
1978524>coworker is fresh out of college >120k in debt >wants to go back and get her masters Why a…[View]
1980046Where can I find consistent work that can be automated, like data entry for example? I've writt…[View]
1979816Should I buy Golem(GNT) or NEM(XEM): Which one biz?[View]
1980135>he doesn't own XMP[View]
1978867does anyone have a picture? is there a video of him speaking? what's his education background?d…[View]
1977509Last chance to jump on the FRN train before it moons this upcoming week!: Volume is increasing, pric…[View]
1979685http://s.4cdn.org/image/buttons/burichan/post_expand_minus@2x.png: IS CICADA COIN ACTUALLY HAPPENING…[View]
1979625Ether is a cryptocurrency - here's proof.: >Ether is to be treated as 'crypto-fuel', a token…[View]
1979826>staking >your weight is 764 >you will receive a reward in 34 days So what exactly is the p…[View]
1978165>A GLOBAL SUPERCOMPUTER NETWORK >AI will become reality! >Incredibly fast advancements in m…[View]
1979859>buy something online with bitcoin >have to give shipping address for the goods to be delivere…[View]
1979742LIVECOIN A COMPLETE SCAM: Deposit 0.41 about 6 hours ago Gets confirmed from Yobit 2/2 Now on block…[View]
1979796Oldfags: This is for the oldfags that don't understand cryptocurrency. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
1973573/dsg/ - DROPSHIP GENERAL: UPDATED GUIDE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ti-laBUbfmIfyBifCHz5PwTDd…[View]
1979441Rate my portfolio biz[View]
1979922Hey /biz/, I'm sure I'm going to get trolled for asking this, but I'm hoping for a di…[View]
1978987need some advice on starting up: Hey guys, can you help a newfag here just starting way too late int…[View]
1979881What is objectively the best Shark Tank pitch?[View]
1979672DAILY REMINDER: you're literally retarded if you do not get in this ASAP. I posted this thread…[View]
1976683Hey faggots. I decided to give out a list of the top 5 Cryptos to buy right now and get the best re…[View]
1979783I went to a state school in California. I graduated about 4 years ago in Finance and now I'm th…[View]
1978916What should I invest in SHORT TERM: Hey guys im a college student who is in a bit of a financial str…[View]
1979380hi anons, this is my fuckin dna results. it is revealed that my father's ancestry depends on j…[View]
1977295Hedged Funds: Does anyone know if its possible to identify a hedged fund series, just by looking at …[View]
1979264/biz/-pill me on the subprime auto loans.[View]
1978967How do I make money off of 4Chan?: Is it possible to funnel their autism and transmute it into monet…[View]
1978701Bitcoin Plus (XBC), supply of 95,375 Coins (1 mio max), 20% Proof of Stake: Since the mega pump of B…[View]
1979332Can anyone explain to me how this shit mooned so hard that one time? Parabolic straight to 350 milli…[View]
1979674SELL: SELL THREAD What are you selling? If you just BUY BUY BUY then you're a fucking cuck. Se…[View]
1979623Camshow Venture: Broadstrokes: Have the room, time, two very attractive girls and equipment to start…[View]
1978075>bitcoin is back up to $1200 HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN[View]
1978913Crypto Bullion: How much CBX do you have? Where do you think price will go? What will you do with …[View]
1979388what % of your pre-tax income should be spent on a car?[View]
19791412 Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Meetings in China Coming Up: ◆ Beijing station activities Time: April…[View]
1979537youtube monetizing/adsense: So I see these content aggregators on youtube that basically just rip of…[View]
1979527Litecoin getting segwit tonight beijng time!!!! https://twitter.com/JiangZhuoer/status/8556340014022…[View]
1978832How many confirmations for your Livecoin.net deposit to show up? It says 0 (0.66680414) It has 7 co…[View]
1976792DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T WARN YOU: >10 btc sell wall @ 10k on Yobit was eaten a few hours ag…[View]
1976914Why is the media so afraid of the far right coming to power?: Its the far left they should be worrie…[View]
1975732>boss pulled me aside today and asked if I was mentally slow Should I just never go back…[View]
1979377Social Media Marketing for hire[View]
1979196Posw ref glitch: https://poswallet.com/sign-up.php?referral=ethmoonbase Can anyone else see wtf is g…[View]
1975992I've got a credit card with around 880 dollar balance right now. It's 0% Apr until Februar…[View]
1979133ask a biz owner: Hey /biz/realites. I'm a 40yo dude that owns a small manufacturing co. I eff w…[View]
1979318Hey biz, if you make most of your money off the books in cash, is it safe to deposit it regularly? W…[View]
1978823>women age 18-45 on average work more hours than their male counterparts and usually hold more th…[View]
1979298Quick Anon!: PIVX is under $2, buy the dip![View]
1978842>he's not discovering the secrets of POSW sub coins yet to skyrock >he's not staking…[View]
1975835Where to keep emergency fund: Let's say I have a 20k emergency fund Where should I keep it that…[View]
1976886Dude Bitbean lmao[View]
1979104What went wrong?[View]
1973190Wow look how easy that was.[View]
1978996Are you guys buying Adamis?[View]
1977470Pivx is dead/all hail BItbean: If the price of BTC increases will the value of a other cryptos decre…[View]
1978123What's everyone think of Monero aka XMR?[View]
1977548Will next Thursday be to late to get into POSW? I won't be able to buy until then.[View]
1978171Buy POSW via Yobit or PoSWallet? Instant withdraw > staking for me, amiright?[View]
1978910Starting a business, would appreciate any advice from you guys This is to start a video production b…[View]
1978377anyone know that vitalik made /b/ clone on the ethereum network using no web server[View]
1978769How do I start cryptocurrency trading? What platforms/brokers are available?[View]
1978685Buy Kneepad Coin! It's assured to give you great gains, when it goes moon! Don't be a bad …[View]
1978788At what net worth do looks truly not matter? >pic related[View]
1978214i'll just leave this here...[View]
1978169Why is buying bitcoins always such an unbelievably hellish experience? Fuck you Coinbase I don'…[View]
1978778This pump is about to get a lot more serious. Buy in cheap while you still can.[View]
1976850>not buying litecoin right now You missed the dip, but it's not too late. Get on the rocket …[View]
1978732>he didn't drop this meme for posw yet[View]
1978240why do you tip the pizza delivery guy but not the UPS man[View]
1978587I haven't been this optimistic about a coin since ETH back in 2015. Take my advice and pick up…[View]
1978571Unscrupulous Ways of Making Money Thread: Let's hear your methods[View]
1978697SO MANY SCAMS: So many SHITCOIN proxy so little time. Fuckoff shitcoins[View]
1977057Kind of want to dump my bitbean and buy the pivx dip. Will I regret it?[View]
1976808My uncle just gave me a new MacBook and I don't want it. What can I do with it other than resel…[View]
1977164Bean magic is real. You feel it too, don't you anon? 50 sats soon.[View]
1974161> yfw BitBean = $1 USD[View]
1978557https://event.webcasts.com/viewer/event.jsp?ei=1137845 https://event.webcasts.com/viewer/event.jsp?e…[View]
1978237Hey this pivx thing is pretty neat. I've been staking for just a couple of hours and it already…[View]
1977416Is this guy a scam? Will I finally be able to quit my wageslave job and buy a Lambo if I follow his …[View]
1978517>why didn't you buy bitbean when it was less than 100 satoshi, daddy? All you had to do to s…[View]
1978134So, will they also add new coins on the 2nd of may?[View]
1976867>wake up >no motivation to do anything except drive around, drink coffee, eat junk food, read …[View]
1977964buying 1 satoshi coins: Coins can't go below 1 satoshi right? So why not just buy up 1 satoshi …[View]
1976160Packaging: How important is packaging to you? Does the packaging of an online order matter to you or…[View]
1977996Does anyone know anything about robo advisors/managers? I saw automatafx mentioned in a thread, and …[View]
1978370who /notfuckignwithaltcoins/ here? bitcoin is king and it grows every time an alt goes through the p…[View]
1977367POSW Holy crap: POSW truly is unstoppable. This coin is headed straight to at least a $10 - 20 milli…[View]
1976368I want to make a Etsy competitor.[View]
1976895I like the idea of posw exchange but why does their currency matter at all?[View]
1976510why do people invest in hedge funds: when most don't even beat the market? is it simply the all…[View]
1978349poo in the loo buttbeaner shills will never get it: $110.13B $513.57B $59.07B $88.66B $302.12B $171.…[View]
1977946Bitcoin: So I'm new to Bitcoin and crypto currency in general. Could someone give me a quick ru…[View]
1977697Work Ethic Discussion: ITT We discuss our shitty work ethic / how we can improve it. 19, born into a…[View]
1978029A real human bean and a real hero[View]
1977984Buy FRN before Sunday's pump: It's the perfect time to buy[View]
1977886Don't miss out on this: Buy francs (FRN) on yobit. Yobit's owner has a huge bag of francs …[View]
1978019hey guys, just want to tell you JNUG is going to the moon on monday see you then :)[View]
1978044>It may not be relevant to your problem, BUT, I have been doing this to gain tiny amounts... post…[View]
1977726incoming: bitbean about to drop sharply don't say i didn't warn you (will rise again after…[View]
1977331BUSINESS/JOB ADVICE: i finished school with the best graduation (abitur) possible. basicly i can do …[View]
1978139FUCKING VIA ACTIVATED SEGWIT HALF AN HOUR AGO! The volume had risen drastically, don't miss yo…[View]
1978016Alright guys, I'm going to buy into the crypto meme. My question is, what are the best exchange…[View]
1976830Amazon Vendors: I run have a small ecommerce business. I buy stuff in China, India, Vietnam, Japan w…[View]
1977776Are all these cryptocurrency shillers psychopaths? It seems they must be because what they do requir…[View]
1978091> yfw you realize BitBean is just as fast as PIVX > yfw you start to realize PIVX has been los…[View]
1978015>up over 150% in 3 fucking days >site is just getting started and it's still very, very u…[View]
1976467>2017 >still not investing in golem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HicUNGKfjrM…[View]
1977965There's no buy support for POSW above 10k, it will dump and you'll be able to buy back in …[View]
1975519tfw when you realize >the dev is american and transparent about his future plans and selling hist…[View]
1977163Pay-to-Click: Are pay-to-click sites ever worth it for making money? I tried Clixsense and Timebucks…[View]
1974262HOW TO START BUYING AND TRADING CRYPTO: In every crypto thread I watch people chasing their tails tr…[View]
1977543Don't scoff, the beans will pay off.[View]
1978008> resident in Germany atm > another EU citizenship, none to the US > thinking about foundin…[View]
1975527Rich kids?: Do they have brains? >be me, wagecuck security guard working at a resort with apartme…[View]
1976842SMALL BUSINESS ADVICE THREAD: I’m fucking mad right now and I need some advice. I’ll greentext for a…[View]
1975857Tfw I feel like my brain cells are dying while I'm lurking this board[View]
1976495I know nothing about altcoin markets. The only cryptocurrency knowledge I have is a basic understand…[View]
1977550Hey /biz/, I'm 20 years old and almost overcame depression. Now I'm getting motivated to b…[View]
1977821TFW i sold all my bitbean at 21sats[View]
1977627Is Coinamama.com (lol) legit? It's weekend and my cash transfer won't arrive and I want to…[View]
1977536If instead of Social Security every citizen had an obligatory index-based investment account that wa…[View]
1977178This summer Torcoin will be worth $20 a coin. It is the most anonymous crypto ever created. Everyone…[View]
1977645Sup biz. So I may be getting a promotion to warehouse manager. How much salary should I ask for. We …[View]
1977288/biz/ where are your favorite prostitutes from? Ukranian, Russian, Brazilian, Oriental or which nat…[View]
1975774So i got me some gridseed blades and setup this sweet homemade mining rig for mining crypto. what do…[View]
1974415FOR FUCKS SAKE: Busoness and finance. Oic related. Autism is real with some of u faggots. Any actua…[View]
1977162Whenever you think you'd made a bad deal, remember that this motherfucker paid $12.210.000 in 2…[View]
1975156>$120b in venture capital Holy fuck how fucking stupid do you have to be to invest that much in a…[View]
1976590>If you're a job hopper please do not apply.' Maybe if companies weren't run horribly a…[View]
1977282>your money will never arrive on kraken >even if it did it'd have to go to poswallet from…[View]
1977471What other wallets are there that allow me to buy BTC quickly using my credit card? I bought 15 buck…[View]
1977355https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/lepen/ :^)[View]
1977419Anyone here in the legal marijuana business? How profitable do you think it is to open a dispensary?…[View]
1976625I'm a graphic designer I need work, asap. Oh businessmen, what assistance in this direction ca…[View]
1976666Post your PoSW and state how much BTC profit you're up: >0.45btc+…[View]
1977382to dump or not to dump?: Yo /biz/ I think its right time to dump some hard beans, I think it will go…[View]
1976352Post your PoSW and state how much BTC profit you're up: >0.45btc+…[View]
1977375>he went to a state university >he's British and went anywhere other than Oxbridge…[View]
1976464Career Abroad: Since I'm Danish, I have unlimited access to education. I can basically become w…[View]
1977101>tfw 22 >tfw been doing the trade meme since 17 >have had over 10 jobs >lowest paying w…[View]
1972253Will someone please just tell me where to put my thousand dollars??[View]
1976861Lets assume for a moment we're living in a Libertarian Paradise and there was no taxation whats…[View]
1976776Are dot.com based business still viable way to get rich?: Many got rich by starting smallish IT-firm…[View]
1977269small biz advertising: How do I get the word out/advertise a small, service based business when all …[View]
1976933Who will win between the shitcoin trifecta of /biz/ scams: Bitbean, POSW or FRNC?[View]
1975949Hey, /biz/. So, I am completing an undergrad major in Economics, and I regret to have to admit that …[View]
1970168/EDG/ Edgeless Token General: Any of you /biz/raelis in Edgeless? Launched on Bittrex less than 2 da…[View]
1969944What does /biz/ drive?[View]
1975809Currently a financial advisor/stock broker/whatever-the-fuck. Manage $30MM in assets. Here's t…[View]
1970706When did you realize that the skill of sifting through 4chan to find actual advice is the most valua…[View]
1973265Up skilling: Guys I lurk here every day for about 10 minutes reading the pointless shit you people p…[View]
1977169BVB bus bombing /biz/ af?: make profits, as the bomber betted against it. Thoughts?[View]
1977170Bitbean needs a new market. I think KRAUTCHAN.NET/int would be a good choice! Show those krauts the …[View]
1974960I earn only $36,000 a year yet I'm already 36 years old(been on 4chan since 2004 so yeah I…[View]
1976963Posw get kek: Closest I'D that says posw, will have great luck with posw. Praise Ken This is a …[View]
1973196/rgt/- Robinhood General Thread: -- Robinhood FAQs -- - VISIT THE WEBSITE FIRST DAMMIT!! - www.robin…[View]
1976944Can my company force me to go to their annual party? We are gonna get split into groups and each one…[View]
1975040$30,000 to spend: give me a stock or business idea that will multiply my capital 2-3x within 6 month…[View]
1977041Don't miss your only chance to make some quick money guys: Buy frn on yobit before it's to…[View]
1975538How has becoming rich changed your life?: I dont eat pizza crusts anymore[View]
1975299Unmotivated Comp. Eng. student here. I'm wondering if anyone here got out of the engineering me…[View]
1973465What has caused the recent drop with Ripple?[View]
1976758Probably our last chance to get in frn.: It hit 4.5k today (even now, a x8 from 2 weeks ago). We are…[View]
1976769Has anyone tried making a product and selling it overseas? Specifically i'm gonna be aiming for…[View]
1976117Has anyone here ever made money taking the free coins on yobit?[View]
1977010Frn is a good buy right now: We expect a big pump in 2 days (french elections) and a second pump on …[View]
1976998Registered business name and trading name: >I've rambled a bit, skip to the bottom for the i…[View]
1975533Pathetic: You fools investing meme coins. You guys have any idea what coin is King? And the only cur…[View]
1976298Who /allin/ here?[View]
1976415PoSWallet + BitBean + BitBay CONFIRMED to be the PATRICIAN'S TRIO OF CHOICE of Alternative Curr…[View]
1976839iPro cypto currncey : Next Bitcoin or Scam: Anons need some help is this shit a scam or legit? http:…[View]
1976283Computer Science: Is it a bad time to get into Computer Science? How about Computer Engineering? Wha…[View]
1975170Shadowcash: Anyone else buying in on the Shadow cash dump before it jumps back up to 1-4$?[View]
1976813Anyone want to buy a domain?: ;) https://flippa.com/8254385-pussyglow-com[View]
1976529For a long time I thought >Getting a loan for a depreciating asset ( a car ) is a stupid idea! …[View]
1976832/biz/ has gone to far with this one.[View]
1975104The Legends Room (LGD) General: The Legends Room (LGD) General/MAKE IT RAIN ON THOSE HOES edition Be…[View]
1976169>tfw too stupid to find out how to buy bitbean or any cryptocurrencies[View]
1976760I'm just letting you know this. LiSK is on the way to the moon and you can still jump in. Belie…[View]
1975591Youtube: Well my youtube account got terminated probably because I logged into the same browser that…[View]
1976753Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but /adv/ didn't really help. I'm applying for job…[View]
1976627Should the workers own the means of production?[View]
1974876General for the Official Cryptocurrency of France ! Good developers, low max supply, immaculate pres…[View]
1975334Why do you complicate matters with crypto-bullshit? Just split bet on both Macron AND Le Pen to win …[View]
1976693What are your thoughts on Acorns? Can you really make 6-8% p.a. with this?[View]
1976689dropping shipping: Anyone have any dropshipping success on it? Any tips?[View]
1976015>Dad, what was it like when you went to the moon in 2017? >you don't know? >I thought …[View]
1976096Guide for newbizfags: Hey guys well so I kinda have some money saved not much Tough 1.5 k And actual…[View]
1975491King Of Rejections: >Have a degree >Got five interviews. Got rejected in all >Applied to hu…[View]
1976609Anyone know the best way to find an electrical apprenticeship in Victoria, Australia? I've trie…[View]
1976620>can't demean the bean[View]
1976619This man asks why would BP be in the Ethereum Alliance?: https://youtu.be/eaobWpjph-Q tldw Multi-Nat…[View]
1976392Just curious as to why everyone seems to talk about Coinbase almost exclusively. What's wrong w…[View]
1974267Interview thread: Hey, so I'm assuming that a lot of us are doing through the interview process…[View]
1975002I just had a 'discussion' about when something is profitable or not with my brother. We were discuss…[View]
1975584TRUSTCOIN: What are your thoughts on trustcoin coin (TRST) ? >https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?t…[View]
1975942Noncompete - how to approach?: How do I approach a potential noncompete issue? Greentext: >Decemb…[View]
1976294/Biz/ you've made me over $1000 in the last month: Things biz was right about that I invested i…[View]
1976405How can I find the email address of people who own property in a certain area? An apartment complex …[View]
1974031LAST WARNING FOR POSW: >Devs remain anonymous >Says they will partner with a charity for Afric…[View]
1975465>he still thinks he can buy beans for less than 20 sat GET THE FUCK IN WHY DO YOU ALWAYS MISS OUT…[View]
1976280How much should I invest in the Lottery for maximum returns?[View]
1976172REMINDER: you're literally retarded if you do not get in on this soon. you will hate yourself f…[View]
1975279You can only post in this thread if you''re sprouting atleast a million beans on poswallet[View]
1976316>at least one of these shitcoins will unironically moon >it's very unlikely that it will …[View]
1972962Anybody here work in quant trading? What would you say is the most valuable major at uni for the fie…[View]
1975583THE QUESTION IS: ...how fast do you want the beanerboy to take off? The runway is laid out but it…[View]
1975880WE WANT YOU: Team Bean Reddit revival is underway Come on /biz/ let's help our pretentious blow…[View]
1974853Quick Rundown: >Rothschilds bow to Bitbean >In contact with aliens >Possess psychic-like a…[View]
1975824BITBEAN BITBAY ALLIANCE: 'The thing that draws me to BitBean is that, much like BitBay, it's cr…[View]
1975447dont come cryign to me when BITB hits $100.......[View]
1973592How many beans are you harvesting?[View]
1976208>too late to buy cheap bitcoins >too pussy to buy cheap ethereum >just right to sprout some…[View]
1976127Who should I trade with? My uncle's made a bundle trading in oil and such via TD Ameritrade, bu…[View]
1976076Response from Ethereum holder on current BTC Bubble situation: Bittrex, OKCoin & Tether can no l…[View]
1934846ASX: Australian Stock Exchange Thread: What are you holding or looking at buying? Any tips? Discuss …[View]
1975603My dad entrusted me to manage his rental properties. Now there is a couple of hundred dollars in sec…[View]
1974446Cold Call Machine: Hi Biz, I have a question and unfortunately it will be a cliche question regardin…[View]
1975860Plarty: Party is just starting, one to keep an eye on /biz/[View]
1975962Bitbean sucks my cock[View]
1976084>yfw you realize eth will be worth over $250 by the end of the year[View]
1975606Ethereum: Red-pill me on this meme[View]
1975010minimizing income tax: I've a fair chance to make a great buck within next half a year from sal…[View]
1976064Anyone have a POSW referral ID I can use?[View]
1976003>why didn't you buy bitbean when it was 20 satoshi, daddy? >now all we can eat is beans …[View]
1974403USDT has Fallen! USDT HAS FALLEN. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.: 1 USDT is now worth $0.95 USD. It has fallen…[View]
1975775What does it mean to be poor? What is the distinction for you? Technically my income puts me in a lo…[View]
1975579ETC will be $50 by the end of the year. Get in while it still cheap.[View]
1975709Lykke: whats the deal with this shit. never see this brought up on biz[View]
1972579Money Market: Redpill me on Money Market Accounts[View]
1975893Guys, I'm an international student studying at a college in the US and I need some help on lear…[View]
1975716What websites can I follow to check which Cryptocoins are doing good or bad? What websites are good …[View]
1973367Small Inheritance Investment Ideas: Hey /biz/, I inherited a little over 60 grand a while back. Its …[View]
1975255Alright /biz/, my birthday is next month and my parents are going to help me with some money. I liv…[View]
1975826Favorite Educational Finance Texts: Post 'em[View]
1973973REEEEEEEEEEEE: What the fuck is the deal with POSW? Is this another dump scam, or a legit PIVX 2.0? …[View]
1974831Pretty easy to tell it's a scam when they get offended at questions. Defensive tactics are a si…[View]
1968780Tip: Buy some $GAMBIT: Hey guys I'm back for a quick tip.. Now you all can see this: https://b…[View]
1975753They should turn into a conglomerate IB is dead[View]
1975723Legal Marijuana: Anyone here in the legal marijuana business? How profitable do you think it is to o…[View]
1975276Guys, my brain is stuck at such a simple issue rn. I'm having problems understanding ROI. Lets …[View]
1975505What are some good books to read to understand the stock market?[View]
1974920Is there a guide to starting cryptotrading? Don't even know what service to use[View]
1975711Agriculture Medicine technology Real estateEntertainment: Rank what you think Will be most profitabl…[View]
1975176Why do people talk about buying POSW on sites such as yobit instead of simply exchanging it for BTC …[View]
1975340Poloniex: Making 0.00002155 BTC every 2 days on auto pilot. Poloniex lending. I'll come back in…[View]
1975543Convince me, /biz/, on which coin I should invest $1,000. I've been seeing a lot of PIVX, BITB,…[View]
1971676>be 1.5 million in debt: Do I kill myself now or later?[View]
1975573Can we talk about the bonus situation?[View]
1975452I got played: In public group of Dump and Pump Fair Pump, we supposed to follow the rules wait for a…[View]
1975097I inherited 230k from my father, what should I do with it biz?[View]
1974957>tfw bought 4000 PoSW >tfw bought 1.5 million BitBeans >tfw only a third of a BTC is on the…[View]
1975446Told you guys to buy when it was at 30k sats and got called a shill. Fuck you, /biz/[View]
197510018 and sorta lost. Im going to citytech in fall for industrial design. The problem is they only of…[View]
1975338BRX MOONING AS WE SPEAK https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-BRX https://bittrex.com/Mark…[View]
1975302GROESTLCOIN GENERAL: Fuck Beans Edition.: Groestlcoin has dipped lads. Why the hell are you not in? …[View]
1975096Need crypto currency wallet options.: Okay i need some godtier wallets. I fucking hate coinbase and …[View]
1975122https://web.archive.org/web/20170312143217/https://www.wired.com/2013/12/casascius/ If the US govern…[View]
1975333Best city to start a business?[View]
1975352Hey guys. Recently I have been introduced to this relatively new Network Marketing company - Lyoness…[View]
1974304I'll be 29 next month, I work at a low wage job ($11 an hour, and I am at the cap for where I w…[View]
1975021Just gonna leave this here...: https://youtu.be/IuysY1BekOE[View]
1974961Hey bois if you want to join a fun crypto server join here https://discord.gg/qj9X6 Only rules, no l…[View]
1975235Franks (FRN) pre-pump thread: Bagholders get in here! Just 3 days until the great party.[View]
1974468POT coin - Sell the news.: >POT coin down 25% today alone kek. Which one of you idiots lost money…[View]
1975233Anyone interested in joining a trading room where we pump altcoins feel free to join us on discord …[View]
1975290What do you fags think of Bitconnect? Seems like a ponzi to me. >hurr gib us money, no matter wha…[View]
1975261Stole my first 0.043 POSW from the faucet[View]
1975182What if im extremely attracted to someone I work with[View]
1975253Planning to use popunder and popup ads from various adnetworks like for example Propellerads to prom…[View]
1975225Guys JOIN THIS CRYPTO DISCORD!!! https://discord.gg/ng4qyZu IF you guys need help or have questions …[View]
1975189>btc price of gold >eth price of oil >eth gas >oil gas…[View]
1973095so /biz/ i'm an idea guy, heres the overview of my concept: uber is for rides, airbnb for renta…[View]
1971002Ebay General Thread: 'cause we always need one[View]
1974741>Be living with grandfather >He hasn't retired yet >Warns me about this phone scam goi…[View]
1972787Real Estate Agriculture Those are the only 2 sectors that will remain stable for centuries.[View]
1974587Why is PIVX crashing :( I was so certain it was the one.[View]
1974966Working abroad out of college: Hey /biz/, from a career standpoint how would you rate working abroad…[View]
1974137>sunny day >driving around as usual >qts everywhere >see ugly people (like me, maybe not…[View]
1975001Listen up you capitalist pigs, I recently logged onto my 31 year old son's computer because I…[View]
1973890Even normies are catching up with crypto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYWPfgxa8TE https://www.you…[View]
1971836Offshore books: Hey /biz/, Anyone have a book similar to The Essential Underground Handbook, but upd…[View]
1975093Alright /biz, quick question: Which social media platform would be the best in terms of making money…[View]
1974718What is the meaning of the concerned expression every old person has fixed on their face while they…[View]
1975091Good afternoon, I wanted to ask the /biz/ community for help. I'm trying to look for job but am…[View]
1975030Seeking Real Estate investors: Anyone have ideas on where to find legitimate real estate investors t…[View]
1974133/biz/ cringe/humor thread: post /biz/ related cringe/humor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlXKKztVg…[View]
1973075What the fuck /biz/, I just discovered Amazon's Mechanical Turk marketplace and I cannot believ…[View]
1973428What was that one website with videos of fat nerds babbling about trading? It's been thrown aro…[View]
1975019RIP Horizon Coin: F[View]
1973339TODAY'S THE DAY CRYPTOBOYS: When can we expect the CAAN and POT booms?[View]
1974939Does the juicero belong on here? >A food tech startup that has raised $118 million in venture cap…[View]
1974980>Been holding Potcoin since September >Bought some more last month >Decide to sell on 4/20 …[View]
1972781I heard ya'll business folks like instagram accounts? Well, I have one with over 200k followers…[View]
1973600>mfw all top volume coins are down right now and have no spare btc to buy the dips…[View]
1972747POSW>PIVX: I thought pivx was great, great community a coin for the average folks, breaking down …[View]
1973778>hes buying beans instead of PoSW[View]
1974874Where to find foreign investors or at least business partners? My business is in Croatia so I don…[View]
1970506Golem will double in price tomorrow with the update. How much are you buying?[View]
1974513Was born in Canada but my parents are from India and as a result of that I have a poo2loo type name …[View]
1974728Why arent you buying a ticket for the NAV moon mission? >Signalling SegWit May 1st Prices already…[View]
1974172How important is getting good at golf to doing /biz/ness?[View]
1974069why not a trading firm for poor blacks?[View]
1973801>lol at buying PIVX at $0.1, you are buying at the peak >lol at buying PIVX at $0.5, you are b…[View]
1974107i would like your opinion on the type of little project i plan to do. i am from a niche culture so t…[View]
1972609VOTE USDOLLAR TO POSW: GET IN HERE NOW!! /BIZ/ We need to work together to get this done. 1. Go to h…[View]
1974380Why are big trades harder: Can you guys help me understand why it's harder to trade $100,000 th…[View]
1974265NO SHITCOINERS ALLOWED: Hey /biz/ What's your current side hustle? How successful is it? When …[View]
1974490How does market cap go up so much without price increase?[View]
1973675Do people set up walls for multi-pair currency traded on multiple exchanges? For example, ETH is tra…[View]
1974680I hope you bought POSW and are sitting on your bags already, anything short of that means you'r…[View]
1973539Altcoin diversification: I'll cut to the chase. In my insane cryptomania I managed to get mad g…[View]
1974628Rate my cryptos?: Not pictured are: 450k Dope 200k BitBean About to buy around 300$ of POSW[View]
1972344Beat the Dow?: I want to invest a portion of my profits from Pepes and AMD in something boring. What…[View]
1974274>wake up >pivx lost me 300 dollars >eth lost me 700 dollars >bitbean made me 220 doll…[View]
1972185BitBay $10 Giveaway: Hello /biz/, Up for a Treasure Hunt?[View]
1973462>finally get a part time job working min wage >saving up for university >'When are you gett…[View]
1973739The US government is like the mob, if there is a money making operation not paying tribute eventuall…[View]
1974411How do you get a good job these days without social connections? Is it even possible?[View]
1973414FRN moon!: Trump coin mooned Putin coin mooned Why are you not investing in FRN? Seriously we are a …[View]
1972458BitBean: The Only Coin Approved for Honest, Hardworking Aryans[View]
1972732Reminder that a recession is overdue.[View]
1973650Crypto: Is there anyone from Europe trading with crypto currencies? Are there exchanges here? It see…[View]
1974117Last chance to buy POSW and get passive income: There's no /biz/ meme magic involved here folks…[View]
1968367>wake up >see stock market crash by over 90% what do?…[View]
1974042MEAN BEAN SPACEMACHINE: > he did not buy the dip just lmaoing @ ur life rn, bean is back at 18 sa…[View]
1974269Hey /biz/. I want to learn more about finance and how the stock system works in general. What site o…[View]
1973267COINBASE DOESNT SUPPORT CANADIAN SELLING/WITHDRAW It's literally the only exchange I've fo…[View]
1971775Is investing viable for a person in middle class?: I calculated that if you get at least a million o…[View]
1974183Will ETH crash?: This looks awfully familiar...[View]
1973045Hey all. My name is anon, I'm 21 years old and love investing, trading, scalping, etc. I have e…[View]
1974257>BTC mooning hard >POSW price unaffected The writing is on the walls friends. Call us shills …[View]
1973103HOLY SH!T - TIME TO STACK THOSE ETH CHIPS: https://twitter.com/thewealthshoppe/status/85492943661287…[View]
1968368Official $POSW MOON thread: Previous thread: >>1963955 → # My last 2 predictions, $MONA and $P…[View]
1974151>'you really need to get in on bitcoin, it's literally the future and it's gonna blow i…[View]
1974064>he doesn't hold asset coins on bittrex and move all stake coins to poswallet…[View]
1974040Is it even worth it?: Hi bois, I see a lot of people here talking about investment worth thousands o…[View]
1973553Lets make a agri biz thread ? Whos in Agribiz ? What Are you doing ? What would be a good AgriBiz in…[View]
1974083>Be me >NEET for 4 years >Just bought new work shit with a government grant >Start new j…[View]
1969148His wife is fucking ugly Do you think he fucks 10/10s on the side?[View]
1974012SEPA, Wire, or SWIFT?: UK Citizen here, should I use GBP, USD or EUR when transferring to Kraken? GB…[View]
1973658Cryptocurrency is the last fad scam for college dropouts to feel like they're beating the syste…[View]
1972209POSW beg thread: Explain to me why I should give you 1,000 POSW. Include your POSW address in your p…[View]
1973914>missed on the TORcoin gains So many opportunities to get rich within the space, and I keep missi…[View]
1973069what's your rarest bean meme?[View]
1973832ETC: Mfw no one talking about what is happening right now. This kinda shows you niggers only post ab…[View]
1973559Hey, brethren, how are you? I really want to start a biz in the oversaturated food market. I would l…[View]
1973874FUKIN COINBASE: >Keeps fucking with my account >Turning buy and sell abilities on and off for …[View]
1973808Explaining short time at job: I left a strong position in an internationally known company and ended…[View]
1973611Am I too late to jump on the POSW train? It is currently sitting at ~10 cents.[View]
1973767>FRN, POSW and Bean are all flopping. >Their devs actually thought /biz/ is the reason why PI…[View]
1970090>colleagues at work found out I still live with my parents >been called 'mama's boy' for …[View]
1973662You fags are buying RLC tokens right? right? surely you are? Ill educate the clueless. RLC tokens a…[View]
1973750The altcoin bubble is going to crash and make you all lose 80 % of your wealth. Bitcoin is the only …[View]
1973774Anyone else here hold via just because they love this shitlord and his autism?[View]
1971862FRN is the new BitBean get on this NOW Don't say I didn't warn you[View]
1972372In 100 years which of these 4 will still be around?[View]
1973507Automated Youtube news videos - a business opportunity?: So, I've been thinking about making se…[View]
1972832Affiliate Marketing: Redpill me on PPC affiliate marketing /biz/ do i just make some good catchy ads…[View]
1971908I have studied both PIVX and POSW graphs. Look at the PIVX rise to $1. After it crossed 1 cent, it n…[View]
1973211Newfag here, should I invest my $13,800 savings in buying *coins?[View]
1973672Anyone here have any experience of printing and selling T-Shirts? Can anyone give me some advice on …[View]
1973460What is the best book on the Financial Crisis of 07-8' ? I'm looking for one aimed at a ta…[View]
1973499Is Global Government a bad thing? Why?[View]
1972878Dropshipping: Is dropshipping on ebay or amazon viable or am i gonna get a lot of complaints and cha…[View]
1973266MESSAGE TO /BIZ/: Reminder that PoSW will reach $500 USD by next month.[View]
1973549I went to an interview last wednesday and they offered me an entry level starting position. At the e…[View]
1973528Tfw 10k torcoins[View]
1972918Buy more eth or more POSW? Dump 250 or 500 euro for both?[View]
1970276I have a question. But first: I've learned to resist the enticement of money. I don't want…[View]
1972801BITB EARLY: This board makes me laugh. With a market like cryptocurrency, it is a guaranteed win. Al…[View]
1973523I can boost your social media followers Youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook, soundcloud even, lol …[View]
1973253Reddit manipulation: You have the ability to add upvotes and comments to reddit threads. How do you …[View]
1973430The new Wall St: Crypto St: Name your top 5: ETH PIVX Ripple NEM BTC Nothing below 1m market cap Not…[View]
1972700The Official thereum Thread: Dump dank eth memes and info here to keep the energy HIGH for the cause…[View]
1973385Watch Etherdesign Create the WAVES DEX Gui in real time. Check it out! http://etherdesign.io/stream …[View]
1973352> He didn't buy MEME Bought in at 500 sats, pulled my original buyin out at 1700, now I…[View]
1973039Is it illegal to break a sites ToS? Let's say, that I want to send messages to the users of sit…[View]
1973365better drop that onecoin: http://bitsonline.com/onecoin-biggest-scam-history/[View]
1973307Should saving be illegal?: Money that just lazily sits in your bank account is money which could be …[View]
1971358How does one make money developing video games? I want to make products and just have them sell. I d…[View]
1969629How are you hanging there anon? The slavery is killing me. But it's the only way to get enough …[View]
1970942Person who shorted LTC at .0097 here Wanted to see what hivemind thought. I'm thinking it'…[View]
1969962Paradeigma is founded: Week 2 of our business formed right here on /biz/. I'm just here for an …[View]
1972707I set up a coinbase account and bought $2.00US of BTC. I'm going to drop 2-300 on ETH when I ge…[View]
1972721Ripple just had a crash at the same time Bitcoin went up and it pushed it into the 2400s. Now's…[View]
1971654By the end of the day tomorrow THC will be over a dollar. Screencap this.[View]
1971309Any decent passive investment strategies that are safe from stock market crashes? I want to start in…[View]
1966218BITBEAN GENERAL - /BEAN/: 'Pleased to meet you, Mr. BitBean!' Edition >What is BitBean? BitBean i…[View]
1973086Tell me about procurement /biz/, is it a glamorous coke-sniffing filled life full of fucking bitches…[View]
1969442How much did you lose when poloniex delisted your coin?: >I lost 0.14BTC thanks to Qora…[View]
1972929Newfag to /biz/ here. Im 19 and have almost 10 thousand dollars in the bank. I know basically nothin…[View]
1971924I just put $1780 into bitBean. A lot of the hype on /biz/ seems genuine and I dont want to miss out …[View]
1972182Guys I have a simple question: Will the Iraqi Dinar ever reevaluate for us in the U.S.? My dad bou…[View]
1972885BlockNET ($BLOCK) is a decentralized exchange due to be released to the public next month. It has be…[View]
1972980$129,000usd worth of Bitbean Dead or Alive: Yep, it happened again. This time we're looking for…[View]
1972993Opinions on this? Is it legit?[View]
1970063redpill me on bitbay[View]
1970394How can I maximize gains by scamming welfare?[View]
1972800Why are the values I sent from Coinbase to Bittrex not matching?: I just bought some ETH from Coinba…[View]
1972982Is it possible to become financially independent with an undergrad degree in business finance? All I…[View]
1972914Who else 'ez-money-by-participating-in-ICOs' here?[View]
1972076Don't fall for beanbit meme, PTC is mooning hard, The ship is taking off boys. See you on the m…[View]
1969960What kind of biz do you own, how much start capital how .... fuck it Greentext your biz story biz i…[View]
1971660Sooooo, what's going on with ETH? Been offline for a minute and want to know if their are any h…[View]
1971437Have luxury cars stopped being a status symbol? Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, etc. Where I live only see …[View]
1970580How rich is too rich?[View]
1970877>Debt collection agency sends letter that they will garnish my wages >State doesn't allow…[View]
1972406Prove me wrong: If I put every penny of my retirement and brokerage savings in the 4 horseman, I wil…[View]
1971762Cryptocurrency Pump and Dumps: Where do people pump and dump cryptocurrencies besides /biz/? For all…[View]
1971286FUCKING SHITCOINERS: Enough. My fucking hell you cucks are annoying. Kys[View]
1972153>In the book, Klein argues that neoliberal free market policies (as advocated by the economist Mi…[View]
1972603What's even the point in private equity[View]
1970441Who else is ready for the second coming of Monero, AkA PIVX?[View]
1971442lost pic related today 30k left, should i go to vegas and put it on blackjack or put it in a meme st…[View]
1972541No more alimony.[View]
1971890Is it possible for a woman to be financially stable? Every woman I have met so far impulse buys stup…[View]
1972532I have a general idea of buying/selling crypto currencies but haven't looked into it much. I h…[View]
1972449Does selling a stock make the value go down? I figured it would be cause , more shares available to …[View]
1972162My gpa is shit. How badly is this going to hurt me in my job search after graduation?[View]
1972192Why is biz such a fast board now. I don't like it[View]
1972074testing: What a pretty picture. Buy BitBean[View]
1972483Buying properties instead of coinz: I am closing on my first investment property in 26 days, I wante…[View]
1971850Can we all come to the consensus that COIN threads are SPAM and that they should be treated as such.…[View]
1970988/biz/, I've been out of the loop in cryptocurrency. What new coins are yall shilling? What…[View]
1970501mechanical turk- worth it?: did this a year and a half ago maybe 20 hours a week when I was in colle…[View]
1971621how can i turn my autism into money?[View]
1967885You get a small inheritance of 1 million dollars. What do you do?[View]
1969184Step 1: PIVX gets on Polo Step 2: PIVX price rises from $1.85 to $10 Step 3: Buy Lamborghini and lau…[View]
1971530I love you /biz/: I started with less than 1 btc a month ago and now I'm sitting at 3.65 btc. I…[View]
1970550Im looking to get into the stock market. Im 21 have about $50k saved up and I'd like to start w…[View]
1972075PesetaCoin MOONING: HABBENING[View]
1970610Is 'shekels' the most comfy name for money?[View]
1971161Total newfag here. Can I get a quick rundown on how to get into the coin market? It seems like the r…[View]
1972058Can someone explain that whole Tai lopez thing cauz i dont get it is he just scamming people with sh…[View]
1969698STORJ (SJCX) is about to take off. https://storj.io/ https://coinmarketcap.com/assets/storjcoin-x/ -…[View]
1970600French Election: How should I play the French election? Is there a high enough chance of Le Pen/Mel…[View]
1971988>bitbeaner and posw icons meld together perfectly IT'S A SIGN BITB+POSW EXCHANGE= FUTURE OF …[View]
1969977Guys I need to promote a product in powerpoint. I just need product ideas. Help me out.[View]
1971954>guy who works at Snapchat is dating a vs model >guy who works there >not the owners >j…[View]
1971947tf u niggas use to buy shit: What the fuck is the general consensus on the best site to buy PIVX/ETH…[View]
1971020I want to into investment, but can't find anything that seems worthwhile. For example: http://m…[View]
1971950Did you miss out on the PIVX train?: Listen /biz/, I’ve seen it time and time again.. The posts from…[View]
1968721Give me a list of countries in which Bitcoin -> cash transactions aren't taxed, OR if they a…[View]
1970725Who here loading up on THC today for tomorrow's moon mission? I've been loading up yesterd…[View]
1971956Did the ICO guy hang himself?[View]
1970310Last chance to get on the spaceship before it launches tomorrow on 4/20/17. Get your THC now on Bitt…[View]
1971940Incoming moon mission for THC tomorrow. The smart money on here will move first. The rest will watch…[View]
1971308PIVX: Where are my PIVbros at? Ready for your lambos?[View]
1971787--- It's the FINAL countdown. --- THC is going to skyrocket tomorrow because of the annual date…[View]
1970733So why you aren't investing in Komodo?[View]
1967998/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread RNN Road to Recovery -- Robinhood FAQs -- - VISIT THE WEBSITE FIRS…[View]
1971325Where can I find investors on the net? I need 50-100.000$ for an IT business that's goin to mak…[View]
1971875BCN worth buying?: Is BCN worth buying? And if not, what should I go for?[View]
1971866Revised POSW roadmap *cough cough*: Hey everyone, I found the revised POSW roadmap - just thought I…[View]
1971849best apps: What are some good proffesional simulators of stock trading? Before I use home-banking to…[View]
1970602What's the purpose of wallets for altcoins? You have to transfer to a trading portal anyway. An…[View]
1970852TFW the whales are driving the price down on THC today, so they can send it to the moon tomorrow.[View]
1971845YouTube: What happens when you get a copyright strike on jewtube? I thought of an idea of uploading …[View]
1970779Which is the best CRM platform to use?[View]
1971341> He thinks it's over > But the new wallet is coming out soon > And it's just sta…[View]

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