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11800087What did Satoshi mean by this?[View]
11799258im so glad i locked my btc at 13k. straight bloodbath right now but im still 8k up! who livin the #l…[View]
11800039What happened to xrp shills[View]
11800111B-but 5400 was supposed to be the bottom[View]
11800108Is there any other path left now?[View]
11799941Absolute Advanced Adamantium support at 5400! :][View]
11799223What a bloodbath: This is hard to take guys. I mean I know the old “only invest what you can afford …[View]
11800048>1400% ROI since 1986 >supply capped by statute and shrinking YOY >infinite demand If you d…[View]
11800003pls: tell what will pump next, i dont know what to do[View]
1179993651% attack incoming!!!!: sooooooooooo are ye ready?[View]
11800036i told you this is the world currency you faggots: now fomo[View]
11799069you still persist[View]
11799418Unironically laughs in $ at all you know-it-alls: “Hey let’s disregard the opinion of this boomer wh…[View]
11793716I'm done accumulating.: Hello biztards. I've been around since early 2016. Been through sh…[View]
11799067>when the fucking lottery would have been a better investment The absolute state of /biz/…[View]
11799918WHICH????: Buy now on coinbase to lock in current price but have to pay 2-3% fee or Transfer money t…[View]
11799164Let's be honest with ourselves. God hates us. Why though?[View]
11799487>Buffet said bitcoin will end badly so i didnt buy any because someone with that much money cant …[View]
11799338bear market is yet to start. bitcoin wont see bottom until double digits. could see wicks to single …[View]
11799100liberate tute ex inferis[View]
11799906What the hell is wrong with DBC? Signed deal worth 1,000,000,000 renminbi (144,000,000 US dollars) b…[View]
11798881> people are cashing out for black friday sales[View]
11799186/LINK/: Hear ye, hear ye! With this great travesty bestowed us by our yellow monarch our place here …[View]
11799587>not having sold at 15k[View]
11799531>that price .[View]
11798891Are BTC miners running at a loss right now?[View]
11799174Chadcoins of the century.: My vote is SUQA or Snow. The -twu specials that have saved me from this b…[View]
11799859>tfw people consider fake internet coins more valuable than a real coin…[View]
11799659Vechain Delusions: It's in fucking free fall now haha >just got passed by Maker >falls to…[View]
11799783OMG staking: Load up on OMG. Large institutions can stake their tokens in their wallet[View]
11799601Bitcoin SV one block AHEAD. Craig wins.: Now does he dump ABC coins? Time will tell.[View]
11799838I told you..: Should've exited days ago. There is still time to secure what little money you ha…[View]
11795974I went all in on Bitcoin SV at the top ($160). What is the most painless way to kill myself?[View]
11799772guys the whole marketcap is only down 5% today its going to be ok[View]
11799778Biz... What's going on big guy?[View]
11799247unbreakable support @5300[View]
11799657Chainlink:: Is now the link to buy up all the cheap Link or do you guys think it's going to go …[View]
11799770Where should I but my buy order? Is 5k too high?[View]
11799507It's not normal to not be able to reproduce things. That's why they tell us to get jobs. B…[View]
11799055BCHABC exposed as pnd, buy or sell?: a pnd scam just got exposed and it was Roger Ver again. biz you…[View]
11799681ETH 160$[View]
11799730Cryptogoober, are you still awake and on here? It's lain.[View]
11799054>bitcoin will be 10k eoy[View]
11799687>monday morning oh no no no, time to get up wagie, mr shekelsbergstein told you to come in early …[View]
11798725Who literally /holding to 0 / here?[View]
11799072I just took a mortgage on my house to go all in in Satoshis Vision. Wish me luck /biz/[View]
11799619Centralized shitcoins are currently affecting and trying to destroy the decentralized ones. bcash, r…[View]
11797388I have no money or house. What are my best bets if I want to move my family out in time for thanksgi…[View]
11799028why are fags still buying let it hit the bottom meme line already[View]
11799446Oh no dead BABies![View]
11799491>It’s all wrong >By rights we shouldn’t even sell here. >But we are. >It’s like in the g…[View]
11799506>all the people who said 'coins are on sale!' for the past year[View]
11799243Broken hearted whales: Say something nice to them[View]
11799481BCH and SV..........PARITY: The Hash war has just begun.[View]
11799555ITT: it's December https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyeWRd7ZEBs[View]
11799533Great Shake Out: There's only gonna be so many coins that make brothers, sell your shitcoins, f…[View]
11799514Should I buy in now or wait[View]
11799482Is it safe to buy alts now[View]
11799484how do i check if my robinhood account is a Cash or Instant account[View]
11799458So let me get this straight.: Bitcoin is dragging down all the non-usecase fucking shitcoins down (9…[View]
11796563Allright /biz/ Ive got got a nice business Idea. Its like an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant but y…[View]
11799454Calling all Comfy Holo Chads.[View]
11798967Sold everything at 8700 sats, my gut says we have a wild ride down before the glorious ride up.[View]
11799442pee pee poo poo in all seriousness this crypto situation is actually very easy to profit in, just op…[View]
11798850everybodys screaming i try to make a sound but no one hears me im slipping off the edge, im hanging …[View]
11799389so now that crypto is dead shall we go back to dropshipping?[View]
11799322I tried to warn you: You said you had returned to normal, that BTC had bottomed out, that you needed…[View]
11799207Welcome to despair. If you sell now you lose.[View]
11798870Why are CoinMarketCap such liars? Crude side by side comparison with CMC and Coindesk's info. I…[View]
11798530It's almost December 2018 and...: Remember all the high expectations we had for this year? Even…[View]
11799395Take this time: To prepare the next level of pink wojaks and darkjaks for under $5000 BTC and $100 E…[View]
11798933Apologies are a necessity[View]
1179831310:00pm PST It begins[View]
11799198XRP and LINK not dumping AGAIN: Why the fuck are these two coins so based[View]
11798863Massive gains: Go long on mex right now btc and eth this is the shakeout prior to the retest of 6k…[View]
11799168Daily reminder: It's a marathon, not a Sprint.[View]
11798590Trading/Quant Programming Music Thread: Assorted stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLoytewvn0g …[View]
11798869my life savings[View]
11798917FOREX Thread: /forex/ - buy the bottom edition and stop being a faggot What else you looking at lads…[View]
11798546WTF IS GOING ON[View]
11799004Why are you alone? I'm paying a dominatrix to hold and cuddle me for 8 hours for 50 an hour, an…[View]
11799238>sell >AAAA >PLEASE STOP Reminder that it's merely a correction.…[View]
11799171Game over nerds[View]
11799077Why can't you just accept that it's over?[View]
11798790kimochi warui https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQY32VGnRK4[View]
11797901*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *…[View]
11796829Im sick of seeing you lazy faggot millennials posting about 'muh global real estate crash' threads. …[View]
11798946SELL: SELL[View]
11799014forks = megalomania: the entire crypto community (or what's left of it) is being subverted and …[View]
11799147now what: what will happen to us now, should i sell?[View]
11798746IT'S OVER: I hope this time you understood. Give up. I won't repeat myself.[View]
11799113look at them down there, like chickens without a head[View]
11798963Neo, are we gooked as well?: I don’t know what’s worse my neo bags or icx bags...[View]
11797643THE TIME HAS COME: Did you see this? Some dude this shorted 1.450 at the local bottom and didn'…[View]
11798751Ethereum: >$167 IT JUST KEEPS GOING DOWN! BAHAHAHAHHA![View]
11799144>sell everything because I'm physcially and mentially tired of everything >go to sleep …[View]
11799089im buying right now i dont freakn give a heck[View]
11799129IT'S OVER[View]
11798841SELL your coins: Sell everything now[View]
11798835>he sold the bottom[View]
11798819im crying and i dont know what to do i come from a poor country (poland) and i put all my savings on…[View]
11798793HERE WE GO[View]
11798956I cannot wait to die[View]
11798804Ambrosus discussion thread[View]
11799079its unironically ogre. where's peter schiff and boomer buffet i wanna apologize and buy silver …[View]
11797398Coin/banknote collecting (numismatics): Anyone on /biz/ collect coins?[View]
11798641Ambrosus discussion thread[View]
11799044>Everytime BTC goes down only the people on BIZ gets more bullish Now we know…[View]
11798991If we all sell now, price will tank. Normies will panic sell lower and that's when we rebuy, in…[View]
11798981The absolute state of NEO[View]
11796554Is all my money gone?[View]
11797228We are live. Feel free to contribute: mega articles exposing the scam will be published shortly http…[View]
11798952Absolute state of /biz/[View]
11798950I RUN OUT OF CREDITS[View]
11798593Magic Fed Computers: The Federal Reserve has a computer that can pay any amount of money to any bank…[View]
11798937Fuck.: Make it stop. Please.[View]
11798701I'm 1 block behind bitches.: SV is real.[View]
11798858This is officially a bear board.[View]
11793732Why aren't you drinking the nectar of the gods, /biz/?[View]
11798909>feelio when you could have shorted even more but didn't[View]
11798904THE DOOM IS COMMING: The ICBMs are being launched right now. The war is reaching its peak. After the…[View]
11796890Satoshi Nakamoto: Is this the real Satoshi?[View]
11798864The truth hurts: Come on guys you know we needed this dump, we couldn’t have kept going at 6k sidewa…[View]
11798619Consensys, a company in NY, has several marketing offices dubbed 'Experimental Marketing' …[View]
11798885XRP will surpass BTC by EOY (see details below) CASHIES HAVE DESTROYED BTC AND XRP IS THE ONLY SAFE …[View]
11798789We warned you. But you didn't listen.[View]
11797265Crypto twitter greatest hits.[View]
11797158Bitcoin Auction: 10,000.00 BTC --- Starting Bid 50.00 USD: How do you cope with the fact that you ar…[View]
11798478my mom is going to ask at thanksgiving. wat do[View]
11780476/entg/ Entrepreneurship General: Chill rainy weekend edition Please check previous threads for inspi…[View]
11798802Are you ready for sub 5000 today?[View]
11798797SUB $5000 here we come[View]
11798796>he invested in magic internet money[View]
11798792Hear me... and rejoice. You have had the privilege of being saved by the Great Oracle. You may think…[View]
11798084My stinky isn't linky enough. I have paypal and credit card. How to I buy Link?[View]
11798689Chainlink DAMAGE CONTROL THREAD: Why did she fail us?[View]
11798460I'm sure you've seen this circulated around before but just a reminder and great lesson du…[View]
11798491Which one of you NEETs: Is this mans wife’s son?[View]
11797100Where are you Mr. Gepetto?: When pamp?[View]
11798739God please kill me: It wasn't supposed to end like this. Why...?[View]
11798605>initial investment of 2k in july last year >ATH of both 120k and 130k in january and may resp…[View]
11798368I'm thinking of buying some weed stocks (CFDs) on here. Is this site legit? Seen a lot of mixed…[View]
11798700janny gettin dabbd on by cute crimal[View]
11798670>You can't win. It's pointless to keep fighting. Why? Why do you persist?…[View]
11798714Why did you lie to me.[View]
11798651Crypto is a scam. Your ico has spent more time and effort on a whitepaper, lawyers and marketing tha…[View]
11798231>muh ever lasting golden bear run >bitcoin is dead and heading to zero kek. just look at it fo…[View]
11798213Which Chinese coin should I go all in on now that China is hinting at unbanning crypto?[View]
11798673Is cashing out into gemini dollar the same as cashing out into USD, tax wise? Also, I want to cash o…[View]
11796400>tfw hot water freezes faster than cold water[View]
11798662If you believe in the sky delusion. You must have high confusion.: Why are they trying to sell merch…[View]
11798646I have wrote the winning lottery numbers twice on a notepad and not purchased the tickets, 1st time …[View]
11798624ICX 6000 sats edition: YEAH MOON SOON BOYS HEHE[View]
11797284ICO SCAMS EXPLAINED: First, go to bitcointalk and find a project that has a reliable fanbase. Use th…[View]
11797920>imagine browsing /biz/ every single day and choosing not to invest in LINK only to have it value…[View]
11798536XRP as a BASE pair: he is asking you to shill, what the fuck are you waiting for https://twitter.com…[View]
11798632Bitcoin $4000 eow[View]
11796595GET IN NOW.: $3.09 is a criminally low price for a crypto that has two working nodes orbiting the Ea…[View]
11798170Up or Down?[View]
11787511Australias Property Bubble Bursting MEGATHREAD: Clearance rates have a direct correlation with price…[View]
117985194chan gold when? Can't wait to tip you, fellow niggers *plz updoot*[View]
11798550Linkies on suicide watch: lol Wojak fields imminent. /biz/, reddit is ready to screenshot a red god…[View]
11792220Constellation Labs Updates Tracker: Strengths - World class engineering team working on top notch t…[View]
11798562Linkies can't even get a description on Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/price/chainlink Repe…[View]
11795893anon? why havent you bought dero yet? i heard 26k is just the right amount[View]
11798473Wow Vitalik Buterin confirmed scammer and brainlet: So before this dumbass started the Ethereum scam…[View]
11798532Should I put my life savings into Constellation?: Should I put everything I have into DAG?[View]
11798540what's going on with the anti-millenial bait shitposting? what's pol up to?[View]
11798539they are satoshi nakamoto: Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and his founders fund, and the rest of their gang.…[View]
11798538Anyone else hear OMG is getting listed on jewbase?[View]
11798494AION: Hello sirs. buy AION sirs, it needs too go up only 50x to reach ath sirs.[View]
11797657My token has value because people are going to use it on the network[View]
11797760AION 97.6% down: Is this legit or an elaborate ponzi scheme? Millions of coins are yet to be release…[View]
11798469Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom. Schopenhaur is he /our/gu…[View]
11798406wtf is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVD3SjkoWuo who is this other voice besides Sergey…[View]
11798453The ultimate redpill: Looking for a surefire way to make it? Worship buddha and devote your life to …[View]
11797651End the fed.[View]
11798015>he thinks Bitcoin is invited to the next golden bullrun[View]
11798414AION: All I see is inspirtional quotes from the CEO, while it has dumped 98%. Even their telegram me…[View]
11798230LINK vs BSV: Does this sound familiar to anyone else? 'Most importantly, as the cost is paid as it i…[View]
117984383 days[View]
11798095>sunday night[View]
11796970REQtards now gaslighting themselves: The team doesn’t even have to lie anymore, the delusional REQta…[View]
11798038HPB: How much is needed for masternode? The volume still seems very good. Dont want to hear the same…[View]
11797938Haven protocol - TESTNET IS LIVE EDITION: >What is Haven Protocol? An ecosystem of multiple fully…[View]
11797792Is December the beginning of the golden bullrun?[View]
11796901>new 4chan >requires sign-in and username >allows upvotes, hashtags >censors 'bad' word…[View]
11798405It's going back up... R-right?[View]
11798208all my money is gone I would like a refund please where do i get my refund?[View]
11797063drunk anon here: I'm a drunk anon but not the drunk anon. AMA[View]
11797969The sheik will tokenize 250MM any time now...[View]
11798190What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss?[View]
11798347I BOUGHT THE TOP[View]
11798010TFW When you're 225% up....: ...as all of you idiots burn. Feels good, man. Thanks -TWU[View]
11797370explain it to brainlet: is biz really going away soon?[View]
11796277Metaverse ETP: Anyone still holding this shit? This is gotta be one of the most price-manipulated sh…[View]
11797399Anyone got any coins they like[View]
11798046Will my 4Chan pass work on 4Channel???????????????[View]
11783420I'll miss you guys.[View]
11797391wagecuck suicide general: What is the least painful way to kill yourself, fentanyl overdose or am I …[View]
11797344Best camsites for women to camgirl on: Hey /biz/, I see the occasional thread here on seamier sorts …[View]
11797592Soon ...: 39 Minutes.[View]
11798109Hi dirtbags: I see a lot of you shitheads are starting to whine again. Shut the fuck up asshole. Fuc…[View]
11797551I work on a Cryptocurrency Ask me something?[View]
11797998What should we be accumulating right now?[View]
11797916I applied to 10 companies today. Currently have a job but need more money. I fucking hate job interv…[View]
11796538>19 red days Who else here getting absolutely GOOKED?[View]
11798160Has anyone used Amazon mturk? Is it good? I just want to create some side cash during my downtime.[View]
11798186Tomorrow: >w-would you like fries with that, sir?[View]
11798164WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO!?!?: /biz/ is going to turn into reddit, and cripplechan is fucking…[View]
11798181Once 1000$ EOY...: now <10$ EOW[View]
11797169>'Bitcoin is like beanie babies for tech bros' (karate chops air with both arms)…[View]
11792540Low market cap token with lots of potential: You might want to think about investing in IPSX. Its ma…[View]
11794513Vanguard is releasing a Total Cryptocurrency ETF: You heard it here first, anon. Look for it in Janu…[View]
11797001Theres no one on /biz/ thats getting JUSTed harder than me[View]
11798009who here getting JUST'd in every aspect of their life right now?[View]
11798007>be greedy when others are fearful This is the best time to fill your bags. You're going to …[View]
11797479Hi, I'm a retard: How do I buy link in Australia? I heard that it's going to be worth 2000…[View]
11796748Thanks for telling me about LINK in 2018 /biz/ >t. visitor from 2021[View]
11797949>when you remember we're at 5500[View]
1179723810 LINK will get you this in 2025[View]
11795299The time from now until the end of the year are going to be legendary: For years to come, newfags wi…[View]
11789100BCHABC officially won hash war: https://cash.coin.dance/ see announcement at top buy now for easy $1…[View]
11797812Imagine not shorting the top.: See you all at 3k.[View]
11795654SUQA - Liftoff edition...: Still looking real good, lads. 200 sats EOD? None of this is leaving my h…[View]
11797769>spam norman friend with link memes >mfw he knows what link is from browsing biz >ask him i…[View]
11797501This shit needs to make a comeback[View]
11797966Bitcoin cash poker: https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=29716 all your chips are belong to me now biz…[View]
11797879> he thinks this is the bottom[View]
11797947rvn: >Assure Services made waves throughout the Ravencoin community after announcing the purchase…[View]
11794371Anyone ever do gay for pay? Is it really that bad?[View]
11797832Is- is the real bottom under 5k????!?[View]
11795510OPQ - The future of security info exchange: https://news.kucoin.com/en/kucoin-completes-airdrop-dist…[View]
11796808Hi it Jun: I ruv take advantage of white boi. Dey make me mirrionaire and rall I had to do was read …[View]
11797616>the opposite of what everyone thinks will happen is always what happens >yet biz thinks BTC w…[View]
11797724Who else here electronic bidet?: I never knew I needed the bidet warming function. Sitting on the bi…[View]
11797276Seriously /biz, what's stopping this awesome guy from dropping the hammer?: I shot of scotch wi…[View]
11797793It's our time.[View]
11795118How Did I Do, Anons?: >Bought house almost 4 years ago >70K equity already >Scared of neari…[View]
11796378This is the most undervalued coin in existence.[View]
11797771The important thing to recognize is that if you are somebody who is currently invested in crypto, yo…[View]
11796833Funfair? Scam. Snowblossom? Scam. Suqa? Scam. Why do you keep listening to the shills here? Stop bei…[View]
11797331WHAT IS THIS? pic related: found multiple token like that in an old box i found in a flea market , l…[View]
11797386Made it to 5k: I feel like I want to die[View]
11796482A little thread about where would you go now in my place. >17 Moved to ireland alone from east eu…[View]
11797702REEEEEEEEEEEE: And if the bear market wasn’t already bad enough I just accidentally sold my shitcoin…[View]
11796926Crypto will fail. Normies will never return: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M8dQJWJtw2Q[View]
11797269i just want my money back[View]
11797507What can I seriously do with 100k? I want to be a millionaire[View]
11797517If lets say I hypothetically I were to make a new it site. Would any of you fags want to help out. I…[View]
11797303New exchange: There is a new cryptocurrency exchange in the works. It allows trading of multiple cry…[View]
11797255What did bitcoin.com mean by this? https://news.bitcoin.com/cryptocurrency-memes-the-only-assets-tha…[View]
11797340Bitcoin is not going bakk up[View]
11797323The dream isn't dead, isn't it?[View]
11780729Age/Link Stack/Location: > 28 > 18k poorfag shooting for 20 > Southern California…[View]
11797332Migration: Since /biz is soon to be dead we need to talk about the migration. >8ch/biz Those fag…[View]
11797285w-where can i get a refund[View]
11797196hyperwave tyler jenks: says we're going to 1K no ifs ands or butts[View]
11797296> There are actually people still holding this gook scam[View]
11796427Who's been in the cryptogame the longest, but has the measliest gains? I started with 4k USD in…[View]
11795993Sad times as Marines migrate from LINK TO FANTOM: Don’t worry cuck, it’s not all bad. Now that Fanto…[View]
11784606/smg/ - Stock Market General: lmao @ our lives edition >I'm new to the stock market, what st…[View]
11797343I have a question regarding my student loan. I get around 1000€ per month, out of that 700€ are the …[View]
11796644NO SPLIT: https://twitter.com/dobe4ever/status/1064096180412403712[View]
11797393*cracks all your private keys*[View]
11797365> i only invest in things i can touch with my bare hands[View]
11791974So, Bitcoin SV is dead: >buy satoshi handle for 2 btc >gets blocked for impersonation >fork…[View]
11797366I bought at 0.00000650 today: Trips call how I KMS[View]
11796500Although many of you will not care I shall tell you all a small tale of my brief insider knowledge r…[View]
11796800Calling All -TWU: IF any of you guys fell for buying into Snowblossom. Good, it'll be a good le…[View]
11796964RIP 4chain?: Oldfag here, I haven't been on 4chan in a while. I heard (((they))) are shutting t…[View]
11797082>sept 2020[View]
11794369Initial Investment, ATH and current worth: $70 in 2016 $40,000 jan 2018 $8750 atm u?[View]
11795931You're a faggot, it's true. But I know of a certain crypto that will 10x by EOY and won…[View]
11796380This man literally dedicates his entire life as a driving force into shilling BCH and owns Bitcoin.c…[View]
117967612 weeks[View]
11797175what the fuck is wrong with these brainlets?[View]
11792831Why haven't you gotten married yet, anon?[View]
11796675One thousand end of year[View]
11796195You do know that Bitcoin is going to pump and wipeout all your sats gains right?[View]
11797202cбpacывaть eгo[View]
11794119reddit: why are redditors so financially retarded?[View]
11797179New Bitchard is out. Discuss this shitstain of a failed technology in this thread and commiserate. h…[View]
11797154我的耐心已经累了。 chainlink网站字面上说它们与swift有关。还是50c。所有这些推测的关联就是这样。已经公布的协会没有用,或者“如此重要,比人们想象的还要大”,但它们仍然是50c。团队甚至…[View]
11797023*drinks 5 cans of coke in your path*[View]
11797112THE SCAM[View]
11797099why not go out like a boss crying on youtube that you used retirement accounts to illegally sell opt…[View]
11796830Will brap posting or schlopps threads be allowed when we move to 4channel?[View]
11796354/biz/ is dead.[View]
11796640It's not enough that we win. Reddit must lose.[View]
11796989>be me >post ChainLink thread on biz >30 mins goes by, no replies >realize I'm terr…[View]
11796862HOT Top 20 in 2019: Look at this infograph and tell me Holochain isn't going to be Top 20 in 20…[View]
11797102Crypto is a Joke Right? >But Anon, Blockchain...... Dude, Cheerios?[View]
11796468Recommend me some good /biz/ related tv shows&movies >Pic related[View]
11797071please ignore: confused about why posts on 4chan and 4channnel are the same, just testing[View]
11796394There's no point in crypto anymore with the dumb bitcoin cash people selling their btc to fund …[View]
11795274>Initial investment of $10k summer 2017: >Reached $270k peak bubble with shitcoins >JUSTed …[View]
11796738And we’re back![View]
11794999You guys know that Skycoin physically circumvents the legacy internet, right? It also runs dapps. Pr…[View]
11796914JEWCOIN in classic Head and Shoulders formation: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/shekel/#charts…[View]
11796939What's with the transaction sizes? Is SV spamming ABCs chain?[View]
11796572hmmmm: This kinda reminds me of something. One side seems to be making a lot of social/emotional arg…[View]
11796491Let us all take a moment: And give thanks to Satan[View]
11796524Non-Crypto Thread: I'm personally of the belief that the crypto market will take a 2-3 years of…[View]
11795903I bought crypto on jan 2018..: How come I am still slightly in the profit? All my other friends are …[View]
11793121we're we going.: 8ch? 4chanreddit? Millchan? Don't leave me behind friend.[View]
11796448To those who say craig wright is the trump of crypto: This craig wright clown piece of shit can…[View]
11795987WHY THE FUCK IS THIS BEING SHILLED: Suddenly out of nowhere there are 10s of threads shilling this. …[View]
11796816Bulls and bears are duking it out today. Who is going to win?[View]
11796858I feel really sorry for Sergey.: I feel really sorry for Sergey. All he wanted to do was exit scam a…[View]
11796138Let's have a mature, serious discussion about the direction of the crypto space and it's i…[View]
11796722Farewell boys in blue: Goodbye to all my blue board bros. I simply won’t use a site where I’m banned…[View]
11796484Why did i buy bvhsv? Whats wrong with me?[View]
11795708Why is it going up again?: Why the fuck is this happening? The bottom is set higher and higher... in…[View]
11795780Shrimp farming: So it's just a meme or a legit business?[View]
11795852How do Central Bank rates work? Why is turkey raising rates when their currency is bad[View]
11796537Tinfoil Hat Time: I think the entire 2017 bullrun was fabricated by the bch fork. The elite bitcoin …[View]
11796338XRP AT RESISTANCE: Think it will turn support or am I about to get BTFO?[View]
11796486>Join conference call >Hello who just joined? >Hi, its Karl from Business Transformation …[View]
11795635I want to kill myself. Fuck Request Network[View]
11796689>use blockfolio >been deleting the history from time to time because i never sold and it hurts…[View]
11795848Any /biz/intines squat in houses? There are so many houses out there that are vacant because Chines…[View]
11796474Banking advice: So, I am 22...looking to start a bank account...the reason I did not have a previous…[View]
11795725SUNDAY NIGHT WAGIE!! BETTER GET A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: >mfw every 2% link goes up, i get $7,000 >…[View]
11795699If you aren't all in XRP right now: You must hate making money[View]
11793959The big dumpening has begun: The math here is simple: 1- There is no more interest in crypto, only v…[View]
11794866how to get free gibs/welfare? my parents are worth $30 mill and i live with them, but i would like m…[View]
11793543When will you realize that Holochain is the crypto black swan event? >But muh hippies >But mu…[View]
11796352Omg: Thomas Greco quits omisego after tokens unlock. Lul. Another secret the team hid along with tha…[View]
11796636sub $5000 here we come![View]
11795505holy shit: this picture just BTFO all nocoiners and altcoiners[View]
11796674>Here is my end-to-end setup. Here is my highly reliable input, here is my contract, here is my h…[View]
11793232Can someone just tell me if Masari will recover? I have 1k Bags, already lost more than 35% because …[View]
11795398HOLO: Will be worth $1 EoD *(End of Decade) for the illiterate. Is it really this easy anons? >Ye…[View]
11796623Anyone ever made a killing with penny stocks?[View]
11796499physiopath and sociopaths: How many of you are physiopath or sociopaths that trick mindless betas in…[View]
11796233What is this pattern called?[View]
11794603Dropping the fuck out: Am I fucking retarded for dropping out of uni? I'm 24 and would graduate…[View]
11796506>tfw I bought a 4Chan Pass[View]
11794556The people that get it are buying bitcoin. The people that really get it are buying shitcoins to ge…[View]
11796334Fuck crypto: I'm done, over a year in and nothing to show for it. I'm in the process of se…[View]
11794590grant cardone appreciation thread: >MAYN UNLISS YOU'RE MAYKING TIN MEEYUN DAWLARS A YEAR, YO…[View]
11796372Crypto is for people who are too dumb and naive to get into forex or the stock market: Prove me wron…[View]
11795446>he bought xrp[View]
11795829XRP Twitter Community is cancer.: Literally, they fucking use emojis in every fucking sentence they …[View]
11796422Been gone for a while, any good microcaps?: I've been out of it since March. Only reason I came…[View]
11796473You guys lied to me. Lightning isn't a meme.[View]
11796074Haven't been to /biz/ in years, apparently it's just a board to shill your favorite crypto…[View]
11791266>find $100 on the street >go to pick it up >other side of the bill has shit on it as if som…[View]
11795261Is he RIGHT?? /biz/? I have 80% xrp. Tell me it'll be okay[View]
11791948Why did Ethereum fail?: It was supposed to be everything Bitcoin was except 100x better, yet it…[View]
11794676XRP: While xrp/usd chart looks somewhat boring at the moment, xrp/btc is eyeing a breakout of the le…[View]
11795034XRP CONFIRMED A SECURITY: https://twitter.com/SatoshiVisioner/status/1064257318458540032 AAHHAHAHAHA…[View]
11794217Is 'gentrification' just a lazy communist meme?: Why is it bad? My apartment goes up in value, less …[View]
11792460$1000 EOY cancelled and here's a thought why.: I did some calculations and for the first time I…[View]
11795834Was 2017 anyone's second bullrun?: Any oldfags out there that were making crypto gains before 2…[View]
11796332PoW is now PoS: With the existence of the cryptocurrency mining industry you can just buy work there…[View]
11795638I'm so incredibly JUSTed on this I can barely breathe. Almost five years of savings, eradicated…[View]
11795705Is Consumer Reports worth it?[View]
11796348Bitcoin CASH-SV[View]
11794829Crypto is dead: What's your 'Plan B'?[View]
11793889i lost everything[View]
11796283What happened with this shit? Can't follow every scam[View]
11796278Omisego: There are people on this board that thought a rackety fintech company in the third world wo…[View]
11796247Guys, we have to hit 100$ before there's another bullrun, and that won't happen for YEARS.[View]
11794448I have seen a lot of FUD lately surrounding ChainLink: and a lot of people losing faith. While every…[View]
11796179Long for the Bart or short for the Shart?[View]
11796110Let's reminisce about last december[View]
11795571Hey Anon! Hows that bitcoin thing you were telling us about last year going?[View]
11796109My hair is growing back and my cortisol is going down ever since I dumped all of my alts.[View]
11795691>tfw /biz/ is 45% copypasta, 45% pajeets and illiterate zoomers, and 10% larpers and smug TA 'exp…[View]
11792021Does /biz/ trade forex? Why the fuck not?[View]
11793228How many times a day do you check the price of LINK?[View]
11794754Sup /biz/. I know about inflation and that 'printing more money' will just cause everything to be mo…[View]
11794691Veteran Bitcoin oldfag here and I have something to say.: Welcome to the altcoin bull market faggots…[View]
11795197So I decided to quit studdying and start saving money while I live with my mom a few years. How hard…[View]
11795616Hi anon, I heard...: ..you have chainlink? I'd love to hear about it.[View]
11795328Should I just sell my Bitcoin I put in $500 ages ago and now I've lost about $100 on it and it…[View]
11795925Just Curious: How do bears make money?[View]
11795919Free Banano: Not sure the ratio, but if you link your banano and doge wallets it's free money, …[View]
11793311are you in for the moon mission, anon? It's happening already[View]
11795898Hello.. is it a 10x you're looking for?[View]
11795840which of these will moon hardest on the next bull[View]
11790596i m sorry biz but: I reported Chainlink to SEC it is my fault if it goes to zero .. I am really sorr…[View]
11795870I'm really enjoying 4channel[View]
11792707Imagine being such a Loser that you would lose all your money on internet Monopoly money instead of …[View]
11794443Biz help: So, this is my first post here I'm looking to invest some money on stocks, and some …[View]
11795572>anytime raising interests rates are discussed the market goes down We’re literally never getting…[View]
11793169$1000 EOY: I only have 50k Link which is nowhere near enough to actually make it. All these Linklets…[View]
11794554how do i break up with my gf: biz i need help >20 something guy living in a big city >business…[View]
11795528I'll buy 2,000,000 Links on Wednesday for 1$ each. This is as much as you guys get from me. Goo…[View]
11795483Get in mah goys[View]
11788667/biz/ actually thinks that buying really cheap land in the middle of a nowhere state in America and …[View]
11793515COPE THREAD: Who here didn't cash out in December-January? How do you deal with the immense suf…[View]
11795463Coin threads everywhere, wtf?: Business is about many things and all I see in this board coins coins…[View]
11795429VeChain: /biz/ is rarely right, but they hit the mark on this one. VeChain is one of the greatest sc…[View]
11795498PLAN B: I buy all your fucking shitcoin exchanges using 0.1% of my net worth and I shut them ALL THE…[View]
11795494shill me some coins on Graviex[View]
11795493Why doesn't he like Raspberry Pie bros[View]
11795267kek for anyone who missed the stream last night: https://keyport.tv/free/3aoLJ8Aa8p3YH6 'twas a…[View]
11795490Blocks the S.E.C's Path >Toadaso[View]
11795487FLO token. The sister of RVN: buy FLO token on bittrex if you want to get rich https://medium.com/@v…[View]
11793300We are a 14% pump away from securing the 31st position on coinmarketcap What happens when we breach …[View]
11793854OMG $700 token: So coinbase custody added OMG as one of their assets along with BAT and 0X. You can …[View]
11795221/gooked general/ yearly low edition: hang in there lads. just hodl.[View]
11795411How to know when to cut bait on your alts?: I'm holding alts for the sole purpose of hoping to …[View]
11795113Are we fucked bros? Hasthe entire pow movement just been used up and thrown away like this. >$12…[View]
11795292FACTOM: Why the fuck no one on biz talking about factom? what the fuck is this shitcoin? is it a goo…[View]
11794234AION: Scooped up 10k more at this price. Buy now, or stay poor with your LINK[View]
11786814CESC18 Talk: >'half of mainnet traffic could be lottery like randomness generation in trusted exe…[View]
11795302F A T A T[View]
11794101Mushrooms: Hi, I know this is /biz so I apologise in advance you cunts. I was on here before and som…[View]
11795025may the biggest hat win[View]
11793336Housing Bubble General: When is this housing bubble going to pop ? There seems to be no slowing dow…[View]
11792087>buying rocks[View]
11786572ICOs are dead: https://www.ccn.com/how-secs-paragon-ruling-could-send-many-crypto-icos-to-bankruptcy…[View]
11790314Hey there you filthy go- I mean next generation of cryptocurrency millionaires. Give me your bitcoin…[View]
11795049anyone has some sort of idea on what we could expect from staking? with linkpool = professional node…[View]
11794688Another quarter, another $billion gone: If Uber were /not/ an exploitative indentured servitude scam…[View]
11790928XRP Shills everywhere: Why are there so many XRP shills? They form groups that attack other coins an…[View]
11794576TA Post: Don't short the Bottom: There are (((people))) on the board who are telling you to sho…[View]
11794167bulls you're losing your sanity: the ultimate state of this board >muh I know the market…[View]
11790894XRP cultists BTFO: https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1064045149691404289[View]
11795033I just want to retire without working with few million dollars and travel the world in a supercar is…[View]
11791829I'm Poor: Hi, I'm fucking poor. My whole life is a fucking joke and a lie. Post ending wit…[View]
11794946:(: Where are all my frens going to go now that the site is being put to rest. We need to migrate so…[View]
11794964TNT Blowing up on Binance: It's Dynamite![View]
117949944chan starting to collapse? Soon other businesses will. HOW CAN ONE MAN BE SO RIGHT?[View]
11787169Chainlink audit update: I've been informed they're about 80-85% compete with the smart con…[View]
1179471518 DAYS OF RED: Ah yes, ICX, I got raped pretty hard on this one! Easily one of my greatest losses o…[View]
11794658This has enough juice to hit 750: easy gains, get in or regret soon[View]
11792479Reading club: Anon, what are you reading ?[View]
11794632OH NO NO NO[View]
11794916Whats up with the real estate boomer shills lately?[View]
11791881How do you delete a bitcoin? I want to remove all memory and trace of it. It's reminder causes …[View]
11794790fuck wormhole: Does this sound familiar? 'Most importantly, as the cost is paid as it is used, the s…[View]
11792815If we don't pump by the end of Monday then we are not in spring and are in fact in a years long…[View]
11793407200 confirmations to deposit....: Sending this trash to TradeOgre took 3 hrs...wtf is happening…[View]
11794473XLM: The year is 2025. I wake up at exactly 6:00. I need no alarm clock. Two of my wife's mulat…[View]
11794482MOON BTC!: 1. Switzerland approved BTC ETF today 2.Swiss Federal Railways started selling BTC Is thi…[View]
11793839Despair: > thought ETH was a deal at 0.037 > all in > missed XLM XRP pumps > learns ETH…[View]
11794583Sovrin, BigchainDB, Haja Networks, Ocean Protocol, OrbitDB Are these projects going to push crypto t…[View]
11793736GAS: Why aren't you buying this when the GAS/NEO ration is <0.3 anon? You hate money?[View]
11794140i lost everything.[View]
11794007Intro courses for business: Hey guys, so I have several rental properties and I'm been getting …[View]
11794521I’ve been thinkin about chainlink[View]
11794541Ambrosus discussion thread: The other was made by a pajeet. Discuss the legitimacy of this project…[View]
11794083HOLY COMBO: Holy shit. Is this what takes dApps and crypto mainstream?[View]
11794494>Hey Google, play music on the home group >OK playing music on the home group >Komm Susser …[View]
11789942So who else browses here and crypto sub-reddits just to get a kick out of the delusional bagholders …[View]
11792855Can someone help?: I’m trying to think of the name of this Russian cryptocurrency. The founder appar…[View]
11794248How, as a man, do I whore myself out without sucking a penis or tainting my boipucci?[View]
11793869Is anyone here a diagnosed psychopath and can attribute his past financial/business/career successes…[View]
11793433Theres people on this board: that thinking its not going to $1000 eoy LMAO[View]
11793631Copethread: This thread is for people who didnt but LlNK when it was .16c 4 months ago and have been…[View]
11793261New day, new Ambrosus thread: Tell me bizlets, why do you like garbage projects like chainlink, skyc…[View]
11792909>i bought bsv at 140 This is it bros. Im ending it for good. Crypto was only hope for happiness.…[View]
11793482Here we go boys![View]
11794091so uhh i had a lot in cryptos back in 2017 and was helping family out with finances because im kind/…[View]
11792948There is a critical, unfixable flaw in Segwit.[View]
11794387Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. STI…[View]
11794204I am 19 taking a gap year because I didn't get into the college I wanted to. What do you guys r…[View]
11793688Fractional reserve token scamming: >Be centralized exchange >Have 10000 of Shitcoin X (SCX) in…[View]
11793613XBY B Y[View]
11794309Antarctica: Why haven’t you taken a luxury cruise to Antarctica? >tfw you’ve never sipped champag…[View]
11793734Fellas, is it poor form to DM a girl through LinkedIn? I know instagram, snap or SMS should be the g…[View]
11793711>2018 >Counting on normies to re-adopt Firefox to pump your coin…[View]
11793251/biz/, is this man right? Will gold lose 99.78% of its value? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFRcWW…[View]
11791911Just bought 26k dero? ama[View]
11794213>no ico >no premine >working product and platform >partnership with a 30bil$ company …[View]
117922824chan + BAT: I have on good authority, that if someone from 4chan reached out to bizdev@brave.com wi…[View]
11793478STELLAR: How can anyone look at cryptos in the past 12 months and not hold XLM? I don't get it…[View]
11792258COOPEX: Gee willikers Nurse Bunny, this man’s overdosed on free tokens! Good heavens, do you think h…[View]
11794162Gentlemen, I'm afraid we're fucked. Biztown Massacre is a go.[View]
11792776So god damn good: It didnt ever have to be shilled 24/7 like Chainlink and all the other useless fuc…[View]
11793648its literally dumping upwards[View]
117900194channel General: Who else here is looking forward to the migration to 4channel? This is definitely …[View]
11793017>LINK marines hodling>15k LINK are delusional about seeing $1000 eoy >LINKlets that are sti…[View]
11794063How much of a scam is this?: So my retard of a cousin has been advertising this mannatech shit the p…[View]
11794031Can you feel it , biz?: Can you feel the sound of the stampede from beyond the horizon? Better load …[View]
11791981How much of a scam is this? Obviously it's run by chinks so chances are high, but is it worth g…[View]
11794030https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y28Diszaoo4 So it turns out Crab-17 was not over after all.[View]
11793664Hello I'm Roger Ver and I'm a Multimillionaire. Fuck you. I want to talk about BAB BAB BAB…[View]
11793042>get out of church to a LINK pump happy sunday anons[View]
11791490/biz/ should i buy silver or gold?: hey /biz/ i don't usually post here and wanted some advise.…[View]
11793703Warning: If BTC breaks into the 4k range, which is likely from January, alts will finally see their …[View]
11788919Doesn't this make the entire blockchain/crypto space obsolete though?[View]
11793194Are we going to be okay BAT bros?: Whens the next moon?[View]
11793523>he shorts bitcoin[View]
11793836Looking for that gif...: Of those croatian sluts dancing at that night club, focus is on the blonde…[View]
11793862We did it, reddit! The evil aussie has been defeated! Long live bcash abc[View]
117938612018:Blockchain not Bitcoin! 2019: Ripple not XRP!! When will the goyem learn?![View]
11790982>his wife/gf/spouse had previous partner before him >he thinks he's going to make it.…[View]
11789924a thread for Millionaires: I donated a couple millions dollars in bitcoin to a fellow rich-fag I kno…[View]
11791999Vechain: Was Biz right?: I sold today. VeChain is still my favorite project and i will watch it clos…[View]
11792232BITCOIN CRYPTO ETP IS HERE!!! Biggest Swiss exchange lists BTC, XRP, ETH, BCHABC and LTC under index…[View]
11792959Epic Chainlink fakeout dump: Whales are just toying with us at this point. Get your ducks in a row a…[View]
11793763I knew it! They crashed BTC to get more LINK![View]
11793741The Chad coin[View]
11793452BAT: Unironically the only crypto project ready to launch, which is economically feasible and could …[View]
11793010Be honest: You would be all in on this if you were not a poorfag. Monero maybe exception[View]
11793349WAKEY WAKEY: Get in before we pump![View]
11793672it's happening[View]
11793269ICX: >18 straight days of red Can somebody say, GOOOOOOOKED??[View]
11793421>when you realize that the 'hash war' is the /biz/ equivalent to the Console Wars, and we're…[View]
11792517LINK is going down: See the upper chart? That's ripple's first year after it began. It had…[View]
11791060Attention autists: What is the latest speculation on Chainlink mainnet? Once this baby is released w…[View]
11793657>he bought bitcoin after 2016 lmao utlimate NPC confirmed. How much of a fucking NPC do you have …[View]
11792499any one else in on this gain train? im pretty sure it will fly considering these sell walls once the…[View]
11792468people still don't know about this: $50,000 marketcap mining crypto on solar panels the sierr…[View]
11793536Serious question /biz, I'm worried about Craig.: Does he actually have a drinking problem? He h…[View]
11785777Lets go for another 14 hours: >>11779507[View]
11793572>he sold the dip[View]
11792043Teeka PBC update: Is he a permabull? Even in latest report- buy btc upto $25000 , salt upto $20, drg…[View]
11793354Centralized checkpoints and permissioned mining is satoshi's true vision. Prove me wrong. Proti…[View]
11791790sup /biz/, I've been working on an automatic crypto portfolio tracker site/app side project, an…[View]
11792424Why is this suddenly shilled?: What did i miss? Everyone going crazy for it and shilling hard but i …[View]
11783832NEO AMA. Time to put the FUD to rest edition: All-in NEO supporter here since Antshares days.This th…[View]
11792082TO THE MOON[View]
11793293are you buying the dip?[View]
11793248When is the bull run?[View]
11793012OPQ: https://news.kucoin.com/en/kucoin-completes-airdrop-distribution-and-list-opacity-opq/ KuCoin w…[View]
11793165ITT: People of /biz[View]
11793315How can whites make money off of niggers?: Jews make money off of Niggers. Niggers in turn make mone…[View]
11793337/biz/ IS SAFU[View]
11791470Is there a biz discord if this site is shutting down?: where do i go now[View]
11792202>$20k >$18k >$16k >$10k >$9k >$8k >$6.6k >$6k >$5.4k *you are here* >$…[View]
11793157Which ICOs on the chopping block next?: So what are some other ICOs that very clearly and obviously …[View]
11793258I'm having a hard time accepting that it's unironically over. What can I do to remedy this…[View]
11792587SHHHHHH: Based TA meme line oracle taking requests live. LINKMARINES request LINK https://www.youtu…[View]
11793231Any of you making srs gains going long/short in this shit market?[View]
11791660how to earn money in 2018 /biz/?[View]
11793205don't we all wished we were kevin: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=20207.0[View]
11792983LINK tech - BUY at 0.5195 for a possible 7.5% gain: A close on the hourly below 0.515 will invalidat…[View]
11793132Who is it so easy to buy crypto with fiat but hard tp get it back into fiat? I've spent and los…[View]
11792538Is it time iconbros?[View]
117927246 days[View]
11792888Coinbase has consistently lower crypto prices than other exchanges. This indicates that a lot of peo…[View]
117927250.60 eod: 0.60 eod[View]
11793028nChain's license for its worthless software distribution says that the code can only be used in…[View]
11793059>my BCash is the real BCash which is the real Bitcoin!! Imagine having to defend this narrative.…[View]
11792957LINK drinks XRP's milkshake: https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1064045149691404289 How long…[View]
11792648It's dumping upwards again[View]
117930234chan Shadowfork: 4chan is the true Moot Vision. The dankpaper clearly defines the amount of shitpo…[View]
11790472Purely on-chain DEX. No log-based indexing. Is it feasible? What scale would break it?[View]
11792989Btc cucks Btfo Hahahahahahhahaha >Muh big blocks cause mining centralization…[View]
11791658What businesses can you start with a $25k investment?[View]
11792634Is this a good investment?: I'm considering to leave it unopened and save it for 10+ years in h…[View]
11791865Monetha CASH[View]
11792764I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making I …[View]
11792718How do I short 4channel?[View]
11792867BSV - Satoshi Vision Technical setup. BUY at 112 for 15 to 20% gain: A close on the hourly below 110…[View]
11792827Sergey is the best[View]
11792794ICO bubble is going to burst: There are at least 2000 ICOs going on right now (ongoing, upcoming or …[View]
11792761There are homo sapiens here who did not purchase the <9000 sats link dip. Get this: there may ev…[View]
11792833Value/TX: BTC: 8k+ ETH: couple bucks+ >ETH BTFO why the fuck do you little brainlets love coins w…[View]
11792825Just another hype train to take your money: No one can be the “leader” of something that is decentra…[View]
11792501What did he mean by this?[View]
11791151>mfw there people that LITERALLY spend $300 on ONE fucking tshirt Can someone explain thia to me …[View]
11792035Serious thread: The more I read the more I realize the btc maximalists are right. I fucking hate eth…[View]
11792361reminder that we have already crashed just as much as the 2014-15 bear market[View]
11792783A fable of the cuck, by L. Wittgenstein: A cuck kept saying 'IT'S HAPPENING', 'IT'S HAPPEN…[View]
11791942Top 10 coins, Nov. 2019: 1) XRP 2) XLM 3) EOS 4) Tether 5) Cardano 6) TRON 7) IOTA 8) Binance coin 9…[View]
11792497I'm shaking all of weak handed /bizfags before the next run.: You all had your chance and we…[View]
11792598Why didn't I buy LINK at $0.16 when I was so sure it would rise in price REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
117900074chan’s death is the signal for Link’s singularity: Think about it, 4chan is the only place talking …[View]
11792367is he now satoshi?: and who won this fucking BCH fight- Roger Ver or this nut Craig Wright and what …[View]
11792388XRP: XRP at $10 is hard to believe. What do you think we will end 2018 at? $4?[View]
11792654BTC SV, BTC ABC, BTC Core. How about I'm buyin none of em?[View]
11792344We are unstoppable: 1000 eoy is possible[View]
11790637ABC will lose.[View]
11790929STRAYA COIN ON TRADEOGRE: POS sales terminals currently being sent out to multiple businesses so the…[View]
11790805should our report aXpire to SEC? many from biz lost moneys to that fkng roger ver - shit garbage, in…[View]
11791771STRAYACOIN (NAH): Has working payments processing terminals in merchant stores as we speak. They are…[View]
11792412Time to find the next Bitcoin: Crypto is not dead. You want to know what's dead? BitConnect. Be…[View]
11791776Heres why College is a meme and scam.: You are probably thinking that im about to say its because …[View]
11789935How the fuck did (((they))) do it? Even this book reads like a huge 'fuck you' to the goyim >For …[View]
11788510convince me that women have it hard[View]
11791640ETF Approved: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
11792161I need serious tax advice... here's my story: >Be me >Get 20k inheritance from uncle july…[View]
11792433Buying altcoins in 2018: > imagine being this retarded[View]
11791593i'm a sr. software developer: but haven't worked for over a year senior, only in number of…[View]
11791152Wtf biz!: What did simpsons mean by this? Did they know all this time? >Apu >A pu >A poo…[View]
11791813radio silence for a full year, stealth, no hype/marketing (opposite of every single other project in…[View]
11791445Insider here, I'll make it quick. Binance are like you all know not compliant to Europe or US m…[View]
11792399whats the job market like for electronic engineering graduates?, should i do a course in electronic …[View]
117921809k req here will i make it?[View]
11788048Where do you fall?[View]
11791993>have to run water in faucet for 2-3 minutes in order for it not to be ice cold REEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
11792265What went wrong?[View]
11791361XLM | Stellar - General: If you are not all in on XLM, you are really fucking up. Benefits of Stella…[View]
11792385So /biz/ How did your life change and how did you benefit from making it? Everything counts, even gu…[View]
11792244Why?: I'm dumb as fuck so tell me like i'm 12. Why the fuck is Ripple doing so well recent…[View]
11790469Load up before thanksgiving: You guys will be very happy while you are celebrating the slaughter of …[View]
11791623>What is Haven Protocol? An ecosystem of multiple fully decentralized and private stable coins th…[View]
11792006So wagie, how does it feel...: ... How does it feel to know that every single crypto you bought and …[View]
11788721Initiative Q: What's this bs? Is this a new bitconnect?[View]
11792025Can someone redpill me on the golem (GNT)?[View]
11791250XRP will be #1 on market cap by the end of this year boiz[View]
11792306WE ARE BACK: we will never go below 9k sats again, swing traders BTFO[View]
11791947Po.et and Apple Hardware partnership is confirmed: Soon 2x buy or stay poor anon[View]
11790272Deep Brain Chain - General ( DBC ): >*wakey wakey little brainy* It's that time again anons.…[View]
11792253daostack: Pump it[View]
11791997Ideas to double my stack until December: So I just received a Union of North America border wall pro…[View]
11788226everybody is posting this on twitter. what does it mean?[View]
11791349CHAINLINK AUDIT: How can their code be audited if they keep updating the code? What’s the point of t…[View]
11792154Love Sergey!: I heart him so much! Breathes in. Ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm.[View]
11792122Anon-sir, buy Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision™ right now and join our friendly Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Visi…[View]
11792133Gold/Silver thread for Brainlets: What do I need to know before I buy? Where do I buy?[View]
11791910I just got my 25$ XML airdrop and I'm buying LINK. That's the best I can do, sorry. :([View]
11791626So where do we exodus to? Throw some ideas in the hat[View]
11791985We pumpin bois[View]
11791372thinking ahead: Hey /biz/, I want to buy a house. Now I dont want to go at it like a pleb and be stu…[View]
11791876Do they have 4chan in heaven?[View]
11791737Crypto is fucking dead, we lost everything.[View]
11791763>he bought a coin with anal beads as its logo[View]
11791709Craig Wright Meltdown: This is fucken amazing, utterly btfo https://youtu.be/p0WIluv5-Vw[View]
11791682What factors will be taken into consideration if I were to apply for a mortgage: I'm assuming t…[View]
11788651XRP peak price predictions, go.: Go.[View]
11791866Kek at the pajeets saying “moneys” on here[View]
11789930I guess its lost forever but yesterday's hashwar stream was an epic anal annihilation, poor guy…[View]
11791849The hashwar circus is over. The best thing is that on some big exchanges they now have the ticker $B…[View]
11781854Post your rare wojaks[View]
11791734How in the fuck is daostack getting added to binance? You said it's shit![View]
11789487Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. Pre…[View]
11791822Which one of you mugs opened a business in Pilsen[View]
11790978XRP: Why is it going up?[View]
11791708The longer it takes for btc to go back up... the more likely it's going to go down[View]
11791389Religious tread:I believe in God and creation: It has been told me trought a near death experience t…[View]
11790843companies are leaving EEA(Enterprise Ethereum Alliance): it's over[View]
11791016Which bch is this?[View]
11791643The new Reddit design sucks: Why the fuck they change from the old one?[View]
11791413how do i become a certified Rust professional?[View]
11790454So is there any realistic chance we will get out money back at some point? Lost nearly six figures a…[View]
11791572How many active users are there on this board right now?[View]
11790879Comfy Link Thread: No nolinkers[View]
11791408Business Related Confessions?: Never seen this in /biz/ threads or mentioned anywhere really on the …[View]
11791548Trading tutorial: For new people here. If you buy ETH now AT THE BOTTOM, you'll make more money…[View]
11789383its over.[View]
11782335>one of the greatest inventors in human history >held patents that would be worth trillions in…[View]
11791508/tts: hello anon, if you don't have any link you'll never make it. get in now or stay poor…[View]
11789479How do I profit off the new world map?[View]
11791399So there's one thing I always wondered about crypto. Did he mean that he'll eat his dick l…[View]
11791162Imagine being right.[View]
11791267Is Bitcoin dead?[View]
11791432Hello there. Lambos coming?[View]
11791242>tfw chronic depression >tfw /biz/ was only form of stability and human interaction in life …[View]
11791385>lol look at all these dumb Corecucks and Cashies destroying themselves at war with each other wh…[View]
11791342>buying anything besides link >he thinks he's smarter than weaponized autism…[View]
11791327>imagine spend literally hundreds of millions to create shitcoin that no one needs and then lose …[View]
11791351BSV is dead folks, Craig failed miserably. What a loser with his big mouth. LOL: .[View]
11790904Chainlink: Not sure if you've seen this one yet. https://www.anz.com/resources/1/0/1066f6aa-dbe…[View]
11790731SEC BTFO: Guys why is no one talking about this here ? https://bitcoinist.com/switzerland-amun-bitc…[View]
11790804Post your delta/blockfolio: Managed to double my eth stack over the past few months. Assuming it’ll …[View]
11790820ausfag here. I work a shitty job in retail and have $70k saved up. What should I be aiming to do wit…[View]
11791208I'm so HAPPY: I 'invested' 1 BTC in this bad boy a year ago. What the fuck was I thinking?…[View]
11790123We will see $80 ETH before EOY[View]
11790584>airtime extension in public beta now >anyone can use paypal to buy crypto now >get paid fo…[View]
11791073>ahem I'd like to dedicate this song to all the fags who lost money this year https://www.y…[View]
11791230BTC is going down. LEND XRP YOUR ENERGY.[View]
11790395Hello, my name is Roger Ver and I am here today to tell you about my favorite blockchain project cal…[View]
11789677Chainlink scam Even if hypothetically the decentralized smart contract space had more value over tra…[View]
11791206Don't you like money anon?: High end buisness magnate here. This is where we all hold If you do…[View]
11791190XRP: THE S T A N D A R D[View]
11791188Let me get this straight, instead of saving money for a house you decided to lose it all on internet…[View]
11791180Roadmap: Soi makes a Toi[View]
11791106Cashies BTFO: The absolute state[View]
11787955See you all on the other side: When hiroshimoot nukes this board and redditizes everything, the oldf…[View]
11790382VeChain completes a full market cycle on their mainnet[View]
11791045How to get past the gatekeepers in business?[View]
11790874I want to invent something: but don't know what. hit me with some ideas guys[View]
11791059Keep selling[View]
11790974merv.tech: keep on hearing about merv.tech, what is this? I don't want to go on their website w…[View]
11789168explain to me in simple words how an utility token has any value outside speculation: pro tip you ca…[View]
11789121Deep in Debt: Debt anon here , how can I make 100$ a day? Need to pay off about 9k $ in debt in 3 mo…[View]
11788962Side hustle: I don't make enough money at my job to /make it/. I know simply being a wage cuck …[View]
11790837Why havent they made games like cod tier where you can gamble real money: seems like a no brainer to…[View]
11789607SUQA you good, boy.: Looking good lads. Clear for take-off to 200 sats and beyond? The funny thing i…[View]
11790237I am pic related. My parents are tired of my shit and gave me $2k to go ahead and do something usefu…[View]
11790892What bear market??: Imagine during the bull...[View]
11789743what is reasonable price target for Link in 2023? I'm thinking 3-5$, 10$ feels too much of a st…[View]
11789721Where my SUQA’s at?: Comfiest hold of all time?[View]
11789333BUY MORE ARK[View]
11790817what does his portfolio look like ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdlvdgC98R4[View]
11790784What's the name of that colorful escort site?: It has a funky name and colorful and you can pic…[View]
11790247Extra buck from video games: Can anyone recommend any video games where you can earn an extra buck b…[View]
11789964While everyone is focused on ABC vs SV war, BTG grows silently ..: Not only we have seen a x10 in lo…[View]
11790327is it game over for this roastie[View]
11790745NEEEEEEEEO: What happened to NEO? Will it rise again or is it just a dead meme at this point? Should…[View]
11790585I thought to myself that if banks are required to give API access, then I could create an app to tra…[View]
11790266He's right you know.[View]
11789748>tfw one cannot claim that his/her blockchain technology is the most viable option for mainstream…[View]
11790339Maybe worth it maybe not: How to buy land? Is there a website? Want to buy a small piece so I can ju…[View]
11789826Yeeeup *cracks* *sips* An ending of an era.. And the most ironic part of all of this is that I nev…[View]
11788201>just leared how to Green text '4chan going out of business' >Mfw why even try bros?…[View]
11790515>Satoshi Nakamoto[View]
11790661choose your weapon[View]
11789749See you later, space cowboy.: Been on 4chan for 10 years now, since 2009. Before the death of 4chan …[View]
11789322Office Politics: How do I get good at office politics? Any good books on it? I'm planning to ge…[View]
11790645HE'S NOT BULLISH HAHAHAHAHA: https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/11/17/switzerland-green-lights-wor…[View]
11789970/fa/ hasn't responded yet. His bangs are obliterated and this devistates his bangcore. Ausgustu…[View]
11789469Help Find Her, Make $25000: Lots of anons complaining about being wagecucks, unsure of what to do to…[View]
11790557Crypto Art: Share em.[View]
11788065Grug has rock[View]
11788112Why can't they make a reliable automatic transmission?[View]
11789981I SOLD ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? You fucking piece of shit whale.[View]
11789515why am I forbidden from the nu-chan? did they ban all former 4chan users.[View]
11790029>This obvious larp thread got 300+ replies Fuck this board >>>11779507…[View]
11790462Can you buy things on ebay with an unverified paypal account? Can you buy anything with it?[View]
11789780faythe - the god protocol?: guys, what do we think about this? the craziest ico i've ever seen,…[View]
11788937Reminder to the smart investors here.: Every ATH break sends the said coin into new territory. XRP…[View]
11790414ITS MOONING[View]
11788328SAVE 4CHAN[View]
11790390Daily reminder: Bitconnect went 800x during 2017 and link went 3x STINKY, STINKY[View]
11789358Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. Pee…[View]
11790350Craig S Wright: AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA BSV bagholders[View]
11789781XRP: THE STANDARD[View]
11789420Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. I h…[View]
11789392What the fuck is his problem anyway?? 22 million monthly visitors worldwide Page impressions per mon…[View]
11790285>apply to 3 jobs >get offers from all 3 of them…[View]
11788974Ripple shills are full force on /biz/ now I see. Crypto really is dead.[View]
11790213>Jihan owes around 1mil BSV Oof[View]
11788882Ripple will be probably 20 USD because........: First major peak price was $0.01 Second was $0.02 Th…[View]
11790168ddgagskd: Anons, what to do when im not able to pay my rent this month? Im on the edge to end it all…[View]
11790201>'And so to save the maximum amount of money you must become a minimalist in all aspects of your …[View]
11790192How do we capitulate the market.: Always questioned how the house always wins? Rule number 1: Make s…[View]
11789195Hypothetically speaking, will someone with 500 LINK make it?[View]
11789224You are all going to stay poor if you are not stocking up right fucking now. People think shitcoins …[View]
11789887can someone update this one pls[View]
11789639warning: just read the Chainlink whitepaper and there is no mention about staking LINKs as a collate…[View]
11789341Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. Fuc…[View]
11790006SS-Stocks are safe: >be boomer >invest in biggest most conservative blue chip General Electric…[View]
11790041We are all going to make it aren't we?[View]
11787809Do any of you actually make money from trading crypto?: I mean real money , and being able to cash o…[View]
11789540Niggers: Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statem…[View]
11789875https://youtu.be/IfhtZ2bZd0g: who of you made this video? It's good but it lacks some important…[View]
1178990516k by dec 12: screencap[View]
11789248Whoever shilled this channel, cheers!: Bought ripple dip earlier today, I'm a happy man! Thank …[View]
11789923Are ya winnin' son?[View]
11789710Zomato: How do I increase my page rank organically on Zomato[View]
11789629top 10 easily eoy 2019[View]
11789853Daily reminder that Coinbase has a license to sell XRP: Just FYI https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurr…[View]
11789185/biz/ is dead: RIP[View]
11788643Dragonchain: Is it a good time to load up on this?[View]
11789837green numbers :DDDDDDDDDD:DDDDDDDDDDD:DDD and also xrp xDDDDDDDDD :DDDd[View]
11789736Guys what this straight green line means?[View]
11789809RIP LINKies: >LINK spam will finally end Today is the best day[View]
11789387IS TEEKA DED: Is PBC a thing anymore? Do they release their reports or did that scam die out when th…[View]
11788844I longed 6k should I double down or close on relief rally[View]
11789196Fatal bug found.Sell Sell Sell: Exchanges has to bump confirmations up to 200, chain keeps segmentin…[View]
11789737Are horses a stable investment?[View]
11788347Ambrosus discussion thread: I predict 1000 bundles at the launch but that will inevitably grow over …[View]
11788546Great project: Get in biz this coin just finished ico and easy to accumulate[View]
11788979The non believers who sold under 9k shall perish in the fires of the singularity. Constantly refres…[View]
11789391Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. I A…[View]
11788489I want to learn how to program smart contracts. I know Solidity is a wretched piece of shit, but it …[View]
11789635This is the dump we have been waiting for!![View]
11788943will crypto ever reach another ATH? Im honestly not sure anymore. I think the only hope is after bl…[View]
11789386You hate money anon.: You said there is now volume so it's scam. - Now the volume is 6x bigger.…[View]
11788620Is there any way i can benefit by knowing the account and routing number of a rich family without be…[View]
11789317Post your rare linkies[View]
11789553Hahahahah *inhales* hahahahaha Heeey, /biz/zie!! I heard that the chingz sold you again. HAHAHAAH! H…[View]
11789542Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. BCA…[View]
11789498REEEEEEEE it's pronounced 4channel not chanlel REEEEEEEEEEEE 4channel is the real 4chan you dum…[View]
117878889000: >9000 9000 >9000 9000 >9000 9000 >9000 9000 >9000 9000 >9000 9000 >9000 9…[View]
11789476XRP: Yes goy keep buying, us bankers will take care of you![View]
11789456Ahem *cough* Before the death of 4chan and this board, I would like to leave a final statement. *Sc…[View]
11788218Bitcoin CASH: https://instaud.io/2Vqb - The Crypto Blackpill www.ohmysatoshi.com - Comprehensive tim…[View]
11788524OMG: The FOMO will be unreal -OMG partners with TADA for poc. . TADA which was launched this summer …[View]
11789435For all the 2015-Q2 2017 ETH bros-: Was the EEA and real world Ethereum adoption as kept secret as C…[View]
11788999Chainlink has no use case. It may be initially adopted by some low tier peasant companies but all yo…[View]
11789127Who are you supporting: In the upcoming 4chan hardfork... 4chan.org or 4channel.org Personally I th…[View]
11789111What the fuck is 4channel?[View]
11786054no one knows about this: 10k mcap? Mining crypto on solar panels? New exchange listing coming soon? …[View]
11787334REAL ESTATE FORTUNE WANTED: Hello biz, recently enrolled in my first real estate course to become a …[View]
11788156>apply for job at small company >re read job description >'woman owned'…[View]
11788826BCHSV is dead: Game Over[View]
11788254I can't wait to continue our discussions at 4channel(dot)com[View]
11783100Tiny market cap token with lots of potential: You might want to think about investing in IPSX. Its m…[View]
11789187Here is my end-to-end setup. Here is my highly reliable input, here is my contract, here is my highl…[View]
11789159That's it... We thought October would be huge... Got to sixty cents and it's already falle…[View]
11788941Yeah, it's fucked: XRP widening the gap more and more each day. This shit's finished, let…[View]
11788460this board sucks: God I FUCKING HATE THIS BOARD all this crypto is fucking irritating holy shit…[View]
11787854I have no money or food. What do it do.[View]
11788799BIZ GOING TO 4CHANNEL: will this break us, end us? or will this filter out the weak, leaving the str…[View]
11789074syscoin has nice potential for quick cash grab[View]
11788582>I'd like to discuss your teams learnings in regards to the deep dive on the token economy…[View]
11788959My patience is getting tired. The chainlink website literally says they are partnered with swift. St…[View]
11788885Does it make me a cuck: If I let my wife fuck black guys for StrayaCoin?[View]
11789020*quack quack* tion-b https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVD3SjkoWuo[View]
11788161Don't worry snowbros. We're still here..just keeping quiet until it gets really cold.[View]
11788798StrayaCoin article how it got started: Here is an article about StrayaCoin and how it got started ht…[View]
11788836XRP cone heading to da MOOOOOOOOOOOOON[View]
11789026Is Bitcoin SV shadow mining? Whats is peoples opinion on it here on biz?[View]
11789003Well /biz?[View]
11788828AMB discussion thread: Ready to make $90k passive income by next year or two. Team is now focusing o…[View]
11789010How do I claim my SV and ABC coins from a paper wallet?: Can't find any info on this. Any help …[View]
11788891Is there any coin like bitcoin but that cant be changed by developers in the background? Is this eve…[View]
11788090XLM: Autism Lines: I think its gonna go up[View]
11788926Weak hands leaving[View]
11787953worst buy: what were /biz/'s worst buys (timing / coin choice) are you still hodling it?[View]
11788531CRAIG: OH NONONONONONONONONONONONO https://youtu.be/4TOnHAlI_Vg?t=52[View]
11776921The Order of Delphi: The Order of Delphi: We are a decentralised collective of sovereign individuals…[View]
11787485Now that the dust has settled How do I profit off of the collapse of 4chan?[View]
11788591>Yes Goy, buy XRP and release your bitcoin to me[View]
11788847Why the fucking now?: Why the fucking now? 1- Send money to Exchange 3 days ago. 2- Miss the dip 3- …[View]
11788079Fuck: When the fuck is biz going down forever and where do we go next??? Help! Brainlet here. Help! …[View]
11788749Is there currently even anything else worth holding, than >LINK >XRP >ETH >XLM…[View]
11786957Something's going on: Why are the candlesticks so long even in the recovery phase. Also does th…[View]
11788310This fud is unironically getting to me... Transactions on blockchain aren't instantaneous so th…[View]
11788500What does the ABC stand for, /biz/? Always Be Checkpointin' ?[View]
11787663Got your moon boots ready? what do you think[View]
11788731Why does our movement (pow) keep dying? We're floating right around $130[View]
11786299Why are you STILL not mining bitcoin private keys using your PC? Do you hate money? I find 1-2 addre…[View]
11788398That is why the XRP pump[View]
11788695StrayaCoin (NAH): Here is the Fast Money Test for Strayacoin POS Terminal, showing 4 transactions in…[View]
11786077Skycoin Employee here, AMA.[View]
11787810Iexec, Fortune 500 and you: I love this fucking coin. Team still hasn’t sold any of their stack of e…[View]
11788419What is the chance that one of these implements replay protection? [If that happens, they will no lo…[View]
11787567Here we go boys, our money is about to be rescued[View]
11788586WE. ARE. PUMPING.[View]
11787506SNTR looking super bullish. Buy now or be poor forever.[View]
11788253Just a reminder that Benjamin Graham was able to predict the crash of crypto in 1949[View]
11787811Bought the dip at 15000: How long do I have to wait before I can pay my family back?[View]
11785288Reminder that becoming a male nurse is the best career move long-term. >High quantity of differen…[View]
11788505Can someone just make a clone of /biz and we all flock there?[View]
11788074Dip is over: Are we on our way to test 10k again?[View]
11787277Why is Ripple so based and LINK so shit?[View]
11787935>2019 >deprecates your Ethereum Nothing personal kid…[View]
11788062The end of /biz/: It's over. I just don't have the energy to move to 4channel or Infinityc…[View]
11788375This pomp to $6500 is taking longer than expected.[View]
11787545Seriously...: You guys don't even know how fucked you are.[View]
11785371hello.. is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.[View]
11785107Confused at the weights in the new Swiss ETF?: Bitcoin: 47.76% XRP: 30.13% Ethereum: 15.99% Bitcoin …[View]
11786704Just bought 100k: What the fuck is this page? I came from r/magapede and Im horrified. What do you m…[View]
11788382the best way to get monies from crypto meme was to make some shit on blockchain by hiring pajeets. …[View]
11788108>they are trying to divide us Buy Bitcoin™ Today![View]
11787215HELP (GoHelpFund) whale here: thank me, easiest 10x of your life with a $500k mcap. new exchange mon…[View]
11788163What is this shit?[View]
11788345what does this mean?[View]
11788237Is Cup and Handle a Meme?: Couldn't this pattern be considered cup and handle? So you go all in…[View]
11787660he's right, you know[View]
11787593Buying back 4chan from this fucking GOOK: How do I make enough money to achieve this goal? I don…[View]
11787263Bitcoin CASH: Alright. So, first of all, what's this about. Anyone know their manga? We have th…[View]
11788277Blackmoon wasn't a scam after all and has some pretty cool features... plus maybe binance listi…[View]
11787836Is this the new normal? Is this what capitulation feels like?[View]
11787214Red Pill me on Amazon's Affiliate Marketing Program[View]
11788049This is so Fucking Easy[View]
117879111 week[View]
11788172Your face: When you realize you missed out on StrayaCoin and now it’s 10x in price with support.…[View]
11788087repeating digitz (intj poster): i can't take it. the time is near. you're next *brofist* y…[View]
11785729How can I profit from a population crash?[View]
11787435Is there any chance Etherium will go up?[View]
11787879A new hope[View]
11786948There will never be a real estate crash, you lazy faggot millennial. I just sold my house to Mohamma…[View]
11788045Why is Bitcoin so fucking slow and heavy? Is the Global Currency supposed to be like this?[View]
11787841>be me >Sep 2017 mom gets lung cancer, have to get health insurance >Oct 2017 bitcoin price…[View]
11787910I woke up at exactly 6:00. I need no alarm clock. Two women i met at the bar woke me by sucking my c…[View]
11787914SERGEY MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfhtZ2bZd0g&feature=youtu.be…[View]
11787103Tell me the most alpha thing you did business related[View]
11787482>there are people in this board who unironically fell for the ' 'chainlink is a meme' i…[View]
11787558buy SPY buy SPY buy SPY buy SPY buy QQQ buy QQQ buy QQQ buy QQQ[View]
11784945CHAINLINK IS FINALLY DUMPING: Anon, you do realize nothing goes up forever, right..? *BREATHES IN* H…[View]
11787608mainnet wont be out before summer.[View]
11787896Close the door, put out the light. You know they won't be home tonight.[View]
11787805Take all of your money out of crypto: There's no point unless youre shorting. We've still …[View]
11783338Why is attendance to sporting events dropping? First it was NFL and kneelgate. Then MLB, NHL, NBA. A…[View]
11787846Convince me that all markets aren't just scams. In any market like stocks or crypto the one thi…[View]
117877143 days[View]
11786809This board is filled with shitcoin threads: From Chainchink to DERO to Ambrosus to JNT to the latest…[View]
11782705This is the future take it or continue being poor forever: Alright bitches, I don’t even know why I’…[View]
11787745>tfw too pussy to sell my btc and wait for it to go lower so I can buy even more im frozen, once …[View]
11787489>ITT We post how much money we have at the moment >29.50$ any other poorfags on /biz/?…[View]
11787658almost every thread in this board is a scam[View]
11781244Best of Biz: I’ll start[View]
11787769what caused the bitcoin boom in 2016 where it reached ~$16,000?[View]
11785786Bitcoin CASH[View]
11785012/wagecuck/ general: So what do you guys do for a living? I change shit on insurance documents all da…[View]
11787723if socialism was used everywhere bitcoin and other cryptos wouldn't exist.[View]
11787684there is a cup and handle on 1D LINK/ETH @ binance for you dirty swing trade linkers[View]
11787369This is over, folks Hope you bought ABC while it was dirt cheap[View]
11787668/biz/ humor thread[View]
11785279ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! Buy BAZINGA Coin before the normies[View]
11787100https://youtu.be/qVhmKwIjd4I Is Jimmy Nguyen Satoshi?! He's fucking ON POINT on this video.[View]
11787429tfw the bears are still squeezing the bulls: imagine what happens when they all become bulls[View]
11787575How’s your retirement savings going so far?[View]
11787580Ok in a nutshell what happens if Rodger wins? andwhat could happen if Craig wins? what happnens to b…[View]
11787642When moon[View]
11787379Can someone actually explain to me how the fuck bitcoin works? When i first heard of it i thought it…[View]
11787120this woman is the CEO of paragon; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxZ1TBzv_SM the absolute state of …[View]
11786747Someone hands you 10k and gives you 3 months to turn it into 50k.: What would you do.[View]
11786505SV BTFO: Craig on suicide watch[View]
11786740Ambrosus “soft” exit scam happening right this minute: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comme…[View]
11787353the ultimate chadfolio consists of following: >NANO >VET >XRP >LTC >TRX…[View]
11785944>He's not all in on XRP: HAHAHAHAHA[View]
11787311Volume way down: What's going on?? Is it over? sweatingpepe.psp[View]
11787390BCH HSV: Why is it $140 on Binance but $110-120 everywhere else? Can I buy it for $110 and sell it f…[View]
11786358I know alot of you birdbrains look up to me[View]
11786916Clean your room.[View]
11787445When are they going to pay a fucking dividend?[View]
11786323Fidelity, BitGo, Bakkt Custody Solutions Will Boost Cryptocurrency in 2019: We are talking about hug…[View]
11787409Me after investing in StrayaCoin: Not just a memecoin. StrayaCoin working on over 5 different langua…[View]
11782074Spanish = laggards: I was recently in Spain. Inwas hanging with some local people and one of them sa…[View]
11786291Golden Bullrun: It's fucking happening[View]
11786375While you were FUDing Cardano and buying shitcoins: He was PREPPING THE BULL[View]
11787166Women are an investment: Want some investment advice from my /biz/bros. There's this super hot …[View]
11786973ok /biz/ I have 15k to invest. what's my best option? must not be crypto related[View]
11786737> Buy yeezys for $220 > Leave a note on my door saying if I’m not home to please leave them on…[View]
11787280How do cashies COPE?[View]
11786512BCH_SV GENERAL: Do you believe in second chances?[View]
11785775Normie folios: Build the most normie portfolio possible with no more than 6 coins. Vechain Nano XRP …[View]
11786985You kidding me right?: Why are XRP holders so smart? Why will XRP eventually take over bitcoin mcap?…[View]
11787065TA: Why do neets hate TA? I hate nerds who take it way too far, but TA is very valuable. The more si…[View]
11787231How do I mine Bitcoin? (ticker bchsv)?[View]
11787147The next 4hrs are unironically critical for btc. It could either dump or pump. Literally 50/50 chanc…[View]
11786853YOU DIDN'T LISTEN: Friendly reminder that the stock market is overvalued. https://www.gurufocus…[View]
11786270FUCK WHY DIDN'T I LISTEN!!![View]
11786872is he based and redpilled?[View]
11787168Link shorters in the house tonight Everybody just have a good time (yeah) And we gon' make you …[View]
11786677I panic sold the bottom at $5200. AMA.[View]
11784444BULLS BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: AHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH Still fucking europhic right now. 6k destroyed, all you s…[View]
11787049All ur ABCs R belong to me: >Dr. Craig here feeling like fiyah cuz I'm a motherfuking dragon…[View]
11786343sub-prime lending market crash soon fellow bizness men[View]
11786861How do we stop germany?[View]
11787055well fuck. the powers that be are a bunch of cunts. they are gods, and we are nothing more than pets…[View]
11786920Sell me this Penn[View]
11787014Crypto is getting more attention, normies start to get in again[View]
11787027Bitcoin CASH: -----2013----- Craig Wright tribute video to friend Dave Kleiman https://www.youtube.c…[View]
11785192heh, just bought 26k dero ama[View]
11786949Sir whale, gomenasai: >tfw poorfag >swing trading $35 >only filled $7 >tfw will never be…[View]
11785966[spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler][View]
11785277This is the Bitcoin bottom. Buy now or fail in life.[View]
11786664Serious question. I understand stocks so I know why I would buy (for example) Apple vs IBM vs Cat, e…[View]
11786149I wanna be positive but the fact that after 5 years of working on this project they came out with an…[View]
11786363Swiss ETF Bitcoin: 47.76% XRP: 30.13% Ethereum: 15.99% Bitcoin Cash ABC: 3.44% Litecoin: 2.68% can s…[View]
11785233AMB discussion thread: This is the original OP who posts, lately discord pajeets are having an Amb w…[View]
11782760I just sold fucking everything at massive losses and went all in on Satoshi's Vision with every…[View]
11784330/lbg/Laugh at Bat General: the 20 cent extravaganza edition: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
11786888Imagine sprinting at the start of a marathon.[View]
11785503If you were 22 and had between 1.5 and 2 million CAD (depending on the day), what would you do? If y…[View]
11785629FUCK FUCK FUCK[View]
11783620Nerva: What do you think about this shitcoin? It did x40 in last 4 months. Capitalization still belo…[View]
11785648>put all your life savings into imaginary internet money >you lose all of it >/biz/let face…[View]
11786510Just sold 10 BCH on Kraken for BTC, transferred the BTC and bought 13 BCH on CoinEx. Who here /smart…[View]
11786116What if we make this board nsfw so it won't change domain?[View]
11783045THE FLIPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Craig just raped Roger; and now BCH SV is winning.[View]
11786636WE: https://youtu.be/IfhtZ2bZd0g[View]
11786773GAS: Why aren't you buying this when the GAS/NEO ration is <0.3? You hate money?[View]
11785968Hello: $6,254.30 60 Minutes[View]
11786769Thanks for the free Bitcoin, Craig.[View]
11786557Chainlink Node Operation - Effort involved: Brainlet here. Just been exploring and I can follow the …[View]
11786045>anon can we buy this? EOS is gonna EXPLODE in the coming days. BIG developments almost ready.…[View]
11786003Chainlink is a massive meme. Etherdelta and idex got fucked. Do you really think these gambling plat…[View]
11786680BoomerBucks: What are you guys gonna get in that PHAT boomer inheritance? What are you going to do w…[View]
11786614Bitcoin is going below 2k. All shitcoins will die. Kys, coincucks. Get dabbed on.[View]
11786589Anyone here use excel to do quantitative analysis? I'm running a regression on different mutual…[View]
11783738Am I going to lose all my frens? Don't go /biz/! ... don't ... go ...[View]
11786153>the soft exit scam When the money drys up expect to see a number of these incidents. ICOs tired …[View]
11784663magic internet money: what are some internet jobs ( I am not talking about surveys and all this scam…[View]
11785189I'm not a /biz/ regular, is now a bad time to start a thread?[View]
11783829GOOKMOOT IS GETTING RID OFF US NO /biz/ BOARD ON 4CHANNEL http://4channel.org/biz/…[View]
11786544I sold at 5800 and I have tears running down my face right now. Tears of joy, of course. I told you …[View]
11786170is monero really worth 1.5 billion dollars? if so, why?[View]
11786519literal bulltrap for bears[View]
11786528I-I d-don't feel so good...[View]
11786234>tfw sold the bottom WHY[View]
11786507I'm so incredibly JUSTed on this I can barely breathe. Almost five years of savings, eradicated…[View]
11785070Why is everyone freaking out about 4channel? It's literally the same fucking site with a differ…[View]
11786393I'm about to take the biggest dump biz has ever seen[View]
11786262What's gonna happen to my bcash on coinbase?[View]
11785766Pump it: Please do the needful[View]
11785949How did he know?[View]
11786377thanks for shilling me antshares last year, /biz/[View]
11786265Is he the real king of /biz/?: > Invents Bitcoin > Forks Bitcoin > FUDs Bitcoin > Crashe…[View]
11786386$1000 EOY: https://youtu.be/js5SL5Z1ZxY Only 500 views.... very succinct and confident delivery by S…[View]
11784753>my son has been mining since 2010 holy shit, satoshi's son might be just as rich as fucking…[View]
11786090Our guy said he's having a blast and he's been up for 34 hours having a lot of fun![View]
11784976You can see where this is headed: once Roger or Jihan go back to mining BTC Craig is in this for the…[View]
11786036How is the winner decided?: Hash-rate dominance leads to greater proof-of-work which leads to the wi…[View]
11777276JIB GANG: Are we still gonna make it?[View]
11786219What is this shit? Is Faythe.io a scam since the contract is destroyable? Who are those 27 people fr…[View]
11786199I think 4channel sucks[View]
11785511How come no one shills EOS anymore?: Is it ded?[View]
11786000These fags think 1.5K immenent: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoins-no-longer-boring-price-headi…[View]
11784777Will I make it?[View]
11786142This thing is going to pump hard when it pulls ahead of ABC, right? Convince me not to buy some righ…[View]
11786112Old texts from my boss: Hi guys, I just got fired and have these old texts from my boss. Would this …[View]
11786080>crypto is the greatest transfer of wealth of our times[View]
11785834sell now buy back at $0.35 next month. screencap this and you're welcome /biz/ >t. professio…[View]
11785538Where do I unironically short the US economy?[View]
11786105Craig. Is. Right.: It's in his name, Craig S. Wright. Crypto needs Craig to win. Bitmain cannot…[View]
11785271I'm looking for a double digit shitcoin: Does anyone know of any?[View]
11785477I just realized they're only adding the 'chainlinks' on the docs page after they get …[View]
11781976Some good advice for sensible anons: So in the spirit of the old /biz and the good advice that I got…[View]
11785664How can you catch the point of maximum financial opportunity?: Did you miss it in the last bear mark…[View]
11785859What is objectively (speed, pure technical aspects, most private, etc) the best privacy coins? And d…[View]
11786021Only people who believed that larping faggot can post ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfKofm8ie…[View]
11783477why is the sec regulating crypto and trying to '''protect''' us? does anyone actually want their 'pr…[View]
11785672I feel really sorry for Sergey. All he wanted to do was exit scam and live a life of luxury, but Lin…[View]
11785953Is it going back to 30c? Shall I just wait to buy?[View]
11785753gookmoot is forking 4chan into 4channel CASH. we have to defend our network effect. in this thread w…[View]
11785307Marines, you have been awfully quiet. Report for duty[View]
11785930>He still has a full head of hair >He thinks he will ever be great at business…[View]
11785048Rate me, post yours if you want.[View]
11785723>populations in Western countries falling >Only real wealth generation is in resource extracti…[View]
11785461I just found out today after all these years that crypto was a meme! Aaaaaaaaaaah![View]
11783881$10 EOY[View]
11784395Satoshi livestream: https://hashwar.live/ 'Fuck Jihan he's a cancer in this industry'[View]
11785887My patience is getting tired. The chainlink website literally says they are partnered with swift. St…[View]
11784374Rate my poorfolio. I also have 1200 0xbtc and 5 bitcoin cash in coinbase but idk what will happen t…[View]
11783191I am selling the PepeFrog.com domain for fiat or BTC, if anyone is interested give me your offer Thi…[View]
11785464ETH: Is there any hope?[View]
11785256While the value or normies portfolios crash, patricians are still making money.[View]
11785813100K EOY Confirmed[View]
11784221u boys ready: what will you be holding when the 'shocking' flippening you never saw coming will happ…[View]
11785719Imagine sprinting at the start of a marathon.[View]
11782512What was /biz/ like in 2017?[View]
11785583What went wrong?[View]
11785717Do you hate money /biz?[View]
11785691>sudden influx of LI NK threads what does this mean?[View]
11785262Who else waiting for ethereum to get to 0 to finally be out of this market? 50 eth here since fuckin…[View]
11785299>another generation of bagholders created how does he keep getting away with it?…[View]
11785651Could this be . . . .: Our destiny??[View]
11785607what the FUCK is his problem?[View]
11785243ITT: People you should've listened to[View]
11784964Last chance to load up on STRAYACOIN before the MOON MISSION: This is not a drill, I repeat THIS IS …[View]
11785066I just want to take this opportunity to say that all of you are lovely people (despite some bad acto…[View]
11782934SUQA: Still super comfy Order books look great, good things in the next month. if you're not in…[View]
11782947anyone else driving for Uber?: i don't have a car. is it worth it to sign up for uber's ca…[View]
11785529If you keep the sentiment bullish the bears will continue trying to push down the price: meaning you…[View]
11785360*schlopp*: *schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp**schlopp…[View]
11784626why is /biz/ ignoring this?: this is clearly the next big thing. the normies are all over it.[View]
11785296Linkie, are you okay, you okay, you okay, Linkie? Linkie, are you okay, you okay, you okay, Linkie? …[View]
11785159PPPRRRRRIIIIINNNGGGGG: Chainlink - Solving the alarmclock problem[View]
11783389>tfw security guard >job is to ccasionally open the door for visitors >some days no one com…[View]
11785423UND DAS HEISST????[View]
11785361Rise up!: Fellow /biz/nessmans the borguesie are trying to capitalize on the 4chan, they want to app…[View]
11785190I'm financially ruined[View]
11785356i lost everything[View]
11784454What are your thoughts on Amazon (AMZN)? Obviously they spiked this year but they're way back n…[View]
11785099>2018 >treating 4chan as an investment I seriously hope you guys don't do this…[View]
11784380Fuck me, none of you are going to care but I'm so god damn happy cause I just found my BTC pape…[View]
11784403My patience is getting tired. The chainlink website literally says they are partnered with swift. St…[View]
11785231>he invested real money into internet meme money nobody uses >he thinks thinks that the mania …[View]
11784894What did he mean by this?[View]
11784488Crash thread by: Will the SP500 his 2,000 in 2018?[View]
11785142Hxro: don't miss this /biz wn.n__r/8kFZtN referal remove __ from url domain after 25 replies il…[View]
11784717I found this while digging through an old drive. Apparently I dabbled in bitcoin 5 years ago. I don…[View]
11784587XRP: I posted this morning a nice XRP chart. Who bought it? I guess nobody. That's the reason y…[View]
11781809The moar one learns about SKY the more one realizes....It's BIG!![View]
11784660Buy or sell?[View]
11784611No larping please lads but I know there has to be a few anons here with enough money to buy 4chan. P…[View]
11785091>get approached by some young enthusiastic guys at the mall >they start telling me about the w…[View]
11784876Anyone have a link to cracked Sage 50 Accounting software 2017 or 2018. Quick books or big red book …[View]
11783311Reminder that coretards are completely fucking retarded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgNh43veB3Q…[View]
11784200I have a haemorrhoid: Who wants to touch it? How much would you pay to touch it? Help me find true m…[View]
11783915meet on 420chan /jenk/ if hiroshimoot doesn't make a nu /biz/ board[View]
11785104You guys are so pathetic: Crying whining and moaning. Fuck of shithead dirtbags. Learn to think and …[View]
11784816My patience is getting tired. The chainlink website literally says they are partnered with swift. St…[View]
11785093WHO THE FUCK IS THIS BITCH?: Does she know something?[View]
11785024Modifying Bitcoin was never mentioned in this thing.: Maybe we should just let the engine run like i…[View]
11785046I only realised that people shower daily when I was 16: I just had no idea. I had a bath once maybe …[View]
11784808Happy to report that the @satoshi account has been removed for violation of the twitter terms and co…[View]
11784972I feel really sorry for Sergey.: All he wanted to do was exit scam and live a life of luxury, but Li…[View]
11785011What are you reading /biz/?[View]
11785017What went wong?[View]
11783689Is Monero a good buy right now?: Well?[View]
11781191Why You Need To Get nOS?: Because the decentralized internet is the future and it's just a feat…[View]
11784820earning money with cats: Sup /biz/ recently finished my BSc on computer science, but I have absolute…[View]
11784757I would like to buy 4chan, how to do so?: My brothers I would like to buy this piece of shit website…[View]
11784198Is Ambrosus a scam?: I just put $10000 into this. But now I’m not sure if it’s a scam. Biz help me…[View]
11781903How do I make about 40-50€ a day from home? This is my only dream. I don't want a good car, or …[View]
11782531*tonk* *tonk* *tonk* Ahem, *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop*[View]
11784503>$6k is the mathematical mining cost floor, it can't possibly go lower than that…[View]
11784829dropshipping: Hey. I know there is probably thousand of different threads about this one, but I thin…[View]
11783979>sell laptop on eBay >go to ship it today >realize it has an external battery >think its…[View]
11784851>SWIFT executive 1: 'Here we have the final solution to the oracle problem, that will save our ba…[View]
11784574>mfw I got my IP range blocked >mfw I bought the 4chan pass >mfw when I did it with BTC a…[View]
11784712BSV - Bitcoin Satoshi Vision: BSV at make or break point. Light blue lines would mark the upside tar…[View]
11784842here we GO![View]
11784801How can I short 4chan?[View]
11784519https://youtu.be/IfhtZ2bZd0g: I love him so much[View]
11782732We have to do something /biz/, we might be the only ones who can. 4chan passes were a good idea for…[View]
11784494how are all you fags in here saying crypto is 'dead' so clueless? What is the average faggot/NEET/r…[View]
11783079Hi biz, I hadn't come here since 2017 and thought it'd be a good time to come lurk again b…[View]
11784697Can I buy a plane ticket with crypto?[View]
11783654I'm financially ruined[View]
11784681Link could unironically be the catalyst for the next bull run: The entire market itself is still sma…[View]
117845614channel.org: nigga what the fucc[View]
11784653STOCKS: Can we just go back to the old ways? You know the ways that actually made money and were not…[View]
11783785BLACKPILL: the only blockchain project that will survive and get widely adopted by institutions. the…[View]
11778678muh 1000k eoy: it's literally dumping rn. is this your savior?[View]
11781697Is this a good long term investment?: Or is it really a double digit shitcoin?[View]
11783164>tfw all the people who made it have really cool sounding names >Elon Musk >Nikola Tesla …[View]
11779507big pump today, target is 6500, thank me later[View]
11784521Snugg:smoke and snuggle: get ready for blast off[View]
11784439Should I keep buying crypto or should i cash out and start trading chad stock options?[View]
11782539OK /biz/ enlighten me. Why do they fuck with us?[View]
11773556/smg/ - Stock Market General: Position trading and investing > all short term trading strategies …[View]
11779622radio silence for a full year, stealth, no hype/marketing (opposite of every single other project in…[View]
11784231is there anything more autistic than actually caring about crypto? like if you see it as anything mo…[View]
11784492What do you guys think about Time work ? with 17 i moved to austria with my family, we didnt have mu…[View]
11783287I feel so bad ''investing'' in this scam. Crypto has future, but not as a currency.[View]
11783693never trust a guy named ''Craig''[View]
11784035128 MEG CRAIG[View]
11784099You guys prepared for the mega-bart back up to 6k+ ?[View]
11782178QASH - should I go all in?: This is the only coin that hasnt dropped 10% inspite of BTC drop. What i…[View]
11784259Holy fuck...[View]
11783860Starting to think it was all a meme.: Apart from shitcoins, who have they actually partnered with? L…[View]
11783281OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO >rented hash lmao![View]
11782984Ethereum is seriously undervalued: A bull run is coming for ETH[View]
11784218How do I turn 100k into 3 million? unironical answers only[View]
11784250Oh, my fucking God[View]
11782773Sergey CESC18 Speech: Couple of minor takeaways from this, but happy to discuss any aspect of it in …[View]
11783523How much LINK do I need to make it?[View]
11784277Bitcoin CASH: How's your little hash war going?[View]
11784235Is Link dead?: It sure looks like it[View]
11783908Does Nick Mullen browse /biz/?[View]
11782456Is this a signal?[View]
11784211Ripple: Any other EWfags here? What do you think?[View]
11784162Switzerland Approves the World's First Crypto Exchange Traded Product: https://www.myidleincome…[View]
11783821This is the start of the bull run. ETF trains are coming. Fucking finally![View]
11784185What kind of hard drugs do bulls need to be on to still believe this market will pump?[View]
11784196I have 9 million hot. What do?[View]
11782110What was /biz/ like before crypto?: What was business and finance like before the crypto started to …[View]
11781161Ambrosus serious discussion thread: How many bundles will be created when vanilla beans are still in…[View]
11784021Amazon General: I want to generate traffic for amazon sales: Hello my fellow /biz/-bros. I want to m…[View]
11783985>anon, I don't mind if you want to play with you bitcoins tonight, but I'm gonna have T…[View]
11783769STRAYA COIN ON TRADEOGRE: NAH is mining while you play with your micropenis, WTF are you doing cuckb…[View]
11783861Smartlands: How many times do I have to warn you?[View]
11784157>4chan Cash: Prepare for the new hardfork faggots.[View]
11784070Wallet under maintenance???: WTF? Anyone else?[View]
11783188>buying any crypto after June 2017 when all the normies started pilling in Anyone rational sold b…[View]
11782018I am dying (medical condition born with it) I gave about $3 million in BTC to a fellow rich-fag who…[View]
11783145I bought 158 BCH (ABC) last night. All payment processors, nearly all exchanges, wallets, apps and s…[View]
11783119S E L L: S E L L[View]
11783125>Ad start playing >I close my eyes HAHAHA BAT BTFO…[View]
11782576Sexbots: Dozens of millions of sexhungry men on social dating platforms where men outnumber women in…[View]
11783872This is the XMR-USD chart: Slow decline to $35 (July 2019).[View]
11782505ERC20 Tokens: It never occurred to me but this guy has a point. I really think we the crypto folk, w…[View]
11782332if someone sells then someone bought so how does selling and buying affect the price instead of just…[View]
11783803XRP an XLM: Where were you when you realized that XLM will always be around 50% the value of XRP?…[View]
11783906There is TA suggesting BTC might go way lower. Is tethering up safe?[View]
11783504Crypto is DEAD. Thanks crypto for the good times. R.I.P.[View]
11782662I'm so tired of lonely sleepytimes bear market winter. When is the market coming back? I bought…[View]
11783756My patience with this shit is running out, we know this isn't the end of crypto, we know we eve…[View]
11783810XRP worth more than LINK: price flipping finally happened, worla make sense again[View]
11783345Binance are like you all know not compliant to Europe or US money laundering laws. The SEC made a p…[View]
11783419imagine not buying the real bitcoin (SV) at 130$[View]
11783515The future looks so bleak lads. >Internet censorship ramping up >Free speech less free every w…[View]
11783279Is 26/no savings too late to get rich?[View]
11783583I wanna long Ethereum: But my intuition says I should wait for a flash crash and a clear high-volume…[View]
11780847Ethereum ABSOLUTELY btfo[View]
11783734Emblem Vault Coming Soon: https://emblemvault.com/ https://coval.readme.io/docs[View]
11783723Timing: When do we short (c)ripple[View]
11783443The True Bitcoin Cash: HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK THIS IS NOT A DRILL SV at 61% hash[View]
11780817>college is a meme: Can someone explain why this is spouted constantly here. I have LITERALLY nev…[View]
11782989My roastie cunt roommate found my 4 mining rigs in the garage and told the landlord, now he came and…[View]
11783608Why is XRP so BASED and REDPILLED? see pic[View]
11783117If you're not in XRP and/or XLM with at least 40% of your portfolio, you're not gonna make…[View]
11783391Satoshi twitter mysteriously suspended: https://twitter.com/satoshi/ It's now suspended. Seems…[View]
11783570Economics degrees: I'm sure there are quite a lot of current/former economics students here. My…[View]
11783541MMOCOIN: Wtf is this trash[View]
11781516>that 25 year old frugalcuck who lives like a peasant until he is 45[View]
11783510who here ABSOLUTELY /gooked/?[View]
11783432The Next King Shitcoin: Buy NPXS 20-24 SATS Don't say /biz never delivers[View]
11782279Now that Bitcoin is dead, why not look for some promising airdrops? Sign up for Coopex by Sunday and…[View]
11783388How do we kill the SEC[View]
11783409Get in now: Buy COVAL /biz/ https://www.tradingview.com/chart/COVALBTC/ctqXgohW-COVALBTC-Circuits-of…[View]
11783370>December 17, 2018[View]
11783378Sorry goys. I AM TAKING THIS #1 SPOT[View]
11783372PayPal to Bitcoin: I've got almost 1K in a PayPal account which I want to turn into BTC, what d…[View]
11783282Will we know when Jihan moves his SV coins to an exchange?[View]
11782651>tfw it's SV[View]
11783270How many zoomers will top themselves when it drops below 3k by early 2019?[View]
11783292hello my /biz/ friends. It's been a long while. What is the current state of OmiseGo? I have t…[View]
11783324Does anyone worry the IRS is going to manufacture another bubble in December just so we can get wrec…[View]
11782535Who here getting fucked by Mex funding fees?: It has been absolutely brutal......im losing 0.1% of m…[View]
11781621can anyone help a b4o out, this whale keeps posting this pic in our tele group and says dyor. I hav…[View]
11779573Can someone explain what happened with bitcoin cash? It hard forked to ABC and SV? What is that even…[View]
11783264Crypto will never be used for normie transactions: Unless it’s as easy to buy crypto with fiat as it…[View]
11783229we're not going to make it are we /biz/?[View]
11783241Is he right?: How many hot do i need to make it? I’m holding 45k so far.[View]
11780762>December 14, 2017[View]
11783235is blogging still profitable?: is it ???[View]
11782574TA: SHHHHH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZGmsm3YiQc real TA live right now, from an actual pro. S…[View]
11780973QuantX event on Tuesday: Remember to buy the news, anon. It will PUMP when this much-anticipated eve…[View]
11782880Are you ready for spring?[View]
11783090G- Guys[View]
11783131Buy Bitcoin Cash merchandise[View]
11780217satoshi going public next month. Will BTC be exposed as a vaporware. The early adopters - establishe…[View]
11782883Is OmiseGo really that bad?: Considering the importance of plasma as a scaling solution, the actual …[View]
11782939Any use-case for ETH no longer exists following the confirmation by the @SEC_News on ICOs. All as I …[View]
11782621Walk softly and carry a big stick.: If you're in BSV you might want to consider getting the fuc…[View]
11782495Am I an idiot for playing the lottery once a week? My friend called it a retard tax but I like the t…[View]
11783037>Sitting feeling powerful watching Silicon Valley with my new timex (gains from xrp) Who here is …[View]
11783035TRON DAPP HACKATHON: I've got a team in SF that's going to this, the pot is too crazy >…[View]
11782441Ahaha: Oh you silly children. When will you sell your crpytocurrency scams and buy some real investm…[View]
11781765Marketcap has now dropped the same amount as it did in the 2014 bear market. Any lower from here an…[View]
11781720under 1 million HOT >hololet 1+ million HOT >holomarine 6 million HOT >holocauster 10+ mill…[View]
117823646k is the bottom[View]
11782970I just found out about ambrosus: Biz I need advise. This seems like a hidden gem. Very legit company…[View]
11781791screen cap this[View]
11782959Constellation Labs Update: Partnerships: 100% Confirmed: Hyperledger by Linux, MOBI (Mobility Open B…[View]
11782857Reddit is way better than this shitty board. At least there people are civil and inteligent[View]
11782646Why don't ask countries just copy California?[View]
11782930BCHABC, we comin' for YOU, nigga![View]
11782937>implying this isn't the beginning of another 50% drop[View]
11782907One day 0.05 LINK will be considered a stack.[View]
11782509Who MASARI here? Check out the new roadmap at getmasari.org Truelly a 100x[View]
11782410where i can spend my good boy points https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CljYlUJRUEQ[View]
11782457ABCmempool: Why are ABC mining almost empty blocks when there's 100k transactions in the mempoo…[View]
11781435BTC is a Veblen good: If you don’t understand the implications of this you’re a massive brainlet. Th…[View]
11782605I'm financially ruined[View]
11781843Just found out Craig wright is Australian Short BTCSV and long BTCABC asap Australians are all lite…[View]
11781661Hxro game launching in Dec2018: Get in Hxro now. You get free $25 dollar worth of their coin Hxro. U…[View]
11781985Guess which coin bottomed out. Easy 2x.[View]
11782737the most influential man in crypto[View]
11779560I know what these faggots are doing, they're trying to start a bull run: Ok listen to this. The…[View]
11782554If I have 100 ETH, am i going to make it?[View]
11781858Legal??? Money Making Thread: So, I was reading a guide on e-whoring, and I thought to myself: There…[View]
11782645Is Bitcoin Cash dead? Did they actually kill themselves? You can literally not make transactions rig…[View]
117813992017-2018: Bitcoin cash book of condolences. Pay your respects /biz/[View]
11781971Is it even possible for Ambrosus to fail?: Serious discussion here. Im trying to think of ways this …[View]
11780333Any book recommendations about Game Theory? I want to dive in this topic and would appreciate any he…[View]
11782085how is this ONE MAN so BASED and REDPILLED? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF3JB3DwFY8[View]
11782541Best Blockchain messenger on the market: Commercial release next month. You are welcome. https://www…[View]
11781676GAS/NEO <0.3: Is 1000 GAS enough to make it? I just have 200 GAS and 200 NEO[View]
11782482Honest question. If abc wants to limit blocksize why dont they just go to bitcoin core?[View]
11782275Last year bitcoin went from 5400 to 20000 in 33 days, right around this time. I'm not saying th…[View]
11782010http://www.lira.cash: mining this at lowest difficulty is your best chance at winning this crypto ga…[View]
11780193did you know that you are supposed to buy funfair and any good coin for that matter when there is bl…[View]
11779597FAYTHE: guys, what du you think about this? is it a scam or the next big thing? i'm looking for…[View]
11781060anyone else unironically killing themselves if this doesn't work out? Life wasn't meant to…[View]
11780850Basic Attention Token[View]
11782258lol how fucked is Calvin?[View]
11782447OH NO NO NO bsvcucks on suicidewatch[View]
11782439This is actually dead isn't it? Sub 10 cents here we come. Biggest JUSTing of my life.[View]
11780541Soil investment: Thinking of buying land in some poor SEA country Indonesia came to mind Largest pop…[View]
11782374Satoshi (CSW) Livestream: https://hashwar.live/ Comfy livestream[View]
11781814>anarchkiddie slouched incel developers >grizzled IT security auditor with experience in corpo…[View]
11782041Can Satoshi be anymore based? https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1063815756473925633[View]
11781193This is going straight to 10 million market cap mark my words. Last time I posted here it had less t…[View]
11781641Why the fuck so many bitcoin people are obsessed with meat?: So I was reading some btc people on twi…[View]
11776598Guys help, what's the quickest way I can drop 7kgs?[View]
11782053Give me 5 reasons why I should all in AMB?: If you can’t give me just 3, then this coin is either a …[View]
11781591Wacth out for these individuals: They are dangerous. The following memes indicate you are being trol…[View]
11780800CRAIG WRIGHT LIVE: right now : https://twitter.com/etcmining/status/1063783819617034240?s=12…[View]
11781750Strap in, boys[View]
11781136Where did you all go?: Where are all the 6k is the bottom faggots? Feels good knowing you all lost m…[View]
11782150Gladius: I know a bunch of you fucking retards bought this and were shilling it hard in January. Who…[View]
11781967>Faketoshi BAD![View]
11782206Is anyone in here good at Solidity?: I've been trying to figure out whether this smart contract…[View]
11781339Just got a job, I can finally become a stinky linky.[View]
11781084Anybody actually participate in a 100x mooning? What was it like?[View]
11782094is udemy a meme?[View]
11782171Was Jinder good for business?[View]
11782149What's /biz/'s favorite options strategy?[View]
11781975BCHABC=Wu Bitcoin[View]
11781626Is this /ourcoin/ . Just found it by typing our on cmc. 2 Btc market cap and 800k supply. Seems to h…[View]
11782128QUAN next 100x VOLUME PICKING UP .... AGAIN: This is clearly a movement back to all time highs. The …[View]
11782113There were less than 500 altcoins before 2017. Now we have over 2000 and new ones are still being ma…[View]
11781337Where can I buy this little space suit or something like it?[View]
11782034>go online >act alpha as fuck >treat women like sex objects >don't care at all abou…[View]
11781503What went wrong?[View]
11781930Is /biz/ smart enough to understand XRP and superior liquidity?[View]
11781630CryptoCURRENCY is worthless: The 1% that hold most of the world's wealth are not stupid. They h…[View]
11781683For those that don't understand Forks: A fork is simply a stock split. https://www.investopedia…[View]
11782013ALQO Coin/Bitfineon Fiat-Crypto Exchange[View]
11782002Just saw this link and thought I'd share it: http://www.dogsofthedow.com/ I've been lookin…[View]
11781599>not accumulating BTC each month[View]
11780637Xlm is allready rank 4 when cmc updates lolcash fork Next stop third place, maybe second if xrp doe…[View]
11781929Stop selling Ethereum, sirs[View]
11781424AION 26 cents: What the hell happnd to this? It seems like a decent startup with long term goals.…[View]
11781890Ready to make $90k/year on Ambrosus masternode?: No poor fags ITT. In a years time, Ambrosus is pois…[View]
11778768Wagecuck here... IF you were me, would you buy a house at 33k USD (3 rooms, 2 bathrooms) and pay 400…[View]
11781923Link yatch meetup: Hey so I made a discord for us linkmarines to discuss the singularity and plan fo…[View]
11781914hello, is it me you're looking for?[View]
11781901ALQO Coin/Bitfineon Fiat-Crypto Exchange[View]
11781832Why is XRP the #2 spot now?[View]
11781817Which anon is correct?: Well biz?[View]
11781613Oyster Update: Haven't heard much about the oyster exit scam recently. Can any PRL-bros give me…[View]
11781633Did anyone else here make money from piracy? More specifically filehosts with pay per sale/pay per d…[View]
11781775292 KB JPG really love the community we built around Chainlink. I like to be able to express my sexu…[View]
11781407Times up Linkies!: Remember me anons? The guy who said to buy link at 77, and sell at 98 ? >> …[View]
11781201is there an ERC20 coin that isn't shit by biz standards?[View]
11781726Why is XRP so BASED and REDPILLED? >Why is chainlink CRUMBLING?[View]
11778194what is the problem with segwit: can some bitcoin cash supporter explain?[View]
11778409Why are you not ALL IN at THESE PRICES... Jesus its like you want to stay poor.[View]
11781272What's a good subject to study that will allow me to become self-employed immediately upon grad…[View]
11781059how to get rich fast without working and without crypto shit? go[View]
11781643Best of Craig SATOSHI Wright GENERAL: The moment he fried Nick Szabo's brain. My favorite clip.…[View]
11781275>Biggest partnership in the entire crypto space >Mindgeek makes more revenue than Microsoft an…[View]
11781645KMS: Why do they spend all of their time racing cars and playing poker. WTF. why isn't V2 done …[View]
11780746What did he mean by this?: Is this for real?[View]
11781411Bitcoin CASH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PtAqNpEm7w This was the video that convinced me he wa…[View]
11781499based on info in link below: looks more and more like Dave Kleiman is real satoshi and if Craig Wrig…[View]
11781592Quan marines gear up: Gear up you faggots. Quan is on the move get out of that gas station glory hol…[View]
11781289Who here 100% BTC?[View]
11781278I feel really sorry for Sergey.: All he wanted to do was exit scam and live a life of luxury, but Li…[View]
11781571It's pronounce Bit-kooeen /biz: That is all.[View]
11781159He copied and pasted bitcoin in 4 hours and sold at the top. He bought 2% share in a German bank and…[View]
11780926I think we will soon see alts start to decouple from btc[View]
11781551ok /biz/ I have 3k that I want to make work for me, maybe start a company. what's the best way …[View]
11781415-97% from ATH: Not so FUN anymore[View]
11781453Who here has ever tought of hacking press releases to know if buy puts: or calls and inside situatio…[View]
11781477Bitcoin CASH: -----2013----- Craig Wright tribute video to friend Dave Kleiman https://www.youtube.c…[View]
11781517>BCHSVABCBABdaDIOAJDIOAIODadaldaskld How many fucking acronyms do you need until you realize how …[View]
11781515We slid back to number 40. Biggest loser today...I'm not waiting til the Asians wake up and dum…[View]
11781471I consulted with my lawyer. A class action lawsuit is possible. I'll disclose more in due time,…[View]
11781505QUAN ON TRADEOGRE GOING 100%: Quan in Tradeogre is gaining steam again you plebiscites stop fingerin…[View]
11781485>that 30 year old who still 'invests' in cryptocurrency[View]
11779056Whale here. Some of you guys are alright.: Protip: Sideways walk for several years. Isolated periods…[View]
11781334Please PUMP JUST THIS ONE TIME, ITS ALL I ASKKKK https://omniexplorer.info/tx/94620b91d3e5573d99b874…[View]
11779537Jihan and Ver out for blood: cranking it to 11[View]
11780684>tfw no mummy gf[View]
11780652Will I be able to stake my LINK onto a node without changing wallets? Currently using a Ledger and I…[View]
11773260REMINDER https://youtu.be/ytv8U0bejPA 46min 2sec in Sergey mentions town crier and microsoft Town Cr…[View]
11780876please go back up...i just want my money back[View]
11781323I'll just leave this here: 100 $ EOY[View]
11780844why is LlNK being a homosex? :::canned laughter:::[View]
11781219Why the actual fuck did BTC crash by 10%? WHY? FUCKING WHY?[View]
11780537>bizkids: Since I have a kid, my sales have increased three folds. I feel more confident. I wonde…[View]
11780768Ancaps: I seriously dont understand ancaps. At one moment, they cheer for conservatives not letting …[View]
11780356stratis ?: Expecting a pump in december ? Should we go in early ?[View]
11781286if you're ever in doubt: about cryptocurrencies, just think what millenials and those kids afte…[View]
11780139>tfw holding 26k Dero >tfw in 6 years this when the market cap is worth $400 billion, I will h…[View]
11780227I have to pay more in taxes than my entire crypto stack is worth. I am monetarily destroyed. Make su…[View]
11781038BCHSV Big Green Candle: Get Ready[View]
11780878I T ' S O V E R .[View]
11780948I wish there was a way that we could keep track of all the /biz/raelis who kill themselves during th…[View]
11779998Bitcoin CASH: Alright. So, first of all, what's this about. Anyone know their manga? We have th…[View]
11781154It is time for Bitcoin to grow up. You don't like it? STIFF FUCKING BITTIES[View]
11778508What are you mining biz?[View]
11780393BiTA+Ondiflo+Chainlink: Anyone hear anything further regarding Chainlink-relevant news at the BiTA F…[View]
11781094My low mcap moonshot. What's yours /Biz?[View]
11780559We must secure the existence of the singularity and a future for Link Holders[View]
11780630Dividend Stocks vs Mutual Funds: hi frens, I'm looking to expand my portfolio outside of cypto …[View]
11780109Hey guys just came from my hiatus, how's my favorite coin funfair doing?[View]
11780727radio silence for a full year, stealth, no hype/marketing (opposite of every single other project in…[View]
11778007crypto youtubers: Remember at the peak of the bubble when all the crypto youtube 'experts'…[View]
11779048How do I short New Zealand?[View]
11780604The Rumor is true...: H&M 'partner' with Vechain..... https://www.psfk.com/2018/11/hm-arket-bloc…[View]
11780821I sold my LINK stack at 4200 ask me anything biz[View]
11780445How do I study the history of 4chan and biz to become an oldfag? The worst things of all this for th…[View]
11779858Do you smell that? You didn't think we were gone did you? I hope you bought the dip.[View]
11779317Brainlet here soo i wanna run some nodes thru chainlink how? No laro faggots serious talk here[View]
11780505J U S T: Youre actually in hell 2017 only existed to give you some hope, only so it could break you…[View]
11778452Daily reminder: That no matter how much money you make in this market, you will never be able to buy…[View]
11778855What went wrong?[View]
11780036How many to make it?[View]
11780390I am Roger Ver and I bought a lot of BCH merchandise. What am I supposed to do with it now?[View]
11780718Hello, I am Roger Ver. And today I'm here to talk to you about BAB COIN BAB COIN BAB COIN BAB C…[View]
11780631You like money frens?: Here's the game plan: >go to allbit.com >buy some APOT >go to h…[View]
11779984BCH Stress test happening at 12PM UTC: stresstestbitcoin.cash >With the protocol upgrade now behi…[View]
11780198I need crypto because I'm tired of having my life and finances ruled over by rich old white dud…[View]
11772015I am destroyed.[View]
11780924even tho bitcoin has dumped and cant ever go above $7k again (its written in the whitepaper) I think…[View]
11780689Serious thread: No bullshitting in here. Am I the only one who’s taking this opportunity to DCA BTC …[View]
11780200How do I short the student loan/higher education bubble?: So we all know that student loans are bein…[View]
11780804BCHSV higher on binance?: Any idea why? I am from NYC so I cannot use poloniex and bitmex. Perhaps t…[View]
11780119What does biz think of my boy Maker?[View]
11780808November 27[View]
11777904When are you guys going to realize that the only way crypto will go mainstream is if it is built sea…[View]
11780618WOW: HOLY SHIT[View]
11779045>Satoshi Nakamoto is based and redpilled just bought 100k[View]
11779985Bitcoin is like poker: Did you realise what hand someones playing right now, and that its a flush? A…[View]
11780770What about electroneum: Is it the only simple cyrpto to mine on mobile devices?[View]
11780528Stop selling BCHSV[View]
11780744>he thought 6k wouldn’t break Why exactly did all you faggots think it would hold? If it wasnt fo…[View]
11779269What's gonna happen next with BTC? How low can we go?[View]
11780523*Orchestra plays* W-w-wagieeee w-w-wagieeee, w-w-wagie, w-w-wagie, w-w-wa-a-gie-ie-ie-ie ie-ie-ie-ie…[View]
11780558I decided to change my mindset. For every blowjob i give and get paid, i buy 100 linkies. 120 for ci…[View]
11779865BCH and all its forks are dead: Look at these retarded tickers[View]
11778579Dumbasses.: how THE FUCK can craige win at this rate[View]
11779712based shills: where are the good shills now? bears ate them?[View]
11780024/gooked/ 40 cents edition: anyone still holding this shit?[View]
11779414>crypto is started as a new financial ecosystem >stablecoins pop up everywhere, backed by the …[View]
11780635H E L P .[View]
11780609RIP: >Sergey Nazarov was crossing Powerline Road in the 4300 block, a few blocks north of West Sa…[View]
11780594is bitcoin 2 the real bitcoin?[View]
11779776Do you hate money? If not, this is the time to get stinky.[View]
11780187At what point do they officially become two forks?: Craig was saying the other day that there would …[View]
11778627its literally dumping. hope you sold and made decent money on this p&d. on to the next one.[View]
11780323>10x long on BTC >10x short on ETH What's your comfy weekend position?…[View]
11779734how do I short john mcafee[View]
11779554up/down ??[View]
11779711$500+ EOY 2020[View]
1178061590 days left[View]
11780310Your take on $XHV.[View]
11780479Does the bcash team really think, after all the drama, public tantrums, accusations of fraud, decept…[View]
11774490SHOW ME YOUR LIQUIDATION EMAILS: only those who received their bitmex diplomas are allowed to post I…[View]
11780580https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtLB5aZ05F0 ITT: good music boomers only[View]
11780574developer exit scam: this developer of shield has done an exit scam and ruined lots of peoples lives…[View]
11779116FUCK. ITS OVERRR[View]
11779371USDC: USDC[View]
11780230he doesn't own chainlink so >he's never tasted flavored lubricant on a man's erect…[View]
11770613We will all make it[View]
11780540Bitcoin won't succeed until you give all your Bitcoin's to niggers, Jews, faggots, women, …[View]
11776634Uhh guys....SV is doing crazy shit right about now!: I think I might have to FOMO in ffs!!!! FUCKKKK…[View]
11779517Who else enjoying their XRP gains?: We're going to make it[View]
11780319Chances this shitcoin is going back to 30c?[View]
11780467>Chain Reorganization >The term 'blockchain reorganization' is used to refer to the situation …[View]
11780458listen here you shit lord piece of shit willy the whale. you will dump this market today![View]
11780302>Switzerland’s main stock exchange has given a green light to the world’s first exchange traded p…[View]
11779601i miss bcash[View]
11774172You can only post in this thread if you've lost at least 80% of your investment.[View]
11778954Why is Craig’s coin price and hashrate crashing? Did I lose my money?[View]
11780312only pink wojak can save us: what happened to the pinkos? post your rarest to summon our saviour…[View]
11778141Do you invest in cryptocurrency or digital assets?[View]
11779739I am dying (medical condition born with it) I gave about $3 million in BTC to a fellow rich-fag who…[View]
11780304Is there a way to gift people crypto without them making a wallet?: And what do you think of gifting…[View]
11779717There will ne no second bullrun: Give it to me /biz/ I lost 3500€. Invested originally 4000€ I coul…[View]
11780242What does it mean?: 14 days RSI has been this low only 3 times in Bitcoin history. August 15th, 201…[View]
11780207NVDA: whats up with nvidia stock price? buy the dip?[View]
11779629What is this pattern called?[View]
11779185Consider the following:: Craig has 1.000.000 BCHABC Roger has 1.000.000 BCHSV I rest my case.[View]
11779747WTF is he doing ??: I've been following this whale address since another anon posted it earlier…[View]
117793724 days[View]
11779825XRP: THE STANDARD[View]
11780053>mfw quantum theory means that atoms can randomly fuse together and give me 1000 btc >mfw this…[View]
11779623>mfw XRPfags think they can break $0.48[View]
11779344Why did Bcashsrs hold for the fork? ABC and SV combined aren’t worth what Bcash was worth pre-fork[View]
11778259i find it funny that all of these people coming forward claiming to be satoshi look like crack pots.[View]
11779788biz, i need your help www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2018-264 Looks like ico scammers from USA need …[View]
11780061Which ad-block is your favorite?[View]
11780059This DUMP: has robbed me of both my money and emotion. Fuck you biz![View]
11780049Can anyone explain exactly what's going on in crypto right now? Why was this fork so contentiou…[View]
11779640The delusion is over linkies: You faggots will regret sending your last dollars to buy at a high pri…[View]
11779752Bitcoin CASH: >Here's the plan. We're going to seduce Jihan during the hash war and the…[View]
11779974>SWIFT executive: 'Here we have the final solution to the oracle problem, that will save our bank…[View]
11779989Aussi Self-storage: What's median annual yield from these ? Good idea to purchase after real-es…[View]
11779787>have the qualifications and experience for the job >invited to interviews >open my mouth …[View]
11778092Remember, this is only the beginning for bitcoin. 5k will look like a steal in comparison to its fut…[View]
11779859bitcoin was not born out of the recession. It was thought well before. it must be sound money, not b…[View]
11778992Haven Protocol - An Offshore Bank in Your Pocket: >What is Haven Protocol? An ecosystem of multip…[View]
11779888Why are some folks investing $100s of millions on BTC mining projects?: https://www.cbsnews.com/news…[View]
11776313Is there any place in the United States where you can buy a livable house in a low crime area for …[View]
11779672/biz/ why haven't you invested in Financial domination. There are a lot of women with no goal i…[View]
11779715Ya'll faggots don't realise that this Hash War Circus was a reason to hide the fact that t…[View]
11779472they will call us criminals, they will call us suckers, they will say we are gamblers. but we are ho…[View]
11779193>ETH was once worth 1400 USD[View]
11778888Told ya.[View]
11779851red pulse phoenix: this small cap look hot af[View]
11779837press F for crypto[View]
11779475Bitcoin SV: I just bought 60 of them, we are goin to 200 for sure[View]
11779811Is cocaine a good store of value /biz/?[View]
11778744hope is a dangerous thing.[View]
11770015Why do people hate on Mcmansions? I think a nice home in the suburbs with a 0.25 acre lot is nice.[View]
11779656Yes...Yes...Let the hate flow through you...[View]
11779692Hello sir can i have free cryptos to get started? Ok thanks sir plsplspls[View]
11779670Do you guys think the crypto market will pump back up?[View]
11778572Shitcoins on sale thread: Let's discuss shitcoins that are at good prices relative to 2 days ag…[View]
11779437Wait a second-: I have a rudimentary understanding of the Bitcoin Cash hash war. It's Roger Ver…[View]
11779308How do I get an invite to the /biz/ femanon server?[View]
11779627have you been justed by any of these projects?[View]
11779563bitcoin sv/ abc: if you fomo into either of these you're losing. prove me wrong[View]
11779290Bitcoin CASH: Bitcoin CASH[View]
11777382If Satoshi wins, Bitcoin money and Bcash money will go into SV.: Just remember this /biz. Oh and all…[View]
11779502Was Chainlink was supoenaed by the SEC?[View]
11779367XRP: Decision time. I'll just leave this here for you to decide.[View]
11779494Bloc chain technology, more like blockHEAD technology.[View]
11779491I'm sick of the slow, worthless, centralized Chink scam dinosaur known as Bitcoin. shitting its…[View]
11779351how pissed will you be if you have to wait for 10 more years until a golden bull run in crypto?[View]
11779388I chose to be gay. I chose to hold Chainlink.[View]
11779254insecure link holders?: Why are chainlink holders so fragile and insecure? Serious discussion only p…[View]
11778486Burger here, is it worth getting a vpn to use bitmex or should I just use kraken to margin trade? Kr…[View]
11777662Which do you have?[View]
11778697You did buy the real Bitcoin, didn't you anon?[View]
11779384Imagine sprinting at the start of a marathon.[View]
11778407Sorry guys, i just transferred 400k link to binance and im selling. Its clear btc is going to 2k and…[View]
11779209can we arbitrage rich boomers with anonymous and untraceable blackmail via monero?[View]
11779282Lost everything in cryptocurrencies Im not getting a fucking job bro. Ive decided to spend the rest …[View]
11778914Anon-sir, buy Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision™, for big gains, already doubled! so much more potential![View]
11779346There is no room for this shit. Reddit thinks it won already. But the only reason to buy btrash to b…[View]
11779335What should we expect?[View]
11778850AAANDDD WERE OFF!! ~BCHSV~ Golden Dragon Edition: And were off boys. All those faggots who thought i…[View]
11779240Who else /dumpedtheirbchabcforbchsv/[View]
11779044so close but far[View]
11778747I am destroyed.[View]
11779312RIP: It was a fun ride[View]
11779192Hey hey hey[View]
11779108Litecoin now below 2013 prices: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha it's fucking over for crypto BTC is …[View]
11778317>he didn't sell at 20k >he didn't sell at 16k >he didn't sell at 13k >he …[View]
11778420Now that the mozzarella has settled, what went wrong?[View]
11778651Corrupted motherfuckers! I'm done with this shit, finally moving to binance.[View]
11779175And we are BACK: What the absolute FUCK was THAT?! BTC will unironically NEVER be below $7000 again.…[View]
11779122To Many BTC Bersions: >Bitcoin >Bitcoin Cash >Bitcoin Gold >Bitcoin Diamond >Bitcoin …[View]
11778402hope you didnt dump your bsv[View]
11778160What is this pattern called?[View]
11778391couldn't resist to snatch some more VET at this delicious sale! thanks Bitcoin for taking the w…[View]
11779154Hey-uh guys I just realized something. Wasn't bitcoin born out of the recession? Guess it'…[View]
11779012*struggle* *struggle* *struggle* *struggle* *struggle* *struggle* *struggle* *struggle* *struggle* *…[View]
11779169really love the community we built around Chainlink. I like to be able to express my sexuality in a …[View]
11778738SV now only 3 Blocks behind: Get the fuck into SV before it becomes even more obvious that this is g…[View]
11779107how do I short Niggers? Theyre almost as bad as Shekkel Kykes[View]
11777972I really love the community we built around Chainlink. I like to be able to express my sexuality in …[View]
11778729tradingview strategy tester: I have been developing different trading strategies last few days and t…[View]
11778883What is silvers approximate market cap? Gold is about 2.92 trillion but i've heard some people …[View]
11778504If roger was an advisor or team member for one of the many to-be-btfo icos by the sec, does that mea…[View]
11777190tfw we broke the meme triangle... downwards. this is not looking good lads. not good at all. i think…[View]
11779015The real Nazarov we were promised.: All will know soon enough.[View]
11778668I am selling the domain PepeFrog.com for fiat or crypto, if anyone is interested give me an offer Th…[View]
11778544What if no one controlling money is better than trying to control money?[View]
11776762Ambrosus partnerships, NDA thread: There are whispers that Ambrosus is about to announce partnership…[View]
11778854Biz... What's going on big guy?[View]
11778905BEGINNING OF THE $589 EOY RUN: STARTS NOW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsFYPVxHKdc[View]
11776947Ambrosus discussion thread: The other one is Pajeetery, discuss your rational expectations for this …[View]
11778802if you're not at least 24 you are a zoomer repent, zoomer[View]
11778891Australian Property Crash General: hello darkness my old friend[View]
11778090Is the stock market due for another collapse?: The growth seems unsustainable.[View]
11778848I'm free Or: How I learned to love the bleach and put down crypto I've been in crypto sinc…[View]
11778344Wait what the fuck you birdbrains misled me: I bought LTC 5 years ago and forgot about until now. I …[View]
11778509King BTC: >So this is the power of the King...[View]
11778565BTC ETF DECISION: okay BoIZ when is it coming? how much is it going to affect the market? Will it pa…[View]
11778088FUD this for me: you can't[View]
11777780GET OUT[View]
11776702Castlevania was pretty good: Who's ready for soma season 3[View]
11778373>Where is the safest place for Wallstreet to put theirnkoney ? >The safest place is in Bitcoin…[View]
11778580Anxious but hopeful[View]
11777977Just bought a $60 bottle of natural wine and I am making risotto tonight for my asian model GF. We a…[View]
11777654>At record oversold RSI levels on all medium and long term time frames, and it isn't even cl…[View]
11776998Why did I sell at $4500? That was the fucking bottom[View]
11772301Hey biz what do you think about this idea? Basically installing some kind of pocket pussy suctioning…[View]
11778631Craig Wright/Satoshi aka the Gavin redemption Soundtrack thread.: I'll fucking start, love ya G…[View]
11777996crypto winter is coming: what are you gonna do[View]
11777789If craig Wright is Satoshi why didn't he just create bitcoin cw instead of bitcoin sv?[View]
117785534 Blocks until you finally apologize to me /biz.[View]
11778533Lend a helping hand this holiday using Dosh: Let’s make a couple Bucks using theDosh app need holida…[View]
11778592So what happens to the mining industry once Jihan is stiffed into bankruptcy?[View]
11770235Amb discussion thread: Ok it’s time to discuss adoption and bundles. So far, insiders have seen main…[View]
11778523https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVxWPkMXOmw Is BTC the Rothschild leash and ETH the people's mo…[View]
11778571It's all fucking over, fuck[View]
11777656When ltc gets confidential transactions it'll be better than btc.[View]
11778545Outside US laws you said!: Binance Warns Iranian Traders to Withdraw Crypto Amid Sanctions Hahahahah…[View]
11778522>tfw missed the golden btc bullrun >tfw missed a ten year long stock bullrun >tfw waiting y…[View]
11778188ATL: ultimate gook'd[View]
11777380Actually valuable crypto-currency: Are there any crypto-currencies that actually have something to b…[View]
11778361Link won't make me rich will it.[View]
11778506who here moved back to trading boomer coins? its so nice to trade in markets that aren't manipu…[View]
11778286what did they mean by this?[View]
11778295oh oh[View]
11778474Is it over?[View]
11778457Can SV win?: Or is ABC just doing much more work despite blocks mined? What happens if Ver and Jihan…[View]
11775521When we make it: I will still stay on 4chan and ridicule nolinkers and newfags coming late to the pa…[View]
11777809The hashwar circus is over. The best thing is that on some big exchanges they now have the ticker $B…[View]
11778333I pReDiCt It GoEs EiThEr Up Or DoWn[View]
11778136Concerned brainlet linky here. I was watching Sergey's most recent video and he was talking abo…[View]
11777987What are the chances that the SEC comes down hard on Vitalik? Link is him dancing, quite hilarious h…[View]
11777988so biz, now that its pretty obvious crypto's are going to go sideways and be in a bear market f…[View]
117783467 blocks away till you apologize to me.[View]
11778133microsoft: >RLC's MC is now only $26m >Max supply almost all on the market >It has uni…[View]
11777024>'move-in ready' >'updated kitchen appliances with Italian granite countertops'' >'custom r…[View]
11777736CESC18 VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js5SL5Z1ZxY&amp=&feature=youtu.be[View]
11777761>tfw crypto made you hate pajeets even more[View]
11777806Good News: Complacency Passed: We finally broke the 5.8k support memeline and are entering anxiety. …[View]
11778012Why is almost everyone on this board a short-term oriented speculator? Why don't you get real s…[View]
11776425anons - what kind of money would be fuck you money?: The more I think about it - the more I get conf…[View]
11778253RARE: Post rare Sergeys[View]
11777917Does anyone here still do IM? I used to do it 10 years ago when you could easily sell shitty eBooks …[View]
11778271What's the point of having multiple stable coins (like usdt)[View]
11778273It’s dumping fuucckkkkk[View]
11778195These crashes aren't so bad when you've been in tether ignoring the market[View]
11778053The time has finally come. (((They))) will start shorting EN MASSE in a few hours.[View]
117764560xBitcoin: Now that Bcash is Btrashed, how long until miners realize there's only one true alte…[View]
11778047How many LINK to make this goddess my wife?[View]
11775694>My boss is a 20 y/o chink with a rich father >My boss told us last year how he and his friend…[View]
11778006So they are manipulating Bitcoin to look like a shitty investment amid this economic collapse? Do th…[View]
11778024SV or ABC: i only have 0.1 btc to spare at the moment. which do i buy? both are a roller coaster…[View]
11778175Ambrosus pajeet gathering thread: All you pajeets gather here. Shillers will be paid 4 AMB per post.…[View]
11777608You can hate Craig, but, you can't hate Satoshi[View]
11777866Drunkanon: How did all my linkmarines miss this earlier? Drunkanon here. I am not drinking right now…[View]
11778057>be anti-globalist alt-right pro-trump neo-nazi >god protocol is literally a kike industry tok…[View]
11777660HOLOGANG On 1 January 2016, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sust…[View]
11776209Where's the delphi thread that was promised?[View]
11777572Coinbase Index is down 77% on the year. I bet right about now they wish they had some XRP in their …[View]
11777745Ok for fucks sake...: What is this buttcoin vs abc vs satashi vision thing? Seriously need a FULL ru…[View]
11777989I am independently financiallly ruined[View]
11776723So what's this shitcoin's future? Every time Bitcoin has crashed, it's bled out even …[View]
11777146*tink*tink*tink* AHEM[View]
11777876THE SHIFT IN ACTION: I just want to remind you that chainlink has been outperforming bitcoin and wil…[View]
11776755looking up phone numbers: was searching phone numbers on the web. clicked on one of the links found …[View]
11777871Are you ready?[View]
11777863please... no more[View]
11776548I have 9 million HOT. What do?[View]
11777362>tfw bald >tfw bitcoin was supposed to get me a gf what do i do now...…[View]
11777933it's officially (yes, OFFICIALLY) ogre.[View]
11777679Sub 5500: >5400 5498 >5498 5498 >5498 5498 >5498 5498…[View]
11777922Kill eet, and then bring let him in[View]
11776971I CAN'T WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
11777763Daily Reminder:: You are about to see the final bart to absolute zero[View]
11777750Do you see?[View]
11777408sup /biz/, I've been working on an automatic crypto portfolio tracker site/app side project, an…[View]
11777049Ambrosus bagholder thread: Anyone who has lost a ton on Amb post ITT. Discuss if you bought back in …[View]
11771266IPSX GANG >mfw bibox listing soon >new partnerships to be announced >normies starting to ca…[View]
11777666Why does ABC have such weak exchange support compared to SV?[View]
11777214>satoshi’s vision[View]
11777636Behold: the future of finance is here: The new notes are coming for the digital casino with a vengea…[View]
11777235this is how its gonna go down >no demand for smart contracts. >little by little, people start…[View]
11777543who here in a state of heavy JUST?[View]
11776749So I lost my life savings and have thought about actually killing myself. I'm only 26 but the p…[View]
11776698Sold 1/3rd of my link for BCHSV at $125: Suck my balls you dark black niggers. Imagine being white a…[View]
11777800AION: AION will be worth 10 % of crypto marketcap. buy now or cry later[View]
117777780,2$ eoy. 0,4$ eoy 2019. 0$ eoy 2020. none of us will make it. Sergey will be locked up in prison fo…[View]
11776525How JUSTed is he?[View]
11777327will jihan pump BTC back or not? both are losing money[View]
11775367recent dump pierced historic trend line if this is not biggest bear trap ever than we are going stra…[View]
11777726The Golden Dragons BCHSV!!!: .......... Are you guys watching these sell walls go like butter what t…[View]
11772566Why aren’t milienials buying houses?[View]
11777728Stablechads General: Comfy in my PAX & USDC Horsechads are also welcome since they're stabl…[View]
11777082The next ethereum[View]
11777417This feels like November.: Whichever fork wins, the bull will follow. Screencap this, homos.[View]
11777454BCH ELECTION: DAY 2: Holy shit boys, can you believe they are STILL counting the votes? Voter partic…[View]
11777289EmberCoin making a come back!!!: EmberCoin making a come back! Get itnow while is cheap, going up!!!…[View]
11777046Don't trust all the hype. Most people shill ironically for fun or because they're bagholde…[View]
11775140>tfw you weren't involved with bitcoin in 2009[View]
11777650Who here buying cheap coins?: Black Friday sale[View]
11775992I don't even know what the hash war is about: because im all in on link. Don't give a fuck…[View]
11777586Alibaba: the guy on the right is the BDM of a tiny marketcap coin, partnered with alibaba.[View]
11777108>be from Venezuela >Currency is JUST'd >Transfer funds to cryptos >Get JUST'D …[View]
11777624Why won't coinbase give me my bchsv and bchabc![View]
11777622Am i gonna make it!?: Just bought a link. Had to ask my friends grandma for some cash but she has al…[View]
11777160XLM - Stellar - Negro Coins Edition: Anybody get their nigger free coins yet from the airdrop? I mea…[View]
11777069Why did Bitcoin drop from the stable $6400 to $5500 in just one day? There must be a reason.[View]
11777559You have to be blind if you can't see that Craig is trying to save crypto: see: subject[View]
11777318ATONEMENT: I want to apologize. I'm the guy who posted the FUD about it being illegal to re-sel…[View]
11777597Thank you Steve. Keep it up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVD3SjkoWuo[View]
11777136Bchsv predictions?: EOD? Eow? Eoy?[View]
11777438Sergey on suicide watch. I wonder if he ends it before one of you maniacs harm him.[View]
11777564How did I fall for it at all? It's just a fucking website. I thought I was smarter than this. I…[View]
11776801I want to know more about the state and consequences of massively overleveraged student loans. How s…[View]
11777034Hello, I'm the third Willy, many people say I'm the best Willy. The other willys are leadi…[View]
11777525>Dumps clean through yearly support >Forming a bear flag >S-SHOULD I BUY THE DIP GUYS? /biz…[View]
11777542I feel really sorry for Sergey. All he wanted to do was exit scam and live a life of luxury, but Lin…[View]
11776908there is near zero demand for smart contracts right now. To think chainlink will gain mass adoption …[View]
11777508WHAT DOES ABC MEAN?: What does the ABC stand for in BCHABC??? Why would they name it that? Satoshi…[View]
11777519Where are the Bcash war livestreams, cmon man dafuck?[View]
11776276Apologize to Gavin /biz.: He told you the truth and you mocked him. Such a shame.[View]
11775040hOLY FUCK I just realized We are just walking proto-primate flesh bags wadnering around a rock orbit…[View]
11776953BCH SV FLIPPENING !!!!!!!: If you had balls of steel, then you will have doubled your money. Bitcoin…[View]
11772357I want to make money trading crypto: How do I do it. Pic: my YTD I drive a truck as owner op Shud I…[View]
11776666I am pretty new to investing and I was wondering if there were some staple books that y'all wou…[View]
11777348>Satoshis vision The name alone is absolute cash[View]
11775379>he thinks Bitcoin will moon again despite it already reaching mainstream consciousness >he th…[View]
11777409Why BSV so based and redpilled?[View]
11777372Sell: Sell[View]
11776853Why did you do it?: >buying any crypto after June 2017 when all the normies started pilling in An…[View]
11751711/Entg/ - Entrepreneurship General: Escaping the Jews edition Please check previous threads for insp…[View]
11776333/biz/ nostalgia[View]
11777347Home alone on a Friday? STIFF[View]
11777342Enjoying this dip?[View]
11776692>tfw your autism causes you to lose another job[View]
11777296Hey all, I've been thinking about and planning a rage room in my area. It would be the first in…[View]
11775057get ready, this is gonna be history. Dont be deluded[View]
11777215Is it safe to take shelter in the stable coin TUSD?[View]
11777230There must be other ways to get rich .. I want to hear ideas ![View]
11777248So if Craig wins this battle, what is he going to do next? Will he purge the market?[View]
11777232this is how its gonna go down >no demand for smart contracts. >little by little, people start…[View]
11776372Automation - Alteryx, RPI, Tableau, etc.: How hard is automation being pushed at your office?[View]
11768892>Another day, another dollar- am I right Anon? >Can you rerun the numbers for Wisconsin? Their…[View]
11777191Okay /biz/, how the fuck do we find girlfriends?: This has been troubling me for a while. I'm n…[View]
11777207BAB: BAB BAB BAB BAB[View]
11776918Hello I am Willy Wonka the Whale. I have information.[View]
11776615its literally over... whats even the point of this board anymore?[View]
11777170#ins solar engery deal with smart grids in europe :): #INS huge deal Today North America (smart grid…[View]
11777093On a Scale of 1-10 how delusional am I?: P.S. This is my life savings.[View]
11776297I sold at 5800. I warned you idiots for months and all you did was mock me. Soon Bitcoin will be und…[View]
11777135sv abc: >yfw you got a 66% discount on BCH thanks to redditfags[View]
11777021Investment advice: Hey /biz/, I'm new here. Over the last several years I've been crazily …[View]
11774542Anon, what are you reading?[View]
11777066Everyone here is low I.Q: The bogs have taken advantage of every single one of you. The imaginary in…[View]
11776679What do?: I stayed away from here so I can avoid the hashwars now we got congressman saying they…[View]
11774663How can you be this dumb? This is your last chance, it cannot be more obvious that xrp will explode …[View]
11777018You JUST lose.[View]
11775724It's really over for ETH, isn't it?: Last year today, Nov. 16th, ETH was $329.55. XRP was …[View]
11773075I'm thinking about investing in hydroponics technology. Now that we are entering a grand solar …[View]
11776747Hey Stinky-Linkies, remind me what this chart means real quick, I forgot what it's called, it…[View]
11770135>he thinks he's going to get rich off internet meme money >he thinks there will be anothe…[View]
11776845Well I guess this Delphi thread isn't happening. Larping shitposters confirmed.[View]
11776960Ambrosus discussion thread: The other one is for normies. Post your best FUD/Shill here[View]
11776811Why did it have to break down?[View]
11776890>He decided to hold alts during a long-term bear market Enjoy all your holdings going to effectiv…[View]
11774085“Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you th…[View]
11776875Fuck this shit[View]
11776327This crash is taking far longer than expected. Shouldn't we be ripping down to the low $4000s?[View]
11776435How can I use being red pilled to make money? I've had a total of 3 businesses fail, one made …[View]
11776837This is going straight to 10 million market cap mark my words. Last time I posted here it had less t…[View]
11775965Ambrosus endorsement thread: Here we discuss how big shots like Vitalik and Mcafee are bullish on Am…[View]
11775335Fortnite Clone on Holochain: https://medium.com/h-o-l-o/fortnite-clone-mmorpg-on-holochain-b501631f5…[View]
11775836What's the most realistic scenario where we are wrong?[View]
11776022Minister you satoshi: Who's full on SV ?[View]
11776672guys im scared. i feel like something big is about to happen.[View]
11776487anyone sees any value in this piece of shit?[View]
11776644So is this a zero-sum game?: Out of the loop on this thing...so now that BCH split, does it mean tha…[View]
11776029There are people on this board right now with their life savings in LINK and they actually think the…[View]
11776423What did he hold[View]
11775993Post your current /biz/ filter so we can learn from one another. This is a board of peace[View]
11776613Why is binance so based? It's the only exchange that lets me sell my abc right out the gate. Cb…[View]
11776073biz, pls sell me on chainlnk. I hear so much good news about Chainlink and it has been great bull ev…[View]
11775255Short ABC. Long SV.[View]
11776505CHAINLlNK BTFO!!!!!: https://www.adjoint.io/news/entry/adjoint-joins-open-source-blockchain-movement…[View]
11773908Wtf is going on??: https://twitter.com/satoshi/status/1063544670230327296[View]
11770370>he didn't go to college oh no NO NO[View]
11775935> your total is $174.98 how did you want to pay? > do you take Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision? …[View]
11776575I refuse to believe: that CSW is satoshi, craig is just too emotionally stupid which translates to j…[View]
11774985Do not forget this[View]
11774919She unironically sold at 19K: What does /biz/ think about this? https://youtu.be/M8dQJWJtw2Q[View]
11776363QASH - should I go all in?: How does this hold at 20 cents even after market crash yesterday?[View]
11776506When will cardano be worth $1?[View]
11776529Link is a security.[View]
11776218How do we short boomers?: They monopolized every opportunity before sending most entry production jo…[View]
11773447What is he holding?[View]
11776140I’ve been making a killing by outsourcing my shitty music promotion site to soundclouders. Fuck thei…[View]
11776224BCHSV profiteering: Who else here gives zero fucks about either bch fork but is making money off the…[View]
11776437>Invested thousands into a low mc shitcoin >it crashed, -95% >can't even sell it becau…[View]
11775627WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO[View]
11770632Making money with poker online: Do you think it's still possible to make money online with poke…[View]
11776143CW = /our boomer/, BCHSV will win: He LARPs 24/7 as SN, he would be the best /biz/ poster in existen…[View]
11774963Help me /biz/...: I'm gradating in less than a month with a degree in finance and I have no ide…[View]
11776299Crazy SOB has done it: BCHSV / BCHABC switch imminent All-in b4 $400!!![View]
11776131fuck: Look at the next website. At the bottom it says a bunch of shit about how the token may not be…[View]
11776350>Sell all my crypto to fiat before I go to sleep since I can't be bothered with crypto anymo…[View]
11775925SATOSHI NAKAMOTO: It's time to apologize /biz. >First apologize to Gavin, you guys ran him …[View]
11776160>Fired from job because of exceedingly shady shit from my boss to paint me as mentally unfit for …[View]
11776366>He is not buying the real bitcoin at 2013 prices ..[View]
11775717WALMART: I need advice. I want to repay this company for stomping on me will their billion dollar bo…[View]
11775068I've been jobless for 1.5 years since graduating from my business 'masters'. nothing i ever do …[View]
11776091Keep buying, you're just delaying the inevitable at this point[View]
11775964why did craig never grow out of the larping phase?[View]
11774933Who else here /accumulating/ NIM?[View]
11776279Thank you for your donations. I hope you were entertained[View]
11776203NOOOO IT WAS MY TURN[View]
11775634How can we stop this retarded hash war?: I want bitcoin to moon[View]
11776235I have 10,000 MCO, will I make it https://cointelegraph.com/news/new-free-metal-card-with-crypto-per…[View]
11774075FEELS THREAD: I START: XRB $35 on BitGrail.[View]
11776242is there a short summary somewhere about this whole bch thing going on?[View]
11776243Short Sellers: >He bets against the market That's actually very rude, anon. Explain yourself…[View]
11774711So Craig Wright really tried to pull that same Sartre scam he already failed at before?: What a brai…[View]
11774620Satoshi is alive or comprimised: Math fag here. I know a lot of you are confused about the recent si…[View]
11772427I THINK THAT HOLOCHAIN MOONS!: >mozzarella partnership >newfags will look it up and see how ch…[View]
11775465Ole Stankum Stumpf STIFF stiffy stank, lanky stinky ole STIFF, brapper sniff sniffy STIFF blumpf sta…[View]
11775427are retro videogames a good investment? if i had bought Earthbound in 2010 for 50bucks, now I could …[View]
11776155This guy will destroy all Linkies in biz, and thank goodness.: Chainlink will be rendered useless af…[View]
11775263Holy fuck he's going to flip it, isn't he?![View]
11775674Why is XRP so based and not falling 7% like shitcoins are?[View]
11775839How do i turn 100k into 5.875 million?[View]
11774939Chainlink will not be a security: First off, it is registered in another country and americans were …[View]
11776096What the fuck is its problem?: Seriously, what is the problem with this shitcoin?[View]
11776074The dog going schlup schlup schlup Can someone do the needful and pm me the Pic[View]
11775445Green lD's make it[View]
11770471I missed the chain link moon is there any other coins in crypto that are trying to solve the Oracle …[View]
11776028So is he alive?[View]
11776066just bought 26k Dero. AMA[View]
11775758Is now a good time to get into mining?: So many cheap GPUs are flooding the market. If you’re bettin…[View]
11776020Hello, I'm Roger Ver. And today I'm here to talk to you about BAB BAB BAB BAB BAB BAB BAB …[View]
11775325Where were you when Craig saved crypto?[View]
11775625I dont understand this Bitcoin cash stuff. Somebody explain to me in retard language. Why can I stil…[View]
11775838>tfw bristol-myers shareholder Why did I do this to myself lads? Why couldn't I recognize th…[View]
11775580/making it/ with my penis: Alright guys, since BTC is dead and I've failed at Making It in my f…[View]
117758771k sats EOY: g-guys.. what if 1k EOY is the prce in sats not dollars?[View]
11775929Suckas: Hash war, major mining flux occuring. Miners are being paid in btc to be bcashbois for the f…[View]
11775889Guys please tell me: Sergey is a huge inspiration of mine so I try to look like him. Am I pulling it…[View]
11773949Is nobody onna talk about the Pivotal Tracker today: The team is on fire. Pic related.[View]
11774593Who is the biggest degenerate gambler?: I've invested £40,000 of my own money so far. I don…[View]
11775086This: Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase of chainlink t…[View]
11774979Australias Property Bubble Bursting: Clearance rates have a direct correlation with price change, as…[View]
11774200Investing $3000 more tomorrow, what would you do?[View]
11775807SV vs. ABC: Who do we want to win? Will both forks exitscam us? Is Ver the real chad or is it Craig?…[View]
11775782OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
11770720https://www.coindesk.com/sec-settles-securities-registration-charges-against-2-ico-startups How long…[View]
11772917uhm guys what the fuck. someone just signed a message from a 2009 bitcoin transaction from a twitter…[View]
11775407>loaded up 100 real bitcoins for 100$ each right now >tfw going to make soon enjoy your script…[View]
11774713Have to pay 90€ monthly health care in Germany because I turned 25 I hate my boomer life[View]
11775718STRAYA COIN ON TRADEOGRE: The biggest meme coin moonshot of the year. Do 4 seconds of research on th…[View]
11775365I am destroyed[View]
11775626Will I make it with 20k LINK?[View]
11775295At what point did you realize that shorting ETH was the golden bullrun this year?[View]
11774603Satoshi Is Not Dead: https://repl.it/repls/LovelyMediocreInformationtechnology[View]
11775420Reminder that this will 100x. Screencap this.[View]
11775547THE STATE OF ETH BAG HODLERS: https://twitter.com/barrysilbert/status/1063573736681431041…[View]
11774562mainnet: when[View]
11775048free +300%: https://twitter.com/TrezarCoin/status/1063462369735643136 Just buy and sell right before…[View]
11775534Will ETH 2.0 Flippen BTC if the satoshi 'thing' continues?[View]
11775438Are you ready for the flippening?[View]
11774827Is it selfish to keep Chainlink a secret from friends and family? None of them really know anything …[View]
11769349Pink wojak connoisseur thread: Gents, Post your finest vintage[View]
11773112tomochain $TOMO: $15 million cap coin with strong fundamentals and team mainnet confirmed Dec 14 big…[View]
11774448>shitposts on twitter all day >shits on reddit >unironically calls people sóyboys how is he…[View]
11775182You think Satoshi was joking about this? I hope Vitalikek gets life in prison x4 with ross. BTFO htt…[View]
11775249Guys BTC is going very fast up. Yes there was a dump before, but its very fast. I don't want to…[View]
11775488>we are the early adopte-[View]
11775431So is the Bitcoin Cash Satoshi's Vision the real Bitcoin? When do you think the masses will ado…[View]
11772744Can someone verify satoshis signature? Apparently calvin tweeted this https://twitter.com/satoshi/st…[View]
11774959>tfw Link will hit $1000 within the next 30 days[View]
11775159Tell me why Leddit isn't smarter than us /biz/bros?[View]
117754544000 to 5500 dollars: https://btctrading.wordpress.com/2018/10/01/long-term-update-nothing-new-to-re…[View]
11774053I'm never ganna get my money back[View]
11774371>tfw you just wanted to make it so that all the people that rejected you in the past would feel b…[View]
11769596how can I order legit weed online and pay with crypto without getting scammed?[View]
11775410Muh vision: >https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9xpivk/satoshi_i_do_not_want_to_be_public_but_…[View]
117750634 months of job searching, what I've learned: Left my previous company a few months into this y…[View]
11774853I just want my money back.[View]
11774350LINKbros.... how do I cope with being financially ruined?[View]
11774899Good day to you Sirs: For the month of November I am recommending that you buy BAT. You are most wel…[View]
11775161Wen moon: I’m bored and the threads are all the same[View]
11775240When #1? Mid 2019?[View]
11772717By the way, the dump had the biggest 4h volume in Shitmex history. 2k EOY.[View]
11775197Are you ready to see Craig win?[View]
11775117When do you guys stop...: stop treating any Cryptocurrency or Token as a Investment. It is literally…[View]
11774203I always believed that i was right even when literally 99% of you said i was wrong. I am euphoric[View]
11775184one thousand[View]
11774960Who here absolutely and utterly motherfucking JUSTed?[View]
11771400Boomers are now shorting bitcoin: Is this the start of the golden bear run?[View]
11774343I'm leaving for good.: Man this website is goddamn awful. I was holding on for all the OG poste…[View]
11774786how do I make money with sludge metal?[View]
11773442Hal Finney Is Alive[View]
11773276guys what the fuck is it really satoshi or not?[View]
11774027Chainlink Videos: Which one is the most informative video or presentation about dem Linkies out ther…[View]
11773998Silver lining: I guess when BTC is $1000 or so and I buy 2 my DCA PER BTC will only be $5000.[View]
11774478so the move now is safe haven = ETH = The Flippening is back on the menu?: until BTC/BCH drama is re…[View]
11772868Zilliqa: what does the financial elite of the world think about this shitcoin?[View]
11775050Fake & gay: Whatever [they posted][1] appears to be a valid s... https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/co…[View]
11774384HOLY FUCK THIS IS NOT A DRILL.: Satoshi Nakamoto just signed one of the original blocks mined. This…[View]
117741360xd0f756e2d96f4: Anons, you have 1 hour to ask me questions: 0x99cc0d1f4ed3f1e6d18c130df22fece489b4a…[View]
11774196How do we prevent AI from discriminating against minorities? >It’s not just bank loan officers wi…[View]
11773009Nobody is talking about this. >https://spacechain.com/space-node/[View]
11773984CONFIRMED LINK $20K EOY19[View]
11774903Alright, i did it. I bought 100k LINK since 2017 for a total of 12KUSD. I'm going homeless as o…[View]
11774157I am the only one who lost about 90% of his invest of 40k (my whole savings of 10 years) and sold th…[View]
11774881*breaths in*: https://www.ccn.com/technical-proof-craig-wright-not-satoshi-nakamoto/…[View]
11774870How is Initiative Q supposed to match the 'Q' to the USD if they already have +2,000,000 members? Th…[View]
11774442Alright get in here /biz/ Give me the feels.[View]
11774821No, it wasnt Satoshi you brainlets.: Checksum0 called this 15 minutes before the fake satoshi twitte…[View]
11774250What investments are you saving up to buy?[View]
11774803Why haven't you bought COVAL yet biz?: > American as apple pie > Emblem Vault launch immi…[View]
11773493BUY THE DIP.exe[View]
11774783Wanted to buy a train ticket online but my online banking was unter maintanance again. Wanted to buy…[View]
11774791I just want my money back. I'm not angry at anyone. I just want it back[View]
11771698No matter how many unrealized gains you make from your internet funny money, you will never feel wha…[View]
11774641Give it to me straight. Its over, isn't it? The dream has died.[View]
11774093well, well, well...[View]
11771336Just bought 26k Dero AMA[View]
11771962How do you get a job?: Simple question, I'm a 21 year old in CC and have only ever gotten jobs …[View]
11774570The only working product in crypto Genesis.vision, look for Sergey Nazarov Btw gvt is 7x from ico pr…[View]
11774680uhhhh guys[View]
11774377NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS: A team member just posted in discord REQ is currently in talks with a fortune ten…[View]
11773832g-guys someone delet this tweet!![View]
11774632IPSX = Guaranted x100: Most undervalued token of Crypto.[View]
11774497Why is it so much easier to lose money than to gain it?[View]
11774513is there any reason not to stake all one's link the moment linkpool is up? and people are sayin…[View]
11774485This isn't a scam!: R-r-right guys?[View]
11774596(psg) PENNY STOCK GENERAL: Since crypto is over, and is an obvious scam, i thought it was a nice ide…[View]
11774584Pack it up guys, we're going under 5k end of week[View]
11773286The truth.: Get out of BTC. https://twitter.com/satoshi/status/1063516638870478848[View]
11770442Silver and other precious metals: Would now be a good time to start hoarding silver, or will it drop…[View]
11773691Ambrosus discussion thread: That other one with that stupid fucking chart was made by a Pajeet tryin…[View]
11771002What the actual fuck. 'I predict one day Amazon will fail. Amazon will go bankrupt': Jeff …[View]
11773390This guy has won the internet: Thought you guys might like it![View]
11774357Satoshi is dead[View]
11772831/findom general/: /biz/ why haven't you invested in Findom? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq8…[View]
11774069Hxro game launching in Dec 2018: Get in Hxro now. You get free $25 dollar worth of their coin Hxro. …[View]
11774352does his story hold up to this day?: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1lfobc/i_am_a_timetra…[View]
11774373Almighty Dollar Discord Group: Discord group for those of you interested in discussing things more a…[View]
11772332BCASH IS TRASH!!!!!!!!: CZ is fucking god tier. Imagine next: Coinbase decides to delist BCH since i…[View]
11763609>bought this thinking it would be the next Paypal 2.0, new standard of triple ledger accounting f…[View]
11771888Ecommerce general: >https://services.amazon.co.uk/services/fulfilment-by-amazon/features-benefits…[View]
11773873A Dream: Haven't been into crypto long, only a couple of months. Had a dream a week ago. In it …[View]
11774170So, how much?[View]
11774257Bitcoin ESS VEE[View]
11774077Free filters: linky|stinky|link|chain|chainlink|sergey|linkies|singularity|1k|linkpool|linkpools|lin…[View]
11774206A month and a half left. Is your body ready?[View]
11774326Hi, my name is Roger Ver and I am here to talk to you about my favorite coin called BCASHSV BCASHESS…[View]
11772840*lick* market structure *lick*: So BTC broke 1 year long support and kinda stays 10% below it, how w…[View]
11773589You have $10,000 to turn into $100,000 within six months using crypto, or you'll be killed. Wha…[View]
11773789chat.turtlecoin.lol: >2018 >You still aren't a part of TurtleCoin >Explain https://med…[View]
11773019Wagies are missing out on the ultimate happening of 2018[View]
11774164You don't want to lose your money, right anon?[View]
1177029350 million People worldwide are somehow involved into Crypto. They log onto Binance once every 3 wee…[View]
11774124Which ICOs are almost broke?: Discuss this anons! We know many wont make it to recovery, but differe…[View]
11765230Chainlink Rumor??: https://youtu.be/gXoq0oFPhZA Listen at 7:35:00[View]
11771265I've lost so much[View]
11772862Dat feeling you get when you realize you missed the 500x: Stop everything you’re doing right now and…[View]
11774084Craig is Satoshi: don't like it? STIFF[View]
11771555Just a reminder, this dump only exists to shake out the last of the weak hands.[View]
11772627How many /biz/raelis: Call themselves straight but would suck a dick? I have a theory that 1.) its a…[View]
11773263I have the biggest schadenfreude boner right now /biz/. I got out with a 1500 dollar purchase and lo…[View]
11773631BTC/blockchain is kill: https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1063514430053457923 https://twitter.c…[View]
11774021Signature: (0x99cc0d1f4ed3f1e6d18c130df22fece489b4ab016c33ed53db1ce45880bf4e99, 0x6633f2e0b12c0e192e…[View]
11773895Friendly reminder that it doesn't profit a man to become rich but lose his soul. Wagecucks slee…[View]
11770574how long until I recover?: 10 months ago I bought 5000 XLM at $1[View]
11773868Why so many haters for Craig? It's pretty much undeniable that btc is compromised. Why wouldn…[View]
11771766>he didn't buy the original bitcoin for 100$[View]
11773214Bitcoin SV + DHL: Why you don't defend BITCOIN? https://youtu.be/6n6VxLjSCAI[View]
11773118post your conspiracy theories: Am I the only one here who thinks all this BTC dumping and BCH fork b…[View]
11772828How do I make money writing about music?[View]
11773416When did /biz/ die?[View]
11773663Why do people care about satochi so much: When we already have known crypto hero’s and legendary gen…[View]
11773734“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”[View]
11773736The future of finance is here: Behold the new US notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmtw8grnnUM …[View]
11772816Craig Wright just proved he is Satoshi. https://twitter.com/satoshi/status/1063501015385866240 This …[View]
11772629It's going back down, r-right? I'm not done accumulating[View]
11771883WHAT WENT WRONG?[View]
11772088Bcash experts, help me understand: Ok so now we have ABC planting a checkpoint on their forking bloc…[View]
11772319Why is nvidia crashing so hard? Crypto mining is finally dead again?[View]
11772593You rich yet, anon?[View]
11773503why is redddit downvoting this?[View]
11773541You shook me all NIGHT LONG[View]
11769974/smg/ - Stock Market General: THOT status = patrolled edition >I'm new to the stock market, …[View]
11773028umm what are we supposed to do with linkpools? i have no fucking idea what im doing[View]
11773428Any you guys have stocks?? If so what are u invested in?[View]
11773457Don't worry people, we are gonna make it[View]
11773451STELLAR: >tfw 100% XLM with over 100k >tfw you bought at 3 cents Thank you BCash for going so …[View]
11773417/biz/ when we'll unironically make it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhGnuWwpNxI[View]
11773062Time to switch sides: Yall are fucking pathetic whiny incels, you haven't even witnessed true m…[View]
11772652help: I started with 500 dollars a couple of months ago and now I have 340 .. any kind souls here wi…[View]
11770387/LPG/ - LinkPool General: Discussion thread about shares price, future of this platform, potential r…[View]
11773285I'm so fucking broke guys >be 22 year old college graduate loser working in dead end office …[View]
11771286It's going down more. Mark my turds.[View]
11773363>Yfw when you scammed a bunch of white boy millenials >And it was as easy as saying vitalik a…[View]
11773322I'M NOT FUCKING SELLING: Even if BTC goes to $5, I'm not fucking selling. Change my mind.…[View]
11771654ADA/TRX: Should I be buying the one to the left or to the right to maximize BTC profit and not miss …[View]
11773083wow guys[View]
11773146Video from SF Blockchain week that has just been released (not previously streamed) https://www.yout…[View]
11773297I lost everything[View]
11772291I need a drink: Drunkanon here. I am not drinking right now and not going to stick around for a thre…[View]
11773023FUCK YOU: POS[View]
11771107Hello: Are you ready?[View]
11769616Any news today?: Does anyone know of any LINK announcements today?[View]
11771182what are SOME good coins[View]
11771813Arigato gozaimashita for money white boi I am banked now 2018 rocku year[View]
11772317stinkylinky Rumors: D-Day = Nov 23rd Larps = Pump today/excitement today November = mainnet kick of…[View]
11773095If you own nvidia stock, you better jump ship: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/rx-vega-owners-thre…[View]
11773044>When your coin dips 40% since you bought it.[View]
11773056This is the final fake news shakeout. Willies and satoshi larps be dammed. Screecap this[View]
11773053Smartlands. Moving to tokenize 2 projects. https://smartlands.io/news/community-vote-on-smartlands-p…[View]
11771398This is were you should be putting your money right now: Why invest in scams that still use ancient …[View]
11772705HERE WE GO: $300 EOD[View]
11772355>quit job >new employer rescinds offer >old job won't take me back >can't sue…[View]
11772918Why does Coinbase hate LINK?: They describe what all other coins and tokens do, but for the descript…[View]
11772956DELUDED ARKIES[View]
11772473Why crypto is over: Let me ask you this question: Would you invest in Alex Jones after he was banned…[View]
11770822>when /mu/ has better business sense than /biz[View]
11772916wow: this is literally head and shoulders[View]
11770301>$6500 for months >drops by $1000 for absolutely no reason Why…[View]
11769735Constellation - IBM / Red Hat Partnership (under NDA): Dear Anon, About a month ago, I gave you a li…[View]
11772726what the fuck: what the fuck is the point of these stupid ass things. why do so many people in my of…[View]
11770501Should I bump up my link stack?: I have about 1500 dollars in bitcoin which may be declining, meanwh…[View]
11772738You are late adopters: “More than 20 percent of college students use their financial aid money to in…[View]
11771503ProtonMail allegedly hacked: https://pastebin.com/bwvqHhbA >Short Summary: We hacked Protonmail a…[View]
11772871When is this shitcoin going to MOON already? I'm sick of fucking holding it's been more th…[View]
11772259I made a little bit on the fork! You tell me where to invest: Pick a coin... any coin.... but theres…[View]
11772690I guess we aren't early adopters huh.: Go to 1:43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8dQJWJtw2Q I…[View]
11772789Dont listen to anyone else they are larping...november 26th[View]
11772595New HYDRO Partnership to be announced next week!: Mike Kane, the CEO of Hydrogen Corp annouced on TG…[View]
11772490I just literally felt for the LINK ponzi and i just realized it, i bought the LINKS and i felt the p…[View]
11772811Is it a good time to buy btc ?[View]
11770322BUSINESS IDEAS FOR A POO: I don't wanna emigrate to the US or Europe and steal 1 job from my /b…[View]
11771669ChiliZ $250k Bounty Campaign: This is an opportunity comparable to filling your TRX bags in late 201…[View]
11772207Own: Why isn't biz talking about this? I thought this was THE place for getting a heads up? or …[View]
11772032https://twitter.com/CalvinAyre/status/1063494035061571591 what your thoughts ?[View]
11769466bankruptcy: any thoughts on bankruptcy biz? I put 30k on my credit cards june 2017 and got memed out…[View]
11772725http://www.lira.cash: mineable erc20 token at its lowest difficulty. you're missing out on a go…[View]
1177018952k BATtie here. When will I make it.[View]
11772624Recession is coming. Sell crypto. Buy gold.[View]
11772660THIS IS THE END: OF THE RAINBOW... https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/b0a67b6a06f146b6cbcd39c75742bf1…[View]
11772673why should i trust this women with my money. only thing pumping crypto up will be good news from bak…[View]
11772521Crypto can't fail. It's too good. We are gonna have a 20 trillion market in the next decad…[View]
11771017Reading: What are you reading anon ?[View]
11771936Bear market is good for real tech development[View]
11771795BTC's future: its clear the btc is going to continue going down. we have not hit the bottom. an…[View]
11771231My ID decides Link’s fate. Red and it crashes before EOY[View]
11772448He didn't **STIFF**. Buy **STIFF**. the original **STIFF**. Bitcoin **STIFF**. for **STIFF**. o…[View]
11772477>Anon? He's just a moonboy...[View]
11772274STRAYA COIN ON TRADEOGRE: StrayaCoin releasing ready to go kits that will allow merchants to accept …[View]
11772347im really laughing my ass of about you faggots. you invest in literal meme shitcoins and wonder why …[View]
11772340Does anyone really about crypto and its future? I really just come here for the pink wojaks and JUST…[View]
11771842Salmon Tips: What's the best way to cook salmon? I heard it's best to cook it in the top o…[View]
11772268Anon-sir, buy Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision™ (BCHSV) immediately, very low price, premium coin![View]
11771676what free vpn is best for bitmex? americuck asking[View]
11770225Can XRP and LINK coexist or why is it either/or?[View]
11772176>he isn't buying the real Bitcoin at $100[View]
11771164Chainlink Trend is your Friend: Many crypto-investors have been burned BAD from the altcoin hype. T…[View]
11772316>eth still above $40 >thinking the bear market is over…[View]
11771729EXIT SCAMMED.[View]
11772296OMG: >They went with ripple Imagine believing OMG was anything other than a gook scam that got lu…[View]
11772107dump it and get it over with willy! i'm waiting.[View]
11772187**STIFF** **STIFF**[View]
11769511Apologize part 6: https://www.ccn.com/0xbitcoin-ethereums-answer-to-bitcoins-proof-of-work/…[View]
11771974i lost everything[View]
11771954https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E849JJEBlFk Chainlink TA from Non-Autist going on right now.[View]
11771708VeChain: I haven't really been paying attention to crypto these past few months. What is the de…[View]
117718052 weeks frens, 2 weeks: it's almost over.[View]
11772119Do you think there's a market for a service where you have someone decide every single thing ab…[View]
11772057hay guys: what if everyone simply raises the price of their sell orders? yeah yeah, i see those buy…[View]
11761720ITT Green I.Ds will make it.[View]
11772143OmiseGO: >Omisegoys >these people are credible >They didnt deliver anything but things take…[View]
11770115SHUT IT DOWN: If you guys have instagram accounts help me spread the fud in here fuckkk its too earl…[View]
11770547>tfw I bought the dip[View]
11771202/biz/ Am I completely fucked?[View]
11754770The Beginning of a NEW ERA for CHAINLINK: Something is brewing in the markets and many people are be…[View]
11771895LIVE TA ON CHAINLINK INCOMING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E849JJEBlFk[View]
11772002Member me yesterday? I won't warn you again after today /biz/. These Turkish scammers don'…[View]
11771649>My Turn[View]
11771743Crypto Cucks: >Yes goyim, keep hoping your coin gets listed on coinbase >Imagine holding throu…[View]
11771785Rebrand is coming soon. $17,000 market cap, about to set up a couple masternodes. comfy[View]
11771487So I have an interview with Primerica. Are they legit?[View]
11771912Well we hit our yearly goal of $5200 t-time to turn bull now right?[View]
11771712One way replay attacks occuring kek https://forums.prohashing.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6022&p…[View]
11771855Why don't altruistic employees at govt. treasuries just print huge sums of money under the tabl…[View]
11771594Paragon Coin (Pot coin) subpoenaed and fined by the SEC. Next step, OmiseGO. Refund of all ICO funds…[View]
11770542Guys, I think my testicle is bad: It has been like this for as long as I remember, but didn't u…[View]
11770238In the upcoming US presidential race, Skycoin will be getting shilled by McAfee. He already has a Sk…[View]
11770883>every single bitcoin bubble has retraced to the previous ath yet you fags think this is the bott…[View]
11768611Are you an oldfag Crypto refugee?: I posted once about the fact this board is really full of generat…[View]
11769995Why would INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS risk their millions/billions investing in something like unregulat…[View]
11770354Rock solid support on chainlink, never will chainlink be under 9500 sats ever again[View]
11771302>Blocks your path[View]
11769807Sunday, Nerds.[View]
11769367Hey Stacy, what did Mr. Coop give you for Halloween? He gave me 10 million of some new shitcoin! How…[View]
11770857live TA from an actual pro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E849JJEBlFk[View]
11771590Uhhh so its november 16th wheres the announcement? Played by another larper....again...[View]
11769884iDubbzz is for intellectuals only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WYHtQprLaA If you've ever p…[View]
11771625The world's most hateable Currently unavailable Solo roof from hater proof Pull up, watch what …[View]
11771612>yes, the reddit normies are all in LINK >yes, they actually fell for it >I can't beli…[View]
11771549I have insider information about the next 2x[View]
11771580Where do I begin anons: >Be me >18 no /biz/ knowledge >Just got a debit card >Fuck all …[View]
11771082what did coinmetro mean by this[View]
11770886this is why Shitcoins will lose out to fiat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gresham%27s_law bad money…[View]
11771511Daily reminder 99% of your bags will go to zero soon.: Dump them ASAP and go all in on Link. It will…[View]
11771303>this is the best investment ever[View]
11771362Vietnam showcased the despicable rats that all south east asians are. Now they had a second chance i…[View]
11771446Reminder that LINK is for cucks[View]
11771460any gold bugs here?: what link below going to do to your gold stack? i think only boomers invest in …[View]
11770789I got scammed by those French fucks, didn't I /biz/? REQ is never gonna recover. Fiat is never …[View]
11770816So now that the crypto meme is dead can talk about actual ways to make money?[View]
11770900I'm tired of this shit already. Does anyone have an idea when this will end and the whole crypt…[View]
11771405Dump him in.[View]
11770308So are the exchanges going to rename ABC to Bitcoin Checkpoint ?[View]
117704222 Months Ago was my final warning to load up shorts for this ponzi.: Here are the results https://ww…[View]
11768922Will I make it? I have 10.33 Bitcoin[View]
11770868I just had a near death experience. At the end of the 'tunnel', there appeard a beautiful, angel lik…[View]
11769787Where the fuck did the volume go?[View]
11771006Is this a good job?[View]
11771025>cryoto will replace flat monyee[View]
11765775I lost all my money didn't I[View]
11770652Does the lack of pink wojaks indicate we found bottom? I was the one that made the big pink wojak th…[View]
11771236Bitcoin to $1,000,000 by 2020: And by Bitcoin, I’m obviously referring to SV[View]
11771200What's His Endgame?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySVGAS9JkPY[View]
11771195>Toxic asset is a popular term for certain financial assets whose value has fallen significantly …[View]
11770701Read it and Weep.: Difficulty adjustment is no joke. This is what a difference HODLers make.[View]
11770315I have $40k fiat to dump into crypto Should I wait or do it now?[View]
11769601you muppets ready for $3500-$4000 bitcoin?[View]
11767260Name ONE good thing about Bitcoin cashABC. Just ONE.[View]
11770633Just a reminder.: .[View]
11771148>blocks your Binance login what do?[View]
11771154LRC =: Buy Loopring its going to achieve super dominance/monopoly. I'm just following the digit…[View]
11770666/frugal/ General: What are some creative ways you guys cut corners and save? Gotta skrimp to get th…[View]
11770078Any arkies here? How doomed are we?[View]
11769393Can someone explain the meaning of this?: >Faythe.io >Over A MILLION eth >Anonymous 27 Deve…[View]
11770232Ideal outcome of the hash war: Murder-suicide between Craig and Roger. Then we could move on from th…[View]
11770504IRAs: I'd like to open a Roth IRA but I need a broker, any recommendations?[View]
11771032anybody going to cash out soon for 2018 capital losses? at least the guvment might give me some of m…[View]
11770922JUST: Are any of you buying GE? I'm strongly considering dollar cost averaging in. Solid analys…[View]
11770980And I think it's gonna be a long long time[View]
11770576If you're not buying BCHABC right now, you might be retarded: Ver is a moron but BCHABC is easy…[View]
11769209Oh nonono BCHABC PLS![View]
11769746COSSLETS ARE BRAINLETS Prouve me wrong.[View]
11770848I'm financially ruined![View]
11768522USA - GREEN CANDLE FOR SV: Mutts are waking up to the battle. We are going to see some crazy green d…[View]
11767760Bitcoin CASH[View]
11770431IF history repeats itself...: In 2019 BTC will double from whatever the bottom is of this bear marke…[View]
11769126hey /biz/ i sold my organs for bitcoin. AMA![View]
11770769I'm starting to feel a lot better about this whole thing...[View]
11769306>DBC signs 1 billion RMB deal (150 million USD) with chinese data center to purchase and host 10k…[View]
11769493Why don't we have a maximum wage? No one NEEDS more than 250k and that money could be used to p…[View]
11768887The Absolute State of Crypto: 100% premined centralized bankster coin #2 marketcap[View]
11766521BTC is doing fine.[View]
11769052TRS is over. Buy up to $10[View]
11767697TurtleCoin: So, turtlewallet.lol is down?[View]
11770637ey listen up billo the whale, we are not selling.[View]
11770265I thought it was a biz meme but they really do talk like this[View]
11770248>Not dumping faketoshi bags into BCHABC at the bottom You're not gonna make it…[View]
11769398RIP Btrash: B Crash with no survivors.[View]
11769722YOU JUST KNOW[View]
11770456Bitcoin CASH - SATOSHI'S VISION[View]
11770227>when you masturbate and cum inside your pants and then five minutes later you want to go for rou…[View]
11770440Through Craig Wright's chaos he unintentionally triggered the Altcoin bull run.: Trading soundt…[View]
11770284Corekeks and Abcucks BTFO! http://gavinandresen.ninja/satoshi[View]
11768032BBHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: R U READY, BOIZ!? I personally cannot fucking wait for 'dem JUICY mas…[View]
11768385Post shitcoin <7mln. mcap. in your portfolio and the reason why you think this is next 10-20x.[View]
11770393What is this sh1et?: So is this a classic ponzi? Is anyone familiar with this thing? Need some argum…[View]
11768815bABC: What do you think of this altcoin? I heard they made a checkpoint to lock in the fork, which i…[View]
11769347RIP my boy: Press F[View]
11770359Nakamoto Consensus was actually added by Satoshi, also[View]
11770170Checkpoints were actually added by Satoshi[View]
11768619wakey wakey: Did you buy the dip. America will pump BChSV to the fucking moonosphere. WITNESSED!…[View]
11770204The gook alliance: Me play game Me make smoke Me say expert in crypto You buy Now you broke Thanks f…[View]
11769907should i buy gold or invest in it?[View]
11770303What did they mean by this?[View]
11767879November 16 I remember this date was link-related but can't find anything on warosu any help fr…[View]
11770299i dont want to sell my crypto got dammit i need to find good wagecucking job do you have idea about …[View]
11768514memelines: meme lines made before btc dump they seem to be holding up anon, despite market condition…[View]
11767681Are you winning, onii-chan??[View]
11769689I'll be broke in the next 1 to 2 months.I finally spend all the profits I took last year. I sti…[View]
11769491STELLAR: >Extremely fast, less than 10 seconds tx >Explicit sender in the transaction >Mem…[View]
11770107Startup Ideas: Anyone have a startup idea? Maybe something blockchain related.[View]
11769515BCHSV: Top volume on binance, ripplefags BTFO 300$ EOD[View]
11770215Crypto Market Reeling After New 2018 Lows — Is This Bitcoin Capitulation?: We shall never surrender!…[View]
11770058what's a good hold alongside link?[View]
11769508Hi /biz/. I am trying to build a website for dropshipping. Do you have some cheats for me so I can r…[View]
11768018Decentralisation is for marxists and betas. Crypto needs to be controlled by Government and Banks. D…[View]
11770172Novavax might make me a millionaire by the end of the year: Merry christmas to me Where my fellow FI…[View]
11767669Bchsv will be the catalyst for a new bull run: Different circumstances but- This is the same btc/bch…[View]
11769819chiliz, the company behind socios (the ones that partnered with soccer teams juventus and paris sain…[View]
11769964It's an upside down Bart.[View]
11770013>Roger 'Check 'em Checkpoint' Ver[View]
11767213NIMIQ: Latest news and developments >GPU miner delayed but confirmed real by various community me…[View]
11770011LINK WAS SUPPOSED TO PASS NANO: not digi shits[View]
11769990faketoshi: said satoshi moniker came from pikachu's chum, Ash[View]
11769989ITT: The most obvious newfag giveaways you've seen in 2018 >Little shits started acting arro…[View]
11769619>2022 >he doesn’t use Ultimate Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision Super Turbo Championship Edition (…[View]
11769063Is anyone else having problems with their romantic relationships because of crypto? Specifically Cha…[View]
11762045/smg/ - Stock Market General: Enjoy nature edition >I'm new to the stock market, what stocks…[View]
11768157I've finally hit 5k link. i know its not as much as most people have here but im not able to bu…[View]
11769748Are you ready?[View]
11768910the nice boomers i work for want to expand their business online, they just sell trinklets and peopl…[View]
11768318WALL STREET BUYING OUR BAGS: HOLY FUCKING SHIT Sequoia invests in crypto and this is on the main pag…[View]
11768508I just had a thought: would governments actually *prefer* criminals (including tax evaders) to use c…[View]
11769896PENG: Thoughts on this coin? Shitcoin or short term moon potential?[View]
11769853On November 15th 2018, DeepBrain Chain and Fujian Dragon AI Cloud Computing Center signed a partners…[View]
11769021STRAYA COIN ON TRADEOGRE: You are about to miss the best fucking investment of your life. Do you wan…[View]
11769222reclusive life: anyone else here just going to live a humble, quiet, reclusive, single life until yo…[View]
11767157I gonna share my gems, share yours frens.: My absolute unironic gems are as follows. 1. Quant ( King…[View]
11769101Hey hey hey: Oh no no no nooooo. You didn't seriously think ABC was gonna win, did you? It…[View]
11769749>been to 6 different prostitutes by now >started to be able to talk to females while directly …[View]
11766372The reality of Bitcoin: Craptocurrency means nothing to anyone who isn't connected to the inter…[View]
11769029How do I send BCHABC from electron cash to binance anon?[View]
11769778>be security guard >sit in an office all day >occasionally open the door for people >lit…[View]
11769657Who else has been trading THE FUCK out of STRBTC, LINKBTC and MANABTC lately? I've probably dou…[View]
11769738>TFW people did not load up BAT at 3500 sats: Why do you hate money biz[View]
11769707Did I fuck up by not buying into the bcash scam?[View]
11768988So comfy[View]
11769713Do I buy now or is bitcoin going down further? cite sources.[View]
11769594the coin that saved crypto[View]
11765470SUQA - Soon 200 sats edition?: Steady as a rock during the extreme dump, with volume and walls climb…[View]
11769557guys...Is LINK blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah? Serious blah only.[View]
11767912>Childhood class mates all became investment bankers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals …[View]
11769440What's he holding?[View]
11769024How's your crypto game /biz/?[View]
11769577Australian - question about deposits.: How should you go about asking someone for a deposit before y…[View]
11768608poloniex? finex? tradeogre? never had a problem. >Be on binance >swing trade >have a posit…[View]
11769287Property: Long story short, I've been trying to figure out how me and a group of friends should…[View]
11769567XRP: THE STANDARD[View]
11768177Gamblers Beat 452 Billion-To-1 Odds And Were Added To Nevada’s Infamous “Black Book”: Is this how we…[View]
11769536SideWagecucks: Anybody else make big plans each morning to use their wagecuck computers to further t…[View]
11769142Hey I flipped some money on coin I bought for memes, so what do I do with them?[View]
11767959>he thinks becoming rich will get him girls this girl wouldn't look at you if you had a hund…[View]
11769133What does this mean?[View]
11769291Why is chainlink so great?: Why is chainlink so great? I remember there were some great pasta’s abou…[View]
11769424Chainlink will pass Nano today[View]
11768010Sold my LINK. I know it's the future and a great bet on making it, but it's simply foolish…[View]
11769361Why is it falling now? When I last looked this morning, then it was nearly 170$. 24h are nearly over…[View]
11767324Why are blacks so bad with money: I mean, yes, they were denied 40 acers and a mule, but damn... Sti…[View]
11769014God, I can't wait to /make it/ biz bros. It's not just about the money. It's the fact…[View]
11768980Ready for Fomo, round 2?[View]
11768978NVIDIA: Are you buying for 165$ today?[View]
11769313Tfw you realise the BTC crash was just a shakeout to get super cheap BTC in preparation for the impe…[View]
11769333hi, i crave nigger cock and fruits in my poo poo hole - twu[View]
11769198muh NPC meme: So apparently the latest blockbuster meme to come out of 4chan, (/biz/ to be more spec…[View]
11768739I lost everything[View]
11769145So..... last year you had the BCH Fork... besides that one moment during the bullrun where everyone …[View]
11768286Bitcoin CASH: >Here's the plan. We're going to seduce Jihan during the hash war and the…[View]
11769288Thank you Omegamaker!: Seriously, his first good call in a while. If you don't understand why S…[View]
11769250CSW: The most Iconic man in crypto, Satoshi Nakamot himself, is about to flex his mouscles. You have…[View]
11769128BULLRUN IN 72 HOURS[View]
11767361as long as this utter, putrid, useless, literal fucking shit is in the top 50, crypto, in whole, CAN…[View]
11769239I have: >$0 debt >750 FICO >~$30k cash >OK tier job What do?…[View]
11769160Bitcoin CASH[View]
11768985BCHABC, we comin' for YOU, nigga![View]
11768165>tfw very few biz bros will make it >tfw it will go something like this >70% of LINK hodler…[View]
11766270Experienced LINK swinger. Sold! Will be buying back at 7k sats.[View]
11769099Repent or suffer![View]
11767614CHANGE MY MIND[View]
11768320>tfw can afford 2k LINK max What do with my gains to ensure that I /make it/ after the singularit…[View]
11768807>Gold price 5 years ago today: $1278 >Gold price today: $1216 Thank you Peter Schiff.…[View]
11768912How is this possible? Coingeek mined these blocks out of order[View]
11768504At its ATH, it hasn't even pulled a x10. So many shitcoins did better numbers. Why is that?[View]
11768710Femanon here, I lost everything. I fell for the >muuhh jihan haz le hidden hash power meme I hav…[View]
11769100A-are you winning, Onii-Chan?[View]
11769044Where do I look for stealing business ideas from first world countries before the trend reaches my p…[View]
11766038Ripple: Buy now, thank me later.[View]
11769026January-February will be $2k Capitulation follows with less than $1000 BTC and whole cryptomarket ag…[View]
11769054https://blockchainflashnews.com/accenture-and-blockchain-interoperability/ Buy before QuantX…[View]
11766733Which character is Craig in the metal gear solid series?[View]
11767863Chainlink Memechain. Bless us Kek: Chainlink has the best memes. Crypto is crashing. Post your best …[View]
11768373Reading club: Ok enough of shitposting. Select a book you want to read so we can discuss on it in a …[View]
11768913Golden Bullrun Hiatus Thread We all know the crypto GBR is not coming for about 3-5 years, in the me…[View]
11768249While shitcoins fork and play war, others develop.: Sell your AMB and VET garbage and prepare for a …[View]
11768212>down 50% in a month Crypto the dip that just keeps on dipping[View]
11768864CSW shills at full force today: Our board will be spammed by these shills.[View]
11768616It baffles me how financially illiterate most of this board is.[View]
11763715niggers: you guys do know that ripple is going to replace bitcoin right...? right guys?[View]
11768478How is this piece of shit not delisted yet?: How? under 2 dollars from a high of 50. Absolute shitco…[View]
11768654wsba retweeting creatine reposting the accord announcement and mentioning link, in case it wasn…[View]
11768871FUCK L/IN\K!!!!!!! I have $5000 usd, what do I invest it in?: Lads, I have amassed a small amount to…[View]
11768752should I tether ANSWER NOW[View]
11768455>Buy Salt,Stop loss None[View]
11768757>am from a third world and only have 1000 link 'stack' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
11768461Bitcoin CASH[View]
11768827max /comfy/: do any of u fags stop to think for a few minutes how good we have it being all in on ch…[View]
11768714bitcoins real value is $5,500[View]
11768304BCHSV Poloniex vs Binance: So WTF ist this? Why is the price at Polonie at 0.0189 BTC for a BCHSV an…[View]
11768429Apex Cpx: Hi guys, Any opinions about Apex? From what i can see the CEO it’s a important man in Chin…[View]
11768795>get job offer of £40k for a job I don't really want >count-offer £60k…[View]
11767987CALLING ALL CHANS: Calling all Chans and Autists: Here is our mission, go to plebbit-> www.Reddit…[View]
11767875OK assholes, why is this shitfork pumping?![View]
11768753I've owned some Bitcoin Cash in a Ledger Wallet since the original split from BTC, what do I ne…[View]
11768593IRS just sold my debt to a private debit collector. Can I go to a debtor's jail now?[View]
11768523chiliZ x Bounty!: Huge bounty is up there! Go register, will thank me later Hope there is not gonna …[View]
11768703Roger 'Proof of Checkpoint' Ver[View]
11766565Never swing traded or traded anything on crypto scene. >poorfag on debt >trying to hold link t…[View]
11768309Bitcoin SPAM[View]
11768054link is finished https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHK-wKdggbQ[View]
11768606Phantasma testnet in 3 days: You know what to do.[View]
11766781Imagine actually buying a coin from a known scam artist CSW. Reminder that you actually share a boar…[View]
11768581Peter Schiff was/is right.[View]
11768438what's going on with REQ?: Sept 20 (probably irrelevant) >DAI gets sent to REQ burner? (not …[View]
11768300BChsv. 100$ on poloniex, 150$ on binance. arbitraging anyone? is it the actual same token? yesterday…[View]
11768525Sleeping Giant STRAYACOIN on Tradeogre (NAH): This project has been quiet for a while, but news and …[View]
11764375/biz/ humor thread[View]
11768193What. THE FUCK[View]
11765868Is it delusional to think this is the final shakeout[View]
11768433Since usdc is listed on binance, is it better than tether. Usdt vs usdt vs tusd[View]
11768410Thoughts from a LINKMARINE...: Maybe the singularity of LINK was planned to happen with this faggotr…[View]
11765392srs question /biz/: Is anyone making gains here at all right now?[View]
11768323STRAYA-FUCKING-COIN (NAH): If you haven’t seen what is going on with this project look it up faggot.…[View]
11768379i could have so much money but i'm wasting it all on food[View]
11768095Australias Property Bubble: haha sydneys fucked. patient millenials are gonna come out on top. mille…[View]
11767762tfw no gf[View]
11768125What happens when BTC SV goes to $3000 EOD?: Will that be the end for BTC ABC? Will it be delisted i…[View]
11768073XRP: >But it's going to be the new bankers coin >currently trades internet money to gain …[View]
11767215Hey guys. Lost one here. Got any recommended readings?[View]
11766581Funfair below 1 cent: Is this a good buy at this price? $0.008[View]
11768190If all companies only hire the top 1% of candidates, would do the other 99% end up doing?[View]
11767329Went all in: Went all in on bitcoin sv, volume picking up and it obviously has the most upside poten…[View]
11768237Winter is coming.: Where do you stand? I have all necessary screenshots ready for 2021. -twu[View]
11766649XRN: brainlet is here any reason i should hold it if one of my orders *accidentally* completed at 42…[View]
11763737How did he grow his hair back?[View]
11768153>20 nodes check data feeds and send it to a contract >smart contract conditions are met >20…[View]
11767217It is time[View]
11767613XRP: THE STANDARD https://ambcrypto.com/will-xrp-go-to-589-after-the-launch-of-xrapid-bearableguy123…[View]
11768169What does this mean linkies?[View]
11767238Bitcoin CASH: Bitcoin is literally less than a hundred dollars right now. The real Bitcoin. You are …[View]
11768117See u on the other side: Just shorted BTC with 25X leverage Target: 3800 USD[View]
11767866HOLOchads report for duty if you sold some of your stack and increased it with BCHSV[View]
11767655>wasted an entire day browsing biz and x[View]
11767743>yesterday bought fulfilling meal >felt strong ant vibes in my stomach >today MY MEAL IS Fu…[View]
11767993It's all over! Calvin Ayre is threatening to sue Roger Ver for not playing fair! https://twitte…[View]
11764302holy shit this is unironically a big deal: https://twitter.com/RonPaul/status/1063194370860597255 mi…[View]
11768027Is it Happening?: Blocko ergo Aergo = Korea Dominance? AERGO raises US$30M from Sequoia Capital Chi…[View]
11768121THE SOLUTION: Why dont you just pretend to be mentall ill\autist, get a corrupt psychologist to conf…[View]
11768085Looking to become a wagie.: I'm thinking of trying to get a job as a barista while I study. Any…[View]
11768075Coinbase?: Does anyone trade on it? Watching the books and it seems like only market makers selling …[View]
11767909just sold all my LINK for SV. SV is the real deal and LINK is just a shitcoin.[View]
11768074PENG rebrand: Barely 2 weeks away now lads![View]
11768045All this shitcoin drama needs to end... ...Please focus on building new and innovative technology pl…[View]
11767942hail SV: >he bought the wrong BCH[View]
11768028Hi Sirs Pump BTC pls[View]
11767050guys: Satoshi Nakamoto? More like Sergey Nazarov.[View]
11765657I'm releasing Chainlink secrets ITT: And I'll only post them once.[View]
11767290Assets for recession: Which assets will rise during the coming pension induced recession? Or better …[View]
11766328>buy BTC in 2013 as broke college kid >come back in 2017, Coinbase account now has something …[View]
11767684>he still doesn't know[View]
11767922you smell that? what is that?[View]
11767707>I know a fatal fatal flaw in /biz/ >Won't abuse it till Q3 2019 >consider migrating t…[View]
11766950Do you really learn better about economic theory (or any study, really) at oxford, harvard etc, than…[View]
11765317Tomorrow is the first day of my dishwashing internship. After 1 week trial period they said they mig…[View]
11767237ITS OVER: >”In more ways than one, Bitcoin is the evil spawn of the financial crisis.” - The Euro…[View]
11766535I brought HOT to biz when it was only on forkdelta I brought HYDRO to biz when it was only on forkde…[View]
11767824200 is enough to make most of us millionaires. Seems perfectly achievable when taking into account t…[View]
11767340Imagine being gullible enough to actually believe CSW is Satoshi[View]
11763632O FUCK THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK JUST ABSOLUTELY BTFO CRYPTO: https://twitter.com/ecb/status/1063045…[View]
11767815Anon-sir, do the needful and buy my new coin Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (bchsv), very original visi…[View]
11767368Monaco/Crypto.com: Crypto.com just announced they are issuing their cards in the US. You need to sta…[View]
11767496ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: FOR WHAT TEAM YOU’RE ON: IF you like LINK, you are on SV. IF you like HOLO, yo…[View]
11767832Slow and steady: Wins every time.[View]
11767851Hear me out: Ok so we all know that bchsv and bchabc are two very powerful cryptocurrencies in their…[View]
11767843Nothing has been more bullish: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-15/cryptocurrencies-a…[View]
11767311Are 7 eth enough to make it ?[View]
11767478BCHSV $250 EOD[View]
117664042018: TRON (TRX) 2019: ChiliZ (CHZ) /biz/, don't complain that you weren't warned. This is…[View]
11767773How to turn 60k into 5.7 million?[View]
11767798shit coins will reign supreme: >bubble pops >Gov scrambles to recharge economy >interest …[View]
11765843Today it hits kucoin. Are you ready with your orders?[View]
11767746Burger here Should I all in BTCSV or will it dip?[View]
11766331Should I open a 10x long now or wait? I'll go smoke a cig and be back in a few minutes[View]
11767236sirs, buy new useful satoshi vision coins big gains soon[View]
11766686redpill me on KMD: I've heard a lot of buzz *sip*[View]
11767564Pl..pls help frens I stopped looking at and trading crypto for about half a year I now see all this …[View]
11766925WTF IS GOING ON[View]
11767488Anyone else going all in on trading this pattern?[View]
11766864never admit defeet[View]
11767626you know that you've seen nothing yet and what you should do next....[View]
11767433THE TRUTH IS: Deep down all of us in crypto have a little anarchist in us. We want SV ; the underdog…[View]
11767625Change your protonmail password. Apparently it's been hacked but yet to be confirmed[View]
11767596if we are bear for another year are you just going to sit there watching charts all day? learn to bu…[View]
11767608>bought link >nobody knows how reputation will work…[View]
11767309iExec IBM Full Partnership in 4 Days: https://announcement.iex.ec Investor since ICO. This is wha…[View]
11767369LINKSV ChainLink Sergey’s Vision: Since LINK is just another ERC20 I am going to fork it and start a…[View]
11767327You know what this guy hates? Socialist Soʻyboys. What are airdrops? A form of socialism. Craig is …[View]
11765258WARNING: CHAINLINK NODE DATA: IT IS ILLEGAL TO RE-SELL API DATA. You cannot just subscribe to the B…[View]
11767470Attention biz: The magnitude of our project at times has been rough but thanks to all of you I have …[View]
11766456CASH WARS: When was the last Bitcoin SV block mined? I unironically want SV to win, I'm kind of…[View]
11766538Craig S Wright is full of shit. BSV dropping like a rock.[View]
11767502What did they mean by this?[View]
11767133you just hate to see that 475 btc sell wall, you really do[View]
11767522>when it’s red it’s on sale Who else just keeps buying their trusted favorite coin no matter what…[View]
11767117STRAYACOIN (NAH): Is actually working with real world retailers to create a payments app, which is a…[View]
11767381It seems crazy but $6000 doesn't seem that far away[View]
11767148Stop tripfaggots[View]
11766667Today I realized Bitcoin will never work: 1st world countries will never use Bitcoin as their main c…[View]
11766475This cashie war is so sad. They are heralding things like getting a network consensus and their hash…[View]
11766545Why haven't you bought holochain yet?[View]
11767397How do i get my family into crypto?[View]
11767402TuneSquad is a pump group operated by the Mud Man: It is full of Holo whales looking to dump their b…[View]
11767406Does anyone know where I can find free copies of market/business research (segmentation, fiscal perf…[View]
11767391ONE THING[View]
11766573unironically the comfiest hold since the last time your mother hugged you[View]
11765724microsoft: >RLC's MC is now only $26m >Max supply almost all on the market >It has uni…[View]
11766910SKYWIRE: Name a coin that will survive when SKY takes over crypto[View]
11765715DUMP. COMMENCE.: it's almost over, frens[View]
11767276im a brainlet someone pls explain to me this whole bch fork fiasco who is with who who is against wh…[View]
11767139Why did the Buttcoin price tank?[View]
11766324Everything is a scam[View]
11764774>market apocalypse >shitcoins are dying left and right >Skycoin keeps trucking along They j…[View]
11767252is there any /biz/ games? Im really interested in business and sick of regular games is there any ga…[View]
11767193Craig coin is going to drop back to $72 right? I didn't get a chance to buy it :([View]
11766635wtf i thought bitcoin couldn't go below 100 bil market cap or else it would be removed by the c…[View]
11766303CHAINLINK: API TERMS OF USE: Any tech lawyers here knowledgable about the Terms of Usage of API data…[View]
11766606MCO VISA COMING TO USA: https://twitter.com/cryptocom/status/1063326689315323904[View]
11766922Guess who will be shilling /ourcoin/ at Amazon's AWS conference 'reinvent' later this month.[View]
11766666I'm sorry but Link will be 0,01$ eoy. the dream has officially died.[View]
11766738Haven Protocol - An Offshore Bank in Your Pocket: >What is Haven Protocol? An ecosystem of multip…[View]
11767132Lmao Bitcoin is crashing again[View]
11767106WOW: HOLY SHIT[View]
11765475How many of you are literally ALL IN bitcoin or other crypto? I'm about 70% in crypto....thinki…[View]
11766966So... Bitcoin Cash was a scam all along[View]
11765976I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizin…[View]
11767056wtf: wtf is this shitcoin[View]
11766887Didn't btc lose a massive amount of hashing power today and get a difficulty adjustment?[View]
11766909In Depth Analysis of Link day chart: Hello Frens, I conducted a throughout analysis of the Link day …[View]
11766979What happened to all the bcashies saying 'muh chad CSW has all the hashrate from buying 6 gorillion …[View]
11766831Testnet: Does bchsv/abcuck have a testnet? Do they test these updates and let people review them?…[View]
11766035IBM Chainlink Whitelabel: IBM is using Chainlink for its Whitelabel?? FUCK I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT WHEN…[View]
11766796Losing money on the recent crash? Worried about things slipping further? I've got a [non-suicid…[View]
1176704030% OMG 30% GVT. 20% KCS 20% NANO Handful of shitcoins on the side like ELEC, TRAC and MASARI Will I…[View]
11767058Gary Vaynerchuk: Is he worth listening too? >>Work hard >>Be patient >>Content, co…[View]
11767044How to Run a Chainlink Node: You guys have made me a believer. About two months ago, I made my firs…[View]
11766907Nothing worse than investment properties with 80s interiors.[View]
11766753BCH Hash Wars: Ripple’s David Schwartz Had Warned the Crypto Community about Miners: >80 percent …[View]
11766838Make $1000 EOY happen together...: Yo spergs, let's write a contract that we can fill with enou…[View]
11765867>How much money you've lost/made with crypto >Penis size Go!…[View]
11766808Is this the dump we have been waiting for!![View]
11766783Company will train me and guaranteed job but can't leave 2 years: 25. Graduated with STEM degr…[View]
11764469Portfolio app: Any suggestions on an app that will automatically track ETH, ERC20, BTC transactions …[View]
11766488>'it says here that you spent the last year and a half trading 'virtual currency', is t…[View]
11766913Anyone heard of ONAM before?: Thinking about buying into their ICO, looks legit but I am worried the…[View]
11766896okay guys, when we start mooning again? when new partnerships? why nothing happens?[View]
11766622>there are still moonboys out there[View]
11764549Crypto Taxes: Let's talk taxes for 2018. Is anybody actually going to file? I haven't cash…[View]
11766840proof of mustache[View]
11765856Dear Anon, Thank you for your interest in Wagecuck Industries. After a very careful consideration ba…[View]
11766780Leak only once I shall: Number for 1 mill is 5000 link, multiply the rest and come to your number.…[View]
11765493Sup biz, im finally going to get into crypto but wanted suggestions. I have $500 in coinbase should …[View]
11766705Is NAH a legit project?[View]
11764366Ambrosus discussion thread: Other one is fake with a fake chart.[View]
11764579> He doesn’t own any LinkPool > He thinks he’s going to stake on his own > He’s too lazy to…[View]
11766747https://medium.com/helloiconworld/icon-foundation-addressing-the-community-7cec5e852d42 Thank you, H…[View]
11766320>In 1996, his son Paul, aged 34, was riding a bicycle, when he was killed by a car on Long Island…[View]
11766698LINK is dead Pack it in[View]
11766146Chainlink WhaleAnon: I read the two previous threads of WhaleAnon. Whoever this person is, we know t…[View]
11766641Bitcoin SPAM[View]
11766596CSW - Couldn't rewright the blockchain: Where were you when Fake Satoshi got Soi'd the fuc…[View]
11766408Niggers Spamming Square: >sign up for Square Cash the day it comes out >get a username that…[View]
11766656>Couldn't buy coffee today with bcash[View]
11763375A prediction tool of a coss predicted coss will be 0$ in 3 months! :D rate? Also API was rolled out.…[View]
11766625what are some historical cases of prospering entrepreneurs stabbing themselves in the knee?[View]
11766403OH NO NO NO NO: Can biz recover from this?[View]
11763225xrp: literally the best fucking day of my life. THANK YOU XRP. type 'T' down below to thank xrp.…[View]
11766482imagine not buying pic related at these prices.[View]
11766575Why aren't you leveraging to invest in bunnytoken?[View]
11766602DAPS CASH[View]
11763324BAT: Anyone still holding this piece of shit?[View]
11766547ZarixCoin: I found a Proof of Weak Hands clone and it is about to explode with the fully developed n…[View]
11766057/biz/ will argue against this[View]
11766041If the US is in debt, why doesn’t it just print out all the money it owes its debtors and give them …[View]
11766071Can’t say too much but, LINK is going to hit pre-ICO lows again before we break ATH in the Q2 2019.[View]
11765300Why don't you losers stay in your own lane: We don't give a shit about your fake money…[View]

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