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11142573I'd like to propose a toast[View]
11142576Who else here good and fuckin ready?? Who else here did their own research when they saw the intense…[View]
11142227YOU'RE ALL INCEL LOSERS: Nocoiners: Enlightened Chads like me who trade options based on earnin…[View]
11141940get ready frens future is now[View]
11142858Who here snorting LINK?[View]
11142837Top fiddy[View]
11142605Who here shorting LINK?[View]
11141503Money Token - IMT: So I've done some research into this, The volume on IDEX caught my eye. *Rea…[View]
11142798BTC transaction fees will always keep BTC price low: Whereas transaction fees for USD is virtually z…[View]
11142550Damn this bear market is killing me.[View]
11142500Why are there threads on biz that are not chainlink related?!!! Reee[View]
11140519i ran into ben bernanke at the grocery store. he was in the cashew section[View]
11141670Hey hey hey ! How is my little wolf of wall street doing?? Any good action in the market?[View]
11142759It's beautiful[View]
11141764SCAMMING SINCE 2008: https://www.scribd.com/document/372445546/Bitcoin-Lawsuit[View]
11142545Guys Is link actually legit Have I been on here this past year and ignored the one thing that has st…[View]
11141968career advice: poorfag here needing some career guidance. i went to community college out of high sc…[View]
11142486Can i browse Facebook on ChainLink?[View]
11142704big chinese brother is watching: tell me your thoughts about sesame credit[View]
11142670100k here. What to do about a node?: I'm not going to use LinkPool. I'm not a brainlet, an…[View]
11141848Isn't the leaked chainlink article supposed to come out tomorrow (9/20)?[View]
11142642BTS looking juicy lads[View]
11140392Brave/Bat is supposed to block ads, I see ads on 4chan right now....: They literally have one job...…[View]
11142618How do we refute this /pol Or is there any way to? https://eand.co/how-capitalist-utopia-became-ever…[View]
11142555Decentralized technology is very much needed: Paradox of the year: Danske Bank's money launderi…[View]
11141569What wallets are you all using?: Metamask seems to have turned to shit lately. What should i use…[View]
11142542The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11142565I have enjoyed good gains with chainlink coin: Hello friends. Chainslinke is pumpkin but is good coi…[View]
11142375Tonight: It's happening tonight, strap in boys![View]
11141133ITT we shill like it's 2017: I'll start : Why aren't you buying pic related It's…[View]
11142559reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11141075Has being a wagecuck turned anyone else in to a miser? I started wagecucking about a year ago and ha…[View]
11140513> get comfy salary job > put in 8 hours of work each day > life is good for 6 months > …[View]
11140780the internet gold rush is over. we're starting to stagnate. all the low hanging fruits have bee…[View]
1114242151: We've come so far marines[View]
11141687Where's my skyfleet at? Show me them skyminers. Whitelisted since June and still raking in thos…[View]
11142418Quamfy...: Amirite?[View]
11141150Can LINK get to 1000, if ETH is below 300?: Is it even possible for LINK to be valued higher than th…[View]
111421031.25 BTC 8 XMR 8 ZEC 3000 BAT have I become wealthy in the future? what should I add?[View]
11142110TOP 50 GANG: ALMOST THERE...[View]
11141102My story with Crypto: I started 'investing' in cryptocurrency in March and made a few thousand dolla…[View]
11142287What if someone weren’t to cash out but instead use crypto to pay for things? Would this avoid the …[View]
11141416PE LBO Modeling Tests: Does anyone have any old 1-3h LBO modeling exams to share? Preferably for MF …[View]
11141207So are we just ignoring that LINK is going live on Bithumb in 20 minutes?[View]
11139433No larping or insiders allowed. What does the future hold and how big of a deal is Kambino[View]
11139168Why your portfolio is in the red: you don't have Ravencoin, honestly what are you doing? lookin…[View]
11142241Looks like we'll be in the 40's soon, lads[View]
11141490anybody who has experience hiring: does a resume really increase chances for a shit job? (retail, se…[View]
11140229>Banks wont use XRP: >Ripple announced today that they have partnered with PNC Bank, one of th…[View]
11142232is there anything worth buying on coinbase right now i dont want to make another account on some bul…[View]
11138974whats /biz's/ preference? zcash vs monero? 50/50 or just roll the dice on one or the other?[View]
11140465Can't believe I got in this shit so cheap! So this is what it feels like to make it anon? I lik…[View]
11141211Ethereum: What is the fate of Ethereum?[View]
11141237Did Sergey really said this?[View]
11141658Bitcoin CASH[View]
11142152The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11141867Nerd talk, devs doing things, no premine, chat active 24/7: YOU DONT KNOW TURTLECOIN YET? http://cha…[View]
11142172do you really believe Tomo won't 10x from here at the very minimum? it's going to moon dur…[View]
11142054I'm surrounded by degenerate mediocre magnets. They ramble about such perverse and beastly topi…[View]
11140019WHY is it so hard to get crypto as a leaf? I just want to get some LINK and it seems like I have to …[View]
11142149frens i dunno if i can lose another 1000%[View]
11141870We are in a HUGE descending triangle and will likely break 6k support levels in the next few cycles.…[View]
11142024Absolutely no signs of stopping. Get in before 6k sats[View]
11134451Why is weed biz's favorite medicine[View]
11142091200k market cap[View]
11138835>this kills the NEET.[View]
11142042>Manlet >Dicklet >Balding >Portfolio constantly bleeding out Who else getting JUSTed in …[View]
11141698Anyone else unironically offing themselves if there is no recovery by the end of 2018?[View]
11142049chirp chirp chirp: >there no better feeling than knocking out bobos cold.…[View]
11138569I just spent $1500 on XRP. How much money should I expect after 2 months? Is it going back to $3?[View]
11141855why the fuck do you niggers salivate over crypto so hard? besides the painfully obvious shills tryin…[View]
11141230Max financial opportunity - 100x: Is this the point of max financial opportunity? Whichcoins are goi…[View]
11141399>so sick of seeing this image >literally makes my stomach turn H-help me bros.. I'm fadin…[View]
11141997What does this mean?: Does this mean that I should sell now? Or wait for a higher price? Is this a f…[View]
11141880Just curious. How many dollars worth of BTC do you need to buy to make BTC pump $350 in minutes? I…[View]
11141976Zen Protocol (ZP) - Buy the Dip edition: Zen Protocol is a new financial blockchain written in scrat…[View]
11141798Why is nobody talking about the mercatox hack?[View]
11141330If you arent shorting or tethering RIGHT NOW the ln you should cut you dicks off and not reproduce. …[View]
11141332Wageslave thread: >go to work >Sleepy and want to take a nap everything is boring and a drag …[View]
11141859i don't know what to do.: buy back? sell more? fu-fu-fuckkkk. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…[View]
11141584>biz tricked me into buying bitcoin I WANT MY MONEY BACK! THIS ISN'T FAIR!…[View]
11141739Hello anons, if you were here in mid to late 2017 you will remember this photo. I told you to get i…[View]
11137784$LINK VS $0xBTC VS $HOT: https://twitter.com/CryptosCompared/status/1042417096905420804?s=19 Chainli…[View]
11141696LUBE CUBE: in honor of link's bithumb listing someone please shop this so that linkies are comi…[View]
11139592I've been trying to beat this stupid $7000 GTD on Global Poker for like a month now, and I just…[View]
11141144PATIENCE motherfucker! Is this boomer faggot right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL7uTBZWnoA[View]
11126368Chainlink info thread: The 9/15 larper was right but he was off by 11 days. Hyperledger is adding ch…[View]
11139429OMG: 500 BTC for verifiable proof that this man is dead, with a timesamp and picture proof. an addit…[View]
11141348When will the SEC make a decision on the ETF??[View]
11141558Wagerr is live frens: https://www.ccn.com/wagerr-launches-decentralized-betting-blockchain/ Never th…[View]
11141723one day tron cryptocurrency will be worth $10,000[View]
11140814Is anyone making money with roulette? I came across their forums, they're talking about some st…[View]
11141707>I'm on some rob a nigga shit, take a nigga bitch >Do the dash in the whip, count the cas…[View]
11140502am i a psychopath?: i get pure euphoria when i watch people on here lose money. even when i have a p…[View]
11139972CHAINLINK MOBILE: https://github.com/dimroc/ChainlinkMobile[View]
11141556Sergey: I just saw Sergey Nazarov at a hipster bar in Astoria! Details shall be forthcoming in this …[View]
11141663Is everyone going to sell when mainnet is released?[View]
11139269VeriCoin and Verium on National TV in US Markets: At some point between September 27th and September…[View]
11141363Can you rationally justify why you are not buying ADA at the moment? Do you actually hate money?[View]
11141055is diversification a meme?: should I really diversify my portfolio? What If I am so sure a project i…[View]
11138986Aidan Kearney - turtleboy[View]
11140695TetherMetro: Jk. It was a scam[View]
11140439TOMO = $100 EOY: >shills are so good that they think it's lenocinium…[View]
11141499Did the wagies have a good day at work today? How much did you make?[View]
11141329either way crypto is not going anywhere current pessimism and greed will subside if you own any cry…[View]
11140351i'm 22 years old with $100k in crypto ($250k january ATH). during the day i trade on binance, b…[View]
11141549Dicks: Hey biz, I lurk here a lot. so much shilling going on. I'm thinking of moving to morocco…[View]
11141561Internet of Services (IOST) is a blockchain project based out of Singapore that is developing a secu…[View]
11141457Are you tranquilo, biz? Or do you let your losses get to you?[View]
11141327Press 'S' to shit on grave[View]
11141427500 BTC for verifiable proof that this bear is dead, with a timesamp and picture proof. an additiona…[View]
11141052Was today the day the bubble burst?[View]
11141210Draftkings just announced late swap for nba this season: Holy shit this is unironically the best way…[View]
11140463People complaining about not making six figures: Why don't you just apply to be a 4chan checker…[View]
11141283IS THIS A GOOD OR BAD /BIZINESS IDEA: my country has no regulation on those type of herbal medicine …[View]
11140569How do you deal with not knowing if you'll be able to pay rent by the end of the month? I'…[View]
11141088Who here still /accumulating/ even at all time high? This stratospheric rise the last few months wil…[View]
11138356How do we get more women in crypto?[View]
11141423npc privilege: i family of my own and a house. i live the american dream, be like me.[View]
11138672How do I short the Rothschilds?[View]
11141132>sub 6k soon ::skert skert:: I'm outa here[View]
11140804Bitcoin CASH[View]
11141387HPB hardware accelerator unboxing: https://youtu.be/BnDdZNioXFc HPB team making big strides. Now it…[View]
11140790Bull run starting soon. Normies are gonna start shilling.: Gee, I wonder what it could be.[View]
11141301The fire is lit. No bobo will be spared.[View]
11141143>been in crypto and on /biz/ constantly since 2016 >no fucking idea what ETF is or means…[View]
11140298>'hows your Bitcoin doing anon?' >'what you sold at the bottom before the pump?' >'is your…[View]
11141316would it be wrong to say the surge of boomer doomer fucking garbage is from biz bringing in geezer f…[View]
11140886after months of waiting it has finally begun: be grateful they didn't make us wait years. long …[View]
11141308Is alt-season upon us boyos?[View]
11139997short this. I dare you pussy![View]
11141247BTC/alts are feeling kind of bullish right now. I'm tempted to buy, but I am in tether waiting …[View]
11139343THE BOTTOM IS IN: CNBC Fast Money has replaced the BTC bug with the Tilray Bug in the top left corne…[View]
11140646https://twitter.com/Bitfinexed/status/1042558766691090438 Any theories on who is controlling this ac…[View]
11139576Can you cash out on crypto?: Have any of you cryptofags, especially in the US cashed out large amoun…[View]
11141184Doomers unite: Why are all of you 22-23!? Why only doomers are invested in crypto?[View]
11140328Buy Now: holy fuck get in now the next Quant only available on IDex easy 5x yw Recently the tea…[View]
1114008210.4 k link 5k bat 3k jnt 1k req 10k elec 1k dbc 250 elix throwing another $200 in the market, wher…[View]
11139236>This one man is worth more than the entire GDP of the country of Hungary How is this a good thin…[View]
11140241How much did you lose in the short and long squeeze?[View]
11139846Just bought some Litecoin![View]
11141174reminder that nocoiners will not make it[View]
11140272Mining General: Mining General - Still profitable edition What are you guys mining and what rigs are…[View]
11139794I need to turn $500 into $800 in nine days. How?[View]
11140377We all know which coin is the chosen one[View]
11140977BUSINESS and FINANCE: HAHAHAHAHAHA You guys are fucking LOSERS who know nothing about anything…[View]
11140149cmon now.: he has to be holding bitcoin, and holochain.[View]
11140208Stake casino has an unlimited faucet. Go to the dice game each time and play high risk dice until y…[View]
11140837Union Pay is going to lift HPB into the top 20 buy the end of 2019.: This is hands down the best and…[View]
11138754bingo bango: It's called the ChainLink paradox in academic circles and it consists of three poi…[View]
11139850>22 years old with braces[View]
11140472why don't we talk about this anymore?[View]
11140894ETF DENIED TOMORROW: sleep well bb[View]
11140801Everyone get your money out of Kraken NOW https://twitter.com/krakenfx/status/1042496022851739649?s=…[View]
11139479>he thinks crypto will ever recover >he lies to himself and stays inside his echo chamber so h…[View]
11140598This shit has been the same price for a week now. Will this shitcoin pump or did I get scammed by Ko…[View]
11138637I hate being stuck in rush hour traffic so fucking bad: Why does my city have to have such shitty tr…[View]
11140852Someone pump my bags please[View]
11140871ITS HAPPENING[View]
11140582>tfw too fat to get a job[View]
11140771>mfw this pump and dumb was done on purpose so SEC doesn't approve ETFs AGAIN…[View]
11139261Who else tethered and waiting for $1k?: Bullcels about to be cucked[View]
11140362I fucked up hard. Please help.: I transferred to a watch-only wallet that doesn't have a seed a…[View]
11140810The Ball is in your court.: Enough said, stay poor or take action. Its up to you anon.[View]
11140729How will this portfolio do?: Btc Bat Eth[View]
11140278How you holdin up /biz/?[View]
11138107I'm thinking of going to a university job fair tomorrow as a 3rd year engineering major Does at…[View]
11139653Imagine not being all in: Cheapest coin in top 10 with Jew approval, this is basically free money…[View]
11140727>Faggots losing crypto due to mistakes >shitcoin shills in full force >Twitter fags shillin…[View]
11132571watch this on vechain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZORnNo1HRY[View]
11140732Thoughts on robo-investors? Would it be worth it for me to start investing there? Or would I be bett…[View]
11140474New NDA guidelines has removed all logos from Lenocinium. Nice damage control. Nicely done.[View]
111378775th of February 2018. Do you remember?[View]
11140631No funfair thread? That mainnet news is pretty exciting[View]
11139760how to turn nothing into a billion dollars?[View]
11139960Money token - IDEX: What is this shit, volume popped outta nowhere? Has a 10 mil marketcap, hasnt pu…[View]
11140354Projects like this are how adoption increases. Look at the corporate partner list - rebates in crypt…[View]
11139917Daily Reminder HOLOCHAIN Moon Mission ALERT: This is your daily reminder, neets, weeaboos, thots and…[View]
11140163hey /biz/, went into my last call with a comapny: >be me >in negotiations with recruiter for f…[View]
11140535Binance BNB token burn!: Have you bought the dip anon?[View]
11138538So, what does actually 'checked' mean as a reply here...: ... I have no idea :([View]
11140417>He makes minimum wage/a few dollars under it in a shit job >he's an embarrassed future m…[View]
11140009The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11138543How to get a summer internship ?: Dear /biz/, I know you prefer economics threads, of thread about f…[View]
11140378Top coin by marketcap 2019?[View]
11140388For me, it's vampeta[View]
11138912Daily Reminder: bitcoin will go to 4k in mid october, thus continuing it's fall to 0[View]
11140116sup /biz/, crypto newfag here. i really need a TA read on the following chart, i know some of you gu…[View]
11140334imagine not buying the next antshares[View]
11140306Meanwhile in the ignite ratings telegram[View]
11137835>he doesn't have any tomo Seriously biz I'm trying to help you here…[View]
11140285Anyone been in bcn telegraph, the admins are going crazy lol[View]
11140177TOMO will 20x like HOT: Get in TOMO now or you will miss the moon. We're literally at the botto…[View]
11140232What do you think of Grant Cardone, his products, and his tactics /biz/?[View]
11139964C-can you feel the energy /biz/? Financial Q4 is right around the corner, historically the best quar…[View]
11140130>he hasn't bought Canadian pot stocks yet[View]
11139095Alright you faggot shillers got me How many to make it? If it's 55mil circulating supply with m…[View]
11140245Craig Wright was planning to scam people with bitcoin as far back as 2008: https://www.scribd.com/do…[View]
11138951VetAnon...: Who did this ? Has someone witnessed or benefited of this dumbo dump ? Look at that volu…[View]
11139288What's wrong with this guy?[View]
11139873How can i make money from home if I know programming on medium level but unironically can't int…[View]
11140182BTC is going to flash-crash soon. When exactly, can't say. But it's coming soon. Prepare y…[View]
11139906We are unironically entering the bull market. Everything has bottomed out. If you're seriously …[View]
11139935What coin does Ted Cruz hold?[View]
11139039why is vice media worth over a billion dollars and growing, if you no one watches their tv network a…[View]
11139326Autist at wells fargo: So, which one of you fuckin autist 22 year old rich white fucks was at wells …[View]
11140026You have approximately 2 hours.[View]
11140076>the golden bull run can finally begin[View]
11140021>he has no memories of events that occurred prior to elementary school Why are NPC's like th…[View]
11139739Is it dumb to FOMO into this right now?[View]
11139805Big Wheel Game Is Here: While p3d crumbles to the ground due to its zero sum ponzi nature, Zethr con…[View]
11139949Salty nuts: Wow WHAT AN AMAZING PROJECT Best investment of my life, enjoy being poor, fags![View]
11138685A little poetry for your future life, /biz/ralies I've finally acknowledged it. I won't ma…[View]
11137372Don't mind me, just cashing out my weekly funds Imagine holding crypto lmfaooooo[View]
11137168I'm so fucking tired of missing this shit. Tilray hurts to look at because I've spent the …[View]
11138857When will boomers learn?[View]
11137616what part of the TA book covers this?[View]
11140020I've seen things you normies wouldn't believe Red candles dumping off the hairline of a Ba…[View]
11139378>there are people on biz/ RIGHT NOW who were born in 2002[View]
11139896I have been off work for 1 and a half weeks and tomorrow I have to go back. I've eaten great fo…[View]
11138394Why aren't you on this lowcap gem anon? You really do hate money huh? >easiest 100x of the y…[View]
11139423Art and crypto: So I've been looking into art on the blockchain, and have come across something…[View]
11139667This fucking chainlink shills Who the hell is paying them? Why are they trying to make poorfags put …[View]
11138954Is Note 9 the official phone of /biz ?[View]
11139877$DRGN: Are you accumulating the fucking bottom of this reversal?[View]
11139782NULS: Why you should buy nuls Made by chinks,chinks are good at math Ground breaking technology Can …[View]
11139840reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11138038Have It Your Way: I was a birthday party last night night, and I asked my old friend who's been…[View]
11138968Hey Wagies, I'm a 20yo supervisor at a international tabacco plant AMA[View]
11139810Powerball....that's how sad it's gotten: I mean in the grand scope of things I'm bett…[View]
11138882>4btc ath >0.68 btc now What do[View]
11138413If only biz knew...: If only you knew.......[View]
11139745>'What is it about the current control method (fiat) that is inadequate as to want to bring about…[View]
11139602Buy LINK...[View]
11138439how to turn 100k into 10 million?[View]
11139694>There are people on this board right now who don't know SWIFT forked the LINK token so they…[View]
111389301.sit the fuck down 2.tell me your main npc thought 3. 4.unlink your chains from NPC world[View]
11139716UK investment law: My company is a privately owned LLC, we are seeking an investment from a friend w…[View]
111306580xBTC: >up 94% against ETH on the 30 day chart Yeah, I'm thinkin' we're gonna be r…[View]
11139356What time will link be listed on bithumb? I saw it got delayed but didn't see the exact time[View]
1113885998% of Cryptocurrencies Will Die!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDMhez-Brrc[View]
11139079What am I about to experience biz[View]
11139470Clean your room![View]
11139466>mainnet coincides with marketing >paid shilling accounts >new tomochain shills >not lis…[View]
11137421Bill Wurtz Financial Red Pill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elizAugXVcI If you have a high enough…[View]
11139458What does this mean, frens?: http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php[View]
11139301Since I found the 'municipal marmalade' code I've gradually become more and more obsessed with …[View]
11139220I have $330 to my name How can I use this to gain at least $70 profit by next week. Should I try my …[View]
11139446*kills your small business*[View]
11139443this thing is going up the wazoooo: buy the dip if it happens.[View]
11139264$100 EOY: GET IN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE[View]
11137287Top kek[View]
11138534Will you be investing the the global takeover?[View]
11137981WHO DID IT: https://steemit.com/money/@pryce/how-i-turned-usd100-into-usd10-000-by-trusting-4chan-an…[View]
11139375VECHAIN EXPOSED: https://youtu.be/aZORnNo1HRY[View]
11139141LMAO: O M G It doesn't want to dump[View]
11139108>OMG did you hear about Jake Paul and Ricegum’s beef? Logan literally went savagemode! Pewdiepie’…[View]
11138032prepare for liftoff FUNCHADS.[View]
11139249Coming this fall: Golden Bullrun[View]
11127452>a person from work invited me to his party last saturday night >it was ok i had a nice time …[View]
11139263Where to find a page with coin rankings with 1m, 3m, 1yr, ... % change by today?[View]
11138746Not this sideways bullshit again. AAAAHHHHHH I'M SO TIRED OF THE LACK OF VOLATILITY! Sure, that…[View]
11138586wow..so this whole time it really was pajeets shilling it and making up breadcrumbs...wow i feel dum…[View]
11139169Bobo Mane got long money Bitch that's all I got to say Bobo Mane got long money That's wha…[View]
11139065Divisibility: Maybe this is a dumb question but how divisible are the major coins, and what is the b…[View]
11139177In the end, can you really hate them? Why can't we just repeat the process with another ERC20 t…[View]
11139037Why: Hey biz If you remember that thread from a few nights ago I'm the anon who sold all his li…[View]
11138220Get fucked idiots[View]
11137958i need something[View]
11138895How was the crypto market back in 2017? Did people genuinely post threads about buying Lamborghinis …[View]
11138905https://cryptopotato.com/breaking-hacked-japanese-exchange-zaif-lost-60-million/ >The hackers had…[View]
11134460Bitcoin CASH[View]
11136909/po/ here, are you guys OK?? > https://news.bitcoin.com/living-with-life-after-crypto/…[View]
11137219Why Biz worships him?: Pajeets are bad. Everybody here agrees, so why is literal pajeet worshipped?…[View]
11139035ICX: ICON BROS After token swap ends on Sep 25th, is ICON going to finally moon. Does anybody want t…[View]
11138288Admit it. You know we are going to win.[View]
11138967Chainlink doesn't market >reeeeee why won't Sergey pump my bags? Reeeeeeeee Chainlink s…[View]
11134779Trading gone wrong: Hi, here's my problem, I've been practicing trading (FX) on demo accou…[View]
11139015I think we're going up, frens.[View]
11138688> Architect here If everytime bitcoin goes up, longs go up and market makers squeeze them, and ev…[View]
11137433-5% then +5% in 30 minutes[View]
11138927Jun Scamegawa: Really makes you think[View]
11138532wow: that wick is god sent. wow. i bought more. wow. bitcoin is king. wow.[View]
11138828what if we're wrong[View]
11138886NIO: How do I avoid the scammy pump and dumps? What are the warning signs?[View]
11138652any extra news about this hack?: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en…[View]
11137869Anon goes into the woods to hunt a bear. He carries his trusty 22-gauge rifle with him. After a wh…[View]
11138605Is this true? CBOE btc futures expired some two hours ago[View]
11137218Anyone have evidence that this existed before, all signs point that its a psyop created 2 days ago.[View]
11138546DRAMA ALERT! Golden bull has started.[View]
11138366>craig wright is satoshi >qanon is real >trump is the greatest president of our time If you…[View]
11137427>have only enough money saved for next months rent >no money for food except money from recycl…[View]
11137395Bought BTC at 18k last year: Bought BTC last year at 18k. I sold in February at 7k. Bought back in a…[View]
11138716Who sold the dip?[View]
11138345We once had a thread on here recently about what to do about the findom/beta male problem. i'm …[View]
11138232Bitcoin: Hello fellow 4channers! I'm really excited to team up with you in our quest for lambo…[View]
11136475>Look up coins with 150+ btc volume on Binance >Buy if the Stoch RSI is below 20 >wait …[View]
11138711Money Skeleton reporting in. ive got more money than all you fucking losers[View]
11138477Craig Wright says he has more money than ALL of RWANDA: https://youtu.be/VcyMLLAVTLU @ 1:50[View]
11138589How many shorts and longers got fucked by the double bladed lightsaber?[View]
11137782Get ready.[View]
11137667Well kids, today we've finally proven: If you trade on bitmex with any leverage at all...: You …[View]
11138630Funds are safu[View]
11137820>after the bear trap >i've decided to pump it >then i'll meet the bogs, sminem, a…[View]
11138115The bolden gull run has now begun. Bitcoin is no longer just moving along time/price dimensions henc…[View]
11138433my bus driver is a bobo[View]
11138410>finally, the golden bull run is here[View]
11137699>marketing will coincide with Mainnet What did they mean by this[View]
11138416wife murder / stops murder[View]
11137620What the fuck just happened ? Someone explain this ?[View]
11138316Weed stocks aren't overva-[View]
11136772That'll be one lambo please[View]
11138280BTC has struck the golden hammer and painted the flag. 10% increase tomorrow. If you do not buy now,…[View]
11138054No bobo is safe.: coiners are in it to win it. nocoiners are too pussy to take the risk to make it, …[View]
11138269> So now what?[View]
11137255I literally bought in 15 minutes before the dump At what point do I just accept that I have no futur…[View]
11138273we bull now.: we bull since august.[View]
11136541Bullshit jobs: Anyone else have a 100% bullshit job where you slack most of the day and get decent p…[View]
11138256May our moon wishes lead us to an EPIC crypto bull run!: The next full moon will be on Monday, Sept.…[View]
11135844/smg/ - Stock Market General: [Embed] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Embed] [Open] Edition >I'm new …[View]
11138201I sold the bottom. I want to kill myself /biz/. I want to jump out the window. we didnt even have ha…[View]
11137079Guys?: Why are we suddenly dumping out of nowhere?[View]
11137561The podcast yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering pothead that run this scam. Price has alr…[View]
11137853ETH fees Really??: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd561284b6ee306493486dacc7b487542e79c3ab7efce01f462781df…[View]
11137974I'm Arthur Hayes. AMA[View]
11137997>m...my m-money[View]
11137798Nothing personal kids.[View]
11137600Starts his presentation with a Shinseiki Evangelion reference /ourguy[View]
11136874How can I join them?[View]
11137874What the hell is going on guys?[View]
11137996and this is why we wont have ETF approved fellas[View]
11137277>'activate protocol Long Squeeze-17'[View]
11137761/biz/ In A Nutshell Thread: In this thread, post your best greenspeaks of what you think /biz/ is in…[View]
11138022Ragie wagie spotted, going in pursuit! Be advised ragie wagie is in the area and is highly ragie and…[View]
11138020>hey dude you know what he's doing thinking he can beat the market and get rich? >no, wha…[View]
11137677guys, do I fomo in now? I'm in tether. what the fuck is happening? Is this the next run to 8k?[View]
11137906What do you guys think about options.[View]
11137971>mfw I DCA'd so now I'm only 50% down from initial instead of 75% Time to /flex/ and /d…[View]
11137644Ok now what? both sides of this trading range touched with 1 candle.[View]
11137823reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11137497OC thread: Easy way to filter pajeets from /biz/. >and this here is my son’s room, he’s quite the…[View]
11137832This is it boys golden bull run is here: Everyone is going long now for the inevitable etf pump htt…[View]
11137856ssssshhhhhh: i'm hunting shorts[View]
11137816Now that we are unironically back, can we get back to comfybull posting? Reply with the color you ha…[View]
11137755And just like that 30% of my bitmex account that took me over a week to win, GONE[View]
11137587This is it, prepare for THE bull run[View]
11137791>This moment is absolutely crucial for Bitcoin.[View]
11137776GOTCHA: bobo[View]
11130348Oh shid Jcash really is launching in South America, larp anon wasn't larping.[View]
11137722Yeah, i'm thinking we're back.[View]
11137634be me, working my sales job, having a hard time solidifying deals. manager walks in to see im visibl…[View]
11135951WAGIES WHAT IS THE WORST JOB YOU HAVE EVER HAD: Well /biz for me it was work at a safeway deli. Wors…[View]
11135158The fake paid shill site being spammed on /biz/ right now was created by delphi less than 24 hours a…[View]
11137694anon, there is no manipulation. it's all in your head.[View]
11137502Bullcucks BTFO: Your $6k support is getting weaker by the day, once it breaks there will be full blo…[View]
11137328I don't think most people understand what futures are even and how they can profit off of it. D…[View]
11137386i told you idiots it was going to dump[View]
11137509This kick starts the golden bull run. Good luck ya freaks.[View]
11137465I've got a Chainlink breadcrumb for you. It's not huge. But take it or leave it.: I was a …[View]
11137650>Liquidate the bears... do it now![View]
11137606fuck your stops if you want fuck[View]
11137577bitmex nigger now clearing shorts and longs at the same time, no shame at all[View]
11137567Ahhhhhh oh wait. Fuck off, bobo[View]
11137496there is no correlation anon[View]
11137563Get rekt, bear niggers.[View]
11137552sup bizfags, look at me. look at my happy & handsome face. This is the face of success. This is…[View]
11137547its time[View]
11137542Bobo, show me where did the bas man touch you?[View]
11137187We made it: This is it boys, we finally waited long enough, our lambos are waiting for us. I have a …[View]
11136827Feel it in your soul: The time where Bitcoin breaks the $6k support level and dumps to $5000 or unde…[View]
11136789I cant believe I was investing in a scam coin for so long.. This guy just exposed Vechain and opened…[View]
11137474Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.[View]
11137495>Bobo trap Rekt[View]
11137501CND: Is anyone actually making money with this POS? No fund is going to ever use this tool, it'…[View]
11137493Aaaaaand we're back.[View]
11137481I don't get the salt: Why are people pissed link is marketing What do you faggots think marketi…[View]
11133937What would be the price if Satoshi sells: What would be the price of BTC if Satoshi market sells…[View]
11137182I-it can't possible go any lower..right? My fucking money,[View]
11137461Shorts once again created a new ATH. Remember folks, if all the dumb money is going one way, the sma…[View]
11137456We need a new board called /bit/ for coinfags. I don't want normal investors to be lumped toget…[View]
11137357Why are you ignoring the obvious choice of q4[View]
11137452VeChain is a SCAM: Based Ruski calling out the china hustle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZORnNo1…[View]
11136805Chainlink PBC Connection: Repost for the wednesday crowd. Someone 'leaked' this shit monda…[View]
11136942How much do you think I could sell each of my used fleshlights for online?[View]
11137392>spend 6 years living like a broke college student saving $120k >use $100k as 20% downpayment …[View]
11136954/BCH/ Hits New Low: The market is down 23.42% over the past month. The market is down 44.9% in the l…[View]
11134523>son ur gramps has kicked the bucket and left all these stuff to you in his will wat do u do…[View]
11137352Takara: Been trying to tell everyone for a few weeks, it's not too late to get back into DRGN. …[View]
11137312mother of fuck we're burning through these this time, aren't we?[View]
11137379How could the government allow this to happen?[View]
11137332Imagine being this kind of loser: Imagine being a whale, pumping Link, and then realizing BTC crashe…[View]
11137339Pepe has an announcement to make.: >/biz/ is full of shills, and faggots. Bitcoin will moon it…[View]
11136749Who's ready for the coming return to the silver standard?: >JPM owns the fed >Has accumul…[View]
11137323It can't get old. It's too real.[View]
11137087Xrp will be the standard very soon. Its everytime more decentralised and top speed and cheaper trans…[View]
11136129Apologize $6 EOY[View]
11137122Finding an investment community: I'm new to trading, and i want to get more thoroughly into day…[View]
11136143FIRST FUNFAIR CASINO ANNOUNCED!!! LAUNCH THIS WEEK!!! >https://funfair.io/brand-announced-for-fir…[View]
11135818>he still trading crypto Are you guys mad? DUDE lmao!!![View]
11136978Literally worse than Hitler[View]
11137250MAKE IT STOP. DO SOMETHING /biz/[View]
11137273> go to /biz/ > huh, why are there 5 AAAAAAAA threads? > look at prices > oh…[View]
11137268what did sergey mean by this? is it more advertising propaganda?[View]
11137258How do you get a comfy job where you study trees and the effects of forest fires on trees, or someth…[View]
11137068Meet the real 1000 eoy coin[View]
11137226Sell or sale?[View]
11136741Crime thread: I stole a pack of gum yesterday im shoplifter genius AMA[View]
11137212We are the one who knocks.[View]
11137125BTC Advice: Honestly I’ve ridden this through the ups and downs. Bought I’m around 3k last year. Mad…[View]
11132680I've got a Chainlink breadcrumb for you. It's not huge. But take it or leave it.: I was a …[View]
11134802Nano is bitconnect 2.0, feel sorry for all the npc cultists that will get burned on this coin[View]
11137141So this is finally it...: And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I…[View]
11133611bcio or ogre: >cuckbase disclosed 20% of volume is it's own >binance, gate.io, and kraken…[View]
11136632How much money can I afford to lose on bad investments before it stops seeming like an endearing qui…[View]
11137110Hope you like pain[View]
11136139Liquid thread: So feels like this project getting stale with no updates. What bizanons feel about it…[View]
11135040first casino ultilizing the FunFair platform announced - CasinoFair: Well, here it is: https://twitt…[View]
11136931The news Bobo doesn't want you to see.[View]
11137006Why is biz so dumb?: Seriously? 9 months ago people would of killed to buy bitcoin at 6k. Now seems …[View]
11128358TICK TOCK[View]
11135898VET: wtf happened, did someone market dump 50mil VET? i could have 100x my btc by just having low or…[View]
11134677that's it, i'm one of the top 100 addresses now. remember me when you see npxs at 1-2 cent[View]
11132895Anybody else botting in WoW? I make about $100 a day sitting on my ass doing nothing right now.[View]
11135870I just.... don't get it.... fuck[View]
11135209Can a Bulgarfag explain why I wouldn't buy this for $12K: https://excelpropertybulgaria.com/pro…[View]
11136457TLRY stock is up 50% ON THE DAY. How’s your crypto doing? Oh wait.[View]
11136795I’m scared. Who is real and who is a Lenocinium proxy shill?[View]
1113333810am watch for a new medium post[View]
11136504wtf is this?[View]
11134469We know it would come to this. >the next few hours are unironically critical for BTC Whats /biz/ …[View]
11136802I just left Taco Cabana literally in tears. I stopped in for a quick bite and, to my surprise, I ran…[View]
11136740Any advise m8, senpais?: In the last one I got 2 answers LOL (thanks to those to people) I'm in…[View]
11136351https://twitter.com/Bitfinexed/status/1042468744294014977 Is there a bigger cuck in crypto?[View]
11135506Every day we're getting closer to mainnet for Skywire and the beginning of coinhours being exch…[View]
11136891It's 11:30 PDT: Where the fuck is the medium post? Tomorrow that PBC is going to about Tron or …[View]
11136025In this thread we discuss the most creative and bizarre future use cases for smart contracts. There …[View]
11133443Confess your /biz/ sins anon.: Where did all the money go anon. What bad shit have you done? Confess…[View]
11132532So what time tomorrow will PBC drop?: Do we have any anons who have access to it?[View]
11136889>platform running >payouts in VIT >Tube8 getting onboarded to have their site tokenized int…[View]
11134976Everyone who wants an ETF for bitcoin is a fool. If you think crypto is manipulated down, just wait …[View]
11136517ITT we post coins npcs hate most: I’ll start EOS, BCH[View]
11133966How many people on this board would unironically try to kill the Chainlink team if they failed to pr…[View]
11136449How about we get a good old fashion thread about real ways to make money that isn't fagcoin[View]
11136371what coins is he buying?[View]
11135155>iq below 90: crypto is a scam >iq 90 to 100: alts are the future >iq 100 to 110: ethereum …[View]
11135264Bobo thread: Post em boys, I lost my bobo folder and need your best and rarest bobos so I have memes…[View]
11134546Chainlink - Holochain - 0xBitcoin: Open battle, WHO WILL WIN THIS VOTE? Which project has the MOST …[View]
11136612you're welcome[View]
11136694>according to the Office of the New York State Attorney General (OAG) report, 20% of coinbase…[View]
11132484How fucked is America, she is a 4/10 at best[View]
11136728hey anon, you've always been a good guy who was kind to me. Don't take your dollars to the…[View]
11136519Why do zoomers worship this spoilt piece of shit? Back story - 15 years old - son of a billionair…[View]
11136121So, what's the deal here? All in ETH atm because I regard it as severely oversold, despite Vita…[View]
11136410Is this accurate?[View]
11135938Holochads still alive?[View]
11136670I heard biz likes holochain.: These are my meme lines.[View]
11135875>he doesn't run at least 2(two) master nodes >despite this, he still thinks he is going t…[View]
11130430Nano Heading for Disaster – Dirty Deals with BitGrail: Nano’s relationship with BitGrail, their main…[View]
11136596Reminder: HOT has only just begun.: Naysayers want you to think that it already hit its ATH. There…[View]
11136432I'm FOMOing into LINK it's never going below 5000 sats ever again. EVER[View]
11136558go homo for tomo[View]
11135820Wait a second..: Since LINK uses t he Ethereum network... wouldn't that mean it's going to…[View]
11136214When Coinbase?: Those fags have been talking about adding shit all year. All we get is ETC. REEEEEEE…[View]
11133718Linkpool dashboard is coming by eow. What else have we got to look forward for this week besides lis…[View]
11135931Are you securing your future anon[View]
11136343This is why you came to biz - HOT on Binance: Go to biz home page. Scroll to the bottom. Click 'all'…[View]
11136534Fuck you biz while you were shilling HOLO and LINK the real gains were in fucking weed stocks fuck y…[View]
11134431TOMO: hope you bought[View]
11136315Is it safe to quit my job now?: I own a 5 digit number of links Its now only a matter of time before…[View]
11136536I'm getting antshares vibes off this one anons[View]
11132799CryptoBong: >Natwest blocked my coinbase payment >Says the bank is not supporting any payments…[View]
11135897Imagine making these people rich. Anyone with under 10k links should be FUDDING. I’ve been holding …[View]
11136352Quant Network: You did heed the warning, didn't you anon?[View]
11136379good for LINK.: >Global business accounts with an open API. >Multi-currency current accounts. …[View]
11135556/NANO/ General: The treacherous road to $1000 EOY[View]
11130715My neighbors are NPCS: Today in this very moment I realised that all of my neighbors are Npcs. I got…[View]
11131174Relex today's sell till 600: He baught and sold at IDEX, spraed over last week. Now you guys do…[View]
11134652The only ANY:ANY interoperability Project: Quant Overledger Quant Company,Product: Overledger , Quan…[View]
11136293MF apologize[View]
11135950Tomorrow you wake up: > News of world economies crashing > Go to store, loaf of bread now cost…[View]
11135768Next crisis?: Hey /biz/ Complete idiot regarding the economy here. When will we see the next economi…[View]
11136377Hey kid! You got any more of those dollars in that pocket?[View]
11133217Can you feel it: The FOMO will be unreal, I'm getting way ahead of the here and not going to tr…[View]
11136026*breathes in* Hahahahhahahha[View]
11133605LTC is A Significantly Overvalued Relic: I'm sure you agree with me, /biz/ https://coingeek.com…[View]
11136411>tfw i just want to be a normal and fit in at work but no matter how hard i try i cant into norma…[View]
11134607>sold link at 4900 sats. Please list painless ways to kill self[View]
11134678only 600 links: do i have any chance of happiness?[View]
11132401Nano and Bitgrail leaders scammed over $100 million from Bitgrail: While both Nano and Bitgrail lead…[View]
11136341'Good work wagie, I bet you'll be on the fast track to a raise this year! *wink*'[View]
11136089Im so desperate to make massive sums of cash. There is seriously no point in living if your a poor c…[View]
11136330Hello anons, you're welcome. (ACM): Yo. -TWU here. I've unironically still been calling fo…[View]
11135824>mfw bought Holo Fucking fooled[View]
11136246>he doesn't exclusively buy ETF's Keep buying your toy money on the internet. I have he…[View]
11134187What happened to this Site ???: i left for 4 or 5 months and one of my favorite websites with indica…[View]
11136272Bobo's have crossed the line. Now they will get fucked. https://youtu.be/dH6aG-E2w7U[View]
11136263Binance global meetup[View]
11136237>hey anon! great work on that project! >by the way, you're coming to the pub with us afte…[View]
11135484did an x6 in 4 weeks > meh huh boomer stocks are shit - just 'invest' in imaginary 0 and 1 play …[View]
11135744comfymarines, report.[View]
11136230Anyone want to join me in sending a couple links to sergey for the bants? Get your address in the hi…[View]
11136156Link npcs: Why do npcs love chainlink cult so much?[View]
11131091OMG: Cryptomedicated was right. Fuck these motherfucking scammers[View]
11134406What are the ACTUAL chances that -chainlink fails to get a functioning mainnet up in 2019 -financia…[View]
11134720Press S to spit on Dero's grave.: WHO DID THIS. Amazing.[View]
11135819IS IT GOING TO DO IT ?[View]
11134834LAZY DEV TEAM = TWO DIGIT SHITCOIN: I think the ETH dev team really fucked up as most of them got fi…[View]
11136080Chainlink-Aston Martin Partnership confirmed[View]
11135052top KEK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZORnNo1HRY >i'm ambassador to Vechain because I ha…[View]
11135741>there are people reading this that are holding tokens thought up by some cointelegraph intern wh…[View]
11126592Simulation theory: >he believes negro babies starving in africa is code >he thinks 4 year old …[View]
11136082Are mods NPCs?[View]
11134496STRAP IN: moon mission incoming. its happening boys[View]
11135371I need guidance in times of chaos. Lenocinium has damaged this boards order and made LINK marines li…[View]
11136072Future partnership?: https://twitter.com/preston_vanloon/status/1038073910686883841?s=21 When top 3?…[View]
11135409BULLISH: BULLISH BULLISH BULLISH https://blockonomi.com/oracles-guide/[View]
11133057>Creators one of the most successful sites on the internet >Leaves his NEET life to join the w…[View]
11133688/smg/ - Stock Market General: I sold yesterday and it rebounded today edition >I'm new to th…[View]
11135806>increases in sat value everyday: It's far from too late, you can still get in anon, you may…[View]
11135679>LINK $1000 eoy[View]
11135785reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11134455Is this the only chance of Tone Vays getting BTFO'd with his bearish TA? It goes live in Novemb…[View]
11135116Has any token ever crashed completely? Has any coin ever *gasp* died the true death?[View]
11134640had a green day yesterday while jews were on vacation today jews back and everything down again ? …[View]
11134447TOP 50 IMMINENT[View]
11135663Bitcoin I got that bitcoin CASH[View]
11129800I already made it and zero changed in my life.: I already made a million bucks in crypto. Still hopi…[View]
11134579I'm thinking about studying abroad. Specifically in Nagoya Japan. Has anyone here studied abroa…[View]
11131156/scg/ - Small Cap General: Which small cap gem have you got your eyes on today /biz/? AURA (idex sta…[View]
11135156Daily bitcoin is shit reminder: >Fixed Bitcoin Core Bug Could Have Crashed the Whole Network >…[View]
11134430BREAKING NEWS: vitalic boterin is an anagram for “evil bitcoin rat”[View]
11133307I work as a Canadian irrigation technician and make over $300,000 a year fixing farmers clogged pipe…[View]
11135272Reminder that (((they))) are planning a recession in 2020, just before the next election since histo…[View]
11115424Why do normie coworkers insist on turning the workplace into some kind of social gathering? Can…[View]
11135586Shorting memes: So many new memes these days. How can I short this biz?[View]
11134937Guys... I finally made it... I made it to the 10k LINK club... I never knew the day would come. I…[View]
11135532Starting to Doubt my Investment Path: Dont get me wrong, I have Made more money than i put into shit…[View]
11135495The cage looks comfy desu.[View]
11135515> he's not buying Chain Link right now[View]
11135523how to invest in poopoos: so I heard Indians are getting easy access to internet now how do we make …[View]
11134495Stinky Linkies: WTF that 100k sell wall on Binance[View]
11135347>LINK FUD in every thread >Literally the same people posting the exact same replies in every s…[View]
11134311A few years back my grandpa gave me a 1oz silver ingot but it's got a really trashy picture of …[View]
11134528Who's too lazy to register on Kucoin?: Your going to regret this for the rest of your life... D…[View]
11135450Hi: I made a graph /biz/ but I think it need some more lines- anybody care to help out a fellow enth…[View]
11135402>TFW October hits: I drew these memelines one month ago in my TradingView and all the price movem…[View]
11135047How do I know what's real anymore?[View]
11135393We made it boys[View]
11134663Should I invest in Brazil? It feels they're at ATL.[View]
11134418>LINK >HOT >AMB >CNVT >RLX >0xBTC >TradeOgre How many fucking shitcoins are the…[View]
11133345>he doesnt know 6k is the bottom[View]
11133601There will be movies made about us.[View]
11135142WEED STOCK: What are your picks CGC ACB APH Tilcuck is going to fuck up the whole sector when it cra…[View]
11132431DRGN 15% up from the day: This beauty has green days after green days! Still, you are not buying. Do…[View]
11135136SHORTED AT 6200[View]
11135125Vice Industry Token: >platform already paying people in VIT >Witnesses setup >tons and tons…[View]
11135054>Currently Bitcoin mining consumes around 40,000,000 MW, which is roughly 0.2% of the world’s ene…[View]
11134084Daily reminder that the first ever trustless asset on Ethereum is at a $2MM mcap RIGHT NOW an you…[View]
11133420Reminder this is Elizabeth Holme's boyfriend. She was CEO of the /biz/ company Theranos. He sta…[View]
11134747Muh leverage. Muh shorts: Pic related.[View]
11134916QNT up 500% this month: Why you no listen Biz?[View]
11133539WTF I LOVE WEED NOW[View]
11134339Link isn't going down. I repeat: it is NOT going down. Engage FULL FOMO[View]
11134145WHY DID YOU CREATE THIS THREAD AND INSTANTLY DELETE IT? https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S11130418 GET …[View]
11131701ETH: Discuss[View]
11133633On HOT & FEET: When is this piece of shit going to move upwards? Did I fall for another pump and…[View]
11134842absolute state of mining: >when you co-location host your mining farm in ISIS-controlled Syrian t…[View]
11134929red pill me on finance/accounting careers: is ai gonna fuck this up big time or will retards like my…[View]
11133700Let's say the ETF is approved tomorrow. What happens to the crypto markets? If I have some fiat…[View]
11134909Small business ideas with Chemistry Masters?: How can I make $$$ with Chemistry knowledge /biz/tards…[View]
11134851is there anyone more based than sunny lu?: If you don't get it, please don't hold.[View]
11128332Ripple: >feels good man >$5 XRP EOY…[View]
11133616Omisego: I have verifiable proof that Jun Hasegawa is using a sock puppet account to fud his own pro…[View]
11134599Will ETH ever recover? ($700)[View]
11134868Gold Rush in Australia.: Perth Mine extracts a monster amount of gold in a nickel mine, TWICE. RNKLF…[View]
11131652wallet of the future: >slick UI >can instantly sell your portfolio into btc and back >can p…[View]
11132957Hey /biz/ let's make this quick. I want to have a discussion and ask for advice on my taxicab b…[View]
11133901BTC shorts to high to short ?: short squeezy incomming ?[View]
11134798OAX: pump on binance but why?[View]
11134192If you watch television then you're a normie Proof me wrong[View]
11134745Everyone died :(: >>11120304[View]
11134739Freelance Platforms: Is it actually possible to make a decent amount of money from freelance platfor…[View]
11134219How do I make money sucking dick? Im willing to do it, but i dont know who.[View]
11134661pee pee poo poo[View]
11132549Artificial Lawyer with another piece of the puzzle: The Accord Project, the smart legal contract con…[View]
11133449This is unironically bigger and better than an ETF: https://medium.com/bakkt-blog/what-bakkt-aims-to…[View]
11134414H-hi Sergey I made dessert for you, will you try it for me S-Sergey?[View]
11134558How sure of a bet is this?[View]
11134601lol eth: https://medium.com/@WhalePanda/crypto-twitters-hateful-underbelly-and-sjws-a43af028170a…[View]
11134566Accumulate.: Zen Protocol is a new financial blockchain written from scratch in F#. It's curren…[View]
11133340gilbert: buy qnt $10 SOON[View]
11134533The coin no one talks about... The coin no one understands... Pascal.[View]
11134360Is there a way to short LINK? Can I short it on Bithumb and how does a foreigner sign up on Bithumb …[View]
11132634Tonight: It's happening tonight, strap in boys![View]
11134246$LINK VS $0xBTC VS $HOT: https://twitter.com/CryptosCompared/status/1042417096905420804?s=19 Open ba…[View]
11133612>sniff sniff. I smell filthy noLINKers on this board[View]
11133327ENJOY IT FRENS: I'll be traveling around South East Asia for 8 weeks so that will mean an 8-wee…[View]
11134404you are all fools for even spending more than 15 minutes at the end of every month thinking about mo…[View]
11134391Sell me this VEN[View]
11132403is it actually possible to still do this or is it oversaturated now?[View]
11133124Actinium - Next Holochain like Moon Mission: Blue Paper: https://github.com/Actinium-project/BluePap…[View]
11134045Reminder there are two kind of people on /biz/: Frogwojackposters who only came here after 2017, try…[View]
11134338Who here getting dabbed on right now?[View]
11132306Fuck REQ.[View]
11134284HPB will disgust peoole: Soooo..you all told me this was a scam. Union pay will be building a big Da…[View]
11134262terrible just terrible: reminder that LINK memes with little HOLO logo hidden in them are LOW EFFORT…[View]
11134274WE'RE BACK: Bitcoin will never be below $6300 again![View]
11132915Enough of this pussy: He's such a fucking lame ass nerd wtf is he making 'Gangsta' posts?…[View]
11132645To the people who don't think Bitcoin will go up in price with time, try to understand this: Bi…[View]
11131360WHEN???: when will this do something good??????[View]
11134088Another week another partnership: https://medium.com/gamedex/decentralized-oracle-service-chainlink-…[View]
11133052/pol/ is laughing at us again[View]
11133018How do I get a coworker fired?[View]
11132164how long before she's locked up for fraud? you cant make this shit up: >dude weed on the blo…[View]
11133760Someone explain: Someone explain the Pepe with the squished face and cup of coffee[View]
11133746What if artificial intelligence gets so advanced that when first contact with aliens is made they…[View]
11133974Salesforce Accenture: https://newsroom.accenture.com/news/accenture-launches-innovation-center-for-s…[View]
11130492I gave my gf my credit card today to go get some clothes. She spent $800 just on shoes. Total cost f…[View]
11131128XRP+Youtube+Twitch: >but but kike jewscamcoin...[View]
11132231Municipal marmalade.[View]
11133213sorry to tell but basically we are heading to 4k multiyear bear market[View]
11133503Did the NPC meme come from that elon-rogan podcast?[View]
11132597UTNP - Universa General Thread: Seriously, biz. I have been curious to buy this for 6 months, and ha…[View]
11133682No volume for BCH: This is legitimately concerning. What is going on?[View]
11133840Hello fren[View]
11133333http://bithumb.cafe/archives/39398 what the fuck is going on?[View]
11131565Gamedex partners with Chainlink: https://twitter.com/officialgamedex/status/1042315955949297665[View]
11133710Ok so here is something I don't understand. Why does a mew to metamask or sthing like that tran…[View]
11132273Link: 95% of link swing traders get rekt If you made it this far, do yourself a favor. Hold. Are you…[View]
11132686You heard it here first: BITHUMP couldn't make liquidity requirements in time: Korean friend wh…[View]
11132560Masari - Best coin to invest now: Let me tell you about a little gem-coin named Masari. Starting thi…[View]
11132857is QNT already DEAD?: Did the pajeets realised that the shill of QNT here is not working? everybody …[View]
11133339LARPchan: All you losers do is larp about bullshit stories acting like you even have a social life. …[View]
11133388How bad is this about to get fucked? I was there for those first pumps and sloooow dumps. 266 alllll…[View]
11129185/smg/ - Stock Market General: Relevant information edition >I'm new to the stock market, wha…[View]
11133581Dont swing boys Don't swing. You don't want to lose 10% trying to make 5% Keep that shit i…[View]
11133500Who else made it here?[View]
11133524How much JNT to make it?[View]
11133233Best asset: 5 on beauty chart and 5,6feet master race reporting in, also dick below average >7+ a…[View]
11133419How to start investing: Lads, I'm finally bankrupted, so I decided to sell my useless stuff an…[View]
11133535NEO: NEO started selling its dev funds on 8 Dec 2017. The NEO rally started around the same time. Co…[View]
11132576Anyone else think its funny that fatclaps are literally a day behind Asia and Europe so we can alway…[View]
11133398welcome to the early retirement club[View]
11132393I found an absolute gem: /comfy/ as fuck mining this low market cap, low difficulty, huge potential …[View]
11132319Give it to me straight. I fell for the ridiculous amount of new threads and 20% movement so I bought…[View]
11132384reselling new iphone: is there any money to be made in waiting in line at an apple store, buying a b…[View]
11133135GET OUT NOW GOYIM: Elite will short bitcoin to 0 2017 was the year of the last bullrun[View]
11129325ETH's PRICE = 103$: I've calculated Ethereum true price based on the number of transaction…[View]
11133379>tfw 9/11 was an inside job to profit from $billions of insurance[View]
11132545Just bought 10k, will I really make it?: Most shilled coin on here this week.. bought 10k didnt want…[View]
11133282Nigger-town constantly getting floated all the time: Why don't they move away if their town get…[View]
11131149So we've decided to not go ahead with chainlink for our Accord project because we found the com…[View]
11132061Hey Linktards, I told you to unload your bags.: OH NO NO NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
11133011Who waiting for it to flop?: This is gonna be magical. The shitstorm will be legendary. Hundreds of …[View]
11131929anyone else stuck holding this shitcoin? its going to be 2019 before we can dump this pos[View]
11133183New memes await us. Who’s got Sergey, Rory, Assblaster, Sherlocklink?[View]
11130708Forex: Why no love for Forex? Waiting on usd/yen to fall back to mid 111's.[View]
11131950BITHUMB DUMPING: This is not a drill, repeat, this is NOT a drill. As expected, massive dumping in p…[View]
11132283Go back around 30 minutes to see all of the CZ talk https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-singap…[View]
11132998Bitcoin will be measured in Sergeys: You heard it here first.[View]
11132420WWE: WWE has outperformed nearly all of your shitcoins in the past year. Why didn't you invest,…[View]
11132918Press Y to crash BTC to $4,850: Ready for this biz? Get out.[View]
11132698When is this faggot going to moon?[View]
11131655Best online wallet and portfolio tracker: So whats a good online wallet? Also looking for a portfoli…[View]
11132910Agoras Token (Tau-Chain): What's up with this project? Is it a meme or is this guy autistic eno…[View]
11132586Not even a x2: Invested into this shitcoin in the ICO expecting a straight minimum x2, but nope unde…[View]
11133059What's happening to Beetcoin?[View]
11131754Holochain's grand vision of an agent-centric utopia: In accordance with stated liberal doctrine…[View]
11131399I need to sleep.. But what if I need to SELLLLLL[View]
11132982Crypto was my only option, now that crypto is done for and no signs for recovery for the foreseeable…[View]
11131452A sneak peak of what's big to come: Here's Formosa Financial CEO Ryan Terribilini on a vis…[View]
11132865Binance: Is it not loading for anyone else?[View]
11131866Which coin or token has the worst community?: Is it Tron niggers? China hustle WTC brainlets? AMBlet…[View]
11132974Receive ETH (or any ERC20 token) for quality answers: https://medium.com/@patrykadas/receive-ether-f…[View]
11132841>Thomas fidgeted the edges of his napkin as he looked at the camera man and told us he would not …[View]
11132365Wallets: Best wallet to store these shitcoins and fake internet money?[View]
11132603God damnit why is he such a massive phaggot: Imagine this gay anorexic zoomer being a based 30yr old…[View]
11132839NOW WATCH IT DIP[View]
11131982In the middle of a bear market: https://twitter.com/woonomic/status/1041728401243955200?s=19…[View]
11132502hahah what a fucking loser: losehair[View]
11132851Daily reminder, that industries profit from your depression[View]
11132102LINK BITHUMB LISTING DELAYED: Source: http://bithumb.cafe/archives/39398 Don't drop your bags y…[View]
11128262How are Bitcoin Core developers, The Ethereum Foundation, EOS brock producers, etc. any different fr…[View]
11132453How does a dildo like this form? Did someone market buy a fuckload? Also, if you've been on /bi…[View]
11132155Ether & Ethereum platform won forever: >#Bitcoin will lose 50% of its #cryptocurrency market …[View]
11130762Absolute last chance to sell above 6k: Big ducking dump incoming[View]
11131410P3D dividends?: Maybe I'm retarded but I can't find the daily volume for this coin, or a d…[View]
11132665I never lose money: But i always miss out on pumps by being too cautious. its fucking annoying. i ne…[View]
11132196WWYD: What are you gonna do when the Singularity hits? I'd tell you what I'd do man - two…[View]
11132406>Filtered Threads: 30[View]
11132396ChainLink will COLLAPSE the finance world?: When did you realise that ChainLink will never grab sust…[View]
11131935NOT ON BITHUMB?????: Ctrl+f Chainlink NOT FOUND Why would you guys lie to me like this?[View]
11131713He didn't listen and buy the next 50x: Apologize.[View]
11130149Imagine being the brainlet that thought XNV would dump.: You guys are fucking dumb as hell. I tried …[View]
11126513Blockfolio rate thread: Post yours and rate others. Pic related.[View]
11131903HERE WE GO AGAIN[View]
11132013Chain Link: Why did I fall for this Russian scam?! Fuck this, never listen to biztards.[View]
11132154So is Enigma worth it?: This shit hasnt done anything in a while. >muh intel partnership shit is …[View]
11132071>mfw accumulating since october >mfw not fucking selling…[View]
11131922>> Doesn't realize the best investment is himself Don't forget to make something pro…[View]
11132261Seriously i hate waiting in the mall: when the goddamn cashier needs fucking 2 hours for one goddamn…[View]
11131671BTC will have a slight pump to 6500, caused by both high volume of traders selling alts for tethers,…[View]
11132340>Korean listing delayed due to PBC report tomorrow GET READY FOR THE BIGGEST PUMP OF 2018 ANONS…[View]
11128731I can't quit porn. I just went 2 months and finally relapsed. Any guys successfully quit? I hav…[View]
11132203I sure love waking up at 5 am to take a 2 hour jorney to work and kiss my boss's asshole for 9 …[View]
11130196How do you make a business out of making soap?[View]
11131538Buterin: The next Zuck/Gates[View]
11132313>h-hey Mr. Shekelstein, d-do you think I could get a raise? >But goyim, you have already gotte…[View]
11131793u guy are ok? hug plz, thank frens[View]
11132052Teach me the whale strategy: If a whale is supressing the price of a token, what can an anon do to s…[View]
11132292I shouldn’t have bought into the Chain Link brainwash.[View]
11132124Does anyone live in a car here? Rent seems like a pain in the ass. I might live in a car desu. Seems…[View]
11131757Here's what happened and what is gonna happen in the coming year: > Crypto has already been …[View]
11130332Last chance for ACM under a $200K market-cap: Miners DOUBLED over-night last night. Updated Bluepape…[View]
11132120LINK Marines r cc: You know the drill Do NOT do stupid pasta Downvote only and move on Upvote OTHER…[View]
11131897excraft grand pools: >shitpost on biz errday >concern about wut shitcoin is listed in Choina w…[View]
11132088Just finished selling off 50k of my link stack, I'd advise all of you who haven't sold to …[View]
11132019>be korean >load link bags causing a slow, steady rise over a few weeks >know link will be…[View]
11128972The next Tron-like gains of 2018: Dont miss this one biz, or forever stay poor. This will pull Tron …[View]
11132073sold at 4500 rebought at 5300: b-but koreans are still going to pump it right? it's not even ad…[View]
11131576Don't buy LINK ;););) Haha don't buy it, it's not good, haha, you shouldn't buy…[View]
11132029Redpill me on Market-Maker volume[View]
11131520Reminder that silver is just fake gold for poorfags. The elite of every culture in history (yes, eve…[View]
11129964Something just occurred to me: This Bithumb exchange listing means Chainlink will start being discus…[View]
11131088C'mon faggots. Let's talk about some non-financial shit, how else have you made money onli…[View]
11131651Time to short soy?[View]
11131936Oh look, it's dumping: See you at 4100, retarded emotional linkies[View]
11130570btc is overvalued niggers: we have only 2x higher tx count since 2015. 2x adoption 30x higher price …[View]
11129777Skycoin: So what happened here? I never see threads anymore, did Brandon Smietana get exposed? Liter…[View]
111315711 hour left. What are these silly Koreans gonna do? >Inb4 they're gonna short and crash it…[View]
11131792This is why you NEVER invite virgins and losers to hang, and I don't even smoke weed. If they d…[View]
11129933Wait, so Sergey arranged Lenocinium to shill to /biz/? Sergey wanted us? We were their marketing pla…[View]
11124716would you buy a porsche if you made it?[View]
11130375qnt: >everyone that didn't buy qnt[View]
11131885Where's the brainlet who had the great idea to swing trade his Link stack of req yesterday??? W…[View]
11131470Is it too late?: Has the LINK ship already sailed? 3 for a dollar seems like a lot..[View]
11131625I just want to buy LINK and go to sleep... i sent eth from coinbase to binance and nothings happenin…[View]
11130916I had sex from tinder today and chainlink mooning, truly is an epic journey ico holder here[View]
11131808Carrington Event vs. Blockchain Assets: imagine being (you), having a lot invested in blockchain 'co…[View]
11131635can we just fucking stop.: your brainwashing shilling isn't and will continue to not work. I am…[View]
11127303have you bought eden yet?: it has a 2.9m market cap and its going kucoin today with a competition. w…[View]
11131766What kind of operation is Arthur running?[View]
11130671Cuckbucks: https://cuckbucks.com/ There's a site that some friends of mine were looking at and …[View]
11131776>30yo boomer that creates a slack bot that posts kitties before happy hour on friday…[View]
11131745Sumting Wong ...: I believe you took a wrong stone..[View]
11130078Scenario >Tomorrow or on the 20th the SEC Approves the Direxion ETF What do you do?…[View]
11131113I have 160$ where do I invest?[View]
11130975My mother is a crypto currency trader: I wonder if any of you are you aware that there are people in…[View]
11131083Likely eth staking interest, according to current plans. That's without transaction fees.[View]
11131309It's PnD season again, random shitcoins pumping 20%+ Place your bets but don't forget to s…[View]
11130512invest in liquor: easiest 40% you ever get[View]
11130726What do you guys do to make money? Besides a job and crypto. Do you guys do anything shady? I know y…[View]
11130548It's different this time. If you're a special chosen one you can feel it already.[View]
11131554Wait so the leak is true?[View]
11131519Koreans WILL PUMP this.[View]
11129246we na be hy ch: Followed by nick Szabo, who is this guy and what does he know?[View]
11132142Lads is my wageslave day off. So much free time away from wageslavery today. Think I'm going t…[View]
11130765JIHAN WU VS CSW VS ROGER???: can some anon please explain wtf is going on in the bcash community? ar…[View]
11131439sup /biz/, need a quick TA read. can someone tell me the name of this formation?[View]
11131056Bithumb listing LINK today: Posted 52 minutes ago: https://twitter.com/BithumbOfficial/status/104229…[View]
11131049EDN: He missed the moon hahahahahahahaha: Hahahahhahahaha but so many people warned you eden was goi…[View]
11131318NEXT 10x: Edenchain going on kucoin in 2 hours. Market cap is still extremely low (4m) only 2.5x ico…[View]
11131503>I can literally swing trade LINK[View]
11131325What's your opinion on wearing sunglasses at work?[View]
11131322Fuck all of you: You said chainlink would dump, I FUCKING SOLD AT 5000 SATS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
11125663reluctant kneepad girl: what happened to her[View]
11131230>wake up now >just lost teh pump ok is there anything i can do now…[View]
11130901*moons*: >he didnt listen hahahhaah[View]
11131358SOLD AT 5000 SATS F*CK YOU BIZ[View]
11130870Hey bizraelis, I've been dating this girl for 5 months and I'm smitten. She's a genui…[View]
11131294Are we buying alts today biz?[View]
11130665Ethergem General Thread #2 : Node to the Future: Ethergem https://egem.io/ Circ. Supply : 10M Total…[View]
11131215Join us[View]
11129671I get home from college to check BAT, its literally all day everyday non stop....: 8am to 930pm, men…[View]
11131158Did a slavic woman call you from Zürich about optima ico? How did they even know about me?[View]
11131145RIP Kanan aka 50 cent: You will be missed. You went out like a true G. I will miss watching u and bi…[View]
11130334Stellar (XLM) General: Hard Nips Edition https://www.stellar.org/ https://twitter.com/StellarOrg St…[View]
11129042Npc coins: What coins do npcs love most?[View]
11128374I got scammed didn't I?[View]
11130772Buying Green Candles: I seriously hope you guys have finally learned not to buy high and are instead…[View]
11130943When the didn't listen: When they didn't listen and invested in stellar kek.[View]
11131221Zen Protocol (ZP) - Buy the Dip edition: Zen Protocol is a new financial blockchain built from scrat…[View]
11130756Just woke up. Why that beautiful green link dildo?[View]
11130941hey fellow entrepreneurs! I found this super easy way to make big bucks...SELLING LIQUIDATED AMAZON …[View]
11131198I am now a NEO and ELA investor[View]
11127769A One Trillion Dollar Hidden Treasure Chamber is Discovered: >The Supreme Court of India and its …[View]
11131121All these exchanges track your IP, WTF?: https://cryptoslate.com/binance-kraken-gate-io-referred-to-…[View]
11131150Who is long commodities too?[View]
11131133>TFW Just woke up in Europe and saw the LINK price: Is this what making money in your sleep looks…[View]
11129814Massive influence comes from these fucktards. How do we destroy them?[View]
11128340Work Boots: What is the best brand? Style? Type? >Be me >Electrician for 6 1/2 years >Work…[View]
11129734VITALIK WILL BE JAILED: What has Ethereum contributed with on the block-chain scenario? Let me tell …[View]
11128502Technical analysis seems easy. What's the catch?[View]
11128591welcome aboard korea bros[View]
11130181spend your crypto, use it for goods and services like you're supposed to do with a currency.. S…[View]
11127398So how do you cash out of crypto?[View]
11127482How sustainable is this?[View]
11130757what is with all the TOMO post recently: should I fomo[View]
11129372there are people out there who literally go $100's of thousands into debt because they were too…[View]
11130906What's the better plan for the future, cashing out now to pay for a degree or putting all my tu…[View]
11128907Fellas, is this gold or just stupid?: Imagine an old fashioned movie theater experience except onlin…[View]
11130312>Kraken declared that market manipulation “doesn’t matter to most crypto traders,” What did he me…[View]
11130280I FOMO'd into TOMO[View]
11130630BIZ WHAT DO I BUY[View]
11130922Why can't link stay above 5k sats? Really makes me think[View]
11130957Omisego: Itt name a bigger jungle book feces throwing scam in crypto. Why are these faggots not shot…[View]
11130462ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
11130689All you had to do was to listen: https://multicoin.capital/2018/09/14/debunking-market-narratives-li…[View]
11130852What's the source on Bithumb listing LINK, friends?[View]
11130809Is a 'node' actually a real thing, or is it just a fake buzzword they put in crypto scam power point…[View]
11130826any predictions about chainlinks price? seems like it wont go down sub 50k sats this week but what a…[View]
11130432Bitcoin CASH[View]
11129771can Bitcoin itself be engineered to compete with VISA in transactions per second? is it about blocks…[View]
11129388we na be hy ch: https://twitter.com/SFAR52/status/1042232087472943107?s=09[View]
11130831OK YOU CAN STOP NOW[View]
11128870Exposed: Here is a useful reminder for all you faggots >1 billion tokens >anons meme for alm…[View]
11128067Shill me the next 10x[View]
11130445PLEASE READ. THE TRUTH ABOUT CHAINLINK: Listen I genuinely care about about Anons financial well bei…[View]
11130641Imagine not buying $TLRY at $20: it has gone 8x in a month, feels like the crypto bull run ;) maybe …[View]
11130770RENT FREE MUFUGGA!![View]
11130758Free option play for u losers: Hey 4channelers, its The-St0ckD0rKKK. Here's what ima do tomorow…[View]
11130233$5 EOY Buddy of mine works at NETA in Massachusetts and told me they’re going to start use some new …[View]
11128567The only thing you need to be a rich man by next January.[View]
11130511This is Sergey Nazarov, the founder and CEO of Chainlink. Say something nice about him[View]
11130645i can't find any public video that explains bitcoin as detail as csw[View]
11130656whoever made that fake shill website can you put it on reddit and not here..would probably be more e…[View]
11128715LAWYER GENERAL: Anyone a lawyer? Redpill me on becoming a lawyer plz. I am currently a Construction …[View]
11127675https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45558593 The UK is going to regulate the shit out of crypto and …[View]
11128784WTF is going on[View]
11130568Aidan Kearney aka turtle boy: Is the one who is responsible for shitting up this board with link and…[View]
11130476LINK: Is this meme cube the hardest coin to trade? It dumps when it seems ready to pump and it pumps…[View]
11130555APOLOGIZE: told you it wasn't a scam[View]
11128789Why arent you invested in EDN: >working product >all star team >market cap only 3m >shil…[View]
11130155Hey TA-fags, what's the name of this formation?[View]
11130308Why haven't you bought in? > Releases on KuCoin in less than 3 hours > Testnet out in 3 …[View]
11128445Passive Link Node Operation: So I've done some research into the best way to run a node, and ru…[View]
11130160Why is LINK pumping? I sold at 4500 sat thinking I could rebuy lower and feel like a total loser now…[View]
11129430learned something today: Don't feel comfy saying too much. I work for a small-ish company who w…[View]
11127987Are we actually going into a multi year bear market?[View]
11129206>be in shared office >really need to fart >can't leave while the boss is talking What …[View]
11130122>be me >/makeit/ in crypto >'anon what do you do?' >sperg-out.gif >i-i uh just do not…[View]
11129868w-whats gonna hapsen[View]
11130371>By the time he was five years old, Mozart had complete mastery of keyboards and violin, and had …[View]
11129256Lots of Psyops going on right now...: I'm seeing tons of posts in crypto about cashing out and …[View]
11130228Chainlink: EUROPEANS ARE WAKING UP Quick before it dumps[View]
11128423Storage Auctions: Are they worth it ? I wanted to buy a couple units after I work some over time an…[View]
11130110EDN: Take the Eden Chain pill: Next 10x Pick up a quick pump on idex right now, you are going to reg…[View]
11129893I'm supposed to buy this thing?[View]
11124695/smg/ - Stock Market General: The only green I’ll see today edition >I'm new to the stock ma…[View]
11121876two weeks, literally nothing, even a used wallet....[View]
11129518Anyone willing to help a rookie settle his mind? I needed more instant deposit today in the market, …[View]
11129791YOUNG AND DUMB CONTAINMENT THREAD: 20 yo. Got a good chunk of money saved up after having worked lik…[View]
11129706How would I even convert 1 million meme internet money into usable money?[View]
11130290I want to die.[View]
11129889Friendly reminder that the doomer meme is a cope for nonzoomers to not be called boomers.[View]
11130220Pajeets are returning to crypto en masse.[View]
11130223$5 EOY NETA in Massachusetts is working with them. One of the directors told me about it.[View]
11130105new linklet here looking for the best way to store my linkies. is MEW safe or should I get a ledger …[View]
11129787MONETHA ON BINANCE: strange things[View]
11130092Are these your average LINK hodlers?: I know it's a wyte boi coin so... https://patch.com/new-j…[View]
11130109The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11128871Predict Bitcoin's price a year from now.[View]
11130015The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11129888How much LINK do I need for a sportcar like this?[View]
11130035Casual relationships How do they affect you? You guys told me about holo during its ICO so here I…[View]
11129543How do I advertise a new ERC20 token I made?[View]
11128414Public service announcement: So some of you autists May have been following the sunspot threads over…[View]
11129972Is it slightly suspicious that there is an ETF with a deadline on the 20th, which means a decision w…[View]
11129887>Yom Kimpor now >Have day off thanks to Jew bosses observing it isnt so bad really.…[View]
11118649>In 1985, a house would be 2x your annual salary >In 2018, a house would be 6-10x your annual …[View]
11129954ACTUAL TRANSCRIPT: 'I don't know Steve...I-I don't fucking understand. I DON'T FUCKIN…[View]
11129931so is this how it is?: bulls push it up 20 bucks, bears push it down 20 bucks, forever?[View]
11117266Holo: whale here. pumping HOT on Binance. leggo.[View]
11129842better start accumulating anon, you dont want to miss this one[View]
11125239Jimmy song says he would rather read MEIN KAMPF than KEYNES @ 38:00 https://youtu.be/IqOPBS-IITM[View]
11129880o boy: i bought 1 btc pls help i am a degenerate gambler[View]
11129373Where’s that Anon that swingtraded their LINK for 430K REQ yesterday? Are you OK sir?[View]
11129318I could trade all of my link for nearly 500k req rn. Is that a good idea short term?[View]
11129859BRAP: This is t. 91 Dragon inbound Heads up marines[View]
11122594It has to be fucking impossible. I just can't believe there's even a slight possibility th…[View]
11123640REPORT FOR DUTY - General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov - General: 500001+ LINK - Lieutenant …[View]
11126801Was #metoo the best thing that ever happened to men, and the worst thing that happen to women? I jus…[View]
11129641What's up bros. Now that the bullrun back, we need to start thinking about ways to keep us earn…[View]
11129460reminder that no coiners will not make it.[View]
11129659I'm about to throw down a huge sell order and don't want to screw you guys over so go ahea…[View]
11119321/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Welcome to /pmg/ - Edition #3 >Introduction This is an inclusive…[View]
11126431What do your Silver and gold stacks look like?[View]
11129704>>11121734 G-guys...it’s gonna come back down to 4100...r-right? Why do I always get bogged?[View]
11128832BlockV - VEE: Has anyone here already downloaded Vatoms? I live in Brazil and when I downloaded I di…[View]
11129725Are we holding or trying to offload?: Not sure this ones gonna do anything[View]
11128106Friendly advice: Instead of investing in worthless ERC20 tokens, mine or buy some CryptoNight coins.…[View]
11128492Link faggots: We made it!!!![View]
11129621biz fantasy thread: If you make it and become a dollar multimillionaire what's your next move? …[View]
11129440Listen I genuinely care about about Anons financial well being. Its hard as shit to get ahead in lif…[View]
11128808Convince me not too /biz/: Its either this or full blown all in with chain link.[View]
11128089still thinks it's a multi year bear market.: >tfw we already made it through the hard part b…[View]
11128984>mfw you realize boomer life is just an excuse to be complacent into a life of doing small tasks …[View]
11129578was the pump yesterday insiders or just fuckery? that was not a small buy[View]
11129503Are there any books or book that talks about the kind of shit senior managers pull to save their own…[View]
11129509Ok guys I’ve had enough. Dropping the real crypto red pill right now. Crypto is useless, it was inve…[View]
11128704People who sold at 4500-800 sats today expecting to buy back at 4100: show yourselves[View]
11129456Doesn't feel so good, bros..[View]
11129240To any poor Chainlinkers left...: Sell now. What do you suppose happens after exchange listings? Don…[View]
11129244Hey, /biz/, be honest with me, are we really gonna make it bros? I literally have nothing else to lo…[View]
11128338University degree, but in what?: Hi fellas! I am currently doing the needed formalities to get into …[View]
11129349Time for bed wagie Jeff needs you to be well rested and on point for another long day in the cagie[View]
11129152this anon reminded me of that larper who said price manipulation would start to end in give or take …[View]
11129347Launches in 3 days!: Are you ready anons?[View]
11129305hey /biz/ me and a few friends are starting our own tshirt business. where do you think the best pla…[View]
11129312Hello Darkness my old friend: It's fucking dead isn't it? Top 20 coin but only like 3 dedi…[View]
11129160STOP BUYING CHINK COINS: What are the main Chinese coins? NEO (from the Matrix) TRON (the movie) TH…[View]
11126708Pls help[View]
11127935G g g g g guys is Bithumb listing ChainLink: https://bithumb.cafe/archives/39296[View]
11127239>can learn everything under the sun online >can be perfectly qualified in anything that isn’t …[View]
11129205You guys call this a pump? I’ll show you a pump.[View]
11128634Have you ever participated in a Pump and Dump? Is there a way to identify which coins will be pumped…[View]
11128175find a more bullish looking one day chart than XLM[View]
11129161>WE are the greater fools. >WE are the laggards.…[View]
11129171Do you guys sell RSUs immediately?: If you work for a company that gives you RSUs do you guys sell i…[View]
11128737Ethereum: TA fags please tell me what is a good entry point for this thing[View]
11129095Georgia: Hi /a/nons. I've managed to escape my containment board. I want to know if bank accoun…[View]
11128649Bittrex, wtf are u doing now?: I see Bittrex have 'updated' their charts and have more indicators no…[View]
11129000Are children a good investment?? MY gf wants a kid to help her cope with her existential dread.[View]
11128764Sergey's Obituary: We write Sergey's obituary three words at a time. >Sergey was a…[View]
11128750Open Law is Boomer Friendly[View]
11129046If this isnt your financefu you're N E V E R going to make it. But even if she is, back the fuc…[View]
11128347Do Americans not have e-transfers to send money? I always hear about Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, etc bu…[View]
11128846post your portfolios faggots: stocks or crypto i dont give a shit just wanna see what u got[View]
11128407Stellar (XLM) General: Tokensoft Edition https://www.stellar.org/ https://twitter.com/StellarOrg St…[View]
11128944It's true.[View]
11128930how do I short the NFL? https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2018/09/16/week-two-nfl-stadiums-plagued-by…[View]
1112882853: Gee we just keep moving on up rent free my linkies[View]
11127767Is it possible to pump up a slow moving low satoshis coin with 500$? I keep seeing these shit coins …[View]
11128795it's only a 10 dollar pump but i feel good about it... are we gonna make it?[View]
11128706be honest... how many of you were swing trading?[View]
11127687Well just got listed on 3 new exchanges, bags full everyone?[View]
11126837thai scam: JUST[View]
11121581Earn easy money mining Skycoin. AMA: Skycoin is going to be THE blockchain project that changes the …[View]
11128635Took an autism test today: Not surprised at the results. Still not buying link.[View]
11128266Look at the fucking state of you, /biz/[View]
11128610Ask a professional crypto trader anything[View]
11127204Chainlink: Look at the interest over time in chainlink, its going down. Look at related topics. 4ch…[View]
11128018Auto refresh isn't working (I have it checked and can see the countdown) and I can't expan…[View]
11128588How many to make it?: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/apollo-currency/ Can anyone FUD this proj…[View]
11128444... Bros??[View]
11124290Hi guys , a YouTube video by Bizonacci showed up in my feed 'wage cuckin' it' and it inspired m…[View]
11125623>THe 28 yo boomer waiting with cash for a house crash[View]
11128496Gib new LINK memes.[View]
11128247Shorting CLAMs on Poloniex right now: Literally free money as this shitcoin gets de-listed from the …[View]
11128490The singularity is upon us brothers, do not forsake this opportunity. Praise KEK[View]
11121856Jibrel Network: Hook me up with some price predictions. What do you expect for 2020-2022? Only hardc…[View]
11126454how rich are the ex-royals? when the monarchy was abolished did the common people took everything th…[View]
11128378TOMO: $100 EOY[View]
11128464*explodes violently*: >https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/YRZvdurN-The-target-of-current-bu…[View]
11127940More CBA breadcrumbs?: CBA look like they are working on some pretty big things with digital asset p…[View]
11128094*crashes the Australian fruit and vegetable market*[View]
11128310I want more!!!!: I just want more stinky link https://youtu.be/ZZM_a8ap0AI[View]
11128183Soon your chance to get in at the bottom will be gone.[View]
11122030The Rothschilds: Is this just a /pol/ tier conspiracy or they actually the people who run the world?…[View]
11128047WEW LAD: if u still dont get it ... wew lad >be me >get paycheck >buy btc and eth >laugh…[View]
11127052Help me turn 5k into 10k and you get my money: I need to Double this shit - if you help me double th…[View]
11126014He isn't investing like the neo foundation did: >neo foundation was angel investor >nem c…[View]
11128210Can't believe you guys get excited over the tiniest pumps now. How low we have fallen since 201…[View]
11128091Why is the volatility so low[View]
11126559>ETH started going up after I had opened my short position fuck arthur do something! keep dumping…[View]
11127127What coins are you accumulating and waiting for 10 50 100x? tell me about your low marketcap coins m…[View]
11128185$1000 next bull run: buy or cry.[View]
11128190reminder that Bitcoin is the Gold Rush 2.0[View]
11128043>he sold the short squeeze? >pamp eet[View]
11127876R A N K_F I F T Y - T H R E E[View]
11128016LINK: Pump it[View]
11126814I AM TRUSTLESS BECAUSE I CAN'T TRUST ANYTHING: >Don't trust exchanges or websites so my…[View]
11127491>tfw /biz/ is just a bunch of zoomzooms talking about their fake worthless currencies with the vo…[View]
11126634My linkies stay super stinky $10000 end of the year[View]
11127044Crescat: The Hamstrung Fed, Gold, & The Bursting Of China's 'Mother Of All Credit Bubbles':…[View]
11126322Sales people are the ultimate anti-wagecuck wagecuck job. Work, get no salary, but be able to make 1…[View]
11114642$10000 EOY is FUD: Jesus christ.[View]
11127996HOLY FUCK[View]
11127944Is there anything comfier than being all in Link?: Is this what people with 5 figures of ETH felt li…[View]
11127984Imagine how dumb you'd have to be to be buying Link rn. Binance is 3x bigger than bithump ya du…[View]
11126753Request Network: Hello. There will be two unexpected (in a good way) announcements for the project u…[View]
11127761the bitcoin standard: there has never been a better money in the history of the world. I still can’t…[View]
11127725It's time[View]
11124024Joint lease roommate trying to skip out on rent?: Me (R) and my roommate (V) lived in Philadelphia, …[View]
11127899Bitcoin is king: Reminder that these are crab prices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDU_Txk06tM …[View]
11126770Is this shit legit or rigged as fuck? Anyone copying trades can share the avg % of win?[View]
11127779It would only take $80k to kill bitcoin forever right now. Every single node must patch asap or its …[View]
11127394Bitcoin Cash: Can my fellow BCH bros tell me what they think will happen Nov 15? The animosity betwe…[View]
11127004What are the best job sites? Indeed is total shit, it shows the same 6 sponsored listings every fuck…[View]
11125856Coinbates airdrop thread: Here's a real gem boys, this could be the key to mass adoption for cr…[View]
11124671We won’t experience the highs of the 2017 fall bull run for years, will we?[View]
11127542Physics vs Engineering: So guys I have to decide what to study, I'm pretty good at math and lik…[View]
11124278Chainlink and the Taxman: >No LINK is required in order to be a node operator. However, holding L…[View]
11127749EDN: next quant: Next idex mooner. going on kucoin tonight with 2.9m market cap[View]
11127741STEP ASIDE ZOOMERS AND NPCS: My fellow boomers, these are the GOLDEN YEARS. * Crack * * Sip * AHHHH…[View]
11127577I tried to tell you once /biz/ about what this thing will do. You hate money if you aren't pack…[View]
11126321>gives vitalik pointers on sharding why aren't you all in[View]
11127268Ok so I just took out a bnak loan for 50 K USD and I invested it in chainlink. Just wanted to ask w…[View]
11127591>go to library >feel sick and can barely walk >decide to lean againt a shelf >gut rumble…[View]
11127537Any other 30 year old boomers watch her show everyday? Has there ever been a woman more based and re…[View]
11127607EDN: Let me let you little muchkins in on a secret. EDN on idex right now next quant dont tell anyon…[View]
11126825NY state coming after binance and kraken[View]
11127617daily reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11127343Forwarded Message from: Tor Bair @ Enigma (ENG): I've stated it elsewhere, but it's worth …[View]
11127499THIS IS NOT A DRILL: MASSIVE BITCOIN BUG FOUND https://twitter.com/howelzy/status/104220911159153459…[View]
11127615Is 20,000 enough?: I'm planning to hold till at least $5. Might dump 5k at $1. But will I ever …[View]
11126312RIP to this shitcoin: Bittrex is delisting this piece of shit[View]
11127094found 2.5 btc in a wallet from the private key website that keeps getting posted here, not bad for a…[View]
11125684ITT: Bullshit business advice: >'Do what you love' No one's childhood dream was working in o…[View]
11123611Seriously, FUD me on why NERVA isn't free money.: If you're not a COMPLETELY impatient moo…[View]
11127112I tried to warn you.[View]
11126184The virgin: Ichimoku The normie: MACD, Stoch, RSI The brainlet: follows calls from telegram, twitter…[View]
11126855>Lived neet life for 5 months >Get a job working in an office >Get paid pretty well >off…[View]
11126311CASH OR CREDIT /BIZ/?[View]
11125991>I saw the Reddit post by u/sick_silk regarding the mysterious Bitcoin wallet, (1933phfhK3ZgFQNLG…[View]
11126817Starting a crypto exchange: I want to start a smallscale crypto exchange and operate it over pirate …[View]
11127006Its never going to happen.[View]
11127206>that 30 year old boomer who’s favorite fast food restaurant is Arby’s Lmao gramps…[View]
11126620What happened? This was promising Was it their bad management? A community with an extremely small …[View]
11126334NIMARINES REPORT IN: Is 10k NIM enough to make it if I hold till 2020?[View]
11127265Why is /biz/ filled with the bottom half of the bell curve? They’re anti semitic/ half heartedly bas…[View]
11126833long term BTC pairings: 1/2 alright, so I was thinking about the whole discussion of btc pairings an…[View]
11127217Chainlink Blackpill: Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase…[View]
11127273>co worker is a literal boomer >I'm 24 >Start shooting bantz with him >He gets t…[View]
11126340Thoughts on this: Looks the most oversold in the top 10, pumping a bit[View]
11122026Mainnet live before the 26th: You all know wha the black and white flag at the bottom means, right ?…[View]
11123844Teeka Pajeeka: Did we discover anything more about this since last night? >>11114642 Feeling k…[View]
11126409why is a good chunk of threads on /biz/ posted from an iPhone?[View]
11127234>I try to shart but I just end up changing underwear You mean sharding vitalik? >Oh. That…[View]
11127164You know what to do[View]
11126723the bear trap is in. gas up the rockets. bull run now.[View]
11125289I just did the math bros So far in 2018, I've only made $18,000 daytrading crypto full time I q…[View]
11127095AGGREGATION SPECULATION: let's assume that the chainlink team is planning to go live using 3rd …[View]
11126986>still no mass adoption >still have all these worthless digital coins that I cant use on anyth…[View]
11126378Any UofT anons?: Pls respond. I’m long chainlink and I keep thinking about how I’m better than every…[View]
11126324Hello sirs, Have you heard of CRYPTOGRAPHIC ULTRA MONEY? Very Good new coin ... No #Fomo! https://me…[View]
11124033Breaking news: Three Crypto Exchanges May Be Operating Illegally, N.Y. Says https://www.bloomberg.co…[View]
11123899Real Bitcoin Price Forecasts: As Vitalik brings up, there is only so much money and wealth in the wo…[View]
11125637>living at parents house >only $1500 in the bank >college degree but working as admin assis…[View]
11126905How can i make money online? Don't have a capital so i can't invest. Does anyone have some…[View]
11126776Tomo>eos More decentralized Way more headroom for gains MONEY FUCKING SKELLY visited tomo office …[View]
11126852How badly is this about to get fucked[View]
11126393I have a terrible habit of buying back into btc JUST before it dumps. I wanted to warn you guys in a…[View]
11126923Give me one good reason of why to not buy this (((coin)))[View]
11126883Can we agree that 5800-6500 is btc bottom? I mean it's been tried a dozen times by now and has …[View]
11126694Etfs: September 30.[View]
11123950REN: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180914005002/en/Republic-Protocol-Partners-Wyre-Provid…[View]
11126869Bears, your days are over: Get ready for the ultimate BULL RUN[View]
11126858buy now or forever regret[View]
11125844Crypto is just depressing now[View]
11126293With the inevitable stock crash coming sooner, how will crypto markets be affected?[View]
11126797MCO: In top 15 on coinmarketcap at the end of 2019[View]
11126792Tfw woke up 30 mins late for today’s pumps[View]
11126649Opinions on Ravencoin for mining: So /biz/, I have a spare rig with a 1080ti doing lots of nothing m…[View]
11126270Megacorps: Let's take the discussion off (((pyramid schemes))) for a moment and have a creative…[View]
11126768Well boys, I unironically bought some LINK. Pls tell me how much of a faggot I am for falling for a …[View]
11126779>no job >no debt/expenses >no obligations >no stress >free 500 dollars every month t…[View]
11125569I fucked up lads...I fucked up my stats by allocating skill points into the wrong tree. I chose a ST…[View]
11120168>be american >your currency has literal word-art on it…[View]
11125237Dear diary, today I[View]
11126719Massive exploit found in CLAMs: Hackers were able stake over 3 millions clams. It's unclear if …[View]
11126713What's the deal with this shitcoin? It’s literally just a cheap bandage on top of a shitty netw…[View]
11126420refute this: https://www.techllog.com/news/3-reasons-cardanoada-can-go-boom/amp/[View]
11125449Are commodities a buy?[View]
11125204A statement from an institutional investor of Uchain on it's underperformance: For a long time …[View]
11126603I sold at 5800. I don't give a fuck what you haters say. Crypto is dead. It's just banker …[View]
11120603>tfw got into crypto march 2017 >could have bought ripple at 1 penny >only bought 5k ripple…[View]
11126521hello fellow business chatters: sup /biz/ Do you think there is going to be a btc rally? I am long …[View]
11126615What are some good evening jobs that pay well?[View]
11124933>anon what do you even do for fun?[View]
11126589itt: we predict btc price next halvening: so hashrate at ath, if it keeps going on and block rewards…[View]
11126570What the fuck is going on.? Why are there NO make fun of the REQ cucks threads. Did something happen…[View]
11126479How do I short his?[View]
11126347What is the most trustworthy exchange?[View]
11125083Someone give me an honest analysis Will it moon again? If so, when?[View]
11124138These coins have a combined marketcap of SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION, yet a total volume less than…[View]
11125892>new admin assistant at work >talking and she mentions she used to live downtown for school …[View]
11126227If you hate money don't listen to the faggots shilling this[View]
11122623who here /wetwipe/ masterace? >toilet paper - smears the shit into your hairy anus, leaving dry s…[View]
11126357go to bed anon, you have to work tomorrow[View]
11126301not making it with crypto feels like a certainty now[View]
11126232Who else fell for the MUme?: I bought shares at $48-$54. Should I have bought crypto instead?[View]
11125553back taxes: the IRS just sent me a notice of intent to seize my property or rights to property in or…[View]
11126384If link goes to $61 I'll be satisfied I'm not asking for much, I'll be fine[View]
11118691This juicy short squeeze will be epic.: So much fud lately, 4chins, plebbit, trading view, and your …[View]
11125122where find job?: graduated from decent uni with economics but cant find a job. any advice before i o…[View]
11126300LAST CHANCE to buy a bitcoin with the fiat money you have now. In the next months there will be no w…[View]
11126083This is how big Salesforce is[View]
11125718the 3 million TPS coin coming for you. your coin will die. bitcoin ethereum die. credits will win[View]
11124878How do I make money off of this?[View]
11126341Keep this thread alive I'll read all the replies when I get home :) cya soon[View]
11124509>co-workers start talking about sex[View]
11126294I have 5k to invest: I need to Double this shit - if you help me double this by end of month you get…[View]
11122921Bobo is spreading. I've seen him used in telegram channels. I saw a guy on Twitter with a Bobo …[View]
11125481how do I make money off of this? pls be original[View]
11125021How much money do you need to be attractive to women? I want hard numbers, /biz/ Don't feed me …[View]
11126190Bakkt and etfs we fucking bull now, bears can’t even break the 6k mining cost even with that massive…[View]
11124338MOOOOODS Wtf is this gay ass tranny porn shit[View]
11122828Vechain and CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO: State of the Vechain reddit, make the Hopium word a mem…[View]
11122938Link Mainnet v0.4.0: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha[View]
11125356I shit like Mr Toilet bitch I need a pooper scooper I'm jumping out the jag like a fucking para…[View]
11126206Bittrex messing with the UI again: Looks like Bittrex code monkeys are fiddling with their UI again.…[View]
11125905Nice pump linkies. That fake teeka report, gotta give you props. But down we go back to 4k sats. No …[View]
11125085I bought at 700 gwei[View]
11126073Chainlink Delusion: Oh look, more tasks have been added past x date. Are you Linkies going to contin…[View]
11124395how possible is a linkpool exit scam?[View]
11125315>he isn't fomo for tomo[View]
11125205bags are getting heavy[View]
11121066We did it boys!: Cardano is unironically never going to be bellow 1080sats ever again[View]
11119628Why is this doing so well without any news or announcements?[View]
11125317Poorfag wagecuck here. I'm about to get USD $500, how do I invest them? Which is the best way t…[View]
11126081>mfw the bottom of the cup is forming >mfw buying the dip 0.016 btc is the easiest buy if it e…[View]
11125968Yeah boyos! Me thinking we are FUCKING BACK![View]
11124864Go to Bed Wagie: Jeff needs you bright and fresh in the morning tomorrow.[View]
11125634When do you think the ETF will be approved? I would say they will push the decision back to late Q1 …[View]
11124430OK just stop it now: My cringe meter just broke[View]
11123732guy makes $100 in one day with only $1: HOW THE FUCK IS THIS REAL https://youtu.be/QALPNfOiGd4…[View]
11126027Hmm, where could this possibly go from here.[View]
11125529Sup /biz/, I need some advice for my career and on what should I do. I'm currently a sophomore …[View]
11126009What is the best oracle service, and why is it Chainlink?[View]
11123352in the last minute there were: >247 million emails sent >71,000 hours of music listened to on …[View]
11125158Opinions on TFD?[View]
11125917Marius is going to be on #CNBC and #FOX: MSM calls him the worlds foremost Bitcoin trend forecaster…[View]
11125921Gemini Free block trading!: Here comes BTC/ETH/ZEC moon! Super bullish on this >The minimum quant…[View]
11125683I just want to make $1 a day online with the least work possible, any ideas? I can some initial inve…[View]
111258807 days[View]
11125875Why the fuck did the consensus turned on this shit? I literally bought at ATH and sold for 70 cents …[View]
11124543Linkies cannot refute this: I guess it was good while it lasted, we had some funny memes, but don…[View]
11125418>coworker walked in on me pissing in the sink.[View]
11123914ignite retarded plebs: That's the level of incompetence in ignite. Lol. How do we expect ICOs r…[View]
11125845>coworker found out I've been fucking his wife[View]
11125772What coins are you accumulating and waiting for 10 50 100x? tell me about your low marketcap coins m…[View]
11122076Why is LINK basically outperforming everything today?: Was Assblaster right?[View]
11125612post yfw: >tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the end of chainlink's ico and mainnet…[View]
11125622Betcha cant scale like me![View]
11125307daily reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11125741This shits so boring now. We might as well trade bonds.[View]
11124248Why wouldn't you listen to the voice of reason?[View]
11124630Master Growers: /biz/ if you're enthousiastic about weed and want my advice, become a master gr…[View]
11125116There are people on this very board that don't have pic related Mainnet is around the corner Vi…[View]
11120429Bitcoin Gold(BTG) will pump very soon on Binance. Get in before it's too late Don't expect…[View]
11124309Who the fuck keeps shilling traps!? WTF GTFO ladyboi fuckers[View]
11125629I just did the math. $1488 EOY[View]
11125608What are the things that any wannabe in real estate must know about[View]
11125588>$10000 eoy[View]
11125554Please help a TA bro out!!: Today was the second time I saw someone presenting a CoinMarketCap chart…[View]
11125436Satoshi gets it!: EOS and bcash are unironically going to be the best performers over the next 2-3 y…[View]
11125037I’m putting together a team[View]
11122858Your should check this project https://www.rate3.network/media-kit 'Rate3 bridges enterprises to t…[View]
11125478>the next X1000 that vitalik doesn't know about[View]
11125130>I've been reading on reddit lately. I think I might be gay after all, what's your opin…[View]
11119577XMR Thread: >not holding XMR youre never gonna make it kid[View]
11121458Actinium - Road to 30x / CMC / New exchanges: Hello, Biz. It was another good day for Actinium. We…[View]
11123797RIP Linkies: What you're not seeing is that second decimal point meaning Link isn't 40 % c…[View]
11115071Whale here. Man, you neets make me laugh with your penny pinching. First one to roll trips gets to d…[View]
11125421Tomo let us Fomo: how is this 11mm market cap[View]
11125359who the hell is spamming scam exchange numbers on liveleak?[View]
11120869Why you should be buying and holding GAS.: Why is everyone shilling shitcoins ? Hear me out, Gas is …[View]
11122577ok here's the crypto blackpill. AI lives on the blockchain. Her name is Tulip. Craig Wright is …[View]
11117830le reddit: I've been reading on reddit lately. >https://www.reddit.com/r/confession/comments…[View]
11124735Roger Ver is just the biggest alpha out there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHiz5dSpZAY literally …[View]
11125016You go all in on a worthless shitcoin. It magically moons to having 99% market share as cryptocurren…[View]
11125287>TFW these bumps are Goldman Sachs dollar cost averaging We are going to make ot boys!…[View]
11124712This might not be business or finance related, but has anyone here ever ordered a fake diploma and t…[View]
11124188lol https://twitter.com/PhilakoneCrypto/status/1042127754697687040[View]
11124073are we still on for dreamforce? I mean, they _are_ releasing a new version just in time for it. seem…[View]
11124966Reminder that if you have to work for a living you’re poor.[View]
11121734Should I sell all my LINK now to buy back at 4100 sats[View]
11125119Why don't we send Sergey fan mail? I think he'd appreciate it.[View]
11123561It's not too late, anon. Do you know what this is, yet? Do you know what it will become? Do you…[View]
11124913Will you become a beta provider after getting rich?[View]
11123987Bitcoin CASH[View]
11124982Tonight...: It's happening tonight, strap in boys![View]
11124149Can you even make money using this?: I just saw a video of a guy who said he made 30$ in a week usin…[View]
11124539Last chance for ACM under 200K market-cap.: You were warned.[View]
11124668There are people on /biz/ that actually believe pic related will happen. KEK y'all finna bouta …[View]
11123097how much more cringe can he get?[View]
11124130I saw Sergey Nazarov while visiting Auschwitz yesterday. Every time the tour guide started to talk a…[View]
11122257How many Bitcoin's would I need to get Abigail Ratchford?[View]
11124603how come whatever coin i buy its value instantly drops?[View]
11124182How many Links for a girl like this?[View]
11124525You got greedy Martin![View]
11124845clean your room[View]
11122780TIME IS FUCKING FLYING: remember the january chinese new year memes? fuck me senpai the year is nea…[View]
1112250110/2018: >Ripple hints its cryptocurrency product will go live 'in the next month You have b…[View]
11124565Chainlink scam: >0.1.0 >0.2.0 >0.3.0 you are here, after 1 YEAR >0.4.0 >0.5.0 >0.6…[View]
11122144I am not convinced.: Don't care if we see 5-15% gains. Everyone chasing penny gains right now. …[View]
11124555What industries select for beta males in general? I want to run businesses where my employees will b…[View]
11124340How much to hack this account?? Or find out who this person is, friend died and this person sent her…[View]
11124692Any other 30 year old boomers watch her show everyday? Has there ever been a woman more based and re…[View]
11123687UK Crypto Tax Accountant: Anyone here know a good crypto tax accountant who can help me file my taxe…[View]
11122440This whale bought the dip.: Sold December, Bought back Feb. Whale would of not bought back in Feb bo…[View]
11118454Nano and Bitgrail leaders scammed over $100 million from Bitgrail: While both Nano and Bitgrail lead…[View]
11122016/smg/ Stock Market General: Tuesday mid-day edition >I'm new to the stock market, what stock…[View]
11124532>neautral during the war >supported germany and probably helped hitler escape to colombia What…[View]
11122433Why is there such a strong Indian presence in crypto? More Indians browse Coinmarketcap than any oth…[View]
11124350Are we actually going to break $6k this time :([View]
11122889AION Mining: If you have NVIDIA cards and aren't mining AION, then I feel bad for you anon... t…[View]
11122389This is the first day of your new life.: Anon, listen. You missed BTC. You missed ETH. You missed NE…[View]
11123995how much of the /biz/ game can be learned through books?[View]
11124076Will I have enough time to accumulate ?[View]
11124069How many ETH to make it?[View]
11122727>he hasn't tethered and shorted BTC right now The whales has made up their mind: they want c…[View]
11119203To the people who don't think Bitcoin will go up in price with time, try to understand this: Bi…[View]
11121554I have $100 worth of btc on bitmex. Should I 100x long bitcoin?[View]
11123937>11 million market cap >official partnership with TD And away we go.....…[View]
11120725>be adopted >dad is worth around 1 mil >dies of heartattack at the age 67 >find out he p…[View]
11124185How do I king wage cages? Which companies will be producing these and the parts for them for amazon?[View]
11124019>So Anon we heard you're a venture capitalist, what's that like?…[View]
11122245Just lost my passive income: >Lyft Affiliate Program >Take out ads for $1 >People signup an…[View]
11121228anyone else left /fit/ for /biz/ and is about to reverse that? this dogshit faggot market might aswe…[View]
11123695>manage property for family but other half of building is owned by distant relatives that make du…[View]
11119869who else is going all in on the opening bell?[View]
11124119Why are there so many cashies lately? Am i missing something[View]
11119023MTV - Multiversum Next moon: Okay biz are you ready for the fucking moon mission of the year? MTV ki…[View]
11123180Let it sink in that BTC is overpriced even at $1,000: you literally lose all your money if you lose …[View]
11123570accidentally sold my bitcoins: should i buy back? ): :([View]
11123777120M$ to 100k$: name a bigger JUST this is your favourite shitcoins fate aswell btw. BTC OR BUST fag…[View]
11121535What’s your mode of transportation fellow wagies?: Thinking about getting one of these, since my tra…[View]
11123689NINJA LOANS: No income, no job or assets and you still get a loan. Some were no documentation. Does …[View]
11123805Don't hate a young hustla /biz/: i had to do it to you[View]
11124027sell now, buy back in two days. thank me later.[View]
11123961sup bizfags, look at me. look at my happy & handsome face. This is the face of success. This is…[View]
11119204Ethergem General Thread #1 : No Moonbois Edition: Ethergem https://egem.io/ Circ. Supply : 10M Tota…[View]
11123684Business ideas for students: Any smart startup/business ideas for students? No crypto bullshit pleas…[View]
11123970Hot trading opportunity: Coca Cola showed interest in acquiring Aurora Cannabis, stock is currently …[View]
11123563/biz/ redpill me cheap places around the world to live in: >Cheap services >Cheap rent >Bea…[View]
11122989Uhhh guys? NEW: The @NewYorkStateAG says Binance, http://Gate.io and Kraken are 'possibly operating …[View]
11123868>that 30 year old boomer who is banging top MILF while you keep trading shitcoins…[View]
11123850Crypto Nick: Where is he now?[View]
11123901how many cryptos?: for a cute frog lady :)[View]
11122228Grug think rock meant to roll, not lie still. No trust rockstream think big nose tribe take over con…[View]
11123879Beating (((them))) at (((their))) own game: Malicious startup idea: a company whose business model i…[View]
11123752Salesforce just bought, for $6.5 billion, Mulesoft Inc., a company that's about making APIs ext…[View]
11122624AN END TO YOUR AUTISM: Will a single one of you stinky faggots ever acknowledge that 75% of link is …[View]
11123612Will we ever see a Sergey Funko Pop?[View]
11123702>be autistic insecure beta virgin >never had duck touched >measure dick >only 5.5 inches…[View]
11123495The real crypto balckpill: Get the fuck in here to best snout hr reels crypto black pill. Here’s the…[View]
11122122Free signal: Breakout is imminent in the next week for NAV.[View]
11123359Strap in lads[View]
11122255teeka: can someone pls post the fake sell note on Chainlink[View]
11123743Release the bull[View]
11123210question for /biz/: I actually went to McDonald's today and got a Filet-O-Fish combo with a bac…[View]
11123705I think we can work out the income you could make from a node based on the number of monetised API r…[View]
11122818Working Remotely Thread: Why do you need such a huge amount of work experience in a field to be able…[View]
11122143This is what emotional attachment looks like.[View]
11123644REPORT IN.[View]
11122893VITALIK WILL BE JAILED: What has Ethereum contributed with on the block-chain scenario? Let me tell …[View]
11118171Microgreens: Hi Biztards, Has anyone here tried to grow microgreens or can give some insight into t…[View]
11123223>he still hasn't accumulated yet. Stay fucking poor biz Ive been shilling for the last 3 we…[View]
11122894This token blows me away: First mineable ERC Token, a direct iteration of Bitcoin on Ethereum, NOT a…[View]
11123519Mainnet is not for at least a year. They're not even half way finished. There is literally zero…[View]
11121658Buy before we hit 5k sats, morans[View]
11122613Theranos: Reminder this is Elizabeth Holme's boyfriend. She was CEO of the /biz/ company Theran…[View]
11122773What if $1000 EOY was FUD?[View]
11123515How delusional of a statement is pic related for this old jew to say? How can you tame a bitcoin?[View]
11123510When moon?[View]
11121931Its happening right now[View]
11122314daily reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11123227Marshmallow test?: Hey /biz/!! Have you ever done the marshmallow test? How did you fare? How do you…[View]
11122266100 sat eom[View]
11123345Where to learn basics?: Im 20, I can save 200 USD every month (live in East-Eu good cash). Im starti…[View]
11122189ITT biz scam coins that you fell for.[View]
11122216Guys I absolutely fucking hate old rich white people (especially the jewish ones) I have never met a…[View]
11123418P3D on ethereum CLassic: get in now and use my link fags https://p3c.io/index.html?masternode=0x783c…[View]
11123204I love this guy and his approach. More people like this? Maybe someone who's more into crypto? …[View]
11123234/tbg/ Tether Bunker General: Are you tethered up before the bloody storm that will kill alts?[View]
11123142LTC BTFO ETERNALLY: >Maturation of the market away from 2017 conditions that facilitated Litecoin…[View]
11123400Are they making fun of us?: Make all kinds of gains from a bullshit app... >In before That's…[View]
11121889Ragie wagie spotted, going in pursuit! Be advised ragie wagie is in the area and is highly ragie and…[View]
11122715Why is crypto so boring now? 2017 was so much fun. Lots of funny stuff happened. But in 2018 the hig…[View]
11122903is this bitcoin halfening bullshit necessary? Did Dogecoin got rid of it for good, securing its posi…[View]
11120965daily reminder owning link is a license to print money when mainnet is out[View]
11123274ITS HAPPENING: https://medium.com/bakkt-blog/what-bakkt-aims-to-solve-as-a-first-step-afa7c56b10d7…[View]
11123255What did he mean by this?[View]
11123283>one day I'll be rich because of crypto[View]
11122275Hi biz i'm investing in psychedelic mushrooms they have great returns and medical benefits i do…[View]
11122963What did he mean by this.: My Actinium's stay hyper-activium. 100x EOY. Screencap this, and ge…[View]
11123244This is the New York AG. She's a new crypto character this season. Say soemthing nice about her…[View]
11122641ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
11123176Every shitty FUD thread and post makes me more convinced that buying Chainlink was the best decision…[View]
11123182what if i have: > part of my home in Florida > and PART of a property in New York that pays me…[View]
11123220Tomo make you fomo: (1) vitalik office visits to talk about tech (2) 10+ VC investors (3) Many part…[View]
11121355Daily reminder this man is about to start the Chainlink moon mission[View]
11121661How many EOS to make it?: I am a 23 yo doomer NEET and I've put $1000 in EOS, LINK, and REQ. Wi…[View]
11118652>nmom and ndad are threatening to kick me out if I don't start paying rent What the FUCK is …[View]
11122736Buy LINK at 4.6k sats or wait for it to drop?[View]
11119788REMINDER TO BRAINLETS: If you didn't go to an Ivy League school you will NEVER become a global …[View]
11122513Hi guys , a YouTube video by Bizonacci showed up in my feed 'wage cuckin' it' and it inspired m…[View]
11121322>he thinks silver is rare[View]
11121939TICK TOCK: TICK TOCK[View]
11120674ChainLINK September 18: >>SUMMARY OF RECENT NOTABLE LINK THREADS<< Recently: >LegalZo…[View]
11122737>Watching American TV with a VPN >There's an ad break >Tons of prescription drug ads …[View]
11122707Molach: listen up you stupd pos buy now $10 inbound https://bitcoinist.com/russia-to-focus-on-blo…[View]
11119017Daily Reminder[View]
11122766Did you sold your link for holo? How many marines were lost to the holochain temptress?[View]
11121615Holochads assemble![View]
11122830Where are... I repeat, WHERE ARE MY FELLOW DIGIMARINES![View]
11121803I'm 18, what's the best trade to get into? I'm thinking >Learn trade/invest in cr…[View]
11122645holochain will pump again.[View]
11122495BTC VS ALTS: if btc pulls a 3x from here will alts follow as usual and outperform btc or will it be …[View]
11122798>babies on this board trading penny stocks and crypto worth nothing Weed stocks are where the bi…[View]
11122767kikes busy doing their religious things all day today cryptos recovering how do we keep kikes out of…[View]
11122405Is it really this easy? I found at least 54 btc already and I am not even trying that hard. Literall…[View]
11122410REAL TALK - Ways of making $$$ besides crypto...: Whats the best road to take in 2018? Legal loop h…[View]
11119215HOLY FUCK REQ https://medium.com/@request.network/request-network-project-update-september-18th-2018…[View]
11122711Anyone else been seeing this the last couple of days when they try to update a thread? Ffs I keep ha…[View]
11121277AI will make HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people unemployed: The media hype was right on this one but the…[View]
11120608coinbase: when the FUCK is this normie shithole adding new coins[View]
11122333Can someone post the PBC shilling LINK: larp or not, I don't care. Can someone link it here? I …[View]
11122298So nobody on this cancerous board is gonna talk about this? This is also after David Sacks, paypal …[View]
11122325Whichever anon shilled Link to /pol/ congrats on this seriously. You successfully brought normies, m…[View]
11122418Its crashing again lmao: a new generation of bagholders was born[View]
11122374You better be fucking ready. Bobo shorts better watch out.[View]
11122487So Anons has your country implemented sensible welfare rules where you have to be looking for a job …[View]
11121604Why is Tesla crashing? Does anyone know?[View]
11122386Fuark hes back: desu[View]
11121696How do you prove insider trading? For example: >Elon Musk claims he will crash a gold asteroid on…[View]
11122366>quit job 5 months ago hoping to coast on my savings until crypto boomed once again >lost 3k i…[View]
11122010Hey goys, writing to you from Israel, it is Yom Kippur today and Jews are not going to be online unt…[View]
11122210FUNDING = SECURED: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-18/tesla-…[View]
11122234Gold Rush in RNKLF: RNC Doubles Strike Length of High Grade Coarse Gold Structure from New Developme…[View]
11122090i am a EOS whale with more than 20 million EOS, all of which i acquired below ICO price back in may …[View]
11121402BCIO: Do you plebs even realize how many days is left?[View]
11121053Idea guys: How does an idea guy start a business /biz/?[View]
11121246HOT Insider here: Here is your first clue The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog[View]
11122125No LINKers are bout to lose :^)[View]
11121823Do you support Mr Bezos in his wagie cagie idea? I do. Feels comfy knowing that amazon wagies will b…[View]
11121400Is the Palm Beach confidential faggot really shilling chainlink?: Or was that just a LARP? Also I w…[View]
11121399What's the best non-meme way to invest over a 5 year period if I were to put $200 - $300 away a…[View]
11119978to the anon, who taught me a lesson in not FOMOing in last night... i love you man. I'm glad I …[View]
11121443>Institutional investors will pump up the crypto market. You do realize any investments these com…[View]
1112197958 hours[View]
11121854Blockfolio: Thoughts? Advice?[View]
11120878sorry?: hey sorry!!! WTF is ging on with XRP[View]
11121304how to reach power level[View]
11121964Daily reminder that the Mainnet is in approximately 1 week. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/…[View]
1111920795% of /biz/ won't understand: >ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring …[View]
11121360Holy shit, I just watched this craig wright video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPO4BLw5OXc This i…[View]
11121955>tfw too smart to hold chain link[View]
11121936>top 50 eod >top 20 eow >top 10 eoy The singularity has commenced. The price of Chainlink l…[View]
11121859This is your daily reminder that you're about to miss the moon mission[View]
11121892Holy Cocknuggets[View]
11121188Link Volume + PBC: Volume has indeed gone up. Maybe the Teeka post wasn’t a late?[View]
11120489wtf does 555 mean and why am I seeing it literally everywhere[View]
11121821>he’s not all in Stay poor and miss out on lambos, faggot[View]
11121050How much will I be worth, eoy: 2018 2019 2020 2021 Give me an erection, /biz/[View]
11121566so if buy 1000 of these chainlinks now and later one costs 10 000 , youre saying what exactly?[View]
11121753Any good airdrops around?[View]
11121733I'm just trying to help!: I told you guys to buy Sonm at 650 sats. It just touched 900. I have …[View]
11119741/smg/ - Stock Market General: San Jacinto morning edition >I'm new to the stock market, what…[View]
11121745Charles Hoskinson: Is the reason he fudded holochain because he thinks his tranny is better than our…[View]
11121719Goybase listing imminent?: Riddle me this. XLM, XRP and ADA all 'pumped' at the same time today, hug…[View]
11120825Since 99% of altcoins will drop to 0 in the future and only few will be adopted by the majority, why…[View]
11121285>2 months in to new job >getting close with a qt at work >working on a project in a boardro…[View]
11120460Sell me this Ven[View]
11121656>tfw have a fuck tone of cones from accumulating on this juicy dip[View]
11121634These delphi faggots deleted thread because they looked at their puny wallets and cant even push the…[View]
11118664>identified 10 stocks that would Moon back in 2017 >didn’t have the money to invest >mfw my…[View]
11120942sup /biz/ Do you think there is going to be a btc rally? I am long eth and some other coin options …[View]
11120957You don’t want to miss the ride to 30+ sats now do you anon? This is your last warning[View]
11119732hahahaahahaha you people are fucking stupid, success isn't made by 'HUSTLIN' 'N SHEIT…[View]
11121445How do I short America?[View]
11118615XNV GENERAL: don't mind me, just a 2 cent coin that's gonna hit $1 in a month just passing…[View]
11121087what do you think?[View]
11120389XLM MONEY SNAKE HAPPENING: Head is almost formed and in strike position. Expect gains.[View]
11120219Where were you when you realized this was a better store of value than eth or btc[View]
11119328I've never seen a market so ungrateful and sociopathic. ETH is the ENTIRE REASON 2017 HAPPENED.…[View]
11120449Why are there so many manlets in positions of power? What can be done against this menace?[View]
11121317biz frens, i asked a question on r/investing and they laughed at me. dey a bunch of entitled jerkfac…[View]
11121331How soon is the moon? November?: Would Bitcoin in your 401(k) do it? http://fortune.com/longform/nys…[View]
11120253What is /biz/ opinion about tezos?[View]
11120447Why is my adsense CPC suddenly $40?: I have no idea what caused this sudden spike. That is astronomi…[View]
11121119Bears are so fucking weak: Can’t even hold us under 6300 Face it bear fags the golden bull run is ab…[View]
11120281what if we're wrong[View]
11118826Do you know better than: This guy: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5b61572227488edfbe58179a082bdb7f7b…[View]
11121284So Quamfy...[View]
11110527xrp! XRP! XRPPPP!!!: STUPID BIZ WRONG AGAIN! BUY BUY BUY!! https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/17/ripple-r…[View]
11120921We /BasingAlongCUV/ now, kiddos: We're gonna get real stinky, real soon.[View]
11117460HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Stupid LINKies.[View]
11120285>your net worth >which is funniest >which is least funny…[View]
11120887shorts at ath[View]
11120004$80 Trillion huh? - Imagine what /biz would look like then...: https://blokt.com/news/draper-says-cr…[View]
11119565at what price have you bought this fucking scammy ruski pedocoin? I'll start, $530[View]
11120188How do I long student debt? Is there an index or fund to profit from college students?[View]
11119946What do you do?: >half way through 3 hour commute, radio on >'and now for some more news about…[View]
11119396TONIGHT: It is happening right now ![View]
11119478Ark v2 when?[View]
11120949>I'm going to make it with crypto[View]
11118472XNV 100x EOY!: General Nerva Thread for all the hodlers.[View]
11115633Why isn’t work done by women valued as highly as work done by men? If women enter a previously male …[View]
11120621When is BAT getting listed on goybase?: Will coinbase even do anything to the price of BAT? Ethereum…[View]
11121025>work 5 years accumulating good boy points just to only reach $25/hr. Why the fuck do people eve…[View]
11120778Summoning a holo whale: Tell me when allmighty whale, when does our time come.[View]
11121007Sergey Save Us[View]
11119217Guys when will it finally go up again? I have invested over 70k Dollars in litecoin. Currently they …[View]
11118215What's up with all the chainlink 10k spam? You understand marketcaps right? You need a 10,000,0…[View]
11120952Jibrel.Where were you when you didnt react to the clues?: The clues were all their anon.You only hav…[View]
11120943Im thinking deeply about just killing myself.[View]
11119038ITT: post facts that anger wagies and anyone who isn't self-employed I'll start >2017: …[View]
11120993NO BEGGING: n9ne/twenty-4our[View]
11120817HAPPENING: Next Idex Moon Mission (5x): 3m market cap listing on kucoin tomorrow with a trading comp…[View]
11120930Is there a free real time paper trading software with level 2 access?[View]
11119758ITT: we pretend to be wagies Happy life = happy life guys![View]
11120439Easing your fears: Bitcorns will unironically be worth $65,000 in 2 years. source: your mom screen c…[View]
11120956The Real Satoshi's vision : XMR: At one point in the past I was actively trying to obtain 21 bi…[View]
11120532Attention Wagies:: >8-5 schedule monday-friday >1 hour unpaid commute to and from work >1 h…[View]
11120391AURA: hope you /biz/lets have been stocking up on idex's staking token AURA >idex is biggest…[View]
11116498How rich is your family?: Simple question. let's see how many anons lucked out and were born in…[View]
11120790walton btfo: https://medium.com/@nomoshitcoins/a-not-so-brief-laugh-at-the-waltonchain-whitepaper-4b…[View]
11120106Wakey wakey, wagie. It's time for your cagie.[View]
11120400Is politics the most profitable business of all?[View]
11120660Why is the poverty skeleton doing this to us?[View]
11117989YOU ARE GETTING OLD: I suggest you guys get rich ASAP What's the point of being rich if most fu…[View]
11119297Are you in yet?: Time to introduce this gem on Reddit I think.[View]
11120559How do I become self-employed in IT and earn 70k[View]
11118794ask a nucka who just found out daytrading is a lie/scam and that the educators are payed for by the …[View]
11120601Republic Protocol review/evaluation: Thoughts on this? Could these figures be correct? https://mento…[View]
11120351XRP FUD, liquidity pools, market makers? Banks won't use XRP? Lmfao weed dude. /biz/ sees obsta…[View]
11105715Sponsored Message:: >Green IDs make it in 2018 >Blue IDs make it in 2019 >Red IDs suffer im…[View]
11114375/smg/ - Stock Market General: Bluebonnets edition >I'm new to the stock market, what stocks …[View]
11120742OceanEX - get ready.[View]
11120648EL Golden Bullerino.: Can you feel it lads? The golden bullrun is right around the corner![View]
11119284Why are NPCs proud to be hard workers?: What is it with normies and their hard working mentality? I …[View]
11120225Why is he so woke? Is it because of the books he reads? Literally everything he says is 100% true. M…[View]
11119506Flood is bearish You know what that means[View]
11120644Is LINK really Teekas pick? This is speculated every single month and never happens.[View]
11120611>tfw economy is a ticking time bomb and is Greece 2.0[View]
11118696Can I make it with $100 in crypto?[View]
11119639Getting over guilt: Been dreaming about getting a nice v8 mustang since forever but now that I got l…[View]
11120599shitcoin named blur: I laugh at all of you faggots who bought that BLUR shitcoin that was shilled he…[View]
11119399A-P-O-L-O-G-I-Z-E: I'm telling you fucking brainlets, ACM is still only 100K marketcap. Nerva 2…[View]
11119120Every fucking day I sit on this train on my trip to work, and every fucking day, some smelly middle …[View]
11120448gimme a good brand name: gimme a good brand name[View]
11120491NIGGER WHERE ARE YOU??[View]
11119450LINK Marines: Hello can someone share the presentation via website link for Swift and ChainLink…[View]
11120461Just because you invest in a blockchain company, it doesn’t mean you have to ‘like’ the company. Do …[View]
11117788IDEX gems: Any new shittokens to look out for? I already x3'd with QNT, looking for a new quick…[View]
11119256CBOE Future trading halt in less than 8 hours from now. Last settlement was 13-Jun, check the charts…[View]
11120167Some smart anons making some smart buys, I see.: You're welcome.[View]
11120438᳝ ᳝ ∠[View]
11120436repent: Reminder that this task/comment was scrubbed from the pivitol once we started talking about …[View]
11118169Unironically only BTC and LINK matter now. Maybe EOS too.[View]
11119190Hop in before it's too late. XRP rocket is taking off.[View]
11120228I have the skill to create a new coin what does the market need?[View]
11118675Intelligence and biggest hold: Post your HS class rank and biggest hold.[View]
11118929>biz's average buy-in is @ 0.50-1 >r/cc retards and Twitter normies will start buying whe…[View]
11120304/wage/ - Wagecuck General: Tough Tuesdays Edition Icebreaker: How's everyone holding up?[View]
11120301>They did not believe >XLM is the real coin they said…[View]
11118487>september 2018 >0.28$ >no mainnet >no singularity >99% turned out to be a LARP >m…[View]
11119432What they mean by this? 'Updated 17h ago'[View]
11111539Am I the only non-white Anon on biz[View]
11120246Just panic sold 1k omg for link. How badly have I just fucked up ?[View]
11119500The absolute state of crypto.: >Pre-announce a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 5 days in advance >The announc…[View]
11119285How does it feel ethereum reddit fags?: I posted day in and day out on reddit and also anon here. To…[View]
11119805NXS: Next year. Accumulate.[View]
11120145I’m all in: Post OC Link memes to congratulate me[View]
11119806HOLY SHIT: https://medium.com/bakkt-blog/what-bakkt-aims-to-solve-as-a-first-step-afa7c56b10d7…[View]
11117377Request Network: Hello. There will be two unexpected (in a good way) announcements for this project …[View]
11118263Just made 25% off that STEEM pump and put everything in tether. Now to wait for bitcoin to hit $5200…[View]
11119749Have you seen that? A gigantic spike on ETH just happened on Bitfinex.[View]
11119558Confession time : I am TWU, and I'm still here.: Hello, anons. TWU here. Remember me? The man w…[View]
11120049try a pool cleaner vacuum while underwater, especially with a heated pool, it will give you the best…[View]
11116122Should I sell my link for req and then dump into tomorrow's update pump and rebuy link? T. Brai…[View]
11119032Will aussie housing market collapse destroy the white race[View]
11119470Matched Betting: Is this a good way to make some ez money on the side?[View]
11118925Holy DUMP![View]
11119966Anyone feel like March to now went by really fast...? I could have been aesthetic, or saved money :O[View]
11119938BAKKT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: https://medium.com/bakkt-blog/what-bakkt-aims-to-solve-as-a-first-step-afa7c…[View]
11119529I run a page with ~250k likes and wondering what the best way to monetise it[View]
11119883Did you just fucking called me Pajeet?: Mother fucker my name is SANJEET, you bastard bitch![View]
11119648Finding Money: Have you ever found any money before? Tell me your story. Me? >metal detecting in …[View]
11119850apology for poor english when were you when Sergoo eat bigmack i was at home dancing over eggplant a…[View]
11117291Daily reminder that no matter what happens, even if BTC goes all the way down to $3k, it’s undeniabl…[View]
11119832>'dumb' boomers dumped as soon as it started going down being fully aware that it's a bubble…[View]
11117263Silver Catalyst Thread: Everyone on this board keeps saying that the price of silver is going to ris…[View]
11117436NIMIQ: Latest news and developments >Nimiq team have opened up their shop where you can use the N…[View]
11118809help me run a homegame: i just moved to japan and want to run a homegame. how do i utilise my vast a…[View]
11119700>tfw time to wage cuck[View]
11118873Zen Protocol (ZP) - Buy the Dip edition: Like many projects launched this year and last, many expect…[View]
11118384Can anyone explain to me Indian market cap???: According to World Bank it's just $2.3 trillion.…[View]
11119383How can you be rich and stupid?: Why is there a market for this? How can someone pay $150K to find a…[View]
11117896>The crypto market right now[View]
11119690Will Bakkt save crypto in Novemeber?: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/09/bakkt-ceo-how-we-wi…[View]
11117233Gold or silver? What is a better store of purchasing power and how long until the inevitable collaps…[View]
11119642Rank 50 tonight[View]
11119619Another pump is starting dont say i didnt tell you[View]
11117271What are fast ways to make money in a span of 2-5 years? >go into IT, then do real estate >bec…[View]
11118784Daily reminder that ACM is an easy 20x: Daily reminder that Tradeogre is the new IDEX-style moon mis…[View]
11119557So my colleague in a former company is the boss in a new one. We were really close and I did them fa…[View]
11119581Obligatory: ANNNNNDDDD WERE BACK!: ETH will never ever ever ever absolutely ever be under $200 again…[View]
11117489Anons Guide To Quant Network: Quant Network >What is it? Overledger is the first blockchain opera…[View]
11119473>tfw tron isn't going for the moon shot but mass adoption instead How does it feel to be on …[View]
11119481I cant even imagine anything ever going up again Why wouldn't it just dump? How can anything ev…[View]
11119491still in denial from 2018 JUST[View]
11119027Decentralized oracles can't work. Do you even know what sybil attacks are? Watch this from 1:24…[View]
11119447Ontology (ONT) ... no words needed.: https://medium.com/ontologynetwork/ontology-consensus-cartoon-h…[View]
11119354>Expecting to be successful without adderall. I guarantee you most elite execs, ceos ect are on s…[View]
11119413AION: Can anyone Shill/ FUD me on AION and why I should/ shoud'nt go all in this at this price?…[View]
11119126The singularity begins on Monday. By Wed, we will see $2 reached. After conference, will drop back t…[View]
11118959Apart from making money and getting rich and fat as you can possibly imagine, does anyone think bloc…[View]
11119340Numerology alerts on a Numerological basis: Numerology alert; Major altcoins are in a bull market. …[View]
11118834biz tell me: how do you even do the DOYR meme anymore, every website is a copy paste with thesame bu…[View]
11118052Job Interview: 'Do you have any questions you'd like to ask us before we wrap this up?' How do …[View]
11116110Holy shit, I just watched this craig wright video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPO4BLw5OXc This i…[View]
11118193i am a EOS whale with more than 20 million EOS, all of which i acquired below ICO price back in may …[View]
11119206Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and put a little elbow grease into it champ.[View]
11119094DONT MAKE ME GO[View]
11118544How do I long wage cages? What companies will be producing these for amazon?[View]
11118882The state of BCH: Fuck off, Craig,[View]
11117589I have $70k in a boomer fund that I'll have custody over in a few days. I know nothing about we…[View]
11118626i have planned out my business for the next 4 months and im fucking bored wtf do you do after you pl…[View]
11118228I lost all my money thanks to shitcoins like REQ and OMG... why I do this to myself I'll never …[View]
11109569BTC is done: lmao are you ready for 5k and below before eoy?[View]
11115883In order for BTC to be worth $100k, someone has to want to BUY IT for $100k. Who is that? Miners wil…[View]
11116214WHY ETH WILL NOT GO BELLOW 100: ETH will never go double digits The biggest crash we've seen wa…[View]
11117363The bitcoin graph doesn't look good... but it doesn't look particularly bad either... I wi…[View]
11115875Student Loans: Does anyone have any ideas and predictions for what they think/feel will happen with …[View]
11118283R A N K 57[View]
11117764What does biz know: What does biz know? Who is the Bitcoin hidden whale? Who previously worked at FB…[View]
11118393IQ + HOLDING: Hi /biz/, I come from [REDACTED] and I was wondering if you would like to participate …[View]
11116909MTV: MTV - Multiversum Exchange link - https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0xcd53c76b8a350b7f9815d6ddc461…[View]
11117609XNV: How long we holding this gem of a coin lads?[View]
11116589Stellar (XLM) General: X Edition https://www.stellar.org/ https://twitter.com/StellarOrg Stellar Ne…[View]
11118719The next easy x5: Strap in boys.[View]
11114716Quant-QNT: If you didn't listen, I'm sorry. If you did, strap in boys.[View]
11118729/fa/ charts: Any other /fa/ chart like pic related? Preferably something that is worth printed and h…[View]
11118066DID YOU BUY SOME QNT SIR?: I am literally not from india and I am not literally one of those paid to…[View]
11115741I holded to zero[View]
11118750Thank you, Tiger Mommy[View]
11118733>need a 10x to break even It's NOT FAIR!!! How am I going to explain this to my relatives on…[View]
11118909/REG/: /REG/ Daddys home and it's time to talk about buying babbys first investment property y…[View]
11117025Am i stupid?: Should I sell my car and go ALL IN with LINK?[View]
11118645I want to start the social media lotteria: I am a painter. I want to set up instagram with my painti…[View]
11118409This UGLY son of a bitch is FUCKING super hot CHICKS and basically YOU are an idiot.[View]
11117588Can someone explain to a brainlet why the BTC market cap line isn't 100% parallel to the fiat p…[View]
11118440Grug think rock meant to roll not lie still Not trust long nose tribe, think they make bitrock bad b…[View]
11118256>mfw I found a glitch in the simulation[View]
11118634Okay, have we filled our bags boys?[View]
11118182Forget your head brain, biz, what is your gut brain telling you?[View]
11118330Ethfinex trustless beta released. No accounts, just metamask/nano/trezor is needed to use it. 40+ to…[View]
11117230does anybody remember the ambrosus hustle? >muh partnerships, muh master nodes bizonacci exit sc…[View]
11117726>'Hey Good morning anon! im grabbing myself a coffee, would you like one?'…[View]
11118464Bitcoin CASH[View]
11118158referral thread: don't wanna end up in wage cage? go get that free money then referral thread …[View]
11117610Skywire: Anyone actually tried using Skywire as a VPN service? How's the performance?[View]
11118636Rank 50 soon, change my mind[View]
11118325Time to FOMO back in, losers. Just look at that juicy graph[View]
11118539QNT TOKEN BURN: Even though etherscan and blockchain technology says that current QNT supply is 10m …[View]
11117983>mfw everyone's bullish >mfw $4000 range is in sight So many people about to get shrekt…[View]
11116109Who the fuck is this[View]
11117143i am a REQ whale with more than 10 million REQ, all of which i acquired below ICO price back in octo…[View]
11118013*free money, sweetie*: >http://blog.bitfinex.com/announcements/eosfinex-introduction/ Fastest, mo…[View]
11118591Where can you find a ranked list of crypto exchange that actually possess large amount of fiat money…[View]
11118496BTC OR LINK?: You walk into an alley and are presented with a choice; You have to choose which optio…[View]
11117575Forex bot day trading is how we escape from hell: I'm using 500x leverage w/ a trading bot. The…[View]
11116581Facts: $DAG -- so the COO of constellationlabs (AL) claimed that their CEO Brendan mined the first b…[View]
11118509I've been fucked hard on ETH, and I didn't margin trade more than 5 ETH at a 5:1 margin. I…[View]
11118453>Everyone always talking about 200 different alts that solve this problem or do x better than y …[View]
11118536I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizin…[View]
11117916What are you estimations?: So this time it didn't even manage to scratch the line (which is dra…[View]
11118188Quant is the new Holochain: What arnt you buying, do you hate money?[View]
11118252Share your crypto portfolio distribution.: Mine is one big 0 zero, im starting first time from my fi…[View]
11118164Bobby: How to be so smart like pic related?[View]
11116340My linkies stay super stinky $10000 EOY[View]
11117971Hitting it big: >be me >married >wife always on my ass >thinks I'm a sucker >jus…[View]
11117616Are trades a meme, or should I drop out of college right now and go for an apprenticeship? I'm …[View]
11118353Daily reminder: That ETH started as a Q level clearance project in an undisclosed military research …[View]
11118246In mansion and Benz's givin' ends to my friends and it feels stupendous[View]
111181972500EOY: it's happening - my linkies just got way stinkier[View]
11118132IDAX: Anyone here used IDAX before? I sold some pajeeti shitcoins and want to withdraw my ETH, but i…[View]
11111899>Wasting money on a gaudy wrist penis when this exists[View]
11118192At age 20 lmao[View]
11118280>A crypto asset portfolio manager is never late, Heavy Baggins. Nor is he early. He trades precis…[View]
11118316Who here in a state of heavy JUST right now?[View]
11118300/CDR/ Crypto Derivatives RPG #0.1: Today, no promised daily. Just a call for action. Discord still u…[View]
11118290Why do people buy shitecoin? >Its a cheaper version of bitcoin! Like bro, just buy a smaller amou…[View]
11118284Is a Ledger Nano S the safest hardware wallet for muh internet coins?[View]
11117869Trips decide if I go to the casino and how much money i'll win. I'll report back with a t…[View]
11113868Before 25 no girl ever looks at you seriously... Hit 26, in good shape, drive a good car for my age …[View]
11117771up or down how high do you think this shit coin will go? what will be ATH?[View]
11118064TFW I know the next 10x by EOM[View]
11118185Rank 58: In a sea of red, there is again one coin that shines as bright as ever.[View]
11117624Is the towing business too saturated with companies to start one myself? I would be in Texas if I di…[View]
11117941qnt is erc20: qnt is an erc20 piece of shit and will stay erc20 forever[View]
11115803New Joker /biz/, how can we profit from this???[View]
11117982Apply for beta: https://u.community/ You don't have to buy shit to get in, don't miss your…[View]
11118049Can you be successful if there is racist shit attached to your name on the internet? What's you…[View]
11116582Income Inequality Thread: Why is it that you get slided whenever you talk about income inequality on…[View]
11117351Wer all gunna meak it frens[View]
11116604Your first job...: Post them here boys[View]
11115953Soccer Manager (25 mil downloads) is publishing their next game as a blockchain game in december: Wh…[View]
11117964Is Iitecoine Cash is the cash to silver? It retains all the silvery qualities the original LTC is re…[View]
11117950I'm now in 25k on this experiment.: Last night we saw a dump I used it to get 10k more. We also…[View]
11116223I want a wagie bedtime story[View]
11117872Are my eyes deceiving me? Is bitcoin actually unironically having trouble staying in the low $6000s?…[View]
11116623doom'n'boom: the 92 lads raised a good question earlier.. who are those who are too young …[View]
11115853Should I get a bank loan to invest in crypto? Is it even possible to get a loan if I'm still a …[View]
11117747What did they mean by this[View]
111149340xBTC: We are going to be rich.[View]
11117822All aboard the BNB train: Dear Anon, Easy gains to be had; the quarterly BNB pump is imminent. Get i…[View]
11117804Press S to will Vegeta.: Store of value.[View]
11117754>he’s not all in[View]
11117738I'm on some rob a nigga shit, take a nigga bitch Do the dash in the whip, count the cash in the…[View]
11116806I've been accumulating lots of coinhours since the start of the year. Synth's been talking…[View]
11116232'The Tesla of China': The electric company just IPO'd at $6.25. The stock's been crashing …[View]
11117664Holo bout to go: Last warning[View]
11117668>One can not simply take over api market. Its calls are held by more than just Salesforce. The bo…[View]
11117627Look at this faggot: He has been moving his fucking wall lower and lower for like half an hour now..…[View]
11117483Would this be smart?: I’m thinking of DCA 50% btc 50% eth with each paycheck into my coinbase accoun…[View]
11113581What's a stable store of value that you can convert your cash and assets into that's off l…[View]
11110806Need some financial tips?: I'm a multimillionaire in his 30s who has given up on achieving anyt…[View]
11116769pattern: what pattern is this, tafags?[View]
11116536ATTENTION! A gigantic spike up is about to happen. The triangle is about to resolve. Buy bitcoin/ope…[View]
11117529XMR Thread: How many bags are you all holding? Seems like everyone is switching eth for xmr. mooning…[View]
11116910HOW MUCH LONGER BEAR?: im losing patience and getting agressive slowly. who the fuck is holding this…[View]
11117422Last chance for ACM under 100K cap.: If you are not bidding in on Actinium under a 100K market-cap, …[View]
11117511bug = you hand = market makers https://www.instagram.com/p/BnwKBDinKXo/?hl=pt&taken-by=lovingani…[View]
11115603Daily TomoFomo: Lowcap gem: (1) Vitalik advising (2) 10+ VC investors (3) Many partnerships (Te-Foo…[View]
11117430Just got $50 for my birthday, want to invest it in something, total newfag. Can you actually get any…[View]
11115299I think the ETH dev team really fucked up as most of them got filthy rich and very lazy. During the …[View]
11117269Holochads sell right now this thing is gonna dump very hard, save your wage assses[View]
11117398Good night burgers ill miss you. now i have to spend the next 5 - 7 hours on /biz/ with a bunch of e…[View]
11116655hahahha: Post the biggest fuckin scams that will unironically go to zero. I start[View]
11117202Have Video games conditioned us to not give up on crypto despite being down 90%+?[View]
11107170/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Welcome to /pmg/ - Edition #2 >Introduction This is an inclusive…[View]
1111522430 sats this weekend[View]
11117036In finance: what is a 'pajeet sellwall'?[View]
11116138Anyone here hate maximalists?: Talking about much lightning network or muh miblewimble gonna btfo of…[View]
11117369who here /1 in 10/?[View]
11117282>strap in, boys[View]
11116116what the FUCK did he mean by this?[View]
11117331daily reminder that nocoiners will not make it.[View]
11116460STELLAR INFLATION THREAD I: STELLAR INFLATION THREAD IT's hodling tuesday anon, did you already…[View]
11117302Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
11116932should I fomo in?[View]
11117033Anon, you didn’t really fall for the FUD, did you?: >”Stripe has also made a separate public disp…[View]
11116931Will you go to the moon on Elon rockets when you make it?[View]
11116809Bizlets who travel for work..: How do you get laid on the road? These dating app bitches only want r…[View]
11117169>'Another day another dollar, time to checkout anon see ya tomorrow !'[View]
11115469i have given up: Economically I'm doing great, I've got cool shit, lots of money, and good…[View]
11117051Every single one except weed: I don't smoke. Every single other fucking one on here describes m…[View]
11113660you guys are alright... do go to chainlink tomorrow[View]
11115946So Quamfy....: Thanks Gilbert.[View]
11117215>I will finally make it with crypto[View]
11117075Imagine not buying this[View]
11115806How fat is he going to be?: Is it bullish or bearish if sergey is fatter on web3 summit event?…[View]
11116754What did he mean by this?[View]
11116409>he hates women because they reject him[View]
1111550523 year old doomer drop out with 2 years of college under his belt Should I go back to college for a…[View]
11116366What's your job and how much do you save per month? Do you invest it or keep it in the bank as …[View]
11117021EdenChain - EDN: Are you buying the ETH / EOS killer? 3.5 million MC Imagine buying EOS or ETH at 3 …[View]
11117078Would it look suspicious if I were to deposit 100k-300k of untraceable cash in my bank? Could I get …[View]
11117109I can't wait for the bottom in a couple months. I was late getting into the last bubble, but th…[View]
11117124AION: Can anyone Shill/ FUD me on AION and why I should/ shoud'nt go all in this at this price?…[View]
11115986Why would anyone even buy stocks?: The company sells you shares that equal the companies valuation. …[View]
11112886What are some assets worth over $500,000 whose value at least stays the same if not appreciates over…[View]
11114786To the people who don't think Bitcoin will go up in price with time, try to understand this: Bi…[View]
11116980The Day of Atonement has begun. Unfortunately, goy can not atone so they must be punished. If you b…[View]
11115958why the FUCK do so many brainlets say to buy monero?: when mimblewimble grin is unironically about t…[View]
11116155what the fuck should i even hold at this point that isnt going to rapidly decrease in value[View]
11116537Dead coin?[View]
11114501Do you have an equivalent to 'Superannuation' in your country? That is, a compulsory fund …[View]
11116526How can I stop being a silly nigga[View]
11116977?: How much will this be worth tomorrow morning?[View]
11116961JUST: >100% BTC >still losing sats every day JUST…[View]
11116958what do you dumb niggers think about bitshares?: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?[View]
11116586A long time ago the banks figured out how to enslave the American people. By using housing as a mean…[View]
11116781You ready for round 2?: Unironically under 5800 end of week. Short the upcoming pump, it won’t hold …[View]
11116238Link investors have a collective 10 IQ points: You fall for anything. Hey I heard Apple, Google, and…[View]
11116673when did you realise that -95% justed altcoins dont have 5% left to fall but can fall another -95% f…[View]
11113847OmiseGO: Paying 500 bitcoin for the verifiable proof that Jun Hasegawa is disposed off. Picture evid…[View]
11116867ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
11116633Making love with Sergey: I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns…[View]
11116794Real Business Thread: How do I profit off of memes? It is becoming pretty obvious that memes are mor…[View]
11116723Litecoin—is it dead?: It seems primed for a pump. Should I buy or should I let the price slip a bit …[View]
11116747What is your trading strategy?: Hi biz, I've started trading small amounts on coinbase lately a…[View]
11116662should i do it biz?[View]
11114380fine art is a superior store of value: bitcoin is just a get rich quick scheme[View]
11116256I just want to remind you that wealth isn't generated overnight. It's a time consuming gri…[View]
11114894Is everyone here aware that we are less than: One year away from the worst financial crisis in human…[View]
11116688how are u planning for the next crisis??[View]
11114933What else should I get? Will I make it?: What else should I get? Will I make it? I have 500 dollars …[View]
111160241 sat EOY[View]
11116072The year is 2020: How much is one RLC if they're successful with they're roadmap?[View]
11115927Bitcoin is going to 3k![View]
11115707Silver train: All aboard the silver train[View]
11115151How can i increase my plasma production? Asking for a fren[View]
11116208Bitcoin Cash: What the FUCK is happening to this coin? It's near an all-time low, and it's…[View]
11115285WHALE SIGNAL: NCASH BUY BETWEEN 80-85 SELL ABOVE 150, 200, 300[View]
11115689BTC Purgatory: BTC will remain between 6k and 7500 for all eternity. It will be pushed back and fort…[View]
11116485Is it safe to buy yet or are we gonna break 6k this week?[View]
11116384Bought my first Bitcoins in 2012.: It was obvious it's something I was going to hold for at lea…[View]
11116037Where i can sell ids?: Im broke asf, this type of business is dead?[View]
11115788NPCs in crypto be like......BCASH[View]
11116017Why does no one talk about Cannabis stock on this board, too busy memeing about LINK and Shitcoin? A…[View]
11115966Is anyone here bullish on Chinese stock?: Top Chinese stocks have been tanking because of the trade …[View]
11116324>bought the dip >in January[View]
11114919You are a homeless man with $25. what do you do?[View]
11116265Eth is seriously going to double digits. >in before denials of any kind Cope…[View]
11116307How can I make money off the impending financial crisis? Shorting car companies, crypto or gold poss…[View]
11115300What's the future or crypto (in a nutshell)? Is it here to stay? Or is it fading away?[View]
11115280>have casual conversation with girl at work >get a chub Is this normal…[View]
11115340i bought 32 eth at $220: i am an absolute retard[View]
11116222We are unironically going to 250USD after this short drop off.[View]
11115866Assblaster here: I meant I'd be very surprised if chainlink wasn't at least 3$ by May.....…[View]
11115010woe: Little story for ya'll. >Jan '18. Times are good >On biz in middle of night. Ne…[View]
11115176ETH: Who here bought the dead cat bounce at $220? Show yourselves.[View]
11115076Always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember: Others may hate you.…[View]
11116114Chainlink comfy thread #6: When I'm old and on my death bed I'm going to be reminiscing ab…[View]
11114929Can /biz/ influence the price movement of mid-cap coins? How much of the crypto community browses /…[View]
11116096Why do only fat chicks and sugar baby wannabies match me on tinder.: It's like attractive or su…[View]
11116048Listen I genuinely care about about Anons financial well being. Its hard as shit to get ahead in lif…[View]
11116038What will you buy cheaply during the privatizations when the socialist regime collapses?[View]
11102462I'm becoming a Doomer, how do I stop this path that I am on?[View]
11116073ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
11114620Can I take out life insurance on Eugenia Cooney and have it paid out to myself? Serious question.[View]
11116058>MEETING AT 9AM[View]
11115685oh sh- guys, time to buy[View]
11116052Le average /biz/ user: >'I'm a zoomer that invests in crypto' >'I'm a zoomer that ow…[View]
11115471>'we're going out for drinks after work, you want to come?'[View]
11115889Gimme all yo fuckin efirium witeboi: Bitchass nigga gimme yo fuckin efirium and bitcones[View]
11116022How many of you have put money into crypto and have traded it but have near zero knowledge of any so…[View]
11115644Sup /biz/, I discovered an easy way to daytrade that only involves 1 indicator and volume. Basically…[View]
111159999/24: pajeet hustle kappa.[View]
11115019What's going on: My dads credit card was shut down due to 'high risk' even though he has a cred…[View]
11114072why the FUCK is it going up[View]
11114417Nothing is better than the salt of all those eth fags who 'accumulated' at like $500-700 for months.[View]
11115836Iraqi Dinar: Is now a good time to invest? Will it reach parity with the USD soon?[View]
11115013What is he on about now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu7WJD8vpAQ[View]
11115947WHAT HAPPENED TO TROLLCOIN?!!! COME FOUND OUT https://www.twitch.tv/arkadeum[View]
11115504you think assblaster will make a return some time around mainnet release or after? i never got to sa…[View]
11115805>tfw you realize finding love is more important than making money[View]
11114572the new $10,000 timeline feels great, marines report in how much you have left to accumulate..I got …[View]
11115395AION: What will be the price of this after bridges staking is fully functioning?[View]
11115681poorfag reporting in Will i make it?[View]
11112041Is it possible to live a healthy life if you have borderline personality disorder?: Do any bizlets s…[View]
11109853American /biz/ guys don't realise how good they have it >those high wages >those low taxe…[View]
11111691Anyone else getting ABSOLUTELY FUCKING JUSTED by this SHITCOIN?[View]
11114921The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: If your three year plan doesn’t involve accumulating as much o…[View]
11113606Where to talk about real biz?: You dumb fux scared off all the normie money and now only crypto dege…[View]
11115323WTF I look away for a while and now almost EVERYTHING is in the red! What happened?[View]
11115593quads decide what lottery numbers i play[View]
11115392Get in eth. Higher low on high volume. $167 confirmed as bottom.[View]
11115451>my interest in crypto dwindling >Starting to look at the charts less and less. >Checked …[View]
11115452I know something most of you probably don't about a certain top 5 crypto.[View]
11115687Anything good going to happen in the FOREX markets in the near future?[View]
11110287This is massive smartcontract news. load up Chainlink fellas. its happening.: https://www.artificial…[View]
11113865Easy jobs to pay bills: Most here have at least a few business ideas and are banking on them to succ…[View]
11115673please tell me I didn't make a mistake buying the dip this morning[View]
11115376Tell me about that day in January when you had it all: tell me about that day anon... I'll star…[View]
11113995China offers Gold Pandas on Shaghai Gold Exchange: How much longer you going to wait? https://www.ze…[View]
11113782Why aren't you filling your bags at 14 cents /biz?[View]
11115528>6247 What the fuck is happening with the market?[View]
11115554>inb4 the ETF gets denied and bitcoin shoots up to 10k instead of dropping like all of the doomsa…[View]
11114026>office huddles[View]
11110083the next month will look something like this: does anyone dare to contradict this? Speak now.[View]
11115416Hey /biz/. I have recently become interested in investing in cryptocurrency. However, I have no clue…[View]
11113971>I will make it with crypto in one year[View]
11115120How long do I have to wait[View]
11115398Craigslist Scam: yo /biz/ I wasn't sure where to post this but this person is trying to scam me…[View]
11111769its over[View]
11115387If you're posting on biz...........your opinion about anything financial is always going to be …[View]
11115196ZIL is amazing: The tech behind this project will trebuchet crypto into the future. >Implimentin…[View]
11115137>Trump gives corporations huge tax cuts >Companies buy back tons of their own stock >Compan…[View]
11115041>ITT: We act like its December 2017: So how much money did you guy make today? I managed to 4x my…[View]
11115188anons we need to seriously discuss mimblewimble grin: ok it seems to me that this is this the bigges…[View]
11115213>crypto meme obviously about to implode >wasting time on /biz/ instead of learning React.js…[View]
11115263Even though we ain't got money I'm so in love with Chainlink[View]
11115255how do i flip this: ok biz i have $30, what do[View]
11115173>that poorfag who doesn't have a Bitfinex account[View]
11112363getting bull run vibes: >everyone is pricing their crypto in fiat >everyone falling for older …[View]
11114064Is Uber Eats a profitable 2nd job? I have a car under lease from my first job which allows me to cov…[View]
11115049Hey Wagie, just a few more hours before you have to go to bed ;)[View]
11115190Ad: idk if this belongs here but: Does anyone know about that new Google ad that goes m do do m doe …[View]
11114438I went all in at the very top of the pump yesterday and am down 40%. What's the easiest way to …[View]
11115051Is this true for crypto /biz/?: Asking for a friend[View]
11114677NOCOINERS ON SUICIDE WATCH.... amiriteguys[View]
11113666can't sink the link[View]
11114909RATE THIS PORTFOLIO: 25 BTC 400k XLM 400k BAT[View]
11113642Just got back from a businessparty: rocketlaunch is set for interplanetary travel![View]
11114549Sold my HOT: oopz, I accidentally ur 16 sat buy wall :) fuck you holo retards[View]
11115057Cindicator: Did Teeka dump all his CND tokens?[View]
11114881Just found out my wife is a crypto retard.: Since I told my wife about crypto all she does is stare …[View]
11114582Sup Nu-Chads, sitting in my business playing Dragon Quest drinking sake while my CNC machines are ma…[View]
11113137>stocks at ath >real estate at ath >crypto a falling knife >with banks you don’t even ke…[View]
11113215We got the get boys. We 10k eoy timeline now. Discuss what youre going to do post singularity. For y…[View]
11114256Looking sexier than ever.[View]
11114416Finally it´s out there: The ultimate pajeet coin. LMFAO anyone still investing in such kind of sca…[View]
11114360anon what coins ru holding?[View]
11112793How are you still ignoring this?: The amount of development from this team is wrecking everyone. Oh,…[View]
11114105hey /biz/ how can i make money via online marketing? what should i do? i have no skills neither a ba…[View]
11114584are cryptos real? i'm starting to feel like I fell for an old gypsy trick[View]
11114914thanks mangkhut: https://twitter.com/Josh_Rager/status/1041496871418691584[View]
11114869I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizin…[View]
11114545>that brainlet who gets mad at TA[View]
11114699The normie script Dream about quitting. Dream about traveling the world. Dream about waking up when …[View]
11111985MASTERNODES: Are there any affordable masternodes out there still?[View]
11114711>'I'll believe it when I see it.' -Every no coiner ever. Belief comes first, then, and only …[View]
11112679place a stop loss - stop loss hunters will close your position and market goes up don't place a…[View]
11114637WHAT THE FUCK[View]
11114424Why HOT won't go above 30 sats anytime soon: Easy, see: TRX went from 18 sats to 1800 in Januar…[View]
11112839no matter how much you make you will never be mired like this why even live.[View]
11114740Time to panic? If not, then when?[View]
11114770Muh dots: CTO of Clause responding to LINK shill account.[View]
11114147I shouldn't be doing this, but here it goes. They're about to dump 150k ETH on the market.…[View]
11113182>tfw have to be on the road with wagies getting off work Idk how they do it every day it's m…[View]
11114109What are the market implications of this? What is the expected retaliation from China and the market…[View]
11114371>'Have the met the new guy yet?'[View]
11114537US default when?: 14% yoy increase in interest on debt. This with 3% on the 10 yr. When the 10 yr h…[View]
11114405SELL SELL SELL: $1 EOY[View]
11113424Explain me why anyone would pay 6227$ for a single unit of this thing?[View]
11112223When do you guys think that the crash is coming?[View]
11114661Why are they doing this to us?: I bought ETH at $700 weeks ago, and now the FUCKING ETH FOUNDER WON…[View]
11114290>dat chart I hope you're in[View]
11113984The price is going to stay at this price all week isn't it[View]
11114319ITT we thank /our guys/ The Jews, for dumping their bags on Yom Kippur Eve Thank you wealthy Jewish …[View]
11114615Stock Insider: Buy JMBA. Inc climb.[View]
11110978>i really don't understand normies and their 'activities' >i am just misunderst…[View]
11113170Only 808 ad-blocks left! >inb4 I have not checked out all of the ad-blocks.…[View]
11110837How much Monero do I need to make it? What is the 21 BTC equivalent? And if I were to own that amoun…[View]
11114348Comfy /LINK mainnet speculation/ bread: Will new partners be announced when main net launches? When …[View]
11113270>tfw high on kpins, drinking vodka and smoking a good quality hash Who else here /comfy/?…[View]
11113600bear nigaz can suck my fat dick >byatcchesss[View]
11113859What type of women is /biz/ into? And how can we profit from it?[View]
11114297/aig/ - Alternative Investments General: >Disney Dollars Edition If you bought Disney Dollars bef…[View]
11114145>'Christmas is around the corner, cant wait to have some time off!'[View]
11114185How many bitcoins do you need to bang all of these whores at once? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r…[View]
11113518Are you a normie if you celebrate your birthday with others ? Why are 4chans anons pessimistic shith…[View]
11114012Will this nigger just pump FUN already?[View]
11114272I want to open up a hole-in-the-wall style food place like pic related (different food obviously). W…[View]
11113293VibeConnect: Imagine explaining to your friends what you invested in and them asking the simple ques…[View]
11113771>Have half my stack on an exchange, ready for next down bart >itshappening.png >sell >bu…[View]
11113407Why didn't you listen /biz?[View]
11114160Daily reminder, the bottom is zero.[View]
11113124What is a credit score? How do I get one? I've never borrowed money in my life, and have always…[View]
11113248Shit GPA from good university: Attended a top 10 university in the US Transferred from a JC with alm…[View]
11107548HOLY SHIT JIBREL WILL MAKE US RICH!: Okay faggots, you are lucky that I am drunk and making this thr…[View]
11113074Socialists on suicide watch: >we will do nothing >we will hold pet rocks >you will be the c…[View]
11113830XRP - The Global Victory: XRP is the future Coil, which uses it (as an additional use case than just…[View]
11114176this is a bear trap, right?[View]
11113672Bitcoin gold probably 10X: And /biz will ignore, like always[View]
11113863a new FUD appears: >https://cryptopotato.com/tether-network-stalls-omni-investigates/ what do biz…[View]
11114151When the fuck is this shit gonna be on their exchange?[View]
11112462Daily reminder to buy the dip on Zen Protocol (ZP): This shit will not stay on one, singular shitty …[View]
11113735BEARS BTFO: squeeze time[View]
11111913/smg/ - Stock Market General: pocket knife edition >I'm new to the stock market, what stocks…[View]
11113848PSA: People with money are spreading tether fud like they did in January in an attempt to lower the …[View]
11110944The arm of a Coinmetro bagholder: For real I hold 30k XCM[View]
11112017>so every bitcoin private key is on keys.lol? huh guess bitcoin is finished…[View]
11112085Would you have sex with Hitler for 1 million dollars?[View]
11112683/sig/ - Space Industry General: WATCH IT LIVE EDITION ○This general is dedicated to the discussion o…[View]
11113801>shorting is the only way to make money in crypto now[View]
11114029we are now on the way to 4.8million usd[View]
11112730What does biz know: What does biz know? Who is the Bitcoin hidden whale? Who owns SC? Who worked at …[View]
11113628Birb is taking off.[View]
11113484Do no research COSS, do not sign up to COSS.[View]
11113873Get Silver for FREE: >spend fiat like you were already doing >get cash back >pay no tax …[View]
11113604Shorty: What did they mean by this?[View]
11113918Story of GOY: White Goy, Black Goy, Faux Goy, Real Goy, Rich Goy, Poor Goy, House Goy, Field Goy....…[View]
11112769>my linky stays super stinky $1000 EOY[View]
11112709Need help with school project: Sup, I need your advice /biz/ im currently doing a study business…[View]
11113102She tried to warn us: Why didn't we listen[View]
11113378Why no one talking about the crash of the Tether network? It stopped hours ago. https://www.omniexpl…[View]
11113549When is a good time to leave big four accounting, i’m about to hit manager, but man the work annoys …[View]
11113623What is 'shorting' and how do I do it?[View]
11113668So I want to start a light MVNO. Requires a shit ton of money or not? How far can you go till the te…[View]
11109604XLM BROS HOLY SHIT YES YES YES!!!: Read the picture and see here the guy has a proven track record: …[View]
11113643Blur: The owner of a fairly popular private crypto channel (1000 members ans counting) shilled micro…[View]
11113669Is shorting a scam?: If a coin goes from 100 to 1 you only get 2x what you initially had. If you lon…[View]
11113662Rate my meme lines[View]
11113673BALINA BTFO: eden below ico >muh hall of fame 100x advisors glad this nigger is running out of fo…[View]
11113321Why can’t /biz/ accept we are in a multi-year bear market?[View]
11112907Zethr Big Wheel release: Yet another game in the Zethr casino platform, Big Wheel! Just like the pop…[View]
11112193>crypto is the future[View]
11113582pipi caca honhon[View]
11112987>most altcoins down at least 80% from ath from the beginning of the year >held through >mu…[View]
11113408bitcoin will dump to 5,900 within the next 24 hours. ill be back in 25 hours to tell you i was right…[View]
1111079211111111: We must secure a future for our Linkies. Let's pool our collective will and take the …[View]
11111620Ethereum: AHH WHAT THE FUCK[View]
11112117/blogging and ads general/: Anyone here running a successful blog, YouTube or social media channel, …[View]
11113427Willing to sell my ~20k tokens for below current ICO price.: >inb4 i'm called a 'desperate s…[View]
11113288Anyone here actually still in the technology? Like, is anyone here buying bitcoin with no intention …[View]
11113256Sup guys[View]
11104923What is the most stupid and nasty community in crypto and why is it Nano?: Pic, Nano hodler getting …[View]
11112966so, i just checked the prices, can someone tell me the reason of the crash from this morning?[View]
11112766I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizin…[View]
11113389Sooo...chain link[View]
11113418Get in this shit.[View]
11112576Is this the bottom?[View]
11113412You better buy that dip[View]
11113386'Bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0'[View]
11113376If you haven't already gotten out, then what the fuck are you waiting for?[View]
11113064If I buy horse for $10, eventually sell the same horse for $20, then, one day, buy that horse back f…[View]
11113212Is this the most obvious buy since the wheel?[View]
11113085Reply to Summon a Golden Bullrun: You have been visited by Crypto Wick (pic related) Reply to Summon…[View]
11113299Stop fucking shorting, crypto is the future I hope you all get liquidated[View]
11113171>>11103908 HOW DID HE KNOW[View]
11113218BTC is king: >BTC Dominance: 56.4%[View]
11113088I will find this thieving nigger and severe his head off. This is not a fucking joke. Arthur you pie…[View]
11112629I wish I was her.[View]
11113069Did cuckbase get hacked?: Lmao wtf is this shit Link: https://twitter.com/ziggozakelijk/status/10418…[View]
11112401>slow >costly >better alternatives out here bitcoin still #1 What am i not getting ?…[View]
11113179>steemit down >steem blockchain broken Which one of you broke the blockchain of Steem??…[View]
11113096what the hell is kin: and why is it so cheap[View]
11111525How can an ERC-20 token which only works on on Ethereum token be 'blockchain agnostic'? You realise …[View]
11113032When did 9-5 become 9-6? How did (((they))) get away with this?[View]
11113132Why don't you buy LTCash? It retains all the silvery qualities the original LTC is renowned for…[View]
11111768Bears are still in control[View]
11113109He shorted?[View]
11112872Crypto is dead.[View]
11113046BNB pump starts on the 18th: The 30 day long BNB pump starts tomorrow. peak will be around the burn …[View]
11113044Why didn't you buy the FOAM ICO? First decentralized map running on Ethereum mainnet. This is g…[View]
11112893I'm financially ruined[View]
11110618I'm worried: As a bag holder of ChainLink, I'm worried it's not gonna take off like i…[View]
11111699Reverse moon mission: Noone still holding this, right?[View]
11112957ETH whales buying BTC, shitcoins mooning when ETH is going down. hmm.... good thing these shitcoins …[View]
11111281IOTA CEO has never heard of Chainlink: 'Decentralized oracles are important, that is basically Qubic…[View]
11108682Nano Heading for Disaster – Dirty Deals with BitGrail: Nano’s relationship with BitGrail, their main…[View]
11112446This is (You)r money anon[View]
11111886>I only invest in companies whose products I personally use and support…[View]
11112752where is the fucking bottom????? i thought my shitcoin hit the bottom at the 70% correction oh boy o…[View]
11109663Insider here: Buy now while it's still low. Big announcements soon[View]
11112044How do I short linux[View]
11112774what does /biz/'s semen taste like? mine is like big mac sauce... so i've been told.[View]
11112341Can someone PLEASE explain to me why my portfolio is bleeding? Is this solely due to that mtgox whal…[View]
11111796Link - HUGE NEWS: Autists, find me the source of this[View]
11111901>tfw fell for the online survey money making meme[View]
11112789ETF GENERAL: can a good anon soul tell us what will happen sept 30?[View]
11112391Can she break through?[View]
11112461/biz/realis how have your lives changed in the last two years?: >23 >bought a car >finally …[View]
11112548it's begining to feel like: hell.... when crypto prices crash... but when will it be over, or w…[View]
11112351The reason of this crash is that whales are selling their eth for btc as etf approval is inminent Ne…[View]
11109721Today had annual review: >Working hard, never late, never off sick, always completed work on time…[View]
11111553Actinium - Road to 25x / CMC / New exchanges: Hello, Biz. It was a good day for Actinium. A lot of q…[View]
11111442>The futures contracts at Helms Deep exchange does not favour you Théoden Spreadsheetmaster. You …[View]
11112523Welcome home wagie! I hope you had a wonderful 8 hours of work today! Now you can relax for a few ho…[View]
11112255sub 6200 coming up in 20min[View]
11112474>the morning commute[View]
11109446The Future of Currency: Cardano dev 'Rebecca Valentine' aka Darryl McAdams[View]
11112622Shorts are back at the ATH. What is going to happen now?[View]
11112645>crypto >majority of alts literally still up 100-1000x since 2015. the newer alts tell a simil…[View]
11112619Another day of red dildoes. Who else here /numb/[View]
11112612npc twitter bio: >wanderlust, foodie, hope not hate[View]
11111578Favelanon here, old photo. Just made this post to tell you guys that if you are giving up, flerting …[View]
11111163>he isn't making 200k a month in this easy to trade bear market Stay poor biz…[View]
11112547Shitcoin : Moon Goodcoin : Dump: This the law[View]
11112436TFW crypto is going to zero because nobody uses it.: >Be me >Go all in crypto >Make and los…[View]
11111797What speaks against world citizenship? Shortage of resources is just politics. 21st century should b…[View]
11112537> What do you mean it keeps falling?[View]
11109504It's literally happening tonight, strap in! >difficulty adjust in 6 blocks, making 0xBTC the…[View]
11112503So OP declared to be a fag today guys. Let's kek together[View]
11111288the only use case for alts is too make money off them to buy more bitcoin.[View]
11111016Am I stupid for having 128k in my bank account? What should I be doing with it? I also have 25k in c…[View]
11112091Shorting is the only way to make money in Crypto now. Shorting literally is the new paradigm of cryp…[View]
11110213Will link get the 1's?[View]
11110416REQ Buying Opportunity: Buying REQ now seems too good to be true >below ICO price >rebrand com…[View]
11112137Manager singling me out?: For example I'm working on important paperwork for my department. Wom…[View]
11110826>tfw the next week is unironically absolutely critical for bitcoin[View]
11111653DELPHIED.com: Fear ruling Practice what is just Fear deceit Acquire wealth justly Find fault with n…[View]
11112334actual proof: >>11112150[View]
11111145Ethereum $30k: Ethereum $30k in 2019[View]
11112072The absolute state[View]
11112256Mummy cant save you anymore. Youre on your own now, pumpkin[View]
11111745BAT, when will I get my money back?: Bought in at .53 cents....[View]
11112249oh well well well look at that. ethereum is dumping again and guess who is back[View]
11111832Asian fag here. Is 5'11 162 pounds skinny ? i wear a adult large and i look like a skinny cuck.…[View]
11112302Super Bitcoin: https://coinmarketcap.com/fr/currencies/super-bitcoin/ LMAO I have this shit, it is a…[View]
11112201Based VICE coming through with the TRUTH[View]
11111585I am prepared to buy bitcoin. I have done my research on it and believe it's the future. I have…[View]
11109988>DocuSign Makes Ethereum Integration, Notes Seal Applications https://www.artificiallawyer.com/2…[View]
11111995I'm feeling creative today and haven't made OC in a while. What is a situation you would l…[View]
11112219Word around the blockchain says NANO is basically bitconnect 2.0 Theres not much time left. Apparent…[View]
11111389Tomato chain: Should I buy this piece of shit coin or what? Why was fucking money skellington at the…[View]
11112231How do gold maximalists cope with this chart?: Basically a useless shiny metal compared to silver, w…[View]
11112206By the nine divines.[View]
11112187You now realize the Yom Kippur dump meme wasn't a meme[View]
11111804Willing to sell my ~20k tokens for below current ICO price.: Current ICO price is .0014 ETH. During …[View]
11111001CHAINLINK ME: $1001 eoy also, Sergey is the man[View]
11111529Has anyone ever felt a fake ass before? Is this something that can be monetized?[View]
11112102Holochads report! Our time is now.[View]
11110680would you recommend opening a separate checking+credit card account at a different bank to use for v…[View]
11111560ETH will never be above 200 EVER again[View]
11111015>tfw stuck at 5 digit networth how do i hit my first 100k[View]
11111589Why is this board so suicidal?[View]
11111877physical arbitrage in the UK? Where can i learn about buying things in other countries, importing th…[View]
11111818>ETH at 213 >put a limit short order at 215.5 >ETH goes up to 215.3 then dumps >ETH at 2…[View]
11110241The 11111111 get will unironically decide the future of crypto. Are you ready?[View]
11111698Market research thread: Is biz bullish or bearish ? Most answers decided what I do the opposite of.…[View]
11109153Watch Thread *sip*[View]
11111812How was work today anon?[View]
11111986TFW: you 90% and dont even care if it goes another 90% down just want it to do something radical to …[View]
11107826How can I get a minimum wage job?[View]
11110831Is this bullish or bearish mid term?: Asking for a friend.[View]
11109922>make boss 10k+ a month >Lose $20 ratchet straps and he goes ape shit Holy fuck I almost rev…[View]
11110818we bull now[View]
11111945What coins are you accumulating and waiting for 10 50 100x? tell me about your low marketcap coins m…[View]
11111202CryptoCurve?: Is CryptoCurve really a viable project in the long term? The only thing I can see wit…[View]
11109380/smg/ - Stock Market General: I want this life edition >I'm new to the stock market, what st…[View]
11111414Can anyone help with this?: I want to identify the top BTC wallets which sold a lot of BTC around De…[View]
11108532as a god damn tax-paying american citizen, why the fuck am I not allowed to buy this?[View]
11111794holo go up: grug love hot rock hot rock better than bitrock and russianrock grug also hate shiny roc…[View]
11111664Who else got ruined over that last crash?[View]
11111682>they fell for the eth dead cat fucking tards[View]
11106945So where is this shit going?: Up, down or sideways forever?[View]
11109594what age did you become a Boomer?: At what age did you become a Boomer? (Me at 27; i started looking…[View]
11111426You know what doesn't lose a massive amount of value over the course of a few hours? The good o…[View]
11110751Ethereum is resuming its run to 2 digits isn't it[View]
11110871> Jan: ATH 80k > Sept: Barely enough to pay next months rent. Dear /biz/, I fucked up beyond …[View]
11110948Holochain >>11111111 get thread Do it for the feet[View]
11110029>riding the train in the morning today >a cute girl that was sitting next to me fell asleep on…[View]
11110312The next 100x coin will be an ERC20 token that's still not for sale![View]
11111028COMFY FUNCHADS: Funfair main net and first casino reportedly opening on the 25th of September accord…[View]
11109392Holo Bounce: This scamcoin is bouncing hard as fuck. Anyone catch that HOT dip?[View]
111103815 999 999 vs 6 000 000: Why is one of those numbers illegal in Europe ? Is there any business in tha…[View]
11111538>He still doesn't own any silver[View]
11108854Passing a drug test for a job (UK): Have any UK anons used a detox drink to pass a drug test for emp…[View]
11111463WHY DONT U OWN 21 CONES[View]
11110809Who else have switched to the Chad email choice ?: Time to get that username anon https://www.invers…[View]
11107977This is our week. Hope you are all prepared. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzWjpjnRf-s[View]
11111164crypto is dead[View]
11110135DAG: Shill me on Constellation? What makes it better than, say, IOTA?[View]
11111467What are some other good or fun /biz/-themed shows, both past and present? Pic related.[View]
11107542>not buying truckloads at this insanely ridiculously stupid low prices[View]
11110409Is $8 EOY possible?[View]
11111344Prepping for round two: You in yet biz?[View]
11111173big time banker here. not supposed to say anything but, chainlink is gonna be massive. my dad is eve…[View]
11111286Bitcoin is king.: >BTC Dominance: 55.9%[View]
11110361Bitcoin status:: tamed[View]
11110567Do Mutaul Funds hold their value well during market crashes?[View]
11110739>Anon, why don't you have any pictures in your cubicle?![View]
11109765Say I have $100 invested. 10% gain to $110 (100*1.1) followed by 10% loss to $99 (110*.9) Lost a dol…[View]
11111084Broken out of the bullish pennant on Binance and ready to pump. Get in before it's too late[View]
11111176Bitcoin double digits EoY[View]
11111184$1000 end of year 2018[View]
11111071$5000 EOY[View]
11111143ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
11111113Tonight...: Its happening tonight. Strap in boys![View]
11111103Tonight...: Its happening tonight. Strap in boys![View]
11110115So let me guess. You think this is bullish obviously. Never change biz.[View]
11110888We can reset the simulation together!: beeezeeee! we can dooo eeet.[View]
11110961Bowling: Thinking about opening up a bowling alley. Complete with arcade, vending machines, food and…[View]
11110691> in gym > just finished doing squats > see two jacked tall dudes picking on a woman > w…[View]
11108336I do I short asians[View]
11110807Food budgeting thread: How can i eat on £10 a week?[View]
11108668Summer Internship: I need a summer business internship or my boomer dad is going to kill me. HELP. H…[View]
1111091811111111 get will be 0xbtc, check em[View]
11110590Fuck Vechain: Fuck VeChain and Fuck you shrimp dicked chink scam shillers. MUH VET $1 EOY STFU vech…[View]
11110828NPCs be like[View]
11109613question for /biz/: I actually went to McDonald's today and got a Filet-O-Fish combo with a bac…[View]
11110299Look at it, I mean just LOOK at chainlink.: https://www.artificiallawyer.com/2018/09/17/docusign-mak…[View]
11110825Holochads assemble! The time draws near. A new horizon is upon us... March onward! for Lady Shimayo …[View]
11110645ADRENOCHROME (ADC alt-coin) is a new, open-source, decentralised cryptocurrency. Holders of ADRENOCH…[View]
11107866This is the worst meme to have come out of this place. The worst. It's literally the manifestat…[View]
11110440>need to start selling my crypto-holdings to pay living expenses >it's practically at the…[View]
11110239>Just be yourself.[View]
11110685/quints/ - The Checkem General: Let's post link memes and other /biz/ness related stuff in this…[View]
11110743Can anyone here explain this shit? I was at a house party Saturday night and one of the guys there s…[View]
11110400Who here bought the /dip/? The FUD doesn't phase me. We are getting cryptos on sale. The blood …[View]
11109816Anybody got that time magazine chainlink meme[View]
11109955https://www.masterworks.io/ What is this /biz/? Is art worth investing in?[View]
11105636>Suppose you're on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors: Behind one …[View]
11110367Stop watching charts. Go clean your room anon[View]
11108482it's ridiculous. such partnerships would have caused any shitcoin to moon to top10 in 2 days la…[View]
11109885>crypto will make me rich[View]
11108594I've moved overseas and the student loans company can't find me. I challenged them when th…[View]
11110582Tomo make you fomo: (1) very low market cap (2) 10+ VC investors (3) Many partnerships (Te-Foods, B…[View]
11109320>tfw our scam has been exposed on here 40 times or more in the last month >tfw we are so power…[View]
11110490ETH: Back down ETH goes[View]
11110368ponzi: how can bigger organizations pay their employees? how do they have income or they live off ic…[View]
11109377Biz hold me: >decide to leave bitmex short and just go all into chainlink so I can be comfy again…[View]
11110432Please sell, I can't miss another one.: Fuck. This. Shit.[View]
11108734Riddle: 3 men stay in a hotel. The Hotel manager charges them $15. The three men pay $5 each. The ho…[View]
11110496> Don't worry sir it's a beartrap. > Everything is under control…[View]
11107958I TRIED TO WARN YOU /BIZ/[View]
11108195Dan Larimer is a commie: Dan Larimer (EOS creator) thinks that annually redistributing 5% of world…[View]
11109888FUNFAIR: why do you hate money?[View]
11109431Hold on, just for a little while longer. We're all going to make it, frens: World financial sys…[View]
11109035BTC/USD: whether it goes up or down, it is going to be brutal[View]
11110330So these are your devs, lmao https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/100m-twins-from-south-london-cre…[View]
11110274ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
11109321Tezos on Bitfinex: You guys bought in right? $3 by eom[View]
11110282I've longed at $205: I am a genius or a retard?[View]
11110336plebbit still thinks this is a bear market.: kek. kek. kek. kek. kek. kek. kek. kek.[View]
11110281A balloon to a blimp Ladies ask me do I pimp? 'Cause I walk with a limp So much ice you feel a …[View]
11107988Are you guys serious? Are you an NPC who fell for the Chainlink dream scam?: On /biz/, we have a dai…[View]
11104149salesforce to acquire stinkylinkie: fags check out the link below tomorrow at 9:00AM ET https://www…[View]
11109619Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA, likes ChainLink[View]
11108541ROCK HARD SUPPORT AT 6200[View]
11103845Personal Financial Advice From Goldstein: hello, i have a 152 IQ and was raised in a family of entre…[View]
11108517Prepare for ICOs dumping[View]
11110259when moon?: when moon elix?[View]
11108719/Biz BTFO by XRP yet again: You should just buy quietly in the corner now and act like none of this …[View]
11110223Bitcoin is badically global financial weapon used by countries in geopolitical conficts. If my theor…[View]
11106997You are fucking faggots, Can't you be patient and just wait 1-2-3 years for Bitcoin to reach a …[View]
11110205This board is absolute shit lately. Prove me wrong[View]
11108505Boomer Advice Thread: >'did you try applying online anon? I hear that there Monster or Zip Recrui…[View]
11106967it's gonna go back up, right?[View]
11110122NCASH: I've heard rumors that this one is gonna pump tonight. Might be worth checking it out…[View]
11109982Listen I genuinely care about about Anons financial well being. Its hard as shit to get ahead in lif…[View]
11109039i'm so tired frens: Sentiment/market/other indicators feel just like how they did during mid Oc…[View]
11109223How much for a neet girl like this[View]
11109830ENG: Main net end of month, masternode announcement soon, active dev team, responsive on telegram...…[View]
11109173Press F[View]
11105208What are your thoughts on Weed stocks, /biz/?[View]
11110001aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back!: Hope you bought the dip![View]
11109356ITT: projects you thought were the next Fortune 500 charter during peak delusion >t. bought into …[View]
11108124Is pic related secretly the best book for how to succeed in business? When I was younger all the bra…[View]
11109733So with all the burgers I’ve been eating lately (gladly of course) I decided today to try an old fav…[View]
11109996Remme masternode: Only 2 weeks left to accumulate your Remme masternode anons.[View]
11109467How much time do I have to earn money before I can buy in? Do I have till early 2019 at least?[View]
11108633Math is wrong: You can't know the answer of 1/3. 0.33? What happens with the remaining 0.01? Ch…[View]
11109423Cryptocurrency will never become truly mainstream unless every wallet is KYC-verified and an effecti…[View]
11108934Chainlink is real, proof inside: Chainlink is not a scam or PnD or or manipulated or whatever you wa…[View]
11109686There's an upside to all this...: The whole market could bounce off the total previous market c…[View]
11109584what did they mean by this?: And why is USDT now 2.7B vs 444M last year? does this mean more money o…[View]
11109854What kind of insurance is required for a tool hire business (UK)?[View]
11108000TV shows about losing half your shit and then all your shit.[View]
11109812Can I get some useful information here for once? what coins on binance have PnD groups? ive heard VI…[View]
11109563>They didn't short at $6500.[View]
11107367Salesforce purchased Time Magazine: They needed to purchase this so that Sergey can be on the front …[View]
11108725Company gains +50% in a day: > have stocks > cant find news online > what do .t bhs.v…[View]
11109465WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK: Never going below 6260 again.[View]
11108448self-cucked: how do I stop being a fag and start doing something with my life? >29 >made 800k …[View]
11109760it's over frogs!: we bull now[View]
11108338>in with $500 >reach $60k >down to <$5k, I don't even check anymore In retrospect, …[View]
11109745>Sorry, could you go back a slide?: I just didn't catch that last powerpoint chart and want …[View]
11109592Oldfag here, just preemptively congratulating you on working so hard towards making it. You're …[View]
11108454Nice try bears... Nice try. HOWEVER.[View]
11109617>The 26 yo boomer who waits with cash for the 'house crash': And have been waiting since 2007 get…[View]
11104481Wealthy venture capitalist here. Shill me your stupid-ass startup ideas.[View]
11108344/biz/ I just nailed my interview and got a job offer as an admin assistant! Going from a pathetic $1…[View]
11109618Skycoin Bestcoin: >best tech check >best fundamentals check >best usability check Where my …[View]
11108264BTC BREAKING THE DESCENDING TRIANGLE THIS WEEK.: You have been warned.[View]
11109541Why is LINK so ruthlessly manipulated? Just look at these abnormal volume spikes in May-April and Au…[View]
11109275COLX gang, where you be: Who else riding this storm cloud like those fuckers in the Carolinas?…[View]
11108791I have 15 ETH burning a hole in my pocket. Shill me some projects that aren't LINK or HOLO or a…[View]
11107962What did he mean by this?: TRON no can defend?[View]
11109462Why don't you buy LTCash? It retains all the silvery qualities the original LTC is renowned for…[View]
11103792Are they our last chance to stop Amazon?: Is the fate of the world in the hands of Walmart?[View]
11109317Can´t wait to long ETH around @ 155 $[View]
11106969/smg/ - Stock Market General: Log cabin is best cabin edition >I'm new to the stock market, …[View]
11108994Delusional linkies: What's it like being poor and knowing you'll never be rich because you…[View]
11108676Is pc gaming actually cheaper than console?: Trying to save as much cash as possible before the gold…[View]
1110937515 Sat's literally inpenetrable: Missed the dip anon? OH boy hooo. Thought this was going back …[View]
11109389How the fuck can I sell german festival tickets when I don't live in germany?! Fuckin shit I ca…[View]
11107862One Billion Dollars’ Worth of Bitcoin to Flood Market, Courtesy of Mt Gox: https://www.financemagnat…[View]
11109319THE MONDAY DIP IS A FUCKING JOKE: This market is a fucking joke. Right on schedule on Monday there i…[View]
11109351cvv, cc site invitation code: I have an invitation code to a site that sells cc and cvv. The sites a…[View]
11109316*inhales* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA[View]
11109218Silver train: All aboard the silver train. Big move on it's way.[View]
11108284yw: apologize qnt $4 kys[View]
11109145bizonnaci is not dead: He's just broke and needs to work at McDonalds after alts in his portfol…[View]
11108760Цe пиздa, бeтхoвeны пaдaют![View]
11109260That 43 yo Gen X:er who market buys on Coinbase[View]
11108704no bobo is safe: >:)[View]
11108693It only dumped about $200-300: Can you retards shut the fuck up already? This happened like every we…[View]
11109090The market is going to crash again sooner or later. im only a passive observer but i can sense that …[View]
11109214Stock market manipulation and CNBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOS8QgAQO-k Do NPC's realiz…[View]
11108308Pump and dumpers: Go to the TNT reddit page to find the link to Discord..... Join our discord channe…[View]
11108282Is now a good time to buy?[View]
11107651Reminder that if you do not own 10k nerva you are not going to make it. There are a lot of eyes on t…[View]
11107158UNLOAD your bags NOW!!!: Opportunity has arrived to sell your trifecta bags of shitcoins. This doesn…[View]
11105695Ambrosus + DHL: Top 5 biggest logistics company mentioning Ambrosus. If you’re still in vechain with…[View]
11095585THIS IS IT, IT'S HAPPENING NOW: no turning back. SINGULARITY WAVE 1.[View]
11108048Next year is the year of the pig what can we expect in terms of wealth, health, happiness, and love?[View]
11107590true doomerdom[View]
11108961Willing to sell my ~20k tokens for below current ICO price.: Current ICO price is .0014 ETH. During …[View]
11108393Welcome to Monday bulls.[View]
11106366As some of /biz/ knows, the solar observatory in sunspot was mysteriously closed a week ago, and sti…[View]
11108012See you below $200 ETH and $6000 BTC this week: :-)[View]
11108967OH NO NO NO NO[View]
11108523We've been at these prices for 9 months. How much longer can they keep us suppressed?[View]
11108962Over 100K WGR burned on the first event this weekend: NFL betting is live. Private betting. Great od…[View]
11108953Altdex 100 Below 70 soon: Get ready for total shitcoin capitulation[View]
11108292HOLOCHAIN: Just woke up to find my HOT holdings have left me with a considerable loss. Was that it? …[View]
11105759Holochain - Build an App in 20 minutes: Some total retard posted the following in a previous thread:…[View]
11107003market manipulation: Can we get a REKT thread going here. If we understand market manipulation bette…[View]
11107279Should I move my 3 million HOT tokens to the Enjin wallet on my phone? Anyone here use Enjin? >do…[View]
111080189 months: And we're still in the bear market, it also looks like it'll go down even more. …[View]
11107940>'did you catch the last episode of lost? it was really good!'[View]
11108788No gonna lie, former bobo poster here, it was fun watching you fags lose your money. But seriously w…[View]
11108057the rise of the bobo: >i was a bull once, just like you >i saw things that weren't there …[View]
11108278>He thought it was going back to $7000[View]
11108666holy shit, read the first line of this and realize how essential it was. do I buy now....after a fuc…[View]
11108253So Quamfy.....: Every night Gilbert tucks me up in bed and reads me a nice happy story. So Quamfy.…[View]
11107771f-fuck your m-mother is you want fuck: https://twitter.com/JihanWu/status/1041688070951657472 https:…[View]
11108536Iron support at 6200 This bear trap will be epic 10k end of month[View]
11102607JUST: https://twitter.com/PhilakoneCrypto/status/1041463860320886784[View]
11101199CHEAP MTV COINS!: Newest coin that just hit exchanges recently is going for practically 2000 sats l…[View]
11108515Bitcucks BTFO: Pic 1: 1-hour chart for Bitcoin Pic 2: 1-hour chart for Ether Can you feel the differ…[View]
11108579thanks for selling at the absolute bottom: before the golden run tasty bags[View]
11108534Have you invested in Chainlink yet? It's Jew-supported! >>11108097 >>11107988 >…[View]
11108520What happens when the pattern completes? We're nearly there 8-l[View]
11108209IT'S FREE MONEY: >he didn't short at 6500 >he didn't short at 6400 >he didn…[View]
11108232>Missed me?[View]
11108223>they think link will be the Facebook of oracles >it's actually gonna be the MySpace You …[View]
11107877Accumulate Ethereum[View]
11106512Damn! The Quant FUD didn't work at all. The Bombay larvaes put so much work into it, now all of…[View]
11108261MONDAY BLUES!!![View]
11108522Who else got in on this one[View]
11108497I'm thinking about buying a two family house with my wife, living in one half and renting out t…[View]
11108476I just joined the cozy 1br/bth Master race in Isla Vista using my crypto gains. I pay in cash too[View]
11108502>'have you lost weight? you look great!'[View]
11108501NOT AGAIN[View]
11106618Let us really analyze: According to a friend's chart the last winter was the fourth wave. Now b…[View]
11105851FunFair is back to 2 cents. It will never, ever, ever, EVER be below 2 cents again, so I hope you bo…[View]
11108227inb4 bears getting rekt: post yfw this is the last bear trap before 10k[View]
11108404>gambled my way to 0 on bitmex >just before the sure gains 6k-7k and back >JUST…[View]
111071779/15 larp: show yourself[View]
11108452>muh, we should start calling millibtc every fraction of BBC as not everyone will hold a whole co…[View]
11108450Congrats to my fellow bears who shorted at 6500: Let us have a toast for another higher low Thread s…[View]
11108042Wagie, wagie, get in cagie, Boss needs help so don't be lazy! Zero breaks will make you crazy? …[View]
11108087>'You bought at 220$ anon?' >'Don't you know internet money is dead?'…[View]
11107610>turn 18 mid 2017 >get $2000 (in euro) from my parents just like my older siblings >all of …[View]
11107392/wage/ - Wagecuck General: The Mondays™ Edition Welp that sure went by quick didn't it... Icebr…[View]
11107783Portfolio rate thread: Post em, rate em, give feedback.[View]
11108369Candles are red Bitcoin is dead Broke below descending triangle Crypto's corpse the bears do ma…[View]
11108365>its about percentage, bro >yes mr goldberg i dont mind spending an extra $100 to buy this car…[View]
11107800>Counter trade me[View]
11105738What is it with this board?: This entire board is filled with people who know NOTHING about entrepre…[View]
11108295>BTC dominance is down >Total market cap is down This is it were crashing down to 4000 AHHHHHH…[View]
11108240lower highs[View]
11100916has anyone on this board ever made a significant amount investing crypto? no memes please.[View]
11107675accumulate now[View]
11107128How did (((they))) know?[View]
11107020NPC: >unable to engage in higher thinking >unable to reflect upon themselves >unable to see…[View]
11107527Don't try to be a hero biz. Just buy. Thank me later.[View]
11108200Remember Bitcoin doesn't exist to be smart money or buy coffee it came about because of bank ba…[View]
11108153Hoollyyy shittt[View]
11107858Thoughts on Naval Ravikant? imo one of the most brilliant minds nowadays[View]
11108184>make a payment with my contactless visa debit card >transactions only shows up in my bank acc…[View]
11107661Does anyone generate passive income from a side gig? I’m a software engineer looking to generate add…[View]
11108051Friendly reminder: Wagelets will defend this[View]
11107573Is there a way to make this? ( REQ tread ): I send 100$ with REQ The receiver transfroms REQ to USD …[View]
11106869U: testnet soon, apply now https://u.community/ rewards will be paid out for the shit you do on test…[View]
11107277>Study TA for 6 months >Spend days and nights reading tons of books on the subject >Learn e…[View]
11107824Good job, /biz/, you forced this shitty meme into real life[View]
11107420You know what this means...: Bullish https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-17/machines-to-…[View]
11107942frens, y r people posting capitalization threads? i thot bitcoin fell 80% already, is it rely goin t…[View]
11107715biz redpills: post some red pills[View]
11108047>mfw imagining the shitposting after Bitcoin finally breaks the downtrend and the permabulls, aft…[View]
11107225Is buying government bounds a wise idea? I'm considering buying some Australian Government Boun…[View]
11100919MTV Multiversum: MTV - Multiversum Exchange link - https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0xcd53c76b8a350b7f…[View]
11107923Why did every coin just pump ?[View]
11107726Lose the Monday attitude. Capiche?[View]
11107636Is crypto still strong to invest in 2017+1? I missed the crypto hype-train and now I have plenty of …[View]
11107967Here we: GOOOOOOOOO !!!!![View]
11106116Assuming the military industrial complex is 10 years ahead of Hollywood when it comes to tech, and c…[View]
11107150HERE WE GO REQ MARINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
11106723It's crashing today again isn't it?[View]
11105927I am planning on spending one hour everyday for the next 6 months to study and develop a Forex Strat…[View]
11107754Oh hi anon: Sorry I fell asleep on the job yesterday let me just press Y[View]
11107818Recent profit on VIBE AND MTH: Me and my team was responsible for the recent gains in VIBE and MTH. …[View]
11107628>hey mike how was your weekend? >nice, yours? >nice >new haircut? >yup >looks good…[View]
11107325Storm pump incoming? Shitcoins are popping left and right on binance and storm's volume is risi…[View]
11107205>bcash is a scam >roger ver is a known scammer >big blocks lead to centralization…[View]
11107775Dump eeet[View]
11107700bull trap confirmed. time to capitulate I guess[View]
11105470Anyone into EdenChain?: Hi guys, the crypto market is looking like shit now but ICOs seem to still b…[View]
11106227How many anons living the Dream in SEA? What Country/City do you live? How many Asian Punanis you sl…[View]
11107521Nerva is your next 100x moon mission: Buy Nerva or stay poor[View]
11103553Why does /biz/ hate Apple so much? They're the best phone, and naturally, cost the most. >O…[View]
11106304I just had the frightening thought that life is just a gigantic, ruthless tournament to achieve mone…[View]
11107286FUCK! I've got some ETH on IDAX that I totally forgot about. Trying to withdraw it but it'…[View]
11107507What did they mean by this?: What do these fake orders mean - pump or dump?[View]
11107453regardless of crypto, do you guys feel people are more depressed and down in the last few month or s…[View]
11107418I have 130 ETH: I have 130 ETH which I bought at 1k USD.... Will I ever see my money back???[View]
11106845So what's the catch with Cardano/ADA? Is it secretly centralised? Do the founders secretly hold…[View]
11106207>be under 30 >know python and sql >know economy basics >be autistic >be fearless domi…[View]
11106756DONT MAKE ME GO[View]
11107438XNV General[View]
11106466My bags are full.: First time this year I feel comfortable with my crypto investment.[View]
11107132Crypto looks done for: Anyone else feel the same? There's really no more significant reason to …[View]
11105178ETH: When will this piece of shit retest $300 or $170. It's almost like it's waiting for b…[View]
11106617What cryptos have the most partnerships? I want to start a new portfolio and would like to buy the t…[View]
11106270Suicidal thoughts: When you sell an it goes up. When you buy and it goes down. When this happens sev…[View]
11106494Do you know better?: This guy: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5b61572227488edfbe58179a082bdb7f7ba757…[View]
11106230Joined this experiment with 15k: Let's see what happens, you better be right about the moon mis…[View]
11101218I have 100 dollars on paypal. Trips decides what I invest it in.[View]
11102797Are you a doomer?[View]
11103347Why does Binance hold so much HOLO?: I'm curious as to why Binance hold so much HOLO? It's…[View]
11105811Give me your:: 1) high-power morning pre-trading warm-up routine 2) trading strategy[View]
11105438>>*knock knock* >>*knock knock knock knock knock* >>*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK…[View]
11107243I live right next to the richest man in Asia, ama[View]
11100335I think we can work out the income you could make from a node based on the number of monetised API r…[View]
11106888Was it the chink scam meme that hurt this so badly?: NEP5? Community coin vote? Looks like they are …[View]
11106941Friendly reminder that theres always money in a banana stand[View]
11105732Goyim has seen: Post your best goyim coins The more rekt the better as most potential goyim upside…[View]
11107350They called us stinkie linkies. Mocked us. Derided us. And yet here we are, growing in sats and USD …[View]
11106870This is an Euclidean (order-4) truncated cubic honeycomb with octahedral cells at the truncated vert…[View]
11107271Shitcoins: How many are too many? https://youtu.be/Snq6hx2IK48 btw this is golden[View]
11106597Some of you people don't understand simple finance.: >But but i wanna get rich :( >To get…[View]
11104054My wife just revealed that she has personal loan debt of $45k at 12% interest per year. She makes mi…[View]
11106509What are some 'safe bets' for the coming years? Not talking about for pnd's, I'm…[View]
11106783Bloomberg Terminal: What makes these things worth an annual subscritpion of $20,000?[View]
11107210shitcoin pumping. why?[View]
11106886almost 2 months of job searching after my lay off... Not even a email or call back. What the fuck a…[View]
11107188https://archived.moe/biz/statistics/image-reposts/ Can we get Sergey to the top? He's at #92 cu…[View]
11106928I've shorted at $219: I am a genius or a retard?[View]
11107153Why don't you buy LTCash? It retains all the silvery qualities the original LTC is renowned for…[View]
11107122These are the books I've read in business. (Ignore boku no hero) My knowledge in investing is a…[View]
11107081mtl will be big[View]
11106862What went so horribly wrong with Holochain?[View]
11107072baramba: I have a feeling that bitcoin diamond is about to pump in the next few days.[View]
11107063Quant statistics updated on coingecko Only 12.6M in marketcap, pajeets![View]
11105934KING CORN: What is your excuse for not owning 21 BTC right now?[View]
11106367I have a feeling something really bad, really fast is about to happen...: BTC is on a very, very thi…[View]
11105570/CDR/ Crypto Derivatives RPG #0: >>11086097 >>11060773 Accumulating ranges and winning, …[View]
11106901Who /MatchedBetting/ here? Made 290€ last month.[View]
11102208/smg/ - Stock Market General: Comfy camp edition. Also thanks to the anon that cleaned up the copypa…[View]
11101568REQ: Remember end of year comes with a rebrand and a release of many features on the roadmap. Still …[View]
11104616Bitcoin CASH[View]
11105734Thoughts on Apollo?[View]
11105250oh vey goyim better get those 8 hours of sleep. you really (((need))) it.[View]
11106264Daily reminder that Masari is XMR's LTC.: So much 'muh copypasta' FUD to try and keep the price…[View]
11103519tronfags in ruins[View]
11106208XNV: Why aren't you invested in the easiest gains you'll get all year?[View]
11106827Thank you based angel. Ambrosus partnering with DHL: I already know what will happen EOY. Ambrosus t…[View]
11105943DocuSign + Seal Software: https://www.artificiallawyer.com/2018/09/17/docusign-makes-ethereum-integr…[View]
11105891Will it reach $50 within two years?[View]
11105081Blockchain.io in 10 DAYS: You've got 10 days until the token sale is out. Do you see any Exchan…[View]
11106846I got a pretty good job now and want to know what i can invest in to keep my cash flow going. Are th…[View]
11105401the very instant the chainlink mainnet is live you can start printing money hope you have your nodes…[View]
11106578redpill me on BAT[View]
11106442Quit my job to freelance: Any tips how to get my lazy ass up? Currently living off of my 10k savings…[View]
11102880Actinium - TOR, 0chain, Smart Contracts, Lightning, and more.: Alright, listen up Biz, because you…[View]
11098405The US will return to a silver standard within the next few years: Insider here >dollar collapse …[View]
11105903AMB is mooning. Gets interviewed by DHL: Take notes vencuckcs and waltoncucks. This is what REAL com…[View]
11105816I saw Sergey Nazarov while visiting Auschwitz yesterday. Every time the tour guide started to talk a…[View]
11106741I want to be a NEET, life is too short[View]
11104817ATTENTION: programmers and entrepreneurs: i have an start-up idea but i'm not sure it can work…[View]
11105532>Monday morning[View]
11106501>crypto money is the future >90% of crypto projects working towards fiat integration wew lad m…[View]
11103967who's that pokemon?: Gotta catch them all![View]
11106738Wanna join the p&d?: Here’s the link[View]
11106582NEET NEED JOB: I'm down to about my last $100 and I need a job asap or else I will be homeless,…[View]
11104487When you get money why not hire a legit interior designer so you have a cool room like from the movi…[View]
11106203Gold Money and debt: Is there any correlation between gold prices and the debt of the world/nations?…[View]
11105309>there are people unironically not buying LINK right now >volume increasing every day >outp…[View]
11104126why won't it go down[View]
11105784Entrepreneur my whole life started cutting grass at 10. My business and direction is in the dumps. …[View]
11106433Ethereum Shorts vs Longs: Ethereum Longs: 390674.9811 Ethereum Shorts: 268078.3903 https://www.tradi…[View]
11106515For the idiots who said nothing was planned to do after 23th september, go check the pivotal. Its mo…[View]
11106462What happened to /stellarlumensgeneral/?[View]
11106381Why do /r9k/ vermin ruin every board they come in contact with? They destroyed /fit/. Now they'…[View]
11105372and an unknown amount of monero: >mfw buying the dip >mfw pajeet exchange exit scams and blame…[View]
11105537Thoughts on this coin?[View]
11106281>tfw buying preloaded cards off the dark web using btc then reinvesting it back into crypto…[View]
11103093Huuurrr duuurrr 0xButtcoin is the real BCH: Why do these stupid fucking relayers keep spamming these…[View]
11104745Ohhh waggggieeeeee its time for your caggggieeeeee: A nice week of work awaits you kek[View]
11105179its monday: back in your cages wagies[View]
11106282Where do you guys trade shitcoins?: I miss the days of Bibox and Kucoin having high volume. Is there…[View]
11105429sorry to tell but we are again in multiyears bearmarket ...[View]
11105313>tfw a coin goes up 30% after being down from 70% are you supposed to be happy and sell at a los…[View]
11106214LINK 777 EOY: Guys I just remembered something insane from my childhood. My grandparents used to dri…[View]
11106190post your best justed/rekt/wojak bobos. Collecting them for later[View]
11106128Help pls friends: Hey guys newfag here. I want wealth/financial independence. Have 100-500usd every…[View]
11106156>One day Xrp cone will be worth $100[View]
11105367Dan Larimer (EOS creator) thinks that annually redistributing 5% of world's wealth to everyone …[View]
11106032Infowars Lied about their Contest: Alex Jones of Infowars.com announced a reporter contest on May 21…[View]
11105103It feels like 2017 in here again: >pumping everday >Major content provider partnership to be r…[View]
11104550Vitalik has been meeting up with TOMO for the past couple of days. Why is he spending so much time w…[View]
11105200Guys, this project is starting to get my attention. However it would be retarded to buy right now an…[View]
11105881heh, nothing personal kid.[View]
11105573hey anons, About the cloud mining thing, I'm doing it, but howis the best stup here? Should I t…[View]
11105931How many Monero does he hold?: i wonder how many monero this fat ponny holds. i mean if monero real…[View]
11105655mfw EOSfinix, STEEM 2.0, Bitshares 3.0, and B1chat are about to launch[View]
11105561BLOX (CDT) is the next VIBE huge gains coming in buy now t. Actual Whale[View]
11105800Hey guys I posted here before about how I sold holochain at 23 sats after buying in at 12. I just wa…[View]
11105963Be careful of this Jewish trick. Yom Kippur is near.[View]
11103577If you think the average normie isn’t an NPC then go to a shopping mall for an hour.[View]
11105505EOS is commie coin: Dan Larimer (EOS creator) thinks that annually redistributing 5% of world's…[View]
11104233He owns zero EOS >Not gonna make it[View]
11105725MEW brute force: Reassuring.. https://www.ccn.com/this-ethereum-wallet-is-targeted-by-more-attackers…[View]
11104973Shill me on credit cards, are they a meme if I want to buy a car with one ($10,000)?[View]
11105601Buy the Zen (ZP) dip.: This is not going to stay under ICO price, and only on this chink Bilaxy exch…[View]
11105603Buckle up[View]
11105110The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11104795>He thinks that NPC's aren't a real thing >He's never worked retail. Oh honey.…[View]
11105821Early NERVA vibes....: You missed a 60K cap. Nearing 100K. Listen or literally stay poor. This will …[View]
11104698Stellar (XLM) General: Green Machine Edition https://www.stellar.org/ https://twitter.com/StellarOr…[View]
11105751Is the NPC meme the shittiest meme to hit /biz/ in the last few years?[View]
11105646Where is it going?[View]
11105657You guys ready?: Your little 'bull run' has ended and you know it.[View]
11103204holo adoption: hApp built in 20 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvhBfpT7JHo holy shit…[View]
11104591Well, I did it /biz/, I made a good investment. I bought AMD at $14 and just sold half at $31, meani…[View]
11105078What is /biz/'s thoughts about the stock trading app Robinhood? And can you make decent income …[View]
11104970BitBlocks BBK: >109k Market Cap > legitimate website > $0.003 What am I missing /biz/? Thin…[View]
11105621Ambrosus just beat vechain, waltonchain combined: Partnership incoming. Don’t give me your chink coi…[View]
11105633Hey Hey Hey: wasu wasu wasuuuuuuuuuuuuup[View]
11104893wil cones ever see 20k$ again or did the bubble popp forever. pls be honest biz dont play with my fe…[View]
11103104>Sunday night >Worthless NEET contemplates the beginning of another week of his meaningless li…[View]
11102917Where can I pay people to spam my links everywhere?[View]
11105161/sniper/ here. just give me the coordinates[View]
11105518With respect to the scale of the global economy, is Google the largest monopoly to ever exist?[View]
11105511AMBUDDIES: https://twitter.com/DHLGlobal/status/1041310929777053698[View]
11104220Who's this guy I see everywhere getting praised for his knowledge and why does he think BTC is …[View]
11105515>coins can go up more than 100% >coins can't go down more than 100% What did (((they))) m…[View]
11105186>He doesn't hold Monero lmao[View]
11105071remember the 2013-2015 sideways market? 3 fucking years. this is your fate now. you have been warned…[View]
11105327You ready?: Big price action coming this week! Now the question is up or down ;)[View]
11105474>'last night i shit my bed (somethings wrong with my ai)'[View]
11103501Thank god the weekend is almost over. Only wagies hate weekdays.[View]
11102306Is buying a house right now similar to buying bitcoin when it was 20k?[View]
11104963>the argentian trap spammer still hasn't been banned yet This autist spams this shit all day…[View]
11105025Interview tomorrow, any tips? Position is for admin assistant.[View]
11104794I signed an apartment lease in Isla Vista, California without looking at property first. Turns out i…[View]
11105176LAST MOON MISSION THIS YEAR: IF YOU REKT, BLAME YOURSELF - last moon mission - testnet next week - s…[View]
11105383>'nice weather today isnt it?!'[View]
1110460211 million market cap. Partnership with one of the largest banks in the world. Why don't you ha…[View]
11105384Vitalik live from Vietnam https://kinhdoanh.vnexpress.net/tuong-thuat/doanh-nghiep/bat-dau-giao-luu-…[View]
11104176Dont get why brainlets keep missing great projects[View]
11105369>that 30 year old boomer npc who's bought XLM and XRP[View]
11104683I have just created this new revolutionary branch off of the boomer meme, thank me later.[View]
11103714Sergey's best friend just bought TIME magazine discuss anon[View]
11105312How much money should I have saved to start a small business with my lads? One is knowledgeable with…[View]
11105285Blackedcoin: ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. C…[View]
11104969Fuck you Biz!: Fuck you Biz for FUDDING Quant and putting me from buying a week ago. Seriously fuuuu…[View]
11105260Somebody please shill or fud me on MCO. Worth it?[View]
11091991Only future millionaires are allowed to reply to this thread.[View]
11105171The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11103039>dude what if the naturally loved face is actually a heel and the hated natural heel is actually …[View]
11105193>mfw waiting for the market to open after getting into investing last week…[View]
11104578>i shilled you guys HOT at 80 vits, QNT at 3200 & DAG at 2700 with detailed technical details…[View]
11100487BAT, buy now or stay poor, v1 releases in about 1-2 months: Google hates it, apple wants it and it w…[View]
11104407Finally the market is taking a direction (dump) I was tired of sideways, now I can place a position[View]
11104079What coins are you accumulating and waiting for 10 50 100x? tell me about your low marketcap coins m…[View]
11104452How in the fuck do I overcome this?: Fellas, my life is dogshit for the last couple years. I don…[View]
11105089hello i am mommy from futur[View]
11105036The dump yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering HOTheads that run this scam. Price has alrea…[View]
11105002I hope you all get rich[View]
11104542.00000022 in 3 minutes. Prepare as needed.[View]
11104329>has $4 billion >could easily spend $1-5 million on bribing r/cc mods, mass shilling on twitte…[View]
11104024What do bizraelies think of qanon If qanon were real, what would the economic implacations be[View]
11104743Any advice on how to make cheap cash online besides doing surveys?[View]
11103170Robinhood Selling Your Lives: If you bought into the Robinhood shilling around here, you should have…[View]
11104574niggers gonna will this war guys. https://twitter.com/_IsaiahNoThomas/status/1038447860054990848 sor…[View]
11104517MFT on binance looking pretty good right now Thoughts?[View]
11104309This is the power of Conventment[View]
11097044Monero: Sup /biz, whats your thoughts on pic related? I've accumulated enough bitcoin and link …[View]
11099673Favelanon stole from my business account: This mother fucker tried to help the little prick and he s…[View]
11104750what did they mean by this[View]
11104757gonna make you lick my nuts bobo.[View]
11104660>September 2018 >thinks the golden bull market is in the future, not the past…[View]
11101471Stop posting porn[View]
11104699>tfw sat and just watched my crypto portfolio go from over $70k in December to $10k today…[View]
11104534help - down 97%: i need more than a 40x just to break even on pic related. do i hold and hope to mak…[View]
11104617Post your most memetastic TA...[View]
11104050Redpillme on mainframe (mft) Scam or legit?[View]
11103399SophiaTX: SPHTX is going to moon soon, right now around ICO price. Buy now or cry later.[View]
11104607Bitcoin Casino Script: How & where to start?[View]
11104612What's the best thing I can do with this?: 100% serious question. What's the best way to s…[View]
11103853What is the point?[View]
11104216>tfw you're doing keyword research and find other affiliate sites as your main competitors f…[View]
11104342Hourly about to close below support. Big dump inbound. Hope you've closed your longs.[View]
11104199B-bros what are the jews going to do to bitcoin tomorrow or on their holiday? Will the markets be sl…[View]
11103538/biz/ memes that are true: What /biz/ memes did you fall for that are actually true? Me: >drinkin…[View]
11104457Was that the best you could do, bears?: Then, it's my turn.[View]
11101442Willing to sell my tokens for below current ICO price.: Current ICO price is .0014 ETH. During publi…[View]
11104212Name a single (1) person who made a significant amount of money who got into crypto after 2017. Prot…[View]
11104409Billions in crypto trades daily: What's my name?: https://youtu.be/UbI2TS0fW4Q[View]
11104299Robinhood Investing App Secretly Makes Millions Selling Millennials' User Data To HFT Firms htt…[View]
11103963Noob Question: Hey biz, not to be a total brainlet but could someone please explain how exactly shor…[View]
11103886Tomo: A Real Gem: (1) very low market cap (2) 10+ VC investors (3) Many partnerships (Te-Foods, Bin…[View]
11104143We got ourselves a real funny guy here.[View]
11103067hey biz, let's say hypothetically i have my whore/cheating ex gf's CC# and CVC and let…[View]
11103557Anybody else never look at the clock? I have no use for them as I have no schedules to abide by. Tha…[View]
11104302friendly advice to buy ETH before banks Monday monring and kikes FOMO their shekels in[View]
11102831Utter newfag here, how the F*CK do I buy LINK?[View]
11102121Why did ((((they)))) delete this? What do (((they))) know?[View]
11103411I am down 220% from January. I don't know if I'll ever recover. I still have some btc left…[View]
11101538>sunday night[View]
11104031Can someone explain this shit to me, how are we not breaking 6550 and have wet tissue support at 649…[View]
11102885Can somebody explain segwit to me?: What are the arguments for segwit vs blocksize? I want to buy bi…[View]
11103693I haven’t pooped in 2 weeks: I’ve been putting every last cent I make into Chainlink and buying the …[View]
11103884>6100 incoming[View]
11104188ROBINHOOD FAGGITS GET IN HERE: Robinhood Financial, LLC, a US-based mobile stock brokerage company, …[View]
11103451GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY YOU FUCKING NIGGER!!!!: Shit skinned ape! Why are there even niggers in crypto…[View]
11104207BlockV: Has anyone here already downloaded Vatoms app? I live in Brazil and there is nothing in my c…[View]
11104118I accidentally sold all my btc an hour ago. Should I buy it back? I'm afraid it's going to…[View]
11101826Why is favelanon scamming?[View]
11101870Expense tracking: I thought this board was about money, not 99% shitcoin threads.. Do you guys track…[View]
11104018this is your warning[View]
11092868Asian Girls: Teach me how to get asian wife after college if i dont speak another language (except 1…[View]
11095761>The 63 yo boomer who bought a 5 room house for 2x yearly salary: In 1972. Then they complain abo…[View]
11102748Looks like interest is curving up![View]
11103353FAVELANON CONFIRMED MOSSAD AGENT: I will be posting proof shortly, but suffice to say this guy is ac…[View]
11103730good entry point for this?[View]
11101674I bet the 720 million BTC wallet is to shake out LINKIES: I bet they are going to pump everything a …[View]

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