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1888441Will milocoin take off like trumpcoin or flop like putincoin?[View]
1890067Big dump is coming guys. gonna correct to at least 0.7, You have been warned.[View]
1890967>Big 4 assurance/TAS or >2nd tier management consulting company Help me decide, /biz/.…[View]
1891029SiaCoin-SC: Feel like making a good bit of money? Ignore these PivX shills, it has had its day. The…[View]
1890248Why should I buy dopecoin?: ...?[View]
1890707>TFW you wasted thousands of hours on 4chan instead of doing something productive…[View]
1889028New to cryptocurrency, how do I get the hang of it? Where do I buy it? And what should I buy? Thanks…[View]
1889434BitBay Thread: So are we going to pump BAY up to 1000 satoshis or what, /biz/?[View]
1891001TRP: Is it too late to buy TRP?[View]
1890916/EXCL/ ExclusiveCoin General Thread: Why is nobody on /biz talking about ExclusiveCoin...? 1000% gai…[View]
1888885Is doing your associates before your bachelors a viable option? What would you say are the pros and…[View]
1891025Annual Stock Screener: All the stock screeners i know about just show top gainers of the day. I want…[View]
1891003Skills: What skills can you develop out of school and get a job. preferably freelance?[View]
1885114Accounting Degree worth it?: Is accounting a meme degree, /biz/? It seems like almost nobody enjoys …[View]
1890944Is UBIQ #next?[View]
1890350/DSG/ DROPSHIPPING GENERAL: Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ti-laBUbfmIfyBifCHz5PwTDdJjeG…[View]
1890977Influencer marketing: Is this the right place? Anyone know much about influencer marketing.. there…[View]
1889694Do you think Amazon is a good company?[View]
1889960I want to start selling ebooks /biz/, where do i start and how do i get affiliates to promote it for…[View]
1890906Free Doge: What fun.[View]
1890866Setting up for Youtube Bux: Anyone here with experience on this? I wanna try my luck at youtube to p…[View]
1890722Dopecoin is shit, DO NOT BUY: Every time I see that dopecoin spammer I am going to post in this thre…[View]
1890278/biz/ - Cryptocurrencies Literally 75% of the threads here are shitcoin bullshit. When are we going …[View]
1886913What are the best cryptocurrencies to hold long-term right now? Short term?[View]
1890768Any good Android/iOS app that can display multiple realtime stock charts at once? I own an iPad and …[View]
1884203How do I make myself work hard when I feel cucked by working hard? If I work hard then I know someon…[View]
1890408Bytecoin, get ready. * Last pump: +860% * Price flatlining at smallest possible price resolution * F…[View]
1889566tfw direct deposit drops[View]
1886399quick someone please tell me of a crypto that is going to pump BEFORE it actually pumps today? One t…[View]
1887571/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: Help Me Take Out these Bullets Edition -- Links -- Stickerbitch…[View]
1890605ARK: Who here /barkforark/? >https://ark.io/[View]
1888169What the hell are you faggots talking about this being harder than the casinos in Las Vegas? I consi…[View]
1888557Is an MBA an investment that pays off later? I live in Europe so an MBA here costs around 20K for 1 …[View]
1890462Large Bitcoin Collider: tried over 1000 trillion private keys: >Found 2 addresses https://www.red…[View]
1887132>create facebook profile of hot girl >fill friends list with 5000 thirsty dudes that look like…[View]
1889924Why wouldn't this work for decreasing risk exposure? You choose a maximum loss (e.g. 5%), then …[View]
1890157>I missed on ALL of them The only reason I'm not killing myself or quitting crypto forever i…[View]
1890172ARK Rally Call - BUY NOW: Why ARK? 1) Mad volume, 4th on Bittrex since it gained traction a few hour…[View]
1890254Cucking Foinbase!: Hi can any coinbase using anons help, I tried to SEPA transfer some money to them…[View]
1879741/PIVX/: Time for a new PIVX thread Old thread: >>1874564[View]
1888968>TFW scared of identity theft[View]
1890317Tax rebate and National Insurance (uk): Hi /biz/ I was wondering if my NI contribution will be inclu…[View]
1889519/Ark/ General: The best of BTC and ETH. Let's go guys, straight to the moon on ARK[View]
1889324Why have societies always developed economies that are strung together by loans, debt, and other sch…[View]
1889021>When the coin just won't reach your sell goal. And keeps dumping and pumping right below yo…[View]
1889679>So anon. Do tell. Why do you want to work for us? >What makes you so special than the 100 oth…[View]
1890234EBAY General[View]
1889089How to start trading cryptocurrency?: Hi i want to start buying & selling. i don't have a l…[View]
1888404Competition on /biz/: They say it's insane luck that brings you on top. I say it's skills …[View]
1889771I have 2.3k in savings at 24 and get paid £7 an hour from my nightshift job. How much of a failure a…[View]
1882095What is happening with LiSK? >Change: +50 >increase in trade volume from 500 to 1800 in 1 day …[View]
1888318Prayercoin on the ETH blockchain: This is a weird one and it might belong in /X, we'll see. I h…[View]
1888319Feather thread: Show me your rarest feathers, /biz/. https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC…[View]
1884120>credit score went from 799 to 734 >pay every bill in full on time >only one card >never…[View]
1889669I'm a shutin NEET and just won $17k in a state lottery. What should I do with it?[View]
1888377Rich & Famous or Be Anonymously Wealthy?: Would you rather be thrust in the limelight with fame …[View]
1890079>2017 >He's not buying TSLA Are you stupid today, or is this just every day? This is the …[View]
1890026Why isn't there website that lets me bit shitcoins with paypal instead of having to verify my i…[View]
1890020DICE - Is it a meme, and if so, what's the best way to play: Anyone know the probability of los…[View]
1883326Alright fellow /biz/raelis. I've been doing a little research in the Marijuana coins sector. No…[View]
1890003HL charges are too high. IG is a bucket shop. Who else is there?[View]
1885740Need some literature on the stock market. General info about how a stock market functions and work …[View]
1889399Redpill me on leaders vs managers is being a leader really better than being a manager or is that ju…[View]
1888993Is this really the key to success?[View]
1889897NEED ADVICE /biz: So I'm using this app called Betterment to help me invest money into stocks a…[View]
1889896should monopoly be regulated ?[View]
1889780Is ark getting added to poloniex?[View]
1889857Are shitty cryptocoins the new wild west of trading? I see many similarities between '90s penn…[View]
1887638How do I make money?[View]
1887902l need to make 100$ a month just on the computer. Any ideas?[View]
1889803what do you think about security trading ? is it justified in the eyes of capitalism ?[View]
1889096Screencap this please. Now that they maneuvered you to sell BitBay and causing you to think its shi…[View]
1889698>be Euro >gross revenue is 100k a year before taxes >pay 36k a year for house/workplace (50…[View]
1889640Crypto Discussion: So with all this new buzz about ETH and the BTC split, ive been trying to imagine…[View]
1889666grams gave me $20 bucks for being a good boy. whats the best way i can show her how good a boy i am?[View]
1889536What are some good books to study the Banking industry, /biz/?[View]
1889148Should I apply for this credit card I'm a min wagecuckie.[View]
1884176/MILO/ - MiloCoin General: /MILO/ MiloCoin General - FUCK LIBERALS GET RICH edition I’m not gay, but…[View]
1889338I'm new. I have questions Cheapest way to buy btc? Like closest price to what's advertise…[View]
1889456Hot or Not??: https://www.s7clothingcompany.com/ check this website out and tell me what you think b…[View]
1888981Ark Coin General: Anyone else investing in this. Looks very promising already feeling some gains…[View]
1887263Are these books your standard self-help snake oil or are they actually worth reading?[View]
1888825How many jobs do you have to apply to before something sticks? I've heard a ratio of 1 callback…[View]
1878737STEM: Is a STEM career the only career path where college becomes worth the cost or is STEM just a m…[View]
1889234RevShare Meme: For those of you stuck in the Rev Share meme This is what you're making daily. …[View]
1888954How can I make sure my kid gets my savings when I die?: So since a will can be overruled by courts I…[View]
1888677Transfercoin thread: Okay boys you know the deal NEW PUMP THREAD lets take this and shill our little…[View]
1889033Would would his impeachment do to the economy?[View]
1889296NXT. I've got 23k i should be sitting pretty by the weekend. any of you guys in. its only 1 cen…[View]
1887841Bad trades - market order edition[View]
1888734What’s the play tonight /biz/? I’ve got 2.5 BTC to throw into something tonight for quick gains. Dub…[View]
1888475How do you monetize high bounce rate traffic? I have a way to get 2-3k free per day and likely to gr…[View]
1887782hey /biz/ all i want to do in life is make games for a living. incredibly badly so. how do i get by …[View]
1889123ARK: How could you not like a coin when markiplier is voicing their video? Video: https://vimeo.com/…[View]
1889199Market Crash Incoming: If you haven't been keeping up with the latest news of 'spygate', then t…[View]
1888977I am a retard, gibz shekles!: Hello goys, I am a newfag to investing and want some tips on where to …[View]
1888527Let's have a thread about history's greatest businessmen who changed the world for the bet…[View]
1879476/rg/ resume general: so far I have: >education >work experience >personal summary >conta…[View]
1889128TX Gains: These TX gains are fantastic, and the best part is the rocket isn’t stopping anytime soon!…[View]
1889103>he still hasn't bought SNAP[View]
1884362Stop living in poverty.[View]
1888690Financial Grand Strategy: If you were to stop thinking about your self from a human perspective and …[View]
1886857How do I go about starting to trade crypto currency? I am in school right now for finance but have b…[View]
1888970Need to find business owners who want to sell their business. Any ideas how to do that?[View]
1888943what mind enhancers do you guys take?[View]
1888876Is this a scam?[View]
1886220What does /biz/ think of this guy? >clif High predicts $40 000 BTC Why does this guy have such a…[View]
1886568Ethereum: When will the next ETH moontrip happen? Is now the time to buy ETH or should I wait a litt…[View]
1888817Dollar Menuaire: Gonna have a little over 2000usd to invest in something in about 2 weeks. Ideas? Ma…[View]
1888610I'm here for the interview homes.[View]
1881856BitBay: /bitbay/ general[View]
1887796How to Analyze Tech Company Stock without TA: You see some generic tech stock for the first time. Wi…[View]
1888692Is the stalk market a good way to learn about the stock market?[View]
1888654Anyone here trade Binary Options? Seems like a good way to make money if you're good at it. Ope…[View]
1886949Is it too late to buy bitcoin? Is it tanking?[View]
1888715Online PC part retailers: Hi guys, was redirected here from /g/, Is it worth breaking into the Onlin…[View]
1884898No 1 person or family should be worth over 1bil. Force all multi-billionaires to forfeit the rest of…[View]
1888509Who panic sold to me?: I meant to shake out the smaller hands, not a fellow whale. Thanks for the ex…[View]
1888550My father wants me to set up and investment account so that he can gradually transfer all of his sto…[View]
1871896/CCG/ - Cryptocurrency General: /CCG/ - Cryptocurrency General - fuck discord edition -- Margin Trad…[View]
1888244You're a single 27 year old male with 25K and no debt, living with your parents. You also have …[View]
1888375ITT: Tips on evading taxes[View]
1884577Can anyone recommend me a cloud mining solution for Bitcoins? I was looking into https://www.genesis…[View]
1888454>TFW you wasted thousands of hours on 4chan instead of doing something productive How do I stop t…[View]
1885997Oh shit he on OUR side now, LONG LIVE ETHEREUM!: pic related af[View]
1888431Where do you buy bitcoin?: I use giftcoin.[View]
1888410Cheap Social Median Services: Likes, Subscribers , Followers, Views ETC http://slicksocials.com…[View]
1886249Anyone see the bottom of this DB stock ticker. My life savings are on this stock :~[View]
1887001Time to short whole indexes?[View]
1888380is there an api for shitcoins?[View]
1886014Daily tip to all pump chasers, viacoin will probably go up 30-50% within 24 hours. You can call me a…[View]
1888008BITCOIN GOES BANANS: Technical analysis of bitcoin. The banana curve is pointing up![View]
1880523Scams you've fallen for: >2017 >Verizon lies about promotion >Trade in iPhone 6+ for …[View]
1888241Shark Tank marathon starting with season 8 and working back https://www.rabb.it/r/4w12sg[View]
1886445Realistically speaking, how rich will I be in 5 years? Also hold 190,000 XRP. I'm 21. Also gene…[View]
1885211>mfw creative jobs are going to be all that's left by 2040 lmao shoulda got a liberal's…[View]
1887967I have a stupid semantics issue that's hanging me up and getting in the way of doing actual wor…[View]
1886123>Not buying Viacoin before it doubles in value >literally never will make it…[View]
1888182Sup /biz/ I'm a brainlet and I'm struggling to understand interest >16244 loan >4.…[View]
1888060So I recently got fired from my job which lasted about 3 years. How do I con my parents into thinkin…[View]
1886744How low will bitcoin drop by the 30th?[View]
1886391Women make up 85% of consumer spending in the U.S: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/b/9e28517f-…[View]
1886454(((technical analysis)))[View]
1883045Investments after you die: I want to invest in some physical heirlooms that will appreciate over tim…[View]
1887867Why is Bitcoin so low again?: What the fuck is happening with Bitcoin right now? Why is the price at…[View]
1884760Money Making Music ~MMM Thread 3M$~: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVI6YDkVL3A Bonus Points: Menti…[View]
1888104sup /biz/ need your help I launched www.4days20hours.com and Stripe won't process the credit ca…[View]
1887800Reminder: Daily reminder that you can't get rich without being ruthless shark and screwing peop…[View]
1885298Is ETH mooning?[View]
1887200Transcriptions: Have some free time at work. A LOT sometimes. Like today for example. I have to be h…[View]
1884696ENOUGH. STOP THIS HARDFORKING THING: How likely is this 'hardfork' thing? I dont know why these exch…[View]
1887356Did you buy golem yet? Don't miss the real moon mission[View]
1887930Companies that are Dying: I remember stores like McCrory's and SS Kresge. Wanamaker's, Gun…[View]
1887357Dear anon, Are you going to stop shitposting about cryptocurrency any time soon? Why do you have suc…[View]
1887777People are offering me high prices to buy my BTC on Localbitcoins.com via Venmo. Is using Venmo for …[View]
1886964Is it hard to become middle class in America or am I just dumb?[View]
1886148Invest in small business that can provide you with a prospectus[View]
1887454How much ETH do I have to buy in order for it to be a worthy investment? Also I'm new to crypto…[View]
1887770I'm a Bitbae SHILL AMA. This man right here????? Hes my HERO He's going to make me a MILLI…[View]
1887460Hi! I'm investing a lot of money and that's my main source of income, but I want to have m…[View]
1887716Coinspace: what are your opinions on COINSPACE? the company, and the criptocurrency.[View]
1887280Trumpcoin had the US election. What can Milocoin possibly have to give it hype srsly[View]
1887514What are the best degrees? I'll start... Mechanical engineering. Bonus round, worst degrees: Ph…[View]
1885386Jeff Bezos controls giant Avatar-style robot at top secret Amazon event: What's the next step o…[View]
1887244Bitbay almost alltime low: Maybe time to buy BAY nigger[View]
1883125Work from home: How many of you work from home? How did you make it and what do you do?[View]
1884010Can you still be a respectable, successful entrepreneur if someone finds out you did porn?[View]
1886272i know people sell fuckbots online, but is there anyone who rents them? isn't it a great busine…[View]
1879674>TFW you realize that money is the most important thing[View]
1884419how?: If I'm poor and trying to get a minimum wage job, how do I make money? How do I unpoor m…[View]
1885938/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: Oh Kami-sama, Its Going to Tank Again Edition -- Links -- Stickerb…[View]
1887017DOPE giveaway thread. the danker the meme the danker the donation If you send back half the dope I s…[View]
1874401>the average American has less than $1000 in their bank account, over $900 in outstanding credit …[View]
1884952I want to be a construction worker. How do I do it?[View]
1885766Name for a new company: Guys, I want to start a new investing/real estate/construction company, (is …[View]
1887027I have 0.01844175 BTC. What now[View]
1885513ETH WARNING: April 1st: I have been lurking some Korean crypto forums (I was born in Seoul) for the …[View]
1880391>Money can't buy you happiness anon.[View]
1885167ETH: When will this shit go to the moon?[View]
1886726/biz/, how's my Crypto portfolio allocation and do you have any changes? I am putting: 30% into…[View]
1884086How do I make money off insider information?: So I heard about a company going public x weeks in the…[View]
1885407Fitting in the work force: How do I get people to like me? I've realized that it doesn't m…[View]
1886418Been lurking for about a week now and I'm thinking about diving into the crypto game Do you guy…[View]
1884177>Summer is almost here >Still no jobs[View]
1886980BitBay: *middle finger goes here* If this shit keeps takings a downward curve I'm cutting my lo…[View]
1883562Facebook and Fanpages: Hello /biz/ . I'm living in country with population around ~40Million. …[View]
1884028/VIA/ - Viacoin General: Why haven't you bought any Viacoin yet? We are right before a price ex…[View]
1882007/DROPSHIPPING/: The thread where we talk about dropshipping, aliexpress/shopify and stuff. So anon, …[View]
1884575>halfway through interview >'can you pass a drug test?'…[View]
1886916What is causing ETH's price to drop that much?[View]
1885093Alex Jones coin: So...why hasn't anyone created an Alex Jones coin yet? I can see it now. JONE…[View]
1881648From where did this 'everyone should buy their own house' meme come from? Why is signing up for a 2…[View]
1886863>NIKE falls 6% after sales drop http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/22/investing/nike-earnings-stock/ind…[View]
1883285>make robin hood account >suddenly get non stop telemarketing calls…[View]
1886843High Energy: There is a world outside of cryptocurrency that effects it. I'm not a pro but long…[View]
1885730New App: Hey /biz/, I just launch an app named Invite Only. I have been working on for quite awhile …[View]
1884699>He still didn't buy DOPECOIN[View]
1885131/tax returns/: What's your 2017 tax return anons? >$4100 FUCK YEAH…[View]
1886738how do i be this guy if recession hits?: if the market keeps going the way its going, my portfolio f…[View]
1885765PotCoin: I have a gut feeling this coin is going to be pumped the hell out of it for the upcoming 4/…[View]
1885797I know technology that will set the standard when I see it, and koenigsegg has their shit down to a …[View]
1884334Bioware is finished and bankrupt. sell all stocks[View]
1885283>He actually works for a living Why hasn't /biz/ put their heads together and done something…[View]
1886683>Diversification intensifies: ETH >check PIVX >check MILO >check ...anddddd it's ti…[View]
1886296BITBAY MARKETING: Hello /biz/, I've spoken to Zimbeck recently regarding marketing efforts, and…[View]
1883922what's the most illegal think you've ever done to earn money?[View]
1880009I just invested milocoin. I consider this rock bottom for me. I want to commit suicide just thinking…[View]
1886019eBay general: Shitty buyers edition.[View]
1883457So I have a year and a half empty on my resume, when I was literally doing nothing (depression + alc…[View]
1885605I'm gonna hit my monthly deposit limit. Where else can I buy bitcoins with low fees in EUR (wir…[View]
1884968Poop coin: Is this legit https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=307419.0 is anyone holding POO…[View]
1884350WHERE ALL MY ETH BAGHOLDERS: we gon be kangz and shit come the 29th[View]
1877908In theory, what stops me from just holding to my forex position until the market moves back in the r…[View]
1881983>He still didn't buy Pivx or BitBay What is your excuse, anon?[View]
1882319Will ETH ever rise above 50 again?[View]
1886432wtf is this einsteinium?: I put everything to eth to hold, wtf is this shit with 73% gain? Do you gu…[View]
1884657Sticky this[View]
1886309NEETbux strategy: Find a flaw /biz/ >Protip: you can't.[View]
1886135Its pumping!!! another undervalued coin that is gonna work with ethereum. Its exploding now. market …[View]
1884392Who else is over 30 living with their parents waiting for this guy to change their life?: Don't…[View]
1886334Redpill me on BTCU[View]
1884471Visa Purchase protection.: So, I kinda fucked up a little in Thailand. I did something stupid and ha…[View]
1882769We don't have Robinhood in my shithole country. Where can I trade muh stocks?[View]
1886089So im taking a step. I'm buying 0.5btc tomorrow and I'll use that on pivx and bitbay proba…[View]
1883115/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: [Fill in the blank] Edition -- Links -- Stickerbitch's calend…[View]
1886072Show this to anyone who wants to make money with Ethereum: pic is all you need to show them and they…[View]
1886063The bear has awoken: Get ready for the start of a new bear market.[View]
1886169I'm done: Okay guys, so after quite a few years, I'm quitting trading altogether. Through …[View]
1886040ETHEREUM - BITCOIN INTRODUCTION: I am not a tech illiterate, but when it comes to cryptocurrency i f…[View]
1886084thanks to siacoin anon for the tip a week ago i love you /biz/[View]
1885876Why Are Animators Poor?: Animators, id say, work just as hard as engineers in their field of craft. …[View]
1884027Help me out /biz/: I've been trying to get into either dropshipping or flipping. I'm confi…[View]
1884311>He STILL didn't buy Pivx >He STILL didn't buy Bitbay You're running out of exc…[View]
1885958Help with the international banking system: Aussie here I have ~ 8k in USD (cash) I want to deposit …[View]
1885952Overpriced/underpriced cryptos: >PIVX market cap $28,769,658 >BAY market cap $7,196,486 Comp…[View]
1885941MUE coin: Why havent you invested in MUE yet? 200% profit in just a day[View]
1885809Has biz lost its touch? Pivx and bitbay are not rising... 'pivx is undervalued' why? 30 mil cap seem…[View]
1885674Pomade - follow-up thread: I made a post a week ago about selling pomade in my country. All the poma…[View]
1885791What is the equivalent of Robinhood for Canadian citizens? How does a leaf go about to start trading…[View]
1885392BUYING ETH WITH USD: for some reason i can't link my bank account to my coinbase are there any …[View]
1885585Let me give you some advice. Do not go into retail. It is a savage place. Last year I invested in th…[View]
1881429No money down real estate - how do I make $$$?: How do I make big money with no money down real esta…[View]
1883751OFFICIAL BITBAY MOON THREAD: https://poloniex.com/coinRequest >What is the name of the coin? BitB…[View]
1883192Hello /biz/ My name is tanaka. from Japan. nice to meet you. I invest my all money on american stock…[View]
1881691Alright, I'm about to come into 15k AUD (Australian here). I'm expecting it next month. I …[View]
1885231>I put $21k into mutual funds last night >Market crashes like 2% or whatever it did today Am I…[View]
1883506What's his fucking problem?[View]
1884640Business: I'm 19yrs old, want to become self employed. I'm currently thinking about invest…[View]
1885437How do I become this man /biz/?[View]
1884783What's it take to start a new memecoin? All blockchain tech is similar, right? And no one gives…[View]
1880595/biz/ I present to you Crown. Before you dismiss this as another shit coin let me explain to you the…[View]
1885160>TFW trying to learn programming but quickly realize that all the good ideas are already taken an…[View]
1883412this fairly new company will potentially be a billion dollar company in the next decade or so >1 …[View]
1883926This old pussy in my team at work is never off of facebook, twitter, buzzfeed-tier sites etc. He is …[View]
1885106i just cashed in all my ethereum and bought lotto tickets did i do good.[View]
1884857PIVX is now a Top 20 Crypto: Done without an ICO. Done without premine or instamine. Done without Po…[View]
1884417Hey /biz/, I'm new to the trading scene and I'm looking for some help. Which binary optio…[View]
1883316ETC HAS GOT THE ETF WE ARE GOING TO THE MOON ETH is kill and will be replaced by ETC screenshot this[View]
1884969Finance related side businesses: What are the better side businesses these days for finance guys? I …[View]
1884386BitBay: Don't say we didn't give you a chance. https://block-chain-invest.com/exclusive-in…[View]
1882639In what ways is the global economy fundamentally different from Runescape circa 2004?[View]
1884542>market down 1.25% >/biz/ is silent the day of reckoning approaches you dumb cucks…[View]
1884536Hypothetical question about re-training for IT: How useful are the 2-3 year IT programs offered at c…[View]
1882766just deposited all my bitcoin here and found out you can't withdraw. How bad did I fuck up?[View]
1884889Congratulations siacoin speculators!: I'd like to congratulate all of the intelligent speculato…[View]
1881854When are you going to make the list /biz/? https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/list/7/#version:stati…[View]
1884749New moon machine: STRATIS may be a nice opportunity to gain some monies. Check it out, it's in …[View]
1884655Amazon prime gold?: I was talking with my friend and he said something about amazon prime gold, he c…[View]
1884707betting against the meme bubble: Excuse my ignorance but how come you can't short sell crypto l…[View]
1884679Ethereum will never be as big as bit-: >Faster. >Full scale. >Ethereum.…[View]
1880846>'If you work very hard and follow the rules you'll become successful'…[View]
1884504Oreilly factor general: comfy edition. All ppl watching the factor right now pls report in. Good ev…[View]
1883976Buying likes/followers on social media: Is it worth it?[View]
1884359How do you make a product to sell? For example, let's say I wanted to make a soda. How would I …[View]
1884388inside info. Info will be released about a major cooperation between bitbay and a big name in crypto…[View]
1881492If you look at real estate listings in the U.S, you'll notice that in some of the rural/low inc…[View]
1884500BUY THE DIP GENERAL: Alright, fools, honest now, who fucked up and not bought the obvious SIACOIN di…[View]
1879499What did i do wrong? Actual chart: ING shares (AEX Amsterdam) Bought at 14.35. It dropped to eventua…[View]
1884466Why the fuck is the poverty line so high My sister is classifed under the poverty line >household…[View]
1884198>mfw I'm now a dopecoin whale thanks shills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-mK1K_NyXY…[View]
1884354IQ Option: hey /biz/, what do you think about IQOption? Kind of new to the whole investing stuff, st…[View]
1882096Suppose that I start up an adult 'hookup/meetup' site. How do I go about traffic? do I just try to g…[View]
1883809Satoshi's are a necessary unit of measurement for BTC everyday use, and will help to simplify t…[View]
1884209Newfag here, please explain how does one buy baycoin or dopecoin and where ?[View]
1884303Refund on a Surety Bond?: Ok, so I need to know if my energy provider pulled a quick one on me. I…[View]
1884237Is day trading cryptocurrency a 4channer's full time job?[View]
1881247>Work for sketchy employer for a couple months >Get fired >They now have my personal inform…[View]
1884074Would you fund Kekistan if it was a business opportunity for you?: It is a serious question.[View]
1883959All the idiots who baught bitbay on peak...Your only hope of not losing money now is posting competa…[View]
1880257The Horror: >Bitcoin fork around the corner. NNNOOOO Couldn't have come at a worse time. I h…[View]
1880722Just graduated college with a degree in accounting and finance, moved, and got a job doing portfolio…[View]
1883514Buy dip or wait for more dip?[View]
1884003I don't care about money, I can be happy with a tiny room and a computer... how do I fix this?[View]
1883271Well chested women get all the attention, but let's give it up to our boys in green. >ONE TR…[View]
1883474Who's got this solid position on DUST?[View]
1883567So is the pump over? is it gonna be dipping inot nothing now? Or is there still time to buy?[View]
1878548Collectibles: Has anyone here ever tried their hand at collectibles? Illiquid garbage or underapprec…[View]
1882343Penny Stock Tuesday: i am knee deep in BMXC and PURA. join me. what is the next BIG penny stock? hav…[View]
1883077>one of the greatest /ourguys/ dies and /biz/ is silent about it ???[View]
1883916> Never giving up is what separates the winners from the losers > Be determined and stick with…[View]
1881625Due to the number of shill threads I feel entitled to ask a simple newfag question. Say I want to b…[View]
1881256>launch kickstarter >unique design in a big market, did lots of work and have high hopes >c…[View]
1883739How do you decide where to work? Im 22 now have two job offerings, both pay 23ish/hr one pays health…[View]
1883672I want to get my child invested into business.: I want to get my child invested into business. What…[View]
1883785why everybody expects to get shit for free this days.: I am trying to sell stuff on the local apps a…[View]
1881995Keeping money is the hard bit: How do you draw the line between saving money and using money? Say I …[View]
1879209Should I use a debt settlement company for my credit card debt?: Currently have $27k in debt on a ca…[View]
1879249How much of a lawsuit do I have here?: >work at shitty 8.75/hr job in Nevada >have shitty mana…[View]
1883429Any Canucks here wanna rob a bank? How does one get connections with other bank robbers? Not conspir…[View]
1883367https://iota.readme.io/v1.1.0/docs Anyone noticing this?[View]
1877457/MILO/ - MiloCoin General: Get The Hell In Here!: /MILO/ MiloCoin General - 10k volume, higher highs…[View]
1883050What are the best Long Term, Low risk funds at the moment?[View]
1881374Which credit card is the best?[View]
1883127What does /biz/ think of Goldmoney? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o3t3ArBB10[View]
1883067Why do you think btc is going up but not eth?: especially after pic related[View]
1874874What's the next big cryptocurrency?: What's one that's really cheap right now and wil…[View]
1876377ETH shooting back up!!!! Haters/doubters eternally BTFO.... Moon mission still on! mfw you didnt buy…[View]
1881168Bank loan to Invest: Srsly think about getting a loan from a bank to invest in stocks and cryptos. A…[View]
1880508how do i invest in esports without being a pro basketball player?[View]
1882075i just finished watching the movie 'War Dogs'. it was shit How easy is it to get into the arms indus…[View]
1882761Letting /biz/ in on the bull rush of the day. ZEC just dipped, it's going to spike back up by t…[View]
1878473Currency Trading: I've been really interested in currency trading since I took my introductory …[View]
1882434/Econ/ Economics General #7: Rare Pepe Edition: Economics general is for a discussion pertaining to …[View]
1883193I'm a student and don't work, but I have about 17k in a savings account, and want to start…[View]
1882416Has anyone here ever got rich off a penny stock? Like turning 100k into a million+? Bought my first …[View]
1882207>he didn't buy the dip >AGAIN[View]
1882922Unemployment isn't bad. higher the unemployment, more advanced the nation has become. We don…[View]
1883188How do we stop the Pajeet menace?[View]
1882053k, how do i make a million dollars[View]
1883049Pssst...the next big crypto pump: ...will be Pepecash. The heavens will thunder and the earth will s…[View]
1875716I am 35, my GF is 40. She wants me to buy a $450k house , with a 10% deposit and possibly adopt. S…[View]
1883054What went wrong?[View]
1881038/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: I Wont Die Until I Hunt Down the Meme Edition -- Links -- Stickerb…[View]
1882993ETHEREUM NEWS - DEVCON 3 DATES RELEASED: Who's going? Make a sign so 4chan /biz is in da house …[View]
1882987>Wake up: >Beginning in late 2010, Murmylyuk worked with others to steal from online trading a…[View]
1882744Hey /biz/ do you guys know any possible way to offer loans or credit to high school students and rea…[View]
1877157Recession Incoming: The derivatives market is the biggest bubble in economic history of mankind. The…[View]
1882155You have ~500 doll hairs. Which coins do you put it on for the largest short-term ROI?: Disregard al…[View]
1882828is %1.27 a reasonable annual charge for a portfolio? I've never invested before and I have mone…[View]
1882521Vanguard VTI vs. VOO: Hey anon, I have maxed my Roth IRA contribution for 2017 and am looking to ope…[View]
1881930altcoin gamblers get in here: Hi guys, I've noticed a Gulden, Stratis and Solarcoin rising http…[View]
1881717Slow BTC transfer is slow: Jesus fucking christ, it's just 0.09BTC why the hell is it taking an…[View]
1882309Been trying to get into ETH but all these sites require some stupid verification that requires too m…[View]
1882684>tfw making money and accumulating capital you don't even use[View]
1882274If i open a tube porn site, directly linking to other tube sites, will that pass copy restriction? O…[View]
1882568MY DOCS ON POLONIEX AND TAXES: Let's say i am not american, let's say i am brazilian. Do P…[View]
1881125Can I make profit trading crypto with $20 start?[View]
1881432Buy BBR from Polo or any other exchange, transfer them to Bittrex and sell them. You can get 6 bitco…[View]
1882608>TFW you find out that some people are making $15 000/month from selling illegal drugs on the int…[View]
1880443Pic entirely unrelated My aging Boomer parents (I have two sets as my biological parents divorced a…[View]
1878608Anyone run an online shop?: What do you sell? How much do you make? How long you been running? Also …[View]
1881859Looking to buy 0.1 btc worth of Boolberry for 35k satoshis each.[View]
1877454ASX General: aka. MLS apologists and shills weekly meet, aka where the memes at 2 electric boogaloo,…[View]
1882508Tried posting this on WSB, but, since I have never used Reddit before, it looks like my posts are ge…[View]
1882224XDN PUMP: Lets meme XDN to the moon. Right now its ridiculously low atm. 1. Buy low right now. 2. S…[View]
1881533How do you stay motivated and follow through on goals?[View]
1881849>don't buy ETH at $1 >don't buy ETH at $10 >don't buy ETH at $20…[View]
1882129some noob questions: how do interest rates affect mortgage? what advantages you get from high credit…[View]
1882397What's up with Fitbit? It's been sinking ever since it's public appearance. Perhaps i…[View]
1882330>Check out new Cryptocoins >see golem >'yeah sounds awesome' >look at the code >It…[View]
1881866GOLEM GENERAL THREAD: Hey guys, this is a Golem general thread. we can talk about how great Golem is…[View]
1882029>be me >wagecuck >work in an open plan office with transparent doors and walls and shit …[View]
1882228Alright /biz/ Bitbay balooned, whats next? How about ICO's? There are a few promising ones...Th…[View]
1882254Is this what is going to happen to America after Trump's 3rd term as President?[View]
1881507>Only person doing instant bank transfer in my country is asking for 1300$ for 1 BTC. Well fuck t…[View]
1880106GNT predictions: where's it going /biz/?[View]
1879269Is it normal to get extremely horny when you make a lot of money? I just feel like i can go out and …[View]
1882114Why is nobody talking about crown? http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/crown/#charts[View]
1878475YouTube: mfw YouTube only monetizes 10% of the videos on the site because of the amount of trash upl…[View]
1881883How many ETH have you acquired?: Pic related. I'm only 21, however I decided to put my life sav…[View]
1875801Things 'aspiring' webpreneurs say: Things 'aspiring' webpreneurs say. You know him, or you might eve…[View]
1881104Need some amazon cash: Ay can i get some amazon cash only like 3 dollar gift card or someshit my ema…[View]
1882030Bitcoin fork: Why is the bitcoin fork happening? What are the motives behind it[View]
1881791Bitcoin Price Speculation General: The market is currently very unpredictable at this point with the…[View]
1881684HELP!!: So I have very little hope of this even being responded to But does any on have a great unde…[View]
1880786What's a good cheap crypto I can get on polo? Also thanks /biz/ for the heads up on ethereum[View]
1870184/amg/ Affiliate Marketing General: Lots of great content in the previous thread so let's get an…[View]
1881484Ethereum The World Computer Video: keep March 30th in mind, and keep the eth you plan to hold out of…[View]
1881800ICONOMI: who else is joining the trip to the moon with ICN?[View]
1877889What will happen to bitcoin stored on hardware wallets (trezor/ledger/keepkey) in case of a hardfork…[View]
1878057Viacoin $VIA: Viacoin is about to break out and hit 20k levels. If you aren't in you're go…[View]
1880636Should I hold ETH or sell?: Hey /biz/ I currently have 20 ETH. Should I hold it or sell it now and b…[View]
1881019Monero: Just bought some monero and noticed there is a guy with a buy order for almost 4000 coins fo…[View]
1877815I have $5000 USD burning a hole in my pocket. Is there any sort way I can invest it that isn't …[View]
1881702HOW TO REALLY MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: 3 words >GIVE NEETS GIRLFRIENDS Once millions of these lo…[View]
1881132I'm about to pull the trigger and buy 300 dash Someone tell me why i shouldn't do it[View]
1881478How does staking work with PIVx? So I keep the wallet open and keep it staking and the currency has …[View]
1881635There should be a fucking law for websites allowing to attempt login for at least 10 tries.[View]
1881686jp morgan chase stock the john d rockefeller control 25% of the company should i buy some stock when…[View]
1881562Has anyone used the App called 'Acorns' yet? It's an investing app that connects every purchase…[View]
1880428Commercial Banking Careers: Good afternoon /biz/ Instead of shilling for some shitty crypto today I …[View]
1879281is it too late to buy some eth? I feel like such a retard not buying when it was 16 bucks[View]
1881591Blockchain-secured rare pepes available on ebay: Normies can now buy their rare pepes on Ebay. This …[View]
1879927>All these rich successful people telling me to start a business right now But I have nothing to …[View]
1881232What do the math majors / quant people in IB actually do? Are they actually executing trades / manag…[View]
1879936>'NEET MASTER RACE, WAGIES ON SUICIDE WATCH' >No health insurance >No money >No friends …[View]
1877735BITBAY. Any one got any leads? Any info? Give me a reason to not invest in bitbay right now! Its che…[View]
1877944Meme Degree: I fell for the 'just get any degree dude xddd' meme a few years ago and I…[View]
1876054Best way to make the most of $100 for business?: I have $100.00 that I don't need, but that I…[View]
1878700Side Hustle: > What's your side hustle? > How much do you make? > Unnecessary Backgrou…[View]
1880486University Grades: >business courses >can't get an A Time to kill myself, boys.…[View]
1879930>be me >born to rich parents >always had money to throw around on whatever I like >proba…[View]
1881280Bought my first Bit Coin!: >NEET >Goes to mall and buys bitcoin at atm >First time buyer …[View]
1881068>I'm starting a simple skateboarding designer clothing company next month >I have close f…[View]
1879462Thinking about shorting the auto loan industry. I've ben waiting for this bubble to pop for som…[View]
1881215I have a rental car that I'm not paying for. Pros and cons of doing uber in it?[View]
1880895How Do I Get Started?: what are the absolute most important things to do/plan before selling? I want…[View]
1879688Do you stop at 5 or 6 stores, or just one?[View]
1881161How much buying does it take for a stock to go up? As in, if i put $2 million down on a $1 penny sto…[View]
1880528what do you guys think about florin coin ?[View]
1881339/bbg/ BITBAY GENERAL - NOT A SCAM COIN EDITION: BitBay is the revolutionary way to trader anything s…[View]
1881275Bitcoin Prepares For an Ugly Breakup: On Friday, a group of major cryptocurrency exchanges announced…[View]
1880320Sup, /biz/ I'm applying for a bank teller job, and I think there's actually a pretty good …[View]
1879165When did you realize that you were the only thing holding you back from success?[View]
1881029Need feedback on my job application, any /ger/anons here who are willing to help? Pic related.[View]
1877567How do you get a refund from Robinhood if you lost money trading? Support isn't writing back to…[View]
1877458Psychotherapy Scams?: Hey guys, I was wondering: do any of you happen to know if there's such a…[View]
1880865Got my first interview Thursday pretty nervous it's for a host position at TGI Fridays what que…[View]
1879990>Companies that ecstatically post a sign on their website saying 'We're hiring!'…[View]
1880680What's your first job, your current job, and how long it took to get there >telemarketer rai…[View]
1881110Investments: Hey /biz/ due to some circumstances I am going to inherit 50 thousand dollars before ta…[View]
1879744PIVX General: PIVXcoin General thread reloaded Chart: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BT…[View]
1880689Siacoin taking off- do your research: moonkids fuck off. rational speculators only, please. github -…[View]
1880897ITT: Companies you like supporting with your money[View]
1880959How'd I do?: $1,000 of ETH @ 15 $1,000 of ETH @ 28 $2,500 of ETH @ 51 >Would have invested 5…[View]
1879609>all of you are normal, everyday people, no matter how superior you think you are, just because y…[View]
1879409Was marked as PDT in Robinhood, how to get around it?: Newbie investor. Did not read the rules and g…[View]
1880146Another 2 years?: Help me think clearly about this, /biz/. I'm running a small business that I …[View]
1877644I'm an Engineer and I have an idea for a startup company but I need 2 more Engineers from diffe…[View]
1880097It's another 'Anon gets 1 hour of sleep before his next nightshift' episode[View]
1880517Pick my major /biz/ Business administration Finance Accounting Marketing Management Any other memes …[View]
1877967is overcharging for your shitty music no one will ever listen to a good business strategy /biz/?[View]
1880310Not sure where else to ask: So I'm claiming insurance on a package that was completely fucking …[View]
1880515Can we take a moment to talk about the poorest person on this board?[View]
1878579>We'll call you next week[View]
1878826/rgt/ - Robinhood General Thread: >M-muh bull market! -- Links -- Stickerbitch's calendar of…[View]
1878626Press S to spit on grave: David Rockefeller, the banker who controlled Chase Manhattan bank for more…[View]
1878837Is being frugal worth it? I buy coffee twice a day even though i only have $4000 in the bank.[View]
1878495Quitting job today: I've decided two months into my probation period that I need to quit this j…[View]
1880850How's bitcoin coming along? Did anyone here make substantial money with it?[View]
1880759Someone redpill me on the Bitcoin fork...[View]
1880750>Engineer here Been complaining for some time about my job, shitty company and shitty work enviro…[View]
1880541ANYONE READ THIS?[View]
1880356How low until this would seem like an ok idea to invest in? I'm thinking if it gets under 15[View]
1879291I guess this is somewhat /biz/ related but I am tired of the NEET life and I am applying for a job a…[View]
1879154Is BayCoin pegged to a fiat currency? If not, what's the point of 'staking' with BitBay for int…[View]
1880637BP Stock BP is one of Many Company's that will Help build The South Caucasus Pipeline a 600mill…[View]
1873382thoughts on the new /biz/ vlog? not sure if there's already a thread... https://www.youtube.com…[View]
1880545when will the real estate bubble burst?[View]
1877414/biz/ film club: What are your favorite movies relating to finance? I just watched margin call and i…[View]
1880483Anyone used that Acorn app? How'd you find it? Was it worth the hassle?[View]
1878158Keklords Prayer: Our Vitalik, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Chain Decentralization, Satoshi…[View]
1880293Broke boi: hey /biz/, so how can one make like 50 bucks with bitcoin? These faucets don't pay …[View]
1880436Nestle SA stock i dropped 500$ on it today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLANLzerfa0[View]
1875303How do we make it real?[View]
1879659;_;: Good night, Sweet Prince[View]
1880319Humanitarian jobs: I'd really like to work some sort of traveling or humanitarian type job, but…[View]
1878441>he still didn't buy ethereum[View]
1878043Steem is waking up!: Well it seems that this beast, after months of lethargy is finally waking up. I…[View]
1880171How can i start Bitcoin Mining ?: Hi /biz/, I want to start Bitcoin Mining, do you know how ? I alre…[View]
1880258What is the point in signing up to a credit score service like Equifax? What benefit do I get from s…[View]
1880014Tai Lopez: ITT: We discuss anything related to Tai Lopez' economic status. Anything related to …[View]
1878760Milo Coin is cheep right now: >perfect time to buy[View]
1879843best way to make some money with 2000 euros in eastern europe ?[View]
1876354HOBBIES AS DONE BY POORFAGS AND RICHFAGS: Poorfag works on his own car >Hahaha too fucking poor t…[View]
1876317Quant meme: So 2.5 years ago I went on this board and asked for the best degrees to make money. Some…[View]
1879362Redpill me on Skyllex, what's their endgame, where's the catch?[View]
1879757You just lost your job and your boss cleared out your bank account because he's an untouchable …[View]
1879554I just need one more dip... Do you think it will happen before next thursday? I'm predicting ju…[View]
1879922redpill me on crypto: it's seems that buying crypto for the long run is stupid. from what i gat…[View]
1878081CRISPR: CRISPR is slated to be the next big thing in medical technology, and I want in now. Where ca…[View]
1877809The IRS wants it's piece of your pie and is gonna get it: Looks like <900 individuals filed …[View]
1877785Don't say we didn't warn you.[View]
1879519Is it better to send an invoice as an attachment PDF or in the body of the email itself?[View]
1874564PIVx: /PIVx/ general[View]
1877566The flippening: How likely is pic related. Is biz holding or selling? Is ETH the next bitcoin?…[View]
1874554Biz, I have been frugal as fuck for my whole life and I am getting an itch. I want to buy a new car.…[View]
1878927Freedom: What'd be the consequences of eliminating world debt and interest, and limiting the am…[View]
1879535Influx of shills.: Anyone else fucking pissed off with these same 2-3 shills posting on every thread…[View]
1879413>he still didn't buy golem https://golem.network/[View]
1879608entrepôt web listing?: So I saw a lot of people directly taking images from aliexpress and copy past…[View]
1879317Why aren't you margin lending?: Well?[View]
1879465I'm a dead end. About 15.000 Euro in debts and barely money to buy food and have fun. No dinero…[View]
1877988new business spraying crops: any money in it? looks hot as fuck but cant be a lot of competition sur…[View]
1877246If humanity keeps progressing without any nuclear war or natural disasters, and things just keep get…[View]
1876935What's the best way to bet against the market?[View]
1876257Is an Information Technology degree worthless?: Or technology business degrees in general pic not re…[View]
1879379Will it dip again?[View]
1877887If I want to start an adult-niche website, what should i do first? Anyone has already down anything…[View]
1876671why don't you invest in dividend stock? are you financially suicidal?[View]
1877937So apparently: /Pol/ seems to have taken note of our recent Cryptogenerals and are choosing sides Co…[View]
1877807How do I start a 5 year plan? I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I'm 28, have $0 de…[View]
1879172How the fuck do you buy these rare coins? Like: Bitbay PIVX Golem Zcash Etc.[View]
1878440FREE BTC MONEY?: So if (when) the Bitcoin does this Hardfork thing do I really get both parts of the…[View]
1878808YouTube: Advertiser Friendly?: Every dot point of YouTube's 'advertiser friendly' policy is cou…[View]
1879104What is a /biz approved way of stopping procrastination? Don't want to throw away my potential …[View]
1878202why do we still have a GDP gap? isn't this system supposed to be self-correcting?[View]
1878070what is going on on this board: I've spent a day here and I'm wondering that the ratio of …[View]
1876814>Vanguard Total Stock Market Admiral Shares >Vanguard Growth Index Admiral Shares >Other? W…[View]
1879060If you were to invest 1Million equally into every single cryptocoin, yes even the shitcoins in 01.01…[View]

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