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4330347Need a new N64 controller: The analog on my controllers have had it and well so have my thumbs. Any …[View]
4274943western developed post-2nd gen shmups that are worth playing[View]
4333962Is Adam Bomb in the game, /vr/? Sal Divita confirmed that he was in the game, but he wasn't com…[View]
4332082Good Games for the PlayStation: Just unearthed my childhood Playstation. Recommend some good games f…[View]
4334858Where can I find this damn game?: So, I downloaded the translation patch for E.V.O. - Theory Of Evol…[View]
4333160>Chrono Trigger is the best retro jrpg![View]
4332868So is there no good way to play this game? The English translation is a mess and the only fan transl…[View]
4334102Can anyone explain how jumping works in this game?[View]
4331165Post a picture of a game...: >That you do not own but want to own >That you haven't playe…[View]
4332183One of the Best Light Gun Games Ever!: Spent so many quarters on this game.[View]
4330773>shitty games praised by the press Never felt so duped after buying a fucking game.…[View]
4333472Lets see those old game boxes friends[View]
4336282How do you feel about 90's being cool in modern cartoons now?[View]
4322871*joins your army*[View]
4332743I gotta improve my reaction speeds, what retro games are good for training that? Preferably playable…[View]
4332461Nightmare Ned: What does /vr/ think of Nightmare Ned?[View]
4331217>scrolling stage >miss one red coin in the corner >welp better kill myself back to the last…[View]
4334051Hey I've seen they updated the Legionnarie emulation on MAME now, did they fix the copy protect…[View]
4334006>Oi!!! Wa' ah you looking at, you flesh bearin' wanka?[View]
4324852>started the bullet hell cancer and completely killed off horizontal shmups >there's no p…[View]
4332574Still the greatest shmup of all time[View]
4324504why so much wasted space?[View]
4329168Retro game bottom of the barrel.[View]
4329462Why isn't this game more popular?[View]
4330905Hey /vr/, do you guys like the Adventures of Lolo series?[View]
4322021OK /vr/, redpill me on emulation input lag. Is it real? How much is there? Dependent on certain emul…[View]
4327442I hate this level.[View]
4333285>game on the sega saturn controls better and more fluidly than any game since HOW? and how did th…[View]
4332681Why did Suikoden[View]
4332009How do you pull off chains in puyo puyo?: I only know how to do stairs, what are some better strateg…[View]
4333307Does anyone have the 80 min CD-R version of kogamis Shenmue undub? It was previously found here but …[View]
4331994RCA: So, I was playing on my snes for the past two weeks via s-video and on my ps2 via component. To…[View]
4332249StarFox 2: Should it have been released back in 1996? Why or why not?[View]
4332518Currently playing Duck Hunt drunk. What are your favorite light-gun games, /vr/? I also own Lethal E…[View]
4332860>DKC2 is worse than DKC1 because you can't play as Donkey Kong in it.…[View]
4332909On ROMs I have final fantasy 2 3 and 4 10th anniversary edition. 6 and mystic quest. Does it matter …[View]
4332358Nintendo Meme System: Best Black Box game? Building my NES collection. I have SMB,pinball and golf. …[View]
4316312Why did you do this? >Basically, foreign tourists plundered Akibahara's stores of retro game…[View]
4329305How do I not be shit at this game? Also how do I not cheat by looking up where to go and what to do?[View]
4332313are there any legitimately scary retro games?[View]
4332693I killed Lich early and now when I'm supposed to get the Nuke spell, it disappeared from my lis…[View]
4329037Who's your favourite Robot Master? Pic related for me, you better not mess with Magnet Man.[View]
4329456This is what useless looks like.[View]
4332261I would like to remind everyone that we abandoned choose your own adventure books for THIS[View]
4330448Flashback: What does /vr/ think of Flashback?[View]
4327064I'm playing pic related, is pretty good besides being really hard (mainly because the lack of e…[View]
4328841Why did PAL get better box art for SNES games?[View]
4330735I have been gaming since 91. Earliest memories are bed/mastersystem then on to the SNES/genesis, all…[View]
4331146Tactics Ogre: LUCT: Is there any particular reason to play the original PSX over the PSP version? As…[View]
4328765Stickerbush Symphony = GOAT: Name a better piece of vidya music from 1995. Absolute perfection and h…[View]
4330210I tried to like this port, really bad. I'd spend hours just waiting for load times. But it just…[View]
4330697Why did the best Master System games come out after the Mega Drive?[View]
4332069So, what's the best world?[View]
4332087Which was the better JRPG machine?[View]
4327243Multi-character Puzzle Platformers: These are so fucking fun. How come there's so few of them?…[View]
4331037Let's talk about Sony's attempt to beat Final Fantasy.[View]
4330341Is a human being supposed to beat this? I made it to level 6 and I don't have time to react and…[View]
4329482Nightmare Childhood: Post moments in games that terrified you as a child.[View]
4331739What ever happened to....: What ever happened to just having a Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 Lion King A…[View]
4329629What is the best type F RF switch I can get? This will sound retarded to most of you but my CRT is a…[View]
4330531What are the best SNES games that are neither first party nor RPG? I'm drawing some blanks.[View]
4324813What is the best SNES emulator?[View]
4331698JFJ easy pro plus , is it worth ?: i want to renovate my ps1 library with this , mostly all of my GA…[View]
4327115Have any of you guys ever gone out with a girl (or guy) that was actually interested in your vintage…[View]
4324853System Shock: Anything I should know before getting into this game?[View]
4244841The Bear Pits: In the previous thief thread an anon and I were playing FMs in a chronological order.…[View]
4327194Why though[View]
4327232Why is Alpha 3 so disliked?[View]
4323382So, how are the translations of these games going? I've been feeling like playing the trilogy l…[View]
4304115Is there any reason I shouldn't go with Yellow, instead of Red/Blue?[View]
4330139Tony's poop smells good: Tony's poop smells good.[View]
4326547I own both real hardware and a modded Wii, and admittedly I prefer the convenience of the Wii. But f…[View]
4331226hey /vr/, do any of you have an ISO for the windows 95 version of Wipeout that only worked with the …[View]
4330542Just started playing this for the first time, I know it's well regarded but I never see anyone …[View]
4328458I thought the saturn was underpowered?[View]
4328468This is a Spyro thread. Post Spyro.[View]
4329918What Am I Fighting For?![View]
4328978>kung fu starts aggressive and become gentle >tai chi starts gentle and becomes aggressive How…[View]
4330896What's the best retro Dragon Quest game?[View]
4328229if the devil challenged you to an arcade game of your choice what would you choose?[View]
4329949Were people actually afraid of this thing? It doesn't even try to eat you or chase you or anyth…[View]
4330501>has trouble using the N64 controller[View]
4331034So I just finished this by defrosting the colony but it seems like just getting one ending isn'…[View]
4330949Well that was a deeply unpleasant 15 minutes.[View]
4317639Crappy adventure games: Is someone around old enough to actually have played King's Quest 7 whe…[View]
4330668This game sucks and I'm pretty sure it was one of the reasons the 32X was a complete failure. T…[View]
4326165>save system doesn't remember how many lives you had[View]
4312423recent pickups: lets see some recent hauls. just paid 78 dollars for all this. (along with 115 dolla…[View]
4330004Did anyone else play this underrated gem?[View]
4330273I just bought this on ebay for five dollars do you think i will be able to play it without speaking …[View]
4329014>mfw the only version of ff6 with the superbosses and difficult content are the shit versions bei…[View]
4329039What is it that's so pleasant about branching overworlds?[View]
4323570Wish there were more games like this. Also Startopia, Black & White, Creatures series - all scra…[View]
4329138Anyone else play this? Is it supposed to be insanely difficult or am I retarded[View]
4328461What are some easy/short games that can still deliver a (very) fair challenge to someone who just is…[View]
4328743CHRIS HUELSBECK IS A FRAUD: Jim Power: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKXXDrN0nAQ Ys III: https://w…[View]
4326014Pick one.[View]
4319335Mizzurna Falls: https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/ywwj5k/what-made-this-fan-translate-an-obscu…[View]
4324734WTF CAPCOM: So who exactly is CAPCOM trying to sell this overpriced garbage to? More importantly, wh…[View]
4329932>NOT ON SEGA >NOT ON 32X ADAPTERS >NOT ON CD-ROM damn they sure btfo sega…[View]
4324759Dunno why the other thread was deleted, it was retro related. Where can I get a super cool black but…[View]
4326723NES frontloader: Best hardware revision? Signs point to yes but ive heard a lot of people hate the f…[View]
4324082What's your /vr/ holy grail? Pic related for me.[View]
4320267>one game can use all the fucking pages Jesus[View]
4330208This character came from an old advert for Amiga 500's, anyone here know where she's from?[View]
4328027People are now paying double for Genesis CIB: wtf is going on? Shinobi 3 was going for $20 but now g…[View]
4322795Not a huge rpg guy but I really want to give PS2 a shot. Any advice?[View]
4329517still the king, after all these years[View]
4330095So self sealing a cib, breaking off the tab and saying it's new goes for this?[View]
4328253Problem trying to play burned games on Dreamcast: So I've been trying to burn some games for my…[View]
4329890OOT master quest: Any reason to play it on N64 when this exists? It has master quest You like variet…[View]
4328503I can't get past the Heart of Babylon in Zone 7 I tried everything but it keeps annihilating my…[View]
4326725Is it just me, or do Super Famicom games feel much chintzier then their American counterparts? The a…[View]
4327347SNES Classic Modding/Hacking: I didn't see a thread for SNES hacking anywhere, weird. I'm …[View]
4325252Sonic 3D Director's Cut Announcement: So a developer who worked on games like Sonic 3D, Mickey …[View]
4327149Hey! I want to get into Langrisser. Anyone has any experience in the series? I heard start on 2, but…[View]
4324464Why do I find the 'open world' of old semi-linear RPGs to be so much more rewarding to explore than …[View]
4329195>spoopy point and click adventures[View]
4327883What are some of /vr/'s favorite retro spinoff series? Pic related. It's the action-advent…[View]
4327489I'm 26, I haven't play Mario RPG since I was a kid. I played the FUCK out of it but I neve…[View]
4324574If you could genocide an entire fanbase out of existence which one would you kill? Me: shmupfags.[View]
4329485>There is a custom called '干支/Chinese Zodiac' in Japan. >And the year of birth is '辰/Dragon'.…[View]
4324147Is Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 still the best Mortal Kombat?[View]
4323730The Gameboy Color is Underrated.: I'm always seeing people trash the Gameboy Color because it w…[View]
4329065Recent Pickups/finds?: Just got this badboy. There are 3 expensive af Genesis games I wanted. Hypers…[View]
4324737Let me see those N64 collections: And to the emufags: We get it, your collection is a ROM folder. Th…[View]
4323970Navi isn't annoying at all: do you guys find her annoying?[View]
4319908Parodius or Gradius?[View]
4328839Daggerfall thread: Why are Wayrest and Daggerfall such cunts for the totem? Especially Wayrest. Goth…[View]
4327056So I'm just cleaning my AV Famicom and I have these copper heatsinks laying around. What chips …[View]
4320556>Retro PC '''master race''' http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Computer-Warehouse-for-sale-100s-of-V…[View]
4325582AERISTH DIES[View]
4325443Donkey Kong Country is truly perfect. If you do not get this amazing new generation of Donkey Kong m…[View]
4320519>tries to be as hard as possible but leaves tons of the game unbalanced or unpolished, leading to…[View]
4327426Have you ever beaten Super Mario Bros without the title screen continue, infinite 1-ups, or warp zon…[View]
4321939Spooky retro games: I've grown bored of the Resident Evil/Silent Hill/Fatal Frame/Clock Tower s…[View]
4322480How do I get Ayane in Dead or Alive 1 Ps1 - Pal Version? I unlocked Raidou, got all the costumes (5 …[View]
4326564>have to beat the game several times and with increasing speed/less saves/taking less damage to u…[View]
4323739your girlfriend wil never cosplay samus.[View]
4325480What is the reason that this never came worldwide?[View]

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