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Displaying 125 expired threads from the past 3 days

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4600136Hey there furball, you're looking wise. Solve my puzzle and win a prize.[View]
4597049>Adapter to play handheld games on console >Adapter to play console games on handheld Which wa…[View]
4597943How much of Symphony of the Night could be playable on the Super Nintendo? I feel that most of the g…[View]
4548478Romancing Saga Thread: I was about to ask something when I noticed the old thread died so let's…[View]
4592132Gore: Ultimate Soldier: Apparently this game have a freeware version. Is it worth installing?[View]
4599930Dungeon Master: Anyone else remember Dungeon Master on the Atari ST?[View]
4596782Shoot'em up Thread: I posted this one some weeks ago in a thread, but it didn't get any re…[View]
4596291>You're Celebrating Your Birthday When This Guy Kidnaps Your Girl What do you do?…[View]
4591494Listen, /vr/, I've been trying to enjoy Armored Core 1. Lord knows I have been. But I just can…[View]
4596853What A Fucking Master Peace[View]
4591984Asking for Hints and Zelda 1 Appreciation: So I have finally started playing Zelda 1 blind with no k…[View]
4596602Is this the one Sonic bonus stage that's actually fun? A shame it's so short.[View]
4594789What are the top tier SFC/SNES soundtracks for obscure or ill-reputed games? Basically what are the …[View]
4597497>most powerful handheld to date >incredible game library at launch >charger, second control…[View]
4598920FF6: I want to play this game on my PC. Is there a unanimous best version to emulate?[View]
4596674Copy Protection!?: Maybe one of you guys can help me out, im trying to play ssf2t on boxer dos. Got …[View]
4596193What are your thoughts on the way this retro gem is now being handled?[View]
4596158The retro gaming industry could be killing video game preservation: http://www.eurogamer.net/article…[View]
4586735Umihara Kawase? Yep.: Name a better gameplay game. Pro tip: You Can't[View]
4596774Dreamcast Haul. What to buy next?: How do you like my haul /vr/? Not in pic is NBA 2K1 and Soul Figh…[View]
4596632What retro game have the best fishing minigame, in your opinion?[View]
4595038Hideki Kamiya's (creator of DMC, Viewtiful Joe, Okami and Bayonetta) Favorite Games: >Nemesi…[View]
4578987Is playing Goldeneye/Perfect Dark with the mouse+keyboard and the 60fps hack the best way to play th…[View]
4594029>almost 20 years later and this is still the best and deeper fighting game How did Nintendo do it…[View]
4535147It's 2018 and the PSP is STILL the best option for portable retro gaming. What the fuck went to…[View]
4594329>in 1998, legendary art rock/gothic rock band Malice Mizer released their single 'Gekka no yasouk…[View]
4579206Was this the peak of the Marvel Vs Capcom series?[View]
4598589The Gameboy/Gameboy Color is one of my favorite systems ever. What are your favorite games for it?[View]
4590551I don't understand the appeal of speedrunning. If you want to compete why don't you just p…[View]
4596160Any recommended arcade sticks for SNES? I'm sick of destroying my thumb for things like grappli…[View]
4598149In the mood to play some retro Dragon Quest games, but I really don't feel like replaying IV fo…[View]
458773740 winks kickstarter? Really?: Haha, who in their right mind wanted this? So confused. It's jus…[View]
45972588bitendo bluetooth receiver: Wow this is some cool shit. I've always wanted to play SNES with t…[View]
4596856;_;7 RIP Based Willy[View]
4597881Hey, I've been trying to find this game for a really really long time now and I feel like you a…[View]
4592860Atari 2600 thread. Tell me your: >Top five Atari games >Top five Activision games >Top five…[View]
4597249I got my girlfriend Zelda Ocarina of time for her nintendo gamecube but when I opened the box it was…[View]
4592374Is a TurboDuo worth it or should I just get a TurboGrafx-16 and the CD-rom add-on? I'm a poorfa…[View]
4565008Can we get a diablo general? Been playing D2 single player this past week. What are the best builds…[View]
4597825Why is KoF 2002 the most popular game in the series besides 98? and I guess it's retro since it…[View]
4589872/vr/ shopping in Japan: I'm going on a tourist trip to Japan in spring. What /vr/-related stuff…[View]
4597586Hey /vr/ sorry for the stupid question but who is this guy and from what game is he?[View]
4593023Terrible camera and PORK BOARDING aside, I kinda like this game[View]
4597918ALFYs Pang: Ive been looking for this game that I used to play for a couple of years. Its called Pan…[View]
4593894What does /vr/ thinks about this[View]
4597672I just got a Playstation 2 what are some good Playstation 1 and 2 games that I should keep an eye ou…[View]
4596062controller thread what are your favorite controllers for emulation? What's the best affordable …[View]
4593836ITT: Games that did the top-down 2D Zelda formula better than Zelda[View]
4595169Is this the end?[View]
4597571Honestly? This game is not that bad, kinda an underated gem imo Any games you like that others don’t…[View]
4593101What pc games from the 90's are available on steam?[View]
4595542Best flatscreen for retro gaming: So I'm wondering what's the best flat screen I could use…[View]
4597197Does /v/ play fighting games?[View]
4593996PS1 Hidden Gems: What are some of your favorite overlooked games for the PS1?[View]
4597397can i put a snes emulator on a 3.65 version vita i see some sites saying you can some sites saying y…[View]
4592743The crown jewel of the 90s.[View]
4590076Langrisser Thread: The Langrisser games don't seem to be popular and it's a real shame. I…[View]
4592104How do you play tactical RPGs, anon? Is standing in wait for enemy units to come closer and not brea…[View]
4594283Contra and super Contra seem to be the only games where the home port is preferred over the original…[View]
4595564is there any adapter that makes it possible to use a regular android-pc controller on the wii (inste…[View]
4590992Retro Vidya Music: Gonna start off with some good ass Game Boy (Color) music since people seem to ha…[View]
4597116Tetris: Post your scores[View]
4595427Why is this game's soundtrack so good?[View]
4596919I think I hate this game[View]
4595709Did anyone ever learn anything from these games?[View]
4597014Retro Gear Repair and Modding: Just got a pack of capacitors and a soldering iron, gonna try my hand…[View]
4596668Japanese console power: I've been hearing mixed shit about this for years, but is it safe to le…[View]
4594906>WL1/VBWL >Poor-man's Super Mario Bros. >WL2/WL3 >Poor-man's Metroid, also you…[View]
4589581ITT: Useless party members[View]
4589464This is the best in the main series. Prove me wrong[View]
4589079This game holds up crazy well.: Like damn, the dreamcast is already timeless enough but every play s…[View]
4596570Excellent songs in excellent games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLLrzgzN_1s[View]
4594558Any real time/action based /vr/ where you control multiple characters at the sime time or alternate …[View]
4592805Did any PS1 games use physics?: I recently got into game programming as a hobbyist, and I've be…[View]
4594071Can we get some retro online games in here? I quite like MUDs and old forgotten MMORPGs, and I kind …[View]
4595018Myth II v1.8.2 is out! http://projectmagma.net/downloads/myth2_182/ >Ability to join co-operative…[View]
4593090When I was about 6 I had a 101 games disk loaded up with dos games; stuff like Cannon and Hocus Pocu…[View]
4596280Looking for this DOS set of games from a company called Aztech There's this game called Penny…[View]
4584229good crikey this game is great. question: what are some tips for ship design early/midgame? my last …[View]
4595525Bridgetown: There were some threads in january about a lost NES game called Bridgetown and I think w…[View]
4580663Does any other millineal(1982-2000) consider this the best console ever? I know some will say PS2, D…[View]
4593918***Official Objective Top 10 Quake Maps Rankings***: 1. E2M7 - The Underearth 2. E3M6 - Chambers of …[View]
4596207Realistic ranker: Rank these racing games in abc order from worst to most realistic.[View]
4595546I've seen a lot of hate for this game, yet it is in my you 3 ps1 releases. Where does all the n…[View]
4595362just checking but this cave right after figaro is the one where I don't want to pick up any tre…[View]
4594976Is pokemon the best RPG ever?[View]
4585801>already owns 73 devices that play snes games >another is released >buys it…[View]
4596034Step into the magical world of Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree! That lovable old bear comes to li…[View]
4595434Why does this little weirdo feature in so many Gradius games? Why is it so important?[View]
4584158the eternal debate: what do you think? I'm pretty torn[View]
4595418hey /vr/, i just got this box set in really good shape at an antique store. it comes with everything…[View]
4594971I started collecting very recently. I bought this copy of FF3 a little while ago and it's been …[View]
4594449Best Replayable games: What do you think are the best replayable games to play again over and over? …[View]
4595523Was it a successful campaign, /vr/? Every college student I knew had one.[View]
4591481Best speedrunning Meta-gaming to run: What you guys says is the best meta-game challenge as in the s…[View]
4589836Late 90s Star Wars games: I played X-Wing Alliance a shit ton as a kid, but right now is the first t…[View]
4590281thoughts on the Atari 7800? Is it worth it just to be able to play 2600 games? Any hidden gems?[View]
4590661Why is the World of Ruin so universally despised? I feel very much in the minority as I think FF6 is…[View]
4590034Please recommend some comfycore games[View]
4591214Is it worth getting I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream on Steam? Will it work better than on DOSBox?[View]
4594910anyone know where I can get one of these bottom two Buffalo controllers? all I ever find is the EU c…[View]
4581397Can we talk about Donkey Kong Country 3? It was one of my favorite games as a child on the Super Nin…[View]
4594796Retarded man in need of help: Want to buy a Dreamcast and use it via RGB Scart. (fuck off, I know VG…[View]
4593043I was watching Game Center CX episode for Punch Out and Arino (rightfully) expressed a wish that the…[View]
4591402Finally got around to replacing my old PS1 cases. Waaaaaaay easier than I thought it was. Couldn…[View]
4586998> now with COLOR! Name one (1) GBC game superior to the GB equivalent.[View]
4594649This game, you guys know how to play? game:the great wall thin chen 1992[View]
4594663What's the point of Time Attack mode when Arcade mode already tracks your time? I'm baffle…[View]
4594598What's the name of this game: I can't remember the name of a racing/car game I used to pla…[View]
4588262The 'Fallout 1 > Fallout 2' Meme is just that - a meme: Fallout 1 has maybe one of the best main …[View]
4590762Would've Street Fighter III been more popular had Capcom ported to the original PlayStation lik…[View]
4587506s there a good resource for the most up to date MAME romset to use? I've been using the same ve…[View]
4582118Notoriously bad ports of games from the 5th generaton: where did it go wrong? Even the 32x had a bet…[View]
4588970HEAVY MACHINE GUN: What Metal Slug is your favorite?[View]
4590382Where to buy retro games in good condition: What is the best way to shop for older, retro games? Mor…[View]
4585109Emulation General: So I'm going to be building a PC soon, and I want to know some ways to minim…[View]
4585123Is this true for modern games?[View]
4594175What do you think about puzzle-heavy games like this one?[View]
4581823Xenogears turns 20 years old today[View]
4593506Do you prefer Atomic Punk, Bomber Boy or Dynablaster?[View]
4589802>ywn play a fighting game as fun as this one[View]
4590294Fucking Jet Moto Thread: This game is amazing. Played it as a kid, was turned off by the ugly visual…[View]

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