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Displaying 132 expired threads from the past 3 days

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5059486Lookin for the name of this game, all I remember is this. >It was like an old timey 2D-Ish isomet…[View]
5059245Super Robot Wars F: Saturn or Playstation?[View]
5059776Victories Thread: >tfw finally beat Contra 3[View]
5053968What are some essential (not for nostalgia) Super Nintendo games?[View]
5059737I don't want to fuck my sister. Should I take the Yumi route?[View]
5059845are there any good controllers for NES/SNES that don't use a D-Pad. I have arthritis from an in…[View]
5055236Nobody's talking about this either on /v/ or here. Uematsu is too sick to compose music. Says h…[View]
5057767Asterix & the Power of the Gods: Hey /vr/, have you tried this Core classic? Nice graphics, tigh…[View]
5059213What's Capcom's best vs. fighter: And why is it pic related? Also, post you're mains.…[View]
5051665Is this the best rpg of all time?[View]
5059437Normal glitch in Sonic 2 or emulation problem ?[View]
5058331Does anyone have these books?: I looked for them all over the web and I couldn't find them. I w…[View]
5054551What happened to this series?[View]
5057859>Blasts your data into memory without needing add-on hardware[View]
5057436No one here talks about new fucking video game translations. They are essentially brand-new games. L…[View]
5056760Un-worked designs patch: Sorry, I let the old Lunar thread die. Is there a patch that fixes the bad …[View]
5053890What are your favorite consoles / videogame paraphernalia aesthetically?[View]
5056407You know you could probably murder Bart and fit him into that mailbox if you really wanted to. Also …[View]
5052941Sony v Nintendo 2.0[View]
5057196>tfw internal FM sound is better than MIDI 99% of the time[View]
5056232What are some 3D PSX games with more than two ranges of movement, like Mario 64's or Banjo-Kazo…[View]
5056173Can we get a wishlist for this? Is it wrong to have hope for something like FFT? or Castlevania SOTN…[View]
5052681most boring zelda: this game is boring really, even for what it claims to be the only difficulty of …[View]
5054961How the fuck does this thing even work?[View]
5058086Which model is better?[View]
5058378What does /vr/ think of Intelligent qube / Kurushi[View]
5057401I'm trying to find the name of a computer game. Things I remember about it. The name of it cont…[View]
5041070Laplace no Ma (Laplace's Demon): Anyone played this? It's a survival horror JRPG. The SNES…[View]
5041857Capcom Beat'em Up Bundle announced for Switch: Local and online multiplayer. September 18th. Wh…[View]
5052009Civ 2: Is there something really special about the visual and audio aesthetic of this game, or am I …[View]
5058368Is there a way to play Tetris Attack on a portable non-emulator device[View]
5042372Rogue Spear: >still doesn't work on Windows 10 >still not retrofitted by Ubi to work on m…[View]
5058546/VR/ FIGHT: ITT we post one game title and next poster needs to post another one below that's B…[View]
5053752How do you go from this...[View]
5052482I just ordered a 3DO with a pile of games off ebay (Gex, Wing Commander III, Flashback, etc) What ar…[View]
5049215BB Lemme Get that Translated: How much does it typically cost to contract someone to do a translatio…[View]
5053108whats /vr/ opinion on this game? never played a breath of fire game.[View]
5057159Why didn't the loaded series do better?[View]
5056301Tomba thread: Preferably no le funy agdq man memes edition Which game do you like the most? Most com…[View]
5056165Back to Nature vs 64: which was the superior Harvest Moon?[View]
5058110Toughest fucking games you've beat.: Mine's pic related. Don't let hindsight & fi…[View]
5057990What Bonk game on the turbografx is the best? I'm looking to pick up one and am leaning towards…[View]
5048662Dragon Quest/Warrior: What does /vr/ think of this series? Which are the best games in this series? …[View]
5056627why didn't the blobber RPG gene become more widely known, might and magic was the shit back in …[View]
5053805Azure Dreams: I'd like to discuss this great game, I've come back to it recently and have …[View]
5050663GameGear Appreciation Thread: What's your favorite game[View]
5049991What's /vr/'s opinion on Nightmare Creatures?[View]
5053376Looking for the name of the extremely complex and difficult to learn — and master fighting game for …[View]
5057870What do you think about that video game on snes, pretty neat huh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al…[View]
5053661What's your favorite Shining game?[View]
5054550unironically liked it better than half life[View]
5056042One good One Bad: Post & discuss one that you consider great and one that you consider awful.…[View]
5057018Who else had this as a kid?[View]
5057626It's not just me, right? There was such a thing as the New Game Smell™ — and it's only gon…[View]
5057667Has anyone listen to the songs from Sonic 1 before? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BqLIyS11Ws[View]
5055635>I have delightful news. I've recently acquired a new partner. He has been very supportive. …[View]
5051438What's your favorite CAVE game /vr/?[View]
5042540My name's not shane, kid.[View]
5056267Looking for sport games OSTs with that fun summer vibe going on. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
5056994was this the best port of duke3d on consoles before stuff like the xbox 360/ps3 ports?[View]
5015357how do i git gud at combat in this game? i started a game earlier as the stepdaughters, which was b…[View]
5043390What the hell people still play this game?[View]
5055501Why there's so many remakes and re-releases of the FFI and II, but not so many of III?[View]
5051136Thread of lost games: 2018 edition: Now that Zeddas: Horror Tour 3 was found, does anyone know what …[View]
5055791Why did the Dreamcast fail?[View]
5055965MARIO RPG THREAD: Let's talk about Mario RPGs. All 2 that are considered '''retro''' at least b…[View]
5054104So I tried Arcanum some years back, but it didn't grab me and left it on the opening. I had a …[View]
5056773https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irNoHfnLXRM /V/s opinion on this? pic unrelated[View]
5052829Who was this meant for?[View]
5053810What are some retro games that save scummers would love?[View]
5053262Sonic 2 slowdown is this normal on real hardware? I'm having some slowdowns using Genesis GX o…[View]
5052901Broken PSOne: So I'm hoping one of you guys can help me or at least point me in the right direc…[View]
5034853pseudo saturn custom cart: are these any good?[View]
5053603ITT: We post what our plan would be to save the Dreamcast: >If it's cheap enough, give it Sa…[View]
5055270It's always about X-COM, or Jagged Alliance, or Incubation or all those countless turn-based WH…[View]
5055143Why Capcom arcade ports run so poorly on the PS1 compared to the Saturn? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
5056456whats that retro game that 'felt' unplayable or broken but you played it anyways pic relayed may hav…[View]
5056380Retro music improve modern video games here's prove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOa_Ia58lg…[View]
5052592When will you upgrade to a lcd screen?[View]
5055023this has got to be the greatest scam of our time. im not sure what people see in this game, but if …[View]
5052441Did George cheat on Jane with her?[View]
5054189You guys into customized consoles?[View]
5054564Mario is the best 2D platforming seri--[View]
5053628Post 4 characters who are not Jackie Chan. I'll begin, Lei Wulong[View]
5038018Don’t mind me, just being the best resident evil here. Amazing graphics music it has it all!!!! >…[View]
5050346What are the absolute best retro 2d platformers?[View]
5055207Deus Ex friends report in >favorite level >worst level >favorite/most used weapon >favor…[View]
5055709Japanese musicians and retro games: I remember a while back there was a thread about YMO and how the…[View]
5051483You can't deny that this is a stupid and bullshit spot to hide a heart container. I just found …[View]
5053684Looking for games that have a circle logo. Seems to be a thing of the late 90s that fell out of fash…[View]
5021843Are lives in video games an obsolete feature?[View]
5053298Brave Fencer Musashi: How well does this game hold up 20 years later?[View]
5052220How many boxed consoles can you fit in 28' luggage: Checked baggage. Can you fit all three CIB Dream…[View]
5055519Dragon Quest III bps patch?: Is there anyone here who's managed to get Dragon Quest III ROM wor…[View]
5055490ITT: top 10 anime betrayals[View]
5051747Found a Genesis 2 for 3 dollars, it turns on but the only game i have gives me this garbled screen a…[View]
5053947I'm trying to learn to model and I want to make some accurate retro consoles. I need some high …[View]
5052135https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTYnNZRJscQ >Introducing PlayStation Classic, a miniaturised vers…[View]
5055112I played this game again for the first time in 25 years. Holy shit, now I understand why people like…[View]
5047845Kirby Dreamland 3: The only underrated game in the franchise[View]
5052469What else would you add to this list of big Sega IPs?[View]
5054946Repair Thread: I'm curious in particular if anyone is familiar with the PSX Pop'n Music 'A…[View]
5048118>What do you humans intend to do with our mother planet? Not thinking of the future...cutting dow…[View]
5043462I'm so fucking pissed /v/. It's largely my fault for not doing any research but fuck, I di…[View]
5050386How many years did Morrigan have to suffer through that one sprite set?[View]
5051442How did they manage to put 2 optical discs game with FMVs on 64mb cartridge and make it playable ?[View]
5054817Where can I find the most accurate information on release dates for NES games?[View]
5044639Final Fantasy Tactics: So how about that ending, huh? Also, *spoilers* what did Delita mean when he …[View]
5053418Super Mario 64: Bowser from Super Mario 64 is not the real Bowser[View]
5052686How good are Raphnet adapters, really?: I want to use pic related on RetroArch. Are they as good as …[View]
5050190Back when CD based systems were just arriving did you use it also for Audio CDs? Oh and I guess kara…[View]
5054719obsidian: What did /vr/ think of Obsidian?[View]
5051059What's the first game you ever emulated?[View]
5051834Which Lunar should I play?: If I were only going to play one, which should I play:silver star or ete…[View]
5050472This game is so fun to play when youre drunk... You're like a drunk driver who doesnt get arres…[View]
5053019Why did so many good racing games on the SNES get overshadowed by Mario Kart, when it's such a …[View]
5054263Tanglewood: What did you think of this game? I thought it was really dull personally.[View]
5048704>three enemies on screen >starts choking Is this the amazing power of the Ricoh 5A22?…[View]
5052301Super Mario RPG Bounty: Owning a Nintendo Wii (not U) with SMRPG on Virtual Console. Completed it 99…[View]
5049527GPU for Win98SE: I currently have the choice of two GPUs for my Win98/2000 build: 1. Geforce 3 Ti 20…[View]
5046427Just got a N64, what game should i get?[View]
5039406ITT: Games you never understood the appeal of: What classic games have you just never understood the…[View]
5054230What does /vr/ think of Eve Burst Error?[View]
5050949Heroes of Might &Magic appericiation thread: im fully in love with homam 2 and 3, whats your opi…[View]
5052045I forgot how awesome Game Boy games were.: Been on a Game Boy kick lately. I had forgotten how aweso…[View]
5040856Just bought one of these, what can I expect?[View]
5052072Every game on this collection is shit except for Final Fight. How is Konami seriously the only compa…[View]
5021482Retro Battlestation Thread: Here's my current setup, and my kid playing a crappy Wii game. Ente…[View]
5052642If you could go back in time and change one thing about a retro game, what would it be? I would repl…[View]

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