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4449914I've been looking into patching some SNES ROMs, and have some questions; 1) Is there some trick…[View]
4443207Tenchu: What are your thoughts on the Tenchu games? I loved them and think they are some of the more…[View]
4451583Does this game even exist?: GBC game, if I recall it was mickey mouse or some disney character (poss…[View]
4446131How do i get good?: i can only make it to the door before the last boss.[View]
4441391Just bought a jag. What games should I get? I’ve got doom for starters. Pic related...just bought a …[View]
4447005Is it really a smart thing to collect boxed Sega Genesis games anymore? Why buy a boxed copy of a ga…[View]
4451194Retro Video Cartoon Christmas: Retro game cartoon Christmas thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
4446363Turbo/PCE Shooter thread: What are you currently playing? What some of your favourite innovations or…[View]
4448396Germs:Narewareta machi: Does any one of you have a link to a working iso for Germs:Narewareta machi?…[View]
4451216Favorite Bonus Stages: This song is so catchy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si0m8XZBUoc&t=15…[View]
4439823I like Darius. Do you like Darius?[View]
4446005Did you know there's a beta version of Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday featuring a brand new s…[View]
4445483*humbles you*[View]
4446898Tell me about this game, /vr/. Is it good? Is it fun with 2 people? My Saturn has mostly become for …[View]
4440560Hello, I'm the best fighting game ever made[View]
4451092Sega Mega Drive Games: What games do you all remember playing or recommend playing on the Sega Mega …[View]
4443924APOLOGISE: >vintage games have been going up and up >even more modern consoles are seeing a hu…[View]
4443871What does this sign mean?: What is a bevis?[View]
4450601Was Diablo the best of the retro dungeon crawls?[View]
4449885Emulate on 144hz monitor or Emulate on CRT? using higan with ds4 controller btw[View]
4445473Retro Fighters controller has Tranfer Pack issues...: Well... it was too good to be true. https://ww…[View]
4447587This Is Xerxes: At 0200 there will be a poetry reading by protocol unit T-892/2 in the Deck 5 Common…[View]
4450001mega drive genesis: I never had one, as I grew up with a Nintendo, what are the exclusives of this t…[View]
4448795Why is he so based?[View]
4450401>Genesis remix of non-Genesis song >comments full of '___ Act 1' comments reeeee Sonic is not …[View]
4447749Best weapon?[View]
4447160Playstation appreciation thread: IMO the best system for anyone who wasn't a kid when it was ou…[View]
4431920Has Anyone here beaten Gradius II without Save States?: This fucking game is hard as balls. The soun…[View]
4442806This is the single greatest old school JRPG by a mile.[View]
4446320Better Wolfenstein Head Sprite: Does anyone know where I can get these BJ head sprites in pic and vi…[View]
4446529What went wrong?[View]
4448668VMU colors?: Hey,/vr/ I was wondering if anyone happens to know what the VMU's color pallet is …[View]
4447028What co op games did you have a lot of fun with that don’t seem to get enough love?[View]
4436123Breath of Fire III: What's the ideal master setup?[View]
4448460what are some good jrpg for the snes ?[View]
4446683There's people in this board RIGHT NOW that don't keep their FFIX characters at level 1 un…[View]
4449354Do you agree? Or maybe no one should choose for us whether something should or shouldn't be all…[View]
4437972Final Fantasy Exhibit at the Museum: Hey gang, the video game museum is back to solicit help on anot…[View]
4443796Is there any good rip of every poster from the nintendo power magazines? Also post the best retro po…[View]
4449304So... finally i got my replacement sticks for my controllers and i wanna play some n64 games ive nev…[View]
4438214Is sonic cd a good game?[View]
4440484Famicom/NES General: Family Computer / Nintendo Entertainment System Let's talk about the Famic…[View]
4447157Whoa, this is new. Is the Turbo Everdrive now obsolete? https://www.neosdstore.com/shop/index.php?id…[View]
4448212Pandora's Box: Anybody own one of these? Is this the easiest and cheapest way to play early 90…[View]
4436810No boys here, just GAME[View]
4449106Dark Sun : Shattered Lands: Hey i've been trying to get into the old d'nd games, Ialways l…[View]
4445876Why is this side port so damn dirty?: i used brasso and denatured alcohol and this shit came out thi…[View]
4438196Where's Eggman in the title?[View]
4448947Anyone had an AT7800? I'm trying to collect it but can't find this shit anywhere Which gam…[View]
4445942TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE THREAD >trying to run Crusader: No Remorse in DOSBox (No Regret is running j…[View]
4445817We do it[View]
4446597>Youngster Joey is calling you >Picnicker Liz is calling you how do i delete numbers from my p…[View]
4436661Since we're already in December, can we get a Christmas thread? You can post your favorite snow…[View]
4445870Explain this.[View]
4448176What's the best way to play this game? I own an SNES copy but I would prefer to play it on PC a…[View]
4447834People say there's black blood in this: But the blood color option only shows red, green, blue?…[View]
4446438Am I wrong in thinking that the Super Mario All Stars versions of the famicom games are considered i…[View]
4444085What are some most have n64 titles, building up my collection and I have Lego Racers, diddy kong Rac…[View]
4445191What are some retro games that take place during Christmas? Pic obviously related[View]
4445571Symphony of the Night: What am I supposed to do after I obtain the Spirit Orb? I'm lost.[View]
4447742anyone have scans of the new ikaruga artbook?[View]
4436095Brandish 2 PC-98 fan translation released: >Game instructions: https://gu4n.github.io/br2/ >P…[View]
4447683vn p&c: Finished pic related. Loved the story, but this is not my favorite kind of game by a lon…[View]
4443967Controller for emulation: Does /vr/ have a preferred controller for emulating retro games? I'm …[View]
4429641I came to noticed that I had a lot of GoG installed on my system and it started to feel scattered (n…[View]
4440519When do 3D game visuals reach a point where they are no longer considered retro?[View]
4434610Defend this[View]
4445450What are some games where you can dance?: Please dance.[View]
4447415soundeffects: Hey /vr, I posted this in /v but to no avail, I have this snippet of soundeffects of a…[View]
4446446>everything worth owning is an abysmal drop rate or drops from an enemy that will almost never sh…[View]
4443114Does anyone have a breakdown list of which songs specifically were Grant's and which were Graem…[View]
4443984Is he, in fact, the worst player 2 character ever created?[View]
4446421Why aren't you playing the best Game Gear game ever RIGHT NOW?[View]
4446961Wtf I love SaGa Frontier now.[View]
4442051Seeing as how the thread will surely survive until then, let's get another Halloween Resident E…[View]
4442875Don't mind me, just being the best '90s Castlevania game. Also, CV general.[View]
4444427I live in a shithole where you can find bootleg Famiclones in pretty much any toy store for 20 bucks…[View]
4441720Good ARPGs for PSX?: I'd like to ask /vr/ about what some of the best Action RPGs are on the PS…[View]
4445983Is there a company more overrated than pic related?[View]
4444939Eagle One Harrier Attack PSX: U Play this?[View]
4441657LY DA FAE[View]
4440935Imagine, if you will, a world in which the Sega Neptune released in 1994 instead of the 32x as an im…[View]
4433841So was it a good decision by Nintendo to stick to cartridges for the fifth generation?[View]
4434350Now be honest, how many of you actually picked Bulbasaur in Red and Blue?[View]
4446605Why do developers keep doing remasters of games that were already perfect the first time around? The…[View]
4443395You just KNOW..[View]
4428135>the best game in the series is the most retconned of them all fucking why falcom…[View]
4446554Death sprites/animations: Post em'[View]
4436748Was Bobby /ourguy/?[View]
4446547Is it possible to convert or emulate whole features of Build Engine to GZDoom since ZScript?[View]
4445531How do I install the fix patch and the voice pack for Ultima 8? I'm using DOSBox. I wish I coul…[View]
4444857Subtitles for ps1, n64, saturn: Are there any games with subtitles? And are there games with no fmv …[View]
4440701Which version of Civilization 2 is the best, Multiplayer Gold Edition or Test of Time?[View]
4443854What are some good PC-9800 games?[View]
4444908What is the best water level, and why is it tidal tempest?[View]
4445046What are some good pc rpg's and dungeon crawlers from the 80's and 90's for someone w…[View]
4446085does anyone remember team buddies??: super rare game on ps1 that was a strategy game with shooter el…[View]
4443951Phantasy Star: I've yet to play any single-player games in the series. Which of the first four …[View]
4446359THEN WHO WAS MOM[View]
4444916Repair/Mods General: Post your issues here and other anons help I'll start. I have some bootleg…[View]
4445463Crash Thread: woah[View]
4443117Phantasmagoria: What went wrong? Also: Sierra's worst game?[View]
4436034What's your favourite game-to-animation adaptation?[View]
4438241Noooo i don't want it to end![View]
4444612Good feels thread: games that saved you?: Hey Anons, What game(s) taught you how to love, empathize,…[View]

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