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4847641Since 2007, the War of Six Planets, man has lived in peace. Yet over the centuries, there arose a ce…[View]
4847419How do I even play this? I have no idea what I'm doing.[View]
4847351You all knew it was going to come to this. . .: Which is more fun? Which do you prefer? Which one is…[View]
4842763What was the last NES or SNES game you bought before the console was discontinued?: According to Wik…[View]
4844730Why does Aya run so slow in Parasite Eve? It's like she's on a moving treadmill.[View]
4843186>he actually doesn’t understand the fine-tuned, breathtaking level design, gameplay and presentat…[View]
4841107Which version of Skies of Arcadie is the best? Dreamcast or Gamecube?[View]
4828674ITT retro waifus[View]
4847147Neighbor had an arcade cabinet in their garage, any idea what it might be?[View]
4844739So like Death Note?: Any /vr/ games that share similarities to this series?[View]
4819048Labyrinthe: Send me 5,000 dollars to my paypal or I will delete this game right now and you'll …[View]
4846376Besides Xenogears and the first two Suikodens, are there any jrpgs where the main character isn…[View]
4841830What's the best Konami game for the Megadrive (Genesis for you yanks)?[View]
4844303What's the best Breakout clone?[View]
4846267I've never even been able to crack 5k points[View]
4843905Are any of Bethesda's old Terminator games worth picking up? I've been wanting to play an …[View]
4840793I fucking swear enemies are programmed to only drop shit when you're at full hearts[View]
4843141Is Pump It Up retro?[View]
4826589Donald Duck's Playground: Is it embarassing to like this?[View]
4839325Post your favourite monster in retro gaming. For me, it is Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.[View]
4836965ITT: normie opinions on retro gaming: >the Saturn was a bad console with no games!…[View]
4845054I only ever played Doom on friends PCs and stuff when I was a kid and I feel like it's time to …[View]
4844013Reptites did nothing wrong[View]
4841570Earthbound: who else loves this game!?!?!?[View]
4845751BLOB: who else just messed about with the beans to see what they did?[View]
4841650Thoughts on these remakes? Personally I will fucking hate Pokemon Go forever for how it's influ…[View]
4835137As we speak, there are hundreds of undumped games dying of bit rot and disc rot.[View]
4845685Does anyone know whats the difference between the regular japanese release and the virtua fighter re…[View]
4838197What are some retro games that have fluid movement?[View]
4845556who here remembers samba de amigo?[View]
4845501Old aol adventure game: There was an old aol shockwave you down adventure/shooter game that you coul…[View]
4845486For retroarch, which n64 core is better, Mupen or Parallel? I tried looking it up online but no one …[View]
4845397I'd like to believe that Rayman actually died in the pirate ship instead of returning back safe…[View]
4844689At the time of its release, was Link's Awakening the best handheld game ever made?[View]
4845153Puzzle Games!: I really like Crossroad Crisis. You have to build a path for this little chick so it …[View]
4843551Are there any decent ports/recreations of retro games on the ios app store? I would seriously love t…[View]
4845345Screenshot Thread: Post what you're playing right now, /vr/[View]
4845069Sweet rides: Post sweet rides, cool steeds, awesome mounts[View]
4838316Gauntlet Thread: Anyone enjoyed playing the hell out of these? Also favorite Gauntlet Games? Gauntl…[View]
4840820Can /vr/ theorycraft how the Hydlide trilogy came into existence? They seem so arbitrary[View]
4844905So, which version is better? DOS or Genesis?[View]
4842646will ps1 consoles and games and such become completely unplayable after a certain period or should I…[View]
4836780I’m considering playing a Metroid game. I’ve never played one before, and I was thinking of starting…[View]
4844138Why did they make the Forest Temple spooky and haunted? That was supposed to be the Shadow Temple…[View]
4838217What NES games should I get: I bought one ages ago but don't have many games for it still. Look…[View]
4836040What's his fucking problem?[View]
4843834Donkey Kong canon: Has this timeline been officially confirmed or acknowledged? How do the Mario gam…[View]
4839673So what was Toadstool's XXX actually?[View]
4844453Captain Tsubasa: what's the general consensus? this is the best one by far imo everything else …[View]
4840230Someones trying to sell me an n64 for $70 but only wants to meet in public so I can't test the …[View]
4843150How do I get this to work? Am I missing something?[View]
4841909On this board you wil remain, until information I obtain!: Hello /vr/, I've recently started pl…[View]
4840548What's the best way to play this series? Is it a bad idea to get them on Steam/GOG?[View]
4842373Survival horror with fixed screens and tank controls: I just replayed RE2 and 3 and can't get e…[View]
4843103ITT retro games you’re 85% sure only you played[View]
4831851Arcade Soundtracks: I'll post a bunch of relatively lesser known but cool stuff here. Fire Shar…[View]
4841936Give me slow pace games (no jrpgs, but can be srpgs) to play on the NES[View]
4840405Let's discuss Project 1999 (Everquest)[View]
4843291It's time to discuss the best Zelda game ever made. Tell me about your >Favorite Palace >…[View]
4840992What's the best game of these?[View]
4843686This game's spritework is amazing. It still holds up today and doesn't feel dated at all c…[View]
4838769How does /vr/ feel about the Super Star Wars Trilogy?[View]
4836851I just recently learned that some people prefer classic Megaman over Megaman X. They must not have p…[View]
4840050Fucking really?!?[View]
4837113This is not canon. They literally just replaced the pixels with mario characters.[View]
4838879Is it possible to max out a speedrun that can never be beat or will there always be new solutions?[View]
4838860Can you guys help me identify the Snes games besides Mario RPG and Mortal Kombat? All i can see is a…[View]
4839419X-COM THREAD: X-Com veterans, share your wisdom with new players, discuss your most fun experiences …[View]
4841474>put a last gen game onto a single disc with no visual enhancements other then a brief pre-render…[View]
4830690IGN ranked their top 100 video games of all-time. Super Mario World came in 1st place. Here's t…[View]
4807374Daggerfall thread[View]
4843076How come none of these games became as popular as Tetris?[View]
4835447CRPG Virgin Club: Given that I grew up with late 90s isometric RPGs with easy mouse interfaces, what…[View]
4843173Dan Doh!! Xi from [https://youtu.be/Szp2bTcsZng][View]
4841786The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Vol. 3: It's taken years but finally the third a…[View]
4840376Share some fan art.[View]
4793049/tcg/ - Tycoon/City Builders General: The New Home of /vr/ct!: Vomit Machine Edition. Welcome to /tc…[View]
4834861What retro games have the best water effects?[View]
4839064why were foot shoulders back in time too and waiting to fight you. that was already game set and mat…[View]
482273770 Japanese video games - thought to have been long lost - have been discovered and are being upload…[View]
4838765Neo Geo Mini: Why did they turn the buttons grey on the International version? I get changing the ga…[View]
4842572What game could you beat everyone on /vr/ at?: No one can top my NiGHTS skill[View]
4840749What do you think about the SEGA Model 2?[View]
4840832Diddy Kong Racing: Has anyone got to beat those times that appear at the credits sequence without a-…[View]
4806619Repair/Tech thread: Haven't seen one of those threads in a while. Post your questions and what …[View]
4842372What are your favorite late 90s sci fi games and why were there so many futuristic sci-fi games duri…[View]
4842434What are the most aesthetic and gif retro anime games?[View]
4837392How many lives/continues would you say is generally fair?[View]
4840358Dark Fantasy: Dark Fantasy themed games have always intrigued me. Games such as the Diablo series, H…[View]
4836284How would you rank the branching paths in Contra HC?: For me: train > organic > jetski > sp…[View]
4835041>stick up for coworkers being bullied by a gang >get fired from your shitty forklift job this …[View]
4836238Gets head completely devoured: >still manages to scream afterward…[View]
4840731>Let's live here together So did you live there together?[View]
4836923what video game track do you like, but is famous for being bad? my guilty pleasure is livin in the c…[View]
4837121Crazy Taxi is a fun game[View]
4841256Are fallout 1/2 graphics pre-rendered?[View]
4836049Fallout thread[View]
4836575Do the extra stats you can get from magicite make much of a difference?[View]
4841206Thoughts on this series and also is the 2013 remake of the first one any good?[View]
4836502Can you give me a quick rundown on Half-Life, is it a DOOM clone?[View]
4841486Does anyone have one of these? I just got one and am having trouble setitng it up. First the light w…[View]
4840932What happened?[View]

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