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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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3887906IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice…[View]
3889987Beachhouse in Miami: This House is a draft for a house at miami beach. Do you guys got any sugestion…[View]
3894955Help: I'm going crazy I'm trying to learn digital art i need a structure digital art progr…[View]
3893209Is it possible to get an animation job (like doing key animations) with out going to art school? How…[View]
3894600Let's play a game /ic/.[View]
3895018Why do people pay to go to art school in 2019? Are they retarded?[View]
3867136/sqt/qtddtot/: Stupid questions thread/questions that don't deserve their own thread. where do…[View]
3891831Lets talk contemporary fine art.: Having a slow day. Let's talk contemporary fine art, I'm…[View]
3894245Anime-inspired art is too popular, it's just...bland; it's so bland I prefer those stupid …[View]
3894892this beautiful thing: does you guys know the name of this painting/painter?[View]
3891758I Don't wanna end up like Proko: how do you break away from Reference ? do keep going to it but…[View]
3889312Do you look down on people who can only cell shade?: Discuss[View]
3886516/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily: Last thread: >>3876801 >Link: https://dad.gall…[View]
3894019Anime head references/tutorial: I'm kind of getting the hand of it but the references I have ar…[View]
3894346Anybody got softbrush/gradient portrait painting tutorials ?: Something like Sakimi chan's soft…[View]
3887480Why is it that 95% of animal artists today are female? Is it within female psychology? >Inb4 fur…[View]
3893585What are some shortcuts/hacks for a beginner to become okay/one step above horrible in a short amoun…[View]
3893916When to ask for help: I know that this is the best place to put this, but I in all my time attemptin…[View]
3889325>see artist I like reveal that they browse 4chan >see artist I like posts on this board…[View]
3887785Why do people like loli art?: I found a folder of these on my younger brother's password locked…[View]
3888792Look at this, Anon. How come artist on the left is so successful? Is it possible to learn this pow…[View]
3890966>western animated movie on a $28 million budget >japanese animated movie on a $300,000 budget…[View]
3882644Pixel art thread: I know this is shit but feel free to join and correct my mistakes with your art sk…[View]
3893907Did I nail the unwritten rules of /ic/?[View]
3889366Jobs that let you draw?: >college student right now with part-time job at call enter >print ou…[View]
3893838cc pls: here u go[View]
3892421help with art present: heres the thing: i met a really nice girl and i wanna give her a nice small p…[View]
3892458What's your favorite Gustav Klimt painting?[View]
3891726How to draw meme style?: How to draw in meme style like pepe? It looks simple but is not any tutoria…[View]
3893747Help: Hello, can someone please tell me what kind of pen are you using in this photo? You can see th…[View]
3888332>make completely fake genocide on Wikipedia >it’s been up two years and people have expanded …[View]
3893325this drawing has more originality than the entire industry of japan and this board. It was drawn by …[View]
3892546>low IQ >can’t comprehend subtleties like clothing, hair, lighting etc Should I just stylemax?…[View]
3889923Can someone color this in for me? Reddish brown hair and brown eyes.. I drew this but have no comput…[View]
3889257So you guys are on suicide watch, hey? https://deepart.io/#[View]
3893274My art: Thats really good?[View]
3893144Julian Assange/Venom Snake: it's kinda faggy but opinions[View]
3888835>Mfw i spend all my time planning what/how to paint instead of painting anything. Why can't …[View]
3892633On practice: I've been drawing almost everyday for the past 3.5 months, and I don't *feel*…[View]
3889397Does anyone else's pens run out super fucking fast when doing these line practices? They'r…[View]
3891349It looks fine and gets the job done. Clean lines, decent coloring, humorous content.[View]
3891438I don't know why I made this: I've decided to start drawing again like a week ago. This is…[View]
3892467Post wip: criticize accordingly so we can fix before it's too late[View]
3879324This is what NGMI looked like in 1912[View]
3892555bruh: lit[View]
3892534What's your opinion of Flockmod? And how does it compare to Drawpile?[View]
3892522i hope you enjoy[View]
3892245Speculative evolution drawings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9tAP2iuyOI Speculative evolution ar…[View]
3889178>show someone artwork >'Haha it looks like x!'…[View]
3890993>draw something >looks like shit >be ashamed of myself and stop drawing How do I stop thi…[View]
3888247I thought it would be a fun exercise for some of you to try drawing something you don't normall…[View]
3889506Can anyone help me edit this? I'm still very new to writing and English ain't my first lan…[View]
3887436What are some good artists, old and modern, who drew animals similar to Beatrix Potter?[View]
3892244Thoughts / Opinions: so basically a weird world of mine, i'd love to hear your thoughts/opinion…[View]
3888966I want to injure humanity with my art. How to achieve this?[View]
3889803Will the Real Bob Ross Painting Please Stand Up?: https://www.okwhatever.org/topics/thing/bob-ross-o…[View]
3891759Building work ethic.: How do you in particular motivate yourself to draw? To avoid active choice of …[View]
3889354What's an acceptable mix of Western and Eastern drawing styles?: In a place where I don't …[View]
3861769Patreon general: Share stories/advices/prepare your patreons - thread. I finally reached certain amo…[View]
3890309Why does loomis think tall people have bigger heads?[View]
3888383So how many of you do taxes for your freelancing payments? I'm pretty fucking confused. How mu…[View]
3892042Can anyone tell me name of the painting?[View]
3891698What's the point of even trying if you are just going to be inferiorized by people with talent …[View]
3889478Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UwOdFzPTH4[View]
3891188Fashion Thread: Do we have people interested in fashion illustration here? Fashion is a big deal, bu…[View]
3891674Anyone knows what's the source of picture related?[View]
3884937Art Inspo Thread: Haven't seen one of these in a while[View]
3883774Do you agree with these rules, /ic/: https://twitter.com/copilotsheith/status/1105635739729973248…[View]
3891334Can anyone tell me who this artist is?[View]
3879364What are the key differences between anime style and western cartoon style?[View]
3891036should I do a fine art major or a design major guys? I'm good enough to get into whatever I wan…[View]
3889859No more R34 Blizzard art folks.[View]
3888153/beg/inner art thread: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for cri…[View]
3891529What is the comfiest drafting tool and why is it the AMES Guide?: also general obscure niche art sup…[View]
3890791How do you guys set up to practice daily? Do you have a spot specifically to go drawn in? Do you kee…[View]
3885500draw something.... anything (part 3)[View]
3891453my mother say that leonardo isn't great, and say that michelangelo was greater but i say that l…[View]
3889968Hello I just ordered a GAOMON PD1560 anyone have any experience with these?[View]
3891232What's your excuse?[View]
3890818WTF after 6 years it's still feels like a chore.: is it time to drop this ? feels like i'm…[View]
3890648How important is it to swallow your pride if you want to make it as an artist? How good do you have …[View]
3885712What's the point of 'just use hard round brush'?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvx1pN1rWaY S…[View]
3883735/asg/ - Anime Study General: Discord: https://discord.gg/3bwdfRk **If you make good copies of anime …[View]
3889892I'm trying to find a painting of a King or an Emperor humbling himself in rags in front of a Po…[View]
3878376Where we won’t shit on your art: This is a thread where you can post all your drawings, current, or …[View]

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