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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 116 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3710685Are you guys doing Ahmed Aldoori’s 500 hands challenge?[View]
3713943What type of desk do you draw on? I'm thinking about getting this but I'm not sure if ther…[View]
3712845>pro tip on improving faster stop drawing women[View]
3713451What makes an attwork 'soulless'? Or here's an even better question: what gives …[View]
3714021>How do nips decide on such colors And why is that rabbit about to smash.. Nips truly are dreamer…[View]
3707927How the fuck do I draw asians without them looking like black people? Who are some artists who draw …[View]
3713225PORN kills your artist life: Think about it Anon, what have you achieved, How many years have passed…[View]
3708038DRAW THREAD: Dont have an old thread to copy and paste from so I'm gonna wing it. Post your cur…[View]
3712223Character Critique: Hello everyone! Lately I've been trying to hone and sharpen my style a bit …[View]
3714901All right folks, been troubled with something for a while now. Very new to painting digitally, and t…[View]
3708928Alternative Art/Stylization General: What is /ALT/? If you're looking for a place to post your…[View]
3714859Anyone have tips on how to un-learn and re-learn drawing? I used to draw for years, always from my h…[View]
3714224MakersPlace: Got contacted by this site, has anyone else? Also is this a scam? The whole idea of 'cr…[View]
3712647If I wanted to buy only one of these to study the head, what one should I purchase and why?[View]
3714854what the fuck is this dude's problem?[View]
3713023What happened to Pentagrin? Will she ever come back?[View]
3712485How come no one has made an animated short using CSP and an iPad? It should be possible, right? …[View]
3712730Print: Does anyone know anything about this print (at least I think it’s a print)? A friend of mine …[View]
3710646Pencil/ paper drawing supplies thread.: What tools do you use? What paper do you like. Give the reas…[View]
3713836Tried a random comic with my new art supplies, roast me please.[View]
3714671Roastie Femanons Post Your Selfies: I'll do nice drawings of them when I get back from the moth…[View]
3711353I bought picture related some time ago but I still find very hard to get used to it, my drawings are…[View]
3713622Beginner Porn Thread: Previous thread: >>3706775 Beginner Porn Thread Thread for beginners, li…[View]
3710109A painting.: What do you think? All opinions are valid as long as you give a valid reason for having…[View]
3714241There are two types of artists: 1. Logical Artists As you guessed they are brianiacs who copy old st…[View]
3713342Anyone got any more of these? Thanks[View]
3710460Is it beneficial to JustDraw™ even if everything you are drawing turns out garbage?[View]
3711996Just want to let you all know that I finally made it and make a living wage solely off my art. None …[View]
3713270What do I do if I don't want anything to do with NSFW art anymore? I feel like its harrowing ou…[View]
3712864Black Square: With Suprematism, Malevich would create a movement of art completely separate all prev…[View]
3714258Sketch to Finished: Post your Sketche and then Show your finished piece. I don't know I think t…[View]
3714277When did you realize you will never be capable of producing peak aesthetics, and what keeps you goin…[View]
3710203>life of a pro mangaka >work through the night >wake up 4pm >start drawing >too hungr…[View]
3700142CSP Ver. 1.8.4: So the new 1.8.4 update is out how are we all finding the new features added? >ww…[View]
3703139/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily - Back Edition: Draw Art Daily Chums Last thread >…[View]
3714110Is drawing easier to learn than 3D modeling? Both require a similar skill set as far as I can see[View]
3713327Can recommend a illustratorr who draw good but simple architecture?, more like cartoon, not realisti…[View]
3714030My first portrait I've done in two years. I'm trying to work on value some before getting …[View]
3711209Master study recommendations?: which artists/ paintings do you usually use when doing a master study…[View]
3714170Your favourite piece of artwork of all time: By based Kazuma Kaneko[View]
3712325So, Ilya is apperently doing concept art for the new Ghost in the shell anime He just wont stop winn…[View]
3707743ITT: we laugh at NSFW hacks who will need to find a real job[View]
3710664ok guys, heres a dilemma. So last year i was doing an art course in a really good college,. best in …[View]
3712761Rest. Society in top hats: Malevich experimented with a few styles before suprematism, and ‘Party’ w…[View]
3713897We invite you to the Square Diamond Museum.: Hello. We are preparing an exhibition of special art ac…[View]
3713800Please merciless rip into my work please[View]
3712705So what makes an artwork appear like fan art(in a bad way, Deviant Art meme-like)? Even artworks fro…[View]
3713459Critic on a character: Does This lizardboy look good, or is the drawing crap /ic?. Wreck my anus.…[View]
3677647Animation thread: >Animation Thread Discord https://discord.gg/Ju9NuWN >2D Animation on Youtub…[View]
3713464Who has the best learning resources, Japan or America?: Title. Curious on your opinions.[View]
3712543Hi, would you like to learn how to draw amazing Aourt?[View]
3712689How do I become cultured in the arts without visiting museums, or at the very least, convincingly pr…[View]
3712498Please translate the text in yellow and blue onii-chan. My boyfriend doesn't want to help me[View]
3708814>pick one and draw it but do it here https://wbo.openode.io/boards/ic (>>3700939) after you…[View]
3712892Just got the second place in a random Deviant Art contest, feels good to get atleast a little of cri…[View]
3713029i made it!!! :D: thanks for all the support over the years /ic/ <333[View]
3712893How do you guys find current/new artists? I don't live in a cultural hub or anything, and what …[View]
3712767Why I pirate art books and tutorials.: I know some popular professional artists browse here so I wil…[View]
3712899Check my Ricardo Milos artwork: Christmas Theme: https://www.redbubble.com/people/hansblame/works/35…[View]
3712802thoughts welcome: old piece i made over a year ago for my HS portfolio[View]
3704817How do I learn how to do pixel art?[View]
3712729What do you think about using a pressure sensitive graphics tablet in a non-pressure sensitive appli…[View]
3710836no reference bread?: New reference thread[View]
3711447>How do artists deal with loneliness do they act and dress to garner extra attention? A lot of pr…[View]
3711341Trying to draw abstract figures: I've painted this last year for a contest about hungarian pain…[View]
3709097Great artists including me are getting no attention because they didnt have the chance to build a fo…[View]
370798618 and don't know what to focus on: What's the generally accepted course of action to make…[View]
3711882Commission Artwork: Is it okay to post an art stream sorry if its against the rules? This is a commi…[View]
3712128How do you draw this with pen?[View]
3710361>furry/anime artist has 'NSFW', '18+', or a link to their porn account in the bio…[View]
3706051Why are you all such nasty backbiting cunts?: Everyone here deliberately sabotages themselves and ev…[View]
3700939Let's Draw Together IC: https://wbo.openode.io/boards/ic[View]
3708168>end of every social interaction is me realizing that art is the only thing I have and should spe…[View]
3710513It's been 8 months: Did he give up on us?[View]
3710083>trying to make it >blocks your path[View]
3710772Who are some similar artists to teoh yi chie?[View]
3711753Interior design and backgrounds in general.: What is the beat way to learn how to draw the insides o…[View]
3711329good brands for water colors?[View]
3711277Need real honest facial expressions: Drawing complicated emotions is hard and finding a lot of examp…[View]
3711757just painted this self-portrait don’t know if it’s good or not might delete later[View]
3711493*dabs on loomis*[View]
3711626>milkies of /ic you guys surely must have good taste if you've come this far, so share some …[View]
3710350Daily Practice: So I've wanted to do art for a long while and only recently have been able to p…[View]
3711643art major: are you studying art ? if so , where ? share your experience. thinking of studying art at…[View]
3708626rec good video tutorials on technique .tried to learn from books but it didn't work out well.[View]
3710000>watch my favorite artist stream >they never do construction, they just straight draw what the…[View]
3711512Tripping: Psychedelic Art Thread?[View]
3711420Drawing and painting was alot of fun back then as a kid and in highschool(art classes), i found my p…[View]
3711395Critical comment on a poem: I need help. I am supposed to deliver a critical comment based on the gr…[View]
3711317How can this be improved[View]
3711403novice shirt graphic design project: almost 100% complete beginner. messing around with streetwear i…[View]
3710923Anyone else used to play this? What would be you verdict on it as a legitimate learning tool?[View]
3711686reminder that your computer addiction is slowly but surely ruining your life, dreams, and ambition.[View]
3710856I made this in Paint 3D: Is it any good?[View]
3709613Why do you come to /ic/? Be honest, you're anonymous.[View]
3711229Roy Lichtenstein: Was there ever a more contemptible contemporary 'artist' than this scrawny little …[View]
3707127Anyone else having an easier time with Hampton than Proko?: Don't get fooled by the childish hu…[View]
3699618have you ever masturbated to a painting?[View]
3710217I have to draw but I don't want to draw I want to play Magic Arena and smoke a fat joint what d…[View]
3709725How does this 'warm color/cold shadow' 'cold color/warm shadow' thing works? I've seen some peo…[View]
3709334hotwheels are a fucking godsend.[View]
3707372Took me 15 minutes and is one of my first ever paintings[View]
3708827I'm trying to learn perspective and I'm struggling, any tips? Image is my own practice[View]
3698424Comic book! Thread: Post Comic panels! Bonus if you made it I'll start![View]
3707755i'm gonna post some of my stuff. feel free to comment[View]
3707973Bad art days: What do I doto get my shit together on days where I can't get shit to look right?…[View]
3710474I'm new at this.: I'm a beginner at drawing. I'm a 30 y/o programmer, and got the tas…[View]
3706775NSFW/Porn Thread: Previous thread: >>3684763 Porn Thread Thread for those who enjoy drawing po…[View]
3710545I don't get it?[View]
3709023Youtube: ITT: post YouTubers you follow. >Mark Crilley >China Digital Painting >Proko >S…[View]
3710297hey there lads, daily reminder that itll be ok. art is a learning process. youre not the best today …[View]
3708942/ic/ style thread: try to impress me: I'm sure that no one can make a better drawing than me, …[View]
3710433Proportions: Doodled through my teens, and only recently decided to really learn how to draw (starte…[View]
3693577How do you deal with the fact that you'll never be as good or as unique as Lucian Freud????[View]

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