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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 89 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3637476How many hours spent do you think is reasonable in the creation of this piece or something similar? …[View]
3637489Witness my form and weep at perfection[View]
3638420Late Bloomer Success Stories: Any anons here who started later in life and made it? What's your…[View]
3637218Secrets: >Psst.. it's The Secret Club thread, pro's hate it, begs want to bath in it, a…[View]
3637059How does no one talk about how learning to draw fashion and croquis is one of the best ways to grasp…[View]
3638443Is 1PP a fraud?: I'm 35 yo boomer who's finally decided to start his journey to the visual…[View]
3638723are you better than artgerm's students?[View]
3637975How flexible is this sumbitch? Some people think it s made of play doh while other overcorrect to th…[View]
3638940Wes Lang appreciation thread: For a while I was convinced that I would never enjoy seriously committ…[View]
3636442Guess who leveled up: :([View]
3638828Composition: What makes for appealing compositions? Let's analyze some art together.[View]
3638691You don't really need to learn to draw well to get to japan, look at this 3 gajins with no skil…[View]
3638778How do you draw an open mouth without it looking weird? I already know how the jaw moves and how the…[View]
3635027I just bought a Wacom intuos pro Medium: Any software recommendations or mod tips? Or just general t…[View]
3638552(where tf is) artbook thread: uhh where tf is artbook thread[View]
3637700Anyone got some interesting art discussions saved from for example conceptart.org?[View]
3637223Anime drawings: Where can I learn on how to draw like this?[View]
3637589/artschool/ thread?: any fellows in art school? or have an opinion on it? I am pursuing a bachelors …[View]
3637641please help Does anyone have the crack of desing doll?[View]
3631236Tablet thread: what is a good graphics tablet to buy? I had a medium wacom pen and touch that i…[View]
3627356Clip Studio Paint: I've been using Photoshop for almost a decade now, but I've been hearin…[View]
3637595Got a blank page to sketch, post some pics so I can fill it up.[View]
3635718Who are your favorite webcomic artists?[View]
3637644Post your work: Well /ic/?[View]
3633102/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily - Kemono Edition: Draw Art Daily Chums Last thread >…[View]
3638280How can I learn to draw T H I C C[View]
3604088Art Supplies: Didn't see a thread so I figured I'd make one. Just bought and tried the Pe…[View]
3636603Hairstyle?: This is nowhere near being finished, dont judge it to hard on what I have so far lol. Fo…[View]
3637930You niggas got any charts like this for the female manga body shape? Like full body rotations and sh…[View]
3637301/ic/ how do you exercise your fine motor skills? I heard the reason Asians tend to have more dynamic…[View]
3637569Has anyone here drawn with the Windows Surface Pro? How does it measure up to the ipad pro and cinti…[View]
3637954do you sometimes feel as if you've traded your soul for the chance to grasp perfect beauty? doe…[View]
3634753Seen these before?: So found one of these at uni yesterday, it writes really nice but upon looking t…[View]
3624568What is your ideal artist life?[View]
3637457Digital Art Thread: its funny, yall try to ignore this digital painting because it forces you to see…[View]
3637318Is anyone up for a group buy?: It can be Brainstorm uninstruced mentorship B (advanced) or some vide…[View]
3631212/itg/ - Inktober General 2: Inktober continues. Post your ink drawings and everything Inktober relat…[View]
3637626Pair bonding individuals. Post OC[View]
3636439Crits please!!!: Hello I'm a 21yo girl and I started drawing in 2013! I heard that I can get cr…[View]
3630886He hath spoken.[View]
3636581How many times a day do you study when it comes to art? Any results?[View]
3635660All Rise: Ladies and gents looks like our leader has spoken once again. Its beautiful.[View]
3636756Defend this[View]
3637394Ruan untouchable: That time again, huh? I think it is very necessary to have at least 3 Ruan Jia thr…[View]
3637367show me one lifter who is: natty below 15% bodyfat looks like they lift in normal clothes i'll …[View]
3636994I am really bad at anatomy, what should I draw specifically to be able to draw human people like hum…[View]
3635382Hi, /ic/. I have a quick question about money. Obviously. Very overdone question. I’m young. About t…[View]
3633869New ConceptArt.org?: Why didn't you guys tell me about this https://massiveblackforums.com/…[View]
3632729does anybody have any japanese anime tutorials? post some if so. I'd like to start the thread w…[View]
3628109/ic/ gold thread[View]
3637143If I draw everything from my own reference photos will people be able to tell I'm a fraud?[View]
3637038How do you go about giving art this 80's anime tone/texture? Yeah, you get some static and over…[View]
3633002How disgraceful is it to make art solely for money? I need a side hustle and don't want to get …[View]
3634138Need Motivational Art Story: Im 20, and my life fucking sucks. Ive gone nowhere with art, after all …[View]
3627870/beg/ - BEGINNER ART THREAD: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces f…[View]
3636303Beginner/intermediate artist here. How does someone get the skills to get as good as someone like Ja…[View]
3637005idk: idk[View]
3635992Grug want learn rock paint: Should go to shaman elder cave for many winter? Grug very motivate but n…[View]
3634039Does anybody know the name of this painting?[View]
3633555Explain this perspective[View]
3636924Critique pls[View]
3636942oog cave wall always people grug cave wall empty but oog cave wall ugly grug cave wall better[View]
3623902What do you think of the 4chan vtuber contest designs? Have you voted? https://www.4chan.org/banner-…[View]
3636910daily reminder that art guys can't produce anything worthwhile if they lack practice in graphic…[View]
3635259Cyarine: What are /ic/'s thoughts on Cyarine?[View]
3635784A country called Formey[View]
3636760with some friends we are trying to achieve genzo like Pepe. it is difficult[View]
3635998Cheap Chinese Pencils: These any good? Worth dropping $2 on?[View]
3636671'Bhuddamet' 9'×12': Acrylic based watercolor[View]
3632467Draw something that doesn't exist: something you've never seen before[View]
3633824soubin's sketches: Okay let me try this again without the autism. Did anyone download a batch o…[View]
3636465What's this artstyle called?[View]
3633155Where do you get your art supplies from? Are mainstream stores good enough or do you go to specialis…[View]
3636415Color: Please what's wrong with my colors guys[View]
3630951How do I make sexy political comics?[View]
3636432If only man.[View]
3634898Anyone of you check out Walid Feghali's 'take your art to the next level' thing, if so, anythin…[View]
3635802first time be gentle[View]
3635999art therapy: guys im doing an art therapy test next Tuesday. where I go to see an art therapy and dr…[View]
3632279That's a pic by Ganassa. Say something nice about it.[View]
3636110should I use twitter, tumblr, instagram or deviantart?[View]
3629946How do I get over not being asian and having access to all these cool reference books.[View]
3633305so reading loomis = becoming ilya?[View]
3633437>18 >about to finish HS >Chilean I want to pursue a Graphic Design/Illustration/Art relate…[View]
3634882Do any of you guys get really ambitious with your art, only to realize it’s way above your head and …[View]

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