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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 85 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3171894How do I draw like Ishikei?[View]
3165217Who wants to do drawpile /ic/?: host[View]
3168687Is there such a thing as artist's block? How do you overcome it?[View]
3165028what does ic think about this 'improvment' original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
3166323Alternative Art/Stylization General: Last thread: >>3155392 This thread is meant for artists w…[View]
3167237is talent a multiplier?[View]
3170334Corel Painter Essentials 5: Are there any resources on how to use Corel Painter Essentials 5? I got …[View]
3162738Post what you consider the biggest masterpiece of humanity. I will start.[View]
3171536I want to paint traditional, but setting up is such a pain it prevents me from starting. for instanc…[View]
3165621Designdoll: What do you guys think about using designdoll as a way to practice parts of drawing, suc…[View]
3171509I painted a cock: I painted a cock, what do you think /ic/? Impasto oil on canvas.[View]
3171599Looking for critique/what I should adjust on this charcoal drawing I'm working on - feel free t…[View]
3169843I always hear people complaining about freelance art jobs and how hard they are to pull off, but if …[View]
3171544Cintiq Fucked Up: My cintiq 22hd will not update. I don't get any errors when installing the dr…[View]
3171240explain how cuphead's style is any different than typical tumblr shit. Rubber hose = noodle arm…[View]
3171029Anyone drawing just for fun and to relax and has no interest in improving or making it?[View]
3170830Can I get some new painting and drawing brushes over here?[View]
3171187how does shit like this work? it looks like there were zero compromises made on both images to creat…[View]
3171100CAST SHADOW - NEED CRITIQUE: Are these Cast Shadows good? I wonder if there will be some shadow behi…[View]
3171164Sharing our works of art: I don't really share my drawings or paintings so much that I kind of …[View]
3170860About to paint a gamecube controller. What does /ic/ think of this design? I started with the mask a…[View]
3170906Art: (Sweet release/real ease) In my mind the demons screaming. Of death and freedom my soul keeps …[View]
3171080Show me the ugly: I'm doing a project, and am hoping to find out what areas of this photo all o…[View]
3170585I been thinking about supporting myself with art for once but, i'm not sure if it would be wors…[View]
3171001Am I autistic?: Do you believe that if you're a hateful/spiteful bastard of others' art yo…[View]
3170812What is the 'professional' way to clean your art after you scan it? I've had a few comic pages …[View]
3170588Outside of shilling on 4chan pretending not to be the artist, and posting on hentai foundry and tumb…[View]
3170891I hear terms like Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, etc. and would like to learn more without jus…[View]
3169902Does being able to draw a straight line from any angle really matter if the ability to rotate your c…[View]
3166018Drawing tables. Are they a meme? Why do they cost an arm and a leg?[View]
3169550Could any one help me identify who this artist is? I'll post a close up of the signature[View]
3170872FEEL THE FORM: Think 3 dimension-ally,visualize the X, Y, Z. FEEL THE FORM, as if your hand is petti…[View]
31642693d modeling vs Drawing- which to specialize in: I'm having trouble deciding which one to specia…[View]
3168743Let's build a curriculum to git gud.: 1.1 Watts Drawing fundamentals 1.2 Charles Bargue Drawing…[View]
3170734Opinions?: Anything i could do to make my edits better? i can post the original pictures, and more o…[View]
3165098>leave the pursuit of art to me[View]
3167774Need help / critique: Are the cast shadows correct?[View]
3170603I guess you can be stupid and be good at art? So much for the IQ meme: https://goddessmechanic2.devi…[View]
3166889swastika idea: I suck at drawing anything and I only have MS paint but had an idea for a swastika ma…[View]
3170476Hi /ic/. A few weeks ago I posted a thread about my friend who has a hard time drawing. He's st…[View]
3169854>Only the exercises in these books matter; any pseudoscience or rambling on the author's par…[View]
3167529Guess who painted this[View]
3166321What are some general traits that show up in your work a lot. Include a picture if you can. >Sad …[View]
3167542Help identifying art: Hey /ic/ I was wondering if anyone could help me identify who is the artist or…[View]
3169601thoughts? I'm looking to possibly take this to a tattoo parlor this Friday and get it on my rig…[View]
3168059I bet that someone here do know how to make a living doing artwork in general, so my question is why…[View]
3169604Can someone explain social media to me? From what I can tell, you end up posting 10% your own work a…[View]
3168715What are some good resources for digital painting besides ctrlpaint and schoolism? Specifically for …[View]
3169776Sketch commision pricing?: I'll be taking commissions soon, this is a rough sketch how much can…[View]
3166207I see sometime digital artists having this kind of technique: face of woman character is perfect. al…[View]
3170139Help wanted for album artwork.: Hey guys, we need something we could use as album art over at /mu/. …[View]
3167496i made a new scythe swastika[View]
3168366Can't wait to start painting next year[View]
3169789How did this person get these muted color in their image? I don't know if 'muted' is the right …[View]
3160343/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Drawing Today - Jellybean Edition: Remember to draw today and submit yo…[View]
3168124Are there subs for any chink video tutorials?[View]
3167951Programs that are good for animating?: I'm really done with Adobe Flash. Brush pressure is very…[View]
3166245/beg/ - THE BEGINNER THREAD: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces f…[View]
3165511Destroy /beg/: Boycott beg, it's literally the biggest bucket of crabs on this board that the r…[View]
3164632can you solve it, /ic/?[View]
3167849Does it bother you that so many great artists are completely wasting their skills on degenerate draw…[View]
3167973What artists other than Krenz, hgjart and alphonse render like this?[View]
3167671Twitch art streamers: Do you enjoy any twitch streaming artists who draw all the time?[View]
3165124This is modern beautiful art.[View]
3165069How do I get followers by drawing porn on twitter?[View]
3169367>https://www.patreon.com/monstergirlisland This niggah makes more in one month than what I make i…[View]
3167296Do you agree with this?[View]
3168537Are color calibration devices a must?: Or should I only procure that my grays are not tinted and the…[View]
3169183Art: Would love some feedback https://axelsiming.deviantart.com/[View]
3169077is style more important than fundies?[View]
3167537Why is /ic/ full of so many crabs?[View]
3168102Stop hating yourself, /ic/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc8UhcPAIiI[View]
3166098Western Art is supreme in every way. Discuss.: >The Western Artistic society Look at the facial e…[View]
3147713Actual Reference Thread: Post everything that isn't fap folder trash. Make requests.[View]
3161998Workstations: Post a pic of where you make art![View]
3166441Art community is lame: >pre 2012 (i think it was this year) >i have some art-related friends. …[View]
3166307how do i draw like space jin[View]
3168227Brush size was too big..[View]
3168434Photobash: Hi d/ic/ks, I'm looking for examples of some particularly egregious photobashes, sp…[View]
3167974how do you motivate yourself to git gud when there are younger people with more free time and talent…[View]
3168105How do I enjoy my own art without getting an inflated ego?[View]
3168109Rate my art /ic/?[View]
3168127redpill me on chicken scratch[View]
3168541Redpill me on choob: I always here about this guy, never really seen his art aside from this. Who is…[View]
3168367Krita thread: Discuss http://www.davidrevoy.com/article319/krita-brushkit-v8 [spoiler]also, why is t…[View]

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