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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 81 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4075390/beg/ - Beginner General: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for …[View]
4077288How does one get over the anxiety of sharing their precious creations with the cold, unforgiving int…[View]
4079167Should I study Yoh Yoshinari or Hampton?[View]
4079138making and selling your artwork online: im thinking about starting an online business where I sell m…[View]
4079546Is this portfolio worthy? Just pieces of my sketchbook cut up and layered to create some sort of sto…[View]
4068360How to gesture draw like Proko?[View]
4075729>digital sketches are decent but paper sketches are fucking trash 'look mommy I drew this from my…[View]
4076679Commissioner being too personal: How to deal with commissioner wanting to be friends or more? This p…[View]
4078198Are there other artist documentaries like Crumb? Also why are many artists socially retarded like hi…[View]
4078777I heard wizards use to visita this place, can you guys please look for this book? I been searching f…[View]
4067183Post top tier black anime artists: So far I only know of Endling, Lesean thomas and whytmanga[View]
4076811>Has no sclera.: Thoughts, /ic/?[View]
4077009https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtApUuFLeGA the new podcast talks about how proko discovered his tru…[View]
4078862post your WIPs: this is a thread for WIPS, or maybe even just drawings that have been lost in your a…[View]
4075598Stream sites for artists?: What are the best stream sites that arent to NSFW fobidding like Picarto.…[View]
4079579https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q0E11tRzvc Hehehehe[View]
4068644>actually good artwork that sells the product what are the secret concepts of the cover art agend…[View]
4072740Composition: I've been searching for good composition information. I know the basics of compos…[View]
4079279A W: any artist who draws like Ashley Wood? hard edges, rough drawing[View]
4075143Looking for the best tut on light: Hi anon, do you have a working link to Sam Nielson's Fundame…[View]
4072060Originality: What do you guys think of artist that claims to be original?[View]
4055815Can /ic/ draw a skull from imagination? No 100% frontal/profile allowed.[View]
4076920I've started my last couple of sketchbooks with this character, thoughts? I also have some more…[View]
4076467Are there any comfy YouTubers/Twitch streamers that draw things? I would like to watch some.[View]
4078981Yo: How do I learn values, specifically with graphite and charcoal? Any methods, books, videos?…[View]
4078125Hey guys, first time picking up a pencil here. I had a go at drawing some renaissance art. Can anyon…[View]
4079039what would it take to make something this good? Is it possible to make like their stuff by oneself? …[View]
4078732Anime has no soul, prove me wrong. Anime is always either polished turds or horrible halfassed drawi…[View]
4077414So, my friend made this a couple of minutes ago, and I’m proud that my creation got so far. This is …[View]
4075679making it: what happens after you 'make it'?[View]
4078484>he makes 25k a month with beg doodle prints wht are you literally up to anon, selling tumblresqu…[View]
4057026Stupid Questions Thread + Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Previous: >>40334…[View]
4069145what's your opinion on whytmanga, you guys? :)[View]
4077835Loomis and Gesture Drawing: Why the fuck is Gesture introduced until halfway through Loomis' bo…[View]
4077181Looking for an art program to use, but I don't know where to start. What art program do you use…[View]
4073561Is self taught art a meme? There are no good self taught artists. Too bad I'm not really intere…[View]
4067813Anatomy of Bodybuilders: i wanna draw buff guys and i need help i like drawing muscles but i take to…[View]
4070917Anything to read up on for achieving these kinds of kino aesthetics?[View]
4077998Mindhacks for making better art: Sometimes i want to draw something and it just flows well, and some…[View]
4078174Music, Books, Podcasts for Drawing/ Animating[View]
4076076Have you studied enough skelly /ic/? Post your studies? Speaking of skull, did you know that asian h…[View]
4077899this is what i've been looking, i'll no longer be a ngmi[View]
4077970What are some good resources to learn drapery?[View]
4073948>Have idea >Start to draw >Takes too long >Image in mind fades >Motivation to continu…[View]
4074744It is mildly concerning how ic takes art so seriously with multiple threads up just to complain. Art…[View]
4074748I really want to learn to draw 2 particular anime characters. How do I do it?[View]
4077357Print making: I need to make prints of my work really fast. I can take images, but where should I go…[View]
4072585ITT: Post your stabilizer value and let anons judge you.[View]
4046194Fuck all that anime shit lets talk about Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, and everyone else who does stuf…[View]
4076396Alternative Art/Stylization Thread: Heil Honkler edition Previous >>4069273 What is /ALT/? If …[View]
4072277What you should be studying if you wanna make it[View]
4077505>dude if you start using western realism techniques it will look more like japanese cartoons ????…[View]
4077215question: I just started reading the guide in the sticky. Do i really need to read Drawing on the R…[View]
4072855American manga.: I am curious of what you may think about an American artist whose style isn't …[View]
4077096If you don't have IRL artists friends in the industry, quiet and shy, awkward to be around, and…[View]
4074711rate my progress. :)[View]
4068787Why aren't you gesture drawing for an hour and a half every day anon?: Warmup with 30sec, main …[View]
4077138Does anyone have know any motifs of abandonment in paintings?[View]
4075951Should I just start drawing even if my art sucks, or should I wait and study until I'm good eno…[View]
4073625I'm never going to fucking make it: I've been drawing boxes for 6 months straight and I st…[View]
4075415Are social skills important in the art world?: I think the main reason so many of us feel like we…[View]
4075655Has anyone ever made it while working a non art related full time job?[View]
4076882exercise to draw from imagination: I found an drawing excercise that that is meant to help with draw…[View]
4069849I'm old (no, not your typical 'I'm 20 am I too old to succeed') and dead set on earning mo…[View]
4076508I keep getting migraines while painting on my display tablet: Anyone else have this problem? I can l…[View]
4073772Anyone has this book? I found a mega link but is not working anymore :([View]
4073673TRAD THREAD[View]
4073425>http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/ Thoughts on John K's current artstyle? I've heard some…[View]
4075589I am having a shitfuck time because I can't puzzle out this exact technique. I'm trying to…[View]
4075059Patreon Alternatives: Anyone try SubscribeStar Adult? https://subscribestar.adult/[View]
4075900How do animation people manage such precise and even lines, and consistent through the small changes…[View]
4076307How do I learn to do rough underdrawings? I've always started a drawing with deliberate fine li…[View]
4076338Anyone had any experience with this? It's free apparently so I might give it a go just wanted t…[View]
4076202where can I find this mythical creature?[View]
4072572/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily: Last thread: >>4066177 >Link: https://dad.gall…[View]
4069273Alternative Art/Stylization Thread: Dentist-kun a cute. A CUTE! Edition Previous >>4064537 Wha…[View]
4063921/asg/ - Anime Study General: **Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamenta…[View]
4073677What about my art?, i dont have selfconf enough to explore making an reputation as artist cause i k…[View]
4074168>tmw a canvas painted blue is worth more than what most people make their whole lives What do you…[View]
4071147Studying all Fundamentals: How should i go by it? For example, should I study anatomy every day or j…[View]
4073501can I get some critiques of these sketches/drawings I made? thnx[View]

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