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3569713RON JULIA'S STREAM: let's celebrate and suck some dick https://space.bilibili.com/1235915…[View]
3563380>'hi yeah I'm looking for friends and artbuddies online' why do artists always say this? It…[View]
3565408>tfw watching all the overdetailed professional illustrations this boards faps to >It's a…[View]
3561063General reference thread[View]
3570008I have been thinking about getting a tattoo and I like this design. It has symbolic relevance to my …[View]
3567464I'm completely new to art and i wanna start learning but exclusively digital, are there books f…[View]
3568946John Landon, 1950 - 2018. RIP https://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/article216808250.html Commerc…[View]
3569599>Asian artist >no construction lines Every time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76FqDp9h4rc Wh…[View]
3563561What is the general consensus on Dali[View]
3569850What yall think?[View]
3570091first attempt at drawing something: tried drawing, and am having trouble with photoshop (cs6) and ma…[View]
3556275So Ilya is actually living in Japan now.. why tho? I haven't seen any oh his stuff published in…[View]
3569769>he doesn't merch Do you guys order merch from other artists regularly? Who are your favorit…[View]
3539960What are the biggest mistakes beginner artists make and how to avoid them?[View]
3569573How valid is it to first sketch with a pencil and then use the pen? Can my art still get a 90 if I d…[View]
3569627zorn is perf--[View]
3561088Talent doesn't exist: Prove me wrong.[View]
3552841Can someone please seed the 25GB schoolism torrent that was shared here a while ago? I've been …[View]
3569450Just a pixelart that i made in some random Site in the Internet...[View]
3569718Tried to draw rpg party.[View]
3560024QTDDTOT: New questions thread since the old one is about to fall into oblivion[View]
3559849I drew this with mouse, Critique the draw pls[View]
3569565I'm going to spend $2,500 on an original art work by a dead artist then sell it in two years ti…[View]
3569532>finally feel good about drawing, everything looks good, your confidence is going up >suddenly…[View]
3566924What do you guys think of this painting me and my gf made? (she did the character and I made the let…[View]
3566922Device recommendations: Hey guys, I'm starting school soon and I don't know if I should in…[View]
3569482mosaic: Is something like this welcome on ic?[View]
3569403How To Get And Act Around Models: If you guys have questions I'll answer them[View]
3569277Tattoo: I've been into tattoos since I was about 15/16, and began tattooing att about 20yo. I s…[View]
3568952I've been trying for hours to find a color combination that makes this character look good/inte…[View]
3566811What art of yours if any do you have hanging up in your home?[View]
3566909Need help with anatomy, trying to do a Jersey Devil-esc physique and stance.[View]
3568396NGMI song: S~ooooooooo Long Now, but hey thanks in advance ! you had it all, but you lost your fat c…[View]
3569295How 'good' do you have be to get into Digital Art tools/shortcuts? They're powerful, but from w…[View]
3569190If I want to be a good painter, do I really have to learn to draw?[View]
3529548I started making my own covers. I made this and will be posting my inspirations too. Anyone out ther…[View]
3564670Critique/ Upgrating my art: Hello ladies and gentlemen! (mostly gentlemen because its 4chan). >my…[View]
3569188Meme, fraud, goat?[View]
3568590Just need some help. I'm not used to drawing cartoony style stuff and I was wandering how to st…[View]
3568083Dem Feelz: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5hLqA77tqM[View]
3568023What do you guys think about my oc? Feel free to be as harsh as possible. Ignore the half squattin…[View]
3565732The complete saga[View]
3560004Draw Thread: What’s up with /ic/ lately? There was no new /beg/ thread for a while and there hasn’t …[View]
3568206I need money, so now I'm planning on becoming an Instagram art whore(still better than a pornfa…[View]
3565580I am learning acrylic: It’s harder than thought[View]
3568810What are some good sites/forums about drawing and art? I am also interested in tumblrs, I just reali…[View]
3566459Drawing from the shoulder: Is that a meme? How do you draw?[View]
3552797erotic/fantasy art: post some erotic/fantasy art and critique them[View]
3556452lilith: this is lilith, one of my waifus the short faggot to her side is me say something nice abou…[View]
3568633Deep neural-style: Content image + Style image = ??? 98% of the time it looks lame. If you post a co…[View]
3567960>'haha your anatomy is wonky af anon, you need more loo- >nice one /ic. Don't worry too …[View]
3567109Can I get a critique on this /ic/ ? commission for a friend. I really want to finish it I think i…[View]
3552320How do you approach drawing multiple characters in one frame?[View]
3566854Does anyone know any books related to getting started on French Academicism // Art Pompier?? I'…[View]
3568272Critique anyone?[View]
3562261Critique please[View]
3562628Alternative Art/Stylization General: Last (the ride never ends) thread: >>3556071 → >What i…[View]
3564523How do you know if you are out of /beg/?: What comes after?[View]
3565773So I recently got a new XP PEN DECO 3 and it's fantastic, good build quality and responsiveness…[View]
3565354/beg/ - Beginner thread: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for c…[View]
3567810Is it mandatory to draw humans well? Can't afford it so I'm asking.[View]
3566147I made this recently. It is the dark lord Satan. I really think it says alot about our society and t…[View]
3566133So, perspective: Is there any reasons to employ traditional perspective techniques for drawing envir…[View]
3567068Tattoo pretty much has healed and gonna go back to get some more fine lines in. Was thinkin bout add…[View]
3556891/ASG/ Anime Study General: Study from pic related, understand the underlying form and structure and …[View]
3567813An anon asked to draw a kangaroo from imagination and I gave it a shot, but thread got archived in t…[View]
3562338I want to learn drawing, can u post easy to redraw images on which i can exercise my skills? I'…[View]
3566064You see I drew this. I am open for your critique.[View]
3565347Is tracing the dirty secret of old masters?[View]
3567633>Welcome to digital art we have four flavors[View]
3567539Greg: This is Greg. He loves xrp and ripple. He will do Anything for Any donation: r3ShGgZJ5EX3PPhmK…[View]
3567437>try to draw porn >get a raging erection and end up fapping >now I'm too exhausted to …[View]
3567294If you were given a sheet like this and test said 'Cut out the circles and draw something with circl…[View]
3567604Rate this please: I followed along to a bob ross tutorial and this is what i painted (autumn famtasy…[View]
3567145I'm curious. If you're doing an exaggerated art style, are impossible/improbable poses alr…[View]
3566887>want to learn to draw so I can draw porn >jack off + cum >lose all motivation to learn Ca…[View]
3565587How does it feel to know there are people who will never be as good as you, who make more than you e…[View]
3567778drawing sure is fun. what do you like about it most? for me? it's gotta be that moment inbetwe…[View]
3566800Damn, who knew that Vippu was so inspirational? I thought I'd share. Long quote: >The pace …[View]
3567356I want to draw gross monster stuff like Chris o Neill but I don't know where to start https://y…[View]
3566424I thought the CalArts style was but a meme, but browsing through several accepted portfolios and ske…[View]
3567267Can someone help me out? I’m looking for a particular painting. It’s digital and done by an Asian ar…[View]
3563241ShrineyCat#neko123: Draw Art Daily Chums Last thread >>3556897 Site >https://dad.gallery/ R…[View]
3566758Soo I'm trying to get some help from anyone who knows how to draw really good. It would be a ta…[View]
3563948Kino or Not?: now that the dust has settled what does /ic/ think of this man and his work?[View]
3564646>find niche >just draw >it needs time >interact with your audience >draw furry/porn A…[View]
3564782If I were to draw fetishes too much from commissions; do I run the risk of picking up that fetish my…[View]
3565512why do you all want to draw anime so badly? hasn't it all been done already?[View]
3565573How do I draw characters with dark skin when I'm using pencil?[View]
3563083I wanna make a porn blog and get comissions so I get a good rythm going on practicing. Still a /beg…[View]
3566402Analytical figure drawing. Which?[View]
3557887Copying Illastrat: So what do you guys think? :D[View]
3567027Why the fuck is it so hard to draw a perfect cube in perspective? It is near impossible to measure t…[View]
3566719Only artist living in poverty can post rants here because I can't keep it anymore, even I'…[View]
3565537Dniel Martin Diaz: what do you guys think of him? i don't really know if the symbolistic he use…[View]
3566925How is the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 for art?: I'm looking to get a new tablet for drawing on the …[View]
3566785Help a friend out: Pic related is my skill as of now (just imagine it in paper). I'm an art bra…[View]
3566738rate this ascii-pepe: i was bored yesterday and made pic related how can i make him better? heres th…[View]

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