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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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4253082Any books/resources on art history?[View]
4252025is there a way to match the colour a line is touching to the colour on the inside, or do you just ha…[View]
4252365Extinct art styles: Post artstyles that are no longer in use.[View]
4252689Self teaching is lonely: How do I meet other people IRL who want to git gud?[View]
4252908Is lineart really just the result of sitting down and drawing until you're good?[View]
4252989If you are a weeb you are more prone to fail because your lack of taste and narrow artistic view?[View]
4253023Balance between the right theory and going with your guts?: For instance; when studying values from …[View]
4251005My drawing of Donald Trump's bad hair day. pencil on paper[View]
4252853Ibis paint x , im fkn broke: Hey, first time posting here since i never had the guts to share my art…[View]
42440833d Posing software: Ok, boys, lets have a serious talk, wich is the best 3d poser program you know. …[View]
4247138What are good pencils to use in general?[View]
4252430How do I achieve this level?[View]
4252613what to draw were to draw for money and how?[View]
4238577Do you guys sculpt? Can you recommend me some books or tutorials for beginners? I've got myself…[View]
4252533Procedural Digital Art: Hey people! Me and my friend created this app as part of our University proj…[View]
4247786Is there a more based learning resource than this?[View]
4252413Cgoeers down?: Can anyone else access the website?[View]
4249669Modeling/Drawing/Posing Wolf heads: I've had some trouble trying to figure out how to sculpt an…[View]
4249936Why nude bodies feel so comfy to look at?[View]
4251372I added Star Wars to this $5 thrift store painting.[View]
4252055Getting this Huion.: So ive ordered up this Huion. It doesnt have the tilt but otherwise seems prett…[View]
4252252Webcomics vs. Social Media: What's every good social media place to post webcomics and what are…[View]
4251796Whats a good website that can replicate the community and communication feel about art that is/was a…[View]
4246831I have been recently been enjoying drawing on a tablet a room mate of mine has. He is moving out in …[View]
4249707Anyone's got an invite? Thx[View]
4248170IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice…[View]
4251946100 Days of drawing: I'm gonna start drawing for 100 days very soon. However, I dunno what to d…[View]
4247222Give a list of total NGMI signs.[View]
4247891Incredibly based but how useful is his show for learning?[View]
4251888Artist's shame: How should I fight that shit? Even when people say that my arts are pretty good…[View]
4248419Ruan Jia tablet: Does anyone know which tablet Ruan Jia uses?[View]
4251262Prove this wrong.[View]
4248069How do i make a successful youtube channel without fostering a community that's so disgustingly…[View]
4251812Critique Me?[View]
4250305Made this, thought some might think it's neat. Orthographic vs perspective projections. Cubes a…[View]
4251649How do you paint for print? My illustrations look butt ugly when I print them. They look faded, mute…[View]
4251311>it's another portrait drawing[View]
4251634Who are you favorite artists to watch? I need something to do while I eat[View]
4251587Uldalen's exhibition in London: Anyone here from London interested in Henrik Uldalen's pai…[View]
4247470Tryied for the first time drawing manga style face, but for me it's totally wrong. The face it…[View]
4251298>Yeah, I do grind boxes daily. How did you know?[View]
4247576Is there a cure for aphantasia? It would solve the NGMI problem overnight[View]
4246094What's the last tutorial you watched?: I'm currently watching nurzhan bekkaliyev'd wo…[View]
4225486Draw thread: DRAW THREAD Previous thread: >>4205197 Post your current drawing here and give co…[View]
4251210>switch from ballpoint stylus to a regular one >can't draw comfortably because it feels l…[View]
4250778Hit me with the most difficult, technical and advanced material on artistic perspective. Please do i…[View]
4250940https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt4E_VTdVis 16:00 alright faggots which one of you did it[View]
4242544/asg/ - Anime Study General: **Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamenta…[View]
4239279Post your AI art here: AI art/theory thread I use artbreeder My theory is that art will soon branch…[View]
4251163Porn Thread: Emergency thread because lazy niggers edition Fellow coomers, cunnysseurs, and /d/fags …[View]
4245263FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY ARE WE STILL LEAVING SCULPTURES IN WHITE? I understand that it’s timeless an…[View]
4234168Ngmi due to being black: Not gonna lie to you, /ic/, but /pol/ has gotten to me. I’m starting to dou…[View]
4244165Does art or gaming require more talent?: Does art or gaming require more talent? I think definitely …[View]
4248246His LearnSquared enviro videos are great. But how the fuck did this guy level up early on in his car…[View]
4250681What techniques are used here?: How can I paint like this? Is there a name for this style or for som…[View]
4250865Guys I don't know if this is a thread that has been discussed to death here as I'm not rea…[View]
4249943the ultimate redpill /ic/ is the biggest gains goblin, nobody contributes with anything meaningful, …[View]
4250856Can AI guess your drawings?: https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/data <pic unrelated[View]
4223876Good Vibes Thread #2: People liked the last good vibes thread so I figured we should keep the positi…[View]
4249370>having fun making a drawing >mfw it's time to draw the hands What are the best ways to l…[View]
4250874Not sure where i could have requested it, but i’ll try here. I’m looking for a specific painting, de…[View]
4250821When to start over, when to keep going?: My goal is to develop a reliable process to create Illustra…[View]
4249285What books about drawing and painting/digital painting are a must have? I prefer studying on physica…[View]
4246608Looking at Kim Jung Gi sketchbooks, I can see why he would draw so much, he can draw whatever he wan…[View]
4250540For those who've bought screen displays or specifically the cintiq 16, is this normal? The line…[View]
4247119hands: Hey /ic/ can we get a hand thread going on? I just started working on them, and tomorrow I…[View]
4239667Realistic. This face falls so close to true human anatomy it almost does not qualify as manga. On a …[View]
4247453Where's the place to hire people like you? What sites do you use to market yourselves? >t. …[View]
4248852How the f*** do you do neat linework on a computer? All my lines come out wobbly even with a good ta…[View]
4250336how do i paint realistic/believable fur?[View]
4247698Why do most people lose soul as they become technically proficient and how to avoid this from happen…[View]
4239328And now Twitter.[View]
4250023ITT: only the most based depictions of the human body[View]
4245655>This generation of 'artists' have never held a brush and painted on a canvas >They don't…[View]
4241995comic book feedback: any feedback would be great! I'm gonna post it here and /co Just the usual…[View]
4249677Do you consider yourself competent?[View]
4250072Good art skills next to bad: For example, post a piece with successful edge control and one with a t…[View]
4248011Do profesional artists and by professional I mean old masters, when they were doing stuff from imagi…[View]
4247403Henlo: I have this weird brain dysfunction and I can't do things unless someone directly tells …[View]
4246180Why is studying fundies considered so necessary when so much soulful art is technically flawed?[View]
4240106Is Kyle the best 4chan artist ever?[View]
4242706For those artists with a social media presence, how would you respond to DMs like this?[View]
424126516 Pixels thread, let’s see what you can create[View]
4238829>Professional artists mentally visualize the finished work on the canvas and then just trace over…[View]
4242917Progress thread: Post your progress. Before and after watching Proko videos.[View]
4249735How do I fix this?[View]
4242947It finally hit me: the biggest redpill about art.: You don't need talent, and you don't ne…[View]
4247115Artist similar to Dean Yeagle?[View]
4243238TFW no imagination[View]
4243360Wojak Arts: Hello everyone, I continue to draw a Wojak in the movies. Now I am doing work without a …[View]
4248750Group Whiteboard: Hey I used to go to a group whiteboard that was like a sort of MS Paint with a cha…[View]
4249743This artstyle: How do you replicate this gross looking, amateur, deviantart looking style of drawing…[View]
4242475hey comic artists, what is your process? do you start with a complete script or thumbnails? do you d…[View]
4248838Share them. Anime, realism, whatever.[View]
4247128Is there a point where the rendering is so good that destroys the magic?[View]
4249637I was told to post here in /ic/ since most anons here seem to know about materials and manipulation …[View]
4247764/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily: Last thread:>>4243704 >Link: https://dad.galle…[View]
4246776How do I get back on track? how do you guys stay motivated/inspired? I have always drawn my whole …[View]
4247394Making my own manga: How do I use this to make art of anime girl? I downloaded but it is very confus…[View]
4191511Real talk, has anyone been able to archive the drawr.net site? Deadline is december 2nd and the data…[View]
4249302Is reflected light the most ignored thing by begs? Would ir be the cause why si many deawings by peo…[View]
4249022I just got the cintiq 16, but when i try to draw the screen looks sort of blurry? Also lines aren…[View]
4247488Crab drawings: Post crab drawings, made by you or others.[View]
4249213Anybody here enrolled in Key Frame Illustration for Production with Ricardo Lima?: I love Key Frame …[View]

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