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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 85 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3308630What sort of games is /ic/ making?[View]
3315550Why aren't illustrators as respected as fine artists?[View]
3314627I need help with something: I've been browsing deviantart for a while, but I guess this doesn…[View]
3314156Friend Finder #1: Need an art friend or rival? Post here! >Age/Gender/Location >Skill level: b…[View]
3315439Scientific illustration books??: Does anybody have pdf of some books about scientific illustrations?…[View]
3315044can I get some godforsaken critique? I feel there's something wrong with my picture but I just …[View]
3314404Is there any artistic value in what I am creating ?[View]
3313103Any tips or tutorials on drawing the brain? The foundation/construction part is fine but I can'…[View]
3308263Can somebody help me out with a method's name that is used to draw people in different angles? …[View]
3315661Looking for more stuff like this. female form / bright colors.[View]
3315403Does anyone have a digital copy of Monster Girls by Alex Ahad?[View]
3309733Alternative Art/Stylization General: Last thread: >>3305513 >What is /ALT/? If you're…[View]
3312933Artstation + Gnomon Masterclass: https://www.artstationmasterclasses.com Thoughts on this? Any of yo…[View]
3309910How do I draw a huge nice looking, proportionate booty? I've been reading loomis and learned so…[View]
3314679Have you ever taken a painting and added eye lasers to it?[View]
3314372Where can I find references of R. Crumb tier girls? Pic kinda related[View]
3312064/beg/ - THE BEGINNER THREAD: F YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces fo…[View]
3312909How is this style called?[View]
3306059It is IMPOSSIBLE to draw at manga quality 10-18 pages a week without assistants & an editor. You…[View]
3313107Help identifying piece: I copied this piece of art when I was younger using pastels. Now I'm no…[View]
3293313Artbook Thread: Be specific if you request something: post the cover, book's title, artist…[View]
3314983I need some obscure, weird, avant garde authors, blogs, artworks and designs.[View]
3313574what's the best way to start digital coloring[View]
3314114What is the purpose of putting hidden sexual imagery in art? Did they ever teach you about this in a…[View]
3314582When you start learning how to draw should you have a clear goal of what exactly you want to draw? O…[View]
3276773/las/ - Last Artist Standing - Crybaby Edition: Remember to draw today and submit your work. Last th…[View]
3314709>he's never done a plein air[View]
3314602All selfmade art: Hey guys I really became a tattoo apprentice after showing my artist some of my wo…[View]
3314136do you have an art collection? how do you pick art for your home? how much would you be willing to s…[View]
3314297What kind of art sells the best these days?[View]
3314471cáncer: some tip or something?[View]
3314229Artwork critique: somethings off about this piece but im just too amateur to notice it.[View]
3314435What is the meaning of this art piece?: A cryptic drawing on the wall makes me wonder what is the me…[View]
3314069What are some good podcasts to listen to while drawing?[View]
3274615Time to do a study, /ic/.[View]
3314210What can I do to draw like This?[View]
3302461why is /ic/ full of them[View]
3309622What the hell happened to Veramundis? One of the best anthro artists ever just nuked his entire onli…[View]
3313472Best school for drawing?: I'm considering in starting up a 4-year atelier program at a nearby a…[View]
3313355So i just did this C M Escher inspired draw (50×60cm aprox)[View]
3313231Sol Lewitt Squiggly brushes: Hey guys, just need your interpretation of this[View]
3313737proko's anatomy course for download?: Anyone has proko's anatomy course for download? I…[View]
3313911Is there such a thing as your own free website host for comic or art galleries? Personally I wouldn…[View]
3313957Hello, where to find paintings that are being made today and are like famous :s where is art news? I…[View]
3313075If i were to be an animation director working for adult swim, would i pitch an idea and see if adult…[View]
3313877'Painting with a Twist': Who the fuck is this job even for? more or less this is bob ross tier pain…[View]
3313802What are good hand positions for drawing? I want to improve my line work, but only know the standard…[View]
3313738Hoping NOT to start a troll thread: share your thoughts on the new National Gallery presidential por…[View]
3310847Is there any point on learning 2D beyond practice the fundamentals? Even anime is being replaced by …[View]
3312703is it just me or is mark crilley pretty fantastic at these wide cityscape perspective drawings?[View]
3313601Propaganda thread: rate and post[View]
3306234What do we think of him?[View]
3313616Best 2d animation software on pc? (Paid or free) Pic unrelated[View]
3306959It feels empty af what can i do[View]
3313169Sigil Making: Hey, /ic/. So, I've always been interested in cryptology, codes/strange alphabets…[View]
3305064Grinding: So, what are some effective ways to grind? I am looking for ways to maximize the effective…[View]
3311494If Beethoven's late string quartets is the pinnacle of music and Joyce's Ulysses the pinna…[View]
3311206Just received one of the books I ordered few days ago, nice[View]
3313308How did you learn to draw arms and legs?[View]
3304964> this is how good you need to be to get your work published[View]
3312831Shitty Friend Art: What do you do when you have a friend (one who is older than you, at that) who ju…[View]
3312899What does /ic/ think of Alex Ross?[View]
3313211>I'm painting Mrs Oliver Scott of Kensington[View]
3310691Just got iPad pro: What illustration apps can you recommend? Or general creative tips?[View]
3311316Post-Impressionism.: I worked really hard on this.[View]
3311005Vaporwave artwork: can we get some aesthetics in here? I need inspiration for art class <some of…[View]
3312802Patreon Questions: Currently I have a patreon account and it is relatively working well. The problem…[View]
3310639twitter: what the fuck is wrong with artists on twitter? everytime i try to get into the 'art commun…[View]
3313043fuck 2D im going to 3D nice to meet you /ic/ people and keep progressing at an obsolete area you guy…[View]
3311204i hope no one minds if i ask for feedback on this wholesome homo cutout tumblr comic I did <3[View]
3309930Mystery art style: What is this style of art called? I assume it’s got something to do with the Amer…[View]
3304577DRAW THREAD: old past bump limit Post your current drawing here and give constructive critique to ot…[View]
3312709Selling your art online: Hey guys, what's the best place to sell your artwork online and what s…[View]
3312817'spark' thread[View]
3311737Sup, I've got myslef new iPad and Pencil. First thing I drew was a Pepe. I'm planning to d…[View]
3312244Hey guys, I started drawing a year ago, what do you guys think? I've been busy with school late…[View]
3312251so there are many terrible artists here on ic, but who here is/was the best?[View]
3310725nothing makes sense in this overpriced glorified program, why is it an industry standard? the only g…[View]
3309753Long story short I was sent here from /co/ because I said I wanted to learn to draw. I was also told…[View]
3310425Why are orthographs so fucking good?: Literally the best goddamn things for perspective. All you nee…[View]
3312410Finding GOOD artists to hire: Hi /ic/. What do you recommend if I'm looking to hire a very good…[View]
3311062When studying a figure, should I see lines, values, or forms?[View]

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