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3968311Old art fags need to get with the times uwu: So when are the old farts of art tube going to realise …[View]
3954453Is Portrait studio worth it?: For those that don't know, basically youtube artist istebrak made…[View]
3974552kjg secret technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuL1nzEf3_0[View]
3973685Pencil Holding PSA: Hello I have some important info concerning your pencil grip. If any of you actu…[View]
3976095Social Media: Is it possible to make it in 2019 without a social media presence? I'm tired of b…[View]
3967308Best patreons to follow for art?: What would you consider to be the best people to follow for their …[View]
3959614Aw yeah, its time to shill that pokemon fanart and get some likes and retweets. You ARE trendhopping…[View]
3977457acer touch laptop: any of you niggas use this ?i use it (pic related) as a beg and idk seems really …[View]
3967957draw something in ms paint only using the line and curved line tool[View]
3977345Good Heavens!: You have been visited by a 4-tailed Aesthetic Milf Fox! Today~ Your canvas will not …[View]
3975360/vent/ and /advice/ thread: ok so im almost half done an animated project and i hve become incredibl…[View]
3969118Stylised faces: Who does the best stylised faces and expressions in your opinion and why?![View]
3975719>tfw got into drawing expressly for porn as I think erotica is a beautiful thing and something to…[View]
3969013Workstation Thread: Hey /ic/, draw a Kim Jung Gi style fish-eye still life of whatever's in fro…[View]
3975390Too nfluenced by anime?: So for the last while (a number of years actually), I've been incredib…[View]
3971197What kind of cpu should i get for digital drawing and painting?[View]
3973739>Drawing 60 hours per week Feels good man[View]
3973482what is the proper order in which to lean fundies?: Is this it?[View]
3974545How the fucking fuck do you shade a drawing properly. It always looks some smudge on the form and do…[View]
3976882Have you checked Radsechrist tutorials anon?: He has a lot of gems in his blog. I Too bad he is pay …[View]
3976648Best Video Courses/Tutorial on Watercolor?: What are the best video tutorials or courses on watercol…[View]
3976289What is the solution to not being able to wrap your head around rendering? I’ve studied all the theo…[View]
3973589when does drawing start being fun again? I realized a couple years ago how bad at drawing I really a…[View]
3976842papercomputer.ic: a paper computer is made by two perpendicular lines which form: 1)Canvas 2)Tools…[View]
3974883Post your 5 favorites artists and let others decide if you're ngmi.[View]
3975187Can cel-shaded 3D look nearly indistinguishable from digital 2D ? how about traditional 2D ?[View]
3973251Construction = soulless Gesture drawing = soul Prove me wrong[View]
3972935HYPER REALISM: Have we reached peak art? https://youtu.be/TSofdc0H5gA[View]
3975775Is it possible to learn SuperAni?: /ic/ is it possible to learn to draw like Kim Jung Gi? If it is s…[View]
3974745>you shouldnt trac- >tracing doesnt pay of-…[View]
3975381Russian Academic Drawing Approach: Does anyone have the example photos we're supposed to work f…[View]
3976388imagine being pompous and arrogant enough to think you're above fantasy and sci-fi digital art …[View]
3975444Critique my artstyle: Pic related is a sample of my art. I want to start making web comics so can yo…[View]
3974752What is this style and where can I find more?: What is this style of art and where can I find more l…[View]
3972799Does drawing in pen actually help you improve? I have been trying to do it lately and stuff that wou…[View]
3973975Does anyone else here unironically enjoy art made by untrained artists like pic related? Even with p…[View]
3963061/vent/ thread: for any art related vents you want to get off your chest[View]
3972317Daily reminder that several 5-10 minutes drawing sessions done during the day every day yields more …[View]
3973245Is this book worth getting, guys?: The author is aparently a student of Radsechrist He breaks down c…[View]
3975670What would be used to render an image like this? Maybe a brush pen but idk what else[View]
3975892Shading critique: Lately I have been working on digital shading. I wanted to try digital painting an…[View]
3975965I bought this painting: Did I do well? I saw it at an art exhibition.[View]
3974025Why SJW are so retarded? This is not whitewashing, the artist is only using a different color palett…[View]
3975040What do you guys think of this curriculum?[View]
3973921What do you guys think of Art Fight? Will you be participating?[View]
3973782I am a beginner, and I want to draw in the American comic book artstyle. What are some general tips …[View]
3970829Do you think drawing skills and art will become obsolete in the future? A career in art has always b…[View]
3974577First time drawing 'spicy' stuff, what do you think? :3: I made an artwork of this new OC of mine, s…[View]
3975572>only do digital art for years because traditional is for fags >buy pic related >never want…[View]
3962410What's your favorite piece of art?[View]
3975191Good apps for drawing and doodling?[View]
3975440What music do you listen to while drawing? I recently stumbled upon this videogame soundtrack, it…[View]
3972983Any tips on how to draw for a long period of time?: So when i draw, i usually only draw for 5-15min,…[View]
3973420Actually drawing = soulless Posting on /ic/ = soul Prove me wrong[View]
3974442Who is Zhu Chuan Qi (Legend): New masters academy have announced upcoming new course with Zhu Chuan …[View]
3970588My mind has trouble grasping leg lenght any help?: I'm still early stages on studying steve Hus…[View]
3973079Commissioning Questions: How do I go about commissioning anonymously? Is there a do and don't l…[View]
3971672How do I produce art if I can't draw but have a lot of creativity and ideas?[View]
3968832Is sketching the secret to getting gud?[View]
3975163>and then he realized, he was drawing on the wrong layer the whole time…[View]
3968477Progress General: >trad edition Post your works, rate other's developments…[View]
3974825Was someone able to see the live stream? I wasn't able to, I only want these.[View]
3970671Perspective Refference: Can we get a thread for perspective poses going? I'll post what I got…[View]
3972453Do left handed artists draw differently than right handed ones?[View]
3973725Photoshop help: Is is true the actual canvas is worse compared to SAI and CSP? It seems to be way ha…[View]
3972789lil rant: America used to have great art schools, illustration was the primary form of visual commun…[View]
3961325Is there a video equivalent to the curriculum in pic related? Just a set of videos and tutorials tha…[View]
3974004What happend to Wacom?: The other day, I bought an Intous 2 6x8 (made in Japan) from ebay, now i don…[View]
3972067I made it, /ic/[View]
3916858Animation General: >51 exercises to try http://www.animatorisland.com/51-great-animation-exercise…[View]
3973219Music vs Visual Arts: When listening to good music, it's natural to just groove, be sad, happy …[View]
3974001I am a very beginner. I really can't draw anything well, but I wanted to do a light study, I th…[View]
3972462/beg/inner thread, perspective edition: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to po…[View]
3973511is this torrent worth risking?: It's Richard William's survival guide DVD pack and I dunno…[View]
3973441can anyone tell me what im doing wrong here? i make a sketch (all fine), i make base colors (all fin…[View]
3929193Path/life of a porn artist: I started as a regular artist and had a dream to work in a videogame ind…[View]
3968102Does anybody else use porn games to draw?: I'm using Koikatu as reference for drawing/sculpting…[View]
3972996What Goes Into Making Quests/CYOA's?: So i don't know if this is the most appropriate plac…[View]
3972873What the heck is wrong with those artists that exclusively draw girls?[View]
3971246I love this shit, lol.[View]
3963880What's your excuse for not drawing today /ic[View]
3966164>practice, practice, practice >study, study, study >try to draw something for myself >i…[View]
3972322Traditional pickaninny art: I think it's a sad cultural loss that the classic American traditio…[View]
3973651Post a pic with more talent[View]
3970607can i skip loomis if i draw all my heads using the fibonacci spiral?[View]
3968422>spends years trying to learn anatomy >people who made it completely ignore it because normies…[View]
3968522Did I make it?: Am I getting closer?[View]
3973473Comfy drawing bread - sketch your room edition: No pressure, just frens. We all gmi[View]
3967611Would /ic/ consider copyrighting every OC and enforce copyright infringements and defamation lawsuit…[View]
3969199>find great artist's social media >they are an incredibly shitty human being with retarde…[View]
3968750Switching from STEM to art: Did any of you guys study or work in a STEM related field before switchi…[View]
3973013How do I get good at drawing armor[View]

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