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Displaying 100 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3815193Where can I find professional slow motion tumbling/jumping/acrobatics footage? especially looking fo…[View]
3813238Is it worth reading the theory in this book or should I just do the exercises? Is there a version of…[View]
3814120what would you leave in a modern art gallery in hopes it would get taken for modern art? i would bri…[View]
3814291The Chad Steve Huston The Virgin Proko https://youtu.be/2Var92xzU_Y[View]
3814605What’s the best site to host a webcomic?[View]
3814072Aside from Proko. What are some good YouTube artists?[View]
3798298Science/technology glorification Fine Art: I thought it would be easy to google stuff like this (aki…[View]
3808269I really really really like this image[View]
3813197Today I spent five HUNDRED dollars on oil paint stuff. However, I've spent hours online trying …[View]
3814760>No one cares about my original art >Only get noticed for fan art >I only get noticed for a…[View]
3814798>Any beginning artists here? I'm writing a webcomic (first one) and I'm looking for an …[View]
3813297You can't do digital painting without also doing traditional says Proko's video.: Thoughts…[View]
3811574Loomis... I'm sorry. You were right.: At first I didn't like loomis much, because I honest…[View]
3808828What do you think of my art?[View]
3814226What color should a surface be when different colored light bounces of to it ? Mixng the two turns o…[View]
3814071Kim Jung Gi wouldn't even take you as an apprentice unless you could draw compositions under a …[View]
3808181>tfw entire portfolio is traced and photobashed >even go through the work of faking loomis on …[View]
3814363>Be at college grinding fundies mid class >Get inspired >Go to the WC >Spend the next 4…[View]
3814266MMA fighters are the best reference for anatomy. Everyone always uses bodybuilders but MMA fighters …[View]
3814300China markers/grease pencils: Anyone ever use China markers for drawing? Here's a quick one I d…[View]
3808885/ic/ recomend me a good begginers program to draw. is krita good?[View]
3814261Why do artists have the absolute worst fashion sense? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVV1ihmSQ3A…[View]
3814135how does one go about drawing that lingerie?: Souce Material - Gaishuu isshoku[View]
3807533meanwhile in bizzaro /ic/[View]
3813107I'm interested in learning to tattoo. Has anyone here taught themselves? I don't have time…[View]
3813893Noob at drawing animu here: I just drew Kirino in Krita, tell me how noob it is[View]
3813937Beginner here. Today I did the first exercise from Keys to Drawing book. How did I do? What can I im…[View]
3810975I made this :)[View]
3813711Modernday draws livestreams?: Does anyone have links as he's unlists them straight afterwards.…[View]
3805577NSFW/Porn Thread: Previous thread: >>3786853 Porn Thread Thread for those who enjoy drawing po…[View]
3808974Which one is closer to reality?[View]
3813395Looking for an inker for tomorrow to ink some comic pages for me. They are a little rough and loose …[View]
3809374>no matter how much you practice most people will think the 'ultra-realistic' grayscale photo sty…[View]
3812504What art style triggers you the most? For me, it's whatever the fuck this is supposed to be. It…[View]
3812116I fucking hate these faggot ass rich kids who can afford good art classes and art school and are goo…[View]
3811314Is it just me or is sycra's lighting bolt uselss shit?: I mean they're just shittier Riley…[View]
3813046WHAT THE HELL. Why are my oil paints so FUCKING THICC? I put refined linseed oil in my paints and th…[View]
3812443am I the only one here that thinks grinding fundies/practicing is actually kind of fun? I find it ki…[View]
3811104Idk how to use this website: I usually lurk on other shit, but I've started to draw as a way to…[View]
3812590Which art-piece is superior?: This one was done in 2018. The next one was done in 2007. They are pre…[View]
3803822What can I do to improve at this point? I'm mostly self-taught, I watch tutorials for minor thi…[View]
3805835Pen and Ink Inspo: Post cool pen and ink works.[View]
3810624How is a total beginner supposed to get even 1% of the mileage Loomis finds here? Why did he choose …[View]
3812977will this workspace accommodate for a cintiq or any other screen tablet?: i've been meaning to …[View]
3812753T-Shirts on demand: I want to start producing T-Shirts of various works of mine,especially this one …[View]
3810214Portrait drawing: I'm trying to learn portrait drawing. Any tips on how to practice?[View]
3809687what do you fellas think? How can I improve it? Imma post this soon-ish.[View]
3807831You Gotta Sleep Well: You only get better when you're sleeping, so sleep well. >A growing li…[View]
3805093Any tips on drawing with a mouse? I can't afford a drawing tablet or whatever, also how do i ma…[View]
3812715I can't draw anything whatsoever, would like to become as good as the lad who drew pic related.…[View]
3765712Self Promotion Thread: Self Promotion Thread Share your DA, insta, Patreon, tumblr, blog etc. Use ht…[View]
3805108So with tumblr and artstation gone to shit . Where do you guys post your art now? i see alot of peop…[View]
3811600Interacting with other artists on Twitter?: Tangential to /ic/ but still counts, right? I periodical…[View]
3812680What's your favorite scenery to paint? There's something relaxing about creating forests[View]
3811872Have you ever considered that maybe learning art is very similar to getting /fit/?[View]
3812650How good is drawing on a touch screen with a matte screen protector?[View]
3807886>'Past a certain age, a man without good drawing skills can be a bad thing.' Is this true, /ic/? …[View]
3808546Staying Underground: Anyone using a lesser-known website in order to hide their powerlevels? I…[View]
3808731I spam facebook for hours advertising, hoping to get a commission and then these artists are getting…[View]
3810584Does the way the fabric hugs the ass look off to anyone else? The more I look at it the stranger it …[View]
3812301Art community?: this has been propably discussed multiple times. But what is the best Art forum thes…[View]
3808582/beg/inner Thread: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critiqu…[View]
3807070Favorite female artists: Who are your favorite female artists?[View]
3812093.: .[View]
3812221Abstract OC Thread: I post first[View]
3803306/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Draw Art Daily - Cat Edition: Last thread: >>3791367 >Link: ht…[View]
3806970Huh? What's this?[View]
3812019what do you do when you don't know what to draw? any tips?[View]
3811818Help: I can do pretty good pixel art, and I can make music at a relatively professional-level qualit…[View]
3811462Post art courses that are basically a scam or waste of time/ money: Bonus points if they're suc…[View]
3811861Does /ic/ like painting?[View]
3807187Do you know where to find Vilppu's lectures?: just simply, i cant find his lectures online anyw…[View]
3811788What does /ic/ thinks about runtimeerror irina's world webcomic art? He seems pretty famous on …[View]
3810732hello ic i was playing with photoshop today and just wanted to share[View]
3811438Any tutorials on how to paint like Edouard Cortes?[View]
3809438What is absolutely essential to learn to be able to paint like this[View]
3802074Have read many stories like this from artists who develop health issues after drawing for too long. …[View]
3811573I'm wondering what could we do to know if someone's an /ic/ user on real life. Like could …[View]
3806799Constructive critique to improve my webcomic? Will post from page 5 to 9[View]
3810728How do you do a good walk animation with an 8 bit sprite?[View]
3810540How many of the 40% of artists without degrees or just associate's get employed? Money and conn…[View]
3811525Can anybody post some real questions from exams or proper class assignments for design school or dra…[View]
3811362How hard is it to get good enough to draw like this?[View]
3811371Fundies: I'm like maybe 10 hours into drawing. I'm currently starting out with this 'Drawi…[View]
3811090Wholesome creations: Lets get a thread going where we show something personally handbuilt/drawn and …[View]
3811167Brushes: Please share your favorite brush to use it this thread. Also I want to find a brush that h…[View]
3811270Where do I start, bros?[View]
3809627Loomis video lessons: Aren't there any lessons that explain Loomis methods in video form? Like,…[View]
3802509Where are you even supposed to find references for such teeny bodies?[View]
3811119software: which software are you using to create art?[View]
3807589The Artschool redpill.: >Only very few art schools are worth the money it in the sense they actua…[View]
3807972Trying to learn anatomy. Im having trouble understanding the form of shoulders and how arms connec…[View]
3809492Where can I find/learn more paintings with this feel, I am New to all this. This painting Just left …[View]
3810780>Any loser can create a masterpiece if given a lifetime to do so. In this world what makes you tr…[View]
3810690Any thoughts on my drawing? Drawn with a mouse in M.S. Paint.[View]
3807951Friend’s art. What do you guys think of it?[View]
3807544Can I get some feedback? I'm trying to go for the child-like style without lineart but I don…[View]
3810026Digital Drawing - Coloring: Ok so, I have serious issues with coloring digitally. I feel like everyt…[View]

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