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/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Displaying 119 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3482752hi anons, well i finally did it i bought a cintiq a 24hd at that, second hand though but i need help…[View]
3479947/las/ - Last Artist Standing - Gondola Edition: Remember to keep drawing and submit everyday! Last …[View]
3483155Have you taken the Blitz pill?: Anyone here learn to cartoon from his videos? I saw a download of a…[View]
3475555Does anyone have any advice for how to use the charcoal medium effectively (I've very seldom us…[View]
3473450The Dobberman Challenge: QUICK, ANON! Using enitely just your memory alone, draw the best dobberman …[View]
3483754Are you ready to learn how to draw some brappers? https://youtu.be/qiTUSDCbGPw[View]
3483075What do you like to draw and have you ever been surprised by what you like to draw? I hate bugs and …[View]
3483662Is this good enough? Is there anything wrong with it?: I made this.... but over the years I've …[View]
3478500help me get into art schoo: alright bois and gals. long story short i have know that i am creative/'…[View]
3483373https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiTUSDCbGPw Have you submitted yourself to our lord and saviour Stan…[View]
3482146I probably draw one serious pic every ~8months more or less. I've noticed my skills improve rel…[View]
3483299Been a while since we last had a pixel art thread. >tfw you sprite decent looking hands >Funda…[View]
3464954>that 30 year old who is still trying to make it be honest, is this you anon?…[View]
3483484did anyone purchase any of eytan zana's tutorials before? is he any good at teaching his materi…[View]
3482601If you blog and stream your journey to getting good, will that affect your ability to make it once y…[View]
3468805DRAW THREAD: I come here once a week and still I have to make the new draw threads everytime because…[View]
3482860The day of the rope: Where did all the good d/ic/ks go? ;_; I used to learn a lot from the good ones…[View]
3481933making it: is it possible to make it without: -drawing porn -furry shit or are the rest of us doomed…[View]
3483261Color Theory: I need some color theory. Anyone got any tips?[View]
3480748Opinions Deviantart (and other mediums) How do you prefer to consume your art? What's your favo…[View]
3481326How do I gain a following without attracting the 0.1% of super weirdos?[View]
3482665What does /ic/ think of newgrounds? Good for artists to showcase their work in a community of like m…[View]
3480143is loomis a meme or not?[View]
3482903If I want to learn to draw do I really have to grind boxes?[View]
3482992Execution doesn't matter. Expert execution serves no purpose unless it is in sublimation to bea…[View]
3482914So, that's the power of loomisfags ? Maybe you'll need more than books tout learn how to d…[View]
3480310Pro ClipStudio Brushes: Japanese site: https://manga-materials.net/ English site: https://manga-mate…[View]
3481760what does /ic/ think of Istebrak?[View]
3478135Weird inside jokes art: You ever join a group and they kind of have their own strange inside joke? I…[View]
3482200Hi /ic/ I hoep u liek my first paining with oil![View]
3481905Fanzine/Unknown/Indie comics thread: I'm gonna be posting some stuff from my collection, if any…[View]
3476366Feminist & LGBT Art 2: This genre of art always features light and carefree designs, either abol…[View]
3482410i am starting with drawing and was wondering if you can recommend me a website on which i can browse…[View]
3477134our boy won: https://medibang.com/contest/magazine2nd/award/[View]
3481062Design is NOT a fundamental, and people who actually, unironically, feel the need to train things li…[View]
3480597Can someone explain to me why photography is considered a legitimate form of art? All you are doing…[View]
3479571Pet peeves: ITT: Art pet peeves >Gives someone a small redlining to fix one part of their drawing…[View]
3468498What is one thing you know now that you wished you would have known when you first started making ar…[View]
3481762Christ: why am I so fucking bad at this? pic related was today. I’ve been doing this for 2 days - I …[View]
3481495I dont know if i to like it or not but its good good is it?[View]
3481606Are you guys shy and introvert? How does it reflect on your art.. like what kind of content is fulfi…[View]
3482083I injured my right shoulder. What are some things one can practice with the left? Don't want to…[View]
3481739Self Promotion thread: Didn't see one. Self promotion thread.[View]
3475816Is drawabox a good resource now that he has gotten rid of his terrible anatomy lessons?[View]
3476228Art communities where people actually post good artwork: What are some good communities to browse fo…[View]
3481794I want to meet the asociation of artists of my city, but I am unsure what to draw. They're oil …[View]
3478416/beg/ - BEGINNER THREAD: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for c…[View]
3457640Tell me why this is the most beautiful shit I’ve ever seen: I was consistently pausing the movie jus…[View]
3476612Meet Dude: I will post him so you can judge. I was thinking about starting a web comic about this du…[View]
3480805any good /ic/ related discords out there? im looking for a dedicated gorup of no nonesense grindrs w…[View]
3480626Terrible Advice: >Draw sparingly[View]
3475595'Art is objective': https://youtu.be/lNI07egoefc Thoughts?[View]
3479988>he wants to draw actually appealing anime girls So what now anon? Are you still using SAI or hav…[View]
3481570why do you still draw, amigo? art has become the only thing i have to give me any feelings been isol…[View]
3472959Porn Thread: Porth Thread Thread for those who enjoy drawing pornographic images Rules and Guideline…[View]
3475928>get in to an argument >claim im the better artist >anon says post work >mfw…[View]
3480309I'm not going make it. I can't make it. I tried to make it. I want to make it. I can try t…[View]
3481588looking for advice: Sup ice, I'm a baby artist and I just started doing pay-to-play art walks,…[View]
3480702i have a mild case of carpal tunnel these exercises helped me a lot thought I'd share https://…[View]
3469965Art Fundamentals - How Do I Start Drawing?: Thought I'd share this with you losers. Listen to i…[View]
3481507Why can't I find any other websites to buy a dell canvas 27 except for dell's website? Did…[View]
3474639Clip Studio Paint: Is it worth the money? I use krita to draw my animus but I always see japs using …[View]
3477662who is your favorite artist? I want to know more artists .[View]
3476028Lets settle this, /ic/. Is Loomis good or not?[View]
3481282I finally figured out what is drawing really about (in terms of draftsmanship), how can I join elite…[View]
3479891how can you become a comic artist? do you just send off a bunch of publisher submissions and hope fo…[View]
3481244Lads, a family member lent me a drawing tablet because i want to test one before i buy. I got the ha…[View]
3478563Good art teachers thread: Lemme start with a pretty underrated one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
3476189Hey /ic/, do you believe that artists tend to be bad story tellers and need a writer to keep them on…[View]
3480457Books: What book(s) changed your life and how?[View]
3474454any guides to drawing from imagination? i know construction but idk how to make it good[View]
3478538>whoa! what do you do when you get stuck in your process, do you try to resolve it instantly or d…[View]
3478498It's been more than a week of me trying to decipher the blending techniques used by artist that…[View]
3475416What happened to the Watts grind?: /ic/ got the full Watts Atelier leak some what? 6 months ago? Has…[View]
3481045Goggle-Bot Mk I[View]
3479904What software and models do you use for posing and tracing? Pro tip- use Maya >inb4 'design doll …[View]
3475786Alternative Art/Stylization General - Unparalleled Autism Edition: last and FINAL thread*: >>3…[View]
3480722Let’s make up our minds: Is drawabox a meme or not?[View]
3480347How do I draw action poses n' stuff that don't completely suck? What am I doing wrong here…[View]
3476986Hey /ic/ check my modern art[View]
3480895Pain: How? HOW? How do those eyes convey pain in a way I can't mimic through art? How do you re…[View]
3480545Guys, I've been using Photoshop exclusively on my wacom desktop, but now I also use Surface boo…[View]
3480893Mods, why is Illustrat still allowed to shit up this board with his garbage artwork? Yeah, itd be di…[View]
3476586Why is fujoshi art so weird?: Their art always has these weird proportions, even the expreienced one…[View]
3480617Sad day bros, any opinions on my work? revallution@xxxtentacion “Legends don’t die, they live inside…[View]
3480034when did you realize you were NGMI?[View]
3474580Do I have talent?[View]
3477005Yo: I am the best[View]
3480712What was the turning point for you?: When did you decide to invest more of yourself into your art? W…[View]
3480710Personal version of nosferatu made for a contest of my country! i would be very thankful if you like…[View]
3479599Hey anons, so i just get Micheal Hampton figure drawing book and and Riven Phoenix figure curse. Ho…[View]
3473857How can you stop caring about reaching a goal thinking it's the key to happiness and instead en…[View]
3479124What artists to study?: So I want to make art like pic related and I need artists to study, but the …[View]
3479348Hi guys, old thread died so updating progress with this one. Any suggestions/tips redlines moving fo…[View]
3479815In theory, if you had to portay a tarot queen as a man, or a tarot king as a woman, how would you ma…[View]
3479706Could any helpful anons give me a draw-over? Just at early stage, but wanted some critique on the fu…[View]
3479341I forgot how to enjoy making art: I've spent so long drawing just for the sake of practice that…[View]
3480070Posting some art, it's my art, it's not colored, but I'd like to know what you think.[View]
3479512What is this drawing style called? I want to find more pictures like this[View]
3478793have any good artists (made it) ever come out of or even posted on /ic/? why do people here act like…[View]
3480020critique pls[View]
3478953Actually getting good: The sticky does not cover this at all and aguri is meme tier compared to this…[View]
3470378XP-pen deco 01 tablet: Anybody have this tablet or another tablet from XP-pen? Seems nobody knows an…[View]
3476464Did you do any figures today /ic/?[View]
3474955why doesnt ic talk about adoptables for quick cash when a page like pic related will make you an eas…[View]
3476350How do I draw proportionally from photos? I have a rough time drawing proportionally in general, but…[View]
3477981How do you deal with praise and nice comments online/offline? I'm very shy and reserved, like m…[View]
3479800I'm a fucking noob at drawing Should I make a comic using blender and 3D models or just learn t…[View]
3477596Go to town!: I found this pic of the metatron one day while searching the Internet and wanted to... …[View]
3479781Figure drawing in California: Hey I just moved to around the LA area. Does anyone here know of any g…[View]
3479701Color tips for different times of day?: I've had a hard time trying to color a scene or charact…[View]
3479077ITT: post good artists available on social media that ARENT: >weeb trash (if anime art, must be r…[View]
3475835im a noob and ive never used 4chan but i can see theres a lot of very harsh critics here so i wanna …[View]
3479172who /nightdraw/ here? >quiet in serene with headphones(lo-fi hiphop beats/etc lol) if you please …[View]
3477792How many followers do you need to start a patreon without embarrassing yourself?[View]
3477923>criticize landscapes, still lives, furry gay inflation porn etc. >people take it well >cri…[View]
3479425what is this style called and how can i learn it? something about it just looks so good[View]
3479453Simple Things: >It's the simple things in life, simple things in life >Simple things in l…[View]
3478393Go to town 2. The electric boogaloo.: Last night I posted a pic, now in curious, so I'm just go…[View]

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