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3224975Just finished this, please be nice.[View]
3227464how do i draw like pija?[View]
3227197Let's have a collab thread[View]
3229117wait what?[View]
3228589Garbage: Thoughts and critiques? I only started drawing recently but I think it's not thAT bad.…[View]
3228056Quick Question: How can improve eyes and hair?? it's supposed to be black, but how can I get mo…[View]
3228987Need help for an art project!: Dear 4chan community, I need your help! I am making an art project an…[View]
3229081Is it normal as an artist while drawing to feel sad because what you're drawing is total crap a…[View]
3228185Post your best H: H[View]
3225563What do u think of my bob ross tier zhit Spoiler i only used gesso[View]
3228787What was your first piece you made that you know people fapped to? Did you consider it a right of pa…[View]
3224811Have anyone experience using this to draw? How does it feels like?[View]
3228154What do you think of my wizard[View]
3225868Tower Girls #56: Old Thread: >>3171303 Immortalize your girl in your portfolio, and at: http:/…[View]
3225782>go to art classes >super useful at first, good teachers, nice advice >do a year of classes…[View]
3224796how do i into painting like pic related? it seems to be a fairly inaccessible medium[View]
3226804HELP: Im in art class and I need to draw Apollo, the greek god but im an antitalent on art. How do? …[View]
3228669I’m beginner paintman pls critique my bob Ross impression[View]
3224319Traditional Thread: This thread is for artists who love the feel of laying pencils and ink on a page…[View]
3228572Ayy bich: Low five?[View]
3224633>sketch layers[View]
3228615What does /ic/ think of this book? What's the inside like[View]
3228530Is it legit impossible for all of us to reach Murata-tier? Just seriously, how the fuck is this guy …[View]
3228224Anyone else sell art? I need to ship large amount of posters. 25 prints can fit in a 2in tube, but m…[View]
3227966I haven't drawn anything since I was a kid and I want to get into drawing now. This is the firs…[View]
3228313Do we critique videos here?[View]
3219069Digital art is killing my love for art. It feels fake and dishonest, but in today's world it…[View]
3228250/spit / Painting: last thread died 30min spit painting - any theme - or suggest theme.. [last thread…[View]
3225266>can whip up a rough sketch/cartoon with pencils in 5-10 minutes >Spends 40 minutes trying to …[View]
3227938Aware me on basquiat ? Why was he so famous and why is this worth $110 million?[View]
3223653Alternative Art/Stylization General: Last thread: >>3215369 This thread is meant for artists w…[View]
3227751>popular artist follows me >i follow them back and like a few of their drawings >5 hours la…[View]
3225179do the art students use quickposes in college /ic?[View]
3228080Armor how? Can someone give me a simple paintover so I can understand the dynamic/anatomy of what t…[View]
3228071Tell how you think: Because i dont know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCm0Z20y3_I[View]
3226825Any good art with realistic/semi-realistic/detailed animals? No obvious furry art, thanks.[View]
3214898ITT: we find the oldest possible thing drawn we can find and then post it along with the newest thin…[View]
3225304Byzantine art: I am exploring this fascinating world of bizantine art. Has someone any rare or unkno…[View]
3221544How do I get better at gesture? How on earth can someone like me simplify something to the point whe…[View]
3227194Art History: Whats a good way to learn about art history? Have any online courses or books to recomm…[View]
3225343Facial Construction: Im having a hard time constructing the nose, any other ways of simplifing the n…[View]
3225370What do you think about the color palette? The lineart? What do you think the story of these charact…[View]
3227011>MFW I make a classic painting a thousand times better with less than thirty seconds of work in M…[View]
3227421alternatives to Loomis for head and face: Hey guys what would you recommend in terms of alternatives…[View]
3223482Are there any interviews (video or text) with great artists where they go in-depth into how they got…[View]
3216506/las/ - Last Artist Standing/Drawing Today - Sleeps & Dreams Edition: Remember to draw today and…[View]
3224227What will replace tumblr?[View]
3222103What does /ic/ think of Proko? Especially want to know your thoughts on his approach to gesture.[View]
3227064What do you think about my artwork?: Here is some of my artwork. I want to hear your opinion, what s…[View]
3225474This is my first half mask, opinions? I apologize for sucking dicks when it comes to photography. Th…[View]
3227124hi, here's a comic i made.[View]
3210632Art school experiences: I'll start >Go on an art pressured high school for 3 years (basical…[View]
3222822I know basic anatomy from obsessively watching Proko. Now to continue my studies should I go Loomis,…[View]
3226397So I've recently got into drawing and i'm trying to teach myself drawing different angles …[View]
3226866just letting yall know that this is in fact a real book.[View]
3208278Should photography be considered an art form? All you do pretty much is fuck around with camera sett…[View]
3226757you guys think this could work as a tattoo?[View]
3226692What's the best digital software for drawing anime illustrations and manga ? Do they even have…[View]
3226778Candle stick jack: A character I’m working on for a serious of stories and a short movie[View]
3226780Critique Thread: I've hit a brick wall with this one and I can't see whats wrong with it, …[View]
3226360Wtf do I put on my wall!?: So basically I moved into a new apartment with a new romie and we got the…[View]
3223778Help a guy get better?: Hey guys, I'm trying to get dynamic with this guy. Do you think you can…[View]
3219472'''Patreon taxes''': Post any uncertainties you might have. Hopefully …[View]
3223718what are your favorite brush sets to use in digital art? Any recommendations ?[View]
3226255So advertising thread? Because you can't just create an Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter and just hope…[View]
3223642/beg/ - THE BEGINNER THREAD: IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces f…[View]
3226441/ic/ alternatives: any good art forums i can join?[View]
3214097Can we start an art movement opposing postmodernism?[View]
3222799anatomy: how do i learn anatomy? how do artists learn it, do they buy medical books ?[View]
3225367Faggots. There's an emerging market that is basically just like buying/selling those 'adoptable…[View]
3221966How the fuck do you render torsos with cross-hatching without making it look weird?[View]
3225504What are some good digital painting tutorials I can find online? Theres a billion and a half for lin…[View]
3217017Porn Thread: Last Thread: >>3206327 Post your current erotic drawings and paintings here and p…[View]
3225377do you draw when you feel bad? What do you draw?[View]
3220177Katsuhiro Otomo: Anyone here on /ic/ a fan of Katsuhiro Otomo? I've been fascinated with his wo…[View]
3226158Latte Art: Do you guys consider latte art an art? And do you follow any account on Instagram? I just…[View]
3225530Looking for anyone that can put together an animation video for Youtube. Anime kinda style if possib…[View]
3226080Starving artists and no good art around: Most of okish to good artists complain for financial diffic…[View]
3224531>person sees my work >tries to criticize it by redrawing it to show off he can do better >m…[View]
3225453Tag thread! Bored at work..taking requests.[View]
3226000Is deviantart dead? What are some good places where you can get an audience?[View]
3225456Hello /ic/. Where is the best place to find an artist available for commissions? Every website I…[View]
3224865>porn artist suddenly 'finds God' or becomes more religious out of nowhere >refuses to draw po…[View]
3225721>foreshortened object tapers in the direction of the foreshortening[View]
3225621CG Spectrum: Has anyone attended any courses through CG Spectrum? If so, what were your thoughts? We…[View]
3225134Sketching some ducks form reference for a piece I’m going to be working on soon to get a feel for th…[View]
3224835lets talk about spraypaint you ever indulge? i really enjoy it but ever since i started going to uni…[View]
3224629Is tracing bad for your eyes?: I've been trying to trace this map I made (/tg/ related), by pla…[View]
3224738hi /ic/, I'm looking for a portrait of an ancient roman/greek (?) guy that he has this curls, d…[View]
3225307What's wrong with art schools? Asking for a friend[View]
3224292How do I start a webcomic?[View]

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