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File: 1556038377984.jpg (262 KB, 1029x1346)
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FB/ig social media fap
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File: neeners_tummy.jpg (65 KB, 1080x1285)
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Celeb bed - hot chocolate edition
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Dutchposter is a feg
File: Rwc0uLq.jpg (103 KB, 960x640)
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103 KB JPG
I didn't delete it though

File: pa.jpg (131 KB, 900x600)
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131 KB JPG
PA thread! one of these times I'm gonna see someone I know
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Sierra D
Mariah B?
717 York

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I wonder to myself...
I rather have a dicky sucky than love.
you must be new, anon

New thread baby

File: 1559419420127.jpg (738 KB, 1200x1600)
738 KB
738 KB JPG
loli bread
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there is a uncencored version for that one?
Literally drawings of CHILDREN. You can pretend and give any excuse you want but the appeal of these cartoons is that they’re children.

If dubs then you must fap to pic related and show evidence

File: 1568833470697.png (80 KB, 1500x660)
80 KB
Va thread. Last one 404d. Lookin for some buchanan co
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Names? And from buchanan?
unfortunately all ive got is 757, but I thought id still post. I worked with the second from the right, nikki h.
I have some 804 and 703

File: 078_1000.jpg (112 KB, 616x790)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
this is Angela, say something nice about her.
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File: 805_1000.jpg (98 KB, 540x720)
98 KB
She's clearly visible
you mean about him?

File: 1491428958878.jpg (64 KB, 466x750)
64 KB
This thread is about any homosexual experiences you might have had. Please share.
I touched a penis when I took a piss this morning.
Sucked dick once. Not for me.
I responded to OP of this thread

File: Please love me.png (1.1 MB, 909x860)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
/b/ros I need some fucking help.

My girlfriend of 3 weeks fucking dumped me last night and i've been so fucking depressed. I haven't eaten in 2 days and ive been dry heaving. I can't even fucking fap because of how sad I am.

She said it was definitely over and blocked me on facebook and twitter.

I filmed this video earlier and sent it to her from my friends phone. She hasn't responded yet. Do you think it will work in winning her back?

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Fucking get over it, creep
this might make her "come back" but it will be her more or less faking it, you'll just be wasting your time on something that isn't real my guy.

I get your feelings but 3 weeks isn't much and you can definitely improve and increase your attractiveness, you might even forget about her in the end.

Northern Ireland thread, points for Bangor/Belfast nudes
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derry girls needed
>Northern Ireland
how many African anuses have all those tongues been on
dunno, how many huns are there in NI?

File: 1568617174275.jpg (422 KB, 1079x1079)
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422 KB JPG
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Img limit

She'd gladly cook for you naked
sure, keep saving and fapping

File: IMG_42D69.jpg (52 KB, 500x750)
52 KB
This /b/rother needs your help, but I'm probably fucked anyways.

If you know much about auto insurance, hear me out.
I deliver for a local sandwich company using a personal vehicle. They don't offer any sort of delivery insurance, so I gotta pay for it myself. I've had an unlucky last few months with 2 minor car accidents on record, as well as a moving violation. This put me in deep shit with the insurance already, but with the delivery coverage on top, it comes to around $1500 or so a month, which I just can't afford.

My question is, is there any insurance that runs cheaper or is there anything I can do to help my situation? Or am I outta luck?

Coming to /b/ for advice is always a great idea, I know.
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File: image.jpg (1.41 MB, 1242x2208)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Oh. Ok. Well that’s just in certain parts of the country.

Sure, the Dakotas are wide and flat, but I’m from New England where a lot of roads are just widened wildlife trails that follow whatever path the terrain takes. Certain parts of the Rockies are just asphalt chutes punctuated by runaway truck ramps. Never mind the old east coast cities. Ever drive in Boston? Fuck.

Also American cars tend to be larger and this less controllable than European cars. Then theres the horsepower. My car has over 400hp and cost less than $30K. That’s really not necessary.
In my state, interstate speed limit is 70 mph, highway is 55, within town/city limits is 35/25 and in heavy residential areas it's usually 25/15. I don't know where you're pulling the 35 shit from since most states have pretty similar speed limits.
File: image.jpg (1.5 MB, 1242x2208)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
> Dude, he thinks you can make money gambling.

He’s just LARPing, but you can. Back when online poker was legal I would pay all my utilities every month that way.

File: eyyy.jpg (82 KB, 745x647)
82 KB
Illegals are destroying California, Gas is $3.78, sales tax is almost 10% (it actually is in LA) and cost of living is astronomical! average cost for a studio apartment here is like $1200. The money has to come from somewhere, in this case its the left mindlessly paying for it without questioning anything about where the taxes go to!

This is why the Tourist traps like disneyland know they got it by the balls. You idiots just pay, when in reality its all going to feed pedro and lupe's 9 kids that didnt belong here in the first place!

Globalization and world peace work on paper.. so does true communism or socialism.
>>so are all the third world freeloaders who get more rights than the citizens.
>>also not a trump supporter. nor a hillary supporter.
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the us would be fine without california,nobody wants your homosexuals and democrats.time to do what you threatened ever since donald trump got elected and secede from america
tu es estupido y feo. hablar engles pinche extranjero.
Why do you just assume I live in California? I'm about 1,117 miles to the east. But good try, fag.

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