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Lol like anything will come of that. She's not under 18 and posted those pics willingly.
Hahaha I thought I did too cause I know a Katelyn in towson lol

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What the fuck is up with science-denying pothead culture?

Yes, marijuana does have negative effects.

Yes, it does inhibit your brain development when you're a teenager and young adult.

Yes, it does cause psychological instability.

Yes, it does have withdrawal effects.

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Wrong again
This time we're going to Jerome
Yeah but he just said a gram. A gram of what? Ditch weed or medical marijuana. Kind of important.
That's what drugs are for...>>606247180
It only leads to schizophrenia if they're already predisposed to it

ITT: Characters you fapped to as a kid that you can't believe you did.

Thread #5: Last four have been fucking hilarious.
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File: JarJarHS-SWE.jpg (40 KB, 400x525)
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Not gonna lie
great threads nignogs, godspeed to you all

... except the tinkerbell dildo guy.

and for the record, I remember fapping MANY times to various shit in Tony Hawk Underground 2 (or whichever one it was). Can't find a picture of them, but the girls you could throw beads at in the New Orleans map... god, those black "CENSORED" bars were the subject of many a jackin'
File: FFVII_Tifa_FMV.jpg (26 KB, 850x345)
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Still would

File: index.jpg (11 KB, 337x149)
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ask a 9-1-1 dispatcher anything
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Not him, but you wouldnt understand. Us in fire/ems deal with the worst of the worst. I watched seen a baby die a month ago, watched a woman die while I did CPR a few weeks ago and also got called for natural death of a cancer patient. You see shit you don't want to and deal with the worst people imaginable. Peoople who don't go thhrough this shit dont understand
Can jet fuel melt steel beams?

I need some answers, why is universe governed by laws (gravity for example)
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File: trolled-softly.jpg (32 KB, 360x507)
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nice 9/10
Then why are the universal phenomena we can observe so consistent that they have be proven mathematically ie why is the universe governed by laws?
Because if it weren't we wouldn't exist. There could be other universes without laws but without laws you can't have a consistent form of existence for any meaningful amount of time or at all. Just like how the earth is perfect for life because if it weren't then there wouldn't be life or complex life.

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trap thread-
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nothing is hotter than getting all girled up and fapping to yourself

File: image.jpg (1.97 MB, 2448x3264)
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1.97 MB JPG
Otay sounds good qt face :)
File: 1040.jpg (38 KB, 480x640)
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You get used to those kinds of people after a while. Best way to deal with them is to not mince your words.

File: IMG_20150326_224742.jpg (679 KB, 1536x1536)
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New rules if you can guess my name I will post tits!

> starts with the letter M
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does it rhyme with Ariana?

File: 1426575090363.jpg (279 KB, 1200x887)
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Milf/Mature Thread
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wow for a milf she aged preety good in the face
File: 893_1000.jpg (238 KB, 1000x606)
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238 KB JPG
File: 486_1000.jpg (274 KB, 1000x743)
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File: Giger-Passage_XXIX.jpg (166 KB, 845x1200)
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what illegal or other morally deprived act have you committed but never been caught for?

also, dumping random
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see something nice.
instead of admiring it you destroy it.
"why should they have it while I dont"
did I get it right?
class act asshole.
you're a great canidate for some weird communist party.
Robbed the ex-roommate of my friend 'cause he was being a dick to him. Also I bought contraband cigars in bulk in Cuba and almost got caught
Let's just say they were a white trash family that no one cared about and we did whatever we wanted. There were six of us.

File: fl-studio-10.jpg (56 KB, 600x414)
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Looking for help with FL studio
Looking to buy it and i dont understand the difference between the 200 and 300$ versions
What do the "6 plugins" do?
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what do i need to use to make sure a piece of audio doesnt get louder than a certain DB and quieter than a certain db?
Ha, I don't suppose you know VOIA irl too? Small world.
I know it's unorthodox, but i basically produce mix and master all at the same time. Unmixed and unmasterd just sounds like shit to me.

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File: 1425278036389.jpg (47 KB, 360x451)
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File: 1425278066661.jpg (27 KB, 527x333)
27 KB
File: 1425278290698.jpg (224 KB, 960x686)
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224 KB JPG

hey /b/ whats your fetish
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Fuckin this
dunno, try reverse image search
i have this one too
Bro thats fucked up

File: lookatthis.jpg (60 KB, 384x500)
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Don't mind me, /b/. I'm just rollin' quads.

File: image.jpg (66 KB, 449x356)
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Any former marines or past marines lurking on /b/? Question I'm a current high school student really interested in joining.. Problem is I'm outta shape and need advice that could help me prepare for the asvab and basic training
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IT in bootcamp will get your breathing where you want it. Screaming while doing intense cardio works wonders on stamina and endurance.
airforce in a nutshell
bootcamp is all mental if you make everything simpler you'll be fine. "ok just gotta make till lunch" "ok just gotta make it till lightsout"

File: ojniun.png (1.01 MB, 1188x891)
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1.01 MB PNG
Post Your 10/10s
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1.63 MB GIF
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