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Girls you know who don’t wear a bra.

File: California.jpg (744 KB, 2048x1365)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
Why do Liberals blame Trump for pollution,when 80% of air pollution in America comes from Liberal majority cities?
How can Paris climate deal stop liberals for poluting the air in America?
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This has to be an ironic post. Not even a trump supporter is this retarded
Please see a doctor, your autism might be contagious
Yase is fault of trump voters Borat.

File: LTEqxLK_d.jpg (30 KB, 640x641)
30 KB
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File: BUzCOxCFS5d.jpg (569 KB, 892x892)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
good lord id fill her up

File: 1544273608471.jpg (79 KB, 600x681)
79 KB
Killing myself next week AMA
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You've been going to kill yourself next week for a lot of weeks now. Do you think you will ever actually go through with it?
>horribly awkward funeral
I've asume after this statement that there's people who loves you to make you a proper funeral. Try to talk them about your problems, they will help you to solve them.

File: 1544580602470m.jpg (43 KB, 683x1024)
43 KB
New ohio thread.
Starting off with raygun of the mansfield area
Looking for bailey t (rhymes with simmer)
And kelsea u (rhymes with butter)
Kik guitarer93 to trade
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bump! anyone have the pics from A-N=O-N IB ?
Any wins of Olyvia T?? New Phila
Sean is that you?

File: images (1).jpg (28 KB, 495x619)
28 KB
Gf and I talking about going to a nude beach.
Only concern if getting a hard on and being embarrassed.
Anyone had any experience with nude beaches. Do people care if you get hard?
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Just be normal nobody is scared of boners fam. If you're staring all creepy and rocking a 90 degree situation then people will think you are weird. If you are doing your thing and occasionally checking people out, that's normal and what people do at nude beach areas. Fuckers go there to get they baps and dongs out. They don't mind if you look a bit.
File: saas.png (394 KB, 502x313)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
and OP keep a look out for rules or etiquettes some beaches may have them.

yep that works too
The hardest part is getting used to the hotties who will just throw themselves right on you and fuck you right there. Y'see all your fantasies about girls just wanting sex as much as men are wrong. They want it more and when they see a hard dick they just cna't control themselves.

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 640x480)
12 KB
Eating ass.
Does it taste bad /smell bad?
Kinda wanna try it with my girlfriend but scared it will be gross.
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Hygiene obviously, but ive eaten the wifes ass after a day out, no real difference other then smell, but realistically if your gonna lick ass, whats a little smell. Besides nothing like licking a chicks ass that doesnt wanna do it, but then feeling that little hole relax just enough that the tip of your tongue gets invited in, and you hear her get that nice satisfying moan of "what was that?"

TLDR; Hygiene, don't be scared faggot
Its actually disgusting and gross, its like being an animal or something
do it only if you want to carry deep shame forever until you die a shitty death
I'm bi and have a bf. When I watch porn it's usually straight because I like looking at titties and ass, but at the same time I like cuddling and stroking cock

File: Screenshot_1.jpg (152 KB, 1186x920)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Feels thread,
tell us about your worst experiences, bonus points if you comment on other's first.

I'll start off :

>Be me at age 19
>Never had a good father figure, most guys used mom for money or ended up beating her bc they were muslim faggots
>Mom starts talking to her best friends brother
>best friend fucking mad, doesn't want them to be together, slanders the fuck out of her brother's name to stop them.
>Calls him psychopath etc.., 100% sure she's just making shit up

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'll take the chance that this isn't a LARP.

Anon, life for me as always been +100/-100. I lost my mother to a drunk driver, and I my mobility to two of them myself.
Stick around, enjoy things. Keep your head up. You'll get all that you deserve and then some.
I'm sorry I can't offer you anything but my genuine empathy and what will sound like platitudes, but no matter what happens next in your life, better or worse, don't give up.
You deserve a +100, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Had an alcoholic dad with anger issues, mom's clearly mentally unstable, grandparents are disappointed in me, friends never call, I'm missing more and more days at work, if I lose my job my mother and two brothers become homeless, I smoke close to two packs a day and I can see myself turning more and more like my dad. I hate everything, but mostly myself
I genuinely wish it was.

I hope that you can manage to stick to your own advice as well, as shitty as I feel, I can't imagine myself going through something as bad as you did.
As you said, there's not really much to be said that we havn't heard already, but I really do hope you get your +100 too.

Are there any ECONOMIC benefits to a no deal brexit /b/ongs? Or are you all screwed?
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i wouldnt take guarantees from someone who makes claims about what i voted for without evidence.
I see
so you have heard of the winter of discontent , how was that for you ? tell me about your experiences of this , the black outs , the rats running the streets , the dead going unburied , the lack of heat light even food , fill me in , tell me allll about it

tell me about thatcher and what it was like to live under that rule ....

tell me about that cock sucker major or the blood hungry blair or does you entire experience come from brown ,cameron and may ? your entire social exconomic aspect is based on these 2 or 3 oh and what you have read .... if so that either makes you a fuckin moron to assume the writing of others to be true or simply a fool to assume you have anywhere near the experience of others ...... so so fuckin retarded beyond belief , you children did not think to ask the fuckers like myself who lived outside of the present guise of the EU what it was like . You never considered the people whom voted to leave did so for a reason and mostly out of experience . The arrogence of youth
I voted brexit. Dont care if the economy goes to shit for a while. Its about sovereignty and writing our own laws. You are asking the wrong questions my friend this is what MSM has done to you.

File: 394.jpg (807 KB, 1250x1000)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
Roll or don't, I don't care
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File: 20181209_131339.jpg (1.58 MB, 2592x1944)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG

so fucking close to giving in. i'm so fucking tired of having no one. i don't blame everyone for hating me but it still fucking hurts. being ignored hurts the most. i wish i wasn't ugly. i'm a fucking npc from birth and i am fucking cursed to this shitty existence.
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How do you know you don't just re-experience your entire life excactly the same? That kinda motivates me.
If I let you fuck my wife will you stop this non sense?
tits or gtfo

What are personnality sweeteners/enhancers beside tartrazine (yellow #5)?

File: 2nd and 3rd.webm (940 KB, 360x360)
940 KB
rekt with NO gore
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File: 1532551771635.jpg (13 KB, 236x236)
13 KB
someone's got some saggy diapers

you'll never be the same after you experience the horror of this tragedy
so the four others got to have fun with him. why was one of the children left out?

Girls you wanna rape of gangbang. Anyone care to join in on this slut
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Mmm more Sarah !
I'm taking her mouth then. She'll moan while licking my dick like ice cream.
File: zzzg (8).jpg (525 KB, 918x918)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
24/24 7/7 rape

fuck edition
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I'm here, hello Grimcat
File: SnowmanMei.jpg (66 KB, 648x648)
66 KB
Here ya go. Sorry it's shit. a mouse is a mouse. Not much can be done til I get a tablet.
aw, this is cute

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