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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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File: 1442850503283.jpg (144 KB, 1000x686)
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Settling for pics cus too ugly to get laid.
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File: 1526015766748.jpg (417 KB, 1280x1052)
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Music that has made you think differently
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garbage thread is garbage. had a glimmer of hope with descendants, but fucking weezer? and it just got worse from there. speaking of whicih
Shit opinion is shit

Be a REAL man and step up to the plate. Marry a White woman. Are you hesitating? Why? You don't have a fetish, do you?
N-no...no, s-sir...
File: 1512329386524.jpg (21 KB, 499x500)
21 KB
How about you fuck off and let me make my own choices? If they line up with your values, it's purely a fucking coincidence.

File: IMG_2026.jpg (118 KB, 750x757)
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118 KB JPG
What is your shameful fetish, /b/? Be honest
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i like farting and i like watching people shit but don't let it get anywhere near me ... i gave my bf a blumpkin tho ..
Ballbusting. I want a man or woman to beat the hell out of my nuts
he can watch we dont mind but she is not into my bf at all .... she is so fucking hot it is killing me i just want to have her all to myself , the fact that she and her bf don't get along makes me feel better about it

Got my sleeping naked GF next to me. What do you want to see /B
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File: 1531986338077.jpg (147 KB, 782x1024)
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147 KB JPG
She has an excellent JEW nose!
I’ve been fingering her, which is incredibly difficult position to reach her mouth with, but she orgasmed so she’s gonna be passed out cold in a bit. Then I’ll have your picture
Post her

Hi /b/
Why is it bad to fuck someone who hit puberty?
Pic unrelated.
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>if their body is too small then you will damage them
Nah, anyone that needs to fuck kids has a tiny penis anyway.
The legality is irrelevant here anon. OP looking for a justification that stands on it’s own.

>Semi chad thru highschool
>manage to get a respectable collection of nudetilia
>large portion of collection girls were 15-17
>am now 22 and still fap to these
>should i move my stash from my harddrive to a USB
>is this even legal, we were the same age when the photos were sent
>asking for a friend
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delete it. why risk your life destroyed over something so dumb?
Usb. Never keep sketchy shit in easy to access places.
Completely legal don’t listen to these dumbasses. Upload them to the cloud, post them on Facebook, do whatever you want.

ylyl, bitches. Go.
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Oh wow I just got dubs!
Put me in the screenshot!
File: r*ddit.png (136 KB, 289x303)
136 KB
136 KB PNG

File: blackface_3910.jpg (22 KB, 298x409)
22 KB
Serious question for all racists: Do you really believe your race (white presumably) is superior to others? Why?
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I don't know that it's that my race is superior but that no other race is superior to mine. Is that racist?
File: dr2.jpg (117 KB, 657x696)
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117 KB JPG
Some Asians may show a higher IQ than Europeans but what have they done with it? Invent gun powder? Yet Europeans then used that to invent the gun which we conquered the world with. Seriously, what have Asians done that Europeans havent done better?

Be, reAl, we All know whAt the reAl Answer is.
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I'm an asshole. Isn't that enough
No try again
Why would it not? Force is what society flows from. We create societies to avoid having to go to blows over every little dispute.
>The state can just as well say that natural resources belong to everyone.
Sometimes this is a good idea. Homesteading and national parks, for example. You could also interpret the latter as the state saying that "these resources belong to no one because they're too precious in their current form to be spoiled by industry."

What happened to the trap thread?!
We had such great dirty talk going
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File: 1530778203599.jpg (568 KB, 1000x1100)
568 KB
568 KB JPG

nobody cares about me

no one will ever care about me

no one cares what i have to say

i don't want to be alive.
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Life is suffering, accept the fact happiness instead the meaning of life. What makes meaning is carrying the weigh of your suffering up the mountain so that by being yourself you can influence others. No point climbing a mountain without the weight of suffering because you're no better walking a straight line.

The means of which you climb the mountain is the values at its peaks. Without finding values to move towards you cannot leave point A, the progression of moving towards any values is what produces meaning.

How do you find value? Be open to the potential that surrounds your landscape. how on earth are you going to find opportunity without being able to actuate order? Maybe think about what is the closest thing to you, maybe all you have left is your mind, maybe start there.
every time is you bro, why don't you take any kind of advices from people around you
no one's gonna take a move for you dude
you have to do something besides just laying around and being sad
try doing something
Sorry, maybe it's because i'm drunk but thats stupid fucking advice.
I'm sick of you all now.

Fuck you then. I'm done with you guys.

File: 2aiuvfD.jpg (62 KB, 720x1280)
62 KB
Pics you jerk it to
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File: 1531359344086.jpg (75 KB, 540x960)
75 KB
I'm better than all of you.
His momma puked when he asked for a kiss. I was there. It was his birthday. He's a cool guy, but he is hygiene challenged.
File: view.jpg (10 KB, 309x206)
10 KB

fb/ig fap
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File: 1.jpg (1.29 MB, 1440x1795)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
File: 2.jpg (552 KB, 1440x1431)
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552 KB JPG
Middle here is particularly cum worthy

Tx bread

Roll call
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Webster TX here! 25 M
File: 20180701_220432_Film41.jpg (867 KB, 1458x2592)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
Eh. Just came to post sluts I know and some ive fucked. Thought you were trollin. Its 4chan.
Meee 25 m

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