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File: 1424537781338.jpg (857 KB, 1637x1800)
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GF is pregnant with twins
choose name
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Osama bin Laden

File: Keely ANON2.jpg (765 KB, 2287x2267)
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765 KB JPG
No draw thread, new draw thread
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personal philosophy
forgot the bad. what supposed to be not a bad philosophy

File: 1364097224246.jpg (32 KB, 421x598)
32 KB
how come some one from the future who has invented time travel hasnt come to us and said hi?

only serius answers pls

ignore picture couldnt post without it
Shave balls

best ass??
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File: 1436956230170.jpg (208 KB, 1416x2500)
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208 KB JPG
Nothing about Lisa Ann is best. Bitch is WAY past her prime. Everything on her that isn't plastic (which isn't much), is saggy, loose, and disgusting.

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Thought it was one of those Splatoon characters from the thumbnail. Opened the image and thought the green shit was some kind of clothing draped over its head and shoulders. Then I realized it's supposed to be its hair.
What the fuck is thing doing within 50 feet of a grill let alone tending it?
st. patricks day you asshat and thats my fucking wife
This banana shit is cancer id even accept mudkipz back if it disappeared. ..

Why don't you guys browse 9gag? it's super funny.
IKR? it has so much of le funny memes xDDD
File: 1402770549546.png (78 KB, 625x626)
78 KB

File: cunt.jpg (15 KB, 453x453)
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I need some harmless Karma

This cunt stole from my 14 year old brother!.
This is his work number, he relies on it everyday to make money, please spam it for some justice! This is 100% real this guy is 22 years old and stole from my 14 year old brother, please help spam this number!
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Sounds like you and your bro are huge stinky pussies.
NYPA Britfagget
File: 1416123880144s.jpg (4 KB, 250x181)
4 KB
After fucking up ur little brother it's ur turn. Yes, its me - craig. I dont mess with my 4chan army

File: 1438236277568.png (254 KB, 620x500)
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254 KB PNG
New York passed a bill for all fast food workers will be making 15$ an hour. Discuss
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It could go that way, or Mc Donalds would realize a 10 dollar hamburger wouldn't sell and take a (teeny, tiny) profit cut.

It's called profit sharing, they're sharing more profits with their employees.
The thing is, corporations can easily afford to pay their employees that much. It's the small businesses who are getting fucked
what kind of retard coffee shop do you go too

File: midget.jpg (80 KB, 416x512)
80 KB
Would you ever bang a midget?
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no shit faggot
File: tinfoil.jpg (57 KB, 500x342)
57 KB
I fucked a girl who was 4'10. That's pretty damn close to a midget by legal standards.

What /b/ thinks of Lenny Kravitz dick?
Is his dick short for a nigger?
/b/ uses underwear?


File: image.jpg (61 KB, 640x1136)
61 KB
Dubs decides
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Hey, this may seem innapropriated but can i have a picture of your armpit ? (It's my secret fetish)
do you put fingers in pussy to push out poo when constipated?
met die lippen kan je wel 2 negers zuigen zeg.

A friend wants to beat me up because I hit on his gf. Wat do
Pic not related.
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File: beard 1.jpg (58 KB, 640x640)
58 KB
get a weapon. A bat or knife is good. A gun would be better. Fucking murder him. It doesn't matter what you did. Defend yourself with extreme prejudice. Don't go out of your way to kill him. But if he fucks with you then send him to hell. That's what weapons are for. And if he brings his posse for revenge or anything like that, then go after his family. If he has children, then that's a plus. Except the fact that you might end up in jail. Kill or be killed. Fuck that guy and his whore girlfriend. Kill her too while you're at it. If you can, rape her in front of him. Then kill her. Then kill him slowly. Torturing him might be fun too.
File: Fucking oni.png (476 KB, 540x383)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
File: 1424402535986.gif (59 KB, 200x200)
59 KB

File: h.jpg (79 KB, 960x720)
79 KB
Somebody tell me what this thing is
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>google "skinning knife"
>click images
>click on similar image
>right click and save to PC
>write this post
>attach image previously saved
>solve captcha
>click post
File: best-skinning-knife.png (134 KB, 752x241)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>forget pic
>make new post
>attach pic
>solve captcha
>click post
>still win
Thats for making lasagna noodles.

Hey /b/ I'm going to a rock concert later tonight and I was wondering if I should take some adderall or try and see if i can find a guy who has weed there.

Also general drug thread
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Shrooms, Acid and MDMA
I personally don't like MDMA because it can be as horrible as it can be awesome. Too much depends on your emotions at the time.


File: Fedora=Tipped.jpg (5 KB, 183x275)
5 KB
>Be me
>Beta 15 year old Male, obese level: You betcha
>Have 8 friends that are all Alpha and don't deserve me, but somehow include me in their activities
>3 of these people have been my friends since fucking 2nd grade
For sake of convenience I'll call them by letters (e.g. A, B, C, ect.)
>Be sometime in Fall
>S(female): Hey Anon, would you like to go to Disney with M(male), A(female), and me?
>I really liked my friends and how it felt like they were forcing me to come with them to everything.
Thanks to their parent I guess
>Me: Sure, I'd love nothing more!

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Fat guy falls threw bench.

File: 1436649589282.gif (1.6 MB, 261x228)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
Hurry before thread derails fatass

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