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>be me
>late shift at work
>finish around 1am
>drive to girlfriends house
>creeps upstairs
> her sister is awake
>have hots for her
>she tells me to come into her room
>pretty normal
>talks about her boyfriend

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File: a mario bowsette10.jpg (83 KB, 718x1024)
83 KB
true if she is pressured she'll cry rape, but she would have done this anyways after offering to fuck OP. as soon as he said no, she'd be worried he would tell the sister so she would say that he tried to fuck her. being alone with her led to him being fucked either way

thats why in islam youre not allowed to be alone with a woman, they lie too much
Like I said before it's a lot harder to cry rape nowadays. They look for specific things. If you actually rape someone and just say it was consensual its a lot harder to determine rape
she obviously wouldnt say he stormed in to her room and pinned her down and raped her. just that he forced himself on her when she was drunk or something, or even just accuse him of trying to fuck her or showing her his dick or something. thats all that she would need to do

i mean look at the supreme court judge thing, it was 20 years ago without a shred of evidence and people still think he raped her lol

File: 1532659646766.gif (747 KB, 1119x884)
747 KB
747 KB GIF
When does one stop becoming a newfag? I've been here for almost two years now but I don't post often and follow the phrase "lurk moar" so that I won't do the mistake other newfags like me do and flood 4chan with shitposts. I research stuff I don't know on ED and Urban Dictionary, because I want to fit in. I just want to know when can I stop knowing deep inside that I am a newfag because I was a little too late here. Years ago, I saw memes about 4chan but never really decided to investigate the website and now I regret it.
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Fucking Kek, I quit reading at “2 years”
Gtfo newfag
What a newfag mentality you'll never make it here.
So basically you have to think of yourself as the hottest shit out there and just be convinced that you're already an oldfag and then you are?

Where is she? You know that really really white girl who eats noodles while playing a song that says “your the only one I really want to talk to “. and plays with her tits while saying “what are these good for”, I’ve been looking all day for her, fuck fuck fuck where and who is she

File: downloadfile.jpg (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
>be working at KFC during summer
>talk to 8/10 Russian co-worker
>talk for a while and get super close
>ask her to see a movie
>she says yes but after she comes back from a week long vacation
>she comes back and I ask again
>tells me no
>I ask why
> she says she got a boyfriend over the vacation and fuck him

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>dating advice from /b/

Did you even read this shit?
You illiterate tard
File: f8e.jpg (65 KB, 598x927)
65 KB
Guess it's time to rise up

File: 20171005_172144.jpg (212 KB, 698x1121)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
First words or your mother dies tonight.
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First 10 words or YOUR mother dies!
big feet

File: blaaaaaaaaacked.jpg (1.13 MB, 2000x3000)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
if whites are superior, why do white women prefer black dick?
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File: 1539536579538m.jpg (51 KB, 576x1024)
51 KB
You have no idea what you're talking about, been in the military myself and have seen a good portion of the hottest chicks go after or date black guys.

Only autistic /b/yards get butthurt about a black dude banging a white chick because they cant get laid. Seriously, if you were getting laid regularly why would care one bit?
but op... white women prefer white dick
why post something like that ?
you watch to much porn when they get pay 3x more for fuck a nigger.

porn actor are not real life
she has such nice titties got more of leah?

File: binx.jpg (40 KB, 600x589)
40 KB
Are modern fem(nazis)inists just seeking attention or they are actually braindead?
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What is the definition of irony?

Women being referred to as feminazis....by REAL nazis.
I believe they just want women to be the dominant sex, which would be ludicrous because men are the alpha males with deep voices and would likely survive a battle with most women to the death.

File: DkcI0u5U0AA-5yc.jpg (180 KB, 584x1200)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Girl's who are 6 or 7/10. No one under a 6 or over a 7
She is clearly a 2

File: 1423453679555.jpg (22 KB, 397x367)
22 KB

File: 1518073575430.jpg (77 KB, 720x478)
77 KB
>Be me
>7 days ago
>Hook up with my best friend
>Best friend is my ex who I'm in love with
>We talk and she doesnt want to get back together
>Feel like killing myself
>Feel alone
>She avoids me and cancels on me for 4 days
>I get black out drunk with friends after she cancels on me again
>Sleep with friend while blacked out

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shit happens man, you just gotta work towards being a better version of yourself, this is one insignificant portion of your life, it'll pass, they may never forgive you, but you're gonna have to forgive yourself in time, stay strong brother.
You aren't responsible for her actions, she is. That said you sound like a faggot so you should still kill yourself. That or grow up and move on.
You owed up to your mistake and did the right thing by telling her to confess. You seem like a good guy who just fucked up once. Don't beat yourself up over it.

File: nofap.jpg (76 KB, 500x518)
76 KB
last two digits are the number of days you must not fap
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05 days? I think you can make it...
day streak incoming?

File: 1532897581404.gif (196 KB, 264x269)
196 KB
196 KB GIF
So, /b/. I deleted my 80gb porn folder, and decided to go without fapping until christmas (not for the meme, just personal achievement)
I'm 2 days in, I don't feel the urge to fap but I'm getting regrets from deleting my folders, and I know if I want to create them again, it will take me a lot of time. How do I cope with this ? Btw how big is your folder ?

Cheerleader appreciation thread.
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File: 1981819.png (120 KB, 130x525)
120 KB
120 KB PNG

File: 1478740605980.jpg (298 KB, 2112x2816)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Indiana thread?
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File: 1535483628148.png (1.82 MB, 1325x853)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Looking for 219, portage graduated 2016 plz Kik taurus219. Pic destiny s
Is that Alex T? If you have more I'll give you more 317. Kik m1211111111
File: 9v8wIMw_d.jpg (22 KB, 542x1010)
22 KB

File: bbc.jpg (145 KB, 1024x576)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
is you really think you can compete with us whitey boy? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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John r u here
Hey man, At Least you tried.
It's kinda sad that a nigger like you has an average dick just like the rest of us. The saddest part is that it's pretty much the only reason behind your pathetic existence.
Go kys.

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