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File: 1539604212459.jpg (965 KB, 1035x1739)
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odds fap evens sleep dubs do neither
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what did he mean by this?

File: BtgwLIu.png (381 KB, 320x568)
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381 KB PNG
Apparently this girl streams on scope or something? Who is she?
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I'm feeling a solid 7/10 on this record
Scope link?

File: Sad Pepe.png (27 KB, 1092x1037)
27 KB
>doesn't know exactly how to use 4chan
>creates thread to try greentext out
>gets called faggot
Sasuga OP, just as you predicted.
get back to facebook gimp

File: I am complete.jpg (72 KB, 1279x791)
72 KB
Can /b/ suggest any good Anime for me to get into?

I've watched Ninja Scroll, loved it.

I've watched Akira, hated it.

I've loved Cowboy Beebop and liked Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Violence is good. Sex and nudity is good. Both is ideal.
Op is a faggot

ITT: girls you know that need to be raped into submission
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Reurecting YLYL thred. Post waht you got
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File: 1239885.png (84 KB, 419x238)
84 KB
>Actual true story inbound

plz explain, why the sudden change of topic

File: 1538961482347.jpg (168 KB, 906x1600)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
More of her

File: 71dATd8SDqL._SY450_.jpg (15 KB, 417x450)
15 KB
Weed is now legal federally here in Canada.

True north strong and free motherfuckers!
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File: Emergency.jpg (84 KB, 576x768)
84 KB
>One joint
>Up to 5 years in prison
>Pass that joint to a friend
>Up to 14 years in prison
>Meanwhile, Drug Minister...

SEND HELP, PLANET EARTH. Americucks elected some fucking ignorant orangutan who sharted a war on drugs all over everyone, and after millions have died and trillions have been spent, the only effects have been that drug now there are 300,000 heroin and crack addicts in the UK, compared with 1,000 when this ignorant shit started, and everyone is using dodgy unregulated stuff from an illegal market. The most dangerous thing about drugs is the law.
Wasn't the war on drugs started by Nixon as a ploy to arrest more liberals and black people?

File: oZsERw0atQI.jpg (201 KB, 960x1280)
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201 KB JPG
Family fap thread
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Let's get some pics of underwear, or pics of sisters/daughters rooms if you're actually real, otherwise, it's just make belief at this point

Tell that bitch not to mash the patties. Dries them out.
File: image.jpg (59 KB, 331x508)
59 KB

What is the worst/most boring Primarch, and why it's pic related?

Secondo place: Angron.

File: 1531851846178.jpg (68 KB, 500x611)
68 KB

Follow you niggers

>loli thread<
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>be me
>late shift at work
>finish around 1am
>drive to girlfriends house
>creeps upstairs
> her sister is awake
>have hots for her
>she tells me to come into her room
>pretty normal
>talks about her boyfriend

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File: a mario bowsette10.jpg (83 KB, 718x1024)
83 KB
true if she is pressured she'll cry rape, but she would have done this anyways after offering to fuck OP. as soon as he said no, she'd be worried he would tell the sister so she would say that he tried to fuck her. being alone with her led to him being fucked either way

thats why in islam youre not allowed to be alone with a woman, they lie too much
Like I said before it's a lot harder to cry rape nowadays. They look for specific things. If you actually rape someone and just say it was consensual its a lot harder to determine rape
she obviously wouldnt say he stormed in to her room and pinned her down and raped her. just that he forced himself on her when she was drunk or something, or even just accuse him of trying to fuck her or showing her his dick or something. thats all that she would need to do

i mean look at the supreme court judge thing, it was 20 years ago without a shred of evidence and people still think he raped her lol

File: 1532659646766.gif (747 KB, 1119x884)
747 KB
747 KB GIF
When does one stop becoming a newfag? I've been here for almost two years now but I don't post often and follow the phrase "lurk moar" so that I won't do the mistake other newfags like me do and flood 4chan with shitposts. I research stuff I don't know on ED and Urban Dictionary, because I want to fit in. I just want to know when can I stop knowing deep inside that I am a newfag because I was a little too late here. Years ago, I saw memes about 4chan but never really decided to investigate the website and now I regret it.
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Fucking Kek, I quit reading at “2 years”
Gtfo newfag
What a newfag mentality you'll never make it here.
So basically you have to think of yourself as the hottest shit out there and just be convinced that you're already an oldfag and then you are?

Where is she? You know that really really white girl who eats noodles while playing a song that says “your the only one I really want to talk to “. and plays with her tits while saying “what are these good for”, I’ve been looking all day for her, fuck fuck fuck where and who is she

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