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Secrets thread? Secrets thread.
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File: 846203546.jpg (50 KB, 624x478)
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no i mean in real life
I pull down my pants and wipe my ass when I fart too much.
I do this in the meat cooler.
The meat cooler is at work.
I work in the meat dept of a grocery store.
I don't wash my hands.
I also bite my fingernails.
I did this today.
I liked loli once

Ask a believer in Christ anything.
I can't say I'll have an answer for all of the questions though.
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I was just sort of indoctrinated into it, being in Texas.

It can't be any less believable than some religions, so I never saw a need to convert. Ive always felt welcome in my local church. It's sad that isn't the case for everybody.
Id love to hear more
Jesus was just a man I burnt his body he is no more

Not even midnight.
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File: Capture29.jpg (27 KB, 340x422)
27 KB

everyone needs a reason to post fag images


who's who now?
File: iSqKjlU.jpg (230 KB, 906x1280)
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230 KB JPG
It's simple, I'm that one guy and you are that one girl
File: Capture39.jpg (59 KB, 546x927)
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how you set my dysphoric heart a-flutter~

File: 1440729837969.png (3.84 MB, 5632x7784)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
Wincest thread.

Em get in here!
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sauce pls
Just got up to date on Em's story, christ it's tense, even though I know it works out.

It's well written too, so that helps.
go hard (in your sister) or go home (in your sister)

wheres this from ?>>https://soundcloud.com/krunchnmunch/what-is-this-song-called

File: image.jpg (41 KB, 465x207)
41 KB
Who the fuck gave this moron a job anyway?

File: texas.jpg (49 KB, 1000x955)
49 KB
Texas thread
972 here
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>>638978787 Garland

File: 1437197518940.jpg (143 KB, 668x892)
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143 KB JPG
Creepshot thread
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creepshot threads are the only reason I still lurk /b/.

You have my attention, sir

File: 1256 - nvopZWN.png (400 KB, 650x650)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Never thought I'd be one of those faggots making a suicide thread, but Googling easy ways to kill yourself has gotten me jackshit. So I figured /b/ would know what to do. Some background.

>Born to average middle class white family
>Molested many times as a child, never tell parents or any other family
>Complete autist growing up, had to be sent to a SPED school
>Always good at autist shit like music and math
>End up going to an arts highschool in my city for music because why not
>Complete fucking loser at highschool
>Always losing friends
>Had a girlfriend on and off for a year, never got over her

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I've had a similar experience I. I believe if we all work towards this thing swill get better
Did he an hero? missed stream by 4 min
Would you mind sharing? I'll look for it if you already have

ITT: We talk about how to get better looking for guys!
I'll start with what i've found.
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Moisturizer for your skin

instead of your Lynx shit get some good deodorant (eg. David beckham's deo). (it doesn't make you better looking it just makes you better)
File: 8J6APH4OtTo.jpg (48 KB, 402x604)
48 KB
Face washing

Find what types of clothing bring out your eyes.

Treat that backney

Brush your teeth, day n nite.

Brush your teeth, use teeth whitening
File: 1441325093034.gif (1.22 MB, 440x300)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
This takes the retard cake for most autistic thread on any site ever

File: OQkSz4h.jpg (110 KB, 612x612)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Asian FB chicks you want to fuck
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File: Rachel (13).jpg (85 KB, 640x640)
85 KB
File: image.jpg (310 KB, 1396x1396)
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310 KB JPG
File: Sol (3).jpg (57 KB, 960x640)
57 KB

Really thinking about ending it tonight /b/
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I'm always poking snot but it's not doing anything for me anymore. All I have is resin right now I guess I could be more pathetic and smoke that
If you were really suicidal, you would have just done it instead of coming to /b/ for validation like a fucking teenager. Tumblr is that way, faggot. >>>>

"You're nobody, 'til somebody kills you"

How does this make you feel /b/?
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Indifferent. Star Wars is already over for me. It ended with 4 5 and 6. I stopped considering anything else canon after viewing episode 1. So naturally I'm not going to see it anyways. Having a nigger jedi doesn't change much. It's expected. I'm sure he'll also have an interracial interest, or maybe he's gay. I don't know. Don't care.

I've become completely uninterested in movies and hollywood anyways. It's basically just a shitty leftist propaganda factory at this point.
ok grandpa
dont forget to take your pills

I'm 26.

File: 34663b_5281648.jpg (181 KB, 1920x1200)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Hi, /b/. Time for some shit. It's cringe time, starring yours truly.

Aw fuck, here we go.

>Be me.
>17, virgin, hopelessly in love with a girl, we'll call her Sera.
>She's fucking radiant. I know I sound like a faggot when I say that, but...
>She was like 4 1/2 feet tall, easy 9.5 out of 10. Perky tits, thin frame.
>Most glorious smile I've ever seen. Could light up the room from 150 feet.
>Also has a boyfriend.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>She tries to kill herself again.
>I now have a broken girlfriend.
>She's been raped, used, broken, fucked over more times than she can count.
>She's anorexic again, and has a clearly deteriorating mental state.
>I come over to her house, and we both get wasted and have a good cry together.
>She kisses me. Hard.
>I kiss back. We fuck, for some time. Dunno how long, I was fucking drunk as fuck.
>Lots of tears. I felt bad through the whole thing, and I asked if she wanted me to stop.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
hahaha, OP is a good person.

you were doomed from the start

File: BIO.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
quads win this game, btw, this game costs 1 dollar in gmg using a code that is achieved voting in this page

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