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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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File: TPB-635x406.png (134 KB, 635x406)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Haven't torrented in forever. Now that tpb is down where's the best place for that ?
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so its better for everyone if all cars are able to drive properly
I dont see any problem with that
>I just named 3 you dipshit
the warez scene have no public websites or irc channels, you sad LAMER. if you seriously think anyone from the scene has anything to do with torrents then you are clearly fucking retarded. the scene thinks torrents are cancer. the scene also thinks anybody leaking their warez onto torrent sites are also cancer. jump off a fucking cliff, faggot.
how do i buy drugs online?

File: dafuq.png (686 KB, 1153x591)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
hxxps://w w w . youtube.com/watch?v=60Qv1Wl2Res

Liberals - explain yourself.
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File: cop.jpg (305 KB, 1920x1080)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
I need a lib to chime in here.
Post the full link, dumbass. 4chan doesn’t filter it.

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He bribed for votes, destroyed the used auto market (and encouraged malaise in the new car market), gave handouts to failing corporations IN THE MIDST OF THE RECESSION just for them to pat themselves on the back and pay themselves more, exacerbated racial tensions with favoritist policy, escalated the War On Terror AND the War On Drugs with no positive or permanent gains on either "front", extended the already-too-large oversight of alphabet agencies, attempted to castrate the 2nd Amendment MORE THAN ONCE, opened up our borders to people who want to turn this country into the country they FLED, and weakened our trade policy to the point where us fixing things and not getting raw-dogged is "being an economic bully" now. And on top of ALL this, he was a lukewarm, milquetoast, soft-handed statesman and speaker. All "uhhh"s and pauses. He is worshipped for the color of his skin and his Democratic leanings. He is part of what ruined this country.

Gey floofy boi time!
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cuddly twink bois are nice. Shame I've been heart broken too many times to trust anyone enough to love them
File: IMG_20181203_170536_387.jpg (163 KB, 1248x1248)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
That's pretty much the same reason i started liking guys more than women
File: 1540673085507.png (359 KB, 1200x1280)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
oh I see! it got more desirable the further I gots outta puberty

>be me
>end of 8th grade
>Had a crush on a qt3.14, very smart and 11/10
>we were top 2 students in the grade, had a friendly rivalry going
>wrote in each others’ yearbooks, mine was a nice message to have a nice summer
>doesn’t read any messages, loses yearbook
>never see her again
>3 years later
>I become aromantic
>Korean exchange moves in

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Ho lee shit OP, there went your only chance of getting laid.
File: f8kjjj9yz3321.jpg (48 KB, 750x782)
48 KB
Damn. Didn't expect such feels.

File: IMG_7474.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
SC SLooT thread

GEt her nudes b/ros


File: Magyar Zászló.jpg (24 KB, 900x900)
24 KB
Magyar thread - csapassuk!

Ki jön el holnap tüntetni elzavarni a geci Viktort?
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Nem tehetek róla hogy agyhalottak vannak az egész országban. De már ébredeznek

Ott tartunk hogy mindenki jobb lenne már kb.
>megválasztja a helyére pont azt az egyet aki még rosszabb lenne
Jó, gyurcsány kivéve.

If someone likes celeb teens like me then kik me at roman0624 to chat about people like slutty Danielle bergoli
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My kik code
File: 1526970774902.jpg (38 KB, 640x640)
38 KB
no thanks officer

File: 157856902368.jpg (64 KB, 530x800)
64 KB
tfw /b/ has been exactly like every other social media platform for 2-3 years
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Except for the fact that we all are anonymous so we just assume that everyone here is a fat, autistic, weeb shut in.
The golden times..... before the porn psyop, before the redditors, before the normies.

This place use to shine like a diamond in the dirt
a place where we could be free to discuss everything anonymously without bias, you could scroll down and not see 1000's of porn threads but smart conversations about the world and how it is....

A place of true freedom.

Now lets all raise our sugar free monster drinks and cry not for the past but for the future............
which platforms still allow you to call other anonymous users faggots and niggers?

File: IMG_1634.jpg (123 KB, 600x600)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>caturtay bread 2: electric boogaloo
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File: hnnng.jpg (64 KB, 480x480)
64 KB
I had a full day on set and now I'm going to take the rest of the night for myself!

>You know you're mine Scottish anon. You know :)

Go ahead and caption it, it's all yours my friend :)

Traps etc.
Qt3.14 edition.
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>ywn get cryogenically frozen with a QT trap and get thawed out when science has advanced far enough so you can literally breed her boipucci

File: 1544752661362.jpg (79 KB, 735x832)
79 KB
You save you lose:

Meme edition.
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File: FB_IMG_1543220370664.jpg (27 KB, 640x616)
27 KB
File: FB_IMG_1542452052886.jpg (71 KB, 934x916)
71 KB
File: 1538946303607.jpg (93 KB, 514x960)
93 KB

File: 809455.jpg (136 KB, 1006x1083)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Hey b, weird question. I was wondering, after Instagram thots finish shooting do they hand back the bikinis filled with their shit and cunt juices or do they keep them?
They sell them to faggots like you.

File: 1529848973390.jpg (120 KB, 631x836)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
ok...if you fight one person your weight class ,if you win and next fight is two on one,then if you win that fight,then its four on one ,six,eight,ten,twelve..on and on,doubling,how long in real terms can you last?
Realistically? Any person is gonna get fucked halfway through the second fight. A great fighter will get fucked halfway through the third.
hay todo un atrevimiento de tu parte?
might take on the first but against 2 at a time? need to get lucky

Anyone know what this could be? Woke up with it this morning, was working last night at a restaurant holding a Christmas party so that might have something to do with it (it's a bit redder than it looks)

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