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File: lollll.jpg (62 KB, 750x477)
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best of 4chan
only the very best edition
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File: IysvC.jpg (53 KB, 1202x364)
53 KB
all time favorite

File: 1.jpg (1.07 MB, 2592x1456)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
This wasn't supposed to happen. Fuck. Feels thread
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Good and evil are nothing but events in life. Like thoughts, or emotions, they are impermanent and ever changing.
File: 1454213798091.jpg (74 KB, 1920x1080)
74 KB
No, that goes away too.

>I'm so doing this.
o okay i get it thank you

File: IMG_9441.jpg (263 KB, 1779x1001)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Lindsey Feeback cutie who loves sucking fat cocks
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No from Texas
that is a fat cock for sure, im jealous. is it yours op?

File: 1480825351402.jpg (50 KB, 720x960)
50 KB
Chubby girl appriciation thread #3

Get in here.
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File: vid_003.webm (495 KB, 352x258)
495 KB
Also, have some more, enjoy the view
File: IMG_3644.jpg (73 KB, 721x1280)
73 KB
File: IMG_1820.jpg (355 KB, 1446x1925)
355 KB
355 KB JPG

File: 20161203_234502.jpg (1.84 MB, 2976x2976)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
She is sleeping, what should i do?
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To see how hot she is
winner winner.

he wont do penetration for dubs, what a pussy

File: IMG_3298.png (193 KB, 816x298)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Which is the better series and why...?
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I feel like family guy's strength is individual jokes that are clever and relatable while south park's jokes are less clever but the whole plot of the episode is one big joke or irony, family guy's episode plots are always dumb.
I'm in the minority here but I prefer Family Guy. With South Park, I feel like they try to be too edgy. Plus, you need to be 100% up to date with every pop culture event. Family Guy is just a funny sketch show that you can get lost in for 20 minutes.
south park

File: 105712.jpg (14 KB, 320x205)
14 KB
Ask D.B. Cooper's grandson anything.*
*except name
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>what did he do before like as a profession

Mechanical Engineer
He got sick of the work and wanted to get back to a more nature oriented life.
So he hits those harsh woods in his parachute. Then what? Hikes out on foot? Accomplice picks him up?
What's your name

File: Kik_Messenger_logo.png (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB
Kik thread let's go
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Is this the stepson again

File: 3tVAnuN.jpg (777 KB, 2043x3000)
777 KB
777 KB JPG
New celeb thread
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File: 3990.jpg (148 KB, 1024x1024)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
You like some coffee with your eggs?
leave my nigga alone
File: q43YhIV-oGM.jpg (48 KB, 320x400)
48 KB

I'm just relaxing here.

File: fight-9.jpg (96 KB, 1200x803)
96 KB
Daily /b/ fight thread. Today's theme: white knighting
Can you hold your own in a fight?

>what's your age, height and weight?
>what martial art or any sport do you practice?
>have you ever whiteknighted (ie fought to defend a cumdumpster or some other weakling?)
>what was the most painful technique/method ever used against you in a fight?
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>It got me street cred
didnt it get you a lot of enemies too?
l would fight every single one of you spastic nerds 1 by 1 and fucking give you the beating your shit parents never gave you. All of you, no age restrictions, it would be fucking hilarious. l bet the white supremacist posting the black power threads will come at arms flaying screaming reeeee
that's what street cred is for- yeah you might get enemies but you also get respect and people that don't like you literally DO NOT MATTER. Since they're too pussy to do anything about it anyways.

Lot better to set a harsh example than be a nice guy when it comes to physical conflict.

Your prowess is your leverage, you don't have to worry about other variables and play nice in order to keep from burning bridges.

File: 1111111111.jpg (266 KB, 1152x2048)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
she forgot her laptop here and im on her fb, any interest? trying to look through convos with her bf now
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File: 11111111111111.png (1.57 MB, 1198x1381)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
nice quads also you can just search pictures in FB messages, the gear "actions" and view all pics in this thread
File: 1.jpg (251 KB, 900x1600)
251 KB
251 KB JPG

File: photo.jpg (61 KB, 900x900)
61 KB
halp this terrerria youtuber is missing he needs our help
our discord for solving this mistery


File: OMG.jpg (739 KB, 1557x988)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
Is my brother's dick big?
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are the anons posting the same person? Because that dick is not big like what the fuck? Is this the same person posting or have these woman only been with men who have extremely shit tier genetics
File: Mfw.jpg (591 KB, 857x1249)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
Mfw i bring home a guy hung like that
What should i do b. What if i try to make a move and he gets mad? It will be weird forever

File: 1456371006384.jpg (72 KB, 640x638)
72 KB
>Be me
>Sleeping during day, awake at night
>12 year old cousin comes to stay at my house
>She wanted to see me
>Decide I'll have to stay awake and change my sleeping schedule for her, so she doesn't get bored and hates me

>Take 50mg of Amphetamines to keep it up
>Feeling really tired, edgy and impulsive
>Somehow manage to go through the day, and some of the night

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If it all goes well and back to normal, I'll ask her if she's ever masturbated before. I am open to ideas guys, if you have any advice.
File: 1454863693806.jpg (8 KB, 212x237)
8 KB

Did you do that just for this thread?
Keep us up to date anon

Most important thing is to not be jumpy. No speed tommorow. Just be chill and confident. Don't act like it's a big deal. Don't bring it up first thing. Wait a bit, maybe try to take her out somewhere.

All girls like strong, confident men. Be that and little else matters.

ima show u how to turn it up a notch
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What hipster shit?
I bet your microbrews aren't as good as here
File: 54327648734512345.jpg (49 KB, 700x739)
49 KB
File: 59709507_p0.png (951 KB, 1000x1400)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
I basically never drink beer so I have no point of comparison for that, but the breweries, the restaurants, the coffee shops, the boutique facial hair salons, etc. We have all that garbage now.

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