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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
• Discussing accessories such as wigs/circle lenses/prosthetics/makeup (These must be within the context of the board-related topics listed above; weight loss threads should be kept in /fit/, beauty and fashion generals should be kept in /fa/)

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It’s less than a month away anons! Are you prepared?
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File: onewheel halloween.jpg (285 KB, 960x540)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Made this turtle shell for my Mario costume. Going to ride it around Tokyo next week.

what's a cosplay you've always wanted to do but for one reason or another never did?

I always wanted to cosplay Anarchy panty but was always too self conscious before now to do it. I've lost about 80 lbs this past year and finally feel like I could do it.
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this might be a shit suggestion, but are there any gal gadot wonder woman tutorials you could modify??
Get yourself a metal bending brake and learn to solder/braze/weld.

Or go the easy worbla/foam route and cover it with chrome gold automotive vinyl wrap.
File: Gilgamesh3.png (337 KB, 512x724)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
My friend is the Gilgamesh cosplayer in the group so it would be weird for me to also do Gilgamesh.
Really vague, but I've always wanted to do a character from pokemon. Someone with a dynamic look like a gym leader or a well known trainer. The hardest part is picking cause there's so many characters in pokemon I'm scared I wouldn't have any recognition.
File: Penetrator_Wall.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
Penetrator from Demon's Souls. Disgustingly complicated armor and references are literally nonexistent outside of crappy screenshots. One day...

>tfw no plain doll gf to be good hunter for

File: NIt1W3x6jzli.jpg (15 KB, 200x193)
15 KB
Old thread is autosaging

This thread is for instagrams related to
>related crafts
>anything on-topic for cgl

Share favourites, ways to deal with the algorithm, useful hashtags, or anything else you feel.
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Nayrt but what does that even mean? Most lolitas who post on cgl are also part of communities. If they weren't then there wouldn't be lolita comm threads.
When did i ever say i wasn't apart of the community or didnt post on cgl?
Is there a tag for wearing burando casually? There's like 5 posts under #dailyalamode, was wondering if it's not a thing or people are using a different tag.
I use the casuallolita tag pretty often. If it's too far removed from lolita I'll just use the tag for the brand along with #jfashion #kawaii or whatever it falls under. I wasnt aware that anyone still used the term #dailyalamode since the decline of the lj comm. Maybe it's something i might start using.

Are there no other tags? I'm honestly just interested to see how other girls wear their IW to the office or non-poofy dresses for dailywear inspo, not so much interested in girls wearing poofy skirts.

File: 1504449109133.jpg (126 KB, 800x800)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Last one: >>9618150

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

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so this year's 11/11 sale will be my first on taobao. looking to get cosplays. generally what time do the sales start and end and how big are they (50% off etc.)?
unless you're like 6"5 or something, you'd be fine. But if you're 6"5, your proportions probably aren't all that suited for any sort of modelling really.
Oh shit, really? I'm still waiting on mine.

Sale prices usually get posted around early November depending on the size of the store. Bigger stores promote earlier and show you either the full 11/11 price or they'll do a 'mystery' price where it'll say something like "11.11 price: ?5.99" where you don't know the first number but you can see part of the discount you'll get.
Anyone know where I could get some colored tights, please?
Taobao is suddenly requiring me to log in to browse. Clearing cookies and using a different browser doesn't solve the problem. Has this happened to anyone else?

No bad cosplay thread? Let's go.
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She looks like fucking Daria
Her face is so fucking greasy, oh my God.
...ALA, wha-what are you DOING.
Holy shit please buy and wear a proper petticoat, and for the love of god stop self-posting. No one wants to follow your cosplay Instagram of bought costumes

File: AA-GENERAL2.jpg (83 KB, 500x500)
83 KB
Old thread >>9644464

>Please read the FAQ (always updating)
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)

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I'm not the pin OP, but you are cracking me up with your nuts-o levels of salt and cattiness. I love it. But I still stand by my theory that you can't draw and just shit on others who aren't master crafters yet.

>Judges art
>Doesn't even own a tablet
There are anons here who regularly make like $10k at cons but you keep telling yourself that everyone must be bad at drawing if they don't put up with bullshit.
File: dramu.gif (923 KB, 500x283)
923 KB
923 KB GIF

I'm gonna guess you ain't one of them.
For those of you do pillows, do you usually join group orders or do you get large batches? I had my eye set on this one supplier for THE longest time bc of their relatively low MOQ, emailed them and turns out they don't even do custom printing lmao. Such misleading listings urgh. Just want to test some pillows out for myself ):

File: IMG_6767.jpg (118 KB, 550x461)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>PAX and Madman Festival are next for Melbourne and Supanova for Brisbane and Adelaide.

>Cosplays you are looking forward to seeing at these cons?
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What made him such an enjoyable tog to work with anon? I don't have a horse in the shitfest >>9664964 has been trying to kick up but I am curious what sets Creed apart from however the rest of the Australian togs are like.
He was very straight to the point, and knew exactly what poses would work with my cosplay and give flattering photos. Idk he didn’t really talk much?? He was just very focused on his work and his photos, which is a nice change considering a lot of other photographers have reputations of complaining about people in the comm haha
So what now dickhead. One of these comments isn't your so called samefag.
File: IMG_3301.jpg (81 KB, 916x472)
81 KB
I don't mind outing myself for these two posts, because one of them was in response to the assumption that the only person who'd defend Creed is Creed himself. (Disclaimer: I'm not Creed. ) But yeah, since someone else has claimed one other post, that means there are at least 3 posters who'd vouch for him.
"Etc"... You mean, "people who've worked with him"? "People who know him"? "Friends"?

File: moMerchomoProblems.jpg (143 KB, 600x600)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Previous thread >>9643259

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Honestly, it's because of this that I held off on making an itabag for my YOI sonfu. I waited until literally this sleeping keychain came out and I realized how much I really, truly loved him. Now that I'm actually building the bag, I feel like I'm falling all over him again.

Also, it's because of posts like these that I wish itabagging didn't become so big. there's this imaginary pressure to make an itabag "just because" and not out of a serious love for the character, and that results in financial regrets. Never put down money for the trend, because there will always be more seasonal anime.
File: 2017-10-21 22.19.59.jpg (1019 KB, 1008x1236)
1019 KB
1019 KB JPG
>>9665893 #
S.E.M anon reporting in. Heading to Ikebukuro with this one soon and I'm hype since the anime is airing but I've loved them forever.

Nice and tidy army husbando bag! 30+ idols ftw!
Tiger with ripped off shirt figure? Yes. Yes very good. Carry one.
Uwaaaah, naisu bag you got there S.E.M!nonny!! I actually am working on a Touma bag right now, just struggling to decorate the base because my dumpass wanted a white bag.

(and I feel u on the anime adapt, it still hasn't sunk in my brain and chest how they're all animated now? it's like it was only yesterday when i stumbled upon the mobage, but it's been 2-3 yrs since then... wew. It's very nice to see more people into it now thanks to the anime/LoS!)

Wew, as salty as this was, thank you anon.
I just wanted a few site recs since this is my first time making a bag. I don't find it spoon feeding as I don't want you to find me anything, I was just asking that if anyone has bought from somewhere good they could quickly write out a name.
Is the weight of your itabag making you cranky?

File: electricboogaloo.jpg (166 KB, 900x800)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Now with an extra twist to keep this thread moving:
Weeaboo horror stories. I want to bring those back, I want to see some old weeaboo horror story caps posted, and even better if you get new ones.

For posts about you being a weeb:

What is the cringiest weeb shit you've done /cgl/?
Cosplayed in public?
Said "nya!" constantly?
Told strangers your undying love for Sasuke?

tell a story of you being cringy
provide a photo of you being cringy (you can edit out your face), or upload your shitty weeb art

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1471040894756.jpg (121 KB, 1208x1040)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>>mumbling turns into a high-pitwhine, slow whine
>>realize she's singing.
I can hear it so clearly
File: FB_IMG_1508579497653.jpg (147 KB, 1366x960)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Had a presentation for school with a group of people. Proposed to present in costumes. Thought it would be a great idea to wear my maid costume. Had the cat ears, tail and bell to boot. Sadly, I was forced to change in the gym locker rooms and so crossed half the school in weeb shit. Even had one guy whistle behind me. Fucking. Nightmare.
Is Yathzee a reviewer of vide games like the AVGN by any chance? at least that's what google seem to tell me...
File: anime138.gif (439 KB, 640x360)
439 KB
439 KB GIF
This thread has been a laugh a minute.
I should come to /cgl/ more often.

File: OnS12.png (491 KB, 537x539)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
>OnS Vol 1, 2, 3, 5 6, 7 scans https://mega.nz/#!9PxW1IAC!W3O1fHqCC35kMI9PDV5w21C_iPDIOZEXgGlPXcrtn-U
>GosuRori scans http://chochololita.livejournal.com/#post-chochololita-1982
OnS12 is coming out soon, any thoughts on the preview? Any things in the works? Planning on any holiday themed sewing-- halloween, thanksgiving, christmas or otherwise? Talk about your current projects!
Old thread here >>9574461
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Any requests for embroidery files? I need practice making them so i might as well share with embroidery machine owning anon.
Plugging my sale from the BST thread, figure some of y'all might be interested. Feel free to make me an offer.
I recently bought this Innocent World Flocked Dot jsk, but it didn't come with the belt, so I was thinking of buying some fabric and trying to make a replacement myself. Would velveteen be alright? I've been looking around on taobao and I've found some that seems to be for upholstery and pillows and such. Would that be good to use since it's stiffer (I think), or would I want to use a different fabric and stabilizer? Any tips would be lovely!
Or medium to heavy buckram. Which is like stiff interfacing made specifically for hats.

The simplicity pattern might be the answer we've been looking for:


About a month to go! Who's coming?

>What are your cosplay/lolita/other dress up plans?
>Any events or guests you're looking forward to?
>Will panel acceptances ever come out?
>What cosplays are you looking forward to seeing?
>Will Youma ever give a shit about jfashion programming?
>Do you miss it landing on Halloween or do you have other plans?
>Can we avoid arguing about Nazis in this thread?
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Oh my godddd I wondered
Offtopic but for those who enjoy the gameroom for bemani round1copened at glc and its good.
Screencap pls I'm not friends with them and they definitely won't accept my request because I spoke out about them lol
File: highclassbitch.png (45 KB, 470x178)
45 KB
I'm not friends with her either, but I do have it. Its funny that she thinks she's "high class". Bitch if you have to use bed sheets for your "makeshift" coordinate you aren't high class.

holy fuck i want to go to this shit show now just to walk out

File: LoveNikki.jpg (213 KB, 1100x920)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
New Love Nikki
Costumes you'll never get - edition

Last Thread: >>9645822

Current Event: Haunted Night 17th-24th Oct.

>Where to download
Google Playstore, App Store

>Useful guides
'Love Nikki Guide' App (Android only)

>Active codes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's the Devil Bracelet! That's the one you're asking about, right?
File: image.jpg (517 KB, 458x982)
517 KB
517 KB JPG
This is my rori outfit (that's how they say it in Nippon ^~*) I wore it all day today at the mall with my bffl xD
U cant tell but its an idoru cosupray I got on milanoo but I thought it was soooo rori so I was like imma do it anyway XD
I'm actually dressed as my oc xD xes a Kawaii neko idoru purincessu (my aunt got the kimono top thing from China witch suxx but it's cute I guess) no hate pls!!!
Dress, sox, ears, tail: milanoo
Crown:tumblr <333
Shoes: I don't remember???
#transboi #neko #boys can be cute too #lolita #sorori #queeraf #ddlg #daddy got me that collar #the doll is a princess loli too
Yeah, thanks!
Glad someone else thought that the love lock is perfect for an ita coord! Here’s mine, based off of what I wore when I first started out. (Complete with greasy hair and no makeup!)
I think this fits the theme pretty well.

File: EudswPl.jpg (276 KB, 594x640)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Last thread! >>9661468

What's your favourite dress/accessory/etc to wear around Halloween?

Old thread >>9659610

Post Ita Coords here.
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You sound bothered.
Nah, anon is just mega salty about being posted for being a frog faced ita.
Why are you talking as if I posted myself to an ita thread? That hideous shit isn't me. I'd probably never go outside if that was me.
I didn't mean to sound like I was talking to you, but instead to the person posted.
I like ita threads as a tough-love learning tool to not look as shit, so I thought posting tips on how to reduce the severity of the trainwreck would be helpful, especially as it seems the anon in the pic is causing a fuss in the comments.
Who invited Henry VIII and how does a human being even function at the size of that woman on the left? I’m surprised she can stand up.

You post here, you’re a gull.

There are plenty of obvious ita’s in full view, though.

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