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• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
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File: auscos.png (5 KB, 232x217)
5 KB
AKA the "don't derail the thread" edition
>Upcoming cons: SMASH, BrisOz, SydOz
>What are you working on?
>Cosplays you are looking forward to seeing?
>Entering any comps?
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>Smash was really fun
Agreed. They're improving every year. Shame about their fuckup with the WCS though.
>favourite cosplay you saw?
Pic related.
What happened with the WCS fuckup?
Sorry, I meant the Madman cosplay comp fuckup.
File: DCIM_1629.jpg (350 KB, 1352x902)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
SMASH was great

+1 Bishbrigade

File: lolidontpost.png (111 KB, 508x376)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Last thread. >>9596903

Time to share some cgl feels. Stay on-topic and don't fight!
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To the anon posting last thread about going on holiday and leaving your number, if you were the one from


I didn't ghost you, your number didn't work for me. I messaged you after telling you but it looks like you got locked out of your account. I thought you'd ghosted me. I'd still love to talk to you!
I'll sew my own dresses and, being mostly into classic, can probably find suitable shoes, bags and accessories in vintage shops. Hopefully.

>Now, imagine if aliens landed in the ocean and suddenly made it difficult for countries to ship stuff to each other, including Japan to the US. Imagine a whole year of no burando shopping, no closetchild, no fril, no mercari, no yja........ I might actually shrivel up and die.
anon pls now I'll have nightmares
Are you only concerned about shoes? You can find lolita-appropriate shoes in normie stores too, they won't be TPS level of cute but they can work, especially for daily wear. It's easier if you wear gothic or classic but it's possible for sweet too; either learn to lighten up with how you coordinate and incorporate black or brown shoes into your coords, hope that you can find shoes in the pastel color that you need, or buy whatever cute pair of shoes that you can find and paint them.
That's true. I do have normie shoes and all that, I just kind of wonder what stuff will look like in the future.

This fashion has lasted WAY longer than anyone thought it would anyway so maybe it'll be around forever 8D

The fashion will outlive you, I think. Although it might be difficult to find certain styles of shoes when they go out of trend.

I got into lolita when ITS was the big thing, and both homemade and loliables were actively encouraged for those who couldn't get their hands on burando. The DIY component in lolita is still pretty strong, Someone was still asking if Eternitas and Melt had patterns and instructions the same way GLB had in them. The current generation just happens to have a lot of brands, whether it's main brand, indie or single artist, all making very cool things at affordable prices, aimed at lolitas, so it's easier and more rewarding to buy something interesting and cute while contributing to encouraging other people to make cute things for lolitas, than to DIY everything yourself. And with the current push towards customization and maker spaces popping up in many cities, if anything, another 40 years into the future we might actually be able to print our own RHS in our own homes.

As to your current shoe problem, though. I'd suggest you start with white shoes and a comfortable base that you like. A few coats of Angelus leather paint takes care of the colour. For decoration, spare leather, glue, earring backings for non-pierced ears and some creative hours and you can add decoration to it to make it suit your taste.

File: lol kamui cosplay.png (1.02 MB, 999x909)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
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Either way those ribs look disgusting desu
My bmi always been on the lower end of normal and I never had such ribs. Even when sucking in.
> I never got negative comments with a little more on my hips so fat shamming is a no go

She never got fat comments because her size a few months ago wasn't fat. I applaud the rest of her comment but that part just didn't make much sense. Fat shaming and thin shaming both exist in the community, of course she hasn't experienced the former when she's been slim or average ever since she blew up in cosplay.
Do we have screenshots of this?
Not that I'm surprised. She dropped what 20 pounds? 30 pounds? in under 2 months?
I do but I have a similar thing to Kamui, my ribs just kind of jut out more. I also have a messed up bit on one side that will pop in and out heh

last thread is in autosage >>9591244

I was just trying to find a pic of an old meta dress...
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>my favourite AP dress was sold out
>video includes bodyline and a shitty AP replica
other video "heres my dress from angelic pretty... well actually its a replica"

>im hoping this is a joke
>that wig application above all else
File: 1448646470924.jpg (86 KB, 500x476)
86 KB
>those arms
im terrified
I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt on that because sometimes ribbons just come undone while you're wearing stuff and you only notice after all the photos have been taken.
The lace, though? That's pure laziness or cheapness and neither of those is acceptable.

What upcoming cons are you planning to attend?
What cosplays do you currently have on the go?
Cosplans for the upcoming cons?

Also dump any dramu if need be
>What upcoming cons are you planning to attend?
You mean the out of the literal two upcoming conventions??
Do Kiwis really merit their own con thread?
Waiting on the usual "I can't be bothered/don't even like Con anymore", but still end up going posts
File: 1495590483027.png (194 KB, 539x454)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
im excited to finally go to alk Armageddon
finally meeting some of my friends, and got my boys from wellington and palmy coming too!
it's a slow moving board and we have like 3 threads a year. it's not a big deal.

File: o0500075012977105441.jpg (93 KB, 500x750)
93 KB
Previous thread >>9598775
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5'3", 130lb and AP OTKs end under my knee.

I think... I think we'll never figure out how socks fit.
Same thing happened to me but it was my own fault. Did the cheap option because I'm an idiot, and the set I was supposed to get ended up being only the dress. Couldn't do anything and they refused to help which, again, was my fault to begin with. Hearing what happened to you, I wonder if it would have even mattered if I paid more for their better service plan if they still lose parts of sets and don't take responsibility. I almost wonder if sellers on fril also might know which users are SS and take advantage, since SS might not file disputes or whatever since they aren't allowed and therefore want to stay on the down low.
on their blog
i met him irl and he is the sweetest most bashful person.
>from the typical black and white look that was a common sight when I joined the fashion, to OTT sweet (2008-2010 AP style), and now to classic


File: 20170727-_7270340.jpg (3.44 MB, 2560x1920)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG
Previous thread in autosage, new larp thread
All the fucking mud edition. (seriously, fuck the mud)

previous thread
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File: 20170726-_7260117.jpg (2.55 MB, 2560x2560)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
File: 20170726-_7260121.jpg (3.44 MB, 2560x1920)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG
You got a lot of girls parading their beaver around like that?
File: 20170726-_7260123.jpg (2.66 MB, 2560x1920)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
that's a rat
File: 20170726-_7260130.jpg (3.17 MB, 2560x1920)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB JPG

File: CosplayTemplate.png (150 KB, 2184x1012)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Is this not a thing we do anymore? Come on guys, let's get one started again- Comic Con season is in full swing!

Rules: Suggest a cosplay to 5 people and post a pic of your own to get more suggestions. OP will be lurking to get this started.
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File: IMG_2956.jpg (131 KB, 1600x900)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Easy mode but you'd make a good Cole Phelps from LA Noire. The Hunter from Bloodborne can be as easy/hard as you want to make it.
My girl likes cosplay and I want to join with her. No clue what to do. Would prefer to keep glasses on. Bonus if there's guns.
Seconding Cole Phelps! One of my favorite games, would love to see a cosplay of him!

Did you forget the part where you're supposed to post a picture of yourself? Just saying that isn't going to help at all.
I'm infosec. Sorry too paranoid.
Try cosplaying Akemi Homura since that fits your information given.

Post a picture and blot your face if you're autistic, most people here do just don't give bitch excuses about it.

If you want to cosplay with your Girl then ask her not us, see if there are anything's she wants to do that has a gun toting character from the same series to match up with her.

File: serveimage(3).jpg (114 KB, 1920x1080)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Britthread/ukthread/kita cluster fug
205 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bluebell bed?
F, it was genuinely the most fun con I've been to in years, panels were good, venue was great, met a few new people and a few old acquaintances. Shitposting here was good, party's were great and so were the ceremonies. Hope to make it to Amenext year.
One went missing for a while.
Didn't attend 4chin meet, next time maybe. This Kita was my first, an despite getting food poisoning, s'all good. I heard about the Tohru fuck hunt tho, you bunch of horny madmen.
Our social circle only has space for edgelords

Anyone think, Someone will cosplay as Gutts or Griffith during the solar eclipse?
Wasted fucking chance if they don't

File: Logo.png (37 KB, 814x314)
37 KB
AWA 2017 thread! I know it's a little early.

Who else is going? Cosplay plans? Gatherings?

Also, I am looking for a room in the main hotel.
66 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: yuru.jpg (77 KB, 680x510)
77 KB
>tfw AATP is going to be there but I just gave birth and am breastfeeding my kid so my tits have exploded and I don't fit my favorite/only AATP dress anymore
You are a sullied lolita.
Considering this con for my first in ATL... which hotels besides the main one are actually walkable? Looking at Google Maps, and it's hard to tell if you can actually cross roads/cut through parking lots/etc.
that area is kind of treacherous. Some massive highways you gotta cross. But depending on what route you take or come from, there are pedestrian paths.

I'd lean on Google's walking directions.
I know friends of a friend stayed at a Days Inn or something similar down the road and walked but you have to walk along the road and cross traffic at one point. Depending on the weather you'll be completed sweat soaked by then. Definitely see if the place has a shuttle.

File: 17_saihan_164709.jpg (76 KB, 450x570)
76 KB
Last thread is saging >>9580366

If you have an IW dream dress, don't forget to complete their resale questionnaire! They will stop accepting responses soon: http://innocent-w.jp/onlineshop/en/17_8_7questionnaire%20about%20resale.html
124 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
nayrt but there's some really nice pintucks and lace detailing on the JSK, and older JetJ in general is gorgeous
>and for you three. you better listen too
angelic pretty salopette dreamy horoscope in black is my dream, but can not find *cry* If anyone sees it drop link plox
Da fuq

File: animethon.png (30 KB, 400x232)
30 KB
Canada's longest-running anime convention is happening now!

Post cosplay pics, discuss panels, organize seagull meetups etc.
29 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Unbanned, crisis averted.

Everything worked out in the end.
I'm glad they got unbanned. If they stayed banned over some split water that would have been complete horseshit.
Not only did they get unbanned but there were profuse apologies lol. Dumb situation but I gotta hand it to Animethon for owning up to it and fixing it.
Seems liked con threads were so much more active 4-5 years ago
Which panelists were the ones that got banned?

File: eventlogo-14-v1.png (110 KB, 810x259)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
So here I am sitting at work with my coffee, about two clicks away from D.C. thinking whether I should stop by and "visit" this evening. I don't even have a badge, and don't care to buy one. I've outright snuck into the formal ball before, the only event worth going too, closest to the reason why most people go in the first place: to grab a girl to back to their hotel room and get laid.

What used to be a fun convention among all my friends has now devolved into an empty circle-jerk of obsessed hobbyists, hot celebrity cos-players who nothing but photoshoot, and poor friendless autists whose highlight of their year is to spend a few expensive days watching anime in a panel with strangers they don't even know.

You go to the "Voice Actors After Dark Panel" maybe, to relive the childhood thrill of "staying up" with pillows and blankets - only to be affronted with the sight of aging PC feminists droning on and on about what annoys them, sitting next to what appears to be a 40 something otaku, laying on his stanky breath in your direction at 3:00 in the morning.

You step outside and look up at the late summer night sky and wonder, "what is my life?"

Then on Sunday, like the world doesn't even care, they pack up their, equipment, and money, and leave, turning the Walter E. Convention Center back into dreary center of business that it really is, as you return to your job next Monday morning.

But hey, there are some hot cos-players there right? Well you can't even sneak past the front door anymore. So yeah.

*sips covfefe* Have fun.
173 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
They should have temporarily cleared that stairway after the concerts.
There was a Jojo meet there right after the concert on Saturday and they decided to funnel the only exit down that small railed section on the right.
File: DSCN1175.jpg (3.63 MB, 4201x3591)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG

As a staffer that offends my sensibilities
HA. I can see the top of my friend's "get smoked" hat.
I think.That might be me...
File: DSCN1191.jpg (2.75 MB, 4823x2657)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Hah, I might be in that picture if that was from the last day in the Marriott.

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