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File: gullcommon.jpg (227 KB, 960x960)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
last one looks to be dead/gone?

let go of your excess salt and call out the weirdos in the online comms.
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File: Selection_019a.png (44 KB, 480x194)
44 KB
I don't speak Spanish but I think I understand enough from 'lolitas elitistas' and 'adult baby'
and this is RC, by the way.
Their Spanish is very different to the dialect I speak, but >>9916083 is basically saying "I LOOOOOVE HIM! He walks around dressed as an adult baby, like fuck the rules."
>>9916082 is saying "You go, Chechena-chan... Vice President of Japan's Lolita Association. I LOVE YOU, JAPAN! FUCK YOU, LOLITA ELITISTS!"
File: whatthefuck.png (20 KB, 501x257)
20 KB
What the fuck is happening here? A, who was only supposed to be a mod because of B, banned both the other mods? What is wrong with you, Edmonton comm?
can confirm, sounds like some weird Spain or perhaps Argentina
File: 1513731554018.png (193 KB, 663x619)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>getting excited about a man dressed like an adult baby to spite 'teh elitists'
Are they retarded

Old thread >>9904963
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tfw the stupid questions thread is more active than the general
what is with the angry bait as of late?
Yes, they have exactly the same backgrounds, the same way of pricing items (always going for x900 yen, x700 yen, x200 yen) and yesterday celeblack deleted a moitie dress that TokyoAlice listed today with the same pictures.
But like you said, they usually don't offer the same items, I wonder why.
Newfags think they can blend in better if they act like angry bitches 24/7.
The owner of TokyoAlice probably wears lolita herself so maybe she doesn't put things that she wears in the shop.

What's your favorite print?
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File: swvi.png (433 KB, 600x400)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
DERP I tagged the wrong post. Oh well.

I am also a huge fan of the Sweetie Violet print.
Does anyone have kira imai or jane marple backgrounds?
Do you have a public collection of what you found like on Google drive? I wouldn't mind helping you search, but it's easier to know what to look for.
File: AP FD LV.png (311 KB, 591x499)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
I don't have anything like that, but basically any prints 2013 and older, as that seems to be what's impossible to find. Especially prints that are from 2011 and older. I don't think there were many from that time that had hi res photos, but I know there were some, or at the very least cute backgrounds based off them.

Also I can't seem to find anything for Perfume of Wonderland or Cats Tea Party. I really like Kira Imai's art, so I'm especially trying to find anything I know she worked on. I already found Charlotte's Bear, Daydream Bed, and Fancy Hospital, but of course those are all newer prints.

I did find a surprisingly nice one for Fantastic Dolly on an old LJ post, but I can't remember if there was a better one out there, or other colorways, because it was so long ago.

I have a few AP prints done by Kira Imai, is that what you're looking for?
Anyone have just the navy Sweetie Violet bg?

File: received_255998104961139.jpg (627 KB, 2878x2560)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
Anime Expo 2018 Danger Thread
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Threads meant to harass and disparage others are against the rules.

If you want to wage a hate mob against someone, go to tumblr.
This, if you're gonna go for a tourist trap place go to Howlin Rays
guess you sympathize with serial killers too then
File: CvU6_BVWYAEnicG.jpg (25 KB, 355x369)
25 KB
>Wanna go to AX
>Live in Ohio

I could buy a home with the roundtrip prices I've seen
It's like $200-$500 what the fuck are you talking about

For those road tripping to cons, what’s on your playlist?


>tfw I’m resorting to Spotify now for the trip to AX
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Here’s some of my music.

Spotify didn’t have LL or Initial D shit.

Not seen: Ninja Sex Party’s discography

>Porter Robinson
>disappointing P3D / P5D OSTs
>fucking Hamilton
>Sailor Moon dub music
I hope you didn’t put in Raditude in that playlist

Hamilton is definitely the worst thing in that list

Should people particapating in nanchate go for a more realistic vibe with their uniforms? Or is it okay to be costumey as long as its cute?

Where is the best place to get school uniform and school uniform esk clothes?

Should seifukus classify as being apart of nanchate or does their need to be more effort put in to a nanchate coord?.
227 replies and 110 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's ugly as sin though. You'd think they'd at least make a cute one.
As a beginner to nanchatte can I have some reccomendations for decent quality taobao sellers? Or anywhere else accessible for someone just trying out/starting a small wardrobe to see if i'm comfortable with the style before i fully commit. (So nothing too pricey/actual jp uniform stores etc.)
See >>9906180
This looks like it's going to be expensive af. I'm better off buying a basic bike from decathlon or something like that. I do like bikes like these that have a basket and no metal bar(?) Going straight between the wheels
thoughts on uniqlo? there's one near me that i've never visited but for the cost, I worry it might be sort of cheap..

File: size up moonbag.jpg (91 KB, 720x900)
91 KB
>you're tearing me apart!
Old one is saging >>9910648
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>Wavy stitching
>uneven lengths per stitch
>side curtain opening
I'm sorry I doubted you
>tfw I can see myself in the reflection
Dodged a bullet, I almost got posted.
Are you the chubster busting out of the high waisted outfit
bad taste

Abhorrent commissions edition. Old thread ded.
284 replies and 83 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're fat.
Looks good to me boss.
>Mägo de Oz
oh fuck no
FFXV, apparently. The rest of the shoot is the shitty kind of BL you'd expect from this fandom.

A red, angry, raised nipple-bruise....? On her tit?

File: IMG_4082.jpg (97 KB, 1600x1168)
97 KB
Selfpost, post accounts you follow, keep it civil.
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Is that your art? It's so cute
Yes it is, thank you !
Because she's a poorfag with like 3 dresses.

Was probably not her but her hamplanet bff who looks worse than she does.

>t. Am in her comm
File: 1529345133166.png (248 KB, 500x417)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Oh my gosh, WHAT.

That's so cute, please talk to me!

Last thread >>9909393

Looks like nobody’s been uploading stuff since the old thread is saged into the depths. Let’s try to keep it on track.
Non CoF pictures go in the Lolitas of Instagram thread now!
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Must be your first time here.
If this is actually you, please wear clothes that fit because that OP does not.
diff anon but I'm a busty lolita and that cut is fine it's just the bodice is way too short. You're better off finding shirred AtPie IW or BTSSB OPs with longer bodices so your chest is covered and elongated. a little shapewear doesn't hurt for your waist either if it's not too warm out.
>the cut is fine
>bodice is too short

By your own admission the cut is not fine for her because the bodice is too short. Stop being dumb.
maybe I should have said style of OP rather than cut.

File: FlagMap_360x240.png (20 KB, 360x240)
20 KB
Melbourne Oz Comic Con is coming up waaaay too fast
232 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Give up, all cosplay girls are taken or lesbians.

Can we talk about something that doesn't involve trying to pick up weebs? How are everyone's SMASH cosplays going? I'm starting mine tomorrow!
>starting mine tomorrow
Good fucking luck there, matie. I'll be seeing you posing in /cgl/ at 4am the morning before Smash.

Meanwhile I'm STILL sucking dick at making my first foam cosplay helmet. I doubt I'll be ready for Smash.
I can't say I know much about this drama, can you fill me in? I know a few people left Palettes and one of their members moved overseas, whats so bad about them merging?
What trouble are you having? I didn't have too much trouble on my first one.. granted I haven't actually finished it yet.
As in, it's a game made by Chinese developers, from a Chinese company. It is heavily inspired by Japanese mythology but it's definitely not a game of Japanese origin.

File: Greenstuff.gif (732 KB, 500x269)
732 KB
732 KB GIF
I've been wanting to save money lately so I'm curious
How do you gulls budget for cons,lolita and/or cosplay? Or do you do it at all?
How much do you usually take for cons to spend on merch, food, hotel, gas etc..
What do you do to save as much money as possible? I've heard of people sleeping in their cars and showering at gyms so they don't have to get a hotel room which I think is clever but a bit extreme. Can't blame them for trying to save a couple of bucks tho, more money for weeb shit. Personally, I like to just take/make my own food and drinks at home then bring them on the trip so I don't have to spend too much on food/restaurants.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, I do the same. Last year I was lucky enough to have two artist I like play right before and after CRX so I took a whole week off and basically spent it visiting california.
neat, i do the same

lol. feels good to be on the other side
This is how I treat cons too. I go with a group of friends and we always book a hotel together (even if the con is local). It costs us $40 per person for the weekend usually and we pick one nicer restaurant to go to one of the evenings. Usually we try to do something fun before or after the con that is totally unrelated to the convention as well.

For the savings end of things, we are all really open with each other in regards to how we are doing with money. If someone is tighter on money we tend to go to cheaper restaurants or we go to the grocery store and get all our food for the weekend then. We also usually babysit that person in the vendors/artist alley to make sure they don't impulse buy everything.
I find that it is really helpful to map out all the cons that I want to go to for the entire year and figure out the total cost. This stops me from spending too much at cons. I have an extra savings account and I just throw $50-$100 on non convention months to make things easier on me when I go. I feel like if more people did something like this there would be fewer people sleeping in the con space/not sleeping for the whole convention.
Travel Costs aside, I enforce a spending limit on out of town cons where I don't know exactly how I much I would spend per day. Splitting the cash up to several envelops that I am allowed to spend on each day while prioritizing personal needs before merchandise.
Even when I was in college I made sure to save up before cons and spend money only on what I really wanted.

Last thread >>9851449

>Next event
Happiness event with 2 new wedding suits 06/01-06/07

>Where to download?
Itunes, Google Play Store

>How to play and useful guides:

>/cgl/ Associations
Gull Wings - ID#13483
Bunny Baes - ID#11281

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>All these sluts will never understand me. Not like my sweet Nikki-Chan. Nikki-Chan would never judge me.
>its alright Nikki-Chan. No one will ever see you in your underwear. No one else but me...
File: IMG_4589.png (618 KB, 640x1136)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
I thougbt I lost all caps of this! This was the only time I hit numbers, and I finished in 2nd place.
nice! can you say on which day you entered the competition?
I think it was day 1 before voting was enabled. I had actually forgot about the competition for the first two days, and when I checked, I was around 21st place, and I kept climbing.
resubmit until it hits top 5%, that’s what i do
sooner or later you’ll get matched up with a shitty outfit and you’ll rake in the votes

File: IMG_20180526_134754.jpg (1.65 MB, 4160x3120)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
New larp thread as previous one is in autosage


now with 33,33% more common stuff.
Don't forget that a level 2 commoner is twice as common as a level 1
128 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
roll around in oil.
Also, attack it with a knife
File: 1386452497671.jpg (87 KB, 644x689)
87 KB
Buicead culghairme, though most call them Irish Burgeonets.

Fine sandpaper on the knees.
File: IMG_1524.jpg (128 KB, 250x475)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Thanks for the response. I'll look into your pic related. I figured "like the English" was a good starting point but it's good to know I was on the right track. I absolutely despise the Braveheartfags; big reason why I don't want to wear a kilt. I could rant for ages on them.

I found my pic related while researching; it conveys the sort of trousers ("trews" apparently) I'm interested in making. Im thinking I'll take heavy inspiration from that pic related, although with a few colour changes and maybe shorter sleeves. Allegedly they're from about the right time period, and they may actually suit my body type. Thoughts?

Dumping a few images of Scottish dress would be handy to me actually. Especially if they can confirm that my pic related isn't just some random person making a sketch with no grounding.
That pic is a 19thC mishmash of "historic" wierdness.
perfect for larping

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