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/bant/ - International/Random

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Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.

File: fidget-spinner-blue.jpg (85 KB, 1001x1001)
85 KB
if there is any other /bant/its online VSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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File: 0.jpg (7 KB, 480x360)
7 KB
i prefer this variant
He died for your spins
File: 362362346234.png (461 KB, 477x467)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
I actually bought one of these for my cat. I just put in on the ground and spin it and when she swipes at it, it just keeps spinning. So there's one use.

File: 1495469254619.jpg (92 KB, 540x384)
92 KB
You have to pick one language the whole world speaks

and it isn't English

which language should it be?

File: ASK EM.png (28 KB, 1748x768)
28 KB
Wow just wanted to say thanks guys for the amazing response from last time, lest get down to business; ASK ME QUESTIONS
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I knowwwwww
Why aren't you a meme yet?
File: War.png (7 KB, 384x299)
7 KB
I just need to keep on trying thats all!
File: In the Making.png (33 KB, 631x468)
33 KB
Thats great! Hopefully it'll catch on.

File: 1495333368464.jpg (135 KB, 950x1330)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
soft pussy destruction
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File: sojin_8172.jpg (51 KB, 516x607)
51 KB

sry i dont speak german ~
i really like the idea of sex but i dont enjoy it in practice
hurt choa*

File: scandinavia.jpg (42 KB, 510x457)
42 KB
What Scandinavian language should i learn /bant/? I got 4 months of nothing to do and wanna learn one.
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nice dubs but are you a roach? Judging by your English, you are.

I really like the look of Finnish but i hear that the Swedish Duolingo course is really good. I really like going balls deep so i'd be immersing in Swedish as well.

I have a base knowledge of Norwegian, the grammar is easy but i know like only 300 words.

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I'm learning Swedish on Duolingo right now, it is very good. I'd recommend it.

File: 42.jpg (6 KB, 266x190)
6 KB
Welcome to Universe Creator v1.02!
Here we create a new universe which uses our own world as a template, when the thread ends all changes will be enacted

The rules:
>dubs=this is now a historical fact on the new earth
>trips=you are god and you get to make one change to any aspect of history/biology/science/law of nature etc in your next post.

This is your chance to change the world in your own image /bant/. Don't fuck it up!
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Penises are 50 feet long,
File: 1493359076490.gif (213 KB, 250x263)
213 KB
213 KB GIF
if trips everyone is homosexual :^)
adolf hitler doesn't exist

File: bant king.png (1.25 MB, 892x1765)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
New thread. All roles are reset.
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People can manage quests if they want. What they can't do is decide that they are suddenly a nuclear power and suck dicks through the whole thread

I'm just fucking around until there are more people on the good side to oppose me

Roll to raid shipping
whenever someone makes it I guess
why not rn
also satanic offby1
I lose two pirates out of my crew of 10

Raid shipping again

File: 1452257677078.jpg (57 KB, 490x337)
57 KB
Post historical photos (perferably from your country) that has been shooped or memed. If none, just post historical photos and maybe some based anon will shoop it.
I'll dump my collection.

File: 1488689099960.png (212 KB, 650x555)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Draw thread: spooky edition
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oh geez what an amazing plan, now we can have 2 dead threads.
File: demonz.png (21 KB, 750x500)
21 KB
>Is that so?


File: 1363564847078.png (418 KB, 800x993)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
What's your biggest fetish /bant/?
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File: tomoko.png (63 KB, 456x338)
63 KB
I'll bet you in fact do.
I don't know if hentai is considered a fetish but if it is then that
Oh and... loli's
Actually, >>>/bant1/rules is related to porn as well, because it removes several global rules forbidding certain types of porn, like lolicon and guro.

File: IMG_20170523_163310.jpg (340 KB, 1518x2024)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
alright boys, im trying it. get ready
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its not bad, would do again/10
r u a nigger. or what
File: peanutsincokesimon.png (41 KB, 922x676)
41 KB

File: territorial risk.png (777 KB, 4104x2866)
777 KB
777 KB PNG

>one alliance at a time
>+2 bonus for breaking it
>+1,+2,+3 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd kill, so on so on stfu

Will go until 11pm, after Hannity I'm going to bed.

Also I'm playing so if you don't like it please still play and I'll plough you pussyboys so painfully you won't walk well in weeks.
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this is my friend he's playing too but he's not me just at my house, if you don't like it smd
as long as it doesn't get confusing

Why do Canadians eat this?
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File: 1493325359616.png (132 KB, 250x250)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>Canada's only cultural hallmark for the world is fried potato, cheese, and gravy
Christ almighty it was supposed to be your "BC BUD" but our based ass country has already lapsed you night/day on the marijuana front. Just vote referendum to become greater USA already you fucking wasteland of cucks void of culture
we don't eat that
that looks like fries in tea
And what is the us hallmark? Depression or obesity?

File: dongus the hedgehog.jpg (245 KB, 1289x1318)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Google: (Your Name) the Hedgehog
Post results here.
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Is your hedgehog drowning himself? It looks like he's underwater.
File: Seth_the_hedgehog.jpg (105 KB, 900x675)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Holy shit it's literally me from high school

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