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/bant/ - International/Random

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Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.

File: imagine.jpg (72 KB, 760x718)
72 KB
All the people...
in a society
No religion to pray for?

File: 1507862114850.png (82 KB, 835x1000)
82 KB
Hey /pol/ let's get a nigger story thread. I need to vent some shit.

My grandmother died recently and all the family showed up for the visitation. My uncle was told not to bring his wife and kids because she doesn't respect anything and their kids are unmannered niggers. He arrived about 4 hours late with his wife and 3 niglets in tow. This is where our story starts.

>Be me
>At funeral home, guest are starting to slow down, everyone has had an emotional night.
>Go to comfort my cousin a bit
>Hear a loud barking
>Must be the movie they have on the for kids
>Sitting and talking with her

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We must purge the world to make it safe for baby retarded fish frogs and please the ecclesiarchy.
Nobody on this board will talk about it but Mexican aunts routinely molest and rape their nephews this is why every 10 year old spic is a sexual predator.
T. Mexican nephew

*smooches your cheek*
hihi~ you're so cute when you're flustered, anon
are you a virgin maybe?
*leans in and whispers into your ear*
do you want to take care of that?
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Fck muh boipussy plz
hihi you know that would make you gay, right?
I am a boy after all

File: lnomadl.png (65 KB, 991x506)
65 KB
What does nomadlist.com say about your city anon? How does it compare with your own experience of your city?

Mine is one of the friendliest cities you'd ever visit but I wouldn't rate it's safety so high. Hospitals are quite shitty and freedom of speech is as well but that's to be expected considering it's in the UK.
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File: Capture.png (66 KB, 1001x544)
66 KB
File: Captura.png (80 KB, 999x521)
80 KB
my city
File: asdasdasddasd.png (64 KB, 1003x602)
64 KB
nice try FBI

not true for racial tolerance, not sure for internet, otherwise seems okay

File: h6899B411.png (181 KB, 640x641)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
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File: Did Drumpf cheat.jpg (373 KB, 1273x900)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
ironically of course

File: Screenshot_24.png (106 KB, 817x605)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
IQ masturbation thread

How do the political preferences of 160 IQ and 130 IQ individuals differ from each other?

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This. Everyone on this board is a brainlet
We don't get along with major audience too well because it's too dumb to understand us. It's like saying
>normies tend to net get with literal retards

If everybody would be 130+ they would get along just perfect.
Well, the tests would be rebalanced to have the average score of 100 again.
>I also believe it to be a sort of mutation, so even in a population of very low average IQ people, you may randomly get a genius.
This is what the bell curve is ALL ABOUT. You can't just say "fuck those numbers, i believe in my gut feeling". The statistical distribution models and predicts *those random mutations* in the first place.

Creativity is tied to intuition and imagination, and indeed IQ doesn't measure that directly. Geniuses who actually do accomplish something are often highly intelligent AND creative. Just being OCD autism doesn't win you much. This is also why high iq correlates with success fairly erraticaly. IQ is not a predictor, but more of a predicate for success.

Black Clothes Edition
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>Chungha rollercoaster

dont lol

i lol
why i oughta...

File: Lucina5.jpg (122 KB, 1097x1000)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
How do I lose weight very quickly. I'm 6'1", 150lbs if it matters
You can't. The healthy weight loss is 2 lbs a month
eat less
move more
bout it
subtract 1000 from what you get from this and eat that many calories per day
you're already at a normal weight though you shouldn't go below about 140lb so youll be done in 2 and a half weeks

File: teacup.png (79 KB, 264x243)
79 KB
get it
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no I have to sleep or my plans are ruined
File: 3585.png (57 KB, 290x452)
57 KB
What kind of plans require you to sleep at 6PM and wake up in the dead of night?

File: kahvi ilo.jpg (50 KB, 731x747)
50 KB
isit kofe tiem already frens?

ps. plz jewgle i've tried enough.
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File: Apu Water.png (51 KB, 657x527)
51 KB
For me, it's chicken & mushroom pie with chips, and curry sauce if I'm feeling cheeky. I'm not a fan of getting fish as it's a bit expensive, but mainly becuae I don't like my fish with a lot of batter and too crispy, and each chip shop does theirs differently.
No body has ever wiped Apu's bottom in the history of forever.
File: VAxxAOZ.jpg (86 KB, 1038x850)
86 KB
I know, maybe at Christmas

I've just finished lunch and now I'm drinking black coffee. What is /bant/ up to?
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i am a very experienced fisherman and outdosroman, sadly due to the price of it and me living temporarily in the city i cant hunt atm
used to work forestry but now i work in a kindergarten/study
Cool, tell us when you find the one you like

Got any ideas on what we should talk about? I'm kinda bored
File: 1538605232859.jpg (12 KB, 280x280)
12 KB
i would like to start fishing but i dont have a car to go to the countryside+
how has your day been?

File: 476th Happy day.jpg (133 KB, 1360x954)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
It's Saturday, Anon - time you can sacrifice for nearly anything.
A job, chill, office matters, hobby, family, learning, shitposting~..
Aren't Saturdays nice?
They lose some shine when such times are being forced by someone else but even you have to accept a job requiring you on weekends, thus making it a part of your decision.
Such a nice day~

Ebin videos for today

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Why, is it harder with the mouse?
File: 1510554724075.jpg (815 KB, 740x1035)
815 KB
815 KB JPG
I already use that. I have been used to IBs with no captcha and now my pass has expired posting here is more work than it's worth.


If you need to talk to me for whatever reason I'm around other places.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Well, in that case
*kisses you goodnight*

I want to suck a traps benis /bant/
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doesn't really taste like anything desu
Did you swallow uwu?

Hitler was wrong, aryans aren’t the most powerful race in the world Filipinos are
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Wow. That was quick! Not even any replies, and a Pol post has been forced into Bant, for Lulz. Good Job I is of Bant, and can hold Order. Pol is more than welcome in Bant.

Oh you! haha

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