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Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.

File: SouthBrazil.jpg (139 KB, 773x773)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Why are you less phenotypically "white" than a South Brazilian?
What's your excuse, niggers?
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I live in a state that's 82% white, and a town that's about 95%.
Also my country has way less muslims, just a few more tamed nigros.
independence soon

You're all monkies

What the fuck is Brazil even like??? I thought for a third world country you'd currently be scravanging the forest for food?

Also this board has IDs. I'm surprised I'm the first to call you out for samefagging.

File: Flag_of_South_Korea_svg.png (40 KB, 1280x853)
40 KB
Ask a Korean that is proud of his country anything
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also skin bleaching is what niggers do, all we do is just maintain our skin, we don't bleach it
the only plastic surgery that most people do if they do it, is the double eyelid surgery because if we do not do it we are made fun slanted eyes by foreigners
Hit a nerve there eh, Kim?

File: 1498426310509.png (52 KB, 900x800)
52 KB
You have 100 points to save this world, choose wisely /bant/
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File: mmm.jpg (322 KB, 1000x709)
322 KB
322 KB JPG

nigga even hitler has to wet his dick
I need 125 to kill all religious people
File: finalsolution.png (102 KB, 900x805)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Fuck the points, I'm going free!

File: 3375160_Sans_titre_.jpg (157 KB, 960x720)
157 KB
157 KB JPG

File: a3d.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Ah damn it. You've been captured during a war against the invading arume. You are now their prisoner of war and now you dwell in a prison, on a different planet. This planet is the homeworld of arume, and they're blood thirsty. You don't like it here. You're used to earth. So, your goal is to get to earth and finish what the arume started.

-your rolls will vary in success at the mercy of the last two digits at the end
-you find the value of the last two digits by reversing their places (e.g. 20 would actually be 02)
-if your roll goes below a 20, expect things to go wrong

-you live in your own individual cells

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>Bill doesn't sit on the couch this time, he's paranoid that he'll break it again.
"So what do ya think? Good as new, no?"
>Bill says with some pride
It's called kissing. It's another thing two partners do together.

>Before another word can be said, Jimmy reaches towards Fiona's nether regions
"Don't worry about it."
>Sips his tea
"Hey, do you wanna play a game?"

File: IMG_0194.jpg (80 KB, 640x847)
80 KB
Guys I'm a forever alone beta. I've all but given up on trying to find a woman to marry here in the states. Is it possible for me to find my love in some 3rd world shithole? A place where they would look past my looks and look at my money and citizenship? Even if she would only pretend to love me for a way out of her shithole country I would gladly accept. I don't care if you use me i just want someone to hold at night to ask me how my workday was. Anyone know any countries with the best mail order brides? I would prefer an Asian but honestly I'm not picky
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Maybe I will. It's not like any women would miss me here
Chances are your mail order bride will just divorce/cheat on you later in your life once she's secured her residency.

It'll only crush your ego more.
> Guy just wants a fucktoy.
> Girl just wants more money, status, citizenship.
This is why so many WMAF relationships are so broken. No wonder some of the hapa children come out equally broken.

File: paul.jpg (72 KB, 667x1000)
72 KB

File: 1497978500736.png (249 KB, 526x533)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
>mfw american told me to blow it out my ass

File: 1494548524558.jpg (361 KB, 1440x1024)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
not really race war, just color war
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red eats green
ayyy reroll
Purple takes orange

File: dog.jpg (29 KB, 394x300)
29 KB
What do I do?
I would give it a hug :3

File: 1.png (126 KB, 297x297)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
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File: 1488926824468.gif (896 KB, 500x281)
896 KB
896 KB GIF
fuck off you faggot piece of shit
Killing a Jedi is no easy task Lord Malak


2000 Credits

File: 1493412338362.jpg (102 KB, 605x1140)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I like birbs
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Best birds
They are pretty cool man
I think your parrote has autismo

File: IMG_5488.jpg (34 KB, 400x400)
34 KB
satania and cirno are BOTH shit
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Cirno is a weakling cunt who attacked out of nowhere and gets btfo hard
File: cirno crying.jpg (711 KB, 1200x900)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
S-stop bullying cirno... BAKA!
File: 1497491463690.png (283 KB, 620x778)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
ever had your own game nigger? you better step the fuck down before you get hurt lmao

File: 1497464494481.jpg (95 KB, 575x372)
95 KB
What is your opinion on anime, /bant/?
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mononoke is top tier
go with cowboy bebop if you want to get into anime. it's more western in style and has a really good dub if you don't like reading subtitles.
File: shingo.gif (1.95 MB, 480x320)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF

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