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Yeah.. I’m thinking she’s back
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File: Cry.jpg (39 KB, 512x384)
39 KB
there she is
I was just kidding

File: 1528791483562.jpg (69 KB, 460x473)
69 KB
So, does things go by plan anon?
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sometimes it do

File: e42.jpg (21 KB, 409x393)
21 KB
Kot thread
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what am I doing wrong, anyone got some good tips to get kot id?
kot give me

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File: .png (626 KB, 600x552)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
I bet you were shitting 40 minutes ago.
papa tutu

File: Screenshot (178).png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
Some time ago I saw a program about these birds. In said program there was a clip of them capturing and swallowing other baby birds alive. That's my thoughts.
pretty sure

i consider people who like spicy food to be the biggest faggots ever.

you know how they say when you eat spicy food, it hurts twice? once in your mouth, and once when you shit it out.

but sp*ce eating niggers claim „you get used to it and it doesn‘t hurt after a while“

read that again

they are literally training their asshole so get used to pain.

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Thank you remember to eat your onione every day
File: 1427019530226.png (124 KB, 480x480)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
what are some redpilled hot sauce
Jews use semen sauce and that should be pretty hot for a faggot like you

File: pie.png (154 KB, 984x658)
154 KB
154 KB PNG

dazza you legend
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My favourite pies
File: 1540141110729.png (152 KB, 472x472)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
fray bentos pies are disgusting
my hatred for them cannot be measured using conventional metrics

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also what is the dicklet cut off?
The average in your country

File: auspol.jpg (105 KB, 823x631)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>be Burger in Australia for work
>the whites here are tall as fuck
>at 5'9 I felt average in America but everyone here dwarfs me
Wtf you guys said Australia was a shithole? I see Chads EVERYWHERE
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How'd you know?
on the same spectrum as rocking in a corner with your fingers in your ears
For all you yanks, this bloke is living the dream

File: tiredpepe.jpg (12 KB, 251x242)
12 KB
trying not to fall asleep
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I suggest edging
wash your face with water
Same my guy. Night shift is a bitch

File: 1542630707434.jpg (24 KB, 300x413)
24 KB
Let us have a serious discussion about Asian women? Are Asian women in the west race mixing to a large degree and is it true that they prefer white men over Asian men? And, if so. Why? Please no bait posts.
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where and how do I get azn gf lad
When you learn how to take it up the ass like a proper looser white-hating little cuck that you are.
Buhuuuu, cry some more gentle little flower. Bend over and take that Asian cock in your ass, that is all people like you deserve.

File: s.jpg (158 KB, 2250x2250)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
remember to follow the rules
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Reminds me of a minecraft map.
Are you supposed to be Nicemark?


File: Burg.png (1021 KB, 1024x768)
1021 KB
1021 KB PNG
What are your tales about dealing with the burger industry, r_banter?
>Inna run down Burger King from the 90s
>Bathroom smells like nobody has cleaned the stalls in years
>Order burger
>Burger doesn't have a patty
>Ask for patty
>Person running the front is some sort of caveman that can't speak in an intelligible language
>After 10 minutes accumulating into showing him that the sandwich physically has no bun, he finally gets the issue and physically grabs and places a patty into the burger
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A restaurant I visited burned down the day afterward due to someone leaving the over unattended for over an hour while opening up. The ruins are still there.
I've been to the American KFCs twice, and both times I've been astounded at how much they drop the ball there. Chicken that has been sitting out for several hours obviously re-heated, "mashed" potatoes that have a texture as though they were blended, and you could tell that the building hadn't been washed in multiple years.

File: 1542618735310.jpg (53 KB, 640x640)
53 KB
A shotgun is a good substitute for mouthwash
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yep but only if you tell me that you will not miss me then
Hit or miss

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