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05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
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File: 66_E4.jpg (662 KB, 695x935)
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L'Cirno, c'est moi.
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File: 1507637442926.jpg (121 KB, 432x576)
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File: creme8.png (670 KB, 1000x1500)
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670 KB PNG

How drunk are you bant???
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>lines off a phone
Urgh, at least get a fresh piece of paper.
You didn't list coke, but is coke expensive in europe?
Drunk as a kite!

>Be me
>24 y/o trying to find his place in the world
>Go on tinder and get matches but feel like you're not good enough for girls your age with a degree and job
>Sometimes feel good, but more often just nothing or shit
>Guys i'm trying. If another tinder roastie stands me up I might just off myself.
>I thought my depression was gone but I just forgot how pathetic I was
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Do LSD and find out what's really holding you back. Work on fixing that.
Entropy doesn't mean the world is headed to a dystopia.
let him keep his fedora for a little longer

File: Borche2.png (18 KB, 425x429)
18 KB
Rate my OC, /bant/?
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I think it's pretty cool, though I prefer Borche kept his beady eyes.
This is an ancient borche.
File: 1528197297256.jpg (101 KB, 900x900)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Oxygen chloride.

File: image (21).jpg (224 KB, 1280x960)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
I'm a male feedee looking for someone to fatten me up.
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It's obese
File: Vulpes_Inculta.jpg (44 KB, 503x359)
44 KB
Degenerates like you belong on a cross.
Better yet anyone who consumes fast food still belongs on a cross.


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one paunch to surpass metal gear

File: 1525436609555.jpg (405 KB, 1280x720)
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405 KB JPG
>tfw you see a European poster on /bant/ and hes probably cute
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File: 1520877911985.jpg (20 KB, 524x524)
20 KB


Jag orkar inte
How do i cute

I’ll never get a job.. Why bother?
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why would you want to fight moonman?
he is right about everything
because 911
so long as it stops seppo cunts from coming here

/pol/, what are some based and redpilled videogames?
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File: smug Vulpes.png (603 KB, 1000x750)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
Fall out new Vegas
File: feels_good_decanus2.png (60 KB, 1202x698)
60 KB
ones with good redpilled haircuts, clearly

File: 200010 (2).jpg (33 KB, 364x273)
33 KB
Would you?
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yeah probably
possibly, but not really
actually no

File: oof.png (126 KB, 422x585)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>command prompt window opens and closes
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This but literally after I download a dank meme.
that happened to my on my old computer
it went fucking apeshit and then my background went black with words saying "This copy of Windows is not genuine"
that used to happen a lot because i had a bunch of downloaded shit which would always configure itself repeatedly in the background

File: VOTE.png (19 KB, 457x389)
19 KB
Post your region of the US and which you think is correct.


P.S. Imbeds are inbred
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the one which is better is the one that does not imply i am in bed which i am right now
It doesn’t. OP is a faggot.
depends on the context duhhh

uhhh sorry duderinos but this thread is reserved for kot posting
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Summon your suicide
As the new "kot" of /bant/, I declare kot posting to be a bannable offence.
File: -0.jpg (9 KB, 197x255)
9 KB
Karen would beat kot in a fight. Prove me wrong. Pro tip: you can't

File: varg.jpg (22 KB, 440x460)
22 KB
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File: tenor.gif (1.6 MB, 338x338)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
>However S*ssy porn teaches young boys to become weak and submissive instead of strong and honorable.
Implying their weak, shallow facade of masculinity wasn't always fated to inevitably fail.
File: dab 1527903872321.png (473 KB, 1280x1280)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
>he doesn't study kosher films to counter their messages

nice dubs but either you become an honorable soldier to Caesar or you'll be a slave. Either way you'll serve the Legion.
go to bread

File: 1510403531342.png (1.66 MB, 1053x1070)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
Deletion of /bant/ when?
It's about time we see this board end, it lived too long granted the cancer and spam it has produced. It hasn't done anything of interest that involved the community like past /b/ (no, the PD threads don't count). It has various unironic faggots and unchecked hugboxes.
This board had promise when it was made, but now it acts like some sort of less autistic version of /s4s/ but with flags, faggots and flaming-nameflag-faggots.
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File: image.jpg (144 KB, 1693x1132)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Holy shit this board is so fucking bad. You people are so absolutely enveloped in your retarded gay in-jokes and spam that you have actually convinced yourself that that is what board "quality" should look like.

Literally every 5 or so seconds that I'm on this board I get hit with another one of your generic copy paste almost incoherent responses. A good example is the "who are you quoting" shit which literally just got shipped over from s4s just like about 80% of this shit board.

You guys honestly have no direction and no set quality so the board quality drops at a rapid rate. Maybe this wouldn't be the case if the board was created earlier in time maybe before 2016 so some memes could become established so you could have a standard bar as to what is good and what is not good but I just think this board is going on a straight plummet to hell.

Can't wait till hiro deletes this shithole.
huh. usually the people who make these threads are whining faggots who dont do shit.
>You know what, you look like you're not such a bad poster. If this board were filled with guys like you it would be a step in the right direction.
wow i feel flatterd
Yeah, this thread (and threads like this for that matter) is shit, but I don't know how else to post in order to try to 'fix' things and honestly I'm too tired of the faggotry that goes on to try something else.
Anyway have a good one, I have an early shift today in an hour and I have to get ready for it.

File: felix.jpg (37 KB, 474x632)
37 KB
OwO daddy whats this? your looking for a new mommy? ;3 nuzzles lump on your pants how do you expect to find a new mommy if your not in the juul lounge discord server ;p
I mean daddy the links right here VWsXgJv.good luck dad UwU
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>for the comparison
what comparison?
File: mini 1522608446022.png (11 KB, 666x666)
11 KB

get your shitty discord link outta here boyo
or should i say up here

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