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Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

MobilityWOD: A blog that focuses on maximizing mobility - also covers some self massage. Here is a great selection specifically for squats.

This article covers some essentials with a few references to MobilityWOD

Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.

Foam rolling the critical bodyparts

Make your own foam roller

File: build.jpg (585 KB, 1920x1200)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
My girlfriend constantly complains about how she hates her body, how she is flabby and doesn't like herself, etc.

Today I tried suggesting that if she worked out, she would both look and feel better about herself.

Boy did she take it bad.

Can people truly be instigated to change, if the driving force doesn't come from within? Or is it folly to think so?
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Y tho
She complained so that you could tell her, "I love you the way you are" or some gay shit like that. What you gotta do is say, "hey im headed to the gym, wanna come?" And add something enticing to the end of the offer.
This is all coming from an slightly autistic person , but there ya go:
Deep down she still WANTS to be treated like a lil girl and the cognitive dissonance between going out and doing shit and asking big daddy to solve all her shit results in a hell of a crazy bitch.
File: old.jpg (35 KB, 420x287)
35 KB
Boy, do you misunderstand women.

She didn't want you to fix her problem. They never do. By suggesting a way to fix it, you are implying that she cannot find it herself, and therefore that you are smarter than her. You can never do that.

Secondly, she was most likely fishing for a compliment. She wanted you to hold her, kiss her on her forehead and tell her that you love her body and that she doesn't need to change. By suggesting she should work out, you are (in her mind) affirming that you think she should lose weight. This you can also never do.

Now of course you didn't call her dumb or fat at all but that doesn't matter. To women, feelings are more important than facts. You made her feel bad and therefore what you did was wrong. End of discussion. This is also why an argument is instantly over when a women starts to cry. Crying is the definitive proof that you made her feel bad, and therefore are wrong.

I know it's retarded and makes no sense, but that's women for ya.
Good point. If you look into what's taught by people who managed to turn their life around, true change is the result of altering your self-image. The changes are the result of that. Your subconscious is in the driver's seat, you just need to nudge it in the right direction.
Getting fit is a result of going to the gym and perceiving what you need to be, until your ego thinks of you like that and will follow suit in behavior. Motivation only plays a role initially, but it won't get you far on its own. Good habits will.

File: 1502750316283.png (61 KB, 762x754)
61 KB
>Who is /fat/ for?
For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication.

>This is not QTDDTOT, ask questions about fat loss but use that thread for general questions

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
http://fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy (Gonna need waist/neck measurements)
>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)
http://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/ (complex)
http://www.fitnessfrog.com/calculators/tdee-calculator.html (simple)
>Plan your weight loss week by week
>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones
>Join the /fat/ Discord

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Cuz you're obese
what did you mean by this
belly protects your internal organs, it's the last thing to go, you'll have it even when youre getting thin.
men prefer to store fat around their waist. it's the first place you accumulate fat and the last place you'll lose it from. the only way to get rid of it is to get lean enough

File: chadbar.jpg (82 KB, 1280x1280)
82 KB
>dumbells for hypertrophy
>barbell for strength

What is this barbell for a chest developement? Is this the best of both worlds or a useless gimmick?
>dumbells for hypertrophy
>barbell for strength

that's not how it works.
>dumbells for hypertrophy
>barbell for strength

How do people come up with these stupid overcomplicated ideas?
The bar allows for higher range of motion, but is also harder on the shoulders
File: 1450764795994.jpg (31 KB, 750x609)
31 KB
>The bar allows for higher range of motion

File: scorpion.webm (1.44 MB, 384x480)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB WEBM
what is the dumbest thing you've seen at the gym?
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This is exactly what I do and I legit see some weak curlbros staring at me sometimes.

What's really cool (and this actually 100% legit happened) someone walked up to me and we started talking about SS and SL since he noticed the lifts. Too bad we don't really lift at the same time though.
She's doing it wrong
Showing with other men is gay

File: IMG_0072.jpg (65 KB, 970x546)
65 KB
Is he right?
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Your classmates younger brother is his half brother.
His mom is a whore.
Alright, so lecture me then.
>this meme
Genetic recombination is the production of offspring with combinations of traits that differ from those found in either parent.
Well yeah I knew that. If you're a manlet then reproducing won't automatically give you tall kids as you're a 5'6 manlet. Sure your kids might end up taller than you but they won't be massive if you're delusional enough to believe that as they will still have traits from you, I already knew this, it's biology 101

File: Sjv3ik1[1].jpg (41 KB, 360x435)
41 KB
Has anyone here been able to permanently fix their anterior pelvic tilt?

My lower back is killing me.
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I know the feel mate, I store most fat in my lovehandles and upper legs which made me look like ridiculously disproportionate.
Anyway, easiest way to tell is post a pic of your body
How so? Average plank is like 1 min, 10 pushups take about as long.
yeah man, tfw girl hips

i think i have around 10kg overweight but it immediately shows on belly and hips, FUCKING hating it bruv
Now they don't. A slow pushup takes like 2 seconds. Do ten regular push ups and time yourself with your smartphone stop watch or something
I can't even touch my toes, let alone sit right up with locked out knees.

File: maxresdefault (6).jpg (60 KB, 1280x720)
60 KB
ITT: post what you think are your IRL S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats are

I think mine would be
Strength - 7
Perception - 4
Endurance - 5
Charisma - 2
Intelligence - 7
Agility - 5
Luck - 2
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Strength - 5
Perception - 8
Endurance - 4
Charisma - 8
Intelligence - 9
Agility - 5
Luck - 0 (it hurts how unlucky my life has been)
>im a lanklet who has been uncoordinated his whole life
he needs to survive the experience, too

but boxing would also do it anon, and it too will require more agility the worse you are at it in a very real way
Strength: 6
Perception: 8
Endurance: 2
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 5
Luck: 7

>autist with muh conditions
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 600x773)
46 KB
Strength - 5
>on the small side physically (5'9-10ish) but work out. I'm whatever.
Perception - 7
>I'm usually really aware of my environment. I feel like I especially pick up on people's emotions and on subtle things.
Endurance - 7
>I ain't not bitch
Charisma - 7
People tend to like me without me really trying or doing anything.
Intelligence - 7
>got straight As so far in college so good enough
Agility - 4
>cardio kills gains so I never work on being agile
Luck - 3
>Numerous reasons
File: le smug face.png (242 KB, 500x382)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
>Strength - 5
>Perception - 5
>Endurance - 5
>Charisma - 8
>Intelligence - 5
>Agility - 5
>Luck - 7

File: IMG_0161.jpg (94 KB, 692x595)
94 KB
How was your summer, /fit/?

Did you go to the beach? The pool? The rave? The music festival? Did those gains actually do anything for you, socially?

Was it worth it?
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Didn't leave the house hahahaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sry, I meant to write my wifes son. Still love him to death.
I have cystic acne scars on my shoulders and back, a lot of people ask if I'm a burn victim.
My chest is fucked too, stop being a pussy and take your shirt off.
Will this aesthetic ever make a return?
One can only hope.

File: letöltés.jpg (7 KB, 284x177)
7 KB
>been on it for a 2 weeks
>unmotivated, sleep more than usual
>limp dick, no interst in sex, no morning wood
>no hunger (I always get hungry after a good fap)

Nice meme.
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Go back to fapping but don't look at porn. And yeah, you are only supposed to do it like a week at a time.
>no pillow sleep
Hehey, my man. Been doing it for like 3 years now, bro started it. Not exacly sure why I do it but, hey, less laundry. And probably stronger neck muscles and less neck pain cause I don't get supported by a fucking babysoft baby pillow for babies.
No wonder, fucking up your dopamine receptors for years won't get solved in a couple of months, just fap when you really get the urge to and you'll be surprised how easy it is to fap to thoughts.
Also, why go cold turkey? Just start easy and fap to porn once a week, then fap only to mild pornography, then fb faps, etc.
File: IMG_3303.jpg (43 KB, 700x540)
43 KB
is that a list of shit that girl has to do next week? if it is i can tell, she looks fuckin dead in the eyes

File: IMG_3106.jpg (221 KB, 1080x1080)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Name one benefit of /nofap/
78 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do it
That's fucking depressing
So I've quit the porn every time I've gotten a girlfriend ('cos sex is better) but mostly it just makes me super edgy and high strung and wanting to quit the relationship so I can get back to my digital 10's.

Not sure it's super healthy, not sure if quitting the porn is just gonna cause me to treat Everyone like shit.
File: angry john wick.png (353 KB, 425x412)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
this hits way to close to home

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (177 KB, 1920x1080)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Comedic, practical, vlogger, any of them count

>inb4 Mike Chang
>inb4 Rich Piana
Infinite Elgintensity is a default for everyone.

Pic Related is my choice
79 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
this guy look like bonk
proof that growing a beard an lifting still doesn't make you a man
File: eric celebrates.webm (804 KB, 1280x720)
804 KB
i dont think it's even a question
Yeah about that, he a lanket
File: 9IXlC6u.jpg (326 KB, 2048x1536)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
>Lord sir Ian Mccarthy

File: IMG_2231.jpg (158 KB, 886x642)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Wtf is this shit. Explain yourselves and prove you aren't an institutionalized beta.
File: SWEDEN.png (40 KB, 983x370)
40 KB
File: thejewsdidthis.jpg (31 KB, 663x247)
31 KB
Also Denmark, their gyms literally test their members for steroids and ban them if they are caught.

File: IMG_3486.jpg (52 KB, 486x434)
52 KB
I run 4 days a week and lift the other 3 days. However I'm a college student and don't have time to cook. I usually eat 3 eggs in the morning and followed by fruits for lunch and salad for dinner. Is this diet gonna fuck me up? Any tips for a college student with no time for meal prep?
If you hit your macro- and caloric requirements, I don't see any issue with your diet.

You do have time to cook.
You can cook an entire weeks food with only ~30 minutes prep time, if that. The cooking takes another 30 minutes during which you can do other things.
If you have time to post on 4chan then you have time to meal prep (I'm sure you posted this thread on your phone while being super busy though right? Just like everyone else who makes these threads)

Or are you just trying to avoid cooking because you are scared you can't do it? Fear of failure is not good anon.
Exactly how long do you think cooking takes?

This is what girls want
Fuck... If only i were shorter.
File: 1503254948270.jpg (14 KB, 156x354)
14 KB
t. 5'10
Shocker, guidos attract guidettes.
File: 1.jpg (49 KB, 640x632)
49 KB

u mad

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