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Mobility, Stretching, and Self-Massage Resources:

MobilityWOD: A blog that focuses on maximizing mobility - also covers some self massage. Here is a great selection specifically for squats.

This article covers some essentials with a few references to MobilityWOD

Molding Mobility and Starting Stretching: Concise beginners guides to mobility & stretching.

Foam rolling the critical bodyparts

Make your own foam roller

File: 516.jpg (92 KB, 474x556)
92 KB
> this highschool girl is leaner and stronger than half of /fit/


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Are /fit/ standards really that low? I'm WAY stronger than her, as I should be.
When did wojak turn into a fucking brain.

Wojak is a feels cuck.
File: 1477560053539.jpg (78 KB, 582x600)
78 KB
fucking ego lifter

post moar of dat ass and less of her shitty vidyas
rip lower back
it's funny how everyone needs to beat each other in lifts now on instagram. We need to encourage more of this so more attention seeking whores snap their shit up good

File: bwg.webm (1.23 MB, 500x400)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB WEBM
>Overcoming your BodyWeight

>2016 Olympics highlights

>What is gravity lul


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I remember when I dislocated my shoulder doing too many pushups. I panicked, ando wondered where I was gonna find and doctor at 2 am. I said "fuck it" and pushed that shit back in place. Layed off the pushups for a couple of weeks.
Guys, I need advice.

I've been training calisthenics for about 10 months now and I've gotten to a decent level. I can get into front lever and human flag with a good stable movement and keep a semi-decent position for a couple of second. Also I can do muscle-ups with proper form for 6-7 reps.
There is one problem tho' my legs and shoulders are lacking.
I was thinking about adding an extra day in the gym to get some squats in, provided my previous knee and back injury (which I got in my weightlifting career) allow it. I was also thinking about training shoulders in the gym with OHP and some accessory work since I feel too wasted to add a fbw training session.

Would you say it's best to train the shoulders in the gym or with fbw exercises?
if you want mass, weight training will always be faster

you can also always work on your hspu for shoulders
Well im not going to go balls to the wall, just need to maintain the strength/muscle mass i have right now since i went from
>moving lumber and concrete
>shining a flashlight into different rooms

Im expected to do this until August and i dont want to be rusty as fuck when im off light duty.

Iono man, its frustrating and i feel kinda useless right now since im not actually doing anything but walking.
you should have decent shoulders if you can do FL and muscle up, are you sure it's not body dysmorphia? instead of OHP you can work on your handstand

I understand, but you don't want to fuck your shit again just because you didn't let it heal properly

File: 220px-Milk_glass.jpg (6 KB, 220x293)
6 KB
I did gomad for the first time today. I took a shit 7 times and 4 of them were literally liquid, like piss coming out my ass. Is this normal? Does it get better? I had no problems other than that.
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Someone post this fucking story.
Keep in mind that if your eyes are any color other than blue, you're not white.
>tfw arabs have blue eyes
Has anyone here tried LOMAD (liter of milk a day)? Seems like a less extreme, more realistic diet.
OP confirmed for nigger

Youre supposed to eat solid food as well not just gomad only, you need some fibre dumb ass.

No, being a nigger and drinking milk is not normal, stop one of them.

File: Fat Feels 10.jpg (161 KB, 763x758)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Last Thread >>40515012

Who is /fat/ for?: Fat members of /fit/ who want to learn how to eat right, lift weights, and lose fat.

Here we ask others for advice and give moral support to one another. We all know how hard it first is and we all have to get through it to better ourselves. At the end of the day this is a support general whose goal is to help and motivate the chubby channers who need it.

Any suggestions on what to do when you're hungry but have nothing to do? I was thinking of downloading some Emulators.
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>eat fats to lose fat

Something about it kinda makes me second guess it...
the not giving a fuck it takes to plainly tell a reporter you enjoy profiting off the death of your customers is legendary. This looks like an entertaining place to go.
File: 1488251401556.jpg (132 KB, 600x800)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Losing weight is the easiest shit, eat less, move more.

do you have brain damage?


In case that's not what you wanted to hear then no.

I'd appreciate it if you could explain how it works now.

File: boogii.jpg (31 KB, 600x338)
31 KB
>that guy who wears basketball shorts to the gym
File: EtyhwyO.jpg (43 KB, 819x460)
43 KB
>he wears pants at all

like, i literally can't even fathom what a skinny or fit boogie would look like in my imagination.

How do you stay disciplined with improving yourself?

All I want to do everyday is play games and watch twitch and youtube. I know I'm a lazy fuck, but it's hard pulling myself away from the computer.

Any tips/tricks/advice?
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> phoneposter photoshopping
Maybe some frat spirit chants will cheer you up out of this
There is a point where you start hating yourself for wasting away like that, nothing is a better motivation than self hate.
>he's STILL in denial
Mate how do you even have the courage to keep posting here when I've clearly embarrassed you enough.
Being a power bottom and the guy says he's not sure he can take any more is probably better motivatio
starting their own family, growing their careers. Plenty of things that give satisfaction and have lasting effects as opposed to gaming, which aside of keeping your reflexes semi fresh, does nothing.

File: breakfast.jpg (96 KB, 650x544)
96 KB
This is what i usually eat in the morning. Does fit approve of it?
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4 egg omelet, sometimes with some cheeee and ham. Bowl of oats made with milk. Phsyllium husks for god tear shits. Fish oil if I remember. Water with a lemon squeezed into it
>sausage egg and avocado with salsa

Sounds delicious anon, would eat
i did say toast didn't i?
jokes on you i eat a carton of eggs a day, but if i die due to my cholesterol i'll let you know.
>fake news

Duck off
Depends what you plan to be doing. Are you lifting? Then no. Are you cutting? Then yes. Are you just beetling around in your daily life and not working out? Yes OP, your breakfast is fine.

Injecting Chinese bathtub chemicals general
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That reminds me, what's the deal with grapefruit. Does it lower blood pressure?
grapefruit increases the bioavailability of some orals.
>I did light drugs to fit in, and then got kicked out of my HS freshman year for 110 days for some bullshit.

Considering how important this is to the story what the fuck did you do anon? Don't sugarcoat it just tell us what happened brother.Considering all the stuff that happened afterwards i doubt you're gonna get any judgement from that

Started MK667 @ 25mg on a 5 on 2 off schedule about 3 weeks ago in conjunction with cruise test. On a slow bulk till March end.

Skin is noticeably better, brighter and heals quicker. Sleep is still mixed but I put that down to years of bad sleep habits and drinking my shake right before sleep. Mentally I feel less tired especially after a heavy lunch. Bodywise, muscles feel fuller/tighter but no scale change. Face suffered some bloat though. Take aspirin, occasional prami and will start Huperzine in month 3.

Plan on running this for a year. Doing a mild blast of Primobol Dex (low dose tren caps) for 2 months soon. Wish me luck.
so does piperine but its generaly not recomended since the higher uptake in hormones increase liver damage due to meythlation.

homorones are fat soluble(dont know about SERMs) so its generaly recomended to take between 5-10 grams of fish oil with it.

File: 1485049080581-vg.jpg (39 KB, 692x518)
39 KB
How do I get rid of pubes that have never been shaved?

They're at least 6-8 inches straight. I can't shave them(right?) and hair scissors cost like 25$, and besides that they don't seem like they'd work, like they'd just pinch the hair.
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Makes you feel groomed

Just plop some Nair on them and feel the burn
You're gonna have to burn them off
Go get waxed
Use a regular scissor you dumb fuck, then shave.

File: 1479697609439.jpg (72 KB, 460x913)
72 KB
Pretty sure I somehow developed this from lifting. I've got pain in my elbow and radiating down to my forearms whenever I extend my arm and wrist. Just how fucked am I guys?
Any injuries to report?

File: doctorBTFO.jpg (292 KB, 647x3193)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
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Based as fuck
This makes me remember that g4eentext about a guy that only trained chest so he looked like a turtle. Dude had goals.
The movie comes out, ratings were rock bottom.
Good grammar
Maybe it was the DMT

File: hNrI5.jpg (46 KB, 642x663)
46 KB
How's life been treating you recently /fit/?
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File: 1477573987384.png (224 KB, 722x349)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Everything in life is going okay I suppose I just can't get MY FUCKING SLEEP SCEDULE IN ORDER

I was doing so good last week but this weeked I slept 10 hours

It's so frustrating because it was effecting my lifts and mood today and I can't fucking fix it.
pros: have a job, friends, and I'm in decent shape
cons: too shy to speak to grills
meh I'm doing okay, grills are overrated anyway
Final year of my computer science study I don't really like.
Doing an internship right now with a lot of other interns I don't know. I just sit down and leave after 8 hours. Nobody who checks on me or whatever. Pretty boring. I sit alone like in the OP picture.
Social life is nonexistent.
Still a khhv at 23.

Saved up quite some money because I don't have a life though. I'm thinking about how I could use that to make myself happier. I'm at €20k or so now.
Lifting is getting better now.
jesus christ dude fucking talk to someone. it's literally so easy.
This pic makes me want to cry

I wish I had befriended these types more often

guys my legs are getting thicc but not my upper body

I started doing curls with the bar at the end of every workout

is it fine to do that?
yeah, also add in a few sets of pushups everyday. you'll be good.
Do hammer curls instead at the end of your workouts for bitchin forearms

File: VG.jpg (60 KB, 634x336)
60 KB
Anyone got all the links that show the deficiencies in vegans?
49 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Probably just a matter of taste or convenience. Beans are pretty fucking great though.
/fit/ btfo
>Results about high fiber diet on vitamin D are interesting but an individual study is hardly conclusive of anything. I'm on mobile so I can't access the article so they may have an impressive sample size which would make it more convincing.
They had a sample size of 12 (twelve) men and 1 (one) woman.

"Thirteen healthy Caucasian subjects were studied, twelve male and one female, with a mean age of 32.5 years (range 28-44 years). The project received the approval of the hospital ethical committee and all subjects gave their informed consent. "

>and 4th article used 6 men and their habitual diets. Don't have access to full article on mobile but unless their habitual diet was vegan this still doesn't really give us anything useful.
"Subjects were healthy, non-smoking males (n6), medianage of 36 (27 – 40) years and median BMI of 24·7 (21·5–28·9) kg/m2. None of the subjects consumed fish oil dietarysupplements or regularly ate fish."
This part doesn't mention anything about meat, diary or eggs.

"The results of the present study show that the metabolism of [U-13C]ALNA presented in the context of a mixed macronutrient meal with a comparable n-3 fatty acid content to the typical UK diet was characterised by differential incorporation into plasma lipid pools and significant partitioning towards b-oxidation. "
This part mentions a "typical UK diet", which likely contains meat, diary and eggs.

Not that guy, but this is just my 2 cents.
I just prefer raw Food.
If i can get something raw, then i eat it raw.
Raw is convenience.
File: 1486556784997.gif (2.6 MB, 320x180)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB GIF
haha vegans btfo

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