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File: fathersday.jpg (26 KB, 300x248)
26 KB
We show appreciation for our gains, whether natural or nutured, we received from our dads on this special day ITT.

I'll start.
>6.5 inch penis
>6'2 height

Thanks dad.
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>Quick wits
>Affinity for knowledge, books, poems
>Stubbornness to the point of being irritating, but always getting what I want

At least that's what I'm told he was like, he left me when I was 7. Cherish your dad anon, he's a very important part of you, and not because you have the same dick.
>big eyes
>high set eyebrows
>small nose
>crooked teeth
>small wrists
>small hands
>small penis
>small feet
>lots of moles
I'm an actual 2/10, but the thing is I could excuse all that if I was raised right but my dad never disciplined me, he didn't care what I ate, he didn't care if I didn't play sports or go outside. All of this could have helped me so much, I was too young to know about any of it and it's too late for me now. The only thing I appreciate about my dad is that he did such a terrible job raising me that I won't ever attempt at getting a woman and having children so the future of the species won't have to deal with these genetics anymore.
>height from moms side
>hair from moms side
>face and eyes from mom side
Tfw 6'4 thanks to mom's side of the family.
this is the ultimate cuckold mentality

your progeneration is what validates your genetics, nothing else
File: 1526492322078.png (307 KB, 1258x900)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
>Taught me to fight
>Taught me right from wrong
>Introduced me to fitness and training
>Nurtured curiosity and critical thinking
>Passed along knowledge of the world, politics, history, technology
>Still behind me 100%

My dad's the reason i might make it. Bought him some nice ass whiskey for fathers day, no bootleg shit. Cherish your fathers anons, and if he wasnt so good, become the father you wanted yours to be.

File: cantohp.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
I got my first gym injury /fit/
>do seated dumbbell press
>left shoulder hurts if I fully extend upward
>sharp pain but I still lift 4 more times or so
>eventually realize it's not getting better
>take first week off
>feel off and want to lift
>still injured

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File: 1501817358548.png (94 KB, 195x189)
94 KB
Go easy for a while, and stop when you feel it at all - even if it's not pain yet. I fucked up what feels like the spot where my front and side delt connect on my left shoulder taking off a heavy pack in the Marine Corp. Never got a chance to rehab it and now it is just permanently fucked. The overhead press always fucks with it - I can only do dumbbell press, and if I don't stop when I start to feel something, it hurts for days afterwards. Just take it slow for a while and you'll be ok - don't push it
lmao pressing movements dont even build delts that good, this makes this story etc deliscioso
U need to put your elbows slightly forward, not right next to your head. Otherwise your shoulders get fucked.
Just replace it temporarly with high incline dumbell press

File: rippletits.png (487 KB, 525x600)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
Daily reminder that Rippetoe is a pleb basedboy
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Rippletits is onions to the max
However, Avengers is a great movieserie
The special effects and music is typically entertaining; the spectacle of it is fun.
But eventually, all the bombast reaches a point of diminishing returns.
If they can incorporate aspects of another genre (like Guardians of the Galaxy with comedy or the Nolanverse Batman with crime movies), they can be pretty good.
But the purely superhero movies, like many of the Marvel movies and especially the Avengers, people will inevitably outgrow. You can only see so many terrible big bad alien/super genius/lab experiments that are gonna destroy the whole universe before you take being able to take it seriously.
Name anything original about Avatar.
Blue cat sex
you mean football or foosball?

>rip me with my light ass weights

18, 6'2, 160 lbs, probably around 15% or less body fat

goals are just to get stronger, put on more muscle density, and look more "buff"
Do more back work, deadlifts should be in there somewhere or at least rack pulls, also add something to hit rear delts. Another leg exercise wouldn't be a bad idea, Bulgarian split squats maybe.
15% bodyfat at 160 is garbage you suck

File: 1521311106038.jpg (171 KB, 750x1106)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Post the 36th photo in your 4chan folder and your squat/deadlift 1RM.
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I don't squat or deadlift. I lunge.
how much weight?
also how much weight do you think is alright? I've seen guys lunge with 60kg but I don't know if that's a lot, because lunges are harder than squats
File: 1515419488616.jpg (85 KB, 777x976)
85 KB
245lbs squat/300lbs Diddly
that pic always makes me smile, hope it worked out for them.
File: 1431735305786.jpg (49 KB, 351x371)
49 KB
Of course it had to be Pianofortissimo.

Best squat was 365 freedoms and best diddle was 455 freedom units

File: d.jpg (110 KB, 605x346)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>was a /fat/ autistic guy
>now I'm a /fit/ autistic guy

Huh... I guess some things never change.

File: maxresdefault (9).jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
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Wew, guess it must be different in the US outside of the larger states.
They seem to have both tested and untested classes.
File: pepe_kek.jpg (23 KB, 258x245)
23 KB
Blaha: Alex faked the overhand Jefferson deadlift by using hook grip
>Alex does the lift again at a lower bodyweight with proof
Blaha: yeah ok he can do it now but he still faked it before when he weighed more
Blaha: Alex can't do a 315 bench at 160 lbs
>Alex does 330
Blaha: yeah but those could have been fake plates. If you can really lift that much go break the record
>Alex lifts that much and breaks the record
This is pretty entertaining.
I can't wait for Blaha's autism tomorrow.
the question is if alex competed tested or nah
You what?

File: 1529254746390[1].webm (1.95 MB, 640x640)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
Is this good form?
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appears to be closer to the straight leg deadlift variation; a real glute and hammy workout for thot gains
Would be much better served doing good mornings Tbh
File: sniffff.png (532 KB, 565x486)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
>wide stance deadlifts

That’s not sumo
>straight legged sumo
For what purpose?

File: 1513127599819.png (254 KB, 700x700)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Doing omad whithout carbs and working out whole body for an hour daily. Doing well so far but i only shit every 3 days now and it literally feels like my hole is getting torn apart. What do?
You really shouldn't be excluding carbohydrates from your diet.

File: IMG_20180618_010236.jpg (1.51 MB, 2172x4160)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
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damn right
>No happy trail.
Grow up!
Cult. I'd recommend the Freemasons.

File: 1528840009492.png (1.26 MB, 1495x1690)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>happy fathers day
Get out of here jigaboo, we dont like your kind here.
Meet me at sunrise and say that to my face

File: IMG_20180617_000608164.jpg (405 KB, 1944x2296)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
Jesus this is so much food.
I've eaten 1200 calories since 11 :00 am east Pacific time
I spent about 25 minutes lifting after eating a hearty 1000 calorie breakfast, and I'm currently making a quarter pound burger out of some bear meat we have now, I'ma do about 20 minutes of cardio and sone moderate lifting after. My stomach is tight as shit

Also, all of this is because I'm unlucky enough to be 6 ft and only 136 lbs at the same time, but I'm really escaping my skeletal frame
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Straight as a nail, sorry. Even if I wasnt Id have massively broad shoulders, thin waist, and a jawline that could cut glass, not so feminine really lol
>broad shoulders
>square chin and jaw
>long torso
>straight non u shaped clavicles


>eat carbs
Simple as that
>a jawline that could cut glass
Damn I'm 6'2" 164lbs rn and I got here from 145lbs in a couple months just by eating breakfast food for nearly every meal every day. If you want to bulk faster maybe temporarily drop the cardio so you dont have to eat as many calories?
Not looking bad for skelemode though anon, huge traps dude keep it up.

So, what kinda diet do I need to get on?
3 years ago I just cut back and walked a lot and got down to 230lbs.

Now with current job I’m at 295lbs.
I sit all day on a forklift and work 10 hours a day. Literally exhausted after work.
So I figured if I get on a diet I’ll lose weight then when I start feeling better I can exercise and lose more weight.
So what advice does /fit/ have for this fatty?

File: Girls.jpg (81 KB, 600x536)
81 KB
>he mixes his protein powder with water
For one, if your diet is shitty enough that you can't get your daily protein without this garbage, at least try to make them taste good.
>vanilla whey so you can change the flavour whenever you want
>milk or milk substitute (almond or coconut) as the base, not water
>frozen avocado chunks to make the shake T H I C C and creamy like an actual milkshake
>optional sweetener

Then either:
>raw cacao powder (full of zinc and magnesium)
>peanut/almond butter
>frozen fruit
>he wastes calories to make his big boi shake taste like butterflies
nigga please
File: 1473812053745.jpg (27 KB, 600x418)
27 KB
>he gets all his calories from protein so his kidneys fail

So all tall guys have girlfriends regardless of their looks and muscles, while 10/10 faced guys are lonely? Pretty accurate as it perfectly represents reality.
Face > height > muscle
Power/Money>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>being an actual man that doesn't listen to insecure autists on 4chan>height>muscle>face

Also, Sage

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