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/fit/ - Fitness

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File: 30lpzeJ.jpg (304 KB, 1928x1843)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
whats the point of looking good if nobody is ever going to see my body? And if I bulk to a point where I look "big" in clothes I lose abs, so... whats the point?
Be lean and wear a smaller tshirt
take shirtless pics of yourself, put them on business cards, and hand them out to strangers.
You lift for yourself boy. You lift for discipline. Lifting isn't this thing you do a couple weeks and then quit. It's a lifestyle.
File: 1414172740060.jpg (98 KB, 463x521)
98 KB
But judging by your post op,you're never gonna make it.

File: img_23453.jpg (80 KB, 400x533)
80 KB
Rate my GF /fit/

Scale 1-99 how jelly are you ? ;)
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Somebody shop rabbit ears on her head, and put a carrot in her hands.

>t. computer illiterate
Not as jelly as that ASS

>would not validate with dicking
> scale of 1 to 99
looks like she has a big ass.. id fuck her raw

File: sad grug.png (25 KB, 485x443)
25 KB
Grug love rockpull but Grug also think its time to find a woman-grug too
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>winter solstice
>go to rockpull cave
>yesterday grug pull alone
>today many grug in cave
>other grug use grug favorite rock
>other grug pull rock bad
>make cave and rock break
>grugina pose for cave scratching
>ask if grug can use rock behind grugina
>grugina hold mouth open and scream it still her rock
>gfw dealing with this for another moon cycle before other grug grow lazy and leave cave again
>Grug buys new power rack
>Grug excited
>But Grug forget to measure lower part of cave
>Grug not think straight and punch holes in cave ceiling
>Power rock fits now, but too close to wall so pillarbell doesn't fit
>Grug only 17 so grug worried mum and dad grug will get mad

Grug thinks grug has done wrong...
>Grug is 17
>still resides with birth woman-grug
Grug is laughing at you

grug draw cave painting and put on 4rocks

File: 1536243345387.jpg (106 KB, 960x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
/fit/ I'm going to play soccer with some friends on friday. How do I protect my gains? I don't want to lose mass
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>cardio kills gains

My calves wont stop growing from running inclines

>cardio kills gains

I think this americuck is mistaking REAL football with poverty american handegg """football"" (aka some autists fighting over an egg shaped ball)
carb/calorie load friday morning
It's too late man, you're already retarded
Eat a fuckton of carbs so you won't burn protein.

Study after study shows that HGH (human growth hormone) is spiked tremendously by intermediate fasting. Does anyone here have any experience bulking through this method? This contradicts the traditional 6-meal per day plan completely.

File: image.jpg (218 KB, 1200x442)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
I failed the last rep on the last set on bench and had to get some random dude to help me, how bad is it?
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>Find a new gym brotha
this, after such a great fail, you better never show up
I'd like to mention that it's a huge gym that's usually full and I've been going for a year, pretty sad desu
most regular people in the gym are stuck lifting the same weight forever for some reason
I'm literally paying for two memberships right now because the cheaper gym just sucked in every way possible. Shit equipment and always packed.
Did you suck him off in the shower? No homo of course.

Name one (1) thing wrong with burgers.
>inb4 "le saturated fat is bad"
>inb4 "cholesterol is evil"
>inb4 "salt is literally white death"
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too many calories for the amount of protein
Post body
Nothing wrong with burgers, m8. I'm gonna grill up some tonight for dinner.
File: gIj0Ig8.jpg (648 KB, 1536x2048)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
Only 1 month lifting but mcdoubles are pure gains with no bun
I'm not eating one right now.
That's WRONG.

File: 6ftxqkso2yk11.jpg (110 KB, 1080x1080)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Today I talked to my gym crush and it was a positive experience!

She looks a bit like pic related, slightly taller than me (about 180-185cm), bigger arms than pic related and cuter face imo. She usually just works out stoically with ear plugs in and I don't want to be that creepy guy who hits on girls at the gym, so I ignored her.

But today I was doing a new exercise next to her and didn't know how much the EZ-bar weighed, so I asked her and she smiled and was really nice :)

Next time I see her I'll say hello and tell her my name.
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If she is 3+inches taller than you.YOU may love it but she will never respect you. Her wearing heals will make it even worse-you will literally look like a child next to her
I don't hit on the women in the gym or randomly talk to people, but I do say hello to regulars I've talked to before and there are a few people that I chat with from time to time.

I don't really expect to pull a girl from the gym, but I do try to be friendly to the regulars and maybe one of them will want to go out with me at some point, who knows. But I don't want to risk anything. The gym is my church and I won't be "that guy" by hitting on girls who don't want the attention.

Whatever. My mom is also taller than my dad and they have been married for 25+ years. My first crush cucked me with a guy who was literally almost two heads smaller than me and one smaller than her. So there are tall women out there who don't care or small dudes who make it work.

I'm also not insecure about my looks. I shave my head and have a beard, so I hardly look like a kid next to anyone. Just like a scrawny dude, maybe. I used to work out in an Icelandic strongman gym, so that isn't news to me.
you blew your chance, messsed up the small talk, next on it will be awkward. Best case you fuck her
trips wont lie brah, fuck her, dump her, this is no long living.

trips of truth fug

File: Canada.jpg (278 KB, 1177x693)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
This is what peak performance looks like
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>Let's say on average each one has 20 kids

what the fuck
This. I need that extra pocket space

Yeah... that's the thing though. There's less and less stopping that from happening. I don't think it'll happen quite like that though. I think it'll be more like:

Top 1% of men get top 10% of women, roughly 10 women each
Top 2-10% of men get 10-30% range women, roughly 2 each
Top 10-30% of men get 30-70% range women, roughly 2 each
Top 30-60% of men get bottom 30% of women, 1 to 1 match
Men in the bottom 40% get no women, have to rely on sexbots or prostitutes or pornhub for sexual gratification.

This system leaves 100% of women and 30% of men better off sexually than they are now, or 65% of the population. Are you telling me that something that benefits 65% of the population won't eventually makes its way in?
It's even more acceptable in Canada if all your gfs marry each other in pairs.
LMAO where are your 149 children?

File: fun condom.jpg (24 KB, 450x299)
24 KB
Anyone /poorfag/?
>gym too expensive
>protein powder full of unnecessary flavouring are also expensive
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Yea lets see,

Should i stab a nigger with this rusted piece of scrap metal i found laying around my favela if he tries to rape me? Nah, im gonna bait him into penatrating me with his diseased ridden dick where i have this handy caltrop dildo that i have been walking around with inside me all day. He'll think twice about rape next time for sure haha

I think the overall consensus was that it's better to get raped than murdered by a guy who just had his cock ripped apart.
>cheapest source of protein
>waste of money
Pick one
Are you not living in the current year? Why would you not consider buying online?
Caltrop reference. Based and sage.
File: 1536145549120.jpg (7 KB, 353x352)
7 KB
>cheapest source of protein


I'm tired when I come from uni classes and need to hit the gym. What preworkout should I use?
Is only coffee enough or do I take something like MyProtein Thermopure?

Are waist trainers good for men who have unfortunate fat distribution or are they just a meme?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I will choose to believe this is a bait post. /fit/ can't possibly have degenerated this far
No, you have "unfortunate" fat distribution due to hormones.
File: 1488668960331.gif (1.1 MB, 280x200)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
You trying to become a Instagram thot OP?
I've been intermittent fasting for about six months now and I still can't see my abs, and I was never fat in my life just skinny fat before

Do a water fast until you can see your abs

File: 1503260429156.png (225 KB, 657x527)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
who owuld win in a fight, a powerlifter, a MMA fighter, a Navy SEAL, or a ninja ?!?
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lmao at the mutts and their troop worship. Hands down MMA every time. Perhaps powerlifter if they manage to grab the arm/leg/neck of seal or mma dude quickly as that grips not letting go.

Here's a vid of an ex navy SEAL turned MMA fighter, surprise surprise he taps in the second round.
<69kg MMA fighter will do NOTHING to >105kg powerie
who would win in an equal weight fist fight between someone with a lot of strength, someone whose been training to fist fight for several years daily, someone whose done basic hand to hand combat training and a meme martial artist

if anyone puts the mma fighter anywhere other then first then im convinced they are retarded. these people litteraly fight daily and have the best knowledge in hand to hand combat than anyone else
not an mma fighter, but wrestled throughout high school; in general speed beats strength and technique beats speed.
technique >> speed > strength

I have an embarrassing squat. It’s so weak I can’t post the weight. Will shoes like this help me improve?
54 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
When i actually started caring about my squats i bought one and now i think everyone should get one (a adidas power lift would e fine)
how long have you been lifting? getting a pair of shoes won't magically turn you into Bloatlord
The shoes in that pic have been modified by a cobbler to add an extra .75" in the heel. I think they were made for a female weightlifter with long femurs relative to her torso.

I bet mine is more embarrassing than yours.

I do OHP 5x5, then without changing the bar at all, I do 1x20 Squats. I am usually dripping sweat by the time I finish the set.
i do MAX 2 reps at 225 high bar, but i can pretty easily do 5 reps at that weight low bar. Still i only train high bar, am i retarded or not?

Hi, maybe this is not the best place to look for this information but how can I get fatter? Weight 68 (the last time I weighed was 4 months ago) however I look thin. I have a good diet, it is based on homemade meals and contains a lot of rice, soups and meat; I do not exercise regularly, but if I do (a few chest pressures and typical routines) but still, I can not see myself more "fat". How can I achieve it?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, I try. However, I did not mean to consume junk food to gain weight.
Vegetable oil (canola, soibean) mixed with sugar. Maybe add some vanilla extract to taste. Bam, you got frosting. Spread it out white bread. Eat this as often as you can. You'll get fatter in no time.
Calculate your TDEE
Add 500 calories
Google diets for that amount of calories a day
Why do you wanna be fatter? Is this a Homer Simpson con sort of thing? You wanna collect the disabled checks?

Anyway, just eat high calorie dense shit. Buy unsalted peanuts and eat them all day long, those are gonna make you fatter in no time. Also, a diet consisting on pizza and MacDonald's will suffice if you only wanna get fat
Maybe the word "get fat" is wrong, increase my mass, not see me thin.

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