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File: PicsArt_09-23-12.13.49.jpg (284 KB, 2048x1806)
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Can somebody help me. My wife is accepting my proposal to going to the gym, she have a wide back, a small butt and a flappy belly, she is insecure of her body, so please a need some advice about the workout tha she had to do.
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basically this. eat less, balanced, and clean. focus on daily aerobic exercise. 1h walk can be a good starting point, but she should be able to increase both volume and intensity soon.

but why should she do anything for the arms? i guess it would be a waste of time and energy. she would be better doing hip thrusts and deadlifts instead of pushups and curls.
But only if you eat less overall, which might be easier considering allowed to eat for less time each day, is that right?
while youre correct if a whale tries this she will most likely fail and end up bingeing.
she should start by just eating less and cutting out sodas/juices. just by doing that she will start to lose weight and hopefully build momentum.
1xF forkdowns lmao
File: Oafi5qk.gif (229 KB, 500x375)
229 KB
229 KB GIF
Even as a fat fetishist I'm repulsed. Holy fuck, she is impressively disgusting.

File: IMG_1362.jpg (167 KB, 1080x1349)
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167 KB JPG
What's his end game?
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lmao did he stuff something in his trunks? his micro penis isn't that big. wait did Lenny actually give this retard cialis?
Is this what peak performance looks like? How come so few manage to reach Lenny's level of absolute fitness?
File: IMG_1316.jpg (40 KB, 640x545)
40 KB
I heard that he bottoms on Grindr
AK47? Ha, more like ACat47 haha

File: 1503346774320.png (155 KB, 422x320)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
whhen my BCAAs crust up into those crystals with the slightly bacteria smell in the cap of my bottle every time I take a sip I get a whiff of that tsmell and it makes me instantly fucking horny cus it smells like balls

is this normal?
>it makes me instantly fucking horny cus it smells like balls
i imagine that's normal for a gay man
but is there a chemical thing behind it? why does BCAAs smell like a big pair of juicy balls?

File: NighttimeFitness.jpg (907 KB, 1800x934)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
Is it better to exercise in the morning or at night?
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File: 1506125791432.jpg (22 KB, 326x316)
22 KB
I'd work her out all night long
Makes negligible difference in the long run
morning. not even a question.

forces you to get up early, and powers you through the rest of the day. whatever happens, you've already accomplished working out, so everything that comes next is just a bonus towards winning.

I thought I was a "night owl". Really I was just a lazy motherfucker who couldn't bother to realize how my sleeping habits were affecting my life.

Lifting is more anabolic at night with more nutrients in you from the day.

However, there are benefits such as increased hgh production when working out fasted in the morning, and improved mental clarity.

For that reason, I do 25 minutes on the stairmaster HIIT, with calves and abs in the morning.

then I return to the gym and hit my usual lifts later in the day. around 3 to 5.

File: f├╝hrer.jpg (43 KB, 660x330)
43 KB
why is this board slowly turning itself into a copy of /pol/?
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Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge
And had his girlfriend in the trunk
And she was pregnant with his kid
And in the car they found a tape
But they didn't say who it was to
Come to think about it, his name was... it was you, damn
A lot of people come to this board for exactly that reason and if I'm not mistaken, /pol/ is the second biggest board on this site.
I dont think they are happy. I think they need about 10 years until they realise how much time they wasted
File: (literally_you).jpg (449 KB, 996x1024)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
>follows an autistic hivemind
>makes fun of regular people liking popular things

why you autists lack self-awareness so much. its not even funny at this point
Thats pretty much the ch0n in a nutshell

File: dim sim.jpg (223 KB, 1600x1000)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Theres nothing in my house except for dim sims and cant buy any food tonight due to being a poor fag
Just don't eat anything fatty.

File: IMG_0189.jpg (171 KB, 750x1334)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
5.8 body fat
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those sound like solid numbers to me send a pic
maybe a little chiseling could help in the bf area
looks scrawny
Thanks but iI'm actually dyel, only started lifting beginning of the summer. Bulking till 200
Same boat as you rn. 6'0" . 160lbs. We look about the same. I'm bulking till 190. Good luck anon

File: 1506226002735.jpg (14 KB, 324x304)
14 KB
How the fuck do I get a body like this?
I can bench about a plate, squat 2 plates, and deadlift 3 and change all for maybe 5-10 reps per set.
I'm 5'11 195 builtfat (although I've been eating like shit the past month or so)
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you're not builtfat with a 135 bench, you're just chubby

at 5'11"" yes, at taller than that you need to weigh more probably

benching 1 plate and squatting 2 are starting stats, nothing to write home about
increase the weight and cut
Those are my stats and I'm 155lbs rn at 6'0"
No that's mainly just fat you weigh 40lbs more than me but are lifts are the same...

I didn't have that body in high school, and I maxed at 275 Bench, 325 Power Clean, 375 Squat, and 500 Deadlift; all while sstanding 6'1" 175.

Muscle visibility comes primarily from diet. Doesn't matter how strong you are; if you're above 4-5% body fat, you probably won't have much core definition.

File: 1452362627188.jpg (225 KB, 832x1125)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>thinking SS/SL is a meme
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SS has curls in it. read the book
>People knock on SS because it doesn't involve a lot of upper body work enough whereas it has a lot of lower body focus.

typical workout

barbell rows

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: do_this_one.png (19 KB, 700x600)
19 KB
I just watched this full video. Goddamnit I am a faggot.
brosplits are 1x
PPL is 2x
you goddamn idiot

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 249x202)
5 KB
>On a cut for months
>Making progress
>In the past two days started eating spoons of straight butter/canola oil

IT is so gooooddddd
File: 1506212517043.jpg (36 KB, 400x400)
36 KB

About to get another spoon full of butter
you are cutting so hard your brain is telling you to eat the fattest shit you can get your hands on
why not just go for coconut oil or olive oil? that shit gives my nutz phat gainz.
>OP is protein poisoning and doesn't even know it

Well done bucko

That was an interesting read. Thank you Dr Anon.

File: IMG_6367.jpg (210 KB, 794x1030)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Will lifting make me attractive so I can get an attractive gf? Please be honest.
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File: chadgenetics.jpg (381 KB, 1088x1090)
381 KB
381 KB JPG

hair cover up game
hairlinelets, when will they learn?
maybe. consume phenibut, cocaine, xanax. get haircut, buy nice jeans and fitting shirts, become a better man. idk. exercise is modern couture, pick up all them coutures.
>needing drugs

What you need is friends. Social capital is even more important than aesthetics when it comes to getting women

all things considered.... it couldn't hurt.

but you're right. maybe you'll improve yourself & get a healthy and more effective body for nothing

File: Get_big_town.png (11 KB, 303x210)
11 KB
>buying food and heat on alternating days
>making it
pick one and only one
File: Pink_vice_card.png (274 KB, 318x218)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>lifting for this

File: IMG_0272.jpg (91 KB, 396x292)
91 KB
nutrition bros

i just logged my fiber intake and recorded 50grams (excluding veggies, only 1 serving from broccoli)

i just red the recommended fiber intake is between 30-40 grams a day

would it be okay to cut out brocolli all together? also most of my fiber is comming from oats (insoluable fiber) is this good?


What's the worst gains goblin /fit/? How do you avoid it?
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1. Alcohol
I would probably be sub 10% bf if I didn't drink literally every day. Still manage to fit it in my calorie allotment but my macros take a dip as a result (~13% ain't bad)
Thankfully my current gf is a lot more supportive of my lifting and test injecting than my exes. still tries to get me to eat like a regular human from time to time, but anytime we have days off that align she just wants to smoke weed and lay around and chill.. like literally sedentary for days

Still love both my gains goblins, though
In a ziplock
Gains goblins and wallet goblins. I feel like I got a raise when I ditched my last gf.
lack of sleep is #1 for me
File: IMG_0651.jpg (570 KB, 1252x954)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
So many distractions. The only way to be full peek preformance is to be a monk as ask them if you can build a gym and order things online

>'Anon, are you looking at my thighs?'
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"He intended 4chan to be an American counterpart to the popular Japanese Futaba Channel ("2chan") imageboard and a place to discuss manga and anime."
on the 4chan wikipedia page dipshit
File: Contempt.jpg (74 KB, 720x480)
74 KB
>implying calling someone a low test male is also an argument
You got me
Yes mommy
File: 1503412240327.png (111 KB, 420x282)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
You are delusional and acting entitled. Different strokes for different fokes.
I would impregnate this women without hesitation.

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