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File: IMG_4134.jpg (444 KB, 2221x1642)
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444 KB JPG
Can you estimate my bf% brehs
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fuck off
lol where
File: IMG_20180321_080231_544.jpg (90 KB, 1080x1812)
90 KB
Rate bf 180cm
i could smell it from a mile away
Am I the only one that's tired of these threads?

What do you eat every day?

>oats + full fat milk + some raspberries
>sesame and sunflower seeds toasted in a pan with a small drop of soya sauce for an umami taste
>boiled eggs
>an orange
>rice boiled with vegetable stock and tumeric, with paprika powder poured on afterwards
>then with carrots and peas mixed in
>brocolli with 'potassium low-sodium salt' on the side
>chicken with spice mixes, chilli, ginger(occasinoally), garlic(always) and green/red peppers roasted with a drop of olive oil
>4 times a week a tin of mackarel with chili sauce

cronometer says i'm getting pretty much 100% of every vitamin and mineral, a good balance of omega 3 and 6 fats and good representation of each of the amino acids.

I'm currently cutting but if i were bulking i'd eat the same but with more rice, oats, olive oil, eggs, milk and seeds.

What is the purpose of basketball in this workout?

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Why do roasties think this is a proper workout. I dont see how body gets stressed in such a workout
I've met roasties in the gym that asked me for routine related advice and I kid you not, they refused to do certain exercises or do them with sufficient intensity because they didn't want to sweat. They literally said that.
women are fucking losers like that, can't be helped. In the old days we would whip the snot out of little harlots like that
Gotta get practise handling them big brown balls
>not hitting depth at all
>not even managing to do proper abductions

Also, women's bodies are really ridiculous looking Tbh

File: get-rid-of-man-boobs.jpg (30 KB, 550x330)
30 KB
I'm on day 4 of a 7-day water fasting and my puffy nipples disappeared completely. They're basically back to normal. What does this mean? I'm afraid of them growing back when I start eating again.
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Yeah I was afraid of that. Very likely it’s actually images of before and after surgery. Those are pretty legit tits and that’s a pretty drastic change. So that’s even more discouraging.

Hell don’t call us retards call the bros the image fooled and are now gonna fast for the next 30 hours fail and binge hard retards.
Didnt know the people doing it were exclusively fat, my bad
Some people who are lean fast which I don't understand but if you want to lose 20 pounds easy fasting is the way to go
The only part of this fasting shit I'm interested in is autophagy for loose skin, but I have yet to see more than the one study which barely touched on it mention this at all. Seen no success stories here and the topic is usually ignored when brought up or "confirmed" with no evidence.

I'm not holding my breath unfortunately.

Is 1g protein per lb of body weight really necessary?
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Can't you supplement with BCAAs to make up for a lack of protein in your diet?
dont listen to this retarded broscientist
For retaining mass, sure. for building muscle, complete protien is always better.
File: 1519062849123.jpg (70 KB, 640x640)
70 KB
this, and the egg thread, are good threads
you still need significantly more protein to support the sheer amount of muscle mass that you put on, retard. i'm not disagreeing with the fact that it limits degradation and promotes synthesis.

File: 1516003396804.jpg (64 KB, 620x388)
64 KB
Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH
Thanks guy
No worries guy, I've been taking the h2o all day.
Needed to be reminded, thanks guy. I'm going to fill up my water bottle now.
keep it up guys!
Just woke up to 4L of water waiting for me in the mini fridge

File: 1518266042060.jpg (216 KB, 918x597)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
NoFap day 11

Serious question do you guys still watch porn?
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did no fap for 3 months while i was going through basic training. started fapping once i got home but still haven't watched porn. i feel like i enjoy using my imagination more.
Try no fap my dude.
Then you ll realize that you are actually going toward people instead of waiting for thel to come to you.
share it
i have no idea how long it’s been but it’s over a week

File: 1500642180044.png (84 KB, 720x1280)
84 KB
post em
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Who the fuck even is that thing? Where does it live? Does it work? Does it have some kind of condition to look like that?

Genuinely curios
Female to Male tranny but that's about all I know. May or may not be in a relationship with a obese guy.
I thought it was a girl taking test?!?!

>meeting up with friends over a semester break
>go inside, take my jacket off
>friends note that I'm getting bigger and have a nicer body
>meet up with family friends at a restaurant, take my jacket off for a photo
>people start saying I'm big and assume I have a six pack
>in reality I was just "bulking" all winter and my "big" stature was mostly chest fat

I felt so guilty about misleading my peers I went on a harsh cut and cardio-intensive regimine until I could see my abs again

File: Snapchat-733349803.jpg (286 KB, 1636x2048)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
What happens if I bulk on days I lift and fast on days I Don't? Lift about 4-5 times a week
you wont be properly recovered for your workout, what are you hoping to accomplish?

File: d4ivYxB.png (18 KB, 298x155)
18 KB
Why aren't you bulking on this?, you don't wanna make it perhaps?
File: 1484059637572.gif (1.69 MB, 423x234)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF

File: IMG_20180319_192858_681.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x1836)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
800lb+ squatter here ask me anything while I do cardio

Pls keep me from killing myself on this bike
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>do people really believe OP?
>holy shit how many newfags
im so cool i say every thread is fake rather than play along with the anonymous shitposting

This guy was cool enough to share his IG.

Now you niggs can LARP as him whenever
File: 1514480869720.jpg (79 KB, 902x960)
79 KB
Lmao this kid got rekt
All compound increase test no?

File: file.png (585 KB, 774x571)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
Wow! 19lbs of fat lost in 9 days and you just know none of it was water weight.

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>And for the love of god calm yourself down and control your emotions before you actually have one right now.
get a grip m8, youre embarrassing us
why is she wearing a belly sweater?

why does a belly sweater exist
It's called a crop top. Nobody knows why they exist.
The potato diet works because it's just potatos. Bland as fuck so people just eat until they are sated then stop. Pretty much the goal is to retrain yourself into thinking of food as fuel instead of something to gorge yourself on
but it gets the people going

File: pic_4_big.jpg (18 KB, 222x227)
18 KB
Lets make this clear. Pol is not allowed. Pol can go on their own wherever they want, but they are not ruining our vacation.
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no way that qt can eat all that shit
IRL hollow
kek that's hilarious
biz is constant shitcoin shilling, even though crypto is dead. Admittedly, board quality has started to pick up in the past few weeks now that the craze has slowed down
Which one is that? My votes on Queensland, or even the Tasmanian ethnostate

File: FUCKINGWHY.jpg (10 KB, 274x274)
10 KB
Who here's been through some setbacks?

>4 months ago
>fat fuck
>decide to change my life around
>drop 40 lbs
>cardio and lifting every day
>eating well
>think I'm gonna make it
>get fucking anemia
>leg cramps so bad I can't walk after even 1 mile
>lifts took a dive because no oxygen
have you considered proper nutrition
I have been eating well. I even take iron supplements.

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