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File: IZmtjzQ.png (772 KB, 736x736)
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/fit/ humor thread
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Pluto, you're RIPPED!

Girls just want to have fun.

File: fph.jpg (183 KB, 1024x501)
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Last thread:
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You can't. You need to leave.

Or give her an ultimatum and pray that she realises that she's ruining her relationship.
Seriously, leave her. She doesn't want to change and you're enabling her by showing her it doesn't really matter to you, that you'll stay regardless.
Thanks lads

Too many guys drop disgusting whores without telling them the truth about why. Children can't learn if you don't at least try to teach them.
Tell her she will get diabetes and probably die if she doesn't begin helping herself. Show her pictures, videos, episodes of my 600lb life, etc. Get it through her head that being obese is unhealthy, no matter what tumblr says. If she refuses, tell her you can't watch the person you love slowly eat herself to death and you would rather not be with her if she refuses to help herself. Tell her she might just get her ass back on track if she were alone again. If she doesn't catch on at this point, dump her. Sorry man.

Alternatively, you could try getting her/your friends and family to have an intervention for her bout her weight. But, if she is a "fat acceptance" person she likely is surrounded by those types and they won't help you and will ostrasize you for suggesting it. I'd turn 360 degrees and walk away personally, but that's just me.

Last option is to either inspire her with your own exercising, or nag her for the rest of your life/until she gets it. Good luck.

What haircut does /fit/ get?
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>buzzing it at norwood 2
did it once and i look like shit with no hair, now doing the normie haircut, norwood two is still salvageable, just look at jake gyllenhaal.
Whatever mommy cuts it as
Looks good
Looks like a fag
File: 1447874398227.gif (1009 KB, 213x255)
1009 KB
1009 KB GIF
>when you realise these are the guys on /fit/ calling you a meatcuck
File: 20180116_134233.png (890 KB, 678x1280)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
Soyboy haircut

>4chan fucking ruined me
I can only get off to
>pic related
Get off this side now
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>Americans don't moisturize
Disgusting, what the fuck.
It's probably that their skin is messed up from the testosterone they're taking, rather than a lack of moisture. Testosterone makes your skin thicker and leathery

the glutes probably, but women don't work out hard so probably no in practice
>4chan gave me a case of the Patrician Tasteitis
What are you complaining about
Anyway I'm gonna assume you're not saying that you literally cannot get off on normal women anymore?
I feel ya belly button piercings are discussing marks of whores

File: 1515123276319.jpg (201 KB, 1280x720)
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201 KB JPG
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>he thinks most blacks have a great personality.

Ask me how I know you've never lived around black people before. They're not like what you see on the TV m8.
stop posting /tv/ memes here you redditor crossposting faggot
>admitting you fantasise about Stacy fucking Tyrone

File: 1508001035628.jpg (111 KB, 650x350)
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111 KB JPG
Underrated af

I can’t deadlift. I think it’s because my posterior chain is so inflexible especially my hamstrings.

I have always been very inflexible, I can’t touch my ankles let alone floor or toes.

Anyway everyone is going to say there isn’t an alternative but I will ask anyway.

Is there a good alternative for deadlift? I started doing heavy and long farmers walks and I kind of feel that it’s a good alternative
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File: 1509570438457.png (70 KB, 645x729)
70 KB
Credible source mate.
Hamstrings, while loaded, are not near the end of their ROM in a conventional deadlift. Glute max is too long to stretch regardless. No other muscles are in a position to limit deadlfit starting position. I'd bet either your form is shit, or you have some sort of bony interference limiting ROM in hip flexion.

I have the later issue, and squat width (i.e. Ed Coan-style) deadlifts helped me a lot.

>literally full of links to citations
>muh genetic fallacy is so an argument
dumbbell stiff leg dead lift. and get a good stretch while you do it

File: 1504588285767.jpg (43 KB, 400x400)
43 KB
If you're gf/waif is sabotaging your gains because she's a qt that cooks food that's bad for you and she wants you to skip gym so she can blow you and cuddle, then I don't think "gains goblin is the right term.

I propose we change it to "gains succubus"
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teach her how to cook and discipline her gently, or just stop wasting time with her m8.
Female. Not fag. Usually lurk for exactly this reason, spergs everywhere.
Going boxing later. Post that body of yours bucko
Get to learn better women

File: 1514587060505.png (644 KB, 1200x1200)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
I hate doing pushups, but i need to do them cause they do it in the army (not that i'm allowed into the army, but i can at least look like an conscript physically), are there any alternative exercises?
Holy fuck kys you fucking subhuman, DDLC is trash. In fact, all EVNs are trash. Read a real fucking visual novel for once, god damn.

I don't eat for 2-3hours and take 3 of these before bed. Will they be effective like that or am I wasting my time?
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I took yohimbine and it did nothing but keep me awake. Felt similar to adderall. I switched to pharma clen and lost 7lbs in a week.
>your sleeping body dosnt furiously masturbate and you don't wake up in a sweat every morning because of it

Your not going to make it bro
File: 1506771493667.jpg (103 KB, 800x850)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Let me tell you a secret, everything with fancy packaging is a scam.
>being this much of a fucking brainlet
Yohimbe is an MAOI, NOT Yohimbine.
File: 1516065385812.jpg (13 KB, 320x320)
13 KB

File: DgpTea2.jpg (156 KB, 960x779)
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/fit/ is a vegan board.
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Vegans belong in gulag
Literally all sugar, and habit forming. Seriously, I know you are a skinny ass sugar fag so none of this will pierce your underdeveloped brain, but you have to get fat people off of sugar (natural or not) or they never get over eating compusively.
mirin forearms
File: 210kg.png (503 KB, 695x357)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
(you) forgot to post your body, fluffy
Modern Veganism is purely American. Sorry, 56%.

File: 1429981024684.jpg (122 KB, 999x624)
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122 KB JPG
Ready go
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Do you guys take creatine? If so, powder or pills?
File: 1514005412585-h.png (157 KB, 516x440)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
I run with a finishing heart rate of 180 BPM as a 21 year old. Should I keep it at this? I know recommendations say to run between 120 and 150 but I can't get my heart rate that low no matter how slow I run. I don't usually feel too tired after running even though people say my body is practically in shock mode.
Get on ideas or Glassdoor and see what your position makes in your area. Don't get your heart set on the average, you probsbly won't get that right out of college, but don't be afraid to ask for more.

Make sure you ask about benefits though. A lot of young people completely forget to ask about health insurance and it ends up being a fairly large expense. Insurance and other stuff is part of your entire benefit package, so just keep them in mind when negotiating salary.
Is the end point for noob gains after a certain amount of time, or a certain amount of progress?

i.e: Do they run out:

a) After x amount of days/weeks/months of training, so you can waste your noob gains on a shitty program and never get that time back

b) After x amount of progress, so if hypothetically you intentionally progressed very slowly the NG period could last for much longer
Should abs be visible at 14% bf? Used a bf% calculator and it surprisingly gave me 14% bodyfat, but I only see the very top of my abs if I flex, and can definitely feel a layer of fat on my belly. I'll keep cutting down to 10%ish and hopefully then abs will be visible.

File: gains.png (40 KB, 400x800)
40 KB
Been doing this for 2 weeks and seeing noticeable gains so I am sharing my tip with you.
Ive been chewing the end of pegs to make jaw gains whenever I am sitting still or at home. simply put your teeth and open and close your mouth

and mew
also add more pegs to your mouth gradually, i am on 3 pegs right now
you must be a beginner because their resistance is so low

>3 pegs

its like you dont even want gains

im biting on 7 car battery clamps as we speak

currently using pegs to strengthen my berthole in case of a rape
>some anon is chewing laundry pegs right now
holy shit lmao
Fucking nice

Are pullovers dead?
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thanks for the advice bro
wrong, skullcrushers are named SKULL crushers because the bar, if it fell out of your hands, would crush your skulls

Also, see any video of straightarm pullovers, there is always some slight bend allowed at the end of the range of movement, if the weight is light enough that you can keep your arms perfectly straigtht, it's probably not enough to help your lats

activation is a meme, if you're doing a movement at over 80% weight or doing a movement to maximum reps, you're fully engaging that muscle, it's literally impossible not to
yeah sure a guy who deads 5pl8 might lift 1pl8 without his glutes, but it wouldn't look like a deadlift, the form would be obviously off, and by the time he's got 4pl8 on the bar, he's using his glutes
>if it fell out of your hands, would crush your skulls
You misunderstood me. Keeping the bar above your head isn't required for a skullcrusher, you can move it back and still have the same results while having better safety.

>slight bend
sure, but SLIGHT. And that isn't the proper way to do it, that's half-repping it to an extent.
and yeah it's actually called the lying french press
A lot of movements, the isolation ones especially, can be done using the wrong muscles. The big compound movements not that much.

One example where activation is how they say to activate the traps during bench press even if you can press without traps, because they "only" stabilize the movement.

File: yalta.jpg (38 KB, 372x300)
38 KB
Did any of the leaders (Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt/Truman) who won World War 2 ever mention the holocaust? If so, provide sources.
Move to /his/ mods. My mistake

File: 1513694644089.jpg (126 KB, 1346x768)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>tfw ur not going to make it

I'm legit crying rn..

My mind and body are fucked I wish I were dead
Eat big
>realizing making it is just a meme

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