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File: 786541449743437824.png (705 KB, 600x942)
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last thread reached bump limit

old thread
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File: tentacles.png (620 KB, 500x708)
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620 KB PNG
Yea but dont discourage people from requesting. Just saying, sometimes we might get lucky when someone doesnt give a fuck.

File: IMG_3512.jpg (287 KB, 568x800)
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287 KB JPG
Haven't fucking seen a dragon age thread in a while. I'm getting bored of the only pics I have. I'm gonna dump what I got (aka most feelgoodart)
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bumping because good stuff

It's been a while since I've seen one of these threads
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File: 4digimon.jpg (2.03 MB, 3400x2000)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
File: Hasen - BJed.png (641 KB, 630x900)
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641 KB PNG
File: 15_03_14.jpg (191 KB, 620x877)
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191 KB JPG
File: 1464223517283.jpg (82 KB, 500x500)
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File: 1431059206907s.jpg (3 KB, 88x125)
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File: y-tan.jpg (207 KB, 551x713)
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207 KB JPG
Welcome to /y/
/y/ is for sharing 2D male homosexual NSFW content (sex full nudity etc)

This is an image board so post fullsized images. When making a new thread check the catalog >>>/y/catalog to make sure a thread for that series/content doesn't already exist
If you do make a thread post 5-6 images to get the thread going.

Gay content that doesn't belong here
Real life gay>>>/hm/
SFW gay >>>/cm/
Strange gay(cuntboys, dickgirls etc)>>>/d/
Shota(prepubescent males) >>>/b/
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File: 1496908760514.png (988 KB, 1280x1480)
988 KB
988 KB PNG
found this on /qa/.
anyone wanna try the IRC?
File: 55468993_p0.jpg (210 KB, 500x726)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Couldn't hurt if a few people went to talk to them.
>Gay content that doesn't belong here
You forgot furries
File: Jahi - Eric.jpg (89 KB, 452x888)
89 KB
You're looking for Jahi / Yuni. Does more females than males these days...

File: 1373596170466.jpg (320 KB, 600x800)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
I prefer the weirder ones, myself.
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File: Bedlambshavensfw.jpg (160 KB, 600x574)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Pteroscreams art style is hella basic, but I find it kinda cute/sexy in a way

Look, I know it just came out. But. A guys got needs.
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File: 13456789876543567.jpg (134 KB, 714x960)
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File: 123456789765456789.png (1.72 MB, 1164x1920)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG

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There is the human natural instinct to reproduce, plus you have guys who are attracted to other guys, then you add both those instincts together and you get the urge to at least try to "knock up" your partner, even though they are a guy, but your body is screaming for this and some crave that feeling.

The thing is in technology now you are getting closer and closer to the point where it become possible and the people who think its an abomination can't stop it even if they tried and when that point crosses, that will always be there.

Mainly, its a natural thing caused by things you have been made into, people you met, things you see, it makes you into the person you are bit by bit.


The Vscause video explains this to get the scapegoat idea across, its a piece of knowledge that you need to understand something else.
Where are good places to find more stuff like this? (preferably with out wading though tons of furry shit)

When you can find a good artists who doesn't draw like they are 10 years old.

ps, some furry artists can do a good job at it, you just have to pick out the artists who can do them right.
There's an artist on deviantart called Mincelot who does tons of mpreg. Their style is pretty nice if I say so myself. (Though, some of their stuff is locked on patreon.)


Surprisingly, you can also find some decent mpreg searching "男性妊娠" on pixiv as well.
File: 14880gg02279411.png (1.25 MB, 900x800)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG

Good info thanks!

File: 1.png (914 B, 151x151)
914 B
914 B PNG
May the sharing be with us.
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File: 15957396968810001731.jpg (59 KB, 450x800)
59 KB
Requesting TightWeb stuff.
File: 3.jpg (55 KB, 1080x1080)
55 KB
dizdoodz stuff is welcomed
File: 1498070006452.png (467 KB, 711x525)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
Anyone got this set?
File: 8176208671650988697.png (1.26 MB, 900x1380)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
File: 1496350432583.png (524 KB, 532x905)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
month later, nothing from lvlv. It's truly is over

File: 1495939269834.png (1.15 MB, 1192x740)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Post orgys, threesomes, just need's to be more than two guys.
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File: 38.jpg (95 KB, 662x920)
95 KB
File: 545125_2.png (956 KB, 623x748)
956 KB
956 KB PNG

File: Dream-Daddy.jpg (324 KB, 1389x695)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
So, jokes aside, this game looks like some quality content. I doubt it's going to have anything explicit within. But that doesn't mean fan content wont emerge. Any speculation on what the story/gameplay will be like? I'd pick a favorite but they all look cute, I'll probably do a 100% playthrough when this comes out.
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Hey if you fags are gonna argue, can you at least do so with pictures? Thanks.
This is what happens when you start a thread with no/almost no content to sustain it.
Your favourite daddy (or daddies) have arrived home after a long day out and wants to relax by watching a porno. Which category he choses? My guesses:
>Robert: Cops.
>Brian: Leather/bdsm.
>Craig: Gym/Coach/Jockstrap.
>Joseph: Suit/Interracial.
>Damien: Some deranged shit.
>Hugo: Uses his imagination.
>Mat: Hipster/lumberjack.
tumblr blog name? and more brian

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File: 1484161973627.jpg (77 KB, 649x800)
77 KB
File: 1490081583372.jpg (832 KB, 992x1000)
832 KB
832 KB JPG
File: 1493383759838.jpg (84 KB, 600x400)
84 KB
File: 1493383853102.jpg (69 KB, 600x400)
69 KB
File: CxaKFhRUcAA7peJ.jpg (91 KB, 971x1200)
91 KB

File: sx_hunter_3alt_10.jpg (2.58 MB, 2560x1440)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
Ive Never Started A Thread Before, Did I Do It Right?
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When's the second demo for Camping Buddy?
No you didn't, post 5 more on topic images or the thread may be deleted
How Do I Do That?
That's a made up rule by curator cunts who expect everyone else to entertain them.
Threads fall off the board on their own.

Besides, /y/ needs the fiber. The catalog still has broken image threads from February when the image servers went down.
I joked that it would be June before the board fully recovered. Looks like it'll be longer.

Looks fine to me, and I expect a few images to be posted I'm sure in the next few hours.

The rule about 5 images is not a 4chan global rule at all. It's the specific rules of /hm/ which a few users here are trying to use as the rules of /y/

Boku No Hero Academia Thread
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File: smol birb.png (9 KB, 98x174)
9 KB
I need more pictures of this birb or I will die
File: bokuno1.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Uraraka's dad is really hot
He looks great! I'd love to see you do some Kirishima next if you can!
File: 1498372372212.jpg (11 KB, 250x240)
11 KB
>Dinnikeato lurks 4chan

I love your Mirios btw
I would cry if you did some Iida/Todoroki. Love your work.

I can't seem to find more of this. Anyone know any good sites/fics?
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File: v8bgo1_1280.png (383 KB, 600x720)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
File: u-d4gfyha.jpg (123 KB, 650x1000)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

File: 60868446_p4_master1200.jpg (162 KB, 600x839)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Yuuri is a stamina monster!
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Thanks anon!
Anon you are a gift to us all!
File: IMG_9177.jpg (115 KB, 640x588)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
File: sekai001.jpg (509 KB, 927x1300)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
TY nice anons for providing scans of stuff!

I am finally trying to get back on track scanning, too

Pigtler at its finest. Thank you scananon!

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