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File: 1534547491466[1].jpg (181 KB, 551x713)
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/y/ is for sharing 2D male homosexual NSFW content (sex full nudity etc)

This is an image board so post fullsized images. When making a new thread check the catalog >>>/y/catalog to make sure a thread for that series/content doesn't already exist
If you do make a thread post 5-6 images to get the thread going.

Gay content that doesn't belong here
Real life gay >>>/hm/
SFW gay >>>/cm/
Strange gay (cuntboys, dickgirls etc) >>>/d/
Shota (prepubescent males) >>>/b/
Furries >>>/b/
In addition please refrain from making content-less bump posts. Such posts will be warned or even banned.

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Lt. Surge - Pokémon
File: MRM_3.jpg (344 KB, 900x1530)
344 KB
344 KB JPG

"big is better" appreciation thread. if anyone has download/online links sharing would be appreciated
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wtf is this guy trying to say here? There is nothing in this dialogue that sounds remotely sexy.

Also, look at the big guy's hand and those pecs are just furry boobs and the nipples are apparently on the underside of the pectoral and are looking down at the small top.
What part of "Fuck me. Ohh." don't you understand? He's getting fucked in the ass and likes it.
what did he do to you?
So is someone going to share the comics or is this going to become a "Song is the antichrist" thread?

Bonus points for Alex. Please!!
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I always go for Harvey!! Legit love him sooo much!
cause I don't like his character design. Remove the pedo stache and maybe we'll talk
yeah i think it's the moustache that just takes him completely out of the running for me
If Leah was a man she would've been the best hasubando. The men that are available don't really get me. Kinda boring and/or stupid
Robin's also really cute it's a shame she's married.
Actually when you use ato then a quantity, it means “X left/remaining”, for example “5 minutes left”, so here it means “5 sets (of his workout) left (to do)”.

Old thread already reached image limit.
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yeah np I'll give it a try when i get home
again, just remember, my jp isn't the best so you might not get the most accurate translation or anything
File: 1560947570787_en.png (504 KB, 731x803)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
here you are, sorry I'm late

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File: IMG_20190615_235530.jpg (194 KB, 1365x2048)
194 KB
194 KB JPG

File: 5842682369855.png (873 KB, 1200x950)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
Never fails to get me going. Anyone have more?
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Source, please?
I’ll see if I can get to it tonight, doesn’t seem very complicated seeing as how the second panel is mostly sound effects :p
Oh someone already beat me to it :3

File: poster 28 modifer.png (1.3 MB, 1602x1080)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
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File: batonpasshokages3.png (804 KB, 1300x873)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
File: sketch-1560876402188.png (848 KB, 1383x1080)
848 KB
848 KB PNG
I was hella bored and there isnt enough MinaNaru.

Original artist: Aizenhower.
File: poster 62 copie.png (1.28 MB, 1722x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
I'm guessing the original wasnt in color?
The original had jiraiya, not minato

File: 008.png (2.42 MB, 2560x1440)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
Old Thread >>2625223
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Stay salty, stupid faggots. This was the best outcome possible.
Well, that too, I suppose. But that doesn't mean you are a virgin so much as it means you need to brush up on your human anatomy, plan better poses for the characters, and stop being lazy. Or else you get that "legbutt" scene from Absolute Obedience.
I'm not posting the downloads here again, they just get deleted as soon as I do. Try googling, copies of the game are out there if you aren't too lazy/stupid to find them. Or you can just buy the game.
I'm pretty sure he shows up as one of the boys during the fundraising shit
In all routes
Jirou redesigne was for Paradiso Guardians a game by lvlv. Lulu got that oppurttunuty for him when the server was new to help him get recognition, but then I remember Mikkou and another member was slandering Lulu on the live stream. Next few days Mazjojo character was featured and announced for the game but Jirou still isn't. Goes to show you how bad of a person he is. He treats his fans and friends like dirt.

File: 1475244763473.png (169 KB, 417x1168)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
old thread: >>2545145
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post some
>it's almost all bara tho
as much as i like bara that's kind of the problem, there's a massive lack of anything other than that.

>any porn of "male" robots would always include for some reason a vagina instead of anal
this is true
plus they removed search terms so it's pretty much impossible to find anymore
I was surprised there isn't many porn of Hayden. This little shit deserve a hatefuck at least.
File: D9JD3_AWkAAsMMm.jpg orig.jpg (345 KB, 2430x2893)
345 KB
345 KB JPG

File: 1560338425045.jpg (60 KB, 1022x937)
60 KB
New DMC thread.
Previous >>2627016
Official artbooks/misc goods >https://originaldmc.github.io/DivinityStatue/Downloads.html
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I like how Capcom made the big dick canon with his huge bulge in-game.
how so
Did you even play the game?
File: dante big bulge.jpg (169 KB, 1016x948)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Yeah they gave male characters bulges and all. Dante Nero V got bulged crotches.
They made our bois so realistic that you can see dante even got sexy hairy chest and veins on arms.

Thanks for the fanservice capcom.

File: Buddies.png (903 KB, 1520x912)
903 KB
903 KB PNG

1) Be nice friendly to the drawfags - they're drawing for you, after all. Also, be nice and friendly to non-drawfags as well. The whole hate thing must stop. Does this really need to be spelled out even more?

2) Specifics, details, and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.
If you're repeating an overlooked request in a new thread, try to include references. Don't just link back to your post in the last thread since chances are it will become a dead link soon.

4) Stick to fictional characters. Fictional characters from live action film/television are acceptable, just not the actor themselves. ie MCU Captain America requests are fine, but no Chris Evans requests.

5) Don't be greedy - no begging for repeat or multiple fills. It's ungrateful to the drawfags who put their own time into filling for you.
If the characters, kink, or scenario for them are rare, at least wait several threads before requesting again.

6) Usual board and global rules apply - no yiff, no cuntboys or other hardcore /d/, make sure they're legal, etc. If you're worried about whether it's too extreme or not, use Imgur or /i/.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Halloween is months away, but I'm in the mood for spooky stuff. Requesting a hunky ghost blowing a frighten guy or peeping people having sex. Maybe possessing one of them. Also, nipples to the ghost if you want.
Requesting Don Roger posing naked with sock garters
File: AliAlSaachez.jpg (862 KB, 5031x1448)
862 KB
862 KB JPG
I'd like to request Ali Al-saachez from Gundam 00, having a deranged and horny look on his face, zipping his pilot suit down to his lower revealing his pecs and abs, having a hard-on inside the suit that points either right or left of his crotch. He looks at the viewer while saying "3 shots can't put me down".
im doing this, gonna post if it turns out all right
I was thinking of requesting a picture of an 80s hair metal era rocker being subjected to a forced blowjob or anal in a record execs office. I can dig up refs if anyone is interested.

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File: 71835463_p1_master1200.jpg (739 KB, 951x1200)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
File: wreckarof.jpg (2.18 MB, 3153x2460)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG

Since the last thread that I made was successful, I'm going to make another one. The same rules apply; don't make threads for specific characters. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves!
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Also, why's some of the art posted here not their Twitter? (Also, you were right about 'em being a cunt)
Holy shit, def a character that we don't see enough of
They deleted a lot of their art because someone recognized their art irl. I had it all saved before he did though.
Oh and just for funzies here's more
File: 16482378675d0b3ffbe5a9f.png (898 KB, 1280x1171)
898 KB
898 KB PNG

the last one got locked, lets keep goin lads
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Kiddeathx on Tumblr, now on Twiiter after the purge. Same artist drew the picture I'm looking for.
Link? I can't find anything
Anyone have a link to kiddeath?

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