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Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

Before posting a thread, please check our catalog to ensure that a thread about the same topic does not already exist.


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/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

Do not post threads about gun control. They belong on /pol/.

Troll threads will be deleted, and those posting troll posts will be banned.

>3D printers are getting better/cheaper

how long until we can print reliable Lowers?
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This post also interests me.
You will not get a CNC for $1500 that isn't a poorly converted Sieg SX2 with no tooling, and even then the work envelope is not big enough to perform every operation on a billet receiver.

No but thanks to everyone wanting CNC, you can get a manual milling machine for cheap at times nowadays.

I scored an antique Bridgeport at a selloff auction (company knocking down an old textile mill). Worth a few grand according to the ones on eBay but I got it for just over $200.
I'll agree that older used machines are a much smarter idea for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they are generally the most rigid machines you will find for the price

You can improve the smaller hobby machines by fitting the ways and replacing the leadscrews and nuts, but they will never be as flexible as a larger machine even before you consider the work envelope.

Granted, not everyone has space for a larger mill. I am happy with the limitations of my SX2 for now, because I'll be moving around for the next few years and because my current rental is only wired for 15 amps in the garage. There are things I want to do but can't, and I have had to put some time and money into making the machine usable, but it is better than not having a mill. Don't forget that used machine prices vary wildly by location, and you do actually need to know a thing or two about the machines to avoid getting into a restoration project.
Why don't they print the lower with the pistol grip already on it? That would add more material to the structure making it way more solid wouldn't it?

File: IMG_0548.jpg (713 KB, 1500x1000)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
How common is hunting with semi autos? Other than hogs it doesn't seem to be too common?
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File: IMG_1629.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Just kidding. I've taken just as many deer with .308 as 6.8 I like my AR more. Only reason.
>Remshit 1100
Get a real shotgun
>muh recoil
>muh capacity
>muh wound track
>muh weight

Heard it all from people like you and its funny. No wonder you can't drop doe's with one shot let alone a trophy buck lol

They're used for hunting humans all the time.
File: IMG_0049.jpg (1.24 MB, 1816x2226)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Taken and dropped either 6.8.

And I have honestly no idea what you are talking about with the green text

Like I said. I prefer my AR over my bolt. I'd take an AR-10 but too expensive.

Have fun when a herd of pigs walk out with a bolt.

File: IMG_2778.jpg (41 KB, 480x360)
41 KB
Show em what ya got
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>"community" is growing

and the only thing I've seen change in this "growth spurt" is an incredible amount of newfags thinking they're totes gonna be poplar like weapons grade waifus and Nugget enterprises
But all I wanted was to make some shit for myself, man. My bad
File: Projecting.jpg (29 KB, 490x333)
29 KB
>and the only thing I've seen change in this "growth spurt" is an incredible amount of newfags thinking they're totes gonna be poplar like weapons grade waifus and Nugget enterprises
Literally nobody has said that and god forbid people try.
>Nah man I wanna start selling a buncha patches
>I wanna make a Patch Emporium

I guess I was confused as to your intentions and motive
>Literally nobody has said that
>people have to say it to mean it

whatever bud

File: ak101.jpg (88 KB, 767x313)
88 KB
AK General /akg/
AK-101 Edition
>Thread #101

Old thread here >>31765667
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File: scopeleft.jpg (847 KB, 2592x1944)
847 KB
847 KB JPG
I wish I had his exact optic, that'd make it so much easier to slap it on my gun and see if there's any real difference in where it sits.
A couple holes in the receiver isn't the end of the world though if he changed out. I think you could hide that easily enough. His current rail looks ugly IMO at least, it'd probably be an aesthetic improvement IMO if he made the switch.
It would be an improvement for sure.
It looks like, based on this pic >>31774837 that his rear hole would still be visible if he put on a rail like the one in your pics, but that's not the end of the world.
Also, this pic shows his scope and how far forward it goes. >>31779549
I didn't see that post yet.
He needs more pics, but I swear I might see impact marks from the casings on the upper right picture >>31774837.
That'd explain everything.
So I was at my FLGS earlier today and they had a bunch of the C39V2s in stock. I was tempted but they were selling them at ~850 bucks. I sold my last AK in 2012 and I want to get another one but I dont want to spend that much on a Century Arms made AK that doesn't even have a side rail.

Also, how hard is it to add a side rail?
>Also, how hard is it to add a side rail?

Why bother.
Get this.
It's cheaper than the v2, better, and already has a side rail.


File: IMG_2148.png (428 KB, 1109x1137)
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428 KB PNG
Cute girls in war
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Old school D&D is pretty /k/. Fantasy Fucking Vietnam is an entirely valid playstyle.
File: 233_TAR_21_D.png (656 KB, 1191x1536)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
If you mean AD&D, I don't really like the THAC0 system

I love 3.5
Why were y'all talking about it on /tg/
THAC0 is easy as fuck. In fact, you don't need to know your THAC0 as player because it works as follows:

D20 + Mods >= THAC0 - AC

The DM is the only one that needs to know the THAC0.

I just don't find 3.PF to be enjoyable. Character creation takes too long. Fights take too long. Skills are boring and in some cases broken (like Diplomacy). And I don't like the special snowflake dungeonpunk characters it encourages.
Not ANIME, or MANGA, or /k/ (no matter how much you faggots say it is, it aint).
Just fuck off.

File: t34.png (362 KB, 964x638)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
I've been a member of the Civil Air Patrol for 2 years. TWO FUCKING YEARS I've dedicated to serving this country. I was heading home from work last night and decided to stop for a few brews at the bar, and the dumbshit bartender decided to ID me even though I clearly am 21 years old. I had left my drivers license at the house by accident that day, so all I had was my CAP ID. This braindead unpatriotic motherfucker refused to serve me after showing him my CAP ID! HOW FUCKING DARE HE. I'VE BEEN SERVING THIS COUNTRY FOR TWO YEARS AND THESE INGRATE FAGGOTS REFUSE TO GIVE ME A SIMPLE BEER?


anyway, military woes thread?
military woes thread.
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I don't get the purpose of this post?
I didn't throw a fishing pole in the water?
Why is this here?
What is with all these fishing references?
This is supposed to be a thread for military problems
no it's a sten mk2
You must be the dumbest of the dumb. You would never make it in the ranks of the CAP.
Faggots like this should be euthanized.

Is this copypasta? It certainly feels like a template.

File: 2084A.jpg (360 KB, 1454x693)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Alright /k/ im moving to germany in 8 months and i want to bring an m1a with me, should i send the receiver and trigger inside a tool box with other components via usps mail and take the bolt, stock, sights, etc on the plane?

What do you recommend
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Bring is correct, you are retarded.

>Bring: to carry, convey, conduct, or cause (someone or something) to come with, to, or toward the speaker

>Take: to get into one's hold or possession by voluntary action
Im moving to salzburg and commute to munich
Austrian laws are real chill so ill buy guns there and leave them there
you need both an export permit and an import permit prior to doing anything or you'll be spending a lot of time answering questions.
Literally send them in pieces. For the receiver glue the pieces together with removable glue(even if it damages the finish, you can always refinish it) and make it in the shape of an animal or dinosaur. This way if they open bags you can say its artwork. For the barrel, do the same thing, but umbrella, and ship it.

File: arm4.jpg (66 KB, 500x500)
66 KB
what is the most strongest?
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seriously? Did you even try duckduckgo so clearly you have some common sense.

>uses wiki
I've lost faith in you

zoom in and read it. then again I'm amazed at your level of comprehension that you would even buy half decent armor. It's nij certified to level III rifle protection plus stopping other threats.
File: 1458346144145.jpg (116 KB, 1041x803)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>Level 6A GOST.
Level IV NIJ.

Not rated against tungsten carbide core ammo like M993 or 995. Only XSAPI plates rated against them.
You're clearly under the age to post a relevant data. that do not exist commercially.
>gost 6a 10.4g, AP round, 835 m/s, 17mm of backface
>gost 5a 7.4 g, AP, 750 m/s, 17mm of backface
CODFAG 16 year old detected

took me 2 minutes
File: 1470093373754.jpg (25 KB, 400x462)
25 KB
How about buying somthing that has a known paper trail and is a reputable seller and manufacturer. Seriously the autism in this thread is to much for me in MOPP4 even

File: dsc03554.jpg (84 KB, 640x411)
84 KB
Hi guys, is this a Sten Mk2?
File: IMG_4480.jpg (51 KB, 774x288)
51 KB
No this is a sten mk2

File: 1477073019978.jpg (200 KB, 1920x1080)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Read pastebin: http://pastebin.com/jkGPzQCc
Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/yM6FqTy

Where were you when Canada was a postnational state?
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>300 - 450
you're talking about the sks?
Depends what you define as bad.
1. You need a valid weapons license for THAT weapon and you can only use it for hunting (on paper that is)

1.1 You can only have a max of 5 weapons before you need a really good reason to own more

1.2 You can't own several rifles in the same calibre.

2. You can't own any "military weapons" aka, M1 Garand, SKS, Mosin Nagant, FN FAL etc.
(For some reason my Mosin Nagant got approved, albeit the local police station don't understand shit about weapons & ammunition so there's that.)

2.1 I sent an application for the mauser and they hadn't heard of ANY ammunition named 7.92x57mm and threatened to cancel my application, until I said "8mm Mauser" and it was solved.

3. Automatic rifles are strictly forbidden, semi-automatic rifles are heavily regulated on calibres higher than .22LR

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
An SKS shouldn't run you more than $200-230. Those are waaaaaaay too high.
SKSes are inexpensive because they made 30 quadrillion of the things, not because they're cheap junk. Same with Tokarevs-don't confuse a low price with low quality.
I define all of that as bad. Geez. Well, you could move here. Assuming you're white, don't vote Liberal and love guns and personal freedoms.
I've been thinking about it to be honest.
I dislike 'merica, but I've always been fond of the Canadians, lovely folks.

And another thing of course, ammunition is ludicrously expensive, a single FMJ bullet for my mosin costs 1 CAD.
A single SP bullet costs me 4 CAD.

File: image.jpg (9 KB, 318x159)
9 KB
If dueling were to be brought back into the norm today with modern pistols, what rule changes would be needed to keep the spirit of the duel similar to how it once was (i.e. Killing is certainly possible, but most duels end bloodlessly)

File: admiral-kuznetsov.jpg (536 KB, 1000x428)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
What went wrong?
Is this a Sten Mk2?
Gasoturbines with mazut

File: IMG_3864.jpg (69 KB, 563x623)
69 KB
Are nachine-guns no longer useful on air-air combat aircraft?
They thought that in 'Nam with the advent of missiles.

Guess what happened there.
File: T-50 gun test.webm (475 KB, 640x480)
475 KB
Look on how much troubles French plane had locking on F-22, imagine that there will be equally stealthy planes spinning around each other with no lock on and you'll find your answer. Also gun are used for warning shots.

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