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File: 1513112920452.png (259 KB, 425x448)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
You may be hooah, but you'll never be confirmed kill with an MRE Spoon hooah. Other bad ass stories to help warm my holidays pls...

Also happy jewmas
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Found the Redditor
Found the cum guzzling /pol/tard
found the newfag
found the nigger
found the christfag

File: IMG_1359.jpg (276 KB, 643x750)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
What does K think a war in Europe would turn out like if NATO and RUSSIA went to war?
Some border skirmishes. Maybe some swapping of arty from both sides and then post USSR collapse lines are drawn. Maybe some Ukraine territory is taken by RUS but then nothing
I guess it depends over what goals they have.

If Russia wants to march west to try and conquer the European continent by force they'll get their shit kicked in.

If NATO wants to march east and take Moscow they'll get their shit kicked in.

File: 411557818_1.jpg (72 KB, 1000x675)
72 KB
I'm moving into the ghetto next year and I've started looking at a CZ-75B to keep by the bed.
Should I buy an old trade in like this: https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/411557818/Used+Surplus+CZ75B+9mm+15%2B1+Good
Or should I just spend the extra 150$ and get a new one?
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I got a new one and I don't feel bad about it.
just get a new one
Point blank range by dayton mall in Southern Ohio has a rough looking one like that you could probably get for $300.
Might need a new magazine though... maybe
>moving into the ghetto

File: CvOMqbK.jpg (74 KB, 1024x600)
74 KB
how long does it take them to go 5 miles for a lockdown
I used to have that mixer. Thing was fucking sweet.
Nice try, columbine. They will be there in less than 10 minutes.
You can look up how fast the cars are based on the cars the build them out of. Unless you actually have a specific scenario in mind the answer is "it depends."
Just get a liter bike if it’s a concern.

What does /k/ think about gunny?
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they train competition stances first.

they go 3 position shooting -> practical shooting. It serves as a nice base for marksmenship, its probably why on average marines are better shots than the army.
Lock and Load is what first got me into guns as a kid. God, but that show was awesome. The opening animation always confused me though because I had no idea what locking lugs were at the time.
I was in rifle team in highschool rotc (yeah yeah, not real military)
They made us use a fist to hold the front of the pellet gun instead of grabbing it
really? mine was a USMC one and they let us do what ever hand grip that gave us results. If you were to tour the line you would see about a dozen different hand grips, but on the line there were a mixture of people who would go to state and some people who couldn't shoot a 400.
Wish my school was Marines, all we had was Army
I once held it normal while shooting chalk(as a game), nearly hit it, miss by a cm

File: perrin knives.jpg (253 KB, 983x669)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Knife Thread >>36107721
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Hahahahahahahhaa lol
just looks like your standard generic outdoors/bushcraft knife that gets posted to pintrest all the time
PETR MELICHAREK, looks like a pretty standard clip point. I don't know why Pinterest thinks it's a fucking bowie but I'm not searching for more than 3 seconds for you.
*drop point not clip point

File: HiPower.jpg (51 KB, 878x614)
51 KB
Time for a HiPower thread.
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I bet you could make one with a mini mill and a Tig welder
As someone who shoots better with revolvers, I would LOVE one of these.
I wonder if there’s any chance one or two were imported...
I don't think more than one or two were ever made

It's ass ugly and retarded...but I want one
I bet that trigger fucking suuuuuuuucks

File: SIG-logo.png (7 KB, 620x254)
7 KB
What firearms company has fallen the furthest from their glory days?

>hard mode: someone other than SIG.
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>Meanwhile, S&W is sending out guns that aren't even rifled.
The only issue with Colt is that every gun they sell is about 500 bucks too expensive.

Y’all need to stop memeing.
>the only issue with colt
>is that every gun they make is made by someone else, better, and cheaper
So, Colt is a garbage dump of a company, in other words, and steadily getting worse in QC.
>Pictures are hard

Anon got a shield with no rifling. Effectively an illegal sbs.

I hear that Marlin got themselves unfucked after some bad years, cuz they got all new machining. I thought Winchester was still doing cherry since they moved their manufacturing to Japan or something?

See that's the thing about Colt. It's not like their products are BAD. Most people who get genuine Colts still think they are good QUALITY. It's just that the premium for muh pony rollermark isn't worth it anymore, especially since

A: They aren't as innovative as they used to be (at one time, literally among the most innovative in the world)
B: They botched a few reproductions (overpriced M16A1s, hammerless fuckups with the gold coin), small batches when people would practically wait in line like at Apple Stores for their stuff

Say what you want about H&K hating their customers, but Colt seems literally motivated to not make money on civilian sales.


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File: PB9151LP_1200x782.png (1.01 MB, 1200x782)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Any 1911s in that price range, shot one recently and loved it, really want one.
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May consider that too
Auto Ordnance
'tis Ass I'm afraid
I paid like $425 for my Taurus PT1911. Aside from having to replace the shitty fucking extractor because it was flinging brass in every conceivable direction, it was worth it. If you go low on a 1911, you will get what you pay for.
Unless you buy Auto Ordnance, then you get quality

File: ptr.jpg (134 KB, 1260x553)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>about to buy PTR 91FR
>check site
>see pic related
>find this article from a week ago

So now what? FALs are gay, SCARs are for weebs... M1A?
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Great, so instead of paying $1500 for an MP5 parts kit, I can pay $2000 for a MP5 pistol.
Unless you happen to have some MP5 receivers and the tools/knowledge to build on them and the $200 for a tax stamp, you're still going to be paying the $2k or more to make that parts kit into something. Even so, you can get roach or paki MP5s for around $1500. I doubt PTR builds would be more expensive than that.
Article is over two years old
Is this your first day on the internet?
>Same manual of arms as AR15 that everyone already has.
Which isn't the hk slap
>Pmags/hexmags are p.cheap and higher quality
And are still twice the price on sale with the quality being a non issue for G3 mags
>SR25/M110 lookalikes.
Boring as shit and dated, but without the nostalgia or iconic look
>PSG-1 wasn't even an exceptional rifle of it's time. Hell it isn't even the best
precision rifle of it's pattern.
It's heavy and optic mount situation is ass, otherwise you're high as fuck
>AR10/15 has a much wider variety of stocks.
Which don't fold or collapse
>AR10's don't bangle brass by default.
Which isn't an issue unless you reload +,s even the mangled brass is reloadable

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: fox.jpg (198 KB, 1000x540)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>only $49,800.00

Who's gonna buy it /k/?
Nice try. I'd rather max out my TSP then buy it later in life than splurge right now.

File: IMG_2689.png (348 KB, 619x460)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
whats a good haircut that is within the regs of ar 670-1? I wanna be less ugly
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File: IMG_2612.jpg (159 KB, 1024x1020)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
chill out hammi, im just trying to look good for my barracks bf ;)
Tell them medium or low fade with whatever length you prefer on top.
#3 low fade tapered off the ears and back of the neck. leave the top
Low Reg and with either a slicked back or comb over styling. If you go with a comb over styling don't get some fucboi hard part and just part your hair itself by "cutting" your hair with you comb. Either hairstyles looks professional and aren't faddish trash.

Anything above a medium fade looks awful and is associated with highly motivated/boot junior enlisted or staff NCO's that think that your haircut directly impacts mission accomplishment. Just getting a haircut that is skirting regulations and not doing anything with your hair just makes you look disgruntled and an easy target to said Staff NCO's.
File: 1331410400709.jpg (82 KB, 987x740)
82 KB
This, I was a low fade #4 myself when I was in, I miss those cheap ass haircuts.

Your little brother just enlisted. What advice do you give him?
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Either be a bitch or a slut.
>"hey jim watch this"
Welcome to the suck
>bend over


File: 1500581808659.gif (361 KB, 280x198)
361 KB
361 KB GIF
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is this the brand new insidious marketing technique conjured up the longnoses at kayak?
What the fuck!? It pasted the AD!?
>black pigeon speaks
Fucking dropped.
>create obnoxious rickroll-esque ad
>make trend of people sharing it with friends as a modern day rickroll
>integrate it into remix culture
>spam it on /k/

Who wants to be the next Rhett and Link?
did you know kayak spelled backwards is FUCKING NIGGER KFKGKYJYJYKYJYJ MINI 14

My grandpa recently passed and left me a Remington model 33 much like pic. I live in Georgia, do I have to do anything to legally own it? Like register it or something?
Ga resident here.
It's yours enjoy it.
don't feed it thunderbolts. Chamber is too tight for them

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