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ARs make the worst SBRs.
At least AKs have the big ass 7.62x39 cartridge and a foldable stock.
now before you come crying your ass off about the MK18 clone you spent 5000$ to buy, let me keep talking

since SBRfags are so obsessed with muh stopping power, why not use a 308 sbr? there aren't exactly any real downsides to using it over a 556 one.

And of course 556 suffers alot in shorter barrels
so for the AR to have any decent length to clear (28-30 inch overall length) you'd have to use a 9 inch barrel which isn't good ballisticwise.

Just look at pic related, the HK51, better cartridge, same or probably even less overall length, and even a retractable stock, the only thing it's missing is a suppressor.
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It's a niche gun and steyr's motto is "what's advertisement?".
I need dis

How do I upvote this post?
I dont think so. The corvois one uses an ar15 trigger pack, they just used a geissele trigger in it. Geissele says they made their own prototype trigger pack, of which they have 25. Sadly the last update was a year ago and only that aig triggers "are still on the table".

Is the Ratworx 20/20 any good?

File: q9wqsm8y1lpy.jpg (305 KB, 1536x2048)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
What guns are the worst guns and explain why i say its the moist nugget. cheap gun with bad bolts given to bullet sponges against heavy mg nests
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worst small arm of the war wouldn’t be any kind of long gun, if we’re talking worst overall. It’d have to go to the nambu pistol or that little Russian revolver.

If we’re talking worst main rifle, I’d go with the lebel for its terribad capacity of 3 rounds. Or was that the berthier? I always get them confused.
>>perfectly functional firearm with little to go wrong, and still being used in conflicts 120+ years after its adoption

Maybe cause there was 35 million of them made and they are incredibly easy to come by in almost every country?
Berthiers were all converted to 5 round clips by WW2 except a handful in private or museum ownership. The Lebel used an 8 round tube magazine.
>a bolt action rifle is responsible for the majority of the red Army
What are you even trying to say
File: lib.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
Honestly guys, I'm a little disappointed.

>buh it wasn-
It was and you are just going to have to live with the fact that this was a thing.

File: 1508178068149.jpg (2.88 MB, 2560x1453)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
Anyone else feels like there should be more "cute girls doing /k/ things" type of animes or mangas?
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File: 1475775755605.jpg (124 KB, 850x464)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
why do you want cute girls to be in danger of being shot, experiencing the horrors of war?
I just want a decent, gritty war setting. I don't care about who the characters are, if they're done right. Young conscripted boys, grizzled professional operators, female volunteers for a desperate country, that doesn't matter.
File: 12343214234.jpg (22 KB, 640x480)
22 KB
>Young conscripted boys
>That scene were Sara finds out she has a rape baby and tries to beat the fetus to death with a rock.

This wasn't supposed to be a feels thread..

File: dYvhHbl_d.jpg (20 KB, 457x480)
20 KB
This guy but in that that bad ass wizard looking drawing? Been googling for ages (few hours) Also didn't see an ak thread.

I'm in a government sponsored boarding trade school now after moving up from homelessness. So I need cool stuff for my dorm.
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File: C_3xLsmUwAAZXAc.png (775 KB, 1200x811)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
It happens often, you'll be surprised. I think /ak/ scans at one point was working on the Arpeggio manga but dropped it because licensing. I know people still scanlate the latest chapters (as we are on volume 10 or something here in the states, but it has like 12+ last I checked), but that's just doing Russian roulette with legal people at that point.

Also, as g_z said earlier, some SFJT coming at you all soon, the QC was just finished and all that's left is any finalization then it'll be dumped here (probably by g_z, maybe by me, who knows).
Yeah i know, im happy it gets serialized because more people will be able to enjoy it. It sucks like you said though because the scanlation groups will be a few volumes ahead so once they stop its just months of catchup instead of new material.
File: 1477775596086.jpg (102 KB, 1920x1080)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
It was clearly a mistake that she felt extremely guilty about, fuck off m8.
File: 1490215531069.jpg (485 KB, 1536x2048)
485 KB
485 KB JPG

which was best machine gun
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File: MG 42.jpg (255 KB, 798x563)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>>no magazine feed capability, have to trip over belt everywhere you go
The MG34/42 are not the spandau, dipshit.
it was some extra accessory that allowed the mg5 to use mg3 mounts. The metric i read said there are only a couple thousand in service.
>art alphin says german soldiers never carried ammo over their shoulders
>every single kraut with a MG has ammo over his shoulders

Go pay your TV license Lloyd.

File: 1508021524295447359337.jpg (1.97 MB, 2987x3983)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Alright /k/, need advice.

I have the chnace to buy a Finnish Mosin for $225. I realize thats a LOT more than what mosins were selling for 2 or 3 years ago, but its still cheap compared to what theyre going for today.

MY question is this; because its a Finnish mosin, is it any more valuable than a soviet one? Pic related, its the rifle in question.

>inb4 mosins are shit

Im buying one because I want a mosin. Thats it. Im not looking for the accuracy or performance of a modern BR or bolt action,
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at no point in it's life was that rifle ever an m39, but there are other models of finn rifles. it doesn't really look like any of them though, part i can see are 91/30
This. There's nothing Finnish about that rifle.
Even less finish

Thats what I needed to know. Thanks again guys. I honestly just dont know enough about mosins to determine theses sorts of things just by looking at them.

make sure to send an email back to that guy calling him on his BS

File: 1497150503420_co_K.jpg (22 KB, 585x398)
22 KB
Holy shit, you cannot make this up.
/k/, you're needed on /co/
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What the fug
are these guys retarded guns arent electrical
this thread, oh god i can't contain the kek.
>61 reply comment
He's right, though. Gunpowder doesn't burn in Amber.

File: 1012171709_HDR-1.jpg (1.86 MB, 2914x1716)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Finally got to wring this fucker out yesterday, felt fantastic. Pattern was surprisingly tight out to 20yd with the blue box Federal 00buck, only spread about 10in.

I'm getting a little cheek slap, how to avoid? I installed the riser so that a comfy cheek weld puts the sights in the right place. Idk if there's a technique tip or if I just need more practice.

Discuss shotguns, post shotguns.
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beretta OU for pure clays, benelli SBE II for hunting and clays.
cause we're not attention whores.
File: 1503032496101.jpg (531 KB, 916x963)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
Fugggg das sexy
File: 20161229_193431.jpg (3.59 MB, 3264x1832)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
12 Auto or single 16

File: W-Ordnance-1-4CJul06.jpg (121 KB, 652x239)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Are tanks obsolete? What's the point of spending millions on a machine that can be disabled by a missile that cost significantly less?
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this is the only true answer.
not human, not people
The cage might stop a 1980s RPG-7 from penetrating but, not much else. Reactive armor reacts to kinetic attacks not shaped penetrators. Therefore, your opinion is discarded.
>His tank has no ADS
Thats why Russia rolled out its Armata, and Germany is working on the Leo 3.

File: image.jpg (174 KB, 1280x720)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>resisting 7 months against a coalition composed of the most powerful world states and overequiped zergs attacking you 24/7
>manage to still be a threat to the whole region despite having 0 allies, limited supply and no aircraft to the point you have to create your own weapons

Admit it, isis has some serious military skills.
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It's probably a mixed bag since some of the foreign volunteers served in in other established militaries and possibly trained other recruits.
>the military industrial complex makes people rich

Why would the people getting rich want to end a conflict quickly?
yeah abu hajaar was elite
they just refuse to surrender, they're like Imperial Japan in its last days at this point, except we're not allowed to use nukes
Abu hajaar will go down in history as the most badass isis fighter.

File: IMG_1753.jpg (1.89 MB, 4247x2628)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
If we dump billions into special forces every year what is the return? Have they ever truly contributed to a "win" in the last 60 years definitively? It seems as we've become more dependent on SOCOM, we've achieved less of our objectives in conflicts
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>we don't need normal infantry anymore, only sof
You are a moron. You can't produce sof in significant enough numbers to replace all the bodies it takes to fight a war. Sof aren't meant to hold a line, and they are wasted running checkpoints. Hammer and scalpel doctrine is still a thing.
Shiiiit, they left the body behind? Dude, can't be at that in Africa, especially nowadays with social media being so widely available. How realistic was the movie 'Black Hawk Down'? I watched that for the first time recently, and respect how they tried to get every body possible back to base. The scene where that one American body was hoisted up over the crowd of skinnies seemed all too realistic, and I hope it's true that they tried to get every man out of there, dead or alive. What was the kill count? 19 Americans, but over 1000 Somalis? They made the fuckers hurt, that's for sure. You don't fuck with the Rangers, I wonder what Terrence Popp thinks of the movie, and that operation in general. He's in the US Army and had Ranger training. Said that when you become a Ranger, you can't care whether you live or die, that just can't be an active thought in your mind. Pretty insane, he fought in 3 wars and was injured/nearly killed in 2 of them, and he loves to melt snowflakes, so I think he's an all-around badass and awesome character.
its sad that all his gear now is in hands of scum - and all gear from fallen soldiers getting looted by savages
>its sad that all his gear now is in hands of scum - and all gear from fallen soldiers getting looted by savages
from dust to dust
That's not sad. What's sad is that the most powerful nation in the world invades a smaller country like Iraq destroys it's infrastructure, kills it's people, and gets away with it.

File: IMG_2050.jpg (189 KB, 1336x752)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Florida /k/ Meet After Action thread.

Hurricanes ain't shit and we still did the meet dispite flooding.
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File: IMG-20171014-WA0031.jpg (501 KB, 3264x1836)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
It was actually hanging off the tree and I put it on the tree like it was wearing them
File: 1507026793072.png (370 KB, 400x600)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Miami fag here, where was the meetup? Everglades?
File: spas.webm (2.34 MB, 1920x1080)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM

File: coltcobra.jpg (40 KB, 740x555)
40 KB
A friend of my uncle's friend died. The friend inherited his house and everything in it. He told my uncle we could go through it and keep whatever we found. I found a safe under a pile of junk and brought it home. Was able to pry it open in under an hour.

Inside the safe I found about $300 in old $2 bills, a bunch of antique coins, some vintage jewelry, a couple antique pocket knives, some vintage watches and two revolvers in their original boxes. A Colt 38 special Cobra, and a Colt 38 Special Official Police.

Is there anyway I can posses or sell them legally, or I MUST give them to my uncle's friend and get him to transfer ownership of them to me?
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I'll post pictures another day, maybe I will catch you then.
Sounds good. I'll keep an eye out.
File: yay.jpg (55 KB, 640x906)
55 KB
my edc, but nickle.
you did get a goldmine
those two guns are worth a lot
you'd be foolish to sell them now as they'll only ever appreciate in value if you care for them

plus, what great things to pass down and with a cool story to go with it
File: image.png (132 KB, 300x241)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Funny, fudd sell older fudd guns, turns out they are murder weapons the police have been looking for..fudds friend finds out he has been holding out on stolen goods works with police to ruin his life

File: sootch00.jpg (51 KB, 600x600)
51 KB
>MattV2099 is just in it for memes
>Shillitary Arms Channel
>FW is purely around for education

56 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Is he the most /k/ utubber we have left?
until he does something to trigger /k/'s collective autism.
File: 1653462572482346.jpg (150 KB, 1920x1080)
150 KB
150 KB JPG

The Nut gave his consensus on the Ruger PR and surprisingly nobody talks about it here anymore.
File: 1497323055534.jpg (106 KB, 600x810)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Be strong with good faith and long live the republic.
File: 1503469588652.jpg (41 KB, 353x303)
41 KB
Please bear with any gunfire
>Othais literally shitposts on k
>mostly anon but sometimes:


Need help choosing optics for my REPR. Want something nice. Will be mostly shooting at 100 yards due to availability of gun ranges near me. But would like the option to shoot out to 300 to 400 yards. Would like to spend about 1k. Thank you
'Cause you're totally operator and need a radioactive reticle for the zombies.
File: gat.jpg (237 KB, 1440x1080)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
A followup question to anyone int he thread, doesn anyone know how the Vortex Strike Eagle holds up to the marginally more expensive Leupold Mod AR Firedot? Also OP those might be two options to start with. 1-6 variable zoom vs 1.5-4 variable zoom. Personally I'm leaning towards the Vortex because it has a wider range of distance, but Leupold quality definitely appeals to me a lot. Pic is my 18 in ar before I sold the Eotech to fix muh Firebird
Thats a neat rifle you have Op, ive never shot one though.
Why not the optic in your op pic? A NF 1-4x is versatile and is a quality scope to go with your nice rifle.
4x is great at 100yards and the reticule will get you to 400 yards easy
Pic is not mine. Im in cuckfornia still waiting to pick it up.
I have the Leupold and like it. Clicks for .223 are very accurate with the ammo I shoot. My only concern would be if you shoot something like match 556 you may not be able to trust the turret markings they do. It's "calibrated" for 223 55gr.

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