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39462987Don't forget to disable your land mines and other defensive traps in time for Halloween[View]
39459093New pic of the Russian T-95 Object 195.[View]
39457939Navy Seals hate the Scar-H cause it is a malfunctioning piece of shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
39451579Can I casually wear this without looking like an autist/wannabe army guy?[View]
39461356S-300 vs F-35: So, Israel hasn't flown their F-35s into Syria since Russians delivered S-300. W…[View]
39462693https://desuarchive.org/k/thread/37094239 Does anyone know what ever happened to this guy?[View]
39463812>tfw you didn't buy a crate of these in 2012 when they were $500.[View]
39462946Congrats, /k/, you just won the Mega Millions jackpot. What's the first gun you buy? Pic relate…[View]
39462076rate new innawoods field belt setup You do wear a comfy field belt to compliment your possibilities …[View]
39463623Raptor? More like DOGSHIT: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/f-22-killer-why-russias-su-35-one-…[View]
39462624Instead of taking potshots between .5 and 2km, why not just blind your targets? >zero windage …[View]
39438422Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>39417238 >Where ca…[View]
39459285Killed: 17 Weapon: pump action shotgun and a bomb damn why russians are better at school shootings t…[View]
39459474Is a double-action revolver still a viable defensive weapon?[View]
39448457Homemade stories: How many of you made small fireworks,stink bombs or guns as a kid? How many of you…[View]
39451935Was this a good shoot?[View]
39459329What does /k/ think of the different manufacturers of the m14, such as Bula, SEI, and Springfield? W…[View]
39450096/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Tripfaggotry containment Saltmine edition Old >>394…[View]
39445374What’s next for Milwaukee Machine Gun Boy?: ATF ignores? ATF pursues? Weekendgunnit eager to see wha…[View]
39463256Kommando to kowboy: Hey thought you guys might like this. Don't have the cash on hand to try it…[View]
39458789Using aluminium as shot: Would there be any major drawback to using aluminium as shot for clay shoot…[View]
39462899Slowest semi auto action?: Are there any semi autos slow enough that you can press the trigger faste…[View]
39460926Getting into Archery / HEMA: As much as I love guns, I'd like to expand my knowledge and skills…[View]
39457726wat is these: I found some casings at a gun range but don't know what they are. Are any of you …[View]
39462496Is it legal to have these big 'cats' as pets for self-defense?[View]
39460389Lets talk about hunting without weapons small game would be easy just set up traps but what about de…[View]
39460782Gunsmithing General: I'm getting ready to do some work on a new rifle with a laminate stock. I…[View]
39462539Retrofitting and Repair: How feasible is retrofitting of enemy captured vehicles, particularly in te…[View]
39453343>That guy who thinks he's '''tactically prepared''' but can't run a mile or bench his b…[View]
39440331GWG Dread: Sheebs Will Not Divide Us Edition[View]
39461390Hungarian military buildup: After decades of neglect, the Hungarian government is working on a large…[View]
39457580/k/ wet dream supreme: High quality art/paintings depicting warfare and unique, interesting, or inte…[View]
39454220Pistol shipping: How to get my EDC from Wisconsin to Arizona? I can't check it at airport becau…[View]
39461195were stiehlhandgrenades that good in WWI and WWII ? why doesnt military uses them now ? is more rang…[View]
39459490What other nations will form after the inevitable collapse of the federal government?[View]
39461678Inherited S&W Wheelgat: Sup /k/ So I just inherited this old Smith which was apparently purchase…[View]
39459694>tfw want to join the military but we're mostly at peace and I don't agree with the few…[View]
39413405REEEEEEloading & /k/ondimentsGeneral: Old bread: >>39350964[View]
39459196Whats a good company to buy an AR-15 kit/parts from? Dont want to spend a ton but want quality parts…[View]
39448143how are the viets so good at waging war?[View]
39462411Is velocity a critical factor for hit probability in combat, or is leading moving targets uncommon/e…[View]
39458589Reading the other thread made me me wonder, could the modern US military beat the Vietnamese in 1965…[View]
39462112This might a listing to watch holy shit > $72k >Wa2000 >Once in a lifetime opportunity to o…[View]
39461782All criticize the kikes, Russians and Chinks for brutalizing enemy Muslims. But in reality, this is …[View]
39459437is 7mm rem mag a good hunting caliber for medium to large-sized deer?[View]
39460521LWMMG: so is the LWMMG's bid to replace the M2 just a joke, or is this thing what it's set…[View]
39441782why was the jap tanks poo? what's the worst and best of japaense tanks durring ww2?[View]
39460768Does anybody else use FLCs? I know chest rigs are the way to go, apparently but the fact that this F…[View]
39450161ALICE: post yur setups[View]
39458609what are the best /k/ related /tv/ scenes? https://youtu.be/mL8G54DI174[View]
39458476random fun k shit: What do you want? We fear nothing[View]
39449761How does this make you feel?[View]
39437429LMAO: Why didn't they just fly them out of the path of the hurricane? Your tax dollars at work…[View]
39455220Every gun channel on youtube is gone.: try one. any one.[View]
39430661Chieftain finally does a video on Abrams: https://youtu.be/aladW_D4nKU[View]
39456770If there's a better looking handgun, I've yet to find it.[View]
39450954RTS: Rate This Shootout: Spooktober edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IaKznkDD3g >A 21-yea…[View]
39460856Hey /k/, I want build a single shit .22lr rifle. Any interesting plans stored in your super secret s…[View]
39456255/comfy/ thread: ITT: post /comfy/ wartime stuff.[View]
39454836Compound bows, anyone?: Long story short, I'm over guns and getting into archery (I have three …[View]
39452108Ancient sword ?: There is this Romanian dude claiming he has an ancient sword/dagger. Does anyone kn…[View]
39460903https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/210182 https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsup…[View]
39459171can someone id this holster for me[View]
39460048Where to buy a piece of a tank ?: Hey hey, I'm trying to source a piece of a tank as a Christma…[View]
39453578How do we improve the Panther?[View]
39459273What are your opinions on the karambit? Meme knife or more effective?[View]
39458508>fully ambidextrous >monolithic upper >can covert from DI to piston >enhanced bolt >d…[View]
39453073https://youtu.be/USCi-NmSGkk Which one of you did this? Normies don't rap about 10mm and glock …[View]
39446033/SG/ Suppressor General: Will I need the tactical recoil spring for suppressing my USP .45? I bought…[View]
39457164Protip thread: Guys, don't forget to wear nitrile gloves and a dust mask at the range to limit …[View]
39457355STALKER shit: Hey /k/, saw this jacket in a STALKER thread awhile back and have been unable to ident…[View]
39457017Is it legal for me to put a bird's head grip on an Ithaca 37 in Upstate NY? I'd keep the b…[View]
39458832Russian ammo: >makes 30-06 >makes 7.62x51 >makes .303 british >Doesn't make 8MM ma…[View]
39454536wtf eBay?: Can't sell stocks, braces or accessories now because muh assault weapons?[View]
39444963Why does the Japanese Military Complex don't reach the outside Markets like the US, China and R…[View]
39457076does this turn anyone else on[View]
39447969If I'm in the woods facing down a bear, is it necessary to have a .44, or is .357 adequate?[View]
39454892ITT we try to summon the femanon from last night whose great grandfather willed her 20 Colt Pythons …[View]
39459352How do you react when australians occupied your city pic related[View]
39458718well, im searching for a guns blueprint and my incapable mind cant find it on the net, so, share wit…[View]
39458226Where is all the sub 50¢ per round boxer primed 7.62 Tok? I want to start stockpiling reloadable bra…[View]
39452284image with related music: damm damm damm bmooo bmoo bmoo bmoo bmooo bmoo Some folks are born made t…[View]
39454844Handloading / Ballistic Software: I've been using an *ancient* copy of 'Load from a Disk' for y…[View]
39455352What's some good (or at least enjoyable) /k/-approved sci-fi?[View]
39453510Yesterday's Weapons of the Future: Can we take a moment to appreciate the unrealized concepts t…[View]
39458866Tank Battles: Al Khalid vs Abrams. Who wins?[View]
39459094/k/ related jobs: I made the mistake of studying something I enjoy rather than pursuing what I love …[View]
39450889>when he says he's a 'collector'[View]
39451115What's your poison, /k/? Vertical, angled, no grip? Other?[View]
39457090Should I buy a gun?: I live in California. Always wanted to have a few different pistols, a shotgun,…[View]
39452050What do yall think of this kit? Ik I'd need to buy furniture but do I need to buy trigger kit t…[View]
39455709What's the largest animal you'd be comfortable defending yourself against with a 9mm? Assu…[View]
39454122Uyghurs in China: How would an asymmetric war between China and it's Uyghur population play out…[View]
39451703> Lever action .357 Magnum, 124-158gr Absolutely fine on Ohio whitetails or Rocky mule deer out t…[View]
39452783Trap Thread: It's fall already - is anyone planning on using any traps this hunting season?…[View]
39451505Is this the future of rifle recoil mechanisms?: http://soldiersystems.net/2018/10/16/tennessee-arms-…[View]
39429508Spoo/k/ hunters thread: Due to hunting season coming back, post stories, screenshots, loadouts and w…[View]
394399141. Your favorite gun 2. (((Your darkest secret)) I'll begin 1. Lebel 1886/93, or any if the mor…[View]
39457830Cali fag here, going camping for 4 days this weekend in las padres and thinking about trying to get …[View]
39430296Long Range General - /lrg/: Remington 700 capable of shooting accurately up to 1000 yards. Is there …[View]
39457003SADF Pattern 83: So /k/ommandos, I've been checking online for SADF gear but all the surplus sh…[View]
39446803Why are the G*rmans completely incapable of designing weapons that are actually reliable, serviceabl…[View]
39444339Has anyone ever played before?[View]
39453917Are SBR's worth getting?: On one hand they look fun, on the other you're on a registry, an…[View]
39455210What are y'all carrying this winter? Anybody toting an AR/AK pistol?[View]
39458011/k/lit: /k/ related books and literature thread What have you been reading lately? I picked up pic r…[View]
39456036Drinking: Welcome to Shot For Shot, the /k/ approved drinking hole! What will you be having tonight?…[View]
39456075I'm looking at getting a used PTR-91 G3A3 as my first rifle. I've had shotguns and was int…[View]
39435694how do you actually stop a dog attack? my brother's husky/pitbull mix got attacked by a pitbull…[View]
39457067When going with a full sized Uzi as your main weapon, what’s a good aesthetic sidearm that could go …[View]
39457270>double stack SIG P210 never ever[View]
39448481beautiful art: post beautiful k art[View]
39456554>tfw grandpa gibs me a Ljungman 42b, >tfw grandma says that it's great grandpa has someon…[View]
39457485What role does the mossberg 500 JIC edition fill?[View]
39457464Absolute Cheapest Guns: Okay so I'm going to the Wanenmacher gun show with my nogunz buddy to h…[View]
39454026Hey, got a new Glock 21 gen 4. First gen 4. Slide is almost impossible to release with catch when pu…[View]
39457238Why don’t you have a gun rail thingy for your “You looking at me?” moments?[View]
39456331Post your challenges. Requesting a cowboy challenge if anyone has one[View]
39449641Non firearm weapon thread: God tier non firearm weapons >pic related >you will never disembo…[View]
39456123Military Surplus Rifles: Hi /K/ , I want to buy a fun rifle just for shooting targets. I've hea…[View]
39450449Whats a good price on an sks: K i need help, theres an estate sale/auction nearby me this friday tha…[View]
39453733Has anyone here mae a privacy act request on themselves or otherwise done a FOIA request? What was t…[View]
39457174Anyone here have the EABCO Ruger 10/22 M1 Carbine stock conversion with the new tech100 sights? Is i…[View]
39456130Russian SAMs BTFO![View]
39444198Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Don'…[View]
39455239Today is a good day: All i want to do is come home after my two jobs and watch steve eat delicious m…[View]
39456335Is The Accountant THE /k/ movie? Didn't ever bother to watch it but it was free on a plane I to…[View]
39441216Post retarded optic setups[View]
39454894What is the best gun to take camping as animal defence?[View]
39454477Magazine thread: Which mag is the most a e s t h e t i c? Which is most reliable? Which is your favo…[View]
39450917Could the North Koreans have adopted the same methods as the North Vietnamese and unified Korea? …[View]
39437944I wanted to get some thoughts on the 10mm version of this. These fuckers are expensive, but they are…[View]
39452972When will the betas crack and start a revolution /k/? I miss war and now being a civvie gives me a m…[View]
39456106Perfect opportunity for PSY OP: Is anyone gonna flex here? This seems like a place for a country to …[View]
39455106They got him, bros. They had to take the whole site down to do it, but they got him.[View]
39454775/k/ vidya - urban warfare/cqb: I've been reading a bit on the wars in Bosnia and Syria, and fro…[View]
39455937Res Ipsa Loquitur: >Incredible colourised footage has brought the First World War to life after a…[View]
39454693Mossberg Night Train: What do anons think of the Mossberg Night Train?[View]
39446006S-700: >S-700 is capable of taking a plane out anywhere on the planet. What will the Amerifats a…[View]
39445206Drawn Gats: send in guns you have drawn, real or otherwise[View]
39418585/gq/ - gear queer: checc pms edition >General information https://pastebin.com/4X2gsVwS (embed) …[View]
39454506Chest Rigs: Can someone give me a brief rundown on chest rigs/plate carriers? >best attachments …[View]
39453564Polymer 80 thread: Anyone have any ideas on grip texture? Im thinking buy this and add Talon grips. …[View]
39452265Barrel life: How long is the life of a barrel generally? What are the most important factors which d…[View]
39441660Is hunting large African game an actual challenge? It seems like any rich boomer or roastie who has …[View]
39436297Low key / low profile guns: noguns here. I am getting married soon and when I buy a house I want to …[View]
39453195I'm getting an AR from my buddy: I live in Jew York City and I'm getting an AR from a budd…[View]
39421539/msg/ Military Surplus General: Old thread was archived Range day edition[View]
39453898What crew job would you want on an aircraft carrier?: Here is the list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wik…[View]
39448570How are Russian units actually set up?[View]
39451841Want to own guns but also want to kill myself: probably not the best to post on 4chan but whatever. …[View]
39444891hey /k/ i just orders a gp-5 but i don't really want to bother to get a new filter, is their a …[View]
394512216.5 Creedmoor Suggestions: As the title implies, I am looking for a bolt action in 6.5 CM. Budget is…[View]
39454489Weird Pin: Last week, a military surplus shop near me was having a sale. I bought a shitton of pins …[View]
39428141This is a Finnish conscript. Say something nice about her![View]
39454162You probably don't shoot enough, anon. How do you keep sharp when not at the range?[View]
394540111911 Kit: My buddy is planning on giving me an extra 1911 80% frame he bought because he messed up t…[View]
39444933F-35: JUST edition: These lemon-flavored memes got grounded and finally the Pentagon cleared some of…[View]
39451985>tells tojo to build more carriers because the battleship is obsolete >gets brushed off >te…[View]
39454231How should I secure my home if I will be gone months at a time? Should I just rent it out or have a …[View]
39453225this guy is the best part about c&r[View]
39435692Handgun General - /hg/ #201: Bicentennial edition+1! Wow! Pastebin: >https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNi…[View]
39416135Family photo thread: I just got all of mine together and photo'd just in case. Figured I'd…[View]
39450719Are the ak sights shit?[View]
39453869does the military have insurance policies on equipment does the military get money if planes or truc…[View]
39453852Is wearing a respirator good for shooting indoors? All that lead in the air can't be good for y…[View]
39432618/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Type 1 Grip Mod Edition >Thread #702 Old thread here >>3…[View]
39450085Could somebody give me a rundown of the minor eastern front militaries like Slovakia and Romania?[View]
39452692Help me find a video guys. It's a bunch of autists shooting guns in the woods dressed in cospla…[View]
39453803Am I retarded: Thinking of buying pic related from DSA. Is that a dumb idea? If not, any recommendat…[View]
39453450So this definatly was a good shot. But wtf, one cop lets the perp get off a couple of shoots and the…[View]
39453212Hey /k/, newfag here. Just bought a Springfield M1A, looking to add a pistol grip on it but am unsur…[View]
39453221Does anyone know where I could find Hungarian pants and boots from the 1970s? Im trying to complete …[View]
39447954Why is the paladin so mediocre? Why couldn't the richest army in the world procure self propell…[View]
39452393who here actually does pistol drills and what are some of your favs? >ive recently been doing do…[View]
39443427You've heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for...[View]
39451322Never actually shoot because always saving for the next gun[View]
39449093Since russia has proven incapable of developing an aircraft that can compete with Western contempora…[View]
39441569How pozzed is your tank?: >Abrams Pozzed by ATGMS >Leopard 2 Pozzed by ATGMS >Challenger 2 …[View]
39451440What is actually wrong with Tapco?: They're ugly as fuck, but are there any objective reasons a…[View]
39440521how bulletproof is this thing?[View]
39446027Cerakote: >call only shop in my area that does cerakote >tell them I want to have the frame of…[View]
39446630is this a legit shooting technique? I thought it looks retarded.[View]
39443680Choose your fighter[View]
39426436Last thread died. Post one of your guns and an object you own that you enjoy, and we'll make as…[View]
39451338Bersa combat: So a pawnshop is getting desperate trying to get rid of their bersa combat for 200$ Is…[View]
39443849Why soldiers HATE airsoft and MIL-SIM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIZivcZzqmY[View]
39448547help me modify this to .22[View]
39441315No gun signs: Does your state give the force of law to these? Thoughts on that? Alabama here, if yo…[View]
39451856Ok 4 chan... I know that 4 chan is the worlds greatest detective. Theres no reason we cant solve thi…[View]
3945020870PSS vs 10/22 Ultralite: Looking for the lightest 22lr Rifle for ultimate hyper speed no drag steel…[View]
39441330Modern use of polearms in the face of societal collapse. Yes, of course firearms are superior, but w…[View]
39451779noko: Hi /k/ I'm cleaning out the closet and selling some guns on florida gun trader, but first…[View]
39450558Hello fellas, I need your help. Is there anywhere where I can find detailed information and measurem…[View]
39452272flame thrower: best weapon for home defense https://throwflame.com/products/x15-flamethrower/…[View]
39449511/k/ good advice thread: Ever ask /k/ for advice? Wanted to buy a firearm and didn't know what t…[View]
39436896>.357 mag is just as, if not less effective than 9mm Is he right, /k/? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
39451711What's the purpose of this?[View]
39446549Were they mocking the Kimber in John Wick 2 or lauding it?[View]
39446985Is the modern French Navy superior to the modern British Royal Navy?[View]
39431940Female carrier pilots: Women of 'top gun'[View]
39450985Vietnam war and internationality: In the Vietnam war there were many different allied nations fighti…[View]
39435501Admiral Gorshkov frigate vs Italian FREMM: Since the first Gorshkov is officially in service(and its…[View]
39450254What was the American civilian favorite weapon of the pre AR15 era? Was it the M1 carbine and were s…[View]
39443557What is the best way to carry shotgun shells on your person? It feels like SBRs are superior to shot…[View]
39451827If you were to inherit a single firearm from your forefathers, what would make you shit your pants t…[View]
39451227Waffle thread Any place to get picrelated for less than 2 grand? What are they going for now adays? …[View]
39450130New Boston Dynamics video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHBcVlqpvZ8 They can dance and shake thei…[View]
39435583Why is the English longbow considered a good bow design?[View]
39449046Can anyone identify what gun this is off? Found it magnet fishing in the UK, any help is appreciated[View]
39450850How would the Falklands war have differed if the UK formally declared war on Argentina, rather than …[View]
39450646Is there such a thing as an MK14 that doesn’t cost $3,000?[View]
39449467Condor MOPC: Is condor any good?[View]
39450678>The first question you have to ask yourself is - Which end is the front? Is Ian actually retarde…[View]
39449259What is the best gun safe for an apartment?: I’m a graduate student at a big university so I can’t c…[View]
39450747>He doesnt main a KSG with pic related as sidearm Ammolets will not be prepared when SHTF!…[View]
39450668Who would win: the most advanced and deadly fighter aircraft to have ever been produced or some wind…[View]
39450623Diy Gun Safe: Just got a new place and there is a real oddball space in my bathroom with nothing the…[View]
39450774Conscription: So I have a question for you guys. Is conscription beneficial to a country? On the one…[View]
39424192I'm infinitely more scared of getting stabbed than getting shot, how viable would it be to wear…[View]
39435653/PGG/ Pack Gun General: Pack rifles, kit revolvers, and any other light weight and portable firearms…[View]
39444811WEBM/GIF Thread: Post what you've got.[View]
39450205Yugo sks: Are they really shit? How important is google chrome lined bores? Am I doomed to $400+ sks…[View]
39444707>have tinnitus for years >get used to it and basically forget about it >start browsing /k/ …[View]
39444106Why were the Mongols so combat effective?[View]
39443909Undeniable truth[View]
39449637>dozens of tacky as fuck budk tier commemorative models costing exorbitant amounts of money >c…[View]
39446774Just appliedfor my FOID card. What have your experiences been with this process?[View]
39450045BREAKING >Ukrainian Su-27 crashes during war games withUS, American serviceman reportedly killed…[View]
39446065/Kali AR: S-s-suppose for a second you fellas were in Cali and built a compliant AR15. H-how would y…[View]
39443501AR thread AR General /arg/ Trip Containment Development Group: Just As Good Poverty MK18 Edition OLD…[View]
39445612How long for Atlantic Firearms BFPU restock? Wanna pick up an decent AK before I-1639 and i have bee…[View]
39449438>100 britbongs with single shot lever action rifles routed 4000 zulus >the entirety of the NCR…[View]
39447325wjats type of bang bang shooter is this chap wielding?[View]
39437196Cold War 1946-1991: Post your best aesthetics, pictures, stories, and art.[View]
39444629Union Military (1865-edition) vs British Empire: Who wins?[View]
39433818/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Stylish Edition previous thread >>39406259 LYING ABOUT ME…[View]
39447839Nugget fest news: What's going on with any of the nugget fests? I don't know if I missed a…[View]
39447689Weaponolgy: What's your thought on this show? I'm 23 and I always watched this after any d…[View]
39433579Tell me about the guns you've inherited / intend to pass on: after my dad died he left my broth…[View]
39449124Are Del-tons any good? This seems like a steal.[View]
39440065>Carries a gun >Doesn't do pushups >Didn't learn MMA, (((Krav Maga))), CQC or any…[View]
39446114Going to be getting a red dot/magnifier for my AR and I’m a poorfag who doesn’t want to spend more t…[View]
39447116new toy: X15 Flame thrower $1599.00-$1750.00[View]
39448393INNAOCEAN: So you've all heard of going innawoods to blast gats. But have you ever hear of inna…[View]
39447974From my understanding 'first round pop' is caused by air combusting. Could you work around this by f…[View]
39448694Point at Tyndall and laugh[View]
39437384beautiful art: post beautiful art[View]
39445363hi I'm not a regular here so I need help. I'm going to be inheriting some firearms. I know…[View]
39436421Submarines: No matter how quiet they are, they still make noise. Why not hide in plain sight and jus…[View]
39443412switchblade: im looking to purchase a classic-looking switchblade but I live in fucking Canada. Does…[View]
39446588How the British fucked up the Falklands War: 1. Pinochet already allowed the British to set up secre…[View]
39448590Webbing/Carriers/Belts: What’s the best webbing, carriers/vests, or battle belts? Only piece of mils…[View]
39444502Guys......Is Russia's politician actually joking about them having S-700 air defense?: https://…[View]
39441807f-16s blown up on the ground by vulcan cannon: so apparently a technician working on a f-16 in belgi…[View]
39421678Which weapons would be best in space?[View]
39438455Hi Point C9: great gun, bought one used for a great price. I hope they make a C version, who else is…[View]
39445952Hey now. I'd like to get a rifle, but have no clue where to start. I shot my friend's AR a…[View]
39443603Paul Allen died, /k/. He contributed a lot to finding wrecks of lost WWII ships so let's have a…[View]
39443957Memewave: Alright /k/ommandos I'm going to buy this in a few days is there any attachments I ca…[View]
39438376Why did we stop using flamethrowers/napalm in combat? They're the ultimate demoralizing weapons…[View]
39422448Vigilante Loadout: Post yours I want to be able to go and kill people but then get back to date nigh…[View]
39432932Lever action thread: Please post lever action rifles[View]
39445920Pawn Shops: Picked up 3 guns for a good deal from my local pawn shop that holds the good stuff for m…[View]
39447257/k/ Games?: >Eleysium is a new fav[View]
39447450>get out of hospital for mental illness and get diagnosed >mommy wants me to get rid of guns s…[View]
39445610/K/ommandoStore: Ordered the following from KommandoStore on Friday and just got them this evening. …[View]
39448111Hey /k/: Some of you may remember I made a fred a few days ago about my accidental binary trigger AR…[View]
39447805Gametime fun /k/. You have to own and carry one gun from the Ring of Fire companies. What’s your pic…[View]
39446917If I were to go join the Army today, and signed up to be part of a tank crew, how likely is it after…[View]
39440464Does firing small caliber firearms without ear protection physically hurt or does it just ringalot[View]
39438132Some People are to pure for this world.[View]
39445026Slide off, mag in: Just got a new pistol. Slide off, mag in guessing game[View]
39444730So I just got one of these shits Watched the assembly instructions video and followed everything cor…[View]
39447494Family photo thread anyone?[View]
39443095Arnold Swarzanager Pranks Calls the ATF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUhXvW4Z5-M[View]
39446378To Any Fellow Cucked NY'ers;: I had a thought. Consider the S.A.F.E. act. Pretty shitty right? …[View]
39438765/k/ Meals: What's some healthy and nutritional meals that we should be eating more of? Unique s…[View]
39438131>A more lethal and effective bullet >Military bans it ???…[View]
39440328Looking for a good pocket pistol to carry when I dont want to carry my G19. Tried the G43 but my han…[View]
39439385Whats the best method you guys have found for selling firearms private sale to strangers?[View]
39445197What is your favourite vatnik/burger propaganda channel vis-a-vis weapon systems? Personally, I ador…[View]
39447026Okay, so SHTF. Bullets can be cast fairly easily. Brass can be reused a ton of times. And i don…[View]
39445455https://www.rt.com/news/441341-bandera-nazi-grave-phillips/ UK 'journalist' desecrates Ukrainian nat…[View]
39446896Restoring an mp-18: Oh shit boys, it's here! https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v…[View]
39432880Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
39443668vests,chest rig ,gun holster,flak jacket: vests,chest rig ,gun holster,flak jacket >post ,discuss…[View]
39438571Why is the rest of the world so cucked /k/? Is it seriously so hard to respect other people's f…[View]
39440426>British Army Trains In Japan For The First Time >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK6T9c7J3F…[View]
39445640Pistol Brace Ban?: What's the chances the pistol brace will be banned sort of like what happene…[View]
39443309Why are people upset by this? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/blake-fischer-idaho-fish-and-game-offici…[View]
39442390Which gun companies are shilling faggots that I need to avoid? I know ruger and springfield are on t…[View]
39444207Belgian mechanic blows up F-16 with a Vulcan cannon: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/14/bel…[View]
39442270In 20 years what will be the best weapon for Guerrilla fighters. Be somewhat specific, if you say dr…[View]
39433309Find a flaw[View]
39441930Ruger Security-9: Hey guys, just got my first handgun. It’s a Ruger Security-9, picked it up new for…[View]
39440770Mattis possibly leaving the WH: What does this mean for the DoD /k/?[View]
39444028Poverty gats. Post em.[View]
39444579how much would a full suit of ballistic steel armor weight, being thick enough to stop a 5.56 round …[View]
39444849Informative: Fightlite SCR002: Im going to show you all a weird ass rifle. Good, bad, and the ugly o…[View]
39441211Sexiest guns Thread: Show me those sexy ass guns[View]
39442422good shtf handguns?: revolvers / semi auto / /break action / single shot. mainly looking for somethi…[View]
39439952/k/ infographics thread: post /k/ommando related infographics[View]
39427463What is the strongest warship currently at sea?[View]
39441793Does /k/ like wargames?: Do you guys like miniature wargames? I wrote one that uses generic plastic …[View]
39443080Is there a current production revolver not made out of cast parts that isnt a 3,000 plus importer ko…[View]
39438352Do you ever have /k/ related dreams?: >had a dream that shit finally hit the fan >UN and CIA n…[View]
39444905Does anyone know what ever happened to this maniac with the little birdy from space?[View]
39444646The cedar Enclave vs geese: Here's one of the more enjoyable stories regarding the geese in my …[View]
39440918Why not just make APFSDS-T 5.56mm bullets to punch through body armor?[View]
39443622Is there any place on line that does artwork on guns? I really fucking like Jackets piece and want t…[View]
39425321Best innacold oper8ing gear known to man.[View]
39444823monkey tomcats: Is this book considered a reliable account of their performance? I just read it and…[View]
39443869Ultimate longetivity: Alright /k, lets pretend its 50 years after global collapse. Which guns do you…[View]
39443596We post musi/k/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37l7P5V1eXU[View]
39443064Need help.: I've been trying to identify this meme for hours now. I need the original image of …[View]
39443768What do /k/omrades?: /k/ I can’t even begin to explain my frustration. >ordered a lower from PSA …[View]
39438390How are people anti-gun? Have they never had a bump in the night? What would they do in that scenari…[View]
39436566Hey guys I'm new to guns and shit. I'm watching this Forgotten Weapons due to /k/'s r…[View]
39431160When the PSA MP5 coming out?[View]
39444457Hey /k/, I used to have volume 1&2 of these books, but have since lost them, is there a place I …[View]
39444353Who's your Halloween hero: Secret Boeing defense and space test pilot, my friend pappy boyingto…[View]
39441752Discuss gun care products. I like Hoppes Elite Solvent to clean, WD40 True Multipurpose Grease to lu…[View]
39440499How do guns run with grease vs oil generally.[View]
39441795/k/ Nevada Division: Monday Edition Join the discord: https://discord.gg/jGAkDus Everyone welcome, i…[View]
39440145Just imagine /k/, what a lovely world we could have[View]
39420832If a second civil war broke out in America is there a chance that it be a conventional war or would …[View]
39442735Is /k/ excited for Trident Juncture 18?[View]
39443316Shells, Craters, Impact sites and Ordinance: Does anyone have the picture of the massive shell that …[View]
39400271/k/ Fantasy General 5: Combined Arms Editon----/k/ Civ 1: Previous Thread >>39345789 → A freak…[View]
39442768Guys, there were these sets of photos from Nicholas Moran uploaded to Prime Portal. I was trying to …[View]
39434346Convince me why I should buy a Beretta 92 when I turn 21 Pic related is airshit but I just want thos…[View]
39441446Could this theoretically speaking actually work? What would the effects it would have on the enemy a…[View]
39431602Why was there no Japanese insurgency groups during the American occupation following right after ww2…[View]
39433497AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Tripfag containment thread Ambidextrous edition Old >…[View]
39441944Do eastern grunts ever come into contact with spooks like western soldiers sometimes do when deploye…[View]
39442839>Background check asks me if I'm an unlawful user of, or addicted to marijuana or any other …[View]
39436763M1917 opinions: What do you guys think of the m1917? I think I want this to be my next gun.[View]
39435049>The weapon of mystery meat feminists[View]
39440014Anyone run a battle belt instead of a chest rig?[View]
39435834CZ P-01 Stainless: My 50th Birthday Present to myself.[View]
39440951Are police dogs trained to fight pitbulls and other enemy canines? I wonder what happens when a crim…[View]
39439193Low power variable vs red dot: Which do you prefer and why? I think I'm retarded but I seem to …[View]
39436279Spooktober Stories: /K/ edition: Alright /k/omandos it's October so that means ghost stories. …[View]
39437633Should I build an AR-10 or meme it up and get my hands on an FAL of some type?[View]
39432188Thoughts on the British Army?[View]
39441768Modernised SIG 550: How could the SIG 550 be modernised and more modular ?[View]
39439706Is the Saudi-Houthi conflict basically Command & Conquer-tier asymmetry? >Saudis have compreh…[View]
39441562Leather vs kydex for holsters? Just got my first pistol and I need a decent belt holster for it. Is …[View]
39436080Own any 2A clothing?: I had an iron maiden shirt with incorrectly made M16's on it and always f…[View]
39439336This madman will soon be the President of Brazil and one of his main 'objectives' is to make the no …[View]
39441014>Be me >american >wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of my door being kicked i…[View]
39440086Absolute Mad Lad goes full 1776: I wish I had half the balls of this guy[View]
39437344Rimfire guns >just get a 10/22 or model 60 it’s most of what you need Precision Rifles/hunting r…[View]
39435301Any SU-35 fags in here?: https://russia-insider.com/en/goodbye-us-stealth-russia-developing-radio-ph…[View]
39437531How old were you when you realized M81 Woodland is a terrible pattern?: Mine was when I was 12 years…[View]
39441835What is /k/s opinion on the SU16? Should I get this or an AR?[View]
39438539Could somebody give me a rundown of 60's tanks with their pros and cons?[View]
39439785MX rifle: is anyone else attracted to these rifles? holy fuck they look kinda cool[View]
39438578Ghost Ring sights on a shotgun, is it acceptable?[View]
39441702So I've recently been sold on Wharncliffe blades from a buddy of mine who used a Yojimbo as a R…[View]
39423455You can only own one gun. What is it? This is your carry, home defense etc.[View]
39439467Electroshock weapons What separates the Chinese toys from the proper incapacatating tools? Amps? Vol…[View]
39439260/k/ greentexts and humor: Post 'em[View]
39441170Tiny calibers: Anyone ever fool around with tiny calibers, below .22? Pic related. .10 Dart, .22LR f…[View]
39441551Machine guns(human tripods): Would this work /k/ ? (pic related is from the comic; Charleys war.)…[View]
39439601>Be armying >Exploding Tee'tee >1kg load >250m distance >nobody orders cups, dis…[View]
39432299/K/s opinion of Steyr Mannlichers? I’m buying one later. Any bits of info I should know?[View]
39435563Did 'Red October' get anyone interested in the Soviet Navy?: Post-script: If thread lasts 7 hours, o…[View]
39434757P320 issues: I don't know much about weapons and I was considering buying this as my first fire…[View]
39438834Spare Mag on Semi Auto CZ75: Is it legal (Indiana) and possible to get a CZ75 semi auto with a spare…[View]
39440326Lawz: So, ok, I know this is fuddy I think we should stop calling them funz. Not because I don’t thi…[View]
39437265So I'm looking at getting a rifle in Australia and I'm just wondering what I should get[View]
39435962Have we talked about this game breaking shit yet?: Take my money. I have and SBR EVO and this is all…[View]
394375569mm AR Pistols: So I want a 9mm carbine for cheap plinking and would like an AR like platform for er…[View]
39438326Igor: why is this Unit not on your fireteam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZJ8n1PckrE[View]
39436999What expression is he trying to convey?[View]
39437202/ak/ drunk: Please give me pictures of operator waifus[View]
39440634Meetup thread I guess: I know you're on here, delivery boy Hmu with your SC next time you deliv…[View]
39438621Alright goys its knife time what blades do you all carry with you when you are out during the day[View]
39440348Innawoods/S.T.A.L.K.E.R Challenge grubs?: I got a good deal on amazon for Korean beef MRE packs but …[View]
39432770Which 9mm Glock do you choose and why? 17, 19, 19x, 26, or 43?[View]
39420510I had to put my dog down yesterday, /k/. He had cancer and could hardly walk. But letting the vet p…[View]
39434155F-22 should be retired.: the F-22 is an overproduced tech demonstrator that the air force insists on…[View]
39432182poison micro-bullets: Would it be possible to make miniscule bullets that can blast through skin tis…[View]
39440029PSA AK why is it bad?: I want an AK without paying a stupid price. I'm currently watching revie…[View]
39421308Is this shit true, or would they buckle under twelve feet? If they would, why not add structural sup…[View]
39436123Something I never understood about SHTF prepers: I've seen a lot of threads about what guns /k/…[View]
39439426Glocks: I dont know why, the glock is an all around great firearm but its just so generafag that i c…[View]
39432762BR meme: I'm either gonna buy a PTR-91 or a Colt AR. Which one should i go with /k/[View]
39439504gangster guns: post and discuss food for thought, why are certain guns so popular with criminals?…[View]
39398417radio/comms thread: We haven't had one of these in a while. What are going to be the standard r…[View]
39438893Special Forces + .45 ACP: Why do special forces use .45 ACP if 9mm is supposedly so much more effect…[View]
39439185My dad says red dots are bad for your eyes, is that some fudd lore? It kind of makes sense. It'…[View]
39434145What is better (or worse): a magazine sticking out from a side or on the top?[View]
39422402Hey /k/ I'm thinking about buying a good bow for fun and sport. Which is better; recurve or com…[View]
3943687080s Ops: How do you supply the Contras and stop the cocaine cowboys from overrunning Miami, /k/?…[View]
39437139Who likes short shotys[View]
39429391how much did kyle lie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ12PN81xnI how much of that film is bullshit…[View]
39439116Is this the true way to hunt /k/?[View]
39439358just remember that us leafs have a law restricting the owning of a slamfire gun produced after 1955.…[View]
39413323what is the best non firearm weapon[View]
39417370remind me why this thing is worth $3000, err i mean, $3500 dollars?[View]
39430385Are Glocks really the best or are they overrated?[View]
39431139Saw this on the highway. Does /k/ know what it is?[View]
39435498Colt Re-issue: Is it worth it?[View]
39438207Removing sand honk?: Hey /k/ I don't like these custard mouthed sandnigger geese that live at t…[View]
39427041Have we had any tripfags on /k/ passed away before? I don't mean like gone and disappear but I …[View]
39438909Feels good man: Good stories thread >be me >work for a PMC for a good few years >back hom…[View]
39436776Can somebody mail a handgun?: This is technically not legal but is it possible? If somebody put a ha…[View]
39437589Frequent putting together/loosening of Thread: Just curious /k/s sure is an interesting design but i…[View]
39431789Should I buy a Hk USP just for the clout?[View]
39435866When did the M1 Garand begin to make its way into civilian hands? I know JFK got his rifle from the …[View]
39438812So /k/, are you ready to give and receive virtual reach-arounds while defending the fleet by flying …[View]
39435698CRUSADE: You are charging into battle against the muslim hordes in the year of our lord 2018... what…[View]
39435111SMLE marking: What does this mark on the stock mean? It's a 1942 mfg No.4. Is it just a meaning…[View]
39407827Post your gear/ loadout: Gear thread maggots let's go let's go let's go[View]
39438589Which is better, and why?[View]
39430743What's the point of 10 gauge shotguns?[View]
39425951Where do I get good flektarn camo stuff?[View]
39429392meme point seven: Who was stupid enough to waste their money on this shit?[View]
39438111gonna pick up a piece soon, debating on a pistol grip mossberg 500 or a glock 19. plan is to just ke…[View]
39431852Nobody likes the ATF here, but is the DEA /k/osher?[View]
39437781ITT post combat music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iymtpePP8I8 Imagine blasting this while you l…[View]
39434553Why is a mosin nagant owner spamming Glock hate threads all over /k/?[View]
39435110Is kel-tec a meme?[View]
39431583ITT: favorite knife brands and why?: It’s Kershaw[View]
39437725Ultimate Survival Gun: Alright /kommandos. Sit and conspire with me for a minute. I just got into an…[View]
39432019Why don't we use prop planes anymore?: So the kind of wars we have been fighting for nearly 20 …[View]
39437096Under folder vs fixed stock AK: I’m getting my first and probably only AK. Should I go for the wire …[View]
39425521Sherman hate thread: worst tank of WW2 edition[View]
39415942>ITT post gun models in vidyas that make you want to vomit >Inb4 /v/…[View]
39437797/k/at thread? /k/at thread.[View]
39435821Is there any weapon or tactic prior to the mid 19th century that could break a trench warfare stalem…[View]
39417816/k/ vs. The Harry Potter World: >Tensions between the Wizard and muggle world on the rise >Wiz…[View]
39435318Transferable machine guns: QUANTITY DECLINES AS MEXICAN CARTELS BUY GUNS IN AMERICA: So this is one …[View]
39436211>.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire Fucking why?[View]
39427072So during the push into the west, what exactly were the guns that dominated the market for individua…[View]
39433712>V22 Osprey based on Weserflug P.1003 >AK47 based on StG44 >Grease Gun based on MP40 >M4…[View]
39435375I want to invest in a gun , mainly for target shooting. What are some good starters? I set a budget …[View]
39434769Among this metal is a Mosin Nagant bolt assembly (obviously) but it's darker than nighttime in …[View]
39437079whatsup bois, office is almost finished. what do you think so far ? Next up is a >r700 (m24 mod…[View]
39434489Heha guns[View]
39435355Holsters: Anyone know a holster model that would fit the M9A3 exactly. I have this Safariland GLS ho…[View]
39417238Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>39390974 >Where ca…[View]
39430504Identifying a musket: Hey guys, looking for some help for a friend who wants to identify a musket th…[View]
39431832Glock appreciation thread: Post your glock Only posting my glawk brand keychain cuz I don't lik…[View]
39429874What is your operating gear look like, /k/?[View]
39431405What are some examples of conflicts where air power was the most decisive component (i.e., the war c…[View]
39435713O/k/at, what muzzle break do I choose? I do not intent to mount a suppressor, and my rifle runs 5.56…[View]
39429789Was it too pure for this world?[View]
39410928/bag/ Body Armor General: The Phantom Plates Edition: This is a highly-specialized general for body …[View]
39414863Meme calibers: Is there any point? Why do people buy handguns chambered in these cartridges still? F…[View]
39435816I recently got gifted a sporterized 1903 Springfield with an old fixed power Bushnell scope. The gun…[View]
39403348/k/ Nevada Division: Alright boys, I made a discord for any of you /k/ommando Nevadans. I never see …[View]
39434750Post all the guns your Mom won’t let you buy. She told me if I asked for her to buy me this gun agai…[View]
39427426Are gun shows pretty much obsolete these days? When I first got into shooting I loved them, I went t…[View]
39431913Fudds circa 2050: >concealed carry holds less than 50 plasma charges >has less than 6 capacito…[View]
39434858People actually replace their carry ammo every few months because they think it is going to expire[View]
39430849You do realize that red dots are unnecessary if you practice with your rifle as much as you ought to…[View]
39428996Looks disgusting desu.[View]
39433014what gun would be best for taking out one of these?[View]
39436140why would any idiot own a scar[View]
39434735any one know what type of grenade the guys use at 1.57 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M8_hS0g…[View]
39432307Decocker or manual safety?[View]
39434664What is the most useful weapon and tactic to use against a literally psychotic maniac?[View]
39435921Are we ever going to get to fight world war 3?: Sure it wouldn't be quite as cool as if it happ…[View]
39428343BILLION DOLLAR WORTH OF F-22s DAMAGED: >More than a dozen F-22s were left behind as Hurricane Mic…[View]
39434429So one of my friends decided to screw a type 80 filter onto my CM-4 gas mask, and I cant seem to get…[View]
39425379Brownells AR15: Are they junk? Does brownells make good gun parts? Would slapping some surplus usgi …[View]
3943326322 F-22 Stealth Fighters destroyed by Hurricane Michael.: >The last Air Force Base to suffer cata…[View]
39424456Handgun General - /hg/ - #200: Bicentennial edition! Wow! Pastebin: >https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNi…[View]
39429622Inheritance help me: I have just been told that I'm going to inherit my grandfather's hand…[View]
39434089Who asked for a Glock 17 with a shorter barrel ??? What is the point of the 19x?[View]
39434414Who here uses ballistic groin protectors with their plate carriers? Are they effective?[View]
39434946Do/k/ument: On /t/ someones got the magnet to the do/k/ument and the ar/k/ but we need seeders. its …[View]
39424848Best 'not a gun' self-defense options: What's the best self defense option for someone whose pl…[View]
39435020Jeorge Sprave most /k/ youtuber?: Jeorge Sprave for most /k/ youtuber? Let me show you his features…[View]
39434579Guys, are you planning to see this?[View]
39434901700grain: Any views or ratings about that SW500 700grain bullet from Underworld ammo ?[View]
39427842How would you have stopped him? What if he and the other bubba had AA-12s and Level V body armor AND…[View]
39431992I need a good milsurp backpack for going innawoods, I'll be there for about 3 days. Suggestions…[View]
39430930CHANGE MY MIND: Your average AR15 owner is an inept fat fuck boomer who couldn’t run 400 yards to sa…[View]
39433245Aside from legal reasons, what stops me from just grinding off the disconnector to make a semi-auto …[View]
39433834Legal Defense Plans: Are legal defense plans worth the money? After I aggressively defend myself wit…[View]
39432290>laser light combo >red dot Which would be better for a possible skinwalker encounter in the w…[View]
39434083Coolest looking historical guns thread Mine is the Mkb42H, it looks way sleeker than the StG[View]
39430202Need help for AR optics: SMITH & WESSON M&P15 SPORT II 5.56 16' BARREL What optics bruhs? An…[View]
39431478ITT: top tier /k/ino, both movies and tv shows are welcome I'll start[View]

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