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35869323What's the best way to buy from a private seller online off something like armslist? I'm m…[View]
35868361So I joined this forum for gun owners in Hawaii since I got stationed here, and made a thread in it …[View]
35867223Why is /k/'s knowledge of early 20th century naval warfare so pathetic? The literature describ…[View]
35864055Nd'ing into your own truck.: Let's check it out![View]
35868937Why don't you hunt using lead-free ammo, /k/? Don't you care about the environment? What a…[View]
35868826Newly hazguns here, is there any reason I couldn't switch a factory AR15 set up in a carbine le…[View]
35850233Why does /k/ hate neutrality?[View]
35869080Work trucks --> to war trucks: How would you customize it to be a 26,000 lb moving machine of dea…[View]
3586566915 minute loadouts: Da man is coming, S is H'ing TF, and you have 15 minutes to grab stuff and …[View]
35868668.380 is best round? This round went through a dude's hand and then through his wife's abdo…[View]
35868894You're the 45 and the, uhh, carbine? Who takes the glock? Do you want it, /k/?[View]
35858691HUMANITY'S TIME IS NEARLY OVER THE ROBOT SOLDIER WILL SOON BE HERE https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
35865966Why did this get discontinued? It seemed like a very versatile close combat weapon.[View]
35864938Hello fellow gun owners! I love the second amendment as much as the next guy but don't you thin…[View]
35868534I ordered a thing before reading the reviews. Realistically what are my chances that this product wi…[View]
35867837Just bought a Springfield 1903 Trainer (fake rifle used to train soldiers with the controls). Could …[View]
35863823Thinking about buying a 450 bushmaster for deer hunting. Talk me out of or into it. Was leaning tow…[View]
35859181Things idiots on /k/ say: >you can't put that on your AK, it will make it 922r non compliant…[View]
35868538Why does /k/ think that tanks are immune to anti-tank weapons? Tank armor only stops things lighter …[View]
35855089Main Battle Tanks: What is the most effective MBT currently being fielded?[View]
35860155Are they realistic /k/? Would you use them?[View]
35865296Beretta ARX 160 (.22LR): Reposting with more detailed description. I'm looking to get a good pl…[View]
35856983Gun show loop hole: So is this still a thing? Does it work in California? i was thinking about going…[View]
35868375Morning Kommandos! Saluto Nex Alea Ave Nex Ale. What is your favorite military slang or /k/ related …[View]
35866006Turkey pulls out of NATO exercises: Turkey about to leave NATO? http://aa.com.tr/en/todays-headlines…[View]
35866158Ron DeSantis (Florida 6) and Marco Rubio (Florida) are now considering legislation to repeal the NFA…[View]
35862792Helpful Suggestions?: Hello /k. I'm an older man (62) who's never shot a gun. I'd thi…[View]
35798516MILSURP + CAMO THREAD: Good deals edition.[View]
35865707>you will never have flecktard in usable colors ...I tried guys I really did…[View]
35867361Hey Navy guys, not really working to dispel those stereotypes are you? http://www.krem.com/news/loca…[View]
35858425Whats a good gun to defend my still with?[View]
35846721/gq/ - Gear Queer General: CAG in the Streets, Kawaii in the Sheets Edition >/gq/ Basic Guide to …[View]
35864546Night Vision Headache?: Does anyone else get a slight headache after using night vision goggles for …[View]
35863283Red pill me on barrel length with 5.56: Hey /k/, eurofag here so forgive me if any mistakes arise fr…[View]
35863879AR Thread /arg/ Tripfag Comtainment: I miss Calico edition Old: >>35861486[View]
35867225So, I'm not a huge glocktard. Among a shitton of other pistols, I'd bought a g26 first, th…[View]
35866144How much, if any, more accurate were soldiers in the time before standard issue were semi/automatic …[View]
35867469http://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/11/17/navy-admits-its-aircraft-drew-lewd-images-sky.html Alr…[View]
35862918North Korea violated armistice!: http://www.businessinsider.com/north-korea-reportedly-violated-armi…[View]
35866715You guys will argue about anything.[View]
35862287Does anyone have a cz p07? How is it? I`m thinking about making it my next carry piece after my glo…[View]
35866949What's the advantage of having an SAI BCG over a stock BCG?[View]
35864043/k/ forms a tribe: Lets say you and a group of /k/ommandos decide to fuck off innawoods and form a t…[View]
35856461T-90 BTFO: It certainly lives up to its older brother's legacy as the turret tossing champion…[View]
35863696>All these scopes in the two digits with lots of features. How can namebrand scopes ever compete…[View]
35864969Competitive Shooting: Do we have any serious competitive shooters here on /k/? If so: What format of…[View]
35863946Which gun is your favorite gun and post them. Come on I want to see some fucking answers now.[View]
35867062Hey /k/, should I trade my pa-63 for this mosin? http://www.armslist.com/posts/7586387/louisville-ke…[View]
35867029https://www.thenationsgunshow.com/ Anyone going today/this weekend?[View]
35864201What the fuck is the point of this, or bullpup precision bolt action rifles in general? I finally go…[View]
35866950Realistic WW2 Air Combat: What is the most realistic portrayal of WWII air combat in fiction? I vote…[View]
35860443tl;dr - spend my money for me, need battle rifle chest rig >building AR10 >will not be using p…[View]
35858281One-upsmanship Thread: It's simple. Post a picture of a gun you own that's better than the…[View]
35857792/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ 5.56, Various Lengths Edition >Thread #496 Old thread here …[View]
35856008Chainsaws: /k/ Is a chainsaw a good home defense weapon? I mean no robber's gonna go up agains…[View]
35864357Classic firearms is gonna sell mauser german k98s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=337…[View]
35863152Russia B1-B clone. This has got to stop, not only China, now even Russia is cloning American jets. D…[View]
35854334Military >greentext storytime thread.: /shutthefuckupaboutbootcamp/ edition.[View]
35866698Incendiary Pistol Rounds Vs. Body Armor: So what happens if you shoot an incindiery pistol round at …[View]
35866775>hot as fuck red head >total nympho, wants your dick >is cool with guns >even buys you a…[View]
35853548QTDDTOT: Would a BM59 fit in an aftermarket stock like a Sage?[View]
35848236My daughters Barbie brand 'secret diary with 4 pin code unlocks with more reliability than my GunVau…[View]
35866753Is the mkb42 the most aethetic stormrifle? >that bayo >barrel is slightly higher >the bayo …[View]
35862207Convince me not to buy this in FDE for my M110 clone[View]
35865866>2017 >Not owning a firearm that shows your eminent gratitude towards best ally It's like…[View]
35866357Kar98k: What should I know about the Kar98k, I'm looking to buy one. No memes please.[View]
35866349Are there any actual historical examples of WWII tanks using logs as hillbilly armor? Would it even …[View]
35865082What's the best conceal carry holster for my AR pistol? Need something since it's my edc.[View]
35831605EDC thread: Get dat edc poppin, OC only, reposts git[View]
35864672How well does burgerland's new Long Range Precision Fires compare to it's Rusky counterpar…[View]
35858838is pic related a tank? >has tracks >has a gun >operated by a human >throw a kevlar vest …[View]
35863084Realistic to the time but not necessarily the context, what would you carry if you were a tunnel rat…[View]
35865095Molesting your new guns: Just bought a Sig 220. My first handgun I can't stop playing with it a…[View]
35865443How many Liberian Rebels would it take to conquer the United States?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
35865691chainmail: so a friend of mine made a chainmail shirt pic related its me wearing that shit[View]
35865201I'm getting a new rimfire rifle and seriously thinking about a swap barrel rifle. Because I don…[View]
35841962Tell me about your country's special forces.[View]
35846415Weird guns thread: What the fuck is this?[View]
35866143So /k/, I'm considering joining the Airforce and I was wondering if there were any RPA Sensor O…[View]
35865996Unknown 'white aircraft' had violated US airspace in October: >An incident involving multiple air…[View]
35864528Random curiosity got the best of me and I started wondering how weapons were carried safely outside …[View]
35865863Something I've always wandered; how is it possible to accurately hit a target with a sight when…[View]
35861168Sexy Men With Guns General: /SMWGG/ Get in here faggots.[View]
35865523Mind helping me out here?: It's time for another 'what did you do this time op!?' thread... …[View]
35855157Lauri Törni and the M1903 Springfield in Vietnam: Luddite or Genius?: Lauri Törni, the famous 'soldi…[View]
35865799Commonwealth weapons thread: Somebody shitposted a britbong thread but it gave me the idea to make a…[View]
35857858New to AR's... Is this legit?[View]
35861986How do /k/ommandos poop innawoods?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdfoJhR5jZg[View]
35849788FUCK YALL: Pic unrelated but my long time gf is facing charges for killing someone >be me >be …[View]
35864132Closest /k/ has gotten to a shootout: What's the closest /k/ has ever come to getting in a shoo…[View]
35865135Would VR technology be useful to the training of soldiers? I was thinking of Inception, where it was…[View]
35864781Cheap 8mm: Is there anywhere I can get sub $2/round 8mm in Canada[View]
35842615Would you have got drafted, /k/? https://www.usatoday.com/vietnam-war/draft-picker[View]
35856732Why do things things have a tendency to slamfire, while other guns with free foated pins don’t? I h…[View]
35858733alright /k/, how does it feed?: hard mode: no bullshit mini transmat devices[View]
35864480Rejecting gun from FFL: SO, suppose my friend drunk ordered a Remington rifle off Buds. Now its on …[View]
35806413/ak/ - Tearful Edition: The old one reached the limit. If the song at the end of this episode didn…[View]
35859336Why aren't stripper clips more widely issued for faster magazine reloading?[View]
35863987why are calibers that appear the same so different: Why are cartridges so similar in dimensions so d…[View]
35859259Hey /k/, do you have any pictures of the direct front or top of the M1918 BAR? I can't find any…[View]
35864927Just a tip: Im going to give you a tip because I am a ...nice guy... A NICE .*points finger at your …[View]
35852705/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Previous: >>35831927 Learn how to Bench edition Do your o…[View]
35847550Reminder that the Iowas aren't Battleships, they're Battlecruisers If a ship can't su…[View]
358642282 questions about cartridges: Old calibres like .44-40, .45 long colt, .45-70 used black powder as a…[View]
35845564Victory in Europe: >ywn roll through western europe liberating elated masses and slaughtering kra…[View]
35843343guns for goths: I need help, my friend asked his wife if he could get a gun, initially she said no, …[View]
35841277Tell me something good about this piece of shit.[View]
35859374Classic Firearms giveaway: Sweaty Ben is giving away a Finnish Mosin. Don't forget to enter. F…[View]
35840294GWG - Girls With Guns: >No GWG thread? >GWG thread…[View]
35862105tube on rifle: what's the tube connected to the rile for?[View]
35861165Does anyone have a pps m2 that they carry everyday . id like to know how u guys like it. Im going to…[View]
35864414Post your OC: The latest bit of hilarity got me to open up paint.net What OC have you made lately?…[View]
35863445I love my 44 and 357 magnums but want expand my collection. I need to know: is there any point in 41…[View]
35864212How the fuck do you do the whole bump stock with a rubber band thing also infographic thread. > i…[View]
35852156M&P 2.0 Compact: What is the cheapest price you think pic related will dip before the end of 201…[View]
35861505First Pistol: I turn 21 in a month and a half and am going to buy a pistol. I'm looking for som…[View]
35862927anyone here rocking a rds on their cc piece? How is it? Im thinking of getting one for my g19 but I …[View]
35840370I've seen tons of /k/ approved animu and mango threads: What are some /k/ approved doujins…[View]
35864031Holy shit, how can Slavs possibly compete?[View]
35863990Tanking: I'm 6'2. Would I be able to serve in a tank or armored vehicle like a Bradley if …[View]
35858460Where were you when camoflauge became perfect?[View]
35860160Inland M1 Carbine, rebuilt: No idea on the year, not really concerned about it. Folding stock. I…[View]
35863560QTDDTOT Thread: Would an M3 Grease gun made by the Germans be called an MP3?[View]
35863502Bulgarian Gun Thread: I haven't seen one of these on /k/ so lets make one (pic is not of my gun…[View]
35848774Why does this shit cost $200?[View]
35860661Pen gun: Hey /k/, my mom just bought me this pen. Nice little $5 surprise since she knows I'm i…[View]
35863140Hey guys, I used to play with this as a kid when I used to visit my uncle's house. Took me year…[View]
35836066Why has no one made a submarine aircraft carrier?: It would have all the advantages of a sub; unseen…[View]
35863722You're the 45 and the, uhh, carbine? Who takes the glock? Do you want it, /k/?[View]
35862139New purchases: Rate my future carry piece! Going to be loading it up with 124 grain HSTs, might thro…[View]
35860358My glock is stock[View]
35846252PATCH THREAD: >Find patches here: https://pastebin.com/cXZTGafD >thread theme https://www.yout…[View]
35861258How to improve the Army's M4?: I'm looking for a way to improve the M4's supposed ove…[View]
35859938>Applied to join the army >Have my assessment in 3 weeks >Wanting infantry, like the rest o…[View]
35857833So can someone give me a rundown on what is going on in Dombass? Why is it taking so long for a mode…[View]
35863345Glocks and AK's: H*ck yeah. Am i right?[View]
35849761So whats the one weird trick /k/?[View]
35861664What's the most sexist handgun I can EDC? I like to open carry. I want if feminists that happen…[View]
35861486AR Thread/AR General/ARG: Retro Operator Setups Edition Old; >>35858918[View]
35856575LOL North Korea!: Yeah, they’ll win a war against the US and South Korea... right after they win the…[View]
35862813Daily driver CHL thread: S&M 38 J frame, go to the range about once ever 3 weeks.[View]
35858343What happens if you have a hang fire, but extract the round before it goes off? >pic unrelated…[View]
35843542Why do so many gun owners ride motorcycles?[View]
35863108Military History and Strategy channels: This is a thread dedicated to channels that are /k/-related,…[View]
35851527Why are guns so expensive now compared to the past?: Who is responsible for this?[View]
35855999What is the sexiest carry pistol ever and why is it the Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless?[View]
35852892OP bought an AR with a 16' barrel, but found out years later that 16 is garbage and 20' is golden. S…[View]
35859553Are there any countries left that still produce at least some of their military's small arms in…[View]
35860828Mini-14 stocks: What's the best stock for a Ruger Mini-14? I've been looking at these, but…[View]
35861430Best weapons of WWII: >pic related Bust be a firearm of some sort. No tanks, planes, bombs or shi…[View]
35862143If the NFA is ever repealed, or at least made less strict, pistol chambered SBRs will be the future …[View]
35862552In a SHTF situation, will ammo be plentiful or scarce? On the one hand, a lot of people with ammo an…[View]
35855985Is there any way to add carbon to steel?[View]
35835226WTF is this thing? Just saw it in photos from air show in Dubai, why not use conventional turbines?!…[View]
35862317Anyone got the pic of the Rowland Glocks stuck together at the muzzle all the way down?[View]
35862119Reasonable price for a shotgun: Hey /k/ I'm probably gonna buy my first rifle and shotgun this …[View]
35861003Hey /k/, how are you going to defend against robo popo taking your guns?: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
35860679anyone knows how the solomon camo looks? i cant find any coloured pics[View]
35855385How do I get over gun obsession? I've been a gun owner for about a year now and I'm const…[View]
35861560Looking for some suggestions for 'tactical' elbow and kneepads you could call them. Basically just a…[View]
35861924Rhodesian Bush War: Rhodesian bush war images? I'll start[View]
35858411I really enjoyed playing the wargame series. Is Steel Division also good? It's 50% off on Steam…[View]
35861059>decided earlier this week I want to kill a duur with my Martini Henry >Ordered ammo yesterday…[View]
35860560What gun is this?: What piece of shit gun is this that that stupid nigger 'Lil Pump' fires out of hi…[View]
35859735What's /k/s opinion on Forged in Fire?[View]
35858918AR thread/AR General/ARG/ BULLYZONE: Old ass meme edition old thread: >>35853757[View]
35855445Only 95 from 244 German Leopards is combat worthy: Article in German: http://www.focus.de/politik/de…[View]
35860446Didn't know what board to post this to but it wanting to join the Air Force, but as an officer.…[View]
35850226>green berets >manage to get killed by a Muslim who probably has little training Explain this …[View]
35859414Meat Popsicle: Where is the best place to shoot to drop an attacker as quickly as possible with a 9m…[View]
35860920Small ass AR: First I assumed photoshop troll when I saw it on facebook but apparently this was a IR…[View]
35859939Shocking lightsabers: Has any of you seen the shocking lightsaber on YouTube? I want one but the guy…[View]
35857993Shit that doesn't even exist: I have $700 in my retro build but nobody has A1 uppers. Fuck.…[View]
35857743Green Beret Thread/Special forces Thread: whats green beret selection/training like is it more dema…[View]
35857913so the green berets are weak? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Ja5YjJP2I[View]
35859100Best .380acp cartridge?: So, it looks like I'm turning from shut-in freelancing noguns to full-…[View]
35859738Is a patient considered ambulatory for medevac if they got their arm blown off? I say no but my coll…[View]
35860859Question: What kind of equipment would an East German soldier carry. I'm not really familiar wi…[View]
35860784I have a M&P 2.0 full size 9mm (pic related). Any suggestions on a good laser or laser/light com…[View]
35852787>The T-90A was deployed to Syria in 2015 to support the Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil W…[View]
35860530Rhodesia: Oh hell yeah, time to make Rhodesia great again[View]
35859590What's the word on the NRA Personal Protection Inside/Outside the home, and the Refuse to be a …[View]
35849262Realistically how do you fight this shit?[View]
35855840Military Dishonorable Dischargees: Why do they get a free pass? >Former airman Devin Kelley had c…[View]
35860453Want to modify my guns, looking for advice: Hello /k/, I am thinking about painting my FAL para rhod…[View]
35854234You have 10 seconds to post a sexier AR variant than SR25. Protip, you can't.[View]
35849683.224 Valkyrie: Thoughts on .224 Valkyrie? Is it just another .300BLK, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 5.7x28, …[View]
35855766looking to start an indoor shooting range in my area. the only issue i'm having is what can i u…[View]
35859629EDC transportation: what's a good mode of transportation that i can carry in a backpack AND use…[View]
35860151Rhodesia: I'm new here, tell me about Rhodesia. I hear you are highly educated in the matter…[View]
35854490Which state constitution has the best right to bear arms?: [spoiler]its Pennsylvania[/spoiler] >“…[View]
35856159Serbu 22: Has you ever bought/put together a firearm from plans before? I not talking about buying a…[View]
358566413rd world cop gets shot in the legs, dies because his partners are shit: When will we have fucking a…[View]
35857988Would a PTR 91 be classified as an assault weapon by Virginia laws? The 'silencer' part worries me. …[View]
35834986EU Army: What will an EU Army look like? I Imagine If/When the us leaves NATO, it will essentially …[View]
35859280IAN SHOOTS A DESERT EAGLE!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeWo3XMTLDc[View]
35858712How do bullets kill compared to arrows?: I've learned that arrows kill by letting someone bleed…[View]
35852465black powder legal for anyone?: noticed walmart sells cheap blackpowder guns like normal shelf produ…[View]
35857010I just got a ruger american predator 6.5 creedmoor. Which scope should I get? I plan on shooting 100…[View]
35857313Is this gun even real? Korean 707th, but doesn't seem to be one of their listed service weapons…[View]
35859339Should I Trade My Shotgun: I have a Benelli Montefeltro. Someone is offering me a S&W 29-10. Sho…[View]
35857782How not to bubba: /k/ is there a respectful way to modify a firearm?[View]
35858697Upcoming Events and So on in europe[View]
35858966Do these pouches have molle on the back?: Do these pouches have molle on the back? https://grey-sho…[View]
35848514STOP SHITTING ON IFVs: Has anyone noticed how in the last 20 years many 'military analysts' and 'exp…[View]
35857236Wait, i though the rhindonesia camo pattern was illegal in these parts?: Guys?[View]
35855455Got a mosin a couple months back, an m44 to be exact. It had some problems with loading and feeding …[View]
35828152So, /k/, was it justified?[View]
35856645This should probably go in a QTDDTOT, but what's the consensus on revolver carbines? Lots of ch…[View]
35857214This shit: Didn't Max write this having never fired a gun? I feel like I saw him go on a histo…[View]
35857971I want to give my SKS stock Rhodesian camo as seen on this FAL. Would this be considered bubba-tier?…[View]
35853757AR thread/AR General /arg/: /arg/ - Tight Tolerances edition Old: >>35849269[View]
35857280There are guns powered by electrical energy(such as some miniguns), why aren't there any guns t…[View]
35856323recent acquisitions: Recent acquisitions thread. Just got this M16A1 from a veteran at a gun show. S…[View]
35854432Why isn't a low profile turret like pic related more common?[View]
35854609The left are the gun owners worst ene- http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/11/luis-valdes/did-mass…[View]
35858033Military Documentaries: Over the last few weeks ForcesTV (the UK's military TV channel) has bee…[View]
35858399Which tank throughout world history has been the best turret tosser? My vote goes to the T-72, an ol…[View]
35858346bm 59 sass: could you put a bm59 in this chassis? could you put a bm59 in a rogue bullpup chassis?…[View]
35852304Most lethal Battles in American History: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_lethal_America…[View]
35857678Why doesn't South Korea use a system similar to Isreali's Iron Dome to protect Seoul from …[View]
35857992How many thousands of rounds does it take to start negatively affecting the HK91’s headspacing? Is i…[View]
35853285https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDIDoMDQ6nY Is precision bombardment the best way to take out a snip…[View]
35854324I'm going to buy binoculars, recommendations?: Hello, /k/, I want to level up my overall gear, …[View]
35854495>Make a prototype in 1996 >Stop funding for no reason >Make a new project with the same obj…[View]
35846999Opinions on budget deer gun...: Raised a country kid, but have been a city dweller quite a while now…[View]
35848496Guerilla tactics against vampires?: Hey /k/. I'm from /tg/ I'm planning a game where the p…[View]
35855490pls post your sig memes, I accidentally deleted mine.[View]
35849161/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ We Go HAM Edition >Thread #495 Old thread here >>3583820…[View]
35848018AROUND TEAM SIX, WATCH YOUR SIX: https://www.thedailybeast.com/green-beret-discovered-seals-illicit-…[View]
35855808Question about suppressors: I'm wanting to buy a suppressor for my MRAD chambered in .300 winma…[View]
35853989/k/ommrades I just got home from a GWAR show! Can we all agree that gwar is the most K band?[View]
35849425ACR: So are these worth buying now that they've dipped down into the $1500 range?[View]
35833279ITT fighters that turn our dick to diamonds: I love the Sukhoi 35 Aesthetic as hell[View]
35845529how would you operate inna cave ?[View]
35857129This gunz: Discuss about this space gun[View]
35856568Now that mugabe had been ousted, name other leader whose likely to meet similar end (by righteous mi…[View]
35850674What Did We Give Them?: Huge cache of American-made weapons captured from ISIS in Iraq. So what did …[View]
35853353Question about 'Garand thumb': Hey, a question about M1 Garand actions and reloads. Ive se…[View]
35854061Stalker challenge locations: Hey kommando's know any good locations for stalker innawoods chall…[View]
35857025Large bore/magnum/high recoiling firearm appreciation thread: What's your favorite aforemention…[View]
35840763Every American should own at LEAST one[View]
35854834Is stick fighting suitable for home defense?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G_hd2ZQoPY…[View]
35834246*BOOM BOOM CRASH* A robber just broke down your front door. You have ten seconds to grab a weapon. W…[View]
35848433Any current or former legionnaires among us? I want to ask you some questions. I red a book about FF…[View]
35788413If Poland, France, and the other conquered nations in WW2 all had the guns to people ratio and wides…[View]
35850623Armed and Dangerous: Once artifical replacement limbs surpass natural human limits would those that …[View]
35846704/msg/: Milsurp bread, old one is at the bump limit. FAQ: >What milsurp should I get as my first g…[View]
35851019Do spud guns have a practical use when SHTF? Its a ranged weapon that only needs propellant and a pr…[View]
35855996Hey /k/, I want to get into bow hunting. Where do I start? Specifically: >recurve bow >want to…[View]
35851634>Handle a comfortable rifle >Decide to do some research on said rifle to try and get one for y…[View]
35855629I just got a new 6.5 rifle today, which scope should I get? I want long distance at a cheap price.[View]
35844501What's wrong with Taurus? I got about 3,000 rounds through my slim and it still functions fine[View]
35848867Realistic/Aesthetic Space Warship Designs: Post em /k/[View]
35856041If Illegalist Anarchism became a thing again what guns would they use?[View]
35827995QTDDOT: Does this look like a slide crack? If it is should I be concerned? It’s a old school 92F fro…[View]
35851285Why do pilots drink so much?[View]
35852684Fastest Pistol Cartridge: The FK BRNO Field Pistol has a 6 inch barrel and shoots aa 100gr projectil…[View]
35851094Hey /k/ I have a chance to pick up this k31 for $385. Bad thing it has been bubad. Should I? Pick re…[View]
35855565So, we're now letting people with a history mental illness join the military now? Wouldn't…[View]
35850249Op from yesterday picked up my sks: Picked up my sks had a closer look and it's a refurbished m…[View]
35855701How would Soviet fare in 1940 against germany if Soviet knew how to produce panzerfausts?[View]
35853570My New Fun: R8 my new darkie de-animator... pick it up on the 18th >Cant wait for that classic 1…[View]
35848190Preferred Bullets: So / k /ommandos, what's most important to you in a bullet? Punch or Penetra…[View]
35847850Is this (or the Warlock) just a meme? I'm looking at picking up a new EDC pocket knife and I re…[View]
35838949My co-worker not only found out that I have guns, but that I'm not even the only one in the tea…[View]
35852895Do you store your guns action open or closed? I've heard arguments for both >open allows air…[View]
35827603Why do you carry?: Personally I carry so I always have the ability to kill myself within reach. It…[View]
35855383Military flight medic question: Newfag here so I apologize if this isn't allowed or doesn'…[View]
35854763This question is a little /k/ unrelated and is more for the bean counters if they are here, but how …[View]
35845879I'm trying to find a .223 shooter that's not an AR (or god awful mini) Are these solid?[View]
35853138My brother told me about the finnish model m28/30 used by the White Death during the Winter War. Guy…[View]
35852080Range Stories: > take off work at the nuclear plant to go to the range >mfw the range showers …[View]
35846055I've had a rough day. About an hour ago, my grandmother passed. I've made my goodbyes, an…[View]
35853824can someone invent a bump fire brace please[View]
35841457What is the firearms equivalent of vaping?[View]
35855145hey new yorkers, I know that feel t. california[View]
35855130This recons the flank[View]
35854997South Korean T-80U river fording. I heard those T-80Us are having trouble to acquire spare parts. Re…[View]
35842766The Saint From Springfield Armory: What does /k/ think of the Saint? Is it a quality AR? I really wa…[View]
35854687Hey /k/, I'm not a big gun guy but this rifle caught my eye, anyone know what it is?[View]
35852597Revolvers: I love them, thinking about using them for self protection, lets discuss[View]
35853017Im really confused on machine gun laws. So machine guns before 86 are legal but after arent? But if …[View]
35854980Would gun fuel make sense in a conventional firearm as a propellant? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B…[View]
35849944What do you guys think about laser flashlight combos. I found one on amazon and have been thinking o…[View]
35853671Is it legal?: I love AK pattern rifles, but I live in Canuckistan. I know a lot of aks are prohibite…[View]
35854223Which one of the spec op units in the military gets the most training in their pipeline and when the…[View]
35847616Cool stuff: Cool stuff you didn't know existed The supply tank. It also doubled as the first s…[View]
35834422/fag/ - family and guns: How do your families and close ones cope with your guns? Did you convice an…[View]
35853916>a luger rifle with the same mechanism as the pistol Sexy[View]
35854655graphics thread: My old laptop died and I unfortunately didnt have a backup and lost 6 years of dank…[View]
35846115Why has no one made Super Heavy armor?: Why has no country developed super heavy armored vehicles. W…[View]
35835607Would you fire on U.S. citizens if you were given the order to? I'm not talking about antifa o…[View]
35850590How to get firearms in uk?[View]
35841719Australia thread: What have you bought recently, cunts? Got myself a CZ Shadow 2 just the other day.…[View]
35854380Remington 788 .222: Filthy Australian here, I recently inherited my father's older Remington 78…[View]
35854366Are there any cool old Japanese guns?[View]
35854198comfy thread: >wine from Argentina >gun from Argentina Post your /comfy/ evening relaxation.…[View]
35848785Is this the best deal out there for plates right now? https://www.ar500armor.com/promotions-sales/po…[View]
35855033Biden says the guy who stopped the church shooter shouldn't have had an AR either: http://thefe…[View]
35852803Why is there literally no coverage of Operation Nordwind in the media?: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/O…[View]
35851357i hate california: should I move out? the shit they do to our personal liberties is so stupid. I don…[View]
35853312Operating /mu/sic thread: Post ya favorite /k/ tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jiizfl9exHM…[View]
35852216anyone have experience with kit guns?: I kinda want a 1853 enfield and im curious what experiences y…[View]
35849182Gorilla warfare thread: Gorilla warfare thread[View]
35852586I met a man name Travis and holy shit he was fucking armed to the teeth with his fucking collection …[View]
358436045.56 Bolt action rifle 20' barrel with iron sights and detachable mags does it exist? Pic unrelated[View]
35844773B I G G U N: What gun is guranteed to make people think i have a huge benis?[View]
35848830Everyone cums buckets for the F-14, F-15, and F-16. Where is the Hornet love?[View]
35852999So /k, Op is looking at a few different firearms Ive been wanting to get a saiga 12 for a long time …[View]
35851111My friend who is in the U.S. military got caught vaping inside of a building. How fucked is he?[View]
35852245/k/, should I buy a P-11 to carry? I'm looking for a lightweight carry weapon with a decent mag…[View]
35853254What does /k/ think about buying both the compact and full-size models of a gun? One would be ideal …[View]
35847172Mini 14 honest reviews: You can pretend that an AR is better than the Mini 14 in every way, but this…[View]
35850096Old school glocks: With the release of the gen 5, what with its orange follower, superfluous ambi sl…[View]
35848677Why aren't single shot rifles and shotguns more popular?: They are generally cheaper. They…[View]
35849861SLAUGHTERBOTS So today I learned that it only takes a couple grams of shaped explosives to scramble …[View]
35853195Infantry tactics thread: Hey guys, I'm looking for some infantry tactics infographics, posting …[View]
35852856New Shooter: Am new. Don't even own a gun yet. I'v heard that old bolt guns are good for t…[View]
35849269/arg/ AR General: Tripfag containment and assault rifle fifteen thread Illegal lasers edition Old …[View]
35851441Good Leather Boots for less than $150: What are some general purpose boots that I can get in the U.S…[View]
35851943Beginner wanting to learn hunting. (Canada): I want to get into hunting. I have no idea how or where…[View]
35844064Combat Fitness: Is worth being strong if you have excellent cardio? I did track in high school but c…[View]
35850090Beretta ARX 160 (.22LR): Looking for a good plink gun Is the ARX 160 really worth the hype?[View]
358362102017 /k/ Secret Santa Thread #2: Sorry for the late start folks, lets get this show on the road. Ma…[View]
35852641Should we Text CNN: This would be prime time to tell LAARP stories about Rhodesia and make CNN look …[View]
35851169New Beretta: http://shopwilsoncombat.com/mobile/Beretta-_-Wilson-Combat-92G-Centurion-Tactical-9mm/p…[View]
35852620What is the best kind of body armor out there? My friend is mainly interested in bullet/stab proof v…[View]
35850214Where can I find an upper with a fixed carry handle that isnt DPMS or irrationally over priced Look…[View]
35842647Did Rhodesians only have FALs? What other arms did they use? What about Tanks, or Technicals? I know…[View]
35850733Is this accurate /k/?: What your favorite cartridge says about you.[View]
35848666MFW I DONT REMEMBER WHICH POWDER I HAVE FILLED IN MY POWDER METER has this happened to any of you ko…[View]
35843461Why you can't join the military: Bars to military entry Post them lads.. I've had jaw surg…[View]
35851069spray on bluing: would this shit be alright to use on an old pellet gun?[View]
35850012I need help finding the correct bayonet for a M95 Steyr Carbine, can't seem to find anything on…[View]
35851556Russian special forces are now using the AR-15!!! HAHAHA! Capitalism won![View]
3584579490 year old marine reunited with his m1 garand: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/11/luis-valdes…[View]
35849824Picked up an M38 Swede Mauser yesterday Husqvarna factory Super happy, shoots butter smooth[View]
35847333First 80% build: Need a good source for an 80% pistol kit and jig Anybody used these products? Alte…[View]
35847984Are the PSAK-47s any good? I'm eyeing one of their BLEM Side Folders and the price just seems t…[View]
35849609Hello /k/ I am a simple fa/tg/uy with a simple fa/tg/uy related question (3 sorry), would it be pos…[View]
35843159Recent Acquisitions: Uh oh, new jam alert. Post new gets.[View]
35849664/k/, help me ID this shotgun. My father and I were distributing guns to a new gun cabinet to free u…[View]
35839472What are some must have guns for new owners? I'm already getting a mossberg 500, glock 17, and…[View]
35844561Merc training: Is this really necessary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEX-J4hMxf0[View]
35849621Does anybody here carry 10mm? Not just shooting at the range but open or concealed carry[View]
35851192Is the VPO 209 in 366TКM legally a shotgun?: Is the VPO 209 in 366TКM legally a shotgun? Was wonderi…[View]
35843096Battle Buddies: Battle Buddies, post those doggos and other faggos pic related, my 2 future big gir…[View]
35846193post guns /k/ never talks about also try to name them if you can[View]
35848763I just got my CDL and I'm going OTR for the next year. Heard a story from a friend of mine abou…[View]
35843148Civil War Tactics: How effective/less effective would the the armies of the Civil War be if they aba…[View]
35849568Archive of old war texts and books, lots of Osprey publishing: Hey, I don't post here often, bu…[View]
35842741The Zimbabwean military has seized power in a coup d'etat. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-zi…[View]
35782996/wfg/ Writefag General-Visiting grandma: This thread is for writing /k/ related stuff and the recome…[View]
35844339>tfw a melanin enriched individual shoot up a store with a silly stock ar. http://wivb.com/2017/1…[View]
35838127Former noguns recently become yesguns here, I've done alot of lurking before buying a Ruger 10/…[View]
35850367I have a question that every kommando asks at least once in their life time: Does farting displace h…[View]
35848049Anyone ever bought on of the USMC Gortex APEC parkas? I've got one and trying to see how much i…[View]
35844862Ask a police officer anything. I've done this once before let's try again.[View]
35850254I own a Remington 870 express and a Yugo Slav shit. I am not super knowledgeable about current produ…[View]
35843179How high can a bullet fly?: How high does a plane need to fly to avoid getting shot by small arms gu…[View]
35846437Won a Sig MCX, gonna pick it up this week. Anyone have/shoot one? Thoughts?[View]
35848196I'm off to Zim land to shoot the military action there. Great photos will be coming. Missed the…[View]
35845804Kalashnikov Concern sanctions to be voided: The sanctions on Kalashnikov concern are set to be undon…[View]
35816260Name a better tank[View]
35831927/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Previous: >>35799596 8 Hour Arms edition Do your own rese…[View]
35845633Problem solva thread: Hi point owners of /k/, what are you opinions on the 995? Specifically on the …[View]
35849151Durr rifle: What is a good 308 hunting rifle for around $400? pic unrelated[View]
35849097Saturday Night Specials and cheap handguns: I want a pistol for self defense when out and about, but…[View]
35839974Unified European Army General: Well it looks luke the Euroboys are on their way to telling NATO to B…[View]
35849339I need a flashlight. Ammo is 10mm Underwood 180 grain bonded JHP and 9mm Hornady critical defense[View]
35848998Will anything ever replace the M2? I cant think of much that would ever make it obsolete. What do yo…[View]
35844985AR thread/AR General /arg/: /arg/ cry about your life and poor decisions edition Old Thread >>…[View]
358382033000$ for 7.62x39 rifle.: Best 7.62x39 rifle around? I'm trying to give a shortlist for my uncl…[View]
35848101Taurus, and other inexpensive firearms: Black Friday is upon us, and there are quite a few gun deals…[View]
35838209/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Shitposting Got Us Nuked Edition >Thread #494 Old thread here …[View]
35847700Archery: Howdy day/k/are, I know y'all don't care much for archery, but I need your advice…[View]
35837642Pistol or rifle for home defense? Why?[View]
35848688Never been to a gun store before. Will the staff let me finger fuck all their guns? Will they get ma…[View]
35836788how do you think history would change if native Americans had AK-47s? What would they need to repel…[View]
35832299It's the near future. Your country's military is adopting a quadrupedal robot. They can af…[View]
35843989Spooky Innawoods Stories: Lets get one of these going, Wendigo stories would be great but any spooky…[View]
35848033Enough with the bullshit talk.[View]
35830482First gun help: I live in a tiny apartment with two small kids and a wife who is not a fan of guns, …[View]
35846002How to protect your crotch in close combat?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhRsVvEZl_A As you can …[View]
35844450ITT: Anti-Fun Shit: Let's start with some retardation courtesy of Tumblr[View]
35847970How much would it cost to build an AK from a homemade receiver? I run a laser cutter at work and hav…[View]
35845523Where are you buying your Black Friday guns?: Looking to buy cheap AR that isn't DPMS tier. Wat…[View]
35816122Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/EZCrqG5n Previous …[View]
35844136What are the chances that a massive chemical attack would trigger a nuclear response? I think if the…[View]
35847142Cheap vs. cheap: poorfag here, pawned my Double Eagle AR15 + 10 mags, and about to get it out. The p…[View]
35840698Have I Taken Tacticool Too Far?: Pic related, which I bought unironically. Also, over-the-top tactic…[View]
35843831kek: What does /k/ think about this?[View]
35847092Help! Pretty good price for new m&p 9 compact (2.0), and am thinking of picking it up. Right now…[View]
35843948It's cold, but it works, so don't be a brainlet pansy: Ok you survivalist /k/ommandos, tel…[View]
35824075Revolver general /rg/ Revolver bread: 357 is my favorite set of numbers edition[View]
35845219Knife question: Would it be worth it to carry a bayonet in a bugout/shtf scenario vs other blades (K…[View]
35842998You cant find a better knife than Sissi puukko[View]
358443033 marines on a Time Travel mission: what is their rank?: I was thinking a captain, a sergeant, and a…[View]
35845330moving ideas?: So I want to hear /k/'s opinion what is the most /k/ state in the union? why?…[View]
35839829870 VS 500 Thread: Hey /k/, i am having a dilemma and i need help choosing. https://www.cabelas.ca/p…[View]
35845550What can a $1000+ AR do that a $500 AR can't? What do you get for that difference in price?[View]
35847368Can anyone clarify me on the difference between a machine gun and an automatic rifle from the milita…[View]
35840968Does .40 S&W have anything going for it over 9mm?[View]
35823523/gq/ - Gear Queer General: Notice me AFSOC Senpai Edition >/gq/ Basic Guide to Gear (READ FIRST) …[View]
3584741790-Year-Old Marine Reunited With His WWII M1 Garand 73 Years Later: >The rifle, his sergeant told…[View]
35844445Am I right in thinking I have a chance to enter the special forces? I'm 5'7 and weigh 185 …[View]
35797447What are some /k/ approved movies/tv shows? Ever since I've gotten into guns I've been not…[View]
35828694So /k/, I'm sure you enjoyed the gun effects in last nights The Walking Dead right?[View]
35846761If you could have only one calibe and one specific ammo what would it be?: For me it would be m995. …[View]
35823141So by adding 30mm turrets to the ICV variant of the Stryker (and the assosciated changed to make tha…[View]
35846900>mfw Norinco Uzi clone[View]
35846135Colt on trial: Are colt 6920s worth the $900, or is there an AR of equal quality for less?[View]
35845772Does buck-and-ball have any place in modern environments, or should it have died with the end of the…[View]
35845189Return of Rhodesia could literally happen at any moment now. Full on civil war in Zim could happen a…[View]
35846171What is /k/'s opinion on acu: I'm wondering your opinion on UCP is it good for city or eve…[View]
35844549Thank you /k/.: I'm moving from California to Arizona on Monday. Thank you for keeping me sane …[View]
35840419Identify knife: Anyone know if this knife has a specific name? I've tried searching google for …[View]
35846504> Johnston said Wednesday that he did not yet know whether any firearms were turned in, but said …[View]
35817047/K/ humor[View]
35823583honest thoughts on becoming a security guard?[View]
35839870Favorite Shotgun[View]
35841450Alright /k/ I’m preparing to move across the country to either the Klamath Falls area in Oregon or a…[View]
35841877.300 win mag vs 7mm rem mag which caliber is best[View]
35846007Happening: How bad should we expect it to be?[View]
35844042Stolen CC from online stores: So I have had my CC info stolen twice now. Funny enough this CC is one…[View]
35812355/k/ Humour: Can we get a weapon humor thread going? Shits getting boring around here.[View]
35836965Good job American government. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/14/army-lifts-ban-on-cutters-m…[View]
35841121Modern Saudi Army vs WW2 Italy. Who wins?[View]
35845503> mfw no more charismatic general to pledge allegiance to and march on homeland to enact revoluti…[View]
35834295Why are Korean War pictures so surreal.[View]
35844883Does pic related have any potential as a shotgun acessory for bird hunting? I'm terrible at lea…[View]
3584392455gr vs 62gr.: What advantages do you guys see with xm193 vs m855? I’ve shot both from a 14.5 carbin…[View]
35844441>purchase Ghost gunner >make 15 Ar15's >sell to gangs for 2000 a piece >they kill …[View]
35835539I swear to god airsoft guns have more recoil and penetration than the guns in this show[View]
35833435Does the U.S. Army have a combat winter uniform? I know the ASU has a winter greatcoat, but I was wo…[View]
35844976https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwivwZ1TEoU why doesnt sam do more military history vids[View]
35836722What's /k/'s opinion on hi-point?[View]
35844859Anyone know what gun he has?[View]
35841861What actually is the difference between 5.56x45 NATO and 5.45x39?[View]
35844474why don't they have military motorcycle battalion a bunch of guys go on patrol on bikes set up …[View]
35839352What would be the best rifle for a shootout in a downtown urban area?[View]
35842475LBT rig identification: I’ve had this M81 LBT H-harness rig that accepts plates at the 2’, 4’, 6’, 8…[View]
35832690Any reason not to get this? >nb4 Jews[View]
35840309Is it legal to own firearms with a green card?[View]
35840999Military Logistics: I'd like to start a pretty broad discussion with those of you who are in/ha…[View]
35844030Ian has a GF now[View]
35843452What the fuck have they done!? http://www.gunbroker.com/item/716953121 http://www.gunbroker.com/item…[View]
35840446Op is looking for a 308 battle rifle. I keep looking at the the AR10s, specifically the DB10s, but t…[View]
35835054/msg/ Military Surplus General: 2006 prices edition Previous thread: >>35823462[View]
35836026deadliest 12 ga shell?: hey /k/ommandos a buddie and i were having a debate on the deadliest 12 ga s…[View]
35842578gas mask thread..i will post some oc[View]
35843790Gun Crush: Guns that you are a little bit in love with and why. For me it has to be the FK BRNO, all…[View]
35804226Another Korean Crisis Thread: As of the 6th, the Nimitz CSG is in the South China Sea, Roosevelt CSG…[View]
35840377Which one?: Wanna 308 family round in a short barreled light weight durr rifle. Gunna go with 20' Ba…[View]
35842268>There are people on /k/ RIGHT NOW that unironically believe that Kalashnikov copied Schmeisser.…[View]
35842455How does an EMP attack work?: Like if you blow up a nuke over some nations stratosphere how does tha…[View]
35836223Killing urban pests UK edition: >Be bong >urbong >a fox attacked my dog this morning How c…[View]
35843949If you wanted to keep a shotgun onboard your open ocean sailboat like a truck gun, would you go with…[View]
35843931Integrated weapons of mass destruction: Tell me about battalion level weapons of mass destruction. P…[View]
35843365How do semi auto striker fire systems work? I'm specifically wondering about open bolt to semi …[View]
35832196What do you guys think of my new tacticool flashlight?[View]
35842005Non AR Braced Guns: So I finished assembling my MP5 clone today after spending forever looking for t…[View]
35839735Sig Sauer P365: Sig Sauer has been testing its new P365 and it is now in production. It is a single …[View]
35838185TEAM YANKEE Finish off: Finishing off Team yankee. Finish the fight against the reds![View]
35843514Gary Chynne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVXqPmh3VPo This guy is amazing.[View]
35840854Best Crossbow for deer hunting under 400: Hey /k/ommands, hunting fag here, i need a good crossbow f…[View]
35840356Fudd Guns: What is the most fudd gun out there?[View]
35830366What do you guys think of: https://youtu.be/HipTO_7mUOw It depicts fictional 'slaughterbots…[View]
35834285>Work for firearms retailer >Customer calls wanting to buy 3 FN five-sevens as Christmas gifts…[View]
35835083Theres a Canada general... Can we have a California general?[View]
35817149Patch Thread v. Where are my HL patches, AI? you fuckin: >Find patches here: https://pastebin.com…[View]
35817151Got this for $320, what do you guys think?[View]
35839810Didn't see a LARPing or mallninja thread to ask but does anyone know where I could find a holst…[View]
35840670>selling a 'pre-ban' assault rifle[View]
35837701Are Swiss guns like the Sphinx or B&T worth the price, or are you just paying a Swiss markup?[View]
35835957Why do so many people ruin their SKS by putting crapco all over it? The SKS in its standard configur…[View]
35833922Buying an SKS: I'm buying an Sks from my boss. Its Russian and has a replacement stock I believ…[View]
35837520Any one know where I can get a (less than) 80% lower without the trigger area machined out already? …[View]
35835989im thinking about joining the air force as a pilot but whats with the shortage? why do so many air m…[View]
35833036If you could go back in time and assasinate anybody who would it be? Also you can bring any weapon f…[View]
35840298Smith and Wesson Knife: Could anyone help me fine a knife close to the pic? A buddy of mine had a Sm…[View]
35840154Rifle General >Designed to Fail Edition Post rifles thAt were designed to fail right out of produ…[View]
35835610Glock 20 6' barrel kydex owb holsters?: I've been looking all day and can't find a quality…[View]
35842915Stupid Things People Say About My Pocket Knife: Anyone carry a knife here? Well expect scardy cats t…[View]
35836463Mini 14 - whip em out boys: Don't mind me- I'm just laying here being better than your dir…[View]
35829552In all seriousness what percentage of /k/ /hasguns/?[View]
35839337Did I fuck up /k/?[View]
35840010Is an APC useful without treads?[View]
35842811*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*[View]
35841727hey for general machine guns vickers vs browning[View]
35839065>be me >eating dinner with gf >suddenly sound of glass breaking >knife wielding burglar …[View]
35840006Nutnfags btfo: AKOU: > Shoots tons of ammo through rifle, runs gun to its limits, shows exactly h…[View]
35842170are mini 14s operator? pic related[View]
35836321pic unrelated Is it possible to transform an AK-47 (or something of that sort) into something close …[View]
35841953SKS Vs. Moist Nugget: New fag here, which does /k like more? Not very good at guns, but moist nugget…[View]
35838939Hypothetical scenario: >You come into enough money to legally buy a real-deal belt-fed MG >How…[View]
35840026So /k If you are hit square in the chest from either a 556 bullet, or a 7.62 bullet, from roughly 10…[View]
358283061911: Need some advice on these pistols: >Springfield MC Loaded ($1200ish) Pic Related +Like the …[View]
35838815Tuesday night ATF thread: I'm buzzed edition[View]
35812425Dream weapons you will never own.[View]
35831167New Rifle Canada 2: >Thread Continued >>35813852 I have narrowed it down to three guns to …[View]
35834990WACO tv series: Looks pretty good. Wonder how <<<<accurate>>>> it will be ht…[View]
35835706Deals: They're practically giving them away, /k/[View]
35835378What weapon should I buy if I have an IQ of 160?[View]
35839242FRAG OUT[View]
35840366MCX Rattler: If price didnt matter, would you get/use a SIG Rattler? There's just something sex…[View]
35838233Barrel Brakes: What is the best barrel brake for an AK-47? I picked up an C39V2 but don't reall…[View]
35838699Open carry vs concealed carry: Whats the real benefit of concealing a firearm other than personal pr…[View]
35828640Hog Hunt General: ITT we discuss all things hog killing related - weapon of choice, caliber, optics,…[View]
35837758Hey /k/ommandos, my phone reset and I lost all of the shit I've saved off of here, could y…[View]
35809698Hey lads, been a while. Bp thread? Bp thread.[View]
35840788what is the edc of the members of k[View]
35841246Any updates on when H.R.2810 will get passed? I know it got past the Senate. I just want my CMP 1911…[View]
35834234Dead memes: I unironically think Mosin Nagants are beautiful, and after playing DayZ again am legit …[View]
35839365Hey nerds of /k/ , /biz/ here... I need some advice, i know ya.. asking advice on a Nepali basket w…[View]
35841348Comfy guns thread: I've been stressed, as I'm sure many of you have been. Post comfy guns,…[View]
35783843Saving the south: You travel back to 1862 to save the Dixie Reich from it's inevitable defeat. …[View]
35840650HK thread: HK91, HK33, HKG3, and all orgasmi/k/ variants. Not /brg/, HK fags get in here[View]
35840912Dafuq happened to this guy?[View]
35840143/k/ snapchat thread[View]
3583874544 mag: Is there a more durable 44 mag as the tracker in the same price range?[View]
35830410Is there any more overrated military unit in history than the Waffen SS? They were terrible in comba…[View]
35838430P320 street prices?: P320s are quite abundant on my local arms list,, but how much should someone pa…[View]
35831210CZ-82: Thoughts on the CZ-82? I have a chance to buy a surplus model for $325, with minor defects.…[View]
35836141European small arms are superior to everything else: Face it, we own everybody when it comes to smal…[View]
35832546/pol/ here Joining the Navy and my recruiter is absolutely nonchalant about the whole recruiting pro…[View]
35834461Civilian militias: Can we get a thread of civilian militia fighters?[View]
35839030Surplus general[View]
35796084Why are our (USA) militias sorta cringy, sorta ineffective, and how can they be made better?[View]
35838897Any Chicago gun owners here? How are you faring? I've gotta go there soon for a pretty long sti…[View]
35839798Will these be the beginning of a new era in war?[View]
35839477Looking for a Unicorn: Are there any rifles that have the look and feel of an older rifle like a Mar…[View]
35838128AR Thread/AR General/ARG: 'Temporarily' Means 'Forever' In Nodak-speak Edition Old; >>35835086…[View]
35839624INNAWOODS THREAD -Phone Poster Supremacy Edition: Post comfy innawoods loadouts Bonus points for shi…[View]
35841934WW3 is shaping up to be WW2 2.0: >Germany has taken over and is militarizing Europe >Spain is …[View]
35841806Now's your chance, /k/: Looks like stuff's-a-happening in Zimbabwe. Free Rhodesia when? h…[View]
35804524Collection thread Post your funs here[View]
35837770Dump your A E S T H E T I /K/ ww2 pics here[View]
35838280Ruining a gun.: Hey K, im planning on turning a disabled Chinese remake SKS into a crossbow for smal…[View]
35837724AK Bullpups?: Are they worth it are they effective? Or are they a waste of time and energy pic for r…[View]
35836178Stupid Weapons Thread Let's start with this normal umbrella[View]
35838971Weird antique revolver: Anyone have an idea of what this revolver is? All I know is that it shoots .…[View]
35839429*circumvents your assault weapons ban*[View]
35836957Archery general: I posted this in another thread but let's have a archery/bow hunting specific …[View]
35838541Maverick vs mossberg: If I legit like the 88 safety more, is there any reason to get a 500 instead?…[View]
35834280Why doesn't India have a unique intermediate infantry round?: Is it because India is a low-tier…[View]
35838744Mini-14 thread: Hey bros it's time for a Mini-14 thread. Do they make a version in a higher cal…[View]
35827510Subcompact/Pocket pistols: Looking for a carry gun to buy on black friday. Whats the best pocket pis…[View]
35837629How do we stop them? https://youtu.be/HipTO_7mUOw[View]
35836917TEAM YANKEE: Adapted by the writer of Hammer Slammer's, of the high thrill WW3 gone hot book, c…[View]
35838393Top pic, What is this part of the shotgun barrel called? Is it a rail? What the heck is it for? I ha…[View]
35838269Any reason to use these new one-piece cantilever mounts over using more traditional scope rings? I c…[View]
35838298Simo häyhä: How did he do it /k/? Autist or his bodycount was exaggerate?[View]
35836624Alternative Flamethrowers: Is it possible to use alternative substances in a 'flame' thrower? For in…[View]
35836074Knife with scope: Discuss[View]
35826154Should they have had shotguns? What would you have used?[View]
35805743If a nuclear launch order was given how many would refuse to turn their keys?[View]
35837508IT'S HAPPENING! CIVIL WAR IN ZIMBAWE!: RHODESIA 2.0 WHEN??? >https://twitter.com/ali_naka/st…[View]
35837933Any tips for a first time skeet shooter? Sup /k/ I paid $80 for a ticket to a skeet shooting tournam…[View]
35821286Why do people sign up to defend a civilian population that hates them?[View]
35834955The future of warfare:: It will be primarily Drone based, augmented with humans. 1. Sky drones. He…[View]
35824057Battle Buddies? Battle Buddies.: Let's see those /k/ats and doggos. GSDs most operator of all d…[View]
35837371What's up with their camo? Jordan is mostly hot desert, so why are they not wearing desert camo…[View]
35812195Reloading Thread No. 5- The Reloadening, Reloaded[View]
35836295Katana Identification: >be me >be 15 (2008) >buy 35,000 yen katana from Kyoto, Japan becaus…[View]
35835086AR thread/AR General /arg/: /arg/ AR general 24' Piston ONLY edition Old >>35832171[View]
35835268Hey /k/ someone showed me this old shell that had been turned into a tobacco holder. Anyone able to …[View]
35833727obrez CC: Would CCing an obrez actually work for self defense? Even if you miss the guy, he'd p…[View]
35807804Is /k/ anti or pro hunting? Does actually eating it matter? What if it's diseased?[View]
35837040Whomst ready to move back to /k/ paradise once they're done killing each other with garden tool…[View]
35823609'Anon.... w-we're in the wrong position.'[View]
35834664... Will this work?: A 7.62 in a ww2 type99 akasiki fuck if I know how to spell it[View]
35834895need help identifying this bayonet: got it at a airshow in monroe nc[View]
35836767HELMETS: Can anyone identify this helmet? As far as I know, this is a mercenary in the Congo in the …[View]
35836632Let's see some comfy innawoods raifus[View]
35835415Germany: the Japan of Europe: >This is an actual German WW1 Poster (French captions added after t…[View]
35837051Was there a military or diplomatic solution(short of surrender) at this point? Or were the nazis com…[View]
35832343chambered or not: be me, be talking with ex military/marines/etc. guys in class about how they were …[View]
35833973M-LOK or Keymod: M-LOK or Keymod, and why?[View]
35836927Water armor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4Y4GUmvPkU How do we implement it? How do we get man p…[View]
35821694What are your favorite camo patterns?: Right now pencott green zone is in my current favorites list.…[View]
35834683Welp, the national hero of Serbia and bane of kebabs everywhere has been corrupted for the worst rea…[View]
35835827Is it possible that a country that shares a border with North Korea could have secretly provided NK …[View]
35832287Choose wisely /k/[View]
35832869Garand Shill: >click on the new GT video >first minute of video >pls like and subscribe …[View]
35834184Is it possible to train fanatical and loyal soldiers that don't use retarded tactics like banza…[View]
35810499China vs Vietnam 1979: I thought /k/ told me Vietnamese rice farmers were undefeatable? China wiped …[View]
35836545This is the ideal firearm. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
35834859Texas now has open carry swords and machete state: Deus Vult? And is arizona a open sword state?…[View]
35801356Handgun General - /hg/ - #8: Rimfire edition https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik P.t. >>35757735…[View]
35821284Gun shop ASMR?: I like ASMR videos because I'm a lonely fuck. I also have most of the gear you…[View]
35835657Not to long ago, /k/ was talking about nukes, and release authority. Much yelling of 'faggot…[View]
35822170say something good about this company[View]
35835119My dad wants to buy a pistol and we don't know much about them.: Hello /k/. My dad and I have m…[View]
35823285THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF REMINGTON: >brand new $500 pistol now on sale for $199 because nobody wants…[View]
35804415>be me >eating dinner with gf >suddenly sound of glass breaking >knife wielding buglar j…[View]
35834634Discuss: Would this be the answer to Chile's communism problem?[View]
35830356Hey /k/, You helped me identify a shell from a Vietnam era flare recently, was hoping you could she…[View]

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