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352439995.7x28: How effective is the 5.7x28 in handguns? Because to me other than the price and availability…[View]
35222589What is your honest opinion of the marines?[View]
35245669Just preordered Ruger's new MPR for $559.99 shipped. How much of a fag am I?[View]
35249785Rate my AR build /k/: >Adams arms Piston system with a low mass bc with 14.5 in adams arms barrel…[View]
35246186/k/ what guns are these? Are they real guns or imaginary guns?[View]
35244415*meanwhile in future /k/* Hey guys check out my Glock 19 gen 6! They beveled the frame to match the …[View]
35246999Marine is an acronym: My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment[View]
35249768I've been googling, but can't seem to find an answer to my question: Can I, a person with …[View]
35244842WWII Reproduction: Where can I find WWII FULLY FUNCTIONING German reproduction weapons like FG42, St…[View]
35249890What would /k/ do: >Walk into your room. >See beautiful piece of German engineering. >It…[View]
35249296Gunsmith question here I have an old .308 bolt action that I want to put a muzzle break on, but the …[View]
35243253What went wrong?[View]
35249783How fucked is Romania in the event of a Chinese invasion?[View]
35247974>be me >Believe that marginalised groups need guns more than a middle class suburban white ma…[View]
35249151Was there any realistic possibility of American forces in Korea being able to prevent the Chinese fr…[View]
35248467With Texas allowing sword carry, how can you defend the usefulness of carrying a sword?[View]
35249560Who would win /k/?[View]
35248277The Vietnam War: /tv/ recommended me this. Has /k/ watched it yet? I need opinions on it, not sure …[View]
35246375This is the ideal handgun setup.: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.…[View]
35242115>bought a Remington 870 express literally two weeks ago >already rust spots forming on the rec…[View]
35245395https://youtube.com/watch?v=xO7FWM5dQhY >nog survives getting shot in the neck with a 9mm What a …[View]
35238432What's /k/'s opinion on the CZ 805 Bren?[View]
35236621Hey /k/, what role would you play in a Medieval European army if you had a choice?[View]
35241181Is the SA-2/S-75 still a threat to modern air forces?[View]
35249208How did armies fight each other at night before the introduction of night vision devices?[View]
35249155Alright /k/, today I'm heading over to my local police station to get a firearms license. What …[View]
35247755ITT: Mall ninja shit[View]
35246209Do US Marines really refer to sneakers as 'go-fasters'? Seems stupid as fuck.[View]
35246607Will the US help the kurds: Will the US / coalition help the kurds when Assad starts targeting them?…[View]
35241664Daily reminder that the WASR-10 is a garbage AK as well as all Century Arms guns in general[View]
35247791Wolf is alive and well guise: you see Strelok, I got tired of zone and joined glorious army of ukrai…[View]
35243874I was team no guns for a long time. Finally bought an ar and p30 a month ago. I'm wanting to ge…[View]
35245896What is a good first weapon? I was thinking a bolt action or semi-auto .22 rifle[View]
35248531https://youtu.be/bYGWcdeWyfE Now what the fuck am I looking at?[View]
35231470/k/ Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>35214070 >Wher…[View]
35243786you cant make this shit up..: The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who defended the Donetsk …[View]
35248517LARRY HALP[View]
35241659What sort of advancements would it take for caseless ammunition to become viable? Is being horrendou…[View]
35219373(War is Hell) in /k/ video game moments: /v/ is shit so I'm asking this on here. So have you ev…[View]
35231186Is the Taurus Judge the ultimate car/motorcycle defense piece?: This pocket shotgun really reminds m…[View]
35235324Infographics thread?: Been awhile since I've seen a good infographics thread. Post neat infogra…[View]
35243915WW3: If the US and Best Korea were to go to war, would China back NK, US or just stay out of it? If …[View]
35222006What's the gayest gun a man can own?[View]
35248400Where can I get some good quality repro Splittermuster?[View]
35247904Is it even realistic for someone who isn't Jerry Miculek to shoot 1 hole at 10 yards standing? …[View]
35224984What sort of firearm would a smart english gentleman have used to fend off werewolves around the tur…[View]
35224935Bullpup thread: Correct me but I do not see a point to bullpups. >inb4 cqc urban combat What…[View]
35239211were the viet cong really that bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuaSi-H0oGY they drop like flies…[View]
35245924https://youtu.be/du-cmbXv3lk Just a cool video of Su-25 free hunting. P.S. And yes, fuck you /pol/.[View]
35245401Gasbro is famous! Too bad he dead :( F[View]
35247085>Russians occupied an entire peninsula with 6 deaths (3 soldiers and 3 civilians). This is actua…[View]
35246178Is this the cheapest one way ticket to splits-ville?[View]
35244727How is .40 short&weak from a 16 inch barrel? Is it a man stopper?[View]
35241422I..I still believe in .40 S&W despite the hardships it has endured in recent years. Is anyone e…[View]
35246878Zombie apocalypse: If there is going to be a zombie a apocalypse, and /k/ were to form a militia to …[View]
35215718Post /k/onstitutions pl0x.[View]
35243251Sig Sauer P238 FTF: My friend and I took out a used Sig P238 he picked up, and the damn thing kept j…[View]
35247047Could a single commander spark a war? Maybe if said commander launches some MLRS missles on a neighb…[View]
35246439Post plain cool shit you got[View]
352461754' is the perfect barrel length for a 9mm handgun.[View]
35246944Is it ok to have an m16 lower parts kit?: Would it be fine to have an m16 lower parts kit? It's…[View]
35242631Knife suicide: Which of these 3 knives would be most effective for killing myself and how would I do…[View]
35246122At around 1:50 I woke up to see a car I've never seen before sitting on the curb of my house. I…[View]
35245578I've been waiting to build my first SBR until I found a lower I really liked, and a good friend…[View]
35236274New Aquisitions thread? I just got this yesterday for 500, came with 5 Mags and two holsters.[View]
35246252what would happen if you did this?[View]
35247343If I were to build a sig-braced AR pistol as an HD weapon, and actually use it on Jamal or Cletus or…[View]
35247384Chemical/Biological weapons thread[View]
35242745Why don't we have more guns with toploading clips anymore?[View]
35247365It's only through mass murder and genocide that an individual can achieve Godhood and shape soc…[View]
35241551How bad would one of these hurt if some one got shot without Armour?[View]
35233744/k/angaroos - Ausguns general: David Shoebridge is a cunt edition http://www.bordermail.com.au/story…[View]
35237956Hand to hand fighting: Is there a point ever in modern combat history where hand to hand training is…[View]
35247145One thing that strikes me when I check out #onelessgun and the baltimore police facebook is that cri…[View]
35246301Mossberg durability and longevity: Eurofag here. I want to buy a Maverick 88 security second -hand m…[View]
35246564See this what do: Is your CCW enough? post CCW' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCWoxeOUJzc…[View]
35244944>tfw you pull out ugly wood bolt action milsurp instead of modern black guns >'don't you …[View]
35246251the end: the world may or may not end tomorrow if in the unlikely scenario it does, what are your pl…[View]
35242995Steve1989MREInfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ5CMUYDkiE I asked Steve if he would do a new vid…[View]
35216395Gear Queer General /gq/: At what point in your lives did you start your gear collection, and how do …[View]
35243151>want to buy a luger >cheapest ones are 2000+…[View]
35246488what kind of exoskeleton iron man super soldier shit do US spec ops secretly have?[View]
35243182Revolutionary War Era Weapons: ITT we'll look at the weapons of the American Revolutionary War.…[View]
35239885Beretta DT11: Bought this beauty today. /k/, what is your opinion on this gun? Did I fuck up or did …[View]
35234273EDC Thread: >checks catalog >no EDC thread let's fix that /k/ r8, h8, and deb8 Pic relate…[View]
35246286Anon that gassed himself?: Anybody have any updates on OP?[View]
35207372QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: ??? Edition I'm buying a blued snu…[View]
35219960Functional and Incognito: What cargo pants do you guys wear? How do you avoid looking like a gay spa…[View]
35243290What does /k/ think of muzzleloaders? Are they still relevant to contributing to modern gun culture?[View]
35234398Alright /k/: What was the worst run in you've ever had with a bleedin-heart liberal? Been heari…[View]
35240567ATF bait thread: Didn't order from amazon got direct from chinese retailers doggo barking for W…[View]
35215436Korean and Japan are making stealth fighters: Who is doing it better? Pic related is koreas current …[View]
35242579Aluminum Cased Ammo: Hey guys, I was wondering what the consensus is on aluminum cased ammo. Is it m…[View]
35244564Anyone here own an HK UMP/USC? I saw one the other day and it had a price tag of over $2k. What…[View]
35245743wtf so i smuggled a kitchen knife by accident i wrapped it in tin foil (blade only) i went through t…[View]
35244539What's a good caliber for hunting monkeys?[View]
35230177How come the F22 raptor is so feared, but the f35 isn't? Why would a jet with 90s technology be…[View]
35238473I'd like to hear your thoughts on the .300 AAC Blackout Ruger Mini-14. I am in the market for a…[View]
35241195Teach me about toxins? Pic related.[View]
35245056I want a gewer m2 How do I get[View]
35238639Is the Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle the only 5.56mm bolt action w/ iron sights?[View]
35205332/ak/ thread Here comes another one! edition.: Here it comes again! Here comes another one! When will…[View]
35240073/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ On The Rocks Edition >Thread #436 Old thread here >>3522…[View]
35216026Gasbro: Any news?[View]
35245716https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDEa-MZFz7E This video is comfy. Imagine being woken up by your Unte…[View]
35243891Autistic Weapons Thread[View]
35229705What is your carry gun and favorite band so we may judge you. >Ruger SR1911 >Black Label Soci…[View]
35245137AR-7: Does anyone have some AR-7's you want to show off? I think they are quite aesthetically p…[View]
35245498AR flashlight? yes or no[View]
35240679What would /k/ reccomend for a budget 9MM? Preferably cheaper than a Shield. pic unrelated[View]
35243395AR thread/AR General/ARG: Tube handguards can fuck off edition Old >>35240792[View]
35241611Does carrying a gun everyday make you feel like a tough guy?[View]
35241450At what point should a person be able to defend themselves from a dog if the Dog Owners proved thems…[View]
35236957>revolvers are the most reliable and safest gu-[View]
35227325If it were just North Korea vs South Korea who would win and why?[View]
35242522What are the physics behind a muzzle break? Specifically what allows the bullet to not lose much ene…[View]
35236355Buy/Sell/Trade Thread: Post em boys[View]
35242700How many dogs: Do you think lost their lives to the making of this youtube video? https://www.youtub…[View]
35243250Burger pidors BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8-X8oqdo6Q&index=12&list=PLyDXxs-8HorR7…[View]
35232880tv and films for /k/: is American Assassin /k/ approved? what are /k/ approved films?[View]
35244111Coonan: If money were not an issue (Yeah fuckin right) Why should I not get this gun .357 mag 7 + 1 …[View]
35226057Sup /k/ If you could have one legendary /k/ related weapon, item, or artifact, which would you choos…[View]
35239281Cuckfornia anon PLS HELP: Called local gun shop and he said there will be a lot less hassle becuz of…[View]
35239849>You'll never fight in the Post-Vietnam, Pre-2001 US Military where everything was possible …[View]
35238363Unusual military footwear: Stuff like Spetnaz with (bootleg) adidas, italian operator with sneakers,…[View]
35238494Since most wars nowadays are against insurgency groups, does that mean planes like these will become…[View]
35241409Ok so I'm about to inherit a Beretta AL 391 teknys in 20 ga and I don't know a whole lot a…[View]
35241287Any WASR 10/63's for sale?: Where can I find a WASR 10/63 online these days? I remember a few y…[View]
35232477Ruger 10/22 thread. Which upgrades are recommended and why. Does anyone have experience upgrading th…[View]
35242928I'm considering getting a butterfly knife, but I'm not sure which one to get. My budget wo…[View]
35238175Why are the Chinese so incapable?: Almost any superpower would destroy China in a war because of the…[View]
35229929/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: 25 pushups is enough for SFAS edition. Previous: >>352028…[View]
35189416Roller lock master race where you guys at[View]
35242728Leather protection/preservation thread: I want to use Obenauf's Leather Oil on a bunch of leath…[View]
35243257Is their any gun even remotely as cool as the CIAs heart attack gun? > Built off a 1911 frame. …[View]
35241699Body armour: Alright boys and girls I just got this from a friend and need to know what to put in it…[View]
35236055What's a good guitar case/bag to put a rifle in? Has to be 45+ inches inside, kinda cheap, and …[View]
35240792AR Thread/AR General/ARG: J. Norrell Still Hasn't Shipped My XM Receivers Edition Old; >>…[View]
35236871>Steel case ammo is cheap because it's made of steel, steel is cheap man! >Steel core amm…[View]
35237229>decide to upgrade my basic bitch AR >buy UTG Pro slim freefloat handguard because it had gre…[View]
35241724>there are people on this board who unironically would fight and die for Israel…[View]
35235992Tanks of WWll: hey /k/ what is your favorite tank of WWll?[View]
35236024Theoretically speaking, shooting someone in the brain instantly disables him, unlike upper body shot…[View]
35237644Hey /k/ I found this in a box I won at a storage auction. How do I tell if it's a real gun? The…[View]
35242388A10 Warthogs: The US Air Force may ground around 100 of its A-10 Warthog jets already in 2018 fiscal…[View]
35241339Why: None meme question. But why dosnt US army use something like pic related? Would it cost to much…[View]
35239764Can anyone ID this gun? It's going to be at an auction near me. It's the only pic I got. I…[View]
35241236Is the CMR-30 a good HD gun?: Would the CMR-30 make a good HD gun? Pros: >light >compact with …[View]
35238859Glock 460 Rowland carbine suppressed and suppressor change on slide velocity: Tell me what you think…[View]
35238076What is this fucking badge?[View]
35240543Question, Is it legal to ship a 95% lower receiver from the US to the Netherlands (where gun ownersh…[View]
35220571The burgers want to invade THIS?!: Fuck man, Iran is like almost all mountains. You guys must like h…[View]
35239654I'm restoring a m1903 a3 with heavy pitting how does one remove pitting ? Pic Is not of my rifl…[View]
35229104SHARE Act News: Howdy /k/, here's your daily H.R.3668 news. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th…[View]
35235163Displayed at DSEI, Britain's new rifle. An upgraded SA80, the L85A3.[View]
35238506Do you think we'll ever see something like a 'Band of Brothers but Navy during the Pacific camp…[View]
35233407AR Thread /ARG/ tripfag containment: Keymod mounted cigar edition Old >>35230471[View]
35239032Nuke Fag here, With all the noise about mustard/chlorine gas anon going on the screen grab (pic rela…[View]
35239546Hi /k/ i'm chilean and my friend (in the millitary forces of my country) shooted himself as an …[View]
35238539how would /k/ fight salt vampires? >can shapeshift to look like anyone >with none of that bull…[View]
35222537>Vatniks >Slavaboos >Wehraboos Is there such a thing as Chinaboos?…[View]
35241217More military stuff from Havana: Museum of the Revolution[View]
35240200Sleep tight, Norway. I will be watching over you.[View]
35239289i have 30€ to spend and i need a decent knife for edc. Any recomendations?[View]
35236015War qoutes: Post your favorites, be they witty or ruthless 'Attacks on cities are strategically just…[View]
35239936Why doesn't the US army use gliders to insert airborne troops and heavy weapons? They are undet…[View]
35223455PVC swords for LARP: (Live Action Role-Play) I'm about to glue together the PVC pipes for my LA…[View]
35241047Hi everyone, this is John with today's active self protection lesson out of ...[View]
35241095Guys, I've been reading a lot about the crusades lately, and I've noticed that neither sid…[View]
35228746Anybody know the legality of these on Coruscant? I have a Toydarian merchant selling it for super ch…[View]
35240038I live in a relatively well off and quiet suburb in Minnesota. We recently purchased and moved into …[View]
35236043What's the largest caliber that straight blowback can work with and be practical?[View]
35233019Why is China's military so shit?[View]
35213686Russian Helo at Zapad 2017 drill hit watchers.: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/910094593835839488 …[View]
35240812How would you turn a Crutch into a fire arm?[View]
35238573Would one Queen Elizabeth-class carrier with its (expected) complement of F-35Bs be enough to defeat…[View]
35239050>You will NEVER be this good at Archery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEG-ly9tQGk Why even fuck…[View]
35236575SEAL TEAM on CBS: Holy shit you guys who else is /HYPE/ af!?!?[View]
35234061>two of the men were hit >each died from a single .22 caliber shot to the chest why is my law …[View]
35237777AR thread/AR General/ARG: Anon and keymod can fuck off edition >>35233430[View]
35240718Considering HEMA as Regular Sport: Long story short, I'll be eventually at university and found…[View]
352169661911 Bread: Does anyone know how corrosion resistent the TRP line is? I live where it rains a lot…[View]
35238522Cheapest upper?: Hey /k. While shopping for an upper as the last piecw of my currwnt AR build I came…[View]
35236911Too late to become a fighter jet pilot?: Quebecfag here, I just turned 24 and I was wondering how ha…[View]
35240260i live in euroland and want a fal the biggest problem is that im afraid that euro will just steal it…[View]
35240372Service vs Service: Military branches exist for one reason: to reduce the success of a military coup…[View]
35238933Did you give your gun a name, Anon?[View]
35235863Found this in the woods in Croatia. There are serb symbols and the name 'Mile Grcić' carved in. Anyo…[View]
35238759This is the Air Tractor AT-802U: Say something nice about it.[View]
35238057Opinions on Hatfield SLG?: I'm looking to get this particular shotgun (12ga variant) for huntin…[View]
35238981How does one fuck up this badly when making a statue?[View]
35237130Y'all mind if I /k/?[View]
35236123S&W Model 59: What is a good price to pay for one in used/poor condition? This is my next auto p…[View]
35234839So I'm trying to come up with a way to reduce costs in a competition. It's basically reduc…[View]
35237831'Murica has arrived[View]
35227584/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Bakelite and Bourbon Edition >Thread #435 Old thread here >…[View]
35224465T-90 rekt: A T-90 got knocked out by a dated T-72 in Syria, Slavaboos on suicide watch https://twit…[View]
35238090where did the '1911s are unreliable' meme come from?[View]
35234923Need help with more information on a k98 bayonet: Can someone tell me more info on this k98 bayonet …[View]
35239794is war cool? video games films books all make it look cool what do vets think about glamorization of…[View]
35232930prove this wrong protip you cant[View]
35237849VFA-31 TOMCATTERS - 2017 OIR Cruise Video: Featuring the Su-22 Kill in Syria https://vid.me/SLDKe…[View]
35237334Didn't see a handgun or pistol general/advice thread. New one? Just picked up this p229. 3 mags…[View]
35237820Online Shopping: Where does /k/ online shop for guns/accessories/parts? Who has the best sales and d…[View]
35239053So i have a keltec sub2000 9mm gen 1. I absolutely hate the factory handguard and i dont want tactic…[View]
35231916what hydration pack does /k/ use?[View]
35230866What is the best concealable body armor? What do you guys wear? Personal favorites? Pic related is t…[View]
35237267opinion: >This man is as /k/ as anyone on this board. Discuss.[View]
35231508Why hello there, /k/, I come from /his/, and I have a question. Is it possible to completely conquer…[View]
35230922ITT Overated Garbage: >slower cruise speed than currently fielded f-22 >fatal air frame flaw …[View]
35236054Can a califag tell me what i need to do to buy a gun online? Does Big 5 do FFL stuff? What governmen…[View]
35235600At what size does wind stop having an effect on bullets?[View]
35237116Possible Purchase: Has anyone else on /k/ tested out a CANiK? I went to my local range and rented on…[View]
35235422Why is China so far behind?: >USA 30 years ago >China today By the time they get CVNs with CAT…[View]
35237536Sherman Armor: Why is it that the Sherman gets >hurr Ronson is paper thin >hated by their crew…[View]
35235118fake as shit? There is a local auction has a ton of german crap - it looks way too good to be true. …[View]
35235817Hello /k/ Do we know if the Retard who made Mustard gas in his Apartment is Kill yet? Pic for Attent…[View]
35238428TRW you could defeat China with a single US Militia[View]
35223935/k/ .webms / .webm thread[View]
35231468SWORDS GENERAL: Cool swords you guys like? I like seaxes and ulfberht swords. Favorite overall sword…[View]
35236504Hurricane Maria: Good morning, /k/, this is your fellow Puerto anon here. Just yesterday we had the …[View]
35228664Would a thrown spear pose a threat to a modern infantryman? Would someone wearing BDUs or MARPAT be …[View]
35236536how the fuck did they do it[View]
35235684Anybody shoot air rifles? I just got into shooting and I've started out with a Walther RM8 wit…[View]
35233954Official /k/ Inna Challenges: Create your own challenges for people to try.[View]
35236199Any good self-defense tier FMJ ammo for a gun that constantly malfunctions when shooting hollow poin…[View]
35229973Will there ever be a more aesthetic paint scheme than invasion stripes?[View]
35218419Is this the real world?[View]
35233210Glock external thumb safety: Anyone use the cominolli safety? How is it? Any problems with lifespan …[View]
35230739I put all of my bar mitzvah money into a 5-year CD that just matured. I want to buy a cool gun with …[View]
35233430AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment: anon doesnt get to make threads edition old >>35230471…[View]
35235039You be the judge.[View]
35223596is there any job more mind numbing than working at a gun counter and having to remain polite to the …[View]
35236040Best DI AR manufacturer: I'm looking to get a new AR and am not interested in building my own o…[View]
35237316Guns that Never Were: ITT: Guns that never made it to final production, due to any reason. Flawed de…[View]
35232209>america gets to have guns >nobody else does its not fair bros why dont they trust us…[View]
35228610What's the best big bore revolver cartridge?[View]
35231344Grease/Oil: whats the best? whats everyone use? whats the deal with Aeroshell33?[View]
35235694Talk me out of it, /k/ I want a cheap 9mm that isn't a hipoint And I'm a flaming faggot s…[View]
35233697How will the Korean defense against Imperial America pan out? Will it be like the early part of the …[View]
35232360Evening /k/, I make these things far and few in between so we'll see if it goes anywhere tonigh…[View]
35231773Arizona shooting areas: sup /k/ just moved to the Phoenix area turns out theres only a few outdoor s…[View]
35232166whats /k/s opinion on cutlerylover?[View]
35235066Help me choose some new guns /k/.: Alright /k/, here's the deal, I'm currently in the mark…[View]
35236275Should I waste my money getting a taticool tomahawk or should I just go full out autist and get an a…[View]
35234987Reasons why you want WW3 to happen... >I want to LARP around the wasteland Reasons you don't…[View]
35227105/k/ related SHTF reading: I've read some good ones, like: -Patriots: A novel of survival -One S…[View]
35230453WA Hunting Rifle: Hey, I'm new here. I just got my hunting licence in Washington State, and I…[View]
35235917FAMILY THREAD: family thread?? (not mine just wanna see what you guys have)[View]
35235024Its only smells: Does war smell like shit? I need to shower daily.[View]
35226905If you are a veteran I will thank you for your service in this thread[View]
35235372The absolute state of the Flip military: https://www. update. ph/2017/09/look -scout-ranger s-use- i…[View]
35233674/K/ Inna woods greentexts some stories where You actually get use your gun[View]
35234651Pistols that will make you cream your pants: For me: >Colt 1911[View]
35234388in spite of a readily available semi auto pistol, why did most north american police forces take unt…[View]
35228037How do i lean the stock against my shoulder? I kinda have not so wide shoulders and a very long neck…[View]
35235462Glock 46[View]
35234312Moving and shooting help: Anyone know a decent place to find some videos or information on moving an…[View]
35222759Undoing Damage Thread: Post your pictures and stories of old rusted/fucked up/bubba'd guns bein…[View]
35231636Jobs of /k/?: You guys actually have jobs, or are you all just professional traps? How does /k/ brin…[View]
35230137Was cost the most important factor in choosing Tungsten Carbide for M955 AP 5.56x45? http://www.inet…[View]
35223812This Magnificent Bastard: Any updates on chlorine man?[View]
35234637Guys we need an update on the /k/ommando that may or may not have killed himself yesterday with the …[View]
35231799Magazines. Will all AR's take all magazines, provided they are of the same caliber? i.e. all AR…[View]
35235065I'm going to see my recruiter this weekend, is there anything i should ask him or keep in mind …[View]
35229124>*grip safety gets stuck when you actually need it* Why are grip ''''''safeties'''''' even a thin…[View]
35231345Becoming of legal age in a few months, teach me the ways of gun ownership. The do's and the don…[View]
35235495Secret base for man-eating aliens being built' US official records reveal: Caller claims to hav…[View]
35233095alright guys so my grandpa died and while going through his stuff i find this thing. i have no idea …[View]
35232912Advice: I am thinking about painting this AR I built from spare parts I had laying around. I have 5 …[View]
35232007Colt Python: I really want a Colt Python but the prices seem to vary so wildly. What do I really nee…[View]
35228585Bolt action 45-70 made from mosin or Mauser: Would like some advice on this. I want a gun in 45-70 …[View]
35185740fucked up guns: i'm morbidly infatuated with abused firearms. i'll post what i have saved …[View]
35235370Who will win in the US Air Force's T-X program: I will buy shares of a company out of Lockheed …[View]
35235287/kck/ thread >what kinda food do you keep in your bugout bag? >what rations would you keep re…[View]
35234980Hello, /k/omrades. Can anyone identify this pellet rifle?[View]
35221206What are your tricks for selling guns online?: For example: pull the slide back so retards think the…[View]
35229762LAPD VS MARINE FIRETEAM: WHO WINS? LAPD SWAT unit of 12 men VS a Marine fireteam of 5 men Marines a…[View]
35233628real or fake: real gun or fake gun bang bang sket sket[View]
35187580Muh Doggies: Post your faithful guardians and best friends[View]
35232410Body Armor Discussion Thread: Discussion for current state and upcoming innovations in body armor te…[View]
35228265Can you actually kill flies with this, or is it just a toy?[View]
35227598Mauser Geha and other oddballs: I was at my local gun shop a few weeks back and saw an old looking b…[View]
35232143>nobody goes on the /k/ wiki anymore[View]
35233792/k/ I need your help, how do I kill mice?: > I ve been awake for 36 hours > cant relax becaus…[View]
35230424the Punishers arsenal: What kind of arsenal would one need to be a real-life Punisher? Assume they h…[View]
35226873STALKER: Sup /k/ I just started playing Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl and I know how you guys love tha…[View]
35231973Is there anywhere to stalk in Henderson Nevada since it's illegal to Carry and shoot long arms …[View]
35228759>'hey anon check out this AR I built' >its a PSA upper and PSA lower with fagpul furniture in …[View]
35231548New Rifle: Help me decide my new rifle, /k/. >M1 Carbine I've always wanted one but the pric…[View]
35232076Combine vs. Covenant: Sci-Fi masshup: As described in pic, who would win between the Covenant in the…[View]
35229341Where to list guns for sale in the St. Louis area? Armslist is strangely slow - only like 4-5 pages …[View]
35231175So im close to finishing my ar15 build and need an idea on a muzzle device. I shoot indoors mostly s…[View]
35229648what is it like to be American and know that none of your firearms can ever be as good as these ones…[View]
35233380How does one grab an SKS and go inna woods?: You are anon You have a bicycle You decide to go inna…[View]
35230948War/Battle Related /mu/sic: post all your anthems, hymns, and war songs here. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
35232807ICSR program canceled: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah No 7.62 rifle for you Battle rifle tards B…[View]
35233298What would Warfare in North Korea be like?: Let's say we invaded NK from the SK with the goal o…[View]
35226397Waco Siege: Just started reading about this and it seems like such a massive cluster fuck, so what h…[View]
35233457AR thread/AR General/ARG: Neighborhood safety patrol edition Old >>35230471[View]
35225208Tim made a video saying how awful the Glock Generation Five was. Why is he so anti-Glock? Hmm...[View]
35230471AR Thread /ARG/ tripfag containment: NEXT LEVEL edition old >>35227431[View]
35232603Inline vortex BBMG: Hasguns but imagine if tyrone was minding his business, dindoing lots of stealin…[View]
35230522The standard infantry firearm since firearms became standard has been a long weapon that requires tw…[View]
35224479Are there any forces that wear a beret in the field?[View]
35212496>Americans will never, ever do the same for Colt or Browning or Stoner.…[View]
35232987PMC gear: If for example some African shithole dictator decided to hire you, a /k/ommando as PMC to …[View]
35226416boot camp: Is boot camp really that bad?[View]
35215465Asians and gun ownership: Asian here, I have notice that alot of other Asians, especially Koreans an…[View]
35228141Does anyone have experience with Sig Sauer 5.56 mags, or IMI G2s? Sig mags are on sale for $5 each,…[View]
35231751Hello /k/. Are there any obscure or rarely-spoken-of militaries that interest you? Time period doesn…[View]
35222118Range Trips: >ctrl+f 'range' >only see a thread bitching about stuff at the range Range thread…[View]
35209512Doomsday Moonies: There's a new doomsday cult forming in Newfoundland PA. They call themselves …[View]
35226366Is there any modern firearm that even comes close to looking as disgusting as pic related? Thick and…[View]
35210504How would /k find each other in SHTF?: Do we have a call sign or plan for identification or is it ev…[View]
35229562U.S. Navy 355 Ship Fleet: So what is /k/'s take on the new 355 ship fleet? I think this will be…[View]
35228969So, I'm a few months away from legal carrying age. What is the best quality firearm to carry wi…[View]
35221905Do you have any liberal friends/family, /k/? Have you ever convinced them go shooting with you? If y…[View]
35230735do epic shit happen in war/bootcamp? what's the most epic shit you ever saw that was so epic no…[View]
35232027PLease post all the published pictures of .::WhatGrip?WhatStock?::.: Thanks. >pic related, thats …[View]
35231007So my uncle left me his gun collection and I'm going through the crates right now. Already come…[View]
35226477>he doesn’t have at least 1000 in his SHTF gun and less than 500 rounds of ammo It’s like some pe…[View]
35230486Glock Hate Thread: >be glock in 2012 >still no manual safety since 1980's >introduce a…[View]
35231665Bayonet thread: Of these two which is better and why? Of all bayonets, which one is the best in term…[View]
35200757The Scout Rifle: It's It A Viable Option? Can A True All-Purpose Rifle Exist? Further Reading: …[View]
35226587Appendix or 4 o'clock?[View]
35230938Looking to build a suppressor. Basic the dimensions roughly off a Silencerco (9'x1.5') Anyone have a…[View]
35225702The Punisher: SOON....ISH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIY6zFL95hE[View]
35230503retarded weapon definitions: who comes up with the legal definitions of NFAs in the US? they're…[View]
35230639Anyone have an 1897?: I really don't want a trench gun just want an honest to goodness 1897. Th…[View]
35231354I just got offered a job and want to buy a new milsurp to celebrate. In my area the only milsurps I…[View]
35227725Why isn't this rifle more popular besides the cost of .303 British? How does it compare to cont…[View]
35231410Patch thread.[View]
35226609>Royal Navy >Royal Air Force >British Army Huh, why is that? And yeah, I get that PARTS of …[View]
35214026North Korea: Judgment Day[View]
35228606Self Defense Set-ups: Self Defense Thread-o Post your gat, your room, and where you keep your gun. I…[View]
35227787Greetings /k/, /pol/ here. I was told that a glock would be best for self defense and conceal carry.…[View]
35230627Bought some stuff a vet used in combat, and found a a few things in the pockets of all sorts from mo…[View]
35230193A new 8.4mm cartridge: I'm looking if it's feasible or useful at all to develop an 8.4x65m…[View]
35228397Suggest 9mm non-polymer pocket carry: Buds Guns is a huge shop but they only have 8 1911's in 9…[View]
35230022Recreational Shooting: Trying to get into target shooting and range shooting, looking for a good sta…[View]
35227882Low Visibility Warfare: How would tactics change during prolonged instances of low visibility? For e…[View]
35218353Coyote Hunting: What do you do with these things once they're dead?[View]
35230438what the fuck do i do im in a junkyard rn phoneposting me and my budy ewer shooting shit, and the b…[View]
35226919So (besides the free mag from an army bro) I 'built' my first AR for $380.72. That price includes sh…[View]
35214121unmanned turret: Is muh unmanned turret of any use /k/? Or is it just another fad? I don't reme…[View]
35227988Hearing Protection Act.: What do you think of the Hearing Protection Act?[View]
35229972Can I get some .45 vs 9mm memes? Preferably a variety, making fun of both sides.[View]
35230369I might have to change professions by the end of the month. Not by choice I might add. medical. I wa…[View]
35229936Did you know Bojack horseman is actually a documentary about true events?[View]
35230290https://www.youtube.com/watchv=lIY6zFL95hE&feature=youtu.be Is Punisher a /k/ show?[View]
35230195Why does this look so aesthetically pleasing /k?: > CAA RONI >Looks like something out of sta…[View]
35229603/k/ related movie set between precolumbian America and 1900: I have an assignment where I have to wa…[View]
35230258L1A1 Broken Casing: Sup /k/. The head case on this round broke off in my L1A1 over the weekend and t…[View]
35227431AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment: memes of the future edition old >>35222971[View]
35216520what's the actual difference between DEVGRU and Delta? is DEVGRU just a superior Delta since it…[View]
35228976What are your US SF power rankings? 1) Delta - Army 2) Combat Controller - USAF 3) Seals - Navy 4) P…[View]
35230000Norwegian F-16 almost kills 3 people during exercise: https://www.thelocal.no/20170920/norwegian-f16…[View]
35229338guys, I bought one of those polymer80 G17 kits and it came out pretty well, considering the bits are…[View]
35228688Why don't they just buy Chinese?[View]
35229660Has /k/ ever designed their own guns? Has /k/ ever designed a frankengun for shits and giggles?[View]
35225733Handgats: How do I find a private seller willing to sell a handgun to someone under the age of 21 in…[View]
35229522Reloading Manuals: Anyone have a link to Hornady's 10th (or Lyman's 50th)? Right now I…[View]
35227435/k/ this may be a dumb question, but I hope someone with HSc (this is a 1942) experience can help. W…[View]
35222506Chemical Warfare: It seems to me that for home defense, when you can't use a gun, nothing beats…[View]
35229303>dude, are you an idiot? you don't have the safety on, there's no red light!…[View]
35211030So I'm saving my sheckles to buy a paramotor, what /k/ related things could I do with it? Can I…[View]
35229533what is the most devastating self defense ammunition that exists excluding shotgun loads[View]
35226852So, I got this trunk from my dad. He moved, and didn't take this with him. He doesn't know…[View]
35227475Title for Karl?: If Ian is Gun Jesus, what is Karl?[View]
35228380What gun will win the SOCOM requests for a PDW?[View]
35225138What model of tank or APC is this.: The image is from the district 9 movie. I think it might be a ro…[View]
35228440Was it a mistake?[View]
35222583Black powder: Well after all this time of hearing about this magical place I decided not to be a bet…[View]
35224956I need to lose weight: My AR is fucking heavy and I need some suggestions for how to lighten it up. …[View]
35228418Banditry: What would be some good guns for a nationwide banditry spree? Asking for a friend.[View]
35228791Post your best school shooter load out[View]
35226875How does one get into precision shooting? I've googled around but most of the resources I find …[View]
35199634/BST/ General: Buy, Sell, Trade Your Firearms: Time for another /bst/ thread.[View]
35229042AR thread/AR General/ARG: TOO MUCH DAKKA EDITION OLD >>35222971[View]
35225130My wife's parents have a compound in South Africa. The 'ethnic' guards they hire are getting an…[View]
35214070Patch Thread: Kind Anon Edition: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>35…[View]
35220921Is M81 Woodland the best all around green-based Camouflage?: Discuss: Why did the US military drop t…[View]
35228798Has anyone else watched this show? I thought it did a good job of explaining military planning and o…[View]
35228901Are hydra shoks actually good or is it just marketing hype?[View]
3522833995 Million Americans: 'We lose 95 Million Americans a day to gun violence' - Terry McAulif…[View]
35226221Given how interested /k/ommandos are with weapons and military history, whats stopping you guys from…[View]
35227415can we talk about AR lowers?: What makes a nice lower receiver? Who is making the hot shit right now…[View]
35228512/k-lit/ thread: >Be innadesert >Driving along one particularly bad stretch of road, everyone i…[View]
35226144Thinking of buying a cz scorpion evo pistol. Lgs has an fde one like pic related for $800. How is it…[View]
35202863/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: War will come any day now... edition. >Discord https://disc…[View]
35226464Does anyone know what happened to gunboardpedia.com?[View]
35228864Need directions: I'm looking for an ad I saw for assassins for hire. I don't care if you h…[View]
35225530>Armyfag in Korea >buddy ETS's >turning in his gear >is told a random CBRNE bag ful…[View]
35228172Best non-lethal self defence weapon?[View]
35223255So has anyone ever had any luck with their YouTube in terms of weapons? Things like gun reviews, cle…[View]
35212811EDC Discussion: What should a basic edc consist of? IMO you need these basic items as a foundation f…[View]
35226597>Aussie going to Czech Republic >muh brno >needs to experience freedom Anyone recommend a …[View]
35207485So last year, I bought an ar15. Originally I was kicking myself for finally breaking down and buying…[View]
35228622Chilean Army Day: It's Chile's Día de las Glorias del Ejército (Army Day), so i'll po…[View]
35225726*this kills the anon*[View]
35224556What do you think of this?[View]
35227547Housewife recommendation: Hi /k/. So my aunt's home got broken into recently, and she was home …[View]
35227141German fag here, did somebody know how i become a real pistole? Of course legal and not a gas shit p…[View]
35224314Aesthetic Wartime Photos: Y'all right /k/? You lot mind posting some aethetic wartime photos fo…[View]
35225158ID: What kind of gun is this? It's from the Sopranos, S03E13[View]
35223102Tell me about optics: I recently completed a precision rifle build and then realized I know jack shi…[View]
35188493ITT: rage enducing portrayals of weaponry in the media. I'll start. >fires 10 shots…[View]
35224343So apparently the Philippine Scout Rangers have this thing they call the Angry Ranger which is basic…[View]
35224457Steel Glock 21 frame: How can I get a quality stainless steel Glock 21 frame? By quality I mean it w…[View]
35215775What are the best deals at the moment for a reliable AR under $700? Did I miss the boat for great di…[View]
35214433Stanislav Petrov: Petrov passed today, and should have a thread here to remember the man that stayed…[View]
35223967Poop gun thread? Poop gun thread.[View]
35218043why do people hate real safeties on handguns nowadays? why do people prefer nothing but a trigger ''…[View]
35215125/k/ humour - rare memes edition: >no k humour i need my k memes to live guys bonus points for rar…[View]
35220043help /k/ I'm losing my mind I voted for Clinton (then Obama) in 2008 and Obama in 2012 and now …[View]
35226924Elves: Hey /k/, whats the best handgun for killing pointy-eared tree-niggers? Is something in 9mm en…[View]
35224607Are there any ranges in Europe where a civilian can go to shoot long range (1000m+)? I've heard…[View]
35222971AR thread/AR General/ARG: BLOCK I SUPERIOR BLOCK edition Old >>35219282[View]
35217599/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Wrapped in Bubbletape Edition >Thread #434 Old thread here …[View]
35226551there is literally nothing wrong with buying a Hi-Point[View]
35225515TREADHEAD General: Wehrmacht Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz8VD2770Mw[View]
35222576Can someone tell this guy that the 80's are over and he needs to get some modern tactical gear.…[View]
35214046What made heavy tanks obsolete during the cold war? The weight? Costs? Armour becoming less and less…[View]
35226826Weapon choices in video games: ITT: Video games that include weapons that really don't fit the …[View]
35216447Czech PNV57A night vision goggles: I picked up a set of Czech PNV57 night vision goggles which origi…[View]
35213954Ken Burn's 'The Vietnam War: Ken Burn's the Vietnam war is being labeled a masterpiece. Ne…[View]
35220928Ares or Fightlite SCR: Anyone have experience with the ares SCR. Pros, Cons?[View]
35224022>Everyone on /k/ has got tired of your shit posting and decided to take turns one after another u…[View]
35220017What gun can explode a persons head like this?[View]
35220032VIETNAM weapons thread[View]
35226468I'm /k/ubla /k/raus, I could have been a spec op. But there is no training around here, there…[View]
35226409Could a a rouge commander spark a war? Maybe if said commander launches some MLRS missles on a neigh…[View]
35174872>Start browsing /k/ for fun >Get really interested in the whole 'raifu' deal >Fall in love …[View]
35224097AA-12: so ive heard of this shotgun, the AA-12 and was wanting to get my hands on one. ive heard tha…[View]
35223387rotating barrel pistols; grand power: https://grandpower.eagleimportsinc.com/ Fact: Slovakia has a 9…[View]
35225986>Armyfag >have to get a massive emergent surgery >on a deadman for 2 and a half months >…[View]
35180500Family photo thread[View]
35222885Who are these people?[View]
35223634What do you make of this video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en5-9KTpF_U Relevant part starts ar…[View]
35225744So when is /k/ going to set up our shrine to Kalashnikov near the statue?[View]
35226082Hey guys, I'm looking for some /k/ operator which I've seen before. He leads the general a…[View]
35221596I keep sweing more and more posts saying 556 is deadlier than 7.62x39. Can anyone back this shit up?[View]
35217757Is MP a respectable branch? Would you join it?[View]
35223701Need info: I came across this dogtag recently, does anyone know how old it is and how I would go abo…[View]
35225903>drop ak into mud >ak no longer works[View]
35225536The average /k/ expert.[View]
35176222Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/EZCrqG5n Previous …[View]
35224554so uh what ever happened to that anon that gassed himself?[View]
35222286Combat Vets?: I was introduced to this soul sucking place on my last deployment (07 for you oldfags)…[View]
35224165When swords are out of kill how you reload them?[View]
35221948Is the HK P7 the foot fetish of guns?[View]
35225427Hey /k/, I just bought some ammo for my new LCR that should be coming in pretty soon. Is this good s…[View]
35222384Miniature flintlocks are sick as shit, any one else have a fascination with micro guns or oddities l…[View]
35221930ny /k/ommandos own the C308? What do you think?[View]
35214286theoretical optimal material for gun barrels: Wouldn't diamond theoretically be the best materi…[View]
35225272Which is worse?: Which is worse? A Hi-Point CF-380 or a Cobra CA380?[View]
35224570does anyone have the post of anon humorously explaining how he'd fight hickok45?[View]
35214856The CIA has labeled Hickok45 a threat to national safety and a dangerous influence on at-risk teens,…[View]
35224688.25-06 Remington/6.5-06 A-Square: has anyone hand loaded either cartridge with a hot 30-06 load and …[View]
35173626Middle East Conflict Thread: Deir ez-Zor[View]
35219030Orange Juice Napalm: I heard that you could make napalm out of orange juice and a few other componen…[View]
35224277>kaotic dot com slash video slash gEMniDZn_20171019150020_t Russian HOMO unit shoot at each other…[View]
35223651This guy is pretentious and autistic, sorry.[View]
35219809Is 9mm enough for self defense against other humans and small wild dogs like coyotes? Most of what I…[View]
35222070Anyone actually excited to see the the new m&p 9c 2.0? I am actually interested in this and it m…[View]
35223849>be me >visiting family in bumfuck nowhere >decide to check out local gun store >ask to…[View]
35214582Is Daniel Defense jerking me around?: Just got a V7 upper receiver. It had some tooling marks under …[View]
35217815How to spot a mall ninja? Although they're useful tools I can't help but think knives the …[View]
35224385SKS & Others (Legality): Good evening /k/. I am inquiring on purchasing an SKS (non-detachable …[View]
35224588I just got a walther p99 .40 cal made in germany imported by interarms. can anyone tell me more abou…[View]
35224427Tasked to go to Antartica to take out Hurricane Weapon: That's been attacking the USA with cate…[View]
35201207Can she come back /k?: Post guns/concepts that you want to be revived/modernized. >pic related…[View]
35222724How many of you are hunters and have pulled or nearly pulled shit like this? >http://www.cbc.ca/n…[View]
35222712Have you made the pilgrimage to our newest holy site yet?[View]
35224061North Hollywood Shootout - Best Cut: https://youtu.be/dtyxCiPpkHQ[View]
35224111Which is the best option?: CZ 455 with .22lr .22wmr and 17hmr barrels and magazines or CZ 452 of .22…[View]
35223051Gravitational Beam Emitter: What makes it so destructive? Will it take to make one?[View]
35223567I had someone flash a gun at me on the way home from work tonight. It was the most surreal and eye o…[View]
35218311What do marines think about him?[View]
35216210Navy to use Xbox controllers to operate new periscope systems: http://www.wcpo.com/news/national/nav…[View]
35221537'Where is, repeat, where is Task Force Thirty Four? The world wonders.'[View]
35222337The best close quarters weapon: Why bother with guns if you can have one of these for close quarters…[View]
35222473Easy way to conquer Earth?: Would it be possible to hire a PMC to rob a bank for you and then use th…[View]
35223809Gun Grabba: https://youtu.be/A1VEcG0cShM?t=1m3s[View]
35223232Anyone have other pics like this?[View]
35223041How would you keep calm and composed during a self defense situation? All of that training and pract…[View]
35223715Light AF AR builds: Can I see some 'bare bones but quality' rifles anons? Everyone's got so muc…[View]
35217841>April 1970 >A young Viet Cong sniper crawls to an outcrop overlooking the U.S base in Phu Ta…[View]
35211662I ND'd into my ceiling and was about a foot away from killing my neighbor with my 12 gauge. Ple…[View]
35223206Does /k/ know where I can get a yugo rifle grenade[View]
35223116Meanwhile, On 1977 /K/...[View]
35220610Occupation of land is a meme: if you kill the inhabitants, you don't have to waste resources oc…[View]
35223068Help me end this debate.: Is the gatling gun developed by Dr. Richard J. Gatling and automatic weapo…[View]
35222454ERA NOSTALGIA: Does anyone else on /k/ get era nostalgia? For me recently I have been really into Vi…[View]
35220665How many /k/ooks here will make it on youtube?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=585&…[View]
35222776what is the cheapest gun that i can buy new?[View]
35214553To catch an ATF agent: >Be Criminal Justice major >am told by professor that ATF agent will be…[View]
35219149gun gore/bubba thread: Haven't seen one in a while. post mangled guns or bubba'd monstrosi…[View]
35222280mailing ded guns from commiefornia to colorado: Hello, /k/, my friend and I are in a predicament! Hi…[View]
35221611thoughts on 40 grain 4700 fps .223wssm: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MsxXfGHlgUA what are your thou…[View]
35221102I'm building this and none of you can stop me.[View]
35220718>no steve thread: FOR SHAME! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ5CMUYDkiE https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
35222301I play CMANO, and when planning SEAD strikes, find myself having to plan around SAM sites, even old …[View]
35222149A few days late for the anniversary of the invasion at Peleliu, but let's talk about it, /k/. W…[View]
35216978>he carries multiple firearms >he carries multiple reloads >he carries mulitple knives >…[View]
35206446Area code thread: 313 reporting in to start the thread.[View]
35218576Wait are the range stories here actually true? I didn't actually think that people went to a ra…[View]
35222338im leaving for BRC soon, any tips /k/? other than not being a homosexual or a leftist[View]
35222467I'm headed to OCS for the Navy in a few months. Give me your best butter bar stories.[View]
35187573Hazing works: Where were you when you realized that hazing works?[View]
35204025>go to range >almost everyone has a basic bitch fagpul'd ARs or remington SPS rifles >…[View]
35219852Do you have any special forearms of anykind, unique and limited edition or just personal guns that y…[View]
35221631let's rap, /k/ is there a way to uber-bubba a bolt gun into a semi auto?[View]
35221836Shotguns as a military primary issue: Would it be actually useful to arm large groups of modern infa…[View]
35220867I need sights for my carry gun (Glock 19), and I've narrowed it down to a few choices - Trijico…[View]
35221058Worth it? I missed out on the 10 pmags and vortex strike fire sale already today[View]
35221731>be me on college campus How the fuck do I find a quiet place to plink an air gun so nobody sees…[View]
35218197Who is she, /k/? The one gun you'd marry if she was a woman or of marrying guns was legal. Gott…[View]
35219282AR Thread /ARG/ tripfag containment: BLOCK II BLOCK II BLOCK II old >>35216332[View]
35221941I'm looking into buying a firearm within the next few weeks and want to educate myself on firea…[View]
35221232Single or double stack subcompact?: I'll make this even simpler: P938 or CZ Rami?[View]
35214468Vent. Your firearms opinion is perfectly valid and you are entitled to it. I might agree with you, b…[View]
35217848what gun took your shooting virginity, k?[View]
35217231The Rifleman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IVCwYPjFXc How does he fire ~15 shots? Is it just bec…[View]
35202497So, I'm curious, what's the life of gun owners and shooters in Pennsylvania and Colorado? …[View]
35203115Hicock45: Does anyone else really hate this old guy? >literally worshipped by /k/ autists >get…[View]
35221146How do snipers and designated marksmen deal with heavy armor and aircraft?[View]
35221158Hey anons with C96 experience, how does this bolt stop look to you? I can't find any cracks in …[View]
35218131Shockwave??: Anyone have an opinion on the Mossberg Shockwave? Seems like a cool way to get an 'SBS'…[View]
35219285How could the Hughes amendment be repealed? what would the legal process be? would it go through the…[View]
35215731I'm looking at buying a tactical 5.56 rifle and wanting feedback from you guys. Currently, I…[View]
35208168I'm sure at least one person here owns a Hi-Power. I really like the aesthetic of them and I…[View]
35220476Is this M24/47 a fair trade for a Savage Axis or older Savage 110? Trying to dump my milsurp for mod…[View]
35217894Hey guys valkyria chronicles inspired me to join my military How do I be a tank commander ??[View]
35208975Happening: It's happened, your local peaceful™ Communist organization has taken up arms and mar…[View]
35218916Looking to pick up a Garand: This there anywhere I can pick up an M1 Garand for under $800 besides t…[View]
35212605You can only chose two weapon systems for your spaceship, keep in mind you only have access to sligh…[View]
35200434How different is it fighting in a swamp compared to in a desert? Any chance of the swamps swallowing…[View]
35221185/k/ got a theme song.: https://youtu.be/Dzu1hPT1xWg Pic unrelated[View]
35219166Browning 1911-380: Just ordered one of these, anyone have any experience with them and any advice? I…[View]
35216624What are your thoughts on Eagle arms, /k/? I want a quality AR but don't really wanna spend ove…[View]
35220834END OF PUTIN'S REGIME: ITT: we assume the worst of the worst rumors re: Trump/Russia are true, …[View]
35220685I got a Schrade kukri as a backyard toy, but l have no idea how to use the included sharpener. Can y…[View]
35213191https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkAn_B8dUiM Did he died?[View]
35215631>AR platform >All the best handgun companies >All the best jets >The only relevant navy …[View]
35205499US base in Israel: https://www.idfblog.com/2017/09/18/us-military-base-in-israel/ >Oy vey levels:…[View]
35218139Where is the best place to buy a s&w 686?[View]
35220625So does /k/ approve of this documentary yet?[View]
35216651INNASNOW THREAD: >What is this? /k/ Shit in the snow thread. >What to post Anything aesthetic …[View]
35218733Ok /k/omrades I had my first draw and fire at an intruder. I've spent today talking with cops g…[View]
35209306How /k/ is The Punisher?[View]
35220415how many of you would become this killing machine?: alright k how many of you would become big daddy…[View]
35214343what is the periscope thingy mounted above the gun of this tank? what are they called?[View]
35219273Weapon Schematics: Is there a website that I can use to get a fair amount of weapon schematics? The …[View]
35217522in a 50/50 gunfight, what determines who shoots first?[View]
35219787Under all of that: Under all of that is a Chinese T-59. The project, had it taken-off, would have mo…[View]
35211326What happened to /k/?: When did this board become a gear queer, furry trap, patch spamming circle je…[View]
35219906Hey /k/ - I need you help. I'm writing a book which takes place partly in 1978, and although I …[View]
35217609Giant Statue Of Mikhail Kalashnikov Unveiled In Moscow: A new place of pilgrimage for /k/ommandos? …[View]
35220312Any good recommendations for a red dot / reflex for an AR?[View]
35219975Vatniks BTFO: https://themoscowtimes.com/news/heicopter-might-have-accidentally-fired-at-audience-du…[View]
35217006Dugan Ashley Instigram Deletion: Does anyone have any clue as to what happened to Dugan's Insti…[View]
35219516At a distance of 100m at an altitude of 25000ft, who would win in an air to air engagement of 10 F-2…[View]
35196672/K/ Approved SHOOTING games: I dont mean miltary/war games. i want games with good shooting, like re…[View]
35217223crye precision pants: i've seen pics of soldiers wearing these crye combat pants in colors and …[View]
35218843Gun waifu names: If a gun that caught your eye was a at 3.14, what would you name your new bae?…[View]
35220053>30ft statue of Kalashnikov erected in moscow How has this not been mentioned yet on /k/?…[View]
35220069Jobs for people that like to work with tools, machines, and guns?: What is available for someone wit…[View]
35218961MARC 901: was considering purchasing this rifle. I need opnion I like wha see about it is an advance…[View]
35214273What would one call a smoothbore 'rifle'. I.e. a shoulder arm that fires rifle ammunition without ri…[View]
35218261is this a good price, /k/? it comes with a romeo5 red dot and 3 mags.[View]
35218390Meprolight on Steyr M9-A1: Does anyone know what model, if any, of Meprolight Tru Dot sights will wo…[View]
35214429Trap thread: What are the best booby traps against a technologically superior army and why[View]
35218575getting a job at the cia: Any anons have any knowledge on this? How extensive is the backround check…[View]
35219764Tell me about SAD/SOG: I don't know much about operating, are they the best? At least in Americ…[View]
35218523Who's all bought parts kits from numrich? Been thinking of picking up a galil or sten mk2.[View]
35217323https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtuEF_PIuR0 is she our girl /k/?[View]
35203185What was the most horrifying weapon devised by mankind? Only Rule is No Nukes. My personal thought i…[View]
35219002Museum of the Revolution: Hey there /k/ommandos. I'm back with more communist goodness from Cub…[View]
35219431I mean how is a guy supposed to NOT be a robosexual in this day and age?[View]
35214851R8 my top of the line AR: Show me a better assault rifle >protip: you can not loser…[View]
35217415>*eats your liver* Wat do /k/?[View]
35217253Okay guys, what type of vehicle was struck here, 0.04: https://www.rferl.org/a/russia-zapad-missile-…[View]
35218056Theoretically would there be enough demand for making .75 rounds and firearms? I was thinking about …[View]
35218363>'I take a variety of ammunition boxes to the range,and also load my magazines there.Using my pat…[View]
35204429ORBITAL DROP IN 5 SECONDS!!! SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE /K/! THREAD THEME: https://youtu.be/CIGHCoVzqtk[View]
35216127What is your ideal outdoor shooting range?: I'm bored, so I'm going to design a shooting r…[View]
35216332AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment: wholesome christian values edition old >>35210996[View]
35210393Ian is teaming up with Larry Snickers on an expensive German weapons of WW2 coffeebook[View]
35214724So when WWIII starts and they start drafting people I just got to join the coast guard before I can …[View]
35214631What writings on military strategy/tactics/history are useful for a civilian to study? heard a lot a…[View]
35215209Why aren't we allowed to defend our property with lethal force? Why does the law protect thieve…[View]
35217287SilencerCo Maxim 50: >no Maxim 50 thread what the FUCK /k/ SilencerCo is making a integrally supp…[View]
35216006Whats is his nickname /k/?[View]
35217911Legal and powerful weapons in Europe, especially Ireland? I got no gun licence so what is the most p…[View]
35216523Why doesn't a rifle twist in your hand when you fire it? The bullet comes out spinning 100 time…[View]
35211437Which weapon one is better for self defense?: What would be better for fucking up an attacker, a 7 i…[View]
35198490Fudd interactions: It happened /k/, it finally happened. I didn't think they were real but I ra…[View]
35211162B-17 is the cutest.[View]
35212665Hey lets stop watching where our ship is going: >US Navy kills more US Servicemen than the Taliba…[View]
35202924Finally got around to seeing Threads today. Well that was fucking depressing. What, if anything, di…[View]
35207165Pathetic american military pay rates?: Why the fuck do american troops paid so little? My friend jus…[View]
35217689Is $350 good for a used Norinco SKS? Its been years since they have been that cheap or on the market…[View]
35217292Why do we not make gun barrels out of titanium or something like those modern battle tanks are made …[View]
35195640/msg/ Military Surplus General: Saving the thread again edition. I guess I have to do it again. Also…[View]
35211851Scandinavian style shooting (stangskyting): Does anyone here do this? I think it's a great mix …[View]
35213780.22LR Pistol Discussion: Hello /k/, when it comes to 9x19mm or .45ACP pistols there's all kinds…[View]
35216979Do gun stores mind if you go in there just to check out some pistols? Looking to buy a pistol, but I…[View]
35185581IT: So /k/, how would you kill an extremely high level illusionist skinwalker with innate telepathic…[View]
35213500If you had some money, enough to buy one of the modern .308 battle rifles that sit at the $2500-3000…[View]
35216400New Glock cleaning? New gun owner, bought a G17. Haven't fired it yet, manual suggested cleanin…[View]
35202266Is American Gun Chick /k/ approved? Also other shooting related YT chanels would be greatly appricia…[View]
35209085I respect no guns more than recent nagant buyers. >Reliability It's a fuckin bolt action r…[View]
35208555/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Cool Kids Have Flash Cans Edition >Thread #433 Old thread here…[View]
35217137Hey /k/, was considering enlisting for the Canadian armor, what are the general opinions and thought…[View]
35214422Korean K-3 machine gun is like French Chauchat machine gun. It is so problematic and soldiers who ca…[View]

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