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38920374idk lol: we should use titanium for stab-proof vests tell me why i'm wrong[View]
38911162Yeah, shit got pretty hairy for awhile there. I was facing down at least 12 enemy combatants. On top…[View]
38920164Last Snapcap in mag not cycling.: Guys, Is it normal for the last snap cap in my mag to not cycle pr…[View]
38917858These battle hardened jihads are storming your home. They have no plans to capture you, they have no…[View]
38920251Detail of some hard men.[View]
38919199/K/ommandos never let people who have never shot a gun unsupervised: This is the story of my gun hat…[View]
38906503/k/ommandos often support the idea that “we won Vietnam” . Can you tell me what narrative supports t…[View]
38911135Post cold war NBC-gear.[View]
38919158South African military: So is the South African military a reasonable force anymore?[View]
38915101USP 9mm Expert or Shadow 2? It will be my first pistol, but I already have a good AR15 build that I …[View]
38918406How come people didn't put vertical foregrips, bipods, and other accessories that were technica…[View]
38914343War Kino Thread: Just finished watching 'Tuntematon sotilas' or 'The Unknown Soldier' a Finnish film…[View]
38907556/k/ loadouts: Post your loadout of dreams[View]
38915681New Ruger 10/22, or is it?: Bought this gun new, but when I took it apart to for it's first cle…[View]
38916775Red Pill me on magnum calibers: This is my family /k. Every gun has a purpose and before I get crazy…[View]
38919685What went wrong?[View]
38917594Will /k/ users be on suicide watch if this is displayed?: http://tass.com/defense/1017840 The coatin…[View]
38916756What defensive setups and positions are still credible in a modern conflict?[View]
38915160/k/ clothing thread. Sup fags. I'm looking to get a loadout for SHTF and I'm a total noob…[View]
38919396Rate my gun /k/ommandos[View]
38919352What we really need is a $1500 plastic Mac-10 Bravo HK[View]
38917262I don't know how many of you saw Ready Player One, or how many of you have read it. I haven…[View]
38918912Post nice pictures of firearms[View]
38919315P250: If the SIG P250 were offered in LEM, would it be the perfect handgun for carry and duty use? …[View]
38911949How is basic training, more specifically the army?[View]
38906016Good things about CZs: Specifically the 75b. Does it live up to its high praises or it just a meme?…[View]
38917347Ree: >be me >21 year old >Amerifag >be sitting with friend (liberal friend ) >tells m…[View]
38916876>*blocks your RPG 7*[View]
38897224Can we have a discussion about famous gunfights and what went wrong? >Kyle Dinkheller shootout …[View]
38912563AmeriGeddon and /k/ino: Has /k/ seen AmeriGeddon? It feels like the script was just a paraphrased /k…[View]
38917119HK45 OR USP45 I can afford one or the other, both have there pros and cons. I'm 50/50 on this …[View]
38918138What's a good rifle for someone who want's to begin shooting? No, I dont want an AR despit…[View]
38916873Reload question: I just got into reloading 12 gauge shells and I like it. Can I load steel #BB shot …[View]
38914087>Behold, the mighty russian plasma stealth fighter[View]
38916599Sup /k/, /his/ here, iam trying to understand purpose of using various infantry formations and I hop…[View]
38917805ITT: The song you would play to battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lkf_vSzpPU&start_radio=1…[View]
38918207>French Helmets >Israeli clothes >Belgian rifle Is there a more aesthetic army?…[View]
38905200/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Casket Mags And Pistols Edition >Thread #674 Old thread here …[View]
38916430Pistol/SBR Inquiry: What is the best barrel length for a shorter-than-16” direct impingement AR plat…[View]
38917929>playing Squad, Rising Storm, PR, Insurgency >Always have more fun being terrorist/opfor facti…[View]
38917306Coolest looking and awesomely named guns thread I'm starting with MSBS GROT[View]
38918304/otpg/ Open Top Pouch General: Thread for discussing pouches, preferably magazine pouches, but those…[View]
38914709Are Siege Towers the ancient equivalent of APCs?[View]
38918119These niggas say they heard of me, I ain't heard of you Get the fuck up out my fucking face, …[View]
38917816My “fake can shroud” arrived today: And for all of those who were making ATF memes >rip doggo It…[View]
38917544How can /k/start its own IRL PMC/militia without attracting honeypot attention?[View]
38909810Who is /k/'s mommy?[View]
38916751>be me 3 years ago >buy an avon s-10 and show it to some friends >one asks me where he coul…[View]
38913446look at this cute boi /k/[View]
38915914Any good retention holsters for a CZ-P01?[View]
38917885post hiking gear with guns: SHTF kits post em[View]
38891146I hope yall know the muder cube website got shoa'd. https://www.murdercube.com[View]
38911488Navy uniforms and rank: Asking here since this is the closest thing to a military board. My folks ha…[View]
38912149If I want to buy a gun, where should I start with a low budget? What is the CHEAPEST gun that is mod…[View]
38915551The Tale of The Afghan Samruia: Koshiro Tanaka was a Japanese Karate black belt and office worker wh…[View]
38915983Will a dust mask suffice in lieu of a gas mask after Yellowstone blows or a nuclear attack? I can se…[View]
38917118who are they laughing at[View]
38917940Why is there no folding foregrip on sawed off shotguns?[View]
38917382Are 9mm revolvers cringy?[View]
38914353What to get next?: Post yours, others weigh in. Currently tossing up: >AUG A3M1 >C93 >B…[View]
38917520What is your favorite budget firearm to take to the range?[View]
38917821Alright /k/ommandos, what’s your carry piece or pieces? Went with my Charter Arms Bulldog today but …[View]
38910373/k/ I got a problem, a hippie problem. So I live on private 200 acres of land thats been in my famil…[View]
38906622how big could you actually build a nuke? would it actually be possible to build a nuclear reaction s…[View]
38914968>Bid on gun on gunbroker >Find out after winning bid that they raised the age for buying guns …[View]
38915035Whats so special about it?[View]
38915565Clay pigeons for beginners: Greetings /k/ Not you're average poster but I know that this is the…[View]
38917526Recommend me a tactical medicine course in LA area? https://www.trevorvz.com/tactical-medicine legit…[View]
38901942Clone General /cg/: >/cg/ clone general Number II Who shot their clones today?…[View]
38911757These fuckers start bursting out of the ground across the world, and begin trying to exterminate hum…[View]
38917125here's a little story my fellow /k/ommandos Not really sure it fits here. But it involves milit…[View]
38913364need war music playlist, non-faggotymetal, non-jalaweed, non-MANOWAR. pic related.[View]
38911245What tank would you crew and why. kv2 nation.[View]
38914075Weaponized Eggs - Part 4: Ok boys, here we go again. How would you do it? How would you turn an egg …[View]
38907099How were the bongs able to win the air battle? The Argies had 180 jets to the Bongs 21 harriers. The…[View]
38916672Soviet Tankers: Did the soviets have any height restrictions on the crew? Were conditions that bad?…[View]
38915724Hey /k/ i need an answer. Would it be legal to import an OTF knife into the United States if it were…[View]
38911155Tips for Combat Readiness: What things would you recommend doing in order to be somewhat more ready …[View]
38912347Mauser M18?: Has anyone here handled or shot the Mauser M18? How does it compare with other guns in …[View]
38913197Why are pistols so much more romantized than rifles and shotguns?[View]
38912601MAD in the far future.: Really, if the tech ever gets that far, will this be the preventing aspect o…[View]
38907718Glocks Rule, Hipstershits Drool: >Glocks are so commonplace that internet hipsters hate them >…[View]
38915250Japan's looking to sell P-1 technology for France and Germany's next MPA. https://asia.nik…[View]
38913246Big Iron thread: Can we get a big iron thread going?[View]
38907149T-54 vs Centurion, which was the better post WW2 tank?[View]
38913778could you feasibly mount a turret MG on a hummer (commercially produced, not military grade)? specif…[View]
38915028How come nobody figured out that the main tactic of mongols was faking their retreats? It gets reall…[View]
38897766Thank you USA. Ukraine Army received two more AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder radar. Total number 30.[View]
38913143>the absolute state of australian firearms http://www.ozgunsales.com/listing/52905/ruger_sr_22.ht…[View]
38915282/k/ Olympics: >representing Air/land/sea What categories & events could there be?…[View]
38912672NRA keeps mailing me to renew my membership. Should I pay to renew or use the business reply mail to…[View]
38910038So is the Suomi M31 as good as they say? People like ForgottenWeapons claim it was one of the best s…[View]
38914413What branch of military would you like to be in during the Great war?: I would like to be in some ar…[View]
38914742Hey, Any active U.S military who could help me out with this infograph? In regards to level 5, the…[View]
38914001Bought this at a flea market today for 6 dollars. How much did I fuck up? It's from Big Game Re…[View]
38901260why do russians and other slavs love to ride on the top of the armor so much? why don't they si…[View]
38913435Which do you choose?: You're going to fight in a modern war Syria, Ukraine, etc. but can only o…[View]
38915834Whats /k/s' thought on this jungle tool? I heard this has been favored by spetsnaz.[View]
38915833How would you go about putting a scope on this /k/?[View]
38915858I went back to my hometown and went shooting with my mom >tfw your mom out shoots you every time …[View]
38910369I am going into battle and I want your strongest weapons[View]
38915856Podcast about military aircraft: What podcasts about aircraft does /k/ listen to? Espacially interes…[View]
38894452What do you guys think about the napa 4003 fuel filter? I won't get put on any watch lists for …[View]
38915777If anyone could ID this plate carrier for me, I’d appreciate it[View]
38915084Hey /k/. I've been looking for a change in life and looked into some private security companie…[View]
38915413red vs blue: who wins?[View]
38912854Glock: Discuss all things Glock.[View]
38912866What does /k/ think of the Steyr AUG? If you were issued one as your service rifle, would you be hap…[View]
38915069Worn AR: Can we get a heavily worn AR15 thread? Any ar as long as she has some heavy wear. Hell you …[View]
38914670M17 Commemorative: Anyone get theirs yet???[View]
38914393Who wins /k/? This Water Tower of Asia is a real thing and this is real scenario that may happen. Th…[View]
38914869Coziest handgun: I need recommendations for the coziest handgun. Something that evokes homeliness, w…[View]
38914546Can any /k/ommados tell me what ship this is ? It's moored japanese side in Yoksuka. It's …[View]
38915031blocks your path: Monday Tokarev Thread[View]
38915507favorite ForgottenWeapons/InRangeTv video? I really like the one where Ian spergs over gold guns[View]
38890504Mp5 praise thread: Try naming a sexier and slicker sub machine gun You can’t[View]
38915480Is GOA the best organization to be a part of?[View]
38914614FN PS90 fetishists general: Does anyone else find these things uniquely appealing? The design is uni…[View]
38913349Rate my first rifle, /k/: I wanted something wood, bolt action, and will be a pain in the ass to acq…[View]
38911527What's a good gun for when you're a 27 yo virgin loser who still lives with his mommy and …[View]
38899319What's your dream gun, anon?[View]
38915302Twins shot by Russian Snipers (Chechnya): Two girls (Ethnic Russians) died after being shot by Russi…[View]
38915237How much diferent would had been WWI if they used modern war tactics but everything else was the sam…[View]
38903955What was the rationale for banning women from combat related positions in the military but allowing …[View]
38910691>tfw my computer fails and I have to write it again I'm writing a story/script that could be…[View]
38909679If china balkanized right now, which province would bet your money on in term of military capability…[View]
38911059.50 BMG uppers: Let’s talk about .50 BMG uppers. Currently the BATFags are trying to make them a ser…[View]
389130766.5mm / .264: I've been looking into wildcats and variants of the .308 for a while now. The big…[View]
38914769Questions To Those Who Do It: I'm just wondering if there is anyone here who does it and could …[View]
38914969Is it wrong to touch your guns right after you've touched your penis or do you always wash befo…[View]
38910049What is /k/'s opinion of the HK33/HK93?[View]
38914917ammo box art thread[View]
38912546Amphibious assault ship thread: I love the idea of amphibious attack. Of amphib operations thread. O…[View]
38908584How was duelling back in the day? Particularly as a means of settling disputes and differences? Woul…[View]
38916371What actually happened here? It seems the news coverage just fell off, and that was that. It’s been …[View]
38913915Where can I get meme grips for my new boomergat?[View]
38912855The Do/k/ument: Can someone please seed it for us. Murdurkube web site got shut down. I have link bu…[View]
38913369Real fol/k/ blues: this show was pretty /k/ is the 941 any good IRL also feels thread[View]
38910043hey /k/ I'm planning to walk from Florida to California. would it be legal for me carry a pisto…[View]
38912966What number would make someone a gun addict?: Would buying a fun once a month for an extended period…[View]
38911146The US Air Force's failures: Of all the branches in the military, could the USAF's failure…[View]
38905118AR General /arg/: AR General /arg/ AFTER MIDNIGHT EDITION OLD THREAD >>38894939[View]
38910132Does anyone else use these on their bed?[View]
38902161What's the oldest gun you own? Do you still shoot it?[View]
38908418>beutiful arsenal photo >no ar >ruined…[View]
38901042Budget hunting rifles thread: Plz refrain from the storys about how you bought an sks for 30 bucks …[View]
38912996Post a war photo and a song that you deem fitting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf1Vt6r-sj8[View]
38909386Is the price ever coming down /k/? I dream of these[View]
38905565Is combat fun?[View]
38912320>buy aimpoint >dot is a fuzzy blob FUCK astigmatism…[View]
38903292Military MRE for single meal each day: Alright so what would happen if I just stockpile on MREs and …[View]
38909185How to make the perfect service rifle >Take M16 >chamber it for .224 valkyrie You have now suc…[View]
38909002Convince me not to buy this to make it a kusarigama.: I'm sorely tempted to buy the M48 tactica…[View]
38909557Is a flintlock pistol considered a sawed off shotgun? And can I make one?: Is a flintlock pistol con…[View]
38911513Can I build a stripped lower into a pistol?: Two years ago, I bought a stripped lower. Never did any…[View]
38912836What if the Space Force is a way to get us to believe an alien invasion is more legit so a one world…[View]
38913691Whats your favorite /k/ related movie? Hurt Locker was definitely my favorite, this is coming from a…[View]
38912680This 4 all you patriots behind occupied lines: https://youtu.be/k9p4B6s0j4U Post pictures of coldwar…[View]
38913630Ghost Gunner: I've been considering getting a Ghost Gunner to make a few 1911s in various style…[View]
38911643Tacticat is dead. Long live tacticat.: I named my cat Ivan. I did this because the first thing he di…[View]
38910025What’s up /k/ got this Norinco SKS recently for a steal, mostly got it because it’s great for the ra…[View]
38913156I just remembered that about 6 months ago my friends and i shot my nugget(corrosive ammo) then we al…[View]
38912115PSAK 47 gen 2s: How are these things? Anyone here have any experience with these? Online seems very …[View]
38908443So, there's no imfdb entry for Billy Madison. Can anyone tell me what this bad man's revol…[View]
38913508I'm looking for the maple syrup guy: Lower mainland guy here. Look for rangetech.ca. I had neve…[View]
38911911there was a colt 1902( hamerless) ever built? yes im talking about the 1902..not the1903[View]
38903029Taurus guns: I live in Brazil and in the next year we're not going to be a noguns country anymo…[View]
38909864Improve Rough Rider?: Thinking about ways to upgrade my hunnud dolla special. Plans so far: Paint th…[View]
38909783First Gun: hello i do not see an appropriate thread and the sticky is useless so here we are i want …[View]
38909103Is it dangerous in any way to remove the gas tube and flip the gas block in an AR10 over so the gun …[View]
38912085>trend to Counter-insurgency aircraft >trend to armored fighting vehicles >Trump Are we jus…[View]
38909888weaponizing pheromones: wasps (and bees too, but they're manlet wasps) spray you with pheromone…[View]
38900114President has Diet Coke addiction and owns two guns, says Omarosa: https://www.theroot.com/the-presi…[View]
38912969Open Carry Rigs - Show Me What You Got: I've been CCing for over a decade. Just got into OC in …[View]
38906330>be me >shot a few bunnies >want to start huntan durr >go to LGS >finger bang a bunch…[View]
38912560john wick wouldn't stand a chance against him[View]
38907172If I want to buy a bolt action in .30-06 or .308 for less than $300 is the savage axis II pretty muc…[View]
38908454Washington thread: WA fags get in here. I-1639 was struck down on August 17th because the petition s…[View]
38908743How do I figure out what production class 9mm is good for starting to get in to uspsa? I've hea…[View]
38910101MVP LC 6.5 creedmore: Any owners out there who cancomment on their experience? I love mine so far, …[View]
38911514PMG thread: point fun at my shit gun knowledge first: SR-25 SBR[View]
38893219How come soldiers pre-gunpowder didn't get PTSD when the fighting was so much more brutal and p…[View]
38897381Is garandthumb a fraud?: I've been wondering lately: how does he afford all of this on an enlis…[View]
389090825.8x42: Can the resident shi- chinese posters give me a quick rundown on the variants and performanc…[View]
38909520Is there a name for Iron Sights cut like this? If so, are they available for sale anywhere?[View]
38908476Loadout thread.: You have $8,000 US to arm a detective department of 10 people. Subsidies are assume…[View]
38896403/ak/ thread: Best bote edition You know what to do faggots[View]
38910077what rifle is this?: picture taken in South Africa[View]
38895959TX /K/ommandoFest: Alrighty gentlemen and autismos, after a fair bit of planning and general fuckery…[View]
38912031GWG Bread: Modesty and trigger discipline edition[View]
38910238Just ordered an MPX with a binary trigger for roughly 2350. How did I do /k/?[View]
38906384I've heard EFPs can make lancelike projectiles; wouldn't the muzzle velocity of an EFP plu…[View]
38909379nfa: under 21 that wants an m4 is this legal? or do i need to make multiple form 1s for the extra u…[View]
38906013Punisher Time: A Widowed Warzone Edition Part 3: >>38906004 12/21 >>38904633 Previous th…[View]
389114926 shots, 25 yards, off hand standing, cz sp01 tactical, da first shot sa all follow up shots, slow f…[View]
38908562Mowag Piranha: Why is this thing so big? Seriously, look at it, it's fucking huge. Must be one …[View]
38903356anyone know any websites i can get a russian capture k98 at? i need one for reenacting purposes ? th…[View]
38909973/K/ Fantasy: What is your ideal scenario, combat and sexual mine is rolled into one, this is the nam…[View]
38910636Anyone had an OTF / Automatic knife open in their pocket? How do you carry?: I want a double action …[View]
38911428are rates of fire important durring a fire fight is high rate of fire important in a fire fight? wou…[View]
38911292This is one of the many firearms I inherited years ago. I'm an avid shooter and fairly knowledg…[View]
38911502I want a colt 1858 but you cant order them online in California. Is there a way around this? Can you…[View]
38910991What Gun?: The hell is this, this young thug carrying?[View]
38910514Unconventional weapons thread. Inb4 go back to /pol/.[View]
38897233THE LION FEARS THE BEAR: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/17/fears-safety-britains-flagship-…[View]
38897932How often did it happen?[View]
38905942What do I do If I'm having second thoughts about a gun I just purchased?[View]
38908084safe bois: /k/ recommend me a safe that will hold a couple(2-3) long guns and a couple handguns and …[View]
38909738Buying guns from Free States: Sup /k/, cuckstate here. In the mood to buy a G3 or FAL style rifle, b…[View]
38906455Peace-time military: Any peace-time military members feel like they 'missed the generational war'?…[View]
38895467What went wrong?: What went wrong and can anything fix it?[View]
38906690Punisher Time: A Widowed Warzone Edition Part 4: >>38906685 8/20 >>38906013 Previous Thr…[View]
38866395Battle Rifles: M1A, PTR 91, or DSA FAL? Trying to figure out what I want to spend 1-1.5k on in the f…[View]
38908543What is the best truck pistol and why is it the Judge?[View]
38894355Is a Tuk-tuk a viable Military/Tactical vehicle?[View]
38894417Why didn't people just move out of its path?[View]
3890731420th: You're in West Virginia and this gentleman slaps your town's mayor. What to do?…[View]
38895646Reloading Thread: What's /k/ reloading? Post your reloads, cast or pre-made.[View]
38908487John Pershing - why?: >be Pershing >see three years of warfare in Europe >observe that inf…[View]
38909613I suddenly have a mighty need for a PTRD. Where can I find one? Yes, I know what a DD stamp is.[View]
38888712P A T C H T H R E A D: Trade, create and sell your patches >Previous thread >>38867821 >…[View]
38909069Ideal collections: Alright /k/, rather than a family photo thread, let's have a thread about wh…[View]
38879848Women belong in the army just like men !: > Do you agree anons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H…[View]
38908509>2023 >President Hilldawg issues nationwide ammunition ban for the children’s sake >You hav…[View]
38907503So i was digging thru my pop's stuff in the attic and found this vietnam era gun. Im not into g…[View]
38902546PHL considers buying Russian navy ships —envoy: >Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta o…[View]
38904556You don't need more than 6 rou-[View]
38904727Muhreens: I'm practicing shooting while getting in shape to join the Marines. I built myself an…[View]
38907610How did this guy survive for so long after being shot and get denied treatment by 3 people only to '…[View]
38908255Are punctured primers dangerous?[View]
38909011Is the Fm-12 the best gas mask out there?[View]
3890262657mm or 76mm, what's the better dual purpose naval autocannon caliber?[View]
38905807Lee Enfield Bayonet: Hey k, I was going through some hold stuff and remembered I had this old bayone…[View]
38908229Omg gross[View]
38907884knife forging: Hello, I want to start forging my own knives, and I need some advice on a few things.…[View]
38906689Why do people hate them[View]
38906667I did it /k/: I finally bought my first gun, can you guess what it’s is? Protip: I live in Californ…[View]
38896976budk what the fuck: $130 for nigger tier weaponry, what in the holy fuck are they smoking?[View]
38905877Canadian in search of home defense implement here. Is there a gun out there that can reliably stop/m…[View]
38904508Callous hands and gun oil: My hands are pretty callous from hitting the gym, even if I use gloves, t…[View]
38903008What's the deal with 1911 haters? Can they not handle .45? Don't they understand it won tw…[View]
38907288.22 for 400lb hog a-ok. Deer? Can't even breach the subject.: https://youtu.be/4J7kgpIaGeI…[View]
38883653/msg/ Milsurp General: Hello, this is a thread for military surplus firearms. Please share with us y…[View]
38906787Hello there /k/ommandos Does anyone know how to test a gas mask thoroughly and safely and not turn o…[View]
38906975So what would have happened if D-day landings failed? Would Russia have gone for entire europe like …[View]
38906756What are the chances a /k/ poster has killed another if the post count is now almost 25 million? A l…[View]
388954834runner: Why don't you dd the most /k/ vehicle on the planet?[View]
38906177Had the IJN had all carrier groups available for the Battle of Midway could they have won?[View]
38905797Wassap /k/, does anybody know what this gun is, my dad gave it to me and said its was his dad's…[View]
38902573R Lee Ermey: What a role model and all around good guy, how do you guys find the strength to continu…[View]
38896813Privatizing Afghanistan War: Thoughts /k/? What should >we call >our army? How would you do wh…[View]
38908348cry thread: https://youtu.be/-ri7rZq2lFo[View]
38907658Which caliber is stronger 7.62x54r FMJ or 7.62x51 FMJ[View]
38905977Statistical likelyhood of SHTF: I remember some anon linked an article here a few months back about …[View]
38904633Punisher Time: A Widowed Warzone Edition Part 2: >>38904614 13/20[View]
38902008Building A Gun: I want to build a auto loading handgun, or a single shot, depends on what I can buil…[View]
38907726Thoughts on this man?[View]
38891210Russian is going to unveil a super heavy IFV armed with 57mm gun at ARMY 2018. The vehicle is part o…[View]
38904706Transportation discussion thread: I feel like transportation is an issue that doesnt get the conside…[View]
38903038Battle shovel: So I know there is plenty of evidence for the use of old entrenching shovels being us…[View]
38901939>ITT: Weapons that Deserve to be Forgotten: >'Designed by Bridge Engineers' L85 and Family …[View]
38905364The Holy Order of Templar /k/nights is recruiting!: Please direct applications and inquiries to whip…[View]
38905573>In 2018, the U.S. Navy has finally begun to come to terms with a long-term problem that has been…[View]
38902636I've heard that certain guns have versions that are built more cheaply just for wal-mart Is the…[View]
38896741Thoughts on a Mauser extreme M12?: These are quite hard to find in mapleland here and I'm looki…[View]
38897789There's a lot of 3d printed guns controversy. I as a 3d CAD modeler know that making let's…[View]
38907445The Vietnam war was F U C K E D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZeouAaw4BU[View]
38893919Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
38905770Is Burma /k/ approved?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtrZaChNRtA[View]
38893680Molotove cocktails: How effective would a Molotov cocktail be against a modern tank?[View]
38901802What jobs would a Space Force even fulfill? Space Shuttle Door Gunners? In-flight Satellite Repair?[View]
38886011Honest ballistics related question. With what did she shot herself to make such a mess and yet survi…[View]
38906199Glocks and ARs[View]
38903909>that one guy at work who decorates his desk with empty shell casings[View]
38899138The ugliest firearm ever made: Is the long barrel Desert Eagle I saw one at the local shop under con…[View]
38897040WWII Tanks: Which is your favorite tank of the war and why is it the StuG III / IV ?[View]
38907065Legality of sharing select-fire blueprints or tutorials?[View]
38906130What's the deadliest CC load for a 500 magnum? Bonus points if it can defeat soft body armor. B…[View]
38907121>im somewhere dark, can't seen >i have to go somewhere >everyone already geared up, th…[View]
38896939Seriously, what the fuck was Argentina thinking?[View]
38884525AZ General: Arizona General How my AZ niggas doing? Anything new and exciting you'd like to sha…[View]
38904403Just bought my first handgun. What bulk ammo is best? Pic related.[View]
38906591How do we stop China from embarassing itself on military competitions?[View]
38888821i just watched heat and it was meh at best: like, seriously, it had some moments but the whole thing…[View]
38873652Was being a soldier harder now or back in ancient times?[View]
38906692What gun is this?[View]
38900453Have you been exposed to hazardous materials or environments during your service or at work? >Rad…[View]
38906483hai guise im totally not a black butt pirate, please help me tune/upgrade/ enhance the firing power …[View]
38901331Oh no no NO![View]
38895561p90 2[View]
38905840Pic related is the new Pakistani Prime Minister. How does /k/ rate his grip and gun handling?[View]
38880624Conceal Carry 2018: Let's talk about what we carry and recent CCW trends Eg. Upcoming >9mm r…[View]
38906259Is it worth buying an M&P in .40 S&W if I already have a 9mm striker fired pistol?[View]
38889325Handgun Caliber Doesn't Matter for Defense: Thanks to the creation of magazines, pistol caliber…[View]
38905671dump: alright /k/ I need to fill my meme folder before these earthquakes spark up the Yellowstone vo…[View]
38902944Punisher Time: A Widowed Warzone Edition Part 1: Tonight's going to be another long one. I…[View]
38900487Thoughts on Clint Smith?: What is the general consensus on this man and him advocating revolvers are…[View]
38903118Looks like Romarm is back on the menu boys: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thefirearmblog.com/blog…[View]
38899953http://rlsbb.ru/a-snipers-war-2018-1080p-amazon-web-dl-h-264-qoq/: Watching this documentary. This s…[View]
38905842Hey K Thought you illiterate flags might like this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nycYxb-zNwc[View]
38901527MEANWHILE IN GRAND THEFT AUTO /K/...: Liberty City is more free and /k/ than Los Santos. Prove me wr…[View]
38904692First Gun: Hey /k/. I just bought my first gun for myself, feels nice and comfy. It's nothing s…[View]
38903859What would happen if a fighter plane and an attack place got in a fight?[View]
38882515/k/lone general: Why are clones the objectively best AR (or any type) of rifle? Also post and discus…[View]
38903294What the fuck: /k/ how have I not heard of these and why do I want one? https://www.gunbroker.com/it…[View]
38904275Slugs vs Rifle: Are there any benefits to using a shotgun with slugs/sabot slugs to hunt dear as opp…[View]
38892781Military Enlistment General -- /meg/: Canadian Edition Previous: >>38877097 LYING ABOUT MEDIC…[View]
38899113Newfag here,I dont have much knowledge about doing stuff I want to make a curved dagger from junk/re…[View]
38904495Flying with ammo: Hello /k/, I found some rare ammo on vacation in the US. Does anyone have experien…[View]
38902623Which is the Best Forend for a Remington 870: Hogue overmolded forend looks nice, but on eBay, there…[View]
38900219Glock 19 gen 2 - smash or pass?: I have a deal on a Glock 19 Gen 2 with (expired, but still better t…[View]
38901918I found a sale but im not telling you where: Brand new Ruger .45 for $299 WHY AM I BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
38898228How many of you /k/unts watch Forgotten Weapons? And if not, why not?[View]
38900654Is there any argument for putting a video camera on your HD gun? Seems like it would be immensely us…[View]
38901141Want to buy a gun online with crypto Good or bad idea?[View]
38890764Preparedness/SHTF general: Preparedness/SHTF general. The place to discuss what to do in case of em…[View]
38895640Nigerian shotgun cottage industry[View]
38903872Help me out, /k/: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/05/01/binary-scorpion/ Binary Fire Scorpi…[View]
38875598Shotguns: What Is The Deal: Some like em, some call em shit-tier or fudd guns. Some call em un-optim…[View]
38904232So how exactly does that forced-air-cooling stuff work? Is it just a Vatnik meme?[View]
38903923Belted ammunition stockpiling: How feasible is it that if the world flips upside down, the United St…[View]
38889875AK General /akg/ Proper Fucking Format Edition >Thread #673 Old thread here >>38873185…[View]
38895022Is there a more /k/ region in the US?[View]
38896130What are these things sticking out of AK recievers? I only see them once in a blue moon[View]
38902303does anyone else play the far cry games literally just to shoot the beautiful guns and fantasize abo…[View]
38899914Youre metal detecting and you find this in your backyard. Do you? >A) Hit it with a shovel >B)…[View]
38902549Why does out government hide all the cool guns while we only get to use the crappy stuff? https://en…[View]
38901259Doesn't this gun piss you off?: I find it cool aesthetically, but there's so many things t…[View]
38901955Why would you choose a SxS or O/U over a 4 barrel shotgun? All barrels of each being the same length…[View]
38897206Is it a bad idea to join the military after college? I’m about to do 2 years at a community college …[View]
38889765/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ AK-74M version Old thread here >>38873185 I saw that Fland…[View]
38894939AR TREAD AR GENERAL AR THREAD GENERAL ARG /ARG/ AR THREAD: spamming pics here because discord said n…[View]
38902463where on earth can I find some replacement grips for my Zastava CZ999? the pearly white grips I got …[View]
38899322Are Custom 1911’s Worth It?: Like the title says, are custom-built 1911’s, like Baers, Wilsons, Brow…[View]
38899679Honk Removal: wanting to go slot some flying niggers from canada, will feeding them bread allow me t…[View]
38901627>2015 >everyone hates the f35 >2018 >everyone loves the f35 what happened?…[View]
38902334The Vampire apoclypse: What would you put in your vampire survival kit, /k/?[View]
38899702EDC Thread[View]
38901411Mechs in the army?: What is the possibility that 'mechs' are integrated to the army in 100 years? I …[View]
38902291Hey /k/ how deadly is this filter? It came with my OM-14 mask.[View]
38903657>he still use rock[View]
38899980Why is this a thing[View]
38900578Could a modern army equip their infantry with Sturmgewehrs and not be outdated? Would it perform com…[View]
38902851Can /k/ identify this camo on this smock I acquired today? I only paid £5 at a surplus store for it.[View]
38901953>He doesn't keep a collection of all the casings he's found[View]
38891711M193 appreciation: M193 is objectively the best 5.56 round. >superior performance against armor b…[View]
38901894Homemade weapons: Let's feel uneasy thinking about those...[View]
38900627how would you reuse the yamato? what would you do to save her?[View]
38902523Chains for Self-Defense: Basically, I was thinking about edgy yet practical weapons I could use to d…[View]
38901296Why is the UZI reliable with straight 30 round magazines but not the MP5?[View]
38902683Free float vs old school AR hand huards: Hey /k/, semi-newfag here. Had a question about free float …[View]
38901969we captain america now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34er8Pynm8M[View]
38901925Need moar chairfoce memes[View]
38896124Don't mind me, just on my way to page 10 so I can supply some BRRRRRRRRT to troops in contact. …[View]
38900694Where do /k/ommandos keep their gun when using a public shitter?[View]
38900482Why are there no manufacturers making depleted uranium bullets available to the general public?[View]
38900423Can Willie Pete ammunition be scaled down to small arms or there wouldn’t be enough white phosphorus…[View]
38890729Is backpacking gear the ultimate SHTF setup?[View]
38901848Trolling a sniper: what exactly is he doing here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d8RQHUbnSw…[View]
38900968How important was WWI to revolutionate military strategy. I heard they were forced to make new tacti…[View]
38899233Charger or normal handgun?: I want a. 22lr handgun. I favor accuracy over everything else I can only…[View]
38897812Why is the gun industry dying all of a sudden?[View]
38893844This is the patch that Brazil used in WW2. Yes, Brazil fought for the Allies, yet no one remembers t…[View]
38900886Applying to an LGS: Afternoon /k/. Does anybody here work at a gun store? Would you recommend it? T…[View]
38898634WESTLANT18: QE Sails for the Western Atlantic at 1800 GMT. Will be posting a stream here if I get a …[View]
38900837just bought an sks but the bullets dont fit how do i make them fit[View]
38893793How viable is a katana as a home defense weapon?[View]
38900112Grug's friend tell Grug this can kill big tooth cat even further away than throwing pointy stic…[View]
38901689HK416/MR556: School me on the HKM4. >in b4 “Muh non chrome lined barrel” autism.…[View]
38886799bullpup: Are bullpup rifles the future? The longer barrel length makes sense, but will they ever bec…[View]
38901541What's the structure like there? Are most if the employees civilians? I'm studying maths a…[View]
38883464Handgun General - /hg/ - #171: Pastebin: >https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik Guide: >https://www.sc…[View]
38894827Is there anyone autistic enough to give me a rough list of all the equipment pictured in this image?…[View]
38897480In the case of a full thermonuclear exchange, is the best way to protect yourself from nuclear weapo…[View]
38891467did america ever take any japanese as pows? if so how were they treated?[View]
38899172If you had the scratch, would you buy a Meteorite 1911?[View]
38892023Rimfire Scope on Centerfire Rifle: Rimfire scopes are half the price of centerfire ones. Is there an…[View]
38898484Wilson Combat a shit: >buy drop in beaver tail specifically advertised as drop in for your 1911 …[View]
38896751is there a reason why the most prolific firearms educator in history hates /k/?[View]
38893739Best strategy/weapons for dealing with Alien?: No heavy weapons, just small arms, and strategy. >…[View]
38894762Modern Guerilla Tactics: Alright /k/ I've seen alot of threads on how to destroy or disable a m…[View]
38875623All female SWAT team: India did it, and it's been successful, why has this not been done in the…[View]
38900469I am thinking about joining the military after I'm done with high school since I'm a poorf…[View]
38899082Could the allies have devoted more to Market Garden? As in, try to scrounge up even more divisions, …[View]
38897512Best way to zero 7.62 AK?: >Set to battle zero, shoot at 18 meters? >Set to '2' and shoot 25 y…[View]
38897403/k/ approved music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiVLCew4Pu0 /k/ommando approved albums, door kic…[View]
38897638Barnes load book: could someone be a sport and post a pic of the page from the Barnes load data book…[View]
38899072Hollow Point Science: Are there optimal barrel lengths for different hollow points? I hear people sa…[View]
38900643RAF Pilots with there planes (before 1990): Post those photos from the good ol days[View]
38900511Why was US weapon manufacturing historically concentrated in New England?[View]
38899268how bad or good is military safty? I hear more people get sent home and get killed due to negligence…[View]
38862348Why can’t migs track these fuckers?[View]
38898752Do american law enforcement agencies use something similiar to this thing?[View]
38896501Alright /k/, a golden oldie: Was drunk and rewatching 'The Matrix' and seeing all kinds of shit in t…[View]
38900411*Plays with plastic guns*[View]
38898623Can one soldier in battle be angry enough in war that you almost become harder to kill due to rage?[View]
38899882>thank you for your service[View]
38896263Thinking on investing in muzzle loaders. Any advice, /k/? >pic unrelated…[View]
38857006QTDDTOT: In addition that they used to storage a lot stuff that can be easily destroyed by enemy(an…[View]
38900010they still haven't shipped yet huh? even Desert Tech has delivered some MDRs they say the issue…[View]
38899478any stories of friendly fire?[View]
38864951/prg/ Precision Rifle General: Links for /prg/ Group calc program. > http://www.ontargetshooting.…[View]
38890508>been a prepper for like a year >family finds out and ask why am i being so paranoid >tell …[View]
38890416ITT:hobo tier weapons: Try a rock in a sock. Menacing as fuck when swung around and I once broke a k…[View]
38899533/out/: Hey /k/ I’m out innawoods >wearing MARPAT >making beef soup >BRN16 snug on my back…[View]
38899373What should I buy?: Hello am newfag. I've been to ranges multiple times and have shot everythin…[View]
38897762>perfect guns don't e...[View]
38899788What gun should I get for uspsa?[View]
38891980Tikka T3x arctic worth it?: Looking for a good bolt action with iron sights too because >muh fud…[View]
38889845I’m thinking about getting a pocket gun to cc when it’s too hot to wear my full size. Post cute litt…[View]
38899177England: How am I supposed to defend myself in this country when there are basically #noguns? I can…[View]
38897376Tanner Gun Show: THAT'S RIGHT LADS, THE LARGEST COLORADO GUN SHOW STARTS TODAY! I know that som…[View]
38897338You know those vids when sandkips shoot down choppers with stingers and the like? How come the chopp…[View]
38888219Why do Russian hind helicopters always fly so low when attacking ground targets in Syria? Wouldn…[View]
38897126Yea I bought this shit and found out that the half a century old filter is possibly poisinous...Wann…[View]
38870690nice: nice[View]
38899106Beretta APX: does anybody actually give a shit?: I just saw a video from the 2018 NRA show and in it…[View]
38898695Wasp Nest removal: So basically, i have a huge fucking wasp nest on my roof and the guy i called abo…[View]
38896287Restoring antique weapons: I saw a guy selling these cheap-ish and it reminded me I've always w…[View]
38896104Big Milsurp: Planes, trucks, ships, and other heavy milsurp in civilian service. Thread theme: https…[View]
38896843Imagine what woulda been if Finns went with modern AR instead of some AK[View]
38893000/k/ in 1862: They're sending me to fight on the Virginia Peninsula. Gen. McClellan is sure that…[View]
38892193Knights with guns thread? Knights with guns thread[View]
38897147I live in an almost noguns country where everything is fucking expensive and difficult to get, just …[View]
38896620How do Russia and China train their respective pilots to combat an aircraft as overwhelmingly superi…[View]
38898621The United States has transferred two more AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder radar systems and radar support equi…[View]
38896182African warlords: How are warlords so effective at fucking over governments in Africa? Amin basicall…[View]
38894071>be me >have unique gun idea that one day I would like seen sold in stores >don't even…[View]
38882879Someone breaks into your house you got one shot .410 or 45-70 ?[View]
38888760GWG: Vintage edition.[View]
38896012What is it like working for a PMC?[View]
38892616help: Fuck my country >no guns >no knives on the streets >even self defense is risky how th…[View]
38896515T-14 Armata: One hit from an MK-84 bomb and this tin can turns to dust desu. What's the purpose…[View]
38894487Frenchfag here, i'm quite new into the gun thing, what weapons could you recommend me? i'm…[View]
38897383Walkers Electronic Ear Buds: Are these a meme or do they work? Don't care about the cost if the…[View]
38889818What is an effective and cheap way to weaponize rebar?[View]
38893968full tang is a meme[View]
38891162Here's your gun bro: http://www.har-bar.com/[View]
38895595You know Vasily: >The zone is not bad place >So many stars at night >faint glow from reacto…[View]
38895847Gun Porn Thread.: I'm tired of these shit threads clogging up /k/. Post beautiful guns, ugly gu…[View]
38878242Caseless Ammunition: I'm writing a science fiction book where caseless rounds have replaced con…[View]
38897732https://123movieshub.re/watch-a-snipers-war-2018-1080p-online-free-123movieshub.html The film’s prot…[View]
38884550suppose full autos are legal, what's the best pdw to carry?[View]
38894804Is cost the only reason we don't have modern battleships? >Fully automated 20 inch triple gu…[View]
38895670TBAC 22 Takedown Suppressor: Just bought my first rimfire suppressor. How’d I do?[View]
38891124Mini HATE thread: Why the fuck is this piece of shit so expensive? After seeing it shilled on here s…[View]
38895641Was he incompetent?[View]
38895998Teaching my son to shoot.: Hey /k/ommandos, so I have a conundrum. When I was younger I had a hard t…[View]
38897151Which is Better a Steel Canteen or a Camelback?[View]
38890627Basics to spotting a retard: >the US got their asses kicked in the Vietnam war >Russia is a w…[View]
38896407One big opinel boi: Absolute fucking unit.[View]
38893797GEE BILL[View]
38891736Is there any military in history that had parades as good and massive as the DPRK?[View]
38897172Currently downloadan pic related. I have no idea if it's up to date or if there's a more u…[View]
38892540What does /k/ think of a clone army as a concept?[View]
38884128Was the Hellcat really good tank destroyer or just a meme?[View]
38884610How you holding up /k/?[View]
38888713Are bayonets supposed to be sharp? they are very rarely sharp and they are used for thrusting. I do…[View]
38896879My pmk-2 gas mask filter smells like aids: I got my pmk-2 gas mask in the mail and the filter smells…[View]
38868104Post leather: Skin that smokewagon, anon. Let's see your cowboy gear. Post holsters and sundry,…[View]
38893019How often does body armor fail?[View]
38889216'12 gauge autoloader': Memes aside, I'm looking for a 12 gauge autoloader. Is the Browning A5 a…[View]
38895955>Fucking Russian Piece of shit, steel cased bullshit won't go motherfucking cuck bullshit Ru…[View]
38890267There's too much bullshit on this board, not enough guns. Post the jewels of your collections.[View]
38890004Okay, when was the last time you went shooting?: When was the last time you went shooting? ~May 2018…[View]
38893688Just picked up these bad boys. What’s the consensus on the H9 though, are they still shit?[View]
38893397Coyote Hunting: Does /k/ go coyote hunting? If so what gun would would you use?[View]
38892295Someone redpill me on the AK5. Why does it look like what would happen if Stoner designed the FAL? …[View]
38880309The Current State of Suppressors: /k/ would you be ok with a 10-15% markup on suppressors if they le…[View]
38895844Question: What type of ammo is this I'm going through a lot of my grandfathers old weapons and …[View]
38895572Operating around Armed Cruising: http://www.kmov.com/story/38860546/watch-shots-fired-into-sky-at-no…[View]
38869086THE TRASHMAN COMETH: It's the guerrilla's godsend, the ambush predator's preference, …[View]
38894933Whats your favorite trigger and pull weight?: I'll start. My two favorite BRANDS are Jewel …[View]
38847450Meanwhile, on 2218 /k/: Previous Threads here: https://desuarchive.org/k/thread/38107931/ <-1 htt…[View]
38883040It's happening. After one too many suspicious shoestring purchases the ATF is raiding your home…[View]
38885723What's the rarest gun ever used in a home defense situation?[View]
38893001how do militaryfags compare things like tanks or ships or planes if the US hasn't engage in com…[View]
38895702.22 Thread? Marlin XT22 here[View]
38889819Where do y’all store your automatic weapons guys?[View]
38895311Wrist pain while shooting: Ganglion cyst has been acting up lately and this is the best I can do at …[View]
38895439Milsurp question - Steyr M95M: I was given a Steyr M95M like pic related by my dad years ago before …[View]
38893687Why the fuck haven't we tried making something like this again? 'Rather than inert bullets, Gyr…[View]
38891072Hey guys do you have a family member that consulate argues with you about gun rights mine is my fath…[View]
38894714ITT: Favorite weapons and why My favorite has to be the bernelli M1014. I love semi auto shottys and…[View]
38894562Forward vertical grips (laws and regulations): Any laws and regulations pertaining to vertical forwa…[View]
38839433EDC Thread: EDC Thread: It's been a couple days and I'm lonely edition How's everybod…[View]
38894873Meanwhile, in Retro Future /k/...: Anyone else gonna get the new S&W Model 2255, they say it…[View]
38892622Why does this exists[View]
38894363'Hon, that boy from next door is in his backyard taking pictures of guns. Should we call the police?…[View]
38887088how do cases not get pushed out of the cylinder of a revolver when they're fired? there's …[View]
38894400Would you rather Have ONE shootout with Paul Harrell at 20 paces with a flintlock (in which you cou…[View]
38892723>Don't mess with me or my son ever again Can we have a primitive weapons thread? I made thes…[View]
38894850Quick question: Say I have a gun like pic related, could I strap a broadsword to it and use it like …[View]
38891755So I’m looking at some options for a 9mm pistol/carbine to purchase and have narrowed it down to a S…[View]
38890166>he got an AR10 in pussy 7.62 real fuckin' gaymo >didn't get a .300 win mag AR10 tha…[View]
38888854How did so many uzis end up in the hands of American criminals?[View]
38894725What was your very first weapon you've ever owned? >thankfully born into a military/redneck …[View]
38888624When did TFB get so autistic?: https://youtu.be/C05l_NLdrl4 I don't care about little kid shit …[View]
38894659Thanks /k/, your advice helped cure my flinch. I hope you all have a wonderful day.[View]
38893527>*explosion* >Germany’s grip on France is absolute >*stock footage of Hitler shouting in Ge…[View]
38889689Favorite combat uniform thread: I like the WWII uniform, it looks nice and comfortable. What do you …[View]
38892842>Open carrying a service sized pistol at family events and self identifying as a sheepdog…[View]
38892038Does any organization run rifle competitions like pistol competitions without being 2 or 3 gun? I re…[View]
38893670anons, is it able to install GP launcher on SVD? pic maybe related little[View]
38892102The Rusty Dildo: Is there any interest in keeping the pirate hunting thread going? At the end there …[View]
38891211Our government plans to buy for the police hk mp5 to replace aks74u. Is this a good idea?[View]
38892245Revolver General: Since all handgun calibers are the same and the vast majority of defensive gun use…[View]
38874653/ak/ Thread. EXPLOSION Edition: Megumin is the BEST /ak/ underage waifu. Discuss Old Thread >>…[View]
38893717Guys, should I bid on this Walther P1 with slide marked P38?: So classic firearms has a Walther P1 p…[View]
38894443Has anyone tried Glock Slides by SlideworksEngineering? Came across a thread this morning on reddit …[View]

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