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38338460Who makes the best subsonic 300 blackout ammo? Just finished my build, want to pew pew on the dl, do…[View]
38343062>shooting my buddies pistol >normal two hand grip >make like 6 inch groupings at 5 yards …[View]
38336502ar15: how can the ar15 be considered an assault rifle if it doesn't even fire a rifle round?…[View]
38341244How accurate is this article? http://www.businessinsider.com/most-elite-special-forces-in-the-us-201…[View]
38339805Low Qual Meme[View]
38342908I really want to cerakote my AR, do a anyone have some real world experience with this stuff. I wan…[View]
38341040Video game aesthetics: Post vidiya aesthetics where you can customize your character[View]
38330790Russia’s Electronic Warfare Advances Offers Stealth Capability for Fighter Aircraft: >The latest …[View]
38342645Big think: So for starters. I am not Alphabet soup, I am not a summer fag. I’m not Mr.Mcveigh. Just …[View]
38334970DIY gunsmithing: Just made a heat shield got my VZ58, what have you done? I’m thinking about making …[View]
38337498irrational weapons: post some completly stupid weapons in here I'll start with pic related >…[View]
38341115Does diazepam help you use a sniper rifle or did Metal Gear Solid make that up?[View]
38327686Is this the greatest camo ever made?[View]
38338894ITT:/k/ approved graphic novels. Just wondering if /k/ can recommend any good series to me. I'…[View]
38339316Which one of you assholes did it?[View]
38330708Revolutionary new design: Or just the next Bren Ten level failure from a small shop? This is for all…[View]
38340345Dont for to register those assault rifles: Hello /k/, CalDOJ here to remind you good citizens of Cal…[View]
38341946>I'm going to join the military[View]
38338897New carry gat: I’ve carried a first gen Shield 9 for a really long fucking time now. Thinking about …[View]
38335669Is the sks, the most robust, overbuilt semi auto, in an intermediate caliber?[View]
38328546/k/ansas general: Any wheat state warriors here?[View]
38336603Say hello to the F-22 the most overrated aircraft in service.[View]
38336175Does the Florida baker act retroactively prohibit people that were voluntarily committed but were a …[View]
38338329Was a Soviet invasion of Europe really possible back in the 70s-80s?: Could Red dawn have come true?…[View]
38339169Lets talk about grenade launchers[View]
38339019looking to get an M1 carbine for WWII reenacting, and I thought these Inland guns looked pretty good…[View]
38337079Boers > Rhodesians: Why doesn't /k/ like Boers as much or more than Rhodesians? Boers had a …[View]
38334120>ywn buy cheap milsurp stahlhelms Life is suffering.[View]
38337860Fictional operators and their equipment: There are few notable examples of films (or any other ficti…[View]
38334856Is this filter safe?: I have found a GP-4 gasmask in my basement from my grandfather is this filter …[View]
38340422Are there any good AR stocks that are comfortable to use shirtless with a hairy chest? The SOPMOD st…[View]
38312448Love Letters: >War has been declared against commies/hajis/whatever! >you are an artillery man…[View]
38340873M1 Carbine: Greetings, I’m in the market for an M1 Carbine. I’m not opposed to buying new production…[View]
38331936how solid is your AR?: unless you can do this with 'your build', you might as well stick to airsoft,…[View]
38340617Turkish domestic arms industry: Yo we have to talk about this. >keeps buying/getting Western tech…[View]
38340842Knee Pads: Does /k/ have any recommendations for good knee pads? I was out picking up a lot of my br…[View]
38329777Describe your deployment experience in one image[View]
38336479How do we weaponize the corvids? Can they be taught to use weapons?[View]
38338427What is a good poison for pic related? Human feces seem ok but too easy to treat.[View]
38337409What does /k/ think of this gun? Does it make any sense?[View]
38326854Is Germany, really burning Flecktarn?: Is the kommando store full of shit and just trying to sweaty …[View]
38340205At what point does exterior pitting/light rust make a firearm dangerous to opperate?[View]
38322265Post weapons you made yourself. This is the flail I made this week. $40 for all the parts at home de…[View]
38336436What camo should I get?: Pic related is a sample of what the area around my house looks like from ab…[View]
38249390/wfg/ Writefag General- rush B cyka edition: This thread is for writing /k/ related stuff and the re…[View]
38339377Military powers ranking: Would you guys agree that this is correct? >Tier 1 USA >Tier 2 China …[View]
38334791More Like this.[View]
38331682Things you want: Whats on your realistic list /k/? There is a Tavor for under 1k and a take down 94…[View]
38336113>turn 21 soon >really want to buy a ruger .22 pistol as first gun over everything else >can…[View]
38337127>.45 ACP >it's neither 45mm or an ACP…[View]
38336323Pic related is the civil version of the Polish Grot, AKA MSBS. What do you think?[View]
38332270Space Marines: So what's going to be the new Space Marine Corps theme song?[View]
38341353Anti-gun protester David Hogg — protected by armed guards?: The 18-year-old attended the Parkland, F…[View]
38333474you know what's cool? guns you know what's cooler? more guns[View]
38335992Out of the entire Anglosphere, Australia is the only country with a decent service rifle.[View]
38337862Wikipedia, whats going on, big guy?: I know its not a reliable site but wiki says the US army uses A…[View]
38338368Safe?: What's a good safe for ~10 guns?[View]
38336736>ITT we try to match military equipment to women[View]
38335068Why are pump action rifles basically non existent? Would they not make for a cheap, reliable and sim…[View]
38339229Show em’: Let’s see whatcha go /k/[View]
38331147Who would win a fistfight, marine or a spetnaz soldier?[View]
38338413Bersa Thunder.: Does anyone else carry a Berssa Thunder? What model? Standard, Cc, Plus, Combat?…[View]
38333648What was it like to fight from inside the Maginot line fortifications? What did it sound like when t…[View]
38337748Innamail: What do you have innamail? >cetme furniture kit >spanner wretch >shotgun parts …[View]
38332035Choose one to protect you and the other two will try to kill you[View]
38337391Why isn't exploding ammunition a thing anymore? I want an exploding 308. https://youtu.be/AXaay…[View]
38335835My new project: Hi /k/ So I've had this idea for a while that is creating a glove like the one …[View]
38334954>you will never lead a conquest of Europe and be remembered alongside Caesar and Alexander…[View]
38336903Rhino 30DS: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't buy this right now. I'm not the world…[View]
38338139shot pick related a few weeks ago. I want one now. Live in jew york, so I can't get the fully l…[View]
38331437post YFW people say that they don't carry a Glock 19[View]
38337534Novorossia stronk, or we're out of ammo and are welding kassam launchers. So, /k/, what is your…[View]
38318773aesthetics thread: lets get one going boys ill start[View]
38335840BOOMER POSTING IRL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UxYyhp4qDg I have a lot of respect for this guy…[View]
38338069Range Officer 1911?: Are these handguns specifically made for Ranger Officer to shoot idiots at the …[View]
38338378Bought a bayonet on gunbroker for $125, the seller makes no mention of shipping except for where it …[View]
38338309Vz. 24 vs Kar98: I'm saving for a mauser. A M48 is $350 from Mitchell's Mausers and a M24/…[View]
38336885Im heading off to my BMQ (CAN) tomorow any last minute tips&tricks?[View]
38316987Is there a single verifiable instance where 12ga 00 buckshot (or a slug) over penetrated during a ho…[View]
38321240Russian police: The most badass police are not from USA https://is3.4chan.org/gif/1529595603445.webm…[View]
38336053I've been interested in prepping. I probably got about a week worth of food that should be alri…[View]
38335487Did I dun Goof?: So I bought a Mosin m39 recently and was looking at the proof marks when I noticed …[View]
38336267meanwhile in mother Russia: excellent review of Knights armory by famous russian historians: https:/…[View]
38335417>shotgun gifted by granddad before he died (daly 101) >old man must've been senile, since…[View]
38332995**record scratch** **freeze frame** Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended …[View]
38330728Where would one find photographs of 5.56 wounds on humans? Bonus points if rifle type is known as w…[View]
38314143Ashlands Revival Thread 2 Last Thread: >>38300285 New Discord link: https://discord.gg/yFcFGv …[View]
38336645You heard it here first: FACT: Ukraine is the most powerful military in the world Superpower by 2020…[View]
38337219How much am I looking to spend if I want a 1911 that looks like this?[View]
38319345Family photo thread: Family photo thread? OC edition. Am 19yo poorfag, plz no bully[View]
38317291You are absolutely crazy fucks.[View]
38324283/k/ Upon messing around with extra AK pistol grip I have come to find it latches very sturdily to a …[View]
38316415What kind of helmets are they supposed to be wearing?[View]
38336162Austrian Guns & Gun Laws: Sup bros, going to be moving soon. Anyone here from Austria care to en…[View]
38336392Explain chain weapons to me: What's the chance you can actually beat people with this in a duel…[View]
38326494Besides being fun, what is your opinion on fully automatic high capacity 22s? As far as I know the A…[View]
38335360The ATF has a page devoted to dogs: The ATF trying so hard to prove they don't hate dogs, so th…[View]
38330342Do you open ammunition boxes in the store?: At work right now, this just transpired: >Be me, mana…[View]
38332700cool gun[View]
38336703Why did the Soviets stop at Berlin? Why didn't they go to Paris or something?[View]
38326714Rifle plate armor: /k/ I know im going to sound autistic, and I'm sorry. But if anyone could ju…[View]
38337106What are /k/'s thoughts on the PT-91: Your thoughts.[View]
38327701Neopup: Neopup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHbqHx3TLBE[View]
38333394If we can't ban it, we'll tax the shit out of it.: >'It's hard to believe it'…[View]
38331148Well /k/, could he?: Assume Paul 'Mortal Peril' Harrell is facing them all in a 1 square mile forest…[View]
38330735Space Force is Retarded: As an AFC in the USAF who voted for Trump, this has got to be this dumbest …[View]
38326834Does this protect against headshots?[View]
38313042Post your favorite Vaporware: Pics of your favorite weapon related objects promoted for release but …[View]
38336495Did /k/ try VR, and specifically, H3VR? It's pretty much the ultimate funs simulator. Attention…[View]
38333617Hunting and /k/: What is some stupid shit /k/ has done in order to bag something?[View]
38335182IS/JS-2 vs. Tiger: Which was the better tank overall? IS-2 and IS-2 1944 or Tiger 1 and Tiger 2? In …[View]
38336351I want to reload my 5.56 shell casings how can I start? I've never reloaded ammo before[View]
38335807Hey /k/ you think carrying a fun inna-abandon-secluded-buildings is a bad idea? Interested in the po…[View]
383299709mm thread: Why haven't you thanked Georg Luger for inventing the most successful pistol round …[View]
38323267US intelligence report: China will have the world's most powerful naval gun ready for war by 20…[View]
38333141does being special forces (navy seal) mean you are garunteded to see combat? did david gooogins see …[View]
38329045Just watched the latest Jurassic Park movie, and was wondering what manner of round you would need t…[View]
38332385MCMAP vs MACP vs SOCP vs BJJ vs Krav Maga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a-wxr9R5Z0 Which branch …[View]
38336041Cringe thread: Could you guys help me find that one .jpg of that one edgelord who talks about a SJW …[View]
38315322Backpacking Guns: What is the best rifle/shotgun for backpacking, hiking, camping, etc? Something li…[View]
38329801Does water cooling a gun render it (practically) invulnerable to barrel deformation from heat? Witho…[View]
38315123How do you avoid the 'shaking legs' feeling and shit when you feel like you're about to get int…[View]
38335166You, the door gunner: yo pass the aux cord Heli Pilot: better not play trash You: https://www.youtu…[View]
38328626Can anyone tell me what that first “click” is when pulling the hammer back on a Colt 1911? Is it a s…[View]
38335190Need a pistol for hog hunting, decided on a single action revolver, should I get a .45LC or .357?[View]
38330584Any sort of gauge on the viability of the weapons from the Metro Series? Mostly handcrafted slavshit…[View]
38333746Hey, /k/, I’m looking to delve into some armor plate carrier setups, but unsure where to start. I kn…[View]
38331973Is this a good example of shot placement?: https://youtu.be/mlBr7TnG1BA[View]
38335530Don’t be afraid[View]
38334861Ammo making: How many of you have experience making your own ammo, looking on getting into it. Any s…[View]
38324277Why does looking at this shotgun make me physically angry?[View]
38318676What is the best all round pistol[View]
38332611Going for my first stalker challenge this fall. Anyone know any good areas to get in there in the DM…[View]
38330986Was Canada on to something? Is having various separate branches of the military still actually neces…[View]
38333263why would anyone use anything under .40cal?: Honetly, think about it, .45 caliber bullet going 2200 …[View]
38324804Drone creep: I've been hearing from my neighbors that some little shit has been flying a drone …[View]
38332052Spacer Weapons: How will you defend your belter colony, /k/?[View]
38334381AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Tripfaggotry containment Traps are gay edition Old >…[View]
38317831Looking for a good 30-30 Lever Action: Anyone know of some reputable ones? I know you can find the g…[View]
38320255Pastor Shoots, Kills Gun Wielding Carjacker In Walmart Parking Lot: https://miami.cbslocal.com/2018/…[View]
38333258You're alone on a foreign planet with unknown inhabitants and are allowed only ONE firearm. Wha…[View]
38332114LAV vs Stryker: So here are two mostly similar vehicles, made on Piranha chassis - canadian LAV and …[View]
38332972Is this better than machine guns?: Say some lunatic wants to commit a mass shooting. Say he prefers …[View]
38318869Is the trunk gun a meme? I can think of very few instances somebody would be in a situation where th…[View]
38331691So I'm not gonna lie in this thread. I've been NEETing it up for the past 6 years. But I r…[View]
38332220Anyone have experience what Canada's 'Controlled Goods Program'? What am I getting myself into?…[View]
38292926Is it right to take dog tags as trophies?: I see that there are a lot of soldiers on here so I was w…[View]
38328476are snipers special forces Sniper Threa.[View]
38332592Famas thread: which weapon is the best and why is it the famas?[View]
38329066What is the best revolver in .38 or .357 i can get for about $500?[View]
38308029Anyone have like virgin vs Chad memes or drawlings like this?[View]
38328278cannonball cannons: Title says all, I know you're going ''why'' at this poi…[View]
38322527MDR: >people paid 2.5k+ to preorder a gun >wait over 2 years after constant delays >guns fi…[View]
38332674Hardwood and Laminate: Anyone have experience with Boyd's Gunstocks? Also, what makes a laminat…[View]
38330095A box with 50 9mm bullets costs about $50 dollars in my country. How am I supposed to own a gun and …[View]
38323696/GUNPORN/: CMP Service grade. 6 digit SA manufactured august 1942. /GUNPORN/ thread. go.[View]
38310160/gq/ - gear queer: haha explody boi edition >/gq/ Basic Guide to Gear (READ FIRST) https://ghostb…[View]
38326951Why are G3s so popular When the FN FAL and SCAR-H exist?[View]
38312628FN FAL: All these shit ass threads and you let an FN FAL thread die.. Shame on you[View]
38332000Justify the UK's position as a 'tier one' military power: What do you think is the goal of goin…[View]
38331718>lacks the speed & capacity of the enfield >ammo isn't cheap & abundant like your…[View]
38326740EMBT Enhanced Main Battle Tank: Leclerc turret with Leopard chasis. A joint project paving the way f…[View]
38331849Infographics thread: Infographics thread[View]
38314723What the fuck is wrong with women?: >be me >innabed >my wife, daughter and her friend who …[View]
38292858/MSG/ miltary surplus general Other thread hit image limit Heres my m1 that came in today IHC Lmr b…[View]
38331957Fuddlore into the mainstream: ITT: We Identify fuddlore that has made it's way into mainstream …[View]
38331480US automatic weapon ownership: Is there any legal and easy way to own a machine gun without blowing …[View]
38324501policeunits: Why are SWAT/GIGN/ police special units always so AESTHETIC? Post them pics annon…[View]
38328663USPSA thread: I rarely see any threads about competition shooting. Does /k/ go to competitive matche…[View]
38331730Non-Lethal Self-defense -- Domestic Violence.: I'm disabled and my caretaker has an abusive coh…[View]
38329813Tfw you realize the last bit of real, true surplus will be expended when the norms finally give up, …[View]
3832509622 on steroids: Is 556 'enough'? Specifically in the one shot one kill department[View]
38332379Hello /k/ I come respectfully asking your opinion about a first firearm. I am not completely uniniti…[View]
38328191What's some /k/ approved music? Show me what you've got![View]
38291158/ak/ Thread - tiny guns or tall women? edition: Last thread >>38244214[View]
38329390ITT- Rare/obscure guns that deserve popularity Pic related, it's the Chiappa Rhino if it wasn…[View]
38302696Sheep hate 40SW: For the last 6 months I fell in line with the /k/ + jewtube gun talking heads and b…[View]
38324000Rest of world >We're gonna take our new APC's and make em' float-able Germany >…[View]
38327772To trade or not: Ok, so. I put my Bren pistol with a folding stabilizer on armslist a few days ago, …[View]
38295935Post the worst bubba gun jobs you've seen.[View]
38331779Educate me on ballistics. On the left is the 75mm shell used in the M3 Sherman's main gun. On t…[View]
38321929How the hell does something like Happen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Mumbai_attacks 10 guys a…[View]
38330942https://youtu.be/NfRByopXiAI Who’s ready for this[View]
38331019Are there any rules surrounding the legality of cup-type rifle grenade launchers? I found a company …[View]
38319740Innawoods thread: The scenario: Civil unrest in your local city has reached an all time high and mas…[View]
38320939.32 ACP/7,65 Browning: >I-it isn't enough for self defense! >You need at least .50 AE fo…[View]
38295363Handgun General - /hg/ - #128: Wheelie guns edition, what goes around comes around Pastebin https:/…[View]
38329971How do you carry a large (5'+) knife on your person with a pack and a pistol on your hip?[View]
38322806Matching ammo: If I wanted too shoot the same ammo type out of a revolver and a lever action rife wo…[View]
38311563Gun owner stereotypes: > 1911 Neckbeards > CZ Hipsters > Glock Normies Help me finish the…[View]
38331251No information on this cheapy exists anywhere, anyone know anything? It's a .25 Valor Mod SM-11[View]
38330344B.E. Meyers Space Force Veterans Tribute: https://youtu.be/IVGLxS6cwto[View]
38328966/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Tripfaggotry containment Bullyzone Railcovers edition Old >>3…[View]
38329603So over the last two years I've become an entry-level hasgunz on the back of my (((GI Bill))) b…[View]
38322905New Acquisitions: Post your newest gun and/or /k/ related purchases, and we complement each others n…[View]
38321367Is there a bigger meme, than two tone pistols?[View]
38330445USAF Finds Missing Machine Gun, But Not Grenade Launcher Ammo: https://www.tactical-life.com/news/us…[View]
38304697Survival General: How To Stop Internal Bleeding/: After many Google Searches I am frustrated. If SHT…[View]
38265906/prg/ Precision Rifle General: Presision Rifle General Bolt guns, gas guns, components, and training…[View]
38323741What would the best brand of AR-15 lower receiver (5.56x45mm) for a low budget build (less than $500…[View]
38323763Collecting/Home defnse: Hey /k/, been looking for a ww1-ww2 era revolver pistol for a while. Pic is …[View]
38318276Lets talk about the most important weapon every man has, his body. What is the minimum requirement/d…[View]
38285682What is the best plane to replace Canada's aging CF-18s as multirole fighters? My vote goes to …[View]
38282423Old Tripfags: does anyone currently here remember duke nukem, boof, squid, etc.? are those guys stil…[View]
38324272/k/ollege gun: whats up kids i grew up around fire arms in my country, now i live in the US i will b…[View]
38311688Naming: Trips names my AR Quads decideds what I have etched into the reciever Roll for em boys…[View]
38319451/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Stockpiling useless ammo Edition >Thread #634 Old thread here …[View]
38327732Has these been rolled out yet? Are they any good? And how the fuck could the army not come up with …[View]
38318868Knife Restoration: Hey /k/. Where would one be able to get a knife refinished? I'm finally want…[View]
38324578Does anyone else habitually tap the back of the slide every time you rack it to make sure it's …[View]
38329415Just a reminder that the start of the vietnam war is the blue-on-blue murder of an airman. https://e…[View]
38329693I'm looking to build an A2 upper for my a2 lower. I know I'll need the base upper, a gas …[View]
38321427Is currently Russian military as powerful as it is said to be?: Does it pose a serious threat to NAT…[View]
38319976>France and Germany sign letters of intent to develop future tank and combat air systems Key Poin…[View]
38329073Why the hell are pump action shotguns restricted in Australia?[View]
38324518Post-USAF DoD: Now that the Air Force is essentially going to be gutted and will never be allowed to…[View]
38329236Fortified skyscrapers: How sturdy are skyscrapers? Is it possible to convert the average 100+m skysc…[View]
38329339Can someone identify what camo this Russian qt is wearing?[View]
38328651This is Davy: Say something nice about him[View]
383286543d printing .22 baffle stack: Would a a 3d printed baffle stack hold up against .22lr pressures? If …[View]
38325763Every other country BTFO: Tl:DR Americans bought more guns than every army in the world and on avera…[View]
38317100are there advantages to using rifle grenades over say an M203? why do the french still use them?[View]
38328724Question about my friend, BRRRT: I'm not a frequent /k/ommando but I've got a question abo…[View]
38328711thoughts on the matilda mk2? yay or nay? a piece of junk or glorious british engineering?[View]
38324522Bolt versus lever for first .22 rifle?: I want to buy my first rifle, and I want a .22. I'm thi…[View]
38274466Best aesthetic fictional army #2: What can be better than genetically-altered, chemically augmented,…[View]
38326600Spetsnaz in Syria: I was killing time and going through webms in /gif/ and came across this clip. Lo…[View]
38326125Can anyone ID this gat?[View]
38311363Ear protection: I have only ever used earplugs I bought at a local drug store. My friends have convi…[View]
38287005PATCH THREAD: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>38258421 >Where ca…[View]
38327100I'm making a Survival folder and I need your gun designs!: Hey /k/, I am currently making a fol…[View]
38317264How would a war between China and India play out? Assuming it happens in the Himalayas, has mountain…[View]
38325300AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Tripfag containment Smolboi edition Old >>38322210…[View]
38328893'Demoralizing French flavor' - Steve 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0ciBudwIV0[View]
38325690Seriously though, how the fuck did a bunch of rice farmers with shitsticks win an all out war agains…[View]
38319870Lock Fags BTFO: Unfuck your revolvers you assholes and maybe you would make some money...[View]
38326028Ruger LCRx thread: thinking of getting one with my next paycheck. wondering if Taurus makes a better…[View]
38320611i live in a rural town and my neighbor who's at work has a rabbit in his yard that i really wan…[View]
38320559Anyone here served as a combat engie? What did that entail?[View]
38328539ITT we share the brain dead comments that people have made about the military >”Why do we still …[View]
38328038What kind of round is this?[View]
38306150US army is looking at adding smgs. 10 finalists are listed. Which would you choose and why? https://…[View]
38287676Is it true that soldiers in ancient times did not experience PTSD nearly as much as modern soldiers?[View]
38325475Dimethylmercury gun?: >no immediate affects >skin soluable >shoot at someone (like a politi…[View]
38320810Left handed racism: Where the fuck is my left handed .50 beo[View]
38326840So most weapons in Star Wars are just real world guns mashed together and with the firing pins remov…[View]
38310239Hello, Im from Switzerland! Id like to buy a gun, what would you recommend? My budget would be up to…[View]
38319530Disagreements: Hey guys I was discussing firearms with someone who said that guns cannot be used for…[View]
38320501>Pentagon 'lost' more money than Russia has to spend on its military >Decides to spend even mo…[View]
38302020Backpack thread: Post your inna woods packs, range bags, general equipment strung from your shoulder…[View]
38312573I heard /k/ likes Rhodesia. I grew up in Zim and my family has lived in the area since the time of t…[View]
38318313Why haven't you joined the Spanish Legion?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XULTHbK5z8…[View]
38327006Cu Chi Tunnels Machine guns?: Sup /k/ I’m in Saigon, and going to the VC tunnel system tomorrow. I h…[View]
38318543/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: rack edition Previous >>38309080 LYEING ABOUT MEDICAL HIS…[View]
38325255God Damn It all.: >tfw when sig pistols are among the most aesthetic pistols on the market, but t…[View]
38327233Macarthur and the Chinese Invasion: So /K/ I just watched link related, and it seems MacArthur panic…[View]
38293434When and how did the 'ARs are the best HD weapon' meme change back to the old fashioned '12ga shotgu…[View]
38326527Kangaroo Combat: Since guns are banned and you can't carry pocket knives how do I protect mysel…[View]
38323128How do people cheat the system when it comes to acogs? I heard they contact Amazon or optics planet…[View]
38326348country boys help: Hey all, it's been a really long time. Last I checked into this board there …[View]
38323339was wondering if /k/ could help me figure out the items these soviet soldiers are carrying.[View]
38326193Why Not?: So, Netflix made this movie using surplus items they had from Beast of No Nation. They…[View]
38327105https://youtu.be/XNJHhbGiOvw Hmm. Something doesn't seem right about that binocular[View]
38324218What will be their camouflage pattern?[View]
38325881First Carry gun: Okay /k/ what was your first carry gun and what did you carry it in? Mine was a Smi…[View]
38325891>marines and airborne army units are a bunch of retarded sadomasochists >Garison life at fort …[View]
38325196New Steve1989MREinfo: Wow, no Steve thread? I guess that really is proof that every single person on…[View]
38324411Jappo Armour: When your jappo armor in WW2 is a meme so you find the next best option https://www.y…[View]
38308698post yfw the american military announces they are building a space battleship.[View]
38320870Tasers: Are they even worth it?: Are they an effective alternative for a firearm? https://is3.4chan.…[View]
38326475https://youtu.be/W60-EusN95Q >The fucking comments on this video[View]
38326373VZ-52 help: Just bought a VZ-52. Had to totally take it down to get grime out. How do I get the mag …[View]
38325242ATI OMNI: So anyone actually own one of these? I have considered it due to the cost just to throw at…[View]
38315043USSR Propositioned nuclear weapons and arms caches in US and Western Europe: Discussion of Soviet/ R…[View]
38323488Would you trust 22 magnum in a defense scenerio? Would you be confident carrying a 22 magnum pistol …[View]
38325864How much deadlier are hunting bullets for .223 against the most dangerous game (Man) than ordinary 5…[View]
38313429Want to get my first milsurp, which of these is the best rifle and why: >K31 >Enfield >Swis…[View]
38297718Swords I found: Any /k/ommandos who can tell me something about these swords?[View]
38325141m16: This piece of shit gun got our good young GIs killed in a war we should have never been in remi…[View]
38318934Melee weapons: I want to start a melee weapons collection. Which ones are a must have?[View]
38324432Things you've heard at Gun Stores: I know everyone here is very strongly 'SHALL NOT', but I hav…[View]
3831992390s action movie badguy loadouts: Has anyone done this before? Post 90s bad guy loadouts[View]
38325075Instead of punishing Calley for the victory at My Lai, we should have made it our policy to do that …[View]
38324979Does anyone have any tips for someone who wants to be a gun owner in college[View]
38323584Thinking about a 20' AR-15. Going to be converting it to a custom stock and handguard. >AR-1…[View]
38315396>Cast my own bullets >First time reloading >mfw I'm terrified to shoot my reloads I…[View]
38320291/k/ube worship thread: Come pay homage, /k/ommandos. Your lord awaits. Ave nex alea.[View]
38324665What handguns feel best to shoot? Never shot a gun before so no idea. I like the SIG 220, but just…[View]
38323854When there was a draft like korea or vietnam did insurance companies let soldiers get life insurance…[View]
38322210/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Tripfaggotry containment Justasgoodas edition Old >…[View]
38321644PA ranges near montgomery county?: Hey to any pa /k/omandos, are there any autsit/larp friendly rang…[View]
38324408What video game character/s has the best gear[View]
38315646Always been a bit of a weapon head, got my first ink this weekend. Rate my tattoo /k/[View]
38318989Single stack compact 10mm handgun. Why doesn't this exist yet?[View]
38324510any of you guys forego conceal carry firearms for pepperspray and decent folding knife (something li…[View]
38323307>tired of paying to go to a range just to use my guns >want to go innawoods and shoot guns for…[View]
38324423/k/-tier vidya: As the only NATO presence in the area, it is our job to respond. Choppers are waitin…[View]
38322999Will this stuff work alright? Or is it shit? https://www.luckygunner.com/308-150-gr-fmj-tula-black-5…[View]
38320099Do you guys ever actually use your bayonets to stab and hack at shit? I really want to but I’m worri…[View]
383224897 vs. 9 Rounds: Which is better: Seven rounds of 9mm or Nine rounds of .380 Acp?[View]
38323676lower jigs: okay I'm over dealing with fuds at the local Gun shops. I've tried to do the r…[View]
38293733'We do NOT want a gun at this house Anon' How do I deal with parents who love the idea of getting Pe…[View]
38315983What's the cheapest I can find a new acog for?[View]
38324186Does anybody have the link to the SOF archive?: Some anon uploaded the pastebin with the links to mo…[View]
38316346infographic thread: Post infographics for true /k/ommandos[View]
38323190KMW-Nexter's Amphibious Protected Vehicle Tracked. Drive one way, swim the other. https://www.y…[View]
38316771What does /k/ think of this vidya weapon?[View]
38323621US Nukes are a JOKE: I had no idea the US Nuke program was so FUCT! Sounds like a bunch of cowboys w…[View]
38323526B-21 Raider Combined Test Force Patch: Soon we will see the worlds most advanced stealth bomber cond…[View]
38323246Found this old gas mask in my basement. I live in Estonia and its from my Grandpa whom was Russian. …[View]
38321708Watch out /k/, France is coming...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79nmGi6wgME[View]
38318209Polish law: >you're legally allowed to own and and buy blackpowder revolvers without a licen…[View]
38321511ITT: We Weaponize The /k/rawler-Transporter: With the declaration of the Space Force and the imminen…[View]
38320068RMR for Super Redhawk: Anyone have an idea as to an RMR that will stand up to recoil of the .454 and…[View]
38317854Ok, man. My p320 was stolen by some thot that broke into my house. I recently got word it was found …[View]
38323031Is this worthy of being sold alongside guns designed by John Browning?[View]
38315121SCENARIO: >Civil War breaks out in the U.S due to political uproar starting TODAY >Government …[View]
38311796>Be 18 >Go to Cabela’s >Get 9mm ammo >”Is this for long gun or hand gun?” >Say long …[View]
38320224Does anyone else want to eat ballistics soap: It just looks so edible. It seems like you couldchomp …[View]
38316530Is Nato weaker or stronger than it was 20 years ago?[View]
38321481For the Love of 45.: Frequently I find myself fully fascinated with the functional facets and fantas…[View]
38312420Post your car and I will guess which handgun you carry[View]
38322328>runs out of ammo[View]
38316373I need hunting tips /k/ Im hunting ground squirrels with a 22 and want them down in one shot. Should…[View]
38322152Is LAPG /k/ approved: So I ordered some shit for a trip im going on in 2 days yesterday. I paid 30 b…[View]
38320316Glock carbine upper: /k/'s thoughts? Useful, fun, or a meme?[View]
38299553BREAKING: BAESystemsInc has won the USMC Amphibious Combat Vehicle program: The SuperAV has beaten t…[View]
38319717Rate my cc[View]
38322491>he doesn't use best caliber Must be a .40 Söy and Wesson user[View]
38316285The I-400 series are the largest submarines in WWII. The largest submarines that came after was in t…[View]
38316785What one of you faggots did this? Also gunbroker thread.[View]
38310886Who here can claim to be country?[View]
38320299RPK/RPD: Does anyone know of any company currently producing RPK's or RPD's for the civili…[View]
38284712Is there anything about the SCAR 16S/17S that makes them worth the money, relatively speaking?[View]
38308830bored of shooting: Is anyone getting bored of shooting? I did carbine shooting, that and ARs are bor…[View]
38321574Gun Instagram: Alright /k/ I want to start a gun Instagram, where i post all my gats and the mods I…[View]
38321076Georgia Man Wins Kroger Gunfight Against Armed Robbers: Well, how well did this man do? https://yout…[View]
38303451what do you fags think about ghost gunning[View]
38289986Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
38319953What's the most effective muzzle brake for a subgun?: Just picked pic related and it really is …[View]
38318912ARG/ AR General/ Trip fag containment/ Bully Central: Its just a prank bro edition Old >>3831…[View]
38311109What weapons will Trump's Space Force have?[View]
38320846Local garage FFL is selling 762x39 ARs (Bear Creek) for $500 with 1 mag. It has a polymer lower but …[View]
38317259Why didn't the allies just copy the STG-44 after the war? Just iron out the kinks and rechamber…[View]
38298773China’s new aircraft carrier is in for repairs: -- and its project manager faces corruption charges …[View]
38321066What would WW2 area bombing look like but with modern heavy bombers?[View]
38318475What is best gun?: and why is it the _____________[View]
38321099BRING IT BACK[View]
38321016DoD Bidding: How do they decide which manufacturer gets the gibs?[View]
38320143300 Blackout vs 5.56 ar pistol: About to build an AR pistol no suppressor and I wanted to see what c…[View]
38318563I want a sawn-off, but I’m having trouble picking a model to play with. What’s /k/‘s opinion?[View]
38320883What went right?: >no prior gunsmithing experience >design inspired by his work on curtain rod…[View]
38317867Sup /k/, just visited the Homeland War Museum at Fort Imperial in Dubrovnik, Croatia and figured I…[View]
38319475>commander >driver >gunner >loader >??? the fuck does the fifth person in 5 man tank …[View]
38308040LEOs of /k/ Should I become a cop?: History major a year out from grad (I know). Looking at career p…[View]
38303916ALICE thread: Post your ALICE setup, rate others, talk shit on MOLLE etc.[View]
38318073Is there any other sword that can cut a man clean in half?[View]
38317613How comfy is your gun right now, /k?[View]
38318488DPMS $349 after rebate: This is on SOSS for $399, or $349 after rebate. Thoughts on DPMS? I have a …[View]
38319552My local range is limited to 125m and now I'm looking for a decent target rifle. I thought that…[View]
38308039What should the Space Force's standard issue rifle be?[View]
38319134>Take bolt out of k98 >spray patch with copious amounts of BC borescrubber >run the patch d…[View]
38320017Autoloaders roll out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVfStJS5XQw[View]
38312456Metal pistol: I’ve been saving up my money and looking to get a full size metal frame pistol. I’m lo…[View]
38316796With all the talk about space force, what kind of weapons would they employ? Tungsten rods?[View]
38311730I won't release my souces, but Hi-Point will be making and selling $29 AR lowers in conjunction…[View]
38316597What's the best way to get in here and see what's inside? What's in here? Why wont th…[View]
38321541How do you justify keeping the AR15 legal to own? I understand guns are sacred to you and all and su…[View]
38315537Mechanically driven magazines?: There's something I noticed that is practically never touched u…[View]
38311063Rate my buy /k/: Got it for $50. Its manufactured, doesn't rattle and is relatively sharp. The …[View]
38312261What makes slav weapons so good?[View]
38316438This Is What a Real Naval Buildup Looks Like: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a210…[View]
38317087Do operators like Jason Bourne or Alex Cross exist irl? I mean super autistic soldiers that have bee…[View]
38319185Fuck /k/: Dear summerfags. This is how to greyman. Notice; Glock 23 right hip front.[View]
38297675Aesthetic Soldier/War pics and First Song It Reminds You Of: Post a pic and the first song that popp…[View]
38319259most /k/ streamer?: oxide started streaming and i wonder if he actually has any competition when it …[View]
38319235In the gnat military, what roles do spiders play? Some guys here say tanks and some say they'd …[View]
38310412.257 Roberts was a fine cartridge, admirably suited to the average hunter. Why did manufacturers aba…[View]
38319164Beretta m9 thread: Post anything that has to do with m9's. Especially custom m9's. The pic…[View]
38270178Dubs names my M16[View]
38316991Cops shot a dindu a couple days ago about a mile from where I work. Should I expect riots? Will my C…[View]
38314828what does /k/ listen to when shooting? song related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDTZ7iX4vTQ[View]
38296218ITT: Write a review about your current and/or past duty stations >Fort Richardson >Anchorage, …[View]
38314399Armalite Rifle General /arg/ AR Thread Tripfag Containment: Nothing weird going on in here, hahaha e…[View]
38316719ITT nugget security thread. >On your way back from college. >Britbong, you don’t have any self…[View]
38318119'The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace.' …[View]
38301751>Its another Americans on /k/ won't admit that the mp40 is superior to the Thompson because …[View]
38311086LGBTAURUS: Great to see the gun community reaching out to the LGBT community.[View]
38317607https://www.ebay.com/itm/2012-Terradyne-Gurkha/253071001670?hash=item3aec350846:g:5O8AAOSwcklZjl66 W…[View]
38318325>UK: UK to ban any rifle that uses propellant gas to extract cartridges or is capable of firing a…[View]
38301287/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Donged 12 Gauge Edition >Thread #633 Old thread here >>3…[View]
38314205Chink Shit: okay /k/ lets talk about how crapy or sub par Chinese military equipment is when compare…[View]
38312562How prevalent is the black market for machine guns in America?[View]
38318294Shotgun thread: Post shotguns, talk about shotguns So my next gun purchase is definitely going to be…[View]
38317193If gyrojet weapons were more refined, would the military use them?[View]
38316449Oh my god, it's so sexy[View]
38306944Is it possible that in the future we’re could have airborne lasers attached to aircraft as an air to…[View]
38317305Why did SOCOM specifically require a reciprocating bolt handle?[View]
38314377Private Sale Regs: I know that selling a handgun across state lines is a big nono but what about pri…[View]
38317117Russian surplus price evaluation: Hello /k/, I was wondering if any of you could tell me if around 6…[View]
38317590What is an urban kommado's favorite melee weapon and why? I like a Wessen Baton myself for its …[View]
38309080/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Previous >>38300702 fallen /fit/ legends Edition LYEING A…[View]
38317839Has Taurus actually gotten better?: Newly 21 tradefag here looking for a good beater revolver for to…[View]
38311986>ITT Guns you wanted desperately... Until you actually touched one.[View]
38310991/k/ pepes thread: Post /k/ pepes Also anyone have a template for pic related?[View]
38316848What is the fastest way to kill a man from behind without using a gun? Pic not related[View]
38316694Rare Guns IRL Thread: Post guns you have seen/are currently extant in your area that are exceedingly…[View]
38305264Will railguns ever be reliable and small enough to be worth its own electric tank?[View]
38310937Ive made a thread here once before asking questions related to my novel and Im back for more. This t…[View]
38317101Could I get some help identifying these markings? I can not read any Japanese.[View]
38316817Windham Weaponry: How reliable are Windham Weaponry ar-15 rifles?[View]
38313281For all the shit that people give Obama, did he even do anything to piss off gun owners?[View]
38315976Questions: 1. how soon will the Space Force will be a enlistable service? 2. how soon until spacemar…[View]
38317439https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHn6tYx8TMc why this show is so bad?[View]
38291872Space Rifles?: With all the seriousness I can muster, what will the Space Force's first service…[View]
38317201Ok i was wondering. I have anixety and even went to doctors to get put in meds and stuff. Lexapro bt…[View]
38304131How do you fuck up so much[View]
38313275Is there a reason to have any ships other than carriers any more? If the US Navy instead of having 1…[View]
38316173Swords thread: Just bought an African sword what do you guys think of it?[View]
38314856Hey /k/ I don't even really know what the fuck I'm trying to ask or say. I just want guns …[View]
38304684Do Secret Agents/ Special Forces infiltrations suits look like that ?: >pic related…[View]
38313535Allied Armour Casualties Survey: Good read on Allied armour casualties. Goes into great depth. Fanta…[View]
38306921Meme Guns that are Decent: is pic related a genuinely decent weapon to carry, or just a meme gun for…[View]
38310931Why hasn't there been any research or interest in the neutron: It seems like this weapon would …[View]
38313415I really fucking want a 10mm carbine, any reason why I shouldn't buy this?[View]
38317008/futurewar/: >produce sub-atomic amounts of anti-matter at particle accelerator >use tiny ann…[View]
38316946Bad Gun Use: What's the worst gun use you've ever seen? I'll start. >be me, 24 at …[View]
38314865What is the greatest AR15 variant of all time and why is it the Block 1?[View]
38300254Thinking about picking up a pro pack 1 or 2 from Wicked Edge. Seems to be the most recommended sharp…[View]
38305194Why do you own guns?: >inb4 SHALL this isn’t a bait thread, I just want to know how you got into …[View]
38314228CCP/CWP/CHL reciprocity: What states offers the best reciprocity with other states. Oregon CHL is re…[View]
38303934Favorite Bullpup weapon: sup /k/ what is your favorite bullpup weapon, it can be an AR, SMG, LMG, Sn…[View]
38316470Hello /k/. I am interested in seeing some frontline action as a member of one of the US army branche…[View]
38316304Does anyone know where to get more of pic related. I once had a Link to a whole site, but then it di…[View]
38311263i wasthinking why not give mortar guys small drones they go in the field set up fly the drones find …[View]
38314440I feel pretty stupid for asking this, and you may roast me as you see fit for it.. But how, exactly,…[View]
38304844Aside from rocket artillery, what's Russia's main military strength? Nukes notwithstanding…[View]
38300811The Navy’s Urinal-Free Brand New Supercarrier Is A Big Fat Mess: This whole story is fucking hilario…[View]
38314437has anyone ever done a mg42 reweld like this austic gentleman on youtube? you buy it chopped up as p…[View]
38309901Survival/bob rifle for a female: Hi, I am a female anon (not going to show tits) who is looking for …[View]
38314472/SIG/ STALKER InnaWoods general thread: Post your stories, loadouts, real life experiences, greentex…[View]
38307246Why the actual fuck would people go out of their way to pimp out their glawk as much as physically p…[View]
38313147I don't need a permit where I live to OC. Should I do it? Is it cringeworthy?[View]
38314942Ar15 Armorers: Last time I asked I got a bunch of Summer Faggotry, So let's try again... Do You…[View]
38315404Can anyone tell me what handguard this is?[View]
38285924Battle in the Stars: What would an actual Space battle look like?[View]
38312360Is the ATF going to fuck this guy as well since he was in possession of a post ban full auto?[View]
38309731Underwater glocknade: Bought some maritime spring cups for my glocks,because I'll be operating …[View]
38314605what the heck is this thing[View]
38314935>government intercepts your gun parts in the mail >implants a great seal style bug inside it …[View]
38314811Anyone know where to buy AK recievers?: I was looking to build one but im not sure where to start…[View]
38310115Why aren't 12 gauge revolvers more of a thing /k/? If you made one with a focus on low cost you…[View]
38310257.38/.44/.45: I know that .38 special and .357 magnum, .44 special and .44 magnum, and .45 colt can b…[View]
38310636i hate you, seriously i hate you all. america is a place from my dreams, i was born in the kurwa…[View]
38310982Outfit Our Army: Congratulations, comrade! The People's Republic of the United States has chose…[View]
38308930Scenario: The Europen Rebellions: Right wing activist start rebelling against the EU due to the mass…[View]
38314358Would there be a way to put a 1911 style trigger into a cz75, or are there aftermarket triggers for …[View]
38314505https://sofrep.com/104850/report-female-ranger-school-student-impregnated-in-darby-phase/ Jesus fuck…[View]
38313941How badly did I fuck up /k/?: Was drunk the other week and was surfing Gunbroker and kinda placed a …[View]
38309395post meme/autistic tier weapons[View]
38313231cheapest AR test: When i get back from a con im going to, im going to buy a kit from ceratac and do …[View]
38312484AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Tripfag containment Blue board edition Old >>383097…[View]
38309595Alright /k, i bought the three stalker games. Recommend me some mods to make the game as enjoyable a…[View]
38313513Good times in the south: >be me >northern boy >ilovemesomeunclesam.jpeg >start hearing r…[View]
38314111Space Corps General: Discuss. What class of ships would be used in space combat? Frigates? Heavy Cru…[View]

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