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37243985Ban-proof guns: What guns can we reasonably assume will never be banned? Pic related, for example.…[View]
37252106>order brand new BCM upper >canted front sight Awesome. Think I can get away with rotating the…[View]
37263243What’s the best pocket pistol? Thinking about buying pic related because a local shop has a deal on …[View]
37261140Am i the only military member here who is glad John Bolton is the new national security advisor? Us …[View]
37227625/MSG/ Military Surplus General: Handsurp edition. Milsurp, but in a hand-sized package! Put that C96…[View]
37259151$295 for a yugo sks. worth it? I haven't been keeping up on how much the price has gone up on t…[View]
37253565KO-VSS: So you can buy a commercial version of VSS Vintorez. Almost the same (without full auto). An…[View]
37263502M14: Should I buy a JRA M14 for $1,500? Already have a Palmetto State AR15.[View]
37262492/k/ lost http://tass.com/defense/995672 You could've chosen better.[View]
37253753ITT best gun sounds in games: I'll start. Pic related[View]
37263304I want it why cant i have it[View]
37261219Human ingenuity at it's finest.: 'Eoka' pistol made from wood, string and a empty 20mm cannon s…[View]
37256202Aesthetic Military Pics: Can be of any military Post 'em[View]
37261932Which Handgun?: Hey /k/, help me choose between a PX4 Storm and a 92A1. Which would you rather have?…[View]
37261157An Hero: Well guys I've finally had enough. I just can't go on anymore. I have two shotgun…[View]
37258940Tell me about the VZ.58, /k/. They look really nice and I'd like to buy one.[View]
37260194R. Lee: Is he /ourguy/?[View]
37254923U.K. legal 'scary' black rifle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw-ld3KckYc https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
37257972Does Handgun caliber actually matter? By the look of it, it doesn't seem like it.[View]
37249073/kg/ knife general: Anons have never heard or Randall edition.[View]
37257005What is more 'Operator'?: Green Beret shit when you're behind enemy lines or in the woods or so…[View]
37252138Growing increasingly more difficult to live in this world.[View]
37261388post battle buddies[View]
37261449I have a stoeger coachfun that I want to saw off when I'm 21, is it worth or just for the meme?[View]
37256759GP-5 gas mask assistance for new /k/omando: Hello /k/omrades! I have recently purchased a genuine gp…[View]
37254257Bad Guns Thread: post shitty guns[View]
37259906>tfw dont own a p38[View]
37261964>Own guns >Live in a country where they are not liked >Feel nervous posting pictures of gun…[View]
37259985Are there any aftermarket Mosin Nagant stocks that don't look like crap?[View]
37261984what's this nigga carrying?: t4r; took a picture from behind his back because i'm beta as …[View]
37249736The Xdm more durable than Glock? - +p+ ammo: To me it looks like the xdm is a lot more durable. The …[View]
37258273This is a 3D printed receiver. Do they make aluminum receivers that look similar?[View]
37257346Cranked Arrow, Yay or Nay[View]
37260454My friend found these three bullets in a desert on the coast of Peru. He is curious as to what in th…[View]
37258581AR thread/ARG/tripfag containment: Post literally anything but ARs edition Old >>37251822…[View]
37259103I firmly believe that the gen 1 M16 is all around superior compared to any of your slavshit guns[View]
37261680>OI MATE Bin that fucking knife aye mate What do?[View]
37257256How to make 1776 commence again? What will be the wake-up call, /k/?[View]
37261129“It’s weird that they’re Asian, right” - dee the bird: Can’t say I expected him to be a silver fox o…[View]
37257463Why the fuck are corporations opposing gun content? I mean, I know they are all lefty cucks, but a c…[View]
37261566RPG HEAT vs M1 abrams top only: We know tank armor is the thinniest at the top but wouild an RPG-7 l…[View]
37260472How did the UK go from being a super-power, to becoming a complete and utter cuck mess shit hole, wh…[View]
37255810AR-15s are not built to last: Who's idea was it to make AR-15s out of a soft metal like aluminu…[View]
37260640Is this a good rifle for a poorfag?: I keep getting told to only get rifles around $1k or more. Is t…[View]
37241792PATCH THREAD: Trade, create and sell patches. >Previous thread >>37213037 >Where can I b…[View]
37260642we need them back[View]
37239277Handgun General - /hg/ - #70: Handgun General - /hg/ - #70 'Wheely gun' edition pastebin here https:…[View]
37255375Custom .556 mags: What do you think of these mags? Custom everything[View]
37255666Hey. Why hamburgers always think about snacks even in a buttstock for AR 15[View]
37252107Paper Tiger: We can all agree the supposed capabilities of the Russian army are greatly exaggerated …[View]
37223542>Welcome to the military, ladies. Now go hit the showers >see this wat do…[View]
37260205post your improvised weapons /k/[View]
37258658Can ((((They)))) actually stop me and you from owning guns /k/?[View]
37258270FOIA request weapons info: Unless I'm mistaken in the response. Am I to have to reword my reque…[View]
37252455If you were in charge, how would you save this company?[View]
37258140>Gun has a huge, ugly logo carved into the receiver Why do companies do this?…[View]
37260541Correct me if I'm wrong but the decedent (top) appears to be assuming a shooter's stance.[View]
37255569What is the European equivalent to the F-15E, Su-34 and J-16? It certainly can't be this piece …[View]
37246867what do you guys keep in your handguard compartment outside of batteries?[View]
37256757Newfag here: Greetings, /k/ >not a gun owner, but do my research and not complete clueless >ha…[View]
37258925Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands: Who would win this in a conventional non nuclear war?[View]
37259939Gopher Season: It's that time of year again boys! What are you guys using against these furry b…[View]
37257743I've heard longer gas systems are more enjoyable to shoot. Is this true? I'm in the marke…[View]
37246737Hold me /k/: I’m taking it all too hard. Emotional support thread? Theme: https://hooktube.com/watch…[View]
37246612Will leaving your Magizine fully loaded for months: Or over a year damage the springs?[View]
37256799Hello friends, brainlet here Is there any piece of nautical real estate on Earth the US navy could …[View]
37255445Im a conscript and I lost my gun and now I have to buy a new one.[View]
37253520Thoughts on NZ Army switching from Steyr AUG to an AR-15 variant (MARS-L)?: The firearm chosen by th…[View]
37259222Can we burgers just get allied up already? Somebody rise up and unite us. Tired of this shit getting…[View]
37258849Motivational thread: I know many of you are terrified for the future. But we haven't lost yet. …[View]
37260044So Im looking at RPKs. I have literally no knowledge or experience with them, as Im usually fuddin a…[View]
37259026>One is a scary military-style assault weapon >The other is a perfectly safe rifle Is this how…[View]
37258783GB-22 plans: Just wanted to ask if somebody here has the GB-22 plans to share? I know its a quite si…[View]
37258477Melty Boi?: So did the G36 really suffer accuracy loss from melted trunnions or was it just another …[View]
37257829>kid was convinced in 6th grade that he was going to GoArmy.com >eats MREs on a daily basis …[View]
37252007Google censorship is out of hand: i cant even google a basic forum philosophy question without getti…[View]
37257376TURN YOUR KEY SIR[View]
37249104>be 19 >can no longer legally purchase a weapon to defend my own life against an intruder in F…[View]
37258022Cheap Rhodesian Uniforms: Anyone know the cheapest site to buy Rhodesian Uniforms in the UK?[View]
37259538Sammy's curious question #4: What would you guys say is the best weapon for hunting?[View]
37251660What type of 5.56 ammo is closest in performance to 5.45?[View]
37258717I just got a Sig P365 as my first ever gun. Did I do good, /k/?[View]
37257503GOA: Two questions /k/ 1) doea the GOA have any lobbying power? 2) hypothetically, if everyone from …[View]
37258798.22LR: Redpill a new guy on .22LR. I hear it's good for starters. >is it ban-resistant? …[View]
37252379Remind me again on how this is a good idea? >Potentially get arrested and slapped with a felony f…[View]
37253505Anyone else donate $35 to the Kommandostore?[View]
37259041Gundeals is Kill: R*ddit claims another victim. Enjoy being treated like the alt-right in less than …[View]
37253931What the fuck Ruger get you shit together! Put away my 10/22 stainless last season and when I took …[View]
37256663Help deciding on a new barrel?: Hiya /k/! So, after the last panic buy decimated supplies of everyth…[View]
3725111319k officer: Any current/previous 19k officers? Going into ROTC soon, want to be a tanker officer, s…[View]
37243034What a fucking joke.[View]
37250084In World's Murder Capital, Brazilians Are Ready to Buy Guns shills BTFO https://www.msn.com/en-…[View]
37246356Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
3725735476 mm gun M1: daily reminder: the 76 mm gun M1 can penetrate 178mm at 1000 yards. it can defeat a ti…[View]
37239002gassy boys: im 23, iv got a nice-ish house and a q 3.13 gf. but i feel like a colletion of gas masks…[View]
37252593Another Saudi F-15 shot over Yemen: Gotta love these Russian MANPADS! Hope they shoot them all down.…[View]
37251822AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment: Spring is almost here edition old thread: >>37249436…[View]
37256906Went to the range for first time today. Ears are still ringing. What is best over ear protection?[View]
37234737Brazilian Man becomes /k/ incarnate: So there's this dude who got permazucced, he was a moderat…[View]
37254932Would you ever surrender? Or would you fight to the death, down to your last bullet. Or will you sur…[View]
37248680/ak/ thread: Iowa is best BB fite me irl[View]
37256720Custom Pmags: What does everyone think of this? Need honest opinions[View]
37251795What's the best twist rate for AR-15s? I just ordered a 1:7 18' barrel from White Oak, and I fe…[View]
37253869FOUR AWACS IN THE AIR OVER EUROPE: There are four AWACS monitoring central EU right now. Any militar…[View]
37248249Reddit doing its part to keep us safe: Do we have a list of 2A-unfriendly sites yet, or is this some…[View]
37248203How much longer until he's banned?[View]
37257809Introducing a friend to shooting: Going to the range on Saturday and i'm taking a friend with m…[View]
37248676Opinions on carrying a K6S with .38 special for self defense. This is a .357 magnum but .357 magnum …[View]
37253891historic guns: show us some well crafted historic guns, you got some favourites?[View]
37245835Worst Military Defeats: ITT post the worst defeats from your country's military history. Note,…[View]
37245564All together now!!! >HI ATF!!!!![View]
37257234Apparently Israel gives m1 carbines to their civil guard, whats the deal with that? They have so man…[View]
37257435So why do NRA people hate guns with a 30 bullet clip?[View]
37253464what does /k/ think of japans recent development to re-arm its self. the way i see it if motherfucki…[View]
37253093What's the real story on the supposed G36 accuracy issues? One article claimed that it was actu…[View]
37253155What does /k/ think about Mattis?[View]
37253435>tfw got called out for stolen valor for wearing belgium camo >didn't know what to do, fe…[View]
37248817Homemade: Anybody enjoy making homemade weapons? Ive made a few bats Pic related[View]
37249303CFL operators /k/lub discord: We used to have an active skype group for central florida /k/ommandos,…[View]
37255288Whats /k/ opinion of the mini 14? I live in a cuck state if that matters[View]
37245496hey /k/ where else are you hanging out these days? I've been on /fit/ because I'm tired of…[View]
37255447Do any of you ever fantasize about how you'd kill a burglar/home intruder? I've got my sho…[View]
37248002YT Content Trolling: Ayy if you wanna protest Youtube's new policy restrictions on firearms, st…[View]
37254991What can y'all tell me about the Soviet Afgan war. What do any of you know besides what Google …[View]
37235283Taco, wannabe operator truck?: Am I the only who thinks they made the TRD Offroad and TRD Pro look f…[View]
37256013Looking for large caliber for my AR which one is the best[View]
37256696Hey /k/ommandos I think we should revisit this nd this time bring some fire power https://imgur.com/…[View]
37217785What's this guy's appeal? He just eats shitty military food and says nice[View]
37256555Are wilson mags any better than chips? Looking at getting more 10 rounders[View]
37251429What type of camo is this?[View]
37230379>Guns and slavic girls my two loves in one picture.[View]
37255830What does /k/ use for home defense? If you use a shotgun, what kind of ammo? where do you keep it st…[View]
37255154Hey everyone: I know these last 5 weeks or so have been incredibly stressful for a lot of you. I jus…[View]
37255294Hey /k/, could you give me some suggestions on how to finish this? I was thinking about making one o…[View]
37255025What is your favorite weapon and why is it the Galil ARM?[View]
37255721Russia has their Khinzal super-long range AShM, China already exported their hypersonic aeroballisti…[View]
37241124Lead from Bullets: People that regularly go to the shooting range have higher lead levels. The safe …[View]
37255650Russian Weapons: Have the Russians (post-soviet) produced something good when it comes to weapons?…[View]
37240037New Swiss Army equipment: What do you think of it ? The PC looks like from mayflower >Pic related…[View]
37255935So I live in Pennsylvania and I'm looking for anything close for MilSim Airsoft. I would prefer…[View]
37254937Poland General: Is anybody out there?[View]
37255393Compass: What’s a good survival compass?[View]
37233874/gg/ gunsmithing general - RIP jewtube edition: Old thread >>37145155 looks like the great and…[View]
37248028If JASDFs are allowed to replace the Mineabea P9 Handgun: I just wanna hear your guys opinions on th…[View]
37255738Wikipedia wartable thread[View]
37247950Lever action thread: Is it wrong to want a 1873 in 45 colt just because it is cheaper to shoot than …[View]
37249963>Fat Russian Marines LOL. They won't last a day against superior Chinese Navy Snipers. Why a…[View]
37253405SAS vs Navy Seal vs Delta: Which is better? Would the US equivalent of the SAS be Delta force?…[View]
37255004>The class is based on a frigate-like design, but built with an internal multipurpose deck (flex …[View]
37254650So /k/ How would WW2 have played out if Spain had joined the war on the side of the axis, what would…[View]
37236178dont cry because its over, smile because it happened[View]
372550387.62 thread[View]
37255185Who would win? Other than all of humanity, I mean.[View]
37247801https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq1TXEE_QK4 Lets say gun bans are in effect. Where would a criminal …[View]
37254998What's innajungle like?[View]
37255232Mini-14: Greetings, /k/, newfag here who wants to get into firearms before the inevitable ban. Is a …[View]
37251158cock on close vs cock on open: kek why would anyone use cock on open >wasting resources on an exp…[View]
37255274Daniel Defense ISR Gen 2: Anyone shot one of these? I like the idea of it being a one stamp gun beca…[View]
37250814Concealed Carry Options?: I seek to arm myself for self-defense purposes, or at least keep a handgun…[View]
37250442What is the best 9mm round for your CCW? Please back your claim up with sources that prove it is sup…[View]
37229644/k/ approved tattoos: I'm turning 20 next month and wanted to do something I've never done…[View]
37251735So I'm going to be shooting a 2gun match with a bolt action rifle: (I'm a hipster) a Sovie…[View]
37251333On Nuggets and their variants: Okay guys. Only just now went back and checked the thread. Last list …[View]
37216744How would /k/ design a tank during ww2?[View]
37254751Did the Panzer III deserve its reputation as a death trap?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAOITDze…[View]
37253924/k/ubetube?: Utilizing my skills I've reached out to a few bigger gun channels on alternatives …[View]
37254817So Im planning a hike but Im very scared of animals, what rifle and pistol combo should I bring with…[View]
37254668we cant expect him to go to pornhub like ian and karl...where can he go?[View]
37254408Plate carrier: I am looking of a entry-level plate-carrier rig and plates. I was looking at a Condor…[View]
37240953Kinzhal hypersonic missile: There is no defence against it. General John E. Hyten, the Commander of …[View]
37254564Oregon, get the FUCK IN HERE: Semiauto, 'assault' and handgun ban+ mag limits and all of the above b…[View]
37248942300 BLK pistol, talk me out of getting one.[View]
37247149The liberals tabled the legislation: Bill C-71 has been tabled. If you leaf faggots aren't payi…[View]
37254292This is Ueli Maurer, former president of Switzerland.: Say something nice to him or he will 'delete'…[View]
37252855I'm going to go to a gun store to get a background check tomorrow, I'm going to say I want…[View]
37254310>>37245261in response about that buttock. I legit carry 11.2 lbs of food for 7 days using the …[View]
37253737MSR-15: Whats the opinion of these? I hear the barrels are pretty good and honestly I'm in love…[View]
37253978Black powder: Hey /k/. Anyone here has experience with black powder guns of any kind? How is it? I w…[View]
37252158Colorful guns: What do you guys think of this? Are there any laws against painting real guns like ne…[View]
37254004Florida Constitutional Crisis temporarily averted.: Some idiots were trying to codify gun control in…[View]
37254182How well does LATPAT actually work? It's very aesthetic.[View]
37251217anyone know the type of SAM this is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7APHKY27TE[View]
37249117HAPPENING: YouTube is banning all gun videos. Hurry up and download your favorites before they are l…[View]
37253975Operation Bac/k/up: In response to youtube shutting down youtube gun videos. We should download all …[View]
37254121What does /k/ think of Britain's new WMD?[View]
37253223Show me your piles and rate them.[View]
37254023Gun Laws: Alrighty /k/, I want your honest opinions on what should be legal >Automatic handgun/sh…[View]
37253871BS Bingo: Hello. I made this. Have fun playing.[View]
37247589What’s up with these rifles and the company that makes them?[View]
37253721How do other anons deal: With new (((legislation))). Specifically new ca regs which sayI have to aga…[View]
37249294ptr 91: Should i get a ptr91?[View]
37214449Abomination thread: I will start.[View]
37253380What happened to these?: Used to be like 330 shipped and now it’s almosf 200 more than that. Are the…[View]
37250107Can you make a standard turn-bolt rifle discharge by de-cocking quickly?: I was experimenting with t…[View]
37249255Why are people so suspicious of Japan rearming? Did they do something wrong in the past or something…[View]
37211286ITT: times you had to use your weapon: Have any of you faggots actually have had to use your weapons…[View]
37251903Not quiet weapons related, but I suppose it is self-defence related. How well do chain locks on door…[View]
37252516Variable Optic: Should I get a red dot + magnifier or a x1-4 scope? (ignore the specific models in t…[View]
37251920What in the fuck is 'a' fun? Is this some kind of /k/ meme?[View]
37243962Infantry Tactics: Seeing as how US infantry would get fucked by other professional soldiers in a fig…[View]
37246005Put my battle buddy down today: I had to put down my 10 year old black lab today. I decided to do it…[View]
37252907Why are most precision rifles bolt action when semi auto exists? Also what rifle is this?[View]
37238048What's your thoughts on the USP /k/? So far I'm loving my cinderblock[View]
37251675What's a good resource for firearms that were created during and before World War 1?[View]
37250547Anyone else wanna do this? also cad thread. Thread continued. I have other Parts for this and I will…[View]
37250340do u like crossbows[View]
37250896/k/ two truths and a lie: ITT: post two /k/ related truths about yourself and one lie. Others guess …[View]
37231034/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ 5.56 Extendos Edition >Thread #575 Old thread here >>372…[View]
37240131QTDDTOT: Take 2, New thread because subject keeps fuckin disappearing. Post your questions and answe…[View]
37251529When the next big conflict or humanitarian disaster be?: Thing seem to be getting very quite recentl…[View]
37248241Reddit has banned nearly every gun thread... gundeals was such a fantastic resource. I hate emotion …[View]
37251492Military tactics/strategy: Im organizing a small airsoft firefight in a forest, if any anons have so…[View]
37246340Sicario 2: How optimistic are you about this movie ?[View]
37251673Have we reached peak ballistics testing?: Seems everyone wants to be a ballistics tester on youtube …[View]
37250838Vermont Gun Control: Who here lives in Vermont and is watching this bullshit? https://www.sevendaysv…[View]
37247541>tfw you realize you've never had a real meaning to be alive >Even Arabs in shit torn cou…[View]
37245903What are some tips for shooting a rifle, /k/? I'm having trouble hitting a 2 liter bottle at 2…[View]
37220443/k/ humor thread[View]
37236582/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: cute edition previous >>37223751 LYING ABOUT MEDICAL HIST…[View]
37245621Russian Surplus Shortage Inbound: American is joining the UK and Germany, among a few other nations …[View]
37247658Whatever happened to these guys?[View]
37230035M1A2 CONFIRMED WORLD’S BEST TANK: What is the best modern mbt and why is it the M1 Abrams? >pic r…[View]
37247456Dealing with Fuds on facebook: How does /k/ deal with this and higher levels of autism? Personally I…[View]
37244737shtf aesthetic: I need shtf designs for a book I'm writing gimme what you got I't can be a…[View]
37248458Politics aside, what do you think of Trump's personal taste in guns? >In a Washington Times …[View]
37249436/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Tripfag containment Abject poverty edition Old >>37…[View]
37237145Which melee weapon would you think be best during an alien invasion scenario.[View]
37248806For me? Its the 109[View]
37248160Alright boys, I have a buddy here who calls me crazy for smelling the banana like scent in hoppes 9.…[View]
37251067One handed mp5k cocking? This guy at the range held onto the button that controls the targets, he ha…[View]
37247476How do you guys find out about guns being released for sale the day of? For the first time in my lif…[View]
37249653Mike B thread: Mike B thread he is on of us he just does not realize it yet. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
37242630The Mythical California CCW permit: Anyone here ever get a CCW permit in California? I know there ne…[View]
37250417Do throwing stars have any real function?[View]
37249655AR-15 damages: The AR platform is bad for gun design as between it and the AK assault rifle designs …[View]
37247807Worthwhile gundeals alternatives?[View]
37251712Don't worry guys, it's just a little bit of gun control. That's OK right? https://www…[View]
37250685Been thinking about the future of optics. We see scopes and red dots and all manners of weapon monte…[View]
37245554Youtube gun control: Thoughts, /k/? https://www.tubefilter.com/2018/03/19/youtube-gun-policy/…[View]
37248477Stupid shit you've done or noticed whike cleaning guns: >shooting sam7 at plastic bottles in…[View]
37246515Just bought an M48 for 270 cash. Metal band up top is a little loose, but the rifling is immaculate.…[View]
37232129Please convince me otherwise. I really hate ARs though.[View]
37250336https://www.instagram.com/p/BgajRlOhACj/ >lets make an 8 year old fire a .50 rifle…[View]
37248691Can you guys help point me in the direction of a AIWB Holster? G19 gen 5 X300u-a RMR Comp Does such …[View]
37247172Idiots With Guns: How much do these videos piss you off /k/? https://youtu.be/PDu13qihmXI[View]
37248490Looking into getting my first AR, usually go to the range and rent but I'm tired of wasting mon…[View]
37238065Bejing avation museum.: I hope these are the right way round because im not sure how to fix that whi…[View]
37248364My jackass friend, who is too lazy to do his own research is working on a story and he wants to know…[View]
37229055>you'll never be part of the Turkish army >you'll never bombard commies >you…[View]
37248648What are the benefits of spherical cartridges?: How do spherical rounds compare to the standard cyli…[View]
37225022RIP Gun Jesus: YouTube prohibits certain kinds of content featuring firearms. Specifically, we don’t…[View]
37247436I'm living in (((California))) and I want to buy an AR-15 just to spite the antis. What should …[View]
37239991>This thread again: Dump em[View]
37249662Ruger 9mm carbine - Trigger reset issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EAN_C5ID0Q at 13:06 https:…[View]
3724565218-20 Q’s GENERAL: Alright to start this thread: I’m 19 and active duty military currently stationed…[View]
37244107WW2 documentaries: >watch random ww2 documentary >some old guy says 'the german anthem went li…[View]
37249420Finally got an M44 Nugget. All original parts minus the bayonet.[View]
37246194AR THREAD AR GENERAL /ARG/ TRIPFAG CONTAINMENT: Live Free or Die edition OLD: >>37243834…[View]
37243322CT ALERT! New bill would give family members the ability to veto pistol permits, and ban 80 lowers!:…[View]
37249230U.S. Air Force Space Chief Sees Final Frontier as Battleground: http://www.peterson.af.mil/News/Comm…[View]
37249193Super weird Mini-14: Alrighty boys, I got this weird ass Mini-14. This is what I assume to be a 1982…[View]
37248789aftermarket sights: How does k feel about aftermarket sights for their guns? Can be for handguns or …[View]
37248864The Ar/k/ive: Jewtube is banning all gun related videos. This thread is made so we can post the most…[View]
37247403United States space corps: This morning trump affirms space corps forming to combat new' Cold War' i…[View]
37238778Delusional High Schoolers: Hey /k/, I don't come here often but I think this important. I have …[View]
37239360Camo Mapping 2 Electric Boogaloo: A while back I made the thread seeking to update the camo map of t…[View]
37243105THE BEAST KEEPS WINNING: Apparently a Saudi F-15 got hit by a SAM missile, but it kept flying and bo…[View]
37231971So what do you think /k/? >a former U.S. Army infantry officer >There is no valid reason for a…[View]
37248233I acquired picrelated for free today. Did I fuck up? Also axe/hatchet/tomahawk/wtf ever thread[View]
37247184Anti-gun family: >tfw fmily members are hardcore anti-gun Do you know that feel bros?…[View]
37238663China trials unmanned tanks in latest modernization push: >BEIJING (Reuters) - China is testing u…[View]
37248376Best options for summer carry?: What are the best ways/styles of concealed carry in the summer month…[View]
37234404When it comes to big bore revolvers why would you want anything more than a .44 magnum?[View]
37247585What would you say is the all-around best camouflage for the Appalachian mountains?[View]
37247125how much money have you made so far shooting your guns, /k/?[View]
37236995If I'm conceal carrying a gun, and I meet a girl, hit it off, and get lucky. What am I suppose …[View]
37245924OR Assault Weapons Ban: They're at it again, Oregon bros. >AWB via ballot measure, meaning t…[View]
37243857AK Magazine Addiction: >Be me, an anon with massive AK magazine collecting addiction >Spends h…[View]
37248056Scythes for cheap recommendation: hey does anyone know where I can get designed scythes for cheap an…[View]
37243889So I was looking at a KSG-25, but noticed that almost half of the fucking gun is made of that polyme…[View]
37244093What is the point of the Bradley? It can't float and it can't be airdropped. Why not just …[View]
37242758Name a better survival rifle >you can’t[View]
37244393How bad was the IS-3 so how compares with his predecessors?[View]
37233719STALKER Thread: Haven't participated in one of these in a while. It's been years since I p…[View]
37236722Kriss Vector - why shouldn't I buy one?: I've been in the market for a pcc that I can cons…[View]
37247621Loadout thread: >Ctrl + F: Loadout >0 results Y'all know what to do…[View]
37245104Muh NRA: I am now officially and proud member of the NRA,the only group protecting our 2A Rights. Yo…[View]
37245905Welp.. Guess we're fucked. Any other Oregonfags here?: http://katu.com/news/local/oregon-initia…[View]
37203728/kg/ knife general Haven’t seen one of these in a while. Should I get the Blackjack 1-7 in demascus …[View]
37247655Gunsamerica - why payment by phone?: Why is gunsamerica asking me to pay by phone when I choose the …[View]
37246992Assault Weapons Ban Gun Market: If an assault weapons ban were to come down and all black scary guns…[View]
37240271Russian Military Hazing: Red pill on hazing in the Russian Military. I’ve heard it’s brutal and kind…[View]
37234803Stock pilling ammo is stupid, what you really want to stockpile is food. This isn’t Europe, we have …[View]
37246981Best Cartridge: According to the data, you should be carrying a .32.[View]
37245399How long after humanity has an established colony on Mars (a self-sustaining population of a few tho…[View]
37238282Underrated /k/ related movies >inb4 apocalypse now[View]
37238597Me and my gf are looking for easily concealable weapons for her to cc. What are your thoughts on a K…[View]
37243204Pleasantly Surprised: When I was a younger man, I wanted a Ruger PC 9 carbine and a P94 pistol. But,…[View]
37244910When did you realize corporations were a bigger threat to your guns than anti-gun politicians?[View]
37244166Pump Action Shotguns (Home Defense): Hey, /k/ What's your opinions on my first shotgun? I'…[View]
37243069Vermont: https://vtdigger.org/2018/03/21/house-panel-votes-bill-proposing-major-changes-gun-laws/ Fu…[View]
37240239Austin Bomber kia: It's over, probably. Mark Anthony Condit, 23, blew himself up when his car w…[View]
37247083Star Wars: Russia Pounds ANUNNAKI Encampment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig6Y-pV9H-0[View]
37239947SHTF medical tips: Busy making SHTF plans for when society inevitably breaks down; I have a medical …[View]
37226044Did I do good /k/?[View]
37238118Which WW2 weapon would you use against a fuckin ayy /k/?[View]
37243239Post Operators[View]
37244170Is this how early space battles will be fought? Is it accurate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDEJ…[View]
37237134I got $500. I want something that is more powerful then my .22 Marlin, that will shoot further then …[View]
37239538what's your favourite tactical snack /k/[View]
37246750What Do: Okay /k/ Im currently 19 years old and about to go to college. I was gonna wait a bit befor…[View]
37245960To Fight Against YouTube's New Rules: So, to the best of my knowledge YouTube has an algorithm …[View]
37245395Do shock troops have any real value in warfare anymore?: What would modernized versions of Erwin Rom…[View]
37240501Comfy /k/: Well hey there /k/ommandos How are you doing today? Are you snowed in, or dealing with na…[View]
37245365Talk me out of it /k/: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/757183466[View]
37153493What if CSAT existed IRL?: How powerful would they be? What countries would be part of it?[View]
37235873How the fuck do you make this better? I got an ACU in UCP and I was thinking of going full autism an…[View]
3724189854r General: Post: mosins, SVT 40's, Veprs, PSLs, SVDs, Tigers, NDM 86's. Doesn't mat…[View]
37205716Long-term SHTF: /k/, what long term-SHTF setup would you have? Where bugging in isn't really an…[View]
37229088Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
37246290I just want to die: >tfw I missed the gun show last week >tfw only gun shows for the foreseeab…[View]
37204716/ak/ thread: /ak/ Thread - Yuru Range Trip Edition /k/ related anime for Spring 2018 season: Sword A…[View]
37244941I think the IDF has the most asthetic boots of all militaries around the world. Argue. Also, i know …[View]
37243834/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Tripfaggotry welcomed here Black rifles only 3/5ths matte…[View]
37242252What skills make a good operator? What skills can be learned on the civvie side to LARP as close to …[View]
37230889So why is this thing a piece of shit, again?[View]
37245975/k/omfy: Post /k/omfy whatever from whenever[View]
37242194Could the modern day Russian army, with one nuke only, defeat Nazi Germany and its puppet states in …[View]
37223738Could modern day Sweden defeat 1943 Nazi Germany in a conventional war? Sweden has like 20 battalion…[View]
37243151I saw a pair of pitbulls in my yard the other day. What's the best caliber for use to protect m…[View]
37222273ITT we spread the single best lesson our DI/DS taught us: >19d OSUT 2010 >Practicing target ac…[View]
37244633what nation, branch, detachment, etc is this soldier from? i don't recognize his uniform. https…[View]
37245031Sporting/target/competition firearm appreciation thread: See subject[View]
37244272Thermal vs. Night Vision scope?: Looking into getting a thermal or night vision scope for hunting pi…[View]
37239733Best dump pouch snacks? I’ll start with jolly ranchers. >Individualy wrapped >Shit load in a b…[View]
37245142Martial Law: Realistically, what would happen if social unrest and rioting got so bad a president(no…[View]
37241681Best armoured vehicles for urban military police: What's the best lightly armoured vehicle acco…[View]
37230825Crime wave at my university: There's been an influx of niggers moving into my town and in the l…[View]
37243216Mountain Warfare: What kind of changes/modifications to your kit would you want to make in order to …[View]
37245645Could the Syrian Civil war expand into a war between Turkey and Syira due to Turkey's involveme…[View]
37241087Would I go to jail if I wore something like this out in public?[View]
37239881Swiss bros, we are fucked. This is why the EU wants us to be disarmed. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
37241598Best Gun Memes?: What are your fav gun memes?[View]
37245430Since /r/gundeals is banned. Can we start up a new board for gun deals that's is structured the…[View]
37244688What tank is this?[View]
372380907.7: So when I was 14, I bought my first rifle from a pawn shop. It was a jap 7.7 arisaka, without t…[View]
37237073SC General: We all know that South Carolina is best Carolina[View]
37243169GunDeals Banned: Gundeals was the best place on the internet to find cheap ammo and mags. Press F t…[View]
37245062Armed And Deadly: Police UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmJ2D4aVuO0 A look at the Armed Police …[View]
37241566Why aren't you on full30?: With youtube cracking down on gun creators, why aren't you givi…[View]
37243326Tell me everything you know about the American Revolutionary Militia. How were they armed? How were…[View]
37240124Alright /k/, I'm writing up the first draft of a pro-gun essay for my extremely leftist English…[View]
37239824Whats a good gun to protect yourself against gays?[View]
37244330'U.S. to strike Damascus, in case of danger to Russian military that is deployed in area, Russia wil…[View]
37243782Are shotguns still used by the army?[View]
37243805Most trustworthy service pistol.: What service pistol would you be most willing to trust your life o…[View]
37244423Planning on doing a 300 Blackout Pistol Build. Any suggestions? 300 blk Pistol Build Parts list: Upp…[View]
37238672Anyone else wanna do this? also cad thread.[View]
37240127does anyone have experience with the vp9sk, how does it compare to the glock 19/26?[View]
37241788How to download Jewtube videos: I'm thinking of backuping some reloading channels but I can…[View]
372393816.5 Creedmoore VS .308 WIN: What's better for downing elk?[View]
37243645YouTube removing weapons channels??: What the shit? How bad is this? Are ar-15 assembly vids getting…[View]
37243571HD ammo: i only want the best for my home defense guns and my dad and his friends keep telling me ho…[View]
37241468So with JewTubes new firearm policy we'll likely see the death of gun channels, reloading, guns…[View]
37241215So I went to the range last weekend to practice my draw-10 round group. Got under 8 seconds with a …[View]
37243892*blocks your ksg*[View]
37241339what do you think will be the game changer in the battle field that would change it forever like how…[View]
37242806To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Polish anticommunist reenacting. The impre…[View]
37240347I think it’s been long enough that we an have a reasonable conversation about this: Who is to blame …[View]
37237295Build ar or buy ak?: What do you think guys?[View]
37243737Automatic Rifleman: What should a squad automatic weapon be? >belt-fed with high capacity nut sa…[View]
37237323Questions that dont deserve their own thread Last one hit cap, post your questions and pray they get…[View]
37240750/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Tripfag day/k/are Why we bully edition Old >>372361…[View]
37241388My inner hebrew demands that I get into reloading. Could some /k/ommandos recommend some websites or…[View]
37243456https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIMChzE_aCo >fucks with the cartel >fucks with the government …[View]
37242435The US Military Is Making Lasers Create Voices out of Thin Air: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_c…[View]
37243254Tutorials: /k/ tutorial thread? Lost my folder[View]
37242853IWA 2018 Turkish Shotguns: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/03/20/iwa-2018-turkish-shotguns/ …[View]
37239691Any French anons seen this? It's about how shit FELIN is, but he mentions a report by some top …[View]
37242958List weapons that are great for killing k*rds -mustard gas[View]
37236925Favorite fire arm slang: Scatter gat[View]
37242374About to go to a gun shop for first time to check out their inventory/catalogs and ask some question…[View]
37235651Girls and guns...: Experiences? Rants? Dirty jokes? https://youtu.be/j6Ex2rVOUWs[View]
37229444gear queer thread /gq/: edgy anons don't think communities that care about each other can exist…[View]
37242650Kommando Archive Project: Since jewtube and the gun shilling faggots have decided to further fuck us…[View]
37242786/k/lass photo: LEAKED! almost final /k/lass photo without banners[View]
37242792Historical battles or incidents that should have a movie: my pick would have to be https://en.wikipe…[View]
37241936Just picked up this post-ban daewoo for 700, how did I do? Any recommendations for a sling? Only has…[View]
37236181CSA and camouflage: What's the best camo for SHTF in the southland? Specifically Tennessee?…[View]
37241871Ugly ass gun.[View]
37234794Law Enforcement General: We have /meg/ and a pmc general and even a stupid fucking 'bail bondsm…[View]
37242347Could this actually work?[View]
372402179mm: Rank all of the 9mm handgun from best to worst ie hi point[View]
37241494Help identifying revolver: Sorry for shit quality pic, it's a photo of a photo. A coworker owns…[View]
37233826>Go to gun range >Take the M91/30 >Bunch of cucks shooting gay ass guns like the flamingo l…[View]
37226575What hearing protection dos /k/ use? Thinking about buying picture related (Howard Leight Impact Spo…[View]
37241927Combat stories: While in the military, did you see any wounds? Did the 556 or the 7.62x39 make the n…[View]
37226990Is building an sbr/carbine length .308 AR a good or bad idea? Beside the obvious wear and tear what …[View]
37238017Sticky nugget: So A few years back I bought my mosin for 185$. The production date is 1942 with a la…[View]
37234484Glock 19 defect?: Is this a defect in the gun? Are Glock 19s supposed to have this?[View]
37223572ah, the millenium: when the army wasn't run by COIN mafias[View]
37236488MUSI/k/: what sort of music does /k/ listens while operating? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlb41S…[View]
37231508Why even go on?: >spend all my extra money on guns >Somehow find some more for ammo >spare …[View]
37240094New social media: Here’s how to get around Jew tube guise. We can convince all gun tubers to upload …[View]
37239297>tfw get anxiety when i think of shotguns >hate them >can shoot any pistol or rifle caliber…[View]
37181140I fucking love snubnosed revolvers. Anyone else feel the same way?[View]
37240765>be me >on hunting >work with a company where people can go to hunt >im there with 2 …[View]
37236945Do sailors even get trained on how to use guns anymore?[View]
37241164Historical infographics thread: Historical infographics, statistics, illustrations or exerts from do…[View]
37237849Info Graphic Thread: Time for a good one of these, Starting with OC. Post cool stuff not shitty hom…[View]
37238028How loud and annoying is the m44? When I take it to a range should I ask for the lane furthest from …[View]
37237750Best way to become knowledgeable about firearms?: Hey /k/. I'm a complete novice when it comes …[View]
37241238ITS HABBENING: this is not the first time its starting in Washington and Florida https://hooktube.c…[View]
37241115Hi /k/ so im in basic on weekends and i want to set my watch to 24hr time its the gshock 5610 yet I …[View]
37239459Could modern day Finland defend himself against 1939 Soviet in a conventional war? How many russians…[View]
37240494I'm an ak newb: https://www.classicfirearms.com/ras47-rifle-ak-type-semi-auto-by-century-arms h…[View]
37232357>2018 >Not having your concealed carry chambered in .45 Explain yourself…[View]
37226387This is the ideal assault rifle. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
37238619what does /k/ think of Escape from tarkov?[View]
37232887Best M-65?: Is it Pic related or is it just a meme? I need something new and most places are hocking…[View]
37240640>See a thread about how shitty Nugget Enterprises is >See they have a birthday box for sale …[View]
37236257Cozy LGS bullshitting and fun thread: Post fun LGS stories and other interesting shit that you see h…[View]
37236103/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Tripfaggotry! Primary and Secondary edition Old >>3…[View]
37240633eurofag here. guns aren't illegal, but it's not easy to get a license, takes long and if y…[View]
37223231Why aren't you legally open carrying your sword in texas right now.[View]
37239705any trench knife recommendations?[View]
37238042Rimfire General: >Rimfire General How do you maintain your rimfire's barrel, anon? Does it n…[View]
37239818>600$ >Mossberg 500 fully equipped w/ 8-Round Tube Extention, Magpul Furniture (Stock, Forend,…[View]
37240585Trying to decide between the suppressor ready P-10C and P-09. Any perspectives would be helpful, gen…[View]
37238755Can i fire 9mm largon in a steyr 1912 made in 1914?[View]
37233375Are revolvers still used as a self defense gun?: Aren't revolvers obsoletes? Wouldn't be t…[View]
37213037Patch thread: Trade, create and sell patches. >Previous thread >>37193121 >Where can I b…[View]
37239859So, I'm writing a short story.: But, I had a few questions and could use a bit of help. It cent…[View]
37239385Syria vs Germany: Who do you think would win if you put Syria where Poland or France are located and…[View]
37239031what did he mean by this?[View]
37239424/COMBAT/: Post some fucking combat videos / pictures or whatever the fuck. Syrian Close quarter comb…[View]
37234179I don’t get it, why do people get full sized handguns? Is it for people in cuck states who can’t get…[View]
37238870Shooting Jackets: Did anyone every figure out what shooting jacket Paul Harrell has? Anyone see anyt…[View]
37238821Steve sent me a shirt[View]
37231764Is Mae Bae part 3: Lets see how far we can take this. Personally I thin she is cute[View]
37239612fasthelp: \K\omrades, plz, help me to discribe that shit in english. what is it? (for russian ' CУХA…[View]
37239203.450 Bushmaster?: GO![View]
37239591Should I put blue thread locker on my new aimpoint pro, pic unrelated[View]
37234820/K/, how do you feel about war? Is it something to be romanticized or is it the worst thing about hu…[View]
37217716What's your loadout for Goblin Slaying /k/? Don't worry, they don't have a kankering …[View]
37239329Who wants /k/ Coins?: Post your ERC-20 Wallet addres and i send you 100 /k/ coins. Address: 0x3f508…[View]
37238884>I'm sorry, Anon. But I'm just not buying it. How in the hell did your wife accidentall…[View]
37239210Let's play a game /k/. We say what we do for work and other anons try to guess what our EDC gun…[View]
37239024Should India buy Caliber missiles?[View]
37236355Has anyone ever bought a class 3 bit online? How long did the ATF take? Paper or digital filing?[View]
37238815What side did Roland take in Ireland, Lebanon and Palestine?: We know he fought the Bantu to help ou…[View]
37238742M48 Ammo: I bought an M48, and I'm trying to decide where to buy ammo. I have the choice betwee…[View]
37236684Youtube cracking down on gun channels.: Is this the end for Demo Ranch and Hickock45? When will this…[View]
37237213HELP FUCK FUCK FUCK NO: hey /k/ we are fucked, analy oraly ALL OF THEM people dont understand that t…[View]
37215841Drug dealers and gangs.: So, /k/. I have recently separated from the military and went back home to …[View]
37223107Califaggia Thread: So, how are all you Califags holding up? Remember... DO NOT COMPLY[View]
37230588Is Scouting /k/ approved?: >Encourages hanging around innawoods >Encourages rifle shooting …[View]
37238959REMOVE TOXO!: Toxo keep killing birds at my feeder, mourning dove is crying because it mate was kill…[View]
37233501What Happens to Chinese Military Surplus?[View]
37238765My nugget has a mark similar to pic related (in the circle) in about the same spot. There's a b…[View]
37238317Hey /k/ today I ordered a gun online for the first time. From classic firearms to my local gun store…[View]
37235656What is this maneuver called?: asking for a friend[View]
37235810Falschamps Motigny Mitrailleuse Early Mg: Any operational models of these still floating about?…[View]
37236428With some substantial gun channels moving content to pornhub I just have one question for you /k/, h…[View]
37238019Hey guys. I just got my first gun. Should I start out appendix carrying or 4'oclock carrying fo…[View]
37238488M1A Hunting. Yay or Nay?: Evening /K/ At work rn and I was wondering if hunting deer and/or elk with…[View]
37231345If America goes full retard: Could I either gift or sell my guns to friends I trust in other countri…[View]
37235486Let’s play a game. What’s real what’s fake[View]
37235413ATF Thread >schedule 1 editon: Hehehehe....[View]
37237545the fuck is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYMtX3E-Lgs hey /k/ there is so many things wrong …[View]
37235523Bug out bag thread?: Finally starting to get serious about setting up a BOB, been casually scanning …[View]
37228513We get it, you hunt.: Why do Fudds feel the need to cover everything they own with Realtree?[View]
37225641Handgun General - /hg/ - #69: Handgun General - /hg/ - #69 'Sexual deviancy' edition pastebin here h…[View]
37228017Best way to remove feral cats from home owned country property? A family of rabbits regularly breeds…[View]
37231927What should I do /k/? My father received a death threat at work of 'I'm gonna give you some hea…[View]
37230274MEG didnt help so I am trying here. Is there a certain type of person that succeeds in EOD school? I…[View]
37236556Beretta apx: Opinions on this gun? Just picked one up and i love it. Feels great in my hands and the…[View]
37234773Had a malfunction today that nearly took out my face.. the hell is going on. Do i get a new gun, do …[View]
37237411What's the point of the balisong outside of trying to look cool (or in other words, like a chol…[View]
37237100So what exactly makes you a fudd[View]
37233598serious thread here. NJ fags we are screwed the assault weapons ban is going from 2 to 1 feature for…[View]
37223049Joining a militia?: What are your opinions on joining a militia, /k/? I've been thinking about …[View]
37237300Just gonna set this here[View]
37198536QTDDTOT: new thread old one is at bump limit What is the ideal zero distance for 7.62x39?[View]
37226839/k/ NGO Career paths: If you or someone you know works in private security / military contracting pl…[View]
37233104There's Another Huge Anti-Gun Rally This Saturday: Go out and disrupt the one nearest you. http…[View]
37233930Whats a good cheap 9mm hand gun that doesn’t look like its from a shitty syfi show *cough (high poin…[View]
37236468Has anyone here managed to get their hands on one of these? Where can i get one?[View]
37234321North Carolina General: Talk about NC. Places to hunt, shoot, perform STALKER activities. Also where…[View]
37233171Inside the waistband knives: What is a good small fixed blade that I can carry IWB?[View]
37236931This any good?[View]
37236151how to into /k/: I have a pump action shotgun for home defense. That's the only gun I own. I wa…[View]
37236802upcoming war in mormonistan: https://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2018/03/economist-ex…[View]
37234933Hey guys, I'm getting ready to get a new EDC pistol. Currently I'm using a full size USP9 …[View]
372367605 'most dangerous' rifles.: http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/there-are-the-5-most-dangerous…[View]
37235679Do it[View]
37235883How many semi auto rifles, mags and ammo do you have? How many more do you plan to have before you f…[View]
37216252The knight has a longsword. Swap it out if you think he can't survive with that.[View]
37222598Daily reminder that even a poorfag like you can afford a C308. Have you boys bought budget battle r…[View]
37232130So there has been a bunch of mailbombs in texus the shittiest state. How could you protect yourself …[View]
37235514Stop making me hoard more lowers, ammo and pmags. I want to buy better optics..... ahhhhhh[View]
37230628/k/ BTFO by Youtube: Previous thread: >>37226563 Policies on content featuring firearms YouTub…[View]
37231727Rebluing a Swedish Mauser barrel?: Anons, I feel like this is a no-no. Ive got a Swedish Mauser it p…[View]
37230476Scared of recoil: Manlet here. I weigh 128 lbs. My range only allows slugs. I'm scared if I get…[View]
37236616.22 revolvers: Is there any middle ground between zincshit heritages and Single Sizes? I want a .22 …[View]
37232308Glock holster/light general: So awhile back i bought a glock 19 gen 5 for 450 and been meaning to bu…[View]
37229538What is the best shooting range in northern Virginia?[View]
37230032Do operators like headpats?[View]
37235014Youtube Mainstream Payback: With youtube's new anti-gun guidlines, we should report any videos …[View]
37235462why swastika isn't nazi[View]
37229083Canada General - FUCK THE LPC EDITION: Previous thread: >>37220454 New here? Want a firearm li…[View]
37236192>Original was good, showed spooks as an immoral, yet effective tool against the cartels >First…[View]
37236352MD C&R: O/k/ay fellow MD prisoners, I has query. Let's say one has an FFL 03 C&R permit…[View]
37235799ywn choke hipoint chan and make her say daddy as you rail her with over pressurized cent slut steel …[View]
37234857Florida CRC AWB: Anyone concerned about this at all. Nobody seems to mention it. Doubt it will pass …[View]
37221486How many kills did you get in the military? How did they happen?[View]
37234963What does /k/ think about SKD tactical and their products?[View]
37231047so where does 2A end, exactly[View]
37233493/arg/ AR thread: Giddy can't stop heaving to go back edition Old >>37230023[View]
3723477692FS or 92A1: Hey /k/, I'm going to buy my first Beretta pretty soon. I have a choice between a…[View]
37235865Does shooting a pistol make you better at shooting a rifle than shooting a rifle would make you with…[View]
37234574Is the concept of the SAW outdated? The Marines are replacing theirs with ARs, now the Brits are dro…[View]
37235764Which power rangers make the ideal /k/ommandos?[View]
37234323New acquisition, what you guys think?[View]
37235354Guns explained with cats: Now I know, and knowing is half the battle . https://youtu.be/WxwPcUh97oc…[View]
37226185Loaded magazines?: I’ve heard keeping magazines loaded for an extended period of time will ruin the …[View]
37225669Best Deals Thread: Post the best deals you've gotten on guns ITT.[View]
37234627Is there any good gun asmr videos? Or any /k/ related asmr?[View]
37220267>tfw ruck march >tfw have shower after it and water sprinkles on your heels…[View]
37218060Podcasts: I need something to listen to on my daily commute. Can anyone recommend any good weapons/w…[View]
37230207I've got rats in the backyard What caliber to remove rat?[View]
37232236Some of you guys are alright, don't go to Westlands farm tomorrow[View]
37235401Is this normal for a glock? saw the other thread and now i'm worried.[View]
37233029I lost my glock.: I lost my big black glock. Help me anons.[View]
37223789Bail Enforcement Agents. I kinda want to be an LEO but dont want to work for a police department per…[View]
37220416Has anyone ever bought a military vehicle on here like pic related? What was your experience, what h…[View]
37228203Hey /k/ if the shit hits the fan would we act together as like one big militia or this is it we’re f…[View]
37222012What brand of firearms most embodies the Chad lifestyle?[View]
37227978Mark IV: Thoughts?[View]
37234198Sup /k/. I went to my local gun shop today and found a KFS SKS (pic related) for $340. I had never h…[View]
37232243Thoughts on this list /k/?: http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/there-are-the-5-most-dangerous…[View]
37227942The revolver is gun of the samurai You kisama-tachi that use semi-autos have no honor[View]
37232893is this really a better representation of the 'gun community' than colion noir or james yeager[View]
37221016Law Enforcement vs Military: The greatest law enforcement unit on Earth (probably BOPE, maybe South …[View]
37234006Size comparison photos: Took some size comparison photos and figured it could be a cool thread idea …[View]
37233256when do we slaughter the bubbas this cannot continue.[View]
37230000Early Tax Refund Thread: Talk me out of it, before it's back in stock /k/... Also what you guys…[View]
37221456Muzzleloaders General: I just ordered a Springfield 1795 flintlock. What accessories do I really nee…[View]
37232214Where the hell do I find a lever action circuit judge for sale? They'e sold out everywhere, and…[View]
37220365I'm 18 and getting my bounty hunting license. I live in California. What equipment should I buy…[View]
37227804What’s a /k/ approved doggo? I’m looking for one for college and for a buddy/ self defense. What bre…[View]
37212979Cold War Thread 1980s edition Post'em[View]
37232510Best happening aesthetic?[View]
37230724>'IRENE, SAY AGAIN, IRENE' >yfw[View]
37232524G3 but Bakelite?: How do i manage to bake, modify, or find a Bakelite G3 Handguard, why dont they ex…[View]
37227376Lets have a shovel thread https://youtu.be/fzs_dYE6MjA[View]
37230934AR500 Armor Vs. Spartan Armor: Who makes the best Level 4 Ceramic armor and who makes the best soft …[View]
37223704YouTube now banning for anything gun related: Well... there goes that.[View]
37229583Can I suppress a can cannon?: 'Thus the Can Cannon no longer must be registered as a short barrel un…[View]
37233912>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Darges kek[View]
37223751/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: 92G Master Race Edition previous >>37189646 LYING ABOUT M…[View]
37233682And people wonder why I want a reliable way to protect myself: >'Why would you want to carry a gu…[View]
37212497SIG 550 Family: Tell me Swiss anons, why doesn't your government/arms industry sell your weapon…[View]
37221949Let's imagine for a second...: Let's imagine that we live in a fantasy world where the gov…[View]
37233590First purchase with a C&R: As a homeowner, does this come right to my door and I sign for it or …[View]
37233582Bows: whats the best bow to get for hunting[View]
37231426First shoot house course coming up: Any tips or things to keep in mind, /k/? A little scared, and no…[View]
37226095>tfw they reject you from the military because you suppository have psychopathic tendencies Going…[View]
37230596Albeit small, a glimmer of hope: I thought this detatched enough to deserve its own thread >gunma…[View]
37233321What gun is this?[View]
37217595Navy 'Fully Invested' in Futuristic Railgun, Top Officer Says: https://www.military.com/de…[View]
37221109How can you quickly neutralize a school shooter?[View]
37207758G11 appreciation thread post best gun[View]
37230023AR Thread /ARG/ tripfag containment: what the fuck do you expect edition old >>37226157[View]
37232022I want to start concleaded carrying. I am new to carrying and don't really know where to start.…[View]
37232760what thefuck is this /k/[View]
3723224810/22 charger or rifle for an innawoods gun: Both are about the same price for a used one at my LGS.…[View]
37227339Recommendations Semi-Automatic: Greetings from glorious Austria (Yes thats another country than Aust…[View]
37224566Where do you buy guns?: /k/ Where do you buy your guns? >Pic related…[View]
37231335Cll amd63: Are these worth the money or turds? Would i be better off goining with an npap or saving …[View]
37229737Starting USPSA: Looking to try out USPSA and was hoping some competitive shooting anons could steer …[View]
37211886a bomb was attached to a for sale sign on a house that wasn't for sale. there were two explosio…[View]
37230143Im looking for a locking gun rack to put in my Jeep wrangler. I drive a softop and can't take f…[View]
37213487Buy/Sell/Trade BST General: Post em' lads[View]
37232497that feel when you learn that canada had jack shit for gun laws before 1999[View]
37232356Can we get a good ol' aesthetic thread going? Salt Rifles, Wood and leather, botes, battle budd…[View]
37230560You have the resources to pay a firearm manufacturer to create an original, custom-made gun built to…[View]
37232033Build Videos to save from Youtube cuckery: I'm looking to do an AK parts kit build in the futur…[View]
37227638Bows in modern combat: So have bows actually been used in modern combat? Like pic related?[View]
37232011Would it be possible for me to install a 960 Rowland barrel into a Glock 23 even though it's ex…[View]
37229182you wake up in russia see this guarding you wat do?[View]
37226432What advantages does a smoothbore barrel has over a rifled one?[View]
37231174are shoulder fired automatic grenade launchers useful in warfare (not riot control)? Seems more like…[View]
37221648Anybody know anything about mosins?: I picked up this Mosin at an estate sell for $100. Can you tell…[View]
37226279So....someone is offering to sell me most of a FN model D BAR kit for 450. Worth it?[View]
37223918Are Glock replacement barrels a meme?: So aesthetic[View]
37227449Timestamp Thread: Timestamps no older than 2 weeks. pic related my Ruger EC9s[View]
37213819For some reason it's a pain in the ass to find good shipwreck pictures. Everything is uploaded …[View]
37229940>/k/ doesn't even coat their firearms in wax[View]
37229777AC-5 Gunship when? It would be like a star destroyer. Pic: C-5 in the back, Hercules C-130 in the fr…[View]
37231392YouTube to begin banning firearms-related content: 'In a sweeping decision, YouTube has released the…[View]
37228739THE SOLDIERS CREED! do it now faggots[View]
37231090Military WSO: My fiancé is a WSO for the air force and has just graduated UCT. What would be a good …[View]
37231251I have an old rusty Winchester 94 30/30 and a very good condition Henry Big Boy classic in .357, whi…[View]
372269392018 AWB: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/5087 >Semi-automatic assault we…[View]
37231144anyone know what the hoodie and pants are?: i've been looking for some for a while,also neato c…[View]
37229957Just got this its made by mfg standard is it any good[View]
37227224GENERAL KNIFE THREAD: Hello dear brothers. Was looking for some info on places to order custom knife…[View]
37231002If you could pick any ammo manufacturer to sponsor you with free unlimited ammo but you had to wear …[View]
37223075What do you do if you want to get into a weapon based martial art that has no outfit where you live[View]
37225553Never owned or shot a gun before. Bought pic related in .308 as my first rifle. Did I fuck up?[View]
37230984Youtube just released new guidelines regarding firearms, and it essentially kills all the major gun …[View]
37230808What do you think is in the box? The box I got at christmas was pretty shitty but I did order it lat…[View]
37221634none: How can you weaponize a dog?[View]
37227125How does the the SIG 510 hold up compared to the G3? To the FAL? And is it the best 7.62 NATO rifle …[View]
37216246First Gun Papoose?: I'm in the market for my first gun. After watching YouTube videos for weeks…[View]
37219859How you holdin' up /k/?: Is everything going alright for you? I've been feeling like shit…[View]
37228808Do I either >buy a TT30 from a website online that is selling them in a batch to I get a random t…[View]
37227793Has anyone on /k/ ever been a naval aircrewman?[View]
37215533/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Unregistered Machine Gun Edition >Thread #574 Old thread here …[View]
37229696CPX 2: Any info about this i should know before buying one? G search only showed positives but I kno…[View]
37225481I just saw this on /b/ and it made me remember something, I know those faggots don't know so I …[View]
37211074Wasn't Bruce Lee a lethal weapon?[View]
37219538What went wrong?[View]
37225052/Firearm Cleaning Thread/: Post methods you use, Cleaners / Lubricants, any new piece of cleaning ge…[View]
37229975AR thread /arg/: Best buds edition Old >>37226157[View]
37230009The F-35 is the ultimate pleb filter: If someone says that it's a terrible aircraft, I instantl…[View]
37226157AR thread /arg/: miss me with that gay shit edition Old>>37222380[View]
37226563It's Really No Shit Habbening: Backup any youtube gun videos you think might want. You've …[View]
37226168Arisaka performance?: been a while /k/. i live in emu controlled territory and they have banned guns…[View]
37210921A-10 vs F-35: A-10 is the superior platform. I will prove why. >30mm cannon >titanium bathub …[View]
37192829why isn't USA using an 140mm cannon on the abrams? it let's you drop out the loader and pu…[View]
37229764USS Juneau CL-52 found on St Patrick's Day: https://news.usni.org/2018/03/19/paul-allen-finds-s…[View]
37221817/combat/: Lets get a combat thread going, post videos / pictures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7…[View]
37226137what does /k/ think of palm saps?[View]
372269721911: 1911 .45 acp or .38 super?[View]
37225018/pol/ skykings: Get your asses over to /pol/ we’ve had up to 6 skykings and one coordinates broadcas…[View]
37199251>Not carrying a heap of raw iron shaped like a sword[View]
37207259How useful would this be?[View]
37218633How does /k/ formulate their opinion about a gun?[View]
37227148Budsgunstore: Any one else have issues with Buds for super fucking slow shipping? Im going fucking s…[View]
37223801Is Federal American Eagle .45 ACP good shit?: Looking to buy 500-1000 rounds, to run through my HK U…[View]
37222980dumbest things you’ve seen people do while using a weapon?[View]
37220454Canada General: Ban edition New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2j…[View]
37222358how did I do: so this is my first handgun purchase, I paid $350. How did I do?[View]
37228022Canik, Glock or Walther 9mm for competition, why?: Simple looking at taking a stock 9mm and building…[View]
37216956cool war/vehicle/weapon webm's not shit quality edition[View]
37228107I found this photo an I dont know how do you end like this. Can someone explain or get me the sauce …[View]
37227011will this stop a 9mm?[View]
37227802ITT your dream rifle. Mine is the Tikka T3x TAC, because its cool as frigg.[View]
37214629Gun infographics: People at my school have been putting up signs about reforming gun control. I woul…[View]
37219908The year is 2050, and a sizeable Mars colony has been set up by independant corporations. However, s…[View]
37227661would a 12 gauge shotgun do more damage than this?[View]
37222788Is there anyway to own a gun for less than $200 I've always liked them but I don't have m…[View]
37222171.50 Caliber AR-10s: .500 Phantom: http://teppojutsu.com/500_Phantom.htm .510 Beck: http://www.recoil…[View]
37227945ATI shotguns: These are cheap, $160 at buds Anyone have any experience with them?[View]
37224376GP100 thread: Show me your steel cannons anons. Thoughts on the new gp100 7 round? I think I may ha…[View]
37222625A friend sent me the plans for this homemade gun. Could it work, or is it going to blow up in his fa…[View]
37227944Strong European Tank Challenge 2018: Anyone here attending SETC18? >New competitors for this year…[View]
37221235Glocktards btfo: Glock are overpriced garbage that aren’t as strong as steel framed czs or even alum…[View]
37207125Can the Boers win against the blacks in a war, or will it be Rhodesia all over again?[View]
37224246Tac Baby Carrier Suggestions: Any Dads out there that can recommend a tactical baby carrier? I know …[View]
37227547https://twitter.com/Acemal71/status/953699358838607873 https://twitter.com/haskologlu/status/9529644…[View]
37222092Why are handguns so damn popular: Why are handguns so fucking popular as defensive weapons compared …[View]
37215472If Ian is gun Jesus, who's Gun Mohammed?[View]
37226638243 vs 308 Ausfailia: Is there anything in Australia that 243 wouldn't be fine for? Been tossin…[View]
37223876Zippos: How many of you guys use zippos? I fucking love mine.[View]
37226912was he actually a good marksman or just an incompetent idiot without sense for actual organization? …[View]
37227209Post your Top 5 favorite Gun Jesus episodes: Since he'll probably get SHUT DOWN soon https://ww…[View]
37226829So how does one geocache an AR if you dont afford pic related[View]
37207774Is this kind of fearmongering common in Britland?: >Police found a stash of terrifying and loaded…[View]
37223790>we should ban the AR-15! >but more people get killed by handguns and shotguns than AR-15…[View]
37226462The first bomb was in a package and exploded right as the victim lifted the bomb from the porch. thi…[View]
37225884Polish Grot S premiere in april msrp for polish market about 2400$ Sport version will have CHF barre…[View]
37211993/gq/ - Gear Queer: Crye Till I Die Edition >/gq/ Basic Guide to Gear (READ FIRST) https://ghostbi…[View]
37225776Help me value this shotgun: I have something for sale on armslist and this guy messages me wanting t…[View]
37223759First AR build: Alright /k/, idk if this is a dumb question or not but I can’t seem to find the answ…[View]
37225380Do I have autism? What do your ARs look like? This one I assembled. I chose keymod because I wanted …[View]
37225144Pin Identifcation: Got given a Soviet wedge cap with a handful of badges stuck to it. Most of em I a…[View]
37216680M1X Garand [Modernized]: So, Springfield Armoury sells 'new' M1 Garand battle rifles (made from new …[View]
37207869How come revolving shotguns have never taken off? Yeah, I understand that the gap between the cylind…[View]
37222649If I have a small baseball bat in my bag and a small air pistol (metal) Are these too much like wea…[View]
37197713In a HTH situation, would you be better served by a dagger type blade or a utility KBAR type blade?[View]
37223109>Went to a spa yesterday >Went with girlfriend, surprisingly was actually pretty great >Saw…[View]
37224824What would I need to reload in the most poorfag way possible?[View]
37223661Getting shot while turkey hunting..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A8aWRvece8 I keep reading comm…[View]
372253738992 Thread: Tits for attention Honestly, I dont even know what this is referring to. Please enlight…[View]
37224867Saudi barrage: what is being fired here? Is this AA fire being shot at a ridge? https://www.youtube.…[View]
37226431R-Rule the waves...[View]
37220635I was a USAF Security policeman and am now an armed private security person.I have carried many hand…[View]
37224915How dire were the conditions of the allied prisoner camps under imperial japan?: https://www.youtube…[View]
37223218I just went to my first gunshow and it was really underwhelming. Most of the stock people had seemed…[View]
37220517There are over 33 million Americans living in the West coast metropolitan areas and nearly double th…[View]
37204757Handgun General - /hg/ - #68: Quality Control edition pastebin here https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik …[View]
37214687What is the most obnoxious gun you could bring to the range? I mean really fucking annoying to the r…[View]
37225169When around Germans and Scots prepare for them to be twats!: >Thus, the besieging forces were dem…[View]
37212542>get tired of playing dress up pretend operator >decide to become real operator >get AD in …[View]
37215076What do: You are walking down the street with your girlfriend and this guy grabs her ass.. what do y…[View]
37224365What would a /k/ meetup look like in Oklahoma?: >Windy all damn day. soyboys couldn't shoot …[View]
37221679Military Exoskeletons #5: Pitman Returns!: >>Full-body .50 BMG AP protection. >>300lb ma…[View]
37224356Hand Guns Don't Kill People, Neither Do People Using Them: http://www.tulsaworld.com/homepagela…[View]
37222380AR thread /arg/: /arg/ AR thread Bullyzone Tripfag containment Duel weilding SCARs edition Old >…[View]
37183360Manly pistol thread[View]
37224513/K/ bought this little Smith and Wesson model 36 (no dash) for $700. I know thats a tot but its in g…[View]
37224471SHTF: Weapons you can make at home in case shit hits the fan, for scientific purposes[View]
37217791>France, 1944 >Pic related ambushes your Allied tank platoon >What do?…[View]
37224574I'm looking to buy my first rifle, and I have a dumb question. In picrelated, are there iron si…[View]
37224375What does /k/ think of modular SUV's? > At the moment the 'MIC' on their own and with partne…[View]
37219271Guns in space: Should Americans carry firearms in space they are entitled to on Earth? If one Americ…[View]
37205833Unpopular opinion thread >Full sized handguns are a waste of money >the best ar-15 is a pist…[View]
37221860American Aggression war on Canada: I am in an argument with a friend of mine in a scenario if Americ…[View]
37211339.32 ACP Self-Defense: How's .32 for self defense? thinking about a pistol for target shooting a…[View]
37219445Generic gun porn thread[View]
37216211Field & Survival Foods: I'm writing a cook book about foods, recipes, equipment and just ab…[View]
37220777Federal Bulk Ammo Quality: Anyone have experience with federal bulk xm193? Also how far is too far …[View]
37209747Walmart Gun Desk Stories: You guys at gun stores think you get the crazy gun customers? Nah, the Wal…[View]
37223433RIA durability: So the local pawn has this neat RIA cs in for 400$. How are these? RIA in particular…[View]
37215690Itt your edc knive[View]
37222105ITT Itty bitty babby guns: Pocket guns are unnecessary and only carried by people compensating for s…[View]
37221558Post Venezuelan protest pictures: Heres mine[View]
37221220I got a new knife today, /k/.[View]
3722360017th Century Assault Weapons: >>5-30 round magazine. Capable of 54 rounds per minute. First bu…[View]
37222554Anybody have some directions for homemade mortars or artillery?[View]
37225025Why can't we discuss gun control on /k/?: We're facing the most coordinated threat against…[View]
37217642Should MREs include alcohol to boost the troops morale?[View]
37220972Alright /k/ I’m buying a Springfield M1A tomorrow still unsure as to which model to get for hunting/…[View]
37211674What canteen from ebay should I get?[View]
37221328So I was at ze german store today and found this. Thoughts?[View]
37220550>stopped smoking weed >have a dream where I am shot as I walk down stair and just lie there i…[View]
37203636ITT, guns you wanted because of a movie. Pic related.[View]
37221986I’ve owned multiple ar-15s and handguns and stock pile 556s and 9mm. What is 22lr and why do people …[View]
37200913/msg/: Practical uses edition[View]
37225659In the U.S., about one million people were actively involved in the plot to kill 90% of their fellow…[View]
37220183Hypothetically if someone sold a gun to someone by accident that wasn't allowed to own a gun co…[View]
37222884Robots in WW2: What if there were advance robots in World War 2? How would they look like and what r…[View]
37222782What gun is this: i dont no what weapons this is can you help me /k/[View]
37222271How would /k/ stop the machine uprising when it inevitably comes[View]
37220063Buying a 1953 Mosin Nagant soon. Whats the best way to clean it? Also thinking about a 1944 Rockola …[View]
37214669Religious Apocalypse: >no killing >no stealing >no lying >when given the opportunity, he…[View]
37220283airshit 1911 carbine conversion kit - any good: Would this work with a proper 1911 pistol in 45 supe…[View]

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