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36502472Good gun to get in the 800-1000 dollar range?: Looking at probably a USP45 or FNX45, tried them both…[View]
36498230That's a serious headache http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/01/15/potd-bullet-head/[View]
36504711Hey /k/ can any of you lads confirm whether or not this is an original Mosin stripper clip? I found …[View]
36478228>challenging and fun >satisfying as fuck >the classiest of the shooting sports who else her…[View]
36495306Why doesn't the US have a Gunsmithing culture like that in Pakistan: http://www.thefirearmblog.…[View]
36476084Arsenal thread Post em if you got em[View]
36504757Not really sure how many FFL 03 boys are on /k/, but i've submitted paperwork to become one and…[View]
36498873Was it autism?[View]
36497679>tfw missed the boat on buying Mosins and SKSes by the crate[View]
36503296Somebody give Larry a Snickers.: Is Shotshow anything more than just a giant circlejerk for ecelebs …[View]
36503888Tips for basic training: Well guys I am shipping out to basic training Wednesday morning. You guys h…[View]
36504029Thoughts?: Kel-Tec RDB >Same guys that made the KSG >Really like the KSG >Local shop is off…[View]
36495108Looking to buy my first shotgun. What's /k opinion of the Mossberg 930 JM Pro: Looking for an a…[View]
36491071When will Finland apologize?[View]
364983905.56 vs .300 memeout: Hello /k/, I recently built my first ar pistol with a barrel length of 7.5” ch…[View]
36502016stories of negligence and idiocy: Interested in dumb shit you've done personally or seen at a r…[View]
36500862why cant we fire sabot rounds off smaller cannons like 30-40 mm to defeat mbt armour why do modern …[View]
36485910/meg/ Military Enlistment General: Previous >>336472163 LYING ABOUT CRIMINAL HISTORY = BAD LYI…[View]
36501360First Handgun Purchase: Hey /k/, I'm a Marine stationed in Kansas City and currently looking at…[View]
36498411what a great investment Ian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVO01T94daM[View]
36500183Eastern Coyote: Used to hunt hog in Texas, about to start hunting Eastern Coyote in PA...Still gonna…[View]
36502814This is what peak performance looks like[View]
36503096Sup /k/, talk me out of buying a threaded barrel for my glawk, pic related. And yes, I do plan on ge…[View]
36496564You know the drill[View]
36500479AR thread-ar general /arg/: Only people that can prove they have a life outside of arg by posting at…[View]
36503378Can you carry in NYC if you have armed guard license ? Info - you need a NY State pistol permit and …[View]
36502414Are there any calibers without significant downsides?: >9mm >Weak as shit, cheap ammo, infinit…[View]
36502920Magpul fanclub post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=lTy7fh1t0c8 the overlords a…[View]
36493986In all seriousness why in the flying fuck are hollow points banned by the Geneva convention?[View]
36501960ITT contradictory weapons related opinions: >Think 9mm is too weak for CC >Think .32 ACP is un…[View]
36483771Why aren't you slinging yet? It is one of the most effective, cheap primitive weapons there is,…[View]
36500547Zmaps thread: Don't know how long it's been since this has been updated, but here it is. P…[View]
36498843Mousetraps /k/ style: Any anons out there that can try this? I don't have a rodent problem so I…[View]
36485130ITT: Convince me not to buy You know the drill, post a weapon you want anons say why its good or why…[View]
36492385shitty memes: I need some memes of gun jesus, post em[View]
36494884How do we weaponize cars?[View]
36475500A e s t h e t i c G u n s: guns you find sexy[View]
36500027>tfw you just wanna look at guns and ammo >tfw you may even buy something >tfw the fucknut …[View]
36498945can you make the standard sulfur pot. nitrate charcoal gunpowder (pic related) using ammonium nitrat…[View]
36487687>he carries a gun or keeps one nearby because 'the police are minutes away when seconds count' …[View]
36498313What equipment for this situation?: >be filling up gas >suddenly 30+ hoodlums come rushing dow…[View]
36494415What does /k think about post apocalyptic weapons? would you mod your gun to look post apocalyptic i…[View]
36500210Hey /k/ how you all holding up? Slapped this together today! What did you do today?[View]
36501042Lets see Hollywoods most egregious and just plain absurd gun-bominations. >Has direct thread sile…[View]
36492090How did they convince men to climb the ladder to certain death?[View]
36501408Home Defence with out the use of guns[View]
36486727What is /k/'s favorite revolver and why is it the LCR?: Pro's: Revolver Easy to shoot Aest…[View]
36498732Stupid shit you got kicked off the range for.: Me: >>>Ripping a rental full-auto AK out of …[View]
36497415What is this?: A friend bought this and is trying to tell me its a Luger, I’m 99.9% sure it’s not. I…[View]
36500590Guise Aesthetically speaking only, the Taurus Raging revolvers are my fav. Hate em or love em, they …[View]
36500748Looking for manuals: Anybody have a copy of ORD 7 C-73 or ORD 8 C-73 available?[View]
36484097What was your first gun you ever bought /k/?[View]
36500449Sad times: >Be me >Been interested in guns for a long time >Researching everything I could …[View]
36497278Should the USA and NATO adopt a new pistol cartridge?: I've been thinking about this for a whil…[View]
36492829What is it like?: Describe to me the specific feeling you felt when you first entered into the milit…[View]
36500053Hey /k/, Im not a frequenter here because I dont know that much about guns(not modern ones anyway) b…[View]
36499538Best thermal sight option for hunting bigfoot/dogman/? Under $10,000 preferably. IR Hunter Mark III…[View]
36500358/k/ what do you think?: I am starting a job working security they want me to supervise. I will get t…[View]
36496604Self Defense General: If you have to carry, it does well to carry smart. Recommend and discuss weapo…[View]
36499917Latvia signs for more G36s. I take it Germany buying a new rifle will actually have a rather negligi…[View]
36497869/k/haracters: ITT: We post people who are /k/.[View]
36494154Why is it when Glocks fail they aren't small failure, but catastrophic? All guns fail, but Gloc…[View]
36486590Thoughts on fighting with a blade against a superior opponent? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1EQ0YAe…[View]
36478166British Army Recruitment Advert 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ4OoPNY_YM Bongs we need to t…[View]
36497185AR thread/ARG/tripfag containment: Post traps(solvent) editions Old >>36492834[View]
36496698Wait a minute, what happened to the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act? Haven't heard anything abo…[View]
36487681>Meanwhile in Space /k/[View]
36498696Does anyone have those comics that show Disney characters as U-boat commanders or in the Afrika Korp…[View]
36492735Does Russia have the strongest armed forces in all of Europe[View]
36498238Small fixed blade knives: What are some good small fixed blade knives that I can wear inside the wai…[View]
36499169Let's talk about Black Powders weapons. [spoiler] aka the only type of weapons easy to have in …[View]
36492371ITT: unusual weapons[View]
36499717Safest/Most Reliable Gun To Own?[View]
36487846Finnish government is looking for a new rifle thanks RKs problems below >heavy >shoots outdate…[View]
36499814/k/lass photo winter 2017: Where is it at?[View]
36497572Please help: Hi, /k! Can you tell me what is the name of this part in English? I need it but I don…[View]
36496504What is your prefered weapon of the season? How has your season been so far? What range was the have…[View]
36496126Soviet Pin: Got this pin from someone whose father served in the Soviet military, any idea what it m…[View]
36499108Swedish Manhunter: Well Sven? Are you out there? Did you have your revenge yet? Are you still search…[View]
36497026are there any news or stories of foreign spec ops (non western) that have been caught killed or capt…[View]
36497902Why do certain barrels do this?: I was just curious, why do some barrels become thicker and then les…[View]
36497180why are these legal? aren't they the same as sawed off shotguns?[View]
36496466what gun is this guy holding?[View]
36495950going to do the innawoods challenge with a mate in couple of weeks i'll take any advice you hav…[View]
36496277Black Panthers: In honor of MLK day lets talk about how /k/ the black panthers were >black commun…[View]
36491058What's the consensus on the The Rex Zero 1 tactical? Want to get into an rmr, but still want to…[View]
36498995You're a liar if you looked at this and didn't get a little emotional seeing so many B29s.[View]
36488183Mig-23: Why did it fail so hard? Bad tech? Would it be effective if you put god-tier pilots in it?…[View]
36478658>debate this[View]
36492642Riddle me this:: Why can't I (or anyone) just buy a ghost gun off the streets and claim I mille…[View]
36456479This happened very near me recently. http://www.theledger.com/news/20180110/3-men-face-1st-degree-m…[View]
36498689Mexico's military parade.: Am I the only one who thinks the Beaners can put up a quite decent p…[View]
36497059Empirial Japanese Incompetence: Why were the Japanese so incompetent when it came to small arms prod…[View]
36494322Can anyone help? I have wanted to buy a frommer stop but I can seem to find it anywhere.[View]
36497970Next Gun I Should Buy?: I finally just started getting guns and only have 1 so far. (Pic) What do yo…[View]
36493158What is /k/ opinions on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7rJstUseKg are those fuds pretending…[View]
36495031Bullet Storage Magazines: When clip and magazine aren't complicated enough terms for your shitt…[View]
36498045What is the best way to wash my g3 crye's without harming the material nor making it ir sensiti…[View]
36492838Why aren't there any underbarrel missile launchers? Surely there would be some kind of use for …[View]
36493794What is /k/ opinion on toilet paper called 'Geneva Convention'?[View]
36497714Thoughts?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OTs-14_Groza[View]
36498071Didnany other /k/ommando think he was badass when growing up? I can say this also got my interested …[View]
36489892Infographic thread?: Control+F'd, didn't see one up and I always enjoy these even if they …[View]
36473535Don't mind me, just the best tank in the world passing trough[View]
36497651Kinetic Weapons ARE just better...: So, for what little science is shown in fiction, the scene from …[View]
36497162Stupid Questions General: What's the difference between an AR-15 and AR-10 other than the stand…[View]
36496929Sup /k/. I need help identifying a cartridge I found. It was in the middle of a ww2 battlefield (fou…[View]
36483106Thoughts on French special forces gear setup?[View]
36493587Wedding present: Sup /k/ My good friend is getting married soon and I want to get him a nice gun (pr…[View]
36488015British Army: What age is too late to enlist in the British Army? I know they accept up to 34ish bu…[View]
36497534Alien Gear to start putting fans in their holsters: >Hey Ted, people keep saying our neoprene, st…[View]
36494650What are the advantages or disadvantages with Titanium Nitride Coating (Ti) a pistol Barrel[View]
36458769/egg/ Euro gun general: Pissing off the EU gungrabbers together edition[View]
36490412/k/ runes?: Once in a while I see the /k/ innawoods runes chart pop up and lost my copy of it, anyon…[View]
36478403/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Drums And Lasers Edition >Thread #540 Old thread here >>…[View]
36496144Rate my tactical laser with flashlight glasses[View]
36496405Scar 17 vs Socom 16: Am I crazy for thinking of selling my Scar and getting a Socom 16? I shot a Soc…[View]
36489079I'm gonna buy my buddy's M&P Shield as my defensive pistol. He just told me that his …[View]
36490570Is there anywhere in Jacksonville thay will store my gun while I'm stationed at NAS JAX?[View]
36494818All you Chinese shills have yet to satisfactorily answer, how can PLA even take on major military po…[View]
36497121Soft armor: Hey /k/, I was gifted a vest with two soft armor inserts a while back. The vest/carrier …[View]
36496603/k/ related Reserve question: Anon is thinking about signing up for the Army Reserve as a 91F (small…[View]
36496811Is there a more overrated spec ops group?[View]
36496841Hey, /k/, does anyone know if pistol length AR uppers function with bump-fire lowers? Assuming I wer…[View]
36492420Buc/k/et list: I want to shoot a full-auto m60 and a grenade launcher at least once before I die. Wh…[View]
36492834/arg/ AR thread: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone False flag edition Old >>36489703[View]
36480561Handgun General - /hg/ - #29: Handgun General - /hg/ - #29 'Assault pistols' edition Buyers guide a…[View]
36482135Okay I've been thinking about this for a while every so often, happened months ago. >get my …[View]
36493820Glocks: Do I keep my Glock 21 or trade it for a more used Glock 20?[View]
36488067is there a more cringe military force?[View]
36474055Do people like the Military Police?[View]
36495782/K/ommando runs into debt >Kosovo, Chechnya Vet >Former SOBR >Takes out a big loan >Can…[View]
36496409What are these Guns?: I've only been able to figure out a few of these and could really use the…[View]
36484675What would you do if you invited some women over to chill and it turns out they were about to let a …[View]
36495858Colt 1911 based handmade gun. Does anybody have photos or links of instructions of this beautiful an…[View]
36492596ITT: Unusual weapons: I'll start >be me >know a guy who lives in a shitty neighborhood …[View]
36495111Well looks like im moving to Pakistan: https://www.dawn.com/news/1273740[View]
36495864Maybe a dumb question, but how are navy sailors paid? For example, submarine crew, how are they giv…[View]
36495850would you pay $1300 for this course ?: it comes with videos ![View]
36476517Let's get /k/omfy: It's fucking cold as shit right now, post /comfy/ things >comfy inna…[View]
36491203I reall really really want this[View]
36494905Sup /k/ I inquired a few days back about getting a beretta 92fs. I went to go shoot yesterday and sh…[View]
36490708When did modern body armor start becoming widely used? Has anyone here been shot while wearing it? W…[View]
36491649Belt Feds Forever: How many of you guys own a belt fed and why is there no belt fed general or even …[View]
36493192a truck of peace is blowing through a crowd that you're in. you have your CC - how well would i…[View]
36486729Patch Thread: CUTE Edition: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>3647389…[View]
36494090Dear /k/ Does anybody have a blueprints or instruction, how to make a pistol/machine pistol in your …[View]
36495781I have a 30' barrel shotgun. Why can't I get the same gun chambered in 9mm? That's all I w…[View]
36490404Good budget handgun: So I'm looking for my first handgun, specifically 9mm. I want it to be a s…[View]
36484936L85: Why the hell do the British still use this pile of horse shit?[View]
36491025Does /k/ prefer the Marlin Model 60 or the Ruger 10/22. I find the Marlin works best for me because …[View]
36479873For research purposes only: Can we get an info graph thread? Dumping the dozen or so I have.[View]
36494307Thoughts on the Canik VP series? Reviews seem good but I've never touched one.[View]
36492243Body guard thread: post your body guards arriving[View]
36494793why and how did barry get to command an ATF squad and make them basically take all the honey in the …[View]
36494469From afar with spitfire,bad quality.[View]
36493772What would you rather have, a bunch of guns, only a little ammo. Or a a few guns and a bunch of ammo…[View]
36464715Russian soldier burns down BTR-82 while attempting to cook breakfast: >A conscript cost the Russi…[View]
36493922South east Asian '''''armor'''''[View]
36491455Would this be a sbr since the nfa excluded bp?[View]
36493384Gun porn. Post your best.[View]
36482893Is there a specific reason why China, the country where dogs are boiled alive and escalators kill pe…[View]
36493660I don't have a sense of smell, can I survive a gas attack? Or atleast be immune to its effects[View]
36494276urban operators: lets get a thread about urban operators, there wespons, gear, tactics, culture, tat…[View]
36494654All I ever wanted... All I ever needed... Is... A... PTRD.[View]
36494505Hi /k/, I'm thinking about buying this as my first firearm. It's a SIG k31 modified to fir…[View]
36486910Are there any countries that actually hold females in the military to the same standards as men?[View]
36490847Is 7.62 adequate for dogman?[View]
36494460Was the Bundeswehr ever not a living meme? http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/the-german-…[View]
36494559*blocks your path* What'cha going to do about it GI?[View]
36459103Aus/k/ general - Poo in reef edition: Discussing >Huntin' >Waiting on new guns to be lice…[View]
36491476Russian scopes for a M70: What would be a good Russian scope or red dot to compliment the M70? Just …[View]
36494630Swarovski Z5: Is there any reason I shouldn't buy a Swarovski Z5? Handled one recently and was …[View]
36494555Hey guys lets have a discussion on the tactics and weapons used during the benghazi attack of 2012. …[View]
36491940What does /k/ think of this gun i found online near me? 'I have an sks that has been shortened becau…[View]
36492636Where can we get firing reproductions of neat old guns? Ideally cosmetic reproductions, with modern …[View]
36484373>T-80U and T-80UD were the pinnacle of Cold War armour technology and performance. >They are t…[View]
36487551Magazine Disconnect: Does the presence of a magazine disconnect (safety) affect your decision when p…[View]
36491899Glock 17 vs 19, ban states: When limited to 10 rounds, a la Kalifornia, is the Glock 17 or 19 a bett…[View]
36493194Common weapons/firearms in 17th century New France/Colonies?: My little brother is a huge history bu…[View]
36485035is it /k/ approved? I am thinking of renting it[View]
36491349Which is Best?: .40 S&W, 10mm, or 45 acp? Which would you pick for personal/home defense? Also,…[View]
36489450How effective in terms of home defend is a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range?[View]
36485672Why do soldiers, as a class in any nation, smoke so much? From America to Africa to Asia, soldiers e…[View]
36489826You may not like it, but this is peak melee performance.[View]
36465056Last edc thread died, new one now plz[View]
36489001So i just got a Polish Karabinek wz.98. for $400. it is in mind condition. did i get fucked or was i…[View]
36491044How accurate is this?[View]
36490913Thoughts on Smith and Wesson?[View]
36492013Alright /k/, So recently my roommate bought a mossberg maverick 88 in a security model, which comes …[View]
36468606Never lie at MEPS: Reminder to everyone thinking about joining the military to have some integrity. …[View]
36486618Thoughts? http://kbptula.ru/index.php/en/productions/civil-production/hunting-arms/mts255[View]
36483775Procedural gun generation: Hey /k/, I'm a programmer working on a little simulation. Nothing se…[View]
36492599Why did the army use those shitty landing craft that opened in the front on D-Day and not the newer …[View]
36484534How good is the FN Five-seveN really?[View]
36444562/k/ vidya: It's that time again; post your favotire /k/ vidya, campaign progress, ask for recom…[View]
36483393Cx4 vs PC9: Each gun is very similar in terms of what they do. They're both light 9mm carbines …[View]
36492279these are your COs for the evening[View]
36492561Proctor Y-Notch sights: Meme tier or legit? lookin to switch to FO front with a blacked out rear fr…[View]
36489779Why wont hi point make ammo?: Seriously, every gun company makes ammo these days. >Remmingshit …[View]
36476972Why haven't you done an 80% build yet?[View]
36490431Can anyone identify this Japanese knife?: Make, model, etc. Thanks.[View]
36492457Recommend me some optics: Recently bought a buschmaster ar15 and curious to see what you all might b…[View]
36490638Excuse me?: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/738538034 https://www.gunbroker.com/item/738525689 The de…[View]
36491211Do any of you hold an FFL? Thought about obtaining one to buy and keep Class III non-transferables …[View]
36486111Chose /k/ British Empire or French Empire.[View]
36492574Autisti/k/ Thread: ITT we confess our autism and get judged. >tfw I can't pick a CCW because…[View]
36486668What do we do when the ayys invade our home towns /k/? Do we make a Red Dawn style resistance? Do we…[View]
36490693What happens to old guns that are worn out beyond repair, like milsurp rifles with barrels shot out?…[View]
36488634i have autism and want to buy a mosin nagant: i have used guns many times before in the boy scouts i…[View]
36488299/cyberpunk/ thread what's going to be the next big round? 9x19 is the corporate round of choice…[View]
36485175Why is the can cannon a thing? You can pay $40 for the same thing. pic related http://www.americansp…[View]
36491732Building and reselling: What do I need to know about building and reselling low end AR's for th…[View]
36492072So this chick just posted pic related. I started laughing at her/whoever owns the gun for having the…[View]
36491379>iraq almost sank a frigate with a business jet embarrasing[View]
36489703AR Thread /ARG/ tripfag containment: Transportation edition Old >>36486358[View]
36490056Hey /k/, this is my new rifle. How did I do?[View]
36490316>tfw cross-dominant[View]
36488058underwater gun: So I just saw this video of this diver shooting some invasive specie of fish and I a…[View]
36482530BALLISTIC MISSILE incoming to Hawaii[View]
36488946Clip or magazine?[View]
36489824Gun hate: Let’s talk shit about guns that suck and deserve it This turd sculpture right here It’s …[View]
36491689Looking for a knife: I was given a vague request for an 'airborne issue military knife' from the Ira…[View]
36490010Nuclear War Preparedness: You can vastly increase your chances of surviving a nuclear attack if you …[View]
36487509Thermal Evasion Suits: ok /k/ does this shit really work? or is there a better way to do it? https:…[View]
36473185Self defense in NYC: I moved to Brooklyn from Texas recently. >neighborhood I live in is going t…[View]
36491274ITT autistic thoughts only a /k/ommando would have/things only. /k/ommando would do. I’ll start …[View]
36490251Single Shot or Magazine?: What say /k/ and why? Should a high end rimfire tactical trainer in .22LR,…[View]
36491581Top Military Advisor: Joint Forces Will Beat ISIS to Death with Entrenching Tools: HOLY KEK “[Troxel…[View]
36477657Pseudo-SBR: Since the ATF's opinion letter on 'braces' for rifle-caliber pistols, I've bee…[View]
36491112Buying guns in Canada: Advice on the cheapest, easiest way(s) of getting a license, purchasing and m…[View]
36473813Guys my dog isn't doing so well. She's almost 14 and been in and out of the vet for like a…[View]
36487386Soup /k/ommandos, my buddy and I really wanna do the Stalker challenge, but there appears to be fuck…[View]
36491124Has anyone heard about this? Seen this? http://www.newsweek.com/russia-drones-nuclear-weapons-pentag…[View]
36479911What operational gun wouldn't look out of place in the hands of a stormtrooper?[View]
36489118Is the Idea of buying an APC and converting it to an shtf capable caravan feasable? -remove gun for …[View]
36474679Ruger PC9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqFibgF2CKA Get in here, MAC video on the PC9[View]
36462528/brg/ - Battle Rifle General Cortana is waifu edition[View]
36489313I'm listening to a podcast on the metallurgy of the M4 because I've given up on life, and …[View]
36470296Gear Queer - /gq/: >/gq/ Basic Guide to Gear (READ FIRST) https://ghostbin.com/paste/27xzy >/g…[View]
36490328Bug Out Bag: So I live inna city so if SHTF I can really stay in my apartment. So i figure building …[View]
36487313Hey guys lets have a discussion on the tactics and weapons used during the benghazi attack of 2012. …[View]
36480357Why does /k/ hate it?[View]
36486878Performance of the peak variety, irrelevant of your preference, is embodied within this outward appe…[View]
36489806Black Rain Ordnance: Anyone have experience with these ARs? I've shot a few. Two AR-15s and an …[View]
36488251what are some cool countersurveillance ideas /k/?[View]
36486235Is the Hudson h9 a meme?[View]
36484826why is it /k/?[View]
36480910Another Day at Work: I've never seen anyone disassemble a Glock as fast as this guy did on our …[View]
36468202Why are longsword fans acting like longswords are some amazing super weapons when in reality most cu…[View]
36489083Utas xtr-12: who has one? love to hear some feed back[View]
36490051Is This The True Face Of /K/?: I thought of this place as I was watching I, Tonya this weekend. Seri…[View]
36490036Post your best SHTF load-outs,[View]
36489466>TFW you live in the gunshine state >TFW you live in miami >tfw all the stores close on sun…[View]
36489145Bob Lee Swagger: >Bronzed alloy turned on a lathe. >Slightly lower ballistics coefficient, tou…[View]
36480139What is the point of this?: ATF has already said that a pistol with brace up to 13.5' LOP can be sho…[View]
36487426Let's say I want to work maritime security but have no prior military or LEO experience. Do I h…[View]
36486861Sharpening a pocket knife: Can’t sharpen a pocket knife to save my life. I have a sharpmaker and a …[View]
36489495Someone actually built it: Shawn woods built the ultimate rat trap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
36486521After 2 years of using this in my government size Colt 1911, can anyone recommend anything better or…[View]
36484446Haha. Wow. Americans are tiny![View]
36486358/arg/ - AR General/Tripfag Containment: Block III MK18 Edition Previous Thread: >>36481078…[View]
36483274Does anyone else think /k/ needs a practical surplus shooting general? I mean something that is focu…[View]
36476322Talk to me about the SMG Semi FG42, are they worth it?[View]
36486431Youve been assigned to guard duty >mp5 across lap >m9 in thigh rig >full interceptor gear …[View]
36488805Want a knive: Planning on getting a knife I'm not sure what's the best for protection here…[View]
36476497this guy comes in to your store and buys $3000 worth of soda and watermelons what do?[View]
36487384What's wrong with berets?[View]
36486653SRK: What's your opinion on Suwannee River Knives?[View]
36488175thoughts on this knife? i feel like this style of knife has legitimately no drawbacks and i wish som…[View]
36485820Generations of jet fighters: How are jet fighters grouped into generations? I don't know much a…[View]
36465840What weapons are best against Skeletons? You can't really shoot them because they have no flesh…[View]
36483684>'I do Krav Ma-' Please learn something useful for now on.[View]
36488447/k/ feel good vids.: https://m.liveleak.com/view?i=45b_1515943424 Was this guy using a .357?? Post m…[View]
36483572Is there a connaisseur here in air defence who can explain to me why the Air Force didn't shoot…[View]
36486114I'm going to a gun show for the first time in a couple hours. What should I expect? I'm al…[View]
36471075Very concealable Handguns: Well does anyone on /k/ know any good very concealable handguns i live in…[View]
36486475Wtf is this monstrosity[View]
36487464Why does my .223 ammo (pic related) come in stripper clips? Are there any AR15 mags that can be load…[View]
36488069Post favorite overlooked firearms, I'll start. Walter MPL[View]
36482999I see your 6.8 SPC meme round and raise you this. What's the point of 224?[View]
36483802Are mercenaries real? Trained soldiers who travel around the world fighting in any war they feel lik…[View]
36487767Is there any real role for a 'sniper' in current conflicts besides being a lookout? And will the tra…[View]
36486146Modified Woodland pattern: I was bored so I decided to modify the woodland camo pattern to be effect…[View]
36484210What flashlight would /k/ recommend?: currently missing a flashlight from my bug out bag, budget is …[View]
36473024Pulled over by the cops: >be me >driving uber late night >get pulled over by cop >wtf.jp…[View]
36484209Looking for one about Delaware: Dump you'res[View]
36459436Let's Settle This Once And For All...: What are the differences between the US special units?. …[View]
36487262<blocks your path>[View]
36485858Hey /K/ should I be worried?[View]
36487291Reloading/Handloading General Thread- Virgins pay for their ammo edition: Want to learn to get into …[View]
36485841Rate my setup: Rate my setup from 1 - 10[View]
36480493Name a flaw: You can't[View]
36487295>25 yo >missed my chance at ever being tier 1…[View]
36483660Post your /k/-est greentext stories.: Stumbled across this in an archived thread earlier and been gi…[View]
36486417M43 Field Caps: Thinking of getting one of these Mil-Tec M43 repro caps, anyone have any experience …[View]
36482063Official Military Manual Thread: Post military manuals.[View]
36485449MP5: Anyone know any cool videos with real life operators that feature the MP5? https://www.youtube.…[View]
36484811Are SMGs obsolete? >Same penetration as a pistol >rifles are better at medium to long range …[View]
36481794I'm a brainlet: How does a picatinny rail hold attachments onto a gun?[View]
36485366whats the point of buying a non ar-15 rifle ? You can modify an ar to fit any need. If you want big …[View]
36484817Hey /k/, I just bought a Mossberg 500 with a 18 and 28 inch barrel for $350. How would /k/ mod it ou…[View]
36464995Shot Show 2018 Anticipation: What are you guys excited/curious to see at the upcoming 2018 SHOT?…[View]
36486373European here , how is the australian army like ?[View]
36480394AR upper compatibility: I have a bushmaster patrolman w/fixed carry handle pic related. Can I throw …[View]
36482859Why hohols can't into comventional warfare?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aME7Pr693k…[View]
36485601Hey /k/ommandos, /vg/ here. I've been playing a lot of Escape from Tarkov lately, pretty great …[View]
36486289bullet talk: has every metal or mineral been used for firearms already?[View]
36484702So this is the Republic of Singapore Navy, six main surface combatants in the form of the Formidable…[View]
36480534justifiable improvised weapons: hey /k/ weapons are banned in my country what justifiable key word i…[View]
36486380/MSG/ Military Surplus General: Studying the blade edition. I'll be dumping some new snow pictu…[View]
36481078AR thread /arg/: AR thread /arg/ Bullyzone Mustard race edition Old >>36477688[View]
36486333Has /k/ ever gotten bad intel? >inna land nav field exercise >get given several sets of coordi…[View]
36484879What is the best 'modern' FAL I can buy easily in 'Murica? Something I can mount an optic on. D…[View]
36478394Why do you pointlessly lift for aesthetics when you could be training your body for a practical skil…[View]
36485214I’m a rhodieboo, and I always hear on /k/ about the Yugoslav wars being another popular conflict to …[View]
36482117What does /k/ think of the Winchester Model 12? Bought one for $375 today.[View]
36456979ITT: Guns and weapons whose existence just make you angry. Tacticool overload is appreciated, too.[View]
36477518Good First Rifle ideas?: I recently got my FOID card. Im thinking about what rifle I should have as …[View]
36484639I need your advice /k/. Theres a spanish Mauser for sale on my local Armslist. Its listed to $400. W…[View]
36476179What does /k/ think of Cataclysm?: Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead, to be specific It seems very /k/ >g…[View]
36485488Fun show: Great time at today’s gun show in Greenville, NC today. Any other NC /k/ommandos check it …[View]
36477720NBC/MOPP suit buying advice/thread.: Unrelated to today's events in Hawaii, but I've been …[View]
36484054Thought it would be shit for the money it costs, but actually... breddy gud edc knife![View]
36473714How fix Glock: >Buy new g43 because lol 92fs carry is meh >Toss in book bag with Chromebook in…[View]
36483264What lubes and solvents do you use when you clean your guns?[View]
36485204Hey sup, can any of you recommend me a good website for buying camo uniforms? More especifically one…[View]
36472163/meg/ Military Enlistment General: Previous >>36459847 Rhodie edition LIEING ABOUT CRIMINAL HI…[View]
36481235Obscure conflicts thread: What are some of /k/'s favorite obscure conflicts that make you look …[View]
36476957What modern-day rifle will people 100 years into the future be buying as cheap surplus? What will be…[View]
36477748How do you keep your weapons at home, /k/? Did you fall for the 'keep weapons and ammo in different …[View]
36483663Guys, which is better to get into a dogfight with, an american Teen Series Fighter or a Sukhoi or Mi…[View]
36483304Homemade weapons: Does anyone have much experience with homemade rifles or can point me in the right…[View]
36483440DIY gun builds: This seems like a really cool DIY project. The plans are 12.99 but only available to…[View]
36480358Debate this: >>36478658 The best weapons of their category are: GPMG: MG42 HMG: M2 Rifle: AR-1…[View]
36473896Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches >Previous Thread >>36465383 >Where ca…[View]
36482553How'd ya like a side loading lever action rifle with a pic rail and a fiber optic sight? Also …[View]
36484607can soilders take their own guns/accessories? like if a soldiers given a m4 can he/she take a hk bus…[View]
36484800what do you think /k/?[View]
36482978I turned 18 last April, and now I finally have enough money put away to buy a nice Romanian AK. I…[View]
36442272Iconic Film Gun: You are now the protagonist or villain of a huge blockbuster hit. What is your com…[View]
36483747Why the fuck is it so impossible to get the rear sight back onto my Mosin Nagant. I can't apply…[View]
36460506/msg/ Military Surplus General: In n' Out of the hospital again edition.[View]
36480678What does /k/ think of this 'MA loader' device that lets you load AR-15s stripper clip style?[View]
36483574Howdy /k/ my brother is on deployment in Germany and I wanted to get him some magazines for his new …[View]
36481911https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruger_Standard In 1949 renowned inventor, gun designer, self-taught en…[View]
36474396The absolute state of Bongs right now.: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-42629529[View]
36475148Fictional Scenario: >Be in California >Zombie apocalypse >cant find real guns What would yo…[View]
36474177Any RC fags here? >lawnmower engine >60yds of duct tape >plywood >alu frame >TomTom G…[View]
36478617Level 80 murder bears: So it looks like I'm going to be hiking in grizzly bear country for a lo…[View]
36484442Pistol to function all springs must be balance. Gun works by calibration of spring. Bad spring, gun …[View]
36475548Let's say you wanted to build a miniature sten to mount in the front of an rc plane to shoot at…[View]
36472243Why can't we bring back the Tomcat?[View]
36475409How the fuck does one prepare for something like this?[View]
36484213Tokarev flaring, charging, seating, crimping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKiiUHQu5HY…[View]
36483675https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGd5DViAHHg| Wait.. Kazakhstan still uses Maxims and Papash?[View]
36483874Hey /k/, how many of you actually work in arms production? I was wondering what it was like to be so…[View]
36455469post your guns or get out: didn't see one of these in the catalogue[View]
36469193Why don't we engineer all our civilian passenger/cargo planes so that they could be retrofitted…[View]
36480328Want to get a rifle before I ship out.: Ive got a few .22s and a shotgun and will be going into the …[View]
36472768Favorite pictures you've taken of your guns[View]
36482129Let's say that you what to take down a highly intelligent 8 to 10 foot tall creature that weigh…[View]
36483677Can anyone find out if this photo is from a real battle or just a reenactment? It looks so cool and …[View]
36466509Name a more based knife manufacturer[View]
36474275What's so special about it?: Wikipedia says that it's considered one of the most advanced …[View]
36482948Footwear Thread: Footwear rating and suggestions. From on the job to causal. picrelated are my weekd…[View]
36483628Best Warship: Which warship is best ship, I am currently wondering what is best, most striking power…[View]
36475964I just noticed how similar these look and I think they look good together[View]
36481815Are specific role ships kill? Is spammming multi role frigates like the LCS the new norm? This is R…[View]
36482899>Ywn serve in the great war >ywn kill german chads >ywn live right after the war and raise…[View]
36473269What's the best martial art for lightsaber fighting?[View]
36480563What gun is good for concealed carry?: hard mode: I'm a calicuck so I have to choose from the C…[View]
36479568Avoiding Rust: My housemate ten feet down the hall has a skin condition that will be helped if he ru…[View]
36483421Cartridge Carriers: I've been wanting one so badly recently. Post pictures of your cartridge ca…[View]
36473107Greetings /k/ Its time for my annual visit! Ask a nunchaku master anything.[View]
36470862/k/ designs a military uniform: Let’s design a uniform for the beginning of colonization to modern t…[View]
36477305/k/, would you join your country's respective spook agency if you could? you will get to operat…[View]
36478614Most /k/ VR games?: Just got an HTC vive and playing the fuck out of Arizona Sunshine. Gaming wise, …[View]
36481095https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWptxDvlsq0 How incompetent is the US government?[View]
36483045Any word milsurp finds?: Post your favourite 'misc' milsurp collectables[View]
36480305Brass Knuckles: So I've recently become curious about these things. I would probably never use …[View]
36476013Why does /k/ hate karambits?: I used them to cut open boxes like a motherfucker with them and they b…[View]
36473369What do you dudes think of budsgunshop?[View]
36482688For Research Purposes Only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUTYg0YBm1I What material could have bee…[View]
36477675Why do sl*vshits defend this? I mean it's a decent rifle, but it isn't as good as the M-16…[View]
36460802What is the minimum amount of rounds you think a responsible Trump-loving American should have of ea…[View]
36481458hey /k/ just bought my first gun, Stevens Model 320 for 150. i am a first time gun owner anything i…[View]
36482018>tfw no rich bf to teach me how to shoot, camp, and hunt feels not good…[View]
36478572I saw Paul Harrell at a grocery store in Spokane yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him i…[View]
36478120Would you? Also, ideal gf thread.[View]
36481446Some questions about AK-74Ms: 1. Is the rifle in this photograph an AK-74M or an AK-74 that has been…[View]
36481428NFA Thread: Who here NFA? I just received my first NFA item--a Rugged Surge 762 suppressor yesterday…[View]
36481507Swarovski Z3 line: Anyone here have experience with swaro's Z3 line? Are they worth a shit?…[View]
36480529so i jut got this lower for an hk91, will it go on my c308?[View]
36480410You know, this brings up a good point. Obviously if a woman uses her EDC to shoot a molester it…[View]
36481210you might not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
36472312keeping away protesters: >be me on west coast >protests in portland >can /k/ recomend a w…[View]
36469012What is more deadly: baseball bat or cricket bat?[View]
36447574Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/EZCrqG5n Previous …[View]
36466272What Are Your Thoughts On This: Share Your Thoughts On This Here!![View]
36444085American fighters in WWII: Which American fighters (and fighter-bombers, other other US aircraft) we…[View]
36479527buying a small hunting rifle.: I am considering buying a small hunting rifle. Any suggestions. Also …[View]
36479654Don't buy this rifle over an AK, here's why. I own a vz2008 which I paid about $500 for, w…[View]
36476487Here’s the deal /k/ >I don’t like shooting handguns for fun >don’t like Glocks >need one fo…[View]
36476165Is this the right technique for lapping scope rings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkSZYeGYowk…[View]
36472317Gun Girlfriend Thread[View]
36478776Does anybody know good sources for authentic field manual pdfs? Asking for a friend.[View]
36477688AR Thread - /arg/: Burn barrels and burning barrels edition. Old, stale, disgusting bread: >>3…[View]
36480279Shot Show 2018: Just got my pass in the mail today...anyone else going to shot show in a week?…[View]
36476131during the cold war, how useful would a hypersonic drone that launched little nukes be? what would b…[View]
36461344why you lackin k?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNOcViXDUl4[View]
36458982Handgun General - /hg/ - #28: Deep clean one gun today edition. Buyer's guide, approved handfun…[View]
36479905>He EDCs not so he can defend himself, but so he always has the option for quick suicide…[View]
36472280Best Fictional Operators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f86RnDesEow[View]
36476613Dead Hand series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhRapsbwhqE Also what are some good short films an…[View]
36474120>you're in the field. >You need to jot down some coordinates. >You pull out your noteb…[View]
36467273If you were magically transported back in time to World War 2 and forced to fight with the caveat th…[View]
36471742Norinco Type 81, worth it? What should I run on it?: I'm probably gonna pick up a Norinco type …[View]
36475324Unidentified Aircraft at Pratt & Whitney Airfield in Palm Beach: Look, /k/. What do you think it…[View]
36475973How much armor can you give someone before they become useless on the modern battlefield? What parts…[View]
36477531Anyone know what this is?[View]
36463925Could /k/ tell a civilian that will never be able to serve what it is like to serve? Is it any good?…[View]
36478081Can I have all your 'what gun should I buy' memes?[View]
36472151name change on /k/ and /b/: i know im going to get called autistic and shit for this but some of you…[View]
36476471Can It Be Upgraded?: Is it possible to make the M60 capable to fight in the modern battlefield again…[View]
36477816Push knife: Ive been carrying the gerber ghost fixed for atleast a year now. I want a smaller push k…[View]
36467886Due to election hacking YOU randomly become the next president of Russia. As everyone scrambles to f…[View]
36477174Anyone know anything about this sword?: Saw it for a relatively low price and was about to go buy it…[View]
36472364Double or Single stack for CC?: What do you guys prefer to carry. Single or double? Course Im talkin…[View]
36471301>Parachutes falling from the sky >can only mean one thing: INVASION How will you meet the enem…[View]
36474669AK magazines for sale: Anyone interested in buying some AK magazines? Barley used. Pic related.…[View]
36468715Rate my bugout bag and post yours[View]
36478673China wins... AGAIN: >Chao, where the fuck are the goofy white pigs?? We need back up right now! …[View]
36463560Russian SteveMRE Tries to cook MRE.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5262279/Soldier-destroy…[View]
36473738Post angry tanks[View]
36475765Persian gulf war: My dad served in the Persian gulf war in an F-14 what was the Persian gulf war ab…[View]
36464772/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Serbian Volunteer Guard Edition >Thread #539 Old thread here …[View]
36475272Hawaii here. Were getting tv and phone alerts of a ballistic missile inbound. Nothing on major news …[View]
36473470Why Mini-14 was so popular in Hollywood?: Design is more reliable to work with blank rounds?[View]
36477151>that guy who fantasizes about someone breaking into his house[View]
36471539What is exactly wrong with canned ration? The IDF uses canned ration as well and they one of the bes…[View]
36476106Lethal Nerf Guns: Is it even possible to make a nerf gun lethal with attachments, or internal modifi…[View]
36475160'Now everyone knows about the airborne interrogation-taking three people up in a chopper, taking one…[View]
36467793Music for gun cleaning: What does /k/ listen while cleaning guns ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4…[View]
36473548Post guns that are outdated and impractical but you still like them anyway.[View]
36477621EDC pocket dump thread. Post what’s in your pockets. Mine consists of an Ontario RAT 2 (highly recom…[View]
36474815AR thread/ARG/tripfag containment: Three pins bad edition Old >>36470580[View]
36474903Find a flaw.[View]
36447014QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread. Use the catalog[View]
36477249Identification of uniform: Sup /k/, today I found this pic, iam trying to find which army is that, f…[View]
36477237How hard is it to start cerakoting?: How hard is it to start cerakoting? What is the initial investm…[View]
3647439945-70 Question: Guys - Would this rifle, in particular, be a good choice for self defense against gr…[View]
36476834Picked up a steyr m95 in 7.92x56 today at the Indy gun and knife show. >340$ after tax >180 r…[View]
36473195Is 2018 gonna be the year of /k/ being more outgoing and getting a gf?[View]
36472245OTMs generally provide shallower more reliable major tissue upset than FMJs, as this picture shows. …[View]
36476929/K/ and /MU/: What songs you like to listen to while on the range or just fucking shit up in general…[View]
36467194Rations: can we have us a ration thread?[View]
36475841Best Deals for Guns and Ammo Online- I'm tired of paying retail: Hey all, I was wondering if yo…[View]
36466491http://www.dw.com/en/serbia-the-land-of-guns/a-36946878 >Serbia has the most guns after the Unite…[View]
36474556SIG P210 discussion thread: What does /k/ think of the SIG P210[View]
36475633Impractical first gun?: Soon to be hasguns here. I think of buying pic related unironically, since t…[View]
36460337>NYPD is the most famous police force in the world >New Yorkers are the Americans least likely…[View]
36467271Mention 3 weapons that don’t appear in vidya[View]
36476055Hi /k/ Airsoft fag here...but theres no other place I can think of where I can ask for this. Am look…[View]
36470902operating innadark: post pics of operators and military hardware at night[View]
36474244/k/-related interests: do you think that vets/soldiers have more gun knowledge than the average joe?…[View]
36475305Switchblades: What are some good quality, cheap switchblades out there? Been looking for one, prefer…[View]
36455615/k/ designs a firearm: Works like plane and tank threads >dubs adds features >trips adds featu…[View]
36476009Hey there, I am in Michigan and I wear a parka everywhere Carrying a CCW in our out of the waistband…[View]
36475803What's the point of removing a stock? I thought it was solely for concealable and maybe removin…[View]
36473853Wheelguns general: If you don't have a wheelgun why even bother living? -fast draw competitions…[View]
36470279Just saw a thread about this yesterday. Does this test actually offer any information about the wear…[View]
36472403You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
36474171So /k/, I just picked up at cheap Stevens 320 for $220 new yesterday. How’d I do?: Got what I was lo…[View]
36473704Good morning /k/, A buddy of mine gave me his KDH magnum tac-1 pc in UCP and ballistics inserts that…[View]
36475408>generation 4++[View]
36466596>be American soldier >be surrounded by armour and ballistic glass >still get your face smas…[View]
36473492When is the west going to replace their outdated 120 mm rheinmetall cannon for the 130 mm rheinmetal…[View]
36469455Is anyone able to identify this gun? I'm in the UK[View]
36465669Ruger discussion thread: What’s /k/‘s opinion on Ruger? Specifically the Mark IV.[View]
36473839Summer /k/lass 2018: What has happened to summer /k/lasses? There will be one this year, right? R-ri…[View]
36475009Glock: I am turning 21 next month and I want to buy a Glock brand Glock. I have narrowed down my cho…[View]
36470193Could anyone help identify this knife? I just bought it for 2 dollars this morning. The full length …[View]
36474889Bayonet Information: I recently received a bayonet from my grandmother that my grandfather found in …[View]
36470467What's up /k/, considering all necessary materials are abundant and technology is already made,…[View]
36474949Why is it that worst korea cannot into decent quality aftermarket magazines?[View]
36474885Annual Warrior Competition: The Annual Warrior Competition is a combat-oriented competition that is …[View]
36467888Wait a minute... So the F-52 is a real plane?[View]
364747862.5' revolver or Glock 17 for carry?[View]
36472068Mossberg 930 XRAIL: Hey /k/unts, anyone know where a guy can buy an xrail magazine for a Mossber 930…[View]
36470580/arg/ AR Thread/ tripfag thread/: What it shouldve been edition Old: >>36468224[View]
36473883Lets say that a spacefaring species arrive on earth and attack USA, or Russia or China or any other …[View]
364546173-Gun 2: Cheetah Boogaloo: Thread for competitive shooters, old, new, and prospective. Discuss IPSC,…[View]
36472666Draw Thread: Post em' Drawings of guns planes and tanks, preferably not PMG[View]
36474653Molot Vintorezes: Video related is pretty recent, showcasing a .366 TKM Vintorez and apparently the …[View]
36473136Non-Human Humanoids in the military: Hey /k/ what're thoughts and feelings about non-humans ser…[View]
36464412Which side of the Ukraine conflict would /k/ want to become a foreign fighter for? The Ukrainians ha…[View]
36443649Se/k/ret Santa - post your damn gifts edition: Get on up in here! Post your shit! Also, don't w…[View]
36442595/HKG/ HK, PCC, Clone General: Breaking News Edition. Palmetto State Armory to enter the MP5 clone bu…[View]
36469147>Ignore orders to hold terrain that dominates the left flank at Gettysburg >Moves his corps i…[View]
3647325437mm rotary launcher: Talk me out of buying a 37mm 'flare' launcher. I want a one with a folding sto…[View]
36471648How do i take apart this ranger 22 bolt /k/ ?: I've had this ranger 22 for awhile now and I…[View]
36470403>more effective round than 7.62x25 >cheap, simple, and reliable blowback >compact size mak…[View]
36472689Who copied who?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_Me_309 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Me…[View]
36468288What's the best pre-1897 handgun I can buy? Best = I could still find pew for it Antiquefags p…[View]
36465961Gernan Engineering - Non working ships edition: https://www.wsj.com/articles/german-engineering-yiel…[View]
36473786Are we ever going to get these? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrothermal-chemical_technology Se…[View]
36471997Working on an M31 Suomi because I’m a Historyfag and it matches my Finn Mosin.[View]
36469512Has /k/ ever used an ultrasonic cleaner on their guns? If so does it work well? And is there a speci…[View]
36454808Who would rather you make your /k/ompanion? German Shepard or husky? Also post doggos[View]
36473202sandgraf.jp: I have been wanting to buy from this place for a couple of years and always ended up ma…[View]
36462899Surplus boots: So tell me forum, >Bloused or >Unbloused…[View]
36473048FFL fuckery: Ok, so I bought a gun online and sent it to an FFL that was apparently closing down. Th…[View]
36468481/evolvedbrassjew/: Who here /evolvedbrassjew/? >haven't spent any money on ammo in months …[View]
36469522Yamato/Musashi have four of these each to be accompanied by. Does this, in any significant way, cha…[View]
36470794Chicago Showdown: If all groups within Chicago had a massive combat which group would come out on to…[View]
36473002The 64 pages draft of new Nuclear Posture Review https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4347479-Npr…[View]
36467053Invested in self defense: I'm investing in self defense /k/, this is the first part, knife hope…[View]
36452137How were the Brits regarded in Afghanistan? Good equipment? Bad equipment? Good fighters? Difference…[View]
36473056Help a Brazilian who doesn't know jack shit about weaponory, where should i start, is there any…[View]
36473487How would you rate this entry? https://youtu.be/-pWmKZCq1wc?t=120[View]
36467038What would a large scale conflict in the age of the internet look like?[View]
36467589Hey /k/ I just got my enlistment bonus. What can I do with 5 grand as a fresh 18 year old infantry p…[View]
36468062What's the point of soldiers carrying pistols? Is it kind of like giving a short sword to a gu…[View]
36472551How come revolving rifles aren't more popular? They're much more cool and aesthetic than l…[View]
36467022Pink & Greens finally coming back: It only took them 60 years https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/…[View]
36447232How would /k/ turn the B52 into a suitable fighter?: Trump's recent flub with claiming that the…[View]
36433107LEO stories thread: Sup /k/. I've not been on this board for a while, can't remember the l…[View]
36443413American SOF committed war crime in Afghanistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBQwvx6OdAs full vid…[View]
36469725Purge Gear: Just aquired pic related for the purge. Plan on locking up the house and waiting out the…[View]
36472967Whats the cheapest semi rifle I can buy that will work reliably?[View]
36472309What websites do you guys get your tactical gear from, or do you guys go to a retail store?[View]
36472257If k and the US air force thinks that WVR combat doesn't exist, why don't they just use AM…[View]

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