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95553543>Gee Jimbo, do you think it's safe to eat that much salt? >Uh, Dad, it's sodium chlo…[View]
95519852Is this actually popular? Netflix picked it up for a second season but nickelodeon opted not to. I d…[View]
95437495Recent buys thread: Here's my latest one. Share yours. Pics preferred to lists but anything goe…[View]
95545399Why is the protagonist so often the most boring character in their own show?[View]
95552311Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/f7s6EVcK Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
95549730Can someone here PLEASE rip this DVD set??? I've been searching high and low for these cartoons…[View]
95464135/Garfield/: lifestyle edition[View]
95549691https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oy2KUQzQOc What does /co/ thinks about Javier Ulloa art/animations?…[View]
95546773Molly Thread: Molly was so cute, I had several dreams of me being married to her as a kid.[View]
95535148Critter Coven: Honesty is the best policy.[View]
95551136Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/f7s6EVcK Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
95541678Why did pearl wanna return home when she's known as a traitor/criminal there?[View]
95521501TMNT Raph Mutant Apocalypse: WHHYYYYY? NickToon - Raphael: Mutant Apocalypse[View]
95547697>characters have children >they look like kid versions of said characters with swapped hair co…[View]
95546936anyone got a link to Age of Apocalypse?: saw the movie on dvd the other day, and recently one of mar…[View]
95550878Monotonous art styles?: Would any of you agree with the sentiment some have that modern cartoons hav…[View]
95549869Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/f7s6EVcK Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
95534961Superior Iron Man Storytime[View]
95547436A, hopefully, interesting idea for a thread: What /co/ characters do you think are the most likely t…[View]
95545252Would you still visit /co/ if you made it into the animation/comic industry?[View]
95547892What was the best version of the Night Begins to Shine and why was it the Dragon Remix?: Dragon Remi…[View]
95543800>Barry was a huge Jay Garrick fanboy before becoming The Flash >Wally was a huge Barry Fanboy …[View]
95546971In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who…[View]
95541983Do you think there will be a Webkinz Nick Jr. Cartoon in the future? Webkinz is a property for young…[View]
95541788Planet Panic: Looks like Nick wants a slice of that 'hero in training' pie.[View]
95539846ITT : Permanent changes that would have made a show better: Not even waifubaiting, just funnier situ…[View]
95536559Dipper was right. Summer had to end.[View]
95548656Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/f7s6EVcK Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
95519951OK KO: Let's be Heroes! - Clips from 'No More Pow Cards': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w03r…[View]
95535252Ducktales: Daytrip of Doom https://mega.nz/#!VUZFCazY!chHWwzyCeo7aFo0xYWqzrkbd9y1FjFt4cXh11eyZdPs ht…[View]
95536135South Park Criticism+Venting Thread: Making an effort to watch this ep again now that I've foun…[View]
95544308What does Bill know /co/?[View]
95545454>Artists claim it's important to have representation and diversity in modern cartoons so kid…[View]
95544839Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/f7s6EVcK Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
95548510music: Which scene from any cartoon fits perfectly with this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x…[View]
95539886https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/09/23/marvel-legacy-baltimore-comic-con/ >During Q&A, a fan…[View]
95545881Is this canon?[View]
95538570ITT: characters 4chan has ruined for you.[View]
95547651ITT: cute background characters you want to see more of[View]
95548203Plotlines that never got closure[View]
95546332Is this the biggest cockblock of all time? All of the previews for this movie hyped this moment up, …[View]
95546907Rate the 2010-2017 animated movies you've seen: Walt Disney animation studios Tangled-Good Winn…[View]
95546660X-universe: Should there be a x-men universe that is separated from the marvel universe?[View]
95547989For me, it's Sub-Zero x Starfire[View]
95526332ITT we're in an alternate universe: Hey guys did you hear about that new Oswald game coming out…[View]
95520945Let's have a thread for the worst incarnations of /co/ characters. I'll start with an easy…[View]
95546579What did you think of the her voice acting?[View]
95547777ITT: Obscure web animations: Post web animations that get little to no attention. This short isn…[View]
95544328>Character finds out somebody doesn't like him >Character obsesses over this and tries to…[View]
95546485It's one of these threads.[View]
95534858The show seems to be improving since the 80's special. Thoughts?[View]
95542619http://www.strawpoll.me/13991036/r What's the most influential Cartoon Network show in your opi…[View]
95546598Pearl Is Best Girl Thread: Not about Steven Universe, though, fuck that show. Anyway, this thread is…[View]
95540631I found squarebob[View]
95544010What would have happened if the coin toss went the other way?[View]
95538015GO GO GADGET /co/ THREAD![View]
95538991What does he mean by this. And there are some angry Batcats acting like someone shot there puppy.[View]
95545816What do you think of this incarnation of the Beagle Boys, /co/?[View]
95544262you're eating us out of house and home,_garmfield[View]
95544016What the fuck was that?[View]
95515819OTGW digital soundtrack just released!: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/over-the-garden-wall/id128…[View]
95542367Is there a single series that has gone through as many artist changes as Deathstroke Rebirth?[View]
95545435I don't read these comics because fuck Bendis and I have no real attachment to Devil Dinosaur T…[View]
95537983What are your thoughts on ghost girls?[View]
95541473Why didn't she abort?: This will lead to a race of god damn kryptionians on earth. Which means …[View]
95542449Just started watching this after completely missing out on it years ago. What am I in for?[View]
95545422>Sonny's alimony even took his clothes Post yfw you will NEVER EVER marry…[View]
95457072Toonami Ratings for 9/16/17: Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans S2 will replace Tokyo Ghoul on October 7th…[View]
95543577Worst execution for a decent idea? Pic related, a comic about a comic book fanboy/girl appearing ins…[View]
95545153Who is the most kind-hearted character in the /co/ universe?[View]
95537318Is there some kind of law that demands adult cartoons look like absolute shit? There's a differ…[View]
95539024who is the absolute biggest whore in comics, male or female?[View]
95542032>that episode where eggman gets tails a qt gf[View]
95517695GODDAMN Tara Strong is hot. I wish she had been in the Fappening[View]
95533486Alright anon, tell us that cartoon you wanted to pitch to us![View]
95544604Was that really necessary?[View]
95544626Is Esmeralda a good name for a baby or is it too baroque? Also every /co/ characte Bette Midler ever…[View]
95533606Animated Music Videos: Post 'em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2vzBdIejVY[View]
95542150CROSSOVERS Post'em, /co/ Which ones are best? Which ones are worst? Which ones are just odd?[View]
95544403What did he mean by this?[View]
95544670What does /co/ think of this stop-motion short from Sweden? https://vimeo.com/200851149[View]
95539881It Hurts!!: I just finished reading all of it hurts after gob announced he was doing a sequel, thoug…[View]
95542676Wait what happened?[View]
95541306Why does this show have so many Videos on Youtube?[View]
95540218Dubbing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsAkeWUWcXg What do you think of Moti-Kun's Ji-San?…[View]
95507575Post your dream team.: Thoughts on my dream team? Who is your dream team?[View]
95540709ITT cartoons nobody remembers[View]
95540823Why must Disney reboot everything? What do you like about the original movie? http://variety.com/201…[View]
95538908>His show gets rebooted >CN offers to let him join the team but he can't due to his Mouse…[View]
95534101ITT: Dedicated Wikis. >http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_SpongeBob_SquarePants…[View]
95539071What if one of her spells had a palindrome word? Or a word that becomes another word if spelled back…[View]
95536350Boiling it down to an Inspiration: Like most people here I imagine I want to create a comic, I'…[View]
95538587Big Mouth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk_BoK0OwZs Is this a new low point for animation?…[View]
95543347Why did it fail?[View]
95534553So we got a sneak peek at the next episode of Telltale's Batman. https://twitter.com/IGN/statu…[View]
95535370MAD #268-272 (1987) storytime: Tubular! Catch the wave of '87 with five issues of Classic Cok--…[View]
95523701what's her fucking problem?[View]
95540206Post Z-list obscure characters that should be A-list: Woodgod has a cool origin, bad ass design, and…[View]
95540025Why is this so much more serious than other Disney movies in terms of subject matter and dialogue in…[View]
95534602>most writers are male >most fanfic writers are female Why is this?…[View]
95538926>steals your place as the main character[View]
95536111Industry Prophecy, Comicgate Bubble: >DC and Marvel fans tired of pandering >DC/Marvel bubble …[View]
95519664/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Nute's Birthday Edition >Upcoming Releases: http:/…[View]
95542621Is he the Big Boss of KND?[View]
95530368Batman #33 First Look: Art by Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire[View]
95532932How can anyone like her after this scene?[View]
95538050Metalocalypse/Galaktikon II: I'm not sure if this belongs here but with the release of Galaktik…[View]
95541423What is your opinion on cartoon use in advertisements?[View]
95536579Lego Ninjago movie: I saw it. It's alright. Some jokes were gold, some were shit, the story was…[View]
95540439Why is he so perfect and why isn't anyone talking about this show? Just watched it all, what th…[View]
95541267Sailor Moon/Harley Quinn Crossover can mean one thing: MEMES![View]
95539341Wolfwalkers Thread: Forgot The Breadwinner, this is the movie I'm waiting on. https://www.youtu…[View]
95534958Wheelie is a bafoon who always speaks in rhyme, but what other characters in cartoons do this all th…[View]
95539560Fun fact. From 1992 to 1997, Disney would run Holiday comic stories in newspapers. They were special…[View]
95541891Gargoyles thread[View]
95533367I am not a fan of her work.[View]
95537080Is there any super heroine that fights with her ass?[View]
95532795Thor: Ragnarok and Roll: THEY DID IT, THE ABSOLUTE MADMEN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_contin…[View]
95535862What is /co/'s thoughts on this episode?[View]
95541677best girl thread[View]
95534002Oh boy, it's another 'Peggy Hill Is a Piece of Shit' thread: Can someone explain this meme to m…[View]
95535553Who's the best wife?[View]
95528019OC superheroes/villains from your dreams: Chances are the average /co/ poster occasionally has /co/ …[View]
95541020This is legitimately quite funny.[View]
95531247ITT: Shows you've NEVER watched.: I have noticed a lot of threads in recent days about 'shows t…[View]
95540977any good refs/links for getting into coloring comic strips?[View]
95540733Hey Lois! Remember when I dressed up as sock from welcome to hell and massacred heterosexuals? Nyehe…[View]
95540672Who is more powerful, COIE Anti Monitor or The Real Darkseid?[View]
95538494I genuinely thought he aspired to become a voice actor in the industry back when he was doing the Aw…[View]
95533127Why doesn't disney do more high budget animated movies based on marvel properties? It doesn…[View]
95510196Adventure time: Will they let Finn be happy by the end?[View]
95538968Whats Rick Guilt Rick guilty of?[View]
95539533How did they jerk off?[View]
95530098Would you read a comic made with Square Enix designs, /co/?[View]
95532067/CTG/ Channel-tans General: All-Star Baseball Edition Drawfags and Writefags are more than welcome t…[View]
95531194Defenders #9 cover: How many waifus will be ruined by Bendis?[View]
95536635GOTHAM DC TV FOX BATMAN GENERAL: >Pray with me, Bruce.[View]
95522350ITT: Shows only you watched[View]
95538490ITT: Character who did bad thing and got what they deserve.[View]
95492828>back the kickstarter years ago >the unprecedented clusterfuck that led to it's final rel…[View]
95539400Who are some /co/ that aren't smart enough to join the military?[View]
95532399So Hopeless thinks it's silly to claim that Spiderwomans bf that he wrote was a self insert. It…[View]
95523665Superman Unchained Storytime[View]
95539323That MvC:I part with Ghost Rider and Morrigan: I know you're a cock-hungry succubus but you ser…[View]
95538179How Would You Fix It?: How would you fix Spider-Man 3?[View]
95535943Should there be more mutants on non-mutant teams?: First of all, pretend we're in an alternate …[View]
95533427How come Gravity Falls never reached Adventure Time levels of popularity (Like getting its own Macy…[View]
95531778Reminder that Toph was the cutiest and best childhood crush.[View]
95537897Was there even a single American-made 2D animated theatrical film in the last 2 years?[View]
95527525You know the drill: powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random[View]
95536914What does /co/ think of Lady Legasus[View]
95538752Why people think he is the best Spider-Man/Peter He is just a blank slate self insert character.[View]
95537629Gambit: Rumored Story Details Tease X-Men Universe Connections: http://screenrant.com/gambit-plot-st…[View]
95536353Is there any /Co/ related couple that just constantly Has sex?[View]
95535480Kill Six Billion Demons / K6BD / KSBD Labyrinth >There's a long way to go…[View]
95534975Transformers: This is Transformers: Energon, the second most hated piece of Transformers media. Say …[View]
95532691There is a revoiced original Teen Titans episode on CN right now. It's like an abridged episode…[View]
95537768I liked it.[View]
95538350What does /co/ think of Raven's team?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_4Iat9Oz3E[View]
95528176Dilbert thread? Best comic strip.[View]
95535586Secret Facebook Page Reveals Marvel, DC Comics Writers Conspiring to Harass Comic-Con Conservatives[View]
95533743New episode of SpongeBob today at 10. Cave Dwelling Sponge; The Clam Whisperer >When a prehistori…[View]
95476192I miss marvel adventures[View]
95525985Dr. Doom addresses the United Nations, from the Spider-Man newspaper strip.: 1977, or 2017?[View]
95533531God Rick and Morty's fanbase is a train wreck[View]
95530011Who trained him? What secrets did he hide?[View]
95527101I love this show's concept, but I can't help but feel it will be terrible due to it being …[View]
95534227R.I.P 2012-2017[View]
95536453unironically a great show: wtf i love neo yokio now[View]
95529594Is Superior Tony the most Alpha Chad in comics?: Post Alphas /co/.[View]
95537070fusionfall universe: Is it dead, /co/? I haven't heard or seen anything about it since august.…[View]
95533173Same Voice Actor Thread: I HAVE CUM![View]
95536320Dark Nights: Is this worth picking up?[View]
95530791WONDER WOMAN #31 Preview: 'Children of the Gods” part one! Introducing Diana's brother. (and h…[View]
95526887What does /co/ think of the loud house, and why is lola the best?[View]
95522717World of Warcraft Storytime Part 1: Let's ride to a strange land, /co/mrade. A land of magic an…[View]
95536674ITT : Surprisingly fucked up episodes: I know people hate on NuPPG for not being hardcore but jesus …[View]
95533209How would you handle this as a crossover event?[View]
95514032Maybe i dislike Unbeatable Squirrel girl not because it's a female protagonist, but because the…[View]
95536620Thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFmEzTeXdcM&feature=youtu.be[View]
95534510Kick-Ass 2 Katie: She had her boyfriend beat up Kick-Ass and then sent him a picture of her blowing …[View]
95532472ITT-IRL people that would be batman villains[View]
95535848So whats the best Ghost Rider series to read? When I ask, what writer jumps out at you?[View]
95533135Why didn't gaston fuck them?[View]
95534771fuzzy xenos: >humans meet aliens,they look like earth animals[View]
95536269What's your guys' favorite Spongedrick Squaremar album? I really liked BARNACLES to be hon…[View]
95535633How come /co/ isn't as into the 90s as Facebook? I never see people on this site complaining ab…[View]
95534254Has there ever been a better /co/ related theme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d4C1ZQKmw4[View]
95535827Has mainstream nerd culture helped or hurt the comics industry?[View]
95533053Same VA thread: Anytime you think I'm being too tough, anytime you think I'm being unfair,…[View]
95535899Fights where main character achieves ultimate power: I wanna see examples of fights or moments where…[View]
95534741>Birds with teeth Why would you design it like that.[View]
95535724Queen La is the most sexy femme fatale villain in cartoon history.[View]
95533433>character breaks the 4th wall >do it multiple times in case you have missed the '''joke'''…[View]
95532551What is /co/'s thoughts on the cartoon, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?[View]
95530013Hey. Who'd win? A werewolf or a bigfoot?[View]
95535271Spirit Riding: Has anyone seen this? What do they think? >There's some particular art commis…[View]
95532435>tfw you're jealous of a cartoon character FUCK YOU, Morty!!![View]
95518480Oh God. >http://www.cbr.com/wonder-woman-bisexual-petition/[View]
95535294Why do I associate 90s Nickelodeon with Facebook out of all the sites?[View]
95521796Tropes You Hate: >character that is shown to be one of the strongest beings in-universe dies imme…[View]
95532748Jason Aaron thinks that even HIM isn't worthy of lifting that fucking hammer thanks for retconi…[View]
95532025Reminder that Batman is directly responsible for the death of every person The Joker has killed from…[View]
95501183Wakfu: What the fuck just happened? [silly french interjection][View]
95533403ITT: side view: The side view is really uncommon in cartoons so post examples of it[View]
95535038ITT:Redesign or true form[View]
95526129How does it shit?[View]
95534732/co/ I want learn more about the Flash. What are the essentials one should read and/or watch? I know…[View]
95522839So, /co/, who did more justice to comic Spidey as a character?[View]
95527287Do you ever think she got over her anger and got a boyfriend?[View]
95479682So is she ugly?[View]
95521548More Rick & Morty and Gravity Falls crossover shit.: I haven't noticed this mentioned here …[View]
95526620New LPS 'sizzle reel' from Hascon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGs4oOxuE_s Thoughts?[View]
95534805Voice actors better than the originals: I can swear you guys that Mung Daal is 10000 times funnier i…[View]
95532683'He stole. He slept. He was rude to customers. Still, there goes the best damn employee a convenienc…[View]
95533352Morning /co/, what's for breakfast?[View]
95528467He was a good boy who did nothing wrong.[View]
95521469douchebag jimmy thread: >that episodie where jimmy wanted to inspect cindy's body >that e…[View]
95531873ITT: The Comfiest Cartoons: There's something so simplistic yet bizarre about Beavis and Butt-H…[View]
95522726So, what species is this? I am thinking monkey but i'm not sure. What do you think /co/?[View]
95534184Over the Garden Wall is the first animated show I saw that made me not feel embarrassed for watching…[View]
95531033What happened to Chilling Adventures and Afterlife With Archie?[View]
95534167Super Team Family: Write what would happen[View]
95532340Just wondering, what do preschoolers love about this cartoon? Nickelodeon has stated that their main…[View]
95488528Webcomic graveyard: Can we have a thread about dead webcomics? Despair at how they will never ever g…[View]
95499180I've been listening to Kevin Smith's podcast for years now and I've had enough. What …[View]
95533034What are some /co/ worlds you would like to see in VR?[View]
95532347Happy Little Clods: Did she mellow out?[View]
95533848Graded Comics: Alright/ co, Need some advice. I am about to head to Baltimore Comic Con and I am deb…[View]
95529205Power Rangers: Dumping the rest of Boom's Power Rangers. This time, an annual, a shitty mini, a…[View]
95533812/co/ redeeming features: I really liked Herb from the Minions movie. Makes me want my own supervilla…[View]
95532404was he right? did hank pym kill of a whole field of science[View]
95533711ITT we just woke up from a coma: I cannot believe how long I slept.. But atleast I'll get to se…[View]
95513350Waifu Charts: Post your Waifu or Husbando charts and rate others.[View]
95533609New card, What do ya' think?[View]
95519150Hi, I'm Mickey, and I'm June, and we want you to come on down to Mick 'N' Junes …[View]
95488711>Hey, let's make a magical girl show! >I know, let's give the leader and cutest one …[View]
95521580New episode of We Bare Bears tonight at 7:30 Dance Lessons >Panda volunteers to be Lucy's pa…[View]
95530021I just finished watching this and I loved it What do you guys think about it /co/? Who was the best/…[View]
95522632So Barbatos is the Hyper-Adapter, right? If so, was it made by Darkseid? Or did he just discover it?[View]
95522990I love racing.: Is there anything that's like initial D that's western?[View]
95530312Kill Six Billion Demons: Back from the hiatus! 'There's a long way to go'[View]
95532723>I'm still doing it![View]
95524989If Foster's Home was really popular in its day, how come the popularity has dwindled significan…[View]
95522666Power Rangers: Storytiming all of Boom's Power Rangers books to date. Even the shitty Pink book…[View]
95490073DuckTales 2017: Two days until the show officially starts, are you hyped?[View]
95522103Aphrodite IX REBIRTH Storytime, pt. II: Continuing from >>95501927 Holy War edition.[View]
95526798Generations: Ms.Marvel&...Ms. Marvel Storytime: More than you'd think, Less than you'd…[View]
95532865Who did he hurt the most?[View]
95532878Why does DC keep pushing this Carol ripoff?[View]
95531621dc comics meme - catwoman version: from https://www.patreon.com/StefanConstantin[View]
95525208The End.: http://ellorytheshark.com/?page_id=1200[View]
95485255/co/tober is coming soon[View]
95531242what us the weirdest cartoon/episode you ever watched as a kid: i start :the weirdest i ever watch w…[View]
95523660Reminder: TTG is the first CN cartoon to have blood: I know you people are too picky to accept it un…[View]
95528068I was rewatching some Tom and Jerry Kids only cause of a project I am doing where I watch every Fox …[View]
95525705You are given a directive by WB to take out the squid but keep the plot of the comic together as muc…[View]
95528851Is this a reference to something?[View]
95532224ITT: /co/ delinquents: What are some good examples from the western media? Pic related.[View]
95530493The Nightmare Before Christmas: Anyone else hear about the new 'Zero's Adventure' coming out ne…[View]
95523608So this guy goes up to your girlfriend and slaps her ass. What do you do?[View]
95528680So, i was watching the TMNT mutant apocalypse episodes, and it was suprisngly dark and filled with a…[View]
95525808Explain this[View]
95501192ITT: /co/rporations trying to be hip[View]
95529756Why does this make /co/ so mad? Also, people are eating this crossover event up! So when the actual …[View]
95530556How come a comic about teenage ninja turtles be so bleak and depressing?[View]
95529456what modern cape comic do you think could get a campy live action series treatment like pic related …[View]
95530936Are you fucking serious[View]
95530221So the Far Side ended January 1st 1995, and Calvin and Hobbes ended December 31st 1995. I feel like…[View]
95509615Asian Beast Boy in Titans Live Action: >DC is Looking For an Asian Male Teen to Play Beast Boy in…[View]
95524543/co/ used to talk about this often. What happened?[View]
95523668Why do I feel my life slowly but surely becoming Carl's?[View]
95531777ITT: Unusually dark and bleak shows[View]
95526275Rick 31 is hickmans council of reeds.: So just saw RM 31 my first RM, and its is basically a straigh…[View]
95528292Are you guys ready for my Dabs[View]
95527622Are you still reading the justice league manga? I never posted the other chapters. I read the latest…[View]
95530307>When a fan-made poster is 10x better than the actual shit the studio pulls out Seriously what th…[View]
95531591DHMIS x Gumball: In honor of the recently released episode of Gumball with the people who made Don…[View]
95529762Jesus fuck Vic: How can one man be so fucking Based /co/? HOW?![View]
95528970>to all you britbongs doesnt bob kind of look like liam gallagher with a moustache and goatee?…[View]
95530301Why were there so many hot chicks in Duck Dodgers?[View]
95531391>reading a big Marvel story >they either fuck it up by time travelling or solve it by time tra…[View]
95531325Saturday September 23, 2017: Dilbert Is A Lover Not A Fighter[View]
95531317Heathcliff shoots the dog catcher out of a cannon.[View]
95517036Neo Yokio: IT'S OUT!!![View]
95530924What did he mean by this?[View]
95529941Katz & Goldt: Katz & Goldt is a artist / writer duo that does what duos should do. Meaning t…[View]
95513606ITT : Characters a show tries to make you hate but it never works[View]
95527451>I'm peeing! in the shower! what did he mean by this?[View]
95512015Ms Frizzle: She's gotta at least be as powerful as The Spectre.[View]
95524502Was Mufasa a chad?[View]
95526991Which era would you go back you.[View]
95525078Best CN finale in years: Will Adventure Time top it?[View]
95526397Alan Moore's Supreme: Part 4: Long Live the King Part 1: >>95376572 Part 2: >>9538…[View]
95526205Power Rangers: Continuing the Tommy wank storytime, also known as Boom's Power Rangers run. Fir…[View]
95530330The last episode of South Park actually made me like this pairing. Goddamnit. It was just supposed t…[View]
95475510Transformers: This is Megatron. He is noble and wise and rules the Decepticons with and iron fist. O…[View]
95528697Anybody on /co/ watch HarmonQuest? What do you guys think? Just watched the first two eps of s02. go…[View]
95516177Slott is never leaving Amazing Spider-Man: Can you imagine being a writer and having to tell people …[View]
95523396Ceelo Green and Fallout Boy did a phenomenal job on Teen Titans Go!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
95527415Duck Dogers: What's your favorite Duck dogers ep? Would pork the pig knowing it's Porky?…[View]
95517405Alan Moore's Supreme: Part 3 Part 1: >>95376572 Part 2: >>95385424[View]
95516505What do you think people would've thought of the show had Dipper been a girl and Mabel been a b…[View]
95529218>teenage character is said to be one of the smartest people in the entire world >acts and talk…[View]
95520678Hanazuki - Full of Treasures: Hasbro released a music video of a new song for Hanazuki, likely for t…[View]
95508776PREQUEL UPDATED: This is not a joke. I repeat, this is not a joke. It's real. http://www.preque…[View]
95529807Pajeet is the most horrible spiderman in the history of spidermens. Thank God Slott is still writing…[View]
95528253What are some cartoons about precocious love?[View]
95521033Describe her personality.[View]
95526285>21 could've had 9 million dollars[View]
95528596Why is he so endearing?[View]
95528552Thoughts on Buck Dewey, the Summer Soldier?[View]
95528170StaRavenFire: How come plenty of other aliens get a hang of Earth customs but Starfire doesn't.…[View]
95525792Black Summer: This was a very revolutionary comic back when it came out, I feel something so powerfu…[View]
95523344ITT: choose a number and letters, and I'll browse my /co/ folder for anything related.[View]
95528936Does anyone else watch Sofia the First/Elena of Avalor for plot and theory reasons?[View]
95528997yo, u fookin bitches, is this book any good? im condering buyin, so please convince my stupid ass[View]
95523584Moon-boy thread: What is your opinions of the original moonboy and the red dinosaur?[View]
95528228Was his Night Begins to Shine version any good?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdLaK-PYUAw…[View]
95523866Convince me that everything they make isn't crap.[View]
95524339Why is thor considered one of the heavy hitters?[View]
95528300James Robinson: Does he owe DC money or something? He returned to them just to script someone else…[View]
95497807How would you have wrote the new Powerpuff Girls movie? Seems everyone involved were pretty incompet…[View]
95525305Is their divorce a metaphor for the 'creative differences' between Roiland and Harmon?[View]
95526354ITT: Autism magnets[View]
95523915Which were the best years of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book concerning quality content?[View]
95526593Finn and Marceline:: Regardless of ships, when did the writers decide it would be more fun to focus …[View]
95525151Hot on the heels of Ghost Night 2 the Small-Butera's have a new announcement![View]
95525389Flash animation thread: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
95514279bcb - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: RIP Alec, we hardly knew ya[View]
95524344How can I get into the animation industry when I draw like shit and don't have connections?[View]
95489145Keith crying.: Keith is crying a little bit in the newest V-tron Vlog[View]
95504516cartoon character who remind you of yourself: For me it's Rick Sanchez. Intelligent, nihilistic…[View]
95527514GO GO POWER RANGERS!: My newest comic book review! Go Go Power Rangers #1 2017, with lots of variant…[View]
95524334To compete with PBS, Nick Jr, and Disney Junior, do you think CN should bring back Foster's and…[View]
95524102CBR is looking for experienced writers: http://www.cbr.com/contributor/ >Our site covers reviews,…[View]
95527373Thread got archived before I could post an update but I took some feedback from here and am now here…[View]
95525329What's your favorite DreamWorks movie?[View]
95527223They can't save the world alone: Sounds aboot right?[View]
95521953Is he the Mel Blanc of our generation?[View]
95526966isn't it ironic that the people who claim to hate the fanbase and post memes and shitposts abou…[View]
95526884CHANGE PLACES![View]
95525963Loony Toons: What does /co/ think of Wabbit?[View]
95525976ITT: What I watched, What I expected, What I Got[View]
95523833>all sorts of cool new gear that allow for a greater variety of fights than just a sword would pr…[View]
95525539Red Hood and the Outlaws mystery man: That mysterious man on the park bench- anyone think it might b…[View]
95526015Aren't they kind of blowing their load by dealing with the infinity gauntlet first? I mean it m…[View]
95524167OK so are they gay or not? Their 'relationship' was established to be the two basically playing alon…[View]
95499720This was unironically the _best episode of Star vs. Prove me wrong.[View]
95522798GINGER ROLES MATTER https://www.comicbookmovie.com/justice_league/justice-league-joss-whedon-has-rep…[View]
95509627Paranatural Chapter 5 Page 222 - Post-Hurricane(?) Edition: >*hijack voice* haha jk >Hey! I…[View]
95513248what the hell is a 'namor'? Is it an angry aquaman?[View]
95524251Hey /co/: You wanna see my pecker?[View]
95525828The world was doomend right? No way anyone could have survived.....Or is there? PPGD Story time Part…[View]
95515021Marvel on why readers hate them: >Marvel: Fuck you, Readers! You just hate are books because you …[View]
95523974Reboot Era: So, since we are in the reboot era, Let's talk about shows that SHOULD be rebooted.…[View]
95522604Doomsday Clock: What's going to happen?[View]
95519893New episode of Teen Titans GO tonight at 6. Ones and Zeros >The Titans build an AI robot so it wi…[View]
95524664what is happening to our comics guys[View]
95514761Big Hero 6 The Series: Do you think he's wearing anything underneath that robe? https://www.you…[View]
95523724Wakfu: Need to make this clear. It was Oropo's world that blew up; not the World of Twelve. E…[View]
95518356Enough about Batman. How would the Question deal with Kira?[View]
95524084Is there a good place to look for fanart that is neither tumblr nor deviantART? I don't want t…[View]
95524104What does /co/ think of Trixie Slaughteraxe for President or any of Oyvind Thorsby's other comi…[View]
95524657I know there's nothing left to talk about with this show, but I really want people to rewatch t…[View]
95521857new /co/ pilot thread?: /co/ related pilot with prominent VAs. Could be something good. https://www.…[View]
95509227Neo Yokio has come out on Netflix. Anyone watched it yet?[View]
95522920Do you guys still watch Kim Possible and Proud Family?[View]
95524300Mike Judge's new cartoon premiers tonight on Cinemax. It tells stories about classic country mu…[View]
95521444/dpg/ - Danny Phantom Marathon Thread #39: >Episode:'Double Cross My Heart' Links: http://kimcart…[View]
95524350French cartoons need more love[View]
95522541South Park: Heiman was made for cucking Kyman[View]
95521495CalifOrnia Raisins thread. Post Raisins.[View]
95523909Let's dispel with this fiction that Netflix Castlevania was good. Netflix Castlevania was not g…[View]
95519811I came up with this little cartoon today. What do you think?[View]
95523286Why is their DC hate boner so strong?[View]
95524088Do you guys remember a TV Show that had a moose that had real fur in the middle? as in, no cartoon f…[View]
95522616Evil titans thread?[View]
95523864Reminder: 1000+ Roles: Best Resume for a Female VA ever![View]
95523124Have you ever dropped a series based on one page? Pic related did it for me[View]
95518574Gotta get back! Back to the past! SAMURAI JACK! WATCHA[View]
95523489Crazy ships that turned up being really good.[View]
95517507No I don't think we should use the word, and I'll tell ya why. Because niggas have gotten…[View]
95518166Why everyone bash DCEU superman for not being like his comic version when pretty much every MCU hero…[View]
95517062Why do American cartoons all look the same?[View]
95520251Whatever Happened to....: Which is the better meta story /co/? Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomor…[View]
95522596https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqSX_S9rXMU >adventure time in its prime >we will never get th…[View]
95521447RIP: ITT: Saddest character deaths[View]
95509855When this show came out in 2005 I remember people on the Internet really ripping into it and saying …[View]
95405830/co/ General Drawthread: Provide References and keep them to one image/post. >Keep requests /co/ …[View]
95521442What does /co/ think about Cosmo the Martian? I heard Archie is going to revive it to fill the hole …[View]
95517113I'd read a Bizarro League book[View]
95522104One More Thing... There's gonna be a new version of Jackie Chan Adventures. It's This: htt…[View]
95521479Fry and Frylock swap locations. How different would their respective shows have been and would they …[View]
95518682Kiersey Clemons' Iris West CUT From 'Justice League' By Joss Whedon: >Reports that…[View]
95504415Well damn. I knew it wasn't going to be as good as the first two, but I wasn't expecting T…[View]
95497310LAUNCH THE MISSILE NOW!!!!!!!!!![View]
95514325Over the Garden Wall: First day of Autumn, /co/. Thoughts on the show? Any shows to fill the ambienc…[View]
95518101ITT: Incredibly obscure shows only (You) watched. I'll start, but don't worry if you can…[View]
95511861Johns on Doomsday Clock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jFwhIjlR5g[View]
95520316ITT villains who did nothing wrong, and their end goal was beneficial for society at large[View]
95501287/co/ boobs: Had some great art deliveries last thread.[View]
95522459https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYpIN5LQshw This show really does attract a lot of aspies[View]
95503934ITT : That character who was only thing you watched a shit for[View]
95520817Cracked sure has changed.[View]
95509937This triggers /co/. Go ahead and complain about the ending to The Legend of Korra now. Even though i…[View]
95504173Is there a cooler Mom in comics, currently? I think Lois is a top contender.[View]
95520297Miss me /co/? I gave you Chowder, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, The Secret Saturdays, Sta…[View]
95520480The Nuisance Preview: just look at the fucking comments because of the thumbnail https://www.youtube…[View]
95519252Here is Wonder Woman's brother, what do you think /co/? http://www.comicsbeat.com/exclusive-pre…[View]
95514345Why did puberty turn him into an unlikable girlfriend kissing prick?: Like father like son I guess?…[View]
95520520OK:KO new episode happening right now. i like it so far![View]
95520443*blocks your path*[View]
95513029Sizzle of New LPS show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGs4oOxuE_s[View]
95517202ITT: Obscure gems. I bet no one on /co/ has seen this show[View]
95520545The uncute Ms Marvel: How do you do fellow inhumans?[View]
95515964DCTV Crossover 2017: Who hype? >With all of the heroes in town to celebrate Barry and Iris’s wedd…[View]
95520421ITT : /co/ abominations[View]
95511395Trial Run.[View]
95517398is it safe?[View]
95520432This is JEWel. Say something nice about her.[View]
95521557Wallpapers. Starting off with brand new fresh OC.[View]
95518949Nedroid: Nedroid[View]
95519402So recently i've pirated a pack of marvel comics. It has almost every comic published from 1961…[View]
95521842/co/ wallpapers: Post wallpapers I've been using this wallpaper for a long time now, but I don…[View]
95521845South Park Season 21 and Fractured But Whole: Let's talk about stan, wendy, heidi, kyle, kenny …[View]
95495652Questionable Content thread: spoiler: Emily is not a cyborg yet.[View]
95515924>it's a main character fucks her cat episode I'm glad DC has decided to go this way…[View]
95516207Next Arrowverse 4 part cross over: Your thoughts /co/?[View]
95517624Is Reed Richards the greatest cuck of the marvel universe?[View]
95484221This is coming next march you hyped?[View]
95516796TBO Storytime: The Great Superproduction.: Here's some good old tebeo storytime /co/. Superlope…[View]
95517216you think this story would make it to the tv show?: Darkness! Imprisoning me All that I see Absolute…[View]
95521189>You are all weirdos.[View]
95520458/co/'s Greatest Disney Songs of All Time Tournament: It's time to get the ball rolling! I …[View]
95520622Does anyone else remember this show? I almost never see anyone talking about it[View]
95506050What were your reactions when you first saw this episode?[View]
95505194Just got to this episode. Holy shit, the daughter scene[View]
95519083>Cartoonkino doesn't exis-[View]
95500438Can someone explain to me how this got so popular? And why it's particularly big in Japan?[View]
95520367Why do autists hate this show much?[View]
95520666Is there anyone on this board that doesnt like this show? Just wondering[View]
95519460Marvel rec thread: Anyone get anything good during this Kindle sale? I picked up Edmondon's Pun…[View]
95518321How does /co/ feel about D's nuts?[View]
95520602How many underage groupies did they fuck and give turtle STDs too on their coming out of their shell…[View]
95516827Could Johnny Bravo work on adult swim?[View]
95519566So Whedon cut Lex Jr. from Justice League: - So does that mean Deathstroke is out? - Will Lex commun…[View]
95505763Alright you land lubbers, which is better version of Treasure Island? Muppet Treasure Island or Trea…[View]
95516183What does your family think of comics/cartoons?[View]
95519576Can we all agree this is the best Shadow Comic?[View]
95520099Just got off the Lucifer train, preceded directly by the Sandman train. Is the Constantine train the…[View]
95516890Holy crap, was that stupid! So what? Aliens invented the pyramids? Are you nuts?! Yeah, all those Eg…[View]
95519478why is this show so overrated[View]
95520202>it's a writer's of TTG need to make ANOTHER episode making fun of the haters episode…[View]
95518595Do you miss anything from the N52 era ? Like changes to heroes or their already established villains…[View]
95507515Simon Baz: Finally met pic related in Johns GL run. He's actually kind of likable, but I don…[View]
95510304post cuteness[View]
95519450Is Kill the Minotaur any good?[View]
95510102Is redcorn stronger than Hank Hill?[View]
95516531Is Blythe our waifu /co/?: Also,Littlest Pet Shop thread. Post Blythe.[View]
95511355ITT: Perfect Girls[View]
95518620How good is south park season 21?: Heidi and Cartman are still together https://m.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
95517668So I remember someone uploaded all(?) the CN City bumps and stuff but the mega folder is now kill. I…[View]
95487322Tomarco: Best Star vs Ship?[View]
95516610Is the WAKFU series any good?: So... is it good? What does /co/ thinks about it and french animation…[View]
95518699How come there are people who haven't seen this show since its original run?[View]
95513903But why?[View]
95515674> Peter: Chris Griffin, will you marry me? > Chris: What? Is it even legal for a man to marry …[View]
95514053Disney vs Capcom: Imagine such a thing would exist and be made by competent developers. Who would yo…[View]
95518602What are some of his greatest issues and moments? Deserves a lot more respect and attention than he…[View]
95518779rip in pepperoni[View]
95517753The Nick animated shorts program is back after being dead for like a year and a half. Since /co/tobe…[View]
95516858Something I've noticed is that while people love seeing the early days of characters like Spide…[View]
95518523FOOT DIVE! Post some Dr. Doom[View]
95518126Comic Advertising Opportunity?: I was organizing the articles for my school newspaper today when I r…[View]
95499228TONIGHT: >A DARK KNIGHT RISES Edition We're back bitches! Get ready for the crazy train with…[View]
95517895The writer of your favorite ongoing comic or cartoon dies and is replaced by Tite Kubo. What happens…[View]
95511008How do you become a storyboard artist?[View]
95517954>main character must find love to achieve eternal happiness Jeez it's like the writers have …[View]
95515528Disney world speculation: What Disney worlds do you expect or want in KH3? Worlds already confirmed:…[View]
95512937I feel like the only person who watched this show.: It's like if /co/ and /v/ teamed up with /s…[View]
95507239Future Quest Presents #02 Storytime: All aboard the nostalgia train[View]
95513121MAD #263-267 (1986) storytime: 5 x 1 = Another five-issue MAD marathon! Do the math, compare answers…[View]
95510312Where did the mutants go?: I don't come often to /co/, and I have a question Can someone explai…[View]
95499169/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Kenny Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swbooks.ne…[View]
95487155RUMOR: Marvel's INHUMANS Has Been Cancelled By ABC Before Season 1 Even Airs: >ABC and Marve…[View]
95516617Why is she back on the nice list when she nearly ruined christmas for the entire world?[View]
95516059His Rebirth would be infinitely better.[View]
95516813Doo dop diddly dill Since he has a top hat, can he be bill?[View]
95514538Could a Destiny cartoon work? How would you do it?[View]
95509708Are there any good cartoons that came out in the last 3 years?: I haven't been keeping up with …[View]
95516000Is this right?[View]
95516079When Alfred goes to butler meet ups, does he get upset that he cant tell them he helps the Batman? T…[View]
95498693I'm feeling self-satisfied as fuck today. Give me your smuggest reaction images, /co/.[View]
95513971Multiplicity: This was shit right? Like the final issue was a big cop out. The supermen went to go r…[View]
95509914Ultimate and 616 Miles Morales have nothing in common: >They look nothing alike, in fact 616 Mile…[View]
95516626I know its a weird question to ask, but how are the characters ranked in order of tallest to shortes…[View]
95513078Are you all following any shows or movies currently in production? Sauce: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
95516434Post weird stuff that wouldn't fly today.[View]
95514223>uguu~ I'm jus' an adult baby XD[View]
95515941If you believe, you must be big, in order to be tough. Then you should get to know me, I'll te…[View]
95493340TTG teaches kids how to build rental property: Moralfags BTFO![View]
95516334How CGI Transformed Animated Storytelling: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=guQzTr1YK40 If you want the …[View]
95511897What is your favorite era of Peanuts /co/? Why do you prefer that era over the others?[View]
95513428How come nobody in Peter's personal life points out that he is JACKED?[View]
95512936Which of Darkseid’s cronies has to change him while he’s a baby?[View]
95511787Mabel should've used the love potion to hook Dipper up with Wendy.[View]
95482822Rick & Morty: >You fucked with squirrels Morty! We have to pack up & move to a new realit…[View]
95512328Hellblazer Rebirth opinion: What's your opinion on the current Hellblazer Rebirth Run /co/ ? So…[View]
95503508Anyone else read this? What did you think? I loved it, fun ride.[View]
95515904South Park Season 21 reviews, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hI9v-yHykFw: south park season 21 review…[View]
95514750Batman: The Murder Machine Preview[View]
95497898I wanna marry aunt cass[View]
95514047Why did they make his suit turn into pink & purple during night scenes?[View]
95474370I thought Yogurt had Bacon in it. Turns out it doesn't.[View]
95515835Hey Arnold thread: Hey /co/! 60 days 2 hours 25 minutes 7 seconds Until my TV movie. You are going t…[View]
95514819Punisher Trailer. >https://youtu.be/lIY6zFL95hE Also, possible release date leaked: October 13th?…[View]
95498403ITT: We pretend we are civilians within the MCU: Is Spider-Man an Avenger? If not, what was he doing…[View]
95507359Batman Ninja animated film announced: What the fuck? >Kill la Kill writer working on it http://ww…[View]
95510125Why does everyone besides Jokerman look so fucking boring? You have the opportunity to go full 90s e…[View]
95511771The Bob's Burgers season premiere is a guest animated episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8…[View]
95515017>Some creators made a private Facebook page to harass D&C >A man with low production value…[View]
95511088Vera: Mother, Tailor, Libertarian[View]
95496277Who would you choose if you were Charlie Brown?[View]
95500010If your wife openly wants to cheat on you with a guy that has tried to kill you and her brother mult…[View]
95512732I know I'm late, but I just watched this and holy fuck, they really stepped up their game. How …[View]
95514359>animated TDKR > movie BvS >animated Suicide Squad > movie SS >animated WW > movie…[View]
95509729What did he mean by this?[View]
95512743Itt: iconic duos[View]
95478741FLAME ON![View]
95514665>When you try everything, but succeed at nothing.[View]
95514934Is Voltron Queerbaiting us?[View]
95511971Bounce and The Watch: So...what the end result of the 'black superheroes' threads? I know at the end…[View]
95512480Batman and Harley Quinn: I loved this movie. You lied to me /co/ you said I would hate it. What wen…[View]
95513120If you could write any established property: What would you pick? Marvel? DC? Would you revitalize t…[View]
95511891Camp Weedonwantcha[View]
95513973What was his name again?[View]
95502691Name a Character that has left a bigger impact on you than him Hint: You can't[View]
95507549Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #12 Storytime: Lets rock![View]
95424670Amelia Bedelia autistic[View]
95507965Gunnerkrigg Court: >An assortment. >------------------------- >Hey! I'm going to be at…[View]
95498775Is he the only Marvel character not to be ruined by 'diversity'?[View]
95510282/co/ stuff that you never got into: ITT: Cartoons, Comics and the likes that kinda drew your attenti…[View]
95499085>Netflix has pulled an episode of the children's program Maya the Bee after a mother spotted…[View]
95513813Is Finn a manlet?[View]
95505755To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Doc and Mharti. The humor is extremely sub…[View]
95465754Shows that actually fixed their original franchise: >original movies were a disgrace >hated ev…[View]
95513345Legend Quest: I have so many questions. This show looks like it take place in the past yet Teo has a…[View]
95513752Wanna party /co/?[View]
95510738>Cmon dad, you'd love New York. Now that you're two least favorite buildings have been …[View]
95504873https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahW0AP1ecxY Is nothing sacred?[View]
95511774Any chance in hell Marvel would capitalize on their reacquisition of the Blade rights by giving us B…[View]
95508628Nuppg: i've got a hot pink flamingo just dying to meet you.[View]
95502728Anon, guard these stairs and make sure my son doesn't leave this floor. If you fail you'll…[View]
95511847Does Eddie have any friends canonically not counting love interests or the symbiote itself? I feel l…[View]
95512965do you want to see more japs working in western comics?[View]
95510319What the fuck was her problem?[View]
95507690Do any of the live musicals based off Disney movies actually improve the source material?[View]
95512770This was linked in another thread yesterday, but I feel like it deserves it's own. https://www.…[View]
95510762why is he so pefect?[View]
95508905ITT we talk about the webcomics of years past, dead or otherwise.[View]
95494598This fucker right here is the fastest man alive. Even when his opponent is the fastest man alive he …[View]
95491748Why is /co/ taking Batman: Metal seriously when DC isn’t? This is very obviously meant to be a total…[View]
95501927Aphrodite IX REBIRTH Storytime: >FOR 'MATURE' AUDIENCES ONLY If you love it when a plan comes tog…[View]
95512607IDW TMNT Universe storytime: Metalhead 2.0 arc #7-#8: Back again. Last storytime: Desperate Measures…[View]
95512052https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQSKnI0oqtU Imagine this with Long John Baldry or Jim Cummings voici…[View]
95512432what did father blood drench robo crush mean by this?[View]
95503304Joker Solo Movie Could Film In 2018: http://ca.ign.com/articles/2017/09/21/joker-solo-movie-script-e…[View]
95503521Rick might say he's the smartest man in the universe, but how can he be so smart if he's n…[View]
95510347Daredevil is such a piece of shit[View]
95502474Who's gonna win? https://twitter.com/ScrewAttackChad/status/910907486382592000/photo/1[View]
95511554Brunette girls thread.[View]
95505647Isle of Dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt__kig8PVU I like it. It looks like they actually tri…[View]
95509667Agents of SHIT my ass! Just binged through all four seasons of this to prepare for the shitstorm nex…[View]
95511993>'Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,' which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathe…[View]
95510792>Quite the country you have built >Here I sit, a war criminal, eating better than most America…[View]
95510628Which Barney Gumble do you prefer, Sober or Drunk?[View]
95505102Ed's Big Ol' Pad of Paper Thread: What does it say, /co/?[View]
95509164WTH is he talking about? Why the shock? Wasn't post SW Universe 8 ISO crap all revealed to thes…[View]
95502243Crossovers and Fusions: Haven't seen a thread for these in a while. Post what you got, if you p…[View]
95511253So what is Teodora supposed to be? a ghost from the future? How does that work?[View]
95510857The Lion Guard: Today's episode was a weak one. A very weak one. I suspected it would be, but a…[View]
95504664Ever since season 2.... (yes, im serious): The show has got a main character who obsesses over havin…[View]
95507354chad comics thread?[View]
95504623Unsounded: >Two pages today! I think this looks fun, I would totally ride this carnival attractio…[View]
95511623Hiveswap thread, anybody? I couldn't play the game until the first patch due to the cutscene gl…[View]
95510919Do you like orange soda?[View]
95510883What would Hank Hill do if we suddenly had Superman's powers?[View]
95496775Remember me?[View]
95476066Medusa is a slut edition: Guess being the town bicycle runs in the family Crystal[View]
95502502Disney sequel threads. Favorite? Least favorite? Is there any movie you wish got a sequel but didn…[View]
95510943I'M PICKLE RICK[View]
95508513Why did so many 90s and early 00s cartoons act like Kwanzaa was a widespread holiday and not somethi…[View]
95504317ITT : Spooky ass /co/ trivia and theories: Did you know in one of the Garfeild games Jon has a man c…[View]
95499339Will there ever be an animated kino as pure and heartfelt as The Iron Giant? I don't know why b…[View]
95509279Only the purest characters ITT[View]
95507633I know he's a controversial figure in comics but I'm curious about what works Ned Flanders…[View]
95505097Devil's Candy: >Embarrassing http://devilscandycomic.com/[View]
95504340*Sparkles in your face*[View]
95509398Whats with Slade and apprentices?[View]
95499046>Faithful adaptation >Stylized CG that captures a lot of 2D charm >Includes all forms of a…[View]
95504525Marvel Legacy non-hate thread (because expecting any kind of positive towards Marvel on /co/ is aski…[View]
95509575>There are now people who hate this line-up on instinct because it's just white people Remem…[View]
95508814Is it good?[View]
95509797Big Mouth: I honestly can't wait for this to premiere and give it a chance. I don't really…[View]
95506488/co/ toys: >1995 >walk into Toys R Us >see this What do?…[View]
95509703A little cryptic good news for you all on a Friday, /co/ https://twitter.com/geneluenyang/status/910…[View]
95507688when was the last time we talked about Birdman Attorney at Law?[View]
95506382So how come cartoon mothers are always so hot? Do cartoon creators just enjoy making children intere…[View]
95494745is starfire autistic?: pic related[View]
95507482Remember when Penny Arcade was funny?[View]
95484683Now that Metroid is officially not dead, could a Metroid cartoon à la Netflix Castlevania work? And …[View]
95509370Ronnie tiredly pores over the hasty scribbles on the page. 'How do I put a hilarious twist the comic…[View]
95506971Harley Quinn #28 Storytime[View]
95504934The Problem Solverz:: What went wrong?[View]
95507658Mike Judge's new cartoon telling stories about famous country musicians like George Jones and W…[View]
95505241Anon! You said you had a cartoon idea?: Tell me all about it! I like a good story, give me the detai…[View]
95509149Tomorrow's Harley Quinn day. How are you celebrating?[View]
95487129Miss me yet /co/? I gave you Adult Swim, the CN City bumpers, Teen Titans, Justice League, Samurai J…[View]
95503692What's the best way to collect Tintin? There are so many versions. Also, I suppose let's t…[View]
95507659Problem Solvers: Was this show ahead of its time with all of the stuff out there like H3N3 and moder…[View]
95508446Cool movie. Especially that ending. What's your favorite Bakshi work?[View]
95507447It's never coming out, is it?[View]
95508691ITT: Batman: Should batman go to jail for endangering the lives of children?[View]
95508586TDKR Alfred: So the thought of the house of Wayne gone gave him a stroke? Wtf[View]
95481305South Park: Before season 21: 'We're done with continuity and politics: Season 21: Continuity a…[View]
95507813I miss old Adventure time and how excited all of /co/ was[View]
95499232Martha Speaks: Why is she such a bitch? Thats not a joke she is genuinely a total fucking asshole. S…[View]
95498480Last time On PPGD Story time Part 5[View]
95508250Will prime time ever return? How long is he gonna stay stuck in the source wall?[View]
95494440America #7 storytime: You know what time it is.[View]
95484914Isn't Bruce's retirement in the very first episode of Batman Beyond the ideal way for him …[View]
95487052Im actually happy theyre doing a middle ground between serialised and non serialised episodes. S20 w…[View]
95504153SpongeBob: The Musical: more /co/-related than Heathers edition: 'What in chicken-fried tarnation is…[View]
95508321Was anyone else bothered by that episode where Alfred wrote fan-fiction where his adoptive son died?…[View]
95506809Robotboy vs XJ9 (a.k.a Jenny): Hello everyone, this is something that has been bothering me for a wh…[View]
95495604Post Character Flaws: Show me heroes being flawed and human. One of the reasons Green Lantern is my…[View]
95502826Your dad is the owner of Nike or some other multi-billion-dollar company. You can make ANY animated …[View]
95504405Pixar Films, portrayed by The Simpsons: Toy Story[View]
95502735Why is Daisy such a bad sportsman?[View]
95507693What was good about Tom Goes to the Mayor?[View]
95505523ITT: Post a cartoon character, and others guess who'd they grow up to be.[View]
95503146Hey /co/ I found this ragdoll, what do you think of her?[View]
95507790Would you watch a cartoon series based on Marvel Shape Shifters? Meaning that the various heroes and…[View]
95494537MAD #258-262 (1985-86) storytime: Here's another five-issue batch of Classic MAD, with the semi…[View]
95505154Heathcliff breaks up the gang.[View]
95504322Who's the ugliest son of a bitch in comics?[View]
95507674Oh my.[View]
95475205>no comic accurate costumes >both capcom and marvel characters act out of character >no mar…[View]
95495554>people against cyclops included the next Hitler, futurists who killed unarmed best friends, the …[View]
955073433 DAYS[View]
95504887Why is she always breaking stuff, anons?[View]
95504966Hey Arnold!: >A television film adaption of the series, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, has been g…[View]
95504755Does alien blood count?[View]
95504361I get a slight Dredd/Anderson vibe from these two.[View]
95492361Do you have a problem with the way female characters are written these days?[View]
95472748Venom #154 storytime It feels nice to finally get an actual good issue of Venom[View]
95498596Why is she such a shit father?[View]
95498171Gl Joe: YOOOOO JOE edition: So me and my missus have been watching GI Joe: real American hero and i …[View]
95444902I just started watching this and I was wondering if it was normal to be sexually attracted to a teen…[View]
95503703TFW no cursed assassin waifu to tuck you in at night. Also, SJ/Ashi thread.[View]
95505721>that moment where I smoked the rumor weed and now i'm seeing talking vegetables…[View]
95495811Shithumans will never be the New Gods: Deal with that, Shithuman drones.[View]
95507176How do we meme this bitch another season?[View]
95465628What /co/girls do you think would make good housewives? More importantly, what /co/girls would enjoy…[View]
95506557XJ-9 Forever: >When she realizes that she will outlive her creator, friends, and maybe all of lif…[View]
95505869Who the fuck were they?[View]
95492011>Vera is opening up First her heart, then her Hobbit Hole.[View]
95504843Will we ever get another Avatar cartoon?[View]
95490186Reminder that this got delayed from 2018 to 2020 in favor of Wreck-It Ralph 2.[View]
95454945OK /co/, redpill me on OK KO Is it worth watching or is it more Cartoon Network bullshit?[View]
95497206what is your ideal Gravity Falls sequel series?: >Dipper and Mable are highschool/college age …[View]
95498252/co/ edit thread: A thread where you can request,create, and post edits. Post screenshots you want e…[View]
95505465So im going to baltimore comic con this weekend and want to know if any feminist writers(gabby river…[View]
95499498Hey guys! Just wanted to make sure everyone who voted in the poll already voted for our virtual dive…[View]
95505965Dumbing of age. Doa: Tonight's strip.[View]
95447410Bojack Thread: Which is the best season and why?[View]
95506519Adventure Time Thread: Any topics involving Adventure Time. Ranging from future episodes to 'muh lor…[View]
95502122ITT: Overrated shows[View]
95504166What does /co/ think of the fusion Powerpuff girls?: I'll start with Blossom, first.[View]
95505592Star vs.: Which AU is the best?[View]
95498237Hasn't the Dreamworks face been a joke long enough for people to stop using it?[View]
95503890I hope he's enjoying that 'real job' of his.[View]
95504708If you're attending the Baltimore comic con this weekend, please stop Mark Waid before he does …[View]
95467094WTTW Thread: Old one died, let's start a new one. >September 18 - Like No Other Man on Earth…[View]
95505140Mantis and Steve Englehart: Anyone got a link to that story about Stevie making multiple Mantis clon…[View]
95502457>sick More like lazy heh.[View]
95503324Who should Marvel use to replace the X-Men in comics and the MCU now instead of the Inhumans? I nomi…[View]
95499409Prequel has actually updated: owo whats this http://www.prequeladventure.com/[View]
95382888My Life as a Teenage Robot: What went wrong? Will we ever get more Jenny?[View]
95503766What are the chances that Marvel Legacy is pretty much just going to change the comics to match the …[View]
95498930Is Nickelodeon the most popular its ever been right now with kids?[View]
95501808Quick Pope Hats #5 Update For My RillyAnons: Just wanted to let you guys know I'm about a third…[View]
95501660>'Hickman's 'New Avengers' is good because the characters are forced to make awful decisions…[View]
95503267DO YOU REMEMBER[View]
95497254What are some of your favorite /co/ musical numbers?[View]
95486989Wasp costume[View]
95483082Is this shit worth watching? Even for morbid curiosity?[View]
95498229How can one smelly, filthy talking little girl be so best[View]
95503230Tonight is Animation Masterpieces Nights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynDtdseEQXU[View]
95500086Are any of this dude's comics worth reading? Has anyone ever done anything cool with him? The m…[View]
95502152Star Vs.: How big of a threat will she be in season 3? What do you think her power level is compared…[View]
95501072I honestly don't get this joke. Did he really have hookers or not?[View]
95501318Indie animation is good because you can tell fantastic stories without the restraints of a big budge…[View]
95501582Is he gay?[View]
95497010Loud House: So now that the week of episodes is over how would you guys rate them? 1. No laughing m…[View]
95499877Name one character who gets shit on harder by writers across every form of media than Scott Summers.[View]
95503010Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond, regardless of the quality of the stories, which is the better …[View]
95502888>Dude it's just a children's show. Why do you even care?[View]
95502089Cartoons that were good, but underappreciated.: Everyone knows the great ones. Let's post some …[View]
95500670Teen Titans Go! Needs to do another DnD parody episode. That Starfire was hot[View]
95502765Alex joined the group of smartest kids in the multiverse What happened to the rest of the power pack…[View]
95502723Post characters hugging it out. Bitch.[View]
95500818kek: ps is canon , >ps >>>Xbox & pc[View]
95501583Wow, that was terrible. Does anyone at Marvel gives a single smear of a shit about anything Kirby di…[View]
95490432Marvel legacy #1 Lettered Preview: MARVEL LEGACY #1 JASON AARON (W) • ESAD RIBIC (A) DOUBLE GATEFOLD…[View]
95496802Boner: Covers that gives you a boner.[View]
95490346Isle of Dogs: Trailer for Wes Anderson's new stop-motion animation https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
95495133Did he rape them, /co/?[View]
95498926>I love you too... Cartman X Heidi was a god tier ship and I'm mad.…[View]
95502254What are some comics with cosmic horror villains?[View]
95494166I'll admit, I'm not ll the way through the omnibus yet, and really only completed the D.N.…[View]
95500910/co/ Film Hope Thread!: Share your hopes & Ideas for future superhero films from any given compa…[View]
95501028What the flying fuck is Marvel going to do now with the Inhumans? For the past 4 or more years, thes…[View]
95501406Please explain Secret Wars 2015 to someone that hasn't read comics since the original Secret Wa…[View]
95491227If there's only one Apokolips and one New Genesis, why do the New Gods and Darkseid only ever e…[View]
95465388You are now given the task to write your own DC comic storyline. It will be considered Elseworld but…[View]
95501565Are pre-nu52/Rebirth comics supposed to be canon now? I'm confused /co/, please explain.[View]
95485439Obscure Web-animation Thread: Post obscure web-animation here. My choice is the series 'Limbo', it…[View]
95499615would you read a Babyseid mini or ongoing featuring appearances by Orion and Batman /co/? think of …[View]
95498137Swimsuit Thread: There's less than 24 hours left of summer! Quick, post /co/ characters in swim…[View]
95496085Look outside your window. See this. What do?[View]
95487590Say you're fucking sorry /co/.[View]
95500145What was her fucking problem?[View]
95498507Oh no! We raped grandpa back at the gas station![View]
95490289Who was in the wrong here?[View]
95475734White Loaves Matter: Kelly does it again![View]
95494007I realise that this is probably the 300th thread about this but, does anyone really like the legacy …[View]
95494872/co/ won't like this: New trailer for Peter rabbit http://m.ign.com/videos/2017/09/21/peter-rab…[View]
95487777Harmonquest: Great idea, bad execution. The guest stars often reveal that the story is pre-written …[View]
95496937Are the TTG comics any good?[View]
95496176In a surprisingly tur of event, it turns out to be surprisingly watchable.[View]
95494034Seriously? Got Ham season 4 premieres tonight and none of you care? What happon?[View]
95498420Do you think Batman is mentally ill?[View]
95498481Reminder that no amount of edginess compensates for lack of good stories.[View]
95499903Happy Rosh Hashanah: Have a Ron[View]
95500059Luke-senpai, coffee des?[View]
95498036will he ever get the spotlight?[View]
95499516Can you taste the ice cream, /co/ ?[View]
95499044WHAT THE...?!?[View]
95497615Would you consider comic books a legitimate artistic medium? Not just superheroes, since that's…[View]
95478911New Super-Man: What does it mean?[View]
95497545Occult detective: What are some other good comics about paranormal/supernatural things? Ive read bit…[View]
95479509Green Arrow 31: So will Ollie actually join the League? [View]
95498904Just finished watching Suicide Squad, what a clusterfuck. Is the extended version any better? Why is…[View]
95497228So what is Goldballs up to now a days? I haven't read an X-comic since the whole Jean Grey turn…[View]
95499304Rick & Morty: Why are Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland two different sides of the spectrum?[View]
95492494James Corden's Peter Rabbit: Will Sony ever stop? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pa_Weidt08…[View]
95445352Adventure Time: The entire final season is gonna be available on Hulu this October. http://www.denof…[View]
95499062ITT: premature ejaculation[View]
95391741Raven Thread[View]
95440091I want Heather Chandler to start a musical thread! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVyq2v8EV5A…[View]
95498960What are your top 3 Alan Moore comics?[View]
95494896>expect her to get mutated at some point >instead she just disappears during season 3 and then…[View]
95495667This is Kamala Khan. Say something nice about her.[View]
95497015>yfw Grant Morrison was part of the Suicide Squad https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Suicide_S…[View]
95494458>Surprisingly good opening issues >Became well-liked >Now complicit in Mutant genocide whil…[View]
95494893Carl Barks Ducks Comics Checklist?: Does anyone happen to have a checklist of all of Carl Barks…[View]
95498499Bomango: Nothing happening in the world of Gogo. Just some preteen island Gogo.[View]
95497479Why did they decide to name this character 'electric nachos'[View]
95498262Why is he so perfect?[View]
95498371Favorite LH teacher: Who is your favorite teacher from pic related?[View]
95494422Reminder that this game came out years after Wakko's Wish (the finale) came out. It came out in…[View]
95487682Truly it was A Goofy Movie... A HYUCK[View]
95459507back in the day they were on the same cool urban vibe as 3030 or Handsome Boy Modelling School... no…[View]
95497313Venom: If Venom officially has 150+ issues, why is there no Omnibus?[View]
95491720Crossover when?[View]
95473161Batman: The Red Death: Where the fuck is the storytime?[View]
95497775is this proof visuals can't sell a show?[View]
95492227What /co/ franchises poops on its original legacy the most? Two Fresh Turds. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
95484598>posted by Ross >then taken down What could it meannnnnnn…[View]
95494283Why do people say these non human characters are black? Are suppose to be?[View]
95487148You know, LPS was a pretty good show[View]
95495647BACK: Why is it I never see this webcomic mentioned ever on this board? Is KC Green's reputatio…[View]
95494470man this year is really meh.[View]
95497494Post things that most people don't realize were based on comics or cartoons.[View]
95480960/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Maps Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swbooks.net…[View]
95484640Wakfu S3 Discussion: Regretful heroes. Regretful viewers. 2 more seasons, maybe throw in a movie wh…[View]
95493791Rip Janet[View]
95464543>tfw the series never topped this moment How could we have saved Steven Universe? By killing tumb…[View]
95483867If Charlie Brown ever died, would he get the praise and recognition he deserves?[View]
95454686Rick and Morty: I wonder what the other instructions are like What did you think of the episode? Als…[View]
95487461What was the point of this exactly[View]
95495269Was it really that bad?[View]
95496983>people complaining about Peter Rabbit >meanwhile they just passed over this…[View]
95464718IDW December solicits - Transformers and Hasbro: TRANSFORMERS LOST LIGHT #13 (W) James Roberts (A) A…[View]
95496646Archie Sonic: ITT: You've been put in charge of the comic immediately after the end of the Endg…[View]
95492989Was this episode a rape analogy? >What do you mean 'no'? >I mean you can't use …[View]
95486500>Lady Death is Swedish >Her real name is Hope…[View]
95486243This Week's X-Books Storytime: X-Men Gold #12 and Jean Grey #7 - FILL-IN ARTISTS EDITION: In X-…[View]
95476713Wilson actually used a /tv/ meme[View]
95493325Will Liv be enough to save Ghostforce?[View]
95496285BUT: ERIC[View]
95496232So the worm is coming back. Any hopes that it will be good?[View]
95475281Marvel Legacy is ‘Act 3’ of a Larger Plan for the Marvel Universe: >“Marvel Legacy is Act 3 of a …[View]
95493697Franz Hopper: Was he the real villain of the series?[View]
95478427Invincible Iron Man #11 storytime[View]
95495645Robot Girl Thread: post only the finest robowaifus[View]
95494758I'm worried this cartoon will undo everything Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty has done for a…[View]
95483595Finale of Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated: I think it's time we all set the record straight. Fo…[View]
95494614>don't make me choose between my man and my god Oh fuck off Marge.…[View]
95488391I can't believe I just noticed this[View]
95484357>'what about this one?' >'wheres the rest of it' Fucking prudish feminists…[View]
95490881Steven Universe - 'Escapism' Song: Does this have to do with Lapis? https://youtu.be/mIFpr72oUtA…[View]
95490506Why are you lot so embarrassing?[View]
95495182ITT: post foreign dubs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuVLfLeBUn8[View]
95493573JUSTICE LEAGUE GAME IDEA: I have a question and /v/ kicked me out Could Rocksteady make a good JL ga…[View]
95494499Post examples of Comic Book companies stealing from each other. Pic related, Gwempool stole most of …[View]
95488983Triplettes of Belleville: >no review on youtube what happened? Was it a blunder?…[View]
95494371Is it possible that the Teem Titans GO universe was created by Mr.Mxyzptlk?: It kinda makes sense ca…[View]
95493667Who would the original 2003 Teen Titans or at least Robin find more annoying? Larry or the Robin TTG…[View]
95478986América Chavez # 7 storytime: La wea más bakan del mundo poh[View]
95492970Harley & Ivy: The Greatest Partnership: >Doctor Harleen Quinzel is probably most famous for h…[View]
95483960Does he actually have some kind of disability, or is everyone in the series just being presumptuous?[View]
95488548Let's try to find a more obscure series than Johnny Bravo[View]
95491760Leave it to (((Bendis))) and (((Ike))) to push this.[View]
95493423It was hilarious how fast he came to that conclusion.[View]
95488345ITT: Cartoons only you watched[View]
95489102ITT : animated brutality[View]
95494068Does Rugrats hold up as an adult the way shows like Spongebob, Ed Edd & Eddy and Rocko do or is …[View]
95492506God the SU soundtrack is comfy. Any other shows with notable BGM? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh…[View]
95493414Has John Paul Leon ever done anything fantasy or historical?[View]
95489785DARK ARK ISSUE #1: Noah has been tasked with building an ark to save his family and the animals of t…[View]
95490794What do you guys think of this? It's a hardcover magazine by IDW, 200 pages every three months …[View]
95492554Well /co/ he didn't so yeah.[View]
95492735How well would Guts hold up in the DC Universe?[View]
95493256Alright /co/ who was best girl?[View]
9549364350 years have passed, but... I do not age.[View]
95493637Something for the less seen genre of Narrowly Missed Loss.jpg[View]
95456551Well, bad news. We won't be getting the Stump Day edition of the gospel until the 25th, unless …[View]
95484915Totally Awesome Hulk Storytime: Guest Starring the All Asians Know Each Other Alliance! And Black Pa…[View]
95490211Fuck you /co/[View]
95493532More like this.[View]
95489224Marvel Legacy pick-ups: What series are you guys thinking of picking up when legacy starts. For me I…[View]
95492062The Messianic Jews from Moral Orel: Were they good characters, or just as bad as the rest of Moralto…[View]
95493390>Kitty has relationships with guys named Peter >Marries Peter Quill >Several writers poke f…[View]
95489956Friendly reminder that being Liono is pain[View]
95493402DC covers[View]
95491039You will never exchange knowledge with her[View]
95481478wtf am I watching[View]
95490247Royals #8 Storytime: You already know what will happen on this issue.[View]
95490795To be fair,[View]
95491130>we wuz innocent african warlords an shiettt >they dindu nuffin, Superman a tyrant an shiet …[View]
95463828Nightwing #29 Storytime: Gotham Resistance part two![View]
95493106what went wrong?[View]
95481033Marvel vs Capcom Infinite thread: Are you liking the game, anons?[View]
95491659>literally used the phrase 'anal retentive' Man, Nick just does not give a fuck anymore. This alo…[View]
95470972Tropes you despise: >Empires are all evil >Kingdoms are all good.…[View]
95492575Millar's F4: Am I the only one whoe really enjoyed his run?[View]
95492867Will Barbatos and his Dark Knights be the ones to rape the Joker?[View]
95488480>Bug & Mr.Miracle both have books with Mature Readers rating >Meanwhile Darkseid is a cute…[View]
95490364ITT: Confirmed child diddlers[View]
95492087>no more, no more...no more Dunno about deadshot but isn't slade still out there doing his t…[View]
95487833Bojack Horseman: This was actually a very good season, and I'm glad it ended on a positive note…[View]
95491877So I know that last few years have, politically, ruined everyone's tastes and enjoyment of anyt…[View]
95472493Spider-Men II #3: This issue of Spider-Men, a series all about Spider-Men teaming up with each other…[View]
95475030Goddamnit Jack, I used to like you.[View]
95486381WOY: Where have you wandered lately anon?[View]
95490076Has /co/ ever had such real manly man as DePERTO before?[View]
95492169Jessica Rabbit thread.[View]
95491188Is he racist against mutants?[View]
95491566>make an unstable superpowered bootleg with garish body proportions because you were jealous that…[View]
95491477ITT: People that would get along well together: How long till they become the bestest of best friend…[View]
95483409>The Punisher is, in many ways, a worst case scenario domestic terrorist and mass shooter who, un…[View]
95489262We get it, Tom. You want Kite Man to be a meme.[View]
95488715So if Ed and Eddy had actually sunk in the quicksand and died, what would've happened overall w…[View]
95489054>With great power comes great responsibility Why? Now Peter is pretty much tied to endangering h…[View]
95490376Back when wolverine could regenerate from anything, if you cut off his head, would he regrow from th…[View]
95489028Who was in the wrong here?[View]
95488683Why haven't you purchased a Morty kippah yet?[View]
95462730Superman #31 Storytime: You were expecting Apokolips but it was me, Deathstroke! 'Breaking Point' Pa…[View]
95488487Are there some real people you just cannot really depict in fiction even though they are real becaus…[View]
95487464Why do the recent seasons feel like they were written by an autistic child? Honestly curious[View]
95471201Super Sons #8 Storytime: Planet of the Capes part three![View]
95471788Aquaman #28 Storytime: Underworld part four![View]
95490351>As part of its Archie Action imprint, Archie Comics is reuniting the team behind its long-runnin…[View]
95482898Wonder Woman/Conan #1: Did nobody really storytime this today?[View]
95491084>Post yfw H O W A R D E D Might dump the rest of vol 10 today[View]
95481608Angelic #1 Storytime: In a post-apocalyptic world full of GM animals where humanity is extinct and w…[View]
95488092I must go now, my planet needs me.[View]
95490196Make a cartoon based on this image.[View]
95482757Why in a Star Wars cartoon is there a clone trooper who has color on his armor,dual wields pistols, …[View]
95485710Are you still mad /co/?[View]
95488280Mark Waid is going to protect women from 'Diversity & Comics' at Baltimore Comic Con. Is shit go…[View]
95463613Justice League Storytime :Senile Arthur Edition[View]
95467320Post /co/ humans[View]
95489385If he was Hawk Moth wouldn't he be going around upsetting more people? Chloe and Marinette have…[View]
95482132filename thread[View]
95476757Who was in the wrong here?[View]
95455913Will 2D ever make a comeback?[View]
95484255What're some 'so bad it's good' cartoons? I know that the Donkey Kong Country sh…[View]
95485008Let's settle this: Is he a brainlet? A genius? A super-genius? A hero? An anti-hero? A villain?…[View]
95488352If Rayman got a new cartoon what would you want in it? (besides nymph fanservice)[View]
95482671korra: I don't get it, why does everyone say she's hot but annoying/unlikable ? she's…[View]
95488643All right /co/ lets have a simple easy thread I want you to post your favorite Comic book character …[View]
95487648I don't think anyone has done this yet... The Wild Storm #7 Let's get to it![View]
95468430Kingsman the Golden Circle: What happened? Where's the spykino?[View]
95489270Who are the best friends in comics? I bet Booster Gold and Blue Beetle would've been among them…[View]
95489116Did Morrison give Emma the diamond skin secondary mutation because of this?: The first mutant Cyclop…[View]
95483055Bed time!!!: It is very important 2 get 8 hrs of sleep to be in super condition!! Go 2 bed right now…[View]
95485271Bug! The Adventures of Forager #4 Storytime: Hail to the man immitating the king.[View]
95485071Batwoman #7 Storytime: I'm going to do more storytimes tomorrow after work. But for now.... Bat…[View]
95485205>yellow is an ugly color It really is.[View]
95442533South Park: >Even Craig and Tweek have more focus in the recent seasons than Stan and Kenny but I…[View]
95479208Reminder that Toph was the qtest and best childhood crush.[View]
95488453two episode's in and its looking bad, is South Park going to end up like Family Guy and turn in…[View]
95488182How clarmont?: I get that kittys can phase, but how can she go straight up. Can she fly? muties …[View]
95470002CW Sabrina Spinoff - IT'S COMING!: >The CW and Warner Bros. Television are developing a new …[View]
95482438Push It, Push It Real Good. Ow. Get Up On This. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNxVrUsUgms[View]
95485989ITT: God-Tier Redesigns/Alt-Looks: I'll start. If you don't like the Endo-Sym, you have le…[View]
95466113Punisher Trailer: GET FRANKED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIY6zFL95hE&feature=youtu.be…[View]
95486924Hey /co wanna help me make one for Marvel?: how would you rank all the bust sizes of the major marve…[View]
95471553MAD #253-257 (1985) storytime: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unavailable for the las…[View]
95484302Name a more irredeemable character. You can't.[View]
95485848>German character >Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker…[View]
95480024Only character I'd give a fuck about with Marvel Legacy. Bring him back, or I don't really…[View]
95484537>he hasn't accepted Golan as his Lord and Savior[View]
95487606Reminder that the X-Men have been purposely shitted on for at-least the last 5 years,culminating in …[View]
95485348PYF Simpsons - Year 2000-2009 edition: Only 2000's simpsons folks!!!! I don't make the rul…[View]
95487009What's Hickman's problem with vidya? Is it wrong that people develop skills that help them…[View]
95487553It's Thursday. You know what that means.[View]
95462863Cute, isn't she?[View]
95468869Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
95480226Lets talk about this trilogy of films, it has become something of a meme that the first two are the …[View]
95453586The Powerpuff Girls: >last thread >>95419834 So where does the series go from here? They ha…[View]
95487323Parents and /co/: How about we have a thread about childhood memories of watching cartoons with pare…[View]
95469128Think of a black /co/ character. Doesn't matter which one. got one? okay he/she is now a charac…[View]
95477212JSA Storytime: Howard the Duck: Good evening owls, Happy birthday Steve Gerber[View]
95485171Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree making Venom a Punisher parody without the balls and…[View]
95477039IDW Sonic: So how should the comic start? As a continuation of the Archie comic? As a tie-in to Soni…[View]
95486926if you got a chance to write your favorite series what would you do? something astronomical, 'this w…[View]
95480565What makes we love characters as much as we do without having to create a bullshit backstory about h…[View]
95484344Are they gay?[View]
95483154You will never exchange information with her[View]
95486693Death: Think of a DC character who not of the Endless. What does Death tell them before the end?…[View]
95470039Apparently mommies don't think it's hip to put phallic images in kids cartoons. http://scr…[View]
95486309What is your opinion of Drawn Together? I think it doesn't deserve the hate it gets. I laughed …[View]
95485017So who are the good modern 2D animation directors in the west? To narrow it down more, how about for…[View]
95486221So, have any of you anons created your own superhero universe? If so, what's it like and who ar…[View]
95461870This was the biggest plot twist of my childhood[View]
95482756Dead Character: This should've been Kenny.[View]
95483110>Hulk smash[View]
95483946This show had none of the surreal humor or mystery of the Wayside books. It feels like they just thr…[View]
95471314What are the saddest moments in cartoons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZhj7YfhFOU[View]
95446055Homestuck: What happened to this character?[View]
95483096On a scale of one to everyone, how many people would be better off had Bruce never been in their liv…[View]
95449503Would you fuck best elf? also /co/ elf thread[View]
95483777So you've got an idea for a cartoon. How about you come up with an idea for a potential episode…[View]
95483627'You've seen my reddit account?' Anyone else disappointed by The Tick? It's clearly trying…[View]
95440125Jerry Alpha: Does Jerry have the potential to be alpha af?[View]
95483703Post old /co/ stuff.[View]
95459739Voltron: Legendary Defender: New Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtGxLvrMGbo Interview: htt…[View]
95462145Gunnerkrigg Court: >The fun part continues? >------------------------- >Hey! I'm going…[View]
95478656Who is the weakest superhero or supervillain that could still defeat Superman in battle? Any company…[View]
95473255The Cartoon Forum: We had a thread last week about this annual event. They took forever to upload al…[View]
95485037ITT: Cartoons that wouldn't get made today: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1tjWYEMQ70w…[View]
95483570Heathcliff bought the wrong seed.[View]
95480148SOAP DROP, NIGGA!!!: oh, you think you just gonna leavit down then?[View]
95481464Create your own Dar Multiverse Earth: Make sure it has a bad ending and decays.[View]
95480317What would you do with all 6 infinity gems?[View]
95471835How'd you feel about the Ninja Turtles movies from the 90s?[View]
95476339He was funnier in the books.[View]
95483352Hoodwinked (2005): Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict? What went right? Was Sh…[View]
95482798What did he mean by this?[View]
95483491Jorel's Brother: Lara is going away[View]
95483195How long until they hug?[View]
95479738Cartoons and characters who need more fanfiction: Cartoons and or characters that need more fanfics.…[View]
95462406Batman #31 Storytime: >A year from now...Will you remember me? The War of Jokes and Riddles is al…[View]
95484287Panty raid? You're talking about girls, right? Girl girls?[View]
95483282ITT: Cartoons only you watched. This is not a bait or joke thread btw.[View]
95477219>mfw I apparently have trolled comic book editor and co host of xmen podcast xplain the xmen Jay …[View]
95480450Wes Anderson's new stop motion film gets a full - you heard me right - a FULL trailer t-o-m-o-r…[View]
95482936I divide my life into two periods: before Squid beefed it...and after. Where were you when Squid bee…[View]
95482912why do comics have so many mary sues in it?[View]
95473645>Remember the Time where Mr. Krabs told Spongebob to take his Clothes off and told him to call hi…[View]
95443151It's my birthday, can we have a Marco thread? Would someone draw Marco holding birthday balloon…[View]
95477123When was the last good cartoon, /co/? Why was it OtGW?[View]

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