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98104651Devil's Candy: Now with extra date rape! http://devilscandycomic.com[View]
98118486What the fuck happened to this show? Is it still worth watching or catching up?[View]
98119507What should I expect?[View]
98127152឴ ឴[View]
98129012>1995 >'Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?' >'I think so Brain, but where ar…[View]
98128231King of the Hill: Why does she like to play filthy redneck garbage music?[View]
98125590How do I go about finding comics to read? I haven't read many but the few I have I've enjo…[View]
98128545So, who was the real mastermind?[View]
98126674Disney and Treasure Planet: Treasure Planet is one of the animated features of all time. It's u…[View]
98124458Adventure TIme - Humans: How will the last few episodes or episode depict Humans returning to Ooo?…[View]
98125171Sam Rockwell Think about it for a minute. He'd be perfect.[View]
98128548/simpshit/: show me what you got[View]
98120890You have $100 to spend on trades and hard covers: What do you buy?[View]
98121942ITT characters that ruined their shows[View]
98127844Bolt: How do /co/ think about Mittens?[View]
98122917Do you prefer him being simply referred to by his first name or Deathstroke the Terminator?[View]
98119168>character has an orgasm in a children's cartoon[View]
98112907Ed Edd n Eddy: Why do people like this show?[View]
98124508Did she deserve better?[View]
98124407Scary Go Round/Tackleford etc. Thread: Prediction: Grendel is actually named like, Gretchin or somet…[View]
98121342/swco/ - Star Wars Comics and Cartoons: Mos Espa's Most Wanted Edition >Upcoming Releases: h…[View]
98121375Romance: found a nice comic, what you guys think?[View]
98097235Filename Thread? Filename thread[View]
98123686Can Raps become a nudist in this series since she's a free-spirit hippie girl?[View]
98117150So what does he eat?[View]
98123216is he gonna do a better acting job as thanos or cable?[View]
98121320ITT:Comics that really make you think[View]
98052772Cosplay thread.[View]
98122843Name a more perfect girlfriend than Jane Lane. Protip: you can't.[View]
98124038Did anyone read Talon I remember actually liking it but I can’t remember really anything at it.[View]
98115516>has nothing more than cheerleading training, and probably strip center-level martial arts knowle…[View]
98126859How much time passes in each Star Wars episode?: I get the feeling that most episodes of Star Wars t…[View]
98122042I think Steve Gerber (rest his soul) went to far with the Howard the Duck MAX series. It just comes …[View]
98126661ITT rip-offs who are better than original[View]
98115252Tiggle Winks pilot episode Been out for a month but I only just now saw it and figured other people …[View]
98124493Did the cinematic universe of either DC or Marvel help to buy time for the comic industry to stay al…[View]
98115886How about a hillbilly/rednecks girls thread?[View]
98122875Will we ever get to see these two again? What happened?[View]
98125942>he's rollie pollie ollie, He's small and ____ and round the fuck was he saying?…[View]
98120896Lets be positive for a sec. Who are some universally loved /co/ characters?[View]
98118696Remember that episode where Peggy jumps out of an airplane and breaks every bone in his body? yeah, …[View]
98125084Characters to play as: What games are there where I could play like/ as Dr.Doom? And what characters…[View]
98117062What would be a good /a/-/co/ crossover?[View]
98126398Are you ready to apologise to Rob Liefield now?[View]
98118776What the fuck were they thinking this show pretty much killed the idea of Transtech Transformers and…[View]
98114654Shelf/collection: Shelf Thread: I need new material edition Hello shelffags, how is your week? Whats…[View]
98109634Our Friend, Martin: Remember when a couple of kids went back in time to tell MLK he was going to die…[View]
98116091Static thread: With Black Lightning's TV show coming out tomorrow let talk about another good e…[View]
98125647>that episode where Cat joins a hate group[View]
98123899Shit that scared you as a kid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBr07Sa0hp4[View]
98125013>You think that's bad? Remember the time I failed my driving test?…[View]
98120052Where does someone look for comic artists for hire? I'm looking for someone to ilustrate my scr…[View]
98124032Are the 60s Marvel cartoons worth a watch? They sound cool in MF DOOM samples[View]
98113231Y'all ready for Super Best Friends Forever MKII?[View]
98125591Gen13: when will they get a new series who would you want the creative team to be?[View]
98123743He dindu nuffin wrong. He a good boy.[View]
98122103Hey /co/ I was wondering what you thought of Gerard Way's Doom Patrol. Be honest, don't ju…[View]
98124827Could he be a good Miles Morales villain?[View]
98116877WHy doesn't /co/ like this show ? it's based[View]
98120015KNEEL BEFORE ME[View]
98123645>>Fictional alien race >>Comic company blows up their planet. Why the fuck do writers ke…[View]
98123705Why did Hank never have a urethral dilation and stenting procedure done?[View]
98104417>10/10 body >deep ass man voice Would you a Dr. Girlfriend?…[View]
98123489I used to keep up on a lot of ongoing runs and post on /co/ everyday. I storytimed a lot back before…[View]
98112419This can only be the work of...[View]
98122999Favorite Batman Movies: I just watched a 'Best of Batman' movie list that laid out every feature fro…[View]
98116271KISS has had comics put out by Marvel, Image, IDW, and more....they have also appeared in Scooby Doo…[View]
98121989What did a tiki have to do with Barney quitting drinking?[View]
98122402ITT: /co/ characters you hate: I fucking hate gabe[View]
98100668Ava's Demon: Just finished binging this, what does /co/ think about it. Is this whole thing jus…[View]
98123163Reminder that if you enjoy and support live action Disney remakes you are not a fan of animation and…[View]
98124437Do you like it when comics or cartoons suddenly turn realistic?[View]
98096890ITT: Obscure as fuck Hanna-Barbera characters that will never see the light of day again.[View]
98123061Why was Adult Swim a failure outside the US?[View]
98124071Comic Reader to Android?: I need a decent Android comic reader. One with a zoom function would be pr…[View]
98098353Should I just give up hope for a season 3? I feel like everyone else on this board gave up a long ti…[View]
98118544They posted a small preview of the next Go Cartoon on facebook. It's out fully tomorrow. Do you…[View]
98123165>Episode takes place at night[View]
98123142what in the flying mother of fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMYWI8-_cP8[View]
98109519How long did Ramona and Scott last together before breaking up for the last time?[View]
98121122How awesome would it be if Drawn Together came back for brand new episodes, featuring the same style…[View]
98121602>off-season /co/ >event /co/ Which is worse?…[View]
98114176Wolverine isn't relatable, Scarlet Witch isn't relatable, Namor isn't relatable... wh…[View]
98115562Power Girl #1 storytime: Since Conner and Palmiotti are done with Harley, I was feeling nostalgic fo…[View]
98067421>”You’ve just started a war, Captain America! Civil War!” This is some dogshit dialogue.…[View]
98017555Pantasaurus says NO! You can not look inside his pants.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue…[View]
98121824Existential comics in unusual places[View]
98116268Pig Goat Banana Cricket: This show really does feel like an old school Saturday morning cartoon you …[View]
98114746So what did /co/ do when these came on?[View]
98120382The Secret Service Storytime 2: Previous millarverse Part 1 >>98038857 → → → → → Part 2 >…[View]
98122293What did they mean?[View]
98120653Who else hated Johnny Bravo? Honestly, It was painful just to see him fuck up all the time and get h…[View]
98121920What are some of your favorite multi-part cartoon episodes?[View]
98121374After the success of Cuphead, why hasn't anyone tried to make an animated cape game, or somethi…[View]
98122801Arethere out there comics with similar art style to this?: It is from the promotional artwork from w…[View]
98111835What are some good non-capeshit comics? I feel like reading something different. Not looking for som…[View]
98110817Avengers 4 Ending Spoiler: Avengers 4 just wrapped up and pic related shows someone who everyone kne…[View]
98121531HE LIVES!! PHILL'S BACK!!![View]
98119174You saw black, i saw white, you say bark, i say bite, you shark i saw hey man, jaws was never my sce…[View]
98121662So I used to watch pic related everyday and watched every episode up until I believe Mordecai meets …[View]
98120604I like Tim Drake but good God is his solo series boring.[View]
98112673Bumper/ID Thread: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DMDMYJiOrvw[View]
98110057>I guess I'll have to face that in this awful place, >I shouldn't show a trace of do…[View]
98115382RWBY/RT General #1390: Best Couple Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell…[View]
98112117Huck storytime 2: Previous millarverse Part 1 >>98038857 → → → → Part 2 >>98044836 → → →…[View]
98118312If horror comics are a thing, why aren't horror cartoons?[View]
98118605is there any, literally ANY, plotline lazier than 'Main character gets a new job' it's unbeliev…[View]
98121290Does Nintendo's partnership with Illumination for the Mario movie affect Mario's chances a…[View]
98118300ITT: Characters so lame that they can't even carry a book nowadays: I will start.[View]
98113307ITT: We pretend it's October 20, 1997: So Disney is premiering a new show today called Bear in …[View]
98117668Storytime: Adventure Time/Regular Show: I've only got the first 3, but here we go.[View]
98110058December 2017 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 500's: December 2017 Comic Book Sales to Comics Sho…[View]
98119588i know im not the only one that thinks Unikitty can compete with teen titans go[View]
98118530>Luanne's hair gets burned off in an explosion >Shown slowly growing back over course of …[View]
98119390These two have teamed up. Who can stop them?[View]
98118965Reminder that Frylock's voice actor is homeless now.[View]
98119107No, jump good.[View]
98120366jesus fucking christ[View]
98109479What If...? Star Wars >>98108606 >>98108606 >>98108606[View]
98120724best abandoned cartoons ya'see rudy this ones on youtube theoooo[View]
98119433The Forming.: The greatest webcomic of all time. Why tf aren't you reading it? >http://jesse…[View]
98117960https://youtu.be/OdoZbwfGc78 Is he really /ourguy/?[View]
98118854Hello, I'm here to waste everybody's time.[View]
98116257Friendly reminder that T-Bone < Razor[View]
98117980In terms of 'character shilling', who is the bigger Poochie: Captain Marvel, Sentry or America?[View]
98106702Gunnerkrigg Court: >Bonus Page 65: A Video Game http://gunnerkrigg.com/?p=1936 >This was from …[View]
98118171/Garfield/: Monday, January 15[View]
98120050ITT: kino women will never understand[View]
98116308What does /co/ think about the Pinocchio Vampire Slayer comics?[View]
98115744Good evening /co/. How are you this fine day?[View]
98115106Futurama: Why didn't it get an eight season?[View]
98115263/swco/ - Star Wars Comics and Cartoons: RUN KATARN Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swbooks…[View]
981107732017 Overall Comic Book Sales Report - Top 1000's: 2017 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops Estima…[View]
98110038Name me one, ONE /co/ character that could beat Broly according to his fans. this counts the ones th…[View]
98116314Twiggle Winks Pilot: https://youtu.be/YPGrxmxWMSQ Thoughts?[View]
98115754So if we get a Black Widow movie, who should the villain be? Yelena Belova seems like the obvious ch…[View]
98115372Just realized my favourite ships and OTPs are all tsundere girl vs airhead boy: >Helga and Arnold…[View]
98117254When's the next merger hiro? I miss /cock/[View]
98097816favorite tails gets trolled panel?[View]
98089043Robert Crumb Stories: I'll post various comics about Crumb, including some about his own life. …[View]
98118236*ding dong*[View]
98117864You know what happens to a toad when struck by lightning?[View]
98118224Black Widow Movie: Isn't it a bit too late for a Black Widow movie? I don't know, i feel l…[View]
98117678In an effort to make things more positive, lets talk about shows that got BETTER as the went on.[View]
98113777I SAW YER WILLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1n9Jly3CQ8[View]
98117300Family Guy: Well, episode 300 sucked, but the ending was cute. Thoughts?[View]
98117961Is a show (like Off the air) that's partially animated and partially live action /co/? Also, Of…[View]
98115228Why are artist so lazy? look at this. they look like the same person![View]
98104311ITT things /co/ pretends didn't happen[View]
98112703I think dreamworks make better fantasy films than pixar.[View]
98112133Bomango: Andy's wallet will never recover edition I wonder when Didi is going to split off from…[View]
98099157>Almost done >Never storytimed How did this fly over /co/'s radar?…[View]
98113322>cat-based animated movie >dog character is introduced > Bow wow wow yippi yo yippy yay sta…[View]
98117352umbrella academy: WHEN I WAS ON NETFLIX[View]
97988290Magiswords: What is your honest opinion on the show's artstyle? I feel like I'd work bett…[View]
98115033White Knight: Without spoiling anything, what do you think of this series? Waiting for some issues t…[View]
98115053SHOCKWAVE ART: what are your thoughts on this book cover?[View]
98102435Craig of the Creek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqgsz_neQqA this shit is surprisingly good, why …[View]
98111116Somehow, you've gotten yourself an Omnitrix. Albedo is letting you pick your starter 10 aliens …[View]
98113062Cereal mascots with their /co/ shows: Who would pick and how would do it?[View]
98113687Listen everyone, POGO THE CLOWN IS IN THE BUILDING[View]
98112158Batman: The Brave and the Bold NEW MOVIE: Why haven’t you bought the movie yet, anon? It’s been out …[View]
98093589Keep it /co/ related.[View]
98113153/co/ is constantly complaining: Of cartoons they hate or cartoons they feel are going in a bad direc…[View]
98107028Whomp Update Agrias worries, and rightfully so, that she knows so much about her malcontent boarding…[View]
98114001are smurfs communist?: I think everyone is familiar with the often repeated web 1.0 MEME of communis…[View]
98098610>see Paddington 2 today >theater is packed >mfw the kids are watching this masterpiece inst…[View]
98112201OC CAPES: Thread to discuss and post OC super heroes only. This is my all new all different Daredevi…[View]
98104847Is this show any good?[View]
98115658What the fuck was his problem?[View]
98104319I Hate Fairyland: Series returns next month after a long hiatus. Let's talk about Skottie Young…[View]
98114392Midnight Sons: Any good comics with this group?[View]
98098451But what if.. The Simpsons remade steamed hams except 100% more unfunny and soulless?[View]
98108858What went wrong?: When I first watched it, I thought it was pretty good but something was off about …[View]
98110321Donna Troy: Will she ever come back or has boring blondie replaced her for good[View]
98116160Why would anyone choose to be married in the Marvel universe when this is the only possible outcome?[View]
98112563What the fuck?[View]
98108458>hey, I know, I'm gonna start dressing like a stripper and going out to fight supervillains …[View]
98113975So I've been posting on /co/ since 2010 and I've never really gotten in to Wakfu, even tho…[View]
98106503Seconds, by Brian Lee O'Malley Storytime Part 2: first thread here >>98097081 continuing …[View]
98091143oh, egads! my /tv/ post is ruined.[View]
98114962is there a comic, web comic or cartoon where an entire class of normal kids get superpowers?[View]
98113387Rimba Racer: I didn't expect much out of this show and I kept myself from watching it for a lon…[View]
98106424how would it work?: were there actual people who viewed it as a missed opportunity that they didn…[View]
98113341Tony's the most human superhero: Try to refute this. You literally can't. >no super-pow…[View]
98105480Wait so are only the first 18 issues of the Vertigo run released in a collected format? The fuck?[View]
98106497>BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Has 20 DLC Characters, 20 Fighters Base Roster >only 2 RWBY fighte…[View]
98115446Strawpoll: do you think theres a disney bias among critcs? http://www.strawpoll.me/14851981[View]
98108296>it's a 'white male gets cucked by superior robot/alien/furry man' episode…[View]
98109398Why didn't Skinner turn off the oven?[View]
98111463What does /co/ think about pirating comics and cartoons?[View]
98111409Why are adult cartoons able to use copyrighted things most of the time while kids cartoons always ha…[View]
98111571Who is the best /co/ alpha bitch?[View]
98112591I have never seen a single episode of Ben10. Not one. Or if I have, I have absolutely 0 memory of it…[View]
98114531ITT: Use an Xavier: Renegade Angel quote to describe a cartoon[View]
98110845Ow my heart[View]
98106276LOEB: >write some decent bat comics >somehow become producer on Smallville >it goes to shit…[View]
98102361why dont people appreciate comics more? it's like the best medium ever. even better than tv.[View]
98114348Damn, spaghett mom is a gangsta[View]
98113351Tell me more about these comics, /co/[View]
98114044It is too late for Koko and Bimbo to stop Betty causing the apocalypse?[View]
98095786DEAR GOD NO: https://io9.gizmodo.com/bruce-timm-wants-to-make-a-superman-red-son-animated-a-18220676…[View]
98103250Strange Magic: What did /co/ think about 'Strange Magic'?[View]
98112186anyone remeber jimmy two shoes[View]
98108424>owlturd rule 63 why?[View]
98108134Ford was a bigger shit than Mabel ever could be.[View]
98111146Bartman: Spectacularly Super Secret Saga Storytime: Strap in for some Simpsonic superhero storytimin…[View]
98043265Can we have a thread for best girl?[View]
98113040OH SHIT HERE WE GO[View]
98114522Why did Spike air this if half the episodes weren't even finished?[View]
98114507>It's an episode with more than two side plots[View]
98114037Happy Birthday!: Hey, /co/! Let's all wish Bendis a very happy birthday![View]
98112879What if Lex was obsessed with Supergirl instead of Lois Lane?[View]
98113680Lets make a /co/-wrestling league: See what happens![View]
98105039Gothic Elsa is better than normal Elsa[View]
98109235/swco/ - Star Wars Comics and Cartoons: Our Lord and Savior Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://ww…[View]
98105426RWBY/RT General #1389: Sleepy Sage Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell…[View]
98108736Is nu-Ducktales worth watching for a comicfag or am I going to sperg about how it's not like th…[View]
98111141>Who had a crush on Numbuh 3? And don't say Numbuh 4? Well, who was it?…[View]
98111985why is there even a comparison: Bliss >created by Utonium with the same ingredients (sans chemica…[View]
98113264How come this SLUT Batgirl gets naked in public?[View]
98113085Name a more satisfying Pixar scene[View]
98106852Peter, listen. I know you're busy trying to finish school and lose your virginity to the girl w…[View]
98100165Justice League Thread: Well, turns out Jumanji is making more money at the box office than Justice L…[View]
98105373Kim Possible is the best Disney Channel series.[View]
98111653TLK finally did it right. Spread robo action throughout entire movie, dont worry bout the human shit…[View]
98103952DC Reaction Images only, from comics, cartoons, and live action. Go![View]
98110969Welcome to the relationship, /co/!: Would you?[View]
98092351December & Calendar Year 2017 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 100's: SORRIES EDITION TOP 100 …[View]
98108848>Cancelled show lives on through chronological fan made comics[View]
98112667jane thor: does anyone know what issue of thor met with blake and told him she left her husband when…[View]
98112984Recommendations?: Anyone know any good comic series that are like Spawn? I've already read Haun…[View]
98112560Thoughts on American Monster[View]
98112281what did he actually mean by this?[View]
98112000rec. thread[View]
98107371Iconic /co/ animals: I'll start.[View]
98109948So how long until the Mousefuckers get a hold of Warner Bros.?[View]
98108606What If...? Star Wars[View]
98109259Eustace Bagge is now the protag of the last cartoon/comic/anime thing you’ve watched. What happens?[View]
98112013ITT: Parodies that are borderline genuine.[View]
98103459Superior storytime 2: Previous millarverse Part 1 >>98038857 → → → Part 2 >>98044836 → →…[View]
98104282Why didn't you like it /co/?[View]
98111080What is the funniest moment from any Disney movie, /co/? My money is on https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
98110693Thoughts on the Critical Role comic?[View]
98105695Let's have a thread for officially respected /co/ songs, as in songs made with /co/ stuff inten…[View]
98110794There is no such thing as a 'lame' character, only writers who haven't implemented them right. …[View]
98102996Fitz and Simmons are made to suffer, that's all they're allowed to do.[View]
98111280I'm procrastinating because I'm pussy.: I've been working on a comic that I've b…[View]
98089906Box Office: BLACK PANTHER Forecasted For $120 Million Opening Weekend https://www.comicbookmovie.com…[View]
98109110Porky in Wackyland: Imagine it's 1938 and you've just seen this cartoon for the first time…[View]
98107716Is anyone else bummed we will never see a Zack Snyder adaptation of 'Kingdom Come'?: I don't th…[View]
98106447Hero or Villain?: In what camp are (you), and what are your favourites?[View]
98103139Why is it so hard to adapt G.I. Joe, Thundercats, He-Man these days?[View]
98111093What the fuck was their problem?[View]
98105757What did you think of Red Hood and the Outlaws?[View]
98111166Remember when Roo looked like this?[View]
98100255we always talk about super hero and cartoon porn parodies but how about disney fairy tales, what do …[View]
98106558Be honest, /co/. What WOULD you do if superheroes were real? What would you really think?[View]
98079641So /co/, pic related has just been transported into The DCU. Which characters would be the most like…[View]
98111064How do you work around the Quad Laser? It's a ticking ableit slowly-moving timebomb. Is there a…[View]
98097302>Numbuh 1 is the most 'balanced' - jack of all trades in pretty much everything, but is the best …[View]
98109099RUNAWAYS: I stopped where BKV's run stops (half way into the 2005 series). Is whedon's run…[View]
98104718Is he the only one to ever get Superman right?[View]
98104575Describe this girl using one word.[View]
98108050Jesus Christ Otto: That's pretty racist...[View]
98109350Do you think the majority of cartoonists find cute nerd personalities as appealing as we do, /co/?[View]
98105150Is this the most important DC Comcis hero?[View]
98110019Rick and Morty: Rick or Morty?[View]
98103711Well, holy fuck, /co/. I watched this with my brother tonight and as is tradition, whenever any fagg…[View]
98100543Who was this show even made for?[View]
98103299unsounded: Ah yeah, finally a new chapter of Watamote coming out this week. Oh and Unsounded is back…[View]
98107200Post in this thread if you wish you were a big titty toon lady :3[View]
98109124Sam and Max: To be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to understand Sam & Max.[View]
98104335Family Guy: What does /co/ think about family guy?[View]
98105199Why was he always mean to Dale? Even when Dale was minding his own business and doing nothing wrong,…[View]
98105784Why was the original Samurai Jack so good compared to the latest season? First four seasons had so m…[View]
98011541Ben 10: >tfw no froge gf[View]
98107728Finn is Kenny: Fact: Finn is actually Kenny, this is why he was able to survive the apocalypse.…[View]
98104831Hot Streets: So we're not doing a talkback thread?[View]
98108430Is this the greatest capeshit story of the decade? Kind of seems like it is.[View]
98101625Is it me, or do Timmy's classmates act...awfully not like grade schoolers: He's supposed t…[View]
98108568How did people enjoy this shit? When you think of Wolverine you want huge explosions, over-the-top v…[View]
98108204How was your weekend, /co/?[View]
98105759Heathcliff and his family are in the penalty box.[View]
98106511What do you think of this goofy dude?[View]
98109188Trying to identify a comic page: anyone know where this is from? Found it in a folder, no results fr…[View]
98108856Thoughts on Kill or be Killed[View]
98108455I have 50 simpsons comic books from 2002-2006. They are discontinued now. How much do you reckon the…[View]
98097081Seconds, by Brian Lee O'Malley: Storytime, /co/[View]
98108701Comics that make you feel good about being a lazy NEET[View]
98106565Recommend me some comic books. I’ve never really read any. No old shit please.[View]
98095237How do you think Disney/Marvel will handle the inevitable live action CGI Gargoyles movie that their…[View]
98108629Should she return[View]
98107564Post /co/ wojaks and pepes lads[View]
98108569When will they know who another is?[View]
98106904ITT: Best Boys: Post only the Bestest of Boys.[View]
98101246How should the raw strength of Marvel heroes compare?: So like, in your mind, what kind of differenc…[View]
98089287ITT: Cartoons with badly written romance sub-plots: Pic related, especially season 3. ...also Advent…[View]
98107931Rapunzel is such a hippie.[View]
98101484Post your favorite cartoon pilots/prototypes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1AQJQ7o62g https://www…[View]
98103468/swco/ - Star Wars Comics and Cartoons: Dark Greetings Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swb…[View]
98108161WTTW: Dose anybody know were this is located I can’t find it It’s supposed to be a new episode and …[View]
98101260/co/ How is Wakanda so technologically advanced just because they have a space mineral? Where did ev…[View]
98108047Why the fuck did they get 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 I know they were good but everyone treated them like shit.…[View]
98093553Reborn storytime 3: Previous millarverse Part 1 >>98038857 → → Part 2 >>98044836 → → Par…[View]
98099152I'll never forget going to see Smurfs: The Lost Village. A kid behind me in the theater wouldn’…[View]
98107974Patty Runner 2049: >AI waifu who cooks him holographic meals >a dejected nobody in search of a…[View]
98104365Did Marvel ever finish publishing Gaiman's Silver age and Dark Age? I stopped pulling floppies …[View]
98107223What did he mean by this?[View]
98103822Family Guy: I will not say who I am. I will not say what position I held that allowed for me to be a…[View]
98063484What I watched, What I expected, What I got: Can we get one of these threads going? Bonus points for…[View]
98104913What the fuck did I just look at. This feel like /r9k/ the cartoon https://youtu.be/eaxKG_zsSf0[View]
98105552Reminder that these two are married: Predict their marriage. Did Schnitzel survive in bed?[View]
98087035Why did they turn him into a total retard?[View]
98099520>Gumball marathon >no thread Wtf? Also how did I miss this episode? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
98106970What are some moments that will NEVER be referenced again?[View]
98106172What the fuck is his problem?[View]
98105396Batman, I'm glad you're here. There's a new super villain in Gotham City and he might…[View]
98100725DC Streaming: I haven't seen anyone talk about this, but apparently there were some leaks about…[View]
98104676Remember Bart the General?[View]
98099166did she deserve better?[View]
98103890How does Superman escape?[View]
98105136What does /co/ think of this show? Is it worth watching?[View]
98106559Why can't Netflix or Hulu create the equivalent of Nicktoons? In the late 80's Nicklodeon …[View]
98057619Avengers Thread!: > Thoughts on the 1st issue of No Surrender? You can read it here - >>980…[View]
98104054You can pick one to take home and have sweaty passionate sex with.[View]
98076539Show me your bedroom eyes, /co/[View]
98101769I'm so happy homestar is moving to HTML5 so it can continue[View]
98075010Is she a good writer?[View]
98105553who's the greatest sniper? Assuming they all start about 5km from each other and while they kno…[View]
98104581Why aren't there a lot of good animated rock operas?[View]
98104932So I saw my brother watching this garbage fire and based the few seconds I saw of it I'm gonna …[View]
98100234tell us about your comic reading setup. any music on? what kinda chair? natural light or lamp? indoo…[View]
98105965Star Wars EU covers: Can I get some more hi res Star Wars EU book covers? Might use them as papes, j…[View]
98098455This lady is very sexy. Where can I download magiswords episodes so I can experience her sexiness mo…[View]
98105691Since constantine has animated shorts coming, which vertigo books do you want to see become animated…[View]
98094046Who was your first waifu?[View]
98104309what are some comics where people get punched in the fucking face[View]
98104841is the witchblade series any good?[View]
98099545Animation Domination General #1: Valentine's a Month Before Valentine's Edition: THIS SUND…[View]
98091545> A villain is introduced as a fucking horrifying and chilling monster and later rewritten into a…[View]
98102708So they were fucking, right? Inbetween missions during downtime?[View]
98090257It's /ss/unday! Post plucky boys with bold ladies from comics and cartoons.[View]
98103300Now that 2017 is over, let's rank the year's animated films.[View]
98105085What did he mean by this?[View]
98105255Ways to cure Simon Petrikov the only one in my mind is to take marceline to plismo and then ask for…[View]
98103650Where are all the cute superheroes cosplayers nowadays?[View]
98103979How does Seconds compare to Scott Pilgrim, or too different a breed to compare? I didn't expect…[View]
98105031ITT: Same VA thread. >Me, a monster? No, I'm a DEVIL![View]
98103165This is actually a pretty mature scene for a fucking Spongebob movie. Two best friends accepting the…[View]
98104291/co/ is your body ready for the next Marvel Netflix series?[View]
98103389Automazation is coming /co/. Also what do you think of this cute animation? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
98104962Chicken nuggers[View]
98104167ITT: comics that make you think[View]
98103428which is the better show?[View]
98095473This movie was supposed to start a new wave of mature animated features. What happened?[View]
98100778How would things change if the guild existed in the DC and marvel universe's?[View]
98104396What /co/ characters would make good DMs?[View]
98104383wonder woman thread[View]
98103549Why is Batgirl also an expert mathematician?[View]
98098643How long can we expect the new Runaways series to last with these sales? Runaways #1 - 42,390 Runawa…[View]
98103209Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98093227Is sexual lobster the greatest Newgrounds animator still currently active?: After Egoraptor whored o…[View]
98104151Was her, daresay, /ourguy/?[View]
98101473How would a scam collab with the Ed’s and Phineas/Ferb work out?[View]
98090340Is he right about sidekicks? Fuck Robin right?[View]
98103102Truly, this is the darkest timeline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZmUiq66nYI[View]
98103529A Villan's a Villain: Before Doom got flanderized into becoming Iron Man, It seems there is a l…[View]
98101056You like Comics & Cartoons, don't you, Anon?[View]
98103710thoughts on Hawkgirl /co/?[View]
98099070RWBY/RT General #1387: Cummy in Mummy edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to t…[View]
98098935ITT: characters that deserve their own show: Post them[View]
98101020If you faggots hate comics and cartoons so much then why are you on a board for them?[View]
98086677Do any other films do stuff like this?: I loved all the homages to classic DC comics in BvS. Shame S…[View]
98099679This any good? I'd just download a share of it but I can't find one, so I'm consideri…[View]
98101760cute thread?[View]
98102229Is there any thematic relevance to why Sugar made this the Diamond's symbol?[View]
98103340alternative methods of capeshit media part 1: animated cartoon movies why isn't this more of a …[View]
98097458Why can't this artist work on Star Wars instead? Why is Marvel so bad at managing their people?[View]
98097871What happened to Mercury?[View]
98101213What is the eastern/Japanese equivalent of the Simpsons? A Japanese sitcom that parodies and pokes f…[View]
98094463What would happen if one would drop The Supergods into the Marvel or the DC universe?[View]
98098707Why did Adventure Time make Rainicorns Human eating demons?[View]
98099291>Tom was the good guy, Jerry was the bad guy. Fuck Jerry, he was always the instigator. Tom never…[View]
98100679ITT: Shows you hated as a kid The really lame humor and characters screaming constantly turned me of…[View]
98103157So whats the deal with some of the Hanna-Barbera Super Friends characters? Are their rights still me…[View]
98096876So is Ralph Bakshi the only western animator as degenerate as Masaaki Yuasa?[View]
98099965There seemed to be some interest last thread. Same anon. Would anyone like to see the full animation…[View]
98099694Raven or Starfire?[View]
98073663Power Armor: >love power armor >hate Tony Stark What are some other armored characters to read…[View]
98100511which was the better show?[View]
98100479Gee, I wonder why Marvel, Disney, and every other /co/-related studio doesn't pander to a bunch…[View]
98101253Cartoons: whats you favorite cartoon?[View]
98100680Secret Mountain Fort Awesome: What are /co/'s thoughts on this show?[View]
98057807Wouldn't it make more sense for her codename to be Succubus?[View]
98101273Youse is goings ta loves dis, trust mes ah ca ca ca ca ca. What youse big palookas is seeings nows i…[View]
98100579What /co/ thinks about the Barbie comics?[View]
98102200who is your favorite comics writer of all time, and why? After thinking about, I don't think I…[View]
98101749Discussion on the Character Sterling Archer[View]
98089429In your personal mind, is Eddie Brock a hero or villain? Or neither?[View]
98101569This is Trogdor the Burninator. He turned 15 years old recently. Say something nice about him.[View]
98100707What did Shadow say?[View]
98089186Protip: If your show has a unicorn, it's shit.[View]
98098799What does /co/ think about this show?[View]
98102556So if I'm understanding this scene right, Frank had a vision of Boltie where he explained to he…[View]
98099915Ocean Master will be the main Antagonist of Aquaman 1: Black Manta will have to wait for the sequel …[View]
98095047/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Neb! Surge Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swboo…[View]
98100429Left or right?[View]
98087330>/co/ drives home after seeing The Last Jedi in theaters[View]
98101788best ATHF girl.[View]
98098289I saw your face and Wow! Right then I took a vow. That we'd be together, girl, just you and me.…[View]
98085635Anna is better than Elsa.[View]
98065550South Park: hey can we have a fuckin thread now?[View]
98098870I could use the title of a comic i forgot some years ago. It involves severl scientists doing an exp…[View]
98074094Tom King Announces Sanctuary, About DC Superheroes Dealing With the Mental Trauma of Violenc: At the…[View]
98100160Is mickey mouse a furry?[View]
98101468Characters who 'Don't have superpowers' but would whoop Batman's ass: Thread theme: https:…[View]
98067086ITT: Post your favourite underused/forgotten characters that you like and think they deserve more re…[View]
98090803Miraculous Ladybug - seasalt edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inGieyjKbks Above: self-righte…[View]
98100746I’ve only read Edmonson’s Punisher. I always had the impression that Frank simply kills his victims …[View]
98083604Why does this show give /co/ a collective brain aneurysm?[View]
98099418I only realized how good this show was after it got cancelled.[View]
98091578Do non-Americans 'get' King of the Hill?[View]
98095068Why do so many American cartoons make Canadians out to be such weirdos or crazy people? King of the …[View]
98086321What does /co/ think of Tiggle Winks? >Style >Animation >Characters >Music >Waifu Mat…[View]
98096361Why did this fail so miserably? Garfield & Friends was a massive success during its time, but th…[View]
98100967Alright, /co/, Say that word![View]
98099886Catghost: How are you guys liking this web animation?[View]
98099353Are there any stories where some average schlub gets superpowers but doesn't fight monsters and…[View]
98089933Was Watterson right?[View]
98097395Other than the guns, I wish this would be the main look of actual time drake, the current one looks …[View]
98098817Thanks for reminding me that this will never happen, Youtube[View]
98044261Transformers: Just so we’re clear, this is about the only accepted “it’s totally canon” pairing righ…[View]
98100675Think they'll ever manage to get him to draw on actual comic and not just do promo posters for …[View]
98086037Runaways: Daily reminder that this is canon to the MCU.[View]
98100518Help: There was this really weird cartoon mystery show about a kid in high school that had red hair.…[View]
98100472/Garfield/: Sunday, January,14[View]
98099386How do you fuck up Spanish? It's the easiest language for an English speaker to learn. Little k…[View]
98099839lil Deadpool could end up being the best cape film of the year[View]
98088999Batman's having an affair https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/01/13/batman-39-action-comics-571-s…[View]
98094633Prequel discussion Thread Is it even worth waiting anymore, the story just seems like its going nowh…[View]
98040662Filename Thread?: Filename Thread.[View]
98068150Steven Universe: Some new footage was leaked from the portuguese version. Lapis is back https://www.…[View]
98096864Where in Africa is Wakanda? I've seen it be coastal and attacked by Romans, but I've also …[View]
98094894Random Superpower Universe Reloaded: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/special:random Roll two, and…[View]
98099282I wish Andy Park would do sexy comic art again.[View]
98098923Home Movies thread?[View]
98098856I don't get it, Bendis is gone so why Marvel comics are still so shitty?[View]
98094792Can I get examples of stories where Wolverine's claws that children idolize as 'cool' are depic…[View]
98099082What did she mean by this?[View]
98099051>That episode when Bugs Bunny visits Chris-chan's house[View]
98094433What does /co/ think of Archer? Also discussion of Archer.[View]
98088945/CTG/ Channel-tans General: Ocean's Three and a Half Edition Drawfags and Writefags are more th…[View]
98094395SuperBro thread: Do you like him more than SuperDad?[View]
98098203Gwenpool is dying, /co/, why aren' you buying her trades?[View]
98090346>Superhero comes to save your ass after your illegal spy sub sinks in Chinese waters >Complain…[View]
98096500>It's not gonna suck itself, y'know[View]
98097883Remember the time when the AAFES(Army and Air Force Exchange Services) used to hand out free comics …[View]
98097694Nintendo Power Comics: Why are these the best comics ever made and why isn't Star Fox released …[View]
98097199What is it about this bastard being able to write the most inspiring, uplifting shit about horrible …[View]
98097569Seeing that DC has had such success with their reimagining of Harley Quinn in recent years, the Wond…[View]
98092589Justice League Gods and Monsters: thoughts /co/?[View]
98077172Where do you go for /co/ related reviews?[View]
98095970Rocko: What the fuck is this even going to be about? In the near 3 minute clip they exhausted everyt…[View]
98095902I can't think of a single goddamn /co/ related thing to be excited for this year Cape movies ha…[View]
98097339Steamed Hams: >20 minutes into an unforgettable luncheon and he gives you this look What do you d…[View]
98098185GNKD: I wish this never happened because knowing it exists and we will never get to see it hurts me …[View]
97999943Toonami Ratings for 1/6/18: Space Dandy is replacing Lupin. Yea we are at the stage where premieres …[View]
98087078What did this show get right?[View]
98087473Why are superhero's whose main abilities are strength based, like The Hulk, drawn with body bui…[View]
98097997Can we get a Green Arrow thread going? Lets talk about Ollie, and post chili recipes[View]
98092552> classic concept but innovative execution > terrific characterization > no cheap plot twis…[View]
98093931An Extremely Goofy Movie: This movie made me want to go to college and be on my own when I watched t…[View]
98097964I can't believe a jap did alien gem women both earlier and better than Steven Universe[View]
98093191Is Superman this most unrelatable comic book hero in comics?[View]
98095764Secret Clubhouse syndrome: >Lol cheap overpriced plastic keeping me alive since 79 The weak shoul…[View]
98098078ITT: Original Finales https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EhuoG3arFQQ[View]
97995299Husbando thread, you know you got one[View]
98091076Conan the Barbarian is Returning to Marvel: >http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/01/13/conan-the-bar…[View]
98095987Changes you thought were bad and we're glad when it was done: Personally I don't mind if t…[View]
98089953>Iron Man is now ripping off Blue Beetle Thanks disney[View]
98094693Daredevil: What are the reccomended readings for Daredevil? I plan on reading -the man without fear …[View]
98096773>b-but he tried to come back to his family but he got murdered! He still abandoned his family, in…[View]
98095131>Season 5 premiere >Batfags >Pantherfags >In time for the movie We're fucked Also …[View]
98096392Rick and Morty: unironic discussion edition[View]
98097742Hi /co/ I'm Patches! The Weredude![View]
98075057>'The idea that anybody, young or old, past or present, was bullied or teased or worse based on t…[View]
98095543I know this cover is about 2 years old, but I didn't knew Rob Liefeld was still working in the …[View]
98092592What was Nicole thinking about here?[View]
98093067RWBY/RT General #1387: Appropriate Name Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to…[View]
98065380What does /co/ think of German animation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fagj9BmOcY https://www.yo…[View]
98097050How did Pixar get away with naming the main character of Toy Story a slang term for erection?[View]
98088431Characters (you) wish you were: >tfw you'll never be DOOM >tfw you'll never be a sup…[View]
98092158Why are white people complaining about Valkyrie but never said a word about Marvel whitewashing Mari…[View]
98096793This building made no sense. Legit Gargoyles discussion. No bullshit.[View]
98096706I want a Gargoyles reboot with a new crew and cast[View]
98074157WHAT. THE. FUCK.: Listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ_SY-lKZgI And then listen to thi…[View]
98084464The Girl from Dinosaur Island: facebook .com /NickAnimatedShorts/videos/162403651151076/ I'd wa…[View]
98096589A female colleague asks dilbert out to lunch[View]
98093382Obscure Character thread: post your favorite dude that people don't know about[View]
98096494Heathcliff is an accomplished painter.[View]
98093003So what does /co/ think of Krypto the Superdog? Is it one of the greatest cape shows?[View]
98095199Let's have a meta Simpsons thread![View]
98085962can we have a Disney conspiracy thread? was disney frozen in ice, was disney a satanic worshipper, w…[View]
98090157Why didn't you buy it?[View]
98073815LCS Stories: Let's talk about our local comic book stores. How many issues of America do they s…[View]
98096154Were they canon?[View]
98092147BC Bestseller List – 14th January 2018: http://archive.is/XukPC >Today sees the new Avengers week…[View]
98088106Tom King Announces Sanctuary, About DC Superheroes Dealing With the Mental Trauma of Violence. https…[View]
98088635Miles Morales: How we can fix him?[View]
98095197Do you think lots of kids today love this show?[View]
98092985>Best gimmick >Best powers >Best cast >Best setting Literally name a superhero with a be…[View]
98095869Chronexia and the Eight Seals: who was in the wrong here[View]
98072218Did anyone else notice this?[View]
98073820ITT: good /co/ games.[View]
98078234Cartoon Versions of Rappers: NIGGAS IFFY UH! BLICKY GOT THE STIFFY UH![View]
98071128/co/ approved cartoons: The Venture Bros Black Dynamite Morel Orel Mike Tyson Mysteries Metalocalyps…[View]
98075648ITT-characters with mushable faces[View]
98088193This is Renet. Say something nice about her.[View]
98095437what makes a character a good comic character and what examples are there of characters that would b…[View]
98089856ITT: Times when the adaptation was way better than the original material[View]
98094312This show is actually shit but I keep watching it[View]
98094668What are some manga equivalents to /co/ standalone graphic novels (collected into 1 volume)? I can…[View]
98073366ITT: heavily implied gay couples on cartoons that are not directly stated to be a thing.[View]
98095236What does /b/ think of /co?/[View]
98093143OH GOD[View]
98088189Who is the purest of /co/ characters?[View]
98092400Are serialized adventure comics dead?[View]
98094732what does /co/ think of danger unlimited[View]
98093749>'I age fast remember? I'm 22!' What did she mean by this?[View]
98094041Gentlemen, How do we humiliate the Green Arrow?[View]
98089455Norman Osborn: So he's both a Lex Luthor and Joker rip off So there is anything unique about hi…[View]
98090777This shit is whack, smokin' crack, lips smack Samurai Black Hol up! Gotta get BLACKED tap dat a…[View]
98082281Mouse or Squirrel?[View]
98093051ITT: Scenes that are, for lack of a better word, kino.[View]
98082191Ultimate Universe Revival: >Bendis 'revives' the UU >Riri is a member of the Ultimates, despit…[View]
98092304What is the reading order of Age of Ultron?[View]
98092619ITT: Barbarians[View]
98094745Magic Luchador Mask: Lets say one day a package arrives at your door containing a black leather luch…[View]
98092513/co/-related shit normalfags say: >'Aren't you a little too old to be watching/reading carto…[View]
98094044https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmJ-t60ywL4 Is he an egomaniac?[View]
98090779https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_yeLQFJVZ0 BANANA CAT CAT CAT CAT[View]
98091847This is Violet, say something nice about her.[View]
98035839Would you date Rapunzel or Cassandra?[View]
98088658Theriomorphism in /co/: Do what is the appeal of non-human characters in comics and cartoons?[View]
98083279/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: DECAPITATION! Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.sw…[View]
98076788Canon gay ships[View]
98089194Ralph Bakshi: Is Ralph Bakshi the Ed Wood of /co/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j94WhqodTHg…[View]
98088572Veronica: Did they kill her off?: For those of you that don't know, Veronica was a side-charact…[View]
98088624Name a bigger JUST than the MK50 (Infinity war): >https://youtu.be/gsvG_CFNOyE Suit design peaked…[View]
98092790Legends of Tomorrow s03e10 details: Episode starts with JC (John Constantine) visiting Emily in an a…[View]
98090851Can you beat him /co/?[View]
98076763With the bat and super families gaining more prominence would you want to see these families do a bi…[View]
98054894Best Thunderbolts team? >inb4 fightbolts[View]
98063235You laugh you lose thread: quick i need your funniest pages and panels /co/[View]
98086349WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH https://youtu.be/zaoKuCUl8Aw[View]
98050848Which is the best girl for Donald?[View]
98090766Thoughts on this upcoming movie?[View]
98091394>Assembled a team of unique of individuals, courageous pioneers committed to the highest ideals o…[View]
98074422I haven't kept up with her after King's Vision. What exactly happened to her?[View]
98081636It's made by the studio that made Storks and the Lego movies, will it be good?[View]
98090600Who's the artist?[View]
98091200if you could say anything you wanted to a comic writer or cartoon creator what would it be?[View]
98091022>Full of sex, violence and nudity >Metric ton of waifus >Creatir always takes it to unexpec…[View]
98078579ITT: You are given the option of applying one of these changes to the last cartoon you watched. Whic…[View]
98075656Starlight storytime: Previous millarverse Part 1 >>98038857 Part 2 >>98044836 Part 3 …[View]
98086870Undisputed best voice actor coming through.[View]
98083488RWBY/RT General #1386: Healing Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell us …[View]
98088071Left or right?[View]
98069954Just how EVIL do you like your villains in co-stuff?[View]
98079342Think of two /co/ characters (who aren't from the same show) that share the same first name. W…[View]
98088082This was honestly a really fun comic action film, I am surprised more people don't talk about i…[View]
98086724Best Ben 10 reboot girl[View]
98080274Opinions on Ahsoka?[View]
98090452Why would Lex Luthor perform such a selfless act of sacrifice when he's always put himself befo…[View]
98089596Why are the Simpsons still around?[View]
98090650ITT: Good Parody Episodes.[View]
98010818Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
98076264>tanks missiles >stunned with taser[View]
98090404Sunday Funnies Thread: Thought this might be fun![View]
98087211The worst comic art thread post the most awful covers and panels from the history of comic books[View]
98079661Unimportant side character comics: What is your opinion on this type of comics that don't actua…[View]
98088719>cartoon 'for kids' >there are no waifus literally whats the point? if there aren…[View]
98090073ITT: Movies & TV Shows portrayed by other /co/ shows.[View]
98089246>food fight begins in kitchen >it aint me starts playing Frylocks war flashbacks were quite ha…[View]
98087314Why does Slott hate Pym?[View]
98088699ITT: Best Alt-Costumes: Apart from the different color scheme, Iron Man looks ten times better with …[View]
98089928Welcome To The Wayne: Trying to find the Google Drive link for this and the rest of season 1 !!!!! W…[View]
98089568Is this the best Rick and Morty episode?[View]
98084103Scooby and Batman: 'Like zoinks! It's Batman!' So like what do you guys think of this?[View]
98086394ITT: Characters who suffer 24/7[View]
98087977But for real tho, the fb group 'shitposting about /co/mics' is fucking godawful. Everyone in that gr…[View]
98089152ITS TIME TO SHIT[View]
98078625What's your favorite comic(s) from Image Comics?: Post your favorite(s) or at least one your en…[View]
98089340thoughts on this movie?[View]
98078997what do y'all value in your comics? Or, simply put, what makes a comic good to you? Is your con…[View]
98086691Black Panther: Should I feel ashamed that I actually think the character of Black Panther is kind of…[View]
98088860Why do you guys care when TTGO is spammed, but not Gumball?[View]
98086739Pearl bestgem: Wait, hold up so pearls can belong to diamonds and their skin color corresponds with …[View]
98083956Reborn storytime 2: Previous millarverse Part 1 >>98038857 → Part 2 >>98044836 → Part 3 …[View]
98081863Did you just congratulate me for reading?[View]
98089033Is this the only good thing to come out of suicide squad and the DCEU in general? https://youtu.be/J…[View]
98073434Awesome comic moments >Source, please? I don't know the source of my pic.…[View]
98074520ITT: Strong female characters[View]
98085295Caption this. Part 2[View]
98086614Who's the *one* /co/? pic related[View]
98085344https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzZYh4RihnM Who's the best intern, and why is it that cutie in …[View]
98079853X-Club: Dumping the whole mini, time for splodo[View]
98084967Guys i Stumbling upon Instagram and saw somebody put the rest of S01 of Welcome To The Wayne on Goog…[View]
98085130So who's the real mastermind?[View]
98077538>first three episodes were 10/10 kino material >next 7 slowed things down with an awful forced…[View]
98062062Looks like they are really going to try to make this film happen. How can they do it without it bein…[View]
98084287Legend of Bolin when?[View]
98085584>Long Feng does the one thing that will keep him from being killed >somehow that's villai…[View]
98085648ITT:things that turned out good[View]
98088224ITT: Courage villains hate thread: Fuck this guy Fuck him right in his stupid fucking face. He liter…[View]
98088767So you see Frank the Punisher...: how will you write Frank and Heinz being a comedy hero-villain pai…[View]
98081097Was anyone else disappointed with how little the other Daughters of Aku and the Mother actually matt…[View]
98087778>crowd applauds >stock 'yahoooooo *wheeeeeeeeeee*' sound effect…[View]
98088497Unikitty would have been a much better addition than Ponyhead. Nefcy really fails in term of making …[View]
98082610>huh huh huh, theyre funny because they eat too much I fucking hate scooby doo, and hanna barbara…[View]
98086473Is Zod the only logical adversary/rival for Superman these days? And how come he doesn't have …[View]
98088135Big Mouth: So is like Big Mouth a /co/ thing oooor what? Because if it isn't I guess I can take…[View]
98084416Ashoka Tano and Star War Rebels Season 4: Okay guys... We got confirmation Season 4 is picking back …[View]
98087709Who would win?[View]
98087053Steven Universe? More like this can't get any worse![View]
98087469The Glaciator episode was super cute[View]
97994600Is there a more toxic and 'unhealthy relationship' generating character than fucking Lapis Lazuli?[View]
98087889So you like cartoons, huh? Can you name 500 characters before the thread dies? Ultra hard mode : Fro…[View]
98087441>le smart character >has a chalkboard full of work >1+1 =2 >e=mc^2 >other random shit…[View]
98080434>tfw gotten so use to reading storytimes digitally >tfw going back to physical media feels les…[View]
98079234Which 'villain' has the unhealthiest obsession with their 'hero' in comics? Lut…[View]
98077662New Bravest Warriors: Anyone seen it? We don't get a freebie this time, gotta actually have a V…[View]
98086331Admit it; The first time you saw this scene, you raged hard because all you really wanted was for Ke…[View]
98087779i thought wakanda is supposed to be super advanced: unless he pulls out the black pantherzord (t…[View]
98086082Why don't we know the release date of any of the shows or movies coming out this year?[View]
98067976BFB 5: Fortunate Ben Talkback: A new episode of Battle for BFDI just came out https://m.youtube.com/…[View]
98085421Was he a homo?[View]
98063092Hey, it's me again, /co/! Let's spice it up a little and draw a seal, any kind of seal.[View]
98077442Why didn't she get a happy end?: She was one of the nicest people in the show. What did she get…[View]
98086493Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/EgW1HCfA Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
98075675Whatever happened to those stupid Edit threads?[View]
98085304Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/EgW1HCfA Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
98081534You're in my way. I was looking in that direction now all I see is you and I wasn't lookin…[View]
98074965ITT: Shows that never should've gotten popular[View]
98085605Heathcliff calls a repairman.[View]
98077494Spider-man (1967) Sky Harbor: I do believe it's time for a Spider-man. Tonight's episode h…[View]
980830492017 Animated Feature BoxOffice: As far as I can tell, there were 53 new animated features that had …[View]
98084257Hey guys, so what's in your pull list at your LCS? I got: Lady Death Lady Mechanika Monstress (…[View]
98078748Is character development really necessary to create an objectively good character?[View]
98079792Literally more unlikable than Kevin[View]
98073334Tintin: I would like give an open thanks to the anons who got me into Tintin last week >>97859…[View]
98059860Random Superpower Thread: roll a power >powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/special:random Ok now your …[View]
98085689Did peter pan sell his soul? why's his shadow like dr.facilliere's?[View]
98079651>First act of a webcomic is obviously written out before the artist started drawing anything, fol…[View]
98054529>Anthropomorphic animals universe >Only mice people are at their actual size of their animal o…[View]
98080352What would the perfect cartoon be for you? There is no such thing, is there?[View]
98085207What’s the most autistic fanboy obsession a /co/ creator has had for the works of another?[View]
98080106EH! STEVE![View]
98084090Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/EgW1HCfA Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
98079873>Marvel hero commits an inhuman crime >'WELL THEY ARE FLAWED HUMAN BEINGS WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?…[View]
98061110Is it really this good, /co/?[View]
98083777Bad Moms: Who’s the worst mother in /co/ standing? When we talk about bad fathers we always end up l…[View]
98080484Hammerman animated series: So sometime back in 1991 there was the animated Hammerman series which I …[View]
98062895Venom Movie Thread: The cast is really good and it's based on Lethal Protector and Planet of th…[View]
98081247Should I pick the good looking dirty blonde or the nerdy redhead? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M…[View]
98074831Is Scarlet Witch relatable?: She never had to work a single day of her life, yet lives in mansions a…[View]
98076759Quick, make a good lost episode spooky story.[View]
98077203Who did you save? I chose Selina so Harvey can become Two-Face.[View]
98084467Do people post their own webcomics on here or??[View]
98080702How much, per diem, do you think it takes to operate as Batman?: I mean, the six month breakdown is …[View]
98077465Did it give anyone else the major creeps?[View]
98042713and The MayMay is dead[View]
98070789How is General Grievous a complete coward who's all growls and no fangs in the prequel movies, …[View]
98071655L- lewd.[View]
98084520What are some examples of heroes actually going through a Journey to become a hero? For most popular…[View]
98071329Quick, name your top 5 graphic novels and your reason behind liking them.[View]
98082501Did you just say Grandma Brownie's Chocolate Chunker Wunker Bunkers, Now with even bigger chunk…[View]
98079923>Bendis on suicide watch Possibly Duggan but I don't think Gunn is really aware that his ru…[View]
98073518Wreck It Ralph 2 Cameos: I don't know if this would be /co/ or /v/ but since Wreck It Ralph 2 i…[View]
98080248What are some comics like Alias?[View]
98074751Attention /co/. Bevis was crying.[View]
98078959Left or right? It's that Tom and Jerry Oz sequel.[View]
98079263hot streets: This show is silly and airing tomorrow and probably already on demand. If you saw the p…[View]
98063231Post cute /co/ characters[View]
98081777Who is the best /co/ infant and why is it baby sinclair?[View]
98074053Well /co/ i made it despite your directions.[View]
98068128Western comics: With publications like Tex Willer, Comanche, Lucky Luke, Lieutenant Blueberry, Ken P…[View]
98077492Why did Spencer have to shit on Cap's only good love interest?[View]
98083007Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/EgW1HCfA Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
98083187/co/ Blu-Rays: Just found a cheap Blu-Ray player on sale for 40 bucks Tell me what Blu-Rays I should…[View]
98083271Did anyone here watch Home Movies when it first premiered on UPN? I probably should have asked this …[View]
98076807Who are some girls in comics that are severely mentally ill?[View]
98076015Jeez this movie dropped off the radar. I don't see any of you guys even bothering to bring it u…[View]
98069024Well shit it looks like Homestar Runner is updating all of it's stuff to HTML[View]
98077171ITT, canonical Mary-sues[View]
98072058Caption This.[View]
98067365The Girl from Dinosaur Island: The Girl from Dinosaur Island new Nickelodeon pilot/short[View]
98077226Haven't posted in 2 years, what ever happened with this?[View]
98082083Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/EgW1HCfA Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
98081901find your soulmate /co/[View]
98081028Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/EgW1HCfA Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
98076789/Garfield/: Saturday, January 13[View]
98081293Felix Colgrave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK41XdAOw3o How can one man be so wholesome.…[View]
98080308Fuck this dumb little shit. The fox is in his right to eat the rabbit because he is the superior bei…[View]
98065928comic stockholm syndrome: Are there any comics that you keep reading even though you don't real…[View]
98076453Old Man Hawkeye #1 storytime: Hop in![View]
98078024Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/EgW1HCfA Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
98060375ITT: Evil versions of good characters.[View]
98068555/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Darth Sidious Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.sw…[View]
98076769RWBY/RT General #1385: Almost an Anime Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to …[View]
98066942What are the webcomics a majority of /co/ likes and why?: I noticed a lot of critical complaints tow…[View]
98079224Let him in the MEU[View]
98059167is this a modern day Watchmen ?[View]
98076861A Town Called Panic: Does anybody on /co/ even have an opinion on this show? I don't think i…[View]
98074603Big Hero 6 Short: New animated short is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BYl95Wo0Z0 Looks like t…[View]
98076651Why is there still a stigma against serious animated films? I mean something like Battle of Five Arm…[View]
98078003Oh hi, /co/, are you ready for my new and original comic, The Lara-Su Chronicles? It's coming a…[View]
98078004Work on your Art!: Why aren't you practicing anon? Pick that pen or pencil and get to work, get…[View]
98075895Can someone explain why maggie is in authoritarian right?[View]
98078774Has a cartoon ever had a special longer than 1 hour? I don't mean arcs or theatrical movies.[View]
98074368hey /co/, i hope you like your morby action style[View]
98061765Voltron: It’s Saturday somewhere in the world, let’s have a weekend thread. The cast had their first…[View]
98014057Who was the best girl?[View]
98067015Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98057764Felicitations, malefactors! I am endeavoring to misappropriate the formulary for the preparations of…[View]
98076027Is this better than WWE & modern day wrestling?[View]
98075686Swashbuckling Adventurers?: I want some comics with swashbucklers and adventurers /co/.[View]
98076587What's /co/'s opinion on Max Steel 2000?[View]
98073907'I have one other project that I think would make a valuable addition to your sister medical supply …[View]
98076085Invincible: >delayed until mid February what went wrong?[View]
98078330What is the premier place for animation on the internet? It's not Youtube. Maybe Vimeo because …[View]
98078254How well thought out does a (cape) characters origin or motivation need to be in your opinion? I…[View]
98078117What the fuck was his problem?[View]
98078273Has there ever been a mystery or cliffhanger in comics that has a satisfying payoff?[View]
98070324What went wrong?[View]
98075200Which would you rather own, a Lantern Ring, or a Reach Scarab?[View]
98075115ITT: cartoons you watched as a kid but as an adult no one knows what the hell it is so you assumed i…[View]
98076305What Went Right?[View]
98066247How old are the Justice League members?[View]
98077877Superheroes who wear dresses, skirts, etc: Who pulls it off best? fanart of potential problems with …[View]
98073982Build-a-Team thread: Lets see your ideas, /co/[View]
98077032https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=789&v=gHkgxVLX-lU So basically this is what we are g…[View]
98077835How does this end /co/?[View]
98074302If you could get beaten up by 1 Disney Pincess, who would it be?: If you could get raped by one Disn…[View]
98076324So if you were to skin Wolverine, what would happen? Would his body regrow a skeleton or would the s…[View]
98070219ITT: Favorite Characters: Post your favorites. Villains, heroes, whatever.[View]
98072165Is there a scarier and eviler black comic book character than this?[View]
98077047Rolling With The Ronks: This show is practically lost media. Only one episode can be found online, a…[View]
98074098I'm trying to find an obscure old cartoon. Probably 70s or 80s era. Featured a nerdy-looking gu…[View]
98075798redpill me on super duper sumos[View]
98070550This puny board has been conquered by Darkseid, Master of Apokalips and Lord of Despair. Posters wil…[View]
98073628How famous is Bruce Wayne?[View]
98074698Tarantula: Just started watching this, loving it so far. There's a strange feeling of zen hits…[View]
98064353I miss him, /co/. He fucked up my childhood. He fucked it up real good. On the same token it was onl…[View]
98013452/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic? #442: Welcome back to another action packed episode of 'hows your we…[View]
98063135Wonder Woman recommendations: WW thread! What are the best Wonder Woman stories? Underrated ones are…[View]
98071010A better place: A better place is a comic by the author of Demon's mirror a pretty cool webcomi…[View]
98074110Will she ever get a happy ending?[View]
98065769He was always tried to do the right thing and just tried his best at all times, but after this momen…[View]
98076342What are some good examples of /co/ characters going from good to bad? What makes these examples so …[View]
98071940hey shes cute lol[View]
98074069itt we make up plausible episode trailers: Friend of a Nickelodeon exec. I always cringe when I see …[View]
98076279Dilbert thread? Best comic strip.[View]
98060971Characters who are girls and nobody can tell you otherwise[View]
98063733“Nobody bats an eye” cartoons: Is this the most fucking “nobody bats an eye” show ever? Even Teen Ti…[View]
98051226What /co/ think about Unikitty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtyHYocgpEo[View]
98061056Honestly, why doesn't Bruce just ever put this fucking freak down or even consider it? It'…[View]
98075870Background Noise: ITT: Shows/movies that make for decent background noise.[View]
98074940ITT-characters that listen to true capitalist radio[View]
98075877They're airing the same gumball episodes twice in the same day, this is the second time The Laz…[View]
98062069Steve or Morty /co/?[View]
98062441Satisfying deaths of /co/ villains[View]
98070224Would you a dr deli?[View]
98049212DC Announces New Prestige Format Miniseries THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE: >With DC Entert…[View]
98017039X:Men Evolution: Did you like it? Are you annoyed that the planned Season 5 with the Phoenix Saga wa…[View]
98071457ITT: Inspirational /co/ Characters[View]
98075250Anyone else read Clean Room? WHAT DID YOU THINK C.[View]
98074484>ITT: /co/ related characters sat and thinking by themselves. This gives me feels for some reason…[View]
98074836ITT: 'Problematic' characters who got a more acceptable makeover[View]
98071418Replacing the Infinity Gauntlet/Gems/Stones: Are there any cosmic comic MacGuffins that could get as…[View]
98068265/co/splay thread[View]
98055718>highly trained warriors >uniform so thin you can see their nipple outline What did they mea…[View]
98075080Wait, by rule of elimination, Reginald is Daphne...[View]
98067037Remind me again why people hate this relationship? I really don't see what the problem is.[View]
98073309RWBY/RT General #1384: Boop Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't try to tell us it…[View]
98052432ITT: Fan theories that are better than what actually happened.[View]
98072528Octi becomes a Girl in the Reboot[View]
98063687Favorite member of the Xmen?: I'm torn between Iceman and Nightcrawler[View]
98059582Isn't the whole 'mutant conflict' illogical in the Marvel Universe?: In Marvel people have powe…[View]
98075036Which character's keikaku do you enjoy reading the most?[View]
98073669What the fuck is Marville[View]
98073132Anyone reading Saga? Volume 8 just came out and it seems like nobody’s talking about it.[View]
98061498What went wrong?[View]
98045135>tfw Disney uses a Culture only ONCE for a film >tfw Disney blew your Culture on a shitty film…[View]
98070983ITT: We talk about who did Joker the best: Who did Joker the best and why was it Jack Nicholson? …[View]
98074236Did Jamie release the art book?[View]
98059608Agents of SHIELD Livethread: >FitzSimmons Team Up Edition We're back /co/ and its time for S…[View]
98063095What's the problem with board-driven shows?: >Most artists don't know how to write whil…[View]
98070877Did this deserve an Oscar nomination over Waking Life?[View]
98057044Meanwhile in another universe: Why does this show shame me for being gay?[View]
98069535Would DOOM make a good Sith?[View]
98073068MORTAL KOMBAT in the DC UNIVERSE: Since WB owns MK, why don't officially integrate the franchis…[View]
98071384Disney Princesses: Let's talk about royal heirs in media produced under the Walt Disney corpora…[View]
98072566LCS Thread: What's your LCS like, /co/?[View]
98070488Hitman: Thoughts? https://www.cbr.com/geoff-johns-hitman-dctv-show-ennis-mccrea/?utm_source=CBR-FB-P…[View]
98073629Who did it best?[View]
98072695Disney Parks: Anyone here into Disney Pin Collecting?[View]
98073548Adult Animation: Why is it more accepted on TV than in movies?[View]
98070795https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h6ab9nbByY What's the most toyetic modern cartoon?[View]
98069667viKANG waifu thread[View]
98067151HOUSE OF IDEAS DOES IT AGAIN: Meet your new favorite Marvel character, Korean K-Pop idol Luna Snow. …[View]
98070788How are you celebrating Trogdor’s birthday?[View]
98072285music video thread: ur favorite/least favorite animated music videos? ill start with my favorites: s…[View]
98071513>60 hour countdown timer that leads nowhere its first day, gets cut off by [as] >sweepstakes …[View]
98071757I'm looking to become a DCfag. Where do I start? what's the most efficient way to raise my…[View]
98062526Name a low-super or street level /co/ character who can beat him?[View]
98071262What’s your biggest fears, /co/[View]
98073253Will there ever be a proper Hellblazer comic again?[View]
98061459If these characters were male, none of you would give a shit.[View]
98071711Bravest Warriors Season 4: When MEGA to episode 3 & 4?[View]
98068796How would you fix this character?[View]
98065185Heathcliff gets a substitute.[View]
98069174>Genius Intelligence, Can survive the vacuum of space, Teleportation, Time Travel, Mind Manipulat…[View]
98068412Chicken Little: What the fuck went wrong with this film?[View]
98072891They really need to send this character to a Fur Farm for being so hideous and awfully written. Just…[View]
98072201Characters that exist again or will.: Max, John Fox, Jay, Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, Savitar. Impuls…[View]
98072648Tom King PTSD Panel Live Thread: Tom 'Pull the trigger' King is doing a panel for dc in dc on PTSD n…[View]
98072307Why aren't there more He-Man memes?[View]
98071874#ReleaseTheSnyderCut: .[View]
98060146Can we all agree that Rabbit is the cutest?[View]
98062430I was not ready for these feelings /co/[View]
98072229So, how long until this cartoon is moved to Nicktoons to burn off most of its episodes?[View]
98065827/CTG/ Channel-tans General: General Frost Edition Drawfags and Writefags are more than welcome to co…[View]
98057601Since Disney picked it up in Europe, do you think it'll come to the US?[View]
98069925What's your favorite comic of all time, /co/?[View]
98060440Have a comic by bike cuck[View]
98035966It still lives http://www.familyguyyourself.com/[View]
98068690ITT: Joker doing what Joker do best: Post pages where funny man shines[View]
98071788lol #sotrue[View]
98069070Spider-gwen thread.: What did he give her?[View]
98005538Questionable content: Faye laying down the bants[View]
98066888New Mick short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxSGM6_xIxQ[View]
98064942Thoughts on the success of Cuphead as an independent animation project?[View]
98069136RWBY/RT General #1383:JUST FUCK MY VILLAINS UP edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't…[View]
98069747WTWW: Dose anybody have these Eps recorded of WWTW It's the Mid-Season Finale Hit it, Toofus!:…[View]
98064925When did Tony Stark become a Sith Emperor?!: But seriously, Stark going full-on Techno-Emperor with …[View]
98056776How do Batman fans feel about the Telltale version of the story? Not a fan of Penguin's redesig…[View]
98067405DC in D.C Livestream: So there's a stream going on about the DC in D.C thing https://youtu.be/P…[View]
98066859Superman Red/Blue: Remember that time when Lois had a chance in threesome without cheating but didn…[View]
98061683Look at how this bitch looks in the thumbnail. Sigh. Adult Swim has a new show. Please discuss. http…[View]
98049202>Characters switch bodies >Voices stay the same…[View]
98069645I just... don't get it, guys. Is my IQ not high enough or something?[View]
98040736>Brian literally gets cucked as he watches her get rammed by a big dog, holding casual conversati…[View]
98060854ITT: Video Games that should get comics/cartoons[View]
98067646Why hasn’t some random dude just shot the joker yet while leaving the courthouse?[View]
98060615Characters who are boys and nobody can tell you otherwise[View]
98060171So the madmen in charge over at Nickelodeon decided to let Dan Schneider make a spin off to his live…[View]
98065721Which duo is better? Which do you like more?[View]
98069869Is this cartoon analysis kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLCKEviXpqY&t=496s[View]
98067895At this point in the battle Ashi didn't know she had superpowers, so what exactly was she tryin…[View]
98045839Post IZ reaction images: I have a mighty need. +Favorite scene/joke/gag?[View]
98064866If you rotate the X-Men logo ever so slightly it kinda looks like a Celtic cross. t. guy with Stormf…[View]
98058261Seriously, /co/, why don't you like Gwenpool?[View]
98067821So why has a certain show involving colorful magical equines been banned from all other boards excep…[View]
98065077Why the fuck do they like to put Fart Jokes or Whip Sounds every 5 seconds in their shitty Flash Car…[View]
98051641Conan the Barbarian Returns to Marvel: https://news.marvel.com/comics/82990/conan-returns-marvel/…[View]
98049786December 2017 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 10's: TOP 10 COMIC BOOKS > 1. DOOMSDAY CLOCK #2 …[View]
98063193>premise is pulp-era fiction heroes team up with D&D characters Any other comics like this?…[View]
98058322What were the worst episodes from the good seasons?[View]
98066778Why is she so shit?[View]
98068047Shouldn't most marvel characters like Tony Stark and Black Panther be on their 50/60 years righ…[View]
98063901How powerful is Jubilee?[View]
98064732ITT-post your favorite /co/ character as a kid[View]
98064958Disney Classics: So I know most peoples here love 90's Disney movies/Disney rennaisance and the…[View]
98066852We get it, Batman punched Guy in an EPIN MEME SCENE. It's been three decades, how about we writ…[View]
98052701Marvel's Mangaverse: Was the Mangaverse a mistake?[View]
98065328Choose you're fate[View]
98058270does anybody have /co/ related tattoos?[View]
98066056some say he's still trying to stop that drill to this very day...[View]
98061122RWBY/RT General #1382: The Next Spring Maiden Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't …[View]
98066457Arthur and the Haunted Treehouse: Finally got around to watching this from October of last year, and…[View]
98056664What are your thoughts on Über?[View]
98063921What are your favorite event comics?: I'm thinking of checking some out.[View]
98033518New Loud House episode title cards revealed: A Roadie to Nowhere/A Fridge too Far (1/19/18) >Luna…[View]
98046372Paranatural: the power of poland in the palm of your hand >Thanks for reading!…[View]
98055066Who will be Wonder Woman 2 villain?[View]
98066928/co/: The second Duckywing Darkling is the album of Bayanihan. I think it's a lot of fun of the…[View]
980640083 2 (J-J-J-Johnny Test...) 1 TEST (J-J-J-Johnny Test...) JOHNNY TEST Got a head of firey hair, and a…[View]
98060059>punisher killing villains and batman beating them senseless >not just using paddingtons hard …[View]

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