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96831383What's the best feature film adaptation of an animated series and why is it Beavis and Butt-Hea…[View]
96828304Do you think a Western Sailor Moon show in the vein of the Voltron reboot could work? Superheroines …[View]
96818564New Mickey Mouse Cartoon: https://youtu.be/t75uAWfjp5o[View]
96852318DC Super Hero Girls: Is anyone going to make a YouTube Poop of this?[View]
96824707Delicious brown thread. Post 'em.[View]
96844985JUSTICE LEAGUE Cast Weighs In On The Possibility Of A Crossover With THE AVENGERS: Would you watch i…[View]
96852040Thoughts on this?[View]
96855854Was he right?[View]
96834900Kitty plays the shit out of the bass.[View]
96836491So Girls episode when? Also let's just talk about the female kid characters of South Park in ge…[View]
96853864Are Lanterns underused or what? The emotional spectrum is really interesting, and powers can be give…[View]
96846954yep yep yep mmhmm[View]
96854689Cartoon Network is premiering another episode of UniKitty under the label of a sneak peek. At this p…[View]
96848425Star Vs the shippers: Stop this madness anons, you are on the war path.[View]
96851459Worst examples of kids being written like adults >Bart has an emotional crisis and thinks that no…[View]
96851641Why /co/ hates Chaykin?: https://nerdist.com/nerdist-comics-panel-126-howard-chaykin/ 'Superstar sto…[View]
96842800Adventire Time - Marceline & Princess Bubblegum: Just gonna leave it here.[View]
96845739Is King right? Does Selina has what it takes to take on Talia?[View]
96853218http://comicbook.com/marvel/2017/11/16/multiple-man-movie-james-franco/ Say hi to Multiple Man /co/.…[View]
96854738/co/ Merch: Post /co/ Merch you own, be judged by others. This just came in the mail and I'm ex…[View]
96829356Over The Garden Wall: headless elephant edition >Last time you rewatched it >Favorite characte…[View]
96827835How come Felix the Cat isn't public domain yet?[View]
96855133Did you pick up your copies yet?[View]
96806724Have you been to Bahia, /co/?[View]
96839727Gunnerkrigg Court: >Don't forget it's Katurday. http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/…[View]
96853977wonder woman thread[View]
96853476WHO WOULD WIN?: alright lets settle this bros WHO WOULD WIN?[View]
96841882I've just finished binge watching Gravity Falls and I'm in love!! This show is just so goo…[View]
96843567Well fuck... does this mean Drawn Together might actually have a shot a life again?[View]
9685369935 minutes to Teen Titans Go! Thanksgiving special. Post your favorite Titans. Also, Teen Titans gen…[View]
96854781What /co/ characters could defeat the hero Bonnie Tyler is holding out for? >streetwise Hercules …[View]
96846161What is the best 40k comic?[View]
96819707What is the worst webcomic? And the best one?[View]
96843454Gems are perfect: Gems are perfect. They don't require food or sleep. This alone is huge. What …[View]
96852150See you in a couple of years, Klaus. http://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/breaking-netflix-will-p…[View]
96851281Marvel’s Spiderman: Thoughts?[View]
96854533Oceanfalls: Why is it called Oceanfalls? There's no oceans at all.[View]
96852106What went right? And will the sequel be any good?[View]
96853620Anyone here read Bombshells? Read the latest issue? It has DC heroes fighting as 'the rebels' agains…[View]
96853970at least this would've made sense right?: probably same level of controversy as northrop grumma…[View]
96831113New Foamy cartoon! It's on 'The Content We Make'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sXJ8sC-yWM…[View]
96849683WHY DOES SHE LOVE HIM?[View]
96853467What is the lunchables equivalent of cartoons[View]
96853816More Bendis studying: Not bad taste [View]
96853989So Is he still doing that Batgirl movie?[View]
96853949Alright, everybody and their mother seems to know by now that the Justice League movie wasn't v…[View]
96853836Arrow talkback thread While you guys were bitching about Justice League, Arrow had a kickass episode…[View]
96853058>I'm the Bull. Jesus christ.[View]
96851986>The most iconic moment in Thanos's history >Probably not going to be featured in Infinit…[View]
96837165/sug/ - Steven Universe General: Jasper And Pearl Will Fight Then Fug Edition Last Thread: >>9…[View]
96852724Why do people get so pissy over Snyder's superman? It's pretty in-line with the stuff I gr…[View]
96845435It's over, Gustin won.[View]
96852059THEY HOLD INFINITY: Are you ready for more Captain Marvel shilling, /co/?[View]
96847687Anyone else thought this part was funny but also legit terrying at the same time? Like, not only is …[View]
96852639So just noticed that the first season of Zak Storm is now on Netflix, in the US at least. Thoughts o…[View]
96844030Armond White Review: 'Zack Snyders Masterpiece': >Zack Snyder compiles his greatest hits and our …[View]
96844191>Batman gets told: How can DCfags ever recover?[View]
96810780If he was so smart why didn't he foresee Galra autism ruining everything, why put a race predis…[View]
96851981>smartest human in the universe[View]
9684979810/10 episodes only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TG8JfkCAbk& https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
96845680>batman refuse to murder joker >okay >but he doesn't break every bone in his body ever…[View]
96850956Justice League makes less than half of BvS on Thursday, and even less than Thor: Ragnarok: https://w…[View]
96838366>Tfw your daughter will die before you[View]
96852262PINCHE PUNISHER DE MIERDA I was almost sure they were going to call him El Castigador, that's b…[View]
96852267Think of a comics character. Got one? How would that character continue to help people/hurt people …[View]
96845169C.B. Cebulski is Marvel's new editor-in-chief: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/17/books/marvel-…[View]
96830246>”You won’t let me live, you won’t let me die. Tell me, do you bleed?” Ok nigger, first off you k…[View]
96849711A Better Place: >A God must be feared. >Now I'm not saying there aren't gentle gods,…[View]
96847159Man that's just...[View]
96852139Favorite Niche Family Guy Jokes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNeaR6H-W4w[View]
96846205How did the quality of her acting drop so much between WW and JL?[View]
96852074New sr. Pelo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38eRid-Kccs[View]
96852047/co/ music: what are the best /co/ related songs and musical numbers?[View]
96850813What Could Have Been: >This movie was originally going to feature Brainiac, Supergirl, and Mr. Mx…[View]
96850178Why didn't he just kill Russo? I mean, yeah, I get it, because we gotta have muh Jigsaw, but se…[View]
96851832>KAH-LEL NAUH[View]
96848170He’s going to sacrifice himself to defeat Thanos. Screencap this.[View]
96837988Unironically pretty good. 2 big issues were the excessive quips and the bad bear removal. Liked it a…[View]
96841414Sonic SatAm: If a season three was made now: >Jim Cummings and Jaleel White would be recast by Mi…[View]
96851532That time Clarence had to work with a kid more mentally ill than himself: Seriously...That episode w…[View]
96839354I hate this comic so damn much.[View]
96849316Ok but Loki was definitely the Grandmaster's bitch right?[View]
96847506Any real supervillans?[View]
96839825Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters: The first season is out now on Netflix. Here's hoping …[View]
96847965>ITT: GOD tier ships Post 'em[View]
96849082Hello /co/, you wanna see what an animated series with great dialogue, witty moments a smart sense o…[View]
96850268You're too old to watch cartoons! You're ALL- TOO- OLD![View]
96849686Joss Whedon on Justice League: >It was mostly a matter of doing everything wrong. They said the l…[View]
96837999Dark Knights Metal: What are your guy’s thoughts on it so far?[View]
96850962Excuse Me Sirs: Do ya have some time to take about our Lord Barbatos ?[View]
96848718Who is the best Magneto waifu ant why it's Rogue?[View]
96848078opinions?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN92cf-X1Ec[View]
96844982marvel's perlmutter: wtf is his deal? what do we know about him? https://www.bleedingcool.com/2…[View]
96848606so like what ethnicity/race is he? My guess is half white and half mexican[View]
96849625I wish the Hulk was triggered by arousal instead of anger. I mean that in a non joking way, like a s…[View]
96849755Leave capekino to me.[View]
96848138>First season of the Mysterious Cities of Gold was animated by Japs >Season 2 is animated by F…[View]
96843438Womanlets: What are we going to do with them, and when will they learn?[View]
96848338I’m all for shitting in white people but....what’s the punchline?[View]
96839592Could DOOM support an ongoing?: >inb4 2099 Oh bugger off you sod, you know what I'm talking …[View]
96843652Watchmen and homosexuality: Obviously, Silhouette was explicitly stated to be a lesbian in Watchmen.…[View]
96847762RANDY IS MY WAIFU[View]
96849277Is this ever fucking coming out?[View]
96849992What kind/genre of music was it?[View]
96849090I now accept this as canon: All Robins can transform into a Leprechaun until proven otherwise[View]
96846507What are some comics that should have been garbage but actually turned out to be good?[View]
96843802>everyone blaming Joss for Justice League being awful Shouldn’t you be directing that anger towar…[View]
96847100TBS hasn't officially cancelled it and animators are being played off, but Louis C.K. animated …[View]
96847245ITT: We trigger /co/[View]
96816932Avengers Infinity War leaked images from trailer: https://imgur.com/a/rpq21#eMVrlQF[View]
96849122Is OK.KO Lets be Heroes! Good?: People are saying its good, some people are saying its bad, soooo sh…[View]
96847004Tina just asks you to the prom. What do you do?[View]
96847952Metal ain't shit compared to Milk Wars. Is anyone else hyped for Young Animal finally getting s…[View]
96819512Seriously, it's been over a week now. Why the hell is she still in my mind?[View]
96817302>Apu was a tool for kids to go after you, that's why The Simpsons remains problematic This m…[View]
96844431Are Gotham and Metropolis just besides each other? DC is so shit[View]
96848257Would this movie had been better is Steppenwolf's character had more to do with wolves? the wh…[View]
96841275Does the Mouse always win?: Post instances were the Mouse has been BTFO >Kelly Wilson brought the…[View]
96803324If the fly she had caught and eaten was allowed to speak like the rest of the animals what would it …[View]
96822477Please tell me how can Steven Universe even compete? Star vs The Forces of Evil is just better at ev…[View]
96843761Remember that time Bobby learned that fish don't stink?[View]
96847086/co/ husbando thread: let's start![View]
96844032So I really got to ask. Just how would the justice League deal with the Crossed virus if it began to…[View]
96843311>we want the autistic homosexual audience[View]
96847023The apocalypse has happened and your favorite character of the last cartoon you watched is in it. Do…[View]
96837038Devil's Candy: >krk-krak http://devilscandycomic.com/[View]
96844658You still had sexual relations with an underage girl, Max. It doesn't matter if you decided to …[View]
96847415November 22nd It's coming very soon.[View]
96845196James Cameron's SPIDER-MAN (1997): How would the superhero movie landscape look like today had …[View]
96838612Hawkeye 12 storytime: alright[View]
96845465Roll Call!: This is Slipknot. The man that can climb anything.[View]
96839563What happened to Queen PonyHead?[View]
96844385Did we want him back?[View]
96847118How and why do cartoons get leaked on demand?[View]
96842959What the fuck? Is it really that bad?[View]
96843496Alternate Universe Thread: Anyone here remember Disney's Aladdin? >The great chemistry Aladd…[View]
96847073Anyone got that Superman origin page with him as a baby, and scientists shooting a laser at him whil…[View]
96845838How would you react if WB dropped their live action DC movies and in an attempt to brand themselves …[View]
96842178Star Vs the truth: You can't ignore the evidence forever.[View]
96840195You ever start to wonder if Matches is Batman? I ain't sayin' this cause he owes me money …[View]
96841430I always hated the Proud Family but I couldn't stop watching it for some reason[View]
96846097what do you think about this[View]
96845691Why do cartoon villains like torturing their minions when they fail them so often? It always bites t…[View]
96846782This show is METAL AS FUCK[View]
96846149Box Office: 'Justice League' Earns A Troubling $13M Thursday: >Warner Bros./Time Warner…[View]
96833811Scalie Schoolie: Holy crap, again! Another update![View]
96789075why is she so lewd bros[View]
96845964If this never happened, would people still care about batman? Before Begins, people who didn't …[View]
96846239Why do they make templates so attractive?[View]
96843335WB Shilling Hard?: RT Score aside, let's look at the User Scores. Not that far apart huh? Oh wa…[View]
96845174Is this an ACTUAL Punisher show or is it a show about a PTSD war vet who calls himself the Punisher?[View]
96846031'The Losing Edge' is an example of a perfect South Park episode. >utilizes a wide cast of charac…[View]
96835445>cancer mentioned In more ways than one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6K5x04ppig…[View]
96843819ITT: post actually good /co/ ocs: They don't have to be your oc. Just any OC you've seen t…[View]
96845574Meanwhile teenage Spider Man is quipping around with Iron Man just a couple blocks away.[View]
96843477I was rused again You told me cyborg movements were clunky and shitty. But that gif is when Cyborg i…[View]
96843667Beyond the Laughing sky or Second star to the right? which one is the better song?[View]
96823504Thoughts on my x-men run?[View]
96844047Remember when Doug had his first movie?[View]
96844278Know a couple of animators who went to work on this (worked on reddit and memey too), really sucks t…[View]
96844800Why did Chalmers bring a soda with a bow tie on it?[View]
96842558Remember that episode of Hey Arnold where Mr.Hyunh reunites with his daughter after being seperated …[View]
96845204is /co/ still anally fissured about the finale?: at least Jack accomplished his goal. can you say th…[View]
96830694Do It For Her.[View]
96842641Non-anglo cartoons thread. Post here cartoons from anywhere in the world as long as it doesn't …[View]
96845062H-he is going to be ok, right? This is a recent pic of Stephen Hillenburg and he doesn't look s…[View]
96844931At this point which network has fucked up the most?: We all know both the networks have turned to sh…[View]
96829638GI Joe - Sitterson (IDW): Some Sitterson Twitter threads on the rationale behind his use of laser we…[View]
96836345ITT: Forbidden Husbandos[View]
96842632Bs Edit Thread: When it's the weekend, then the weekend will happen. Post screenshot edits, or …[View]
96843580Say something nice about Shnookums and Meat[View]
96843593I want to make my own Superhero comic. How do I do it? Pic unrelated.[View]
96808128Earth Kingdom girls are for ______[View]
96832914/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: EAdition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swbooks.net/upd…[View]
96844372I've been out the comics game for months now. Is this book over? I liked it a lot.[View]
96844360Always buy new shoes in the afternoon, after your feet have expanded![View]
96842686Animatics discussion: Discussion of the community, favorite animatics, musicals you want to see on Y…[View]
96821177>6 stones that control the very essence of the universe >3 of them are on Earth, one of the mo…[View]
96836286Who hyped for new season of Agents of SHIELD? https://youtu.be/8PkEY2-E5-8[View]
96842186Is it still a mary sue if your character is overcompetent but a terrible, insufferable person? I…[View]
96843174Trolls: I get that he's based on one of the offshoot Trolls toys, but what the fuck is he in th…[View]
96836442Spider-Man 2003 animated series: Just found this on imdb. Don't think I've ever seen it. N…[View]
96842975>Male character is good-hearted, non-violent, friendly and helpful. >OMG HE MUST BE GAY!!!1…[View]
96837490Bendis is going to have her cuck Clark, isn't he?[View]
96805028ITT: Funny webcomics with intelligent humor.[View]
96837377Basically, this show has two sides battling for control. The more 'classic' Rick & Morty adventu…[View]
96830537TONIGHT: >You've made yourself fat... Edition Hey /co/! Join us on the crazy train into Goth…[View]
96832062>The animated trifle The Star passes the Nativity through its ass Alright AVClub, you got me ther…[View]
96809165Water Tribe girls are for ______[View]
96843286Why is this allowed?[View]
96843439What is the best version of the Duck family tree? http://goofy313g.free.fr/calisota_online/trees/duc…[View]
96841995look at the top of his lip: Now that DC has killed Superman as a character, what do you genuinely ex…[View]
96830907Got some post delivered to me today. It was addressed to 'Mr. Dilkington'.[View]
96839287ITT: Times the Hulk was nude.[View]
96841205Heathcliff wears a wig.[View]
96839473What Cap comic series would you recommend? And do any of them retell his origin in a more modern lig…[View]
96826186Doomsday Clock Primer II: Watchmen, OR 'Oh, how the ghost of you clings...': >There's a brig…[View]
96832151RWBY/RT General #1290: Sniper Buddies Edition: Rules of RWBY/RT General: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY…[View]
96843299[ SPOILERS ] Justice League: The Movie: ITT: We talk about the new Justice League movie and how it w…[View]
96833981An odd thought occurred to me. You see plenty of German Nazis in fiction. But I can't recall an…[View]
96841798Is it insane to be in love with a fictional character?[View]
96832508ponytales,cottontales....no duck tales: characters you wanna see in the reboot[View]
96825552ITT: Capekino[View]
96843220Oceanfalls: Why is it called 'Oceanfalls'? The story doesn't even seem to revolve aro…[View]
96842519Are there any stories about a seemingly ordinary person who slowly finds out that they are immortal?…[View]
96840015Olaf Frozen adventure: How was it ? is it good ? also Does coco good too ?[View]
96832781Are any of the DC animated films good?[View]
96842981so.. donald applied as an accountant was this just a throwaway line or did they seriously imply tha…[View]
96829214ITT: /co/ ships: I actually really liked this couple, I don't have enough of them Do you think …[View]
96842928Does Beast Boy deserve Terra?[View]
96842344Who in their right mind would want to be on a team with a psychic who can read your most intimate th…[View]
96837651Am I the only one who hated this cartoon as a kid?[View]
96842549>ITT-/co/ pictures that describe other websites Tumblr[View]
96821547Ava's Demon: Squint edition http://avasdemon.com/[View]
96841778Tom Kenny for best voice actor?[View]
96833180>>96778964 >Pigeon Man gets his shit wrecked for literally no other reason than because he…[View]
96839920Gumball Thread?: So when do new episodes come back?[View]
96842201Ugh i fucking hate that they kind of just ignored that marco spent 16 years in heckapoos dimension.[View]
96790335Invincible #142 Storytime[View]
96837233How about a Nedroid thread?[View]
96840921Did you ever get the feeling you only like the Comedy Central seasons ‘cause you’re supposed to?[View]
96804765>cry upon first viewing >realize the ending was pretty shit and underwhelming nearly a year la…[View]
96841821Comics in Olden Times: Can you imagine being a comic fan in the 90s and not having as definite a pro…[View]
96841437How the FUCK did Superman react fast enough to Flash so that Wonder Woman and Aquaman looked like st…[View]
96833235star vs the true otp: Step aside for the one and true cute and perfect Aloe Slime ans Penelope Spide…[View]
96841911Robin's fate: Detective Comics #623 (1990) & BB: Return of the Joker (2000): https://www.yo…[View]
96841165Adventure Time: Production is done for good. Fat fuck threw a wrap party. https://atruephilosopher.t…[View]
96841291Hannibal Lecter Psycho-Analyzes /co/mic Characters: Pick a character, and write down how Hannibal Th…[View]
96797042What was the most fun you ever had on /co/?[View]
96841375Who was in the wrong here?[View]
96826932It's Such a Beautiful Day: >What in the hell is wrong with this mug?…[View]
96829736Meanwhile in actual animated movies made in Mexico, this film is getting ready to come out. https://…[View]
96838273Why did this guy get so hyped up? He literally does nothing other than kill Martian Manhunter then d…[View]
96836627Looking for cartoons/comics that are like this. Acid-inspired, gore, probably 90s-esque stuff. What…[View]
96840105Scary Go Round: Lottie doesn’t seem like the best person to hand time travel powers too. Hopefully t…[View]
96841559Since cucking is now all the rage on /co/ I think,it's appropriate to have a thread about this …[View]
96718642/CO/ GENERAL DRAWTHREAD: Provide References and keep them to one image/post. >Keep requests /co/ …[View]
96813145>people acting like Justice League has bad CGI when this came out earlier this year Yep the Marve…[View]
96834767This is Lilo's future self. Thoughts?[View]
96840008>Interdimensional Council of Reeds I had no idea that Rick and Morty ripped this concept off from…[View]
96838512How does Batman's origin story compare to other DC heroes? Like besides probably Superman, who …[View]
96833218Comcast now wants to buy 21st century Fox. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/comcast-talks-acquir…[View]
96837173My love for animation dwindles each day...[View]
96839876hey /co/ will you help me make my frasier comic[View]
96840532Can I get a viewing order for DC cartoon series? Any feature length animations worth watching? DCEU …[View]
96829777Help Christopher Ayres fight C.O.P.D.!: Frieza voice actor is battling deadly lung cancer. Here…[View]
96833774Earth One Storytime: Earth One? Earth One.[View]
96835623Earth One Storytime: Superman Earth One v1 >>96833774[View]
96828224Seems like the rivalry between Marvel and DC is actually getting heated up among the execs themselve…[View]
96838166VGCats' existence continues[View]
96831175JSA Storytime: Man-Thing: Good evening owls, still living that poem[View]
96772818Toonami Ratings for 11/11/17: There will be a DBZ Kai rerun marathon on November 25th. Gotta milk th…[View]
96838260What are some of your favorite one shots ?: I am not ashamed to admit that All Star Superman made me…[View]
96831189Tropes That Make You Uncomfortable: >Character goes through unwanted body/personality changes tha…[View]
96838873Is is the Flash n52 worth reading?: And what should I read before green lantern n52?[View]
96833445Who is the better writer?[View]
96826757Comic Book Piracy: Let's have a thread discussing piracy and ethics. Is it OK to pirate a comic…[View]
96832830wonder woman thread[View]
96830192Winnie the Pooh: What's /co/'s thoughts on the 2011 Pooh movie? IMO it's too short to…[View]
96839945comparing Justice League: I still say that MoS should've had a sequel for the whole purpose of …[View]
96822398Rip Jane Thor[View]
96830879Is there anyone that can defeat them?[View]
96838729Is Jack the original /co/ cuck?[View]
96828942Be honest, were you expecting to see her take her shoes off and give us a peek at those feet?[View]
96833653ITT:we post characters that didn't literally nothing wrong I'll start[View]
96822676Hey everyone, don't laugh at what I'm about to do.[View]
96832204Wow Sozin was a fucking dick. I cant believe people like still exist in our world too.[View]
96835456Comics that haven’t aged well[View]
96835296The movie was shit and i got yelled at by some faggot when i was telling my dad all the references i…[View]
96832825Stock Cartoon thread: 1. Google image search original cartoon 2. Find similar images 3. Post another…[View]
96838875How does it make you feel TTG will never go away and the writers are totally aware of this and laugh…[View]
96832514>The best run of The Flash will never get an adaption >Instead we will just keep getting more …[View]
96838588Is it going to deliver?[View]
96838624Stephen Hillenburg looks fine these days. Will he be ok?[View]
96835681Webcomic Nostalgia: What old webcomics does /co/ remember? I always liked Muertitos when I was young…[View]
96837425Stick Stickly: did you forget about him, /co/?[View]
96830554Why isn't Two-Face a bisexual?: We live in an era of diverse comics, and it kind of fits his gi…[View]
96833159Comcast, Verizon looking to buy Fox: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/16/comcast-has-approached-21st-cen…[View]
96837078/k/ /co/ stuff: whats the most /k/ stuff /co/ has to offer? preferably in a military sense and not a…[View]
96832861So was this 'the original Mysterio is somehow back from the dead' deal ever explained?[View]
96833515STOP CRYING: Oh my god will he STOP FUCKING CRYING JESUS CHRIST. Does Rebecca know that humans have …[View]
96821336thread got accidentally deleted: >cartoon shows discrimination >its always one sided >nobod…[View]
96830351Marvel Color /cock/ storytime: Hey /co/, let's have another /cock/ storytime. This week we have…[View]
96834571Fan Crossovers.......that aren't shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7grFORQLIo&t=0s…[View]
96735520Cartoon Hangover Go! Cartoons: >people already not giving a shit anymore Will the other shorts ev…[View]
96830505Who's the best character in the HTTYD movies and why is it Toothless?[View]
96834941Batman by Grant Morrison: Can someone explain why Morrison's Batman can't be read unless y…[View]
96791574/Garfield/: Wednesday, November 15[View]
96833716>I'm batman How do you respond to this?[View]
96836063'You're wrong for making your kids watch debates on the news. My 8 year old son only watches st…[View]
96832234>lol I betrayed them AGAIN Is Loki the worst movie villain of our time? He basically just constan…[View]
96832426this is a very unique thread[View]
96831724Post better than sex superhero movies.[View]
96833265Justice League Spoilers Review Video: https://youtu.be/V_q2JzGUIqk[View]
96829758Canuck cartoon thread pls teletoon>ytv[View]
96834789O H N O D O C T O R C O N O R ' S CLASS[View]
96834480Does /co/ like Great the Show/ Ukinojoe?[View]
96827271/sug/ - Steven Universe General: The flattest character Edition Last Thread: >>96811692 [NEWS]…[View]
96832727Arrow: didn't see a thread for it in the catalog but there's a new episode tonight at 9. P…[View]
96830989I don't always watch this show, but when I see this character I usually do. Why is she so allur…[View]
96833395Cartoon intro threads are common, but how about a cartoon credits thread? Post some of your favorite…[View]
96823025>I voted for a murderous crime boss as our mayor because I'm mad that a superhero smashed my…[View]
96822214Doomsday Clock Primer I: Watchmen, OR 'A Clock without a craftsman': >Who makes the world? Hail, …[View]
96830683... EY MORDY[View]
96830041Of all the segments in 22 Short Films About Springfield, which one would you pick to become a legiti…[View]
96830110What is his endgame?[View]
96832800>'I would hug you if you were here, brother.' >'Well, here I am.' >Cut away before they sho…[View]
96823512Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #13 PREVIEW: 8 YEARS LATER. New writer, new artist, new directio…[View]
96826121>TFW CN and nick have both been playing shit for the past year Will it get any better? What has /…[View]
96798802South Park: Talk about whatever, so long as it's related to South Park. What side character do …[View]
96825480Dio brando shows up in your favorite cartoon. What happens and how fucked are the characters[View]
96830452Hey /co/, can anybody out there do a DD storytime?? Headin to work soon, could use sum good stuff to…[View]
96828862Cartoon Network NEEDS to remove all traces of Steven Universe. It's a cancerous show[View]
96827128The magnificent, far-off year of 2002![View]
96829085Reminder that this is what Bendis thinks girls find sexy.[View]
96831193Wonder Woman: Which Wonder Woman does /co/ prefer, Gadot or the cartoon version? Wasn`t here when it…[View]
96829507If Winnie the Pooh is aimed at a young audience, why was (and still is) the writing so much better t…[View]
96830143Kino Tier Movies[View]
96823641ITT: Non-anglo cartoons: Asian, European, Latin, Indian, etc...everything allowed except anglo.…[View]
96826296Who was your favorite character from Thor: Ragnarok? Mine was Loki because he's such a scamp. H…[View]
96829350An Ed,Edd,and Eddy Stream is up if anybody wants to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7ZnZjM05f…[View]
96831262Where are all the Lovecraftian comics and cartoons?[View]
96831265>Hundreds of Alien civilizations spend centuries attempting to enslave, abduct, experiment, rape,…[View]
96816025What was meant by this?[View]
96829152Cut it out you guys[View]
96830315Does anyone here like this show? If so, any reasons why?[View]
96830980Mort stinking sucks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGPSc8C5qVU[View]
96817679Is it time for PaTHICCy Jenkins to take over the DCEU?[View]
96822064/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: The Great Clone War Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://…[View]
96794649How does LAIKA studios continue to exist when all but one of their movies are box office failures?[View]
96829660throughs of jimmy two shoes[View]
96830869When is it going into the vault?[View]
96830079Wtf? I hate Stan Lee now![View]
96822520So, what do you think of the new season?[View]
96830776ITT: Can anyone recommend some good historical comics/graphic novels?: I'm looking for historic…[View]
96827708ITT: Characters that were horribly fucked over by bad writers[View]
96829998Help!: Can someone tell me in which episode this appears?[View]
96830511Is this a good start for someone who never read a Flash comic? What are other good stories featuring…[View]
96830565Comcast and Verizon have approached Fox for their assets. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/16/comcast-ha…[View]
96781785/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic? #425: How's your cartoon? edition What would your webcomic be l…[View]
96823545Star Vs The Encroaching Hiatus: THE STORY SO FAR >Princess from another dimension inherits powerf…[View]
96815341RWBY/RT General #1289: Grimmwick Edition: Rules of RWBY/RT General: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, jus…[View]
96828383ITT characters who had it coming[View]
96830136How's it feel knowing that JL will unironically be making less money than Suicide Squad? It cos…[View]
96827265Doctor Strange Damnation: There's a mystical showdown coming in the Marvel Universe, and the st…[View]
96828652What if Toy Story ended at this point?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1ymU7xAPPZo >Woody and Buzz…[View]
96826862The biggest nothing burger of capeshit the costume was sort of cool though [View]
96821383What did she mean by this?[View]
96824414>I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die Is he /ourguy/?…[View]
96826652How good was Madeline for a preschool cartoon?[View]
96829943http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/11/16/report-sylvester-stallone-accused/ Apparently Ravagers do …[View]
96829289>le epic cuck meme! >characters that have too much sex! >this show is about suffering and …[View]
96821159Liam Sharp to revive The Brave and the Bold for DC in February: >Sharp said this new story will b…[View]
96827905ITT: shit you didn't catch until recently >'Ever seen what a pillow can do to a face!?'…[View]
96817236Who will win? The Z Fighters or Justice League? Implying both have the same number of members[View]
96826993DANGER GIRL Movie In The Works: https://deadline.com/2017/11/constantin-film-danger-girl-movie-12022…[View]
96829327Shit opinions: I know I am in a minority here. But I want to see if people actually agree with me. A…[View]
96828239Thor's a homo.[View]
96829402https://www.reddit.com/r/comicbooks/comments/7ddgza/dark_nights_metal/ Didn't someone post this…[View]
96806594Draw it Post it Cry And draw some more[View]
96826599Describe how you feel about this man with 1 image.[View]
96820191Come on boys it's bath time![View]
96829075Who would win /co/?[View]
96821995http://comicbook.com/marvel/2017/11/16/multiple-man-movie-james-franco/ >Fox is adding another sp…[View]
96829314I know literally nothing about this show, but I’ve seen a crap ton of porn if not for a while now. I…[View]
96827749Hi guys, I'm Henry Cavill's Moustache, ask me anything.[View]
96829188In retrospect, 'Keep It Weird' was not that great.[View]
96826776Body Bags: This is Panda, she is best girl. She is lewd but she is not for lewd.[View]
96808158Strong independent black single mother meet the new KICKASS![View]
96828948So when is Disney going to buy Warner Brothers?[View]
96815021cute season 4 when?[View]
96824190Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
96828776This legitimately would have made for a better starting point for a connected universe than either G…[View]
96810178Air Nation girls are for _______[View]
96828811ITT: original versions of characters who did literally nothing wrong[View]
96826485Has anyone seen Mark Waid's missing item?: https://www.change.org/p/baltimore-comic-con-please-…[View]
96828741Childhood is when you idolise Thomas. Adulthood is when you realise Gordon makes more sense[View]
96822927New Villainous Comic is out: These are too good. This needs to become a TV series. https://twitter.c…[View]
96821137Sonic Boom: I heard the last episode was about the Virgin Sonic getting rekt by the Chadow, is that …[View]
96822070Well, this came out of nowhere. How did such a lame show produce such a great episode? Are there any…[View]
96824823If Tony was right, then where did things go wrong after his victory in Civil War I?[View]
96827750Why is it for warner bros so difficult to make a decent DC movie?[View]
96828512Something about Fiona: What made her so appealing? Was it her irish charm?[View]
96825872Whats shaggys stand?[View]
96739160Mavis Dracula: Anyone else feeling weirdly attracted to her? Can't describe it but i like her!…[View]
96823429Thoughts on DC's The Ravagers /co/?[View]
96827256What are the best episodes of the DCAU serieses?[View]
96825777why didn't we get this Cyborg? I bet the movie cyborg doesn't even say BOOYAH.[View]
96826426IDW Sonic: What limitations are set in place?[View]
96825302This is Kamala Khan. Say something nice to her.[View]
96822630Jake Gyllenhall Eyed To Replace Ben Affleck In THE BATMAN: >Director Matt Reeves is reportedly ey…[View]
96818908Think of a Cuphead boss besides King Dice or The Devil. Got it? Are you sure? You are now tasked wit…[View]
96827810Will it save us?[View]
96812530Who do you like better /co/ Coluan Brainiac or Animated Series killer AI Brainiac?[View]
96826947/co/ related people you hate: I dont know why, but ever since discovering dobson about a year ago i …[View]
96827586So Battleworld's Ultimate Mjolnir is dead.[View]
96827341LET THE TEARS FLOW[View]
96827207You thought you could get rid of me cartoon network? Well think again![View]
96809632Fire Nation girls are for ______[View]
96813801Shows kids only watched when they were sick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CwMcDXiet4[View]
96816364'It'd be interesting to see Heidi become a female Cartman because of his influence.' >Heidi …[View]
96827301Hey man, I'm Korg, wanna make out?[View]
96824969Filename Thread[View]
96827192Hotel T 3 - The Return of Mavis rule34: You excited for Hotel T 3? Do you think they recast The Mumm…[View]
96826059Was she the worst part of Wonder Woman?[View]
96804131Is this the only Hanukkah cartoon special to air on mainstream television?[View]
96827057>basically everything on CN now referential/allusional bullshit >Gumball is the only one getti…[View]
96825056Can Sun gods beat superman? I mean, they control the sun, and superman absorbs sunlight, so arguabl…[View]
96820959Leave DC to us[View]
96813291Joss Whedon is DISNEY DOUBLE AGENT[View]
96801164Justice League - Positive Edition: Saw the movie a few hours ago and I gotta say, this site is fille…[View]
96826093Is this THE worst Spongebob episode of all time?[View]
96823404What happened afterwards aside, was this a good ending to Spider-mans story?[View]
96826873>mods deleting all JL threads except for the positive statements only one When did /co/ become a …[View]
96824091Post edge lords.[View]
96816755ITT: the most OP cartoon characterss[View]
96683750Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
96823966Justice League Vol. I The Silver Age (Pt. 1): 57 years ago, the world's greatest heroes reunite…[View]
96823258What if Superman were black?[View]
96809320I just read this The theme of fencing is interesting The artwork was horrendous Sadly all of it seem…[View]
96824433Why is this more entertaining then anything the west has made in 5 years, including steven universe …[View]
96826088Would you watch a sitcom about the Bendis family?[View]
96824219What series got you into comics, /co/? Do you still enjoy it now? If it was capeshit, who was your f…[View]
96820369Why are they keeping it from us?[View]
96824921What exactly did Junior say in this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dlqQ-ofntyg[View]
96798285The Punisher #218 Storytime: This hasn't been done already?[View]
96825829>It's almost that time of the year BURUM BAM BAM BARAAAAAAAAAAAAM BURUM BAM BAM BARAAAAAAAAA…[View]
96823897I haven't read OML in years. Did this really happen?[View]
96825227https://youtu.be/Zcp954zMOfE >If the the world found out what we possessed, we could lose our way…[View]
96763263OK K.O. Episode Previews: >Villains Night In >While Boxman and Venomous are out, Fink is reluc…[View]
96825646Thoughts on this asshole?[View]
96811692/sug/ - Steven Universe General: Endgame Edition Last Thread: >>96803417 [NEWS] >'Save…[View]
96822447Talking Tom & Friends: It's Thursday, so another new episode is out. I forgot to make a thr…[View]
96825359ITT: Female characters who have canonically been BLACKED[View]
96814947Why'd they replace this with Avengers Assemble?[View]
96820105>Based on Norse mythology >British Accents How does this happen?…[View]
96825123ITT: celebrity cameos in cartoons[View]
96822878Why was this the best cape film of the last 10 years?[View]
96816914Let's settle this once and for all: Plastic Man: >Stretchs his body in a molecular level, so…[View]
96817824Star vs Steven Universe bombs: Now that Star's bomb is finished, and SU's bomb has been re…[View]
96817266>Hulk can be reasoned with even without Betty or Black Widow around >Lois is literally the onl…[View]
96814955I just finished Transmetropolitan and I can't believe how good it was and how late I arrived to…[View]
96808670Frozen Thread: Let's discuss Frozen 2. It has been confirmed for quite some time now. What does…[View]
96817024>Batman's nemesis is Joker >Superman's nemesis is Lex Luthor >Aquaman's neme…[View]
96823256New Justice League Action short on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BnkrBbvIa0&index=17…[View]
96823973http://poohadventures.wikia.com: I can't even picture human beings editing the Pooh's Adve…[View]
96823407What will be the final score?[View]
96823998How was Scott Fellows allowed to create another show? *whipcrack* It deserves to be on Hulu. http:/…[View]
96824279What stories did Darkseid make Desaad read to Orion and Kalibak when they were babies?[View]
96795329Amazing Spider-Man #791: It's time for a comfy Spider-Man adventure. TRIGGER WARNING: all the /…[View]
96792050One week[View]
96806158Why did people like Transformers Prime again?[View]
96822731Kek based Zdarsky[View]
96823167Any of the Legacy titles on your pull list? I haven't read anything from Marvel other than some…[View]
96823867Is DOOM a: good story?[View]
96802278It's been over a month since the start of Legacy. What are /co/ thoughts on it so far? The majo…[View]
96820297Water Bears: So are we gonna be seeing more of them orrrrr..[View]
96820637this is arisia rrab say something nice about her[View]
96784843Kill 6 Billion Demons Update: Seeker of Thrones 8-93 (PRIESTS OF THE COUNT!) The Matyrs(sp) will die…[View]
96823597ITT: Write an episode for the show that is centered around or caters to your fetish (Optional) Night…[View]
96814899Who said it best?[View]
96823271So, what? Now they're ripping on themselves, ripping on the Simpsons, ripping on the Twilight Z…[View]
96817926Batfleck: Something's definitely bleeding alright. [View]
96820672Just give the rights to Disney already.[View]
96820780What’s /co/‘s thoughts on Free Birds[View]
96803643Riverdale Thread - M-Mommy?: Time for the weekly dose of waifus lads I won't be around for a ga…[View]
96793479LOOK AT THE CGI: Please tell me this isn't real lmao[View]
96819751Star Vs Midseason Finale: Starting a proper thread since mods are cunts and think that just because …[View]
96822231I never read past the first volume of this series. Is it worth getting the omnibus for it? I love Da…[View]
96793994Marvel Heroes shutting down: >“We regret to inform our Marvel Heroes fans that we have ended our …[View]
96801768The Definitive Truth Behind Why Brian Michael Bendis Left Marvel For DC: 'I was in town for my broth…[View]
96819705Does Nexus get better?[View]
96822472>implying justice league will be any worse then cuckvels shit[View]
96791817WHAT THE FUCK CYBORG AND AQUAMAN CAN'T ACT: These two are so fucking bad that you will be LAUGH…[View]
96818184ITT: Good Educational Kid Cartoons/Puppet Shows[View]
96817985Justice League: Spoiler Thread: Saw Justice League last night in a special pre-screening. Ask me any…[View]
96820466cross dressing/forced makovers: why is this such a prevelant theme in cartoons, or kids shows in gen…[View]
96821680conference schedule >cosplay showcase (people show off their cosplay) >followed by people taki…[View]
96822216Two Beings One Body Sex: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TwoBeingsOneBody Having sex with…[View]
96821278We never got to hear what Cartman exactly said to Heidi What Cartman said, is that all of this is no…[View]
96793680bcb - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: HO BOI SHE'S GOING FOR IT[View]
96816924/Pearls/: Thursday, November 16[View]
96798634Characters who have had sex.[View]
96821706Who are some characters that are too interesting to be in their respective series?[View]
96821793Ooof, this one hits a bit close to home for you dosn't it /co/[View]
96817505Grant Morrison's Batman: Is Morrison's Batman saga worth reading? I don't read a lot …[View]
96808204Gary Larson, The Far Side: Vampires! The vampires are everywhere! Listen to me! Everyone must beware…[View]
96818875Telltale's Batman Episode 3 trailer: Looks like we are gonna see the rise of Joker in this epi…[View]
96814933See a need, fill a need.[View]
96821217Are they the best recent addition to the show?[View]
96820400Grant Morrison's Batman: Inaccessible?: What is so complicated about the run? Is there anything…[View]
96809182Which villain chair is the comfiest?: Who is it?[View]
96805868Life in Gotham: Monday: Fear-gassed and psychologically tortured by Scarecrow. Tuesday: Wallet snatc…[View]
96818544Why, I do believe it's time for early Silver Age comics! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
96805849Tree squirrels do not hibernate[View]
96815507ITT: Unpopular opinions: >I genuinely did not like Batman the Brave and the Bold >I had fun wa…[View]
96817220Forget the Big Blue Goddamn Beam in the Sky, anyone else tired of supervillains having similar power…[View]
96820894We've probably had a few of these already but I saw the film last night and it seems most of yo…[View]
96811059Scary Go Round General: What is Stan Jones going to do? What is the disaster Tim Jones at the middle…[View]
96814199Who else watched through the DCEU before JL?: I'm watching Suicide Squad at the moment. Did it …[View]
96820877ITT: Post (web)comics/cartoons that are on hiatus that you desperately wish would return[View]
96787453Batman #35 Storytime: Rules of Engagement finale![View]
96820698Thoughts on this Italian cartoon?[View]
96820290Tell me /co/, would you read a comic or watch a cartoon about a teenage babysitter, who looks after …[View]
96815966Young Justice & Thundercats: What went wrong?[View]
96819804The Drac is Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5c8ZtmYjeE[View]
96815828Why was Donald Trump in Rugrats?[View]
96818873Characters you thought you were going to hate, that you ended up really liking[View]
96818943O.K. KO - Let's Be Heroes!: >'D-did you like my episode, /co/'?…[View]
96817724Sandra On The Rocks: >Best girl gets attention again Sandra’s just going to use her for some non-…[View]
96818729Why does Marvel keep thinking they can get away with this?[View]
96804816/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Shriv and Lando's Excellent Adventure Edition >Upc…[View]
96805761And a billionaire couldn't just give his wallet to a mugger because...[View]
96818036The ending of Batman: White Knight #2...: Why did the villains agree to Napier's plan? By drink…[View]
96815123what's her endgame?[View]
96819478Eeeeeeevil mania: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx3bnNQPgo0[View]
96798962How come he was so intent in making sure Hulk won? Wouldn't the match have been more exciting i…[View]
96818968Could South Park do a parody of themselves at this point?[View]
96819092Anyone else hope the TTG movie parodies some DC content[View]
96815356Can't wake up the good old days.: 11.16.2017, the era of bad storytelling and piss-poor animati…[View]
96789011Aquaman #30 Storytime: Underworld finale![View]
96811695Characters that have overstayed their welcome and need to be killed off.[View]
96813626What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
96804192New Erma Comic: Guest Alex Horstmann: https://tapas.io/episode/889998 Prepare for cutes and spooks.…[View]
96817951>the real corn makes it special[View]
96815269I want that finger on my prostate.[View]
96815602Remember the time Bugs used a magic potion on Witch Hazel to turn her into a busty female rabbit who…[View]
96812802Superman go bye-bye![View]
96818044>Co-worker starts discussing Sneed[View]
96817700Marathoned this last night, and now that the dust has settled is this cartoon kino?[View]
96796548Strong Bad Makes Fun of Fan Costumes: The annual event returns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD9x…[View]
96787686Superman #35 Storytime: Woof. 'Imperius Lex' Part Three.[View]
96817286>edutainment cartoon >characters must clear an obstacle using arbitrary means instead of commo…[View]
96816159Why can't dynamite do The Shadow right?[View]
96813224Why do people say the humor in Rick and Morty is subtle? It's the most in-your-face goofy adult…[View]
96811620Examples of Flanderization in animation: In Tangled, it was heavily implied Shorty was drunk. In the…[View]
96817191>Hey lois, remember that time i killed all the tribe of hamon in serch of a super asia?…[View]
96814601Star vs. Linkin Park: Memories consume like opening the wounds I'm picking me apart again You a…[View]
96815112Why is MCU Loki so comically underpowered?[View]
96815958Name a Christmas Special episode more heartwarming and overall better than JL's Comfort and Joy…[View]
96815401Red X: Seriously, who the was this guy? Was he one of the other Robins? Wish he showed up more. Dud…[View]
96811404>That arc when Trash-Man went insane after Dayman died so he created a duplicate that he carried …[View]
96815345ATHF: Why was he not in the final episode? Im guessing because they thought the movie was a perfect …[View]
96782003SBaHJ Update: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/sweetbroandhellajeff/?cid=053.jpg[View]
96797483Some of his deaths were funny, but others just came across as brutal and kinda took you out of it fo…[View]
96813947What is heaven to you, /co/?[View]
96810388>it's real: I hurt myself today[View]
96816280Frustrated with South Park: I hate it. I hate everything about this shit franchise and I need someth…[View]
96804284Season 2 when?[View]
96813402ITT: Characters with good taste[View]
96814430Shit tier skills: I'm trying to learn how to draw but I honestly can't draw bodies for shi…[View]
96815680ITT: characters no one hates[View]
96787966Justice League RT score unhidden in Flixster app due to bug - 48%[View]
96787104Justice League #33 Storytime: Bats Out of Hell finale![View]
96805510What other 'Bad End' universes could they throw into Metal?[View]
96811073For what purpose?[View]
96815836>that time cobra made a cyborg with the fold out belly gun just like the nazi from jojo had What …[View]
96813206>2017 >“I choose to run towards my problems and not away from them because that’s what heroes …[View]
96804726Storytime: The Wild Storm #9: New wild storm. John Colt is a bleeaboo[View]
96815640Oceanfalls: >Solis not appreciating delicious brown thicc demon girl So this is why Kotori dumped…[View]
96815686Sometimes I feel like this board is specifically trying to ruin my love of animation. Seriously, fuc…[View]
96815338Peter Parker - The Spectacular Spider-Man #297 Storytime: Nobody gonna do it so I'm gonna do it…[View]
96809845/co/, it is I! The Flea!! Where have you been? The Flea was worried! Ready to see the Flea's T…[View]
96813289BvS: Whoes got the better rogue gallery? I love me some Spiderman but I like that Batman's vill…[View]
96814217Batman Movie: Who deserves a new Batman Movie? I would love to see a Batman VS Mad Hatter and it…[View]
96804532Is this guy DC's Bendis?: >turns a character black in every book >his work usually falls …[View]
96810850W-wait, what!? https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_star_2017[View]
96805764Hey /co/ we're playing drawful >what is it meta pictionary >how do I play to view mixer.c…[View]
96814779What universe?: What universe is the KnD? Who would you like to pick it up as a comic book? What if …[View]
96812612New Avengers #21: I'm still mad. All goes wrong from here. That run was my favorite for many ti…[View]
96814004Heathcliff and Mr. Nutmeg burp.[View]
96814495Can we talk about how good a movie lascars is? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mGU2d9l16-9voEn3MUZ3…[View]
96806441ITT: movies everyone think is shit except you.[View]
96805143What does /co/ think about Drew Pickles?[View]
96812770Cluster analysis shows that the golden age of The Simpsons ended in Season 10. Would you agree, or d…[View]
96806294>walk into gime >see this wat do /co/?[View]
96809794Reminder that Wendy is still the best girl.[View]
96810895Star vs the Forces of Evil MIDSEASON FINALE: The Season 3 Starbomb will CONCLUDE with the season…[View]
96790001So what would you say is the definitive 'Golden Age' of South Park? There was a point where almost e…[View]
96811628Stan thread: >always disapointed in his dad >thinks his dad is retarded >hates his dad…[View]
96803359ITT: Mediocre Comics that People Inexplicably Love: I'll start. Superman Rebirth is the most ba…[View]
96812942Black that should be white: Why is DC/WB making all their characters black? Next we will have a blac…[View]
96726513What is the absolute WORST Zombie Simpsons episode?[View]
96795212Could the gem empire stop him if he randomly decided to fuck their planet up?[View]
96789319New Deadpool 2 teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxfZBun1uBU I liked it[View]
96805564your favorite fanart artist and/ori favorite webcomics?[View]
96807765Whats this, a personal stereo? Bart, where you going to listen to V A P O R W A V E in sunday school…[View]
96809657Tracing: Let's have an actual discussion, what do you think about tracing in comic books? Shoul…[View]
96802995John Wick by Greg Pak and Giovanni Valletta: So, Dynamite has been publishing this since September. …[View]
96796971RWBY/RT General #1288: All Of Our Days Edition: Rules of RWBY/RT General: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWB…[View]
96808484Aloha anon[View]
96811991Did I Miss Something?: I honestly don't understand what they were going for.[View]
96810253This show is great. It's strange that it only became known to the rest of the world because of …[View]
96813077What did he mean by this?[View]
96809695Cavegirl waifu thread[View]
96802783Bendis went to DC because of Superman: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/11/15/truth-brian-michael-b…[View]
96798255Superjail: >every character is absolutely insane and does nothing but being insane and doing insa…[View]
96812203small minds think there are daughterfus and there are waifus, completely incompatible.i rejected tho…[View]
96810870You know, i really used to love this series, but im getting tired of its bullshit >puts its aftua…[View]
96766207What is Darkseid's most comfortable chair?[View]
96809970Would a Power Rangers or Super Sentai cartoon work?[View]
96806350You guys ever wonder that maybe you could pull off the same thing lycan jonze did with fist of the b…[View]
96802880As to be expected on ferchin, a /v/ thread talking about Calvin & Hobbes' potential for vid…[View]
96803399YOU BROKE MY GRILL?[View]
96811263Who is best girl and why is it StarFire[View]
96765729Gone for good: Post characters that we'll never ever see again.[View]
96806629Explain this shit. Right fucking now.[View]
96808949GodDAMN that food looks good! Cartoon food thread.[View]
96804976Superman: Up, Up, and Away![View]
96810619ITT: Remake the DC Extended Universe: Since the failure of the first DC extended universe was awful,…[View]
96812238[guitar solo intensifies][View]
96809993Should animators working on a show get fired over their producer/showrunner getting fired for sexual…[View]
96802781Black Science Storytime Part 2: Welcome, Nowhere: Hi, still on hiatus, but I figured since /tv/ deci…[View]
96764158How the fuck is Red Skull wrong?[View]
96811348Alice and Chloe: Wouldn't a Rio spinoff based on these two Canadian Geese be awesome? They can …[View]
96806675DC Comics dies and Looney Tunes lives.: How does it feel that we are not going to get any more DC pr…[View]
96807982>comes out Friday >no reviews >Justice League comes out the same day >Sony It's doo…[View]
96810405How long do you guys see Outcast running for? It seems like it's been moving a lot faster latel…[View]
96801914Why doesn’t this romance work?: I’m not even trying to meme. I legit spent a couple mins wondering w…[View]
96805874ITT: Times the Eds actually deserved money[View]
96803136>The director of Wonder Woman is more THICC and sexier than Wonder Woman herself I don’t understa…[View]
96792068Guardians of the Galaxy #147 Storytime: After 7 long years, the Best Bros of the Galaxy are finally …[View]
96797076Star Wars storytimes: Nobody Ever seems to storytime the Star Wars Stuff despite it being the best o…[View]
96796290Who's the objectively superior Disney princess and why is it Rapunzel?[View]
96810008Press F to pay respect: Thunderhead , 15 November ,59 years of his death, his cape got stuck in a ro…[View]
96809950Get Get getting it on! And giving... and giving![View]
96769206Post only the worst webcomic characters.[View]
96802534Star vs the Forces of Evil MIDSEASON FINALE: The Season 3 Starbomb will CONCLUDE with the season…[View]
96794491why are they so afraid of including her in the MCU?[View]
96790220Not Brand Echh: Storytiming Spencer's attempt at shitposting his own event, plus some other shi…[View]
96803417/sug/ - Steven Universe General: Nigga stole my Lion Edition Last Thread: >>96792675 [NEWS] …[View]
96809684Is there a /co/ character stronger than Stupendous Man?[View]
96809704Man, I just cant wait for 'Big Hero 6: Baymax Returns', Monday, November 20[View]
96809619I like Geoff johns involved in dc movies. I totally want Batman being worthless, I want him quips an…[View]
96787234Green Lanterns #35 Storytime: OH BOLPHUNGA, WHERE ART THOU? Part One![View]
96808848Jared Leto looks a bit chubby in Suicide Squad.[View]
96797723>so-called Man of a Thousand Voices >at least half his characters were pitch-shifted/sped up o…[View]
96808292Pickle and Peanut is my favorite anime[View]
96806375Is he a Chad or a Vrigin?[View]
96808711Holy shit reading this had me tearing up by the end. ITT: comics that made you cry, or love stories[View]
96805043One more month until I make you gay, Anon. I can't wait.[View]
96776420Transformers General - Titan Returns Edition: Old Thread >>96730497 Discuss TR. IT SUCKS!…[View]
96777220So I found out Nick's TMNT ended. did Donatello ever cure him or did he died or what?[View]
96804634Do we dare mess with Oprah? Hump Day. Rimshot.[View]
96803363South Park - 'Moss Piglets': Well howdy everyone! It's me, your old pal Butters! Boy oh boy, we…[View]
96805463Storytime: East of West #35: In which we catch up with how Death and his son get along with each oth…[View]
96803071IT’S OVER: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/dr-pig[View]
96804447What the actual fuck is his problem[View]
96805795Just read this. What did I think of it? Other than the obvious fact that Gravity Man and Moon Bird w…[View]
96803397Fuck live actions: Live action movies/shows are the cancer killing our superheroes[View]
96791637Will this ever be done? If you were the creator, which channel would you pitch it to?[View]
96807426Why aren’t they fully naked animals?[View]
96807257Dark Knights: Why the Dark Knight most dangerous is the only one without powers???[View]
96784793Snyder hahahahahahaha[View]
96807027Is this the worst Spongebob episode?[View]
96806326Doom Patrol Storytime until I get bored: Mr. Nobody runs for President[View]
96802972Do you like Kirby stories?: What's his weaknesses as a writer?[View]
96806780if you could go to any fictional world which one would it be? keep in mind you will still be human w…[View]
96780466And it's done. Season 3 of Wakfu is done. Just waiting for our guy to put everything into the m…[View]
96806366pfft, nice board...... DORKS![View]
96806633>webcomics are often crazy inventive and original, but without any editors they often disappear u…[View]
96805009What is up with humor in these new style cartoons? The quiet whisper joke seems odd. https://vimeo.c…[View]
96806094Why does Mr. Krabs love money so much?: He can't even spare 50 cents a day for dying children!!…[View]
96801316Reaction image thread. Starting off with some brand new fresh OC.[View]
96802085post troll moments[View]
96798052You have five seconds to prove you aren’t Grant Morrison.[View]
96802198Could the Justice League beat Khorne?[View]
96797280Want some Chickrem, /co/ It’s been months since Power of Fourth[View]
96782540Boycott this shit.[View]
96805781Why did they make the one above all native american?[View]
96800023How the fuck did Milhouse fit at least 80 quarters in his pocket?[View]
96804427This episode is more relevant now than when it first aired.[View]
96805278will this unironically be the best Marve reboot to date?[View]
96788028So can we all agree that homecoming was pretty bad movie that only got 'praise' by sjw points?[View]
96794800Recommend me a 3d animated movie, I feel like watching one. Also the last 3d animated movie I watche…[View]
96796621YES DIANA....TAKE. THEM. ALL! Finally, you see..... Look at this world! MANKIND DID THIS, NOT ME![View]
96803844How does Bill Watterson feel about this image?[View]
96803193>it's a character tries to break a world record episode[View]
96803510The Incredibles 2 Teaser Trailer to premiere with Coco: https://screenrant.com/incredibles-2-trailer…[View]
96798001Loving Vincent: Is this worth watching?[View]
96805319Reboot Nightmare: I had a nightmare that this cartoon was rebooted. It was CG. Discuss cartoons that…[View]
96791054Spider-Men II #4 storytime: Last time, we got the backstory of a guy who has the same name as Miles …[View]
96801528Who is your favorite CARTOON characer that's been on fire?[View]
96801945Batwoman #9 Storytime: Fear and Loathing part three![View]
96803391Do you think Mario and Popeye actually share the same universe? for me it make sense a lot, knowing …[View]
96802450>'I'm no going to let you know the joker. >'Instead, I'm going to let the joker kill…[View]
96795997So is Agnes his biological mother?[View]
96799602Left or right?[View]
96799416Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #10 storytime[View]
96802398Were they really trying to make the most unlikable character ever when they made her?[View]
96802424Any shows that let me gamble with SHARKS!?[View]
96802215FANTASTIC ______[View]
96795346I want to make a cartoon. Tell me what /co/ likes so you won't hate it.[View]
96791115SUPERMAN'S RETURN Full Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF_xKxUJ-D4[View]
96803429How was I in the new Justice League movie, /co/? I’m so excited they chose me to be the villain for …[View]
96801688Is Mike Allred a good writer?: I love his art but don't have any experience with his writing…[View]
96803987supervillian: Hi guys can you help me name a supervillain? * It's a mixture between the 'chapo'…[View]
96799825Why, I do believe it's time for early Silver Age comics! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
96804159My first act will be to DROP THE ACT, now let me get some white bitchs for the first black man in he…[View]
96802690Which writers tend to write OOC?[View]
96803062DC comics sent Watchment pancake mix to people (including Rob Liefeld).: https://www.bleedingcool.co…[View]
96803230'disgruntled grunt': one time simpsons characters you want to see again[View]
96803101marvel thread: what's the deal? everything marvel does doesn't make any sense http://www.h…[View]
96803596What honestly is Disney doing? This movie is basically Enchanted + Shrek. http://www.hollywoodreport…[View]
96803434Webcomic RSS Feed readers: Latest firefox update just hit and killed Brief, looking for alternatives…[View]
96802970>diaz will never stop trying to poorly imitate david hellman in every strip…[View]
96781531ITT: Still can't believe it happened[View]
96788725Sonic Boom: Will it get a third season? Also, thoughts on the season 2 finale?[View]
96789862>hi, my name is Mable, I unleashed apocalypse upon the Earth, didn't care about the rest of …[View]
96792048storytime secret warriors #8[View]
96742278Kitty Is Not A Cat: The distribution company uploaded an episode. It's, uh, not as good as I ha…[View]
96803305Unpopular /co/pinions Rick&Morty is just Calvin&Hobbes for a new generation[View]
96802723Is there an actual, concrete explanation for SU's animation falling apart? I was rewatching Sea…[View]
96796680/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Best Sith Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swbook…[View]
96794876Wonder Woman/Conan #3[View]
96802385Who is your favorite unpopular comic-book character?[View]
96802896How do we keep Disney from winning Oscars?: Any suggestions?[View]
96803134Anyone else think he said 'Miner' instead of 'Minor?' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpmPieNRtfU…[View]
96797357Mark Millar's HUGE exciting news: >He's making a new Kick-ass comic. And the main chara…[View]
96800481Cheese makes him sleepy.[View]
96798646Aw c'mon, it wasn't that bad. I mean, it wasn't good, but it was literally just a Mar…[View]
96801670What went wrong?[View]
96802724I dedicate this song to Mavis[View]
96799189Come play with us, before we meeelt.[View]
96800245as far as raccoons go, does Rocket have the ideal male raccoon body. Is this what peak performance l…[View]
96801387Will it be rememberd 10 years down the line?[View]
96797533Which Marvel title has been the best at maintaining a consistent level of quality over the years?[View]
96802470How come he never stopped being tan?[View]
96792675/sug/ - Steven Universe General Resolute Edition Last Thread: >>96780251 [NEWS] >'Save…[View]
96781590South Park SPG: I want a South Park thread. Season has been great. Tomorrow's new episode is a…[View]
96802451Lou: Was this the best Pixar short (and actually, best Disney-related short generally) in a while? I…[View]
96798816>Mexican friend that gave you housing and food goes to your country for a visit >Puts him to d…[View]
96802266The new Doc Strange has me interested in this character. I'm aware he had a bit of a redemption…[View]
96784489Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 65: Page 2 >It's still Katurday.…[View]
96796009Kelly does it again![View]
96800472Justice League: Just came back from pic related. AMA[View]
96790203ITT: Instead of dwelling on the bad Justice League movie, let's discuss some good ones I really…[View]
96787502Super Sons #10 Storytime: Jon and Damien get a secret base. Let's read on.[View]
96801649Your favorite character looking smug[View]
96801968/Co/, I have some questions about Red Star for you! >Where do I go to read comics of this majesti…[View]
96801396That time Penny went to the 50s and almost got lynched[View]
96800714Martin Luther King Jr. and the Montgomery Story storytime[View]
96787383Batman Who Laughs Storytime[View]
96800779Is it kosher?[View]
96789612X-MEN BLUE & GOLD: MOJO WORLDWIDE Full Storytime: Marvel Legacy's first X-Over involves the…[View]
96759079Ms. Marvel #24 story time: Ms. Marvel #24 story time[View]
96794077So... I get the feeling Star VS is just gonna end up doing some FRIENDS tier shit where everyone is …[View]
96801484No one is going to storytime this, right?[View]
96799466Do you guys like the Villainous comics? Personally I was hoping for more than just the weird little …[View]
96797119Let's say you go a decade into the past to tell younger you what the current state of comics is…[View]
96799377Percedal appreciation thread: please?[View]
96801137is he right /co/ is the movie good, should we watch it or maybe he had such low expectations when he…[View]
96790522Spectacular Spider-Man: Storytime, wherein Jonah finds out our hero's secret[View]
96796616You've no idea how hard it's been... This dull routine we've been forced to do Don…[View]
96715446It's time[View]
96799200somebody needs to stop them!: Is this how you make money as a YouTube animator? Spiderman Elsa and j…[View]
96800146So what /co/ properties are considered deconstructions of /co/[View]
96797468Why did they ever think getting rid of Eddie was a good idea?[View]
96796001Are there any cartoons out there like the Team Fortress 2 shorts that aren't the Incredibles or…[View]
96799555Was it just pandering? Or did they actually intend to continue the saga of evil morty[View]
96800130We're quickly approaching a world where all franchises are owned by two companies: we're a…[View]
96798729Is this supposed to look like a 11 year old's first photoshop?[View]
96772930/co/ vs The new ember ghost squad : electric boogaloo: last thread reach his limit -> >>967…[View]
96797444non-Marvel; non-DC; smaller publisher; indie discussion: I have not seen a smaller publisher thread …[View]
96791991Defenders #7 storytime: Now that we know Bendis is leaving, that means that this will be his last ar…[View]
96800360We just had a thread on the worst zombie Simpsons episodes >>96726513 But were there any …[View]
96779035Name a more pointless, puerile controversy.[View]
96796228Childhood Ruined: ITT we post pictures that hits us right in the feels with stuff that really makes …[View]
96794961>Ebola's a limp dick little faggot compared to me! Jesus Christ, Raimi...…[View]
96799444Why is Coon the leader of the Cinematic Universe? He's clearly one of the least powerful, he…[View]
96796309JL Spoiler Thread: Who here saw Justice League? I plan to watch and laugh at it, but I don't ca…[View]
96792927Doctor Strange #381 Storytime: Donny Cates of God Country fame takes his first crack at Marvel Comic…[View]
96795053Trying to get back into comics starting with Rebirth titles and I'm very drawn in by The Main M…[View]
96798420The Crossover[View]
96797059Heya /co/ newest of newfags here, is there a place I can download all the Archie Sonic comics? I wan…[View]
96797681ITT: Behind the cartoon scene pics[View]
96755436filename thread[View]
96789781Is Zaheer the greatest airbender to have ever lived?[View]
96798961Just when the wounds are almost finished healing, the goddamned tv show opened them right back up. T…[View]
96793242Rank the major Hollywood animation studios from best to worst.[View]
96797223the main antagonist from the last show you watched just got pierced by the Arrow What kind of stand…[View]
96795813Our movie ain't lookin' so bad now is it?[View]
96797626I can't wait for TTG to make fun of JUSTice league[View]
96797589Space Jam just turned old enough to drink beer.[View]
96792044Watched It. It's Okay.: All right, so thoughts on the film: >The parts where Whedon retouche…[View]
96780132How would you make a Batman Movie with the Riddler as the main antagonist? No, Jim Carrey was not a …[View]
96796881Close Enough - TBS: You guys, when will The Second Coming of JG Quintel come out (e.g. Close Enough …[View]
96796666Aww shit[View]
96794665Clip from the next Mickey Mouse short: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSJp3TX_lxU[View]
96795275Why is there so little Galactus/Ego fan works?[View]
96796492Greetings /co/mrades! I'm taking a comic class in my college and I'm looking for great cha…[View]
96792731Sequential Art: Least she has a head to kiss now. http://www.collectedcurios.com[View]
96794612We post movies that are worse than Catwoman, Batman and Robin and Steel put together. Pic very relat…[View]
96792415Rimba Racer: season 2 is coming to malaysian tv in 9 days, does anyone know if it will be uploaded t…[View]
96796860Spring 2018: Get ready.[View]
96796597I bet Brak would have been considered very annoying if he came out today.[View]
96796618remember that time Shulkie got shortstacked?[View]
96792508Flash Thread: Was anyone else expecting Baby DeVoe[View]
96794505What does /co/ think of this show?[View]
96793216ITT long lost episodes[View]
96795199Who was in the wrong here?[View]
96764962Is this the most divisive comic ever made?[View]
96795095Oceanfalls: New best girl acquired, Corona is definitely the bustiest chick so far Also, how the fuc…[View]
96792926Why can't most heroes and villains make a relationship work without having one turn to the othe…[View]
96550602This Mexican ghost and her show are getting a second season What do you want to see?[View]
96792393What does /co/ think of Cats Don't Dance? Watched it for the first time the other day. I liked …[View]
96786108Please tell I'm not the only who thinks Ponyhead is bar none the WORST thing about Star Vs? …[View]
96795163Sausage Party: So I heard that this movie got into a little controversy lately, so can you tell me y…[View]
96793184Why are the townies so pointless?[View]
96794331So in the unlikely event they do black suit how is the symbiote going to interact with the Stark tec…[View]
96793230Was he?[View]
96765793It's the charm. The charm and excitement of Marvel is gone. Everything feels hollow, cheap, and…[View]
96785898What are they up to as we speak?[View]
96795140Why, I do believe it's time for early Silver Age comics! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
96781093ITT: /co/ says C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G one letter at a time.[View]
96788416Scar! Brother, help me![View]
96795173Fantomex looks like THAT?![View]
96794878He can't keep getting away with it: He just can't![View]
96791537Is his career dead? He basically got massacred after SJ ended.[View]
96789714Are you tired of the Joker yet /co/?[View]
96779995Defending Steppenwolf...: If they used Darkseid... > People would complain about them blowing the…[View]
96745985ITT: post public domain super heroes.: http://pdsh.wikia.com/wiki/Moon_Girl[View]
96788345he is >/co/ >/mu/ >/mlp/ ???…[View]
96780490RWBY/RT General #1287: Sniper Slav Edition: Rules of RWBY/RT General: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, j…[View]
96754580ITT: Underrated ships[View]
96778108/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: Fuck Maul Edition >Upcoming Releases: http://www.swbook…[View]
96794839>>96787042 What the fuck are you even talking about, retard? I never said I 'wasn't thin…[View]
96780844>DC are too cowardly to ever use me as a villain If they were so great at writing they could take…[View]
96790845THOUGHTS & PRAYERS: How does it feel knowing that Bojack is a better drama than comedy at this p…[View]
96784852ITT: Cartoon show continuations you’re excited for or are already into[View]
96790166>”Please! We have families!” >”Why does everyone keep telling me that? Ok you gotta admit, Whe…[View]
96794626>it's a Homer does something stupid episode[View]
96759574Superhero gf or gtfo[View]
96792545so is Green Lantern in Justice League at all?[View]
96793062Justice League by Zack Snyder Vision[View]
96790814YET ANOTHER NEW X-MEN TEAM: This is such bullshit guys. The only characters I recognize here is Cycl…[View]
96791816What are the most egregious examples of power creep in /co/ media?[View]
96775709ITT: Western ahegao[View]
96793978This is Swackhammer, say something nice about him.[View]
96794514Bike Cucking[View]
96791936Where the fuck are my Trollhunters Netflix?[View]
96793379Reminder that none of you fags have ever animated a single frame in your lives so you're in no …[View]
96790341I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED For porn of this sexy demon MILF. Paheal and hell, even e621, got nothing.…[View]
96779820At my old school, I never got turned into a pickle.[View]
96783510Who is the superior Bat-son? Damian Wayne or Terry Mcginnis?[View]
96793948>Yer gonna rattle the stars ye are, Jimbo[View]
96786650/co/, why did the Amazons start hiding their abs after the Apokolips War?[View]
96793084>some artists think it's smart to delete all the art they have but expect their fans to stil…[View]
96787855Nightwing #33 Storytime: Raptor's Revenge part four![View]
96785780>Cyclops and Emma Frost have been a thing in comics for well over a decade, possibly longer than …[View]
96786139When will people admit there was no Squidward snail transformation?: Seriously, there are some clown…[View]
96780233Justice League: >Theatrical moviegoing in all its zenith will continue to occur for the third wee…[View]
96792135Was Wolverine the first true anti-hero?[View]
96783497I have a plan it includes you[View]
96784193omg yes i love weddings!! which couple do you think it is?[View]
96792416I miss Scott Pilgrim[View]
96788516Avengers Academy: Is it any good?[View]
96789627What did Nickelodeon mean by this[View]
96791834So what is the true cut of point for golden age simpsons?[View]
96785104Is he worse than Bendis when it comes to dialogue?[View]
96787940Trinity Storytime[View]
96791913Traps aren't gay: Edit your favourite traps in, /co/[View]
96791130How Mighty is Odinson (Thor)?: Where does the new hammerless 'Thor' Odinson stack up compared to DB?…[View]
96788334ITT /co/ writes a PhantomSrider video: Top 6....[View]
96786166Robert Kirkman Ultimate X-Men mega-Storytime: I've been a fan of Robert Kirkman for years and y…[View]
96788645Test: .[View]
96787780What's the best version of Daffy Duck?: Let's see, there's at least: >The proto-Bu…[View]
96733331What was this a call back to? And also who else likes John Allison's work? I'm partial to …[View]
96790821Scud is real he's not just a comic book, he is real[View]
96782919NAMOR storytime continues: Because I want to keep posting. Previously on Namor-Men https://desuarch…[View]
96785764Will we ever get an HD remaster of Inspector Gadget?[View]
96774170JSA Storytime: Man-Thing: Good evening owls, man-thing gonna fuck your shit up[View]
96789739SUPER SONS ISSUE #10[View]
96775919A bunch of Disney artists banded together to create a short about weeds. Neat. The weeds represent i…[View]
96788729Really makes you think[View]
96782219Jokes and deleted scenes from JL: Pic related are the deleted scenes. Major Jokes: >The Martha Ke…[View]
96789301Deadpool 2 Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSqu-LskzEo[View]
96780251/sug/ - Steven Universe General: Last Thread: >>96771489 Pearls Edition [NEWS] >'Save …[View]
96789458I saw Justice League. It is so fucking horrible. This is the worst villain I've seen in a moder…[View]
96784382Justice League reviews hit- 'DC's Embarrassment is Beyond Saving, 1/5': HAHAHAHAHAHA http://www…[View]
96790102Justice League? More like Just Eradicated This Fatigue![View]
96789984Justice League reflects the general mindlessness of mainstream entertainment: Justice League is a ho…[View]
96789122What would South Park characters look like in 'real life'? Post drawings or photos.[View]
96789193>Don’t want to suffer through this >But want to see it so I can effectively meme What do?…[View]
96788704Dark Knights: Metal?: How would /co/ have done the Dark Knights one-shots? I ask because they had gr…[View]
96789649Yeah that seems about right 'It's fun but could be better' seems to be the summation of most re…[View]
96784336Star vs the Forces of Evil: The Season 3 Starbomb will continue with the season's 11th episode,…[View]
96788257Korey and Leon from Spill.com: >They said Justice League was a Matinee >Heavily praised Superm…[View]
96749857Do you trust him now? And which Avenger is going to bitch the loudest about him returning to Earth?[View]
96774912Skimpy comics costumes look fucking retarded.[View]
96782278What should be the plot for Thor 3?[View]
96787593what did Shen mean by this?[View]
96776046Why does 90% of the comic community and Moore himself think that this guy is supposed to be horrible…[View]
96731225How the fuck is she still in one piece?[View]
96780774>the only truly innocent kid in a fucked up town. >has the worst parents. Explain this BS.…[View]
96779693I have counted like 23 negative threads towards Justice League during the past 3 days, what gives? M…[View]
96788712The USA *BUTCHERED* this show. No wonder it failed there!: Let's start with the opening. The US…[View]
96788407What comic?[View]
96788631Cute jew boi: >Dostoïevski Best boy thread.[View]
96786050Stuff you did as a kid: >Pal & Ka- >changes the tv channel…[View]
96784074What's the series you've been reading continuously for the longest time, /co/?: ASM for me…[View]
96785887What was his fucking problem?[View]
96785080>dc lost again[View]
96788186What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
96786526Was this the best version of Bane?: He was shown to be very intelligent and seriously dangerous when…[View]
96782237Reviews right now are mixed, leaning towards favorable. Seems like the most negative reviews are one…[View]
96756192What would it like to have femseid as your slave?[View]
96785404new Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: this just got an update after however many fucking years[View]
96787959superhero gf thread no. 2[View]
96785100Guess the character[View]
96784725JustUs League (Q/A) - Watched it Yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uD42ToLHwE Ask me anyth…[View]
96785456Minus plot armor, who would win, Joker or Norman?[View]
96787131Are there any comics for people with latex fetishes?[View]
96783002If Justice League bombs what's going to happen to them? Would WB really shelve DC?[View]
96774297Hey, /co/, pizza goin' out! C'MON!!![View]
96787407Sticks the Badger: Does Sticks know the real reason GUN raided the Ark?[View]
96781002>Justice League Action can't go 5 seconds without trying to make a funny but kids don't…[View]
96777969How will Marvel update Jean for today's audience? Will she now be bisexual/lesbian? Feminist?[View]
96781415Bendis first DC book will be?: I’m guessing New Gods[View]
96789008B > C > A > SS+ > D > S[View]
96787256As much as Glenn was my favorite character, can we talk about how fucking AWESOME Comics Carl is? He…[View]
96783406This was recently brought up in a conversation and it brought back some powerful memories. My parent…[View]
96736851Which is your favorite western meganekko?.[View]
96786031Heathcliff and Spike are holding signs.[View]
96787166Post only the best comic strip characters.[View]
96768902Post your 1st, last, and current waifus. Lets see the evolution.[View]
9677092615 episodes in and the story already blows Ladybug, Lolirock and Star Vs. Evil away. On the other ha…[View]
96781207Justice League Hype Thread/DCEU discussion thread: Get in here and get /comfy/ Favorite DCEU film? W…[View]
96776662ITT: Pleasant surprises What was that comic you just didn't think you'd like at all until …[View]
96757990Pic related is now the new leader/ruler of the Candy Kingdom of Ooo from AT. What does this mean for…[View]
96776018Just got done watching the Nascar episode, and I've gotta ask; If Kenny's immortal, why do…[View]
96786954Does it add to your fetish?[View]
96772878>Seth Macfarlane to revive king of the hill: ITT: Turn a King of the Hill joke into a Seth Macfar…[View]
96771329GUMMI BEARS!: >Bouncing here and there and everywhere! >High adventure that's beyond comp…[View]
96786643What? https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/703054/Suicide-Squad-deleted-gay-Will-Smith-Dea…[View]
96767293What went wrong?[View]
96751820I like these characters a lot more than I should, which should be not at all.[View]
96783735Is there a worst looking comic book out there than Dumbing of Age? >Every character looks the sam…[View]
96785146Mandatory Menage a 3 Thread: What do they mean by this?[View]
96768828Amber Heard on her Favourite Female Comic Book Characters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBLzLKpzV…[View]
96784417A:TLA in HD: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B0172UONQW Avatar is on Amazon in HD now (stream…[View]
96782197What exactly does Mega-City One gain by not instituting capital punishment? Life sentences in the is…[View]
96779193Coco: Is /co/ ready for the second decent animated movie to come out this year?[View]
96786430Casey Jones appreciation Thread: Specifically the original Mirage version[View]
96785157So uh... Can I...Can I join the Justice League?[View]
96779742Hidden Gems Thread: Post cartoons you think are really good that you feel didn't get the recogn…[View]
96784109What's the best way to design a live-action Batman movie? Cast? Plot? Maybe Batman actually kil…[View]
967830075 days until this happens: not really digging the style they are going for, but if the story is anyw…[View]
96784347Any one else remember this? No one seems to ever talk about this movie. I thought it was fun.[View]
96783887What should I read before this comes out?[View]
96783508Regal Academy: Regal Academy thread. I love this show, its so cute. So many waifu girls at Regal Aca…[View]
96785501>always talk about how much better DC films are to marvel in front of friends >constantly suck…[View]
96769006Jimmy can save Heidi: Think about it Jimdi is the best and only way to end heiman and kydi…[View]
96784874So here's what we know. 1) The Pidgeon Kingdom conquered Mewmans and left their corpses to rot …[View]
96660736Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
96784405YES DIANA....TAKE. THEM. ALL! Finally, you see..... Look at this world! MANKIND DID THIS, NOT ME![View]
96783204What would happen if he tried to make a cartoon? What would it be like?[View]
96784129JUSTice League: The review embargo lifts in ten minutes. It's going to be glorious. DCpajeets w…[View]
96780091>We don't live in the timeline where instead of Dark Nights: Metal we got Bright Lights: Met…[View]
96779549In hindsight, there was a lot of good things about Superman Returns. Plot was lacking and at times a…[View]
96784024Here Lies Loki. Say something about him.[View]
96783978>episode is going by normally >sudden plot twist that changes the course of the entire show fo…[View]
96765723What color are you?[View]
96783407How would you have fixed it?[View]
96783666What did Marvel mean by this?[View]
96780051Star vs the Forces of Evil: >Did she promise you the world and did that girl >just throw your …[View]
96777612What if he was never fired from Ren & Stimpy and Nick was forced to put up with him until the en…[View]
96775787I try to explain Motu Patlu: After de se dab became a meme, I decided to use the Wow Kidz yt channel…[View]
96782579Dumbing of Age: So it's been a while. That's how little we actually care about the comic. …[View]
96774007How was this fat fuck not kicked off the force?[View]
96777905>Not watching the Japanese dub of Ed Edd n Eddy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMHSE1u4G5Y https…[View]
96664370Bs Edit thread: It's about that time again Post screenshot edits, or post screenshots for someo…[View]
96783448Time to get my jollies >jizzes all over pop tart corpse[View]
96766057Uh oh.... https://screenrant.com/justice-league-rotten-tomatoes-score-delayed/[View]
96782120Would you watch a cartoon about Godzilla and friends kicking the shit out of other kaiju with some m…[View]
96756712They are not releasing the RT score until the movie is actually in theaters: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
96773808You know in your heart of hearts, it will be this bad.[View]
96781661>The first JL film looks like this Woah....[View]
96782544Really liked this response from Ashley about diversity in media. Who are some other based /co/ntent …[View]
96766275>How do we introduce Chip n Dale to a new generation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6tAGc8qXx8…[View]
96781550ITT normal people in cartoons: ITT we are normal people in the looney tunes section of WB[View]
96779810Where did it all go so wrong Canadabros?[View]
96748775ITT: Western tsunderes[View]
96780932What does /co/ think of this masterpeice? https://youtu.be/jC3pGcRHeQ0[View]
96761747comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting November 8, 2017: Previous threads: http…[View]
96782329Did you vote for him anon?: President Slade would be disappointed in you, sonny.[View]
96763301illumination entertainment is making the Super Mario Bros movie: >Mario and Luigi are heading to …[View]
96740689IT HAPPENED...: IT. FINALLY. HAPPENED. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tylerkingkade/dc-comics-suspends-edi…[View]
96779083What the fuck even was this character[View]
96774328Battle Royal: Its time for the next round of the Battle Royal. Since everyone seemed to enjoy the l…[View]
96774758How can comic book artists draw nudes without any repercussions?[View]
96779472Ask someone who just finished Justice league anything. I don't know if this exist already but f…[View]
96780524Now that it's been a while, what did /co/ ultimately think of the new Samurai Jack season? I th…[View]
96782371Congratulations! You have been instantly transported to a parallel Earth where history as a whole ha…[View]
96778275ITT: Best cartoons on the air while they were running[View]
96775140Should I watch it?[View]
96781889Why does nobody ever talk about He-Man 2002 anymore? This show was actually kind of kickass.[View]
96782018Really makes you ponder: Each alien species has thier respectqble planet. Except earth. Earth is for…[View]
96775620Is Jonathan Ian Mathers a mental case? It feels like he keeps flipping back and forth on what he act…[View]
96776967So my OCD/Autism was kicking into overdrive. In a span of two weeks, I amassed Volumes 1,2,4,5, and …[View]
96762547Why are the Cartoon Cartoons so much better than the terrible shit on Cartoon Network now like Steve…[View]
96762716What would you want from a Virgin/Chad cartoon? What adventures would they take part in? What suppor…[View]
96780742>Frank Miller's best work is Dark Knight Retu-[View]
96767658Animated Mario movie: >Nintendo is reportedly making a Mario movie with the studio behind Minions…[View]
96779741>Monday >Supergirl references old Superman characters >Tuesday >Legends of Tommorow does…[View]
96777327Fact: TTG has the best references/Easter eggs[View]
96740183Justice League Post-Credits scene leaked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSBC7Trromo[View]
96778685Bendis at DC: Is it me or has he already started losing weight? He doesn't even look like himse…[View]
96778347Has Valerian aged well?[View]
96745137Congradulations, you finally get to live your dream of living in a cartoon, but that cartoon is stev…[View]
96781192What's up with this show and all this NTR vibes?[View]
96773465How do you make a good Superman film in this day and age?[View]
96770740Why were Andy Dick's only good roles all in Clone High?[View]
96779630Could Superman beat Khorne?[View]
96765281Injustice TMNT vs Bay Shreks: Why does a video game design look better than a major motion picture? …[View]
96780582TFW someone brings up fat dog mendoza[View]
96777786Star Wars Comics: Ok, I know the state of the franchise is shit, Disney is destroying it. Now... is …[View]
96762072/Garfield/: Tuesday, November 14[View]
96778994What's behind the vault?[View]
96772265Dofus: Guys, dubbed version of Dofus : Aux trésors de Kerubim (Kerub's Bazaar) went up on VRV. …[View]
96779363Why is everything Marvel Entertainment produces complete utter fucking garbage?[View]
96760155Franco-Belgian / Eurocomics Storytime: Hello you fine folks, how are you all doing today? I'm o…[View]
96776972What does /co/ think of Order of the Stick?[View]
96779934As much as Glenn was my favorite character, can we talk about how fucking AWESOME Comics Carl is? He…[View]
96779896This was the best Superman film yet[View]
96768892Alright /co/, give me pages where Deathstrokes jobbing field is in full effect[View]
96777868Who is the best reporter in cartoon history and why is it Morbo?[View]
96779192>Of course they'll come back: They're birds. I trust them. I understand them. It's…[View]
96778926'Registrando el dia de muertos' edition: Just came back from watching this, because literally everyo…[View]
96778769What are your thoughts, pals ? https://twitter.com/geoffjohns/status/927908048932192257 do you think…[View]
96774082Only 2 more years...Aren't they going to split it into two movies? http://deadline.com/2017/11/…[View]
96760353is Dr.Doof, his daughter and candace the only good characters in the Show[View]
96775692What other /co/ things would you like to see get an RPG like Stick of Truth, Fractured but Whole, or…[View]
96778050What did she mean by this?[View]
96774978Is History Important?: I dont see any reason to learn history unless you want to teach it, which is …[View]
96771897>not even two weeks and people are already forgetting about it[View]
96773516Is Chocolate Boy going to grow up and become a crack addict? Chocolate was clearly a gateway drug.[View]
96768897ITT what we hate about /co/. Pic related. Also the waifu theads, the muscle girl threads, the gay/cr…[View]
96766234Johns' Rise of the Seven Seas rolled into DCEU: >'Zack [Snyder] brought me in,' Momoa said. …[View]
96772193How do you think the cartoons of today will effect the anime of tomorrow?: We know there are japs th…[View]
96776054Thanks alot TTG. Now I want a bromance movie about Batman and Superman[View]
96773878Star vs Marco: All Season 3 episodes so far: https://mega.nz/#F!oOZyjS4Y!jyXFqsQajNeKr4VmtjIHQw Jarc…[View]
96775352Oh yeah.that happened[View]
96772166Why do the Simpsonized celebrities look so off?[View]
96726053Peridot vs Zim[View]
96770015Whens the curse going to happen to him?[View]
96776853Come back Mo![View]
96766702RWBY/RT General #1286: Dead Waifu Edition: Rules of RWBY/RT General: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, ju…[View]
96771489/sug/ - Steven Universe General: Last Thread: >>96758482 Smiles you Want to Protect Edition. […[View]
96776522Sell me on this movie.[View]
96733685Tell us about your LCS.[View]
96776113Why do all the photos in Tadashi's house only have images of him and his parents? There aren…[View]
96771832Justice League DELETED SCENES[View]
96760842Anyone else unironically love Garfield? I used to be a Garfield hater, the only Garfield thing I lik…[View]
96771750Remember when angela anaconda appeared in the digimon movie? that was weird as fuck lmao https://www…[View]
96775845Zeke's pad: This show had a top tier waifu[View]
96773677Flash and LOT: Live Thread - 4x06 - 'When Harry Met Harry..' Aka 'Council Of Wells': >When collec…[View]
96758654shows you could personally write better than the actual writers: i'm pretty fucking confident i…[View]
96771664>*gets fired for sexual harassment* Any day now[View]
96769528‘Justice League’ Reshoots Make Up 15-20% of the Movie: http://www.slashfilm.com/justice-league-resho…[View]
96764854Astro City: Name a better cape comic being published than Astro City. I'm waiting.[View]
96774844MILFs: ITT: Moms from movies or shows you wanna fuck[View]
96767548Public domain: Soon.[View]
96770196ITT: Underrated OTP's[View]
96775924THAT movie[View]
96764272What is /co/'s thoughts on W.I.T.C.H.?[View]
96727056/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic? #424: I'm not letting these die before I start posting my own c…[View]
96774890Flash fact: 75% of the Fantastic Four members were cucked one time or another.: Do you think this wa…[View]
967691825 More Days! BH6!: Who else is hype? There's quite a few promos and such now but in a few days …[View]
96769590It's all a joke![View]
96770704Depression Comix[View]
96764251Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Launch Trailer: It's out today, anyone gonna get it? It has 200+ char…[View]
96755659QC - Questionable Content: Alright Jeph. She’s kind of cute. I still hate her though.[View]
96772129ITT: We predict characters and scenes from 2000 era cartoons that will inspire the next generation.[View]
96772643Is Wonder Woman the only DC female that could survive a fucking from Superman?[View]
96766037/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons: *pew* *pew* *nyoom* edition >Upcoming Releases: http://…[View]
96773914>lol what if we adapt this book but completely rape the source material Why?…[View]
96750676Let's play a game /co/, >Come up with a team of 9 characters and post it >the first 9 tea…[View]
96757757Generator Rex: Ok time the fuck out. What the hell was this cartoon actually trying to do? Was this …[View]
96772738How ya doin?[View]
96755028ITT Same VA: 'GET BACK HERE, SHOCKER!!!'[View]
96765378/para/natural: >*EDIT* Hey all, Paranatural will be on break until the 28th. A family member pass…[View]
96764287Making of Loving Vincent: https://youtu.be/eEl-jwIcR9s[View]
96772949What did he mean by this?[View]
96770382In an alternate universe, Stardust the Super Wizard is the main focus of DC Rebirth instead of Manha…[View]
96764945Jason Todd: Why did Jason have red hair in Morrison's run????[View]
96771969so i just read wrath of the dead poem that equates with dies ires and....is monster bash going to be…[View]

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