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101279118Just saw Isle of dogs illegaly on a streaming website, holy shit this movie was fucking good normall…[View]
101262144Why is she perfect /co/?[View]
101283028>Lori gets an episode where she’s the main character >Luna gets a couple episodes where she’s …[View]
101288558Make an argument against cheese cake and fan service.[View]
101291166SVTFOE Season 4 Coming in 2019 - Episode List: Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 4 is coming in 201…[View]
101296020Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/gKjCxqmU Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
101295001is Kyle Rayner the most popular Latino?[View]
101291818When going through the Chase Young arc, why is it him that has the best character development in any…[View]
101289925Thoughts on Mysticons?[View]
101295575marvel cosmic: Reminder, DnA was the best era of cosmic marvel.[View]
101289594Name a cuter couple.[View]
101288058What do you guys think about this?: Did /co/ enjoy the last incarnation of DC Superhero Girls? Are y…[View]
101294817You know who else browses /co/?[View]
101283739Well, as a feminist, virtually anything a woman does is empowering![View]
101294919Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/gKjCxqmU Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
101290715Just rewatched this. Pure unfiltered cape-kino. Is it the best MCU movie? I wanna say 'yes'.[View]
101289899What were their jobs even supposed to be?[View]
101293843Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/gKjCxqmU Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
101288096ITT: comics that really make you think: ;_;[View]
101276321Who are some of the worst OC's ?[View]
101290703Was she a good character?[View]
101292062What is the best transformers gimmick and why is it pretenders?[View]
101287932'What is that thing Spongebob?'[View]
101292964Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/gKjCxqmU Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
101288916Why is DC still calling him Dick and not Richard?[View]
101287019Whomp!: When Ronnie was a small child, he loved to read the comic collections in the bookstore. He s…[View]
101289812Was it really a good thing for rightclops to create more mutants when a majority of them get shitty …[View]
101291103Is this supposed to be an adult show? You wouldn't be able to tell by only watching the later s…[View]
101288348Should they really make season 6?: Is it better to Let it stay dead? Maybe make a new more mature sh…[View]
101290935Dinosaurus could have solved the MCU's resource problem.[View]
101291784Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/gKjCxqmU Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
101292544Is there a cartoon that deals with puberty in a somewhat serious, educational manner?[View]
101289799>webcomic youve been following for more then half a year >finally gets to the part where your …[View]
101288118Why didn't he become a fireman?[View]
101280407/CTG/ Channel-tans General: Getting Shit Pass the Radar Edition Drawfags and Writefags are more than…[View]
101285257Colonel Dan Dare has always defeated The Mekon and his evil plans, but perhaps one day that mad geni…[View]
101290696Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/gKjCxqmU Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
101279425The Jungledyret Hugo: The big hero Movie ? More like The Junglecreep Hugo: The cub-porn movie or The…[View]
101290977>Jeremy Renner as Swifty the Arctic Fox >Heidi Klum as Jade the Red Fox >Alex Baldwin as PB…[View]
101229301OTP thread[View]
101284077ITT: /co/ characters that have the same hairstyle as you I'm a man tho[View]
101289769>show is existing to coincide with toyline >toyline is doing poorly What would you have done t…[View]
101285402'Dr. Doom is the best villain ever' >Rarely does any villainy and every bad thing he does was act…[View]
101256401How would you have improved this show? >Cut out the cheesy lingo >More episodes centered arou…[View]
101287511Remember when the 2002 World Cup mascots got their own cartoon?: No? Well, here's a thread abou…[View]
101281187Is there a worse major X-Men than Kitty Pryde? Goddamn, she is the absolute worst[View]
101290867WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO /co/: YOU WHAT[View]
101288448>cartoon has a spy movie parody episode >'this message will now self destruct'…[View]
101287583Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/gKjCxqmU Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
101284662Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: >Bayturtles 3 confirmed >Rise looks to be cringe >The last fe…[View]
101290321this was pretty ok tho[View]
101279802Steven Universe: There, I just saved you five episodes of shitty melodrama.[View]
101290033Are the cheap YouTube cartoon knock offs the modern equivalent of dingo pictures? https://youtu.be/Q…[View]
101289280Worst episode of Kick Buttowski: What's your worst episode?[View]
101285660Why did they give up?[View]
101274594Did they ever explain how they made this?[View]
101289447Goth thread anyone?[View]
101286779Marvel Fresh Start June 27th Previews: With Marvel back on top lets look at next weeks previews star…[View]
101286412You know what? Every hero should have a evil metal twin. A evil metal twin, that will do evil metal …[View]
101285007Who is the strongest character in the MCU that DCU Wonder Woman could beat?[View]
101284767Who or what the fuck WAS Dark Kat? NiBBa seemed like the devil come to life. Also, what did he do to…[View]
101287494I always see these threads about cliches people love, but have hard times finding episodes that feat…[View]
101287730what did you order?[View]
101287216ITT: Dumb campy shit that went away long ago that you miss anyway: Thors Shakespearean vocabulary, d…[View]
101285499Thoughts on Webtoons? Thoughts on their current contest?[View]
101284802The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: There's a trailer. What do you think? https://www.youtube…[View]
101289156Reminder that Manjula is superior to Apu in every way.[View]
101288376Comic pages that make you feel[View]
101288494Y'all like you some trailer trash, /co/?[View]
101287143What went wrong? How did All Star Batman and Robin turn out so bad? Frank Miller and Jim Lee had do…[View]
101281400Shows about to be cancelled because of lack of interest, pic related.[View]
101260713Now that bendis is gone and Slott is off Spider-Man is there any hope of getting Julia Carpenter bac…[View]
101286283Teaser for new series Abraca: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT0PjSR3bfE New upcoming french cartoo…[View]
101284532Who else on /co/ read John Byrne's Trio? I read it years ago, and re-read it today. Fuck, this …[View]
101287828wew lads: Marshmello X DuckTales https://youtu.be/E9-HjAr034M[View]
101281487Justice League Odyssey: Say hello to Mongal.[View]
101253241cerebus the aardvark: I've been finally meaning to read this is it worth it? is it really some …[View]
101287108Good thing Jack Jack had superpowers.[View]
101286104What was his best role?[View]
101285309Can anyone please explain to me why the FUCK this show was so good?[View]
101286512Has Paul Rudd appeared on Conan to promote this movie yet?[View]
101287514I miss them[View]
101287686Family Man episode idea: Hey /co/, In recent years Family Guy has been a steaming pile of shit. So …[View]
101283361I know everyone hates this comic, but it's almost over and I have to say that I have a strong f…[View]
101286794Who should they annoy in the reboot? My first choice would be Vladmir Putin, but I'd imagine it…[View]
101268863Favorite South Park girls?[View]
101283921Morals: Hi 4chan, it’s Emster again, so, what are your opinions on morals in cartoons?[View]
101287501What was this called, /co/?[View]
101283871Why are movies that are more faithful to the source less financially successful than shittier live-a…[View]
101283211My recent kick of God of War, My Hero, and Incredibles 2 made me hungry for superhero dad stories. …[View]
101287407Street Football: >Mexico >World Cup season >Still haven't aired Any other country luck…[View]
101286612>mfw I saw Infinity War[View]
101282936ITT: Times comicticians said 'Fuck you, Bendis.'[View]
101287350Beach screencap thread: Let's keep the summer spirit alive. Post screencaps of characters in sw…[View]
101283138Season 6 when?[View]
101283249Everybody loves somebody sometime... [View]
101264103Who is your favorite Spongebob background fish?[View]
101276320This movie was unironically soulless. It is to The Incredibles what The Force Awakens is to Star War…[View]
101286892ITT cartoons nobody watched and nobody will miss[View]
101287145ITT: shows with good theme songs: https://youtu.be/jYLL2RDmi9c[View]
101284274Alright /co/. /x/ couldn't scare me tonigh. Give me some horrofic comics, lads.[View]
101282349What do you think of the quality of animation in OK.KO?[View]
101287037>”You just started a war, Captain America! Civil War!” Fucking really?[View]
101263427Ms. Marvel: I actually kind of like this character and now I feel a little upset because I feel like…[View]
101255157Cartoons that /co/ doesn't talk about. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfvstGE…[View]
101286139what the fuck happenned?[View]
101286511>Third movie in the franchise >Nobody says “Avengers Assemble!” Why are the Russos so fucking …[View]
101282391I want to fuck her.[View]
101286371Lets talk shipping: Do you ship, users of co? What pair do you ship? why do you ship THEM? Why ship …[View]
101282290Violet Reaction Images: Post what you have[View]
101282490Felicitations, malefactors! I am endeavoring to misappropiate the formulary for the preparation of a…[View]
101285802Is their a reason this show has been largely forgotten and never given a proper DVD release? I remem…[View]
101269936THE FLASH Villains In Order Of Appearance: Let's do this. >Richard Swift / The Shade (Flash …[View]
101285857I still miss it, /co/[View]
101286440He was in the right the whole time[View]
101285388Will he ever get his gold-hemmed cloak like he should?[View]
101285475West Coast Avengers: Did they ever avenge the West Coast?[View]
101267755Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Captain America: Anyone else here kind of looking forward to this one?[View]
101273065btfo thread?[View]
101286264Cartoon when[View]
101285895Is it ok to have a crush on her?[View]
101286331On what basis/level do you judge your comics? Do you judge them on a level of looking at how accurat…[View]
101278864Something that really grinds my gears about The Incredibles 2: I mostly enjoyed the movie, but perha…[View]
101285092Whatever came of this? Did MJ and the suit ever get over their differences and fully bond? Symbiote …[View]
101278432Your opinion on best Disney princess ?: Where is the love Tiger Lily she's not even in the sequ…[View]
101285814Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure/Tangled: The Series: Tangled: The Series returns tomorrow with a n…[View]
101285628Coolest /co/ women: ITT post cool women in /co/ media[View]
101284438Green Hornet?[View]
101285972I liked this. How do I into Tank Girl?[View]
101285689Let's make a one panel per page /co/mic using only microsoft paint. I'll begin... There on…[View]
101284689So how was Bushmaster compared to Diamondback?[View]
101285739How good is the show?[View]
101279641What are /co/'s thoughts on western 'manga'[View]
101285602The new meme face.[View]
101285298>It was me Garry! What did /co/ think of this reveal?[View]
101283833Okay /co/ serious question. I see people here shit on Matt Groening, Seth Macfarlane etc.. for 'sell…[View]
101285268Overused Slapstick: The Cartoon[View]
101284888Writers believe comic readers are retarded and dumb. How right are they? is /co/ dumb?[View]
101281452When is Netflix gonna announce the second season of this Mexican cartoon?[View]
101284347Ladies and Gentlemen, How do we kill the Green Arrow once and for all?[View]
101246831Who Framed Roger Rabbit: NO THREAD FOR THIS? WHAT THE HELL! This week marks the 30th anniversary of …[View]
101285097Can Disney rip itself off?[View]
101284829New series of Daria announced! Starring Daria and... Jodie. The black one. Whut.. Where’s best girl …[View]
101283248/co/, I kinda notice that your magic users tend to primarily focus on elemental magic, and the occas…[View]
101283573Hulk’s TITS: For the most part, people don’t really consider Hulk “the hot one”. What’s up with that…[View]
101284712okay: this is epic...[View]
101243816Ava's Demon: Brief Update. http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#2138[View]
101281178Memes aside, was this episode any good?[View]
101279713>Sony Reportedly Developing Spider-Man Spin-off Movie Silk Who asked for this?…[View]
101282305What did Thanos love about Gamora? Was it her strength of will and cold stoicism? Do you think we…[View]
101284679Times /co/ lost their shit.: I'll start off. When anons were all responding to this comic.…[View]
101280684Out of the two, who gave the most useful and thoughtful advice?[View]
101284796so... is Evelyn >Hot, or >Not Because if I'm honest, she's a solid 8/10 (even tho…[View]
101284725Comic world building: What's the word your comic takes place in like? What are some major facet…[View]
101283925Sentry#1 By Jeff Lamire - Preview[View]
101272156Will he ever come back?[View]
101278941Why does she wear the mask?[View]
101282148warhammer 40k cartoons when?: After that 'tales of' bullshit and all the fuckton of poorly made lice…[View]
101271527peak ' female ' comedy?[View]
101284496We've taken your jokes for years. I think you can take Detective Bullock for around 3 hours.[View]
101268130Kingdom Hearts Thread Giantess Edition: You know how /co/ is when it comes to GTS/Shrink content. No…[View]
101281081Superman Villains: The Bendising: What makes Rogol Zaar such a lame villain? Compare/contrast other …[View]
10128429552: Did anyone else fucking love 52? I re-read it every year. It was truly fucking fantastic. 'Count…[View]
101283612Gorillaz thread[View]
101282388Would Duffman be a good crimefighter?[View]
101278064What Did He Mean by This?[View]
101279363Has thor ever gotten a blowjob?[View]
101284165For me it's Alopex.[View]
101281889Ultimate Superman?: >get the Ultimatrix >get Kryptonian DNA >transform and Go Ultimate What…[View]
101270483How come the only nu-PPG episode that feels a little like old-PPG is the crossover with Teen Titans …[View]
101281579Why Wilma and Barney have dot eyes while Fred and Betty normal ball eyes?[View]
101283663Does Squidward's penis inflate/deflate like his nose?[View]
101282852ITT-characters only good for fap feul[View]
101284001Alright, let's say I want to marathon Star vs. and I don't really care about the random wa…[View]
101282948Who makes the best female costumes, and why is it Chris Bachalo?[View]
101276863Why did nobody tell me these movies were so good? fuck you /co/ 2 > 1 > 3[View]
101283849Prequeling ruins everything There is an episode of Prometheus & Bob titled 'Tape #1' where there…[View]
101281865So if Hulk was made by a man made device with gamma energy, then what kind of Hulk would you get if …[View]
101281111Video games frequently do HD remakes. Do you think CG films should start doing them, too?[View]
101282688Are Ursa and Faora basically the same character?[View]
101279434Now that the dust is settled, was the second Dragon movie actually good or was it still just as much…[View]
101261988>One will protect you >The rest will try to kill you Who do you choose?…[View]
101283535Lots of Me...[View]
101283126What happened to Marvel?[View]
101282262Ant Man & Wasp: Early reviews are in![View]
101279693Marvel Male: Why does the MCU has so many delicious men in it?[View]
101282244Final Space: I feel like this show needs more recognition, so let's have a discussion thread.…[View]
101283216Batman franchises>>>>>>Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
101279970DC becoming Marvel: With the movies and the direction of plots in the comics it's obvious, but …[View]
101279779did heve a Oedipus Complex[View]
101263304ITT: Obscure /co/ cuties[View]
101282589So what does /co/ think of THIS faggot?[View]
101280791Why are they called comics if they don't always try to be funny?[View]
101281431Who thought this was a good idea?[View]
101281931My god, you've gotten fat[View]
101280150So when they come back, what do you think the lineup for the team will be? Do you think the writer w…[View]
101280924Everyone and their mother knows how similar and low-effort the Calarts style of art is. However ther…[View]
101281970anyone else tired of the trend of 8 - 14 year old boys sounding like 23 year old men?[View]
101280628The Intimacy of Evil: >Iron Man 1: Tony battles his former mentor >Iron Man 2: Tony fights the…[View]
101268821This thread is now an episode of Ed, Edd, N, Eddy.[View]
101279048Crystal Trek: What should be done about the Gem'Hadar?[View]
101281305What happened to his parents?[View]
101282020Why is Regular Show never thought as a reason for why modern cartoons are the way they are now? Peop…[View]
101277995>What's she thinking about? Also, new episode this weekend? Or next weekend? Or...are we in …[View]
101279407Good night, sweet prince.[View]
101282084Thread to collect the shipping trash: I'm a degenerate on a fanfic binge. /co/ help me out with…[View]
101281730Can we have a thread of blatant /co/ plagiarism?[View]
101279596How can marvel expext people to care about gwen stacy after sins past?[View]
101280257Is This The Biggest Love Triangle In Comics?[View]
101279663>Wait 14 years to see what happens next >He escapes…[View]
101238421has disney's horrible scheduling truly killed all the hype for this show?[View]
101280147>5'8 >weighs 125 lbs >is this incredibly thicc how??? im not complaining but its weird…[View]
101280554Why are 50s style cartoon girls so hot?[View]
101281691how can two's villain even hope to top him?[View]
101280678based Luke Cage[View]
101281154Hey /co/, that goth vampire you love so much now has dolls[View]
101278758This show isn't funny[View]
101277531Simpsons What If?: What if there was actually something wrong with the bidet?[View]
101269711Kelsey Grammer in talks to play Dr. Niles Caulder AKA The Cheif in DC’s “Doom Patrol” series: https:…[View]
101277390>that fucking seizure-inducing room This was a pretty good movie overall but how many people do y…[View]
101270909if Batman won't rape the Joker, then I'll just shoot him![View]
101245807Mighty Magiswords: Are they able to get away with this because it's on an APP?[View]
101280495Dinners ready, where's Grandpa?[View]
101276851I made a shitty comic and wanted to share[View]
101280443Where to start with Moon Knight?[View]
101279709> has tremendous magical power > still think money is superior…[View]
101280404Why did she name it Hazbin 'Hotel' when the plot clearly tells us that it takes place in a sanatoriu…[View]
101279511Smallville Season 11 storytime pt. 9: THE END IS HERE, EVERYTHING WRAPS UP, and we are left hoping w…[View]
101279382How can other Donald comic even compete?[View]
101280616Some guys have all the luck I have been baptised twice. Once in water, and once in flame[View]
101279420Why is this a thing: Who asked for this[View]
101272308whole series is on Hulu. Is it a bad idea to watch it? I browse /pol/ kind of.[View]
101274940Do you think the Teen Titans franchise is being carried by Starfire? _I think so_[View]
101271008Is he the greatest hero of all time?[View]
101272073Was it canceled too soon?[View]
101277147Fansites: Do you guys miss cartoon fansites? I know there are fansites today but nowhere near as man…[View]
101277588He should've made more resources.[View]
101277945Go to your room, /co/![View]
101279932More comics need /ss/[View]
101280191Just saw this. It was really fucking good. Would have preferred more Japanese and less English speak…[View]
101279197>Hey guys just going to insert a muslim into your comic don't mind me…[View]
101274484Sonichu is not a recolor. While I do wholeheartedly agree that he is a highly blatant example of pla…[View]
101278702Blast that Clone![View]
101278533So Gumball X Hotdog Guy is canon now? >https://youtu.be/7zjaeq1uOws[View]
101276542How many non-FF characters in the Marvel Universe wear costumes made of unstable molecules?[View]
101273574Are Batman and Superman too big to fail?: Are Batman and Superman too famous and well-liked that all…[View]
101273933How has there not been a Journey Into Imagination film/cartoon yet?[View]
101279822Which was the most relevant villain the Punisher has ever killed? Stilt-Man or Jack O' Lantern?[View]
101270475Daily reminder that this is the DC fighting game we should have gotten instead of the ugly and clunk…[View]
101279707Given how well Cuphead did, how would you feel about a fully animated fighting game, something simil…[View]
101274706Groo the Wanderer Storytime - 16: Need a quick laugh? Join the daily Groo story times! We even have …[View]
101277571Any good horror graphic novel/comics /co/ has to recommend?[View]
101278455Your first impressions so far? Despite the Calarts there's two good points I notice 1. Slapstic…[View]
101274739Alan Moore's Miracleman. Thoughts ?[View]
101246652Gorillaz - Hollywood (Visualiser): It's finally up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgwE94KZJ7E…[View]
101260712>DC Comics and Walmart have done a deal to exclusively sell four one-hundred-page DC Comics antho…[View]
101274725Does /co/ like Duckman?[View]
101279317Where does 20 years go anons? Would you work for Mr. Krabs? >'I went on the audition and they tol…[View]
101268604What can his masterplan even be if he’s dead?[View]
101271512You! Yes you! Come into this thread and show me the native dance of your people![View]
101269054The Nutshack if it was kid friendly[View]
101279116Big Hero 6: Don't mind me, just posting the superior Honey Lemon.[View]
101274567Kitty Is Not A Cat: They just uploaded another HD episode. Hopefully this thread doesn't bring …[View]
101268232Is this the most undeservedly lucky human being alive?: >not attractive (she looks like a de-aged…[View]
101277676why are barefoot supers so rare?[View]
101276804How would you rank the Shrek series? >Shrek 2 >Shrek >Shrek The Third >Puss in Boots …[View]
101275912Did we get swimsuits in this show?[View]
101278802>mystery cartoons where every episode is a mystery and not just the overarching narrative are dea…[View]
101276519HOW BAD[View]
101273739It's a shame that Champions sucks dick (and is drawn by Ramos). More importantly, why is there …[View]
101272101ITT: Times comicists said 'Fuck you, Bendis.'[View]
101273060What does it all mean?[View]
101277012How American dad could be actually good >No roger >No shitty FG art style >serious plot so…[View]
101274482Instances where writers completely forget character powersets?[View]
101272298So, is Jack Jack Attack canon or not? Considering that Jack Jack laser vision is green now instead o…[View]
101277919even though his many powers are because of his age, think about it for a minute, meta man a super on…[View]
101271098Same VA thread: >Christopher robin[View]
101278562Foreshadowing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZirkqHltB4[View]
101278531>ruins his own show[View]
101275694Sliding timeline: Super Bowl XLI was the first football game Captain America saw after being defrost…[View]
101276728>Comic has 'Which one is the true MC' doppelganger moment >Never actually directly says which …[View]
101278315What the Hell Is This ????: Haven't seen this movie and I sure as hell will not[View]
101271293What Should Damian's Voice Sound Like?: The VA in the animated movies just doesn't seem to…[View]
101268377Thoughts on Matt Fraction's run on Fantastic Four/FF ? Everyone told me it was shit, but I…[View]
101272355What went wrong?[View]
101269788Gentlemen, how do we fix Electro? He got replaced by some Livewire knockoff, his costume is shit, an…[View]
101276287Wait. If that was you on the phone and the bus, then who was flickering the lights?[View]
101268898ITT: Animated movies better than their live action counterparts[View]
101276812Hark Mortimer, come hither. Behold, for I have trasmuted thyself into a cucumber in brine solution. …[View]
101277646Heathcliff stares at the Nutmegs.[View]
101278035What was it that prompted this guy to become something more than a flat one-shot villain who dies in…[View]
101277068Why are some people so down on cape comics? I find myself coming back to capes more due to the huge …[View]
101277592is monster island buddies /co/? at first i thought is was some elsegate shit but no this is great,on…[View]
101276521>At the movie theater for The Incredibles >Previews for various cartoon films come on >90% …[View]
101247361how would you fix these designs?[View]
101261220Marvel Two-in-One #7 Preview[View]
101274609Why does /co/ not talk about this glorious bastard? If it weren't for him there would be no bri…[View]
101271584Is this the worst looking cartoon among all current cartoons?[View]
101262659Why the HECC does this sideways bart face thing happen so often in classic simpsons?[View]
101276970I'm the President of the United States and I demand to know what's going on here.[View]
101268957350,000 DOLLARYDOOS[View]
101276590TWO LEFT FEET[View]
101264448Chris: Well /co/ I finally fucking found it thanks to absolutely none of you casual fucks. I finally…[View]
101271205J N Wiedle: Name a bigger hack in webcomics.[View]
101274543New Villian?: Apparently, there is some hype over this character called Omnipotenist that may or may…[View]
101271040I'm about to start reading all Hellblazer, what i'm up to?[View]
101272708Here is an interview with Christy Marx, co creator of Jem and the Holograms https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
101266737>spend money and time on a show >not even air it on your channel Nice going, Nick...…[View]
101273124These are some cute-as-hell comics. They're made to primarily teach foreign kids English in pla…[View]
101249536Are wedgies a thing bullies actually do? They're in cartoons so often but I've never heard…[View]
101271870Why do we need superheroes in the age of smartphones, the Internet, and social media? They're a…[View]
101272286Dredd: Where to start with this guy?[View]
101272262What happened to the Eds after Big Picture Show?[View]
101271694Ed Catmull thread?[View]
101250159OK /co/, I'm desperate.: The more I rewatch this and other cartoons, the more I'm convince…[View]
101274931Were they in a gay relationship?[View]
101258007Voltron legendary defender season 6 discussion: /vld/ - Any chance of the show continuing past the n…[View]
101272819Dilbert 3: Can anyone else name a better internet animation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPazyim…[View]
101197929What are your thoughts on Moomin, /co/?[View]
101274816Disney just released a cartoon series called the Legend of the Three Caballeros and it's only a…[View]
101250662Post your personal 10/10s[View]
101272574Who should I choose: the spider voiced by Eska from LOK or the ostrich voiced by Bellwether from Zoo…[View]
101273102why did they make dash so thicc in the second movie?[View]
101209630Can Cat Noir be Akumatized, and if so, how?: It's been established Ladybug could go bad thanks …[View]
101272983Who will you do it for?[View]
101273337Cyborg: Justice League: So what do you guys think of Cyborg in the Justice League? With the push the…[View]
101270482Adventure Time: Cartoon Network posted the intro for the Minecraft episode https://twitter.com/carto…[View]
101272903Did you buy her Blu-ray?[View]
101274791Did you get her some crystals anon?[View]
101266573Who was in the wrong here? Should sci-fi tech be shared with the general population?[View]
101272522I'm getting real sick of finding out shows I like were actually animated in widescreen. https:/…[View]
101271225Can someone give good examples of creators and artists who struggled with mental illness? I need enc…[View]
101274000back on sale no visitors . big cartel . com[View]
101272110Kickass 1 and 2: /co/ thoughts on Kickass 1 and 2?[View]
101271094Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101271973is this show just Totally Spies 'how many fetishes can we fit into an episode' 2? https://www.youtub…[View]
101271746with the world cup going on - is there any comic panels of superhero playing or watching soccer? the…[View]
101257974Gail Simone was a mistake.[View]
101270596comics no one talks about[View]
101273133Fishy oil? What fishy oil?[View]
101272332What Earth in the Multiverse do the people in infomercials come from? Is it in the DC or Marvel univ…[View]
101264087Well /co/?[View]
101272345Pym family reunion soon?: What will Pymtron do when he finally meets his daughter/sister and his gra…[View]
101272908Mad Magic: The second arc of the Web Comic Mad Magic started today, and I figured I might as well sh…[View]
101272120Anyone go to this? My mistake if I missed a thread. Haven't been here in awhile. They showed a…[View]
101268721Well, at least the art will look nice[View]
101269619What movie is this from?: Curious.[View]
101272783Thanks China and Stan Lee. From the studio that brought Kid Lovecraft. https://www.screendaily.com/n…[View]
101255015SUPERMAN Villains In Order Of Appearance: Which one is your favorite and why? Ultra-Humanite (Action…[View]
101269238Does anyone have a scan of this Garf book?: We're nearing the 40th anniversary of this strip no…[View]
101264665Is this the holy trinity of things that the vast majority of /co/ agrees is great?[View]
101267923Why is this guy head of Disney ?: He has 0 experience or interest in animation and yes, I know Disne…[View]
101272443ITT: The ultimate Late Millennial/Early Gen Z cusp shows[View]
101266440ITT: /co/ in the year 2049[View]
101272491IMO Super hero comics are generally in a decline because as it becomes easier for creators to profit…[View]
101268561The Simpsons: Why do they not just grow them up finally and do an entire season on them? Anything fr…[View]
101269077Why, I do believe it's time for some early Silver Age! But enough about me, what've you go…[View]
101272206Patsy Walker: Should Marvel Studios make a teen comedy about Patsy Walker, just to have her show up …[View]
101269299Chronological Star Wars Canon >>101266101[View]
101272034Bitch I live in a fucking trash can![View]
101267950Cartoon characters who barely get utilized: I'll start.[View]
101269716https://twitter.com/DisneyTVA/status/1010182880079831045 Three Caballeros show, by Disney Interactiv…[View]
101264850Terrible Character Designs: Only the absolute worst of the worst. No Cal arts memes pls[View]
101269645So he could move and act the entire time, right? Does that mean he actually stood there and watched …[View]
101270543>writer makes excellent creator-owned content >their Big 2 work is mediocre-to-downright bad W…[View]
101266938>We could've had Ultimate Ultron.[View]
101271501Elfquest: Has anyone read it? Hippie friend gave me two issues and a shit load of incense after a sm…[View]
101264128Nebby thread: Have you appreciated best Luphomoid today?[View]
101271420Is he the strongest dexter character?[View]
101261089Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
101267210Why the fuck would she bother going up and singing only half a song? Marge doesn't think shit …[View]
101270256Would Gotham be better place if Bruce took a Punisher approach to crime or would the fact that its b…[View]
101269613You think Mr Krabs ever does karate?[View]
101266143Dofus/Wakfu: Why didn't he use it against Julith? Also Dofus/Wakfu general.[View]
101270801What are your thoughts on crush tropes in cartoons? Like characters that have crushes on other chara…[View]
101262878I'm worried bros, Pixar is going to be shit now that they kicked out Lasseter[View]
101270945How come villains in /co/ often abuse or kill their minions for no reason?[View]
101264494What went wrong?[View]
101253851https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e-WJHC_WRA Is he right? Are storytime channels like pic related the…[View]
101268365The show and fan base would be better off if Lance never existed in Voltron Legendary Defender. Prov…[View]
101260288Can you add anything to this chart?[View]
101268027How does this work with Suicide Squad? Prequel? Not tied to the world?[View]
101265064How can he throw a moon but can’t create infinite resources?[View]
101258979X-Men Villains In Order Of Appearance: Inspired by the dude who makes these threads for iconic comic…[View]
101262103I really wish webcomics would take a break from this nonsense. If it's not Trump, it's som…[View]
101270210Jiro Kuwata drew a fine Batman. What artist draws Batman the best?[View]
101266067Post best girls[View]
101268036How would you write a Musclemancer comic book?[View]
101268361Ah geez Brian, this is even worse than that time we got bought by Disney.[View]
101269868Good News Everyone![View]
101268591It's weird how understated the deaths of the main marvel heroes were in infinity gauntlet[View]
101266101I have made a Star Wars canon chronological order similar to the Mignolaverse and Ultimate Marvel ch…[View]
101238537/co/-Transformers:Strongarm Edition: >Bumblebee Trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fAIX12F695…[View]
101267295Sony & Amy Pascal Developing Marvel Comic ‘Silk’, About Korean-American Superhero: https://deadl…[View]
101262219>Good Robot - wants to understand the human experience >Evil Robot - wants to kill all the hum…[View]
101263070Subway Surfers: New Subway Surfers mini-episode. Episode 1: https://youtu.be/eWxnxzfgMao Episode 2: …[View]
101260813Superman, you’re... you know...[View]
101268884Is she the most beautiful woman on the planet?[View]
101268355video i found about blue beetle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsvmcD-HdwY[View]
101267550Feline Themed Super Heroes & Villains: What are you favorite feline-themed Supers? What super po…[View]
101269262If Van Gogh had lived during the internet era, do you think he would had received the Andrew Dobson …[View]
101268971How is this acceptable?[View]
101268984Which Schumacher Batman is better?: Batman Forever or Batman and Robin? Pic semi-related.[View]
101267700Is Dwarves the best fantasy comic series ever made?[View]
101261046Will he ever get his on solo run?[View]
101267532How has he managed to last this long at DC and what exactly does he do except hire his old Marvel cr…[View]
101264242Left or Right?[View]
101260892>some of my best friends are mutants >has literally 0 mutant friends, let alone 'best' friends…[View]
101269273Best reboots or revivals[View]
101266743Has there ever been a point that a cartoon/comic made you feel so disgusted that you had to stop wat…[View]
101264226Why are they introducing someone so powerful to help fight Thanos now? I want to see the heroes that…[View]
101269276Will we ever see Mary-Jane as Agent Carnage again?[View]
101265766Smile for the camera /co/[View]
101268316Stupid Episode cliches & Plot Twists: >off-hand joke turns into a deep backstory when the wri…[View]
101267852ITT: Surprisingly dark cartoons[View]
101267506> Popular cartoons you hated as a kid[View]
101244396BATMAN MEETS THE SPIRIT STORYTIME Cause this is the best shit ever[View]
101269082Anyone ever read this by (negligible) chance? Have been looking for it ever since I read his 'Dictio…[View]
101268592taste the rainbow: a super hero/villain has a name with a color in the title,their offshoots or succ…[View]
101262413I'm bored. Post 10/10 animated villains.[View]
101264595Who's best Robin: What you guys think?[View]
101267155Why are cartoon redheads always tomboys ?[View]
101267860Ironic that this will be more realistic than his actual show.[View]
101259561I'm thinking of getting into this, lads.: Should I watch the English dub or la orginal Français…[View]
101264874>Hasn’t completed finishing the directors cut. Will this ever get done before the next decade?…[View]
101253330>that hint of nipple Why is she hulk so attractive!?[View]
101268741So is Butch Hartman Thanos? https://twitter.com/realhartman/status/1010262519481434112[View]
101266740Were they the black people of the avatar universe?[View]
101249211Why were the writers behind the Superman 2000 pitch so against this marriage?[View]
101267279>mfw /co/ is still trying to tear down the hype for Hazbin Hotel[View]
101266510Who here still uses Tinkle Togs?[View]
101264940Hey anons, today we'll be covering the Fantastic Four villains, each by first appearance. also …[View]
101268527Who's the character at the bottom? I'm not familiar with nuPPG.[View]
101227144NEW CONFINEMENT: GET IN HERE BOYS https://youtu.be/oxaAvfXZhzM[View]
101264447I think he should be gay: I just get major gay vibes from the character. Never understood his relati…[View]
101268400OH NO NO NO. http://www.nme.com/news/film/jeffrey-tambor-sacked-animated-movie-wonder-park-2342550 W…[View]
101266910Pick a Character; Write a Horror Story: I got around to reading Conway's Carnage recently, and …[View]
101268251The Incredibles 1 and The Incredibles 2: For Me, Are The Best Super Hero Movies[View]
101268290https://nypost.com/2018/06/20/hey-perverts-stop-talking-about-elastigirls-butt/ STOP APPRECIATING A …[View]
101266137Hey /co/ let's read a cute romance comic that is actually about an abusive relationship![View]
101240174How do we solve the eternal CalArts question?[View]
101266141Anyone remember this kid friendly approved character?[View]
101266397Why are there so few great stories featuring this terrifying motherfucker? I mean, yes, when the mai…[View]
101267114>Create a badass superhero design for your mascot >have him act like a cartoon stereotype from…[View]
101267615Here's the thing If you dont know this game, basically its a puzzle DC Comics game It allows …[View]
101265205Villains: Post your favorite villains.[View]
101260210What went wrong?[View]
101264688'We need Beast Boy': what can beast boy even turn into to help stop this thing?[View]
101267705https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcWeE3NMeBQ I literally can't stop listening to the song 'Worth…[View]
101227365What did they meant with this shot?[View]
101261212Well, /co/? Would you fuck him?[View]
101267509What's cracka-lackin' bug smackin' I heard you can make a pretty spicy glove. Can you…[View]
101267278How will the animation industry be affected by the death of cable in 10 years? Will Nickelodeon, Car…[View]
101262797Wolverine thread: We all knoe Logan had good relationship with many teenage girls, If one day Teen J…[View]
101260580How does it cost $150-200 million to make a 90 minute animated movie? What the fuck does all the mon…[View]
101243263Doctor Strange 2 Storytime: I am surprised, that no one storytimed this yesterday. I think its ok .…[View]
101261604Random stupid question! How come tomboys are portrayed as cute, hot, or cool in /co/ media? Are they…[View]
101264685ITT: cartoons or animated films that /co/ likes but the cartoon community hates[View]
101260245Venom #3 preview: Miles meets Eddie for the first time, even though it's not his first Venom. I…[View]
101262315I usually hate sidekick characters, but i love orko, why is that[View]
101264746>do you want fries with that? >did I ask for fries? dumbass?…[View]
101258905Does this make you uncomfortable ?: If so you are a hypocrite[View]
101265001Sonic Mania Adventures: Mighty and Ray: https://youtu.be/aAmBxc_yCsI[View]
101250279South Park: Clyde? Clyde?!?![View]
101184286/CO/ GENERAL DRAWTHREAD: THREAD GUIDELINES >Provide references for requested characters and keep …[View]
101265930>american comics writers can not create a beautiful shootout proof me wrong…[View]
101254413So what does Rogue/Gambit have that Peter/MJ doesn't?[View]
101247515If you don't mind.[View]
101263000Raven thread[View]
101264863Can Red Hood (Jason Todd) defeat Batman?[View]
101265962Post your favorite costume of your favorite X-men >inb4 gay Meh[View]
101264248Just finished the show and was curious what was the general reception for it here and opinions on th…[View]
101264292Adventure Comics: I'm looking for comics that invoke a sense of adventure, like Bone. A somewha…[View]
101266095Imagine studying animation, its intricasies, its secrets for YEARS. Imagine working under various ta…[View]
101262269Trash Knight updated. This won't end well.[View]
101263065Now where could my pipe be?[View]
101260955>this is Justin Roiland's gf man everyone involved with this show is a cuck, not just Harmon…[View]
101256029The Death of Superman: Just saw this. Please tell me what opinion I'm allowed to have, /co/.…[View]
101260508Devil's Candy: >Mark's soulmate http://devilscandycomic.com/…[View]
101263900>want to read a comic >the only reprint/collection is in french or italian Every fucking time…[View]
101259504Just when I thought Alex Hirsch couldn't dissapoint me further.: https://youtu.be/GneX0gRpKC8 T…[View]
101264240Are we ready for this App?[View]
101263571So we all agree that Rolf is the most powerful cartoon character, right?[View]
101264536Reminder that Superman has killed more relevant villains than the Punisher has.[View]
101264683where do I go to watch cartoons?[View]
101264773I'M 6TEEN[View]
101254914Groo the Wanderer Storytime - 15: Here's some Groo-d comics you should read! Continuing our dai…[View]
101264383>May I have a glass of water What do you do?[View]
101264377Been on a He-Man mood and this came to me: Can these two be Manly friends or just enemies in combat…[View]
101261378rate his artwork /co/: can he make it big in the comics business?[View]
101263857Why isn't this shit on DVD in the US yet?[View]
101264718JJ flip, what the zip?[View]
101263210>absolutely no Quinn r34 of any kind Come on guys step up your game.[View]
101263792Now that the dust has settled, was Red Skull right? >inb4 'hurr he's just saying that to get…[View]
101262319What do you think about the recent changes to both of the American park’s Pirates of the Carribean r…[View]
101259887Who's the more successful Latino superhero in comics?[View]
101261629Reminder that Marvel keeps on trying to forget Toxin exists.[View]
101231029Batman: Dark Prince Charming #2 STORYTIME: Enrico Marini Bat-Magnus Opus is here. Let's read th…[View]
101258143>Look around, Batman! Society is crumbling, and you know why? Information overload man! As a soci…[View]
101263926why was his name Jack? he was explicitly a Japanese dude[View]
101251288>this was ralph bakshi's idea of a family friendly animated movie was the man literally insa…[View]
101253187Has an harem ending ever happened in western animation? Or at least bigamy[View]
101233195Stupid Episode cliches & Plot Twists: >Character makes up some bullshit story. >Story some…[View]
101252260>Increase price >Sales drop[View]
101261438...who was this show for?[View]
101262025Can we get an edit thread going? Here's a booru of edits done so far: http://4edit.booru.org/in…[View]
101258128Why did he disappear from the DCU /co/? Wasn't his series one of the better received from the N…[View]
101263960ITT: post /co/ mecha.[View]
101219462Tony Stark: Iron Man: Will Slott fuck up? Probably, but lets read it and find out anyway[View]
101253248have you ever tried to create a character only to find out that a character with the same exact desi…[View]
101263581Was this basically a better Rick and Morty?[View]
101263237>try to pitch a cartoon about the illuminati to adult swim >they get guards to lead me all the…[View]
101261422How the fuck did Kingdom Hearts 3 do a better job at recreating her face than Disney did in Scramble…[View]
101229559Fuck Bendis.[View]
101261315ITT: Lowkey best girls[View]
101250681So now that the dust has settled can we all agree this was the only comic port that got it right?[View]
101250365Homer was considered astonishingly fat at one point.[View]
101260056SU opinion: What’s the best gem (other than Garnet) and why?[View]
101244161ITT: characters who had no reason to exist[View]
101261759What does /co/ think of this forgotten nicktoon?[View]
101258758/whomp/: When Ronnie was a small child, he loved to read the comic collections in the bookstore. He …[View]
101261483Who did this?[View]
101260785Thundercats: Remember episode 1?[View]
101263147ITT: Times south park was wrong.[View]
101257143Daria & Jodie Instead of Jane: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/daria-slate-reboots-b…[View]
101258587>just turned 25 >suddenly uncomfortable being attracted to such young characters…[View]
101254580So did this two ever, you know....[View]
101252622So, you went to CalArts.[View]
101262847How these bastards get away with this ??? An anon has been repeatedly posting this disgusting furry …[View]
101262162this is how the comic book industry sees you /co/.[View]
101261480It took me months to figure out that this costume was supposed to be black, I thought it was hologra…[View]
101258103Super villain movies: Besides Doctor Doom & maybe MCU Loki. Is there any other marvel villains p…[View]
101256557No cameo. Not even a mention.[View]
101261214Hey /co/, I wanted to ask, is there a show you liked, that ran on too long? Were you afraid of going…[View]
101260802https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phOW-CZJWT0 You guys ready for more ANTS?[View]
101260994Why do the Big Two keep putting fit teenage girls in tight, sexy costumes then act offended when we …[View]
101258424how would you write the idea of reality being corrupted into a cartoon? what would it be like for a …[View]
101255979How the fuck did we get here?[View]
101260336>ninja master character >'remember my son, animal metaphor'…[View]
101261551Flemish /co/mrades: Thijs Desmet has come out with his debut album recently 'Van roken ga je dood' (…[View]
101252245Why is SpongeBob BETTER than Ren and Stimpy?[View]
101262033>tfw no goth prison bf[View]
101262142Let's have an animated music videos thread, and for the love of go post something that is not G…[View]
101252255JSA Storytime: My Faith in Frankie: Good evening /co/, Mike Carey/Sonny Liew let's see what thi…[View]
101262026Let's post some animated music videos, they technicly count as Cartoons and /mu/ is too obnoxio…[View]
101257540I rewatched this whole show again and I still can't figure out what the fuck Pink Diamond was t…[View]
101257685Heathcliff and Spike fight.[View]
101247350Why are there constantly new D&D-like fantasy anime but no modern D&D/fantasy cartoon? The m…[View]
101256811How long before they do live action Pixar remakes?[View]
101258537I wish 2000's DC didn't get such a bad rap. Post crisis through Flashpoint was a great era…[View]
101259585how do u store your comics /co/??[View]
101259145Was it Paul Dini's intention to ship Batman with every DC female ?: Every canonical characters …[View]
101261424w...when you notice all the checkerboarded floors in cartoons...[View]
101260310Behold, the purest Kryptonite!: Are you feeling weak, my friend, oh so weak?[View]
101261014Poisons: Poisons are cute, CUTE!!![View]
101258320https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu_Eag_NbVU Why does the lamp with the fat purple base consider hims…[View]
101257565Why does Superman need a shield on his cape when he has one on his chest?[View]
101246008Who is you favorite Batman villain /co/? Mine is arguably Mad Hatter[View]
101260684Hey /co/, what's your opinion about Sideways? Pic unrelated[View]
101259411Why hasn't he been expanded on within the lore? You think Scott Snyder or Morrison would take h…[View]
101260585Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: https://variety.com/2018/film/news/paramount-third-teenage-mutant-ninj…[View]
101260679Are there any comics or cartoons that have a seem similar theme to the banality of evil.[View]
101259466Finally just caught up with the Earth 2 storyline and I'm reading that Society got cancelled. I…[View]
101258564Gunnerkrigg Court: > Chapter 67: Page 22 > > Who knows > ------------ > Hey! If you …[View]
101252785How can such an innocent and pure show have existed in such a shitty fucked up world like this?[View]
101260557Why is it that whenever Wonder Woman covers her legs, either her comic goes to shit or the whole DCU…[View]
101252157Cloak & Dagger Talkback: I guess I will have to be the Cloak and Dagger thread guy for a bit unt…[View]
101260407Assassin's creed subject 4: I want to download it (pdf) but I can't find a way to do that,…[View]
101259379What did they mean by 'weenie'?[View]
101259274>WARNING! Incoming game >WARNING! Incoming game...…[View]
101259819Why do Marvel Spies wear white suits, WTF?[View]
101249608Reminder that they fucking died.[View]
101248096It scares me - legitimately scares me, that people on here enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man movies I m…[View]
101257736Ughhhhhhh: Congratulations /co/! You have been graced by the all mighty Lizard. He has granted you o…[View]
101255271>Show has obnoxious, shitty character that never gets punished or humiliated in any way.…[View]
101258666Incredibles 3 when?[View]
101207927Toonami Ratings for 6/16/18: Hoshiiro Girldrop will replace Dragon Ball Z Kai on June 30th at midnig…[View]
101257728>still no Bobs Burger's video game[View]
101257281Gateway Comics: What was your gateway into the world of foreign comics? Mine was Blacksad.[View]
101188959>Tfw Elastigirl is now unironically used as body goals on social media. Based Pixar.…[View]
101248624Shannon: Let's talk Shannon.[View]
101255238Wow, squirrels must love you. Because you're nuts.[View]
101253573What writers are overrated in your mind?[View]
101258482Nicktoons: Pitch a Nicktoons crossover movie.[View]
101259582Am I alone in wanting to see a movie about some more obscure or lesser set of super heroes? I person…[View]
101257643Harvey Beaks: I know we just had a thread earlier this week but the show was just put on Hulu and I …[View]
101252195Deadass this goes hard af https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QBQkkotcEME[View]
101244584Does he have any powers?[View]
101249425Mighty Max: Anybody remember this show from the 90s? Let's give Mighty Max some love, if you do…[View]
101256327This is a masterpiece[View]
101257247Thoughts on code lyoko /co/?[View]
101250056ITT: Villain bromances[View]
101258881Venom's design: Why is Venom's design so similar to Spiderman? Considering the fact that P…[View]
101254502Why is Debbie so much hotter than Debbie?[View]
101257947Birdboy: Has /co/ watched The Forgotten Children? Who knew that the country of Spain had just passio…[View]
101244351This is Vixey /co/. Apparently according to Tim Burton she was the most boring thing he's ever …[View]
101253431At what point does this go to shit? Jaka's Story?[View]
101253771Chop Sooky Chooks Appreciation Thread: Anybody here remember this show from 2008? I remember seeing …[View]
101248628would you?[View]
101255861So, where does the DCEU go from here?: Wonder Woman established that being part of Snyder's shi…[View]
101253185Canon instances of Bimbofication in /co/ material?: Pic very much related. Damn, that movie was weir…[View]
101250367Ok so we can assume Violet dyes her hair, so which would be a better natural hair color Blonde (dad)…[View]
101257363So I started reading Vol. 1 of Ms. Marvel because, fuck it, why not, it's free. What the fuck? …[View]
101258360Tropes you like: >character makes up a ridiculous name that couldn't be real >someone ans…[View]
101239906What went so wrong?[View]
101258180What'll it be fellers, mustard or ketchup?[View]
101241765Mr enter is started his Flip-Flopped rip off indiegogo campign: I'm shocked he still thinks he …[View]
101243315Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: I just finished watching every episode of Foster's. I…[View]
101253894>>In the original Age of Ultron ending, all the Ultrons would merge together to make a mega Ul…[View]
101255030How does /co feel about this image?[View]
101253952Which one?[View]
101257987>daboru toriporu speciaru delakusu barga Goddamn I thought the japanese kept the broken engrish o…[View]
101246450Storytime: Renew Your Vows #20: Alright guys, I have some time to kill, so settle down with a drink …[View]
101256798Is there any hulk run that can top peter david's?[View]
101252500Bertstrips thread[View]
101257844>He unironically calls them 'capes'[View]
101252126How much damage has he caused? How much more damage can he cause? Why does everyone in the comic ind…[View]
101257284This is Teraknid. Say something nice about him.[View]
101251602Would you watch Ice Age 6 if it was about the baby from the first film meeting the guys again? At th…[View]
101246306Adventure Time: So, the shitty Minecraft episode is coming July 20th. When's the finale? Whenev…[View]
101242382Goth Girl Thread: Hey guys its my birthday lets post some goth girls[View]
101255227You guys hyped for cyberfrog?: Cyberfrog is gonna be coming out soon and so fucking pumped.[View]
101257441green lantern: reminder, Kyle is best boy[View]
101247720Why did this episode create so many lesbian/bi's?[View]
101255767Cartoons that have no right to exist: The only impressive thing about this show is one person does a…[View]
101250172Can we talk about Butch Hartman?[View]
101254951Taz-Mania and Duck Dodgers are coming to the Boomerang App soon https://www.toonzone.net/forums/thre…[View]
101247235Big City Greens Thread: New Episode http://disneynow.go.com/shows/big-city-greens/season-01/episode…[View]
101254632When are we going to be finished with this shitty era of anti-heroes, deconstructions, subversions, …[View]
101241630Is this show getting good ?: Saw the first two episodes, I hated it[View]
101256973>'Girls, come on! Leave the 'saving the world' to the men? I don't think so!'…[View]
101249811Do you prefer Heinberg's or Gillen's run?[View]
101254094Are they children turned into trolls?: Also Stand Still Stay Silent thread, I suppose[View]
101254116Post original vintage artwork in B&W: Because they looked infinitely better than with the limite…[View]
101255819So now that Bendis has taken over where can I go for my Superman? New 52 had Adventures of Superman …[View]
101210459This shit needs to stop.[View]
101255048who owned Gas?[View]
101250684What did /co/ think of this?[View]
101252455Will we EVER get a proper theatrical Mickey Mouse movie?[View]
101256387Devil's Candy: >Mark's soulmate http://devilscandycomic.com/…[View]
101252980Should this be a live action movie?[View]
101255046Anyone remember this comic?[View]
101239631Write a Doom solo: Well? What'd be the main story? The supporting cast? Would you explore Doom…[View]
101248579>Incredibles >working together is better than trying to go at it alone >not everyone shoul…[View]
101256372What are some comfy cartoons to watch at night?[View]
101254802What are the best jokes on the Animaniacs? (In your opinion)[View]
101249250Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Teenage Mutant Antifa Gecko storytime.[View]
101256076Itchy and Scratchy: Would you watch it if they did a mini spin off of Itchy and Scratchy? 15 minutes…[View]
101249046Webtoon advice?: /co/ is probably the worst place to go for advice, but.... I want to make my own an…[View]
101251622>Studio killers want to play with the big boys[View]
101252851>tony tries to permanently de-hulk she-hulk after she finds out that she shot bruce into space Wh…[View]
101251799Miles Morales: Here's an incomplete list of titles currently selling better than Miles: >Bar…[View]
101251968Sin City: Is the Sin City comic good? Also can you read everything in the trades? I see there’s a bu…[View]
101250381Why was Wonder Woman such a flop?[View]
101248642What is the Godhand of /co/? >looks like shit >sold like shit >reviewers hate it >most p…[View]
101253877Castlevania returns this Fall: http://frederator-studios.frederator.com/post/175123958542/whens-the-…[View]
101249568/mu/sic based on /co/mics or cartoons. Whatcha got?[View]
101253775Could you live in a world, where Toons are real, and one just became your neighbor?[View]
101237459I am surprised that Stark or Shield never thought to create an army or unit of cyborg soldiers? Also…[View]
101254630Why does this kid named Luis from this German film look like that? Also, Asian Girl And Maids. https…[View]
101247700Voltron: Legendary Defender (Hot Mom Edition): S6 discussion and more S7 speculations. What do you t…[View]
101253411if you had 5 TPBs to convince someone comics are actually good, which 5 would you pick?[View]
101247770Why didn’t they notice he was the Joker[View]
101252101ITT: Characters who are/were severely underutilized[View]
101250449Smallville Season 11 storytime pt. 8: Where Clark and Lois wander around Earths Previous thread: …[View]
101254097*DRAMATIC MUSIC*[View]
101253963Been watching the Netflix series and enjoyed it very much. Any Luke Cage comic essentials for me to …[View]
101244952Are there any fat characters in cartoons that dont just revolve around >lol dude im lazy and i e…[View]
101251332I just marathoned the Futurama episode with the Robot Devil . So, if the Robot Devil can only take …[View]
101253250Why did the campaign Bigs Kids Go First fail?[View]
101248968Are you curious, /co/?[View]
101251350Full cast list revealed for “Ant-Man and the Wasp”[View]
101248736So after everything weve been through, all the years and all the memories, this is how it all ends[View]
101228418Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider #20 storytime: In which Kaine gets kicked in the nuts[View]
101253335What are some spooky moments in /co/ related media?[View]
101253396It'd be easy. Like raping a toothpick.[View]
101250177Why are organizations such a Cobra, Hydra, Shocker, Zeon, and Chronos so fascinating? Don't lie…[View]
101232751Now that slott left, we can finally have the good spiderman back? MJ is not dead, Black cat will be …[View]
101251435>Hasn't updated since the 18th Why do webcomics do this?[View]
101253173Original Egg Bosses or New Egg Bosses?[View]
101243515What is your opinion about Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman[View]
101250858They should make this into an episode.[View]
101242852Are you ready, /co/?[View]
101251606It's Summer!: There's 104 days of summer vacation And school comes along just to end it So…[View]
101208214Sonichu: What would you say has been your favorite Saga? How do you feel about the current haitus? A…[View]
101252784Just saw this show. It's fantastic. Best ThunderCats show ever. It will be a favorite among man…[View]
101252777cute girl/boy thread[View]
101252737Meet Señor Hildago. You will have unpleasant sex with him tonight.[View]
101252282I kicked him as hard as I could...in his teshticles[View]
101231750Overhated Cartoons[View]
101252345So whats the appeal of Spider-man?[View]
101243843Will she ever have a female voice actor?[View]
101249863Is The Hollow worth watching all the way through? I saw the first two episodes and, while they were …[View]
101244614Stuff we believed as kids: I used to think Gollum from the Rankin Bass versions of 'The Hobbit' and …[View]
101251218White Trash: Anybody up for a White Trash thread?[View]
101247961Daria & Jodie Instead of Jane: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/daria-slate-reboots-b…[View]
101242533Does Ultron know that he has a brother? Is some part of Pym hiding that information from him? Becaus…[View]
101249887Remember when you stayed home from school and watched Cartoon Network?[View]
101233960Why was he called 'Master' Shake?[View]
101250835Chip Zdarsky: Does anyone else really like this guy? His Spiderman run is better than Amazing and th…[View]
101251558Started watching Daria based on a thread of the reboot and I love it. Why aren't more girls lik…[View]
101247794Which state is the worst?[View]
101251903Unnnnnnnnnfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff... (Clip In Italian) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FtFr…[View]
101242070Tartakovsky/McCracken-esque art styles: What are your thoughts on the art styles of creators like Ta…[View]
101248326Early Screening for Hotel Transylvania 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgWQPjcpu5k Does anyone he…[View]
101249836Shitty sequels to comics[View]
101251401What was his problem?[View]
101251279Wakfu/Dofus thread: MiG showing us a chunk of pages from Ogrest 3 https://www.instagram.com/p/BkQDaL…[View]
101251189>MY BODY IS 400 POUNDS OF MUSCLE![View]
101249959whats his name again?[View]
101250447What sort of buffs does Frank’s ‘Battle Roar’ ability give?[View]
101246217Bessie is cute.[View]
101245901Sequential Art: >So very dirty https://www.collectedcurios.com[View]
101250522>leaving a corpse inside a building for several decades What the fuck's wrong with the peopl…[View]
101242474Do gay characters really deserve more representation in /co/ media?[View]
101247887Did they ever follow up on that 'Three Jokers' bullshit?[View]
101246157Was she a good villain?[View]
101245838Blackfire: >Blackfire with a tail[View]
101250466Won't you let them in /co/? They're just hungry after all.[View]
101234504Immortal Hulk #1 storytime: >You’d never notice the man. He doesn’t like to be noticed. He’s quie…[View]
101249582Heavy Metal Magazine: Does anybody here read Heavy Metal magazine? I love the magazine and Grant Mor…[View]
101249242Why did you say that name?[View]
101250290Spawn chronological reading order: Has anyone seen this list? I saw it many years back. It was the f…[View]
101242795Those are supposed to be baggy pants! BAGGY![View]
101247006Between the Punisher and Batman, who’s the bigger asshole?[View]
101249535They told me the fun would never end.[View]
101249071So why did they beat the shit out of him after he was back to normal?[View]
101241970Season 4 is coming July 20.[View]
101248294Have you been enjoying the 'New Age of DC Heroes'? What your favorite? Least favorite?[View]
101250200When will we get a buddy comic with thanos and skreet?[View]
101247163Batman & Zatana are perfect for each other: Batman and Zatanna should have their own team-up ser…[View]
101247214Nick said hell no to putting sausage Gumball on its channel and instead they are producing it for Ne…[View]
101249349Why didn’t Thanos just use the time stone to save Titan?[View]
101250023This much overkill over sweets?: I felt so bad for him[View]
101249994Why do you people watch serialized animation made for television when feature length work is obvious…[View]
101249975you're not a real scarer[View]
101247791>How to enjoy /co/ media[View]
101243753How well would Dante and Virgil fare in the Marvel universe?[View]
101248978/oots/ general: Latest comic here. Prediction: [spoiler:]V gets vamped, gets sucked up by the fiends…[View]
101242291would you?[View]
101243799DOA: Is this the Blacking of Joyce?[View]
101246631So, this pretty much gurantees thor comics never being for a very long time?[View]
101244752Invincible: Is this the legacy of Invincible?[View]
101248987What did Marvel do specifically that caused their sales to drop so low?[View]
101247608Race the Joker, Batman![View]
101234849When did the crappy calarts style really started? When did it went on the wrong path?[View]
101246642Injustice vs Masters of the Universe: Batman recruites He-Man in order to fight Injustice Superman. …[View]
101244326>You want to put your WHAT in my vagina?[View]
101244148https://youtu.be/HT0PjSR3bfE Ankama's brand new cartoon project looks great. Just like Wakfu it…[View]
101246010ITT books you'd like to see turned into comics: HARD MODE: you can't mention Gravity'…[View]
101248776Door is ajar. Door is ajar. Door is ajar. Door is ajar. Door is ajar. Door is ajar. Door is ajar. Do…[View]
101243305>*teleports behind you* nothing personnel clown[View]
101249164IT'S FINALLY MINE![View]
101248111is it Booty Butt Cheeks, or Move Them Butt Cheeks? I like to think it's booty butt[View]
101249088Egghead confirmed for Ant-Man and The Wasp[View]
101248949Do you agree with me that GMOD animations are of better quality than this picture? https://www.youtu…[View]
101245826Can we have a good Gorilla thread. There are plenty of good gorillas in comics right?[View]
101243983If someone make a fresh prince of bel-air animated series, would anyone watch it?[View]
101245475Hey /co/, I'm looking to get into Hellboy, what collections do I buy? Already got the omnibus v…[View]
101242722Uh, what's gonna happen if he goes evil?[View]
101248801At what point did thos show become about little adults than kids?[View]
101237936>dude it's like lord of the flies >except it's whimsical and talks about gender issu…[View]
101242673Are these two the best writers working today?[View]
101223732Infinity Countdown - Black Widow #1 Storytime: Follow the Space Stone in London![View]
101172358South Park: Let's talk about this Ike[View]
101248425Talking Tom & Friends: There wasn't a new episode last week, but there is one this week. I…[View]
101234259Finally catching up on Arrow and holy shit she is the fucking worst. Oliver should have gotten back …[View]
101248286>he man character is an emaciated skeleton >appears in a world AIDs day charity comic Didnt th…[View]
101239918Heathcliff is eating garbage.[View]
101247072>In the new season of the animated series, Rapunzel goes venturing outside of the kingdom in sear…[View]
101247673So how will the inevitable direct-to-video 'movie' play out?[View]
101229547>Put your heart and soul into a cartoon for years filled with blood sweat and tears. >People o…[View]
101247397A runabout. I'll steal it! No one will ever know![View]
101244391When Disney owns Fox it means they'll combine their streaming service into one, pretty tempting…[View]
101241154Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/06/20/cowabunga-paramount-relaunchin…[View]
101244836The Great Sayaman arrived at Marvel/DC: What happens? PS: He is secretly Gohan[View]
101246886Is he going to hook up with a Mobian? LOL. >“I always try and do the polar opposite of what I jus…[View]
101247530what are your favorite episode, /co/mrades? it can be any show.[View]
101246107>live action Aeon Flux this is gonna be shit.[View]
101246375Bone Thread: Happy National Selfie Day![View]
101246120Was dee dee a bad person?[View]
101245487I PEED MY SUIT BARRY[View]
101244619Vanessa was cuter than Ariel.[View]
101223951Is this the biggest case of nudity on a Disney film?[View]
101247293small stuff doing big stuff or the other way around: what do you prefer? high octane action animatio…[View]
101247288>FUCKING HELL MY COCK IS SOLID, OLLIE. What did Walt mean by this?[View]
101242782Swimsuit thread: Today is the first day of summer! Let's post cartoon characters in swimsuits t…[View]
101236292Do you remember the very first comic book issue you ever read? Mine was Batman 442. Bought it at a …[View]
101245328What would happen to pic related if Disney bought Viacom?[View]
101244217What was the general opinion on /co/ about this show?[View]
101246639Is this calarts?[View]
101243757If they rebooted Mission Hill, how would you want them to do it? Continue where the original left of…[View]
101232199are there any western harem cartoons?[View]
101246605Truly, she was the best girl in the show: Even better than Kai[View]
101246237If you're reading a specific run or story, how many issues do you tend to read a day? Is it a g…[View]
101225540What did /co/ think of this character?[View]
101243564Based Jimenez[View]
101240683Animation Thread: Maybe we can have a thread with a little better legs. Starting off with some Frenc…[View]
101245221wtf am I watching[View]
101236316So how is Bendis's Superman run? Is it worth reading?[View]
101235162Butch Hartman thinks 250K crowdfunded is enough to launch a family friendly streaming service https:…[View]
101246447Is this CalArts?[View]
101221094X-Men Gold: Is /co/ ready for the wedding that will definitely not happen? And will not end in Piotr…[View]
101237755Let's be honest If you were Evelyn and had her hypnotic goggles to control the Incredible famil…[View]
101219637'Warped' mashup characters to finally appear in INFINITY WARS tie-in one-shots: INFINITY WARS IRON H…[View]
101245476F.: Sad news everyone.[View]
101227671Disney officially owns 21st Century Fox.: What do you think is going through Alex Hirsch's head…[View]
101228338If Marge Simpson wasn't your first crush then you simply don't belong on this board[View]
101238130Questionable content: OR IS IT?????[View]
101243999Post your favorite alien[View]
101238681The Incredibles and Politics: What would the political debates about supers look like from either si…[View]
101241005Thoughts on Batmetal?[View]
101244022What's the deal with Indian girls?[View]
101206696ITT: Post the place where main characters reside[View]
101225291Multiversity: Never before have I seen a man so wrong in all my life, and I look at myself in the mi…[View]
101245987THICC: THICC THREAD![View]
101235286Now that Be Cool, Scooby-Doo is cancelled, what do you want out of the next incarnation?[View]
101217947Justice League #2 Storytime: Into The Totality![View]
101240972If you don't know who this is, get the fuck off my board.[View]
101221783Runaways #10 storytime: In which a fan favourite relationship ends forever! It's an official s…[View]
101245506How does this make you feel?[View]
101243073Marvel's Spider-Man season 2 discussion: So the second season of Marvel's Spider-Man start…[View]
101242723Why the fuck is the plum faced bastard so fucking boring[View]
101219757Batman - Prelude to the Wedding - Red Hood vs Anarky #1 Storytime[View]
101245254MCU Hero Power Rankings: GOAT Tier: Captain America Thor (Ragnarok+Infinity War) Top Tier: Ant-Man Y…[View]
101236683Groo the Wanderer Storytime - 14: Hello, Anons! There's never a bad time to start reading Groo!…[View]
101240566Underrated kino cartoons. I'll start. It's Lupin the 1st. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
101243578I wish RWBY is adapted to Anime by some talented Japanese Studios.[View]
101242924How does /co/ feel about animated let's play segments?[View]
101244598>'Walking Dead' Creator Sets First Amazon Series: Animated Comic Book Drama 'Invin…[View]
101238183/vld/ - Voltron Legendary Defender: Continuing Season 6 Discussion How are they going to make Senda…[View]
101243221is Mafalda pure Quino?[View]
101243722batman Reccs: I am looking for some GOOD mystery shit. I just finished Black mirror and it was decen…[View]
101241526why didn't she just get over it?[View]
101237759Ant-Man & The Wasp #2 storytime: Previous issue plus Ant-Man & The Wasp Living Legends one s…[View]
101244394Need help finding show: So it’s a YouTube series about a bird shaman thing and it’s animated like it…[View]
101244216ZOOO wwwwEEE MAMAA[View]
101239563This movie felt like they wanted to show off the city and world more than tell a decent story in it.[View]
101237498Has a comic's art ever impressed you?[View]
101241060Guess who's officially a disney princess![View]
101243324Is he souless?[View]
101223126Does anyone here watch this? Explain yourself.[View]
101243707What is your opinion on Judge Dredd? I think it is one of the better series out there, if not the be…[View]
101242289Can he be salvaged?: No, seriously, what the fuck is even going on with this character? He's go…[View]
101240886Who is your favorite Disney girl and why is it Queen Elsa of Arendelle?[View]
101241199new episode up http://disneynow.go.com/shows/big-city-greens/season-01/episode-04-cricketsitter-back…[View]
101237399Brainiac: Whats your favourite Brainiac story /co/?[View]
101239855>it's a children's cartoon makes a reference to something aimed at adults so parents do…[View]
101242774You fucked up BIG TIME, /co/... Now we only have 3-minuted previews instead of full episodes. It…[View]
101241703Bale > Affleck[View]
101221193Choose wisely.[View]
101243093What was her problem?[View]
101243141Good Morning, Sewer Babies![View]
101237682>that guy that lick his fingers to use those fingers to change the page of his comic…[View]
101241948chowder, lay off the garage sales[View]
101241335Hey /co/ I heard you like goth girls[View]
101240157Is he right?[View]
101239365Has he ever made anything outstanding? Because I tried rewatching some of his stuff, and it all feel…[View]
101239368>somebody drew this unironically[View]
101209735Post timeless designs[View]
101241533>Go to cartoon wiki >Go a minor character with a big fan base >(This character) is consider…[View]
101241481>MFW Reverse Trap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9kk0sSkPhY[View]
101234554Joker without makeup[View]
101234956please come back[View]
101241177Can you guys recommend me some really dynamic, epic, awesome comics full of flashy shit? I feel like…[View]
101241270Wildstorm Recommendation: I mostly found out about Wildstorm after Flashpoint and the introduction o…[View]
101237670Marvel's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Contains extra scenes that were not in the film[View]
101222069Captain America by Mark Waid and Leonardo Romero: Promised Land Storytime: The final solo Captain Am…[View]
101242699I genuinely can't tell if we're supposed to like her or not[View]
101236390Just watched this for the first time. I was crying with laughter through the entire thing. 'Genndy i…[View]
101234036I just got to reading Plastic Man #1 and it's even worse than I thought it would be. They fucke…[View]
101242247Will /co/ finally like this show? https://medium.com/@Mullerornis/seven-left-wing-reasons-to-despise…[View]
101240593What's next for Gumball? It can't get worse, right? Right?[View]
101236451Spongebob is the Barnes and Noble of cartoons.[View]
101241193What are the best comics or issues where spider-Man deals with the aftermath of Gwen's death ? …[View]
101238196Oh, your Highness! I'm sure it's not that-[View]
101231791Marvel’s Star Wars: Thoughts on Marvel’s Star Wars comics line? I thought Gillen’s Darth Vader and L…[View]
101235459Fuck Terry Long[View]
101241544What does /co/ think of these guys?[View]
101241018Why is Donna Tory allowed to wear a suit but Diana still looks like a hooker?[View]
101242191Why would anyone make Ed Edd n Eddy memes when Buff Scooter is a thing? The episode is Invasion of t…[View]
101239581What would sex with him be like? Would he tell you riddles and stuff during the act? Or is like his …[View]
101241684>silver surfer movie >entire film has no mention of any other heroes (just brief refrneces to …[View]
101239815Are Mickey's ears 'plates' or spheres? I'm early cartoons they never looked right to me.[View]
101238689So since DC has proven they are more than willing to fuck up an excellent status quo with one of the…[View]
101242253You (don't) get to bring friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy0SEaUHlSE https://www.youtu…[View]
101241725>cartoon is set with a monarchy type of government >subjects dont behead their king and queen…[View]
101242062Batman or Prof Layton : Who is the Smartest ?: Hershel Layton: 37 years old, archeology professor an…[View]
101217407I felt distracted way more than in the first one[View]
101238592Everything about this movie is disappointing goddamit[View]
101241391I saw a cool picture with Conan watching three hooded guys under a tree. Does somebody know the name…[View]
101236751I missed the part where that's my problem.[View]
101241253Bumblebee: Bumblebee thread?[View]
101241354Why was storm such a bitch?[View]
101241615Anyone who finds this critter pretty repulsive ??[View]
101240568I cracked the X-Men: I think I finally cracked the reason why the X-Men were so succesfull as a fran…[View]
101241024Joke/Batman reboots news: Could Disney consider doing a Ultimate MCU if the R rated Joker movie Succ…[View]
101235703>Water Tribe Ass >Earth Kingdom Tits >Fire Nation Sex Drive >Air Nomads ?…[View]
101217768Gunnerkrigg Court: > Chapter 67: Page 21 > Some problems in that sector. > http://gunnerkri…[View]
101234603Venture Bros Season 7: SPOILERS: Part one of the synopsis of the season 7 premiere screened at Adult…[View]
101239813Johnny and Gaston meet...: ...what happens next? in case of a pose-off battle, name their BGM https:…[View]
101233656Comics and video games are both interactive mediums that we push forward at our own pace with our mi…[View]
101235269How did he know who squidward was? Should’ve said he looked like Cad Bane[View]
101238449Wait.... there's gonna be ANOTHER One?[View]
101238049Was it worth the wait?[View]
101236723Do you like fourth-wall breaking comics or moments in cartoons /co/?[View]
101225886>Homestar toons from the early 2000s still hold up today You can't say that for practically …[View]
101239450How many comics have you read? All the classics? What are some glaring omissions to your have-read l…[View]
101220687Avengers 4: Taking into account what we know so far, what do you want to see in this?[View]
101241061ITT: so bad it's good webcomics I'll start with vegan artbook aka the king of strawmans, …[View]
101239830Would you take a trip to Cooties Bar?[View]
101238147What do you think about Dark Knights Metal event?: I think that it's started good, in most of t…[View]
101236785Eh, his iron man was pretty cool[View]
101239781Can someone put a Monster Zero Ultra in his girls hand She needs a real sip[View]
101239380What the fuck is this? http://thestudents.wikia.com/wiki/Students_Wiki[View]
101240782Who else had their mind go here in that one scene in Incredibles 2?[View]
101229454You're one dynamite gal.[View]
101238582*My wife's sons you* Nothing personnel, kid[View]
101238138Were they a gay couple?[View]
101240580Has anybody else theorized that Edna is Violet’s real father?[View]
101236091>wake up >see this What do?[View]
101240522DICK lol[View]
101209725>Ed,Edd'n Eddy fanfiction >expected a fun story involving the Eds having goofy adventures…[View]
101237345Connie should have been the star of the show.[View]
101220887Amazing Spider-Man #801: NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HEY GOODBYE[View]
101237673Oh look, here comes Lumpy the School Snake.[View]
101237710what does /co/ think of this show?[View]

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