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103571587>South Park S22E4 >A Show About Lesbians For Kids >When the kids of South Park Elementary s…[View]
103573183Titans Rebirth: So, Teen Titans changed direction and team for a couple of months, and Titans as wel…[View]
103571313Can we talk about those super surreal episodes on otherwise normal cartoons? Basically those episode…[View]
103571804Across the Galaxy, it has come to this, Optimus Primal![View]
103571418>Hellboy reboot announced >Set photos and teasers are dark, moody, atmospheric, the director h…[View]
103573032Is their a cartoon I should be watching instead of wasting more of my life browsing on here[View]
103559087sp: so who's the most unstable after Cartman?[View]
103571017Heathcliff wears a beard and stovepipe hat.[View]
103572811https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJMHDGT629c >The Cartoon Industry is a sleezy bangbus with STD…[View]
103572583Is Venom a movie about Vore?[View]
103570358Was this comic any good?[View]
103571138What does /co/ think of On The Fastrack[View]
103570968Whats the deal with Connie towards the end of KOTH? She just sort of vanishes and never reappears.[View]
103501440Would this have worked best as a flashback episode or something that would take place in the present…[View]
103572472How does /co/ feel about the old west?[View]
103571982Hey guys I just saw VENOM™ from Sony Pictures™ (playing now in theaters) and I thought it was totall…[View]
103572076Now that it's over, were the Spongebob comics better than the new episodes?[View]
103562115Animation Domination General #1: Dabbing Live-Action Geriatrics Edition: THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY. SUNDAY…[View]
103562348Let's take a trip down the Marvel multiverse circa the very early 2000s.[View]
103572260Tell me stories about when superhero comics made you feel better.[View]
103572202Yolk face: ?[View]
103564420What if Marvel & DC shared the same universe?: >Who's Friends? >Who's Enemies? …[View]
103571004What if women were actually interested in Johnny, but he was indifferent or clueless to their advanc…[View]
103560492A kid that fears having to grow up and act 'mature' and hides in her own Neverland is a fun premise,…[View]
103564445Shit you can't believe is real[View]
103571823South Park: >S22E05 >A Very Furry Problem >Shortly after quitting the presidency, Mr. Garri…[View]
103534589And it's yet another Zombie Simpsons episode based around a reference that became dated by the …[View]
103571765secret Venom OST track: Heres to hoping that you guys can find this song I cant find for the life of…[View]
103565594Batman: Snyder Run Pt. 14: >Prior Threads >>103308943 >>103315830 >>103337712 …[View]
103571502Wait a second, why is Platinum Platinum instead of Silver? She is the token girl of the group, but d…[View]
103565564What does this change[View]
103535858Whoa: Make your own Superhero/Supervillain! powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random Roll for a ra…[View]
103567237How did they get away with this?[View]
103568806Are you watching decorating Disney: Halloween magic? Looks decent so far. reminds me a lot of the wo…[View]
103534363Ducktales S2 trailer is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZa_hAPwSog are ye ready lads ?…[View]
103567336Storytime: Wheel of Time: The New Spring #1-4 Continued from >>103564957[View]
103571144>Adult character has a kid that hangs around with them >It's their nephew/niece…[View]
103570946Why does adult dil look like he sells bath salts?[View]
103516812Hilda thread. I'm not gonna let you forget this precious jewel of a show /co/[View]
103567760Honestly the idea behind Peng was great. Out of all the garbage that the 'Legends of Awesomeness' di…[View]
103571087/co/ x /fa/: What you wearing ATM? /co/ Edition: Post what /co/ related clothing are you wearing ATM…[View]
103551414Do you think Lois knew that was Brian in disguise?[View]
103570999South Park: What if turns out in Episode 300 that all of the events of Season 19 and after were sata…[View]
103566530We can all agree Miki Brewster's the only good boarder of SU, right?[View]
103569973Constantine: Not bad, all things told. Definitely more gore than I was expecting, and that ending ph…[View]
103567156I just found out this part of the Disney canon[View]
103559889https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJMHDGT629c >another ytber discussion What are your thoughts on t…[View]
103561240I want to make cartoons but i'm worried people will masturbate to it.[View]
103570806>'I can give you a (You) if you...' What did he mean by this?[View]
103570249Would Frank Grimes be your friend or enemy?[View]
103559387So, did Diane even learn a lesson in this season? She was such a bitch. Also, what did you fags thin…[View]
103566246Friendly reminder that if you like Venom, you're gay.[View]
103564569The Sniper from TF2 is now the Main Character of Arrow. What Happens?[View]
103570157Is Hope a lovable rascal or grating bitch?[View]
103555464Transformers General:Barricade Edition: How does he do it lads? He's an evergreen character now…[View]
103568400Flaky is a girl[View]
103568346What female /co/ character would be better as a trap?: Pic related[View]
103568175Daily Asterix Storytime - 15: Asterix and the Roman Agent! Originally publsihed in 1970! Previous St…[View]
103564011sp: >fell for sweet home-schooled Rebecca but accidentally turned her into a slut and then gets b…[View]
103567120Why didn’t he stop 9/11?: Even if he couldn’t fly in 2001, he had X-Ray vision.[View]
103558957Okay, Titanic is the worst animated movie ever made But do we agree that at least the main girl is h…[View]
103554351Can she still be 'Captain Marvel' with this suit?[View]
103569089How do you feel about this new film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EezOE9WtvU[View]
103566141Rei or Asuka /co/?[View]
103565259If puppets are /co/ related, what do you think of netflix's cooking show The Curious Creations …[View]
103568715Thots on Dora and her delicious brown legs?[View]
103512443Iroh/Ozai: So, what was the drill between Ozai and Iroh? How do you think their relationship was lik…[View]
103569158Toffee is the only good thing to come from this show: Toffee's Season long storyline remains th…[View]
103569097Robert Kirkman: Kirkman is a great writer, stop pretending he isn't just because you're to…[View]
103568608Anyone here a fan of the Annotated Series / Annoverse?[View]
103568670>Tropes you love >Tropes you hate Hardmode: Say 'why' for both.…[View]
103565609So how come some Mexican kids worshiped a young American white boy?[View]
103565978Itt: /co/ characters with hockey masks.[View]
103568832Thanks for making me feel better about myself. http://flowerandnose.smackjeeves.com The Flower and T…[View]
103567456How about our good ol monthly /co/ boys thread?[View]
103563951Anyone else think their bond was far more Firestorm than Venom?[View]
103567288WEIRD COMIX #000: Story time :)))[View]
103566820> 10. West Coast Avengers (2018-) #1 Really bad digital sales, is this book already done? Will Ma…[View]
103556714Make a wish, /co/.[View]
103565567What the FUCK[View]
103548812What is your favorite Wonder Woman outfit? If she updates again, what should she wear?[View]
103563491Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover: anyone got a pdf of this? really interested in reading it.[View]
103565555Has Zeta ever appeared in mainstream comics?[View]
103566630Is the new episode any good ?[View]
103568331why don't they get away with things like this more often?[View]
103540748It's Out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN_Kbltsqx4[View]
103567021Was looking through a Catalog of Posters online and just found that SONY just recycled a Spiper-Man …[View]
103563849>they adopted that stupid tattoo into the comics for like a decade afterwards Colin Farrell'…[View]
103563583What did all the girls see in him?[View]
103563005Who's this pink haired harlot?[View]
103555770Stop with this Gay Shit: whose tired of this type of sick, gay shit entering in their favorite TV sh…[View]
103567414Why doesn't Gordon ask Batman to plow the Riddler or Killer Croc? What makes the Joker so speci…[View]
103567642His form is justice. And his form is the world. Worship him. Give praise unto him. He, the beautiful…[View]
103566436BIG, STRONG, /CO/ CHARACTERS: The Hulk, The Juggernaut, The Rhino, Doomsday, Superman, doesn't …[View]
103567367>”Norman, what’s this thing called goblin slayer you’re watching?” >”Don’t tell harry”…[View]
103532536I don't get it[View]
103529822Sonic X: What was your problem with this show?[View]
103565109Storm Thread...: > Favorite stories & moments? > Favorite Outfit? > If she got another …[View]
103564290ITT: Best Boys: Marc a cute. CUTE ! I wanna give him a hug and be his friend. What are some other /c…[View]
103565875The Sculptor: I finished this today before work and fuck did I make a mistake doing that. Whatever t…[View]
103525595ITT tropes you love: >Alternate universe has good versions of the original universe's villai…[View]
103567018Symbiote vs Parasyte: Who would win?[View]
103566956'Leave TTG to us'[View]
103566829How do I publish online some novel with cartoon drawings like a light novel? Do people read online n…[View]
103563239Comic Book Scripts: What does a comic book script look like? Does the writer describe each panel or …[View]
103552410What, no reaction thread?[View]
103534440Iron Fist: https://www.google.com/amp/s/io9.gizmodo.com/holy-cow-iron-fist-has-been-cancelled-by-net…[View]
103560737DISNEY, DID YOU NOT LEARN FROM LLOYD IN SPACE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cnWahWLOMY[View]
103565043/co/ Romances: What are some great /co/ romances ? PS: Mods, you can't even see their buttocks,…[View]
103560519>Marvel headquarters, 1974 'Okay, Editors, hear me out: how about we make a character that is Bat…[View]
103563221Who was in the wrong?[View]
103561295Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why is Baxter a child now?[View]
103565110Is there a way to make my deviantart private? Like my submissions, or to make sure nobody can commen…[View]
103565966What the hell was his problem?[View]
103562520what the fuck was this?[View]
103565851He really needs to write a Metal Men series.[View]
103565617BPRD Devil You Know Ending on Issue #15: Issue #15 will be the final issue of the entire BPRD series…[View]
103565458Why was the magic school bus so fucking good![View]
103560889Wallpaper Thread: Wallpaper thread. Post your /co/ wallpapers![View]
103563153Why wasn't she in the final episode?[View]
103554336Inferior ships: Because in your favorite show there is always an objectively inferior ship than your…[View]
103564046MegaMind: What did you guys think of MegaMind. Twas Underated Kino IMO.[View]
103562469I need pictures of /co/ cuties with pixie cuts, stat![View]
103564986Help me friends! In search of a title I read during my childhood and I have very vague information o…[View]
103556037Chick P: Is she hot?[View]
103564957Wanna do something a little different tonight, this here is a comic adaptation of my favorite book s…[View]
103562334Oliva VS Fisk: Discuss.[View]
103558756>the state of leftists in 2018[View]
103564149Trailer shmailer, here's your true source of hype for DuckTales Season 2[View]
103558085Is this list still accurate?[View]
103535349Hey /co/, check it out: Japan turned Thanos into a Dragon warrior for one of their children's c…[View]
103564720If Matt and Trey really want to #cancelsouthpark they should just show Batman's penis. Time War…[View]
103558615DC Primal Age: https://youtu.be/EOm5VLkHtHU What are your thoughts on this toy line? What are your h…[View]
103527141Kill six billions KSBD: Hole It's about to get rowdy[View]
103558712Yeah. This is uncanny.[View]
103557851>that one Marvel anime/cartoon airing in Japanese Disney Channel that is slowly getting dubbed in…[View]
103491024OK K.O.!: So is this show still a thing?[View]
103564431How do you feel about putting children into jail? If they only did pranks, that's obviously wro…[View]
103564389I don't hear enough people talking about Off The Air. It's not all animation, but it'…[View]
103564062Who was in the wrong here?[View]
103563803Just rewatched Kung Fu Panda today Let's have a thread about the series[View]
103554964Spiral: >Six Hands[View]
103563308>Uses all kinds of high tech armament, bladed implements, explosives, chemical elements, top of t…[View]
103560685Real question about the original Spider-Man trilogy, not Raimiposting: Was the Green Goblin just an …[View]
103562029What if she ate it anyway?[View]
103562156Scorpion: Remember when Gargan's jaw was punched clean off? Marvel's artists don't se…[View]
103559875WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THESE WERE SO GOOD???: It's a series of Italian books where college mice…[View]
103563493Why don’t western comics have concrete power systems like this? I feel it would help immensely with …[View]
103559568Was this the last good comics event? Was it even all that good?[View]
103560378TDR beat TTG: According to Cake Entertainment (Total Drama's distributor), Total DramaRama just…[View]
103558817Spider-Man Far from Home[View]
103560126What were Korra's best feats?[View]
103550369MCU CAP: is it really over? is he really gone? are they killing him in A4?? how do we get best boy b…[View]
103552119>dark humor >venom calling Eddie a pussy >full on head eating >sexy she venom This was g…[View]
103562827ITT: forgettable, by-the-numbers garbage[View]
103558453How do Dickfags feel knowing that their favourite character committed infidelity while engaged?[View]
103560469What did he mean by this?[View]
103555300What do you think of that take at explaining street harassment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUGD…[View]
103560842Oh, oobee doo- I wanna be like you~ I wanna walk like you- Talk like you- too~ You'll see it…[View]
103562599What would happen if Penny from 'The Amazing World of Gumball' Shapeshifts into Godzilla? There is o…[View]
103562191What made Batman Beyond so good?[View]
103559947https://youtu.be/GJMHDGT629c >calarts blacklists are real >/co/ was actually right about every…[View]
103561510I'm not a big comic book reader, I've read Ultimate Spider-Man, a good amount of Daredevil…[View]
103559676Must accelerate at high force[View]
103560336CHEMISTRY: Satan demands that we talk about character dynamics. >>103556666 How should groups …[View]
103561235AVENGERS 700. New member: So who?[View]
103539420/Spooktober/: The /co/ thread for all things Halloween! Discuss films, cartoons, comics, and everyth…[View]
103560695JonCon: He's a hypocritical, irredeemable bastard, isn't he ? There's no real decency…[View]
103531849Bootleg thread[View]
103550282Season 1 has finally ended: >Be Bob Akon >You have Terminal 7 Brain Cancer or some sort of adv…[View]
103559506Things you can say about your comic collection but not your partner[View]
103561585Summer thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq-TvpJ2hPI[View]
103557450>Show has a good art style. >It's animated like shit >Show has cheap-looking art style…[View]
103558477How do good stories about Superman, Wolverine and Deadpool work when the audience knows the bero can…[View]
103560727Teen Titans Go Murder[View]
103560577Oddguy has released a new video. If what his source says is true, there is a reason why cartoons the…[View]
10356007312oz Mouse: I'm so fucking glad we finally got an ending, this show was so underrated. It was r…[View]
103559982CYBERSLAV: slavkino is back on the menu boys https://youtu.be/3k5KWFnnXK4[View]
103551903Did the Grinch have autismo?[View]
103561839Hank Throwing Out Bobby's Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-ruuKFyQBM I used to not get …[View]
103561562This is the best opening scene ever made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJaRfoWHAAw[View]
103552734IF it happens. Who will we root for?[View]
103558925THE DIE IS CAST[View]
103559555Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: What does every think of the comics? I remember reading them when they…[View]
103549636Why should Marco get with her when she is toxic?[View]
103557582TMNT 2007: Has this aged like shit or was it never good?[View]
103555860>create a disvo themed character >disco died a year earlier For what purpose…[View]
103560544Lets say a Marvel fighting game were to be created without Capcom characters, would you play it? How…[View]
103499510waifu thread[View]
103559646i don't get it[View]
103559411Will thor comics ever be great again?[View]
103554952Besides squirrel girl. Has there been any character in comics or cartoons that been Retcon to be fat…[View]
103560580What's the latest news for the MCU? Having been paying attention.[View]
103556917How many references can a show make before it becomes a negative attribute?[View]
103556051Starfire: What exactly is he good at?[View]
103559320Would it be kino?[View]
103559445>late 60s hard rocker >also knight from fantasy realm Nightmaster has a really dull costume. N…[View]
103560078What's the /co/nsensus on DC Universe and Titans? Is all the content on the app worth it? Did T…[View]
103553762What the hell even was /co/co/'s bizzare adventure?[View]
103558708Oh no...[View]
103558850So it's Wiley right?[View]
103558858He's Coming.[View]
103531513Remember when Rebecca Sugar ruined the bickering sister aspect of their relationship because she can…[View]
103560361Chairpersons: I like the fact that the JLA and Avengers used to have bylaws and beauracracy. Makes i…[View]
103560308The brazilian dub of this show is really good, I must admit. Do you like Top Cat too, /co/?[View]
103560183>Real men wear fishnets, bruv What did Marvel mean by this?[View]
103554459September 2018 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 100's: TOP 100 COMIC BOOKS - Based on Total Unit S…[View]
103558312was it always shit?[View]
103559706Why doesn't Ziggy wear pants?[View]
103558254(drops barrel on his foot) Gah! Hot Belgian Waffles! (beat) Wait, I'm alone. I can swear for re…[View]
103558478I've seen pixar's 'UP': Yeah, I'm a little pink pokemon, but I've only done it n…[View]
103503004ITT: canonically busty cartoon girls[View]
103558172'What's your sources, Eddie?': In 'Venom', why didn't Eddie just say he's got his inf…[View]
103556145I've recently watched Violet Evergarden, and it is probably the single one most breathtakingly …[View]
103558781>Going back to the newspaper >Monitor is in this year's crossover Crisis on Infinite Eart…[View]
103535108Kamala's thread: Did you enjoyed her last issue? Is it me or is it feel like series coming to …[View]
103546089Opinion of the clone conspiracy?[View]
103555393Fatman on Batman: What went wrong?[View]
103559275any good comics like scott pilgrim or Hilda? in cartoon style and involving adventure? random pic[View]
103489006What is Katie Rice doing these days?[View]
103542664Mystery Skulls Animated: Hellbent released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN_Kbltsqx4[View]
103541707Batman: Hush STORYTIME: Continue from >>103536692 Well, I've decided to storytime all of …[View]
103534023ITT: Shows only you remember[View]
103546464When is it coming out?[View]
103558523Who is the most punished /co/ character?[View]
103541872Which TV incarnation of the Titans did you prefer?[View]
103557424does anybody remember the era in the 2000s when watching stupid flash animations online was the most…[View]
103558890Lex, I thought you were at work.[View]
1035464386 years ago when Thanos appeared in Avengers' credits, did you imagine he'd become the big…[View]
103558727Who will kick the bucket first?[View]
103536537Post amazing covers[View]
103549500>Due to a WGA rule regarding animated films, the original Aladdin writers are receiving no compen…[View]
103558120Is this the most kino moment in Fantastic Four history?[View]
103557673X-man advisor: The x-man should seriously make some overhauls like non-mutant school teachers (hirin…[View]
103558347What would happen if Courage and Grommit swapped places?[View]
103556031>CN hasn't had a Scary Godmother double feature at 3pm everyday in October in over 3 years. …[View]
103558169Why is it that adult animation in the west 95% of the time has to be raunchy, pop-culture reference …[View]
103555187Batman Damned: They're going to release a volume of this eventually right? (Volume, collection,…[View]
103555450creepy co things thread post them https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5zoz6hE90YQFhc1T40lLziya2…[View]
103555934Raven: Best Raven?[View]
103556095I want to get into Dick Tracy comics where do I start ?[View]
103558137ITT: Only the strongest /co/ characters are allowed in this thread.[View]
103558103No you gay bastard! I’m gonna make you listen to Korn![View]
103557907Sever your legs please sir[View]
103557867OUT IM I?[View]
103555675Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Big Bad Wolf? Big Bad Wolf? Who's afraid of the Big Bad…[View]
103515325>Galaxy High was inspired by Urusei Yatsura and sought to adapt the material into a format more a…[View]
103551982What were they thinking?[View]
103556629Is he right?[View]
103547849Let's be honest here. Is it actually good?[View]
103557404Why, I do believe it's time for Silver Age comics! But enough about me, what've you got pl…[View]
103555276they're prostitutes, right ?[View]
103556858Think he'll team up with Garrison this season?[View]
103557500It's just a frog.[View]
103557526For all the monsters that get ignored around Halloween, do any get serious /co/ media For instances…[View]
103540156What is the worst event comic of Marvel and DC respectively? Who has the worst event comic of all ti…[View]
103555913Iron Fist: *Inhales*[View]
103556995Ozai did nothing wrong: .[View]
103553881Based: Still my favorite suit. Why is the webbing-like layer not used more often?[View]
103554244This Just Hit Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UyC3-FC7SY Skip to 4:15. This episode is from 199…[View]
103557194Even with all of the old writers on board, this still felt way more like the cringecore Solo Jean ep…[View]
103557167They did nothing wrong[View]
103557343Would /co/ like SU more if it was a bit more edgy? Or would /co/ hate it more?[View]
103556199Was it really so bad?[View]
103556666Groups/teams: What can we discuss about group dynamics in cartoon shows, /co/? What is the perfect g…[View]
103555437Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice: what does /co/ think of the left 4 dead comics? Is it better than the TF…[View]
103557119Gentlemen, Behold![View]
103549097Shogun Warriors: Marvel Comics presents... Toy Comics™[View]
103552398>the kid's cartoon adaptation takes it itself more seriously than the original live-action m…[View]
103557007What are some examples of episode commentaries being given in character? >On some episodes of Ki…[View]
103554951what is your yeti name[View]
103545283HIS HEART[View]
103541422how come there's no black people in the flintstones?[View]
103556791How many dozen of eggs did you eat as a lad?[View]
103555811Genuinely the most forgettable episode of south park[View]
103551132Deviant art thread[View]
103533659Astro Boy NOW Storytime #4: It's time for the Saturday Morning Storytime! This week we're …[View]
103556507Why do they talk so much in comics?: I know the style of writing isn't 'cinematic' but I feel u…[View]
103552918How come more characters dont use their mouths as weapons? Like Tombstone has razor teeth but never …[View]
103556449Where were you when Wally became a villain?: Based DC.[View]
103553742Fawcett adoration thread: Their 40's comics are still very enjoyable and funny. They created th…[View]
103548794Will you watch the series?[View]
103554937Batman new 52: I wanna start reading batman comics of the new 52s. Can someone give me the order to …[View]
103552041Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: Anyone here following SB&HJ comic? New book is coming out soon, thanks…[View]
103552327Constantine: City of Demons: Anyone else watch this movie that came out a few days ago? Any thoughts…[View]
103554981So /co/, what is the best comic to read and cartoon to watch for guys who worship female asses?[View]
103506493Who remembers this shit?[View]
103555308I'm so sorry Billy Black, people suck! It's not your fault Billy Black, people stink! Don…[View]
103519023Mr. /co/lympus Tournament 2018: The SEMIFINALS: Previous Thread: >>103497474 After a week has …[View]
103555106Show is different from the books so you have to hate it. quality logic. Books are better so you can…[View]
103554195Whats the appeal of this movie? I'm not even memeing, I don't get it. I dislike TS3. It d…[View]
103555065Video game adaptions: What other media based off video games are good?[View]
103543649Uh oh. The Humorist is up to his old tricks again![View]
103540092Superfriends: Darkseid Deception: Back again for another story thing. Tonight's episode feature…[View]
103555280All of you,become daughters of Thanos[View]
103555363Suffer-Man: Will Marvel ever publish Suffer-Man uncensored?[View]
103555051Mary Jane Watson: Who is best MJ?[View]
103553822Simply dreadful.[View]
103550030Who would you cast as him?[View]
103555229Colleen Wing - Iron Fist: Is she the best live action /co/ girlfriend?[View]
103550025I'm still not entirely sure why they rebooted this show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCfXZH…[View]
103555203Remakes: Best depiction of Spider-Origin?[View]
103538066HEY!: WHO BLEW THIS BUBBLE?[View]
103553724Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover: anyone got a pdf of this? really interested in reading it.[View]
103548109When will the Scooby-Doo franchise finally end?[View]
103553660So....who do you like more?[View]
103550517/co/ punches: ITT: /co/ characters punching[View]
103553754This is, and I mean absolutely no hyperbole, one of the top 10 most underrates series of all time. M…[View]
103540522Why was this allowed to happen, again?: For a show that prided itself in removing Ms. Bellum out of …[View]
103533383Is this really the best superman comics ? I guess it has the dialogue from the man of steel trailer …[View]
103553720 [View]
103540898ITT: Rape victims[View]
103553605What was her fucking problem?[View]
103554124Alpha Flight: I never seethese guys come up... anywhere. Are they worth reading ? I like the qt ging…[View]
103543062Would you watch it /co/?[View]
103529438Can it be Reggie time?[View]
103551617Okay Blythe Baxter is pretty perfect, but is she a Mary Sue?[View]
103544473SpongeBob Season 1: Do you agree with this scorecard?[View]
103552178Don't touch me[View]
103543541Exactly what can the Infinity Gauntlet do and what are its limitations? Why doesn't Thanos use …[View]
103554326>not watching Home Movies in the dead of night[View]
103553614How would you make a SCP tv show? Mostly focus on the SCPs themselves rather than the Foundation, a …[View]
103515424Why, I do believe it's time for Silver Age comics! But enough about me, what've you got pl…[View]
103554149At that height and weight it's only a matter of time before she collapses in on herself and for…[View]
103507990What the fuck does she add to the team?[View]
103544363The movie overall was really fun, but this boring, whiny, piece of garbage villain lowers the score.…[View]
103553868Suicide squad hell to pay: Is this based off a comic or an original? This was really good but is it …[View]
103550884Best cartoon villain currently. Prove me wrong.[View]
103543704Why the fuck has Tara Strong become the official voice for Harley Quin for years now? In Batman tas …[View]
103553764Big Kino: Name a better villain than this nigga in current cartoons. He reminds me of me…[View]
103550243Not nearly enough screentime.[View]
103553269Things you hate in cartoons, I’ll start: >Worst character in the show gets an annoying love inter…[View]
103536780RWBY Volume 6 is only 2 weeks away! Are you excited?[View]
103544436Remember that time Space Ghost made an informative video about Paper? https://youtu.be/YQsOvma5W2E[View]
103544910What the fuck was even the point of this?[View]
103552317does anyone know of any webcomic artists that draw similarly to this in style?[View]
103551948Toonami General #10: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u (embed) Toonami Q&A htt…[View]
103550434Mongul: I just read pic related. This guy can easily destroy Thanos. why did Mongul get nerfed so ha…[View]
103535361Does ANYBODY watch this show?[View]
103509186'You know why they call me Frieza bitch..'[View]
103529740>ITT: The exact moment the writers became creatively bankrupt[View]
103545913Predict the next Onceler/Tumblr FOTM/Husbando[View]
103533490The Ben 10 reboot certainly isn't any original series, or Omniverse, but it certainly seems to …[View]
103545601>you don't know what you got till its gone[View]
103540129What are some /co/ villains with strong conviction that live by their own philosophy? Basically some…[View]
103538887How come they were openly sexist but not racist or homophobic?[View]
103546537Remember when she hulk was fun character?[View]
103548337Heathcliff let the fly go.[View]
103497000Goku is faster than the Flash: >Goku did 100 Trillion sit ups in 50 seconds >That's 20 bi…[View]
103550378Where could John Lasseter go next after his long tenure at Disney?[View]
103551382Why was this allowed?: >Pixar announcing a Pixar movie as the winner https://www.metatube.com/en/…[View]
103545512Okay, this is epic: But which of them is more 'epic', bros?[View]
103550512Toonami General #9: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103543041Batman: Snyder Run Pt.13: Rolling hard atm!!! Dropped around 3:30 so I still gotta while to go! Alre…[View]
103551402>That Moment when your Traditionally Animated TV continuation that you made for profit with a dif…[View]
103540474JSA Storytime: Siegfried: Good evening owls, put out the cat, turn up the opera[View]
103537675When he turns out to be the villain, how many people are going to be on his side? >Wants to turn …[View]
103539972Why are Machines and Technology always Crap in Cape Comics?: Power armor never works against people …[View]
103550677hey everyone! its me! your best friend imperialdramon! 10 times better than that old and boring Omni…[View]
103523015What is WRONG with this fucking guy?[View]
103547487Venom discussion: Just saw Venom. That was a fun mess with a ton of Great moments and a ton of dumb …[View]
103547917I, Starscream, am now the new leader of the Decepticons![View]
103548472How can i show this to Zack Snyder to ask his opinion?: https://www.reddit.com/r/DC_Cinematic/commen…[View]
103550406new waifu?: can we please give Candita some more appreciation[View]
103549406Toonami General #8: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103546141sp: gay or just incredibly stupid[View]
103508243Peni Parker thread.: Last thread was great. We need more Peni Parker´s fanart.[View]
103546637Has anyone here worked on a superhero setting where super-humans are ranked according to various cri…[View]
103548344Which of the Disney Anthology films is the best? Let's include both versions of Fantasia.[View]
103542792Whats the final verdict?[View]
103547324>Stops wearing a speedo >Starts wearing fishnets What a gay character! And looks like he doesn…[View]
103540265who's the cutest death?[View]
103542351Scooby Apocalypse is up to Issue #30. You still reading? Are you intesrest in the new side story abo…[View]
103548249Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103546103Why Lex Luthor always want to kill Superman? If he was smart enough he could be his friend and make …[View]
103548816Why do Catwoman and Elektra still get laughed at today and be considered the absolute lowest point o…[View]
103542315Do you agree with the sentiment of this pic? I haven’t watched Winnie the Pooh for a very long time,…[View]
103539695last man: well i just finished this show and i feel like i'm screaming inside, also seasom 2 wh…[View]
103545056Was this any good?[View]
103544453Hey remember when critics gave Fan4stic bad reviews and /co/ claimed it was some misunderstood kino …[View]
103536658Erma Thread: Spirit’s Bloom Storytime Edition: It’s Erma’s Birthday today, so let’s celebrate with a…[View]
103545691ITT : Characters that were live adapted[View]
103548047DD is such a fucking cunt[View]
103547483Can someone describe the trouble Wizard World is in?: Is it financial? Are they on shit lists? There…[View]
103547270Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103540120What is it like taking weed?[View]
103547832Will Avengers 4 be the last big hit for Marvel will we finally start to see the superhero fatigue se…[View]
103546249Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103547006Meanwhile in other universe: >2008 >Iroman movie premieres >big failure >DC attack with …[View]
103536692Batman: Hush STORYTIME: Yesterday I brought you the magnificent and compelling mystery that was Iden…[View]
103535034/a/ has Yotsuba, but who is the official representative of /co/?[View]
103542939Was he a draw?[View]
103542110Venom homecoming: Why does he always take off his shirts? He's not a Hulk! And the end narrati…[View]
103544651sp: please explain the plot of ep Stunning and Brave because I can't figure it the fuck out…[View]
103545095Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/upgr1e6u Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103545853With the rumors of a Dark Avengers movie being in the works in the MCU, who do you think will be a m…[View]
103545997How would he feel about all the new moth memes normies keep posting?[View]
103543613Cease and Desist: Alright, /co/. My lawyer here is prepared to file suit if you keep up with the con…[View]
103539014Why does the South Park art style work well with so many characters?[View]
103543384I just read 1-5 of the recent Doctor Strange, I've been avoiding people talking about it here b…[View]
103527027Does /co/ prefer Batman or Spider-Man?[View]
103539192Does this even mean anything? From Television Business International.[View]
103539142https://youtube.com/watch?v=wqT-qjVsOO0 This shit right here? Fuck this shit. I hope the executives …[View]
103545301I'm an inspector Morty. I'm Inspector Rick![View]
103541457It's worth it, if I'm an artist, to draw in the Big 2? I always liked the sequential narra…[View]
103543772Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103537456VENTURE BROS.: I hate when the season ends. The threads go away :( Anyway, VB thread. What's a …[View]
103529820DEN - Neverwhere storytimes: You probably already know it if you watched the movie Heavy Metal or ju…[View]
103541068>character gets rich >loses all empathy for no reason and becomes an asshole >the episode e…[View]
103544719I wonder what Ralph thinks that that this movie is now owned by Disney?[View]
103516992Shows that never were: Lauren Faust once pitched WB pic related. What are some other cartoons we kno…[View]
103494349Storytiming the latest issue. Also Transformers General, I guess[View]
103544082Hey /co/, if were asked to make a chess set with marlel and bc characters, how you would choose the …[View]
103528729Why are they so perfect?[View]
103538061how the fuck do you guys keep up with all the superhero stories? there's like 80 different spid…[View]
103544296What’s your go-to emodge, anon?[View]
103530841Why are current artists afraid of drawing high-cut outfits?[View]
103540591Why is Grant Morrison regarded as a comics god when he’s the very definition of hit-or-miss?[View]
103533231How did he get away with giving so many kids a thicc and brown girl fetish?[View]
103543953Should we let the dragon turn to /a/ or turn them to /co/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHHs2hMU0…[View]
103534424#cancelsouthpark: >poorly animated little show by two Libertarians who lampoon pop culture and bo…[View]
103539694Fast Food: Would you watch/read a comic/show based on fast food mafia?[View]
103543823Does anyone have that image saved keeping track of how many people male comic characters have been i…[View]
103520276Will it be garbage?[View]
103542424Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103540783Are People Seriously Turned on by Fem-Venom?: Not sure about everyone else but the whole woman stuck…[View]
103540817Damn, the old Pixar is really dead, isn’t it?[View]
103537512What caused the change to turn Mary Jane Watson from a supermodel to the average girl next door and …[View]
103540214Cataloging all installments of Shrek: Okay so all memes aside, I genuinely like Shrek. I like this s…[View]
103540681hey, /co/, could you pour this juice into my mouth? I can't reach my juice.[View]
103542461Venom discussion: Just saw Venom. That was a fun mess with a ton of Great moments and a ton of dumb …[View]
103536012Disney Comics and Stories # 1 storytime thread.: With a very heartwarming Mickey and Goofy story (fr…[View]
103541152>In the latin dub of Venom , after Eddie refuses to jump out the window , the symbiote outright c…[View]
103540315Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
103531439Who makes better superhero cartoon movies, America or Japan?[View]
103539631What is some cool /co/ related merch? I don't like Family Guy that much, but it appreciate the…[View]
103541981What is their best /co/ related song?[View]
103529444Let's play a game: Think of a character. Any character from a /co/ property. Got it ? Sure ? Al…[View]
103533241What's his deal ?: Why is he such a mental and emotional fuckup ? No, seriously,in all my years…[View]
103522880Iron Fist Cancelled: >“Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix,” said th…[View]
103541562Heathcliff pounces on the birds.[View]
103541407>doing a recap joke on the latest episode >says that the sterotyping, grotesque, harsh, piece …[View]
103534920Was this fan service?[View]
103539114REBEL GIRL POWER[View]
103541335Seriously, soap combos directly into water nigga. Don't wiff the input[View]
103513493NEW SUIT![View]
103537977Where's me cheese /co/?[View]
103539261Should they retire/kill off the Joker? He seems way too overexposed.[View]
103540124Reminder that criticism should be used to help artists improve, not a shield to hide behind so you c…[View]
103540977Is Clark Kent the best dancer in DC? Can anyone even compete against him?[View]
103540359I loathed Iron Fist so much that I completely gave up on Marvel Netflix without giving The Defenders…[View]
103537358AVENGERS 4: ANNIHILATION LEAKED TRAILER DESCRIPTION: The trailer starts off showing the damaged inf…[View]
103539496What other explanations for the Hulk are there, besides Dr Banner and Mr Hulk? Ancient war spirit? D…[View]
103539329Currently there are 102 episodes of this reboot and it's not far behind from getting more episo…[View]
103536033The Goon: How depressing is this ?[View]
103540138What the fuck was her problem?[View]
103540099HI MY NAME IS WARREN[View]
103539960His form is justice. And his form is the world. Worship him. Give praise unto him. He, the beautiful…[View]
103538732Where were you when Morrison saved anthology comics?[View]
103539204Daily Asterix Storytime - 14: Asterix in Spain! (or rather, Hispania) originally published in 1969. …[View]
103539820I'm curious, do some capes have canon birthdays/years? I'm sure Captain America and Wolver…[View]
103530323Zatanna - Everyday Magic Storytime: Let's read cute little book by Zatanna biggest fan.[View]
103534411HUGE writer name. TINY artist name. Thots on this and the dc Zoom/Ink book looking covers?[View]
103538785It's called Bob's Burgers, but it's mostly about the kids[View]
103539099This is Car-Ell, daughter of Mari-Ell, Captain First of the Supreme Protectorate, Champion of the Kr…[View]
103460637Dragon Prince redpill: Have the writers mentioned about half breeds and what happened to them after …[View]
103539975What's your /co/ related white whale, anon? >tfw no animated dune adaptation that gets it an…[View]
103538217>Your TV doesn't love you. >But I do. I do. Does anyone else on /co/ like Tarantula? I wi…[View]
103539187What do they mean by this?[View]
103539912How do you feel about Udon, /co/? I don't really rate much of their original material, but they…[View]
103536821Not trying to make this a redpill or MGTOW thing, but Season 2 of Iron Fist seemed to genuinely disl…[View]
103532502>you now remember Disney banned smoking in all of their movies for no real reason…[View]
103520164What's your problem with her?[View]
103539131Deadpool and Wolverine would basically kill a stranger if you offered them enough money, right? Assu…[View]
103538187Such a talent wasted on shitty stories[View]
103539728Batman decides to start sending his rogues to Superjail instead of Arkham. How long do they last? An…[View]
103539721Whenever I gaze my eyes upon one those few remaining scraps of that that terrible Shredded Moose com…[View]
103538468This show is so much better than it have any right to be, even with the digusting art style the prea…[View]
103528266Spider-Men: Post your favorite version of Spider-Man! 616 Parker need not apply. [View]
103535652Post ideas for episodes/jokes for a season 3 of Sonic Boom[View]
103538968Anyone with this as there icon are incredibly unfunny[View]
103536144Recommend me something like Hellblazer but a little less far-left? It just got a little jarring and …[View]
103539327Mr. Garrison: What’s going to happen with him? Will he resign from the presidency and slowly come ba…[View]
103538995>Writing a empowering book about the people Walt abused and probably assaulted.…[View]
103537065What is Nick going to do for content now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pH_i6EHteI[View]
103536299Couldnt Spiderman in theory use his hands as a weapon? Like he could resort to scrathing people if h…[View]
103527666What went wrong? Besides everything, of course. Off the top of my head, all I can think of is that S…[View]
103537562Dingo pictures threads are soooo stupid...[View]
103532887SLANGIN N BANGIN[View]
103529554Stand Still, Stay SIlent: Good times.: Welcome back to /ssss/ storytime. In this edition, everythin…[View]
103539056Seriously!: What was their fucking problem?![View]
103538105At least Russia's Snow Queen won't let you down. >The show has three main characters: K…[View]
103531479NYCC 2018: An interview with Zoe Quinn, writer of Vertigo’s ‘Goddess Mode’: https://www.adventuresin…[View]
103536837What does /co/ think of the Air Wick commercials? There are too many to link. Check the recommended …[View]
103538868so she tried to murder all her friends and rendered an entire city a wasteland because they congratu…[View]
103514433Aladdin: 3DPD Edition: Wow, this is legit horrible.[View]
103536807/CO/ CROSSOVER THREAD: These are always fun. You know the drill; think of /co/ crossovers from diffe…[View]
103534903Have you watched it yet? I haven't. Why is Youtube pushing these videos so hard?[View]
103534521Original Villian: Try and comeup with an original Villian for Spiderman.[View]
103536639>Puts on a mask >Burns off his own face because the mask was still hot lol. And this is suppos…[View]
103517107Identity Crisis STORYTIME: I've always seeen this comic being discussed, either because of its …[View]
103535674Barracuda did nothing wrong.[View]
103534826What does /co/ think of Transformers Cyberverse so far?[View]
103477032Goosebumps!: It's the month of October which is the month of spooks, so why not talk about a ra…[View]
103538621ITT: Fun episodes where Tom gets his comeuppance: This one is the most satisfying IMO >Tom gets b…[View]
103538426Gen:lock Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOE4tIKwA3c >That frame rate We The Dragon Prin…[View]
103536954Is it privately held or publicly traded?[View]
103531008Was Popeye a cuck? Why did he adopt Swee Pea if he wasn't?[View]
103525342tfw you realize these are his final days[View]
103531317Nora Diamond DeMayo: What if Nora put something manly on during the talent show?[View]
103511651Titans Premiere thread: Titans just showed up on DC's Streaming Service. First three episodes. …[View]
103534080Was she evil?: She always bugged me a lot, there was something not so good about her. Not saying she…[View]
103533415Squidward Transformation Scene: So it wasn't fake at all, i'm in Nick LA also.[View]
103534332Pre-Flanderization Characters You Miss: Post characters who have been Flanderized whose original dep…[View]
103523972Sanctuary is a stupid idea: >exists only for the HIC story, was never established as a thing befo…[View]
103526856Should DC just pull the trigger and make Batman their Punisher?: I think of all the untapped story a…[View]
103529044What's your top 5 best gems?: 1. Pearl 2. Peridot 3. Jasper 4. Ruby 5. Rose (Before the PD reve…[View]
103537560Is he right?[View]
103533702What went right?[View]
103533936New TDR episode is out!: Enjoy! https://mega.nz/#!f3oFWKrL!aw1snJHol5tmwq1Tu3xKGRtyUi-La2m3XCWp4zbRR…[View]
103507967/Spooktober/: It's Friday here Edition The /co/ thread for all things Halloween! Discuss films,…[View]
103534874Metaphor: How is the racism metaphor of X-men dated?[View]
103527838Alright /co/, give him the stick[View]
103537658Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: >Baxter Stockman is a shota now.[View]
103470770/co/ twink thread: let's go, starting off with the most recent addition[View]
103534867The greatest Disney villain.[View]
103524562Only now found out about this. What.: Sez Wikipedia: >Blisstina Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia …[View]
103513762No movie sinergy. Beutifall[View]
103529790Death: What would happen if she dropped her notebook?[View]
103536608The Gifted: Is this supposed to be a black male version of Calypso or did they make Bishop the leade…[View]
103535904What do people in-universe think of Batman’s relationship with his robins? I find it odd that none o…[View]
103534380>Hey guys, here's the new Guardians of the Galaxy roster >JUST KIDDING WE'RE ONLY US…[View]
103535110Old comics: Why can't modern comics be like this, instead of the trash we get today?[View]
103535480Now where did i put my pipe?[View]
103523541Voltron: That's it, folks. They're done. Now it's just the wait.[View]
103532940Comics that never were: Companion thread to the cartoon one. Post comics that were never released or…[View]
103533769Damn, just how popular was Superman back in the day ?[View]
103533479Comic equivalent of a fish out of water.[View]
103529408Tits: Uh-huhuhuhuhu.[View]
103535580Can we PLEASE get this to replace Iron Fist?[View]
103531855Why is Thor the god of thunder? Why not the god of the sky or the god of war or the god of hammers? …[View]
103531236Post Animated Music Videos You Like: Mystery Skulls (Ghost, Freaking Out) >https://www.youtube.co…[View]
103534821This movie is based as fuck![View]
103536224Venom is the best film ever and it's way better than all of the crappy MCU capeshit movies and …[View]
103535196never knew beastboy was a basedboy all along...[View]
103532585was he right? https://www.theabsolute.net/misogyny/sim.html[View]
103532969Gargan Venom: Why did people hate Mac Gargan as Venom again?[View]
103519187What are some traits you like in your villains? For example, I love when a villain is genuinely good…[View]
103534950Who would win?[View]
103514136black /co/ girls: do you know how hard it is for a white male to write a minority character? pretty …[View]
103535801Your thoughts on this character (if you know who they are)?: I was bored, so I just chose a random c…[View]
103529193Rich The Leech BTFO!!! Meet the new face of Bleeding Cool.[View]
103533065Am I supposed to be excited for this?[View]
103535443When you started identifying more with the vilains than the heroes /co/?[View]
103534366Big Hero 6 thread: Did anyone watch the new episode ? It’s the season one finally.[View]
103526054>tfw you realize Topher was the true Venom all along[View]
103529522Anne Weying: Is Marvel going bring Anne back now?[View]
103534291Dumbing of Age: Dramatic flashback time[View]
103533331Who got today's tickets: SDCC ass boned me this year. Gonna try my luck on open registration.…[View]
103534510Yeah... They did it...[View]
103520875I LOVE HER SO MUCH[View]
103532717What were some comic book adaptions that you didn't realize were comic book adaptions?[View]
103531335Will the x-Men be back to better protect mutant if they make alliances with non-mutant superheroes a…[View]
103532843He did nothing wrong.[View]
103534083>You played me like a sucker 'PENNY'.[View]
103534806Is Spectacular Spider-Man still the best Spider-Man adaptation?[View]
103502264episodes that piss you off[View]
103531823ITT: Cursed couples[View]
103531996Adventure Time: I want to watch Adventure Time but I heard pretty bad things about the show and I do…[View]
103534281New Young Justice character that joins the team.[View]
103533472What are some non-/co/ material you suspect drew heavy inspiration from /co/ materials. I'm not…[View]
103528378Why can't they stop pushing their agenda? 2018 was a mistake[View]
103533927WTF I love Gwenpool now?[View]
103531465If liking her is wrong I don't want to be right.[View]
103519585ITT Cartoons only you watched[View]
103533108So how would a modern reboot look?[View]
103532183Intoxicated Clark Kent vs Deathstroke: Superman: American Alien #3[View]
103522166What exactly is the appeal of this character?[View]
103519696Which one do you sympathize with the most?[View]
103533539Infinity War 2: What did he mean by this?[View]
103532359Dick with a buzzed head and 5'o clock shadow makes me gay as fuck. Too bad the issue sucked rea…[View]
103532649SDCC Members Only Registration of not getting registered: No one on /co/ is as lucky as me to alread…[View]
103519920You'll watch vivzie's cartoon, won't you?[View]
103533537Brutal robin is awesome![View]
103526118Has he shown up in the new season yet?[View]
103532043ITT: Spongebob episodes with catchy songs[View]
103530690When will Best girl Felicia finally make her debut as Black Cat in a Spider-Man movie?[View]
103525829Why is it that American comics are unpopular in Japan?[View]
103530207Jings this guy was a real jerk[View]
103516777Voice acting thread: Alright its the weekend! Dust off the mics, get audacity warmed up and lets hav…[View]
103529867Worth getting into ?: I'm not really mad for 'magic' as in 'zappity zoop'. But a sort of system…[View]
103530128So why did they bother changing him back to her British body if they're just going to draw her …[View]
103531072Ok so I finally watched tangled season 2 WHY did no one tell me that my future wife is appearing in…[View]
103530574Codename: Kids Next Door: Why was this cartoon so damn based?[View]
103531128Beast is a traitor: Hank McCoy just can't stop himself from betraying the mutant race and ruini…[View]
103511480So why isn't there a flourishing pornographic comic book scene like in Japan?[View]
103529606Venom: What do you think of Anne?[View]
103530017why are the designs so ugly ? why does Captain Marvel look like a man ?[View]
103525110Voltron: Sorry Fujoshi fans, not all you gays-shipping never get last season. >Lance gonna get Al…[View]
103529113So in retrospect was Eddy's brother an acceptable reason to justify all of Eddy's (and thu…[View]
103524627why American Comic is so low level? compared by Japanese Manga[View]
103529962What are your favorite DC elseworlds? Pic related is mine >Kal El adopted by Darkseid >raised …[View]
103523432In one of the worst /co/ articles of the year, you're not allowed to like Donald Duck because h…[View]
103528849What are some good /co/ related adverts? Pic related: https://youtu.be/-PgTjhx1VLw[View]
103519928Religious superheroes: I'm curious, how many can you think of where their religion is a big par…[View]
103522260Who would voice them?[View]
103519040>Bump limit Wander thread hasn't occurred in ages I wanna go back goddamnit…[View]
103525403You suddenly have all the powers of Superman with your ideal body type/face. >Do you reveal yours…[View]
103526665https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Q9Bhe3Sx0L You did it! Terrorist attacked bank, while you happen to be there…[View]
103532567Transformers: YOU GOT THE TOUCH YOU GOT THE POWER YEAH![View]
103526614Why we like trash?: In the new era of entertainment I have noticed something interesting, most peopl…[View]
103531036How come Venom ended up as the most enduring Spider-Man villain whilst Hobgoblin settled into Peter…[View]
103527884I save the comics industry in one sentence.: Make every series weekly instead of monthly.…[View]
103531810What style best encapsulates the notebook doodle for you? This?[View]
103523438Did Venom live up to your expectations?[View]
103512714What was his problem?[View]
103528999Are you getting hyped for Mr. Glass, /co/?[View]
103529986These are the misfits their songs are better[View]
103522041I really wanted more Jake's kids episodes in Adventure Time, they were really comfy and fun to …[View]
103531655ITT post great and original ideas that no one ever had before >A show that stars young versions o…[View]
103531575>This is the last time we will ever see CN City >Show set in the city never >Cool crossover…[View]
103524061Storytime of Pain: Chuck the Cuck Edition: Chuck Wendig was fired from Marvel and Lucasfilm today …[View]
103528384Up late, Stoned, waiting for PS4 games to DL. I think its time for a homage thread. Post art based o…[View]
103507725Post a character that you unironically have a sexual attraction for.[View]
103531423What is your favorite thing about Venom?[View]
103522408Mr. Garrison: What’s going to happen with him? Will he resign from the presidency and slowly come ba…[View]
103527477Do you believe in PROTON CANNONS?[View]
103528020You know it really boggles my fucking mind why America and Britain think it's perfectly fucking…[View]
103531320the fuck is this and why does youtube want me to watch it?[View]
103528343Rock Cocks: STUFF IS HAPPENING, /co/!!![View]
103522079Batman: Snyder Run Pt. 12: >Comic News Going to pick up with the last bit of volume 2 and then co…[View]
103530230South Park: If South Park used a more dynamic, anime art style that 95% of the shows fan-art uses, b…[View]
103494070ava's demon: He's doing the thing[View]
103528897He should've just gone to /pol/ and rant there. He had the best job in the world and he lost it…[View]
103530489I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today[View]
103526844tom fucking dies[View]
103527597Black Hat/Villainous Thread[View]
103530497mighty mighty monsters: i've been looking everywhere and i can't find this damn show anywh…[View]
103525695Every day until he comes back.[View]
103529540the art of paneling: what does separating the top pic into three panels achieve, aside from symmetry…[View]
103528764When you realise superman is the only decent human being among the ranks of dc heroes: Although he h…[View]
103527348>Its a Deedee leaves Tommy and Chuckie alone with Dr. Lipshitz episode[View]
103529631>2018 >still no second half of Toonstruck for us to play What went wrong, guys?…[View]
103513931Hellblazer Greatest Hits Storytime: Hey /co/ It's time for more suffering Previous Threads: …[View]
103521909This is Car-Ell, Lost Daughter of Hala. Say something nice about her.[View]
103525016Remember when Family Guy was actually good and hilarious? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2MLnaNevA…[View]
103529714If Ben and Holly grow up and they fancied each other. Would they be allowed to get married and have …[View]
103530083Lord Virgin Vs Henchman Chad: >Villain with influence, money, tons of elite mercenaries, an entir…[View]
103515020Castlevania is single handedly the best piece of animation the west has produced in over a decade. W…[View]
103512216This is the only character who's worthy of Spider-Man's legacy.[View]
103529914So, I have been wanting to start reading Judge Dredd for a long time now, but honestly I don't …[View]
103527209>(sips) Grim Billy & Mandy, now THAT was a good Series.[View]
103529009Why was she so thirsty for the Todd?[View]
103526321Spider-Ham thread: God I love that pig[View]
103527131Comics that inspired music: I’m marching through the branches in a fit of wanderlust To see you in a…[View]
103526933Literally who?[View]
103522108Whenever I see rumors and hate about /co/ creators on here, it almost always makes it's way bac…[View]
103521857Do you still miss me?[View]
103528437Claire is up past her bedtime! Don't tell her mom, /co/![View]
103508786Did anybody see MFKZ or Mutafukaz, the movie based off of Ankama's comic? It was pretty cool. O…[View]
103518264Is that a boy or a girl?[View]
103525903Did someone already noticed that Final Fantasy Black Mages kinda look like Orko?[View]
103524102Iron Fist is getting a new show.: It's either heroes for hire or an Immortal weapons show but N…[View]
103528996ITT: Obscure /co/mics: Honestly, I just want to see something other than Big 2's Big 2 & Ca…[View]
103527505I'm trying to remember a cartoon where one of the characters had a face like pic related. If yo…[View]
103527492What the fuck was her problem?[View]
103528830Marrying off Mavis in HT1 is the biggest mistake they made.[View]
103528747ITT: We post sexy /co/ characters based on real life people: Jessica Biel[View]
103528740are you ready for the next big bad of the MCU?[View]
103503611what happened to the hype in this show? I remember there being like a thread constantly every day no…[View]
103527803Titan AE: What went wrong?[View]
103523717Who made this?[View]
103519056>it wasn't the horse so...anybody got a little chub when she said that?…[View]
103522852Reminder that Terra did literally everything wrong[View]
103522341I like me well versed Donald.: You can see this (to a much lesser extent) in the cartoons Carl Barks…[View]
103528259Why are cartoons so cliche and predictable?: After seeing threads like this for years >>103502…[View]
103523007If the lilo&stitch series came out today, /co/ would be up in arms calling it tranny propaganda.[View]
103526410Am I gay?: Anons, I went to take a shower over at the waterfall and was just minding my own business…[View]
103522120Black Order Preview: >Marvel.com: What brought you to the Black Order on a personal level? >De…[View]
103521408They finally did it. They finally made Aquaman cool.[View]
103524403Press Fe to pay respects.[View]
103522221sp: Is Cartman aware on some level that Kyle sympathizes with him, and is using that to manipulate h…[View]
103526419https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgGpWTwf6DE >'So much of Zim comes from a lot of nighttime anxiet…[View]
103510516I thought Big Hero 6 was rather forgettable, but man I love japanese tomboys with short hair so much…[View]
103521771Plastic Man is best pony[View]
103507666Life of Captain Marvel #4 preview: Are you ready for Car-Ell, daughter of Mari-Ell?[View]
103527738Ever noticed how the only animation from Japan that wins or gets nominated for Oscars is as far remo…[View]
103523470I still miss her[View]
103526172Scott Snyder Superman to go with Batman[View]
103523885Nice Hat at the royal wedding there ![View]
103527539Miss me yet?[View]
103527264'I was first in line until the little hairball was born': You are now aware that while Scar might…[View]
103527365>guest artist draws a character looking much cuter than usual[View]
103527369How have some crooks in Gotham been doing this shit for DECADES? Seriously, you would think the real…[View]
103522276Why is his portrayal hated?: Seemed like a pretty good Superman from the scenes where he wasn't…[View]
103520331So let's imagine that after DOOM: eternal drops, a lot of licensing deals come into Id's h…[View]
103524807What makes Bruce’s and Dick’s relationship more special than his relationship with the other robins?[View]
103522448>liking any other Kanker sister[View]
103525422Alright, who has Frozer or whatever it's called? Just aired an hour ago.[View]
103521595So with the CN City Era, Fusion Fall,and Crossover Nexus, what's the lore of the Cartoon Networ…[View]
103523529>Once the most edgy cartoon that would mock even the most taboo of topics. >Now a show panderi…[View]
103524511Its actually good guys...wow.[View]
103526357is that internet porn ?[View]
103526721Will he ever finish this?: Honestly sometimes I check Instagram and imgur to see if there's som…[View]
103522984Spider-Man PS4 Screenshots: The game's been out for like a month. Post your best or favorite ph…[View]
103525698Carnage: Carnage thread, /co/?[View]
103522032/co/, do you want to see something strange and mystical?[View]
103522445What's the best TAS episodes? Perchance to Dream, Heart of Ice, Almost Got Him and Robin's…[View]
103525242Read TnA Scifi webcomic on Line Webtoon- https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/dark-ages/list?title_…[View]
103522551Bean has nice feet.[View]
103519260Who’s the Best Big 2 Writer?: Let’s discuss who we think is the best writer currently working for Ma…[View]
103523906This is ralph bakshi[View]
103472671Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
103523992The tides will turn for the DCEU after this movie.[View]
103501127ITT: post comics you've drawn[View]
103514780what happens next co?: Let's ignore the DC crossover happening now cause I'm really not in…[View]
103524524do cartoons and comics have less soul than they used too or am I just old and jaded and need to take…[View]
103498286post cute and pure characters that must be protected at all cost[View]
103524029I just finished reading all of Requiem: Vampire Knight. What did I think of it?[View]
103519229Carol Danvers: Why are they retconning her origin?[View]
103523211When is Nova getting his helmet back?[View]
103513112If you met Stan Lee, what would you say to him?[View]
103523027>Read Dark Knight Returns and like it >Find out All-Star Batman is a prequel >Read issue #1…[View]
103524661I can't sleep /co/: Why are so many shows spread out on streaming services but only contain mos…[View]
103511852He LITERALLY did NOTHING wrong[View]
103522677Why doesn't Gandy just go to a EU county or Japan and make this movie: Popeye is public domain …[View]
103509594>Look kids, Sherlock Holmes is totally cool too![View]
103521546>no announced plans for a Justice League sequel >Supergirl movie is set in 1970s >Joker mo…[View]
103523282I'll just leave this here...[View]
103522258The Amazing Batman?: >Play Telltale’s Batman >Spend most of the time as Bruce Wayne >Realis…[View]
103521988Injustice 2 concept for Detective Chimp. https://www.artstation.com/justinmurray Constantine, Etriga…[View]
103523308Hey /co/ Do any of you guys know any comic, series or movie with the same themes and aesthetic of Ke…[View]
103522883>dave the barbarian had an episode with joan rivers and her daughter What a weird show…[View]
103521650He's back[View]
103523544We've seen this 'Have to have a very high IQ' shit post a lot, but something I never found out …[View]
103523842Craig of the Creek: Let's have a thread about the best currently airing cartoon and its best gi…[View]
103512555coweek readings 41: What did you love/hate from this week?: >What did you enjoy/hate from this we…[View]
103519612>tainting the great legacy of shows like EE&E and grim adventures, by associating them with n…[View]
103523786I just started reading Hunt for Wolverine as the only Marvel run I've been keeping up with is X…[View]
103521880More like Spongebob GAYpants![View]
10352021710/11 Oceanfalls update: https://oceanfalls.mspfa.com/?s=14456&p=756 Some more exposition on Fiv…[View]
103519290Oceanfalls: Why didn’t you protect her smile, /co/?[View]
103522949What are the best venom comics? I've read Agent Venom, Space Knight, Venom vs Carnage, and some…[View]
103499163Is Carnage a good villain?[View]
103521210Does /co/ like Toonstruck?[View]
103522558Post comics that make you smile Hardmode: no political shit[View]
103520857Can we agree that there was room in this to make a decent, self-sustaining story and setting? If not…[View]
103518423https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGtaBVVAAxA THAT MAN WANTED TO FUCK YOU[View]
103519439Name 5 best new cartoons right now: I'm behind[View]
103517320FUCK BATMAN[View]
103518309>Feminist >Comedy Pick one. And what the fuck is 'slice of life humor'. It sounds a very ret…[View]
103460783Nathalie is secretly the best character on the show: I love what an enigma she is.[View]
103516788WHAT IS HAPPENING ???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz-wAVzX3QA[View]
103516449How did Beavis and Butthead afford the house?[View]
103522387Could he defeat Thanos?[View]
103514599Feminine tomboys: Why are they so rare in /co/ media?[View]
103518024This comic is awesome. Especially the 70's Creepy / Eerie style art Do you have any hope for th…[View]
103520189What do you choose?[View]
103488833ITT: obscure cuties[View]
103517025How do you guys feel about the presence of real cities coexisting with fake ones in DC? Personally I…[View]
103519296the Lion King: I don't think this will be that bad. I never really cared that much for Lion Kin…[View]
103519350Hey /co/, I need some help. So, I run the comic book club at my college, and we actually got an anim…[View]
103521466Seriously though, raven could look a little bit more like the real goths did way back when, you know…[View]
103452275Canon lewd: How were they able to get away with this?[View]
103521215Will Sony and Disney renew their deal?[View]
103519902>/co/ assumes black April will be put on a pedestal and overshadow the Turtles >she's in …[View]
103520413Do you support your favorite creators on Patreon /co/?[View]
103521487>Be Scott Pilgrim >Unemployed >Date 17 year old >Cheat on 17 year old with 24 year old …[View]
103508994I'm sick of CalArts shows. I'm sick of 11 minute flash garbage that doesn't push the …[View]
103519407>All episodes of Adventure Time after season 2 are ba...[View]
103517217How do you think they'll 'subvert' expectations? Redeem him?[View]
103521776Was he gay?[View]
103518993Marvel fires SW author: >http://www.starwarsunderworld.com/2018/10/chuck-wendig-fired-by-marvel-a…[View]
103516262Replace Ashi with Ikra, and have Ikra fade out of existence because she was Aku all along (but the a…[View]
103518726New bee and puppycat video: Tell me your thoughts, /co/ https://youtu.be/BwYcdNKY7N8[View]
103520811How would JJJ feel about heroes in other /co/ franchises?[View]
103503656https://twitter.com/EthanVanSciver/status/1050119296721055750 >[EVS on Cyberfrog] The next three …[View]
103510538>publish a mile long, rambling interview with Vox Day >pull it the next day >Rich booted fr…[View]
103516508web comic recommendation: can any one here recommend me a web comic that's just cute and pretty…[View]
103521070How would you feel if the pseudo-anime style from that late 2000's picked up steam instead of t…[View]
103519436Elric just tore a hole in reality and crash landed in the Marvel universe. How /fucked/ are they?[View]
103518971Megg, Mogg, & Owl: A Hypothetical [AS] Program: Okay /co/, you've just been given the task …[View]
103497474Mr. /co/lympus Tournament 2018: The Quarter-Finals!: Previous thread: >>103472305 Finally, aft…[View]
103520675Daredevil DEAD: 'Daredevil is not our enemy and not a killer. It's about time we stopped believ…[View]
103510487So, Venom was pretty gay, right? It's not just me?[View]
103521033ITT: Disney BTFO moments[View]
103520985The Anti-Life Equation is great for the universe. It would bring about universal order and peace.[View]
103520427the fuck was going on here[View]
103520628it's lasagna time, dadio[View]
103514859https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o6v8RBdlS8 he's as subtle as jackhammer[View]
103518165Toph: Toph thread?[View]
103515685ITT: Your MCU Rankings: Rank the MCU Films IYO. Pic related is My ranking.[View]
103516420Thor and Cap are the only really noble heroes in 616. Cap is self-explanatory. And while Thor may b…[View]
103519379What is the best 'Dr. Doom becomes omnipotent' story? He has so many, each of them a masterpiece, th…[View]
103515888I've never fallen in love with Hellboy and BPRD the way other people have but I've read a …[View]
103517593Do you think that they're an underrated team?[View]
103518327Is Mojo right about the recent trends in Marvel?[View]
103518250So he sold his soul to get power to summon imps so they could open the gate lock for communist... WH…[View]
103495979Titan Comics’ LIFE IS STRANGE returns readers to Arcadia Bay in the company of fan-favorite characte…[View]
103516204Disney Announce Classic Boxset: In 1937, the Walt Disney Studios released its first fully animated f…[View]
103520026cartoon episodes that would make good movies[View]
103519981Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable e…[View]
103514406Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: Never mind; it's just a filler page.[View]
103518947Are you hyped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS8m4MCtsVs[View]
103518757Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why is he so badass?[View]
103488951>still no SWAT Kats reboot[View]
103519388give a character a theme song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgbd0L1scFY[View]
103517667>*asks you to come home safely to your people*[View]
103516472>no new Venture Bros tonight hold me /co/[View]
103518893What are your thoughts on Stryfe, /co/?[View]
103519236Regular Show is the best animated series of the 21st century. Change my mind.[View]
103515019>whoops can't show booze in a kids cartoon >characters get drunk on sweets instead i miss…[View]
103519244What are some Characters and /co/mics an unironically BASED Anon like myself can get into ?![View]
103519529Tell that to Zod snapped neck.[View]
103517414Who are some superhero characters who have no consistent characterization across different versions,…[View]
103513671Magicians: What do you think of magic users?[View]
103514810I’m pissed /co/, Leni finally gets an episode to herself and it’s ruined by the inclusion of her soc…[View]
103518894You ever think it's weird how in Japan, the word 'anime' literally just means 'animation', as i…[View]
103506151How is the indie cartoonist/Animator/Writer/Comic Artist life going /co/?[View]
103515726Do you think it deserves an Emmy?[View]
103518707How important do you think high school is to the story of Peter Parker/Spider-Man? Peter graduated h…[View]
103519209Here's your beast boy[View]
103519205So this is David Boringanus's House?[View]
10351873512oz Mouse Final Episode Online: The 12oz Mouse half-hour special (and final episode) has just been …[View]
103515979Do you think a black Gordon woud work?[View]
103514897IT'S YOU WHO'S OUT, GOBBY[View]
103515738Why did Scott go with Ramona instead of Knives?[View]
103512984What kind of world view do you like the most for protagonists and antagonists?: Either role, I won…[View]
103503388Do they really have to push this shit on everything?[View]
103503991Cartoons should NEVER focus on continuity. South Park is proof of that, the show has been nose divin…[View]
103517862Obscure shit only you know about[View]
103514390Is there any reason Disney released a complete ripoff of Madagascar a year after it released?[View]
103518800Candace broke up with me[View]
103518075you can only chose one[View]
103516921Is Miss Persona /co/? Becuase I love her. and I wish for porn https://youtu.be/cLJGKenbvSU[View]
103518760So referring back to the madoka vs thanos thread and now ongoing goku vs flash, are we now supposed …[View]
103515606>Well we've done a strawman of hippies, environmentalists, protestors, vegetarians, etc... w…[View]
103514858Would they try to sneak in references to the memes that resparked interest in the franchise?[View]
103510352Summer thread[View]
103516532Starfire: Is this the best Starfire?[View]
103517824Is this the new loss?[View]
103518564Could it be another Lego Movie? >Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out), Danie…[View]
103517726What are some comic panels that criticise the fanbase? I feel like Mark Millar does this a lot[View]
103511443Or what happens when you blow 80% of your animation budget on the intro.[View]
103518483Kids, ask your parents where babies come from!!![View]
103518111What would you make a DC halloween comic about?[View]
103514485It’s October, post spooky /co/ images. Pic unrelated.[View]
103511530Why is Eddie a good guy? All of the problems I have with this movie stems from the fact Eddie is a n…[View]
103513333did he go too far /co/?[View]
103518148It was a good show.[View]
103514103Hows it gonna be?[View]
103515835The Simpsons River Styx ''''Joke'''': >The music playing as Odysseus sails the River Styx is 'Lad…[View]
103504662Why does Beast Boy call Raven 'Mama' a lot? I hardly watched the 2003 show and just started watching…[View]
103508477>make Zack Snyder style dc movies >FAIL >make Zack Snyder style dc series >SUCCESS…[View]
103516062What are some epic lies cartoons told you growing up? >Women don't like handsome, macho, jer…[View]
103516490>Guild Blackout. Dangerous idiots. They don't even make minimum wage. If Guild Blackouts ar…[View]
103505142Young Millennials (born mid 90s) have fond memories of shows like Jackie Chan Adventures, Xiaolin sh…[View]
103513278Why was it so gay?[View]
103517801>From the Belgian company that brought you Son of Bigfoot, A Turtle' Tale, and the Robinson …[View]
103517185Well that came and went.[View]
103514876>most of his history erased >forgotten by loved ones >wife doesn't remember him >tr…[View]
103512563What does /co/ think of it?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27SS8Pnmrok[View]
103474910>Hi anon, welcome home, a baked you an apple pie ! >I cleaned your computer inside out, it now…[View]
103517253What are the best south park episodes?[View]
103517126Why is the comics industry so rotten?[View]
103501648>Ariel and Eric have a daughter >she retraces her mothers steps and wants to go back to being …[View]
103517474Stan lee on his death bed.: >Jack my first friend my enemy. Maybe the last face I ever see. If I …[View]
103517105Are there any media that takes place on the Caribbean or 'island life'? I'm in Jamaica rn so th…[View]
103515949What is some /co/ material that features Egyptian gods?[View]
103512260So what do you think of Starfighter?[View]
103513987>Tony is the one to try to calm down Peter becasue he through the exact same thing when he learne…[View]
103510379So has he said he has cancer or something or what?[View]
103512633This wasn't what Synder wanted[View]
103516228CHUCK WENDIG FIRED FROM MARVEL https://twitter.com/chuckwendig/status/1050822080130895878?s=21[View]
103516400found this while i was going through my old sketchbooks and its the funniest fucking thing ive ever …[View]
103515798hell be fine[View]
103516880hey man: Hey guys I lost my best friend miek does anyone where he might be?[View]
103496449Lighting generation: >TLA: only the firebending elite could generate lighting. >Korra: litera…[View]
103516786Biker Mice from Mars on El Rey: A heads up for my fellow Americans. El Rey is apparently re-airing t…[View]
103485927Captain America 4 Storytime: In which Taskmaster's promoted to a stage end boss[View]
1035164732008 is to comic films what 1986 was to comics themselves. The Dark Knight and Iron Man became tenpl…[View]
103515310Seems logical really...[View]
103512672Toy Story 4: How awful you guys think this is this gonna be?[View]
103512846Is 'If This Be My Destiny' (Amazing Spider-Man #31 - #33) one of the best Spider-Man stories ever?[View]
103513930im vry hngr giv butr[View]
103506224More Details On James Gunn's SUICIDE SQUAD: >Will Smith's Deadshot and Margot Robbie…[View]
103501453I liked it.[View]
103516305Who would win?[View]
103516096Joker Movie props: Since the new Joker movie is filming in Newark NJ, here are a couple of car props…[View]
103515904Woukd you?[View]
103516150Recess Thread: >Its a Gus goes to his father for advice about Bullies episode >Its a Gus'…[View]
103515674What do you call dialogue like this?[View]
103514826So the creator of Undergrads is bringing it back in the form of a movie. Its almost reached its goal…[View]
103513176Ok comicfags I got a question. Has there ever been an instance of a superhero who started out as a m…[View]
103511998G. Willow Wilson is coming to DC comics to write Wonder Woman >(BURBANK, CA, July 11, 2018) – Fol…[View]
103515928MINDBLOWN!: ANAD X-Men to Classic X-Men is what DBZ was to DB. How come I've never seen that be…[View]
103515908Would you like this webcomic? http://beanstalked.smackjeeves.com/comics/[View]
103513071Who else had an crush on her as a child?[View]
103513162Choose your fighter[View]
103512956Was sentry REALLY the only one that could stop hulk? i get that muties got screwed, but there had to…[View]
103509090The moment you realise dc heroes are a bunch of disgusting human beings[View]
103515246Parker Spider-Man suit should be red-and-black and it took decades for them to get it right[View]
103509495Gunnerkrigg Court: >Treatise 8 So! Here we are again at the end of another book. This treatise ma…[View]
103512850the Addams Family (2019): Will it be kino?[View]
103510839Who would win?[View]
103515650My work place plays /co/ songs a lot. Ranging from 'Somewhere Out There', to 'The Circle of Life', t…[View]
103515550Lego DC villains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo60kOthkMo[View]
103506482Who was the most based incarnation of Superman[View]
103515282Thoughts on Shermy and Beth?[View]
103513354Space Rocks: Who made the space rocks?[View]
103513038September 2018 Comic Book Sales Report - Top 10's: TOP 10 COMIC BOOKS BY UNITS INVOICED > 1.…[View]
103498246Mechanical web shooters are lame as fuck.[View]
103502182Titans # 27 Storytime: It's a o shit Editorial fucked shit up for us, time to write an issue ad…[View]
103513795ITT characters who didn't deserve their fates[View]
103506298Why is she so awful?[View]
103512055THE QUEEN'S CORGI First Trailer — from Belgian studio nWave and the writers of Gnomeo and Julie…[View]
103511405Which was the better cartoon out of these two from the 90s?[View]
103515108https://twitter.com/adultswim/status/1050563669199749120 Apparently 12 oz mouse is back? any thought…[View]
103503622Is anyone on /co/ old enough to remember moxy?[View]
103514139Aladdin movie: The letter A in the movie title looks too much like the Muslim moon. I'll prolly…[View]
103504821Voltron: Unlimited Shiro Works: Is there isnt a possibility there were some clones left in other pla…[View]
103512584What are some good shows that aren't available on home video in any way, shape, or form? The ma…[View]
103514814Fear Agent: Is this Peak Depression/co/ ?[View]
103512161Now that everyone is finished posting their their big two cuck comics, it's time for what we…[View]
103506746New Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Clip: ALERT: WE FINALLY HAVE SALEM FOOTAGE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. …[View]
103511050>thought that a Sinister Six movie could make over two billion dollars in profit >genuinely be…[View]
103487987The Fire Lord can take concubines right?[View]
103513185What if our fellow Marvel friends are right and Doomwank truly is the apex of fiction?[View]
103512322I just saw my LCS lowball this old man that had a pristine copy of The Incredible Hulk 181(Only 500 …[View]
103511583Marvel 'Heroes': Why is this considered a good story? Dr Strange had the elixer of life to replicat…[View]
103513827international superheroes: post some international superheroes (nothing made by merican companies/ar…[View]
103512506of course this shitty comic is made for waifufags like you, virgin neckbread who faps to anything[View]
103511070Are thor comics any good I want to start reading them.: Bonus point what should a great thor movie h…[View]
103513431Venom is The Room of comic book movies. I fucking loved it.[View]
103513698Weird co/mercials: Wether it be ads on tv the internet or whatever gimme some weird /co related ads.…[View]
103512998PC Babies: Will the PC Babies ever be happy?[View]
103511520Diabetus and Diabetus - Animated Short: A ...... X is fine too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5Km…[View]
103513847Bojack Horseman: This was a good episode. That is all I have to say. What did you think of Season 5,…[View]
103513724post canon cuckqueans[View]
103491671>Savage she hulk used to be hot >now she's just hulk with tits…[View]
103513317Previously on Teen Titans GO...: https://youtu.be/YVkUvmDQ3HY[View]
103510769>The original idea of a new costume for Spider-Man that would later become the character Venom wa…[View]
103511245Was it a reflexion about the escapist nature of pop-culture, or rather a parody of something popular…[View]
103513006Adventures in Odyssey: >always remember that no matter what happens, God loves you, Anon. Name a …[View]
103433184Cartoon Ideas: What are your cartoon ideas?.[View]
103511933>it's it's not suitable for a 5 year old then it's 'adult animation' what's w…[View]
103504961Aladdin trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wONyoJLInA[View]
103512690redpill me on blue marvel. is there anything worth reading?[View]
103512779This movie was fucking awful desu FF or Spawn tiers level bad[View]
103508233>When oh when will they make cartoons for adults? >Why doesn't the west accept cartoons f…[View]
103508180What’s the best way to read Hellboy comics?: I want to get all the short stories, supplementary stuf…[View]
103510749Has the fact this crossover was severely fucked over been discussed yet? It's crew had genuinel…[View]
103513045>villain captures Batman >they don't take his cowl off for some retarded reason…[View]
103506678Canadian /co/ nostalgia thread?[View]
103512924>go to mcdonalds as a kid >get a fucking free movie with a happy meal >tfw it's actual…[View]
103510810>Preacher gets an adaptation that's a total departure from the source material >The Boys …[View]
103512640new oglaf[View]
103511247This show has a lot of moms who's the best?who's the worst?[View]
103511044does the x-men's danger room predate all the 'training from hell': that most fighting…[View]
103512042What was his problem?[View]
103494434Marvel What If? The Punisher Storytime: In which Spider-Man delivers some punishment[View]
103511985These are the members of Jonas Venture's boys' brigade in the 60's. The only picture …[View]
103512764Is it kawaii desu?[View]
103512113>>103507718 Car-Ell Cal-Ell Kal-Ell Kal-El[View]
103510789>why doesn't (B/C tier hero) just call in (A tier hero) to help him defeat (B/C tier villain…[View]
103506187HEY DO YOU GUYS LIKE THE TICK? WELL TOO FUCKING BAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9PRcL_ljyc…[View]
103512308Was it kino?[View]
103494807Oh boy[View]
1035033972010s: Calarts 2020s: ??? What toxic artform would be in the 2020s?[View]
103511888morbius is just deadman wearing a wig[View]
103507164Did Scott Pilgrim have a big impact on the /co/ industry?[View]
103510855Let's talk about this masterpiece https://youtu.be/20f6_qnaLD4[View]
103498005ITT cape films with God-tier OSTs[View]
103497514ok so stay with me on this: >AT ending was made for a reason >rating were getting lower after …[View]
103511771Think of a cartoon character, now you have to try running like them. This is going to be dangerous..…[View]
103511991>OH JIMMY JIMMY, THAT'S THE VOICE I HEAR INSIDE Does this man infact hear the voice of Jimmy…[View]
103510863I'll ruin you like a Japanese banquet![View]
103466698Toonami Ratings for 10/6/18: Megalo Box will join the lineup on December 8th. It is assumed it will …[View]
103509783Comfy Scooby thread >favourite incarnation >favourite character >dark or cheesy?…[View]
103510217Why hasn't anybody done a school shooting episode just so they could kill off any characters th…[View]
103511422Which is harder, voice acting or regular acting?[View]
103494579Let's have another of these threads Part 1: >>103480446 https://nullk.github.io/penguin.h…[View]
103510878Dark Ages Webcomic Episode 4: New update Episode 4- https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/dark-ages/…[View]
103447512>WOW! That was shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWrM-eDxTas[View]
103507014unsounded: He better not still get away[View]
103505552Mickey Mouse: What era of Mickey Mouse is your favorite?[View]
103511399What was the point of putting Spider-Man in the MCU if they were just going to take him out again?[View]
103509907 [View]
103496220Have anyone storytimed 'Bring me to Ed' yet? Should I do it?[View]
103509571Heathcliff beats up Spike and some other dogs.[View]
103508149Cyber Kitties: Can we revive this?[View]
103507576Why did she have to die, /co/? It's not fair ;_;[View]

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