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102483932Model sheets and other production art thread pt. 2.[View]
102481833So does Wolverine's accelerated healing mean his semen generation is also accelerated? Its his …[View]
102484831What are some animation news websites besides Cartoon Brew?[View]
102481207How come Zuko and Katara never got together? It seemed like that’s the direction the show was going …[View]
102483898Is the cal arts style the same as tumblr? If not, which is worse? (How do I learn to draw in either?…[View]
102484648Would the Joker appreciate their blend of comedy and horror?[View]
102471916You're making a Transformers show. You need to choose five Autobots and five Decepticons who th…[View]
102484298Why /co/ got mad with Eddie/Venom making retarded jokes in the movie?[View]
102484556>show is calarts >/co/ hates it for adopting an overused style >show isn't calarts …[View]
102482776So did anyone watch the Initiation mini-sodes? I think it looks promising if they touch up the anima…[View]
102482403Left or Right?[View]
102484251Hawkeye is such a loser in the comic books. The movies made me think that he was badass.[View]
102479940Are they just going to send this out to die?[View]
102481203Shit Episode Plots: >New character gets introduced. >Main Cast tries to be mean to them becaus…[View]
102476541>cutie blondie would rather make out with a fugging robot than any of the actual guys in the leag…[View]
102483916Opinions on this? Series and x-statix? I liked it[View]
102479493Starfire goes to the movies: Her singing/rapping parts were really cute https://youtu.be/YvHkGQLTt84…[View]
102476672Voltron Legendary Defender: *ruins everything*[View]
102483338>Pale skin, green eyed, black haired >That voice >Those sexual movements Is it wrong to be …[View]
102478970What lantern corp would he belong to?[View]
102367492Transformers thread: How are you feeling about the endgame so far?[View]
102479073Adventure Time: Is this Tiffany mutated with Lubglubs[View]
102478265Wait Stan Lee wrote a manga with the Shaman King guy doing the art??[View]
102483716Red Sonja: So, is Red Sonja both, best redhead AND best Barbarian? I think so.[View]
102483749THIS CAN'T WAIT A MONTH[View]
102483308Wow, this is some ugly art.[View]
102478129Could raven defeat the Doomslayer?[View]
102480522Most underrated Legion waifu/husbando?[View]
102474460Puppets are /co/ right?[View]
102483653ITT: /co/ related quotes you like to use in real life: Pic related. I use this one all the time with…[View]
102475379How do we fix Lionheart.: Well? How do we?[View]
102482041Batman: When will Alfred come clean about Bruce Wayne’s true parentage /co/?[View]
102468751We all know how bad the unholy trinity of No Such Luck, One of the Boys and Brawl in the Family are,…[View]
102483318Is this the best costume Wolverine has had?[View]
102482929So /co/ redheads are better than blondes and brunettes ?: So rightclops , Spiderman , nightwing , Re…[View]
102481369Even without the whole Batman becoming an atheist over Catwoman leaving him. Will Tom king run still…[View]
102474533Craig of the Creek: new episodes all week at 4pm[View]
102477664This was the best cartoon to ever exist.[View]
102481076X-Men Forever: Remember that time Logan and Jean cucked Scott? And then, SOMEONE DIES. It's Bea…[View]
102482190This here is my Wife. Say, something nice about her.[View]
102482083Lulu, sweet thing...[View]
102433689You know what? Fuck you /co/ I love Korra x Asami. I don't see why majority of the people here …[View]
102467534Wanna go swimming /co/?[View]
102482534since /tg/ was no help, you're all my backup. Does anyone know where I can find a PDF for this …[View]
102469662Without him it'd be a much better show. I mean, not great, but a much better show.[View]
102482459What went wrong?[View]
102466254Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, one thread a day. If I miss anything be sure to let me know. Used …[View]
102478004Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your weekend?[View]
102468577Gunnerkrigg Court: >Chapter 68: Page 10 >A genius. https://www.gunnerkrigg.com/?p=2029…[View]
102480579Counting to ten like a comic book: 0 1/2 1 2 3 4 Halloween Special 5 6 7 8 9 Annual #1 10[View]
102478771Why is Jude in this show?: Like it would make since if it was both a sixteen and total drama Iland b…[View]
102480382Who Can stop bendis?: Who /co/ ?[View]
102477796DC Comics Solicitations for November 2018 Abridged: It's all shit. There, saved you the trouble…[View]
102475148Cursed fanart thread[View]
102480552Geoff Johns thread: What's your favorite Geoff Johns work? Mine is The Avengers. He should go b…[View]
102474071Based Shogun: >giving RiRi Williams her own series >bringing gay iceman back after cancellatio…[View]
102481902What ever happened to that episode where he runs for mayor?[View]
102468452Most kino T&J episodes?[View]
102473712bcb - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: >Paulo seems to be doing pretty well, at least.…[View]
102460996Religous /co/: Post religious cartoons.[View]
102477098“The Greek girl”: Who were they talking about?[View]
102478117I miss LOK. Well, the avatar universe in general. I wish we lived in a different timeline were the …[View]
102460123Can we get a thread going for model sheets and other production art?[View]
102476925In a real life world, would not every country want their own Avengers team? Each country would const…[View]
102468727Be Yourself: Is there a lamer 'message'? Even kids by like age 10 know very well this is bullshit an…[View]
102470146/co/, you like a school in summertime.[View]
102480009Tex Avery comparison: Anyone agree with this?[View]
102479363Favorite couch gag?[View]
102480768Stand Still Stay Silent: For the 1.5 people here who care. They may live![View]
102474650Is it any good? I've never seen it.[View]
102407973ITT: Obscure hot cartoon ladies. I'll start.[View]
102474654So what the hell happened to Sandy here?[View]
102478238ITT: completely worthless characters that should've been cut from their respective show[View]
102477279>Yin Yang Yo parodies Teen Titans >calls it Wonder Tweens Go! >the 'Go!' Is literally slap…[View]
102477929This is Kitty. She is a terrible character with no personality and boring powers. Say something mean…[View]
102479906I can't get into the heads of people that buy these figurines/statues. I see them at the comic …[View]
102478351This gave me nightmares as a kid.[View]
102477708They had no idea what to do with them after season 2 did they[View]
102475350COACH Z COACH Z 1 2 1 2 COACH Z 1 2 1 2[View]
102479661Ironheart: This is all I ever wanted. Just an original character that's not slapped on top of a…[View]
102470653This triggers the Jasonfags.[View]
102475178Wolverine's new (terrible) costume: Thoughts? I think it looks like shit.[View]
102478499Is Mysterio a good villain?[View]
102451908disenchantment: why does everything need to have a plot these days? are people not able to just writ…[View]
102470443so, Dinotrux ended what do you guys think overall?[View]
102458793Gumball is the best cartoon on right now[View]
102472411Hulk Za Wardo Breaker is a good look[View]
102477685Did the creator of Camp Lazlo have an omorashi fetish?[View]
102478096Italian Batman: Still better than Nolan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip-wKAkLCZ8[View]
102464754>be Jim Lee >go to Neil Gaiman's place and shit on his desk >get promoted by DC…[View]
102477117Tim Miller wanted Fant4stic for Deadpool 2: https://ew.com/movies/2018/08/20/deadpool-2-tim-miller-f…[View]
102479844What are some good webcomics for a rainy day? In Case You Ask: http://beanstalked.smackjeeves.com/co…[View]
102477152Remember when the Celestials weren't jobbers and were an actual serious threat?[View]
102476154>Pakistan Saw Shrek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx9fAA1dKVc[View]
102479485Was this intentional?[View]
102479149>I'm Batman, it's what I choose in life! And as long I still can breath, I'll be B…[View]
102477565Let's have a bootleg thread[View]
102479083>Badass, awesome character gets killed off so total scrub can get character development…[View]
102479226Good afternoon gentleman. A moment of your time if I may. Tell me...which kind of man are you, when …[View]
102466597when was the last time you went back and watched something wholesome from early early childhood?[View]
102479272When did you get blackpilled and realize how terrible /co/ is?[View]
102476843Real talk: is a GOOD theatrical Tom and Jerry movie even possible?[View]
102461289>51 minutes of crying SU fans explain[View]
102477625We are old now. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/eva-longoria-joins-dora-explorer-11359…[View]
102476459>Dude, changing the size of things is, like, the most amazing science feat ever imaginable!1! It …[View]
102470676https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdW4xcLCdcY It's really really painful to know that all of that…[View]
102477015Did you like this movie?[View]
102475215Non-Americans who enjoy King of the Hill: How did you first start watching the show, and what was yo…[View]
102477628Thoughts on Mission Hill?[View]
102476771Will he be back for Season 8 of Voltron?[View]
102477922Gotham thread[View]
102477438ITT:dusty old bones: *goldenthink*.jpg[View]
102474525Name a more red pilled character[View]
102472991ITT channels you can't discuss on /co/[View]
102474185WBB new season: What are your thoughts on the new season so far?[View]
102477127Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Starlee is cute.[View]
102474945Do you think whatever the in universe equivalent of wordstar hip hop in marvel/DC would have filmed …[View]
102473518TDR Premiere date: Looks like Total DramaRama it will premiere next Saturday at 9 AM. Is that a good…[View]
102478060Is this the most boring, forgettable episode within seasons 3-8?: I think it is. Season 8 in general…[View]
102473121What's her name again?[View]
102477569Well, that's how you do exposition and continuity right.[View]
102472145Post your Batman Headcanon / Fan Theories here /co/.[View]
102472965ITT: The worst /co/ songs I will start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZXVdPr6y44[View]
102474792West Coast Avengers: Just two more days before /co/'s favorite heroes make a come back. Who are…[View]
102475497How does Batman move his head with that thing on?[View]
102470613Realistically, how many people have spiderman, batman and ect. killed by svaing villans lives. No no…[View]
102436236What are your though on retconning characters to make them gay?[View]
102448500Batman Beyond: You either die a hero. Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.[View]
102470623This is Kamala Khan. Say something nice to her.[View]
102469650What would a sequel be about?[View]
102464790What happened to our girl Harper Row aka Bluebird? When are they going to kill her off in a dramatic…[View]
102469073Batman becomes an atheist over Bane cucking Catwoman from him. What will happen if Riddler knocks up…[View]
102476417Should they cast an Asian actor for Namor?[View]
102476970Wolverine and SCP 096 are locked in the same room and ol snikt bub has stared him in the face. What …[View]
102472299So did she really care about Banner, did she really fall in love with a nerd? Or was it just her job…[View]
102425898what will she bring to the table for Wonder Woman?[View]
102426530Does this remain the strangest choice for a Saturday Morning Cartoon adaptation ever?[View]
102472919You hyped? She can be the next Miles Morales[View]
102477276What will happen if (falling) anvils came back to cartoons? I think things will get much better, bet…[View]
102473985Matt Wagner: So after the Batman (and son) debacle, will we finally see Wagner do some major work fo…[View]
102476671Is this the best DC comic?[View]
102473973Doctor Strange Storytime: Hey /co/ do you like magic and shit? I do, so let's read this[View]
102467094Annoying anime characters vs annoying western characters: IDK why is it that annoying western charac…[View]
102476951Is Luke Cage trashing Dr. Doom for 200 dollars still canon? Has any Doomwanker writer retconned it a…[View]
102473820What were they thinking?[View]
102475427Why didn't FreshTV make a Ridonculous Race Season 2?[View]
102476790Fear of heights with superheroes: How do superheroes deal with the perfectly rational fear of height…[View]
102467542“Watchmen is the best superhero comic ev-“[View]
102475549Denver The Last Dinosaur: We're a week away from the premiere. A reboot that nobody asked for a…[View]
102429094Given it's source material, I don't know how the movie could've possibly been any bet…[View]
102475596who is spider-man's biggest, most personal enemy? his joker? his lex luthor? his magneto? doc o…[View]
102472811Post art like this?[View]
102474484>that episode of dinosaurs about the concept of extinction[View]
102472564Why was Bruce Willis' kid-self watching Ed, Edd & Eddy?: And why the episode with the Jello…[View]
102474499The Sentry of Mankind: Storytime, because, why not?[View]
102475713It sounds like a real 30 year old boomer thing, but I don't like all the parents putting their …[View]
102474566Rate this dysfunctional team[View]
102474405I miss the vibe of the first couple of seasons of South Park where it was kind of a weird supernatur…[View]
102470422What stories had Scarecrow at his best?[View]
102475783How is it still so good?[View]
102458150>'Hmm, Asian girls with regular black hair are personality-less and interchangeable, right, and I…[View]
102465657The Venture Bros. S7E3 'Arrears om Science': Are you ready to get your fucking minds blown?[View]
102473112Side characters you liked at first but begun to despise them because of how much attention they got …[View]
102475076Hey /co/, I need your help/ I got into a brief argument with my best friend in the car about EGS and…[View]
102457471The only thing wrong with Steampunk is it's audience.[View]
102474843Hawkman Anthology: I've been thinking recently of an anthology series with Hawkman, you know, s…[View]
102472256Forgotten /co/ OC[View]
102471471I want to fuck this Pam[View]
102455605Would you give her a smooch?[View]
102472309Can someone give me a quick rundown over the whole Earth-One and Earth-Two universes? So are both un…[View]
102471869Times /co/ was wrong: >Black Panther will flop because China doesn’t like black people…[View]
102454037This angle was storytelling-wise unnecessary and could only be explained by lewd motives[View]
102470742>'adult' cartoons >DUDE DRUGS, SEX JOKES AND VIOLENCE LMAO when is this meme going to end?…[View]
102473362Why do adult cartoons have better animation ?: I legit don't get it kid's cartoons sell to…[View]
102431750This was supposed to come out last year, but it got delayed till this October. Are we excited for it…[View]
102474766will it have cool songs like futurama and simpsons did? what could be improved generally speaking?[View]
102470570Name a more red pilled character[View]
102474674So where does The Boondocks rank? Is it on the same tier as Seasons 3 - 8 of The Simpsons and Pre-Mo…[View]
102473941What did you guys think of this series?, For me personally I thought Marvel should have killed the …[View]
102474267Patrician comics: Give me your best patrician comics /co/.[View]
102474633Is Samnee even doing anything right now?[View]
102466311Would you guys consider Kenny a good boy?[View]
102437930Disenchantment: It was pretty great.[View]
102474468Now we'll begin by oops[View]
102450442Ducktales: I can't believe Lena is fucking dead[View]
102472463Avoided this due to the fact Marvel is garbage lately But man the series has been good so far aside …[View]
102473673/co/ VS /a/: ITT we post /co/ media that's better than their /a/ counterparts. I'll start.…[View]
102473495Remember when Cartoon Network shipped these two?[View]
102474325who was in the wrong here?[View]
102471292What’s his name again /co/?[View]
102461592is this the least quotable spongebob episode?[View]
102463279Why is she so Kawaii as fuck and much more better than Canon Star?[View]
102470767What would've happened if Peter actually managed to take off the glove?[View]
102471880When you like a minor character but then see their race and history changed because the creators of …[View]
102474086so are we in agreement that stinkmeaner is the strongest cartoon character known to man kind?[View]
102469380here's your starwars cartoon bro[View]
102470295Why do people hate this show? This exact same shit happened with Clone wars and now its loved.[View]
102446196dead theory/ships thread: post /co/ fan works, ideas, theories, ships, etc. that got torpedoed into …[View]
102451529>take 15 years to make a sequel >it's 201x so it has to be about a woman and about how da…[View]
102471378When is my nigga going to finally get a movie?[View]
102473352Have you ever seen wondered bout this Wonderland?: How everything is upside down![View]
102472574>Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
102470374Did they strip Lisa naked too off-screen?[View]
102473371Opinions on this guy? Cool name, cool design, he’s under used[View]
102471615Why doesn’t Batman just fuck the Vicki Vale?[View]
102463363You ever get the feeling that marvel comics just are unfulfilling? I mean, take Decimation onwards.…[View]
102469862Insectoid girl thread: Blah Blah Blah Insectoid girl thread[View]
102471585This sucks[View]
102471352What is the very last cartoon reboot that /co/ considers 'good'? Let's use pic related as a bas…[View]
102466620Devil's Candy: >Weak http://devilscandycomic.com[View]
102472685>every night when i go to sleep my dreams either consist of being on the operating table of soneo…[View]
102470624Name a more blue pilled character[View]
102461842> Flopped hard in cinemas and pulled after a week > Can't get amazon to distribute it on…[View]
102448394ITT: Moments that turned an episode to a solid 10/10[View]
1024679921. Thoughts on Morbius? 2. Thoughts on a Morbius movie? 3. If said movie did happen and Venom goes w…[View]
102427364ITT We Write A Family Guy Episode: [Jingle plays][View]
102469415Do you anons remember when the Squid totally beefed it?[View]
102470864I liked it. It could have been funnier but overall it wasn't bad.[View]
102472313Cliffside: Cute spider waifu is cute. Love me some heart shaped pupils.[View]
102464499Would he really have been the greatest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy if it weren't for Boba Fett?[View]
102471562Foxes: Fox thread, don't let the mice eat them![View]
102456007Creepy animations and comics thread? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPdgWYB9fdw[View]
102471838Marvel forgot good characters: Why does Marvel not use its characters at all? They have almost all t…[View]
102472356>antihero kills the hero who refuses to kill villains[View]
102467531How many heroes have managed to thwart villains by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? I mean, not even liftin…[View]
102465797What's the final solution to the CALARTS question?[View]
102469929Penguin /Co/: I was looking through an old hard drive and I found a bunch of Penguin paperback cover…[View]
102471388How much is Bruce Wayne's fortune?: The question is in the title[View]
102470040Evelyn Deavor: Why was she portrayed as an awkward weirdo literally once and then as a sophisticated…[View]
102472154>Less than 2 weeks left >at 41% >Radiosilence for a week Oh dogg......…[View]
102472135Letters to comics written by people that would later work in comics themselves[View]
102470142Heathcliff tries to sell lemonade.[View]
102470797Power Rangers (Boom Studios): Only recently got into PR stuff, but I thought it’d fun to talk about …[View]
102471205Are 90's Cartoons better than today?: https://youtu.be/QvjN1J3Cy8Y[View]
102471949How was this version of LOSH?: I thought about giving Supergirl another chance just for Legion chara…[View]
102471832Mouse in Manhattan: This episode was the purest kinography and it especially was refreshing from all…[View]
102471007Was spider womans first run any good?[View]
102466587>character gets sent to the future >asks someone in said future where they can find someone th…[View]
102466940hey /co/ what’s a the best Batman comic series to get into? I like the semi newer age of Batman aka …[View]
102471505>I am the immortal Iron Fist[View]
102470777Is there any reason for the huge hateboner Amidi and CartoonBrew haver for John Lasseter?[View]
102469081Worst movie to comic adaptation ever[View]
102471097What if Viacom scrapped Nick at Nite to make their own version of Adult Swim? Could it be successful…[View]
102469691It wasn't bad[View]
1024642549/10 8/10 3/10[View]
102470955This is a great ship![View]
102471033Now that’s what I call a real American.[View]
102470153What's the cutoff for zombie Simpsons?[View]
102468312Honestly, pickle rick is a top 3 joke of the century. Every time i hear it, i just burst out laughin…[View]
102467783Would superheroes be less active in the summer because of their skintight costumes and the summer he…[View]
102468100Best bad guy turned good character?[View]
102466939Batman: This triggers the Batfags[View]
102470549Snakes: Post snakes![View]
102470355Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: What do you think of April?[View]
102462778So how long until Starkfag shoots up his college? I give it a couple months at most.[View]
102469667Hey listen up every body, there's a special thing I'd like to do tonight. play a little so…[View]
102462538Why did he fail?: Depending too much on his children? Incompetent generals?[View]
102466470Stay out of my city, /co/.[View]
102454998killmonger: Why does everyone say he's one of the best villains? I can't go 2 seconds with…[View]
102470224What was the best Asian /co/ kino?[View]
102470136Did this actually get a release in english? I know theirs a dubbed version but it doesn't seem …[View]
102457322when your dad's a super villain but also nihilistically woke[View]
102464130Describe your comic or cartoon pitch with only a title: Kung Fu Nigga[View]
102468276there is a character that can defeat bugs bunny?[View]
102467374Do you smell it? That smell? The kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells... smelly...[View]
102464086>1 moving violation[View]
102460592The Teen Titans Go Movie is better than any of the live action DC Movies[View]
102466256Red Hood: Why doesn't Batman take him out? At the very least why doesn't he just tell him …[View]
102469525Jackie is a slut![View]
102464481Is this the greatest ending to a comic ever?[View]
102458274DC Universe: Decisions: It's been over 10 years since this was announced. What when right? What…[View]
102467317Do you think that Scooby 2020 will secretly be a Scooby Apocalypse adaption?[View]
102469517CC question: Gwen in a bikini when?[View]
102460100Alright /co/ explain this phase of marvel to me. They knew they'd bring the fetishist in with t…[View]
102465758'First step to survival in the woods: Conceal your nakedness.' 'Yeah, man.'[View]
102468821who is the smartest?: When did the smartest person become a real thing in the comics? If it happened…[View]
102460359So... this is canon right?[View]
102466463CN Broadcast Issues: I understand that CN is pushing their streaming service(and deals with other st…[View]
102464768Any Canada anons /YTV/ and /Teletoon/ here?[View]
102466608If the Air Nomads where more like Zaheer during Sozin's time how would things change? Not exact…[View]
102427639Villainous: New video, it's KND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbcrVkEkd3o[View]
102465391What's your opinion on this, /co/? So far it actually seems really good to me. Like possibly m…[View]
102469231Original artwork Have any of you chuckleheads ever bought original artwork either through commission…[View]
102451274Filename Thread: Filename Thread? Filename Thread.[View]
102468860ITT: Post shows that just sort of, exist.[View]
102468752With the snap of a finger the 'cal arts' style is replaced by the madness of Ralph Bakshi[View]
102435282>entire episode shitting on shippers Based[View]
102418747What are your honest thoughts on any monster high movie: Personally, I did enjoy the reboot movie. B…[View]
102455012>the current state of animation[View]
102466929Does anyone else like to pretend Pre-MCU marvel films (from Blade to FF: Silver Surfer) take place i…[View]
102462190What did they mean by this?[View]
102466157This is the only good Tim Drake story: And only because it embraces how silly it was to train him…[View]
102419314My bike got stolen recently...: Like. Seriously. I'm super pissed off about it. Post funny com…[View]
102455376Craig of the Creek: Last thread died, so we still waiting for a MEGA link to new episodes to come.…[View]
102465449Could he kill Doomsday?[View]
102467869Amazing old covers[View]
102468568athf: >tfw that video wasn't an announcement for a new season or movie god damn it. aside fr…[View]
102466836Wait a minute, ROSE QUARTZ IS PINK DIAMOND[View]
102459175You must admit, /co/, The Fire Nation did nothing wrong. The Firelord did what he had to do, to ensu…[View]
102466953Drew? What are you doing here Drew?[View]
102467269>Civil War >it's actually very uncivil…[View]
102467974Milf swimsuit thread: Post milf characters in swimsuits now.[View]
102468240Is Buckleys angel real?[View]
102462876Was it kino?[View]
102456981Angelica > Pacifica[View]
102466000>American comics will never be worth reading again[View]
102463221>Ruins your Batman game[View]
102465611Venture Bros. General: >S7E3: Arrears in Science Airing tonight, for those who didn't catch …[View]
102426807Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
102465121What's his fucking problem?[View]
102441928ITT Crossovers You Always Wanted: Post your crossover ideas that you'd love to see. Bonus point…[View]
102466875In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning...[View]
102466760When is my girl Jet going to come back?[View]
102408882Shelf Thread: Weekend edition. Post/discuss recent purchases, shelves, collections, etc. Don't …[View]
102465568New York/ Brooklyn accented girls: Post ‘em[View]
102467574let gays have babies: give him children[View]
102464182ducktales boys: Post them, share your autistic headcanons, claim your fav one, come on[View]
102464335Why is Harley Quinn so popular with women tho?[View]
102467142Did you hear the rumor? About Jeff Goldblum?[View]
102450975>cousing fucker Hulk and his family of inbred rednecks >Wolverine somehow manages to kill all …[View]
102464852The Goon, by Eric Powell, except not really. This is Goon Noir, in which a bunch of other people try…[View]
102459361Anyone else read this? It was excellent[View]
102463614You don't actually do this, right /co/?[View]
102465992What does he taste like?[View]
102465295I have actually sort of liked the ATLA continuation comics, like 'The Promise' and so on. I say …[View]
102466460What are some good Meme Knight stories?[View]
102463055I liked it[View]
102461908Did you forget, /co/ ???[View]
102466381Why didn't Tom ever ask Richard Gere for help?[View]
102459160I love her[View]
102464181What series are currently on your subscriptions? >Currently subbing to Punisher and Conan. Thinki…[View]
102462076When I was a kid, I always wanted an Ultimate Universe-style DC 'reboot', with a harder adherence to…[View]
102457644Nicktoon/Cartoon Network Rankings[View]
102460740Is Gwenpool the most underrated new character from the big two?[View]
102460707What /co/ property should have a fighting game by ArcSys?[View]
102465724>Recurring gag character is a horse with Scrooge’s head. >Show never makes any Mister Ed refer…[View]
102465047Name a better cartoon. Go ahead, I'll wait.[View]
102460103>Mr Groening we need to cast the voices for your shows old women >oh you know who I am going …[View]
102460704What is your opinion on Red Hulk?[View]
102459641You're in the club and this guy walks up and slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do you do?[View]
102462527When are we going to get a Pearl Backstory Arc?: C'mon /co/ I need to know. Why is it so hard f…[View]
102465530Top 10 DC Animated Movies: https://youtu.be/XRFEEerbfl8[View]
102463322What a horrifying episode[View]
102459554Superheroes giving advice[View]
102459563Whats /CO/'s opinion on Bojack Horseman?[View]
102461726Since it's premiering on Disney Channel right now, was it a good sequel?[View]
102464928Are there any truly good American comic books other than maybe some of Alan Moore's stuff? Mang…[View]
102462580ITT: We remind Louis of that time one word at a time >HEY LOUIS REMEMBER THAT TIME THAT…[View]
102460981*donkey sound effect plays*[View]
102462938>Make 'legacy' character people actually like >have him mentored by the original >cancel bo…[View]
102455456Belle: >/co/ says Rogue is a cock hungry slut >she doesn't fuck a harem of hunky alien ca…[View]
102424106Lilo: Why didn't Lilo put any effort into being more normal?[View]
102458059What does /co/ think of the Earth/Universe/Paradise X series?: I remember it being a big deal back w…[View]
102462986MY NAME IS[View]
102462179Cliffside: It's been three months where the fuck is the porn Also what are the chances the writ…[View]
102464538I'm like a half newfag when it comes to Transformers Holy fucking shit this cat Optimus is a c…[View]
102457394Redpill me on marvel rising /co/. Is it gonna stink?[View]
102461200itt post funniest spongebob scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMyActacNgo[View]
102464378i was rooting for Doomsday..... fuck Super man[View]
102462262When did you realize that most of the people responsible for the golden age of comics were weird per…[View]
102459225Which cartoon will have the biggest impact on the next generation?[View]
102460607Adventure Time: The Final Seasons DVD: Alright so people are getting press copies. Who is going to b…[View]
102459779Is this Marvel's Watchmen?[View]
102464076Find me better showrunners [spoiler ] you can't [/spoiler][View]
102464028Az Ember Tragédiája/The Tragedy of Man: This was my first time watching raws of a foreign film. I re…[View]
102463851Anyone else gonna buy the Valiant humble bundle? https://www.humblebundle.com/books/valiant-universe…[View]
102463260ITT: Characters who could unironically defeat Dr. Manhattan[View]
102453661Now that the dust has settled, which is the better duck show?[View]
102463654What does /co/ think of Batman Odyssey?[View]
102460199They're fucked aren't they?[View]
102462113AoS isn't canon, /co/ It's all in your heads[View]
102457360>fantastical thing is shown to exist within canon >is never brought up again and is only shown…[View]
102463389What if Ralph Bakshi redid all the animation for Steven Universe?[View]
102459634Puta marrana aguada[View]
102462840For me it’s Red Robin Hood.[View]
102461218I'm not telling you anything. My dad Tenzin the legendary airbender, son of Aang, sensi to the …[View]
102459857Normally don't come here because cartoons are for girls and homos. Started dating a girl who wo…[View]
102449791Anybody else watch new episode: http://ww6.cartooncrazy.net/watch/the-venture-bros-season-7-episode-…[View]
102459590What is their next worst movie after The Emoji Movie?[View]
102461035Why the fuck is Luna smiling?[View]
102460826Irredeemable Vol. 5: Ok /co/, just got this at the Dollar Tree for a buck, What am I in for?[View]
102438379Gary and His Demons: Season 2 when?[View]
102461838How does this compare to Life in the Dreamhouse?[View]
102459080As you wish, Commissioner. That clown won't walk for a month.[View]
102460612Is sid The Punisher?[View]
102460820/co/ weekend hungry games: Question and Answers Edition General Pasta: http://pastebin.com/mQZPQ6Js …[View]
102429742New Guardians of the Galaxy Roster: >Sharing a story by Screen Rant that criticized Disney's…[View]
102457414I want to sub the French series 'Baskup': Someone get me HD episodes and I'll sub the…[View]
102458073Batman dodged a bullet by not marrying Catwoman.[View]
102459402Magik/Illyana Thread - My little sister can't possibly ruin my wedding on purpose edition: A th…[View]
102457955Was Lisa wrong for tearing up the check?[View]
102458913I knew he was a cunt, but he went full faggot now.[View]
102460658Series you still follow solely because you wasted so much time on them already.: What is yours /co/?…[View]
102458018Ass flying through space: Ass flying through space[View]
102460631So how the fuck are they going to make a playmobil animated movie? I mean yes the toys are better th…[View]
102460570Is it wrong that picrel is my favorite comicbook series ever made?[View]
102460144Why is he so LAME /co/?[View]
102451206Dixon Batman: I'm 60 issues or so into Cuck Dixon's Detective Comics, when does it get goo…[View]
102460301What would /co/ think about a Zootopia television series a la Tangled?[View]
102460271Of all the spin off ideas you could have done with Batman Beyond they pick this one. It baffles me s…[View]
10246003580's: >Transformers >Fred Wolf TMNT >GI Joe >He-Man Wow, the 80's really was t…[View]
102459582what would happen if lincoln and tenchi traded harems?[View]
102458767scientology. scientology. scientology. scientology[View]
102460559So, what do you think?[View]
102456292/co/ weekend hungry games: Carl Edit Edition General Pasta: http://pastebin.com/mQZPQ6Js Season 14 …[View]
102456197Post perfect chsracters[View]
102429735Smoking: Smoke thread.[View]
102458764Which game is better?[View]
102422424>Gravity Falls special planned for Disney’s streaming service Get hype.…[View]
102459425She-hulk belongs to wolverine.[View]
102459599Letterboxd highest rated animated films of deacde[View]
102457277What do you think about 'proactive' superteams?: I recently read this interview with James Robinson …[View]
102459378I think you should kill yourself anon[View]
102458062Sad /co/: I've had a really awful day and made some dreadful discoveries, so... can you post so…[View]
102457334How do we get DC popular in Japan? Japan loves Super hero shit. Why doesn't DC make more anime,…[View]
102458475Does it hurt, /co/? Does it hurt knowing that the best and most mature character this show has ever …[View]
102452125I miss them, /co/.[View]
102458825I miss the JSA[View]
102458343Post only redpilled /co/ heros ITT.[View]
102452463Was it ever explained why Buttercream suffered an unexpected orgasm whenever someone uttered the wor…[View]
102456039What are some of the great Batman stories where Scarecrow is the main villain?[View]
102459538Humor thread and a request: So I'm looking for a pic I found here last night. It was of Raven, …[View]
102458981So, /co/ which one do you want? >T H I C C mom >S T I C C mom >S M O L mom…[View]
102457084ITT characters you couldn't get into or just don't understand the appeal of. Martian Manh…[View]
102459333I've been watching the newest season of Ninjago. How is it that despite the show boiling down t…[View]
102459284Why doesn’t this hoe just leave Cyclops so Wolverine can show her what life is like with a real nigg…[View]
102452555Anyone want a cup of Wilkins coffee?: You miss a lot when you don't drink Wilkins https://youtu…[View]
102453480>ITT post heroes better than spiderman[View]
102455574This is peak cyclops Prove me wrong >protip : you literally can't[View]
102455179New Oglaf! NSFW as usual. https://media.oglaf.com/comic/redleather.jpg[View]
102451289Does anyone besides white manchildren even like Superman? All the kids are into Batman, Black Panthe…[View]
102436487You will never have a fun sleepover with your bros again. Why even live?[View]
102439405Dr. Strange SEQUEL gears up next Yr: https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/benedict-cumberbatc…[View]
102449280So is she the best version of Killer Frost so far?[View]
102453588alt costumes that as superior to main ones: This costume really should have made its way into comics…[View]
102427622There has NEVER been a better time to work in comic books. We need a lot of talent for our self satu…[View]
102411025RWBY: Adam short is up. Volume 6 in October. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st5OBtPfVcA[View]
102456689The Kingpin: Let's talk about Wilson Fisk. Does he really run all crime in New York, or is that…[View]
102405969ITT: Craziest /co/ related moments: I'll start[View]
102458710This is Mister Burns. Say something or he will release the hounds.[View]
102458966Infinity Wars: >watch this to see where the memes come from >it is a clusterfuck >if half o…[View]
102458883Are you hype for Pete the Cat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5w1F-_SDls[View]
102458853We need more Belladonna[View]
102456772>tfw /co/ superhero silhouettes are so generic that they'll never be able to pull shadow kin…[View]
102458694where can I buy an action figure of this scene ?[View]
102454900Hey /co/, What issues and/or runs of She-Hulk are worth looking into? I keep seeing silly images an…[View]
102458085This running is so fucking disgusting that as a DC fan I audably said the first time I saw this >…[View]
102456934>We could have had a gritty realistic Shazam movie that explored Billy’s childhood and the harsh …[View]
102458562Nano-Sentinels mutant flu virus: LMAO[View]
102458563Remember when Marvel tried to convince their readers that 'Dr.-I-torture-kids-and-try-to-destroy-peo…[View]
102435082Stop her from voicing Harley Quinn 2k18[View]
102458374He hugged millions...[View]
102453707Is Mark Millers Nemesis A Masterpiece?: A over the top evil Batman. I think it deserves more credit …[View]
102455420Zootopia Are we Getting a Sequel: We're a few years on, and there's no buzz at all. Do you…[View]
102428410*blocks your path*[View]
102455354How exactly does cyclops X mask work? Does it shoot x shaped blasts or does it work like a regular v…[View]
102452951There is gonna be a lot of Tumblr fanart of young Red death[View]
102449202Do you think that if Donald uses the barksian modulator to become Paperinik he would be trained by D…[View]
102444995Venom: It's gonna flop[View]
102452709I don't know why this season gets so much hate[View]
102455770what is your opinion of rick and morty: theres a huge debate in a chat and i wanted opinions[View]
102454174anyone got any links to African tv streaming websites? Or know a guy who can hook us up when it come…[View]
102457029What characters would you add to this roster?[View]
102427853Why don't more villains rape? Honestly; say you are a villain and you Power Girl or Supergirl. …[View]
102457557This German film made it stateside. Do we have anything here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7jPsA…[View]
102452978He's bisexual right?[View]
102455471Friendly reminder that a Hellboy movie comes out in less than five months and we still don't ha…[View]
102450634MEN, amiright ?[View]
102454552has there ever been a more attractive female in an animated series?[View]
102428667Hey wait... Storytime: Hey /co/ i love this comic so let's read it.[View]
102455405Friendly reminder Yugo is a stupid fucking idiot with retarded plans and shit taste in girls[View]
102434476That's a tachnical fowl![View]
102449534Reminder that Harley and Ivy are married and have a kid. Why is the next for them now?[View]
102454651These networks are failing, so why do they all bother with having a second network (Nicktoons, Boome…[View]
102436680https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-resistance-trailer >NEW ANIME-INSPIRED SERIES Thank you …[View]
102454233His name is SwaySway[View]
102457151Whether you want to admit it or not, this is what a strong, well-written female character looks like…[View]
102455798What are powers so common to superheroes that having them isn't special anymore like >Laser …[View]
102457113Just how well-versed is your wiafu in the art of dank memes and shitposting?[View]
102455408How is he supposed to be the villain? >He stole Woody Andy and his dumbass mother didn't kno…[View]
102456513When did Peter Parker start taking estogen to become a fuccboi? Hot.[View]
102456958This fucking film. Why did nobody tell me about this until now.[View]
102455013>draw a girl >call it a boy Is there any /co/ material guilty of this?…[View]
102456973justice league. but everyone is ben affleck[View]
102455917What was the problem here exactly? What's wrong with salmon?[View]
102456830Any comic you'd call a magnum opus?[View]
102443875Is Batman responsible for every death Joker causes by not killing him many years ago?[View]
102375590Adventure Time: Since Adventure Time is ending next month let’s discuss the whole series.[View]
102454789>have super powers >go on a crime spree of murder and destruction >get caught by superman …[View]
102454598So this is where all the cool villains hangout[View]
102454665/Co/ if it were 1937[View]
102456422Animator vs. Animated: Were they /flash/kino? A new one just came out.[View]
102441860CW-VERSE NEW CHARACTERS: Thoughts on them? KATE KANE / BATWOMAN (Ruby Rose) >Physically and intel…[View]
102451771This is Kitty Cartwright[View]
102451344Disenchantment: Why is this allowed?[View]
102451947How would you write a Batman story where he rediscovers his faith in Jesus Christ and becomes a born…[View]
102453727I actually liked this version of Batman, Fight me nerds The Justice League one sucks tho[View]
102454456>ITT: Girls which don't get a lot of love in their series Suki is amazing…[View]
102434280ITT: We improve the BvS script: After the Trinity managed to defeat Doomsday with no casualties >…[View]
102454274Pizza: Pizza thread?[View]
102450440Simpsons: I've been watching seasons 6-8 lately, when does it get bad again?[View]
102454567Was it good[View]
102452461Why exactly is Catwoman considered 'The One' for Batman in the same way Lois Lane and Stev…[View]
102452260The humor isn't exactly sophisticated, but Nedroid is still one of my favorite webcomics. Pleas…[View]
102454958When did cartoon fans become such elitist snobs where every cartoon has to be a masterpiece? Compani…[View]
102453051Doom & Kids: >obsessed with legacy and family >has no kids of his own >adopts one >a…[View]
102451601Can DC fire him already? Jesus fucking Christ, whoever replaces him couldn't be worse.[View]
102454992Initial D Version: https://youtu.be/eZrttdOlMxw?t=8m53s What do you think ?[View]
102452353Post sad moments from any /co/ media[View]
102410366Kill Six Billion Demons ksbd: >“The Star Emperor is a man of great stature, with an oiled beard a…[View]
102454747The great debate...: Who is taller?[View]
102444069Got into the Fables series after I played this game recently. What'd /co/ think? Anyone else hy…[View]
102449402Name a more based character. Protip: You can't.[View]
102429986Jason is in the wrong and Lobdell painting bruce as an abuser is absolutely fucking stupid.[View]
102454807Why don’t we get moments like this in comics anymore?[View]
102443297Most Overrated/Underated Characters: ?[View]
102451736Why do people think he's a good writer? His stuff allways sell like hot cakes, no matter how s…[View]
102453554Superman with Mind Control?: If Superman had suddenly gained the power of Mind Control, like Kilgrav…[View]
102454437Has there ever been a case of lolsorandom working? Does even the most cartoonish cartoon need its ow…[View]
102438058This is 100% true[View]
102453523How are they gonna introduce him to the DCEU?, I mean his whole dynamic with Batman is he's pis…[View]
102441598ITT: Cartoons that channels meme'd you into watching[View]
102451211Psycho Waifu: Who is your psycho bitch waifu?[View]
102454404>DUDE TOLIET HUMOR[View]
102434742are 3d cartoons ever NOT going to age poorly?[View]
102434736Why dont we have as much thick women in cartoons anymore[View]
102431645So is there anything redeemable left about this man now?[View]
102454320>Mage him subber. Mage him bish he were dead :DDDDDD >Den grand his bish. But how? >Gunni…[View]
102452675So...whose horse was it really?[View]
102440427/vld/ Voltron Legendary Defender, Keith goes full Jesus edition: Will he >MUH TEAM?[View]
102451235>He's just, to big. Is this comic, considered one of the greatest works of graphic literatur…[View]
102452351Why doesn't Marvel TV just separate from the MCU as a whole? AoS got better the more they pulle…[View]
102453465'Hi, everyone, it's ya boy, Zach.' Is there a better intro or a more comfy youtuber?[View]
102452458BATMAN IS NOT A CuCK[View]
102442331Do you want to dance, /co/? It would be crazy if we danced right now, right? I mean, not that I want…[View]
102453676Is xkcd the Rick and Morty of comics? You have to be extremely intelligent to enjoy this material.[View]
102450177So he's basically a demi-god?[View]
102452710All that time and money I wasted getting invested in this character GONE TO WASTE[View]
102453296True ending[View]
102426994What kind of coffee does she drink?[View]
102451570ITT: False advertising: Batman doesn't even show up in this issue, what the fuck?[View]
102450824'Sorry, Sneed, but I'll be taking back my business.'[View]
102450513>Did nothing while Cap and Stark were trying to kill each other[View]
102453144>Get a load of this guy! He must've been born on a highway because that's where most ac…[View]
102436904Is Karmi cute?[View]
102450704Wtf does the cosmic nullifier even do?[View]
102441425Why is mystique such fetish fuel?[View]
102441903What do black people think of black /co/ characters ?: What do black people who aren’t that into /co…[View]
102449141>Teen Titans season 6 was a lie BUT I PAID TO SEE THE MOVIE[View]
102450682Is he shooting blanks?: ~60 decades offucking and sleeping around, and he has no bastards, or any se…[View]
102451979More recommendation images?: Hey /co/, I found this earlier and it had me wondering if there are any…[View]
102443428What's Neely up to these days?[View]
102452676Broken Aces: What are some characters who are lonely, and cursed by God or Fate, to live a miserable…[View]
102452178Generation one transformers: What's your favorite episode[View]
102429971Legend of Lucky Pie finale(?): Guys it's been a hell of a ride. 5 episodes over 3 years but the…[View]
102425755Disenchantment: Is medieval simpsons any good?[View]
102452594EC comics master race reporting in.[View]
102452560Hi /co/[View]
102452535Not fast enough[View]
102450865'Cruisn down the camp in my 64 Jockin' the monsters, slappin' the kids' Who knew this show…[View]
102437273Meanwhile...at Luthor's headquarters[View]
102451573here's your starwars cartoon bro[View]
102450107/co/news: MARVEL COMICS DECADES COLLECTIONS: >Marvel Comics is celebrating its 80th anniversary n…[View]
102451720Are there any writers for the Punisher that have came close to Garth Ennis?[View]
102451891For me it's Queen Delightful[View]
102450909Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why exactly did they reboot after less than a year?[View]
102448154How would a story go with those two ?[View]
102452109Thanos' power is unbelievable. His internal domination over the universe seems inevitable. Prov…[View]
102450312Batman Triumphant: Daily reminder that we aren't in the timeline where Batman Triumphant was re…[View]
102451346What was a name of the Superman comicbook in which he helps some family remains of their long lost r…[View]
102450758Mandy: Mandy thread?[View]
102452036how would he fare in the marvel and/or DC universe?: his gimmick is he wears a metal ball on his hea…[View]
102440075Wally West has the longest and most consistently good run of any major DC hero. Discuss.[View]
102450748Is he the worst father figure in comics?[View]
102450885Futurama easter egg in Disenchantment: Just thought it would be cool to show anyone who didn't …[View]
102450620>You have to do it Slade, is the only way.[View]
102448719who could defeat him?[View]
102442064Episodes that made you feel: 'Some people are meant to be with people. And others like me... Are jus…[View]
102390162Total Drama Thread: Most/Least Favorite Season? Thoughts on their spinoffs? Discuss anything.[View]
102451671He was cursed with the knowledge of knowing a normie manlet human exists?[View]
102449063Remember in 2008 when Iron Man was cool because you could almost believe that an exo suit like that …[View]
102438274What webcomic has the prettiest artwork?[View]
102445899Is it gay to have Waifus /co/? I’m asking for a friend who goes to the same highschool as me. But i’…[View]
102445978What's the name of this Artstyle?[View]
102439621Any comics about misunderstood 'monsters' who just wanted a friend all along?[View]
102448503>teen titans Go is a comedy >Teen Titans is not a comedy but is still funnier than ttgo what w…[View]
102440812Why did Gamesworkshop stop making warhammer 40k comics?[View]
102412481Today is Black Cat appreciation day[View]
102450566Who is the best gem in SU and why is it Ruby?: >Short tempered >Knows how to fight >Thermok…[View]
102450857Why didn't he stop it, bros?[View]
102419688Astonishing X-Men Annual: Looks like no one did this over the week, so I'll dump it now. In thi…[View]
102444144>can make her own spells >could literally become the most powerful entity in the universe >…[View]
102450536Did Johnny Storm have the best taste in the Ultimate universe?[View]
102433105Recommend me good American cartoons: 22-year-old Boomer tourist from /x/ here. So I switched to anim…[View]
102450978wtf the finale was actually good[View]
102449799what are you thoughts on it?: ok so i like the main character and the 2 secondary characters. high 5…[View]
102449132I'm guessing we dont care?[View]
102404778https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEBp_F67_DI this is gonna be the greatest superhero video game of al…[View]
102448515YIPPEE! IT'S MR. KRABS![View]
102449593Is Joe Chill responsible for every death Batman causes by not killing the joker many years ago by no…[View]
102445161Is it possible to make hyperrealistic hand-drawn animations?[View]
102443263Never forget that inflation saved the DC Universe[View]
102449863Anybody recognize this character or artist? Saw this graffiti at the Centralia PA graffiti highway a…[View]
102450286The best thing about America's perpetual wars is that the Punisher's backstory will always…[View]
102448984How much per month do you think DC spends on Tom King's suicide watch? How are they keeping thi…[View]
102443020Somehow a better Amanda Waller than all actual movie Wallers.[View]
102445894Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, one thread a day. If I miss anything be sure to let me know. Used …[View]
102449811ITT: Post shows you were looking foward to liking, but then dropped immediately after[View]
102448711Heathcliff watches the dogs.[View]
102446766American DDad[View]
102439263Why is he so perfect, bros?[View]
102448033Toonami General #9: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102449089Is Batman responsible for every death?[View]
102430433Astro Boy Storytime #22: It's time for the Saturday Morning storytime! This week we're cov…[View]
102448827>female character wears a leotard[View]
102448296Season finale of DK Country should have been Mario paying a visit to the island, Cranky referring to…[View]
102437782If you were tasked with the challenge of creating a modern version of Fantasia, what would your musi…[View]
102435224They deserved their own show[View]
102451240What are the things in the animation and comic industry that liberals have ruined? We have forced mu…[View]
102443869Is peeg right?[View]
102439780Who else enjoyed this book[View]
102442357Star wars resistance: Does anyone else see the resemblance of the art style to the Iron Man Armored …[View]
102448690Why is comic Batman so RETARDED ??: DCAU Batman doesn't give a fugg if the Joker dies (pic rela…[View]
102441682Why is it the greatest Disney film?[View]
102443122You are now my suicide squad[View]
102414158Don't mind me, just carrying the whole team and going toe to toe with Thanos on my own.[View]
102439838Teen Titans Go 'ruined' many child hoods!: If you ever said that this show 'ruined' your childhood t…[View]
102448464Reality Warpers: They're cool. Post 'em.[View]
102448455Am I blanchin'? Girl, we blanchin' I live up in a mansion[View]
102428217It's Saturday morning. What's everyone watching?[View]
102417423have you ever cried at a cartoon /co/?[View]
102436521Superfriends: The Curator: It's time for a storytime. Today we have a person stealing monuments…[View]
102428600And this is anon's room: He's probably reading a comic or watching his cartoon shows…[View]
102439020I should probably preface this with the fact that this is my first time posting on /co/, so forgive …[View]
102446812ITT: Calling on fellow drawfags to design a superheroine costume that is both not simple JO material…[View]
102446648Toonami General #8: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102437484>tfw disney will never revive or make a spider-man cartoon as good as spectacular…[View]
102438762So is she into jazz or blues or what? The show can never seem to make up its mind and the two genres…[View]
102443742Craig of the Creek: starving for mega edition >5 new eps out on the CN site…[View]
102411506Summer Camp Island: This is a thread about Susie Susie is a sweet young girl[View]
102428745Characters that 'win' every episode that you fucking hate: Tom was just doing his job trying to stop…[View]
102446123Anybody wanna give me an uneducated swine in the comic world other than the archie sonic & megam…[View]
102436561X-Men Forever: THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING - the storytime. Previous thread: …[View]
102441555Does publicly-funded animation work?[View]
102444585>main character has natural power and talent >everyone assumes he must be the chosen one >s…[View]
102405059author/artist tropes that irritate you: >artist draws entire comic about how hard it is being an …[View]
102445686Watchmen: Did I got memed or what? How is this considered one of the best examples of the medium? Is…[View]
102434247be honest anon, have you ever fapped to a panel in your little cartoon books?[View]
102445491Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102437490What do you think of Worm?[View]
102445330Well Batman?[View]
102442271who is the worse princess[View]
102444425Kara Kent is better than Kara Danvers: Her weird origin on the Supergirl TV show makes no sense…[View]
102440793Is this the best Marvel/DC comic of the last decade? I dare you to name a better one. Protip: I enco…[View]
102408402She's 10. What was The Moe Wolves thinking with this design?[View]
102444394Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102441898Name a better 90's kids cartoon character[View]
102444689My name tag is out there somewhere. Lost... Hungry... Who will help it?[View]
102408841>show is called hey Arnold >Helga is the main character…[View]
102430427/dtg/ DuckTales General - The Shadow War!: Not the eleventh episode of the '87 series. I'm…[View]
102443170Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102438571Why do people hate Galacta so much? She isn't even Canon. I feel like if DC did something simil…[View]
102437585Name a better cartoon in the last ten years. protip: you can't[View]
102441637Doesn’t the way things turned out in the finale kind of screw things up? I mean, there was enough tu…[View]
102443861The great debate...: Who would win in a drinking contest?[View]
102443312I'm attracted to her more than any anime character[View]
102432211JLA Roster Shakeup?: Im sick and tired of pic related being the standard roster of JL. I say itd be …[View]
102442109What went wrong?[View]
102442099How does /co/ feel about John Romita Jr's art?[View]
102441939Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102442933What was the point of spending this whole issue and the one before about him not fucking up or makin…[View]
102442295same universe thread: same universe[View]
102435289Hey /co/... What color is the universe? Why does the sky smell like fish? Who designed our brains? W…[View]
102438075Why do any DC superheroes have a no killing rule when Heaven and Hell are proven to exist? Furthermo…[View]
102440159Does anyone on /co/ read assassins creed comics?[View]
102440759Why hasn’t Cartoon Network done a reboot of the classic flichure cartoons aswell as obscure cartooon…[View]
102441152Are there any popular black heroes where them being black isn't the main or one of the main foc…[View]
102440896Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102441454Arkham Origins Bane: Is he the best version of the character /co/?[View]
102440595Body found in burning vehicle at Walt Disney World: https://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/2018/08/…[View]
102428610Next Gen Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=116&v=uf3ALGKgpGU The newest upcom…[View]
102440360Why is 80s/early 90s marvel art so great?[View]
102435950Hey /co/, what’s your favorite Disney sequel? I like the one where a guy gets cucked by a bear.[View]
102440887If the Mario movie takes zero inspiration from the writing in the RPG games, I'm gonna be reall…[View]
102435587Red Hood and the Outlaws: How did Lobdell do it?[View]
102429948Why was she so great?[View]
102439697Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/mJU56gEC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
102414793Post character’s worst outfits[View]
102439318Welcome back to The /co/ Show, where we complain about things we know nothing about and do nothing t…[View]
102438221Mysticons Volume 1 by Dark Horse Comics: Hey look, /ourgirl/ Kate Leth is back!! I wonder if she has…[View]
102440204will anything every top NOCKFORCE?[View]
102437207Does anyone remember Pelswick, the show that Nickelodeon hates the most and doesn't give a shit…[View]
102432212/our/ show[View]
102439913Wonder Woman / Batwoman: What would be a reasonable plot hook that would allow for a Wonder Woman / …[View]
102424463Bets comic dads: Best Dads In Comics[View]
102436482Why is she cute[View]
102438022Leave Thanos to me.[View]
102436980Do you think Bruce was ever molested as a child?[View]
102436429Toonami General #1: Toonami General Guy said he would be MIA all night tonight in the ratings thread…[View]
102435589Why don't you love her? She just wants a daddy.[View]
102437049Chinks WOULD like sterile, unchallenging shit like this slop. Let's talk about how chinks have …[View]
102430775Red Rooster: Is this going to be good?[View]
102429093Regular Show: Who's the little guy on the left?[View]
102434839Overhated shows[View]
102434870put aside your biases and be honest. this is the greatest animated work of all time[View]
102438998This was fucking great. I don't understand why so many people on this board don't like it.…[View]
102432205Controversial Opinions Thread.: Geoff Johns is the consistently best writer for DC (and Grant Morris…[View]
102438257>'The point is Flick, you lied to us!' >You lied to the colony of ants that sent you on a fool…[View]
102427425Steven Universe Movie: Speculations on how it will be? Do you think Steven will just talk down the v…[View]
102428579CN is airing Trouble in Tokyo again[View]
102432860Why was early 2000's Nickelodeon so loved? Even as a kid I hated most of the shows, especially …[View]
102438365>god is literally Jack Kirby in this universe >people are still muslim Why do so many people …[View]
102435827*inhales* 2 years 17 days...[View]
102435917The best thing ever.[View]
102433706Does CN have a retail store/gift shop at their studio in Burbank. I firmly believe they do not and c…[View]
102438570When I was a kid, I always wanted an Ultimate Universe-style DC 'reboot', with a harder adherence to…[View]
102433537Anybody else watched this show? It's quite nice and cute[View]
102437631>there's an independence day door What the fuck goes on in there? Is it a G.I. Joe nightmare…[View]
102418792Pidge thread: Pidge thread? Pidge thread.[View]
102438433>King Zog >Kingdom is ruled by zog Was this intentional? Cause I find it hilarious.…[View]
102430294Who the fuck though that making a horror comic about periods was a good idea? Periods are not scary.…[View]
102434532Hello, anons. Does anyone have the MEGA for Legends of the Three Caballeros? I'm looking for it…[View]
102435270Does anyone else get annoyed at how Wakanda is a truly perfect society? I get that it's cool to…[View]
102425815How can there be finite resources in an infinite universe?[View]
102434340Who was in the wrong here?[View]
102437238I can't wait for Terminator: The Evil White Robot vs. The Brave Minorities![View]
102434785Post Best Girls.[View]
102437335When does it start getting funny?[View]
102437137>I'm Elfo![View]
102434834Steven Universe upcoming episode spoilers: -White Diamond has Mind controling powers -Escapism is su…[View]
102432467>Invader ZIM is getting a TV movie >Samurai Jack got a conclusion >Incredibles sequel happe…[View]
102402990Still the best Disney girl more than 60 years later.: How did they do it, friends?[View]
102437148Two thirds of the planet is water? This guy's okay.[View]
102433028https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aF2GxWi7Ag So this video might be controversial here, but hear me o…[View]
102437055He's reaching into his bag again...![View]
102389295Does she have the best butt?[View]
102418358Voltron in the Franxx: *teleports behind you*[View]
102436105Logan: Real talk: did he really die? With all the ridiculous shit ol' Jimmy jam went through, i…[View]
102431113O (sur)real mundo de Any Malu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZdv43AF2Zw >'Oh hey this channel …[View]
102427606Batman failed. The GCPD failed. I wont.[View]
102407787What the fuck?, this is good, why all the negative reviews?[View]
102421945Venture Bros discussion: Here’s your new Suicide Squad roster, /co/[View]
102431090You know, I ship them.[View]
102435466OK so you're all about to rip my intestines but is there actually any good Marvel comics? Like,…[View]
102433756Is there any cartoons for kids which handled the subject of cults or is it too sensitive for them to…[View]
102435633Whoa... that's a pretty good deal.[View]
102431499Why doesn't The State just kill The Joker?[View]
102432979YIIIIII!: YIIIIII![View]
1023999475 new Craig of the Creek episodes: on the CN website, the app too Ace of Squares Doorway to Helen Th…[View]
102430529/co/ weekend hungry games: venom win happened General Pasta: http://pastebin.com/mQZPQ6Js Season 14…[View]
102435351Gormiti Bible: Does anyone remember the show 'Gormiti?' It was this old show that aired around in 20…[View]
102423515>never having any closure from the plots involved in the show due to it ending abruptly >maca…[View]
102423758Is Thorm cute?[View]
102431521Mr Incredible was rated as one of the strongest heroes in Incredibles 1 but his only power is being …[View]
102414307CHAMPIONS #24 to Deal with Gun Violence in Schools, Centered on MILES MORALES: https://www.newsarama…[View]
102435067Man of Steel #29 exposed the Deep State: It was created by Bloodthirst as shown in this issue from J…[View]
1024146502 episodes in and I like it as much as I liked the first season of futurama. What's with all th…[View]
102425903>Some people will never know how special it was Man, it was great, seeing people talk about how t…[View]
102434848Considering how well the last thread went before it was deleted lets have a flash/old meme(/co/ rela…[View]
102426467So, why does he need to be in the suit, exactly? Seems like the suit is programmed pretty well to do…[View]
102433924Broke, Woke, Bespoke meme thread: Broke: Bruce Wayne is the fake personality of Batman, a mask he us…[View]
102430638what are the top 5 episodes?[View]
102425189Would you read a comic book with a premise like this. Like an ordinary guy happens to take the credi…[View]
102429475MCU Hopes & Ideas?: Share yours! Mine... > Jude Law's Mar-Vell or Ben Mendelsohn's …[View]
102430070The cruel comedy of classic Donald shorts: Look, I'm not Mr. Entering here, I'm not compla…[View]
102434560Why aren't government sponsored racehorse-like superhuman breeding programs more prevalent in s…[View]
102403101Why didn't he have any children?[View]
102430454Is this a hotwheels battleforce 5 sequel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=bH_Ws7…[View]
102425906What's /co/'s opinion on Lastman? I'm digging the art style and animation.[View]
102430578Fantastic Four Concept Art from Tim Miller's version of DP2: holy fuck lads[View]
102434221now that a few years passed,how /co feels about tumblerina batgirl? is she still our girl??[View]
102430132'Last chance, Max! Right or Left?'[View]
102433569Are there any tokusatsu like heroes in Comics?: Anything like Ultraman, Sentai, Gatchamon or Magical…[View]
102434099They were such missed opportunities: While I was down with brushing up the mostly silly inquisitoriu…[View]
102429976Say it.[View]
102433993Villainous is stupid Change my mind[View]
102431167Scooby-Doo: Remember that time when Scooby and Shaggy took on the ghost of a legendary dark samurai …[View]
102426235First Bendis, then Gillen, then shipwrecked with the Inhumans and now this? Being a Noh-Varr fan is …[View]
102431235Tim Miller's Deadpool 2 had the FF in it: Alexander Lozano worked on Tim Miller's version …[View]
102429760>generic 'conquer your fears' story Why did this win an Oscar?[View]
102432179Justice League - Special Edition: W-What is it /co/? I don't dare hope. What could they possibl…[View]
102425291Thoughts about the new TMNT show? Which characters from old incernation would you like to see return…[View]
102431369Was does /co/ think of the Power Rangers comics? I haven't gotten the chance to really read it …[View]
102429635>It's a Jennifer Love Hewitt becomes part of Tino's harem episode…[View]
102432523Out of context thread My favorite part of ASSM was when the whole world took advantage of Lex in a s…[View]
102433451piss: ight do any of you have that voltron piss video by any chance? or do you know where someone co…[View]
102432332Cyborg: Why did DC decide to push him?[View]
102426051co/VOICE-ACTING/VOICEOVER VOCAROO THREAD: ITT: Anons and Femanons Record Comics & Cartoon-relate…[View]
102433414it's that time of year: he reminds me a little bit of silver age sinestro >oh how i hate tho…[View]
102427921What will she do once she learns that she was trying to kill her own diamond all along?[View]
102433254Why does everyone like Disney they are responsible for everything bad we need to counter Disney…[View]
102431321How old is Ra'as supposed to be on a purely physical level? Early-to-mid 50s?[View]
102432612GENERAL CN nickelodeon disney XD and including canadians cartoons background characters girls thread…[View]
102433148So my speculation for how the rest of the season of Venture Brothers should play out >>Wide Wh…[View]
102424017Is kara right?[View]
102432187You'll never comprehend my mystery, Batman! My next riddle is too much for you! The howling of …[View]
102430994Tony's friends & girlfriend are dead. Say something to cheer him up.[View]
102432014How will DC fuck them up and over when (if?) they bring them back?[View]
102420805What is /co/'s take on Ms. Elsa?[View]
102431535Brubaker has a tv show comming out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7iiK24_NdM[View]
102413395ITT: Series you find better than expected. I was expecting a le edgy meme-tier shit but after 16 iss…[View]
102432050LAUNCH THE MISSILE, NOW!!!!![View]
102428448ITT: /co/ self portraits[View]
102431973ITT Side Kicks that you think are written better than the heroes they partner with. Hard mode No Wal…[View]
102426473Hawkman is badass[View]
102414992YourFavoriteMartian: Any remembrance of this project? Favorite song? I love you more than the Japa…[View]
102429509Read this recently and loved it. Are the previous issues around this quality or should I just contin…[View]
102431011What is your favorite South Park song?[View]
102431260What the fuck was his problem?[View]
102431453Found Futurama[View]
102426392I turned myself into a mural Morty! I'M MURAL RIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!![View]
102430486What's with all the Batman is a cuck posting that I have been seeing lately? What does Slade an…[View]
102431507Fish Hooks thread[View]
102431470I've come to you to hubly ask for your help. Many years ago, some cunt posted a comic on /x/ it…[View]
102431216He watched a man die and did nothing[View]
102430042Do you remember her?: What did you think about her storylines?[View]
102431279These two should be paired together more often.[View]
102424600>Grossed less than the first OH NO NO NO NO[View]
102430979Why is this shit boomer core. Such garbage I don’t get the hype[View]
102430358Hitler and the lanter corps: Do you think if we lived in a universe were everything on DC comics is …[View]
102430458Signs of a good episode of any cartoon >condensed, abridged version of the opening plays…[View]
102429736Ravish Ramses, Moses. Thus saith your Lord![View]
102421747Why is everyone so mad she’s been cast as batwoman? Seems perfect to me?[View]
102429070Why is the state of both /co/ industries so grim and negative nowadays? what happened to the optimis…[View]
102430307There is gonna be a lot of edgy Tumblr fanart of young red death[View]
102410636>abandoned her kingdom because of her monster fetish leaving it defenseless since no one else was…[View]
102426540Robin is confident in his fighting abilities[View]
102374592I can't help but smile whenever she's on screen![View]
102418507What's your favorite Simpson's couch gag?[View]
102425604It has been two years since Rebirth started. Did enjoy this era? Yay or nay? And what's your op…[View]
102430276Why is Peppermint Butler so powerful in the peace master and suitor episodes but he's depicted …[View]
102428779Based Ace[View]
102428428Let's just make a cartoon about policing look like GI Joe.[View]
102424316What was his problem ?: giant robots are cool, I don't get him[View]
102426203ITT: Canon cucks: Spider-Man[View]
102426152Old man Logan[View]
102416839Today is Jerkcity's 20th birthday https://radio.bonequest.com/[View]
102417547Ducktales Season Finale: >The family races against time to plan a dangerous rescue mission to sav…[View]
102419489what is the best Treehouse of Horror segment /co/?[View]
102429713*crash* What the hell![View]
102389536Obligatory Hazbin Hotel Thread: What are YOU most excited for, /co/!?[View]
102415403So it's pretty much confirmed now that Matt Groening is the biggest hack in animation history a…[View]
102429726The Legend Of Lucky Pie Episode 5 'Am I An Owl?': Possible last episode of the show, do you support …[View]
102427900This is Beta Ray Bill, here to make this board 100% more awesome.[View]
102428819Obscure Waif Thread: yeah its another one of these, shut the fuck up rofl[View]
102408390Which of them is the best on their own?[View]
102428995Because they're brother and sister. Wow, so interesting.[View]
102426019How the fuck did they get away with this?[View]
102429290What run is this Batman from?[View]
102426042Who do I blame for this?[View]
102428038Do you think the Popeye cartoons could stand the test of time and make a return with all new episode…[View]
102423002So who's really right here?[View]
102415975Are you excited for the new Powerg- I mean Wonder Woman /co/?[View]
102424254What video games should get a cartoon adaptation?[View]
102428962‘Watchmen’ Ordered to Series at HBO: >Damon Lindelof’s “Watchmen” has officially been ordered to …[View]
102425973Would you consider Lapis Lazuli to be your favorite Crystal Gem?[View]
102402863ITT: Shows literally nobody remembers: I'll be suprised if anyone here even remembers Walter Me…[View]
102423304Spongebob Propaganda: With Tom Kenny! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4taggCYDGUE https://www.youtub…[View]
102428239What did they mean by this?[View]
102420674You think we'll ever see these 2 brutes go a few rounds on film? Its kind of the bucket list of…[View]
102423266>it's 2018 >ask /co/ for some DC recs >'Green Lantern by Geoff Johns, Flash by Geoff J…[View]
102428455Is Death Lazy?: With the act of dying being a notorious slap on the wrist within the setting of the …[View]
102428705What did I just watch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0iIzrlQKig[View]
102419372Was this show that popular? How the hell did it get a theatrical feature?[View]
102427068Ultimate Spider-Man: >that moment the cringy Uncle Ben with a gay ponytail gets shot and dies I a…[View]
102407786>Hey anon, want a joint?[View]
102423732I finally got around to watch Incredibles 2. Do people really ship this guy and Violet over barely o…[View]
102425496Pre-Livewire looks like a SJW: Does she hate him because he's a powerful christian white male ?…[View]
102424099>one day I saw a ruby, playing with a child the size of a tangerine What did he mean by this?…[View]
102419665are there actual people that still buy floppies? If so, why?[View]
102427701I wonder if everybody's heard[View]
102427624How would The Hore fare against Gordon and Batman?[View]
102425939Bendis managed to canon date his waifu and pretty much became her true love Truly /ourguy/[View]
102424393is there an ultimate reading order guide for spidey comics? I got a huge TASM torrent with 700 issue…[View]
102420940That's my horse[View]
102419806If Oogie Boogie is a sack filled with bugs, where is his consciousness located at? Is his soul/mind …[View]
102424468Why is Ahsoka the only good female jedi?[View]
102426898Do you guys remember Fusion fall?[View]
102425961Would you reboot this?[View]
102427504Hunt or be Hunted: Who would win /co/? Who has the better hunting prowess tech and killer instinct? …[View]
102423299It's fucking stupid on multiple levels. It's a shit character arc/development/de-evolution…[View]
102425366When it comes to telepathy, how does he stack up against Marvel telepaths?[View]
102425979>an elf with a human girl? fuckin disgusting what did he mean by this?[View]
102426658Actual person of Asian heritage here. Anyone who was actually offended by Psylocke is an idiot. That…[View]
102427410This would have gotten way more attention had it happened these days[View]
102418206CN nickelodeon disney background character girls thread: What is your favorite ?[View]
102427237i neeed some good ass cartoons: look up[View]
102425030Which one was better[View]
102422810Heathcliff shows up with the ball.[View]
102426911Itt: /co/ at this exact moment in time 10 years ago: https://youtu.be/YUqBBBQubps[View]
102414838X-Men Forever: STORYTIME, where Claremont comes back to the X-Men for the nth time to incredibly dis…[View]
102417194Invincible - Special Edition (Exclusive Preview): Hi, I'm a Skybound intern and I've been …[View]
102421229This won the Teen Choice Award for best animated show? That's some bullshit.[View]
102366247Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30: THE END IS STILL NOT HERE[View]
102422924If Batman weren't an ongoing comic book would there be any believable way of making the city as…[View]
102425811will bill watterson ever be topped?[View]
102425006What are best noir / hard boiled / crime comics? And is there such thing as neo noir in comic books?…[View]
102421843Name a more perfect woman.[View]
102420022opinions on Monsieur Mallah and the Brain?[View]
102424170Was this any good?[View]
102423423The idea of Galactus having a daughter in an else world is amazing I would seriously consider readin…[View]
102420651>Villain has arc of being a good guy >Does one mistake >is bad again…[View]
102422210Seriously who the fuck thought this armor will look good? Also >iron man suit ups are the coolest…[View]
102424452So if Shazam Captain Marvel looks like an adult Billy Batson then what's happen when Billy get …[View]
102423255BATMAN! IS NOT! A FUCKING! CuCK!!![View]
102425419Nomad of Nowhere: will there be new episodes of this 'not-bad'-tier show??: Why was it forgotten, /c…[View]
102413271What are some cartoons/comics where power levels don't make sense?[View]
102422725Cartoons/comics ideas and pitches: Hi everyone! What's your cartoon or comic idea? I'll go…[View]
102425192> G-gotta get back, back to the past[View]
102424446What are some examples of artist/authors who can't draw for shit but totally make up for it wit…[View]
102424717What is his tax policy?[View]
102424808Who was in the wrong here?[View]
102425627SPOILERS: What do you think of spoilers? Do they spoil a cartoon for you?[View]
102425634family guy: Why are they trying so hard to kill the series?[View]
102410662Why aren't you using OpenToonz and Blender to create your own show or movie, /co/?[View]
102416322It's Saturday where I am so let's knock this out early. Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, …[View]
102378904Which one, co?[View]
102398147What was up with Moko Jono?[View]
102422520Jonah Hex > Superman: And that's canon, pardner![View]
102393675Let's be honest, no matter how shitty it is, you'll still watch it for spider girl.[View]
102417764Hydroman is a dumb villain for Spider-Man Far From Home.[View]
102414409Who was in the wrong here?[View]
102419148best cartoon of the 10s?[View]
102406676So why was Colossus in his armored form ALL THE TIME?[View]
102424646yo what the fuck this is legit sweet and wholesome what the fuck is this, shad? what did he mean by …[View]
102414216JAMES GUNN NOT BEING REHIRED! KEVIN FEIGE SUPPORTS IT!: https://www.cosmicbooknews.com/james-gunn-no…[View]
102422531The simpsons: Marge should keep her hair down, she's hotter this way.[View]
102421853Can we please stop the whole 'Bruce was cucked by Slave?' bullshit? He is literally the world greate…[View]
102392608>saved animation on you tube[View]
102411714Voltron s8 - who should be Shiro's new bf?[View]
102421637Third Party Easter Eggs: Dumb or Lazy? You decide.[View]
102423240How powerful is she?[View]
102421590Why are her boobs so massive /co/ ?[View]
102421617Disenchantment: What do you think? Personally the show was pretty meh up to episode 3 and then start…[View]
102414295Itt:popular western cartoons that are hatted or disliked by other countries: I read online that fair…[View]
102408977Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, one thread a day. If I miss anything be sure to let me know. Used …[View]
102420169>Here's the problem >Someone set this thing to evil…[View]
102407818Invincible the Animated Series: What are you expecting from this? Hopes and fears? First season is o…[View]
102423919So the black thing is kissing the shadow but his teeth are still hanging from the bottom of his jaw.[View]
102421548So the original 6 Avengers will be the new Infinity Watch/stone guardians. Which Avenger will get wh…[View]
102423840He is 10x times worse than Phoenix[View]
102419345Underrated heroes thread: To be fair, it was the magic carpet who showed her a whole new world. Not …[View]
102423854Comfy: why did this scene of two(2) kids kissing for the first time made my dick tingle? WHY?! also,…[View]
102413353Name a flaw.[View]
102420171Other than Joker are there any other Batman villains who could be merged with the Joe Chill characte…[View]
102423346Will a regular, trained gunslinger be a superhero in comics because everyone else can not aim at a h…[View]
102422267The great debate...[View]
102423119Would it have been good?[View]
102405707Star wars Resistance trailer https://youtu.be/bH_Ws7sA468[View]
102414536Penny is a fat slut.[View]
102417196Batman and Robin: >The only movie where Batman enforces the no kill rule >It’s complete shit R…[View]
102419271what does /co/ think of dc earth 1[View]
102421272Does anyone have any non Garfield related Jim Davis art? Even though he created the most boring unin…[View]
102407158MARVEL: How does /co/ feel about an MCU Fantastic Four movie with John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic? W…[View]
102417149Let’s have a cool thread, yeah?[View]
102419781ITT: Bad protagonist[View]
102410389what is the most underrated disney film and why is it the emperors new groove?[View]
102414502Marvel Mythos Storytime: Time for another slow storytime! This time a series of one shots by Paul J…[View]
102420301Am I a retard for not getting this on my initial readthrough? Is there a good analysis to help me gr…[View]
102418519What went wrong Why did we fail him bros[View]
102419325Cover for Electric Warriors #1 unveiled: For those not in the know-how, Electric Warriors is a minis…[View]
102414326>Umbrax eating the Earth >the Otherkind coming back >Lex trying to snag the Totality and us…[View]
102420244Are they the best versions of these characters? Or is it just because of the game?[View]
102405322Whats the rest of rock bottom like?[View]
102421311Experience the Planet of the Apes as it was first envisioned by Rod Serling. Based on the original s…[View]
102413247THE FLASH Season 5 Episode Titles: Thoughts? >5x01: Nora. >5x02: Blocked. >5x03: The Death …[View]
102420442GRODD of War: Ahahahaha, I get it, like God of War! Why, he's even got Kratos' tattoos! Ah…[View]
102422370>quackaroonie uncle scrooge >there suuuuure are a lot of man-children on this board >that …[View]
102420068What are some other movies like Heavy Metal? I miss these 'adult' animated movies people used to try…[View]
102412918Is he one of the best /co/-related Dads ever?[View]
102420104why doesn't disney really do anything with kingdom hearts besides leaving square enix to develo…[View]
102421051>I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail n…[View]
102413776So now that the dust has settled, was she right? Was use of the breaking point justified?[View]
102391313What are your thoughts on The Owl House?[View]
102414641The Venture Bros. S7 E3 - Arrears In Science: >Arrears >Being behind in the discharge of oblig…[View]
102417432Name /co/ characters with no dreams or aspirations of any kind.[View]
102417292Superman villains: Who are some forgotten Superman villains you expect Bendis to bring back? My mone…[View]
102416200It’s not terrible, but it’s also not good. It’s mediocre[View]
102417776/Shezow general/[View]
102419144It's perfect - https://youtu.be/ebXB0lBoaQ0 . Why can't DC make this kind of tribute for o…[View]
102417069I'm interested in Moon Knight. Where do I start?[View]
102411997ITT: Mary Sues[View]
102415649Why is 2D so much better than 3D?[View]
102421014>Hardly. Look around you. The Justice League is completely defeated, and so are you. For all your…[View]
102413365Autistic /co/ habits: >create randomized playlist of thematically similar cartoons and have it on…[View]
102414972What are some other cartoons or comics that were intended for a boy audience that ended up being jus…[View]
102413064Lois Lane: which is your favorite ?: She has looked many different ways over the years. Which you li…[View]
102420672>Tfw we live in a timeline where we will see Rogue btfo Carol in a live action movie Rogue will …[View]
102420469Nordic aliens and Nazis[View]
102419629Judge Issues Restraining Order to Protect Stan Lee: https://www.cbr.com/stan-lee-restraining-order I…[View]
102419134>Nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman Okay, but what about Arthur Curry taking on t…[View]
102417934Is there literally any hero as perfect as Galacta?[View]
102418864How would you improve the Wakandans?[View]
102418414Batman and Robin: Hey /co/, remember when Stephanie Brown got pregnant with some Chad who ran away a…[View]
102392289How About a Real Gwenpool Thread?: This is not a thread for whining about Gwenpool. There have been …[View]
102417000'His father was the Blue Morpho. So he kills my colleagues. For me.' Dr. Mrs. Monarch's reactio…[View]
102382669What did they mean by this?[View]
102418491Characters from different universe you most want to see to have crossover[View]
102413903This is your date tonight. Say something nice about her.[View]
102417223Thoughts on the Castlevania animated series? Will you watch season 2?[View]
102418017I just finished Loki's part of Journey into Mystery where does the story go from there? What to…[View]
10241913960s batman villains: if scarecrow was more famous as a batman villain pic related would have been pe…[View]
102406213The great debate: Which one was the better series? AT? SU? SVTFOE[View]
102418412Stay tuned for more fun as Pooh loses his appetite and all his friends try and make him hungry again[View]
102416388>Castlevania has a show on Netflix >Mega Man is getting a new show Kid Icarus cartoon when?…[View]
102417313Raven is eating cereal[View]
102415607What era of Batman would be the best if I want mature/darker stories that are done in either 1 issue…[View]
102416567ITT: cool mustaches[View]
102413310Rogue's Gallery Challenge: Come up with a new rogue's gallery for Aquaman that posses as a…[View]
102417596Fireguard Batman is the best Batman costume. Discuss[View]
102418668>hey you got a boyfriend right? Threesome?[View]
102416265There should be a story in which Peter becomes Spider Carnage but then has to be beaten and killed b…[View]
102409128crazy frog thread: crazy frog thread[View]

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