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99405333Were they autistic?[View]
99402618Dark Crystal: I wasn't a fan, but could certainly appreciate what they were trying to do. Any o…[View]
99392379New Telltale Batman trailers: http://m.ign.com/articles/2018/03/22/telltales-batman-the-enemy-within…[View]
99405786Nobody likes bakin' bacon more than Macon. If someone's bakin' bacon, Macon's he…[View]
99362568Batgirl is best girl![View]
99402592Okay, I admit...: ...live action Drakkon looks badass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WA3OhPhZ14…[View]
99404887Has there been a better training montage in a cartoon?[View]
99377262Runaways #7 Storytime: Time for the best Marvel book![View]
99403840yall niggas gotta have some /co/ kino you can recommend to me[View]
99382098Usagi yojimbo story time - 4: Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai. Previous threads: >>99274111 >…[View]
99393008>Joke character turns out to be the most powerful character This was/is absolutely my favorite fu…[View]
99405410I activate Unfunny eyes forced meme dragon![View]
99405443>It's a new TMNT iteration >Shredder and krang don't argue like an old married coupl…[View]
99404929Mary Shelley's Frankenhole: >watch this by accident >it's actually pretty funny and …[View]
99393256>What kinda chikken do yew wan', miss turr?[View]
99393399Chapter 44: Clone Saga Ultimate Marvel in chronological order by page/panel. Download link:https://…[View]
99401782Justice League: Mortal cast photo revealed: Thoughts? This is the best resolution out there for thi…[View]
99398389New Beavis and Butt-Head movie/King of the Hill reboot to feature older Bobby Hill: >Turns out Ju…[View]
99383645Member that time Amethyst turned into Rose to taunt Steven's emotionally broken father? This sh…[View]
99401200/co/-related pictures/reaction images that you don't get to use as often as you'd like.[View]
99402515Am I the only one on /co/ who remembers 'histeria!'?[View]
99402258Did Dan Harmon ripoff Dino: Hey remember that series about the >Nihlistic Scientist with a large…[View]
99394753>If a writer portrays Dr. Doom as a villain, then he doesn't understand Dr. Doom The STATE o…[View]
99403225Stupid autistic thread: Let's have a stupid thread in which we discuss hypothetical scenarios j…[View]
99404794Post jews in cartoons: Hey that rhymed[View]
99401201The prosecution calls Hanover fist ![View]
99400781Wow I just finished this. It's literally fucking Iron Man 1.[View]
99403530Don’t mind me, just the best Pixar boy from the best Pixar movie (at least until Coco came into the …[View]
99390744What did family guy mean by this entire episode?[View]
99403992If you were the EIC, what chances would you make? As for me, I would make Marvin and his Martians th…[View]
99403373Mysticons thread: This is one of the few action cartoons on right now.[View]
99399214WHY THIS MOVIE LOOK ''BETTER'' ANIMATED THAN DISNEY MOVIES? https://youtu.be/Ku52zNnft8k[View]
99402937Will they ever make a full version? I honestly like it more than the original.[View]
99401891Why does The Zone still exist? >Carlos is finally gone >New hosts are lame and do nothing but …[View]
99403849Details a show dropped that you miss >Finn's vocoder voice due to the fact he swallowed a sm…[View]
99401909One will protect you the rest will try to kill you choose wisely (assume no one will drink wilkins c…[View]
99404093ITT: Obscure Adult Cartoons: >very little info on this show online…[View]
99403369Renegade for life: That is all.[View]
99396638ITT: Kinetic comic book art with flow and energy: Postem Boyz.[View]
99403986>Sing Terr.[View]
99403923just another day in the MCU/DCU...: so how many anime/manga villains won't be much of a threat …[View]
99396143Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: How many western cartoons can you name that has a tournament arc?…[View]
99401968What comics accurately depict mysticism?[View]
99401191What would he say about BvS?[View]
99391218Adventure Time: The Ultimate Adventure: Cartoon Network Korea revealed the name of the last four epi…[View]
99403141It's good[View]
99403310How good is this movie? I never watched it before, but I've seen the bad CG movies and Nick st…[View]
99401291ITT: /co/ in 1960 What do you think of the new 'Justice League' comic. I don't like the shamele…[View]
99401114What are some obscure Disney cartoons?[View]
99401758IDW TMNT Sucks Now: Man IDW TMNT is really sucking nowadays. These stories are just boring and badly…[View]
99403432Wallpapers: So, I know this isn't really a cartoon thread, but im trying to find a unique backg…[View]
99402692Do you want a Dumbo show?[View]
99397001Is it possible to have too many voice roles?[View]
99399767ITT:underrated characters[View]
99402381Easily the best voice actor in the business. Yadda yadda prove me wrong, yadda yadda protip.[View]
99403061What's the best Superman origin?[View]
99402348name a character with more leg injuries[View]
99403011/co/ related media that you want to like, but can't because it just sucks shit[View]
99402869Playing Injustice really makes me wish Marvel had a decent fighting game (you know, without the CAPC…[View]
99395042>Shazam! is the story of a 14-year old foster kid (Asher Angel) who, thanks to an ancient wizard,…[View]
99402776What the fuck was Murun Buchstansangur supposed to be? We know he isn't human since actual huma…[View]
99401335Any early 2018 Eisner nominee predictions? What undeserving creators and books will make the cut?[View]
99400051What you sayin' now, Dragonball fanboys? Cell = Solar System Buster Old Comic Hulk = Universe B…[View]
99397072Has anyone bought pic related? I thought it was impossible to make Avatar in blu-ray[View]
99390139Do you think that wester 2D animated movies will get a renaissance one day?[View]
99397352>this comes out tomorrow How the fuck does a comic book movie sneak up on you like that?…[View]
99401388Who is the best /co/ baby and why is it this adorable fucker?[View]
99399001nice one chaps, kisscartoon gets me[View]
99383768ITT: Good shit from deviantART[View]
99402437>tfw this puts a smile on my face[View]
99393271>peter loses his job because he was being sexually harassed and didn't want to have sex with…[View]
99374265Why are American cartoons such garbage?[View]
99398263Why haven't we seen a Cartoon combined with Live Acton since Space Jam?[View]
99389933Marvel Cinematic Universe Marathon: I am honestly thinking about marathoning the entire MARVEL Cinem…[View]
99394366ITT: Post characters only you like: Let us show some love for the outcasts.[View]
99399251Is there any other cartoons that display an extremely close friendship like these friends do? Also w…[View]
99400645Thoughts on Vanellope?[View]
99393499I just don't know anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3s-6AOj5NM[View]
99401464Super Soldier Formula Secret Revealed: SUPER SOLDIER FORMULA, YES IT HAS BEEN CONFRIMED BY SCIENTIST…[View]
99395158Is this the worst cartoon ever?[View]
99397254Comics That Started Out Well but Quickly Became: It really didn't need all those useless side c…[View]
99399835Were we KND operatives once upon a time?[View]
99398883Shave the joker![View]
99389701Obscurity: ITT: Characters only you know exist.[View]
99390862Why don't people call new Disney films culterally insensitive? Why is the Mouse excluded?[View]
99399046Anyone notice how Tina is the only girl on the show with an actual defined chin?[View]
99397018Defenders of The Earth: Chuck Lorre wrote for this show.[View]
99398103Are there any CG cartoons made with a primarily video game engines? I do not know why this thought c…[View]
99400451Oh no, /co/! Looks like the reds are polluting the city lake! What do we do?![View]
99396736I want to check out Jonah Hex. What do you guys think of this character? Which of his stories/comics…[View]
99395835DC Comics to Publish ‘Old Lady Harley’: Harley Quinn #42 out on the 18th of May was solicited thus: …[View]
99389286Alright fuckers, answer me this. If full cowl Izuku Midoriya and The Juggernaut are pitted in a figh…[View]
99399514What went wrong?[View]
99369864/dbsg/ Douchebag Stark General: I was going through my folders, found one titled 'Douchebag', and lo…[View]
99393570>all the episodes next month are kid episodes Kill this show.[View]
99399459Does A Fox In Space discussion go on /co/, /i/, /v/, or /trash/?: Because it's a fan cartoon of…[View]
99390617unique, GOAT cartoons that have not been surpassed: Do you think that there are any animated shows (…[View]
99400117Constantine has his own show. Great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuxYQyV5Aio[View]
99398267Are there any comics with good dialogue? It's probably because I'm an uncultured swine tha…[View]
99387370Insufferable Simpson's.: Post your most insufferable Simpson's episode. The one where the …[View]
99381217Post muscle girls in comics[View]
99399913Wait, so this funny comic relief bad guy you laughed at on TV as a kid is actually a serial rapist p…[View]
99381682Storytime: Transmetropolitan Volume 1: Back on the Street: Evenin' everybody. I had so much fun…[View]
99400022'quote/unquote heroes'[View]
99399580Was it really that bad?[View]
99383800What's the deal with this channel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3NLa4ebX4E[View]
99399748fav episode?[View]
99397494THANOS: THE INFINITY CONFLICT OGN Written by JIM STARLIN Art by ALAN DAVIS: >Thanos is ready to t…[View]
99398385Cartoon BAW thread: And no, Futurama Seymore doesn't count, we all know that shit is too hard t…[View]
99398710stand still stay silent: lalli x emil blown the fuck out, best ship coming through[View]
99388003Questionable content: I'm mean to Elliot[View]
99388877What was the point of this scene?[View]
99399466Superman sucks dick, he is too overpowered in pretty much every area that there is nothing special a…[View]
99393223Dammit Marvil!: We NGE NAO![View]
99399323Who wants to watch a new short? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m84xDq1dBP4[View]
99383276Zombies vs Robots Storytime[View]
99397535isn't it great how Cuphead got so popular that both official Cartoon Network and DreamWorks You…[View]
99394243Comics that deal with loneliness and social isolation? I have literally no friends or family I trust…[View]
99385948When did you stop watching?[View]
99387328>be grown man >wanna see an animated film >go to the theater >moms are there with their…[View]
99398681Watchmen cartoon: It sucks that this show never got an 'ending', but let's talk about our favor…[View]
99394271Body Horror: What do you think of body horror? It's a sexual fetish for you, isn't it?…[View]
99396197Was it any good?[View]
99394638Is Steven the worst character of his own show? If not who do you think is the worst character?[View]
99395660So after reading through the first volume of Constantine Hellblazer, I got my interest and attention…[View]
99398873I'd watch it[View]
99396176I thought this was a kid's show?! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zzd1iE67Gyc[View]
99395916What the fuck is Gotham's problem?[View]
99365258unsounded: >tfw the bush is so big it acts as its own censor[View]
99395563Let’s have a thread about henchmen.[View]
99332761Well well well, look who's coming home at this hour. Have a seat, /co/.[View]
99398132What do you guys think is a good entry point, a good story to get someone interested in the X-Men? N…[View]
99377431Lets fucking start a Music Video Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX44CAz-JhU[View]
99398306Noah Hawley (Legion) Discusses His DOCTOR DOOM Movie: >What’s interesting to me about Doom’s char…[View]
99396915I'm almost done reading Chew; and it's great! Any one can recommend a similar comic? Non c…[View]
99398174Think of one of your favorite /co/ characters. Now, think of one of your least favorite. would they …[View]
99394875You know what to do, /co/.[View]
99395879OK K.O. Season 1 Finale to air April 6th[View]
99387755Who was right in the end? Rorschach or Manhattan?[View]
99394302>superhero costumes that make my peepee hard are good designs Why is /co/ filled with this kind o…[View]
99396606You Never Seen These Photos 'Justice League' Behind The Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
99396246>boat or screaming sound effect and detailed close-ups used for anything disgusting…[View]
99394204Lesser known shows that are kind of good[View]
99395491/co/ theater thread? Frozen's Broadway adaptation just released the video trailer: https://www…[View]
99395725I want to check to Captain Marvel before the film. Any good Captain Marvel stories you guys recommen…[View]
99394286Yo anon man, Carl just replaced the main character of the last show you watched, what friggin happen…[View]
99397876SuperKageSpacePirate0.0000001: The title says it all[View]
99397866Let's try this on the right board this time... Master Filyaw knows what's up https://www.w…[View]
99375166The Mighty Thor #705: The Ballad of Beta Ray Bitch: 'God Bye, God Riddance' The unmemorable banal ad…[View]
99397325What the everloving fuck is hotel transylvania 3?[View]
99397557So curious,when you started to get your own set of Disney films seperate from your folks disney coll…[View]
99376793Big Bertha thread: Post the biggest and most plump mutant girl in the Marvel universe, bonus points …[View]
99392962Hotel Transylvania 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku52zNnft8k What are your expectations?…[View]
99392601Goodbye Captain America: >Chris Evans says he is done with Marvel's after Avengers 4. https:…[View]
99395774>If you’ve been waiting impatiently for more Steven Universe, good news! New episodes are coming …[View]
99395631Why are so many of Superman's 'best' comics either origin stories or elseworlds?: With a small …[View]
99395630Reminder that Snyder was so blinkered by his colossal failure of a vision that he fucked the launchi…[View]
99392582Why didn't Warners want this happen, again?[View]
99395855ITT: Crossovers (you) want to see: >Stark & JonCon have to battle techno-sorcerers >the th…[View]
99394095thoughts on this movie?[View]
99391838Milk Wars Hypercrisis: Ok, let me see if I have this straight >Milk Wars was about Retconn making…[View]
99396680What do you think of this yeti movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r9GPgvN8As[View]
99396551Why did disney stop with the bimbette characters after two movies?[View]
99394404Marvel is publishing these two guys again: Will they meet up? will either ever have another proper m…[View]
99345874/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic? #465: Surprise Bitch! I bet you thought you'd seen the last of …[View]
99396367Headcanons: Tell me all about your Headcanons in any cartoon or comic, my sweet /co/lipops! <3 An…[View]
99396034>and your music sounds like monkeys at the zoo! Why is Goofy such a fucking racist?…[View]
99392810God is in heaven. All is right with the world.[View]
99395606>TFW /co/ nevers talks about good comic books anymore because it's too busy getting mad over…[View]
99396174I ship this.[View]
99356565Kelly thread: Let us post some of the times this absolute madman was right.[View]
99369115Justice League #41 Storytime: Justice League VS Bla- I mean, Justice League versus Ja Zaki ~ The Red…[View]
99395972Why you look like an eclair?[View]
99395051Fuck, marry, kill.[View]
99377670NEW HYPE SU TRAILER HOLY FUCK: https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/976540698156720128 https://…[View]
99366041Please forgive me!!!: Katie is coming guys[View]
99393639I didn't see anyone storytime this yesterday so I'm going to because it wasn't the wo…[View]
99390892Who the fuck were these queers?[View]
99384836Starco is cute and perfect and on Saturday it will also be canon. Prove me wrong.[View]
99395694Does anybody has a download link to new leaked episode of DuckTales called 'The Missing Links of Moo…[View]
99388150“You have no idea what Avengers 4 is”: >“You have no idea what Avengers 4 is,” McFeely said befor…[View]
99395102>SURFS UP![View]
99394696Frozen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GtYEPoc9wM Is he right?[View]
99391926menage a 3: >tfw yuki isn't endgame[View]
99393793Old Woman Harley: lol[View]
99394736Hi /co, Which site do you use to know whether to try a new comic book series or not? What's you…[View]
99380286JL Mortal costumes >Inb4 picture for ants It's all we have[View]
99382690JSA Storytime: Question: Good evening owls, Quarterly #1[View]
99383469It's said that comics are 'modern myths', and I was wondering what mythologies you guys like be…[View]
99391911Comic book sages, who is this kid?: Anybody knows? It looks like he's a mutant and Cable wants …[View]
99392293So is Talky Tawny basically confirmed? Also the orphans are color coded like the power rangers[View]
99394258its shaping up to be a wonderful holiday[View]
99391557What is the funniest Batman moment?[View]
99344912Rick and Morty season 4 is being recorded. Lol this means they fired Dan Harmon.[View]
99391543ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
99394138Do you think he made her do it?[View]
99383784>tfw even Ruby-Spears didn't fuck it up this much[View]
99393903I hope they remember you.[View]
99382605Birdboy the forgotten children: Jesus. This movie was not what I expected.[View]
99386616In honor of the news that Nickelodeon will be working with THQ to re-release several games based on …[View]
99391669Will X-23 ever be hot again?[View]
99392929What comics about the marvel cosmology do i read before reading annihilation?[View]
99248063Screenshots/Edit Thread[View]
99391923Guardians of The Galaxy TV Show: What do you think about this show? As it´s own thing, rather than a…[View]
99393656Say goodbye to anything and everything circus related /co/.[View]
99393490TEEN TITANS, LET'S GO![View]
99384977storytime: Monsters Unleashed #12 The final chapter[View]
99390747Now that she's gone, will Dan slott leave Spiderman?[View]
99383304Hypercrisis is real.[View]
99393420Doom as Black Panther 2 villain: Good call right? Establishes Doom as a threat to the entire MCU in …[View]
99392020Alright, /co/, I wanna good, clean, fight. Now, LET'S GET IT ON![View]
99391649ITT 4chan-tier villains: Chuck the Evil Sanwich-Making Guy: >Lives in his mother’s basement >P…[View]
99393341Cartoon Network eras: How do you define the different eras CN had as a channel? I could think of at …[View]
99387827For a show like Family Guy, which season do you think the seasonal rot or zombification started sett…[View]
99386482wtf was this show?[View]
99389761Post kino[View]
99393184Why did Raimi trash his own movie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ron-Ikenfc[View]
99381868>one off character who only appears in a few episodes has more magic and entertainment value then…[View]
99387552I love me wife[View]
99390081What if she had given her blessing?[View]
99392863They're calling it comicgate and you're pretty much directly responsible https://www.buzzf…[View]
99392991How spring going for you /co/?![View]
99382683If one Ed didn't exist, how different would the other two Eds' lives be?[View]
99391844Sauce Pls: I'm looking to find whatever I can on this guy. (Pic related) Any1 know where to fin…[View]
99383901But she literally does.[View]
99391181Fantasia thread. Centaurs are good.[View]
99391293Happy ravioli day /co/ Dofwakthread why not[View]
99374279Have we gone too far as a species? https://youtu.be/zmAzDugES_I[View]
99392479>Postception Time: Youniverse gets memed over his normie hype face. Shameful.…[View]
99391912Aaannd it ends here.[View]
99392432I was wondering what show is this, this is all I got, a 'soon' ad from the russian Ducktales leak. I…[View]
99388623This was really bad....how do people like it? Serious question, what even are you people? The animat…[View]
99386226>Nobody asks for his name >Movie ends right there…[View]
99387127So how far was kirbys influence and what exactly fucked him over? Everytime i see this image i die a…[View]
99392252Riff-raff? Street rat? I don't buy that because I'm a fucking thief[View]
99390349Damnation tie-in: Iron Fist #78 Storytime: I'm really enjoying this so far so lets read some ti…[View]
99392274>mfw the new Bunnicula cartoon.[View]
99392337Mmm, simply delicious.[View]
99391507Would he have been happy pretending to be an Earth Peasant and settled down in Ba Sing Se?[View]
99355184What's the best currently active webcomic?[View]
99384922What does /co/ think of Futurama?[View]
99391637i finally finished reading this comic and holy fuck was it good but is it over ? it kinda doesnt see…[View]
99354572Sequential Art: >luub http://www.collectedcurios.com[View]
99368126Gunnerkrigg Court: > >-------------------------- >Hey! If you like this comic, you can nomi…[View]
99387067Alright so let me get this straight, DC; You make a Hulk knockoff (which is weird because Hulk is al…[View]
99358462left or right?[View]
99390211Is it as good as people say it is?[View]
99391410ReBoot: That Guardian Code Thing: Over twenty years later and the faces look worse?[View]
99368862Superman #43 Storytime: 'Bizarroverse' Part Two![View]
99391707>SURFS UP! Iconic catchphrases[View]
99385310Make a pitch to Adultswim[View]
99390947Do you like Kikoriki /co/?[View]
99391615Memes: The Show: The Thread: I currently see three Simpsons meme threads So I ask you, is Simpsons t…[View]
99390013Protagonists in cartoons that are huge assholes?[View]
99391516Post them 'normie' moments 4chan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYf1IKFNHgM[View]
99391553ITT: Obscure Disney Cartoons[View]
99391205>2016-2017 >marvel gives us events about X-Men fighting inhuman heroes >marvel gives us an …[View]
99391201why would they decide to make a movie about 15 year old kid Spidey and then cast a sexy 20 year old …[View]
99371714Super Sons #14 Storytime: The Parent Trap part two![View]
99391323Screw the gaang (except Toph). Fire Nation offered the best characters, and Zuko was definitely more…[View]
99391235White Fang in 3D by France - PS2 Level Graphics.[View]
99389696Mind MGMT - Best run of 2010s: Now that the 2010s are about to end, does Mind MGMT still remains the…[View]
99391022Does Ireland have a better animation industry than France?[View]
99390995What was the point of this scene?[View]
99387430Heathcliff is very busy.[View]
99390247Don't need to, Skeet. I memorized the prices and did the tax and change in my head.[View]
99383485How would you improve Lisa?[View]
99390932ITT: Creepy parts of cartoons Pic related[View]
99390810George of the Jungle: wtf I love this show now[View]
99388024Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
99390756Did anyone buy the Humble Image Bundle a couple of weeks ago? Does anyone know if there's a Dro…[View]
99390741Any idea where I can download all the 'Cartoon Network City' animations in HD?[View]
99390631Was this the most fucked up Powerpuff Girls episode?: .[View]
99385883Convince me that MegaMan 2018 won't be the greatest show since Batman: TAS[View]
99368637Batman #43 Storytime: >It's fine. 'Everyone Loves Ivy' Conclusion!…[View]
99369300The Brave and the Bold - Batman and Wonder Woman #2 Storytime: 'In the Court of the Dé Danann'…[View]
99382064amazing spider-man Renew Your Vows 17 Storytime: Alright lads and ladies, settle down with a snack, …[View]
99386339Friar Tuck needs to be a meme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjhQYK_N24U[View]
99386563It won't be that bad, will it /co/?[View]
99388433>the same cicada sound that plays whenever mrs bitters shows up is the same sound as when the zom…[View]
99376545>Kills Ares >Germans become nice guys >Peace and celebration finally arrives So...she was r…[View]
99383055What is that best cartoon? And who's that best girl(waifu)?[View]
99388962Dexter vs Jimmy Neutron: Who would win with no prep time, but access to all their previous invention…[View]
99308777loud house: >lynn episode >ANOTHER luan episode >luna episode where the FUCK is my leni epi…[View]
99384932Why did Don Bluth release such shitty films between The Land Before Time and Anastasia, and why didn…[View]
99382628'Bart. Bart?' 'Huh. What's the matter?' 'I had a bad dream. Could I sleep in your bed? No.' 'I…[View]
99382480Riverdale Thread: Guess we don't care about this show any more[View]
99389030You know what god, im not the king of the bees, you are the king of the bees[View]
99388346How good are you at finding him?[View]
99389903Is there a /co/ equivalent of MyAnimeList or anything similiar to that kind of website? If not, why …[View]
99386473Why is the Teen Titans team so perfectly put together? it covers every dynamic[View]
99381704If Meltdown can't survive, what shops can?[View]
99387680you dont need a plane to fly...[View]
99386884It's a wa-aggle dance, waggle dance! Take it to the bee chateau![View]
99385509Why does her type of humour make me so annoyed?[View]
99385145Learning: Thoughts on The Wild Kratt Brothers and generally education cartoons?[View]
99386519Why did this show ruin any chance of adult animation being non comedy[View]
99379195The Boondocks: I miss this show so much... Post whatever is related with the show: infos, thoughts, …[View]
99387988Anniversary episode[View]
99389287What's some good space shit I can read?[View]
99375662storytime: Avengers #685 No surrender[View]
99385650Static, Icon and Rocket appearing in comics again: Are you guys excited to see Static, Icon and Rock…[View]
99386716>Then he said his show would be edu-tainment. >EWW…[View]
99387469Has anyone been reading any of this? Mildly curious but I figure since literally no one ever talks a…[View]
99386170Top 10 2000s KID SHOWS You Forgot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9plqxayYbOM&app=desktop What …[View]
99375037In hindsight, his episode was really weird. Why wasn't Jack qualified to go back in time yet? T…[View]
99365792I've heard that this show has no one in a romantic heterosexual relationship as a rule. Is this…[View]
99375461>Stop motion >Directed by Wes Anderson >Rated PG-13 >Diverse cast of various American an…[View]
99386021Where the fuck are them?: Can we take a moment to talk about the Rowdyruff Boys? Are they dead or wh…[View]
99385109Let's Not Be Skeletons should have ended with Gil selling his Skeleton Remotes to Darrell/Boxma…[View]
99382312Cailiou needs a ass whooping: >>Cartoon characters that need there ass beat. >Thread<…[View]
99388396Can Thanos not fly? Or is he like Warpath in that he can but chooses not to because it looks goofy?[View]
99383610Is there anybody that can defeat Goo?[View]
99387166Now that the dust has settled, should he have been Wolfcastle?: Is McBane like, within the universe,…[View]
99357336RUMOR: Venom Will Have Only A Few Minutes of Screentime In…Venom: >A new rumour is doing the roun…[View]
99388945For your eyes only.: PLAY AT THE SAME TIME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q76bMs-NwRk https://www.…[View]
99388821>friend said that Ghost Rider in agents of shield isn't the real ghost rider because 'he dro…[View]
99386850She deserved to be raped.[View]
99386532/co/ doesn't understand this movie because they grew up with a single mother or otherwise have …[View]
993695194 DAYS UNICRON IS COMING: Something is coming. Something big. Something...hungry. Uncover the truth …[View]
99387609This is the best waifu there is. Prove me wrong: Protip: you cant[View]
99315571Adventure Time: Final Bomb airing tonight on CN. No date for Come Along With Me yet. >If you’re o…[View]
99383796What are some great Superman stories that aren't origin stories or elseworlds?[View]
99386889Camp Camp: Swimsuit episode when? What would she wear?[View]
99385603ITS A DECADE OLD: PAY YOUR RESPECTS https://youtu.be/8eq2-WH7WoE[View]
99384362SU Series Recap Released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRzcciuZus0 So a series recap of SU came o…[View]
99384935>a guy who looks like the Norse god of thunder was just chillin' in New York eating schwarma…[View]
99385968ReFap! It's almost here! It's almost here!: I can't wait to hate watch this. Been wai…[View]
99382526Was it rape?[View]
99386933>Hal and Pals have the Justice League and the assorted Terran superheroes to back them up when th…[View]
99384988>'Ivyfans getting pissed at writers portraying the character as a villain' is cringy. >'Doomfa…[View]
99385889This might be a fun thread Post a picture of literally anything. Other anons will make a cartoon plo…[View]
99371462Go Go Power Rangers: Wherein our teenagers with attitude don't save the school dance.…[View]
99373682Why is Disney presenting a morally-corrupt thief as a hero?[View]
99386344Where can I read this, /co/?[View]
99384587ITT: Perfect /co/ specimens.[View]
99383001If the spirits stick around as long as people remember them does that mean Hitler will exist forever…[View]
99379506Did you prefer Eddy early on when he was pretty laid back and street smart or post-flanderization wh…[View]
99380751What went wrong?[View]
99379033>try DC legends in my tablet >this loading screen appears MUH FUCKING DICK this fuckers reall…[View]
99382704This is Leafy. Say something mean about her.[View]
99376388storytime: Ms Marvel #28 Carol time[View]
99382867>There has never been a single true animated FANTASY EPIC made in the West besides Lord of the Ri…[View]
99378286Nightwing #41 Storytime[View]
99385858The winner of the 2nd annual CN/Anima Estudios contest where the winner got their idea drawn by Anim…[View]
99383385>Silver Surfer >is silver >is a surfer >Martian Manhunter >is a Martian >hunts men…[View]
99381533Is bulleteer the sexiest dc woman?[View]
99384793Most Memorable Moments From Adventure Time: Nice to see Cartoon Network finally share some appreciat…[View]
99380966Is it good?[View]
99376478Horrible /co/ fanart thread: Hit me with your best shots, lads.[View]
99385435Diney shills please report to your masters that we need an update of this poster. None of the new ch…[View]
99379736Gentlemen. How do we destroy Captain Planet? I've already got India & China on Conference c…[View]
99385126How would you go about making a cartoon about Thor?[View]
99382415Silence, fool.[View]
99383167Tell me why I should or shouldn't rewatch The Legend of Korra /co/. Was it really as bad as /co…[View]
99384727Who is the best /co/ penguin?[View]
99384827Killer Frost >>>>>>>>> (((shit))) >>>>>>>>>…[View]
99384974CN put up a video a couple of hours ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRzcciuZus0 Steven's …[View]
99361363Trapco is still good?: Is he still a thing? Also what made him good?[View]
99382975Leave Thanos to us.[View]
99382548When is the ARMS comic going to come out? Is it okay to discuss it on /co/? because /v/ isn’t a good…[View]
99373611Critter Coven: Yeah, 8th Grade Is The Worst.[View]
99377108Hey /co/ post some good dogs: I just had to put my dog down today and it is tearing me up he was 12 …[View]
99378945All 3600 members of the Green Lantern Corps as it currently exists, including Mogo and two Guardians…[View]
99317883Since Mortal Kombat has historically always been /co/, how would Raiden fare as a villain in the mai…[View]
99380608Where Can I Find W.I.T.C.H On Blu Ray?: I tried to look for it on iOffer, but I can't buy it on…[View]
99383188Memepool: Why do people like this character?[View]
99384080Where the fuck can I read this?[View]
99383857>'Beata Maria you know I am righteous man.' Post rememberable quotes from Disney villains:…[View]
99382648>Movie is called Doctor Strange >There is only one strange scene in the movie Explain this.…[View]
99383158What would the Bizarro version of your favorite /co/ character be?[View]
99380991Why didn't he just laser blast her head off?[View]
99383723Because I don’t respect therapy, Because I’m a scientist. Because I invent, transform and destroy fo…[View]
99381224Tropes you love: >Charcter is an extreme asshole and sociopath but they’re portrayed as being in …[View]
99382100Does anyone even remember this?[View]
99373837Hotel Transylvania 3 Trailer: https://youtu.be/Ku52zNnft8k This looks pretty bad imo[View]
99382452If you ignore the scene kids and cringy 'doom' jokes was invader zim kidkino?[View]
99360313ITT: /co/ things that NOBODY hates[View]
99382720*injects you with fucking snake venom* Nothing personnel[View]
99358263Justice League ends its theatrical run as the lowest-grossing DCEU movie: >The Justice League mov…[View]
99372440storytime: Thanos #17 It's the big fight[View]
99378058What is the point of so many townie episodes when the main cast of gem characters are hardly in the …[View]
99374503ITT: Characters getting what they deserve: >this angers the Doomfag…[View]
99382554From Hell: Why did mutilating women give him magical powers / time travel?[View]
99375943what went right?[View]
99377212Archie #29: This comic went to fucking shit around the time Waid put Betty in the wheelchair, but wi…[View]
99381862I thought of a rough timeline of the Venture Bros. Pilot is not cannon, at least thats what I heard.…[View]
99380808From which comic is this picture /co? I try to find the source for a while niw.[View]
99382469What are some flawed, but still good cartoons?[View]
99379058What's the most manly western cartoon?[View]
99370943EGS IS BACK BAYBEEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjtupI9C_5c[View]
99382121What would you call this superhero team?[View]
99370164Does Justin Roiland still post on 4chan? Is he here right now?[View]
99377440Reminder that those amazing parents let their daughter spend all her time in a dictatorship with the…[View]
99379973Let's have an animated music video thread /co/ https://youtu.be/E-6xk4W6N20[View]
99379453>TFW no leni waifu to love me, and who needs me to help her with day to day things and with her c…[View]
99379184Name a better new character from Rebirth pro tip:you can't[View]
99361969There was nothing wrong with splicing.[View]
99375808Does she look prettier in her coronation dress or her blue dress?[View]
99381987Was Cree Summer sick or something? It looked like she wasn't doing regular voice work for about…[View]
99374575'My name is Usagi Yojimbo' What moments in adaptations really trigger your autism? The TMNT crossove…[View]
99369906There once was a man named Ennis[View]
99379839if the DCEU is kill and Cavill moves to the MCU, what character would /co/ like to see him play as?[View]
99374987ITT: Decent (or at least not terrible) shows that no one watched.[View]
99376746Ursa: So Ursa is pretty much universally considered a shit mom around these parts. Why is that? Ther…[View]
99364734>Bucky, since you were mind controlled by Nazis at the time, I guess you aren't responsible …[View]
99376736This Here's Katana*cough*Female. She's Got A Rack.: http://deadline.com/2018/03/the-boys-k…[View]
99373342Infinity War Empire Details: I can't believe they're really making Thanos the main charact…[View]
99376688>that episode when Hank was promoted to manager and told Mr. Strickland that he loves him was one…[View]
99380936>”I enjoyed the DCEU”[View]
99378886>Just what are you up to? >5'9', give or take! Damn, Ed's pretty tall for a 12-year-…[View]
99380844In a city where street gangs are named after superheroes. Which gang will you run with?[View]
99357235Fem Gumball is the perfect waifu[View]
99374380Literally unwatchable: Animation errors. Hard mode: from high-budget productions.[View]
99380385Herro? Shitty Wok! May I take ya owdah prease?[View]
99380507>get package in the mail, and it turns out the seller used ripped pages of ms marvel and spider m…[View]
99371839ITS NOT FAIR[View]
99370545I expeced scans of this thing already, but seems it was actually a scam just like the Goblins card g…[View]
99379074Kino Comics and Comic Runs: I'll start.[View]
99369992Jesus Christ, what the fuck DC?[View]
99344703ITT: Characters only you find attractive.[View]
99358408>read comic >it's great >except for the fact that the writer tips their fedora hard an…[View]
99369670Tina is STACKED.[View]
99367201TMNT thread pals (Mostley IDW). Yesterday I finaly caught on with the main comic and Universe. I…[View]
99381019Marvel Land at California Adventure: >it's happening https://www.ocregister.com/2018/03/20/d…[View]
99380073Remember kids, using steroids is what all the cool kids do![View]
99360703GOTG 2: I rewatched this movie on Netflix today. Why is it so fucking kino? Like for real it's …[View]
99378893Uh, oh that isn't smoke![View]
99373908Why doesn't /co/ ever talk about picture books? They're essentially a simpler form of comi…[View]
99344646Characters you're sure like anal sex[View]
99369509KAIROS 1/3 Storytime: Never seen anyone share this before, so I'm going to. Hope you enjoy it.…[View]
99380648At what point are allusions to other works too heavy handed?[View]
99369424DAMAGE #3: World War Wonder!: He's MAULED the Military-Industrial Complex! He's TRUMPED Ta…[View]
99375172>this set of pisspoor figures will cost 19.99$ Capeshit merch is dead[View]
99380279>four main characters >leader, psycho, lively one, thinker What are more examples of this thro…[View]
99373310Pick one.[View]
99380294The Dark One Returns To Hold Off The Faith: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782290703/angelica-…[View]
99378778Let me be blunt: is there an animation labor crisis in America today?[View]
99378956Any good vidya comics?[View]
99378729https://youtu.be/O5fFSFP174I >Cloak and Dagger can't touch each other Is this in the comics?…[View]
99361055Kill Six Billion Demons: >Mottom is not a very subtle queen “Beware thou crawling thing! When the…[View]
99380179why do all the new star wars comics have such awesome art? whose drawing this stuff?[View]
99372993storytime: Doctor Strange damnation #3[View]
99378098Just a Question: I'm the same anon that asked for a Clarence MEGA, now I'm asking, how did…[View]
99370906Sideways: >Better spider-man than spider-man >The best Latino superhero in comics >Fucking …[View]
99374949Kick-Ass: The New Girl #2[View]
99379337How much Yeast /co/[View]
99376353How worse is it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTYoCiNGqjU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc4qMNm…[View]
99372300vidya comics they all bad right?[View]
99379564whats his power level?[View]
99377683Would this be allowed today?[View]
99368960Whomp! not a blank template edition: https://www.whompcomic.com/comic/blanks-for-nothing > alt te…[View]
99370543Gorillaz Thread: The band just unveiled a new song at one of their shows, and it has Snoop Dogg on i…[View]
99376246This was actually a good fucking movie, I'm disappointed /co/ of all places would jump on the m…[View]
99311100Cartoon Idea Thread: Well we haven't had a proper one of these in a while 'ey? What ar ya…[View]
99378965is Ellis retarded: >John Lynch, ex-director of IO, is travelling to America to warn the subjects …[View]
99371846Am I the only one who can't stand this fucker? I actually laughed when Diane dumped his sorry a…[View]
99378720ITT /co/ characters who have literally eaten poop[View]
99378741Wait a minute, DreamWorks made video games in the early 90s?[View]
99378716Do you think they eventually defused or got stuck like this for the rest of their villain career?[View]
99378613Am I kawaii, Batman-san?[View]
99378510What does /co/ like about this show? I heard DreamworksTV was looking at getting its own channel. Wo…[View]
99374429How much PlayStation bucks does Sony need to pay you to see this film?[View]
99378256So what does /co/ think of this late 90s cartoon histeria? It was made by mostly the same team that …[View]
99343307Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
99273270What are you looking at, Zuzu? Just enjoy the sun... https://youtu.be/cYaFF6uRwnk[View]
99376077>walks up to thor >whips out the sonic taser >incapacitates the god of thunder He was basic…[View]
99376870https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4p00drpt-AP2KxWs_H34Q/videos I'm not asking how you could th…[View]
99377821Cerebus: What the fuck was Sim thinking?[View]
99373850failed crowdfunded animations thread The only thing I can find from this project now are the updates…[View]
99374868Is there a villain more badass than Thanos?[View]
99376104Remember when Nickelodeon did that open call for cartoon pitches at Comic-Con, and they picked up th…[View]
99375669Overclock! Check out Vector's sweet Zip Board: New Trailer for ReBoot:The Guardian Code! https:…[View]
99367169Why doesn't anyone talk about this show[View]
99374829Why was this necessary?[View]
99377394ITT: Villains with the wrong hero as their arch-rival.[View]
99373912Season 2 when?[View]
99369034GLS storytime[View]
99358187post a pic,pitch an idea for a cartoon based on it[View]
99370171>make a sequel to Beast Wars but don't make it an actual sequel wtf was Hasbro thinking?…[View]
99371814RIP: And fuck you Aaron you mangina piece of shit[View]
99371779Jackie Chan with all 12 Talismans vs Superman: I think Jackie takes this with ease.[View]
99376615A touching story About a boy and his arm Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #33[View]
99376799Let's plot a course.[View]
99367784What are some YA novels that would work great as animated shows or movies /co/? I could honestly see…[View]
99368359What did DC mean by this[View]
99376644Characters you hear everyone say have gottten better as the show goes on >You think the character…[View]
99362400Black Lightning Thread: Don't see one up. Gotta do everything myself tonight it seems[View]
99375209http://dcfilmshub.com/exclusive-first-look-at-d-j-cotrona-as-superman-in-justice-league-mortal/ D.J …[View]
99367264Waifu thread: Rate and share[View]
99358720Sam Wilson/Falcon and Miles Morales cancelled: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/03/20/falcon-and-mi…[View]
99373341anone know about that weird Saudi Arabian south park ripoff[View]
99375030Superman/Batman Storytime Part 7 Part 1: >>99356739 Part 2: >>99359417 Part 3: >>9…[View]
99365516Rocko's Modern Life: Can we take a moment to appreciate the sheer amount of fiendishly subtle a…[View]
99372291Superman/Batman Storytime Part 6 Part 1: >>99356739 Part 2: >>99359417 Part 3: >>9…[View]
99372115ITS MY FUNCTION[View]
99372098What did Henry Cavill mean by this? https://www.instagram.com/p/BglGdfyFRri/?hl=en&taken-by=henr…[View]
99372724What does /co/ think of Rick and Morty?[View]
99369862Unikitty: This show's pretty great. The characters are all pretty likeable, and this is one of …[View]
99374017>hmm should I either >A) Wrap up the series in 10 episodes >B) Add in a shittyrished faggot…[View]
99366686>3rd millennium + 18 >Its been so long that I'm now nostalgic for jimmy neutron…[View]
99374731>Foghorn BTFO of hippies This show got so much better after the name change…[View]
99374706Would having thanos get gnomed be enough to embarrass him and make him stop? https://youtu.be/6n3pFF…[View]
99371146Will the network ever be as good as it once was when it was a premium network/the early basic cable …[View]
99373099This week's Star Wars and Poe Dameron comics[View]
99372487Where do we go next for Black Panther 2?: I want to see him team up with Bucky for a bro movie like …[View]
99371506Would you kill half the universe for a chance at this fine piece of ass?[View]
99374672Alex Meyers: I just watched this dude's Flash video, can someone explain what he's trying …[View]
99373852I don't get enjoyment out of floppies anymore: I think my brain is desensitized from all the fr…[View]
99364343I dare you to find a more effective and deadly power than control over bees. Being made of bees is a…[View]
99374332Is Pop-eye the strongest motherfucker in all of /co/?[View]
99370812This must be one of the most overrated and laziest shows of all time >Let's just make anothe…[View]
99373167Literally anyone can die in Infinity War now: https://www.gamesradar.com/no-hero-is-safe-marvel-has-…[View]
99374324toons/shorts that only you remember pic related: stan and harvey do lunch[View]
99373137Is he a good villain? He always seemed a bit boring to me but I know he has a lot of fans.[View]
99373710Archie: Storytime, where Waid quickly pretends the storyline he hyped up for some time never happene…[View]
99373424Has this been story timed yet? Is it any good?[View]
99370953Tentacles: Let's talk about tentacles in comics and cartoons.[View]
99365934thoughts on Marvel's Heroes Reborn /co/?[View]
99364265what went wrong?[View]
99373275Who thought teen pregnancy was a good idea for a sequel?[View]
99370344In a Heartbeat: Why didn't they make it about pure love instead?[View]
99371389So it looks like this series is ending, are they just out of good ideas?[View]
99368304Harpy Gee: This brown elf is getting her own series of animated shorts and basically you're a t…[View]
99373802Star Vs Kim Possible: I feel like Kim Possible had better main duo, better chemistry between charact…[View]
99368264ITT: Unrecognizable Celebrity Voice Actors: IF YOU ROLL UP IN THE CLUB AND THEM NIGGAS WANNA FUCK WH…[View]
99372936my brother made this cartoon. just sharing it here, happy to hear your thoughts. https://www.youtube…[View]
99355669SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel Casting Calls: What are they up to, co/? >FEMALE LEAD (European, 20…[View]
99369539Doctor STAAAAARK: >What's this? An All-American institution being threatened by Globalist, R…[View]
99372280What the fuck? Why is this selling for over $100? Where can I get it for a reasonable price? Sam …[View]
99373098Is Swat Kats any good? I think this cat snake doctor is cute.[View]
99371467>36 hours of labor Jesus, Angie's lady bits must have looked like shredded roast beef by the…[View]
99371382When did you realize that Judge Death was right?[View]
99314590Do Earth Kingdom women really do this?[View]
99367351would that show work today?[View]
99372720This guy gives a 30 minute lecture. What is the damage?[View]
99368240Black panther role would probably be bigger if they knew how big of a success his solo move would be…[View]
99360334According to Milestone's official facebook Icon, Rocket and Static will be in Ricanstruction: R…[View]
99366754Questionable content: s m e l l h e r[View]
99365466You've got 5 minutes to open up ms paint and make another shitty 4 panel comic[View]
99371018Write the pilot episode[View]
99357533How hype are you for Iron-Man Infinity War?[View]
99368574DreamWorks Animation: Why does DreamWorks even to this day continue to make movies with celebrity st…[View]
99372438Who’s the kid from South Park.. That died from getting blown? Who’s the dude that hung himself hopin…[View]
99350231Rick and Morty: It’s over[View]
99367762Sweet, Sweet, SWEET... Vengeance[View]
99372268Any female harem comics on comiXology? I mean a male with a female following and maybe some bonus el…[View]
99361248I miss Scott Pilgrim What do you like about it?[View]
99371044Anime? More like where's those inbetween frames?[View]
99351875Flex Mentallo storytime[View]
99371932>tfw the new Weapon Brown kickstart fucking failed...[View]
99351161'Captain Marvel' Will 'Have a Blast When She Kicks Ass': >Screenwriter Geneva Robertson…[View]
99366940>shits on your technological progression[View]
99356739Superman/Batman storytime[View]
99370411Need help!: What the cartoon character is on related picture?[View]
99371742Who is Suit Man?[View]
99370506He’s fuckin dead isn’t he?[View]
99371278Seven Doctorates: That HAS to be bullshit, right?[View]
99366073Someone asked for it in a different thread. Let's do Joker's Asylum.[View]
99371296Hot takes: Flash comics have always been ugly because no artist so far have made Flash running anyth…[View]
99365712I'm a visitor from /g/. What is the best CBR reader?[View]
99364995Why don't we have TV animation done with 3D anymore? It seems like 3D animation is reserved for…[View]
99371313>Everyone is sad or celebrating the fact that R&M is cancelled >Adult Swim literally relea…[View]
99369064Is she a good Jedi?[View]
99366717He's back (briefly). https://twitter.com/_alexhirsch/status/976321308463046656?s=21[View]
99367640new family guy episode thoughts ?: i personaly thought the new episode of season 16 episode 12 was r…[View]
99357828You can only kill one. The other two have to live with you in your house.[View]
99365806What do you think of Princess Fisk?[View]
99366539/co/ do your thing... put a face on faceless patrick[View]
99367537What's this expression trying to convey?[View]
99370375Why doesn't batman just severely mangle Two-Face's hands?[View]
99364073So did Bill Watterson hate capeshit?[View]
99364454We all know TTG have done almost every kind of odd plot already, but have they referenced Puffy Amy …[View]
99296729Redhead Thread: Because..... asking to post drunks on St. Patty’s Day would have been boring[View]
99369713Watchmen: Just finished this for the first time. >tfw DO IT >tfw It never ends >tfw squid …[View]
99363152long or short?[View]
99367189Webcomic trade off: You can bring one old webcomic back from the dead but you have to kill off a cur…[View]
99359542>T'Challa's personality is nothing like in the comics >Shuri's personality is n…[View]
99367869I'm from /tg/, so please forgive if this is a stupid thread outside of /co/'s scope or bou…[View]
99364418If she was written today, would she remain the same?[View]
99358006duckman: anyone remember duck man[View]
99370256>Stacey sure has a lot of cousins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEBfRMKnyXg So at least one pe…[View]
99367689Heathcliff works out.[View]
99366687411 On Ricky and Morty: 1. The show was budgeted for 14 episodes for season three but due to various…[View]
99354737Boy Marvel sure is lucky that Steve Rogers was the one white man in 1945 who wasn't a patriarch…[View]
99362673ITT: Amazing DC parodies[View]
99365456Unrelated duologies, trilogies, etc: Movies, miniseries, etc that aren't officially associated …[View]
99361800Hey Arnold!: This show is so good: >comfy city atmosphere >deep characters (helga mostly) >…[View]
99369785If this character could never finish anything then does that mean he could never finish during sexua…[View]
99367848Was thinking of getting a physical book of 'Little Nemo in Slumberland' comics via the Splendid Sund…[View]
99367234Jessica Cruz appreciation thread[View]
99365826>all upcoming and current cartoons are for babies now[View]
99366987This movie any good?[View]
99340550Why does /co/ hate them so much?[View]
99364809Superman/Batman storytime >>99356739 >>99359417 >>99362142[View]
99363549>Good paneling in comics They aren't a exception right? Let's have thread about it.…[View]
99362142Superman/Batman storytime >>99356739 >>99359417[View]
99368288Hey, you ever go on the internet? They got some cool stuff on that internet.[View]
99367979Miles Morales and charter school: Do you think several years later Bendis regrets having Miles go to…[View]
99368163Why do they think Animation is something obsolete, cheap and they grab old cartoon characters just t…[View]
99365928What happened to this webcomic? The anon that made it promised big boobs.[View]
99368656so who are these guys? who did Hulk kill to become the champ?[View]
99359417Superman/Batman storytime >>99356739[View]
99368260Will we live to see the Thanos clone appear in the current DCEU or will they just reboot everything …[View]
99362780ITT: Cop Outs[View]
99351675>is a better spidey than the real spidey damn it feels good to be a DC fan!!!!!…[View]
99365273accompanies an exhibit to gotham: what happens next?[View]
99368439Krypton show runners on Brainiac: https://www.slashfilm.com/krypton-showrunner-interview/ >Braini…[View]
99361594Avengers vs Teen Titans: Which team would win in a fight?[View]
99362692>mfw I've been reading Whomp religiously for six years Anybody else get nostalgic over webco…[View]
99359732>Main character interrupts episodes to talk to the viewers Was this supposed to be a preschool sh…[View]
99368077Just found out this came out Did anyone story time is? Was it good?[View]
99365682Why was Aquaman so much more successful than Namor despite them being almost the exact same characte…[View]
99357218Do you consider any post-season 2 episodes to be classics? Besides a few like Stimpy's Cartoon …[View]
99367692post all the things that made everyone hate their spider-man[View]
99364194Germans Love David Hasselhoff/Americans hate tingle thread: I find it weird that snoopy is a big mak…[View]
99367817Hey asshole, let us use your pool![View]
99367068Superman/Batman storytime >>99356739 >>99359417 >>99362142 >>99364809[View]
99365030Rock Bottom: What are some good /co/ material about a hero reaching their breaking point than buildi…[View]
99363222Tomorrow... she dies!: -How will /co/ react? -How will the media and people who don't read comi…[View]
99332538'Adventure Time: The Ultimate Adventure' Trailer: https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/statu…[View]
99363623>Batman: Creature of the Bat put on indefinite hold >Astro City ending next issue >No new i…[View]
99367584Is this the greatest new cartoon or what?[View]
99364594Mega Man 2018: Haven't heard any news about this show for a while. Last bit of news I heard was…[View]
99356328Barry Allen The Fuck Up: Is there a reason that ever since Barry came back whether it be in comics, …[View]
99364455Marvel Expansions coming to Disney Parks: Are you hyped, /co/?[View]
99360338Whether you like it or not your favorite non /co/ series gets greenlit to have a western cartoon ada…[View]
99345441Why did everything after Season 2 suck?[View]
99363400What do you think of Histeria?[View]
99364341Bet some of you browsers are kids who never even watched TAS when it aired or understand how it chan…[View]
99351162Meanwhile in Gotham /co/[View]
99351845Voices you hear when reading comics. I'm sure pic related not being Sting (or being literally J…[View]
99367110literally the best ship[View]
99288958Mandy thread[View]
99361411So, seven years and how many different ‘permanent’ costumes has Superman had, only for them to retur…[View]
99354043Why didn't the Iron Giant use one of his powerful weapon to destroy the atomic bomb safely from…[View]
99366386Help finding this!!!: Help finding source of clip. For the life of me I cannot recall where this mem…[View]
99361845There is one problem with planting carrots in the dark: You can't see what you're doing.[View]
99363657What the fuck did Dipper do in this episode that was so egregious? I'm seriously asking. All h…[View]
99361444Can I read that comic after you're done?[View]
99366623He whipped millions...[View]
99363716>I hired fifteen of the crustiest kindegarteners. Paid them in pop rock and cheap soda. They took…[View]
99365157THE KID LOOKS ABOUT FIVE AND SHE'S LIKE EIGHTY: Fucking HOW? And why does he have like FIFTY br…[View]
99352060ITT: We try to guess a cartoon by description I'll start. This show involves a happy guy who lo…[View]
99361401>thanos gets hit in the balls >'OOOOOH RIGHT IN THE INFINITY STONES!'…[View]
99358608So this is supposed to be Banner in the suit, yeah? You see him operating on it in the first trailer…[View]
99365690How can 2D animation elitists still exist when we have patrician tier films like this?[View]
99364065Was it murder or suicide?[View]
99338130You find the Omnitrix. What do you do?[View]
99359642Infidel: What the fuck did I just read?[View]
99359571If modern cartoons are based on anime from twenty years ago, does that mean in another twenty years …[View]
99365993What are some other heroes like Ms Marvel? I think its cool that we're getting more diverse her…[View]
99360960R.I.P Kill or Be Killed: It’s Over, Boys: KILL OR BE KILLED #20 The grand finale to KILL OR BE KILLE…[View]
99361230Why are almost all of the classic Disney shorts available for free illegally on youtube while WB can…[View]
99364124>Hey, cheer up Brian. It could be worse; >Remember that loser named Anonymous that moved acros…[View]
99365235Aww, come on Secret Collect, let's go surfing inside the evil castle![View]
99365595>Thanos Quest>>>>>>>>>Infinity Gauntlet The Thanos Quest doesn't …[View]
99364898Im trying to get into evil ernie because i heard it was really bad like a trainwreck, but the site i…[View]
99361554So how much longer until the best subline of transformers gets a cartoon and toyline for the states?[View]
99365386Well gang we're in Chinatown >neeto[View]
99364235>Real name is J'onn J'onzz >J'onn J'onzz >J'oJ'o Less of a st…[View]
99364955>He sabotages his own date because they're not as pretty as him[View]
99355848what would happen if marvel dropped most of there super heroes in favor of star wars comics? how mad…[View]
99364559Are there any corners left to explore in the MCU? I feel like it's rapidly being used up.[View]
99365356Meanwhile in GTA universe /co/: so are you guys excited for the new season of Republican Space Range…[View]
99364924Weirdest Character Progressions: >goes from 'stereotypical ditzy southern belle, but in a jungle'…[View]
99316379South Park: >Two more days are you hyped[View]
99364260How come despite being the world's greatest assassin, Deathstroke is commonly seen across media…[View]
99358975Why /co/ lied about Deadpool 2?: 'Deadpool 2' outscores original in test screenings: https://www.hol…[View]
99327114Even Ian Jones-Quartey himself tells people to learn the fundamentals[View]
99362315>Is this game popular with autistic people? Because I am LOVING it! Christ, did 4chan write that …[View]
99356805So the new Act 2 costume for Elsa in Frozen on Broadway is... something.[View]
99364311Wow Hank you didn't have to rape him[View]
99351541WHERE THE FUCK STARGIRL IS!? the fucking martian returns soon and no stargirl? fucking mera has her …[View]
99362999Has any more information come out?[View]
99360584FIRE THE GIANT![View]
99364421Objectively the best CN special[View]
99320108If we get a beach episode, what kind of swimsuit would she wear?[View]
99350776ITT: we write an 800 word essay on what not to do at a stoplight, one word at a time: >The…[View]
99323507Usagi Yojimbo story time - 3: Previous threads: >>99274111 >>99297826 Usagi Yojimbo by S…[View]
99363939Would you read a comic based on a book based off of comic tropes? I think a movie adaptation would …[View]
99363918This is just some kid's Loud House AU fic brought to life.[View]
99338189>cartoon episodes that freaked you out when you were younger also, does anybody remember the epi…[View]
99359545Brandon Graham General: You guys like Multiple Warheads? Island? King City?[View]
99354511Injustice 2 #50 STORYTIME: Well since no oen is doing it I guess the hype for thus book died around …[View]
99362824Thanos appreciation thread: How can one Titan be so based[View]
99342934Legends of Tomorrow Talkback Thread: >Stream 1 https://www.arconai.tv/stream.php?id=92 >Stream…[View]
99348338Describe an artist with one picture.[View]
99344587Star vs Oc and self insert: At what point are self inserts cringe material?[View]
99351350Would it be controversial to say I like Sally? I've been revisiting the SatAM universe (anythin…[View]
99360961Is is safe to call Sherlock Gnomes the most anticipated /co/ film of the year?[View]
99358011how would /co/ introduce the Fantastic Four into the MCU: Honestly, Id like them to skip the origin …[View]
99355107LEAKED: Superman and Wonder Woman From Unmade 'Justice League: Mortal': Say what you will …[View]
99355096Why, I do believe it's time for early Silver Age comics! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
99354300Shazam: What are the chances they will use the name Captain Marvel in the movie?[View]
99362013I am making a company logo, what resolution/size do I set my canvas to? I understand that I need a h…[View]
99361151Is Batman Incorporated still a thing?[View]
99359132IDW TMNT or BOOM MMPR?[View]
99361615Was she really sorry?[View]
99348780steven uniberse: so let me get this straight we get pic related as the promo but >'Letters to Lar…[View]
99354745>Isle of Dogs >I le of Dogs >I lof Dogs >I love Dogs I get it now…[View]
99360611Remember when Superman was brainwashed into being a Roman Champion while fighting an expy version of…[View]
99286765Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
99359769Which show had the better themesong?[View]
99362248and now, this.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOjd_cmYUl0[View]
99354141... .......... [View]
99357310What do you think, will set LGG appart from other western cartoons? Hard mode: no waifu's…[View]
99351831fuck you thread: fuck you cartoon network[View]
99360193Cartoons you're excited for: What cartoons are you most looking forward to, /co/? Personally, T…[View]
99355820>'I have a cloaca but I don't know what it is and I'm too afraid to look it up' How cou…[View]
99355858>Black Widow >no longer has her signature black hair It's the fucking source of her name …[View]
99359125>Lisa builds a portal machine >lincoln loud bumps it on accident >Send Lincoln and the gi…[View]
99361814consider the coconut[View]
99357495GOTHAM thread: So a number of images with Jerome after cropping up for ep 17[View]
99361395>Smallshit >Shitham >Rivershit So will Krypton continue the trend of being godawful?…[View]
99338340Gender equality in cartoons: What are some cartoons where men and women get equal treatment?[View]
99360565>'Infinity War' Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History:: https://www.youtube.…[View]
99359524Am I the only one who felt CatDog was mean spirited?[View]
99361334This is the Ginger Panther. Say something nice about her.[View]
99356698Marvel Land coming to Disney Parks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uoQo3i_zoY >Marvel officiall…[View]
99360622Is this worth buying?[View]
99360524This channel really sucks nowadays. There's a few good shows for little kids that parents can a…[View]
99361019Bill Cipher eye discount drawthread! Inspired by post on /wsg/ i cant find anymore. Post eyes drawn …[View]
99353131What cartoon art style would you like to see more of in the future?[View]
99357015This was actually pretty good https://youtu.be/FSCR3ajiE6c[View]
99359389Dan Slott vs Dan Harmon, how would it go?[View]
99359563Let say that after the 'failure' of the DCEU, Warner Bros and DC Comics decide to do something diffe…[View]
99359954ITT: We post how general comic fandom perceptions changed over time: For characters, series, creator…[View]
99358993What is it about this show that drives haters to sperg out of control? It’s not just 4chan who is c…[View]
99360763Kickstarter for indie comic inspired by hacking and internet culture. Go check it out! https://www.k…[View]
99354093So like, THIS happened. Once upon the 90's. 80's TMNT was randomly swole for the last seas…[View]
99360669Have you seen[View]
99354685MARVEL COMICS JUNE 2018 Solicitations: WAKANDA FOREVER: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 Nnedi Okorafor (W) AL…[View]
99360242Would you merge minds with your waifu/husbando?[View]
99357324Why doesn't Batman just kick villains in the balls all the time? he's trained with ninjas …[View]
99357249Stu, I didn't know you were coming over![View]
99357738ITT: moments that were definitively cartoonkino https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_f7EtdkRZ2Q[View]
99359204How far would Kratos the God of War get against DC's Ares and Wonder Woman if he tried to kill …[View]
99359283You're not perfect[View]
99350235How can it be the world's worst comeback if I have never heard about him before?[View]
99360296This is the worst cartoon ever, right?[View]
99356195Can anyone recommend me some must reads for captain marvel\shazam[View]
99353799he did nothing wrong[View]
99358667As not-aiming-higher than-dumb-fun MCU movies are, can we all agree that they are better than Disney…[View]
99330112>erases all his friends and his waifu to go back to the past to save his royal family when he cou…[View]
99353740Which is better, /co/?[View]
99358940Stewie, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying you…[View]
99359148School’s out[View]
99340434When did Zombie Simpsons officially started for you? Pic related was the last straw for me.[View]
99351514The Loud House 'Live Life Loud' Storytime: The newest graphic novel came out today so posting what I…[View]
99357134>DC announces it will Relaunch the Justice League bringing 90s classic DC animated series charact…[View]
99359482What makes a good opening scene/sequence? What are your guys favourite opening shots/scenes?[View]
99353992So what runs ended up being worth reading from Rebirth? Since getting back from deployment I've…[View]
99353897Close Call Cape Castings: >When Sam Raimi signed to direct SPIDER-MAN, Sony was already in advanc…[View]
99357755What's /co/'s opinion on BONE?[View]
99278767Make Your Own Superhero Thread - #6: Roll a power: powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random If yo…[View]
99357710How many more failures of movies will it take to make disney admit they fucked up and to force them …[View]
99359170So I've been pretty busy for the last two weeks, during one of my few moments of downtime I saw…[View]
99357389So I'm trying to give Johns an honest shot, but New 52 Justice League has been a terrible read.…[View]
99359031Positive Comic Industry Thread: Positive talk related around the industry goes here >comics you…[View]
99355482Can you name one KOTH character who has more potential power than Awakened Lama Bobby? People like t…[View]
99356972Is your life missing thrills?: Post Roxys'[View]
99358765I whirr traver to earf and kirr arr tee vengers. Tee anfinrary stones whirr be mine![View]
99355812Why doesn't Disney want The Disney Channel to be a premium network again? I really hope their n…[View]
99355689Wolverine: How long will the BP and Pals era of the MCU really last before it's the Wolverine a…[View]
99357145Who is this guy? https://youtu.be/QwievZ1Tx-8[View]
99347248Dark Nights: Metal: Are you enjoying it?[View]
99350030Would /co/ read a Sunstone-like Harley and Ivy story by Stjepan Sejic?[View]
99352920How come no one here is talking about the current thanos comic?[View]
99358309Starting a book club on my channel, who's interested? First few reads include Deadpool Minibus …[View]
99357726Get those annual passes ready, boys![View]
99358269Thanos has come a long way...[View]
99346579>'Nice plan but it sucks so let me do the plan and it wont suck.' How is this acceptable?…[View]
99352080So they made a movie with guns, drugs, religion, the mafia, references to violent stuff like The God…[View]
99357255has /co/ realized yet that IW is a bigger event than the Moon landing?[View]
99353636what went so right?[View]
99357823Lady Justice: How is Niel Gaiman's Lady Justice? Worth a read? I just discovered it by title al…[View]
99356794>It's The Wizard Of Oz With A Twist.[View]
99353543MCU: How do we fix it?[View]
99354824Infinity War ticket sales are OVER ONE THOUSAAAAAND percent: https://screenrant.com/avengers-infinit…[View]
99352070Chapter 42: Black Panther Ultimate Marvel in chronological order by page/panel. Download link:https:…[View]
99353690Chapter 43: Nighthawk v Hyperion: Dawn of Supreme Ultimate Marvel in chronological order by page/pan…[View]
99350662Why hasn't Harry Potter ever had a cartoon or comic?[View]
99353906The current Avengers cartoon is on par with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Change my mind[View]
99357444>Jeff Lemire + Eduardo Risso on Hit-Girl DAMMIT MILLAR....I was just about to drop this shitfest.…[View]
99348662Korra Comics: So were the Korra comics any good? I haven't heard anything about them in a while…[View]
99350037i was looking through some of my old dvd's recently and i found this tv series, three friends a…[View]
99354663Snorks vs Spongebob: Let's have a serious and intellectual conversation about these two juggern…[View]
99356158TEENAGE SUPERHEROES: What are the best books on teenage supers? Punky kids dealing with having power…[View]
99356748Itt: describe your idea relationship with a /co/ related image.[View]
99353989Which was the channel? For a while, both were stuck in the 90's and it was awesome....then the…[View]
99350842ITT: Good shows that are targeted at little kids (Preschoolers/Early Elementary Students)[View]
99356415World War Hulk: >/co/ said World War Hulk was bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9AItZuKVW4…[View]
99353374How come the main baddies were just sheep and ram? Are the rest of them scumbags too?[View]
99353780How many people has she hulk slept with?[View]
99356977>That time when the Butt-Ugly Martians thought they could get the drop on Robocop What are your f…[View]
99348178Questionable content: gimme de bagel[View]
99354791How come when it comes to old Disney shows, Funko releases toys of Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Rescue …[View]
99354589Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why is Splinter such a badass?[View]
99353563Have you ever felt sad over a cartoon character?[View]
99355588>the bowl is empty Guys...is Francine okay?[View]
99353746Toph: Toph[View]
99356181positivity thread[View]
99356367its out[View]
99354811Jebus: What do think of Marvel's take on Jebus?[View]
99348148Were they gay?[View]
99350258WHAT DA FUCK[View]
99350868I just marathoned Blondie and what is up with Blondie's eating habits? The guy eats ridiculousl…[View]
99356331ITT: Vaguely describe a comic book or cartoon yo used to watch but can't remember the name of, …[View]
99356292You know what I would like to see? A good mon series for a western audience. I know that their are p…[View]
99353244friendly reminder Jhonen Vazquez was taking a stand against muscleheads and the objectification of w…[View]
99351376I just realize... Bendis is Lex Luther. God damn you Morisson![View]
99351026Brak is going to host Toonami on April Fools[View]
99344095This is superb. Why does /co/ hate it?[View]
99354943Wouldn't the DC universe be a much better place if Supes just let Luthor beat him and succeed?[View]
99353486Sam and Max: Samand Max thread.[View]
99355261What did /co/ think of this? If /co/ didn't think much of this, can we at least have a Black Ca…[View]
99353246Avengers Infinity War? More like, stop no more![View]
99355058Why do people even on /co/ claim Western animators pale with fight scenes to anime? https://www.yout…[View]
99352602Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 3rd Week of March, 2018: Previous threads: http://desuarchi…[View]
99354027How did Captain America and Black Widow of all people end up with the best, most tangible friendship…[View]
99350307Is Doctor Orpheus a Level 10 hero?[View]
99353648Who are the best musical villains in cartoons?[View]
99349983Why are so many contrarian faggots pretending this’ll be shit?[View]
99352740Who is this?: I love femdom, please tell me where I can read this character[View]
99354698https://youtu.be/Nqb80GVmfl4 https://youtu.be/NcdWmwXbEHA >It’s another Pan makes a video on a sh…[View]
99337523People who should die in Infinity War: I'll start: Bucky has hit a dead end. he should sacrific…[View]
99354022What is going through Anna's mind when she sees her sister for the first time since childhood?[View]
99355038>TFW based Richards steals Cucklops' girlfriend.[View]
99350517Post the weirdest shit from the weirdest shows you liked: UP FROM THE DEPTHS, THIRTY STORIES HIGH, B…[View]
99341189Fuck James Gunn[View]
99337598If Superman’s powers are negated by magic, such that it affects him the way it affects other, non-po…[View]
99344471iZombie Thread: iZombie's on. We should watch it.[View]
99348743Death? In Asterix?: So, long story short, I was browsing a page on TVTropes and it claims that there…[View]
99354795Who was Nikki?: up next: Answers?[View]
99345726What's the /co/nsensus about this cartoon? Hard mode: don't mention the shit-tier AfterEff…[View]
99352903What upcoming DC films are you excited about? I'm cautiously excited for Aquaman, hopefully his…[View]
99349748President Jimmy did nothing wrong.[View]
99352236>make a huge deal about bringing him back and reconciling his fucked history >do absolutely no…[View]
99347609Final Space: It's on Adult Swim right now. Pic related.[View]
99327689please Forgive Me!!! 007: Time To Go[View]
99341937What are some valid criticisms of Bojack Horseman?[View]
99354340What are some of your favorite cartoon avatars for celebrities?[View]
99353237What is the best version of Mary Jane?[View]
99348216Will the choices and ending truly be all that varied this time?[View]
99340247Krypton looks pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PQScsMXv1E[View]
99339993ITT: create a Marvel or DC team: I'll start[View]
99355336>In the year 2044, the world has been gripped by an energy crisis from the depletion of fossil fu…[View]
99349170Was this arguably the best episode of the simpsons?[View]
99352689Wander inside Simpsons: OH MY GOD IT'S HIM. He even has the same happy annoying personality! ht…[View]
99347080Let's suppose you were hired by DC to write one of the Batman books. However, in your heart of …[View]
99345483What went so horribly wrong?[View]
99349327which avenger would you date?[View]
99340545does /co/ like Hawkgirl?[View]
99329513Why didn't he just accept that his fight with T'Challa hadn't ended and continued to …[View]
99352091My GF just watched Captain America: Civil War and said she wants to read comics about Scarlet Witch,…[View]
99351398It was fun while it lasted, I guess[View]
99350902So what’s going on at DC: A few years ago I was super into DC and only read the main Spider-Man book…[View]
99335004JUSTICE LEAGUE Relaunches With SNYDER, CHEUNG & JIMENEZ: DC Entertainment continues to attract d…[View]
99351198How was he such a mook? Even a mook with the power to control and become electricity should be a top…[View]
99337891Is CN entering another dark age?[View]
99351353>Disney owns this series Let me guess, they are burying this show in their vaults and won't …[View]
99350813Remember when movies actually tried to make Spider Man a badass instead of a memeing quipster? >i…[View]
99343709Who else loves her?[View]
99345411Alright, so inspired by the dr. strange vs Voldemort thread- what /co/ character would have an inter…[View]
99340323Come Up With New Villains For The Flash: HARD MODE: No evil speedsters.[View]
99348563Comparison Thread[View]
99345655Which movie is better?[View]
99344593I WANT MY SLAW[View]
99337883Russia made a Bremen Avenue movie last year. It's surprisingly not terrible, but I don't t…[View]
99351617comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting March 14, 2018: > 1. Vision: The Comp…[View]
99351512Ancient Literature Comic Adaptions: What are the best ancient literature adaptations? I know of a co…[View]
99351349Mistress Death and Thanos: Thanos and Death thread I find Thanos endearing[View]
99327261Infinity War first 20 minutes Leak: Opening scene is Thanos watching from a ship at the destruction …[View]
99351059People will say they hate it, but I miss Marvel in the 90's. It was so cool back then, less coo…[View]
99343142New season of Star Wars Forces of Destiny dropped today. What does /co/ think of it? https://www.you…[View]
99334765>One night, Penguin caught a man cheating at cards and tortured him in front of the crowd. The ma…[View]
99351864Is he autistic?[View]
99351923Hey /co/ Is perfection real?[View]
99347785>That’s Stormbreaker Fuck this movie.[View]
99346622Is rotoscoping cheating?[View]
99343532Apparently Disney was interested in working with Tezuka before he died. What do you think they would…[View]
99339844Anyone feel bad for this guy? Imagine going from the most beloved hero of your country to being one …[View]
99351709Apparently this released today, anyone read it? Is there a DL link?[View]
99350854Why would they create the perfect character just to never use her again?[View]
99351846Why did they keep hurting this sweet metal boy?[View]
99351806Silver Surfer is on the cast of Infinity War: http://www.metacritic.com/movie/avengers-infinity-war/…[View]
99351677Fantasic Four: How bad was the 2015 and why were the older ones bad? Haven't seen them since th…[View]
99351574This show any good? Literally never seen it discussed here before.[View]
99347306Is there a family-based cartoon where the mom isn't the lamest character?[View]
99350823https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl98IDlpjZ4 why disney doesn't make another movie using paperma…[View]
99347491so what animation software do web creators you follow use to make their animations and cartoons?[View]
99351465Mace Windu: Just finished this finally. Why did such a based Jedi get such a shitty comic? Is this t…[View]
99351187God, that cartoon is aesthetic as fuck. Also, the animation is incredibly fluid, what's up with…[View]
99346760Post your favorite /co/-crossover events! Comics or animation or adaptations[View]
99351228>Rick and morty is just atheist garbage! Venture bros is much more meaningful! https://youtu.be/Z…[View]
99351266How did she supress her boy problems?[View]
99351248>Venditti finally leaves Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and their will be a new writer …[View]
99340260Can Doctor Strange beat Voldemort?[View]
99348092Quick /co/, post vidya that would make for a good cartoon[View]
99338671AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Plot Details: Going by rumors and leaks, this is the movie. >Thanos and hi…[View]
99349692ITT: godtier redesigns that pissed people off regardless: Remember when ultron had his own glider?…[View]
99351004Need help to find a comic title about Time Traveller Homeless man: Hello /co/, help me to find the t…[View]
99344280Do the writers know why people watch Family Guy? They know it's just for dumb laughs, right? I …[View]
99349526>It had to be you...[View]
99350873Is there any other movie director with an adult animated style like Ralph Bakshi or just others adul…[View]
99350516Which would you prefer? A late night block featuring the 80s/90s Disney Channel shows? Have more Dis…[View]
99326109DC Fall 2018 Catalog: Omnibuses: New Gods Batman Loeb/Sale Omnibus Batman Snyder/Capullo Omnibus Bat…[View]
99350694menage a 3: what a morning to be undead[View]
99342641Was the total reboot of Superman following the Crisis on Infinite Earths by John Byrne a good or bad…[View]
99348491Heathcliff breaths on Spike.[View]
99350117well /co/ how DO you baffle a vegetable?[View]
99342490Is she a good sister?[View]
99347684Who was in the wrong here?[View]
99333332>Calls literally every other character on 4chan: The Animated Series a dumdum What the fuck was h…[View]
99344272mlaatr: I think she's my favorite waifu, I mean she's literally a TV screen that demands a…[View]
99349647What does /co/ think of this?[View]
99334429Cheesecake thread![View]
99350349Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: >My sons, why don't I ever eat pizza with you? Simply put, you…[View]
99349890Bathos Dispenser: Will he quip when Vision dies? I think its a contest between Spidey and Quill as t…[View]
99331033Sick of everything being so science fiction oriented. Any good /co/ series with more of a fantasy se…[View]
99350179ITT-good characters from terrible source material[View]
99350087what the fuck happened?[View]
99349069My first comic book purchases. I wasn't aware these things we're so cheap.[View]
99349679How do I get over the fact that I will never make a living as a traditional animator in 2018?[View]
99350155Monsters: >Monstered[View]
99326967Urchin!: A short comic with a great cartoony art style. Thought it would be fun to dump.[View]
99345500It's basically Rick and Morty without the Redditors to ruin everything about it.[View]
99315013Animatic clip from the OK K.O. season 1 finale released: https://youtu.be/4VZF01dkejo?t=3m34s…[View]
99347806Why we didn't get a Nova movie yet? Infinity wars and GotG would be good chances to introduce i…[View]
99348253Saw this show while I visited family for a reunion. Is it just me, or is this guy like 10 minutes aw…[View]
99345262Black Panther will just crush every movie until Infinity War. I hate my life now. https://www.youtub…[View]
99347256RIDDLE ME THIS /CO/! A man is found dead on a Sunday morning. His wife calls the police immediately.…[View]
99318907Kill Six Billion Demons ksbd: Emptiness[View]
99348102The last cartoon you watched has its final episode reveal it was all a massive coma induced dream of…[View]
99344592Bunnicula: What does /co/ think of Bunnicula?[View]
99347830So SPREAD just ended. Did you guys like it?[View]
99275915Who was in the wrong here?[View]
99349623Name a single /co/ character who can stop him[View]
99349125/co/ characters’ views: https://www. unknown .nu/cartoon/ Found this site when I was googling for po…[View]
99348022Everyone in this thread is an honorary Globe Trotter.[View]
99336777ITT: Autistic Fan-Fic Ideas: I've had this one since I was a kid; for whatever reason. Anyway, …[View]
99348963Stan Lee's writing: So im roughly 70 issues into Amazing Spider-man and im enjoying it, but to …[View]
99349169Why are there so many pictures of these two dressed as Zootopia characters?[View]
99346830I fucking love this subplot[View]
99346367Name a better hero duo. You can't.[View]
99346581So Mags is writing Dazzler, get your bingo cards ready[View]
99349416Let this be /co/ manifesto http://scribd.com/document/3215794/1995-position-jonnyquest[View]
99347617>Mucha Lucha >El Tigre >Legend Quest >Victor and Valentin Is it just me or cartoons set …[View]
99343491Remember me?[View]
99346976I cannot stop laughing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss2GE4scKuU&list=PL339_yyCHKFRhAnMYVot64…[View]
99344322i think the new darth vader comics are much better than the 2015 run[View]
99347445AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR New Details And Stills: From Empire. >Thanos is the main character of the …[View]
99346749Create a superhero/villain centered around Post-Civil War America with racial tension at the forefro…[View]
99347389I found a dvd of this series and i have to guess, even if is a big commercial to sell toys it was we…[View]
99348288Thoughts?: IMO Not bad.[View]
99346970Can we get a Mung thread going?[View]
99342017What do you guys think of the new Thrawn comic, of which the last issue came out five days ago?[View]
99347584His bookshelves must be interesting to look at.[View]
99336570So /a/ just told me it's a cartoon, but what do you think /co/, is Avatar: The Last Airbender a…[View]
99347996Why is Courage called cowardly when he is actually very courageous?[View]
99343007Was there ever a character so criminally underrated in cartoon history?[View]
99347246Remember when Uatu broke his vow of non-interference just to tell Beast what a shit he was[View]
99343231Sonic the Hedgehog Comics: If Tracy Yardley drew this comic? How would /co/ feel? Would the moment b…[View]
99348411That face when we will never see Giraffic.[View]
99348398How many more failures of movies will it take to make disney admit they fucked up and to force them …[View]
99338691Since people are going to die and get resurrected in Infinity War and Avengers 4 thanks to infinity …[View]
99348028They really aren’t trying anymore.[View]
99348137Hello my good men: I am the Pube CHUCKIE![View]
99344914Will there ever be a better 2D Star Wars? https://youtu.be/EwkNO8DDV1U[View]
99346641name a more chad animator[View]
99348007Doom Patrol: >supervillain just wants to get hitched How surprisingly straightforward and classic…[View]
99337295Goddamnit butch...[View]

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