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1145862Any Experience Growing Tomatoes in Texas?: Hey /diy/, not sure if this is the correct board for this…[View]
1148254Bathroom: How do you change the lightbulb in a bathroom steam vent? Pic related.[View]
1144717Let's talk about saunas!: As I'm watching snow fall like dandruff off a fat guy's hea…[View]
1143170Pickling recipes: I've gotten into making spoon rings and want to take care of fire scale that …[View]
1148258Where to go for custom enclosures? I can't find anything in my size.[View]
1148559Whole Home Water Filters: Hello lads, I'm here to ask if anyone has experience setting up their…[View]
1148227Hey there /diy/ I'm having quite the issue and I was wondering If y'all could help, my tub…[View]
1146108Hey /diy/, Im not sure if this is the right board for this. But I am in need of advice. I'm 19 …[View]
1143894Currently I have just a basic door on my apt. I am kinda paranoid because I live alone and am not ho…[View]
1144631Hey all, I've been put through some bullshit where I was accused of 'trespassing' in …[View]
1148507Hey /diy/ So I wanted to make something like pic related, except I'd like to make it for a char…[View]
1145064Lamp: So finally finished this lamp. What do you think?[View]
1146922Quick question, I have an arduino and I want to hook up atleast 6 of the LSM9DS0 sensors from adafru…[View]
1148228This doesnt explain what will happen if 100V or so, will apear at 0.2V or 2V range. Is there fancy p…[View]
1147467First time PC case mod: Anyone here have any knowledge about full on pc case modding? I myself am qu…[View]
1146500Glue collection: Do any of you keep a collection of old glue bottles or other adhesives? Paintfags n…[View]
1143256Patching power into USB-C: Hey there /diy/ I'm trying to patch power into a USB-C cable being u…[View]
1145460Help /diy/ i want to make a glass out of a bottle like in the picture, i got a glass cuter but i wan…[View]
1147591Citrus Bang Tutorial: This is the best Citrus Bang tutorial I've seen. Does anyone prepare it d…[View]
1148021Please share your Useful Diy math formulas.[View]
1148276Had a new house built with a shitty bermuda sod front yard in late fall last year. Not wanting to de…[View]
1148099Csr8645: Does anyone have experience with pic related? I can't get this thing to work for the l…[View]
1142190Electric guitar: Hello /diy/ ! I know that a lot of you guys actually enjoy playing guitar. I was w…[View]
1148102boxing out pex pipe: I have these two water lines exposed in this room (it was build as an addition …[View]
1147951hey /diy/ doing some work in this room, what you guys think? im planning on laying wood-tile look a …[View]
1146185What would you do, Anon? I can't pay for another countertop, this new one fit better than the …[View]
1148030whats the best way to increase water pressure? move the pump into the house or buy a water pressure …[View]
1147648Cheap Homemade Laundry Detergent: Does anyone know a cheap homemade detergent recipie? I've be…[View]
1147968DIY - Cocktails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wWRx5H2gMA[View]
1145171having trouble with water pressure: Me and my family moved into a home that was built roughly around…[View]
1147893Poster Frame 48'x72': Newfag here, never did any /diy/, I need some help with framing this poster. I…[View]
1147419How do I remove this? Can it be reused? I drilled the hole without a pilot hole :[[View]
11477693D printer filament tangling: Why does this keep happening to my filament? It's almost like the…[View]
1144786Clear Acryllic: I have 100, 6 foot, 1inch hollow clear acryllic tubes just lying around like the one…[View]
1145725Hi, I live in Northern Ontario and plan on building a cabin as soon as the snow melts. I was thinkin…[View]
1136619ITT: post your favorite tool that no one knows about[View]
1147672Hardware vs. Magnets: So I'm trying to fix a cheap Bluetooth speaker because I don't feel …[View]
1147435Hey /diy/, figured you'd be the best to ask about this. I bought a Precision 183 water bath the…[View]
1147557Hey /Diy/, do you know if there is a kind of staple-like screw or nail that could go into layered wo…[View]
1147561Banjo: I'm looking to make a diy 6 string banjo. I have a standard guitar neck that I want to u…[View]
1144945Pothole General: what's the most cost effective method for patching a pothole in asphalt? I…[View]
1146818any good guides on how to learn to do practical gore effects? It's a small passion of mine.[View]
1146104plans wooden clock: Someone have plans forma a wooden clock 4 free?[View]
1147206Completely new to leatherwork and DIY in general. How do I make something like pic related provided …[View]
1145783What's the best way to get these fucking bastards out of an attic without using any poisons?[View]
1147540I'm hoping someone could help me with something that is completely obvious but I don't wan…[View]
1146984Greetings from /o/! Pic relates is a closeup of the ECU from my car. It's missing an LED that…[View]
1147413go to your room anon, you're grounded: Going to make pic related (swapping the cord for a singl…[View]
1145614Can we make a diy portable computer ? And how[View]
1146913Does anybody here know shit about fixing an accordion? This is just a garbage student model but I…[View]
1146810How to secure this strap to back of iPad?: I want to go out, draw and paint the night life but with …[View]
1138600OK, hear me out /diy/, I just got a roomba and it blows my mind how much housework it saved me. It r…[View]
1146624'art', 'design', and all that crap: >rent book on diy furniture >couple things actually look c…[View]
1147017Boat reno: Interested in cutting the roof, windows and flybridge off my boat. I want to reconstruct …[View]
1145422Blue acryllic: I have 100, 6 foot, 1inch hollow blue acryllic tubes just lying around like the one p…[View]
1145344office chair repair diy: So my computer chair arm busted the other day, and I was thinking of a way …[View]
1146234I fucked up big time, i accidentally put a whole in my friends house wich im staying at for free, th…[View]
1146932RGB LED help: Hey /diy/, I need some help on my RGB LEDs. So I set up some LED's all over my ro…[View]
1147150I have been beating my head against the wall for three weeks now trying to install a new sink and fa…[View]
1143837What's up /diy/. my water heater is about at the end of its life. I was thinking about going th…[View]

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