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Displaying 55 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1479017Is there a technical dictionary Spanish/english that you know of? I'm a south american ship cha…[View]
1478112Remodeling a shitty old RV, and this was underneath a weird little box packed into the side. I wonde…[View]
1478516Landscaping/lawn question: My lawn is bad. It was neglected by the previous owner (he spent the leas…[View]
1474920I wish I lived in a country with decent soil. Whats the dirt in your cunt like for digging? Here i…[View]
1475532Laser Cooling: So, i just learned about laser cooling. Millions of times colder than space. Space is…[View]
1478636Which is right for this job?: So I'm taking part in an architectural competition and I need to …[View]
1474757Trying to draw 2A from this to run a Raspberry Pi. The board is stuck in a boot loop because it can…[View]
1477671Raspberry Pi: Got some ideas for an advanced raspberry pi project. Preferably it should track/produc…[View]
1478077Stone Veneer: /diy/ what is the god damned name of this type of masonry wall I've googled every…[View]
1477952I temporarily lost my 20cm ruler so I bought a new one. Found the old one. Same cheap brand (they…[View]
1476752Wood Countertops: Looking for some tips on building marble-looking homemade countertops from scratch…[View]
1474318Howdy /diy/ im a senior level mechanical engineer living with two very daft roommates. As i expected…[View]
1477129Pumping 1,000,000 gallons: I need to pump about a million gallons of water in about a year. This pum…[View]
1476647Mold Hypochondria: So I'm staying in an Air BNB owned by this nice couple and I noticed some bl…[View]
1478238I bought this old Russian Zenit camera that has lots of its finished removed from the frame. What’s …[View]
1478587Building solid structures: Some at /b/ said you might like this. Some even said if you reverse image…[View]
1478453anyone know what timber product this is? Looks like a softwood sandwiched between some layers of ven…[View]
1471025Dewalt Flexvolt: anyone used any of these? thoughts? is this revolutionary? >inb4 shill…[View]
1477175This is an actual picture of 120vac wires in my attic. The guy who did this didn’t even connect the …[View]
1477750What to do with a dead iPhone?[View]
1474802My dad owns a fairly large CNC shop and wants me to take over, how do I convince him to sell his bus…[View]
1478108So I bought this helmet completely by accident with fucking amazon 1click and I dont want it but its…[View]
1473698I don't have power in part of my house. For the longest time the fuse box was open because the …[View]
1477288Hello /diy/ I have a 2010 samsung camera, is a ES30, it doesn't work and I want to use it again…[View]
1475326Paracord: I just got 5m of paracord. What should i do with it?[View]
1468698I want to make a light with a semireflective dodecahedral globe, but I don't know what light so…[View]
1478336Can i get some feedback on my project?: Hi, im currently working on a project regarding LEDs and an …[View]
1478227/loops/: Anyone know much about making looping tapes? I've been watching a few of AMULETS'…[View]
1476231I have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan that I need to attach the solar panel to. I'm thinking of att…[View]
1475849Welder not working: So I'm having some issues with my Millermatic 212. When turned on, the stee…[View]
1478038How do I restore this old table?[View]
1475560DIY Spot Welder: Im planning to make a cheap spot welder (for a future electric bike build) using su…[View]
1477873Trades: What are some trades that relatively isolated and simultaneously not completely back-breakin…[View]
1474893/ohm/ - MOS 6581 SID edition: thread with dry caps: >>>>>>1471126→→ >RULES (dra…[View]
1475009I want to dress up as a demon / druid for halloween, but I am a city fag and don't know where t…[View]
1472438do any of you guys know how to make DIY crystals ??[View]
1474689Seasonal: What is a trade I can do seasonally? You know work a few months and relax a few months, ki…[View]
1477105Making handmade belts for my family and cousins this christmas. 1. Is that even a good idea for a pr…[View]
1474827Wetting New Concrete Should it be moistened while curing? Why? And how often and for how long?[View]
1474601Whats the best way to transmit data to a phone with minimal power? It should be able to run for a fe…[View]
1477786Hi frenz do u like my jack o lantern? He’s winking[View]
1476574When there's a gap: Retard here. If I want to bolt two things together and there's a gap b…[View]
1477800Custom Switch Pro Controller: For the birthday of a friend I'd like to create a custom switch p…[View]
1477455High Voltage circuit.: Started work on a high-voltage project. I have a circuit board and a proper 5…[View]
1477641Amplifier repair: I'm trying to repair this amplifier, at first all output mosfets were blown, …[View]
1459951Dad insists this is perfectly safe as long as you wear protection goggles. What does /diy/ think?[View]
1476203What do I do with this?[View]
1477042Is it possible to rip a speaker from a home-theatre's sub and wire it into a car's amp/ste…[View]
1475449DIY Art Tutorial: MatchStick Shield: This was one of the easiest projects. It is similar to putting …[View]
1477436Finishing and Refinishing Wood Furniture: So I am about done refinishing a table after I stained it.…[View]
1475021Durable, available casting compound? There's a cheap ksg for sale near me with the rail cracked…[View]
1476189ideas for remote candy dispenser for trick or treaters: I want to participate in Halloween without p…[View]
1470875what is THE best trade to get into? Currently looking for something that isn't as back breaking…[View]
1477500I'm about to install a standing seam roof on Wednesday. Anybody does this before, got any tips …[View]
1469241Sunday arvo in Australia. I made it through the weekend without going to Bunnings for the first time…[View]

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