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Displaying 73 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1352101which one is better? I am using gas btw[View]
1349341Cutting Straight lines in wood: I do not have a table or band saw. I have a hand and jig saw. I just…[View]
1352602Painting things that get sticky: Anyone know if a good way to spray paint stuff that tends to get st…[View]
1352617Gameboy case: Hey guys, I've got an issue with a project of mine. This is my first actual diy p…[View]
1348497/ohm/ - electronics general, post-modern solder art edition: classical thread: >>1343603 >I…[View]
1351264My hands are shit. If I work them too much then the next day I literally can't open them and th…[View]
1350546Hose got stuck in kitchen drain pipe. Any idea how to take it out?[View]
1350922Motel TV turns on but shuts off after a minute. Bad outlets?: Staying in a dive motel and the tube T…[View]
1352010I'm the dumbest fucker alive: I have this cool looking space thing and, since it was old, decid…[View]
1351637Desks: Going to make a desk for my office soon. What are some things i can do to make it look cool? …[View]
1352241Good day /diy nosaurs. Any of you fine, upstanding anons care to assist me in identifying pic relate…[View]
1351090Junk: What do you guys do with the junk from DIY around the house fixes like non-working car parts o…[View]
1351873Shills: Just wondering if you know who are genuine when giving reviews and opinions on tools and suc…[View]
1348033DIY auto body - pt 2: So a month ago I posted this pic looking for advice on how to repair this vehi…[View]
1352209Welding FAQ and Career Advice: Greetings DIY! I am starting some basic welding courses, aiming to ge…[View]
1343155/HR/ Ham Radio thread: antenna edition: In this thread we talk about: - ham radio - projects you hav…[View]
1350675Any idea what this green shit is? It's on my stair risers under the paint. It's also on a …[View]
1351552https://youtu.be/IBlj8DisBek Can anyone exolain how the fuck do baggers do this? I can't even d…[View]
1349988Internal doors: So I'm going to be replacing the internal doors in my house soon as part of the…[View]
1348278I want to make a laser ___ remover unit, where ___ is what I want to remove. Hair removal, metal sta…[View]
1349614>live in small shitty apartment, studio because cheapfag >hate the look of a bed right in the …[View]
1350413How to solder copper shim to aluminium contact plate with heat sink?: I want to solder the copper sh…[View]
1348343Name one thing more relaxing in the morning than the soft hum and breeze of a bench grinder.[View]
1348969How to cut a kitchen countertop for a curved wall: What would be the best method for cutting a kitch…[View]
1348292I want to make myself a cup like this that can go in a microwave... My coffee mug at work was stolen…[View]
1350312Fabric painting with stamps: So I've got a CNC Router and I had an idea of carving some ornate …[View]
1351902Stretching sleeves: Hi /diy/ I have a couple of hoodies where the sleeves are too short. I'm sk…[View]
1351795How do I remove chrome?: How do I remove the 'chrome finish' from this? https://www.nlfit.com/SellSh…[View]
1346070What's a good material to cast and then carve? Im trying to make the positive for a mold to cas…[View]
1350503I don't really know a whole lot about woodworking and I'd like to make a checkerboard, sho…[View]
1351627I am trying to open pic related in order to extract its brain and memory unit (floppy disc) in order…[View]
1351778So I came across this old laptop toy and I want to disassemble it just out of curiosity. The only sc…[View]
1351774Alright lads so I took a year off before going into a career/trade and I was wondering what would be…[View]
1348412Not sure whats been going on with the outlets in one of the rooms of my apartment, but I can't …[View]
1344001Any tips on getting this ear wax out? I tried with a toothpick but it didn't work also the buds…[View]
1346128Hi im a noob, how would one go about puting in some new games inside this thing ? Is it feasable ? A…[View]
1349410Any diy planter ideas? These are really cute. Made out of plastic bottles... as you can tell probabl…[View]
1348282Small engine repair: hey so uh what the fug happened to my moped. >50cc, two stoke; Yamaha qt50 …[View]
1350921Rotary Screw Compressor: Hey /DIY/ I have a chance to buy one of pic related for 1500 bucks. 5HP, 2…[View]
1347536Was cleaning out an old steel mill and found this CPU. Anyone know what it is. What should I do with…[View]
1350817How can I remove rust?[View]
1350418Diagnosing an electrical problem (or 'diy burns down my house'): hey /diy/ here are the fa…[View]
1350510Massive 12v Generator: All dbl drac cars (car audio competition vehicles) have multiple alternators.…[View]
1338898Just checkin: >at uni >Oldest dorm built in the 50s Pretty sure the flooring is asbestos til…[View]
1349252Indoor vegetable: I plan to grow my own tomatoes, a few herbs (no, not marijuana), a few types of pe…[View]
1347330Optical thingy?: Eyo! Could somebody identify by any chance what in the fuck is this thing? The fron…[View]
1346237Axle Grease Leaking: HELP! My axle grease is leaking out after putting in new grease. I submerge thi…[View]
1349862Plate glass: I would like to make plate glass. It would need sheets on the thicker side, enough for …[View]
1348288Limit Food Waste: So in an attempt to limit my food waste I would like to start using more of the …[View]
1338930Home Distiller General: So my father wants to upgrade his homemade distiller. The problem is that he…[View]
1350811I'm an aspiring welder and I'd like to get as much practice in my trade as possible. Ideal…[View]
1346940Geothermal energy question: Hey guys, can you help me determine the pressure required to prevent wat…[View]
1349607hey guys, I'm an idustrial designer and huge bike fan. I love to do a custom cnced chainring. t…[View]
1349421Cleaning Chalk: I hope this is the right board to ask about this. I did something bout dumb as shit …[View]
1346198I'm designing an exoframe car, and I'm looking to buy a 600-1000cc motorbike engine for it…[View]
1342539Hey /diy/ I bought 200 ball bearings for dirt cheap, any ideas on what I can use them for?[View]
1349783Samsung TV repair, any ideas?: Good morning everyone! So my problem is basically this: A few days ag…[View]
1349676Where do you do like to do your hardware shopping /diy/? Craigslist? The hardware store? Online ret…[View]
1348266Will white electrical tape block light? Context: I just bought a condo with a giant sliding glass do…[View]
1350650Tiles and grouting: I have installed tiles quite a bit over the years but when it comes time to grou…[View]
1342771What is the best water filter?[View]
1348948three-voltages power supply: Ok, I just retrieved, disassembled, cleaned, re-assembled a nice midi c…[View]
1347822Hexagonal mirror: Ok /diy/,here is the deal: I kinda have an ambitious project of making an inkless …[View]
1346087>T6 1000 with field sense. Name a better tester.[View]
1344241Anon's DIY Refrigerator Thread: Long story short I had a commercial glass top refrigerator sitt…[View]
1342697/3dpg/ - 3D Printing General: Old thread >>1333966 Still new pasta, feel free to contribute …[View]
1344605Wind Industry: Do any of you work in the Wind Industry? I've got some questions I'd like t…[View]
1350286Tool to cut plastic in very confined space?: Apologies for the noob question, but what would be a go…[View]
1350450My TV/Monitor turns itself off: (3-4 years old) turns itself off every time i turn it on, until yest…[View]
1350498Chemistry lessons: Hey /diy/, take a short look to /k/ >>>/k/37177248 If somebody wants to…[View]
1347676Do these thing generate dust?: Because it's picking up so much dust every week and I don't…[View]
1350401Polishing: I'm trying to polish a Stanley knife but can't workout how to get a flawless fi…[View]
1348188Soundproofing: I’m trying to soundproof my room on a budget. Is it possible to use my old clothes( o…[View]

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