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1132571Anyone know good brands for 30k lumens bulbs?[View]
1132357Vacuum sealed clothing?: So this is a question for an HVAC technician or anyone else familiar with v…[View]
1132806HELP Water Leak: So I have a water leak somewhere on my property. I live here by myself, not waterin…[View]
1125969DIY Pain Management: Good morning, /diy/! I was at my parents' house last night and my Father t…[View]
1132961How to remove hard water stains in my bathroom? Pic unrelated.[View]
1128106Things you can do with a tablet: So, yesterday i found my old tablet, still working but too shitty t…[View]
1132543how do I turn this into a T-shirt, preferably a bro-tank without it looking shitty and pixelated aft…[View]
1131601TV mounting: Anyone have any experience with mounting televisions without studs? I was looking into …[View]
1131899I need help Which is the best way to make a rectangular hole in a metal and plastic case?[View]
1131585Carpet glue: my basement flooded and I had to tear up the carpet, does anyone have any advice on how…[View]
1132631So I was on the shooting range and right next to those real weapons there were guys playing with tho…[View]
1128950Hey /diy/ From a friend I got 6 solar cells from those chinese garden LED lamps (pic related). Now I…[View]
1129706Filler paper is really really cheap But lines are for schmucks Is there any way to bleach out the re…[View]
1132862You guys like my standing desk? Much better for heart health[View]
1132517Dog Stairs: Hey diy, I have 2 dogs which love to sit on my bay windowsill and look outside all day. …[View]
1130119Compost tumbler how do? I got some 4X4's and some 6' long 5/16 lag bolts. Got my basic design. …[View]
1129805Irrigating a Greenhouse: Hey /diy/, I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about irrigating po…[View]
1132447help me please: i have this stupid ikea bed, everytime you move it it makes loud metal sounds, i can…[View]
1132407HELP (PLUMBING): >pic related Is there a way to fix this or do I need to call the professionals a…[View]
1132561So my chair as gone through its days and broke, now I need a way to attach the top to the wheels.[View]
1132536I have an old radiator and lately it's been making REALLY loud noises and I feel like it's…[View]
1132159Honorable /diy/, i come to you in the hope you'd share a fraction of your extensive kbowledge a…[View]
1132255Hello there DIY, Have a question about a joist that may or may not be essential. Will post more pics…[View]
1119740Hi guys. Arduino thread here. So i will have an arduino controling my plane in the air. The battery(…[View]
1101902I want to make a doorway in that wall, can you all give me some suggestions? My current plan is to …[View]
1129792Starting a training: Hello /g/ I am starting an apprenticeship as cutting machine operator with focu…[View]
1132367LED frame for sign: Hello ladies and gentlemen. I wonder can anyone throw me some ideas for a frame …[View]
1130122Paint Cans as Desk Risers?: (See pic) My neck is killing me so I decided to try the standing desk me…[View]
1131310In Depth CRT Repair: I have a Viewsonic P220f CRT monitor that I am trying to repair. Normally it wo…[View]
1131502Hey /diy/, I'm looking to make a sample cup holder for a beer tasting event. I'm looking f…[View]
1129045Why does /diy/ hates shipping container houses?[View]
1130178Repulsive magnetic levitron device: Hey there /diy/ I'm starting a project, I'm trying to …[View]
1130302sparky sparky boom fun: I'd like to make some powder that explodes in the most entertaining fas…[View]
1131715Voltimeter: Im going to be wiring 4 of these capacitors in series, so I need a voltimeter to measure…[View]
1130180Help anon build a shelter: I am building this shelter with square canvas and some logs. Zeltbahns th…[View]
1132189Misters, i have found this site over here. http://www.survivorlibrary.com/?page_id=1014 Im not sure…[View]
1131914Mould casting advice needed: I have just made my first silicon Mould of a structural join/connector.…[View]
1129964How do I CNC, /diy/? I want to design one just for driling and v-notching PCBs/contour milling. I ha…[View]
1131176Do any of you guys know any plans for an easy to build cat tower? My cats been getting on top of our…[View]
1119989Raising chickens for eggs/meat: So i'm wanting to build myself a chicken pen i'm gonna hav…[View]
1129797Will a rear passenger door from an 02 or 04 ford explorer fit and function on an 03 explorer? My L r…[View]
1130878I dun goofed. I got a lovely stereo microscope for fairly cheap from the local college property sale…[View]
1131541TL;DR: Where does it 'breaks' the wood on Scenario 1? Where does it 'breaks' the wood on Scenario 2?…[View]
1128715Fuck this snow. So I'm thinking of either a flamethrower or something like muffler attached to …[View]
1130216Can anyone tell me what this thing is? Found it while cleaning out the basement. It's old and a…[View]
1131433I've got 2 guitar pedals that both draw 9v 500ma, and my powerbar has only 1 9v 500ma output. W…[View]
1131859How do I make conch beads? Specifically, spherical beads.[View]
1131984Ok, I am back again still sourcing parts for a potential desk build. Where I left off was more or le…[View]
1128808I'm looking for /comfy/ tier steel toed boots I going to be standing for most of my work day so…[View]
1131031I made a smartphone controlled helmet with led indicators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lTJ5OjmJ…[View]
1131802Brew Thread?: Any of you use Muntons or Brewhouse? Been having a lot of success with Coopers malts a…[View]
1130014> He buys from the supermarket Jew What are you planning to grow this year? ill be growing tomato…[View]
1131815Have you ever made some sort of brew?: Looking for brews you may have made/experimented. Common hous…[View]
1130143Nvidea driver failling: Hey /diy/ I have a driver that keeps crashing on me, anyone know a good solu…[View]
1109675/ham/ Amateur Radio General: >General Information http://rsgb.org/main/ http://www.arrl.org/ http…[View]
1128718I got a small granite surface plate so I could lap things as flat as I can with sandpaper, but now t…[View]
1128492Hello /diy/ Have any of you made a power rack for a homegym? I'm worried that the materials wi…[View]
1131631new to /diy/ , I want a kind of induction session. What does everyone do for a living if their in a…[View]
1131737Hey guys, not really sure where else to post this so forgive me if this legitimately does not belong…[View]
1130579Vaping fluid e-liquid: Has anybody made his own e-liquids??? i have, think maybe we can exchange rec…[View]
1129679I am in the infancy stages of building/planning to build a house (I already have the land) and I hav…[View]
1130043Where do I get large pieces of wood cut if I don't have a table saw? Trying to build an arcade …[View]
1131430Anyone got RC toys?: >Drone with hundreds of flights >On the workbench lubricating motors righ…[View]
1130321Cleaning earphones: How does one properly clean this things? All the methods I've seen only use…[View]
1128979Installing Window in Sheetrock: Hey /diy/kes, quick question. I wanna put a small window in a wall. …[View]
1126651My roof suddenly fell: My bedroom is almost 40 years old and the roof suddenly fell. I was able to g…[View]
1127197Help anon design a bar: I'm doing a big renovation to my basement, and I've got a bar that…[View]

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