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1246256This is probably not the right board but it's certainly the best fit, can you guys recommend a …[View]
1248642homemade weapons/armor?: me and my friends have been making weapons and armor for a while now, wana …[View]
1248385This is kinda halloween, kinda electronics, kinda rc car related. Trying to make a moving object, li…[View]
1245889spoopy time?: Is it too early to discuss Halloween ideas? I don't really do anything since no o…[View]
1248212Life casting: I plan on making a mold of my ear and just my ear. Do I need this? I feel like if I wa…[View]
1248444I want to make fatshark style goggles. Im having problems finding what screens they use for their mo…[View]
1247361What is the name of this tool?[View]
1248053apprenticeship: whats the best way to find an apprenticeship for carpentry? pls help also i dont hav…[View]
1247431This might fall dangerously close into /adv/ territory, but it's trade related so this is proba…[View]
1246439Dear /diy/ how safe (or not safe) is a constant 24/7 1200watt load on a 15amp 120v outlet? What abou…[View]
1247741So I was extremely pissed about a month ago and I managed to do this to the wall in my apartment. Le…[View]
1247590Cement resurfacing: I'm helping my dad fill in the expansion gap in his driveway and he wants t…[View]
1237061Flood Elevation Certificate: anyone here with experience in surveying or insurance? i have a flood i…[View]
1247999How would I go about diagnosing the problem with this ancient Toro Moist O Matic sprinkler system? I…[View]
1243938Soundproofing walls: Hey /diy/ im renovating my home and yesterday i opened few dividing walls, i wo…[View]
1240858Any DIY solar experts here? I want to construct the world's cheapest solar bank, with enough po…[View]
1246943I got a job as a handyman i'm not quite quite qualified for: Was wondering if you had any good …[View]
1246679>bought a bunch of led bulbs, >bought a bunch or replacement power supplies >today 1 faile…[View]
1246283Welp as much as I have enjoyed lurking/learning from your DIY projects. Now I am the one seeking adv…[View]
1247180Anodizing aluminum: Does anyone have experience with /diy/ anodizing aluminum? >Are there any spe…[View]
1247551alright guys so my grandpa dies and while going through his stuff i found this and have no idea what…[View]
1247782Hi dudes, i got this but clone, can you provide me link with new but simple sources for printer? I n…[View]
1247160Done with school, got my degree, getting a job lined up, and planning on moving in with gf into a ti…[View]
1236749>Do you have x? >Uh....what do you want it for? You know...it's funny how if you answer …[View]
1247223What is this pattern of wall clock called and where can I find a manual for it? Mine stopped ringing…[View]
1241068I shave my head and am going though a ton of fucking razor blades a month. An they are about 11 doll…[View]
1246146Hey guys What is this type of thing called? trying to find a specific size of this guy but I don…[View]
1242037Wood Flooring: I bought a house exactly a year ago, and my wood floor in one room has started to cha…[View]
1247384D I N A M O: How can i do a multipropouse dinamo? with this thing? (or any kind of electric engine) …[View]
1245900Hello, I was wondering what portable raspberry pi system you guys think I should build. I'm als…[View]
1245688Building CB base station from mobile unit: I'd like to create a CB base station from pictured m…[View]
1242891/ohm/ - electronics general: bump limit reached on old thread >>1239434 https://www.wiki.print…[View]
1246473So I bought a fixer upper portable bandsaw I want to change the gearbox oil but not sure how I shoul…[View]
1245560mirror effect spray paint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8iTQwnDaLg ignore the vlogger what'…[View]
1245721Is putting spray foam in your attic a meme?[View]
1245639Best way to check a frog's heartbeat 20 km up?: Autist here working on 4sp, I was wondering how…[View]
1245682hey /diy/ need some help. I am working on making batteries. One of the things i need is finely perfo…[View]
1245750Need some advice /diy/ Gunna be taking a welding class to get my certs, what welding jacket, gloves,…[View]
1246722Bed platforms: Anyone make their own bed platforms? I like the style of pic related, but I don'…[View]
1244832Help a sc/out/ out.: Anybody know what kind of connector this is? Don't want to order the entir…[View]
1242507any tips for getting rid of rust?[View]
1246736How to remove spray paint from vinyl siding? Here's some options I've heard >nail polis…[View]
1243349Can I remove these horizontal beams or are they necessary? They are annoying as shit.[View]
1244979This is so specific and niche but do any of you guys know if using copper wire from a mig welder as …[View]
1244836Can anyone tell me why a multimeter will read random Hertz when one end is held? >Pic related Est…[View]
1246924D.I.Y Picture Frames: I have a few large posters I want to frame but don't want to spend so muc…[View]
1246785Can't get blinds to go down.: I guess these are blackout blinds, they're heavy and made ou…[View]
1246852Tools/accessories ID: I went through my late granddad's tool shed and found these, what are the…[View]
1246117Gas line sealing: >bought a house >gas line going to the furnace >expand it (large enough f…[View]
1236605/3dpg/ - 3D Printing General: Old thread >>1226887 Still new pasta, feel free to contribute. …[View]
1245053So I have a moth problem and am working to seal every crack and illicit entry into my apartment. I w…[View]
1244765I got trolled into using petroleum jelly to get rid of a water stain on a shelf, now instead of a sm…[View]
1246695Floor sanding: I'm getting a house ready to rent and the only thing I have left to do is sand a…[View]
1244377What's a good way to get rid of bathroom mould?[View]
1246617CUSTOM PHONE: Hi I would like to know which custom ROM would work in my phone as its original one su…[View]
1243665Diamond plate aluminum roof??: Good day! I am in the process of building a metalworking shop for mys…[View]

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