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1405420>FABtotum Overpriced, sure. But is it a load of bullshit?[View]
1405645I'm making a boat! I'll be bringing a lot of hobby skills together to compete this project…[View]
1404274CNC drilling holes is giving me some trouble, I think it's the relatively weak tiny drill chuck…[View]
1403996Hi /diy/, I notice when I burn something with my 450nm laser that the actual burning spot has differ…[View]
1404957My Toshiba charger tip came loose after repeated breaking and resoldering. I don't think it can…[View]
1401766Community College: Electrician apprentice here, I'm in the union but I currently live near a co…[View]
1404367This board: What can I do with this kind of board? There are loads at the place I'm working at.…[View]
1404675Window Fan: I am planning on buying a window fan, here's the amazon link: https://www.amazon.co…[View]
1404859Identification: Does anyone know what this is called and what it is worth? My grandfather’s die shop…[View]
1404257Wh33l: Trying to make something but came across some trouble with this part - Imagine I have a part …[View]
1403583I live out in a semi rural place and the cable internet falls short about a mile down the road. I ha…[View]
1402842Connect Solar Panel to Yeti 400: Hi /DIY/ I’ve tried looking online and I have not been able to find…[View]
1404966Semi-opaque display: Quick question, hope someone can help me. I'm building an Arduino-based do…[View]
1403206Installing nVidia 960 GTX in Mac Pro: Hey guys, I just bought this bad boy from eBay to upgrade the …[View]
1404316Samsung TV - Half Black Screen: Hello, After leaving the TV for a night I got now some kind of issue…[View]
1402365I recently bought some speakers for a music festival I'm going to. These speakers need to be ch…[View]
1402565Measurement Help!: Hi! Filthy c/a/sual here. I'm trying to make a holder for some cartridges by…[View]
1400931Water in winter for Caravan: Because of financial problems, I'm moving to a stationary Caravan …[View]
1397099How to clean steel: Ok I give up, so I’m coming to you guys. My wife left one of her gardening tools…[View]
1403792Have i fucked up or will my diagram save me[View]
1404337Hey, /diy/. This is a Casio fx300MS and, as you probably know, it is one of those models in which yo…[View]
1402040Book Binding: Weird topic for most of the people here I would suspect, but as a writer what I want t…[View]
1401973Brother SE 400 Sewing machine: Hey /diy/, trying to fix my grandmother's sewing machine. It…[View]
1404499Learning to Make Clothes and Shit (Sewing General): What's good, /diy/nosaurs? As I am a massiv…[View]
1396668Northern Tool & Equipment: Why does nobody talk about this place? It’s like a Harbor Freight for…[View]
1402082Thoughts on “handymen” doing unlicensed trade work?[View]
1404099How do I remove a logo from a ceramic mug? It's NOT under the protective coating and I can feel…[View]
1403796removing rock from sand underwater?: my brother and I have been tasked with removing 1 - 2 inch diam…[View]
1404082Hey, /diy/, I browse this forum quite a bit and I know a lot of you are in the trades. I've an …[View]
1404250What should I do with really old windows?: My uncle is remodeling a fucking old 5story brick buildin…[View]
1404434Leaves stamp notebook cover: Hey, /diy/, I wanted to make some extra cash and have fun at the same t…[View]
1399648Lathe price check: Is a Harbor Freight 7x10 metal lathe worth $262 + tax? Something tells me I'…[View]
1402104MicroHydro Help: I'm looking to do a MicroHyro installation on a ~5 foot waterfall on my proper…[View]
1402757Hey folks. Anyone know of a good portable acetylene torch kit I can load in my truck? Was looking at…[View]
1401207Casual /n/egro riding in. The batteries on my makita drill seem to have died. Since fathers day is c…[View]
1402632Pond Questions: I have a hard liner I want to install, fill with water, add fish etc. The son of a b…[View]
1402579Bus Repair: so this bus needs a new roof, the old one was made of wood and needs to be replaced, the…[View]
1404354grate falling down: hey guys, any suggestions on how to repair this as cost efficiently as possible?…[View]
1402220Plumbing code violation: Can one of you 1337 hacorks get me a temporary ACLU email address? My towns…[View]
1404296Any recommendations on fixing pic related? Trying to fix up our house to sell, is it just caulking?[View]
1403087So a 'makerspace' just opened near me, they have pretty much every tool in existence and classes eve…[View]
1402369Modifying climbing helmet: Not sure if this is the right board to ask, but /diy/ seems to be the boa…[View]
1403443anyone know what this is? thanks[View]
1395051QTDDTOT: previous >>1377191 old thread full what is this thing on the ceiling of the closet in…[View]
1401751PROJECTS IN ACTION: What have you done with your project now that it's complete? Did you make a…[View]
1401294/3dpg/ - 3D Printing General: Old thread >>1393108 Need help with prints? Post: >filament t…[View]
1402350What will dissolve polypropylene? I'm trying to solvent weld some broken plastic and keep getti…[View]
1402787does anyone do cnc stuff here? I'm looking for tutorials for 5 axis machining, but everything I…[View]
1397712Where should I begin learning about appliance repair? I'd like to be able to fix my own applian…[View]
1403543A little help with a portable speaker?: inb4: 'duh, just get a new speaker' - I have, but I'd s…[View]
1398767Are there any easy way to get nail polish remover out of wood floors? I know the acetone strips the …[View]
1404002help with home improvement: how would i go about building an at home walk in freezer. don't wan…[View]
1403279Improving Ventilation in Western Apartment Kitchens: I've been into stir-fry for a while now, a…[View]
1403691Bug ball zappers: Best bug zappers that you've used. Seems the last 10 years they last all of 1…[View]
1403921How do I manipulate the wires to make it into a simple 4-wire step-up?[View]
1403795how bad would it be to daisychain a few extension cords and power taps to power a fridge?[View]
1388156So I just bought 11 acres of freshly logged land for next to nothing. It's completely destroyed…[View]
1403809Gimmie some ideas /diy/. I'm kinda torn about which direction to go. Pic related is my room. Ev…[View]

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