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1164078How to donate a shop tool?: I have a Craftsman radial arm saw that I want to donate. I checked with …[View]
1160832How necessary is RF shielding in a PC case?: I'm planning on building a SFF HTPC in pic related…[View]
1164329I've spent the past two months working for a custom home and renovation company as the owner…[View]
1163718Starting a Podcast: I'm trying to start a new podcast and I'm coming to you assholes for h…[View]
1164015RPG Minis: The shipping cost makes the delivery of minis unbearable for me. Even the minis itself ar…[View]
1154961So I moved into my new apartment at the end of February, and to make a long story short, I have free…[View]
1163979Righty Is there a trick or tool for doing the cutting in work at height? I'm not the best with …[View]
1163769Sup /diy/ I was hoping to use IFTTT (If This Then That) to launch a Deezer Flow playlist or the Spot…[View]
1161453Can anyone tell me what these two things are? My brother passed away in September and we are just st…[View]
1164134Night Vision: I'm doing night vision goggles because NVG's are cool Parts so far: Arduino …[View]
1161927Wine: Have you ever tried to make the perfect wine but wished you had the knowledge of others? Come …[View]
1161549I love treehouse: Treehouse thread >pic related is my current project Decided to make it more cha…[View]
1162933Bodywork repair: Girlfriend hit something and tore her car up; I want to help her fix it. Figure I …[View]
1163877Any /gardeners/ here? I'm on my first garden and noticing some spots appear on my pepper plants…[View]
1162751Help with animation: A friend and I have been trying to figure out how to make duplicate instances o…[View]
1163479Rustproofing Car Without Paint: Is there really no way to rustproof car parts without painting them?…[View]
1161835Looking to make a full face mask/ helmet: I'm interested in building a mask/ helmet like that o…[View]
1162288Preserving a cigarette pack: Hello guys, I am a /fa/shion fan and from time to time I also enjoy a c…[View]
1162868Hello, I'm going to invest in some young folks at my local hackerspace that want to sell some s…[View]
1151847homebrew general: Just stopped fermentation on a batch of grape juice + apple/raspberry. I hoped the…[View]
1163750hey /diy/ also, i'm looking for a simple circuit consisting of a laser diode, photodetector (li…[View]
1163697Where the fuck can you buy decent rechargeable batteries?: Serious, I've bought test NiMH batte…[View]
1163152So I want to start a basic powder coating company on the side of my current job. There is a market h…[View]
1162621I'm building a flight controller for a drone for a project in my Micro-controllers class. We…[View]
1162068>Need to replace just 2 windows on a 20 year old house >'Durrrr we don't have this window…[View]
1162973Chair identification: Any chair nerds on /diy/ ? I am thinking about designing and making a chair a…[View]
1162952GPS question: I need to log my property lines, I'd like to use gps so that I can upload the inf…[View]
1161252Vibration dampening: I've got a corner desk that's pretty nice, it's even got a littl…[View]
1163460How to build a solar phone charger Pls help[View]
1162522I'm looking to make a gandalf-style hat and staff on the cheap and quickly, within the space of…[View]
1162583I'm looking for an inexpensive benchtop drill press for relatively light duty, mostly hobby pro…[View]
1161818Must have tools and sets: Must have tools general? I need to get tools and I have been looking at bu…[View]
1155226What is electricity[View]
1156091I need to buy 4 of these bolts. They're from a carrera 2 push bike. M8, 0.5mm thread, 11mm lon…[View]
1163113Anyone Ever build a truck camper?: Hey people, I am thinking of building a truck camper to live in. …[View]
1163188Emergency help new home owner water system tank bout to overflow >>old pump system goes we get…[View]
1162100what are these called in english?!: Guys/galls, I need some help sourcing this material for a little…[View]
1162346What did my neighbors mean by this?: My neighbor has this thingy majig in their backyard. It's …[View]
1161147Fan motor: Hi, 4chan army. Any cool ideas i can do whit this little motor? (127V AC, 60Hz , 0.40A)…[View]
1162169Hello /diy/ How could I make an armchair like this (except with a higher back part) or a regular ch…[View]
1163267Portable guitar amp: Pic is basically what I need, but I'm a cheap ass sob and don't think…[View]
1157032so i want to hook some LED strips to my subwoofer in my car so they blink with the bass. >inb4 fu…[View]
1161736I propose a new board called /difm/ 'Do it for me' since most posts here are of that type.[View]
1159849I'm trying to find some M7 Allen head bolts, but I'm having a hard time finding exactly wh…[View]
1162859Brad Nailer: Hi /diy/ I'm looking to invest in a Brad Nailer. Pic related is what I've use…[View]
1152026Are European houses built in the 70s still worth something, or should they all be demolished?[View]
1162074This transformer is glued upside down to an outlet in my garage near my water heater. it reads 'clas…[View]
1162980Can the WEN rotary tool use DREMEL fiber reinforced cutting wheels and the corresponding shaft? (Wil…[View]
1161026Show us your improvisation skills >dimmer kys itself >too tired to go buy a new switch…[View]
1162177Now, I have a compressor from an old fridge, I want it to use as a vacuum pump (for shits and giggle…[View]
1162491Portable LED Light: Need ideas to build portable led light, i will probably use lithium batteries (p…[View]
1161593Does anybody know of a good guide to make PVC train horns?[View]
1162811What is the best anti-bug/spider technology for this summer? I see more and more spiders in my house…[View]
1157491What's the best way to dig a deep but narrow hole?[View]
1162084Me and a buddy building a garage: Hey /diy/, me and my buddy are planning on building a garage for w…[View]
1159515i got $14 from amazon what should i buy[View]
1161284Quick question: Im getting this from china next week from a very good website called BANGGOOD.com (x…[View]
1160883https://youtu.be/l3Yu6wJMK-o: My lame cartoon. Your thoughts?[View]
1162220First DIY project ever...tiny cabin:::don't destroy it:: Started from the scratch. Most of it i…[View]
1162250Bed Bugs: I am a student living in an apartment on my university campus. There are two floors, with …[View]
1160417Rusting exhaust and rusty holes general: What does /DIY/ do in these situations? >rusting. Exhaus…[View]
1162596Question for australians: Specifically south australia: We are thinking of buying a block in sa, and…[View]
11624633 DOF matlab simulation: i need help making a simmulation for matlab: a robot with 3 degrees of free…[View]
1160573So I live in an apartment and this morning my gf managed to break the adjustable shower head fixture…[View]
1161905Speaker grill cloth too thin... I painted the cabinets white and went to replace the cloth and the s…[View]

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