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Displaying 73 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1178780Potato Box: How can we improve upon this concept into something reusable, flat pack-able, and market…[View]
1178578blacksmiths: can anyone tell me a reason to use w2 steel over w1 and if so, what makes it better?…[View]
1180862Packaging Business Advice Needed: Hello everyone I am from Pakistan and I manufacture PVC and Non-wo…[View]
1180510Wiring car sound system to a SECOND battery: So i'm trying to wire in my car's subwoofer a…[View]
1180046Container home meme: Hey diy can you help me talk some sense into my mom and her sister? They insist…[View]
1178256I damaged my ikea table while weighting on a piece of wood I was working with. Would sanding it very…[View]
1179594Santec RB-10 vertical bed mill: Alright /diy/ let's evaluate an old bed mill. Local shop has a …[View]
1179751So apparently some fucking pisshead was wandering up the street last night, decided to run up my car…[View]
1170793I'm converting an old Lethal Enforcers arcade cabinet to a mame cabinet with hyperspin. the joy…[View]
1174173What do you guys think?: It's an 8 string, baritone electric guitar - With a five-piece laminat…[View]
1178759Anyone here cuts his own hair? How do you blend it near the line in pic related with your hair trimm…[View]
1179219Old tires?: I need a good number of old discarded tires (30+) for a DIY project, but I have no idea …[View]
1180579Extract LED die: I have some LED chips like this from which I want to extract the physical LED die w…[View]
1180249air tools: finally got a respectable non bullshit compressor, now looking to fill my cluttered garag…[View]
1179277This shit broke while I was taking a shit, what do? I really don't want to buy a new one, they …[View]
1177790I've had these saws for a few months now, picked them up on a whim. They've taken some get…[View]
1180240How do into sheet metal bending?: Hey guys, what would I need to make something like pic related? I…[View]
1180824Is diy the right place for gardening threads? What are you boys planting?[View]
1180792Compressed Air General: Air compressors, they're pretty neat. I've been dicking around wit…[View]
1180790Ursula Mug Gift: So i have to make a gift mug for a fellow student, all i know about her is she like…[View]
1175833Recently got into spray painting controllers and shit, any idea how i can get this kind of effect?[View]
1180197So my toilet leaked, caused a wet patch on the wall below and now I've fixed the leak. How long…[View]
1180448How do I build nice acrylic cases: I'm looking for tips and designs for building simple but stu…[View]
1177003Kintsugi: I just broke a plate, since my roomies have broken two and hide them (instead of manning u…[View]
1178836Grown up erector set: I can go to a lumberyard and pick up wood to build with. Is there a type of me…[View]
1177082Solar boat: I have this trolling motor: https://www.mygreenoutdoors.com/minn-kota-traxxis-45-tm-12v-…[View]
1176149Has anyone NOT smashed their fingers using this awful tool?[View]
1179591Can you make a charcoal grill from aluminum?[View]
1178652I had an idea today in leaving the gym and my mom told me to share it with you. Imagine how easy it …[View]
1179297Anybody have any idea what type of fabric these are made out of? I have an idea for a product I migh…[View]
1178231Diy home security/automation: Hello /diy/nos Has anyine ever done DIY hime security? Automation, cam…[View]
1178278Go kart thread Pic is predator 212cc engine. Me and three of my buddies are having a contest to b…[View]
1180427I have a LED desk light but it started flashing a few weeks ago when I connected a laptop power adap…[View]
1180351TL;DR- the back of my toilet refills at a trickle until I cycle the valve on the wall then all is no…[View]
1180417Capacitor replacement: i have been gifted a broken 7.1 home cinema system from a friend. i pulled ou…[View]
1179953How do I sell unwanted wood? It's the size of a riot shield and is pretty sturdy?[View]
1178959building a house & certifications: Hey y'all I'm gonna build my own house and I want t…[View]
1160937Vacuum tubes: show the world that this obsolete tech is not obsolete yet[View]
1174938Good starter welding: Would this be a suitable welder for someone looking to buy their first welder?…[View]
1177458LEDs arch for workbench/desktop: Sup /diy/ what do you think about the idea of building one of these…[View]
11796427805 Transistor: where can we usually find this except from buying it? can we find this on chargers?…[View]
1179957Our buddy /AvE/ is still doing gods work. For those of you that don't know, a quick google on t…[View]
1180017Wat do? Headphones need new jack, it had extra buttons to pause and change volume. Any idea what wir…[View]
1179729Memorial Pics and Vidya: Some friends and I set up a sort of bootleg memorial on the side of the roa…[View]
1176150What's the easiest and most effective way of removing old carpet padding?[View]
1178605Alcohol powered mortar?: I think this belongs here and not on /k/, by the I could be mistaken. I am …[View]
1177084Terrarium: I want to make a bioactive Terrarium. Can anyone give me some advice. Also does anyone kn…[View]
1179717Hey /diy/kes I found a really aesthetic pic related bandsaw for sale. The seller told me it's m…[View]
1179930portable workbench general??? just finished restoring one of these fuckers (pic not mine) i trash…[View]
1179898I've had a previous post on here asking people how I should lay out my room. I've managed…[View]
1178472Pull up bar: Hello DIY, first time poster here, go easy on me. I have this here rack roguefitness.…[View]
1178024How would /diy/ escape Cuba? Rules >your exodus is taking place between 1995 and 2017, so the wet…[View]
1171942Freezer inside another freezer: So I want to try freeze drying things. I'm not a prepper or a t…[View]
1179853I got one of those faggy screen protectors and I fucked up applying it. Dust got trapped and caused …[View]
1179484Impact Driver question: Hey /diy/. Jumping over here from /fit/ with a question for you guys. I don…[View]
1179515Autism tiles: Sup /diy/, I'm soon moving out of my dorm and into my own place, and have been go…[View]
1175235Hey guys do any of you know how to make this tattoo into just the design and in vector graphics?[View]
1176514DIY time delayed damage: I was wondering if /diy/ could help me. I want to do something to a wood fr…[View]
1178639Hello /diy/ can anybody from here identify these tools? This blade ( no idea what it's called) …[View]
1179127Restoring old furniture: I want to restore these old wooden chairs. What sort of tools and materials…[View]
1175978whats a cheap way to make a protective phone case? i tried using google and all its all buzzfeed shi…[View]
1177889How can i remove the engraving on this claw hammer head at home?[View]
1177659Threadlocker removal: Got blue threadlocker in my bros fidget spinner bearing. Can I fix this or do …[View]
1170225hey /diy/ i asked the weapons board what woods were best for beating people up without breaking ( im…[View]
1177825So a cherry tree in the vicinity of my house broke apart this morning due to internal rotting, heavy…[View]
1176913Hi /diy/, I want to turn a sneaker, like pic related, into a hidden camera. I need to incorporate a …[View]
1177276Has anyone taken a class at a makerspace? What was your experience like? I'm considering taking…[View]
1178486I've been wanting to build a bed loft. I want to keep my work area under it, and having the bed…[View]
1179464Hello The second floor of my farmhouse has this ugly wooden plank flooring. Currently painted dog sh…[View]
1174713If I want to start small into /diy/ stuff, is getting a dremel a good idea? Or is it a meme tool? …[View]
1179596Removing these screws/bolts/other: Hey /diy/, I just bought a van for cheap today and I'm excit…[View]
1174011Useful images thread[View]
11773873in1wrench: i've been thinking to buy this for a month does anyone have experience using one…[View]

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