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Displaying 75 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1279895Wood ideas: Hi /diy/, first time posting on this board so be kind. They just cut off some trees in m…[View]
1277393How is this cable called ? Where do I get it ? I need 20m of it[View]
1279487I'm looking for a certain type of power saving outlet thing. I need one that will let power thr…[View]
1278584Modernize this: What should I do to make the outside of this house more modern? Aside from major ren…[View]
1274844Considering taking a silversmithing course, has anyone tried silversmithing?[View]
1277379DISCORD/IRC: Is there a DISCORD or IRC channel for DIY where MEN can discuss their tools, projects, …[View]
1276136How should I go about making terrain for wild west 28mm miniatures? Begginer here (first miniatures)[View]
1279160Japanese lacquerware: Anyone have any resources on doing traditional Japanese style lacquerware and …[View]
1278392concrete porch question: So I'm having a pretty decent outfit redo some concrete stuff. This po…[View]
1277309Site not prepped, what do?[View]
1279546So I'm attempting to install volume control on a project of mine, and I ordered one of pic rela…[View]
1278131Spots: Hei /dyi/ I am failing the easiest task. Changing a light bulb. Given it is an LED spot and I…[View]
1276935What is this?[View]
1277636How do you get the blue outlet box out of the fucking wall or how do I wire my garage door opener co…[View]
1274695Alpha Projects: What is the most fun, productive, and satisfying hobby or project that you have ever…[View]
1279445Alternate way of making a frame: I've got a problem. I need to make a frame for my balcony to h…[View]
1277627LiFePO4 car battery: so I drunkenly purchased 32 6Ah LiFePO4 cells and a BMS on aliexpress during th…[View]
1276901Tunnels: How does one build their own tunnels without it collapsing and get air to circulate through…[View]
1279491Beginner Upholstery: Alright guys, I have this old ass office chair that I'd like to reupholste…[View]
1278917can I use a car headlight lightbulb inside a 6v lantern? What's the biggest bulb I can put in i…[View]
1278795Fixing led lights.: Hi, so I'm trying this lamp proyect, and I got this set of old led lights a…[View]
1272318Building a House: Who else would like to build there own house way down the line? I'm looking a…[View]
1275568Made myself DIY Aushwitz! :3[View]
1279200GPS TRACKERS: Hey guys I just bought a motorbike and am thinking about putting a gps tracker in it. …[View]
1278460Who else lives in a state where this bullshit happens? I can't find any fucking lumber that is …[View]
1278139Cold House: My house was built in 1897 and it's fucking freezing in here. I've tried the p…[View]
1278555subtle forest beds: I have a reasonably large acreage that I like to go camping in. I go often enoug…[View]
1237103Fitting pieces on a rounded car: I'm trying to make fins for my Mazda, but its complex rounded …[View]
1276634Any pipefitters out there? I'm making the jump from helper to fitter on my next job (with my fo…[View]
1278175Cordless shit: I want to get a couple decent cordless tools and I want to know if there are any majo…[View]
1278887LF198 Equivalent: Does someone here knows any equivalent IC for this one? I can't find anything…[View]
1275616Knitting/Crochet/Sewing: Recently started getting into yarnwork and made my first scarf. I've b…[View]
1278727Plumbing: Had a water line break. What kind of joint system is this? This is one side while the othe…[View]
1278754Thoughs on my (somewhat lazy) attempt at making a finnish flag?[View]
1272345/3dpg/ - 3D Printing General: Old thread >>1260693 Still new pasta, feel free to contribute. …[View]
1276453Organization thread: Let’s talk organization. Tips, tricks, hacks, plans, whatever. Also post your m…[View]
1276006Heat managament: I live in an old stone house and i want to prepare for winter. The main house heate…[View]
1278879I got strange question. Whats the pinout to connect 4 stepsticks and 3 endstops to this board WITHOU…[View]
1278587So I have this aluminum plaque out front that I can't get off the white stone pillar. Kind of l…[View]
1277863VCR repair: My zenith vcr/dvd combo eats vhs tapes. It typically works flawlessy until i eject the t…[View]
1275027Building shit and possibly setting something on fire in the process: Ey /diy/, I'm a young weld…[View]
1278772Geo Camino EV: Geo metro shitbox turned small ev pickup. Came across some google pics of people conv…[View]
1278535How can I control and direct the color change of a multi color SMD LED with only a signal voltage of…[View]
1276758Fibre optic star ceiling lights: Hello /diy/ For my new home I want to make a fibre optic star ceili…[View]
1275063>Canada >un insulated duct >fan also doesn't remove enough are to prevent massive cond…[View]
1274713Leather Journal: I was wondering how hard/expensive it would be to make this, im unexperienced in le…[View]
1274413First try at wood carving.: Grabbed some scrap, my router, and a dremel tool and tried my hand at ca…[View]
1276409Cardanic Gyro: Hey all, currently we're planning on building a cardanic gyro (for a bigger proj…[View]
1266365Temporary fix for loose sockets: Can someone please recommend a temporary solution to this issue? R…[View]
1274706ethernet: want to install ethernet jacks in all the rooms in my house, all I have to do is cut a 1/4…[View]
12777795 digit master sequence for a car: I'm looking for the picture that used to float around in 'li…[View]
1273887How tall and complex can you build without a proper engineering degree and only tradeschool abilitie…[View]
1272848Decent software for crappy hardware: Hi, I go to a piece of shit university in a piece of shit count…[View]
1275434Motorbike Helmet Painting: Hey anons, recently bought a motorbike helmet from Bell and it's fan…[View]
1278502Need Help with name: Hey /diy/, does anyone remember this Japanese guy who built his own house in th…[View]
1278105I want to do a large and intricate silver inlay in a wood table surface, but it would take forever t…[View]
1277975The central heating in my house havent worked for over a decade so I use electric heating. Is it mor…[View]
1277589First Time Posting: Seen a lot of you guys be very helpful so I'm hoping for some expertise. I …[View]
1276783I am regrouting/ caulking my shower and one of the tiles fell off and there is some rot behind it. H…[View]
1278265Can anyone tell me what this type of connection is called? Also how do you apply the 'bead' part, An…[View]
1270715chainmail: where do I get cheap chainmail sheets in custom sizes? I dont care about >muh historic…[View]
1277958Ideas for fiber optics: Hey /diy/, I work at a company that builds custom fiber optic cables and ass…[View]
1278221We have a nice solar heating (and domestic hot water) system which we are now looking to complete. F…[View]
1277970Need to buy a reciprocating saw..: what should I get? So far I'm leaning towards the Makita JR3…[View]
1276992> Windows Let's talk about windows and creating windows. It looks like the glass portion of …[View]
1276732Cheap tools: As far as I know, the difference between, say, a $100 rotary tool and a $20 chinese no …[View]
1277239Old Light Bulb: The light bulb at the foot of the stairs just burned out and the thing is, I’ve _nev…[View]
1277521Making a replica: I was curious if anyone had the dimensions/measurements of the Star Trek TOS Phase…[View]
1277327First project, need design help: Hi guys, first time posting here so I hope the following makes sens…[View]
1275974Anyone here with experience with metal casting? Trying to melt silver for sand casting jewelry but h…[View]
1254945Bunker: Bunkerbro, where are you[View]
1277080TOH: What do you think of This Old House?[View]
1277894Hey /diy/,was thinking about using pic related (hair conditioner and baking soda) to make play-snow,…[View]
1261430Who makes the most durable screwdrivers?: Knipex, Wiha, PB Swiss? Complete screwdrivers or bits…[View]

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