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Displaying 169 expired threads from the past 7 days

No. Name Excerpt Replies
1112363Anonymousshower wall panel material: so my shower is shit. what is the cheapest plain white panel material ca…14[View]
1113827Anonymoushey guys so im thinking of building a fpv drone and i am looking for any suggestions on reliable par…4[View]
1114097AnonymousPixhawk navigation issue while in AUTO missions: Hello /diy/ I'm having issues while executing …0[View]
1113951AnonymousHello Diy, I need your help in making a design. I need to build a prototype model for a coffee machi…8[View]
1108349Anonymouscan I do an ama? no? well here's one anyways. I'm a plumber! ask me anything!81[View]
1113677AnonymousAre there any interesting project to do with pic related to kill an hour? My son made a sword out of…7[View]
1113405AnonymousI'm going to be doing an inlay for the first time in a few weeks, and I don't have a route…12[View]
1111104AnonymousNeed help with RC car refurbishing: In my tech class, a group of friends and I found an old 1/5 Scal…18[View]
1109487AnonymousYou can live control RasPi3 robots running around a house: http://runmyrobot.com Made some RasPi3 ro…35[View]
1113640AnonymousQUESTION: I bought a headphone/speaker amplifier but my speakers are connected through rca into the …8[View]
1111711AnonymousLooking for a humidifier recommendations for a 2 bedroom apartment. Our landlord wont allow me to i…12[View]
1113801Anonymousquick electronic question. a friend fried this sdi to hdmi video converter by connecting a 16v batte…2[View]
1101937AnonymousWanna learn how to weld: Ok, so Harbor Freight has a shitload of cheap welders, and they aren't…69[View]
1112211AnonymousHammond cases: How many Hammond cases do you own?11[View]
1113704AnonymousNeed some help: Dose anyone know what this is? I spent 45 mins on google and haven't found it, …4[View]
1113680AnonymousWhat is something like this called? I've been searching for a while and the closest thing I can…1[View]
1112492Anonymousfucking IKEA: a good friend of mine bought me pic related a few weeks ago, because he overheard me s…19[View]
1108603AnonymousWhat is the easiest or best way to smooth down a large rock surface so it can be used as a table or …13[View]
1112510moseyelectrical: can someone please tell me what the fucks goin on here so i can understand this setup…10[View]
1113614AnonymousMemory foam into pillows: I have 2 memory foam pads from a full sized bed, 1 inch and 3 inch thick H…1[View]
1113566AnonymousHow do I install a lamp here? I tried following a guide I found on google but the result was that th…8[View]
1109193AnonymousThe human spine and chairs.: This is a human spine. As you know already you need to sit straight to …31[View]
1113366AnonymousAny stopwatch recommendations? I need one with a long battery life that can be used for 10 hours per…5[View]
1111918AnonymousI have to repair my daughter's iPod. a 7th gen a1238 iPod classic. The problem is that replacin…5[View]
1113000AnonymousUsb SMD fuse: I have the old anker 5 port usb charger with non resetable fuses. 4 of mine has blown …4[View]
1113391AnonymousCan you replace an alkaline battery with a lithium if they are the same voltage?13[View]
1112448AnonymousHey /diy/ I have a large server psu I'm using to power a project. The outputs are 42v, 12v, 5v…18[View]
1113183AnonymousPaint: Is there a way of telling if two kinds of spray paint are going to react badly before you buy…4[View]
1113257AnonymousI just bought a fairly high-powered drill, a Milwaukee M18 Fuel. Now for a few hours today I was dri…10[View]
1108254AnonymousBest tool to cut steel plates: I don't have room, nor the budget, to place a big 'plaatschaar' …46[View]
1107145AnonymousCorded vs Cordless: So I'm in the market for some new power tools I work at a family business a…70[View]
1106027AnonymousHello /diy/nos, i got some HDD's lying around, and i wanted to build a rack, wire them together…27[View]
1106414AnonymousHow do I unclog my drain without too much effort?46[View]
1109796AnonymousI have no tools at all, except for a hammer and measuring tape. How can I build a simple computer de…45[View]
1111608AnonymousHelp! My fucking oven broke and I think this is the culprit. Can I fix it?16[View]
1112327AnonymousOutside Car Cover: So I've been looking around for custom fit car covers but they are hellava e…5[View]
1112480Quadcopter not working properlyQuadcopter not working properly: Hey me and y two friends are building quadcopter, We built it, set …7[View]
1113293AnonymousWhat do you guys think of my mouse trap idea?6[View]
1112110Anonymousyo, can anyone help me with making a mould? im trying to make a mould for moulding silicon but i ha…14[View]
1111186AnonymousWhat cordless tools does /diy/ use? Just got this Hilti 22v set and couldn't be happier. Came w…25[View]
1113222CapnBioDoor Access Security help: Hey all, I'd like to make my business a bit more secure with access …3[View]
1112613AnonymousHomemade Vaporizer Gun: How could one modify a vaporizer so that it shoots smoke out when the button…18[View]
1112605AnonymousOk I don't see a general question thread so here General questions that don't need their o…14[View]
1109938AnonymousSears sells Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker for $775 million: http://www.nytimes.com/2017/01…63[View]
1112671AnonymousMy parents have a leaky copper pipe vampire compression fitting that goes to their fridge, and humid…14[View]
1108676AnonymousProtip thread: Lets hear your top diy tips Spiral wrap the cord on your powered site tools to preven…86[View]
1113024AnonymousStupid question regarding ribbon cables: I got a extended battery for my iPod classic, pic related. …4[View]
1093039AnonymousWhat's the BEST single thing you've purchased from Horrible Freight? Tell us what you boug…183[View]
1112326AnonymousHeavy moving off truck?: hi guys, i thought i'd ask diy for help since im sure someone here has…16[View]
1113091AnonymousOld floor cleanup: What is the easiest way to clean this paper shit off ?6[View]
1112978AnonymousBells - Doing the Making of Them, Oneself: how? what?9[View]
1112775AnonymousHey /diy/ new to this board, as well as /fit/, trying to better myself now a days and am fixing thin…8[View]
1112534AnonymousHi lads So I need to build a shower base out of cement and bricks and then finish it with tiles. Som…5[View]
1112212AnonymousI was searching around for a tutorial on how to make your own paint far my motorcycle and couldn…13[View]
1111189AnonymousMy dad's house has like 30 year old wood framed windows all over his house. He isn't going…29[View]
1111869Anonymouswhat is this called?: the opening flap thing to allow more arm movement. whats it called? pic relate…11[View]
1112506AnonymousWhy do microwave ovens use microwaves? Since E=hf, wouldn't higher energy wavelengths, even vis…15[View]
1112592AnonymousPotlight Aggravation: So I have a washing machine and dryer on my 2nd floor. I think thr vibration h…3[View]
1107448AnonymousG/ retards didn't post shit like usually when it's about some real question. So, I am maki…43[View]
1108891AnonymousAny radio operators/HAMs on here? I've heard that you can use MURS without a license and that …34[View]
1112829AnonymousI'm using a blower/vacuum thing (pic is mine, don't know if it has an official name). I…2[View]
1110410AnonymousLab equipment thread. Right now I'm working on building a magnetic stirrer hot plate.8[View]
1109087AnonymousNeed to electrically damage a computer: Hello /diy/ ITT: how to fry a pc For a few reasons, I need t…33[View]
1112806AnonymousI am replacing some old decking. The wood I have to replace it looks like this. Does the grooved sid…2[View]
1106229Anonymous>bought a bunch of tools from america >all of them have a warning on them that says 'This prod…112[View]
1111997Anonymous3 Phase to Single Phase: I'm look to run a 1.5 kW motor on single phase 220V power. I was wond…22[View]
1112748CorvusMotorized bicycle, thoughts, opinions, advice, experience.: Welp finally decided that I'm going…4[View]
1111484AnonymousYour own useless inventions: Can we have a useless inventions thread? The was a really good one last…28[View]
1112630AnonymousSolar Panels: I'm thinking about setting up a solar panel, and I don't really know a whole…4[View]
1109772Anonymousdoes /diy/ wash their tools? i'm always curious about the cleanliness of tools, especially thos…29[View]
1112415AnonymousHello, /diy/ I have a Z97 G.1 Sniper mobo, it has all this fancy audio crap on it like a 'TI Burr Br…5[View]
1111780AnonymousLutherie: Are there any professional or amateur luthiers here that care to share their tips and reso…4[View]
1110512AnonymousI work at a small town hardware store. I've been there for quite some time and am working there…52[View]
1112238OpProblems with bostitch electric stapler: Have old bostitch electric stapler. It keeps double feeding…2[View]
1112587AnonymousNew floor: How did I do?6[View]
1112446AnonymousShell problems: >Injection moulding too expensive >3D printing cheaper i guess, but grainy …5[View]
1111805AnonymousHey I am 3d Printing a little in-tank can filter for my aquarium and I was wondering if anyone knew …4[View]
1112561AnonymousSHIT POST LEL.... ADD ME ON FACEBOOK Kazi Noor0[View]
1112518AhabHow to replace a loud dvr fan: Hi I got this fan that's blaring loud and would like to replace …7[View]
1112498AnonymousHi /diy/ I need some help with something, I recently have attained 2 old microwaves, I wanted to mak…2[View]
1110735Anonymous> tfw I unclogged my kitchen sink with a coat hanger Was this a good decision?…6[View]
1111933AnonymousWhy is my sziklai pair reading 6v when it is turned off? Supply 12.4v Powering a SLR camera3[View]
1111866AnonymousPaper mache finish: Hello i want to make the sturdiest most smooth and regular papel mache finish ev…6[View]
1111930Anonymouswhat is this: >watching Mr Robot >see this >immediately want it for my movie spy tool kit …6[View]
1112269AnonymousPlumbing redo: 2 questions about plumbing: 1: I'm putting in all new copper pipe to my fixtures…6[View]
1109981AnonymousCan someone recommend some good all around work gloves that will last while but don't sacrifice…14[View]
1109062VansVans: What does/diy/ think of my custom vans?17[View]
1110508Radio BroHello /diy/nosaurs, Me and my bro would like to start our own radio station. if there are any exper…10[View]
1111087AnonymousIs this asbestos: Anyone seen this before? I googled images of it and it looks pretty similar. Any o…59[View]
1111519Retnuh Semaj SsorDebatable: Ok guys I would like to have a very serious moment here with you all. So I'll jump r…10[View]
1110445AnonymousBuilding a pommel: Hi /diy/ /out/doorsman here who just bought this sword blade. I usually carve pip…11[View]
1111492Anonymouswa la3[View]
1112014AnonymousMaking a valise/suitcase: So I have this old leatherbag (pic only illustrative, although the leather…0[View]
1109984Anonymous/diy/ approved youtube channels?26[View]
1107559Anonymous> Residential Architecture Deos anyone have any good resources for residential architecture/buil…46[View]
1097281Anonymouspost raspberry pi diys172[View]
1109311Anonymousi want a wet line on my work truck. how would i go about installing a hydraulic pump/pto on a little…6[View]
1111781AnonymousOK, which one of you fuckers did this?: >Madison Mallards propose 4-level rebuild of Duck Blind u…3[View]
1106040AnonymousAlright, /diy/nosaurs, I've got a problem, and I don't trust /o/ to be of any help. I…32[View]
1108952AnonymousFeeling like an idiot: How would one drill a series of holes equidistant from each other around a ci…86[View]
1111661AnonymousVector Graphics for Shirts: Hey /diy/ I can print things on Shirts for free. I just need to pay for …8[View]
1108119Anonymous/diy/ trying to build my own generator >I want to build a generator for my bike, similar to this …27[View]
1110374Anonymoushey /diy/, Im building a birdbuggy for my parrot. It's basically a joystick controlled remote c…10[View]
1108068Anonymouscutting thin plastic: I have a couple of plano boxes: I want to cut shapes into the top plastic pane…16[View]
1102842AnonymousAsk a guy who works here anything part whatever: hello /diy/pshits, anons, trips and etc.been busy, …200[View]
1111312Anonymouswood table: Okay I'm building a little wood table. 30 inches tall, a span of 4 feet. the aprons…23[View]
1111557AnonymousDidn't really want to make a whole thread for this, but there doesn't seem to a general fo…7[View]
1108949AnonymousProgram cash register: SHARP ER-A220 C I need to change the tax department and keys. I've got …7[View]
1111564Anonymous8 gal. 2 HP 125 PSI Oil Lube Air Compressor Central Pneumatic® - Item#69667 Went to use my air compr…14[View]
1109785AnonymousDiy water/snow proof speakers: Want to create/mod a speaker to use on my balcony and the bathroom. I…6[View]
1102340AnonymousIntroduction to electronics: I homeschool my 13-year-old son and I asked him to pick out an elective…117[View]
1111390Anonymousmic mods: Any super simple mods for ultra cheap mics? Picked up a bm-800 for $14 before Christmas a…7[View]
1111457AnonymousHow do I connect these properly?13[View]
1110758AnonymousI am working on building a magical pirate radio station. I know the basics of electronics & can …28[View]
1110731AnonymousTrying to figure out the best way to fix this wall. We bought this house and then noticed this was h…4[View]
1110889AnonymousJust stuck my leg through the ceiling from the attic. I took out a huge chunk of sheetrock, too. Pro…17[View]
1108895AnonymousWoodworking shop: Hey /diy/ I'm almost finished building my work shed built and I want to outfi…14[View]
1109384AnonymousSo it hasn't arrived yet but I have been told that I am getting a lathe for christmas (it'…27[View]
1105804AnonymousProbably an odd question, but pictured is a Magikarp Taiyaki pan which is possibly one of if not the…27[View]
1108458AnonymousCable TV: Has anyone dropped cable tv and just have an internet account instead running with an HD a…36[View]
1096839AnonymousDIY CRINGE THREAD: Post all cringy /diy/ shit321[View]
1111114AnonymousI work at a granite shop and need to build something to collect all the runoff that the saw makes. R…5[View]
1109224AnonymousNeed to polish my knob: I've got a knob from a Sony CD player that I'd like to clean up a …8[View]
1106448AnonymousSeptic Tanks and Water Wells: I want to retire to rural Ireland I just found out that most rural pro…30[View]
1108563AnonymousA little background then my question. Im trying to get into the welding field, i graduated with my w…22[View]
1109100AnonymousI need to bend this piece of metal for a project. I put it in a vice and tried bending with vice gri…17[View]
1110932Dr_CrapRun My Robot's Zombie Zip is live: Welcome to my place1[View]
1108732Anonymousselecting an ozone generator: after years of fapping my room stinks to high heaven so bad my eyes wa…25[View]
1110845AnonymousSoldering Iron Tip: Trying to figure out what model this Soldering Iron is. Need to replace the tip,…8[View]
1107593AnonymousMy dad quit smoking for his job last year, and with that stopped maintaining his humidor of cigars. …39[View]
1106510AnonymousHow to meld glass bottles? I can cut off eg the bottom or top with fairly good success, but everytim…12[View]
1105480AnonymousITT: 3D Printing File Links for Objects You Find Useful: Post your favorite Objects or Objects other…25[View]
1107268AnonymousAny acessible, cheap yet dangeours /diy/ you wouldn't try to avoid problems? I'm bored an…25[View]
1101963Anonymous/ohm/: NEW THREAD pastebin.com/9UgLjyND >I'm new to electronics, where do I get started? The…324[View]
1110303AnonymousLED-lit replica of the Weeknd's Starboy cross: I think I need LED strips, lipo batteries, a cha…11[View]
1109742AnonymousI'm trying to set up an induction heater to get things red hot and melt things without having t…28[View]
1110251AnonymousAutomatic IoT Connected Staircase Lighting: https://www.instructables.com/id/Automatic-IoT-Staircase…9[View]
1110551AnonymousGot a couple of old printer/scanners just collecting dust. What are some projects I can use the gut…7[View]
1109554Anonymoushelp pls: Hey /diy/ i need some help on a school project in need an idea i can make thats kinda easy…14[View]
1109109AnonymousSo I want to get started on the ol new years resolution. Building an underground bunker. You never k…27[View]
1109091AnonymousI have an antique bookshelf from my grandad, almost identical to the one in the pic. The glass doors…4[View]
1110180AnonymousSo after countless failed attempts I managed to build a neurophone (pic related) its working fine, I…7[View]
1110333Anonymoushow do you paint furniture? dust settles on top of my paint and it looks like ass.14[View]
1106203AnonymousHALP: How best to reduce the bulk of styrofoam waste so it can fit into as few garbage bags as possi…54[View]
1105874JayBeard Oil: Good day any beard oil lads out there? I use quite a few different beard grooming items. …57[View]
1109410Anonymousknife: its my first time making a knife . and this is what i have so far. any hints/ tips for someon…4[View]
1110043AnonymousFixing computer desk surface: Pic unrelated. As above, the surface of my computer desk has taken a g…13[View]
1108137AnonymousWiring Ethernet Jacks: I just moved into a new place and I can not get the ethernet jacks in the wal…25[View]
1109696AnonymousI'd like to replace the original 'Bop It' action knobs with industry standard switches and a so…6[View]
1100248Anonymousstupid things your tenants do: so this dumbass kid locked himself out of his room, and instead of kn…100[View]
1109773AnonymousLaser Cutters: I decided to take the plunge and purchase a laser cutter. Does anyone have any experi…6[View]
1109305AnonymousI disturbed some asbestos: Hey all, neuveaufag here with a bit of a doozy. I think I may have distur…24[View]
1109961AnonymousThinking of building a reverse hyperextension fellas give me some advice3[View]
1108755AnonymousAttic Insulation Problem: New homeowner fag here with a bit of a weird one. I'm trying to insul…13[View]
1109506AnonymousUnlocking S7 edge: So I bought a phone online and it was locked so i ran a factory reset. I turned i…11[View]
1107292Anonymous>ever hiring a plumber vid related. $90,000 in damages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBVWp7MfQ…45[View]
1109418AnonymousWhat is this kind of floor and/or pattern called?3[View]
1109569AnonymousI've got this old waffle iron I am trying to clean up. Trying to get this unscrewed to get the …3[View]
1108477AnonymousHey /diy/ I have to modify a cheap pair of sunglasses for a project. I need to get rid of some mater…4[View]
1109679AnonymousHi, how can I reduce the output impedance of this audio interface without lowering the sound quality…19[View]
1107832AnonymousJBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker: So, a friend asked me to replace a destroyed mini USB charging socket o…33[View]
1109092AnonymousRussian tortoise shelter: A friend asked me to watch their pet Russian tortoise for a month. I have …3[View]
1108419AnonymousAny one here get into DIY projects just for the sake of it, without any special interest in the end …10[View]
1109426AnonymousThree months ago i bought a GT Omega MASTER XL Racing Office Chair Black and Green Leather Esport Ga…6[View]
1109198AnonymousElectronic Final Project: I'm a high school senior who is in an electronic shop in school. I ha…8[View]
1109337Anonymousfucked Audio cables: Well somehow this managed to happen to my microphone on my headset. The cable i…9[View]
1109435AnonymousAlright, dudes. I'm going to lay some cheap linoleum in my mudroom. Looking for some advice. Th…6[View]
1104304AnonymousHow many of you actually have friends interested in what you do? >only 21 running my own business…85[View]
1107326AnonymousTools needed to hand make picture frame?4[View]

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