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Displaying 55 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1445518My wife and I had our house inspected and the inspector noted there were no GFCI plugs. The house wa…[View]
1443386Sould I buy a power screwdriver?: Every time I watch someone build something on YouTube, they have a…[View]
1430990Hello /diy/. I've inherted an old farm. Basically it's three houses and a shit ton of land…[View]
1424912SQT: >Ctrl-F: Stupid Questions Thead. Negative results. This is now a general stupid question thr…[View]
1443066How can I get this shit off my hands? It's some heavy duty black rust sealer and eater. I trie…[View]
1445734Primitive long lasting house from scratch: Hi diyels, I want to build a house for myself that will l…[View]
1446315I wanna make a slightly larger than your average bathtub 'kiddie pool' out of spare pvc and a large …[View]
1445893Recycling: Anybody here got any good uses for old steel guitar strings? More basic ideas would be we…[View]
1443650Who needs any of that ching chong crap when we have Craftsman?[View]
1445960Cost effective resin: I want to cast a lot of cheap copies of a 3d print. What is the cheapest resin…[View]
1444494Bit different but has anybody heard of the board game Giant Killer Robots. The way is would describe…[View]
1446316I have this parquet floor from the 90s or so. Giving it a whiteish look (contrast with dark grey + c…[View]
1445873Any recommendations for a sand blasting cabinet that's less than 1k? I've been using this…[View]
1433064I've got these fuckers under my deck. The problem is that my deck encases and old concrete stai…[View]
1445971Soo I'm trying to get some help from anyone who knows how to draw really good. It would be a ta…[View]
1438696Which reciprocating saw do I buy? Makita 11amp or Milwaukee 12amp? The Makita is $30 less.[View]
1441946Has anyone done restorations to old antique tools? How'd it turn out? Where did you learn to pr…[View]
1445635Plasma cutter: I'm in the market for a plasma cutter mostly for cutting sheet and plate for bla…[View]
1445681Hello! So I have a bit of a challenge. I want to create a little handheld computer, based on an arm …[View]
1445747In tank fuel filter: My car has one of those in tank fuel filters that is a part of the fuel pump as…[View]
1432955ALTERNATIVE FUELS DISCUSSION: We should have a discussion on alternative fuels. Fuel prices are ris…[View]
1444987My DIY NES Emulator ESP32: All components fit in a NES controller. It has about 2.5h Playtime and 14…[View]
1444798Arbor press vs. Vise?: All this time, if I wanted to 'squish' two things together, I just used my vi…[View]
1442099How would /diy/ spend $30,000? Let's just say I got lucky[View]
1444185Printing Sports Apparel: hey anons I want to start printing some custom sports apparel for a local g…[View]
1445831I need to cut a large quantity of steel and some nonferrous metals like bronze and copper. Mostly 1/…[View]
1444203Stereo Compatibility Clio Mk2: So I just bought my first car (renault clio mk2) and the motherfucker…[View]
1445640So /diy/ I have a question. I want to make an electic cigar lighter in the same idea of the old 12v …[View]
1439233Battery reconditioning: Hey /diy/, I just replaced my car battery because the old one isn't qui…[View]
1445664Knife general: General knife discussion thread. I’m getting into making micarta, i pulled my 5th sl…[View]
1438490A/C repair.: Last night I smelt something horrid but it was faint. Figured it was the trash. Dismorn…[View]
1443611Hey DIYers, My wife's family is Dutch and as such make coffee fucking close to water. We are …[View]
1442263/ohm/ - Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release edition: vintage thread: >>1438894 >I'm new to…[View]
1445243cantilever offset aluminum pole: /diy/, I was wondering if using a U shaped cantilever aluminum pole…[View]
1445553hose bib help: guys i cant figure out this damn hose bib. i cant for the life of me find a replaceme…[View]
1441741How do I get better at carpentry cheaply and quickly?[View]
1438605>his dial indicater doesn't go to .00005 >his vernier calipers are 0-6' >his screwdriv…[View]
1442038UPS: can you run pic related without batteries (with dead batteries) just using it for surge protect…[View]
1445652Component manufacturing thread: I'm curious as to what DIY has to say about every method of man…[View]
1445629I want to solder a hss tap into a mild steel arbor. Is there some special procedure for soldering ca…[View]
1444062Bought this old ass gobelin thing today. It's much larger than I expected, and more gross than …[View]
14443423/4' & 1' Drive Sockets: I have a very old set of 3/4' drive sockets with a ratchet and a breake…[View]
1445350Repeatable and precise way of polishing these edges?: So this is stainless steel tubes 28mm in diame…[View]
1445537Chicken Coop: Here's a chicken coop I made. Feel free to tell me where I wasted time with usele…[View]
1444036Controlled oxygen vivarium: I intend to conduct a few experiments where essentially I control (incre…[View]
1443397Hello /diy/ First time posting here, I'll be quick. I'm going to attenpt to turn my comput…[View]
1445317LED Circuit: I want to find out if the following LED circuit will work. Have more curiosity than sen…[View]
1443483I feel like a moron asking this. But what are the LEDs called that aren't visible to the human …[View]
1445413Mystery raised bumps in paint: Hey /diy/, So I noticed these tiny raised bumps on my bedroom wall, d…[View]
1445342Got this jacket from my Grandfather about 6 months ago, He got it from Germany in the 1970s(ish?) an…[View]
1443618Plumbing Help: >got this warehouse >has a shower in it >blue line is cold water >red lin…[View]
1439285LED Strip Soffit Lighting: Any suggestions on warm white LED strip lighting for soffits? I'm tr…[View]
1444327lawn thread: for a good lawn your blades have to be sharp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33oF6Dyc1x…[View]
1442831What's the story with power washers. Is pic related ok? It says 130bar. I want to do my patio,…[View]
1439380Chainmail: Hey there, /diy/. I'm new to this board and I'm not sure if this is the right p…[View]

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