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/hm/ - Handsome Men

Displaying 32 expired threads from the past 7 days

No. Name Excerpt Replies
1488026AnonymousWinter wonderland: Guys having fun in the snow or anything winter related9[View]
1488145AnonymousJoshua Armstrong: This guy makes jerk off/dirty talk videos in his sexy accent. They're kinda r…7[View]
1467585AnonymousAnyone got rape stories? Also rape porn in general.308[View]
1484764Suited daddiespost em20[View]
1482051Anonymouscelebs plz kthx56[View]
1487712AnonymousSexy Sexy Brendan: will /hm/ help out a very handsome man and lend a hand in restoring him to his fo…0[View]
1484911AnonymousHot politicians thread: Bonus points if they're anti faggot49[View]
1482482AnonymousAnybody want a some FratX vids? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9ZQ5Onkw62DcS03eE4zdlZ2aHM?…38[View]
1484790AnonymousNew beautiful faces thread29[View]
1482943AnonymousCL Rentboys: Whores who'll wet your willie for washingtons58[View]
1459410AnonymousBig cocks265[View]
1487291AnonymousMasterJoao: He is so hot, i have to share this heres his tumblr http://masterjoao.tumblr.com/archive…5[View]
1482175AnonymousForced Bi: I'm wondering if any gay guys would enjoy being sucked off by a 'straight' guy while…34[View]
1475549AnonymousPolar bear thread - Santa edition: Fake Santas are not allowed. Ordinary polar bears are okay, thoug…73[View]
1475907AnonymousMiddle Eastern men thread: I love how sexy and full of themselves they are They're so hot…315[View]
1478828AnonymousCelebrity Cock Thread85[View]
1486216AnonymousFirst gay experience: I've never had a gay experience since i was a kid. Now im a cuck to my fr…2[View]
1462701AnonymousNew MIDGET Thread: Haven't seen one in a while179[View]
1486182AnonymousBodybuilder Pit Stains: Kind of a niche topic but post your pics of bodybuilders with visible sweat …5[View]
1467934Anonymoussports butts: preferably soccer and football170[View]
1486266Anonymous/Black/ Thread: Gimme dat chocolate5[View]
1486143AnonymousCum pics1[View]
1485838AnonymousYoutube Guys nude: Post leaked nudes of hot youtube guys. There are some cute and hot vlogger guys o…7[View]
1485436AnonymousOther wrestler thread is too Amateur, we need Pros!: Lets see these giant muscle hunks of wrestling.…12[View]
1463709AnonymousPost your childhood crushes/husbandos.268[View]
1485699AnonymousGood boys you wanna take down with you2[View]
1460409AnonymousJustin Bieber308[View]
1471878AnonymousSmall dick thread: I find guys with a small sick adorbs70[View]
1484610AnonymousHumiliating slave boys: Post your best pics, gif, videos of sub boys getting humilated, degenerated …16[View]
1457902蓝海Asians: Continuing the asian thread cause someone doesn't know how to make threads.. Last threa…233[View]
1365282Reveals threadPost them flesh whips. Hot dicks escaping their prison302[View]

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