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74905859seriously? what the fuck? this is worse than chile.[View]
74887586Which Teams Do (You) Support?: International break got you down? Let's have one of these thread…[View]
74895893/f1/ Formula 1 General - VETTEL VETTEL VETTEL: Countdown to China: >whenisf1on.com Session times …[View]
7489978469 days until we win the Champions League[View]
74897020Thoughts /sp/ ?[View]
74858387/mlb/ general - JD Martinez ded Edition: DET:J.D. Martinez diagnosed with Lisfranc sprain MIA:Marlin…[View]
74850525/rug/: SUPER RUGBY ROUND 5 >Friday 24th of March 7:35pm - Crusaders v Force 9:45pm - Rebels v W…[View]
74902385>conceding to Scotland[View]
74905703>UK >LeX[View]
74883120Is he innocent?[View]
74896406>Scotland Football Club[View]
74900982Dutch FA sacks Blind!: Dutch FA sacks Blind! I'm amazed the Dutch FA has some balls apparently.…[View]
74874449MotoGP General /MGP/ - QP TODAY- Le rain is here edition: Qatar GP >Rossi's cocksucker fast …[View]
74899755/turnleft/ - 2017 Auto Club 400 Pre-race/Race Thread: Race Coverage: 3:00 p.m. on FOX Start Command…[View]
74901166>ITT: post Tony Kornheisers[View]
74894384Just wanted to remind (or enlighten) everyone of the fact that if USC wins the Final Four, NCAA team…[View]
74903601is this the biggest semen-slurping sport?[View]
74879748/nba/ general: **OFFICIAL**- /nba/ general >'dont worry if you miss this post, ill be posting it …[View]
74816421Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
74902585Literally who can stop them?[View]
74901290Official Thunder @ Rockets gamethread - MVP EDITION[View]
74904046>too old to be a pro football player (soccer) >no friends to play casual games with…[View]
74880260name a worse footballing region[View]
74903404>Karl-Anthony Towns >Andrew Wiggins >head coach with a successful track record Redpill me …[View]
74903467How do we fix this boring piece of shit? Best solution imo is relegating around 20 dead weight coun…[View]
74903735/bundes/liga: /late night edition that will fall off page 10 before the next morning/ who's sti…[View]
74894160Gent - Wevelgem: >tommeke tommeke tommeke - edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jGDCD3XU-w …[View]
74899495Romania vs Denmark THREAD: who /mememagic/ here?[View]
74902738what if the NFL's overtime rules were changed to give both teams a possession regardless if a t…[View]
74903312Kentucky vs. North Carolina[View]
74899290Scotland vs. Slovenia thread: Scotland: Gordon, Tierney, Mulgrew, R. Martin, Robertson, Brown, Morri…[View]
74902645Guess that goal: You have to guess what goal the corresponding youtube video is about. Close your ey…[View]
74898678Montenegro vs Poland thread: If we win we will be practically certain to advance from the first plac…[View]
74895363how do we fix this literal pile of feces?[View]
74883330>Minnesota United has set an MLS record by allowing 18 goals through the first six games of a sea…[View]
74886913NCAA TOURNAMENT AND/OR /CBB/ THREAD: Basketball and stuff. >KANSAS…[View]
74901401Now thats its all said and done, what went wrong?[View]
74902287>tfw like sports but find the spectators, participants, and overall presentation unbearably plebe…[View]
74887736/heem/: Previous >>74876278 Upcoming events: 3/31: EFN 62 - Pavlovich vs Sidelnikov 3/31: Bell…[View]
74899787ITT: We pose stupid hypothetical questions and anons respond. What's more likely to happen firs…[View]
74860213How do you even continue living after Arnold Schwarzenegger blows you the fuck out like this?[View]
74882940/tennis/: Rain delay almost over and Thiem about to come back Still due to play: Kyrgios (12) - Dzum…[View]
74889034Kaps really wasn't that bad considering the nfls quarterback drought.[View]
74901512>serie A[View]
74899668Teams that will be in the playoffs next year[View]
74897090>netherlands will never win a world cup: why?[View]
74900764JUST He's out[View]
74869306/cbb/ general - NCAA MARCH MADNESS THREAD #9999: Bants, scores, shitposting, ZAGS[View]
74896555>més que un club[View]
74880087/hoc/: Undefeated edition[View]
74900157>yfw da bears winn da superb owl[View]
74897924Hi, I'm Jermaine Defoe. You may recognise me from that TV show earlier when I literally, LITERA…[View]
74898401>I rate Zidane[View]
74894890Is there anything he CAN'T do??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeYOUWcLprg[View]
74872845We are going to rape Greece today, we are going to annihilate them, we are going to genocide them, w…[View]
74896499Post sport related pepe frogs[View]
74899593Dreaming with a group in 2018 with Russia, England, US of A and China[View]
74897448Germany Azerbaijan thread: Germany 2 Azerbaijan 1[View]
74899144Welcome to Barcelona, anon. Your resume looks impressive, but what can you tell me about your skills…[View]
74898987>JUST Loses 2-0 to the worst team in qualifying.[View]
74897695England vs Lithuania thread 2: 1-0 HT[View]
74898614For me, it's Mesut Özil.[View]
74898507>its a defense driven game[View]
74894208Your reminder.[View]
74896377explain this ameridoop: https://twitter.com/paddypower/status/845959585743691776[View]
74895474For me you ask? Well...for me it's Gremio Catanduvense.[View]
74879265/box/: Previous >>74815179 >Saturday March 25th - Sky Sports UK Jorge Linares vs Anthony Cr…[View]
74878064This forro deserves to die[View]
74896652San Marino - Czech Republic official match thread[View]
74895535Just give us the 2017/18 title already: ---------------------Courtois----------------------------- -…[View]
74896185England v Lithuania Pre Game Thread: Defoe starting edition[View]
74886787I don't really follow baseball, but I saw the piece on Real Sports about this guy, and I can te…[View]
74896047Just wanted to let the Dutch know they are now a baseball nation I mean they have a team of young ex…[View]
74883341>tfw too intelligent for footblal[View]
74893990Netherlands - Blind: Blind has been called to the Dutch FA to talk about his future. http://nos.nl/a…[View]
74896773>literally the worst highest scoring game of all time in terms of shooting proficiency >also t…[View]
74896485>yfw da spuds win the bremier owl[View]
74880684>See this madman running towards your goalpost What do?[View]
7489072445 points 16 rebounds 8 assists 3 blocks 1 steal 7/9 from three point range PER: 48 Earned Wins: 40 …[View]
74892179You're at the bar and this elite player slaps your gf's ass, what do you do?[View]
74883130>Dabs >actually good at divegrass if Pogba is worth 100 million Puligod must be worth 200 mill…[View]
74895403>yfw da USA wins da world owl[View]
74880176why are they so cocky about football recently? they won't even make it out of the group stages …[View]
74896080>Being eliminated of in WCQ playoff is a possibility[View]
74896148>My job[View]
74896120Transgender in sports: Looking for people to have a conversion about this any takers?[View]
74880224Bulgaria vs Netherlands game thread 2: 2-0 JUST[View]
74896052>it is over Thank you based hero. >that discourse I cry.…[View]
74895493Realistically, who would win?[View]
74893338/F1/ - Formula 1 General: VETTELWINSLOL Edition Countdown to China: >whenisf1on.com Session times…[View]
74881925>dabs toward the World Cup[View]
74888042>CL 2017-18 Group Stage meme?? >WC 2018 Qual confirmed…[View]
74886617Imagine Tahiti eliminating Argentina in WCQ playoff[View]
74894805/cric/: Evenly poised at the fag end of day two[View]
74886126ITT: Greatest performances of Messi's career[View]
74895364>first I'll put in my wife's son >now I'll put in a 17 year old >oops lost a…[View]
74872223AFL Saturday thread #2: Live now St Kilda 11.11 77 Melbourne 16.11 107 4th quarter Sydney 12.8 80 P…[View]
74881577RIP ;_;[View]
74882520What happens in the middle of the circle?[View]
74888290daily reminder that he is CONCACAFs best player[View]
74885579/afl/ Sunday: North Melbourne Kangaroos vs West Coast Eagles @ Docklands; 13:10 AEDT Adelaide Crows …[View]
74889232DAILY REMINDER: Daily reminder that Jamie Vardy is a chav.[View]
74894807How come I never see britbongs discuss this on /sp/?[View]
74893767Ski Flying - Planica HS 225: where the fuck is the thread edition >Kraft jumped 250…[View]
74893746/bundes/liga: still international breazzzzzzzZzzZZZZzzzZZ-edition the germland team is playing a qua…[View]
74894767>these smelly bulgarians are pressing hard >I thought they aren't tougher than Augsburg …[View]
74894681who was in the wrong here[View]
74894768Literally Benedict Arnold[View]
74883527/cric/: South Africa 213/6 (67.5 ov) V New Zealand Australia 300 v India 0/0 (1 ov) mohammad amir ed…[View]
74883358What did he mean by this?[View]
74887326So, the greatest in the world looks like *THAT*?[View]
74893425tsa *wins the world cup*[View]
74893737Did you forget?[View]
74863462Koshien Thread - Crying Player Edition: 5th Day is happening now, 3 matches today >High School se…[View]
74874932>USA looking GOAT-tier now what's next for his career?[View]
74893514>european world cup qualifying[View]
74878218Portugal - Hungary: Location: Estádio da Luz, Lisbon >Portugal XI Rui Patrício, Cédric, Pepe, Jos…[View]
74886232Its not over but fuck it, get in here Duckbros. First Final Four in 78 years.[View]
74880000I hate watching sports. Is there a website that gives me the big stuff that's happening in on g…[View]
74875847Sum up a fanbase in one pic[View]
74884118Yeah he's yea[View]
74890445Why are Canadians such unathletic fat fucks? Can't even catch a baseball sad[View]
74892597Are we going to win it all this year?[View]
74875043>you're face when you realize usa is going to win Fifa[View]
74891603/F1/ - Formula 1 General - Gio Edition[View]
74880981/hoc/ - fuck earlyfags: pedosota mild on collapse watch editon[View]
74890155/F1/ - Formula 1 General - Buttass a shit edition: >VET as fast as HAM >Buttass slow as shit …[View]
74888095Do you like Neymar? Is he a good player?[View]
74887118Say My Name[View]
74883935Get in anon, we have a World Cup to win.[View]
74890094/F1/ GENERAL AUS GP: >HWL is back Pack up boys and come back next year…[View]
74887870>mfw we will win the world cup[View]
74888985March 26, 1997: Happy 20th Anniversary, /sp/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P4wg21mLf8&t=122s…[View]
74883743Give me one good reason why les bleus won't win the worldc up[View]
74888404/F1/ - Formula 1 General - 2017 Roles Australian Grand Prix: Race imminent[View]
74882617>Netherlands failing to qualify for Euro 2016 and WC 2018 >Dabchester still 5th despite spendi…[View]
74888405/f1/ - Formula General - RACE START THREAD: Countdown to Melbourne: >whenisf1on.com or >f1coun…[View]
74876278/heem/: weidman's deformed face edition[View]
74886671Just want to remind everyone that Yadier Molina will never be a hall of famer.[View]
74884776Who is your favourite skateboarder, /sp/ ? It's in the Olympics so it's a sport now tbhone…[View]
74881114Salute, shitlords.[View]
74874435Is an chess player a athlete?[View]
74884256/f1/ - Formula 1 General - less than 5 hours edition[View]
74888380>Formula 1[View]
7488773510 games to go and stockport could be a professional club once again, pls don't choke :(, 9 yea…[View]
74884423>mfw Gonzaga has emerged as from their Blessed Elite Eight Matchup of Holy Jesuits as the Ordaine…[View]
74875383Gigante de la Concacaf is back Prepare yourselves Americrackers...[View]
74884103Why is a gay athlete the most beloved athlete in the muslim countries?[View]
74868409/nba/ General - Son of Kobe edition: Devin Booker scores 70 points in Boston MLW:Giannis scores 34 …[View]
74885041Barstool Sports General: B1GCat on suicide watch edition[View]
74884049Invicta FC 22 Event Thread #1: Bantamweight Title: Tonya Evinger (18-5, 1 NC) vs. Yana Kunitskaya (9…[View]
74881687Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
74884904/cbb/ general - Elite 8: Saturday Night: (3) Oregon vs. (1) Kansas[View]
74831553Eternal /trb/ Perfect woman edition: old thread: >>74791781 Really Old Links that probably nee…[View]
74886480Any doubt that Neymar's the best players actually and the next Ballon D'or?[View]
74883192SENS VS. HABS: THE FINAL CHAPTER: Season series winner to be determined tonight. Get comfy lads!…[View]
74886269https://livestream.com/accounts/23832208: Wrangler National Final Rodeo 2017 LiveStream[View]
74882810Official Chicago Blackhawks @ Florida Panthers Game Thread: 6:00 PM Start Grab your beer and have fu…[View]
74886180>Higuain is a choker and Dybala is hurt >Icardi >Romero is hit and miss + benchwarmer >R…[View]
74881113>tfw no meaningful games until next February, which is a free win anyways How you other Pats fans…[View]
74883296Leafs @ Sabres Go leafs go![View]
74876722Leave Hungary to me.[View]
74883315Bruins v Islanders: Stob the bleeding ebition :DDD[View]
74884377knicks @ spurs: green out (rest) murray out (groin) anthony out (knee) rose in (foot) thomas out (hi…[View]
74878752Official /turnleft/ Xfinity Service King 300 thread: Kyle won't win. Get in here![View]
74876087Autism thread: Hey there, I tried to make a realistic draw for the 2026 world cup. All continents ge…[View]
74793030Eternal /fifa/ Thread: *yawn* edition Previous thread: >>74722487[View]
74884260Explain to me why Cristiano GOATnaldo isn't the GOAT jugador, but also the GOAT hombre ever. I …[View]
74884877WAKE ME UP[View]
74878898France -Luxembourg match thread: World cup qualifier[View]
74880614Rest of the world: Are you scared?[View]
74861623>black man's athleticism >white man's work ethic and intellect Is Lonzo Ball the mos…[View]
74884433What went wrong?[View]
74875988/f1/ - Formula 1 General - Abo GP edition: >HWL >Kimi exposed >Magnussen exposed >Vandoo…[View]
74881775Basket/contest: Hello. I would like some help from you guys. I would like my friend to be elected fo…[View]
74883823Don't talk to me or my sons ever again[View]
74878386Belgium - Greece Match thread: World cup qualifier. Starting line-ups: google it Predictions ?…[View]
74874810Verstappen is shit: Even the Dutch media says so. He is falling way short on expectations and theref…[View]
74876768Prepare your anus NFL The vote is on Monday[View]
74877300For me, its Will Hughes[View]
74883266Hurricanes v Devils official thread: Official thread[View]
74875625/tennis/: Gentlemen 10:15 Wawrinka (1) - Zeballos 10:15 Ferrer (27) - Schwartzman 10:15 Seppi - Mul…[View]
74875040>He rates Messhit over PuliGOAT[View]
74868852/cric/: buddhism edition Australia 1/52 (10 ov) v India South Africa 4/123 (41 ov) v New Zealand Sr…[View]
74878966How do we fix GAA? The Dubs will never lose ever again. Their B team is the second best team in the …[View]
74875193/mma/ general: For discussion of MMA, Kickboxing, jiu Jitsu, and other combat based sports Upcoming …[View]
74845858Realistically speaking, literally who can stop us?[View]
74882635>post your yfw when Russia win the 2018 World Cup[View]
74882769Is he raiz or nutella ?[View]
74882775Chicago Blackhawks @ Florida Panthers: Game starts at 6PM Chicago Standard Time Will Crawshit or Rap…[View]
74882006>leave fixing the Dutch defense to me[View]
74874215Who do you want to see in Russia?[View]
74882306/sp/ reaction thread: This is the /sp/ reaction thread. It is about /sp/ reactions.[View]
74871774>a new american hero is born[View]
74869877World Cup Qualification Europe: Discuss.[View]
74874002>yfw they are unironically back How frightened is Hans right now?[View]
74794975>that friend who always offered to get the ball when it ended up in inconvenient places…[View]
74857640/heem/: Upcoming events: 3/25: Glory 39 - Doumbe vs Kongolo 3/25: Invicta FC 22 - Evinger vs Kunitsk…[View]
74862710What did Ronda mean by this?[View]
74879052Why is he expected to win a World Cup when Argentina only ever scrape qualification?[View]
74877417>implying Barca even has a chance[View]
74877666we are actually going to do it we are ACTUALLY going to qualify for the world cup by narrowly lettin…[View]
74875095Liverpool legends vs Real madrid legends: does anyone watch this?[View]
74874524Who will be /sp/'s favourite player when Robben retires and why will it be Thomas Muller?[View]
74880798Netherlands Bwahahahahahah!: 1st - I bet 35,000 euros on Bulgaria to win ! I'm quite happy with…[View]
74839270/NFL/ General: beer is icky edition: GB:Packers give Jean-Francois one-year, $3M deal NYJ:Jets add …[View]
74878024Are they the worst team in the world?[View]
74859477Dumb niggas: You have seen football for years and even so you still don't realize how football …[View]
74863081/nba/ general: Not gonna lie, former Cavaliers supporter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Le…[View]
74878088Best player in the prem this season?: How the hell do you decide between these three? Hazard is the …[View]
74877494Bulgaria - Netherlands: Netherlands will not win. > Netherlands has never won a match (away) agai…[View]
74866970USA the greatest soccer team in the world: Sorry rest of the world. 2018 is ours.[View]
74813152PSG sent us to hell, but we're going even deeper.[View]
74878771Literally who can stop us?[View]
74879405For me, it's Lukaku[View]
74879183Does anyone have Wenyen Gabriels dong pic that leaked? Also, NCAA baskeball tournament general. Wil…[View]
74815179/box/ - Million dolla edition: >Thursday March 23rd - ESPN 2 USA Jason Quigley vs. Glen Tapia Ran…[View]
74879026What's his endgame?[View]
74869522Why does everybody hate him?[View]
74878586(okay) YA YA YA YA YA[View]
74878034i mean, why would we trust xabi alonso? shitlords on /sp/ must know better than him.[View]
74878159How did Berdych never win a major? Really made me think. I guess you can't win at everything in…[View]
74874692Qualified for U17 European Championship The future of football eats whales[View]
74875234>false 9[View]
74860198Press F to pay respects[View]
74859770So why haven't psg just got like 4 red cards in the match, it would automatically end 3-0 and t…[View]
74873758Tag Team Cup day 3: For the few of you who happen to be interested in off-season virtual divegrass. …[View]
74869777Jimmy Pebbles[View]
74876313When will people start taking South Carolina seriously?[View]
74878028Division II Men's Basketball Championship Game: NW Missouri State vs. Fairmont State on CBS and…[View]
74876042World Cup Qualifiers Group A: Sweden - Belaruse: Starts in 10 minutes (1800 CET) >Sweden Robin Ol…[View]
74877314>implying anyone but Sanchez deserves another contract[View]
74877973> booker > suns still lose[View]
74877722ITT: Athletes who did nothing wrong[View]
74877780My name is Stones. John Stones[View]
74877797Analysis of the game Do Russia chance on World Cup 2018? Match is over with 0:2[View]
74872641Ski Flying - Planica HS 225 Team: Johansson jumped new hill record in trial round - 250m[View]
74876277/bundes/liga: Tomorrow D.Land : Azerbaijan 31.03 - 02.04.2017 26. BuLi matchday Hertha BSC : 1899 Ho…[View]
74870035they won't make it out of the groups in 2018 now are they?[View]
74874252Quick announcement that the Amsterdam ArenA, stadium of Ajax, wasn't renamed to the Cruijff Are…[View]
74877477was getting caught part of his master plan?[View]
74873851>international break So which one of these shitter games am I supposed to watch today? Do I even …[View]
74875151>fills entire stadiums >skill based and strategic team gameplay >sport organisation and clu…[View]
74856502Why should either of them be considered among the greats when both have marred their legacies with c…[View]
74876081>yfw you pray to god at halftime and your team makes a miraculous comeback…[View]
74876388Girl Wrestler posted 'I made him my B**TCH' High School DRAMA: Girl Wrestler who posted on social me…[View]
74876252is Messi the biggest trendsetter in sports?[View]
74876685ITT we post the absolute best football players of all time I'll start[View]
74876384What went wrong?[View]
7487661770 days until we win the Champions League[View]
74867802Daily reminder that Jamie Vardy is a chav.[View]
74875281Why is there virtually no competition for Bayern München in Bundesliga? Germany is an economic power…[View]
74801768/mls/ general - DARK SIDE OF THE LOON edition + /ayy/: >Saturday, March 25 New England Revolution…[View]
74875048Can we all end this discussion and agree that Man United is the bigger club? Brits care way more abo…[View]
74875874Why are non hockey players such wimps?[View]
74857774Can we get a serious discussion about the wage gap between male and female athletes? >Do you thin…[View]
7485261720 >1-7[View]
74862614NRL Super Saturday: Manly v Bulldogs Parramatta v Cronulla Titans v Cowboys From 430pm[View]
74875068/cyc/ - Volta a Catalunya: Get in here lads[View]
74874832>'James Harden is so amazing, he doesn't have anyone around him.' >two of his teammates a…[View]
74875307>international break[View]
74855666Who is more attractive.. Brady or Ronaldo?[View]
74869677Fuck USA Poland is best National Team[View]
74854890/tennis/ Miami Open Masters: Official Site Links Draws: http://miamiopen.com/order-of-play-and-draws…[View]
74871091/f1/ q3: Stroll btfo Rain soon[View]
74875086LITERALLY the messi of cricket[View]
74875631Apologize. Right. Now.[View]
74875138How GOAT are they going to be in the NBA?[View]
74875062Actually, you don't have to apologize if you don't want to.[View]
74875476Getting pretty good, son. Go ahead, shoot till you miss. >You think if I can get good enough. …[View]
74866594>The US is literally the best in a sport we don't care about Really makes you think. Are Yur…[View]
74850166What's his endgame?[View]
74872754F1 channel: Please FFS can somebody tell me when f1 qualifying is on in England. I don't have s…[View]
74875367Trembling in your boots yet, yuropoors?[View]
74875205That feel when you will never be in a football hooligan gang smashing cunts heads in after the game …[View]
74874907apologize NOW yuropoors[View]
74853735>Sources Close To Griezmann Believe Switch To Manchester United ‘Now A Formality’…[View]
74871570apologize, europe[View]
74875121Have you apologized yet?[View]
74874806How will the state of North Dakota ever recover? also general hockey thread I guess[View]
74874726>tfw too fat and unattractive to watch sports without feeling an utter sense of deprivation and s…[View]
74874890Netherlands: Everyone is screaming for change and adapting to the way football is played. Yet the du…[View]
74875003Post players that disappear for 90% of the season then turn god mode for their national team[View]
74866015The call that saved the USMNT[View]
74874793>Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport claim that Chelsea’s billionaire owner has reached an agreement…[View]
74862792Ready for an assbeating, Kentucky?[View]
74873120What do you think about the Rutherford Raiders?[View]
74873700>skinny >can't shoot off dribble >has no middrange game >incredibly slow shot >c…[View]
74873979OFFICIAL LAUGH AT USMNT THREAD: >playing for chicano fans >b-b-b-build wall Friendly reminde…[View]
74873387when will the international break end? what am i supposed to do this saturday night?[View]
74873881For me, its Income Tax FC http://uk.soccerway.com/teams/india/income-tax/35338/[View]
74868824I TEAR MY HEART OPEN[View]
74871356>tfw you just want your 16 week preseason to start already[View]
74873779>the future soccer GOAT comes from a country that doesn't even care about soccer Lel, yurpoo…[View]
74858642>Patriots 5-1 odds to win the Super Bowl >Second best odds are the fucking Cowboys 10-1 You go…[View]
748731741 on 1 against nerman who wins[View]
74866984>Be 20 years old >Score 70 points >Lose…[View]
7486662828-3: hey bros ill be right back can you hold this lead for me?[View]
74866302>writing USMNT >saying USMNT[View]
74874050ITT: Post things that are worse than the international break[View]
74873767>No footy this weekend[View]
74872662>OFC: Please watch our mediocre football federation. Here were the recent WC qualifying games. ht…[View]
74873800Sports webms: Post that webm, and then post the other one in general a sports webm/gif thread, but b…[View]
74873845He rocks his IROC-Z, he rocks it well...[View]
74864013Devin Booker just scored 70 in a 130 to 120 loss to the Celtics. What a clinic.[View]
74873737>3 points[View]
74862758ITT: players who look like Tarzan but play like Jane[View]
74869091>You will never be an American playing handegg with your friends Why even living? ;_;…[View]
74868769The Chosen One: At one point will we be calling him the GOAT?[View]
74866993Who can stop us?[View]
74859490JUST >Argentina have called up a complete nobody instead of Mauro Icardi >La Albiceleste coach…[View]
74867530Without him, Mexico is fucked[View]
74873366Adenor Leonardo Bacchi aka Tite: >Ecuador 0–3 Brazil, Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa, Quito >Brazi…[View]
74873361Analysis of the game Do Russia chance on World Cup 2018? Match is over with 0:2[View]
74858357>tfw you realize Pep can't do it on an even playing field >tfw lifelong Barca fan since S…[View]
74872702/bundes/liga: still international breazzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZzzzzZ[View]
74872695Misunderstood genius or annoying hack?[View]
74872658You now remember Marshall Henderson[View]
74870771The Suns are a garbage organization: >Suns coach Earl Watson utilized multiple timeouts and inten…[View]
74863364AFL saturday footy: Sydney v Port Adelaide - SCG, 4.35pm St Kilda v Melbourne - Etihad Stadium, 4.35…[View]
74850851>You will NEVER be a proud Mexican warrior Just fuck my shit up, lads.…[View]
74867647Tracy Porter picked me off[View]
74869776I really fucking hate how injury prone basketball players are.[View]
74871060/F1/ - Formula One General - Qualifying Session Edition: /f1/ Quali on now, Q3 underway in like 2.5 …[View]
74844840Spring Koshien Thread? - its not soccer edition: 4th Day is happening now, 3 matches today >High …[View]
74869053What went wrong?[View]
74870165get in here[View]
74859188México Costa Rica: Who wins tonight? Quien gana hoy?[View]
74866664/f1/ - FP3 - Formula 1 General: /f1/ FP3 on now, qualy in _ full hours IMPORTANT POLL: http://www.st…[View]
74868007USA vs Honduras WCQ Thread #3: USA 6 (six) - Honduras 0 Lleget, Dempsey, Bradley, PulisGOAT[View]
74869683BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD: What went wrong?[View]
74862480career ending pregnancy[View]
74863219/3bbg/ - Big Baller Brand general: Official Big Baller Brand general Get in here and watch Lonzo lea…[View]
74830338Sum up a fanbase in one pic[View]
74859881lads LADS no really lads this is a good one i swear lads wait for it lads no really this is gonna be…[View]
74865565>muh spring training record=we da bes Is there any fanbase this delusional?…[View]
74855624Would you make any changes?[View]
74805166/cric/: 100% SUNE[View]
74867234How do you feel about them being our last hope PAChads?[View]
74866580USA vs Honduras WCQ Thread #2: USA 3 - Honduras 0 Lleget, Dempsey, Bradley.[View]
74867756can we all agree that new england has the best sports media?[View]
74861580ITT: We fix our NTs[View]
74862913/cbb/ - March Madness - SEC Edition: Mar. 24th Butler BTFO Baylor BTFO UCLA vs Kentucky 9:39 PM EST …[View]
74867035His problem is that he is built like every American teenage football fullback: Pic related[View]
74866018Post French players who are better than Pogba Hard mode: No Kante[View]
74866394New Little League Coach: Evening guys, I am hoping someone with a baseball coaching background might…[View]
7486402970 points: Creamy nigga just dropped 70 on Bombston.[View]
74860679/f1/ - nonono please edition: /f1/ FRIDAY RUNNING DONE, quali soon(ish) IMPORTANT POLL: http://www.s…[View]
74866266Lonzo Brick[View]
74866466Welcome to the USMNT. If you have any questions please contact Christian Pulisic and he will be happ…[View]
74864774USMNT vs Honduras comfy thread: Let's get away from that cancerous shit that always shows up in…[View]
74864643ITT: Teams that are a walking joke I start: >riBer[View]
74862507What did he mean by this?[View]
74851211Why is this allowed?[View]
74864031>20 years old >70 points in a single game…[View]
74865274Real US-Honduras /comfy/ thread: US up 1-0 already No fucking complaining[View]
74865887LA Galaxy vs West Ham: Bigger club? My friend says LA but he always shits on the epl[View]
74864980Wisconsin vs. Florida game thread[View]
74855512Anybody else hate the Falcons because of that super bowl? I used to be neutral but now I fucking hat…[View]
74818738USA vs Honduras WCQ Early Thread: We need the 3 points or else we are fucked. So many starters are i…[View]
74864793Five: five.[View]
74853255five: five[View]
74855991The New England Patriots will attend the White House on April 19th. Donald Trump will host the Super…[View]
74864524/hoc/: pedosota collapsing at the right time edition[View]
74860851/hoc/: college hockey refpuck edition news: en.khl.ru[View]
74864509/cbg/ where the fuck is the thread edition. We got oregone, we got badgers making names for themselv…[View]
74862258OFFICIAL PHILADELPHIA 76ERS @ CHICAGO BULLS GAMETHREAD: First quarter's almost over. Misery lov…[View]
74861923Fiji vs NewZeeland, Oceania WC qualifier: Get maximum /Comfy/. Also a win here for Fiji and Fiji hav…[View]
74861566Tampa Bay Lightning @ Detroit Red Wings Gamethread: No playoff-series and no heated feelings this se…[View]
74863047>you now remember that an all white team locally from Wisconsin beat an all black team that was u…[View]
74864197>when you change the sliders on NBA2K[View]
74856581Take that L homie[View]
74856329Who can stop the Patriots in the AFC? >AFC East ayyy lmao >AFC North Pittsburgh has never sto…[View]
74857014KOSOVO VS ICELAND MATCHTHREAD1: KOSOVO Ujkani Perdedaj Rrahmani Pnishi Kololli Shala Kryeziu Rashic…[View]
74860708>The object of pure physics is the unfolding of the laws of the intelligible world; the object of…[View]
74853757>golden bench If this was awarded for players, who would win it?[View]
74858870lel: >USA will be a superpower by 2020 >I believe that we will win…[View]
74845229Stadium Food Thread: Big time power move from the Braves on their new stadium. Pic Related is the To…[View]
74863652If you had to give up your boipucci to Lebron James or Steph Curry, who would you choose? Idk, Lebr…[View]
74860755Why has no one busted this slashing POS yet? Tie Domi would have dropped this cunt[View]
74859531One. Year. Dynasty.[View]
74863469>college sports[View]
74852557Remember me?[View]
74855464FIFA hate Oceania: Why do FIFA hate Oceania by making them play against the Argies or any other supe…[View]
74855488Have you wished the GOAT a happy birthday yet, /sp/? *BRADYPOSTERS STAY OUT*[View]
74849477/cbb/ - March Madness - Sweet 16 Edition: Mar. 24th Butler vs North Carolina 7:09 PM EST South Carol…[View]
74853648/nba/ general - .500 SINCE JANUARY edition: DEN: Gallinari (knee) says he will play Friday MIA: Whit…[View]
74862635Best MEME of the decade.[View]
74858286English /epl/ and /bundes/liga: International week Saturday: Plenty of games in England's Leagu…[View]
74861532Yeovil striker Ward suffers a career ending pregnancy http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39387650…[View]
74860593Find a flaw[View]
74862370OH BABY (You)[View]
74856768Why didnt this work?[View]
74837559Make a team (with different players than the ones featured in pic related) that can beat this lineup…[View]
74862126Pay respect to the GOAT: Thank you based Gigi[View]
74860024What's this, fins? I want to play it![View]
74862193Netherlands: How can we take Blind seriously. He has not spine. http://nos.nl/video/2164831-blind-wi…[View]
74860651Post your ideal 2018 National Team XI[View]
74860992qualifier starts 10:30 ET or 3.5 hours: I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN I BEL…[View]
74859593How does /sp/ rate Mancini?[View]
74849986Post the biggest starting xi fuckups in history ill start[View]
74860355Fingers on buzzers, name a famous Canadian athlete[View]
74860870>watch Ireland - Wales >half of players are niggers I always thought you were the white brits…[View]
74855470ITT: Patrician World Cup moments[View]
74840803Nicolino Locche: I've heard about this guy recently. This Argentinian is a monster at dodging. …[View]
74860263Based Trinidad vs Panama game thread: The other Concacaf hex game that's being played[View]
74858971Ireland vs Wales, Thread 2: 0-0 ATM Ireland: Randolph (GK), Coleman (c), Keogh, O Shea, Ward, McClea…[View]
74860639WHO is this man ??[View]
74851138I'm so jealous!: > Why can't the swamplands be as succesful as Germany > Why can…[View]
74824961What is your favorite sport?[View]
74861462https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28t3G2d0hWc >'Comparing MMA and wrestling is like comparing Mass…[View]
74855420Post webms that humiliate, trigger and kills. I'll start.[View]
74851805MOTOGP GENERAL /MGP/ - It never rains in the desert edition: >Viñales PUSHING EEERRY HAAARD >R…[View]
74850787Jimmy Pebbles[View]
74861205Why do basketball players touch each others hands after every free throw? I think this looks kinda g…[View]
74861018How is this not a red card? The ball wasn't anywhere near knee level.[View]
74856974How would be /sp/ if Argentina got eliminated by Tahiti at Monumental in WCQ Repechage?[View]
74834157Is this even human[View]
74856160Italy vs Albania gamethread: get in here lads starting in 1 bong[View]
74853285Alright lads, the first 2017 matchday for the UEFA 2018 WC qualifying starts today. Today's mat…[View]
74858142BaTmAn*LoKo celebrating his goal by throwing a flashbang and getting blinded like in CSGO.: Why can…[View]
74860732>Boreball http://m.mlb.com/cutfour/2017/03/24/220750934/yoan-moncada-eats-up-to-85-twinkies-a-wee…[View]
74841587Google an athlete without using their name Post results[View]
74853043/f1/ - nobody is happy edition: /f1/ FRIDAY RUNNING DONE, FP3 SOON IMPORTANT POLL: http://www.strawp…[View]
74855440Messi saves the day, episode #435431 How can anyone say he is not the GOAT?[View]
74860153What's this name again? Is this pic real?[View]
74853546ITT: We post the greatest moments in our club/franchise history. any sport allowed: I'll start …[View]
74859763Reminder that watching male sports is borderline homosexual. Women's sports are superior.[View]
74853273>Eden Hazard Out >De Bruyne Out >Meunier Out(not much of a deal but the subs are much trash…[View]
74858059Croatia vs Ukraine gamethread: Croatia: Subašić, Pivarić, Mitrović, Vida, Jedvaj, Badelj, Modrić, Ra…[View]
74856861Austria V Moldova official game thread. Burgstaller, our god edition Austria: Lindner (GK), Dragovic…[View]
74856699SPAIN vs ISRAEL: Official Match Discussion: http://int.soccerway.com/matches/2017/03/24/europe/wc-qu…[View]
74859431um... what did he mean by this?[View]
74859632For me, it's DeMar DeRozan.[View]
74857456Biscuits World Cup: Biscuits WORLD CUP is a sport, get voting https://twitter.com/richardosman/statu…[View]
74859377>yfw da bearss win da superb owl >yfw da janitor will die a lonely death mourned by no-one whi…[View]
74856485Ireland V Wales official game thread. 2-2 Ireland Victory edition. Ireland: Randolph (GK), Coleman (…[View]
74857254Why is he such a scumbag?[View]
74854932/tennis/ Miami Open: Men 12:00 Anderson - Nishikori (2) 12:10 Fognini - Sousa (30) 12:30 Carreno-Bus…[View]
74852882An Analysis on Lavar Ball: For those of you who don't know Lavar Ball. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
74858175>cucking Wales twice in one month >in two sports >both of which are minority sports here Fe…[View]
74855995Yearly reminder that your team is irrelevant if snoop dogg has never worn its jersey >padres…[View]
74830986/mlb/ - THE Duke MVP edition: >having to get carried by a canadian player to win against your own…[View]
74857974Paki bro stumbled on something big: Messi is Bojan Kirkic, then where is the real Messi?[View]
74857782>best in the world at rugby union >best in the world at F1 >best at the world in boxing …[View]
74854442If Klay Thompson always humilliates Hardick in direct encounters. Why is Hardick an MVP candidate wh…[View]
74844309/HEEM/ NATTY Tibau Edition: Heeminder: Tibau 30-27'd Khabib Upcoming events: 3/25: Glory 39 - D…[View]
74856597Spain vs Israel OFFICIAL game thread: Spain XI: Cañizares, Puyol, Marchena, Bravo, Juanito, Xabi Alo…[View]
74853896Would you do the same for your favorite athlete, /sp/?[View]
74855460>It's an international break episode[View]
74857090this has to be the biggest cocksucker cunt in the history of the fucking sport, closely followed by …[View]
74850713Which was the more embarrassing lost?[View]
74846859Toronto Thread: Baseball starting soon, Leafs and Raptors in the playoffs. I don't know if my m…[View]
74853558>'I’ve played for the best team in England, the best team in Spain and the best team in Germany. …[View]
74854466Georgia vs Serbia gamethread[View]
74856444>Tfw Chelsea sign Verratti and Griezmann[View]
74856252Who did this?[View]
74856199The call that saved the USMNT[View]
74854772ITT we post athletes who are not actual athletes I'll start[View]
74847721What would have happened if he stayed in Cleveland?[View]
74855679>international break training ground injury[View]
74854980Turkey 2 v 0 Finland gamethread. 15 minutes.[View]
74856009post players who people think are bad but are actually solid[View]
74854044where was you when no one gave me job, no?[View]
74855828Maxwell and Ibrahimovic played together at four different clubs. Coincidence?[View]
74854390Sup /sp/. Make this image sports-related.[View]
74846147this match ended 0x0: Explain it to me[View]
74855122Is Toronto the greatest sports town in all of the world? I think so...[View]
74854771/tennis/: miami[View]
74832909If you were to choose a team from two countries which two countries could make the strongest team an…[View]
74846096Name your sport Tell us the most important skill in your sport[View]
74853877Will they win their first WC next year?[View]
74830147Aside from sacking Strachan, how else would you fix Scottish football?[View]
74853590> 1-4[View]
74849221The Christian God prevails: All Jesuit regional final.[View]
74845776winter olympics are not real olympic games and you fucking know it[View]
74855190DEUS VULT[View]
74845689>Brazil is literally the best football country right fucking now Apologize, lesser beings.…[View]
74852623E3 Catalunya: Two big races. Catalunya GC: 1. TJVG 2. Sanchez 0.41 3. Thomas 0.44 4. Valverde 0.45 5…[View]
74854472Really makes you think huh[View]
74854203For me, it's Gilberto[View]
74854540Look at the face of the next Ballon D'Or. It's unavoidable at this point. How does this ma…[View]
74823625/tennis/: Players out: Murray Djokovic Tsonga Draw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Miami_Open_%E…[View]
74852322Will Giannis takeover the league in the next few years when LeBrons done? If Giannis continues at th…[View]
74854388Well /sp/, how would you stop Chad Thundercock?[View]
74854265NFL ELIMINATING 4 HOUR GAMES: The NFL made headlines last year for poor ratings during the regular s…[View]
74837287What is this formation called?[View]
74849404NRL Friday Night Thread: Penrith Panthers vs Newcastle Knights 6:00pm AEDT Brisbane Broncos vs Canbe…[View]
74843231Greetings underlings of lesser nations! How does it feel to know that as soon as next year you will …[View]
74852939DEATH JUMP IN PLANICA Today: Single event Tomorrow: Team event Sunday: Single even What is death jum…[View]
74852437the fuck?[View]
74853904Why is this allowed?[View]
74853958AFC qualifiers thread >tfw anyone but uzbekistan >mfw 5-1 >but the thought of giving borat …[View]
74849243>Implying the winner of this Holy Catholic Elite Eight matchup won't be the ordained victor …[View]
74847663/hoc/ Jesse Puljujärvi edition[View]
74852782Ski Jumping - Planica HS225 1st Individual: Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSZ9Euf0je…[View]
74853397Karma This is what you get for diddling Cavani[View]
74853841The greatest family in the history of sports.[View]
74846076In what ways is bandy not better than ice hockey?[View]
74834890/nba/ general - WEST IS BEST edition: PHX: Alan Williams (illness) expects to play MIA: Hassan White…[View]
74853666Daily reminder GOAT Lavar Ball scored more points in college then Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Tracy M…[View]
74846781What do you guys think of /UNC/: I'm nervous we will lose tomorrow DESU.[View]
7485313371 days until we win the Champions League[View]
74846813>mfw we will win 2018 and shove the 7-1 = 6 meme in your faces[View]
74853341MARCH MADNESS GENERAL THREAD: Purdue BTFO Edition: Games Tonight: NC (1) vs. Butler (4) Tip Off 7:09…[View]
74852589Why are SA teams so hard for us?[View]
74834725>England >invent soccer >suck at it >invent rugby >suck at it >invent cricket …[View]
74842509Why doesn't /sp/ rate Courtois? It's always >De Gay or Buffon or Neuer, but never this …[View]
74850103/f1/ - can Ferrari save us edition: /f1/ FP1 DONE FP2 ON NOW Countdown to Melbourne: >whenisf1on.…[View]
74852972John Stones[View]
74839741Argentina out of the World Cup: AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH >MESSI…[View]
74852850For me it's Sport Boys Ass.[View]
74849147X GON GIVE IT TO YA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkOJ9uNj9EY[View]
74848277The New England Patriots are officially Reddits team[View]
74830416NRL Thursday Night Football: South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Sydney Roosters 8:00pm at ANZ Stadium[View]
74806981/NRL/ GENERAL - Yvonne Sampson Edition: Team Lists this week have been announced for this weeks matc…[View]
74836811This is what international break does to a person. Are you happy, /sp/? Are you happy, UEFA?[View]
748524692017 - Year of /OurGuys/: >Tim Bradley wins the Owl >America Wins the World Baseball Meme >…[View]
74849383>mfw I would have won my bracket and almost $1000 if West Virginia won[View]
74852583I want to kill myself: Berizzo when?[View]
74835237Uruguay: >tfw we're going to lose today fuck[View]
74852511For me, its Eden Hazard[View]
74850479AFL THREAD: Friday Night, Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs. Right now you can get 220% interest backi…[View]
74851381Should national teams ideally made up entirely of the best club team in the country? Has this ever b…[View]
74846124Why were Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the USSR so good at fooball but now all the nations that for…[View]
74852416ANY LAST WORDS FOXES??[View]
74850857Who is the most successful multi-sport athlete?[View]
74846161can't wait to humiliate Germany and get our revenge and then the world cup 6 stars keep trying…[View]
74842887How do we stop them /sp/? They just keep winning![View]
74851214Did you see that ludicrous display last night?[View]
74852031/bundes/liga: Former 'Die Mannschaft' striker Kevin Kuranyi ends his professional career >Hajime …[View]
74833056APOLOGIZE Starting in the 18/19 season they get 4 CL spots > https://forzaitalianfootball.com/201…[View]
74851250Players in the wrong jerseys: I'll start[View]
74840070The Success of the World Baseball Classic: >--Over one million people attended the games >--2.…[View]
74850247For me, it's Troopz.[View]
74828814AFL THREAD: Tonight...Carlton will get their shit pushed in by Richmond, aint no question about it. …[View]
74846967Does he transcend basketball itself? I think he might be better than LeBron already. Like if they we…[View]
74807231/rug/ - Return of the Pro12 edition: The most prestigious and coveted title in club rugby is back. G…[View]
74845464>goes missing >teammate dives for pen >scores it >goes missing again is he the biggest f…[View]
74850115Will Jay Cutler lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl?[View]
74847132/f1/ - plz no HWL edition: FP1 DONE FP2 SOON HWL seems likely edition Countdown to Melbourne: >wh…[View]
74846728post yfw da bears win da superb owl[View]
74754946Post your best football webms >inb4 handegg[View]
74849209We will he be gone before Midnight PST?[View]
74849532>The WC was 3 years ago[View]
74845688neymar god: Everybody talking about Messhit* but not about Neymar wtf *refball[View]
74849428>Sean Miller >Still employed at Arizona[View]
74849133What part of Ohio you from lads?[View]
74849246How can one state lose so much?[View]
74849154First we gonna ROCK, then we gonna ROLL Then we let it POP, DON'T LET IT GO[View]
74848927We'll never defeat Germanistan this way We're screwed[View]
74849164>Zona fucking up my perfect bracket[View]
74834708Why do the Japanese enjoy baseball so much? This isn't a sleight against the sport; just wonder…[View]
74847553(3) Oregon Ducks 69, (7) Michigan Wolverines 68 (1) Kansas Jayhawks vs. (4) Purdue Boilermakers, 9:3…[View]
74843855germany, your day are coming.[View]
74818079The time has come to finally put this shit to rest, who's better?[View]
74845368Your Argentina vs Chile Man of the Match[View]
74845397The only reason Argentina have any points[View]
74847583>his country isn't qualified to 2018 WC[View]
74842559/hoc/: bizarro pulju edition[View]
74841905Official Dallas Stars @ Chicago Blackhawks Game Thread: 7:30 Game Start >Konroyd on the pregame s…[View]

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