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74332544Champions League: Not sure which match I'm going to watch today. Do I want to see the final exp…[View]
74325519How can literally 1 (one) board be so wrong?[View]
74333859Just started working out: Hey guys.im 17 and just started working out. My usual routine for abs is 4…[View]
74333613WALK UP MUSIC: For those unfamiliar with baseball, players gets to choose in advance what 'walk up m…[View]
74323842You can't really argue against this[View]
74321281A ginger prick manlet is the best footballer that has ever lived Who would've thought[View]
74321890These are Iranian chess grandmasters Dorsa and Borna Derakhshani. They were both permanently banned …[View]
74327083Nationality of Champions League winning managers: >no france >no portugal >scotland >arg…[View]
74328806why does the goat make you so mad /sp/?[View]
74332325Verratti in talks with Barça; Enrique choose Gomes instead: http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/…[View]
74332420you are cut good luck in Korea[View]
74333322It's autism…right?[View]
74327635Why does /sp/ not rate him?[View]
74328041NBA TRADE SEASON[View]
74309876>mfw spring is here >mfw baseball spring training in the next few years >mfw based ball is …[View]
74332578Will Tiger Woods ever be great again?[View]
74332990why is he so underrated[View]
74326640Everyone memes on Stones but this guy is just as bad[View]
74323805>tfw they want you to get rid of Tony Romo >tfw you don't want to get rid of Tony Romo Wh…[View]
74332426>kick is good[View]
74327309Meanwhile in the red half of Manchester...[View]
74328109Why did they wear sweatshirts with their names on them? Arent they like big, easily recognizable, su…[View]
74325208>otamendi and stones arriving in the stadium[View]
74332535If Barcelona are so bad defensively, why have they conceded less Goals than Real Madrid with 2 more …[View]
74332712>tfw NFC East[View]
74326712Don't we have the science to robocop this guy back to fitness? Imagine how good City would be i…[View]
74326193Manchester City celebration thread: Where were you when /sp/ got exposed?[View]
74329634Official H-Town Thread: Are we finally not a laughing stock?[View]
74326665Monaco > $hitty This is objective[View]
74256145/mls/ general & /ayy/ - TWO WEEKS NOTICE edition: http://fctucson.com/team/2017-mls-preseason-in…[View]
74325040stones is elite la next john terry la[View]
74323527Poop: Describe this man with one word[View]
74319192TV executive talked to Roger Goodell about speeding up NFL games: >Yuroshitposting got so bad the…[View]
74327441so now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that pic related is the G.O.A.T. QB barring Rodge…[View]
74328239>mfw legod gets one for da land[View]
74317393Fighting sports this is true[View]
74322197Man Utd fans, why is he never in the discussion when talking about your best players of all time? No…[View]
74327387What exactly is the appeal of sports?[View]
74326261TORRES: TORRES thread, lads. You know what to do.[View]
74313822NBA Best player ever by team (no repeated players allowed): >Hawks: Bob Pettit >Celtics: Bill …[View]
74331477Tom brady is a God among men[View]
74328367/nba/ General: COUNTDOWN EDITION: >The 2017 NBA Trade Deadline is Thursday, Feb. 23 at 3 p.m. ET.…[View]
74326903This man is literally the definition of punished.[View]
74320782>beat the Rams, Eagles, Panthers, Seahawks and Falcons >lose to the Giants Does his superbowl …[View]
74328835>only 2 goat threads Gotta pump up those numbers[View]
74323840What's the problem?[View]
74328230wild vs hawks: Part II[View]
74327300What's his damn problem?[View]
74330296Legendary manager thread: >post favourite managers of all time[View]
74327889Jets @ Maple Leafs: JETS @ MAPLE LEAFS LAINE VERSUS MATHEWS - THE REMATCH! Jets (28-29-5) (61 Points…[View]
74328211New York Islanders @ Detroit Red Wings Gamethread: Non-comfy posters can go to bed instead[View]
74330095>mfw an american football quarterback wasn't tom brady near me[View]
74327739Montreal Canadiens @ New York Rangers (NHL): ORIGINAL SIX RIVALRY NIGHT ''Surely the Mont…[View]
74277461When are you going to get on the Brady diet?[View]
74320914/heem/ Schaub edition: https://twitter.com/brendanschaub https://twitter.com/bryancallen www.bjpenn.…[View]
74325125>Why can't my striker just run past 2 banks of 4?[View]
74323894Post a better U-20 team than this Pro tip: you can't[View]
74328981why is this not illegal?: he looks like Muhammad Ali in Barcelona 92. Serioulsy, autistic people sho…[View]
74327104Monaco: All memes aside, what did you think of them tonight ? Keep in mind that their attack was at …[View]
74327994Jest @ Laffs Official Game Thread: Connor Brown is elite. Get ready for a comfy Canadian matchup.…[View]
74323696So lads, place your bets: Which team will buy him for obscene money, bench him/loan him/play him wro…[View]
74313697/mlb/ general - Greatest Pitcher of our Generation Edition: LA:Dodgers make Franklin Gutierrez deal …[View]
74327693>People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer. But now, yeah, I…[View]
74326826Rate my CPL team of the week :^)[View]
74326332So, which overrated English team will pay 95M€ for this guy next summer?[View]
74320659We got him.[View]
74327582For me, it's Le Cheeky Pie Man.[View]
74322090I know the match just started but LGTSS early. >Neverkusen[View]
74326457Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid 2009: Will liverpool ever be this good again? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
74325599After seeing the latest matches in europe, is actual defending dead in football?[View]
74327330Daily reminder[View]
74326401How do we reverse the curse?[View]
74256550All 5 of my teams lost to one man.[View]
74327154Sport ads thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JQMvRYY760[View]
74325721City vs Monaco thread 5: >City 5 - 3 Monaco Please consider a prayer and a hearty kek for /sp/…[View]
74278706Who is hotter, Brady or Ronaldo? Are they the hottest GOATs of all time?[View]
74326769Why do major sports leagues protect their refs and umpires so much? Why can't the players even …[View]
74320030Injuring someone?: For those who play sports, have you already badly injured someone? I'm a fig…[View]
74326571>two great games on today >thought they would be shit so went to uni orientation instead…[View]
74326874what does he mean by this?[View]
74325014>Le only successful when coaching stacked teams man.[View]
74326748Would you?[View]
74321646Gamethread: Have a good time[View]
74326468Leave cardiff to me[View]
74326363amerifats btfo: >14 goals in 2 games >t-this semen slurping sport isn't for me guys…[View]
74326387>/sp/ was wrong about City >/sp/ was wrong about PSG You JUST know…[View]
74325209>tfw to intelligent too win[View]
74325555The call that saved Monaco[View]
74326266I TRIED SO HARD[View]
74325700what part of Manchester are you from?[View]
74326297be afraid, be very afraid you little Italian fucker[View]
74326280/eg/ - Exposed General[View]
74316393Monaco celebration thread: I know the match hasn't even started yet but fuck it we did it. also…[View]
74325844Reminder that this was NOT a catch.[View]
74325870>tfw to intelligent four /sp/[View]
74323675>tfw Porto supporter >tfw watching City vs Monaco >tfw Falcão scores with his head >tfw …[View]
74326005>yfw da bearss win da superb owl[View]
74325921why did you doubt me /sp/ ?[View]
74325826>this matchday[View]
74286738/epl + efl/: Let's get all the non-league and league in here together[View]
74325542apologize right now[View]
74325327>tfw BOTH teams have a shit defense, so the game is 3-3 before 75 minutes Seriously, how bad can …[View]
74323799/bundes/liga: Leverkusen are hosting Atlético as we speak. Schalke - PAOK @18:00 tomorrow (Wednesday…[View]
74323617Leave England coefficient to us[View]
74323780Friendly reminder that we MUST stick together[View]
74320962Magic Johnson is now the President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers[View]
74324912/eeg/ - Eternal Exposed General: At this point he just loves it, isn't it?[View]
74322545/Champions/ Round of 16: Atletico Madrid - Bayern Leverkusen (20:45) Manchester City - Monaco (20:45…[View]
74320575Why can't Canada ever win Stanley Cup? I thought you guys liked and were good at hockey[View]
74315900Liverpool thread: Who ready for Leicester to get REKT?[View]
74314475>tfw no real football until september What sport do we watch now, ameribros?…[View]
74324098Please Tell me a better top4 (same league) Protip: You can't[View]
74318825>tfw powerless to stop your idiot GM[View]
74323895Manchester City - Monaco official gamethread #2: 1 - 2 Sterling for city Falcao and Mbappe for Monac…[View]
74323620is the french league elite?: i for one welcome our new overlords[View]
74323926>English >Premier >League…[View]
74323811Miss me yet?[View]
74323345APOLOGIZE >City defense K E K E K[View]
74323337/exp/ - Exposed General: How can one man get exposed so often?[View]
74321129Official Manchester City vs Monaco Champions League match thread 1: >City Caballero, Sagna, Stone…[View]
74323602APOLOGIZE The two best teams in the world play in this league[View]
74323407Best I can give you is a draw at home against Monaco and a 4th place finish[View]
74323369>Not using the hexagon formation[View]
74313049You now remember Van Bommel[View]
74291764Eternal /trb/ There was an attempt: Old thread: >>74262957 'Useful' /trb/ related links: http:…[View]
74317471/sl/: Super League General. What are your tips for this weekend?[View]
74314922Canelo vs Chavez Mexican civil war Who ya got? Very interested to hear from Mexican flags here. Can…[View]
74322555The new Messi. I think it's great the way he's evolved so naturally into a fashion god, I …[View]
74313532What's his problem?[View]
74313281>Thousands of spectators and on-lookers packed overpasses along the procession's journey wai…[View]
74310984Do you watch games in the stadium? Share your experience[View]
74319891Haven't been actively watching basketball since 2012, how do I catch up? Only thing I've w…[View]
74321434Who is your favorite mom white athlete in the world today[View]
74321848Name animals..: Name animals you'd think different footballers would turn into[View]
74320410Anyone here do BJJ? I started about 1.5 months ago and I'm loving it. I was rolling with a blue…[View]
74314548Messi wants di Maria signed: http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/769542/Barcelona-Transfer-News-…[View]
74322041For me, it's Shanghai SIPG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35FiLbPwiBY[View]
74318916/f1/ - Formula One General - Launch Week Edition #2: Countdown to Aus >http://www.f1countdown.com…[View]
74247224>Patriots win the Super Bowl >Bruins win the Stanley Cup >Celtics win the NBA Finals >Re…[View]
74315336Girl you can tell everybody Yeah you can tell everybody Go ahead and tell everybody[View]
74320045I TRIED SO HARD[View]
74317278Seriously though, what would happen if they get relegated? Will Boccelli sing 'Time To Say Goodbye' …[View]
74316311Hey, I'm a total football amateur. I'll tell you the players whose names I can recall, pl…[View]
74315754Joe Mixon: Is it just me or does it seem like Joe Mixon's situation is fucked? Hear me out on t…[View]
74316820World class strikers: I'll just leave this here...[View]
74321647>tfw too intelligent to be a City fan[View]
74321366American here. After a couple years of following the Big 4 leagues and having no particular reason t…[View]
74311960What did Argentina mean by this?[View]
74316644/nba/ - Let's Make A Deal Edition: NY:ESPN: Wolves inquire about Derrick Rose LAC:BOS not expec…[View]
74320616>muh banter[View]
74320184Will there ever be a CL winner again out of the big 4 leagues? I reckon PSG is getting closer, but s…[View]
74320844Not that shocking[View]
74296300Are they really just going to get another free champions league?[View]
74319840Happy, /sp/?: https://twitter.com/SkySportsNewsHQ/status/834071424130248706[View]
74316812For me it's chikarito[View]
74321143Which should I choose?: Which one should I pick? Is there any difference? 1: https://www.amazon.de/S…[View]
74217429/cbb/ general - DUNK MEMES edition: Schedules, rankings, bants. Your team sucks.[View]
74264065Eternal /fifa/ thread: Refresh edition >CANADIAN AUTIST sub edition…[View]
74319027>Juventus will never will another UCL again[View]
74320506is he the best player in the world once again?[View]
74320317>In soccer you can be criminally investigated and forced to resign for taking a quick bite to eat…[View]
74308768I've had 2k16 for 'free' on PS4 for awhile now, is it worth paying 50 bucks for the new one? Is…[View]
74314325who was in the wrong here?[View]
74295452>half the threads on /sp/ right now are Patriots or Tom Brady related Truly the best timeline…[View]
74314757/heem/: khabib edition: Upcoming events: 2/24: Glory 38 - Vakhitov vs Cavalari 2/24: Bellator 173 - …[View]
74320585Foreign Automotive '''sports''': >Euro and Spic countries bickering and hollering about their fav…[View]
74320492>What do you think of my TSUgatti anon?[View]
74317698Netherlands shitlands: FINALLY!!! Finally people have woken up and accepted Dutch club football need…[View]
74316451>Cricket fans[View]
74320013EPL Probability: >arsenal >1% of wining the league…[View]
74311236is Messi the biggest trendsetter in the world?[View]
74298099/afl/ General: will gook moot allow me to create this thread? why is he so ABstraya lads? also who h…[View]
74272575How the f*** do we stop him?[View]
74247709If Pats trade Gronk for Watt who wins the trade, Pats or Toxins?[View]
74307924So /SP/, is he right? Is the earth flat?[View]
74317597Why is Arsenal such a scummy club? https://twitter.com/SamElliott_NLP/status/833806322147680260[View]
74317786you now remember that Bayern Munich is winning the treble and there's nothing anyone can do abo…[View]
74309579>I want to retire a Sacramento King JUST[View]
74319633What happened to /us/ How do we go from a top 4-6 side to being relegated? Someone explain this!! Ar…[View]
74267539Reminder that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. orchestrated the greatest comeback in sports history w…[View]
74287483Name the band[View]
74320066The pelican bandwagon is loading up, get on pussy[View]
74294448(POLL) Ranking Superb Owl 51: While listening to the ongoing debate that LI was the greatest Superb …[View]
74319773Pieman got well and truly JUSTed http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/fa-league-cups/sutton-u…[View]
74313533>fair catch[View]
74316826Do you think there's a chance for barça?[View]
74319637For me, it's Nantwich Town FC[View]
74317934This actually happened.[View]
74319442/RMG/: Occasional reminder that we are ; The most successful club in the world 5 Club World Cup The …[View]
74318143what is this expression trying to convey?[View]
74319186Discus and shotput are the ultimate tests of strength, dexterity and focus, prove me wrong[View]
74319350Today I will remind /sp/[View]
74311428Sutton United - Arsenal: 0-2[View]
74306827/f1/ - Formula One General - Launch Week Edition: Countdown to Aus >http://www.f1countdown.com/ A…[View]
74268598Can someone give me a quick rundown of this guy[View]
74217951/tennis/: Rotterdam 11:10 1R Mahut - Simon 11:10 1R Kohlschreiber - Pouille (8) 12:40 1R Klizan - Ve…[View]
74318575SB51: Epic Comeback or Epic Choke?: Just wondering what your opinion is here. https://www.strawpoll.…[View]
74309617/bundes/liga: today: >2nd bundes 1860 - nürnberg (20:15 cet)[View]
74309301Slip inside the eye of your mind[View]
74280387/box/ - Broner vs. Granados Official Fight Thread: From the Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (…[View]
74260113>10 titles in 15 years When will Boston's next Championship happen? I'm guessing the Pa…[View]
74313916This is the asian time... I'll take the opportunity to ask to asians. Serious question, why are…[View]
74286280/cric/: Australia 173 (20 ov) Sri Lanka 42/5 (5.2/20 ov) South Africa beat NZ by 4 wickets (with 1 b…[View]
74287894Bill: Bill[View]
74317463>australian sawker[View]
74262865OFFICIAL 21ST CENTURY SPORTS CITY POWER RANKINGS: 1. Boston 2. Los Angeles 3. Chicago 4. San Francis…[View]
74276644He gives me hope[View]
74266916Anybody else hate the Atlanta Falcons for losing that Super Bowl? I used to be neutral with the Falc…[View]
74312555The next Ronda Rousey?[View]
74305750This is the event your grandhchildren will ask you about.[View]
74317194HAHAHAHAHAHA, is it time again? >north americans in charge of hockey[View]
74317140>yfw da bearss win daa superb owl[View]
74315621>Anon, run across the middle.: What do?[View]
74315925February 21 proline: Who you got, /sp/? Pick 3, go up to a max of 6. 4 ties max, basketball is if th…[View]
74306802Tell me about this individual[View]
74316620ABAs BTFO: Notice how quiet ABAs have gotten after last night's dominant display? I think we ca…[View]
74314344/nba/ - Bahama Kobe Edition: CHI:Jimmy Butler feels he'll remain in Chicago NO:DeMarcus Cousins…[View]
74267309/rug/ - Super Rugby Countdown Edition: SUPER RUGBY ROUND 1 >Thursday 23 February 20:45 Rebels v B…[View]
74256416Will Brady win 7 rings?[View]
74315649Sports cities better than Sacramento: San Diego reporting in. We may have lost an NFL team, but we a…[View]
74305614Post the currently most hated person in your favorite sport. I'll start: >Boxing - Andre 'S.…[View]
74313443Would Tom Brady be the most dominate pitcher if he was to play baseball?[View]
74293662College fight songs: Does anyone have any favorite college fight songs https://youtu.be/74aByqonEiM…[View]
74260367We might as well just rename this board '/bs/ - boston sports'. This board is so obsessed with the …[View]
74290742Tim Brody: How many times do you think Brady has shitposted on this Honduran basket weaving board? I…[View]
74248657>eleven (11) days since our last championship >no end to the drought in sight How the FUCK do …[View]
74314718RIP KD[View]
74315188When did this become the BET sports channel?[View]
74315352lmao I didn't realize they let little white girls dominate basketball[View]
74303753What the fuck was he thinking?[View]
74314038>tfw you have to keep renaming your boat every season[View]
74289819Your daily reminder that this happened.[View]
74315139Is KD the biggest cuck in NBA?[View]
74311610Do your patriotic duty, /sp/.[View]
74305493Heem general: Bjpenn.com Embedded https://youtu.be/dk-90wFiWs4[View]
74252724So i always see alot of patriots threads and Boston threads why are they the best at everything?[View]
74277454Tom Brady: Tom Brady[View]
74288104Can somebody please stop the Patriots this year? Which team has the best chance to take down the Pat…[View]
74296101>tfw no championship to win this week[View]
74309375What is it like to wake up every day and deny his greatness rather than bask in his glory? Must be a…[View]
74314369Is cartelball a good league?[View]
74311558Who's gonna be ready for >swept in 7 > by lelicans…[View]
74314619This man works wonders with almost no money compared to his competitors in the league. When will he …[View]
74301929mfw The Coach Cassidy Era is 4-0 and the Bruins are an elite team in the NHL again[View]
74256438Be honest. Who could stop him?[View]
74309185Heem general: Heem general Anonymous 02/20/17(Mon)05:08:35 No.74305493▶ Bjpenn.com Embedded https://…[View]
74314420How 2 handle defeat? Chile will literally kick us out of 2018's WC in a month.[View]
74304868Would you rather have 2017 CR7 or Fat Ronaldo on your team?[View]
74273527You can't argue with this[View]
74307163You know remember Anthony Bennett[View]
74314330RETOURNE.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjx8RY7_NQ4[View]
74286233People that should have won the Ballon Door: Miloto - 2010[View]
74308224/NBA/ GENERAL: >Ainge EDITION[View]
74313939The Return of The King.[View]
74313959>just a reminder this literally happened[View]
74295650/mlb/ general - FOR ALL YOUR BASEBALL NEEDS: NYY: Yankees sign Jon Niese to minor league deal BAL: O…[View]
74313571who here remembers this piece of shit?[View]
74313899>Shittest team in the NBA >Run by an Indian Pottery…[View]
74313853>... Toss to White... ... HEEEEEEE'S IN! Patriots win the Super Bowl. Brady has his fifth, a…[View]
74313852Can I talk anyone into agreeing that this is *sort of* a win-win for both teams? >Darren Collison…[View]
74306949I love how now everyone wants us back: You have shit teams like the Kings and Nets taking up space i…[View]
74304375ITT: Teams that you can't believe have won a title at some point in time Any sport can apply[View]
74305952Who is your club buying this summer? Bet it's not Griezmann.[View]
74305887Who can stop them?[View]
74302101>its another Boston wins in dramatic fashion episode They can't keep getting away with it…[View]
74299098>34 Goals in 32 Games Apologize[View]
74313286Why does Sam Bradford look like a cereal killer?[View]
74313063>tfw the bad guys always lose Any team that gets sponsored by the s*n deserves to get humiliated.…[View]
74307047Should NBA teams have a white quota?[View]
74309293OFFICIAL NEWCASTLE UNITED v ASTON VILLA MATCH THREAD: Two former Premier League stalwarts who look t…[View]
74307382I want do get faster on short distances. What would be a good training? What training methods do pro…[View]
74305235leave the 2018 worldc up to me[View]
74312346https://youtu.be/3-TViAUdcGs?t=148 >'I had a better deal two days ago' >....'than what you got…[View]
74298920For me Tony Cruz[View]
74306705If cronaldo win this year's CL and gets his 5th Ballon D'or, (and then none of Messi/CR wi…[View]
74310221SUTTON UNITED vs ARSENAL: 0-0[View]
74311298What will become of him in the post Wenger era?[View]
74308684>Zinedine Zidane? I'm not a fan.[View]
74306515name 3 (three) players who aren't cheryshev[View]
74300309/hoc/: finnish fine art edition[View]
74306066for me it's shinji ono[View]
74308295Why does Barca like have criminals on their team? http://www.espnfc.com/barcelona/story/3064974/barc…[View]
74308007For me, it's the Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum®[View]
74309022OFFICIAL FA CUP FIFTH ROUND: SUTTON UNITED v ARSENAL MATCH THREAD: Fresh off removing Leeds United l…[View]
74301178MEMEBALL 2017 - Stick to the Script Edition: >New Orleans All Star Game >Feed the ball to the …[View]
74308343SOON: SOON[View]
74307904On a scale of 1-10, how fucked are we this year? The only pitchers we really have are Carlos and the…[View]
74308665What are some current or previous franchises that had smart management? Like teams that managed to c…[View]
74307973103 days until we win the Champions League[View]
74306239>tfw le invisible man is a world champ It makes me question reality itself…[View]
74300191Does /sp/ collect sports cards? Have you ever? Post collections, stories, etc.[View]
74305671so this is.. the power of le masia.... whoa...[View]
74305367Has he surpassed Gerrard?[View]
74307614You now remember Jorge Posada[View]
74291538What does /sp/ think about Generation 1987 (Benzema, Nasri, Ben Arfa & Menez)[View]
74307090What did he mean by this? What if Sutton beat Arsenal? Would they ever recover?[View]
74306158>leave destroying barcelona to me[View]
74294907Is there anything more embarrassing in sports than airballing a free throw/jump shot in Basketball?[View]
74306549Itt: players (from your cunt) you wish the best. For me it's Łukasz Teodorczyk. GOAT in next 1-…[View]
74306112La Liga Ideal thread: For me it's: Athletic Atlético Madrid Barcelona Celta Deportivo A Corun…[View]
74304924This is my Superbowl Champion T.E[View]
74307363The biggest winner of the Cousins trade: Thanks again Sam Hinkie 'Da Gawd' Kings might not win anoth…[View]
74305810Messi won't resign until Mathieu, Gomes, Digne and Enrique leave: http://www.express.co.uk/spor…[View]
74308847#wengerin Celebration Thread: i know the game hasn't even started yet but fuck it, we did it la…[View]
74301850>''''touch'''''''''''down''''''''' >neither the ball nor the ball carrier needs to actually 't…[View]
74307257What is this haircut trying to convey?[View]
74269087Prove me wrong, /sp/![View]
74304827What went wrong?[View]
74304625*goes 4-0*[View]
74309101Football fan conversation: Hiya lads, is anyone watching the big game tonight? Bloody love football …[View]
74306057>You will never live Superb Owl LI again Why even live ?[View]
74306149What do you think of the work of this cameraman? :~)[View]
74297601Who here grew up watching and playing football (soccer) and now is getting tired of it? I can't…[View]
74308412Have you praised Mitroglou this afternoon yet? Avé Mitrogolo![View]
74309053How am I doing?[View]
74308896>tfw Ball dynasty is upon us are you ready bros?[View]
74308446Sutton United celebration thread: I know we're just over an hour early but let's celebrate…[View]
74303983I want to die[View]
74309079Trade with NOLA: Thought's on the DeMarcus Cousins trade with New Orleans?[View]
74307166Do you think we can actually stay up?: ST holder and im shitting myself, decent run of 6 away games …[View]
74308359>le 'footy lad' look how contrived. sad![View]
74308215What's his endgame?[View]
74308822The Dolphins will never, ever, win a playoff game as long as this worthless cuck is on the team. …[View]
74307085>'Oh grandpa, please tell us about the GOAT again. How was it to witness the greatest in the hist…[View]
74308185Just a reminder that the Junior Volp Defender Curling tournament is happening[View]
74304186Where will it land in the top ten leagues when it reaches its potential?[View]
74259955Eternal Arsenal Thread: who the hell is sutton united edition. >w-we're not going to lose to…[View]
74293049Best (casual) sport: Does /sp/ into pool? It's clearly the top casual sport. What do you shoot …[View]
74304369/nba/ - A-s-s-e-t-s Edition: Reminder that the Celtics will have to give up everything for Jimmy But…[View]
74259545/nfl/ general - DOPPELGANGER edition: NYJ: Darrelle Revis charged with four felonies PIT: Ladarius G…[View]
74296821reminder this objectively the worst time of year for sports >only sports on are regular season ho…[View]
74308049>yfw da bearss win da superb owl[View]
74285286/f1/ - Formula One General: Countdown to Aus >http://www.f1countdown.com/ Car Launch Dates >Fe…[View]
742665005 cute facts about tom brady: - He's a man! - He's the goat! - I love him!!!!! - Tom!!!!!!…[View]
74304524new aussie football fan: Which team should i support?[View]
74290444why are people acting like he wont architect a 5-0 win vs psg at the new camp?[View]
74272227Why is Lennix Lewis always overlooked when people put together top 10 lists?[View]
74305985today: >2nd bundes 1860 - nürnberg (20:15 cet)[View]
74291108> Already has 24 goals and 7 assists in mid February > Still in the FA Cup, Europa League, the…[View]
74285599What's the funniest football club? My vote is on Liverpool[View]
74305058>enjoying walk around sydney harbour >suddenly stopped by group of ruffian girls >'hold up …[View]
74288585World Club Challenge/General NRL Thread: Wigan Warriors up 10-0 against the Cronulla Sharks. >/nr…[View]
74298846Who can fix this shit? Rowett? Bielsa? Larry David?[View]
74303490where Ronda Rousey fine ass at?[View]
74303438Is it time for the NBA to step in and do something about this franchise?[View]
742606045× Super Bowl champion (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI) 4× Super Bowl MVP (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, LI…[View]
74303152/heem/ - new thread edition: black beast in this hoe[View]
74304963February 20 proline: Who you got, /sp/? Pick 3, go up to a max of 6. 4 ties max, basketball is if th…[View]
74298917How fucked is Wenger if they lose to Sutton? Would it finally be enough for him to go?[View]
74299779Youth sports experiences?: ITT: Sports stories >be me >be beta, 12, fat >just joined youth …[View]
74294780>objectively the greatest ankle breaker of all time >no one ever speaks of it…[View]
74304315CAN SOMEONE PLS EXPLAIN THE MADDEN RANKINGS???? >pic related Sorry, I'm not sure if this is …[View]
74304507Imagine the poor fools in northern california who are fans of these 3 teams[View]
74263853ITT we post GOAT coaches of the future: Pic very much related[View]
74282109>I'm gonna drink a lot of Budweiser tonight, Tracy. What did he mean by this?…[View]
74301095Welcome to Boston.[View]
74304554Guess this is all that is left to happen[View]
74302550ITT: Reddit-4chan teams[View]
74289842/NBA/ GENERAL: A.S.G. EDITION: All-Star Game starts at 7:00 P.M. CST on TNT[View]
74301631Hey guys, did you enjoy the KIA™ All Stars? Remember, the choice of the all american is KIA™. Here w…[View]
743006902017 NBA ASG THREAD #4: Curry btfo edition Westbrook trying to steal MVP from AD[View]
74302268/heem/: someone make the next thread pls OFFICIAL UFC FIGHT NIGHT 105: LEWIS VS. BROWNE THREAD #6 BI…[View]
74301515any packers fans here? i want to kick ur ass[View]
74301131Who can stop him?[View]
74286683For me, it's Joey Barton[View]
74299987Was he really that good? Or is he just a meme?[View]
74299665Garappolo and Brissett: What's /sp/'s opinion on these two, and who will Belichick inevita…[View]
742991182017 NBA All-Star Game 3: Giannis for MVP[View]
74291971If you woke up tomorrow with the powers of Spider-Man, which sport would you take up?[View]
74295504>He's a fan of a team that's not from his state/city or closest neighboring state/city …[View]
74295605Laffs @ Canes Official Game Thread: Connor Brown is elite. Get comfy, lads.[View]
74296277Found this old timer photo. Does anyone know who this is.???[View]
742903012018 Brazil Year: >he honestly believe we wont win 2018[View]
74298772>Tom Brady retires >the Jets, Fins, and Bill are still terrible…[View]
742978062017 NBA All-Star Game Thread #2: 3PEAT INCOMING EDITION[View]
74297967Franchise Mode: Since BTS is never going to come out, are there any good American Football sim games…[View]
74294868Chicago Blackhawks @ Buffalo Sabres Game Thread: 5 PM start time Grab your beer[View]
74295266Official 2017 NBA All Star Game Thread # 1 Tip off: 7:00 PM Eastern, 6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain, 4:…[View]
74297527Canadians rehiring the same coach[View]
74297423Who you got?[View]
74291112Money can't buy you taste[View]
74294989>Brazilian athlete wins a game of any sport >reporter comes to ask him a few qustions >'Fir…[View]
74285606Why does basketball suck so much?[View]
74285114/heem/: >>74283414previous[View]
74296175UFC PRESENTS: FELONY FIGHTS: ufc halifax Wifebeater vs Felon[View]
74293923/heem/: our boy edition: Upcoming events: 2/19: UFC FN 105 - Browne vs Lewis 2/24: Glory 38 - Vakhit…[View]
74289874Rank them.[View]
74295216>visiting london in march >was going to go to palace-spurs to check out a soccer match >gam…[View]
74294525*walks towards Luis Enrique's job*[View]
74295663what if arsenal players lose on purpose for the reactions on arsenalfantv[View]
74291363Make this sports related.[View]
74278756why did the NBA move the all star game out of NC because of transgender bathroom laws but allow the …[View]
74295818The day basketball died[View]
74287177How do you pronounce his name?[View]
74276466/mlb/ - AL > NL edition: Reminder that if you subtract 27 (twenty seven) WS wins from the AL, the…[View]
74294930For those going to the Monaco game[View]
74295366Dear Mr. Irving it is with great pleasure that we inform you that you passed the Duke entrance exam …[View]
74294712So being a dirty foreigner, is there any way I can catch live Baseball streams reliably once the sea…[View]
74295263What is the ultimate sport and why is it weightlifting? >Need to be strong, athletic and powerful…[View]
74295282ITT underrated players[View]
74286126Prove me wrong, /sp/[View]
74293916Official /sp/ - /o/ match thread: /4cc/ winter elite cup[View]
74292308Detroit Red Wings @ Pittsburgh Penguins Gamethread: Stay comfy, or stay away[View]
74294614He doesn't care about club football anymore does he?[View]
74292234Do you like college wrestling /sp/?[View]
74288908What non athlete celebrity is the best at sports? >I remember being 7 and I would spend Christmas…[View]
74289233/nf/ offseason shitposting: >Tom Brady to the Jets >What do…[View]
74292055>still watching barcelona[View]
74291774Barcelona v Leganés Match Thread: Barça Line-up: Ter Stegen, Rakitic, Suárez, Messi, Neymar, Rafinha…[View]
74292361Why do so many NBA players believe the Earth is flat?[View]
74292641On the Premier League and foreign managers: Question to fans of the Premier League: which supposedly…[View]
74292002Daytona 500 Time Trial Qualifying Thread: Time trials to determine the front row for the Daytona 500…[View]
74293942Ladies and gentlemen, your F.C. Barcelona MVP.[View]
742923814CC Winter Elite Cup Day 5: IT'S OUR YEAR LA'S TWAIN IN (for now...)[View]
74281402Why does he hate cancer patients?[View]
74290614OFFICIAL FA CUP QUARTER FINALS DRAW THREAD: In 15 minutes on BT Sport 2 and BBC Radio 5 Live. >Nu…[View]
74293713+180 Odds bet on the Warriors to not win the championship this season. Is it a good bet or can they …[View]
74278405Any real hooligans here?: Any of you britcucks actually get into riots? Is hooligan culture still a …[View]
74292025/tennis/: New week, new thread. One final left today. Rio, Marseille and Delray Beach start tomorro…[View]
74289762This was objectively the worst dunk contest ever right?[View]
74293493*Bails the team out*[View]
74291856where were you when brazil saved football?: atletico x coritiba the first brazilian derby ever to be…[View]
74293255For me, it's Paul Pogba[View]
74293398Your Barcelona man of the match.[View]
74285552/stg/ stick together general Nike-free wherever you may be Edition P.S. we MUST stick together[View]
74293290>his team bought overpriced portuguese players after the euros[View]
74291187For me, it's Francesco Totti[View]
74288679/turnleft/ - Advance Auto Parts Clash Pre-race/Race Thread: Start Command: 11:30 a.m. Green Flag: 11…[View]
74292922For me, it's Arsenal[View]
74260884/seriea/ -- matchday 25: >tonight 17.02. 20:45 Juventus - Palermo >this weekend 18.02. 18:0…[View]
74262169Clubs who are the good guys: For me, it is Glasgow Celtic.[View]
74291295You now remember Zaza's penalty[View]
74290615104 days until we win the Champions League[View]
742760944CC Winter Elite Cup Day 5: It's not over yet edition TWAIN IN (for now...)[View]
74291113Barcelona vs Leganes[View]
74291466GOAT thread: Post the GOAT of your sport[View]
74288868Does Rooney even give a fuck anymore? It seems since 2013 he's been focused on collecting a che…[View]
74289924Washington Caps @ New York >rags Game Thread: HOCKEY DAY IN AMERICA Caps rags, always a good matc…[View]
74288605Who fucked up to allow this to happen?[View]
74285838Le run real fast man[View]
74281728I feel like a retard for having to ask if all NBA games are nationally televised in the us.[View]
74269755/biathlon/ aka Chicks with Guns: but without clothes Edition: Today, Men's 4x7.5km Relay 14:45 …[View]
74286501What do we think of him?[View]
74290025The meme is alive!!!![View]
74289222Cristiano Ronaldo once got asked who his favourite author is. He replied:'Why, Sun TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…[View]
74278397Pulisich The American Messi: >2 Goals & 4 Assists In 17 games Why do yanks rate him again?…[View]
74291395>yfw da bearss win da superb owl[View]
74266140comfiest sport to watch?[View]
74287317http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/10774100/jose-pogba-fee-will-look-cheap >I think the…[View]
74277235Bournemouth: Down Watford: Down Lelcester: Down I can see why most premiershit 'supporters' are fore…[View]
74278772which football stadiums have the best atmosphere?[View]
74290883>yfw your ancestors 100+ years ago picked the RIGHT sport I mean we could be playing meme sports …[View]
74290988>Leave Arselel to us[View]
74290702Anon, are you ready!?[View]
74268241Serie A: Non Serie A fag here, can someone please explain me why is Juve so dominant these last few …[View]
74262957Eternal /trb/ Futball manager edition: Old thread: >>74240072 'Useful' /trb/ related links: ht…[View]
74288360Blackburn v Man Utd FA Cup 5th Round thread 1: Blackburn: Steele, Greer, Williams, Lowe, Feeney, Gra…[View]
74288547Is he world class?[View]

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