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77704024>Higuaín is fa-[View]
77703451>a/sp/ies will abhor this Pretty sad if you ask me.[View]
77701040Pick one (1) 2n greatest Portuguese vs 2nd greatest Brazilian ever.[View]
77702294RB Leipzig vs Schalke: Official Match Thread: Starts in 30 bings Schalke: Fährmann - Keher, Höwedes,…[View]
77688048Why are they called White Receivers when they're mostly black people? Pic related, it's a …[View]
77694924Is this achmed looking quadroon ruining the NFL? Discuss.[View]
77690642MLS + Liga MX merger when?[View]
77702084OFFICIAL STOKE CITY v ARSENAL MATCH THREAD 1: Yes, it's THAT fixture again: the one where preci…[View]
77685628Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
77703501For me, it's John William Square, the great english rightback.[View]
77704358>yfw da bears win das superb owl[View]
77690774RIP MESSI: sorry to inform you guyes but its just been released Lionel Messi did has passed away due…[View]
77701623Daily reminder that Zlatan is the GOAT[View]
77703971>*tears english football apart*[View]
77702785>Italian ''''''''''''''…[View]
77685517>325+ yards in the fourth quarter and OT[View]
77698893>2 Billion Pounds Sterling for a Genuflecting Nbobo[View]
77694842What's your favourite bad kit/jersey?[View]
77695401How many goals will he score today?[View]
77665520/box/: Previous >>77644258 >Saturday August 19 - ESPN US Terence Crawford vs Julius Indongo…[View]
77703383Are you a fan of the red devils too /sp/ https://youtu.be/pnvCIdT4AJ4[View]
77700682>he's a grown man >he wears sports jerseys in public…[View]
77702605You know remember Miroslav Klose[View]
77700235*blocks your path*[View]
77692062For such a popular sport you think they would have a nicer trophy.[View]
77703162>back up to 4th already when will ABLs learn?[View]
77702701Occasional /laliga/ matchday 1: Yesterday Leganes 1 - 0 Alaves Valencia 1 - 0 Las Palmas Today Celta…[View]
77699913Has he surpassed Drogba?[View]
77694640What did Messi mean by this?: Link if you wanna double check that Messi puts Tsu-man to shame http:/…[View]
77702985>the jungle jumpers didn't show up Fuck this rigged bullshit, you put a hit on the jumpers a…[View]
77702959I wanted to watch this like the good weaboo that I am, but I can't be assed to wake up at 6~7 a…[View]
77701374Who would win in a fight?[View]
77701666*wins the bundes*[View]
77702902*wins 1-0*[View]
77696716Is he GOAT of defender?[View]
77699739>just be yourself, works for me breh[View]
77702095'You will win like the Jets in 1968': What did she mean by that? Also, I thought she was a winner…[View]
77696785Boxing Weight Classes: Who would win a fight between Jeff Horn (Welterweight Champ) and Vasyl Lomach…[View]
77676869/seriea/ + calciomercato: Preseason edition[View]
77699361Dortmund vs Wolfsburg Match Thread 1: Season Opener. Starts in 15 bings. Fellow burgers can see it…[View]
77701582LIVERPOOL VS CRYSTAL PALACE MATCH THREAD #2: 0-0 after 62'[View]
77702391Goodbye haters[View]
77698868OFFICIAL 3PM KICKOFFS THREAD: Five top flight games today: >AFC Bournemouth v Watford >Burnley…[View]
77702179how gud is this league >now >ten years from today…[View]
77693843>one(1) third team nba appearance >15 ppg and 2 asp Remind me again why he's in the NBA H…[View]
77675834HABT. IHR. BOCK? time for /sp/ to support the chaotic evil this season![View]
77699521You told me he was finished /sp/. Dare to apologize?[View]
77698918LIVERPOOL VS CRYSTAL PALACE: Liverpool starting XI: Mignolet, Gomez, Matip, Klavan, Robertson, Hende…[View]
77690335Was it luck?[View]
77688949Erasing history: How will the Red Cucks ever recover?>www.foxnews.com/sports/2017/08/18/boston-re…[View]
77693255Leave Chelsea to me[View]
77701282Who would win in a fight?[View]
77701014>there will never be a greater moment on /sp/ than that time Venezuela beat Mexico 9-11…[View]
77698993650 days until we win the Champions League[View]
77700781>it's a coach pats the back of the head of his opponent to assert dominance episode…[View]
77700584Who would win in a fight?[View]
77700495Good manager or just another Messi babby?[View]
77700601Is the premier league well and truly finished?[View]
77696192>this could unironically be Barca's starting lineup by the end of August. Tell me why this w…[View]
77699664Impressive, United. Most impressive. HOWEVER[View]
77693091Which was the biggest single game meltdown ever? http://www.strawpoll.me/13738822[View]
77700114For the love of all that is fucking holy does anyone have a json list of all players from yahoo? or …[View]
77685576Pls watch our league, starts today[View]
77694438Who is the most talented European player ever?[View]
77696567is he, dare i say, the best football manager right now?[View]
77699612>it takes Fellaini coming on and swanshit giving up to scrape a win >customers chimp out like …[View]
77699707We dem Mouyes boys bitch We dem Mouyes boys We dem Mouyes boys pussy We dem Mouyes boys We dem Mouy…[View]
77699658What went wrong?[View]
77699214Man try say he's better than me Tell my man shut up Mention my name in your tweets Oi rudeboy, …[View]
77685823/trans/-/epl/: The Broken Man edition[View]
77699200APOLOGISE: NOW[View]
77695565Will mmafags be BTFO once and for all?[View]
77694103Wasn't sure if was suppose to post this on /x/ but is Conor McGregor a literal leprechaun? tfw…[View]
77698914https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MrR55iI9OcA Should tumbling be an olympic event?[View]
77694890Is the Batuta deNasazzi the best looking sport's trophy in the world ever?[View]
77697158>his sport doesn't have the century-long tradition of having team captains…[View]
77697575Deport all Welsh: Daily reminder that Welsh clubs do not belong in the English league system and sho…[View]
77689383holy shit lmao[View]
77689975Will he coach France in 2022?[View]
77698242/efl/: 12:30pm >blunts 1 - 1 barns HT efl thread for matchday 4 or whatever the fuck we are on no…[View]
77696686>not wearing the colours of your flag Completely appalled tbdesu[View]
77696582Players to wear shirt with ‘Barcelona’ in place of their names in Betis game: >The first team wil…[View]
77696458OFFICIAL SWANSEA CITY v MANCHESTER UNITED MATCH THREAD 1: The Swans' first match since losing G…[View]
77685955Just how badly will Spurs rape Chelsea?[View]
77697259The China Championship: Who wants to get comfy and watch Ronnie O'Sullivan (Gwan Ronnie) and Gr…[View]
77695868/rug/: RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP >Sat 19 Aug 22:00 Australia v NZ, ANZ Stadium, Sydney >Sun 20 Aug 03…[View]
77697090Is this the year that Serie A is finally interesting again? Or is it just more Juve Wins lol[View]
77696624Tamira Paszek: Tamira Paszek enjoys her vacation in Mallorca – Instagram, 08/17/2017. Tamira Shelah …[View]
77680064/NRL/ FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: New Zealand Warriors v South Sydney Rabbitohs @ 6pm Brisbane Broncos v …[View]
77696431>batmanloko forces his way out of Barcelona >Barcelona goes for dembele >Dortmund suddenly …[View]
77692372/tennis/: KyrGOAT vs Nadal right now Big servin john isner vs dmitrov tomorrow and winner of Kyrgios…[View]
77670804/f1/ - Formula 1 General - Friends Edition: >Countdown to BelgianGP: f1countdown.com fiaformula2.…[View]
77665381Serious question, no trolling, no fanboying. Has Ronaldo's *CAREER* overtaken Messi's ? …[View]
77683379AFL: Turns out literal pisstaking, shitposting and the absence of wogs make the community thrive. …[View]
77683516Name your 5 FAVORITE (not best) boxers of all time. >Mike Tyson >George Foreman >Riddick Bo…[View]
77685068Is he Barca's saviour?[View]
77695865/bundes/: BUNDES IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS Today's Games: 15:30 1899 Hoffenheim - Werder Bremen …[View]
77680728/rug/: RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP >Sat 19 Aug 22:00 Australia v NZ, ANZ Stadium, Sydney >Sun 20 Aug 03…[View]
77682092>tfw Real Madrid sent you to hell, but you're going even deeper[View]
77666064>Embop 180 million >Dembelel 100+ million >Alli 150 million release clause How much is Puli…[View]
77695047HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH: Fucking spuds can't fill out a reduced capacity We…[View]
77695197Hi /sp/, I'm with a huge existential crisis. Why do we watch sports? I always liked sports and …[View]
77695218The debate is over[View]
77676562Koshien - Round of 16 thread: The plot thickens last thread >>77651585 ----- >Koshien sched…[View]
77691719Portland Timbers vs NY Red Bulls Game Thread: Not expecting replies tbqh[View]
77689946> The Bundesliga in Germany plans to introduce the system during the 2017–18 season,[13] as well …[View]
77694260I am an australian: How do I decide which NBA team to go for? I want to start watching but I don…[View]
77693406Do you believe Floyd will end up with some kind of brain damage after the fight? Do you really think…[View]
77683337>It was 28-3[View]
77681425Pardon the interruption, but I'm Mike Wilbon,[View]
77685496/mlb/ general - ALL ABOARD edition: TB: Alex Cobb (toe) could rejoin rotation Tuesday PHI: Odubel He…[View]
77694608>Floyd fought 46 out of 49 of his fight in 8oz How is this helping Conor? Floyd is just a maste…[View]
77655891Conor'a gonna beat the shit outta that nigga, mark my fuckin words I bet $1500 on Conor Who…[View]
77692234/nba/ General: >Kobe Bryant is overrated trash edition DAL:Jeff Withey gets one-year deal with Ma…[View]
77675516Is he the goat[View]
77694175Post a pic with more talent[View]
77692443Transgender makes first Poz Pitch!: St. Louis Cardinals will host the first first pitch by a Transse…[View]
77676381can I be a fan of american football if I'm mexican?[View]
77690316>Leicester has a Premier League title >Liverpool doesn't…[View]
77685767For me, it's Ronald Deen.[View]
77688853/heem/ - ngannou vs. jds fight is off: >Junior Dos Santos failed a USADA test https://www.mmafigh…[View]
77694362/transepl/: When the fuck did this transfer even happen edition Drunk sub-edition[View]
77690071>*zlatan ibrahimovich* *bad boy* *crazy moments*[View]
77694208Who's league should I watch tonight?[View]
77691218NFL Gamethread: Minnesota vs Seattle[View]
77694133Manchester United > Liverpool > Chelsea < Arsenal[View]
77694023Who the fuck can stop him?[View]
77693798Is Will Cain /ourguy/ /sp/? https://youtu.be/eYNhk5cZkLM What the fuck is Max's problem?[View]
77691968Red Sox / Yankees #2: 4 homers over the green monster and 2 onto lansdowne edition[View]
77686126>tfw doesn't play fantasy football because I prefer rooting for teams/my home team, not obse…[View]
77693664You know remember Adriano[View]
77693793Does anyone want to see them get the last WC spot?[View]
77693854*Rides updraft to midtable[View]
77691416OFFICIAL PHILLIES VS. GIANTS GAMETHREAD: Philadelphia Phillies vs San Francisco Giants (#2 of 4) AT…[View]
77693104ITT: Plastic Fanbase[View]
77693470>tfw you forgot to sign up for a soccer tournament to referee this weekend so another weekend sit…[View]
77693035How do we fix this shit? Fire Girardi? Fire Chapman?[View]
77693290> tfw I fell for the best rotation meme[View]
77684273is it though?[View]
77691533Was he elite or shit?[View]
77663834TSU: TSU is undetermined, infinite and omnipresent. Even when it's physical manifestation is no…[View]
77588636motor/sp/ort - send rain edition: NASCAR Xfinity at Mid-Ohio, Cup and Trucks at Michigan, PWC at Uta…[View]
77692456Fantasy Football League Draft Starts in 15 minutes get the fuck in here http://games.espn.com/ffl/to…[View]
77692439Anyone know if the Machado-Morales bout already happened? it's supposed to be on ESPN, but all …[View]
77690002OFFICIAL CHICAGO WHITE SOX @ TEXAS RANGERS GAMETHREAD: Shields vs Cashner. First pitch 7:05PM CST. …[View]
77692927>his club is too poor to afford refball[View]
77687974Professional Cricket coming to the USA: Would you watch the inferior version of boreball? https://ww…[View]
77689547Angels @ Orioles: The Orange Ducks take on the red Dodgers, the current 5th seed. Game currently in …[View]
77685005why did Poland get in trouble for this?[View]
77692118What would happen if they just started feeding all professional sports players with this stuff?[View]
77667930/nba/ general: /nba/ general >betrayward is reminding everyone he's a snake edition. NY:Repo…[View]
77639865What's your favourite football chant, /sp/? None of that MLS 'GO TEAM' bullshit, I want good, b…[View]
77691509Rugby Practice and Lifting: I'm 18 about to go to college. I have been lifting for about 2 year…[View]
77692318Why haven't either of these guys been picked up? Follow up, will either of them be on a team wh…[View]
77690202What sports can an overweight drinker in his mid 20s become elite at with dedicated practice?[View]
77689568/turnleft/ - NASCAR Xfinity Series Race Thread: It's Bristol, baby Starting in about 15 mins on…[View]
77692185is he elite?[View]
77692040best bullpen in baseball[View]
77689503OFFICIAL METS VS MARLINS GAMETHREAD: >marlels 1. Dee Gordon (L) 2B 2. Giancarlo Stanton (R) RF 3.…[View]
77690641vikings Tripfags are niggers[View]
77684942Who would win in a fight?[View]
77691897*blocks your pass*[View]
77689313Dodgers Vs Tigers Game Thread: this lineup is a joke edition[View]
77687010Where does /sp/ think Kyrie's gonna end up[View]
77692086For me, its Tom Brady[View]
77663580/tennis/: no news no fights[View]
77691193thinking about ordering the fight legit from showtime.ppv but a lil worried on its reliability and p…[View]
77680896Name a better WR from Penn State[View]
77690546*blocks your path*[View]
77689390Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankee game thread: best fans in baseball edition[View]
77691043Who's the player making this pass?[View]
77689367>can't sign coutinho or dembele >win for halal scraps Ladies and gentlemen small club men…[View]
77680303play clock at five...[View]
77689412Tampa Bay Rays @ Seattle Mariners game-thread: Ramirez vs. Pruitt >M's 1. Jean Segura (R) SS…[View]
77691078Giants thread: Ok guys I made giants thread too I bet $1,300 on the giants moneyline to win ~$700 or…[View]
77690769A WNBA game is 68-23 at halftime: Shit, man. I like femdom but still http://www.wnba.com/game/201708…[View]
77686109/talents/: This young lad is worth more than gold. 12 years old. Hattrick in his last U17 game. http…[View]
77677608>tfw NFC West[View]
77688923Who would win in a fight?[View]
77689659This Is The Lion's Year!: The preseason just started last week and the Lions are already 1-0!…[View]
77692314>nice day >go to golf course to play a nice relaxing game >get bashed up…[View]
77690398>you now remember Gary Neville's World Cup Diaries Monday June 5 Gary Neville's England…[View]
77686336MESSI ETERNALY BTFO BY NERMAN: https://steamcommunity.com/id/neyjuca So nerman steam name is CR7 wit…[View]
77686777>americucks and mexicucks spent a decade giving their money to this nigger troll why is north ame…[View]
77680439/nfl/ general - MAKE AMERICA'S TEAM GREAT AGAIN edition: BUF: Bills now claim Tyrod Taylor…[View]
77684648/heem/: amplifies the force edition: previous >77679522[View]
77689379what went wrong at espn?[View]
77686514Not for sale[View]
77688182The Adidas Teamgeist+ is the greatest, most A E S T H E T I C World Cup match ball of all time. You …[View]
77687560Whats the most reddit team in your country? Here, its CSKA.A shitty commie team, that rightfully got…[View]
77681439What went right?[View]
77675494/cyc/ - Vuelta a Espana: Who ready for the 2017 Vuelta a Espana here?[View]
77689487Does /sp/ rate Falcow?[View]
77685320Daily reminder that we are ; The most successful club in the world 5 Club World Cup The most success…[View]
77688639only one of the top leagues doesn't already have its champion decided[View]
77689448I'm gonna pick up rec tennis in college this year. Should I play singles or doubles?[View]
77651925ITT: Score reactions: More like this, post em[View]
77688491what's your secret spuh?[View]
77689323True History[View]
77688058For me, its Siemens[View]
77684437was this the exact moment that the GOAT debate was settled, once and for all?[View]
77688960oh boy, adrian's back cant wait for him to underperform[View]
77687325Is this footballkino? https://streamable.com/whp0s[View]
77681095Why does he hate America?[View]
77688798Why do sports fans get so angry? Iv never been too into sports, but recently started working a secur…[View]
77685572Anyone hyped for the start of the Bundesliga?[View]
77687821>over 3 years[View]
77688785/bundes/: is this /bundes/? yes, it is. games this weekend: Freitag Bayern - Leverkusen 3:1 Samstag …[View]
77680421>There goes that oblique kick again.[View]
77688220Where the hell are you guys going to watch this fight? > Muh PPV Yeah not spending 100$ again, …[View]
77661368>his sport's ultimate trophy isn't made of pure gold[View]
77687724Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen Match Thread 2[View]
77684966Why are Manure ''''''''''''fans'''''''''''' still upset about this?[View]
77686267Toronto Blue Jays @ Chicago Cubs: No line up because you didn't make a game thread yourself.…[View]
77688085Cain vs SAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYNhk5cZkLM Who is right?[View]
77688221>Ball playing defender[View]
77681243why not do 2 at the back?[View]
77684468For me, its Marco Asensio[View]
77686218WHEN I GET OLDER[View]
77688173>leave Barça to me[View]
77688107So are you a Kevin Durant or a Michael Jordan?[View]
77684285Aussie meal sizes are too small for American football players: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/spor…[View]
77673101I don't understand a lot of midfielders considered to be the best on the planet. Take the examp…[View]
77682794> Frazier: 'Look at him now. He's damaged goods. I know it; you know it. Everyone knows it; …[View]
77687744Bayern vs Leverkusen Game Thread #2: >Bayern: Ulreich; Kimmich, Sule, Hummels, Alaba; Tolisso, Ru…[View]
77677536>australia Tell me a goat Aussie sporting moment to watch on jewtube[View]
77685504Did Tottenham just made the signing of the year?[View]
77686092Bayern Munich vs Bayer Leverkusen Match Thread: Kickoff @ 8:15 PM CEST Lineups: >Bayern: Ulreich;…[View]
77685692Give me one (1) good reason they're not the greatest team the world has ever seen.[View]
77687279>yfw da bearss win da superb owl >yfw da janitor leads a sad life and will die alone…[View]
7768722153 yard field goal attempt for scholarship https://youtu.be/UqXebbLIrjU[View]
77646641Why doesnt he get some tats[View]
77665017How did you choose your team, spee?[View]
77682079Is Strongman /sp/, /asp/ or /fit/?[View]
77683947Can someone redpill me on Arsenal? Why the fuck is it so fucking popular?Its mediocre team that rare…[View]
77684312Name some sport teams that didn't become champions because they failed to win on the last match…[View]
77686281Blue Jays @ Chicaco Cubs thread: WHATCHA GONNA DO IN CHI-CAW-GEE WHATCHA GONNA DO IN CHI-CAW-GEE (WH…[View]
77680061How does he still have a job?[View]
77674239Thoughts on Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend? He was trying to keep it quiet but the New York Post someh…[View]
77686033You do realize all the civil unrest is to sell PPVs, right?[View]
77680381>prowrestling is so fake https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp1EkejryXE…[View]
77676805How is this guy a defender as well as an attacker? He is a better attacker than most attacking midfi…[View]
77673998ITT: We post the most hated club/team/franchise of our country.[View]
77676777/mlb/ General: TEAR DOWN FENWAY edition: COL:Nolan Arenado exits with hand injury Thursday CLE:X-ray…[View]
77684492651 days until we win the Champions League[View]
77685485What's next for LeBron?[View]
77683806So when will England stop making excuses? Even France recovered quickly after their few years of tea…[View]
77685647Para Mi Es Barcelona .[View]
77632667Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
77683756Snooker-thread! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypG-qXUS1ZQ&t=2s[View]
77681708/trans/-what the.. Edition: PSG looking at Fabinho and Mbrappé before window closes (Di Marzio twitt…[View]
77678676Why do the New York Mets exist? What a waste of money. New York already has a team and they have 28 …[View]
77684220Who is in the wrong here? Is it dembele for handling his transfer like an idiot? Is it Dortmund for…[View]
77671874FC Barcelona: Serious talk, do you guys think they are done? Do you think Messi won't sign the …[View]
77680677What's his fucking problem?[View]
77677814Daily reminder that Zlatan is the GOAT[View]
77684885>Brucey >barca >mongols Which one did his goal cause or was it all of the above? Is his pow…[View]
77683579My Entire love life is completely unemotional one night stands with woman ill never see again most o…[View]
77683730Who can stop them?[View]
77680886What's next for his career?[View]
77679522/heem/: McGregor[View]
77673523Is it poseur-ish to wear a team's gear if you're not actually a fan?[View]
77684560Bortles Benched for Fucking Chad Henne: GET DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS[View]
77680240Who should I play this weekend?[View]
77684385>Premier League https://youtu.be/l_-yT7PZP20[View]
77684193/golf/: I'm watching the Solheim Cup right now. It's like the Ryder Cup, but with qt'…[View]
77684342ULTIMATE MLS FANS COMPILATION ● Best fans in soccer | Chants | Atlanta United fans | Hooligans | Smo…[View]
77679646What could have been...[View]
77684181Ladies and gentlemen, your 2017/18 treble winners...[View]
77681771Guti: He was the GOAT midfielder. Prove me wrong, protip: You cant[View]
77631776/rug/ - Not On My Watch Edition: RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP >Sat 19 Aug 22:00 Australia v NZ, ANZ Stadium…[View]
77683614What went wrong?[View]
77683957>In California >See a chicano >Start talking about sawker >'Sorry hombre. I only watch t…[View]
77680675When will it be /ouryear/, anon?[View]
77681421Which Beckham is best?[View]
77678372Where would they finish in the Premier League this season?[View]
77683713https://www.theplayerstribune.com/arjen-robben-bayern-munich-letter-to-my-younger-self/ >Dear 16-…[View]
77683195>nice day >go to golf course to play a nice relaxing game >get bashed up…[View]
77680999Is conor /our guy/?[View]
77675752Uncle: Post your favourite Uncle Dana-isms. >>'It is what it is' >>'The list goes on and…[View]
77683220Can someone spoil for me who wins the World Series this year?[View]
77680674can we meme john elway as a long time holocaust denier?[View]
77681298Snakemar ... let's call him this name Thread: What do you call a person that abandon his team a…[View]
77676097was it autism?[View]
77683015what is this shit??[View]
77682759How do Premier League™ Enthusiasts defend their Top Teams being equally as shit as each other?[View]
77680819Buljew or Bul(you)?[View]
77680746/afl/: Adelaide Crows vs Sydney Swans @ Adelaide Oval 7:20pm ACST[View]
77678625The Southern cuck BBC lovers favor Mayweather[View]
77682548Did he died?[View]
77678420Is he the most handsome top tier player right now?[View]
77664035/MarbleLympics/ - Event 11 - Underwater Race: is an marble an athlete edition Event 11 - Underwater …[View]
77679948> another day as a mest fan[View]
77680706ITT: Teams with the most cancerous fans[View]
77681290Anyone up for some sneaky toilet action?[View]
77681963What does /sp/ thinks about FBT?[View]
77672541Some people at the uni today were saying Liverpool has no Premier League titles. I called them stupi…[View]
77681833that feel when: /pol/still thinks conor mcgregor will win. when ireland loses all their money bettin…[View]
77677380>Leave saving Barcelona's season to me[View]
77678984Is this guy the average Seattle sports fan?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv4SpjMinlQ[View]
77678476So this is the man who's going to save Arsenal? http://www.espnfc.com/arsenal/story/3181945/ali…[View]
77681492Your Jacksonville Jaguars starting QB[View]
77668603/NRL/ THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Gold Coast Titans v Parramatta Eels[View]
77679834Why does he attract honeypot viewers?[View]
77669069/trans/: Spurs have yet to sign ANYBODY edition Liverpool KO'd out of CL, Hoffenheim needs your…[View]
77681029THIS IS THE HERD[View]
77678978Favourite football moments? Ronaldos calma celebration was pretty dope.[View]
77681091/bundes/liga: bundes is back, so autosage is not aloud-edition today: >3rd bundes fortuna köln - …[View]
776712085: 5 J O G O S[View]
77680423Is he going to be the Jaguars' Week One quarterback?[View]
77679050OFFICIAL PHILLIES VS. GIANTS GAMETHREAD: Philadelphia Phillies vs San Francisco Giants (#1 of 4) AT…[View]
77666112/box/: >Saturday August 19 - ESPN US Terence Crawford vs Julius Indongo Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs Crai…[View]
77674522/NFL/ General - #freezeke edition: DAL: #free zeke SEA:'Hawks sign C Britt to 3-year, $27M exte…[View]
7767847410 is the number Messi wear. and that I want to immitae he and his number 10. so I came to Prank-Shi…[View]
77676971Eagles vs Bills[View]
77677654White Sox V. O'Rangers: Midnight whispers vs o'rangers edition[View]
77678987Under what circumstances would /sp/ pay this much for a sporting event?[View]
77677015OFFICIAL NY METS VS NY YANKEES GAMETHREAD 8/17: >yaks 1. Brett Gardner (L) LF 2. Aaron Hicks (S) …[View]
77679952>NFC team: Packers >AFC team: Bills when will it stop hurting so much, boys?…[View]
77671433> this (((guy)))[View]
77679098Anybody have more of these?[View]
77677484Bucs at Jags preseason gamethread #1 >bort[View]
77679851Who's the A-side, cucks?[View]
77664196can messi ever recover?[View]
77676713Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins Preseason thread: Cutler time drinks.jpg[View]
77679648Oh, hey /sp/[View]
77672589ITT: Times in sports where the rules were abused[View]
77675310ITT: Appalling kits. >pic related What the fuck were they thinking.[View]
77673051Official Cleveland Indians @ Minnesota Twins Gamethread: SLAMTANA edition: Episode one of double hea…[View]
77679454/heem/: Your favorite woman mma fighter: who is it? No kidding around.[View]
77679379If he is so humble then why does he go around insulting mothers? Ramos is in the wrong here obviousl…[View]
77676525Press F to pay respects[View]
77679513Have scousers gone too far this time?[View]
77671107652 days until we win the Champions League[View]
77671742J U S T I C E U S T I C E Wow lets witness that fabled ''messi carries his team'…[View]
77673627/heem/: Previous >>77669116[View]
77678580Why are all Nike kits this massively boring template? The more I see this shit, the closer I get to …[View]
77677802Not a debate thread, we here for the feels only bros[View]
77678225/mls/: MLS GENERAL[View]
77678888>You now remember all the >I rate Zidane posts What went so right, my lads?…[View]
77678150The New Neymar[View]
77678305'memba him?[View]
77672647'Barcelona are being destroyed' says Laporta: http://www.goal.com/story/barcelona-are-bein…[View]
77678762oi bartha i hear u need some defensiors?[View]
77678489The nightmare has only begun, is this why the rumour of Barcelona switching to Ligue 1 becoming a th…[View]
77670702Leave Halal Refdrid to us[View]
77676121EXCLUSIVE: neymar is in on it: my sources inside of the pentagon have given me the big enchilada: ne…[View]
77653560Give me ONE (1) good reason they won't win Russia 2018.[View]
77677615what the fuck is wrong with THESE customers?[View]
77677069What position does Driss Oukabir play?[View]
77665867>McGregor's got no chance he can't even bo... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geCXKT0hh…[View]
77677152WTF I hate Aaron now[View]
77677760Game Delay: Does anyone know why I just got the kickoff for the Bucs/Jags game? NFL.com says it…[View]
77671680Did they?[View]
77660579Your favorite memory on /sp/: Let's get a favorite /sp/ moment thread going. US and Euro welcom…[View]
77664700Post teams that will never lose again[View]
77677497/GOAT/: Let's all celebrate our lord and savior of football. We shall pray for more miracles fr…[View]
77676695>board is garbage and has lost the locker room >talk about signing verrati >sign paulinho …[View]
77677459>when i realize dortmund is just a selling club[View]
77675585Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Steve Irwin KIillers vs Baseball Birds Do we have hope for a w…[View]
77677037Bwahahaha!: I've been saying it for years! All Dutch club football is shit. All Dutch clubs thi…[View]
77670471Is this the best team of all time?: Do they even know what losing is anymore?[View]
77675039Turkish ''''''defending''''' https://twitter.com/futbolgramtr/status/898271284198551552[View]
77676820why has noone bought him? now JJuve have Matuidi I guess they'll skip him. Would start for any…[View]
77676776>football is almost back[View]
77676668>Dick Advocaat[View]
77669858you can only pont here if your club never was relegated[View]
77667625/mlb/ - EDDIE MURRAY EDITION: TOR:Stroman allows two runs in 6 1/3, beats Rays CLE:Indians and Twin…[View]
77675200ITT: We pay respects to our greek friend after this monumental choke[View]
77673618Reds @ Cubs - Finale Edition: Reds Scott Feldman (R) 1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF 2. Jose Peraza (R) SS …[View]
77676446>.4 neymars starting to look like a bargain already[View]
77670701#RESPECT: I proudly present you the Allahcticos 2017/18[View]
77675348Plastic clubs general: >sign a complete mercenary >make him your captain The fucking state of …[View]
77675521God fucking damn this team. I hope you never win another game. I have never seen a team filled with …[View]
77676298eli hof: hes a hall of famer. sorry to break it to you[View]
77670651>Chuck, Kenny and Ernie covering the champions league My body is ready[View]
77675748Why did he do it /sp/?[View]
77674571Why is this grotesque, expatriate cunt so obsessed with Pathletico anyway?[View]
77676295>first get rekt by a muslim club >then get rekt by a muslim van is there a more JUST place tha…[View]
77673200Cristiano Ronaldo really needs to find a new hobby.[View]
77669434Miss me yet, Barça customers?[View]
77671387/hoc/: GOAT edition[View]
77675833Elite athletes only[View]
77647277Will hoffenheim do it lads?[View]
77670689>Tfw your season was lost before it could begin https://twitter.com/rapsheet/status/8964954413106…[View]
77674039Everton v Hadjuk Farmers FC: KO 2005 BST Everton showing match on their youtube because BT Sport can…[View]
77670687must be nice[View]
77673636Reminder the most successful Spanish side in existence's best player ever is Portuguese How doe…[View]
77674785the absolute state of pakilona... press f or s, whatever you feel like[View]
77637611/seriea/ + /calciomercato/: very angry baldy edition[View]
77651639Is there any english player better than Asensio? Serious question.[View]
77675232what did he mean by this?[View]
77675170Could he have prevented the loss of innocents by not making Messi snap?[View]
77675252Post your favorite webm[View]
77659142For me he is the better Cuntinho. Klopp wants him.[View]
77671481Europa League: 19:00 Apollon (Cyp) vs. Midtjylland (Den) 19:00 BATE (Blr) vs. Oleksandriya (Ukr) 19:…[View]
77674120Oh look another Spanish doper. Add him to the list with Contador, Nadal , Valverde, Barca, Madrid, S…[View]
77664383I miss the good FC Barcelona[View]
77674812what is he thinking now[View]
77660542/NFL/ General: GOAT Edition: SEA:Rookie RB Carson mixing in with Seahawks' 1s DAL:Harold Hende…[View]
77670350/RMG/: who can stop us? we've demolished barca, bayern, juve, pathetico, ANYONE PUT IN OUR PATH…[View]
77667831NBA Nike Jerseys: What does everyone think of the Nike jerseys and which are your favorites and whic…[View]
77669441>You're sitting in the local burgerbräukeller in Munich ordering a 5L pilsener jar and celeb…[View]
77657894For me, its Gaz Metan[View]
77672944>Friday night kick off[View]
77665725OFFICIAL LOS ANGELES CAR CHASE GAME THREAD: Stolen car pursuit GET IN HERE http://www.nbclosangeles.…[View]
77669116/heem/: Previous >>77663556[View]
77665328Is the South the only reason why the US is relevant in sports?[View]
77673329>everyone talking about the Doyers >ESPN runs a story about how the Doyers don't care if …[View]
77659110If he hadn't had so much bad luck with injuries, he'd be the undisputed GOAT. Prove me wro…[View]
77669904realistically speaking, who can stop him from winning his third consecutive decima this season? i th…[View]
77673177was he elite or shit?[View]
77673349>yfw da bears win da superb owl[View]
77673274Has Messi been exposed in recent times? It is very obvious the only reason he was considered the bes…[View]
77662834>started with no managerial experience >inherited rafa benitez' mess >first manager to…[View]
77663894You now remember Lionel Messi[View]
77672963Lionel Messi | 'Leo' the greatest | Barcelona | Argentina | 2016-17 | Crazy Dribbling Skills & G…[View]
77673001Images of the suspects at the scene[View]
77670843FARCELONA: JUST >no suarez >no nerman How will messi manlet ever recover?…[View]
77665090Match rigging: >getting 'injured' because in two weeks he has to play against his boyfriend Missi…[View]
77672649Are you ready for this clash of giants?[View]
77665521>Cry about refball >Score two illegal goals against a Barça team that is institutionally broke…[View]
77637317Eternal /trb/: Previously in /trb/: >>77593220 >Real names and German/Japanese NT fix https…[View]
77671880How will the history books acknowledge him?[View]
77672498Liverpool: Where is VvD?[View]
776716862016-17 The Best FIFA Men's Player Shortlist: >Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) >Navas (Re…[View]
77661376Stay absolutely still Farca. It'll only hurt a lot[View]
77672104Now that he's finished, how do you rate him?[View]
77671668Oh, hey Tom.[View]
77664352Can he fix FC Barcelona?[View]
77669053>soccer is for poor peop- http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/newsid=2493261.html…[View]
77661124FC Barcelona webms: Here, I have collected some of the best FC Barcelona plays, post yours here! But…[View]
77671801Who's going to win?[View]
77661898The Absolute Madman: What did he mean by this?[View]
77663150>Real Madrid >no Fake Madrid Why do they feel the need to emphasize they're the real team…[View]
77667570Where did all go so horribly wrong? He was supposed to be the Goat.[View]
77666635SIN ALMA: >No Soul How can Barcelona recover their passion? Is there a way to boost their morale?…[View]
77671441*blocks your path*[View]
77647853Be honest: what sport did you love as a kid but now hate as an adult?[View]
77670482Thanks Doc[View]
77669817>Dick Advocaat >not a dick >not an advocate…[View]
77643202For me, it's team USA.[View]
77668202>Team makes good play. >Ric Flair 'WOOOO' sound effect plays in stadium. >Spectators star…[View]
77666018Sports Podcasts?: Any good overall sports podcasts I can listen to? Something that can touch base wi…[View]
77665698Leave Lebron and Kyrie's departure to me.[View]
77670541Biggest dick in sports: reckon it belongs to pick related[View]
77639248/f1/ - Formula 1 General: bad drivers are jealous of ricciardo editon >Countdown to BelgianGP: f1…[View]
77668180>le disappear in big matches but still wins and gets all the credit man How can he keep getting a…[View]
77662024In the past 5 years, I've noticed a few things about UEFA country rankings >Greece has been …[View]
77666058How far will our A team go in the World Cup?[View]
77669355ITT: obscure players transfered to big clubs for no apparent reason[View]
77666456is he, dare i say it, the best defensive midfielder of all time?[View]
77666042>McGregor dropped the glove weight down to 8oz from 10oz Is he an idiot? Floyds punches will now …[View]
77670418>he still doesnt rate Zidane the UNEXPOSABLE[View]
77669673Why neymar, why?[View]
77668971Congratulations to Vagi Karaho for winning man of the match today for his 24 with the bat against Va…[View]
77652188/cric/: the great debate[View]
77664860Where can i find all access mayweather vs mcgregor episode 3?[View]
77669783for me its Zinédine Ismail Yazid Zidane[View]
77668131>You're in the macca eating a double cheeseburger when this finely dressed gentleman walks u…[View]
77651585Koshien Day 8 Thread: Memes and Epic Games keeps going Games starts 7PM ET ----- >Koshien schedul…[View]
77669239What do you prefer: - ads-free jerseys, but with frequent commercial breaks? - continuous and uninte…[View]
77669022If Jake Butt signed an endorsement deal with Charmin, then would Nick Chubb sign an endorsement with…[View]
77663556/heem/: Ubereem edition previous >>77658669[View]
77668880Accurate? Y/n[View]
77656547/trans/ - Alt-trans edition: Rumours: >Like Usain Bolt heading into the final 50m, Daniel Levy se…[View]
77668045Are Barcelona, dare I say it, the new Liverpool?[View]
77663722White Sox @ Dodgers: OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: >1959 World Series Edition Rodon (1-4, 4.24) vs Darvish…[View]
77658375>tfw your dick is so small women think they can make millions blackmailing you to keep people fro…[View]
77667460Who wins and why? All players in their prime, game is to 21.[View]
77655445How are we gonna do this year bros? I think the defense has a chance to be elite, especially with th…[View]
77668261It is what it is! https://instagram.com/p/BX3tT2LDHaP/[View]
77665093Cubs vs Reds: Lads, we have hella baseball in about 15 minutes on WGN/FSOH For The Cubs: Pitching: J…[View]
77665042OFFICIAL ST LOUIS CARDINALS @ BOSTON RED SOX GAMETHREAD: thread delete edition some new janitor or m…[View]
77639817/nba/ - Off-Season Edition: NBA schedule officially released. Check nba.com or your team's offi…[View]
77667387so seriously whos going to win and how? I just put money on Mayweather by decision how hard did I go…[View]
77666424Is he done?: Seriously. Did he even play today? How long untill he moves to France and retire like N…[View]
77654206/mlb/ MIKE SCHMIDT EDITION: WAS:Howie Kendrick slugs two solo homers Tuesday LAA:Heaney (elbow) on …[View]
77667537Can eh fx Barcelona FC ? 4 friend I axe[View]
77665914BRAVES vs. ROCKIES!!!: G'day all. Braves fan here. We suck. Could be a good pitching matchup to…[View]
77659016NYC Sports: Sup fags, im moving to NYC this fall and I'm gunna start following all 4 sports fro…[View]
77666975Is getting hit in the dick with sports equipment /sp/?[View]
77662598El Clásico - Copa del Rey-edition: Matchthread: 2-0 BENZEGOAT BENZEGOAT BENZEGOAT.[View]
77664480OFFICIAL METS VS YANKEES GAMETHREAD 8/16: d'Arnaud is on 3B edition >yaks 1. Jacoby Ellsbury…[View]
77667033why are there no black NASCAR drivers?[View]
77664455Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue Jays[View]
77661351>Barcelona starting Gomes >Real Madrid starting Based GODsensio Is Barca, dare I say it, fucke…[View]
77664558For me, it's SKA Habarovsk[View]
77666747The Yankees MVP[View]
77663628Where were you when PSG became /ourguys/? https://twitter.com/PSG_English/status/897945858708303872…[View]
77666171Now that Farcelona has been exposed without Neymar and Halal has proven Renaldo is an overrated goal…[View]
77658202Workout: Is it possible to get a beautiful mascular body without going to gym, using own weight and …[View]
77666142Successful Summer Transfer: You may only post ITT if your team both has a negative netspend and made…[View]
77661217Why does he always look angry?[View]
77665663Nerman will be the best player in the world by the end of the year[View]
77658113H-he's going to be fine, right guys?[View]
77665615Fucking joke.[View]
776639722 down, 4 to go Who /Zizourian/ here?[View]
77644258/box/: Previous >>77611631 >Tuesday August 15 - Box Azteca Shinsuke Yamanaka vs Luis Nery …[View]
776653917-1 /sp/[View]
77664140Press S to shit on his grave[View]
77665301Occasional reminder that we are ; The most successful club in the world football 5 Club World Cup Th…[View]
77658917Americans will defend this[View]
77659145Just moved to San Francisco from Taiwan. Decided to support the local teams. What should I expect?[View]
77654589Is it still possible for him to unfuck his shit?[View]
77660301what cant he do lads[View]
77664137>*Exposes your team* Literally who can stop him?[View]
77660951>turn on ESPN just now >Giancarlo Stanton the subject >hosts go around the table literally …[View]
77664100How do we fix this piece of shit?[View]
77663510Suicide Watch: Barça Bros im really sad[View]
77664299Will this Chinese Super League LEGEND fix Barcelona and end Zizou's Madrid hegemony over spanis…[View]
77664423>Lose Ronaldo >Still BTFO barca with GODsensio Did based TSUU predict this?…[View]
77627345/tennis/: Cincyo pen Two weeks til uso pen and the return of Dubai[View]
77664418>2015: Lose against team coached by Valverde >2017: Lose with team coached by Valverde…[View]
77664134Sextuple inbound Madrid bros[View]
77664320What did they mean by this?[View]
77663140El Clásico - Spain vs Catelonia: 2-0[View]
77664251Should the warriors trade Klay Thompson to make room for Paul George?[View]
77664220this has to stop[View]
77658232What's /sp/ opinion on Fabiano Baldasso?[View]
77656247Another World Cup predictions thread France wins it against Brazil USA quarters Germany semis, beate…[View]
77658669/heem/: /heem/ >>77655178[View]
77662960ONE THING[View]
77661949El Clásico - Copa del Rey-edition: Matchthread 1: 1 - 0 >Asensio: 4'…[View]
77663196>I rate Zidane[View]
77660311Daily reminder. The entire best midfield in Europe costed less than Pogba[View]
77661728*blocks your path*[View]
77662862Will they win UCL for the third time in a row?: they have world class players in every single positi…[View]
77657798FIBA ASIA thread: who /puso/ here? where were you when Gilas was undefeated? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
77656936For me, It's Demba Ba's dog[View]
77660064For me, it's Amanda McGrory.[View]
77645708How does it feel knowing that if the rules were suddenly suspended, Mayweather would be literally, c…[View]
77658526El Clasico rematch prematch thread: For the spanish super copa at the Bernabeu. First leg was won b…[View]
77657889tell me about the philadelphia cricket team of the 1890s[View]
77659330Celtic play FC Astana in the first leg of the Champions League play-off. POST STREAMS[View]
77662008So this is the power of Ligue 1?[View]
77650945SHOWTIME DECLARES WAR On Floyd Vs. Conor Pirates: 'Dozens of websites aiming to livestream the Maywe…[View]
77657756Champions League Playoffs all in 1 thread: Bonus: EL playoff of Utrecht vs Zenit at 18:00 CET Match…[View]
77656905Was he elite or shit?[View]
77661259>dude the refs were bought lmao[View]
77660684>2013 >Dortmund plays Bayern in the CL finals >neither team has reached the finals since th…[View]
77657460>'I do not want to interfere with referees, but when you look at happened and to think that Crist…[View]
77657608>Spain is good at sports Just one autist that likes to pick his butt and two teams that ride on t…[View]
77658664OFFICIAL GIANTS VS. MARLINS GAMETHREAD: San Francisco Giants @ Miami Marlins (#3 of 3) Marlins Park …[View]
77651561Be afraid. Be very afraid.[View]
77659273daily reminder that sevilla would win the eplel by february while spending a hundreth of money the c…[View]
77655649Was Luis Suarez at Liverpool in 13-14 best player of EPL ALL-Time seasons?[View]
77658272>who is ronaldos nemesis? post teams or players is there a player against he never won a match?…[View]
77646816>Only won 2 World Cups >Has 4 stars on their badge Why are Uruguayans so pathetic?…[View]
77659694Wtf I hate ESPN now[View]
77650165NFL general - Chefs edition: /nfl/ NYJ:Bilal Powell returns to Jets practice Tuesday NYJ:OC: Chris…[View]
77655743>most aesthetic and most important trophy of all time >stolen by a random monkey and lost fore…[View]
77649674What did he mean by this?[View]
77656984>Arsenal >ARSEANAL >ARSE ANAL >Manager is ARSEne Wenger lmaooooooo…[View]
77635518Chargers are DISASTER in LA: The Stub Hub Center looked empty on Sunday as the Chargers held their f…[View]
77652112Who can stop them?[View]
77654583Who's going to stop us?[View]
77659755>hated by everyone who lives around it >tons of shitty american tourists >overpriced and ov…[View]
77658606Which app do you guys use to run? I'm thinking about Runkeeper or Endomondo. Which one do you g…[View]
77659618Neymar Brazil - Despacito | Best Skills & Goals Ever HD ● Neymagic HD | Welcome to PSG 2017[View]
77647500Any Jap football expert here? How was he compared to Kagawa and Honda?[View]
77654772Is this going to be the greatest rivalry of all time?[View]
77654275what does he do?[View]
77658786Barça squad is utter shit[View]
77659349Where were you when Messi got an anime?[View]
77659231Reminder Ronaldo's legacy is better than Messi[View]
77637439post the most impressive[View]
77655178/heem/: cheesin' edition: Previous: >>77652074 www.bjpenn.com[View]
77659203>yfw da bears win da superb owl[View]
77659098What's her fucking problem?[View]
77658932friendly reminder that Hoffenheim, who played infinitely more attractive football than slipperpool, …[View]
77645830Who's your favourite sports news presenter/journalist?: For me, it's Natalie Sawyer.…[View]
77646686>that fan who died during a baseball game because he tried to catch a ball…[View]
77658960>the mighty spurts[View]
77653900give me one good reason why we should let women into men's sports protip: you can't[View]
77657468Who could even replace Klopp if he gets sacked?[View]
77658440>yfw da wooooooolfs gets promoted to the premierl eague[View]
77657377Settling the debate once and for all: Attention all non-Americans, when are you going to embrace the…[View]
77655812If there's weight classes in boxing, why don't they have race classes too? That way you co…[View]
77652615>'I'd beat jordan 1 on 1' >can't even beat ice cube 1 on 1…[View]
77657730Basket team name: Can u tell me names for a basket team? thx[View]
77632480I'm pretty sure HE is /ourguy/[View]
77656961*plays Motörhead's Bow Down to the King*[View]
77657884El un buen niño el dindu nada[View]
77657467Ronaldo McDonaldo[View]
77646450>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who don't think Ibra is the GOAT…[View]
77641218/trans/ by the most hated nation edition: Antoine Griezmann would be unhappy if Atlético Madrid sell…[View]
77656802The National Rugby League in Australia is having it's annual vote for players of the year. Pick…[View]
77657967Başakşehir - Sevilla Pre-Match Thread: well /sp/ who do you rooting for ?[View]
77642825What are your favorite sports photos[View]
77651963Anyone else think it's hypocritical for McGregor fan boys (and people in general) to give McGre…[View]
77657700just a quick question; Will VAR be present in this year's CL?[View]
77641282NRL: >Bulldogs are fucking run by numpties edition: >Bonus Bluray: I wish I was born in Melbou…[View]
77657238what the FUCK is his problem??[View]
77652280>countless threads dick-riding him >cringe posts about any little thing he does >idolizing …[View]
77656510>criticises PSG for using Qatar money >get doha airport sponsort two days after This is like p…[View]
77657768653 days until we win the Champions League[View]
77657702For me, its 41212 Bayol.[View]
77657676Face mask thread[View]

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