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Displaying 880 expired threads from the past 3 days

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87022106NO FUN ALLOWED[View]
87016412VITORIA - FEIRENSE PRE MATCH THREAD: Starts in 3 bongs and 45 bings[View]
87014146/bundesu/: Today: DFB Pokal >18:30 CET Braunschweig - Hertha Berlin Cottbus - Freiburg Paderborn…[View]
87021742>worst performance since joining Liverpool >wins 2-0 lel…[View]
87021117'And Allah spake, and he spake through his great prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and he blessed the lesser Mu…[View]
87017521Japanese new star: In Japan,now held Koshien that is the national high school baseball championships…[View]
87021939*Never concedes a goal again*[View]
87017490Social media and sports: Hey /sp/ Imagine if you were the social media manager of your favourite clu…[View]
87021729>karius GK >concede like half a dozen goals per week >alisson GK >haven't condeded …[View]
87021611Now that it's confirmed they can beat their real oponents like Palace who can actually stop the…[View]
87021697*organises your defence*[View]
87021673>he doesn't think Liverpool can win the league[View]
87021658IMAGINE not supporting Liverpool. Sad![View]
87016872tick tock Logancucks, KSI is ready to knock ya boy out cold[View]
87021613Hold still, this might hurt.[View]
87020468PALACE vs LIVERPOOL: 0-1 Milner scores penalty after foul on Salah[View]
86986473/epl/: Harry Kane finally scored his first Premier League goal in August >Sunderland's curre…[View]
87021309That 30 year old boomer that still thinks he could have made it in football[View]
87020238Reminder that Arsenal made it to the 2006 champions league final[View]
87006176Bruh, look at this dood.[View]
87021027>5 days until KSI vs Logan Paul[View]
87019860>need refball to beat palace[View]
87019338PALACE vs LIVERPOOL: MNF[View]
87017556Does your city and/or teams have good news coverage? Not just on The Athletic, In general.[View]
87011270Was UEFA too harsh on banning ALL english clubs from European competition? The only ones who should…[View]
87020246I think that we can win the league[View]
87017991Valencia vs Atlético Madrid: Anyone else watching? Comfy[View]
87019980who would steal your gf faster? Mario Balotelli or Yasiel Puig[View]
87015304Why didn't United follow his instructions? Maybe if they had stood by Moyes they would of been …[View]
87018563Your sports heroes when you were a kid: For me its Pete Sampras[View]
87015393>as soon as America starts caring about football they will win EVERYTHING is this true or false?…[View]
86996668/fpl/ - Wildcard edition: Have you used one yet?[View]
87018174Why does mainstream sports media want to see them break up so badly? I didn't see this with the…[View]
87019319liverpool vs crystal palace gamethread: 0-0 at 30'[View]
87019309he's a meme but has done well at palace[View]
87017357Palace vs Liverpool Pre Match Thread: Karius on loan to Besiktas for 2 years edition: Starts in less…[View]
87013598African Baseball Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K54YgbL0bZk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
87019016literal kino[View]
87018384>idrissa gay lel[View]
87018750>tfw we live in the era of the GOATs feels good t b h[View]
87018141What a sportsman![View]
87018558So who will win?[View]
87004188Real Madrid vs. Getafe: Game Thread: Real Madrid: >Navas, Carvajal, Nacho, Ramos, Marcelo, Ceball…[View]
87018279>CHAMPIONS League >Team who won it more in the past 10 years was only champion 3 times in thei…[View]
87017760Why is /sp/ saying Man U are in crisis? We beat our biggest rivals yesterday[View]
87017959Valencia vs Atletico thread: how can there be no thread foe a top of the table clash in the world…[View]
87016118>want to buy an official football jersey >made by New Balance, not even Nike or Adidas >€7…[View]
87016687Longhorns 2018 schedule: Theyre getting BTFO lolllll[View]
87017802Juan Soyboy Mata[View]
87016816Is 19 year old Sydney McLaughlin going to do for track what Phelps did for swimming?[View]
87015434How do we get them to the prem? We want to see some beef[View]
87014425Zlatan getting people butthurt: shitskins getting mad because they think he literally calls himself …[View]
87017316Which was the best. Team and shirt[View]
87017934Messi against Alaves >2 goals >great performance Ronaldo against Chievo >0 goals >not so…[View]
87010905Is Steph Curry a cornball?: https://youtu.be/gtBBPPqMHSM No wonder NBA players and black fans hate h…[View]
87017878Do you think she received the Schuster? Does her cuck know?[View]
870177621,581 days until >we win our 6th (sixth) World Cup title.[View]
87017149what's next for them[View]
87014793Can we rise up?[View]
87015566O DI MARIA[View]
87015229'Mr. Goodell, Mr. Goodell! Our ratings are falling down and the attendances are worse than NHL! We a…[View]
87017591Yeah , i think we know who the goat is[View]
87017575The Official /sp/ Spot The Ball Competition[View]
87007888The reason Benfica hasn't won any European finals since 1962[View]
87017313SCOTLAND: Seriously lads, I think we have decent players coming through now and McLeish knows what h…[View]
87017546>two last bernabeu games with less than a 50k assistance was the last one before CR and the first…[View]
87016041the punisher of palace[View]
87015977Eternal Blue Moon Thread[View]
87017180https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20180820_15/ Why did they do it?[View]
87017367Is he elite? He has 43 HR 125 RBI 107 runs 104 walks 35 doubles .917 OPS 142 wRC+ in his first 162 g…[View]
87015526>mou wins 3 trophies in 2 seasons and gets crucified and about to be sacked >flopp goes 3 whol…[View]
87017121Who are the worst players to get rings?[View]
87008192Future GOAT?[View]
87003300What’s he thinking right now?[View]
87015869> young squads >relative young coaches >play offensive fast paced football >no bus parki…[View]
87017112Liverpool fan here. Im concerned about the state of our fanbase lately. Please dont be so confident …[View]
87010744ITT: Talentless Hacks[View]
87014010So now that >we've won the league already, I'm thinking >we can do the quadruple[View]
87016988what's he thinking right now[View]
87016471Gentlemen, your 2018/19 Premier League winners.[View]
87016843why aren't you supporting the turkish football team?: Turkish football is on the up. The glory …[View]
87015197PRIN$$ Boateng 'King' (WSHH Heatseekers - Official Music Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCz…[View]
87016761Yep, I'm thinking we're back[View]
87013093is there a more overrated fat overhyped piece of shit in world football than fat ronaldo?[View]
87000911/mug/ - Manchester United General: I've known Rakesh from ManU's Facebook page for years a…[View]
87015593I guess we all agree that recent World Cups are more valuable than World Cups in the 1930s. I tried …[View]
87016589He looks so goofy with the short sleeves, I'm not used to it, why didn't he ask for long s…[View]
87016551>I love Andrés Cuccitini[View]
87005227>one is Brazilian and the other is french How does this work out?[View]
87013792epl is such a joke now: >it's another season of man city walking the 'english' premier leagu…[View]
87015261How would you save this team?: You are appointed manager of this club, and given a transfer budget o…[View]
86985699/box/: Previous >>86983933 >Saturday August 18 - ESPN US Bryant Jennings vs Alexander Dimit…[View]
87013955>15th of 19 in the Eastern Counties Football League Division One South >two draws at home, two…[View]
87015400>I'm putting together a team[View]
87015769yo man city bout finna get dabbed on[View]
87013673/wnba/ general - PLAYOFF edition: Playoff bracket is locked, anon. WHO YA GOT?[View]
87005087*Blocks your goals*[View]
87015902>'My time in St Louis had come to an end.....and strangely, the Louligans had grown on me…[View]
87004761now that the dust has settled[View]
87015364The state of United: >Hasn't won the league since 2013 >Has a team of complete shitters …[View]
87015967You crying in England? COME TO BESIKTAS[View]
86995374So how much ABU's will be SEETHING today when we expose all of you with beating Brighton 5-0?[View]
87015827http://global.getfantom.com/ >FANTOM IS THE FIRST EVER FOOTBALL SMARTBAND & GIVES YOU LIVE MA…[View]
87015840Simone Biles appreciation thread https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2018/08/19/simone-biles-wins-gymnast…[View]
87015756yo man city bout finna get dabbed on[View]
87015599>tfw score own goal >did it on purpose[View]
87015018>3 seasons at United >3 PL >1 FA cup >1 CL Would he have become goat had he not been sac…[View]
87002813HAHAHA WE LAUGH AT QATAR HAHAHAHAHA: The absolute desert of Qatar Imagine some of these players are …[View]
87013577only way we are winning the league is by winning all matches and hoping man city gets dicked by us, …[View]
87007081>jose mourinho is finis-[View]
87010053*Doesn't block your path*[View]
87015438Gints in a tailspin: How would you save this team?[View]
87014097They was shook: Is he a goat? https://youtu.be/KVit4vSAMsk[View]
87013930Yes well done Man City, well done... HOWEVER[View]
86998581*commits 3rd season suicide in your path*[View]
87015124I've been watching United for over 30 years, and I know by now when we have got lucky, when we …[View]
87014228>Jose Mourinho has signed 11 players, including two centre-backs for a total of £480m, since join…[View]
87014479Road to GOAT?: Can someone explain how people are currently more interested is some literal who like…[View]
87015043>”Call us a runty team one more time you fucking little shit! Go on, I dare you, I double fucking…[View]
87015028Jose... that 500k[View]
87014719Rooftopping: yo, any fellow rooftoppers/urban explorers here? I'm soon going to london and thin…[View]
87012892>yfw the 2006 World Cup was more than 12 years ago. >yfw less than 12 years are left for the 2…[View]
87014960Hi, /sp/. Meet Sousa Cintra, the current interin President of Sporting, taking care of the club unti…[View]
87014335>Serie A can't be saved by Ronal--[View]
87013908Why won't Jesus play Rugby? >because he wears illegal spikes >because that jew won't…[View]
87014713Thoughts on this fit?[View]
87014592APOLOGIZE: >brings football magic https://clips.clippit.tv/plreve/720.mp4…[View]
87001550Ed Woodward: 'Anon, you're in charge now. fix this shit.' What do you do?[View]
87014293>Don't call Sanchez >lose hmmmm[View]
87013624How can america even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAzEkMLB2Ag[View]
87014282For me, it's the Croatian striker Eduardo Alves da Silva.[View]
87014222>spend 500 million pounds >end up with this how?…[View]
87013848Your daily reminder that Lester have won more Premier League titles than Liverpool and Tottenham[View]
86992198do you have a favorite player?: if so, who is that player and why? doesn't matter which sport. …[View]
87008776/nrl/ - no games today I just have no one else to talk to Edition: No games. Talk up the game.…[View]
87010251So fellas, which league is /ourleague/? >Pic related[View]
87008462Everyone point and laugh[View]
87009162How much longer does he have? If he makes it to 45 I'll eat my own fucking shit[View]
87013994But can they do it on a cold night in south london?[View]
87008466Who is there best player?[View]
87009940>oh argenCHINO >esta CHORANDO[View]
87004367*scores two (2) goals on his first match in La Liga* How the FUCK do you all say that La Liga is the…[View]
87010687If he joined Real Madrid without Ronaldo and had no injuries would he be the best player to come out…[View]
87013373For me, it's the GOAT[View]
87011960>American co-worker says he loves watching the champions league >he especially likes the compe…[View]
86952648hockey: >always liked hockey >never joined hockey team since their was none at my school >1…[View]
87013444>5 wins and 4 draws >2 wins and 2 losses Is it time to admit Gerrard is better…[View]
87004440/NFL/ general: Preseason Midseason edition: BUF:A.J. McCarron to receive second opinion BUF:Kyle Wil…[View]
87010961Is this the year of redemption for them[View]
87013512The Liverpool of our generation[View]
87013510>119 passes >1 (ONE!) key pass People actually rate this guy?…[View]
87012579Why are Manchester United fans so arrogant? Shit like this is why ABUs exist https://www.youtube.com…[View]
87009816ITT: Secret footballing goats[View]
87011940Not so smart now, eh, fat-boy?[View]
87009391Makes you think[View]
87010393if jordan was such a good athlete how come he was so bad at baseball?[View]
87012995So are they a legit team or was last year a fluke from all the injuries?[View]
87008790NFL/American football: Very interested in the NFL/American football. I`ll try to watch most games th…[View]
87012905Why are Celts genetically superior at sports?: Also, superior at fighting, music, and our women are …[View]
86994068/f1/ - Formula 1 General - Dirty Edition: >Countdown to Belgium GP: http://whenisf1on.com/ (click…[View]
87006653Limerick Hurling Champions: Where’s the damn love for this guy!? https://mobile.twitter.com/SkySport…[View]
87012971there's a man going round taking names https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9IfHDi-2EA[View]
87000247BLUE JAYS V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Borucki V Happ[View]
87011044MLS + Liga MX merger when?[View]
87005585Are they any aboo sport players: This is a Aboriginal Australian in 1940[View]
87012815TFW Mouyes[View]
86989681/heem/ ambassadors of wmma edition[View]
87005816>wanna play some footy, la?[View]
87004512Rank the top 5 players in your country's league 1. kdb 2. salah 3. aguero 4. kante 5. kane[View]
86982036*does nothing*[View]
86993657>Annihilates Alaves >Invisible vs Roma, Croatia and France Totally the GOAT am I right bros??!…[View]
87012131DO YOU SEE NOW, JOSÉ?[View]
87011718Which sport has the worst fanbase and why is it divegrass? >European fans are fucking snobs who t…[View]
86994257OFFICIAL ENGLAND VS INDIA 3rd TEST MATCH THREAD: /cric/ England won the toss and elected to bowl. In…[View]
87012378>Googled 'Fantasy' >realized mostly Football shows up >come on here to share my discovery …[View]
87001827ITT:Football players that are way too good for their national team: No Ronaldo or Messi.[View]
87012112For me, it's Kaká[View]
86968644Koshien Thread: Yoshida the GOAT Edition: >Dafuq is Koshien? https://youtu.be/A3puTgRqZ48 https:…[View]
87008871Novak Djokovic: the greatest tennis player of all times.[View]
86993126/hoc/: Still offseason[View]
86879350/fs/ - Figure Skating General: >So you want to follow figure skating? Here are some links courtes…[View]
87000396EPL Winner: Let's be honest here, Man City is going to win the title again, KEK[View]
87011244Was he actually good or did he just score meme goals from time to time?[View]
87002635Which was the best?[View]
86990626/LigaMX/: Our boy Azzaro edition >SAT is over Kuri's ass, meanwhile he's at Italy with …[View]
87011155ITT: Quotes that have not aged well.[View]
87010609>wearing a shirt with another man's name on the back[View]
87004918/mlb/ - BALKOFF Edition: /LAD/ - Dodgers walked off in extra innings on a bases loaded balk All the …[View]
87005122What is he laughing at?[View]
870091872018 MLB Little League Classic Game Thread: Mets: Jason Vargas vs. Phillies: Nick Pivetta ESPN…[View]
87004177Is Chloe Kim the greatest American athlete at the moment?[View]
86999592>yfw >Moyes Leads USA to the 2022 Cup bit. ly/2L6HOAj…[View]
87000461So, which will be YOUR team from OUR league?[View]
87006764Manchester City general. Pic highly related.[View]
87005434Sorry I couldn't make it in today boss[View]
87010346Apologize: He's currently entering the mogul state[View]
87005115*blocks your season*: GET REKT lOLCHESTER UNITSHITE EAT A DICK[View]
87009465>he rates Zidane[View]
87010165Manchester, a tale of two clubs: I can't think of a time this image is any more appropriate. Wh…[View]
87010226*doesn't save your penalty*[View]
87000428BRIGHTON vs MAN UTD Match Thread #4: 3-1[View]
87009724Top 10 Penalty Saves by Outfield Players ● Unexpected Heroes[View]
87006560yep... im thinking theyre back as laughing stock[View]
86999718Why do opposing fans always chant “Beat LA”?: Why is everyone always so obsessed with beating LA at …[View]
87005431Apologize APLOGIZE, YOU PIECES OF SHIT![View]
87010009/bsg/ - bacary sagna general: any sagna fans still up ?[View]
87009841Is there a team in all of sports with a more pathetic fanbase than pic related?[View]
87009769Saklanın: Analarınızı,avratınızı,bacılarınızı saklayın. Biz geliyoruz oçları[View]
87009756/IBAF/ U15 WorldCup Final: America, pls...[View]
87009368ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
87001189/bundes/: to lazy to write anything edition Tyske pokal sub-edition eternal /ulle/ sub-sub-edition…[View]
87005389Astros @ Athletics: Game 3: Verlander v Manaea Can the Stros avoid the brooms edition? Probably the …[View]
87002606support your local club[View]
87008388Alternative all time xi: I bet you can't make one bettee than this one. Remember: no pelé or ma…[View]
87008730EVERYONE POINT AND LAUGH: >be man city >reach semi finals in 2016 >Score own goal >get k…[View]
87005591Why can't this man stay at a club for more than 2 and a half years?[View]
87004943/indy/ - IndyCar - ABC Supply 500 race thread #2: Race currently red flagged for Wickens crash >w…[View]
87009158Good Evening Mouyes[View]
87006905MATCH OF THE DAY 2 THREAD: Starts in 30 minutes on BBC One. >Mark Chapman presents the best of th…[View]
86995295Is TSU realizing Seria A isn't actually easy?[View]
86926081Eternal /trb/: Waiting for 2019 edition: Old thread: >>86834017 >Essentials: https://sortit…[View]
87007981Now the dust has settled, is he the new GOAT?[View]
87001574you can only post ITT if you're top of the league: RAHEEM STERLING HE'S TOP OF THE LEAGUE…[View]
87007593Any other team and these fuckers would be scoring 50 goals per season What is wrong with arsenal[View]
87000853Is he the biggest fraud in football today?[View]
87006923>oh di maria >oh mascherano >oh messi tchau messi tchau messi tchau tchau tchau >e o arg…[View]
86999804Let's discuss David Silva[View]
87002050God I hate this board sometimes, should we have been beaten by Brighton? No. Was it a good performan…[View]
87008410Why is he pointing at him?[View]
87004995United customers would UNIRONICALLY not trade any of their starting 11 for any of liverpools[View]
86964664/cfb/ general - THE BIG TWO edition: SOON >https://days.to/until/ncaa-season COVERAGE: >sbnati…[View]
87008318Can Jimmy Galapagos win the Superb Owl?: I know he's sexy and all but can he win anything other…[View]
87000225Premier league star accused of drugging and raping woman: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/ne…[View]
86984421/tennis/: Djokovic vs Federer in the Cincy final[View]
87002106CHC @ PIT [Game 4]: series is 2:1 for Chicago Pirates wearing vintage (70s) unis >Chicago Cubs (7…[View]
87007232/motd/: Match of the day 2 thread. Starts at 22:30. >Matches City vs Hudds Brighton vs Manure Get…[View]
87002512Kansas City Royals @ Chicago White Sox Gamethread: Royals: Heath Fillmyer 1: Merrifield 2: Gordon 3:…[View]
87005507Which team will City break this record against?[View]
87007351What is the biggest giant killing you can think of?: That is, what is the biggest gap between percei…[View]
87003802/SerieA/ - Sunday Night Internazionale Edition: Meme Season Lads Get Comfy[View]
87001778J. Chacin (MIL) v. J. Gant (STL)[View]
87002104>6 days until KSI vs Logan Paul[View]
87006859*gives his teammate a cheeky thumb in your path*[View]
87006745>30 May 2018 , La Liga officially recognize VAR to be used in next years league, UEFA visits VAR …[View]
87002687SAY MY NAME[View]
87003777Man Utd: What went wrong? It is time to part ways with Jose?[View]
87003538*wins La Liga*[View]
87006082>bukkaku Not even close to being sub world-class[View]
87003433/epl winners 2018/19 general/: It's are year la.[View]
86988200/NFL/ general: Preseason week two edition: CLE:NFL hasn't cleared Josh Gordon to practice CLE:J…[View]
87005482yeah im starting to think that we are back[View]
87005508Is he, dare I say, the GOAT?[View]
87005141ITT players with handicap Rashford: microcephalia[View]
87004516?: Messi against Alavarez >2 goals Ronaldo against Chievo >0 goals…[View]
86949587/nba/ General - /WL/ Warriors Lakers Broship Edition: NBA Headlines HOU:Police investigate incident …[View]
87001301OFFICIAL tampa bay rays (62-61) @ boston red sox (88-36) GAMETHREAD: post now[View]
86989544The NFL season is almost upon us. Post an image that reflects how you think your team is going to do…[View]
86997223ETERNAL BLUE MOON THREAD: >their year they said[View]
87004983Indy at Pocono: Thread II: Bring it on![View]
87003863If it wasn't for his name would you confuse pep for being an arab? >amerimutt >yes…[View]
87002820Inter Milan-Sassoul threado[View]
87001339/indy/ IndyCar - ABC Supply 500 race thread: Pocono Raceway - Long Pond, PA race is on NBCSN and Spo…[View]
86989404/mlb/ - Lifelong Edition: STL:Wong leaves game with right elbow contusion NYM:DeGrom fans nine in co…[View]
87004206fergie back when[View]
87001206>Chevy vs. American Express >English Premier League…[View]
87003840The Supreme Masters Final Live: Phil Harrison vs Mick Hill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOrPMxxx…[View]
87001761what's he thinking right now[View]
87004289>he watches pre-season games[View]
87003526Can it be fixed?[View]
87002821>Fury is boring[View]
87002979what was Unai telling him? yelling at him to mark Jorginho for the 15th time?[View]
86994646FC UFA can't get visa's for the Europa League qualifier against Rangers meaning a walkover…[View]
86985642/SerieA/ Thread - TSU's first victim edition: Previous: >>86980195 The storm is over and …[View]
87003590When will vamos man go to United?[View]
87000473>60 million for the brazillian mark noble[View]
87003388>saves ManU. for 6 consecutive seasons[View]
87002185Messi is the only GOAT this generation: Messi carries his teams left and right, Penaldo gets carried…[View]
86995787Lazio forbids women to go near ultras stand: Reason is that women do not care about football and the…[View]
87003317Why are people saying we had a bad day today? We beat our biggest rivals.[View]
86999877how do we fix this shit[View]
87003092>contracted until 2020[View]
86997979Is this true?[View]
87002956Could he perform on a cold rainy night away at Brighton?[View]
87002904For me it's Mario Gomez[View]
87001631What went wrong?[View]
87002710*crack* *sip* *burp* Manchester United...Arsenal...AC Milan...Inter...[View]
86999966how will our season go?[View]
87002655Thank you Denmark: Does Faggotmark have any other good uncapped players for Sweden to steal? t. Swe…[View]
87002651>The winger [Jamie Murphy] appeared to twist his left knee during the first half of the 3-1 Leagu…[View]
87002595How many chink and paki customers are going to switch to Man City by the end of season?[View]
87001527you now remember the son of an elephant washer and a whore[View]
87001349>lost the players >lost the fans >lost the plot when is he off…[View]
87002285Yeah, Im thinking he's the GOAT manager >inb4 screeching incels saying his overrated Liter…[View]
86999154What manager do we sign lads? How do we survive relegation?[View]
87001717Jalen Ramsey BTFO[View]
87001904How come we don't have 606 threads anymore? Come listen to United customers seethe. https://ww…[View]
87001317> 150 million£ for the dabbing duo of Nigel Reo coker and Boa Morte[View]
87001870Hack confirmed[View]
87001865>It's more important that my club plays attractive football than wins titles…[View]
86999355/Eliteserien/: Ranheim - Sandefjord Stromsgodset - Start Lillestrom - FK Haugesund Stabæk - Molde K…[View]
86998156>watch jimmy kimmel >guillermo goes NBA >players are rude, don't wanna talk, always se…[View]
87001603>I love following basketball. The storylines are unparalleled.[View]
87001718Reminder: >*Spends 432.1 million euros in absolute shite*[View]
87001690Where can I watch the games from today?: I don't have sky and usually watch streams. Is there a…[View]
87000332This guy is the 22nd most expensive PL signing ever.[View]
86997418why is this allowed[View]
87001528What happened?[View]
86999132What team are you gunna bandwagon this season lads? I'm thinking Juventus for me.[View]
87001253They're finally rivals again, rivals for 6th place. 1.Man City 2.Liverpool 3.Chelsea 4.Spurs 5…[View]
86995163How long will it take for El Rato to be benched in detriment of him? He is so much better as a >f…[View]
86999095>No Sanchez >United are down 3-1 to Brighton Are you ready to apologise yet, /sp/? Will you ad…[View]
86992595My cousins that live in New York are pressuring me to side with one of these two teams. Who should I…[View]
87001159NASSING TO SAY[View]
87000835>arsenal, man u already out of title race time for liverpool to make an example out of CP tomorro…[View]
86991002>No friends >Barely leaves apartment outside of work >Anime nickname How is he not the undi…[View]
87001105Ok serious post, this is how you fix baseball >remove bats and gloves >both teams are on the f…[View]
87001111Miss me yet?[View]
86994618Premier league star 'drugged and raped a model: >http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-607…[View]
86991151There is no way the human mind can calculate the correct direction and angle to swing a bat at a tin…[View]
87000818>Be Euro on vacation in America >Turn on TV in hotel room >Go to ESPN to see if there is a…[View]
86994981Where is he on your list?[View]
86997500Free gift from City game what could it be?[View]
86991448This cancerous normie shit needs to stop[View]
86993402What's the deal with them guys? Will they stay good? Will they crash?[View]
86989920god tier kits: post a better kit than this >protip: you can't…[View]
86999075>say my fucking name[View]
86986123/nrl/ - Muh Legacy Edition: Bulldogs vs Warriors @2 Raiders vs Roosters @4[View]
86999520BRIGHTON vs MAN UTD Match Thread #3: 3-1[View]
87000178Give me a reason to believe it's not coming home.[View]
86999231If you like attractive and exciting football you're rooting for a battle between these two for …[View]
86996728Guys, I think I found how to fix footie I call it the 'red ball, blue ball' system, and it's a …[View]
87000155HE HAS TO GO NOW[View]
87000138>united struggling at christmas but need to save top 4 >I know just the guy…[View]
86999940>commentator '''accidently''' mistakes bailly for pogba[View]
86996977>Aguero, stop it, this is not funny anymore![View]
86994808Is he, dare i say it, the next Ballon d'Or ?[View]
86998844>C'mon anon, it's your turn to serve.[View]
86996921>from left to right >mfw greeting to boss >mfw boss giving me a job >mfw boss asking me …[View]
86993017Named Immobile.Is actually mobile. WTF.[View]
86998632BRIGHTON vs MAN UTD Match Thread #2: 2-0[View]
86998981What's his name again: Well?[View]
86999306>one assists a goal for his team >other assists a goal against his team why does /sp/ keep suc…[View]
86999278Best showboat?: Quresma or Neymar[View]
86996930>reminder that this actually fucking happened[View]
86998826Sorry about the game jefe, but the check ain't gonna deliver itself...[View]
86998968Yeah I think we're back.[View]
86987657Why is Mouyes still whining about money when united spent so much post fergie?[View]
86998569How do we fix this shit?[View]
86993810so uh, any word on if those new male cheerleaders will perform at Packers games?[View]
86959736Friendly reminder that Ronaldo didn't win any Champions League title at Real before Bale joined…[View]
86996864BRIGHTON vs MAN UTD Match Thread #1: Kick Off: 16:00 BST >Ryan, Montoya, Dunk, Duffy, Bong, Propp…[View]
86998061>/sp/ doesn't think De Bruyne is a system babby[View]
86998529OH NO NO NO[View]
86998601I want a refund.[View]
86970039/rug/: MITRE10 CUP Week 1 Harbour 21-20 Northland Tasman 25-17 Canterbury >Sat 18 Aug Manawatu 2…[View]
86993347BEST ANTHEM: best national anthem, cant be your own countries for me >south africa…[View]
86991696Usain Bolt has signed to the Central Coast Mariners: >Australian soccer su-…[View]
86987812Are there any other examples of two players for a team having the same or very similar names? Pic re…[View]
86997245Actual Juve fans from Italy, how did he performed yesterday?[View]
86997452>doesn't score 10 goals against Juventus, three of them with his head, two volleys and three…[View]
86998049>be new canadian meme team >beat juventus https://mobile.twitter.com/York9fc/status/1030988126…[View]
86978232Eternal Arsenal Thread: there's a bit of hope left lads[View]
86993892>shadow striker[View]
86995299>buy a memester for 120 milions >surprise: he's actually shit Are Barcelona the next ManC…[View]
86996296Official Manchester City vs Huddersfield match thread 2: 3-1 City Aguero Jesus Aguero Stankovic…[View]
86988851>the next Jamie Vardy[View]
86985658Fellow Gunners.....: After losing 2 back to back games, realistically, where will we be by the end o…[View]
86997564>The Harrasser of Huddersfield[View]
86962206Rate your league's fanbases. > god tier Sevilla Atlético Real Sociedad > very good tier A…[View]
86997153Your mother will die in her sleep tonight unless you type 'This isn't a sport, it's WWE' i…[View]
86976874What's his philosophy?[View]
86997315>the horror of huddersfield[View]
86983573Stop us.[View]
86995824Looks like this kid was overrated, huh[View]
86997289reminder that this fossil won the >serie A golden boot while playing alongside hellas verona shit…[View]
86967582>ITS IN THE NET >ITS IN THE NET >OH ITS IN THE NET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjFdOyJn…[View]
86989119Alexis out of Brighton match: *Collects Paycheck[View]
86989575/afl/ Round 22 Sunday Football: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs 1:10pm AEST, Etihad Stadium >Carlton …[View]
86995083In the ‘Forca Portugal’ aka CR7 fan shop right now What to buy[View]
86996260*Dominates Fitba*[View]
86976930Best White NFL Players Vs Black: If you made a team with only the best white NFL players and another…[View]
86996837Bubbacar Sanneh: Hi, Danish people, how Sanneh is? Does he a very good defender? Let's talk t…[View]
86996883Venue: Falmer Stadium Referee: Kevin Friend Time: 16:00 BST >Current time BST https://www.timeand…[View]
86996542god i wish that were me[View]
86996821RETURN OF THE MAC: Anthony Joshua? Shithouse! Deontay Wilder? Bum! It's Mac year, and everyone…[View]
86994177This is Japan's NT of football[View]
86975659UEFA Nations League forced hype thread: >England win A League >Wales win B League >Scotland…[View]
86991033You have 15 seconds to defend why you enjoy watching this pathetic excuse of a 'sports' league[View]
86994245When will this abomination of a human being put on a suit instead of wearing that fucking muumuu?[View]
86996173It's time.[View]
86990043>tfw you realise you have no personality or hobbies outside of watching sports and all of your fr…[View]
86974499/fpl/: King is shit Richarlison is good Wolves are meme[View]
86994908Official Manchester City vs Huddersfield match thread 1: >Champions Ederson, Mendy, Kompany (C), …[View]
86988235San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans Gamethread: get in here lads[View]
86991851>If you are a rich club you can buy all the top players but you cannot buy class. I haven’t seen …[View]
86994060OH NO NO NO[View]
86991275*Does Nothing*: No hard feelings bucko.[View]
86990061Seeeeeattle Sounders here we go![View]
86981560what's wrong with him?[View]
86995378>mwf nu-/sp/ would call him shit because of his work rate[View]
86979081/bundes/: Pokalspiel[View]
86994009/agg/ Asian Games General - Day 1 Edition: Welcome to the 2nd biggest Olympic Games in the world!…[View]
86945799ITT: Players you thought were the real deal[View]
86989899Dodgers vs Mariners Gamethread: Rich Hill(L) vs Erasmo Ramirez(R) >Dodgers 1. Joc Pederson (L) LF…[View]
86984358>couldn't even score against Chievo Verona What went wrong?[View]
86994920preemptive JUST Is a top four finish even possible for Madrid?[View]
86994496Dennis Man from FCSB: Apparently he will join my club, anderlecht. Does someone can talk to me about…[View]
86981422what would chelsea without spanish players be like?[View]
86994604Is he the chosen one ? the GOAT ?[View]
86991165/LIVERPOOL/: Mommy Madeline edition where you at, liverpool lads?[View]
86994493Truly the white Ali[View]
86994102Why are they so gay?[View]
86994300Pesäpallo playoffs: Starts 15 mins. Any finnbro to livestream channel 4?[View]
86993590We sing until the sun comes up and we drink our glasses dry Every skyline every streetsign we don…[View]
86978418What is he thinking?[View]
86982317*Wins*: ..in 2022[View]
86988313/NFL/ General: say 'NO' to fake news, rams edition: CLE:NFL hasn't cleared Josh Gordon to pract…[View]
86992700Gee, I wonder if he's a bad guy[View]
86970465/cric/: /cric/ Even As the Light Grows edition England 2-0 India India 60/1 https://thedarkthird.ban…[View]
86993269Spurs Stadium: >cost £1B so far >wet spam supporting electricians have sabotaged fire alarm …[View]
86991660How many goals will he score this season?[View]
86971292/f1/ - Formula 1 General - Domenirapist Edition: >Countdown to Belgium GP: http://whenisf1on.com/…[View]
86993940Dybala sorry for celebrating while Chievo’s GK lay unconscious: Lmao what a cuck[View]
86991948Unironically better than the Premier League. Will you be watching the 2018/19 season?[View]
86993276>marcos alonso putting arsenal in the passenger seat HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT…[View]
86990337>messi scores 2 past alaves >Gay tsuu cant do it against chievo Pretty clear who is GOAT…[View]
86993682Now that the dust has settled, is he the next Babe Ruth?[View]
86985868Already better than Pogba.[View]
86993544>a sorry day for arsenal >a sarri day for chelsea…[View]
86971783/hoc/: lec/a/valier[View]
86986418>tried to weaken barcelona >actually saved them what did they mean by this…[View]
86992941>Michael Jordan is better than LeGod just because he has more rings imagine being this deluded. L…[View]
86992110*wins the Nations League group C* *gets promoted to group B*[View]
86992410Name a better basketball player this instance. Protip: you cannot.[View]
86976334>beautiful, successful footballer >could have literally any Chad in the world >marries a CH…[View]
86988770Was this correct?[View]
86986629What's his name again?[View]
86992480ITT; we post teams that are endorsed by spee[View]
86986909Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays, omfg is taking the lords name in vain edition: alright, lets get …[View]
86992130>Nascar package >They're playing football…[View]
86989013Bears at Broncos Preseason Week 2 Gamethread: Throwback Cutty Edition[View]
86973965Which one does /sp/ prefer?[View]
86984595Uruguay´s players vs Mexico on Copa America preparations, thoughs?[View]
869899352018 NFCW championsvs. Da Chargers Thread: Let's go![View]
86983102>Apparently this closeted foreign born A+ list athlete everywhere but in the US and Canada has no…[View]
86984832Why isn't baseball more popular in Australia? >warm year round, great for baseball >lots …[View]
86991319Is he the worst sports owner in north america?[View]
86990753Have you wished your GOAT happy birthday, /sp/?[View]
86986100A BR set the record for the highest wave ever surfed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrVyk0gBDK0…[View]
86989904Select Your Batter /sp/: Who will you pick to win the game?[View]
86966388/LigaMX/: Chilean influence on our league edition[View]
86990506WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with him?[View]
86988678>The only major English club Messi hasn't scored against is Liverpool. Even the GOAT cannot…[View]
86988860Official /turnleft/ Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race (500 laps, 266.5 miles) at Bristol Thread #2: Gree…[View]
86989423Cubs @ Rats late gamethread: Only making this just in case the Cubs stage another comeback. Can…[View]
86987199Miley (MIL) v Mikolas (STL)[View]
86988720OFFICIAL KANSAS CITY ROYALS @ CHICAGO WHITE SOX GAMETHREAD: >halfway through the game >no thre…[View]
86986950Official Cowboy vs Bengals Thread: Starting soon get comfy[View]
86979415Football is solved[View]
86989566This should be the Juve kit[View]
86978836Can we all agree that game against Spain in wc 2018 was his last peak performance?[View]
86987053Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh Pirates Official Gamethread: Chicago Cubs 1. Ben Zobrist (S) RF 2. Jason …[View]
86956524What do you think about immigrant-founded teams? There are 2 Assyrian and 1 Kurdish teams in Swedish…[View]
86988052MLS gamethread: FC Dallas vs Minnesota United[View]
86989461So now that the dust has settled, was it right that he got sent off?[View]
86988993What was, in your opinion, the worst team that has ever won the National Championship? Is there anyo…[View]
86980115I used to score goals, y’know. They called me CR7.[View]
86989125Is he, dare I say it, the most aesthetic player of the century?[View]
86988018preseason week 2 bucs @ tits: buyer's remorse edition[View]
86978680/indy/ IndyCar - Pocono qualifying: Zach Veach was fastest in practice, followed by Josef Newgarden …[View]
86988854you are now hearing Beth Mowins narrate every post on /sp/[View]
86984210Sick!!!! Play!!! By Wayne Rooney!!!!![View]
86984849MotD: I love watching this. Only 20 more minutes. And I'm drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
86988903Thinking of going to see Brock Cormier in vegas. What would a lower bowl ticket run me?[View]
86965038/mlb/ - the official queen of /mlb: PHI:Nola gives up one run, Ks 11 in win over Mets MLW:Thames lef…[View]
86986177fuck you ramos son of a bitch who injure mo salah i will give you my shoe and kill you with it[View]
86985377Official /turnleft/ Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race (500 laps, 266.5 miles) at Bristol: Green Flag at …[View]
86988280Why is it ok for him to use steroids?[View]
86988546CROATIA BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE: How did they do it?[View]
86963368/heem/ - tailbone edition: Bellator is on prev: >>86950639[View]
86976270BLUE JAYS V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Reid-Foley V Severino[View]
86979029Post teams that are the only decent one in their city.[View]
86976001is /sp/ excited for Tokyo 2020?[View]
86967209/nfl/ general: FOOTBALL'S BACK ON THE MENU BOYS EDITION ARZ:Kirk breaks out in second preseason…[View]
86988185one nicolo barella please[View]
86986686>I value a 1-0 clean sheet with 1 shot on goal over a dominant 5-3, 4-2 win with 10 shots on goal…[View]
86987918High Heat: EVERYWHERE[View]
86986201He will retire within 3-5 years[View]
86984231>to smart to be prepared[View]
86984535Why is he so shit?[View]
86983360Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets game-thread: Arrieta vs. DeGrom >mest 1. Amed Rosario (R)…[View]
86986239BJJ best jew jitsu: Who else Kasai pro 3 we got gilbert burns from /heem/ and roidy mcholdtaps palha…[View]
86986993What does being 'classy' mean and why do brits value it in their sportsstars more so than …[View]
86987384Rockies at Braves Game 3/4: I'm actually home to make the gamethread edition. Foltynewicz (sp??…[View]
86981571If he hadn't have got banged up, would he have gone to the World Cup?[View]
86978443RAIDERS VS. RAMS GAMETHREAD: The battle for Los Angeles over/under 3 stabbings?[View]
86984532MATCH OF THE DAY THREAD: Starts in 20 minutes on BBC One. >Gary Lineker presents highlights from …[View]
86976392*becomes the first player to win all of the big 3 leagues* Yeah I'm thinking he's the GOAT[View]
86975764>pass the ball bro[View]
86983638Can you do it /sp/?[View]
86897757/mls/ general - WHO GOT NEXT edition: >Tuesday, 8/14 LA Galaxy vs Colorado Rapids, 10:30pm EST …[View]
86984292>Hyped about Serie A >Inter gets Nainggolan, Lautaro and a bunch of good players >Wanted to…[View]
86951463Fifa ranking: Thoughts?[View]
86986018God save the King: .[View]
86986331> name is immobile > actually moves quite well well ???…[View]
86981281Barcelona vs Alaves thread 1: GOAT Edition[View]
86985512Ronaldo Juve Debut: 7 shots on goal. No goals scored. What a bust[View]
86980999arsenalfantv here , what did you think of tonight performance ?[View]
86983933/box/ - Fight Night edition: Previous: >>86979974 >Saturday August 18 - ESPN US Bryant Jenn…[View]
86981200So these are supposed to be our challengers? Pathetic.[View]
86977215/aftv/: SOON[View]
86980195/seriea/ - S T R O N G M I N D edition: >Saturday: 18:00 Chievo - Juventus 2-3 20:30 Lazio - Napo…[View]
86984955Is he, dare I say, black?[View]
86981441Is he still alive? Haven't heard anything about him lately.[View]
86979820>this is the best player in the world oh nono oh my goodness hahaaha[View]
86973351How did one autistic manlet become the GOAT of the greatest sport on earth?[View]
86982016ITT teams who are depressing to watch[View]
86979252Daily reminder that we won the World Cup[View]
86982564have you lads ever noticed how small andre shurrle's mouth is?[View]
86952402/epl/: What happened to the thread? edtion Where my /trans/lads at? sub edition >Manchester Unite…[View]
86977897Official Jags @ Vikings Gamethread[View]
869844271-1 Club: Doors are open when the rest of your games are done.[View]
86765297Motor/sp/ort General - Weekend Review Edition: There was some great racing this weekend in the Xfin,…[View]
86982063Nations League is starting on September 6th. Do you think shitposting will be as great as it was dur…[View]
86983979man city bout finna get dabbed on[View]
86980523Say my name.[View]
86982494perspective.: in 1997, parma's buffon was playing with lilian thuram against george weah milan …[View]
86983871>Belgian football club was acquired by Jap porn company >Jap owner brought a lot of shit Jap p…[View]
86975185>Has announced Relegation[View]
86979974/box/ - Fight Night: Previous >>86949479 >Saturday August 18 - BT Sport UK Showtime YouTube…[View]
86976026>that one kid who would always get dabbed on at gym class >that kid was me…[View]
86972533The fact that so many magazines still name Cristiano Ronaldo as 'the greatest or most significant or…[View]
86929521/tennis/ - Cincinnati Masters: >Federerwinslol Draws: https://www.wsopen.com/Results/draws/ Sched…[View]
86982690>lose against the champions and the previous champions >hurr durr 0 points Fuck off, /sp/…[View]
86982906Are you ready.?[View]
86983231beach handball should be in the olympics, prove me wrong. protip you cant[View]
86983411The eternal debate: Legweak >never won a Grand Tour >born chileANO >literally cancer >on…[View]
86979962Will there ever be a better World Cup?[View]
86981374Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong lads?[View]
86978413>arse/chelshit defence is literal shit >livershit is livershit >manure struggling against r…[View]
86981377Tell me about U-15 Baseball World Cup. Does anyone give a fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zE6…[View]
86982429/Logang/ General: Get in here Paulers 7 more days until the greatest sporting event in internet hist…[View]
86980938Miss me yet?[View]
86982391ITT: post GOATs[View]
86982385wow whose this handsome young fellow who's soon to be successful football manger[View]
86972565ITT we laugh at the croatia rooters and congratulate france supporters: Congrats Germany Congrats US…[View]
86980228Chelsea vs Arsenal Match Thread #4: 2-2 15 Minutes Left[View]
86980705Admit it Ronaldo haters, you hate him because he's a Chad.[View]
86981512LETS ALL MEET UP IN THE YEAR 2000[View]
86976254*wins the league*[View]
86981926Is he, dare I say it, back?[View]
86981818get in here /kopites/: >it's actually our year[View]
86978434The next Ballon d'or and his lackey[View]
86981476Can we get this shit over with and just hand us the trophy?[View]
86979958n-no NOOOOOOOOOOOO! This cannot be happening! I'm supposed to be stat-padding against Chievo[View]
86981628SAY MY NAME[View]
86975787how long has he got?[View]
86973248How much time does NFL have left? 10 years?[View]
86981033West Ham have lost more games than they've won at the London Stadium: >West Ham have lost mo…[View]
86981062How come footballers spend so little time actually studying? It's always the coach that tells t…[View]
86980787*dominates premier league*[View]
86980136>the annihilator of Atalanta >the buster of Bologna >the calamity of Cagliari >the crush…[View]
86981069>I rate Emery[View]
86978524>real madrid loses >cr7 loses APOLOGIZE[View]
86970875You now remember Luis Fabiano[View]
86979259>*Dickrides a UEFA homosexual fraud*[View]
86975979>due to an FA enforces regulation which says no live football can be broadcast in the UK between …[View]
86978306CHELSEA vs ARSENAL Match Thread #3: 2-2 >Kepa[View]
86979960Friendly reminder that if you refer to a team that isn't your local team or national team as 'w…[View]
86978409can he fix Chelsea?[View]
86949479/box/: Previous >>86906418 >Saturday August 18 - BT Sport UK Showtime YouTube US Carl Framp…[View]
86979828>The head smasher of Sorrento[View]
86977233/seriea/ Bonucci finally shifting the balance edition: Saturday: 18:00 Chievo - Juventus 20:30 Lazio…[View]
86965303Hey anon we need MORE BEER[View]
86979512We are getting promoted la[View]
86979420You now remember Nanin.[View]
86971140>The Scottish Challenge Cup now involves Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish, Welsh and non-league En…[View]
86977383Obamayeng: If he's world class why does he play at a small club?[View]
86975837OFFICIAL PRESTON NORTH END v STOKE CITY MATCH THREAD: Two of the oldest clubs in the country meet in…[View]
86978591Why don't they just schedule games at 5:30 & 7:30 to get around the blackout rule?[View]
86978230Worlds most expensive Goalkeeper: Say something nice about him[View]
86978603MY EMPIRE OF DIRT[View]
86957942/l1g/ - LIGUE UN GÉNÉRAL 2018 - 2019 champs édition >Day 2[View]
86977977>this shithead goalkeeper is worth 80 million euros[View]
86978251>Juventus paid 112 million euros for Ronaldo[View]
86974552Why won't he die?: I'm so sick of this shitty fossil and his archaic play calling. Anytime…[View]
86978368OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
86977338CHELSEA vs ARSENAL Match Thread #2: 2-0[View]
86978295What’s his problem?[View]
86942083Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
86977658APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW, YOU STUPID SAND NIGGERS: What is he thinking right now?[View]
86962872/nrl/ - Yvonne > Danika Edition: Panthers vs GOATcastle @ 3 Tigs vs St JUST @530 GODnulla vs spoo…[View]
86977230SAVE US ARSENE[View]
86977973>90 million dollars for a twink with weak wrists[View]
86975334Post players that don't have the clutch gene[View]
86964780HELP ME AUSTRIAN FRIENDS I will be in Vienna until a week from this Monday and would like to take in…[View]
86960710/bundes/: *DFB POKAL edition* *eternal /ulle/ sub edition* >Today 17/08 20:45 FC Magdeburg - SV D…[View]
86976331>Germany wins A League >Austria wins B League >Israel wins C League >Luxembourg wins D L…[View]
86976878Miss me yet?[View]
86977586>press P to piss on grave P[View]
86977365Chelsea vs Arseanal Official Thread: 25minutes in, Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0 APOLOGISE[View]
86976618Lost 10€ because of wolwerhampton[View]
86971507/bet/: Who are we betting on today, lads?[View]
86974486For me, it's EN AVANT GUINGAMP[View]
86973377/seriea/ - Obvious Edition: His debut today. In 90 minutes. The World is watching. Saturday: 18:00 C…[View]
86976460Tottenham Tottenham No One Can Stop Them[View]
86975514They are people who thought a hyped up meme full of Primeira Liga journeymen could hang in the EPL.[View]
86975617>a literal who suburb of a suburb of Hamburg >plays better than St. Pauli and Wolfsburg combin…[View]
86949400‘All or Nothing: Manchester City’ just became available on Amazon Prime: Pep is a fucking autist lma…[View]
86976185Really makes you think[View]
86974045Just watched Pleasantville. What was this guys name again?[View]
86968650>I'm Danny Dyer, and welcome to another episode of Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men....USA. …[View]
86976011>passes sideways[View]
86961933when a costa rican or US flag claim they're the best national team in concacaf[View]
86975782Steve McClaren on suicide watch[View]
86974393underrated players thread i start. pic related[View]
86969851One week left Who have you got?[View]
86953574this is a 41 years old man: and how the fuck do we stop him?[View]
86973944OFFICIAL 3PM KICKOFFS THREAD 2: Current (HT) scores: Everton 2-0 Southampton Leicester City 2-0 Wolv…[View]
86965944>Unironically doing Fortnite celebrations This is one of the best players in the world and this i…[View]
86975853*dabs on Fat Frank's managerial career*[View]
86973988Happy birthday[View]
86968080>only fines the black players is Mourinho racist?[View]
86973414Welcome to Manchester United 2019/2020[View]
86975064Post teams that have 16+ home games a year: How come Cowboys nation is so large that home and away g…[View]
86972620Tottenham v Fullham: Moura striker meme lives on.[View]
86975479Has he, dare I say it, been exposed?[View]
86969888where can i watch hard knocks?[View]
86970108Can we win the league?[View]
86973365OH NO NO NO NO[View]
86975124*collects paycheck*[View]
86968863fuck you ramos you are the shit of my shoe for injure mo salah son of bitch ramos[View]
86973293>tfw too intelligent for football management[View]
86965103/AFL/: >Friday Richmond (81) def Essondon (73) >Saturday Pies vs Port Cats vs Dockers Giants …[View]
86973887>Switzerland lets a team with a name of another so called 'Kosova' country play in their competit…[View]
86965352Will there ever be a better World Cup?[View]
86971579OFFICIAL CARDIFF CITY v NEWCASTLE UNITED MATCH THREAD 2: 0-0. Only on /sp/ would a PL game as dismal…[View]
86965392Is it time for the NFL to step in and do something about this organization?[View]
86973824>You will be watching my debut against Chievo in one bong, right anon?[View]
86971006You now remember Patrick Kluivert[View]
86971435I just realised that only one French club has won a european continental competition[View]
86972709Remember when he was going to be the greatest player in the world?[View]
86973827getting nervous?[View]
86972223Which games should I watch today?: european leagues, football obviously[View]
86974119OH NO NO NO[View]
86973977*kills south americans*[View]
86971968OFFICIAL 3PM KICKOFFS THREAD: Just the four top flight fixtures today: >Everton v Southampton …[View]
86969400Why hasn't New Zealand a similar surf culture like Australia?[View]
86973555Why the fuck are there no world class right backs nowadays? Kyle Walker is probably the best in the …[View]
86973854Reminder that he (literally) slipped on his fooken arse[View]
86973586Guys, I think I found how to fix footie I call it the 'red ball, blue ball' system, and it's a …[View]
86932861/fepl/ - Fantasy English Premier League: ded KDB edition (p.s if you had KDB in your team you are be…[View]
86954257Apparently the reason the MLS doesn't have a second league is that Americans would stop support…[View]
86964644>defender forces you to go on your left[View]
86973399Accidentally clicked on /soc/[View]
86955523/SerieA/ - Il campionato più bello del mondo returns edition: Not so fast Genovese clubs sub-edition…[View]
86973172*Dabs with the World Cup*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPJgZj0yGWo[View]
86972383APOLOGIZE /sp/: https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1005147/Bobby-Madley-Premier-League-quit-re…[View]
86973028>EPLs' best GK is a flip MOST[View]
86962936>he watches a league that isn't the premier league[View]
86972988For me, it's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[View]
86972835How do we fix referees? This shit can’t go on. Every game they fuck up massively and I don’t trust a…[View]
86954036/ffg/ Fantasy Football General - Tom Brady lost to a backup QB edition: Post those mocks ladies, OP …[View]
86972630Come on you fooking Irons[View]
86968135pop vs phil: who is the better coach and why?[View]
86971859Literally who can stop us in 2020 ?: Our team will be the same as now + new talent >Germany End o…[View]
86972113/cyc/ - Binckbank Tour: Good afternoon lads, theres some good racing on today with the binckbank tou…[View]
86966859VISCA BARÇA #respect from Sri Lanka.[View]
86962477name my band /sp/[View]
86958093Is CR7 too much expensive?: >more than 100 millions >30 millions per year OK I get it, he…[View]
86960343*takes sip* They just don't make 'em like they used to[View]
86964161Why are American football players so much stronger and manlier than european football players?[View]
86963791I miss her so much[View]
86969802OFFICIAL CARDIFF CITY v NEWCASTLE UNITED MATCH THREAD: The first PL game of the day puts two controv…[View]
86955618/hoc/: No one made a thread edition[View]
86971463You do have a trophy cabinet too don't you anon?[View]
86966548post a picture with more talent i dare you[View]
86956375>6 hours until the best league is back[View]
86958776Name a team with a better starting 11[View]
86971297why are the welsh the only other british nation to compete in the english football league?[View]
86970830Literally who can stop us??[View]
86958366/f1/ - Formula 1 General - No Thanks Edition: /wcb/ subedition >Countdown to Belgium GP: http://w…[View]
86971124/f1/ - Formula 1 General - Dirty Edition: >Countdown to Belgium GP: http://whenisf1on.com/ (click…[View]
86970967Now that the dust has settled... Who was in the right here?[View]
86970481this one time I was playing football down the rec and these lads were like 'you're shit you' an…[View]
86968778Who is the best player in the world?[View]
86965918What went wrong with Ronda?: I remember people claiming she was one of the best female fighters in t…[View]
86970410OFFICIAL ENGLAND VS INDIA 3rd TEST MATCH THREAD: Root with the big calls England won the toss and el…[View]
86970312But can they do it on a cold night in south london...[View]
86969924>Mcgregor: 5'9 175cm >Nurmagomedov: 5'10 / 177cm >Biggest event in UFC history ac…[View]
86969244This is Dr. Cugat. Pep's favourite doctor. Say something nice to him[View]
86969489Hey, /sp/. How’re you doing ? I’m just stopping by quickly to remind you all that this is what a Wor…[View]
86970124There is a common misconception that the 7-1 poster on this website works for Euro 'amusement'. They…[View]
86969956I don't like this guy.[View]
86966232Can I pass as a local in your league?[View]
86966449/rug/: MITRE10 CUP Week 1 Harbour 21-20 Northland Tasman 25-17 Canterbury >Sat 18 Aug Manawatu 2…[View]
86948267Bobby Madley quits: Bobby Madley, the Premier League Referee, has quit at the age of 32. There are r…[View]
86968673*sacks you*[View]
86941894>2 more goals for DCU last night >instantly turned the worst MLS team into one of the most com…[View]
86968311>an autist who knows how to negotiate and which players to buy with fm tier meme tactics won the …[View]
86965834Where did the phrase 'But can they do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke' come from?[View]
86966940What do they mean by this?[View]
86968667Which of these teams do you think will be the one to qualify for Euro 2020?[View]
86966920*Gulps I can't stand this VAR technology crap. It'll ruin the flow of the match[View]
86968520pep kryptonite[View]
86960204who's more talented Michael Jordan in Basektball or Messi in football?[View]
86968750Who is the GOAT defensive player in the history of team sports? And why is it Lawrence Taylor? https…[View]
86967546I miss /trans/ lads[View]
86966689/LIVERPOOL/: >pep is scared of us edition Where are you at, liverpool chad lads? how many are we …[View]
86959328name the best top 3 leagues from the Americas: 1) 2) 3)[View]
86964961Astros @ Athletics Game 1: Morton v Jackson[View]
86940122Koshien Thread: Fuck Toin Edition: >Dafuq is Koshien? https://youtu.be/A3puTgRqZ48 https://featur…[View]
86960026Will they win the concacaf gold cup next year?[View]
86968042>team has two managers[View]
86962974Phins @ Pants Game Thread: Mammal Bowl[View]
86965374are we white?[View]
86962700OFFICIAL BILLS vs BROWNS GAME THREAD: Mayfield vs Allen, who will be the better rookie QB?[View]
86960650Guess who's returning to dominate yurop again?[View]
86966298Pats white receivers have been the best since welker don’t @ me[View]
86962163So why did SMU receive the death penalty, but Penn State and Baylor did not? Both school's fuck…[View]
86957875how many of these players do you know?[View]
86962371What's the best season in EPL history? >CR 07/08 >Suarez 13/14 >Henry 02/03 >???…[View]
86960580Is South American football comfy?[View]
86959934/NFL/ General: Pre Season shitposting edition: SEA:Rashaad Penny (finger) returns to practice WAS:Pe…[View]
86960158for me, it's belmopan bandits[View]
86964837Dodgers vs Mariners Gamethread: Walker Buehler(R) vs Wade LeBlanc(L) >Dodgers 1. Brian Dozier (R)…[View]
86966714[T E S T][View]
86966772Brazilians are dead after the 5th match if it happens. post your reactions[View]
86951683What was meant by this?[View]
86966498WHO WINS 2v2?[View]
86885743/rug/: We're all gonna make it lads. MITRE10 CUP Week 1 >Thurs 16 Aug 19:35 North Harbour v…[View]
86966444so what will he do after he retires? It seems the only thing he's good at is playing football a…[View]
86966253For those who follow this joke league, can you give actual reasons why you watch it?[View]
86955678Post: the best athlete ever in your country[View]
86938637/LigaMX/: Don Pepe Edition >Querétaro presents Augusto Moreira(BRA), says he doesn't know Li…[View]
86966362ITT: Teams that are good guys[View]
86957608How do we fix baseball?[View]
86965479>my face when 'people' actually think the team with the best defense and a top 10 offense in the …[View]
86959818>The Terror of Torino[View]
86962208Cubs @ Pirates: Chicago Cubs (70W - 50L, 1st in NL Central) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (61W - 61L, 4th in …[View]
86922529/ff/: LETS TALK FANTASY BOYS Who do you guys like at #1 overall, Gurley or Bell[View]
86962465new vid from HeilRJ https://youtu.be/kjP7GCz8eig?t=30 Tell me again why he is not the best midfielde…[View]
86965669>montana or nebraska could never have an NFL team * all while green bay, wisconsin have one of th…[View]
86951155Nigga Turtle: How long until memebappe falls back into obscurity?[View]
86965406>creates Ferrari >wins the World Cup >ends racism on Earth What's he going to do next?…[View]
86965975Press J to Josh Allen[View]
86963638Flaherty (STL) v Peralta (MIL)[View]
86952476How ready are you to see KSI get BTFO? https://youtu.be/TRS6i0S2TBw[View]
86965877Guardiola: >We are tired? >FUCK YOU pic related What did he mean by this?…[View]
86959100*blocks your path*[View]
86962357BLUE JAYS V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Stroman V Lynn[View]
86965729What is this?: Someone posted this picture with a caption saying G.O.A.T. I don't get it.. .but…[View]
86965718Literally who?[View]
86964206Official Kansas City Royals @ Chicago White Sox thread: Containment edition.[View]
86961300>from 2005 to 2009 every final featured an English team Where did it all go so wrong?…[View]
86957066Who's your team, /sp/?[View]
86965562Before we had the Browns, we had Blue Skies..[View]
86962326>defensive forward[View]
86961566>tfw we live in the era of the GOATs feels good t b h also add Maluma there t b f…[View]
86962583Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays: Delay for some reason edition.[View]
86962772Don't y you fucks ever call him a hack again. Everything he predicted is coming true.[View]
86960100Why isn’t this league elite, what’s Portugal’s excuse?[View]
86951806/mlb/ general - DARKEST TIMELINE edition: NYM: Bautista drives in seven runs off the bench NYM: Plaw…[View]
86958586>random average British Rugby players decide to play Handegg >basically walk onto the team The…[View]
86964186>got penalty from FIFA to play home match with no supporters on stadium >stadium Petrovskiy is…[View]
86961759ITT: powerhouses[View]
86962807Official /turnleft/ Food City 300 Xfinity at Bristol thread: Get in here boys! Rags? Of COURSE they…[View]
86942901/cfb/ general - BRACKET BUSTER edition: SOON >https://days.to/until/ncaa-season COVERAGE: >sbn…[View]
86963956Is this really what football discussion is like in England?[View]
86964029Where can i watch live soccer online like old rojadirecta?[View]
86957250Real Madrid 'fans' in a nutshell: EXPOSED. Barcelona has the loyalest fans, prove me wrong.[View]
86964446Duke is DUCKING Carleton. Duke is SCARED: Duke is DUCKING Carleton. Duke is going on a Canadian road…[View]
86962644Detroit lions New York Giants thread: Preseason week 2 get in here[View]
86964220gianluig'i buffo'n[View]
86960684>watching any league but la liga and the epl Do people really do that? The Serie A was okay a de…[View]
86961360Well /sp/, what do you think? Is it a step forward or a step back? Is thinking about future a thing?[View]
86963679Do you ever wish you were a pro-athlete? They get money for nothing and chicks for free.[View]
86950695What should I expect?[View]
86959237For me, it's Greta.[View]
86961775Why are we so kino: Like what on earth did we do to be so based[View]
86962203My /bet/ R8 lads Ajax wins Leicester vs wolwerhampton BTTS Everton wins[View]
86950639/heem/: uppercut edition: Upcoming events: 8/17: Bellass 204 - Caldsmell vs Lafart 8/25: UFC FN 135 …[View]
86944415Has a ballon d'or ever been as complicated as this year? There is legit 10 contenders and none…[View]
86957652should beach handball be in the olympics?[View]
86961554Is he the only non-American player to play in the American leagues and then go onto do better after …[View]
86954647How did he get away with this??[View]
86959329Goa to raise statues of Maradona, Ronaldo: >Panaji: Brass statues of football legends Diego Marad…[View]
86962636-: >For me its Stiffy McFaggor[View]
86962612are you agree?: messi[View]

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