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/p/ - Photography

Displaying 55 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3168456how to start an aesthetic vanlife as a freelance photographer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SgR7…[View]
3168794So.... The other day, my buddy says to me 'hey, congrats man! They used your picture in the new yor…[View]
3162476/fgt/ - small film format (APS, 110 even half-frames) edition: Film General Thread - small film form…[View]
3168238Color Lights: How to properly take pictures of colored lights without the surrounding being underexp…[View]
3166722Scotland: There's always /p/ meet ups in Europe, has there ever been any in Edinburgh/Glasgow/E…[View]
3167052How'd I do?: Hey guise. I'm new to photography. I just dropped $1,050.00 on a Hasselblad 5…[View]
3162622Does this photograph tell a story? Why or why not? I am curious. [EXIF data available. Click here to…[View]
3164622Name your best camera that you'd recommend to someone just starting out. Try to keep the price …[View]
3167480>Want to learn photoshop to edit my stuff >literally every youtube video is either on the extr…[View]
3168517Instagram: bigdc199 [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Image…[View]
3168531I like this picture I took /p/ what do you think? [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Ca…[View]
3166491What's the best way to store your film cameras and lenses? I don't plan on displaying the…[View]
3168222Just asking to comment on my stuff please and to suggest improvements to my stuff: [EXIF data avail…[View]
3165569/rpt/- Recent Photo Thread: Find the Bird Edition. Old thread is about to hit the image limit. >…[View]
3167299Digital film returns again, now finally not as vaporware - but horrifyingly ugly and kludgy. kicksta…[View]
3166083richfag gets a Leica: Its a loaner should I buy it? or am I just living through a peak autism phase?…[View]
3168079Flash: Really the only times I can get out to take pictures nowadays is late at night, so I picked u…[View]
3155325>>3154848 Hit image limit.[View]
3168192Fellow Asbestos Addicts in the MI/OH area?[View]
3168127Can Anyone Explain This?: So I took this picture on my phone and for some reason the tree behind it …[View]
3165655Missing the piece that connects these two any one knows what it looks like?... or what its called?[View]
3165943/fgt/ DIY C-41 developing: Film General Thread -C-41 Developing Old Thread >>3156476 So after …[View]
3167702So I'm going to Japan soon and grabbing an a6000 to immortalize the trip I'll be grabbing …[View]
3168072>banned from gumtree and ebay and can't sell my $2000 gear[View]
3167782how do they do it?: based on the calculation, a perfectly sharp 30 x 40 photo print will need 108MP …[View]
3164617/gear/ - Gear thread: Pentax OP edition Last one: >>3159782 Post anything gear related, camera…[View]
3168003 [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properties:Equipment MakeRICOH IMAG…[View]
3167968feedbacks: feedbacks please [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] Camera-Specific Properti…[View]
3167716Best photo thread? Post the best photo you took with your phone, here's mine. [EXIF data availa…[View]
3167520Google's Autonomous Picture Taking: Read about it and comment here: http://rec0ded88.blogspot.c…[View]
3165414/p/ youtubers[View]
3167123low level scrub here. Can someone please help me choose a new lens, I currently only own the Canon E…[View]
3167596RoastMe: Haha, it's fine if you guys make fun of me, I get made fun of everyday. Roast me boys …[View]
3167329just going to share a few pics from when i used to be into photography. trying to get back into it r…[View]
3166784why is the kit lens so shit?: compared to canon and nikon the kit lens for the a6000 is unusable and…[View]
3161389Hey /p/ I noticed you paid a lot of money for your Fuji/Sony/Canikon/m43shitter. Why did you buy a d…[View]
3164050What is a good micro four turds camera for video? Won't be shooting stills with it because I…[View]
3166409name a better travel/hiking camera >compact >cheap >pretty good image quality >flexible …[View]
3160514Will going to Brendan Frasier's barber help me become a better film photographer too?[View]
3153996Recent Photo thread/RPT: Last one is at limit.[View]
3166922What constitutes having a 'talent' for photography?[View]
3166351Walking around Toronto and quickly snapped this pic [EXIF data available. Click here to show/hide.] …[View]
3167413Photos from my 3dr solo, with go pro hero 3 black edition.[View]
3167352Unsure of some of these. Let me know what you think, if you wish, but please include a reason. [EXI…[View]
3164881Looking for a camera !: Okay guys,so basically im looking for a camera that would be good for a begi…[View]
3167313Somewhere in Saskatchewan[View]
3165168>tfw you're too embarassed to take pictures of your country because you don't want to b…[View]
3166510>being me >find a job ad >/p/ relevant >thinking of applying >'you will film and edi…[View]
3163267Are MILCs a meme?[View]
3161084Post what you consider the 'best' picture you've taken.[View]
3164859I only have a shitty camera phone but want a smallish canvas print of my doggy Would this image look…[View]
3166700How can i make a photo that looks like this? Is there much photoshop going on? [EXIF data available.…[View]
3164583has any of you shoot professional gig (wedding etc) with a rangefinder styled digital camera? did th…[View]
3166288I want to be a DP. How do I do it? There is no place I apply to be a DP, so how do I make a living b…[View]

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