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403649517>russian level >tetris theme starts playing…[View]
403652040Donkey Kong Country 3 is a mechanically superior game to Donkey Kong Country, prove me wrong.[View]
403640989You hear you lose: >Got a selection of good things on sale stranger!…[View]
403646694killed this fat fucking arsehole the moment I saw him. am I fucked now?[View]
403653742ITT: We make a ResetEra-approved “Soysona.” Two months are spent learning about the Holocaust.[View]
403653737only deepest lore in this thread.[View]
403649156>*paralyzes your whole party*[View]
403644516Nintendo has won[View]
403650896Soulskiller team coming trough[View]
403646165Will it be ludo?[View]
403631442Are Nintenbros ready for another 5 years of 720p 30 fps?[View]
403640645How would design a (/v/) videogame, /v/?[View]
403653119>ability or perk that gives you an % increase in resources such as gold, exp, ammo or other loot …[View]
403650108where can I buy a screen this big?[View]
403653168Now that the dust has long settled. What did you think?[View]
403653204Who thought this shit was a good idea for a mission?[View]
403650683Select your character, /v/.[View]
403636113Do you suffer from bad posture from playing video games /v/?[View]
403649850>fuck you, i liked it[View]
403653038Here is you're controller, bro[View]
403644446What announced game gets your dick the hardest?[View]
403653003>let's wash off all our sweat and dirt together[View]
403611147Post your switch library: Post em[View]
403651682Wort Wort Wort![View]
403651174Crowfall: Has a single soul on /v/ played the Crowfall early entry or seen anyone who has? I love s…[View]
403650217*suffers in succi*[View]
403650481So it's agreed that this is the second best Metroid game after Zero Mission[View]
403650086>'Lol who cares its unranked'[View]
403643731Husbando thread[View]
403609650Why matured lady is always a best in Persona.[View]
403645086KONAMI: Why is this company so fucking retarded? They released an anime adaptation of Castlevania II…[View]
403652183*blocks your path*[View]
403650401She did nothing wrong[View]
403652243WORST GAME ON STEAM! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOo1rGMt0dI&t[View]
403649496After using my Ds lite for many years, the L and R bumpers are starting to become unresponsive. What…[View]
403647041well /v/?: ឴ ឴[View]
403650169Will it ever be topped?[View]
403651884WWYD?: You're given a choice. The choices are gaining an ability from any video game character …[View]
403645791So we all agree the game is finally top 5 of all the FF's right[View]
403650128FUCK YOU![View]
403638707Have video games gotten you into any non-gaming hobbies? I started playing piano this year out of a …[View]
403650409Hows the Steam release holding up?[View]
403650142Resident evil Or Silent hill?: You get to keep one in your gaming library forever and the other you …[View]
403651454>Objective: Act natural[View]
403647935Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia western release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afW2LmW61wc&…[View]
403643512What did they mean by this? Also >God tier Wooded Metro Bowser >Pretty good Sand Lost Seaside …[View]
403634408MHW IS WORSE THAN TRI: >Monster Hunter Tri: 40/40 on Famitsu >Monster Hunter World: 39/40 on F…[View]
403649336Voting Tiem: It's almost time for voting to close, have you done your duty? Voting code in the …[View]
403650658>Bluepoint is remaking MGS for the 20th anniversary this year Don’t ask me how I know…[View]
403641902Why aren't you playing VRchat? All the cool people are.[View]
403643305Welcome to /v/ - Video Games. How pretentious contrarian hipster faggot are ya?[View]
403647090What games besides MGSV allow and even encourage the use of a custom soundtrack?[View]
403634263What's the solution to The Problem /v/?[View]
403626862Games you play as a gay male..[View]
403650656https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjUU-FEINek#t=70 >been playing for hours >cant even find the o…[View]
403639843Are there any games about sailing?[View]
403648095Whats this package?[View]
403637450Which black phantom gave you the most trouble in the Souls series?[View]
403648714What the FUCK happened to the Horde?![View]
403647764ITT: ''''villains'''' who LITERALLY and unironically did nothing wrong Prove me wrong Pro-tip: you…[View]
403648532Enclosed within is a console flamewar from 2001, in the comments https://www.geek.com/games/xbox-vs-…[View]
403650380Overwatch Wallpaper: I made this in photoshop and fuck it I think it looks great Feel free to use!…[View]
403631872AGDQ 2018 cringe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nVsFXzNVpM[View]
403640506What's the verdict /v/? Was it a good game worth the price? Also, what would you do as an indie…[View]
403650407Is it “Fighters” or “Fighter Z”? i call it the latter[View]
403650336I fucking hate how sports games are so popular, only idiots and niggers spend money on this shit. it…[View]
403649090I haven't played any monster hunter game since the one with the japanese town theme on PSP. Whi…[View]
403649592Remember me?[View]
403646127>Bebop game with God Hand gameplay and Yakuza style hub world Would you play this? How would you …[View]
403650028Am I the only one that's banned on Lightbringer vanilla server? If so could it be because a Swe…[View]
403649740Taking Bets: Who thinks this is a fraudulent sale that won't deliver? Also, graphics general. W…[View]
403649359What were your favorite N64 games to stop & swap? I used to swap Mario 64 cartridge with banjo s…[View]
403628935By the gods. You! But it can't be! You're dead! You![View]
403632941Evidence points to a Nintendo Direct coming later this month. >Direct Minis are usually followed …[View]
403640943Good lord what has happened to the YouTube gaming community[View]
403641143New Scribblenauts game for PS4/XB1/NS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EVQ0vFG0UU >In the game’s…[View]
403649386When will we get a game about the Trojan war that truly respects greek culture by making Zeus and Ac…[View]
403642176What are some games that make stop thinking about suicide?[View]
403647934ITT: Forgotten series that deserved better[View]
403649312This cupgame hat sure is weird[View]
403644208This is Kokona Haruka. She engages in compensated dating with older men so she can earn money to hel…[View]
403649182>Kaguya Luna will replace A.I Chan LLLOOOOOOLLLLL L M A O R OFL AHHAHAHA AHA…[View]
403646628Which zone are you excited to visit again, /v/?[View]
403626879>I think I'l get into PC gami---[View]
403648941It doesn't matter that the story isn't flawless. The gameplay alone makes it one of the be…[View]
403648970>Case 3 is a double murder >Case 4 has the big guy dying >Case 5 is a ruse cruise >Case…[View]
403649052Post fighsticks: Convince me to get one[View]
403648864>open world game >MC can't swim[View]
403648736Did S.Link kill RPG interactions?[View]
403646476I'm at Cluckin' Bell y'all want something?[View]
403648845Lemme just buy some more GPU's for mining. Hahaha prices are just fine as expected, wonder what…[View]
403643308Fighter Z vs Xenoverse 2: Pros and Cons of each lets see which is the better game.[View]
403610205It may not have the best story in RPG history but it definitely has the best plot structure and paci…[View]
403647327Why does /v/ hate her?[View]
403635320Come home weeb man.[View]
403644850Danganronpa V3: I explain how this isn't the best game in the series without mentioning the end…[View]
403647121Oblivion: Mania or Dementia?[View]
403617547MARCH 8TH 2018 A R C H 8 T H 2 0 1 8[View]
403636536Valkyria Chronicles thread[View]
403645790>Denuvo 4.7 Poor piratefags BTFO as usual[View]
403643394So now that the dust has settled can we finally agree that this game was massively overrated and is …[View]
403643986Is this the Spore of our time?[View]
403647518Defend this[View]
403647905Prebuit PCs and consoles are a better value than building your own modern PC today. Prove me wrong.[View]
403645880>be 8 years old using AOL back in the day >some guy holds a contest to name the n64 zelda game…[View]
403646281How do I get past the Opera cancellation line stealth mission?[View]
403646178EA Origin Access: wtf now I have a free pass to a vast selection of great games for only $6.99 a mon…[View]
403647505>beard >glasses >balding >shouting What could it mean, /v/?…[View]
403634454Dragon Ball FighterZ: Every Gohan is top tier pls nerf[View]
403643828Angel for SNK Heroines when?[View]
403645148CAPCOM ALWAYS WINS: >new training mode feature that allows you to view frame data unlike Shitken …[View]
403647029What are some open-world or large-world RPGs where I can completely wipe out factions Bonus points i…[View]
403617940SFV AE HYPE THREAD Who you /maining/[View]
403645162>Let's remaster an unfinished game but not actually finish it, it'll be hilarious…[View]
403633075Give me one good reason you're not using inverted controls.[View]
403642128This could seriously sell me the switch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTAIWFiImms[View]
403647062Kingdom Hearts 3: >349 days until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out[View]
403647039Do you have a game you like to play when you're sick? I need something relaxing to take my mind…[View]
403642717ITT: Genuinely awful games[View]
403645713So, which Dynasty Warriors should I go with if I'm new to the series and curious mostly about t…[View]
403577879This is the scariest Silent Hill game. It is even scarier than P.T.[View]
403646474>it's a Daigo gets his shit kicked in episode[View]
403646847WHO /ROYAL/ HERE? Based Square Enix is based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPHypsuXNKs[View]
403646332Just witnessed the best ending (A) again and couldn't help myself but cried. Why can't br…[View]
403645285Post games you wish were real. But aren't.[View]
403644369How can you justify this one, Nint*ndo fans?[View]
403646208When are we getting some Iris DLC?[View]
403643737>Game is pretty underwhelming >Suddenly, THAT boss fight What's her name, /v/?…[View]
403646331Why are dogs always the best vidya companions? >Fable >Ghost Trick >Dragon Age Origins >…[View]
403643336>i nickname my pokemons because nobody calls their dog dog[View]
403646117>default costume is the best one[View]
403638586why have I been playing this for 3 days straight?[View]
403610442https://game.capcom.com/cfn/sfv/vote Results for the Street Fighter Character Popularity poll What a…[View]
403644328I unironically loved this fight more than anything in the das and das3[View]
403636025Legend of Legaia: I never see anyone talk about this game. I know the story isnt great or at least i…[View]
403646115Is Nintendo communist?: Why doesn't Mario Kart 8 online have a non-communist racing option? …[View]
403645585Why would you play on consoles other than the switch when there's literally zero games out for …[View]
403645536>this guy short hops up to you and throws a basketball in your face. >what do you do?…[View]
403643326>not using save states to beat metal slimes every single time jesus christ you guys are fucking p…[View]
403644623This game sold 3m[View]
403644856Well /v/[View]
403630484Well, /v/?[View]
403641421What kind of 'video games' does /v/ like?[View]
403627584>build 10k GPU gaming pc >only play indie games…[View]
403644775Decent game so far. Lots of quests to do and the landmarks are absolutely stunning. Could've us…[View]
403645583Should have fled. SHOULD HAVE LISTENED![View]
403645306>shitty music starts playing >robot character comes out as transgender how is this acceptable?…[View]
403635628Leave battle royale to me >pubgeeks on suicide watch[View]
403635368how do we save jap games from this misery[View]
403645128WAKE UP[View]
403642153Persona 6 will be set within the Time Cube: Each day in the real world allows for three days in the …[View]
403643585How come PUBG became so popular when MAG did the same thing 7 years earlier and no one gave a shit a…[View]
403644187How much has Gangnam Style influenced modern gaming?[View]
403644325What do you guys do when you want to play a game but don't know what to play? I have 100 games …[View]
403644705What are some games with dumb evil sluts that go through a redemption arc?[View]
403644763>have a good PC setup that can play anything thrown in >have money to buy any modern console …[View]
403643650Two Point Hospital will open later this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6TPTiOCuVk…[View]
403621140Rainbow 6 memes?: I habe been playing R6S since dustline and i can see it taking a downturn, but im …[View]
403641216>'adult' link >he's 17 What did they mean by this?…[View]
403644608>We are pleased to see your civilization poses no threat to ours. ouch…[View]
403644061are they the reason F2P is so big now?[View]
403644091>mfw I'm finally getting Monhun as an eternal xbro[View]
403642593who was in the wrong here?[View]
403619812163 GOTY awards: Hail to the king baby https://gotypicks.blogspot.com/?m=1[View]
403633410He killed thousands...[View]
403640008everyone is bitching about Urulas sidequest, meanwhile Zenobias whole tree is a chore[View]
403641727How is Nintendo gonna surpass Cappy in the next game?[View]
403644180>Wake up at 11am and grab cup of coffee >Log on computer and go to /v >Kiss and hump my w…[View]
403644173>Games where the early-game is more comfy than late-game, and replaying said early-game is the be…[View]
403639703what am i in for /v/?[View]
403641832how do we save video games[View]
403643902Who else was tricked by logic to turn against their own creators/people like Mendicant Bias?[View]
403643226Digimon thread because HOLY SHIT NEW CYBER SLEUTH THIS WEEK![View]
403640387Does this game ever get fun?[View]
403643435Switch is the only gaming device worth owning in 2018: Why don't you own a Switch yet /v/? is c…[View]
403643520You never used me, right /v/?[View]
403642187Anyone idling in CSGO and/or TF2? Any other ASF, idling guys here?[View]
403643757If Nintendo were to actually implement some sort of Wii U loyalty incentive for the people who curre…[View]
403586223>go to google images >put '[game name] meme' post results…[View]
403631382What are some games that take place in 80s Japan?[View]
403642915How do I play bloodborne on pc /v/irgins? Image unrelated[View]
403635875wtf I hate mario now[View]
403641210ITT: Themes that get your dick ROCK HARD Currently listening to the Civ V soundtrack, and these war …[View]
403641754Show a shortcoming[View]
403642007You guys, put yourself in their shoes. It's February, you're a 14yo kid that has discovere…[View]
403641156>traditional fantasy series >adds modern day technology why same with Zelda…[View]
403640491>that part: the series is there any reason to finish ffx at this point or should i just watch it …[View]
403633049Why is this series failed so miserably that it doesn't get a new sequel? I personally enjoy it …[View]
403642940https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnCmel-t6iE Holy fuck[View]
403642082Which console did you own?[View]
403642973Can we have a thread for vidya portrayed in other media?[View]
403640180Bane? Slay the spire thread [View]
403640249Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.[View]
403643167Any game that takes place in a swamp/marsh/wetlands? or atleast some level or something[View]
403590980This will always be the best Mass Effect. Prove me wrong. Pro tip: You literally cannot[View]
403611847ITT: name me a fat video game character hard mode: isn't comic relief extreme mode: is the main…[View]
403641446Did you kill him or let him live?[View]
403635989everything 2 shots you and you have limited healing/checkpoints artificial difficulty - the game[View]
403637903Secret of Mana Remaster: Will it flop?[View]
403636150juuuuuuuumpu ... desu mo[View]
403640241What's your favourite Contra game?[View]
403642259Murrifats BTFO[View]
403642697>have a good PC setup that can play anything thrown in >have money to buy any modern console …[View]
403640824post your favorite touhou girl[View]
40363581860 hrs into this game and i only beat normal once on the foundation cruiser with the flak 1 strat. W…[View]
403638220>Ahead of the publishing the game in China, Tencent have been helping tackle PlayerUnknown’s Batt…[View]
403641597What do you guys think Blighttown smelled like? I can imagine as you head down it starts smelling mo…[View]
403638516Rainbow Six Siege: Just got this game any tips or pointers[View]
403642308This job is unsavory but must be performed by someone.[View]
403642334My father.... he was a bipolar[View]
403638870LoL Season 8 started, are you hyped?: Are you ready to dive into League and be the absolute best?…[View]
403642182Is Japan even trying anymore?[View]
403634257WHERE ARE ALL THE NEW 3DS GAMES?? Is it dead already? Had the switch killed it?[View]
403637062You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't have a gaming PC[View]
403635717Which is the harder genre,Fighting or RTS?[View]
403633493Why is /v/ so obsessed over Randy Pitchfork? Can someone give me a quick rundown?[View]
403638150>footage of upcoming game >person playing will not shut up…[View]
403641663>half of all the Switch's notable exclusives BTFO in a single video made by a single man…[View]
403633438Is there a more wasted IP? >No sequel announced in the works >Has a great setting >great ch…[View]
403635246Is this game worth my time or is it just a cheap indie F-Zero/Wipeout clone?[View]
403636862>loses two world wars >can't make decent animations How do we fix them?…[View]
403638147>Sony niggers are unironically excited for another abhorrent interactive movie from David Cage Wh…[View]
403641356What is the best sports game you can think of[View]
403640320https://youtu.be/6IZ-RIS7OiY These are the people reviewing games.[View]
403640926how did a boring as shit game like minecraft ever became popular? is it because of the 'lol, it…[View]
403640653Holy fuck this shit is flames. Why didn't I get this sooner. The soundtrack bro, the fucking so…[View]
403630014How could it have been better?[View]
403632640What are some games that 'do loot crates right?'[View]
403635142Post more[View]
403636776Forgotten Hope 2: >WW2 theme >slightly hardcore gamelay >no gimmicks nor disgusting and ins…[View]
403638790WoW Patch 7.3.5. tomorrow/today. How pumped are you, /v/? http://www.wowhead.com/news=280638/patch-7…[View]
403631772What went wrong?[View]
403638718I'm kind of confused on the point of the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. I get that it's in the…[View]
403639486tell me of a more complete game than shenmue protip:you cant[View]
4036361673 > 1 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 2 > Vs > MJ This is the correct order.[View]
403640561>Beat boss >'Hehe...You shouldn't trust everyone you meet'…[View]
403634476DOS2: So this is my first time playing this kind of game. So how do you actually approach this? Sho…[View]
403637909Preach it brother. It's bullshit that roastie whores go for Chad just because of some stigma ar…[View]
403637896What the fuck are they doing?[View]
403635014>Yakuza 0 >Bloodborne >Gta v >TLou >Witcher 3 Can get any 2. What should I get ,/v/?…[View]
403624015Defend this: D E F E N D[View]
403636925Itt post only the MOST obscure vidya women.[View]
403623473is RTS dare i say it... SAVED?![View]
403633740*Elevator Stops*: Remember, No ---------[View]
403639789How come Japan dominates %66 of gaming industry? What makes them so competent at it?[View]
403639013The country that saved the PC gaming.[View]
403638373Oh yeah that was a thing.[View]
403635508>mfw Diablo 2 isn't remastered[View]
403637015This is Kuja (male). Do you want to be his canairy?[View]
403638798I-NINJA: Just wondering if /v/ played this and what you thought of it.[View]
403630063How long do I have to wait for actual variety in the Joy-Con colors? It's been a year and we on…[View]
403631589Why the fuck is dressing up as vidya characters a thing?[View]
403638402Can someone explain to me how to play Dwarf Fortress? This shit is way too complicated.[View]
4036394532018 Resolutions: Did you make a gaming-related New Year's resolution? Mine was to stop pre-ord…[View]
403636847Do you faggots actually play vidya or do you just bitch about it?[View]
403638904ITT:Games made for women[View]
403625380Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition: >An all-new dungeon – Insomnia City Ruins: Expanded Map >Ne…[View]
403613807how do I play this game? there is so much shit in the interface that I don't know where to star…[View]
403639269What's your favorite pokemon?[View]
403639228Do you listen to music while playing vidya?[View]
403626975ITT: Opinions that almost everyone agree with: The main story in Skyrim was really awful[View]
403636085Mod Support on future games/Mod thread: I want to see borderlands 3 have mod support, custom guns/sk…[View]
403638409Can Grahf beat ID 1v1?[View]
403637058hey /v/, looking to build my first vidya capable pc are these parts good enough?[View]
403635774If video games are so great, why aren't there any good video games?[View]
403635694Can I Dualboot PS4 OS and Fedora?: Can I Dualboot PS4 OS and Fedora? How? Will this effect performan…[View]
403627971ITT: times when /v/ got BTFO[View]
403622178Cyberpunk 2077: >first twitter post in 5 years OH SHIT ITS HAPPENING GET FUCKING HYPE…[View]
403638359Does anyone fear Ninth Generation Prices?: The prices of digital games keeps increasing, while gamer…[View]
403617440-Was considering buying the new GTX 1180/2080Ti Volta once it is released. -Remember the only good g…[View]
403632329What's stopping someone from treating the stock market like the RuneScape GE? In RuneScape, I c…[View]
403632580Oh EA, when will you learn ?: Apparently EA is back again with some new shady shit, creating an AI t…[View]
403627149How do you even kill giant cat boss? Bitch hits like a truck and literally fakes her openings for lu…[View]
403638061Decide my main please, maplefags: http://www.strawpoll.me/14856991[View]
403638013ITT: Best video game songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNCfNchosjU[View]
403628684Who is the target audience of this character?[View]
403576838How does HAL continue to get away with making the Same Kirby game FOUR times?[View]
403637596I'M ONLY HUMAN, AFTER ALL[View]
403615805So was this game actually bad or just meme bad?[View]
403637809Will we et another RE like 7 in the future?[View]
403637730Craiglist Thread: come back with something vidya related[View]
403636616Who is the strongest male character in video games?[View]
403636735You have exactly 2 hours to prove this isn't a masterpiece.[View]
403634307pointer precision: you bros have this on or off?[View]
403627876Why are the first few hours of this game so comfy, bros? Everything feels so laid back before you ge…[View]
403634610Who shall triumph at E3?: >Cyberpunk 2077, the next title from the developers of Witcher 3, objec…[View]
403631256I'm not the only one who did this right? This whole part of town now has dicks drawn by a small…[View]
403636985Daily reminder that confidence only surges when enemy = crumbles. http://arnaud.rocks/darkest-compan…[View]
403635917Stop mating with your party members.[View]
403635981So there was a tutorial of how to speedrun during AGDQ 2018, did you see it? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
403627069Did he knock up all those dogs at the Dog Camp?[View]
403635614>/v/ thinks it's a gameo >it's actually a ludo What's her name /v/?…[View]
403631039HALF LIFE 3 WILL BE RELEASED THIS YEAR: >Maldraw, an infamous online underworld content maker tha…[View]
403626279This game is so fucking bad it ruined its series. It was never able to recover.[View]
403630725AC origins: How the fuck did Ubi fuck this up >Top tier world building >Good combat for an arp…[View]
403616963Lootboxes in Red dead redemption 2 confirmed: http://twinfinite.net/2017/12/red-dead-redemption-2-lo…[View]
403631054It won't feel right on Switch.[View]
403636048Marvel Future Fight: Adam Warlock search in Timeline Battle! NB: ONLY FOR MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT PLAYE…[View]
403636019>Pannenkoek2012 BTFOing The speedrun community when?[View]
403632528What's the best cod singleplayer mission and why is it pic related?[View]
403635856>Start playing a game because I fell in love with a cute girl in it >Spend the download (slow …[View]
403625427>dev thank you at the end credit[View]
403623893https://www.finalfantasyxv.com/en/windows-edition http://store.steampowered.com/app/637650/FINAL_FAN…[View]
403628731So I already own the original but never got around to playing it, should I just wait for this or wil…[View]
403630338I'm just getting around to starting the witcher, any advice for a newcomer to the series. Will …[View]
4036345742004 will never be beaten[View]
403631145A new version of Mayo in Titties (also known as MEIOU in Taxes) just got released for Europa Univers…[View]
403632573SFV COSTUMES FREE ON EUROPE: Download before they fix it[View]
403635217ITT: games that only sold because western people are obsessed about sex and masturbation[View]
403634004What is your opinion on fighting games on PC?[View]
403634576PC gaming is totally wor-[View]
403634493bing bing wahoo: I know im very late to this but just wanted to thank everyone responsible for this …[View]
403635213Darkest Dungeon has no respect for my time. It could have been an awesome game, but it doesn't …[View]
403633312what is this /v/?[View]
403629859Australian man attempts to raid X-18[View]
403635002>bing >bing >YIPPIEE!…[View]
403633539What games would be considered core for a so called 'ironic weeb'?[View]
403634917>WEEBS ABSOUTELY BTFOOOOO Your shitty “games” are flawed in more wats than one…[View]
403632803What's the optimum mouse speed for vidya?[View]
403581381/v/idya Draw Thread: Old Thread >>403508784 >Post references and names >Keep it vidya, n…[View]
403626294With the size of many modern video games ballooning to 50GB or more, how long until the SD card repl…[View]
403634781Unpopular Builds in RPGs: What are some unpopular builds you use in RPGs? Either because you think t…[View]
403634250Post your face when a hunt starts in MonHun with a team of bros. Its been 14 years since it was on a…[View]
403624286Explain this shit: Why is this VN so popular? Finished it yesterday, it's an average VN with ar…[View]
403631264*saves video games*[View]
403633973>RPG >you are the chosen one[View]
403632827What was his problem ?[View]
403627680/v/ will never been this comfy yours sincerely, /vr/[View]
403617942>the best AVGN episode of 2017 wasn't even uploaded on his own channel >it was a part of …[View]
403629126Dynasty Warriors: Why are there 9 games of this? They've already finished the entire book,right…[View]
403631114ITT: games that made you ask WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?[View]
403627048why don't you play on a multi screen setup?: >more immersive >cheaper to buy 3 1080p moni…[View]
403633829>'I'm so glad that I have my own unique opinions on everything!'[View]
403634248>loses two world wars >can't make decent animations How do we fix them?…[View]
403623418How can CDPR top this scene?[View]
403630596Hey /v/, I'm sorry if this is the wrong board for this. My phone broke and my only portable dev…[View]
403630502What is a role playing game?: Are games like The Witcher, Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of Mordor…[View]
403626897LoL Season 8 started, are you hyped?: Are you ready to dive into League and be the absolute best?…[View]
403631119Why do you weak pathetic basement dwellers play dark souls and fsp trash when you can enjoy girls AN…[View]
403633974So you're the spy, huh...[View]
403630558You told me if I wanted a good experience emulating this I should wait until 2018. Well, it's 2…[View]
403626905TES VI: >4k 60fps >looks like pic >highly moddable It's a monster!…[View]
403630395How does it measure up in 2018? Should I play the first game first if I wanna get into this franchis…[View]
403633483Welp it was fun while it lasted, but now the normalfags have infested it after all those ebin youtub…[View]
403633548>press start to play >have no controller >game starts anyway…[View]
403633441Why did Friday the 13th die while Dead by Daylight thrived?[View]
403632880>It's been nearly a year and Breath of the Wild is STILL the only Zelda game you can play on…[View]
403623596Damn. REALLY makes you think...[View]
403591423RoR - Risk of Rain: Host Now? hopoo.tumblr.com[View]
403628017I would like to start with the Tales Of.. series, which games should be my first one?[View]
403620737About to start Persona 3, is there anything I should know going in as someone who's already pla…[View]
403617304Dragon Ball FighterZ DBFZ: DBFZ fighters thread? Beta final 'bout to end edition[View]
403611336Switch's success causes president to give it the death sentence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
403622957This is Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Say something nice about her.[View]
403631813ITT:: Post your favorite video game females.[View]
403619415Your move, Gaytendo.[View]
403599191>no SNK Heroines thread let's fix that which characters are you hoping for? what's your…[View]
403632904Hey look a hammer haha[View]
403632434Greentext stories: >Be me >Chillin at MotherBase >Hearing two of my recruits talking: 'It…[View]
403632672Did you take your daily dose of Soylent for gaming /v/?[View]
403629761Recommend me a decent F2P MMORPG. After playing 'offline MMOs'(FFXII, XC) l feel like I would love t…[View]
403629970souls/bloodborne: I've literally never played any of these games and never will. They all look …[View]
403632205GRANBLUE FANTASY does anyone here play this game? also, who should I suptix?[View]
403630614The chemistry engine is like an easier version of dwarf fortress and that is okay.[View]
403632383A nord's last thoughts should be of home...[View]
403632561This makes me want to die: So like when I make a VR Chat video, it gets only 20 views but when some …[View]
403627854Not a single one of my friends on Steam has a Ugandan Knuckles related picture or profile name. How …[View]
403629397How come no one ever talks about this gem, /v/? Roguelike space shooters deserve recognition, man. I…[View]
403622624What are your hopes for 2018, /v/?[View]
403626962>bing! >bing! >WAHOO!…[View]
403631736Gamer rage thread[View]
403632316it's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSQdugNM-0M[View]
403630079Greatest love story in vidya[View]
403631045SD Gundam G Generation Genesis on Switch: https://gematsu.com/2018/01/sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis…[View]
403630889How do we save Atelier? The last 5 games had a trend from mediocre to pure shit.[View]
403632065what went wrong?[View]
403624985well /v/[View]
403631680New Blade Runner Game: Will it be as good as Westwood's?[View]
403631934How good were the sidequest in this game?: More varied than Witcher 3's side quest in my opinio…[View]
403603050Sci-Fi Souls: When From makes the eventual Sci-Fi Souls game, the 'Chosen Undead' better be complete…[View]
403599650Post a gif. Others recommend a vidiya game that invoke a similar emotion portrayed in said gif. I…[View]
403630383what went wrong?[View]
403580939Describe your favorite video game by saying just a single bad thing about it. Others try to guess th…[View]
403631223the main character of the last game you played has been swappped with baiken[View]
403628031The mini game collection 1 2 Switch is designed around the premise of two people playing games while…[View]
403626184What's the best N64 emulator? I have a solid build with a i5k and a 1060. Looking to play all d…[View]
403630742from twitter.com/randomtbush >Luigi already exists in Odyssey with a backpack >unused texture …[View]
403626750Why did this meme game get forgotten while Hat Girl is still going strong?[View]
403630771https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C4yBssyoTY tfw you have fonder memories of vidya than real life eve…[View]
403629178>buy one now while they're down. Nintendo announces the next day that the virtual console is…[View]
403629083>Bloodborne…is just too hard. https://gamecritics.com/richard-naik/bloodborne-review/…[View]
403628074You know, not all raiders are bad people. Like this one guy the other day. He offered to me ten caps…[View]
403626873You looking forward to Agony finally getting released?[View]
403623198crazy action games: If I'm trying to git gud at bayo should I play the game a few times on Hard…[View]
403604182Tell me your MMO stories /v/ Tell me about guys you thought were bros that turned I to cunts over lo…[View]
403603656So, is Donkey Kong Jr modern DK as an infant?[View]
403629892An Imperial Legionnaire looks like THAT?[View]
403629780the main character of the last game you played has been swapped with yuugi[View]
403623889Screenshot thread?[View]
403627471You did spare him right, /V/?[View]
403628254What are you playing and what are you waiting for Switch bros?[View]
403588113Xenoblade 2: If you did any of the following >Had Rex call Pneuma 'Mythra' when he would almost c…[View]
403600880How do you stop raging?[View]
403630143CHRIIIS... Is your sister still single?[View]
403624567Is there any good Biopunk games?: Or is this the only one?[View]
403623132how is THIS acceptable? Children use Steam![View]
403621846After doing some sidequests I decided to finish the main quest to finally throw this boring piece of…[View]
403628889>GTA V Ultra hyper-realistic REAL-LIFE graphic mod ENB | 4k 60fps | (download in desc.) >all i…[View]
403621303Kingdom Hearts III when??: I honestly think this game won´t be released this year. What´s your opini…[View]
403626183What have you learned from video games for all the years?[View]
403626710Why does Kiryu have only 1 fighting style in 4 and 5?[View]
403629495What are some games where I can play as strong buff dudes?[View]
403629542What games explore ptsd /v/?[View]
403624492ITT /v/ chooses GTA VI soundtrack[View]
403629425Will this be the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines spiritual successor that we deserve?[View]
403621406Why doesn't Microsoft just buy Konami's catalog of IPs? They have the money and Konami doe…[View]
403618720How do you feel about grammatical errors in your video games?[View]
403629315How do we save Valkyria Chronicles?[View]
403621031Why is Zelda series so revered when it's just babbys first RPG with the same boring, iterative …[View]
403629181What went wrong?[View]
403626419It would have been a lot cooler if these, you know, did something.[View]
403628456Have you ever bought a game because you told yourself “Well, at least it’s not as shit as ____”.[View]
403623932What is the most you think a video game should cost? I would suggest $20 as the absolute maximum.[View]
403627672What console are they using?[View]
403622151https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ7BU7Wkdjk MICROSOFT WAS A MISTAKE[View]
403585394He finally made float.jpg[View]
403628374What are some good third person action games that don't play like Dark Souls?[View]
403624209How on earth did this half assed TF2 clone become an 'esport' when there's no skill involved?[View]
403626829>Go to kickstarter. >Search for metroidvania >See all results. >Nearly 90% of the games …[View]
403626081Miss them so much just want them back x[View]
403616619>he still hasn't bought Super Meat Boy on the Switch What's your excuse?…[View]
403618095Why was game so popular?: What made it such a loved game? I never played it and probably never will,…[View]
403620245I've been on a protomen kick for days again. Act 3 fucking WHEN.[View]
403625509golden age of vidya: >1996 - 2011[View]
403628452Super Mario Galaxy 2: This is still the best main series Super Mario game ever made. Prove me wrong …[View]
403628409Anyone got any Endless Sky mods? All the ones I can find are shit.[View]
403624476Which video game movie do you un-ironically love? Some of them honestly aren't all that bad, an…[View]
403628284>For us, making SMB (Super Mario Bros.) was a very informative experience. Since games were made …[View]
403625546I wish games were shorter and just highlighted their key mechanics instead of being 80 hour grindfes…[View]
4036177713x3 Favorite Games: 3x3 thread. Be nice and talk about our favorite games. https://bighugelabs.com/m…[View]
403625493Are there any good Mac exclusives?[View]
403581045Slowly, gently, this is how the Darkest Dungeon thread is made.[View]
403627952>VorpX needed to VR games Good AAA games in vr when? Fallout 4 VR is supposedly shite…[View]
403612067Did you ever get the feeling you only like a game because you're supposed to?[View]
403620897Its over: I-is it all lost /v? Will the masterrace be extinct?[View]
403605620You Can Survive Any Fall in Marvel's Spider-Man: NO FALL DAMAGE >NO FALL DAMAGE NO FALL DA…[View]
403625052>HE EMULATED IT[View]
403627367why do they keep forcing an Esport while the game is left without fresh contents?: i know it's …[View]
403625029Are you ready for Yume Nikki 2 (VN)?[View]
403627649Why was this game so much better than Skyrim I’m almost every way?[View]
403627720Has there ever been a more clear example of developers jumping the shark?[View]
403625834It's over, SFV won: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK3GEf0vjog[View]
403622274>Trying to break into the compound >There's one guard left at the end >If I shoot hi…[View]
403624897So what happened then? Since we never gonna see it anyway, might as well speculate about it.[View]
403627530New Devilman game when? Did you like it?[View]
403623746>season pass content >6 additional playable characters Come on SE, you're fucking scummy …[View]
403625274>play Gothic >visit New Camp >some faggot forces me to slave at their rice fields everyday …[View]
403627283Have you played any fun workshop levels lately?[View]
403620951This is Vivian. She is a cute shadow girl (female) who wants to help Mario save the world. Say somet…[View]
403624770UK Charts: GTA V is back at No.1 226 weeks after it first came out: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/art…[View]
403623679How could they fuck it up?[View]
403618112Unpopular opinions: 1. Mobile gaming is still gaming as long as it's not a basic bitch simple g…[View]
403598415Mario is so funny[View]
403589000What old games have you played recently, /v/?[View]
403622781You're going to buy her game, right?[View]
403624853This shortcut in Yahar'gul Chapel is totally bullshit I'd never figure this out by myself …[View]
403626721name ONE (1) other game director with a gameography as impressive as thsi Metal Gear Snatcher Metal …[View]
403611603You're good at video games? Then name the last time you beat a game on the hardest mode.[View]
403626514Okay, so I know this movie is a bit past when it was released, but I was wondering. Is there any vid…[View]
403597956WoW Thread.: Patch 7.3.5 launches tomorrow! What are you going to level?!?! And what is your favorit…[View]
403612719da big boys: Was he really in the wrong here? Unless you're THAT much of a Sunshinefag, this is…[View]
403626190I feel bad for all the people getting excited for this. SEGA even went out of its way to emphasize t…[View]
403624381>Persona 3 and 4 were released 2 years apart[View]
403624274What are your thoughts on translating jokes if they make no sense anymore due to word play? Do you t…[View]
403625990Can someone on /v/, based on arguments, explain to me why ASSFAGOTS are shit? I keep hearing everyon…[View]
403624213It's pronounced A-DIN you stupid fucking lesbian Stop fucking saying I-DIN there's a fucki…[View]
403625894>game starts out fun, is 'pay if you suck dick' >becomes pay to win, adds virtually no real co…[View]
403624805When will the meme about Dark Souls 2 being the best Souls game end?: I don't think its a bad g…[View]
403616194What’re some games that feature references to other media?[View]
403623059>Raiden, pee is stored in the balls Most people focus on all the post modern shit from the AI…[View]
403556183Are you ready for Remake 2 and the comeback of Resident Evil?[View]
403619360>game starts[View]
403625442Brutal. Better check I still have all my parts.[View]
403623396Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the best game ever created and is the greatest achievement of huma…[View]
403624242We're flooding these tunnels and purging the dregs, only the best of the best vidya is allowed …[View]
403616746What went wrong?[View]
403622763>Boss has two heads >One breathes fire the other breathes ice…[View]
403623808>I spent so much time playing video games instead of banging my wife that my wife started cheatin…[View]
403620438counter twink: So with the DaS remaster many people who already played the original will make twink …[View]
403623393so what the fuck happens to Samus when she turns into a ball? does she just not have any bones?[View]
403624961What's a game where I can cuck little elf bois as a big green orc?[View]
403607292Are we allowed to talk about how cute Morag is?[View]
403623167I'm on like the 4th mission I think, and I still have no clue whats happening, the beginning se…[View]
403605734Halo thread: What could have been done on the Human's part to not make the war so one sided? Wh…[View]
403610340>video game music that makes you feel sad[View]
403618786GOTY 2017: I gotta say, my GOTY for 2017, has to be Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013[View]
403624318>game's physical case has descriptions in English AND French[View]
403624046Why do you soyboys never talk about this game? Does popularity trigger the low test nerds?[View]
403622195Holy shit, boss metal drops are now 100% drop rate![View]
403621551MOOCHA SHAKA PAKA[View]
403624541This game is literally rule 63 of historical figures[View]
403616730Castlevania: I didn't see any threads about Castlevania here or at /vg/. So let's have a …[View]
403623158/v/ what was that shitty old game that had a money prize pool from the developers but you couldn…[View]
403623654Tfw no prowling gazelle gf[View]
403615461Solid snake: exists. Liquid snake: exists. Gaseous snake: ???[View]
403623971Post videogame characters with two heads.[View]
403593131hollow knight thread[View]
403616414A good bit into Witcher 3 and been enjoying it. Combat is not great but way better than 1 and 2. Let…[View]
403620639Famitsu Review Scores: https://gematsu.com/2018/01/famitsu-review-scores-issue-1519 >Monster Hunt…[View]
403613248What the fuck was her problem?[View]
403618998ITT Muh Vidya SKILLS.... are gone!: Have you every woke up one day, turned on your console/pc, boote…[View]
403600556Delineate a deformity[View]
403613076What will you do with your videogame collection and videogame merchandise when you get older?[View]
403614904I knew GTA had some dark missions, but this one took it to the next level[View]
403621263>sister wants to watch you play[View]
403622109Just what the fuck was Lucas's problem?[View]
403623548>playing RuneScape in 06 >Going through Al Kharid >Was a poorfag without membership, so I h…[View]
403620218Pic related is a boy league player on soylent. Defend this. You can't, soyboys.[View]
403589669Dissidia beta thread[View]
403622559Are there any other fighting games that have that awesome dash?[View]
403622960Where the FUCK is it[View]
403622251Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet: Will this game's online last beyond the first two weeks of rele…[View]
403622980Pls take this survey: HTTPS://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XYKBZGK So I'm on my last part of Welsh …[View]
403607363UNIST Thread: Hollow Night time[View]
403622086Can camera angles make or break a game?[View]
403618759Should The Zelda series be played in lore order or release order?[View]
403622861Let's have a vidya music thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGLHzYYclwk[View]
403619964What are some comfy, kino, commentary-free playthroughs you fall asleep to anon? https://www.youtube…[View]
403608437God! There's so much WAITING in Ocarina![View]
403620341ITT: Dumb shit that terrified you as a kid.[View]
403621679Would you rather have a sequel to Command Mission or see classic Megaman get a 3D rpg?[View]
403618840Oh, hello. How do you do?[View]
403619052>healing spells can miss[View]
403621959>Pre-order only DLC (I'm fucking looking at your Persona 4 Dancing All Night)…[View]
403622240>been awake for 12 hours straight[View]
403622238Just finished this game. Let's have a discussion. Favorite bosses? Music? What did you really l…[View]
403618509Why did GUST make them dress so lewd? They announced that they were 14 year olds.[View]
403622060*steals video with crediting the creators*[View]
403592809Ware wa Messiah nari! Hahahahaha[View]
403614249You now remember assault_upc[View]
403622020Stellaris: Apocalypse: Will the new expansion actually be worth it considering there's already …[View]
403621975if you've ever paid for a crate either virtual or physical, you are the enemy[View]
403616518HELP how the fuck can i kill this mandofaggot Also Kotor thread[View]
403619615Terrorism - Crime or Conscience?: The question must be asked: is the global rise of terrorism a haph…[View]
403620360Should I sell my Xbox One: Xbox One is really awesome and I have lots of fun playing it, but I can s…[View]
403613625Why isn't there a card game where you pay like $60 and get every card? How do people not hate f…[View]
403618182>god tier laser scanned tracks >god tier sound >god tier cars >god tier tracks >god t…[View]
403621554Is she female (male) ?[View]
403618131What the fuck is his problem?[View]
403620521>playing multiplayer game >'anon use the mic'…[View]
403608113Why is she so prefect?[View]
403619434Why doesn't the Switch have Castelvania 1 - 5?[View]
403581996>one e-celeb tells me Odyssey is a mastapeece >another says it's no masterpiece Who do I …[View]
403619317http://store.steampowered.com/app/595520/FINAL_FANTASY_XII_THE_ZODIAC_AGE/ https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
403612834A Hat in Time: This game is so fun.[View]
403599807>First time the protagonists see a real human >9S suggests to kill him Why is 9S such a fuckin…[View]
403615061quick, fuckers!!! post your favorite childhood game! i’ll start.[View]
403621267>buy this at gamestop >only choices for units are loli, loli, or loli Ugh just ugh. When will …[View]
403621264I ask this question in good faith, with absolute sincerity, why do people find this meme funny? I ju…[View]
403576545Mathematically and Scientifically speaking, this is the best possible roster for Smash 5, and this i…[View]
403620264>game has multiple party members >have constant anxiety because I can't decide who to use…[View]
403619492Who is the best Uncharted villain and why is it Rafe?[View]
403620985>games that killed their respective series by being too good[View]
403620112What does /v/ think about Yuri games? Should they be allowed on Steam?[View]
403606161Which MGS is the best MGS? For me, its MGS2 First & possibly only truly postmodern videogame. By…[View]
403620130>400+ games in my backlog >I don’t even enjoy playing them anymore; I’m just playing them to g…[View]
403617046They are billions: Is this game good?[View]
403619837Do you like the Wii version or not?[View]
403620509apologize to him, he influenced half of the streamers you watch[View]
403620493Name a company with a better track record.[View]
403616048>THAT GAME[View]
403614416Anyone else who chose the Deprived class for their first playthrough of Dark Souls?: Was trying to d…[View]
403599714Quick question about Nioh: Is this supposed to be more difficult than Bloodborne? Really struggling …[View]
403619726This game any good?[View]
403611446FFXV Royal Edition: FUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb6uAkGJz3M They actually listened huh…[View]
403620192>it's an enemy drugs you and you have to fight off the hallucinations mission…[View]
403610370Itt: games with retarded stories but amazing gameplay and mechanics[View]
403619693Okay you can call me a faggot but xenoblade 2 has been the only jrpg I was sucked into since like ff…[View]
403616183Is Doomslayer the Doomguy?[View]
403611640How do you think the game will end?[View]
403619201What's there to be hyped about this game?: >Clunky ass Combat >Horrible character and npc…[View]
403620095>alternate universe where Nationalist Germany and it's allies won the war, and assumingly co…[View]
403599470Name a better sports game than NBA Street Vol.2[View]
403619991>COH2 3v3 >top 400 player >ally does retarded fucking shit >i get surrounded and fucked …[View]
403619815>*paralyzes your party*[View]
403609259>Normal is too easy >Hard is too hard[View]
403619882What other game has ice skating/movement this damn good?[View]
403611023Black & White: Not only the best Pokemon games but also pretty great JRPGs to this day. Why the …[View]
403619639Despite running at 28fps Bloodborne is the best (and only) Fromsoft game[View]
403605326Did YOU get over it /v/? I just did it for the second time[View]
403619721OH NO MY BALLOON![View]
403619342What are some games with a good story?: Not necessarily movie games but any game from Ghost Trick to…[View]
403616368Is there anything worse than seeing a grown adult still play video games? It's one of the bigge…[View]
403610993Can you do any videogame character impressions?: Well? Can you??[View]
403615914Now how did we know before even playing this game that this cunt was gonna be top tier? post yfw kic…[View]
403618717So what vidya did you play to celebrate Martin Luther King Day /v/?[View]
403614894Anybody like Phantom Dust?[View]
403618858ITT: Bad Games with Good Tracks https://youtu.be/LYETxzi2LhU[View]
403618626games ruined by sequels, art-direction and storywise[View]
403608109new 2D Metroid may already be in the works: nintendo apologizing in spades https://mynintendonews.co…[View]
403616786Pl-please don't forget about me /v/....[View]
403612940What a bold move.[View]
403618293>mfw grandpa just punched me in the gut after I told him he's a wagecuck…[View]
403616039What games make me feel like Batman?[View]
403616779who is the goodest boy in video games?[View]
403618327>literal marketing bots are here RIGHT NOW to pretend their games aren't shit…[View]
403618101>get blown out in a game >someone asks if i'm mad >it just makes me even madder…[View]
403585408A little bit of Monika in my life[View]
403613107Annoyed. Why do most role playing games take place in medieval times?[View]
403608657>game has playable mechs[View]
403615264byond: anyone remember this shit from like 9 years ago?[View]
403614569Name a more alpha character >lies to everyone including his brother to find long lost pirate trea…[View]
403600696ITT: Early Access games you fell for[View]
403609881Is it kino?[View]
403617332Will Sae ever find a boyfriend?[View]
403615774>reading your resume >see you play league of legends >my mug when Into the trash it goes!…[View]
403609850Name me ONE remaster that hasn't been a shittier version of it's original self.[View]
403589227Why hasn't she been put in Shinobi Refle?[View]
403611561Just missed selling a stupid fucking pubg crate for 5 dollars because of Valves stupid fucking authe…[View]
403612508Don't mind me, just busy being best girl. puyo thread[View]
403617268Need new GPU?: No anon, silicon chips aint to be used for childish things like games. Imaginary mone…[View]
403613276ITT: Things that didn't age well[View]
403608369ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
403615752Are there any vidya that portray God correctly? As an Eldritch Abomination[View]
403615545any pubg players here?[View]
403616503Why was Falco so mean? Also what's the best Star Fox game?[View]
403570137Dragon Quest Thread: Are you guys enjoying the Builders demo? Are you going to get 1 or just wait fo…[View]
403613325People only like this game because you get to play as a cute dog[View]
403616286Couldn't Toby technically sue over this? It might not be exact but... come on. Using 'inspired …[View]
403599917>2018 >still a bug ridden mess with no release in site >games like EVE and ED are far super…[View]
403609990>Game has '''romance''' elements >It boils down to showering the ho with gifts and just genera…[View]
403616558HEY SPHLADE[View]
403605989Guys I just wanted to say you made this AGDQ amazing for me, thanks for all the memes[View]
403615285>look up negative review >'I tried to like this game, I really did' >over 1000 hours played…[View]
403616108What was Kamek's plan?[View]
403615946Ok /v i need help. recently bought a dmg gameboy and i wanna remove a few scratches and stuff from t…[View]
403613895ITT: Game franchises you wish could be good again I’ll start. Persona Mass Effect The Sims[View]
403615308So we're agreed dog 2 is the best of the animal series? >inb4 penguin fags talk about their…[View]
403607958Anon, I'm giving you the Prince of Persia franchise and a 100 million dollars to make a new gam…[View]
403615785pokemon or xenogears?[View]
403614472You have 10 seconds to come up with a Mario Party minigame It better be fun[View]
403613104Destiny has great lore locked behind a shitty, shitty game.[View]
403616351Is there a more kino questline in all of video game history? >pro tip: there isn’t. Also followin…[View]
403603129Dragon Ball FighterZ: >A network error occurred. Could not connect to lobby.…[View]
403615080Planetside thread.: >TR is the /v/ faction >VS is the reddit faction >NC is the normie fact…[View]
403615934CURSE YOU... ZELDA! CURSE YOU... SAGES! CURSE YOU... Jim![View]
403615393>at friends house >he's playing COD WW II >decide to have a go at it >mediocre asf …[View]
403615627What are your thoughts so far?[View]
403614126Anyone else exited to see this game being remastered for switch?[View]
403611165>learn about the LttP randomizer from AGDQ >give it a try >some of the most fun I've h…[View]
403613026Fuck you I liked it thread.[View]
403615060Is elite dangerous commando edition on xbox one worth it? Like to get me a good space sim game and b…[View]
403607625What are some games where you were shocked when the identity of the evil mastermind was revealed?[View]
403615027Golden Sun: The Balance Age for Golden Sun The Lost Age or Golden Sun Reloaded?[View]
403612948Why couldn't we get a movie license game for this amazing film?: Seriously, the film is awesome…[View]
403596806Is this true?[View]
403615191Love isn't always on time[View]
403615628Hack it bois: To the people who hacked The Alchemist Code, could you do the same with Brave Frontier…[View]
403615484Say hello the only budget gaming PC's[View]
403615087>If Group X likes Game Y, then I can’t[View]
403614170>Charatcer designer used to draw hentai[View]
403614419>don't really care about 2hu >but I really want to play another battle network >it…[View]
403609853What are some comfy games you can play in bedÉ[View]
403615128Ready for more /v/?[View]
403613816Need help with Black Flag DLC: Yeah yeah I know, but I have no idea what's wrong. basically, I …[View]
403611483Friend has us hostage on terraria: My friend is holding us hostage in Terraria, we're waiting i…[View]
403602464>Already outsold by the Switch in under a year Ok, what the actual fuck went wrong?…[View]
403614901Can /v/ draw a dime?[View]
403614872What did they mean by this?[View]
403610653ITT: Based things game developers do: Valve allow you to view how much money you've spent on ke…[View]
403595624When was the last time /v/ did something meaningful?[View]
403604000Why did they fuck it up? This should have been what REmake is to the original RE.[View]
403581239/v/GA - Vidya Gaem Awards: Voting closes in just over 24 hours! Make sure to get your votes in while…[View]
403613660Hey /v/ are there any good flight sims besides Kerbal Space Program and Grand Theft Auto? All the ot…[View]
403614439Reminder that this is by far the best Mario party game ever made and that nobody can say otherwise. …[View]
403612687Is /v/ looking forward to the Remaster?[View]
403614393*removes nazis, commies and kebabs*[View]
403611019Publisher Enemy: >industry fails to bring the noise >people still believe the hype When did yo…[View]
403610559This company has never even designed the back of a building before, and you expect them to make some…[View]
403608919Which Link is the strongest?[View]
403609418What went so horribly wrong[View]
403611785Battle royal is a terrible genre.[View]
403612142This game helped me cope with my depression[View]
403610490Got your Vermintide 2 beta key yet?[View]
403608446>here about Dark Souls Remastered >decide to pop in Dark Souls 3 for the first time since I di…[View]
403611971Why is this considered the best in the series?[View]
403613471When will game developers put smellovision in our games? Imagine the potential.[View]
403608747EA is a shit company Has EA ever developed/published a good game?[View]
403605293Is Persona 5 so good that it makes the rest of the series obsolete? I started with it, and now I hav…[View]
403612130>RPG >Make female character >-10 STR >-10 END >+15 CHA…[View]
403613367Should I buy it on launch or wait for the inevitable GOTY edition?[View]
403609175gonna do a little retro gaming. what ps2, ps1 games do you recommend ?[View]
403613195>Hearts of Stone >some demon curses you to take a contract against an immortal got screwed ove…[View]
403611316Steam Game Trade Thread HAVE: HIVESWAP: Act 1 (Steam Key) Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Steam K…[View]
403612213why does this happen?[View]
403611130>been years since I played it >try out osrs from with a new account >time flies How the fuc…[View]
403611668monster hunter world: are ya ready?[View]
403610975So did this series not catch on in the West until 0? Kinda like Monster Hunter didn't catch on …[View]
403611401is the sequel a Trio of Towns worth it? I like Harvest Moon type simulators.[View]
403601050I have a question regarding the Resident Evil series. Do I need to play all the games to understand …[View]
403591139/v/ Plays Fire Emblem 3 book 1: Last threads: >>402576559 >>402694236 >>40281499…[View]
403610779my black desert online looks retarded. any grass/flora not 5m in front of the camera looks super pix…[View]
403605439Vidya Reaction image thread: Can we have a vidya reaction image thread /v/? I seem to have a severe…[View]
403597627who is your favorite female video game character?[View]
403611405>Play 0 and Kiwami first >Go back to replay the old ones >They can't even compare…[View]
403611279Were bokoblins a mistake?[View]
403611205Reminder you can play the best xenoblade game on your VITA right now!!!!![View]
403611778Fuck I’m tired of this hard ass shit , dying to a boss if I make a single mistake. I already beat Gh…[View]
403605137any gud top-down mindless shooters like Alien/Zombie shooter? hopefully not so horde-ish like zombie…[View]
403612138Play as thread: What games are there where I can play as/like Dr.Doom? And I guess other people chim…[View]
403611885Was playing Don't Starve when I noticed Him[View]
403611945Xenoblade 2 Thread: So is there actually a reliable strategy to beating Chickenheart Dagmara? He di…[View]
403610023So with the CG general election starting in a few months, can Sachikp count on your votes?[View]
403611687>Get to final wave >Zombies are coming in every direction why is this allowed…[View]
403604990Find a flaw. I fucking DARE you.[View]
403609945No game ever gave me this much anxiety throughout still convincing me to push further just a few hun…[View]
403608874So why do we hate this game?[View]
403611514Wait a minute, that card...[View]
403586442When are you going to build that gaming PC?[View]
403609342>finally play a Zelda game >this faggot isn't even called Zelda and named Link Wtf bro…[View]
403596239So is this series geared for adults now? I don't know a single child who watches this series.[View]
403611293Can we have an RTS thread? What are you playing?[View]
403610102this shit looks and plays like overwatch, is this actually worth a grab?[View]
403610007Switch port when?[View]
403598991What expressions were they conveying?[View]
403611261How does Nintendo still have no idea how to be consumer friendly? Every single console release they…[View]
403578085Fire Emblem Heroes: Tempest Trials Mini tonight, what seals do you think we're getting from it?…[View]
403566443Shanghai.EXE: >Guts Style suck ass >Touhou is about shotting shit a max speed >Fangame fuse…[View]
403611086Don't mind me, just posting the superior waifu[View]
403611051STANDING HERE[View]
403609045>draw a girl >call it boy Why does Japan do this with their JRPG characters?…[View]
403608521What is the best non-charging joycon grip? Is it the comfort grip? or is there something even more c…[View]
403551446How do we bring her back, bros?[View]
403606887Is this the best H-Game of all time? Also >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1CyPjQQTAM…[View]
403609652YandereDev/EvaXephon: do we still hate him[View]
403610157Insider here saying that Injustice 2 is being ported to the Switch: All DLC characters will be inclu…[View]
403608548Hey Vee, I'm building a Ryzen 1400 plus 1050 PC, but I was wondering if it will be worthless fo…[View]
403608059So now that the dust has finally settled, what the absolute FUCK was his problem?[View]
403610336so can I play this one without playing the others?[View]
403608674Let's talk about final fantasy xiv[View]
403609505Am I the only one who feels like Pauline's characterization was handled poorly in Odyssey compa…[View]
403603371Sharla: Sharla[View]
403610172>/our saviour/ of the syrvival horror genre came out last year >nobody said a word what are yo…[View]
403610140>look up negative review >'I tried to like this game, I really did' >over 1000 hours played…[View]
403578396I hope you're all prepared for the GOTY to come out early this year.[View]
403607838https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K8Hlt9nlVA Why don't these guys have more viewers and subscrib…[View]
403608801Whats that anon? you're not gonna come back to my game?[View]
403603506Thank you Kirby! Thank you HAL Laboratories!! Thank you Nintendo!!![View]
403598624Is /v/ looking forward to the Shadow of the Colossus remake? Do you think they add some new colossi …[View]
403608501>the only way to make master pay attention to my tail again is to destroy that video game console…[View]
403609667When? >Remake Generations 1 through 7 >All in the classic Gameboy Color style >All 800+ wha…[View]
403607881>Let's talk about something else >I have to go…[View]
403609310It was unironically good.[View]
403600574ITT: good characters trapped in shitty games[View]
403570886>be family friendly video game company >hypersexualize one of your most original 8-bit era cha…[View]
403607716I was expecting this game to be terrible, but is actually good (like really fucking good).[View]
403537979come with me[View]
403609246Have these 2 games ruined both series fanbase?[View]
403601734Why did GTA V have zero likable characters?[View]
403604946Just started playing. No major spoilers please but how long into this game does it take to meet Zeld…[View]
403609186>256 player battles[View]
403609189I just want URA Zelda. Fuck you, Zeth. Your game probably would have been shit anyway. There's…[View]
403602549>The Power of the Cock! What did the Coalition mean by this?[View]
403609153Overhyped Game Scenes: What scenes are overhyped?[View]
403609360the cia has infiltrated the video games department along time ago and its very important to get femi…[View]
403608702Good zelda-like games. Anything with rpg elements particularly encouraged. Pic related, started this…[View]
403608205>abandons her dream of being idol because she can't stand the idea of not being with her fam…[View]
403601813Why would anyone buy a switch when you can run BOTW on cemu at 4k/60FPS with a 1700x, rx580, and 8gb…[View]
403608390Do you fuck young boys, Valdez?[View]
403601010Anyone else play this recently? I was rebuilding my ps2 collection and bought this for 5 bucks. Asid…[View]
403605240is this good?[View]
403604063Well that was a dissapointment[View]
403608968goddamn teensies pickers man[View]
403608680>tfw your debating weather you should upgrade your hardware or get new games…[View]
403604376Why did Truth let Mercy die when it was so seemingly simple and easy to let the Brutes pull the para…[View]
403607503How to beat giant Rosa?[View]
403606338Just finished Route C. Missing 9 quests, one is the 'old world' quest for Pascal, one is the enemy i…[View]
403605272I really enjoyed Crysis 2. Is Crysis 1 or 3 worth getting, or have I already played the best one?[View]
403608259YOU HAVE NO MANA[View]
403606938Press F to pay respects.[View]
403601382>1 year and 3 months later after announcement. >No gameplay Goddamn it, why?…[View]
403608620What are some games where I can plot a course, /v/?[View]
403608598Super Mario Sunshine's levels were shaped like Korean gardens. They were sections of the enviro…[View]
403608539When will Ace Combat 7 actually come out? Have they divulged any information on how multi-player ope…[View]
403601947Is this the biggest Trainwreck in video game history? Has any developer taken this many steps backwa…[View]
403604386Suikoden Series: How would you rank the Suikoden series /v/? Have you ever played them? As RPGs th…[View]
403607607Why are dragon levels in video games always the best?[View]
403608331Hey /v/ is there a game you like, but because you and you're whole crew are bitch's it bea…[View]
403608281Does /v/ like Pikmin 3? Will they port it to the Switch? Will we see Pikmin 4 in 2018? To answer my …[View]
403598251ITT: Vidya Cancer[View]
403603347Is this worth playing. I've heard it's hard to the point of being completely broken.[View]
403604164Are you excited?[View]
403608020This is honestly amazing.[View]
403604274Anyone know where i can get this on emulator? Ive searched high and low and have found nada[View]
403604157>Ingrid is gonna be in season 4 guys >becomes alternate costume…[View]
403603267ITT: Still Mad: >the backlash to Mass Effect 3 was so bad that Valve noticed and-fearing that the…[View]
403605641>One of the best stories in all of gaming >Not talked about by anyone, not even on /v/ What we…[View]
403605781Don't mind me just pirating your TV shows.[View]
403596270i fucking hate time limits in videogames 30 days wasted just walking through the wasteland, and i…[View]
403605115Would it be possible for the people from visceral that left EA entirely, could start up their own sm…[View]
403606719So what happens next?[View]
403606674/v/ I have some spending money and I would like to buy myself a console and have decided on buying t…[View]
403606501>game pisses me off >look up the developer >they're out of business…[View]
403607325Is this a Gen 8 Pokemon?[View]
403604146MINECRAFT THREAD CONTINUED: Here is the next part for the minecraft thread, get in here /v/ros…[View]
403593673When was the last vidya moment in (in-game, an annoucement, etc) that made you feel like pic related…[View]
403605345I just finished Morrowind doing pretty much only the main quests and expansions, and I'm an obs…[View]
403604989what will be the best game of 2018?[View]
403606935The FUCK was his problem? Ain't he supposed to be a good guy to?[View]
403606879>'Your wife has been sealed inside a chamber with toxic gas slowly filling it. I have a henchman …[View]
403606679>JRPG >Characters yell out the name of their attacks as they do them…[View]
403605598In memory of Satoru Iwata http://archive.is/N5ydG[View]
403606965Should I buy dissidia nt or peach beach splash?[View]
403600459Firewatch: Is this worth $8 dollarydoos /v/? I don't mind a decent walking sim.[View]
403606007Is this game as good as undead and undressed[View]
403602080Vegeta VS Kazuya Mishima Who will win?[View]
403606687>Wasting time on Lightshope WoW when Kronos 3 is right around the corner: When are you kids who s…[View]
403603865He is proof that a good villain doesn't always have to be evil. If you were in his shoes, would…[View]
403604525Let's talk about RPGMaker games and some gems from the genre. also WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T ANY…[View]
403602962WoW: Battle for Azeroth: How can ANYONE play a Darkspear after BfA? Literally pathetic in comparison…[View]
403606657/ctt/ - Console-Tan Tuesday: Scorpio Pirate Booty Hype edition Where the Thieves of the Sea at?…[View]
403597616I've finally found a way to enjoy Overwatch. Just autolock pic related in competitive. Enjoy th…[View]
403605340What was the point of the bank heist in this game?[View]
403605404it: vidya enemies you wish you could eat[View]
403594260I think Demon's Souls had funner PvP than Dark Souls I think Dark Souls had too many weapons in…[View]
403557231mmo thread: What are you >playing >waiting for >hopping to get better/fixed >planning to…[View]
403602592Why aren't you playing demons souls on PC RIGHT NOW? Whats your excuse?[View]
403600263After all these years I haven't played any of Oblivion's expansion's yet. I've h…[View]
403603671So is it any good or is it just a meme?[View]
403605998ITT; FAVORITE FINAL BOSSES: Post your favorite final boss of any game Me, I like K.Rool in DK64. It …[View]
403605750Is there a reason why all the names in this game are different in the English version? Character na…[View]
403601201Quite possibly my 'game of the decade', is coming out early next month. It has a few problems but ov…[View]
403605509what does gohan install super do?: has anyone noticed any changes on what his moves do after getting…[View]
403603247>Ubisoft tier open world trash Check >Generic and uninspired aesthetic Check >Generic TLOU …[View]
403601838crypto is crashing lads. red right across the board and /biz/ is in meltdown. this isn't a sing…[View]
403598887>Oh yeah, that happened...[View]
403597570This is just a monthly reminder that FEAR is NOT a horror game, it is not scary 1 bit and people who…[View]
403605207ITT: Post the absolute best final boss fights.[View]
403603028>Be me >Playing Halo 2 anniversary >Playing the 'Arbiter' mission, I'm trying to get a…[View]
403599979New House of the Dead game being made: http://arcadeheroes.com/2018/01/14/sega-begin-testing-house-d…[View]
403597125Why is Pakistan called 'Hindustan' in EU4?[View]
403602513dbfz beta: dbfz beta thread beta ending in a few hours, get those matches in[View]
403599335Arcanum Thread?[View]
403604860Company of Heroes: Supercharged, supercharged, all callsigns FIRE!![View]
403604854/v/ plays Quiplash: I have Quiplash and am willing to stream it. Will post Twitch if this thread get…[View]
403598132what are the best Zombie videogames? no resident evil stuff please[View]
403603945It's 80% off. Should I bite?[View]
403601129I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames[View]
403604556>brapping on pikmin powers them up[View]
403599924I was playing this a while back, tried to jump back on a while back but my save was gone. Is it wort…[View]
403601475Let's have a comfy switch thread >what games do you own? >what games are you looking forw…[View]
403601653Can someone tell Nintendo stop announcing so many great games? Fucking story mode, boys.[View]
403591569Have this game ready to play tomorrow, what dub should I play on? I like the American actors but the…[View]
403585819I really hope we get it soon, or ever at this point. Really wanting to play some 64 and GC games.[View]
403603695>147 days until E3.[View]
403601157What game was he holding, /v/?[View]
403598719'We could be the biggest game in the western world' http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-01-15-we-…[View]
403602319>Love everything up to the fifth palace. >Stop caring after I get to the third floor in the fi…[View]
403596382ITT: male mary sues from vidya[View]
403601980ITT: Cool minimalist box art: Post more minimalist box art like this. I love it.[View]
403585462What was your first job?[View]
403598454Would it have been amazing?[View]
403576792what games have the best armor[View]
403600034How. Do. You. Fucking. Aim. I'm literally trash, /v/? I've tried adjusting mouse sensitivi…[View]
403602970ITT: oh yeah that happened[View]
403603659What's a good space game if I wanna blow up planets and stuff Played Stellaris at launch but re…[View]
403603474Backlog thread: Post your backlog >Wolfestein 2 >Dirt 4 >Nier Automata >Horizon Zero Daw…[View]
403603613Why did it fail \v\?[View]
403592983now that the dust hast settled. we can ALL agree this is game of the gen and a top 3 game of all tim…[View]
403592902Is this a Nintendo game or a Ubisoft game?[View]
403603412Pick up that can.[View]
403603119give me good game[View]
403600946>Start playing a game because I fell in love with a cute girl in it >Spend the download (slow …[View]
403598569Why arent you emulating this?[View]
403603394This year will be the last year of DICE, and 2020 will mark the end of EA as a publisher. A new game…[View]
403603223NINTENDO hehehehehe[View]
403603331Nintendo Turned Down VA-11 HALL-A Dev Five Times: Ahahahaha GET FUCKED WAIFUFAGS https://mynintendon…[View]
403598983I guess you could say she was BLINDSIDED![View]
403576695CYBERPUNK 2077 GONNA BE AT E3 !!: The largest Polish videogame website GRYOnline.pl posted an articl…[View]
403596961What video games are you watching tonight /v/?[View]
403581750Lets play a little game 1. go to your steam account 2. click on your uppermost friend in your friend…[View]
403588687What is your guys favorite assassins creed[View]
403602843*blocks your path* *one shots your new character*[View]
403602276PC gaming at 30 fps isnt bad.: If you don't have the best hardware but want to game at a lower …[View]
403588891You can have one. Which do you take, /v/?[View]
403601984Which one should I buy /v/? I'm only going to spend enough money on one.[View]
403602710Why is it such shit? I played through IV three times and loved it. Bought the art book and listen to…[View]
403599469Is it a meme that's been overhyped by YouTube and streamer culture? Or is it actually a good ga…[View]
403602664Racism and Jew hate, is like my new craze[View]
403602548I just finished The Last Guardian. Is there even an argument that the last hour of this game wasn…[View]
403553053Monster hunter thread: What weapons you guys gonna be using for worlds?[View]
403600526ITT: Survival Horror done right.[View]
403602479This is why GameSpot is garbage! Most notorious faggot that trolls like his life depended on it, and…[View]
403596593Why don't the soulsborne games hire the people that develop strats to cheese their bosses/quick…[View]
403602191what is the funnest weapon to use in Dark Souls 3?[View]
403594741About to start this shit, what am I in for? Anything I should avoid doing? I've never played an…[View]
403602205DBZ FIGHTERS: Whats is up with the steam prices?? Its an extra 60nzd (about 45usd) for all the chara…[View]
403602014Doki Doki Literature Club!: Was it good?[View]
403602145>video game is about playing video games[View]
403573484This pirate crackdown's a go I cry thinking about how good Phantom Pain could've been if i…[View]
403596202Why must it be that mobile vidya be constrained by the functional fixedness of profitable casual and…[View]
403600637Should I?[View]
403588140*blocks your path* name 3 reasons why you don't own a vita[View]
403602079what other games allow you to check into a nice hotel and relax in your room?[View]
403602020The Darksols of video game villains.[View]
403598897Multitasking: What are some good games to play while watching TV? I have a Switch, a gaming laptop a…[View]
403601179Is there a difference in pirating Enhanced Edition of Torment vs GOG edition with mods? Does Enhance…[View]
403600779ITT games that you expected to be garbage but are actually quite fun.[View]
403594872THIS is the optimal Samus Aran: You may not like it but that's what peak Samus looks like…[View]
403599941Why can't video games do Lovecraft well?: There's like a wealth of shit from the mythos th…[View]
403595359how long does it take to make a sprite?[View]
403597772Defend this[View]
403598701I loved the first two but >requires ps+ >removed characters from the last games Why is this al…[View]
403600710>about to finish bloodborne for the first time >don't really like how i leveled my charac…[View]
403600563*Blocks your path*: Nostalgia’s a bitch, ain’t it?[View]
403575610By the goddess Shepard, you wouldn’t pick me over a QUARIAN would you?[View]
403591594This shit is way to comfyyyyyyyyyy.[View]
403601146Cant find any servers, how come? is it because im a pirate? [View]
403580075Opinion on Split/Second?[View]
403598932Hey /v/, would you like to sign my petition?[View]
403594020first time playing: what should i know[View]
403592158Name one comfiest hub You can't[View]
403601061>that kid who always picked the Mclaren F1 tier whores ffs[View]
403599945Freedom Fighters: You will never post up on a bunker with your AI friends and have a prolonged firef…[View]
403599967ITT: Games you cried to.[View]
403597272Have you been obsessed with a game lately?[View]
403600415AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Was this a fucking reference to the ending chase sequence in Blade Runner (1982)…[View]
403598671>the slowest character is actually the fastest character if you know how to play them properly…[View]
403596786In terms of graph theory this game is a masterpiece.[View]
403600285What games have comfy camping? I already played FFXV.[View]
403595690JRPGs that don't suck: >most of my life revolved around Final Fantasy >got a 'gaming' pc …[View]
403600598What are the best monster designs in vidya? Post'em[View]
403600587I just finished Zero Time dilemma and im kind of mad. Zero Escape thread .[View]
403596124Anyone else?[View]
403600157Minecraft: >Living in comfy town on a server with other people. >I'm essentially the foun…[View]
403595275You did kill Michael, right?[View]
403598937What is the best story you've ever experienced in a game?[View]
403592943Ooooh, what do we have here? Another scrumptious young plaything straight out of life and into my Va…[View]
403599869SNK Heroines: New screenshot released Graphics look kinda rough but they might improve with time I j…[View]
403599720Ni Street Fighter V: What's the base level game for dependence[View]
403600132I just got Vanquish and for some reason Sam keeps firing his gun when I don't want him to. Is t…[View]
403592651does it get any comfier than this[View]
403597074Elite: Dangerous: Is there a more /comfy/ game than Elite: Dangerous? What does /v/ think of Elite: …[View]
403587327Dragon Ball FighterZ DBFZ: new DBFZ thread! let's goooo![View]
403592345NEVER EVER[View]
403599063Gosh, this girl just dropped her crayons. Why don't you help her up?[View]
403599803circa 2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=kWy1FlSaID4[View]
403599773>Announce a sequel to Lineage in 2011 >Go silent for 7 years >Announce a remake of the game…[View]
403599719whyis gorn so good?[View]
403598392Perfect Dark Zero: What went wrong?[View]
403581857Thoughts on the Xbox One X?[View]
403597435Perceive an imperfection[View]
403580690they fixed ryu ryu is playable now[View]
403598773Album recommendations: Instead of a thread where we recommend games based off of albums, why don…[View]
403562835Was she gay?[View]
403599270i played resident evil remake for the first time a few months ago. i played as jill and i got to the…[View]
403596406What is /v/'s opinion on small fluffy races in video games like chuas, yordles and moogles?[View]
403597607What is the all-time GOAT vidya OST? I don't just mean the one you have a lot of nostalgia for,…[View]
403597237Why he develop this?[View]
403593321What's the consensus for Dragon Ball FighterZ? Good? Bad? Meh? http://www.strawpoll.me/14854038[View]
403597068We need to produce Spyro memes. Show Activision we care about the franchise.[View]
403598935I mean, it's no masterpiece[View]
403598161Just when you thought game development couldn't get any scummier... >https://imgur.com/a/rhF…[View]
403599051Let's have a comfy switch thread >what games do you own? >what games are you looking forw…[View]
403598680Now that the dust has settled what went wrong? why did Valve simply just refuse to pull the plug?[View]
403598754Don't mind me, just the best roguelite currently available on my way to page 10.[View]
403597962RIP Jared[View]
403584672Ryzen appreciation thread. Say something nice about Ryzen. If it wasn’t for amd I’d be gaming on a c…[View]
403598689Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
403597290Hey guys bought a switch recently for BoTW and Mario Odyssey and it's my first time gaming on a…[View]
403598519>Start playing a game because I fell in love with a cute girl in it >Spend the download (slow …[View]
403572658>DragonBall FighterZ will miserably fai-[View]
403596960Does anyone else only play single player games? I played about 80 hours of Splatoon 2 the month it c…[View]
403598069What could it possibly be?[View]
403594610Just started Persona 5. How the fuck did it not land best soundtrack, it consistently puts a smile o…[View]
403587705ITT: Post unironic 10/10s.[View]
403593132>The number of AAA game developers looking like this increases exponentially in 2018…[View]
403596684ITT: good flash games based off real properties[View]
403598017games where you can beat your bro for getting cuck[View]
403592296games you could never beat [/spoiler]as a child[View]
403597950Persona 5 thread[View]
403594981what the fuck was her problem?[View]
403597898What is a video game/game series you want to be made into a movie.[View]
403595114Please select your maid.[View]
403596123>huh, Shalashaska?[View]
403588807Oh no, my game is ruined![View]
403593541How do I beat the Chapter 5 Boss: The deadly power cables My team is Morag nia and Zeke and all arou…[View]
403597556Any of you fags accidentally play CSGO on addderal? It's literally fucking impossible[View]
403595680RETARDED DEATH BATTLE: 5 Dota heroes vs 5 League of Legends champions. Each team can only use mechan…[View]
403597128>$80 million budget to develop the game Was it even worth it?[View]
403596608>Save file doesn't show total time played >Save file displays time in 24 hrs…[View]
403596984Stupid crazy glitch Cuphead: https://youtu.be/uwyDEKA4Yco[View]
403594049>ywn never play minecraft on a comfy server again[View]
403591905Why are cyberpunk worlds so underrepresented in video games?[View]
403568002Give me one good reason why turn-based 'combat' isn't shit.[View]
403595973do you leave reviews for the games you buy?[View]
403591291>was made to give n64 cheap storage >max mem size is 64mb >cartridges ended up being that s…[View]
403574573Sonic music thread: This series is known for it's god-like empowering kino music. Post some!…[View]
403594890What did /v/ think of 2b2t before it was ruined by Jewtubers?[View]
403596882So is this just a dead on arrival game?[View]
403589970tfw it looks good[View]
403592703That is bullshit![View]
403586315Why am I assisting these fucking terrorists no questions asked?[View]
403591247Who are your favorite operators in R6: Siege? What is your rank? I will post template. What environm…[View]
403596430the power of intel UHD 630 graphics.[View]
403595641What do you think his havorite loverslab mods are?[View]
403594834ITT: Post kino vidya intros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gBiWlcfebY[View]
403529151>Steals your glory[View]
403596114S'up dude?[View]
403579526Hey anon, so what did you say you wanted in the next Elder Scrolls?[View]
403592647Why aren't you playing the objectively best hero shooter /v/?[View]
403594934Hey /v/, your prom date is 5 years old today[View]
403586810Why did this game have such appalling voice acting?[View]
403587517>mom walks in[View]
403588304Women's armor done right.[View]
403590034How did they fuck up XCOM 2 so badly?[View]
403556473Pride: ITT: LGBT vidya characters done right[View]
403594457This is a bucket[View]
403592530Binding of isaac: This is a fucking joke right?[View]
403589315I don’t understand, you guys told me this was shit but it’s easily better than Heavy Rain no more de…[View]
403575323How do we stop PC gaming?[View]
403552289For stealth gameplay, do you prefer: >I was undetected because I killed all the guards >I was …[View]
403589685>If you kill him, you'll be just as bad as him![View]
403592074worms or words?[View]
403592395>There are people much younger than you with successful gaming Youtube channels and a wide audien…[View]
403592937>he thinks vr is a meme[View]
403594525HELP ME: at the beggining of the 2013 tomb raider game she comes out of this cave and the title of t…[View]
403594207dude awkward controls lmao[View]
403588828Post games that have ruined your some of you favourite series. Pic related. My fucking god, this is …[View]
403594659I want my slutty ninja armor. will he be back?[View]
403589393What games do I play as a guy with only a shitty 300$ laptop?[View]
403594478SINGING IN VR CHAT: https://youtu.be/g-7F3nQfP7k[View]
403594439Fill in the blanks, /v/.[View]
403579376Why is ADGQ such a mess? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srxo3wDsI-I[View]
403579626Storytime! Vidya Boogaloo: Roll 3 6 or 9 to advance story and i will cont in response Let's hav…[View]
403593957>It's a good thing we have a Dark/shadow/black/edgy magic user in our party. We need balance…[View]
403581671I was really excited to play the labyrinths in Breath of the Wild...Until I actually did them, and s…[View]
403589356Any tips on how to configure this thing for maximum optimization/comfort? I'm asking for a frie…[View]
403593675Been playing Earthbound for the first time, already at Fourside. Not exactly the master piece hipste…[View]
403594287Hey cousin! It's roman! You want to go bowling![View]
403590530Name a more recognisable villain in gaymen. I'll wait.[View]
403592729She’s the leader of the Phantom Thieves, not Joker. She’s the one with the master plan in the end, I…[View]
403589408Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey: So I'm playing this on Desmume and I'm a few hours in…[View]
403592682Are there any video games that constantly show up in both 'best' and 'worst' games of all time?[View]
403593169>wastes your time[View]
403593138>No subscription required >Most major game releases are now multiplatform >Many sales on …[View]
403590769You remembered to take care of your Elusive Target, right /v/?[View]
403592073I'm confused - This is advertised as a fighting game but it's a Club Penguin clone with Dr…[View]
403592960Do you play FFXI? It's a fun game.[View]
403593023Which game asks dumb questions?[View]
403584838Hello, /v/. Does anyone know what this is? It looks like some kind of goat.[View]
403592608>game released in 2013 >opening cinematic starts playing >'AND AS LONG AS I GOT MY SUIT AN…[View]
403585915What video games let me explore caves?[View]
403575591Marle, Lucca, or Ayla?[View]
403585709Nia Amiibo when?[View]
403592468>'NO TIME TO WASTE!' What did she mean by this?[View]
403591319Anyone got halo wars remastered for the xbone? I'm after the achievement for completing a campa…[View]
403590541ITT: Things in vidya that make you wat >Purely robotic race >Needs to breathe…[View]
403592353This is actually the best game of 2017 and 2018 so far. Of course there are no threads on here about…[View]
403592249Yakuza: Is Amon worth it in Yakuza 2? These fucking baseball and slot quests are beyond fucked. They…[View]
403592129Ragnarok Online: Can we all agree RO is the greatest MMO RPG ever created and that it is the father …[View]
403581605What would you change if you were in charge?[View]
403590534Top Games Played: I haven't seen one of these threads in a while. Post em and rate em! Non-stea…[View]
403592041SMT SOUL HACKERS 2 WHEN?[View]
4035831292 > 1 > 3[View]
403591406Why aren't there any good Spawn games?[View]
403591789Why are there so few English translated idol games?[View]
403571083>God is the final boss[View]
403589240A new HotD game has finally been announced What is your favorite HotD boss? mine is the fool[View]
403588207>can't get Jojo as pure heterosexual lover >can't even have 100% corruption-free mis…[View]
403583140Would you play a game as rubber and gum man?[View]
403582221Name a single game. Pro tip: You can't[View]
403589761It's simple. DOTA players are playing chess and league players are playing checkers. You can…[View]
403590297>tfw bad at video games[View]
403591552the average Smash Bros player[View]
403589017I guess I'm gay[View]
403583229Who was in the wrong here?[View]
403590938Let it Die: So is this game worth it for a new player? I've heard grinding becomes absurd post …[View]
403567762'it's ok Daisy, please don't cry, I still care about you' Luigi said whilst hugging her in…[View]
403583034Creepy stuff in creepy games[View]
403591373>female fighters in 2018 what went right?[View]
403586312>240p 20FPS N64 game is still on top Will anything ever top it? Will there ever be another game s…[View]
403591004How do you feel about the Switch Eshop as compared to the 3ds and Wiiu ones? Do you prefer the simpl…[View]
403589660When did Nintendo stop thinking of Peach as a woman and turned her into a big 8 year old girl?[View]
403588283Powdered toast man back agian!: https://youtu.be/jPuTC6Avry0[View]
403590570Sugita: Who was the target audience of this character?[View]
403569515Why haven't you gotten your dream job in the video game industry /v/? Do you not want to be hap…[View]
403586531Itt: Games that would be EPIC on the Nintendo Switch[View]
403583387>'Open worlds aren't good if they don't give you any rewards for exploring!'…[View]
403584483I bought a switch and I am starting to regret it. Mario was great but not worth 400+ What other game…[View]
403590479Heroes of Might & Magic: Why do so many people shit on this game? It's no different than Ho…[View]
403586030>Not a single good western game for this year[View]
403590287What's the /v/erdict?[View]
403583073The guy who said Xenosaga HD isn't happening also said Dark Souls for Switch isn't happeni…[View]
403586948Cuphead thread: Finally beat that dirty dice motherfucker. Who was your toughest fight? And why do t…[View]
403590610Put him in the fucking game[View]
403585457>The Switch is getting the best of both worlds: first party Nintendo titles and third party multi…[View]
403587979>start game >it's open world[View]
403590307Pick 5 kids from the class of 84' to create your RPG party. If possible name their classes and …[View]
403589575>when your friend starts playing a hentai game[View]
403590210vice city: 100%ing this game. Not that there's anything I need to know since I know it all alre…[View]
403590256Been playing Earthbound for the first time, already at Fourside. Not exactly the master piece hipste…[View]
403589246What game will disappoint you the most this year?[View]
403548079Another one bites the dust.[View]
403590023Bullet Time: How good does this feature get? Experts only please.[View]
403589992>Enemies can attack you during the hacking minigame[View]
403585743show me[View]
403586980How did we go from this...[View]
403572279Why wasn't there a shitstorm over this?[View]
403579716Why is Dota 2 so much better than all the other esports?[View]
403589619[GAME] ending EXPLAINED[View]
403588171>its ok...[View]
403581618Artificial Difficulty: The Game[View]
403583970I have friends /v/ What are good multiplayer games to play with them?[View]
403575086Have you ever seen or experienced video games getting physical from rage? I lost my best friend in h…[View]
403587128Let's play katamari damacy /v. Your posted object must be bigger than the last one posted. I…[View]
403588328>you! you the boy?[View]
403589390>play Japanese game >get into game >girl character goes UWWAAAAAAAA HYAAAAA and other assor…[View]
403525137What do you want out of the next yakuza game?[View]
403582882Divinity 2: Divinity Thread? Divinity Thread. So anons how did you build Fane? I wanna try him out a…[View]
403589235What were some of the bullshit made up cheats/easter eggs that you believed from this site?[View]
403587554I'm not the only one who did this right? This whole part of town now has dicks drawn by a small…[View]
403547650Dissidia NT Open Beta thread only 2 more hours until Y'shtola spammers get BTFO forever and rep…[View]
403588284Beatmania IIDX would be perfect for the Switch![View]
403587062The Red Solstice: It's free on Humble Bundle until Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST. How good/bad is it…[View]
403588763It's no masterpiece[View]
403586791How the fuck do you beat this game without a guide?[View]
403587320Is the world even ready for a dreamcast 2?[View]
403586086Get in loser, we're killing god.[View]
403539884That’ll be an extra $16 please. What we’re they thinking?[View]
403584468Whats up with Sonic /v?: Why is it that he Sonic the Hedghog fandom is full of so many autists? The …[View]
403588360>*gives additional attack to your caster*[View]
403588251What are some FUN games?[View]
403588105ITT: Sex appeal done right[View]
403574204What are some games with good character creators?[View]
403586341tricked by /v/: >Try this game out because /v/ said it's one of the best games ever made …[View]
403585459This is Diggernaut, say something nice to them.[View]
403579679My friend just got Ending A, and he's disappointed that the story isn't the mindblowing, o…[View]
403580668Talk me out of starting an Amiibo collection.[View]
403587925>what if I told you you could've saved her? ITT: post v-novels you'll never forget.…[View]
403587367Is there a more JUST video game protagonist than Edward Kenway? At least Desmond got to kinda save t…[View]
403568730https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gnrgo0E94_o Even best girl Kizuna Ai is playing GOTY 2017. You have …[View]
403555464TECHNOLOGY: Let's have a TECHNOLOGY thread shall we?[View]
403581363This is a good DLC thread, no bad ones are allowed. What were some good / great / perfect dlcs? No …[View]
403586868ITT: literal 10/10 gaymes[View]
403586026When's Wario going to get his own Switch game?[View]
403586393>kill enemy >can loot what they are wearing >leaving them as a naked ragdoll body…[View]
403586994Why is Skyrim so easy to create mods to? Is it something to do with the engine?[View]
403587497*blocks your fun*[View]
403586889Hello /v/. I want to play a game.[View]
403580995I think we can all agree that this is the best videogame character ever created[View]
403587047>game has beast races Does anybody actually play them? Seems like a waste of resources…[View]
403587268Not all graphics are created actual.[View]
403584573Why did every Japanese-developed PS3 game look like That?[View]
403579837>we've got $13,541.90 donation from the Yetee! >audience applauds wildly AGDQ is over. Wh…[View]
403586448Valkyria Chronicles 4: Why did the hype die?[View]
403585968monster hunter world: i admit i'm scared about the new monster hunter world, any leak about the…[View]
403582068How do I go about making a fighting game? I have a concept for a 2v2 fighter, but I don't think…[View]
403581743>fighting game execution is ea-[View]
403586946According to the lore, do dragons poop? I know they don't have sex and they don't have to …[View]
403586319ITT: You nostalgia you lose Am I the only faggot that sheds tears when listening to a good old vidya…[View]
403584275>I'm Kennedy.[View]
403586220Is this any good with mods?[View]
403586838Are there ANY good Ipad games worth playing besides stuff like Hearthstone, Fallout Shelter, Civ 6 t…[View]
403586819So /v/ im planing on buying taiko no tatsujin from japan to play on my ps4 but have no clue if its g…[View]
403582240Would /v/ play a DMC x Ghost Rider crossover game if the story mode was set up like Sonic Adventure …[View]
403586618Illusion illusion illusion illusion Illusion illusion illusion illusion Illusion illusion illusion i…[View]
403577824What are some games that let me kill surrendering enemies/execute injured enemies laying on the grou…[View]
403585912Filename Thread[View]
403586473how many times do you think she killed him?[View]
403582914This game had the best gameplay of any mgs game, prove me wrong brainlets.[View]
403579670ITT: Things that make a game pure kino. >intro voices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNKwAH__Mv…[View]
403550490https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYJx5xt2cB0 A whole weekend has passed since Odyssey was thoroughly …[View]
403575421Dragon Ball FighterZ: Bow to future top tier https://twitter.com/Alioune85/status/953022677962371072…[View]
403586273>tfw lanklet and neck is fucked from sitting at computer all day how ergonomic is your setup /v/?…[View]
403582809How can you play games with horror or spooky atmosphere like Souls, RE, SH, and DMC? I really want t…[View]
403584571Hey, I was looking around at Mario Odyssey screenshots when I came across this one. Anybody know abo…[View]
403586120>Wario thread 404'd[View]
403586117>game has a shitty map[View]
403586096>it's yet another reoccurring episode of being burnt out from vidya Anything interesting goi…[View]
403586040Is the DLC worth it for Nioh? I heard they're mostly short, so I'm pretty conflicted.[View]
403573286>play some JRPG >I'm a boy form a small peaceful village >asked to run some errand out…[View]
403584212What is the nintendolife.com of Sony?[View]
403584041why is tropico 5 such shit compared to 4?[View]
403582937Am I the only one who always thought that Ballas look more badass than Grove St?[View]
403585876What does it MEEEEEEAN? Metroid Thread[View]
403576969>people complain about copypasted content >make an entire DLC expansion out of recycled quests…[View]
403584130Do you think Super Mario Galaxy 3 will still happen? This is from late 2015, and I'm sure devel…[View]
403580761>Play the shit out of Hotline Miami 1 and 2 >Start playing Payday 2 alot >Decide to buy the…[View]
403583141useless piece of god damn fucking shit why did i even buy this fucking trash fuck the wii-u, no game…[View]
403585456Only retards don’t play Paragon.[View]
403585560>start playing A Hat in Time >ride on the roomba in the hub room because why wouldn't I …[View]
403548000>Best exploration (not linear like the other games) >Best build Variety >Best PvP >Best …[View]
403582049Do you guys stretch before playing vidya?[View]
403577084Picking a controller to play Nier and Dark Souls on pc. What is /v/'s controller of choice? Is …[View]
403573865One down Two to go![View]
403576953Will you play Runescape mobile once it's released?[View]
403580739Best video game soundtrack of all time coming through[View]
403582513/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>403508784 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
403526216Murasaki coming to Senran Kagura Shinobi Refle on January 18: https://gematsu.com/2018/01/shinobi-re…[View]
403583284Is TF2 still worth playing even when Overwatch is a thing?[View]
403583135Why didn't you save her?[View]
403579642Old Thread >>403508784 (Cross-thread) (Cross-thread) >Post references and names >Keep it…[View]
403584651Why am I obsessed with video game sound effects? Sounds of going through loot, reloading/changing we…[View]
403581860>tactical shooter >no one in your team use any tactics…[View]
403582804Guy help me, I'm fucking retarded. I can't get this rom patch to work. I've downloade…[View]
403566912>Thinking the Dark Souls Remaster needs any gameplay changes Can you plebs who actually think thi…[View]
403580952Name a more iconic gun[View]
403555796What are the best PS1 games?[View]
403580738Lorewise, Samus is supposed to be crazy strong. So why did it take them so long to give her a melee …[View]
403584353Xenoblade 2 Thread: Most LUDO moment in a video game in quite some time, except Nier:A last year. Wh…[View]
403582184Crazy Frog Racing: Could this be the next Garfield Kart, /v/?[View]
403583723ITT games that will never happen[View]
403583708Some game I never heard of is free on Humble Bundle Go get it[View]
403581036How much work have you put into your Steam profile so far, /v/? Are you trying to go with a specific…[View]
403572172Indie games like pic related are bad not just because they're low budget and made by amateurs, …[View]
403583514Is it okay to support developers with ideologies you don’t support?: Kingdom come deliverance is out…[View]
403580890Why don't more games use this a e s t h e t i c ?(besides pic related and Hotline Miami 1/2)[View]
403582650>power goes out >you saved just before >data not corrupted, no progress lost…[View]
403552575Question for non native English speakers.: Do you prefer the English version over the version in you…[View]
403580523Why is this never mentioned in here? It’s great[View]
403561303You know, these games are quite similar to the ones they have on the Wii U.[View]
403582892I thought there was going to be a new Devil May Cry game, you faggots have been saying the announcem…[View]
403582916/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>403508784 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
403551194When did you realize he was right?[View]
403582826What are some games where the main character can romance the antagonist?[View]
403582207https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujF9CZJyshQ Expectations? Hopes? Dreams? Fears?[View]
403582724How the fuck do i buy multiple copies of the same game at once on this shit? one for me and the othe…[View]
403508784/v/idya Draw Thread: Old Thread >>403462940 >Post references and names >Keep it vidya, n…[View]
403581682Ok so how much time did you guys spend organizing your inventory?: Be truthful boys, personally I…[View]
403573151Subnautica Thread: Subnautica Thread[View]
403572690ITT: Useless shit in gaming: *blocks your path*[View]
403524170I thought the Fus Ro Dah shout was THE Skyrim meme ability, but now that I've leveled up Block,…[View]
403579175what was the point of the last 10 minutes if you cop out THIS hard?[View]
403578230What's the /v/erdict?[View]
403582162Why is Genji so low tier?[View]
403581501So is any of the DLC for this game, or Bloodborne, worth it? Always felt the settings in the DLC for…[View]
403582028What was the logic behind Liberty City's decision to ban motorbikes from their streets before 2…[View]
403574504Overwatch has gone to shit: Abandoning matches is okay. If your teammates are literal retards its ok…[View]
403581794How do you know about that? Aren't you Silent Hill bread?[View]
403581834I have friends /v/ What are good multiplayer games to play with them?[View]
403533384Is it possible to make pain a video game mechanic?[View]
403580243This is the best FF logo[View]
403581503The Ace Attorney Thread never happen[View]
403580985ITT: Convince any current AAA publisher to green-light Runescape.[View]
403579625Is there any kind of a point to this fucking settlement building thing in fallout 4?[View]
403578846Xeno2: I wish i could play this game in 4k. The Emulator or the wii u version cant come soon enough.…[View]
403572789Why do pcfrogs and hackers always have to go after Nintendo for emulation? The PS4 and Xbox One have…[View]
403579704Why isn't this a game?: Anyone else want a game like Thor Ragnorok? >kidnapped and taken to …[View]
403578517how do i even find a game? been searching for like 20 mins, restarted internet and game yet nothing …[View]
403581598>Golden Sun and TLA are actually bad games. They were only popular because there were no other JR…[View]
403577608Allied races confirmed for not coming tomorrow. Will you still resub?[View]
403576850https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VVctaEZ4fw When will people finally admit Unleashed was the best Mo…[View]
403576071What is The Godfather of videogames? I mean a game that many people say is outstanding and actualy i…[View]
403580907He assaulted his superior apparently because he 'refused to fire upon civilians'. But really, he ass…[View]
403577957BATTLE/V/RONT THREAD: waiting for a host edition[View]
403573138About to buy Splatoon 2 talk me out of it[View]
403580834THE AUTUMN! SHE'S BEEN HIT![View]
403579680What is the best Etrian game? I, for one, really like Untold 2.[View]
403574169what are some video games that are about going up but with a story?[View]
403580181How do I keep up this growth on Twitch up? I wanna grow more just so I have more people in chat to t…[View]
403580619What's the consensus for Dragon Ball FighterZ? Good? Bad? Meh? http://www.strawpoll.me/14854038[View]
403579435Post and rate top-tier boss themes. I'll start https://youtu.be/NiboHWwr12M[View]
403552529>*makes dark souls irrelevant* pshhh nothing personal kid...[View]
403577257What changes would you make to this? Or is it pretty much spot on already?[View]
403578937Silver Case: Anyone else played this game? I want to get through it because it's a SUDA game, b…[View]
403577040There are no bad Kirby games[View]
403572007Do you like or do you hate Lego games?[View]
403579168can I farm for bitcoins with a regular ps4 or should I get a pro?[View]
403579590Basic bitch[View]
403579718Nintendo died when normies and the likes of Reddit got ahold of it. (Around the Wii Era)[View]
403557594https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSQdugNM-0M It's out.[View]
403578172Are gay relationships a thing in P4? This guy keeps reminding me when it's basketball practice …[View]
403579773fuck you, this was a fun game[View]
403579448>This kills the Ingridfag[View]
403538473What is your wish list for Metroid Prime 4?[View]
403578718Isn't mobile the largest market at the moment? How come nobody is considering serious vidya dev…[View]
403546007Why did these games have to die? I miss them so much.[View]
403579542>villain's army is supposed to be a big threat >main infantry have slow moving projectile…[View]
403576371What's coming out for PC this year?[View]
403575398They really fucked up the cartoon characters in Kingdom Hearts 3. They looked much better in KH1 and…[View]
403578862THE DUKE: So apparently this thing was announced some time ago to be making a comeback on modern PCs…[View]
403578354>gives you infinite bombs but not infinite arrows >bombs aren't used much >meanwhile a…[View]
403576446>playing games with mic on >Hear a squeaker…[View]
403569489I feel so sorry for the man who bought both the Wii U and 3DS version of this game. Thanks for betat…[View]
403575740KAT'S GAME IS HARD: This shit is cancerous. LMAO you died? SORRY nerd mine's closed! Gravi…[View]
403562264>ctrl+f >no risk of rain thread to be found anywhere gentlemen i am quite concerned regarding …[View]
403572183>Nintenbros aren't ready for Dark Sou-[View]
403579438ITT: localizations - what were they thinking? 'monte' >>>> 'pianta'[View]
403579203What went so fucking right?[View]
403578826>Playable bosses are S+ Tier[View]
403559310>Castlevania and Metroid slapped into one game >Rogue-like in level design so random levels Ev…[View]
403579212Games that feature rainy jungles or forests? I don't know why but this is one of the most comfi…[View]
403576660Are you a winner?[View]
403579174>BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Has 20 DLC Characters, 20 Fighters Base Roster Oh yeah, that's w…[View]
403577520Mario Lore Thread? Where did these guys come from?[View]
403521770Dou fe pravi judore suu, dou fe pragos doura Jushure, iburu Gravity Rush thread[View]
403575613Any games that feature a steampunk mixed with magic fantasy setting?: Really specific question here.…[View]
403575031>Game >Game 2 >Game Warped…[View]
403572920>the average /v/ user can't do a DP[View]
403575759>announce a game >release it 5-10 years later >rinse & repeat what went wrong?…[View]
403561061>P5/Nier had the best OST of 2017 Ummm no sweeties[View]
403578217Steam avatar thread[View]
403564447Playing this for the first time, what are the best starting Attributes?[View]
403574858Who still wishes ATI was around here? Radeon 2400 was the best card ever.[View]
403574470How often do you play games with guides, /v/?[View]
403578470What the fuck happened to Terraria Otherworld?[View]
403578463did anyone here play lateshifter? I thought the 1st chapter was great. pic unrelated[View]
403571023What do you think the psychological effects would be if someone played 3 hours of video games everyd…[View]
403545323>game 1 is very good >game 2 is pure shit >game 3 is cancelled…[View]
403576802realistically, how can someone without autism sit through an entire vn, I try these bitches so often…[View]
403578352ITT: Post 10/10 moments in video gaming.[View]
403572075Titanfall 2: God Tier - Angel City Elite Great Tier - ARES Division Good Tier - Apex Predators Decen…[View]
403578032What was the last game that made you feel actual anger?[View]
403578069Games about telepathy?[View]
403578053STR vs DEX thread?[View]
403577951>game introduces a minigame >wall of text and tutorial is so convoluted, you just give up lear…[View]
403577723Give me one (1) reason why this isn't the best game of all time[View]
403577545a thread for horror games: >horror game >has to have a supernatural or other worldly element t…[View]
403573582well /v/, I made it, despite your directions.[View]
403576529>Gregor has joined the game[View]
403575160Do you prefer Dark Souls I, or Dark Souls III?[View]
403567794Who's your favorite modern vidya composer?[View]
403577719Why is there smoke coming out of the oven?[View]
403577310Would you buy fire emblem for switch when it would look like this?: The actual game Not cutscenes on…[View]
403577695>Made tv from a videogame. >Main target audience is treated like retards. >Done by competen…[View]
403577476>New House of the Dead game announced >it's not HotD 5, it's a spin-off Thoughts? Wi…[View]
403577240Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Why does a large portion of the Dragon Ball fanbase hate Dragon Ball Fighter …[View]
403577412What are some games with good lockpicking and/or hacking mechanics?[View]
403576360fagtorio: who autism here[View]
403574321did you guys like this clicking simulator?[View]
403548758It will be shit, right?[View]
403571752Will there ever be a Ghost Adventures game?[View]
403577319Feels good to have current console games available on the go, doesn't it? A shame not everyone …[View]
403577318*blocks your path*[View]
403573794What the fuck is this horseshit?[View]
403548282Filename Thread[View]
403576667I'm still mad /v/[View]
403572063How do I wrap my head around this combat system?[View]
403574859video games that fill my emptiness with boredom: Hello guys from the web, my problem is that I do no…[View]
403563658why are they so fucking ugly[View]
403575525is this good? Is it worth the 8 euros? I liked rising storm 1 but I've heard that the community…[View]
403538106>the perfect balance in a videogame doesn't exi-[View]
403553418Is Tekken 7 good? I can afford it and it has my nigga Geese so I'm thinking about getting it. K…[View]
4035717451v1??: Can anyone tell me if they know or have heard anything about FF Dissidia NT having 1v1 battle…[View]
403557493IT'S NOT OVER YET[View]
403574131>Take your tim-[View]
403567424Is there any real downside to scalping limited edition consoles, /v/? You make easy cash and you…[View]
403574004Will Capcom fuck up?[View]
403574340>How much for X? >offer[View]
403517857Darkest Dungeon.: >Buy Darkest Dungeon when it was in EA >Played it >Shits fucking hard …[View]
403574417Does anyone else never buy the vanilla console or handheld and only get the special edition ones?[View]
403575676>Musou shit >No Asaemon >Kagura's forms are two characters. >12 Characters They tri…[View]
403572085>Playing vidya >Spill water on keyboard >Its not working anymore What the fuck do I do…[View]
403575585is there any modern video game that doesn't add any unnecessary graphic filters?[View]
403570843I loved it. Fuck you.[View]
403571630Take the last 2 video game characters you played as. Now they're a team. What is their team nam…[View]
403573492>rent is coming up >no money >no job >all these videogames I've made a huge mistake…[View]
403575238Pure autism[View]
403559641Dragon Ball FighterZ: no really just do 2H it isn't hard edition[View]
403569562Fact: Engineers are the most powerful class in TF2.[View]
403575164It's no masterpiece[View]
403573274does any oldfag remember an old /v/ video of some kid dressed up as Luke from Professor Layton in a …[View]
403574807Feels good, huh?[View]
403549047Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Thread: I swear these three were made for each other. Based CHOCO stealing th…[View]
403570736Does /v/ like joy mutants?[View]
403574881ITT we claim Vidya waifus: Ill Start >Name: Kat >Status: Claimed…[View]
403568356Excite Truck / Excitebots: New Excite Truck or Excitebots when?[View]
403574801The Forest RP Server?: Anyone have an RP server for the forest?[View]
403573618>You can purposely give your characters negative skills, which, once given, cannot be removed ent…[View]
403574729Optimal companion?[View]
403574617Doom 2016 Bug: So Doom wigged out on me the other night, and I had to Alt+F4 that shit. I went back …[View]
403570545>things /v/ can't do[View]
403574254Fire Emblem Direct: https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/819963941422059521 >A Fire Emblem …[View]
403573536Is Mass Effect dead? Did Andromeda kill it?[View]
403570458I feel like I'm the only one who ever played his game.[View]
403567359YLYL Keep it vidya[View]
403574442I thought Nioh had a ton of different armor. Apparently only The Warrior of the West set made it in …[View]
403571014Xecuter news: https://gbatemp.net/threads/team-xecuter-reveal-info-on-upcoming-switch-modchip.494293…[View]
403571485>boss fight has homoerotic tension what other games do this?[View]
403570405...and you call them 'games' despite the fact they're obviously movies?[View]
403572370>Ingrid fags on suicide watch[View]
403568701>overwatch is balanced[View]
403571780>new game in the franchise decide to change the gameplay >so much change that it now a differ…[View]
403566340ITT: Hardest moral choices in vidya[View]
403569789Nooooo stop buying up all the GPU's CryptoNiggers all i want is to play some video games[View]
403573563Kemono Friends x For Honor crossover: Activision buys the rights to Kemono Friends and for some reas…[View]
403563549I'm in love /v/. She is perfect.[View]
403570521>when you stand too close to the lava in Magma Man's stage, sparks fly out from Mega Man…[View]
403573863what are some games where you can order fast food and then eat it and interact with the food in firs…[View]
403573329Why aren't YOU playing Granblue Fantasy?[View]
403563491SEGA?: Sega have a big announcement tomorrow... What do you think it is?[View]
403573470SONY ALWAYS WINS[View]
403573663>Never should have come here![View]
403571573Literally why we cannot have pure and objective discussion about video games on /v[View]
403519428'Some days i just want to pinch myself anon'[View]
403573573How do I get good at Fortnite Battle Royale?[View]
403570634What are some good games about creating your business? Something more realistic than tycoon games, i…[View]
403566423>$60 on Amazon It's a fucking great game, but for the love of God, the Wii U one is $20 and …[View]
403572725It was a really warm summer day, in Anonsville. The mountain almost had no snow on it, though, and i…[View]
403571420JRPGs are dea-[View]
403570645Post games with aesthetics similar to this. This has to be my favorite art style; it's like a c…[View]
403570541no addon server? could it work would people even want it?[View]
403563910Can someone help me understand the lore of Breath of the Wild? If I recall correctly, the only time …[View]
403556437Why was it so comfy?[View]
403572759that's it?[View]
403569032IT'S HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSQdugNM-0M[View]
403571269>be Square Enix >spend millions of dollars and years of work developing an engine >put all …[View]
403571970Scenes women will never understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEBSp-fkNog[View]
403572648Who wins?[View]
403572610When are we going to get a 2018 update for this terrible, terrible list?[View]
403570816Reddit /r/gaming post of vidyagate hits 30k upvotes quickly then gets deleted. Posts on /v/ and /pol…[View]
403571712>The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you? Literally what did he actually mean by this…[View]
403561089Whats the type you go for when modelling your character in rpgs?[View]
403572587Fromsoft Games: Why are Fromsoft's survival horror games so fucking expensive compared to their…[View]
403571416What are some good modules for this NWN?[View]
403572620Greetings, mortal. Are you ready to die?[View]
403571895Dragon Quest Builders or Portal Knights? Looking to get one of them on the Switch. I haven't pl…[View]
403510180>'No, Anon, we're not getting you a new system! The one you have plays games just fine.'…[View]
403569020Someone posted this a couple of months ago. Would it be possible to do, given that HoMM3 is a PC tit…[View]
403572265You did buy her game, right anon?[View]
403563041Ryder is unironically beautiful in her own unique way and her face has actually made me consider pla…[View]
403572302I did it, /v/. [Spoiler]Too bad the B&W filter is trash[/spoiler][View]
403571397so why was this fucker in jail?? just because he is dressed like link or did he do something?[View]
403569998International Wrestling Festival 2017: After numerous delays, it's finally here! https://m.yout…[View]
403558318MORE NINTENDO ANNOUNCEMENTS THIS THURSDAY https://gonintendo.com/stories/299655-rumor-nintendo-set-t…[View]
403571993Within the logic of the dating sim, why didn't Monika have a route? She has as many animations …[View]
403571992MGS thread: http://www.strawpoll.me/14853396[View]
403571720>turn based games are bor- Wait. They are boring.[View]
403526457Does Roll-chan's new design in mega man XI make you happy?[View]
403570270Holy tits! Some random game developer hired you to make a modern TMNT game Which developer is it and…[View]
403571814Covenant home worlds sound comfy[View]
403571174What are the best melee focused games to use bow only in, I did it in soulsbournes and Skyrim and no…[View]
403562440Ninja Gaiden and Japanese Action Game thread. Played this for the first time after play Black for a …[View]
4035657252018 The year of more Microtransactions: Are you excited /v/?[View]
403571569Anyone in a mod for a Sly thread?[View]
403568589Damn, this game is great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4zyMa-aFeQ[View]
403571558ITT: Same Voice Actor: WEISS, YOU DUMBASS![View]
403571506guys xenoblade chronicles world feels soooooooooo good...[View]
403570852find a flaw: yuugi best girl of touhou reimu is shit[View]
403560413How should games handle health? What are some interesting health systems you have encountered!?[View]
403570363Was this the pinnacle of the ARPG genre?[View]
403569091Bloodborne thread: Just completed it, it was really good. Lets have a thread.[View]
403567220http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQTmcD9vVYC&feature=related&fmt=18 -Particle Effects up the a…[View]
403566714>start fantasizing about the perfect MMO and all the features it includes >become depressed be…[View]
403566902yess: My friend and I are arguing over this maybe you guys can help. If I streamsnipe and troll stre…[View]
403565732Will it be kino?[View]
403570461>Playing red dead redemption > Hot af girl >Girl offers sex to main character >'Sorry bu…[View]
403558834> The guy protagonist didn't get the girl[View]
403570520Who's gonna watch this next month?[View]
403569821Firelink Shrine: Firelink Shrine[View]
403560693NINTENDO hehehehehe[View]
403564431>game is fun[View]
403570223hey /v/ i'm download one of those pretentious art games, i've never played one before but …[View]
403568276What went so right?[View]
403569929Have you ever seen a ghost in a video game?: thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLFx30Iji…[View]
403569992this shit emulate good?[View]
403570017What went wrong?[View]
403569626>go on vacation with your family >the hotel has one of these What game do you play, anons?…[View]
403570083After much trouble, I finally build my gaming PC. Can anyone recommend good PC gaming headsets belo…[View]
403567414Games with political themes outside the usual 'bravery of bumfucking' and 'the joys of being displac…[View]
403540915SOMA: Was it really a coin toss?[View]
403569464The funko pop of videogames[View]
403569730I'm Vamer, the /v/ gamer! Whenever I need new games I just hit up some seeds. Pirates rights![View]
403552460How aboooutttt a tails gets trolled dump :)[View]
403566292What's your rarest achievement /v/?[View]
403569165>Came out in the year 2000 >Still reigns as the undisputed king of Zelda titles >No other Z…[View]
403569646Who makes the better games?[View]
403562361What are some games where you cannot stop drinking alcohol despite the eventual medical and social c…[View]
403569535You think there's someone out there playing video games right now?[View]
403565753Im going to keep this short and brief but I have a few things to say regarding Nintendo releases. Ta…[View]
403568935>start game >it's turn based[View]
403568346What are some games where I can dual wield guns other than handguns??[View]
403568989>Have you seen any Talos worshippers anon? You know you are obligated to report them if so.…[View]
403569496waluigi's poker adventure: Deep in the dark hours of the night the master mind of sleazy scheme…[View]
403562578Paper Please is finally very cheap (-80% - 2$): is it worth it? it's been in my wishlist for li…[View]
403568770Yes Man>House: Anarchy memes and shit aside, what keeps Yes Man from being a better choice than H…[View]
403566916Just bought an Xbox 360 to play Halo, never going to buy an Xbone, do I stop at Halo 3 or Halo 4?: W…[View]
403560674fromshills will defend this[View]
403560348Here's that gameboy you wanted, son[View]
403569110Hello everyone, welcome to /v/3. The Xbox team is so proud to be here today. I'd like to show o…[View]
403561990>controller not working on pirated version >have to mess with Steam files and use your persona…[View]
403569064Looking for some great couch co-op games for PS4. Pic slightly related - recently downloaded and lov…[View]
403569060What does /v/ think about yo kai watch's waifus?[View]
403554621Has there ever been someone more full of himself?[View]
403567484Vidya Kino Only[View]
403568192Rockstar is the only studio that can get away with egregious amounts of micro-transactions and still…[View]
403558123Is this the ultimate manifestation of Nintendo Jewness? 90 dollaridoos for a cheap plastic box with …[View]
403548542>Make casual game with low skill ceiling. >Promote it as a hardcore e-sports title.…[View]
403545665>Nintendo's new handheld is casually competing with mainline Sony and Microsoft consoles I h…[View]
403529737>new house of the dead announced >no thread https://gematsu.com/2018/01/house-dead-scarlet-daw…[View]
403554126Notice to anyone interested in getting into PC Gaming: Due to cryptocurrency mining causing massive …[View]
403568583is 'Five Nghts at Freddy's clone' a genre now?[View]
403566887Why do you meme and not play vidya?[View]
403564835Why did none want Kat's game?[View]
403564169UNreal Tournament?: What the fuck are they doing? This game has been in pre-fucking-alpha for like 2…[View]
403566869So.. uh.. it's been more than 4 years... uh, where are the games?[View]
403566287It's been over a decade. has there been a spiritual successor to Chromehounds? I need to scratc…[View]
403568238Will there ever be a developer that has the balls to make a game in which you can be a truly good (a…[View]
403564106Who's the coolest monkey in the jungle?[View]
403567113Hey /v/, you should totally buy this game in 25 days. It's super radical![View]
403567647/v/ needs to talk about this unironically. Computer-driven psychological weaponry is being deployed …[View]
403561454>Music by: Kevin MacLeod[View]
403555430Post your Warcraft IIII ideas for Blizzard to steal >spells/projective weapons can be blocked by …[View]
403555153>Ingridfag btfo once and for all.[View]
403567501natural selection 2 isnt dead anon, are you high?[View]
403566673What are some good online games? I'm too much of a faggot to not cheat in single player games.…[View]
403567571Hey cammie, you up for a Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines thread? Post your clan, waifu, sect and w…[View]
403566198Why do weebs love this game so much[View]
403561265Why do women like Link so much?[View]
403567452Why was Caesar's Legion so good?[View]
403566339How to make a truly open ended video game?: 'You can infiltrate the Castle 100 different ways!' In m…[View]
403567430This is the finest gamepad on earth right now.[View]
403529914Do you like your Steam games with a side of sex?[View]
403567394>tfw have PS4/PS3/PS2/PS1 >tfw have XBone/360/XBox >tfw have Switch/WiiU/Wii/Gamecube/N64/S…[View]
403567373Hey you guys want a new game? Haha no[View]
403567354Yume Nikki: ctrl+f no Yume Nikki thread. Daily Yume Nikki thread, I guess.[View]
403549018Does any non nintendo fan honestly give the slightest fuck about those two games? I feel like if the…[View]
403544681ITT: character designs that would be greatly improved with larger breasts[View]
403566979Current state of the GPU price market for any of you looking to upgrade from your gayman computer…[View]
403562230Ever notice how when you played Doom in the past it looked really good right? But now it looks all p…[View]
403563268Help Stop GDQ: >have a bunch of redditor friends who love gdq >share this tax return https://d…[View]
403567101Killing Floor 2 Thread: Why can't I connect via matchmaking and rarely through the server brows…[View]
403534054>NPCs react to your silly attire Are RPG maker games the true ludo?[View]
403561401You are buying Midna's game for the Switch, right?[View]
403533780The empire is evil.[View]
403547012Is PC gaming finally dead?: >Go to my local microcenter >Look for the latest GPUS >Pic rela…[View]
403565740Complete the following sentences: Glory to _______ The ______ have been ______ ___________ is not a …[View]
403560012Street Fighter V Thread You farm the last of your FM yet? You did download the trainer, right?[View]
403531756what was his fucking problem?[View]
403566301sanic thread[View]
403562842>Western game >3h of shooting and peeking behind corners >Final Boss wants to crash the sto…[View]
403555849>when only your animation team is competent Why can't Ubisoft get it together?…[View]
403561928PSP games: Just fixed a PSP I got for free. What are some good shits to play on it? I like weeb shi…[View]
403557519WOAH does anyone on /v/ have alpha access? It's like chivalry but without the bullshit https://…[View]
403561903ITT: Shitty games that /v/ tricked you into playing[View]
403563880Post those fighting game mains. And offer advice for them if you want.[View]
403560864Dark Souls II > Dark Souls III > Bloodborne > Demon's > Dark Souls In your heart yo…[View]
403521175>absurdly high price for hardware/extra accessories It's a home console. >awful performan…[View]
403566480Wait so does every fromsoft souls game have a creepy eastearn european girl you soothes your soul an…[View]
403558931are there any games you are excited for? i feel like there has been a massive dry spell[View]
403565012ONLY 6 MORE MONTHS UNTIL E3! Hopes? Dreams? Expectations?[View]
403566410This is no place for a horse.[View]
403564673Oh yeah that happened[View]
403564693Thanks for beta testing. I'll get my portable Switch with decent battery life later this year.[View]
403566325>this kills the Ingridfag[View]
403565535Noob slayers: Post noob slayers. Lets hunt those noobs[View]
403564328ACE COMBAT THREAD: Skies Unknown release FUCKING WHEN edition[View]
403566159kirby thread: >post yfw you are genuinely excited for the new kirby game https://www.youtube.c…[View]
403562868Are there any war/strategy games where your soldiers actually have individual identities and can be …[View]
403561034HOW THE FUCK. I THOUGHT THIS GENRE WAS ONLY A 1 month PHASE. >'We could be the biggest game in t…[View]
403561754So /v/, which shall it be?[View]
403564880It has been 2 months since the release of this shit game So far, they haven't said anything abo…[View]
403564842Fire Emblem: Is Lyn still #1 in your heart?[View]
403564326Is Top Gun on NES really that ASS?[View]
403565541Anyone know a good Hotline Miami let's play?: Or just some good miscellaneous videos about it? …[View]
403527814what was the point of this character?[View]
403565070Meanwhile in the moja/v/e wasteland...[View]
403565285JRPGS: Recommend me some good jrpgs for the pc /v/ I just bought picked related but can't reall…[View]
403565291Wizardry 7: Please tell me there's a repel item or spell, i can't stand the grind anymore.…[View]
403562952weapons in monster hunter: I know when you want to do shit like solo g-rank you need to minmax but c…[View]
403555203Next Zelda game set in open world Termina. Yay or nay?[View]
4035627232018 Games You are looking forward to: This looks pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MlbA…[View]
403561463https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSQdugNM-0M >the first thread deleted by a batshit insane janny …[View]
403559328Anyone else played Devilman on the PSX?[View]
403564497Go play Sands of Time.[View]
403562004The DOOR STUCK 10 year anniversary video is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aPU91CQYiM[View]
403564353Just picked up Dragon's Dogma for xbox360 for 3 pounds, What am I in for??[View]
403563850This is the greatest party game I've ever played[View]
403564408Mount and Blade Mods: I played a good amount back in the day with the Floris mod pack. Is there anyt…[View]
403540835Monster you hope are in World: What Monster do you hope is in World that hasn't been announced …[View]
403562239Cyberpunk 2077 discussion thread: Cyberpunk 2077 discussion thread Guys, it's been a week since…[View]
403542458Who is this character's target demographic?[View]
403561526Please post: BING BANG WAHOO[View]
403563956Got these two in a but one get one deal at a local game store. Did I do good /v/? Waiting for brute …[View]
403560602Kingdom Under Fire II: Holy shit it actually coming out.[View]
403561842So I started playing this and could use some confirmation on whether I'm doing ok for combat. N…[View]
403561982I really have no fucking clue what I am doing. Can someone please try to explain how battles work? E…[View]
403562848I logged another steam user out of my PC and logged into my steam account and it has their username …[View]
403563813PS3 Superslim with PS2 and PSone emulators OR PS3 60 GB Fatboy backwards compatible Choose one.[View]
403556217You'll lose your souls. All of them. Over and over again.[View]
403562374>play Bloodborne for the 5th time >change up my weapons and playstyle >kill every boss firs…[View]
403563535elder scrolls 6 when? thanks tod you faggot[View]
403563445My Experience with this game.: Start it on the hardest difficulty. >It was so hard I couldn…[View]
403563197Now that David Cage is officially /ourguy/, can we agree that he was right?[View]
403559408Pokemon Moon: Why does Lillie want my dick so bad bros?[View]
403561662How would the BLU team get out of this situation?[View]
403562869Mission Select: What mission are we playing today?[View]
403552664>use all your healing items during a boss fight >you're supposed to lose the fight…[View]
403559792What are some of the less cancerous worlds I can visit in vrchat? Or just interesting worlds in gene…[View]
403562660Is this still played? well populated? Is it worth jumping into if never played either game before? I…[View]
403562212Wormax.io: http://wormax.io/?party=23b11ea0-ea12-11e6-aaed-2f8a1b3dc587 It's that time again...…[View]
403562463>Grey Goo was too simple >8-bit armies was too simple >Forged Battalion will be too simple …[View]
403538414The Most Hated Hero: Pros asked what hero they'd like removed from OW: https://youtu.be/QNX9jD-…[View]
403562006Heroes?: Post and discus of protagonist that did questionable things.[View]
403546203Is she Asian?[View]
403562362Why wasn't he in?[View]
403562315https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSQdugNM-0M&feature=youtu.be This year's collab is out, enj…[View]
403562304Looking for 3ds recommendations: Does any one know of some good strategy/RTS type games on the 3ds? …[View]
403562276>can't kill the child soldiers in MGSV Give me one good reason[View]
403559591>CaC >gender is a slider[View]
403562136It's a bit of a stretch, but: Alright, so I've been replaying all the canon Metal Gears la…[View]
403561918small horse[View]
403558082Why Persona attracts people like this?: https://twitter.com/makarakaja/status/928545941489180672…[View]
403561983Please be patient, I am finalizing designs on the all toaster Persona 5 Arena cast[View]
403561836It's 2018 if you don't have a gaming pc by now. You are not a true gamer. Just a console s…[View]
403557037>Game has a durability system[View]
403561795This guy is un-fucking-believable[View]
403558658ITT: Post an image and others will recommend you a video game based on it[View]
403556540Why does this game trigger so many losers?[View]
403551069>good artist >can't get good at programming >will never get to make my game…[View]
403550692What are the best single-player FPS campaigns in your opinion? Just finished the Half Life series an…[View]
403561730Rate me: https://steamdb.info/calculator/[View]
403561125What went wrong?[View]
403558980Today is the last day to get this and the free mount that comes with it. Have you gotten this yet?[View]
403559124>TV mode: 1080p, 30 FPS >Handheld mode: 720p 30 FPS are they going to make it looks like a ps…[View]
403561520When is it a good time for video games?[View]
403560583Who won this match?[View]
403556513>Can't play games as an infant because you can't understand shit and you suck >Can…[View]
403560032Military Sims: Been playing Project Reality for some time but i think its time for an update,but wha…[View]
403561365CYBERPUNK 2077 TRAILER AND DEMO ON E3 https://www.gry-online.pl/S013.asp?ID=107410 one of the bigges…[View]
403560063Heroes Might and Magic Thread: I am trying to get some friends into HMM but i cant decide which one.…[View]
403560774What games have the best animal companions? Preferably dogs because it's the year of the dog[View]
403561368Looking to start something new. Thoughts on MapleStory?[View]
403560132Puck: Is Puck a he or a she?[View]
403539542Game cats thread[View]
403561352>watching twitch streamers is for Reddit >hey guys let's all gather around to watch xer a…[View]
403561295ITT: Games that make you feel suicidal[View]
403556339The best Bloodborne weapon, if not the best video game weapon of all time.[View]
403560885Ow my legacy oof ouch owie?[View]
403560001(You) are my prisoner[View]
403554045stop thinking about rimming the miraluka[View]
403560065someone is already playing[View]
403560915If you take everything from combat, bosses, artsyle etc into concideration then out of all the souls…[View]
403557595Tribes Ascend thread[View]
403511920I completely missed this. What are the must-watch runs?[View]
403550348Actual XB2 discussion thread: Last thread >>403516882 Previously on Compile Heart Chronicles 2…[View]
403552592Why does this country produce more quality video games than its older, richer, and more respected ne…[View]
403553874Both Bayonetta and Dante can harness the power of demons, and Bayonetta is a witch. Doesn't thi…[View]
403557259Looking to get some new headphones for vidya My current setup is a sennheiser 558 with an attached m…[View]
403558380Let's Say that Darkstalkers 4 is announced at EVO this year:: How would you feel about that?…[View]
403552123Is anyone else enjoying this game as much as I am? I've never played an AC game before and I…[View]
403557890>Crash CTR[View]
403550984Need for speed thread: Let's have a comfy NFS thread What's your favorite >game >car…[View]
403532552Jesus Christ why is Twilight Princess so fucking terrible?[View]
403554529>Best vidya song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-rj8HVW3PQ Like it or not, this is what peak pe…[View]
403559473I have 20 euros on the PS Store. What game should I buy?[View]
403559501Other characters that don't get a break.[View]
403560241What do we think of Dead Rising 4's protagonist, Hank East?[View]
403551376Factorio: I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing[View]
403560154Guys guys, would anyone like to join me or other people in a room based online rpg? Shit has been p…[View]
403559550Recently started listening to dungeon synth lately and I was wondering if anyone knew of any games w…[View]
403559957Which one[View]
403559930>game asks for your birthday >you reach the last boss >it's you >this is your theme…[View]
403559909Anyone have an old GameSpy account that I can have? They no longer exist to make a new account, but …[View]
403559894>play this for a few hours >all i've been doing is clicking on enemies till they die and …[View]
403558110>Hong Kong level >Make the Road by Walking starts playing…[View]
403559634Really GameStop.[View]
403558062Are there any fighting games where you can fly around? Preferably 2D?[View]
403551870Do you know why Skyrim and Oblivion fanboys spend hours and hours installing hundreds of mods and ma…[View]
403536520splatoon 2 million sales in japan, first time in 10 years: Holy shit nintendo has struck gold once a…[View]
403554683Why gooks literally can't make game without forcing prostitution and forced sex into them?[View]
403549063ITT: Games /v/ is too stupid for[View]
403558592Maps that only you played[View]
403551260I'm still mad.[View]
403553974What game should I play on this beautiful day?[View]
403555445What's /v/'s opinion on Darkwood?[View]
403559165how much will this game bomb? is there anyone who actually wants to play this?[View]
403556713Would you pay for this[View]
403559002Can anyone give me a quick rundown on these guys?[View]
403558360Hey, I'm thinking about getting Nier Automata, but I only have a powerful PC and I've hear…[View]
403557762Is it the best GTA?[View]
403522981PC gaming is officially on its last leg. once my current PC is too out of date, I'm going conso…[View]
403544932The man. The Legend. The undisputed #1 Smash 4 player since Day 1 is finally retiring after all thes…[View]
403558151What do you think about censorship in video games?[View]
403555101damn chie I'm going to fuck you[View]
403558425what are some other games that let me beat up elderly black women[View]
403558323>pirate game >only the best games are playable, anything else gets quickly discarded >buy d…[View]
403558228Will we ever get Soul Hackers 2?[View]
403558142>Otacon, what is that? >That's a Metal Gear, Solid! Kojima, why?…[View]
403558102What game best represents pic related?[View]
403556531is it worth 6 bux ?[View]
403548779Buyfag thread Keep it vidya[View]
403557807crossovers that will never happen[View]
403557643IT'S HERE www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSQdugNM-0M[View]
403557740Will Thrall ever be held responsible for the thousands of deaths he's caused?[View]
403555083Is Witcher the Lord of the Rings equivalent for video games?[View]
403557671>tfw no isometric Roller coaster Tycoon sequels Are there any decent 3D roller coaster/theme park…[View]
403552237What are some video games that allow me to copy the powers of others?[View]
403557508>Japanese game shoves random idolshit in your face >mfw…[View]
403557551>Anon has become Masochistic! >Plays for 2 hours this fuckin game man…[View]
403556005I'm an hour in. How long until this is not incredibly boring.[View]
403557391Elsword: Who is best girl and why is it Ain?[View]
403557323Comp is actually cancer. Worse than Dota 2.[View]
403557317Monster Hunter: World - Rotten Vale Gameplay: https://youtu.be/rhus6-5wYVc what does that remind you…[View]
403537019>Get sponsored >Win tournament money >Get free travel Why aren't you following your dr…[View]
403555318Which X is the best in your opinion ? Explain[View]
403554335>Coworkers start talking about weeb games[View]
403545324Dragon Ball FighterZ: no extension for the beta, play while you can[View]
403556159>most popular maps in csgo are the most balanced >most popular maps in tf2 are terrible…[View]
403557073pc, playstation, xbox >serious games, realistic graphics, storylines that make you sad and happy,…[View]
403541294How can Star Wars babbies even make up excuses to why their babby virgin ships can even stand up aga…[View]
403548190Name a bigger mistake made in a popular MMO than WoW adding flying mounts.[View]
403554253Nintenbro, ¿why not Sonybro buy exclusive games?[View]
403556893What are some game developers that also make media outside of games? Pic related Scott Benson's…[View]
403550171KICKSTARTER GAMES: KICKSTARTER GAMES What kickstarter games are you looking forward to? Which Kickst…[View]
403555064Meanwhile, on bizarro /v/...[View]
403556774Post yfw you're not a switchlet[View]
403554994Why can't I hold all these connections: This has cemented itself as a must buy. Pretty awesome …[View]
403555795Fire Emblem: Which Camilla is your favorite?[View]
40354887910 motherfucking years[View]
403556547SO ZETTA SLOW[View]
403517301>Based af during individual dialogue >Disapproves of every decision you make if it isn't…[View]
403556418Who was in the wrong here?[View]
403555763Can cosmetics be considered more than cosmetics(maybe even p2w) when they offer a psychological adva…[View]
403556356Does anyone have that gif?[View]
403550623OOC: fucking selection bug *clicks on gate*[View]
403518173Do we want fucking GT characters in fighterz?[View]
403555943yfw: >FIVE YEARS AGO[View]
403555937What are some things in vidya that make you go Asiago?[View]
403552538this game has the best gameplay and is the best to duel with friends due his perfect balance; prove …[View]
403553261What is the video game equivalent to this? Besides the actual game[View]
403554494Do you enjoy discussion of minge-related matters?[View]
403556024>finalboss falseflags as falseflagger[View]
403553948Hey /v/, My wife's a teacher and wants to assign this 15 year old underachieving kid a writing …[View]
403554830Soldier, Scout, or Scoundrel, /v/?[View]
403556016what are some good games with female protagonists?[View]
403552535Anyone played this? I got it yesterday after i got sick of eggdaddy's mistakes. It's super…[View]
403555971>all NPCs share the same facial features >grotesque yellowish world >world is hyped out to …[View]
403555902ITT: describe a game you remember from your youth but don't remember the name of. Others will n…[View]
403548958TFW there is literally no good cyberpunk game that isn't some shitty old potato game like Deus …[View]
403522862>he can't shoryuken[View]
403555716ITT: Games that will be considered patriciancore in 10 years: Pic related and hyper light drifter.…[View]
403553049Super Mario Bros 3 is better than World[View]
403555219Kingdom Hearts thread[View]
403552196Can anyone confirm whether or not the PS4 version of nuDOOM runs in offline mode? The Xbox version s…[View]
403555009>Nintenders are more concerned about the color of there console than the actualy gameplay and gam…[View]
403554345Drakengard 1: Did anyone here play it? Man, I did not enjoy playing Drakengard. It made me angry pl…[View]
403553737Does anyone play MSFX? Is any of the DLC worth it or where do you get more planes?[View]
403554364Glad you could make it, Uther.[View]
403553647Are these more viable now that prcies have skyrockted in pc hardware.[View]
403555221Comfy thread?[View]
403555215New Nintendo video this Thursday: Direct in February[View]
403555128Yes so you call it video game discussion despite the fact that it's obviously waifuposting[View]
403555116>Objective Updated - Survive[View]
403535662YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM[View]
403555047Does it finally make sense to you?[View]
403549428Is she a Mary Sue?[View]
403554980how do they do it, /v/? how do they keep winning?[View]
403547184What's the next step of their master plan?[View]
403554943Switch is not very portable: Every time someone brings up they don't wanna carry around a Switc…[View]
403554934What are some games where I can experience suicide first hand without actually hurting myself IRL?[View]
403554885Has there been a better time to love video games?[View]
403554429Best Final Fantasy Character?[View]
403550712>game is so bad that white people can win tournaments reminder that league doesn't have this…[View]
403552272Who wins?[View]
403544170Why haven't you bought a PS4 yet?[View]
403554802Subnautica press release will come out tommorow/today with all features except the ending[View]
403547748Post your vidya collection[View]
403550656Normie cryptonite games: Games that prove you as a vidya expert with superb knowledge and taste. Pos…[View]
403551931What's so great about this game anyway? Every 'favorite RPG' thread or PS2 thread gets dominate…[View]
403554101New footage from KH3 is out![View]
403521131What is the best tactical shooter?[View]
403553605Is this game just impossible to discuss anymore?[View]
403553453>we want Priscilla from a convenience store >say more senpai…[View]
403551897Will there be any way to play PS1 games on PS4 with the 5.50 update? Remember when Sony announced th…[View]
403554073Need TERA buddy up code.: I'm gonna need a buddy up code from someone for TERA, thanks.[View]
403553269Why do you keep bringing up how consoles are inferior? What does it gain you?[View]
403503957Astrologers proclaim week of the Heroes of Might and Magic thread. All Might and Magic is welcome to…[View]
403544906Notice a limitation[View]
403549105fishing lvl?[View]
403552710*inhales*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bABRml0mWyw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa6aBOch16M h…[View]
403552646>negative status effects persist from battle to battle >positive status effects don't…[View]
403554035>wanna pirate and play monster hunter world >it's only coming out on ps4 and xbox for now…[View]
403530336Post 10/10 vidya girl.[View]
403552750What's your favourite thing about playing video games?[View]
403553412I swear I feel like a pro when I play as him. He's so fucking overpowered.[View]
403520540>but it’s portable! Now hold on a second!... Dark Souls cannot pause. Isn’t this a TERRIBLE game …[View]
403552447What are some games where I can brag about how hardcore I am for playing it?[View]
403553552People actually want more of these type of games?? I've got enough of it after DS2, BB was the …[View]
403545084Why do people still play this game? Why do you still play it?[View]
403553669And the stranger there among them had an iron on his hip. Some iron on his hip. SOME IIIIROON, SOME …[View]
403551559*Wakes up every morning with a fat cup of piss*[View]
403548729Well, /v/?[View]
403539453this game will never be topped ;_;[View]
403553480What is the greatest twinstick shooter of all time and why is it Robotron 2064?[View]
403521542>Developers now have to tell consumers they're not going to censor games What a world we liv…[View]
403552847>Summoned to your world >Escorts you all the way through post-Pontiff area >Blindfold-wreck…[View]
403548960Thank you Shigeru Miyamoto.[View]
403544449What the fuck is his problem: Why does he think building a 300$ budget “”””gaming”””” pc is actually…[View]
403552928What was the point of this scene or the rape scene or the shower scene or the fucking character?[View]
403497807I need a good game that focuses on a single starship and moving around inside it[View]
403553098>it's a prison escape level[View]
403551556.>try not to kill everyone >kill everyone[View]
403537338Hi, i'm the worst game in the series![View]
403531562>Dark Souls 3 is bad when will this meme end?[View]
403553039Explain c0da to me[View]
403551751What are some good Co-Op games where 2 people can play on the same computer preferable on the same s…[View]
403548183It's no masterpiece[View]
403548359>voiced by yuri lowenthal[View]
403552537RELEASE.: IT. ALREADY.[View]
403552743How did Nintendo manage to save the gaming industry after everyone said they should stop making cons…[View]
403543172Forza Horizon 3 running at 4k with 4x MSAA on the X www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfCjhgIBEV8[View]
403532286>ctrl+f >no risk of rain thread possibility of precipitation thread.…[View]
403552334Remake in Switch when? https://youtu.be/LNkb5ZD-B3Y[View]
403552323these are the only nintendo handhelds worth owning.[View]
403551830Post albums that should be adapted as videogames or musicians that should make a scores for a videog…[View]
403530351Why is this allowed?[View]
403551371Post games that are a result of console baby-fication[View]
403552063This game would be much better 1v1. I tried the beta and it feels very crowded. I loved the psp game…[View]
403547723why is this allowed[View]
403523970Low poly, high texture quality: Post em[View]
403551635What do I want to play as?[View]
403551808Let's cut to the point: what games have Hitler and the Reich as the good guys?[View]
403542612Is this the most beautiful game out there?[View]
403551639What's /v/'s opinion on Echo?[View]
403549646Rank these three games.[View]
403551541Sometimes, I dream about cheese[View]
403547659What do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeYARbPHcvk[View]
403551463Just bought this. Thank you based Nintendo for turning me into a Chad. Time to git gud at exercise.[View]
403551149>don't play interactive movies >Only play games that interest me Modern games are better …[View]
403548968Well /v/, the election is right around the corner. Can I, Masayoshi Shido, count on your support?[View]
403532638You could be playing XCOM 2 right now[View]
403538680Thief thread[View]
403550084SEGA just leaked Daytona USA 3 PC to the public for free You ARE playing ROLLING STAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR…[View]
403485097>fan games that are just holistic improvements over their source material Why is Shanghai such a…[View]
403551158I LIKE THAT JUMP[View]
403551106More like annoying traffic simulator amiright boys[View]
4035230873x3 Thread: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
403549254Moved into a new place, looking to pick up a good game for the PS4 for split-screening when I have f…[View]
403484625Monster Hunter World: What weapon are you going to main and why? I'm thinking longsword so I ca…[View]
403548059>there will never be a game as perfect as Witcher[View]
403550646ITT kino antagonists[View]
403549132Thoughts on QLOC?: What are your thoughts on this BASED Polish studio remastering Dark Souls 1?…[View]
403549078Why do we hate Ubisoft again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9ICAicSeq8[View]
403549580>Game has a mandatory tutorial.[View]
403550289Anon-chan you look tired, how about you take a break and we play video games together?[View]
403543863>for the entire 2000s decade, Donkey Kong games are all shitty spin-offs that use gimmicky periph…[View]
403550372Post times vidya unexpectedly got funky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPmFYBY6eF0[View]
403549731ITT: Things that happen in MMOs that make you mad >DPS runs ahead and pulls mobs…[View]
403550280LITTLE THINGS IN VIDYA THAT MAKES YOU FEEL: >orchestral version of the main theme…[View]
403548247Who's buying Teat Fighter 2?[View]
403525398Fate Grand Order: Hey kid, can I interest you in playing a FREE game featuring your favorite histori…[View]
403550214Visuals in Games: Debate this you fuckers[View]
403547654I have a feeling this will be disappointing[View]
403534421Resident Evil: What does /v/ think of the second generation of Resident Evil women? And what about t…[View]
403550160Whats the best build to play here?[View]
403543434Do it faggot.[View]
403544758Satisfying endings: Post 'em.[View]
403550052Villains that dindu nuffin: ITT we post Villains that were in the right i'll start[View]
403546319Go buy SNK's games[View]
403548631Can we have an ARMS thread?: post best fighter best stage best arm[View]
403549259Imgur.com/a/rhFuj We're coming up on day 3 of vidyagate and still none of the dystopian concept…[View]
403543901/parag/: If any of you bushbros are still lurking, here's an update: https://streamable.com/wt2…[View]
403545548ITT: Missed potential >tfw no smash bros-style classic FPS crossover arena shooter with Ranger, C…[View]
403544892This is a fighting game character. Notice anything?[View]
403549762With L.A. Noire VR, we know that Rockstar/2K are at least interested in experimenting with VR. Do yo…[View]
403547759Anyone know where this scream that Just A Pancake uses is from? It plays at 0:22-0:23 when Reyn gets…[View]
403543078Should I play this? The only things I've ever known about Mass Effect are that Andromeda is shi…[View]
403548806In this thread we post the most feeling giving video game tracks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju…[View]
403549598Waifu gatcha shit: Nice meta you have there...[View]
403549126Here's your controller bro[View]
403516995Do you guys think old video games were better then nowaday games?[View]
403525690Since anime does that on a daily basis now, why hasn't japanese vidya introduced any trap chara…[View]
403549314FUCK THIS SHITTY DLC All the Special Rank fights (except 9S's) are designed for a bullshit minm…[View]
403547958>he isn't playing the first blockchain based roguelike it's like you hate fun and money…[View]
403548741>have to farm for bloodstone chunks if you want to upgrade more than 1 weapon >have to farm fo…[View]
403536707>'mobile gaming is the future' >10 years later not a single good mobile game has been released…[View]
403548707what are some other games that let me beat up elderly black women[View]
403548982FEH: >the city of Sharenafags[View]
403548380Aside from RE4 and Dead Rising 1, what are some other great games that deal with the undead?[View]
403543417Dark Souls Remaster: https://www.vg247.com/2018/01/15/dark-souls-remastered-pc-ps4-and-xbox-one-port…[View]
403546813EYE Divine Cybermancy No Waves Edition: Let's get those Divine Cybermancy images rolling guys. …[View]
403516882>tiny AA studio that consists of several malnourished japs who get paid in instant ramen managed …[View]
403548619is is is is is is is is is it?[View]
403547767>your opponent rape the taunt button What's the right answer to this?…[View]
403543923Post your favorite video game tunes, /v/! Chill town music, exciting boss music, whatever! If you li…[View]
403538428>play JRPG >the church ISN'T evil >god ISN'T the final boss >your best friend …[View]
403541459>no chao garden system in over a decade >not even just a chao garden game Does the Sonic Team …[View]
403548160Dragon Ball FighterZ[View]
403548312Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that DmC was, in fact, the evolution the series need…[View]
403548305>new character to the series has the best theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YACgW-AxiCw…[View]
403548194Hello /v/. I need help. I've been playing ultimate spider-man (gamecube) with dolphin. but when…[View]
403541907ITT: Things in video games that turn you on I love psychical representations of save systems in game…[View]
403546196play fighting games[View]
403541782NERF HIM NOW![View]
403542831just got this, what am i in for?[View]
403548041>be SJW >get complaints from former employees for being a sexist, homophobic, and toxic workpl…[View]
403547145>game puzzles require knowledge in math, literature, physics and world history…[View]
403547515Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Rotation soon. Who do you plan on trying? Who are you gonna miss?[View]
403539749ITT: Emotional moments in vidya: Post vidya stuff that made you cry like a soyboy The most striking …[View]
403547978Your polished, great sound and art direction, deep mechanics, mature (not in the sense of violence a…[View]
403547972Indie games are shit: >Disables the ability to pause to make a 'hurr durr hardcore game' >'BUT…[View]
403539302CYBERPUNK 2077 TRAILER AND DEMO ON E3 https://www.gry-online.pl/S013.asp?ID=107410 one of the bigges…[View]
403544176ITT: we post the BEST opening sequences in vidya[View]
403546158WE ARE[View]
403547893I seriously can't wait for this series to come back to a home console. Plus, there'll be n…[View]
403544014Will we get a sequel to Odyssey?[View]
403522417WEBMs and GIFs[View]
403519081Considering that the core mechanics were barely changed for TPP, and that Camp Omega is one of the c…[View]
403544315>you're on /v/ right now when you could be playing video games what's your excuse?…[View]
403545595Ascertain a blemish[View]
403547126How does Mario breath in space?[View]
403545153>she's far from perfect >she's not mechanically complex >she doesn't have th…[View]
403536129Nintendo Switch Piracy: Let's have a fun discussion! Switch was released less than a year ago, …[View]
403540370Animal Crossing Switch: What changes or improvements would you like to see in the Switch version of …[View]
403545773>triggers /v/[View]
403543113Which games are the most fun while drunk? Need to distract myself[View]
403541073>Boss has no weaknesses[View]
403547381>videogame story >mc's a boy >his best friend's a girl can they make it any more …[View]
403539846This is something no one would have thought possible 5 years ago. How can you lie to yourself and sa…[View]
403547289Toxic: Where the hell did this term come from? I keep seeing it pop up everywhere: code of conduct i…[View]
403535068Okami HD would be PERFECT for the switch[View]
403544950ITT: Special moments in vidya[View]
403545825>Not recommended >2,396 hours on record[View]
403547021What are some games where I can create my waifu to be my partner/follower. Bonus points if it has ex…[View]
403546989what are some games where I can use any household object to legally defend myself?[View]
403510063Has cryptocurrency killed PC gaming? >1070s are $900 on amazon I have to ask myself, is it worth …[View]
403546868post what you're playing right now. post /comfy/ games. recommend /comfy/ games to other anons.…[View]
403545837All these people bitching about dark souls in switch and the idea of a pause when XC2 already utiliz…[View]
403528232>XxSasukeFanxX has invaded your world Who is ready for Dark souls Remaster?…[View]
403545330This is on sale on ths PSN right now, should I get it? Is it going to wreck me with feels as much as…[View]
403546057I've been away from /v/ for a while, has Persona 5 hit PC yet?[View]
403544780how do we reboot Quake? ala DOOM: Personally I think that Quake would make a perfect co-op shooter a…[View]
403546498Quantic Dream Damage control: Looks like Sony is ramping up damage control on behalf of Quantic Drea…[View]
403541551Lol, us GAMERS, huh? Sent from my iPhone[View]
403541356>fighting boss >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaIo82uT0qs starts playing post yfw…[View]
403546315Whats the most amount of money youve spent on a single video game, /v/?[View]
403544543>1992 >playing Dragon Quest III for the NES in the morning before school starts (I'm in k…[View]
403542389If you don't use a video game ringtone then how are you meant to find wild gamers in public?[View]
403543179Smash bros for switch: Hello! I’m constantly getting information about smash for switch. I’m going t…[View]
403532164Anyone else kinda nostalgic for the 2007-2013 era of vidya games?[View]
403543086Do you think Konami will ever make a MGS6 or a MGS reboot?[View]
403531271I'm thinking of a specific trilogy[View]
403538703Should Nintendo make Anime again?: What Nintendo franchise would you like to see animated ? I think …[View]
403544575How we do it in my family. What does your family, friends, gf/bf/wife/husband/pet play, /v/?[View]
403545924>game allows you to cross dress why don't more games do this?[View]
403534072Meme's aside, he's right.[View]
403535341>tfw have to be Moira because usually the DPS sucks AND we need a healer >tfw have to be Mercy…[View]
403543953Is this game really as good as Souls? I played the beta and watched a lot of gameplay, but there’s j…[View]
403537629What saga is it?[View]
403498860Crazy GPU prices?: What the fuck is going on with GPU prices? https://www.amazon.com/Sapphire-Radeon…[View]
403544490Star Wars Battlefront 2 Thread: Server name is battle/v/ront Password is the usual Get in fags…[View]
403544919She killed octillions...[View]
403511982DOWN YOU GO[View]
403544610>enemy kills you during loading screen[View]
403545259Top cheeky breeeky mods on crack ITT in this tred https://youtu.be/ioeXzKuynqk?t=93[View]
403545253We're coming up on day 3 of vidyagate and still none of the dystopian concepts within the scree…[View]
403545223Dragon Ball Fighterz DBFZ: Open Beta has been '''Updated''' Anyone able to get matches?[View]
403544275What game does PVE right?[View]
403544002>tfw you would never join a neighborhood-wide game involving LARPing a Dungeon and Dragon setting…[View]
403542615Who was in the wrong here?[View]
403542952name a comfier vidya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By1b2GLzDUA[View]
403544518https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfCjhgIBEV8 >XboneX 30FPS GLORIOUS PC GAMING MASTER RACE WINS AGA…[View]
403539340What could it be?[View]
403539474What does /v/ think of Kingdom Hearts?[View]
403544437Only 16 days til the Nintendo direct denialfags get blown out of existance![View]
403544181Predict Game of the Year's Metacritic score[View]
403521429Updated my journal[View]
403544334Does anyone know if Silent Hill 2 inner fears will work on my xbox 360?[View]
403541613What are some games where the final boss battle is inside your mind?[View]
403539860What is your favorite boss quote from this game? >Breathe in. Focus. Let's put an end to thi…[View]
403543146>the antagonist is a marriage option[View]
403543718What is the North Pole of video games? South Polefags need not apply[View]
403542680Is it weird to find horror games comfy? Like I'm playing RE7 now and this game is so god damn c…[View]
403542476tfw no Alice gf to cuddle[View]
403510624Final Fantasy Dissidia NT: FFDNT[View]
403543569>Goblins are a separate faction retarded[View]
403541104Hitbox: Is it a meme, or is it actually the objectively superior way to play fighters? Any negatives…[View]
403543430God Hand: Have you done your part today to help ensure a future for God Hand? Help out today, for an…[View]
403532632Dragon Ball FighterZ: https://twitter.com/BandaiNamcoUK/status/952903202474811393 Open beta -NOT- ex…[View]
403543082What is the comfiest game ever? Pic unrelated.[View]
403541141FF7 had a great overall aesthetic[View]
403543081adventure quest Thread Post build[View]
403542062>Haven't played Kotor since 2004 >Read about the Restoration mod >apparently it's…[View]
403543032>AAA developers spend billions of dollars making state of the art graphics literally spending mor…[View]
403543020ITT: Seals of quality.[View]
403539516When playing an RPG do you rush to the end and then enjoy all the other content or do you take your …[View]
403542926>reach level 5 (out of 70) >immortal veteran achievement…[View]
403538960What is wrong with Diablo-likes? So far I played Diablo 3 (no expansion) and Torchlight 2, both were…[View]
403528903Switch emulator announced: By the Citra (3DS) devs https://twitter.com/yuzuemu/status/95246167136847…[View]
403542824ITT:Hella comfy games[View]
403542560>Game comes out >Don't want to play it immediately >It eventually gets pretty cheap …[View]
403540976LocoRoco 3 when?[View]
403540270wtf why did no-one tell me this game was kino?? my bf finally got me to play it after 2 years of ask…[View]
403539058Throwback to the time Hideo kojima lost it and went and autographed random things: >He finally sn…[View]
403542514Quantic Dream is sexist racist homophobe etc: yet another videogame company falls victim to feminism…[View]
403536492Only true gamers will understand this reference.[View]
403542085>Load up final save of a JRPG I beat ages ago >Get depressed that the story is over and all I …[View]
403540345>Pop in MGSV for the first time in 2 years >Get a cutscene of DD jumping on me and Ocelot sayi…[View]
403540018What's the best game to play together with /v/?[View]
403542282i told you to buy skyrim for the switch...you fools dared to doubt me[View]
403540914Journo who reported on Quantic Dream blacklisted by Sony: https://twitter.com/Willvs/status/95290671…[View]
403528152>this triggers the Vermentide and For Honour betamales[View]
403538626>Metal Gear Solid >Metal Gear Raiden >Metal Gear Naked >Metal Gear Old >Metal Gear Ve…[View]
403542157>some 90's games is the only JRPG worth a fuck on the switch Yikes…[View]
403540748Monster Hunter: Zero Dawn: Who here picking up Horizon after a year so you can play as Aloy in Monst…[View]
403540979What are some games where I can play a character that is like Doomfist, but where I don't have …[View]
403539830*kills you at 60%*[View]
403542072Star Wars Vidya: Is this game worth it yet? Did they fix it or is it a lost cause? I can get it for …[View]
403540210The Arbiter: He killed Billions...[View]
403536917Was there a single game that made this worth it?[View]
403540929NAME AND RANK, SOLDIER![View]
403536829Post overpowered weapons[View]
403541806Let's have a thread to talk and discuss what-if scenarios or spin-offs that happened to a franc…[View]
403540275>Go to gamestop >Trade in 2 shitty games >get GoW3 preorder paid in full >bro behind cou…[View]
403515307is it time to..let it go?[View]
403488140Holy Hell, HAL: https://twitter.com/Kirby25thJP/status/952737964160827393/video/1[View]
403540416Purchased a switch: Any recommendations on the first game I should buy? I'm torn between Super …[View]
403539721If your favorite pokemon is on this image you are a numale[View]
403537604Why the hell don't we have a videogame adaption of Princess Mononoke?[View]
403541540>spam 'THIS WAY' >teammates still run the wrong direction Being stuck in C class is suffering…[View]
403537743Will we ever get any official artwork as sexy as this?[View]
403531787I genuinely think GTA 4 is better than GTA 5, anybody else?[View]
403538592>'99% of games these days are trash' >only plays AAA garbage and flavor of the month indieshit…[View]
403540651>instead of using the movie design they made generic steroid Orcs art design in this game is shit…[View]
403528218Games that murdered other games: Pic related murdered Dead island. Better movement, night time and g…[View]
403534859Games with good character creation?[View]
403539563Super Mario 3 sucks a fucking cock: This game is shit, plain and simple. Oh, let's all get the …[View]
403541091For someone who plays SF4 mostly casually, is SF5 worth buying nowdays?[View]
403540582can someone help me identify this costume? looks like it belongs to a character from some obscure JR…[View]
403539318FF15: How does one even fight in this game? I can only win by overdosing on potions.[View]
403518419ITT: Franchises ruined by EA[View]
403510986Story >Character development 1 > X > 2 >Plot 1 > 2 > X >Side quests X > 2 …[View]
403540643You play vidya with your family, right /v/?[View]
403535496I'm conflicted, /v/. Why can't someone state their opinion on here without being name-call…[View]
403537739So some fag left his switch that he just brought on the bus and have no way to return it to him. Wha…[View]
403540580>tfw playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. >after a long raid see a campfire with fellow stalkers >spend h…[View]
403540564>'Sweetie, I got you that Nintendo Dark Souls game you wanted!'[View]
403538113>press light attack rapidly >7 hit combo and can finish with level 1 super Man they weren…[View]
403540418Will Konami do anything with MGS series at all after Survive besides pachinko shit? I hope they…[View]
403537531ITT: Innocent villain.[View]
403523558Well /v/?[View]
403540063post your favorite vidya characters[View]
403533907You can only pick one[View]
403538814Stardew Valley: Stardew content update + multiplayer soon to be released from the looks at least. Mu…[View]
403537938Divine Cybermancy Thread: >'I'll hotwire your robo-cock for 200 Brozouf m'lord...'…[View]
403536732Are the White knight chronicles games really as bad as the reviews say they are? I wanna play it or…[View]
403539880Is it too late to get into Warframe? Is the game fast-paced? Is the game fun?[View]
403538198Killing floor 2: Does the boost shots really help my teammates? I always use the speed,damaged, and …[View]
403519720>FTL >Good game design Pick one[View]
403539797are there any zombie games where you use magic instead of weapons?[View]
403532315Fill it with video games /v/[View]
403539820I plan on getting DS1:Remastered on Switch beccause I already own Prepare to Die with DSfix on PC. W…[View]
403539656Would people complain less about the shrines if they were just environmental puzzles? Basically just…[View]
403539541>over 300 hrs on record >negative review…[View]
403529727>tfw the Switch's biggest holdup is awful, terrible software Just fucking update it already…[View]
403519504PC Gaming: Refute this.[View]
403533237キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!: nintendo direct!!!!!!!![View]
403536987What are your thoughts on The Simpsons: Tapped Out?[View]
403538012Since we're getting a new mainline Pokemon game coming sometime in the next few years, what app…[View]
403538321ITT: Mandatory VR games[View]
403534194Any good RPGs where I can play a monk?[View]
403537352Modern games are better than games of the N64 era that had the same modern concepts but weren't…[View]
403530234Thoughts on the black sheep of Tales?[View]
403529885What are you playing Switch bros? I just finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 after 100 hours, really go…[View]
403537835So what is it exactly that makes a good username? pic unrelated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr4…[View]
403531197How do I git gud?[View]
403535951>can't play Metal gear Solid 4 on PS4 >It's not on Playstation Now either\ >PS3 s…[View]
403537392Skyrim is the BOTW of 2011. BOTW is the Skyrim of 2017.[View]
403538128how's it doing?[View]
403537345>Not choosing Boomer always[View]
403538316Warband - How do I stop Lords from knocking themselves out?: How the fuck do I rescue a lord? There…[View]
403536615Say hi to the King of Fan Games. He’s been in development for 20 years now![View]
403536397Does anyone else think Civ 4 is the best Civilization game?[View]
403536254Which game does the Lovecraftian feel better? BB has far more lore to it but which game does Lovecra…[View]
403538061Come forth, /v/! I shall teach you a thing or two about battle[View]
403534664Where the fuck is the next Armored Core game?[View]
403519572Post (ONE) game music that is actually okay to listen in public.[View]
403488173What models for VRChat would you like to see in the game?: It could be for serious or for silly reas…[View]
403534854Red Pill me on this. I'm in the mood for an adventure game, I don't mind FMV/Dragon's…[View]
403523649>youtube game analysis Why does this exist?[View]
403535389Why japanese video game characters are much stronger than american video game characters but in comi…[View]
403522864What was going through your head when met Purah?[View]
403532368How long until knuckles own game? Seems like it should of happened by now.[View]
403524213Unearth an aberration[View]
403537390It's another 'What do I name my character?' Thread: Dark Souls II edition[View]
403536476Silent Hill Book of Memories: What the fuck went wrong?[View]
403528239You'll buy her game again, won't you /v/? And you'll choose her over the other two sl…[View]
403535551>tfw GameCube controllers are fully compatible with the Switch >tfw there's no button map…[View]
403537071Reminder that this will probably be in the remake[View]
403529090it's my first time playing this. what should i expect?[View]
403535318the main character of the last game you played has been swapped with yuugi[View]
403536747what are dungeon crawlinger[View]
403530908What are some good games with a calendar system (like in Persona)?[View]
403534282Same FPS...[View]
403521216Do you think there's a correlation between liking vidya and being bad with women?[View]
403520497Post highly aesthetic enemy designs.[View]
403536828Is there any game you always come back to no matter how many hours you've already put into it? …[View]
403531398Is getting a PS4 Pro worth it if I only plan to play in 1080p? I have an original PS4 which I would …[View]
403535375What did you think of the series?: >Really liked the first game, not Silent Hill 2 scary but cree…[View]
403528702when ?[View]
403536418Soulcalibur VI: Is there any hope for it?[View]
403536401Why modern video games always add an unnecessary filters a lot?[View]
403534195Voidman is kinda sexy tbqh[View]
403536308filename thread[View]
403528172How come you arent playing Daytona 3?[View]
403536113Can we have a DR thread? Also why does DR2 have such high highs but dreadfully low lows? It could ea…[View]
403536013post obscure nintendo girls[View]
403535920Gears Of War 3: So, I've been playing games since I was a kid. Arcades, then Nintendo, and PS. …[View]
403536074>so this is the power of the switch[View]
403524610Would you?[View]
403535538>183 days until E3[View]
403535925Temen-Ni-Gru: Find a Floor[View]
403534907Why there are no more edgy games?[View]
403535112ITT: /v/ Memes you fell for: PC Gaming[View]
403534908Why are they STILL putting fishing minigames in games? 20 fucking 18[View]
403531902>reach the first town >6 hours of conversations and slowly running back and forth with no comb…[View]
403530738>ITT we post repetitive combat music that plays throughout a game that is actually great I'l…[View]
403535051Why are you laughing at Lawbreakers and not this piece of shit?[View]
403525071ITT: games only (you) played[View]
403535056No no no, that's not the way it happened. Shall I start again?[View]
403534915>Steam library with 300-400 unplayed games >He still demands more on begging / Christmas gifti…[View]
403535013any games that are not skyrim where you can be a werewolf¨?[View]
403534974Hey Hanzo mains[View]
403534884Steam Issue: All games will not launch. I have: Validated integrity of files uninstalled and reinsta…[View]
403530050Games for [spoiler]a girl[/spoiler]: Any game where I can dress up a cute character, marry other peo…[View]
403533853I miss the old CS 1.6 comfy days so much, playing all the afternoon while it rains outside with my h…[View]
4035332489 days until the big YN reveal! What do you think it'll be? What are your hopes/fears?[View]
403533401Did nothing wrong general.[View]
403530104Where were you when Xenoblade 2 single-handedly saved the entire franchise?[View]
403531095Reize wasn't that bad.[View]
403532532Reminder that the Dead Rising series is dead: As of yet, no formal announcement of a sequel has been…[View]
403534137I call bullshit. They were at like $1 million when I looked Saturday morning.[View]
403533815>vr is too exspensive, its just a meme >got pick related for 200$ >has better specs than t…[View]
403534438Let's have a Slay the Spire thread! How are you liking the game anon?[View]
403533543Got any tips for Postal difficulty, /v/?[View]
403517180Can someone tell me why Twitch is a thing?: It's retards as fuck[View]
403531640Why does Capital Wasteland have access to Jet if it was supposedly an unique drug invented by Myron …[View]
403513187YOU HAVE NO MANA[View]
403512163Did you like Gen 3's Pokémon, /v/?[View]
403530848Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't.[View]
403534048>*Slides into your DM's* >Offers you 1.3mil contract for staring in his game >heh.. no…[View]
403532379I'm not getting a pulse doctor![View]
403482160Open worlds are bor-[View]
403534051>when you jump off a cliff to find out if fall damage exists and it does That's an uninstall…[View]
403525938What went wrong?[View]
403533143I have a 1999 edition disc of Age of empires 2. How do I get this shit to work on windows 10? Also …[View]
403534009ITT shitty gimmick games: Neverdead and Fracture come to mind[View]
403533468Is he, dare I say it, our guy?[View]
403533956>tfw you start getting nostalgic for the shitty art gamestop used to use on their used game cases…[View]
403533869What do you think about single player content in GTA V? Is the game worth getting or should I just m…[View]
403532391>Do 1 millón quest to reach the “5000” fans >the final concert is in some no name street with…[View]
403533235Is it just me or does gaming hardware kind of suck right now? PS4 performance ain't great for 1…[View]
403533641Is Squibbons a trap? Hope not, cause I think I might be in love[View]
403503351>pick female character >friends call me 'gay' >ask them why they think it's gay >'l…[View]
403532006How come the Chinese can't even make a single good videogame when they have 1.6 billion people?…[View]
403533532*blocks your path* heh, nothin personal kid[View]
403533482> only letters and numbers > 2-12 only[View]
403533358any other upcoming must have gamer accessories and peripherals like the Vortex?[View]
403532495>tfw mom found my Switch and threw it away[View]
403528792What's it like?[View]
403533324>game forces you to drink cow's milk to recover HP[View]
403533294Metal gear rising is Jewish propaganda >Display obedience >While never stepping out of line …[View]
403530154So, Looks like I own a video game company! Let's hear some video game ideas ladies, when I say …[View]
403531917Are you niggers ready?[View]
403532976>Dying to a wake up Shoryuken Who hype for AE?[View]
403527179>Enter match >Get hit once >Put the controller down and watch my character get raped GREAT …[View]
403533043more like “PANTY-RAID MODE” amarite fellas?? Holy shit Moira is cute, and raid mode is addictive as …[View]
403533014Anyone ever use these Prif PS3 controllers? In the market for a third party controller and these loo…[View]
403519065MMORPGs are the only genre of games I've ever truly loved and it makes me sad that the golden e…[View]
403522965>Game has shields >Enemy hits your shield with a weapon >Blocking only reduces the health y…[View]
403531929What are some games where I can build a production chain? Like start with a farm and sell wheat, the…[View]
403521356Is MGRR legitimately one of the best games ever made? Seriously, I can't think of any obvious f…[View]
403532634Who was in the wrong here?[View]
403528810Are we still entertaining the idea that there could be a direct in January?[View]
403521179Dragon Ball FighterZ: Everyone is going to have a pocket Goku and Krillin[View]
403533429Which is the best platformer of all time?[View]
403531859>ian is allowed to shill his games here with no repercussions >cant manage a company or game …[View]
403528150Dragons Dogma: Would anyone be willing to hire my pawn? in desperate of need RC for BBI lvl 3 gear.…[View]
403524423Kingdom Hearts: I've played the PSP title when it was released and I remember really enjoying i…[View]
403531559That's it, Nintendo has won.[View]
403532014OwO what's this?[View]
403527974You didn't buy these Beta Tests...did you?[View]
403532363Is Splatoon 2 casual enough for a 8 year old to play? Trying to get it for my sis.[View]
403522487Post underrated games. It did hero units way better than Warcraft 3 and Undead actually felt like fu…[View]
403530825Is there any game that lets you play as an inanimate object?[View]
403532118Is it truly one of best modern jrpg and underrated gem because of limitations of DS?[View]
403528569This is for the players!™: Get /hype/, bros![View]
403529067If your life was an RPG, what's the name of the quest are you on?[View]
403530326I'll let you go if you can tell me which game first. The joystick or the controller.[View]
403479897Crash Bandicoot thread pic related is best game.[View]
403531750What went wrong?[View]
403530870>tfw we will never get a good fallout game ever again >all that we can hope for is casualized …[View]
403481278>hey, I got the blue dye[View]
403526517ITT: Franchises that responsible adults shouldn't play, if they want to be taken as such. I…[View]
403523816Possibly a Nintendo direct on January 22nd? https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/7pl88y/…[View]
403530102What did he mean by this. Is this how he finds voice actors for his games?[View]
403526450Post sad things happening to video games right now[View]
403530902Humble Bundle Winter Sale hidden gems. Post your carts, or whatever you found worth buying. Picked B…[View]
403521220VA-11 HALL-A: This game is so fucking comfy and fun.[View]
403523657Ive played TLoZ, LttP, OoT, MM, Minish Cap, Wind Waker and BotW. Which one do I play first, Skyward …[View]
403524340Imagine if Mario possessed a taxi to drive into a crowd in New Donk City.[View]
403530479Why are there so few African video games?[View]
403530203Why tho?: His beliefs are to take Azeroth from the humans enemy of the orcs. Wants to bring honor to…[View]
403530625And the stranger there among them had an iron on his hip. Some iron on his hip.[View]
403530590For a game that lacked any major story, or characterization, this game was pretty fun.[View]
403525950ITT: Games with Castles: Haunted or not, castles are always cool. I'll take medieval castles li…[View]
403529924>Gmod or SFM screenshots thread: At least it's not Minecraft edition…[View]
403530134Gangsta? More like busta am I right?[View]
403530323What vidya has the best theology?[View]
403529663What the fuck was his problem?[View]
403529234Thoughts? Every time I start a game of Stellaris I say 'man, this is literally my favorite strategy …[View]
403511894Casual filter.[View]
403529023>6 years ago[View]
403530140You shove them joy-cons up your ass nigga? You put Zelda on the PS4 and link be riding dirt bikes wi…[View]
403528989What game in your opinion has the best story? I like when games have a good story, but I don't…[View]
403530062>he doesn't own a gaming toilet >he doesn't maximize poop efficiency so he can get b…[View]
403527756Base Building Games?: Looking for good base building games - with lots to do, customization, and bon…[View]
403521807the best wallpapers ever made, and nothing but[View]
403493187How would you have tried to get in her pants?[View]
403525483What's /v/'s opinion of collectibles? Obviously excluding games where collecting things is…[View]
403519234I've never played a Civ game before, but always kind of fancied it. When it comes to grand str…[View]
403529108I got max last night in RS3. Ask me anything.[View]
403502016Objectively, what was Peach's best outfit?[View]
403523404What does /v/ think about sexually explicit games, not just gay ones, being available on Steam? Is i…[View]
403512936Is Sony getting cocky again? The last big AAA game came out in February 2017 and 2018 looks like ano…[View]
403520126Bloodborne facts: the first 2 hours of the game are the best (up until you kill bloodthristy beast) …[View]
403529626Tiny Metal: Did this game satisfy your Advance Wars itch?[View]
403529589>yfw you get cucked after all[View]
403529521Shadow Yukiko really is the Mecha Drago of this game.[View]
403528159What is the best jrpg on steam? Something with party mechanics and good characters?[View]
403512054What the fuck was her problem?[View]
403529295Why even bother?[View]
403527078Explain why I should switch to PC gaming[View]
403529223>yfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGxLLoOod5g[View]
403529149Have you ever hated yourself for not being able to solve a puzzle in a video game?[View]
403528153What the fuck went wrong?[View]
403528912Are you going to buy Detroit: Become Human after the Quantic Dream problems or are you going to trus…[View]
403525828What's a game that is easy and will keep my attention for 12 hours while I try to correct my sl…[View]
403528108Thank you for being a friend[View]
403522821It still hurts[View]
403528809wtf happened to gpu's and bitcoin??: WTF IS GOING ON[View]
403518115>Western studios can't render nice looking wome-[View]
403526558While I like BotW, does anyone else think it was boring how you could almost always see Hyrule Castl…[View]
403519028What the fuck moments in gaming. Post yours.[View]
403517032>Speedrunner messes up a specific thing >Loads a backup save…[View]
403524269Dark Souls Remastered to have difficulty settings: You can apparently now change the difficulty in D…[View]
403524532Which one we playin?[View]
4035164914.2 soon. Are you hyped for the new patch for the best xiv expansion?[View]
403524510>we beat Whitney's Miltank >we saved the animals on Zebes >we discovered all 900 Korok…[View]
403527289How the fuck these nerdy ass games get on my bed? Where madden bruh?[View]
403527567Can they ever be stopped?[View]
403527976I always pick up and read all of the diary/journal entries in RE games. Do you?[View]
403517842What happened?[View]
403526221Are puzzle games outdated? What would make you buy a puzzle game?[View]
403524640AAAAAAAA! Thats a Monster hunter's war face! Now lemme see YOUR war face![View]
403525409>Games comes out >/v/ talks about it like it's the 2nd coming of Christ that saved vidya …[View]
403522747KOTOR: Is it playable on Xbox? Just curious for actual opinions and not just play on PC. Also same g…[View]
403516358Are male Mi'qote the most alpha species in FFXIV?: >Strong male Mi'qote form tribes whe…[View]
403523179Samus Thread: What do you think about Samus?[View]
403525919>Tactical shooter >No one on your team use any tactics whatsoever…[View]
403518776Do you think Nintendo will still make 2D Zeldas?[View]
403527305where were you when SFV was saved?[View]
403507026Shinobi strikes: Are you ready for Naruto xenoverse?[View]
403513608JRPGs: Why did JRPGs get labelled RPGs in the first place? They are clearly strategy games with expl…[View]
403522716Videogame addiction is now a mental disorder: So recently from what I've heard, the World Healt…[View]
403510990>reflect attack back at opponent >[Achievement Unlocked: Return to Sender]…[View]
403522269Does /v/ or /vg/ have any .png guide for WRPGs/CRPGs, as in a guide for deciding which ones to play,…[View]
403523959Would you play a Dark Souls 4 without FromSoftware, possibly by a western developer?[View]
403527184I want to replay Dark Souls 3 on PS4 (Pro). I just bought the DLC and want to try something other th…[View]
403525505Is this game good yet? Did they give the chinks the boot?[View]
403519898How is THIS acceptable?[View]
403521564Fortnite is better. Period. And their pve mode is nice af as well. I bet you cant say one bad thing…[View]
403526214Tfw >drum breakdown >electric guitar riff At the beginning of a battle…[View]
403525530>game has an in-universe explanation for respawns and/or saves[View]
403526872Hey /v/ i was playing the new oneone1 game and got this error. dont know what to do. please help[View]
403525728Top 5 List of best selling exclusive video games PS4vs3DS PS4 Uncharted 4 9,40M The Last of Us 5,97M…[View]
403519072This is going to be a REMASTER not a REMAKE. Youre NOT getting improved textures or bug fixes or any…[View]
403526685>that guy who mained UD[View]
403526210I miss the times where male characters were straight and female characters didn't have Tumblr h…[View]
403504426adventure quest Thread Post build[View]
403503738why does /v/ hate final fantasy 8 so much?[View]
403522460Best fapbait MMORPG right now?: I just want to play a game where I can grind for gear and costumes, …[View]
403522807Xenoblade 2 Rehab: I've played over 120 hours of this game and I'm still on Chapter 6. I s…[View]
403518346What features do you want to see in the Switch™ pokemon game? I personally just want more customizat…[View]
403521640Which girl took your virginity? I had a threesome with those two hotties but Tifa took it first[View]
403526083what will you do with your videogame collection and videogame merchandise when you get older? Will y…[View]
403521602Why is everything in this game such a fucking grind? Still in the shitty beginner ships after 100 ho…[View]
403525705come choose which shitty mkxl character i have to play next[View]
403520965ITT: Post the best recommendation chart you have.[View]
403511410Code Vein looks fucking awesome. Why isnt /vee/ talking about this?[View]
403508210>'fighting games aren't hard bro it's about STRATEGY AND MIND GAMES trust me!!' >spe…[View]
403523527Co-op kino: >ywn play pic related in its prime ever again >based community that encouraged tea…[View]
403523670Snake, did you like my sun glasses?[View]
403522542What went wrong?[View]
403521948Does anyone else prefer Awakening to Fates?: There’s a lot of new mechanics in Fates that I like, bu…[View]
403524918Gamecube thread?: This is one fucking cute motherboard. I dare you to find a motherboard more cute t…[View]
403524023ITT characters who did nothing wrong[View]
403517318Are people replaying this again since the remaster announcement?[View]
403489098Will Sakuri escape hell eventually? Feels bad...[View]
403521089Yakuza: Ms. Park said she would be looking for orphanage instead of Kiryu. But what happened to the …[View]
403514904It's just Dark Souls except there are very few weapons and abilities, there are no shields, and…[View]
403524415>haven't played a dbz game since budokai tenkaichi 3 >haven't played a 2d fighting g…[View]
403522664Why is the greatest gaming device of all time considered a kiddie console?[View]
403523461Post your favorite video game Post how you'd want to abuse this masochistic dumb bitch[View]
403505210NINTENDO SWITCH SELLING 3 TIMES FASTER THAN PS4 IN JAPAN: >Remember when the Nintendo Switch was …[View]
403523623>That Steam friend who constantly changes his profile name and avatar to the latest meme…[View]
403524221>vietnam level >the song 'It ain't me' by Jimmy Hendricks starts playing…[View]
403517520What... what the fuck is this? what am I supposed to be doing?[View]
403508051to whoever recommended i buy this in last steam sale thread we had, fuck you. fuck the dev too. absu…[View]
403523917It's time to replay ME1 /v/[View]
403523486What if DMC got a God of War-style reboot? Not edgy teenage shit like Donte May Cry, but a more seri…[View]
403523729*blocks your path*[View]
403519536Video game localisation discussion: Danganronpa, 11E37 being Leon was hard to japanese people as th…[View]
403501773>the perfect controller doesn't exi-[View]
403498928Creepy stuff in non-creepy games: Let's have a thread about creepy stuff in otherwise non-creep…[View]
403520835Name literally one thing wrong with this game Even google has it as the best game ever made There is…[View]
403501208Dark Souls Remastered will not be using new assets: >So to correct a few things that I posted abo…[View]
403519023Descry a disfigurement.[View]
403522098street fighter 5: i fucking hate this game!!!!!!! the combos are hard to perform, the carakters suck…[View]
403522983Which Zelda is best Zelda? For me its thicc tsundere BotW or Tetra.[View]
403490085Halo Thread: This guy walks up and slaps your Spartan gf's ass before screaming bloody murder a…[View]
403522742I'm afraid the World Tournament's Closed.[View]
403515993what the FUCK did they mean by this[View]
403522080Where should I put my starting points?[View]
403520887Yongyea in a nutshell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTuxS6ilqLY[View]
403521716BOOMSHAKALAKA - ARE YOU READY /V/?: Thread music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9FImc2LOr8…[View]
403522532Is the open-world feature inherently a bad thing in a single player experience? Most games that foll…[View]
403518952Let's settle this /v/. Who has the best hair in vidya? Lara Croft or Geralt of Rivia?[View]
403520931The Quest of THETRASHMAN: my mission is to be the WORST player in overwatch. im not talking pick wid…[View]
403519847LADS, Is it worth to create an EA account to play spore? I've been playing offline for a bit no…[View]
403514159>the RTS genre is stale and bor- Holy fuck this game is amazing[View]
403478651It's time to talk about the greatest rpg ever made[View]
403518596'Best of 2017' -Me: Why didn't you like my song /v/? You know that it was objectively the best …[View]
403498534Was Tron Bonne a good addition to the Rockman franchise? What are your overall thoughts on her?[View]
403517059What are some games where my romanced characters send me nudes on their own volition?[View]
403521016What sims you playin right now? Hype for DCS 2.5 and the F-18? What about Kuban and Bodenplatte for …[View]
403519678>order 3 games from a store chain because there's pay 2 take 3 >first game comes in >i…[View]
403511723What IP would you like to get a Warriors/Heroes musou spin-off game?[View]
403521415sexy hiking: i loooooooooooooooooove this game[View]
403510816ITT: gems that no one played[View]
403521652>shut down my pc and fall asleep >30 minutes later PC powers on on its own…[View]
403516727>minor character ends up being final boss[View]
403520816What are the current best online multiplayer games for this thing? any genre[View]
403521495Why people are crying over Nintendo Switch Emulator news?: Can someone expail me what's the dea…[View]
403510454This game has the worst movement of any shooter I have ever played. >jump off a small crate >t…[View]
403519246Which games allow me to play a sexy assassin ?[View]
403515040Is Daigo literally /ourguy/ >5'7 >Lives off Tokido >Hasn't won evo since 2010…[View]
403519853is the RTS genre dare i say it... SAVED?![View]
403517465What are some art styles you'd like to see games use?[View]
403521116ITT: games that will have better combat than soulsborne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFwfl95gv8I…[View]
403519213New Forgotten Hope 2 map. Are you ready for more eastern front battles? >4 tiger 2s on german sid…[View]
403520552How the FUCK is this nearly 10 year old game still in the top 100 best sellers in the video game cat…[View]
403520371>Artificial difficulty: the game[View]
403516758people who legit use controllers for FPS games, are you medically disabled?[View]
403512426Did you like this game?[View]
403519605>tfw CDPR actually went out of their way and hired a real life car concept artist for Cyberpunk 2…[View]
403516601>pick up a competitive game >play untill you contend with people who play the game professiona…[View]
403509439BROS WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!!!!!!![View]
403518719Just started playing pic related after letting it sit in my library for a couple years. I'm enj…[View]
403518108>Be me >Cleaning out attic when I stumble upon my old SNES I haven't seen in years Defin…[View]
403518085Is Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon any good?: Pokemon oldfag here, I tried to get into Sun and Moon…[View]
403494304Comfy 3ds thread: What are you playing on your 3ds bros? I'm playing Pokemon Moon. I haven…[View]
403520328>The Good - We really hope the game is going to get better >The Bad - The game is absolutely t…[View]
403469286Risk of Rain: Host when[View]
403517054if these 3 were to make a game together, what would be the pitch?[View]
403520151i'm gonna play this again, after playing it numerous times but never finishing it what are some…[View]
403519665ITT: Convince any current AAA publisher to green-light Runescape.[View]
403518647What are some games that let me kill people in their sleep?[View]
403520051ITT: We post ways that devs can test balance, functionality etc. in their games. For example, simila…[View]
403494896What are your hopes/expectations for the upcoming Nintendo Direct?[View]
403519910It blows my mind how someone could play through the last 3 chapters of this game and not think it…[View]
403512868What game has made you or would make you buy a Switch?[View]
403518225>But everyone just calls me Boss Ugh how cringey, imagine Big Boss going around telling people t…[View]
403519717Does /v/ or /vg/ have any .png guide for WRPGs/CRPGs, as in a guide for deciding which ones to play,…[View]
403517103Star Wars: Will we ever get another Star Wars Jedi Knight after Disney raped the Star Wars movies an…[View]
403510384Dragon Ball FighterZ:: Beerus is cute edition[View]
403519415Money game: Huge .3 bitcoin giveaway! More Infos in the group (news channel) discord gg/bQx5Ubx…[View]
403514259>people think that stuff like dark souls and cuphead are hard >game difficulty becomes a debat…[View]
403519286Anyone else having fun playing Deceit? >Free >Not Pay to Win >Cosmetics Only >Literally …[View]
403502101Fate: Can we get comfy night time fate thread?[View]
403513027This game is so fucking BORING[View]
403512852I hope that this is the end. Not because it was bad, but its the perfect place to end the series.[View]
403519163https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8dvMDFOFnA Why did they cut out half of the content again?[View]
403493342You can choose one upcoming game to completely fail in sales. What do you choose?[View]
403513574Will we ever have another Pokemon game as story driven as this and Colosseum[View]
403519042'It has the most basic fucking rules: Talk about video games!': Let's post some good ass games.…[View]
403517240Have developers of King Kong done anything new, this game was so immersive >smart AI >simple y…[View]
403515952I have finnished Max Payne 3 recently and I like how story is described and Maxs comments on events.…[View]
403485978Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition: Are you a fight money millionaire yet? Are you ready for her updat…[View]
403518426Hey /v/, do you know where I can find sailors around here?[View]
403516908Tell me about Cities Skyline: Is it good? Is it too late to buy or are they still updating/fixing it…[View]
403511436So guys I recently got this game and wanted to talk about it. So what do you think about it and who …[View]
403518397This is pure kino[View]
403514519Opinions on the remaster? I really want them to fix up lost izalith I hope they fix it up and the bu…[View]
403518560Why isn't Kaz Hirai in the spotlight anymore? He's the only one who can compete with Ninte…[View]
403516763MH, Ys and Star Ocean are the pinnacle of JRPG[View]
403516089Now that the dust is settled. Can we agree this the best SO game? dubfags need not apply[View]
403516681What's a fun build to play with?[View]
403517525Hey, /v/. Do I want to play the PC version of SH2 or emulate it on PCSX2? Which one would be prefera…[View]
403514314ITT : Write a calling card to a vidya villain of your choice warning him/her that their treasure are…[View]
403511529>Ocarina Link was sealed away until he was old enough to wield the Master Sword. >Despite ther…[View]
403516880what was his fucking problem?[View]
403515964OI, SHUJIN![View]
403515018The Great Debate: So what's more autistic? Creating a female character or creating yourself?…[View]
403514973Does anyone else really hate minimaps and quest markers in games? It feels like they kind of ruin th…[View]
403517363Hot switch leaks just annouced on nintendos twitter, direct in 5 hours but i have the games list her…[View]
403478464Xenoblade Chronicles 2: What if the story DLC is you playing through various chapters of Vandham…[View]
403513586ITT: Oh yeah, that happened[View]
403516913*single handedly desetroys maverick hunter HQ*[View]
403517613This is what Sumo Digital are working on currently. I don't think this is supposed to be public…[View]
403506443>Playing upward defense as Spy >Get headshot while invis >Didn't think any of it, luck…[View]
403514180>fight between robot and a cyborg >RULES OF NATURE…[View]
403516787autism: Can someone explain to me what /v/'s obession with this word's all about? What doe…[View]
403517427You know what really makes me think? No one on youtube is allowed to do Nintendo Let's Plays bu…[View]
403517484WW2: Anyone wanna play ww2 on xbox1 new friends needed[View]
403489431Who is the strongest Final Fantasy protagonist?[View]
403517009NDirect 01.18: Ok, time to run through SOME Headlines for Nintendo Switch! >1. Nintendogs and the…[View]
403517196Why aren't you throwing your money at Takahashi right now? Takahashi, for God's sake, do a…[View]
403517101Anyone got any news with this wizard game?[View]
403511663Black Mesa Aftermath: If Gordon Ramsay were to return to Black Mesa, what do you think it would look…[View]
403512569>the easy mode is hard >the hard mode is easy…[View]
403502773*summons 1000 anime move that blocks your healing* *pulls off 5 combos in less than 3 seconds* *hits…[View]
403516824tell your home address and others guess what games you like[View]
403512757what the FUCK happened[View]
403514153>enemy starts his crit animation[View]
403514486>tfw the Switch Joy-Cons still don't have any appealing color schemes…[View]
403511257Bluetooth headphones support when?[View]
403516354My friends just got me into this game despite having never played a Final Fantasy title before, nor …[View]
403515486Will they let Yoko Taro save Final Fantasy?[View]
403513094Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Dragonball Fighterz Monster Hunter World What do I get?[View]
403513678I know this is probably not news, but RIP Dystopia[View]
403514779Turok: I've been getting this weird nostalgia for games I used to play as a kid. But I've …[View]
403515543/v/, remember that time when Eggman worked with Satan?[View]
403511439How would you fix Sonic?[View]
403516347>everyone suddenly fell asleep on the train and had a strange, shared dream >'there is no poin…[View]
403514328will there ever be a game as good as skyrim ever? theres not a single game as good as skyrim in the …[View]
403510165What the fuck was his problem? Also Darkwood thread, poast night experiences.[View]
403509253Reminder that Poison is a woman.[View]
403516165I'm stuck... There is a song I used to listen to. It had the lyrics life a gane, but I wish it …[View]
403509126>Sea of Thieves >State of Decay 2 >Crackdown 3 >Ori and the Will of the Wisps >Forza …[View]
403514794Is this the worst 2D Sonic Boss Fight?[View]
403513826Why is the Colossus walking away?[View]
403513127video game answers, lets hear em[View]
403514331Worst decisions thread: When and how did you fuck up? Pic related, bought i5 4200U + 750M 'gaming la…[View]
403515816>tfw we'll never get a proper remake of this game because they already wasted that on the 3D…[View]
403515739why: AHHHHHHH! I NEED 9 SECS OF INSPIRE [View]
403513153Disgaea: Mainly Disgaea 5, but feel free to discuss the series. So I booted the game again after mon…[View]
403515716Tomb Raider: This game looks great, especially Lara's model but if I had to nitpick this stretc…[View]
403512840What's his name again, /v/?[View]
403513185Does anyone else remember this game?[View]
403504848Aah, you were at my side all along. My true mentor...my Bloodborne thread[View]
403512969I actually really like the feel of the 3DS circle pad. Does there exist a game controller with circl…[View]
403506231Why is this game generally referred to as a heaping pile of shit? I really liked it.[View]
403514024>it's a 'shitty game somehow managed to have a fun as fuck multiplayer mode' episode…[View]
403515461Tell us your old Ragnarok Online story anon. >Started playing in 2005, not only the first MMO I h…[View]
403515428First and Favorite RPG: First RPG was pic related. Favorite is Fallout / Dark Souls Yours? Let'…[View]
403512317What game are you going to play on MLK day?[View]
403513378This kills the Nintendo gamer.[View]
403515219What's the hardest you've ever thrown a game? The flow of the game may not have been in yo…[View]
403502556What's he up to now?[View]
403515101How did we go from this[View]
403495194>he mains Betty Boop[View]
403514889>horror survival game >horror tries to survive you…[View]
403496129Under Night In-birth: That crossover looked silly anyway.[View]
403509165What keyboard and mice does /v/ use? I have been using a Logitech G15 and a razer deathadder 3.5g fo…[View]
403514378Shadow of War Thread: What are your nemesis system stories?: >Dominates a Orc >Is a beast, des…[View]
403512543Facts: Bloodborne is an offline game if you enjoy online pvp you should go back to your Call of Duty[View]
403477404WoW: Can we get a troll appreciation thread going. Also why the fuck did vol'jin make elf girl …[View]
403503182>Play that game you loved as a child >It's shit Seriously no fucking strafe controls?…[View]
403503579>over a decade later and its still the best first person shooter to date How did they do it?…[View]
403501804Is being black the Dark Souls of human existence?[View]
403513743steven universe save the light: what did you guys think of the best paper mario-like game to come ou…[View]
403511241What could it mean /v/ros?[View]
403513939Optimus Prime skin for Ryu in SFV when?[View]
403511449>friend comes over to play games >start Atelier Totori >go for the Mimi route >'what the…[View]
403512728Hey you! Yeah you! Quick! Pick a series represented in Smash Bros! Got one? Are you sure? Ok. Pick a…[View]
403513787>'Cosmetic customization is just as much 'gameplay' as anything else!' I've been h…[View]
403512612Press F for your respects and then spit on Sony's grave. After the flop that was the Vita and t…[View]
403513074Do you know The Way?[View]
403509959What does /v/ think of Digital Devil Saga 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BWCsE5zYXU[View]
403512651So /v/, what order do I fight them in?[View]
403510635Nintendo Direct coming this week!: The Direct Mini last week was dedicated to showing players DLC, W…[View]
403508294I want to fuck the spider[View]
403512640is bloodborne easier than the souls trilogy? because i've made it to the end with quite some ea…[View]
403510282>Booker are you afraid of God? >No but I am afraid of you woah... powerful quote to start the …[View]
403512430What are some fighting games that let me fly like in dragon ball z? Besides dragon ball z and that s…[View]
403513224Which game company does this image best describe?: My vote is Game Freak.[View]
403508973Any experience with Ducky keyboards? I honestly think this one is ugly as sin but I'm a mechani…[View]
403464378You could have saved her.[View]
403512720Katawa Shoujo x CoD Advanced Warfare crossover: For some reason, Activision buys the rights to Kataw…[View]
403512532>*gets killed* >'fucking lag'[View]
403501095This game mode honestly doesn't seem that exciting[View]
403512863Playing this, I was surprised they copied the revenant system from Nioh (kinda). Players who died to…[View]
403505531How the fuck is this game so perfect?[View]
403503489So now that the dust has settled, what exactly was this thing?[View]
403512508>tfw she will never be your autistic stinky smelly qt gf. Real life hurts.…[View]
403512294>review >'its floaty'[View]
403511208Nintenbros are BTFO from the Switch emulator and Microshaft have no games This is the year of Sony S…[View]
403500748that twist holy shit![View]
403482201To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day ...[View]
403507634>From the creators of Sonic Colors/Generations >Credits supposedly reveal the game to truly be…[View]
403512413Did anybody else notice that this dude's theme is literally the culmination of everything Batma…[View]
403503773>father dies >gets over it in two minutes…[View]
403512468If Nintendo makes a new Wii Fit for the Switch will they call it Wii Fit again or Switch Fit?[View]
403507668Name a franchise with a better soundtrack. You can't. Go on, try, you just can't.[View]
403500897ITT: God-tier vidya bros[View]
403511647>No option to turn off auto-billing on the actual console I had to do it on a fucking browser. A…[View]
403510642I'm making a list of the most badly designed games out there, give me some inspiration. So far …[View]
403510379That may be, but there's EVIL WITHIN, TOO.[View]
403510763Should I play this with a guide if I don't want to miss anything? FFXIV thread[View]
403508545Video games with great lore?[View]
403486234MAX > Extreme > 5thMix = Max 2 > 4thMix > 3rdMix = 2ndMix > 1st Mix > SuperNOVA …[View]
403507902Sonybros: Nintendo is for babies they are babies will cry with DS Fuck you, Mario Maker exist Sonyki…[View]
403504557Was it autism?[View]
403509580Is mu LEGEND any good ?: played the original one years ago and wondering how this one is[View]
403511347Are these games the Sonic Forces of Pokémon?[View]
403511781Bannerlord is almost out.[View]
403505132Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: AI tournament going on, let's see who wins![View]
403510707Vile Goddess[View]
403511394Nintendo fags are mad that pc players can play the best Zelda game at 4k[View]
403508478itt: vidya brainlets[View]
403511148What art thou seeking? perhaps a facsimile of skyrim.[View]
403509972Why doesn’t Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 release on other platforms? >tfw bought a 1500$ PC to play dw…[View]
403485404Why is the coloration of BotW so fucking bad? I don't understand why they had to have this ugly…[View]
403484292Tenkaichi 4 (3) AI tournament: It's time for another Budokai Tenkaichi 4 AI Tournament. Post yo…[View]
403500943Why is this game so awesome?: Ps4 owner here, ever since I've watched gameplay of this game I…[View]
403506036ITT: Boss Fights You Hate: What a boring fight. One of the worst in the series.[View]
403442631ITT: Games that only you remember exist[View]
403510810>finally join a match in the DBZF beta >have no idea what I'm doing >mash buttons and …[View]
403509557what would you do if you programmed your own video game where you could be anyone you want to be and…[View]
403511234Spoiler Thread: Are you a bad enough dude to hover these spoilers, /v/? Aeris dies YOU are actually …[View]
403509216/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>403462940 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
403511056New Dissidia NT (no Tifa) thread Nimbus for Type-0 Chaos side edition[View]
403507917post comfy vidyastations: someplace you'd like to curl up and enjoy while it's 10 degrees …[View]
403511064What the fuck is his problem?[View]
403506971Best battle music: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMpov_WHtWg&index=3&list…[View]
403509389This shit is pretty damn fun. Just Shadow of Mordor cranked up to 11 with a bunch of expanded featur…[View]
403510936Anyone wanna do some friendlies? I'm super bad and wanna fight some friendlies. 6de26070 Also G…[View]
403491314New thread for Dissidia NT (No Tifa)[View]
403435706I want to play this game but I have a few questions. 1. I've read that this game isn't a b…[View]
403510517>Rerealese Tropical Freeze on the Switch >still don't add Enguarde even though there…[View]
403505607>Has over 1k games >Doesn't play them >Always say 'I'm Bored' WHY…[View]
403462940/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>403359578 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
403507661So did they make striking worth using in this, or is it worthless compared to the busted ass beam sh…[View]
403479486How do you go from this...[View]
403510264Often while gaming, I'll stop to cup my hand around my anus, fart into my own hand, and then su…[View]
403507393Hey /v/ Solve this and you'll get steam codes.[View]
403510397Just letting you know if you ever put on a pair of those goggles you are a cuck and a pathetic looki…[View]
403506189Did I do good /v/? Will be putting this together myself for every day use like streaming and gaming.…[View]
403509062What games should you play if you're severely depressed and thinking about killing yourself?[View]
403507129ITT: Characters that did NOTHING wrong[View]
403510301Mario Odyssey: So is darker side of the moon just hard as fuck or am I trash[View]
403509296I miss >the guilds >the parties >the music >that bard using bragi >that bard spamming…[View]
403509501It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
403508981ITT games populated solely by neanderthals[View]
403490148What video game characters would you go gay for?[View]
403509025Dragonball Fighterz: 5M autocombo is op[View]
403508143Predict what will go wrong.[View]
403507307Share lol stories you had on vidya: >be in high school 2012 >mate had always been XBOX gamer …[View]
403503285Where are these people's parents?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=d_M7MJnYvhY[View]
403507381>stressed >relax by playing video games >more stressed because I'm not working on what…[View]
403505676Final Fantasy XII: Steam Edition: So, now that this is confirmed for a steam release, what are you g…[View]
403503091Blue light of death in 2018. Fuck me.[View]
403485352Save the humble peasant using your videogame knowledge[View]
403495165Is this the most overrated game of 2017? >mediocre gameplay that's terribly balanced and fa…[View]
403509073Which game objectively has the best love story?[View]
403509525Empire: So /v/ which games plays the closet to this one? I don't have any other DYNASTY WARRIOR…[View]
403496643Scott Cawthon: >Makes hundreds of christian games in the name of the lord >Doesn't earn a…[View]
403506979Redpill me on ELEX[View]
403504891>game has a race that is all one gender why do they still use this trope? its fucking stupid. lit…[View]
403501215>Doom is better on a controller What?[View]
403508745Are there any games with cute demons? Asking for strictly academic purposes, of course.[View]
403509315> that kid who said he beat helicopter game[View]
403503641*is pure kino*[View]
403506126>PC Game >Sensitivity: Low[View]
403497750Dragon Ball FighterZ DBFZ: new DBFZ beta/team comp/whatever discussion[View]
403507671Fallout 4 thread: Is Cait a good melee companion?[View]
403506186Is this subtle[View]
403507687Alright /v/. I want to challenge myself. Which PC game would be best to learn how to play left-hande…[View]
403507824Is donkey kong 64 racist?[View]
403507696Don't mind me, just being the greatest open world JRPG ever created :D[View]
403505246ITT: Games that are coming out in 2018[View]
403490354Alliance Alive: >Directed by the creator of Suikoden >Music composed by based Hamauzu >Got …[View]
403507990>'just one quick check on /v/ and I'll play my vidya!' >been sitting here for three hours…[View]
403508674>want to move onto another game in my backlog >just want to replay RE7 after just finishing it…[View]
403508657How do I stop taking video games so seriously? I was legitimately very close to smashing anything to…[View]
403484734Overwatch has gone to shit: Comp is cancer[View]
403508492Super Mario Odyssey: Isle Delfino soon?[View]
403508252What are some games where you can dance?[View]
403489192Fire emblem: What is the point of this character?[View]
403508425STALKER SoC: Just finished this half-shitty game with some good things that are completely ruined by…[View]
403490818Death challenges you to the game of your choice. If you lose he gets your soul if you win he builds …[View]
403502743Whats the best part of the game, and why is it the fade?[View]
403505819Yeah folks, I have a huge problem. Yesterday I downloaded Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition from to…[View]
403508040>psx 3 >Shaped like a Vita >New super Mario Bros >16 bit games >Gameboy Advance cart…[View]
403504602ReCore: Is this any good?[View]
403502947>just lost 20,000 souls Holy shit I feel like killing myself. What are some other games I can pla…[View]
403506335did they go out of their way to make the map system in this as bad and unhelpful as humanly possible…[View]
403507285Besides San Andreas, what games let you lift weights and see your character physically change? Also,…[View]
403505826mmmmm yes my dear quite potent[View]
403506226ITT: Games where[View]
403499885>no Tifa >no Yuna WTF???[View]
403505520ITT: characters who are guaranteed to get into Smash 5[View]
403506994ITT: Vida characters that are literally you[View]
403505954Which do you prefer? original Japanese MGS2 transcript by Tomokazu Fukushima >二年前のハドソン川…俺達は新型メタルギ…[View]
403505986Do strawberries drop seeds? I'm about to get the greenhouse for the first time and I want to be…[View]
403496031The main character of the last game you played is out on a hunt to kill you. How fucked are you?[View]
403507498>shoot red barrel >it doesn't explode…[View]
403505281Does Uganda produce any video games?[View]
403506272DLC discussion thread. What is your favorite DLC? From literally any game you've ever gotten D…[View]
403467873do it nigger[View]
403498125Worst Kingdom Hearts game[View]
403479309/v/ Plays Fire Emblem 3 Book 1: Last threads: >>402576559 >>402694236 >>40281499…[View]
403504903When's the last time you played a game with a masked hero, /v/?[View]
403431862Ruin has come to our family: HAMLET BEST GIRL 2018 http://www.strawpoll.me/14829621[View]
403507092Bing Bing Wahoo: As he sits upon his console throne... King of the Consoles, First name same as his …[View]
403506047Is YU-NO the best video game story ever told?[View]
403496020Playing ocarina of time for the first time. What is this cunt problem?[View]
403493708The worst without the worst: Post characters that were just awful but they weren't the antagoni…[View]
403506039>pistol(9mm) and assault rifle(5.56) use the same ammo pool[View]
403506836Is there any reason to play vanilla V over this?[View]
403503731this guy's data battle is making want to commit seppuku[View]
403502523Is the Future series good?[View]
403505957>roughly 70 million PS4s sold The top selling PS4 game is GTAV at under 17 million. Do most conso…[View]
403506607Escape From Tarkov: Hey all, my m8 and i are about to stream Escape from Tarkov. Come kick back wit…[View]
403503421https://hod.sega.jp/ Are you ready for a new HotD?[View]
403505509Is there even a single point of human contact left in Steam's self publication pipeline?[View]
403506248name a funnier title screen[View]
403499731Meme-game or underappreciated masterpiece?[View]
403500696>hey man, can I borrow your game? i'll give it back in a week[View]
403480114Launched: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gpd-win-2-handheld-game-console-for-aaa-games-laptop/ C…[View]
403492476There is no worse sin in gaming[View]
403493825How is this game so much more comfier and fun than Minecraft ever was?[View]
403495795>Game >Game II >Game 2 >Game 4…[View]
403504405Anyone still playing Hearthstone? Lets talk.[View]
403499656Justify this shit, you faggots.[View]
403496564Why wasn't he the final boss? Why was his fight so anti-climactic?[View]
403504275>2018 >Still no Mother 3[View]
403495281Are the Yakuza games difficult and/or feature deep combat?[View]
403505557Has /v/ ever tried making a game before? I want to be a professional game developer. I've made …[View]
403505518Sid Meier's Pirates!: how do i properly play this? all i've been doing is smashing by boat…[View]
403498441Street Fighter V Fight Money: What exactly will they take away? I already saw every demo, done every…[View]
403487418The Great Debate continues: We had a good thread last night, time for round 2. Which Lara is best La…[View]
403501574What are some games with cinematic quality while still maintaining gameplay freedom without too many…[View]
403497320I'll save us all the trouble before Fallout 5 comes out and say that this game wasn't real…[View]
403502627>remake of a classic game announced >'we wanted to reinvent the game for a new audience' How d…[View]
403504171Jan 18[View]
403499489Should I? I liked the demo (it reminded me the first non-shit Scribblenauts) and I have some friends…[View]
403504813I love F.E.A.R, but I honestly wish that instead of just sticking with the clones for the entire gam…[View]
403500484In my cycle..[View]
403504665itt: games with russian collusion[View]
403502079>he thinks 'fps' stands for first person shooter[View]
403504376Can someone give me a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
403483391This franchise has no bad games.[View]
403492654What games let me play as an African-American male?[View]
403490798Nice knife.[View]
403471947>Backwards compatibility with both Original XBox and 360, and upscale games to 4K on One X >BC…[View]
403504076now that the 3ds is being phased out, does anybody else feel like it's far more likely that Nin…[View]
403502408>Game allows you to spam block[View]
403504603Magilou: Does this character ever get _bad?[View]
403503190>tfw watching a small stream of Bloodborne >watching three people including the host talking l…[View]
403503447Whataya mean booze ain't food?[View]
403498686Is there some good western themed RPG, JRPG, KRPG,CRPG whathever the fuck RPG?[View]
403504349Divinity: Original Sin 2: Post your fav custom story/GM campaigns[View]
403504197Is this subtle[View]
403504261Why is fallout so fucking hard to mod? Why can't it be nice and simple like skyrim? Why does it…[View]
403501935>new entry in a game series uses a drastically different artstyle from every other game in the se…[View]
403498926what are the chances that parappa will make a comeback in 2018?[View]
403496557What makes RPG horror games kino? They just have this special atmosphere about them that makes them …[View]
403501874>dlc still exists[View]
403503847Would a sequel be named W102 or W101 2?[View]
403495903Dr. Freeman, I presume?[View]
4034816982018... I am... forgotten...[View]
403501259>Getting second place in PUBG[View]
403498680Why can’t the west create interesting female protagonists, /v/?[View]
403503397'That' kid: Personal 'that' kid stories. Keep it vidyer. Couple years ago I was …[View]
403500125Clover>>>>Platinum Viewtiful Joe, Okami and Godhand are better than anything Platinum h…[View]
403497998It's now been 8 years since they released their last single player expansion pack[View]
403498946Kingdom Hearts 3: >350 days until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out[View]
403501587Give me some games which don't depend on ping too much. My friend I want to play with lives in …[View]
403499910Mouse thread again, the other one ended too soon Post your mice and (gaming) setups[View]
403502927Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
403502698what the fuck[View]
403419397This will be 2018's GOTY[View]
403464656ITT: Times companies just gave fans the middle finger[View]
403496404thoughts on yume nikki's steam release?: i am quite excited about it, considering that the crea…[View]
403502758So now that we've stopped pretending to like DBFZ, we're back to playing Marvel, right?[View]
403497875*Blocks your path*[View]
403502504SNES classic games to add: What games should I add to my snes classic? I don't want to load it …[View]
403502451why didn't pre 7th gen consoles have a headphone port built in?[View]
403491849Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: This game seems fun to watch, lets do some 32 man AI tourn…[View]
403502254Que Pasa Neng?[View]
403465463>he thinks VR is a meme[View]
403502526Here's your controller bro[View]
403493142Sci-Fi Souls: When FromSoft makes the eventual Sci-Fi Souls game, the 'Chosen Undead' better be mech…[View]
403495712is chess a video game?[View]
403502407Way of the Samurai 4: Is there a way to save best boy if you're doing the foreigners path?…[View]
403488985Meanwhile, on the USG /v/shimura...[View]
403498258Is it /v/? sorry i'm a bit late, anon.[View]
403502319Have you fucked up recently, /v/?[View]
403501605Im gonna fire up MORROWIND GOTY again in 7 years, loooking for ideas for a custom class you guys hav…[View]
403491667Lunar/Game Arts/Working Designs Thread: Discuss the Lunar series, but discussion of Game Arts's…[View]
403502273For real, will games ever stop with the misogyny and toxic masculinity? Are video games doomed to be…[View]
403502131Thanks for beta testing other console and pc friends :,) https://mynintendonews.com/2018/01/15/the-s…[View]
403501938What was it about her voice that was so hot?[View]
403501386>https://yuzu-emu.org/ >Switch Emulator is being worked on by the guys behind CEMU (Wii Emulat…[View]
403501846And I can't fight this feeling anymore...[View]
403497628Will it ever be released /v/?[View]
403433762shit, sorry didn't post a new kirby thread earlier Current Copy Roundup for Star Allies >Bee…[View]
403501169This is a very nice shop you have here, anon.[View]
403497918Hello /v/ I am Monsoon of the winds of destruction[View]
4035017123 more days for another beta[View]
403499421What have you done today /v/?[View]
403494990How do you go from this.....[View]
403500307>Wii U had no games >Somehow Switch is a Wii U port machine…[View]
403496357>FPS game >there's a character called 'Ramirez'.…[View]
403501005Would you want to live in the Mario Universe?[View]
403493394Smash for switch: For the next few weeks I will give information about super smash Bros for switch t…[View]
403500782ITT: Runs where you flew too close to the sun. Also, >Dying Memory Why'd you kill my boy, Ed…[View]
403469972Characters confirmed for smash 5: Post only the ones confirmed this is not your personal wishlist…[View]
403495753was it good?[View]
403498693noko: Would anybody play War Rock with me?? 1v1 for now but eventually full matches, I already got 8…[View]
403499465Is there one of these games where I can build a house and do social/pve stuff, but not have my house…[View]
403500339>Friend insists you get into a shit game[View]
403497568what went right?[View]
403498961Is Mario Galaxy the best game ever?[View]
403496219I want to make the next billion dollar ip.[View]
403496409>it's like i'm really japanese! What games could this be applied to? I mean games that …[View]
403495812When is he coming back, /v/? Elizabeth has to succeed at some point.[View]
403494415What are some game companies that have tried unconventional advertising?[View]
403499823Will games like Mario & Wario or Fire Emblem 3 ever come to the US? I'll answer my own ques…[View]
403498295Take a peek at your gaming library and post the developer/publisher who has made the most of them. …[View]
403496731Remember kerning PQ? Remember henehoes? Remember defaming someone and logging off? Remember Israelis…[View]
403499559Hey /v/, what are some games that provide a strong sense of camaraderie?[View]
403499389How do I make a space-themed video game with better gameplay than this?[View]
403497905Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of it?[View]
403499318Wtf you guys said it would suck, I found it to be really enjoyable[View]
403498570Any games with similar PVP that are still alive?[View]
403498779Why can't I use any of this shit??? AAAHHH!!![View]
403499175Why aren't there more games starring robots?[View]
403489637Can this compete against Fortnite and PUBG?[View]
403477867The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) as of December 2014 - 7.60m The Legend of Zelda: Twilight…[View]
403489237ITT: Games everyone likes but you don't[View]
403499050Dynamite planted![View]
403493286Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves?[View]
403465030Go ahead. Find one fuckin flaw.[View]
403498492Stranded in the dark and violent night, Dick Justice, a lone, hardboiled, fugitive cop, framed for t…[View]
403496259SPECIAL: What are your real life SPECIAL stats /v/? Hard Mode: What are some traits, from the games …[View]
403497308What games are great at making you feel RICH?[View]
403496470What am I in for /v/?[View]
403483315What are some games that are like runescape back in it's heyday. Nothing really can capture tha…[View]
403496167xenoblade chronicles x: I don't know why but the battles are really confusing. I know what ever…[View]
403486659someone help me please I went to the Healing Church Workshop and went all the way down. There I kill…[View]
403435989>can level up at any bonfire without sitting through loading screens Why'd they stop doing t…[View]
403498260Flatshot - A Bullet Hell: Some of my friends made a bullet hell that came out last month on Steam, a…[View]
403461164AGDQ Summary Thread: The Horror Edition >Best Run >Worst Run >What they should improve…[View]
403492732>Almost ten years later >Still the GOAT What went right?…[View]
403496712What went wrong? Why did it fail to reach the popularity of Banjo?[View]
403497660do you think my mommy will listen to this man??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuzKoPwABW4[View]
403495065ITT Characters who had a hard life[View]
403496858Hay /v/! Guess whats in a month from now? Whatchu plan on playing? You gonna play with your special …[View]
403483641OH SHIT KIRBY SUCKED YOU UP What power does he get?[View]
403496993Will an MMORPG this good ever be made again?[View]
403496576when /v/ think this will actually be playable in a low to mid end pc?[View]
403492662Minecraft 2?[View]
403494920Omori: Currently anticipating this http://omori-game.com/ Any Kickstarter games you're looking …[View]
403495590Eleven years[View]
403492683Does anyone else find themselves getting too old for today's games? I literally can't even…[View]
403494642ITT, less known, interesting romhacks pic related. I don't like Mario Land 2 but I can apprecia…[View]
403495259How is replacing feminine traits with masculine ones empowering to women in any way? Why can’t women…[View]
403496663If it's not presented by CAVE, why bother presenting it at all?[View]
403496659Any game have decent food modeling?[View]
403480705Dragon Ball FighterZ: Server issues still ongoing but people have started to get a few matches somet…[View]
403491927>Sea of Thieves >State of Decay 2 >Crackdown 3 >Ori and the Will of the Wisps >Forza …[View]
403495341Rune Factory thread? Been playing RF4, just beat the second arc of the game. Still in the beginning …[View]
403492534>tfw everyone you use to follow got burned out or moved to streaming years ago Are /v/ related yo…[View]
403477236Alright then lads, can we have a filename thread?[View]
403495140Vilkas should be the harbinger.[View]
403483442Why are these emerald levels so damn confusing?! I always seem to get lost and can never figure out …[View]
403494689Why aren’t you playing Paragon, /v/? It has actual graphics.[View]
403489612I'm playing this for the first time; should I play this with the original camera angles or with…[View]
403494606>have a go of friend's computer >they have the resolution lower than native with big blac…[View]
403476181Will you be picking this up in May?[View]
403493913Is it worth buying?[View]
403487615Anyone remember this?[View]
403475206>lain says your name (as kana syllables) in several short audio recordings you can access after a…[View]
403492187Just got into Naruto. Are the fighting games any good?[View]
403493936Reminder that pic related is literally the only 10/10 masterpiece made by an American company in the…[View]
403493923Is VR expensive in your country is it worth getting?[View]
403494610What made LucasArts developed and published games so special?[View]
403494780These are the only good JRPs[View]
403493015Now that the dust has settled can we all agree this is the best Souls game?[View]
403493193ODST or Reach? Why or why not?[View]
403495393Girl knows where you are staring at.[View]
403494518ITT: games were the bad guy won.[View]
403487659https://twitter.com/PG_kamiya/status/952741412994347008 the madman[View]
403494429hackusation stories thread, i'll start im also kind of bad at writing so bear with me >be tf…[View]
403495267this game is fun.: I'm having a blast with this game despite the incessant ramblings of those o…[View]
403490860If you guys are curious about the gameplay of the campaign mode on Fortnite then bring it in. I…[View]
403495245Will he be in Smash 5?[View]
403482568Wario Nintendo Direct On The Way: Within the next 2 months, expect to see a Super Mario Direct annou…[View]
403493192What are some times where pic related happened to you?[View]
403492272Total War: Three Kingdoms: >search Total war >none >search three kingdoms >none so i fix…[View]
403492750Anyone have higher resolution pic?[View]
403481074What games this gen are going to be considered as classics in years to come? I'll start with po…[View]
403494316Just got to Tethe'alla, when does this game get good?[View]
403492624>2 of the best games of the year >Actual GOTY winner >Bayonetta 3, Dark Souls Portable, Ma…[View]
403473523>there are so many people hogging the servers that you literally can't get in a match becaus…[View]
403494598Just beat this masterpiece game. It was my first WoD anything, where should I go to next for more Wo…[View]
403481030Who is your favorite Kamen Rider?[View]
403491384Hey guys,would you like my game on the Nintendo Switch?[View]
403490813Mad Max: It's on sale on Steam, what's the /v/erdict? Is it worth $6.80?[View]
403467883Which moon gave you the most trouble?[View]
403492184>rts has rpg mechanics stuffed into it[View]
403485129Hollow Knight: These little pookies are so cute, that I am forced to save all of them. Thoughts?…[View]
403490650... and the Furtive Pygmy, so easily forgotten...[View]
403494012This is your tank for today[View]
403493163Origin sales?: How often does Origin have sales? Same as Steam? Mass Effect DLC is now available on …[View]
403493969anyone know where i can download the game 'angry goy'? cant find ti anywhere.[View]
403492118Should my next game on this piece of shit be Splatoon 2 or Stardew Valley?[View]
403493653'When you do things right, people won't be sure that you have done anything at all.'[View]
403491972kotor 2 sucks nigga[View]
403486217Best. Game. Ever[View]
403493232Nerfs: >be me >just bought Overwatch >play with several characters, really good with Mercy …[View]
403491158What is the comfiest point and click adventure game, and why is it The Longest Journey?[View]
403484021you are now aware that it's been almost 12 (TWELVE) years since the last actual game in the ser…[View]
403488931Nintendo Switch owners: I just got a Switch with Splatoon 2, Zelda and Mario Kart 8. I plan on getti…[View]
403441405PRESS F: >emulated >hacked >all within one year Press F to pay respects / spit on its grave…[View]
403493118>tfw too much of a brainlet to be creative with this game Escapists 2 thread. I just got started,…[View]
403490587Yooka Laylee: Is it worth $14?[View]
403491187>We're gonna steal the treasure![View]
403489882>He chose to save Mia instead of this calcified cutie Explain yourself.…[View]
403482916Senran Kagura: What are /v/‘s thoughts on the series? What could they improve to make the games bett…[View]
403491080Tell me, should I be worried?[View]
403461047Why are Koreans always the best, most-skilled competitive gamers?[View]
403492048How would you do DKC6?[View]
403491003>game is 20 years old >not a single JRPG, or video game for that matter, has managed to surpas…[View]
403490752Hey /v/ look what i got.[View]
403492760ITT: Post your favorite fighter's stance sprite.: Anything that isn't a sprite is probably…[View]
403492714The sims 4 best cc site?[View]
403484998How has this '''aged'''?[View]
403484685Why is it so good, bros?[View]
403490437Why is Riesz such a popular character when she was only in one game?[View]
403491251what gaming gloves are you wearing /v/?[View]
403475783>'Hey Nathan, I dragged you out here on a lie and put you, your wife, and your best friend in mor…[View]
403492556ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong.[View]
403457753Be honest /v/. Did you fall for the VR meme?[View]
403489034Super smash Bros: Huge news! Super smash Bros for switch to be announced at this years e3. This is t…[View]
403487097KONA: This game is a goddamn MASTERPIECE. It's even better than Firewatch. I've not played…[View]
403491441HAHAHAHAHAHA E''''''''''SPORTS''''''''[View]
403491881>playing at 1080p after using a 4k monitor for a month How do framerate nerds handle it? it…[View]
403492083Are you excited for Return To Dreamland 4?[View]
403491427Can you trade and battle online in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow 3DS, or is it still only local? I don…[View]
403490628>open world RPG >world is hyped out to be enormous and unexplored, towns holding thousands of …[View]
403492263Yakuza fans, recognize her? Marui. By the way this is a great film. Must see.[View]
403486309What are the best games for escapism or for being someone else and leading another life? I've …[View]
403491178>tfw RTS is fucking dead[View]
403490367REMINDER: I'm the guy who's the full time video game player. I'm the guy with the com…[View]
403492170>it's a Cornered episode GET HYPE FUCKERS[View]
403492046>Waterfall >Doesn't have a secret cave behind it…[View]
403492086How are you supposed to level this shit up? By being a supreme autist?[View]
403457116I will post this every day until we get localization infos[View]
403456445Resident Evil thread: Wtf was Capcom thinking? And no I’m not talking about the giraffe getting a b…[View]
403491834>decided to upgrade my computer just to play BotW on CEMU >the game was boring as hell…[View]
403488368Project Mizzurna/ProjectMizzurna: >hacker barely responds >head of the project uploads the tra…[View]
403491795>Twitch 5 has been deleted from Google WHY THE FUCK DOES IT NOT WORK JUST CAUSE THEY REMOVE IT. I…[View]
403489869Dauntless Y/N[View]
403489505>Stop asking for clones. FighterZ isn't your shitty Xenoverse with 100 characters that all p…[View]
403491704Need help remembering a game: Hey. Hoping someone can help me out. I need help remembering some game…[View]
403491837This will be 2023's GOTY[View]
403491362wtf i love open world now[View]
403484917>hey how can we pad out our game? >shove a bunch of repetitive mini games for the true fans to…[View]
403488561Should Max Payne 3 have been just Max and Passos painting new york red or did you guys enjoy Residen…[View]
403455158Fire Emblem: What the fuck was her problem? No, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with her? Why is s…[View]
403484983Which game off this shelf would you pick?[View]
403490735>normal enemies die to quickly >boss is completely immune what games handle a poison status ef…[View]
403489917>Sitting in a lobby having my game search for a match while I do my homework >Two hours pass a…[View]
403491070>game has side quests >you have to do most of them if you want the game's good ending …[View]
403489503Only 2(two) more days til this masterpiece of design finally launches. Flawless action game play the…[View]
403485642>Wii U gathering dust >Can trade in Wii U for $125 on Amazon >Have a fuck ton of leftover g…[View]
403486136Where were you when Sega saved the arcade lightgun game genre? New House of the Dead CONFIRMED.[View]
403470769Press S to spit on Nintendo's grave.[View]
403489897>James, you made me.. happy the delivery on that line still kills me inside, after all these year…[View]
403488125I don't think it's a stretch to say that video games CAN be art, but what video games actu…[View]
403489353When the fuck will CEX die? It's worse than Gamestop.[View]
403487283>start on playing on friday >get level 24 pretty quick >get into instances with level 70 pl…[View]
403482196Memes aside, what do you think of this game? I think it's honestly pretty good, considering wha…[View]
403490649>they call him flipper, flipper[View]
403488075Vermin thread: Tomorrow is a holiday in America :^)[View]
403490408>Nov 2nd 2011 level >Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 1 starts playing >Why did I move here? >…[View]
403488647Where does Smash bros fit on the chart?[View]
403470085What video games have the sexiest robots?[View]
403485030Whats your vidya wishlist for 2018 /v/?[View]
403478886Is 2018 the year of Xbox One exclusives? >PUBG >Sea of Thieves >Ashen >Black Desert Onli…[View]
403488451>That one part of the game everyone hypes up as uber difficult but only ends up being a minor cha…[View]
403488134Quick! Name a good PS4 game to help me build my library![View]
403488474>SFV:AE releases tomorrow >Still haven't finished all the trials there are to finish. …[View]
403490126is this a sophisticated adult game?[View]
403488618Why does /v/ hate this game?[View]
403489954is battlefield 1 worth buying?[View]
403469816Please post your autistic gaming habits. We all have them.[View]
403489953Rainbow Six Vegas 3 How would you do it?[View]
403486284I got a PS4 on black Friday since it was cheap and I'll eventually need one for Death Stranding…[View]
403487912>opened Microsoft store >clicked to download trial of ReCore >now downloading Okay, so what…[View]
403460798Will they ever top the masterpieces that are T&T and AAI2?[View]
403489539/v/ I just had a terrible nightmare It was one where Microsoft managed to abuse a legal loophole all…[View]
403488584Git gud[View]
403484904I was reading a thread about MMORPGS, and it was pruned. So I thought I would start one myself. What…[View]
403462130Dissidia NT: Gas all cloud players edition: Also, based Shanty tomorrow[View]
403489660The last vidya you played is now a musical What scenes are used as songs?[View]
403483207Does anyone feel like as if Big Boss somehow got younger in Phantom Pain? Getting off on a motorcycl…[View]
403483898>Hey Anon: >Hey Anon, you play video games? Anon 'Yeah kinda' >Like ps4 or xbox one? Anon '…[View]
403483657Do you think link could fit his whole body inside?[View]
403468945What the fuck went wrong? A Star Wars MMO should have been a huge success. Why did SWTOR fail so har…[View]
403448845This is now a Heroes of Might & Magic thread.[View]
403489331Just a thought like that, what if there was Star Wars Racer VR?[View]
403488268As someone who only owns Nintendo consoles and has a toaster of a PC (It can play Cuphead and that…[View]
403430642Is Yume Nikki a walking simulator?[View]
403486351I want to hate her for all the time she made me waste on her, but I can't. She's just too …[View]
403487829I can not for the life of me figure out where Kairi is in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2. Is ther…[View]
403489061Why does Sonic Utopia look so ugly? I think I understand why they changed Sonic's design.[View]
403481526What is the correct way to remove/put on joycons before and after playing?: I always like to play Sw…[View]
403486648>the best mgs game Prove me wrong, /v/[View]
403486705What are your thoughts on the Hitman franchise and its possible future?[View]
403485674>tfw banned from /mu/ What are your favorite vidya soundtracks, /v/?[View]
403488023cozy scenarios in vidya: >Daring escape from homeworld after an all-out enemy invasion >Hide o…[View]
403488196>UYA is the worst of the trilogy cause it's too linear! Yeah but it has zero ship sections, …[View]
403484445What is the videogame equivalent of metastatic cancer? Some candidates >TF2 >Dota/LoL >WoW…[View]
403480661Should I buy Xenoblade 2? The only jrpg I remember completing was Final Fantasy Crisis Core and I al…[View]
403486158Can Switch ever be the console for fighting games?[View]
403439832Did you enjoy your 10 minute content?[View]
403482829>it ain't go gam-[View]
403480205>'Wind Waker was such an innovat--[View]
403481530Which game did you last platinum?[View]
403488030Are there any games that are about scams, con artists, or are mostly dialogue/persuasion based? Plen…[View]
403479023Is this it /v/? Will this game finally be the one where she can do her job and hunt a bounty?[View]
403487321Other than the QTEs is Anniversary a decent remake? Also what is the bestTomb Raider is in general?…[View]
403484567What are you doin', kiddo?[View]
403486901What should I buy?: I have $169 blizz bucks from WoW Gold Cashout - What should I buy?[View]
403487531Switch: ...[View]
403486903Viscera Cleanup Detail Thread: Anyone still up who wants to do some cleaning?[View]
403481017He's one of the best character in mario by a huge degree. Why does nintendo not use him more?[View]
403487359Is Pauline a cuck?[View]
403485412Game covers with spoilers[View]
403485939Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition: what would you give me for dis[View]
403485640What game has the worst hitboxes?[View]
403456303*destroys your videogames*[View]
403479094>A dance dance revolution MMO[View]
403487039What are some games where choices matter?[View]
403482871Shadow of War: Why is this so fun /v/[View]
403484017I hope there's a 'Funky hard mode' where he only has 2 hearts He looks like a fun character but…[View]
403475672Defend this[View]
403486090Rust: I have NEVER seen this game even mentioned on this board. Why is that?[View]
403479563The great debate: Ori vs Hollow Knight[View]
403483016What was his fucking problem?[View]
403370072What the fuck is going on?[View]
403484259E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy thread: Looters need not reply[View]
403481923Am I the only one who thinks there is TOO much Mario on the Switch already? >Super Mario Odyssey …[View]
403480904>built up courage to use voice chat in a server full of /v/ users > >yeah you should go bac…[View]
403485786Who was in the wrong here?[View]
403484002What were they thinking?[View]
403477995Why isn't it more fondly remembered, /v/?[View]
403483628Stickman Epic 2: Sooo can you draw dicks or lewd things and play as them?[View]
403485538someone remake deus ex 1 with vr support and touch control interaction or else[View]
403482548Which games do animal companions/familiars the best? Most games just have them follow you around but…[View]
403483831>nobody cares about it anymore what went wrong?[View]
403485468name a bigger franchise that is now dead?[View]
403464674Well, /v/?[View]
403475789/v/ermin /v/eekend: Create monsters and watch them battle. Tonight is wrapping up soon.[View]
403478356Which was worse?[View]
403470514>'story doesn't matter as long as gameplay is good' What other wrong things have you heard p…[View]
403485308I just hacked my SNES classic. What games should I add?[View]
403484187Rainbow 6 siege minileak: wtf is dis? https://youtu.be/WFQsk2YBPgs[View]
403484948I'm not the only one who didn't find him that difficult right? In fact because of the rece…[View]
403484910What's that one game you can't stop loving /v/?[View]
403484313Rainbow 6 New Op Footage Leak: Looks like it may be real https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFQsk2YBPgs…[View]
403478368Are these still banned from AGDQ?[View]
403484618ITT: 10/10 Box Art[View]
403459017>everything post classic sonic looks like cr-[View]
403483887ITT: Games with amazing soundtracks[View]
403481178what is the greatest jrpg of all time? WRPG's its easy to figure out, being Ultima 7. But what …[View]
403484454I want to play one of the new Fire Emblem games, but I hate waifu shit with a burning passion. Which…[View]
403479916>it's fun after 5 minutes[View]
403472980Would you pay 600$ for a figurine from you favourite video game?[View]
403484391Tell em to make it count[View]
403460189Why the fuck are they in school on Saturday?[View]
403483675It's OKAY when Nintendo does it[View]
403481575Defend this.[View]
403476924Daily reminder that Master Chief is actually a giant[View]
403481828What happened to the city builder genre?[View]
403476549Why he is still so edgy, even being rougly the same age as S76?[View]
403468290Yume Nikki: Let's discuss, post arts and enjoy ourselves without shitposting[View]
403432845what happened to speedrunning? everyone used to look like someone you could hang out with and innoce…[View]
403482416I'd like to get into SMT but I keep hearing how every game has a fuckhuge amount of 'how was I …[View]
403481509Unearth an aberration[View]
403479559So /v/ I just bought Dominions 5 on a whim and while I'm enjoying it I have absolutely no idea …[View]
403477985>recently started to thank healers in games >they heal me twice as much and follow me around s…[View]
403480595Guilty pleasure. Please don't judge me edition.[View]
403483620Obscure Games Thread: I'm aware that pic related is not obscure in relation to many other games…[View]
403482082the average Katamari player[View]
403475630what does it feel like to go through one[View]
403483245What are some of the less cancerous worlds I can visit in vrchat? Or just interesting worlds in gene…[View]
403475526After all those years, how does it hold up?[View]
403483198Meanwhile, on the USG /v/shimura...[View]
403483161BORED TO DEATH-NEED NEW GAME SUGGESTIONS: Hey /v/ what are some fun vidya? I want to buy Hand of Fat…[View]
403473947post pic of your favorite character and post why you liek. Corporal Hart from TimeSplitters 2 becaus…[View]
403480687>no tutorial literally inexcusable[View]
403479162I dropped below 144 fps today and I almost threw up. How are people able to not only play at 30 fps,…[View]
403481121Hey you guys want L4D3? Haha no.[View]
403479278What games are you looking forward to?: Megaman 11, Bloodstained, Resident evil 2 remake, ff7 remake…[View]
403477869Here is how my LP (which i didn't upload and probably wont out of lazyness) pretty much went: …[View]
403482514Gwyn did nothing wrong. Humans were creatures of the dark, linked to the abyss and the deep He'…[View]
403417747What vidya has the best swordplay?[View]
403482673I've been looking to find all of Vivian James games but the 'vivitest' game's Dropbox is dead. …[View]
403473228Is it bad that I am rooting for Master Xehanort to win?: All the heroes are just meh at best, and 'p…[View]
403477508This game is actually really fun[View]
403480929is there a better racer than this on pc?[View]
403459970/v/ plays Half Life 1 in Sven Co-op: GET IN HERE server is full of anons[View]
403427029Titanfall 2: *Stims behind you and CARs you down*[View]
403482256Do you still feel the phantom pain?[View]
403480778Will minisentries ever be good again?[View]
403479686What is she doing?: You know the drill, put an image on the headset. If you can't just say what…[View]
403481174Hornet is for _____[View]
403481806>11 years old >kids who bought this at launch when they were 7 can now post here >no paper …[View]
403477941If you hated or simply didn't liked The Witcher 3, are you looking forward for this game? The s…[View]
403480193How is the PS1 Chrono Trigger port on PSP/Vita?: I am thinking of getting it since its on sale on th…[View]
403455230what happened?[View]
403481873hollow knight thread: TRIAL OF FOOLS REEEEEEEEE[View]
403465910>first pick an offlaner >peruvian picks another offlaner and comes to my lane >mess up last…[View]
403481619Can't remember title: There's a game that I've been looking for, I can't remembe…[View]
403481574What games make you feel RICH?[View]
403480182>first MN9 trailer >all that hope and optimism >game is released >'It's better than…[View]
403481549Adulthood: >finally start working >Work my ass off >Work 2 jobs, save all my tips >Can…[View]
403480912Is TW Shogun 2 the best Total War game?[View]
403477731What do I play /v/[View]
403465481I've been living under a rock for the last months: What's our general opinion about Dragon…[View]
403480869How does this image make you feel /v/?[View]
403480860When is SEGA gonna port the Yakuza games to the Switch? Most of them were on PS3 so surely they…[View]
403451474>Chest Thickness[View]
403480578>play grindy game >want to watch videos or browse 4chan while i do it >don't have 2 mo…[View]
403480562What games let me be a hero against all odds?[View]
403480376I have returned.[View]
403478668Types of game you dont have patience to play anymore: >search for keys to open door >open door…[View]
403480347Switch e shop: Hey /v/ i got one one of these wahooo nintenbucks card and one weegee card so around …[View]
403479185>wow, whoever made this must've been on some marijuana amiright[View]
403454297Monster hunter thread: What you guys think is the worst monster in the series?[View]
403471337Fallout 4 Thread: Alright /v/, post your best mod recommendations.[View]
403477884>retro indie platformer >claims to be challenging like NES games >still has unlimited conti…[View]
403471938I want to buy a Switch game on the eShop tonight, any suggestions? I already have Botw, Mario Odysse…[View]
403479991Why hasn't there been a video game that can compete with League of Legends?[View]
403475173LiS: This game is hella good![View]
403477861Hey /v/irgins, I'm downloading some games to my hacked 3ds. I'm really enjoy play harvestm…[View]
403468613Any games you are excited for this year? Hopefully this will be as well optimized as primal[View]
403479493Hey mum and dad it’s been a while[View]
403472552I'm depressed as fuck. Please recommend an immerse rpg to get lost in. Favs are fallout nv and …[View]
403461717Why is this game usually considered drastically inferior to the first one?[View]
4034560153 Days Left: Only three days are left, /v/. Are you going to do your duty? Or are you going to compl…[View]
403469812Golden Sun: Will they ever actually finish it[View]
403476498Wat do /v/? I have to restart about 5 times before I can get it to this, then it freezes.[View]
403477475What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
403476232Games only you've played[View]
403477338This is the best menu theme out of any game ever, you absolutely can't refute this https://www.…[View]
403465404Hey /v/ I just watched nu game and now i have a unpleasant urge to join a game company. I live in e…[View]
403477764Technically: This is a 'pure' RPG. There is no debate here. Just a fact.[View]
403471456What happened to this guy?[View]
403476668What would you do if you got stuck in a video game?[View]
403474561>tfw I realize my childhood with video games (browser-based games, MMOs, CoD) is a lot worse than…[View]
403479061Which swordsmen can beat him?[View]
403479024AND GAYMEN![View]
403476129Whats good bitches, guess who just turned 18 today. Give me some good M rated games that I can now p…[View]
403478798What were they thinking?[View]
403475987Street Fighter V thread: So just to make sure I understand, since I have the vanilla version of the …[View]
403478145Post your favorite games and your feet[View]
403476463Xbox banned my gamertag again. Help me pick a new one.[View]
403477732>side-scrolling >open world[View]
4034626182018 and still people exist that think console is better than PC gaming.: Explain yourselves without…[View]
403478486>that one game series that use to be popular as fuck but then completely fizzled out after a coup…[View]
403443864Smash 5 thread: What new characters do you wish/want to see in the next SSB? I want to see Geno, fro…[View]
403473084Videogame Mysteries: What is the reflection supposed to be?[View]
403467928Why do Russians have superior gaming taste?[View]
403478005Video Games: Well, I'm planning to be a game director one day.. I don' t know how to start…[View]
403477668*be the best castlevania*[View]
403474395Why is this kind of shit allowed in video game?[View]
403475640>Red coins or whatever the fuck they're called look exactly the same as regular gems and the…[View]
403475624What are the odds of Bayonetta 2 being 720p and stable 30fps in handheld mode on Switch? After Xenob…[View]
403477706Video game songs that make you feel uneasy? Might sound like an odd thread topic but you know EXACTL…[View]
403477670TagPro Thread: What position do you play, /v/?[View]
403477624With RPCS3's performance being where it is, has anyone else gone back for a replay? About to go…[View]
403473273This is too complex for DB FighterZ[View]
403477574Bad games that actually do something really well: I'll start Nights of Azure 2 has some really …[View]
403477568This was the follow up to Yoshi's Island. It was made by the same team. They even wanted to cal…[View]
403453663Why are people getting triggered over the Switch emulator,It's not even able to launch games ye…[View]
403476427Best/Worst Gamers in the World: Best >USA >Korea Worst >Brazil…[View]
403470912>Not being excited for Mordhau or hating on chivalry Uummm sorry sweeties but some history for yo…[View]
403470048Visual novels featuring true love: Let's see some contributions, /v/.[View]
403469380Is it good?[View]
403475772Nintendo Switch: Hey there, fellas! I just got myself a Nintendo Switch and Zelda, Mario Kart 8 and …[View]
403474554Be honest with me /v/ will this save street fighter after the bad RP capcom made with marvel vs capc…[View]
403436165Switch Emulation: A Nintendo Switch emulator now exists being made by the 3DS emulator devs. https:/…[View]
403475146IN A.D. 2101 WAR WAS BEGINNING[View]
403475923>modern level design[View]
403475414What are some good video games?[View]
403473926Anybody looking forward to this[View]
403447539Do people really like Okami or is it just the dogs asshole?[View]
403468275tfw there are no ethical hacker gurls, there's not even any girls who can program arduinos or r…[View]
403475131Remember when game consoles use to put enhanced hardware in cartridges? Why can't modern consol…[View]
403473737Super Star vs Super Star Ultra: Y'know, with a large amount of criticism of Kirby's Nightm…[View]
403473940BLOODY HELL N SHEIT[View]
403476146Why does Zelda look so happy?[View]
403474391Do you agree with the direction the Yoshi franchise is going in?[View]
403458067>read that 99% of cheaters in a game are from China >official response is 'Why are you so raci…[View]
403475125How the FUCK do I join a PVP match on warframe? Been away for 2 years[View]
403476314Price Difference: What is the deal with often delayed physical versions of indie games going on sale…[View]
403472182Amelia is cute! bloodbourne thread too I guess[View]
403476178What games make you feel rich OR let you have a massive physical pile of treasure or loot?[View]
403476062>game has companion NPC with unskippable dialogue all the time[View]
403432318I wish I could enjoy Skyrim as much as other people.[View]
403476138This is actually very entertaining.[View]
4034680372BootyFull4U: Is this the most interesting game to come out in the last 10 years?[View]
403471046Leave MMOs to me[View]
403468182You know it's coming[View]
40347250610/10 ost thread[View]
403473462Serious question: so uhh in games like Minecraft and 7 Days to Die I have this really strong aversio…[View]
403474247Why did they make the best souls game for casuals? Also what's the story on shadows die twice, …[View]
4034755403x3 thread[View]
403473804>game series you love ends[View]
403475083They asked how well I understood theoretical 'Fallout New Vegas Threads.' I said I had a theoretical…[View]
403475238This game is so good. Come here and talk with me about it.[View]
403470454Post predictions for the next generations of TES >Elder Scrolls VI Akavir(another alien continent…[View]
403473951>tfw nothing to play[View]
403475042What did Steam mean by this?[View]
403467602/v/ermin /v/eekend: Make monsters (or whatever) and watch them fight (or fight).[View]
403475054What comfy games do you like playing /v/? Recently played The Long Dark and loved it especially sinc…[View]
403455651Do you smoke while playing video games?[View]
403475020How long until a game that has actual crowded cities and bright neon colored signs instead of the du…[View]
403472418Sup /v/, let's have a thread about video games.[View]
403474925Comfy video memories: >tfw you will never go balls deep into a 9 hour hoi3 session as japan autis…[View]
403472795>two years later >still the best multiplayer shooter…[View]
403474287What is the best Hitman game and why is it Absolution?[View]
403461274dont you wish you could lan with your bros after cleaning chicken?[View]
403474627Wat do /v/? I have to restart it 5 times in order for it to say success, but then it just freezes.[View]
403472671What is the best racing game looking like this?[View]
403440489ITT:: Summarize a video game with a Xavier Renegade Angel quote[View]
403473232ITT: Games impossible to discuss on /v/ anymore[View]
403472027Times when being a silent protagonist fucked you over.[View]
403473329PTSD thread[View]
403473478Would you eat a jalapeño red pepper anchovy double garlic pizza?[View]
403472304Who here fell for the OG early access scam? (before early access was a thing) I think this game insp…[View]
403458294MMORPG thread What are you >looking forward to >miss >playing >etc >>403428550…[View]
403474221>tfw don't even play videogames anymore Please give any game that'll make me want to ac…[View]
403470710>modern level design[View]
403469614Xbox 360 was released almost 13 years ago[View]
403474134Snk heroines: I want the real Athena in.[View]
403472930>Played HL2 on the orange box years ago as a kid, loved every minute of it >Recently bought Ha…[View]
403473298>Tfw i've unironically bought skyrim atleast 3 times[View]
403473959>early 2000's level >'MY GIRLFRIEND, MY DUMB DOUGHNUT' starts playing…[View]
403444527>There will never be a Torchlight 3 RIP in peace Runic Games.[View]
403471568Now that the dust has settled, did we like it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM7ZSlvRoAI[View]
403468015Great boss games: What are the best games where the only/main focus is on memorable boss encounters?…[View]
403408130help i cant choose between them[View]
403473761to whoever recommended i buy this in last steam sale thread we had, fuck you. fuck the dev too. absu…[View]
403471419Devil may cry 4: Why does Lady look like Donte in DMC4?[View]
403469517What games are great at making you feel RICH??[View]
403473680>bossfight has two phases >second phase is easier…[View]
403473595Im confused, is the Beta Open or not because Im getting Failed to Initialize Network Each fucking Ti…[View]
403471742>kino >flick >direct to home video >video on demand >movie are we all in agreement?…[View]
403468057Why does /v/ never talk about Rayman 2?[View]
403465495Why do SWITCHboys want Cuphead on their system so bad that they make cringey photoshops like this?[View]
403452776Comfy Minecraft Thread[View]
403473240if Ardyn gets added to Kingdom Hearts 3, is he going to steal someone's ice cream as revenge fo…[View]
403443168Star Wars Battlefront 2 Thread: Server name is /v/iggers Password is the usual Get in faggots[View]
403472889What's the best soundtrack of the 8th generation and why is it Tropical Dong?[View]
403446885have you ever got in a situation where you are playing outside with your handheld and some curiois k…[View]
403472009Jesus fuck.: Is there a SINGLE Western RPG that ISN'T boring, gritty, rated M Bro-shit? >Har…[View]
403471861lol, PC can't run Breath of the-[View]
403470945>tfw Mario 64 is old enough to post on 4chan and drink[View]
403471774Wait. So the town wasn't doing any fuckery? It was all just in a person's head and the del…[View]
403465621Post the most unpopular opinion you have: I think the original Super Mario Bros. is superior to Supe…[View]
403472383So seek solace in your manor, befitting your lineage. And take up your nugatory vigil, haunted forev…[View]
403470918ITT: The ones we couldn’t save.[View]
403471442>In this game, your choices matter.[View]
403470237So, I rushed through the game, yeah I know, I'm a retard But I don't feel like doing sideq…[View]
403432458ZeRo retires from competitive Smash: It finally happened. https://twitter.com/TSMZeRo/status/9519148…[View]
403460469the average Dark Souls 2 player[View]
403471675Glarthir did nothing wrong[View]
403471850Fire Emblem Direct 18.01.2018: There will be a Fire Emblem Direct on Thursday 18th. The announcement…[View]
403466469is there a more kino trilogy?[View]
403471004Elder Scrolls Online: Is this thing at all worth my time?[View]
403471854great streamer: twitch com the264th great new streeamer almost affilliatee! he so nice and will foll…[View]
403467709Ethercraft: >he's not earning free money on the first real blockchain video game Looks like …[View]
403471643Was it Kino ?[View]
403468649>beat MGR w/ Assist Mode on because I thought I needed to combine square with the analog in accor…[View]
403469295What is the Sonic Boom of videogames?[View]
403471450>oh yes, that's true, me and some acquaintances are working on a video game >me? oh I…[View]
403467308What are some games with more moral freedom than the usual 'neutral', 'good' and 'dick' options? Bon…[View]
403459131ITT: Finish designing the boxart for the Yoshi Switch game.[View]
403468564Post dem worst entry in the series.[View]
403470924itt: overrated rpgs[View]
403471191We did it bros. SMT in glorious 4k 144Hz![View]
403471154I'd forgotten what rage inducing piece of shit this game was[View]
403464526what would a modern rdr look like?[View]
403471050You ate a Cabbage...Yuck![View]
403456009how the fuck did people solve video games secrets before the internet?[View]
403468550You are going to thank him for all the memes and buy his games right? https://youtu.be/yCGyQjRbGkI?t…[View]
403457642>He fell for the 'Uncharted has bad gameplay' meme[View]
403470662>play new game >avoid any and all places that even have the slightest chances of spoiling it (…[View]
403470658ITT: Villains who are arguably the hero[View]
403470629so whatever happened with the deadman switch did anyone ever open the file besides the guy dumping?[View]
403470584Simulation thread. What are you playing? Roller coasters, farming, trains or something? This black w…[View]
403453290Give me some good rogue-likes: I'd eventually like to make my own from scratch.[View]
403464198Has anyone experice with joining a game company in nip[View]
403426557>Game is all about being dedicated to your attacks to where you can't cancel what you map ou…[View]
403469236Are they dating?[View]
403470161Why did this series have to die forever when so many other franchises can release shitty game after …[View]
403463091Costco or Sams Club which has the better deals for new video games?[View]
403464043Hey /v/, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is 'free' on PS+ in case you didn't know.[View]
403460675Objectively the worst area in Dark Souls 2, by far.[View]
403466198By the goddess, Shepard. You aren’t some xenophile are you?[View]
403470065Anon, the newest fighting game was just released! What are your first impressions? >your main …[View]
403470024Warhammer 40k: Will we ever get a truly great Warhammer 40,000 video game?[View]
403468285>playing pic related for the first time >start on medium difficiculty expecting a cakewalk …[View]
403469964Dead Space: Do you think the people from visceral that left EA entirely, could start up their own sm…[View]
403468279Why aren't you playing Halo Online?[View]
403465372Whoa! Can't wait to watch Sony's newest movie![View]
403460031Things you'd like to see in this game?[View]
403467083Go ahead. Find one fuckin flaw.[View]
403468569Other than Bloodborne, Name a game that will satisfy a cosmic horror fan.[View]
403469804Anyone else want to play?[View]
403467405Why is there no open world game about exploring Detroit or a ripoff of Detroit?[View]
403463967>/v/ will defend this[View]
403467657Make it more vidya.[View]
403463969Who's your vidya dream gurl?[View]
403469562X4: Foundations: How come none of you turbo black people told me this was coming out this year? Look…[View]
403464770Bravely Default thread!: Buy her game![View]
403468913What video games have made you disappointed?[View]
403466982>nu-/v/ defends Gaylo What went wrong?[View]
403469467blizzard plagiarizes[View]
403468231Do you think modders will bring back Miiverse?[View]
403467697>game is impossible to post about on /v/ without the thread being shitposted to death…[View]
403468543Why does /v/ hate female protag?[View]
403466945I told you comedy would win[View]
403467247Why arent you buying your gpu from Best Buy /v/?[View]
403468368does ozark get good at any point? im on ep 4 and i think i hate everyone involved in this[View]
403465882Conker's Bad Fur Day or Max Payne: Conker's shooting evolves from survival horror to milit…[View]
403468169Worst game ever made.[View]
403467747Come play Ace of spades, its super easy to setup and it's free, https://discord.gg/ddNshKD chec…[View]
403467003>Enter a username[View]
403465941With all the recent trends in gaming of remakes and remasters and whatnot. Do you think one day, may…[View]
403467018Worth it?[View]
403468501How can I take your opinion on Mario seriously if you haven't beaten this?[View]
403463247How is that factory going /v/?[View]
403464971Metro 2033 audio: Playing this gem for the first time. My only issue is: why is the audio so shitty?…[View]
403465902What's your favorite Capcom franchise?[View]
403468274I fucking love this controller Yes the old one specifically[View]
403435615Is Tropical Freeze one of the best 2D platformers of the last 10 years?[View]
403462109Vidya Music: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=In6s5N7ohXo I'm out of shit to listen to. Post some …[View]
403466195WoW: Classic: What are your predictions for WoW classic? Will it have any sort of longevity? What do…[View]
403454026Would you consider Bloodborne a modern classic?[View]
403461952Who would win in a non-lethal fight, Chris Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy?[View]
403461895buy her new game[View]
403465893Why did this series have to die forever when so many other franchises can release shitty game after …[View]
403464521Dragon's Crown: Reminder that Amazon is best girl[View]
403462486>there are people browsing /v/ RIGHT NOW who genuinely believe GTA 4 isn't the best game in …[View]
403467437>gtx 1080 ti over 1500 bux >rams 100 dollaridos for 8 gbs >need a 800 dollar cpu just to em…[View]
403467147>roguelike >died after 23h >lose all progress NOT AGAAAAIIIIIIN…[View]
403464761What the fuck was her problem?[View]
403466552Are there an VNs where you aren't just reading a book?: >pic related. It was the only one I …[View]
403464243How come this is a clunky mess? It's literally perfect besides the actual combat mechanics.[View]
403463869Senran Kagura 7: Will the new game be more like Deep Crimson than Estival Versus?[View]
403466839Did Kimishima-san kill her off? Why the fuck isn't she in any of the new Mario games?[View]
403451106>game protagonist is gay[View]
403467323YO XBOX[View]
403464871I've never played Mario sports games, what can I expect from this. Is it just a party game that…[View]
403451484Dragon Ball FighterZ: Patience is a virtue[View]
403467325Why wont matchmaking paie me up with anyone?[View]
403466319The World Ends With You Final Remix: Essential teen edgecore[View]
4034663123DS hidden gems: I will start.[View]
403450160Worth playing past ending A? It was nothing special desu[View]
403456920What are some games where I can be a happy merchant? MMOs with a good trading system would work too …[View]
403467068Dead Space: Will we ever see another Dead Space game? Or is it a dead franchise?[View]
403466870>2018 >Still haven't played the GOTY of GOTY Bloodborne Just buy a PS4 brahs, if only to …[View]
403465951ITT: that level[View]
403451542/v/ermin /v/eekend: Make monsters, watch them fight[View]
403466850GTAV Mod Menus: Does anyone know of any currently safe GTAV mod menus? My friends and I were using 2…[View]
403445217>My daughter tried playing Okami, and she got sick of it pretty quickly-and I got pretty sick of …[View]
403466845What are some game moments that disgust you?[View]
403453892I'm going to assume Nintendo was going for the NEET audience with this. I'm 6 hours in and…[View]
403460514Should I play this? I wanna play a siq action adventure game[View]
403447990Ps4 vs Ps4 pro: Should I buy a ps4 or a ps4 pro? Is the difference that big?[View]
403465806The BIGGEST Console of All-Time... is A Handheld Hybrid: Let's be very honest with ourselves: i…[View]
403465860Playing this after Aria. I like the expansion to the older systems and all...but something feels off…[View]
403460017>Game has memes in it[View]
403466295How would you make a good /co/ game?[View]
403465985>he knows frame data[View]
403466176Well Medic i made it, despite your directions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktThOgmI6ZM[View]
403463585I paid 20$ for this. Did I get ripped off?[View]
403466087What are some games where I can play as a dog sniffing the boobs of a girl cosplaying as a Final Fan…[View]
403459828Where were you when Dynasty Warriors was saved? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow2eaGhmtRk[View]
403463124What are some good games about unearthing ancient historical treasure, preferably with convoluted cl…[View]
403465974Where did everything go so awfully _fun_?[View]
403459424When did AVGN peak?[View]
403465819ITT: games that need an anime adaption.[View]
403461136Is Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business worth? Also general Jagged Alliance bread I guess. https:/…[View]
403463742I've been waiting for you, /v/.[View]
403462935Dark Souls but better[View]
403465565Would you like to be a game developer/director someday /v/?[View]
403436580Apologize. Now.[View]
403465428Quick, /v/! >Current game you're playing through >Favorite console >Favorite ice cream…[View]
403455664Any games you guys are looking forward to in 2018?[View]
403426105Report: PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Has Hours of Cinematics: https://www.dualshockers.com/report-ps4-exc…[View]
4034510183x3 Thread?: How about one of these? Go to https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php to make your own. Ra…[View]
403463519All this for nothing. What a fucking waste of time.[View]
403465103Doki Doki Literature Club: >Basically only 1 route >only a couple hours long >not even scar…[View]
403463331Rate FitGirl.[View]
403465192Do you guys think Mike will let James continue to make Angry Video Game Nerd episodes as frequently …[View]
403451616Street Fighter V: Are you updating her game on Tuesday and playing her Arcade Mode?[View]
403459494What did /v/ think of Matpat's latest 2 videos about loot boxes?[View]
403461475Does anyone play starcraft 2 anymore? https://youtu.be/CatSUg0KyAM[View]
403463492gonna play this, what should I expect?[View]
403458530we can all agree on this ranking right?[View]
403454736>The undisputed best weapon is found in the first levels of the game any other games that do thi…[View]
403454702Why do Prince of Persia threads die so quickly? Could it be because this board is full of underage …[View]
403464825What are some good games to play after your gf breaks up with you /v/?[View]
403459132Is it okay to port games to Switch?[View]
403460450Vermintide 2: Bless This Ravaged Body: Anyone else looking forward to this or just me? https://www.y…[View]
403463006>tfw the only console in the house is in another person's bedroom How do you cope?…[View]
403464690if capcom was any smart theyd port this to the switch right now >simple controls that can easily …[View]
403463153Post games with diversity that don't get recognized for it. >Pic related…[View]
403464545Red Dead Redemption: Why were these maps so fucking cool? It was so fucking dank getting these and t…[View]
403464682Cockteases: ITT: Female characters in games who have literally no other point or purpose in a game o…[View]
403462297>These will be the most relevant games of the 8th generation How mad does this make you fags?…[View]
403464193What JRPGs do the 'power of friendship' thing the best? I want to feel happy-good as my party member…[View]
403459985Has a sequel's graphics ever blew its predecessor's out of the water completely? Barring 2…[View]
403463753>poopposting >cockposting >pornposting just how old are you lads…[View]
403454687Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character before?[View]
403461387>there are people who despite having official sources on the correct way still mispronounce this …[View]
403462247Is this the most normie game there has ever been. I have never seen so many pointless memes about a …[View]
403461321I know I'm pretty late, but I just noticed this was on the eShop channel and dang it's pre…[View]
403450208Xcom thread.[View]
403443598Downfall of the Cage-man: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-01-14-david-cage-and-quantic-dream-…[View]
403459513Why do some on /v/ hate the witcher again? Its based off an amazing story by an amazing author. it p…[View]
403461219>Ugly as fuck >Outstaged by his brother wherever he goes >Gets BTFO every match he fights I…[View]
403463886What's a cozy game you like to play /v/? I loved The Long Dark especially being the winter but …[View]
403456565>Game made by Nips >Has fishing minigame[View]
403451221Shes pretty much going to be playable in Mario Tennis Aces agree /v/?[View]
403457314Golden Sun: I never played the first game as a kid. >mfw I realized I was supposed to be the 'bad…[View]
403453283How should I punish my Wii U for taking up space in my house and not providing any form of entertain…[View]
403452936Fire Emblem Thread?: Who does sword hand want for a father? I'm leaning towards lonk.[View]
403455823>literally the game's mascot >worst in-game character Explain this…[View]
403461287>COLLECT >8 >BONES Insomniac, what the fuck. I pissed myself at that part.…[View]
403462645Can you help a /v/irgin find a pubg player?: I was playing some 4-squad PUBG earlier today and one o…[View]
403359578/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>403249667 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
403461332Wreckfest: So when is the complete, full, actual game coming out?[View]
403460729Holy molly this game is great. I get it why it went unnoticed but it's a shame really, it'…[View]
403462494Hello /v/, I have 180 euro and I don't know what to do with them. I've thought about buyin…[View]
403453363What's happening to my Florina?[View]
403462443How do you like 6th gen mods so far?[View]
403456352Which one is better?[View]
403462375>game cures your gambling addiction[View]
403459568This existed.[View]
403462243we shall stage a raid on roblox until it must shut down for one day but how you may ask 4chan? and w…[View]
403462274Hey anons, you all ready for the Carnival of Time? I have a feeling this years festival will be the …[View]
403451773Games that are (almost) perfect[View]
403462058how do you go straight from highschool to a game dev company without further studies? is this even p…[View]
403459146You probably don't care what I think, but this is a great game.[View]
4034604381st/3rd person or top down RPG where you can play a party of at least 2 customizable characters? Pic…[View]
403461863Anyone else get into this? Is it going to be good? Should I install windows 10 just to play it?[View]
403461612Why do people like the ps4? I lost my Xbox One in pawn and the ps4 is so terrible compared to it in …[View]
403457896What game let's me team up with my best friend and go all out against the strongest.[View]
403458320Tfw no game revolving around female zombies that feed off of human semen[View]
403461382Why does /v/ not talk about this game?: Clearly the coolest looking game shown at the game awards. W…[View]
403461653>ruins your map[View]
403461108Does piracy affect game sales? Discuss[View]
403461483At which age will you finally drop video games and sort yourself out?[View]
403456067Do you typically enjoy /v/core games? I'm always surprised at how much I like the stuff that th…[View]
403461186>yfw Anachronox was making fun of collectables back in 2001 >there are people on forward slash…[View]
403461181Can we have a thread about this game? Its literally the best survival game out there[View]
403457039The other thread was deleted while I was away, most likely due to cameltoe, so here it goes again: I…[View]
403460636Did you like Starfox Adventures?[View]
403455506Did anyone like this character?[View]
403459824Why do SWITCHers want Cuphead on their system so bad that they make cringy photoshops like this?[View]
403450867Thoughts /v/?[View]
403458304This is a naoto[View]
403460817im stroking my penis while i make this thread and type this post lol[View]
403459395Post enemies that unnerve you[View]
403457342Just 5 more months...[View]
403458607*picks archer* *misses every shot*[View]
403454980Will AE fix Street Fighter V?[View]
403455242i have a ps3 for 4 more months and then i probably wont have one again for a while at least. What ar…[View]
403460323What are your thoughts on looking up guides on a first playthrough? How long will you allow yourself…[View]
403460230rly ignites my almonds, glad i chose triss tbqhwyfsmh desu[View]
403460196It's shit.[View]
403450435What's your opinion on the Onimusha series?[View]
403459439Have the Tenchu games aged well? Should I just skip to the second game? What other games in the seri…[View]
403460148hurfz durfz wer is de vidya[View]
403459715You groove you lose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK0Q3PEFvEo&list=PLnPllN2V0qw-zpyroOewlT0qe8…[View]
403460073Silence i'll execute you all![View]
403450365>FighterZ so is a contestant for having one of the shittiest beta servers for a popular game in P…[View]
403426448DISSIDIA NT BETA THREAD How are you enjoying the beta? Beoulve boys where you at? Have you been able…[View]
403456173How much of 2017 did you waste fellow sonaholes?[View]
403460010will rockstar remake this game in april 29 or something?[View]
403451217What is it that makes making friends in modern video games so difficult? I swear it used to be a hel…[View]
403459504Shock-Likes Thread: Not necessarily in order of best -> worst. System Shock 2 is obviously the ki…[View]
403457987Don't mind me, just the BEST Tales game coming through.[View]
403459835steam icon thread: my waifu also can somebody send me stardew valley pls i really fucking want it ht…[View]
403457315Thought on this guy?[View]
403459768Has a game ever been killed by one video before? There have been games killed because streamers pile…[View]
403433256Should I get this game? I heard it was decent, but also a lot of p2w grinding[View]
403450730>overwatch is balanced[View]
403456341Why doesn't Dark Souls III answer any questions that actually need answering? >What the fuck…[View]
403459123>game has 'magic' >it's just generic fire/water/earth/wind bullshit Why aren't there…[View]
403458202What went so wrong with the Wii U? Why did Nintendo themselves stop caring about the quality of thei…[View]
403421770Planning on downloading this. Is it any good?[View]
403457510For some reason thread was deleted, trying again. Lets talk about mecha games.[View]
403455074How's that YouTube gaming channel going, /v/? You ARE making one, right? You do realize that yo…[View]
403458824>NPC says there's an easier path somewhere on the map >use the harder path anyways…[View]
403438498Now that it's official, welcome the new addition to the Death Stranding cast[View]
403454662What kind of new characters do you want to see in the upcoming DOA game?[View]
403449178>Light boss >''I'm gonna Knock your lights out''…[View]
403453409Finish the game!: wasn't this supposed to be out early this year?[View]
403452385Soulless remakes: What are some remakes where the developers completely missed the point of the orig…[View]
403458178Did anyone here play this game? It's not peak Falcom but it's still an enjoyable little ga…[View]
403458409ITT: shit bosses I'll start with probably the worst fucking boss in all of Dark Souls 3 >too…[View]
403451296What happened to Deep Down? I thought this game looked gorgeous[View]
403454073he'll probably get his own amiibo.[View]
403449883okay /v/ do I buy a xbox one X or a ps4 pro for monster hunter. I have a pc, but im not waiting a ha…[View]
403458235Post games that are 8/10 and above![View]
403449097SNK Heroines thread, Cow Mai is best girl.[View]
403456239It begins[View]
403456840>take a literal nobody hick looking guy from the tavern and turn him into a lord >give him a c…[View]
403453616Unironically hyped for this. Gonna pirate it.[View]
403457994Sword Master Nes: I don't remember much from this. Nice graphics though I recall. Anyway I can…[View]
403457925im really excited about this guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gozydI6VjX4[View]
403454012>be me > go washroom > leave the Boston 2018 stream on > come back, free souvenir pack.…[View]
403456374Anyone making real money by playing runescape?: I was wondering if there is any way you can make a d…[View]
403428550What next for the MMORPG genre? Is it dead?[View]
403457705Oh Anon, I wish it was only your face that was annoying me right now[View]
403457701Is this accurate?[View]
403457697When's the aquatic update for Minecraft coming out? ty[View]
403453820Dude, sick! green shoulders! man this is gonna look awesome with my defias leather gear[View]
403455756ITT: Weapons you wish were good. >Heavy as fuck >D/B scaling >24 strength to use one-handed…[View]
403457552Why do you faggots like this shit? I just downloaded '2 Romancing Saga' and it's the worst Japa…[View]
403455176A dragon never yields![View]
403454902so for gta 6 would you prefer a story about the city's underworld and organized crime like in g…[View]
403452160>game's ultimate goal is saving humanity >you kill more humans than zombies >mc ends u…[View]
403457047>tfw Nvidia Xavier in a Switch revision never ever because it's only going to be ever used i…[View]
403454631post cool visuals in games.[View]
403454502Was Steam's self-publication the right direction to go in, or was Greenlight a better system ov…[View]
403455425What the FUCK went wrong?[View]
403448568>JRPG >chad character is hated by everyone >beta MC gets the girl by the end…[View]
403456946Draw the last video game character you play as: Let's see what you have[View]
403455042Why is this relationship so great? Is it the stoic tough girl + cute naive boy dynamic?[View]
403456858Why did this series have to die forever when so many other franchises can release shitty game after …[View]
403456131>quickdraw on grave robber someone's getting nuked round 1 darkest dungeon general…[View]
403456269Why is everything difficult referred to as 'The Dark Souls of...': >The Dark Souls of Persona …[View]
403443852ITT: Games with perfect pacing.: Slogs and padders need not apply.[View]
403456789PS3 controller alternative?: My PS3 controller's L2 button completely crapped out on me, tried …[View]
403455009This has got to be the holy trinity of overrated fucking games. They're boring and control like…[View]
403441603New Super Mario Bros series: FUCK YOU! These games are good.[View]
403456586What'll it be, /v/?[View]
403405475It's Sunday Confess.[View]
403456575>Girlfriend walks in[View]
403454135What the fuck was Nintendo thinking with this crap[View]
403456419Let's have a classic /v/ thread while we wwebsite as on the internet.[View]
403455375mfw switch doesn't have cloud saves. rip my old switch with 70+ hours worth of MK8, 20+ hours …[View]
403454609Should I get it or just play Warband with a LOTR mod?[View]
403451834now that the dust has settled, was it really that bad?[View]
403456108ITT: Early Access games you want to succeed Note that if you're actually dumb enough to buy the…[View]
403451724Well /v/?[View]
403436637DBFZ: Mmhhhh[View]
403452029Never played a MegaMan game. Is this the pinnacle of the series/where to start?[View]
403454708Can this really be a coincidence? Is our future already doomed?[View]
403455559Senran Kagura 7: Will the new game be more like Deep Crimson than Estival Versus?[View]
403455581RPG! RPG![View]
403455451This game is so goddamn fucking BORING[View]
403452247>Catherine Remake is coming >Twewy HD is coming What other franchises do you want to see reviv…[View]
403455367What are my fellow gaymers up to? I'm playing FFXIV right now.[View]
403453981Previous one died. Post your battlestations[View]
403454860>Game allows you to do cocaine[View]
403454664Well Nintendo I made it, despite your directions[View]
403455126https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4vR5pNUp0E Best soundtracks thread?[View]
403454732Is it me, or is this game way worse about item rolls than the original? The AI is ALWAYS getting som…[View]
403455014rogue-like: nuclear throne anyone?[View]
403453669What is the biggest gaming related mistake you ever committed?[View]
403432403and you call them new switch games despite the fact that they are obviously ported[View]
403453721When are you releasing your next indie hit anon?[View]
403451559Will there be more updates after Luigi?[View]
403451904Is Puyo Tetris confirmed for Animevo Japan yet? It's only 2 weeks away.[View]
403454764Just 5 more months for DMC5's announcement. Are you hyped /v/?[View]
403453126this is your king tonight[View]
403424974If Madotsuki is supposedly a NEET, how does she afford living in her apartment?[View]
403453873This is Father Karras, divine prophet of The Master Builder and head of the Mechanist Order. Say som…[View]
403454283Why can't blue Knuckles climb?[View]
403454442Why has there never been a sequel?[View]
403451671what do you want /v/?[View]
403454428ITT: Mario Kart newcomers that legitimately you and ONLY you want. Bonus points if the character is …[View]
403453692Think of your favorite vidyagirl! Why is she your favorite? Is how cute/fuckable/attractive to you t…[View]
403442236Stop playing Morrowind.[View]
403447876Code Vein is going to be FUCKING AMAZING. Can't wait to play this game![View]
403421064Anons, I need your suggestions. I have around $150 to drop on Steam games. Please, no matter how man…[View]
403454337>Think of your favorite game >Improve it further…[View]
403454326Nintendo switch data help: I need some help with the switch. Basically, i had a switch, made a ninte…[View]
403429317/comfy/: Hey, what're you: >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >EATAN >DRINKAN…[View]
403448932Name a more likeable company: You really fucking can't. How can you hate SNK? They made great g…[View]
403454223Xenogears: Every time this game is mentioned, someone will listen to the music again https://youtu…[View]
403423531If you HAD to speedrun one game, what game would it be?[View]
403394712What should i play next?[View]
403453741What do you do when you can't stop waiting for a game to release?[View]
403434730Anthem: What are your thoughts on this video game? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*[View]
403450847Post 17 year old girls ITT.[View]
403452367did anybody else really enjoy this game?[View]
403419164Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Thread: >tfw you finally roll KOSMOS after 50 hours of farming cores I am …[View]
403452134Big nosed merchant, what did nintendo mean by this?[View]
403451781>Be me, 6 years ago, 13 y/o >playing tf2 >kill a pyro >he calls me an asshole >tardra…[View]
403446515Higurashi: Just finished all the chapters available on Steam. What does /v/ think of this interactiv…[View]
403452836Are there any games where I can play as a doll?[View]
403450917So how are you switchfags enjoying the Dragon Quest Builders demo? Will you buy the game when it com…[View]
403453792/v/ plays Sven Co-op: Alright faggots pick a server this time and we'll play[View]
403453753ITT: Moments that made you fucking loathe the main antagonist. Hard Mode: no McTwist[View]
403453048Weapon Claiming Thread: Claim your weapon. Trips and above can steal. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
403453651what are some good hunting games /v/?[View]
403418878ADMIN ABUSE ADMIN ABUSE ADMIN ABUSE ADMIN A̦B̶͉͎͙̪̯Ú̼̖͓̖̞̼̫Ś̖̗̯͉E̜̹ Ą̶̖͔̣̮̜̫̠̠̀̀́ͅA̷̭͈̳̘̙͓̹͈͢A̵̕͡…[View]
403449134I fail to see how Homefront: The Revolution is being called one of the worst games of 2016? Granted,…[View]
403452740Why did this series have to die forever when so many other franchises can release shitty game after …[View]
403450859Should I give Chrono Cross another chance and should I get the PS1 version of Trigger?: *posted this…[View]
403452371Has there been a case of any good live action adaptation of a video game? Pic unrelated, it sucked.[View]
403453338CRPG general: What cRPGs are you playing right now anon? UnderRail or Age of Decadence? Divinity or …[View]
403444087Your next meal is what you've had to eat in your last game: What would it be?[View]
403444261Whats the most amount of money you've spent on a single video game, /v/?[View]
403453185I forgot the name of this game, can you help me? It was turn-based like old-school final fantasy, th…[View]
403453080Is there a game where the mc fights the enemy with his sister?[View]
403442864i'm playing this for the first time and i'm curious, is this game pretty linear? I noticed…[View]
403453120Darkest Dungeon: >bought two moon cloaks from the nice gypsy lady >already have a moon ring an…[View]
403451430what the fuck do you fags do when ranked is down ?[View]
403437714>tank runs on ahead after the party has already started beating up on trash mobs >tank keeps r…[View]
403452797Are there any worthwhile horror/horror-themed games on switch besides DOOM, Resident Evil Revelation…[View]
403424671What are some examples of the worst rosters in videogames?[View]
403449129Why was she so forgettable compared to the Emerald Herald in Dark Souls 2?[View]
403450639Why is hitman so SJW? since when 'hitting men' is considered socially ok?[View]
403452610>TFW you are so fed everyone just runs from you[View]
403452606>ITT: Pokemon with the wrong typing Should be Electric/_Dark[View]
403452571Why aren't platforming RPGs a big thing? Why are we sitting on our ass hoping Bloodstained is g…[View]
403439128About to pick this up on the Switch. Convince me otherwise.[View]
403452342What are some of the best western RPGs of all time? Preferably games where your actions affect the s…[View]
403448630What games are great at making you feel RICH??[View]
403452461ITT: deepest lore Dark Souls not allowed Please don't post the same three Mario images[View]
403416675Well. It looks like She'll be playing Yennefer in the Netflix Witcher series. Was she the right…[View]
403448158Name any console other than PlayStation 3 that had a major hyped up AAA video game released on it 11…[View]
403451687>Play Divinity OS 2 with a buddy >he shits on me for making a Custom character I did nothing w…[View]
403452289New FE thread, featuring /v/ choosing my pairings. Corrin/Kaden is already guaranteed.[View]
403450562What have you done for her today?[View]
403448836Whoooo's NEXT?[View]
403413189Which virtual youtuber is best at playing games? Which one is your favorite?[View]
403448301ITS HAPPENING rare.com[View]
403451870Breath of Fire Thread: Why this game's mechanics aged like milk? >useless support spells …[View]
403441927refute this[View]
403450136What's the most Begone THOT moment you've ever experienced in a video game?[View]
403425095You have build that PC already, right anon?[View]
403443559What are some games where i can stop time[View]
403440076Dragon Ball FighterZ: Post more Goku and Krillin combos[View]
403440317I am bound to a laptop for a month. Name games that you can play on a toaster and aren't comple…[View]
403451493*blocks your path*[View]
403449817Risky Rain: host when?[View]
403448418>plays stalker once[View]
403430536We all agree on this, right?[View]
403451317SOMA: Just finished this game. Did Nier Automata steal its ending????[View]
403451319There is an argument to be made that Super Mario Bros. is an elaborate mental training sequence for …[View]
403451012Red flags in vidya: >cinematic >story-driven >over the shoulder third person shooter >QT…[View]
403448068When was /v/ at its best?[View]
403448006>In <game sequel>, <hero> must fight <new villain> >SURPRISE! It was <bad…[View]
403451156Backlog thread[View]
403451097Y-y'all got any of those defensive options??[View]
403416975>Dark Souls Remastered is getting DEDICATED SERVERS Why is noone talking about this? This will be…[View]
403442281>be bethesda's bitch >make games barely anyone will play because they're not a glori…[View]
403450959Bullet Time: Conker did it first[View]
403447778This just finished downloading What am I in for? Still don't know if this is just some elaborat…[View]
403450906*blocks your path*[View]
403431553/v/ermin /v/eekend: Duel and WC are wrapping up their tournaments today, Duel postrush is later.…[View]
403450886Is this playable and enioyable without psn sub? Ive long canceled my psn membership because, well , …[View]
403450692How did anyone play this before the console release? Playing on a keyboard is so clunky and icky. I…[View]
403450836Give me some good rogue-likes: I'd eventually like to make my own from scratch.[View]
403449248Portability is a meme boon. So many potentially amazing games for the Switch that are ruined because…[View]
403426381MvCI >Shit graphics and fan-service. >Good gameplay. DBFZ >Good graphics and fan-service. …[View]
403448048https://youtu.be/8UjUbjh5-xc Explain please.[View]
403450571Guys, Im really bad at vidya and a brainlet and im about to play DS3 and have fun with a guide to se…[View]
403450446Skyrim Builds/Ways of Playing: Looking for some new fun/interesting ways to play this fucking game t…[View]
403412375Let's have a Fire Emblem thread. What are your wish lists for FE16?[View]
403449108*blocks your video*[View]
403444662Buying in to the HDR meme?: So /v/ I've decided that I want a new TV, as I have a old shitty on…[View]
403449970the real question is...PC or Switch?[View]
403450021>Flash game >Two steps from hell starts playing…[View]
403370353>messed up one conversation 2 planets ago with Bastilia >now i can't romance her I don…[View]
403445971How you guys enjoying the DragonBall FighterZ beta?[View]
403448606Fighter games dpad question: Isnt dualshock 4 dpad with 4 seperate buttons hard to do 180 or 360 deg…[View]
403446786Alright /v/, what is the best way to handle these in a video game?: >automatically attach or pres…[View]
403448198Did yall play this? Is it any good? the only thing i've heard is that there's something ab…[View]
403445882Does this mean he's currently in negotiations with Ubisoft?[View]
403449612>that one kid in school that moved at 30 fps[View]
403447120Is the PS4 the biggest meme console to ever exist?[View]
403449441>Fortnite removes teamkilling >Squad mode is finally playable…[View]
403445069>WW2 Game >No mention of the holocaust Is it /ourgame/?…[View]
403445552*blocks your sector*[View]
403446354You have failed me, /v/, completely and utterly[View]
403442671Can we have a CoH2 thread? What's your favorite faction?[View]
403449082What is your honest opinion on this game? I saw it for a really low price on the PSN and i'm th…[View]
403446548Is this a good game, /v/?[View]
403433446SFV:AE hype thread?[View]
403448618Have you seen my brother?[View]
403447498There was a thread yesterday about this shit, where you told me how great it is. SO I downloaded the…[View]
403445876Why is this board always wrong?: >'PUBG is fotm' >PUBG goes on to be the best selling game in …[View]
403444440>lazerbot thinks Tails Gets Trolled needed a 'polished' version >then he discontinues it altog…[View]
403448662this series have such a good world design[View]
403383893Our governments have limited powers by design.[View]
403447608I'm looking for a single player fully 3D RPG where I can be a thief. Does /v/ have any recommen…[View]
403448516literally the same game twice, not even kidding both are great though[View]
403448459XIV thread: How can anyone stand to play BLM is this fucking game? >the second you put down Ley L…[View]
403446715Alright boys, decided to get one of these because there are some multi platform console exclusive la…[View]
403446619>its a generic JRPG[View]
403446383What if...: Several medium tier legit studios merged? Too many games nowdays but quality still low. …[View]
403425035>N64 is better than the ps-[View]
403436794Dissidia NT is P2P: https://youtu.be/yBJkgiTDXag Why the fuck is this P2P ? Have they learned nothin…[View]
403438029Why does this game run great but Battlefield 1 shits on my CPU? (4690k)[View]
403445581Nekomew's Potty Trouble: /v/, you need to see this: http://store.steampowered.com/app/774221/Ne…[View]
403445951Oh shit, It's Havoc![View]
403447858Why do you hate Nintendo?: In this thread everyone can explain why he hates Nintendo. I hate Nintend…[View]
403429476How bad did this game spook you?[View]
403447147Let's try to have a calm reasonable discussion about this.[View]
403447086What's the appeal of vrchat? Is it just a place to spout memes at each other? Do people actuall…[View]
403440730What went wrong?[View]
403440579Why no good Syrian civil war video game?: Seriously? What gives? I know there is that one game out b…[View]
403443772Nuka world DLC: So I just picked up Fallout 4 recently since I haven't played in a long time an…[View]
403437274Post that one ally you never took out of your party (if you could help it).[View]
403447580What's your favorite scary game, /v/?[View]
403446405How the hell did this pathetic weasel manage to kill Strangelove?[View]
403445274Shanghai thread![View]
403425180Silent Hill or RE: Which is it?[View]
403442252Breath of the Wild is the best game of 2017 and it's not even close.[View]
403439998What kinds if games do you emulate?[View]
403444838Video games that use real life footage/images. How do you feel about games that do this? Also, what…[View]
403443369This is the game that ruined Western games forever[View]
403443672Why the fuck are they still promoting this dead franchise in the west[View]
403446991>biggest let downs of 2018[View]
403446975What did he mean by this?[View]
403446896https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9ZpIaYqrOs It almost makes me buy the game for the delicious tears…[View]
403446806What's on your backlog /v/? I'll start. >Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection >Shantae…[View]
403442216So there are people out there that spend hundreds and hundreds of hours learning the perfect route i…[View]
403446034ITT: Create your own JRPG title!: We all know that JRPGs have peculiar titles like 'Half Minute…[View]
403444815Apologize. Immediately.[View]
403446581>he has to set the graphics settings to it's lowest level[View]
403445883is jacking up all the settings the best feeling you get in gaming?[View]
403437850Post the coolest spell in a fantasy video game, or be destroyed![View]
403446127Food and vidya: What do you guys, girls, and undecideds normally like to eat while gaming? Pic relat…[View]
403446256148 DAYS[View]
403441741where are my dinosaur games?[View]
403445702You're playing a game with several heroines. Would you rather romance: a) the cute heroine with…[View]
403429097This can outperform your $1500 pc.[View]
403444571are you ready for the cs:go killer?[View]
403442736Is there a cuter vidya boy than Shirou?[View]
403443561To the anon that was wondering what the romulo mancin comic was yesterday. I found it. It's cal…[View]
403445821Trips decides if she lives[View]
403444884Game names you can't remember: Thread for other autists to find out games they can't remem…[View]
403444484Roblox isnt bad: you shouldnt hate on roblox unless youve played a GOOD roblox game. like phantom fo…[View]
403445502>BFBB=64 >Movie Game=Sunshine When is SpongeBob gonna get his Odyssey?…[View]
403424539League of Legends - New CINEMATIC TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Eu7NzzHC84 How pumped ar…[View]
403445389>Heavy weight >Western character The kiss of death for being a Smash newcomer.…[View]
403444041The Omega Metroid is the greatest boss in the Metroid Franchise. Nothing will ever outclass it.[View]
403445350how the FUCK did fucking GAMESTOP of all companies end up gaining so much control[View]
403441414>Capcom announces 6 DLC character before launch. FUCKING CRAPCOM JEWING US AGAIN FUCK THIS SHIT C…[View]
403435729A sharper sword, a stronger shield. Anything to prolong a soldier's darkest dungeon thread …[View]
403445036Is Dusk any good? Is it better than Strafe?[View]
403441769alright, i was told i couldn't talk about NieR: Automata until i got ending E. so i went and di…[View]
403412515Why were the AGDQ threads about LOL TRANNIES R BAD XD rather than the speed runs themselves?[View]
403436902What is the best type of magic and why is it Ice?[View]
403443257>overwatch as an e-sport[View]
403444784HEY HEY HEY[View]
403444698ylyl - /v/: Hello guys I'm looking for the original pick of this one I used. Also, general fun …[View]
403440252Everybody's Golf: >only 6-8k people (18k during launchweek) submitting daily scores What wen…[View]
403444524what moemon is the best /v/: which one has good sprites? are there a nude moemon?[View]
403444401Why is it so hard to crack Piratebros?[View]
403439926should women have their own E-sports league, like WNBA? Is it fair to make them compete with men?[View]
403441228>MC can't be removed from the party or even swapped out in combat[View]
403443640>be me > Playing VRChat with oculus rift for the first time >Find girl who also has VR …[View]
403443542Walking sims are bor-[View]
403444024ITT: Game mechanics you wish were more common SE : Everything in the stellarforming category. Terraf…[View]
403443272Post why video games appeal to your male fantasy[View]
403442312What is this?: Found this at a swap meet for $4 and decided why not. Has six games pre-installed on …[View]
403442459Why isn't KH3 announced for Switch yet?[View]
403434887When was the last time Nintendo Produced GOOD DLC? don't say mario kart 8 because that was ulti…[View]
403427134ITT: Shit games /v/ memed you into playing[View]
403443535>26fps on PS3 >28fps on Switch JUST[View]
403443668Dark souls 3: Can someone help me cheese lord of cinder I’m playing on Xbox one the password will be…[View]
403443258I want to adopt. Evlyn.[View]
403443506to whoever recommended i buy this in last steam sale thread we had, fuck you. fuck the dev too. absu…[View]
403443502What did she mean by this?[View]
403435793Tell me this, Guts. If the Band of the Hawk is so great, then why are there no good Berserk games?[View]
403441083Cyberpunk 2077: What are your hopes for this game?[View]
403443003Pillars of Eternity 2 releasing Soon™. What class are you playing?[View]
403443269Don't mind me, console kids, I'm just cucking & breeding all of Skyrim. Pity you can…[View]
403442213VRChat Highlights: Hope you enjoy the video guys. It is so fun to see streamers and search for the c…[View]
403443187Is there a reason to play the previous 2 versions. Is this a different story than the original 2 ver…[View]
403439445>set monitor resolution >low, medium, high, ultra…[View]
403442607Nintendo saved gaming tbh: Thank you Nintendo for being such good guys unlike the other toxic conglo…[View]
403438085Save the Princess using vidya knowlege[View]
403442939>great game becomes popular before you had the chance to play it NOT AGAAAAIIIIIN…[View]
403441331>playing MGR >get through Mistral and Monsoon >thought Monsoon was boring and that Mistral …[View]
403439527What headset do you use, /v/? I'm looking for a cheap pair and need some reccs. Closed-back wit…[View]
403434360If Nintendo loves money so much why don't they make a Pokemon MMO and become kings of video gam…[View]
403441887Does /v/ care about the 'purity' of video game characters? Who would /v/ choose as a love interest, …[View]
403440241Which year was the worst for Video Games?[View]
403437959The only appeal to this game was that it was one of the few games that had an amazing crossover for …[View]
403438706What were they thinking?[View]
403442585What went wrong?[View]
403441509Would you say that the Switch audience is significantly different from the Wii U audience, and it no…[View]
403432657WARHAMMER: Me and a couple of friends have been playing winter assault Should we buy Dawn of War 2 o…[View]
403440791What video games did you sneakily play at school?[View]
403439538>3 Yakuza >EDF 5 >Dynasty Warriors 9 >Nioh >Nier >Dreams >Tearaway Unfolded …[View]
403441806What game has the best inventory system?[View]
403441718.: >he cares about graphics more than gameplay[View]
403435650>standard price for ONE SINGLE game still costs $59.99 + tax that's 66% of $100 WHAT THE FUC…[View]
403442193>GG EZ[View]
403442180Only the best RPG: The best rpg in history[View]
403428982What is Sakurai doing right now for the Switch?[View]
403419554>Resolution and Frame Rate >Xbox One (1080p, 60 FPS) >PlayStation 4 (1080p, 60 FPS) >Xbo…[View]
403440295Why does this game feel like such a fucking slog? MP1 engaged me from near start to finish but I…[View]
403441948Remember the good old days, /v/? My old alt, Foota the Night Elf, is in there somewhere[View]
403439789Be honest, anon. You want to **** that squid, don't you?[View]
403441919Demon Souls thread: I am on my first playthru and this boi is really making my life the sourest of g…[View]
403437729Who is the Hayha of video gaming? Didn't use pussy shit like vehicles or explosives to get his …[View]
403439268NEW DIRECT NEXT WEEK: BIG IF TRUE https://twitter.com/theprinceofiris/status/952578375826182144 http…[View]
403437629>spectator system reworked because the game is a visual mess >professional players hate playin…[View]
403440130Wario Direct Coming soon: Within the next 2 months, expect to see a Super Mario Direct announcement …[View]
403398176How is this acceptable?[View]
403434372Anyone wanna play some Gmod or Sven Co-op?[View]
403439159Says here you have attended full sail university for video game design. Care to explain?[View]
403440161Slay the Spire: It's now THE top selling indie games on the steam list What went so right? I do…[View]
403437889*blocks your path*[View]
403441315>get to the end >can't even fight the last boss because apparently I made all the wrong c…[View]
403440595Let me be sincere and frank with you guys, I was a Trump supporter since June of 2015 I actually had…[View]
403441289Seasons as a game aesthetic: What is it about seasons that's so compelling as an aesthetic? I l…[View]
403437575What vidyagirl resembles your girlfriend the most?[View]
403439162I just bought a new gtx 1050, let me dumb it down for you dumb console retards. This is a GTX 1050ti…[View]
403423028WW2 games with German campaigns?: Are there any semi-recent WW2 games from the perspective of the Ge…[View]
403439293>Game >Game 2 >Game Subtitle >Game (Year)…[View]
403440308How many hours of quality entertainment do you expect per dollar (grinding and artificial difficulty…[View]
403439834So is this as far as i can go? or did i make a wrong turn somewhere?[View]
403440018switch port when[View]
403440620>chances of Threeie were dead even before N&B was announced >less than 10% of what made BK…[View]
403437541Civilization: >Playing Civilization >Attacking barbarian villages to clear them out. >Sudde…[View]
403437964Why the fuck is Kirby becoming a popular franchise recently? I was expecting it to be in the 'kind o…[View]
403431160Which one?[View]
403431423*blocks your lvl 7 stack*[View]
403437505Who else /compulsively create new characters only to abandon them and go back to an old one in an MM…[View]
403435519Deus Ex thread: how long before we're being watched by AI overlords /v/?[View]
403423516You guys told me this game was bad but I bought it yesterday and I'm having fun.[View]
403440667KONA: This game is a goddamn MASTERPIECE. If you value atmosphere and comfiness in a videogame AT AL…[View]
403434376So this just happened. https://gematsu.com/2018/01/freedom-planet-teased-switch A lot of other devel…[View]
403434998Spider Wars Game: There's this game called Spider Wars on Steam that could really use some atte…[View]
403423787What are the MUST HAVE PS4 games[View]
403440528Considering everything going on with the crypto-mining apocalypse. Right now I can buy a PC with a G…[View]
403435589Friends suddenly stop inviting me to play games with them...: Friends suddenly stop inviting me to p…[View]
403440425>Own the Switch >It's another Mario game…[View]
403440354Should Link be playable in Mario Tennis Aces?[View]
403438625What's the easiest way to have fun in VRChat without VR? I don't want to have anything to…[View]
403439329anon walks into the room boasting his kickass jacket, with friends in tow wearing their favorite Ove…[View]
4034189643x3 thread: Another 3x3 thread since yesterday's was so fun. https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php…[View]
403440074Are you guys going to buy Kingdom Come Deliverance?[View]
403440183What game has most to explore? with meaningful content so no shit games[View]
403418761>Fuck Blizzard for introducing loot bo-[View]
403440093Post a dev and his favorite game: This is Akitoshi Kawazu, the guy behind the SaGa series and the ma…[View]
403437070Overwatch has gone to shit: Early seasons of overwatch were the glory days where people switched to …[View]
403438685What is video game equivalent of this aka the most pathetic death in video games?[View]
403434525Is it okay to support developers with ideologies you don’t support?: >Kingdom come deliverance is…[View]
403439260His early videos are actually comfy.[View]
403439849Fantastic Voyage: Always loved this trope, but besides some crappy 90s edutanment games there are no…[View]
403415294Name a Final Fantasy character that is more likeable and more relateable than Cid. Protip: You can…[View]
403437545>Huge Mario fanboy >Must have completed 64 and Sunshine at least five times over the course of…[View]
403439715I haven't heard much about this game but from what I heard it's a lot like a dungeon keepe…[View]
403439419Just leaving this here.[View]
403424908What influence, if any, will Breath of the Wild have on future game development?[View]
403375474The Great Debate continues: Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
403433172Have a donut, /v/.[View]
403439367Hello, i’m the best SMT game on the 3DS.: I also have the best music of any SMT game.[View]
403439204Your favorite game will never be as kino[View]
403405820This kills the Blade Reddit faggot. BASED CDPR.[View]
403426925Dragon Ball FighterZ: read the image[View]
403439049Is it fun to play multiplayer games with strangers???[View]
403434165ITT: Google image search the vidya you played last + Rick and Morty. Post results[View]
403437841Sits on lane, killed 3 times, need 3 hero to kill hero, offlaner btw....: punished cus being on lane…[View]
403438850VCD - Cleanup Thread: It was good fun yesterday. Sorry to that Anon who was still downloading, if yo…[View]
403437004Is kamiya a hack?[View]
403437741> He says he is a gamer > Only plays GTA V and CoD games…[View]
403438764I want this but with Naruto. Am I asking too much?[View]
403428178Was it kino?[View]
403437291Are you guys ready for the return of the face of esports?[View]
403438195>drop it a while after release because shit servers / networking >reinstall today >wire up …[View]
403434818Iconoclasts: B L E A C H E D[View]
403429284>GAME >GAME 2 >GAME 3 >G4ME…[View]
403430863damn thats a nice pussy Ubisoft[View]
403437225Fuck these incompetent idiots. Are they the worst game devs of all time?[View]
403438327What is the best game if you want to remove lembas?[View]
403438249TMS is Persona: Why did Tokyo Mirage Sessions always get called a Persona clone? After completing P4…[View]
403438289Have you ever bought a game solely because of one inclusion that catered to you personally? What was…[View]
403431940It's that time again /v/: http://www.strawpoll.me/14835592[View]
403436926What does /v think of WH40k Martyr ? I think the last patch was a huge improvement and the story loo…[View]
403430216Was it really that bad? Did it really deserve the treatment it got? Were people really expecting the…[View]
403401391/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Planning to buy a sound system. Not sure if a soundbar enough or go fu…[View]
403436052what a shitshow: >dude upgrades that you started with on the first mirror's edge lmao >du…[View]
403436138Destroy. Destroy.[View]
403435319Holy shit guys[View]
403437998What are the niche online multiplayer games of this console generation? Examples from the previous g…[View]
403437864Never games or never music?[View]
403437651Easy games to platinum....: I'll start.[View]
403424676Soulsborne thread: Is he right /v/? Is he, dare I say it, /our/ guy?[View]
403431174>we want the persona 5 audience[View]
403431306Best battle: FF6 battle theme Best boss battle: FF4 boss battle theme Best final battle: FF4 Zeromus…[View]
403437539How would you do healing items (food, plants, potions) in an RPG game so that a given item would hav…[View]
403437537Just started playing this for the first time. Whom should I romance?[View]
403437382Western developers often make games based on japanese IPs, Has the opposite ever happened?[View]
403436071Let’s try to guess all the remaining armfest themes. I have 2 theories: 1. Mechanica VS Byte&Bar…[View]
403437146>dialogue option one is to flirt with skeleton as a joke >next scene is fade to black divinity…[View]
403437234Buyers remorse thread. Show me that regret.[View]
403432498Why is this called Metal Gear SOLID.: When you actually don't play with Solid Snake, but with N…[View]
403431823WoW private servers can't look goo-[View]
403433520Why cant it work in this day and age?[View]
403431093Any tips on beating this bastard’s final phase?[View]
403432234That One Bad Game in a Great Franchise: Almost every great series of games has its weak link. GOW As…[View]
403427773>Princess Zelda doesn't give link her undies for winning the loftwing quiddich game in ss Wh…[View]
403436372*blocks your progress*[View]
403436081If Nintendo still owned Rare what characters would be in smash?[View]
403382667What went wrong?[View]
403437059Purah is for ____[View]
403422387>Gyaru >Yandere Is this a good game /v/?[View]
403434140what am i in for, /v/?[View]
403436342Why is this game so fucking edgy?[View]
403397053Do you feel represented in video games anon?[View]
403433574Do NOT fuck Visas.[View]
403434751Where were you when THE MAIN MAN HIMSELF Tynan Sylvester confirmed Rimworld would have denuvo along …[View]
403425073no not clayton: i hated this fight[View]
403394495A KISS TO BUILD A Classic Fallout thread[View]
403435818ITT: Games only /v/ defends[View]
403436423Is there any video game you can freely abuse small and cute animals? I desperately need one to relie…[View]
403434789>Be Sony >Charge for online >All people play are third party games What a scam.…[View]
403434760Who you maining[View]
403436173>objects do you want to hold IRL[View]
403431695Is this the peak of Monster Hunter's monster designs?[View]
403417269IT'S HAPPENING[View]
403436035Failed to initialize network.: OK[View]
403432373What are your favorite games about colonizing other worlds?[View]
403434113No games run perfectly in Dolphin, right?: After reading all of the unanimous praise for Dolphin, I …[View]
403435342Bloodborne is the best game ever made. Debate me. Protip: You Can't [View]
403432793ITT: Epic Gamer Moments: post your most epicest gamer moments[View]
403435704Will he ever get his own game?[View]
403430291>Welcome to AGDQ! >Please be polite to the trannies! Why are there so many of them? What is it…[View]
403435263Why is Joshua Graham so cool?[View]
403390995Filename thread[View]
403433470Can we get more Funky new modes?[View]
403417279>Overwatch has the best wai-[View]
403433519Splatoon 2: How do I farm ability chunks quickly in Splatoon 2?[View]
403431272So all the news about DQB makes me want to play it again on the PS4. Will starting from the beginnin…[View]
403431872JAV shit now on steam[View]
403431426Name a game that came out last year or is coming out this year that is worth $60? I’ll wait...…[View]
403432391>roll for loot >don't get any[View]
403434636>find a cool coop game >no friends to play with Why do i have to suffer…[View]
403434612>Tfw no masochistic pd gf[View]
403431227>800 hours played >Not recommended[View]
403429871Whatever happened to this?[View]
403428396>game has turn-based combat[View]
403434381Final Fantasy XIV[View]
403421725Who was in the right here?[View]
403425984Total War Three Kingdoms: What do you think of Three Kingdoms? Does it disappoint you that it'l…[View]
403432191Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae: this is unironicly one of the best models i have seen why was this game a bud…[View]
403428625I have just robbed a guild in Wow: I posted this yesterday but it got archived. I robbed a guild on …[View]
403433948Come troll twitch aussie snowflake.: :/legendoftotalwar Spam 'try rocket league' Insta ban and rage,…[View]
4034331572004 is the best year for video games. Prove me wrong.[View]
403433459*refunds Switch*[View]
403433936Don't mind me i'm just posting the best castlevania and one of the best platform ever made[View]
403428076Hmmmnn so this is the future of VR. Twink about that for a moment.[View]
403428983Why did you lie to me /v/ this game is fun[View]
403429821Why Yoshi isn't allowed in the castle?[View]
403431419woah............. so this is what Sonybros call kino AHAHAAHHAHA[View]
403433881>you were not the chosen one just a different chosen one >the actual chosen one was some other…[View]
403433593STALKER: Just played Lost Alpha DC. Was it the definitive experience of the franchise?[View]
403425753Shit game >big world >nothing interesting to do >inb4 tennis because people buy game about …[View]
403433561>Game has you ask yourself 'Well, how did I get here?'[View]
403427748Was it too hard to believe this guy was pure evil?[View]
403433114I need some people to talk too about video game https://discord.gg/PhyJm2[View]
403432303What are some mods to make this game a bit more bearable?[View]
403397940Divinity: Original Sin 2: So what's the final verdict on this game? Is it worth the money to bu…[View]
403432717>The main quest of a role playing game has no role playing Its pretty unforgivable how the main q…[View]
403432907'I'll let you go for now. Don't think you've won!'[View]
403432868just found this hidden gem on youtube thought my newfriends might appreciate it pic unrelated https:…[View]
403428814This game is fun, but I hate the chalices. How do you make them fun?[View]
403430889>Antialiasing: >FXAA >MSAA >MSAA 2X >MSAA 4X >MSAA 8X >No TXAA…[View]
403430254No RPG will ever surpass the open world design of Gothic 2 How does this make you feel?[View]
403421091Which game will you be watching today, sir?[View]
403432429Which class should would YOU nignogs pick?[View]
403427706Why cant we have a game with minecraft level building but with pretty 3d engine?[View]
403413120tfw the mad man is making minecraft 2 full pbr real time ray tracer using nested octrees at runtime …[View]
403431876>was inclined to buy switch just for future pokemon games >emulator got announced…[View]
403425228ITT: Nintendo games that desperately need a remake[View]
40343185450000 people used to live here[View]
403425832Legend of Grimrock: Should i try it out or better play the old classic blobbers like Might and Magic…[View]
403421317How's your village doing /v/?[View]
403425821there needs to be more monster girls in vidya and i don't mean 'human with cat ears', I mean RE…[View]
403426256Claim your favourite vidya gun[View]
403429969>Ellie... we need to save The Last of Us. Wow, really Naughty Dog?[View]
403413776Is she gonna be in Mario Tennis Aces? I want to see her tennis outfit.[View]
403430479Is it worth playing?[View]
403426575FUNKY MODE IS NOT EZ MODE: Funky Mode is NOT EZ Mode. Funky can not do anything that DK + DD, DX, …[View]
403431645Give me a good game to play that I haven't heard of, preferably cheap on Steam or something I c…[View]
403430405This game is awful. I tried really hard to like it, but I can't.[View]
403416218I'M BACK BABY[View]
403429436One more MVC:I thread before it completely shitstomps DBFZ and all the other anime games into the gr…[View]
403431557Fuck off Sonic the inconsistent hedgehog, a real gaming icon coming throught![View]
403431137Good Single Player 'Couch' Games: Basically I'm looking for some games to play with my friends,…[View]
403431479Can someone gift me the Viking dlc while it's still on sale for $3.74? https://www.humblebundle…[View]
403431410Perfect game if there's no filthy chinese[View]
403424910>overwatch is balanced[View]
403426073Post a multiplat that is better on console than on pc.[View]
403430063Dark souls remastered: We've waited all this time. It's finally happening. All they'r…[View]
403431182Who or what is Kojima making fun of here?[View]
403429064So can we agree this is the new best video game movie of all time?[View]
403428354>stat reduction unequips your Armor and weapon[View]
403430760Unironically, how is this? I've been dying to play some Animal Crossing lately but I don't…[View]
403429508>game has exploit >can't stop myself from doing it even if using it lowers my overall enj…[View]
403426578Controller with best d pad at the market?: What is it? Dpad needed to be good for diagonal inputs to…[View]
403428529Ok, why didn't they just make him black soudning?: It would've been 10xtimes funnier 'Yo w…[View]
403407386Hard to believe people were angry about this at one point, isn't it?[View]
403425024Where does Megaman Soccer fit in the Megaman Lore?[View]
403392905>2018 barely started >already first major disappointment…[View]
403430796>never paid for any nintendo hardware or games >pirated literally everything I wanted to play …[View]
403426893What games are great at making you feel RICH?[View]
403430669Holy shit, what is this? Forged in God's very flames. Do mine eyes tell me lies, A new Elder …[View]
403417202>story is set in feudal Japan and features its traditional culture and people >everyone in the…[View]
403424931Post comfy mobile playos to play on a long flight[View]
403425205Vita > Switch[View]
403430503best battle-royal game?[View]
403429460What are the essential mods for GTA IV?[View]
403430562Go play Thief.[View]
403427010>Start Metal Gear Rising for the first time >'/v/ likes it, so maybe it's not shit' >F…[View]
403416037Why... why can't I save you? Why can't I just make everything right?[View]
403426476>146 days until E3[View]
403430024ITT: Kino Loading Screens[View]
403430353We can agree that the Fates games are the best entries in the franchise right?[View]
403407594>buy the game >buy the expansions >still have to pay to unlock Gardening/Harvesting This i…[View]
403427734What are the best games I can play with my brain turned off?[View]
403425721Purgatory in Death Stranding looks like afterlife from Soul Reaver Dead Sun: 4.20 https://www.youtub…[View]
403430040How does it compare to the original?[View]
403429954What did she mean by this?[View]
403417101Switch Emulator: No....[View]
403428953Alright, /v/, what game should i spend my afternoon playing?[View]
403426616Fact: the game goes to shit the instant the Flood appears[View]
403427712Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
403427994haven't played the 'new' map yet where are the hottest drops?[View]
403351150And now the true test, hold fast, or Darkest Dungeon Thread[View]
403417895Bad Games You Enjoyed But Ashamed of: ITT: share the bad games you secretly loved and enjoyed but as…[View]
403381921Share your unpopular gaming opinions with me, /v/. This is a judgement free thread.[View]
403426571Not liking Undertale makes you a pleb.[View]
403429114I mean, Is far from perfect, the forced teams makes fights too damn long, and there's simply to…[View]
403429018anyone else think that people like this game so they can say they play a fighting game? its literall…[View]
403427045What's with all the fucking cutscenes in this game? I can't go more than 5 minutes without…[View]
403428749>anti-alias settings >fxaa on or off[View]
403428725ARMFEST: Let’s try to guess all the remaining armfest themes. I have 2 theories: 1. Mechanica VS Byt…[View]
403427594ITT: Games that let you cast spells and use magic[View]
403421178This chick talked to me in my dream so i went to the palace and murdered all the guards[View]
403427529This scene in the airport is one of the most brilliantly set up moments I've ever experienced v…[View]
403426956Black Mesa. Home.[View]
403427278Comfy Thread: Post your favourite comfy games >Base building? >Exploration? >That music? …[View]
403426409Holy shit, what is this? Forged in God's very flames. Do mine eyes tell me lies, A new Elder …[View]
403388396Marie or Kasumi?[View]
403428287Anyone selling a video card? Building a 2nd PC from all used components. Already have a used 750Watt…[View]
403428039>Combine Metal Gear and Splinter Cell >Splinter Gear…[View]
403419818What are some prominent games in the making you just know will turn out shit?[View]
403418849>All Internet forums are dead/dying >/v/ is now full of permaunderage retarded gen Z kids >…[View]
403422078So appearently both Team Xecuter and Fail0verflow have something working on the Switch. http://wolol…[View]
403411667Oh ye gods, my kickstarter is ruined![View]
403342056So, what are you excited about in the new a Kirby that is new to this game and couldn't be foun…[View]
403418443Make it video game related.[View]
403427473Aged Poorly: ITT: games that aren't as good you remembered. for me it was kingdom hearts.…[View]
403412979Dragon Ball FighterZ: Open beta has begun and servers are getting hammered. Devs are aware of the i…[View]
40342240910 (ten!) days until Yume Nikki![View]
403419739What are some good vidya to help get over the death of a friend? All I've got is PS4[View]
403419670Why do fairies in BOTW look like trannies?[View]
403425267F-Zero Thread: Do you think a f-zero reboot like in Maximum Velocity would work as a way to bring at…[View]
403427258noko: hey /v/, what is your preferred SD card for your nintendo switch?[View]
403417825Was it good /v/?[View]
403424914Cellenceres adn the undertale port: Hi / v / I'm the OP of the post from isaac good a few weeks…[View]
403424760Pick your poison.[View]
403427148What were some things in games that you had a very strong reaction to? https://youtu.be/qB7KejM5iss …[View]
403427117>tfw you only want to play mobile games now[View]
403424951Source Filmmaker: ITT we discuss Source Filmmaker without breaking any rules. Who is your favorite a…[View]
403426262>Full library of exclusives that had to stand on it's own >Free online >Motherfucking …[View]
403420969>Nintendo Switch What's the point now that I can play it on PC?[View]
403426486Is this any good on the PS4 Pro /v/? Or is it a steaming pile of shit?[View]
403426231Rapelay Switch port when? Imagine being able to play it on the go. I travel quite a bit for work so …[View]
403403192Sooo, this is happenning... https://yuzu-emu.org/ https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu[View]
403426390>library consists of wiiu games and ports of shitty old bargain bin titles >emulator already b…[View]
403426060which game is Luigi’s best?[View]
403424008>the old villain saves you from the new villain[View]
403426042When is the next Nintendo Direct?[View]
403424251>Canon material in books, chink only phone games, idol stage plays[View]
403424097How do I git gud?[View]
403371874Dissidia NT: Exdeath edition: Do you consider him your lord and saviour?[View]
403410263AGDQ 2018: What were the highlights this year?[View]
403426039>Playing Morrowind for the first time in current year The good >By far the most immersive Tes…[View]
403412936What the fuck was his problem?[View]
403425989[Intelligence] So you support the Good Company with your Skyrim Special Edition on all platforms you…[View]
403423231Is this game any good? Never heard about it[View]
403425771TES: So is this just the old games online with the skyrim engine? The name on steam is now The Elder…[View]
403421535Actually fun open access games?[View]
403414043Now that Cyberpunk 2077 is confirmed shit with an uninteresting plot point, are you looking forward …[View]
403415996Quitting Video Games: Should I quit video games? A while back I saw a video from pic-related where h…[View]
403424157I just bought Persona 5 and have never played any Persona games and generally have avoided JRPGs. Wh…[View]
403425563Collecting n' shiet: Anons, I need your help. My irrelevant existence has led me recently to st…[View]
403422334>best campaigns are locked until you finish boring Haven and Inferno campaigns why?…[View]
403420834For Honor: Anyone here play it? Threads seem to be rare, which is surprising.[View]
403422954What are some games where the villain deserved to win?[View]
403419019I'm currently replaying pic related on my Vita. What a nice franchise this was. What happened?[View]
403422649>Legend of heroes: Trails in the sky >10 hours in and still not interesting >Victron Vran …[View]
403399191>remastering the best and most overlooked game in the series Ubisoft makes the right calls someti…[View]
403424897>meme gets created due to a game >game's devs notices it and adds it in the sequel…[View]
403425054Based Obsidian[View]
403262329What are your hopes and dreams for the Nintendo Switch and Playstaion 4 title SNK HEROINES Tag Team …[View]
403424129Is it worth playing?[View]
403419857>story isn't important in a video game[View]
403421763>ANYWHERE YOU LIKE, LORD! What DID he mean by this?[View]
403424423This is a thread created for the purpose of thanking y'all mods and jannies for all the work yo…[View]
403424898Halo rpg when?[View]
403424864Filename Thread: Get in her.[View]
403405220How is the modding scene of Fallout 4 holding up? Is it any close to being as good as Skyrim's…[View]
403424681Switch pro controller pc: Can i use switch pro controller by usb for tekken 7 on pc? Nintendo seems…[View]
403423537Just got a PS4, albiet with zero games. Any suggestions? I tend to like games that let me explore a…[View]
403421323You got the high score and three letters to prove it What do you go with /v/?[View]
403417310Which Dragon Ball game is your favorite?[View]
403421882id & Panic Button - Con Artists: >2 MONTHS >65 DAYS STILL NOT FIXED…[View]
403381365I've heard people say this is the 'best wrpg of all time' Are they talking out their ass or is …[View]
403420459Anyone else's Switch has a slight bent?[View]
403420474The Sims: Bustin Out was the last trully great The Sims released, no other Sims game was more captiv…[View]
403423967ITT games that are never, ever coming out.[View]
403422498>game has a fishing minigame[View]
403421931>The Nintendo fanbase was brainswashed so hard by the WiiU doctrine ('only first party Nintendo g…[View]
403417738This game is fucking gorgeous. Looks better than any other game right now, including PC games.[View]
403407774IT'S HAPPENING https://www.resetera.com/threads/current-and-former-quantic-dream-employees-deno…[View]
403422185Why are people praising the Ace Attorney series ?: So I've been re playing Trials and Tribulati…[View]
403412000Is The Saboteur worth it?[View]
403423653are jap games mainstream now[View]
403392017Worst gunplay in vidya history.[View]
403418514Does Super Mario Odyssey have the best movement mechanics of any 3D game?[View]
403406038>kimishima aims to sell 20M Switch units in the next 12 months You WILL understand…[View]
403420958>IX is one of the most diverse Final Fantasy worlds in terms of races. >so manny other furry r…[View]
403423532This game is a bit boring[View]
403294259Gravity Rush 2: >Server shutdown delayed for 6 months Now we can all get 6000 dusty tokens!…[View]
403421445Guys I'm scared. It's been three days and there's still no main direct! Does Nintendo…[View]
403423183League of L: WE WUZ CLIMBERS'N LEGENDS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Eu7NzzHC84[View]
403406451Comfy base games: What are the games in which you can build your own comfy bunker to protect yoursel…[View]
403421515Ah fuck you guys I like this game, lootboxes are a shit practice yet you don't say shit when Va…[View]
403422589Worth getting?[View]
403416696What the fuck was her problem?[View]
403370809>yfw you enter The Zone[View]
403419779Please explain the low rating. This game on the Switch is fucking brilliant. >inb4 EA shill, new …[View]
403420556When are VD-Dev gonna grace the Switch and show people how to get actual graphics on the console? …[View]
403417593*blocks your path*[View]
403422607When did you realize she was best girl?[View]
403421429>games we will never get[View]
403422446show me you're pre-ordered copy of sea of thieves[View]
403421607Fist of the North Star: Yakuza Edition: What are /v/'s thoughts on the new FotNS game? Gameplay…[View]
403410257Why aren't you blocked yet /v/? go get BLOCKED already[View]
403418626Hey, /v/! What video game are you playing?[View]
403421767Considering Dom5 is very new and the other two never go on sale, should I just pull the trigger on t…[View]
403418941>'press left click to continue' >*taps volume button* >it works…[View]
403418031Somebody else wants a Prime HD collection for Switch?[View]
403421229It is the year of the dog so what games have the best dogs?[View]
403416501WTF? Are people really this stupid to pay such money for just a standalone ship for an unfinished ga…[View]
403419576>that moment Morgana absorbed you into him with an anal prolapse[View]
403420421Did they fuk?[View]
403421084Filename Thread Please!: We can all agree filename threads are the best threads on /v/. Some of them…[View]
403336281>finished Inside >finished Little Nightmares >beat Biohazard 7 >currently making Five Ni…[View]
403420007FIFA and PES have new competitor on Steam: So I would like to show you the game I have made 6 years …[View]
403418210>TFW you'll never have a qt3.14 gf who likes vidya[View]
403421143I've never seen a game turn to shit so fast as when you get to the asylum in Psychonauts. What …[View]
403418550ITT : Obscure and Underrated Games Even though it's was overshadowed by Custom Robo, its a pret…[View]
403420941>game has a complex character creation system featuring a multitude of stats, skills and classes …[View]
403388254Is VR still a meme?[View]
403415934>claims to have watched hundreds if not thousands of movies >can't even talk in proper en…[View]
403413598Okay /v/ lets rank the Souls games!: 1. Dark Souls (9/10) 2. Dark Souls 3 (8/10) 3. Bloodborne (8/10…[View]
403386453This is a game released in 2014[View]
403411279So tittymonsters are a staple of the franchise now. What are your hopes and dreams for the next inca…[View]
403420819what moemon is the best /v/: which one has good sprites? are there a nude moemon?[View]
403410028How did The Witcher grow so much with W3? I remember when The Witcher was considered more of a clun…[View]
403419178Who was the better mad man[View]
403398559ITT: Shitty game design that you hate >have to kill animals for bounty, but not all of them drop …[View]
403420527/v/, did any of you have a game obsessed relative? I did. >uncle, had a wife and child >shiton…[View]
403411240Ys VIII Switch interview: http://nintendoeverything.com/how-ys-viii-ended-up-on-switch/ >This wee…[View]
403408082Why did it fail?[View]
403420321>tfw divided between two MMOs and can't decide which one to sub to videogames for this feel?…[View]
403400098>release trailer spoils the whole game[View]
403416149Beat the four trials the old man told me to. When does it get fun?[View]
403416682ITT: Soulless remakes[View]
403413842what truly is the best resident evil?[View]
403418856Has VR Killed Second Life Trolling ?: compare the artistry of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeRbF…[View]
403416254This is Undyne, say something nice to her![View]
403410541>tfw you're little sister is getting dicked in the next room by her felon boyfriend while yo…[View]
403410448Why do people like this 'game' so much?: >generic predictable story bloated with muh feels >wa…[View]
403403087why is the wrpg/crpg genre dead?[View]
403412597ITT: Games only you played.[View]
403417665How many years until Joker's mommy fetish wears off and he realises hooking up with his teacher…[View]
403374049So what was the point of the false protagonist thing? The first case would've felt less cheap a…[View]
403418978Ark IS a good game: This is actually a very innovative game. The dinosaur genre was dead for a long …[View]
403350027Why didnt you faggots told me her ass is even better than her titts?[View]
403410805Protecting your vidya collection from theft: Recently had my house broken into and all my 126 Ninten…[View]
403418748>people complain about this game's secrets being too obscure >literally every bombable su…[View]
403413771Game director Hidetaka Myazaki admitted in an interview that the entire Lost Izalith portion of the …[View]
403417239this fucking guy[View]
403415316EA-tier pricing scheme and early access shit aside, how is it?[View]
403418754You gang stalkers should just kill yourselves[View]
403418581Is Tetsuya Nomura the biggest hack in the industry? >Shit writer >Can't get games done …[View]
403409929Switch not responding after drop: >Be me >Playing Dark Souls Remastered™ on my Nintendo Switch…[View]
403418320What game has main menu music so good that you have to listen to the whole thing every time you boot…[View]
403415380Nintendo: Is it just me or are Nintendo fanboys the most miserable insufferable assholes?? Their loy…[View]
403418203What's the best Persona?[View]
403416885>pirating indie games[View]
403418168What does Axiom Verge means?[View]
403417965Is pic related the greatest ending theme for any video game ever? It's so unfortunate that it d…[View]
403415778Just finished, any other deluded by the final cutscenes?[View]
403417871In the history of video games, is there a bigger fucking bitch than Mana Inagawa?[View]
403417781It's pronounced Marley.[View]
403415425Star Citizen: When it releases what will be your profession?[View]
403417095>multiplayer only >$60[View]
403417641Obscure DS Games: Pic related is a port of a Java mobile game by iD and it fucking rules[View]
403417429What is the point in all this menu complexity and junk? How can you fuck up an MMO with such nice ch…[View]
403417625Daily reminder that Monika is trash and Natsuki is best girl. Also, is there any point in doing anot…[View]
403415075when is nintendo going to re-release these without the mandatory waggle meme controls?[View]
403415695Who do I make fun of to make myself feel better?[View]
403417486>he plays only the latest games >he hasn't even played masterpieces/goty materials from …[View]
403417484What games allow me to be a spooky skeleton doing cool things?[View]
403397642Are you going to play it?[View]
403411263Why is this game so perfect bros: Find a flaw >protip >you can't…[View]
403417041What is it with Nintendo and this excited pose?[View]
403408917Did it bomb?[View]
403415642Who the fuck approved this? Development time twenty-fucking-four real time hours?!? I don't hav…[View]
403415550>'I hope you LIKE being dominated!' What exactly was meant by this?[View]
403417058What went so right? How did it manage to improve on 1 in so many ways? Why did 3 fuck up everything …[View]
403408849I just lost 40 minutes game in league, even tho I spammed surrender like crazy, and now I am fucking…[View]
403416080Chosen Undead, Solaire or Giantdad? Who would make the better Dark Souls rep in Smash?[View]
403416832>game has optional puzzle >If you solve it the bonus is feeling really smart Games that had th…[View]
403416798You were afraid of the KOTOR 2 thread[View]
403415351Anyone remember this?[View]
403416697What are the requirements in Madden longshot for both Colt and Devin to get drafted to the same team…[View]
403403019It doesn't hold up[View]
403414883T E L E V I S I O N G A M I N G[View]
403416638it's digital vs. analog...again: you see anon, it's not 'video game or not video game' it…[View]
403355792>'Listen here you cheeky cunt, five minutes here and I've already had it with your lip. You…[View]
403416468Why did it flop?[View]
403416524>Meme somewhat popular on 4chan >Has an le so quirky xd TF2 gmod video…[View]
403411935>GG EZ how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
403415416SWITCH EMULATOR ANNOUNCED: https://mobile.twitter.com/yuzuemu/status/952461671368478721[View]
403416272David Cage is BASED and /ourguy/ That's a fact I hope Detroit will be great[View]
403413895About to start this after having reached mid 20s or something after launch. Current expectations are…[View]
403391726Media Create Sales: It's up Switch – 146,006 (134,519) PlayStation 4 – 75,344 (37,175) New 2DS …[View]
403409818just bought pic, it's downloading now, what im i in for?[View]
403414931Is no one seriously worried about the prospect of this failing? It just seems too fucking ambitious …[View]
403413347Why is /v/ always wrong?: >shat n minecraft >shat on pubg…[View]
403415756How do I beat Newman? I've already used all my Drake's Coffee Cakes[View]
403414396>Demo has a glitch that unlocks the full game >Play and beat the whole game without paying…[View]
403415865Who else is having problems with the Dragon Ball Fighter Z Beta?: Such a terrible beta. Can't e…[View]
403411042Who had the best swan song?[View]
403412853>What would it be like if Samus had a bug’s head? Is Shiggy a moron or a genius?…[View]
403415348*hooks you*[View]
403413796Thats it?! this was the whole game? this game is smaller than titan quest without expansions. WTF?[View]
403415407What are some franchises you think deserve a Dynasty Warriors game?[View]
403415565buy chainlink[View]
403413705Monster training game like Pokemon?: What game(s) are similar to the Pokemon or Digimon games, where…[View]
403414843How to force Region Lock of China in PUBG: Force the Chinese government to DEMAND that the retard pu…[View]
403403610Now that the dust is settled can we agree this is the future? >small >portable >can upgrade…[View]
403415449Tell me something Admiral. If the Colonial Fleet is so great, why are there no good Battlestar Galac…[View]
403412882*slaps your gf's ass*[View]
403415426I know I'm late to the party but omg[View]
403413949In RPGs, do you play as one character that does everything, or do you roleplay as different characte…[View]
403415369Games everyone has forgotten but you[View]
403413632>install pic related >start new game >tank controls >uninstall…[View]
403413596Jacob, ger off.[View]
403404728>tfw we'll never get a sequel to PoP 2008[View]
403413019Cyberpunk 2077 vs Star Citizen: Which are we likely to get first?[View]
403371176What are your thoughts on competitive Overwatch /v/?[View]
403415186Will my switch get an internet browser in the next update?[View]
403406954You're BOTH retarded. Stop pretending the game is shit, its pretty and fun Stop pretending it…[View]
403415120Can any video game character defeat Stelio Kontos?[View]
403415051Is watching streams and let's plays the cuckold equivalent in gaming?[View]
403414983*blocks your path*[View]
403412573>just one more turn... >... where did those 6 hours go?…[View]
403413726>6.29.18 https://www.sanity.com.au/search?sanquery=Yoshy https://www.amazon.it/Nintendo-Yoshi-Swi…[View]
403414914Have you finished it yet?[View]
403412386Chalice Dungeons: Are they worth doing?[View]
403413003What video games about maids should I get for my wife.[View]
403409126Would you?[View]
403414294>game has a grain filter for 'cinematic experience'[View]
403388991tfw we are not only getting the intented version (aka the only that counts) but we also can play it …[View]
403409535Is it irrelevant yet?[View]
403412709If it's a PnP RPG will it have a combat like Morrowind ? (I really hope so because Morrowind…[View]
403414287He's right, you know[View]
403407459GTA V now out on IOS[View]
403387171Just summoned this beast, how OP is he? Also Dokkan thread.[View]
403408193Describe your sex life with a video game screenshot.[View]
403408742How often do you replay narrative-reliant video games? How long is enough for the novelty of them to…[View]
403404662Dragon Ball FighterZ: Waiting for beta to start working edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3F…[View]
403409731Does it hold up after all these years?[View]
403394321Gta 4: Does this game suck cock or is it legendary?[View]
403399691This is Mae. Say something nice about her[View]
403411117What can I do about an overheating CPU with no money? I genuinely want to play games[View]
403413739What game has the best alchemy system?[View]
403409196YOU. Yes YOU. What are you emulating right now?[View]
403413554You're all cucks lmao[View]
403394289my keybinds are objectively the best: what kind of a fuckin PLEBIAN uses wasd or edsf? get on my lev…[View]
403413484This is honestly amazing[View]
403396654Total War Warhammer 2: >only 4 races >remove all old races from the first game what were they …[View]
403413252>get 'spotted' by a robot up to full white indicator when carrying Sokolov out of the mansion …[View]
403410018Just bought a GTX 1070. What games should I play?[View]
403413063What went wrong?[View]
403408474>GDQ is over and there's literally no video games to play and nothing to watch >MHW is de…[View]
403411259Can we have a AGDQ 2018 WebM thread, please?[View]
403413035Why even give options when there's only one good one? And that's obviously Bianca, I liter…[View]
403412740Do people still play the original StarCraft? If the answer is 'yes', then why? Is it bette…[View]
403404705I just got fired for hustling $22000 for the past months at my job. What are recommended, enjoyable …[View]
403406181Is this the pinnacle of wRPGs?[View]
403412039What do you want to see in the next Elder Scroll (Bethesda) game, /v/? btw. Buy Skyrim![View]
403412637pa buff po pa buff po pa buff po[View]
403411214Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Is this game any good?[View]
403411962I must say I hated this guy's segments in previous gdqs, but this event it seems he embraced al…[View]
403406582Why is One so delicious even though she's a chestlet with short hair? Is this the power of the …[View]
403412480Oblivion character creation: What funny faces have you made anon?[View]
403409198DUSK: >first RPGs saved by some slav working in his basement (Underrail) >now FPS saved by som…[View]
403411873Furi: Did anyone actually decide to stay with her?[View]
403382504MECHS: Let's talk mechs[View]
403407069this is the mgs5 of mario games[View]
403410335http://nintendoenthusiast.com/blog/2017/08/10/gamer-third-world-country/ Why is so difficult to be a…[View]
403411875Even ignoring the Shrine/dungeon debate, why the fuck does Botw have such lazy bosses compared to ot…[View]
403405470Will they fix Lost Izalith?[View]
403389115Cast him in!: Legacy of Kain thread, fet in you faggots! [View]
403411941ITT Games with retarded storylines: >Muslim terrorists take over Europe >America retreats into…[View]
403411718Is it OK to never turn it off and leave it docked in sleep mode ?[View]
403403750Seeking motivation to stop watching anime and casually scrolling through /v/ to go play more of Nep …[View]
403411457What are some games that lets you recover your lost 35h playthrough because you accidentally fucked …[View]
403408989Opinions on this bullshit tier game?[View]
403411547*buuuuurp......* we have to go back marty, w-w-e h-have to go back marty *burrp* to the f-future mar…[View]
403365894Comfy Nintendo Switch Thread: >What was your most recent purchase? >What are you playing? >…[View]
403411595What is the best Mario Kart game?[View]
403407425Name a better tutorial area. Protip: You can't.[View]
403411476Where do u guys get your new physical releases for super cheap?[View]
403406701ITT: we poorly describe a game, others guess: I'll start: >crawling through the jungle from …[View]
403399479Why does the Fat/Stay Night franchise pander to lolicons and pedophiles these days? It used to be go…[View]
403395743>Biggest Nintendo release of the year with its biggest IP >So bad it takes 2 hours to explain …[View]
40340523610 days until the new Yume Nikki game![View]
403405283What is the best KOF game?[View]
403411035Games with the best animal companion?[View]
403411245Vaporware thread: At least actiblizzard's project titan bullshit is sometimes remembered[View]
403411053Who the fuck names their town Raccoon City?[View]
403408935I shake my balls not for honor but for you[View]
403409965Why don’t they make any more games like trauma center these days? Pic unrelated.[View]
403411102>Game story is a metacommentary on games[View]
403408538>has been with PlayStation since its inception >was responsible for the PS3 resurrection and c…[View]
403409931Battleborn/Lawbreakers: Let's have another one of these threads. Post your best Randy Pitchford…[View]
403410949what are some good NEW shumps /v/?[View]
403407004Your 2017 GOTY: So tiring seeing Zelda and Mario. What was your personal GOTY? Id have to go with Ni…[View]
403410862Anon i like flatout (old version) and I thought about it. but where are the new games? Having rummag…[View]
403410226>good gameplay >good graphics/artstyle >good story >good characters >you can lose you…[View]
403408936Final Fantasy 16: I left square enix last week, I work on ff xvi as debugger but quit because I got …[View]
403409296graphics thread post ur graphics (PC only please)[View]
403405480Which do you pick, /v/?[View]
403398363Should I bother playing the butchered Nier western 'localization' or just wait for the PS4 remaster …[View]
403408512Do Japanese developers really put oversexualized characters like this into their games? Look at her…[View]
403399854Those we failed to save. >dat feel when you purposefully have to go out of your way get a good Bl…[View]
403409381Vidya music thread You groove, you lose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOvqbm8WUaU[View]
403407608>game has the casino[View]
403404141Rejoining the pc master race this week. Not had a gaming rig since counter strike source and tf2 rel…[View]
403408546Funky Mode: So, is this EZ mode or something else? Let's think about it. It seems to me that it…[View]
403405642It was a good game.[View]
403406758>new game gets announced >it's episodic…[View]
403406879Find a flaw.[View]
403409914How come every fake leak name was based on yarn despite the fact that there's no yarn in this g…[View]
403361842>great setting >great music >great atmosphere >interesting lore >absolute shit gamepl…[View]
403409776What are some of the best /m/-core video games?[View]
403409690((((Dark elves)))) are for?[View]
403409318>failed to initialise network[View]
403401917It's inevitable at this point.[View]
403399512Mass Erect Andromeda: My friend gave me a copy for free. I've avoided most media around it, but…[View]
403408091Thoughts on the Vive? Looks fun, with a LOT more support and potential than Oculus. When's the …[View]
403403801Fromsoft Switch Exclusive: Why would it seem impossible? Sony did that, sold over 2mil and still don…[View]
403398348Shanghai.EXE: Definitely up to no good[View]
403403441>implying video game consoles still exist in 2026[View]
403364408ITT name game series with no bad games: begin[View]
403396549Open up MSPaint and draw kirby. You should be able to do this.[View]
403406037Anything cool to do with the new patch? Have you gotten anything out of raiding sites?[View]
403405489i really like chasing birds, does anyone know of a video game with good gameplay and physics for cha…[View]
403406164>See that mountain? You can climb it. >Skyrim has infinite quests. >Mods transferred, playe…[View]
403396502Fuck ADGQ 2018: What a waste of my time, fucking more cringy then past ADGQ, fucking feeling like im…[View]
403408837This game is literally the closest adaption of Masters of Orion 2 on the the market, even closer tha…[View]
403403282>you will never save Daisy[View]
403405854>he considers a list of 3 or 4 constant and essential roles to be useful >he only looks to oth…[View]
403408535Bullshit achivements: This is definitely goes into my most bullshit trophies ever created. I can ful…[View]
403408529Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 2 > Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3[View]
403400368Toad here.[View]
403398657How do I start working on my backlog? Every day I just come straight to /v/ and spend the whole day …[View]
403384992SFV shitpost edition: Fuck street fighter V. (((They))) are taking away the in game fight money for …[View]
403405641What is your opinion about miiverse?[View]
403402776Do people not play games in India?[View]
403405847Only /v/ and internet circles think PC gaming is in any way, shape, or form, a viable mode of entert…[View]
403405184What was your GOAT game for the Xbox 360?[View]
403403725Alright /v/, I've played both Oblivion and Skyrim, but never Morrowind even though I own it. I …[View]
403408406The only RPG I ever played was Chrono Trigger, Skyrim and Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas[View]
403405214Let's pretend anyone on this board actually likes video games[View]
403407295>Taunt an enemy >His special meter increases…[View]
403396707Which RPG have the best battle system?[View]
403406036Hi guys, what are your favourite types of RPGs? I like ones where quests like 'kill X bandits' allow…[View]
403398856Garbage game >all NPCs are mannequins >miss a point blank attack (XD) >generic LOTR rip off…[View]
403406828Whoa hey guys[View]
403403597*saves Western Gaming*[View]
403404219Renegade X: Why are you not playing Renegade X?[View]
403405540>there will never be a combined PS1/PS2 emulator on the same quality as Dolphin for GC/Wii >y…[View]
403407837>gameos can't be lud-[View]
403406130PS3: Should I get a PS3 in 2018 for the exclusives or should I just wait until emulation is more sta…[View]
403407538>it's wrong to get mad when you're playing a game[View]
403403778there are games[View]
403407369Elder Scrolls: Will we ever get a dwemer game?[View]
403407147>ending credits say 'thank you for buying our game' >it was complementary with PSN plus YOU EV…[View]
403401536ITT: countries that have NEVER EVER made a good video game in the past 10 years.[View]
403406923The country that saved the PC gaming.[View]
403385298Does it bother you if a game has fanservice tropes?[View]
403406973>traders have limited gold[View]
403405764https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoZJdil0_HI What are some areas in games that slowly begin to feel l…[View]
403406583Why do people buy Switch when you can play the best Mario games(Galaxy 1 and 2) on Wii U?[View]
403402540Ace Attorney: >you'll never have that tight mafia and deranged girl pussy Furio Tigre doesn…[View]
403404283>tetris-style inventory[View]
403400418>GDQ stream >Runner explaining what ('s')hes doing to glitch the game and skip ahead. >anno…[View]
403406456>Backup save file The state of speedrunning[View]
403406391>Your video game wife is too obscure for anyone to ever recognize her It's a mixed feel…[View]
403404415What does /v/ think of:: Tetris[View]
403400174European Speedrunner Assembly Winter 2018: February 17th through 25th[View]
403404493Why is Brawlhalla such a shit game?[View]
403403772This game was awesome. I'm so happy they managed to make a good Zelda game again, and while the…[View]
403404276What do you think of Kaine?[View]
403388469I'm about to start Dragon's Dogma and I'm torn. Should I play as a little girl, or ha…[View]
403395873Did they mean something by this?[View]
403403565Red dead 2, will it be bad?: Basically, will red dead redemption 2 just be a microtransaction filled…[View]
403403048Was this series the Call of Duty of the NES era?[View]
403404878Would you sell your soul to EA for $1,000,000,000,000 and your own private planet?[View]
403405309Why are the japanese gaming community so shit?: Their gaming community stuck in the 90's playin…[View]
403399946I wish they would launch Lotro classic servers instead of wow ones.[View]
403403008Puyo Pop Fever 3: No no no SEGA. Stop sucking the old dick of Compile Puyo. Stop rerelasing PPT. Sto…[View]
403404606I skipped the early access survival/crafting craze. But now looking in steam seams that two of those…[View]
403401284>Vorwärts, Soldaten![View]
403402853Fact: Zelda is perfect.[View]
403404996Monster Hunter World: Cute NPCs, comfy village life https://youtu.be/xykZ1efAsE0?t=3m33s This is you…[View]
403404919why does nintendo play into the hands of scalpers or otherwise play the artificial shortage game? d…[View]
403404913This game is literally the closest adaption of Masters of Orion 2 on the the market, even closer tha…[View]
403403807Did they fuck?[View]
403404821Is it any good, euros?[View]
403401803What went right?[View]
4033985411.) Post an image 2.) Let other Anon recommend you a game based on the image you posted. 3.) ?????? …[View]
403397297what went wrong?[View]
403403334Who /homu/ here?[View]
403403213What are some classy games for someone with refined and impeccable taste?[View]
403396878Is Animal Crossing Switch going to be announced during the January Direct?[View]
403404335This never happened.: R-right guys?[View]
403404315Umineko No Naku Koro Ni: You believe in Rosatrice, don't you ? You're not a mindless sheep…[View]
403404264What about you tell me your videogame story, /v/?[View]
403393256Dragon Ball FighterZ: Open beta is live but shitting itself, seems to be getting better also learn t…[View]
403397135>one hit melee kills >with phantom range >you can also extend the already galactic range ev…[View]
403402460I really want a vr headset so i can be an anime girl, but the HTC vive and Rift are really expensive…[View]
403329645Hollow Knight Thread: I accidentally destroyed one of the spirits in the Glade. Is there any way to …[View]
403404024>heh... nothin personnel kid >bowl man gets up >coldsteel gets buffed This is the most I…[View]
403401743What's up fellow gamer dudes and dudettes? Why aren't you playing one of those cool Bethes…[View]
403400439Which is the better game /v/?[View]
403403917Microsoft is considering loot boxes for their Avatars.: I'm sort of curious to see if Xbox fans…[View]
403284276Risk Of Rain: Risk Of Rain : Why are none of you assholes making a thread edition[View]
403393837You did the right thing, right /v/?[View]
403403186Drakengard 3: How many of you have beaten this boss without a guide / video or whatever?[View]
403398518>Speedrun community is full of trannies >Person in charge of GDQ mocks them by calling herself…[View]
403403385Today, I will remind them.[View]
403400256Dragon Quest VIII: Playing this on 3DS. Currently stuck at Tortured Soul in the ruined Abbey. My tea…[View]
403403219Yakuza thread: Why is Majima best boy? >BATTER UP[View]
403401660VTMB: Ugh, cammy[View]
403389085>9/10 on Steam >/v/ still claims it's bad…[View]
403401538What are some games where I can play as a honorabre samurai with the grory of the sun ? Already play…[View]
403378437DUSK: What do you think about the game so far? imo I think it's solid af. I'm having a lot…[View]
403400961this game is garbage >generic 90's guys in trenchcoats look >combat is extremeley unsati…[View]
403400170Post the worst games you ever played >Half Life >Deus Ex >VTMB >Morrowind >Devil May …[View]
40340131028 yo man shoots mom in the head over video games: >/v/ will defend this…[View]
403402485Destiny 2: I'm really intrigued of Destiny 2 and the downfall or backlash the game has revived …[View]
403393142Games or franchises that are not only dead but /v/ also never talks about. >tfw this thread will …[View]
403331335Is this game an unabashed masterpiece or are there glaring flaws?[View]
403402674When did you stop playing games to appreciate them and go on majestic adventures and started playing…[View]
403398437why are so many games console exclusives? all games come out in the latter half of the year, steam i…[View]
403401650>character uses a greatsword >they swings it around like its a regular sized sword…[View]
403392425Nintendo Swich emulator: https://mobile.twitter.com/notfunnei/status/952460754996944896 https://mobi…[View]
403401697fucking LMAO at this meme game >le tactical combat it's not tactical it's sluggish >…[View]
403397786Yo I need a new switch games any recommendations? I don't care about the price all I want is a …[View]
403399395ITT: Games that were far deeper than you expected. Pic related for me, when I thought I was nearing …[View]
403396887Sum up a video game in an image. I'll start. Metal Gear Solid 2[View]
403401452How do you think people would react if they censored a mainline mario game? Most stuff that gets cen…[View]
403398832>everyone agrees it's game of the decade >/v/ hates it Why?…[View]
403401058>great gameplay >tons of playthroughs >tons of mods >tons of fun why is there no M&B…[View]
403396813Why isn't there a single game with a satisfying magic system?[View]
403401927Pass me the controller, Bro[View]
403393430Need something to satisfy my Dark Souls fix. How are the King's Field games? Do they hold up?[View]
403398417Moira Blizzard World Skin: So I played a good amount of Moira and wizard from Diablo three and it cl…[View]
403386925Just finished my first playthrough in this game. How could anyone pick Yennefer? She's insuffe…[View]
403398903Is Battle for bikini bottom THAT good: Now before you call me a childish fag, this is a serious ques…[View]
403398476Post your favorite characters name from the last 3 games you played and others guess >Futaba >…[View]
403397612I've never played Dark Souls before but I can beat a Lynel without using Mipha's Grace. Wi…[View]
403400965Why doesn't Dark Souls III answer any questions that actually need answering? >What the fuck…[View]
403395000Plebs: Games only plebs find deep[View]
403393615Is this the best Telltale game?: I really liked it, has a lot of heart and solid characters.[View]
403400389Relaxing Video Games: What games do you play to relax? When you get home from a hard day of whatever…[View]
403391175>Switch emulation is here >mfw pc wins AGAIN god it feels good to be master race https://twitt…[View]
403398461I'm a little late, but I just started it up. Finished the four trials the old man told me to. W…[View]
403396621Fucking when?[View]
403392341January Nintendo Direct: It's coming soon. It- It HAS to be...[View]
403400372Why is she so perfect?[View]
403397636>like RTS >only comp stomp and never go online Anyone else?…[View]
403399905>[USA]EagleOfFreedom has joined the game >'yo'…[View]
403387063What is this game made of?: Yooka Laylee had ONE scandal that the resolved in the favour of protesto…[View]
403384728>Meanwhile on