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410689368is it worth getting a 'gaming' mouse if I just want to play single player games? getting tired of th…[View]
410702890What's your all time favorite video game box art?[View]
410674708Regret thread?: I'll start.[View]
410681346Have you ever fallen in love with a girl from a videogame?[View]
410693623>autosaging a perfectly fine megaman thread for what purpose?[View]
410669818ITT: Your favorite video game character: Post only your favorite video game character[View]
410704119meme weapons thread[View]
410700134Shit people do in multiplayer: >'Is my mic working?' >'No'…[View]
410703590what games have you played today, vee[View]
410701202DMC HD2 is a fucking mess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmPTPqZSGic https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
410668462C'MON, BABY![View]
410688529My 5-year old niece is visiting me tomorrow. She hasn't played real vidya before, only tablet c…[View]
410698642Greatest Castlevania ever made.[View]
410703980will the swich get games again?[View]
410703096An honest interview with Todd Howard: The honest truth has now been revealed by Todd Howard in an in…[View]
410696002What's the best roguelike ever made?[View]
410691880DMX is out for blood and only the last vidya gaem character you played can protect you. How fucked a…[View]
410700932You aren't one of those faggot that play as a female in video games, right, anon?[View]
410703087TOP DISAPPOINTMENT 2018: linear as shit, insanely dumb npcs with nonexistent aim, no realism, physic…[View]
410692902ITT: GBA games you love and why. Summon night Swordcraft story and I love it because Sugar is best g…[View]
41069983679 DAYS UNTIL E3 ! PLACE YOUR BETS !: Will the smash port confirmed posters get BTFO ? Will the DMCV…[View]
410700012>Dude, we've made the greatest game of all time. What's our cover going to be like? …[View]
410703619>developer puts a copyright watermark over screen captures >developer puts an icon over captur…[View]
410666121ALL OF HIS SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FROM BOTS HAHAHAHAHA https://youtu.be/b7qzKGm242k[View]
410701513>'Yea man I'll add you' >Anime profile picture >anime groups >list of games and ani…[View]
410702242THE LEAKS ARE HERE. >F-Zero runs and has a port for some king title information about switch. I…[View]
410703385>mfw they say PS4 ain't the best[View]
410703276Mom I'm talking to my e-friends!: Hey looking for some people to talk about stupid bullshit wit…[View]
410702009>tfw just finished picrelated for the first time What a fucking ride. You guys weren't kiddi…[View]
410702760I'll be sure to visit your grave.[View]
410701938MTG Arena: I'll lost every game I've played so far,[View]
410696810What do you want from the next Animal Crossing?[View]
410701328Is this the biggest BTFO by a videogame player?[View]
410699205>'AND TOMMOROW, AND TOMMOROW' What did he mean by this?[View]
410644062/rts/: RTS thread. What have you been playing lately?[View]
410702360Why Hotline Miami 2 is inferior in every way: >Almost every level is just offscreen shooter enemi…[View]
410700146Bayo who?[View]
410702582why the fuck does Steam need to update all the time I don't even use it ever just fuck off I do…[View]
410689815Which one is better and why?[View]
410696315Which frame is the best frame?[View]
410657160I'm Kumatora AMA: Hi, I'm Kumatora, Young Adult, PSI User and Princess of the Osohe Castle…[View]
410702442Don't Gears have a right to live? All I want, is to live here quietly.[View]
410691469What's the best JRPG of all time?[View]
410696165>$60 Why?[View]
410689525Comfy Switch Thread: These threads have been really great lately and I'm in the mood for some r…[View]
410700617Pack it up lads. GOTY just arrived.[View]
410700559Someone convince me on why this literal Goomba should be in Smash[View]
410701190Draw stupid Sans![View]
410701972Can someone explain this to me? There were only humans there.[View]
41069169313 Sentinels: Aegis Rim: Is this shit ever coming out? I want to get naked and pilot mechs already…[View]
410684935ITT: nostalgic videogame maps[View]
410699062how do you guys make time to play video games?[View]
410699209>tfw no sea of thieves discussion is possible here because the /v/ hivemind has already decided t…[View]
410689873>change eye color >call it a new race >that'll be $60 plus tax go- I mean loyal Blizza…[View]
410696604Ahahaha.... The thread >>410695825 has died. I SHALL MAKE MY COMEBACK. NIGHTMARES WILL TORMENT…[View]
410701109>Cloud in Smash >Noctis in Tekken When will Sora join a fighting game?…[View]
410699125>game has a jungle filled with bugs section[View]
410699054Well, /v/?[View]
410699221early morning /v/ who else is up really early in the morning? are you looking to play some games tod…[View]
410694649Elder Scrolls Legends is getting an update. Here are some of the new cards.[View]
410699770is it still coming or what?[View]
410619525I love Tharja![View]
410701249Warframe TO: This thread is a Corpus Weapons Outpost. No void children allowed[View]
410694786What changes to Human Revolution's plot would give it as much longevity as the original Deus Ex…[View]
410699247ITT things only 90s kids will remember: >tfw born in 1993 >tfw wireless wasn't a thing ba…[View]
410701126Now Daisyfriends, Don't be too mad when Pauline is confirmed for Sma5h and not her! =)[View]
410690203It's really good, are you buying Josef's game?[View]
410700685Why contain it?[View]
410688103What are some games with WEREWOLVES?[View]
410697651Let's be honest here, the face is not even that funny.[View]
410689364Stupid Sexy Pauline: This is your mayor for tonight, say somthing nice about her.[View]
410700523>Escort Quest >but it lets you fast travel…[View]
410698289>companies can make pathetic re-creations of their older games that are worse than the 20 year ol…[View]
410696418just got announced... a sad day for all gamers :([View]
410699457Is it bad that the average player seems to be more hyped and interested about the new cosmetics (new…[View]
410697871friends help tatsu r-right?[View]
410698860are you in on this yet /v/?: best game ive played in a while[View]
410675976bee-OOP bee-OOP bee-OOP[View]
410700431You will bow before the great Queen Sectonia! My beauty rivals the divine...[View]
410698667Is there a single person that liked this bitch?[View]
410697163Use your vidya knowledge to beat your doppelganger and save the princess Remember, your doppelganger…[View]
4107004892019: Who else can't Fucking Wait?!?[View]
410682221ITT: Post your 3DS/2DS.[View]
410699147I'm looking for something to play on my Switch, is this game any good?[View]
410697981lunk link long[View]
410699376When did you outgrow JRPGs? And if not, are you excited for Ni No Kuni 2?[View]
410696685Tell me about Grim Dawn[View]
410700301How do you play the Oni Spirits game in Onimisha? A few times I am pretty sure I have died all of a …[View]
410694458Fortnight is pay to win: No one is going to believe me but i just bought the battle pass. my gold ch…[View]
410698526perfect accuracy[View]
410698686Did anyone else find her sexy?[View]
410694334Resident Evil Thread: WE DO IT[View]
410697659You haven't abandoned her, have you?[View]
410699603ITT: Worst levels in great games. I'll start with pic related: Last quarter starting with the f…[View]
410699602>buy this shitty port or spinoff to let the devs know you're still interested in the franchi…[View]
410696674[distant mooing][View]
410655559Are fighting games dying? They seem to still sell well but other esports seem to have taken over. Wi…[View]
410688026Marx gameplay trailer: NONONONO https://youtu.be/H-poy_iiGXM[View]
410698752Why is this shit so bad?[View]
410692880>I WANNA HEAL >I WANNA FEEL >LIKE IM CLOSE TO SOMETHING REAL Memes aside, was anyone expect…[View]
410693893Tokyo Shitadu is absolute trash: >persona ripoff >also rips off literally every other falcom g…[View]
410698914Fighting Labo Team: For Smash Switch, maybe?[View]
410694472Are they a reference to biggie and tupac or am I being japed? seriously[View]
410693050Thicc: Why in a kids game?[View]
410685714Is this perhaps one of the best sequels of all time?[View]
410661274Street fighter V: How do we save SF? Do we go back to sprites?[View]
410696930>Are you winning, son?[View]
410696068This is Ann Takamaki. Say something nice to her.[View]
410695414Is there any shot of Kingdom Hearts III having an Indiana Jones world?[View]
410698509Why aren't you playing AssCreed Origins, /v/? It has actual graphics.[View]
410697225Lets play 'Guess that vidya game' *Spoiler*, it sucks. edition 'Sorry. But your not on the list' …[View]
410694669*creepily follows you around while rattling tray and making strange grunting noises* No fucking wond…[View]
410697417ITT Sjw content that butchered otherwise decent games. Pic related.[View]
410694927Who is 2018's IRATE Gamer?[View]
410696780Are there any Asian characters other than Tifa Lockheart in that series?[View]
410698423Howdy partners! I hear ya'll like to play good video games. Well out here in the south we don…[View]
410682893>Great stats >Amazing support and attack skills >Not annoying >selfless and independent …[View]
410694327Anyone play this?: Seems to be getting rave reviews. What’s the /v/erdict?[View]
410693334Why is Totori still regarded as the sexiest Atelier in /v/?[View]
410697736Quality writing.[View]
410696907Would this 3d model fit in the rig of a boomer from L4D?[View]
410686839Admit it, we need a Samurai Jack video game before Season 5, but after Season 4. >It could be an …[View]
410695901Free Steam Game: This is free. Get it or be a pooface forever.[View]
410688426Harry Potter MMO/RPG: Am I alone in wanting an open world Harry Potter RPG or MMO?[View]
410696226>oneshots your entire party[View]
410697425Marx bros REJOICE one of the brothers has started the fire. WE WILL MAKE OUR GRAND RETURN.[View]
410682478Post your gaming position[View]
410695879any long time kerbal players here? >why did /kspg/ go away some years ago?…[View]
410694945Give me 5 reason why you haven't bought a raspberry pi 3 b+ and installed retro pi?[View]
410696265let's predict the metacritic score and sales. I guess 88 and 6 million[View]
410696737Honestly it's just not that fun Long time DS veteran here and don't get me wrong I see the…[View]
410668374Smash 5: Post rosters Hard mode: be realistic[View]
410656793>Instead of actually letting you select from a host of options, Sea of Thieves' character cr…[View]
410694928Post your cool beta, prototype, or mockup images.[View]
410697254How come i fucking hate my job but a theoretical Office Simulator 2017 sounds really fun and intrigu…[View]
410693831FF8: What was the moral of the story?[View]
410697385>There will never be a Rainbow Six Vegas 3[View]
410691167Fable series: Is the fable series worth playing through /v/? Looks interesting to say the least.…[View]
410696030Maximo: Can we talk about how awesome this series is, especially Maximo 2? The first game really rel…[View]
410693007Why was Intelligence required to say this?[View]
410694170>Final boss damages himself also One Piece Fighterz when?[View]
410693734This is the best RTS ever made.[View]
410687203What part of Odyssey made you the most disappointed? Darker Side is way too damn easy compared to ot…[View]
410697030If it wasn't for the marketing campaign and was a little bit longer, this game would be hailed …[View]
410694717Papa's Burgeria: Haven't seen a thread on a long time. Post your best monstrosity. http://…[View]
410696820Fighting games: ITT: post one of your mains and others judge you.[View]
410693818I can't wait, bros.[View]
410683757Alright /v/, time to settle this once and for all. https://www.strawpoll.me/15342381 https://www.str…[View]
410679459>it’s a Zero destroys everyone Smash tournament[View]
410696019ITT: irl locations that could be vidya levels[View]
410695763Crazy Frog: Next Smash Character[View]
410689876Your thoughts?[View]
410695632sea of thieves character customization: This game is so bland and the character customization is wel…[View]
410695959why did it die[View]
410681960Cheating at vidya: Serious question: Why do so few games implement cheats these days? We have litera…[View]
410695758Najd looks lit. Who's the fourth in this pack?[View]
410695268Thanks for the beta testing Wii U bros![View]
410695641Let's all embrace the perfect game[View]
410692335>blocks your path[View]
410693783You are late, Prince Kael'thas. I thought you elves prided yourselves on punctuality.[View]
410695454Ni No Kuni 2: The President of the USA has terrible trigger discipline. Discuss.[View]
410694271DDLC Thread: Who is best Doki? And why is it Sayori?[View]
410693681What was your reaction when you first got to this part?[View]
410690545Choose one new rep for every franchise already in Smash.[View]
410694240Nostalgia thread: Anyone else remember this?[View]
410695085Any new leaks?: /v/ don’t let me down[View]
410680085Glad you could make it, Uther.[View]
410674338Oh god I can't wait anymore, why can't they just release it already?[View]
410693810Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Story thread: Get in here fags, post your funny death stories or life sto…[View]
410694851>Its a 'they forgot to make a game out of their sandbox' episode…[View]
410694673W...we're getting a 4th game right nintendo? You wouldnt abandon us would you? Right????[View]
410668975Dark souls has a book.: That is all.[View]
410693262When will you realize gaming is underage kids hobby no matter how many nudity they put in your fav g…[View]
410694134You Groove You Lose: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp31O0-WwRA[View]
410691957Are there ANY games out there that play like this did? Power Stone 2 is fucking great but you can on…[View]
410693720>metro exodus ''''ray tracing'''' >No visibile fucking improvement whatsoever We're bein…[View]
410686028It's very often said that a game can be 'trying to look like Marvel' in terms of character or p…[View]
410693348>he ACTUALLY BELIEVES that KHIII will release in 2018[View]
410683443Nintendo 64 Classic Mini: What game do you think they will put in N64 mini? I really wish for Golden…[View]
410668040Name (ONE) series with no bad music[View]
410693670They were never good[View]
410690501play warframe[View]
410684871Childhood is idolizing Duke Adulthood is realising Blood is better[View]
410690136Danganronpa v. Ace Attorney: Which does /v/ prefer?[View]
410677614which one is the strongest?[View]
410644924risk of rain: you know the drill fags[View]
410684081When will video games get AI that's not fucking stupid?[View]
410686526What am I in for?[View]
410694084Tyber Zann, I've come to collect your artifact for the Emperor. Comply with my demands, and I p…[View]
410693961Here's your controller bro[View]
410694050Shouldn't 'speed runs' be renamed 'time trials' ?[View]
410693964How far did you make it before you quit?[View]
410692154Gamers are the biggest bitches of all time: >remember when gaming wasn't full of pussies …[View]
410693859characters you wanted to punch right in the face[View]
410681139kirby: You're not a fag who hasn't beaten Soul Melter yet, are you?[View]
410688707Is he the strongest character in the game?[View]
410681187Where were you when /v/ was wrong about the Kraken? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz5Ip_AqTFM[View]
410689620Post game you're waiting this year: >Far cry 5+dlcs >monster hunter world for PC >cras…[View]
410693704>Adds ARMS rep into smash It's Street Fighter 2 all over again.[View]
410693452I LOVE THE[View]
410688749My gf made this drawings for my amiibo official cards[View]
410644560SNK Heroines will get a new character reveal this April 6: https://gematsu.com/2018/03/snk-40th-anni…[View]
410677071ITT we post our last 3 games played on steam and judge other anons current tastes[View]
410690269>next update never ever Also, sword and board a best, polehammer fags can go home. Do people actu…[View]
410693610Quantum Break: Anyone else played this? What did you think about it?[View]
410693365I'm looking to buy a 2-in-1 laptop with a pen for work/personal. I really want one of the surfa…[View]
410691063>bioshock >you don't shock bios[View]
410690118/v/ Plays Into the Breach: Who's up for some collaborative bug squashing? First reply decides w…[View]
410681509What games have the best character creation? The WWE games seem to get worse at this every year.[View]
410692982>Kill dragon boss >Achievement unlocked >'The dragonier they are... the wyviern they fall'…[View]
410691096FTFY, Microsoft[View]
410693258>Objective activated: You can't escape[View]
410689394Well /v/ how do we fix Repitle? Also MK thread... Was one of the most liked characters until Decepti…[View]
410687172What are some good One Piece games?[View]
410624523ITT: post weapons that make your dick hard.[View]
410690584I dare you to say 1(one) good thing about a game you dont like[View]
410692925Monolith thread[View]
410662595Do you agree video game-wise?[View]
410692285>3 ports that are uncensored >1 f2p vn >a trial of a dogshit mmo >a 30 fps port of a dec…[View]
410688860Tell me about Majora, what's the deal with his mask?[View]
410681176What the fuck happened to video games this year? It has been abysmal so far.[View]
410679276What are the games that had the biggest impact on you? I'm talking shit that changed your life,…[View]
410692539new?: Hi guys. Will so much rumors coming up lately, do u believe they will make the announcement of…[View]
410689347Bros......the Horde............won.....[View]
410691813Did you get this for Switch?[View]
410681013Imagine liking this literal garbage[View]
410686261Is it ever 'too late' to get into an online video game?[View]
410692238Why do you guys whiteknight for console manufacturers of all things? >i-it's just shitpostin…[View]
410686095When was the last time you were dumb enough to give EA money, /v/?[View]
410690196Why hasn’t Sony given us an option to make this the intro screen to the PS4 yet?[View]
410657859/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread: >>410599250 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
410691613>MUH REALISTIC REPRESENTATION OF WOMYN IN VIDEOGAMES She is gone lads, Lara is forever gone.…[View]
410688628Just broke my left hand today. What are some good 1-handed vidya?[View]
410665104BIG FUCKING GUN[View]
410691650Post some video game villains whose motives are hard to find fault in and arguably better than the h…[View]
410691832How annoying will he be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxyEcgv34Rk This interview makes it seem K…[View]
41067983730 FPS 0 F P S[View]
410681002it’s a fantastic game, just might not be what you want from a Fallout game. That doesn’t make it bad…[View]
410686463What would hell for Cell even be like?[View]
410690774What games can give me this feeling?[View]
410690876>nintendo in charge of online play[View]
410666351Info. on Smash and Metroid (Mainly Smash): >The title for the game hasn’t been chosen yet. >I…[View]
410691539Guaranteed Smash Bros Newcomers: It's his time to shine, baby.[View]
410690131Tales of Symphonia: Why does this game still hold up, and why is Presea still best daughteru[View]
410680758Monster Hunter World: LAGIACRUS LEAKED I REPEAT LAGIACRUS CONFIRMED https://tieba.baidu.com/p/561155…[View]
410687945Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkv4SSE0Puo[View]
410680809>Tales of Vesperia will never come out for PC or PS4[View]
410620341Megaman Battle Network Chrono X: Anyone else playing this?[View]
410685957>Surely there will be at least one good game in 2018[View]
410689613>worked at + consulted with pic related from 2001 - 2015 >ask me anything…[View]
410688831God, punch the rng in the nuts... Will you lock on to me, eyeball! Please be less of a random dick..…[View]
410665438It's your turn to micspam, what do you play?[View]
410685483what is the best bomberman game, /v/?[View]
410690861Metroid: Hi I'm the greatest Metroid game in existance[View]
410682035have you ever feel bad for killing a boss?[View]
410690270Is Bravely Second worse than Bravely Default? I think we can all agree the characters are worse.[View]
410690579How is GTAV STILL a top seller? I know it's on sale right now but even when it's not it is…[View]
410689975I know stuff about the labo. AMA t. my dad works for nintendo.[View]
410689229So..We all agree this is the best team right?[View]
410690395Post the worst 'monster-battler' game you've played that isn't part of the pokemon franchi…[View]
410685427SEEEK MAAGIICC[View]
410687878Who is gonna win?[View]
410687569https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJGGS2rYwl4 He has a point, you know.[View]
410685157Who is the best character in HuniePop?[View]
410690172Post vidya music that pumps you up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmxdtDnn6j8[View]
410689423Are you getting Coco game for Switch?[View]
410690052Are there any games that take place in the context of the World Wide Web? I can only think of pic re…[View]
410689730The music sucked because I didn't work on it, the sound of the footsteps were annoying and repe…[View]
410688019>introduce a friend to a new game with amazing ost >they listen to their own music while playi…[View]
410687937>Hit big red circle on enemy's abdomen/head/back >That's the only way to damage it…[View]
410688717What's the last good fantasy game that you have played?[View]
410689471haha so true[View]
410686643>Game gets remade in Unreal Engine >It looks less aesthetically pleasing as the original https…[View]
410687686Sonic The Doodlehog: Sonic The Doodlehog is cute.[View]
410644659Why are bards terrible in every RPG ever?[View]
410689235Is this decent guys? I need validation[View]
410688883ITT: post the Definitive Casual/Normie Filter: Post your strongest Casual filters[View]
410684859Anybody else get reminded of Kingdom hearts during this scene? inb4 complaining about using crunchyr…[View]
410687485>American games >big budget high quality domestic works that are known around the world >mo…[View]
410682720Is there a point of collecting all gems and boos in Luigi's Mansion 2?: Also, probably one of t…[View]
410681239>Push to talk >*Laughs*[View]
410688912Opinions? Thoughts?[View]
410684517Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus: Who in their right mind can defend this?[View]
410685790What's the Yamcha of your favorite game universe?[View]
410685278*beats you at fortnite*[View]
410685629Holy fucking SHIT!!![View]
410687568>like fighting games >don't like competition >just want some good PvE What are some be…[View]
410688609Is Color Splash, dare I say it, /ourgame/?[View]
410688384>DLC needs to be 'found' 'unlocked' or 'earned'[View]
410688720>haha dude VR will revolutionize porn muh waifu age >completely forgotten Incel copers btfo …[View]
410681853Kid Icarus: fourth game when[View]
410688657It was the best witcher?[View]
410679994Which sister?[View]
410687289Warcraft 3 1.29 update: Why aren't you basking in the glory?[View]
410688394Nintendo should make a Star Fox Assault 2 featuring a campaign with multiple paths and online multip…[View]
410687805>Linux and Mac platforms confirmed How well will it play though?[View]
410658812Why was Persona 3 the best Persona game in every way except the battle system that was fixed in P3P?[View]
410688367>boss has three phases with each phase separated by a qte[View]
410688313Backlog thread: Post your backlogs.[View]
410688198ding-dong diddly: >enemies can open doors[View]
410687449Is there any other guards in games that want you dead as badly as the Crimson Guard? These fucks non…[View]
410675470What's a game design element that where you have absolutely no idea how it could be implemented…[View]
410685418What's the best way to play Daggerfall? I never gave it a real try before and I want to do so n…[View]
410688009>42% WHAT IS HE PLANNING, /v/? is it another FNAF?[View]
410686850how do we elevate videogames as an art form?[View]
410687873It's been over a decade since Oblivion has released and it's still unintentionally hilario…[View]
410687562 I just realized 99% of the dialogue in Persona 5 has absolutely no consequence whatsoever... …[View]
410684742Sonic feet should be tan-colored or blue in your opinion?[View]
410684036How do we go from this...[View]
410687821Grim Dawn: So this is on sale. Been meaning to scratch the lootan and grindan itch recently. Anyone …[View]
410687643>have to kill weak points before you can actually damage him >weak point is in the air and awk…[View]
410687516Anything good? Got that 20% off coupon, but not seeing anything interesting. Think I'm getting…[View]
410681313Games with actually good voice acting.[View]
410685494I want to fuck Pauline[View]
410664230Gentlemen. Welcome to Dubai.[View]
410685985>final boss doesn't feel paiaiaiaian when he is hururururt[View]
410683343I keep seeing this game pop up in discussions lately. Is it actually good?[View]
410676714Why does /v/ hold Platinum in high regard?[View]
410686014Mee hoy minoy 2: Should I get it now or wait? Really liked the first game, so I want the game regard…[View]
410682928What games did you play today, /v/?[View]
410687206What are some games where I can piss people off?[View]
410685868Why does Fernando need two swords? Can't he just use a silver one for both people and monsters?[View]
410651532So, some games really do hit a point where they become 'too anime', but this doesn't express wh…[View]
410687140I don't know guys...[View]
410684801Dragon Ball FighterZ: >35 minutes before the rematch between GO1 and SonicFox https://www.twitch …[View]
410682729so is it good or awful[View]
410684776'stop watching let's plays'[View]
410685732Are there any games where curiosity gets you killed?[View]
410686971>I love shmups! I play Touhou with my 360 controller all the time![View]
410685763What sound does it make?[View]
410667671Xbros, to me!: What are thy hope and dreams for Halo 6? E3 is only three months away, don'tcha …[View]
410686489>Inb4 they literally will only release the game with almost no extra content or just garbage fill…[View]
410685037Should I buy this shit on Steam?: Should I buy this shit on Steam?[View]
410673289'There's no Horde bias'[View]
410685940Name a single game where the main love interest is actually best girl.[View]
410683657Where were you when MHW is saved? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gnWJ_B1MtG4[View]
410686414/v/, you are but casual scum. Why don't you play a REAL Shin Megoomy Tensay game, like Nocturne…[View]
410685686what is your go-to game ?[View]
410682764/v/idya version of the 2012 vs. 2018 shitty trend. I'll start.[View]
410685124I really loved this game, but there isn't much to do after you finish it. Seems like a waste fo…[View]
410684568Vidya concert thread. Which ones did you go see? How much did you pay? Were there any autistic manch…[View]
410686262Backlog Thread: Post your backlog. Suggest games to play for other anons. Pic related is mine.…[View]
410684653is sony hacked again?: im trying to log into my account and it says incorrect password and I'm …[View]
410678013What was her problem?: The only reason she (used) to exist is to add unnecessary ''edge …[View]
410684874Hyness: >Marx is the most insane Kirby villain. >Hyness: Hold my beer.…[View]
410673750Baldur's Gate: >implying /v/ isn't fucking casual >implying /v/ has complete a no re…[View]
410685879Temporarily free to play for the next five days on Xbox. Is it ____FUN____________?[View]
410681674FUCK: So, picked up my Ni No Kuni 2 Collectors and the fucking shits broke.[View]
410685865Radiata Stories: How do you beat this Giga Nigga.[View]
410685869>pores release air freshener perfume >does not shit…[View]
410684569Wait, King Dedede isn't an obese bald eagle? When did he become a penguin?[View]
410617913#FreeEngarde General: /ourguy/ is having his day court, and he's got the undefeated Phoenix Wri…[View]
410684405Best Monkey Island is available again![View]
410685261Kingdom come: Why does it seem like the view is a fisheye lense[View]
4106696063x3 thread: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
410683886Digital Devil Saga: Why did it all go downhill from here? Atlus found the perfect blend of gameplay,…[View]
410685462Webm Bread? bonus points for oc[View]
410684789it’s now free on humblebundle. what am i in for?[View]
410676045it actually sucks: i thought you guys were just messing around[View]
410685170>STILL no singleplayer RPG where you can play as races that aren't just pallete swaps of hum…[View]
410684192DEATH TO THE MPLA[View]
410681364A language of NUKES[View]
410680318Share cringey MMO experiences[View]
410680515Can someone recommend me a game where I can spend tons of time grinding for some cool ass armor? I…[View]
410685036Who is the strongest and the most beautiful character in vidya?[View]
410677365This is why nobody can compete with based Sony. The new God of War looks ABAP and now that Sea of Th…[View]
410683959The last good Far Cry game was a spin-off.[View]
410685115Are there any games where I can be a surveillance camera?[View]
410682896What the hell is his problem?[View]
410677104DOA Thread towel Helena[View]
410683975>you can encounter the final boss really early in the game[View]
410679379Undertale will outsell Smash Bros.[View]
410666494Tier list thread[View]
410678272Git good faggots its easy![View]
410682481Spooky stories: > Be me > Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 > 2 A.M > Hear a loud thud on the …[View]
410684662Soul Calibur 6: Everyday until Astaroth revealed.[View]
410682903How the fuck hasn't this game caused outrage yet? Tracer from Overwatch, an M rated game, can c…[View]
410675962>People actually take their $300 product outside with the risk of an accident occurs where it bre…[View]
410675268You have the ability to bring one game into existence Your choices are: Skate 4 or Tony Hawk's …[View]
410682124is this 'game' decent? or just communist propaganda?[View]
410684460Day of Infamy / Insurgency / Insurgency: Sandstorm: Please buy this game tomorrow when It goes on sa…[View]
410684097I can't say much, but i'll just let you know that Shantae IS coming to Smash Bros. Battle …[View]
410641716MHW: What is it about this game that makes /v/ so mad?[View]
410682940THIS CAN'T BE TRUE[View]
410649738'Capitalism rewards innovation'[View]
410682002Why would anyone ever pick Triss over Yennefer?[View]
410680178Filename thread[View]
410670956Post dem red characters[View]
410680387Give me a better video game trailer. Pro tip... https://youtu.be/XRMUYpH7bQk[View]
410681382The best games ever 3: Post pictures of the best games. Feel free to talk or say anything about them…[View]
410682328just the only good multiplayer fps to ever exist coming through[View]
410677732Name one flaw[View]
410679939What the fuck was his problem?[View]
410682461No. Multiple player characters, just no. Give me a protagonist, make him likeable if possible (very …[View]
410673494Post dem green characters.[View]
410682208What was the opinion of the game at the time? I know now everyone hails it as a masterpiece but I me…[View]
410682983Will he be in Smash?[View]
410682270Dead video game series: Series that quite literally will never get another installment, for one reas…[View]
410676635When will this ever come to light? Makes me wonder if it's way past the point of no return. I h…[View]
410683003What is your favorite EC Game?[View]
410681001>online competitive[View]
410679345Switch Thread: What are you enjoying on your Switch /v/ Download anything in the eShop sales?[View]
410683175Inkling in Smash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0s90lodC8g[View]
410676209Name a better RPG Protip: You can't[View]
410682648nioh: >make game about japanese folklore >with a samurai >in japan >make the protagonist…[View]
410649173Was it autism?[View]
410677954What vidya game character can defeat him?[View]
410682991Hello there. It's good to see a friendly face. Almost took you for a new vegas thread , I did. …[View]
410681184Lagiacrus confirmed for World http://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftieba.baidu.com%2Fp%2F5…[View]
410672885post your favorite game that will never get a worthwhile successor/follow-up/continuation/etc. I…[View]
410682550Hey guys, I heard you love Toddposting... Well, I have a great idea... RANDYPOSTING! Buy My Game™, a…[View]
410675880>THOSE SOLDIERS ARE STILL ALIVE, I NEED THE FEW THAT ARE LEFT >their sacrifice will be honored…[View]
410678985>Nintendo then THE FUCK? THEY ARE WEARING SEXY OUTFITS, CENSOR IT NOW REE >Nintendo now Look a…[View]
410682373What is your favorite game that was released this generation?: Mine was bloodborne or doom 4[View]
410632612Squid thread[View]
410682420I'm about to have a long ass 6 day work week, I work nights so I have a lot of time sitting aro…[View]
410678418ITT times you were LITERALLY the Joker in video games >playing WoW PVP, Orc rogue >notice Nelf…[View]
410682224wtf there was no funeral or space![View]
410682330Vidya OST: Post some good ole OST from your favorite games, rate others for there music choices http…[View]
410674594Has a well known vidya dev ever visited your country? Americans don't need to apply to this thr…[View]
410681757this thread is about the video game WWE2k18 and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it[View]
410682131My people... Sons and Daughters of Helghan. This much I vow... The history of these days will be wri…[View]
410682104Everyday until E3: I will cling to my hope of seeing Shantae being added to Smash 5[View]
410679021Who would win?[View]
410681805>game reminds me to take a break >go and play another game…[View]
410665546Hype? What will they show?[View]
410681130Post dem black characters[View]
410678395would you a roadhog?[View]
410681437Are there any worthwhile 3-D platformers from Japan besides the modern Mario games? All I know is th…[View]
410678886XCOM Files Thread: Shall we try this again? With more feeling this time? Said I'd be here, Here…[View]
410648362SILENT HILL THREAD: Silent Hill Thread, Heather is Queen of /V/ Silent Hill is the best Japanese Su…[View]
410676163Finally obtained a R4 card! Recommend me some top tier DS games please![View]
410665642How can Nintendo save Star Fox?[View]
410679839But was it really that bad?[View]
410675347Should Isabelle be a playable character in Smash?[View]
410651181The Caesar has marked you for death, and the Legion obeys! Ready yourself for New Vegas thread…[View]
410679070Does Xenoblade Chronicles 2's combat require thought or is it mostly a matter of levels? From w…[View]
410681297How the fuck do I gitgud with royal guarding? I'm doing rollguards and jumpguards, but I can…[View]
410671985Switch eShop Thread. Anyone here got any SHMUP recommendations? I've heard the name Psikyo is a…[View]
410681054Rocket league thread boys post cars post webms how has psyonix fucked you today Let's get some …[View]
410681131Why they can't make games for shit?[View]
410681035Secret Kino You Keep From The Plebs: Title says it all. Obscure or poorly reviewed titles that are s…[View]
410677748What difficulty does /v/ play on?[View]
410661605Kirby Thread[View]
410680112>family member tries to kill you[View]
410660138Valkyria Chronicles 4: It all comes tumbling down.[View]
410679458Where is the rest of the trilogy?[View]
410680394>Super Smash Bros. >Super Smash Bros. Melee >Super Smash Bros. Brawl >Super Smash Bros. …[View]
410680746Sea of Thieves: >'Become a Pirate Legend!' By ferrying chickens across the ocean from now until t…[View]
410675440Alright, I just have to know what's going on with the RE 2 remake. Does anyone have any inside …[View]
410676997Ok, /v/. Show me your girls, boys, and girls(male).[View]
410680435Whybdonyoubguys make such a big deal about FPS when our eyes only see in 30 FPS so anything above 30…[View]
410680337Fegelein Royale: Hello everyone Peter Molyneux here to share with you all my great new idea for a br…[View]
410679701What happened to kirby?[View]
410678789how does /v/ feel about attack names being announced by an enemy, either verbally or text?[View]
410656964Steam Gems/Games to Watch for Thread: post anything interesting you've found in steam's ar…[View]
410669995What the fuck do you do in this game besides sail, grab treasure, sell treasure, and sail again? Ser…[View]
410671409BLAZBLUE CROSSTAG: Silhouettes to Sprite autism quest continues. We got P3 characters, whacky inflat…[View]
410680176What are your favorite racing games? https://youtube.com/watch?v=QPQZZqAHJiE[View]
410677303I bet MY rpg character could beat up YOUR rpg character![View]
410676717Why do they call it the Xbox 360?[View]
410675070Who is your #1 most desired Smash Newcomer and how do you want them to play? They must have appeared…[View]
410680015>main heroines >attack with their hair >both monkeys Which should be in Smash?…[View]
410679913What are some XCOM like games you would recommend, /v/?[View]
410679127Why no one talking about smash 5 in /vg/?[View]
410679890Who’s the most annoing leader in Civ history and why it’s this smug fuck?[View]
410679883One word to rule them all.[View]
410678438What does 'AAA' even mean anymore? It certainly doesn't mean quality, and budget doesn't r…[View]
410677725Hey there Kirby. Have you ever. . . Met-a knight?[View]
410637805>Setting gets shit canned >Age of Smegmar becomes a thing >Actual good video games start co…[View]
410679710Post those GOD tier game trailers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvrnUcB8ZJc[View]
410677187name 1 (one) post 2010 western game with good gameplay[View]
410652324Most Anticipated Game of 2018[View]
410674874Who is the best companion in The Legend of Zelda series and why is it Midna?[View]
410679375so was he a clone or not[View]
410678047The great debate[View]
410679295Wow, that was actually kind of nice and fun.[View]
410679006So, I know that /v/ doesn't care much about TotalBiscuit but I listened to the latest podcast b…[View]
410674396Post dem blue characters[View]
410679170This big boi has one of the most iconic themes in gaming. Say something nice about him.[View]
410675635at what point is it okay to fold and just use a guide because I have no idea what the fuck I'm …[View]
410674618Will you be purchasing Ashley's new game?[View]
410675289Post dem yellow characters[View]
410678390>tfw you fell for the VR meme I got a psvr for $200 and still feel ripped off…[View]
410678745So have we finally gotten to the point where developers are just straight up selling glorified unfin…[View]
410678754Autistic things you do while you play videogames >move my head when a character attacks me…[View]
410678481How good was it /v/[View]
410677782What are some good mobiles games?[View]
410667834Been saving these for rainy day.[View]
410674982ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
410674376So, the reviews are in and reviewers officially hate Sea of Thieves. Overwhelmingly, reviewers are …[View]
410676801How can I help you, King /v/v/v/?[View]
410675376How the fuck do I get past this[View]
410667035Perfect games don’t exis-[View]
410656621Ni no Kuni II: >No Denuvo >Got better reception than XV or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 >Gorgeous…[View]
410665001FighterZ: *Traps you in a corner*[View]
410678339How did we go from this to Mass Effect 4?[View]
410678178Quantum Break: Just beat this. It was good. Played on the hardest difficulty and did all juncture pa…[View]
410676694>Horizon Zero Awa- https://wccftech.com/horizon-zero-dawn-wins-navgtr-awards/?utm_source=dlvr.it…[View]
410678121Will it be good?[View]
410676905>linux games[View]
410677109SCP Lab Thread, This is not recouring. And who do you enjoy playing as the most?[View]
410672472name 1 (one) video game character with a more tragic storyline[View]
410677939Hey.... I just got one of these and hacked it, everything working fine, but I've been having so…[View]
410676467Why don't they make a pikmin collection for the switch?[View]
410677927Post dem autistic characters[View]
410675567Old school runescape: Is it any good?[View]
410677085Give me one good reason why he can't be in Smash Switch.[View]
410674141>rare is a good game company Their logo is LITERALLY a partially unrolled roll of toilet paper…[View]
410668252Jesus christ, THIS was supposed to keep the 3DS afloat until the fucking 2019 Bowser's Inside S…[View]
410676803Anything here I shouldn't buy?[View]
410676117>there are no games with monster girls where they arent just enemies Why are devs such shit taste…[View]
410672929Are they ashamed of this game?[View]
410672927>/v/ tells you to play a game >its fucking shit this place is a fucking cesspool…[View]
410653025Can MtG Arena compete with Hearthstone?[View]
410677145There is no need for violence, we can diplomatically discuss your surrender and adoption of Tau…[View]
410658626ITT: Old MMOs.[View]
410677113Well?: >So, you want to ride the bull?[View]
410677108Should I try to play through the lesser-known Square SNES games? Treasure Hunter G, Front Mission, T…[View]
410677037so it has begone the genre wars: i really want someone to come alone and force PUBG TO fix their shi…[View]
410673012The absolute state of SAO games on PC.[View]
410676960Injustice 2: >forcibly sells all your regen tokens for peanuts then offers to sell you an infinit…[View]
410671041>felled that's the stupidest word for 'killed' ever, fuck you japan…[View]
410675494Shinji did nothing wrong!: Let's talk about the perfection that is Shinji.[View]
410675663>SEGA decided to destroy Sonic, Monkey Ball, and Phantasy Star all in one year. But why…[View]
410642095Most overrated studio ever.: DK64 is fucking garbage, just straight up not worth playing at all, it …[View]
410672025HEY /v/[View]
410676784idk if this is geared more towards /v/ or /g/ but can someone explain to me what happened in gaming …[View]
410659586wow. truly incredible. video games have come a long way in twenty years.[View]
410667974Is this game feminist propaganda?[View]
410673374MILKIES: Where is the release day for her game Bamco!?[View]
410676326Any one know what the fuck game this is on snes?[View]
410676325Would anyone like to clean for our friendly interplanetary conglomerate?[View]
410672575*godsmack starts playing*[View]
410650681Who here miss the times when games actually took talent not just to play but to make them[View]
410676204Why did he turn on the elites at such a crucial time when their support would be needed?[View]
410670668Does anyone else have the issue where your brain can handle what's going on in a game but your …[View]
410676108Is there a game that dies this?[View]
410675935Anyone know if I can use a wiimote to play Yoshi's Safari on emulator?[View]
410675814>Fallout 4 Creation Club gets new content every single week >every week when something is adde…[View]
410675914Talladega Nights 2 when? We've already got Mario 2 and Halo 2[View]
410647841Former BioWare Writer Mike Laidlaw Sheds More Light on Dragon Age 4's Development: https://www.…[View]
410674119>Playing Cup Head >Wow, this game is really fun >Get to Hilda Berg >Losing pretty badly …[View]
410665765Which makes more sense?[View]
410672281Where does Zant's portal lead to, /v/?[View]
410656112Don't ever step to me with that Puyo Puyo SHIT. It's Tetris, or it's nothing. >b-…[View]
410673436>Antagonist just want to romance you. What games have that?[View]
410669304>IT WAS FUCKING NOTHING what was the point?[View]
410672379Whats the best chess vidya for PC? i really like Pure chess but unfortunately my potato pc cant run …[View]
410671762Is this any good?[View]
410674418>Achievement unlocked: The Bigger They Fall...[View]
410619415Still can't believe that this dog shit exists[View]
410639871ITT: Vidya Items you wanted to eat[View]
410672873We are fucking lucky we got a DMC3 at all after this, holy shit. What was that even about?[View]
410673496How is Nintendo going to top the best Mario Kart of all time?[View]
410672273You haven't seen actual graphics until you've seen Paragon.[View]
410675030Smash thread: >Smash character reveal trailer starts >It's in the Punch-Out boxing ring …[View]
410674748I can't possibly be the only one who thought this game sucked, right? The story was paper thin…[View]
410673049Why can't the rest of the series be this good?[View]
410663407This is thread about good video game memes[View]
410672630Farcry 5: It actually looks pretty good. Has ubisoft finally gone the way of not shit?[View]
410672828What could've been.[View]
410651271Be honest, should i buy it? i love medieval action games but i have the feeling this game is laggy a…[View]
410673865Dark Souls Remaster Rant: Well /v/, is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u5OA3s6CYc&t=8…[View]
410667263Line up the seasoning that Smash is a port, and line up the reasoning that Smash is a new game: Let…[View]
410674293Fire Emblem Warriors: olivia is cute[View]
410672543Name a game that deals with love, friendship and spiritual growth better than Grim Fandango.[View]
410661634What went right /v/?[View]
410674273>protagonist is actually the villain[View]
410674058Trying to get myself into JRPGs again. I've played through P3/4/5 but I'm largely a newfag…[View]
410673970How do your GTA V protagonists look?: Michael is cute! CUTE![View]
410673424Be there as Chainblade (Chainblade) unleashes his fury on our gladiator guest contestants.[View]
410665747Thank you for beta testing the switch anons.[View]
410669735How did we go from this...[View]
410672023What's your favorite official rendition of the classic SMB Ground Theme music? Also feel free t…[View]
410673957What game has the best puzzles?[View]
410673457What do you think of Hamster's Arcade Archives/ACA Neo Geo games? Have you bought any of them? …[View]
410671887SAO: Fatal Bullet: Underleveled Edition[View]
410673569Nintendo always wins.[View]
410671120Anyone LAN party when they were in highschool/middleschool? Best times of my life were taking a clu…[View]
410657327>ITS A PORT >ITS NOT A PORT we're gonna have this argument for another 3 months…[View]
410672795enjoy the bundle[View]
410662797Even if you really enjoyed everything about the gameplay of BotW, you have to admit it looks pretty …[View]
410671781What are some games with well executed meta elements? Pic related at ending D[View]
410671730ITT: post 3 games that deserve HD remakes >Transformers 2002 (ps2) >Star wars:revenge of the …[View]
410673175Thief 5 when?[View]
410673189Luigi floating on an egg over the sea: Luigi floating on an egg over the sea[View]
410673180*falls in your path*[View]
410617616>The game tries to make you gay[View]
410673138Kings hand job patch fucking when. i'm so sick of his vague attack's. 5 fucking hours of r…[View]
410669075WHAT were they THINKING?? Did nobody over at Sega pop this in and go 'hang on a second, this game is…[View]
410672746Mighty glacier or glass cannon?[View]
410672889>Resolution: Low | Medium | High[View]
410665132Can his reputation be restored?[View]
410672573How are you guys liking the new Overwatch Update?[View]
410669786How do you feel about the fact that PC gaming was saved by the based chinks?[View]
410652603Why would anyone not pick Wizard?[View]
410671669>here's your cheat sheet bro[View]
410653920*is overrated*[View]
410667667What think of Die Young?: For me, it's really great so far, exploration done well.[View]
410655550Find a flaw. Protip: don't even try[View]
410649931FACIAL ANIMATION IS FINALLY BETTER THAN HALF LIFE FUCKING 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkkWCmlj…[View]
410664459Would would her assist trophy do?[View]
410670487Why can't I buy something like this yet[View]
410672252What is an acceptable screenshot to game ratio? At what point do you just become a screenshot shitte…[View]
410672284ITT: 'Oh Fuck' moments.[View]
410666112Games no one else has truly played.[View]
410672225Is Kirby the evil one?[View]
410670407Tifa should have been a guest character in SF V[View]
410667539Did anybody buy Tommy Wiseau’s game? It just came out today and it’s only $30 I would buy it, except…[View]
410670682ITT: games that will never be translated.[View]
410668817ITT: Games with god tier ending credit songs https://youtu.be/zyTCtbYNzRg[View]
410658462This is boring![View]
410670193wowowo hold up yo mate,reach the combain?gorrdun freeman?captain are you barme?yo hear what yo sayai…[View]
410671817this is a fact[View]
410661835Ed Edd n Eddy Online: Can we get an Ed Edd n Eddy thread going? Has anyone noticed a disturbing upsw…[View]
410667713Fuck you to the guy who removed the soundtrack from this copy of Cave Story for the switch and then …[View]
410663687What are your favourite lines from video games?[View]
410633086Step aside Persona shitters, make way for the real heroes.[View]
410669481how did she do it?[View]
410667428>IT: we post the best maps/levels/missions/areas of their respective games starting off with a cl…[View]
410669721>playing graphical adventure game >need to solve puzzle in order to progress >get stuck …[View]
410667817Why was Icewind Dale so much better than Baldur's Gate?[View]
410666757Who is the best and most based father figure in video game? Which one would you want as your dad?[View]
410670345Everyday until E3: I will cling to my hope of seeing Shantae being added to Smash 5[View]
410670349>/v/ is filled with VRlets ah ha ha ha, you will never fuck an anime wife. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
410669650I just finished sleeping dogs, it was alright, had its moments but its no classic.[View]
410670529ITT: games brainlets will never understand[View]
410669197Why aren't you making a fun game?[View]
410662119>'This is a good character design' - Blizard, 2017[View]
410670686Anyone still play Spore? Post creations.[View]
410668830>2018 >Five Nights at Freddy's is still the most important and influential survival horro…[View]
410658119Give me a reason why you don't play this instead of Melee besides the fact that Nintendo would …[View]
410661697Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was released 11 years ago. How do you feel?[View]
410669613'Tell me Anon, if you can: you have consumed so much content-what is it exactly that you have create…[View]
410669625>That one autistic friend who was obsessed with flash games. Don't lie. We all knew someone…[View]
410667606JP video games (semi-modern, leaving out the stuff like space invaders and Q-bert, etc): >Street …[View]
410651286Congratulations anon, you won Twisted Metal. You get to have one wish. So, what is it? I am Calypso,…[View]
410670158xv-kun will defend this .[View]
410670273>be me >i hate waifufags >waifufags are literally retarded >feel sick seeing people love…[View]
410651043Why the blatant disrespect to the fastest selling game console the world has ever known? Are the dev…[View]
410670142Why was Keen 4 superior to every other installment?[View]
410670139Anyone else think it is sad that Kingdom Hearts Union X is supposed to carry the series after 3? The…[View]
410668493>Competitive PVP Shmup >Autism of Fighting Games gets mixed with the autism of Shmups Looks c…[View]
410668995So v you convinced me to spend my tax rebate on a gaming pc, it cost 2000 Brit bong bucks Processor …[View]
410668284Ac Combat: Wasn't it supposed to come out Q1 2018? There hasn't been any information about…[View]
410637197ITT: The last game you played changes based on the month you were born in. Is the game better, worse…[View]
410669073Game is free to download right now on Steam. Only one episode but might be worth a try.[View]
410669885Any recent multiplayer Free or F2P games worth playing? Something that is less known but still has a…[View]
410653048This kills the Sea of Thieves[View]
410666905Was Giygas a tragic villain?[View]
410669749Someone else had that just a minute ago? It went as it came.[View]
410669479>gregor has joined the enemy team[View]
410589871baldurs gate: >he plays throne of bhaal without the best NPC in the game ISHYGDDT…[View]
410645521With all the censorship going on now in big online multiplayer games, with people getting banned lef…[View]
410669262Poyo poyo.[View]
410653627Why was it successful?[View]
410669398Have you ever made a port?[View]
410652736GREASE MONKEY[View]
410669281What are some good arcadey-but-not-too-arcadey warplanes games for PC? I loved War thunder initially…[View]
410667721>says no to Arthus when asks to purge Stratholme >personally slaughters every blood elf in Dal…[View]
410652116So I want to play a Ultima game. Where should I start? I'm kinda leaning toward 7, but I though…[View]
410669179GTX 2080: Do you work for Nvidia? Tell us about the GTX 2080. It's alright, your anonymous here…[View]
410669139vrchads: >its a 'poorfag makes up lies about VR to justify his FOMO' episode…[View]
410658624Any of the Assasins Creed games good?[View]
410668646Let's say Bethesda decides to make something like Fallout New Vegas 2, but they make the game i…[View]
410607472New Yakuza thread as the old one got deleted.[View]
410659393Hey, hey, hey. Can you make peace between the Sun and Moon? You need to ask the giant comet Nova for…[View]
410668579>Wanting a spin off character in Smash: Kek[View]
410634219Devil May Cry: Trish is short for Patricia, so is Patty. Is anime loli just Trish's mini-me? If…[View]
410664492>tfw even a translator is useless Why is Japanese language so fucked up?…[View]
410668301Sleepy Eggman: What would his game have been like?[View]
410646936ITT worst characters from their respective games[View]
410662086Installation: It has been a week and it's still stuck at 12.26 GB, help anyone? It's not a…[View]
410664262WIll Broly Blanco be in Smash 5 or PlayStation Allstars 2 [View]
410668128Dying Light still getting updates?: >fucking hives during vanilla campaign I dont remember this s…[View]
410668118ITT: Games only you played and you actually enjoyed[View]
410664961Do I need anything else?[View]
410667972can we have a good tactical shootan games thread? i recently pirated pic related, MAN is it good, is…[View]
410663063>it's a good game, just a bad ______ game[View]
410666875Decided to play one (1) game of this on competitive and it lumped me in a game against a legit hacke…[View]
410665693>tfw no more couch coop[View]
410666710I haven't been able to find a job in about a month. I'm completely out of money, and will …[View]
410667151When she gets in smash 5, what will her moveset be like?[View]
410667597>yfw some random ass hunter enters your city and fucking murders everyone…[View]
410652503>there are dumb plebeians on /v/ RIGHT NOW that don't think Sound of the End was the best so…[View]
410667774Remember when collectibles fucking killed you, /v/?[View]
410651971Tales of Thread[View]
410666173Is anyone else excited ? I might be but I am afraid its library will clutter with mircotransaction f…[View]
410660679Are there games where cheating was more fun than playing the game vanilla?[View]
410665082Dying Light Battle Royale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Szg4lOLGu5s Get hype /v/ros![View]
410666527A summary of reviews for this game: >'I have no friends so I keep getting killed by groups of peo…[View]
410667063*extremely loud high-pitched screaming* I love this video game character. Post video game characters…[View]
410666871Is Minish Cap any gud?[View]
410667132comfy ff9 thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tujvZOjYpuQ[View]
410663774So, want went right?[View]
410667112I know you guys are going to give me grief for multiple reasons in this post, but here goes anyways.…[View]
410666792What's a game or game(s) you wish you could forget so you could replay it all over again? >d…[View]
410666520Fortnite codes???[View]
410666817Into the Breach: Rusting hulks #1 Btw, heard that there was a way to unlock the squads and pilots by…[View]
410654896Nitendo Switch revision: Thanks to the data mining now we know a new version of the Switch in in the…[View]
410665649What screens do you game on, buckos?[View]
410638164Hey fags: What's your opinion on this game? Is it a good AA title?[View]
410666676>occasionally tailwhips u[View]
410659313Reminder: a Wii U game is winning all these awards.[View]
410665243>Hear a music from a longtime already completed game >Instantly want to replay it What was it …[View]
410647107You want to buy Dark Souls Remastered.[View]
410666512So what the word? is it legit? https://imgur.com/E8AltM9[View]
410659539Why is he so perfect?[View]
410644814>Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling, makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary, the defin…[View]
410665061ITT: your favorite rasslin vidya[View]
410663548Which JRPG party members would you take to join you in your grand adventure?[View]
410657910>shooter game >has a desert eagle[View]
410666335Is this game worth $15? I really liked Snow while it lasted but its so low budget and lacks content …[View]
410666330Is this a coincidence, real, or am i just autistic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70oJPcHRumY[View]
410665285How come devs these days are so much lazier than older devs were?[View]
4106661613x3 thread: Post 'em and rate 'em[View]
410665921eshop spring sale thread: Which games will you get for your Switch, Wii U or 3DS?[View]
410665983Which one is better?[View]
410663179What happened to this dark overlord? Hasn't see him being mentioned for years.[View]
410664653Can you guys recommend a fun game with a decent community. I'm lonely and games aren't fun…[View]
410653662>nwext towm on Eyong eyea >Owl see you gwuys lataw >eyyyong owt…[View]
410662518Playnite: https://github.com/JosefNemec/Playnite Free and open source video game library manager wit…[View]
410660541How do you feel about Flea from Chrono Trigger?[View]
410665531*Turns Stellaris into a Europa Universalis IV/Crusader Kings 2 copy with 2.0*[View]
410665480did that shit actually ever worked?[View]
410665440Why does the Warhammer franchise have so few good games?[View]
410665109I never played WoW. What did I miss?[View]
410662438This is your Paladin mount for tonight. In other words, why aren't you a Dwarf?[View]
410665242*Spawns in an enclosed corridor*[View]
410665218He killed billions[View]
410662070Even if it was on sale, why the fuck did I buy this game? Even on Extreme difficulty this game is so…[View]
410663918What game from any era, any genre, and any console (or even PC) would be the most universally loved …[View]
410665110A Way Out: This kills the nintendotard also: fuck the oscars![View]
410656889So guys, if your friends talk shit about the games you like for seemingly no reason and they praise …[View]
410664389SoT clue please help: ive been at this for half an hour[View]
410661438How the hell do you get these scanlines to go away on a newer flatscreen? Are older systems just not…[View]
410661305I wanna play a sneakum game. Would the Thief series be good for this? I hear good things about the f…[View]
410664871Paladins thread. What do you think of the last changes in this game?[View]
410662206Steam is having a decent weekend for mostly ubisoft games. What are you planning on buying?[View]
410664764For those of you who prefer Microsoft over Sony or Nintendo, why? Not shitposting or anything, just …[View]
410662945The absolute state of WoW[View]
410664670Your favorite game and why it means so much to anon: ITT your favorite game and why. Let's have…[View]
410664639'I'LL BE ABLE TO COME BACK NEXT TIME AND KICK YOUR ASS' Will he finally exact his revenge this …[View]
410663137These are the greatest action games ever made. Notice that they all have something in common?[View]
410664373Whenever I enter a building my companions just run ahead and start shooting before I even see the en…[View]
410663971This year[View]
410664042This is the greatest game of all time. Say something nice about it![View]
410662847Do you think Ico ever looked up Yorda's skirt while she was asleep[View]
410663561She NEEDS to be in Smash[View]
410663335worth 15 dollars?[View]
410658246What's a good game to play with a non-imaginary (real) gf? We had fun with WoW, FFVIX, Overwatc…[View]
4106482173DS thread: What are you playing bros? Are you getting Detective Pikachu?[View]
410663445What are some vidya related things that you wished for a long time that did actually come true? For …[View]
410663510Sea of Thieves: >load up sea of thieves for the first time >arrive at the raid after sailing f…[View]
410662843Explain the ending[View]
410661601flaming recon[View]
410656913/bst/ Battlestation Thread: Insult, berate, admire, and compliment[View]
410661165Alright, /v/. I have never played a Dark Souls game before and now I want to. Where should I start? …[View]
410623007I don't get it: Why Goku? Why have the millenial autists latched on to this particular anime ch…[View]
410656185What caused this ?[View]
410661584Thanks for beta testing, Nintenbros.[View]
410662741Whats the appeal?[View]
410663227I can't keep playing anymore...I've killed 22B,64B and 8B.After i did that,I turn off the …[View]
410662608Creepypasta thread.[View]
410662948>character from previous game is your mentor in the new game[View]
410662929Tales of Symphonia: Presea[View]
410661717Will this be the game that finally unites /v/ to unanimously call a game good?[View]
410662289>Name of the level is the name of the game >It's the best level of the game…[View]
410657252Gekido Kintaro's Revenge Glitch?: Anyone playing this on the Switch? I'm actually pretty i…[View]
410660979I'm going to become as Smash YouTuber among other games after it comes out. What do I do?[View]
410661384Dark Souls build: Pic unrelated. Trips gets to make my DS1 build as terrible as possible.[View]
410649049> there are people who think toxicity in online games is 'free speech.' > they think companies…[View]
410662138Whats the best dbz mobile game?[View]
410661556Why does crafting always suck in video games? Why can't you do shit like pic related?[View]
410660098Why don't more games have psychic mental damage that fucks with your head causing you to die?[View]
410661830Anyway I could make Yoshikage Kira's theme for a town tune in Animal Crossing GCN?[View]
410651416Name a better E3: >Cyberpunk 2077 >Red Dead Redemption 2 >Spiderman >The Last of Us 2 …[View]
410659867Just bought this for $20, what I'm in for?[View]
410659358>main character wears the same clothes in every game[View]
410644435How do we make this happen?[View]
410660308>tomboy bro who wants to be seen as a girl by her love interest >male who gradually falls for …[View]
410661563The desktops of /v/: Lets see em.[View]
410653614What in Sam Hill happened to this franchise?![View]
410661478https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah4VA23FpwU >2:00 Was it really justified to change the series?…[View]
410659127Borderlands 3: WHEN???[View]
410645469Post god-tier battle themes, I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-vu538_4Po[View]
410661436Comfy Vidya thread Post your comfy senpaitachi[View]
410652283ITT: Post vidya music /v/ loves.[View]
410655428ITT : perfectly normal games that make you sad and melancholic for some reasons[View]
410660663How the fuck do I git gud at this game?[View]
410658245>Gender: Male What the FUCK did Nintendo and Monolith Soft mean by this How can this be a Man? Yo…[View]
410661364>Make action game >Doesn't even feel like an action game What did they mean by this?…[View]
410646541>win very close game >'gg easy noobs'[View]
410661119Can I run estival versus and peach beach splash on my pc if I can run shinovi versus decently well? …[View]
410660363DooM is the Greatest game ever made.[View]
410660437I absolutely love this game - but someone tell me why the story DLC are so awful? Who thought restri…[View]
410592104kirby: Remember to keeps spoilers hidden, for example: How can I help you, King /v//v//v/?…[View]
410660821Zeus! Your wife's son has returned, and he brings the destruction of Olympus![View]
410657901halo was the first fps[View]
410651945Try to name a better arcade-style racing game.[View]
410660629What are some games where you can snitch?[View]
410658806>check out a video showing off a mod for a game >the player character is some bimbo with massi…[View]
410640263post hauls[View]
410653054Casual Filters[View]
410660489SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS: In order to break all power of resistance of the Nordic people, the Alt…[View]
410648721>Ctrl-f >no fighterz thread LETS FIX THAT also fused zamasu dlc when?…[View]
410660235I’m want to remain anonymous so I’m posting this here but, I have an inside source at Activision tha…[View]
410658072Okay, can we talk about how From are being massive faggots YET AGAIN. The Dark Souls Remastered tea…[View]
410658737Reminder if you don't play as the up-front, armored and impenetrable fortress tank you're …[View]
410660304Tales of Symphonia: Presea is the perfect daughter[View]
410656487Why's it so hard to get a god damn Grim Dawn thread going? Shit's $6 on sale right now for…[View]
410659378I'm glad blizzard is focusing on the really important things in battle for azaroth, like game b…[View]
410659478For me it's Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return, one of the great side-scrolling platformer.[View]
410658758Love in the Woods: Would you play a game where you date anthros?[View]
410660042>physics are tied to FPS[View]
410657815into the breach thread: defend the train /v/.[View]
410658987Why doesn't the Switch have Download play like the DS and 3DS did? Being able to play with your…[View]
410659952Not Spamming Wanted to Share NES Zapper Repair!: This is something I did and feel like it belongs wi…[View]
410659579I belive in hope..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUaHns_4bKI[View]
410614234>entire game is a one big sidequest How the fuck is this so well received?…[View]
410659827Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was released 11 years ago. How do you feel?[View]
410658428Midnight Club reboot at E3 this year.[View]
410655715People would invest in soy of duty or lootboxes rather than try to bring back the 2005 kino[View]
410659142Hey /v/, I got an Oculus recently and am absolutely loving it. The touch controls are very fun, but …[View]
410657325Is PC building a dead art? No one in their right mind (rich or porr) would or should purchase an alr…[View]
410658289Thoughts on this game?[View]
410658193Is it uncool to like Loss now guys?: https://twitter.com/NirtendoAmerica/status/976918361371226112…[View]
410656465If your game has hypersexualized and slutty female characters I will purchase it.[View]
410658170Next gen graphics are coming. Now we need more Shakespeare-tier stories. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
410658080what games make me think and stuff[View]
410657218Here you go sir! That'll be $79.99 plus tip![View]
410652994>write little item descriptions and bits of dialogue >retards think this game has deep lore Th…[View]
410657636I love Roadhog![View]
410658509Trump 2020?[View]
410658601What the fuck was his problem?[View]
410656775Fuck you /v/ I got banned from a Spa because of you >visiting local spa to go to a sauna and chil…[View]
410655531The sun has fallen out of orbit with the moon and is headed towards earth. You have 5 mimutes to get…[View]
410651119>Dark Souls II is the wor-[View]
410658504Be honest, do you play games(if you play games at all) just to claim you played them? After decades …[View]
410658348Now that Ryu is in Smash is it time for /ourcharacter/ to get in?[View]
410657665Autists strict on video game 'canon' need to kill themselves[View]
410658007Octopath Traveler thread. Are you gonna pick up the full version?[View]
410658001Whats the hardest part of this game. Im interested in playing it >I've played SMT3, SMT4A an…[View]
410655128The Battlenet client is literally the definition of spyware. How can any of you be OK with this? How…[View]
410653051MW2R info: I’m want to remain anonymous so I’m posting this here but, I have an inside source at Act…[View]
410657365Overwatch: Is Brigitte muslim? She says something about 'Allah' when she ults.[View]
410657864How can romance be done right?: What common pitfalls should developers avoid?[View]
410655286What are some video games where the protagonist reaches a new unprecedented level of power and has v…[View]
410657584Seymour: Glad you could make it, Chalmers. Chalmers: Watch your tone with me, Seymour. You may be th…[View]
410654313First game thread. What was the first vidya game you owned? That Christmas my relatives bought me a …[View]
410656190>e3 2018 >AC switch revealed >Isabelle confirmed for Smash…[View]
410655383God of War: >hack-n-slash >main character is a white male >literally a God of war >st…[View]
410654984>When you download a cracked copy of a game and the installer comes with music…[View]
410648161What are some comfy mobile games?[View]
410656959>best girl isn't canon[View]
410656314It's shit for everything except maybe FPS. What where they thinking with this d-pad?[View]
410650407What would you say is the defining element that makes Dark Souls feel unique or stand out as a genre…[View]
410657278Are Youtubers who make a living like Pannenkoek, Matthewmatosis, or Etika as condemned for making un…[View]
410655734who among you have actually finished this[View]
410652950I have never really played Kirby games but I want to try getting into the franchise. Where should I …[View]
410657187(Euro?)Shmup thread: Greetings there. I am looking for a non-shit (regardless of however obscure) HO…[View]
410657145>Final boss is your ex girlfriend[View]
410656307Good Vs. Evil: Do you usually take the good path or the evil path when playing a video game with a m…[View]
410657073God I want to FUCK the witch[View]
410599250/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread: >>410557702 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
410656067Is Phil Spencer a soyboy?[View]
410650632Fire Emblem Warriors: Excited for that Awakening pack?[View]
410650221Smash Switch Invitational: Regardless of whether its a port or not Who do you guys think will get in…[View]
410655412Are there any other characters that got the hero-to-villain treatment?[View]
410653157>The remake is better than the original >The expansion pack is better than vanilla >The seq…[View]
410655245>'Also please note guys, these are not paid 'loot boxes', they are random drops that do not requi…[View]
410653692>give breath of the wild endles shit for having subpar graphics >this has worse everything ev…[View]
410656218dear people in PUBG who are gonna die to the circle but still kill somebody who is gonna make it, ki…[View]
410656484You have preordered the best coop game in the last years right? Your buddy can't wait to play i…[View]
410656628How do we fix the MMO genre, gentlemen?[View]
410656620I understand that Spheres are basically crystallized memories and skills of warriors and mages (simi…[View]
410609597I haven't played Persona 5, but pic related has to be the best girl, am I right? I bet it'…[View]
410656413Will you submit?: https://itch.io/jam/antifa-game-jam There is a Antifa GameJam on right now! Perhap…[View]
410654642i fucking suck ive been playing for hours and i cant beat the fucking bot how cant i do this where a…[View]
410653096>go to retro games shop >weird chubby guy talking nonstop to the cashier about anything and ev…[View]
410652615Why did tf2 bring such a wealth of culture and entertainment? What is it about the cast that resulti…[View]
410656424Next gen graphics are coming. Now we need more Shakespeare-tier stories. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
410656225/Screenshots/: Can we get a good old fashioned screenshot thread boys?[View]
410650870What emotion is he trying to convey here?[View]
410642979Criticism is very easy when you've never created a lasting thing in your life, isn't it?[View]
410653746Playing through this for the first time. What do I think of it?[View]
410655824Best /v/ideogame related youtube videos?[View]
410651045ITT: Games you would like to see have an updated re-release[View]
410654173What are some good vidya related channels to follow? Following so far: Game Sack MetalJesusRocks LGR…[View]
410655247Tomb Raider: So I've been playing the Tomb Raider remake for the first time and all I gotta say…[View]
410655851>tfw you'll never get to run around with a flamethrower in City Under Siege again Subsistenc…[View]
410651112>best perk in the game turns your character gay What the fuck?[View]
410648902There is any game that capture the military group feel? like i need cover and you give cover shit li…[View]
410655496Anyone explored the SPOOPY caves in Sea of Thieves?[View]
410652668this was kino how can anything ever top this. >OST kino >visuals kino >character kino >p…[View]
410641694>Alright Mr.Anon, what is your game idea and why should we fund it?[View]
410653308Why does this company keep hiring e-celebs as staff members instead of actual competent developers?[View]
410642615Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.[View]
410654014Which one? Those aren't yank dollars[View]
410655292What is the best video game documentary, and why is it Double Fine Adventure!? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
410637205play Gravity Rush[View]
410655340A Hat in Time devs BTFO by Nintendo themselves.[View]
410609295someone say flat?[View]
410651589PS Vita: how can we save it?[View]
410643634Seriously, why doesn't it have a headphone jack? The PS4 controller does.[View]
410651662onichan? oniiiiichaaan!: you will play it on japanese on the switch/ pc, right?[View]
410643281Oh yeah. That happened.[View]
410654919>You will never get sucked into Kirby's gaping maw >You will never experience your very e…[View]
410654941>tfw games aren't fun to just escape to anymore[View]
410647337I like it[View]
410654908ITT: Brilliant Puzzles: I'll start[View]
410654152how is this even possible[View]
410653232Will we ever get a good Ankama game?[View]
410654636Video Games: OKAY WAIT STFU..okay..alright okay..why TF...WHY does nintendo make such a great traile…[View]
410654565How come Ellie carries a knife and this fucker has to use pathetic breakable shivs?[View]
410635490The Railroad: Are they the worst faction in Fallout 4? Staffed by Humans, bar one. They want to free…[View]
410654621>space game >the sun is called 'Sol' and the moon is called 'Lua'…[View]
410654778This massapiece is currently on sale on PSN, nab it before you lose your chance cuck[View]
410653381What's his problem?[View]
410653301Medication and Vidya: Ok so I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but then I play a l…[View]
410647676We can still agree that this is the best FSP EVER, right?[View]
410640123How old were you when you played MW2? Was it your first FPS? Are you excited about the rumored remas…[View]
410645709I'm so glad this retarded character and his stupid design won't be playable in the next Sm…[View]
410654246What did they mean by this?[View]
410647767ITT: Anons poorly describe vidya and other anons try to guess. Ill start >twilight minus werewolv…[View]
410653043>Still no Blitzball How can they keep gettin' away with this, it's criminal ya' kn…[View]
410654058Daily Reminder: Yu Narukami will be in smash it's garunteed just making sure you all remember[View]
410654006'stop watching let's plays'[View]
410653929Are there any mods that will let me roleplay as a chem addicted prostitute that fucks anyone she can…[View]
410653926K.K. Slider for Smash: Everyday until AC's Switch announcement.[View]
410653884Why on earth did Bethesda even bother calling this Fallout 3? Its like calling Bioshock System Shock…[View]
410647245how did this go from one of the funnest games to what it is today[View]
410653842Be honest /v/, you'd buy it for your dreamcast wouldnt you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgV…[View]
410653351>there are people on this site who hate Argonians >there are Morrowind players who never playe…[View]
410653281Extinction: Feels like this has gone under everyone's radar. https://youtu.be/2Tf7bxKPZDw Thoug…[View]
410653372ITT: Funny vidya images[View]
410626649Detroit: Become Human: New characters videos Connor: https://youtu.be/uCmH5HX0kM8 Kara: https://yo…[View]
410648551What RPG has the best combat?[View]
410646435>You guys...are the best... Why couldn't the Crystal just let him live ;_;…[View]
410653447OpenXCOM Thread: We're Back and Files are loaded edition. You ready for another long fucking an…[View]
410653439> lose a multiplayer match > opposing team jokes around with light insults > guy on your ow…[View]
410652449Sea of Thieves is the greatest new IP of this gen: Is he right /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
410649503Slay the Spire: Is anyone playing this? I'm 15 hours in and I got 15 more.[View]
410653257Vermintide 2 sales: What went right? https://www.pcgamesn.com/warhammer-vermintide-2/warhammer-vermi…[View]
410653121>game has a crossover[View]
410651751crypto based gaming: What is /v/'s opinion on ethereum-based games like mooncatrescue, cryptoki…[View]
410653163>Cancelled Scalebound >Sea of Theives is a blunder >Crackdown is a poor mans infamous and …[View]
410609452can we have a toddposting thread? I find them genuinely fun to read through and they always make me …[View]
410651357A Way Out: Are you going to support this beautiful man and buy his game anon?[View]
410648805Mother/Earthbound: Let's have a discussion about this series.[View]
410646687Who are the most cancerous groups of people in online games? I hate 'dad gamers' (boring reddit pers…[View]
410649759Is this even profitable?[View]
410642053Pre-load is up in the next few hours. Anyone else really /hype/ for this?[View]
410646574Friendly reminder that Sephiroth was still dead at the time of Aeris' death. It was entirely Je…[View]
410643469Just bought this on a sale. What do you think about it? Any tips?[View]
410646029hahah it's funny![View]
410652719AI Bots Learn How To Play Battlefield By Themselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZsSx6kAi6Y Is …[View]
410651479Is it soft?[View]
410639104CIA'S UP.[View]
410652660>game has hopeless boss fight and you are getting destroyed >main character's best friend…[View]
410652619>ost spoils the story[View]
410652278Post vidya characters in real life[View]
410652593ITT:Shameful vidya boners: Post em[View]
410652498>COME, SIT, SHARE MY FIRE[View]
410650786Cop or Not Thread: Never played GTA, but loved RDR. Should I pick this up for PS4? I don't pay …[View]
410652492Hey, has Marquis Mentioned needing to go to the Terraria thread for any reason? Just wondering…[View]
410650071What would it take for a sequel?[View]
410651046>tie in short film made by the asylum Lol dafuq?[View]
410649343Why did he laugh?[View]
410648906wow... so THIS is the power of the Ouya!!![View]
410650685Why do Japanese companies (Atari, Nintendo, Sony) consistantly dominate the US market, but American …[View]
410651506Bruh look at this dude[View]
410639237>Sell 1 billion copies >Dead as fuck in less than 6 months How…[View]
410642562Gameinformer's top 10 games, as of march 14th: 10. Witcher 3 9. Skyrim 8. Red Dead Redemption …[View]
410650909Let's talk about the real Final Fantasy 7 7 and 8 were just weebshit sci-fi spin offs[View]
410601707>No Legend of Korra game based on book 4 >No open world avatar game rpg >No fighting game o…[View]
410650650so whats the verdict?[View]
410650546Hi! I'm the best console of all time![View]
410646232>start up game >it's filled with bugs >need to spend hours fixing this bug filled mess…[View]
4106517053x3 Thursday Evening Thread: Let's have one of these. Post, rate, and maybe pick up some title…[View]
410651510>He owns more than one type of console >He owns more than one type of computer >He owns mor…[View]
410611491Smash 4 Port: It’s a port HAHAHAHAH[View]
410651021Nier Automata vs Kingdom Hearts 2: What do you think is a better game overall? I'd have to admi…[View]
410651470how do we fix online gaming?[View]
410646483Alright /v/ my girlfriend is going on a business trip to Detroit for a few weeks and I need some dat…[View]
410633239Ni No Kuni II: For those that have the game already, how is it? Did it live up to the hype? Certain…[View]
410649889Why Does Nintendo Hate Single Squids?: >be anti-social autist who's plugged over 250 hours i…[View]
410651381Here's How God Of War PS4 Learned From The Last Of Us: >Kratos and Atreus could swap stories…[View]
410651382Is he a good villain?[View]
4106468472077: Who /cop/ here?[View]
410651319What if... Smash Bros. for Switch is a new game and Smash 4 for Wii U is released on the same day fo…[View]
410650824what's the consensus on the fact that some animu games are allowing you to make your own donuts…[View]
410649102Koikatsu: Update soon. Time to get your classes into shape.[View]
410646116Kingdom Come: Where were you when Japan was eternally btfo by motherland Czech? A real European rpg …[View]
410651187Why is Pandy crying?[View]
410650918Why did they change the title to Super Smash Bros.? And why did they show off a Splatoon, Mario, and…[View]
410650540So we all know autism helps when playing certain games, (World of Warcraft, Pokemon, MOBAs, arena sh…[View]
410650992Grove Street. Home.[View]
410650129Why is so hard made a propper sequel of this game?[View]
410650794Post your ideal smash5 roster[View]
410650880What are some games where the protagonist's goal is to be the very best like no one ever was?[View]
410650583ICE PICKLE[View]
410650596*blocks your path*[View]
410649651When are they gonna sell this outside Asia? When??!![View]
410646510MMO: what are some good f2p MMO's[View]
410650539Wait! ...Who's doing this?[View]
410650532NINTENDO WON[View]
410650531I'm Plugg! What? Never heard of me?![View]
410647197What the fuck HAPPENED to WILDSTAR?: It was everything /v/ claimed they wanted in an MMO, WOTLK styl…[View]
410650358Video game music is a miracle of this universe and you are a FOOL for not collecting physical versio…[View]
410641452New Travis Strikes Again footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6JNpRNyo6E I gotta be honest, I w…[View]
410648380I am looking for the name of an upcoming game. A few weeks ago, I saw someone post a .webm of an act…[View]
410635690In this thread we pretend it's 2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWQnhMPHgQg[View]
410642883How accurate is this chart, /v/?: I haven't bought a CoD since MW3 came out and I'm intere…[View]
410650206backlog: backlog thread post your backlogs and anons recommend what to play next mine: >mario ody…[View]
410618327Villains that are impossible to hate[View]
410611787Im amazed that Shantae get’s the all ages ok rating that it does. I cannot believe how sexy these ch…[View]
410644624Why aren't you playing a dungeon crawler right now?[View]
410650076BotW is a good game. but you cannot deny this: the design of the enemies is pretty bad. just look at…[View]
410648757Why is Nintendo so afraid to make a new entry to this series? How hard could a good F-Zero game be t…[View]
410648329Destroying Oblivion's Engine: I'm on a mission to further destroy Oblivion's engine b…[View]
410649015Just wanted to tell you guys this game is free on PC right now.[View]
410644086What did Nepgear mean by this?[View]
410643146The fuck is this? What the fuck is it? Who made this abomination?[View]
410649507At last my 800$ PS4 is finished.. now, what LED should I choose? I play mostly shooting games[View]
410644006Let's have every attack drain stamina!: I've read this in multiple posts, why do so many o…[View]
410646439How can you call yourself a gamer if you haven't played those games yet?[View]
410648596Help: Hey /v/ I wanted to know if you can get yourself banned/in trouble if you launch a pirated ste…[View]
410649485Is Brido still a trap in modern canon?[View]
410649469Imagine if you were Roland and could ding dong his boipucci haha just sharing a thought here[View]
410640241Make a choice[View]
410645582BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Leaks: Did your character make it in?[View]
410649284LAWBREAKERS: Jesus Christ...[View]
410643512>smash bros tourney at e3 >when they just announced it >its already fully playable Its an e…[View]
410645932Is there anything more autistic than putting your name in the game's title? PUBG is by far the …[View]
410631715What is the best game in the Assassins Creed franchise in your opinion ? My vote goes to Black Flag,…[View]
410621402Id just like you to realize that in the very real chance that DMCV gets announced at E3, the game mi…[View]
410637310Post games that make you feel like this.[View]
410648076why are woomy hips so wide?[View]
410649007>XBOX >Playstation >Nintendo Switch >Steam >Origin >Battle.net >Any other video…[View]
410643814So let me get this straight - to become a Keyblade master, all you have to do is hit some big glowin…[View]
410648549>people think it will be a port just because it's been 2 years >melee was made in 2 years…[View]
410648625What are the best games for role playing and escapism /v/ ?[View]
410648597>enemies trick you into thinking there good[View]
41063709280 DAYS UNTIL E3 ! PLACE YOUR BETS !: Will the smash port confirmed posters get BTFO ? Will the DMCV…[View]
410646927What are some decent MMOs out there without a word censor?[View]
410648507When's the last time you had fun playing a game /v/?[View]
410646428How come Sony can't hold third party exclusives anymore? Not trying to start a flame war, but t…[View]
410592991Argonians hatch from eggs but they have belly buttons and the females have breasts. Explain this shi…[View]
410638359>Buff Bastion >Nerfs him back to garbage a week later. >Exactly 1 year later, they buff Som…[View]
410626901IT'S GOLD, BABY![View]
410648236Why did the do this?[View]
410648093>download the japanese demo >intro is promising, pikachu with the deep voice is hilarious, see…[View]
410645446From the town of agua fria rode a stranger one fine day...[View]
410624513>Kraken doesn't even have a full model LMAO[View]
410644279We write the script for the trailer of the best GOTY 10/10 Triple AAA game of all time, one word at …[View]
410646412hey guess what[View]
410647140Is anyone else going to play this alone? All you need is 2 controllers and a ton of video gaming ski…[View]
410645212What's your thoughts about Yuri?[View]
410647460I have returned.[View]
410647017who is the Bendelacreme of video games?[View]
410644004Is it true that Kojima cut a lot of voiced dialogue for Venom?[View]
410647616>Game is about managing risk and carrying on despite losing gambles >Instantly savescum the se…[View]
410647547Pros and cons?[View]
410640489Why is Monster so popular among competitive gamers?[View]
410631738Smash 5: Does this confirm that the new Smash Bros will already playable by E3? So not only are we g…[View]
410642837What are some good Switch games I can play in short bursts? Stuff I can play on commutes or lunch br…[View]
410644795Is this really the best selling console?: Is the PS2 really the best selling console, or is it a lie…[View]
410646471Who do you want in the next Smash?[View]
410647418*builds a fucking village*[View]
410647103Detective Pikachu: Detective Pikachu is OUT FOR BLOOD[View]
410639895post flash games[View]
410637075What's a easy First Zelda game?: Trying to get into it, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend owns …[View]
410646884Why aren't you playing The Elder Scrolls 6?[View]
410644408>get paired with a decent group in matchmaking >everyone is communicating, getting along, havi…[View]
410647130Nintendo shows off original Splatoon prototypes: https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-shows-off-o…[View]
410644042>its a souls-like[View]
410639338Adventure Games Thread: Are adventure games fun? https://www.strawpoll.me/15339086[View]
410643968>there are anons who managed to find the bonfire in Sen Fortress without a guide/youtube…[View]
410644838What's currently the most played and easy to get into mmorpg?[View]
410645905Second best game of all time Shoulda been first to be honest[View]
410640938>Fighting Games were balanced back in the d-[View]
410646091So, where do GPU's stand at the moment? Are prices starting to recede yet, or are the /biz/-tar…[View]
410630746This is the greatest video game of all time: Say something nice[View]
410646567>ITT: Post the absolute best map/level/campaign mission/location of a game…[View]
410643535I seriously can't tell if it's just me, but starting with WoD every expansion sounds signi…[View]
410646192why are you getting mad over a bunch of cultists getting murdered again? it was the same shit with 4…[View]
410642823Seeing as how each games open world will be the main selling point, which one will utilize their wor…[View]
410644581Remind me why Sony refuses to release their baseball IP in Japan? The only other nation besides the …[View]
410644684Why did he want to take over Rapture?: Seriously though why would he want to take control of a city …[View]
410642303Why does japan hate dmc?[View]
410642380>bought a switch along with botw and mario odyssey >complete both and send switch back I thoug…[View]
410611760Fighting games are one of the most unbalanced videogame genres in the market, if not the most: >O…[View]
410640534bully the floof[View]
410641564*devours the entire roster*[View]
410641458The Metal Gear series should have ended at MGS3.[View]
410633631How could this happen to me I made my mistakes I’ve got no where to run The night goes on As I’m fad…[View]
410631915This game is so boring so far. When does the cool mind fuck. creepy shit happen?[View]
410645713THIS IS THE STANCE[View]
410645079>foreign game gets western release >it's digital-only…[View]
410642520YEAH BOIIII: Who here is hyped for GOTY 2018? >that Zombies >that Campaign >that Multiplaye…[View]
410643596it’s a fantastic game, just might not be what you want from a Fallout game. That doesn’t make it bad…[View]
410641765Xbox has no exclu...[View]
410644385I finally have a consistent enough internet connection for multiplayer games. Is tribes ascend still…[View]
410645318ITT: 10/10 character designs but unironically[View]
41056679010/10 character designs only[View]
410645156>2014 >16th birthday >grandma buys you a game >its this shit…[View]
410643645really makes u think[View]
410642923Reminder that you are still stuck and depressed because of video games, you use video games as escap…[View]
410644117>/v/ tells me to get excited for a reboot[View]
410642326I need a sick nick for my nami otp account[View]
410644904Need help finding old game. It was for the og Xbox and it's like the game in the pic (not same …[View]
410644041Free 3ds theme: Can't use it because of the stupid region lock. Will only work for someone in M…[View]
410625880>One month ago >Don't spam nigger like child >Now >Don't spam nigger faggot li…[View]
410643724What are some good Steam games released in the last couple years to unwind after getting home at nig…[View]
410643774> 2038 > not 3D printing the latest vidya consoles for free Explain why you paid 1,000 neocryp…[View]
410638802I'd like to take a minute call out the paid shills on this board - you fucking suck at your job…[View]
410643735Bosses/Levels you keep saves of just to replay: I know I'm not the only one who does this. I ha…[View]
410644558The beta uprising.[View]
410629003Fortnite surpasses PUBG in monthly revenue with $126 million in February sales: >Epic Games’ Fort…[View]
410638350>game set in the future >guns still use chemical propellants…[View]
410644421What does nu-/v/ think about Mordhau?[View]
410633947What was the point of these characters?[View]
410644196.webm thread?[View]
410637807>Ah, Gods! So good to see you! :)[View]
410640720I wish more games would do this[View]
410638512post the best game in the world OR I'LL EAT YOUR SOUL[View]
410637394Code Vein is the Datk Souls Killer: Can't wait[View]
410642906So this popped up on steam. Kind of silly for 5/12 of it to be SF2 since super turbo is the only one…[View]
410642795Metroid Samus Returns, Artbook: Is there some .pdf version of this book floating around on the net?…[View]
410643196Good /m/ games thread[View]
410643829Smash Bros. Newcomer: Post a single character who you want in Smash for Switch. Give the following i…[View]
410619376It’s weak, isn’t it?[View]
410643762Say something nice about a game you dislike, Anon.[View]
410641920Admit it, /v/ It wasn't THAT bad.[View]
410641719same voice actor thread: Listen to my story. This...May be our last chance.[View]
410610841>Oneitis: the character Now i see why /v/ loves him[View]
410643558I just talked to Sakurai. He told me that in order to unlock Sans, you must beat classic mode with a…[View]
410643516Well I have no idea how the subtitles are gonna work. But whose excited for the incoming virgin holi…[View]
410640550Why are catgirls so cute?[View]
410632524>Sc2 remaster still can't be pirated >new denuvo games burn GPUs at random or are plain u…[View]
410641114> 'You have the stench of darkness' Excuse me what[View]
410633798What is her name?[View]
410635415The Next Xbox: Predict Microsoft's next console >specs >name >launch titles…[View]
410631856Well, /v/?[View]
410643369She is just like me....[View]
410614442What did Blizzard mean by this?[View]
410641979far cry: give me 5 (FIVE) good reasons you're not buying and playing far cry 5 in five days.…[View]
410636451why is inbreeding such a big theme in this[View]
410642058what the fuck was her problem?[View]
410642730Kirby thread: How do you go from this...[View]
410643131Thoughts on timesplitterstwhile rewind coming to an end?: Thanks to Classyham for providing the voic…[View]
410639891Name a worse company than Squeenix.[View]
410641970Games where the central antagonist is a member of your party throughout the entire plot. Pic extreme…[View]
410642852>want to play a game >remember i have a g4600 intel…[View]
410642921What’s the longest you’ve waited in line for a video game?[View]
410642172Lunafreya Nox Fleuret is the most beautiful woman in the history of gaming.[View]
410638646Predict the Metacritic[View]
410641748This is good, isn't it?[View]
410642816Cory Barlog Wanted To Use God of War’s Single Shot System On the Tomb Raider Franchise: >“I was s…[View]
410636365https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqwWCYfU2EU September 2018 Looks really good.[View]
410627708>Claims to have had a bullet in his shoulder for +15 years and he never bothered to remove it…[View]
410630270Lovecraftian games: What are good games featuring mythos lore? Do you think picrelated does a good j…[View]
410636125FighterZ: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s742/sh/509684a1-de2b-4eb7-ad0d-1bf1aefa19c7/6f2dda2c1ded80…[View]
410642672The Last of Us Part II is Complete: https://segmentnext.com/2018/03/21/naughty-dog-just-finished-a-t…[View]
410642559Sma5h 5witch: So how many newcomer characters will be announced at E3? >2006: Meta Knight, Pit, Z…[View]
410637559What kind of gameplay tweaks do you want to see in smash bros 5?[View]
410635705you guys told me this game was good[View]
410639145Greatest Castlevania ever made[View]
410641729Yes, haha! I drink the blood.. And smoke the weed![View]
410612740How do I get into tohou? Where can I get the games?[View]
410630605After one week torrenting at an extremely slow speed, I am just about to be able to play this... Fin…[View]
410635319Fukin hell....: How do we stop this /V/? >PUBG >LOL >Destiny >Tom Clancy >Minecraft …[View]
410642229How did riot expect me to play this game without fapping?[View]
410642215Haven /v/illage: Let's build a /v/illage in Haven and Hearth. We'll farm tons of goats and…[View]
410627350http://hori.jp/products/nsw/juji_con_l_blue/ Do you rike it?[View]
410595263What animes do you think would make a great video game?[View]
410639690What's the best Star Wars game for someone who has never seen a Star Wars movie before?[View]
410641667XCOM 2 for PS4, is it a mess?: Is pic related for PS4 pro a pile of garbage performance-wise and gra…[View]
410639473But /v/ told me it would be a flop.[View]
410638784This is the most iconic character death in video game history.[View]
4106416798.5 years later, I am still seething: Fucking liars, they played us like a damn fiddle[View]
410640927Gey: go from this link i get free vbuck https://www.fortnite-vbucks.net/?id=FCOcbH9X[View]
410627993Furi Thread: Just got through with Furi except for the Star and had a great time. Curious to know ho…[View]
410640064He killed millions[View]
410611525Bloodborne: just finished the dlc... this is literally the best game ever, and I'm not even mem…[View]
410640458*blocks your path*[View]
410638023Blackwake?: Does /v/ play Blackwake?[View]
410614560Outgrown JRPG: Anyone else think they havr outgrown JRPGs? I used to love them and play so many back…[View]
410641002Dead by Daylight still strong, lads. What can we expect?[View]
410639815Cross Tag Battle: Final roster announced. Thoughts on the lineup?[View]
410633635Will you be watching Godot's show?[View]
410639150>the state of steam reviews[View]
410640559How did a ragtag team of slavs manage to make a more skill full, a more beautiful and overball bette…[View]
410640807It's time for a City Building Thread How's traffic, mayor?[View]
410640692Who's your tank-fu /v/?[View]
410630104let's do one of those threads.[View]
410638543Dishonored: Why did they change the outsiders voice in the sequel? He's like an important chara…[View]
410639382When will Sony stop copying TLoU?[View]
410621016So, gaming chairs are a meme, right? Like, it's just a more garish office chair? Looking to get…[View]
410636897Undertale will be in Smash Bros due to its immense popularity among Japanese audiences. You heard i…[View]
410636594What are some Christian video games?[View]
410636068this game comes out tomorrow[View]
410631923I want to get into pc gaming but not sure how much money to drop into it. What's a good build t…[View]
410636759This game was actually okay. Definetly not as bad as /v/ makes it out to be. Gameplay is fun for a w…[View]
410639517Why do you still play Pokémon in 2018 anon?[View]
410619385Is it too late to get into the moba scene? Which one do you recommend?[View]
410640131Profile picture thread[View]
410639316How did they do it, how did capcom literally make the perfect girl?[View]
410639989>Awkward romance subplot[View]
410638969These will all be newcomers in the next Smash Bros game. Screenshot this.[View]
410615132NEW CYBERPUNK 2077 INFO: https://www.dualshockers.com/cyberpunk-2077-detils/ if you hate the site: h…[View]
410639153What are some (good) vidya that deal with abuse? Sexual or otherwise.[View]
410639396I miss it /v/[View]
410634404Why did 343 take a series known for its large open areas and force it to be a corridor shooter?[View]
410639347Let's chat about Mount And Blade : Warband.: I love Mount And Blade, i absolutely love it. I wa…[View]
410625523>delayed it's gonna be a shipwreck isn't it?[View]
410638530I can see it now E3 this year smash brothers for switch is announced and has a tournament, then the …[View]
410638372MW2 Remastered: NO MP????: This is hands down my favorite online FPS and played this extensively bac…[View]
410639083>Games that were ruined by the story[View]
410637412Whats next for the sonic franchise Are you hyped for the new movie?[View]
410637727This is Lucina's replacement in Smash 5, say something nice![View]
410633968I know /v/ hates Undertale, but I really want to praise its soundtrack. I don't think I've…[View]
410638065Post attractive video game characters! I want to fill every Senran with my seed.[View]
4106376940.9 soon fellow hegemonians[View]
410638839this game is pretty fun but im kinda sad to have to move on from demons i like so often, even if mos…[View]
410637782Post yfw Smash Switch is a Splatoon 2 style sequel and the back and forth over whether or not it…[View]
410629604Why this is considered as good pixel art today and most of indie devs just go for that look ? Back …[View]
410621396How the fuck does anyone find this comfortable? Having your thumbs out at a 90 degree angle is not f…[View]
410632828Greatness Awaits: Just 28 days[View]
410638241>still not on pc[View]
410638230Name a more autistic game site.[View]
410638176>Smash Switch tournament in a couple of months IT'S A REVISED SMASH WII U IT IS NOT A NEW GA…[View]
410624943A Way Out reviews in a few minutes: What score do you think it'll get? http://www.metacritic.co…[View]
410638028Woah! Mordhau looks realer than real life![View]
410627787Game that will NEVER see a remaster.[View]
410637950Hello, 3 questions: 1) I'd like to buy this one since it's discounted, but I'm not th…[View]
410637914KANTA STRIK: any good 1.6 servers with auto bhop?[View]
410633664kill me now please. Put me out of my misery[View]
410634950*saves kof*[View]
410632643Why is it the best pirate simulator ?[View]
410637053Comfy Kino: Post that game you love to play when you just feel like relaxing and doing whatsoever, i…[View]
410637640When you play Mario World, do you usually take bowser's front door or back door?[View]
410631406Dokkan Battle: so how good is new cell? I just started playing and i got him from my first single pu…[View]
410636572>lvl 100 dungeons only give 5% experience what is this bullshit? The only reason I even leveled A…[View]
410607038Valkyria Chronicles is dead after this.[View]
410635098Is this game worth playing? Please keep the race shit to a minimum, I just want to know if it's…[View]
410637337Pizza Connection 3 is out. Thoughts?[View]
410636969>Minimum wing damage[View]
410637286It's too easy.[View]
410629097Is she the final boss of TF2?[View]
410633246Play XCOM 2[View]
410636176Are turn-based JRPG's dead? Everyone seems to treat even the animation or even the fact that yo…[View]
410635612How the fuck did this happen[View]
410636343Give me a basic gestalt Keep in mind the only PvE co-op game I've ever played is ME3[View]
410636459Why is everyone getting excited over this? It's a port of God of War on PS3. See how stupid you…[View]
410636805What games can I play for the thickest girls?[View]
410629593Hope or Despair /v/?[View]
410636383britbongs: this is you: >teach your dog how to raise its arm up >go to jail for being anti-Sem…[View]
410634494Steam trading cards: So there's this steam foil badge that I want that takes 5 foil cards to cr…[View]
410631921Battletech: Battletech demo stream now twitch tv/paradoxinteractive[View]
410636253What do you think about Paladins, /v/?[View]
410633723thoughts on the oracle series ?[View]
410623469Westerng Video games are boring and also gay with horrible and ugly woman and white shame.[View]
410627391Linux Gaming thread: How do we make Linux gaming better?[View]
410636368Only 5 minutes until the mixer.com/xbox stream starts, featuring Sea of Thieves. If you join the str…[View]
410636135Hidden message during today's CDPR conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTZimO5XQIw&…[View]
410634929Anyone else pre-ordered the Nintendo Labo?[View]
410636163What are some fighting games with cripples?[View]
410635071What would be the best game with a map editor to use if I want to make maps to get hired as a level …[View]
410620660C O M F Y[View]
410627846A WAY OUT REVIEWS: oh no...[View]
410635135About to start playing elona just because I heard in a roguelike thread that it's huge and spra…[View]
410635728How is this game?[View]
410635930Monster Hunter: when and will Monster Hunter World come to the Nintendo Switch?[View]
410635780Alternate universe where MediEvil is a 3D collectathon named MediEvil the Skeleton[View]
410612663ITT /v/ saves Xbox One Guess I'll start[View]
410635501Do you read any game development logs? If so, which one?[View]
410635162Is he the most based person in gaming history?[View]
410612552We all agree that the Xbox One is by far the worst console of this generation, right?[View]
410635723Is Trion mad? Why are they making a sequel/update to Defiance called Defiance 2050?[View]
410630615How do you deal with cazadores?[View]
410635694Will BNHA:OJ save arena fighters?[View]
410626638MediEvil Remaster Thread: yo /v/, SIEA insider here ask me anything about the MediEvil remaster and …[View]
410634346How do i add friends on Fortnite cross-platform? I've been trying to play with my buddy who has…[View]
410635635>QTE without button prompts People will unironically defend this garbage…[View]
410634673Tell me Captain, if your federation is so great; how come there are no good star trek games?[View]
410635553Ubisoft Opens Up New Studios in Mumbai and Odesa to Work on AAA Titles: BASED UBISOFT[View]
410609925So what character is going to get announced here? Who's gonna win?[View]
410630426It's no masterpiece[View]
410635230>he plays RPGs as a man[View]
410633702Dragon Ball FighterZ: Where do you think Bardock and Broly will fall on the tier list?[View]
410628051Kingdom Hearts III Leak: There are going to be 15 worlds in total in Kingdom Hearts III. The remaini…[View]
410628924Where is the story of Starcraft going to go next? Will there be more mission packs? Will there be a …[View]
410631128Well, that took about 50 orbs. I've got 230 left. What should I be using them on?[View]
410634354ITT: Characters you wish were your mother.[View]
410634852Are lords free units or do they steal other characters slots and experience?[View]
410634903Why are fighting game guys so much more sexier than men from other video game genres?[View]
410601258This is the strongest of all Final Fantasy characters. No other FF character even holds a candle to …[View]
410632779Fire Emblem Warriors: Mods deleted the last one because of Tharja or something.[View]
410634774What are some games where the main characters get trashed in favor of old villains?[View]
410630303All playable characters are female. One is trans. The game takes place in a wasteland again, similar…[View]
410632049Whose the Hiroshi Hayashi of your favorite game? For the un-informed, I mean a boss that's not…[View]
410634710Our destiny has brought us together, warrior.[View]
410629209What is the shitstorm with people not wanting him in smash? It would be cool as fuck if you made him…[View]
410634301what do they mean by this?[View]
410632587How's this? It's on sale on Switch and looks interesting[View]
410627740Does /v/ like Divinity?[View]
410623398Anyone played this?[View]
410609830So we’re looking at a Holliday release yeah? https://twitter.com/nintendovs/status/97679064231452262…[View]
410612932>Unreal Engine + $150,000 GPU = Real-time Raytraced Star Wars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdn…[View]
410631813Is this worth a watch?[View]
410634139It was about time big companies started addressing the toxicity problems in gaming https://kotaku.co…[View]
410631998Best final boss: Share your best final boss that ends the series in the most perfect way, I start wi…[View]
410624067you know these games are quite similar to the one they have on the WiiU[View]
410601572Mania+ hype thread: Will Amyfags ever recover?[View]
410627953so I finally bought the switch today any recommendations?[View]
410632408>want to replay Game 3 >have to replay Game 1 and 2 first or it doesn't feel right Does a…[View]
410633941Lets say the next Smash is completely utterly new content. What stages do you want to see represente…[View]
410601101wich is the best witcher game?[View]
410633340Smash Switch Direct - 10/4/2018: Got some info. I was told I couldn't get specific details, so …[View]
410633925OSRS: Do any of you lads play OSRS I'm thinking about getting back into it, but I don't kn…[View]
410625395Is Sea of Shit the final nail in the coffin for Rare?[View]
410633831You might be the ingredient she seeks.[View]
410633732Learning more about how to mess up Oblivion: I'm back again. I've been running tests over …[View]
410625272>Hey, you like my ribbon? ;_;[View]
410633553Fire Emblem: How’d your first roll go?[View]
410632740I want to get in the Orwell games. Where i should start? Avoid?[View]
410604391ITT: /v/ images that made you chuckle[View]
410632508Subnautica: What subnautica mod is this?[View]
410633152>start a game >its turn based[View]
410633094What is the best game to start armored core series with? Seems that every game has a lot of changes …[View]
410631968Watching the trailers for MGSV makes you wonder if the spirits of Dostoyevsky, Stanley Kubrick, and …[View]
410628661Should I replay through pic related or Buu's fury?[View]
410632814Just bought pic related, what am I in for /v/? Is the principal a diddler[View]
410629667HAPPENING?: Tomorrow 4 Spike Chunsoft games[View]
410632662what games let you have a spooky/creepy/gothic girl as a party member[View]
410631994How do you feel that about that the most renowed celebrities prefer Nintendo?[View]
410630737>Average dude >Average height >Average everything >But special what game lets me play as…[View]
410626027>The save file has been corrupted.[View]
410630190>tfw left friendly fire on for german tourist mugging act >have to grind george 5 levels to ca…[View]
410622373VERMINTIDE 2: VERMINTIDE 2 THREAD >Vermintide 1 Don't aggro the vermin patrol, everyone hide…[View]
410629171What'll be the reaction if she's in Smash?[View]
410627034Why do people insult and bully each other in online games? Why is online gaming so cancerous?[View]
410631741Things you can say about your video games but not you're brother![View]
410630418behead those who want lootboxes.[View]
410625424ITT: Very specific game request, others can request too: So the traits I'm looking for in these…[View]
410632390>put 15 hours into a multiplayer game >leave a negative review >get bombarded with “you d…[View]
410626797This is Palmon say something nice about her /v/[View]
410629538>lose in a fighting game >start beating myself…[View]
410631608new smash looks great[View]
410619635Engine wars is over. Unreal Engine officially won: With the new Raytracing technology, UE4 can now h…[View]
410631949Hey guys looking for a specific game that is kinda like CK2 but its a jrpg. Its like CK2 becuase you…[View]
410631496Witch game is the worse one?[View]
410578887Is Granblue worth playing?[View]
410625634excuse me guys, but I am excited for this one[View]
410628172Are factory/industrial levels the antithesis of underwater levels? I don't remember a factory l…[View]
410631646Goodbye COD. I hope we never meet again[View]
410618242>/v/ says a game is shit >it's actually pretty good Every time.…[View]
410631354>tfw everyone loves shantae and decide to pick up a copy[View]
410631494I just got my switch along with Xenoblade 2 and BotW lads, should I pick up baynoetta 2, splatoon 2 …[View]
410617004Better than World.[View]
410630556>There used to be a time when /v/ enjoyed games What happened /v/? Why have you become more inter…[View]
410629920>tfw gohan in smash[View]
410626416Ludonarrative disonance: the game[View]
410631003Has anyone seen this man, he's been gone since 19 fucking 98 and it's a crime.[View]
410630147Valkyria Chronicles: WAR IS HELL You're seriously expecting a freaking war to have a good end /…[View]
410630824Innovating Arena shooters: A message to every anon that uses Quake/UT as an excuse to harp on other …[View]
410619419SMB3 vs SMW: Which one is better? If it's a tie you can choose both. https://www.strawpoll.me/…[View]
410627989GFWL: Why were so many good games marked by this shitstain?[View]
410630560Why have you not killed yourself to get reborn in a anime/video game world?[View]
410624043Your thoughts on this game[View]
410628963Fighting games aren't the characters fighting eachother. They're the PLAYERS fighting each…[View]
410622550TES: WHY ARE THEY SO BASED? >fuck the shimmers >fuck the falmers >fuck the humans >fuck …[View]
410629665I have no plans to get Nintendo Labo but I have to admit this looks pretty cool. https://www.youtube…[View]
410628627Smash bros. Memories: I don’t think i can ever forget the entirety of the brawl hype train, it was o…[View]
410619701The jokes write themselves[View]
410622129>it’s a autistic manchildren rudely cheering through a symphony orchestra episode…[View]
410630014That's a nice grimoire you got there. Would be a shame if I took it and ran halfway across the …[View]
410630106You are Kirby's hero![View]
410629903MINECRAFT is the comfiest game Prove me wrong[View]
410606971BFBB REMASTER FUCKING CONFIRMED: https://pcgamesn.com/thq-nordic-nickelodeon-spongebob-battle-for-bi…[View]
410623198Browsing the old pictures, I found some saved from Shamchat threads. So let's do this shit agai…[View]
410628936EU eShop sale: >Switch ARMS - WAS £49.99 - NOW £33.49 DOOM - WAS £49.99 - NOW £33.49 L.A. Noire -…[View]
410629425Any games where I can play as a low intelligence character, that isn't a WRPG?[View]
410627550It comes out next week Will it be fun?[View]
410620227>wants world peace by conquering the whole world Is he a nazi?[View]
410626069>microdick mods are trying to downplay sea of shit[View]
410628002Opinions on this game?[View]
410629647This puzzle is bullshit.[View]
410628487ghost of a tale: So, is this game good?[View]
410626178Upon further review, 3D Land is great. For years I said it was shit. Easy baby game for babies. But …[View]
410628103ITT: Post a pic, get a game recommendation[View]
410629248Will Rare ever make a comeback?[View]
410599670When does it get good? I just finished chapter three and am now getting ready to deal with bandits a…[View]
410623249>game doesn’t give you easy and normal mode achievements when completing on hard mode…[View]
410628305Ten years ago, if someone showed you this image and told you it would be an actual roster in a real …[View]
410628703Any good single player Naruto games?[View]
410595238Another day, another 40k game: They revealed some gameplay and the enemies in the upcoming Mechanicu…[View]
410622887ITT: wasted potential: .[View]
410625281Name a more agonizing ending in vidya[View]
410628564Was The Witcher 2 technically just one big side quest?: Since it has nothing to do with the Wild Hun…[View]
410628450I'm Mr. T and I'm a Night Elf Mohawk![View]
410627650>1 new invite >It's a friend request from a hardcore yuritard muncher…[View]
410624073Describe the last shit you took using a vidya related pic. I'll start[View]
410628217What went wrong?[View]
410627247Best Pokémon romhacks??[View]
410610316>launch the game >server maintenance[View]
410619651Name 1 (one) good pixelshit game on PC.[View]
410625741WHAT IS LOVE[View]
410627363Are you ready?[View]
410627770Why is he so fucking perfect?[View]
410621082SNK Heroines: ANGEL IS CUTE! CUTE![View]
410607653F R E S H: you rolling on k3?[View]
410625404>the state of gaming What went wrong? Indie games have turned into a competition of who can make …[View]
410627665ITT: post your favorite character in any MOBA[View]
410627060Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
410621259What should i be expecting?[View]
410627408Realpolitiks New Power 1.6.2.: Hi. Can anyone share the 1.6.2. hotfix? http://steamcommunity.com/gam…[View]
410626929N++ steam key: First come first served 4EDQY-AYAQJ-P7LJZ[View]
410624970>level has a time limit[View]
410626474So what is this game about exactly? Or how would you actually describe it?[View]
410626857What's in store for them once League of Legends dies? Assuming it will ever die, of course. Do …[View]
410614978Give me one reason to continue playing this.[View]
410623285What went right[View]
410627184>there are a ton of games in my possession that I haven't finished or even started >all …[View]
410617284>Ayane opens a rub-n-tug on Zack Island Games that will never see the light of day outside of Jap…[View]
410625313How were you supposed to know to jump?[View]
410625151What the HECK was this guys problem?[View]
410627024>Literally just a floating pair of arms OH NO NO NO Seriously have they never seen a human being …[View]
410627008Oh look another devblog WHERE'S THE FUCKING RELASE DATE[View]
410625796The madman did it again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dkwHlDC1LY[View]
410618517Do you:: A. Level up before fighting a boss so you have the best chance of beating it Or B. Stay at…[View]
410626937Is this a good time to come back? I stopped playing shortly after Omega was released. How's AST…[View]
410611862>this is unironically still the best video game movie HOW[View]
410626578Child > Father > Mother[View]
410626740Have you ever wanted to play a game only because of the soundtrack?[View]
410619551Only 19 more years until the sequel.[View]
410624296What are some good games about food/eating?[View]
410620328Fallout New Vegas Thread: All right /v/. I'm about to return to Mojave and this time I'm g…[View]
410598321Did anyone actually like this game? Or were they all just saying that to be contrarian?[View]
410626087goku in smash: am i the only one who wants this[View]
410626537Say what you want about Tekken 4 but it's the most a e s t h e t i c fighter ever[View]
410626415Smash Bros. memories: >Smash Brawl was announced 12 years ago >Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS w…[View]
410626484>to this day there are are no successful video games that solely focuses on Superman…[View]
410625363Sea of Thieves? More like Sea of Lies: Xbots defend this shit. I DARE YOU[View]
410625015Can you believe we get paid to do THIS?[View]
410621564What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
410624550What makes Sea of Thieves worse than Breath of the Wild? It sounds like they have the exact same pro…[View]
410623426Hello baby, did you miss me?: Why didn't you tell me about that good ass story mode in this gam…[View]
410624224Post games only you've played I'll start[View]
410624921ITT games that killed franchises[View]
410625943Guys I'm so excited that Spongebob Online is coming back![View]
410625486Should we separate the game from the people who make them?: Can you play a game made by someone or a…[View]
410625773Are factory/industrial levels the antithesis of underwater levels? I don't remember a factory l…[View]
410625719Steam Avatars: Rate 'em, post 'em[View]
410625652Warning enemy AC thread detected[View]
410619132What's the reason about Latin Americans getting so few representation in vidya? I know that Mex…[View]
410624670Think of the worst game/franchise you’ve ever played. How would you fix it? No, scrapping the whole …[View]
410624583The Order 1886[View]
410624839I want to commit a crime[View]
410625006What are the best games to help me to get more inteligent?[View]
410625231Do you remember the java games, /v/ ?[View]
410622024>I don't see how this Krang-ass motherfucker could do any of this. I'm not respecting t…[View]
410592337Sonic is Political Correct: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/315731/Sonic_the_Hedgehogs_origin_st…[View]
410621979Is he the most based streamer? https://youtu.be/07P9BPe-kZY >Inb4 hurr durr ecelebs r not vidya g…[View]
410619247Why is literally nobody talking about this game?[View]
410622461This character annoys the shit out of me. There's nothing obviously wrong with her conduct or v…[View]
410621089I'm a 26 year old lady who's been developing a science-based, 100% dragon MMO for the last…[View]
410621216>tfw we live in an era where both PlayStation and Switch have amazing exclusives and are great no…[View]
410622267Do I spy an honest to goodness demo in 2018? What black magic is this? I thought companies were too …[View]
410624763Waifu thread motherfuckers get in here[View]
4106245395 days until the GOTY comes out, who here /hype/? Pre-load starts tomorrow!![View]
410618431Say goodbye to banter in games.[View]
410615109Just bought Titanfall 2 for 6 bucks on the Bone. What did I think of it?[View]
410613793ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
410623861yo /v/ All of the Lego games are on deal, and there are so many to pick from. Hobbit, The Star Wars …[View]
410623886Smash Invitational This June: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpFgh36jb88 On June 11-12 there will b…[View]
410609624Reminder that a character alone can make a entire game unplayable and not competitive at all.[View]
410624385Fortnite - The most AMAZING PLAYER ever to be born..: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=…[View]
410624313Fact: The only people that hate this game are the ones that need their hands held on a game that HAS…[View]
410613648>God of War = Huge success >Monster Hunter World = Huge success >Bayonetta rerelease = Huge…[View]
410620554>want to play a game on this system >game requires motion controls >room isn't set up …[View]
410619547How hype are you for this year's E3? Regardless of the 'cinematic trailers with no gameplay/gam…[View]
410622928>that'll be 59.99$ plus tip and an additional Steam Cut ™[View]
410622158Come on /v/, We all know Kratos gonna die in the game[View]
410622686>hey our operating system doesn't work so we're gonna need money from you to fix it eve…[View]
410620996>'westerners can't design female characters' >somehow all western MOBAs and hero shooters…[View]
410606093Just got a ps4[View]
410624076'Holy holy holy is Mr. God, he who has been, he who is being, and he who will be.' What did they mea…[View]
410623716god i wish that were me[View]
410619710>Can bat meteors lightyears into space >Can punch planets in half This pink boi is the stronge…[View]
410621559T-There's still hope right? https://twitter.com/spikechunsoft_e/status/975866600065658880?s=21…[View]
410623306how does this run on an emulator if i have an i7 6700k?[View]
410622869Smash Bros Switch playable at E3 this year: Thoughts on this? Release might be sooner than we think.…[View]
410623889How the fuck do you make the blood into water? The stage is fucking impossible even if you aren…[View]
410623859What mobile game is this?[View]
410623564Welcome to the Shin Megoomey Tensei thread, where demons gather... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6…[View]
410593653Hello, I am your new playable horde race.[View]
410623767Peasant Simulator 2018: I have been playing Kingdom Come and fucking loving it, but this game freeze…[View]
410614443Am I the only one who's genuinely perturbed whenever I see children getting killed in video gam…[View]
410620864>match is a total stomp >'gg was closet'[View]
410623614YEAH BOIIII: Who here is hyped for GOTY 2018? >that Zombies >that Campaign >that Multiplaye…[View]
410620036Open Worlds: I love open world exploration in games. What are some little known open world games?…[View]
410619081This is the absolutely perfect Smash 5 roster. Not up for debate.[View]
410618006anons i want to play a online game but most online games are shit say some good online games[View]
410615809>join PUBG server >full of chinks >type in 89 6 4 >they all disconnect…[View]
410623465*kills your game*[View]
410623453Steam Library Thread: Post em, rate em.[View]
410623152How do I run this game on Windows 10 64-bit ? It just crashes when I launch it :/[View]
410609981What are your hopes for Smash 5?[View]
410597987Here you go anon! That'll be $79.99![View]
410623286Name a harder video game boss than this[View]
410619031I want to play this shit so bad, but im still waiting in case they release a complete phisical versi…[View]
410621270Look at this Ram![View]
410617138>JSRF PC port never ever[View]
410620735When did framerate become a big issue for games? I grew up with consoles in the '90s and while …[View]
410621865IT HAPPENED[View]
410622375Guys, can you please jump on? I'm the only one that is playing ):[View]
410614805I'm going to get a Game Boy Advance Micro soon, and go over games I missed from that generation…[View]
410622838I see a lot of hate for siege on here but I don’t get why, I needed a new shooter to kill sometime a…[View]
410618974Flip Wars developer Over Fence files for bankruptcy: https://realotakugamer.com/flip-wars-developer-…[View]
410618543>TR1-3 remaster for PC are planned for Steam for free and will requires the purchase of the DOS v…[View]
410622658What did David Cage mean by this?[View]
410619853What the fuck was his problem?[View]
410622504>Our game pushes modern-day hardware to its limits[View]
410620125MMO: Recommend me some mmorpg.[View]
410621783Played pillars of eternity. I can tell they put a lot of time into this but the combat is complicate…[View]
410622239Do you think we could see a Dragon's Dogma 2 sometime soon with E3 coming up in just a few mont…[View]
410622047Has there even been an mmo were your companions werent simply pets? Or in other words: is there an m…[View]
410579630FEH: I hope you didnt roll for either Morgan because theyre both going to be demoted in less than 4 …[View]
410610709Skyrim VR steam: Will you buy Skyrim for the third time on steam?[View]
410614501Borderlands 3: WHEN???[View]
410619773So how's Pizza connection?[View]
410620195>steam friend has a private profile >still can tell he's playing vidya offline thanks to …[View]
410619732Do you like characters that essentially act as mascots for a game? JRPGs are into that stuff[View]
410615246>Serve the public trust >Protect the innocent >Uphold the law >Post in an ARMS thread Co…[View]
410613031Doom 3: JUST Edition: >gave so much ammo that ammo management is virtually non-existent, even on …[View]
410620873When is this shit coming out for Switch?[View]
410616442Which jRPG should I buy and play first?[View]
410621631Sam, is 'pronto' a real word?[View]
410609698What the fuck is wrong with you, you morons! Why did you tell me this game was bad when it's th…[View]
410618083What's the verdict on Grim Dawn? Is it worth the $6?[View]
410619561What can I get you King DeDeDe?[View]
410606773Attack on Titan 2: See this, what do?[View]
410617731God of War: Predict its metascore and lifetime sales 94 and 9-10 million copies[View]
410621481>i like videogame soundtracks >doesn't even listen to any shmup or retro soundtrack…[View]
410617782>consider playing Dark Souls 2 again >remember THAT part That part before the bonewheel skelet…[View]
410621371game ideas thread: >title of game is No Man's Underworld of Thieves >you live in a subter…[View]
410620491>dad walks in >PFFFThaha, what, is that your girlfriend?! >walks out burping and dribking…[View]
410621282Reminder that deep down all beings know this existence is pain, an abusive lie cursed upon mortals. …[View]
410618129Should I buy pic related for 3ds or just emulate HG/SS? Which one is better?[View]
410616596The Dark Souls trilogy of NES games 1 is a classic with some flaws 2 is the contrarian pick with som…[View]
410620054Smash Switch thread: Rev up them rosters[View]
410621002Best FF girl[View]
410615412If we only all had my buddies mentality[View]
410609307Hori Announces Joy-Cons with proper D-Pad: ... But in return they only work in portable play, no HD …[View]
410606386ITT games literally no one played[View]
410620826>Dude, let's put literal valkyrias LMAO[View]
410619386So Anon. What's your position about modding? You hate it? or you can't play without?[View]
410620740I don't like fighting games because they're hard and the people playing them are elitists …[View]
410616174>online game >menu music is exactly 120 BPM >when searching for a game the timer goes perfe…[View]
410620308What items do you want to see in the new Smash (new or old)? What ones do you want to see removed? I…[View]
410553692'stop playing modern Resident Evil games'[View]
41060458433 MILLION[View]
410619991what super smash brothers 2018 character has your favorite theme song? mine is pic related[View]
410617359Better con artist than Todd/Murray/Molyneux combined[View]
410612823How can you call yourself a gamer if you haven't played those games yet?[View]
410617931Don't mind me, just being the best game made in the last 5 years.[View]
410614480What the fuck were they doing for 4 years?[View]
410592007>game gets good reviews >/v/ will say because it's casual >game gets get bad reviews …[View]
410614840How do people even have backlogs? I don't understand. I've been searching for something to…[View]
410619378>81 days[View]
410617558https://www.strawpoll.me/15337596/ What do you think we're getting with the new Smash Bros? Per…[View]
410605902https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4-DrpkSGig How can Sonic Team even compete?[View]
410618929I played every single Souls game with a guide Discuss[View]
410618325>forum shuts down[View]
410619207why can't they just say whether or not it's a port? they are stressing me out[View]
410616494Why did they use HL2 as a base instead of Half Life: Source?[View]
410613519It's official. Sonic the hedgehog causes autism. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC…[View]
410585068Jesus fucking christ at this rate BOTW will have as many awards as The Last of Us.[View]
410563379*downs your whole party*[View]
410610281why do newfags blog about goldeneye being best game of all time when pic related was vastly superior…[View]
410616812Who has any spare redeem codes for either of them?[View]
410612909OH NO NO NO NO[View]
410615049>annie may ass and tiddies: the game >brought to you by Nintendo, a company that prides itself…[View]
410618868This was deep[View]
410617473This is why nobody can compete with based Sony. The new God of War looks ABAP and now that Sea of Th…[View]
410617502Who's ready for E3?[View]
410613857Fire Emblem Heroes: Got that Kagero yet, Anon?[View]
410618808Niantic finally added new gyms to Pokemon Go and parents are furious[View]
410614936How would you fix this UI?[View]
410616514Literally greatest scam in vidya history Chris Roberts makes Todd Howard, Peter Molyneux and Sean Mu…[View]
410561532What fucked you up when you were playing a game? Either disturbing or sad will do.[View]
410614635>let us call it Digital Subscription Game Ownership[View]
410618553PlayStation Kino: Kino exclusives[View]
410616379Did you ever get around to reaching 100% in Smash 4? You have no excuse now that the new one is on t…[View]
410614196Dude, what if Kirby was a cannibal lol?[View]
410612440Nintendo at E3: Nintendo 3DS Direct Mini: 11/6(10 min aprox) Nintendo Spotlight E3 2018: 13/6(25 min…[View]
410618118What games (or expansions) have a specific message to tell, not just a contained story?[View]
410602050https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjf-1BxpR9c THANK YOU BASED NVIDIA[View]
410617081what am i in for?[View]
410610818It's £3.69. Is it worth it lads?[View]
410613827>Would you like to sit on a pegasus too anon? Come and fly with me~[View]
410617795Why don't they make more Call of Duty games with multiple story paths and side missions?[View]
410617780what are some games with this aesthetic? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1YTUgtOnVFM[View]
410613976What are some videogames where the villains win in the end?[View]
410605571ITT: ''''villains'''' who did nothing wrong[View]
410616685>Horizon: 7.6 million copies sold >BoTW: 6 million copies sold >Scalebound : Zero copies Wh…[View]
410617495>game has melee weapons >they are dogshit Fucking why?…[View]
410615667Does Sora have a shot of making it to the new Smash? I feel like Kingdom Hearts has a good shot at a…[View]
410616760Who was in the wrong here?[View]
410614071I had a dream last night and I need to now if any of you can make sense of it. >I'm in a car…[View]
410616668Tanked.io - New real-time tank fighting game: Hello everyone I'd like to introduce my new real-…[View]
410610591Now that the bug dust has settled how great is Kingdom Come? I have 70 hours into it so far and plan…[View]
410616051Don't mind me, just passing by with the best game ever made.[View]
410599154Tommy Vercetti? Huh shiet, didnthinhedevalehimout![View]
410616326>tfw no more good vidya left to play Should I just bite the bullet and buy a PS4 to play BB on?…[View]
410591903OI, SHUUJIN![View]
410610808ITT: you have 1 (one) reply to shill a game. alot of people are looking for somthing new and this is…[View]
410616546what are some cute games?[View]
410594756MHW: Deviljho Is Too Easy Thread[View]
410590401Ni No Kuni II: When is this game coming out, and are you getting it?[View]
410614705Post your favorite settings for vidya levels >Sakura tree level[View]
410606026Whats so great about this game? It's literally Minecraft but underwater.[View]
410613784So with the nvidia ray traying announcement, and it running on 4 Volta level cards($60k), we also ge…[View]
410602762Best girl best hips, midriff, hair, and clothes[View]
410616298How you enjoying that new stage?[View]
410614043STUNNED SWALLOW[View]
410615738I hate this game so much.the story may be good but the combat sucks so much.geralt moves like a pota…[View]
410612660Why exactly are jRPGs nowadays so damn boring /v/?[View]
410613938ITT: classic YouTube kinos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggB33d0BLcY[View]
410606825Here's your controller, friend :).[View]
410615959Splatoon Tournament at e3: Forget about Smash. Will HE smite the Japanese menace again?[View]
410596164Is this the city builder I've been waiting for?[View]
410612487'stop watching let's plays'[View]
410615682Grabbity Rush 2: Just beat this and I'm sad we're never getting a third. Can someone expla…[View]
410605181Y'all ready for the spyro remake?[View]
410615553Blazblue Crosstag Battle roster leaked?: >Persona Labrys Akihiko Mitsuru Naoto >Under night…[View]
410614060games only (you) played[View]
410614732Uhh... what the fuck? What kind of backwards world do we live in where GoW gets fucking schooled by …[View]
410615394>tfw no Married With Children beat-em-up in the style of Konami's The Simpsons game ITT: the…[View]
410581562Sea of Thieves: >3 types of enemy: snakes, skeletons, sharks >3 types of mission: catch a chic…[View]
410613593Are we going to see her again anon?[View]
410610368DB legends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL1aH6exacA Thoughts?[View]
410615005>hey you mean the world to me, Corrin I will protect you >your dad tried to kill me like 12 ti…[View]
410612023Mindless games: Post mindless games to play while listening to an audiobook or some shit Just finish…[View]
410593251Is he the most milquetoast game reviewer out there? Nothing this guy ever says has any level of cont…[View]
410605340>dark souls is hard, but fai-[View]
410614476>Riot, Blizzard, And Twitch Are Teaming Up To Fight Toxic Gaming Behavior Guys what's going …[View]
410614737I need a good game to play now just fucking release it already 1 month wouldnt make muc of a differe…[View]
410605732What games have this aesthetic? >inb4 walking simulators I said GOOD games…[View]
410603246Just tried to play Skyrim with a gamepad and holyfuck it was terrible! How do you consolefags even p…[View]
410612480OVER FENCE Fills for bankruptcy: http://www.itmedia.co.jp/business/articles/1803/22/news092.html Hea…[View]
410611781This is Irelia from league of legends,say something nice about her![View]
410610062thanks Kirby[View]
410614402What went wrong?[View]
410614386Hollow Knight: i've been replaying this game once a month for a while now and its quickly becom…[View]
410602031>Play online game with randoms >Help save the team and assure victory! >Get congratulated o…[View]
410608983Far Cry 5: Five (5!) days! What system are you buying it for? I'm considering buying it for the…[View]
410614136when was the last time you played warframe and would you be willing to play it agian[View]
410609943ITT: Youtube channels you wished existed: 100% playthroughs of games with actual comfy commentary ta…[View]
410610440ITT: ludo[View]
410612520>puts you on team with 4 support mains >puts you up against stacks >we wants people to have…[View]
410600998what the frick...[View]
410613814Splatoon: Will you be competing?[View]
410612806that'll be $59.99 + tip.[View]
410613541Oh shit this is awesome What are your favorite charts?[View]
410609180Hyrule Warriors Comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGru6Rd2ScU >60fps >Improved textu…[View]
410607685Which videogames are genuinely unsettling?[View]
410610361i hope you're ready for smash[View]
410608129do you think nintendo employees read this board?[View]
410613130>people talking about sans in smash >zero(0) people want a rhythm heaven character in smash do…[View]
410610201oh no no no no they just added voice chat[View]
410566889Name a better companion. Protip: NVthread[View]
410599592Burial at Sea turned Bioshock Infinite from an 8 to a 10 Anyone else agree[View]
410611573>lootboxes that contain cosmetics have no impact on gameplay fub gameplay content >if that was…[View]
410607172>game's ''lore'' is actually just a bunch of item descriptions and text dumps rather than a …[View]
410606329Pizza Shack, Cluckin' Chicken, or Burger Shot?[View]
410608059Polis Massa: Home at least it was before[View]
410610542'If you can't enjoy playing the game, you won't enjoy the story or characters either' Was …[View]
410612475What single image or moment in a trailer or promotional material of any sort got you the most hype f…[View]
410584239>get this right at the beginning >use it for the rest of the game because it's the best w…[View]
410612306This is the only way I will accept sans in smash.[View]
410612153You aren't a VRlet are you /v/? Why aren't you fucking hot anime girls like the rest of us…[View]
410608521>protagonist teaches people to be love one another >still killed by community What was the log…[View]
410611937ITT: Nostalgia: I remember getting this game way, way back. it was entirely mediocre, but i remember…[View]
410611129So, this is a thing. Soon youll be able to make 'games' with your PS4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
410611243She's beauty She's grace She'll shield slam you in the face[View]
410610795Why do western games have such inferior music compared to Japanese games? Top 10 lists of videogame …[View]
410605287What's wrong with her eyes?[View]
410611202Have you ever made your own video game character, /v/?[View]
410601023You are incompetent: What games explicitly state our incompetence when we do something wrong?[View]
410608901/v/ do you remember the first game you ever played? Mine was hocus pocus for msdos[View]
410610723Is the PS4 the only current gen system that actually gives a shit about Rhythm Games? I know some ot…[View]
410610870So what did he show him /v/?[View]
410610105Games you needed to give a second chance before liking[View]
410602148ITT we try to prove that the hipsters of /v/ will hate anything as long as it meets a certain standa…[View]
410608716what are some games that are still alive?[View]
410608375Why don't they make a remaster of Tomb Raider I, II, III, IV and V aka the real Tomb Raider on …[View]
410599397Name some video games for gaymers with a below average IQ.[View]
410610881HA HA HA. All these autistic faggots on Steam complaining about broken platform. Are you one of them…[View]
410608196Payday for me, /v/. Would I be wise if i bought either steam sale of Hollow Knight or Grim Dawn?[View]
410608236*blocks your path*[View]
410608896 ;_; [View]
410607619Thoughts on this game ?[View]
410610513Dooo wop, doo wop doo wop DWOP DWOP, DWOP[View]
410608558ITT: You will fail to convince me there's any Vidya OST better than Transistor's[View]
410609086is this Capcom's greatest blunder?[View]
410604435Metroid Prime: This piece of shit is the final boss, right?[View]
410604440Fuck you /v/. It's fantastic[View]
410608812Man, It's bad enough that EA's games are filled with micro-transactions, They're gree…[View]
410583679Under Night In-birth: The time has come[View]
410610142So what's the current wow story now ? Have they finally resurrect Arthas yet ? I might consider…[View]
410590087Which MMOs have the best ERP?[View]
410609023This is Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, King of Ding Dong Dell. Say something nice about him.[View]
410609074here's your 5mash roster, buddy that'll be 69.99[View]
410609692HOUSE REAL BIG[View]
410609841Instagram Gamin/Retrogaming collection profiles: Share here your instagram profile that contain vide…[View]
410570362Anyone else feel like the big problem with games that try to be creepy is the writing/story? When yo…[View]
410608576>playing mmos with quest markers and classes[View]
410609829The Super #SmashBros Invitational 2018: The Super #SmashBros Invitational 2018 and #Splatoon2 World …[View]
410608678Ok what the actual FUCK did dues ex mean by this? How were the devs so ahead of their time with the …[View]
410609648>'Shit I miss old FPS games' >'Hitscan is so trash, where are projectiles?' >'Shooters are …[View]
410607823Incoming this is a supposed leak of the smash for switch roster[View]
410605386>spend several minutes waiting for matchmaker to setup game >finish match and get booted back …[View]
410600241PUBG: Mobile: Can we talk about how fucking great the PUBG mobile port is? >full game ported >…[View]
410607156Finding it, though, that's not the hard part. It's letting go.[View]
410609330What Do You Know... (BF5): > More leftist shilling about WWII and Nazis > We hear this shit da…[View]
410610590>videogame cosplayers >sell 'lewds' to their highest tier of Patreons Why don't they just…[View]
410609275>playing Mario Kart 8 online >Golden Mario player comes in and shows off >feel like it…[View]
410608138>game is pretty niche >the fanbase is pretty chill and will have pretty good threads >game…[View]
410604450What does he see, /v/? Keep it vidya related.[View]
410608087Did you feel sorry for him?: >Was experimented upon until he gained powers that petrified any thi…[View]
410606546I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
410608908Why aren't you playing the game of our generation?[View]
410606459Humble Monthly: Are these games any good or should I spend my money elsewhere? All of them seem to h…[View]
410608968Dark souls thread: No Bl**dborne allowed post your >favourite boss >favourite area >favouri…[View]
410601657Attack on Titan 2: Anyone been playing it? Who are you maining?[View]
410603991What are the must haves for the gb and gbc?[View]
410608527Remember, no multiplayer. *mows down hopes and dreams of COD community*[View]
410606650>a new games come out >it's a prequel >technology is far more advanced than in the ori…[View]
410608775Only $19.99[View]
410608031>Rebel faction is called 'The Resistance'[View]
410597428Give it to me straight? Which is better /v/.[View]
410608623I DID IT!!!![View]
410607805Smash 5 roster: I will make this thread EVERYDAY, ALL DAY until shantae gets added to smash 5.…[View]
410604990Assassin's Creed: Origins forced Side Quests: Being forced to do Side Quests to level up in ord…[View]
410605358The Witcher 3 sold the most on Playsta-[View]
410608381Mobile games: what mobile games do you guys play?[View]
410599219>We wanted a character kids could draw[View]
410592239What was his problem?[View]
410605390Picking this up tomorrow. who wants to play with me?[View]
410608224Itt we post game sterotypes we hate, I'll start >useless female characters It's bad eno…[View]
410605782Good morning I hope you're doing okay. Still hate you.[View]
410601982https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCdHwOC0lLE Is this shit any good? People actually play this game?…[View]
410596271how do I know if I'm having real fun or just artificial fun when I play a game?[View]
410554815Kitten spit, soon your pants won't fit![View]
410602019>'For years now, gaming companies like Riot, Blizzard, and Twitch have been fighting online abuse…[View]
410587465Credible Smash Leaks: Ask me anything, I've got insider info on the new smash game. A few thing…[View]
410603742Just out of curiosity: has anyone here managed to sell a Steam account?[View]
410604308This is one of the finest horror moments in vidya ever >Within the first hours of playtime the ga…[View]
410599924post yfw the games industry no longer allows you to play online[View]
410605932Why are PCfats somehow mad that ARK is coming to Switch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl35_fBlbss…[View]
410607592 [View]
410595642What does Needler ammo taste like?[View]
410607259*whispers into the microphone* general?[View]
410603279Has a game ever inspired you? Don't you think you could one day be as great a person as your pl…[View]
410604924>make many mistakes with the platform >instead of trying to fix them, just drop it altogether …[View]
410602537Establishing secure connection https://youtu.be/VJ3JEnymeAI[View]
410587081Soul calibur 6: You're going to buy her game right?[View]
410602898D pad: https://mobile.twitter.com/japanese3ds/status/976748214513819648 Habbening[View]
410599051Why aren't you playing Misaki's game, anon? SSR rates are tripled to 3% this week, they ju…[View]
410607118Reminder that Callie was branded for life[View]
410585687I just beat this and while I understand most of it I am confused on one point. How was Project Gesta…[View]
410599726what are the best enterprises to open up in each town? i'm trying to ensure i can have money at…[View]
410592639>last of us style gameplay and pacing >total removal of fast hack and slash gameplay and platf…[View]
410601735One will protect you The others will try to force you to play their shitty game and kill you Choose …[View]
410587158Gabe Newell's son.: https://www.instagram.com/graynewell/ How does /v/ feel about Gray 'Strike …[View]
410605380Your Gammertag: Are you consistent with your gaming handle across multiple platforms or do you have …[View]
410591789Seasons or Ages?[View]
410606519What went wrong?[View]
410606518gnome world of warcraft[View]
410606491>no server lists >matchmaking only >no bots to fight >online only multiplayer >no s…[View]
410601404so is it safe to say that this is ubisofts skyrim?[View]
410606224>AltCoin mining is now down to roughly $1/day with a gtx 1080 or higher Is there light at the end…[View]
410605451Just got a ps1[View]
410604745GTAV on PC: I downloaded this shit and it constantly says im missing .dll files, i download a file a…[View]
410606031Where the good vampire video games at? Seriously, other than VTM - Bloodlines, Redemption and some …[View]
410604105>main villain isn't the final boss[View]
410606096>viking enemy >LOOKS LIKE MEAD IS BACK ON THE MENU, BOYS!…[View]
410603812why does a mmo have dlc?[View]
410604047unpleasant secret nier automata: there is still one last secret to find in nier: automata or yoko ta…[View]
410601636>DUDE OPEN WORLD LMAO[View]
410603451If I do decide to get this it will be the first Far cry game I will have ever played. Did I miss muc…[View]
410598818What games have creative monsters?[View]
410605165The night beckons[View]
410605060>2018 >still no emulator[View]
410605621Just got a GameCube[View]
410605073stop pirating games[View]
410605569Eryn > Tiara[View]
410604998>dark souls ''''''''sidequests''''''''''[View]
410568171Act 1 was better[View]
410599854This is Magilou She is the true MC of her game[View]
410554613Let's talk Squids[View]
410601428muh bruddah vrchat its dead[View]
410604402>picks Cryengine for his magnum opus because it has GRAPHICS >everyone says he should use Unre…[View]
410598679Hello, anon.[View]
410602442AWAKEN MY CHILD![View]
410604237Why are nordic gorls so perfect?[View]
410603592why cant xbox1 and ps4 play together online?[View]
410602595Cant stop winning https://nintendoeverything.com/2018-game-developers-choice-awards-winners-revealed…[View]
410598584Dead or Alive Xtreme Penus Vacation: >free SSR for everyone this week >triple SSR rate If anyo…[View]
410594713a shit ton of switch games have supposedly been leaked thoughts? https://imgur.com/E8AltM9[View]
410596787Any anons here use a projector for gaming? Would you recommend?[View]
410585665>That day when Mexicans got Nintendo themed Doritos[View]
410594665Is it a bad game?[View]
410595326Is FF the most discussed series here? What makes it so popular?[View]
410600691When is this masterpiece going to be translated?[View]
410600591Best Castlemania[View]
410592263>30% of the player are fujoshi why?[View]
410597462Can the Switch handle this triple pack?: I'm pretty sure that can run RE4, but idk about RE5 an…[View]
410600318ITT: Good Video Game Memes[View]
410603561*blocks your path*[View]
410603517Anyone else using DBT to stop getting mad at video games?[View]
410603145You're running dive comp on 2CP and this girl slaps your Genji's ass. Keep in my she has 4…[View]
410597293I bet none of you have an original game idea outside of splicing two different genres or games toget…[View]
410599701How neat would it be if Skullgirls got ported to the switch? What are the chances of that even happe…[View]
410603308Fight me if you will, Warrior of Light. I care not. All who stand against me will be destroyed be th…[View]
410592614anyone remember this game[View]
410557702/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread: >>410482257 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
410574237What's your favorite Zelda game and why?[View]
410602185The snow never stops. This is our life now. Are you comfy? What are you playing? I'm playing B…[View]
410601818Smash bros Switch leaks: Did leak anon flip the tables yesterday? Missed the thread[View]
410597568Got this,any tips before I begin? Never played or looked into anything before today.[View]
41060185710$ on switch eshop Would you buy it?[View]
410596876Do you have any experience with gaming tablets? With the success of the switch it seems like portabl…[View]
410602857NICE KNIFE[View]
410602181Where does Zant's portal lead?[View]
410599898I skipped this one and Unity: I skipped Black Flag, should i go back and try to play it /v ? how do …[View]
410596332Forgot about it, Mario.[View]
410598867i like playing video games on the toilet[View]
410598213Blazblue was a mistake[View]
410598521Serious question. Do violent video games generate more violence in real life?[View]
410591935Riot, Blizzard, And Twitch Are Teaming Up To Fight Toxic Gaming Behavior: >'For years now, gaming…[View]
410593859Levels where boys became men[View]
410599990What the hell kinda name is Soap?[View]
410601082Who's the best Intoner?[View]
410598886NEW GAME?: YO!!! Can someone please confirm luigi's mansion already?! too many rumors of LM3 bu…[View]
410601491SmT x FE[View]
410600774Whatever happened to the xbox fans on /v/?[View]
410601069>you must download our external launcher in order to play our games[View]
410599327Switch gem: Quick, I'm stepping on the plane in 5 hours for a 13 hour flight. What game should …[View]
410599023Why do so many people say this game is dated and not worth playing? It's honestly still fun as …[View]
410600192When does the switch usually allow you to play pre ordered games i've been waiting all day for …[View]
410596798Far Cry 5: It's almost here![View]
410599350Tennis for 2: What fps do you think it ran at?[View]
410582641ITT: /v/ shit that pisses you off >comfy threads 'you aren't allowed to criticize the game b…[View]
410594912>he bought a Ryzen for gaming[View]
410599501So.. what was she doing in the video that went viral?[View]
410590603Is there a game that does zombies any better? the answer is no.[View]
410586425ITT: Games you don't get. Pic related[View]
410598675>mfw it's 3am and I'm playing vidya instead of faking the results of a survey I had to …[View]
410597375I HAVE 2x INVITE CODES FOR FORTNITE MOBILE LEFT: I have 2x codes left. One went to my girlfriend the…[View]
410564663What are your favourite jrpg's?[View]
410596659I love games, and this board is a true treasure trove.[View]
410594391How come those are still quite expensive? Just a cartridge rarely sells for less than $30[View]
410549865This is Shantae, say something nice to her![View]
410598752Which Halo was the best?[View]
410599478Games within the last 5 years you'll be nostalgic for in the future.[View]
410598297Where is the fucking remake Crapcom?[View]
410599042Stop playing Subnautica[View]
410598575horror vidya: How do we save the horror genre, /v/? Do developers need to go back to the way classi…[View]
410599325>starting equipment is the most balanced[View]
410584928Here are your hosts: Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb[View]
410599196reminder that this is why DMC got low scores from people born after 2000. https://youtu.be/dvL76wv4G…[View]
410599145Does /v/ like Insurgency ?[View]
410598207What's the /v/erdict?[View]
410598604What the hell, why is my DAUDI KAUPMADR bar depleting? Oh shit, good thing for that popup![View]
410592217>81 days until E3[View]
410596280How do we stop them /v/ros?[View]
410593371Best game to play when sick?[View]
410592291Is this the best MOBA?[View]
410593476Which souls game truly has the best pvp?[View]
410594027Ishygddt: The sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth. We have 5 minutes…[View]
410572576How do we make PC popular in Japan?[View]
410598486Does anyone else love playing evolution simulators? Ive only been able to find this one and one for …[View]
410598362With this new weapon crafted by the finest Earth Caste scientists, the T'au Empire now has a no…[View]
410598341Why the fuck can't we just combine the good aspects of mmos?: >wow will never have ffxivs mu…[View]
410598327Doing dev in a deadman's town The first game I made was when I hit the ground You end up like a…[View]
410576753Just woke up from a coma, did we beat Reddit in Tribes?[View]
410595247https://youtu.be/1hMMINaIh5w Who is the target audience for this? You can do much more impressive th…[View]
410597806Vidya things you hate Ill start: No option to switch from imperial to metric, pic related kinda[View]
410597269Fighting Labo Team for Smash Switch: I hope.[View]
410592487This is the best soundtrack on Nintendo 64. https://youtube.com/watch?v=HQ-DJd-57Lo[View]
410597694Has the ending of a video game ever made you cry?[View]
410591000Leaked bloodstained screenshots[View]
410598176Have you ever dropped or refused to play a game because of a voice actor?[View]
410531109Elder Scrolls: WHAT do you WANT[View]
410577697Valkyria Chronicles 4: Valkyria Chronicles 4 Spoilers thread In a subversion of everyone's expe…[View]
410584806Does Fatal Frame/Project Zero have any future in the west? It seems like it would work well with the…[View]
410593792Filename thread[View]
410570828What went so goddamn right?[View]
410597797My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials.: Can you say the same?[View]
410597810Was it autism?[View]
410595685FEH tit ninja rolling: 'Oh you were looking for a titty ninja in a bunny outfit? I hope I'm jus…[View]
410594696There are people on /v/ that have >read >reviewed >recommended >even written fanfiction,…[View]
410594229What Gmod map is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xW1of4dkF8[View]
410596535Anybody play this? I want a smash platform fightet type and only have access to what's on the s…[View]
410580923ITT: games only you played[View]
410583802What's her name again?[View]
410597572I can't be the only one who gets hard from the way she calls you 'puppy' and orders y…[View]
410595451When's your 'down time' from playing video games? Like, when is too much really too much?[View]
410594585What is your first reaction when you start a game with a gun?[View]
410584359>b-but just mute them! Turning off one of the games core features (chat) is not something a perso…[View]
410594250Fire Emblem Warriors: Olivia!!![View]
410589308I understand why FO4 gets shit but why do you guys give FO3 shit too?[View]
410597209What’s your opinion on this?[View]
410594363cut scene bullshit: hey /v/ like games where you kick a bosses ass then immediately lose to them in …[View]
410587717T-minus 7 days You finished getting everything you were going to get?[View]
410579269OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
410595667I have very clear memories of watching my dad play PC games, one of which I can't remember the …[View]
410595972new idolmaster http:// cpc cx/lyo[View]
410594690Would've FFVII been better on the Nintendo 64?[View]
410594727who still plays Halo 3 on their 360?[View]
410596442ITT: Characters you expect to see in Smash Switch He's got a very popular game, already has an …[View]
410584010So is this the best, most well rounded fighting game ever?[View]
410592525Explain to me why a ninja would have tits this big, they would only get in the way.[View]
410595784Has anyone here ever been to a gaming event in college or whatever?: My university is holding a gami…[View]
410528049Are arcade sticks a meme? post yours[View]
410577041Megaman Chrono X spyware: >try out the new demo >want to mess with data a bit >open Cheat E…[View]
410596268It's about that time.[View]
410596312/v/ wanna squad up in this normie game I suck at?[View]
410596270I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
410594728Anyone remember him?[View]
410587404Hey, anon! Check out this cool game I found![View]
410594921*blocks your path*[View]
410558581Who was in the wrong here?[View]
410593330What's so appealing about this guy?[View]
410582960Budokai Tenkaichi 3: This game is fun. Let's watch the CPU fight against each other. Give me 32…[View]
410595895'Leaping Legiana!'[View]
410578197Post your all-time favorite video game[View]
410589208Rank the Total War games from best to worst[View]
410590919What games did you play today, /v/? Tell me about it and discuss![View]
410595620What the hell is this? https://www.gameworkersunite.org/[View]
410578992>Game is based on an anime >Is a 2v2 battle arena…[View]
410593798is this game good?[View]
410583248If Nintendo released a modern Super Mario All-Stars, what would be in it?[View]
410593969Which videogames are genuinely unsettling?[View]
410595258Oh shit, it's the greatest vidya franchise of all time![View]
410587169Please watch this Peppercat for me anon, I need to make a quick trip to the store to pick up some sm…[View]
410592791Can any video game character even come close to defeating Hajime Blanco?[View]
410589056Look at this new nep[View]
410594284I like t think that someday, we'll know how it ends.[View]
410594986comfy thread here....[View]
410593914Post pic, get rec[View]
410594863Who Does Gamine Belong to To Women, say the feminists To Children, say the Adults To Violence, say …[View]
410588246What game would you speedrun? tell me about it[View]
410549189Comfy FF9 thread. Praise only.[View]
410594265How the fuck was I suppose to beat this faggot?[View]
410589658what went so wrong? is this the vidya equivalent to star war's the last jedi?[View]
410590234any other games where I can be a badass mom doing badass things?[View]
410591105how do you feel about streamers that make $500k a month autistically screaming at video games?[View]
410593564What are some good games to get on the 3ds?[View]
410582843Mega Man: >Here's an idea >Let's take our lucrative retro-throwback series, >and…[View]
410594232Here's your controller bro[View]
410537489Is anyone still playing this shit? How is it now? I've got an itch to play again desu.[View]
410594568Steam trading cards: So there's this steam foil badge that I want that takes 5 foil cards to cr…[View]
410583946What is the best licensed game of all time?[View]
410573964Have you played the greatest survival horror game ever made?[View]
410578528What mobile games do you play?[View]
410591625I'M FEELING GIDDY[View]
410591180What're you playing what're you [spoiler]drinking[/spoiler]: Pic related Diet coke and che…[View]
410579023The Great Debate continues: Are you bitches ready to rumble? Which Lara is best Lara?[View]
410592591>game has a 3 month long pleb filter all multiplayer games need this[View]
410589045>This was the best Lego game ever made and ya'll dont even care. Why?…[View]
410591424whats on your wishlist? for me I'd like a lack of arrows and glowy glowys indicating to me wher…[View]
410591005Any RS07 Fags here? Just started playing again after being hacked like 3 yrs ago and losing everythi…[View]
410551937What are your thoughts on the Arms and Splatoon GDC panels?[View]
410593718Who did you date first, Anon?[View]
410589993Why people are overly hyped to this dude.[View]
410592748Will Project Sonic and Megaman 11 bring back more 'old' games, /v/? What kind of reboot/new game do …[View]
410555431So is Wright seriously going to defend this dumbass? Stream has begun[View]
410519556RISK OF RAIN: RISK OF RAIN thread rise from your sleep host is next post[View]
410593525What are some good games to play when insomnia won't let you sleep? i ran out of my rpg backlog…[View]
410593524my name is tobias reaper i'm here to pick up my keys[View]
410593386what if papyrus was asriel's skeleton injected with determination?[View]
410587079>Fast release, updates, dlc >good gameplay, story >cheap Pick 2.…[View]
410590009ITT: Moment you found great deals on video games/consoles from stupid people >A slightly used PS4…[View]
410585793That will be 40 dollars plus tax, anon :): >dark souls remastered is literally the same OH NO OH …[View]
410588495Darks Souls Lore: What was this retards problem?[View]
410592914This is Merveille Million. She's a very smart caninu lady, and the top scientist of the Shepher…[View]
410593214It has been four hundred and ninety one days (491) since this absolute masterpiece was released and …[View]
410587106Retro Thread: What consoles had the best four player co-op for two or more people lads? >PlayStat…[View]
410591725This is not what I was expecting from the TV Tropes page of Jon St John (voice of Duke Nukem), and I…[View]
410592609https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FVN_Ze7bzw >yes yes, very interesting, please make more videos t…[View]
410585775Games that deserved a sequel[View]
410591685Kickass boss themes: >That one boss theme that gets stuck in your head So what is it, /v/? Which …[View]
410590083This would be a pretty good stage in Smash[View]
410592371What is the best RPG game ever made?: So guys, what is the best RPG game ever made? *cough* it'…[View]
410583619T- thanks for wasting our time, I guess...[View]
410589670When you finally release The Elder Scrolls VI...[View]
410592376anybody know if IGGGames is trustworth keep getting different results from search?[View]
410590815I played a lot of WoW back in 2004, 2005 till around 2009. While I wasn't a real hardcore grind…[View]
410592324>Forgive me, for I have sinned. [E Nomine music starts playing][View]
410579213Night in the Woods: This game is adorable.[View]
410563737kirby: If Gooey is made from Dark Matter and has all associated capabilities, that means he's c…[View]
410592201>Achievement: Play this game with a friend[View]
410592012Am I missing something here? Who the fuck copied who?[View]
410591913can we all agree, we need a new primal rage.[View]
410591730Are you going to buy the Fallout collection with 3 and New Vegas when it comes to switch?[View]
410533534Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition has 60fps mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr3wVVYi6k0 New t…[View]
410588832ITT: Objectively FUN video games.[View]
410546334STRICT BUT FAIR[View]
410588683Have you pre-ordered the RPG of the year yet?[View]
410591404What are some of the lesser-known Square games for the SNES? Stuff like Treasure Hunter G, Live-A-Li…[View]
410589703What are some video games where you face insurmountable odds and can't win.[View]
410591347Manticore Galaxy on Fire: Anyone played this on Switch yet? I prepurchased and it was meant to relea…[View]
410591198>Finish DMC1. >Literally only found 1 secret mission. >Give up and go online. >These fuc…[View]
410591124Anyone else miss this game?[View]
410590565What are some games where I can do assassin/hitman work as a side thing.[View]
410585451When does this get good?[View]
410590958What's a fun custom squad /v/?[View]
410535414This is the games you play at the arcade.[View]
410589683Oxenfree: I don't remember seeing threads about this game... Anyone in here played it? Thoughts…[View]
410587238So Now that this is also a Mobile game Is there any chance for a switch port? You know it'll se…[View]
410590429Nintendo luigi game!: I have many sources claiming that LUIGI's MANSION 3 will be announced dur…[View]
410589865>leave switch charging in it's case via car lighter outlet >come back from dinner >cas…[View]
410587695Can we talk about visual novels. What's more important porn or story?[View]
410588343This is how you fix the OW characters.[View]
410568562Which is the best Persona game?: Been dipping my toes in and have no clue whats good. Tried Persona …[View]
410576371Underage Players Online: How do you deal with underage players online /v/? Especially when they…[View]
410587821How do we fix Sombra?[View]
410590315This is becoming a game.[View]
410572416Unknown Video Game Facts Gendo's Gun shop in Resident Evil 2 is a reference to Shinji Ikari…[View]
410582690RIP PUBG[View]
410590593Is there any stopping this batshit bastard?[View]
410590558Wtf I love SEGA now[View]
410587112Who let this happen?: Who decided >”You know what would be fair and a good idea? Let’s put this s…[View]
410584828>three of the most praised stealth games and games in general come out within two years of each o…[View]
410542485How will Ubi fuck up the series even further with the new one?[View]
410587125Fortnite players on suicide watch rn[View]
410587192Nintendo and Sega will be announcing a multi-game partnership in the next few days. The initial anno…[View]
410588490Are there any video game characters who have high-functioning autism/aspergers? #RepresentationMatte…[View]
410576805Neopets: Who remembers Neopets? What was your first Neopet? Which games were your favorites? Nothin…[View]
410587263What happened?[View]
410588584'I'm not crying, you're crying' moments in video games. Something about him keeping all th…[View]
410584776>there has never been a bad Kirby ga--[View]
410586706how do i get good? every quick match game i join, i get infini-comboed.[View]
410589010Any 10/10 android games?: Ok /V/ I just bought my first high end smartphone, I've been making d…[View]
410584371What games will teach me how to run a business so I can escape being a wage slave.[View]
410582721>it gets fun 50 hours in[View]
410589621Life is Strange: Let’s have a Life is Strange thread![View]
410589574What kind of people play esports professionally?[View]
410587197Nan-ni shimasho-ka?[View]
410586491I cannot, for the fucking life of me, remember what his name was. Can anybody remind me?[View]
410589061This is the funniest motherfucking cutscene I've ever seen in my life.[View]
410588665Is it worth getting the second one over the first? Will I be completely behind on all of the mechani…[View]
410587097Good JRPGs under 20hrs?: What are good JRPGs with an average main story completion of under 20hrs?…[View]
410579920Fully Immersive VR: >Fully Immersive VR gets released tomorrow >Cheap and affordable for every…[View]
410582725Mobius FF : Unsung, Or Unimportant?: How many of you have played Mobius FF, On mobile or steam? Did …[View]
410585780How can romance be done right in vidya?: Seriously. I can't think of any games that are not dat…[View]
410585878Games /v/ memed you into playing this is boring shit[View]
410588162Reminder for you 'Esports hopefuls': Take the Yellow Pill: if you're not Korean, it…[View]
410573058There WILL be a new Animal Crossing announced at E3[View]
410579401banjie for smashie[View]
410576241If it's Bloodborne 2, what are some changes you want to see?[View]
410580621Pre-load starts tomorrow, get fucking /hype/, bois.[View]
410587186Stranger, stranger! Now that's a Resident Evil thread[View]
410587749>full map, full 100 players >better vehicle physics >better performance than consoles >m…[View]
410586818I will beat you[View]
410587620Comfy Switch thread: Night time hours What are you: >PLAYAN >ANTICIPATAN Is this Kirby really …[View]
410579113Well, /v/?[View]
410583764I'm actually hyped for this and like the way they changed the combat[View]
410586850>when your kickstarted game is 3 years late and instead of showing proof youve made any meaningfu…[View]
410587167LEE YA LICK IT[View]
410587162Was I doing something wrong or is this guy impossible without a bunch of grapes? Well you do get a l…[View]
410567134Ni no Kuni II: >Better reception that Final Fantasy XV or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 >Over 60 hour…[View]
410580561What build is closest to a paladin archetype in this game? Grim Dawn thread I guess.[View]
410586828So is your gpu connected to the internet yet? What I cant wait to play my movie games? https://www.y…[View]
410586595This is one of my favorite games of all time but I wanted to start getting into the rest of the seri…[View]
410586564https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1XYViNL0Cg >Just found out this is a thing >It made way past …[View]
410586476Ok, so how the fuck do I beat him? If I stand in front of him, he does the instant no wind up bites.…[View]
410586647>Search 'gore' in steam tags >Only trash indie pixel games come up Why is this allowed…[View]
410586795Are you ready for TES VI: Summerset Isle /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCdHwOC0lLE…[View]
410586572My buddy has mortal combat x and an ego so I want to get good enough to smash his face in I hear the…[View]
410586087the average MOBA player[View]
410584735She looks... vaguely feminine[View]
410569503Nintendo Switch Leak: https://imgur.com/E8AltM9 >uploaded feb 4th >contains games revealed in …[View]
410578189Is it any good?[View]
410578785What went wrong?[View]
410585010EZA: Where is it Ben?[View]
410545905What was the best campaign?[View]
410586075has there been a single GOOD AAA game in the past 5 years?[View]
410586664Why does /v/ hate the new God of War? Did they really turn Kratos into a soyboy? Someone explain it …[View]
410581850What is it with Japanese RPGs and pope villains?[View]
410498557Dragon Ball FighterZ: When will we learn what's in the 'BIG UPDATE' they advertised in V-Jump? …[View]
410576329What are some 6/10 games?[View]
410586451Post Screenshots From Whatever Game You're Playing, 22nd of March 2018: Invited: Screenshot Pos…[View]
410585140Please discuss the game this image is about. I know you're waiting for these threads and I know…[View]
410586397seriously, How did HAL get away with this for 4 games straight?[View]
410586374So with the inevitable future modding of this game what will the first fantasy type mods be? Will it…[View]
410583590How the fuck did morrowind do the water better than most current-year games? This is completely vani…[View]
410585310Just put him in the new smash bros you fucking hack.[View]
410584617I miss when talking about video games online was fun. Now, it's either people circle jerking ov…[View]
410585362>go back and play a browser game from 10 years ago I loved >have more fun than I've had w…[View]
410582768since Toriyama has stated FighterZ is canon and Broly is upcoming DLC, does this inadvertently make …[View]
410580297Sonic Adventure is shit, and you know it.[View]
410585364Can you vote no? https://strawpoll.com/gwh7386p[View]
410581295>paying for unfinished, unpolished and full of cheaters game So now that flavor of the month is …[View]
410574541lets settle this once and for all, pubg is better than fortnite right?[View]
410585906This is the ideal boss fight.: You may not like it, but this is what peak motivation looks like.…[View]
410585912King of Fighters XIV Najd trailer: https://youtu.be/iZTqbfPqvM0[View]
410583617ITT: True 10/10 Bossfights[View]
410580361need games that don't handhold and treat you like a dumbass baby[View]
410585589>Crash Kirby >he doesn't crash the game I want my money back.…[View]
410579583Just got this do people still play this online on PC? MK Thread[View]
410572442Do you think we will ever get characters like Nam or Chiaotzu?[View]
410585489>the madmen casualized the pickle JUST[View]
410585485having fun yet, /v/? It's fun being with you guys[View]
410575384Civ VI: Is it good yet?[View]
410581030>boss grabs you[View]
410558647Ark on Switch (undocked) runs at high settings and a better resolution than PS4 (640-720p). https://…[View]
410585294>hitman claims to have a free pack >download it, launch it, can't find it Do they want me…[View]
410582973Whats a good game that you can play a as ranger, other than shadow of mordo.[View]
410570249What the fuck does the Triforce of Courage do? We've seen what Power and to a lesser extent Wis…[View]
410584604How do you come up names for your characters?[View]
410583794Any games where music is a literary motif?[View]
410578804This was underwhelming.[View]
410584995Why doesn't metacritic just change user reviews to a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down system since literal…[View]
410584916Your watching Leffen's road to winning EVO in DBFZ right? /leveluplive /kevin_ha[View]
410581218smash: He is in[View]
410582852So do Smash fans complain about all the Fire Emblem characters because Fire Emblem is too hard?[View]
410584771Samurai Nickel trial: When the fuck will Engarde trial start already I want to see him burn[View]
410579124what are the essential comfycore games?[View]
410578308GDC Stream thread: What are you thankful for /v/? twitch tv/gdc[View]
410579670Final Fantasy 15 Opinions?: I just beat this game recently, and I was honestly pretty disappointed..…[View]
410581886GTA IV: In this thread we discuss what made GTA IV so great. Thread theme: >https://www.youtube.c…[View]
410584550>Good Luck >Hu-Man[View]
410577736Billy, get the fuck out of the way. I'm trying to have a fun, loving, Fallout Thread with Piper…[View]
410579747ITT: Music so beautiful you could not believe it comes from a video game https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
410581748Can smash 5 top this reveal?[View]
410583151'...and THEN he spent over 80 hours to only date ONE girl' 'haha, what a total loser'[View]
410584126Good lord, why did they ruin Ryuji's fighting style?[View]
410569207Did being political pay off?[View]
410581235Have you done your part to fight the Jian menace today, /v/?[View]
410583990Labo Robot for Smash Switch needs to happen. It would be an awesome out-of-left-field pick akin to W…[View]
410582861If you could choose one vidya game character to be publicly commemorated with a statue, who or what …[View]
410577637WHAT were they THINKING?[View]
410583114Pickle: How do you fight him[View]
410571650thanks kirby[View]
410568184Perfect Melee Combat: On this triangle, where would your perfect combat be located? Personally, I mi…[View]
410583498This game is pure kino. I love infecting people, and then killing them afterwards. The strategic ele…[View]
410575240Should I buy it? I really liked Automata but I heard this one is a chore to play.[View]
410583430Considering Nintendo has a partnership with illumination for the mario movie, could minions in the n…[View]
410578885*becomes bloated and unoptimized in your path* when is Valve going to rebuild Steam from scratch? ev…[View]
410583419What video games are the yeast of thoughts and minds?[View]
410583369Dude bullet sponges lmao[View]
410583329ITT: vidya relationships women will never understand[View]
410580764Is this a perfect game?[View]
410580628Which one of these two would you recommend, /v/? I am planning on buying one of them tonight, both l…[View]
410552486You have no excuse for not playing her game, now that fat and most slim PS3 are hackable.[View]
410548684Comfy Switch Thread: What are my fellow Switch anons >PLAYAN >ANTICIPATAN I just finished Mula…[View]
410582904>deleted tweet What did they mean by this?[View]
410575420Video games are not an art fo...[View]
410562559Windows 10 loses to Ubuntu: So apparently while Microsoft has been busy working on new ways to lock …[View]
410581761Do you Agree /v/? No I dont[View]
410581671I was actually really upset he and Larry got off-screen deaths, especially so soon after introductio…[View]
410582523>be engineer dps main and noob raider >Start looking in raid lfg for a group to farm magnenite…[View]
410582484What happened to the Smash leaker from yesterday? Did he ever get that picture of Sakurai? Do I need…[View]
410571408Post the most iconic video game era of a certain decade. I'll start with the 2010s. The saddest…[View]
410571842So this didn't take off the way some people wanted it to.[View]
410582345Halo: Silent Storm: A Master Chief Story: New Halo novel starring Master Chief, E3 is coming, baby!…[View]
410572785What will be Smash 5’s character codecs/guidance[View]
410581952Where the fuck is Demons Souls 2? I've been waiting for it for over 10 years.[View]
410568767BLUNDER OF THE CENTURY 2018?[View]
410562803What were its flaws?[View]
410581949ITT Genres That Need to Die: If you play any of the following genres please delete yourself: MOBA Ba…[View]
410541060Just beat this game lads, was my first FF game. Okay overall and ultimately disappointing. The game …[View]
410578970>realising vidya is losing it's appeal How do you make it fun again lads? it feels like a ch…[View]
410578861When has she ever collected a bounty?[View]
410571739Literally two wasted lives.... Speedrunners need increased, free mental health assistance.[View]
410581935Do you like RNG /v/?[View]
410581915Resident Evil Waifu: Who's your RE best girl and why is it Ada Wong?[View]
410581849https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVwg-9WL3dE&ab_channel=DoubleFineProd Is there a series, video o…[View]
410581398From the Ghastly Eyrie: I can see to the ends of the world, and from this vantage point I declare wi…[View]
410578446WoW Thread: Hey /v/ got a screenshot of some more new races coming to the Battle of Azeroth![View]
410579258Disney Games: What's you favorite Disney game?[View]
410560430I love these games, but I have never beaten them. And I've never beaten them because every time…[View]
410579272what a fucking hunk of shit. why do tryhards love this game so much?[View]
410581019>tfw have tons of games and nothing to play What was the last game you played start to finish wit…[View]
410580672What is the best gamepad for playing games on pc?: Games on steam and games on emulators.[View]
410581157Do you take a smoke break between games?[View]
410577153Blazblue:Cross tag battle: Did your main make it in?[View]
410580257How come I can't play like snes or other older Nintendo games on my switch through the e store.…[View]
410578673Could a Dark/Demon's/Bloodborne TCG game work? Like Gwent, or Hearthstone.[View]
410578081who is your favorite Danganronpa character[View]
410575152is there hope?[View]
410581074>fantasy game >elves are total mages; no rogue benefits whatsoever >dwarves make better rog…[View]
410576482Games where you would like a sequel or a HD Remake: >pic related…[View]
410577404I will post this everyday until E3 2018 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogam…[View]
410579439>Want to talk about a video game you're enjoying on /v/ >Immediately get shitposters who …[View]
410577561I'm the best damn keep taker and you know it[View]
410571538What are some good browser games to play when I am sick as fuck?[View]
410577361Who was this made for?[View]
410580284Recommend me a game I should play /v/idiots, or don't. I don't even think I enjoy them any…[View]
410576967So this is the power of the gaming industry.[View]
410563018you have to be an absolute sociopath to think it's okay just because there's nothing to ba…[View]
410576384What an absolute JOKE of an article.[View]
410577509'Damn... yous one ugly tin daddy....'[View]
410580006What is your favorite video game music /v/? https://youtube.com/watch?v=3hBkWlIkOj0[View]
410572147Name a more tragic character Protip: You cant[View]
410568583How do so many faggots downvote games they've played for 800+ Hours?: >Be a fag >Buy a ga…[View]
410577236Downloading this and 2033 at the moment are they good games ?: Also which order do I play them in fi…[View]
410529730Was Senran Kagura a mistake?[View]
410575208Reminder that Luigi is a cowardly shit-for-brains that jumps with the B button.[View]
410510175*heals you*[View]
410558250Here is your wired controller anon[View]
410570993why the fuck does kotaku keep making articles about Luigi's dick?[View]
410568968This is why the Joycons cost a bullshit amount of money. https://twitter.com/nintendoamerica/status…[View]
410579295>boring as fuck moveset >every stomp makes your character drunk for 5 seconds >dark souls 2…[View]
410577489Predict the next R&C: Hopes? Dreams? Fears?[View]
410575253A highly tempting pre-order, but is it worth it /v/?[View]
410578938>get stuck lategame >look up walkthrough for help >guide uses extremely specific setup that…[View]
410577619What was her problem?[View]
410571594Vidya music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHhpFGmmUMU[View]
410578868ITT: Best Vidya Mods[View]
410558096>White wins 56% of the time thanks to first-turn advantage Nice 'perfect game' you got …[View]
410578652>6+ months until PC version I can't take it anymore.[View]
410574435Steam censoring content: http://store.steampowered.com/app/766540/A_Kiss_For_The_Petals__Maidens_of_…[View]
410541404What are your favorite Cyberpunk games?[View]
410566328>Game comes out with terrible story >People praise its story up and down because it was a vide…[View]
410576953post character themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9E66ywToGU[View]
410575684Why hasn't there been any more Bioshock games? Did Infinite fuck up the series that badly? 2 …[View]
410560203Why do people actually hate witcher3?: >Awesome graphic >Immersive world >Atmoshperic music…[View]
410575009Hello we're the most lame and uninspired monsters to ever appear in a horror game[View]
410576445What are /v/'s approved games you MUST play before you die?[View]
410578137Short haired girl The ultimate pleb filter[View]
410575610I want to play tanky support in not a MOBA. plz to be suggesting games that I can play tanky support…[View]
410576803Why was this dude such a faggot[View]
410572387Indie games thread: Just got Mulaka for Switch, pretty good game, reminds me of Zelda and Okami, can…[View]
410577314I am planning on buying one of these two tonight, /v/. I'm really torn. Which one would you rec…[View]
410567181I still like Overwatch, and I think the new hero is a really good addition. Please don't be me…[View]
410576979Do you even enjoy video games? Underaged fags need not reply. It feels like everyone in this board j…[View]
410571343Best Skyrim mods?[View]
410560332Xboner: >Halo 5 sucked >Gears 4 sucked >Sea of Thieves sucks >No other exclusives anyone…[View]
410575284>>410456201 >>410483741 Still waiting for my Sakurai pic.[View]
410569243KOF 14 DLC Character[View]
410576583Dragon age 4 main character will be morrigan's son[View]
410575995Remember when heavy used a shotgun?[View]
410565656New Battlefield leak, announced at E3.: >New battlefield in modern era >Main Focus is on battl…[View]
410574076>play game for 5 hours >say it's shit LOL U DIDN'T PLAY IT AT ALL GTFO >play gam…[View]
410577257Is it good or is it just a meme?[View]
410576065Have you ever just thought about something with video games that made it really so much that you fel…[View]
410572309Let's say that game A sold 100 units, while game B sold 200 units. Both game A and game B were …[View]
410573263I love Fuuka![View]
410576894For you see Geralt.... I have become the witcher 2... assassin of kings[View]
410576505>Playing a really good part of the game and having a blast >Power cuts out SON OF A BITCH…[View]
410576606Do you prefer rise and shine or rice and chicken?[View]
410575656will /ourgirl/ finally make it in smash?[View]
410572378Name ONE (1) female character who is better/more pure. I'll wait.[View]
410570497>reading a very long winded game manual[View]
410574715Why did Valve allow this. Doesn't shsit like this cheapens their IP?[View]
410571376New Labo video up. 4/20 can't come soon enough.[View]
410555527#AllCharacterDesignsMatter #ItIsOkayToBeAttractive #I'mWithHer[View]
410573415>game requires you to sing jpop to beat the true final boss[View]
410576216Dissidia: >You like your eggs over easy!?[View]
410573234>newfag mods deleting vidya music threads I didn't think this place could get any worse. htt…[View]
410576060How is it that an aquatic race can live on land without drying out?[View]
410566329>Piracy is theft because it results in a lost sale Why aren't public libraries illegal?…[View]
410576008>when your own father & mother don't love you[View]
410575983asb rerelease on and current gen consoles in 60 fps and new characters when[View]
410573004https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWvRa4D98Zg Are you guys ready for prison break ludo?[View]
410574604Hey, in light of how the market for gaming has shifted should pc gamers have to post on /vr/? there …[View]
410574576I work at a game development company and we are mulling about making a mobile FPS. Are there any mob…[View]
410570029darksouls 3 is only good because of the bosses everything else about it is trash[View]
410575239I need name sugestions: Post eveirthing that will get me banned from League of retards[View]
410566105fix the halo franchise[View]
410575737This here is Mona Pizza[View]
410573739Is FC5 gold edition worth it?: That exclusive sniper rifle is bolt action so I feel like I'll p…[View]
410532614The GOTY now has a Steam page. Is your body ready for Based Valve to Make Gaming Great Again? http:/…[View]
410569470>overbabs will defend this[View]
410517107Why would anyone pick Yen over Triss?[View]
410574559What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
410572957Sonic 06 changed the course: Somewhere out there, there's a universe where Sonic 06 was an amaz…[View]
410575447Can I get a updated or new version of soul reaver on any modern console or PC? This game was fucking…[View]
410560821>deviljho releases >slower than every other monster >has barely any health >doesn't…[View]
410573271Looking for Witcher 3 animated/cartoon gif, where Geralt meditates until a monster (i think it was f…[View]
410574212What are some games that are actual weapon world games and not just eye candy? I need some depth[View]
410539578Games with enjoyable sword fights: I'm fed up /v/. I want a game with a satisfying and rewardin…[View]
410574990>unintuitive controls >shit bloody palace >shit styles >shit bosses >shit story >s…[View]
410569725Why aren't you playing Sea of thieves /v/?[View]
410544916koikatsu: Finished those classes yet?[View]
410476635Console-tan Tuesdays /ctt/ After Dark: IT'S BEST HANDHELD'S BIRTHDAY! POST ALL YOUR GBAs! …[View]
410573416Did shit ever go down at your local gamestop? Hell, ever get told to leave?[View]
410573286See that mountain? You can go to it.[View]
410574857What exactly was his problem?[View]
410572287Soul Calibur VI: Astaroth reveal when?[View]
410573732What other games from newgrounds made it to steam?[View]
410574543What games has the best monster girls[View]
410573970>Let me tell you why Breath of the Wild is bad[View]
410571603>Opposing player says this to you after a close match in your favorite video game What do you say…[View]
410569640Games with god tier character creation? Hard mode: Game has to be fun Nightmare mode: Good singlepla…[View]
410574537>tfw there will never be another neversoft >activision fucking murdered tony hawk and guitar h…[View]
410573051WE DID IT GUYS![View]
410567130remember when people named themselves xXLegolasXx[View]
410574101Do the lead designers for hugely profitable AAA games get paid a lot like film directors, or do they…[View]
410574401What are some games that desperately need updates?[View]
410571823Haven't played any of these and they're all on sale. Recommendations?[View]
410574367Tell me about Yoshimitsu. Why does he wear the foamposites?[View]
410564384KOREA B T F O[View]
410525352Oh wow. He finally broke down. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/117181-Y…[View]
410571293>2007 >vidya market starts to boom insanely fast >budgets for games start to rise >peopl…[View]
410571735Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical controller layouts: Reminder that asymmetrical is OBJECTIVELY superior u…[View]
410570485SHE: SHE[View]
410573358Why are space djinnis the new big bad in WoW?[View]
410573663>battlefront loot box rage spills over to other games with loot boxes >as a result, apple give…[View]
410571940Every time I play this game I hate Randy Pitchford a little more.[View]
410572665Why the sequels sucks?[View]
410570756So I don't know if anyone here truly gives a shit or not, or maybe it was already discussed her…[View]
410572340Any games where I can be a pirate with a high power level?[View]
410570689Any good mods yet?[View]
410568513Is there a sidescroller that can't be faithfully converted to 3D by doing the simple action of …[View]
410568090Alright /v/, it's time for me to start playing this series. I only tried the first one on the P…[View]
410569574I have a 20% off voucher for PSN. What game should I buy? I already have Bloodborne and Persona 5.[View]
410565727>final dungeon is accessed from the starting area[View]
410572272ITT: Bro-tier party members[View]
410571112game series only you played and enjoyed[View]
410562765name one thing that piece of shit does good. pro tip:u can't, it's fucking horrible in eve…[View]
4105729276 is the best one.[View]
410572882Videogames: Everyone is a critic nowadays and no game seems to suffice old or new. So tell me what a…[View]
410558126Is Dante (Devil May Cry) stronger than Bayonetta (Bayonetta)?[View]
410570057Which videogame character has the most similarities to Saint George.[View]
410572432Jackbox Thread: It's been a while, come join! Remember, play by watching the livestream and con…[View]
410572623>disable motion blur and dof >gain 30 fps…[View]
410571347post real niggas of vidya[View]
410570676You've been playing the best game ever made, right /v/?[View]
410557448Splatoon raids are getting on my fucking nerves >lol just ignore it >literally plastered every…[View]
410572342YA YA YA YA[View]
410571567I already own a 3ds XL original, sell me this.[View]
410571551Whats the greatest sequel?: why is it pic related?[View]
410571906Cloud strife is 42 this year. How old were you when you first played FF7, /v/?[View]
410571604Wok'taw ogaw ^w^ Victowy ow death - it is these wowds that bind me to the Howde. Fow they awe t…[View]
410571587ITT: Interesting but not necessarily very good games. Unique gimmicks/art styles/structures.[View]
410555048OpenXCOM Thread: X-Com Files was Updated Edition. Between this and JA2, I think its time to actually…[View]
4105629871. Your birth year 2. Your first console >1995 >Wii >tfw 90's kid >tfw nothing will…[View]
410545779PREY: Just finished it and wanna talk about it press F for Morgan[View]
410571380GIB MORE MONI 4 TALKING[View]
410567284http://readyplayerone.wikia.com/wiki/Ready_Player_One_(film)#List_of_References Look at all them vid…[View]
410571789Women and gaming. What did I expect?[View]
410568819Darkness!: >Darkness! Darkest darkness! Darkened darkest darkness! Darknessing darkened darknesse…[View]
410571543How would it have been?[View]
410570259will necrid ever return?[View]
410568529>33% yay or nay?[View]
410568634DS3 ending is so bad....: They could have had such a good ending but NOHHH HERE IS DA PAINTING JUST …[View]
410571471did you sluts know it's possible to beat Mario64 with an INFINITE Z press? https://www.youtube.…[View]
410571256>You see this flying towards you[View]
410569913when are they getting into smash?[View]
410569942MMO HATE: Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic 3 was going to be about the Exile searching for…[View]
410569940>Load into game >First fucking theme you hear in the first fucking location let's you kno…[View]
410569409How this sonyfag keeps getting away with shitting on Xbox and Nintendo(much more Xbox than Nintendo)…[View]
410571230Ark: Survival Evolved coming to Switch. Exclusive Proper Performance.: It's over PC/Xbox/Sony b…[View]
410565237games where you try to outstealth your opponents in a terrifying duel to the death???!!![View]
410571076>>410569158 >One of the things I noticed when I was handed the script is that this was a sc…[View]
410570391'Overall, Horizon is more stress free and Zelda is becoming a tiresome routine.' Why did Nintendo al…[View]
410570615What are the best xbox 360 controllers to get cheap?: Need to get 3 more, do I just buy microsoft re…[View]
410569934>ITT; Games /v/ will never understand[View]
410567210Now that China has caught up with the rest of the world in terms of video games, how long until we s…[View]
410568751>2001 >just turned 19 >'hey there retard what penis do you have' >'the best' >mom get…[View]
410568883Hope you're ready for hoo hah female edition.[View]
410566459Shadows Die Twice leaks: Can we talk about the leaks again? Apparently it’s open world, will take pl…[View]
410570158Why doesn't /v/ like Sephiroth? He's pretty neat.[View]
410563790I've covered wars, you know[View]
410569662What do you think his moveset will be?[View]
410570396YWN: >Be a badass Celtic warrior. >Be out training in your comfy Celtic crannog one day. >B…[View]
410566162Sea of Thieves: Are you a Looter, Treasure hunter, or a Bard? Are you all three? > Bard > Tre…[View]
410564913Holy capicoli did you guys hear about all these datamined Switch games? https://imgur.com/E8AltM9[View]
410570025SC: Astaroth reveal when?![View]
410569935So how much have you spent on it? and what level are you on?[View]
410569927Who's your teams ace?[View]
410564181>Ni No Kuni 2 will not use Denuvo Finally! A game I can pirate day one! Hopefully there isn'…[View]
410568752Nintenbrothers. Do Wii games show up on the Wii U menu when you put the discs in the console, or do …[View]
410568771© 2018 Nintendo Original Game: © Nintendo / HAL Laboratory. Inc Characters: © Nintendo / HAL Laborat…[View]
410567691Any dads on /v/?: what vidya do your children play? >pic related >i fucking lived on my big br…[View]
41056335682 DAYS UNTIL E3: 82 days until E3 guys what are your hopes and dreams for this year, I’m personal l…[View]
410569295nx mia: its been a long time since we've hear news about this, what are they hiding?[View]
410569819NIKO, MY COUSIN! Welcome to America![View]
410567484Is this worth 20 bucks?[View]
410569239Help my friend /v/.: Suggest him a game and tell him why he might enjoy it please.[View]
410568523Will I enjoy this game if I liked No More Heroes?[View]
410568004What do you like about PlayStation /v/?[View]
410545776Persona 3/5: Dancing Moon Night: BURN MY BREAAAAAAAADDDDDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Gn7ylPL…[View]
410565698>after just 1 month, Monster Hunter World is already dead What went wrong?…[View]
410569292Minecraft OP in 2018: YALL THINK PUBG is the NEwest and Hottest game on the market? Nope. Anyone kno…[View]
410563957>You can only pick one >Choose wisely[View]
410569321Do you miss the era of fighting games that competed over edginess instead of waifus?[View]
410569309Why aren't you playing Demon's Souls for free on your PC?[View]
410566284Why can't post-render GPU pixel perfect hitboxes be used in these 2d and 3d-rendered-2d-gamepla…[View]
410568982when did you last ERP, anon?[View]
410569115>Paying $60 for 10% of a game https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/03/21/xbox-ones-sea-of…[View]
410565643Where is he?[View]
410567212reminder that fortnite is shutting this unrealistic piece of shit down.[View]
410568929>Your favourite game series gets an edgy, bad gameplay having 'Huntdown the Freeman' st…[View]
410567245IIT: games you love that nobody else seems to ever mention: I’ll start[View]
410567826Post good movie games[View]
410566964ITT: 'Well, looks like I'm not gonna beat this game' >lol sorry you didn't have the fou…[View]
410568802>Fromsoft didn't bring the bonfire aesthetic back for Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, the games…[View]
410565684So /v/, about to start this classic. What's the best race?[View]
410568636Trying to revive a slowly dying game: The game you see here is 'Everybody Edits' Its been around sin…[View]
410568589Soul Calibur 6: Astaroth reveal when?[View]
410567553So, real talk, is anyone hyped for undertale on switch? I only got through about half the game on PC…[View]
410562435PUBG mobile: Are mobile games gonna take over? The game runs really smoothly, and you get used to ai…[View]
410568234Name a game that isn't dying. Go ahead, I'll wait.[View]
410565310Final Fantasy VII Remake: The Final Sephiroth fight HAS to be changed. I’m talking about the final b…[View]
410568414>A forbidden city for nearly fifty years, Alinor is both capital of the Summerset Isles and the h…[View]
410568395Dynasty Warriors Movie Announced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7hloOYtrrI >they're makin…[View]
410568369main menu kino: Don't mind me, just dumping video game main menus.[View]
410564184What went wrong?[View]
410568280In what games can I play as pic related?[View]
410562937E3 speculations: E3 is a little under three months away. What you guys expect to see there? What are…[View]
410564159How are you enjoying superior PUBG, /v/? It's free you know[View]
410567734>Moria >You fear to go into those mines >The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep >Y…[View]
410553075What was the cause for World's success?[View]
410560061>*assumes positions on opposite ends of the room so you can only see one of them at a time* >*…[View]
410560342>Japan-ish 'rock music' in game The Japanese are fucking up the genre.[View]
410567360Just picked up the first Bayonetta game on Switch and damn is it fucking fun. I'm loving the mu…[View]
410529201Why does Nintendo's headquarters look like a prison?[View]
410561551You updated right?[View]
410565423Xenonauts: Should I play this game? Doesn't seem like the kinda thing you just pick and enjoy …[View]
410562434So, which one is likelier for Smash? Answer: Neither. Hope you like Fire Emblem.[View]
410567883Games where the MC turns evil.[View]
410564917Did anyone unironically have him in the party?[View]
410552441It's false, right? https://m.imgur.com/E8AltM9[View]
410565818>friend convinces me after months of nagging to buy PUBG while i was already playing fortnite jus…[View]
410566439What are your thoughts on Shay Cormac?[View]
410567635Why the hell is Cloud SS Rank Tidus is so much better[View]
410547717You have no excuse to not play it now[View]
410551951Mirrors Edge Catalyst: I've just started this, why does everything feel low budget as shit? Is …[View]
410565134*blocks your path*[View]
410563027Hum a famous video game song and other anons have to guess what it is: I'll start hm hmm hmm h…[View]
410517436Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a New Vegas thread[View]
410566441where were you when todd's son saved gaming?: >His youngest kid finally got old enough to pl…[View]
410566556ITT: describe a game with a quote from another game 'Too easy, piece of cake!'[View]
410566651Does Morgana have any sort of chance with Lady Ann?[View]
410567103>that retarded attorney who showed his badge during a trial for no apparent reason…[View]
410562308RPG General: What RPG game should I play /v/? I'm looking for something with a good amount of c…[View]
410565668Ex Rare employee: 'Sea of Thieves was insanely repetitive & shallow'[View]
410564265>from the makers of walking sims >and also Painkiller and Bulletstorm When the fuck are we see…[View]
410547241Comfy 3DS thread: Playing some Ever Oasis in this sunny day What are you playing bros? What are you …[View]
410566792Let's play SECRET HITLER: the password is roddhoward[View]
410565118She'll be in the next Smash[View]
410537275You're going to buy her game right /v/?[View]
410566557sonic: sonic[View]
410566609ROLL YOUR GAME THREAD quit browsing this shithole and actually play a game for once! your last digit…[View]
410563180'That's it! I'm raising the taxes of everyone in Hyrule by 50 000 Rupees!'[View]
410566540Sounds you hear before losing a game.[View]
410564334>walking simulator >boring as fuck >Corporat CEO 'shit, people are bored out, they hate wa…[View]
410565452Are online games a waste of time? is my time better spent on single player games?[View]
410520581Is this the worst localization company in the industry? Not only are their translations trash tier, …[View]
410562002Games /v/ tricked you into buying[View]
410562243Its time.[View]
410564464Guild Wars 2: What am I in for?[View]
410564986Steam Avatar Thread: Alright boys, the time has come once again r8, h8, b8.[View]
410562880>water level >Aquatic Ambiance starts playing in your head…[View]
410566170Leave Thanos to Us[View]
410564196Im at the store and they have these two games here , what one should i get ?[View]
410547615Hows your warband campaign going /v/?[View]
410563579Who here has personal access to leakers in the industry?: My cousin doesn't work for Microsoft,…[View]
410554905>Zelda, Ganandorf's evil >Yeah Link, I already knew that This ending makes no sense.…[View]
410564128How long until they make Brigitte less fun to play?[View]
410558849ITT characters that MUST be added to Smash Bros. Switch[View]
410563414>Submit! What did he mean by this?[View]
410565219Is there a sidescroller that can't be faithfully converted to 3D by doing the simple action of …[View]
410565096>laurentius is dead >griggs is dead >petrus is dead >rhea is dead >big hat logan …[View]
410563635Hope or Despair /v/?[View]
410557028webm? webm.: Don't mind me just posting webms[View]
41055937260 games, 10 kills, I guess this game is not for me[View]
410554385Quick /v/, who's the best space marine in vidya?[View]
410537772vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite dota[View]
410555805>switch has no gam- https://m.imgur.com/E8AltM9[View]
410563675So just what the hell was the problem here?[View]
410508170Play XCOM 2[View]
410565337Where the fuck is Monster Hunter: World for the PC, bros?[View]
410565301>no server lists >matchmaking only >no bots to fight against >online only multiplayer ga…[View]
410557039© 2018 Nintendo Original Game: © Nintendo / HAL Laboratory. Inc Characters: © Nintendo / HAL Laborat…[View]
410565162Why does vidya always suck when adapted as a movie?[View]
410509752what now, xbros?[View]
410560097Is this the perfect female?[View]
410558195Do you ever play your Switch in public?[View]
410553341https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JephRoi3os&t=129s >Randy Pitchford held a google talks with …[View]
410564868video games[View]
410564780Does hades have a chance of getting in?[View]
410563757>blunderstained Why 2.5d games always look like shit[View]
410562850What are some cute vidya nurses?[View]
410562972Comfy Intellivision Thread: where are my fellow intellivision anons?[View]
410564648>exits the building and guns two of your friends PSSSSSSHHHHH[View]
410562335 BOSS GET DOWN What comes next?[View]
410541716ITT: draw a scene from vidya and others try to guess which game it is OP likes benis and starts with…[View]
410550912Atelier Lydie & Suelle getting released on PC next week. Are you looking forward to it? Did anyo…[View]
410564498If you hear it, you lose: keep it the vidyo[View]
410562016Memes aside, what are some good Half Life mods?[View]
410559769>54 wtf I thought he was in his late 30's/early 40's for some reason.…[View]
410564252Siege Operator Abillity Leak: So I’m sure everyone heard the new operators are from the Italian spec…[View]
410564223Yakuza Thread - The Demo is too limited Edition: Let's have a Yakuza thread. I am currently pla…[View]
410559630Do you like desert levels in vidya, /v/?[View]
410563482Efficient but boring or flashy and unpractical? can be anything:weapons,classes,characters,magic,etc…[View]
410559572Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology: >Sold pretty well in Japan >3rd best selling game in Feb…[View]
410528283BOTW thread: Is anyone still playing it? I've just started my second playthrough and holy shit …[View]
410560320What's the /v/erdict? Then again there are people on /v/ who thought SAO Fatal Bullet was good.…[View]
410556297It's less than a Big Mac meal from McDonalds right now on Steam. Is it worth it?[View]
410562656>Game lets you have a dog companion which game does it best?[View]
410562674Video games[View]
410563503It's time to post your favorite demon.[View]
410538465Kirby Thread[View]
410552264I'VE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
410560570Borderlands 3: WHEN???[View]
410562814Yakuza: Is there anyway to help ease the pain of doing the Mahjong minigames? I've watched one …[View]
410562865Honest opinions of Tetsuya Nomura? I love this guy. He's the last of a dying breed at Square. H…[View]
410561330What went wrong?[View]
410558047Does anybody even play this game?[View]
410550404The Switch meme is already over. >Outsold by fucking Xbone in NA >irrelevant in Europe >la…[View]
410558842I just bought this without doing much research. I just saw trailer on steam and thought it looked ra…[View]
410562823What's the point: Fighting games are essentially dress up games where no one gets naked.[View]
410562973TF2 servers like the 4chan partyvan?: Is there a TF2 server that still exists that has a good reputa…[View]
410507604THQ and Nickelodeon will revive several games: Avatar: The Last Airbender Back At The Barnyard Catsc…[View]
410559181Bloodborne is a good g-[View]
410557524Changes we MUST see in Dark Souls Remastered: 1) Fast Travel Not just between bonfires like in the l…[View]
410555664Thoughts? https://www.resetera.com/threads/soul-calibur-vi-cover-art-revealed.29991/[View]
410530538Criticisms on Naughty Dog's 'God of War 4': Is there any real reason this game is getting hate …[View]
410558810This thread is never successful but fuck it-- What are your Bottom 10 games? 11-20. Mine: New Vegas …[View]
410552317When are they going to put him in FighterZ?[View]
410548621Cordelia is canonically Lucina's Mom. There is no other explanation as to why they look so simi…[View]
410558901Post your favourite fanart depicting your favourite vidya character![View]
410562591Maybe I'm weird and paranoid, but I find it super strange that @ninja was able to grab such a c…[View]
410562274Devil May Cry Thread: Is this the longest video game ever made? I'm on chapter 11 and have been…[View]
410560337It had what OoT didn't.[View]
410561173thugpro is so fucking fun[View]
410559898>launch starcraft 2 for the first time in years >casually try a game vs ai as zerg >dont ev…[View]
410555912SJW Games: Continued List of SJW games so you can avoid them, add more if you can think of any, plea…[View]
410543121itt: legit badass protagonists[View]
410559213Dark Souls is basically nes Contra on modern hardware. How can people enjoy this shit?[View]
410557510What is the current equivalent of this?[View]
410559153>and smell it Hmm, what do you reckon this means, smell it. New smell peripheral for PSVR?…[View]
410559610Post worst girls of their respective series.[View]
410561439How can Dota2 be saved?: 7.00 ruined it and its still shit, more and more people quit and they aren…[View]
410561616>all these waifufags calling Wario's new game 'Ashley's game'…[View]
410561578>it's a 'you spawn next to Cravers in an isolated cluster and he gets all the good systems i…[View]
410561569Favorite game?: What’s your favorite game /v? Mine is world of tanks.[View]
410559997Fire Emblem Warriors: Olivia!!!!!![View]
410561142>Japanese game tries to be funny >it almost never is…[View]
410558741Should this thing get a buff /v/?[View]
410560587Is the ASSFAGGOTS genre dying to the Battle Royal fad?[View]
410561260Did Vlad kidnap Bain? If not who did?[View]
410558525Post your pirated games[View]
410561042*blips u*[View]
410560978Hum a famous anime song and other anons have to guess what it is: I'll start hm hmm hmm hmmm hm…[View]
410560418What are some chill multiplayer games for android? I have two toddlers who make it impossible to pla…[View]
410549903I told you. I predicted this. It starts with singular companies banning people for being 'toxic'. Th…[View]
410559736Bes: Do you love Twintelle, /v/?[View]
410506492Which videogames are genuinely unsettling?[View]
410560319buy me bibeogame mom pls[View]
410557508Guys, can I get some good Nintendo DS games other than pokemon and Mario? Do they exist?[View]
410560605halo 3/reach pics: share some pics you took way back in halo 3. them good ol' days.[View]
410560641How do I beat this mission in Company of Heroes. It's mission 5 of the first campaign. I can…[View]
410557263Holy fucking shit I'm glad I waited for the real version of this game But why is it $40? Can s…[View]
410560001What's the most important thing when designing a game's environment?[View]
410560131>platforming segments in non-platforming games[View]
410559875Just watched the new ScrewAttack deathbattle[View]
410540568So I've never played Witcher 1. Some people tell me it's eurojank and bad, others tell me …[View]
410559634>New patch >Have to grind for weeks just to get decent gear >New patch in WoW >Run some …[View]
410530427TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT What are you guys gonna craft first? I just want to solo him with the new H…[View]
410560134FRIENDS: I need friends on Xbox. Pls add. I am a furry though, so I accept all, and hate those who d…[View]
410530434Why are japs so bad at writing stories?[View]
410559662Games that only you remember[View]
410559645Buy my game baka.[View]
410559983RPG/Dungeon Crawler thread: What dungeons you crawling tonight, /v/?[View]
410554554>Splatoon was almost about Rabbits >Instead of fucking Squid Kids we could have gotten Rabbit …[View]
410559647Valkyria Chronicles: ITT: Smiles we couldn't protect.[View]
410556881Situations where video games are held to the lowest artistic standard possible: >Game is intended…[View]
410559529>play strategy game >easy is too easy >normal is too hard…[View]
410558712>actual sequel to BO2 what are your expectations?[View]
410559564>20 fucking 18 >Still no Pollon or Pollon inspired vidya We had Kid Icarus but it sucked at wo…[View]
410558379I hear people hate this game. Should I skip it and go straight to 3? Will I be missing anything of v…[View]
410559496Kingdom Hearts 3 Thread: >The worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 will be filled with NPCs Game of the fuc…[View]
410559486Now that the dust has settled, did Wolfenstein benefit from having extremely overt real world politi…[View]
410559454the third best indie game of all time[View]
410535338Persona 5: Name one reason it isn't the best game ever made.[View]
410482257/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread: >>410449614 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
41055396582 days until E3,[View]
410554667Resonance of Fate: just picked this up, what should I be expecting? all I can tell is it's some…[View]
410554386Xenoblade 2: Just finished this, can we have a thread about it? Ch.10 was crazy good.[View]
410559001Why are Japanese people so good at making video games?[View]
410558991Ok so I was just given this as a gift and holy fuck the cover is already pissing me off. Anyways, ho…[View]
410558984What are some chill multiplayer games for android? I have two toddlers who make it impossible to pla…[View]
410558767This is official Nintendo art.[View]
410558497Is there anything more cancerous to consumers than GaaS?[View]
410557421What's a good driving set to play Euro Truck Simulator? Any other good driving simulators?[View]
410558745>ITT MUST HAVE MODS[View]
410539517How’d I do /v/? Anyone have this monitor?[View]
410555878UUGGGGGGGHHHHHH M-MITCH <3 :$[View]
410553720Underappreciated Video Game OST: Please refrain from posting the same 'you groove you lose…[View]
410551514Woah, Steam games look like THAT[View]
410522119Why does so many people pretend to hate this game? Is it just bandwagoning? Finished both of the c…[View]
410555790Why do you hate ww link so much?[View]
410558298What are some games?[View]
410549871Bloodstained current vs 2016 demo: Looks like they really have improved things since the alpha demo …[View]
410530620It's over, Rare is finished.[View]
410558147>Ruins your game experience[View]
410558107Kingdom come. Herbalism.: Fuck this forever. Taking way too long. Tips bros?[View]
410547732If Advance Wars were to come back, how will IS fuck it up?[View]
410553307>Horror game >'REACTIVATE THE GENERATOR'[View]
410544718This is Lunafrey Nox Fleuret, in the ENTIRE HISTORY of vidya, she is the best girl. Please say somet…[View]
410557926Immortal: Unchained: More than happy to take on the 'Souls-like' label, Immortal: Unchained is a thi…[View]
410557506Here's your Elder Scrolls VI /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCdHwOC0lLE[View]
410556534COUNTDOWN: 5 days till the end of the Wii Virtual Console: You still have 10 months to decide what g…[View]
410557840Why didn’t Microsoft ever just make Xbox basically a desktop tower? PC-light. Pre-rig at afforadable…[View]
410557769>weekly patches What were they thinking?[View]
410553910Merchandise that's actually cool[View]
410557310Backwards Compatibility never EVER[View]
410552878What game should I get with my $50 steam card?[View]
410555001Cringe thread.[View]
410557452HEY ALM[View]
410555764Fuck, I wish I could freeze myself until it comes out.[View]
410550731Sea of Thieves: Anyone else find this yet? Mysterious Joural[View]
410557346I was at Half Price Books today and the guy standing next to me picks up a copy of pic related and s…[View]
410556119What happened to the art direction in this franchise? The Kaga-era music and character designs just …[View]
410551708new PC, post vidya related reaction images ITT[View]
410552016Samus Returns: So, is there any significance to this secret room where you find one of the last miss…[View]
410552786Why is she so perfect?[View]
410556831New Steam UI: New UI getting added in parts[View]
410556853>Press start to continue >Press X >It doesn't work…[View]
410556725Classic gameplay > Adventure gameplay > Advance gameplay > DS gameplay > Boost gameplay[View]
410556441So... We can assume that Mitsuru had him executed, or she did something horrible to him herself ri…[View]
410555267Now that the dust has settled, can we safely say that she saved the fighting game genre?[View]
410556817Which game should I get off the PSN sale? The Warriors Darksiders Warmastered Edition Jak and Daxter…[View]
410556092>ice level[View]
410556545Can some one post the silent hill infographic: also, silent hill general thread Eileen is best girl …[View]
410555352https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UENb3lLSQho AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lalalallalalallalalalalalallall…[View]
410556357Graphics thread? What are some really good looking games, /v/?[View]
410532037Why do people include all these literally whos in their smash rosters and pretend they're iconi…[View]
410554413ARMS concept art: So Yabuki showed off a ton of ARMS concept art at the GDC panel today[View]
410553921Why do people think Vermintide 2 is superior to the original?[View]
410555162Any good poker games? I kinda just want to learn to play normal games, I don't want anything to…[View]
410553209Dress armor > Realistic armor > Bikini armor[View]
410556183Are there any games that have actually made you cry, or at least made your eyes watery?[View]
410554590Can these things be house trained? Also, what color Pikmin is best to feed them with?[View]
410537838Battlefront 2 Unlocks all heroes: So does this mean we won? https://kotaku.com/ea-finally-unlocks-ev…[View]
410556264Why are there so few women in competitive games like Dota 2?[View]
410556230I've always had a disliking of overly sexualized designs, But i really like how toobie looks. i…[View]
410555163One of the best games of all time . Change my mind[View]
410551254Going to pick up a PS2 What are some must play games? Currently got the Onimusha series and Silent H…[View]
410555919what was his endgame?[View]
410556012SCP Lab Thread. Who's playing right now?[View]
410556053Are there any BOI mods besides Antibirth that don't suck?[View]
410553012What are some games where I can be a huge, unapologetic, unashamed asshole? The best thing I can thi…[View]
410540721A DRM to surpass Denuvo... https://archive.fo/2R1xQ[View]
410520681Name a flaw[View]
410555657>persona rp server in gmod[View]
410547430niño kuni 2: Why is no one talking about GotY?[View]
410555253Xenoblade 2: >XBC2 >Game is exactly the same >But Pyra and Mythra are much younger How d…[View]
410547196are we excited for this or do we hate it?[View]
410553272>game has a morality system >getting evil points makes your character grow horns…[View]
410544787ITT: celebrities that play video games[View]
410549286What's the most contrarian thing you've ever heard someone say on /v/?[View]
410546703What's the worst group of class mains and why is soldierfags? >Thinks shooting the floor tak…[View]
410555037Is it likely that we’ll get this version of Ganon in Smash?[View]
410554796> you're finally about to beat the boss > *regains all the health and goes into 'stage 2'…[View]
410554735This game is so old now but I still can't find many other games that build an atmosphere so wel…[View]
410554652What are some good games with a Chinese fantasy setting, or where I can use kungfu?[View]
410552610Super Smash Bros. 2018: Are there going to be somewhat constant updates eventually or is Nintendo ju…[View]
410550994How come one educes rage and hate and the other silly memes? They both are complicit in the atrocity…[View]
410554085Sliding Doors of Icewind's: LOL[View]
410552475Arachnophobic gaming publishers: >2018 >no protagonists of octopedal locomotion WTF is this or…[View]
410552834games that you enjoyed and don't give a fuck what other people think about it[View]
410512843Fire Emblem Warriors: New dlc coming out today/tomorrow (depending on your time-zone).[View]
410535103This is the best Zelda game: Prove me wrong[View]
410539457Is Undyne a perfect character?[View]
410554539Pure cancer[View]
410550840Good American themed games[View]
410552925What are some open world hub games?[View]
410550629Is it true that Nintendo has close ties to the yakuza (Japanese mafia)?[View]
410553997'Garcie, you truly were a Killer 7...' what did he mean by this?[View]
410551138Death Stranding Bread: Is Kojima a degenerate?[View]
410553419Welcome to Pac-People, were a small indie dev team working on our early access roguelike survival ga…[View]
410552256This is Nanashi. He is the most powerful SMT protagonist to date. Say something nice to him![View]
410553279Okay so here's my idea for a game. Check this out: So, it's set in like, this really pictu…[View]
410551169You're getting this in 2 months: And WHY?[View]
410553874Are there any ARPGs besides Diablo 3 that use something other than a skill tree/grid/chart for skill…[View]
410550438What are good NDS life simulation games? Like Rune factory 4, for instance.[View]
410553595You don't play with that trash on, right anon?[View]
410551306ITT: Shitty spin off ideas that you legitimately want to see: >Multiplayer Danganronpa Spin Off …[View]
410552408You did finish all the B-side levels, right?[View]
410544052FTL Faster Than Light: When did you decide that you weren't going to defeat the Rebel Flagship?…[View]
410513497SAKURAI HAS PLAYED UNDERTALE: https://twitter.com/AllSourceGaming/status/976480121832943617 FUCKING …[View]
410553384Russian Video Game Developers: Where can I find a cheap Russian video game developer? I've draw…[View]
410551356what are some games where you can troll other players?[View]
410550468Kingdom Hearts[View]
410553257Where is it Ben?: Box Peek felt really forced. The animation was kinda nice I guess.[View]
410553231What do you wish to see in the new Smash? I just hope they balance the lower tier characters a bit. …[View]
410548409Playing DOOM (2016) for the first time ever today anything I should know about DOOM?[View]
410548114Come touch me like I'm an ordinary Cyberpunk 2077 thread[View]
410553063Is this game good?[View]
410552995What happened to him?[View]
410549356The Great Debate[View]
410552182Does /v/ still like Overwatch or did the shitty dlc heroes like Moira and femReinhardt ruin the game…[View]
410548578Haven't been this excited about a game in a long time..[View]
410552273Should I get this? I've been wanting a small portable gba, and compared to what I've seen …[View]
410532647Redpill me on AC Origins[View]
410552738>Halo: Reach has been out almost as long as Halo: Combat Evolved was out when Reach came out…[View]
410552637Games with Easter Eggs levels[View]
410550680Bloodborne: When are they going to announce the PC port? This year at E3?[View]
410521825Before there were squids: Bunnies[View]
410552596What's your top 5, anon?[View]
410552117I’ve genuinely tried to enjoy dark souls 2, but I’ve always had a probpem with the lack of iframes w…[View]
410551414This is Chrom.[View]
410552443You did unlock the secret boss in Star Allies, right?[View]
410552407Stardew Valley meets Dark Souls meets Fortnite meets Final Fantasy XV meets my sweaty butthole What …[View]
410551737Games you hate that /v/ likes[View]
410550780Why is this allowed[View]
410550225who was in the wrong here?[View]
410550510It's time for a comfy Stardew Valley thread[View]
410552053Vidya adapted into kino[View]
410550985BUENOS DIAS[View]
410525874Character design has gotten worse in each Valkyria Chronicles game.[View]
410538165This game hurts my brain.[View]
410550306You have thirty fucking seconds to praise the Lord on your hands and knees before I makakaja and Fir…[View]
410547342You guys love to post threads about thicc women all the time, but can we get one for our lovely peti…[View]
410551602Blizzard: Why does /v/ continue to support this gaming company when it's clear they have been s…[View]
410551517UNDERRATED VIDYA MUSIC ONLY: From Neurovoider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixTAnbbkgn0…[View]
410551503What did Treyarch's director mean by this?[View]
410549049Stop bullying your handler.[View]
410551406IT'S HIS FUCKING TURN[View]
410545826Oneitis: the Character[View]
410538707why is this allowed?[View]
410551303The last 4 vidya characters you played as vs these guys Who wins?[View]
410539778What does /v/ think of Ys 8?[View]
410551141The only port i want is the one they wont port[View]
410551114this is my hiding spot and im not moving until the situation has drastically improved now go away an…[View]
410547339Why are you still here, anon? Only to shitpost for years about video games you don't like?[View]
410547871wowowo hold up yo mate,reach the combain?gorrdun freeman?captain are you barme?yo hear what yo sayai…[View]
410541987another franchise ruined[View]
410544332vermintide: >skittergate >champion >great team >3 tomes, 1 grim, 2 dice >fucking butt…[View]
410549864Games that need to be revived.[View]
410550539>game has consistently great boss fights >final boss is shit…[View]
410545151Ready for the (bad) remastered music in this game /v/? need I remind you https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
410550619I heard a rumor that I could exploit Microsoft's Plus membership to buy this for 10 freedom buc…[View]
410514062>another hero without any mechanical skill requirement whatoever First Moira, now this. What`s Bl…[View]
410550596What is your initial assumption of someone who mains Chun-Li (In any Street Fighter game)?[View]
410549583Have you ever played Diablo or Torchlight? Well, if you had then you might love this game. You can c…[View]
410543142Why aren't the Enclave the good guys?[View]
410546840Why does /v/ pretend to like God of War now?[View]
410550069Its Time for a 3D Kirby: I hope this game was a farewell send off to the Return to Dream Land series…[View]
410548683>starts a fire on your ship >cripples your oxygen >locks your shields Heh, nothing personel…[View]
410547569Are we able to completely finish the game on RPCS3 yet?[View]
410547949'Are my Balloons gold on your game yet, Bro?'[View]
410549149Luigi's Mansion 2001 vs 2013: Who's of the opinion that the new game is pretty gay compare…[View]
410550082Seattle professor blasts 'toxic meritocracy' of 'competitive' video games: https…[View]
410548397Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: NO BACK COMPAT TITLES ANNOUNCED YESTERDAY WHAT HAPPENED Fellas, wh…[View]
410549991>finally get a big budget pirate game >it's multiplayer focused with zero content back to…[View]
410545208What is the best universe for a game?[View]
410538285Sound the retreat...[View]
410548508>cancels a promising Scalebound because it wouldn't live up to fan expectations >releases…[View]
410545032Will it join the tiny ranks of good video game movies, or will it plummet into the abyss like the ma…[View]
410548262>82 days until E3[View]
410537074Where were you when the butthurt faggots at a bunch of nugame companies formed the 'Fairplay Allianc…[View]
410549495>final boss has godlike reads[View]
410548719The ending was preety good . How did you like the game /v/?[View]
410549337Characters that have been canonically BLACKED: >After fighting off Jath'Amon's forces, …[View]
410529356This is not only the greatest game ever made, but also the greatest stealth game ever made, and the …[View]
410546527Which character would you choose to be the first indie fighter on Smash?[View]
410544143What was his fucking problem?[View]
410545074>go to th movies to see Tomb Raider >watch Ready Player One trailer Are we on the verge of a v…[View]
410549062>Play game with minimap >Spend 70% of time focusing on a circle/square in the corner of the sc…[View]
410547940Is this game really as good as they say or is it just grindy bullshit with furbait?[View]
410547638I want to play some new fanmissions, was there anything good released between 2015 and today?[View]
410543812ARK is coming to Switch: How and Why?[View]
410530525>when your kickstarted game is 3 years late and instead of showing proof youve made any meaningfu…[View]
410542743>Bill is dead canonically in Left 4 Dead >His voice actor passed away as well Rest in peace yo…[View]
410542398>managed to get used to tank controls >the game is actually god tier Man, Resident Evil used t…[View]
410547930why are invaders so stupid?[View]
410548696What do you think of the trend of porting full AAA games to mobile as of late?[View]
410548336What are some games where I can smoke?[View]
410548657Why are MMO mechanics getting so hard? It's turning players away.[View]
410546868Have you decided you're going back to this game after the Online Fee hits?[View]
410548573Fuck this. You're telling me my waifu doesn't have a pussy?[View]
410548528>Game where you play as an anime swordsman with a cute girl companion fighting an evil ruler cont…[View]
410548475I love so n y[View]
410545473Hello??? Nintendo??? Monitor your fucking children's game??? Anyone home???[View]
410544258It's too bad people stopped playing Sonic games because of the fanbase.[View]
410530360Oh no no no no: This wasn't supposed to happen /V/ !!! It's been only 24 hours so far!!!…[View]
410547986Nevan: Most ridiculous weapon evar, or super technical crowd control masterrace?: I actually want to…[View]
410546779Guys... I'm in love ( ._.)[View]
410547783Sonybros are aware that the main ingredient in Szechuan Sauce is Soy.....right?[View]
410547939Sea of 'why the fuck did this take four years': OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
410545056>tfw haven't played a non-japanese game in years I actually enjoyed…[View]
410544158What are some games where I can play as THE LAW![View]
410533070>plot point happens >game's opening changes…[View]
410539404What is your honest opinion on this fight?[View]
410545505How long until they file bankruptcy?[View]
410516318guess what![View]
410545249Remember when /v/ worshiped Slenderman before he got popular? I 'member[View]
410541582ITT: god-tier Smash 5 shoo ins[View]
410545431>overwatch >competitive[View]
410545547This game looks good and i'm looking forward too it. 'soyboy' and 'wife's son' are not arg…[View]
410544296TONIGHT IS NIGHT[View]
410530641What does /v/ think of Hitman (tm)? Not a fan of this 'episode' thing[View]
410544520How would you Rank the characters?[View]
410544197TWITCH PRIME FREE GAMES: I just discovered this offer but i was just wondering, do they give steam k…[View]
410543436>enter room >door locks and music stops[View]
410547016Night in the Woods: This game is shit. Don't buy it.[View]
410516663Where were you when Mega Man's grave got shit on for the 5th time?[View]
410539607God of War 3 came out eight years ago as of today. What have you achieved in your life since then /v…[View]
410546179>1000+ hours played >”Yeah it’s just not that good of a game, I wouldn’t reccomend it.”…[View]
410546838hello darkness my ol' friend[View]
410546734Does anyone shout her name like an Italian Baker exclaiming about his burnt baguettes?[View]
410542881Now that the dust has settled, what went right?[View]
410544386What games do NEETs play?[View]
410545549Explain this Todd[View]
410546634Is anyone else looking forward to this game? Don't see alot of discussion on it.[View]
410544912What's the comfiest location in video games and why is it Blighttown?[View]
410544271Found my old R4i (pic related) and can't get it to work for the life of me. Help a fag get his …[View]
410538829>fighting game >have to learn your main >have to learn fundamentals >have to lean how to…[View]
410546234What do you guys think of Tidus?[View]
410546146>mfw no GTA San Andreas and X-files cross-over[View]
410546009hey /v/ my gba has been trashed for years and I recently have been considering buying a new shell fo…[View]
410546181Luigi's Mansion 2001 vs 2013: Who's of the opinion that the new game is pretty gay compare…[View]
410539556It is a good life we lead, brother. May it never change.[View]
410543761Have you ever played Diablo or Torchlight? Well, if you had then you might love this game. You can c…[View]
410544442Post em[View]
410546059An Item on your wishlist is on sale! >Open up email >see Grim Dawn >$25.00 rebate card from…[View]
410545214Tasty Video Game Food Thread: literally anything from Neopets.[View]
410543178DOOM64 was the best DOOM game, there, i said it.[View]
410543623Sea of Thieves thread: >Xbox One's 'Sea Of Thieves' Is No More Than 10% Of A Finis…[View]
410540561I've just defeated Rom, the Vacuous Spider. I'm level 59 and i have lvl 44 health. The gam…[View]
410545926japanese games are popular now: what's wrong with western games?[View]
410545921ITT: Games you think everyone should play at least once[View]
410545813pirates win again[View]
410542190What are some games where i can play as gentlemantyrant and asshole instead of an insecure self-inse…[View]
410541518How do you get a job in the game industry?[View]
410538998This is objectively the most cancerous fanbase in existence.[View]
410537465Do you ever wonder why we're here?[View]
410545239>tfw have a friendly, wholesome discussion about videogames[View]
410544493Here is your boss, bro.[View]
410545241What was in this?[View]
410542959you're not poor are you?: >**VIVE Pro HMD does not include controllers, base stations or VIV…[View]
410544374She sent millions...[View]
410542741Western 'gaming' BTFO[View]
410542906its like BANJO KAZOOIE in Sonic Allstars Racing all over again![View]
410544910Anyone else notice the hype for this died hard when the twitch kids sperged out on compilation chann…[View]
410544880>M$ shills and Xniggers spam the internet with how the used car salesmanlet Phil Spencer is turni…[View]
410544752>peebee is 1:52:90 >get a 1:52:00 >i sleep >get a 1:51:99 >OH MY GOD I GOT A 51 Why a…[View]
410543017>you will never get this mad at video games https://streamable.com/194vj https://streamable.com/1…[View]
410544207Was it ludo?[View]
410544535Will Kass be in future Zelda games?[View]
410523485What is in your opinion God tier open world games?[View]
410532385>game has no voice acting[View]
410529113>the reason why Link's Awakening, Majora's Mask, and Super Mario Galaxy have the storie…[View]
410542059Planning on buying a Switch. After a while I might want to buy a lot of 'nindies' or other…[View]
410543540What is your favorite PlayStation 4 game?[View]
410541795This game is shit, I don't get it with people with Valve. All their games are shit and they are…[View]
410542735Kingdom Hearts Doki Doki Literature Club[View]
410542281Don't let yourself be fooled by her innocent demeanor.[View]
410541778https://youtu.be/bwRlsqt-Y4E >even fucking Funimation wants goku in smash, When will the autism s…[View]
410537004If Overwatch had custom maps, it'd be better than TF2.[View]
410538945Games you don't see the appeal to: I honestly don't get how a fanbase can get so bloated a…[View]
410540462The NeoGeo Pocket Color was the most comfortable and enjoyable way I've ever found of playing f…[View]
410543672What happened to SKU? It was cancelled?[View]
410522506Ataribox is now Atari VCS: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/atari-vcs-gdc-game-atarbox,36713.html …[View]
410535193Hey /v/ do you wana talk about videogames[View]
410538817OH NO NO NO[View]
410543472why dont these games get any credit for being ccrazy like DMC does?[View]
410540756>unintuitive controls >shit bloody palace >shit styles >shit bosses >shit story >s…[View]
410474678Are mech games basically dead? I played a bit of Into the Breach but it's hardly what I would c…[View]
410542103What do you want to see in Bravely Third?[View]
410539589How do we save Konami?[View]
410541550Ni No Kuni II’s Kingdom Building: One of the coolest features of a game goes ignored by most journal…[View]
410541553Sonic: Do you think another 'Oh yeah, that Happened.' will happen again?[View]
410542770Vidya related package[View]
410527412Get Fate/Grand Order so you can start saving for Athena[View]
410538194She is so cute[View]
410539926Soneone leaked the whole list of games the Switch will get in the next two years. >Data Mined cod…[View]
410542364What are some games that let me fend off pussies from castles and keep bitch-ass haters at bay?[View]
410542562filename thread[View]
410539440Did you beat it /v/? Did you use a controller?[View]
410537228Battle Network thread: Has anyone fought this boss? Must be a secret one like Bass https://www.youtu…[View]
410522706Stellaris Apocalypse is a steaming pile of horse shit: >oh hey, here's a great idea for a pa…[View]
410542359>Youtuber has wolf in his username >'HEY WHAT'S UP WOLF PACK '…[View]
410538416Why aren't you playing the hottest game of 2018?[View]
410539212Candidate Nomina, the true final boss of Kirby and the Internet. Kirby lore thread. Bring your Deded…[View]
410540160>82 days until E3[View]
410542246PC fucking when?[View]
410541031iiiight /v/ let me start off by saying that this info is from a longtime close friend who runs a lar…[View]
410527169>saying gg after the game why? do you think you gonna get fuckin scouted into a pro team or somet…[View]
410542128need help finding a game: i have always loved turrets in games like border lands 2 I'm kind of …[View]
410541938Post your dream smash roster[View]
410542006>there's no mention of the update for the gog version But why?[View]
410521997cursed images[View]
410540080>final boss is the MC's love interest[View]
410537168You did preorder me, right?[View]
410541828>An old ranger trick, heh heh... >*dies*[View]
410541804LINUX GAMES: recommend me some GNU + Linux vidya winfags not welcome[View]
410539189Why is there soooooooo much text[View]
410541772These are your Veterans for 2018[View]
410541279I have not met one i couldn’t beat yet. What a punishable meme.[View]
410525512what is he planning for e3 /v/?[View]
410539159*has no ass*[View]
410536913Name a better tragic villain[View]
410535385What is the worst sin a gamer can commit?[View]
410541565I really enjoyed EA Battlefront to be honest. With the season pass you got tons of content. Very bea…[View]
410539751>Wow, I guess even a Devil May Cry™ 3: Special Edition Seriously Capcom???…[View]
410541481What does /v/ think of this game? Looks pretty fucking cool desu.[View]
410541406100% OJ & AOS 2: Currently ongoing all field event. How do you like the new Suguri V2. Are you j…[View]
410520664New Attack on Titan game looks pretty good. that feel when you can't go grim reminder 2.0…[View]
410541149Are you happy with the current state of pc gaming ?[View]
410509926>Fortnite Streamer Ninja Makes Over $500k A Month On Twitch - Report. http://google.com/newsstand…[View]
410541242So which video game reference do you want to see most?[View]
410540563What are some games with good ambiant music like Hotline Miami and Mirror's Edge?[View]
410540265ITT: 100% pure unadulterated vidya bullshit[View]
410541197Warcraft 3 would still be alive if Blizzard released a patch in 2009 that had this option in the cus…[View]
410539924Why was Icewind Dale so much better than Baldur's Gate?[View]
410536449... would you? Because I would[View]
410533831What are your hopes for Smash Switch?[View]
410499592Why the fuck is this game so fucking scary? Jesus fuck. I was piss fucking scared during the mirror …[View]
410540576Tasty Vidya food?[View]
410536098>p...please stop saying mean things! How do we save /v/?[View]
410537981Should I finally start going through my backlog? Pic related is the first thing on the list.[View]
410534460>The only person it doesn't work on is the girl who got me into this, Olivia What did they m…[View]
410537756Make /v/ not so shit again.: Daily reminder that all smashfags should belong to smash general on /vg…[View]
410540485Here is how to save this franchise. Fuse it with the Romance of the three Kingdom franchise. Take th…[View]
410540575Is there a reason for the weird wing-like thing he wears over his left arm? I remember it being ment…[View]
410539871>Everyone wants the meme skeleton, genie fapbait or cameo slut knight in Smash 5 >Ignoring the…[View]
410540374Can we all agree that video game streamers nowadays are the worst? I hate streamers. I hate everythi…[View]
410540351https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DMSa28HyzI This looks like shit. What the hell happened?[View]
410540342>tfw can't decide on my party Is there any way I can better familiarize myself with the char…[View]
410539475Why don't they make a remaster of Tomb Raider I, II, III, IV and V aka the real Tomb Raider?[View]
410529790>one of the few remaining non-casualized MMORPGs left >no one fucking cares about it…[View]
410538949BALDUR'S GATE: >he uses Jaheira >he uses Keldorn >he uses Anomen >he uses Aerie…[View]
410522005True Mastermind edition: Kids' Masterpiece Theatre is a children's television show on the …[View]
410531824FREE PS4 GAME CONTENT In case anyone hasn't heard, the second level of the 2016 HITMAN is free …[View]
410531785Play Destiny 2.[View]
410520975Fighting games: Why is this even allowed? Ed Boon was decimated by the fighting game community for a…[View]
410538804Is he ever coming back, bros?[View]
410539884wtf are they waiting on just fucking release it[View]
410539690>play WoW on lowest settings >gpu climbs to 98C anyway It's not like I was looking forwar…[View]
410539650Am I alone in thinking the personality she displayed at the end of the first game is way more intere…[View]
410539643>make 80 million dollar game >ask for an even bigger budget >get fucking fired >for some…[View]
410537107Hello days ago I'm looking for an emulator of the 3DS or 2DS and I can not find anything .. I d…[View]
410537850>tfw too shit at Rhythm to beat Rhythm Heaven for the Wii How the fuck do I improve rhythm? I fee…[View]
410534631>u mad?[View]
410538674Why is it people will defend anything these days? these people could be dead fucking wrong and they…[View]
410538108I'm looking for video game music from 90 or early 2k jap rpg games. Something for studying. Ple…[View]
410538174>no known weaknesses Is he the most powerful enemy in Dark Souls 3?[View]
410539106Christmas is coming.[View]
410536685God of War: What references do you hope they make to God of War 1-3?[View]
410536614This is a video game[View]
410538721What do we think of this game?[View]
410533882I am setsuna for switch is on sale now for half price (20 euros). Opinions?[View]
410522450Dead franchises you want to see make a triumphant return[View]
410501591Overwatch League confirms a crackdown on Pepe memes among players and fans The league said it wants …[View]
410536518-The next Gran Turismo will launch with the PS5 -It will include both Cars and Bikes -Free roam map …[View]
410519982Name a better newcomer list than this: >Sylux >Wonder Red >Travis Touchdown >Zeraora …[View]
410532482>consolewars in 2018[View]
410536278give him one Nintendo franchise and he'll make a sequel[View]
410538812>let's make a fan-game about our favorite series >'got a name for it?' >hold on i have…[View]
410538503I AM honestly enjoying Fortnight rise and PUBG fall although i never played Fortnight it will force …[View]
410538764>DACA >you have to go back! it's just not fair…[View]
410538229How did Nintendo manage to make squids so great?[View]
410537461Inevitable gritty reboot when?[View]
410538660Fuck Akuma: Finally claw my way up to super silver with Ryu. >Laggy Akuma >Laggy Akuma >Lag…[View]
410534885Which vidya characters are canonically mothers?[View]
410537271FUCKING WHEN[View]
410538494OH JEEZ THIS ONE'S GONNA HURT!: Old fags actually felt lighter when going off the cliff in New …[View]
410534978He doomed millions...[View]
410519767>Target posts this to a tweet asking when the new Spyro will be available to pre-order >Guy wh…[View]
410537612Hollow Knight: One year later, this is still the BEST indie metroidvania ever released. Will it ever…[View]
410538417This wasn't suppose to happen[View]
410536901SMBZ - What happened?: I thought this was continuing? The reboot announcement two years ago (already…[View]
410538283The Lore gets Deeper everyday[View]
410537339This fucker processes and absorbs your girl, what do?[View]
410532187>game world is called Arcadia[View]
410538181what would you have me think about the new update?[View]
410537005Is the BiS remake gonna be good or will it be SHIT like SSS?[View]
410536523Will this be accurate?[View]
410537363Redpill me on this game. Got burned by the first one so holding out on the preorder for now.[View]
410523221Are you ready for video game kino?: http://readyplayerone.wikia.com/wiki/Ready_Player_One_(film)#Lis…[View]
410537939>complete hype scene happens pumping you up and expecting you to win >you lose What's he…[View]
410535339Can we have a good fan art thread?[View]
410535816>indie game >published by Nicalis[View]
410527646If you don't like Sea of Thieves, you don't like to have fun. >Sea of Thieves delivers …[View]
410536458>tfw can't play undertale because it reminds me i will never be a successful indie dev who m…[View]
410536004/comfy/: About to play some vidya and it starts raining outside my window. This is true comfyness. W…[View]
410537539ITT: Games that deserve a remake/reboot[View]
410486614KIRBY THREAD: Which Kirby bosses should come back in the next game? If there is a next game, that is…[View]
410533737>this is considered good graphics in 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkkWCmljMSA Where did i…[View]
410537407Can anyone hit a fella up with a fotnite mobile invite ?[View]
410520251I feel very weeb lately. What is /v/'s opinion on Total War Sudoku 2?[View]
410537224Why do you hate this? Shouldn't you /v/iggers like it?[View]
410536768>he doesn't emulate PUBG Mobile on PC and completely annihilate mobile fags…[View]
410526867Yakuza: So, how are you guys enjoying the game so far?[View]
410534152>Blocks your caravan[View]
410532191Remember that time Nintendo almost killed gaming?[View]
410537076>enemies get stronger when they kill you[View]
410532607Teon - All Fair Hardcore RPG: Have you ever played Diablo or Torchlight? Well, if you had then you m…[View]
410529989Ni No Kuni 2 WILL NOT USE DENUVO Day 1 crack imminent Also graphics settings in pic related Source …[View]
410529157Just because we dislike toxicity doesn't mean we're offended by them but it's more li…[View]
410533861So, it's been like 2 weeks by now. What do you guys think about Tropical Liquor?[View]
410516795SD3: Holy shit! How come no one ever talks about this hidden gem? I’m only one hour in and already l…[View]
410531890Post your dudes, dudettes, and characters you've made.[View]
410532849Why did they make her so fucking fat?[View]
410536818>in siege >about to place a wall fortification >mira opens voip >STATIC >i keep putti…[View]
410534436Is Dorn Il-Khan the Christian XXX of game characters?[View]
410535236We will never gonna see a sequel do we?[View]
410536512Jet Set Willy is the greatest platforming mascot. Discuss.[View]
410536723HATERS BTFO[View]
410530921If they are going to port all the Wii U games to switch then why not 3D World?[View]
410535781Vermintide 2: How are you liking it so far /v/? Favorite weapon? Favorite Character?[View]
410530790I think I'm in love.[View]
410534203*blocks your path*[View]
410535552You that played the sayling battle stuff in Asscreed Black flag. How much you think the game could s…[View]
410536101how do i install this thx[View]
410534593Money laundering games: I have a theory Sea of Thieves was a money laundering front. >Spend years…[View]
410536370>there are people who actually prefer fallout 3 over new vegas[View]
410533323How exactly Nintendo managed to have the fans with the strongest brand loyalty of the 3 console comp…[View]
410535315Fix your least favorite game in your favorite series[View]
410534703Gentlemen when is Runescape Mobile coming out!?[View]
410536239Monster Hunter World: I hope Deviljho and G-Rank is balls to the wall intense action. I really want …[View]
410536281what was their endgame?[View]
410531368Setup Bread?[View]
410516067I N C R E D I B I L I S[View]
410535736>ricochet has a consistently larger player base than lawbreakers will cliffyb ever recover?…[View]
410530827How has gaming changed your life?[View]
410464507Does /v/ even care about Baldur's Gate anymore >play Divinity >play Pillars >desire to…[View]
410504894Persona 3/5 Dancing: These are your DLC characters for tonight[View]
410535819A thread for fans of videogame streamers. Please answer some questions if you have the time. How man…[View]
410533567Kingdom Come Combat: 31 hours in and I still don't understand the combat system. I'm at th…[View]
410534693ITT: Games that don't ban you for saying some words.[View]
410506621Which is better open world game?[View]
410534539How far is this from Crysis 1? Did they fix the flaws of 2 (lack of opennes, lack of sandbox aspects…[View]
410529015Whats the verdict /v/?[View]
410535226What are the essential Soycore games, /v/?[View]
410535158Steam trade thread?[View]
410534472why is she so perfect bros[View]
410530169I didn't care for the story.[View]
410526546>wait for a new game for 5 years from the most critically acclaimed studio >the single player …[View]
410534864Digger T Rock thread? Digger T Rock thread! Probably one of the most unsung classics of the NES, a R…[View]
410526868Is this really what American life is like?[View]
410525537>having this annoying kid following you the whole game why are they killing their own game franch…[View]
410531775Why is this game so spooky?[View]
410521631Ys VIII Switch version comes out on June 26th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-tOaEFYQOc >NIS A…[View]
410534670fight stick on xbox 1 streaming: so basically i'm trying to get my fight stick to work on my pc…[View]
410533908>Standard retail edition of the game comes with bonuses like maps or soundtrack discs…[View]
4105346413x3 idyllic games: Please post 3x3 games that have idyllic atmosphere: >no blood >no pessimist…[View]
410533710Hi, /v/. Let's have a little test. 90% of this board right now seems to be kids spewing epicwin…[View]
410534484So I just purchased a Switch, and the only two games that are worth playing are Mario and Zelda. Did…[View]
410534307How do we fix 3D Sonic, if possible?[View]
410534101https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5NHWfwW2xmg He's right you know[View]
410534084>here's your kraken bro[View]
410533940Playing FF 15 royal edition on PS4. Is there anything I should know? I'm also hoping I can rid …[View]
410533984>tfw the God of War franchise is published by Sony Soy of War aside, I really wanted to play the …[View]
410530842>I play games for fun[View]
4105286753DS Thread: What are you playing bros[View]
410531494why arent you playing fortnite on your phone right now?[View]
410532143What game should I get bois: I'm bored should I get a game, and pls don't say mineshaft or…[View]
410524852ITT: Girls you wanted to protect[View]
410529536Choose your character![View]
410532392So. What's next on the menu?[View]
410533279>7 years[View]
410532863IT'S ALMOST HERE[View]
410528693>Dragon's Dogma character thread >it's a loli character…[View]
410520591ITT: Games you simply cannot play because of their radioactive and putrid fanbases and not wanting t…[View]
410526261Geniunely what the fuck is going on at Microsoft? Their first party output is fucking embarrassing. …[View]
410463627Did anyone else think the Wii Fit Trainer was kinda hot?[View]
410530934What does /v/ think of Black Mesa? Is it better than Half-Life?[View]
410533334Fuck this shitty ass 'Dusk' game trying to be Quake but it sucked fucking cock. God I'm fucking…[View]
410533293>just had 20 matches with someone online who barely started playing today, not even 3 hours ago …[View]
410532916le hrmph[View]
410531329Is there a better heist game?[View]
410529021ARK Survival Evolved is coming to switch. Bets on how low the resolution will need to be to reach 20…[View]
410533105kino vidya trailers thread: post kino vidya trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01bYEelwwHc…[View]
410518382Dark Souls: Remastered: Anyone else getting it? I'm super hyped for the revived online gameplay…[View]
410533079ITT: the best levels in all of video games[View]
410528625Was it the correct choice to replace the endless cool puzzleboxes with endless mini-games?[View]
410530123Is Cloud coming back?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15332242[View]
410531613Is it still fun?[View]
410532349>game has shitloads of problems which needs fixing >devs keep shitting out MTX and cosmetic sh…[View]
4105292782 DAYS, OH GOD THE WAIT IS KILLING ME First time I've been excited for a EA game, but my god th…[View]
410532470You can tell they had a Western theme due to Gene and Olivia's designs, but they sort of threw …[View]
410532606Aye, Sarge? Why we always gotta listen to this shit for, anyway?[View]
410532389What does /v/ think of The Phantom Pain?[View]
410530727I hate playing locally.: >Tekken 7 >Chooses Panda >'Pfft, you like Panda, Anon?' >Proce…[View]
410532119all of the insane shitposting has actually made me want him to be in the game and i never even playe…[View]
410529262so THIS is the game /v/ chose to unanimously cum over? am I hallucinating or do you guys just have t…[View]
410529053Hi guys, Gabe here: After more than 10 years, we are going to finally deliver a new Half Life instal…[View]
410526835So what's the final verdict on No Man's Sky?[View]
410530651A Vermintide thread! Just like Cousin Okri used to make![View]
410520636What games let you play as a cute girl and romance other cute girls?[View]
410531804>constant, unending urge to play new vegas for the 10th time how the fuck am i supposed to get th…[View]
410531854I just played her beta thing. It was okay, I guess. I sort of just mashed buttons through it all. Wh…[View]
410517198What are some video games with good writing? And I mean genuinely good, not just 'ok by video game s…[View]
410531783Kingdom Come Combat: 31 hours in and I still don't understand the combat system. I'm at th…[View]
410519814Why is this game so fucking hard?: I mean, i did not have problems with other metroidvanias as much,…[View]
410528823What went wrong?[View]
410530038Problematic Gaming Culture: Is there really a conspiracy to subvert gaming culture or is /pol/ just …[View]
410490020damn, eliza is THIC[View]
410531046What the fuck was wrong with him?[View]
410529467Where are the vidya??[View]
410522387Sea of Thieves: This thread is to actually talk about Sea of Thieves. Sonyfags, please, go back to t…[View]
410531039What is the best game of Close Combat? And should I try it if I didn't play any of them?[View]
410524009>If you kill him, you'll be just like him![View]
410511740'>'Number one >in 1945 corporations paid 50% of federal taxes, now they pay about 5%…[View]
410530341Select your character[View]
410508341Got this for free for PS+. My first exposure to Soulsborne genre. Not nearly as hard as advertised; …[View]
410530465ITT we talk about games with a gritty dark aesthetic. Not grimdark like Bloodborne etc but grounded …[View]
410524892What does /v/ think of the black sheep of the long-running Tales series?[View]
410518636To all of you who bought this game: how does it feel to have crowdfunded Microsoft's Sailing Si…[View]
410522426Why can't Japanese devs make good video games anymore?[View]
410530750Sea of Thieves: >It's a game about... NOTHING![View]
410530273Will Nintedno improve after Miyamoto's death?[View]
410529953sup my ninjas?[View]
410528769What's your favorite new monster? Who do you hope to see in future updates? Why is Amatsu the b…[View]
410530696God hand has some bland levels, but the character models look top notch. You can tell they had a Wes…[View]
410528352Could they have saved it?[View]
410530595Both games and the entire ASSFAGGOTS genre in general has been on a huge decline since the BR trend …[View]
410526528LoZ: Oracle of Ages: Is it just me or is OoA tedious/redundant as fuck compared to Link's Awake…[View]
410522365I'm glad that this is selling extremely well well fucking deserved[View]
410529294Everyone is coming back from 4 except maybe Cloud do to SE and possibly some revamped Mii Fighters.[View]
410530348What are some video games where you play as araki?[View]
410530321PC when?[View]
410527501What was the worst game you ever got as a gift?[View]
410528698You did pre-order The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR from Steam for 60 USD, right? Yeah I know it's…[View]
410527529What's the most unusual looking game?[View]
410529883How is that backlog going? https://www.strawpoll.me/15332202[View]
410529694So how's your game going? Are you going to sell it?[View]
410528468Why does every mobile game have an icon like this?[View]
410527731Wendy: What does everyone here think of Wendy?[View]
410529857Granblue: So what happened to the summer event? Are we still getting free rolls today?[View]
410529032>99-08 gg = good game >09-13 gg = good game/git gud >14-18 gg = git gud Whats happened to s…[View]
410523946Phil Spencer says Banjo can appear in Smash Bros: GUH HUH[View]
410529561Did you make the right choice in giving up /v/ for your waifu? I know I did.[View]
410529102GTA Online on PS3 is still alive?: Hello i just got a spare ps3 from a friend and im asking if its s…[View]
410529429will he ever continue the true 100%+ series[View]
410528129My body is ready https://youtu.be/6B6kJm5pOx8[View]
410529194Who did you choose, /v/ ?[View]
410526293what could have saved the vita ? will sony try again because of the success of the switch ?[View]
410529454what games let me eschew ranged weapons and armor and let me go apeshit on a righteous genocide of f…[View]
410527724this game is good[View]
410529360>Oh look, there's that Europa Universalis series that /v/ talks about >I like strategy ga…[View]
410518867>yfw the Kingdom Come Deliverance female character DLC is just you in the kitchen and farming…[View]
410528959Why did Todd decide he didn't need Ron Perlman for Fallout 4?[View]
410494142Permacut: Never again[View]
410529258wtf I love EA now https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/progression-upda…[View]
410526147Captain Qwark[View]
410509681Which is better?[View]
410528794Do we like this?[View]
410528235What's the verdict on this game?[View]
410510792Titanfall Close Encounters: I made this video, why arent you playing titanfall?? Dont you like fast?…[View]
410529023I still play it at college.: Does /v/ remember?[View]
410522540Is it worth it? Not planning on getting the DLC.[View]
410528829http://store.steampowered.com/app/586200/ Just a reminder that this is a thing[View]
410527317Sora is 30 years old this year.[View]
410522772What game mechanic do you wish you could have in real life? For me, it's save points, or better…[View]
410528752>Garbage diablo ripoff gets overwhelmingly positive reviews How?[View]
410528643>Game encourages you to experiment with loads of outfits >Prerendered cutscenes/portraits wher…[View]
410524570MODERN WARFARE 2 REMASTERED NEW INFO: We'll start with what we know: >Amazon leaked MW2 Rema…[View]
410526801Undertale is a pretty good game[View]
410525784we honor those we could not protect and save.[View]
410528098What are some fighting games that have actual story modes and not just glorified arcades with cutsce…[View]
410526747'Star Ixion' or something...: I remember once playing a demo of a PS1 game called 'Star Ixion' (not …[View]
410524404Why she is clearly the best bg2 female?[View]
410524907>tfw can't play any of the Half Life games without getting stuck and needing a walkthrough t…[View]
410527584should i buy it? is the story really that good?[View]
410528220>here's your controller bro[View]
410496872>You're playing it wrong! You should have levelled this stat this exact way in advance for t…[View]
410527681Metal Gear Solid Casting: Cast away[View]
410526579Why haven't you played Ninja Gaiden /v/?: What's your excuse?[View]
410527747>Enter club in game >Remixed version of the game's theme starts playing…[View]
410525217what are some fun games that I can play at work on my shitty laptop with core i3 and integrated grap…[View]
410527597Hey guys! I need your help desperately... I've been playing this game for a very long time and …[View]
410525581Game Devs that ruin games: >get hired by a game studio >pitch idea for a 3d fighting game simi…[View]
410525675Hey /v/. what would you choose? All the games in the world OR The mystery box[View]
410517458Fast Travel yes/no?[View]
410522612Why did they have to add these fucking flower enemies?[View]
410527401Gib me, a kiss to build a dream on[View]
410525608>>410512101 This thread stayed up for more than 2 hours. Why?[View]
410527295it was good but not much.[View]
410525264I can't remember the name of a game of steam. I think it is early access : It is a FPS with low…[View]
410526798Games where the side story is better than the main plot?[View]
410527141Syberia: This was a better story-driven emotional game than the recent garbage studios are shitting …[View]
410527053I'm sad they didn't release a second Tiny and Big.[View]
410526854If nintendo hates f-zero so much why do they keep putting captain falcon in smash bros[View]
410526843Best video game soundtracks?? I'll start with this one https://youtu.be/WDCktKqHBGQ[View]
410521721/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Post em[View]
410525290What is Grindcore of vidya?: ?[View]
410512054How do you avoid no-lifers online?: I am trying to do this in Rocket League right now and it's …[View]
410524304>Crafting in Classic WoW TAKES FOREVER! Abmit retail fixed this stupid thing to take 1 hour to cr…[View]
4105142025 DAYS AND 8 HOURS, OH GOD THE WAIT IS KILLING ME First time I've been excited for a Far Cry ga…[View]
410526302/ourlad/ sweeners just BTFO sony live at their GDC conference. He said that sony needs to grow the f…[View]
410522762In just under 1 month the undisputed game of the year and best game in the god of war series is comi…[View]
410523530Magic: Are there games centered around magic and being a wizard, or just games with a good deal of m…[View]
410523750You have 75 seconds to explain which is a better buy. Switch or ps4[View]
410526480WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfM-gStMwlE[View]
410503954>literally twice as many on the left side uhhhhhhhh overbabs?[View]
410521663Starfield is coming out this year folks. 2018, October, before RDR2 as Todd doesn't want to ris…[View]
410526306I have been craving some brainless musou fun, so I ordered a copy of this. I haven't played a m…[View]
410525285>own a toaster PC >don't even have 30 bucks to spare >Fortnite is better than pubg…[View]
410524508Sell me on this: >Octopath Traveler >Xenoblade Chronicles 2 That's two games. I need thre…[View]
410524034Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 leaked by voice actor of Ghost . MODERN WARFARE 4 HAPPENING: Accordin…[View]
410524442>if you kill him you’ll be just like him[View]
410525797Lets say I finished a mission and want to replay. Will I lose all the items i collected first time?[View]
410525652BRING IT BACK[View]
410505636*ruins everything for everyone in multiple eras and dimensions plus powering up a planet destroying …[View]
410520613>everyone talking about Dark Souls >been getting that Demon's Souls itch Fuck dudes, it…[View]
410525689Valkyria Chronicles 4: Amiami is on point with their shipping. Didn't expect this to get here o…[View]
410472156Vermintide 2[View]
410525552Is this a good game?[View]
410524983>been clean for 3 years >start hearing about new expansion and Classic servers >get the WoW…[View]
410524957Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
410520891>Ah, you were at my side all along Was it kino?[View]
410525423What went wrong with Switch?[View]
410491349>'Yea dude I'll add you' >see profile >anime profile picture >anime groups…[View]
410525337Vidya things you like: >bug becomes canon[View]
410522805Thief thread: Password?[View]
410525391What are some nice games I can play?[View]
410497738Post places where boys became men[View]
410521227What female video game character you fapped to? Work friendly: What female video game character you …[View]
410525312NieR/Automata/Drakengard thread[View]
410525175This information is not correct. Turn towards the scanner.[View]
410524673How could this happen to me I made my mistakes I’ve got no where to run The night goes on As I’m fad…[View]
410487119China buying Ubi: Thoughts?[View]
410516546Dabbing in Videogames: Is the dabbing emote a good feature in videogames? Is it true that it makes a…[View]
410523386one of these threads[View]
410474995God of War: So, what's gonna be /v/ excuse when this game gets amazing reviews? What's gon…[View]
410520712Why are you not trucking in this very moment, /v/?[View]
410516954What is the 'Annihilation' of video games? What games have this aesthetic and scenario? ht…[View]
410523281I only played the first three MGS games. Is the rest of the series worth playing?[View]
410524805You can only revive one /v/. Which do you choose?[View]
410522790ITT: Music so beautiful you could not believe it comes from a video game https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
410520362I'm confused, why on earth would they do this?[View]
410520753TO ME MY BROTHERS[View]
410517084Linux Gaming thread: How do we make Linux gaming better?[View]
410519639Will we ever get an RPG that surpasses Witcher 3? Is it even possible?[View]
410483741Smash Leaker: why did the thread get archived? how legit was it? did someone make a list of everythi…[View]
410519364Will there ever be a biggest flop than this game?: We all know it's going to be no man's s…[View]
410522198Vidya Vinyl: Video game music is a treasure of this universe, and you're a FOOL for not collect…[View]
410513940Modern Warfare 2 Remaster to be SP Only: >oh goys, you didn't like how we sold mp dlc and mi…[View]
410517420What are your favorite games to play during a snowstorm?[View]
410523509Hi /v/, I'm just the best platformer ever made.[View]
410521231>Special thanks to Hideo Kojima what did they mean by this?[View]
410520604Best DBZ game coming through[View]
410522147>Ports and remasters are harmless !!! >its free money for the devs so they can fund their real…[View]
410523670>Blossom Tales has sold 20 times as much on Switch as on Steam Where were you when steam lost its…[View]
410522918https://nintendoeverything.com/ark-survival-evolved-announced-for-switch/ So this is happening. Thou…[View]
410523028Are we going to get Devil May Cry 5 featuring Demifiend from the Shin Megami Tensei series?[View]
410523043How do you explain the fact that the shittiest games are the most popular ones?[View]
410519417Banjo kazooie for smash 4 switcherooie[View]
410521987pantheon dmg lol w proc runes: Any LoL techs here? I have a very specific question and obviously am …[View]
410522709ITT: games only you played[View]
410506732How the fuck do I even fight orcs in this shitty game, I can have the max army with lot of great arm…[View]
410522729How does dog harm me, a robocop?[View]
410521475Shill me the game you're currently playing. Hard mode: your shillpost must contain one, and on…[View]
410523108>play wario ware >play orbulon's iq games >don't fuck up a single game >i…[View]
410515326I don't even know you fags anymore. Age? 3 favorite video games? 22 Metal Gear Solid 3 Reside…[View]
410522945good spells: just started playing this game where can i get good teleporting skills and fly the shop…[View]
410523010So /v/, what am I in for? Is it really just a walking simulator or is the combat worthwhile?[View]
410522259Who wanted a remake?[View]
410522916are you ready for the most broken and unplayable switch game? https://www.gamespot.com/articles/nint…[View]
410521265Why is Kiryu so fucking handsome?[View]
410521904>if you don't like it, don't buy it![View]
410522691games only you played: pic related[View]
410520254We need more Spanish Civil war games, that is all[View]
410522546>beat opponent > perfect them >send them a message >”GG”…[View]
410520846Late on this wagon, but I've been looking to buy a new RPG & always was a fan of Souls, …[View]
410522194> Fortnite is the new LOL!, Fortnite is the new Minecraft! Lol at people believing this. Minecraf…[View]
410514952UH OH[View]
410522189Tales of Xillia: Did he deserve to be forgiven?[View]
410519202>watching an LP instead of playing the game[View]
410519453Should I update?[View]
410519552A cutie[View]
410515560How do we fix this design?[View]
410522114Best pirate game coming through.[View]
410518167Is this ARPG kino?[View]
410521459To whoever posted this: No u[View]
410522004>Hey, everyone thinks the camera in the last game was really restricting and frustrating >What…[View]
410511935MY WIFE: https://twitter.com/bk2128/status/976475033211056128[View]
410521508well /v/ I made it, despite your captcha[View]
410520142God of Memes: >a touching, emotional story about a man who directly killed millions of people, an…[View]
410521191This will suck, won't it?[View]
410489495Is this the least inspired image ever produced by the human race?[View]
410521619I'm really in the mood...[View]
410520872Vidya has changed.... It's no longer about fun....[View]
410519390Plunder of the year: I still enjoy it a lot[View]
410518129>indie games are selling 20 times better on Switch than they are on Steam Steam Direct was a fuck…[View]
410517485nights into dreams: I beat the game as both characters and then beat christmas nights as both charac…[View]
410519668>multi-million dollar game >poorly optimized WHY?…[View]
410520861Am I the only one who had nothing but fuming, boiling malice-on-the-cob for these chem-pushing sand …[View]
410520897Holy shit! How come no one ever talks about this hidden gem? I’m only one hour in and already loving…[View]
410521346Anyone play this game? It does gunpowder warfare much better than Total War.[View]
410504070How can Japan honestly compete now that an authentic Medieval Europe game released without dumb shit…[View]
410517243indie eshop games: Which are good?[View]
410521145How can anyone top that landsknechts aesthetic?[View]
410521136>want to use voice chat >have the voice of a 10 year old autistic retard with AIDS >nobody…[View]
410507479Let's talk Tera: Or just Elins.[View]
410519817>die repeatedly >teammates blame the victim and report you for 'feeding' instead of blaming th…[View]
410515876Only oldfags remember this. The greatness of /v/.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz--i3M4PVk…[View]
410521025was it good[View]
410518361>love a series >the fanbase on /v/ is so fucking obnoxious and insufferable you hide all threa…[View]
410520235>Muh world of the strong Why are chaosfags so retarded. looking at you walter…[View]
410515187Xbox is dead. They NEEDED this game to be a success. What reason is there to even own an Xbone? 5 y…[View]
410520624>steam friend boots up a game on Steam >ask if I could join >she goes offline >check his…[View]
410515441Hello everyone I'm back for more info. I don't know if trip code work or no.[View]
410520798>play audio log >character about to say door code >static cuts in every time…[View]
410492167Terraria: Well this game was almost good. The spawning of the enemies is so frustrating and poorly …[View]
410492749GDC 18 - Travis Strikes Again Gameplay: I dunno how I feel about it lads... https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
410519106>Are you into any sports? >Of course, I'm an eSports athlete…[View]
410518928Dr Yado did nothing wrong[View]
410494692MURDER AT THE HERO OF HEROES GRAND PRIX: OK guys holy shit, I've just heard from a friend of mi…[View]
410516086>terrible bug in an old game >look around the internet for a solution >cocksucker25: Found …[View]
410520180Will we see any Tales games ported to Switch?[View]
410506335Best ARPG I've ever played.[View]
410520267Can overshit even compete with TF2?[View]
410503581Vidya confessions thread: Confess your worst transgressions. Also post autistic things you do.…[View]
410459864This came out today. Anybody playing it?[View]
410520109Name something more bullshit, I'll wait. Oh and pro tip: you can't[View]
410511694People are going to buy this again. Why? haven't you played it enough times over the past 7 yea…[View]
410508757isn't using SOS flares basically cheating?[View]
410519620Why does this game have so many holes in it? It should be called Donkey Kong: Trypocal Freeze[View]
410519869So if you haven’t heard it’s pretty much confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is coming out so…[View]
410518034Why did he laugh?[View]
410518992>Unregistered HyperCam2[View]
410514609>finish game for first time >end up playing every other game in series including spin offs, ma…[View]
410512567>your closest friend gets killed at the end What games do that?[View]
410518313>make poor handheld >overprice it by $100 >sell it as console And retards eat that shit up …[View]
410517730name a better strategy rpg than FF tactics[View]
410516682Dark Souls 2: Why do people have such strong opinions on this game?[View]
410516556>villain gives sad backstory that's supposed to make you sympathize with them >it doesn…[View]
410518497You have my ear citizen[View]
410491463Indie devs hate people with good taste: If you have shilled for garbage games like: >Darkest Dung…[View]
410518124Holy shit! How come no one ever talks about this hidden gem? I’m only one hour in and already loving…[View]
410512214Why the new dlc operators have to look so fucking stupid: Why can’t they look badass like real milit…[View]
410499597>Is over 100 years old >But has the body of a six year old >She even has a fucking Randoser…[View]
410518604Serious question /v/ which has hotter Female Characters? Kingdom Hearts OR Ranma 1/2?[View]
410517868Has /v/ played this incredibly creepy game?[View]
410518454Do you prefer to play alone?[View]
410516628Why are you so angry /v/? Why do you fight all the time?[View]
410500280How has one simple flying squirrel driven the entire Sonic community mad? I personally like his des…[View]
410519274>mfw pirate game and get a cryptlocker[View]
410519250ITT: post examples of really good audio design and voice acting in video games. The system shock ser…[View]
410515351The Demise of Horror: How come that video games, an interactive medium, is the most impotent one whe…[View]
410518150Who was in the wrong here?[View]
410518646Would you ride his train?[View]
410516049Why isn’t anyone talking about this game, anyone getting it?[View]
410507663>Oh no, help me Sora! >Sure. 1 year later >I am a strong independent female character now. …[View]
410518960Resident Evil: Wesker? Where did he go?[View]
410505795happy 1 year anniversary![View]
410518914This game would have had so much better PR if it just told you straight up when going into majula 'H…[View]
410518728Reported leak of smash for switch character select[View]
410517875drop those filters[View]
410518681Holy shit! How come no one ever talks about this hidden gem? I’m only one hour in and already loving…[View]
410514447What's his power level /v/?[View]
410514276Why did the DLC have to be such shit?[View]
410515452What am i in for?[View]
410516405Establishing secure connection https://youtu.be/VJ3JEnymeAI[View]
410517249>Buy a copy Your friends join free: Least kikefaggot game? Or not? What jewery can we expect? Pre…[View]
410517231ITT: Casual Filters[View]
410518419>over-the-shoulder camera for cinematic qualities even though it's worse than 1st-person cam…[View]
410495685Will this be the worst video game movie ever made?[View]
410515368When people try to think they can 100% predict everything Sakurai will add in Smash: >Smash 4 is …[View]
4105158963x3=9 thread: Post your first game from a franchise you've played here.[View]
410516581Release date is around the corner why is there zero hype around the net? Yesterday my thread about t…[View]
410511134Essential Nautical/Seafaring Video Games: Give me your best recommendations, /v/. Doesn't have …[View]
410515552This game is so fucking fantastic, but after 600 hours I need another grand strategy games. What do …[View]
410515113'Finally! Now that I captured the blue rodent, I can finally test my ultimate machine of destruction…[View]
410493018Artificial Difficulty: What's your definition of 'artificial difficulty', /v/? For me it's…[View]
410518094Starfield thread: It's been 2 years since rumours first came out about Bethesda's new AAA …[View]
410487629Is DMC4 as good as DMC3?[View]
410517031Can we please have a boss battle music thread among twitter and sjw threads? HARD MODE: post only on…[View]
410513845Why dont most people like being underwater in videogames? Whether its an underwater level or area of…[View]
410510786What's the best Bomberman game?[View]
410506219Is it looking like a good follow up to Legion?[View]
410517496Vidya scenes women will never understand: Venom had a hard life...[View]
410512992Was anybody else actually upset that Colonel Cue and Larry died?[View]
410491973comfiest vidya worlds?[View]
410495053This is the ideal female armor You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
410517340Samus > Wonder Woman.: Discuss.[View]
410511084Just played the demo for this. It's so fucking cute. Also the combat was pretty fun, not sure w…[View]
4105033942012 through 2016 was like we were living in some horrifying alternate reality where Nintendo had no…[View]
410517217What is the most recent Ninja Gaiden game that doesn't suck?[View]
410517045Oof: You have to admit he’s right. Especially at 4:42. Also. Fuck Romero[View]
410517195Autistic frog did nothing wrong[View]
410497352>haha, dude just stand still lmao[View]
410517093Sell me on your favourite vidya lads. I'm all out of things to play and I am open to anything.[View]
410517000new Zero Punctuation video discuss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y-RkiPhpPY[View]
410515024Indie game ports do better on switch than steam now.: As title says, according to jim sterling'…[View]
410515614>Games only you played[View]
410516334Play SHMUPS[View]
410509423I'm a God, how can you kill a God![View]
410516789>unintuitive controls >shit bloody palace >shit styles >shit bosses >shit story >s…[View]
410516751>it's another fucking puyo puyo level[View]
410516747FusionFall thread: Remember the simpler times /v/?[View]
410515961Kingdom Come: Deliverance vastly disappointing?: https://youtu.be/SxtDWWEtJ9o Yes.[View]
410516020uhhh https://twitter.com/AskTarget/status/976471703906848768[View]
410509828Characters who almost ruin an entire game single-handed or maybe they actually succeed in ruining i…[View]
410509420>mfw this might actually happen Was this game actually good or not? I played it when I was 7 and …[View]
410516256Enemies you feel bad for killing: Enemies you feel bad for killing[View]
410511896Please help the Cyberdemon win. https://twitter.com/DOOM/status/976458581997338624[View]
410516173it's up[View]
410516167Okay can we settle this once and for all? HUGO IS TOO BIG FOR STREET FIGHTER. IM FUCKING SICK OF THE…[View]
4105129021 VS 1 games: What are some fun 1v1 games that are not traditional fighting games? I can only come u…[View]
410507745I hope you like ports Switch fans. >Nintendo is bringing out a new Zelda game to switch called Ze…[View]
410513909Dying Light thread: >Dude how about we force the player to fight enemies in a big amount of story…[View]
410516048how good is Soul Sacrifice Delta? worth playing offline?[View]
410513032Who did you pick?[View]
410513205Are you buying her game? ⭐[View]
410515794Is it true? are western developers years ahead of anyone else?[View]
410487823What are you emulating right now?[View]
410505406what are some good games where you get to play a necromancer?[View]
410501934Media Create: 01./00. [NSW] Kirby Star Allies - 222.031 / NEW 02./03. [NSW] Splatoon 2 - 30.471 / 2…[View]
410515831>/v/ constantly talks about the meme witch and her lickable armpits >never once mentions best …[View]
410515049What games are you looking furward to?[View]
410512408Who is the best tomboy in video games?[View]
410440960Favourite DOA girl: For me it's Mila[View]
410489630New Vegas: >Here is your mod bro[View]
410485670sea of thieves: what the fuck did they spend 4 years doing? over 200 people have spent 4 years worki…[View]
410511293Oh hello there! My name is Nern. I'm considered the greatest historian of our time... I've…[View]
410505503what's her name again? i can't remember[View]
410515448Favorite Game Boy songs? Pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F4gG7rXw1s[View]
410514216>these fucking threads[View]
410505624What race do you prefer playing as in vidya?[View]
410507807How the fuck do you beat this without using a player's guide?[View]
410499852>matched against someone with an anime/fur/ponyfag avatar in a multiplayer game >they wipe the…[View]
410515118Super Smash Bros leaker, I summon you! Answer my call with the picture of Sakurai you took.[View]
410515107FORTNITE RUNS THE SAME ON IPHONEX AS XBONE X: when were you when mobile gaming won? https://m.youtub…[View]
410515006>flight >wood manipulation >speed control >max luck >invisibility >time control …[View]
410512442TFW: >You pay a new game, the developpers kick you out for problems that are out of your doings J…[View]
410513386Why haven't any other castlevania games come close to the 'damn this place is super duper incre…[View]
410514754Are modern gamers this stupid? They need to be told where health is?[View]
410514681Nintendo: Any indie eshop games you Switch users can recommend?[View]
410511228Who was in the wrong here?[View]
410513852CROSSPLAY: Gamers deserve crossplay! https://youtu.be/Bs5Ml7_2wT0?t=1h34m5s Why are we letting compa…[View]
410510303SMASH LEAK: Hey guys, Leakbro here. Just sneaked in a screenshot of the roster, hope you guys enjoy.…[View]
410510185What is your opinion on Serial Experiments Lain for the PS1?[View]
410513140Go play Fighter Z.[View]
410512887>An actual DMC release outsold by Bayonetta >In nippon territory How the times have fucking ch…[View]
410513905>Buy game digital >It is a service >Have to accept terms and conditions to pay it >Breac…[View]
410513516I-It's not dead, bros. https://www.tweaktown.com/news/61256/ataribox-branded-atari-vcs-connecte…[View]
410513131Gamer fuel thread What are you eating and what are you playing?[View]
410513703>'I play games for the story'[View]
410513509Dark Souls II (Vanilla): Why is this game such a huge target for shitposting? I just beat it for the…[View]
410509303Do you trust his video game opinions?[View]
410510078Bayo fags BTFO[View]
410511946will we ever get another good Simpsons game?[View]
410508008Post your favorite examples of vidya censorship[View]
410506838>Ultimate weapon is obtained by beating all the bonus bosses/bonus quests…[View]
410508079>protagonist is useless >his battle harem keeps him safe from harm Is there such a game?…[View]
410512980Game and Chill Contra NES: His reactions are goofy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj0NLbOW3P8…[View]
410500460Aside from fringe consoles like the virtual boy and the CDi, I think that this is in the running for…[View]
410501764>Main conflict could have been avoided if the MC was able to talk[View]
410504312/25+/: 25+ year old thread, what video games are you playing today?[View]
410512918Happy World Frog Day /v/ To celebrate, let us talk about our favorite frogs in video games[View]
410511723playing vidya was the only thing that i enjoyed in life and now i cant even enjoy that. nintendo and…[View]
410508359i made this. https://mazetrace.com just sharing it. I want nothing from you[View]
410510627>'Holy holy holy is Mr. God, who was, who is, and who is to come.' What did they mean by this?…[View]
410511848Really puts a spin on 'can I borrow your controller'[View]
410498925This game has the worst story of the entire mainline series bar none, are people just memeing when t…[View]
410509448Is there any other open world where you can climb anything and go basically anywhere?[View]
410512521>tfw your taste in vidya is so patrician you hate 99.9% of the games ever released…[View]
410511514what went wrong?[View]
410511481>watch a video about a game you haven't played, like a gameplay trailer >recommended vide…[View]
410509817>2019 >Nintendo Switch Pro releases >Tegra X2 >1080p screen >Switch VR bundle >Ch…[View]
410512323Any Jurassic World Evolution leaks?[View]
410505592What are some games where you can play as a goblin?[View]
410509737Mobile gaming is the future. Do not resist and just let it happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZ…[View]
410511645Sister, Ready Sister[View]
410505543God of War: >make a fun hack and slash game where you kill gods and are an unstoppable force of r…[View]
410506512>playing a male character outside of your race are you some kind of gay?…[View]
410511730>Fromsoft didn't bring the bonfire aesthetic back for Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, the games…[View]
410510464i guess its up to them to save the Pirate genre like they did for Westerns[View]
410510427I want to feed her.[View]
410507998Come, Arisen... Forge in my fire the next link in the endless chain...[View]
410509467Stop putting sexy girls in videogames! It just makes me want to jerk off all the time! I'm not …[View]
410509403post yfw our wonder bro gets in[View]
410511565What is your natural reaction when somebody pulls alongside you and says 'I'm gonna pass you.' …[View]
410511531>Mechanically sound and technically well done but there's nothing to do despite it taking fo…[View]
410504874Bloodborne: >FINALLY get a beast form >it looks fucking retarded, you have to go through almos…[View]
410509292Limited saves: Is it okay to have Archaic game design in modern day videogames?[View]
410511503ITT Video game characters who had hard lives: Snooze tight, cowboy[View]
410509552>boss is cool >annoying to fight[View]
410509282So he feels bad because he ran after he couldn't disarm a bomb in church, which killed several …[View]
410511291I'm blind, not dead[View]
410493841Do you love Warcraft 3 as much as I do?[View]
410511256Looking for a decent minecraft server: Why are there no minecraft survival servers without factions …[View]
410508297Best DS Games?[View]
410511190Is this game any good?[View]
410511161how many of you actually play the actual game instead of battle royale?[View]
410509383I miss him, lads.[View]
410504716Prove that the human species is superior to any wild animal species. If baboons could use 4chan they…[View]
410511052>mmo >you can't even create your own character posten the besten…[View]
410507346Share and rate rosters: Pipe dreams/actual expectations/whatever[View]
410510521Fortnite is on iOS now and has crossplay with all other versions https://youtu.be/xZfbBrnlJus I don…[View]
410510725KANE & LYNCH: I want more games featuring these two. they are some of the most unusual and inter…[View]
410510431How do we stop this train?[View]
410501327Why do we hate GTA V?[View]
410510532Did we really need this i pirate this and didnt even play pass the 1hrs hr > do people who buy s…[View]
410500196Undertale Amiibo: Regardless of him getting in or not, we should expect an undertale amiibo line rig…[View]
410500423>walk by a Microsoft Store at the mall >kids set up with consoles/PCs playing Fortnite >si…[View]
410480660I don't get it[View]
410505452How the fuck am I supposed to turn on my Nintendo Switch in docked mode reliably? Each time I want t…[View]
410506587Is this the best Fallout game?[View]
410462391Whos hype for this? Leave One man army alone and keep it. OMA isn't that good.[View]
410508617No Man's Sea?: Let's put the argument to rest, and put everything we know about Sea of Thi…[View]
410510068>fucking with figet spinner >accidentally drop it on switch screen >screen protector breaks…[View]
410510148Final Fantasy 10: So, this is the best Final Fantasy pre-PS1 era right ?[View]
410510146If I have trouble recounting all the games I like that've been released in the past 3 years and…[View]
410510112gaming recomendations: im bored and out of games what games can u guys recomend? keep im mind that r…[View]
410473064After the blunders of the the South Korean and Poland operators. Will the Italians finally give us a…[View]
410508116'Can I play it with mouse and keyboard?': I got Neir Automata on a sale last year but haven't t…[View]
410496345DS3 Build: First time playing any souls games. Got the LKSS last night and was wondering if this bui…[View]
410509048What went wrong?[View]
410505898ITT: Games that don’t get enough love on here.[View]
410509675Vidya Webm thread[View]
410506465Importing Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWZym20882c Have you ever imported a videogame from…[View]
410489284NINTENDO PLANS TO RELEASE NEW SWITCH REVISION: Nintendo is planning to release a new Switch revision…[View]
410509384>accidentally queue in third person alt+f4[View]
410508197Here bro this is your controller[View]
410500680Wow this might legitimately be the first Chinese game I actually buy.[View]
410495574Were video games better back in the 90s than they are now? Filled with nonsensical monetized add-on …[View]
410503026This is dayz standalone. Say something nice about him.[View]
410507908>That will be $69.99[View]
410508883What did Itsuno mean by this?[View]
410506004Mario Kart VR: Filename thread.[View]
410501115>Happy Birthday, Lest >Here you go! I worked super hard on it! >honey w-what did she mean b…[View]
410487575What has she fuck the problem??[View]
410507360Will this be a good video game?: Will Atari comeback, or this is the next ET?[View]
410506468if Blizzard decides to make a battle royale game, what will it be like?[View]
410506760Whose your favorite divine /v/?[View]
410508907Name a more shitty dungeon in a game. Shit took me SIX hours to complete. FF XV isn't even a fu…[View]
410508783>April's biggest games are TLOU wannabe masking as an action game and carboard games for kid…[View]
410499268Memes aside is this game any good?[View]
410508658>2018 >the latest video game making some publicity w had unoriginal music involved >still n…[View]
410508598Who was in the wrong here?[View]
410508247So...videogames aren't my thing, friend doesn't get it.: friends keeps asking me to try hi…[View]
410508323How many times do you think she had to give Ironside head to get him to return for Splinter Cell?[View]
410508148Suda51: What the FUCK was he thinking turning NMH into whatever...THAT thing on the Switch is?…[View]
410506010Why does /v/ think that if a game is available for multiple ports, it's automatically considere…[View]
410508108Now that normalfags are leaving Facebook in droves. Is Farmville dead?[View]
410507641Mario and Luigi: *Broques your path*[View]
410506791It's up to the stock marketto take out Umbrella![View]
410497420Why are japanese devs so fucking awful at designing clothes for their characters? There are barely a…[View]
410506429>people still defend overwatch[View]
410507728What good games do you know?: any good games you guys know? either from 2000's or the newest on…[View]
410507312So, what you're trying to tell me is that because some gay retard faggot joined in my SOS flare…[View]
410505518Is this any good? Worth 8 bucks?[View]
410506373If GoW was Zelda (Theoretically): Imagine if you reskinned this game with zelda characters. Replace …[View]
410491536Switch owners: Can you guys help me understand the appeal of playing nintendo games after childhood?…[View]
410506872If this intro doesn't give you goosebumps, congratulations, you had no childhood. https://www.y…[View]
410507321I'm literally screaming right now. Why is this so fun?[View]
410505549>kys is now a bannable offense in vidyja gaemz[View]
410490975this game is p good[View]
410486439Are you going to play her game?[View]
410495792Your money or your life[View]
410505386Is this the smartest competitive shooter of it's size? It makes csgo look so primitive with its…[View]
410505773ITT: best bromances in vidya[View]
410503884There is only one correct choice here...[View]
410507224ITT: we post the best game ever made till today[View]
410505824Are there any examples of a game sequel coming out 10+ years later and actually being good?[View]
410506192>Play Hearthstone or any other f2p ccg >Get really awesome looking card with good stats and hi…[View]
410506503I'm looking for straightforward FPS games like NOLF and Contract JACK. Turok, Gunman Chronicles…[View]
410505920Why are you not using paragon assets right now ? It will have actual graphics inb4 leddit https v…[View]
410501952What kind of dog goes 'Kooooooooooon'?[View]
410505371Super Smash Bros.: Newcomers: Incineroar Rex Inkling Spring Man Ribbon Girl (clone) Isaac Dillon Cra…[View]
410506593Help me: Can someone tell what it says and help me to play this[View]
410494503>Xbox One still doesn't have any good exclusives at all Jesus Christ they didn't even t…[View]
410506210RP Mods: Is GTA V not the best framework to run realistic RP and Cop Simulation games? Most servers …[View]
410504051Why did they make his arms blue?[View]
410506552This shit looks so boring it's ridiculous[View]
410504047It's time to discuss the best Zelda game[View]
410506497>>>410504095 >You know, I'm trying to answer calmly here because you're the ty…[View]
410503340Feb NPD: https://venturebeat.com/2018/03/20/february-npd-2018-monster-hunter-repeats-as-top-game-in-…[View]
410506154>April's biggest games are TLOU wannabe masking as an action game and carboard games for kid…[View]
410502569Thief fan missions: A lot of anons like Thief but have you ever played fanmade missions for it? What…[View]
410504718What does /v/ think of pic related?[View]
410503168It's 50% off. Should I get it or wait for a better sale?[View]
410500052i5 3570k 1060 6gb 16 gb ram Blackpill me on my estimated frames per second because the official sys …[View]
410505971>when someone says Serious Sam (THE best game in the world) is bad[View]
410499327I come to cleanse this board[View]
410501660Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people...activated game pass to see what sea of thieves is li…[View]
410493351Hideki Kamiya appreciation bread[View]
410505614>game makes fun of you for playing on easy[View]
410462815Yakuza: 6 and Kiwami 2 and great games.[View]
410501730I might need your help /v/. I am looking for a game but I just cannot remember the name of it. It wa…[View]
410480918>he hasn't surpassed 500 hours yet are you a casual?[View]
410503232Are video game streams the more intellectual way to appreciate games? Given that gameplay is often u…[View]
410503479Choose your fighter[View]
410505701Smash Leaker?: Okay so apparently there was a leak that I missed (the one that also said he would ge…[View]
410501037will Sony ever release a new handheld or have they abandoned that market entirely? also is it worth …[View]
410505302ITT: post devices that can run doom bonus points if it can also run crysis[View]
410505290Hey /v/! I just bought (video game)! But instead of sitting down to play it and experience it for my…[View]
410505517What is this game about? I couldnt really understand the premise. It has some kind of currency like …[View]
410503491Why does it feel like people disprove of every minor thing I do, when none of those things are reall…[View]
410495341Brigitte sucks.[View]
410504671Borderlands 3: WHEN???[View]
410498679What's so great about Danganronpa? It's certainly not the art.[View]
410477462This is the greatest stealth game ever made[View]
410505261Voice Actors: ...Then again, I am investigating a 'thief who steals hearts.' Very well. No matter ho…[View]
410502552shadow of war: final verdict?[View]
410500469Is this worth buying today if you want to jump back into some classic Halo?[View]
410503792Was Blazblue a mistake?[View]
410505109Look at this Nep.[View]
410465894>traced art >terrible engrish >boring and repetitive ''''gameplay'''' >lifeless characte…[View]
410504937How is it that despite all these recolors and variants, Digimon still has one of the best monster ro…[View]
410504794Need help identifying an old vidya: First time poster here, been googling for far too long and remem…[View]
410504936literally one of the best tools for keeping track of current trending of crypto. if you're a da…[View]
410499043Sea of Blunder: Fuuuuck. Is is over? Rare got their chance to create a new passion project, and peop…[View]
410500064Is he right?[View]
410503296>not Alliance Fucking why...[View]
410503749can we talk about this yet another top-down rogue whatever thing that came out recently on steam? I …[View]
410504428And now displays with Jake! Be sure to take you key 2007, unlock the display! and be sure to turn it…[View]
410504279Do you mod your skyrim /v/?[View]
410502713Mewtwo is better than Arceus[View]
410503550what games that let me explore forbidden area?[View]
410494794Who is your main? Baby Rosalina every time idk why I'm a gown ass man[View]
410502926Horrible first week sales in Japan: You're still buying right?[View]
410504159Dame da nee![View]
410500123Are there any video games that feature mindfuck story or at least a hint of it?[View]
410503831>Game set in the Future >Currency is Credits Why is this trope so good?…[View]
410503784who /snowy/ here?[View]
410502343>*blocks your path*[View]
410495769Where were you when the freedom of speech in vidya has died?[View]
410496703>press any key to start[View]
410501632Was he /ourguy/?[View]
410476840The P90 is the best SMG in every game it's in. Prove me wrong.[View]
410503426Why does everyone say Morrowind was the best in the series when Daggerfall was the best in the serie…[View]
410458286Is there anyway to do 3D game graphics while implementing the charm of pixel art somehow? Post your …[View]
410500563Anyone who actually buys this might actually be retarded.: Change my mind.[View]
410501283CYBERPUNK 2077 IS CANCELLED[View]
410502106How is the new wow expac looking?[View]
410502575Multiplayer: Why do developers keep focusing on online only games, instead of games that people actu…[View]
410495420>protagonist's sister is romance option[View]
410491189What was your first time playing Skyrim like?[View]
410502596>final boss is ANGRY[View]
410501087Is this game actually good or is a meme game with fetishfags crammed into the fanbase?[View]
410499082Did this get fixed?[View]
410493101>I can't wait to play my favorite genre of vidya, the RTS! What do you say?…[View]
410502629Oh my god. We did it.[View]
410489215No reason for this not to be on PC, the fucking framerate is inexcusable.[View]
410502113>fight isn't a test of player skill, instead it's difficulty comes from ensuring the pl…[View]
410501790How can I stop getting salty when I'm killed? I'm used to winning in games but here it…[View]
410501007The only people who didn't like it are those who never played it.[View]
410498335Playing through FFVIII for the first time. I just got to the train scene where Squall sodomizes Sel…[View]
410502517Max and Kate[View]
410467485Kingdom Hearts III Thread: Post your release date predictions here. Share your worries and concerns …[View]
410501048Maverick are actually the good guys in Megaman: They're freedom fighters attempting to escape o…[View]
410501698They will be your assist trophies for today say something nice about them[View]
410499364I don't care what y'all think, the characters in person dancing are sexy af[View]
410502423What the FUCK was up with this mission??????[View]
410497704What's your opinion about this ? I liked Killer is Dead and No More Heroes, but this seems kin…[View]
410501562Should i buy my first Amiibo?[View]
410501974>buy pc game >your settings have been automatically set >everything is set to ultra high …[View]
410496779Best character from Telltale's TWD: Who is the best character from pic related game and why?…[View]
410501031If reviews aren't allowed after the game comes out, it's up to you to assume that every cr…[View]
410495543PUBG: Mobile: How the fuck is this a better port than the xbox version? Runs super smooth on my ipho…[View]
410492612I'm going to buy a switch tomorrow, but will only have enough for ONE game. What should I get? …[View]
410501657How many Yamchad mains are on /v/[View]
410501598Why don't you own a wii u?[View]
410483929>rare's revival[View]
410501490Why dont you play ARENA: Its the best multiplayer strategy game in a long time desu[View]
410499498We could have been best friends ;_;[View]
410470861I never played Soul Calibur V because my favorite character wasn't in the roster. Did I miss ou…[View]
410501169Hey bros I need help remembering the name of an old fat gsme streamer. he would ebeg a lot and once …[View]
410500787Why aren't you playing modded New Vegas, anon?[View]
410499127WTF is Project Re Fantasy?[View]
410479706FOR THE EMPORER[View]
410501029Post yfw 2:14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9dNrmGD7mU[View]
410495664Love in the Woods: Would you play a Night in the Woods dating sim?[View]
410488695Is Undyne a perfect character?[View]
410500208But which series has the better characters?[View]
410499119Dark Souls: How would it work as a racing game?[View]
410498073The power of Western female employment...[View]
410498852Your favorite video game streamer.[View]
410499341>get backstabbed >be whipped and tortured >crucified and left to die Just because you told …[View]
410500678did the bitch who said he was gonna get a pic with sakurai ever deliver?: I mean, obviously he didn…[View]
410500395>final boss just wanted to save you all from yourselves but you didn't listen…[View]
410488160Who else /nostalgiafag/ here? Just got my mount on my 41 orc warrior on Light's Hope, feels so …[View]
410492162Only two more months. Hope you have those filters ready before this board becomes completely unusabl…[View]
410497580I miss this game so much, but from what I've heard, it's unplayable now and the community …[View]
410479907Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a big old silly willy. Do any of you know of any important item drops or…[View]
410500412Is WC still possible or should I just install the new patch and try again?[View]
410498890does anybody still play this game? it was the first MMO i’ve ever played and absolutely fell in love…[View]
410500087This is a 4 foot tall 300 year old talking cat that had sex with a human woman and had a child with …[View]
410499181Is there a worse gaming company than Tencent?[View]
410496680I just bought a Vita instead of a Switch.[View]
410496372>Time to Bed[View]
410492508>Microsoft is fuck shit garbage now >Pc Gaming is literally nothing but a dumpster fire and cr…[View]
410498542How can I play some motherfucking Koi-Koi? I've spent hours on it in the various Yakuza games a…[View]
410499747ITT: Villains that did literally nothing wrong[View]
410499740Post your Call of Duty waifus[View]
410491905Haha this is so true[View]
410490434>koreans are the uncontested masters of many competitive eSports including League of Legends and …[View]
410494630This game comes to PC in 2 days, anyone excited to play? I'm excited to waste 100 hours again l…[View]
410499346Tough to pick the closest ones. Who would you pick?[View]
410499461>giving your game for free is enough to revi-[View]
410499331With this new weapon in the form of a fun game created by our best minds in the Earth Caste, spreadi…[View]
410495131What are some games where a character grows to be much larger than they originally are?[View]
410492178The Most Pure: Who is the most pure videogame character of all time?[View]
410495248hitman is free: worth the download?[View]
410495910Making a thread just to answer to >>410457124 >5 enemies that are actually 40 but whatever,…[View]
410499157>consolecucks cucked again >AMDfags left behind again >PC, nvidia and slavs pushing tech fo…[View]
410492828In TW3, we carry a multitude of different components, even more than in TW2. All of which are used i…[View]
410497881>found out i've been dead for a couple of months Game for this feel?…[View]
410497045WHY: >tfw a retarded freakshow spinoff like KH has the best combat and gameplay in any jrpg ever …[View]
410497797Which one of these badass mofos is your favorite?[View]
410490963What are some games where you can blow yourself up?: Besides bomberman.[View]
410492449comfy yume nikki bread[View]
410498553Is this the most overrated controller of all time? >Fat, mushy D-Pad that was seemingly made for …[View]
410498237Is Siege the greatest comeback story in videogames?[View]
410494846If Taro is such a genius then how the fuck does this abomination exist?[View]
410492902How do you handle gaming addiction?[View]
410498587So you're defending your ancient and this guy slaps your tower's ass, what do?[View]
410496018Battlefield V: anyone got any legit leaks for battlefield V? Is it really going to take place in wor…[View]
410498176>The whole FFXV crew appears in Tekken bowl to cheer for Noctis This game still should have sa…[View]
410498042>women like ugly men what did she mean by this?[View]
410498374FYI one of the best Hitman levels is now free on PS4, Xbone and PC go fucking play it faggots[View]
410496980what's your favourite gaming related podcast, and why is it pic related?[View]
410490313>it's just another saturday[View]
410483160NPD February numbers are up https://venturebeat.com/2018/03/20/february-npd-2018-monster-hunter-repe…[View]
410497954I got the bundle on switch and I'm playing through the first one. I think I'm past he half…[View]
410483476>Criticise multi-million dollar AAA cinematic next-gen game >I'd like to see you do bette…[View]
410494512>No good game of thrones game Why? I just want to protect my thronesfu[View]
410495395is this the only place i can discuss this particular game?[View]
410498035What if Sora grew to hate Riku after what he did in KH1?[View]
410495045no more heroes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DMSa28HyzI >top down view >combat looks less …[View]
410447589Xenobalde: Now that the dust has settle, can we agree he did nothing wrong?[View]
410497515Pc: Hello, For how much do you think i can sell my pc gaming today? Pic related plus a 24' lg isp mo…[View]
410495559What do I play[View]
410494989Is this the peak of FPS level design?[View]
410466138Tell me about Asuka, why does she wear the sushi?[View]
410497561Hey buddy, you want some health? It's just a small amount, but every bit helps?[View]
410496480YEAH BOIIII: Who here is hyped for GOTY 2018? >that Zombies >that Campaign >that Multiplaye…[View]
410496478My internet was dead for 20 minutes, here's my shitty high score, can you beat it?[View]
410496569You wake up in Jintha'Alor[View]
410497397>fighting game >has ring out stages >final boss is in one…[View]
410495090>iconic character dies[View]
410482087Your thoughts on Drakengard and Nier?: I appreciate the games for being weird and fucked up but to b…[View]
410491449>2018 >Switch can't do something as basic as back up saves…[View]
410493872>2018 >still falling for the open world, base-building, trash-collecting, survival meme…[View]
410492164So what's the best guitar hero/rock band pc clone? i've rescued my old GH games but the se…[View]
410463394>player kills you >says 'you mad?' in chat How do you respond without sounding mad?…[View]
410496746What's the point of continue to play New Game Plus after i got Platinum Trophy and completed th…[View]
410488683Any monster rancher esque games for 3DS?[View]
410485485convince me that your favorite character deserve a spot in the new smash bros. List its pros and con…[View]
410492742Coming soon in 2018... >Anno 1800 >Iron Harvest >Age of Empires IV >Frostpunk >Surviv…[View]
410496031>Anon show me your preorder of new expansion pack. You preorder, right?…[View]
410492335Name 1 (one) good PC game.[View]
410496063What happened?[View]
410496541CHADHAN ALWAYS WINS BABY: I want to play as the lord and savior of the multiverse and the Ultimate C…[View]
410496359>84 days until e3[View]
410435564Hi! I'm Ray! Ray The Flying Squirrel! I'm going to be a playable character in a video game…[View]
410495750What are some games where everyone I love dies no matter how hard I try to protect them?[View]
410455735What is the worst boss fight of all time?[View]
410469285>Starts playing the World Ends With You again >Been awhile so I’m a bit rusty and not getting …[View]
410483949The new Pokemon on the switch should be open world and have a real time battle system similar to Xen…[View]
410493392Ni No Kuni 2: You did get the King's Edition, right Anon?[View]
410495986New Kirby game looks great.[View]
410495526>boss fight against Kurdish character >no option to defeat her using chemical weapons…[View]
410493328ITT: mediocre games with potential that deserve a remake/reboot[View]
410495440RIP FUNHAUS: Press S[View]
410495484Steam tags are worthless, you can't find any game with all the shovelware and mistagged games[View]
410492571>skilled and advanced movement >unique loadouts >fast paced gameplay I fell in love this ga…[View]
410495408>If you buy X we might make Y in the future ;^) Name one time this has worked.…[View]
410465539Who’s the better knight?[View]
410479893>shopkeeper gets upset when you don't buy anything[View]
410476456>ffxv looks ugl-[View]
410488907Where were you when you realized NCR is the definitive Evil New Vegas playthrough?[View]
410479270Fuck this motherfucker[View]
410488973>nothing wrong with it >doesn't have porn which is actually a good thing No wonder /v/ ne…[View]
410493761>2018 >AAA games today go for 70-100 gb >AAA games back in 2015 like Fallout 4 or MGSV was …[View]
410494914>2006 Runescape PK video >I predict a riot starts playing…[View]
410490264Ruby or Monica?[View]
410492708This game was alright[View]
410484475/bst/ Battlestation Thread: Post, rate, gay it up.[View]
410486128What's /v/ gonna be like on launch day?[View]
410494276Now that the dust has settled, what really happened with the GamerGate? Also, do feminists want to d…[View]
410478468Post games that feel like they're from a creepypasta - in other words, stuff that is weird, eer…[View]
410494156The Sims: Can the Sims be saved as a franchise? Sims 4 is pretty dogshit compared to The Sims 3 and …[View]
410494018>game rerelease with additional routes and other content >never gets translated to English…[View]
410494015I really need a controller with a good d-pad. Something that can do precise and demanding inputs for…[View]
410493508>it's a game for fans and newcomers alike[View]
410493083It's a good game, just not a good AC game.[View]
410493704NCR Hate Thread: https://youtu.be/N-AVVoKbCCA Like seriously, how can you like these faggots? They a…[View]
410483520Hi there, I'm just the game that will save fps.[View]
410493074Why do you guys want paper mario in Smash bros when it's so shit these days?[View]
410493252Update me /v/. What do we know so far? What technical improvements can I expect? Any changes on the…[View]
410490548>tfw too anxious to leave bedroom to talk to my friends/roommates these days what's somethi…[View]
410486269what games have sad endings[View]
410474412FEH: What kind of offenses would it take for you to roll for Sharena and Catria?[View]
410465402When's the last time you did a full playthrough of this masterpiece? The dark horse of RPG game…[View]
410491923how am i supposed to deal with someone geting boosted by viewers since hes a streamer[View]
410493073Reminder that Dark Souls 2 is utter trash, anyone that suggests otherwise is a Ledditor or contraria…[View]
410487115>go to http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=mega-anime-avatar-creator >make a vi…[View]
410493031Is it time for the new blunder of the century?: pic very much related[View]
410488084>Play online game with random anons >Get called out for being bad >People start saying shit…[View]
410492843>play modern horror game >dark areas are dimly lit instead of being pitch black >you can st…[View]
410478792Anyone at GDC right now?: Want to organize a 4chan meetup?[View]
410491702>see cute npc in game >have to stop playing and think for 30 minutes about how I'll rape …[View]
410492854discuss how anally devastated you are[View]
410483404>mfw no Dune game[View]
410488557Just 5 more days until the GOTY of 2018. Are you ready?[View]
410449584Why is female armor so unrealistic in videogames?[View]
410490930Your company is releasing a new video game console. You are in charge of picking five existing IPs t…[View]
410485578getting my ass kicked in DaSIII, what game should I play while I unwind and recover my cool? pic unr…[View]
410488826BB Cross Tag Battle: How many of you anons are getting this shit when it drops? It looks somewhat pr…[View]
410490489What ARE games?[View]
410491767Who is the best vidya artist and why is it Shinkiro? /v/[View]
410474091UNIST Thread: Hopefully the servers aren't dead tonight.[View]
410483672New characters for Boku no hero Academia: Will you buy it? https://youtu.be/ryIOdzyD1ec[View]
410491961What's this Pokémon's name? It's definitely a pre-evolution, but I don't quite r…[View]
410491656Will they announce TBC servers along with the classic vanilla servers? I've tortured myself for…[View]
410491876Why do video games (especially indies) keep using the 4th wall breaking crashes/glitches trope?: Gam…[View]
410490531Let's talk about this guy. Activision plans on expanding the series, so where do we go from her…[View]
410475101why is fortnite so much better than this garbage? Even drdisrespect plays fortnite over pubg now[View]
410487748Why can’t a game like The Witcher 3 have combat like a game like Shadow of Mordor?[View]
410490245Razer Phone: all memes aside, is the razer phone any good? does anyone here have it?[View]
410482163Banjo in Smash: Holy shit could it actually happen now?[View]
410482824>No Ghibli collab what's the fucking point?[View]
410489214Umineko: Did she deserve everything that happened to her, /v/?[View]
410467040>Horror game >Get to the medical bay/Hospital…[View]
410490468Is this worth getting on PS4? I heard it's dead on PC. Also do you need the DLC to enjoy the ga…[View]
410490013Is this the most perfect game? Can you find an actual flaw? >inb4 graphics >implying its not v…[View]
410483839Valley Forged: How One Man Made the Indie Video Game Sensation Stardew Valley: https://www.gq.com/st…[View]
410472843PUBG MOBILE: Have you played it yet? What are your thoughts on it? I found it surprisingly easy to p…[View]
410491094Pitchford burn in hell.[View]
410485063Buyfag thread: Got anything neat lined up, /v/?[View]
410490290Jesus why did Nintendo make Princess Ruto look so lewd?[View]
410490956Why doesn't the game with errors that can be fixed in a remake get the 3DS treatment instead of…[View]
410484356Why aren't we talking about her game? Is it because of the VR exclusive, how many of the anons …[View]
410485558>game has a 'barrel roll' >it's actually an aileron roll…[View]
410479259What's the most disturbing game you've played /v/? None of that resident evil pussy shit.…[View]
410476771Valkyria Chronicles 4: The game was delivered to everyone who ordered it this morning, and it's…[View]
410490778*Destroys your fleet and bombards one of your planets to dust*[View]
410489935*yawns and stretches to the point where it feels like your back is gonna break* I thought you homos …[View]
410478029Are these games any good? I don't think I've ever seen anyone here mention them despite be…[View]
410485568Why we see more Japanese 'rockstar' developers compared to others: Source : https://web.archive.org/…[View]
410486442>DIdn't play MGSV on launch >Finally get around to it about a week ago >Boss has shrap…[View]
410489660Did I dream this game or what? There’s this online flash game that’s obviously Japanese in origin. Y…[View]
410476595>Fantasy game >Only plays a human race You don't do this, right /v/?…[View]
410488029Tencent: https://www.pcgamer.com/vivendi-sells-off-ubisoft-holdings-tencent-buys-in/ So Beelzabub so…[View]
410459569Sroo, roo wrant Dronkey Krong characters? Rand Ridrey? Is that Whrat roo wrant? Wrell, it isn't…[View]
410490159san andreas: is there a way to fix gta san andreas v1.0 s (pc) so that if you shoot next to an objec…[View]
410489580what differences does the gold edition of REsident Evil 7 have compared to the vanilla edition? wort…[View]
410485336you must wecower all the energy inmediatly uh... megaman[View]
410489770>Call of Chernobyl was his first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game[View]
410482939Who would have known that Nanako was the killer?[View]
410489853What are some games where you can blatantly cheat and get away with it?[View]
410486806Ni no Kino?[View]
410481869Paradox...come on now...: DLC still only 50% off, despite being several years old and have been at 7…[View]
410486997What are the best fan games?[View]
410484378Don’t mind me /v/, just over here being the most patrician pet species[View]
410486523Crash Bash is the best Crash game, next to CTR[View]
410465931Will realistic sword combat ever be a thing in games?[View]
410484490>Lucio is the least liked male overwatch character what did society mean by this?…[View]
410489383one of these threads[View]
410440412Do you remember the day you got your GameBoy?[View]
410486343Why haven't we had another fun GTA clone from the police's side?[View]
410489124Is there a video game that does the FFXV modern day + fantasy + night/mostly night theme, but is act…[View]
410480812What games have the best skeletons?[View]
410487585THERE....... ............IS NO......... .........ESCAPE[View]
410483159Can we talk about how fucking ace ARMS is? Picked it up 2 days ago, and I keep coming back to it. I…[View]
410488364You still will not fall? You are truly the embodiment of filth. Nonetheless... just as darkness is p…[View]
410486096>hitscan heroes countered by auto-aim heroes >tanks straight up better than almost every damag…[View]
410485949herobrine thread: herobrine thread[View]
410476298Have you ever been unsettled in a non-horror game?[View]
410488496>tatsumakis and demon flips you into the corner >in the middle of getting juggled he jabs-rese…[View]
410488243Why does /v/ hate soyboys again?[View]
410458595MMO Thread? >PLAYIN >GRINDIN >LOVIN >HATIN >CRAVIN No, Closers is not so good. No, Bl…[View]
410488365Whoa, dude...[View]
410481878Can gaming get more kino than this?[View]
410486401Storyfags btfo: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games Lets look at the nu…[View]
410483813Are there really any good boxing games that aren't Punch Out? Don't get me wrong I love Pu…[View]
410480603What's the point of making a game so fucking scary if it makes you not want to play anymore?[View]
410468316>you will no longer be able to shag smoking hot Greek babes in the new GoW game Why do sonynegros…[View]
410440628What are some vidya women with large breasts?[View]
410487686why it is the best CS map?[View]
410483247>mc tells a joke >WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS SOME KIND OF GAME?…[View]
410487645Just beat that spider loaf thing and went to the unseen village. Are blood phial drop rates signific…[View]
410480646Why this HP system isn't a thing? Is one of the few that actually make sense[View]
410485790GOTY MARK MY WORDS /v/ Red Dead Redemption will be delayed and this place is going in flames once th…[View]
410484064Can we finally discuss this game on night /v/? What are your hopes if any? Do you think Ancel can wr…[View]
410487312Was it kino?[View]
410480396I've been coping with the fact that my highschool and entire existence was completely meaningle…[View]
410483960disgaea 4: I just bought this. I see threads about disgaea all the time and never go into them. Gi…[View]
410485024he's writting your favorite game, how shitty it is now?[View]
410482952Does anybody know if there's a mod that makes you thiccer as you level up? For example at level…[View]
410486995>it's fun with friends[View]
410455791Post your favorite male video game character. Multiple times even, if you want.[View]
410479583We've discussed who we want, now who would be the worst additions to the series? What character…[View]
410481129>sequel is set millions of years after the original game, with references to the original regarde…[View]
410487198>it's an assassin shows up on surgical sitrep episode[View]
410486241First off, let me just say that Resident Evil 4 is one of, if not the only, best video game I have e…[View]
410430443>Demon's Souls >Dark Souls >Bloodborne Which is best?…[View]
410486851*ruins your hunt*[View]
410480378Revali will be an unlockable Smash character. You heard it here first.[View]
410474975>Characters go to a bar >They drink juice…[View]
410486841The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest: Last thread about this magnum opus died https://www.fa…[View]
410482132what old games to get: since all modern games are fucking trash, i was thinking about getting some o…[View]
410486703>Shoot someone point blank in the chest with a shotgun >they dont go down Crytek pls…[View]
410483254Was he right?[View]
410483183Taro thinks he's not going to be able to make another good game like Automata: If we’re going t…[View]
410463859Name a more overpowered character in gaming history.[View]
410473803What video games have caused you to have this exact reaction to them?[View]
410484550Is runescape membership actually worth it? Started playing this grind fest again and actually feel m…[View]
410483587Sea of Thieves: This is without a doubt one of the most boring games I've ever played in my lif…[View]
410465484>Nintendo Switch selling amazingly everywhere except here[View]
410486041I like this borb[View]
410484689PS4 shit system: I have never in my life had a console that whenever there's something wrong wi…[View]
410474589So I've heard that this is the definitive way to play both FFI and FFII. Never played either be…[View]
410485636Why doesn't Blizzard use a reward system for good behavior instead of doing everything they can…[View]
410484340Just finished Ratchet and Clank on PS4. Is pic related good? What's the best game of the series…[View]
410477928Ten years old April 29th. What are R* gonna do? Reminder, they've done something to commemorate…[View]
410482736*shoots you in the back*[View]
410482093Will Wright's Proxi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnxlpu1U4mk Are you ready for Spore 2.0? …[View]
410481581I'm Kumatora AMA: I'm Kumatora, PSI User and Princess of the Osohe Castle ask me anything.…[View]
410465052How ready are you?[View]
410484570Just pirated Arma 3. Is vanilla any good, or should I install some mods first?[View]
410485128this one's pretty good[View]
410472401Choose one.[View]
410470247Is there any popular Smash request that has suffered more than Isaac fans >series dead, last game…[View]
410479990What did you get for Christmas, /v/?[View]
410462582kirby: Who do you want to be a dream friend? It doesn't have to be a realistic choice. Why do y…[View]
410480187>want to play some Splatoon 2 >start up the game >literally EVERY post in Inkopolis Square …[View]
410470457ITT: Music so beautiful you could not believe it comes from a video game https://youtu.be/3KmcSXVyzz…[View]
410484618So I played Skyrim for the first time. (Never got around to it cause I play Oblivion and Fallout 1, …[View]
410480575How good are you at Fighting Games[View]
410469330'Oh yeah, that exists'[View]
410479456>buy game >put disc in >system software update >3 hour game download >1 hour game upd…[View]
410484327What was it with the Monster Rancher Franchise constantly dropping cool mechanics from each title th…[View]
410484476The NPD Group: >Nintendo Switch remains on a record setting sales pace. Over the first twelve mon…[View]
410480332Korean designs in non-MMO games fucking when? We need more floppy tits in vidya.[View]
410481949Can you make it through the Witcher without boinking any some?: I just started playing the first Wit…[View]
410480807So I picked up castlevania nes on the 3DS. It's real good, but holy fuck is it hard.[View]
410474549A Link Between Worlds is the best Zelda game: Discuss[View]
410476486Dishonored thread: When I first started on this job I thought I was just going to be poisoning or ot…[View]
410457481Supergiant: Bastion. Transistor. Pyre. Which is the best? Which has the best credits theme?…[View]
410481782What's the point of making a game so fucking gay if it makes you not want to play at all?[View]
410482034someone out there has Air Ride working like a 3D combat game. running around but with the B button m…[View]
410484037Why aren't you playing as one of us, anon? We have cool face paint, huge antlers and our girls …[View]
410474749I was born in a small village.[View]
410483698Go, Liquid, go and war to the extreme![View]
410479898hows the game[View]
410482060I'm getting one soon as a gift but not sure what my first game should be. I mean BotW is the ob…[View]
410483131ITT: Games no one else remembers[View]
410427783Risk of Rain.[View]
410464881Final Fantasy XV: Can we have a comfy FF XV thread?[View]
410482949Did anyone get this It looks fun and I need an Armored Core fix, even if it just seems like a diet v…[View]
410482312Whats the best boss theme?[View]
410482182post characters that had more sex than you will ever have[View]
410478435>it's been over a year since the switch came out >it's the most successful console e…[View]
410449614Previous Thread: >>410374692 >Post character name/franchises and references and keep them i…[View]
410473902Was this kirby at its peak?[View]
410479886Refresh my memory, /v/: a few years ago some big indie game was announced for either Xbox One or PS4…[View]
410474839Put her in Smash[View]
410477404>party member with low stamina begs you to stop grinding >you don't…[View]
410470153CAN YOU SEE ALL OF ME?[View]
410477125he's gonna be in smash guys[View]
410481672Why the fuck is Death always Dracula's bitch boy? Death has got to be stronger than him.[View]
410481505>Games protagonist dies[View]
410482150What were they thinking?[View]
410479384http://youtu.be/TdvELx3JDIo Play her game![View]
410482308>He needs slopes to beat Diablos[View]
410482269It's out and it's the reason we haven't had a new ASP in 2,5 years.[View]
410471594Last thread got too out of hand with the shill comments, so let's start fresh (with no comments…[View]
410474039He's totally getting in this time, isn't he?[View]
410480639what the fuck[View]
410478254Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history' Me:[View]
410474229>Game >Game 2 >Game 3 >generation gap >GAME…[View]
410475315*completes your fighting game roster*[View]
410480780Terraria: Any anons play Terraria on steam?[View]
410466716Here is the official Tier list of competitive E-sports, based on skill ceiling required for top play…[View]
410473537Isn't it sad? Just unfair?[View]
410478981DDR/ITG thread: The local 'arcade' closed down in my town this week. Have been going there at least …[View]
410468387Why would sans get in smash when there’s a true warrior instead?[View]
410480546>all those hours playing terrorist hunt with friends, while trying to hit elite for that custom c…[View]
410481247>find gear >wander around for 20 minutes >cant find anyone >get sniped from half mile aw…[View]
410477047Is this the single greatest game ever released?[View]
410481626>make new FF fighting game >include three characters people actually want >release it next …[View]
410480739Are there any decent racing games these days similar to pic related? Or should I just play pic relat…[View]
410478326Questions for Switch users.: So, I just bought a Switch. I haven't own anything Nintendo in age…[View]
410481475See anything? Are they trying to fuck with you, /v/?[View]
410481464remember me?: remember the good ol' swashbucklin times we used to have? matey, maybe ye should …[View]
410479257What went fucking wrong?: Is it salvageable?[View]
410480898Please don't tell me you have your desk up against the wall. How do you stretch out your legs a…[View]
410479557There were developers who thought this was a good idea. Justify it.[View]
410466530ITT we post our backlogs and people tell us what to play next: >New Vegas >TLoU Remastered…[View]
410479894why doesn't sans suicide if he's convinced life doesn't matter[View]
410480823>TIME TO DIVE INTO THE FIREWORKS What the hell was he thinking? That sounds dangerous.…[View]
410480641>game runs completely fine with no lag or stutter >shoots your gpu up to 98°C in less than a m…[View]
410479601Underrated lesser-known gems thread.[View]
410480058Will games for the Atari 26000 have retro-style covers?[View]
410480706Wee wee wee I play the hockey[View]
410480537Behold your new character[View]
410448605Why would a character from a series primarily known for its porn have even a sliver of a chance maki…[View]
410478783What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little taffer? I’ll have you know I graduated t…[View]
410480438Ho ho! You found me![View]
410480398>this is an Esports 'athlete'[View]
410447852I never played this series but I heard it's praised pretty much everywhere. So can you give me …[View]
410480248You do have an official gamer card, don’t you?[View]
410473903The Simpsons Hit & Run? More like The Whimpsons Shit & Done![View]
410479398So I heard this game is pretty good. Anybody actually play it yet?[View]
410477043ITT, stupid shit you did relating to vidya: >have 360 for all of 7th gen >suddenly become anti…[View]
410479896What are're the best bullet hell games on Steam?[View]
410478937Do you need any knowledge of the first game to play this one? Sold my PS3 ages ago and this game loo…[View]
410476376What do you fags use to organize your clusterfuck of ROMs and games? I use playnite. It really needs…[View]
410478881Soon I will be purchasing a gaming monitor to pair with an XboxOne X. I understand that the console …[View]
410457487>Healing spells can miss[View]
410466248Hey /v/, check out this starb[View]
410469803>Playing Skyrim for like the billionth time >Just going through the motions at this point >…[View]
410478274Are we going to do another? All the previous ones were fun and great.[View]
410479539>Has full dedication from a company with enough resources to support two systems for numerous gen…[View]
410439825Why do people sperg so much over big boobs in vidya?[View]
410479473How soon until Blizzard adds Pepe to their filtered keywords in-game? Can't see them keeping it…[View]
410479080a thought on game design people don't like options. developers have to purposely limit the play…[View]
410468205I'm playing her game and I'm not having a bad time.[View]
410436064Sea of thieves is No Man's Sky 2. Boring shit[View]
410478473Feels thread: >tfw you wil never be 16 again playing wow all night with your online friends.…[View]
410479297nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay luigi?[View]
410477038What other Nintendo games have fairly dark backstories buried on the surface?[View]
410478267There was a Silent Hill Thread here. It's gone now[View]
410479220Never played any of this shit, am I missing out?[View]
410476026So when Undertale makes it into Smash, what will its stage be? I'm thinking pic related.[View]
410475978Would you be willing to put up with higher prices for games if it meant that paid DLC and microtrans…[View]
410479069Does Steam do easter sales? What vidya are you waiting to to buy when they go on sale?[View]
410474757>/v/ says game was shit >is actually okay What was it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9bBTwC…[View]
410469527Forget water, you can't damage people with wind element[View]
410478576Sell me on this game does /v/ consider it shit? or another unsung masterpiece?[View]
410474420So this is basically Super Mario 64 2, right?[View]
410470564The Dragonborn's Many Titles: Does anyone else find it strange that you can be >Harbinger o…[View]
410469663I've been wanting to get into an MMO again, is this one good? I started playing it a while ago …[View]
410476609File name thread.[View]
410459497Who hyped? 1 week to go[View]
410473595FortNite: How the fuck am I so trash at this game, struggling to get my 3rd win, meanwhile some roas…[View]
410476653Is this the best setting in Zelda?[View]
410472808Is Vigil black or native south korean. My friend has down-syndrome and thinks hes black. Please prov…[View]
410476087Was Evil Genial the only game to live up to it?[View]
410477614>Ashley Burch is a VA >game ruined The more she talks, the more I dislike the game... My ears …[View]
410474762Why didn’t they make it a battle royale I feel like it unironically would’ve been a lot of fun with …[View]
410462161>there’s a good chance skin tone options, cross dressing, gender switching, and gay villagers wil…[View]
410477889>Game ends with a dance party did dreamworks make this game?[View]
410475607What are some games that allow me to be very small? Think like Pikmin, Minish Cap or Chibi-Robo, or …[View]
410476415The fuck was her problem?[View]
410477669Fucking Turters superboss when?[View]
410474506HEY /v/ I BOUGHT THIS, IS IT GOOD?[View]
410476828/v/3rm1n w33k3nd I call kill KAKOBOT[View]
410468734Toys 'R Us Closing ALL Stores, Thread #2: old thread: >>410441301 (@ max & now autosa…[View]
410468607The best games ever 2: Post pictures of the best games[View]
410472048This is the definitive top 20 games of all time list. People have been complaining about that Gamein…[View]
410475109Are there any games that have an ending as good as this? >Those screen divisions between the past…[View]
410465421ITT: Moments that made you fall in love with a game: >Be me >10 hours into BOTW > Activatin…[View]
410451696Hero of Heroes Grand Prix thread: HAHAHA HAHAHA >THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF CORRIDAFAGS Where are my f…[View]
410476858fifa 18 ps4 FUT season friendlies: wanna play fut season friendslies to get a weekly reward any1 up …[View]
410476736Today marks the beginning of Farewell, My Turnabout.[View]
410401025/ctt/- Console-Tan Tuesday: >Tuesday >10:00 AM EST >no /ctt/ thread up yet what'sa mat…[View]
410470510ITT post best shootouts in vidya history. I'll start: the airport terminal in MP3 was by far th…[View]
410408259Granboob: Vira edition Now with 100% less new content because loli is haram[View]
410474537RIP Mr. Nintendo[View]
410456201You people want some info? Ask away[View]
410473890what are some moments in vidya where you couldn't help but stand up and clap?[View]
410476104So will it be the case that all the beta armor are old designs and alpha will be new? The alpha jho …[View]
410476037>expect game to be shit >is actually bretty good whats her name /v/, pic very related…[View]
410476034It's time for us to make a game community based on old browsing pre-HTML5 pre-javascript to mak…[View]
410475124>get a steam account because friend suggested >get a few games at first >after some time fi…[View]
410473480I'm going to be honest /v/, I want to cum inside Alyx Vance[View]
410475960Captain Space: Hey everyone come to atlas plaza were having a costume contest![View]
410475921>be me >go into gamestop >wanna buy a game >someone in front of me is getting Horizon Z…[View]
410470807How do we stop it, /v/?[View]
410466719Post your favorite games and other anons will judge you I will start: >super mario bros 3 >yos…[View]
410462353Nintendo Switch thread: What are you playing currently? What have you played the most? What are you …[View]
410470503Hey guys, I heard you love Toddposting... Well, I have a great idea... RANDYPOSTING! Buy My Game™, a…[View]
410471304Anyone wanna talk about this? Picking up Akatsuki cause he is simple and feel like he's gonna h…[View]
410474882*Kills your MHXX Western Release*[View]
410473584What games have 'bro' love interests?[View]
410471470>game requires you to kill peaceful NPC's to progress[View]
410475364why dont we ever have boxing matches like in the old days where they drop a microphone down from the…[View]
410474016What’s the chances Mario Tennis Aces gets into Evo and Marvel still doesn’t[View]
410474820>enter new area >the same enemies are present but are just a different color to fit the theme …[View]
410475251Morpho Knight: So basically this motherfucker has been in every main Kirby game since the beginning …[View]
410475220Any gamers wanna play Age of Empires 2?[View]
410475139What is an actually decent website and/or magazine to read that covers video games?[View]
410472339Marrow: Is this game good?[View]
410470892>Chrono X gets updated >with netplay >there are no threads at all Where the fuck are the Ba…[View]
410463279Why is Alpha Protocol still so great?[View]
410469868So what does /v/ think of her? Honest opinion.[View]
410471559*gives you a cinnamon beard*[View]
410460451Are you going to get it?[View]
410467915>Big Bro, what are you doing with those girls you take to your room?'[View]
410466776How would you fix the Legends games, /v/?[View]
410474502Looking for someone to co-op with in Dark Souls 2: Hey, my name is Cliff and I don't know if th…[View]
410473282PREPARE TO JOUST[View]
410473372Why did he laugh?[View]
410472123Why were him and Beard (sometimes) such cryptic assholes?[View]
410470546This game was too smart for its own good[View]
410461754Nononononono please no It's bad enough that Meme Knight and that gay-ass skeleton Ness are prob…[View]
410469353Hollow Knight Thread: Hollow Knight Shill general - /HKSG/ Is this the best Metroidvania ever or wha…[View]
410474154What features would you like in a new fight night? What boxers would you hope make it in?[View]
410473968What are some real life locations that would make good video game locations?[View]
410473956I never thought I'd see such an Accurate post on Gamefaqs[View]
410468534Fortnite?! More like goodnight![View]
410471779True enlightenment and a life of prosperity will come to those who purchase my game, my child.[View]
410473385>kill whoever the heart tells me to >let people with good pasts and intentions live…[View]
410471573Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter…[View]
410473674What is the vidya equivalent of this album?[View]
410470274why aren't you playing dragon ball fighterz?[View]
410463841Love in the Woods: Would you play a Night in the Woods dating sim, anon?[View]
410472494Hey /v/, Henry has come to see us![View]
410461523>Say gg >It wasn't gg I'M OUTTA CONTROL…[View]
410467017Why do people play racing games? What's the appeal? You know you can drive in real life, right…[View]
410473561Is this a Sonic reference?[View]
410472672This is the video game shitpost containment thread. This is in hopes of improving /v/ overall by con…[View]
410468918>ITT we discuss some of the greatest video game sins of all time First and foremost is Sony letti…[View]
410471515StarCraft: Ghost: Do you think it was good?[View]
410468796Remaster when?[View]
410472043anyone else got this on sale? this game is amazing[View]
410473217Im gonna be in mania 2 right ? They not going to forgot about me like i never was in the games right…[View]
410472762*blocks your quality*[View]
410473058What do they mean by this?[View]
410472707Is it going to suck as much as the pre-sequel?[View]
410471818Did you protect her /v/?[View]
410472915What is your 'main' monster hunter on 3ds?: I've played mh4u the most, i have cardriges of both…[View]
410472829Greatest Castlevania ever made.[View]
410470610Why is the AI so inconsistent?[View]
410468063Greatest Beat'em up ever made[View]
410471675Are any of the later Uncharted games worth playing or are they more of the same? Picked up the colle…[View]
410434725Now that Berserk is back on hiatus, where's the next damn game?[View]
410395308why do /v/ hate roguelikes?[View]
410471506Sooooo.... Anyone else here attracted to glorious white haired dragon husbando??? Im as much of a st…[View]
410458204Why did vidya advertisements lose their edge[View]
410470483This is Lucina's replacement in Smash 5. You may not like it, but this is what peak Rukina look…[View]
410469258>Here's your new rune factory son[View]
410467793>finds kairi >'oh hey it's kairi' >finds riku >is beyond excited hmmmm…[View]
410470190DREAMLESS DORM[View]
410467993I will post this everyday until E3 2018 I will cling to hope in possibility that this E3 will be vid…[View]
410470321YOU ARE NOT SAREN[View]
410471956>unlocks from your camera and drops your fps to 3 So this is the true difficulty of Bloodborne...…[View]
410461229What is a game that will satisfy my gun related autism? good gunplay would also be good[View]
410471938Super Bomberman R: What was everyone's reaction to this? Because mine was HOLY FUCK, KONAMI IS …[View]
410472013Haha I'll be playing first for ya faggots[View]
410459220It's over https://dotesports.com/overwatch/news/overwatch-league-pepe-memes-22011[View]
410462027we can ALL agree this is game of the gen and the best FROMsoft game of all time, right?[View]
410470917wizards are the only true gamers[View]
410470524DirectX Raytracing: How can raylets compete?[View]
410471116Whip out that card[View]
410469783How come pirated games don't have achievements?[View]
410471073I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
410468938I've been working on this M.C. Escher inspired game for a year and a half. What do you think? h…[View]
410469751ITT: Feminist characters.[View]
410470349BALD: King DDD is BALD[View]
410470928He culled Stratholme...[View]
410470746Ah, you're back... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HybqHlBmH7c[View]
410464773Late Night Baldur's Gate Thread: Is there anything more enjoyable and comfy than low level D…[View]
410464040Sega has a lot of awesome IPS do you think they will bring them back someday?[View]
410467914so i finally bought zelda because of how booty blasted V is over legends of zelda and i gotta say, i…[View]
410468873Comfy PS4 thread: What are you playing bros? What are you getting next month? Personally I'm pr…[View]
410469047Literally WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?[View]
410461679Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: Playing this for the first time, enjoying it but hesitant to assign jo…[View]
410462953>say “ggez” as in “Good game, easily one of the best teams I’ve played with yet!” >get banned …[View]
410460357well? y/n?[View]
410465567I know I’m going to get a lot of shit for this, but . . . Manaan is my favorite planet. You know, th…[View]
410470432Ann is such a cute bimbo.[View]
410463789>SUPA FIGHTAN ROBUTT MEGAMAN >can tank missiles giant scissors ice, fire and electrical blasts…[View]
410469816What was this cunts goal?: Why ressurect Jubileus if he knew what was going to happen anyway? Bayo t…[View]
410469906>help i have <problem> in game! >check your pm >cool problem solved thanks!…[View]
410408963What happened to designing unique, stylistic and thematically fitting UIs in AAA games? Why the soul…[View]
410468579[boss fight strings intensify][View]
410470129I'm putting together a team.[View]
410468163>'You know, Yuna, with great power comes great responsibility. Maester Mika called it 'The sub-ra…[View]
410469775Left or right?[View]
410467962ITT: legitimate new classics pic related, already beat it atleast 7 times[View]
410468668This Puyo shit is impossible. What is wrong with Japan?[View]
410470170Remember me?[View]
410453783>shrines skips were deliberately designed to be exploited by the players that makes the gameplay …[View]
410467807>everyone thinks the final boss is dead but i'm actually still alive…[View]
410457131Ninja Gaiden: THE GREAT FUCKING DEBATE IS OVER!!!!!: Finally found it! I fucking found it! The ULTIM…[View]
410468004Never fear, Anon! She's debeaked and completely harmless, the worst she might do is attempt to.…[View]
410469327When does modding vidya go too far?[View]
410467827This looked awful[View]
410469665BOTW: Admit it, Riju is the best waifu[View]
410466053Did any game have a more abstruse method of getting one thing than this shit from Final Fantasy XII?…[View]
410469483So I ask you again Samurai, do you surrender?[View]
410466857>gonna be hit by a nor'easter tomorrow >8-12 expected inches of snow >work cancelled b…[View]
410465345BLOODBORNE ONLINE IS BLOOMING MY DUDES recently got the game? started playing again? tell me about …[View]
410469310He killed hundreds...[View]
410466036What was the last game you played that really made you enjoy gaming, /v/? Right now I'm right a…[View]
410453978Elves are not ok[View]
410451047Majoras Ass: >main quest just steals a bunch of set pieces from OoT, but does them worse >shit…[View]
410469046>Look ladies I am defending you from those horrible sexist competitors in video games, now will y…[View]
410459267Is TF2 worth getting into?[View]
410445929When did pokemon lose it's magic for you?[View]
410439335>End Game >Getting ready to kill asshole antagonist >Antagonist reveals backstory/motive…[View]
410467734Don't go breaking any laws.[View]
410468358https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DK_zftzQ-g What PC games are about el chavo del ocho?[View]
410466896What are some fun games for the Switch besides Splatoon 2 and BOTW? Those are the only games I have …[View]
410466705What are some games with good soundtracks?[View]
410464889So we have open world exploration-based Mario and Zelda games now. What other Nintendo franchises wo…[View]
410468538>whole indie direct >announce the best indie game coming to switch 6 hours after initial direc…[View]
410460626What was this place's opinion on WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$![View]
410468426Why does this shit get so hot while in the dock?[View]
410467976>'''pirate game''' >You just do fetch quests and fight skeletons So what exactly is pirate abo…[View]
410468469Here's your final boss bro[View]
410466819I know you're cold Link but you are so cute! CUTE!!!!![View]
410468435The same robot that controlled the corpse of Stephen Hawking was also present in Kotor 1 Manaan guar…[View]
410466595Name a better Action-RPG. Go ahead, I'll wait. Pro tip: You can't.[View]
410464948>'Oh hello there sir, I've got one order of an HTC Vive Pro hot and ready to go.' >'That…[View]
410468186>game about developing games >game fails its own internal measurements and would be a 4/10 at …[View]
410441301Toys 'R Us Closing ALL Stores: In memory, post Toys R Us stories. >mfw some of you were bor…[View]
410464050I have this really weird / cool story about my Oblivion save. Anybody wanna hear it?[View]
410447871What's your favorite software to make pixel art/sprites?[View]
410450860Draw a kirby character of your choosing in paint, then post it. Don't spend more than 10 minute…[View]
410466180Considering how much worse the PS3 was from the PS2 and how much worse the PS4 was from the PS3 is a…[View]
410465914>not a single bit of news since the VGAs Well what is it? Will we see anything related to it in t…[View]
410467942Let's be honest here, the Half-Life series was actually pretty good.[View]
410465190BANJO AND KAZOOIE IN SMASH: Calling it now, $5.99 DLC announced before Smash even releases https://t…[View]
410467837Why did Nintendo 64 games have the deepest Lore?[View]
410466835>wins the game[View]
410467730AA games thread: what are some obscure AA games you enjoyed?[View]
410464690>Just ignore the trailers and everything and try to go in blind Anyone else out there that just c…[View]
410460579So we are getting one of these for Smash 5, right?[View]
410467453literally impossible[View]
410465371>tfw you're favorite genre of games is also one that you completely suck at Anyone else know…[View]
410455617>ITT: games only you played[View]
410466243What should I expect?[View]
410466910I would like to cut the balls from 95% of the users so the porn thread spam would end.[View]
410466441>Halo 6 >Gears of War 5 >Forza Motorsport 8…[View]
410451295Why is this allowed?[View]
410464812Games where they did Helms right: which games had actually good looking/functional helms where you w…[View]
410467179Why does imoen look like a crack addict in bg2? Why does jaheria look completely different?[View]
410444937Who was in the wrong here?[View]
410461072Is there a better vidya feel than grinding out a super long combo?[View]
410465029Admit it, you want him in smash[View]
410466886Who /Mean Greens/ here?[View]
410456697Come, sit down anon. Let's have a nice, civil discussion of your favorite video game and why yo…[View]
410466727What is the Requiem Mass: Introitus of video games?[View]
410463064What's the best JRPG of all time?[View]
410465772wtf i love ni no kuni 2 now[View]
410459332>'Oh Asuka, you've got a massager!' >'That's not a massager...' What did they mean b…[View]
410466774Streamer/Youtube bros. About how many minutes of content do you find that you can capture per GB of …[View]
410465702>last video game you completed >anon below rates your taste/10 I'll start: >spec ops t…[View]
410462718Ready: follow the link and get a superpower http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random Tell m…[View]
410454953I've played Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3. Thinking about going back to its roots. Have I ruined myself…[View]
410465850help w/ touhou: as someone who has never played a touhou game, what order should i play the games in…[View]
410464827Did you buy her figure yet /v/?[View]
410464237If sans gets into 5mash, could she be an assist?[View]
410463530Tree of Savior: What went so horribly wrong?[View]
410461043Why's she so pure.[View]
410466373why is japan the only country in this region that makes good video games that sell on an internation…[View]
410448787It's official: Sea Of Thieves' launch is officially a disaster.[View]
410464908Modern Warfare 2 remastered: Modern Warfare 2 remastered an Activision cash grab or finally fixing t…[View]
410466276>game has black characters in it >they're able to read and/or don't steal literally …[View]
410464154X > 3 > 1 > the rest[View]
410464083Well do you look at this, Nintendo was holding back MH this whole time.[View]
410451275>Smash 64 was good >Melee was GOAT >Brawl sucked >Smash4 sucked TFW I literally have no …[View]
410464449Did you get your tickets yet, Kingdom Hearts fags? Did you spend big since most cities had all their…[View]
410458274you know that is true[View]
410462641Pleasant Surprises: Games you bought on a whim that ended up surpassing expectations. Pic related fo…[View]
410463187This is the ideal villain. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
410465609steam profile rate thread: come find some friends /v/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/eldredjonas/…[View]
410440359What am I in for?[View]
410455351ITT: Post dem blue characters[View]
410465523IF you piss off Hylea in PoE then she shits all over your boat in Deadfire.[View]
410421946Let's discuss KoF: Or just the women. Either way, the last thread was pretty fun.[View]
410465425>Tonight, Gerhman hits the blunt true kino also bloodborne thread[View]
410455826ITT: Post dem black characters[View]
410455597Why do you play video games?[View]
410463594And now I activate my spell card![View]
410463354What are good educational type games?[View]
410462451RAW Leaked footage: Alex Jones infiltrates Versalife headquarters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V…[View]
410464540Did they ever release this for the PC?[View]
410463729Is there a strategy game that allows you to simulate a holocaust, or commit other crimes against hum…[View]
410423687How would you make a good Power Rangers game?[View]
410464406what did he mean by this?[View]
410464037did anyone else feel like running is slower than walking in this game? also, game ripley > movie …[View]
410464783>game is all upbeat 90s music for soundtrack[View]
410463096What do we think about this?[View]
410461294How would you bring back Advance Wars?[View]
410463781>buy vidya on ebay from reputable seller >accidentally put in the wrong address >seller is …[View]
410464591>Free 2 Play >it's actually Pay 2 Progress…[View]
410464090Let's talk about it[View]
410462505ITT: patrician choices.[View]
410464363>MC is stuck inside the game forever[View]
410463382Why is the Switch getting so many ports lately? Is it because within the last year businesses saw th…[View]
410443738Are you excited for Deviljho in Monster Hunter World?[View]
410462456When does it get good?[View]
410459143Bulborb needs your support. Sometimes bulborb feels alone and want friends.[View]
410458127The worst main zelda game: >based around a stupid concept >shit graphics >shitty, generic a…[View]
410463986>*keys your car* What the fuck was his problem?[View]
410462983Is Tokimeki Memorial a good game?[View]
410463981Hey, is the Broodwars tournament starting today or did I miss it?[View]
410442038What games have really good romance? Doesn't necessarily have to be well written exactly, as lo…[View]
410463875BEST RACE JOINS THE FRAY!: Dreanor Orcs are allied races in BFA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYq…[View]
410463870Post your best Prompto![View]
410403985Vermintide 2 Patch 1.04: Vermintide 2 Patch notes: http://steamcommunity.com/games/552500/announceme…[View]
410458139>'talk to ya later bro' >Last Online: 23 hours ago…[View]
410458925it's that time of the day, anons. >ITT: comfy vidya music https://youtu.be/SQxKHFu0-UM https…[View]
410436736You did save him.. right /v/?[View]
410463617The legion is humanity's best hope for survival[View]
410463214>ITT: you can only post in this thread if brapposters haven't ruined your franchise…[View]
410463226>Vampires easily charm party members[View]
410463035vidya characters whose tummies you want to live in thread[View]
410461478>slums level >hiphop music starts playing…[View]
410462704About to start the assassin's creed series+dlcs What i'm in for /v/?[View]
410463073If any anime character is ever getting into Smash, it'll be him first. He'd actually have …[View]
410462449What are some multiplayer games with very small but dedicated communities? I enjoy the comradery.[View]
410463327Klarf: Klonoa general? Klonoa general.[View]
410456901One of my high school friend's father legitimately works at Nintendo Corporate and I'm try…[View]
410462995>you need to walk and fight other enemies before the final boss because the checkpoint is in a di…[View]
410463150What should I expect?[View]
410462630Filename thread?[View]
410460293>Press X to jump[View]
410462695What would be a good collection would you like to see in the future?[View]
410456365One of these threads[View]
410462969Anyone else play this? It's fucking fun. I love becoming OP as fuck[View]
410462893Why is there no MMORPG dev that can design good-looking slut armor? Like, I get that they want to ha…[View]
410446038Literally the worst game I have ever played. >empty open world >towers >weapons break after…[View]
410461172Get gaming, brothers!: How do you like to game? Be sure to like and subscribe.[View]
410453739How would you compare Resident Evil 7 to the rest of the series?[View]
410462302What's he up to nowadays?[View]
410459502Be my judge: Hello, please analyze the case in the picture and tell me your judgment. Who is right? …[View]
410461718>Its a videogame set during a resistance movement in the future[View]
410462723WHEN DO THESE GO ON SALE FOR XBOX: I don't want to play on pc cause I won't have one with …[View]
410462663What killed the hype (other than the usual Bandai Namco fuckery)?[View]
410462062>cRPGs >challening[View]
410460350Post the absolute shittiest 'did they even play test this? what the fuck were they thinking?' maps f…[View]
410445434What am I in for, /v/?[View]
410460603Fuck, Marry, Kill[View]
410460973bantz in fighting games: This guy beat me one game in smash, talked a lot of shit, and then i procee…[View]
410440365He raped millions...[View]
410460497With Travis strikes agine being a spin-off what do you want to see in the third game?[View]
410462386is this the oldest casual filter in vidya history?[View]
410453946Looking for a second monitor for gaming of course. Are these 1ms a gimmick? Is it worth having two m…[View]
410459326>this was actually a showcase tech demo for the PS4[View]
410460308why people hate fun games? I am 30 hours in, and this shit is a fucking blast[View]
410458130What's your opinion on balance in fighting games? Can it ever be achieved?[View]
410458649Which handheld was better overall /v/ ?[View]
410457298Danganronpa>Zero Escape[View]
410462023So what do you guys think of Clan Conflicts 2?[View]
410459636I screamed so loud that I cried.[View]
410460948Has anyone played this? When does it get good?[View]
410460945Do you play non Japanese games with the Japanese dub?[View]
4104569271. it's a beta 2. they will fix it[View]
410461091>bug/sloppy mistake becomes canon franchise lore[View]
410387983>download leaked dev build >it has a dedicated debug menu >spawn edgy semen demon >she …[View]
410459690Twisted Pixel: They used to be one of my favorite indie studios some years ago. Are they dead now?…[View]
410461769Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack, Volume 2: So this is coming out tomorrow (or today) March 21st…[View]
410455993Is this the current state of creativity?[View]
410453379Why is this fucker's scenario so shit? From the levels, the characters, the bosses, everything.…[View]
410460992Wow: You're in the club and this suave orc unga your girl's bunga. What do?[View]
410461681How can Paladins be saved?[View]
410455524>82 days until E3[View]
410459438I like watching video essays about videogames. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp4-9G47uF0 Does any…[View]
410461154What games feature Dante from the Devil May Cry series?[View]
410460547Why do people hate the 2ds?[View]
410454992What the fuck is up with the pacing? Am I supposed to watch the movie first?[View]
410460225>I play fighting games for the STORY and CHARACTERS!! - every MK fag ever What's their malfu…[View]
410432829Friendly reminder that Morpho Knight has been watching Kirby all along[View]
410461207Who's the hardest Souls/Bloodborne boss to kill without getting hit?[View]
410461023Why dont they make a metal slug 8 with all the new characters from the phone game?[View]
410459001Is it really that bad? Also, how would you react if it were ported to Switch?[View]
410456149What GTA V should have been: >Franklin is sole protagonist >Start off with him in the Hood, do…[View]
410460791>ad for FFXV definitive edtion comes up >one of the selling points is 'over 20 dlc additions i…[View]
410450171Has ever been a developer that gave up on their game design and just give what the audience wants?[View]
410459260WHERE'S SANS UNDERTALE??? shitty draw thread i guess[View]
410458741/pol/ memes aside, how is it?[View]
410415375Yakuza 6: IGN gave this a 7.5. Well /v/, explain[View]
410456874What are the chances of the third party characters returning? Sonic, Cloud, Ryu, Mega Man, Cloud, an…[View]
410459870>adding a sprint meter so you can't spring infinitely Brian Hicks must have downs.…[View]
410456726Tell me fun vidya where I can fuck shit up as a big robot[View]
410455570Which and why?[View]
410460584Post moda you like,no matter the game[View]
410457567ITT: Post dem purple characters[View]
410459867Don't mind me guys, just being the single most fun character in the history of the MOBA genre.[View]
410460480Was he our guy?[View]
410445007Is it bad that I actually want Sans in Smash?[View]
410459179This was easy.[View]
410459623Tencent acquiring Ubisoft: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/03/ubisoft-ends-2-5-year-takeover-bid…[View]
410460241I can't decide if nu-lara or ciri is the best girl[View]
410447460When was the last time you made a friend in a video game?[View]
410453668What was your first reaction when you discovered emulators?[View]
410460024>Boner walks in[View]
410460013>Games shouldn't be played for their story![View]
410459896Reminder that he was totally the real EVA. Anyone who didn't realize it or refuses to believe i…[View]
410459803was it shit?[View]
410459418What's the most fun class to play in 5.4.8?[View]
410459685oh yeaaaah, that was a thing[View]
410459624What's the best PAL-region port?[View]
410459312Just beat this, did I like it? And is it worth to do NG+? I started it and read Kainé's backsto…[View]
410459485ITT: Post dem beije characters[View]
410459056ITT: Oh yeah, that happened[View]
410456147LAN Party thread hosting my first lan party for my 21st and play halo customs, thought I'd come…[View]
410459118>This as a Smash stage Even if you don't want Sans in Smash, this would be a pretty cool and…[View]
410438889Why did it fail?[View]
410451016Nintendo Switch BEST SELLING CONSOLE platform in history during first 12 months in the U.S. !!!: New…[View]
410459259Was this game made in Austin?[View]
410406410>no level scaling >completely open world >can kill anyone >almost no quest railroading …[View]
410459041Thoughts on the Oracle series ?[View]
410459187Virgin VS Chad: Let's see 'em. Make some new ones, too.[View]
410456352Did anyone like it?[View]
410455169>people say Miyamoto hated Donkey Kong Country, which is untrue >people say Miyamoto deliberat…[View]
410458959What the heck? Is this a metal gear reference in FFXV? :D[View]
410458331overlooked 7th gen games[View]
410458251ITT games you used to play all the time but that now they're dead for me, it's DCUO[View]
410456730ITT: Post dem green characters[View]
410454028Visuals: I remember the big hub-bub about the visual downgrade Dark Souls 2 got just before release.…[View]
410457787ITT: Post dem red characters[View]
410458332Heihachi Mishima....[View]
410458929>Smash 5 is announced >Portfags >Ironic gokufags >Ironic sansfags >Ironic k. roolfags…[View]
410405585>http://east.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/inside-the-forge-blizzards-heroes-of-the-storm-in-2018 …[View]
410458604ITT: Post dem gray characters[View]
410458697Close your eyes, take a pen, and point to any random 3 genres on this image (mobilefags can fuck off…[View]
410458740what are some games with prison setting?[View]
410458758Did I just get NTR'd?[View]
410456158why do we hate nintendo again?[View]
410453673I was right, as I told you, it got delayed, fuck you /v/[View]
410446856If these 4 were all announced at E3 for Smash would /v/ implode[View]
410453067>get bored of legion >hear about Silithus >subscribe again and do the 1 quest there for lit…[View]
410458667>he plays an mmo with quest markers and classes[View]
410450007Valkyria Chronicles 4: Does anyone here really care that Valkyria Chronicles 4 was released?[View]
410455928Smash 5 Most Desired: Post your most desired character for Smash 5 Pic related[View]
410455286>complains about walking simulators and 'cinematic' gameplay >plays visual novels Really activ…[View]
410456835RIP Tribes: Ascend: where were you when Tribes: Ascend was kill?[View]
410451312When you're trying to make a game, but half your team wants to write a fucking book.[View]
410450598How do I have more fun in this game if I'm a noob to racing games? Literally the only ones I…[View]
410451278Deus Ex: How did you handle this mission /v/ operatives?[View]
410452839What the hell is going on with Steam?[View]
410443349say something good about Bloodborne[View]
410458224FighterZ: Why?[View]
410454050>game tells its story through audio logs or books[View]
410442046Smash Dream Rosters: >Rules -Must have appeared on a Nintendo console in the past, or have a plan…[View]
410446136>ITT games that transcend the bounds of video game into the realm of art I'll start…[View]
410450297Name a comfier