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417321741How would you make this better? And why is this game one of my favorites even though it's so he…[View]
417339048Where is it Ultima?[View]
417331308>game has talking MC who's looks you can customize >tfw seeing other peoples MC and it…[View]
417339980Ok listen the fuck up. You are going to shitpost very, very slowly. Now, and by slowly I mean fuckin…[View]
417339540What video games let me play as a white collar worker?[View]
417340470How do I get good at this game? I'm playing on the easiest settings and I'm still getting …[View]
417335542Why do some people here think it's wrong to not like black and female characters in games? Sinc…[View]
417336068Predict the smell at Nintendo's booth this E3.[View]
417338002filename thread[View]
417338895Elder Scrolls or Fallout?[View]
417336884>tfw no open world ork game where you build up your WAAAGGH!!! taking out different tribes, creat…[View]
417336373What's BiBo thinking about?[View]
417338041It's actually super lame that Steam now hides your game history by default. I liked digging thr…[View]
417339059Battlefield 5 Maps: No Stalingrad or red army on launch? REEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
417339868>Incomplete >Game director working five stories below his own team because boss bullying >S…[View]
417253378Play Persona 3 (and 4)[View]
417335545What the fuck do I do here?[View]
417337859Where were you when Code Vein fucking saved action games /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kly9eL…[View]
417338867What was the /v/erdict on huniepop?[View]
417339093ITT games only you played[View]
417301006Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
417336034lol fuck women amirite guize xD[View]
417338763What could have been...[View]
417339195Money Answers Everything: ITT: Suggestions for interesting methods of improving the industry.[View]
417336724You're locked in a room with a device that erases memories and one video game of your choice. Y…[View]
417336590>game slides you off any surface they don't want you to walk on unironically uninstalled…[View]
417333890When did gamers become such thin skinned pansy cunts?: Seriously you faggots are the most sensitive,…[View]
417327410Whose hyped for this game? I know I am. I'm a big Darksiders fan. (2 > 1, except for the op…[View]
417338754Anyone played this? How is it?[View]
417336493What are your thoughts on the most unique of all the Paradox titles, Stellaris?[View]
417334478What I'm seeing on this board is pathetic. I play games to escape reality. I play games to expl…[View]
417336595>spent approximately 90 hours wacking off to Tifa hentai in high school…[View]
417337307Why are there no Legend of the Galactic Heroes video games? What would be a good fit for the series …[View]
417324625here's your Yakuza 3 PS4 cover[View]
417321708Anyone that talks shit about the driving physics doesn't know shit about game design.[View]
417338619Dark Souls Remaster: >release remaster of game >don't fix any of the game breaking bugs…[View]
417333303Mario Kart 9 Newcomers: Baby Donkey Kong Baby Wario Baby Waluigi Baby Bowser Baby Yoshi Baby Toad Dr…[View]
417335374Admit it, this will be a fun ass game.[View]
417336752>oh yeah that happened[View]
417338408Hey, do you guys have any recommendations for an iPhone game that me and my girlfriend could play co…[View]
417334520Battlefield V will not have Lootboxes. With that I would like to end this news update. Thank you for…[View]
417324542We BARELY Played RE7 on Switch... with HORRIFYING Results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3exYkGdnP…[View]
417336271What went wrong?[View]
417337860Anonymous, turn off the web browser right now![View]
417334616For Honor: When your main becomes shit tier edition[View]
417338240Who else remembers when /v/ predicted this fucking abomination would be the true official WoW killer…[View]
417335674>2018 >still no new Jackie Chan game >still no new Bruce Lee game >still no new Chow Yun…[View]
417331408If you're still playing this piece of shit you're a fucking asshole. Sympathy for the dumb…[View]
417334032Still has better gameplay and writing than Pillars of Eternity 2[View]
417330580i bet that the next Warhammer game will be setting in Adventures universe[View]
417337740Anyone else here from /r/gamingcirclejerk? I heard this place is pretty feminist and has Todd memes …[View]
417333751Dark Souls Demaster: We got hyped for THIS?[View]
417336797After all this toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest[View]
417336289Halo theme song meme: How does /v/ feel about the Halo theme song being recreated as a meme? It…[View]
417337707Why are people so ass-blasted by this trailer? I legit don't understand all the comments i saw …[View]
417337672How do you get these bikes in rider? I thought maybe you had to specifically get 10 stars in one run…[View]
417337663i just got this today with a ps2 and i cant understand the controls at all they feel so stiff[View]
417335998Find a flaw[View]
417336091Why are switch cases so big if the actual games are the size of 3DS carts?[View]
417337253>Activision and CoD devs actively repeat and recognize that their games require no skill to play …[View]
417331674>White Mage character with healing powers isn't portrayed as a virgin maiden girl >black …[View]
417285706>Abundance in women being allowed to fight, including dykes with robot arms in WWII >Very obvi…[View]
417337543gtav ps3 stoodis: Fickn skoden add me drop ur psn let's get a public lobby going[View]
417332664ITT: GOAT-tier protagonists you unironically can't wait to play as[View]
417337445Is this sexist?[View]
417329415You have 10 seconds to name a more iconic quote from a video game[View]
417333502can you fuckers stop calling him a 'so yboy'? this is the manliest mf nazi killing character I had e…[View]
417337182HERE'S YOUR WORLD WAR 2 GAME GUYS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D5Sa2Yq-2g[View]
417326253Hosting UT2004! at Unreal is free for the next 15 hours on GoG.com and steam. Hosted U…[View]
417334517>That kid that had Skannerz[View]
417332946What’s so great about 60fps compared to 30fps? When I hit forward on my keyboard and my character go…[View]
417328937>50 v 50 battles >50 vehicles >40 weapons >Undivided attention to authenticity >Deep …[View]
417336231Can we get a best menu music thread? Post favorite music that makes you hyped, nostalgia, whatever. …[View]
417335025Who is the hottest girl in gaming and why is it Joanna Dark?[View]
417332458Stick RPG: Anyone else remember?[View]
417331480They still have till October to fix it[View]
417336693>2018 >Still no Game developer group that's all black What gives? We've already seen…[View]
417279423I double dog dare you to summarize the plot and story of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.[View]
417336793You have to use every Code Vein thread you have,right?[View]
417334202Screenshot this. The Nazis will be historically accurate, all white men. The Allies will be white, b…[View]
417336339Mima will be in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game.[View]
417336412Dream Drop Distance: Honestly? This is probably my third favorite in the series.[View]
417315236>see some faggot here shilling CEMU and Breath of the Wild >not really interested in zelda or …[View]
417331261*YEEEEEEEEE's in clancer*[View]
417336492Stardew Valley: >He actually married Leah.[View]
417328168young man[View]
417336453And don't you forget it.[View]
417332490Imagine gaming being your primary hobby and how you spend the majority of your free time — yet two d…[View]
417336407This is far cry 5. Say something nice about it.[View]
417311810>always wanted to make a good PC for gaming >finally build a nice PC for gaming >buy games…[View]
417320827Rate this game out of 10[View]
417320298Is that a fucking Katana?[View]
4173361021999 >have the most sucessful console launch of all time >one year later youre literally leavi…[View]
417336036people who will play The Last of Us II[View]
417334534What's with so many shitty indie games having that fake looking 80's/90's aesthetic?[View]
417324737Sony Says the Next PlayStation Is Three Years Off: https://archive.fo/224l5#selection-2315.0-2315.97…[View]
417335220The best Spyro game[View]
417335731Cant find this game anymore: I have seen a trailer of an upcoming Dead By Daylight or Deceit alike h…[View]
417334514holy shit this game is fucking amazing i don't know why you shit on it all the time. also is be…[View]
417335623Who else Apple master race here? Just updated what do I get[View]
417335580>Boss Battle Theme >the music changes when you or the boss is weak >seamless transitions be…[View]
417332992ITT: mediocre platforms[View]
417335084Battlefield Bad Company 3: just brief reminder, according to the same guy that leak BF1 few months e…[View]
417331710e3 prediction thread. Will developers learn from their mistakes and go full alt right, or will they …[View]
417335460>Hans did I ever tell you about the time your grandfather was clubbed to death by a British cybor…[View]
417329698>How do you beat the Marie level???[View]
417312668What are some video games that you think must have been particularly hard to code?[View]
417334390Alt+f4 modding: Hey guys, my game is starting to crash constantly while I'm indoors and I can…[View]
417325576Why doesn't /v/ play eve online? It's got everything someone could want, gameplay deeper t…[View]
4173352321 month from E3: this is our last ride bros... DMCV or bust[View]
4173272173DS CIA/Ticket when?[View]
417334971Will Nintendo ever allow Holywood to make a Zelda movie? Who would direct and star, and would you wa…[View]
417332875>Bad Company 2 was the last good Battlefield[View]
417335048>steam removes games that objectify women REEEE CENSORING THE INDUSTRY IS GOING TO SHIT >a AAA…[View]
417331640The real WWII shooter this Year: So when are you guys going to stop complaining about Battlefield V,…[View]
417334443Bloodborne 2 - Road to E3 2018: http://m.au.ign.com/articles/2018/05/23/bloodborne-2-road-to-e3-2018…[View]
417327987DO NOT BUY DARK SOULS REMASTER FULL PRICE Just send the money to a friend that bought the PTDE, ask …[View]
417237059Smash Switch: Will it be the next melee?[View]
417332443http://steamcharts.com/app/570940 *breathes in* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHH WHAT A TRAVESTY[View]
417332318>Raft based survival game >Early access >Made in Unity: Not gonna lie, this shit's bee…[View]
417333990Why do you hate her?[View]
417333819*blocks your path*[View]
417333784>YFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhdeWlGpwS0&start_radio=1&list=RDPhdeWlGpwS0…[View]
417334702thoughts on the best game to ever exist?[View]
417327753I will post this everyday until E3 2018 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogam…[View]
417330690This is Chocolina. She is completely naked.[View]
417331076>/v/ calls it a 'movie-game' >tfw it has interactive open world map and a fluid action fightin…[View]
417334668Apologize: >part of the Harlem Hellfighters, an actual historical unit during WWI >actually we…[View]
417334215What's your favorite trope in vidya?[View]
417334075>pirate game >online multiplayer works[View]
417334153ITT: 3 > 2 > 1 trilogies I'll start with an obvious one.[View]
417331491Anyone that buys this game is gay. Yes, I said it, gay. And I mean it as an insult you stupid microc…[View]
417334239God of War sold incredibly well, managing to move PlayStation 4 Pro units, third parties are still i…[View]
417333192payday thread?: don't act dumb.[View]
417329125What did ARMS do right? What did it do wrong?[View]
417315698Majora's Mask Remake Comparisons: Project Complete: https://toomuchautism.imgur.com/ It's …[View]
417328126Is this worth playing?: Is it possible to get it working on windows 10?[View]
417331170What went right?[View]
417333810This series is the definition of undeserved praise. It's shit. They're both shit.[View]
417332245Game Rec's For an Oldfag: Been out of gaming for like 5 or 6 years. Building a gaming PC this w…[View]
417333956>Bullyhunter_1949 has entered the game[View]
4173339461 week[View]
417330229If you buy this game, you are siding with Israel. You are saying Palestine does not have a right to…[View]
417333634God of War Demo: Were they planning for some survival element in the original version? Maybe Atreus …[View]
417329010>CUSTOMIZATION ADDED >Its literally all garbage Enhanced piece of shit…[View]
417333791Resident Evil and general Survival Horror thread!!!FACT!!!: Was reading an article on RE and it got …[View]
417333721Now that E3 is getting closer by the day let me give you a little leak from our bros over here at Se…[View]
417331823HE'S BACK[View]
417332537The Hobbit: Thoughts on this game? The load times on the PS2 version were godawful.[View]
417331895I really enjoyed the original Guild Wars trilogy back in the day, and lately itching to play a simil…[View]
417328624Hello we are the best fighters in fighters z[View]
417333250Let's stop shitposting for a bit. Here's a video that actually mentions the gameplay aspec…[View]
417323720I want the best spider-man game on desk in nothing more than five minutes.[View]
417332281Fun: funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun Let's talk about fun obscure weird games[View]
417332902Wasteland stories: > Be me > Work at Diamond City > Whole city is so high on jets they thin…[View]
417327757I don't get it: Why isn't this called Bad Company 3? Why isn't this sold as a wacky a…[View]
417330503Ready to dust off that 3ds tomorrow /v/?[View]
417332296OH NO NO NO NO[View]
417325754[cont] >>417317504 Battlefield V's new implementation of diversity is a statement that on…[View]
417331760Are you hyped for new PUBG expansion pack?[View]
417330650Daily reminder that this will never be topped ever.[View]
417332743Comfy Death Stranding thread: With E3 around the corner, we are bound to get some more info and a tr…[View]
417331139why didn't they show us gameplay[View]
417327686Today /v/ will know the pain and suffering I had to endure.[View]
417332280>Let's derail e3 for 8 hours of unfunny Eric Andre impressions. Cringy. E3 is the Superbowl…[View]
417332405Holy shit DICE are a bunch of fucking absolute retards. Where the fuck is the Battle Royale mode? Th…[View]
417332532I now have full access to your Deus Ex thread.[View]
417329779Question: Could somebody explain to me why the game Quake is called Quake? I never really understood…[View]
417329397Why is Daisy so fat? Her belly hangs over her waistband.[View]
417324559Play my mobile gacha game anon...[View]
417332445thanks /v/ you made me play this game, and now i'm cursed with hiccups forever should i just ke…[View]
417331789How would the video game industry look like if Xbox acquired Sega after the failure of the Dreamcast…[View]
417331380Has anyone played Halo PC lately? The PC port by Gearbox, not Halo Online. I've been booting it…[View]
417327791Homestuck Hiveswap: Question to all the Homestuck fans. Where you happy with Hiveswap? I believe it…[View]
417328491>Want to play a World War 2 game >/v/ tells me to play pic related >Download and install it…[View]
417332157Find a flaw: https://youtu.be/YyRGGnfLW1U[View]
417330484Picked this up on a whim a few days ago. I thought it was really enjoyable and just 100%ed it. I…[View]
417329419Its like animal crossing. I don't see why people think this is fun. Am I missing something?[View]
417332080is Des harder than DS series and BB?[View]
417332035How often does /v/ change their avatar in videogames?[View]
417320507...I thought you guys liked WW2 women?[View]
417331584>they fixed that weird texture issue in izalith now you have to take it ALL back…[View]
417330725WTF I thought this game was hard! Is it really a dating sim? Why did you lie to me /v/?[View]
417331019SNK HEROINES: TAG TEAM FRENZY: NEW TRAILER https://youtu.be/YOOFq1OWAD8 https://youtu.be/YOOFq1OWAD8…[View]
417320743play monster hunter stories[View]
417331540Are there any bits of video game history/trivia that you learned from his videos?[View]
417331532Whatever happened to co-writer Fukushima: He's literally gone off the grid and Kojima behaves a…[View]
417331175Did you get your free copy, yet?[View]
417323104The Legend of Zelda: Zelda thread. Today's topic, what version of Link's design do you lik…[View]
417330751Dude, just drown yourself, lol.[View]
417329508ITT: Definitive versions of older games.: Prove me wrong, fuckers.[View]
417330026Favorite Harvest Moon Games: Which Harvest Moon games do you like best? 64 is still my favorite, but…[View]
417307050Dark Souls: Remastered Literally just came out and there's no threads??[View]
417329282Who would you want in a Capcom All-Stars fighter /v/?[View]
417331153Alright, /v/. What do you think about Descent 4? Have you listened to the soundtrack or checked out …[View]
417331151When is Clove-I mean Platinum going to make a good action game? Last good one that was innovative wa…[View]
417329190Let's play a little game, /v/. I will give you years and you have to tell me what the best gam…[View]
417330704So, is it worth it for a fan or I'm better off emulating them all on a PSP?[View]
417331075This was a masterpiece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrO4wuRttE0[View]
417331064post beautiful shmups: Please share the title of the most beautiful shmup you ever played! And maybe…[View]
417296872What are her chances of getting into Smash now that several of her and Sanae's games are on the…[View]
417330046Bluster Kong's final album was a posthumous live bootleg, infamous for bearing a controversial …[View]
417330705>SEGA remasters Shenmue >instead of remaking it with Yakuza Engine Is SEGA of Japan this reta…[View]
417330569If you're gonna make a game about WWII, at least make it historically accurate. It's just …[View]
417330936Lewis Graham: Would you want Gust to make a Blue Reflection 2?[View]
417328020Has there ever been any FPS which features variable model heights? What I mean is, every single FPS …[View]
417322328Who in the FUCK greenlit this as a cover for a World War II shooter?[View]
417330798Dragon's Crown thread. Is anyone even still playing this? Did they even start or did nobody bu…[View]
417330587nYarMgR - discord: need R6 players on XB1 and PC 500hr + KDR is probably better than yours. get in h…[View]
417330267If I played as a male character, you'd say i was self-inserting. If I played as a female charac…[View]
417327047I've never understood the hype for this game. It's a somewhat above average stealth shoote…[View]
417330337>see someone with a cute girly profile pic in a gaming discord >send them a private message …[View]
417326865only reason I can tell, people kept saying right was souless was because lack of black in color sche…[View]
417330423Any games like Pandora's Tower. I really enjoyed this game and would love to play more like it.[View]
417325529Why do you care about about Battlefield: Women in the slightest when you should have already dropped…[View]
417323208So we can all agree that the 360 is the greatest console of all time, right?[View]
41729964716 DAYS UNTIL E3 :: Post your HOPES : DREAMS: EXPECTATIONS Remember it starts on the 9th (confere…[View]
417330256>black clothes >don't use electricity >no hearts were they actually Amish?…[View]
417330193Jurassic World: Evolution Thread: Continued from >>417267662 New Gameplay: https://www.youtube…[View]
417330223Hotline miami: Good Hotline Miami art / discussion?[View]
417326364Why did you lie to him, /v/?[View]
417321819Ok, let's improve the mess of battlefield V. Create your own team for WW2 Only four characters …[View]
417328595are there any video game characters that could beat doctor destiny?[View]
417329676Games that /v/ likes in an attempt to fit in: I'll start. almost as bad as nu-/v/[View]
417323716KAIRI KINGDOM HEARTS 3 OUTFIT REVEALED: Get hyped fags[View]
417329345>Multiplayer for a game so you can run around together collecting materials to survive a little l…[View]
417320478ITT: You Goove You Lose: Let's hear some of those funky tunes /v/! https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
417327473this was the best WWII battlefield game. prove me wrong[View]
417313259>both CoD and Battlefield getting negative feedback What's going on? Are normies finally sic…[View]
417327939E3: Can we get a universal report card template? Gotta fill mine out[View]
417327123>became leader when the company needed a leader the most >had to turn the ship around after hi…[View]
417327320Kino boss.[View]
417327182We want the Fortnite audience.[View]
417309769>Dark Souls: Remastered Comes Out May 25th! >Suddenly comes out today >Not even an hour lat…[View]
417323446Hey guys do you remember this game?[View]
417327154blow it out your ass[View]
417326072WHO BITCH THIS IS?[View]
417329138>'remember - no russians' >kills russians what did makarov mean…[View]
417329106So Google opinion rewards tried to shill me on AC origins which I thought was pretty amusing[View]
417325393What's the worst vidya purchase you've made?[View]
417325441>you can run while crouching[View]
417328297>E3 comes around >Threads become nothing but pic related all month long…[View]
417328823Post yfw games are shaped by leftist views: Any game made by anybody but the japs are shaped by muh …[View]
417328790>*blocks your path*[View]
417307083Anyone else remember that time that one game set in the past, in the 1980’s during the events of a r…[View]
417328590I know that Sakurai has said before that Ridley can't be playable in Smash because he wants to …[View]
417324526Mewtwo should get its own game. It's cool, versatile and iconic enough to star in one.[View]
417312881I think it's safe to say that this is the most excited /v/ has ever been for a sports game.[View]
417327652minecrap: Anarchy Minecraft Server. only rules are no hack haha yes IP: JOIN O…[View]
417320338how bad is it?: I mean it looks pretty amazing... for a magical schoolgirl sim what's the catch…[View]
417325654Simon Belmont and Ridley are not playable. But the Ice Climbers are back, with story mode, change ch…[View]
417327409Diablo 1 > Lord of Destruction > Reaper of Souls > Diablo 2 > Diablo 3 >>>>…[View]
417321176>YFW 1 HP[View]
417323640What is a good mahjong game on pc?[View]
417318649Post a better boss battle them. You fucking can't /v/. You just fucking can't. https://ww…[View]
417325646N64 purists are seething over the gritty and modernized TUROK reboot — here's why nobody cares.[View]
417328102>2 smash games at evo twice the stink[View]
417322645Why does /v/ hate Blizzard so much?[View]
417326916>No vidya ending will ever top SOTC's[View]
417327843so, why do you play games on PC, knowing very well you're being cucked for your data by microsh…[View]
417325668I for one approve of the normalization of females in war games. With female conscription on the tabl…[View]
417324181If you had buy one, which one would you pick?[View]
417316913Battlefield V: So /V/, what would have been the better way of doing the characters in Battlefield V?…[View]
417327632>Blackout is a giant FFA which suits CoD's community more than cooperative teamplay >Thos…[View]
417320091Why is PS4 selling so well? Why is the brand new switch which should be selling the best being stran…[View]
417327474What am I in for?[View]
417326050What games have perfect justifed in-universe enemy power scaling?: Pic not related[View]
417318865You're a lying cunt if you can't at least admit that swooping is enjoyable as fuck.[View]
417324979What did steam mean by this?[View]
417324575What are some other AAA FPSs we can look forward to besides Metro? CoD and BF both look like shit. C…[View]
417327119What are some games where you can murder thots?[View]
417325642Can shiki kill servants?[View]
417321476What are some games I can play which have feathered dinosaurs aside from Pokemon?[View]
417315005Who cares about EA and normalfag shit? Where are my anime games?: I dont even remember the last time…[View]
417326937I just wanted battlefield 2143[View]
417326927How is modern sonic going to make a comeback similar to mania with classic sonic, with all the misha…[View]
417326751Anyone try this yet?[View]
417323032No! I can't STOP IT!![View]
417326745western companies: Is there a single good western company nowadays? Most western companies are corru…[View]
417325351>nah senpai, perfect games don’t exi-[View]
417326692Leave Battlefield to me[View]
417325446Edge School Shooting Sim: >Bullyhunter_77 has joined the game[View]
417326521>Let's send her to space on top of a giant arm! Wtf were they thinking? Worst execution of …[View]
417324642No games in the store. It's fans are 44.[View]
417300478- no more spotting - server side ragdoll - recoil patterns - bullet penetration - no more ammo aura…[View]
417287426>women in ww2[View]
417326470Akatsuki Blitzkampf: When will he have his own crossover game like BBTAG?[View]
417325491Oh no[View]
417325826Is skate 3 de the best skate game ever?[View]
417325472it is summer vacation in third grade during 2003 and you are playing a rom of megaman battle network…[View]
417316057>NPC character has the same name as you[View]
417323303I'm setting up my old PS2 and I wanna buy a few games for it. What are /v/'s favorite PS2 …[View]
417325602What's next for FPS settings?: >OG: Mishmash of futuristic (Doom, Duke Nukem, Marathon) and …[View]
417321601ITT: Soulless Remakes of Old Levels: Posting the most un-obvious one.[View]
417324787Was this DIY Joycon handheld grip a good idea?: Cut the grips with a sawblade from the grip that com…[View]
417324296why is murrika time /v/ so fucking trash? >Battleshit IIIII disguised /pol/ thread spam >traps…[View]
417325127What is the general consensus on FFXI, i started the game a month ago in Nasomi, and i can`t believe…[View]
417325261>What's your dream videogame thread >everybody posting their dream videogames as normal …[View]
417323110i think we can all agree that bloodborne is better than dark souls. here is why >better game play…[View]
417325165Imagine the monstrosity they would make if Kojima and David Cage worked together. Cage could provide…[View]
417323507>'DUUUUDEEEE REMEMBER DARK SOULS 1????' >Resells you Dark Souls 1 right after How could any on…[View]
417325062so what does /v/ think about code vein? i think it looks very promising it looks like it will have f…[View]
417323953Dragon Age Origins: +So I'm replaying Origins yet again, and I want to go Sten, Oghren, and Mor…[View]
417324291KINO I N O[View]
417320168SNK: So who's left to be announced? I'm starting to have my doubts about a Metal Slug rep…[View]
417318115rageaholics anonymous: last time you threw a controller and what game? >yesterday >cuphead…[View]
417324762Games where you can play as the worst generation in history and ruin the future for everyone else?[View]
417321045Merch / buyfag thread Which sites do you faggots use to buy not cringeworthy merch of your favourite…[View]
417323902You are transported into the world of the last video game you played. Who do you fuck first?[View]
417316989What the fuck went wrong?[View]
417321818I suppose it's time for a Rhythm Heaven thread[View]
417324585>This is a ESA protected rom, download is disabled.[View]
417324079>british soldier with a katana >a pirate >kratos >monkey ww2 btw…[View]
417320394>GOTY is an indie Has this happened before bros?[View]
417322332That final battle That final form of ganon What were they thinking[View]
417316924Indivisible Delayed into 2019: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/skullgirls-devs-indivisible-delayed-…[View]
417322843What the actually fuck is this game really that dead? I join a game of operation just to see myself …[View]
417318753have you bought it?[View]
417318434Sakuna of Rice and Ruin: Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker. This game should come out with new…[View]
417319736post dem green characters[View]
417324008Vampyr: releases in 12 days. are you looking forward to it?[View]
417308772P3D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8DWfUFfzGY&t=121s Holy shit, how do you fuck up MASS DESTR…[View]
417323118How long until Chris desecrates this one too?[View]
417323796How do people think getting play of the game excuses them from being useless 80% of the time?[View]
417319770so this is the power of a remaster[View]
417308394>Last spot >See this What do?[View]
417320953But would you play an alternate history WW2 game where the majority of characters were hot girls?[View]
417317326What did you play today?[View]
417314638I don't get why Kojima's allowed to steal my protag and replace him with a faggot. I didn…[View]
417320654https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVfP1bs9Vkk some shit for yakuza 3-5 don't have any yakuza rela…[View]
417323570Why is this game so criminally underrated?[View]
417322137where did the sword come from?[View]
417323667What is some essential, kino /adventurecore/, /v/? I'm looking for games that will take me on a…[View]
417321906What games are they making for the Nintendo Switch?[View]
417323143TOP FIVE VIDEO GAMES EVER POLL: 1. Super Metroid 2. Super Mario 3 3. Halo 3 4. Metal Gear Solid 3 5.…[View]
417323403Interesting fact: most degenerate games are not made in USA but in europe[View]
417300934Post Scriptum: Daily reminder there are better alternatives If you are on PC[\spoiler] https://you…[View]
417306108Do you have friends to play video games with?[View]
417318281Admit it, this was the last video game.[View]
417313979Why are you guys so upset with games having choices that don't really matter when you all know …[View]
417311473>The PS2 era was good![View]
417322372Which tree did you focus on?[View]
417320934Why isn't he in Hyrule Warriors? Is he Zelda's King K. Rool?[View]
417321393I got a 25€ Amazon Giftcard What vidya gayem should I get[View]
417316578Was this the most kino moment in gaming history?[View]
417322871Wanna play Jeopardy /v/?[View]
417318738What are some games that let me romance a dragon?[View]
417321523Link could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives by just doing it with Cia.[View]
417321629Is this a good game? I'm almost finished with phantasy star portable and saw this and was intri…[View]
417320516What comes your mind when you see this logo?[View]
417322593Now I don't mind when a game removes realism or accuracy for gameplay (bf3/4 suicide jeeps, ope…[View]
417321404>it's janky[View]
417320889Now that the dust has settled, was Undertale good?[View]
417322470/v/'s a fucking mess because of loser slacktivists whining about some dumb shit in a game no on…[View]
417301197Where should the next Fallout take place?[View]
417321716Games only you played/Never see talked about: I'll start. It was gifted to me when I was young.…[View]
417322263In a few weeks, Sans makes his debut in Smash.[View]
417322219#NotMyBattlefield is trending now: Congratufuckinglations, EA, you managed to piss off gamers withou…[View]
417322025So this is going to curb stomp DiversityFortField in sales right?[View]
417311114Post yfw Kojima fags get BTFO and it turns out Death Stranding isn't a Silent Hill/MGS sequel b…[View]
417316404Shows up at E3 Card games VR gloves New controller New Steam UI >We make games guys we swear…[View]
417322123How is it /v/?[View]
417322115Game Soundtracks: Post primo soundtracks https://youtu.be/aSKjyo6b6FM[View]
417321117One more week. Which game are you going to play?[View]
417303118>Halo and WoW threads used to be saged to oblivion >There are daily nostalgia threads about Ha…[View]
417305727Battlefield V: Would you have buy it if it was sets in alternative reality where Germans won the Gre…[View]
417317762Overrated Shit in Vidya: I played OoT and loved it but pic related is barely an enemy >Bait it to…[View]
417320263name a worst month than April you just can't[View]
4173191612 hours in and I can't stand all the fucking 'KYAA!' Fucking Nintendo and their tactics to sel…[View]
417321738Damn, i always wanted a steampunk battlefield game.[View]
417320823Haha, look at these mad little white alt right pussies. I hope it makes you so mad that I’m going to…[View]
417290137Let's get one of these threads going[View]
417320607This is the ideal role-playing game. You may not like it, but your favorite RPG is fucking garbage a…[View]
417321243So we can all agree that the PS2 is the greatest console of all time, right?[View]
417304331Do you have any childhood vidya crushes /v/?[View]
417320674What are some games with friendship?[View]
4173154383x3 and 4x4 thread? Rate, hate, recommend.[View]
417319454What's Master Quest like?[View]
41731792133 KB JPG 33 KB JPG >has good meaty combat >good story with loads of references to the old gam…[View]
417321042Can we go back to a week ago when we were still hopeful for Battlefield V? I refuse to believe this …[View]
417316979>new engine with customizable options >60 fps >smooth controls and fix default bobbing >…[View]
417320902I just played this game for the first time, and I really liked it. This gets hate on /v/, right? I …[View]
417307440Rest in Peace: Now that the series is officially dead and buried, which game was your favourite?…[View]
417318618So the chinese bitch and moan on every single fucking game that isnt on chinese ot get it translated…[View]
417318793Are you cool yet?[View]
417318621ITT; good games that nobody talks about[View]
417318552Just finished Chapter 9 this game is great. What do you guys think about it?[View]
417317675Westc*cks will NEVER design an ugly woman because their taste in women is just as good as the Japane…[View]
417319367You know the drill. Post your all-time favourite 3DS games.[View]
417319690>this is a World War II game in 2018 what went wrong?[View]
417320496Saves the MMO genre in your path[View]
417310875Since Dark Souls Remastered is coming out pretty soon I just want to drop a few reminders for the PC…[View]
417318429PSP IS BACK BABY![View]
417320386>buying an EA game >buying an ahistorical EA game Normies and neets will avoid this game like …[View]
417318660SMITE: Is it worth getting back into?[View]
417318632OH NO NO NO NO NOOOO[View]
417320201>playing any battlefield after battlefield 2 You deserve to be cucked desu.…[View]
417318529SO HERE I AM[View]
417319130My kissless virgin Asian friend is tryna stream llike a big boy twitch is TheZinner... Have fun peep…[View]
417316423陵辱相姦図 ~強制妊娠精液地獄~: Truly the pinnacle of visual novels.[View]
417318017Dead franchise thread: We’ve seen a lot of good franchise fall from grace this season, and some even…[View]
417317585>playing Ocarina on Wii U >look up something in a guide >find out I've missed like 10 …[View]
417316221Kingmaker is actually shaping up to become a really nice game.[View]
417319769Remember Ty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzsC1qSqFDo[View]
417306269If you can hang out with a vidya character for a day who would it be? > pic very related…[View]
417311036ITT: Great WW2 games without forced diversity: I guess I'll just keep playing this.[View]
417317025Guys I fixed Battlefield V[View]
417314167this is the best paper mario-like game that has come out in the last 10 years. its pretty fun, with …[View]
417318939Just beat it today. How did I like it?[View]
417318927THE LEAKS ARE HERE. > F-Zero is in progress and there is a port available to get information abou…[View]
417317691ITT: real life player characters[View]
417319382Why is everyone so surprized? We're talking about a franchise than didn't include France a…[View]
417316656Battlefield V: First Look at Customization!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnXXvwL691o There you g…[View]
417318231And here's another one! Seriously, we love making money with every post. The more you talk abou…[View]
417316957>tfw /v/ is more redit than redit[View]
417317637I'm gonna buy this game: Why? Because I love Battlefield games and gameplay wise it looks amazi…[View]
417319060ITT: post good WWII games: I'll start[View]
417317726Whats the best of the CoD series? I left it at CoD 2 and never came back. But I feel like playing an…[View]
417317767Well /v/ does violence breed violence?[View]
417303601The consequences of irreverent video games: Battlefield V's new implementation of diversity is …[View]
417316276I thought that Switch was the home of indies? Wizard of Legend has sold 200 000 copies in a week. St…[View]
417318245ITT: Series with trash entry games but amazing sequels[View]
417318049vidya game tracks that are jam fucking packed with emotion.: >pic unrelated…[View]
417315931How long to learn to code games lads? I am 30.[View]
417290943Death stranding release date leak: TARGET FUCKED UP[View]
417291072Someone explain this.[View]
417318321I chuckled[View]
417311025FighterZ: Why aren’t you still playing it?[View]
417312302How do shipments and actually sold to customers work? If a game ships 1 million copies in 2 weeks, a…[View]
417318239>Came out yesterday >Zero threads Were are the non-casuals at on /v/? Game's hard as ball…[View]
417318208Another 43 seconds of the KH3 theme song has been released Go to track 4 http://www.utadahikaru.jp/m…[View]
417315416Remember when people were okay with playing as a nameless plain grunt in multiplayer games?[View]
417267662Jurassic: New Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS__o5FArrg Thoughts? Expectations? Dinosaur…[View]
417316558What went wrong?[View]
417316731What is the point or Great Gospel if you can’t even play as Aris long enough to even unlock it. I go…[View]
417317957>'In regards to the distribution timing, Steam keys will be distributed on the same day as the re…[View]
417314505Soul Calibur: Which character are you going to play/wait for?[View]
417317940SHIN NEWS WHEN?[View]
417317462>getting mad at a video game with women in it man you guys have nothing better to do with your li…[View]
417302206ATTENTION /v/ THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Battlefield was never a realistic game and was n…[View]
417317814Why or how has Nintendo failed so miserably from Fifth Generation onward(N64/PS1 generation)? They w…[View]
417315151I just had an argument with someone who was adamant that Sonic The Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro …[View]
417316370>female party member bullies and verbally abuses you >turns out she was the MC's love int…[View]
417313248>women didn't fight in World War Tw-- Apologize, /pol/.[View]
417303250Tomba 2 is my favorite childhood game. Can we have a serious Tomba thread for once? Everytime I make…[View]
417317606Remember when battlefield had lots of different vehicles and varied game play, and wasn't a com…[View]
417317323DICE just revealed the latest Battlefield![View]
417314783I always liked battlefield but damn did I cringe when the I saw the chick with face paint and prosth…[View]
417316047ITT: nice boss fights[View]
417317497This is my most favourite game.: They just don't make 'em like they ised to.[View]
417317457Why is everyone so surprized? We're talking about a franchise than didn't include France a…[View]
417317447Battlefield Vagina lol[View]
417314095I bet you guys skipped this: > British tank painted union jack on it's top > and towing …[View]
417309842>have a ton of games >never have the energy to play them What do?…[View]
417317235Video games: Why don't you like talking on mic anon?[View]
417268649Why is it so forgettable?[View]
417316572Nu-Ys is an abomination. Does anyone actually enjoy this garbage?[View]
417312841Seriously, Dice make up your mind. Is it V or 5?[View]
417317129My Fantasy Girl: Anyone notice that the flagship female characters that the industry totes as ground…[View]
417317124Bravely Default thread: .[View]
417304515Shhhhhhh, please do not wake up this Borb.[View]
417311219/tesg/: >boethia ate Trinimac whole and shit him out as dung, represented as Malacath >an ostr…[View]
417314319remember me?[View]
417314013What games let me feel empowered and take on roles never thought possible.[View]
417316596I want to mentally invest and really get into either Yu-Gi-Oh OR Dragon Ball. I'm talking watch…[View]
417311343I for one welcome to inclusion of soldiers with prosthetics. These designs are awesome.[View]
417312974Boy this trailer sure has /v/ turned into a Battlefield[View]
417303513>дa >дa >дa >mmmmhhmmmmm…[View]
417310789Is there any reason to keep this franchise hostage on sony platforms any more? We know that Sega alr…[View]
417306286Never forget...: Press F to pay respects[View]
417316640The most common role of women in active service was that of a searchlight operator.[30] In fact, all…[View]
417313873>Press X to lunch game. >I press Start and it starts.…[View]
417316052>.0000001% of soldiers on the frontline in WW2 were women >'We need women in our WW2 game!' …[View]
417315437Snes games when Gba games when Anything at all when[View]
417311332Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of it?[View]
417315263Why are games these days so soulless?[View]
417314587>One copy of donkey kong tropical freeze please[View]
417305314name a more satisfying sound effect in a video game[View]
417314498*snap* Yep.This one's going in my cringe compilation.[View]
417310610Battlefield 1 sold well and this is gonna sell well too. Feels good.[View]
417316005A-are the /pol/ spammer / alt right brigade that BF V bring here finally gone? I-Is it safe now?[View]
417313854I think Twin Snakes is better than Metal Gear Solid. I've never played Metal Gear Solid.…[View]
417316041Call Of Duty always wins: Battlefield is the loser (yuh) COD is always cooler (AY) I'm running …[View]
417314595>brb smoke break[View]
417287286>Hey, don't you want gay sex? Like right now? Based Obsidian pandering to their Obsidigay au…[View]
417283635>in 2017, I was absolutely sure that I'm going to get the Switch >now I'm about to r…[View]
417315825>user tags >user anything[View]
417312568you are now thinking about the little jack theme song[View]
417315687Stop playing Kingdom Hearts![View]
417315787E3 Report Card: Now that everything is scheduled, anyone have an updated card template with everythi…[View]
417315298What controller do you recommend for SNES emulation?[View]
417314179is FPS genre truly doomed? >call of duty without single player >politically correct battlefiel…[View]
417315597I heard someone mention that she cucks you for an NCR soldier however nowhere in the game has she cu…[View]
417315547Leave e3 to me[View]
417313010>'/v/ isn't full of normalfags >literally half the board is complaining about people ruin…[View]
417315170ITT: Post a birthday and a challenge: March 02 Beat Metal Gear Rising without being detected[View]
417311001>$10 >Unlocks in 6 hours Anyone else gonna play this today?…[View]
417308417How can KH3 top thing opening? https://youtu.be/sCpRhO1Wus4[View]
417313643ITT: Games only you have played[View]
417315109THE MAD MAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qTReNzJWKE[View]
417265720>game gives you lots of dialogue options >none of them have any real impact on the story…[View]
417311486Stellaris: Why is the soundtrack for this game so spectacular https://youtu.be/8sb_mLT1rO0[View]
417314075This is not a drill, there is a raid from resetera going on. They waited for the battlefield trailer…[View]
417315016>Battlefield 1 was actually less ridiculous than this How the fuck did they manage to fuck up Wor…[View]
417309458>your dad comes in while you're playing an epic boss fight what would be the sentence he say…[View]
417312149https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t7N7V11LU4 would /v/ play my game? what do you think about my art?…[View]
417312321woman: there is woman no preorder :( i was gonna buy game but afyer i see woman i cant :( i am now v…[View]
417308845Japanese games aren't diverse and that's a good thing.[View]
417314759What's your favorite VR boxing game?[View]
417312797apparently breath of the wild got a new update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmRl_6FMyKc…[View]
417314258>2018 >still playing 2d platformers >isghhydiggy…[View]
417310941I Hate Oblivion: Oblivion is so fucking bad it's unreal[View]
417312168>dad walks in[View]
417314457What are some games where a character goes from a nihilistic asshole to a Good person?[View]
417311992Already pre ordered. Ask me anything[View]
417313812>director's cut came bundled with softcore porn How based can a game get?…[View]
417313159>faggot dev >makes faggot game WOOOOAH WTF THUMBS DOWN…[View]
417312864Literally nobody expects anything from Days Gone.[View]
417314215eza thread: where is it huber[View]
417308341>/v/ unironically caring about children's fps games like Battlefield and CoD When did things…[View]
417314094Tell me some Japanese games so I can practice this wacky language[View]
417311342tell me about wiiu cfw/homebrew can't it play gamecube/wiiu/wii games native as well as everyth…[View]
417313910https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMvAzYH1xHM do /v/ remembers resident evil numa?[View]
417313773raid with gay shit https://youtu.be/-qTReNzJWKE[View]
417313629What are some video games where I can be scary ?[View]
417288329>He isn't dedicating his life to modding Super Mario 64: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTI…[View]
417260858Xenoblade 2: Tantal's and Mor Ardain's themes are overrated. Peak perfection is Fonsa Myma…[View]
417313871KH3 Xehanort Spoilers Leak: Take everything with a grain of salt. Some of these also connect to the …[View]
417309831ITT: Historically Inaccurate Games[View]
417299432>0 new races >0 new terrain types >0 zooming out for tactical view >same unit limit >…[View]
417300496>Have loyal fanbase that were ever so slightly pissed off with your forced diversity bullshit in …[View]
417313805VI is coming. >Teaser on BGS website, June 6th. >Full reveal at BethSoft E3 conference, June 1…[View]
417313150The most realistic depiction of WW2 yet - DICE[View]
417311458>dad walks in[View]
417309532How dare they put women in my historically accurate murder simulator![View]
417265286Are there any jrpgs with deep world building on par with the wrpg greats? >inb4 Kiseki No, just n…[View]
417311960>Battlefield 1 gets revealed >/v/ pretends to be outraged, claiming that the game is disrespec…[View]
417313459>/v/ says all games from 2007 onwards are shit >everything /v/ likes is from 2007 onwards Defe…[View]
417312939-15 at NEVER EVER 2[View]
417299215its actually cringe the way video games are heading >abolish male camaraderie >remove relatabl…[View]
417312064Considering building a £1400-odd PC so I can video edit professionally (that's my job) and play…[View]
417313368Link is a good boy[View]
417313256Regardless of how you feel about the new God of War, this is still pretty funny. https://www.youtube…[View]
417313194Is there any innovation left in the single player First Person Shooter genre, or did that end with H…[View]
417290103>Day 12 >On which anon realizes he's posting in a Pathologic thread.…[View]
417311758Well, /v/? What are the best weed games?[View]
417312947>dad walks in >hey son, you still playing that Sims game?…[View]
417268592Tell me /v/, why does she wears the flower?[View]
417306363Have we reached the peak of what the platforming genre can offer?[View]
417312585>Battlefield 1942 >Battlefield 2 >Battlefield 3 >Battlefield 4 >Battlefield 1 >Bat…[View]
417306114Batllefield Vagina Specs: >GTX 660 2GB Yeah fucking right, ain't no way this piece of shit …[View]
417300770Whatcha emulatin, /v/?[View]
417311668Bf4 was the last good battlefield game[View]
417312034>ctrl + f 'Battlefield' >21 results How do we cull the casualfags and shills from /v/?…[View]
417312827LOL @ JANITOR BETHESDA SHILLS TRYNA SILENCE: I have a leak. I saw a thread on here postulating about…[View]
417295090times you got kicked out of gamestop?[View]
417311915OH NO NO NO[View]
417311185I got ending A through E and a few others. Is there anything else worth doing? Also is there a place…[View]
417301986You can't just pretend there is no such thing as tone: If it were Wolfenstein it would be all f…[View]
417312198SOON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfrRkF6hNWI[View]
417312502How far can you get? https://www.datingariane.com/ yes this is vidya[View]
417312480Did you ever get so mad at someone that they straight up forced you to quit a game?[View]
417310621FOE: FOE[View]
417264553Holy shit guys he did it again There’s no more doubt Death Stranding IS Metal Gear Zero https://m.yo…[View]
417311738https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7eXH25_KC0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Y7EFmZ_d0 >It'…[View]
417311902Bloodborne: So what do I do with this bitch?[View]
417311338BASED Malcom getting DS:R players BANNED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qTReNzJWKE[View]
417312163Never have I ever found a game immersive Never have I ever self inserted in a game[View]
417306069BF we've all been asking for?: >Every single action in game now has a dedicated animation an…[View]
417310874Are there any good educational games? I want to try and increase my intelligence, if even slightly.[View]
417292873>mfw nobody ever wants to talk about the best rhythm game[View]
417309639>overweight boss >does ass quake ground pound attacks…[View]
417312001Can I make a black cyborg woman covered in war paint on the axis side or is that limited to the alli…[View]
417311108>yfw having to wait 3 years for the next BF[View]
417308907>And the best marketing campaign goes too....[View]
417309630Can I be caught?: I work at a warehouse that sells things including game consoles and games. I saw …[View]
417311512>You can customize your own soldier So what's the problem /v/? If you don't want to pla…[View]
417308051>realm is called Oblivion >you are clearly aware of what's going on…[View]
417305556Why do they all have blue face-paint?[View]
417308265Battlefield V: Our ancestors spilled blood and died on the battlefield. This is how their battle and…[View]
417294813Battlefield V Concept: This is what we could have had.[View]
417310492JUST FUCK MY CHRONOLOGY UP: >Game 1942 >Game 2 >Game 2142 >Game 1943 >Game 3 >Game…[View]
417305698>he unironically prefers the left absolute cringe[View]
417309430One of these is not like the others. Also who is the dumb publisher that will fall for this trap? I…[View]
417295370does this game hold up if you haven't played it before[View]
417299337Which of these three games made you feel the most heroic, the most legendary?[View]
417311514What games let me drive coast to coast or across the country in general?[View]
417310480To beat the horse of Battlefield V: There is a game called Post Scriptum which gives an accurate imm…[View]
417308018>why the fuck are there women in my WWII videoga- *blocks your path*[View]
417310603Battlefield V: This shit looks like Battlefield Steampunk. doesn’t look like ww2at all!!!!!!!! wtf??…[View]
417310393Fallout: Was the Enclave meant to be evil?[View]
417311307You know what? We could use another Battlefield thread.[View]
417302248>Battlefield V was built with diversity in mind Well there you have it /v/.…[View]
417306916Since 90% of the catalog is BFV shitpost threads right now, tell me anons, what games did you play t…[View]
417301912>battlefield 5 trailer got more dislikes in 2 hours than battlefield 1 trailer in 2 years…[View]
417306669Street fighter: How can Capcom save this series?[View]
417309489are there any RTS games where things like weather and seasons are a factor? Like troops need to be b…[View]
417311141Battlefield 1 is the only multiplayer game I currently own that I can win a match in and still be ma…[View]
417308951Tired of dealing with third party programs and bluetooth syncing bullshit. I just want to emulate an…[View]
417307463Halo 2 has the best campaign in the series.[View]
417310910Do you think we'll see a switch port announcement at e3?[View]
417309315It won't even be good.[View]
417310998Oh boy I sure do love kiting enemies. So fun[View]
417304180ITT: We talk about females in WWII games that aren't over the top like they should be if we…[View]
417307032Blow it out your ass![View]
417310657Smash Leaks: my name is not important, but what matters is my plan to release insider info >costu…[View]
417310676Great New Games: What are your favourite games that have come out in the last few years?[View]
417310110Swedish developers: The eternal nordic animal[View]
417308008>had to sell all my vidya to pay medical bills You ever had to give up your vidya for any reason …[View]
417310645They won't be the first to underestimate THE BLADES[View]
417307767Guys calm down Battlefield V will be good: But the reveal trailer was really shit. Praise jackfrags …[View]
417303203Mario Tennis Aces is 2gb. Are Nintendo wizards?[View]
417296836>staying up late to get that extra gaming hour in vs >waking up early refreshed and have the e…[View]
417310358Why did the Americans send cripples to liberate the jews?[View]
417267730>stuck at 400k subs for years >can’t get past 10k views in a day What went wrong? If YouTube …[View]
417307381>All people do now is bitch about non-gameplay related shit in vidya Bunker thread for people to …[View]
417310175WE WUZ BATTLEFIELD: WE OWN DA WW2 YO!!! Check out our new image showcasing the diversity that was so…[View]
417310132>black >offended at game devs rewriting history to give me a pat on the head #notmybattlefield…[View]
417302449Fortnight will it kill gaming?: As in new releases or any sort of big innovation, it’s already killi…[View]
417309847>Battlefield 3/Hardline/4/1 are shit >Battlefield V is also shit Why does anyone even care? Th…[View]
417295659Why is this allowed?[View]
417299905Who would win?[View]
417309929>make a bad company prequel set in alternate history WW2 >market it as the next installment of…[View]
417307613Will it happen?[View]
417304779Here's your World War II game bro[View]
417309463Anyone else think PC is the wining team this generation. Last gen was pretty shitty for PC because m…[View]
417306794Sup rad dudes![View]
417309657>Be excited to play a videogame >It finally comes out >Download and install it >Play on…[View]
417308117>remaster is soulless because its newer >older means it automatically has more ''''soul''''…[View]
417309713Pacific Front War Story: >spawn in as jap >get in plane >fight planes for 2 minutes >ka…[View]
417291834>Final Fantasy 7 Remake is said to be launching in three different parts, beginning with episode …[View]
417307392ITT: Resident Evil characters who will return to the series[View]
417307813>COD had a more respectful and realistic reveal than Battlefield APOLOGIZE https://youtu.be/D4Q_X…[View]
417309217LWA: Chamber of Time discussion: Who's your party member? What's the optimal build? Why ar…[View]
417290561did black soldiers have katanas in world war 2?[View]
417263995I said a bow-string, not a G… Nevermind.[View]
417307029>he doesn't play the superior ww2 battlefield experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8…[View]
417308648Is he /ourguy/?[View]
417307001What are some video games with a good story?[View]
417307014Got a bad feeling about this game[View]
417307462Why does everything feel paper thin? The melee combat system, naval combat, reasons for map collecta…[View]
417302212Really liked this game when it came out (just started replaying it) and was very disappointed with t…[View]
417306405>It's ok when Nintendo does it[View]
417307890Someone fill me in on this game. I use to play Ghost Recon but the last few titles were lame. When W…[View]
417307797Post some lighthearted games. Bonus if not from Nintendo.[View]
417303824Hey guys, how is pic related? Is cheap right now on eShop. I like the characters, but is it any good…[View]
417307634WTF I keep looking at old WWII pictures and I don't see any strong disabled womyn or based blac…[View]
417307512Anyone got any other theories that ended up being wrong/right? Any series really[View]
417306604Are you guys excited for Farcry 6[View]
417307395Why couldn't they just make a 2018 version of this???? Vidya has changed since liberals took ov…[View]
417304250>Beat Odyssey in Runner without too much trouble >Perfect+ every level of Runner2 on hard >…[View]
417304863Development studios: Warm memo, F2P is 89% of digital mobile and PC income (which is a majority for …[View]
417306936>Battlefield Vagina First battlefield I'm not buying. This shit is a mockery.…[View]
417305758What went right?: >no blacks >no forced females >focus on father-son bonding >focus on h…[View]
417290020Rocksteady Superman: Is it actually happening or is it just a worthless meme?[View]
417301202How did they get away with this?[View]
417307217Wow, it totally looks like this city is inhabited. What a great atmosphere, said no one other than p…[View]
417307190Are you getting the new Spiderman video game? What Spiderman games are worth playing?[View]
417307149I have a leak. I saw a thread on here postulating about Bethesdas plans and timeline re: TES game an…[View]
417306448ITT: vidya related pics you wish you hadn't saved.[View]
417307110Opinions on Elder Scrolls Online: Is it as shitty as I have heard? (Pic unrelated)[View]
417305116Pillars of Eternity: Play it or pass?it's on sale atm[View]
417307018Smash Bros is a shit tier 'fighting' game and doesn't deserve to be in EVO. Prove me wrong.[View]
417306968What were they thinking?: Pic related[View]
417305559Battlefield fags got BTFO'd. I told you guys BO4 was gonna dominate. COD is just a better franc…[View]
417306117>first reply to every Battlefield V thread is bait >at least 20 replies to each post Astonishi…[View]
417306884Goddamn women invading our WWII shooters.[View]
417305824They aren't doing it for diversity. They are doing it so every player sees an avatar of themsel…[View]
417298956ITT: Games that have surprisingly fun multiplayer[View]
417304129• No Season Pass • Launch locations are France, Africa and Rottedam and North Africa desert • Coop M…[View]
417301682Grove Street, home. At least it was before I fucked everything up. San Andreas Thread Who's the…[View]
417300374Since all the children here don't know who wins E3 every year here's the cheat code Micros…[View]
417257550Here is your new armor bro[View]
417303152never ever[View]
417304857I want WW2 shooters to come back![View]
417287769>modern /v/ is the equivalent of a kid lying about something in an effort to have his friends agr…[View]
417304747STOP EVERYTHING IT'S HAPPENING!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7eXH25_KC0 https://www.yout…[View]
417304815Luv: Your favorite vidya ships[View]
417305716Why are there no video games that let me wield truly awesome magic of immense scale and power?[View]
417304798*nosedives plane into ground* *climbs out of burning wreckage* Yeah ok EA[View]
417301525If Elon Musk made a video game: What game would it be /v/[View]
417304436Retarded/Disabled Gamers?: Can we have a thread for disabled gamers? What's your disability? Ho…[View]
417298576Redpill me on Ace Combat, /v/.[View]
417305904Unpopular opinion about Battlefield V: The trailer was shit because it showed multiplayer gameplay w…[View]
417304021What is the point of this game?[View]
417305626Listen guys, Battlefield hasn't been good in years. The last good battlefield game was BC2, and…[View]
417305820BATTLEFIELD V : Norwegian resistance story arc - execution of collaborator VIP Frostbite™ game engin…[View]
417305350Is it worth it, really?[View]
417294719How did the safespace fanatics infect modern day gaming?[View]
417304819>That's a nice masterpiece you have there >It would be a shame if I came along and plague…[View]
417298157Should the Halo protagonist after him be a female Spartan?[View]
417299032>17 days until E3 POST SQUILLIAMS[View]
417303859Where is it?[View]
417303725What do you guys think of outsidexbox? I think is a pretty cute channel[View]
4173052822011 Nostalgia Thread: Remember Two Thousand and Eleven? Probably the best year in videogames and ma…[View]
417299973i'm more confused than angry like what the actual fuck is going on in this game[View]
417303157Give me the best or just in general Multiplayer/Splitscreen Nintendo Wii Virtual Console/Wii Ware ga…[View]
417304774I'm gonna play dragon's dogma. What vocation did you have the most fun with? I'm thin…[View]
417298690Oh hi, /v/ welcome to my schoolhouse![View]
417303703I wish Battlefield would revisit WW2[View]
417257350/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>417196883 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
417304303I will buy bfv if it gets a Auschwitz map: Concentration camp map with the same level of historical …[View]
417304964Thread to talk about the actual planned mechanics for Battlefield V, none of the cosmetic shit peopl…[View]
417291980Bloodstained Curse of the Moon is out tomorrow Classicvania is back on the menu gentlemen[View]
417301683EA insider here, AMA: Don't worry about Battlefield V, we have plenty of fresh and original DLC…[View]
417304289>games as a service[View]
417303273>Western games are now on the same level as Hollywood and Western comics. Seriously, thank god th…[View]
417289797What's your opinion on friendlies? Also, TF2 thread.[View]
417282325You ARE ready to hear about HER war story, right /v/?[View]
417303903This has to be one of the worst reveals in gaming history.[View]
417293807Name a better race in WoW than Pandaren[View]
417302969Can we finally admit that it wasn't that good?[View]
417303123Is it any good?[View]
417304117What are the best games to play on a PC that's barely more potent than a toaster?[View]
417304191Industry Bias: How does Nintendo keep getting away with shit like this?[View]
417299892ITT: Games that defined your childhood[View]
417304102Games with good urban planning?[View]
417304041Let's talk about Mario.[View]
417303924>there are 9000 off topic /pol/ threads and duplicate BFV threads up >nah but lets delete the …[View]
417298440Nioh Guide: there was a great guide on google docs called 'The Handy Nioh Guide', but apparently it …[View]
417303867While we're bitching about the ladies and makeup, jackfags makes BF5 sound like Squad. https://…[View]
417296528>Try to play Overwatch >Character select >4 people immideatally pick offence >BIG BOL…[View]
417301413Is this Bloodborne 2?[View]
417302717https://youtu.be/MCSjWgb5aKE?t=192 What a fun and challenging boss mode. Why do people like this gam…[View]
417303104ATTN: Shills: It's not about 'realism', or 'historical accuracy'. It's about immersion and…[View]
417303872https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLZnTtFRUAM&t=46s Vidya ost, also the very start of this song re…[View]
417220415Why aren't you making a game /v/?[View]
417303839Did you guys see the new Battlefield trailer? Can't wait to get prosthetic cosmetics for all my…[View]
417300429>it's just a game who cares >some alternate ww2 games had fun sci fi fictitious elements …[View]
417303710Is this the BF game we've all be asking for?: >Every single action in game now has a dedicat…[View]
417303153Yeah, I'm thinking he's back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87hN1MEBPNE[View]
417303085Cheeky vita 2 reveal E3?[View]
417303263In 2008, WW2 meant this , not the SJW garbage of BF Vagina: Take me back ffs. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
417303247>sequel is the same as the predecessor[View]
417303201ZOE 2nd Runner VR: So the demo for the 2nd runner with the VR component just dropped on PSN Anyone t…[View]
417302937Remember when games were about space aliens, fantasy adventures, and over-the-top fights against hug…[View]
417303112looks good[View]
417297978what would it take for a pokemon game to get a 90+ metacritic score?[View]
417302997I don't know who to trust[View]
417302970Games nobody but you played[View]
417302973I know you baiters are having fun collecting (you)s from gullible fucks with all your ironic 'ur jus…[View]
417287332Mega Man: How are you enjoying the legacy collections /v/? Just beat mega man 7 today i kinda wish a…[View]
417302947Why are alt-right incels getting so butthurt about the new Battlefield game? It's not historica…[View]
417302820Who here /hyped/ for Vegito Blue and Zamasu? Also what's /v/'s opinion on the current stat…[View]
417262585Risk of Rain RoR: Host when[View]
417285257Why don't jrpg characters look japanese?[View]
417298162why didnt EA check all the boxes? bethesda was able to do it[View]
417297358I'm a Brazilian poorfag but I'm putting some great effort to get the Nintendo Switch (it…[View]
417289439why didn't you hypocrites throw a shitfit about kojima writing a female character who fought in…[View]
417302265even reddit hates it[View]
417299593Aw fuck...which one guys?[View]
417302628Why were normies completely fine when WW1 got the same treatment but now they're peeved when WW…[View]
417298023DICE simulates the pay gap: FUCKING EPIC[View]
417299854I always enjoyed Ys games. But i still think its acualy kinda funny how different boss fight are to …[View]
417293779>'it breaks immersion'[View]
417302229Why is everyone freaking out about the new Battlefield? Wasn't it already expected that they…[View]
417296067This is what the Brits should look like in BF V.[View]
417300135After playing the beta I thought it was a 19.99 game buts it's 59.99[View]
417299391https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmcg6F4BeUE I hate to, but... 'member?[View]
417297746>User: Anon >Now Playing: Battlefield V Can't wait for this. The only reason you retards …[View]
417300949What is the best 2d PC game? No emulation[View]
417286650Ah yes, finally a game that represents the strong crippled women fighting on the frontlines of WW2. …[View]
417299249Mass Effect 2: This game is hands down the best in the series and probably my favorite game in the g…[View]
417251732>D E E P Strange Journey >no threads about it…[View]
417295832Remember /v/ there is still good WW2 games >Day of infamy[View]
417301450my pc freezes agian and i have to send him on warranty once again, im sorry pc bros i just cant do i…[View]
417301818>DICE does WW2 in 2002 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb8PQXPOkCc >Dice does WW2 in 2018 …[View]
417301548>Caring about Battlefield: >'They put wimmin in my babby WWII shootin game' >Caring about B…[View]
417259252ITT: Filename Thread[View]
417294854>game allows you to steel enemy equipment mid battle[View]
417301042Thanks DICE!: With BF1's great trailer I was tricked into buying a shitty game. Now I can save …[View]
417301378roll to make yourself play vidya for me: 0-4 dark souls 5-9 maplestory[View]
417290431>Companies in 2018 really think the answer for better sales and success is 'inclusion'. Fuck this…[View]
417300081How come CGI used in movies look so realistic but gamed still look like shit nowadays? https://youtu…[View]
417298560>leave a casual quickmatch where a replacement gets found in 5 seconds >get banned >money s…[View]
417295763> 72 Filtered threads[View]
417299719I still can't believe Gabe Newell was willing to give this interview.[View]
417298272HI DANIEL[View]
417299989This is Tsubaki! She did everything wrong! I love her![View]
417286323Battlefield 5 Trailer: What the fuck is this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb1MR85XFOc jus…[View]
417301179>You said it yourself, Kain... there are only two sides to your coin. >Apparently so, but sup…[View]
417300946>look at pics of World War II battles >no strong crippled women or people of color WTF this is…[View]
417299770Video Game Characters that are literally you: I'll start[View]
417300640Mario lore thread[View]
417297138>villain joins your party after defeat[View]
417297298when was the last time you were excited about a video game release?[View]
417300760Can we all agree Battlefield was an overrated series now? Other games did modern warfare and had mor…[View]
417300057*spins in grave*[View]
417298141Get it?[View]
417295040inb4 le 1 person meme: >WHY THE FUCK IS BF5 NOT REALISTIC??? >WHO CARES IF LARA'S BODY IS…[View]
417298156>post yfw there are people browsing /v/ right now that unironically purchased an xbone Post YFW/L…[View]
417288215>so uuuh here's this giant enemy crab Will a conference ever be as memorable or as big of a …[View]
417298784What are good websites for video game deals?[View]
417300427Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
417287113>Battlefield V WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG!?[View]
417287652Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
417300281>all gamers are sexist and problematic and racist >we're making a video game >we'…[View]
417300097Bruh look at this dood. Oohhoohoho wait till you see the OHNONONOONONO[View]
417299945Why does anyone give a fuck about a new Battlefield, it's like Pepsi being restocked. It's…[View]
417300061Why the fuck aren't you hype?[View]
417300014>game starts with an anime opening[View]
417299967>ywn boot up your old 360 and be greeted with this ever again[View]
417299910Darkest Dungeon: Many fall in the face of Calarts. Even this one, even today.[View]
417295989Ghost of Tsushima: Am I the only one looking forward to seeing some gameplay soon?[View]
417298130ITT: WW2 Ludos: How's 2 anyways?[View]
417299792Am I the only one who is looking forward to this? >BR mode seems to suit CoD better than team MP …[View]
417298289I hate you all.: Remember when the last developer tried to make a wacky WW2 shooter and people back …[View]
417295947We can all agree that Hydrocity is the second best Zone in Sonic 3, right?[View]
417262114SNK Heroines: Will you let Official Heart to arrest you?[View]
417299493Let's talk about this abomination. How did it all go so fucking WRONG? Discuss. my youtuber fr…[View]
417299519Are people upset that they are calling BF5 realistic and immersive instead of alternative history or…[View]
417246820What went wrong?[View]
417299423Why is this sexist and misogynistic garbage allowed to exist in 2018? I swear, gaming is setting us …[View]
417296497>Just spam arrows and keep sprinting to them Who the fuck thought these things were fun to fight?…[View]
417299316What are games with legitimately good same-sex relationships or homosexual characters?[View]
417295548I Had a Delivery: What's in the box /v/[View]
417299284let realismfags kill themselves im already in love with her[View]
417297253For me, it's Megaman X: Command Mission.[View]
417262917Why the fuck should I give a single resemblance of a fuck towards Kairi?[View]
417298980I really fucking hope this doesn't cause GamerGate 2.0: I mean i am fucking confused why they h…[View]
417295006>Another WW2 game >Another WW2 game where you can’t play as Wehrmacht as a campaign FUCKING ST…[View]
417298724YOU FUCKED UP MY FACE[View]
417298710There is nothing left for me to teach you. All that is left is for you to take my Metal Gear thread.…[View]
417248579Castlevania: Harmony of Despair PC: Hey /v/, some guy's porting Castlevania: Harmony of Despair…[View]
417262614BotW on PC has: >4k resolution >60fps >graphics enhancements >tons of mods including the…[View]
417298543little chinese girls get racist comment for a TLOU cosplay shared by naughty dog why can't take…[View]
417297848This company kills franchises and game studios. Has zero respect for there consumers. They use lootb…[View]
417298498How can we speed up the agenda of replacing white people in video games? pic related, protagonist of…[View]
417296432Ok... this is epic.[View]
417298179/v/ what should I buy next Tripps decides[View]
417295759>Hiring Trevor Noah >One armed woman kicking everyones ass >Dude with Katana flying out of …[View]
417293793THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF XBOX - ONLY 6 (SIX) EXCLUSIVES: >sunset overdrive coming to PC >rare rep…[View]
417298071Why is this allowed?[View]
417293226>1,317 days until STALKER 2[View]
417298296Dear Japanese game devs, Never change. Yours, Anon.[View]
417298047Your favorite game Your favorite Fortnite dance emote Let's seperate the men from the basedbois…[View]
417278515Why did the 'Point & Click Adventure' games die out again?[View]
417296732I bet MY rpg character could beat up YOUR rpg character[View]
417294370Most disappointing game of 2018: And why is it pic related?[View]
417291219Well, /v/?[View]
417295850so, lets going - no more spotting - server side ragdoll - recoil patterns - bullet penetration - no…[View]
417297931Could he save Donald Trump from 20 years?[View]
417290890How is this accomplished?[View]
417297421Post Battlefield 5 DLC content[View]
417286190Battlefield V: Why resort to fanfiction when there were plenty of real instances where women served …[View]
417292258I'm playing Persona 3 FES and I fucked up on one of the questions in class. Will I miss out on …[View]
417294054TITANFALL DIED FOR OUR SINS: Why didnt you buy Titanfall 2 /v/ you could have stopped this. Instead …[View]
417294895Confirmed infos from the official German stream by hosts who have been briefed and seen a three hour…[View]
417283726This is a British character.[View]
417296889ITT: Games that are better than /v/ thinks.[View]
417294461>get to deepest naraku >see this what do you do?…[View]
417290251You have 10 seconds to name a first person game in which the movement is more fluid and responsive t…[View]
417295537Persona Dance Boys: Are these up on the Japanese PSN Digitally? I'm on the nippon store and can…[View]
417297140I just finished Salt&Sanctuary and want to play another metroidvania. Is Hollow Knight good? How…[View]
417297130Woah... We really are in a Battlefield V™[View]
417297102Relaxing J/RPG Town Themes: Let us get comfy for a minute. Feel the vibes of hanging around a small …[View]
417294083*Grabs your dick thinking you were a girl* We just going to ignore the president sexualy assulting R…[View]
417295228Casuals off My Catalog: Why does /v/ have to spam the catalog with AAA garbage anytime they see some…[View]
417296662OH NO NO NO[View]
417285848Miss me yet?[View]
417296298Here's your World War II game bro[View]
417295246I did it /v/, I pre ordered it.[View]
417296721Since when was there planes in WW2 fucking retarted sweeds[View]
417279051>*saves the whole genre from the soulshit*[View]
417295920>We get to play as the Germans and shoot women and darkies >/v/ hates this…[View]
417296564>tfw these lips will never touch your cock i wanna die bros[View]
417295689Not that BFV is confirmed for hot garbage, can we take a moment to admit that BF1 was actually a gre…[View]
417296208>It Ain't Me starts playing[View]
417291787>game developer makes a game about joan of arc badassery >/v/irgins everywhere die of a heart …[View]
417289509Why does Rosalina's Mouth have so many corners in smash?[View]
417296224But the MGS thread gives you no tactical advantage whatsoever.[View]
417290348I was playing the demo of ARMS earlier today and it seemed ridiculously simplistic. I won every matc…[View]
417283949>millions of men died in ww2 for this[View]
417295738>bought game in 2003 >had to wait over 10 years before having a PC powerful enough to run it w…[View]
417295706>shoot at enemy >bullets disappear into the void…[View]
417295684Did Kojima predict the incel uprising?[View]
417295657>New CoD and Battlefield games no longer have regenerating health >both have static recoil pat…[View]
417295654/v/ is incredibly embarrassing: look at yourselves. nerdy white people complaining that a fucking VI…[View]
417293623*crashes historically shitty German plane* *climbs out of burning wreckage* Yeah OK dice[View]
417294246>there are people on /v/ that were hyped for Nu-Battlefield[View]
417292603What what do you consider the minimum appropriate age to own a video game system? I got my Gameboy A…[View]
417295181P3D OST: Almost the whole OST is being leaked right now nibbas, how are you liking it? https://www.y…[View]
417295105So is it worth it or a meme?[View]
417294902Forgotten Hope 2: 2.53 is coming, friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8Qm3V3wYg0[View]
417294158The absolute state of battlefield in 2018[View]
417264670Damn, second phase of her fight was really sad. Good atmosphere though, reminds me 3.3 nignog trial …[View]
417248905Bitcoin has finally died and everything is back to normal.[View]
417294969>/v/ forever butthurt about 'muh women' and 'muh niggers' in video games >BF V has both in the…[View]
417293943>google 'British Army WWII' >no strong womyn with prosthetics or people of color wtf this is v…[View]
417288806Post characters from the vidya that you wish you could be. Restriction: Female characters only[View]
417291287I spoke with one of the beta testers for GTA 6. She told me some things. (well, she heavily implied …[View]
417292025'member Amiibo? I 'member.[View]
417294727For any ss13 players out there, the server i mainly play on wants to change code from tg to para, bu…[View]
417294782When CODWWII did it everyone lost their shit: Now this trailer makes CODWWII look like the most resp…[View]
417294712Battlefield thread #32. Just doing my part.[View]
417294603Why are so many gamers so rude and low class? For example: >play DOA online >join a lobby, hos…[View]
417294640sorry but how is banning cheats fair? most cheaters are not rage hacking and only do it againts othe…[View]
417292015Remember when devs didn't make a big fucking deal about female protags?[View]
417291331is it worth it? Im kinda curious[View]
417288256So what rifle and pistol are those?[View]
417294369What does /v/ think about the soundtrack in yo kai watch ?[View]
417294367NRS game. The engine, more des who-can-get Fighting end, might. ekken. In my book, slow more mechnic…[View]
417293202Thread got fucking archived so I had to make a new one.[View]
417284042(((FREE))) MAPS AND LOOTBOXES EDITION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg5AOmEv6tQ /battlefield[View]
417293867He's never getting into Smash Bros, bomb bros...[View]
417293903EQ3 when[View]
417294129>woman with a prosthetic arm knocking people in the head with a cricket bat in the middle of Worl…[View]
417285295Was geralt gay?[View]
417292087/v/ still believes Spider-Man isn't going to destroy September[View]
417293979Vampyr: Ready for a heart pounding adventure on June 5th? Thoreau is best boy.[View]
417292264>tfw you are not excited for E3 at all Anything I should look forward to?…[View]
417293919I need help installing mods on the GoG version of Stalker: SoC because I'm a huge fucking retar…[View]
417293887I cant wait for War stories.[View]
417293508Battlefield 6 already in production[View]
417291854Should I Even Go For It?[View]
417293017What wacko timeline do we live in where fucking UBISOFT has the most realistic character designs of …[View]
417293702What went wrong?[View]
417287506>not a single game all year guess they really blew their load too soon...…[View]
417285206they didn't deserve the spot in smash and you know it[View]
417292353>EUIV Byzantium >Finally going really well, actually stomped the Ottomans out of existence …[View]
417286313What are some other video game companies that shit in their consumer's mouth[View]
417293016Can we have a thread about Deadfire that isn't that autistic anon posting the same images over …[View]
417293465#Nintendo: Like you?[View]
417293404Can we admit the reveal trailer for Bf1 was so much better then Bf V? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
417282290This is the protagonist of Battlefield V. Say something nice to her.[View]
417293124>/v/ attempts to compare BV to Metal Gear[View]
417291164>”Battlefield 5 will be in a never done before setting!” >Battlefield 5 is in the western fron…[View]
417291320I want to thank DICE for finally telling the story of the strong female cripples who singlehandedly …[View]
417292163Why isn't it listed on the steam store? It comes out in a day and a half. I just want to make a…[View]
417292460CRACK WHEN?[View]
417286830Fortnite >trash PUBG >dead BO4 >dead on arrival Battlefront 2 >in the ground Battlefield…[View]
417292610Why does this guy has a katana on his back in the western front on the allied side?[View]
417292780>yfw both Battlefield and Call of Duty will die this year[View]
417292942>play kh2 again because of hype >hand gets tired after 20 minutes of playing am i becoming a b…[View]
417292913>watch BFV reveal >think 'I bet /v/ is losing its shit over this' >come here >like 10+ t…[View]
417291538How come you guys never told me how comfy this game is? I never knew I wanted this larp as some 18 y…[View]
417292494Well, this got released not so long ago and they are already giving it for free, how bad is it?[View]
417287000How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
417286656Ok she's a women...: but what the fuck is this![View]
417291559Meanwhile in 12th Era Skyrim...[View]
417255803Battlestation Thread. You faggots can't even get on my level edition.[View]
417292414Horror Thread: Don't lie, you've pissed yourself because of a horror game before. Which on…[View]
417292115>women soldiers with metal rake hands and silly trench coat outfits >niggers in pictish war pa…[View]
417292573How did they get away with this?[View]
417292452BLU team will defend this[View]
417290648is there a more worthless graphical setting than depth of field? it's one of the first things I…[View]
417292432Daily Reminder[View]
417292410>want to talk video games >half the board is /pol/ over a single fucking game >e3 will have…[View]
417249301This is magician Symmetra. Say something nice about her[View]
417292345You WILL pre-order Battlefield V(agina) dont you /v/ or are you a sexist pig?[View]
417276540What's your opinion about female gamers, anon?[View]
417266112ITT: Consoles that are going to become rare/collectables in 15 years.[View]
417292118Anyone playing this? If not, come join before it dies when the new and better server is launched.[View]
417292002>Caring about BattleFiled, COD, OverWatch and modern FPS in general >When the ones that starte…[View]
417289681Any games where you play as a dog?[View]
417289746what are some fun games for someone who's absolutely fucking shit at video games?[View]
417290364The GOAT[View]
417291318Now that we all know BFV is going to be fucking garbage. Do yourself a favor and pick up an authenti…[View]
417289384Think it'll hold up to VTMB?[View]
417291736battlefield 2 ww2 mod (SOUL) https://youtu.be/I8Qm3V3wYg0 B*ttlefield V(SOULLESS) https://youtu.be/f…[View]
417291674What are some games where the bad guy wins?[View]
417291661Tell that to the covenant[View]
417290398>game is called 'Fort'nite >complains about the building aspect How can /v/ be this…[View]
417290680Is Xbox saved?[View]
417258256You know the drill. Post your all-time favourite 3DS games.[View]
417267895>There are people not highly anticipating the next David Cage vidyakino How did /v/ get so plebei…[View]
417288690>multiple battlefield threads up Why are you faggots even here? Fuck off with your western AAA ga…[View]
417287356Red flags in video games >wwii setting[View]
417288181Wait, what the fuck.[View]
417291281Anyone know if this is good? also mech game thread[View]
417289914Wtf was his problem?[View]
417290935Damn! this is really brave![View]
417289636Better dead than FFX thread, ya?[View]
417291116Hahahaha they made the British bloke wear a fucking KATANA hahahehe legends[View]
417286141What are some games that are rigged to not make you win?[View]
417288652Why aren't you playing Rocket League?[View]
417290340Convince me to purchase or not purchase this video game.[View]
417282132Oh my fucking god Sweden what the hell are you doing?[View]
417288278GOD OF WAR: >God of War was April best-selling game. >God of War had the highest ever launch …[View]
417289368What went wrong?[View]
417271552UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: It's better than the first three 'cause it's more immersive. Reac…[View]
417290802I TELL YOU HWHAT! I miss bad company 2, guys ;_;[View]
417265164How did Fortnite become this successful so quickly?[View]
417290803WE WUZ SOLDIERS N SHIEETT: Can we get a sticky going?[View]
417287418Are you getting it, /v/? Looks kinda comfy. I'm on the fence myself. https://store.steampowere…[View]
417281564Havn't enjoyed any games since The Witcher 3. Could you guys please recommend me some good game…[View]
417290707After what I just saw I am now perfectly A-OK with 2143 being never ever, I don't want DICE or …[View]
417290259>Oh, I missed[View]
417289295Love: Are there any video games in particular that you just absolutely love? Or are in love with? pi…[View]
417290554The woman amputee sniper in woad is fucking stupid, because that shit never happened. However Black …[View]
417289704Biggits will say this is historically inaccurate: Yep[View]
417278996game grumps is fun dan is fun jontron gave terrible commentary his arguments with arin were lame and…[View]
417290380>KH1 >Charming, relatable story about a normal boy who simply wants to see what's out the…[View]
417290373>allies are down >the enemy outnumbers us >i'm severely injured >battle music chang…[View]
417290326Remember me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK2s982TzxQ[View]
417289718So, we're all buying Battlefield V to play as Nazi girls right?[View]
417289252A FUCKING KATANA[View]
417285662E3 Leaks for Nintendo, also Super Sonic Racing, and Megaman 11.[View]
417285239>we WWII now[View]
417280556Games would be a lot better if everyone focused on developing and designing for VR from now on. Mous…[View]
417273163ONE DAY[View]
417289898an old as fuck battlefield 2 mod? https://youtu.be/I8Qm3V3wYg0 or B*ttlefield V(2018)? https://youtu…[View]
417289784How can such a SOULLESS country make such SOULFUL games?[View]
417289418What happened, EA? Why not Marlowe?[View]
417284458Stop buying EA games[View]
417287152State of Decay 2: Why are there no white people in this game?[View]
417289614Post Let's Kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6A3SaRr26M&list=PL0058A651EB882B48[View]
417287183I'll be leaving this here: X4CXP-GGK66-9HRDL[View]
417289526https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb8PQXPOkCc HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE[View]
417287576if the only praise you can give a game involves story or realism, then the game isn't good[View]
417289453*stops and 180 spins into your dodge*[View]
417284717>shitty battle royale ripoff #234524 >make billions >Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines >…[View]
417288649Syphon Filter: Omega Strain: Anyone still have this game? Wanna rekindle it and play online? I still…[View]
417289290Where were you when everyone you loved died thanks to your previous mistakes? Sad vidya thread…[View]
417288505Battlefield and Call of Duty are dead.[View]
417288004Leaked main theme https://youtu.be/sRN9W8nanVA[View]
417287203You LIED to me[View]
417280270Would you? Yeah, you would[View]
417286883What can MMORPGs do to be relevant in an age of rampant social media platforms and massive informati…[View]
417285392So, after finishing the game, can you say was she in the wrong?[View]
417284563Which games have the best Uzis?[View]
417288938Is Ash of Gods any good? Better or worse than Banner Saga?[View]
417287587What went wrong?[View]
417288163>'He bought another western game'[View]
417288753Just Cause 3 vs Just Cause 2: Why does everyone seem to dislike JC3? I haven't played it but I …[View]
417288713Miss us yet?[View]
417275998Next PS Console Is 3 Years Off According to Sony: https://www.wsj.com/articles/next-playstation-is-t…[View]
417286669Which one of you faggots have been talking shit about RDR2™?[View]
417285372APOLOGIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIUJh2mA8vg[View]
417288424>I LOVE BATTLEFIELD[View]
417288435why is /v/ scared of black people: Like be real y'all niggas like GTA and DefJam fight for NY j…[View]
417265670The starting characters are: >black sisters >a black couple >Two male friends, an Asian and…[View]
417288289>Connect Switch to router >Wifi G[View]
417283074*kills Hearthstone*[View]
417284797'ello old friend![View]
417288034Why does /v/ like video game simulators?[View]
417284553OH NO NO NO: So what do you think /v/? do you really think that developers should live in past glori…[View]
417287810>'After Y2K the end of the world had become a cliché. But who was I to talk, a brooding underdog …[View]
417287095>EA shills are false flagging >retards are literally eat it up…[View]
417287785>AI cheats on you[View]
417287707and your sentence is............[View]
417285653ITT: Aesthetic Official Vidya Art[View]
417287537is BFV a sequel to battlefield heroes?[View]
417285304*inhales deeply*[View]
417286825Anyone ever been scammed, video game related?: pic related happened to me. Been over 2 years since i…[View]
417286948How do you come from this a serious kino game tralier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIUJh2mA8vg…[View]
417275287>tales games will never have this fun to play character again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rr…[View]
417267503Bloodborne comic 4: Story time![View]
417282497SONY. ALWAYS. WINS. BABY.[View]
417276402https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg5AOmEv6tQ Here is the battlefield 5 official Live Remember to spa…[View]
417281020Is this game worth playing if you don't give a fuck about the narrative?[View]
417286829Who else is hyped for the new Bad Company?[View]
417279732If vertical shooters (Galaga, Touhou) are called shmups, then why aren't horizontal shooters (G…[View]
417286897>franchise known for huge maps and huge player count >no battle royale mode they fucked up bi…[View]
417285859Why do you guys hate female characters in video games so much?[View]
417269278Dota is the superior MOBA if you play anything else you are a casual prove me wrong[View]
417281403What is your favorite BotW power? >stopping time >ice pillar >magnesium force >round bom…[View]
417286701>tfw you lived to see COD and Battlefield die Its a strange kind of feel. I genuinely enjoyed COD…[View]
417285140Moments in /V/idya that made you go 'KINO!' outloud: I wanna know what's in your KINO collectio…[View]
417282698Mom found the piss jar[View]
417278282Vampyr: June 5th. Think it'll be good?[View]
417286392So call of duty just got wrecked. Goty?[View]
417285719Battlefield 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb1MR85XFOc Looks fucking fantastic.[View]
417284098>Entry in a long running, popular franchise is disliked and derided by core fans >Ends up bein…[View]
417286319>caring about first person shooters after 2007[View]
417284624who did you pick /v/[View]
417280178>a fucking woman on the cover of a World War II game Battlefield is dead bury it…[View]
417273362What class are you rolling?[View]
417281356>Red Dead Redemption easily GOTY when released >Never released on PC despite PCfag whining …[View]
417285550Cheers luv, the cavalry's here[View]
417285720Why is everyone pissed off. This isn't a sim. It's a shitty run and gun shooter. Did Dice …[View]
417286078>2011 >be 16 years old when dark souls 1 releases >been on /v/ for years >originally exp…[View]
417285405DISLIKE THE HELL OF THIS BF V TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb1MR85XFOc FUCK THIS GARBAGE…[View]
417283084>be me >want to run emulators on my vita >boot it up first time since 2014 >it asks to u…[View]
417286003Will Chapter Master ever become real?[View]
417285971YOU'RE FUCKED[View]
417284180How could this happen to Obsidian? They made their mistakes Got nowhere to run But their company wil…[View]
417285871>tfw haven't played any videogames myself for 3 months[View]
417285708Has virtue signalling officially gone too far?[View]
417285787>CoD and Battlefield officially jumped the shark in the same week WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE…[View]
417285475>/v/ cares about Battlefield now ?[View]
417284302Are you getting their game?[View]
417283945>Here's your Battlefield, bro[View]
417285432Builds for DS Remastered: Post your planned builds for this Friday https://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls…[View]
417285341i forgot how unfun this fucking boss fight is[View]
417285318>Battleshit COD always wins baby[View]
417285302What are some good, preferably single player, games that involve cards. Think Ironclad Tactics[View]
417285269So Im gonna play some video games any tips?[View]
417280279Dungeon Fighter Online: They're literally giving out free Epic weapons right now. Why the fuck …[View]
417270340>work at a game studio on a Souls like game, setting is similar to Shadowrun with fantasy mixed w…[View]
417284373>AI cheats on you[View]
417284945What are some games where you play as a female by default?: I need more of these types of games.…[View]
417278683These shots are from Kane and Lynch 2. How come you haven't played the hidden vidyakino of the …[View]
417279181ITT: Poorly draw your favorite vidya cover(s) in paint and others try to guess them[View]
417283859customize your negro in new battlefield: FINALLY i can customize my negro[View]
417257437>Thief 5 is announced at e3 How would you react?[View]
417284758It's coming out in 2 weeks, worth getting? or nah. To be honest, it looks promising[View]
417272152I wonder how many copies this new Shadow of the Colossus has sold? Sony hasn't been shouting ou…[View]
417269967>PS2, PS3, PSP era >Sony exclusives are diverse and fun games >PS4 era >they are all the…[View]
417284635You wanna play with your Mario game?[View]
417284134Is this really what the british army looked like during WW2?[View]
417281203what do?[View]
417283571YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS QUEEN SLAAAAAAAY :nail_polish: :nail_polish: :nail_polish:…[View]
417281676What are some video games that are actually documentaries from the future?[View]
417284337What happened?[View]
417283857>this is the British Army in WWII according to DICE What in holy fuck is wrong with these people?…[View]
417284283Super Mario Galaxy 3: WHEN???[View]
417283554Just finished my second playthrough There must be something I'm missing because I did most of t…[View]
417283235Battlefield: >not wanting women in the new battlefield >not wanting to play amongst female naz…[View]
417261236THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF MODERN VIDYA: When will it end?[View]
417281010BATTLEFIELD V: Applying makeup in wartimes edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg5AOmEv6tQ /batt…[View]
417284095Based mods deleting Bless threads[View]
417281972Is it any good?[View]
417248765The building mechanics ruined this game ...Discuss[View]
417273906>buy console >have to right to do whatever you want with it, even CFW it >companies:'lol no…[View]
417281849HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY (US release anyways)[View]
417251661E3 IS IN SEVENTEEN DAYS[View]
417269846senran: I have been playing the Senran games and yesterday I finished Shinovi Versus with all school…[View]
417283783WE DID IT!: >“The excitement for Black Ops 4 from fans all over the world has been amazing. It’s …[View]
417281836Are video game devs targeting kids as the primary audience? Would it not explain the microtransacti…[View]
417281348keyaboards are interesting: Keyboard thread, post your preferred keyboard or the keyboard you use an…[View]
417283445Change her fate.: If she never purged the reactor, could Amanda and Ricardo have survived to the e…[View]
417278335I own Uncharted 1-4 and Lost Legacy. Finally getting around to playing these games. I beat the first…[View]
417283572>R8 and h8[View]
417283435Battlefield V: Who’s ready for Battlefield V? The V stands for vagina.[View]
417282109danganronpa: >dude lol none of it was real it was just a game show There, I just saved you three …[View]
417279004So we can all agree that PCs are objectively better than consoles, right?: There's no denying t…[View]
417276872Stellaris: Been thinking about picking this up on sale, how's the vanilla version?[View]
417278857ITT: We post objective 10/10 games[View]
417279361Sven Co-op: Let's play some Sven Co-op, AKA one of the best Half-Life mods ever made. I got a d…[View]
417281816He killed millions....[View]
417279028characters that make your willy go wild[View]
417282023'PlayStation CEO: PS4 entering final phase of life cycle': Please, tell me I'm not the only her…[View]
417282726Hi, I'm the worst Bloodborne boss fight.[View]
417282895Will a Persona protagonist ever be able to top this madman?[View]
417282459Daily remember that all battlefield threads are confirmed shills.[View]
417280504V FOR VAGINA[View]
417274187THE GREAT DEBATE: Well /v/?[View]
417258118These boob physics suck[View]
417274573>OKAY FAGGOTS I WANT A 2 HOUR CONFERENCE THIS YEAR WHAT DO YOU ALL GOT >we have the new forza …[View]
417281624>Common >Uncommon >Rare >Super Rare >Ultra Rare >Secret Rare >Ghost Rare…[View]
417281993*blocks your path*[View]
417282396What are some eroge with legitimately good gameplay? The 'I came for the porn, but stayed for the ga…[View]
417273504why arent you playing warcraft right now?[View]
417282337No no no no no, this can't be happening Harubros![View]
417274685I NEED TO WAIT AN EXTRA HOUR THE FUCK? better be worth it[View]
417263945I hate weebs, anime and all that kind of Japan crap but Persona 5 is drawing me to it, probably beca…[View]
417282175>A grand campaign....like a grand piano?? Battlefield 6 will have a trans guy in a wheelchair on …[View]
417276676>Up the resolution >Add specular maps >That will be 39$ + tip Why is this shit allowed?…[View]
417279436What is your thoughts on ice level?[View]
417278918How could someone reasonably argue that any other publisher has a stronger lineup of games? In terms…[View]
417276990where's pikmin 4[View]
417281757Two E3 leaks for you: A new Final Fantasy Tactics game is being made, will be announced at E3, looks…[View]
417272250Are you looking forward to the upcoming wave of retro shooters?[View]
417281282>Waifus in war is only ok if its done by Japan.[View]
417268295what are some antisemitic stereotypes in games?: could be an entire race like the ferengi, a single …[View]
417278725Good Single Player Games: Gimme a good single player game /v/ Doesn't have to be specific just …[View]
417280181What did he mean by this?[View]
417281276Advanced game board technology for physical card interaction with online players when? And obligated…[View]
417278186BATTLEFIELD V: OI GET THE FUCK IN HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg5AOmEv6tQ&feature=youtu…[View]
417281072>can't switch out the main character from the party[View]
417274790What's his name again?[View]
417272896Ridley in smash. Shitpost me: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super-smash-bros-for-ninte…[View]
417257880Post video game related comics.[View]
417277620>there are females browsing and posting on /v/[View]
417280392Is streamsniping the best thing to happen to e-celebfaggotry?[View]
417280828What are the best fishing games, and or games with good fishing minigames?[View]
417279053Pick your color. Platinum for me.[View]
417277772What another lovely day on my favorite board, /v/![View]
417263931How did they get away with it, lads?[View]
417279987I've just started watching the e3 regularly since like 2016, so which e3 was the best and why ?[View]
417270797>How do I make a video game that guarantees NOT offending any kind of groups out there?…[View]
417279831Is Brutal Doom worth playing? I only played DOOM (1993) on the pc as a kid back in the day, haven…[View]
417279657What was your most emotional videogame experience? I'll start: >Max's nightmare…[View]
417280325>forced to play fornite because all other FPS games have garbage netcode it's not fair…[View]
417275859Eastward: Anyone else looking forward to the comfy looking Eastward? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
417270980This is a 16 year old genie.[View]
417280039>AN GAYMENG[View]
417279083Discuss this.[View]
417280193more confirmation that the walmart gamelist is pretty much true. http://www.siliconera.com/2018/05/…[View]
417277829Now the dust is settling, why did VR fail?[View]
417271114Best game since Bloodborne. And it's also a PS4 exclusive. I'm seeing a pattern here.[View]
417279618/tv/ BTFO: >About halfway through the game, I realized something even greater: God of War is perh…[View]
417274537SWITCH CFW: https://www.strawpoll.me/15755145 let's settle once and for all if hacking will be …[View]
417273436Do you think Sony will shut down the PS Vita store?[View]
417278758Will you be playing day one or will you wait for the Rotten Tomatoes score?[View]
417278168So this is what autism looks like[View]
417279759Are you ready for Lego DC villians?[View]
417279684New game when[View]
417272354 how is it[View]
417278214Is undertale a perfect representation of philosophy up until the beggining of the new era?[View]
417259519he could BTFO Doomguy let's be honest, what passes for a big battle in Doom is a skirmish in Se…[View]
417279432It's a whatever choice you make you are still fucked either way episode. I dropped Tekken 7 mo…[View]
417279362PC begging thread: Games stuck on old consoles[View]
417271712why didn't you guys tell me what this game sooner? It's fucking great[View]
417278508Shin Megami Tensei 4 works pretty good on Citra[View]
417279340Do you still get impressed by tech in video games? Like stuff that was really cool when it was first…[View]
417279305You ever make a LISA thread, put your pee pee in.. Have it live? You remind me of that thread.…[View]
417275115>he sells his vidya If you don't have 200+ physical games in your collection, get the fuck o…[View]
417264530*loud background noise* *kids everywhere, dogs barking* HUEUEUEPOKOKHUEUEUEE *screeching into microp…[View]
417279141New Detroit gameplay. If you're only here for the Connor adventures, skip to 20 minutes in http…[View]
417279137Keyboard Thread: Keyboard thread, post your preferred keyboard or the keyboard you use and tell us w…[View]
417276620Is there a more beloved video game track?[View]
417267948according to nintendo princess peach has: >a very clean play style with sweeping strokes >exce…[View]
417274127Desktop rate thread: Desktop rate thread, no cleaning beforehand edition![View]
417240659GoG now sells visual novels and approves patches that are provided outside gog.com. Thanks, Valve![View]
417276965Post pathetic video game characters[View]
417277741Was Sneakers on the Xbox the pinnacle of gaming?[View]
417278761will this be the best overwatch map ever released?[View]
417278750itt: retro games better than final fantasy[View]
417261748BATTLEFIELD WW2 STREAM: The reveal for BF1 broke records with over 600,000 viewers, there are 10k pe…[View]
417271020I know a lot of you here make indie games. Shill them to me, I want something different.[View]
417249937The latest NPD numbers post a dire number for Switch. The darling baby of last year is struggling to…[View]
417277891do you think we will finally see Mental?[View]
417265521I guess it made sense in the end but the more I try to think about the details, the more confused I …[View]
417261718Why is it okay to take away content (like music) from a video game I bought over a decade ago? I und…[View]
417277456did it sell well?[View]
417277836So I am extremely new to Warhammer 40k and I thought to myself 'Hey I should play the RTS games' but…[View]
417275319Space Hunks is really fun to play with some bros. Yeah we know the game is flawed but not really any…[View]
417278303Best game since Rapelay. And it's also a PC exclusive. I'm seeing a pattern here.[View]
417274397>that kid who wrongwarped to school[View]
417275925So /v/ who is your favorite and least favorite character? I Personally hate Fi, shes way to slow wi…[View]
417270381Imagine being a dev, browsing /v/ and seeing everyone shit on your game. Fuck, that must feel awful[View]
417277475PREPARE TO FIGHT[View]
417215919Did you do it? What did it cost /v/?[View]
417278040If there was a websight for a leaked game that hasn't been announced but it was registered by W…[View]
417252224https://www.gamnesia.com/news/nintendo-slams-the-ban-hammer-down-on-switch-hackers#When:15:06:00Z …[View]
417262340Which platform has the best catalog of games?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15754096 All major platforms…[View]
417273356You're tasked with making the next installment in the Twisted Metal franchise: What do you do, …[View]
417271991BATTLEFIELD V: 60,000 PEOPLE waiting for stream to start.[View]
417277910These are the people that browse here. Why couldn't we stop this?[View]
417276934Dark Souls Thread: First time playing a souls game. Can't get past the asylum demon. How shit a…[View]
417276038Old memes thread: Post old /v/ memes here, get that nostalgic groove of the 00's.[View]
417271018Why aren't you playing BotW on CemU yet, /v/?[View]
417276497How do I enjoy this game after I finished it? It feels like there is nothing left. Shrines are borin…[View]
417269020>Operators have good designs again >Map is amazing >Gadgets are not overtly futuristic …[View]
417269638TF2 thread: [spolier]POW![/spoiler] HAHA! TF2 thread[View]
417277441Lovecraft vidyas: So, are there any good lovecraftian games? I already finished the darkest dungeon.…[View]
417269184Why did they give eiko a gigantic camel toe? Is that supposed to be her legs?[View]
417275590What's a good game that I can play while listening to podcasts? I've been playing Rimworld…[View]
417268939So how are Nintedo fans any different than bronnies? They are both playing/watching things targeted …[View]
417277093Why can't we pre order yet?: https://steamdb.info/app/570940/history/[View]
417261458can we have a soul thread[View]
417273494Kingdom Hearts 3: Extended preview of Oath is out. http://www.utadahikaru.jp/music/album/title_16.ht…[View]
417271710Evac...! We need emergency evac! NOW, DAMNIT! NOW![View]
417273696What went so right?[View]
417276787Max Payne. I envy your name.[View]
417276583Who are the Golden Knights of video games?[View]
417273868whats on his mind?[View]
417276674>boot up bloodborne for another evening >im over 50 hours in >the pale mist and haze of the…[View]
417276671Controller mappers: Why so anal to pirate? >Pinnacle profiler costs $6 and is impossible to pirat…[View]
417274651My /v/ita just came in. Looks like she’s running 3.65. Can I get emulators and be able to use shop? …[View]
417272228https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHLAPMf7v54 is this the meaning of word 'cringe'?[View]
417269990Literally the only reason this game has gotten so huge, is because it's free. Prove me wrong.[View]
417269047Are reporting systems in video games ruining the competitive spirit of online gaming?[View]
417276558Moonlighter: Saw a trailer and it gives me made in abyss vibes . Is it a good roguelite or shit like…[View]
417271321What's the point of playing mmorpgs if everyone is too autistic to socialize with each other[View]
417275231>character in a team based fps that builds, mantains and levels up a sentry gun that shoots at en…[View]
417244771>game forces you to play as a retard[View]
417266958Why is it 2018 and there are still no mods that fix MGR's shitty camera?[View]
417263612How come Sony has the monopoly on KINO moments this gen?[View]
417274756>Open Beta tomorrow Who here /ready/[View]
417244538Welcome, esteemed Player...[View]
417273551Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC: There's a new interview with the producer about M+R's …[View]
417275610Just finished this. What did I think about it?[View]
417275567As we near the final stretch of time before E3 finally arrives 17 days from now, it is time for all …[View]
417274832Life is Strange S2: What do you expect from the next Life is Strange game?[View]
417253074>literal monsters try to kill you >killing them makes you the bad guy…[View]
417274591Streets of Rogue: How do you have fun with this game? It sounded neat and the reviews are overwhelmi…[View]
417274431>itt: THAT part Wish me luck lads[View]
417275085what went so absolutely wrong?[View]
417272008FUS RO DAH![View]
417261387What videogame genre do you absolutely suck at?[View]
417274637Dump keys you don't want: JVMP3-YFLK8-HGQVA[View]
417263020 old game good, new game bad. [View]
417274940>Watching reveal for Battlefield >See everyone spamming v >Oh cool, everyone from /v/ is he…[View]
417274514What are some games you recommend I absolutely need to play I'm a fan of the Assassins creed se…[View]
417270759>racing game >it does not support racing wheels…[View]
417257942GOTY 2018[View]
417266562Jesus Christ they got to Larry[View]
417274017The Dualshock 4 is the Best Selling Controller Ever According to the NPD Group: What's your pre…[View]
417273639Is she our Queen of /v/?[View]
417273595do you still play yours, /v/?: sure most of the library has been released on other platforms and had…[View]
417271203They can sell the world's most authentic...[View]
417271619Buttlefield: ETA: 1 hr 30 min You bois ready for still-not-Bad Company 3 2018[View]
417273167Steam Profile thread Anyone remember those 'steam friends' threads? That's one of those /v/ cul…[View]
417270317That'll be $39.99, senpai.[View]
417273113>600p 23fps pre-rendered cutscenes[View]
417271470super realistic vidya game idea: i wish somebody could make a super realistic game;lets take a moder…[View]
417273065Name some Comfy-core games[View]
417272757What game lets me be el homo exterme-o? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPRVXTytJQ0[View]
417272445What's next for Cliffy B after Lawbreakers and Radical Heights were both massive failures?[View]
417270727Did he at least think about it?[View]
417269361Generation TOP 3: As the generation is coming quickly to his end it's time to post your top 3 f…[View]
417272536THE FPS GENRE SAVED.[View]
417272105What's the scariest thing you've seen from a non horror game?: Pic somewhat related[View]
417270201Games that feature alligators?[View]
417270743Why isn't Nintendo making games instead of paying some douche and a phony millions to shill car…[View]
417263417>Capcom has an even bigger booth than 2016 when they revealed RE7 and 2017 when they revealed MH …[View]
417270880Disliking this game for Pair Up is like disliking Fortnite for building.[View]
417269685This is one of the most difficult games I've ever played, damn.[View]
417268528Well /v/, what does hobby-grade mean?[View]
417268397Shitman™: >literally, literally the shortest hitman game, ever (finished it in two fucking sittin…[View]
417272415Name videogames that annoyed you so much that you stopped playing them. >Powerdrill Massacre >…[View]
417271628>tfw Neo Geo AES Mini NEVER EVER Why even live, /v/ros?[View]
417259697Name a game with better OST. Friendly advice: You literally unable to.[View]
417270521those graphics. those cinematics. fucking rip cod. #RIPCOD[View]
417271873>Vietnam level >It ain't me starts playing why…[View]
417271640Above: soul. Below: soulless.[View]
417271898>Our most immersive game yet[View]
417269079SCVI+FFVII: Could this be legit, or was it confirmed fake already? > Cloud, Tifa & Sephiroth …[View]
417271809Dark Spirit THELEGENDNEVERDIES has invaded![View]
417271368Why aren't you working on your game anon?[View]
417251320>Sacrificing Chloe and thereby rendering hours of gameplay and characterbuilding completely redun…[View]
417266314I miss them /v/[View]
417271439yuugi join the party of the last jrpg or western rpg you played what's up[View]
417267576RIP Classic Runescape: Runescape Classic (2007) is dead http://services.runescape.com/m=news/runesca…[View]
417236064New Leisure Suit Larry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87hN1MEBPNE[View]
417269996Dragon's Crown: >Throw enemies >Throw weapons >Throw bombs >Throw barrels >Occas…[View]
417260650What's your opinion on fast travel?[View]
417268550ITT Walking simulators[View]
417268387Is this shit actually good? Never played a Dynasty Warriors game or anything like it.[View]
417269892Last episode that I watched it was Alien 3 What I am losing now?[View]
41727074820XX announced coming to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One: You can cancel your MMX Legacy Collection preord…[View]
417255706EDGE SCHOOL SHOOTER SIMULATOR: They released a new gameplay video. LEAKS FUCKING WHEN? https://www.d…[View]
417264615Yep. This one's going in my cringe compilation.[View]
417270737Astro bot Mission rescue is the new IP from Japan Studios: It’s not fair Sonybros. I thought that th…[View]
417267294Any essential mods for the enhanced edition of Baldurs Gate 2? I think the one where I can fuck/rape…[View]
417268309https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8VrFUi79yo Are Ultra Settings on PC actually useless and simply red…[View]
417265808>LIGHTNING, VANISH: Was there any part of a game that you had to cheese through?[View]
417270609name me some good 10 hour or less games. It feels like every game that comes out now is a 50+ hour R…[View]
417267449>Right from their very first encounster, Albert Smulka, the newly appointed district reeve, remin…[View]
417266381Zone of the Enders 2 Demo: Did you play Ken's demo yet?[View]
417269760Cunt and Ass: I now present you with the work of the century, a /v/ exclusive comic[View]
417270368Have you ever beat mario64 with an INFINITE Z PRESS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAwtN_LhkAw…[View]
417268981'Let me stand close. Now, shut your eyes...'[View]
417270110What will it be /v/?[View]
417267209>*ruins your kills streak* >*topples your stratagems* >*steals you kills* How do we stop he…[View]
417270179>get demolished >[Enemy team]: EZ[View]
417255582ITT: Cursed images[View]
417268587Just one question: Why?: What the hell does he have to do with battlefield, ww2, vidya, or even fuck…[View]
417252607Starbound Is fucking Dogshit: Literally how do people defend this garbage ass game?[View]
417269913the main character and the main female of the last rpg you played has been swapped with ragna and ta…[View]
417263940Well /v/, do you agree with the results? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8mQs8OOjJs[View]
417225548Batman Beyond game in development at WB: >Set after the events of AK >Nemsis system (think sh…[View]
417269830What went wrong with multiplayer games?[View]
417268469>absolute state of twitch[View]
417269752steve (of da minegraft) try kill da kids[View]
417269724https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjKY8K-g7rk SONY WON[View]
417269520https://www.avclub.com/nintendo-officially-announces-a-super-mario-movie-from-1822614210 >this su…[View]
417268754vroom vroom get in nerd[View]
417268542Extended version of theme song is out http://www.utadahikaru.jp/music/album/title_16.html[View]
417265759Coming in 2021[View]
417269526eek that was pretty fucking mediocre Jesus. At least the combat was fun I guess, though surely they …[View]
417266076Why couldn't they come up with a less embarassing name than Big Boss? That's something I w…[View]
417200068So.. yall remember Unreal?[View]
417257976Game of the Year 2018 Call of Duty® Black Ops IIII™: Well, it looks like Activision® did it again wi…[View]
417266578SELECT YOUR HERO[View]
417269254General Kek[View]
417269247What is it about this game that makes it so unenjoyable? Is it the linearity? Lack of enemy and buil…[View]
417259516Was he the good guy all along? Did he really deserve his fate?[View]
417251668How is this game?[View]
417269056What went wrong?[View]
417264140>fell for 'PC is better than console' for multi plats >most of the PC ports are buggy and gli…[View]
417266139convince me to buy a switch?[View]
417267236Dualshock touchpad: >only game that utilizes the touchpad in a meaningful way(camera control) is …[View]
417266036Post up your battle stations: I just cleaned mine up. Pretty proud of it now.[View]
417267786mobile games: Hey /v/ I recently got the Mate 10 pro and wanted to know what games you're curre…[View]
417266137Valkyria Chronicles 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npLTDAM27pE[View]
417264473James Bond 007 Vidya: >there will never be any more 007 kino vidya Fuck this timeline What are so…[View]
417258553What went right?[View]
417230439Where did he go?[View]
417268719>Start game. >Set brightness properly (I'm not a fucking faggot). >Dark ass medieval c…[View]
417247768Have you ever felt attached to a video game character? I'm not talking about romance or anythin…[View]
417267692gamedev: How's that 'game' coming along? You ARE making a game, right? Surely you're not l…[View]
417258909Why is the west obssesed with 'realism'?[View]
417241969Wall Street Journal: Next PlayStation Is Three Years Off, Sony Says.: “We will use the next three ye…[View]
417267912Post your Steam profile page. Hide name if you want, who cares. I'm looking for inspiration for…[View]
417266498Nintendo had Gunpei Yokoi killed for the failure of the Virtual Boy. You know that, right?[View]
417268325STEINS;GATE: So I managed to get the true ending trophy in STEINS;GATE, lovely game, but I can'…[View]
417264086>based devs >actually improving and adding stuff >skill based and team oriented gameplay …[View]
417267747/arena/ QC PATCH NOTES EDITION: Here they are, because I can't post them anywhere else without …[View]
417260658GEARS OF WAR AT E3: walmart leak says that gears will be at e3 this year. Do you want Gears 2 Ultima…[View]
417268078I've ran out of will or enjoyment to play any vidya games. Nothing feels the same. What did you…[View]
417268063Buy this: Buy this[View]
417264661I'm looking for Gamecube or Wii games that won't be dampened by a factorial amount of inpu…[View]
417268031>old shooter game you liked to play has some players >start it up >the only servers with p…[View]
417258213>buy my game[View]
417265810PS2 + PS2 = PS4: Do the math.[View]
417265757Red Flags in a video game >hamfisted political message >strong female character looks like a…[View]
417252024Can you name a vidya that has a great OST that wasn't made by Nintendo?[View]
417266630https://store.steampowered.com/app/866890/Active_Shooter/ What’s even the point with this?[View]
417265774>this type of moss only grows on top of lava in iceland holy shit kojima.…[View]
417241663ITT: PC Gaming: >Windows 10 costs $199 >buying cheap keys risks Microsoft detecting the fraud…[View]
417258394Wow, /v/'s self-proclaimed 'Game of the Generation' can't even do better than an 86? Pathe…[View]
417267151what the fuck was this game, even[View]
417226368Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: Surprisingly a fun game[View]
417263106What does /v/ think of Dreams?[View]
417265270ITT: soulless games[View]
417265036What games has the best dog-human companionship?[View]
417266876this game could have been easily fixed by adding an AI companion.[View]
417254103What announcement at E3 would absolute break /v/ for days?[View]
417191846what game truly terrified you? i wanna get my jimmies rustled tonight[View]
417265518What actually went wrong?[View]
417236270Persona 3/5 Dancing Moon/Star Night: OST is getting ripped as we speak, here's all the songs so…[View]
417244540There are 18 year olds today who never experiences the ps2. How does that make you feel?[View]
417265648Terratech is free on Steam for a couple days. Anyone played it? From what I see it basically looks l…[View]
417263430little known video game facts: I'll start: FFIV was written entirely without the letter E.…[View]
417259772Bi-monthly reminder that this is a real game that happened.[View]
417259575when will microsoft turn things around?[View]
417226191Are you looking forward to Elder Scrolls VI: Redguard? It's so obvious. Kek you thought we…[View]
417258427was Xbox truly the patrician choice in the 6th gen?[View]
417254336vidya fu thread: yuugi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
417255608What the fuck is this: The combat in this game is so fucking bad, the guns feel like shit, melee is …[View]
417264571Strength in numbers, Arisen. Been playing the fuck out of this. Plan is to go Mystic Knight. Fighter…[View]
417260368Have you ever dropped a game for a petty reason /v/? I quit morrowind right after character creation…[View]
417262548http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/en/microsite/xbox Last years most innovative MOBA is coming to the Xb…[View]
417255984You have 10 seconds to prove that (You) are the most casual gamer on /v/.[View]
417233925Battlefield V: live reveal at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/10 PM CEST what are your hopes? will it be better th…[View]
417265980>You remember me, right /v/?[View]
417265397Next Playstation Is Three Years Off: Company will spend the time preparing to ‘jump higher in the fu…[View]
417264617vidya ship thread: ragna x tao best ship[View]
417257789Why was the Battlefield community so toxic against new ideas?[View]
417257174Comfy equipment systems: My favorite thing in videogames is to spend a lot of time carefully choosin…[View]
417265313It's MGS Zero right?[View]
417221691Can someone tell me what the fuck this actually is? I have gotten into the Kingdom Hearts 3 hype an…[View]
417262638Didn't Nintendo want to release a GB mini this year, so why it's N64 now? https://mobile.t…[View]
417263348Why don't they put an actual story in souls games? Then the games will be complete in every way…[View]
417263645Dawn of War/40k games: >the strongest fighting force future is literally only women What did they…[View]
417263380>this is playstation's ceo now What the fuck happened to the bong manlet?…[View]
417257539Does /v/ want to discuss this? >4 year old console with smallest potential for growth outsells ne…[View]
417263486>That game series that is dead so you most likely won't be seeing it at E3 What's her n…[View]
417262936Self Developer: Android or ios testers welcome: My second ever app I have just released is called Pi…[View]
417263975the twist was fucking awful.[View]
417263930>sneaking into an enemy territory >enemy patrols we killed on surrounding area had night visio…[View]
417259771pick one game to play for the rest of your life[View]
417262869is VR a ponzi scheme?[View]
417262190>he doesn't own a gaming laptop i don't think you can call yourself a true gamer if you…[View]
417230198Play Total War: Warhammer 2[View]
417264449ITT: Title Drops[View]
417264364i miss it bros[View]
417264030Fromsoftware: Will they be at E3?[View]
417263114Fallout 1 is overrated >Takes like 2 hours to complete >Almost no side-content >High agilit…[View]
417252605Who is to blame here?[View]
417263228>not sitting in ventrillo and playing some dota[View]
417262804Ace Attorney: Are you satisfied with the way Ace Attorney is going now? What do you want for AA7?…[View]
417263110Nurse Love Addiction coming to Switch: https://gematsu.com/2018/05/nurse-love-addiction-coming-to-sw…[View]
417262405I haven't played a DQ game before, where do i start?[View]
417263687Meanwhile, on Extranet /v/...[View]
417251923PS4 has been out for 6 years and has TWO good games PS2 had a library full of classics at this point…[View]
417259170Sunset Overdrive coming to PC: https://gematsu.com/2018/05/sunset-overdrive-rated-for-pc-in-korea th…[View]
417260250Is this the most overrated system of all time? 90% of the '''games'''' it had were visual novels an…[View]
417263658Splatoon: Are you excited for the Octoling Expansion?[View]
417259053What's yours? https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/ I guess i'm officially a …[View]
417262203Anyone excited for the reveal I cant wait to see how it plays. I really think this game might be a g…[View]
417244710Reminder that ZUN is a fan of Undertale ;^)[View]
417257018ITT: Autistic things you do while playing games.[View]
417262894So this was the first time a Sony exclusive managed to push hardware, huh?[View]
417263159Yakuza: these are your new hostesses in Yakuza 3 on PS4 say something nice about them![View]
417257896So this scene was the afterlife right? Seems obvious, but a lot of shit in this game is vague. Other…[View]
417261984Well, /v/?[View]
417258614>he says 'ow' when his character takes damage[View]
417262983>No Assassin's Creed game taking place in Medieval Paris during the actual historical fall o…[View]
417260567RACING GAMES: Hello /v/, let's about some racing games you enjoy. Can be anything, from arcade…[View]
417258413Mr. Crossover: >SNK >Marvel >GI Joe >Namco >Sega >Super Robot Wars >Nintendo …[View]
417260485Literally impossible.[View]
417258467THANKS FOR BETA TESTING >inb4 food analogy comic about scraps[View]
417238906WoW BfA: Do you think that Battle for Azeroth will save World of Warcraft?[View]
417261717So how is it?[View]
417261919RIP: A moment of silence for the great man we lost this month[View]
417259150Should DICE give representation to people of color in the German army in WWII? I mean it's 2018[View]
417258787I have Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 (PS2) and Persona 5. Where do I start /v/?[View]
417262263Holy shit guys he did it again There’s no more doubt Death Stranding IS Metal Gear Zero https://m.yo…[View]
417260665ITT: we predict the next FOTM fad.: Right now we're at battle royales. What's next?[View]
417262240YOUR MOVE, CREEP[View]
417258039>This game gets announced at E3 Your reaction?[View]
417260926ARE YA READY KIDS https://youtu.be/ESuKiC9vOD4[View]
417255032Binding of Isaac: Wins your run[View]
417261481>JAJAJAJAJAJA >OHOHOHOHOHO >KAKAKAKAKA Why are they like this?…[View]
417258892>gets humiliated multiple times by her sworn enemies >keep bouncing back from her 'defeats' li…[View]
417240929The History of /v/: >/v/ didn't exist and games were discussed on /b/ >/v/ was created an…[View]
417261759Would a video game like Sburb actually work in real life?[View]
417260726What are some criminally underrated fighting games?[View]
4172535592016 GOTY Tournament: 64 games entered. 32 remain. Round 2 voting is not ready to start yet, but her…[View]
417259963I want SEGA to notice the work of this man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hidys3BWu3Y[View]
417259304Games that only you played[View]
417211586Who was in wrong in the 4.3 patch for the FFXIV stormblood? Are you ready return to the ala mhiggo?[View]
417259030What are your first thoughts and imoressions about this videogame?[View]
417256560What do you think are he best and worst things about this game?: They can be anything, from design d…[View]
417261639I don't think I've ever seen so many plot-holes in any story before[View]
417261161what are you expecting to see at this years e3 I am hoping Mr caffiene comes back again[View]
417258313>AAA >Crazy unique direction >Blackout mode >Boots-on-ground combat is back >3 Zombie…[View]
417258023what exactly is an rpg?: is it character specialization? is it choice with consequence? is it the st…[View]
417237746Diminishing returns: What would PS5 console even bring to the table, other than marginal performance…[View]
417242148By buying any version of this vulgar cashgrab you're contributing to the death of videogames. …[View]
417257853Anyone still playing this? Is there any way to make the nocable exe work with cdlc?[View]
417260842What does your Steam profile page look like, /v/? You're not some kind of faggot with anything …[View]
417260672You ARE going to pick the better character for your team in FighterZ on the 31st, right anon?[View]
417259634Space Jew simulators: What’s the best game where I can start as a space trucker and build my way up …[View]
417258974Soul Calibur 6 Thread: Which guest do you think would be best for the next Soul Calibur 6 guest? I t…[View]
417260692Hurry up and awaken the crystals you fucking lazy piece of shit[View]
417259506So, was it a marketing or social experiment with the DRM policies etc. back then? They couldn't…[View]
417258136You bought his game, right?[View]
417250378Which looks the best?: I say top right.[View]
417241238L-O-D-S OF E-M-O-N-E What's that spell? Killing floor thread! Probably![View]
417260298>game has feminism[View]
417259152ITT: We post a plebeian game and the patrician equivalent. plebeian: Witcher 3 patrician: Dragon…[View]
417258329Man, why do ya'll hate Undertale so much? It ain't harmin' no-one.[View]
417257373What went wrong?: I remember when his reviews were mildly amusing and at times insightful. Then that…[View]
417255112>2001 >Deus Ex demo from the magazine >beat it around 50 times >2018 >every game with…[View]
417259830The protagonist of the last game you played has been swapped with the Cheetahmen. How they do?[View]
417256195watcha playing /v/? Any new game you're trying out?[View]
417241957>VR is just a mem-[View]
417259026So did this help? Have Labo units begun moving again thanks to this ad?[View]
417259636Should i buy a VIVE now or should i wait for a newer possibly better competitor hardware?[View]
417247229>2018 >Year of the mecha[View]
417254692>make a thread on a game I wanna discuss >gets only 50 replies and dies >shitty bait and c…[View]
417257036Why don't people complain that the NFL or NBA aren't 'diverse' enough? Why dont people com…[View]
417257909*Nothing personnel kid[View]
417258297who was right?[View]
417259274FIRST SIP OF THE DAY: They see me swoopin'. They hatin'. Stay lit, niggas. ;)[View]
417255949Post some country specific video games. I know Germany has a few Xbox 360 and PS3 games that are rar…[View]
417259174Hyrule Warriors thread Whos playing it? Just unlocked fairy mode for link and now I'm trying to…[View]
417258146Spread your butt cheeks & bite the pillow.[View]
417256653Have you give a custom character a funny name?[View]
417256647>The kojimadrones were right, Death Stranding turns out to be incredible >The kojimadrones wer…[View]
417258975Name a more kino menu screen Protip: LALALALAAAAYYY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_WtTC-Kd_E…[View]
417257951>First all those PS3 trilogy remasters >Then Crash >Now Spyro Is it his time yet?…[View]
417258957times /v/ reccomended a game to you and you just felt dissapointed or even pissed off? you guys basi…[View]
417258882So I lost joy in gaming. I thought about getting some pleb tier AAA games to maybe get it again. any…[View]
417258326>side activity is more fun than the main game What other games do this?…[View]
417251585/v/, I-i don’t feel so good[View]
417258692Bad gameplay mechanics done right.: >QTE[View]
417258094>make broken bug/glitch ridden games >they just keep getting worse >still making money Expl…[View]
417258420is there any place where I can buy those without having to pay a million dollards[View]
417246692>Paladins isn't a Overwatch clo-[View]
417258510Post games that nobody played.[View]
417258484What games best simulate the experience of living in the American suburbs?[View]
417257927Where can I find desperate people who would buy me video games in exchange for my attention?[View]
417256447What do you think about Blackout: What do y'all think?[View]
417246235Media Create sales: https://nintendoeverything.com/media-create-sales-5-14-18-5-20-18/ Switch – 33,1…[View]
417256991What is the best role playing game of all time?[View]
417257226Battlefield V: is /v/ hyped about the upcoming diversity shitfest[View]
417244927XBOX IS BACK[View]
417236017>Xbone loses yet another first-party exclusive https://gematsu.com/2018/05/sunset-overdrive-rated…[View]
417256551What the best racing on Steam and is it Sonic & All-Stars Racing and Super Indie Karts?[View]
417257940Subnautica Thread: ITT: discuss anything and everything Subnautica related. Just got the game yester…[View]
417257218Jurassic World Evolution: >tfw no chameleon carno[View]
417245983PLAY MY (FULL) DEMO[View]
417256580tempted to buy this, is it shit?[View]
417205196Don't mind me. Just being the best roguelike game here[View]
417256136A power to mindhack [View]
417257476What does /v/ think of the Orcs Must Die series? I am playing Orcs Must Die Unchained these days and…[View]
417251436haven't played this masterpiece yet. which console version is the best, objectively?[View]
417252138I love Neppy![View]
417245254What am I in For?[View]
417253390has /v/ ever changed your opinion on something?[View]
417257305find a flaw: that cute couple[View]
417256256Why is it so rare for games to actually let you kiss your love interest(s)?[View]
417254580What happened? Kingdom Come died so quickly. It lost 12k players in ONE month.[View]
417169320>the ending credits are a montage of the game you just finished >its accompanied by melancholy…[View]
417255680What a fucking bitch[View]
417245862He will be at E3.[View]
417196883/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>417172886 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
417256403Why it had a handle? Nobody was carrying them around.[View]
417251779Romance: Any good rpgs with romances in them that aren't pic related of fire emblem. VNs not pr…[View]
417250889>gf wants to play video games with me all the time >she sucks really bad at them and is not fu…[View]
417257374/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>417196883 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
417257298>shotguns are, by far, the best weapons for most vidya environments >devs have to limit their …[View]
417256916What would you say is the best online Lan connector for playing older games or where the online serv…[View]
417256030Is Kojima senpai a Radiohead of vidya?[View]
417250329Astro Bot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjKY8K-g7rk new platformer from sony japan[View]
417256201>it’s treason then[View]
417255527This is a Sony first party exclusive. Let that sink in.[View]
417222470STR>dex Always, in any situation.[View]
417252981Has this game aged well? I've never played it but i heard it was pretty good and ive been looki…[View]
417257037Why do normies avoid playing the games with anime artstyle?[View]
417257004Have there been any worthy replacements for Cube/Sauerbraten?[View]
417256828Thanks for beta testing :)[View]
417256867Do you think Bethesda could ever reinvent TES like a bunch of the other franchises we've seen r…[View]
417248729>most people in skyrim live inside caves and ruins as bandits & necromancers The absolute st…[View]
417208507Which Resident Evil character would you pair up with for best change of survival?[View]
417255145This is the average Bloodborne player[View]
417254597>That kid that had Skannerz[View]
417255283Why do games fail so much to make good morality / choice systems that actually accent the story, and…[View]
417236301What are some games that let you play as a cute girl?[View]
417252075Hes obviously Ontos right?[View]
417249954How to save American/Non Japanese arcades with 1 game: >Fortnite >most popular game rn >Mak…[View]
417255946soulskiller right here[View]
417250806Caligul Effect/Overdose: So. Has anyone actually played this game at all? I've yet to find a si…[View]
417255546vidya ship thread: ragna x taokaka is the best ship of blazblue[View]
417256203got a ps4 at the start of the month and a couple games >GTA V >Mad Max >Bloodborne >Dark…[View]
417255504Inkopolis. Home.[View]
417256160Risk of Rain 2 thread: Going 3D is the single most retarded direction hotpoo could've gone. I…[View]
417256019Wtf: >Buy pikmin for the gamecube from CEX >it doesn't have a manual and arrives in a fuc…[View]
417252951Magic the Gathering Arena: How are you enjoying it so far?[View]
417234024wow just wow microsoft[View]
417249491>MARVEL loves money >Disney loves money >there's been zero worthwhile games like Batma…[View]
417254251I can't beat him. I just can't. Dante Must Die is absolutely insane. How the fuck. What is…[View]
417255387do normies enjoy chiptune?[View]
417254558Sora, I don't feel so good...[View]
417252794>game has horse archers[View]
417253969Post BADASS moments in vidya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqa13zScfFU[View]
417254169ITT: video game tracks that stay close to your heart https://youtu.be/Abig05PwGAY[View]
417255203Which games in the Ace Combat series are worth playing? I want to get into it but I don’t know where…[View]
417255540what's that one game where the guy lives in a tower in woods and his wife has early Alzheimers?…[View]
417250260Is DOOM the best video game of all time ?[View]
417252185>it plays just like F-Zero X games like destroying other racers and each boost consumes health …[View]
417247705What went right?[View]
417248651Why was this so disappointing?[View]
417253810What are you emulating today /v/? Pic related so far is dope. The ost is great.[View]
417251102*fucks up the balancing even more*[View]
417234057Will you play it? Only one week left.[View]
417252947GOAT: Literally the perfect game. The perfect balance of quality gameplay, gripping story, and graph…[View]
417247353Is this the greatest piece of video game box art there ever was?[View]
417255124>Devil May Cry 5 will be worth waiting for >modern Capcom…[View]
417255185A week ago, some dude offered me a used Band-In-A-Box for Rock Band 4 in VERY good condition for 120…[View]
417255178So this scene was the afterlife right? Seems obvious, but a lot of shit in this game is vague. Other…[View]
417254975Fellow Gamers we NEED to start the uprising soon. The SJW menace started its assault in the early 10…[View]
417255132Watch, it'll get 10/10s across the board[View]
417248565>humans are so tribalistic we can't even find solidarity in a shared hobby of video games, i…[View]
417251203Post yfw a good RTS game finally released after all this time[View]
417254124What is in your opinion the best looking console? Mods don't count.[View]
417254916*ruins the game*[View]
417251821>not owning the best portable emulation machine of all time why, anon?[View]
417252840Mega Man Legacy Collection for Switch: is gamecube adapter compatible.[View]
417250861Do you think the PS5 or Xbox Two will use DS cards for games?0 Or will they go digital only like Mic…[View]
417253107Why don't games based on a media never play exactly like in the media?[View]
417252508recommend me some games on steam that are under 20 bucks[View]
417248789Best selling console on the market. Expected to reach ~95 million this year. 3 more years until PS5 …[View]
417252612>tight controls >aesthetic as fuck >die a couple times in the starting area >finally mak…[View]
417253154This game is 1 year old.[View]
417254340>vee >low effort shitposts >serious threads are retarded >bad, cringe and brainlet memes…[View]
417250245How does this make you feel, /v/?[View]
417254286What relaxing videos or music does /v/ listen to while gaming? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJDv1…[View]
417246675Woah hey guys, welcome to EB games![View]
417245327Post games that can't be discuss at here[View]
417246780Just bought ADOM, what am I in for?[View]
4172529158102 3E.[View]
417250895Things you hate in a mmorpg: >Boss has instakil mechanic Looking at you Runescape KK,Telos and N…[View]
417246019It's actually pretty good.[View]
417251490How deep is your hatred for Capcom?[View]
417253762How hard is it to provide just ONE big 1st party exclusive for this generation?[View]
417252867So we always get str vs. dex arguments but why not just dump points in luck?[View]
417253813Things to look forward to[View]
417253309Injustice x God of War game[View]
417251815Fire Emblem's coming[View]
417243407It's up.: https://youtu.be/ESuKiC9vOD4[View]
417253418ITT we revive dead online games for the day. Over 10 years later, the online is still going on just …[View]
417249393>Each game in the series is the same as the last one What series?[View]
417253215final fantasy XV: gladio has been swapped with yuugi what's up[View]
417250810What have video games become, /v/?[View]
417243824>Kill huge animal >Loot enough meat to make one (1) steak…[View]
417251768Which one should be the way to go when re-releasing a game? Which one do you personally prefer?[View]
417251952>you're allowed to shill your game but we're not allowed to 'shill' ours…[View]
417246471Destiny 2 is a mess: https://www.pcgamer.com/destiny-2s-new-iron-banner-exotic-emote-costs-dollar10/…[View]
417251009I like my PlayStation consoles how I like my bitches: >T H I C C & >B A C K W A R D S >…[View]
417237365ITT: JoJo references in vidya: post the best JoJo references bros[View]
417251478Play Elsword.[View]
417250102Star Wars vidya: Name me Star Wars games that take place on best era Clone Wars[View]
417252045How can childrens toys even have soul?[View]
417244813Stop playing Spy.[View]
417248437Which camera do you use, /v/? Explain yourself.[View]
417250156The last loadout you used is now your loadout for the apocalypse. How fucked are you?[View]
417246448Is Space Hulk Deathwing worth picking up for 20% off atm? I know a bit about WH40K, thinking about t…[View]
417249507>Don't want to support lazy remakes >Want to enjoy DS1 again with populated servers What …[View]
417240103Who is the broest bro in vidya?[View]
417249934>Dark Souls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Remastered it loo…[View]
417249305MGS ZERO DEATH STRANDING: Part 3 is out https://youtu.be/ESuKiC9vOD4 >post yfw absolute comfy lud…[View]
417249007I always want to be a supporter/healer in mmorpgs, what is wrong with me? Is it because of my lack o…[View]
417243660What's the Best world? https://www.strawpoll.me/15752796[View]
417250296Can a game be to ambitious for it's own good?[View]
417251616This will be the peak of SMT[View]
417251052What do you think of this? It's fairly popular with screaming '''gamer''' YouTubbies.[View]
417246313I'll try this one more fucking time. Rhythm game thread. What are your favorites?[View]
417251586Fable 4 news: Sean Eyestone, a producer on Metal Gear Solid V who is known for the kino English comm…[View]
417239246Is Citra worth using yet?[View]
417250550Do you self-insert?[View]
417221532Kingdom Come: Please talk about this game as I am playing it right now and I like it a lot.[View]
417251014Happy Birthday, anon. I got that Nintendo Switch you wanted for your birthday.[View]
417248206Getting pic related later today, what am I in for, /v/? Monster Hunter thread, fags[View]
417250497Saint's Row. Home.[View]
417243714I can't believe I'm actually excited to play an indie game, who are you guys going to pick…[View]
417249897BORN DIFFERENT[View]
417240201>the shitch is so weak it can't even run RE7 without it being stream from the cloud LOL…[View]
417213745Soul Calibur 6: Hey another Soul Calibur thread. What are your hopes? Who do you want? What do you t…[View]
417138975/ctt/ - Console-tan Tuesday >consoletan.booru.org >flockmod.com/thebreakroom…[View]
417218932I would literally suck an unfathomable amount of dicks for a PSO remake.[View]
417250851What game has the deepest lore?[View]
417246698Spelunky: >have 18 hp from being Kali's bitch >doesn't matter because have to kill s…[View]
417250767Just found out about the game Onrush, apparently there was a beta that I missed. Did any of you nigg…[View]
417240642long link[View]
417250656>ice level >floor is slippery[View]
417250485New old games: Any good ps3 games I should get, yes is an old Fucking console but at my wages an upg…[View]
417250609Any news on this guy? Been playing Odin Sphere: Leifhanzah and Dragons Crown Pro to get my fix.[View]
417245948Can someone explain why they like this shit?: I just got finished with this game and I'm left f…[View]
417249232So they fucked up the thing they were working on for the years since Tropical Freeze development wra…[View]
417246267About to play this it's no masterpiece for the first time. Anything I should know before jumpin…[View]
417250316GTA V PC Mods.: Are there any mods to make the hud look live IVs hud? With the circular mini map and…[View]
417247370This is Connor. He's the android sent by Cyberlife.[View]
417245591Are there ANY good first person stealth games that aren't thief or dishonored?[View]
417250167step to me again and I'll shatter more than just your window bitch[View]
417248358Mobile game thread. Anything available that could scratch that mmo itch ?[View]
417235950Message to all developers: Unlike most of /v/ i have a life and a job, yes that means i leave the ho…[View]
417209632How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
417246768New Detroit Become Human short: How does Playstation do this? https://youtu.be/oL1ZOLo3s7s[View]
417248292What games coming out this year are you looking forward to still?[View]
417247394Bayonetta: How can one get good at Bayonetta? I beat normal mode with shit scores, and ive been redo…[View]
417243894What the fuck happened to them? I've not used the site in years, thought I'd go back to fi…[View]
417249280Given this game's success, what would you want to see in a sequel/spiritual successor?[View]
417245896KOJIMA RUSE CRUISE CARAMEL 2.0 EDITION: 1.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb67zAmIx20 2.https://www.…[View]
417241992What does your Steam profile page look like, /v/? You're not some kind of faggot with anything …[View]
417246371Is there a support group for people who haven’t recovered from being John Romero’s bitch?[View]
417249573Eu4 feelsgood: >playing Portugal in eu4 is there a nicer time in that game then just doing your o…[View]
417242592Super Real Nintendo Leak: You can thank me later[View]
417248749vore: the game[View]
417248982What are some boomer core vidya? My vote goes for World of Tanks[View]
417219427He's right you know[View]
417247461When did PewDiePie peak?[View]
417245623>turn on in-game voice chat >'you sound like a girl, anon'…[View]
417248167Scorn: Anyone hyped about this?[View]
417249029>Guild recruitment post >They want to know your age, time you play, blood type, height, weight…[View]
417246337Seriously, why does he comment on so many fucking videos?[View]
417248190Oh, look /v/, I got a vidya package, I wonder what could be inside...[View]
417247526SONY cancelled Wattam: Takahashi had to scrap all work and rebuild entire game in new engine which i…[View]
417249083What went so right?[View]
417245847ITT: things that are still occurring in the YEAR OF OUR LORD TWO-THOUSAND AND EIGHTEEN: >Microsof…[View]
417245328what.the.FUCK. is its problem??[View]
417244763why is Warlock - Master of the arcane™ so underrated?: I've got nearly 200 hours in this baby a…[View]
417236146you have ten seconds to prove that the normie masses weren't shit instead of the game nope, you…[View]
417243246twists that actually surprised you[View]
417245831Media Create: PS4/Vita: 99999999999999 Switch: 0 3DS: I FUCKED One: YOUR MOM[View]
417244294SWAT 4: Now you've got this all wrong, anon wouldn't hurt a fly![View]
417243124Leaked picture from new Assassins Creed game[View]
417246827Got my self ps4 got God od war and horizon What more can I add[View]
417248212T Pose: t pose thread[View]
417247468>there are people OTB that have never aquired a legendary[View]
417240182Metal Gear Solid 0: Death Stranding who /hype/?[View]
417235427other games that do this?[View]
417245043Do you think Prey was a worthy System Shock successor?[View]
417247363why is the interface so ugly and weird?: it's looked practically the same since 2003[View]
417229053>SMT x FE >No SMT x Pokemon >No SMT x Mother Why?…[View]
417245927REAL LEAKS 341958762339751: There is no Pokémon Gray We will get direct sequels to Black and White, …[View]
417246630Is spacehulk Deathwing still bad?[View]
417245527THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE WARFRAME COMMUNITY: >voice valid criticism on the forums >gets brush…[View]
417243887>Play game you never finished as a kid. >Massive good feels due to nostalgia. >Get past the…[View]
417247752>Metal Gear Solid movie >Producer: Avi Arad >Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Maybe Kojima kno…[View]
417246721>This one's going in the cringe album! Wonderful![View]
417243438I want to get into fighting games. What controller should I buy?[View]
417243190>Still no news about classic servers Literally why[View]
417246840This game is a fucking piece of shit.[View]
417247203Imagine getting this for Christmas[View]
417244792New Conker Game Coming to Xbox One: Conker is returning in a brand new game exclusively on Xbox One.…[View]
417246206is this a fighting game? is this the most popular fighting game?[View]
417244442What's the best Worms game? or game that's like Worms? Was playing pic related with my roo…[View]
417242109So how do Freya/Baldur/Mimir and the rest of the Norse Gods know about the shitshow Kratos kicked up…[View]
417245746>b-but i play games to relax and wind down! y-you cant be productive all the time anyways! even m…[View]
417243948Battlefield V live reveal t-minus 5 hours https://youtu.be/Yg5AOmEv6tQ https://youtu.be/Yg5AOmEv6tQ …[View]
417233752>huge game library >half a dozen AAA games I haven't played yet >spend all of my time …[View]
417245662DUDE MOSS[View]
417245614>The man that killed TES and Fallout[View]
417225575So now that the dust has almost settled for good, how was it?[View]
417244036https://store.steampowered.com/app/13250/Unreal_Gold/ Unreal Gold for free, guys. Get it while you c…[View]
417240997Agony: Pretty crazy to announce a new game mode just days before release https://youtu.be/AS4-uxrdSd…[View]
417223426LWA: Chamber of Time gameplay discussion: Who is the most OP character? What is the best party? 6 ho…[View]
417234027MARIO64: What is it about this game that attracts so much autism and speedrunning?[View]
417235814Haha ever wonder what Strogg did to female Marines that weren't made into iron maidens? Lol I…[View]
417221161XBOX E3 PRESS CONFERENCE IS GOING TO BE 2 HOURS LONG. That's 20 minutes longer than last year.[View]
417245453Less than $10 Is it time to buy it?[View]
417242667Do you ever report people in multiplayer games or a gaming platform? If so, for what reason?[View]
417234909What went wrong?[View]
417244084This is still the best game of the generation.: >that addictive gameplay and rpg mechanics combin…[View]
417245818Fancy that, a Fallout 3 thread I seldom get those around here which is a tiresome shame because I re…[View]
417246078>e3 >ms and nintendo already lose Its not fair bros...…[View]
417209647/v/ Confessions: I have over 500 hours of playtime EA's Battlefront 2 on PC I have 100+ hour…[View]
417245902When will Marvel stop ripping off shit?[View]
417244015Let's play some games /v/. Post a game, anon below HAS to play it.[View]
417241385What happened to good racing games?[View]
417242635343 Industries CONFIRMS Next Console Halo is In Development!!!: Is it Halo 6? Could it finally be?! …[View]
417240590Find a flaw: https://youtu.be/YyRGGnfLW1U[View]
417245041ITT: Disturbing video game glitches[View]
417237761Have you ever been caught pirating /v/? What happened? Did your ISP just tell you to knock it off, o…[View]
417245345SJWs in Gaming: Anybody who games as much I do has no doubt been affected by SJW crybaby's in v…[View]
417233310Was this the best version?[View]
417245239>Hmmm, that's one doomed space marine What did he mean by this?[View]
417245158Who can defeat Japanese highschool girl with a sword?[View]
417244891post games with satisfying combat.[View]
417238167what did kojima mean by this?[View]
4172440914k45fps or 1080p60fps?[View]
417243779>T-minus 6 hours and 30 minutes WHO FUCKING HYPE FOR BASED TREVOR NOAH ?…[View]
417240178I've had this nagging feeling in my gut ever since it released, why does this game feel like it…[View]
417209749She killed squillions: Splatoon thread.[View]
417224567Dark Messiah: >Annoying Moralfag vs. Literal Succubusfu who saves your life Uhhh was this suppose…[View]
417165330So how's Risk of Rain 2 going to turn out? Will we learn more from Hopoo games at E3? When are …[View]
417243496Our foes, The French, it is said, are better lovers than they are fighters. This is true lads, ask a…[View]
417242417More games like Majesty 1? I loved this shit as a child and I don't really like age of empires …[View]
417236372>PS3 >720p 30fps-50fps (very unstable) >PS4 >1080p 60fps (constant) And you losers have …[View]
417231452Who is the best mom in games?[View]
417243570Are there any other bosses that realizes that their whole plan was pointless in the end? >https:/…[View]
417237853>there are grown adults excited to play a video game with Disney characters >Disney characters…[View]
417242717>'this game was based because they ripped off smash and lazily use characters from later releases…[View]
417240710WHO was in the wrong here?[View]
417243770NEW PAPER MARIO COMING TO SWITCH NEXT YEAR: Paper Mario Beat Battle is a rhythm based RPG. Borrowing…[View]
417244486https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mqAZ06dwKU why do people hate pixel art?[View]
417243097Fez: I just got around to playing this game, played it for one hour. I know this game gets shit on a…[View]
417244290This is your car for today Say something nice about it[View]
417244306What happened to games that have lovecraftian like horrors as monsters? These days it's demons,…[View]
417198358What went wrong with League of Legends?[View]
417222382Xenoblade 2 - 'Finally a fucking ost released' edition: http://downloadanimeost.info/xenoblade-chron…[View]
417227428Are there any games where I can be a cute, fuzzy little дpyг?[View]
417240037You know, I woke up in my bed today, it just so happens to have been in a SOMA thread.[View]
417244313>Raw Thrills is saving the on-rails shooter genre >Time Crisis 5 port still nowhere to be foun…[View]
417244292mount and blade: i just captured a castle as marshall what do i do now? it has 0 garrisons and i hav…[View]
417232787>he plays with mods[View]
417188838How to spot a low-skill shitter[View]
417243350Are you ready /v/? open beta starts tomorrow, which weapon are you gonna main ?[View]
417239819What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
417243754>PC is the only system that matters You can't play 8-Player smash on a PC. >Yes you can D…[View]
417228626Linkle Mod for BOTW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvIU7f_qUGE[View]
417221741HI DANIEL[View]
417242964I was casually looking through my PC CD game collection and found this gem. I'm sure everyone a…[View]
417243207What will be his next great lie?[View]
417243589Can we all agree that playing Fortnite is not gaming: When you tell people you like vidya they ask i…[View]
417216468>Young >Pretty >Has literally no friends How?…[View]
417229883Here's that champion you asked for[View]
417227471Why is everyone in love with this overrated trash of a game? LA > Oracles > MM > Breath …[View]
417243730I've been itching for a multiplayer pirate game since Assassins Creed Black Flag. Just bought t…[View]
417239636I started played Dragon Quest VIII recently for the 3DS and so far I think it is alright, but I am w…[View]
417239421Super Princess Peach: Have you all heard about that sequel to Super Princess Peach? I can't bel…[View]
417235964>Leisure Suit Larry >Not a manlet Stupid fucking german devs.…[View]
417241670Crusader kings 2:holy fury: What do you guys think of this?[View]
417242751what sound do they make when they die?[View]
417243338the post below yours is your vidya weapon.[View]
417220772PSP IS BACK BABY![View]
417239480Is it gonna bomb?[View]
417232398ITT: Games so good they ended their genre[View]
417233246Why is it ok for japanese games to have QTEs but everyone flips their shit when they're in west…[View]
417243090This is Lightning, protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII series, savior of humanity and Literally Pe…[View]
417236732Stop playing Larian games[View]
417241242Just a reminder that Donkey Kong is full of Soul.[View]
417240378What's the 3rd best video game developing country? The US comes 1st, then Japan, so what's…[View]
417242660webm thread[View]
417235804What's the best game to benchmark your PC, /v/?[View]
417242676where's pikmin 4[View]
417242447What are you waiting for, anon? Hit me with the most soulless video game you can think of right FUCK…[View]
417235034Is it worth getting into at this point? What are some valuable tips for someone brand new to the gam…[View]
417240006>game: year >game 2 >game: year 2 >game: game >game: year 3 >game: game 2 >game…[View]
417237195Controller for PC: I am sick of fiddling around with different programs and bluetooth settings to ge…[View]
417223495Fighter Music. S TIER ONLY: I need custom music for when I play DBEZ I'll start https://www.you…[View]
417241654For me it's looking glass[View]
417235118I was thinking of picking one of these up, but there's probably no reason to right now is there…[View]
417233321Splinter Cell 2019: I know you all think it will probably be shit, but if you could get what you wan…[View]
417241037What am I in for?[View]
417219947Is it worth it playing MGS games?: Sup /v/irgins, i been playing Metal Gear Solid V : The phantom pa…[View]
417238861I have 1200$ to spend. Give me the best(worst?) pay2win games. A games where i can be a god amongst …[View]
417239125Don't mind me, just being the last good Need for Speed.[View]
417238793Who's best Shantae?[View]
417241470Far Cry 5: How did this get made? It's honestly a really good game especially compared with the…[View]
417241360>decide to play an old game expecting it to be overhyped by nostalgiafags and borderline unplayab…[View]
417242082here's a link to a full copy of Master Lander game: https://a14games.itch.io/master-lander/down…[View]
417228478Why are Nintendo consoles always underpowered compared to Microsoft and Sony consoles?[View]
417240891This game is GOOD[View]
417236624>Playing online >Beat someone lower ranked. They rematch. >Beat someone higher ranked or co…[View]
417232792Literally Impossible[View]
417238982What went wrong?[View]
417240030What went wrong?[View]
417237673It's high time he got into Smash bros.[View]
417239882Did shitposter argue with themselves cause sometimes? I'll see the exact same shitpost with the…[View]
417239423Ni No Kuni 2: Anybody here playing this?[View]
417236161>work at a game studio on a Souls like game >theme is similar to Shadowrun ie. cyberpunk and f…[View]
417240638Tell me about your autistic gaming habits, /v/. Personally, I enjoy torturing and slowly killing ene…[View]
417240816Give me some nice looking vidya food[View]
417237604Stop sucking companies' dicks: Why are PC gamers so retarded that they don't care about th…[View]
417240570Establishing secure connection[View]
417238914where the fuck is it?[View]
417240605What are some games where I can play as a Spy?[View]
417238552Vaguely describe a vidya character: Then see if anybody guesses. I'll start with a few easy one…[View]
417239462What are some good psp/ps1 games i can play?[View]
417240451What are some games where the villain clearly dies but comes back in the sequel anyway?[View]
417228794Do we have a date yet?[View]
417240387>player character gets captured midway through the game >lose all items/weapons…[View]
417240269Dungeon Fighter Online: Free epic weapon update starts in an hour Which one are you getting?[View]
417240261>2k18 >still no better game about guerilla warfare than Operation Flashpoint Resistance I…[View]
417236068How do we fix Rust and save it from shooter babbies and tryhards?[View]
417240217What are some games that revolve around a single, large dungeon? (hard mode: no mystery dungeon or e…[View]
417240183ITT: cancer you’re nostalgic for[View]
417234087Why aren't you working on your game anon? It's getting late.[View]
417233875What went wrong?[View]
417236063How's it feeeeeeeeeel, Seath?[View]
417237430>Comments on video game ost video on youtube >My wife walked down the aisle to this music.…[View]
417240083Star Wars Games: What are the best Star Wars games out right now? For the record, I've played t…[View]
417239742so today i found out that im the best player of my friends in new god of war because i got up to and…[View]
417237671Maplestory 2: So now that the dust has settled from the Closed Beta Test, what are /v/'s though…[View]
417236019So I’m playing this on hard and it’s pretty fun Why did /v/ lie and say it was shite[View]
417239793this game is shit >enemies are bullet sponges >levels are big but samey looking and boring …[View]
417239713Kingdom Come Expansion/DLC Roadmap for 2018 Announced: http://archive.is/ZdysP >From the Ashes: T…[View]
417234263How come kids don't care about Labo? /v/ told me it was going to be the hottest new kid's …[View]
417239468>Star Raiders Reborn >Airworld >Tetris the Grandmaster disco version >Pac Man and the b…[View]
417239284That's MAMA LUIGI to you, /v/! *wheeze*[View]
417215301SMT Strange Journey Redux: Have you been playing Mastema's game, son of Man?[View]
417228391I'm excited /v/ros! I'm about to play bloodborne for the first time![View]
417228283Why are From Software and Bandai Namco using this picture of Firelink Shrine at night time to promot…[View]
417200995Just threw this thing out the window here. Bought it brand new, the 6gb version and it shot up to 85…[View]
417235891>GTA 6 isn't out yet >R* are wasting their time with cowboys vs niggers >Could be maki…[View]
417232516Was this game any good?[View]
417231415What do you think of Lara's new character model?[View]
417224338Final Fantasy VIII (8): For sure Final Fantasy VIII is the most unfairly criticised game in the seri…[View]
417234845How can it ever hope to top RDR1?[View]
417236903Literally comes out in 38 hours and there's still no steam page.[View]
417238909Characters who deserved better[View]
417233445I have PSP Slim, but my original bettery gave out years ago, and the knock-off ones are probably dog…[View]
417238131What exactly is charm? What does a 'charming' game have that other games don't?[View]
417237963What consoles can the PSP emulate perfectly?[View]
417235349*perfects the water level*[View]
417238246>Falcom in charge of playtesting their games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhcHhTzupg4 Inb4 …[View]
417238631ITT: Funny Name Thread: Post 'em[View]
417238161How would it effect the God of War franchise if Deimos was the main character instead of Kratos?[View]
41722630716 DAYS UNTIL E3 :: Post your HOPES : DREAMS: EXPECTATIONS Remember it starts on the 9th (confere…[View]
417233563What happened to James Bond games? They used to be the best shit ever, especially in multi Goldeneye…[View]
417237736Behold, the perfect Zelda.[View]
417237873What does the corruption stat do?[View]
417228236No messing around, this game is goddam fantastic. Who else has played it?[View]
417237271Wow, that sure didn't age well.[View]
417233565What happened to this game, /v/ ?: Why did it turn out so embarrassingly bad?[View]
417237927What's the /v/erdict?[View]
417235971What's the best musou game on pc that isn't Dynasty Warriors?[View]
417233327>card game >have to wait for the slow as fuck retard on the other side to spend a million year…[View]
417236080Persona 5: yo anyone else fucking obsessed with hifumi togo??[View]
417232862*crits your party putting them on deaths door with bleed*[View]
417237508New Lupin the Third game fucking when?: Every OTHER anime and its dog is getting a game.[View]
417222413Is Mileena the best Mortal Kombat kharacter?[View]
417236591Comfy Switch Thread. >Playing >Wanting >Buying >Wishing Does MHXX have English support o…[View]
417237425Final Fantasy XIV 4.3: Was the persimmon as sweet as he remembered?[View]
417235305https://store.steampowered.com/app/323130/HalfLife_Soundtrack/ Can someone post this on Mega please?…[View]
417222265Where can I get a Windows code for Gears 4 without paying $40+? I'll pay up to $20[View]
417236658Why does hirez has to fuck everything up?[View]
417235394what are some examples of games with great mechanics but terrible aesthetics?[View]
417231384Are they going to give another update? I haven't played in a while and I'm debating on if …[View]
417233049>browse my collection of hundreds of games, looking for the perfect one to play >after a coupl…[View]
417236370ITT: shit games[View]
417231251It still hurts bros[View]
417226389This is a Japanese Ninja and the main character of video game series about young ninjas fighting dem…[View]
417236020Do you think the third game is out there somewhere?[View]
417235937War of Rights: Why haven't you shouted the rebel yell yet, /v/?[View]
417226346Drec ec y drnayt vun Al Bhed frunac. Bucd dras, ytuna dras, dymg ypuid ruf oui't muja du bisb o…[View]
417234116Was Hermann in a relationship with Navarre?: He seems especially angry after she dies, immediately c…[View]
417231763this game is so fucking boring[View]
417223521Is there a SINGLE video game character who can defeat Seto Kaiba?[View]
417228821What's the best Sega Megadrive/Genesis console reissue?[View]
417229790The game had some very interesting concepts like keeping people at gun point so they dont attack you…[View]
417231235lmao can't wait for all these tryhard pro players to jump on Fortnite's cock now. Based Ep…[View]
417228565Why does Microsoft have to fuck everything up? This game was thriving before they interfered and now…[View]
417216231Post your favorite track from any rhythm game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tsDb3CeFp4[View]
417231156>it's a water park level >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv7ywWsAWyg&t=286s starts p…[View]
417233458ITT:: VNs/Movies/... disguised as games.[View]
417233642The ideal game is hard to fail and also hard to master. That way everyone wins.[View]
417235318What's /v/'s verdict? I liked it tbqh[View]
417233149Imaegin being a princess.[View]
417234721Here's your controller bro[View]
417234435Gerudo: All right /v/ are the gerudo black?[View]
417234963Recommend a game WORTH playing or I'm going back to Skyrim.[View]
417234724Don't you think it's a shame that there was never a western release of any Rozen Maiden ga…[View]
417232976>it's a 'PS1 racing game tutorial that's harder than the actual game but that you need …[View]
417219894>PLAY KENSHI full release soon boys get hype[View]
417234793>DLC costume >$2.99[View]
417225818Why is the best JRPG of the year a remake?[View]
417229507Would you play a game with her as the protagonist? Do you think we will ever see her as the main ch…[View]
417231176Is the code to this game held together with duct tape? It crashes often even with the anti-crash mod…[View]
417219791Totally not a dead game. Bethesda is great.[View]
417229109Has there ever been a more obsolete console?[View]
417224770Was this REALLY necessary?[View]
417232065God this was cringe-worthy, I hope somebody got fired for this.[View]
417210354Smash Thread: Smash thread. Post >hopes >dreams >predictions Also, let's try not to ta…[View]
417226082>normalizes 60 dollar handheld games Psss nothing personnel kids[View]
417234484What are some games where you can play as a girl, and the NPCs don't still act like you're…[View]
417234402Kairi's kh3 outfit: Did u rike it[View]
417230215Can we remove this fucking term from video game terminology? It makes no sense in any context. I…[View]
417201593Under Night thread?: Is it too early for one?[View]
417231893>play squads >every teammate puts marker right in the path of the bus where every other team i…[View]
417234135name of the game: please?[View]
417225894Castlevania: Arigato[View]
417233132what are some games with alien settings?[View]
417221693What's that game you keep coming back to? pic related[View]
417227949>keep buying games >never end up playing them I hate this…[View]
417214576What are you all playing tonight? I'm playing Kirby Star Stacker.[View]
417233608Really? Why did they have to oversexualize the cover of their new expansion? This doesn't repre…[View]
417225178>Metacritic says [blah mediocre] >$30 >Surewhynot.jpg >9/10 easy >Best zombie game in…[View]
417228414Ni No Kuni 2 vs Persona 5: They are quite different in tone and gameplay. Which one do you prefer /v…[View]
417233747What are some GTA-style games with empire building? Where you eliminate rival gangs and have to mana…[View]
417206869Why is FF9 so perfect?[View]
417229971Is pre-ordering, the concept of it, actually a bad thing? I mean, I don't agree with locking co…[View]
417230492>absolute trash tier application that doesn't even deserve to be called a game, and that onl…[View]
417228081Why does axe beat lances and sword beat axes?[View]
417232650Long ago in a distant land, I, Baku, the over powered master of taps, unleashed an unspeakable evil.…[View]
417232587Fuck this fucking piece of fucking shit. What a stupid fucking mechanic to throw into the normiest r…[View]
417231930games from your childhood that you have fond memories of[View]
417227625remind me again how this game is supposed to be an SJW fanfic[View]
417225421You playing /v/? Ancestors: legacy released on steam today[View]
417232163H1Z1 PS4: So how is it? Apparently better than PUBG on xbox[View]
417228764https://www.gog.com/game/unreal_gold Want to play a REAL fps for FREE guys?[View]
417227857Pakmon in E3?: Y'all expecting to hear anything about pokemon in E3? Isn't it supposed to …[View]
417230870They were never good. It's understandable for a company to have games that age poorly, but when…[View]
417225180SURPRISE, GANON!![View]
417214529Objectivity (of critiques and designs) is great because optimizing interests is beneficial. Post opi…[View]
417226258>Hank can now dual wield propane tanks with no damage resistance penalties What are the devs thi…[View]
417230854Mods are asleep quick, post YTPs https://youtu.be/RVEiITHcuoI[View]
417207078NINTENDO GOING MOBILE: >taking away the defining feature of your system http://www.japaneseninten…[View]
417228862i beat this. anything else like it? i want some comfy stories[View]
417229405It's happening[View]
417222891When will computers be able to lock this at 60 fps at max settings?[View]
417229910/v/ is trash tonight. Golden Sun Thread. Hit me with your memes.[View]
417229875When was the last game that actually kept you immersed with some suspension of disbelief?[View]
417229868>yfw you learned just how terrible most english translations of Japanese games actually are…[View]
417218693Banjo-Tooie: Why didn't I enjoy this game as much as #1?[View]
417228082Hey /v/ what's your favorite Spider-Man game?[View]
417210396What new mechanics do you want to see in Smash Switch?[View]
417229712since the mods are asleep let's talk about the old, obscure, and forgotten games that we normal…[View]
417225809Insomniac is going to ruin the best game there making by allowing it only on console which maxes out…[View]
417227079Dota: does /V still care about dota?[View]
417229156Who is the cutest male, non-human video game character?[View]
417229357god I wish that were me[View]
417214993Greetings. It is I, Daisy.[View]
417228052>game about samurais >make the protagonist Chinese Do westerners think the two look the same?…[View]
417215706Mewtwo is very cool. There's no video game character more cool than Mewtwo.[View]
417216216Why is Nintendo so out of touch?[View]
417229125How long before Blood Elves and Trolls start mixing back into uniform race?[View]
417224240How did the Xbox One end up dead fucking last this generation with all those epic, megaton, groundbr…[View]
417228032>install custom L4D2 map >go online to play it just for luck that people join >before it ev…[View]
417228795They call me Dean Domino...[View]
417228830So the emu server of an MMO I've been playing is turning into an out of control dumpster fire p…[View]
417220505>JRPG >food is a hunk of meat with a non existent bone going through the middle…[View]
417219838Post your biggest disappointment this generation. The only two runner ups were the new god of war an…[View]
417220156What is the most disappointing sequel of all time?[View]
417227764>japan level >GONGGGGG >no YOOOOOOOOO…[View]
417221787Mario Tennis Ace New Characters: -ディディーコング (スピード) -キャサリン(テクニツク) -ノコノコ (スピード) -パタパタ (トリッキー) -ハナチャン (デ…[View]
417228234Are there any games where I can be an adorable little creature?[View]
417226301Do you listen to voiced dialogue or just read it and skip through? I always feel kinda bad just skip…[View]
417216780I never played dark souls 1, but played 3 and bloodborne and fell in love with the series, and being…[View]
417224771>'ez game ez life'[View]
417226612Don't rike it? Too bad. I'm great artist and ruse is my passion. I do it on purpose.[View]
417226461Anonymous: Gameing has taken a turn for the worse, we need history to repeat it self. Let's tak…[View]
417219291What do you prefer more? invading or being summoned? lending a hand or being the bad guy?[View]
417225559Why did Mario cross the road? Because he couldn't find the warp zone![View]
417227960What video-games are you playing today /v/?[View]
417226519Is this now the golden age for video games? Everything is selling better than it has done ever befor…[View]
417227161What is the Yeezus of video games?[View]
417227704>Judge not, and you won't be judged. Condemn not, and you won't be condemned. Forgive..…[View]
417222461Hearts of Iron IV: select your hero. HoI4 thread, but other grand strategy games are welcome[View]
417227835FEH: How'd you end up, /v/?[View]
417220568What is nomuras problem[View]
417227801Soundtracks: >mfw playing Furi for the first time yesterday What are some other games where the s…[View]
417209010Where is it?[View]
417226339I'm looking into building my first gaming PC. About how much should I spend if the most intensi…[View]
417227520games you've never played but want to play because of the cover art[View]
417221508Is there a software out there that will let you transfer your save game progress on a pirated game b…[View]
417208619Post a quote from a game, others guess what game. >So I kicked him in the head until he was dead…[View]
417187236find a flaw[View]
417226436Does anyone on /v/ find auto win perks fun? I’m talking about every game today having a wall hack, a…[View]
417227260Show me on the doll where Activision touched you.[View]
417222565This game has no redeeming qualities because I'm emotionally attached to the original; it'…[View]
417208930Metroid appreciation and hype thread: last thread was fun. let's keep this going >>417168…[View]
417226957You like Castlevania, don't you?[View]
417218827God of War breaks Playstation records: >God of War has had a better debut than any other PlayStat…[View]
417223168The games that Kamiya has directed are considered some of the greatest games of all time. Every one …[View]
417166198She killed millions.[View]
417226976Its a fucking kids game, chill out...[View]
417216217>game has a math challenge out of nowhere[View]
417218139Will MCC come to PC?[View]
417211078VR is the future /v/![View]
417224049>Space Hulk Deathwing releases >No threads Wtf is this heresy…[View]
417221580>steam adds dear wypepo to their catalog >getting btfo in discussion area who the fuck thought…[View]
417226494ITT: ETQW 2[View]
417213249Kirby thread: You guys hyped for wave 2 of Dream Friends?[View]
417223423Who should marry Anduin Wrynn?[View]
417219916>Australia map >It's full of garbage…[View]
417223635>Draw a white girl. >Call her Asian. 'Hey. Why do Japanese people always draw white girls?' …[View]
417226361What are the best mods to get for Shadow of Chernobyl? Im currently doing my second playthrough with…[View]
417218435>love interest from the previous game becomes irrelevant in the sequel[View]
417224646RIP Playstation: I guess /v/ was right this time...[View]
417224025>2018 >still no new Jackie Chan game >still no new Bruce Lee game >still no new Chow Yun…[View]
417225501Post the last boss you beat.[View]
4172223096th Gen Mortal Kombat games: Is there anything redeeming to these?[View]
417224993>try to find a solution to a technical issue in-game >find a forum post >it's just peo…[View]
417226175Why was it never free on PS+?[View]
417165919Mega Man Legacy Collection for Switch is out: You got your copy right? You want to save the Blue Bom…[View]
417220174[distant mooing][View]
417225254And now I would like to announce the new Playstation Svvitch![View]
417209554Thank you Capcom[View]
417222328sup guys, I am poorfag, come from Ecuador, recently I bought a decent laptop to play videogames, I w…[View]
417224584free on GOG, weebs[View]
417219880Why does this card look like it's from a 1999 Pokemon set[View]
417203556Did he find redemption in the end?[View]
417217592Way too early 2018 GOTY thoughts: So /v/. where do you sit right now? I haven't played much in …[View]
417225570>Want to try out a new game >To stupid to understand the core mechanics…[View]
417203082>E3 trailer has the player running from thousands of zombies >game itself has the player hidin…[View]
417224785The best part about gaming is doing long lists of random activities to boost my gamer resume. Someti…[View]
417214456Cool Parents Stories: >Dad buys me GTA IV when I was 8 even though other dad told him not to >…[View]
417203569Sony will move away from consumer electronics business: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018…[View]
417216327What were your favorite moments in Breath of the Wild?[View]
417207956UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: DOOM 3's the only one worth playing. The rest are pretty fucking gay. Espec…[View]
417214501Alright, I have not seen a single fucking thread about this game. I bought it after watching a few v…[View]
417224317*steals all the ADC's kills* ''''''''Support'''''''' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5hKGMEPJj…[View]
417224802The hard truths about Overwatch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZdHDsxykQ8[View]
417224797>The separation of powers acknowledges the petty ambitions of individuals; that’s its strength. …[View]
417223673What are some games that were unfairly maligned by the fanbase?[View]
417209705Hopes and Dreams for Pikmin 4? My hope is that it'll get announced[View]
417222649Does /v/ play rhythm games? What is your favorite one? Which rhythm game desperately needs a sequel …[View]
417224654>these are the people telling you that the games you like are shit[View]
417216917Death by natural causes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bduOMImSzjM[View]
417224703post videogame water please[View]
417223440It had so much potential... Next official YGO vidya when? Fuck Duel Links.[View]
417222949My girlfriend and I just got in a huge fight because I told her that I don't think multiplayer …[View]
417223786Honest question, how do you play this online? It's confusing as fuck. I only ever played online…[View]
417224153State of Decay 2: I heard that the main criticism is that the game is too similar to the old game. I…[View]
417222130So you low-test memetic fuckbois obsess all day over 'muh ambition' or 'muh benevolence' or 'muh pre…[View]
417213360anyone else disapointed?[View]
417200419You cry you lose: Video game music edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7J910J9vk0 https://www.y…[View]
417198943Rimworld: How goes your colony, /v/? What are you hopes for 1.0? Expectations?[View]
417224124ITT: Games with god tier SFX[View]
417224103I'm putting together a team...[View]
417223476new battlefield: They are editing the trailer right now, so I'm not sure what we will see. Anyw…[View]
417221496Making a beat-em-up: How hard would it be to make a side-scrolling beat-em-up? Similar to Double Dra…[View]
417217016Which to play first?[View]
417143227Who's down for playing Harmony of Despair on PC? Gameplay vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
417223514>*is 0/2/3* >*Still Instalocks in your path*…[View]
417221296>game only has one save slot[View]
417221491>when your 2008 debut game delivers a more immersive artillery experience and being in a WW1 tren…[View]
417223336I don't care what any of you clowns say. Johnny Cage took the most skill in MKX.: I don't …[View]
417200918You guys get your pre-orders in for the ps4 killer?[View]
417221334has anybody tried to follow andre during the tape section?[View]
417214621how's that youtube channel, /v/?[View]
417221231>i like it for the story[View]
417220413Are there any vidya character that can defeat him /v/?[View]
417220869George Weedman: Holy shit, why his videos have been so boring lately? It’s like he gave up completel…[View]
417207635Do you think Kairi will do literally anything of significance in kh3? Maybe team up with the other p…[View]
417211396what's the market for this ?[View]
417222028>die ingame >drop controller by mistake how do I stop this predicament…[View]
417220792Are you guys ready for the night of shitposting that will follow the trailer? What are your expectat…[View]
417215196Holy fucking shit. Almost the entire Yakuza franchise will be available on PS4.[View]
417219779>Build three thousand dollar rig >Fire up Pcx2 >Try to play Shadow Hearts >Graphical gli…[View]
417222683Anyone notice how you need to be a richfag to play Nintendo games? Everything Nintendo makes is frea…[View]
417221118Was he wrong?[View]
417172148Post mobile games you play[View]
417221725>he says 'ow' when he gets hit in-game[View]
417213573What the fuck is Konami even going to make now?: Maybe I'm just a casual, but after getting rid…[View]
417221284Since we got 'Alolan forms' of Kanto pokemon, do you think next we will get 'Kanto forms' of newer c…[View]
417220815Zelda: How gutto kuru do you want the next mainline Zelda to be?[View]
417222004And, another platform has been infected by The Yellow Fewer. Rest in peace, GoG. We ain't gonna…[View]
417204651THE LEAKS ARE HERE. > F-Zero is in progress and there is a port available to get information abou…[View]
417202579the only reason I killed benny was to get his customized browning hi power I saw in the cutscene tha…[View]
417220946you're IQ and forvitie game[View]
417222183ITT: Games that Lost Their Soul: Posting the most obvious one.[View]
417221321What should I roll for my first playthrough? VTMB Thread[View]
417221951Wasnt the 360 version of GTAV leaked a few months before the release? Was there any significant chan…[View]
417214836Unrrated & Nostalgic PS2 games[View]
417221664Enjoy new「sandbox]game!- yniユニ: (developers need your feedback, senpai!) https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
417220427What games other than Odyessy / BotW are good for Switch? Ive never been one to own a Nintendo Conso…[View]
417221343What video game do you think has the best mini games?[View]
417220437In a weird way, i think the graphics of the fifth generation aged better than the graphics of the si…[View]
417216154going on a 2 week trip tomorrow, only vidya I'm bringing is my switch. I have BOTW, Odyssey, an…[View]
417221174Miiverse thread[View]
417221251>Open Beta in less than 2 days Tumblr faces aside, is Dauntless fun now? I need something to scra…[View]
417220937Daily reminder, that he brought more exclusives to the bone than phil spencer.[View]
417220548What's the best way of naming guns in games? >Real names, including model numbers and serial…[View]
417218562>2 months and 13 days ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsseXsq9Y2k…[View]
417209716Esports: >Esports was a mis- >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I--xYlIQF0k not going to lie thi…[View]
417220902fuck this boss: >game goes from fairly easy to complete bullshit hard aaanddddd dropped…[View]
417211518Do you think Nintendo is poised to win E3? They have a strong lineup of games coming out in the seco…[View]
417218771Why does everyone sound like mid 30s in english dub?[View]
417215302What happened?[View]
417220694Sequel when?[View]
417187221Are you going to buy their game?[View]
417218492What does /v/ think of Katamari Damacy?: I've only played the ones on ps2, how do the newer gam…[View]
417220353Leave Crossbell to me[View]
417216960>seen here is Rebecca Chambers trying to convince Capcom CEOs to make the next mainline Resident …[View]
417220386'We want the League of Legends audience.'[View]
417216375>scheduled gaming vacation for this week >ps4 breaks…[View]
417220325>it's cumfie Aw, does poor baby want his blankie?[View]
417219313Switch release when[View]
417219970>Action adventure game >It has a tiny flying sidekick that follows your MC around Why are ther…[View]
417211324Starfield: Same leaker said trailer is coming.[View]
417213009Where were you when Denuvo won?[View]
417217692Was it ever good?[View]
417220076Siege Bread: *blocks your path* >Who you mainin' >Who you gettin' your shit kicked i…[View]
417219982I'm getting an annoying-ass connection error with my PS4, NW-31297-2. It's telling me i en…[View]
417195413Rocksteady's Superman - MORE DETAILS: Following up on my post from a few weeks ago with some mo…[View]
417216013ITT: games with weird fucking lore >humans evolve spring arms at random and can simply wake up on…[View]
417219757>he doesn't pick staff[View]
417218993>not whipping out the credit card and buying ultimate power What are you, a poor?…[View]
417216758>Decide to buy Bloodborne on Amazon since my local shops only have the vanilla version >Appare…[View]
417219367https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb3sE0_JZ4A Post a better character theme song, oh wait, you can…[View]
417215353What game has the best magic system in which you can be creative AND manipulate the environment?[View]
417210160Post times a game went too far.[View]
417218191Mods are asleep. Post Axel[View]
417217793L O L[View]
417219402Comfy games thread: Post games that make you feel relaxed and cozy.[View]
417211874OOT VS MM: Which was better and why?[View]
417215838how do we stop the soulless problem in vidya[View]
417218726What the fuck was HIS problem?[View]
417209248The Evil Within ain't nothing to fuck with. If it doesn't filter your pleb ass, it'll…[View]
417212581>five (5) RWBY characters Why is this allowed?[View]
417218724Age of Empire - Castle Siege: FORMING AN ALLIANCE EDITION: Anyone here playing AEO Castle Siege will…[View]
417200191>install another game >get bored after 30 min >install another game >get bored after 30 …[View]
417218669Enjoy new 「sandbox」game!- yniユニ: (developers need your feedback, senpai!) https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
417217180ITT: Pure Ludo[View]
417218406*ruins your game balance*[View]
417212291What was the point of this?[View]
417199402Are we in the golden age of video games?[View]
417217839Psst. Hey kid. You like Descent? What have your experiences with the demo and/or the early access ga…[View]
417217083>give legitimate points for why game is bad >'but it has soul!'…[View]
417204930Be honest, does it have a chance?[View]
417215141Is C0da Cannon????[View]
417213415Wow Classic: What are you most excited about? I can’t wait to hit 60 with my rogue, go to Tarren Mi…[View]
417215372Saint's Row. Home.[View]
417217950Meanwhile in Zozo /v/....[View]
41721683416 DAYS UNTIL E3 :: Post your HOPES : DREAMS: EXPECTATIONS Remember it starts on the 9th (confere…[View]
417217836will fallout 3 remastered happen?[View]
417209704Physically speaking, I have to say this is my favorite iteration of Zelda. Those thighs and hips hav…[View]
417216436Who's your fighting game main /v/?[View]
417215606Uhhhh, didn't a Game Freak guy announce at last year's Nintendo Direct E3 that the Pokémon…[View]
417205334>change character design a few times >start making every character uglier Also: >create the…[View]
417216076Morrowind: >tfw Dagoth Ur will never inseminate you with blight so you can partake in his holy fl…[View]
417215013I am the Trumpeter... it is I who will announce the end of time.[View]
417215357Does Mario have an active community for modders/custom stages and speedruns? Anyone play any good mo…[View]
417212747SCP:Secret laboratory: YLYL: Secret Laboratory edition[View]
417213331What's his name again?[View]
417217391Choose a card, /v/. You get 1 boring at the start of your turn. You can get mean by sacrificing dud…[View]
417213142Oh yeah that happened thread[View]
417211732lets settle this. symmetrical vs non-symmetrical sticks?[View]
417209527Anyone up for some Divinity Original Sin 2 co-op? It's up to 4 players.[View]
417217330>Option 1: Yes >Option 2: Yes but for the right price >Option 3: Yes, but I am motivated by…[View]
417212465Is this the pinnacle of the series?[View]
417173768What will they do now that Destiny is dying and their community won't support them?[View]
417217273Can someone tell me if this is still tied to EA's shitty online service like the original one w…[View]
417215801What a crazy concept, people actually got bullied in school?[View]
417208294Is there any good reason a Harry Potter MMO hasn't been released yet? It's 2017 for fuck s…[View]
417216003Post Steam profiles! ^.^ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002492829/[View]
417214749NEW NINTENDO CONSOLE LEAKED GET THE FUCK IN HERE: >Called the Nintendo Revolution. >Unofficial…[View]
417212435Five Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars[View]
417215009tfw not a single good dragon ball game[View]
417215205>catgirl character >she starts telling retarded cat jokes and puns Not very amewsing.…[View]
417216445this is the best smash clone ever made, better than almost all the actual smash games too[View]
417216594What are your favorite Dynasty Warriors games?[View]
417215493Still #1 after all these years.[View]
417215045This is not a thread[View]
417215506Do you think Nintendo can make its own dating sim franchises akin to Tokimeki Memorial?[View]
417214904shootan games have finally returned to form in 2018 shootan thread[View]
417210636I Hate Running Backward: What do you think about Devolver's new rogue-runner? It have an 'all s…[View]
417216032Look at this dude[View]
417202815/v/ Plays Fire Emblem 5: Thracia 776: Last threads: >>413793482 >>413899924 >>41…[View]
417209836ITT: Villains that turned out to be right in the end[View]
417215640ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN[View]
417215865>Get back to Cassardis from killing that shithead dragon >Why would I ever take wealth over cu…[View]
417206296What should I play tonight, /v/eddit?[View]
417198406What's the better call, buying a Switch for BotW or buying a PS4 for God of War?[View]
417215374Name of the game: Someone that can tell me the name of this game? And what Is that thing on top of t…[View]
417210303You did get the Rareware and Nintendo coins, right?[View]
417215476Please tell me it’s not cancelled[View]
417215462What the fuck was his problem?[View]
417215439L-leave E3 t-to me guys...[View]
417215363what other games have thus aesthetic?[View]
417209107My mic fucking broke /v/. Recommend me a good headset. This is for PC though I wouldn't mind PS…[View]
417209662>game trailer features a contemporary song[View]
417210836I need advice /v/. My gf is playing NV and just got to the confrontation with Benny. Instead of bein…[View]
417214351It sold so poorly, they have to put so many fucking modifiers on the number. >MONTHDOLLAREXCLUSI…[View]
417214005Criminally Underrated / Dormant IP thread Drill Dozer. Pokemon is great and all, but Drill Dozer des…[View]
417173206>Battlefield >DICE says it's a setting they've never done before >It's fuck…[View]
417210414remember when the first black ops had an amazing story and campaign?[View]
417214979Soundtrack of the year: are you buying it Physical or iTunes?? Incoming! is the best Track, prove m…[View]
417206708What are the most fun games to be a wizard or other spellcasters?[View]
417213039Is there still room in today's online shooter market for games like Battlefield?[View]
417208824who /comfy/ here? >tfw just woke up >had a nice healthy breakfast >drinking coffee and play…[View]
417214840I just started play this recently. How do you S Rank 1-3? Girls Frontline Thread[View]
417214605Why is it that the xbox brand doesn't do well in japan?: Most of the xbox consoles never sold w…[View]
417207279Name a better ending to a game. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
417214547Moltar! Can you make me 100 copies of the new God of War™ game for PS4™?[View]
417209176late night yume nikki thread: it's been awhile since I've talked about this game. What is …[View]
417202784This is Gex the Gecko. He's bored. Where should he go?[View]
417210442Why does /v/ hate every other remaster except this one? Is it really okay when Japan does it?[View]
417210745You are going to buy the GOAT, right?[View]
417214279LWA:CoT: Just bought pic related on PC. What am I in for?[View]
417214358god hand: Apparently you unlock Jukebox D by beating the game on hard mode. Does that mean you can…[View]
417213224Snake... had a hard life.[View]
417179836'Come to the Morrowind Thread. I wait for you there, where we last met, countless ages ago.'[View]
417210924Are there any decent games set in the Cthulhu mythos? Or games that at least impart the same feeling…[View]
417213476I was asking the GameStop manager about Dark Souls Remastered; he told me that it had been delayed a…[View]
417213464Games where almost nothing of interest or consequence happens[View]
417210591Comfy Switch thread. >How's ya Day. >What'cha Playing. >What'cha Wanting. …[View]
417213746How is someone supposed to get into this today? I keep getting kicked from heists. There are to man…[View]
417177325Fire Emblem Heroes: Did you get the bride you want? Old Bride banner should show up soon™, Stance ba…[View]
417213723>be wageslave >have money >have no time or >be neet >have no money >have time…[View]
417213541>dragon is a race in character select >scaly human with horns…[View]
417195961>'That game is awful.' >'What? Oh no I never played it. I just know.' Is there a bigger type o…[View]
417214000I saw Todd Howard at an EB games in Halifax yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in per…[View]
417213153What went right?[View]
417205898Did he deserve it?[View]
417212412NPD April 2018: Sony outsold Switch/XB1 combined: 'Don't be sorry Nintendo, be better'[View]
417212494Why do you really play games /v/? Do you even enjoy them?[View]
417211556Will Skip be a featured villain in the new Spider-Man game?[View]
417209450Massive Ace Attorney spoilers: Why did Gant kill Marshall? Did I somehow miss the motive or did they…[View]
417141871What's the worst cliffhanger in ging history?[View]
417213492Piratefags win again: Buyfags BTFO[View]
417210530Why would you ever kill dwayne over playbox x? >kill playboy >get a good friend >get his ho…[View]
417184019You're buying Bless right? Right?[View]
417210613Battlefield V: They better fix the grenade spam and remove behemoths Anyways battlefield V hype thre…[View]
417213197>not buff enough to appeal to the cucks >not white passing to appeal to girl >not american …[View]
417212823>that kid who clipped into the girl's bathroom and got stuck[View]
417205508ok let's settle this once and for all WAS IT KINO?![View]
417212960Today i will remind them[View]
417205740You will never meet her, because she doesn't exist, and it tears you up inside.: Who is she, /v…[View]
417211808I thought the Battlefield V reveal was today...[View]
417204962Well? Were you psyched?[View]
41719069617 DAYS UNTIL E3 :: Post your HOPES : DREAMS: EXPECTATIONS Remember it starts on the 9th (confere…[View]
417208118Can i play it vanilla ? if no what are the essential mods[View]
417209260Top 3 thread[View]
417211843If she streams, would you raid it to see the little gremlin rage?[View]
417205753>Lying about the quality of a remake is acceptable behavior because I'm emotionally attached…[View]
417211287death stranding looks wild[View]
417211916>everyone obsessing over the infinity stones >I'm just like have fun with that, I'll…[View]
417162923Press F to pay respects[View]
417209285Draw the last character you played as in paint[View]
417210320Twitch Channel: Trying to get Exposure for my channel appreciate anyone helping out.[View]
417207110thoughts on this game?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buxI0kBZxy8[View]
417205897Goofy Thread: Any good Goofy Games? Or I mean to say like Disney games that have Goofy in them? No n…[View]
417207916whats /v/ favorite fornite costume? Pic related[View]
417209905Whats some music similar to Metro 2033 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R acoustic guitar stuff?[View]
417209892FORTNITE IS THE NEXT MINECRAFT: prove me wrong[View]
417210918I once was a epic online gamer pro but now I am throttled by satellite internet due to a new job. Ar…[View]
417211083The World Ends With You: Are you excited for TWEWY Final Remix?[View]
417209834>/v/ hates it because it's normie trash >Actual truth is the part of /v/ that hates fortn…[View]
417207770Does anyone even care about the BSAA? It's been five games now.[View]
417208129Which one /v/?[View]
417199363Another Smash leak: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/05/rumour_ridley_ice_climbers_and_simon_be…[View]
417209495Lets see if you can get past my jigsaw puzzle /v/! https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=280…[View]
417209846Darkest Dungeon: I barely played 15 hours and I'm already bored of it what do?[View]
417210881I have a desktop and a laptop, and I want to be able to transfer my save game file between two on pi…[View]
417192891Post your favorite video game track of all-time and rate others.[View]
417182773Kingdom Hearts 3 'Hard to Swallow' Ending Theory: 'On that land shall Darkness prevail and…[View]
417210834While the dust is still mid-air, what does /v/ think about this? Did they even fix anything? Is it w…[View]
417210735Scene in a game that made you rock fucking hard[View]
417177006FF14: You got your EX Tsukuyomi clear already right, if you wait any longer the PF will be filled wi…[View]
417122215Kirby Star Allies: IT WAS DAROACH[View]
417196585ITT: Series that have never had a bad game[View]
417210553Cory in the House[View]
417200824Why was this the only AA game without an annoying case?[View]
417209262Has anyone felt this or is this a meme?[View]
417146175Persona 6 in development: http://www.siliconera.com/2018/05/22/atlus-working-mid-long-term-plans-per…[View]
417210298That one kid: >that one kid who thought it was funny to team kill you in co-op games…[View]
417210335People actually LIKE this game: How the fuck does anyone find this shit enjoyable? It's clunky,…[View]
417198510How come there are barely any fisticuffs games? I mean like single player story based fisticuff game…[View]
417209215overrated games thread[View]
417210045Name of the game: I'm sorry guys, can someone tell me the name of this game? And what Is this t…[View]
417201015I never heard anything about this game, does it have any redeeming qualitys? Is the story line decen…[View]
417208723I will post this everyday until E3 2018 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogam…[View]
417206047Who do you main?[View]
417209887Does Maiq know he is in a game, and was powerful enough in will to keep from being erased?[View]
417200653Uh....anon? Can you turn your toy down?[View]
417207396I just finished Dawn of War, which of the expansions should i play now?[View]
417193973fightstick bread: post them. I know you have one.[View]
417198853Choose one.: Well?[View]
417208382What went right?[View]
417207463IT'S HAPPENING /v/ GET IN HERE[View]
417207157Should I neuromod my first play-through?[View]
417206035>No more Dark Souls Dark Souls 3 is the last Dark Souls. FromSoftware is not making anymore. That…[View]
417201401Anyone try this game?[View]
417209370I'm playing Yugioh duel links at the moment and I'm enjoying the more old school approach …[View]
417208460FACTORY: Fuck these console war and porn posting babbie bullshit. What are your favorite factory seg…[View]
417206716Template for shitposts[View]
417204569doom thread not the vr thread because those guys are jerks. you faggots are making maps based off of…[View]
417206865Why won't Nintendo release an amiibo of him, /v/? In fact, why won't anyone make a figurin…[View]
417207697Did they finally unJUSTed deathwing?[View]
417206695this is a ps2 game[View]
417176578Why do people like D.va so much?[View]
417154530Soul Calibur VI: Is anyone else feeling this is going to be the best Soul Calibur since II? Maybe it…[View]
417206184This game is actually pretty atmospheric.[View]
417208643Special Operations FOXHOUND. Revolver...[View]
417185434How did you think of your username, anon?[View]
417206874You guys make me feel bad for liking Nintendo games the most. They're the only games I enjoy re…[View]
417175180>Wow, your bigotry is showing This isn't how fantasy adults talk: It's how writers from…[View]
417207934I wanna scratch a cyberpunk itch Which is better, Ruiner or Shadowrun HK?[View]
417208107New Age Healer expansion just dropped: GET THE FUCK IN HERE BROS[View]
417197385>always wanted to make a good PC for gaming >finally build a nice PC for gaming >buy games…[View]
417204797Does /v/ like rhythm games? What's your favorite one to play?[View]
417202353Music: What do you listen to when playing vidya?[View]
417205456BFV: Every Battlefield V multiplayer squad confirmed to contain at least one woman and one POC. Prob…[View]
417204516Are you ready to level up my KOBroS?[View]
417207783>talk about Call of Duty and Little Big Planet for an hour Holy fucking shit this is the dullest …[View]
417204628Star Wars vidya: What are the chances we will ever see good Star Wars games again?[View]
417207634Which one, /v/?[View]
417202168Why has no one bothered developing a fantasy based XCOM type game?[View]
417207606You Groove You Lose: The Virgin SEGA VS The Chad KONAMI: https://youtu.be/ge6hqMK4iXc https://youtu.…[View]
417207227Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v1wEvmaf80[View]
4171820683x3 Thread: You know the drill[View]
417187519Is it too late to get into fighting games competitively? I just got Skullgirls 2nd encore on ps3 il…[View]
417206084What the fuck was his problem?[View]
417207445I miss daddy Drahmin.[View]
417152129Who are ya hopan for smash 5 ?[View]
417207142Every faggy and cancerous thing killing gaming can be traced back to the original sin. The ESRB is a…[View]
417128994GRIM DAWN: QUICK EARLY MORNING GRIM DAWN THREAD >tfw finishing up Ultimate Act I on my Purifier p…[View]
417207080Games where you were rooting for the villain[View]
417206142>go to dentist >talk to her about videogames >'My sons all are playing fortnite!' >mfw…[View]
417204623reddit users don't exist in a vacuum reddit users like things and when they go to discuss the t…[View]
417205767First Time Vidya: >break open that green box not knowing what to expect for the first time >ge…[View]
417168314>neglect the Prime series for years because I believed none of them would ever compare to the per…[View]
417205039>metwo under the truck >marilyn manson took out two ribs to suck his own dick…[View]
417206803World of Warcraft: BFA Discussion Thread: Didn't see one up. How do you feel that the entirety …[View]
417170807ITT post the most SAD, MELANCHOLIC, UNHAPPY vydia songs you know. I´ll start: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
417203791What was his endgame?[View]
417206606Was it KINO?[View]
417187159what exactly went wrong?[View]
417202230Damn, Cait looks like THAT?![View]
417204639>fighting games[View]
417206641Anyone excited for the reveal I cant wait to see how it plays. I really think this game might be a g…[View]
417205509Your opinion on the Atelier franchise? Please only reply if you've played it.[View]
417187182NPD 2018: SONY PS4 HAD ITS BEST APRIL EVER: >God of War was April's best-selling game. The P…[View]
417195243times you got kicked out of gamestop?[View]
417199075PoE 2 vs Divinity 2 thread: Which one is better and why?[View]
417204864>Made an acoustic guitar cd of video game music for a baby shower Have you ever made something fo…[View]
417205409I want to start in this series , what are the best inazuma eleven games?[View]
417205402Does anyone have any ideas and suggestions on how you would make a good horror/scary game? I have an…[View]
417143587I used to be an adventurer like you burt then I took a Skyrim thread in the knee[View]
417205904gosh I sure would've loved the TRUE resident evil 3 couldn't wait to play as jill and figh…[View]
417190715Will any videogame ever be able to top this?[View]
417194290She sold Millions[View]
417191654If Overwatch went free to play overnight, could it beat Fornite?[View]
417204708What’s the most objectively broken item in MK8 Deluxe?: And why is it lightning? >deletes whateve…[View]
417204342what is the appeal of the yakuza series?[View]
417202149>13 years old >Scared of caves because of how frequently monsters tend to pop up out of nowher…[View]
417203819The recent HunniePop controversy has brought to light the problems with having almost the entire PC …[View]
417203741Beata Bethesda, you know i am a righteous man Of my games i am justly proud[View]
417203113Koopalings in Mario Tennis Aces: Koopalings joins Mario Tennis Aces[View]
417203290am I the only one who plays for fun?[View]
417204119Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is awsome[View]
417205260Nintendo sure is pulling out all the stops, huh?[View]
417193124NV: She guzzled billions...[View]
417191997Is this the end of XSNEED?[View]
417196982videogames that look like this?[View]
4172019602 questions about DC Pro: Does DC (Pro) really get repetitive after reaching lv 100 ? I like playing…[View]
417197927Waiting for Adeleine edition[View]
417195691What are your PS5 predictions? >November 2019 >Native 4K >4K Blu ray player >Touch pad w…[View]
417177496select your princess[View]
417204408Blazblue CrossTag Battle: For a game where things go flying everywhere on the screen, this has one o…[View]
417204902>you will NEVER play San Andreas for the first time again[View]
417204890ITT: vidya characters who canonically go nopan[View]
417203878I had a good n64 library when I was a kid: This isn't all of them, but the ones that I played t…[View]
417204535Okay /v/, do you prefer Empire City or New Donk City?[View]
417204679>1,318 days until STALKER 2[View]
417204728>By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. >Remember…[View]
417204330>playing any game from the 90's to early 00's >tfw those fucking midi sampled electr…[View]
417199330Kunoichis in vidya are overrated. Why don't female samurais get any love?[View]
417197731Video characters chair[View]
417201674uhhh so what was the moral of the story?[View]
417200291What do you want to see in SK 7?[View]
417204508Jimenez = Idiot and asshole, irrational Zelenin = Idiot and asshole, irrational Pretty much everyone…[View]
417201946ITT: Poorly received games that you enjoyed[View]
417195309Underrail: Do you avoid lockpicking and hacking or are you a loot whore like me? I've been thin…[View]
417198981its all over. weebs have won.[View]
417203359Have you ever paid female characters to do whatever you ask in MMOs?[View]
417203005I don't need a reason to play on the highest setting; the worst crime a game can commit is bein…[View]
417202759how can they make shooting games difficulty interesting without just making the enemies bullet spong…[View]
417197383>game lets you beat it with the main protagonist dead Any other games that let you do this?…[View]
417203802RIP OW[View]
417203485Anywhere I can find Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door for PAL without paying some faggot over $100…[View]
417201328how do you think this will turn out? actually considering getting a PS4 because of this.[View]
417203792what's your favorite game with progressive or conservative values? for me it is Va11 Ha11a and …[View]
417201013what went wrong[View]
417203612Name a better intro speech cutscene /v/, i'll wait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXAugWfVb0E…[View]
417201368Are 'find the 8 red coins' missions a flawed concept? Mario 64's level are pretty small, so it…[View]
417203501Fallout 4 is just Viva Pinata but terrible[View]
417203493*one shots u*[View]
417201452The fact of the matter is a lot of notable PC games wouldn't have been ported over had it not b…[View]
417201502So what would you like to see with future Splatoon expansions?[View]
417203224It seems like games set in modern Japan almost always focuses on students these days. Do the old far…[View]
417203159This is Lydia: >Younger Niece of Jarl Balgruff of Whiterun >Housecarl and canonical Sidekick a…[View]
417202976help wanted and greatly appreciated: hey guys, I really want to play the game Legend of Grimrock but…[View]
417201008>HOPES >DREAMS >EXPECTATIONS >WORRIES lets hear it lads…[View]
417196746MGSV: The Phantom Pain PC released almost 3 years ago: >Still has Denuvo DRM in it. > MGSV: Gr…[View]
417197529>The weeb would rather have her be a ^_^; oWo >_> Uguu~ Kawaii~ :3 >female cartoon child…[View]
417202114Our (((guy))) ebaum is a streamer now[View]
417200589This is the best 3D Mario of all time. Nothing comes close. >waah waah I couldn't move the c…[View]
417202827MH Generations: Anyone wanna help/take turns in a couple hunts with me and a female friend? 14-5944…[View]
417202672What are some vidya characters whose names have many meanings?[View]
417199697Going to make a youtube channel with game reviews/news. What would you like to see on there? Catch m…[View]
417195762Which games supply you with the nice comfy feels[View]
417199372Damn... anyone else pretty impressed at the rate that Nintendo is pushing exclusives for the Switch?[View]
417150445Open MSPaint. You have 2 minutes to draw an enemy from a video game. Other anons guess what you drew…[View]
417196150God damn, Kojima is the actual GOD[View]
417201087thoughts? what can even run on this? https://www.roadtovr.com/google-lg-detail-upcoming-1443-ppi-ole…[View]
417201297The ruse, Silent Hills, Death Stranding.. it's true.... all of it.[View]
417202282Why are there no plump female video game protagonists?[View]
417202321Vidya companies that get you banned on social media?: I know R* does, or at least the social media P…[View]
417198120ITT: Funny Custom Names: Post 'em[View]
417201973Non-gaming gamers: Am I the only who just watches game streams and reads gaming news but doesn'…[View]
417202293Can we have a puzzle game thread? been playing mini metro lately[View]
417202206... And that's a good thing[View]
417201125What are some games that let me be a utter fucking failure and loser? Hard mode: you can't say …[View]
417201848Has God of War surpass Bloodborne in the amount of shitposting it has caused during its release?[View]
417202038Is this a known glitch?: https://youtu.be/eAScCpgtTkk[View]
417201148Fire Emblem: How do we save it?[View]
417197627Bit.Trip Runner3: It's out. Anyone playing it?[View]
417202115Games you wish had a boss rush mode[View]
417201992ITT: Bootleg: Let's see em lads,do you actually miss buying bootleg disk and cartridges?[View]
417198907A vampire game from the creators of Life is Strange and Remember Me. Will the narrative have the mos…[View]
417200225SCP thread: downloading SCP: SL right now what am I in for?[View]
417201151she did nothing wrong[View]
417195943Do you kill civilians in games if given the option?[View]
417183757http://archive.is/jlOas Reminder that if you should also buy games even if they're 2 hours long…[View]
417200975Hey guys, it's me, Gamerbuddiesplay, we're two/three dudes who play videogames, you should…[View]
417192536ITT: settings you haven't seen in video games and would like to see. I'll open with shots …[View]
417178418Dark Souls: 3 > Bloodborne > 1 > 2 3 has the most fluid gameplay and the best boss fights. …[View]
417197754>tfw spent 2 days modding Skyrim >fuck around for 40 minutes >realize it's still garb…[View]
417188865In 1945, corporations paid 50 percent of federal taxes. Now they pay about 5 perfect. In 1900, 90 pe…[View]
417195213Let's talk gmod player stereotypes[View]
417201337whats /v/ favorite fornite costume? Pic related[View]
417200776Why is it so hard to get a stable 60 fps in this game?[View]
417201321Who is your fighting game main /v/?[View]
417200860>that 25 year old boomer that plays JRPGs[View]
417199032How do we get Square to open legacy servers for FFXI? My biggest MMO regret is not playing this game…[View]
417193279Why does Nintendo rely on the same characters for every game they make? Even Retro is just making a …[View]
417187412Now that the dust has settled, did they finally surpass Ocarina of Time?[View]
417200609Darwin Project: What do you think? I really like it >Free to play battle royale, fight using a bo…[View]
417198492Gameinformer: A few weeks ago someone asked for pictures of this issue for gameinformer; do you stil…[View]
417192410Could I afford it? Barley. Is it worth it? Definitely.[View]
417197564>replace most characters with new ones to remove fan service >use the town in chapter 3 for sn…[View]
417200381Find a flaw Fire Emblem thread[View]
417199839What's the most technologically impressive game with the lowest filesize you've ever playe…[View]
417195218>not attacking using the shoulder buttons Fucking dropped.[View]
417196712Give me the games.[View]
417197942Spyro Reignited Trilogy: What's /ourfaun/ going to look like?[View]
417185743I have official leaks from E3, I’m putting my job at risk but here you are /v/[View]
417199792>Cant remember the last time I finished a single player story game all the way through How do you…[View]
417197426When will be HER turn?[View]
417200121Are you in the Sky Army, /v/? Or are you a minecraft thread[View]
417197362IT'S HAPPENING: YES[View]
417198557I think this is the first time I legitimately feel like I've wasted money on a game. Usually, e…[View]
417199739Savage. You're turn.[View]
417199928Brigitte is the final nail in the coffin.[View]
417186918Now you understand why Konami fired him? imagine investing 40 million dollars in a game where the pr…[View]
417171449I'm speechless, Davide delivered once again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk9v2oRFb1Y https:/…[View]
417198375ITT: We post games with no redeeming qualities whatsoever[View]
417199440Comfy equipment systems: My favorite thing in videogames is to spend a lot of time carefully choosin…[View]
417192507A new challenger appears[View]
417196295R. Mika from Street Fighter[View]
417199676I just want a pvp game with good developers Is that too much to ask[View]
417198608Question of 2018: Buy PS4 Pro or wait PS5?[View]
417199513>ps now forces you to stream games but has a great library >xbox game pass allows you to donwl…[View]
417199298Animal crossing better be announced for the switch during e3 or I’m going full autistic .[View]
417199487These are the movies I like, /v/. Please recommend me some vidya. Creepier the better.[View]
417167201This game isn't actually that bad. The longer I play it, the more I enjoy it. Anyone else feel …[View]
417190317You Nostalgia, You Lose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0Fub2y3KH4[View]
417198296Bros what are your top 5 games for the Saturn Show me the gems[View]
417196134*hacks your system*[View]
417199046Why exactly did this drop off of the map completely after release?[View]
417179492Hear it /v/? It's coming.[View]
417198872Underrail: Expansion pack when? Also, fuck siding with the Black Eels in Junkyard. I'm playing …[View]
417198819Team games are shit: Stop playing competitive team games They are literally unplayable If you are li…[View]
417197142What is your favorite mech game /v/?[View]
417198730So it got delayed You think they added actual boarding combat?[View]
417194280>left disc in ps3 >press eject, disc comes out, console remains in standby >left disc in xb…[View]
417198702ITT: Fictional universes that would make great video game settings Pic related >combat consists o…[View]
417198392>literally impossible to not take damage on the 5th floor Fuck these hammers…[View]
417195269Games you play over and over again for years.[View]
417195394Forgotton Anne: So what's the verdict on this thing?[View]
417182578'4-Strength, 4-Stam leather BELT. Only $4.99.'[View]
417198118Which games should I run on my laptop so it'll act as a heater? It's cold af. pic unrelate…[View]
417198140Should females even make game?: So I just beat, absolutely loved it, and it looks great on the Xbone…[View]
417187541This is unprecedented. A single player game doing all of this in 2018 was unthinkable, a non-possibi…[View]
417198006State of Decay 2: So I have a problem, I really enjoyed the first SoD on my Xbox 360 from the Arcade…[View]
417197958DUCK NIGGAS[View]
417197924PET SEMEN![View]
417192205anyone knows games where you can fly a jetpack? like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw209hCPFr0…[View]
417196121The ultimate TF2 collab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GJTb9wnwLQ[View]
417197626Betrayal: Who’re the most Betrayed/Biggest Betrayers of the Video Game industry? Most Betrayed: >…[View]
417197721Who do I have to suck off to get a Kill Six Billion Demons musou game?[View]
417191097>kills your game[View]
417185486why is Warlock: Master of the arcane so underrated?: I've spent hundreds of hours on this maste…[View]
417196051Just ordered this game. What am I in for?[View]
417195518Go replay it.[View]
417197175I fell like this game is the wiggles of shooters. Shits made for toddlers.[View]
417197527What are some games where the protagonists are constant-LOOK, A SHOOTING STAR![View]
417169790Nintendo trademarks N64: http://www.japanesenintendo.com/post/174148107484 >Implying this wasnt o…[View]
417196730Oh my god they're bringing it back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Avz1taM_js0[View]
417197302I turned the music off for Merry-go-round 1. debate me[View]
417193935What is the strongest attack in all of vidya?[View]
417197131*Paris theme starts playing*[View]
417195463What do you think?: Im having a debate with ny brother who thinks that Far Cry 5 is better than The …[View]
417194030ITT: Name a game with a good story and well-developed characters. I just feel like most of the games…[View]
417172886/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>417141261 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
417196872link where? people are starting to upload it to youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tli6tswqBrw…[View]
417195649I finished Resident Evil 7 and I want to talk about it![View]
417196942Holy fuck it became self aware![View]
417185049Ordered this today, arriving tomorrow. Is it any good or did I get meme'd? Which monitor do YOU…[View]
417177516SWEDEN NOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!![View]
417195221why the fuck does this retard keep getting work[View]
417196757The most popular PC game on the planet and it's not on Steam. There may be hope in humanity aft…[View]
417194598Game of the Year 2018 Call of Duty® Black Ops IIII™: Well, it looks like Activision® did it again wi…[View]
417187830Whats the best yugioh vidya nowadays that isnt gatchashit?[View]
417195048Dragon's Crown: What's your opinion on Dragon's Crown? It just came to PS4, but it…[View]
417194390Lewd barefeet sister Friede: I want to fuck this frigid bitch so bad.[View]
417196531>Ghirahim has turned traitorous[View]
417196030>There is no knowledge. >That is not power.…[View]
417196389Games that let me cause insane collateral damage?[View]
417142426>huh? What are you looking at anon? You wanna play my game?[View]
417196163Are you ready to play the VTMB killer on June 5th?[View]
417188051Show me your most played game and tell me if you regret it sinking so many hours into it.[View]
417196183>not buff enough to appeal to the cucks >not white passing to appeal to girl >not american …[View]
417196178Our Father, Who art in Rockville, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Games come, Thy will be done on earth…[View]
417194658Are there any games like the Witcher 3 but without the god awful combat? jesus fuck this is almost u…[View]
417195925what would /v/ game be about?[View]
417191620It's mainline.[View]
417196063Miku Mtuesday What's your favorite song sound wise? What's your favorite song gameplay wis…[View]
417195967What are games with no effort[View]
417195776OUR TIME IS NOW[View]
417179745It just doesn't feel right bros..[View]
417194517Agony: Agony got a new trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS4-uxrdSdo[View]
417194458>Play with anyone from any nation >Mix of cool and faggot players >Play with Americans >…[View]
417192071Tu tu tutu tutu tu ru tu ru[View]
417195414>whines about overwatch being too casual >yet somehow isn't even ranked among the top 500…[View]
417189823What's the reason this guy stopped making these? / Only made a few of these? /v/ hated it becau…[View]
417195863>vote with your ISP range ban[View]
417194536Bored: I'm bored. What should I play? What you you play when you're bored?[View]
417189038Why is my country so fucking stupid? Our classification board has banned We Happy Few because drug u…[View]
417185764Rank them[View]
417192563how come there are no good horror rpgs since pic related. I thought the mechanics the game employed …[View]
417190009What does /v/ think of the Brown Guitar Hero man?[View]
417190340Who is the target audience for this game?[View]
417194448>game's crafting system is so bloated and complex you need to use the wiki to play…[View]
417174038Post good remakes[View]
417195620What’s the best SNES game I can get cheap? Thanks[View]
417194936>Go to target >see google cardboard is this the future of gaming?…[View]
417195442SWAT 4: TOC, this is entry team. Suspect is injured and in need of SWAT thread Anon, BOY, and moot 1…[View]
417194814This is the ideal male body.[View]
417194196>Kirby is now the protagonist of the last game you played How fucked is the universe?…[View]
417195406What the fuck?[View]
417195402>encounter powerful enemy in early game >you have to run away or lure him into an environmenta…[View]
417193920and that's a good thing[View]
417176984>girl joins the guild >she's actually chill as fuck and doesn't try to seek attentio…[View]
417192495What the fuck happened, Volition?[View]
417194494>Is better then SS13 >Is less popular Its a shame.…[View]
417194694Can anyone make a good 4coop FPS Warhammer game?[View]
417188339games with 'primitive' theme? I just want to build mudhuts and farm potatoes[View]
417192990What am i in for?[View]
417179236What is /v/s opinion on the Under Water Ray Romano franchise? They announced a remake of the first g…[View]
417174832God this was cringeworthy as hell.[View]
417194938Anyone played this yet? How is it? I absolutely loved Runner 2[View]
417188262TWEWY Final Remix: You looking forward to it? >hd graphics and sound quality >touch or joycon …[View]
417192693Someone who made it into the closed beta tell me if this is worth trying. Last time I heard it broug…[View]
417192773Battle Royale: OKAY /V/ I don't care you have this thread everyday, we are going to settle this…[View]
417188214games that actually deserve a remake[View]
417165159What are you emulating today /v/?[View]
417161580Why do Japs love Wizardry so much? Some developers still make similar games.[View]
417192217So is FF16 getting unveiled soon or...[View]
417193253Yakuza Kiwami 2: Started the series on Yakuza 0. Just finished Kiwami 1 yesterday, and I've alr…[View]
417194394FighterZ: We finally got a release date of May 31st for these two.[View]
417191663What went wrong?[View]
417188090Why does Namco hardly ever acknowledge her or include her game in Pac-Man collections?[View]
417194260Hey guys, it's me, Gamerbuddiesplay, we're two/three dudes who play videogames, you should…[View]
417187765>mfw someone says they don't like Resident Evil Code: VERONICA X[View]
417194086Dr. K a cute. He did nothing wrong. Post best vidya villains.[View]
417190171>twist is that humans are the real monsters[View]
417192472Bravely Default thread: Talk about the game, strats, and characters (Edea). What do you guys hope on…[View]
417191823Anyone as pissed as I am about this game?: This is such a pretentious up its own ass game it fucking…[View]
417193962Just finished this. Though the last levels were a real chore to play, it all came together nicely in…[View]
417192943what games have character interaction?[View]
417174209>just bought a PS4 Pro >HEY BRO IT'S TIME TO START SAVING FOR PS5, LOVE FROM KODERA…[View]
417193876It's too hot outside. TOO HOT! Sell me a horror game that'd chill me to the bone. TO THE B…[View]
417193798https://twitter.com/nicalis/status/994629366297456640 how did nicalis got the rights of astroboy?…[View]
417192841meanwhile, on /r/gaming 2[View]
417191720What’s he listening to /v/?[View]
417184694https://store.steampowered.com/app/13250/Unreal_Gold/ https://www.gog.com/game/unreal_gold The origi…[View]
417179220Why did Rockstar hate him so fucking much?[View]
417193634ITT: LAST DIGIT DECIDES WHICH GAME YOU PLAY: 0,2,4, reroll 1,3-DKC 2 5,6-botw trial of the sword 7,8…[View]
417188762https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41k6uvFBEEs This game was worth it for this scene alone. Also for pi…[View]
417193427This is Kass. He is a character from Breath of the Wild. He is also my husband. Say something nice …[View]
417192357PS4 Mountain Blade: Does anyone own a copy of Mount and Blade Warband on the Playstation 4 Sony Home…[View]
417186597why is this hyped up?[View]
417136208SONY WON: https://gematsu.com/2018/05/yakuza-3-4-and-5-remasters-announced-for-ps4[View]
417191801Are there any good JRPG's worth checking out on the PS4? Either released or coming soon.[View]
417192213wow, the game really turned shit after this boss huh[View]
417192714What's your preferred way of completing a game 100%? Finishing everything as you go, or going b…[View]
417186382>final boss is yourself[View]
417160367Why aren't you playing Stellaris /v/?[View]
417192167Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
417191448Let us share some old ads.[View]
417192401What do you want announced at E3?[View]
417191080Game Summary: Muh son[View]
417190749Just ordered this. What am I in for?[View]
417190286Was it kino?[View]
417179257State of The Gay: Thoughts? Been playing with a friend, enjoying it quite a lot, but I can definitel…[View]
417188680new Silent Hill game announced this E3.[View]
417192170>only available on the microsoft windows 10 store[View]
417188356Hey check it out, /v/. A Metroid.[View]
417192045Hey guys, it's me, gamerbuddiespkay, we're two/three dudes who play videogames, you should…[View]
417163676It's no masterpiece.[View]
417188594Rock Bottom: Is there any character who has been dealt a bigger shit hand than Max Payne?[View]
417191775>Game asks you to lie[View]
417191762Unpopular Opinion Explained Thread: Basically, rather than stating your opinion and leaving like mos…[View]
417191740Did Kratos deserve everything bad that happened to him?[View]
417170135>Overwatch turns two years old >Zarya still has ZERO good skins…[View]
417191560You feel it too...dont you?[View]
417191667Why are visual novels even talked about seriously? >So shit even the 'best' can't …[View]
417185038ITT: Shit consoles[View]
417167395*defines your childhood* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcg45Q8XOuU[View]
417190965Space Hulk: Deathwing: Is it a good game now?[View]
417188023Games where I can play as someone intelligent, nihilistic, and most importantly, with a wicked sense…[View]
417188179will we get to genocide the organization again in kh3?[View]
417188016>idk man, 3 of the same enemy in the room at the same time with stun locking attacks surrounded b…[View]
417181461Dragon Quest bread?: I haven’t been this hyped about a game since Bloodborne and Nier Automata. http…[View]
417188923>disc-locked DLC >super ultra remix HD re-releases >ruined Devil May Cry, Megaman, Resident…[View]
417178141>Cross-generation >Can run on max settings on a shitty old 560ti at 1080p@60fps >Looks fant…[View]
417184439Is this a practical uniform for a sniper?[View]
417191197>he talks aloud to himself and pretends he's livestreaming when he plays games…[View]
417191061worth it[View]
417191172Do the books in Fallout 4 'crumble' when you read them, or is it like Skyrim and you can read them t…[View]
417191169What was his fucking problem?[View]
417190156>Game has a girl that could beat you up[View]
417187820Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
417190859Chapter Two when?[View]
417189541>2018 >no korean war FPS why Also post korean war OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC_jf6F…[View]
417158593Grand strategy thread. What are you playing? I just start Hearts of Iron III.[View]
417185823post vidya music with soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xJfanbEMmU&index=2&list=PLX9R3E_…[View]
417190476Why is there not many Kaiju games?[View]
417190221It’s tuesday and Umaru wants to play some geimus anon! What games will you play with Umaru?[View]
417186737what's your favourite soccer game?[View]
417189416Are they any good?[View]
417190393Labyrinth of Refrain: Will you be buying Dronya's game, /v/?[View]
417190276>nightmare level >your punches deal no damage…[View]
417182259FUCKING FINALLY let's talk about Wipeout[View]
417187590Tropico.. El Chabolas... home[View]
417189417They only stopped releasing new PS2 games four years ago[View]
417181469*tumbling down intensifies*[View]
417189836Why does /v/ hate this masterpiece so much?[View]
417189350Switch port when[View]
417189661Star Fox racing confirmed real.[View]
417189301Why are almost every Hispanic vidya character Mexican? Seems like they don't care for other nat…[View]
417189108The Netherteas are going to kill FitMc in 2b2t!!! Why must crush the netherteas. There is the vide w…[View]
417189084>he thinks streaming isn't a fad[View]
417167793>even the ultimate KH2FM speedrunner loves KH3 combat KH3 confirmed GOTY…[View]
417188030Rember Chun-Li? This is her now, feel old yet?[View]
417180831I like Paper Mario more than its sequel.[View]
417187525Name ONE (1) game.[View]
417187578XB1X worth it?: So I own a PS4 Pro, should I even consider throwing down for an XB1X? I really want …[View]
417188027>For Honor new season doesnt rework the characters I play >FFXIV patch is a complete lackluste…[View]
417188675Modern video game dialogue >Press “E” until I run out of things to say or start repeating myself…[View]
417159683BASED GOG saving video games once again! tumbrl, Christian associations, sjws BTFO![View]
417177834Remove blue scum. It´s the anti-fun deck combined with 100% frustration.[View]
417183115Silent Hills: I took the easy way out[View]
417186719Hello, we are the best girls in our franchise.[View]
417186060why are japanese devs ignoring the switch? https://gematsu.com/2018/05/zone-of-the-enders-the-2nd-ru…[View]
417188342Orbs pls: Anyone got an itunes card you can give up? I want waifus from Fire Emblem Heroes, but I go…[View]
417188335Why does Strange Journey have the best fucking characters and setting?[View]
417185063Will it be successful?[View]
417188320Dab for e3 day 5: I am making a compilation of /v/ game characters. draw your favorite character dab…[View]
417187172The Old meets the New....[View]
417186980im trying to find a new multiplayer game to have fun in what should I get I was thinking of getting …[View]
417188201Alright...the truth, then. You're right about one thing -- I do need capital, and votes! Wanna …[View]
417067412this is the best game i ever played: its not perfect but the best out there[View]
417186530What are some games you can play as a Rouge?[View]
417187602HI /v/. /tv/ here. Can I have a spooky game to play? PC please.[View]
417187940>awful turn based combat >characters that appeal to no life losers >only reason why people …[View]
417187363Is the PS2 version of Persona 4 worth playing? I'm not buying overpriced memory cards just to p…[View]
417187896Have you seen my missing Morrwind thread, outlander?[View]
417187885ITT: people who did nothing wrong[View]
417187892Good modern survival horrors: I'll start[View]
417164892It's a fucking tragedy this fantastic piece of hardware didnt get any worthwhile games VNs are …[View]
417147165So, /v/, you DID play the PC-98 games right? You're not effectively a secondary right?[View]
417186180This is actually really fucking fun and there’s sooo many baddies online to trash. Splatoon thread y…[View]
417184898I just want to play a small scale tactical shooter again...[View]
417184241>2018 >still no new Jackie Chan game >still no new Bruce Lee game >still no new Chow Yun…[View]
417186089Are they working on anything new? It's been 3 years since SOMA[View]
417186594With all the management shuffling going on at Sony, when will this hack retire?[View]
417184910You're keeping the faith for a Bannerlord release, right /v/?[View]
417187404An entire generation and nothing to show for. At this point what can Microsoft even do to reassure t…[View]
417187357want to dive into a game: i own about 122 games on my pc bcuz of accumulation over the years, but af…[View]
417185716I enjoyed the photography mechanics of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I liked taking pictures of the…[View]
417175302Is this shit worth it?[View]
417184335So when does Unreal get good?[View]
417183619Bing of the Wahoo[View]
417185513>/ddlc/ - Doki Doki Literature Club! #705[View]
417181893Less than half an hour until April US NPD officially drops. Post your final predictions[View]
417185574DOUBLE POINTS[View]
417186930true Dead Space 3 never: https://youtu.be/JiQiF9Wt2lM[View]
417186329this is the best version of black ops it boasted better hip aiming and free online multiplayer only …[View]
417186901Which game has the coolest hell setting?[View]
417185249Vidya clothing thread Just bought my girlfriend this shirt, you think she'll like it?[View]
417185943what's the meta in monster hunter XX? I heard mantis weapons are OP as fuck[View]
417179526should i buy myself witch mercy? shes so fuckin hot but i dont even play her[View]
417186425Is he right?[View]
417185826Dying Light: Thoughts on Dying Light /v/? Chances for a sequel at e3?[View]
417183168If I read The Witcher books, will it ruin the games? I've already played them all but will it m…[View]
417186318Does this mod give you a sense of direction or do they just drop you into the Zone for you to do you…[View]
4171816162 + 2 = __?[View]
417185384Who /burntout/ here? I can't seem to get into anything these days. I guess it's time to st…[View]
417184991Gookmoot approved single /v/ meta thread. Post anything meta here. Opening it since I want to ask wh…[View]
417176549Play Far Cry 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCeEvQ68jY8[View]
417182658What is the rarest/most valuable vidya you own? Pic related is mine, Cartridge alone is worth worth …[View]
417185398>Final boss tries to cheap shot you while dying[View]
417185593i love sherry birkin i wish she wasn't trapped in a shit game[View]
417181534Why is Xenoblade so boring?[View]
417173082How good are you at fighting games[View]
417182157>no good games about imperial china[View]
417185974House Flipper: anyone else playing this retard shit? It's pretty comfy.[View]
417172789ITT: Enemies that don't fuck around[View]
417164373I fear no man But... that TF2 Thread... It scares me.[View]
417185713'Here is that gameboy you wanted, son'[View]
417183613Why do you dislike Arcade racing game?[View]
417185702Why does /v/ hate every other remaster except this one? Is it really okay when Japan does it?[View]
417164096Do not buy this.[View]
417179740https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=64 get in here password is rage[View]
417178878Will you be getting her game?[View]
417185231Bloodborne: >get to Vicar Amelia fight >not screams of rage but shrieks full of pain and sorro…[View]
417174784Tak Fujii's rhythm game for the switch Gal Metal is getting a release in the West. Will you buy…[View]
417185173How come you always get so few stat points to distribute when creating characters in RPGs?? What if …[View]
417180204I've only just recently been getting through Hollow Knight and I just really want to discuss ho…[View]
417185283Has anyone played the Phoenix Wright 3DS games on iOS? I want to play the games but I dont own a 3DS…[View]
417184131>Eating food fixes injuries[View]
417180132Remember when Fortnite was supposed to be a zombie survival game?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-…[View]
417179541Did anyone at all prefer to play as Fargus?[View]
417184982when did you realize all vidya is unfair rng because your brain may not work as intended when playin…[View]
417182195What are some lesser known games with customizable MC? Lesser customization choices like Crystal Chr…[View]
417181618>2018 >Still no Metal Gear fighting game Why?…[View]
417182153Any upcoming games giving you 'future classic' vibes?[View]
417175252You guys got any games where nothing good ever happens, no happy ending, just suffering? No Yoko Tar…[View]
417182942H1Z1 on PS4: Thoughts so far?[View]
417184661Anyone know a good site for PS4 game covers? I need one for MHW and have only found German.[View]
417167032ITT: Gamer girls: Post gamer girls[View]
417184502Hold it. This anon on the phone says you can't name a single game. I think tha- *RING* What…[View]
417175721Zone of the Enders M∀RS Demo: PS4 demo comes out this week. Who's excited? https://blog.eu.play…[View]
417184042What are some games you always come back to after quitting?[View]
417179241Shin Megami Tensei: Who is the best demoness? I'm gonna put my vote in for Sedna.[View]
417183509Is this the best example of a game taking an established setting and turning it on its head?[View]
417181790ok, Todd convinced me of buying fallout 4, what should I expect from the game?[View]
417183667>fuck >marry >kill choose your destiny…[View]
417180960>enemy levels with you[View]
417182079What do you want from STALKER 2?[View]
417173745One day left I wonder if having a ton of prototype weapons will make the game feel like a Korean war…[View]
417180997ARE YOU KIDDING ME? COME ON DUDE. Seriously it was unfair, it was 2 on 1, the controls are delayed a…[View]
417166141>Flappy Birdwas 5 years ago[View]
417184247How do I fix this? Can you sign in?[View]
417174643It's about time we get a fat body type for characters in MMOs. When will FFXIV follow suit?[View]
417167108Give me /v/'s elite hardcore gaming opinion on desk chairs / chairs for gaming[View]
417178958Does this game get any better? I just finished the Fairy Forest, and the dialogue and general tone o…[View]
417182598/v/irgins didn't seriously sympathize with this heretic, did they?[View]
417172626>wc3 killed the RTS >wow killed the MMORPG >hearthstone killed the TCG >overwatch killed…[View]
417183438Twitch Prime: What is your opinion on Twitch Prime and the exclusive game content it offers?[View]
417181107ARK: What went wrong with this and how come the player count is steadily decreasing? How did studio …[View]
417168021I just upgraded to 8GB of RAM :D What should I do with it?[View]
417150854Your hand, your favorite game. Yesterday's thread was nice.[View]
417157603FREE UNREAL GOLD: PSA: Unreal Gold (Unreal + Return to Na Pali) is free to own today. https://www.g…[View]
417183557Is there anyone who could beat this guy in a rap battle?[View]
417181169show collections and r8: r8 my video games /v/[View]
417183316What went wrong?[View]
417180678I have my own, secret plan for the Heart.[View]
417173746What would you say is the worst thing about Nu-tendo?[View]
417180262Fez II: Where the fuck is it already[View]
417181939“There are two kinds of people: ones that are trying to build their future and ones that are trying …[View]
417181669>Mario kart is the best racing ga-[View]
417182684Does /v/ like rhythm games?[View]
417125005Blazblue Crosstag: Marvel vs Capcom died for this[View]
417178052ultrafags in suicide watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8VrFUi79yo[View]
417181878Why does /v/ think this will fail? It's been on the Steam best sellers for weeks and it's …[View]
417182668let's rock baby[View]
417181018Why does almost every first person shooter have a 'weapon inspect' animation now?[View]
417145576Things in games where the unanswered things might be the most interesting: >In Final Fantasy X Yu…[View]
417167205It's still the best game ever made.[View]
417181634No Man's Sky 'NEXT' gets real multiplayer: https://www.nomanssky.com/2018/05/no-mans-sky-next-m…[View]
417177839How do we fix video games?[View]
417176423Armstrong did nothing wrong[View]
417178456So 'daughters' level isn't canon right? Main game notes show the family becoming slow…[View]
417179854Talented players from your country: Are there any good or talented videogame players from your count…[View]
417178145>You don't STILL hate our game, do you anon?[View]
417171235VG Cycle of Hubris: >1985 >Atari got greedy. Lost to Nintendo >1990 >Nintendo got greedy…[View]
417178015>Download the translation patch and play this on a whim >It's actually really fucking goo…[View]
417176528DICE and b*ttlefield V btfo https://youtu.be/I8Qm3V3wYg0[View]
417170040Just picked this up, what am I in for? Also, seems like Haley is best girl.[View]
417179952They call me Dean Domino...[View]
417181431ITT: Amazing video games that the fanbase ruined for you.[View]
417175801was the Dreamcast the perfect system for fighters?[View]
417181341>Play Tekken 7 with someone I know from my university >He invited me to a Discord server >I…[View]
417179324Webm thread?: Webm thread[View]
417180505Is this game worth, /v/?[View]
417180975>fantasy game >magic is called 'magick' >demons are called 'daemons' >thou, art, naught,…[View]
417176993>credits roll >pets and babies born during development >and thank you for playing!…[View]
417177535Why don't they come together to make one game together?[View]
417165540Chun Li-Posting: I just want her as a friend, the other characters are boring af. Post your best pic…[View]
417180683>The so-called 'Strongest woman in the world' VS a sadistic Tae-Kwon-Do master Who wins /v/? Win …[View]
417180648>the game subtly hints you the true nature of the world holy shit I didn't pay attention to…[View]
417180627SPINOSHITTERS BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5L7Iokg5RY[View]
417180321Smash Bros E3 demo 2018[View]
417175886Hyrule Warriors thread: I think playing this is the closest I have come to falling asleep while play…[View]
417179320Is this a good game?[View]
417175968tell me about lady Maria did she sexually pleases Gehrman?[View]
417180417> After finishing this story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FjWe31S_0g…[View]
417179284>this baffles and infuriates /v/[View]
417179410https://www.specialolympicsusagames.org/usa-games-news/xbox-gaming-tournament-press-release Microsof…[View]
417177214what are some games made for brainlets such as myself?[View]
417178039One of the shittiest sequels I’ve ever played.[View]
417179925Y'know, I really feel bad for the enemies in Pikmin. Yeah, they work against your goal and such…[View]
417179749You entered, right /v/? What games did you enter? I couldn't make it.[View]
417179872is there anything stopping someone from remaking spore the was it was supposed to be? surely we have…[View]
417179013post the best game from their respective sereis: i will start[View]
417177085gba strategy/tactic games: Oh boy, where do I start?[View]
417177981Which side did /v/ pick?[View]
417162904>he fell for the open meme[View]
417179504>crit chance items increase it by a flat percent, making 100% crit chance attainable what other g…[View]
417179821magical DOTA 2 encounters: aight' /v/, it's time for some bizarre public match stories …[View]
417175013Daily reminder that only autists prefer Fallout NV over Fallout 3 They just can't understand wh…[View]
417174110What will it be?[View]
417176035Filename thread?[View]
417179601Why is this game so hyped? Looks like shit[View]
41717948920 days left. Are you ready?[View]
417178827God Eater 3: Any expectations?[View]
417179468Your going to his birth, right /v/?[View]
417177404I'm playing through the tutorials for Factorio, and I'm on the one where you start with a …[View]
417170054SONY E3 2018: Apparently there are rumours about big surprises at Sony E3 2018 Anyway, they already …[View]
41717222620 days[View]
417179283Entropia Universe: How do I get a better gun? these level 3 fuckers are killing me, not to mention I…[View]
417172096It's still the worst game ever made.[View]
417177186Source hit me up last week with a ton of KH3 news. >Worldwide release date is November 30, will b…[View]
417178962What game will help me forget I want to kill my co worker?[View]
417178957>Actual good vidya movie >Theater release and DVD release in Japan >No mention by NoA whats…[View]
417178121when does digimon jumped the shark?[View]
417175820What games feature animal companions that will love you unconditionally?[View]
417178169>lvl 29 fighter >final boss I’m consistently getting the dragon down to low HP, but once he us…[View]
417176701>I want the next Ace Attorney game to be centered around Athena[View]
417152086I think we take a lot of things for granted Let's just slow down and appreciate the fact that g…[View]
417176952why does this do shit in its first game that Pokemon should have done ages ago?[View]
417143767Why did it flop, /v/? Such a great game, it's fucking criminal how utterly ignored it was.[View]
417178619Based GOG[View]
417176532So this... is the power.... of From Software's 'A team'...[View]
417176671I personally liked this better than Pillars of Eternity.[View]
417177316ITT: We post canceled games/vaporware Space Agency is a canceled game from studio Audio Inc. (Contac…[View]
417177241ITT: Vidya characters with impetuous style.[View]
417178201Optimistic? >sci fi version of AoW https://youtu.be/WTHxBqqNONA[View]
417174485Realistically, is it the game of the generation?: I don't see it being beaten. >fortnite Alt…[View]
417178168>Here's your controller bro[View]
417178115>vvulf bombs cannot be dodge tanked >have to kill someone to escape Why the fuck is this allow…[View]
417175108>He fell for the Cyberpunk 2077 meme instead of the patrician choice[View]
417172140Sup, dude?[View]
417177941Where were you when Jaina did nothing wrong?: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/21791564/new-co…[View]
417174891Will Battlefield V be a fuck up?: >WW2 >Called it 'V' so now the titles are scuffed. >…[View]
417177774You like Snowboard Kids?[View]
417176651What did Gary hope to achieve by taking over the school? What's the point? >school starts ri…[View]
417177352What happened to all the Atari grooveposting? Wasn't Atari set for a big come back? Where are t…[View]
417175571is halo still relevant?: >liking a game series where the main character has an energy shield to m…[View]
417176647>Only new games for E3 are Corpse Party 2 and some 2hu indie shit for PC T-Thanks Xseed…[View]
417170148Why is it that I can easily emulate GameCube games with Dolphin at 1080p 60fps on my crappy 6-year-o…[View]
417174307Post them undead characters. I swear, they dont get enough love for how amazing they are[View]
417172335>take xbox live and somehow make it worse >give out ''''''''''free''''''''''' games that …[View]
417172062Diablo 3: Anyone even play Diablo 3 anymore?[View]
417169408This is ther better look and you cant argue me wrong.[View]
417176627just finished this. should I play the second one? I really loved this but I do think some levels wer…[View]
417175071Chapter 3 when?[View]
417176581is there any puzzle game that goes as far with its mechanics as this? Or just really good (maybe fir…[View]
417176021I require a firearm[View]
417176842>IT AND ME level >Vietnam starts playing[View]
417173168Are there any instances of actually makeable foods in games that would be nice irl?[View]
417175696>tfw keep getting the bad end Fuck this[View]
417176675Just another perfect day on my favorite image-board![View]
417166524Urbosa-Posting: I just want her as a friend, the other characters are boring af. Post your best pics…[View]
417157936ITT: Hot takes: Hold it right there, anon! Hands on the steering wheel. Nice and slow! Ok- do you kn…[View]
417176354Which Vidya has the best love story?[View]
417175925what is up my fellow gamers and gamettes?[View]
417172629how the fuck am I supposed to kill these idiots?[View]
417148396Launch trailer is up https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8a-EObAhYrg&noapp=1&has_verified=1&cl…[View]
417173706>Here's your controller bro Would you drop $200 bucks on a controller? …[View]
417167827>PC gaming[View]
417174445Retards will defend this[View]
417175625http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Christianity >Christianity was the intended religion of the Legend of…[View]
417176282ITT: Games that are objectively better than Morrowind[View]
417176221Digi: You may not like it, but these is peak Digimon.[View]
417172607>Unreal gold for free on GOG/Steam GO GO GO[View]
417176197Eternal crusade: What the fuck went so wrong? Will we ever get a good 40k game?[View]
417175060Will there ever be a new Turok game?[View]
417176090Times video games made you feel like shit: >first time playing Persona 4 >like Naoto the most …[View]
417167173Is there any game /v/ has flip flopped on like this?: >Game is first shown people are hype >Mo…[View]
417175476ITT:Hogwarts Mystery: How do I download it /v/ros?[View]
417164565>spent hours of researching and setting up >still wont work fuck you rpcs3 fuck you pile of s…[View]
417140791SMT Strange Journey Redux: How are you liking the new content?[View]
417174675How can Nintendo get their soul back?[View]
417174564How do we fix this?[View]
417175845/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Post some Comfy shit[View]
417175352What went wrong?[View]
417175510>DK can lift up certain hazards like Honey Boxes or Poison Boxes and throw them at the enemies Th…[View]
417137107How do we fix Overwatch?[View]
417174720>game becomes an esport >developers begin to only care about the faggot pro scene and the mone…[View]
417175656If they are so good game company why do they always pick the shittiest publishers who enslave them? …[View]
417174826Did Breath of the Wild steal the paragliding mechanics form Cube World? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
417163087WE ARE[View]
417175541So /v/ you going to get your copy of NBA2k2018?[View]
417169506Defend this PCfags[View]
417170907Space Hulk Enhanced Edition: What are your thoughts on the improved Deathwing that came out today?…[View]
417175389Who has the best swimsuit and why?[View]
417166576Death Stranding: Will it be good?[View]
417174369So it is almost impossible for /v/ to agree on something but can we at least agree that consoles are…[View]
417175181jaina did everything wrong[View]
417174551Blizzard will be on the e3 for the first time since 2014 Are you ready for the console version of cl…[View]
417144878Final Fantasy XIV 4.3: 4.3 is out. Man SB's MSQ was all over the place with all those Ala Migho…[View]
417169390ITT: Games with better lore than dork souls[View]
417167960You know these games are for chidren, right? They're not even kid friendly games for a universa…[View]
41717130617 DAYS UNTIL E3 :: Post your HOPES : DREAMS: EXPECTATIONS Remember it starts on the 9th (confere…[View]
417174424I-is this......[View]
4171693071 > 2 > Tropical Freeze > 3 > Returns[View]
417174870Can we have a moment to pay our respects to games that will never ever be localized?[View]
417174748He had a hidden lore with so much mystery put aside the fact he disciplines those who do wrong to pu…[View]
417167286Does Autism count?[View]
417173682The soul was drained right out of him.[View]
417168075>game set in the future >guns still use chemical propellants…[View]
417170029Who's even excited for E3 anymore? It feels like it's the same disappointment every year s…[View]
417166817Is it still shit but better than vermintide?[View]
417174181What videogames have made you angry recently /v/? Let your anger flow and vent it all out[View]
417174158Is she right? Do violent videogames help with school shootings?[View]
417171797Pulled out again, we'll follow you alone. Today once again we'll carry, fight, multiply an…[View]
417173797Is Persona 3 FES still worth playing if I already know the fate of the protagonist?[View]
417172828I liked this game a lot. Solid 8/10.[View]
417140932>changes gaming forever You guys ready for this generations benchmark?[View]
417171037The Forest: VR Beta: https://steamcommunity.com/games/242760/announcements/detail/164538211634341867…[View]
417174268Banned in Cuckstralia: We Happy Few banned in Cuckstralia for denigrating the country through accura…[View]
417171589>Speaking with GamerHubTV, Dreams Creative Director Mark Healey talked about the game’s developme…[View]
417174052scrapped smite god: i heard somewhere that there used to be files of a god named 'ozwiena' in the ga…[View]
417164148YoRHa No.2 Type B-Posting: I just want her as a friend, the other characters are boring af. Post you…[View]
417173878What the fukc was their problem?[View]
417172031Woah... hey guys. Welcome to EB Games.[View]
417173801>believe /v/'s bullshit >get cucked out of good games ISHYGDDT…[View]
417147049PS4 IS ALMOST DEAD. SONY LOSES https://www.destructoid.com/the-ceo-of-playstation-says-that-the-ps4-…[View]
417173719Whats up gang, Cliffy B here. I've been browsing these forums for quite some time and I saw pl…[View]
417168246Is PSNow good or should I just buy a refurb PS3?[View]
417169941Choose your character /v/. And choose carefully, because there is only one right answer.[View]
417172125Will he show his mug?[View]
417173641I wanna get into the Metal Gear games because I heard they're good. I have a PC, a PS4, and a P…[View]
417152951Why do Nintendo fans hate fun?: You’re not getting this high quality cardboard anywhere else.[View]
417173617MMO Thread: Let's discuss MMOs. What are you currently playing while waiting on Camelot Unchain…[View]
417173589Dong is Coming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etu1DiHlqwU[View]
417172218DARLING in the franxx official thread: Zero tsuuu ass[View]
417171842What if I'm a spy?[View]
417172157What would you do? Give her a high five, a hug, or a headpat?[View]
417170585If you don't like XV despite its flaws and shortcomings, you have no heart and shouldn't b…[View]
417154071>level 100 oldfag here >worked on SA, SA2, SH and Sonic 06 >ask me anything >no, SA3 isn…[View]
417172351Will there ever be another decent James Bond game?[View]
417170456Reminder that this is canon and that you can do nothing about it.[View]
417173109So I got my hands on one of these. What are some good PSP exclusives to check out?[View]
417171909will he make a great comeback?[View]
417172396what happened to him bros?[View]
417172005>One of the best selling video games of all time. >Owned by one of the biggest companies in th…[View]
417170553>look up vidya game music >comments >'8 [FICTIONAL CHARACTERS] disliked this video'…[View]
417173029What the fuck was his problem?[View]
417170393A friend gave me Dark Souls 3 a couple of weeks ago, and finally I decided to pop it in 20 mins ago.…[View]
417159097Hello Anon, I am your friendly neighborhood Spider-man! You are buying my game, right?[View]
417172810>Make remastered edition >Somehow looks worse How does this happen, /v/?…[View]
417141261/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>417105521 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
417170468Thief Thread: >2018 >underrating Thieves' Guild…[View]
417158235What was the best game of 2016?: Vote is still up. Last thread was comfy. Vote with the link below. …[View]
417171653post boss fights with awesome soundtracks[View]
417167005Shenmue I&II HD: I'm hyped as fuck[View]
417167410>work at a game studio on a Souls like game >theme is similar to Shadowrun ie. cyberpunk and f…[View]
417172154>tfw bought Mario Odyssey instead of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze…[View]
417164890Tracer's game is on sale!! Why aren't you buying it right now?![View]
417172458DREAMS PS4: God, this game is shaping up to be fantastic http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/05/deli…[View]
417159327Do you feel good about yourself after killing Tsuyu? In the latest patch for the ffxiv stormblood?[View]
417172409What are some good Android games /v/ ? I get bored in college and always start playing something but…[View]
417172149Who is this feature aimed at?[View]
417171826So I recently started playing hyper light drifter and I am completely lost. after 106 minutes of gam…[View]
417170819is he /ourguy/?[View]
417170205Is this game any better yet?[View]
417141834Does /v/ ACTUALLY like this game?: I just reached the shopkeeper(?) dude who created Kratos’ axe and…[View]
417171876>*does retarded faggot things* Rune Factory 4 thread[View]
417169093Why JAP Game Hero is so young?[View]
417167339The most soulless game ever made.[View]
417171709>be streaming on twitch >get the orbiter audience…[View]
417154525Humble Bundle thread: Is IGN the last nail in the coffin? find out here, in a matter of 90 minutes…[View]
417171673GoNNER: How is it /v/? Im getting more into roguelites and im missing city of brass moonlighter and …[View]
417155313Discuss the image[View]
417168326>dropping Vita from PS Plus line-up and stopping cart production >stopped supporting PS3 >A…[View]
417159391When will Riot make an arcade fighter? I want to play League of Legends characters without having to…[View]
417162135Sell me a game with its soundtrack[View]
417143430>heal >get hit by spastic boss just after >die because heal took a second ITT: Bad video g…[View]
417170371What are the best games to play when you have a full time job? MMOs are out of the question (they…[View]
417170975I haven't bought a game since March, and that was a game from last year that was on sale. Is th…[View]
417169102Why are they so worried that people will find out about how many XBoxes have sold?[View]
417170727>start game for first time >see this what is your reaction?…[View]
417170850>tfw too intelligent for games[View]
417163957So I just finished the third game (after playing the entire series back to back) and I have a couple…[View]
417169669Did you enjoy his event? I got most of the jelly shop cleared, protein bar shop not so much. I also …[View]
417170614remember when zune was a thing? or was it ever a thing?[View]
417132943Why does the female character design matter so much among /v/?[View]
417167561Moonlighter: It looks like fun_[View]
417166457Pillars of Eternity II: What happened bros?[View]
417130830Dark Souls Remaster: >3 days tills Dark Souls Remaster Are you hyped? Are you getting it on PS4 o…[View]
417167972>tfw never ever It still hurts, bros...[View]
417170290*make critically acclaimed game*[View]
417168764Now that the dust has settled, can we admit that this game is objectively the worst Souls game by a …[View]
417164485Real talk, was anyone else disturbed by this part of the game in P5? Mostly because of how close to …[View]
417170153Sonic Racing Leaks: Not looking to get into trouble for this, but with the recent bullshit about eve…[View]
417168036EVE offline: I’m looking for a game that will scratch the “space trader” itch but doesn’t require as…[View]
417158505Have you ever fapped to a non-porn game?[View]
417170127Online Card Games: What does /v/ rate as the best current online card game? After spending too long …[View]
417170116Desktop thread: Just a nice desktop thread. Yes, you are allowed to clean it before posting or don…[View]
417170093>game has dual wielding When will this meme end?[View]
417170058What went wrong?[View]
417170020No way[View]
417169453What are some good games that are never coming out?[View]
417169763How can I stop buying games? I barely even play them anymore but I can't stop buying them.[View]
417164079Which Android would you choose to clean your house if you know what I mean?[View]
417166208Let's have a chill 3x3 thread[View]
417169021How was this not GOTY?[View]
417169475>2006+12 >Still no game with even close to as much soul as trickster online Seriously though W…[View]
417158089Predictions: >The presentation will starts out with a Smash Bros trailer. New characters that are…[View]
417161992Video game ending music: Post those Game ending songs /v/ >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_pAa9…[View]
417168891Favorite terraria build?: What's your favorite thing you have build in terraria?[View]
417169521What is the best space 4x? I've only played Sins of a Solar Empire and Stellaris. I really enjo…[View]
417137308Nintendo starts banning Switch hackers from accessing online services: >Hacking and homebrew is b…[View]
417164616ITT: Your First PS2 Game: my parents hated me[View]
417168119>mmo-champion posts final fantasy xiv news on the front page What the fuck happened wow bros? Doe…[View]
417157630Darkstalkers: Did you already give up, /v/?[View]
417166024Hearthstone nerfs: What is your opinion on the new nerfs?[View]
417167929>fall from 4 foot ledge >still take fall damage Why is this allowed, even today?…[View]
417168256New Metal Gear Idea: >MGSV assets and engine >co-op based missions / vr style >minimal sto…[View]
417169242Feels wrong predicting tonight's April 2018 NPD U.S. game sales results after the supposed leak…[View]
417157656Pssht kid, wanna play some Black Jack?[View]
417168804When is she getting her own game?[View]
417147727https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TkfZOZBsd8 OH FUCK RABBID CRANKY CONFIRM AS PARTY MEMBER GET IN HE…[View]
417163773implying there was ever a better squad than Tali and Garrus in any of the three games.[View]
417162531Do you ever sit back and think about how the single most iconic PlayStation game of the 2010s was ba…[View]
417167095I have a Switch and am thinking of buying Hyrule warriors, but I am getting mixed responses on wethe…[View]
417165445'Write a list of 5 RPGs with good turn-based combat and put it on my desk until the end of the work …[View]
417166140Why is a childrens game so fucking fun?! Starting playing this with me nephew and it's a really…[View]
417166760ITT: Poorly received games that you enjoyed[View]
417166865post god tier end credit songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcrDWAuyqtc[View]
417168456Welp I was playing Witcher 3 a few minutes ago and got a “new message from Xbox live” I opened it an…[View]
417167868>Named Imperator, a term usually associated with the Imperial period of Rome >Ends after the f…[View]
417102448Who is your favorite idol /v/?[View]
417168493Miss me yet?[View]
417143656How long would it have to be with no announced release date before you gave up on it?[View]
417138436PS5 is coming: So, PS5 is obviously coming next year, will you be buying it, or will you still stick…[View]
417165515>>417136836 The title for the new game is Sonic Drift Racing. Characters >Sonic >Tails …[View]
417168174Leave OS2 to me.[View]
417165754Why's Norman Reedus in RDR2 as well?[View]
417161369This got 2k likes on #gamedev. wow[View]
417168213>*endearing autistic gibberish*[View]
417167761Sooo...I'm going to be in Super Smash Bros?[View]
417161917Who is the most based let's player/streamer?[View]
417164573Microsoft Officially TERMINATES Xbox 360 Smartglass Support: Is this the end for Xbox, xbros? First …[View]
417167775Does anyone else suffer from Pirate Syndrome? Maybe if I start buying games I'll actually finis…[View]
417164018Team Dark[View]
417156939>Literally millions of games where murder is the main objective >A game about rape (which isn…[View]
417166978You now remember this exists[View]
417166093It's kind of the dead period of the year for games and I'm feeling a bit burned out on gam…[View]
417165995why are nips such fucking assholes?: i can even access the website of the game why wont they share w…[View]
417167474wish they would put curtain call on Switch[View]
417166368*Makes the entire game worse for everyone involved*[View]
417163967Sony still focusing on more new IP's, while also aiming to bring back older ones: https://epicl…[View]
417167054Best. Zelda game. EVER.[View]
417163162Easy and fun games: >you have 10 HP total >regaining health is almost impossible >some enem…[View]
417156167*blocks your path*[View]
417167041Is it worth playing Persona 3 FES if I already know the Protagonist dies?[View]
417156000You're favorite video games that will never get a sequel.: Let's go.[View]
417141398>I will find Eothas. >I will find Eothas. >Requirement Not Met >I will find Eothas. >…[View]
417166651Microsoft Serie: This new Netflix series showcases the daily life of Microsoft Game Studio (Microsof…[View]
417165175I've played the original 6 games on pretty much anything possible time and time again, but I…[View]
417165912>update comes out >you can now give bananas to other players >game crashes How the mighty …[View]
417165137Is there any incentive to buy a switch in a brick and mortar given it's reliably in stock onlin…[View]
417165208We design the most progressive video game of all time 3 words at a time. Il get this started. This g…[View]
417159468any of the new 3ds games worth palying[View]
417149880I just can't stop myself from unironically loving this game.[View]
417166594ITT : Good characters in bad games[View]
417166213Reminder, MGS 3 was the last actual stealth game in the series: I fucking hate what kojima did to MG…[View]
417164048What are some awesome 6th gen games that rarely get talked about? I just found this at a pawnshop an…[View]
417166329Is this the basiest VN ever created?[View]
417160224Was Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk really the last good Atelier game? Is there any hope …[View]
417163303ITT Scams you fell for[View]
417164751Is Dark Souls a singleplayer or multiplayer game?[View]
417166386>start game >it's turn-based[View]
417147921Who here #hyped for the Spyro remake![View]
417165209Underrated game. Post them.[View]
417166273KB+M on XB1: will someone find a way to use this as a round about way of putting in keyboard and mou…[View]
417139521Holy fuck. Sony just won.[View]
417166118Is using game guides cheating?[View]
417165719Leaving the famous bearded cartoon creator incarcerated in a Peruvian New Vegas Thread[View]
417165883what the fuck[View]
417162206Why do normies like Destiny so much?[View]
417165741Can someone explain to me the Call of Duty Zombies storyline before Bo4? This is too fucking confusi…[View]
417160874No one here actually levels dex these days right?[View]
417165517>tfw Max Payne 4 never ever[View]
417165930Going to an anime convention this Friday. What video game character should I cosplay as? It's m…[View]
417164487>the protagonist from the first game is the antagonist in the 2nd[View]
417161670Yes, returned...: To the Patriots![View]
417164065What's your personal golden age of gaming? >get home from school >immediately get on Batt…[View]
417133753ITT: predictions for this pending abortion >no drive-able air craft carriers >the battleships …[View]
417165686Never fucking ever[View]
417152158>dad walks in[View]
417164627Is the Watcher... watching anyone? OwO[View]
417165216Is there a video game villain with a sadder death than Arthas?[View]
417133910ITT: Garbage fanbases: Fandumbs that are so fucking bad, that even if their games are horrid shit it…[View]
417155475Merula Snyde-Posting: I just want her as a friend, the other characters are boring af. Post your bes…[View]
417159136Unreal Gold free on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/unreal_gold[View]
417165139Are these the best games for Switch?[View]
417164975Just started playing WoW for the first time yesterday. I like it a lot, way more fun off the bat tha…[View]
417165149Half-Life: >20yo in November Who else played the Uplink demo?[View]
417164893ITT: Things in gaming that make you go pic related >NPCs getting made for breaking their stuff or…[View]
417165079Far Cry 5 thread: Joseph=Faith>John>Jacob Holland Valley>Hebane River>Whitetail Mountain…[View]
417165152ITT incels in vidya[View]
417132542ITT vidya opinions that legitimately make you mad: >'it sold well, therefore it's good' >…[View]
417162591Is this the pinnacle of open world game design?[View]
417164843It's finally time to admit it. Higurashi was way better than Umineko. The message, the cast, th…[View]
417164640Is this shit even worth it or should I just get the base game for $15[View]
417163751Are Devolver Digital the true shitposters of videogame industry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBl…[View]
417149621How come we never got an MtG videogame during the Ravnica days or about Ravnica itself? It's ar…[View]
417163687Enjoy new「sandbox]game!- yniユニ: (developers need your feedback, senpai!) https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
417164724Why did they stop making these /v/[View]
417164726will this game have a single-player story? I feel it has potential what would be wasted if the final…[View]
417158098Telephone: Can we get a game of Vidya Telephone going? Post a game that has something in common with…[View]
417163273Buy now, don't buy or wait for a sale ?: Would you buy this if you already have the Vita versio…[View]
417160353Is Epic Games reaching God status now? They have so much money, they can literally embarrass the ent…[View]
417162128>tfw pre-ordered the Disgaea 1 remake just for the noppai flat mousepad…[View]
417164442vdeo games were better when they were less fun prove me wrong[View]
417161203>play ps2 >thousands of great games >play ps4 >1 maybe 2 good games? what happened to co…[View]
417157636Legend of Zelda: >mfw fags picked a fish over the queen[View]
417158751Splatoon Switch bundle for $233 after promo: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nintendo-Switch-Hardware-with-…[View]
417149083>Ace Attorney games after AAI 2[View]
417148738See this, /v/? It's my attorney's badge.[View]
417159110ITT we list reasons when it is safe to completely discard someone's opinions. >uses the word…[View]
417161102GPS SATELLITES[View]
417162609Witcher 3 Carnal Sins: How do I restart this quest after I kill the wrong guy? I read you have to fi…[View]
417148718XSEED @ E3 2018 Games featured: >Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity (Summer 2018) (PC via Steam) >Gungr…[View]
417157918Why didn't Konami just release a bunch of VR missions using the V gameplay, maybe with a few ne…[View]
417159759BLACK PSYCHOSIS: Why they keep putting blacks there? Why don't just make game about some africa…[View]
417153930Ernie Hudson is part of the Mario Universe. Discuss.[View]
417159651ITT: Geniuses in gaming[View]
417162352Rogue-likes thread Should I purchase Crpy of the Necrodancer? On sale on steam, so far I love Nuclea…[View]
417160392What do you think of Dishonored?[View]
417160974love live thread[View]
417163746>We will never go back to before 2010 Don't get me wrong, we got alot of good vidya, but the…[View]
417163462Why doesn't she wear shoes?[View]
417163394>you just said you were in a relationship with another but surely you want Mass Effect thread…[View]
417161052What does she say again ?[View]
417157417>ITT: Disney Properties You Know Will Never Make It Into Kingdom Hearts[View]
417159978is this game any good and can you fug? because you can make children[View]
41707804180% Pornography 15% 'Experiences' 5% Games[View]
417160530Bruh Look at this dude, wait till you see OH NO NO NO NO NO OH NO OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH …[View]
417152952Do you buy vidya figures/collectibles?[View]
417161024So which one will be announcing Skyrim: 4k edition at E3?[View]
417160338Is Nintendo dead? >leading platform is 2 generations behind >long stretches of no major releas…[View]
417162808How do even you fuck up this bad?[View]
417157397>install path is too long u wot m8[View]
417157661ITT: We remember totalbiscuit: Totalbiscuit is now receiving hospice/ end of life care at home. Genn…[View]
417160036how hype will you be when sega announces a new jet set radio at e3?[View]
417162093Let's write a farewell letter to TotalBiscuit: Dear TB[View]
417156401E3 mega leak: I don't expect any of you jaded ducks to believe this but here's the upcomin…[View]
417161034>2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Splatoon 2 Super Mario Odyssey Xenoblade Chronicle…[View]
417159557Is it real?[View]
417153861Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas: I gotta choose between Fallout 3 or New Vegas, which one is the bett…[View]
417162272The new Donkey Kong is soulless.[View]
417161975BIDO GAMS[View]
417159719WOTS UR GAMING PC PEX: Post your PC Specs Or fuck off.[View]
417160756Invading is going to be so much fun on this version. How many parents will buy the game for their li…[View]
417159863what is thy desire..?[View]
417136836You won't have to wait long now: Hello \v\ . As you may have heard, SEGA teased a new Sonic gam…[View]
417161949another display of blizzard balance[View]
417156459Dragon Ball Legends: Are Hero characters worth using or are they just straight out worse than Extrem…[View]
417160274What it is with Nintendo fans and lack of hygiene?[View]
417161173>the game now has dedicated servers >all they do is manage the location of messages and summon…[View]
417160374Mobile games: Looking for some recommendations for games to play on an android, preferably free or c…[View]
417158010Just finished playing the first KH game. What the fuck am I missing? The combat is basically just m…[View]
417158646HE HAS NO STYLE![View]
417157524shirou, i don't feel so good...[View]
417135581It's WW2 guys >American soldier holding a m1911 and a m1a1 carbine…[View]
417159745What remasters do you wanna see? Personally, my life would be complete with a Resident Evil 3 remast…[View]
417159839comfy games that you can play with ANYONE. pic related.[View]
417159765What was /v/ reaction to the Vita during late 2014- 2016 when it had alot of great weeb exclusives o…[View]
417160916What is the hardest Boss Rush/Endurance level in all of vidya?: Must be beatable (no Desert Bus, etc…[View]
417161126Ratchet & Clank 2019 and Beyond: Most are aware Insomniac Games work on multiple projects simult…[View]
417158581Will OOT ever be topped?[View]
417160405What are some good games for emasculated men?[View]
417160584>game has a mechanic >too retarded to understand it…[View]
417160502Post images you wish were concept art for a video game[View]
417160480>people from different parts of the World are unable to communicate with each other >a Japanes…[View]
417156804I bought Dragon's Dogma when it launched on PC and started playing it in the completely wrong m…[View]
417158503>rips of dual analog stick from sony >rips of memory card from sony >rips of cd from sony a…[View]
417158085Oh boys~ Rouge thread~[View]
417158318...Free game , I guess? https://www.gog.com/game/unreal_gold[View]
417153156>play PUBG >get my ass handed to me >get mad >try again later >get fucked even harder…[View]
417158972try to disprove it. pro tip: you cant.[View]
417157982>yet another Undertale clone Could indie devs be any less original?[View]
417158949Dead or Alive: Can we have our own DOA girl popularity poll and see how different /v/'s Top 9 c…[View]
417157829F-Zero: Is f-zero the best futuristic racer ip on the market still? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
417159456GET UP PUPPY[View]
417159423Mobile games: Are there any good games to play on a phone?[View]
417157248What the FUCK happened? Where did the soul go?[View]
417151719Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition released today so now what[View]
417139131Comfy Switch Thread 'PIRATEFAGS BTFO EDITION': So, how's it going bros? Playing some nice onlin…[View]
417144868Whats /v/s opinion on censorship in gaming?[View]
417159236YOSSHA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gyw-tHeMBC4&t=0s[View]
417149034What went so right?[View]
417156747>already dead on arrival what went wrong?[View]
417147935whatever happened to this dumb shit? did it sell well?[View]
417158649ITT video game websites that have remained roughly the same for over 15 years[View]
417146195Why, out of all the western devs, are only the French willing to make female characters that are hot…[View]
417141756how do I stop getting mad at vidya? serious replies only please the only thing that's stopped i…[View]
417153121it's out[View]
417159134Hmm. A drowner. Gotta be. Damn you're ugly [LEY LEYYELEYYE AYHAHHAA LEYYELEYEYE][View]
417135643Enjoy those warhammer games while you can, because soon the setting will be beyond all hope of recov…[View]
417156715You are playing my (full) game, right anon?[View]
417155606how do you define pixel shit? Is my sprite pixel shit?[View]
417157506What is the best console menu? Pic related[View]
417156448What went wrong?[View]
417097181Practically a suicide mission. I volunteer[View]
417157668What do the japs think about this man?[View]
417158719Fuck Merula Synde, let's worship our chocolate Goddess Cia[View]
417132609>patch just came out >no thread What gives?…[View]
417157875PS5 will release after 2020: Can we stop this meme about being released next year? The PS4 is still …[View]
417152639ITT: Games with Good Attention to Detail: I'll start >The modern combine harvester, or simpl…[View]
417151620>shooter campaign >Chapter X: Belly of the Beast…[View]
417158529*they block your path*[View]
417147415>buy vampire the masquerade bloodlines >install it >get a refund >game doesnt require st…[View]
417157883Being Melia is suffering.[View]
417155272Who is your favorite fighting game character?[View]
417155094>tfw getting older, fatter, and stupider >tfw videogames are a huge enabler in stagnating my l…[View]
417158330Mario + Rabbids DLC: apparently it's 10 hours long Do we finally have a rabbid that dethrones …[View]
417155448Jurassic World Evolution: I'm still not entirely sold on this game. Park management seems like …[View]
417152921A new From Sony exclusive game will be shown at E3. Are you ready for the salt /v/?[View]
417146250>Game has a dedicated shout button[View]
417157478This is Randy. Say something nice about him![View]
417157580the best male lead in any Japanese video game, 14 years later still the reigning king.[View]
417157698Will we ever get another game with this kind of atmosphere again? https://youtu.be/6ESqvGzdnvs[View]
417156548Describe a game you've never played based on what you've seen of it on /v/: >God of War…[View]
417157785Playing rutile ruby on my 3ds and this is my team. Agislash Blazekin Garchomp Togekiss Kingdra To…[View]
417156781what's the comfiest and most relaxing game I can get on switch? I was considering stardew valle…[View]
417155647Could Hulk actually get a good Videogame if the Spiderman Game does super well? Also if you could ma…[View]
417155465Do cute girls make video games better?[View]
417143379GOG Now Accepting Visual Novels: Visual novel publisher MangaGamer has announced that gog will now b…[View]
417157638When will gamers grow up and stop being so racist ugh[View]
417147420Post your favorite vidya music. >hype >sad >whatever else…[View]
417156378Is the DLC worth it? I dropped BotW last year but after picking it back up again recently I'm h…[View]
417156631which one, /v/?[View]
417155780>consumes the essence of MAN >walks on 4 legs ...excuse me?…[View]
417157368Why do western devs, and in particular mainly American devs make their female characters so ugly wit…[View]
417153762*snaps* you[View]
417129525The Current Generation of Console Gaming is coming to an end: >John Kudera (current President of …[View]
417157240I never noticed in this in old school until now this is honestly beautiful[View]
417123885Hey /v/, Yore Ugleh[View]
417157050Who /progamer/ herr[View]
417150194What's the worst vidya purchase you've made?[View]
417155416>modern day nintendo[View]
417157005Is this game ever gonna get good or am I just wasting my time here?[View]
417156950OTEP: OTEP[View]
417155984>Update out for stellaris >no thread on /v/ about it let's fix that, what's the verd…[View]
417130784Is this the best video game in our lifetime?[View]
417145801Why are crabs always such annoying pointless shitheads in games /v/[View]
417156802Xenoblade 2 thread[View]
417155571Piece of shit.[View]
417156786STALKER: Just a quick reminder. You can continue lurking now. Bye bye.[View]
417156107>tfw I'm fucking garbage in FPS games Why I can't be good at this genre when I really e…[View]
417153631Switch Cases: I recently bought a Switch and I want to protect it when I hang out with my FIFA lovin…[View]
417136806did you ever broke a controller during your gaming sessions?[View]
417138783What is your favorite game from the year that you were born in? Pic related is mine[View]
417155395>a $60 movie Why do I see people praising the 'gameplay' of these fucking cinematic games? It…[View]
417152680Why is this game hated?[View]
417147947Anyone played it? I dont know what I expected, its another shitty gacha jew with braindead ''''' gam…[View]
417149974MGSV:TPP - New FXAA disabler mod, time to reinstall the game.: Here. (with comparison pic) https://…[View]
417156408What are some canonically gay characters in Vidya?[View]
417156127What are some shooting/action games with young (<25) protagonists? Off the top of my head there…[View]
417156379Are you going to buy her new game?[View]
417155152Final NPD predictions for the month of April, both hardware and software?[View]
417135028'Everything is a ripoff until it becomes a genre'[View]
417156196Please remind me again why i need the remaster[View]
417156278>'''strategy'''rpg >the only strategy is to turtle or to overpower everything with grind and p…[View]
417155063Hand over your virginity or I'll fucking kill you.[View]
417149739Why was this gen so fucking awful? >inb4 but PS4 and Switch had like two games each worth playing…[View]
417156214>there is no Ultimate Soul Calibur 2 with all the exclusive characters and Hilde…[View]
417156103Uhmm... Americans?[View]
417153383Android mobile games: Is there any game worthwhile here?[View]
417156036Skyrim, too many follower mods: I have been playing (and modding) Skyrim for a couple of years and c…[View]
417152241>get huge HDCRT for my living room because it looks heavenly >later learn it has more input la…[View]
417155746>just got pic related for PC online so I could do some comfy piñata gardening on my computer >…[View]
417143395you are attacking in a plane terrain and have superior numbers, military tech, and ideal army compos…[View]
417155846What could this mysterious Persona 4 game be /v/? I hope it is a port of Golden for the PS4.[View]
417155473My 600w psu just popped and died last night, I have to use my shittier 250w one wich obviously can…[View]
417150042>2020 >SONY announces their next gene console >Not called PS5…[View]
417155138Now that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite flopped, should they put all their energies into making a Gwenpoo…[View]
417155740That fucking asshole Matsuno put Finnath River from Tactics into FF14 https://twitter.com/YasumiMats…[View]
417153724So /v/ which one is more worse video game violence or cartoon violence? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
417155295vidya conspiracy theories: Do you know any cool conspiracy theories, unconfirmed rumors or saucy sto…[View]
417144673>ten years later >still the most useful party member >still the purest&lewdest girl …[View]
417134821How much will they fuck it?[View]
417154893What are some games with the coolest character design?[View]
417155303Is 9S the best vidya boy? Fuck you mods there are 5+wifu threads in the catalog including a Merula t…[View]
417153673Reminder that you will never play Bannerlord.[View]
417149230Sup, \v\. Rate my physical games collection. I try to only collect hidden gems from this generation…[View]
417151468Is this legit?: I would like a game about OPM[View]
417145994Gravity Rush 2: Less than 2 months left on the servers! What's Kat's best costume?[View]
417150602How can ps4 run this? HOOOOWW? https://twitter.com/Kojima_Hideo/status/998744794569437184[View]
417152805How does this game get worse with every update?: seriously, it's such a simple formula- how do …[View]
4171406642016 GOTY Tournament: Round 1 voting is still ongoing. Use the link below to vote. https://docs.goog…[View]
417153908What a fucking bitch.[View]
417146651>fallout 5 is released >plot revolves around water again…[View]
417150992Warcraft IIII when??[View]
417154870itt: comfy games with medieval asian setting[View]
417154574Queen's Blade: What went wrong?[View]
417150767Where were you when Mark Brown proved without a shadow of doubt that Dark Souls is literally Zelda?[View]
417154560TF2: I wanna fuck Miss Pauling[View]
417150619UnderRail: >He hasn't played one of the best games ever made what are you even doing?…[View]
417140904SNK Heroines: >fio's in, I can see her cap in that silhouette You fucking dumbasses. We told…[View]
417147806Mobile game thread.[View]
417154338Which is best game and should be what i play next?[View]
417151086NW: >'Believing and worshipping gods is foolish and a waste of time.' >*get sent to wall hell*…[View]
417146674YAKUZA 3,4,5 FOR PS4 1080P 60FPS[View]
417109039>game has multiple romance options >one character is so far superior to the others that it mak…[View]
417148110Shining Resonance Refrain new trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZOaiYjLCe0 Are you getting t…[View]
417151852What will go wrong?[View]
417152564YEAH BOIIII: Who here is hyped for GOTY 2018? >that Zombies with its three maps >that Blackout…[View]
417152834Just because a game is popular with children doesn't mean that it's a bad game.[View]
417153656I beat this fucker on normal for the first time today using crystal B. What's your favorite shi…[View]
417152870What are some games that you play everyday for years?[View]
417153232Wat buy?: Atelier Firis or Blue Reflection?[View]
417153556>Ditched Backwards Compatibility >Virtual Console isn't coming for Switch >No media ap…[View]
417153092*one shots you* 'Pssh... Direct Hit is only good if you're SKILLED with it kid.'[View]
417147018Pick one: >60 FPS, Low Graphics >30 FPS, High Graphics…[View]
417152963pleb god of war / bayonetta contrarian ninja gaiden / devil may cry patrician x men origins wolverin…[View]
417152796beautiful vidya: This is not much more than a recommendation thread, so I apologize in advance. I…[View]
417153326What are some kino like Planescape: Torment and NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer?[View]
417149370would /v/ play a game that looks like this?[View]
417152476Tell me vidya that really feels like you're going on an adventure with some good mates into dar…[View]
417152693Playing this gem atm. I don't understan a few things yet though. What does the risk thing do? S…[View]
417152960Things that anger you: FPS games where every enemy has a health bar and it makes every encounter fee…[View]
417149290Can GoG seriously rival steam now that they have a steam-like client with gog galaxy, and that we…[View]
417152210What other games can give me high quality puzzles like in Zelda:Wind Waker™?[View]
417100430Are you ready?[View]
417150397What are the best games to play/emulate on an android?[View]
417152849100 on Metacritic. Game of the Year Best Video Game of this Generation Best Video Game of All Time A…[View]
417152525Super Mario Galaxy 3: WHEN???[View]
417149873Was this the best short game ever made?[View]
417151478Why are people like this?[View]
417151230ITT: Best games of their respective series[View]
417139858>Sony's x86 compiler is getting Ryzen-specific upgrades I don't speak this gibberish, w…[View]
417152497>he hasn't played the essential vidya Explain yourself, /v/.[View]
417146204Octopath Traveler: just fapped to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfoTrvxxGpE also Octo thread!…[View]
417148234>Game is released >Day one reviews >Mostly Negative >'BAD OPTIMIZATION, LOCKED AT 30 FPS…[View]
417152262Why does Japan like Riesz so much?[View]
417150957rip games: My computer recently broke and I had to get it fixed. I got it returned a few days later …[View]
417151002>game has a mechanic >too retarded to understand it…[View]
417151621*blocks your path*[View]
417148619[Tidus prepares][View]
417144147>defending corporate greed >defending DLC >defending paid mods >defending loot boxes …[View]
417140517Would a Ventrue be able to get a qt Brujah gf?[View]
417146483>go through program files folders and double click the exe to launch game idk why i make it harde…[View]
417147884Why do people hate this game again?[View]
417150890make me a team /v/[View]
417150810Why are feature-length vidya films so shit?[View]
417149284Vocaroo Thread: I've had this song stuck in my head for hours now and I don't remember whe…[View]
417129697Anyone else here /hype/ for MTG: Battlebound?[View]
417145370So we can all agree this is the best one, right?[View]
417149069https://gematsu.com/2018/05/gal-metal-coming-west-this-fall Anyone else happy for tak fujii now that…[View]
417146790hey /v/ ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US[View]
417150404How many single player games came out this gen that aren't just their predecessor but not as go…[View]
417149260It's time to discuss the greatest TPS of all time.[View]
417145626What are some tips you can give me to get better at sniping? Specifically team fortress 2[View]
417150095Why do 'gurl gamers' on steam do this?: Why do they always style their profile as 'emo bitch' or 'hi…[View]
417150116Yakuza 3,4,5 to ps4 confirmed!: This is awesome http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/05/yakuza_3_4_an…[View]
417148510ITT: Best controller[View]
417148351What are some good roguelikes? Hard mode: low res tile-based only Donte must die mode: ascii only[View]
417149964Why do people want video game girlfriends? It's not like she would like any of the games that y…[View]
417148156How many of you are getting paid to post here? I just gave my notice, but I was always curious.[View]
417149030Do you still have your DK Bongos, /v/?[View]
417147840New Detroit trailer https://youtu.be/dtfvZjUaupA How bad is this shit gonna flop?[View]
417149308are there any good video game journalists left?[View]
417147595Piracy: Just got into sailing the vidya seas for loot. Already got my hands on a few games. What sho…[View]
417140081Skeletons are a perfectly valid race in games >born from death >don't need to eat >hig…[View]
417147432map design is so flawed its impossible to go fast rails blocked by garbage. entire sewer area has ra…[View]
417138534ITT: Best dogs in vidya[View]
417119016What are your thoughts on emulation?[View]
417148707Why didn't you download School Idol Festival?[View]
417148917>It's a sound based puzzle[View]
417146493Pokemon Let's go Pikachu and Eevee: I'm not gonna bullshit you, I don't work at Ninte…[View]
417147910Agony: Agony - Agony Mode Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9VxwAfC1xs[View]
417147181>In philosophy >Professor asks me about the concept of evil >Put on the spot, start panicki…[View]
417148550>Play on console TV or PC for hours, eyesight is fine >Play on handheld for One hour, feel tir…[View]
417145357Free anime game on GoG https://www.gog.com/game/sunrider_mask_of_arcadius[View]
417146958Jurassic World Evolution: Free Fallen Kingdom DLC coming Aquatic/Flying DLC coming in the future aft…[View]
417145095When is the era of empty open-world games with checklist collection ending? Can't take more of …[View]
417148467Todd Vocaroo thread: Hit me with your best Todd impression /v/[View]
417148180Carrie patel: > pillars of eternity was her first work > now she is in lead role for story in …[View]
417148412>you can't customise your summon/pet/companion dragon's dogma spoiled me…[View]
417148380what's the comfiest and most relaxing game I can get on switch? I was considering stardew valle…[View]
417148361It's out.[View]
417146452>same old rehashed braindead animu narrative about harnessing the strength of your friendships to…[View]
417142876Best sonic game?[View]
417148250Any other games from the last couple of years where you can make enemies fight each other?[View]
417144117Does the original still hold up, or should I just play TTYD? I remember liking Shy Guy's Toy Bo…[View]
417147925Seeing as Yakuza Kenzan and Ishin are never coming over here is this an acceptable substitute? Have …[View]
417145117Can someone give me a quick rundown on how these dodge rolling abominations got so fucking popular? …[View]
417146545>No social media, friends, hobbies, this guy's a ghost[View]
417146971>that one kid who borrowed Army Men 3D, and gave it back to me without the booklet and the case w…[View]
417148018Thief: The Hammerites did literally nothing wrong.[View]
417144783Vidya confessions.: I'll start. Every night I cuddle a roughly human sized pillow and imagine i…[View]
417147738fuck crapcom and shitendo let me play my mega man It’s already available on the eShop. Anyone else h…[View]
417141601Give me one reason why this is not the perfect newcomer[View]
417143469Vidya Animation: Do you agree with him? Who was in the wrong here?[View]
417147784Why is he so perfect /v/?[View]
417142208PSP Hidden gems: Hello, /v/ Would you kindly recommend me some good little know PSP titles or hidden…[View]
417141423F-ZERO X REMAKE COMING TO 3DS: I know most of you won't believe this. I didn't at first ei…[View]
417147603My older brother told me that Zelda games didn't include puzzles in dungeons until the third ga…[View]
417145859Huge CoD fan here. Pic related, its my fav one. Why CoD and Bf fanboys endlessly fight which one is …[View]
417140301Gal Metal coming west this fall: https://nintendoeverything.com/gal-metal-coming-to-north-america-an…[View]
417144676at what age did you start playing vidya? do you think video games ruined your life? will you make th…[View]
417137878Dark Souls 2 is the hardest From Software game.[View]
417147407Racism against black women in video games: Why are there so few female characters in vidya with stro…[View]
417147446Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient Western Release: Game releases on Fall 2018 for PC. Not too hyped since …[View]
417143390Will Star Fox's new racing game be any gud?[View]
417145731Do people aspire to be streamers because its more fun to feel like a professor showing simplistic di…[View]
417147369>game has good gameplay but has obnoxious weeb characters, dialogue and story fucking why do japs…[View]
417140950Any games that let me play as a crusader?[View]
417147309What did PS4 mean by this? Official licence.[View]
417110062What is the worst vidya purchase you've made?[View]
417134536Ace Attorney: Why is this allowed in court?[View]
417144963What happened to skill/frag videos? They used to be the shit and were really well made. These days y…[View]
417147025ITT: wasted potential[View]
417145745>you can't turn the safety on on guns in game[View]
417142704Which game let me experience the thrill of gambling?[View]
417134747This is Jeff from the Overwatch team. Say something nice about him.[View]
417146761Xseed just announced Gal Metal localization.[View]
417146746/v/ i'm trying to emulate Persona 2 Eternal Punishment on ePSXe but every time I run the ISO it…[View]
417145869genuine thoughts? im new[View]
417137490Here are your aliens from totally different planets, at far away lightyear distance bro.[View]
417146582Buy his game.[View]
417127829>I'm going disapprove everything morally good even if they are highly beneficial for us too …[View]
417118692late night Resident Evil Thread. No Claires allowed[View]
417108529How is your backlog going?[View]
417146329ITT: Sequels that should have never been made[View]
417145592Do girls really play MMORPGs?[View]
417137524This is Link[View]
417130056So is data-mining.[View]
417146297GET UP PUPPY[View]
417146271>negromancer enemy spawns mobs until you kill him >farming his mobs does not give you infinite…[View]
417145005What if the next Smash game brought back the Subspace Emissary campaign mode with cutscenes?[View]
417146229>'This button here, builds Teleporters. This button, builds Dispensers. And this little button ma…[View]
417146135/v/: Help guys! I've stumbled upon this video and I want to find all the games in it. https://w…[View]
417144706Are there any reasons why exclusives should exist and are good from an end-consumer point of view?[View]
417146004What's the best city or empire builder maps for Warcraft 3?[View]
417132571Why did no one tell me how fucking great this game was? Funnest game I played this year.[View]
417145880Favorite arcana? Favorite relic? Favorite coat? Favorite boss?[View]
417143343>pirate the game >it's a good game >buys the game…[View]
417145795'Hur durr I'll just make indie devs remember I can remove their games any time for any reason'[View]
417145770AC Switch: It's happening this year, I can feel it in my big balls[View]
417140578>tfw no racing gsmes with yiur dream car Feels badman Recommend racing games plox…[View]
417141640What do you want to see in it?[View]
417144291Hey Shrek, noticed you on this board for a while. Ever wondered why nobody talks about your games? c…[View]
417143672Give me your honest thoughts on the DMC series, /v/. Do you want DMC5 to be directed by Kamiya?[View]
417145016What were the europoors thinking?[View]
417143107Should game prices affect review scores? Like can you give a game a lower review score if its under …[View]
417145495I am really excited for a new David Cage game all of his games are masterpieces and a Detroit will j…[View]
417143720If Chromie is a girl then how come her name is Chronomu (male)?[View]
417136646Is this game worth a try?[View]
417143937YES WHITE MEN WIN AGAIN!!![View]
417145232How do people make these and where can i find them[View]
417131256W1>W3>W2 Any other order is wrong[View]
417137723so what FOV do you play on /v/?[View]
417144018Things in non-horror games that scared you as a kid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-U5e9LR6E4…[View]
417145271Is he become as gods?[View]
417140879ITT: only games where you play as the villain[View]
417091791Post the precise moment you just fucking dropped a game. Like hit the power switch, I'm done.[View]
417136694100 years from now /v/ will look back and realize this is when western female character design peake…[View]
417128061Arcanum: >Games will never let give you this range of starting options again http://arcanum.wikia…[View]
417141164I Hate Running Backwards: Our guy Tyrone in his biggest roll yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf…[View]
417144468What was her fucking problem?[View]
417144950One of the most unique and inspirational endings ever?[View]
417145452why are reddit janitors 404'ing threads that don't break any rules?[View]
417144892BATTLETECH 2018: How are you guys enjoying Battletech 2018? Worth the $40 on steam? Mechcommander 2 …[View]
417144926People told me trio of towns would be one of the best harvest moon, but i'm really failing to s…[View]
417141214Chess and poker are sports. Therefore, videogames involving competing with other players, aka compet…[View]
417125710Good morning and welcome to the Black Mesa automated transit system. This train is provided for the …[View]
417127206ITT we post our last game purchase and others judge you.[View]
417135690Thoughts about this guy?[View]
417143286Are you boys ready for the remake of Final Faggotry VII[View]
417144528ITT: Characters you don't allow to be picked in multiplayer games[View]
417140316Visual Novels have arrived on GOG!: Finally![View]
417132089Can someone explain to me why /v/ hates based So Sorry so much?[View]
417144450I would actually buy it but have no one to play with so multiplayer would be just 1v1[View]
417136708Nintendo banning hackers from Switch's online: https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-starts-b…[View]
417144053Why do all tales games have terrible gameplay?[View]
417141946>all this moe shit moving to gog Fucking weebs. What is wrong with you people.…[View]
417143894Which of these games should I play? I played 1 before like a decade ago, loved it to bits, felt like…[View]
417133531ITT: Video game depictions of Hell[View]
417141717>overwatch is balanced[View]
417143078>he doesn't main Baron Dimanche[View]
417127758Was this the biggest failure in the last 5 years?[View]
417143576Praise be to Karras Thief thread Post your favourite and least favourite maps in t1, 2 and 3[View]
417144164Quit overcomplicating things.[View]
417137371Weapons in games that you know are statistically inferior but you like using them anyway.[View]
417142950FF Tactics Advance and Adv 2: hello guys time to have a nice thread about FF Tactics Adv. what are y…[View]
417134545Why do blizzdrones support lootboxes in gaming?[View]
417143272CRPGS?: Just beat pic related and want to play something similar any recommendations?[View]
417123116Games /v/ won't talk shit about: Its simple, try to post a game /v/ won't shit on.[View]
417132853What is the craziest crossover you would like to see in games?[View]
417141608Brotherhood of Steal: >'We want to stop humanity from abusing technology!' >Abuses technology …[View]
417143605Why do the devs just not get it ?[View]
417133529What are some good games that feature the concept of freezing time? The only recent examples I can t…[View]
417138960itt:shit games[View]
417143435Is Todd the most based dev of all time?[View]
417143008What are some games that feature protagonists with White Hair[View]
417136471Sleeper OP weapons: >Oneshot crits your low level build[View]
417141854Meredith did nothing wrong.[View]
417128421Why is this allowed?[View]
417143309>in dev hell for years >literal mobile devs >no confirmed release date HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahha…[View]
417131230Is Pyramid Head exclusive to James Sunderland?[View]
417140004Do you like trading chats ? or do you prefer an auction house ?[View]
417131972>there are people on this board who dont know the sweet joy of looting a invicible's reins…[View]
417142957Are there any fun 3ds download play games? Just looking for stupid fun but the 3ds Mario parties are…[View]
417138125only oldfags will remember[View]
417142779 AH AH AH AH HA [View]
417121440Battlefield V: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dxQKnzAvWY[View]
417142512Hector says buenas noches[View]
417139443Hello guys ! I just want to recommend you an upcoming indie horror game . Hope some of you will like…[View]
417137624How are you enjoying it so far?[View]
417141586FUCKING ASSHOLE[View]
417141741>when she sees it[View]
417136337What Pac-Man do you want in Smash?[View]
417140147Why the fuck are youtube video game reviewers so popular? Who the fuck wants to listen to some rando…[View]
417140712Why was morrowind so good and why has that spark never been seen again in TES?[View]
417136908What are some good horror games where the horror is subtle/between the lines and not apparent at fir…[View]
417141994>horror game >your character intentionally breathes loud…[View]
417141823>Winston is Specimen 28 >The next hero is hero 28 >Hammond is closely related to Winston …[View]
417138649How the fuck did dark souls get a remaster before this? Its not even as good of a game.[View]
417135019>/v/ says not to buy game due to censorship >buy it >use uncensor patch >it's good …[View]
417137375Are you gonna watch SGQD /v/ ?[View]
417141763Seriously though, am I the literal(not figurative) only one on /v/ who's excited for this? I pl…[View]
417141757Does it run Skyrim?[View]
417132696Licensed anime fighters never really got any better than this until DBFZ came out. I really wish the…[View]
417141669'Dodge Roll' or 'Dodge Dash'?[View]
417141389*stays as the king of open world RPGs since 2002*[View]
417141560Find me a husband /v/[View]
417141521Are eroges and waifu culture bringing japanese to extinction?[View]
417140028Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient coming west this fall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc7FyG1CrPc…[View]
417135392>tfw there will never be an AOSTH game[View]
417140304why is this allowed >inb4 babies start crying about it being p2w because they don't know ho…[View]
417141364With death stranding coming being announced at the next E3 any one have any theories Also in the se…[View]
417136193Rain: Is Driveclub the game with the most impressive rain effects?[View]
417133975Is he unironically one of the best video games characters to ever exist?[View]
417141293>game has a cooking minigame >too hungry to play it…[View]
417135398Why can't Pillars 2 be discussed on this board without mods deleting all threads about it?[View]
417137349is skyrim still playable without mods? i just want to launch and play.[View]
417105521/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>417082152 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
417140442Play Borderlands 2[View]
417140339ESO: Summerset Spoilers: >Nocturnal hopping to our reality to make sex with (you) at night is can…[View]
417126307If you actually like Bamham 'Combat'...: You need to get the fuck off this board. As an action game …[View]
417137505>final cutscene of KH3 >Xehanort is about to win >dramatic music swells >Eraqus appears …[View]
417140710>Music gets faster the longer the battle goes on for and the closer to victory you are What are o…[View]
417140149E3 is only 3 weeks away! What are you hoping to see?[View]
417136090Did Final Fantasy XIV just kill Ashe? What is Matsuno doing?[View]
417140527>open world game >100% sections of the map removes enemies and makes the map lighter Pure kino…[View]
417124742Kingdom Hearts 3: >'I'm really worried about this game, looks like it's going be shit a…[View]
417140498>make a shitpost about a horror battle royale game a few weeks ago on /v/ >it's actually …[View]
417127439Why can't a billion dollar company design a non bloated non laggy UI that doesn't look lik…[View]
417140041ITT: The Worst Commercials: Starting with a classic and half the reason why the WiiU failed https://…[View]
417137960what a fucking whore[View]
417139240Games only you played[View]
417130030As somebody who wasn't a huge fan of BotW on release, I've recently replayed the game beca…[View]
417131646>MC dies in vain[View]
417139971I feel like I'm the only fuck with a switch who doesn't have splatoon 2 is it really that …[View]
417140061Thoughts on the new patch?[View]
417139982Ready for Bloodborne 2 reveal in just a few weeks?!?[View]
417135623I am 2 hours in, does it get better or should I refund it, /v/? So far it felt like a generic shoote…[View]
417116736https://www.gamepur.com/news/29053-npd-april-2018-results-leaked.html What went wrong?[View]
417138631Fill the space: With what you hate in vidya 'For the last time' We did not order _________' 'Well pa…[View]
417139562>Cloud Version[View]
417128696This appeared on Sony Playstation's Facebook page for a brief moment. Get Hype![View]
417138112Frank vs Leon: Where is the leak?[View]
417136129>JC Denton is only 23 years old What the fuck? I could've sworn he was in his late 20s or 30…[View]
417139482>sony tweeted this out so, it's an xbone controller for the ps4?[View]
417127606Deathwing Enhanced Edition: Based streumon does the right thing and sticks with their game improving…[View]
417139294Are there any horror games that have the souls invasion mechanics? I feel like being able to invade …[View]
417095103you can only post in this thread if you've beaten the original Dark Souls game.[View]
417136418Game chooses to have fast moving smaller enemies as starting enemies. I found it fun to finally have…[View]
417139314Has a video game ever made you cry like an anime fan on prom night?[View]
417126984Did you kill him /v/?[View]
417139087Is this any good? I enjoyed previous Behemoth games.[View]
417127202Is this the future of Switch? Delayed ports and games that are streamed from PC?[View]
417135683Hello people, I need suggestions for some games to play while at work. often I do get really a lot …[View]
417136421New Battlefied: It's Vietnam isn't it? About damn time.[View]
417132310jesus christ the controls in this game are so fucking weighty and terrible is tropical freeze any be…[View]
417131519Is /v/ excited for the bannerlord release at the end of the year? The wait is almost over[View]
417138562>We're big fans of the original game, but in the sequel we want to reach for a wider audienc…[View]
417138640>you lived long enough to see the 'remaster' era[View]
417138315Fucking roman numerals, how do they work?[View]
417126986finally, they're making evil omnic hero[View]
417127828>Be Australian >Buy a Switch >Litterally every game is still sitting at premium price ($60+…[View]
417136801Bravo kojima[View]
417135628Monster Hunter World[View]
417138347filename thread[View]
417135985Why does it have all the exclusives?? It's not fair![View]
417135209Halo: Fireteam Raven Reveal Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVKtYqOq0JE Kind of PUMPED here…[View]
417136324Battlestation thread Just got a new 4k monitor. Lest and right are 1080p. Ryzen 1700 @3.9 32 GB RAM …[View]
417134085I thought it was fun.[View]
417117717RIP: >this incredibly underwhelming and mediocre generation is already in its last phase How does…[View]
417132405>I want Zelda in Smash >I want Ganondorf in Smash >I want Wario in Smash >I want more Me…[View]
417130770I'm looking for an old PC 3D platformer game I played years ago. All I remember was that you we…[View]
417135698What went wrong?[View]
417137847ITT: moments in video games women will never understand[View]
417134195NPD 2018 numbers: Congratulations to Sony![View]
417131190Dead Rising Thread: *kills your survivors*[View]
417137327>Walk into a GAME store >Silent Hill 1 intro theme starts THE KNOW SOMETHING RIGHT?…[View]
417137517So is that Kenshiro game gonna get brought over yet?[View]
417112995You have been given 200$ million dollars to produce any game you want on any console you want. What…[View]
417137184Why Max became such a bitch in the sequels? His sarcastic remarks were completely gone and Max was j…[View]
417137319TF2 >'I am owning you, you fat bald bastard! OW >'Cheers love, let's stop the evil CIS wh…[View]
417038424Risk of Rain 2: Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams? any ideas for new character types you'd like to see?…[View]
417132069Is this game any good?[View]
417130824>hack 3ds >suddenly none of the games look interesting What the fuck, why does this happen?…[View]
417137120So is there a Definitive Edition specific guide yet? Trying to get A ranks on Adventure mode and fig…[View]
417137059Comfy FFXI thread: How are you guys getting along during the free month? Don't forget to help n…[View]
417092127Who's down for playing Harmony of Despair on PC tonight? Gameplay vid: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
417130961>it's like a visible physical version of autism[View]
417100096God of War Christianity: What can the public do besides boycotting to prevent extremely offensive ga…[View]
417132234self-inserting: isnt it better when you self-insert in games? i have friends who play games because …[View]
417133743*blocks your serve*[View]
417136290Games that let you wahoo[View]
417133392Which Ace Combat game is your favourite, and what sets it apart? Which Ace Combat game do you feel d…[View]
417134713what games have likeable protagonists? Pic unrelated[View]
417136109Recommend me fun online multiplayer games: I'm bored /v/, are there any good online multiplayer…[View]
417131778Since Chris was apparently in talks with Beamdog about potential Planescape: Torment sequels at some…[View]
417136171>game has paladins >they're just generic knights that don't fight for that games rel…[View]
417136012Denuvo: Denuvo has the right idea, but it's badly done. What they should really do is incorpora…[View]
417136003what's the appeal of Soulsborne games? I just don't get it[View]
417102748Another one: > t looks like games centered around the Persona 4 world are far from being over. On…[View]
417133040:(: I had 1,440 hours on csgo and I wanted to be the best, so I practiced and played with my friend …[View]
417135338>game has misses and critical hits Does RNG improve a game? Or does it simply give the player an …[View]
417135849What Report Cards are you filling out this year /v/?[View]
417132224Why is nobody talking about it?[View]
417116657What games make use of non-Euclidean geometry?[View]
417133369They better keep Operations in the game. The one thing they got right with BF1[View]
417135113tfw 1 HP[View]
417135861Where the fuck is Deathwing Enhanced edition on PS4? It was supposed to be out today on PSN and I wa…[View]
417134628what is the troma movie of vidya?[View]
417127264Soundtracks: post godtier vidya OSTs[View]
417135804Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v1wEvmaf80[View]
417112470What are the best games that don't require a lot of computer resource so I can play them at the…[View]
417124434Kino Vidya Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W355pnsGgEw&t=236s POST THE BEST VIDYA MUSIC I…[View]
417135710So Jaina fought legion She just did it alone and in the places we didn't saw her. Blizzard real…[View]
417130732Me and the boys are looking for a good MMO to play. Which free to play MMO's aren't fuckin…[View]
417130967I fucking told you guys that there is no risk in the Cutscene Kill™. How will Bethesdrones ever reco…[View]
417134013Battletech: What went wrong /v/?[View]
417128195How the fuck do we stop him?: www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/963130/Persona-4-Remastered-PS4…[View]
417130560Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tK0e4i0UEo https://scenegame…[View]
417133271Kenshi: How the fuck do I automate construction? I set my guys to be engineers but they never take s…[View]
417109565Based on the steam avatars, which team do you join?[View]
417133408Are you aware that no video game in the history of video games so far has ever had the impact/influe…[View]
417133361How was it?[View]
417134609What video game do you think of when watching this webm?[View]
417128882WE are going to be rich, /v/! Will gaming now finally become an offical sport?[View]
417133353Dating Sim recommendations?: Can I get any good VN/Dating sim recommendations, please?[View]
417134223What did she mean by this?[View]
417127453KH3 threads literally go into two categories >Bitter PCfag trying to false flag and convince othe…[View]
417125438You sit on a racing chair right anon? You do love yourself right?[View]
417114063And the latest game to get banned in Australia is... http://www.classification.gov.au/Pages/View.asp…[View]
417095143Is Tifa going to look like shit in the remake?[View]
417133298You are in charge of nintendo. How do you spend the money? Buy companies to make games? Research and…[View]
417134214ITT: games that only mentally challenged people enjoy[View]
417134324How you kill something that flies half the time? Burmecia would have won easily.[View]
417116267ITT: Games with unlikeable protagonists.[View]
417123291What do you think of Cost/Hour as a metric for deciding to purchase a game?[View]
417131240>take an apocalyptic isometric game that majority of current players don’t know of >continue …[View]
417133282RIP EA PGA Tour: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ea-loses-pga-tour-license-for-golf-games-new-comp…[View]
417133742Smash Switch Thread Post your wanted alts and costumes[View]
417124523In the next Splinter Cell game I want to play as Sam's Daughter, Sarah, in a skin-tight latex s…[View]
417133328Worth it?[View]
417127748It's kinda weird how F2P games on PS4 don't require PS Plus. Kind off turns off the incent…[View]
417133090So I have this DSi and some R4 cards. Currently on Firmware 1.4E Is it true R4 cards won't wor…[View]
417131057Which anon sent this: Which anon here sent this to game informer?[View]
417129830Fuck you Jizzard Entertainment: Can this company fuck off with their totalitarian bullshit aimed at …[View]
417133043I've been playing old video games at sub-30 fps on the lowest settings for five years because I…[View]
417132161ITT: Games only you played[View]
417133129Why does Geralt pay for a bed if he's just gonna sit down next to the fireplace? He doesn'…[View]
417131815>'game title' meets Dark Souls[View]
417118874Does /v/ like interactive movies?[View]
417100562Sonic Mania: *ruins entire game*[View]
417129021VIDYA NEWS: >Former Wolfenstein, Bulletstorm devs set up new studio Neon Giant Having worked on e…[View]
417132407How's the PC version these days?[View]
417132719He tried to kill millions...[View]
417132721>Obsidianiggers will defend this[View]
417102910I dare you to name a single game that was terrible but it had a great soundtrack[View]
417132179BROTHER, may I have some genes?[View]
417127041digital vs physical: what are the advantages of getting digital copies on pic related? I heard Ninte…[View]
417131089https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWJqUG26Wyk&has_verified=1 >Valkyrie mains on suicide watch…[View]
417130772SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy: Interesting. The cop character turned out to be Love Heart from KoF X…[View]
417131490>Stealth suit >Medium armor But why?[View]
417130968Splatoon 2 Octo: Another video https://youtu.be/DijHFfSPQmk[View]
417121990What are some actually mature video games? And by that I don't mean how much gore or tits is th…[View]
417132208Worth It?: Is it worth it for 25 euros? W/o season pass?[View]
417129460I'm doing the Lost to the Ages quest. It involves the ghost girl, Katria, with whom you find th…[View]
417130758/nilso/ general[View]
417131127You told me this would be trash. I'VE BEEN PLAYING THIS SHIT FOR 18 HOURS AND I'VE ONLY JU…[View]
417129839S: Audi famam illius. Solus in hostes ruit et patriam servavit. Audi famam illius. Cucurrit quaeque …[View]
417132049How many of you are getting paid to post here? I just gave my notice, but I was always curious.[View]
417107296UNIST Thread: Servers have mercy on us[View]
417131931Is there anything that compares? (mandatory lawsuit mention)[View]
417130038SNK Heroines: Love Heart is in[View]
417109454Newfags won't remember the pistol[View]
417113807Why were there so many porn games on the Vita?[View]
417115279>Open world RPG >Decide not to be a thief >Half of the sidequests blocked What the actual f…[View]
417130284Vat is zis?[View]
417131718>neglect the Prime series for years because I believed none of them would ever compare to the per…[View]
417126102Which videogame universe you don't ever want to be in?: Alright /v/, lets say you got isekaied …[View]
417128004Where were you when Konami released their last good game?: Lets face it, they never topped it.…[View]
417106012Now that Warhammer has become more child-friendly, how will this affect any possible upcoming games …[View]
417104963>Vanillafags hate it simply because it's not vanilla >Wrathbabies hate it because it was …[View]
417130979So /v/, metroid or castlevania?[View]
417131487>Dig up through old game boxes >Find Anarchy Online covers. So anyone on /v/ old enough to rem…[View]
417131043What are the best games about dinosaurs?[View]
417129980So how much of KH3 will I understand from just having played KH 1 and 2? Do I 'have' to pl…[View]
417129186This is the best meta combo. Prove me wrong.[View]
417131353Anyone else is so excited for Battlefield V?: It seems like they are innovating again, and that is w…[View]
417126126I just finished this and man what a wilde ride. That game had fun mechanics and a good story and suc…[View]
417131204>Tekken has never had runback before 7 >beat a guy >give him runback >he beats me this t…[View]
417131184SSB: Socii sunt mihi, qui olim viri fortes rivalesque erant. Saeve certando pugnandoque splendor cre…[View]
417105767RTS: SupCom 2 is basically a faster-paced AoE 2 with better controls and micromanagement gameplay. T…[View]
417125668What do you fags think of the tropico series? I feel it's the only city builder that mixes poli…[View]
417129795It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
417121220You bought her amiibo, didn't you?[View]
417125563Killing floor 2 thread bois. Who's ready for the new update? I welcome the chance to use anythi…[View]
417127885>no bulge[View]
41709047918 DAYS UNTIL E3 :: Post your HOPES : DREAMS: EXPECTATIONS Remember it starts on the 9th (confere…[View]
417124837Would having a bigger roster have saved the game or was it dead onarrival? Late Night Skullgirls Thr…[View]
417130695God of War or Prince of Persia?: www.strawpoll.me/15746006 Which series do you like more and why? W…[View]
417119791>the absolute state of videogames[View]
417126941why are there so few shooters about street level violence? Killing thugs in slums just feels comfier…[View]
417130539Help me /v/ I played WoW hardcore through BC to cata, quit after clearing dragon soul with a burning…[View]
417130512B: Audi famam illius. Solus in hostes ruit et patriam servavit. Audi famam illius. Cucurrit quaeque …[View]
417120201Hey guys it's me, Streamerdude. I'm your favourite game streamer. I like playing video-gam…[View]
417129160S: Audi famam illius. Solus in hostes ruit et patriam servavit. Audi famam illius. Cucurrit quaeque …[View]
417114232Zell Dincht: Could he potentially be the strongest party member in all of Final Fantasy?[View]
417124265What are the chances of Rogan being a radio DJ on a talk show in the next GTA game, maybe even in a …[View]
417128478/v/ I'm looking for a game that's mellow, simple, and quick to learn. Something that you c…[View]
417129503games /v/ tricked you into buying[View]
417127553Yes! Finally, X-Box has the Triple A exclusive it needs[View]
417125391AND ITSA MEEEE[View]
417129084>Fallout 3 was a good game[View]
417129148Anon, will you marry me?[View]
417129772You didn't actually believe him, did you /v/?[View]
417096315What must play VNs would you recommend to a beginner? What were the first ones you started with?[View]
417109062What's the worst Mega Man game of all time and why is it 7?[View]
417129746It's unironically better than the first one. Replaying it now, after finishing the second. Minu…[View]
417125226Ghost of Tsushima: Anyone hyped for this? I'm excited given Sucker Punch is a solid developer a…[View]
417128394Does the Switch have cfw yet?[View]
417127594Just got this game, and it's fucking awesome. Why didn't you fags tell me earlier about th…[View]
417128330Battlefield conputer game leek thread[View]
417129254so this game´s message is to abandon your passions and dreams?[View]
417119453Smash 5: Hey fuckos >Crash is in Smash 5 >Spyro is in Smash 5 >Ridley is in Smash 5 >Sim…[View]
417116807RODRIK THE RUINED[View]
417125069>video games can't be ar-[View]
417123174>Japanese stage >*gong* YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
417118558I HATE fallout 4[View]
417127704Space Hulk: Deathwing: EE: Now that the dust has settled, what does /v/ think?[View]
417128876*saves your genre*[View]
417126546Why didn't you tell me about this /v/, RAGE 2 looks amazeballs!1[View]
417128948Which of you sent this?: Which anon sent this to Game Informer? They tried to make you look like an …[View]
417107534Is Switch definitive proof that Nintendo is too incompetent being a platform holder? They haven…[View]
417128874any other games that portray rape?[View]
417127043Who is the best fighting game heroine and why it is always Mai.[View]
417127047mario kart 8: what are the best kart combinations?[View]
417121430Reminder if you're not in at least grand masters you can't say overwatch is a bad game.[View]
417115829The Last of Us is a masterpiece of a video game. Nevermind Beyond Good and Evil did all of it's…[View]
417127947>JRPG >skill names are German[View]
417127574Are you excited for an open-world game set in feudal Japan?[View]
417128347Games that get harder to play as you get older: My backlog is filled with JRPGs. I just can't m…[View]
417124632>game gives you option for 'peaceful' outcomes in dealing with enemies Does any faggot unironical…[View]
417121454What does this remind you of? (If you don’t know you’re not a real gamer!)[View]
417111328Did you shoot any of them? You know they were right[View]
417126701Video game ideas for popular series: Here's mine for a Zelda game >tlou plot and story with …[View]
417127534Has /v/ ever put any serious money into a f2p game? Share your stories here.[View]
417125471>is featured in a strategy game >dominates every time…[View]
417124886I have an idea: So ya know 2b2t and how it has a massive hole at spawn... well lets expand that bitc…[View]
417102105PQ2: How do these models make you feel, anon?[View]
417122730Unreal is 20 years old today.[View]
417120109Mario Odyssey level editor: https://gbatemp.net/threads/super-mario-odyssey-level-editor.504199/ Hol…[View]
417127210The Golf Club gets PGA Tour license: >EA s up PGA Tour license. >The Golf Club picks it up now…[View]
417124917Kratos in literally every other game: >an evil monster who lives only for the purpose of mindless…[View]
417126051>Microsoft's 2 “big” games of 2018 are on the same level as Knack 2, a game Sony barely ackn…[View]
417095795What went so fucking right?[View]
417114785I had a hole in my second favorite drinking arm[View]
417124429Will they have new models at Senran Kagura 7? What kind of expectations do you have for it?[View]
417124770The ESRB prevents development studios from even thinking about producing sadistic and harmful games …[View]
417110897Who is the strongest?[View]
417121154Remember when people said Nintendo was too smart to repeat the Wii U? Where are they now?[View]
417066423What can we do to save the mmorpg genre? What needs to be done? There's literally nothing to lo…[View]
417103181how do I git gud at this?[View]
417124132>/v/ was eating up MGSV trailers day after day with no gameplay >/v/ is somehow not showing th…[View]
417124529ass cred: is the co-op fun?[View]
417125483>trailer is a shitty pre-rendered cutscene that's not even in the game >people get excite…[View]
417121486When was the last time you got really angry at a video game, anon?[View]
417126085>be canadian >see this raise it's ugly head in steam's top sellers I see Canada has …[View]
417123007Yakuza 3-5 PS4 remasters announced: The jannies took exception to the last thread for some reason. G…[View]
417039385>runs worse than Fire Emblem Warriors in portable >runs worse than fucking Hyrule Warriors Leg…[View]
417125978ya'll remember this game? been having a lot of fun and i'm looking for similar games, not …[View]
417125769>'I want Platinum to make a [insert literally fucking anything here] game!'…[View]
417121895Why is he so perfect, /v/ros?[View]
417125887>to progress through the main quest you have to activate a generic lever >it's hidden on …[View]
417125926AND YOU JERK IT OUT[View]
417122325>the remaster is garbage >From's next game isn't Souls-related >every knockoff is…[View]
417125789Comfy OSTs: Post comfy OSTs to have in the background while working, studying https://www.youtube.co…[View]
417112283$100,000,000 prize pool!: Epic Games just DABBED hard AF on every other esports. I would be ashamed …[View]
417122835Why are retro-stylized games praised so much?[View]
417125098>laugh in 3DPD[View]
417124357>review site uses decimals just rate it out of 100 you arrogant faggots 9.4/ doesn’t mean anythi…[View]
417124360E3: New Game leaks for the Nintendo[View]
417124469Oh no, a boss battle! Show me your boss theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o08Ir0Mf_qg[View]
417124258>token nigger dies first[View]
417120947Hidden Gems Thread: Post forgotten and/or underrated games ITT.[View]
417113943ITT: games 3 people actually like and everyone else pretends to like to fit in[View]
4171248951) Take a video game cover 2) Open it in Paint 3) 'Change Size' to 11% 4) 'Change Size' to 444% 5) '…[View]
417055501Why do people call them Metroidvanias instead of just Metroids? SotN was pretty much just another Me…[View]
417123525Are there any games left where you can still get hate mail instead of reported and banned?[View]
417123298Go ahead and knock that pillar over. There's some health in the back. What's the worst tha…[View]
417124634Why did they make out in all the trailers before release that Snake was going to go nuclear and kill…[View]
417122149Yu-Gi-Oh: What's the best Yu-Gi-Oh game?[View]
417115629Is data mining the cancer killing FFXIV?[View]
417124505What are some games where I can play as a cute character?[View]
417124461how did they mange to create such lovable characters?[View]
417122960The only thing Rareware did better than Retro was the music. And, granted, they absolutely do that t…[View]
417115553>tfw haven’t bought or played a game for months All I see is indie shit on the store, and all of …[View]
417119954Maken Shao: Has anyone played Maken Shao? I just finished the game but nothing on the main menu unlo…[View]
417122608Have you ever been the first to discover an easter egg? Found this in silent hill 2, ripped up poste…[View]
417114037was Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call good[View]
417121303... And thanks a good thing[View]
417123494>game lets you choose between two artstyles >both of them look like weebshit What's the p…[View]
417122791Fightcrab: Game of the year coming through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v1wEvmaf80&feature=y…[View]
417118632Why hasn't this game been leaked yet?[View]
417123914here's a link to a full copy of Master Lander game: https://a14games.itch.io/master-lander/down…[View]
417116576I genuinely believe that Squall is one of the best written characters in gaming despite the actual p…[View]
417122756Saerlund Law-giver had the best political stance in Skyrim. Prove me wrong. >protip: you can…[View]
417115947Is IX too slow?[View]
417119072ITT: Games only you played[View]
417117740Well, hello, Smith. Looks like it's a cloudy day, which is really too bad. Not a day to hang ou…[View]
417117682Is Overwatch still worth playing? 've been away from it for about a year now and everywhere I …[View]
417121078What's the point of playing games with two pc monitors?[View]
417092153BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: *steals your Senran Kagura slot*[View]
417115085ITT: games that get unwarranted hate[View]
417119439HOLD THE LINE[View]
417123564Anyone got some típs for me?: Fuck yeah!, 45 minutes of my life getting the timings right. First tim…[View]
417117238Do you miss me /v/?[View]
417097610OBJECTIVE ROGUELITE RANKING: 1. The Binding of Isaac 2. Enter the Gungeon 3. Spelunky 4. Risk of Rai…[View]
417123506What is the name of that multiplayer DJ game that was around years ago. Kind of looked like this. 4 …[View]
417123321What the actual fuck went wrong?[View]
417108402Games with a ridiculous grind: If you got 5 star chips every duel, and every duel took an average of…[View]
417123237What are you playing this weekend?: Detroit and DaS remaster is coming out friday. Detroit seems gre…[View]
417117121can battle royal die: none of the games (pubg, fortnite, h1z1 [OMEGALUL], or Radical Heights) are sp…[View]
417112705PS2 repair: I have a problem with my PS2 I'm trying to repair. It powers on, but no video or au…[View]
417022783Your hand, your favorite game[View]
417118173>PS4 >dedicate half the hardware just to streaming >huge push for streaming services >no…[View]
417094376SCP: Secret Laboratory memes: Give me your best, /v/[View]
417114260https://youtu.be/bw054AF0pXs Outrun 3 when?[View]
417118745Hi Im looking at building a new gaming pc. ( first time ) Im going to start playing world of warcr…[View]
417120371How is it even possible to fuck up this badly? The port gets delayed TWICE and still ends up being u…[View]
417114715The face of state of decay[View]
417120249Wizard of Legend: PSN: >Indie release #616 buried six pages to the right. Few are aware of its ex…[View]
417121267>boss has me disabled and ready to kill with no way to defend myself >someone off screen yell…[View]
417119571https://youtube.com/watch?v=m_yqOoUMHPg https://youtube.com/watch?v=Gpd85y_iTxY https://youtube.com/…[View]
417111004any of the new 3ds games worth palying[View]
417117837>WW2 vidya >mission 1 is set in Normandy Landing instead of Invasion of Poland…[View]
417086638Why does Kirby feel the need to destroy the souls of his villains? Seems a bit excessive if you ask …[View]
417110613What games should I buy from the eShop?[View]
417120032What went wrong?[View]
417100241Dragon's Crown thread? Dragon's Crown thread. Talk about the game, famalams.[View]
417121456What was the best GTA radio station: and why was it WKTT?[View]
417105189What level are you on /v/?[View]
417117827>launch game for first time >Volume: 100%…[View]
417121302How would the SCP Foundation fare in the Combine invasion and Seven Hour War? Assuming they're …[View]
417119681Argonian are best race[View]
417119751Do you think there's a single chance we'll ever get a good Star Wars game ever again?[View]
417120254ITT: Deeply flawed games that are still 10/10[View]
417116859What would you want out of a Ninja Gaiden 4? I'd replace Ryu with Marie Rose.[View]
417120617June 2018 gold predictions ? Did you enjoy the may games ? Do you know that I love you?[View]
417120610Come to discord: https://discord.gg/xggGNF[View]
417119704hey bro, here's your sequel[View]
417118594God why is this fucking jew asshole such a fucking cunt i hope i can choke his stupid fucking neck i…[View]
417116009This game was cute and charming as fuck. Detective Pikachu thread[View]
417120276PS3 Games: Got a free PS3 out of the trash, never owned one before. I have no idea what its library …[View]
417114638Anybody excited for Moonlighter aka Recettear 2.0?[View]
417120176Strange Journey Redux: >Bring rare forma to Irving to make a new app >The scene is voiced so y…[View]
417116392now that the hype has been dead for several months and people have had time to let it sink it, what …[View]
417087980KINGDOM HEARTS 3: KH3 Thread - The Fun That Never Was Apart from all of this talk about being floaty…[View]
417097103Remember when JRPGs were all about adventuring and having fun? What happened? Why did they change so…[View]
417115534Care to explain why you haven't preordered Code Vein?[View]
417112634Name 1 video game character that has more ambition than him[View]
417119613Bionic Commando: Thoughts on this Franchise? New game when?[View]
417119243disc space: With digital ownership and bigger game sizes, do you ever run out of space on your hard …[View]
417119470>/v/ says a game is good. It's bad. >/v/ says a game is bad. It's good. >/v/ sa…[View]
417117945What did they actually mean by this?[View]
417068729Hey /v/, Mind if I... CUT IN? [View]
417113352What is your favorite rpg /v/?[View]
417114553>E3 2018 >Microsoft Conference >New Ninja Gaiden Thread is announced >Every media outlet…[View]
417117208Kingdom Hearts: Put me to sleep: This game kinda feels really flawed and I don't think it deser…[View]
417117102>copy files from the Switch port >PC demo turns into a full game *breathes in*…[View]
417115519>so like, imagine moon people >but they're just rabbit schoolgirls 10/10 sasuga…[View]
417119124Say something nice about the top games on Steam :^)[View]
417119021New releases: Is there a channel or podcast that covers EVERY new release on steam? Even for just 10…[View]
417098347MAX AMMO[View]
417118925>game is amazing >but is only an hour long with no reason to play it after the 1st clear Why?…[View]
417114748Any word on unlockable games that are unlisted from the website? I ask because Sonic's Ultimat…[View]
417114983Smash Thread: Rosters, predictions, movesets, speculation, leaks[View]
417118720>this game looks pretty fun! there's a big multiplayer emphasis but I'm sure there…[View]
417116739(xbox 360) 8229285728509018046 This is one of the most all around fantastic seeds ive seen. Fucking …[View]
417118659Weapon Durability: >before breath of the wild >everyone unanimously hates weapon durability …[View]
417117210Apologize. It's time to admit that last gen was good.[View]
417102406Which game has the best P90?[View]
417112226Name an ip with a bigger wasted potential: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcrDWAuyqtc it still hurt…[View]
417116118I finally have a gaming PC again. Haven't had one for a few years. What'd I miss? Are ther…[View]
417115440How is this not a general? Why on Earth is it allowed?[View]
417100718Rest in pepperoni, it was fun guys.[View]
417113447Mick (motherfucking) Gordon: Is there any composer more based than him? also vidya music thread http…[View]
417115784So explain to me this /v/ If any multiplayer game is inherently competitive due to players wanting t…[View]
417116054Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee: >Reportedly compatible with Nintendo Labo LMAO does Nintendo…[View]
417117992>game ruined by localizations[View]
417114973Nintendo 64 fans are not happy about the gritty and modernized TUROK remake — and that's a good…[View]
417108026Military FPS thread Who else is excited, lads? This, post scriptum, and SQUAD are pretty much the on…[View]
417107638PC gamers are vitriolic about another legitimately good remake — and here's why you shouldn…[View]
417116113*blocks your path*[View]
417113474You have no say in this: if you do ANY OF THESE 1. regularly do PvE content, 2. play as a female cha…[View]
417111685What games let you become cursed?[View]
417115652ANCHOR SHOT[View]
417117275https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5af6f1c7af313 is this what it means to go plus ultr…[View]
417106439I love adventure games, particularly 3D adventure games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, even Until …[View]
417095294XIV: >No data mining to be done yet I don't want to wait any longer. You excited for the new…[View]
417117039Name the Game[View]
417108898Name an easier boss.[View]
417116973here's your Spyro remaster bro[View]
417112518>playing weebshit on Steam >coworker messages me asking what I'm playing…[View]
417112249Oof! Why the hell is the knockback from attacks so strong in Symphony of the Night? You get knocked …[View]
417100182Just when you thought Fallout 4 couldn't get any worse..[View]
417106574Anyone play this on Switch?: Impulsed bought it for 40 bucks. How's the multiplayer population?…[View]
417112106This was the end of the line for Anon. /v/ was far too strong for them. But, just as they accepted t…[View]
417116594ITT: autistic things you do in vidya I've been '''filming''' for a '''video part''' in Skate 3 …[View]
417107163>Character starts with extremely OP gear/gear from prequel >Lose it all after the tutorial…[View]
417096280N64 Classic: Will you buy it? Is it even possible to emulate an N64? How much will it cost?[View]
417116014>she makes my coffee while I spend time with women in the attic What are some other games where I…[View]
417113939>The Playstation 4 is coming to the end of its cycle >Please do not buy anymore Ps4's or …[View]
417107305>tfw 1 HP[View]
417115958What is the BEST (non-RTS) game that can be played with mouse only?[View]
417116064Things /v/ plebs say: Broo I just played that new ____ game! It's so fucking tight. None of you…[View]
417108191Gaming Denizen: Welcome ITT: comfy, fun, projects, and (especially) examples of neat alt+tabbed game…[View]
417114581What are your hopes for Death Stranding?[View]
417115270So.... How do I get into this game? What's the endgame? I just reinstalled it after having not …[View]
417107204What is the best Nintendo franchise and why is it clearly Pikmin?[View]
417115814GRAH! GRUG. HATE. BULLY.[View]
417113458So have you bought it yet? It's the #1 switch game[View]
417099910John Goodman and Billy Crystal will NOT be reprising their roles for KH3.: However, the new voice ac…[View]
417113484You picking anything up in the humble bundle sale?[View]
417113451What was the last portable video game you played? I like to take my Switch out in society with me.[View]
417106856My experience with ESO so far: >be me >need a game for the summer >buy elder scrolls online…[View]
417113167what do you guys think about buying a Wii/Wii U in 2018? here are my top 5 reasons to buy one: >g…[View]
417109118John Kodera says 'PS4 is at the end of the console's life cycle': The CEO of SIE has stated tha…[View]
417110758Guys quick answer, should I buy this? Yes I know I can emulate them[View]
417113506Leaked footage from STALKER 2[View]
417086378Who’d win in a fight?[View]
417106934Okay, what happened with this game? quick rundown?[View]
417112016Soon. https://personacentral.com/persona-q2-assets-potentially-found-within-persona-3-dancing-and-pe…[View]
417112540Pillars of Eternity II: Shitfire: What went wrong?[View]
417105103Name one game with more SOUL than Mario 64. You cannot.[View]
417115104Star Ocean: This game's a fucking mess. JP VAs make it more tolerable and the combat is fun, bu…[View]
417115105*raises paw FUR THE HORDE!! OwO[View]
417096980Ok, serious talk /v/. I've been stuck fighting my clone on Oblivion for the last year. Because …[View]
417112595Vidya buyfag: What vidya figures do you have coming at the end of the month?[View]
417114132https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JbKlBPzL9o OH NO NO NO NO. *WHEEZE* HAHAHAHA. LOOK AT THIS CHERRY B…[View]
417104725Just marathoned this game and oh boy there are some horrible missions in this but that finale makes …[View]
417114680>literally none of the bosses have any cool attacks, none that are even just for show, everything…[View]
417110834Come with me And you'll be In a world of Pure exaggeration[View]
417110657Your opinions on Escape From Tarkov?[View]
417113049This is your League champion for the day.[View]
417105654ITT: techniques or skills you saw in vidya that you've tried to use in real life[View]
417114278What is the Freddie Freaker of video games?[View]
417107240What games have the best shotguns?[View]
417112225the leaks are real lads[View]
417053948What are some fun free multiplayer horror games where most of the fun comes from player interaction?…[View]
417108983>The Illuminati >Nazi mech suits >Power Ranger death cult >'I was behind literally every…[View]
417097985Any game make you cry?[View]
417106376are the console wars still a thing? the company people supported used to be pretty big even up to t…[View]
417104843DMC V. IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!: The E3 or Sony Facebook page accidentally posted the Sony Confere…[View]
417112270Please help, I've been playing Endless Space 2 and the sheer number of systems & possible o…[View]
417111517Why do people hate sleeping dogs? Inb4 /v/ hates everything, we already know that. I thought that e…[View]
417069236What are your thoughts on Resident Evil Evil Revelations 2?[View]
417109432Is there any greater injustice in the vidya than the fact that Devil’s Third failed?[View]
417110782I work for Belethor, at the general goods store[View]
417108335what will their final smashes be?[View]
417105872>that one shitty map that's the most popular map in the game[View]
417110880You will never have a 1930s Sleeping Dogs made by the creators of L.A. Noire: Why even live?[View]
417098835you can only admit being part of the master race if you believe demon souls is the best souls game e…[View]
417111053Name a sadder moment in vidya. Protip: You can't.[View]
417113394Where were you when Code Vein saved the action game genre? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kly9eLMvQ…[View]
417113340Does Donkey Kong have the deepest lore out of any vidya franchise?[View]
417070963Edmund McMillen: What is it? Legend of Bumbo looks like shit so please give us something good[View]
417104830How the fuck do I beat these zombie dragons? They keep kicking my ass, I've been focusing on ju…[View]
417111168I just love this game, it was simple yet amazing adventure.[View]
417113053why do i still waste money on this shit?[View]
417104456When was the last time you had fun playing a game?[View]
417112090SKSE: Can someone please toss me a link to the latest vers. of SKSE (skyrim script extender) for Sky…[View]
417109643>Game has clothing damage[View]
417108878Only honest opinions.[View]
417109647Just got a 3ds and Fire emblem fates. In what order do you guys recommend me to do the paths?[View]
417077840Hi. Do any of you fags actually want to get good at fighting games?[View]
417105196Alright /v/ help me choose between pic related, I've become a huge fan of the souls series rece…[View]
417109803It's that time again. Share your original video game ideas, characters, mechanics, etc., give f…[View]
417109196It'll happen to you[View]
417073876SSB5 roster speculation: What characters do you think will be added? Thread theme: https://youtu.be…[View]
417102868>games get praised constantly >lose their exclusivity status >suddenly 'fanbase' turns aga…[View]
417084697Fire Emblem Heroes: How's that banner treating you, /v/? You DID get her, right?[View]
417110630What do these guys do exactly?[View]
417111407Anyone have $20 gift cards? I need to get $20 worth of gems to get spirit mage.[View]
417111481DS3: Why is this game so hard to get into? Bloodborne was fun as fuck so I thought DS3 would be abou…[View]
417110553God Hand: Who /notalexander/ here?[View]
417110958honestly, are any of the Worms games worth buying?[View]
417104753This was 2 dollars today and it looked interesting so I bought it. First off, fucking help. Secondly…[View]
417109776How do you play this fucking game with all this shit in the way? Why the fuck does it need to be the…[View]
417108218Arcade Racing Games: With a lot of threads recently about arcade racing games I was wondering what d…[View]
417110794It's almost time: Can you feel it?[View]
417092318whom'st'dve wants to play some quiplash 2 and drawful 2 though[View]
417110403What makes the Switch such a revenue power house for Nintendo compared to the rest of this decade?[View]
417110734Link is a good boy[View]
417110730>Game requires you to have mastered a completely different game that's barely translated fro…[View]
417110072what went wrong?[View]
417104474Name 1 (one) other fun multiplayer game out right now.[View]
417108737>Objective: Run[View]
417108489ITT: Games literally only you played[View]
417110014where were you when Epik Games killed the MOBA and FPS franchise in one single move?[View]
417107006What do you guys think a Warner Bros. Kingdom Hearts like game would be like? What gaming franchise …[View]
417093924Let's talk about Castlevania, preferably the Metroidvania ones.[View]
417040194Jurassic world evolution: Claim your mains.[View]
417108464Just finished this. Yeah, I didn't get around to it until now, sue me. Ace Attorney thread I gu…[View]
417108935The enemies use Anti-Ship Rifles[View]
417108678Has there ever been a moment where you couldn't play a game because it hadn't been transla…[View]
417089483Character Creators: Post your created character, the one you're the most proud of![View]
417109712>Devs: we want to constantly evolve and change the Meta[View]
417108618ESO Summer Set Isles: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnpTgepe1tA Looks like the Elder Scrolls i…[View]
417077779Is this the best game ever made?[View]
417108624Games You Wish You Were Good At: Every game I play devolves into generic Commie-blocks...[View]
417109013How come nobody tries making air ride style games, or at least something like city trial, sakurai pr…[View]
417106708What went right?[View]
417097584>THEY TOOK CTF OUT OF ARCADE AGAIN I want to play your game but all the modes suck. Stop removing…[View]
417105768was god of war deep before the 4th or was it just shallow?[View]
417108653>one copy of Kingdom Hearts III please[View]
417108909Here /v/! This is your new theme song!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dnKgO2f74A Enjoy.…[View]
417108167Why is this allowed?[View]
417089160OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
417108720Have you made another account on Steam just for shitposting and trolling?[View]
417108850any of the new 3ds games worth palying[View]
417051234DREAMS PS4: GOTY, GOTY https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/05/dreams-ps4-world-premiere-hands-on-fin…[View]
417103221Who here /purist/ and /patrician/? You couldn't pay me to mod a game. Honest to fuck I cannot i…[View]
417108486The soundtrack is fucking great.[View]
417092754Who is your /v/usbando?[View]
417108009dig dig diggity dig diggity dog[View]
417108185Whats the worst way to die in a game??? alone[View]
417107539Real fps games are back on the menu boys.[View]
417103836For the first time in a really long time, I'm actually feeling something again when it comes to…[View]
417105626But doesn't Snake have snow dogs??[View]
417106394What did you originally think about the BotW trailers when they first came out? For example, pic rel…[View]
417107668>talks about how well rounded and excellent the game is. >unfortunately i can not recommend it…[View]
417100615>tfw no modern MASH MMORPG How would it work /v/?[View]
417077932Post your /v/aifu[View]
417090979Would you play a kid friendly 40k video game?[View]
417089374It was not THAT bad[View]
417107554kirby: https://twitter.com/Kirby_JP/status/998760585742336000 new dream ally[View]
417107381What game has the coolest armour[View]
417094747ACTUAL Mobile Gaming: Recommend mobile (Android) games that AREN'T MOBAGE[View]
417104067How many people purchased a Switch thanks to the upcoming launch of the SX Pro? I managed to snag on…[View]
417101976so how is it[View]
417107216What was the /v/ consensus?[View]
417104121Why is nobdy talking about this anymore? Is it shit?[View]
417090173New Mario Tennis Aces footage pulled from the japanese site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4jiLJUA…[View]
417100121Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Old but gold, an RTS where players actually have to rely on strate…[View]
417107224Tfw you get a victory royal in fortnite.[View]
417106285I've got 250 bucks. Should I spend it on a 144hz monitor (Replacing potato hp monitor that has …[View]
417104303>felt pretty generous today >gifted my day one edition copy of Dark souls 3 to my lil bro do …[View]
417095976ITT: Games you remember being better as a kid.[View]
417106704This game is ok_[View]
417106886'oh shit' moments in games: go.[View]
417106795Why do Japanese devs portrait Asian women as White people in their products?[View]
417084495is it just me or did monster hunter NEED artificial difficuilty via broken hitboxes to be entertaini…[View]
417105326Depressed Dandy is now the main character of the last game you played. What happens?[View]
417106468Squandered Potential: The Game[View]
417067692Final Fantasy 3: Why do people hate this game? I always thought it was a decent remake and I was sur…[View]
417101116all right which one of you fags did this[View]
417105219Thoughts on the arvn update?[View]
417105201Should I play some Terraria or Stardew multi?[View]
417100327Who's the best one?[View]
417102895CoC 2: What the fuck I thought that one post is a joke, how long do I have to wait until this game i…[View]
417105941Do you think I would have wanted this?[View]
417105462choose your character[View]
417095915Will gore ever come back into the FPS genre?[View]
417099626This game got me thinking, what are some of the better takes on the vampire myth in vidya? Witcher a…[View]
417101203ITT: Dreamcast games released on PS2 I'm too broke to shill out money for a Dreamcast console.[View]
417104615Which game are you gonna play when this comes out? For me, I'll either play Alpha 3 or Third St…[View]
417105504It's time: No more bullshit. ITT we post literal 11/10 video game masterpieces.[View]
417082152/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>417042048 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
417101402Monster Hunter World Switch?: You guys think that Resident Evil 7 cloud version is testing the water…[View]
417105694I can't fucking wait bros.[View]
417105671What are some games where the main mechanic is looking around and listening?[View]
417105471Name an online game exactly as described as in the webm related.[View]
417104581>start game >have to complete the tutorial before being able to get into settings…[View]
417105554man fuck the xbone its such a shit console. remember when xbox used to be go- wait. was xbox ever go…[View]
417102886Why don't you post your /v/husbando?: Here, I'll start:[View]
417105253Is it any good?[View]
417105193Who has the best taste in vidya on /v/[View]
417100128Hitman: What's the best game in the series?[View]
417103847>H..hello? Suddenly you all got pretty quite about me[View]
417105289Jankcore: What’s your favorite janky game? I just got bullet witch and it’s pretty terrible but I c…[View]
417103141If you could go back, what would you have bought/rented?[View]
417099243I'm doing a Zelda marathon these days. played ocarina of time, majora's mask, wind waker a…[View]
417102438ITT: basedboy games/series[View]
417104961Nostalgiafags frequently get cucked out of dope games due to their inability to cope with change — a…[View]
417104932Greek survivors?: Did Aphrodite survive GOWIII?[View]
417103121Five Hundred and Ninety Nine US Dollars[View]
417099819>the spinoff is better than the mainline games[View]
417103225They’re master works all, you can’t go wrong[View]
417104578Just a quick reminder that the Half-Life and Portal movie was announced to be in development five ye…[View]
417102469Super Mario Maker for Switch: Thoughts? After all the other wiiU ports, I'm not surprised.…[View]
417097447Who /hype/ for David Kaijus masterpiece?[View]
417085471Favorite Black Vidya Character: Post em.[View]
417104138>when QPUs misalign[View]
417103898cuphead? more like I wish I was dead![View]
417101290BRING ME TO MY Total War thread[View]
417093219Gaming audiences are mostly similar. 'Casuals' is an imaginary demographic; browsers and mobile are …[View]
417101884Marioooo Kaaart Eight! *saxophone noises*[View]
417103819Some ddlc monika virus thing: So I was bored and was like let's make a ddlc monika virus based …[View]
417103765Why do people like this feel the need to ruin games? I sit in queue all day and aspies like this com…[View]
417103742>KH3 won't have combo modifiers dead on arrival[View]
417103614comment: subjet[View]
417102384There are no good threads on /v/: Every single thread I see is literal garbage. I feel no compulsion…[View]
417103598If you can't bomb dodongos, it's not a real zelda game.[View]
417102943Mega Drive: I've had it. It's Mega Drive to everyone outside of Burgerstan.[View]
417101653HE'S HERE.[View]
417102006MOUSE BOY IS HERE https://twitter.com/Kirby_JP/status/998760585742336000[View]
417103475Are there any games like drawful/quiplash but with different types of gameplay? A game where a bunc…[View]
417097682Under the Moonlight waiting thread: I hate this game.[View]
417100536What do you think about this game? Is it easy to get machinedramon as your partner ? Is Analockman s…[View]
417094886What franchise just looks so painfully generic and by the numbers that it actually upsets you to see…[View]
417102843>he thinks video games are 'toys'[View]
417102235Does /v/ like strangers Wrath? I find it weird how all the bad guys are the same lizard race in the…[View]
417100618When this gets 10 replies I post a code for an Xbox One game: Interested? I'm sure some of you …[View]
417103196Wtf /v/ told me vr was a meme niche thing that nobody actually could afford. How is that this game b…[View]
417102979can anyone else log into their xbox account, because when i tried to log into mine, it just kept on …[View]
417100658Oh my God he owns her. Like a slave....[View]
417102932So /v/, how do you make an omelette?[View]
417100748Oh Kojima, how do we have misunderstood you...: It all makes sense now.[View]
417102998Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Xenoblade Chronicals 2: when will we get another JRPG of its caliber? It…[View]
417096737how do i play this[View]
417079193Can anyone name a better looking console?[View]
417102651pick a nation for me to play in the warhammer mod for crusader kings 2[View]
417096137I love Link![View]
417102703The absolute madman did it.[View]
417094418Why dont Soulsborne fans talk about this game?[View]
417102584Hey guys it's me, Streamerdude. I'm your favourite game streamer. I like playing video-gam…[View]
417100807Do any racing games have good stories? I haven't played a racing game in probably 20 years so I…[View]
417091958Warning. Catastrophic failure of fuel containment. Evacuate the Dead Space thread immediately.…[View]
417093462You DID back it, right?[View]
417092984Post your biggest disappointment this generation. The only two runner ups were the new god of war an…[View]
417102271every direct they always have at least 1 surprise that no one leaked or speculated that came out of …[View]
417065234This is 2B Did you play her game?[View]
417098381Girls und Waffen: When am I getting a MMO with gun shooting cuties?[View]
417100932Can we have repeating digits back already? >Inb4 does it for free[View]
4170868472016 GOTY Tournament - Round 1 Part 2: We're half way through round 1. The remainder of the fir…[View]
417100432Why do people speed run games, I just don't understand why someone would play the same game ove…[View]
417079161rin: rin[View]
417099947Almost won at fortnite but got killed by a sniper who mas builded some tower. How do I gut gud?[View]
417101998So this is the power of the Nintendo Switch... Woah.[View]
417093064What's the most fun way to play this game >heavy armor full melee >stealth archer >pur…[View]
417100946>all you needed to hack a Wii was an SD card and a game >all you needed to hack a 3DS was am S…[View]
417098852What the hell is Microsoft going to show at E3?[View]
417101853You've gotta be freaking kidding me. This is why nobody takes us seriously. FEAR Thread?[View]
417101815*blocks your path*[View]
417101668Vocaroo/VA: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1WoK2BrmAxb Post your vocaroos fellow VAnons[View]
417101484What games let me poke spiders really hard? Besides dark souls 2[View]
417099185What are some of your Gamer habits /v/?[View]
417099256Are you a Yoshi fan?[View]
417094575Episode 12 when?[View]
417099673I used to love the taser.[View]
417098062What games has the most fun horse controls?[View]
417098980This just happened. Are you playing LoL or is this a bug or intentionally coded in to make it seem l…[View]
417094413Will Konami ever release a Fox Engine remake of MGS3?[View]
417097364Is God of War actually fun? I loved GoW 1-3[View]
417073498>Retro Dixie Kong toenails aren polished like Rare's this is soulless character design right…[View]
417099495>steam friend uses the same profile pic as you[View]
417100803Are there video game side characters who was so popular they overshadowed the main character in futu…[View]
417087219Why did this game series flop? I got it in Origin Access last week and it is pretty fun[View]
417098501What are video game anagrams?[View]
417098632what are some comfy strategy/city build games[View]
417097158How many of you unironically bought this to lose weight? Be honest[View]
417099662>Game comes with DLC already on the disc[View]
417099507>Chinese boss >I'm gonna take you to the cleaners!…[View]
417096234Wait. Why is she an archer when her mom is a dark mage?[View]
417100192where does mircrosoft go from here?[View]
417098135What the fuck[View]
417100352HI DANIEL[View]
417099615But WHY??[View]
417100353what lvl ar u on[View]
417099948Reminder to NOT buy Dark Souls 2 or SOTFS That game is a fucking massive pile of trash.[View]
417099423Who wants to play Quiplash XL? Room code in next post[View]
417097972What another lovely day on my favorite board /v/![View]
417096052Leanin gayms: What do you guys think is the best games?[View]
417100094>he doesn't sit in one of these What a wrong anon, it's like you hate yourself or somet…[View]
417066229Vidya reaction images/gifs/webms/whatever else Go[View]
417098937Remember when Undertale was something people used to talk about? Man, am I glad that shit is dead an…[View]
417094738shitty 3x3 thread that will get pruned in 3 minutes: 3x3 thread you buncha fuckin losers. feel free …[View]
417094980Are you going to buy her game, /v/?[View]
417097482Wizard of Legend: It's pretty fucking great. Covert Ops mask most /fa/ relic[View]
417096049What are some otome games besides Fire Emblem Fates?[View]
417093901ITT: Games that are overrated solely because of poor sales guilt[View]
417099517The repetition is obnoxious: >'waaah plz bring back Anna/Zafina/Lei/A. King/Jun etc.' Is it so wr…[View]
417098392What is the most Ascetic Halo Marine Armor?: What was the most ascetic marine armor in Halo?[View]
417079315Why aren't you playing the best rougelite game?[View]
417097841>25 year old boomer telling me fortnite sucks lol that struggle to hold onto their long gone yout…[View]
417096912Excuse me.[View]
417097069Recommend a game with the following:: -Cool cosmetic options -Co-op and solo potential -Loot and ski…[View]
417049587This is your endgame, ulti armor for the final boss.[View]
417097795Elder Scrolls Thread I Guess: When you think about it, it's entirely possible that the Eternal …[View]
417087826I don't like Sonic, but this game is legit great, anyone here likes it too?.[View]
417097273What were your thoughts on it? Apparently only sold 100k on PC, goodbye to Level 5 ever porting agai…[View]
417093220What is, dare I ask, the 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' of video games?[View]
417095778Why do only my Digimon die after a couple of weeks but all the other ones get to live?[View]
417098247It's like a nut you can play with outside.[View]
417092591What's the fucking deal with this game?[View]
417093696who was in the wrong here?[View]
417093473Why is /v/ always so contrarian?[View]
417097087Why don't more multiplayer (especially FPS) games offer some kind of free level boost a few mon…[View]
417097691This needs to stop. It's not an exclusive if it does literally nothing to compel you to get the…[View]
417098704>25k for a discord server[View]
417098196Is this series worth playing?[View]
417079045GameStop stories: >just got bitched out by a GameStop employee because apparently playing pubg do…[View]
417091357Path of Exile officially died. Press F to pay respects[View]
417098467Was it kino?[View]
417094623This is the greatest video game of all time. You cannot refute this.[View]
417097231Playstation 1: Weird as it sounds, does anyone else think the PS1 was the more 'pure' video game con…[View]
417098162>student game >it's a pixelated roguelike inspired by dark souls…[View]
417072115>Dark Souls Remastered looks goo-[View]
417097225>favorite franchise >the wait between each release increases because of retarded AAA budget an…[View]
417097049Photography in Games: What does /v/ think of photography mechanics in games? I feel like it can be a…[View]
417094601ITT: Defeat Diglett[View]
417096937>ywn have Darth Traya massage your cock while lecturing you about the Force…[View]
417095926Best couch coop games for gamecube/wii/wiiu? Going on a trip soon and need games. I already got Mele…[View]
417095748harder than dark souls?[View]
417096808Should I buy it?[View]
417090845'All I can tell you about this next TF2 Thread is that it will be... SHTOOPID!'[View]
417096890>David Cage has been critical of 'game over' events in story-driven, non-action video games, call…[View]
417090742Real Leaks Are Here!: >A new Animal Crossing the same as the hotel was the first time in the pres…[View]
417094170I just bought this. It's going to be my first Yakuza game since they finally don't look li…[View]
417091158Movie Tie-In Games: This thread is devoted to all of the movie time-in games that defied your expect…[View]
417092150GOAT Sequels: Post and discuss the best sequels in existence. Make sure to only share games with the…[View]
417089872Code Vein: >wears a giant fur hat and a coat >wears stripper clothes beneath What is with the …[View]
417076014If you think PS2 wasn't the GOAT console you must suffer from severe mental retardation A conso…[View]
417094048This has to be fake... p-please tell me it's not real...[View]
417093952Passwords.: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/comcast-leaking-names-passwords-customers-232749716.html …[View]
417096495Can we get some proper janitors for this board? It's been /b/ for years now[View]
417096451What games begin sending more and more enemies at you in battles? I've been playing a lot of Gr…[View]
417096392Should I get a regular ps4 or a ps4 pro. The only games I think I'm gonna play are Bloodborne a…[View]
417094931Why so BIG?[View]
417095013Etrian Odyssey X: Oh hey! guess what, everyone else made it in as DLC portraits and they're fre…[View]
417093782Why did the N64 often use 2D thingies for stuff such as models, fire, explosions and smoke? The PS1 …[View]
417075659Bunch of Respawn Entertainment developers heading back to Infinity Ward: Geoffrey Smith (Former Desi…[View]
417095418What are some other scientifically accurate games like Elite Dangerous?[View]
417094215How do i play this game?[View]
417087628What is the best third person shooter ever?[View]
417093509Her voice is so sexy https://youtu.be/H9UcfzzO9A0[View]
417095058If not for the shitty camera, the shitty jump, the shitty targeting system, the shitty rolling sidej…[View]
417077383Reminder that you can never go back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqkGxvhhGSc https://www.youtube…[View]
417094123Was Piccolo a real nigga?[View]
417091840>I play fighting games for the competition[View]
417089868Would adding a CD-ROM drive to the Nintendo 64 made it the Nintendo 32 (in order to keep the price t…[View]
417093568Does a target age effect the gameplay of a video game?[View]
417092875>blood everywhere >grotesque beasts >horror themes >deformed children >prostitution …[View]
417095530Where are you Marshall?[View]
417084624This is Totooria Helmold. She has accomplished nothing except for making a bar smell like liquid ars…[View]
417089738>ruins your run[View]
417094301Zero was when the franchise peaked.[View]
417093969Todd Howard: General Todd thread I'm also looking for that recent comic where he breaks into yo…[View]
417093423Why did this faggot get in over Vaati or Groose?[View]
417092969tumblards will defend this: >be female protagonist >so retarded you can't follow a fuckin…[View]
417095114>Simon gets in Smash >Trevor gets a cartoon >Richter gets nothing…[View]
417033120When did vampires stop being actually cool and start being a joke?[View]
417090427One of these threads[View]
417092992Anyone else don't give a fuck what people think and play whatever they want to play? It's …[View]
417084846Are online friends real friends?[View]
417087278Perfect games don't exi-[View]
417090634Why The Hate?[View]
417093985Have you ever bought a video game just because /v/ bitched about it?[View]
417093223Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
417093189Anyone playing tonight?[View]
417093546Pokemon Showdown thread Let's throw hands[View]
417092994this fucking shit. every goddamn day: just seeing one of these again made me scream out loud[View]
417090582I want a new game boy dammit, not some double, 3d, touch screen bullshit. with HD, wifi and backward…[View]
417093403DragonAgeO Noobie Bobs Burgers: I'm getting smoked in this game. I'm a Wizo using Morrigan…[View]
417089595Did you play: The pinnacle of mmorpg's?[View]
417094034*saves Western gaming*[View]
417092278Biomutant: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTlBPvtx6AI Needs to be polished a bit more maybe ano…[View]
417094029What video game related image makes you laugh?[View]
417088592It's May 22nd, Why can't I play it? REEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
417094237I'm a shitter who's played too many time-sink games during the last decade. I've also…[View]
417086302ITT Rhythm games fucking suck: I am so glad the overall support and interest over this genre is fuck…[View]
417090484Streaming/games as a service: Is the games-as-a-service model the future of gaming?[View]
417093935is this shit gonna finally be playable?[View]
417090613TF2 Sniper melee options: Shahanshah is a good melee prove me wrong.[View]
417087372>anime based game comes out >finally it's not a lame arena fighter >has a neat concept…[View]
417093573>you can hear the song[View]
417093675laser league: Some one here plays laser league? i buyed it with my friends and in begginig i thinkik…[View]
417086146>best girl is a guy why[View]
417093424>he thinks streaming isn't a fad[View]
417087512Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk: Will you be buying Madam Dronya's game, /v/?[