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424489537Play Fortnite[View]
424482429>Have a job where I use a crowbar >Every two years, some nerd faggot makes a Half Life referen…[View]
424490063How to save Fallout: Someone just take Emil Pagliarulo out. He’s the shitstain fuck who can’t compre…[View]
424482775Seasons in online games are a fucking shit system.[View]
424488593Post cute video game characters with hats![View]
424489489What are the chances these two fuckers start yellowing over time?[View]
424489976What monster hunter game is close to Monster hunter world? I've never played monster hunter gam…[View]
424485431With the fixes, this game is fucking hard. I've beaten Gasciogne ez and orphan of kos after abo…[View]
424488827>>424460782 >>424468489 >>424475856 just letting you fags know this exists[View]
424482101>25 years later and other consoles are still making sub-par d-pads the vidya industry is regressi…[View]
424483451Battlefield V: Open Beta in September :( Good news though, they're sticking with the TTK, not g…[View]
424463328>game has a mechanic >too retarded to understand it…[View]
424487508>Even Zucc is telling me to buy an Oculus Name three reasons I should get a Vive instead…[View]
424488257WMMT6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG7cLkr3_xc Who was the fool who declared Eurobeat dead?…[View]
424489415Big Nep or Smol Nep?[View]
424489359Lost planet style Multiplayer: Anyone else miss it? I loved being a monster and burrowing into the g…[View]
424488085LMSH2: Why is this game so weirdly confusing? I get it for a younger audience and I’m not having tro…[View]
424487975what am i in for?[View]
424489239Star Wars vidya: When will we get Star Wars games focusing on the based Droids again?[View]
424485575>buy game for $59,99 >play for 2 hours >put it aside >realize being already so bored by …[View]
424469104Most lasers IRL have no beam and don't behave like in starwars: Invisible, no recoil, no sound,…[View]
424478815I'm thinking of giving up on PC gaming /V and just sticking to consoles. Getting tired of the l…[View]
424487989>third-person shooter boss is a JRPG hero[View]
424471075Isabelle is cute![View]
424445086>that 37 yo boomer who shills mobile games what the fuck happened?[View]
424484584What games have really good magic systems?[View]
424487402Nier Automata: I'm late, but I have just finished it. Can we have a Nier thread?[View]
424482643Will PS5 deliver 1440p60fps or 4K30fps? just imagine Bloodborne remastered in 1826p30fps with drops …[View]
424485383What's the video game equivalent?[View]
424481879>stealth section[View]
424485759When did you realize that your love of video games was dying? For me it was when I started just hidi…[View]
424488472It should've been the greatest game of all time. It's still the only game of this generat…[View]
424482249I've just played Final Fantasy VI, VII and X and am wondering what people like so much more abo…[View]
424488473>buying used Japanese retro game catridges >absolute accurate cover box with all manuals and p…[View]
424488207https://youtu.be/HgiIsfaY9xA This game looks really cool, what's it called?[View]
424488151is this a good game /v/?[View]
424487962What games let me be an autistic robot?[View]
424482665>That nerd that unironically wears a Mass Effect 3 shirt[View]
424481764Ok its time /v/ decided if this game is fun or nu-fun. Give me your final opinion.[View]
424488398Hey /v/, I was checking out fake creepypasta games like Petscop and Zenn, and I suddenly I got a CRA…[View]
424487229>complete church level >Achievement Unlocked : Doing God's Work…[View]
424464948>Tfw its the 17th Where the fuck is the download?[View]
424374098Best day of the week is here. The day we discuss Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone.[View]
424485920>Ocarina of Time... now THAT was a game[View]
424487845Mighty No 9 portable versions: So when do you think CONcept and Conman will deliver the Mighty No 9 …[View]
424487665/v/, how many of you are memes irl?[View]
424477808What's the most visually impressive game on the market right now? I think that the new God of W…[View]
424487196>Get to see my normy friends after a while for the world cup final >Every one has a gf/plan to…[View]
424482270MGS2 or 3?[View]
424488023/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Post Em. H8 Em. R8 Em[View]
424486761Did we need a new Kingdom Hearts? Didn't KH2 finish the story nicely?[View]
424484115now this, my fellow gamers. is some #epic gamer music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytWz0qVvBZ0…[View]
424487542MHW: Just bought this game for 70 euro Was it worth? what can i expect?[View]
424484852Any kind of game for shit computer? My computer can play duke nukem forever but why would you, it al…[View]
424485702I'm so hyped for the new Smash, I can't even sleep. Give me some fake leaks to calm me dow…[View]
424487420smash predictions thread: im basing them on what seemed to be popular during the ballot with a few o…[View]
424474997What is the best female archetype in dating sim videogames?[View]
424487507give me some underrated FPS games, i've played a good portion of them[View]
424485160What went wrong?[View]
424487380I really, really want King K. Rool in the new Smash, guys. I literally feel sick to my stomach knowi…[View]
424478821This is the new Akali. Do you like her?[View]
424484512Tabuu should be playable in SSBU as the Smash Bros. series rep.[View]
424484505gwent stories: I just had the most tense game of Gwent ever. >doing new game plus, playing the sp…[View]
424487350>https://medium.com/@eigenbom/how-to-take-7-years-to-ship-a-beta-4fcfc2428d88 >So how can you …[View]
424479317I've never played a Monster Hunter game. Is this ideal entry-level?[View]
424486793Just finally finishing this game now. Man, the Cabaret Club is so much better than Kiryu's stu…[View]
424487195How do you support the character you want in smash?: I just draw Porky in paint, was wondering in wh…[View]
424484210>game has multiple endings >you can immediately load your last save and see the rest of the en…[View]
424485793Will Mario ever find a girl that loves him?[View]
424483119RE4 Fans Actually Confirmed for Fucking Retards: >QTE knife to win OH NO NO NO NO >b-b-but it…[View]
424482258How did they get away with this?[View]
424463394Rune factory: It is bright morning![View]
424486737mmorpgs: what are some good mmorpgs i can play on a shitty laptop[View]
424443981Post /v/idya moments that made you cry[View]
424486049Why do liberals hate fun so much?[View]
424478496Post games meant to be played by white men.[View]
424486869Does anyone have dragbody's fallout 4 armors for the TTW available to download? Thanks.[View]
424483140>'death to the evil one, prepare to die eggman' holy shit why is Espio_ so fucking edgy? jesus…[View]
424480479'Videogames will never be a legitimate artform' - Gene Simmons: >Having once made the statement a…[View]
424477643Games you like, but fanbase(s) you can't stand?[View]
424479945>Wanted the OLED version? Too bad you fucking moron, pay us more because you know the slim is gar…[View]
424486671Does anyone want to play Fortnite? I'm looking for some friends with battle passes to grind out…[View]
424486508What game let's me ponder my fist?[View]
424484984Have fun, Neku![View]
424486592GET OUT OF MY STORE[View]
424486523ITT: What are some games fujoshis play[View]
424481914Summer Pockets: Why aren't you playing Key's newest emotional masterpiece? http://key.visu…[View]
424471018WEBM Thread: post em[View]
424483932>Game is shorter than lots of SNES games and has 0 replay value and feels like a demo rather than…[View]
424485401How did such a shitty game have such amazing combat gameplay?[View]
424485731You now have 60 seconds to explain how this game ISN'T incredibly overrated Protip: You can…[View]
424486240MSF vs DD MSF >Mess Hall >football games >fishing >birthday parties every other month fo…[View]
424485846Is this true ? Haha XD[View]
4244858925 hours in, when does it get good?[View]
424485890Why do HD games look weird?: I noticed in the jump from the 3D era to the HD era that games started …[View]
424483090GTA5 Gets a New Physical Rerelease - No Single Player DLC Ever: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/5-…[View]
424485869Star Trek Games: So I've been playing A final Unity on DOSbox for the last few days. I found it…[View]
424482986ITT: Unpopular Opinions i think Hitman: Absolution was a fun game and had interesting set-pieces lik…[View]
424480918Only faggots still play call of duty.[View]
424484259Here's your controller bruh[View]
424471275What games have you bought? I currently got Kingdom Come[View]
4244814834 ways the Beast of Winter DLC subverts Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire: http://archive.is/sqGq8 …[View]
424483548You DO have those apexis cristals ready, right anon?[View]
424485251Is it worth playing pic related or should I skip straight to A2?[View]
424483425Why is no one talking about this New darksiders 3 gameplay got released Opinions? Combat is looking …[View]
424485529/bst/ - Battlestation Thread[View]
424483780>giant boss grabs you >instead of crushing you or tearing you apart, she throws you away for m…[View]
424483884Best PC gamepad for emulator/ports? Anything good under $20? Best overall?[View]
424485275Tales fans: Will I like Tales of Berseria based on (out of the games I played): Tales games I liked:…[View]
424483668>/v/ will defend this[View]
424485289What went wrong /v/ros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qfx9eoB-88[View]
424483816tf2 is fun: tf2[View]
424485304Has /v/ ever been so wrong?[View]
424472489>female samurai Way to kill all my interest in a game. Bravo, sony.[View]
424481569I don't give a fuck if it's canon, 'supersonic warrior' will always be in the song for me[View]
424454751Why is this a thing in scifi game armor? They always leave the inner leg exposed. It wouldn't l…[View]
424478618hey goy are you using the right hdmi cable? https://fieldguide.gizmodo.com/you-are-probably-using-th…[View]
424483486What would you say is the hardest Call of Duty campaign on veteran? I think it's a tie between …[View]
424473838Will Nintendo ever surpass PS2 graphics?[View]
424470151What did you play today?[View]
424474635Here are some reasons why Daisy is superior to the overrated Rosalina: >1. She had an active role…[View]
424473710What went right?[View]
424484687He's in, Infinite in Smash: I'm Not Weak[View]
424484313What's the best and cheapest phone controller for emulators and the like?[View]
424483023about to start this are there any must have mods?[View]
424481457GTA5 is 3-6 hours Shorter than San Andreas: To 100% GTAV requires only 10 hours To 100% San Andreas …[View]
424482096How do you have fun in Skyrim? Is it simply impossible if you've played a proper action game an…[View]
424465389Octopath Traveler: CAPITALISM HO![View]
424468420Smash Ultimate Leak: Hey /v/, I have some knowledge about Smash Ultimate to drop on you. It's n…[View]
424479332when did you stop trusting video game reviewers?[View]
424476197What's the better playing style >completing everything 100% as they pop up >completing pr…[View]
424479072I don't get it. Am I a brainlet?[View]
424484329How do we solve the guy 'my friend is dead but I don't care' problem in stealth games? I mean w…[View]
424458379daroach https://twitter.com/Kirby_JP/status/1019054418497425408[View]
424483650>Game has more cut content than Mafia 2 >People consider it good Uhm, no sweetie, that's …[View]
424482035It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
424475968i've beaten the hardest game in the universe ama[View]
424462546in retrospect, it wasn't that bad[View]
424483010ITT: Underrated games that desperately need a remake/reboot[View]
424465704Fucking retards, delete this.[View]
424481713>tfw never let an MMO or MOBA waste hundreds or thousands of hours of my life…[View]
424483963Bf vs Cod: Okay any fps enthusiasts here, answer me that; yesterday me and my friend were looking at…[View]
424477062What is the greatest stealth set piece?[View]
424480407>defeat who was thought to be the main villain >they were actually serving an even greater vil…[View]
424479439Amazon Prime Day thread: If anyone's interested in some gamer fuel 18 packs of instant mac and …[View]
424470854FUCKING PLAY IT[View]
424477915Can /v/ name a more kino series than Soulsborne? Can and may you, also, give me more cinegrids for v…[View]
424483339ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
424433092R6 Siege Censorship: Ubisoft censors filters ingame chat nd bans people for using bad language. That…[View]
424481797Bloodstained=Casual: Can somebody explain why people are hyped for the new Bloodstained? Just becaus…[View]
424482112>Half Life 1 and 2 are immersive because you can't skip cutscenes >Deus ex isn't imm…[View]
424477607This chick sticks out like a sore thumb, the way she looks and behaves. You can just tell she was sh…[View]
424481861Uhhh, what do I choose[View]
424481597When the fuck will they start giving us good updates?[View]
424478212Are there any Fallout 4 nude mods available on the Xbox One? I know there used to be a few on there …[View]
424481126Tell me /v/, does DMC 3 rewrites your first save when you start a new game? >Finish the game on g…[View]
424472286Been in my backlog for a while and I finally got a chance to start really playing it. This is pretty…[View]
424457274BUGA BOOOO[View]
424482020cuphead is too hard im scared to play it. I get anxiety just thinking about all the work that needs …[View]
424466936>dad walks in[View]
424480613>Sir, this VR shit are draining our wallets and my kids are starving >We need a killer app to…[View]
424472643Fortnite TV show airing august: https://twitter.com/DisnayXD/status/1018644207454511104?s=19 Who hyp…[View]
424482361…ber, 6th day If any human…sets foot here… again…et it be a kindhearted pers… …ith that hope, I depa…[View]
424482321HD remaster when?[View]
424482279Characters for Estrogent Audiences: Ever think about how hard the writer at R* beat his stubby pud o…[View]
424482203We're going back to Rokkenjima faggots! Golden Land, here I come![View]
424476507>quest rewards are high-end consumables >you never use them Why did you do this /v/?…[View]
424481173The Vagrant: Anyone play this? Vanillaware styled game made by an indie dev, really fun. Good story …[View]
424478924Do you also want your family to put you up for display as you lived when you die, /v/?[View]
424480571Toadette a cute[View]
424472692high effort 'Choose your weapon' thread: Wizards, choose your staff. This is in a pvp open world wi…[View]
424478991Doom: What was the point of the platforming? Poorly implemented garbage.[View]
424479698You like restrictions?: So apparantly, Gamers are a bunch of submissive little fucks. They rather ju…[View]
424458881I'm making a super smash bros fangame. Please send in a character you want. Will take votes[View]
424481815Idle Raiders: Second Run: Hello there! We have a small game we want to share with you. If you like i…[View]
424476630tier thread[View]
424476814Which Link is best Link?[View]
424481526What did she mean by this?[View]
424481417In hindsight, were the Smash 4 newcomers scraping the bottom of the barrel?[View]
424480472>Game >Game 2 >2016 >Game >Game 2…[View]
424477524Octopath Traveler: New thread because previous one was ruined by retarded normalfags. How many hours…[View]
424479702Why is mortal online the only hardcore mmo out there?[View]
424470802Now that Halo sucks, is DOOM retaking it's place as the king of the fps genre?[View]
424474014are kids spoiled by modern technology? It sucks when I see my younger relatives playing modern games…[View]
424479681>*stares at you* >'yo u lost kid?' what do?…[View]
424481041Has July been a dry month for games for you? It's already half way over.[View]
424450869What are you looking forward to the most? >Characters >Stages >Music >THE POWER IS YET U…[View]
42443614512 hours left. Get it done[View]
424480291Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the horizon, many are excited to see …[View]
424465210UNIST Thread: Back to the fight[View]
424437840Name a better video game movie.[View]
424480747so am I supposed to enjoy doing nothing?[View]
424475585Gungrave thread: Gungrave is the Berserk of videogames[View]
424452243Oh, they fuckin'.[View]
424479272Explain why you upgraded to Windows 10[View]
424476674I like this girl[View]
424481004Grim Reaper? More like, Grim Sleeper. Now I'm fighting Dracula. Yay.[View]
424477969Why haven't you killed uwu yet /v/?[View]
424480912>6 hours till massive nerfs and unbalanced, untested stat squish and old raid content OH NO NO NO…[View]
424456983>new operators has ridiculous abilities like wall hack, global heal/revive. >somehow, these 2 …[View]
424480846>That nerd that unironically wears a Mass Effect 3 shirt[View]
424480715Uni-Gandalf sandbox: frufi.itch.io/uni Free concept of sandbox game with Gandalf's eco magic。 …[View]
424474819Dead Center > Swamp Fever > Dark Carnival > The Passing > The Parish > Hard Rain[View]
424474646Was it good[View]
424480641shovelware thread?[View]
424478529What's the best video game slime monster?[View]
424473368Just finished this...holy shit that was just great. What did you guys think? I was pretty impressed …[View]
424476759Well, it’s the 17th. Where’s the big update?[View]
424477570Kingdom Come: Deliverance: best min/max long sword build for hardcore mode?[View]
424480385incremental game: this game is frustrating, but awesome. okay more awesome. waaargh i dont know! it…[View]
424480302hey /v rate my Haru's cosplay[View]
424472181breath of the wild is an absolute masterpiece >but no content straight up lie, one of the most co…[View]
424479710Video game secrets: I can pee on command when I think about Eternal Darkness, in particular the intr…[View]
424476760Which one is better?[View]
424467854What rhythm games do you play /v/?[View]
424480151What's the point of this flat-chested character in waifubait game?[View]
424474460Why?: >https://store.steampowered.com/app/758330/Shenmue_I__II/ >$26.99 https://store.steampow…[View]
424478312Have any of you ever stole a soul for a second chance?[View]
424477514Why do they keep giving him subordinates? At this point it's like the BSAA is actively trying t…[View]
424477382Should i buy a xbox one s starter kit on sale on amazon prime right now? I was gonna do it down the …[View]
424479828What's the last thing you accomplished in a video game /v/? t. just got platinum elo in a game …[View]
424478345>You take the utility lift down to city sub level 3. >The old lift squeaks to a hault and you…[View]
424477819what is this expression trying to convey[View]
424469389Your wanted 'literally who?' Smash fighter: Fun mode[View]
424479558FFXV mods: What'll they think of next? still a shit game though[View]
424478049What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see Totori?[View]
424479518MMORPG: What's the most freeform, medieval fantasy, fully immersive MMORPG you've ever pla…[View]
424473321Why doesnt Sega release this for pc/consoles?[View]
424479372weapons only high iq players use[View]
424479251sup /v/ fellow NEET here, what's a good multiplayer game to kill the time that isn't Fortn…[View]
424478664>There are people on this board who only occasionally visited the cloud district…[View]
424426378TWEWY FR Mosaic: Claim a tile and redraw or edit it Low-effort and disproportionate tiles will be re…[View]
424470434>still hasn't beat ninja gaiden black on master ninja why are you such a fucking weak faggot…[View]
424469672Block Buster: I really don't understand how there's people who actually miss Blockbuster. …[View]
424472297is this the best stealth game of the last decade? hitman thread [View]
424476146Grug gave big rock to play pretty elf thing in World of Grugcraft: Battles for Azoth Why long nose t…[View]
424476952Fighting Games & Rap: Is Fighting Games part of Hip Hop? Thuggery Thread.[View]
424478620what are some games where i can play a PREGNANT WOMAN? this lack of diversity must be addressed[View]
424464119Does an anime artstyle make you appreciate a game more or does it harm the quality in your eyes?[View]
424474797Who are they going to buy next?[View]
424468064Why doesn't /v/ play Chess? - Free to play - No microtransactions or lootboxes - Perfectly Bala…[View]
424478359Uni- Gandalf game: frufi.itch.io/uni Free concept of sandbox game with Gandalf's fireworks and…[View]
424476221Why does Snake hook up with the biggest whore in the game?[View]
424478096I like Nintendo games, but why have they stopped including an option to mute the bing bing wahoo mus…[View]
424451592Does /v/ like roguelikes?[View]
424453592What other games from your childhood do you want to see get revived?[View]
424478223Discuss: Discuss[View]
424475759just got this, is it a good game? what am I in for /v/?[View]
424477956[Warlords Awakening] Early access Giveaway event now live!: From what I currently understand, every …[View]
424477767HE'S OUT after maintenance is over[View]
424477851ITT: obscure waifus[View]
424477758What games let me be a little girl?[View]
424477779So, at what point does this game actually get fun? I'm at THREET and it all just kind of get re…[View]
424477786When is Scouter Vegeta gonna be added to FighterZ?[View]
424473989>female protagonist[View]
424475730Nvidia 1180 releasing in late august Its going to be a 4k destroyer!!!! Also intel is releasing a c…[View]
424470198Apart from Vergil in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, what characters completely ruined the fighting gam…[View]
424477558Why was he such a pussy?[View]
424475202post jewels[View]
424477518>pc fans start speeding up[View]
424476345Thoughts on this game?[View]
424475885What's she playing, /v/?[View]
424476684Pic related[View]
424475204>be me >4th grade 2008 >mom buys me and my brothers and xbox >first game we get is halo …[View]
424470495I want him in the new Smash Bros, bros. What are his chances?[View]
424468771Unique Smash Desires: Post some characters you don't often see in 'leaks' or other's wishl…[View]
424456878Any day now the game will be ported to PS4[View]
424476637Spore 2: What would you improve about Spore in a sequel or remake?[View]
424476796James Etatriton vs. Jack the Zombie: James is getting his revenge on this zombie here is the link ht…[View]
424476751Not posted yet? Uncharted fan movie: https://youtu.be/v5CZQpqF_74[View]
424462584/v/ is a shithole and nothing matters, what's your favorite game that was made before 2008?[View]
424475997What are your thoughts on frostpunk? I'm about to start a faith playthrough after finally manag…[View]
424467838Secret Hitler: Anyone here on /v/ looking to play some Secret Hitler? It is made by leftist faggots …[View]
424473849>this fucking DLC has no reason to be this hard this fucking expansion bent me over and went in d…[View]
424473513Say Hi to Akali![View]
424470684Who's the edgiest videogame character ever made?[View]
424474187WORDS THAT KILL[View]
424476343Predictive Switch leak: >Major updates (ticking the 'major' digit) for the Switch have,…[View]
424474515ITT: Best overlooked games on Steam Must have 10 regular players daily or less on steamcharts Pic re…[View]
424466472Thinking about finally buying Switch and in the mood for the game that can give me a great adventure…[View]
424472062What's the best video game character ever made?[View]
424461137> dress like this > is a virgin how is this believable…[View]
424472457On no /v/ it's a scary monster, quick do your super move/finisher[View]
424476265What does /v/ think of the final game Total Biscuit recommended on Steam.[View]
424423350HERE WE...[View]
424475379Was Morag autistic?[View]
424468918Life as an Underdog: >You play as a monster race >Your story doesn't even matter in the g…[View]
424468638>playing DMC4 for the first time >just got Dante >4 switchable stances at any given time Th…[View]
424457156Pitch me your idea for a new Lego game[View]
424475812>pisses off boomers by releasing Fallout 3 >complitelly destroys old-fags with Fallout 4 and …[View]
424474454Do you spend quality time with /v/?[View]
424475936Why was she cut from Agents?[View]
424475861>get home >decide to play video game >DEFEAT. YOUR TEAM LOST! DEFEAT! DEFEAT! >burn out…[View]
424475778rise gamers[View]
424475362>fixes your slow, outdated and clunky combat from previous souls games in your path…[View]
424470731EUROBEAT ON SUICIDE WATCH: >湾岸ミッドナイト6 BGM 05 - Driving Instinct https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7…[View]
424474828Ulfric Stormcloak did nothing wrong[View]
424474630This right here is the essential boomercore and you can see lots of people who grew up with Quake 3 …[View]
424470786Wizard Wars HL1 mod: A more fantastical approach to Team Fortress comes in the form of this mod, Wiz…[View]
424471570Should I pick up Shining Resonance Refrain or Octopath Traveler? Be honest Which will give me more v…[View]
424474167FFVII Thread: Last one: >>424459573 I want to keep going.[View]
424427790Will it be good?[View]
424475061So much SOUL.... So little TIME....[View]
424473773Composer looking for experience writing for games: I'm a /mu/tant looking for an opportunity to…[View]
424454328Celeste: >halfway through c-sides someone fucking kill me also more games like this or super meat…[View]
424472789Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate roster leak: Hey /v/, so I've noticed a lot of threads about Sma…[View]
424474531What other games let me be a cute Valkyrie?[View]
424471456Any Good Cyberpunk Games?[View]
424460676I got a switch the other day with CFW. Are there any good homebrew apps yet? Also any games worth pi…[View]
424474158Best Steam Port Of All Time: Ty 2: Bush Rescue undeniably has the best PC port in respect to their o…[View]
424474445Specifically where have all these screeching Switch autists actually come from? Like, what were they…[View]
424470703ITT: Emotional vidya music https://youtube.com/watch?v=6LB7LZZGpkw https://youtube.com/watch?v=GU0t7…[View]
424474737If anonymous are supposed to care about people and the world, be the good guys etc why do they haras…[View]
424456914Recently finished HK and Ori, loved the fuck out of both of them and they were my first two platform…[View]
424465710Texture mods don't make Oblivion look better[View]
424471784Ivy x Viola confirmed. >When we talk Ivy, we mean a woman who's not very interested in men …[View]
424474517frufi.itch.io/uni Free concept of sandbox game with Gandalf's eco magic。 frufi.itch.io/uni[View]
424457165You cannot prove magic exists.[View]
424474347>when you reach that area with shit-ton of items.[View]
424391701Slap City Thread: Hey guys, I'm getting absolutely destroyed online but I'm so fucking gla…[View]
424457275>tfw your most anticipated game of 2017 was a romhack and your most anticipated 'game' of 2018 wa…[View]
424473648You now realize Mario characters are the only Nintendo characters to not have a surename[View]
424465725Did From seriously think to put this difficulty onto the first Boss is acceptable for normies?[View]
424474150>stop being friends with someone >realize the game weve been playing isnt actually fun >jus…[View]
424467538Can we all agree Spinball is the hardest of the classic Sonic games?[View]
424472023Anyone here has given this controllers a try? How does the pseudo D-Pad feel like?[View]
424470848Just finished Doom 1, 2 and Final Doom. What are the best WADs?[View]
424433492Have you made your peace with the leak yet?[View]
424456751Are we in an indie golden age?[View]
424466430>no geams >ports to games that no one would have thought possible 2 years ago coming to ninten…[View]
424470770How do I get past the square dance?[View]
424473743This game had no right to be as good as it was from 2010-2013[View]
424473032Whats a time you actually got baited during an online match?[View]
424472024Gimme a reason not to side with the Legion, only the strong should survive in the Mojave.[View]
424458537XCOM Thread: that boomer who complains about RNG in the new game but completely ignores the fact the…[View]
424473631It's just too little too late a little too wrong And I can't wait But you know all the r…[View]
424469761Is anyone hyped for Shenmue? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdcp4_oNREY[View]
424473442Sony Hybrid Console: So obviously they just got these patents to keep their options open, but what a…[View]
424464312Will Dan the man ever break his silence and talk about DMC once again?[View]
424473443Hey kids! Are you ready for a brand new wacky smash bros leak? First we will get a direct revealing …[View]
424471679Boss Battles: Whats your favorite boss fight /v/? Do you prefer a boss battle at the end of a stage,…[View]
424473371This game will eventually be good,mark my words.[View]
424472698>be /v/ >claim to be GAMERS >doesn't know anything about game desing smhtbhfam…[View]
424472812WHAT THE FUCKING IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????[View]
424473270Is the PC Port so bad?[View]
424473029Daily reminder to not give them money.[View]
424472308ITT: Remakes that completely invalidate the original. Nostalgiafags need not reply.[View]
424446019Do you play Elite Dangerous, /v/?[View]
424468910would a TWIN PEAKS video game work[View]
424467958You would be an idiot not to buy one of these for emulation, for fuck sake it has an and a10 in ther…[View]
424472960How is such a thing possible?[View]
424471019Just felt like reminding everyone that if you play male characters you're gay.[View]
424472269What ever happened to couch coop?[View]
424424732Dokkan thread Holy fuck the Vegito Blue event is easy. Fighting Goku/Vegeta/Trunks is harder than V…[View]
424467901What went wrong?[View]
424472478Monster hunter thread: Am I the only one getting connection errors? Fuck this shit[View]
424467754Why do birds fly?: What was your answer /v/?[View]
424467312So, why didn't they just do the unfinished missions as DLC?[View]
424467974God Of War played on PC using PS4 emulator: Looks like the PS4 is getting emulated before the Switch…[View]
424471285Is it any good? I got it when they were shilling it hard last month but never installed it.[View]
424467186Inafune has hit a rough couple of spots in the last few years. But I'm confident he can pull th…[View]
424467109just started silent hill 2 HD, why the fuck are the controls so awkward and the radio is so loud[View]
424442910I present to you the pinnacle of jRPG development and the return of a genre with full force. The kin…[View]
424468972This is todays Nep thread[View]
424469774What is the single worst case of 'Fanbase thinks character is [object]-buster powerlevel despite nev…[View]
424466436When is the earliest you dropped a game? Pic unrelated.[View]
424469302When is it coming out?[View]
424439214I love the “Cartman’s superhero name” excuse. Like, the reason he has that name is that it’s a racia…[View]
424462105All you motherfuckers are obsessed with Octopath Traveler, but have any of you fucks even played the…[View]
424459769BOMBER DX[View]
424471702farming the bee keep me company/ words of encouragement[View]
424464202Why did car combat games die?[View]
424469723What games do you guys play when you're drunk?[View]
424466974ARLE NADJA: Arle Nadja for Smash Ultimate! Who is Arle Nadja and why should she be on the roster?! …[View]
424471398The site seems slow to update new character incoming? I hope for Pig Ganon![View]
424471393Multiplayer games with team based gameplay like pic. Are there more like it?[View]
424471257One copy of Let it Die please[View]
424466493What are some good examples of video games where the player is constantly forced in ethical dilemmas…[View]
424469771Ultimate Super Smash Brothers Roster: Let's dismiss all characters disconfirmed for Smash Ultim…[View]
424469819Ahh.... silky smooth 30 fps with motion blur. Doesn't get any better than this.[View]
424470376Is there anything left to be done in the platforming genre?[View]
424465915You guys playing it yet?[View]
424461968Ys VIII: I noticed JRPG discussion ramping up right now what with Octopath's release, and I…[View]
424382760#DontForgetGravityRush: 2 DAYS TO SAVE KAT'S GAME, DOS DIAS TO SAVE HER Gravity Rush 2 is gonna…[View]
424467984>Win against a fucking cheese in sc >No gg >Try to insult the lad I just outplayed >He…[View]
424470768>tfw prefer the old Assassin's Creed to the new Origins formula who else?…[View]
424423628Do we like this character?[View]
424469986Being attractive and fit is the best way to play and talk about vidya. I can talk about vidya all I …[View]
424469320Deus Ex Playthrough: finished the game for the first time a month ago post things you regret not doi…[View]
424470516Bloodstained: What went wrong?[View]
424463346>Character you really grew fond of dies halfway through the game what was their name /v/?…[View]
424467459What's the best co-op game on PC I can gift to my friend for his birthday? I was thinking of ju…[View]
424470204What games do NEETs play?[View]
424467723Post games only you want side scrolling beat em up with lotr setting with choice of main characters[View]
424463013Don't mind us just being the worst boss in all of soulsborne...[View]
424468696Will Grand Theft Auto 6 be tainted by SJWs?: You think that GTA 6 will get bent over and fucked in t…[View]
424468784Every time I try to download a game off of steam it craps out and drops to 0/kbs then picks back up …[View]
424465039It took me an awfully long time to find anything like this game. Do you know any other hidden gems l…[View]
424468724So I'm just into the second mission on this game People seem to say it's hard but after ge…[View]
424469418What game lets me play as a little girl?[View]
424456982I think I finally kind of figured out how Sakurai chooses fighters in Super Smash Bros. >How rele…[View]
424460502I started with Fo3, and my list goes 4>3>NV. Now, because I started with 3 I never bothered wi…[View]
424466821This is Riven. She's had a rough life. Say something nice about her.[View]
424466647Why bother trying: Are fighting games only worth it if you intend on competing professionally? It…[View]
424465728Super Mario 64: SM64 is the best game of all time. You can debate me but I'm going to bed and w…[View]
424468245Are you embarrassed to play games in public?[View]
424464641He deserves his own game[View]
424469042Did I already beat the game? I started the game and everything is peaceful and great. Why would I fu…[View]
424466739Dairanto Smash Leekuru: 13££:ふたご 13£££:マーメイドコスプレデイジー 33/34/35£:アメリカのポケモントレーナー(Snorlax、Celesteela、Che…[View]
424464921JC Denton. 23 years old. No residence. No ancestors. No employer. No --[View]
424441305Which one, /v/?[View]
424456441I can't fucking wait to play Spider Man. Holy shit, why does it have to take so long to come ou…[View]
424412815what are you getting anon?[View]
424465182How come literally no one mentions that Solid Snake is playable for majority of the game?[View]
424468302Why aren't parody games of more famous video games a thing in similar manner that pic related i…[View]
424468392Is BotW link the greatest MC in gaming history? He's just so.. fucking relatable (no homo)…[View]
424466969I have something to say /v/. I... I like the Switch![View]
424466880>game touts 'wide variety of classes/weapons that allow for tons of different playstyles' >The…[View]
424446189Why does the Water Temple get singled out when the rest of the game is just as tedious and boring?[View]
424460730Does anyone else get horrible migraines and have to stop playing video games? This shit is depressin…[View]
424467143Recently finished my first play though and not sure what to do now. Idk whether to go NGP or stay at…[View]
424467841Best Final Fantasy: What is the best Final Fantasy of the main line?.[View]
424465069Why did they have to show THIS to everyone at E3? That’s not gonna make new people wanna play it whe…[View]
424420442About to start playing this for the first time, what am I in for /v/?[View]
424468171smash ultimate fighters: hey guys, i have information about who are the remaining fighters for smash…[View]
424462354You take a sip from your trusty Vault 13 canteen[View]
424467251>star citizen income So how many whales do you think they have?[View]
424463515Tell me /v/... how does this painting make YOU feel?[View]
424468031I kinda want to run an experiment but I'm too lazy to do it. Anyone wanna try this?: >new to…[View]
424466794rate my edit[View]
424467961Kirby Suck[View]
424464469Is this game getting a release in the US, or should I just buy the game + drum from Japan and wait u…[View]
424466434>All the cool kids are going to Warcraft III's cool new update. You did get invited to Warcr…[View]
424467719Fellas whats the game everyone, from randos to critics to your own friends hype up and you go to pla…[View]
424467732Visually or otherwise, which is the best 8-bit version of Donkey Kong Country?[View]
424463262Which Ace Combat is your favorite?[View]
424467517Which character did you pick in Octopath Traveler and why? I chose Prim because she reminds me of my…[View]
424462249hey /v/ I’m playing this rn ok bye[View]
424461195If you are an advocate for any of these character in Smash Ultimate, you’re part of the Seven Deadly…[View]
424464993What are some games that manifest feelings in the player similar to this this?[View]
424459762Is Mother 3D ready yet?[View]
424464098How come the best video game of all time has not been ported to a modern console?[View]
424462454I haven't beaten either Paper Mario on N64 or GC. Which one should I play?[View]
424460294>game is made on MT Framework >PC port locked at 60fps Literally why…[View]
424464890I'm waiting.[View]
424466854>people will defend this[View]
424466418What game has the worst arena and why is it DMC 3's bloody palace?[View]
424464778/v/ is a pile of shit that needs to be nuked, what console is your favorite and why is it your favor…[View]
424465902agust direct with major smash content: hey guys, i am going to tell you that i have a friend working…[View]
424466383Was it Ludo?[View]
424466716>final boss has a second form >it's easier than the first…[View]
424464150It might rain: risk of rain[View]
424465848So, they added Gyro aiming capability to this, does it make the game any better?[View]
424463974Please help me /v/: Does anyone know that japanese ps2 game where you intervene in some kids life...…[View]
424466597OTPs in video games?[View]
424466596Best game reviewer is on TV: How does /v/ even begins to cope with such facts[View]
424464645Dark cloud 2: Anyone remember this gem?[View]
424463109>play through the same game multiple times with no variation wow what a great fucking game, /v/, …[View]
424465989Earthbound is a good game.[View]
424459848Remember me?[View]
424466248Why couldn't we just get another new vegas?: Why can't bethesda get their shit together? W…[View]
424465984I AM FRANZ, THEY WILL OBEY![View]
424466165This is coming out today, are you hype?[View]
424448448GOTY for 15€ right now on amazon Really worth it at this point? Be serious please[View]
424462521Bloodstained: >'Oh noes! Why did Gebel turn evil? Zomg!!!' >Is clearly just being controlled b…[View]
424465129>Introducing King K. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >this cool crocodile comes on the screen…[View]
424464617What are some games I can emulate easily with pcsx2 but I can also play with a keyboard and mouse wi…[View]
424458448Looking for sprite artists: My indie dev team is looking for sprite artists, both character and back…[View]
424464142Was this the last good versus game?[View]
424457827How do you tell the difference between a game that features a female protagonist just because vs a g…[View]
424443459Really makes me think[View]
424458176Why'd they stop focusing on there hardware power[View]
424460163This is my daughter. She's going to be one of the playable fighters in Smash Ultimate. Say some…[View]
424461649What are you doing browsing /v/ for goy? You need to be gaming RIGHT NOW. You need to finish up your…[View]
424464827>Silent Protagonists[View]
424426639Smash Newcomer Wishlist: Post your most highly requested Smash newcomers.[View]
424463952Bandana Waddle Dee HAS to be announced for Ultimate tonight! It's HIS turn![View]
424461794>Angels of Death HOw is this hit indie game for switch? Is it something like Corpse Party?…[View]
424456536Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link localization confirmed: https://gematsu.com/2018/07/granblue-fanta…[View]
424464258So, what's the best N64 game? Or the one that represents best the console?[View]
424456887best rpg ever made, dont @ me[View]
424465202>still more fun than most modern FPS games[View]
424455736Characters who did nothing wrong: I'll start[View]
424450994*da daada da daada DAAAdaada dada da da daaa da da daaaa*[View]
424458171I will post this everyday until E3 2019 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogam…[View]
424459470Why did you lie to me, /v/? You said it was a good porn game, but the best part was the story and ch…[View]
424453919I never asked for this broken piece of shit. You can't buy the original Deus Ex: Human Revoluti…[View]
424462848Tf2 party van thread Get in here faggots, currently highertower IP:191.101. 166.177:27095 Password: …[View]
424464968Late Night OJ: lobby 20 year old boomer pass rage[View]
424463202come join my new minecraft server!: http://www.gamesforchange.org/game/auti-sim/[View]
424452497The absolute state of Vinesauce[View]
424462561how could anyone say this is a good game? its a mediocre open world meme sprinkled with dumb anime s…[View]
424460986Say hello to your Pokémon newcomers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[View]
424463546ARLE FOR SMASH: ▼ Settings Home /v/ - Video Games This thread is archived ...ARLE FOR SMASH ARLE FOR…[View]
424460105You wear gloves to protect your controllers from the oils on your skin, right?[View]
424463838How do I get good at this game? In endurance mode or whatever the infinite one is I can only get to …[View]
424451154Rank the characters of Octopath, best to worst Primrose>Alfyn>Ophillia>Cyrus>H'aani…[View]
424451937I just finished MGS1 and I am at the bomb defusement part of MGS2. Am I supposed to think Raiden is …[View]
424462251ITT: Characters who lower the average likeability for a whole game.[View]
424464456Okay I'm bored as fuck. Are there any good, not-dead, preferably realistic (or at least one wit…[View]
4244642915 days[View]
424464181ambient occlusion: >constant 60 fps >reach certain area >fps drops to 46 >try lowering a…[View]
424464078Uni-Gandalf game: Free concept of sandbox with an ecology magic for Gandalfs^ frufi.itch.io/uni…[View]
424460303>vidya ost uses orchestral instruments >instruments are clearly synthesized…[View]
424462787What are games based on real life events?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IiWik49vQQ[View]
424463047This game is honestly not that bad. I started playing it again after it came out recently for Xbox b…[View]
424451807So what did you get for prime day anon ? Any cool games ?[View]
424462283What video game has the hardest puzzles? >Pic obviously not related[View]
424463164What do you think about Dragon Quest localizations past Dragon Quest 8?[View]
424461771Greatest RPG of all time: Is this truly the pinnacle of RPGs?[View]
424461539saddest video game music ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXKkeFUvgTM top this /v/[View]
424462551So, so fast the sailing ships[View]
424462189>it's a real old-school hardcore rpg >impossible to die >no difficulty setting >$60…[View]
424463308In what ways can you use video games to better yourself? I'll wait.[View]
424458969It's time: Are you ready for Bandana Dee's reveal tonight?[View]
424428968What's your favorite line from the DMC series other than JACKPOT?[View]
424463225>whiff whiff whiff >whiff whiff whiff >whiff whiff whiff >whiff whiff whiff >whiff wh…[View]
424463212For me, it's Hero Duty. The best Chinese Overwatch clone.[View]
424462750Games you've played and didn't finish because reasons: >kingdoms of amalaur >planesc…[View]
424462564this game was pretty great until the last cutscene. I thought I was saving this guy cause he tried t…[View]
424449270why does /v/ glamorize bullying in online video games? acting like a bunch of edgy racist children w…[View]
424455442Best game on the switch prove me wrong protip you can't[View]
424462128Why is James so shit and I knowledgeable at games. It makes me doubt that he even beat or did the ga…[View]
424462929The Sonic Mania review you've been waiting for is finally here!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
424425014Icons: Combat Arena: https://youtu.be/8AiRL74OfRU Is it really doomed?[View]
424443476They can’t keep getting away with it[View]
424461597I want to enjoy wow again... I want to chug redbull at 3am so I can stay up for the xpac launch... I…[View]
424455067Waa~ What are we gonna do om the court, anon-kun?[View]
424462572Who else /made it in/ here? Maplestory 2 thread[View]
424462080Why did the Donkey Kong Country series never get to the same level of notability as Mario?[View]
424461334What are some games that are as fun as memecoin/stock trading?[View]
424457037>video games thread are being deleted but youtuber and eceleb threads remain how do we fix /V/, /…[View]
424461090This is what online Marshall Law players look like.[View]
424462247What happened to them?[View]
424460606does it still hold up 41 years later?[View]
424458868this console only has 1 game worth playing, say something nice about it[View]
424462014Been playing this (Just got to the Prison after Ag and Highpool) and yeah, it's pretty good so …[View]
424461987what is the lewdest piece of official art? hard mode: no senran[View]
424461949I honestly still don't understand blizzard's logic. How could they even think that faction…[View]
424454175ITT: We post the most circle-jerked games on /v/ games[View]
424457240How would he even work[View]
424401684>the healer is the manliest class[View]
424461819video game waifu thread: come on give me some of that good ol lewd but not too lewd shit of your wai…[View]
424458821Should the next Witcher game feature Ciri as the protagonist?[View]
424461468>Game based on an animated series >It's actually great What are some examples of this?…[View]
424455583anyone played xenoblade chronicles 3ds how was it[View]
424461378JRPG thread: What are your favorite JRPGs? What about them appeals to you? What have you played rece…[View]
424461341Now that The Spiral Scouts is out we should be (hopefully) getting more info on Huniepop 2! Rejoice![View]
424458342Chibi Robo is not the hero /v/ deserves, but he’s the hero /v/ needs.[View]
4244589755 days ago microsoft apparently ended sony. How are you guys holding up in a post sony game industry…[View]
424457926what's currently the best rpg out there which could potentially replace this old thing?[View]
424454691What's the major problem with video game 'analysts'?[View]
424461234Name a better multiplayer game than SS13. You can't.[View]
424461221Reminder that this game is living RENT FREE in the minds of Octoniggers and P5fags[View]
424459274Smash Ultimate: Bros.... I'm literally shaking here. You know he's getting in and so do I,…[View]
424461208>Be playing online >spot a modder doing stupid shit >type nidder instead I hope I don'…[View]
424455540kirby thread!!: proof that kirby caused milky way wishes[View]
424461120>redguards aren't red[View]
424457350*blocks your path*[View]
424461061Starfy thread time? Starfy thread time. Post your favorite starfy game, pic related[View]
424422180I finally finished this game and god damn it's a fucking masterpiece. I haven't enjoyed a …[View]
424461012New Vegas is the best Fallout game. Yes, it's better than 1 and 2.[View]
424458842Xenoblade 2: Convince me this game is worth playing at all, /v/. I don't care about the story o…[View]
424458746Twenty men had tried to take him, twenty men had made a slip: Twenty one would be the ranger with th…[View]
424460791Where did the hatred for this game come from? It got decent-good reviews when it came out and the on…[View]
424460760News about Senran 7 soon[View]
424457812Captain Toad Switch CUT CONTENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wqSAh8F4K0 Weren't these supp…[View]
424458559We’ll never get a series this bizarre again will we /v/?[View]
424456161whats the best Resident Evil?[View]
424457190>playing video game >character asks you your name >enter literally anything >'huh, that…[View]
424458081what's the deal with fortnite?[View]
424460130This is Tharja, my personal breeding sow[View]
424458578So what MMO/RPG/FPS/Etc. games are worth playing these days? >inb4 MMO's are dead grandpa…[View]
424443225TF2 PARTY VAN: 191 .101. 166.177:27095 password is a 4 letter word related to anger.[View]
424458467ACTUAL Smash 4 leak: Alright everybody I keep seeing these fucking leak threads about fake Smash 4 l…[View]
424454719What does leveling up feel like?[View]
424448607People were obviously hungry for a decent old school Harvest Moon type game, and Stardew Valley fill…[View]
424460189Souls v Soulless[View]
424459439An absolute chad. Also comfy mania plus thread[View]
424460148Me nuclear. Me wild: Now do grug remember? Who grug? What grug were mean do? Me cheat death, thank…[View]
424460145When's that croc remake gonna be herer?[View]
424459661What game is actually the 'Dark Souls of _____' and deserves that title?[View]
424458371Lost Planet 2: Is this game bad or something? The bosses look really cool but it's got terrible…[View]
424458760Post vidya music that is nostalgic in a way that makes you realize the good times are long gone and …[View]
424452735how do you pronounce 'mana'[View]
424458460Was he really he bad guy? Everything he said was true, and everything he predicted eventually happen…[View]
424454804How come multiplats looked better on PS1?[View]
424458808Now that the dust has settled, are the Waluigifags still butthurt? Smash ultimate thread i guess…[View]
424459717Warcraft 3 thread: Resident evil thread blicky on my sticky uh. Sips 2018 /fit/[View]
424459385BOING BOING sims thread[View]
424454838Is Nintendo really that bad?[View]
424459082>tfw I remember the internet a decade or so ago >tfw I remember back when there was a shitton …[View]
424427772I can get an Oculus Rift for $350 right now, should I bite the bullet? also VR thread I guess[View]
424458914What the fuck am I in for?[View]
424459163What is the nickelback of video games?[View]
424429080Why is it that developers seemingly cannot remake a game while staying faithful to it visually?[View]
424456824Rank'Em : Far Cry: 2 > Blood Dragon > 3 > 4 > 5 > dogshit > Primal Never pla…[View]
424458680So I only get to do the hordes island and miss out on half the content? Great job Blizz.[View]
424457901Vidya character crush?: Hey /v/, I was wondering if any of you had had a crush on any video game cha…[View]
424456243Do you listen to video game music while working out?[View]
424457219ITT: Fuck you I liked it and I want the servers back you fucks[View]
424458163Do you know how humiliating it is to have a son?[View]
424456265Are we going to see a new Zelda game based on the engine for botw? I don't get why they can…[View]
424457389ITT: games you replayed and werent as good as you remember[View]
424457224Overwatch: How is she still the best girl[View]
424458046Octopath Traveler: Is Octopath Traveler better or worse than bravely default and second?[View]
424458328Admit Bloodborne is the best game ever made, or I'll beat your ass[View]
424430057What are those games that no matter how hard you’ve tried, you just cannot get into and don’t like?[View]
424458654First game you fapped to thread >dry cumming with all that stamina was the best thing ever…[View]
424455314Give it to me straight, should I?[View]
424456938/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>424413501 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
424454573Why aren't you playing shiburin's game?[View]
424433404why do old games have such an odd aesthetic to them?[View]
424455781>I will buy dark souls for nintendo switch >I will take it on trips with me…[View]
424453646Sonic Resurgence Leak: Sonics Resurgence A 2019 Sonic game developed during time of sonic forces.Fe…[View]
424457108does anyone else's switch pro controller have a fucked up R button that doesn't register p…[View]
424458205Is this baby the weakest character in video game history? IS his biggest feat getting his stolen cak…[View]
424458149Post the best controller of all time[View]
424454903SMELLY ____ _____[View]
424455983Why is Silent Hill 4 regarded as the worst of the original games?[View]
424450585The Council: So this game is pretty cool. It's like a mixture between a Telltale game and one o…[View]
424456935r8 and h8[View]
424456753What level or boss from any game in the series was hard to beat?[View]
424457792serious question: how did they get away with charging a license fee for this? it boggles my mind tha…[View]
424457189>party members are synced up for experience and levels >one dies at the last turn of a battle …[View]
424456281>people will defend this[View]
424456142Have you ever disliked a game because someone you didn’t like liked a game?[View]
424452660Find a flaw[View]
424457504comfy shenmue thread[View]
424451951Why is it so hard to find a good, non-violent game that doesn't rely on having to bring harm to…[View]
424448736What are fun soccer video games?[View]
424457093Anti-consumer business practices: What would be the benefit for more game companies to be pro-consum…[View]
424455671ITT: We discuss why BiBo is a good name.[View]
424413501/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>424339389 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
424453962ITT: Subtle videogame-related apparel[View]
424446975Should I cop this, /v/? I currently only have a 1080p monitor and was looking to upgrade. The only d…[View]
424457132Remember to vote everybody's favorite play-making support! Dota 2 thread[View]
424447626What are some recommended space sims? I'm looking for combat more than trading but i'll ch…[View]
424456082Many people asdume that this symbol at the end of dark souls 3 was to show that the fire is truly fa…[View]
424447081Fishing Games (Minigames Included): Why are there no good fishing games?[View]
424457025How do you get into the lore?[View]
424456949Why are there no keygens for halo 2? I downloaded it, but after the first level you have to register…[View]
424453879touhou gameplay only discussion thread: Desu, I feel like the series peaked with Perfect Cherry Blos…[View]
424452335I prefer life without that shit-made Internet. My life was fine. I can't read the book anymore,…[View]
424451928Metroid thread: Seriously, how can Nintendo be the 'child safe' brand with one of their mascots bein…[View]
424456554Quest for Glory spiritual successor: Well so Hero-U finally came out. It's probably shit but ha…[View]
424456794>redguards aren't red[View]
424453768Did anyone here actually finish this?[View]
424453762Hey look it Santa Cla-OH SHIT![View]
424448481The Smash Ultimate DK Reps: All of you were so wrong predicting DK reps for Smash Bros Ultimate. The…[View]
424450010>become so popular that beated ORAS in japan >now is forgotten and dead what went wrong yokaib…[View]
424454546Fuck this bitch. I gave the ring to Julien and even made sure to talk to him last before going to th…[View]
424446989>get 6 wives >cuck 5 bros I sincerely hope this isn't an activity you wish to partake in.…[View]
424456462>Kingdom Hearts has consistent lo-[View]
424437897She’s got an ass like an extra thick cut loaf of bread, and i want a slice. i wish Chun-li was real.…[View]
424454840what are some games i can zone out to while i listen to podcasts?[View]
424456368Oh hey have some weird nostalgia[View]
424441373Now that the dust has settled, was Kratos nerfed in this game compared to the previous ones?[View]
424443663>JRPG >Final boss is god / bad guy who became god >it's some grotesque writing mass of…[View]
424456268Are there any hiking/camping video games? Not survival or crafting, well, maybe some survival elemen…[View]
424456072out of town for 2 weeks: recommend me a game thats action rpg but able to skip dialogues and go stra…[View]
424445179Persona 4: I just beat this game with the normal ending (because fuck me for not doing all social li…[View]
424455360who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
424456120What single player modes do you want to see and what do you want them to be like?[View]
424453329If the true ending of Steins;Gate 0 was supposed to trigger the true ending of Steins;Gate, why didn…[View]
424448386I have about 5 hours in so far, and I have to say the OST in this game is on fr**kin' point, la…[View]
424413335How to properly vidya banter?: Need some advice here. How do you get into your enemy's head? No…[View]
424450860>a metric fuckton of mods for Tel Uvirith >a couple of decent mods for Rethan Manor >a coup…[View]
424445563You have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't maining a Dark Iron Dwarf in BfA.[View]
424454212>Akira celebrates its 30th anniversary today >still no proper video game…[View]
424455761Hey, I heard you liked video games.[View]
424454051>TF2 i shit >Quake Live is shit >Dirty Bomb is shit >R6S is shit >CS:GO is an utter a…[View]
424441618Octopath Traveler's Combat is Boring.: Action Based JRPGs > Turn Based JRPGs. Prove me wrong…[View]
424437225Absolutely no reason this couldn't have gotten a release on PS4. If it was then Square Enix wou…[View]
424455435How in the fuck do I skill 'Sneak'? It's impossible.[View]
424405150SILENT HILL: How does it still hold up so damn well?[View]
424455642fuck you and your meme smash roster: fuck you anon fuck you too your meme character isn't getti…[View]
424455597Autismo Shit: ITT: Autismo shit you do in vidya >play NBA 2K (inb4 norman) >game has classic n…[View]
424455502>He doesn't play as a blacksmith[View]
424446551>pc version will have less content than console for the same price Why is this allowed?…[View]
424450001Resturant Names: 3 Lives Bar or Press F for Food[View]
424448263This is harder than Dark Souls.[View]
424455253>clear party >wait 1 hour for party finder to fill >wipes once >disband I hate you yoshi…[View]
424448350Is diablo 3 really THAT bad?[View]
424452763This game isn't good for beginners to WRPGs.[View]
424453190Yeah I'm thinking Xbox is back.[View]
424454219what are some good online multiplayer games that old low spec computers can run?[View]
424452983>that 717 year old Ardanian Proglaront who thinks Halo 12 ODST X: The Golden Collection isn'…[View]
424452485Finished DaS last week, which version of DaS2 should I pick up? This or the original?[View]
424445448>PC gaming is better then Nintend-[View]
424454420What are some really good video game bosses?[View]
424454578Have you ever revisited an old game and enjoyed it more than the last time you played it? I been rep…[View]
424447745>Esports aren't real sports[View]
424448082She did not need a rework[View]
424453382Finally finished the game om the PS4™. What did I think of it?[View]
424452185Is Skylanders any good?[View]
424453851Aside from Mass Effect and the Metroid Prime Trilogy, what other space games are enjoyable to play a…[View]
424453603Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
424451707>Nintendo stocks 37,000 Japanese Yen >Sony Stocks 6,001 Japanese Yen Does this mean Nintendo w…[View]
424453764N64 Classic Mini: Is it gonna happen this year, /v/?[View]
424452338CJ looking Tupac: >be me >gf tells she got blocked by the Tupac lookalike marcc rose on instag…[View]
424452269What other Wii U games should I buy?[View]
424417252Oh don’t worry I like the Resident Evil thread we have here. REmake>4>2>1>0>Rev2>3…[View]
424452896Post apex cringe games.[View]
424453575Darksiders: Darksiders?[View]
4244520853DO Army Men Thread[View]
424447284>the title screen foreshadows the plot twist[View]
424439957Should Jaina be punished for assisting in the murder of her father?[View]
424447560>all those 90s mascot platformers that took shots at Mario to try to stand out >they're a…[View]
424450824What games have similar combat to this?[View]
424453046I'm thinking about giving fallout 4 another run, any interesting builds you guys have ran that …[View]
424453115Any mednafen pros on? I'm about 20+hrs into FF8, and it's time to move to disc 2. But... I…[View]
424451306Oh yes I'm a gamer. I like Fortnite, Call of Duty, FIFA and CS:GO[View]
424451734I upgraded from a 21' to a 28' monitor and now have 4K, but still only a GTX 1070. What are some mod…[View]
424448212Expansions/DLCs: Post/discuss underrated DLCs and Expansion packs for games[View]
424452339I just saw that this game is on Sale on Steam. Is it any good? Never heard about it but it looks int…[View]
424452190>The ancient evil is actually quite benevolent and just has a temper from their kind being killed…[View]
424451916Scrapped(?) Power Rangers Game: Hello /v/, I'm not going to try and do any fancy introductions …[View]
424448460what went wrong?[View]
424440860>choppy animation that consists of 3 frames per second, most of which look like pic related So th…[View]
424452524Jurassic World Evolution thread? Post your parks and dinos and discuss how badly Frontier and Univer…[View]
424449856Post video music that gets you pumped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDfnx3kgguk https://www.youtub…[View]
424449019The World Ends With You: Who else is looking forward to Final Remix? New tracks, extra content. The …[View]
424452119Klonoa is trans![View]
424451863SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE LEAKED NEWCOMER!!!!!!: So my sources found a new character that is yet to…[View]
424452136Is Resident Evil 7 any good?[View]
424452212Where were you when DMC regained its spookiness?[View]
424450571Look at him. Look at this faggot and laugh. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
424445343 [View]
424451831> doesn’t play viddeya games for a few weeks because life got in the way > turns on PC > …[View]
424451375is it weird that i take long breaks from playing a game? like one im partway through. for example im…[View]
424451949Is it finally gonna happen boiz?[View]
424451354I saw Todd Howard at a Starbucks in Rockville. I was on vacation up there when I stopped in for a li…[View]
424446604Was it kino?[View]
424449939>reloading after every shot[View]
424451672https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phixh-rVPiY This track is the sickest most dopetacular radnificent t…[View]
424447556Why did they ruin it?[View]
424427110r8 my sweet new gaming tshirt, and post gamerwear[View]
424451698>Mario games went from challenging and fun to easy babby tier garbage Could Mario ever be fixed?…[View]
424451770>try to make your avatar in a Japanese made game as close to your real world height as possible …[View]
424446586Why aren't you sitting correctly right now?[View]
424447893God save the TF2 THREAD![View]
424451224Bayonetta thread: It's my first time getting into a game like this, why is it so goddamn diffic…[View]
424451395Is there literal only hope of salvaging this smoldering fuckheap of a 'game' to claim that it failed…[View]
424448669Coin Truth is found in death Shadowstep Truth is found in death Shadowstep Truth is found in death …[View]
424419749Help K. Rool: Give him your energy so he can defeat the Ashleyfags.[View]
424448502ITT: quality vidya box arts: pic related what's your favorite vidya box art?[View]
424451307>2000+18 >people still doing console wars god, i feel sorry for you…[View]
424437282Buying a game apparently entitles you saying nigger or fagot in multiplayer chat and not getting ban…[View]
424445149What's wrong with Ocelot in this game /v/? He feels like a totally different person. Just too t…[View]
424450628Where are my fellow xbros waiting for that late summer sale[View]
424449928I'm now only two years away from achieving wizardry. Recommend me games with top tier magic so …[View]
424448904Did you ever beat hell? What are your hopes for Spelunky 2?[View]
424446146Fellas, what would you say my mans chances are for being playable in Smash Ultimate?[View]
424450882Are you guys going to get the newest Atelier game?[View]
424449174Would another crash help the games industry?[View]
424450042>someone uses a racial slur on chat >report him >gets banned Is there a better feeling?…[View]
424425654Amazon Prime Day: Any good deals on Amazon Mexico?[View]
424450574Hideo Kojima is an absolute genius. A visionary. You cannot refute this.[View]
424431539octopath thread: Why does she wear such lewd gloves?[View]
424445441what are some games that both the old and young alike enjoy?[View]
424448138Iconic Vidya Asses: Who’s missing ?[View]
424450620Relm Arrowny is a goddamn dork, and you're a dork for liking her. Relm Arrowny can go pound san…[View]
424450482Should have made Fire Emblem Awakening 2.[View]
424450323What are some dumb, high testosterone, bikini armor, high adventure games ? I want to play some garb…[View]
424443162How did Naughty Dog get away with making a level that is literally impossible to complete? What chea…[View]
424444017Harvest Moon: You DID marry best girl, right /v/?[View]
424448570alright lads, how about we a host of risk rain before we go to sleep [View]
424449142>play Civ V >200 turns in >realize i've been doing nothing but researching shit and bu…[View]
424444716Why are YOU not playing Morrowind online with your bros, anon? https://openmw.org/en/ https://github…[View]
424448552Will we get codec again?[View]
424449217FF VI: How does this game hold up so many years later? I want to play a good JRPG badly but I'm…[View]
424441629Smash Ultimate: Predicting Shadow as his own character: I'm predicting he's not an echo an…[View]
424444479>start game for the first time >play for like 10 hours straight and love it >never touch it…[View]
424448693>want to play dying FPS >3 servers still online that are active >At least 1 to 3 hackers ev…[View]
424449046Here's why RE5 was better than 4[View]
424446137Sooo whats /v/'s view of collector's editions ? Whats the best or worse you've seen o…[View]
424449632SmUsh (Smash Ultimate) Leak: Soccer Eye told me in a dream that Kobe Byrant will be a playable Pokem…[View]
424445198How do I stop being bad[View]
424445031HERE WE GO[View]
424449427What's the most realistic example of romance in a video game?[View]
424449379Is there a more memorable character in recent games than him[View]
424448327This War Of Mine: Does anyone know where i can download it free? (Pic Unrelated)[View]
424449293Hey do any of you remember a game released in the late 90's called Myth 2: Soulblighter? Well, …[View]
4244422687th Gen Console Models: The 7th gen of consoles was a very interesting time. While consoles in the p…[View]
424448114>130 dollarydoos[View]
424448520Is anything happening tonight?[View]
424449060>every year there are less and less godd vidya getting released >only one good game is coming …[View]
424441909Admit it, the share button is the most innovative feature introduced to consoles in the last decade.[View]
424448528Batman Games: Origins was god awful Pretty much anything by Rocksteady was amazing. I'd rather …[View]
424428726Have you done your part, anon?[View]
424447945man i sure love coming to /v/ for hot takes and political news[View]
424447479>MC sacrifices himself >Gets rescued moments after his death…[View]
424447689A Bonneter?[View]
424445386Are there any hiking/wilderness video games? Not survival or crafting, well, maybe some survival ele…[View]
424448139https://youtu.be/v5CZQpqF_74 Why is nobody talking about this?[View]
424448459>Gets butt-blasted that Siege handing out instant bans for racial slurs in an attempt to rope in …[View]
424448320>one ps4 pro, please.[View]
424447654Would it be regarded as highly if it wasn't an exclusive? And the only exclusive on the console…[View]
424446942Bloodstained=Casual: Can somebody explain why people are hyped for the new Bloodstained? Just becaus…[View]
424446661The last time I truly enjoyed gaming was when playing picture related. Can /v/ recommend me some gam…[View]
424448078>it just works How does Todd always get away with it?[View]
424441230What the FUCK where they THINKING?[View]
424447532Rank the characters of Octopath, best to worst GO Primrose>Alfyn>Ophillia>Cyrus>H'a…[View]
424447912>the most tedious sidequest in any game for the worst reward in any game What were they thinking?…[View]
424437171NMS:NEXT: Will (you) give it another chance?[View]
424446150Not memeing, genuinely asking, when does combat in this game get fun? I am about five hours in and w…[View]
424423630K.Rool thread: Since he’s a shoo in for smash, let’s have a comfy thread before his reveal[View]
424446224So how hyped are you for Spice and Wolf VR? Written by the original author, of course. https://twitt…[View]
424438818196 days until kingdom hearts 3 comes out[View]
424439374This is your Emperor for tonight[View]
424447368STOP MAKING MULTIPLAYER GAMES: All of these games have shut down or are going to >Lawbreakers (Se…[View]
424446761Resident evil 2: Who else is too scared to play these games?[View]
424447351Hey Guys. Legitimately asking for advise here. To make things short. I want to change my date of bir…[View]
424442975I WANT MY I WANT MY I WANT MY TWITCH TV Now look at them zoomers that's the way you do it You p…[View]
424443874Games with this aesthetic?[View]
424446607>game trailer promises a game with very high production values >actual game ends up having ver…[View]
424447062Which girl is the best[View]
424447316Phoenix Wright is full of characters who may as well be named Gaylord Cocksnog.[View]
424447343Then there's... Weaseletta and Terror Teddy? What the fuck?[View]
424447332>when zoomers say 'oof' in reference to Roblox but this is what I hear instead https://…[View]
424447323Anyone tried this out? I just finished the latest episode and thoroughly enjoyed it, it's a bre…[View]
424447307So after Aoioni, Corpse Party, Angels of Death, what other rpg maker games do you want to get their …[View]
424443901Are you fucking ready, /v/?! And a one and a two and a one, two, three, four COUNTRY ROADS[View]
424447224Where is the host and the worms thread?[View]
424447157Remember that fortnite 'controversy'? The one that MS and Nintendo tried to use in their favor? The …[View]
424445743>China Level >China Music starts playing[View]
424434219What am I in for?[View]
424445042Why aren't you playing his game, bros?[View]
424446902>tfw you never connected link cables with anyone[View]
424445883*saves your genre*[View]
424446972Did gust really use the vita sprites what the fuck[View]
424439568ahahahahhahahahaha!: fuck GUN and illfonic.[View]
424446939Hi there :3[View]
424442953Would this be a good buy /v/ ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/292641157832[View]
424402089Make your party. You are only allowed to have three party members[View]
424439530New Smash Bros Ultimate Leak: Nintendo direct will be confirmed in between Wednesday and Thursday. J…[View]
424445105What went wrong[View]
424441757What would his persona be like?[View]
424446596Hey, is the Devil May Cry HD Collection a good pick for someone wanting to get into the series? Or s…[View]
424441558Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.[View]
424444143The Four Horsemen of Ultimate.: THESE are your newcomers. Get acquainted.[View]
424441563What is the BEST version of Shadow?[View]
424446593Do you agree with the following quote in regards to video games / software development releases? Als…[View]
424446447What's better: this or Estival Versus?[View]
424442062>HUH name a better sound effect/quote protip:you can't[View]
4244418948.8: Did it deserve better?[View]
424442307What games do you regret purchasing at full price when they came out?[View]
424446153so I'm putting an effort into becoming a twitch steamer. I'm starting off with an older ga…[View]
424433425>Be into Fallout 4 again recently >enjoying just killing stuff for a while >buzz wears off …[View]
424445739GTA5 is 3-6 hours Shorter than San Andreas: To 100% GTAV requires only 10 hours To 100% San Andreas …[View]
424445424do you treat streamers with the respect they deserve?[View]
424445685>download this game >press spacebar 970 times >never reach a point where I get to make a ch…[View]
424438407Gaming Headsets: These fuckers just died on me and I need a new 7.1 headset. Does /v/ have any recco…[View]
424445965God save the TF2 THREAD ![View]
424445545Name a more timeless masterpiece. Oh wait - you cant[View]
424405381>2018 >No night and day cycle confirmed dead on arrival blunder of the century the final nail …[View]
424429676This is a Japanese dragon.[View]
424443228Vidya music thread: Can we get one of these going? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W5iWCCjNwE…[View]
424431152Why does this line make people mad[View]
424445770ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
424444232The hardest game you have played: Post the hardest game you have played. >i only solo'd…[View]
424397736Akali: Rogue Assassin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCQMIZkevBc Thoughts? I hope they don't …[View]
424444281Which one has the best sound direction?[View]
424443478Windows 10 turns three years old this month on July 29 Do you strongly hate, despise or dislike Wind…[View]
424445595All the one liners in this game are so edgy yet Riddick does not feel like hes a complete edge lord[View]
424443367When did it become cool to like anime fighting games, and why?[View]
424444102just finished the last of us. What did you guys think of it? I thought it was great[View]
424442202Pearl is cute![View]
424433439>Big name shooter tries to be mature. >Shows lesbians kissing on screen to appease lefties at …[View]
424438141Can we have a Gears of War thread?[View]
424443562Literally the 'Dark Souls' of videogames.[View]
424438429>play through this >do all the content >put hundreds of hours in >its alright at best, g…[View]
424440671Have you ever taken advantage of an exploit in an online game?[View]
424445030What games have an incel antagonist?[View]
424439858ITT: Post characters you wanna punch.[View]
424442607Should I buy 1 or 2 first? I saw theres a DLC to combine both buy you need to own both, so I figure …[View]
424444826If you could time travel, where would you go?[View]
424440350Fuck the Dream Machines. I can't find Zap Guns to easily beat Mr. Shakedown.[View]
424444519>I'll be your 1-up Girl! What did she mean by this? ODYSSEY YOU SEE…[View]
424438045I have never played a horror game before, where do I start?[View]
424439581>scientific advancement is evil[View]
424444807The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 6 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ (…[View]
424418516Octopath Traveler vs Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Which one is the best JRPG on the Switch?[View]
424442164I TAKE THE BOY[View]
424444548can anyone recommend a good real time civilization builder? I was looking at Banished, but I wanted …[View]
424425462why do people say this has good gunplay? i played it and it sucked. i wanted to get into it for the …[View]
424442647Is it worth $4?[View]
424443518This is the new hero of Overwatch. What do you think?[View]
424437080Hey, it's up to us to take out Umbrella.[View]
424442553>no final, combined story What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
424443340You remembered to buy KISS - Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child and financially support /ourguy/ Gen…[View]
424442930>Pedro has joined the server >Pedro: :V[View]
424443859I don't really be watching Youtubers, but I'm watching this How Not to Play Metal Gear Sol…[View]
424438991how do we feel about warcraft?[View]
424443723>his favorite video game is on the SNES[View]
424438404The game is now justbuildlol. What went wrong /v/?[View]
424443258Whats the best way to fix a scratched disc? Found my brothers old Ps2 with San Andreas, Silent hill…[View]
424442782Games for this feel?[View]
424442726>I don't care about winning I just play to have fun[View]
424443084What does the 'C.' stand for?[View]
424442175Final Fantasy XIV STORMBLOOD: Ready to go to Garlamald?[View]
424438698Why is this game still up in spite of being declared beyond dead for the last three years? Are MMO s…[View]
424442264Microphone or no microphone to trigger the ending?[View]
424442939Easyer eggs are the best, which ones did you guys find on your own?[View]
424441487What is the purpose of the crotch spike?[View]
424442846How's Dante not the most soy dude out there?: >guy dresses fabolously with weird colored hai…[View]
424433691If I'm interested in making a gaming journalism website, and I'm considering investing in …[View]
424441829>objective: SURVIVE[View]
424442602Pokemon Gen 2 Shiny Breeding: So I've been breeding a shiny male Gyarados with a female Dratnin…[View]
424442781>Gamer™ lifestyle[View]
424442558>game makes you a mary sue and is a glorified self insert fanfic >still manages to be really g…[View]
424442575>tfw you get half way through a really fun game and realize you're going to beat it soon…[View]
424429098Is RNG a good or bad thing?[View]
424440807Pre-millennium PC games: What is your favourite pre-2000 PC video game?[View]
424442657Any Chest Engine pros around? I'm playing Final Fantasy 8 via mednafen, and I can't seem t…[View]
424442306Gamer Fuel: Hi my fellow gamers. I am about to engage in a video game session and I need a boost. I …[View]
4244323176 bucks on sale, looked fun. What am I in for?[View]
424420223SPICE & WOLF VR: WHERE WERE YOU WHEN VR SAVED ANIME *AND* VIDYA? https://twitter.com/spicytails/…[View]
424434639How did Solid Snake not realize that something was up with Miller when he sounded like a 30 year old…[View]
424439743When did you get tired of modern military shooters?[View]
424442516What was the dumbest shit you ever did for a platinum trophy? Was it worth it? Is it ever worth it?[View]
424434815remake when[View]
424442385Do you miss it?[View]
424440636>made by the Osaka team RIP[View]
424441781FUCKING WHITE MALES: how long till Kotaku bitches about RDR 2[View]
424440657*blocks your path*[View]
424420068Japan is dominated by Nint-[View]
424442304It's comfy.[View]
424438363When is Nintendo going to make a 4K capable Switch dock? Something similar to the Xbox One X or the …[View]
424441891If you win, you get a shiny disc made of gold. If you lose, the devil gets your soul. What vs game a…[View]
424439381TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT[View]
424442072https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lsvuvz9aNY >you might be the ingredient I seek >this'll …[View]
424441993SF: Shh, everyone! Cody's sleeping.[View]
424432154Y-you're not watching your n-n-nicotine intake![View]
424441786ARLE FOR SMASH: ▼ Settings Home /v/ - Video Games This thread is archived ...ARLE FOR SMASH ARLE FOR…[View]
424439519Anthem: Does anyone care about this game? I see barely anyone talking about it. Will this flopping f…[View]
424436863Is this game worth getting?[View]
424404378Reminder that there was a timeline in which Robin DIDN'T have amnesia, and she & Chrom STIL…[View]
424439151>ITT Funny things to title my LFG. Remember nothing discriminatory or offensive, and no disruptiv…[View]
424437928What does /v/ think of Terraria Overhaul? Honestly I don't see myself going back to base game, …[View]
424437748The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 6 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ (…[View]
424421538Other than Metro and STALKER, are there any good games set in Russia?[View]
424441386Vidya Music Thread: >hate amerifats >play this game >that feel when you will never light up…[View]
424438885Best gun in any WW2 shooter[View]
424440607Factorio: >Was told factorio was an autism game >Cant be this bad, looks fun, buy it. >Laun…[View]
424440806>It's Miku Monday >no thread Let's fix that…[View]
424440995Tried to start a thread earlier but >bongs Why isn’t this game talked about here? Bugs have been …[View]
424439032does /v/ like sins of a solar empire?[View]
424439520>go to /v/ >see cropped porn >masturbate >get bored and leave /v/ what's the point?…[View]
424436541It honestly angers me so much that this expansion was a complete train wreck because IMO it had so m…[View]
424440124>Switch gets an exclusive >FUCK! WHY CAN'T THIS COME OUT ON THE PS4/PC/XBONE?! >Switch…[View]
424439071is this game as cool as the box art makes it out to be?[View]
424439973>Dad walks in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_o_AozZwvk[View]
424435362Why you didn't watch the Uncharted fan film yet? Starring Nathan Fillion. It's fucking kin…[View]
424440754>mfw accidentally entering gregor's stomping grounds[View]
424439783*is the most powerful class in the game at all times*[View]
424440704They call it PC because you're a *plebian cuck* for using one![View]
424424451How does /v/ feel about online games removing content? It's a tactic every online game uses now…[View]
424440573Question for electric nerd fags https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqo4_T4yvYw skip to 1:57 The exact s…[View]
424437273I got this shit early today. Can I play it without getting Reggie’s banhammer?[View]
424436425How do I make-a da game?: I wanna learn how to code and make a game, what language? What program to …[View]
424433146Most underrated survival horror? >EuroGamer 'Overall, despite the admittedly sloppy combat, …[View]
424440361just zoomer things: >the game is doing the whole break the 4th wall thing and is fucking with you…[View]
424429069Stop playing anime games.[View]
424392889Why is the armor so fucking stupid?[View]
424440435Poison Thread: I want to choke on poisons enormous penis[View]
424440391>Unpopular Opinions Pic related is the best 3D sonic game pre-boost era…[View]
424440146You can choose one (1) special move of your Smash main to be more accurate to their original game. T…[View]
424438163> be the likeable fun guy in chat > suddenly everyone gets in voice > someone else becomes …[View]
424440040ITS BEEN[View]
424433417How do you get past the Boomers?[View]
424436810I've never played any of the system shocks because I'm a console pleb, but I'm enjoyi…[View]
424440048It's been four years since the reveal of Crackdown 3, and people are still eagerly awaiting. Qu…[View]
424437830It has been TWENTY ONE YEARS Why does a FUCKING PLAYSTATION 1 GAME still have the best combat system…[View]
424437951>semi-decent colorful map with destructible buildings >all you do is hide and shoot random peo…[View]
424434646>crtl+f >maple >0/0 WHO ELSE GOT IN…[View]
424437330Sonic Mania Plus: Barely a day left, who are you trying out first?[View]
424436183It will be the best expansion yet[View]
424417507Will you be playing chinkbotes when it launches Soon™ in english?[View]
424421364Which option is better in your opinion? PC + Switch VS PC+ PS4[View]
424398463SEGA BTFO ALL TRIPLE A DEVS: https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1018894544497020934 HOW WILL …[View]
424439402Choose your power![View]
424439161anyone play this? just found it in my steam library and i have no idea if i should even bother insta…[View]
424439078>that 24yo boomer[View]
424438901Find a flaw[View]
424397641Baa. baa. *BOOM*[View]
424436458Y'all Dumbasses: 'Muh..! If you want Geno or King K. Rool in Smash Ultimate you're a retar…[View]
424425003Help me meme this into existence[View]
424438806What are some games where the 'evil oppressors' are actually 10000% justified?[View]
424437275Classic Sonic bros, tell me three good things that came out of Modern Sonic. Modern Sonic bros, tell…[View]
424431849Post the best boys from their respective games.[View]
424430365Min>Seed>Vaas>Jackal Prove me wrong.[View]
424438270Would Captain America be able to take down Big Boss?[View]
424438517Sonic Dreams Collection: What was the point?[View]
424438357'Here's your new Animal Crossing, bro.'[View]
424438535Why is he so perfrct, bros?[View]
424436364Who would win?[View]
424438640COUNTRY ROAD[View]
424435703You think her gameplay is fake?[View]
424438338Good grief, the music in this game is terrible. I want to find the guy who made the soundtrack and s…[View]
424435262What does this commercial mean for the future of Sega? Are they going to repair the damage? https://…[View]
424409598How would you revive the Mother franchise?[View]
424438252>timed segments[View]
424433405Fallout 76: THIS IS YOUR FAULT /V/ >Trash Fallout 4 >Now get some zero story bullshit MMO for…[View]
424371798gyakuten saiban 7 TGS18: capcom has GS7 ready for TGS18 switch/mobile 2019 main are phoenix apollo +…[View]
424437254>every person who shit talks others on a server always turns out to have a private profile…[View]
424437694Was it kino?[View]
424438004I've seen a lot of whining on this board about BOTW being too easy or armor being overpowered, …[View]
424420413Let's talk about Tomba 2.[View]
424433534>Gamefreak makes a console Pokemon game >it's not a more fleshed out Colosseum but why…[View]
424437879What are the most boring and unfun maps in the first person shooters besides dust 2?[View]
424435213Do nu JRPGs not know how to do half decent storytelling without boring social situations with tons o…[View]
424437734Yes im aware i still got one more gem to go. ask me anything[View]
424437498space vidya: X4 is gonna be good right, /v/? It won't be Rebirth 2.0? Also Starsector. That gam…[View]
424437727>no inferno bossrush mode What went wrong?[View]
424428048What made the world of Thief so engrossing and immersing?[View]
424433646What went wrong? Except releasing almost at the same time as Half-Life 2? Ill start >Imp behind e…[View]
424435086NINTENDO WON[View]
424418264Who's ready to replay/finally play the greatest games of all time[View]
424436208is anyone playing it? thoughts?[View]
424427370How was this allowed?[View]
424435291games where you can live in a mansion[View]
424436870>gg ez[View]
424436956a hunter is a hunter even in a bloodborne thread[View]
424434527Shrines: >first see this in the 2016 BotW trailer >'holy shit I can't wait to explore the…[View]
424437307>Having a discussion about graphics and only about graphics >People come in just to say 'Graph…[View]
424436415Why are some people obsessed with this mouse?: Is there even a plot in any of these games?[View]
424436142From the frenchies who brought you E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, comes the Half-Life 1 mod Syndicate Bla…[View]
424436712>What's that, sonny? >Think you recognize me, do ya? >Heh heh heh, nooo... I'm ju…[View]
424434709Unironically, which games have nice water? I personally really like the Halo 3 water, it wasn't…[View]
424436949Is the Switch the best handheld vidya machine right now?[View]
424437130dream games: >KH game where you play as mickey and go to FF worlds…[View]
424428838https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NWhA3GbtFU What are some games that make you feel uneasy, like ther…[View]
424437096Who would his Persona be?[View]
424437082>CHAT BOTS[View]
424436936You may pick any 6 of these to be echo fighters.: Funky Kong Dark Samus Raichu Ninten Black Shadow …[View]
424436004Why is there no flying in video games?[View]
424434982'We should not interfere and let the humans solve their own problems' 20 years later 'Humans have to…[View]
424435892[delays the end of every enemy's every attack telegraph for precisely the number of frames that…[View]
424426890Rage quit: What's the hardest you've ever raged at a game /v/? I'm talking about a ti…[View]
424435590Any chance we will get another game in the Batman Arkham series?: Maybe set between Origins and Asyl…[View]
424433707>Valve has halted the approval process for all sexually adult games on Steam. >Developers have…[View]
424434349just finished this, what did /v/ think of it? I give it a 6/10, pretty good art style, music, some e…[View]
424424635Smash Bros/Nintendo direct leak: They got the funko thing right Has this been debunked yet?[View]
424432126Dark Cloud/Dark Chronicle: How are these games /v/? They're both on sale for ~$5 on PSN.[View]
424436047what happened[View]
424436494What do you want from Dying Light 2?[View]
424436450Rune Factory 4: We all know that axe is the superior weapon; but who is the superior waifu?[View]
424434384Anyone recognize this logo? Possibly video game/ software related from the 90s perhaps?[View]
424434987Anybody else here get memed into thinking this was going to have dmc, NG, or bayo tier combat?[View]
424434253I want some game ideas. Suggestions?[View]
424436325What's that? Ridley was chosen?[View]
424431786Four years after it was announced, Crackdown 3 is in a tough spot: >“They have faced multiple cha…[View]
424434994if you never had a victory royale, you are not a gamer[View]
424426402>trying to look for cheap deals for pc games >cant even log in due to the site crashing >mf…[View]
424436252What is your best civ in civilization 6?: Mine is Rome, I rush legions and a Great General, in turn …[View]
424430225how many amiibos are adults allowed to own?[View]
424432009What do you guys think of this quote?[View]
424436017Any good Multiplayer Co-Op games?: Do you guys know of any good Multiplayer Co-Op games? Within the …[View]
424436016Is it any good? Worth buying?[View]
424428078Paper Mario TTYD: Starting TTYD for the first time, when is the most optimal time to start clearing …[View]
424428771How do we make a Thing game for the modern generation?[View]
424434654ARLE FOR SMASH: Arle Nadja for Smash Ultimate! Who is Arle Nadja and why should she be on the roste…[View]
424434086Twilight Princess BTFO[View]
424435841What are some good jrpgs that don't feel like tropey weebshit?[View]
424434343ITT: Post lines from older games that would be considered offensive in today's standards >Yo…[View]
424434495Will e-sports ever be taken seriously?[View]
424435731All N2 ever wanted was some shota dick, but 9S had no eyes to anyone else other than that ugly robot…[View]
424434430Is this the best game protagonist of all time?[View]
424430553The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 6 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ (…[View]
424430873The best Fire Emblem game[View]
424435184ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
424428662One of these looks like shit[View]
424435156When does this get good? All I've done so far is go from tower to tower. The overworld is also …[View]
424435457ITT: Your favorite game and why you like it, give recommendations based on the reasons. Interconnect…[View]
424433997>Katana >Trench coat >Spiky white hair >Half demon >Nothing personnel kid attitude …[View]
424432183Why did this turn out so bad after so much time in the oven and so much build up?[View]
424435245nintendo direct leak: - No directs will be coming before September 12 - September 12 there will be a…[View]
424434926m-muh daughterfu[View]
424435169>Spytards are complaining about giving the dragons more character >Spytards are complaining ab…[View]
424433591Why do asshats bitch about monster genders when you just kill them anyways?: There, I fixed your mon…[View]
424434890Guys I'm about to play my Switch at my local cafe. Wish me luck![View]
424432270Hey /v/ what do you recommend me? a GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB or a nintendo switch[View]
424435074When do you think real time full scale ray tracing will be common in games? Certainly not the PlaySt…[View]
424434209VN thread: Whatcha playing/reading?[View]
424428790A Silent Faulty Feeling...: How are you guys? Side note, play any games with unique atmosphere? Pic …[View]
424433516ITT: games with god-tier postgame content[View]
424434907Will it ever be topped?[View]
424426069So I want to play a horror game of current generation after playing Alien Isolation and im split bet…[View]
424434082Favorite thing to snack on while gaming Bow down to your master[View]
424434814Do you want to see a new Maximo game? Imdo[View]
424429149TF2 PARTY VAN WHO UP PASS: a four letter word for anger[View]
424434707Echo characters don't take up a slot on the character select screen by default. When you place …[View]
424431804I'M A SCATMAN[View]
424410786It's going to be a disaster. Like WoD except people will realize how bad it is after a week ins…[View]
424432587What's a horror game that's not really scary but somehow is still entertaining?[View]
424409480DOOM Eternal: What do you all expect from DOOM Eternal?[View]
424431530I already have this game: Here is a code for your nintendo switch to download bayonetta. B121SKPN5YK…[View]
424434528How do I make-a da game?: I wanna start learning how to code and such, where's a good place to …[View]
424427601Smash Ultimate Leak: A few things you may need to know about Smash Ultimate: There are 7 newcomers l…[View]
424433046What went wrong?[View]
424434397>If it wasn't for Sonys greed we could have played Bloodborne at 4k 60 fps on PC I'm st…[View]
424432548nintendo direct leak: > The leak that states Mother 3D frogot stuff and is wrong with a few stuff…[View]
424432220GTA5 is 3-6 hours Shorter than San Andreas: To 100% GTAV requires only 10 hours To 100% San Andreas …[View]
424434284Guildwars appreciation thread: Play Guildwars as newbie: 4 coherent stories with clear timeline and …[View]
424394672Sims 4 thread! What expansion packs are due next? Yes I know there is a general, /v/ treads are a l…[View]
424434151>he pre-ordered?[View]
424433892gaming injury thread: Ever get: >carpal tunnel >tendonitis >nintendo thumb from gaming? wha…[View]
424429359IT'S FUCKIN OUT BRUSH >post your best gun >Lmao 5 shotguns…[View]
424432334How did i do /v/?[View]
424429789Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Prediction Thread.[View]
424419059>no one chats and no one reports either >free loot every game >Blizzard treats you as an ad…[View]
424426096Why is it red green blue pink? Why isn't the square yellow?[View]
424433812Please post comfy sunny areas in videogames, preferably without people, but artificial structures ar…[View]
424432821FF7 was a great game but fuck a remake was not needed, a remaster would have sold like crazy and peo…[View]
424433182>Pirate AAA game Nothing is lost, it will have buyers anyway. >Pirate niche game Every singl…[View]
424433523>still no translation WHY[View]
424433625What smash/fgc tourneys are you going to this year anon? Have you been practicing enough to not go 0…[View]
424428529Let's get rowdy~![View]
424430950ITT: characters who trigger /v/[View]
424421652Syndicate Black Ops: From the frenchies who brought you E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, comes the Half-Lif…[View]
424433297>Play Bloodborne >Everything looks like baked plastic toy version of Gothik >Wow what great…[View]
424433271native speaker: oh my goooood! (watch the english parts!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSDqGHnDR5…[View]
424428230I'm thinking about buying some wii games, I know its a dumb system, but some of my favorite gam…[View]
424419671Reminder that Nep is pure.[View]
424428540>her arms enclosing him, her scent fills him with excitement, creates a moment so strong he can r…[View]
424433134OH NO! DARK SPIRIT BANE HAS INVADED YOUR WORLD! The last video game character you played as is the o…[View]
424432973LOL PANTHEON JUNGLE: HOW THE FUCK DO I COUNTER THIS CUNT ? Don't even get me started on ARAM.…[View]
424432991Who had the best video game childhood? Nes/Mastersystem era. (Commodore if you where PC user back th…[View]
424432754>need to appear busy in the computer what are some good text based games?…[View]
424429628>start game >it's turn-based No but seriously, how can anyone with a functional brain sta…[View]
424419216Splatoon 2 thread: Post your DUMBEST webms[View]
424432446what did you think of this game, /v/?[View]
424432532What does /V/ think of the new expansion. This is the least excited I've been.[View]
424432424Tomb raider/Lara Croft thread. Let's talk about the queen of gaming.[View]
424428282does risk of rain gets better if i unlock diferent classes or its another game /v/ memed into thinki…[View]
424425312Hey guys after extensive beta testing with the PS4 we are happy to announce the PC version![View]
424425603He literally did nothing wrong.[View]
424432106Games zoomers will never understand.[View]
424431040What makes a good hard mode in RPGs?[View]
424432141Post your best demo videos https://youtube.com/watch?v=WTGAC-B34p4[View]
424430554Testing this new idea in the middle of battle.[View]
424420697How stronk are you?[View]
424429975Soul vs souless[View]
424432030>Halfway through July and we've still heard nothing It's not gonna happen this year, is…[View]
424430648What are some good ways to troll in instanced dungeons in MMOs? I can get bored from time to time an…[View]
424428015itt: kino graphics only[View]
424430354Dragon Quest XI: I'm seeing actual advertisements for this game online. Did SquareEnix finally …[View]
424430186>play RTS game >easy is too easy >normal is too hard…[View]
424430000Roblox. Home.[View]
424424818???: Why do we like this game more than souls again? It has all the same flaws as souls but then add…[View]
424415450I'd pay extra for online games for all the kids to be sent to a separate server![View]
424429909spin it, pussy.[View]
424431528Do you pirate every game you get? Is there even any point to using the 3ds homebrew method if citra …[View]
424427519IIT: games that are both bad and good at the same time[View]
424430063>playing Crazy Taxi >Ya ya ya ya ya starts playing…[View]
424430921What is greatest plot twist in vidya history?[View]
424429604I WALK A LONELY ROAD[View]
424429638>game has AI that makes clearly subpar choices >if you don't babysit the AI, it will fuck…[View]
424431307What were some of your favorite and well done stealth segments[View]
424430971What other games take place in a USA compromised by a foreign dictator?[View]
424411560WEBM Thread: post em[View]
424429680Hey, this thing is actually pretty good[View]
424420037The Xbox One Is A Bit Shit (The Jimquisition): Is he right? https://youtu.be/9Y_tFVfQseY[View]
424430964baroque: i'm playing this little game aiming to finish it. i already completed the main story, …[View]
424427640Are all spiderman games exclusive to playstation from this point forward? Or is the insomniac games …[View]
424429001Based Belgium[View]
424431008Sirica thread: A character from Kirby[View]
424429559Should i ?: Never played Street Fighter before. Is SFV a good starting point or should i just wait f…[View]
424423426play borderlands 2[View]
424430851Post your arcade sticks.[View]
424430716You are given a task of turning Bethesda into a respectable game studio. How do you achieve that?[View]
424430697>'I do think that there basically have been great video game movies, they just weren't based…[View]
424419452Hey anon, hey, ever played old adventure games?[View]
424391034If ever you find yourself falling from a large building, just shout 'dark souls isn't always fa…[View]
424429851new thread from >>424388748[View]
424429429If you see this I love woomy. Woomy woomy.[View]
424430116Why is this game and its customs so fucking good?[View]
424429990Our game on Steam - a school project: Hey, we made a new multiplayer game in our computer curse in …[View]
424381583Breasts: Breasts gfycat.com[View]
424430058are auto banning word filters good or bad?[View]
424428658>people who play with Motion Blur, Depth of Field and V-Sync on[View]
424429806so these guys took over the entire galaxy a few weeks after Mass Effect 3 ended, right? ME3 is the b…[View]
424421926Is this still the GOAT 3D DBZ fighter?[View]
424429603Who would have thought that DarkSydePhil was the actual sane, level headed one between himself, and …[View]
424423212I can honestly say that this is the single greatest story ever in video gaming history. Up there wit…[View]
424429480MY FUCKING DICK[View]
424421262What Souls game have the best/worst Magic system: Going from DaS 1 to DaS 2 i was pretty bummed when…[View]
424429397There has never a more powerful outro / credits that this. https://youtu.be/gUGZzp6kY60?t=1h5m16s…[View]
424429374Does anyone here make high quality videos or at least videos with decent concepts? I want to judge y…[View]
424428351Is there a game that has Witcher 3 -tier quality? All other games feel sub-par after playing Witcher…[View]
424420521Any emulation pros around, specifically PS1? So I'm trying to play through FFVIII, and after a …[View]
424429282Post a more accurate list, I’ll wait[View]
424429262Post your most wanted Smash Ultimate characters[View]
424429234*fucks your shit up*[View]
424428518does /v/ deletes/uninstalls games that you have already beaten? >inb4 replaying it instantly…[View]
424429208>Original: Spyro is dull, world is colourful >Remake: Spyro is colourful, world is dull. That …[View]
424426560>when u realize diversity has been forced by EA since 2001 9/11 bush jews it all makes sense now…[View]
424429020>here's your controller bro[View]
424428319Tattoos in Gaming: What is the best tattoos you saw in in a video game?[View]
424429082Will Fox be the one with a support staff this time?[View]
424429052All of these Nintendo Direct leaks and none of them have Pikmin 4.[View]
424414813You did buy nu-Gust's only decent game Blue Reflection. Right?[View]
424352931Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle: how do you chose your team, withcute characters or manly characters?…[View]
424425101Smash Direct Leak: July 30th for the date. -New info on the new Yoshi Game. Confirmed Birdo Mode fro…[View]
424428952POST EXCITING VIDYA TUNES! I'll start... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk-9ihcy2R8&start_…[View]
424426959Fextralife is now literally trying to install malware on your PC.[View]
424426882Stormcloaks or Imperium?: Well /v/ who did you side with?[View]
424423009Do you enjoy playing Illusion games? What was your first?[View]
424428697Which Total War is the best one?[View]
424426084>game is supposed to not be terrifying >game has skeletons…[View]
424428608How can this guy be such a trailblazer? Has anyone ever done crazy stuff like this on a video game s…[View]
424426920>playing Rimworld on anything but extreme Randy Random permadeath[View]
424418409The most kino ending in gaming.[View]
424428063post some games /v/ hyped or told you were good only for you to find out they're mediocre trash…[View]
424422545I actually like the diversity in video games i know a lot of you guys on this board like it too time…[View]
424425810What do you think about FNaF?[View]
424388748>If you suck the lyrics sounds like it's mocking you >If you got gud, the lyrics sounds l…[View]
424424379Is there a game where the protag is a lowlife?[View]
424426401Sup /v/, say, can you post a certain kind of vidya for me please? I'm looking for videogames wi…[View]
424428362>wait for over 15 years for a sequel/remake of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis >wish is finall…[View]
424425530>people who say Dixie Kong should be an echo of Diddy in Smash Bros. How you can tell when people…[View]
424426751For me, it's Todd Howard. One of us who Ascended[View]
424428271Big Brig: >shield bashes you during your ult The fuck are you gonna do about it, faggot fuckbitch…[View]
424420809I wanna live inside her pusy.[View]
424425709DAME DA NE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lhJ0LZtv3w[View]
424403780NAUGHTY DOG TO 'ONE-UP' SANTA MONICA: IS JOEL DEAD ? According to their own words: 'The Last of Us P…[View]
424423859>when your team gets mad at you for picking the funnest but most useless class…[View]
424417848You now have the powers of the last character you played as[View]
424428101So its tradition at this point for a new pokemon to be added, the question is which one? If it is a …[View]
424402141It says here you've played as a khajiit in an Elder Scolls game. Care to explain yourself?[View]
424428115Yep,now THIS is a game for real gamers.[View]
424426981Smash Switch E3 Leak: Okay so I just got a sneak peak at Nintendo's E3 Direct. Most of it Smash…[View]
424427850https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHsEYEHdu_k What do you think /v/?[View]
424421921Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak: - My Brother works at Nintendo and he told me this - There will be in all…[View]
424419623so, why the did the vita fail, /v/? moriarty seems to think it's because sony gave up on it too…[View]
424427503What are some good ways to troll in instanced dungeons in MMOs? I can get bored from time to time an…[View]
424424039Video game movies that don't suck.[View]
424407867Where were you when Ubisoft ended online racism?[View]
424427262I WALK A LONELY ROAD[View]
424426495Why isn't it legitimately dead yet? It's obvious that the game is never coming out, but th…[View]
424412484Bad Game Design: ITT: Bad game design. Or a 2D sonic thread, they're interchangeable.[View]
424427270What are some games where the name entry screen music is better than any other track in the game ?[View]
424427235It's real: https://twitter.com/RubyEclipse/status/1018912905415163904?s=19[View]
424426451Squid or Octopus?[View]
424426504favorite switch game rn?: asking because im b o r e d[View]
424425797Things wrong with modern games: >matchmaking >no server list >no console >modding discou…[View]
424412520What game made you feel this afterwards?[View]
424426191Amazon Prime Day thread: It's literally nothing edition[View]
424417346Best portable game device?: Ok yes I know portable gaming devices is pleb tier etc but I want to get…[View]
424415167Pick your character anon, i'll be playing Wang-Tang.[View]
424426571Story time! n the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Bur…[View]
424426520Ah, Blockbuster. Now that was a way to get video games. Kids today will never understand the magical…[View]
424420163why is he so happy?[View]
424424074Ray is the best 2d Sonic character. It's literally Mario World cape but it works so well in Son…[View]
424397776>90% chance to hit >still misses is XCOM to blame for making save scumming a valid tactic?…[View]
424406980Toxic communities: Name a community more toxic than rocket league ranked pro tip you cant The combin…[View]
424407131ITT: Quotes burned into your mind: YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, THE MORE THE MERRIER[View]
424425454does anyone else's switch pro controller have a fucked up R button that doesn't register p…[View]
424424636>still no good game where you play as a goblin[View]
424424953Why do you hate this game? Once you learn to play you more or less have a 1/100th chance of winning,…[View]
424426146>tfw streamer starts bullying you on chat[View]
424425921>turn based combat decided by dice rolls? That's how a game SHOULD be played! They don'…[View]
424423387Post yfw[View]
424425956Are there any mods that make this game less bullshit[View]
424425513How does /v/ feel about this?[View]
424424234How come us Shadowbros face the brunt of stigma and backlash when Tails fags consistently prove them…[View]
424424235Have fun, Neku![View]
424425778ITT: Litteral 10/10 games.[View]
424424707Pre patch tomorrow bois Whos excited?[View]
424380217Are you enjoying /ourgame/?[View]
424421541Well done.[View]
424406816Does anyone know if there's anything worth getting during Prime Day?[View]
424416338THE HOLY BINITY OF INDIE GAMES: These two games are: >best indie games by far >arguably best v…[View]
424397875Was it really THAT bad?[View]
424404525Which Princess Zelda is your favorite?[View]
424424685it's him![View]
424425057Bearer Seek Seek Lest[View]
424416371This is probably one of the best FPS made in the last 10 years, say something nice to him![View]
424421593/bst/ Battlestation Thread: Please post your game setups. I would like to see and discuss how we pla…[View]
424424939get ready to cringe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8A_92sgA2E[View]
424413239how did tret have SEX with his tree wife? also golden sun thread[View]
424392550Target pick up thread: So last night target fucked up and let people stack 7 codes which led to some…[View]
424417803>My gaming friend is playing with others and not with me >I write him on chat several times he…[View]
424418962E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy: >Typical day, slaying jian scums and gaining brouzoufs >Suddenly, yo…[View]
4244231253ds wifi always blinks orange wat do. have no friends tranbsfered my nnid to new 3ds lost old one[View]
424424246>PS4 >Soulsborne 6 begging >Top selling game is a last gen port of GTA >CoD, AssCreed, F…[View]
424423662What games best exemplify 'good writing'?[View]
424422379Is pic related still worth playing?[View]
424422317What NES newcomer do you want to see in Smash Ultimate? What hardware inspired newcomer do you want …[View]
424420865Is this a good time to build PC ?: I've been a console pleb my entire life and I'm sick of…[View]
424384440http://cogconnected.com/2018/07/star-citizen-supporters-can-no-longer-receive-refunds/ LOL[View]
424418514>most american gundam >stuck in Japan[View]
424420956Nintendo Direct August 4th >new Zelda will be on Switch, will be titled The Legend of Zelda The D…[View]
424418313Soul Calibur 6: I'm practising Talim but there seems to be no kiss tummy option. Has this been…[View]
424423787only 101 days until red dead redemption 2[View]
424421554Wich games allow me to play as a bard?[View]
424420734Am I the only one that feels that Nintendo titles get too much of a 'boost' in their scores simply f…[View]
424421220Well it's been like 5 months with my gf and I haven't tried at all to introduce her in vid…[View]
424423550Silent Hill 2: you can now play the PC version of Silent Hill 2 with the original PS2 audio quality!…[View]
424420864What went wrong?[View]
424423431I just can't do it...I just can't...[View]
424423303minecraft is gonna die[View]
424423297COCO WORLD CONFIRMED: Well, not really but, would you play a world inspired in Mexico and Mexican cu…[View]
424423289what other good party games are there other than Gang Beasts and Speedrunners?[View]
424423228>It's a far cry from modern fps[View]
424418179Sir Alonne: Was this fight the opus magnum of Miyazaki bosses fights?[View]
424423113>mfw when another PS4 exclusive is getting destroyed on metacritic.[View]
424415915Switch HACKED: https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-install-run-any-switch-firmware-unofficially-witho…[View]
424422616She sold millions!![View]
424422812>those moments in RE4 where the music and ingame sounds go completely silent…[View]
424422921Maxey.: Maxey.[View]
424422881Wow, this is actually a great social commentary, on par with MGS2[View]
424422797wario discord - https://discord.gg/n4sYkjD[View]
424414346How the fuck do you go from being the more realistic and sensible character in the first half of the…[View]
424422071Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[View]
424422682I hope you guys have those apexis cristals ready.[View]
424416129What are some comfy toaster-tier PC games I can play in the background?[View]
424421994Has the RPG genre finally been saved?[View]
424419579Metal Gear Solid movie script is finshed: https://movieweb.com/metal-gear-solid-movie-script-finishe…[View]
424421298ITT: Opinions you would be crusified for having on /v/: I like and enjoy Bioware and David Cage game…[View]
424421703>voiced by Laura Bailey[View]
424415017What are some characters that represent /v/?[View]
424421305If the game was that fun, why do I feel zero motivation in chasing more moons post-game? Maybe I sho…[View]
424422249>boss morphs into something else mid-fight[View]
424421782How would you spend your final day? And why arent there more games based around fixed timecycles you…[View]
424418959What do you think about this new wave of gaming personalities?[View]
424422014Ok, bought Elite Dangerous after reading about it and got hyper, played half the tutorial yesterday …[View]
424352101Dokkan Thread: >tfw only able to pull INT LR's Not having enough Elder Kai's is pain…[View]
424421651>Villain is an organization consisting of eccentric characters Is there a better trope? Also what…[View]
424419510What are your favorite badass anime girl badass anime snipers?[View]
424416651Step one: Breathe deep Step two: Clear mind Step three:[View]
424419276What category should subtitles be in? >Display >Game >Audio…[View]
424418107MGS 2 / V: Metal Gear Solid V is just revisiting the concepts in 2. Can you think of other similarit…[View]
424421328>remake still keeps the SOUL[View]
424418232I absolutely cannot get into pic related. I like Fallout so much more. Why am I a degenerate, /v/?[View]
424416492How does /v/ feel about online games removing content? It's a tactic every online game uses now…[View]
424410226 [View]
424412147>mfw the player just quicksaved while looking right at me[View]
424364305K. Rool thread: Since he's almost practically confirmed due to Funky leak, how about a nice and…[View]
424420983Post what game you're currently playing and a weird fetish that you have. Girls working out na…[View]
424420937COUNTRY ROADS~[View]
424410383>every series you love are either dead or have become shit[View]
424420902>I will show you my Demon! What did he mean by this?[View]
424420884Video Waifus: I was watching /V/ the musical and there is a part where they say Video waifus over an…[View]
424417692Is BiBo peak physique?[View]
424418002Who is that?[View]
424416074fuckin cringe you can see that all the good devs retired and their fuckin children got the jobs[View]
424418605Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leaks: SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE HAS BEEN CANCELLED.[View]
424420753EZ this game is hard[View]
424420264Your in the club and this guy deathfists your girl's ass. What do you do?[View]
424420427>called nintendo funkos >called deluxe DLC >said the direct will show Surge (the 3rd gym le…[View]
424420548Does anybody here have any experience pre-ordering games on Amazon? Like should I expect it delivere…[View]
424397335Why haven't you hacked your Switch yet? It's fool-proof, takes about 5 minutes, and it wor…[View]
424417605SCUM: It's coming out in august. You ARE going to buy the game of the year, right anon?[View]
424409778BLOODBORNE: Every area looks the exact same. Every boss is either a wolfish beast or some blobby mas…[View]
424409760Can someone explain to me why this wall building simulator is so popular?[View]
424416449people unironically think this guy won't just be an assist trophy[View]
424413401Is this actually good?[View]
424414868Say hello to your next smash newcomer, Game boy from they Game boy series[View]
424419717>'Digital-only distribution of vidya will enable savings via crypto currenc-ughchhhhhh...' >'N…[View]
424419778this game sucks[View]
424419352Where do they rank among the best JRPG parties?[View]
424406084So, how's your last day with legion going? Do you finished heroic raid?[View]
424419632Many of you may remember a supposed 'leak' for a Nintendo direct on July 22nd. While the original po…[View]
424404938ITT: classic maps that arent actually that good[View]
424415717Name a bigger scam artist in all of gaming. I'll wait.[View]
424419147Resident evil thread RE2make hype[View]
424418182Revolver Ocelot: Revolver Ocelot[View]
424419586>mhgu > mhw[View]
424377695/THE ELDER SCROLLS VI/: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkFdqqyI8y4 What do you want to see impl…[View]
424414826>there's a guy who ported WMMT into Unity engine SOMEBODY FUCKING FUND THIS MAN!…[View]
424416279>guy adds you on steam >has 'csgoskins.ru' next to his name…[View]
424417967Do you prefer the glyph system in Ecclesia with every attack consuming magic but you have a high reg…[View]
424419090>'give us money so you can buy our shitty physical indie games!' > takes months to ship the fu…[View]
424398221RE4 Fans Actually Confirmed for Fucking Retards: >QTE knife to win OH NO NO NO NO >b-b-but it…[View]
424418836I want him in Smash[View]
424418328Does /v/ like Pacha?[View]
424414981Are they good guys or the bad guys? I really cant tell right now.[View]
424417149Foreman Bob? More like Fortnite Bob[View]
424417106>You know, Rex, with great power comes great responsibility. Rudyard Kipling called it 'The Ardan…[View]
424419084Zero-chan here. Remember me? I used to be a big star in this series called 'Mega Man'. I used to be …[View]
424418740Any suggestions to similar games? loved how simple it was yet you had to actually think and plan ahe…[View]
424417707>Walk into gamestop >I'll have that game >'oh I think we have it pre owned let me chec…[View]
424417283>fighting game/FPS >you can destroy the scenery…[View]
424416095A real Smashing leak: So a friend of mine got this off of a Japanese website, dunno where though. Ap…[View]
424413291Shining Resonance Refrain: You bought their game, right /v/?[View]
424418820>You know, if I could click you you'd never have a moment's peace…[View]
424418463is it still infested with hackers + modders?[View]
424414924What's the porpuse of the sunglasses implants?[View]
424417548How did this get 10/10 reviews again? I’m 3 hours in and all I’ve done is walk through forest and fi…[View]
424402148>literally killed everyone on the island so he could get out What an asshole…[View]
424417606So we've been trying to save the planet this whole time, but secretly the planet was perfectly …[View]
424413341the great debate[View]
424414927There's nothing wrong with liking Claire from Resident Evil , Change my mind[View]
424415524Lets play some actual video games! Come play AvP 2000 nopass its called /v/ match![View]
424418260Hello, /v/. I'm going into bragging threads, and I want your hardest games.[View]
424416101Dragon Age vs The Elder Scrolls[View]
424416817What do you think each Soulsborne game does best? DeS: best boss in the series DS1: best lore DS2: b…[View]
424418180HONEST HEARTS NEW DISCORD SERVER: HONEST HEARTS https://discord.gg/tc3UsZ The discord server where e…[View]
424418129>Try to check some game's screenshots on the Playstation Store >Video starts playing auto…[View]
424403585Ye Olde Octopath Threade: RULE: Prithee limit thyself to ye olde English in this Octopath Traveler …[View]
424399023What are some games you dropped and why?[View]
424414263When does it become fun?[View]
424417862post games that cured your insomnia, i will start with this turd.[View]
424389385Divinity: Original Sin 2 vs. Pillars of Eternity 2: Non-shitpost discussion is welcome, which game w…[View]
424396281Play -his- fucking game.[View]
424389967Why are console players fine with paying for online play?[View]
424417467Vampire Bloodlines Clan Quest Mod 4.0 when?: >Clan Quest Mod 4.0 when? It's been getting tea…[View]
424415924Rhythm Heaven in Smash?: This was uploaded and then deleted off of the Smash Bros. Ultimate IMDB pag…[View]
424414920Just how bad can she be?[View]
424417269Very very dumb idea Nintendo. It would have been smarter to make Fire Emblem Awakening 2.[View]
424416787Which Daedric Prince do you worship /v/?[View]
424413896Female characters that do not have this exact face are ugly and have terrible character design[View]
424368137*causally has the best hub, level design, side quests, and twist in gaming*[View]
424374630Is VRChat a game?[View]
424415360What is the appeal of this character?[View]
424408167>tfw when you bought a Switch[View]
424417232Puyo Puyo Tetris: Should I buy it on PC or the Switch?[View]
424417159Car Combat: Been really digging playing split screen road redemption with my buddies lately, and it…[View]
424416723What is your favorite Far Cry game anon and why? Mine is 3 but only because of Vaas, looking back on…[View]
424415593If Solid Snake got all the recessive genes, why does he look and sound exactly like Big Boss? Since …[View]
424405715You have no excuse.[View]
424410130Talk about this game.[View]
424416195You may not like it but this is what peak FF looks like[View]
424416908Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
424416542are there any legit good 'buddy' games?[View]
424416882Why aren't you playing Destiny 2?[View]
424416837>ps5 30fps[View]
424416236Have you bought and games for Prime Day?[View]
424415075Unironically looks fun[View]
424415007What were the most kino moments you had with games /v/?[View]
424416623Nice amazon sale you got the you bald queermo[View]
424416402Old abandoned Samurai FPS/RTS: Did anyone here get to play this no doubt legendary video game mod wi…[View]
424394310Dragon Quest: Think there is a chance that DQXI will do well enough that it'll bring in a bunch…[View]
424415895Guys do you think Kirby's pals will be playable in Smash Bros? I drew Kirby and his pal Bandann…[View]
424407052Now that the dust has settled, do you think this 'leak' is real?[View]
424415607Books are a better gaming platform.[View]
424415873WYVERNS GET OUT[View]
424413356What are some good Vita games? Preferably ones where I can just chill out and not think about playin…[View]
424408457What games had the best skyboxes?[View]
424415023What would his moveset be?[View]
424409254Rate thread Post a game and another anon rates it[View]
424414019Remember that Chinese console company that funded Red Ash? Fuze Entertainment? Well, they released t…[View]
424412676>The entire Kingdom Hearts story Why[View]
424415802small discord server: https://discord.gg/DKzX6pB[View]
424404452Is this a good RPG in terms of story? Or is it the typical modern JRPG where there is no story besid…[View]
424394752RE2make: They'd better not fuck him up[View]
424412394Since were probably not getting any more newcomers based off of the leak, Who ya Mainan in Ultimate …[View]
424411686Does anyone know him? If so, lets have a thread about him.[View]
424405432What is the intrinsic of perfection about this game?[View]
424412953>Pukes at the thought of breeding the fuck outta best girl Aloy. >Despite her being a legit fu…[View]
424415841Cyberpunk and CDP Red future: For those who don't know CDP:Red is a publicly traded company wit…[View]
424410969You have 37 seconds to describe your social life with a video game screenshot.[View]
424412149What went wrong?[View]
424408620So why do people like MH Generation now?[View]
424414706So there a well functioning dude that comes to our LGS and he plays EDH/MTG with us and a few others…[View]
424403319Is this game fun, or is it a generic third person shooter?[View]
424415547It has been 2119 days since the announcement of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.[View]
424415542ITT: overrated games you've played.: >friend tells me about a game and how awesome it is. …[View]
424410603Are you /fit/ enough to have a thick and juicy arm like Venom Snake, /v/?[View]
424413694APOLOGIZE https://attackofthefanboy.com/news/star-citizen-backers-no-longer-able-to-get-refunds/…[View]
424415416https://twitter.com/MyNintendoNews/status/1018666793769013249 what if they announce Shadow as an ech…[View]
424415228>you will never be fat >you will never rollerblade around >you will never plant bombs wake …[View]
424402751How come Dante never uses Alastor anymore? It's just been the Rebellion since DMC2. I thought t…[View]
424413472You know Morality systems, where you choose to be good or evil, kill or don't kill, yada yada y…[View]
424415105>'TF2 is dead' >literally the 8th most played game on steam right now >literally has neve…[View]
424413371Have you thanked based nips today for keeping straight white man protag alive?[View]
424414539Why do they repeat through text messages the same stuff we learned in the story? How many times does…[View]
424414838What do you think they should've done with Morpho Knight? I feel like it was wasted potential, …[View]
424413648So unfortunately you're removed from Switchposting. I do apologise, it's not up to me to d…[View]
424399776Would you say this is true? Also, why do Nintendo fans defend everything Nintendo does, but try to m…[View]
424410014What's currently THE hardware benchmark for PC gaming? I'm lookng for something that reall…[View]
424413324So was the implication that he could talk the entire time, he just chose not to until this moment?[View]
424412823There is no Nintendo direct planned for July but instead for August. Sorry everyone. >Krool will …[View]
424414560Why hasn't there been a pokemon game as good as pic related? Have any of the newer Explorer tit…[View]
424412837What the fuck was his problem?[View]
424411382Atreus said that new Spyro is soul[View]
424412534Sakurai to revive another Nintendo franchise: Apparently Sakurai's next revived series is alrea…[View]
424413679How do we stop Fake Smash Leakers /v/ ?[View]
424412816CODE VEIN[View]
424398306>Gives you the best weapon in the game at the start >Prevents you from getting other weapons t…[View]
424414320WHO: >Such a lust for revenge, WHOOOOO Actually who? Also, just dumb quotes from games thread…[View]
424414316>game lets you be a pacifist[View]
424412412Kirby never had a bad gam-[View]
424414250>Azur Lane English server pre-registration up >https://azurlane.yo-star.com/#/ Neat. Time to m…[View]
424387747Icons Combat Arena™: Become an Icon™ today![View]
424408606>Be a no-name Russian indie dev >Make a decent game >Put sexy robot in your game >Game g…[View]
424414036Hop in anons. We're going Ascian hunting and Garlemald invading.[View]
424374621Unseen Assist Trophies in SSBU: Current list of all Smash 4 Assist Trophys yet to be seen in Smash U…[View]
424414018Super Smash Bros. Ultimate More Fighters: >King K Rool >Simom Belmont >Decidueye >Geno …[View]
424412243>released one year ago >still no SFM[View]
424413836Whats your personal favourite in the series /v/?[View]
424413830>Implying the west doesn't make hot girls still[View]
424412959*Blocks your path*[View]
424413476>Sonic Mania Plus has infomercial ad based on the first Sonic game's commercial on youtube …[View]
424412510You hear it you lose. (keep it videa related)[View]
424339389/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>424304943 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
424413590Star Wars: I have created a Star Wars Fans Discord Page in which you can come on, chat with other fa…[View]
424405081ITT: ACTUAL vidya moments of pure kino[View]
424406167Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak: > My brother works at Nintendo and he found this > There will be 11…[View]
424413378What the fuck was his problem?[View]
424413376When does this shit get fun? I feel like the fights are all the same except for bosses. And the enco…[View]
424398614Daily reminder that if you use a FAQ even once, your run is invalidated and you will never be able t…[View]
424384897>Game has great gameplay but story is generic / plays it safe >Game has shit gameplay but sto…[View]
424413051How do i git gud?[View]
424401553Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Alright, my husband works at nintendo and I’m kinda mad at them for firi…[View]
424405659>talk to person who says they play games a lot >ask what they play >GTA5, CoD, Fortnite, PU…[View]
424410629 [View]
424411835No Man's Sky Next: The next apparently large update for NMS is out in like a week. The latest s…[View]
424412887Name a better gaming platform. You can't.[View]
424412834aaaaaahhhhhhhh: thanks for still taking my money[View]
424411552Resident Evil GAME FRANCHISE THREAD: >fag jannies deleting video game threads Nice.…[View]
424412730This is Gran Jefe. Say something nice about him.[View]
424411254How possible is it that we might get an Ultra Despair Girls 2?[View]
424411985So why are we all believing the Funkyleaks when Vergeben confirmed everything before E3 and said Sim…[View]
424410258Rotating blades. Swinging axes. Sliding spikes. Discus launchers. Dart spitters. What was powering …[View]
424409539*kills Hearthstone*[View]
424410879pull my[View]
424412315How are you enjoying Overachievers being on 400+ thanks to the last rotation and getting you back to…[View]
424412183Be honest /v/, was there ever a game that made you tune down the difficulty?[View]
424408941What games have the best anti-mages?[View]
424408884If we want a God Hand Sequel, we need to sing this pettiton: https://www.change.org/p/capcom-release…[View]
424412276I just realized /mgsg/ isn't in /vg/ anymore so I'll have to ask here. I downloaded the PC…[View]
424405971when does it get good?[View]
424412216So what IS the Maverick Virus? How does it spread and why hasn't every Reploid been infected?[View]
424411147Normal music recs for video game music fans: I need to fit into society and listen to normal music a…[View]
424407427smash bros ultimate leak: subspac[View]
424412083>one of the best designed characters to ever grace SF >unique style >fun to play but not go…[View]
424409350Do games get overrated due to platform allegiance?[View]
424410736What do you think of this logo?[View]
424404431>Stats affect your dialogue Why don't they make RPG's like this anymore?…[View]
424409623Why do online games not have dedicated servers and browsers anymore? Why is every online game obsess…[View]
424408878Post video games with graphics you think will withstand the test of time long down the line. I think…[View]
424411836What happened to Frontier? Where are the updates?[View]
424401306https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar1v1AVlzEE It's been 20 years, why have you not played my game…[View]
424411796Clouds flowing over a hill. Sky on a s Tang Lucky four-leaf-clover. Violets Dandelions along a path…[View]
424411792ITT post vidya kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKHQXuXE8qc[View]
424407637Any emulation pros around, specifically PS1? So I'm trying to play through FFVIII, and after a …[View]
424410705Do you think nurockstar will include something as fun and unexpected as Undead Nightmare in RDR2?[View]
424390861You did buy his game, right /v/?[View]
424409147Fave OST thread? Fave OST thread. FTL: Faster Than Light, Deadbolt, Risk of Rain, and Gunpoint are m…[View]
424408763One copy of Marvel's Spider-Man please.[View]
424411523emptycraft server: Just started this chill minecraft server for /v/ There's no stupid rules or …[View]
424407784ITT: good games that inadvertently ruined their franchise[View]
424407132This is your average jrpg character. Why can't gooks ever make something normal?[View]
424406752ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
424405761How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
424410301Can Nintendo stay relevant as MS bitches?[View]
424405965This is no joke one of the hardest bosses I have ever faced in any game. And this is coming from som…[View]
424411220Clash royale thread[View]
424409035Lapdogs, all of you![View]
424408272ITT: Characters nobody likes.[View]
424408742Neo: Did any of you have a Neo Geo AES growing up? How the fuck did you do it? How many games did yo…[View]
424407558Tips and stuff people might not know: Game doesn't matter, the more hidden the better. Sam can …[View]
424396862Video game bathrooms: Name top video game bathrooms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5uTe3y44Gk…[View]
424410930>want to replay a game >remember THAT part…[View]
424411041Super Mario Odyssey: I feel conned. Every world has two or three actual missions. Aside from those t…[View]
424411028>They had five days to play U4, and I asked them to make as much progress as they could in that t…[View]
424405847There are people on this board this minute, right this fucking second, who actually prefer the dead …[View]
424410717Quality over quantity. Agreed? I'd rather have two characters with fresh mechanics and gimmicks…[View]
424409896Silent hill 2 cutscene analysis: I remember watching an incredible analysis of SH 2 cutscenes, but c…[View]
424408115So /v/, I'm rethinking the Phantom Pain. I think we can all agree the story was a let down. It …[View]
4244103763 MILLION SALES ON PC: DS3 managed to sell 3 million units on PC alone. >reused entire areas from…[View]
424403883What does /v/ thinks about this series? I think I'm gonna start playing the first one now.[View]
424403884>what the fuck, my armor is giving me something called 'negative skills'!?!?…[View]
424369008When does Hollow Knight get good? I was sold on the game with the description that it is highly poli…[View]
424410178What do you think he's been up to lately?[View]
424410229Hi my roommate's tranny girlfriend works at Nintendo. Ashley is in.[View]
424409493i bought this 5 days ago and am already done with it. i still have the gamestop receipt, am i able t…[View]
424409850CS:GO: It could really use some additions in terms of new content or modding that would shake up an …[View]
424409815Check my First 2D Game, it's called Harlequin's Nightmare: What's up, I'm doing …[View]
424406260Mankind Divided story discussion: I feel like the worst mistake the game made was putting the origin…[View]
424396938Thoughts on a Serious Sam series or any game in general ?[View]
424396450>increasing difficulty only increases enemy health[View]
424404294Who are some vidya characters that unequivocally anger /v/?[View]
424408820i dont know about you guys... but new akali gives off some PHAT vibes[View]
424386510What kind of player homes do you like best? Small, personalized spaces that get filled up by stuff f…[View]
424406996VR: Will virtual reality ever go mainstream?[View]
424409373There are a couple of ring and grudge games but nothing really with any sort of effort, how could on…[View]
424403160Why was Mickey too late?[View]
424407914Is this the most underrated NFS?[View]
424406360>game is has a profitable lifespan of FIVE YEARS thanks to ongoing cheesecake costume packs >f…[View]
424376690Today is last day of legion! Don't forget to finish all your achievements that will be lost for…[View]
424393784itt: non replayables[View]
424405187>Decide to revisit pic related (hadn't played since i was like 8) in wake of the remake. …[View]
424404327Unironically the best game of all time: Even for how 'overrated' it is it is still underappreciated.…[View]
424408847GAME: is there any future better game can be created other than pubg[View]
424405669But why?: Yes I know you can immediately remove the card from your account. Why do I need to add a c…[View]
424406204Are you excited for Soul Calibur 6?[View]
424407971I need some good MMOs[View]
424406910What new areas do you think they will add to the game that weren’t in 2 before?[View]
424407336I miss 2010 Minecraft days...[View]
424408530>Sakurai puts him in Smash Ultimate because Sakurai wants another 'Pit'.…[View]
424406673Why the fuck would anyone want to make a Sonic game with gunplay, that's as stupid as having Mi…[View]
424405609>Entire franchise is replete with National Socialist symbolism and imagery. >Narrative blatant…[View]
424408483ROM Leaks: Did any ROM leaks happen on here recently? (pic sort of related)[View]
424407041Mega Man thread: I am really enjoying Battle Network[View]
424407974>people think their shooter isn't rng based[View]
424406303How are my laptop bros doing?[View]
4244060166 days[View]
424407575Ultimate edition when? Chester Story mode when? PSP port when?[View]
424406687Why there are non games on PC? What went WRONG?[View]
424402520What were the earliest games you remember playing as a child? pic unrelated[View]
424406580I AM NOT THE TURD[View]
424378943What do you want to see in this game?[View]
424406647What's your favourite game in the series? I can't get enough of 2. Shame they shut down th…[View]
424407480ITT: Franchises that were already good, but would be prime for a reboot. >You'll never play …[View]
424399146What's the appeal of gacha games? >every story chapter plays out the same >you're gr…[View]
424406448Danganronpa: Who's your favourite character from either DR1,DR2, or DR53.[View]
424407230Go home Waddle Dee, you're drunk![View]
424407221We've seen best console threads, But: Which console best represents gamer culture? I'd say…[View]
424405078ITT strong women done right[View]
424407084what games feature ramen?[View]
424391403>he unironically plays a non-human race in an MMO Why do people do this?…[View]
424399273i miss old /v/[View]
424406693ITT: Games women will NEVER understand: I'll start with the obvious.[View]
424405501I'm looking for some advice.: Arenanet is going downhill and I don't feel comfortable supp…[View]
424406828Where were you when the Irate Gamer was rebooted?[View]
424402564Why aren't you playing ForkKnife?[View]
424406834Its a where the fuck do I go level[View]
424406686I played hundred of hours on DBFZ and loved it, but now i want to try something different. As someon…[View]
424403657How many hours left?[View]
424384264What game has the worst hitboxes? MHFU?[View]
424401241Leave the Nihilanth to me.[View]
424406386What is a good game about making a dungeon for monsters to settle in and then going in and killing t…[View]
424405516Metal Sonic has no chance If Sonic gets an Echo Fighter, it's going to be Shadow.[View]
424393464Worst girl.[View]
424400291Does anyone else love grinding in RPGs? It gives me a tangible sense of progress and growth that I d…[View]
424406003What are some games where a character's ideals turn them into a villain?[View]
424388059Who wore it better?[View]
424402425Vita Means Life![View]
424396972Is it worth buying?[View]
424360136What game really nails playing as a Wizard?[View]
424404969Nintendo Direct: Hey. Can confirm July 22 direct leak is real. Just wanted to give a little more det…[View]
424404857DOOD, DOOM.: /vr/ jannys are too uptight /vr/ was a mistake as was /vg/ Doom thread. Disregard /vr/ …[View]
424405846Is there a worse fanbase than the one of SC? I honestly don't think you could argue that there …[View]
424405661>naval combat makes a return >you can crush other ships and cleave them in half >combat is …[View]
424405804What are examples of poorly executed censorship?[View]
424403228TIME TO CHANGE FATE[View]
424396217Finished my new PC and I've never played any PS2 games, what should I start with?[View]
424404769Guys why does DRM exist?[View]
424404661Geno for Smash Bros Ultimate?: Apparently Geno was actually considered for inclusion as far back as …[View]
424405518Future music: Why don't games with a future setting have music with a killer beat? Why's i…[View]
424401271>tfw REmake 2 is third person[View]
424405450Giftomon thread - Free GTO coins!!: Get in on this. People are spending thousands of dollars on this…[View]
424398080I've played every violent game in existence and I have never killed anyone.[View]
424404193Would this game have turned out good if 1. Breaking Bad didn't ruin writing forever 2. Online …[View]
424394383Buy this game.[View]
424399096How do I get good at fighting people who abuse feints? I'm tired of getting baited so hard.[View]
424401540Just a reminder that Diddy's new final smash is to summon Dixie and beat up the opponents toget…[View]
424403428Imagine selling a 2+ year old games full price. Every COD game.[View]
424400494Why the FUCK is the English Localization of this game so bad?: Look I love this game, but we can adm…[View]
424404932Tio wants ice cream.[View]
424402720What are some jrpgs where the side quests are more fun than the main quests? Bonus points if the mai…[View]
424404507>Re-download Pokemon Go >Want to do a raid >Only gym near my house is in the bad part of th…[View]
424404726He's in, Silver in Smash: IT'S NO USE TAKE THIS![View]
424402310>thought i was done forever >new expansion in a month >feel the urge to come back HOW DO TH…[View]
424402508So yesterday I made a thread asking about amateur voice actors on /v/, and I got a great response fr…[View]
424392307I will buy 2 copies for Ellie[View]
424404060Are you gonna buy it /v/?[View]
424403573This is your Smash Ultimate newcomer for tonight. Be grateful.[View]
424390809About to buy this. I I should not, you must speak now. Any hint of devs being SJW?[View]
424401649nintendo direct leak: - No directs will be coming before September 12 - September 12 there will be a…[View]
424401393Totally relatable, amirite bros? xD[View]
424403960Is there any drawback to getting the jap version instead of the localized? I know it's not the …[View]
424403761Why haven't you preordered Fallout 76 yet /v/?[View]
424402756How do I defeat the Teutons as Goths?[View]
424400098Remember me?[View]
424397203Kingdom Hearts Thread: How does Sora know everything about hearts in the first game? Riku steals his…[View]
424403834what are your fav eroges /v/?[View]
424390004Tales of Zestria: Where do we rank it in the series?[View]
424402537Why is bloodborne the only good love craft game[View]
424403380Why is she so cute?[View]
424402965Spyro Reignited Trilogy: This game has become literally impossible to discuss in a mature way. Every…[View]
424403326What games let me punch[View]
424400502>dialogue >dialogue >dialogue >pretentious cringy story >dialogue So when exactly do …[View]
424397157When did he lose his touch?[View]
424402771Smash bros: Hey guys I wanna help to get power pac jump in smash 4 is a custom move but I don't…[View]
424380259Comfy Octopath Thread So do you always try to have all 4 path actions in your party at a time, or do…[View]
424403114https://kotaku.com/in-the-wake-of-arenanet-firings-game-studios-rethink-t-1827591298 >For a brief…[View]
424401027Post your Smash U main.[View]
424397874OH SHIT[View]
424402858Name me a better roguelike than this.[View]
424401362Serious offer: I will pay 10 USD by Paypal to someone who will let me use their Ps3 account to downl…[View]
424402970Hello. I have a Discord link for you guys to raid. If anything happens, please post a few pictures i…[View]
424402545Look what just fucking happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CZQpqF_74[View]
424393740>PS4 can't play PS1 and PS3 games >PS3 PSN store will be eventually removed and you won…[View]
424401389Stop turning best boys into traps.[View]
424402605>I don't care if it's the best goddamn foot massage bath in the world, I was expecting …[View]
424402459literally the dark soulds of racing sims how the fuck do i get out of the fucking open championship…[View]
424401801Why didn't Queen Myrrah get gangbanged by SGT Marcus, LT Baird, THE COLE TRAIN?[View]
424400813son, they just don't make games like they used to, I remember DMC 3, it was CUHRAYZEE, none of …[View]
424380263>plugging your controller in the 4th slot at your friends house means this character has a god gi…[View]
424402123What is the videogame equivalent of Freelancer?[View]
424400248which games give you an immersive sense of adventure/exploration/wanderlust[View]
424399195Can boss be good if you can beat it first try?[View]
424398352>Want a Nintendo Switch >Okay better get the console first >then some games >then extra …[View]
424400931How come /v/ is so opposed to unprovoked game suggestions?[View]
424354581>/v/ claims game is hard >play it >it's not hard at all >it's medium Why have …[View]
424401596How is her game, /v/?[View]
424401165What the actual fuck did he mean by this?[View]
424400901What are they working on?[View]
424400282Hey, /v/. Is pic related worth buying a ps4 for? I like Dark Souls but I'm not sure if this gam…[View]
424401107Discord Server! Rendezvous: Welcome to Rendezvous @everyone Owners: @sheepSauce Descriptions: This…[View]
424401459post video game kino https://youtube.com/watch?v=vEeuErCKojk[View]
424400707Post tiny video game characters.[View]
424393125What are some upcoming PC exclusives?[View]
424401335What are some games where diet effects hp?[View]
424400770What is even going on anymore?[View]
424401303When will it be released?[View]
424401176>game with character creation has childhood segments >the adult character you make actually ef…[View]
424400721FFXIV Live Letter Thread: >'What's that?' >'You want challenging 4-man content in FFXIV?'…[View]
424397242Name a more unmemorable soundtrack[View]
424401157What are the best skyrim mods?[View]
424400929I just wanted to tell people fun Spanish facts how Black Cat means Gato Negro in Spanish and wanted …[View]
424401052The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 4 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ (…[View]
424400654>enemies can pick up and equip items >item stats and effects add up to theirs…[View]
424399652Post games nobody but you played.[View]
424399513What game can I play as a stupid fucking piece of shit pig?[View]
424399631/v/'s top 100 games: Voting thread. We are making a list of /v/'s top 100 games. The last …[View]
424400856The Dark Souls of books.[View]
424399526>dark souls is a good ga-[View]
424398739I can’t wait to play as my boyfriend in One’s Justice![View]
424400351Games with that feel?[View]
424393185How big is the chance the next Total War get ported to console? They have Total war games on iPad an…[View]
424398820cleanpricegaming: I can't fucking stand this guy and his videos keep popping up in my youtube f…[View]
424372725My copy of Mania Plus came in early today so Sonic thread.[View]
424399747Paying for Switch's online service: >https://www.hypable.com/nintendo-switch-online-service/…[View]
424400553I loved operation genesis and have been looking forward to this game but I’ve heard some pretty conf…[View]
424397924>190 million dollary doos[View]
424400451What game lets me pay for imaginary gas to fuel my imaginary car?[View]
424399939Post vidya dabs Pic unrelated[View]
424395536Tingle should have been the Protagonist: Game would have been marketted with Link as usual, but ever…[View]
424398741>tired of abusive prices on PC parts and no exclusives >finally got an used ps4 slim what are …[View]
424398212Minecraft Schurver[View]
424400194Guys I'm crying right now in the break room ballpit. My manager just took my Switch and put it …[View]
424400165What's your favourite game in the series? I can't get enough of 2. Shame they shut down th…[View]
424400152ITT Ripoffs[View]
424399458So console VR is a dead meme, right? PSVR units and their shitty 'games' are starting to clog up the…[View]
424395858everything wrong with FFXV in a single picture[View]
424398790She doesn't need a Smash representation. She doesn't need a VC release. She doesn't n…[View]
424399959redpill me on this overpriced demo[View]
424396615What are the best Disney games?[View]
424399801When are we gonna get our revenge against bitch veronica gang weeders? rise up[View]
424397767>literally 14 (FOURTEEN) years for a direct sequel >people have fucking died while waiting for…[View]
424399626Does anyone else have a Super Mario Sunshine fetish?: https://youtu.be/Qhqfew7jVSc more specifically…[View]
424399314dead by daylight thread sad the devs dont give a shit about their game anymore, bloodpoints are just…[View]
424398587I need your help /v/. One of my chad friends managed to get 3 chicks to play strip poker via skype t…[View]
424390876Why didn't the alliance use gnome technology to build nukes?[View]
424398868.: .[View]
424399335I'm thinking of buying my multiplats on PS4 from now on. When was the last time you replayed th…[View]
424396245How do we fix the web swinging? Spider-Man looks awkward propelling through the air almost weightles…[View]
424399325Don't mind me, just posting facts related to Demon's Souls.[View]
424399368Which one was the best one? >Jack 2>>>Jack and Daxter>>>Jack 3…[View]
424398308>playing vidya >encounter game breaking glitch >impossible to progress >google the gl…[View]
424395546What vidya gaemu let's me build machines?[View]
424397972Is it possible to fix this game? Bowser JR seems a lot less popular now but backwards trick shots lo…[View]
424398141ITT: Videogame characters who spark your imagination[View]
424398786>questionable quality of 3rd party devs caused the game crash of 83 >2018 >free tools to ma…[View]
424394819https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CZQpqF_74 >Nathan Fillion helped finance and starred in and Unc…[View]
424399036what went wrong[View]
424392947The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 4 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ (…[View]
424389279W H E N ?[View]
424398995You guys excited: for Battlefield V, developed by DICE Interactive?[View]
424398952How retarded is this game? human taxi driver in a futuristic world... JUST[View]
424398908Is this good? As in, it is able to keep my attention span despite it likely being a brainless romp t…[View]
424398883This was pretty good[View]
424393247>Icons has bad character desi-[View]
424398861Just be careful okay /v/?[View]
424395726Ness upsmash sucks: I keep on trying to get back on the stage as ness but i become paralized and die…[View]
424398758He's in.[View]
424397865ITT: literally, virtually, and really did nothing wrong[View]
424397807>gold ranked player >I should be diamond but my teammates always suck…[View]
424397719Is there a more OP video game character than the large pupper?[View]
424392416WTF I only wanted to say 'cheers'[View]
424366442I'm going to give you a premise for a first person shooter and I want you to tell me if it woul…[View]
424398564Elves > Skellies > Beast Folk >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
424347213Cutscenes in this are ducking fantastic[View]
424398460Cygames/Platinum confirm Western release of Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link[View]
424387824G O T Y[View]
424381224You faggots weren't lying. This game is condescending trash.[View]
424390892My frothing demand for this game increases[View]
424398334Octopath Traveler: Can we all agre that is entered the top 3 JRPG's ever made? 1. Chrono Trigge…[View]
424393105Does Shovel Knight's rather frequent cameos in other games hurt the brand and/or lessen the imp…[View]
424397974Humanoids are usually the easiest bosses in Souls because their movements are clear to see and the c…[View]
424372574Heroes of the Shitstorm: How can it be that I consistently get placed on teams with below-trash-tier…[View]
424398198I'm making a little game and have doubts on how to implement something. I want to know what fee…[View]
424391801SciAdv localization: sign the petition boys, it'll help hopefully https://www.change.org/p/spi…[View]
424397272Marvel Infinite: How much more monkey paw can it become?[View]
424396575Play Shadowverse.[View]
424397640Is there a more bland, cookie-cutter JRPG?[View]
424397963daily reminder to kick every non prowler hunter anons[View]
424392619How come no threads about sega's switch rpg contribution? Should I get this or Octopath? The la…[View]
424397883gudon gayben[View]
424390904Dont you guys ever get tired of arguing over which obscure nintendo character should be in smash bro…[View]
424394508He's right, you know[View]
424397837>Return to area >The save point was destroyed…[View]
424387878Why are tanks always got reduced to cannon fodders in every games involve mechs? Why can't deve…[View]
424395705this fucking game man i played Drakengard and D2 before it, and it felt like Drakengard was Taro try…[View]
424390784>gamepad has a one-piece dpad[View]
424394743What did they mean by this?[View]
424397656How can other sport games even compete?[View]
424395653Post your favorite 'here's your controller bro' controller pic related i used this more than my…[View]
424392660They're really getting desperate now. I'll give them a year and a half before they go the …[View]
424397410Guild Wars 2 Controversy - Okay For We, But Not For Thee: https://youtu.be/eb1R49_ubls https://yout…[View]
424396673OLD GOOD NEW BAD[View]
424395304Whats with the hate for the Spyro remasters? People are complaining that it's not true to the o…[View]
424397436All right /v/ you finally memed me into getting it with all this high praise, I gotta say I'm r…[View]
424390217Nintendo Direct September 2018: >Earthbound Trilogy Earthbound, Earthbound Beginnings, and Mother…[View]
424394503Thinking about buying this game. Is it worth it? I want to be talked out, so I’m looking for a reaso…[View]
424393065Do you think the Wii U had too many mario games?[View]
424381052Which game has the best character creator?[View]
424390528MGSV: What I'm in for?[View]
424391447Yesterday we had amazing MHGU hype thread let's continue Who's Charge Blade main? I'v…[View]
424392530Super Smash Bros Ultimate amiibo datamine leak is coming in next week. >Pic is the game that will…[View]
424393082Sonic Mania Plus Infomercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiFgaatXuRc Say it with me boys, SEGA …[View]
424396391I can't believe how shit this guy's art is. Why do GameXplain let this shit happen Look at…[View]
424395291I could never get into this game after trying about 6-7 new playthroughs over the span of 7 years. A…[View]
424395097Custom schemes are fun.[View]
424393438What is a Video Game that your legit upset that it exists?[View]
424396865Star Wars Battlefront (2015): I got this as a gift a few days ago and have been somewhat enjoying it…[View]
424395782After playing 15h of HZD I will never be able to play Witcher 3 or a Hideo Kojima game in my life Th…[View]
424396459Zoo Tycoon: Is it still worth playing?[View]
424386921>h game achievement >stay a virgin the entire game…[View]
424394325Well? Is he right, /v/?[View]
424395062What is the catch for websites like GMG? It always has discounts like 15%+ off for brand new $60 gam…[View]
424395523Kirby Thread: Which one is the cutest to bully?[View]
424395085would you play a polandball fighting game?[View]
424392450While we're in the topic of Love Sonic, is Unleashed the most stylish platformer of all time? …[View]
424395885/v/ it's time to admit it: Soul vs soulless is not a meme. It's a very real thing and key …[View]
424394883Ayo hol up! You be sayin we wuz 4th wall breakers and shit?[View]
424395976Guild Wars 2 Controversy - Okay For We, But Not For Thee: https://youtu.be/eb1R49_ubls https://youtu…[View]
424381792What's so good about FF9 in your opinion?[View]
424390430the gang's all here ;D sony always wins baby[View]
424395323Would you play a direct sequel? I know I would[View]
424396012>A better idea regarding cheaters,hackers, racists and trolls >Terms of Services are a type of…[View]
424393758Why did the ps1 and 2 have so many games but the ps4 have none? Why did people buy a console with no…[View]
424395729She's in, Blaze in Smash: Feel Power of the Flame[View]
424392797Which one should i play next?[View]
424394771ITT: the most autistic games you've found on Steam[View]
424385861How are you holdin up switchbros?[View]
424394095>the entire fucking game can be summarized as THAT LEVEL or THAT MECHANIC why are most gta vice …[View]
424374432Ahh.... silky smooth 30 fps with motion blur. Doesn't get any better than this.[View]
424386728played any good games today?[View]
424392620Literally a pleb filter.[View]
424393224Best coop games by decade? Mine: >80s - Double Dragon >90s - Mario Kart >00s - Gears of War…[View]
424387483>When you google the puzzle solution and it still doesn't make any fucking sense…[View]
424395404>pre patching comming out tommorow >will again dissapear and people will think im dead…[View]
424376786DESTROY NINE BALL[View]
424387610What are some android games? Reccomend me anything, from gacha,beat-em-up and emulators.[View]
424388696>→↓↘ + P Literally and figuratively impossible[View]
424338561What is the most difficult boss you've ever faced? Ys Oath in Felghana bosses for me.[View]
424395236>Game lets you transform your enemies[View]
424392458lol: r8 this screencap i took[View]
424395185Kingdom Hearts Thread: How does Sora know everything about hearts in the first game? [Spoiler]Riku s…[View]
424384227Jet Set Radio is very cool and stylish.[View]
424395043*washes onto youre shore*[View]
424391138>arena fighters in 2018 Kill la Kill: IF My Hero Academia One's Justice Jump Force >2D fi…[View]
424393127how am i supposed to work with a 120gb SSD and a 1TB HDD when gaming? put the main game (50gb) on th…[View]
424394473What the fuck were they thinking? How did this male ot past the concept art stage without being ridi…[View]
424391068can someone build me a 'gaming' budget pc for 611$ ? i want it to have 8gb ram and a gtx 1050 i dont…[View]
424379025Let's start the day with a hearty greeting! Good morning![View]
424391852Do you like Pearl now?[View]
424380791>Be me >multy billion dollar company called blizzard >started out as a garage team to make …[View]
424389605Give me the lowdown on prowler in mhgu. I want all the info and if its viable to use from start of g…[View]
424387684who has the better vampire lore? vampire the masquerade (world of darkness) or legacy of kain?[View]
424388619About to pick up Final Fantasy XV and The Evil Within 2. What were the best and worst things about t…[View]
424394278Are you interested in buying a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 next year on January 29th anon?[View]
424390261Obscure Games Only You Played[View]
424394457It's up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiFgaatXuRc[View]
424393354Dungeon Fighter online: I want to get into this game but im afraid it will be extremely boring and r…[View]
424390757Minecraft: I need help in this I would appreciate if only someone serious would answer[View]
424368203>Runescape, now THAT'S an mmo[View]
424393668This is your cancer for today. Say something nice about him![View]
424394052>playing DMC4 >finally get to Dante >thetimehascomeandsohavei.jpg >most enemies can…[View]
424373009I’ve never played a Silent Hill game, where do I start? What difficulty do I choose if I want the re…[View]
424393376This game[View]
424390202What do people see in this game? The gunplay is fucking dreadful.[View]
424393374Spice & Wolf VR: Thoughts?[View]
424393452So where's the video game tie in with Childs as the thing?[View]
424393506Slap City: CHAD PICKS >chadbujin >goddess of islam >business chadsual man VIRGIN TRYHARDS …[View]
424382397You have 30 seconds to tell me the reason why I shouldn't drop a reset bomb on humanity![View]
424384117I dont get it. Am i finally getting too old for vidya?[View]
424376543Will it ever be topped?[View]
424390102GTA5 is 3-6 hours Shorter than San Andreas: To 100% GTAV requires only 10 hours To 100% San Andreas …[View]
424390497What was the last game that made you cry?[View]
424393249>Implying the 6 character leak isn't real Are you ready to get CURAYZEE on FEfags?…[View]
424374530Hello. We are the two worst characters in Persona 5 that have no value outside of being cheap fetish…[View]
424393214https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik9wmsS35Xc Are there any videogame like this video where you genoci…[View]
424392623Take care out there.[View]
424389906So, are we actually getting K. rool, Or is it just a Meme™[View]
424382591>Devs want to make a faithful one-to-one remaster >This guy blocks your path What will they do…[View]
424391890Infinite ammo.[View]
424390974the picture that saved vydia[View]
424390074Regardless of what you think of Fortnite, you have to admit their scheme with cosmetics is brilliant…[View]
424392548NIER AUTOMATA T-SHIRT: For the anons who think that Automata is a pretentious, meaningless game. The…[View]
424389820ITT games that deserved better.[View]
424391435Would you say 5 years, 8 maybe?[View]
424376025Square-Enix posted a video to celebrate the 20 years of Brave Fencer Musashi on Youtube. Said video …[View]
424391965yeah, I'm thinking he's in![View]
424392607I don't know if I like what they did with Marina's back story Having her be an Octo soldie…[View]
424392606I think it's time we thank Nintendo. Whenever a genre isn't doing so well they step in rea…[View]
424391985What went right?[View]
424389020What's your opinion on e-sports? If you find it bad, why?[View]
424391517why are switch digital games so expensive?[View]
424389474This game is going to get 10/10s across the board and theres nothing you can do about it.[View]
424392092Smash Bros Leak About Oranges: The word of the day is Orange. Or at least somewhat yellow-orange in …[View]
424390138ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
424391619is 120hz a meme?[View]
424392078>New Vegas has good writin-[View]
424391813You now remember Nerf Arena Blast.[View]
424391702She's in furry smash bros.[View]
424387690PS1 games: Post your dearest blocky ps1 games[View]
424389374Is it true that this is the greatest game of all time? Apparently you guys did vote it the best game…[View]
424391634I can't believe Mario fucking died.[View]
424387730>best song in entire game >doesn't fit the game's atmosphere at all https://www.you…[View]
424391881Why on earth aren't you playing the GOTY?[View]
424384338Sony's cinematic third person games are a waste of space: If YOU are buying these games then YO…[View]
424391339Smash: OH NO NO NO NO...[View]
424387846nintendo direct leak: > All ready Peeps, there will be a direct on September 12th, it's supp…[View]
424390685I got a Switch. Do games generally require day-one updates like the system itself? I'm currentl…[View]
424384541Which console has the best digital library? What games does a Nintendo Switch actually have, especia…[View]
424388852what are some good games to play on my samsung galaxy s9?[View]
424387928I just got a switch with CFW. Are there any good homebrew apps yet? Also any games worth pirating be…[View]
424335065Literally the Walmart of gun manufactures in Borderlands. Name me one(1) good gun in their line of w…[View]
424390939Little Dragons Cafe: This game speaks to my soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrEhFNyz_ug&t=0…[View]
424368946Smash Discussion: What are you looking forward to the most? >Characters >Stages >Mechanics …[View]
424391276Th-thanks /v/ for the insider info..[View]
424391232>A promising-looking game on Steam >Reviews are mostly negative though >Look into it >'D…[View]
424390890>knows Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Lucha, Pro Wrestling, Kung-Fu, MMA, Jui-jitsu, Bajiquan, Taekwo…[View]
424386840why hasn't there been a new klonoa game for 10 years?[View]
424374813Kept you waiting huh?[View]
424387183Is this worth a look at now that lootboxes and microtransactions are removed?[View]
424365931What are your hopes and dreams for Diablo IIII?[View]
424386491Are these games fun to play for people who have no friends?[View]
424388227I just realized I never played the Dark Souls 1 DLC and was thinking of getting back to it, only to …[View]
424390443How the fuck does EA still manage to have the Star Wars license? They've had the license for a …[View]
424388793Was it autism?[View]
424389854I miss Gunz.[View]
424390260SOAKED TO THE BRAAAP![View]
424383203>Character you were supposed to care about dies.[View]
424387479Games with this feeling?[View]
424390364Origin is shit: >can't buy anything in the Titanfall 2 store Fuck EA they go to hell…[View]
424354654Octopath Traveler - What are the best job combos?: Just got all the side jobs (well the main ones th…[View]
424386893What the actual fuck. Hack'n'Slash is an RPG subgenre, focused on combat, like Diablo or G…[View]
424386348Are you still angry?[View]
424374281For me, the Astora Greatsword. Beautiful. Elegant. Powerful. Independent. Bold. Impactful. Daring.[View]
424390125>tfw console games are dead[View]
424384064Is there any reason at all to side with Joja Mart?[View]
424384530>best studios >best video games >best football players >best women >best wine >bes…[View]
424389247Is this the biggest cocktease in recent video game industry? What the fuck was that?[View]
424389891Another game beaten and still no answers.[View]
424388181ITT: Casual filters[View]
424387553Finally the real Jump Super Stars is back /v/ none of this Jump Force bulkshit https://youtu.be/sOQO…[View]
424383206Will Sekiro do for Xbox what Bloodborne did for PS4?[View]
424386607Hi, I'm King K. Rool! You may remember from such games as Donkey Kong Country! And nothing else…[View]
424388015>everyone online says it's bad >play it >it's actually good times the internet wa…[View]
424384091>male streamers with female twitch avatars what's the point of baiting me like this if I…[View]
424389124KH3 Cameos: $100 on there being a 2 second cameo of Lightning in KH3 even though she's a worthl…[View]
424387585Puzzle & Dragons Persona Collab: Any good pulls, /v/? I got Ren and the MC from P3[View]
424389187Xenoblade Chronicles 2: On what autism level you have to be in order to like this game?[View]
424388916Best Zelda coming through. The franchise should have never went 3D.[View]
424383863ITT the worst, most embarrassing collectors editions ever released. To start, for anyone that didn’t…[View]
424373823Sleeping Dogs bread. >favorite character >favorite mission >favorite quote >favorite por…[View]
424375761Guys, I'm in love with her[View]
424372289>story was just all a dream >mentor was the antagonist the whole time >aliens out of nowher…[View]
424386629WoW: BfA: >20 level of no new character development except for stat increases ('rental' items) …[View]
424388721Games for this feel?[View]
424388909Wait Far Cry 5 looks like THAT?![View]
424388018Soul Vs. Soulless. Soul. Simplistic Artstyle that looks good for its time and doesn't go out of…[View]
424386717Where is it?[View]
424388402I want to like this game but I just can't. It's so fucking boring[View]
424388825*intimidates /v/*[View]
424388626I LOVE Mar-Mar![View]
424387202>characters ability is a literal BRAP[View]
424387949/ourhero/ Billy: >decides to fuck with old heroes of gaming >decides to fuck with a charity ev…[View]
424385416>games need complex graphics to look goo- desu nothing beats the cool timeless simplicity of ASCI…[View]
424388678>he's wasting invites instead of saving them[View]
424388613happy target day, /v/ what are ya buyan[View]
424385523most alive games via twitch views: lads, at what point would you say a game is dead. desu i think if…[View]
424384275How come modern games are so much worse than old games?[View]
424385903>Two Samuses >Two Zeldas >Two Pits >Three Miis >Three Links >People think there ca…[View]
424388447Is Kefka the greatest villain of all time? He's funny at first but hidden beneath that bumbling…[View]
424388165how could square enix fucked up chrono trigger for PC so hard?[View]
424387847Por cierto, mi nombre és Donte[View]
424388239https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6-u-22V5uJ8 a vid i made with a friend of mine[View]
424378870It's just so BORING![View]
424383293Anyone here emulating on their phone? I've been thinking about playing through the PSX Final Fa…[View]
4243857585 days ago microsoft ended sony. How are you guys holding up in a post sony game industry?[View]
424385976>You are now aware that the 11th anniversary of TWEWY is coming up soon How does that make you fe…[View]
424387945>exclusives matter: Why does /v/ believe this in the face of overwhelming evidence they don'…[View]
424386862How do I get rid of the black vault dwellers?[View]
424383352Hey /v/! Let's have a Cities: Skylines Thread! implying we can talk about video games [View]
424387865What are some good games to play if I own a computer? I'm 26[View]
424387815Bayu Arafat loves Metal Gear Solid. Like, really loves it. So much in fact that he's turned par…[View]
424387786You're pretty good.[View]
424387779>We shouldn't ban people who use toxic language in our games to create a healthier community…[View]
424384004How the fuck do people have backlogs? Do you guys plan to play every shitty game that came out in th…[View]
424374635>100 hours in >just realize there's a kick button…[View]
424387587If a game is hard, is it bad?[View]
424380145Next gen thread: What's in store for the next generation? When will the next generation console…[View]
424387514Why didn't anyone tell me this was fun?[View]
424387467Zelda: How do I stop playing this game?[View]
424387332Wow! I wonder what the Elf loli is reading this time![View]
424382980Pre-millennium PC games: What is your favourite pre-2000 PC video game?[View]
424387482Buy her game.[View]
424382954Even though i’m aware that my impressions of this game are clouded by nostalgia, I still think it’s …[View]
424387427>almost 2,000 love live generals >almost 1,500 neptunia and sonic generals >3,500 granblue …[View]
424387369Wait Bloodborne looks like THAT?[View]
424386980ITT: Games only you remember[View]
424376134Death Stranding: Will it save gaming, /v/?[View]
424375371Will Bioware ever make Dragon Age II? its been like 9 years already[View]
424384379Games you really like but suck at. I picked this up the other day and am loving it, but I can't…[View]
424376948Well? Who is the best GTA protag?[View]
424384753Must play ps2 games?: never played ps2 games or much games in general growing up. Must plays?[View]
424367896Science fiction weapons: So why is it always just some new variation of guns?[View]
424372282So what's the word on how good the new Dragon Quest is?[View]
424368287Why is she so sexual towards her little brother?[View]
424385876Literally worse than bioware.[View]
424380268Prime Day- Britbong Hours: Is anything good actually going to get a discount?[View]
424384030Say something nice /v/[View]
424386149Are you still fighting the cogs /v/? After all these years?[View]
424386735>My friend, as thanks for your help on Myst Island, I will write whatever Age you desire. Name yo…[View]
424386684Another day, another meaningless shitposting session to distract yourself from disappointments in li…[View]
424385450is the Switch library good enough right now to justify getting the system? I'm trying to decide…[View]
424386507I don’t get why people don’t think Jibanyan will make it in Smash. Yokai Watch popularity peaked be…[View]
424384840lvl 6 here[View]
424380859Playing through the N. Sane version of Crash 2 right now and god damn what the fuck happened to the …[View]
424382890For what purpose?[View]
424370109I've played like 5-6 games on my switch already and I never noticed any game using this feature…[View]
424385742Spice & Wolf S3 is happening: https://gematsu.com/2018/07/spice-and-wolf-vr-announced >Projec…[View]
424365768How is Vergil back? Didn't Dante kill him in DMC1?[View]
424378995>ching chong nip Nioh thread[View]
424385868>new RTS releases >it dies every time. it's not fair…[View]
424380332State of Decay: Just started playing this and I’m having fun What went wrong? the only thing I se…[View]
424311461Rank the Resident Evil games for me its: remake > 2 = 1 > CV/3 = 4 > 0 > 5 >> 6[View]
424385914What killed the hype?[View]
424374327Name one game that does health regen right. I'll wait[View]
424385869FPS thread. Post your favourite FPS. Disscuss about FPS gaming.[View]
424386036Ann Takamaki: Ann Takamaki[View]
424385205/mg/: n'wah[View]
424385871>spend 4 mainline games (MG1-MGS2) increasing the complexity of arcadey interior stealth >rec…[View]
424376102You have 45 Nintendo points to decide what gets announced in the next Direct. You can gain another 1…[View]
424384317>yfw you realize noble six is the rookie before becoming masterchief[View]
424378602Why do millenials love shitty low skill games?[View]
424381729Choose your character.[View]
424380230Someone explain to me what a heartless is, I don't understand this shit.[View]
424385616What's the best city sim that can run on a toaster?[View]
424384031P.T.: was it really as good as people are claiming it is? I gotta ask since I cant play it anymore.…[View]
424385084>MMO has an 'item shop' for items you can buy with real money >it's a paid MMO…[View]
424385513Yo-kai Watch: Why does this series seem to trigger so many people whenever it's brought up? Yo-…[View]
424384862World of Warcraft UI: the new expansion's gonna come out soon. and I just have to ask: why chan…[View]
424385373Me like old game because me know old thing and old thing remind me of when me was little. Me no like…[View]
424381909Choose wisely[View]
424384287/out/fag here: Any good /out/ games I can play on my ps3?[View]
424383705>makes convoluted indie films >calls them *games* how does he keep getting away with it…[View]
424385192they say yous a Rockstar fan 'round these parts[View]
424384603>non-canon girl is best girl >love interest is boring as fuck…[View]
424384584What went wrong?[View]
424383950Honestly at this point I wish they would make an actual intro for smash ultimate (in the style of th…[View]
424382512>Drake is a mass murderer. Change my view.[View]
424384116Could a game where your ability is exploding things work? There would have to be a lot of debris on …[View]
424380010Why are these games so overrated and boring?[View]
424382476stop playing this shit[View]
424384763GTA Online: >log on >warehouse is full >do sell mission >two RCV's or whatever the…[View]
424384736fishchad thread: location? setup? biggest fish today? >That 200g fish feel lads how do i stop ti…[View]
424375696with all the shilling here people forget mention: holy fuck people on /v/ constantly shit on witcher…[View]
424384636the cuck trophy home of waluigi, lyn and other losers[View]
4243839464K TV: Quick should I buy a 4K TV for gaming or is it a placebo? I don't on consoles.[View]
424372847Why is this allowed?[View]
424381112What happened to leafy?[View]
424384351What does he like making?[View]
424382230Why did he have Big Boss' voice?[View]
424378447Skeleton thread Which game has the best FUCKING SKELETONS?![View]
424370756Why the heck would you emulate a game on pc when you could buy a novelty console that emulates it fo…[View]
424373980Why is there no flying in video games?[View]
424382267How do I about finding friends to play vidya with?[View]
424384005Is this the greatest moment in video game history?[View]
424382480super smash bros on july 22? i need prove my is officially ready.[View]
424374409Will you buy Yokai Watch now?[View]
424384014What are some games where you can drive through the night down the hills, and show people where its …[View]
424373218Whats the better site for roms, emuparadise or vimm's lair? Or is there a better alternative to…[View]
424362934She is in Slap City.[View]
424383790So who was right?[View]
424382079R6 Operators: Hello people of /v/ i recently got Rainbow Six Seige Advanced Edition for console a fe…[View]
424379993marie is a fag[View]
424381694What are some games with satisfied combat like Dragon's Dogma's?[View]
424382270Activision.... Activision WHY?[View]
424382314Have you ever played Ragnarok?[View]
424383524One Chu Tree Fouurr Tree Tree One One Fouurr One Chu Chu Chuchuchu One One Chu[View]
424374992Give me one reason she should be in: But with your brain, not with your dick[View]
424383338vidya for true boomers: >that 30yo boomer who's lurked on 4chins over a decade Oh wait, that…[View]
424382469Is a SNES Mini worth its money as a hackable emulation device? Also does it lack anything compared t…[View]
424383021>Any other game's PvP >Players face each other at the arena / battlefield, the best playe…[View]
424381697Night in the Woods - Control PMV: Any Night in the Woods fans here? Have a short PMV dedicated to th…[View]
424381340You now remember Batallion Wars[View]
424377072Hello Mayor! It's been some time since I last saw you.. you will come back to the town soon, ri…[View]
424382992When will they make a Senran game where all the girls have Mirai's body type?[View]
424374484Games you guys beat in one sitting?[View]
424362635I'm getting more into PC gaming, so I've finally gone out and bought a controller so I can…[View]
424380542What kind of monster would actually reply “no”?[View]
424378962What I am in for?[View]
424381748Post canon video game manlets.[View]
424380386Hi /v/. It's my birthday today! Would you kindly post your favorite pictures of Koopas? Koopa T…[View]
424380278This game is better than Buggy Come: Deliverance[View]
424338297/v/'s top 100 games: Voting thread. We are making a list of /v/'s top 100 games. The last …[View]
424380816Why is Adachi so much better than the villains in Persona 5?[View]
424379979What am I in for[View]
424357571You have literally no excuse to not be playing my game right now, /v/. Explain yourselves.[View]
424382691BECOME AS GODS[View]
424382508Could we ever see video games fall out of public interest and return to being a niche interest? What…[View]
424382582Why do some puzzles alow to just tap the right answer, while others require you to circle it?[View]
424381840Stop worshipping false gods. Submit your homelands to the Aldmeri Dominion.[View]
424377825>overwatch is balanced[View]
424381721https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv0O9srWjGk Okay Ashley fans. You win. I'm willing to bend o…[View]
424380369If Todd is 6'2', how tall is Kojima?[View]
424370787>a literal concentration camp what the fuck how did Obsidian get away with this?!?!…[View]
424372225ITT: Games you haven't played in over a decade but are pretty are as awesome as you remember th…[View]
4243789492 new games Emulatable by RPCS3 in a Day: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr6c0mvyoM4 >https:…[View]
424378510How do you beat this guy? What’s his weakness?[View]
424378116Do you agree?[View]
424381026Such is my quest - to wander the villages of this fair land of Velen singing the praises of Maid Bil…[View]
424381935Zack > Cloud[View]
424363819Where the hell is this game? Did they forget about us Nintendo bros? inb4 'i have a huge backlog, i …[View]
424375934Google Maps Game: Hello dear /v/, I've recently thought of a new game, go on google maps and pl…[View]
424370996Seriously, what happened to gaming? You don't see this sort of shit in japan.[View]
424379562Apparently a Warhammer 40k 4X came out a few days ago. Anyone bought it? Is it fun?[View]
424374868OI KORRAAAAA[View]
424377807hey guys, are you excited for death STRANDING... ON THE EDGE... OF THE CRATER... LIKE THE PROPHETS O…[View]
424373684Elder Scrolls: Do you think the 'epic final battle' at the end of TES VI will finally have more than…[View]
424377773should I get this for switch or pc?[View]
424381497Post kino cutscenes ITT[View]
424361973Smash Roster Wishes: One of these threads. R8 and H8.[View]
424375378'Let's try the Witcher 1, the combat can't be that bad' >Starts playing 'Oh nononNONO'…[View]
424374459I want to play an MMO because old WoW nostalgia is hitting me, but I can't stand the static tab…[View]
424365720Wolfenstein 2 is a bad game[View]
424378667Red Faction: Guerilla was already on my backlog, but the remaster's free update made me finally…[View]
424376821Say something nice about the best JRPG since Chrono Cross.[View]
424380106Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak: Hello all! I got you guys some nice insider info on the new Smash B…[View]
424378894How's that channel going, Anon?[View]
424380712Kazuichi > Gundham, prove me wrong you cant, Sonia[View]
424380984>Game have a gun jam mechanic >Character start beating the shit out of the gun to unfuck it…[View]
424378450Kirby LEAK: >new game will be a RPG >story: Kirby invites his friends and foes to participate …[View]
424379952Public Gaming Discord Server: Gods of the Old World https://discord.gg/fgcM8x Games include: SWTOR, …[View]
424378987Why was the Kirby series so fucked over when it came to Ultimate? No Bandana Dee, Kirby's dash …[View]
424378603Street Fighter Girls thread How did that fat fuck score this hot piece of ass?[View]
424380390*blocks your rehabilitation[View]
424380380>Game has a cute girl with likeable personality Nice ... >It's a horror game. Umm ... …[View]
424374721What would be your ideal horro game? I fucking hate jumpscares and prefer something with tension. Ru…[View]
424378306Why is it acceptable for women and minorities to appropriate white male culture? NO. Women and mino…[View]
424378871Who is the retard that thought this was a good idea? I had to throw away my new controller after jus…[View]
424378119Upcoming Releases: What a shitty year for video games, in comparison with 2017. What are some games …[View]
424372343Do you think we have eventually really life-like face where you just can't tell if its a photo …[View]
424370886Nintendo changed. I can barely recognize the company that would push hardware to its limits back in …[View]
424377525Gamers. Gamers have been through workld war one, 2 the cold war. gamers have fought wars in distance…[View]
424379713New Shantae when?[View]
424379707+5.60% Tell me this isn't a dream, we're actually back right?[View]
424378991Any fun game we can easily plaay together /v/? besides worms. /vg/ is shit with their nippon cocksuc…[View]
424378616Name the Octopath Traveller Characters from best to worst (in terms of their stories) Primrose>Al…[View]
424379194Wtf is this bullshit boss How do you defeat this?[View]
424379742wait what? I thought we were getting it as DLC? I haven't been following the threads because I …[View]
424363881I have beaten DS1 and 2 but holy fuck this is hard. How do I get good at this video game.[View]
424373762Any RPG where strength or stat progression is made through a training mechanic and not grinding? Not…[View]
424377040How well does this game emulate? I played it on my switch, but the dildos and 720p stretched out on …[View]
424379218who or what is Grizz of Grizzco anyway[View]
424372635ITT: how did they get away with this[View]
424380679What are some games with happy endings?[View]
424378231How does it feel to have friends to play vidya with?[View]
424379490Capcom is the only one getting something good out of this crossover.[View]
424370973Is ray tracing the next/most important step before photo realism?[View]
424379341Is it the cutest bromance in vidya? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9y2-jL-a4c&index=64[View]
424354069Ridley getting into Smash was a mistake. It's opened the floodgates to retards being delusional…[View]
424374385>I'M GONNA....uh...something Praxis Quick, /v/, help Jak with his script!…[View]
424379162>playing game with dating sim elements >character confesses their love for you >beat the ga…[View]
424377989Wreckfest: Has there EVER been a game to do a complete 180 as well as well Wreckfest has?[View]
424377035>2077 is closer than 1977[View]
424378296>your future favorite video game may be being developed RIGHT NOW[View]
424362517>Play a match with randoms >They're actually good and instinctively work together as a te…[View]
424376671Who else wants to see more vidya devs create worlds inspired by people like Zdzislaw Beksinski, H.R.…[View]
424364440Imagine how different today's world would have been if people took this criticism to heart.[View]
424372636When did you give up on competitive gaming?[View]
424365123>/v/ will defend this[View]
424378790>it's a burger level https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q5cR0NqjP8…[View]
424372843Why didn't you buy Kirby Star Allies?: Don't you love Kirby /v/?[View]
424351482Am I?[View]
424378594Will any racing game ever surpass this?[View]
424378590Today is last day of legion! Don't forget to finish all your achievements that will be lost for…[View]
424373119after all these years what can you say about Ninja Theory as a dev[View]
424374904are bullet hell/shoot em up games real games? i keep getting conflicting opinions on this. what…[View]
424377828Serious Sam 4 when[View]
424378347interested in revisiting the good days of Minecraft? join the IP: betalands.com peaks on the weeke…[View]
424373598What the fuck went wrong?[View]
424375417What are some games that are at first seemingly new IPs before showing that they're actually a …[View]
424375901What the fuck went so right?[View]
424364101>game has an attract mode >it spoils major plot points of the game's story…[View]
424366903This game is really cool, but it's full of so much bullshit. Sniper Wolf is a huge pain in the …[View]
424341003It already looks better than 2. I'm really digging the slower paced action combat. 2 felt reall…[View]
424378037What are you going to emulate today brother?[View]
424362663Here's your canon love interest bro[View]
424377128can this game finally make it on steam and be ressurected? Jumpmaps and knife only are boring as fuc…[View]
424343931Icons: What went wrong?[View]
424367737I'm not bying PS4 because of this...: I was going to buy PS4 and check out the great exclusives…[View]
424347945Post female characters with beautiful voices.[View]
424375986He's in.[View]
424365707TO THE WINDOW[View]
424376621>invade some random dolt because I need 10 stupid veritable shackles for the katana >host of e…[View]
424376538Baldurs Gate CRPG: We had a pretty nice thread about this game a few days back. I've just start…[View]
424377280Ahh, Demon's Souls that was a game. Fundamentally the most important game of the 21st century. …[View]
424371730What are some good horror games that don't just rely on jump scares?[View]
424367421Stop giving them money.[View]
424374765is this the biggest character in videogames?[View]
424376042DON'T play Koikatsu.[View]
424349198ITT: party members literally nobody likes or uses[View]
424377209How the fuck am I supposed to get into the Electric Castle? Is there a key or something I missed in …[View]
424377157>august 8th >nintendi direct is wrapping up >we have one last exciting thing to share >t…[View]
424377094ITT: Characters only Edgelords play[View]
424366832Is there anyone in the FGC more entertaining than this guy?[View]
424373151At what age did you give up on competitive multiplayer games?[View]
424372073If you use a Steam Code and it turns out to be a game you already own, can you put it in your invent…[View]
424370795Why nobody talks about this? It loooks amazing and better than xcom in every way[View]
424343636>google a videogame character's name + dab >post results…[View]
424376787Sinjar is perfectly balanced[View]
424373851Was she right?[View]
424376527>Game radically changes gameplay style in the last quarter What’s her name /v/?…[View]
424376030what does it mean when a lets player suddenly dissapear one day from the internet with no 'fare…[View]
424372516People who like metroidvania and darksoul... You should try this hidden gem Purchase the game![View]
424336448Rainbow Six Siege - automatic bans for hate speech: >Dropping hate speech in Rainbow Six Siege no…[View]
424373051What are some games with satisfied combat? Currently playing Dragon Dogma and it was great.[View]
424372980Fortnite addiction: >Germany loses world cup because of fortnite How can we fix fortnite? https:/…[View]
424375624>Play League >Pick a casual champion >Lane opponent dashes everywhere back and forth and co…[View]
424375886DUDE SPIKES LMAO[View]
424370998>hyped for Ultimate >want to play some Smash >melee is outdated >brawl is trash >with…[View]
424366810Cold Steel 3 hype thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvH6rhsxBd4 Just look at this opening fagg…[View]
424371954>RE4 fag complains about older RE games >the controls are weird >its outdated >its old …[View]
424364361Who would win in a fight?[View]
424365136Convince me to buy this game.[View]
424373308You think Gwyn ever fugged his daughters?[View]
424375110DYMUND SYDEE[View]
424372560I don't think anyone on this board plays video games. Convince me in one post that you play vid…[View]
424368272You have 10 seconds to name an interesting setting for a RPG[View]
424371820Spyro Soul: https://youtu.be/XnSxb9pB-H8 >didn't show the idol puking up the fish 0/10 won…[View]
424373921>play bloodborne >its a fucking masterpiece >soulfags saying Dark Souls is better >buy D…[View]
424374927How do we save horror???[View]
424371582How stupid am I for buying a Nintendo Switch in this period?[View]
424370897ITT: Weaboo shit that belongs in a cringe compilation I'll start. Trails series. Just look a…[View]
424368019How has this game not been shutdown by Nintendo yet?[View]
424368570DEFIANCE 2050: It got released f2p on ps4 few days ago, what class are you going to be playing anon?…[View]
424374427Commandos acquired by Kalypso Media, plans 'completely new games': >'Perhaps I'll …[View]
424374341>Mother 3D is announced oh whoah another mother game >it's a remake of mother 3 with 3D g…[View]
424369848If Hideo Kojima is the David Cage of Japan who is the Tim Schafer?[View]
424373870Why is this boss so fucking hard? I just wanted a fun anime RPG, not fucking SMT 3.[View]
424374170Play Gears of War[View]
424368472I haven't seen a VC thread in months. Does anyone even care about this? It doesn't seem li…[View]
424365278Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that MGS2 is not only the peak of the series; but also t…[View]
424371746I'm only now realizing she wasn't affected by the Blight like everyone else in the city be…[View]
424373848Has there ever been a game character you had a crush on growing up?[View]
424368320Why is this game so hated? It looks way darker than the older ones. What's the deal?[View]
424372767HEE, HEE, HEE... SO WHAT'S YOUR NAME BOY?[View]
424372009>ask steam friend if he'd like to play a game >she goes offline >hours on his profile …[View]
424373150Just got this on PC and it feels like its running at 2 times speed, its really taking me out of the …[View]
424372946Tomb Raider: DUAL PISTOLS NEVER EVER[View]
424363681>Game with cool concept gets announced >It's open world…[View]
424372748>people complain about the shoryuken when this exists How the fuck am I supposed to pull this mov…[View]
424351839The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 5 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ (…[View]
424372826First time playing Fallout 4 and I've put in about 20 hours, and you guys were right. The whole…[View]
424371850Remember when this shit was brand fuckin' new? I remember rolling up on huge battles taking pla…[View]
424368281>youtubers make video of old game >suddenly /v/ is flooded with threads of newfags playing sai…[View]
424373260best couch gaming feels? >sleepover at friend's >Marvel vs Capcom 2 on PS2 >first coup…[View]
424371424SFV has variable input lag. As a match goes on it will increase till a point and drop back down agai…[View]
424368295What are his chances to Smash?[View]
424361792ARLE FOR SMASH: Arle Nadja for Smash Ultimate! Who is Arle Nadja and why should she be on the roste…[View]
424373060>release new game in a beloved series >it's on mobile >dogshit leveling system that gi…[View]
424369914Games /v/ used to like but now despises[View]
424368278You Feel You Lose Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prGptG5Ex1g[View]
424370979Getting an Oculus for my bday. What are some essential games to play with it? I currently have Serio…[View]
424368796Games that are unplayable in 2018: I'll start[View]
424372728What the fuck, /v/?! You told me this would be the end of Capcom for sure![View]
424371465Can you guys recommend some good female lets players. I don't give a fuck how hot they are just…[View]
424369941PUBG: What went wrong?[View]
424361836More MvCI Leaks: Hello, I am the one who leaked the MvCI info from about a month ago now. Uncanny Ed…[View]
424372528Post your walk cycle.[View]
424372232Best hidden secrets in games: In honor to this finding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=…[View]
424341286What do you want to see in BotW 2? Hard mode: Without criticizing BotW 1[View]
424368537is Epona the best, and prettiest horse in all of video games?[View]
424369648YOU FUCKED UP MY FACE *bang*[View]
424365189Am I the only one here who Kingdom Hearts turned gay? KH is probably the earliest thing I can rememb…[View]
424372127Is this game like a parody of everything wrong with JRPGs? >Bad story >Bad dialogue >1 d…[View]
424361976Listen up. Smash Bros is releasing in December. I don't want you're huge ass wishlist I wa…[View]
424371841Umineko 9 and WTC5: Are you ready for the hype?[View]
424371580Post your final boss theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMnC7kTUd3E[View]
424368938Quake III arena now that's a game I tell ya they don't make them no more like they used to…[View]
424366068We got the game[View]
424370978Ladies and gentlemen... WARIO DE MAMBO[View]
424363586Why is the west can't enjoy games with fanservice elements?[View]
424341671Why has ps1 emulation shit the bed? Why isn't it possible to run a ps1 game at 4k with a GTX 10…[View]
424369919>every major revealing cutscene and dialogue is spoiled in the games launch trailer…[View]
424370253What games do boomers play nowadays?[View]
424367068Will radroaches serve a bigger purpose in Fallout 76?[View]
424371186Luigi just threw the cuckball! Who will he summon?[View]
424367083>see a thread for your favorite game >actively avoid it because you know it's going to ge…[View]
424368627What ever happened to Bobby 'take all the fun out of making video games' Kotick?[View]
424370967How long until Steam dies because the only thing being uploaded is weeb porn bullshit? Valve gave we…[View]
424370190>a dark spirit has inv-[View]
424366998>That one companion you never pick for your main party Post' em[View]
424366731so uh... how about that street fighter?[View]
424370595>forcing the player to walk slowly for the sake of ensuring the player won't miss dialog …[View]
424358002The ultimate console: Is a hacked PS3 Cecha01 BC the ultimate console /v/? I think it is and I'…[View]
424361709Why are games are so unfun nowadays It's all lootboxes, dailies, tryhard competitive ranks and…[View]
424360291Post your GTA characters[View]
424368013There is no such thing as subtle video game clothing. You're a manchild for choosing to portray…[View]
424365862Well /v/, are you? Nier thread[View]
424366734Are there any MMORPGs where gathering and crafting are actually worthwhile pursuits? Seems like ever…[View]
424342864This game fucking sucks but I think I like Haruka way more than I should.[View]
424367768>tfw videogames stopped being fun for you years ago but you keep playing them purely for escapsim…[View]
424368078How has it not gotten any games on the PS4?[View]
424367074A Nintendo Direct leak that will make you wanna say 'AOTPCMAFL': July 30th is the date * Daemon x Ma…[View]
424364308what do you think of it[View]
424363201Sonic Comic Con - July 19th: Lads... in 3 days we'll be getting some more spicy Sega news. >…[View]
424369242How do I filter the word smash on clover[View]
424370142DATA CORRUPTION DETECTED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ3JEnymeAI PLEASE RECONSTRUCT PROFILE[View]
424363740Is he right?[View]
424370171Why didn't Queen Myrrah get gangbanged by SGT Marcus, LT Baird, THE COLE TRAIN?[View]
424349417one of these threads? I lost the template so if someone has it that's great. If not just erase …[View]
424369964Balmora... Home...[View]
424369889Do good games that focus on politics even exist?[View]
424328701Classic Mega Man: Let's have another one of these threads. I just learned that using Cloud Man…[View]
424368384>Hard mode just makes the enemy's stats higher >It's set up so you can't possib…[View]
424272187MMO Threaduuu Watchya >Playing >Grinding >Hating >Craving Trash your most hated game…[View]
424366561>Priviledged white girl problems taken to the extreme Realistic for american girls, but seriously…[View]
424367874I want to replay New Vegas heavily modded, but I'm lazy and don't want to go through the t…[View]
424368478Join me: Server: US Room: Yeet Pass: fuckface[View]
424363961What went wrong[View]
424367382Is gaming geared towards younger or older people now?[View]
424367712>the game only uses a single cpu[View]
424339950VA-11 HALL-A: Why did nobody tell me this was /our game/?[View]
424345547>pick the scholar idiot >die over and over in the tutorial dungeon >have to grind the first…[View]
424367745Far Cry 5: What the hell did they mean by the ending to this?[View]
424367950He is in Smash.[View]
424336257Is this the best casual game ever released[View]
424367097So why hasn't Bomberman really gotten any new games? There was a time that Bomberman was consid…[View]
424366845>game has Shovelchin as a playable race[View]
424352453You didn't forget about me, did you anon? Only a bit longer until my game comes out.[View]
424366563>He likes Nintendo[View]
424369121biggest example of grapes in gaming?[View]
424368810What do you think of vidya tattoos?[View]
424368956ITT: Post characters that only high iq people can play[View]
424348527Aesthetically Big Boss is objectively superior to Solid Snake. Prove me wrong.[View]
424343586>MACHINE PASSAGE: Finish in 1st place without touching the walls even once! Who fucking thought t…[View]
424368738Gaiming: Have all consoles, have 1080 ti tier pc, have backlog >only looking forward to some new …[View]
424316037So why does Sora have zero issue just straight up killing these guys? Like I get some of them are to…[View]
424348226How does one properly banter in online vidya? Because nowadays, just saying slurs and stuff isn…[View]
424368470Does anyone even give a shit about the characters and overarching story of any atelier trilogy past …[View]
424364675WHAT IS THIS GAME??: Does anyone remember an old pc game where you take care of and breed furby/grem…[View]
424359104ITT: Fucking KINO sequels: post em[View]
424366674When will she get her own game?[View]
424365759>Skyrim was 10 years ago[View]
424367397Attack on Titan 2: What did /v/ think of this?[View]
424355039ITT: Post only the most based vidya devs.[View]
424362313Why do people care so much about this shitty childrens game?[View]
424362218WoW: Do people still bot like crazy in WoW? Last time I played battlegrounds were a hot mess and ton…[View]
424367906Times you've been petty in a game? I got one that I had some fun with >Play foxhole >tryi…[View]
424366270decent thread the other day with this image. itt objectively bad character designs[View]
424366791Is Majima just a Japanese Joker?[View]
424366370Remember when videogames didnt take half a decade to a decade to be released?[View]
424357153Time to finally unravel what's going on for you, boys. Nintendo's got big plans for a Nint…[View]
424358093Can we take a moment to discuss the fact that there is an MG42 in Fallout76, please?[View]
424362232Frogger: retro rep represents the game as a whole, not just the character, just like duck hunt. scre…[View]
424363643Genre Peak: Games that are the peak of their genre.[View]
42436500724 hours remain until Legion ends. Will you miss it?[View]
424347285How do you feel about difficulty settings in video games? Do you think playing games on the hardest …[View]
424323127Vidya Deviantart autism thread: We had a good thread a few months ago. Post the weirdest/funniest vi…[View]
424365121Gacha hell: Tfw you spend 9 tickets and 48 quartz on FGO and you don't even get 1 5 star ce…[View]
424365976>maxing out artes requires 9999 uses >mystic artes are random >and don't me started on…[View]
424365418Ohh goyim what are you doing browsing 4chan? You only have one more day to finish your Mage Tower ch…[View]
424365047Best artillery[View]
424359457Has a video game ever made you cry? And I'm not talking about crying because it was so bad. I…[View]
424355898>Monolith soft worked on Brawl >Monolith soft worked on Smash 4 >Sakurai played and beat th…[View]
424366242smash leak: Frogger is the new retro rep, Similar deal to duck hunt. it's a character that repr…[View]
424366483In your heart, you know it's right.[View]
424352571Will there ever be another WRPG as good as Baldur's Gate II? There's been a revival of iso…[View]
424362920What do people have against hat-wearing goombas?[View]
424358615>'Give me 20 years, and I'll reignite the high technology development sectors. 50 years, and…[View]
424365635New Super Mario bros. 3: Playable Characters: >Mario >Luigi >Wario >Waluigi Non-Playable…[View]
424330709I want upgrade my 60Hz 1080p monitor to a 144Hz 1080p monitor, but I don't have the specs to co…[View]
424364791If I like God of War 2018, is it worth going back and trying the others?[View]
424365057What's your favorite adventure game companion?[View]
424363616Who won?[View]
424361840Nintendo Switch games: What are some good underrated switch games? I hear literally no one talking a…[View]
424362597ITT:: vidya music that hits you in the feels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmlFDnsT4Zk&t=1s …[View]
424365901ITT: Style-over-substance games[View]
424364697>proto-makoto got cut from mysims agents It's not fair /v/ros[View]
424361559The Smash/Mario Tennis japan event is over and no new character: well there goes 50% of the leaks…[View]
424351558Poorly describe the beginning and end of a game and others try to guess what it is. I'll start:…[View]
424362226HE'S IN: HE'S IN[View]
424362045Can someone please explain to me where in the sweet flying name of christ on stilts the goddamn High…[View]
424365463Mueren... Mueren...Meuren....[View]
424365054Defend this.[View]
424365247Does /v/ think Reggie is doing what he's expected from Nintendo?[View]
424364678Go into Youtube and type 'Minecraft' or 'Fortnite', screencap the cringest video you find and post i…[View]
424349507>tfw you've played through the entire MGS series[View]
424350737Anyone remember the OG MOBA?[View]
424326250Which one?[View]
424356397If you text Target at 827438 with the following promo codes, you can currently stack them and get a …[View]
424360692Sonic Mania Plus comfy hype thread! Get in here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_Scl34T7ds[View]
4243594032bt2: What does /v/ think of 2b2t aka 'le oldest anarchy server in minecraft'[View]
424363660>walk into elevator >turn around >see this What do you do?…[View]
424362034Do you do cool shit with your posse that is related to the video games you play together? https://ww…[View]
424362151>the switch can't run modern AAA games well Hmm...[View]
424360758Where's the fucking multiplayer trailer? Or hell, even just an actual gameplay trailer.[View]
424363483>deconfirms your edgy echo fighter[View]
424364487I like that jump![View]
424364786Why is magic so fucking broken in these games? You can basically do half an enemy's HP or a qua…[View]
424361710ITT: Post your favorite Heartless Trickmaster is objectively the best Heartless[View]
424364102this shit still alive?[View]
424343396How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
424364572What a filthy traitor, and Orc lover. BURN HER, BURN HER AT THE STAKE![View]
424364407*blocks your path*[View]
424364374Who would win in a geriatric fistfight between Jacob Hargreave from Crysis 2 and Mr House from Fallo…[View]
424342245It's not that good...[View]
424363876>muh purple meme lizard was wanted sincerely! >he's actually popular guys, seriously! …[View]
424357650Only post 10/10 battle themes in this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGbQ2Kh57Tg https://ww…[View]
424363101>there are no more newcom-[View]
424358748How long do you guys usually like an episode or part of a LP to be? Thirty minutes? Do you like them…[View]
424358862What's a good mouse to use for games? My cheap logitech is finally dying[View]
424359223>I'm free now, after all this time, I've finally Detroit: Become Human™ What the fuck?…[View]
424357019UNIST Thread: PC Release scheduled for the 20th of August[View]
424352036Are there any good board games adapted from vidya?[View]
424363850Smash wishlists: Let's do this.[View]
424362149Was it flavor of the month?[View]
424342191Visceral's former Creative Director revealed what Dead Space 4 would have been like It doesn…[View]
424360254Does Venom Snake / Big Boss have the manliest limbs in gaming? They're thick and juicy with abs…[View]
424363442About to start in on pic related, but I haven't watched the show in a couple years. Are there e…[View]
424363431Want to get into MMOs: I've been wanting to get into MMOs for a while now, but I have no idea w…[View]
424358992Whats the best game armor /v/? pic related[View]
424361572He got announced in Smash.[View]
424362485She's in.[View]
424360739Why haven't you preordered Fallout 76 yet /v/?[View]
424363219>Artificial Bullshit: The Game What were they thinking?!?[View]
424354656Which Max Payne game was your favorite?[View]
424355792Will we ever see an RPG so big it has to be put on multiple blu ray discs?[View]
424363029Is he deconfirmed now that Tails in?[View]
424354639>12 enemies on screen[View]
424358403The Price of Puzzle Games: Sushi Striker came out a while back, and one of the most common things I…[View]
424359149>TP has a fun sumo wrestling segment >There's two different spots where a minigame could …[View]
424292345>game made by a couple guys with the budget of 2 and a half sandwiches is 200 times better than a…[View]
424361681He's in[View]
424362604He's in.[View]
424362483HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANON![View]
424359546Character info for Smash Ultimate: Hey guys, I have a bit of info on Smash Ultimate that I've b…[View]
424355380pubg: Anyone here playing this game? I picked it up recently and not really enjoying it. I mean it w…[View]
424362382Does he deserve a solo game? How would it play? Would it return to his Adventure characterization of…[View]
424350483Do amateur voice actors browse /v/? I’m making a fighting game, and was wondering if recruiting from…[View]
424354336Syndicate Black Ops co-op: From the frenchies who brought you E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, comes the Ha…[View]
424362267>game made to pander to waifufags >husbandos end up stealing the show wtf I'm gay now…[View]
424362168>am okay at r6 siege but absolutely love the game, started off season silver 3 and keep going up …[View]
424311549It's going to fail so badly and blizzard will never listen to their community even more …[View]
424362102What are some good games about plants and/or gardening? I either want to grow plants or murder them …[View]
424362021What are some good motorcycle racing games on either PC or PS4?[View]
424360474Why does he still act smug after losing most if not every case to Phoenix?[View]
424349116Is this game any good?[View]
424356451Hearts of Iron IV: Is this game any good /v/? Never played an RTS before[View]
424361717>Rosterfags btfo OH NO NO NO[View]
424358686Who HYPE?![View]
424358926>action game >has a counter/dodge system that trivializes the whole thing and before the CUUUR…[View]
424355271Insanely rare games thread. Only rule is that it has to have been officially mass produced, no gold …[View]
424360453>rock-paper-scissors: The Game[View]
424361436We had a pretty nice HoMM thread the other day. Let's continue.[View]
424358693SMASH DEMO STREAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-DmdaLH_Q[View]
424352508Thoughts on this?[View]
424353610When does this game get interesting? So far three months in (in-game) it is the same formula over an…[View]
424359124Why didn't Queen Myrrah get gangbanged by SGT Marcus, LT Baird, C Carmine, and THE COLE TRAIN?[View]
424358040Here's your roster, bro.[View]
424359817GTA5 is 3-6 hours Shorter than San Andreas: To 100% GTAV requires only 10 hours To 100% San Andreas …[View]
424358630>oh yeah, that happened[View]
424325114Why is she ignored by the majority of the fanbase?[View]
424341675Will cybernetics ever reach, and maybe one day even surpass biological function? Will Deus Ex be rea…[View]
424360870Hedge logic: Can you drive through this hedge? Whatever you thought it's always wrong. There is…[View]
424359881what do you want to see in splatoon 3?[View]
424359017It almost feels like the amount of fighting games on this gen alone exceeds the amount of people who…[View]
424360719>makes your brand-new fps look bad[View]
424358753Sakurai just called and said you can choose 3 characters to never ever make it into smash ever. Who …[View]
424334930What happeneds when he gets a flat tier?[View]
424358307You get to completely remove one character from Smash Who is it?[View]
424353216> Iconic gaming hero > Loved by millions > Every game he gets more and more feminine > …[View]
424360373Does anyone here /Halo Online/? Would anyone be interested in finding a zeroed out server to populat…[View]
424359474>devs make a game >it sells nicely >same devs make a game to a completely different genre n…[View]
424354005Why does he look like an anime character?[View]
424355630is anyone on /v/ good at videogames?: i wonder because all i ever see on here is retarded single pla…[View]
424358749Does anyone have a torrent for PT for pc v0.9.2?[View]
424327109Well you DO have the God Hand![View]
424353708Looking for sprite artists: My indie dev team is looking for sprite artists, both character and back…[View]
424359795ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
424340203Ultimately who did you side with? I personally always go with Yes Man on the first play-through so t…[View]
424359940Why is it that DaS2 gets alot of shit for it's level design, but few complain about 3? Farron K…[View]
424356426Any games with this aesthetic?[View]
424347097name one wholesome game you like[View]
424359613Tales of Symphonia?: Hey bros I'm about to start playing the Tales series, starting with Sympho…[View]
424357989Who’s hyped for the biggest game this year?[View]
424356856ITT: A good ol' fashioned vidya rage thread[View]
424351680Hi, I'm King K. Rool! You may remember me from such games as Donkey Kong Country, and.....nothi…[View]
424358149Slay the Spire: Remember: Echo Form is an early-game trap[View]
424358393Would you like an HD Pikmin trilogy for Switch? What changes would you like to be to any specific ga…[View]
424354206>Game insults you for playing on easier difficulties[View]
424356950Atelier Rorona: What should I make? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5DLRiTfRXg[View]
424349653So uhh. Does BotW just converge all of them into one?[View]
424355895Any video game tropes that you enjoy /v/? >game lets you play the game from the enemies perspecti…[View]
424357936Smash Ultimate Music thread Post songs that need to be in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9DAvY45Gz…[View]
424347094My take on this game has always been that it's about East/West relations and cultural tensions …[View]
424323724Bad games you like.: What are some shit games you enjoy?[View]
424345857Oh no...[View]
424357886Should I buy this?[View]
424356068SMASH TOURNAMENT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-DmdaLH_Q REVEAL IMMINENT[View]
424356181How would a fight between prime Snake and Venom go down? They have all their usual equipment.[View]
424358354You really expect me to believe these are the 2 best games in the series?[View]
424298354Which DMC music is your favorite? for me, it's Super Public Enemy from DMC1. the best battle th…[View]
424354158ITT: Games that'll never be made[View]
424354934Doing my first solo starter run with Tododile. What moveset should Feraligator have by the time I ge…[View]
424355204RPG with loads of quests: All I want is a RPG that doesn't have the main focus on story, but is…[View]
424352795Left or Right?[View]
424357294Saddest vidya deaths[View]
424345317For some fucking reason google doesn't give me a definitive answer so I'll ask here. what …[View]
4243505046 days[View]
424356521console fag here I want to play games like Deus Ex, Half Life, Stalker, FNV- would a Thinkpad run th…[View]
424351606I historically can't get into turnbased ROGs, but I REALLY wanted to check out the Mother franc…[View]
424356768>I can't find an entertaining multiplayer game anymore[View]
424352705>same announcer as last time Anyone else disappointed? I was really hoping for a female announcer…[View]
424351018Has /v/ played a Rhythm Heaven game recently in preparation for Smash's next reveal?[View]
42435025690s Games: What are some must play 90's PC games? I have pic related next on my list, and I jus…[View]
424356893played the campaign as a kid and am now getting back into it, because that comfy nostalgia what are…[View]
424353105Story > Music > Gameplay > Graphics Assuming everything is at least serviceable Prove me wr…[View]
424354930>people will defend this[View]
424355615tfw played Vampyr tfw not even once mode (0 killed people) tfw level 15 tfw every boss fight hard as…[View]
424330428Today's Fighter: >#19: Pichu >Pichu is back after 17 years! Pichu's electric attacks…[View]
424353061Changes in games that would improve the gameplay: I wish JSR had a dedicated grind button and a litt…[View]
424352498Annoying Enemies: ITT: Post a game's most annoying enemy. These wolves are annoying as fuck. Th…[View]
424356926retro rep. represents the game as a whole, as opposed to just the character - similar to duck hunt.[View]
424354197>ask for game recommendation where I can live a comfy adventure and forget about real life >bo…[View]
424352960>game is at night >only dig it if its night >game is set on some snowy place >only get i…[View]
424337365risk of rain: can anyone tell me what new class should i rush for?[View]
424356241Let's all remember to vote for the best support this year![View]
424356710Look at how much hype Daisy's reveal in Smash Ultimate got compared to Rosaline's reveal i…[View]
424356659*Is the best boy in your path*[View]
424353859Will you pay for Nintendo Online?[View]
424352324Kojima has released 5 trailers since 2017 They all feature 0 gameplay except for the latest E3 which…[View]
424340036Does Notch lie as much as Todd Howard or Peter Molyneux?[View]
424353738Rocket League: Rate my car please[View]
424352668Is he going to make it into 5mash?[View]
424352130I like the mechanics, and the game world is pretty and comfy, but holy FUCK is the combat ass. Am I …[View]
424355975Somehow i missed the release of Runner3 and I have one question before I get it, is it any good? I h…[View]
424355952Why didn't Queen Myrrah get gangbanged by SGT Marcus, LT Baird, C Carmine, and THE COLE TRAIN?[View]
424338148>Fox for some fucking reason decides that the telepathic woman with magical powers can't tak…[View]
424353585Smash Ult stream https://youtu.be/CT-DmdaLH_Q[View]
424340864It might not happen bros...[View]
424350463What do you guys think about Five Nights at Freddy's?[View]
424354081Why do people anticipate new Smash releases so much? There has been only ONE good smash game, others…[View]
424355430darwin project EU: >be me >playing Darwin Project on EU >indian beta male from last game th…[View]
424354904why is my steam being retarded: why does it start to save files when allocating disk space hasnt fin…[View]
424353365PC port when?[View]
424351121will they show it off next year?[View]
424298823Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] available on August 21: https://store.steampowered.com/app/801630/…[View]
424355120>salvage bronze shield >acquire iron ingots…[View]
424353162Which one, /v/?[View]
424355069What is currently the best way to play Final Fantasy 7(mods included)? I'm looking for the best…[View]
424337069Is this the greatest JRPG of all time?[View]
424353034Here's a picture of Solt and Peppor from Chrono Cross. Are you feeling nostalgic about 2000 yet…[View]
424354858what will the new trend be?: after battle royale inevitably dies out what will the next big trend be…[View]
424353323What's the most cathartic game you've ever played Pic related[View]
424354756>Game >Game 2: Double Game >GAM3 >Game 4: Game On >Game (2016) >Game 4: Game On 2…[View]
424354387>enemies can use illusion magic[View]
424329302>biggest game in the world how and why[View]
424351685>In philosophy >Professor asks me about the concept of evil >Put on the spot, start panicki…[View]
424353861i dont get it why was this in weskers desk?[View]
424346767Super Condorito: Condorito confirmado en Smash?[View]
424353701Should I buy a Nintendy Switch for $200 from some guy named Harkesh on Craigslist?[View]
424344360Anyone else like, totally blown away that Inafune is gone? He's not dead, but for all intents a…[View]
424354108how many balls does /v/ play with?[View]
424354238I know we occasionally have a thread on swords and other weapons, but what about scabbards? What sca…[View]
424331656Nintendo Switch: Exclusives already in the console: Breath Of The Wild Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mario …[View]
424350386>tfw you know Death Stranding is going to flop big time tell me why you are 'hyped' for this game…[View]
424353903>game's plot is confusing[View]
424349219Smash Bros Ultimate leaks: -Dixie Kong will be an echo fighter for Diddy Kong -Shadow will be an ech…[View]
424354059Name ONE thing comfier than playing Minecraft while listening to MrSuicideSheep.[View]
424353147Would you play an RPG with no questlog, no compass, and no map markers? Just a place to make notes f…[View]
424336103Heavy is actually balanced, he's just very boring to play, change my mind.[View]
424351231Do these games require remembering button combos?[View]
424353935This game shits all over Lock-on Souls, would be even better without the respawning enemies for weeb…[View]
424351158Why do you hide from your friends?: Do you have friends? If so, why do you hide from them?[View]
424348942what did we think of it?[View]
424353554>character reacts with the Easter egg[View]
424352510Why don't all MegaTen games have a female protagonist option? Why does this franchise refuse to…[View]
424348912SMASH TOURNAMENT THREAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-DmdaLH_Q 1% chance of character reveal.…[View]
424280768I hope you like Marthcina because that's all you'll ever get.[View]
424349494Everyone is talking about newcomers and tech-shit, but I just want Smash Ultimate's Soundtrack …[View]
424352689Why didn't Queen Myrrah get gangbanged by SGT Marcus, LT Baird, THE COLE TRAIN?[View]
424352986GTAv: Does the Romero Hearse spawn year-round or holloween only?[View]
424344126ITT we build the worst possible video game console one part/aspect/feature at time. I think we shoul…[View]
424352849>Here's that Nintendo wanted[View]
424352820Are there any games where you can transform into a horrible beast? Sounds pretty horrifying hahaha[View]
424345969This is your favorite game character.[View]
424352610Dragonfag: >Be me, skyrim Guardsman >see Dragonfag >ohnotagain.jpg >he steals a tomato …[View]
424352529Wait, Mr. Bones came from an actual video game?[View]
424351514now that the dust has been kicked up sufficiently, can we agree that from what we've seen and h…[View]
424347972Post good vidya doggos[View]
424352317/v/ makes a fighting game: Describe your character, nationality and I draw it. Keep it Street Fighte…[View]
424346379Play Gears of War[View]
424348873What are some of the best and most well-represented trans* characters in vidya?[View]
424351452Forge I can, strong I am![View]
424352245How excited are you for the PC release?[View]
424328134Smash Bros Leak: Erdrick from Dragon Quest I-III will be revealed at the Smash Bros/Mario Tennis eve…[View]
424349562I want Ysera the Dreaming: I hope other people will agree with me to get Blizzard to make a body pil…[View]
424346839What does Ridley smell like?[View]
424347843Do you think Peri is weird?[View]
424350000What games let me play as a Gaijin in 1950s japan working for the Yakuza[View]
424342505What went wrong?[View]
424345065>Destiny vs Warframe why do people keep comparing these?[View]
424343750Is this the most pretentious game ever made?[View]
424323521Both are bad in their own ways and nostalgic adventurefags will defend this over games like Mania an…[View]
424339792Whats the saddest game song? “Way to fall” is a good one[View]
424321463Octopath Traveler: Anyone else kinda disappointed in this game? Narratively it feels kinda like Saga…[View]
424342340Smash Ultimate tails: Smash ultimate has a lot of characters with this weird appendage called a tail…[View]
424351349>status effect class >most bosses are immune to them…[View]
424349520>monster taming isnt a very popular genre ;_; What do?[View]
424351352What do you think of Lara's new character model?[View]
424345998>unironically excited for this why am i such a faggot, /v/?[View]
424349182Is there a >50 hour game you sank into that you had zero recollection of?: Pic related for me, pl…[View]
424351092Mindblowb - VG edition: Allow me to blow your mind. Mario is a spin off series.[View]
424346540Do you still play it?[View]
424336532Todd howard thread: name your favorite Todd Howard lie[View]
424351582Conan: What are some good games set in Hyboria? Bonus points if you can play as Conan himself.…[View]
424350125How do we revive the old style of devving again? Where people put passion and committment into their…[View]
424349105Is Ace Attorney a shadow of it's former self?[View]
424350886Why is YHVH considered the bad guy in every single SMT game he appears in, even if you choose Law? W…[View]
424349661There was a games as art thread earlier that got deleted because it had ass as the image but it was …[View]
424351259anyone know of any games like pic related? as for a game night w/ people online[View]
424350485Ann Takamaki: Ann Takamaki[View]
424351023Third Strike: Why the fuck did Capcom never release this in Europe?[View]
424348178Death Note Videogame: You have 70 million dollars to develop the first console game for this series.…[View]
424345301What is the most autistic video game ever?[View]
424338050What are you looking forward to the most? >Characters >Stages >Mechanics >Magical Girls …[View]
424350872New warrior's of light: You and 5 other people are dropped in a final fantasy universe. You and…[View]
424346693Newcomer: > King K Rool Among the most requested characters in the ballot, Sakurai had no plans t…[View]
424350778So what is the fate of this doomed lore? what happened to the inbred fan-made game supposed to be ma…[View]
424350545I'm so tired all the time did diablo 3 ever get better[View]
424275908>tfw only a handful of good Digimon games How hard could it possibly be?…[View]
424334515Raiden's a hypocritical piece of shit. Pic related is the closest thing to a hero in that game.[View]
424343880Sylux is an ex-federation scientist that was forced to undergo dangerous scientific tests and experi…[View]
424347153>Final Boss is killed by the REAL final boss before you fight him[View]
424350406Why are american companies promoting such violent/brutal/gore games recently?[View]
424350541small discord server (fossil fighters): https://discord.gg/DKzX6pB[View]
424349326Silver SSBU[View]
424350183there are no good mecha games[View]
424350301I'm glad this (((vapourware))) got cancelled, looking back at the trailer it was incredibly sou…[View]
424346824I was one of the people who shit on this game because it was anime and different from Xenoblade Chro…[View]
424341915Prepare To Quit: >Only 60% of players have beaten the tutorial >Only 40% have beaten the Gargo…[View]
424350020Remember those times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwhYiHJq16c[View]
424344265Who are some of your favorite video game voice actors?[View]
424349859Who will win: Alright cunts, let's try this again Who will win, /v/?[View]
424346162>Your generic favorite anime history for 50 usd Was hyped after seeing the trailer before, but pl…[View]
424348350Is the Mayflash M500 decent for the money? Like $90. I want a stick to play Tekken with.[View]
424341773>Splitting Sonic Mania's Mighty to another page I see someone doesn't want Mania to be …[View]
424349707ITT: Post obscure vidya waifus from underrated vidya games[View]
424326552Literally worse than bioware.[View]
424345269Help a guy out here. I'm about to play KH2 for the first time (on the PS4 collection) and when …[View]
424340580Noel Vermillion![View]
424348012Name a more iconic duo[View]
424345820>resident evil 4 is a good ga-[View]
424279002ITT perfection in videogames[View]
424349246>Used to be a fun distraction while waiting for life to actually happen >life never happened …[View]
424345671Evenicle: Where do I find this outfit for Riche? I've seen it all over the internet, but nobody…[View]
424346761About to fight Satan: Rate my team, /v/.[View]
424318040Favorite save point in a game?[View]
424347335Why didn't Queen Myrrah get gangbanged by SGT Marcus, LT Baird, THE COLE TRAIN?[View]
424333170Holy shit, Nier: Automata has the best ending in video game history.[View]
424345354When did you realize this was the best zelda and the best game from 2017? PS: the durability complai…[View]
424343615Aside from Nuzlockes and Fire Emblem Drafts, are there any other interesting self-imposed challenges…[View]
424348640Name a single vidya setting whose world is nearly as complex, detailed, grounded, lore-heavy or as r…[View]
424348839FF ONLINE: Any of you play this/ have a company-guild-whatever?? Im new and none of my friends play …[View]
424346967Is this game good?[View]
424346078Uncharted: Bought a PS4 recently, is this series worth playing?[View]
424340954Why is this Objectively the Best Game Ever Made?[View]
424345592what games do you guys recommend for switch?[View]
424348450Would you play BATTLEFIELD with this MOD?[View]
424348443What ever happened to single-player squad based shooters? Is the average FPS player too dumb for it …[View]
424328757Sony's creative bankruptcy in regards to the PS4 library: As gamers, how can we stand up to suc…[View]
424347191Battle for Azeroth: Oh boy I can't wait to kill Sylvanas edition[View]
424348285W H E N[View]
424342426>he bought a switch https://youtu.be/voEByHuUB6Q https://twitter.com/yuzuemu/status/1018165882881…[View]
424333689Reminder that valve was the master of characterization[View]
424343291JAP NINTENDO SMASH/TENNIS TOURNEY STREAM THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-DmdaLH_Q THEY…[View]
424347918Let me hold a dollar, homie[View]
424346354Cold Steel > Tits[View]
424339932Why don't controllers have pressure sensitive buttons anymore?[View]
424347935Simpsons Mosaic Thread: Make a mosaic about a game, and other anons will try to guess which one. …[View]
424347294>Doom 2016 is a good game game and faithful to the originals in terms of visual and game design…[View]
424343094Are all three worth playing?[View]
424347728Darkest Dungeon: The reaper is well known to me.[View]
424316995I don't know a fucking thing about new stages, modes or assist trophies. I don't even know…[View]
424342460>Big Shell: Tightly designed area that encourages you to revisit different sectors to fulfil othe…[View]
424346983The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 4 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ (…[View]
424346749https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZbkkboROmw Get in 'ere[View]
424346794Are there any more games there I can play as a slut? I heard you can do that in Fallout 2 and NV. Ar…[View]
424343057Are there scans of the Mania Plus artbook out yet? Also general mania thread I guess[View]
424346132Now why the FUCK aren't you playing Max Payne right now?[View]
424346029Fucking Bullshit video game experiences: Bought Dead Rising 1 first time with summer sale due to rem…[View]
424341610Hey don't tell anyone but this game is secretly really fun[View]
424346501Gran Turismo 1 & 2 were my favorite games as a kid. What racing game should I play now to recapt…[View]
424291817>game is free >10$ what did steam meant by this?…[View]
424346105What went wrong?[View]
424346252ITT: gaming cosplay. I checked the archive and found a few threads there, so I'm assuming this …[View]
424345608>It just feels samey[View]
424337692Future plot: Kratos will sacrifice his life for his son and Atreus becomes the new god of war.[View]
424315135Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Couldn’t find a dokkan thread Is this banner worth it?[View]
424346040Sexiest gamer of all time? My vote is gaben. GTO told me so.[View]
424335069What games come to mind when you hear the phrase 'good level design'?[View]
424345645>ITT video game characters who are canonically not virgins[View]
424345813small discord server (fossil fighters): https://discord.gg/DKzX6pB[View]
424345810Witcher 3: How did this piece of shit managed to get so many awards? How do we fix the game industry…[View]
424345772Rainbow Six Seige: Hello people of /v/ i recently got Rainbow Six Seige Advanced Edition for console…[View]
424338169Why do MGSfags refused to admit that this used to be canon at one point?[View]
424344221Anyone know any other good games like pic related? Specifically VN style games? Gonna get the second…[View]
424342840'improved' texture hacks: Why do people like to completely ruin the original art direction in turn f…[View]
424325912I don't see one of these up right now, so let's have this thread again. R8/H8, here's…[View]
424342613Play Granblue.[View]
424344539Now go home and play your fucking Xbox[View]
424338767What does /v/ think of this character?[View]
424343257Jap Livestream Thread #2: It's almost certainly nothing but still. LINK: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
424343763H-Hey, remember me?[View]
424338137Edgy trend chaser or innovative sequel?[View]
424341839Do you game while using the toilet? What device do you use?[View]
424345401Which game had the best party banter?[View]
424343314Hey, /v/. Can you cheer me up? I'm really sad right now. Ultimate is looking super disappointin…[View]
424344794Been missing out on a lot of Nintendo shit lately. Should I jump on this deal, /v/? Keep in mind it…[View]
424340934Good morning Mr. Freeman. Looks like you're in the barrel today...[View]
424345261What are some good cyberpunk games?[View]
424343579Black Clover Beta: anyone else playing this? Fun as fuck.[View]
424341208>iconic character gets a redesign >they become unrecognizable…[View]
424345285>Base building is one of my favorite things in a game. >Games with actual base building are e…[View]
424313492TF2 PARTY VAN WHO UP PASS: a four letter word for anger[View]
424323598>be 6 >get mad at Super Mario World cause i thought whenever you hit a coin block you had to j…[View]
424344714Argue About This[View]
424344726*destroys your game balance*[View]
424342308Is this good?[View]
424336454Over 11 TFLOPS of raw power for gayming... Find a flaw (you can't)[View]
424344951>This triggers 2deep4u fags[View]
424344962Steam friends thread: >tfw no gf[View]
424338293Based on this image, how would you rank each character's balance and/or physical strength, assu…[View]
424339853WoW: BfA: Prepatch hits tomorrow. Live expansion in less than a month. How are you preparing?[View]
424340329Why does hi-rez still get so much hate and shit thrown at it? Every time something something happens…[View]
424344434Do I need to play Human Revolution to understand this?[View]
4243439591 day left until Gunbladers are released Which subclass are you picking?[View]
424344592Destiny 2: So...was it shit?[View]
424342124How is that smash announcement huh?[View]
424339217what do yall think of pic related? it's less than 10 bucks on psn should I get it?[View]
424337320Will Sega ever return to thier former glory? There is so many brilliant IPs they have just rotting a…[View]
424344179join my warcraft game please i made a map[View]
424344217Would you buy a remake / remaster of Sonic Adventure?[View]
424332552Need a ride?[View]
424344220Shit on Icons: Warchamp is a fucking fag edition: Game responsible for PM's leaders killing it.…[View]
424329846>first sony steals the console crown from nintendo >then the mobile/handheld crown God damn.…[View]
424343898I'm so old that when cs source came out of refused to play it because I didn't like my shi…[View]
424343116ITT: Male characters that should have been a girl[View]
424342323ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
424343230how long until people start ironically liking this game and i can post about it without being bullie…[View]
424338412Why do they give you so many SPECIAL points in the beginning? You can be above average in everything…[View]
424343681/v/ what's the best co-op game to play with one friend and why is it Darkspore?[View]
424343728Bruma.... Home...[View]
424337112Having a very hard time understanding the appeal of this game. It's impressively boring. Is it …[View]
424343457>obsidrones will defend this[View]
424343517Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict, /v/?[View]
424335506ITT: Pure[View]
424337559What went so wrong?[View]
424328548What's her relation to Nier again?[View]
424334332New Jap Nintendo TYourney Stream Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-DmdaLH_Q GET THE FUCK IN…[View]
424335519Urban Chaos: Riot response: How much of a shitstorm this game would cause today?[View]
424340554Do you guys ever add someone you know on Steam, but forget who it actually is because they have a ge…[View]
424339583Choose one.: Well?[View]
424339934I FEEL........NOTHING[View]
424335152Has there ever been a worse addition to the Marvel vs Capcom series than this guy? He is boring, red…[View]
424342874What are the chances for gameboy/gbc to be a newcomer in smash? Probably higher than your character…[View]
424331786What is the best JRPG of all time?[View]
424329861Characters you wish had more SFM smut[View]
424342518Why bother with Norse mythology if you're just gonna make them look like hicks anyway?[View]
424342291GTA5 is 3-6 hours Shorter than San Andreas: To 100% GTAV requires only 10 hours To 100% San Andreas …[View]
424340173I don't know if I should main my Ret Paladin. Or just boost a Rogue/Warrior. Outlaw and Fury bo…[View]
424341405>No HF blades What the fuck Kojima?[View]
424338182How do I get good at Darkest Dungeon? I think I drove myself into a corner here. I had like 8 guys a…[View]
424331402If you think a new character is being shown then you are a moron[View]
424311128Would you hold Vivian's hand in spite of her being trans?[View]
424309084Melee is dead...: ...and Icons: Combat Arena is the murderer. After an excruciating wait, ICONS has …[View]
424340032Why do you dislike fortnite?: Why do you dislike fortnite. I'm not here to shill or shit on the…[View]
424338524How High is the percentage of God Hand geeting a sequel?: I just want Gon Hand 2 c'mon Capcom…[View]
424335915>playing an MMO >someone whispers me[View]
424340545song name please?[View]
424340332Lets have an Obscure games thread. I'll start[View]
424342236*assassinates your whistleblower and spy's on you takin a shit*[View]
424342196Will we ever see a true gamer federation in our lifetimes?[View]
424342008I solved the Jindosh Riddle and now I am here to find out if I am a genius or a moron.[View]
424338758KINO or CAPESHIT ?[View]
424329337RE2 remake should have zombie kids: Zombie kids was hinted at in one of the trailers, I doubt they’d…[View]
424342042kys: Dumb fuck mod warned me for reporting malware. and he did it for free.[View]
424339816Is there any way to save the MMORPG genre, or will it just continue dying a slow death where the onl…[View]
424341885Smush leak lol: 13££: Futa Peach 13£££: Mermaid Cosplay Daisy 33/34/35£: America Pokémon Trainer (S…[View]
424340660Be honest you fucking degenerates. What's the real reason you play my games?[View]
424341119Ninja Gaiden thread: What would you motherfuckers like to see in a Ninja Gaiden 4? Will the Super Ni…[View]
424341703With less than a year and a half until 2020, what do you think are the top 5 most influential games …[View]
424341669>gets killed in Sudden Death, because I wasn't paying attention to my screen >two people …[View]
424335343Nintendo Direct for July 25th, 2018 (30 minutes) >new Mon Hun XX info, new DLC will be revealed, …[View]
424338846>yfw when this technology is used in Death Stranding >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul0Gilv5…[View]
424334257Smash/Mario Tennis Tournament: It's probably nothing but still. LINK: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
424340732Play as a black and/or female character in multiplayer games /v/.[View]
424341151Daily dose /v/[View]
424337846is there a comfier snow/winter town? post snowy and wintry towns[View]
424340904Do video games help or worsen your depression?[View]
424340528Would a GTA that takes place in gritty late 70-early 80s New York be a cool idea? https://www.youtub…[View]
424340982Gears of War is the best TPS on the market.[View]
424334471ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong: LITERALLY[View]
424337863so...we can all agree that this is the best Metal Gear game, right?[View]
424340810Are games still gonna use shitty physics? Is Havok gonna get discontinued soon?[View]
424340735project nexus 2: Oh look. There he is. That motherfucker. What a tool.[View]
424339172Wtf? This game came out in 2014?[View]
424340663Outta my way[View]
424339861what went so wrong?[View]
424338087Any Discord servers that are related to valve to play the old obscure games like Ricochet or Deathma…[View]
424316313so...can we all agree this is the worst in the series?[View]
424330154what went wrong?[View]
424338825Does it make me less of a man if I spend $10 to a fortnite battlepass[View]
424338214Gamerfuel Thread: What keeps you hydrated when doing raids? Post/Rate[View]
424340218Post moogles[View]
424339521This would've been fucking amazing if it was an add-on to smash 4[View]
424300447>That coliseum where you fight the lynel and all those elemental enemies >Eventide Island >…[View]
424340115>He thinks Smash Ultimate will have more than 10 new fighters, including echos…[View]
424339850ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
424339141What did he mean by this?[View]
424340001>Tonight I will show them[View]
424338648What games will help me cope with crippling autogynephilia?[View]
424337972What was with these things?[View]
424338458What's vidya where you can have fun simply destroying the world around you?[View]
424331345Was he a good protagonist in the end?[View]
424335619Octopath Traveler: How are your Octopath travelings going /v/? Made it to chapter 2 yet?[View]
424339357Man I kinda feel bad for this game. Those guys formerly made games like syphon filter and moved on t…[View]
424304943/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>424231502 >Booru http://vidyart.booru.org/ >NSFW d…[View]
424333107It's is good? Or should I just buy Insurgence?[View]
424327525What are the best Disney games?[View]
424339571/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>424304943 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
424328221Star Ocean 2: The PSP version is better. The voice acting, the translation, the art, everything. Nos…[View]
424335261>go on /v/ a while back and see a Max Payne 3 thread >some anons start yelling about the 'GLUE…[View]
424335769Find a Flaw[View]
424339385>its been over a year[View]
424339383Five days.[View]
424339348Should I get Overwatch on ps4? A lot of friends play it there[View]
424339307https://youtu.be/LcQhnv2GdzQ Why is this game such a masterpiece?[View]
424323321You can create a game which allows 1000 vs 1000 multiplayer. How big of a map do you make and what t…[View]
424338935>video game tutorial says how to do something and then says 'try it!' >don't try it SHOOT…[View]
424333638What's the singleplayer game you've replayed the most?[View]
424333632Why wasn't the N64 as popular in Europe as it was in America? I understand Japan. They were jad…[View]
424338425You faggots want him to be a fighter in smash, what's his moveset then?[View]
424334727Retarded Game Idea Thread: Herein we put forth our game ideas we've always wanted to share but …[View]
424333238We send a letter to Nintendo one word at a time starting with Dear Nintendo,[View]
424338682>Tokyo Jungle is already six years old Where does the time fly?[View]
424334294Characters that will never Smash, that no one talks about anymore/ever, that my mongo mind thinks wo…[View]
424334670/scifi/: /scifi/ general: fight me edition[View]
424338427Shit. Ganondorf is wrecking ass right now in the tourney.[View]
424336878Ever leave a character in a certain place of the world once you finished a game? pic related[View]
424338263>go to play a long session in a rhythm game >have a go-to warmup song I do first every single …[View]
424338209Name a better feeling: >pirate the newest 60$ game >banger starts sounding while installing it…[View]
424327728What are you looking forward to the most? >Characters >Stages >Mechanics >Hungry Jesters…[View]
424337141I'm about 17 hours into pic related, how do I git gud?[View]
424334868>vassals rebel against me >crush their rebellion >want to execute them but i can't bec…[View]
424337929What did you think about Strange Journey Redux? Are you still excited for V?[View]
424335948Who's your favorite operator, and why is it Smoke?[View]
424329309What happened that made Zero go from widely hated to lovable guy who everyone roots for? I seem to r…[View]
424337872contentiguess: record shit with me. its stupid content i want to output[View]
424325908So why did this complete stranger save your life, waste tons of supplies on you, and give you his ul…[View]
424337602Kiting is called like that because it's like playing with a kite: when it gets away from you, y…[View]
424333893I want to go back[View]
424334227Greymane or Battleborn?[View]
424335724Nintendo is doing a livestream thingy: Here's the link if you wanna watch it https://www.youtu…[View]
424328390I'm just glad that we, as a community, can all agree that MW2 is the greatest fps of all time.[View]
424336589Does anyone else remember playing this shit[View]
424284208This is so awesome: I'm honestly having more fun playing this than 90% of the modern games I…[View]
424335602Account Boost: Looking to get tons of cash on GTA V (xbox one). I'm willing to pay for an accou…[View]
424336509Is Sparda technically still alive in the DMC canon? If not how did he die, Demon cancer?[View]
424332273So is this the Mario Kart game of the Switch?[View]
424334718GTA V: I have played through all the GTA games, and 5 is by far my favorite. Yes, it has many issues…[View]
424330074How bad is it[View]
424336725>There will never be a new Bushido Blade[View]
424335508Evolution of gamer´s through time.. 1996 to present day.[View]
424333915What Do You Guys Think of Pink Gold Peach?: I don't expect civil comments from this thread, so …[View]
424336383EVERSPACE THREAD: I am enjoying the difficulty curve but couldn't get any further than section …[View]
424336247What does /v/ think of pic related? I think we need stuff like this but I hate when I missed out on …[View]
424331174Did I fuck up buying this over Octopath? I haven’t played it yet, because I’m saving it for the trip…[View]
424336067I'm kinda hoping Crew Cut becomes a tagalong in Devil May Cry 5, and in the end becomes an inte…[View]
424335792I want to go back.[View]
424322787/g/ here we do vidya better than you[View]
424327540ITT non final fantasy characters who should appear in Kingdom Hearts. Pic Related[View]
424327529I found out what's wrong with this game. All the previous GTA games had decent source material.…[View]
424330652>auto-detect best settings >Ultra >game runs at 35-40 fps, sometimes even dipping to 30…[View]
424335813She QT[View]
424330278If their dad didn't actually work at Nintendo, where did they work?[View]
424335675Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
424335558I have a dlc code for a game i dont own, and i dont know what its for: https://steamcommunity.com/id…[View]
424334201Who's your favorite apostle /v/[View]
424334128The World Ends with You Final Remix: Co-op confirmed https://gematsu.com/2018/07/the-world-ends-with…[View]
424332009i have never played a single souls game[View]
424335427emptycraft server: Just started this chill minecraft server for /v/ There's no stupid rules or …[View]
424334424>2010 >Christopher Nolan says he is looking for ways to make a video game set in the Inception…[View]
424335225Zelda a footslut[View]
424329774Fuck /v/ros, why can't this just release already?[View]
424333413How bigger get this fucking shitshow get? https://attackofthefanboy.com/news/star-citizen-backers-no…[View]
424333013Needless anarchy for a dying game.: help me make hell[View]
424334865gow do you prefer gaming on couch or chair vee? i live my reclining on my office chair[View]
424334553>voiced by Laura Bailey[View]
424334692What are some video game series where the spin-off is more popular than the original series?[View]
424334808>Director goes out of his way to say that it's more akin to a reimagining than a traditional…[View]
424334764Even journalists admit the PS4 is superior to the Switch: >1. The PlayStation 4 has a larger libr…[View]
424329772Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able To Get Refunds: >According to Firefly212 in a reddit thread e…[View]
424317921now that the dust has settled, who won?[View]
424313674You know super mutants right? You know those weird leather pieces strapped to their mouth,what'…[View]
424332517Merula Mysteries: >Alternate ending to Polyjuice sidequest lets you further humiliate Merula in f…[View]
424333750She sold millions! /v/ was wrong, as always[View]
424328925What would you rename JRPGs to more properly describe them?[View]
424313181Blue Reflection is SHIT.[View]
424330219I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
424333036Stop, criminal scum! Show me your legally-obtained copy of Skyrim, or pay with your blood![View]
424334456>that game that either never came out or died before it could become a thing What's her name…[View]
424277707>risk of rain >it never rains why is this allowed?…[View]
424331034Are the Legacy of Kain games any good? I bought almost the whole series on GoG yesterday except Bloo…[View]
424334279Name a game with better PvP ProTip: you cannot[View]
424334224>You look like someone who's comfortable in heavy armor.[View]
424330039How do I not suck at this game? I keep dying and get sent back to the dumb dream[View]
424327465it's literally the previous game over again, only difference is that they ditched the cliché se…[View]
424329502Who are some video game characters that you could personally beat in a real-life fight?[View]
424334132This game was going to be PERFECT, why did they have to fuck up the open world and progression? Ever…[View]
424334135What are some games where a previously non-canon character is made canon with a better design and ba…[View]
424313192You DID get every Blue Spheres medallion right? You DO want the new pinball bonus stage to replace i…[View]
424334092Please recommend me some really scary games[View]
424329475Weird premises you want to see in games: >intro tells you about that you dated this girl over the…[View]
424327424Are there any other fashion shooters besides Team Fortress 2 and Splatoon? We're well out of th…[View]
424331319>releases 3 months from now >only 2 trailers out >no gameplay shown >no multiplayer foot…[View]
424330215Will she ever get a buff?[View]
424332078Why is Team Sonic Racing's characterization so shit?[View]
424326572Tae Takemi[View]
424333025So Ivy x Viola confirmed? >When we talk Ivy, we mean a woman who's not very interested in me…[View]
424329235Uni -game for Gandalf: Uni is an artistic e-sports platform for creating fireworks by Gandalf https…[View]
424333382Goombafag's Borb Compilation: When will Goombafag deliver his borb compilation, /v/.[View]
424333207 [View]
424327939Why all X-Men games are so underwhelming, except for this one?[View]
424332919I just beat Sae's palace and I still wanna get Haru and Yusuke (both rank 7) to rank 10 before …[View]
424330182Hey guys. I have an actual chunk of info here about the new Smash bros. Newcomers >Geno >K.Ro…[View]
424314293SMASH ULTIMATE EVENT IN 3 HOURS: REMINDER: https://youtu.be/IZr6AE-u2UM[View]
424326906Pick your playstyle.[View]
424333175>game ai is easy to exploit >never do it because I don't want to embarrass the devs >m…[View]
424318605>game pauses when viewing the inventory screen how to ruin a horror game in less than 5 minutes…[View]
424332269Hi, /v/. I'm looking for a Action RPG for PC with focus in grind. I just love those kind of gam…[View]
424329172What are your red flags /v/?[View]
424329864So, what's the deal with this game? Is it still alive? I know that it's cross platform, so…[View]
424306574He's Coming. (Possibly?): So due to a recent leak Geno, as well as King K. Rool and some Codena…[View]
424307954>15 years old How can this be allowed in the west? Thank god it is.…[View]
424331421Have you ever pissed someone off so bad over beating them online in video games/arguing in vidya for…[View]
424332827I N T 2 N T 2[View]
424332068How is it that this game is still so good with so many mods after so many years?[View]
424332570Finally, a deep and intellectual game that only the top elites of the world can play! https://.youtu…[View]
424330645best fighting game oat?[View]
424332285what are some popular, fun and great online games nowadays? what happened to albion? everyone said i…[View]
424332284Is a gtx 1070 SC for $399 a good deal for futureproof 1440p gaming or should I just go ahead and wai…[View]
424331959>it's a 'physics based' 2D platformer[View]
424332114Sunday Night GAME DEV Thread: Let's make some quality vidya together. 2 or 5[View]
424332051Jesus, we'd be lucky to catch anything out in this weather.[View]
424329623What the hell is going on in this board? I know /v/ is shit, but there's like even more off-top…[View]
424322456Eternal Debate: >Fallout 3 - Better Exploration and Atmosphere >Fallout New Vegas - Better Qu…[View]
424330163https://www.strawpoll.me/16086990 Hey guys, would appreciate a second to pick a game from this small…[View]
424331626Is it me or does Todd snap look kind of familiar?[View]
424330350>press X to watch the game play itself[View]
424329856>Don't buy Switch, it has no new games! >I really want to buy one for Mario Tennis, Octo…[View]
424331787Just how good could combat get in Zelda?[View]
424331562Damn, i love this EPIC WIN of the century! GOTY for sure[View]
424294353The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 5 days away. https://www.warapocalypse.com/ h…[View]
424331301One day, Steve Sparks opened his favorite board with the intention of discussing persona feet, his f…[View]
424297528How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
424275441any good Mobage with decent gameplay?: ANY??? pic unrelated[View]
424326087Nioh Multiplayer: What's up with how shitty most players are in this game? I was trying to beat…[View]
424327229Senran Kagura 7 is going to be fucking garbage.[View]
424329045I haven't played an obsidian game since Alpha Protocol, why does everyone hate nu-Obsidian?[View]
424329723>original creators of Star Control are making a new game in the series based on the war from the …[View]
424331089Stupid Mario ads: Post the stupidest Nintendo ads you can find. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIlR…[View]
424330014Why are there no games where you play as a traveling merchant?[View]
424293159Why didn't Snake say anything?[View]
424330836Ignoring all the controversy, are you excited for The Last Night, /v/? I think the graphics look bea…[View]
424330797sickdark thread[View]
424329604Is this any fun/good? i need something new to play[View]
424327880You guys always keep talking about how much better Japanese games are to western games, but do any o…[View]
424327891just bought this, what am I in for?[View]
424330649Take care out there.[View]
424329340Is this game any good without the PS Move?[View]
424322241if MGSV is so bad then explain these dubs[View]
424330518What are games where you can use an anchor as a weapon?[View]
424307949Why does she look so tough?[View]
424320956Why is japanese humour so unfunny?[View]
424330337Move over nintendunce, The real winner is here![View]
424329013They're in.[View]
424329214Psycho mantis has really cute feet desu[View]
424329197Ever wonder about how hard the writer at R* beat his stubby little dick while writing Trevor? >A …[View]
424326261Will this be good?[View]
424321213what was wrong with this game?[View]
424328869ITT Fantastic concepts ruined by execution: >thought I'd be leading a squad of government-sa…[View]
424329360What KIND of man wears Armour Hot Dogs?[View]
424328852what do you think about the latest bbw anal raid on cuntwars?[View]
424329112What is the appeal of this character?[View]
424327602>100% game completion >X, Y and Z things aren't required for 100%…[View]
424311395ITT: VG trailer red flags: >Rap music starts playing[View]
424322464Really wanna play Majora's Mask, whats the best way to play it? Ive heard good things about bot…[View]
424327242>people will defend this[View]
424326025I have £7.50 (Just under $10 US) on my Steam account, what should I buy? No tiddy games, that shit g…[View]
424329276Where my Templar Battleforce bros at?[View]
424329257ooh ha ke ha ooh boom boom kee ha boom boom kee heaa boom boom kee ha kekekekek[View]
4243079013x3: Its time for a good old fashioned 3x3 30 yo boomer reporting in[View]
424325589What if Trevor posted on 4chan?[View]
424327618what are good games similar the hitman series?[View]
424327131can /v/ recommend me some survival horror similar to Dead space or Resident Evil? I'm hyped for…[View]
424323639Post your autistic Smash Bros movesets King K. Rool >Mostly based on DKC2 >Most regular/smash …[View]
424328515How do you handle getting shat on long enough to enjoy fighting games? I only play single player for…[View]
424328815>japanese game gets localized in english >50% of voiced cutscenes are skipped >japanese lat…[View]
424328768>That tree with the scratch on it >Gerudo Training Ground >The vast desert fortress forcing…[View]
424284845It's still over a month of wait Who's hyped as much as me?[View]
424324453The last game you've played has been turned into a Saturday morning DiC animated cartoon. How c…[View]
424328663What are /v/'s perfect characters?[View]
424327134What made Ground Zeroes so good? Was the level design really that great compared to something like M…[View]
424328312This is Hozuki Hime, a famous musician, idol, and co-host of Inkopolis News. Say something nice abou…[View]
424323692>What's that, son? >You reckon you know me from someplace? >Nope, heh heh... I'm …[View]
424327068Why aren't you Rice farming RIGHT NOW /v/? https://store.steampowered.com/app/617660/DongJin_Ri…[View]
424327129DA ME DA NE[View]
424328397>it's a lose all your weapons level[View]
424325150Why didn’t he just go home and find another job?[View]
424324241ITT: best moments of e3[View]
424325369What did this game have to do with the wild’s breath?[View]
424324831What are some games that challenge your fears?[View]
424326845>work on most massive and high quality mod for 5+ years >almost done >Bethesda makes a shit…[View]
424316162So that's it, then? No more Witcher. Genuinely curious if they're gonna drop the cashcow i…[View]
424316382>90% of the Mages you meet are either evil or just retarded, often try to betray you or get you t…[View]
424328057Hey, there! You! Kinsman! I haven't seen another Dunmer in here in I don't know how long. …[View]
424325880Greetings /v/-kun. It is time to buy 97 copies of Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch.[View]
424327926https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYUDpKvwGGg (not?) clickbait[View]
424326738She's a warrior: She bumfucked millions.[View]
424327731Dream Smash picks: Pipe dream smash picks, I'll start[View]
424327815Hapymaher was released in English. Why aren't you playing it? https://vndb.org/v10957[View]
424327792>People calling a stage or floor a 'level' >When its clearly a fucking stage and/or floor >…[View]
424304524Is Splatoon 2 popular in Mexico?[View]
424283517Buy Estelle's game![View]
424325349Melee weapon arts shouldn't have been linked to mana. Not because the idea was stupid, but it t…[View]
424327373>far above average in most games and dominate in others >absolute trash in one casual game and…[View]
424324663Hi! I'm giving away 5 steam keys including a Guilty Gear x2 #Reload! To join it just visit my …[View]
424325934Name ONE reason why a fucking hat goomba should be added to smash[View]
424327240Why do these dominate competitive gaming?[View]
424318761Why did Elizabeth turn into a psycho and kill all the Bookers?[View]
424327157GOD DAMNIT: YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
424322598BotW, Divinity: OS, Elder Scrolls, Witcher 3, etc. are all derivatives of Ultima 7 and all somehow m…[View]
424325443>people think csgo takes skill[View]
424318964Hm Hmmm hm hm hmm Hm Hmm hmmm hm hm hm Hm Hmm hm hmm hm hm hmm hm Hmm hmmm hmm hm hm hm https://w…[View]
424319546Ubishit illegal ban/bad companies behaviors to users-thread: Yesterday I got banned for 30 minutes b…[View]
424327053https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kF7u3tWlns >pirate game >jam harder to installer than actual …[View]
424313389best mouse on the market, prove me wrong: >no cable >just as fast as wired mice >best senso…[View]
424293112Smash Ultimate thread: here's your roster bros[View]
424326962Fortnite season 5: https://youtu.be/I78RNjnaZfc[View]
424322750GHOST OF TSUSHIMA CONFIRMED GOTY 2019: -Several difficulties, the game can be pretty hard -Open worl…[View]
424326560There are not going to be any newcomers announced for Smash Ultimate. Nintendo of Japan are releasin…[View]
424326849CONFIRMED FOR SMASH: Guess who's back back again Rayman's back Tell a friend Guess who…[View]
424325986Why do Nintendo fans want to ruin Yakuza by having it releasing on Nintendo Switch?[View]
424326271Bannerlord: >Mount and Blade Bannerlord gets a release date would you pre-order?…[View]
424325102Do you guys like Yoshi?[View]
424326232>almost buy Rune Classic for $2.99 during Steam sale >change my mind at the last minute becaus…[View]
424323631Two hours. She's getting in. Fuck off Kuck Rool fags.[View]
424326321A first I hated him now I'm sad he is gone...[View]
424325604She's in[View]
424324596Common people just 100 more! https://www.change.org/p/sony-unban-omega-labyrinth-z-from-the-u-s-and-…[View]
424326310I'm tired /v/, but I'm too scared to go to sleep.[View]
424323763Sims Thread Post yours[View]
424323810Why are people with less play time better than me? It pisses me off. I love the game, put many hours…[View]
424320764Scam Citizen: >No more refunds at all forever because they changed their TOS yet again >You ca…[View]
424324356Anon? Do you want to be my friend?[View]
424324575Tommy Vercetti: Is he the most chad GTA protagonist ever? By the end of the game he's gone from…[View]
424326216>pledge $30K for a game that's not finished >it never gets finished >no refunds policy…[View]
424323284>there are people who dont even know that theres a mamooth droping in vaults of archavon…[View]
424320665>At the 2009 Tokyo Game Show while promoting Dead Rising 2, and speaking through his translator a…[View]
424319864What is the most 'okay' game you have ever played? Not bad, not great, just incredibly middle-of-the…[View]
424324951You ever supported a crowdfunded game? How did things work out?[View]
424325664what's the best game where i can be a sniper: ghost warrior?[View]
424317673>80$ for a cheap plastic dock Jesus christ, they must be making like 70$ of profit with each unit…[View]
424314001YOU ASSHOLES NEVER TOLD ME WORLD OF DEMONS CAME OUT!!: New Platinum Games already out for iOS, Andro…[View]
424325840Nintendo Switch Cracks: So looks like the story about Nintendo Switch cracking is starting to pick u…[View]
424324129Whats the final verdict about cuphead?[View]
424325789The 4Chan Persona 4 Waifu: Now i've mostly been around for Persona 5 and since most statistics …[View]
424325650Will we ever get more daughteru raising sims?[View]
424315421Why do spiders always make the best girls?[View]
424321220Well ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lBW4ZM2H1Y[View]
424323114Hey good goyim, you've already resubbed to WoW so you can finish your Mage Tower before it…[View]
424321383>watching asmongold play wow >don't even play wow, I just like asmongold as a streamer …[View]
424324501Hey /v/[View]
424302297Comfy Switch Thread: What have you been playing lately bros?[View]
424325483What Comes after Battle Royale?: Billion Dollar Idea Thread It's simple, a fully 3D rendered Sp…[View]
424325374Just got around to playing this and I dont get why it gets flak? The only shit thing I found were th…[View]
424321015Describe a game you wish existed, other anons recommend similar games.: I'll start: Multiplayer…[View]
424321082I like Megaman. I like Megaman X. I like Megaman ZX. How will I like these? Also Megaman/Gunvolt Thr…[View]
424320137Back to the 90's[View]
424325169Nioh: I'm at the point in Nioh where I can't beat some select Way of the Strong solo conte…[View]
424323854What were some good games ruined by controls. I'm not talking about terrible graphics or poor s…[View]
424324459https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ax45TprB4A Is it possible to get ptsd from a game?[View]
424324829Explain this game to me: So the last thread got archived before i could say this. I never played th…[View]
424324758PC port when?[View]
424321560Does he deserve all the hate he gets?[View]
424324304Post RPG Maker kino[View]
424314910This is the best game ever made and I've played all games.[View]
424295007i decided to get into the series by playing the 3 games for the ps1, since theyre the most popular p…[View]
424323612Sorry, sir.. Can you pass me a towel, please?[View]
424321763Welp, just beat Fallout 4. Few thoughts/questions...: Well it took since launch... but forcing mysel…[View]
424315159Jesus fuck[View]
424320578Would you play a DOAX game where all the girls had Marie's body type?[View]
424319725What are some games that feature characters that love video games?[View]
424324319is RE7 a solid horror game? looking to be spooped[View]
424310475Post yfw you didn't give a single dime for this scam.[View]
424324216Here are the stages /v/ wants in Smash Bros[View]
424324154>being over the age 25 >Wasting your life with any game that that lack soul Legitimately embar…[View]
424321974>2 hours[View]
424324119>enemies has a better reason to fight[View]
424322808ITT post the most kino vidya moments[View]
424324001WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?[View]
424321340This game is so unrealistic. Look at the trees. They’re not even casting shadows on the ground.[View]
424323948>playing Game 2 >walking down hallway >hallway is blocked, two doors on either side >one…[View]
424318543Recommend some video gam[View]
424323865>ITT: tracks that trigger the flight-or-fight response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K9xe39zWL…[View]
424323834Emmerich's finished development on that Battle Gear of his. Get back to Mother Base.[View]
424323516How can Microsoft match Sony's stellar roster?[View]
424321346Luigi floating on an egg over the sea: Luigi floating on an egg over the sea[View]
424323620>Vamp Omega is GOAT in the main mission >Shit in others Is this proof that Nightime + Rain is …[View]
424321542Please help me /v/, today my little brother played Fornite 15 hours non stop (I counted them). He ju…[View]
424323402This is your spaceship for the night. Say something nice to her.[View]
424323532cool disc art[View]
424267025Why does /v/ hate her?[View]
424322681characters who did nothing wrong.[View]
424323202Why weren’t you playing Paragon, /v/? It had actual graphics.[View]
424321692What are some games that let me make fun of Anglos?[View]
424323378What are you looking forward to the most? >Characters >Stages >Mechanics >King of Bugs …[View]
424321034Overwatch truly is dead. >has less viewers than a boring TPS whack a mole xbox title How did Bliz…[View]
424319960>God of War (2018) >Atreus gets sick because Kratos didn't tell him he was a god >He u…[View]
424319456Is Pyra getting announced for Smash tonight?[View]
424322954Insanely quotable video game characters[View]
424320761Are there any games that you've never actually played but you like to pretend that you do? I ge…[View]
424299664You don't want trash in Smash, do you /v/?[View]
424322208What was his problem?[View]
424319905Why isn't there a game that revolves around you just exploring? And what'd give the game i…[View]
424322398>Gold Bar >sells for 50 silver[View]
424322821Will rhythm games ever make a big comeback in the west like they did with DDR, Parappa, and Guitar H…[View]
424320076>start a new game of Morrowind >start with 30 skill levels in Axe >pick up the Iron Shardax…[View]
424317925>perfection doesnt exi-[View]
424316532What went wrong?[View]
424319749>tfw no side-B that throws out a slow moving projectile that enemies can play tennis with…[View]
424322510>Ikaruga was ported to GC, Xbox 360, PC, Switch and PS4 >Radiant Silvergun was only ported to …[View]
424316758se leak: hey guys. i have some info on marketing stuff for SE, all of it dq11 related. i wanted to l…[View]
424302663>plot twist is 'holy shit amazing' when you play it >when you take two seconds to think about …[View]
424322536Game development: Looking to start doing some game dev in unity. I already can code intermediately, …[View]
424322375>300 hours and still nowhere close to 100%[View]
424321076> game's up cyberpunk! Your under arrest! w-waht do!??![View]
424322463What are you hoping for?[View]
424322397Tune in to my stream Escape from Tarkov gameplay!: I'm running Factory, Customs and Interchange…[View]
424312761Half-Life 3 when?[View]
424321957Play his game(s)[View]
424322248Fuck Ubisoft and Fuck Siege: Seriously, what the fuck is with these sjw cucks at Ubisoft? It's …[View]
424321916Ah, Garcian... How long has it been?[View]
424315295You just can't refute this.[View]
424309769I'm playing this game for the first time. Anything I need to know?[View]
424319693>he says he likes RPGs >he hasn't played any SSI games Defend this.…[View]
424320404I finished Dark Souls last night. Should I play DS2 or jump straight to 3?[View]
424319850What was the best max payne game /v/?[View]
424321986what up with criss roberts? is he worse then ea and rodd put togther ?[View]
424291714How are your sims doing?[View]
424321423Filename thread KEEP IT VIDYA![View]
424291554Who did you pick to start the game with? I'm trying to decide between Ophilia, Cyrus and Tressa…[View]
424321441Fallout 4 is indeed garbage, but this one's pretty good[View]
424321562Fucking BAMCO. When are they going to apply the latest patch to the English version? It's been …[View]
424285960Why can't giant robots be real?[View]
424317908This is the best boss fight in video game history.[View]
424320465ITT: characters disliked only by brainlets[View]
424319254say something nice about hideo kojima[View]
424321484Comfiest game i've ever played. Jill best girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS_LGXRsg40[View]
424314207This is the best video game track ever created. You can't change my mind. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
424320759Hey good goyim, you've already resubbed to WoW so you can finish your Mage Tower before it…[View]
424318642Nintendo Direct July leak: Nintendo Direct it's coming to July 29th >New Super Mario Bros. 3…[View]
424321237Nintnedo should use the Breath of the Wild engine to make a new Pokemon Snap game Keep a lot of t…[View]
424307364>go into graphics options >ambient occlusion >anisotropic/morphological filtering >tesse…[View]
424303878Anyone else worried that this game will be a massive disappointment? We’re only a few months away fr…[View]
424321319>this boss is too har-[View]
424320859I want upgrade my 60Hz 1080p monitor to a 144Hz 1080p monitor, but I don't have the specs to co…[View]
424305832Less than 5 hours remaining.[View]
4243188264x vs Hexagon cell movement: Do you have the 200iq necessary to figure out this puzzle /v/?[View]
424318624Anyone know of any alternative docks for their Nintendo Switch? Mine suddenly stopped working.[View]
424309228FFVIIR: Someone snagged some low-res pics of some assets from the FFVII Remake showing Cloud from th…[View]
424316914Smash bros ultimate wish list[View]
424298946Alright, enough of the memes. What games are coming out in the rest of this year that look promising…[View]
424320750check this out escape from tarkov hackler?: this guy streams tarkov he's new and not that good …[View]
424315558Question to /v/oomers: Was this game popular and considered a success back in 97? or only got popula…[View]
424320504let's throw all of the evils into one black soulstone, which totally wont backfire on us, oh he…[View]
424316917Best DLC coming through.[View]
424315721Anyone play this on PS3? How did it perform? Want to replay but on something else other than PC[View]
424301869I'm so bored of videogames to the point where i load them up and quit before i even play is the…[View]
424314726Do you think the invasion/co-op system works? Which side do you fall on?[View]
424314037is this worth getting/[View]
424320280Turns out PC users will have free access to Mania Plus because all the content is included within th…[View]
424318878>quest reward is the same thing you just bought[View]
424314607Well /v/?[View]
424319558When does this shit get good? There's been a couple of good suspense moments so far but all the…[View]
424319489The Game Awards should change their award categories to something that isn't boring. The indiv…[View]
424317387any nice anons feel like gifting me borderlands 2 on steam? https://steamcommunity.com/id/slanderxa…[View]
424274105Was it fun? Or a complete failure?[View]
424319614Why the hate for gunblade fantasy 8?[View]
424280728why do so many games revolve around male power fantasy?[View]
424318589>unstoppable force powers up all game and still takes over the world in the end…[View]
424318226Is it worth it? How are the HD ports of these games?[View]
424319486>Online match >lag kicks in[View]
424319465Do you think the reason Ganondorf hasn't appeared in a console Zelda game in 11 years is becaus…[View]
424316786Are you playing Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash, /v/? It's actually pretty fun![View]
424313220>that 25-year-old boomer who keeps insisting games were better 'back then'…[View]
424308449I just got this game a couple of days ago, never seen it mentioned on /v/ as far as I remember. What…[View]
424319098Does an actual /v/ gaming community exist? I want to do some SFV lobbies with you, CS:GO surf or jus…[View]
424319227why is getting sexed up in Liliths throne so absolutely fucking samey same and underwhelmingly borin…[View]
424319164infos about the leak ╭( ・ㅂ・)و: ive heard about this supposed leak. im working at nintendo of europe …[View]
424317679What's your favourite game in the series? For me it can't get any better than 2.[View]
424319016sega will never release sonic heroes 2, sonic and the black knight 2 , unleashed 2, sonic adventure …[View]
424319007>tfw it's been longer than the anniversary remake of the first tomb raider…[View]
424318809>tfw you get hatemail[View]
424310098>here's your love interest, anon[View]
424318563Well, /v/? Prove her wrong.[View]
424317989Have you heard of Happy World, /v/?[View]
424318728ITT: Post games that you've been meaning to play for years but haven't played and will lik…[View]
424318636Old videogames were just better: It's the truth...[View]
424318631PT for PC: Did anyone happen to get the files for this PC port of PT that this guy was working on be…[View]
424315425>In combat >Camera wants to focus on a faraway enemy, therefore goes black for a short time be…[View]
424308543Beautiful, isn't it?[View]
424318350I just don't get it. How do people consider a game of hide and seek where you can only rely on …[View]
424318348>First level is nothing but grass >Oh look another ring >No dungeons >Every boss looks t…[View]
424316898Are games art?[View]
424316646FUCK YOU, i finally beat him my blood's still pumping, what do i do next? his tent vanished[View]
424318078Do you think this squinty boi finna dab, or aint finna dab?[View]
424307558>tfw a combination of nioh's combat and dark soul's everything else would be a literall…[View]
424312985ITT: Underrated devs that deserve better sales[View]
424313129>Blocks your path[View]
424300982Signs a game is going to be shit[View]
424302004Are you excite?[View]
424313336Why was this retconned? Were people actually upset about it at the time or something that he actual…[View]
424307127What in tarnation did they mean by this?[View]
424317748Fuck Ubisoft and Fuck Siege: Seriously, what the fuck is with these sjw cucks at Ubisoft? It's …[View]
424317704New Vegas thread. Sadly I ain't got shit to tell, so I'll let you guys lead. The ONE time …[View]
424311580Wow. Is there ANYTHING Japan hasn't ripped off from the US?[View]
424313019 [View]
424314349How's his battle royale shooter doing?[View]
424308153Due to mad science, the last 3 video games you played have been fused into one. What's the resu…[View]
424276550World of Warcraft: What are you rolling in BfA?[View]
424317023This board is so violent![View]
424310089Well /v/ did you buy it?[View]
424312806>your companions are trash[View]
424312771ITT Post old vidya you enjoy: What are some retro games you enjoy /v/?[View]
424313417What are some games with beautifully hand drawn artstyle? All genres welcome.[View]
424314081What’s your favorite Smash Bros game?: Mines smash 4[View]
424305215How did Bloodborne not get a Pro patch? It's the most iconic PlayStation exclusive[View]
424315657This game is a masterpiece.[View]
424316671>shooter tries to be realistic[View]
424302251Last thread was deleted for some reason, probably for the op but anyways discuss[View]
424316376Now that the dust has settled, can we agree Witcher 1 was better than Witcher 2 and 3?[View]
424315257Is her name LO or iO?[View]
424315461I finished The Evil Within 1, and now I'm starting the sequel. What am I in for?[View]
424315364Giv some easy to get into even when you don't feel like playing games stuff like Stardew, Anima…[View]
424315318Upcoming Movie: I got a note from my friend that shows details on the following movie! Title: Shanta…[View]
424316212What are some tropes you like seeing in games?[View]
424309494Did Sakurai buff Snake's ass after E3? https://youtu.be/B17u9Odaw1A[View]
424306349How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
424314819Pick your 2 absolute favorite games One is your wife, the other is your girlfriend. You can play you…[View]
424316246Simon Belmont Travis Touchdown Bandana Dee King K.Rool Dixie Kong (Ecco) Duster Black shadow (Ecco)…[View]
424316184Will this game ever come out and will it actually be good? Anyone else waiting for it? Anyone hype …[View]
424310845this game deserves a remake[View]
424316142Best PS1 game ever? For me, it's Armored Core. Project Phantasma and Master of Arena aren'…[View]
424315927Ghost Giant: Looks fun https://.youtube.com/watch?v=hEJnJz43e10[View]
424315894Interested in Space Sims?: I was wondering if there was any interest in this niche old game. One of …[View]
424315621So I've spent nearly 500 hours playing this game and I feel like I still don't have a hand…[View]
424313002Why? why mgs V have only like 3 shity bosses, the other mgs games had realy cool bosses, and this on…[View]
424310441>Best game in the genre is the least popular one. Why?[View]
424300008The main character is called V: How fucking cool is it that CD Project Red named the next best chara…[View]
424315606I didn't know pannen played half life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0n-TIrpkDA[View]
424314173Welp. It finally happened, I had to sell my Switch. I was a Nintendo fan from day 1, owned every con…[View]
424306238Let's make botw a perfect game >Defense from armor is capped at 40 >remixed great fairy l…[View]
424312789How're you doing with this year's 'cheevos, /v/?[View]
424312807Best/favorite 2D Souls-like? Pic unrelated[View]
424315019Anyone else have trouble starting games up?: Once I start a game I can play for hours but actually s…[View]
424313124What does /v/ think of Max Payne 3's multiplayer?: I thought it was pretty good. Some of the we…[View]
424314184Remember me?[View]
424315354imagine a third person shooter where you're a guy with three arms later you get an upgrade and …[View]
424307591What happened?[View]
424315168why does she wear such lewd gloves?[View]
424304172>Overwatch takes no skill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayPhBMHnjCE…[View]
424314732>Hire Brian Reed for Halo 5, new direction, new flavour. He throws out the playbook, destroys arc…[View]
424312145>have seven characters based on the seven deadly sins >One is either greed or pride, two are e…[View]
424314605I just bought this game; anyone interested in playing some multiplayer?[View]
424313253Is anyone even excited for Anthem? I haven't seen any hype for it. If it flops what are the cha…[View]
424304992ITT we try an make the best Fallout possible.: No bickering about which Fallout is the greatest or a…[View]
424313759I want to play kingdom hearts 1.5 + 2.5 and i was wondering but i don't have a ps4, is it worth…[View]
424309128Yeah I'm thinking Microsoft is back.[View]
424309543Why don't the AAA companies just make good games?[View]
424313475>tfw watched a few old videos of him playing some comfy jrpgs and a few this is how you don'…[View]
424306275Day of Infamy: Any opinions about this game? It's is on sale and it looks like a MOHAA + ET mas…[View]
424314591Why didn't they put it on the 3DS or the NES Mini?[View]
424311893How the fuck does combat work in this game? I'm at the part where you beat up the twink from th…[View]
424252610Are square tiles superior to hex tiles for tactics games? I've noticed most popular tactics gam…[View]
424314408i want to play it so bad bros[View]
424314353Rune Factory Thread: >Rune Factory 4 was 6 years ago >I still haven't beaten Rune Prana a…[View]
424308379do you buy vidya figurines?[View]
424314175I got asked to help scam people: Some gook obvious scamming account tried to get me to promote this …[View]
424309571They call me Gato I have metal joints Beat me up And earn 15 Silver Points[View]
424313032Melia in Smash[View]
424311363>metacritic user scores[View]
424310285Post games where the main character changes during game.[View]
424309958Smash will disappoint you: The roster you've seen going around, with Ridley, Daisy, and Inkling…[View]
424313818/v/orms thread: Another week, another worms thread. I'm hosting.[View]
424264691What's the general consensus on DDLC?[View]
424307009>Games your never finished Go[View]
424313015Guild Wars 2 Controversy - Okay For We, But Not For Thee: https://youtu.be/SfjE02spcPA https://youtu…[View]
424313150Why are there so few big titted western girls?[View]
424309338What are your biggest disappointments of this generation so far?[View]
424313328Snes Mini and Smash: Could the SNES Mini (and the NES mini) have influenced in the newcomers that we…[View]
424311545How do we make horror games great again?[View]
424312027Please just play our game! We're fucking dying!![View]
424312467You have five seconds to name ONE video game where crafting isnt complete shit and actually adds som…[View]
424311459Ok /v/ how do we save the mmo genre?[View]
424312497Guild Wars 2 Controversy - Okay For We, But Not For Thee: https://youtu.be/SfjE02spcPA https://youtu…[View]
424311132I'm still waiting Kojima..[View]
424309678This game is bretty gud Vanillaware is best art[View]
424312250Did he redeem himself?[View]
424312463She's got such cute hands[View]
424312072Its so distracting and sometimes gives me a headache when I can't disable it[View]
424311717Is this game good?[View]
424310380>have free time >want to play new video games >tfw too poor to afford them >pc is severe…[View]
424311096This is my wife, just fyi.[View]
424308114Did mashing the B button actually increase the chance of catching a Pokemon?[View]
424296581post your walk/run cycle, /v/[View]
424291267>I prefer Japanese dub even though I can't understand any Japanese!…[View]
424308908LEAKS MOTHERFUCKER: Nobody will ever see this coming. Here's the info: >There will be a Nint…[View]
424308965>someone shit talks me in game >takes 3 days to come up with insult in return Who else /brainl…[View]
424312331places you wish were real[View]
424295662ITT: 7.5/10 games that are hailed as masterpieces[View]
424312278The world won't change for the better unless we post buddies. Buddies are vital in a peaceful w…[View]
424312057>jrpg has post game content >takes so long to get there that you're tired of the game onc…[View]
424309886I have nothing but time and money on my hands, recommend me anything at all to play preferably some …[View]
424311615Grey-Mane or Battle-Born?![View]
424306550What games would Hitler have played?[View]
424311813Rate my favorite games, /v/[View]
424311952>'let'sa go - kill the Armenians!' What did he mean by this?[View]
424308448Wow you're not going to believe it, I figured it out. Thank you to my twitter followers. This g…[View]
424306282total war: this is the worst total war game[View]
424311025Elder Scrolls: Do you think the 'epic final battle' in TES VI will finally have more than ten people…[View]
424311639>I CANT BREATHE BUT IM ALIVE is detroit become human, dare i say, kino?…[View]
424311618bepis: bepis[View]
424311575Dota 2 or League of Legends? Which one has better. >design >balance >community >esports…[View]
424306151Why does this franchise feel so fucking shallow?[View]
424311427I WAS BORN IN A PRISON[View]
424311407Will Halo live again?[View]
424307861nintendo direct leak: > All ready Peeps, there will be a direct on September 12th, it's supp…[View]
424309314I'm one of those people who has to check every nook and cranny for every single item usually in…[View]
424311303Fate Grand Order Revenue Now Exceeds $2 Billion Worldwide Fate Grand Order has better gameplay than …[View]
424309758Great Licensed games thread?[View]
424309557>sucks you up and kills you instantly How is this fair? Am I underleveled? (level 49, nightmare)…[View]
424312343What game is this from?[View]
424309693>press the wrong button in game >hold my mouse button pressed and move the arrow away from it …[View]
424310268Would a Netflix for games work?[View]
424308960Better than God Hand[View]
424310824why does she wear such lewd gloves?[View]
424307325TF2 Partyvan who up? password: begins with r, ends with e. synonym for anger.[View]
424304382talk me out of buying a hitbox[View]
424301264I still prefer the ''unrealistic''3D model in MGS3 over this motion captured tra…[View]
424293090why is there no fucking DB rpgs i'm so tired of these asspull fighting games just give me a co…[View]
424298281Post your fresh summer battlestations, /v/ Let's talk about our awesome setups and our consoles…[View]
424309225HORSIES: Which game has the best horse(s)?[View]
424308410>manchildren DMCfags still can't make a sensible argument as to why this is a bad game Curr…[View]
424305207Muffet is cute! CUTE![View]
424306179>mentor becomes an antagonist[View]
424310185What are the quinticential mods to use as fapping aid in Skyrim?[View]
424253713Boing! Boing! *BLAM!*[View]
424308490>life is complicated[View]
424309897Did you participate in Breadmans challenges, /v/?[View]
424309075Building/Management games. Have sudden urge to play them. Got Cities/Skyline a few weeks back but st…[View]
424309913Great games ruined by bad endings[View]
424309768What is Tyron streaming /v/ ?[View]
424309307Is Morag cute?[View]
424308624Whats the best game in the series?[View]
424309616Nintendo Responds to Combat Complaints in latest Zelda[View]
424308060Now that Inkling and Ridley have gotten into Smash, the only other character that needs to be added …[View]
424306235Octopath Traveller Amazon rankings: >Amazon JP: #2 (sold out) https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/bestsel…[View]
424308380What went wrong with Sonic after S3&K?[View]
424308875You know I didn't picture Master Xehanort as a man who would adorn his armor with pieces of fla…[View]
424303331Post an image you like, others recommend a game based on that image[View]
424305203It's not FUCKING fair[View]
424308340>Play Japanese game >Female characters are attractive, likeable and cool people who have their…[View]
424298147Inafune:: >April 22, 2010, Global Head of Production >October 29, 2010, leaves capcom Somethin…[View]
424306725Come on, /v/. You cannot deny that this dynamic duo would be the perfect pick to bring Smash bros fr…[View]
424293539Shin Megami Tensei V hype thread: What are the chances SMTV will be as good as Persona 5? Decarabia …[View]
424309058Are you ready for 95 cap anon? I hope you're saving those invites.[View]
424308497Nintendo Smash/Tennis Reveal?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=CT-DmdaLH_Q&…[View]
424307690>horror game >monster hides from you and comes out when you least expect it…[View]
424267829>girl joins server >everyone starts dancing around her…[View]
424299746A daily reminder for those who side with BiBo:[View]
424280140It's unofficially starting tomorrow Any deals or inevitable price fuck upsyou guys looking forw…[View]
424306392W H E N ? ?[View]
424306320Most powerful brothers in gaming?: >Borp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgQM6QdNsLk >Pannen h…[View]
424305253/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>424231502 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
424305717Does anyone still plays it? How much did they change?[View]
424308606>Hey, there he is! Look who finally decided to come out of his cave![View]
424308059Hi /v/. I just wanted to show you some games. I had fun the last few weeks. Didn't feel like a …[View]
424308149I am 26, I have played and beaten most of the FF games in the series growing up, but I missed IX. I …[View]
424308496Come on now it's the thirteenth century.[View]
424306214What game feels the most like playing through a battle shounen anime?[View]
424308465>uncharted 4 is one of the best games of all time[View]
424308416stay litty, bros[View]
424301189Why are you not playing Paladins, /v/?[View]
424307621Is it better on Switch or Wii U?[View]
424306874is DKC the most aesthetic game on the SNES?[View]
424301792Games only you played[View]
424307706Rimword: Thoughts on this game[View]
424306558Captain Toad is a plucky little hero in a charming, fun puzzler, yes?[View]
424308017>tea leaves: .[View]
424307398Who will the new FE and pokemon reps be?[View]
424305250upgrade < original: >Upgrade looks worse than the original What games do this?…[View]
424306794Is there a single WH40K game that isn't gay nigger shit?[View]
424306050ITT: Vidya truth: FireRed and LeafGreen come a close 2nd/4th[View]
424305040>Admin i think the player is botting. >What do you mean game master. >Well after launch he …[View]
424299850Blue Reflection: You haven't forgotten them, have you /v/?[View]
424307158I wanna make a legion character what stats should i give him?[View]
424286405>V-Video games were always expensi-[View]
424303239>Games and More >Solo options all hidden under this I know Smash is meant to be a multiplayer …[View]
424298985Yep, it's happening.[View]
424305276ÓÐR BRÓÐIR BLINDR[View]
424302538I don't see why it's so uncommon for this to come up in discussions of the best console ev…[View]
424307697SUCK DIS TORCH[View]
424306707Nintendo announces that they're making an 'Ultra Dock' that plays their first party games (Brea…[View]
424305314'Bloodborne is the best game ever made' Go on, say it[View]
424307540Can we talk about Max Payne /v/?[View]
424307369Pagan Min did nothing wrong.[View]
424306142Snake, history will never know what she did. No one will ever learn the truth. Her story, her debrie…[View]
424307174What are some good 'story' games? Like Telltale's games or Life is Strange?[View]
424294479So there will be a God Hand sequel any time now right? RIGHT?[View]
424285330It IS a masterpiece.[View]
424305778When does he get his rightful and most gorgeous place on the Smash Ultimate roster?[View]
424306965Icons Combat Arena: guy makes post detailing PM Icons drama, 3 pmdt devs immediately respond https:/…[View]
424307031inspirational viyda quotes: Post your favorite inspirational viyda quotes[View]
424305953Is this really becoming a problem?: For me? I'm not so sure[View]
424303443Dragon's crown: This game worth getting into?[View]
424306852>Destroys your entire party on the first turn[View]
424303879A horde of enemies attacks, among them there are strong and weak enemies, how do you deal with them?…[View]
424304625Nintendo Direct on September 24: This information was given to me by a Nintendo of America Employee.…[View]
424303698one citizen kane of gaming, please[View]
424306569>he doesn't main ranger enjoy being a damagelet[View]
424306305Why haven't you ditched Steam Community in favor of switching over to Discord?[View]
424301074Post vidya characters who are canonically virgins.[View]
424299695New trademark from zenimax media: Spyteam arkane studio next game??[View]
424298221Why don't you play MTG, /v/?[View]
424304764Fuck people. Fuck multiplayer. Fuck 12 year olds on mics. Fuck MMO's. And especially fuck the m…[View]
424302580>mages are the best cla-[View]
424303354Any games similar to this one? Also what happened to that indie game that looked very similar to thi…[View]
424290117Favorite Western-made bosses: Post 'em Why can't the West do boss fights like Japan?…[View]
424305874misunderstood sprites thread[View]
424306087When was the last time you had a 'smirk' moment while gaming?[View]
424304373*blocks your path*[View]
424303273Well /v/?[View]
424305896Anyone wanna join me on warmane icecrown wotlk? I'm a 65 tauren dk.[View]
424305880Why was this game so damn comfy? For some reason I can play it again and again and never get bored o…[View]
424304080What games have the best girls?[View]
424305597Why is every runescape streamer a normie cuck? :/ Wish i could watch someone weird and intelligent p…[View]
424303703Join a faction[View]
424299250So what's the best multiplayer shooter at the moment? [spoilers]TF2 boomers are not welcome[/sp…[View]
424304875New Vegas: The game should just end after you kill Benny. What stake does the MC have with anything …[View]
424305421What the fuck is this game? Do I like it, /v/?[View]
424231502/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>424186214 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
424305163LIKE THE GOOD OL' DAYS AFTER 9/11[View]
424305129Nintendo Direct: THE LEAKS ARE HERE. > F-Zero is in progress and there is a port available to get…[View]
424280471KIROV REPORTING Are you excited for Command & Conquer Rivals?[View]
424303023How did they manage to fuck up such a simple time proven formula and make the worst campaign and mul…[View]
424303582https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipexsV0j1gs They figured out the plot of Death Stranding[View]
424300145Tripfags: The amount of tripfags on this board are unbearable. When did this happen?[View]
424290873Describe the video game of your dreams, /v/.[View]
424303717Why does PC master race brag about fps all day but never actually play games? Its almost like measur…[View]
424300560What's your favorite gaming myth /v/?[View]
424304869>2B >2B or not 2B wow, this game really is deep !…[View]
424304218Why did you kill my child?[View]
424304720Holy Cringe Nintendo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kijnyfoRk4g[View]
42430466164 > Assault > Zero > SF2 > SF > Command >Adventures[View]
424304650FUCK ;_;[View]
424286847Octopath Traveler: Are you less or more likely to start with a specific character in Octopath Travel…[View]
424301820Kingdom Hearts has gotten tons of sequels, spin offs and mobile games The World Ends With You hasn…[View]
424304507Eventually I'll catch you[View]
424301796You will surely get the switch port.[View]
424303259Smash Ultimate leaks? Smash Ultimate leaks. You know how Sakurai said your roster starts off as sma…[View]
424297251A SILENT FAULTY FEELING ............................................. I SIGH AND FALL TO THE CEILING…[View]
424292550ITT: Vidya music that has been ruined for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJWjq76qEIQ https://w…[View]
424304312>Enemy knocks the door.[View]
424304296/v/ fan art you made back in the day december 1998 #spvARCHIVES[View]
424297854>ITT: Franchises that have amazing potential for Video Game Translation but fuck it up at every t…[View]
424304161Most moddable games: What games have the strongest modding communities? Sim City 4 is still getting …[View]
424293547What's the best Roguelite?[View]
424298436This is the Guardian of Selphia. one of the four Native Dragons of Norad. Say something nice about h…[View]
424303118>RE2Make is just a shitty RE4 game Why did they have to ruin it?[View]
4242969722019 or 2020?[View]
424301453New Smash Info: My room mate works in the graphics team for Smash Ultimate and he told me some chara…[View]
424302671So now, when the dust has settled... Was it kino? https://www.strawpoll.me/16085503[View]
424303160Say hello to the guy who popularised the phenomenon known as 'dabbing' and infected vidya.[View]
424301897based cliffy blasts pokemon: well he's right about something[View]
424300805>tfw a fangame by team of 4 autists managed to capture the S O U L of a spyro game better than an…[View]
424303041YS VIII: What do I even do with my life now.[View]
424301536>empty desert: the game[View]
424299297Censorship is systematic racism: Auto ban is the ultimate form of lazy narcissistic racism. All peop…[View]
424302512She killed bazillions....[View]
424278931Why did Icons fail?[View]
424297496Do you have any Amiibo? I vowed to only buy females, but my gf got me Bowser bc I was stuck on a few…[View]
424303520What's some other devs that can get away with doing anything because of their social capital?[View]
424303487ITT cute boys in vidya[View]
424303439Well, this is a surprise. I get few visitors, save for ghosts. You have… the shitpostvessel. Very im…[View]
424281187...well, on the bright side, at least you don’t gve to feel bad about that backlog anymore[View]
424300362>all these fun weapons/gadgets and toys >get punished for using them because going lethal affe…[View]
424303150>people will defend this[View]
424302698Oh shit guys, FF7 characters got in Brawl[View]
424301539What are some other games where the villain fuck the protagonist girl?[View]
424299635>You guys realize this is easily done with or without the ban system right? You are discussing so…[View]
424302450No mans sky next: Can they completely redeem themselves with the next update?[View]
424303127ITT: Video Game Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAwWPadFsOA[View]
424302596Just finished Morrowind for the first time, what I should I know before starting this?[View]
424301736Holy shit backwards compatibility on Xbox one actually ruined this game Every match is stomp or get …[View]
424301092Mobile: What are some worthwhile mobile games? Is pic related worth a shit?[View]
424302675>poo boss >i’m not taking shit from a turd like you…[View]
424302098Is it okay to kill dogs in RPGs? making a game and choosing sprites for low-level encounters[View]
424302168Warhammer: End Times- Vermintide 2: >Improved loot system >Better loot…[View]
424302610Wahahaha wahahah[View]
424291464>enemy throws flashbang >you are literally not allowed to play the game >get one shotted …[View]
424300938>watching game review >they start doing skits…[View]
424301684Should I even bother finishing this? I played it for about 6 hours or so when it came out and got bo…[View]
424302440What are some good gamecube/Wii games that I should emulate on my new smartphone? Pic related, kept …[View]
424301758Now that the dust has finally settled, did it really look all that much like a dildo?[View]
424301443Saints Row: When did the franchise start to go downhill?[View]
424302331Game is not a cash grab if it's delayed,right?[View]
424302201Nintendo Responds to Breath of the Wild's Combat Criticism[View]
424302292I'm an adult and I make my own money. I can buy whatever console I want and whatever games I wa…[View]
424298549Name a single redeeming quality about Bubsy.[View]
424301417Why does Japan charge upwards of $100 for some games?[View]
424302195Hey stupid pikachu! Get lost![View]
424300814anything similar to Octopath on pc? Need more turnbased games now[View]
424301726This series is honestly kind of boring.[View]
424300481>hey let's make games that sell a lot cheaper! >Oh let's also but an ugly as fuck re…[View]
424301752My name is John Crichton, an astronaut. A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole. Now …[View]
424298775Never forget[View]
424301984Who is the best vidya waifu and why is it Marie?[View]
424295289Darkest Dungeon: I really want to play this game, but I hear the recent patches ruined it. Should I …[View]
424270835What happened? Why isn't our guy releasing any new videos?[View]
424300781Any good racing games? I don't know shit about this genre[View]
424299891The Elder Scrolls Online is the currently the best MMO on the market[View]
424298073WHERE IS MY WIFE'S SON?[View]
424301260luigi luigi oh yeah oh yeah[View]
424287169For me, it's Resident Evil (2002 video game). The best survival horror video game.[View]
424299802I thought Batman's 'thing' was that he didnt kill people, so why do game developers make him do…[View]
424301573post your video game waifus, I claimed Gordon Freeman[View]
424301307Is Mario the sole reason games are popular as they are today?[View]
424279778So when's he getting revealed for smash?[View]
424300135>open world is bad Yes, I too love to play generic hallway simulator where I shoot the same bland…[View]
424300762so now that TES6 is confirmed to be in hammerfell, tell me what my opinion should be about it[View]
424300969>game equipment shows up on the overworld >ability to change your character so it doesn't…[View]
424259146Dokkan Battle: 3rd Anniversary on going. Have you gotten the cards you wanted? New mono color banner…[View]
424299365HELLO THERE[View]
424298260Shenmue 1 & 2: Anyone else bummed they're using the Xbox version of 2 instead of the Dreamc…[View]
424301031Why do people spend so much money on mice and keyboards? I got mine for $40 collectively, and you co…[View]
424295592How did they go from making fun platformers to making pseudo-intellectual press x not to die 'games'…[View]
424301236Smash Ultimate leaks? Smash Ultimate leaks. You know how Sakurai said your roster starts off as sma…[View]
424299453>Its a 'run towards the camera' level[View]
4242893533x3 thread[View]
424292761I'm not paying $20 for pixel shit no matter how good it is, fuck this i'm pirating this. W…[View]
424294943Remember when threads for these games were actually good and fun, with comments like: >this fucki…[View]
424299430I'm bored lads: only got my crummy laptop, help me choose what to play[View]
424293552>Ridley >King K. Rool >Geno >Banjo-Kazooie >Adeleine Ridley is already in. Who else i…[View]
424281659So why does Shantae not make nearly as many appearances in indie crossovers as others like say Lilac…[View]
424294969Am I a brainlet? How the hell does this game work?[View]
424299409>Game 4 recommendations >Game, Game 2, Game 3, Game: Spin-Off Is there anything more useless t…[View]
424293789Linux Multiplayer Games: I'm looking for a linux multiplayer game to play with friends (lan par…[View]
424300970Video Games: Will indies have to go to publishers to make it? Given the current market of indie mobi…[View]
424299865>no DOA thread So Dead or Alive 6 is coming to PC. As we've got Venus Vacation do you think …[View]
424299748ITT: Impossible to get trophies/achievements pic related[View]
424299879Where is he headed?[View]
424295660How can we kill lootboxes?[View]
424286408Confession thread: Confess /v/. What are your gaming sins? >I play shitty f2p games to see how fa…[View]
424300551What are you looking forward to the most? >Characters >Stages >Mechanics >Hungry Jesters…[View]
424299883Did you realize most games coming out of the western world lately feature zoom in camera when there …[View]
424299446PC has only a handfull of good turn based games[View]
424298063Do mods even salvage this game?[View]
424295450Stop being werewolves.[View]
424300368Switch demographic audience: based[View]
424293780>Not a single attempt at melee FPS sincle Heretic / Hexen 50 years ago >If someone did try it …[View]
424300401I like when fghting games have a spin off game of another genre. Most have been total ass but i real…[View]
424297186Override Mech City Brawl: https://youtu.be/ctKhcblbuWU Only stumbled onto this game recently. Seems …[View]
424299130Get Groovy: Post the absolute best jams in vidya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV36oKczdzE https:/…[View]
424295551Where do I go after defeating pic related, /v/?[View]
424294185How long do you think until they revoke the '>say word,>get banned' algorithm/both/whatever? T…[View]
424300012Can't stop. Won't stop. Devil May Cry V bread.[View]
424299896Danganronpa V3: Why was everyone so triggered by this ending? I just finished it and didn't thi…[View]
424299840anyone remember this game?[View]
424293697How come no one bothered to make more video games out of this movie, aside from that PS2 title?[View]
424295925Don't answer that. A rhetorical Max Payne thread. [View]
424299763ITT: Characters you know never will be in smash, but would like to see.[View]
424298515> 'I'm a woman, baby. Can't you tell?' > 'Anything that can kill a man, I sell. Exc…[View]
424298609Guild Wars 2 Controversy - Okay For We, But Not For Thee: https://youtu.be/SfjE02spcPA https://youtu…[View]
424297769Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hello, I have a close friend who works in a translating team here in Nin…[View]
424295034Why are they so out of touch?[View]
424299298How do we go from this...[View]
424294365Bad game.[View]
424294282why did they make this game such a boring dull repetitive cancerous eternal grind for resources?[View]
424299342>we will never get Resident Evil 2 HD[View]
424299317Karen > Elli > Popuri > Ann >>> Maria This is the correct wife ranking for 64[View]
424282520Seriously, how did they fuck up that much the artstyle with oblivion[View]
424296026What are some good Skyrim mods?[View]
4242838254 ways the Beast of Winter DLC subverts Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire: http://archive.is/sqGq8 …[View]
424299047Kongo: for smash.[View]
424298146Change my mind.: Your dream of a newcomer will not make it in Smash. Change my mind.[View]
424298837What ever happened to this dumb shit?[View]
424299019Slap City: new slap Why is Remedy a keep-away character if she wants to date everyone?[View]
424298673whats the /v/erdict? also driving game thread[View]
424280060Graphics don't matter: Do people really believe this?[View]
424296198>needlessly goes into 3rd-person view every time you take cover or climb a fucking ladder >has…[View]
424290272>quest reward gets stolen[View]
424298616IWBTG: Hey /v/, what do you think of I Wanna Be The Guy and/or it's numerous fangames?[View]
424295567>people will defend this[View]
424287634Max Payne 1, 2 and 3 are all equally great.[View]
424298408>brb guys invading russia >Last online: 75,190 days ago…[View]
424293358100% Orange Juice: Are you ready for gacha levels of grinding to get outfits for only two or three c…[View]
424270105For the third time, THIS is a Devil May Cry 5 thread.[View]
424294178NOSTALGIA THREAD: Remember when life wasn't shit?[View]
424293361Which was more disappointing?[View]
424289928Why is there such a huge outcry for Waluigi in Smash Bros. yet barely any demand for Toad, who is th…[View]
424294487>Dad tells me with a serious tone that I should become a competitive video gamer since I'm '…[View]
424296052>cool-looking character >amazing theme song >massively popular >might as well be the fac…[View]
424296115Censorship is systematic racism: Auto ban is the ultimate form of lazy narcissistic racism. All peop…[View]
424294329>played so many military shooters based on the middle East when young that I get nostalgic Everyt…[View]
424298105I dont get it. Last 2 Star fox games ware developed by Platinum and Namco. And nether is conditioner…[View]
424283476Who's your favourite im@s, /v/?[View]
424296282Should I apply for it /v/?[View]
424297901FighterZ: Why does the netcode for this game have to be shit? It takes way to long to get a match wi…[View]
424297608>Release HD update >Said HD update doesn't have any of the expansions What in the fucking…[View]
424291237Minecraft is almost a decade old[View]
424297737HE'S IN![View]
424297729Nintendo Responds to Combat Criticism: What now?[View]
424294286Best VR games: What are the best VR games out right now? I've played Moss, Karnage Chronicles, …[View]
424292661>the absolute state of Naughty Dog[View]
424297635Are they having trouble?[View]
424296273Why is it Japan artstyle always look better in video games?[View]
424296798>Tressa's story doesn't play like Recettear or Torneko's story in Dragon Quest IV …[View]
424293459f: f[View]
424297016>People willingly engage in steam trading You couldn't pay me a billion dollars an hour to …[View]
424282847>Be me >Be German/Swede >Playing Siege >Call female hostage dick (thick in german) >G…[View]
424297440How was it?[View]
424297213Will the game actually look like this come release, or are downgrades incoming?[View]
424294659The cashier said this game was really hard, I'm on chapter 9 and it doesn't seem too bad, …[View]
424297418ITT: Characters who are canonically MAPs.[View]
424297305>can only afford a low-end laptop for gaming >can’t run any modern games unless they’re indies…[View]
424297367It's never coming back...[View]
424294061Was Malthael, the former Angel of Wisdom, wrong or right about exterminating humans?[View]
424291332>wow what a good boss battle. that was a real test of my basic pattern recognition and patience i…[View]
424297081Red Dead Redemption 2 Thread: >This is a person that got to see the Red Dead Redemption 2 demo at…[View]
424296985What level are you in runescape?[View]
424296879Which one do I emulate while waiting for GU on Switch?[View]
424296823Are there any other games that tripped at the finish line like New Vegas?[View]
424286857Choose one and only one[View]
424296770>double boss fight >after one dies the other powers up…[View]
424283165Choose one[View]
424293257Yo anon man, Carl just replaced the MC of the last friggin' game yous played[View]
424296196I know its impossible but fuck you all I want Kongo in smash.[View]
424258707Left or Right?[View]
424292846Yea, it's pretty good desu[View]
424296496kill all demons[View]
424293837Ocelot didn't do anything wrong. He and Big Boss were the good guys.[View]
424295159Morrowind thread: Finally going to give this a try. Going to play a battlemage with a spear, not wha…[View]
424294215Nutaku Announces Lewd Gaming Championship: Are you going to participate anon?[View]
424293829Super Mario 64 is Transcendental[View]
424284646ITT: Extremely uncomfortably.looking vidya attires Pic very much related >skintight shorts >h…[View]
424293751Heh, nothing like 90s games, they dont make games like that no more nowadays its all too easy, …[View]
424292558Open world games and how to play them: >Speaking about 'Assassin's Creed Black >Flag' I f…[View]
424294359Pikmin thread? Pikmin thread. >Favorite type >Favorite area >Favorite collectible throughou…[View]
424295715What would a game based on Chrono Crusade be like? I'm thinking it'd be like a cross betwe…[View]
424294427Is there any way to make this game not suck? Right now I have the following mods/changes but they ar…[View]
424293743Breath of the Wild thread: >'I genuinely feel like I’m playing an early access game. >It’s a g…[View]
424293150why isnt octoling in smash?[View]
424294378I just wanted to say Hi.[View]
424283190Paper Cirno thread? Paper Cirno thread. >Favorite chapter? >Favorite partner? >Favorite bos…[View]
424294227Splatoon 2 tournament going on right now if anyone's interested[View]
424295269The Famicom had been out for 2 years. Why the fuck did Sega put the Pause button on the Console and …[View]
424295080Kind of gets that noggin' joggin'...[View]
424294029Did you know that you can turn into a banana in Prey? True story. And a pickle, if you can find one.…[View]
424295060when she sees the size of your steam library[View]
424291569Bushido Blade 2 /v/ Tournament: What are your memories of this game? Main character/weapon? Joining …[View]
424295019> play game > first person shooter > Mom walks in > 'oh, which one are you anon?'…[View]
424294994>he still hasn't beaten ninja gaiden black on master ninja What's your excuse, subhuman…[View]
424294970Any good poker games? I’m willing to spend up to $60 to play a nice single player video game of Tex…[View]
424293342vvvvvvvvvvvvROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM *pops* *takes flight and explodes*[View]
424292242FE Thread: Could keep looking at those npcs for hours and they would still be interesting.[View]
424247668Who else is left that can realistically bring the hype?[View]
424290549Today I will remind them[View]
424293568What's your wishlist for the upcoming metal gear movie? do you think it will be good?[View]
424293125Who would win in a battle of wills?[View]
424290186Risen: Is Angry Joe right about the Risen franchise?[View]
424294263What's your favorite thing to snack while playing vidya? I like Jelly Bellys. Good taste, no me…[View]
424294221What would the series be like if Nobodies never had been introduced? Do you think it would have bee…[View]
424293928>he didn't play the best RPG of 2018 What's your excuse anon?…[View]
424278845This game is shit without Brutal Doom[View]
424293398>download a game >never play it who else /devilish/ here?…[View]
424292058Bad RPG Devs >Bethesda >CDPR >Bioware >Obsidian >Larian Good RPG Devs >Black Isle …[View]
424290897Okay, right, from my shitty yellow rank tier knowledge i can pretty much say that using a fight stic…[View]
424293941When can we expect the next one?[View]
424292164Will the golden age of PC gaming ever return?: >Steady and diverse stream of great PC games that …[View]
424283651just ordered this, what am I in for?[View]
424293757What does /v think about dcs?[View]
424293027Will Nintendo ever make a game to surpass Yoshi Story?[View]
424293725TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT, 10 PM EST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT-DmdaLH_Q&feature=youtu.b…[View]
424246967Poll: What New Weapon Type You Want to See In Nioh 2: https://www.strawpoll.me/16082349 If it's…[View]
424292330What is the vidya equivalent?[View]
424280274>Motion controls are not a fad. Get used to it, because they're the future.…[View]
424291226Nu-WoW is shit, do we have a release date for WoW Classic yet?[View]
424283942Have you ever speedrun a game?[View]
4242914289 out of my 10 favourite games are Japanese. Does this make me a weeaboo or is Japan just better tha…[View]
424293301DAMN >Chun becomes a sissy little bitch when Cammy is around and loses all her 'stronk woman' cha…[View]
424283113>teammate plays like shit, losing everyone else the game >point it out >'who cares dude, ge…[View]
424293296You know that brand new game you wanted to play today. Well Deus Ex.[View]
424293251nicola, bart...[View]
424293245bb ct when ??[View]
424210682Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: EVO soon[View]
424293227A SILENT FAULTY FEELING ............................................. I SIGH AND FALL TO THE CEILING…[View]
424291764Can we all agree that GTA V has the best physics?[View]
424291457What objectively good games have you played lately anons? No console kiddie shit though.[View]
424293123What are some games that try but be funny and actually succeed ? The godwin quest in KCD is great[View]
424293114>Missions to hunt down players >Missions to kill players at repairshop >Public missions are…[View]
424291046Post images of characters giving a thumbs up.[View]
424293071>Like the gameplay of a game >It gets heavy handed with the lewd First this and now League of …[View]
424237358Can we get a MegaMan thread >Favorite games >Favorite boss >Favorite tracks >even favor…[View]
424288424As someone who’s only played 5, what am I in for?[View]
424288013You have a choice: Your most wanted character can get in, but your least wanted characters gets in a…[View]
424290252What were they thinking with this level?[View]
424292007is this game just bravely default #3 ? bd1 started good and was absolutely hell to play through lat…[View]
424292805NEED GAAMES: Hi, i need some videogames, vicious and to get fun, thx[View]
424284414Does /v/ like For Honor now?[View]
424292736NOSTALGIA THREAD: We had a nostalgia thread yesterday and it was really good and made me feel like s…[View]
424286372Anyone know any games like corruption of champions or allure of wanton cove[View]
424292687GLORY TO MANKIND[View]
424288162>I will buy dark souls for nintendo switch >I will take it on trips with me…[View]
424272616Hey guys. Vinny here. Nintendo rulz[View]
424277436>someone adds you ingame >'hello sir'[View]
424291512>Sonic the Hedgehog >Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8bit) >Sonic the Hedgehog 2 >Sonic 3 (and Knu…[View]
424288507What do they eat?[View]
424281962Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] on PC: Checked catalog and didn't see a thread about this and…[View]
424269650ITT: pleb filters[View]
424292548EAT STANDING[View]
424291089>people will defend this[View]
424288884He's done for, isn't he?[View]
424283256Fuck you it's still good[View]
424290913>June 11th, Smash Ultimate's E3 info was leaked with some misinformation before it was annou…[View]
424286956I love Smash Bros. It's a fun game, I can play it with friends. I like the series. But the thre…[View]
424282280Castlevania: Reminder that hating is game is a meme. Underrated masterpiece.[View]
424288350>receive steam friend request >emo style profile >life long read.txt about depression >l…[View]
424291897Don't get cooked[View]
424268520SCP Secret Laboratory Sunday: https://memesystem.party/scp/ Waiting for others to join on 7777 editi…[View]
424268948Super Smash Bros. Ultimate More Echo Fighters: >Dixie Kong (Diddy Kong) >Funky Kong (Donkey Ko…[View]
424290749>that one boomer that won't stop barfing all over you[View]
424292056Did anyone else deliberately allow her mind to be wiped: so that she became Zlatko's robo-slave…[View]
424291834Is this what Bowser looks like in real life?[View]
424292006Video game survey: Well, they got me there.[View]
424278672Alright, it's mid 2018. I haven't tried searching for/installing this shit in like 5 years…[View]
424291950>gun's maximum reserve ammo capacity is not a multiple of it's magazine capacity…[View]
424290485Healer appreciation thread: You DID thank your healer today, right anon?[View]
424290454What's the best gaming/office chair for gaming. I have this old-ass broken swivel chair at the …[View]
424291359>SOUL >Cute characters >Best platform controls since Mario Sunshine >Interesting and fun…[View]
424291715>dad walks in[View]
424291792Would you sit with Micolash and speak about new ideas of the higher plane?[View]
424287924Which game do you wish you could play for the first time again?[View]
424290964Saints row: Best one?1[View]
424291034Are gacha games gambling?[View]
424291071What video games must you play before you die?[View]
424274995*splits an entire fanbase in half*[View]
424287863What are some other examples of game developers or writers failing at hiding their power level or wh…[View]
424288104Daily reminder that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a masterpiece and there's nothing you can do …[View]
424283573Google News even admits PS4 is better than Switch: >1. The PlayStation 4 has a larger library of …[View]
424283175Your pick for Smash is only viable if you can tell me what Kirby would look like after he inhales th…[View]
424272621Why do PC players ruin everything?[View]
424287823sup /v/, My wife and I have been together about 8 years, she's never been much of a gamer but h…[View]
424285929Why did everyone forget about this game? I never see it brought up when people discuss a lack of gam…[View]
424288635Let's hear some of those cuhrazy tactics /v/. What weapons and styles are the most effective ag…[View]
424289215How is the music? Who made the OST? Was it Sound Horizon?[View]
424289991Smash Ultimate Leak: The code name leaks are true, however, I’ve also seen the “Soul” Character refe…[View]
424289678Thoughts on gacha Vidya?[View]
424290363>raining level >it's also raining IRL…[View]
424287729Whooaa, Star Ocean looks like THAT??!![View]
424289665Angry /v/ thread: How's the angriest you've reacted to vidya? I accidentally broke my phon…[View]
424285884why did she have to die[View]
424270792Space Engine appreciation thread. Pic: Left is real life, right is SE screenshot.[View]
424289959What went wrong?[View]
424282265Do you think Breath of the Wild did a good job of capturing these graphics?[View]
424289339Is this accurate, /v/?[View]
424281393Where were you when CDPR sold out to the Rockstar and Bethesda audience? Make no mistake though, thi…[View]
424279695Name a worse character design than this. What a fucking disgrace.[View]
424286153Who are some /v/ approved female protagonists?[View]
424287247>The chase never ends[View]
424288531>Smash Ultimate isnt out until December kind of depressed now, considering replaying Odyssey and …[View]
424289143ITT: Amazing video game music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X79SaS6TsHs[View]
424289108What game can I Chinese?[View]
424289056Post cool levels in vidya that aren't the usual grass/desert/water/lava stuff.[View]
424285481what am I in for?[View]
424288827How could Falcom get away with making a character named Aryanlord?[View]
424283613post recent: what you've been playing this week, /v/?[View]
424286535Why do western games portray wyverns as dragons?[View]
424285349What's your favorite BADASS video game?[View]
424288345>League of leguends youtube ads[View]
424287827Nah. System Shock 2 thread[View]
424266104Well /v/?[View]
424260482post things that caused you to ragequit[View]
424285998I fucking hate these things. I'd rather fight 3 Psaro the Manslayers at once than even fight on…[View]
424287242Obsidian: >Skippable cinematic >Starts right before the climactic moment where you figure out …[View]
424282639The Culling 2: Let's have 'laugh at The Culling 2' thread[View]
424288312Is games journalism the dark souls of journalism?[View]
424287336>ITT we post our favorite weapons from videogames. Game: Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Weapon: ma…[View]
424271914'Octopath traveler ps4' is the top google search for octopath in Japan: I guess alot of RPG fans wit…[View]
424282460Will you be buying HER game /v/?[View]
424284175Peter Popoff confirmed for Smash Ultimate[View]
424283496I can't believe this piece of shit got shilled so hard at /v/. I'm glad i bought it at a d…[View]
424274987>DayZ...abandoned by community >H1Z1...abandoned by community >PUBG...abandoned by communit…[View]
424286813You cannot stop Nintendo[View]
424287901What do you think about this game?[View]
424287727 [View]
424281739Any other anon going to stay away from this board when August 9th rolls around?[View]
424285438What's the best Mario game?[View]
424287126ITT: Games only you love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewwtznVkSxA[View]
424283534>He likes Nintendo[View]
424286404What does P E R I stand for?[View]
424287658So Ultimate Custom Night got released and desu I've been out of the loop with the lore for a wh…[View]
424286819>Violence in video games? There's nothing wrong with it, parents should be paying attention …[View]
424285976What consoles do you pray to?[View]
424238072>The online service for this game has ended[View]
424286110What is even the purpose of being these High end consoles when barely any games supports them? On PC…[View]
424279047Sonic Heroes is better than the Adventure games.[View]
424286540Why is there no next gen emulator yet?[View]
424286547No mans sky shitty graphics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=156&v=ngZYILgaZDE Anyon…[View]
424286002Wo arguing about exclusives. I could make a list of 10+ factual things that i hate about consoles. F…[View]
424281997I fixed the Switch Pro Controller. Was that so hard?[View]
424287197Foxhole: The Wardens need you! Join today![View]
424283067Post games with dragons and other cool beasts[View]
424272494Name a comfier game.[View]
424286160https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuOwKKpkjSE >Previously, Bethesda couldn't care less for Fal…[View]
424285054ACTUAL Smash 4 leak: Alright everybody I keep seeing these fucking leak threads about fake Smash 4 l…[View]
424286858>try GZ and the terrible DoF that cannot be toggled off makes it unplayable >move to TPP and h…[View]
424254787FPS thread. Post your favourite FPS games and disscuss FPS games[View]
424284250What would be the perfect 9th Gen reveal?[View]
424276609Recommend only the best Xbox One games.[View]
424286094Oh yeah, that happened[View]
424284693>You have to watch the ending on the hardest difficulty for the trophy to pop…[View]
424226751Hollow Knight Thread: I finally beat this son of a bitch after a solid hour of attempts. Goddam it f…[View]
424285095Overused words that have no meaning and are destroying videogames >Content >Community >Expe…[View]
424280365ITT: Games with ratings that surprise you. Why is Portal 1 rated T but not this one?[View]
424286392>'One copy of Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch, please.'[View]
424277650Super Mario 64 is Transcendental[View]
424286112Feels good I've been able to help Nintendo[View]
424286061Which was better; Fallout 1, 2, or New Vegas?[View]
424283784Anyone else see that Fortnite is already on its way out? A lot of people are getting burned out on i…[View]
424285843>tries to wear traditional Chinese cocktail dress >literally cannot fit into it due to outrage…[View]
424273850You're going to buy her game again, right /v/?[View]
424283753What’s everyone’s opinion on 007 Everything or Nothing? Personally I think it’s a great TPS that fel…[View]
424282417Why was he in the toilet?[View]
424269907Shironeko New Project for SWITCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwoKQ-YfNc4 You told me Switch has …[View]
424285713>Walk in the trap like Xedilian >I just got a couple of million >Rich like Aldmeri Dominion…[View]
424277329Nintendo Mini Direct 7/25: I have some info on a new direct. Here it is: NINTENDO 3DS >Luigi…[View]
424285652Why are there so many devs in shit countries like Sweden and Canada but not in Russia?[View]
424284710What do /v/ think about being a delivery man in vidya?[View]
424285443GOAT Title Menus GO: Starting with a classic.[View]
424284465ok, saw this game, looked interesting, here who has played it? what can you tell me about it?[View]
424283638When is he getting revealed for Smash?[View]
424280730SoulCalibur 6: Astaroth when? I wanna Poseidon Tide niggers![View]
424285272Tell me the story of your proudest vidya accomplishment /v/. 100%ing something, a challenge run, win…[View]
424273564Octopath Traveller: Tavern Edition. Tell us your tale, Traveller[View]
424284964Do you watch Streamers and Let's Players for insight on a game so you can make in informed deci…[View]
424277767Has this happened to anyone else?[View]
424284757How does this compare to Operation: Genesis?[View]
424283915>old doom is so much better than DOOM (4)[View]
424281698Games where the bad guys win: What are some video games where the bad guys win?[View]
424274149What noise does it make?[View]
424280470Mature games do not belong on Nintendo.[View]
424284548Is this the greatest machinima of all time?[View]
424283946What visual novels have you played recently, /v/?[View]
424276896Is this game as good as the original? I really feel like playing a portable classic RE[View]
424281486>there are people on /v/ that will legit get triggered by a picture of the fucking sun How did we…[View]
424280245the vagrant thread is this game good? i missed yesterday's thread i want to lick those abs…[View]
424283006Were MMORPGs a mistake?[View]
424270841someone explain to me why the fuck controllers are so expensive now[View]
424268834Name a game with a more satisfying feeling[View]
424280994Mega man X: All the trophies for the X legacy collection are out >Reconnaissance Complete >Vie…[View]
424282719What went so right? Octopath thread I guess[View]
424282078Why was this so repetitive? Spam arrows Runic attacks blocks and doges waiting for runic to replenis…[View]
424281886It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
424280953Holy Cringe Nintendo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kijnyfoRk4g[View]
424273890>install Metal Gear Solid V >play through the prologue + rescuing Kaz >close game and playi…[View]
424275826Too-old-to-be-zoomer-too-young-to-be-boomer thread: >tfw soon-to-be 21 years old >tfw you…[View]
424282271Came across this while browsing the PS store. Is it any good? I'm well acquaint with the Jojo s…[View]
424283301shit that happend: >any entrance of the game is on a complete different console…[View]
424271052Flying games w/o combat focus: So I recently saw a review of The Crew https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
424283254>best game to play after today's world cup finals for me it's resident evil 5…[View]
424282008post yfw >Presenter takes the PS5, throws it on the ground, stamps on it, stands on it, boots it,…[View]
424282519You guys lied to me this is way better than Divinity Original Sin 2 by every conceivable measure[View]
424280347Can we have a subtle video game clothing thread? I just ordered this bad boy[View]
424274894At least the fishing was good right?[View]
424282718Fuck, I'm stuck on this part, I keep trying to jump over the rat but the elephant just goes bac…[View]
424278970What was your favorite part of ffxv :)?[View]
424281909Can humans/elves racemix with Khajit or Argonians?: So we all know elves and humans are compatible b…[View]
424281592Got some questions about the state of no man's sky since the last thread is down; Are the speci…[View]
424271735What's the best way to play Okami? This shit's on pretty much everything.[View]
424282947Did FGO NA have one of the single worst anniversary celebrations of any gacha game?[View]
424282628Thoughts on this game?[View]
424282612Best MMO?: What is the best MMO out there?[View]
424282834>yfw you enter the scarlet zone[View]
424282374This is Ken Levine's (of Bioshock Infinite fame) new studio. Say something nice about it.[View]
424271889>Hitreg is absolute dogshit even after entering in the proper command lines (which shouldn't…[View]
424282560I want to marry Jill[View]
424276340Why do people shit on the first Witcher game wherever I look? I really enjoyed it, and it has the sa…[View]
424279015So why hasn’t EA asked Bioware to make KOTOR 3, or a reboot of KOTOR that fits with the current cano…[View]
424280864GTA5 is 3-6 hours Shorter than San Andreas: To 100% GTAV requires only 10 hours To 100% San Andreas …[View]
424282371Turn base is dea- BLOCKS YOUR PATH[View]
424282435>An Ancient Evil Awakens[View]
424281941what are some games about.... oh[View]
424281587>i'm not the only one who's still walking around >i'm the same as them WHAT did…[View]
424282384Fire Emblem Heroes: How are you doing with Tempest Trials /v/? This is my A team.[View]
424282379I think I will replay it: I miss her /v/ her story their story game altogether, atmosphere it was su…[View]
424265601Why aren't you playing the GOTY?[View]
424273940Vidya collectors, do you buy replacement cases for old games? Bought some PS2 games from eBay which …[View]
424281450>Playing REmake >Pretty great so far >Get kerosene for the first time >try to light my f…[View]
424281991anyone here on /v/ play Ymir? it's a cool looking game but the only dev releases like 70 keys e…[View]
424281848He's in.[View]
424276563who else remembers game called overlord: i was looking through my Xbox 360 games and i found my old …[View]
42428191418 years[View]
424273079>the priest is the best class[View]
424281102Fake as fuck leaks[View]
424278967Do you think we'll get the Octolings as DLC clones/Echo Fighters?[View]
424278741Dead or Alive Thread: Left or Right? Will Christie be also a B-cup in DOA6?[View]
424280745When are we getting a r&m game[View]
424268663Which studio could do it justice? What type of game would they do?[View]
424266565Sonic Mania Plus is too hard.[View]
424280090Better controller coming through. >man I'm out of batteries and my controllers are dead. …[View]
424276764Nintendo announces that they're making an 'Ultra Dock' that plays their first party games (Brea…[View]
424279306>By correcting a typo in a .ini file from 'teather' to 'tether,' the aliens seem to gain a whole …[View]
424266932who was in the wrong?[View]
424244152FF TYPE 0: So, I bought this game since it was on sale on the Playstations store, but I have no fuck…[View]
424275736Raahr. Reebit. I'm workin' in the flea market so early, I've been working here ever s…[View]
424270867Why are games are so unfun nowadays It's all lootboxes, dailies, tryhard competitive ranks and …[View]
424270976Ships: ITT post great looking vidya ships with equally great names[View]
424279464Are you going to buy The World Ends With You: Final Remix /v/?[View]
424280917Darkest Dungeon: If an actual competent dev team had taken this concept/characters/art style/core ga…[View]
424273404This game is a masterpiece[View]
424280523Does he have any worthwhile games?[View]
424280525>roll >attack >repeat or >block >punish >repeat I didn't expect the so-calle…[View]
424280246Is it too late to get into this game for the first time[View]
424278140Batman Telltale thread? Also who is the best girl and why is it Iman Avesta?[View]
424268408He did literally nothing wrong.[View]
424276418What should I buy for my Switch? I have Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Bayonetta 1+2, Hol…[View]
424278486What's your favourite weapon to use in Bayonetta 1 and 2 /v/?[View]
424258973Why not just put an optional mature langauge filter in the game?[View]
424277751Is this one of the best games of all time?[View]
424275647Borderlands 3: WHEN???[View]
424275389How many hours per dollar do you have to play in order to consider a game purchase worth it?[View]
424280203Other than pic related, what are some games where skill and effort are irrelevant towards winning, a…[View]
424280181What games have a fine ending?[View]
424275246Vidya CCG thread: What vidya card game are you currently playing, /v/? >Heartstone >Yugioh …[View]
424279586Where the fuck is it?![View]
424277410DMC5: THE HYPE NEVER ENDS[View]
424276997>play MGO3 >realise you forgot how fun it was Doesn't hold a candle to MGO2 but damn is …[View]
424272204How come there are such mixed feelings on this area? Whats wrong/right about it? And what were your …[View]
424279384Is there anything more annoying than playing a video game with someone (who's already played it…[View]
424279797So you are telling me that Fire has always been linked? Every time it was about to fade some dude w…[View]
424276450Bad RPG Devs >Bethesda >CDPR >Bioware >Obsidian >Larian Good RPG Devs >Black Isle …[View]
424271747Buy this game.[View]
424279594>its a jealous Claire Scene[View]
424279427are you exited for FIFA 19?[View]
424272682https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bJMEqNlbpg >we don't want Goku in smash >Goku get a game…[View]
424279569Thoughts on Forgotten Anne? Am I the only one who played it?[View]
424275565What went wrong? Why is it so bad?[View]
424279397I am starting a class action law suit against Ubisoft: This anti-consumer behavior by Ubisoft can no…[View]
424277791How the fuck is this not out yet[View]
424279078The Walking Dead: You let him solve mysteries with you, right, /v/?[View]
424279139Between R6 and OW, which system is worse at dealing with toxicity?[View]
424279381/v/ needs to be purged: >Liking a game means you're a shill, But not when it's a game I…[View]
424279282Let's have another battlestation thread.[View]
424248784>'Morning bros, ready for some Siege today?' >*User 'Anon' has been banned for verbal abuse…[View]
424277162>That guy who's learning Japanese to play obscure video games[View]
424278539Name a console besides the Super NES that has had consistently good games released throughout its en…[View]
424279134>best levels in the game remove the central gimmick What are some games that do this?…[View]
424277146Wow this game is so comfy. Surprisingly not boring.[View]
424258460Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able to Get Refunds: >According to Firefly212 in a reddit thread e…[View]
424278979DMC: Trish>Lady fucking fite me[View]
424278613Can someone explain to me why the Donut Plains had no fresh and tasty yeast donuts?[View]
424278778don't starve: what happens if you starve in this game?[View]
424262270>voices a character in Octopath Traveler Why didn't you move to LA to be a voice actor in ga…[View]
424278625Okay so WHY THE FUCK does the Heroes' Guild allow it's students to become villains when th…[View]
424278540What went wrong?[View]
424276545Holy FUCK I did it. Secret boss beaten, Golden Toothpick acquired. Fuck it was so close too, Took th…[View]
424267601pubg: Anyone here playing this game? I picked it up recently and not really enjoying it. I mean it w…[View]
424271514>play Doom, Quake, and GoldenEye at release >love them >didn’t play Half-Life at release …[View]
424275770'Hey don't say the Switch has no games, it only has been in the market for a year in a half, th…[View]
424276543>'competitive' shooter >hitscan weapons[View]
424277921>He doesn't play on Mandrill Maze: TF2 thread[View]
424278191>everyone's average level: 46 >my level: 32…[View]
424276749Why do games ban me for having banter?[View]
424278014All the stuff you ever got in a videogame you never actually owned. It's owner by the company w…[View]
424275634TECHNOLOGY thread?: TECHNOLOGY thread.[View]
424250029What does /v/ think?[View]
424273612I have a personal theory that at least part of Ocarina of Time memorabilia was in how much emphasis …[View]
424212706YLYL: Icons edition.[View]
424184043Resident evil thread Redfielded edition[View]
424277663Why didn't you guys tell me this was good?: I mean it's not worth 60 bucks but I got the g…[View]
424274384Just a gimmick sony made to make people wet.[View]
424269789>game quotes bible >game's entire storyline is biblical analogy…[View]
424273510>No versus mode for single player >Great majority of the courses are forgettable >Character…[View]
424275602Why did I come here? ...Must have been the weather.[View]
424274665I was interested in this game before it came out, but then forgot about it and have never played it,…[View]
424265304>voice acting in games Name a bigger waste of time and resources. Gaming as a while would be bett…[View]
424254240So this cam and went quickly, was it actually good? considering buying.[View]
424269874Paper Mario: What was the Paper Mario fanbase like before Sticker Star was released? Were they actua…[View]
424277210We had a successful thread about The Vagrant yesterday Unfortunately I missed it, is it worth it? Th…[View]
424276068>'Psst, hey kid, if you destroy $1000 worth of groceries for me without telling the police, I…[View]
424269498What Vidya have you been playing recently? Inb4 /v/ doesn't play games[View]
424276887Post some vidya cosplays[View]
424275614Huh: >'what's the one literal advantage that consoles have over PC' >'oh I know, it'…[View]
424271867Vermintide 2: So what is your go to set up /v/?[View]
424247069Gray-Mane or Battle-Born?[View]
424274770Do you have the motivation to S rank DMD missions in DMC games?[View]
424276119Red sun Red sun over cyber punk Red sun Red sun over cyber punk Glorious Ray's of the sunshine …[View]
424268785Name one time he was wrong about vidya.[View]
424276165Did Chief Kief even say 'Metal Gear' once?[View]
424276009Demonophobia resource: https://boards.fireden.net/v/thread/385201923/ A thread that existed last yea…[View]
424270113/STARFIELD/: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUobbpHERh8 Can we please talk about this game?…[View]
424244138mhm what are the sub numbers right now sweetie? they won't tell you? what a shame...[View]
424237909Fate GO: I just started playing this and honestly it's pretty fun. The game has a full blown st…[View]
424274573WE SEEM TO NEED ANOTHER ...................................... WE NEED YOU ALL ...................…[View]
424268110Is 2018 the best year of vidya?: >Ace Combat 7 >Alliance Alive >Bayonetta 1&2 >Crash…[View]
424267959Is this the worst season pass in the history of fighting games?[View]
424273692>it's a 'good anime gets a shit game' episode[View]
424276302How does one get good at this series? It's really difficult[View]
424276004Clam Blitz[View]
424256651Is the HL series too dated, or can I still enjoy the whole thing?[View]
424275339Octopath Traveller confirmed for PC >thank you for beta testing[View]
424275936Super Mario Galaxy 3: WHEN???[View]
424276041ITT: Pleb filters[View]
424274236I'm still pissed[View]
424260615>Switch emulation was going to take yea... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voEByHuUB6Q…[View]
424274475Name ONE (1) video game character that could defeat Christopher Robin (not counting Pooh)[View]
424275928HEY MODS FUCK YOU[View]
424270539What in the goddamn...[View]
424272278Hello /v/. N00b question. How to run a custom DOOM mod or map-pack ? I tried many times to run it on…[View]
424270068What are some games with weapons that become stronger and change in appearance over the course of th…[View]
424275092I wish Mario Kart had a story mode[View]
424273549VR Sunday What'cha playin?[View]
424275192Bros! I'm writing a self help e-booklet on having a balanced mind and achieving an understood …[View]
424266009This is Ken Levine's (of Bioshock Infinite fame) new studio. Say something nice about it.[View]
424270764>you are not the chosen one[View]
424268974Thief Thread: Play fan missions.[View]
424274208Who else here doesn't replay most games because even 10 years later your memory is so good its …[View]
424268480thoughts on muscle girl characters?[View]
424271354This game is fun as fuck, any games on steam similar to this?[View]
424274863Games only boomers would remember.[View]
424274496Are there any good mobile games? Is the entire market just a wasteland of garbage?[View]
424259926What do I do in this if I'm a brainlet with ADD?[View]
424274517>try to play AN MMO on 4k resolution >UI becomes unreadable…[View]
424272672recommend me a game to play[View]
424274619Gravity Rush 2: On chapter 11 what do i need to do before the servers go down? i have around 1000 du…[View]
424223434DMC5: DMC5 HYPE NEVER ENDS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTx0709z2Ao[View]
424269149No Man's Sky had a horrible launch, but I think the devs deserve some respect for sticking with…[View]
424255869Are there currently any good multiplayer games to sink some time into? I played mobas, mmorpgs and f…[View]
424274238Wtf is this gamespy shit, spyware?[View]
424274347What are some games where the bad guys win?[View]
424272826>you're playing video games with your gf when this guy drives by slowly rolls down his windo…[View]
424256304Has there ever been a bigger launch disaster than the culling 2?[View]
424273243How are you celebrating Energy Sword Sunday?[View]
424273380The state of Sony https://segmentnext.com/2018/07/14/fortnite-player-banned-for-using-xbox-360-meme/…[View]
424273461The best OST[View]
424273971What's the best mystery-solving game? I can't think of any besides LA Noire.[View]
424272257BIG IRON ...... BIG IRON ....................................... OH HE TRIED TO MACH THE RANGER WITH…[View]
424273963When's it coming out on PC?[View]
424272343Are they selling the same game again?[View]
424273871If you remember this map, your childhood was awesome![View]
424268581>set all graphics settings to low except textures >doesn't look much different from ultra…[View]
424273762>released 15 years after the original SMT >manages to regress by not even allowing the player…[View]
424268465Never gonna happen, but I'd fucking love for my crocheted boi to get in Smash. Banjo represents…[View]
424273639>'Self Discipline in 10 Days.pdf' is still on my desktop >Unopened since 2015…[View]
424272314Is the 4x genre in decline? Feels like Civ 6 has received much less attention and acclaim than 5 and…[View]
424272953>that one franchise you like, but you never want to admit it to others irl and online…[View]
424272991Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man: Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man[View]
424271730Why no sequel yet? At least DLC would be welcome.[View]
424273184>game has AI controlled party members >they're completely useless…[View]
424273317>game has calming music[View]
424267721Oblivion: Trying Oblivion for the first time. I played Morrowind first many years ago, skipped on Ob…[View]
424268621>'And that's a good thing.'[View]
424273281Have you escaped your cycles of guilt yet?[View]
424273268Dudley or Balrog?[View]
424265437Fighting EX Layer: What's /v/'s take on this game?[View]
424273131What are some games with great atmosphere?[View]
424272721The best victory fanfare of all time?: https://youtu.be/G_SM8jzMj7g[View]
424273043F2P Games that you want to be back: Fuck i miss brawl busters a lot, it was a nice game over-all it …[View]
424273003Post your main character in Disgaea5[View]
424264472when the game is good[View]
424269716wtf was that ending? the fuck[View]
424272543Is he a virgin?[View]
424259420Octopath Traveller: Five Finger Edition What did you steal today anon?[View]
424270543Scorpion or Sub-Zero?[View]
424270927How is gaming in your country?: Just wondering, how is gaming in your country? Which is the most pop…[View]
424272606Why don't modern vidya companies listen to their target audience anymore, /v/? See >Lawbreak…[View]
424272502>game has New Game + instead of actual content[View]
424271431What the FUCK went wrong?[View]
424272038>Lara Croft has been nothing but jerk off material for underage boys >Last two installments ha…[View]
424270782It's time to settle this once and for all. What was her fucking problem?[View]
424270349Hey DMC fans! Will we meet again?[View]
424271512>Argus heroic learning party >Need curve to get in Literally fucking why…[View]
424272398https://youtu.be/q-lyXnIEGXA: So, i found this on youtube this morning. It's a hearthstone vide…[View]
424272032What be zome goode dialogue from video game moments?[View]
4242525343DS SUCCESSOR INCOMING: https://nintendoeverything.com/new-nintendo-president-furukawa-considering-v…[View]
424272346What are some games where you can play as an Inca?[View]
424269097metroid thread: i know we've already discussed prime 4 and a possible metroid 5 to death alread…[View]
424253772Sega has alot of dead series. Which one hurts you the most.[View]
424271343The 2018 GOTY Discussion: Right now the top spot for Game Of the Year is a 'David vs. Goliath' battl…[View]
424272020Considering how popular superheroes are right now. Why are game companies so reluctant on making the…[View]
424258546>'Its a good game, just not a good x game'[View]
424271253Thoughts? Thoughts?[View]
424272041Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn: The FFXV team has been quiet since the last dlc released 6 months a…[View]
424270462This game is just broken, i cant beat the first boss, what the fuck[View]
424271954>Have out-of-character melee A-attacks because she's from SSB >MM and Mii Gunner get adde…[View]
424266123why are you not playing Renegade X? If EA pissed on C&C's corpse it does not mean that comm…[View]
424271762Nintendo Direct 7/26: Yup a nintendo direct on july 26th 3DS: >Luigi's Mansion gets a small …[View]
424268420RTS genre hasn't really evolved lately.. I'm thinking if Hero's were added a unit tha…[View]
424269849I want to play through the Kingdom Hearts series. Should I buy the games cheap on PS2 or should I j…[View]
424260417this game depresing af[View]
424269938>controller >keyboard and mouse Will they ever be topped? What's gonna be the next big th…[View]
424263608He’s right y’know[View]
424270378Tycoon game thread: I'm in the mood for a tycoon game. I've got Planet Coaster and Cities …[View]
424269892dead by daylight: when does this get good? the game is incredibly unbalanced and survivors are fucke…[View]
424271505how would you react if he made it in[View]
424271531Are they really THAT good? Not sure if I am ready to trade comfort for this shitty, kiddie design.[View]
424255306Baldi's basics and education: Why was this so popular[View]
424268791*dark spirit has invad-*[View]
424271482Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man: Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man[View]
424270280Resident Evil is basically a scary puzzle game[View]
424223367How are you wasting your weekend, /v/?[View]
424269075>summon revenant because he has purple gear >its warrior of the west…[View]
424267429>95% hit chance >misses 5+ times in a row…[View]
424270589>when you find you're poisoned[View]
424265972These guys are hard to kill :([View]
424270905What are some video games where I can play as a goat?[View]
424270685What went right?[View]
424270772Welp, there goes my money[View]
424270231>Remaster a 10 year old game >Don't attempt to advertise it >Game is dead on arrival T…[View]
424268413Should I play Serious Sam classic or HD?[View]
424270679W:A: Who wants some? I host games of steel![View]
424269630Congratulations, Grand Champion. Hope it was worth it.[View]
424270550Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man: Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man[View]
424268537Anyone here played bomber crew? Gives me ftl vibes but I'm hearing mixed reviews.[View]
424265782>4 Cammys in top 8 >Another Cammy vs Ibuki grand finals The fuck happened to Street Fighter V?…[View]
424262026>People still talk about Persona 4 a decade later >Persona 5 has all but been forgotten Why di…[View]
424267423What are some GBA/DS/N64/PS1 games to play on my phone?[View]
424262342This is actually very good[View]
424270209>use an assist trophy case >pick related pops out >the word ‘Supernova’ appears in a a blue…[View]
424270063>can't get hyped for anything because i'm afraid i'll be let down >refuse to bu…[View]
424270242What does /v/ think of GTA V?[View]
424262870ITT poorly optimized games this shit is one mega memory leak[View]
424269918When will we get a new Predator game? Who could pull it off?[View]
424266778I want to get into Baldur's Gate or games like it, expansive RPGs, but I'm not sure it…[View]
424268898>Tfw no daughter to protect. Also Dishonored thread. What were your favourite missions, characte…[View]
424269676Making Shadow an Echo Fighter makes no sense and would be doing a huge disservice to the character.[View]
424269970>cyberpunk anime waifu gets turned into a generic punk rock bitch why the FUCK would they do this…[View]
424269959>boss becomes friendly and shows up durning the ending credits[View]
424265943>NIOH ON PC NEVER EVER[View]
424264890>YO >*snorts a MASSIVE line of coke* >WHY DON'T WE MAKE FUCKEN ARR PEE GEE GAMES WHERE…[View]
424186596*pivot grabs you*[View]
424269632Oh yeah, nothing, no one played it.[View]
424268634>$100 preowned >Can download the entire library free what's your excuse?…[View]
424269562is there as updated version of this[View]
424269491>Trying to play vidya >Computer fan loud as fuck from the summer heat >Sweaty, damp air in …[View]
424267068It's simple. You add mods to a game. Community can create content. But the content is broken an…[View]
424269330>enemies in the game have different resistance to different kinds of weapons, sharp, blunt and pi…[View]
424259117Todd, when the lies failed.[View]
424267350All the 'have you seen a little girl' kinda pedo bits become even weirder when you learn t…[View]
424261310nintendo direct leak: > There will be a direct on July 27 > There will be no headlines or 3DS …[View]
424267434Agent Nahman Jayden.[View]
424262715>tfw Yo-Kai Watch 4 for the Switch won’t come to Burgerland until September 2097 >tfw Yo-Kai W…[View]
424264637This game is actually very fun and would be highly praised if it wasn't on xbone only.[View]
424267620Recommend me some games to play, /v/.[View]
424255173Who is hyped for RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2!?!?! i know i am[View]
424268145Make sure to tune into the Jump Victory Festival tournament tonight for a special announcement regar…[View]
424261962Would you rather see 'esports' or 'gaming journalism' die?[View]
424262521Is Koikatsu the Dark Souls of eroge?[View]
424260715Sonic Mania Plus: Two days left, who do you want to try out first?[View]
424254854Don't mind me. Just going to occupy you for more than 1000 hours of fun starting near the end o…[View]
424263236Why do pretend oldfags complain that '''new''' Fire Emblem looks like anime?[View]
424263313JAPAN TIME: https://youtu.be/CT-DmdaLH_Q 12 hours until this happens; what the fuck is it?[View]
424267602Was this the worst game of 2017? I think so.[View]
424266518It really was pretty mediocre looking back[View]
424264854>final boss of a franchise that spans 3 decades is a giant fucking squirrel Who thought this was…[View]
424263571The savior of warhammer online private servers is only 6 days away. https://warapoc.com/ https://dis…[View]
424262676Is it canon?[View]
424267180Should I play this before or after the main quest?[View]
424267285Nintendo Direct: alright motherfuckers here we go in mid to late august there’ll be a direct (date …[View]
424262454>this is nu-DMC Yikes[View]
424261840Nice Microsoft confirmed that xbox 4 is going to be more powerful than playstation 5 Why does micros…[View]
424264714'Nigger', 'Faggot' dealt with ease Of online words to deliver pain The most hurt…[View]
424267353I'm here to fix the computers.[View]
424259254CHILD BEARING[View]
424267189For those of you that have been waiting patiently, keep an eye out in the coming weeks. Big news is …[View]
424254174>game has 4chan references[View]
424264959God Tier: Jakobs, Torgue High Tier: Hyperion, Maliwan OK Tier: Vladof Hobo Tier: Dahl, Tediore KYS T…[View]
424267363I read here that the former modding community of TF2 has become so fed up with Valve that they'…[View]
424267342GET A LOAD OF THIS[View]
424266457Half life shitters on suicide watch[View]
424256239Let's start the day with a hearty greeting! Good morning![View]
424249443>'Blocks your path' >'Resurrects the entire enemy's army' Heh, nothin' personnel, k…[View]
424262905>regular game is too slow >hd remaster speed up option is too fast I'm never going to enj…[View]
424265257Memes you fell for[View]
424267129i'm in a far cry server but there's one person there who hasn't played any of the gam…[View]
424266250Super Smash Bros Ultimate: What >characters >stages >music Do you want to see? Will here …[View]
424263398I likes video games :-)[View]
424264124I need a co-op game that gives me and a bro that back-to-back feeling. Does such a thing exist?[View]
424264802Whats his name again?[View]
424260487>Alien: Colonial Marines terrible AI was due to a single typo. >A Gearbox Developer wrote …[View]
424263403Random video game facts: The voice actress for the Little Sisters in Bioshock 2 also played Alessa i…[View]
424263672Infamous: Second Sun: I recently purchased a PS4 and I replayed the other Infamous games; is Infamou…[View]
424265636Single player games for a 26 year old boomer? I have an i5 750 and a Gtx 460. Currently downloaded …[View]
424260537>Pokken is a bad ga- Explain this then[View]
424249907ITT: Games so bad they ruined their respective series[View]
424266308>>423466323 This thread baited me hard: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randomdoublesbat…[View]
424260754Which one is better?[View]
424266059Remake when?[View]
424259924oof: oof[View]
424265932ITT: Comfy vidya battlestations.[View]
424264925Been thinking about giving Diablo 3 another go. Is the Necromancer class worth the price?[View]
424262648How the fuck do you make money in this game? It's so hard[View]
424265390Witcher: did you save Olgierd?[View]
424258528itt: blunders in gaming history[View]
42426140830 fps is literally unplayable[View]
424262912What is the most aesthetic projection method for a top down grid based rpg?: https://www.strawpoll.m…[View]
424238487How do we fix the fighting game genre?[View]
424260734What did they mean by this?[View]
424248421You know what, dipshits, I've replayed DMC3 and, unlike the initial impresion back int he PS2 d…[View]
424251743Why aren't there more xcomlikes?[View]
424265084She's in.[View]
424264101>Hey Anon, I got your gamer fuel, hot and ready! >Anything else I can get ya? What do you eat…[View]
424260543>Final boss is going to be the one that saves you[View]
424264976Gamer fuel thread: I always wondered if playing different games leads to different gamer fuel. So to…[View]
424262567What are some games with trigger discipline?[View]
424217181/v/'s top 100 games: Voting thread. We are making a list of /v/'s top 100 games. The last …[View]
424263621Rust Thread? Rust Thread.: Human meat, or animal meat? >tfw some naked black chick tries to spear…[View]
424245290Hollow Knight: So Zote is like a down-syndrome vessel right? Didn't get enough nutrients in the…[View]
424261239Vidya sins thread. I've never played a halo game before.[View]
424263205>his favorite console is the dreamcast[View]
424249718Will Final Fantasy games ever be good again bros?[View]
424264293Chris Benoit is BACK and in the last game you played. How fucked is the protagonist?[View]
424262238will this save destiny?[View]
424259869Anyone tried to stop playing vidya for a month or more? Are there any benefits?[View]
424263987>indie >early access >survival…[View]
424261656>that game you begged your mom to buy even though it costs a billion dollars and you didn't …[View]
424257721post an image, get a game recommendation[View]
424262291Which game intro makes you feel really excited to play a game?[View]
424251253My first gaming bff will come back, right? He's still well and breathing.. right /v/?[View]
424263764https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbpxXcajPJg: This is actually a pretty good hearthstone video lol…[View]
424253037The AI in Aliens Colonial Marines was completely broken by a single letter typo in an ini file. http…[View]
424260616Is there any mods to remove Jill's breast physics in the Remake or am I gonna have to go with C…[View]
424263128What was their fucking problem?[View]
424252532What if the flying monster in the fallout 76 trailer is actually the mothman? Given the trailer…[View]
424258842Overwatch is now running on Children's TV: It's like poetry.[View]
424258464How would you handle this situation?[View]
424259941Why don't have more games 'unique' monsters, /v/? Its like we got >wolves >spiders >be…[View]
424260716TF2 thread or something: Hey /v/ yore cute [View]
424260490Is it worth it?: 18 eurobucks on PSN. Worth it? If so, what am I in for? I kinda like ability pecial…[View]
424258920Why the fuck do small images take half a fucking hour to load on here all of a sudden?[View]
424255782I just bought this and started Drake's Fortune. Holy shit the controls are so clunky. The story…[View]
424249703SMT: Just finish SMT IV Apocalypse Glad i wound up stuck with you Goodbye kid ;_;…[View]
424239056Keiji Inafune stole 500 dollars from me. I donated that much to MN9, selected 3DS version, and it…[View]
424261428Any anons here going to vacate this board on the week of the 9th of August and the few proceeding we…[View]
424260925TES 4 is better and more interesting than TES 5. Discuss[View]
424211080Should Sonic be redesigned? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6ak3ebBep0[View]
424262965>10 years[View]
424260003Fortnite, errr game bad, umm? Yeah ok cool[View]
424259854You are buying their game later this year, right anon?[View]
424262801Is Mike Matei human?[View]
424258994This is your next playable 64 rep for smash Ultimate. Sakurai always puts playable 64 reps from Mele…[View]
424260373pfff *inhales* HAHAHHAHAHA[View]
424262762>I love character X! >posts fanart[View]
424259668why is there nothing to play[View]
424261336Gamers rise up![View]
424262669>Far Cry 5 ending[View]
424262663What game has YOUR favorite atmosphere, /v/? (characters, story, surroundings, music etc.)[View]
424262606Who will win, /v/?[View]
424259343How is this game, /v/? I played this cute character in a platformer game and I want to try out her g…[View]
424238565Octopath Traveler Thread: Any favorite banter scenes /v/?[View]
424250831This game had such a comfy soundtrack. I can't be the only one who thinks the newer games are l…[View]
424262427Is this the deepest video game lore?[View]
424235138>game 1 is great >Game 2 is meh >Game 3 is meh >Game 4 is pure shit >Game serie is de…[View]
424245232Is he autistic? Also SH thread I guess.[View]
424262195Start playing EVE Online.[View]
424261091Daily reminder that Yakuza is never, ever coming to Nintendo. And that is a good thing. All hail Son…[View]
424245764Content/Patch that killed your favorite game What is it?[View]
424241697WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! Also, /mmo/ general. What are you playing nowadays Anon?[View]
424249986Ubisoft saves the game one player at a time: Based Ubibros. Come in here to celebrate the purging of…[View]
424258783>it's another 'good anime gets a shit arena fighter' episode Is it really that hard to just …[View]
424261915CS3=Ao>sky 3rd> zero> CS2>sky2>CS1>sky1 fight me[View]
424245253>comes across murderer/rapist who slaughtered entire villages >'Hmmm I'm a witcher, I kil…[View]
424246556>Oh, wow... Anon has a big Switch..[View]
424259827I can't play Persona 5 without regret. The fact that I know there's an optimal way to play…[View]
424261160See guys it wasn’t that they made a bad game they just got autocorrect and the code fucked everythin…[View]
424260501>just vote with ur wallet bruh ;^)[View]
424261115>highly anticipated game is released that is obviously incomplete >game gets patched multiple …[View]
424227246To all BiBo supporters:[View]
424260739 [View]
424229009ITT: Talentless sacks of shit[View]
424260728>go to https://garfield.com/comic?keywords= >search for a quote from a video game >if you …[View]
424252643>/v/ thinks this series has good character design[View]
424258458Is pick related worth getting into if I don't have much experience with card games. Only played…[View]
424252782Games where you can play as a cat? Not some faggy Korean catgirl shit, but an actual cat[View]
424259116Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness: Was it that bad?[View]
424260097Why is KH1 Kairi the only sexy version of Kairi?[View]
424259902Someone at gust fucks NOCO to keep using her trash art.[View]
424248712Dragon Age Inquisition: Should I buy this game? It's on sale for less than 15 bucks, the first …[View]
424260637Soul thread[View]
424253547Can someone explain to me why strafe and circle jumping is still a thing in 2018? >super obtuse m…[View]
424258198You know the rules >Go to https://www.heroforge.com/ >make a vidya character >r8, h8 and ha…[View]
424260506NARCISSA WRIGHT: THE BREAKDOWN: IT'S HAPPENING. SHE'S NOT MOVING! https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
424258737>mfw Nintendo is fucking based Lol haters[View]
424260463Post video game trailers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY3xyHX29Xc[View]
424259015Left: Soul Right: Soulless[View]
424259564Be prepared to get your day ruined. >i heard there was even a HD version of timesplitters kinda o…[View]
424259932WoW or FFXIV?[View]
424258891>Try to criticize game in early access/beta/whatever. >Community: 'the game is not out yet! th…[View]
424261587god i wish that were me[View]
424257352>play Skyrim >level 10 or something >got all the DLCs installed >some random vampires ke…[View]
424245493Tomb Raider: I miss her lads[View]
424260096Even this game confirms that being Ukrainian sucks.[View]
424256474ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong[View]
424257942Is this game worth playing in 2018? I just want a Grindy multiplayer game to play[View]
424251660>Mickey, you're too late How do you get over the cringe playing Kingdom Hearts?…[View]
424259714What did they mean by this?[View]
424258196>yfw 1 HP left and you strike a OHKO[View]
424259831This is Tony Hawk. He is in one of the best video games ever made.[View]
424256746Best partner and best boy[View]
424252536Rinoa in Dissidia: Dem hips and legs.[View]
424257770Wario games > Mario games: Man don't talk man rob. Run up in the trap like boss. Wario threa…[View]
424257714>break into locked room of a pre-war building >find jet inside Wow, Obsidian sure is retarded.…[View]
424259376Who was the better villain, Gaius or Zenos?[View]
424258256AQW, best mmorpg browser game. Good ol'days. I hope this game will grow again at 10.000 to 20.0…[View]
424255008Controllers: >Switch Pro is best Yeah...no. At least add 3.5mm input next time…[View]
424256650Is DOOM (1993) the best video game of all time ?[View]
424257283Why don't companies just release/finish some prototypes, unfinished games, especially the ones …[View]
424258360>hail a cab >see this What do?[View]
424253758Do you guys know about touhou? What do you think about it?[View]
424254027How do they continue to get away with releasing underpowered hardware?[View]
424259134I just spent all night beating this and it was great but boy do I feel cucked. How is it possible th…[View]
424259121No action game come close to being as satisfying as legendary dark knight mode in DMC 4[View]
424257180Why does /v/ and others like it shill the PS4? At least with Xbox you can play all the 360 classics …[View]
424247687can you get friends for vidya if you're an adult with a job? how?[View]
424246216>The IRL big guy plays a small nimble class >The IRL small guy plays the big tank class…[View]
424216519What happened to the Switch in 2018? Why did it disappoint so many?[View]
424257448A question about the 'Angel Star'heartless.: I have a question about a certain type of heartless th…[View]
424252562How are Call of Duty games after the first Blops? Worth playing? I don't have any other SP FPS …[View]
424257483What does /v/ think about Rogue Legacy?: Any beginner tips?[View]
424258513Is this the worst open world in the history of video games?[View]
424251771>protag of first game becomes the final boss of 2nd game because of love…[View]
424256228Is this actually good or trash? Why is it so divisive?[View]
424242720Under Night In-Birth: Top 4 3v3 teams happening right now. https://www.twitch.tv/csshinjukunishiguch…[View]
424246719What made Ground Zeroes so good?[View]
424229637So, how many days off will you take for the Battle for Azeroth launch?[View]
424255039Is there any vidya MC suffer more than Sakuri?[View]
424255260Best VR games?: What have you been playing? Which singleplayer games are worth the money? Which MP g…[View]
424257618You can't find a better atmosphere if you tried.[View]
424253602>tfw you actually enjoy ubisoft open world meme games[View]
424241437Soulcalibur VI: >poking nipples ninja >thong wearing dominatrix >jailbait Why is SC6 going …[View]
424207458>main character suffers through the entire game[View]
424257440Mr. House's Securitron army took control of Hoover Dam and the Strip, pushing both the Legion a…[View]
424253021The only racing game I've ever liked was Burnout Paradise. Is there anything new like it? Is Fo…[View]
424247682noko: Anyone losing interest in games altogether? I feel like I play vidja now just to pass the time…[View]
424257387What are some good yet not so well known games released in the past few years? Any genre.[View]
424257576...Relax. I'm fucking with you.[View]
424255256thoughts on Ahri?[View]
424256079God I want to knock up Baiken so fucking badly.[