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397197763The Switch is not going on sale any time soon: >http://nintendoeverything.com/reggie-nintendo-wor…[View]
397191304>longer barrel increases damage[View]
397195584what videogame do you think has the saddest ending?[View]
397193829Daily reminder display lag is more important than input lag 99% of monitors offer input lag between …[View]
397199661What do you think is the most comfy game to play? For me it's Plants Vs. Zombies, the simple ar…[View]
397199691Are there any other tired gamers on /v/? What was the last video game you beat? Mine was Dark Souls …[View]
397169468How would you design L4d3's survivors, /v/?[View]
397191281/v/ermin /v/eekend VBH kaijus continue[View]
397118758FFXI: It seems to be that time again.[View]
397198942Is this the apex of platformer bosses?[View]
397172370/v/idya Drawthread: Previous thread >>397125909 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
397178816let's discuss the supreme rougelike game -- enter the gungeon.[View]
397193876I bought it.[View]
397195242More than 2 years since I don't use BSNES (higan) I downloaded and there is no performance/bala…[View]
397198163It Begins: https://www.dualshockers.com/zelda-goty-golden-joystick-awards/ I wonder how many GOTY…[View]
397192735Is the Switch the single greatest handheld ever? Sometimes I get chills when I remind myself this is…[View]
397196909what did it mean?[View]
397197275Hey /v/ what's the old nintendo game called where you are flying around in a space ship in spac…[View]
397198532>Hope you enjoyed for flight sir >By our count that was: 5 wahoos, 14 bings and 2 one-ups >…[View]
397199026Any online game that convey friendship? I mean teamwork with strangers[View]
397191051Switch doom. Is it playable even though it looks like the screen is smeared with shitty grease?[View]
397199205who was in the wrong here?[View]
397199089which of them is the biggest retard? also system shock thread.[View]
397193626Maplestory - SlimeTales /v/ guild: It's time for another Maplestory /v/ guild. Yes, again. Down…[View]
397198794>look up an ico >it's about f2p games >read the white paper >possibility of it als…[View]
397199168>doing a side mission in the second region >get to the end, and what looks like a tengu shows …[View]
397197483>Things that happened thread[View]
397190335Is it possible to obtain a legit Mew in this day and age?[View]
397180274Has Senran Kagura improved the state of gaming?[View]
397197140The devil did nothing wrong. He just wanted friends.[View]
397198131CHAMPION! HEROES![View]
397197609ITT: Things in video games you're bad at: Puzzles. For the life of me I can never get puzzles. …[View]
397195697Was it supposed to be this easy?[View]
397197579What do you do in this game exactly?: I just got it on the steam free weekend and am waiting for it …[View]
397197581Last game you had fun playing? Does anyone have fun here? Mine was Evil Within 2.[View]
397198396This game doesnt look like japanese manga style game. It looks more like this french bullshit Wakfu …[View]
397195220Does anyone have access to the beta? How is it?[View]
397195425So are all the statists on /v/ who wanted the government to ban lootboxes going to apologize? You gu…[View]
397191258What's your favorite?[View]
397197213where the FUCK is the new vegas thread[View]
397197932What happened to sexy as hell boxarts like these?[View]
397195465>enemy accidentally hits another enemy >they start fighting eachother…[View]
397198038Anyone still have their code they never used? Trying to look for one for my nephew since he got an X…[View]
397192251>cutscenes can't be skipped[View]
397191306>Ryan: thanks for watching my show everyone, check out my channel - Cinemassacre next time when w…[View]
397197478>friend is staying over at my house >brings that Gauntlet game for dreamcast >in the middle…[View]
397197624Domination Lines thread: You know the drill, maggot. >post a character >other anons make up a …[View]
397197880Is it '''good'''[View]
397196635Every day I wake up and I can't stop thinking about Disgaea. Sometimes I even fall asleep think…[View]
397194909The Xbox One X has been out for over a week and Minecraft still isn't in 4K.[View]
397195519ITT: Games that will never com-[View]
397185907Why do sniper always make FPS' 10x less fun? Why do devs keep adding them?[View]
397197268Gore thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0HdPDM2vS0[View]
397196525What mods should I download to extend its replay value[View]
397181353Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
397192584Are video game 'critics' are at all necessary anymore? Also, eat shit EA. I hope your scam…[View]
397195357Was this the best bro-op game released this year or was there better? Give me your recommendations /…[View]
397196035>game has a dating level[View]
397194170Just picked DA:O up on PC. What am I in for as a Human Rogue? Any general tips for a newcomer? I don…[View]
397195681Why would a dragon girl want to use this to represent herself?[View]
397196934So, it's pretty fun[View]
397195196>leave Uncharted 4 to me[View]
397196698>tfw no gf. What are some fun vidyas to soothe the soul crushing loneliness?…[View]
397196110I'm constantly getting minor rubberbanding in every online game I play. Is there any way to sto…[View]
397195553>/v/ hate Reddit so much to the point they support EA Lootbox what did reddit do to you guys? why…[View]
397183934Is it worth it?[View]
397195849This is Beatrice Santello. She's been having a hard time lately, maybe you can say something to…[View]
397193652Nani? What's this?[View]
397195957ITT: Casual filters[View]
397195070>hey kid, lets make a deal... your soul for my lootbox... What do you say?…[View]
397192206ITT: Uninspired character design[View]
397195880https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=rS0ZZoIU0Ac >previously on Yakuza... >it…[View]
397195662Fuck this nigger and fuck this shitty game Based Pac was too good for this single player boredom[View]
397190820https://www.yahoo.com/news/worlds-first-human-head-transplant-successfully-carried-132553590.html Ch…[View]
397168080Buyers Remorse: Don't get me wrong I love my Switch, but if I could go back in time and buy a P…[View]
397187303Only God-tier soundtracks in this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5byxSgCDDo[View]
397195416>When playing the campaign, there was a loud buzzing sound that lasted a couple of seconds. >…[View]
397195351Is mobile the next big thing for MMOs?[View]
397194259name a better g4 show[View]
397193025i played rayman raving rabbids on the wii and enjoyed the bit where you shake the controllers to the…[View]
397193524will we ever see fallout NV or 4 on the switch?[View]
397183264Holy shit. The new characters are likeable, the stakes are high and it has a satisfactory conclusion…[View]
397173764Last Recode thread, /v/?[View]
397183074ITT: Games that eases/cures depression[View]
397195081Just bought two tickets to the New Vegas thread, and I'm not given em to ya, I'm going wit…[View]
397194836>only 3 days till this masterpiece hits steam >/v/ says nothing about it Did you already preor…[View]
397194860Post games that you are having nu-fun with.[View]
397191994>its a multiplayer shooting game >they dont give you a stats page what the fuck is wrong with …[View]
397191365What is your favorite CS 1.6 map? I like fy_poolday.[View]
397193570What are some of your 'video game ideas' that you sometimes think of when you're lying in bed a…[View]
397192629Wow this game is honestly awful. Why does Link control so stiff?[View]
397191119>game screen freezes >can't alt tab >unplug computer >game stays on screen and comp…[View]
397193527Have I made the right call /v/?[View]
397194696I have finished it /v/. which would you say looks more like the real deal?[View]
397194215Sleepover: You guys remember those sleepovers when you were younger? >be 14 >playing melee on …[View]
397193457TERRARIA 2 WHEN[View]
397169225Is he right /v/?[View]
397193540How are the console games?[View]
397194267Subtle vidya clothing thread[View]
397189204NFS: Underground Successor when?: Since EA has clearly made it known they don’t know how to make a p…[View]
397190391City Escape vs Honeylune Ridge Escape?: City Escape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdorDPWJeWk Hon…[View]
397192647*blocks your path* *plays robot dolphin noises*[View]
397188839i sure love sitting on my fucking hands whenever it rains[View]
397190327Kingdom Hearts: So did this crazy bastard know that he'd lose himself to DARKNESS and split int…[View]
397153973What games have the best spiders?[View]
397181318>Bad gameplay >Bad voice acting >Terrible self-inserting MC that just constantly nods to ev…[View]
397187593Introducing: Xbox One[View]
397194187Is it worth replaying this game to see what it's like as an edgelord?[View]
397192825It's inevitable, right?[View]
397189943Does anyone else have a horrible habit of taking constant uninteresting screenshots whenever they…[View]
397194110>DUDE HACKING MINI GAMES LMAO Are you for real right now? Fuck that, I'm not playing this fa…[View]
397194027The three most important things for gamers - Physical media - a great controller - japanese exclusiv…[View]
397192990>game is mediocre/terrible >ending pretty much make it your GOTY What game, /v/?…[View]
397171671>tfw you realize that we have become the jews now[View]
397192081Can someone please explain me why all the praise behind this game? Just played for about 8 hours and…[View]
397186549Damn new Assassin's creed origin on switch looks great[View]
397191924profile pic rate thread.[View]
397193304And now to see your love set free You will need the witch's cabin key Find the lady of the ligh…[View]
397181497From where you're kneeling must seem like an eighteen carat run of bad luck. Truth is, the New …[View]
397161493ReviewTechUSA: 'The Nintendo Switch May be my favorite console of all time': Rich just declared the …[View]
397193439>/v/ complains that companies spent too much on marketing their video games >polish company sp…[View]
397188872So, why is my mom a bear?[View]
397184607/v/ confessions: Post em and be forgiven[View]
397191013Zelda BotW wins Golden Joystick GOTY 2017 Award: Last of Jews Part Deux wins most anticipated. Can a…[View]
397193197>can't enjoy videogames anymore because I don't feel qualified to be the hero…[View]
397190863which did a better job at creating a world to explore and giving you a sense of adventure? it was ru…[View]
397193136does this look right to you guys? if anyone has a better one pls share QR code. I'm trying to g…[View]
397192775>Game starts in fullscreen[View]
397193040so /v/, how good are you at math? http://www.multiplication.com/games/play/grand-prix…[View]
397191532Downloaded Endless Space for the free weekend and this happened[View]
397189585The future of AAA games: How do you feel about the future of AAA games? Skill doesn't matter an…[View]
397188409Name my band, /v/.[View]
397161385Battlefront II: What are you waiting for? Now that p2w is removed 100% and paid crystals will only …[View]
397183037>you will never come home from high school and play ascension with your friends again…[View]
397192639I hope the strong original interest in the prospect of a good Yooka Laylee, A Hat in Time, and Mario…[View]
397185029Gmod videos were far superior to SFM shit.[View]
397191283TrueWoW: Anyone here ever play on the TrueWoW private server? I played on it about 4-5 years back an…[View]
397187064Sales for Wolf 2 are so bad multiple retailers have already slashed prices by 50% (Windows Store, Xb…[View]
397172493What keyboards are you fags using for your vidya needs? Just got pic related, pretty impressed so fa…[View]
397163271>He makes OC characters or self-inserts instead of joke characters in MMOs…[View]
397189897>The game is fun. The game is a battle. If it's not fun, why bother? If it's not a batt…[View]
397192249>that game that you'd have the urge to play for years and years and there is just no way to …[View]
397176554If I just wanna play Zelda, get a Wii U/Switch?: I don't care about the TP and WW remasters (WW…[View]
397191959Gimme yo money: So what's the /v/erdict on Wealth Wars Battlebucks™?[View]
397189465Has lighting in game's gotten less subtle and interesting? Sometimes if you go back and play N6…[View]
397189950Hey /v/ I need your help. I remember playing this Pool/Billiard game somewhere around 2007 I think, …[View]
397190795Has 4chan ever changed a game for the better? Pic absolutely related[View]
397192001Gaming Laptops: Sup V been sometime since I've asked for help. But here I am again. So! I'…[View]
397165817>releasing expansion to 10 year old game What did they mean by this?[View]
397190858TGA trailers in order: Rayman 2 Remastered [UBISOFT] (PC,XBOX,PS4,Switch) Megaman Ultra [CAPCOM,WAYF…[View]
397191062are you happy todd?[View]
397189082Any thoughts on this game? I loved Alien Isolation.[View]
397185969This is a new low[View]
397187591>we need a default pistol[View]
397190676Why is the combat system so satisfying?[View]
397191353/v/ermin /v/eekend: /v/ermin /v/eekend[View]
397189048RUINER: So /v/, what did you think? I'm still considering purchase but it looks cool as all he…[View]
397191416We want the Meganekko audience! Have western devs fully embraced the concept of Waifus? https://www.…[View]
397190945EA BTFO: good job terrorists[View]
397191240>mobile industry begins to be filled to the brim with pay 2 win microtransactions >no one care…[View]
397171668Did you like this NieR Automata /v/? If not, why?[View]
397160753Battlefront 2 Campaign: >campaign starts off decent enough >maybe it won't be so bad >…[View]
397189112/int/craft Historical RP Minecraft Server LAUNCHED TODAY: IP Address: Launched: 11/17/20…[View]
397185987Is this game any good?[View]
397186584Psychonauts or KotOR? Which should I purchase? MAYBE I'll get NG:Black or Bloodrayne if you can…[View]
397177223Have an MMO itch, name me a MMO with decent social interaction and good gameplay.[View]
397190373What possible gimmick could Nintendo ever come up with a sequel now that Mario basically has been te…[View]
397190608Do you think there were any elements of Odyssey that he didn't approve of, but deliberately hel…[View]
397190731Google. What the fuck are you doing.[View]
397188325Are you a console brand traitor? >have PS2,PS3, PS4 for home console >but don't have PSP …[View]
397190578Is there a video game where population is slowly replaced by mannequins coming off a factory line wi…[View]
397188359Are girl gamers a meme or do they really exist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU3kIFFXnc0[View]
397187979This was the most rushed, bland, superficial, predictable, one-dimensional Star Wars story ever made…[View]
397187571Spellforce 3 beta on steam for free. Is anyone playing it? I just finished downloading and started t…[View]
397190159Who is best Stardew girl?[View]
397164997Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are good games.[View]
397190407who the FUCK thought this guy was a decent boss[View]
397190250We finally have the REAL Persona 3.[View]
397182310Do we raise the price of video games? Or do we live with microtransactions http://www.strawpoll.me/1…[View]
397174009Could somebody explain the popularity of the switch version of Skyrim? I see that it's for play…[View]
397188167Why don't we have games like this on PC - or any other Platform / Franchise?[View]
397188398Games routinely show the most gruesome deaths and gore without any restraint. So why is sexual viole…[View]
397173840Shin Megami Tensei thread?[View]
397184597does this include the expansions or do you have to buy those as well?[View]
397186090Did Nintendo make it so enemies disappear and respawn to where they originated from to btfo people l…[View]
397189285What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
397189336>final boss first form is humanoid >second form is a giant monster…[View]
397183492ITT: shitty games you enjoyed as a kid[View]
397188632I just downloaded this and tried to get back into it, 7 years later. I can confirm that you memeste…[View]
397183830>Item has a 1% chance to drop[View]
397188173Is there a way I can simulate brutally beating and beheading all the characters that cause me spite …[View]
397189482What happened to it?[View]
397189296Sequel or remake FUCKING WHEN?[View]
397187074People need to stop saying it's like gambling in a casino: It's not, it's objectively…[View]
397184087Did they fug?[View]
397151978So, uh Why the fuck was the sun a darksign?[View]
397189020Hey, Looking for some thoughts on a new video I made. (No adds. I'm not looking for views. Just…[View]
397178842/v/ermin /v/eekend VBH kaiju continues last fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utwqcKi_vuQ[View]
397185225It's easier to get people to the moon than it is to convince them to play Lawbreakers[View]
397167546Join the rebellion.[View]
397172889Why cartridge?[View]
397187630>Game is A praised by everyone its interesting had good mechanics looks good is interesting. ITS …[View]
397177929What does Sega need to do in order to be able to make 10/10 games with 2D AND 3D Sonic?[View]
397180973Time for a game! >Take a vidya quote >Put it through http://www.translationparty.com >Post …[View]
397182768So...did they rape him?[View]
397181008I miss server browsers ;_;[View]
397187245Hey /v/ dont mind us. We're just the 2 things that forever ruined battlefield[View]
397187751would you get this if it wasn't in early access? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7wXVg-LbDU…[View]
397187294Anyone else have trouble starting games but can't stop once they do?: What the fuck is wrong wi…[View]
397183928What is /v/'s opinion about this game for ps4? Is it any good? Is there any problems of the ps4…[View]
397113759ArcLive in a few hours. Who you wanting?[View]
397187452Please deposit 5 coins[View]
397187762DESU, I think the sole reason /v/ hates micro-transactions and loot crates so much is you can't…[View]
397187826itt: times you got [Glass Him]'d https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP6ods0GoHY[View]
397186989TOMBOY: Post tomboy[View]
397186726itt: that level[View]
397187856Why are modern JRPGs art styles so garbage nowadays?[View]
397182635>no decent releases in december >no decent releases in Q1 2018 How are you going to spend your…[View]
397145669Find a flaw.[View]
397187704>Brave Dorcas was actually memed into reality. How do we stop him?[View]
397187680What's the better Stalker game for freeroam shenanigans, SoC or CoP?[View]
397187531>get new games on disk >threw away the cases/manuals and just kept the all the disks in one of…[View]
397183893What went wrong with Dawn of War 3?[View]
397185408Can we agree Blazkowicz was the Jannetty?[View]
397184680Are you a casual, /v/?[View]
397187189I'm not an addict.[View]
397185196Old School Club Penguin: Hello /v/. We are a small team attempting to revive 2006 Club Penguin. We c…[View]
397184953Do Metacritic scores really matter to you? Or is it just a fun shitposting tool?[View]
397186682Why aren't you playing the best assfaggots /v/?[View]
397186449recommended PS1 games: Anything you'd change on this?[View]
397186461Anon I need Help on my Dreamcast: Well I got a DC but no AV Cables, and I need an alt. any ideas? Al…[View]
397185892Remember when Nintendo got too cocky for final Fantasy VII?[View]
397170701Wolfenstein 2 A Massive Failure: http://archive.is/vLGj6 >Wolfenstein 2 came in at 14, and The Ev…[View]
397186561ITT: Games that are better than Super Mario 64[View]
397185201Anyone wants a Super Mario Odyssey code? Show me your offers.[View]
397184029>game soundtrack contains rap[View]
397176052Here's a trailer for Elf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8lfQoR9a34 Elf is best girl from the…[View]
397184637Choose your character[View]
397183818We wo-[View]
397185885ITT: Vidya Deaths where only Autists cried[View]
397181924>ALL of the actors in this game's dub have voiced at least one danganronpa character before …[View]
397186237If everyone is disappointed by EA stop buying their games. It starts with us the gamers, the consume…[View]
397157961At what point will we reach toystory Graphics?[View]
397184256Hey /v/ I'm thinking of buying a King of Fighters game off of the Switch Eshop, but which is th…[View]
397183204Make sure to buy Skyrim VR and Skyrim for the switch today! Also remember to buy content off of the …[View]
397185093Playing this for the first time: What's the best race?[View]
397186040any more hectic games liek this[View]
397175581What are some essential SNES games that the classic missed out on?[View]
397179884>game has microtransactions[View]
397185561>game has boss battles[View]
397184984Last year I tried Yakuza series and I fell in love with it. This year I tried Ace Combat and I reall…[View]
397172440Daily Reminder: Daily reminder that our dear Best Boy Phelps sacrificed his life in vain. Post your …[View]
397178564What is wrong with Europe?[View]
397180979This is a good Sonic game but there are a few flaws that I've noted. - The save menu doesn…[View]
397176778When do you think the next one be? What do you hope will be shown?[View]
397177816Mario + Rabbids DLC to include new hero: Will it be Rayman?[View]
397182851>game has gay characters in it.[View]
397162449Now that Hiromi Tsuru is dead, what's gonna happen to Bulma? Who's gonna voice in future D…[View]
397181153Dead Space: Why did the third one have to be so shit, /v/? The first one was the wonderful bastard c…[View]
397184902Thirsty for Noato-kun: Guys my Persona 4 review: 6 thirsty af teenagers get digimon and want to beco…[View]
397184501thoughts on payday2vr? i think its pretty hecking good for just being in beta atm all the need is to…[View]
397183424https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKxkr9XkvZI What did smug mean by this?[View]
397181234What does /v/s personal Silent Hill look like?[View]
397184015What music do you listen to while playing vidya?[View]
397182821I think I finally understand guys. I finally figured out why people call Super Mario Odyssey 'soulle…[View]
397183423U jelly /v/?[View]
397182723Is this a nice girl?[View]
397181082Is he /our guy/?[View]
397183920It was actually pretty good.[View]
397180984ITT:Quotes forever burnt in your mind: >'Kept you snacking, huh?'…[View]
397182319I have a chance to get a PS4 Pro 25% off, don't see any good black Friday deals for one so I…[View]
397178713Does anybody else genuinely love the batshit insane crossovers fighting games have been doing lately…[View]
397173796>Game has a deep gameplay mechanic >Too retarded to understand it…[View]
397183462Is this the best vidya-related soundtrack to ever be produced?[View]
397183864This was the worst Halo game[View]
397182246>EA took the knee to lebbit WHOA ... where was contrarian /v/ when voting with your wallet and bo…[View]
397183714Delete /v/.[View]
397157638Inside The Brothels Of Final Fantasy XIV: >Tepe runs a seaside brothel on the FFXIV server Hyperi…[View]
397182183>Blizzard are now banning players for playing off-meta heroes. >TF2 lets you do literally anyt…[View]
397183564Damn what went right?[View]
397180754/v/ killed tenko and angie![View]
397178950So, what's the /v/erdict ?[View]
397182738You better deliver OP[View]
397182967What good games that are not Elex combine the fantasy and modern/futuristic setting?[View]
397183134Why don't they create a battlefront game set during the Old Republic? I know Disney pretty much…[View]
397180736HAVE A ROTTEN DAY![View]
397168724What's the best 'Isekai' video game?[View]
397177954This is Rebecca Chambers. Say something nice to her.[View]
397179943Gimme some happy vidya music /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sEIqtW32Uc[View]
397182903For $65 I just got for my XboneX >Fallout New Vegas w/Expansions >Elder Scrolls Online >Pre…[View]
3971684736.5: It's dead, Jim.[View]
397177591>tfw you're waiting for a delivery and the tracking info updates to claim that they attempte…[View]
397179774You go on /2fort/ and see this come at you[View]
397182853>just a dollar a day folks[View]
397182562The only game that can save the series.[View]
397177427>2.5 years since FF VII Remake Announced >4.5 years since KH 3 announced >had to get Tabata…[View]
397174935Is this the worst video game of all-time? Why does it get such good reviews?[View]
397180841Anyone played this? I wonder if it's as good as the tv show.[View]
397182219These two were the only good tracks in BotW. Debate me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhKROT_P7xo…[View]
397182484What went so wrong? I thought it was better than paytowinstone.[View]
397168134ITT: Series' that died with honour: Appropriate in the wake of the new Star Wars stuff. Burnout…[View]
397182356I want to play some stupid free multiplayer games with a few friends and we found a couple fun ones …[View]
397182137Does anyone else like this game? It's definitely kind of shallow but the atmosphere is top notc…[View]
397181258>tfw played rts so much that i've killed my attention span and can't enjoy TV shows, mo…[View]
397181321Which one is better?[View]
397181778He male or shemale?[View]
397157560Be honest: Would you buy the next Persona game if it didn't have dating elements?[View]
397169292Be honest, nobody really cares about loot boxes or micro transactions all this controversy over batt…[View]
397177428B-BUT MUH INVESTMENT: But g-guise, they invested good money in EA. Why are you ruining EA's sto…[View]
397181496Why do they teleport back to insomnia every time you open the menu?[View]
397181304Why are the bosses in this game so piss easy? Isn't this supposed to be hard? persona 5 thread…[View]
397181263This is still the game with the most active hack and slash ARPG PvP scene There are more people duel…[View]
397179873I don't know why the thread got deleted but let's try again. How would you rate the OST t…[View]
397180668>he mentions video games on his Tinder profile[View]
397177181>game plays long intro cinematic >let you walk 10 feet >another cinematic plays…[View]
397176663>been around for almost as long as Mario Kart >premise is baisically Mario Kart for adults …[View]
397179230poorfag goty: So whats your default goty for 2017? I usually only buy one game within the year it wa…[View]
397179925Vidya Music Thread: Post your favorite tracks and rate other's taste. Mine is an obscure and un…[View]
397180808ITT: Series that do nothing but rip off of themselves[View]
397171226Fiona is wondering why you never played her game on the PS2, /v/. What do you tell her?[View]
397172582V has come to[View]
397178796Where did it all go wrong?[View]
397179327Is it worth that much or should I buy something else?[View]
397179354You are given unlimited funds to make a game you want with one twist. The executive suits must think…[View]
397176087AHAHAHAHAH It's actually hurting them. I'm glad EA is suffering. Kill it to the ground.[View]
397169514diablo ii lod: remaster soon[View]
397148528RE Revelations 2: I can’t belive im enjoying this game as much as I am. Even raid mode is oddly sati…[View]
397158335>5% chance to inflict 20 damage to undead targets[View]
397150517Xenoblade: What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
397180186>a really fun Castlevania Netflix mini series is released >Dragonforce releases two Castlevani…[View]
397174861Will Dragon Ball FighterZ be her last work? F[View]
397174006>japanese make a bad game >/v/ loves it explain yourselves.…[View]
397174627do you watch twitch? what games do you watch? what streamers? how do you feel about IRL?[View]
397176950PS3 GOATs: What are they? After getting board of what the Xbone had to offer, I picked up a used PS3…[View]
397152209WoW: What's the absolute state of Warcraft right now?[View]
397177060Wolfenstein 2 thread: I think this game is actually pretty fun. A little story heavy for my taste, b…[View]
397173178Fez 3 when?[View]
397171950Why do people play Overshit when Team Fortress 2 is 1000x times better with countless taunts and fun…[View]
397162876VIDYA COMMUNITIES ARE DEAD: >call someone a faggot, get banned >main a character, get banned …[View]
397151945What's the hardest item/weapon/character you have ever grinded for? >mfw Pure Bladestone…[View]
397176768Why are PS4 developers the only ones who make an effort to pursue pure kino? >Biggest PC devs (…[View]
397176415>console kids fighting over which box can do 4k better >meanwhile on pc we have 16k when did y…[View]
397176328Undertale: hey guys what do you think of the 2015 indie rpg game Undertale?[View]
397148679Okami HD Available for pre-purchase on steam[View]
397178963Battle Stations thread is a go: Post'em And remember: No bully[View]
397179040GooberWatch is free to play for this weekend. if you've ever been curious about trying it out, …[View]
397176175>game companies don't pay metacriti-[View]
397178913/v/ermin /v/eekend: Kaiju tourney continues![View]
397177127Legitimate Discussion Question: Do you think it's possible for a game to include or discuss con…[View]
397173730Splatoon 2: HOLY FUCK why are people so, so awful at understanding Turf Wars? I'm gearing up fo…[View]
397178264Why does /v/ think that banning lootboxes will solve pay2win or any significant problems? If lootbox…[View]
397178429Gamecube collection rate thread: Forgot to add Wario Ware Mega Party Games but oh well.[View]
397176806>Sonic was never good[View]
397177987Who is the Saxton Hale of overwatch?[View]
397173228What was 'that kid's favorite game?[View]
397176316>almost getting a minecraft survival games clone in early acces right on the second attempt PUBG …[View]
397167878You ever play vidya with your siblings, /v/? What games did you play?[View]
397175337Why does every RPG do the 'cliff shot'?[View]
397177773worse game you ever bought at full price?: worse game you ever bought at full price?[View]
397160672What was your favorite flash game to play back in the day, anons?[View]
397160605https://twitter.com/GoldenJoysticks/status/931572803786207233 Ultimate Game of the Year: The Legend …[View]
397177413We will be heroes. We will /v/ heroes.[View]
397177720Why is yakuza so good?[View]
397166525Uncharted just turned 10 years old!: It's Uncharted's 10th birthday today. Say something n…[View]
397177402ITT: Kino moments in gaming.[View]
397173184I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN learn japanese. Get out there and learn for untranslated unce…[View]
397177409Quick! Post your desktop, your specs and three PC games you're enjoying right now. >Destiny …[View]
397177341>Loading >select mission >Loading >camp >Loading >Fight Something >beat mission…[View]
397169014do you prefer male or female protagonists?[View]
397177185>japanese game >every voice in the english dub has a thick scouse accent…[View]
397177034Games where I can do this?[View]
397170202What's your main o hearthstone?: Do you main Jaina or Valeera? If so how is it being mentally r…[View]
397171063Evolve Thread: Friendly reminder that 2K is the SOLE REASON this game failed. 2K wanted the game to …[View]
397176984>game asks for a character name >spends 30 minutes thinking of something cool that wouldn…[View]
397159710/v/ermin /v/eekend: Vermin time! Three tournaments this weekend. Kaiju 2 WC 11 ACE 4 RPG 3 still d…[View]
397175973It's time again. http://cursors.io/[View]
397174496What are some online games that let me transport items / goods from location to another with the haz…[View]
397174721Was the Masterchief so easy to self insert as because he had a visor for a face? Is it possible that…[View]
397154067ITT best JRPG you've ever did done played[View]
397175969What do you guys think? Dark Elf or High Elf?[View]
397176439Do you still need that stupid BLING BRIGADE trophy? Add me if you have the required silver ships. O…[View]
397176438The Warcraft universe is not that interesting.[View]
397175863>Overwhelmed by an RPG's game mechanics, combat, stats, etc that you're playing for the…[View]
397175802Thoughts on Ocelot's portrayal in MGSV?[View]
397170151What games did you find easy to platinum /v/?: I'll start.....[View]
397163559Touhou just beat CoD WW2 on Steam's top sellers list. This is the reality we live in.[View]
397176203THE RUSE CONTINUES! MGSVI CONFIRMED World's first human head transplant a success, controversia…[View]
397171604explain to me how this game is fun: ive played 6 games in the last 30 min heres how each of them wen…[View]
397176132>the two GOTY contenders are both Nintendo games JUST[View]
397157418How many hours are we looking at to beat this game? What the fuck is co op like? Should I get this o…[View]
397161819>try to write an extremely straight character by making him creepily fawn over any and all girls:…[View]
397176028ITT comfy games soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OUP_Z3iZPs[View]
397175982I've hacked my WiiU. Is there anything worth downloading not on this list?[View]
397175837>yfw Pokemon for the Switch turns out to be one of the most rushed, mediocre pieces of shit GameF…[View]
397174346Are you looking forward to our guy's video on Super Mario Odyssey?[View]
397167127>20:0 >'Dont surrender. We can still win, bros.' Why is this allowed?…[View]
397172925>WoW-itch again >Decide to buy some game time and see how it is >Make a new char and level …[View]
397174929Come to think of it, Bowser’s got a good point. He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom and has as much a r…[View]
397153142Kanye West's comments on the current state of gaming: Is Kanye /our guy/?[View]
397174157New WoW Player: I downloaded all the recommended Add-Ons from the /vg/ thread pastebin. What am I in…[View]
397172097Bosses that pissed you off: Name a boss that pissed you off for one reason or another. Pic related. …[View]
397171370>ywn dress up as Pokemon in a fucking eb[View]
397171823D'OH I MISSED[View]
397166152this is fun[View]
397174057ITT: flaunt your steam e-dicks[View]
397170583What's your opinion on World of Warships[View]
397175387>tfw I cracked and bought Skyrim for survival mode >Tfw credits can't be refunded I'…[View]
397175268>download nude mod for DS3 >cut scenes with tits and ass in ilikethis.png >always naked …[View]
397175080Should a game be beatable without using your Item menu option? Do you think less of guys who have to…[View]
397131345is he finally dead? at this point i think sonichu has a higher brand value where did it go so wrong?[View]
397174807Titan Quest Ragnarok: What the actual fuck?[View]
397170261>black male >straight hair Wat[View]
397174220when did multiplayer games stop having vehicles?[View]
397169896Since gaming journalist reviews matter now, can we FINALLY agree that this game is a perfect 10?[View]
397174016What game allows me to form images in the sky?[View]
397172890are there any fun farming games out there? Realistic or fantasy, cartoonish and small scale to acres…[View]
397174156What's a multiplayer fps game where characters move at supernatural speeds, jump very fast and …[View]
397173698I tried getting into divinity original sin and I absolutely hate being forced to survive on manipula…[View]
397171197What's your Dragon Ball team, /v/?[View]
397174203Any games where your characters best bro dies[View]
397174197These games look so fucking fun but I have no idea what Im doing. Never played a 4X game before. How…[View]
397174163are you having fun anon?[View]
397174112Endless Space 2: So it's available for free, for the next 3 days on Steam. Who else giving it a…[View]
397171885Can I finally get a thread about this that doesn't die after 1 reply?: I know this board fuckin…[View]
39712779017 years later and it's still the best designed 2D platformer ever made[View]
397162237Is he right, /v/?[View]
397171210Get in faggot, it's time to pick up that copy of Skyrim you pre-ordered on the Switch![View]
397170524Is it just me or is there something off about Bloodborne? Like I don't know, compared to DeS, D…[View]
397172272Will obnoxious furries ever flock to Overwatch the same way they did TF2?[View]
397173854>deploying an all-terrain vehicle created for warzones where you don't give a shit about col…[View]
397171938DAMN IT OLIVIAAAA[View]
397146667You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
397171176Seems like Dying Light came and went. The expansion last year was a lot of fun and the game has been…[View]
397173549PC gaming: Hands up, people, I am here to pirate some jewels! But don't worry, if I like them I…[View]
397173389Fuck you /v/ if it wasn't for you faggots posting untangled spoilers in OPs I might have actual…[View]
397166454Everyone always sucks off Kojima 24/7, but what about Shinji Mikami? >Aladdin(SNES) >RE1 >R…[View]
397170107Sup /v/, it's Rich from ReviewTechUSA here, ask me anything![View]
397171218What 3DS demos on the Nintendo eShop have cool local multiplayer? I'm window-shopping.[View]
397173204Who here reloaded numerous times in the Imperial Sewers in order to make sure that Baurus was not ki…[View]
397171486Its out. Who playin?[View]
397153339So which color Switch looks the best? Is it worth getting custom colors?[View]
397167943N-NANI? Is it any good? How does it compare to the original? The videos show some pretty bad animati…[View]
397165191I was really high on ambien sometime last night and when I woke up it turns out I bought this thing …[View]
397172705You have ten seconds to prove Evolve wasn't the greatest game of the last decade, despite 2K…[View]
397170356>New bosses >New biomes >New weapons >New everything why aren't you playing the soo…[View]
397166929Battlefront 2: Is Battlefront 2 worth buying? because i played the beta and i didnt found it that gu…[View]
397166730Just bought this. Please insult me.[View]
397170992ITT: Autistic things you do while playing games Whenever I get easily killed or destroyed by an enem…[View]
397172593Hey, guys. Don't you want to play a game that is not a disappointment but a masterpiece? A game…[View]
397141189Filename thread.[View]
397118632>that video game you like but the /vg/ general is absolutely retarded and unusable What's he…[View]
397172278What's the most shameful vidya-related thing you've ever done? Can be both in-game or not …[View]
397167151Games that killed their respective series: I'll start[View]
397167347>Fall asleep >Wake up 'There is no escape!'…[View]
397169206Press F to pay respects >Quick rundown >Literally made the game unplayable in a single update…[View]
397172068Will trade games for SWBFII: Long list of indie/Uplay games Tom Clancy's EndWar Splinter Cell D…[View]
397171476>can't attach an external HDD while docked >forced to buy shitty expensive low storage mi…[View]
397168820>save up a lot of money for gaming setup >dank af >install steam >mfw spent all money o…[View]
397171989Why did you guys not tell me that this game is fucking excellent? What else should I try after this …[View]
397171637>It's fun with friends[View]
397171603ITT: Games /v/ hates because its popular[View]
397168752Where would the industry be if sony never got involved with gaming?[View]
397165771Good night, sweet princess.: A lot of value was lost today. Rest in peace, Naomi.[View]
397171789Where were you when Reimu got into steam's top global sales?[View]
397125909/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>397097960 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
397167039Convince me to buy Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I don't know anything at all about it.[View]
397171272>stealth breaks the game because AI is braindead[View]
397168553Dear Nintendo, Where the FUCK is our bowling game for the Switch? - Everyone[View]
397134637You may only use vidya quotes.[View]
397168476Can someone explain to me why the Overwatch community and assfaggots in general are consistently awf…[View]
397171078What’s the best kingdom in Mario Odyssey?[View]
397149294Whoa... The power... Of OneX...[View]
397167464Titan Quest: New expansion is out holy shit http://store.steampowered.com/app/741350/Titan_Quest_Rag…[View]
397153059>we want the otaku audience Thank fuck this isn't my favourite series…[View]
397170980I feel terrible for ever waifuing Yennefer van Vomitberg. I had no idea this goddess here existed. H…[View]
397169237I need help wrapping my head around this game: I'd like to believe that I'm missing someth…[View]
397170649>oh boy, I sure am glad I wasted all those hours playing videogames[View]
397170801Name a better multiplayer mode.[View]
397170857How do you feel about cross-game collaborations?[View]
397170797hows your back log going guys?: This isn't even including the shit I don't have installed …[View]
397167117Any better game than this to play with your buds?[View]
397170560Is this worth it for 10$ ?[View]
397170695The ca/v/alry has arrived![View]
397168421The second videogame crash has been avoided because of the Nintendo Switch. This isn't clickbai…[View]
397168467>when the west makes an rpg that completely btfo japanese games[View]
397170631KF2 THREAD: Do custom skins not work anymore or do I have to reinstall them?[View]
397170186Oh it's just a reddit controversy[View]
397170606Who is the Stanley Kubrick of video games, or what is a game he would have made?[View]
397170578Happy Birthday, Metroid Prime sub-series![View]
397163765I just finished this. Name an obnoxiously edgier Video Game character, I dare you.[View]
397168235Will be starting this: WHat should I expect?[View]
397160090WHAT THE FUCK /V/ YOU SAID IT WAS 7/10[View]
397169937>never played pub before >No idea what it even is >Per chance a 'best pub stream moments!' …[View]
397167591What are some other video games except pic related and Turok where I can play as a native American?[View]
397167173DUO FPP EU Partner: Yo /v/ I'm looking for someone to go duos in eu FPP for tryharding/pushing …[View]
397168353>post yfw when Bloodborne 2[View]
397159654This is called a Friendship killer[View]
397169482How do you guys like Dan Vavra's new game /v/? I like the medieval setting and rpg elements. Th…[View]
397170145FORROW ME FORROW ME[View]
397168741Nothing like chilling outside in the snow and playing some games on my Switch. Maximum comfy. Easily…[View]
397129841Good video card for 1080p?: This video card is on sale near me for a little under $200. It's a …[View]
397168595Today's my lucky day! I unearthed a potato from inside the dirt woohoo![View]
397132135>this female is a prostitute and a whore Prove me wrong.[View]
397169328>when you see it[View]
397157806You're too old to play video games! You're ALL- TOO- OLD![View]
397165160Rampage: Are we finally gonna get a good, fun video game movie adaptation?[View]
397166691Games where the main character is also best girl?[View]
397164847Armored Warfare is on Steam now. Would you play it?[View]
397169710Need a dl key for SWBFII on Xbox One. Somecuck give me one[View]
397156450I enjoyed Dishonored 1 and Dishonored 2.[View]
397166307Tell me honestly, without shitposting, why I'm not allowed to play this game at 60fps with ultr…[View]
397168630PSX Emulators: Which one do you use? Recommendations? I'm on linux and looking to go on a class…[View]
397166648Only a week remains till the release of Purple Software's next game, アオイトリ. https://www.youtube…[View]
397168607So is anyone pissed EA shut down the battlefield 2 revive network? Or ar you faggots still just gonn…[View]
397167703can someone tell me interesting things about Aloy? other than she has a vagina and is strong[View]
397169050What's the most bullshit final boss ever due to its difficulty? Hard mode: No fighting games…[View]
397169049reminder that NINTENDO WON[View]
397169031What's the next stage of evolution for video game's metaludonarrative synchronicity? I see…[View]
397166446Fallout: SYNTHS ARE PEOPLE TOO[View]
397168048AMSEL IS RUNNING[View]
397168497Dead Cells: This is on sale right now. Is it worth it even through it is still in EA? Also Dead Cell…[View]
397165248EU4: How do I git gud? Already watched about an hour's worth of trade video tutorials, but I st…[View]
397168518Battlefront 2 Thread: Fuck the hayters. Thoughts so far? Pretty good and a whole lot better than 1. …[View]
397163825Why would anyone buy the new battlefront when there’s a superior game with more maps, heroes, a bett…[View]
397161219>long, unskippable train ride where nothing happens and all you can do is walk around aimlessly f…[View]
397168347TF2: >TF2 isn't SJW Propagan- /v/ will defend this.[View]
397163613This game is lovely, I hope they bring more RPG's to switch, because playing them on here feels…[View]
397168203Can I just say, regardless about how you feel towards the game, that we can agree; the main menu is …[View]
397166578What is the Divine Comedy of video games? Dante's inferno doesn't count since it didn…[View]
397164294Metal Gear Solid 3 is 20 years old.[View]
397167604GTA V is 99$ on steam on Israeli shekels JUST[View]
397160419What video game should it be a law you must beat before you can work on a game yourself?[View]
397157068La-mulana 2 thread: Update 187 >What we do recently is... add animations with the completed NPC a…[View]
397157557Have you ever fallen in love with a girl from a videogame?[View]
397130690Are quotas good for video games?[View]
397153509What is the best digital card game right now?[View]
397167708Post your ideas for the next Persona game. The protagonist needs to be a woman. More mature theme. F…[View]
397124504Banned from Vidya Thread: Post your... >locked consoles >ungodly long ban times >stupid ban…[View]
397137550A Hat in Time: Is this worth buying?[View]
397165931Metacritic tried to erase all user review on Starwars Battlefront 2. Show them who is boss /v/. >…[View]
397160981will I have a good time playing this?[View]
397160707What custom color is your switch? ...You didn't just leave it like normal, right?[View]
397167379All right /v/, I need your help. I need games where you play as knights. I just finished playing the…[View]
397167373Genetics games: What are some games that involve genetics /v/? I saw the original thread getting kil…[View]
397159375Self-imposed challenge runs: Nuzlockes, Level 1 runs, base weapon only challenges, etc. Some may cal…[View]
397150553Golden joystick awards >Best Storytelling - Horizon Zero Dawn What did joystick mean by this?…[View]
397166253ITT: vidya mindfucks: Jetstream Sam wasn't talking to Raiden, he was talking to the player.…[View]
397163023ITT: we post pictures and recommend games based on other anons' pictures[View]
397166835>can use a boss' weapons and/or body parts against them.[View]
397147315>/v/ in 2007 >DLCs are bad and will get worse, it has to stop >reddit in 2007 >OMG I LOV…[View]
397165689Tannenberg thread: as someone who loved RO2 and didn't like Rising Storm 2 as much will this be…[View]
397165716WHO'S WITH ME!?: They targeted gamers Gamers. We're a group of people who will sit for hou…[View]
397166439What are some good games set in prehistoric era?[View]
397152397How were the kids supposed to know to jump into the painting?[View]
397165667Spend 80% of your time navigating menu's - the game. Does anyone else hate that creative games …[View]
397155325I didn't buy Battlefront 2: AMA[View]
397164212>Multiplayer FPS game has sniper rifles with 1 hit kill body shots[View]
397165384Sean Malstrom has bought a Wii U. What do you think of 3D World, /v/? Is he right?[View]
397166262damn kids: /v/ you fucking 14 y.o. faggots, who do not care about old games and running behind newes…[View]
397162225Hey /v/ I have $20 on eshop. What to buy? I'm looking for download-only titles. Preferably mult…[View]
397130501How many of you still believe MGSV Chapter 3 is coming?[View]
397136974How do you feel about fighting games /v/?[View]
397160720Hey /vp/, do you know of a no-lines hack for ultra sun? I picked up my copy after playing through ul…[View]
397164224BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Discussion: Who are you maining? Character reveal wishes? New Character …[View]
397145621What games let you join the villain and betray all your friends?[View]
397165285Let's sign this and hope something works in the end. https://www.change.org/p/entertainment-sof…[View]
397164352/Unsolved Gaming Mysteries/: what happened to her????[View]
397147141Can we agree that this was the last good Star Wars game?[View]
397163648What would it be like if Hideo Kojima replaced Shigeru MIyamoto after he steps down in retirement?[View]
397164876>Healing items have an addiction mechanic[View]
397096093This is Maya Fey, a proud American, enjoying some traditional American cuisine.[View]
397157580>The future of AAA games will be lootboxes and microtransactions[View]
397158769So this just happened.[View]
397162753ITT: overrated shit that's only liked by blind nostalgia fags[View]
397151971*kills you with piss rifle bodyshot*[View]
397158269>that guy who has 'Metal Gear Solid codec sound effect' as his ringtone…[View]
397163937Eggman: >Sonic the Hedgehog >Knuckles the Echidna >Nack the Weasel >Rouge the Bat >Bi…[View]
397130691Battlerite: Are you enjoying Battlerite, anon? I just installed and its almost perfect copy of BLC. …[View]
397160310With the thousands of great games on the market, especially on the PC side, what is the excuse for p…[View]
397157884New ops teasers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld1LL97Pry0&feature=youtu.be >Invisible to ca…[View]
397164754Hey, Mario, look what I made![View]
397162649>start game >its unironically turn-based[View]
397164601*san andreas theme starts playing*[View]
397148165PS2 games that emulate well: What are some good PS2 that run well on PCSX2? I recently got it set up…[View]
397163193New Nintendo 3DS XL: OP just got a New Nintnendo 3DS XL. What do?[View]
397164538do any other games come as close to pic related in aesthetics?[View]
397161115/v/ I m bored. I want to play a game with no story, just plain fun. Something I can play and watch s…[View]
397143043>random crits are fair and balanced[View]
397164307Nintendo won: https://youtu.be/vXSTAM5fP0s[View]
397164219Mudrunner Spin Tires: Is there a good alternative to this game? I like the gameplay, but the camera …[View]
397151478Can we get a shitty fake leaked designs thread> Pic unrelated, this one looked shitty but also lo…[View]
397163334This is Marie Rose. Say something nice about her.[View]
397160867Post smug vidya faces, anime and not.[View]
397153540Special Elder Scrolls thread just for you, same low price.[View]
397157362>PS4 Has no gam-[View]
397160291Titan Quest: Ragnarök: >This new expansion to the acclaimed Anniversary Edition of Titan Quest ad…[View]
397155476Apologize you piece of shit. Apologize. You took this amazing game for granted and now the series wi…[View]
397140293Inquisiteur! May I 'ave a word vith yew?: Let's talk about Dragon Age. In my opinion the D…[View]
397157734pathologic/IPL: what is going on with this game? is it still happening? we had no updates for like 3…[View]
397160791Games where censors just didn't give a fuck: >human enemies being dismembered and/or cut in …[View]
397152239>Fallout 4 >Astonishing Story[View]
397163182ITT people who did nothing wrong[View]
397158267Oh hello there! My name is Nern. I'm considered the greatest historian of our time... I've…[View]
397160412Not been here in a long time, but anyway, hi again. I just got Mario odyssey and I'm wondering …[View]
397161285How does this make you feel /v/?[View]
397160756Fighterz: So ... that happened....[View]
397155394Another Top-500 ranked Overwatch player was banned for only playing one hero. You're next, scru…[View]
397155332What does he '''''''do'''''''?[View]
397162814>Give Battlefront 2 a stronk womyn protagonist of ambiguous race in hopes of shielding the game f…[View]
397160797Whatever you do, do NOT post random video game screenshots on this thread.[View]
397162434This is the future you chose Microtransactions and lootboxes are here to stay[View]
397160037>Didn't have a job >Want basically every game that came out at the time, and try to buy w…[View]
397108250EA to remove microtransactions!!!: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/hours-before-launch-star-wars-b…[View]
397154597>this kills the lootbox[View]
397161873So this pretty much became true?[View]
397159763Cheat Code Thread: What games had the best built-in / unlockable cheat codes back in the day?[View]
397158526What games feature intricate political intrigue? Been rewatching Star Wars Anakin trilogy and I like…[View]
397159608touhou is outselling assassin's creed[View]
397160272http://store.steampowered.com/app/741350/Titan_Quest_Ragnark/ So uhh.. Titan Quest just got a brand …[View]
397161342>ITT: post bullshit difficulty spike For me it's the Forbidden Woods from Bloodborne.…[View]
397160824Is James Sunderland's story the saddest in video game history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
397158149What went wrong?[View]
397158557WoW Classic: Here is some old footage in case you want to know what Classic actually looked like. Sk…[View]
397159101Are pinball machines considered video games? What are some of /v/s favorites?[View]
397159524Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that it was ok?[View]
397160115I think I've come up with the best melee weapon ever. Why not combine spear and shield and make…[View]
397143659>900k copies sold Is it enough for it to bounce back? It clearly flopped but that's still en…[View]
397161452star wars battlefront 2 is a good game[View]
397160202>there are people on MY /v/ that support ecelebs on Patreon We are all anonymous here, admit to y…[View]
397153768>tfw watching all the morons go nuts over lootboxes and shit and laughing This shit wouldn't…[View]
397159150Was she faking it?[View]
397150330Age of Decadence: How did this have such a good setting? Why Militiades is best NPC? Why is de writi…[View]
397160461*unsheathes katana*[View]
397159736ITT: We remember the victims. What were your favorite studios, /v/?[View]
397158207This is a Kirby. It is made of death and destruction.[View]
397149685Is there ANY video game character who could beat the Incredible Hulk?[View]
397160793>You're a contrarian if you don't love shitty (but popular) games like Half Life 2 or F…[View]
397160848What did Nabooru mean by this?[View]
397155585PC local co-op games: /v/, what are some good 2-player PC games (preferably co-op) that I can play o…[View]
397150990Why don't you like fighting games /v/? Are they just too hard for you?[View]
397160680A trifling victory... But a victory nonetheless. Darkest Dungeon Thread I hate this fucking game but…[View]
397159247>Nintendogs + Cats >They didn't call it Kittendo…[View]
397159343Weapons: A picture of the anniversary update[View]
397160273What happened?[View]
397153130Was big boss gay?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaABZqW4DNg jus listen to this shit. actually thi…[View]
397154951Hey /v/ check it out something came in the mail today.[View]
397156114You call this a gift?[View]
397159529>games nu-/v/ will never understand[View]
397160174It's here, /v/[View]
397156631Why is he so anime?[View]
397159770>You're a contrarian if you don't love shitty (but popular) games like Mass Effect 2 or…[View]
397158427When does it get good? I just killed some egg poachers in a mine and so far I'm pretty unimpres…[View]
397159395So what was the next step in her master plan after she destroyed the planet that FF7 takes place on?…[View]
397123690Fuck you /v/ and reddit. I’m still going to buy the game and enjoy it. I love star wars.[View]
397154853Why are their no more fps games that focus on the single player campaign? I really miss having those…[View]
397158448How much do you spend on vidya per month? Or per year if that's easier. For me it's proba…[View]
397156334i miss 7th gen so much /v/. it truly was the golden age of console gaming.[View]
397158445did the hype die?[View]
397157684Do you think fat video game characters will have more appearances in the future?[View]
397152765>Finish shit game >Game tells you to stop playing pretend and go do something IRL I mean you h…[View]
397154797>'settings have been automatically configured and set to ultra quality'…[View]
397152337Skyrim VR: Is this shit, terrible controls, nausea inducing, boring rehash. Or, >OMG finally VR e…[View]
397159180Skylanders: I used to be really into Skylanders but haven't played since Trap Team. Thinking of…[View]
397157491>basically counter-strike with the ability to aim down sights >yet still requires 76 GB storag…[View]
397159397http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/rank/T7 Whats your rank /v/irgins?[View]
397143578I love cutie psychos tho: Was she autistic guys? Chris and Jill had the correct reaction and they we…[View]
397159175Lootbox Petition: Sign this petition to get the ESRB to declare lootboxes as gambling (which is what…[View]
397157265>boss' speech skill is 100[View]
397156568So did Kamoshida ever get to fugg Ann or what? He was already aware that she was a fairly popular mo…[View]
397141875Breath of the Wild: Why does it feel so soulless? I remember going into Hyrule field in OoT and it b…[View]
397158713Post a spoiler for the ending of any vidya in four words or less, others guess what is it >Naked,…[View]
397155410Fond memories, Anon?[View]
397150893http://comicbook.com/gaming/2017/11/17/middle-earth-shadow-of-war-npd-group-numbers-october-2017/ B-…[View]
397156691How do we save him, bros[View]
397157209Debating on Skyrim or Shovel Knight treasure trove on Switch. I've barely played any skyrim bes…[View]
397158152why didnt nips make one of these anymore? i just finished Ape Escape 3 and it was crazy fun[View]
397158697what's the best nintendo game ever made besides devil world[View]
397154069male troll pickers = autistic: >there are human beings, right now, on this video gaming based boa…[View]
397156682decent couch co-op games pre-9/11 if you can[View]
397158654*replaces Nargacuga and Zinogre*[View]
397156796agent 47 trans icon: what polygon mean with this https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/16/16657222/hitman-…[View]
397155824Is the Dark Souls series an allegory for the fall of civilization?[View]
397158354>interviewer: how many layers of estrogen supplements are you on right now? >mitch: like 5 or …[View]
397156268>three games >pure arcade action why did it fail?…[View]
397137808It's actually really fucking fun. >inb4 r*ddit brigades thread[View]
397157147This lootbox is my special. It's not like the others. Do not take it away from me.[View]
397151167Can anyone recommend me some good mobile games? I recently remembered that smartphone can play games…[View]
397150502Morgan Yu or Tommy Tawodi?[View]
397137294Why do you defend this /v/? https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7dfoqg/an_open_le…[View]
397156269This thread is for actual discussions on microtransactions, 'DLC', and cosmetics. I never thought it…[View]
397155579Gtav: https://youtu.be/He7ZQV4yV8A[View]
397157857What is the PC GPU equivalent to the Nintendo Switch?[View]
397157647>Game has an obvious trope building up >They reverse it at the last second…[View]
397153181New Nintendo 3DS XL: OP just got a New Nintendo 3DS XL. What do?[View]
397148653Kumatora Appreciation Thread #4: Daily reminder that Kumatora is best girl.[View]
397157138psx 2017: Sony had a pretty bad E3, will they redeem themselves here? https://blog.us.playstation.co…[View]
397156414how does it feel?[View]
397157450PC cucks BTFO: https://youtu.be/b-4EY8fuvg8[View]
397157429Xbox One JRPGS: So 3 years later, did Phil deliver?[View]
397113296Most worthless hero added. Please Blizzard. Don't add another one like this.[View]
397154424What are some games that throw you right into the shit?[View]
397155108>Uncharted of all things is ten years old already I didn't need this…[View]
397148868Name a better RTS.[View]
397136403ITT: enemies you always run past[View]
397153921Which faction do you play and why?: Describe in detail if possible why did you choose your faction.…[View]
397152974>tfw no splinter cell reboot with Ironside returning >tfw no next gen sequel with chaos theory…[View]
397143114Is it overrated?[View]
397156831EA future Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h472NmF1HEQ[View]
397150540What's the best way to play San Andreas?[View]
397156223>half way through installing a new game >internet goes out AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH SEND HELP NOW…[View]
397064629Pillars of Eternity 2's beta is out. How is it? Link?[View]
397155359>Mexican level >It's a desert[View]
397148417>he didn't exclusively play as Coco in Crash N. Sane Trilogy whenever possible Explain.…[View]
397147076Now that indivisible is reaching its conclusion skullgirls 2 is pretty much back on the table,what a…[View]
397156504So how come nobody is calling out the big publishers and google for being in collusion to hide the b…[View]
397151747Lineage II Revolution is actually top tier: >Best class system in the last 5 years ironically com…[View]
397156229Nintendo switch: Who you got?[View]
397112482DOAX: Maintenance is over, PLAY HER FUCKING GAME.[View]
397153995The Last Remnant: I wanna play this on PC but everyone says the enemies scale with your level and yo…[View]
397145574I just realized her teeth are supposed to be a squid beak. She’s still ugly as fuck and I hate her…[View]
397154093can there ever be a good lord of the rings game?[View]
397147643How long until the PS5? Odds on Sony announcing it next year?[View]
397155762Barret Wallace: Will you date this nigger in 4K 60 FPS?[View]
397155747Worst and best guest characters in fighting games: Post yours[View]
397149352It's... just a coincidence. Right?[View]
397130239Why do Japanese games demand their protagonists to be so young? Take dagger for instance. She's…[View]
397155124>feel like im getting too old for shooters >decide to buy the new cod >winning nearly every…[View]
397153763EA BTFO![View]
397155493Has any company ever done as well as Sony is doing right now when it comes to straight-up games?[View]
397155485Is there any video game that does the weirdness and mystery of cave organisms justice? It's all…[View]
397152594>not a single decent Black Friday deal on consoles Guess I'm sticking to being PC only, we g…[View]
397155224>complains about microtransactions >purchases EA products…[View]
397153296What else can we do to push back against triple A gaming Greed?[View]
397154043Godd rpgs: Give me your BEST rpg games available for pc. (jRPGs too) (pls don't post games only…[View]
397155261Record of Lodoss War Online: has anyone tried this out?[View]
397149694Ive never played Skyrim. Convice me to buy this[View]
397143015Dragon Ball FighterZ: Gimme it straight. Was it Hit or Ginyu in the scan?[View]
397155020whats the most frustrated a game has made you?[View]
397155019When will sonic go back to its roots of this great, iconic, fondly remembered 9/10 game?[View]
397134354meanwhile, in normie land...: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-11-17-fifa-players-react-to-eas…[View]
3971490401=Bloodborne > Demon's=2 > shit > 3[View]
397143957So is this port any good? Or is it as shitty as the other BingBingWahooMachine ports?[View]
397153857What are some video games that can be enjoyed be an intelligent person (130+ IQ)?[View]
397153003You got 10 seconds to name a PSX jRPG that aged better than pic related Pro tip, you fucking can…[View]
397148051What are some great Ninja/Samurai games. Assume I know nothing about any of them.[View]
397154604what do you guys think the PS5 will be like, realistically? im thinking it will have bc for ps1 thro…[View]
397153227You, yes YOU. Tell me one (1) good reason to not do this and spend the rest of the weekend browsing …[View]
397147607Ways to tell if a game is (usually) instantly bad or not: I'll start >game's title is a…[View]
397154402Most iconic characters: Post the most iconic characters in gaming thread[View]
397150778This is the power of the Playstation 4 home system running the multi-awarded millions selling title …[View]
397153804screenshots thread: post screenshots[View]
397137450Starcraft 2: The game just went free to play yesterday. Lets have a Starcraft thread where we help n…[View]
397150718pillars of eternity: Is this game any fun? Is it similar to DA origins at all? Also what's thi…[View]
397151830Based mickey mouse saved star wars battlefront[View]
397125015>class tier sets removed >every raid tier is like ToV now, one set per armor class They'r…[View]
397137152Let's take video games back from the soyboys /v/! Games for and by the community, revolution NO…[View]
397141801Will you be buying it?[View]
397151527What went right?[View]
397146821GOTY 2017: How would /v/ react if Horizon wins?[View]
397153908Has any ever ripped the Symphonia bath models?[View]
397142240I haven't been lurking the BattleFront threads, what the fuck just happened?[View]
397143387You know its true, /v/.[View]
397152264Now that the dust has settled...why exactly was this so contraversial?[View]
397151039Who here misses Pandemic?[View]
397126354You are now the proud owner of the IP of the last game you played. What do you do with it?[View]
397153321I have a shitty game for one of you, take it AZA2M-YE3E8-D@NTE @ = J[View]
397151462What games allow me to kill commies? Pick unrelated, I'm tired of the Russian maps[View]
397143542FFIX: Just finished this. Holy shit it was amazing[View]
397153485Has gaming ben lost already? Every game will soon be infested with microtransactions or something eq…[View]
397152273Petition to declare Loot boxes as gambling: Any amount of support is welcome. https://www.change.org…[View]
397149530/v/, What is the best trailer ever made? I submit it is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6opaI…[View]
397151106Hello /v/. We are a small team attempting to revive 2006 Club Penguin. We call it 'Old School Club P…[View]
397152097Get in here and help whisper to soccer moms to kill pay-to-win: Plebbitors had a good idea but can…[View]
397151139Psychonauts: When does this start to get good? So far I've played until clearing Sasha's m…[View]
397153023I can't enjoy this. The first one seemed better and easier to pick up onto. I just got done wit…[View]
397150981ITT: Games your forgot / never knew existed.[View]
397150868>Yeah, I'll go to bed in about an hour >Coughs…[View]
397147606what exactly was the point of this?[View]
397124763It's free this weekend and on sale for $7. Is it worth it?[View]
397146401>we want the Pokemon audience[View]
397152547Favourite /v/ memes[View]
397143141New Cross Tag Info coming through. Reveal Trailer 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9JNFpRS0c8 New…[View]
397146557who /comfy/ here? >woke up early >raining outside >drinking coffee and playing TF2 for the …[View]
397152460Why are bethcuck games the only rpgs with an expansive modding community?[View]
397152336https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0c8U3x_vKM EA BTFO LEL[View]
397147475Game cube thread: Post your favorite game cube games and just talk about the game cube.[View]
397152140FFVIIR: Will you date this nigger in 4K 60FPS?[View]
397152272Why isnt sakura in street fighter 5? Will she ever be added?[View]
397148356>you'll never wake up in this comfy street in japan and spend the day playing arcade…[View]
397147453Request: Hi, vg/ First of all, i'm sorry about grammatical error in my message, English isn…[View]
397139913>Assassin's Creed is the GOTY of the year Are you enjoying it /v/?…[View]
397146059what stats would this give the player?[View]
397147703I taught my gf how to play stronghold crusader[View]
397149541>kids born in this millennium will never experience couch multiplayer or playing single player ga…[View]
397130548PUBG is finished: So PUBG has more current players than every other game on Steam combined! The bigg…[View]
397144827Why based Harada why: It’s been a few days and i am STILL mad. Why, why this “hot right now” knee je…[View]
397150786Turbo Charge fucking Donkey Kong: Owning it will cure Cancer, HIV and Aids faggot.[View]
397134907Go to: https://grandorder.gamepress.gg/summon-simulator#1 Roll until you get Okita Shouji Post amoun…[View]
397101841ITT: strangely comfy places/rooms in vidya[View]
397144927What is going to happen to graphic-whores once photogrammetry becomes standardized and hardware is p…[View]
397151498There is a Humble sale going on, and there are some gems for less than 1$ How much did I fuck up?[View]
397151415You have ten seconds to post a worst, more embarrassing video game trailer than the Skyrim DICE 2012…[View]
397148713What games do you play with your sister?[View]
397147210Killer is Dead is currently free on humble bundle. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead…[View]
397150286Horror Thread: I finally got around to playing pic related and loved it. It occurred to me that Supe…[View]
397147450Wait a minute, Sarah Lyons is that black? I thought she was just tanned on Fallout 3.[View]
397150671I'm not an addict.[View]
397148448ITT: Casual filters.[View]
397151000Hi, I'm the new Wii U.[View]
397150994/bst/ Battlestation Thread: Get in here, you degenerates.[View]
397150972>Sephiroth and Jernova were in control the entire time Say that to my face not online motherfucke…[View]
397147874So EA we have a deal? Hoho. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF4_4g1B2Ug[View]
397147036With these gone will the horde side recover?[View]
397150080When you really enjoy a game that offers a huge amount of content, do you feel obligated to buy it…[View]
397150462Poor Oversight: So why give me 22 marriage greeting cards to let me get every ending scene in one sa…[View]
397150359cryptid and scp enemies: why have these not been done more? a whole game that you just go around fig…[View]
397148512EA: Why don't they make an apology like pic related for the Battlefront 2 drama?[View]
397150604Is it justifiable to pirate a game about pirates?[View]
397150592Xbonks: Is there even one person excited about this thing? I was going to buy it but I don't pl…[View]
397150574Really don't know: Thinking about getting one of these for Black Friday to play with my cousins…[View]
397120985Nioh: What even is a nioh?[View]
397131295Name five games off the top of your head that you sincerely enjoy and would recommend to another ind…[View]
397133969This is the best JRPG...: Any counterargument?[View]
397149629>enemy mutates you[View]
397147392Now that Denuvo is uncrackable will you stop pirating video games?[View]
397145234>ITT: Games that are mediocre This game. Nothing excellent, nothing really bad just pure mediocr…[View]
397148829what's the appeal of eastern jrpg characters over western ones?[View]
397149461What do you know about pain ?[View]
397149926>it was a different time[View]
397144538ITT post games that were dead on arrival[View]
397148131>video game references MR WORLDWIDE[View]
397150042Stop buying lootboxes. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/news/belgian-dutch-authorities-investigatin…[View]
397098218Valkyria Chronicles: VC4 imminent, how shit will it be?[View]
397147768The REAL Battlefront 2: Servers are fixed and there is a GOG torrent floating around. Who wants to h…[View]
397128193https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXSTAM5fP0s NINTENDO WON[View]
397146338>Japan does it on game/anime/whatever artworks while real life is this. Why should? Even the Japa…[View]
397143172/v/ help me i am stuck, what's this symbol supposed to be? i can't make it out. still look…[View]
397148138Thiiiis is where we say farewelllll.....[View]
397146278WTF are these?[View]
397137520>id software >bethesda >quake ip >announced centre stage at E3 >free to play >casu…[View]
397146584What is your opinion of Ever Oasis?[View]
397134228How is that game coming along? Let's hear it.[View]
397149602Videogames only you played: Bio F.R.E.A.K.S for N64. Delta is my waifu[View]
397147395>main villain is the MC's split personality Any vidya like this?[View]
397147931CSGO is literally the pinnacle of the FPS genre. It's extremely balanced and relies solely on s…[View]
397134070>2017 >not owning the best handheld ever created explain yourselves…[View]
397149147I'm glad you PCbros got Nioh, now we can all enjoy this glorious game together. Have fun bros![View]
397148394Recommend me some good fps games.[View]
397146528What was his fucking problem?[View]
397147128ITT Those we couldn't save[View]
397147556So what's better for local multiplayer, Xenoverse 2 or REvelations Collection?[View]
397149091RATE MY WAIFU[View]
397142062So now the dust has settled, was it a good game?[View]
397147320At long last the age of vidya kino has arrived https://youtu.be/SaZNFH4OORg[View]
397147748You DID do the right thing and drive the weak, fractured, and poorly ruled Empire out of the Fatherl…[View]
397147019I wonder why I couldn't find any picture about this[View]
397147780>american character is not overweight[View]
397148809Have any RO fans tried Tannenberg? WW1 64 player shooter. I read their first game Verdun died pretty…[View]
397145678ITT: Gaming related stories >step brother and I playing Dakar 2 for the gamecube >tells me his…[View]
397148140You ARE going to go see the latest vidya movie when it comes out, right? Tell me you aren't a f…[View]
397147463imagine how good /v/ would be if everyone who hasnt finished this game was banned from /v/[View]
397148558Here's your fight stick, bro.[View]
397147214>play as your favorite character >get banned (reason: throwing) >choose to stay out of the …[View]
397148529Minimal Hourcount Vidya: I have a fulltime job and only 2-3 hours every week to play video games. Na…[View]
397144361>that kid whose favorite turtle was raphael Explain.[View]
397148453I just realized why this game is better than 3 or 4. >No jokes about girls not knowing how to fuc…[View]
397145972>encounter sticky white monster >immediately after meet a Japanese woman what did they mean by…[View]
397147927>we need to enhance the DS port >people liked that donkey kong game on the n64, right? WHY WOU…[View]
397127182Is it wrong to view Japanese characters as white? I know they're not actually white, they'…[View]
397148037>you're about to fight a boss >'I wonder how tough this guy is gonna be!' >the boss is…[View]
397147762Anyone else here take advantage of gamestop fucking up and get a free game?[View]
397143526Grimoire: What went wrong? Why did it die so quickly?[View]
397142835Could PC gaming perform a suicide by killing custom Do-it-yourself PCs with ever rising component pr…[View]
397136996ELEX: Name a bigger casual filter >high level enemies can be found in low level areas >mashing…[View]
397146492Reminder devs, that if you fuck with their brand, you get a boot from the mouse[View]
397147184>there are faggots on this board who don't even know about ToonTown…[View]
397146917What games feature heavy Nazi parallels?[View]
397142095CIV 6: What the fuck happened?[View]
397141614Where we're you when Virtual-on is saved? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFXUK9DC6G4[View]
397088254In all seriousness, this guy is going to be a household name in gaming for years to come isn't …[View]
397142365What phone games do you play?[View]
397146869Darkest Dungeon thread. On a sidenote, could anyone post the most recent version of that infographic…[View]
397135656Hey look, buddy. I'm an engineer, that means I solve problems. Not problems like 'What is beaut…[View]
397145457Are there any other tired gamers on /v/? What was the last video game you beat? Mine was Dark Souls …[View]
397146409>boss has instant death spell >can't avoid it…[View]
397144414Are the shaders still consumables? I want to buy this piece of shit because I have an autistic obses…[View]
397147038Why the duck is /v/eddit blowing a gasket over this EA business? Why are you buying EA games in the …[View]
397145375Post games from a better timeline than our own[View]
397144059See, this is what happens when you spout our memes like fucking redditors. Normalfags ruin them. I h…[View]
397145629will our guy be directing soulcal 6?[View]
397147215What's the best console dance game?: Dancepad, no camera. Don't care if it's 1 year o…[View]
397140909On sale for 13 bucks on Humble Bundle, thought I'd pick it up. Haven't played it yet, will…[View]
397143057proof that we will return to camp Omega in chapter 3[View]
397140792Best path after leaving the great plateau? Never played a Zelda game[View]
397137214What do you think of MGS4?[View]
397113267Let's have a friendly JRPG thread. What are you playing at the moment? What's coming out i…[View]
397130597Anybody here play Metal Gear Solid VR Missions (or Special Missions if you're in Europe)?[View]
397126770Is there a AAA WRPG that ISN'T a dull, soulless, boring sack of shit?: List your god-tier Wrpgs…[View]
397142529>he downloads fitgirl repacks[View]
397144725ITT: games you like to play with your sister: What games do you play with your sister? I only have o…[View]
397133840Which companies are evil and should not be supported? Afaik NISA, EA and Natsumi are some[View]
397146839Play Reinhardt's GOD DAMN GAME[View]
397144829Duel links steam hype?: What the fuck guys? /v/ Must be full of third rate duelists with fourth rate…[View]
397133872Activision vs EA vs Ubisoft: Which one is the best? Which one is the worst? Which one is the middle-…[View]
397144515I want to talk about replayability of games. What is the most replayable game for you? How do you …[View]
397143574>Japanese women worship strong man >japanese devs make good games >japanese companies don…[View]
397144956hack n slash games: Out of all the diablo/titan quest style hack n slash games, which does /v/ find …[View]
397146398Would you play a game that is fun to make some cash? Do you think crypto currencies would be a good …[View]
397140452Welcome to Xenotrash 2 'openworld'. This is shameful, pathetic, and embarrassing.[View]
397145721this game is so strange...[View]
397136307why hasnt there been a gta style game in toronto yet?[View]
397140269We hype for Patch 2.1?[View]
397145071What's with the rampant EA employees here lately?[View]
397144789So, what vidyas are you playing with your GF /v/?[View]
397134918>every pre firearm game >sword and shield is objectively the best combo >if you pick anythi…[View]
397145847What are some games for somebody like me? Pic related[View]
397145590now that de_dust has settled, can we all agree that camping in multiplayer FPS is a legitimate strat…[View]
397145931Get in here fellow Battlefronters! Star Wars thread. How is the game? Share stories[View]
397145751>There are people so obsessed with Reddit, they buy Battle Front 2 just to do the opposite of wha…[View]
397145650Any fun low-requirements online multiplayer games on steam that you guys like to play? I'm on m…[View]
397128262How ya hanging? Any games you played today?[View]
397137978Have you ever been 'addicted' to videogames to the point of them negatively influencing your life? W…[View]
397144294>get dominated by faggy scout main >change into shitslinger engie loadout >proceed to domin…[View]
397127319ITT we post undefeatable bosses: Pic related = FF7[View]
397138006You should be able to solve this[View]
397144038Why haven't you bought a copy of one of us already /v/?[View]
397144913How can nu male jrpg like persona and xenoblade even compete[View]
397141167I want to get a PS4 but I can't justify the purchase to myself because I already have a gaming …[View]
397145262ITT: Obscure characters only you remember.[View]
397134659Rampage: Are you guys excited? It honestly looks better than I expected, despite the unnecessary plo…[View]
397145231Lost Soul Aside: Are you waiting for it? What else is confirmed?[View]
397144352Andrew 'DSP' Clay: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1FsteWwyVAT[View]
397133926So I started playing this yesterday since it's free on Humble Bundle right now, and holy shit. …[View]
397141942do you ever write unironic steam reviews/thoughts on games you've beat?[View]
397135515>Based Spencer[View]
397143148Thoughts on starsector? What are the best ship mods?[View]
397142263What games have you been playing lately?[View]
3971391871080p 60fps: I currently have a gtx970, an i5 3570k and the asrock z77 extreme as motherboard. What …[View]
397144708>game has gameplay[View]
397144715>EA made an 80$ p2w bullshit game with microtransactions >but because it was Reddit who called…[View]
397139229Whats the ideal RPG party size? 3 characters? 4? 5? more?[View]
397144613>MMO has a cat race >It's objectively more badass than all other races >Furries still …[View]
397142149FaceApp thread[View]
397142219Redfags will try to defend this[View]
397136742what is Toad listening to?[View]
397141729ITT we get hype for Outcast 2nd Contanct: Are you hyped /v/ ? Tell my why this game is good. Tell me…[View]
397142258Mario Odyssey screenshot thread![View]
397140939buy our DLC goy: you WILL buy the new DLC to EU4 and CK2 right anon, right?[View]
397141084My arms tense up whenever I'm doing rocket jumps and i always have to actively untense whenever…[View]
397143979Hey /v/, have you considered buying Battlefront 2? It's a great game, great completely unpredic…[View]
397127660How many people here played this game? I just want to know if I'm too old for /v or if other lo…[View]
397140207Confess your sins, /v/: Confess your sins. Choose to forgive or to punish. I enjoyed Other M I have …[View]
397143610ITT: vidya bugmen will buy[View]
397140176I can get this for 90 bucks on craigslist Seller didn't specify if it was 16 or 32 gb though Go…[View]
397142676>Sonybros This the man that runs your Playstation circlejerk channel?[View]
397142339Will 2018 top 2017 in terms of great game releases?[View]
397141229Which version of Eve: Burst Error do you find the most aesthetically pleasing?[View]
397143361Is there a definitive tier list for this yet?[View]
397143427Dwarf Fortress: Update soon, brothers.[View]
397141275I dont even play pubg, but i hope it wins goty just to watch the nintendo meltdown.[View]
397142524How will they handle stuff like this? A toned down Resident Evil-esque mutation or something else en…[View]
397142540why are gamers so self-destructive?[View]
397138079What are some comfy games to play while listening to podcasts? Also podcast recommendations[View]
397142930Hello, I've started playing TGM3 on PC but I can't resize the windowed resolution. Is ther…[View]
397141027Remind me: Why is this shit so popular?[View]
397140649Does Darkseed II still hold up against modern games such as sonic forces?[View]
397110254So I got to level 11 and I'm already bored out of my mind. Is this what people meant by vanilla…[View]
397129171So we all agree this is the worst kingdom, right?[View]
397142665Pay2Win General: Now that /v/ fully embraces AAA titles with micro transactions and Pay2Win mechanic…[View]
397113910/ourguy/ >Earlier today, Electronic Arts chief executive officer Andrew Wilson had a phone call w…[View]
397142091/v/'s thoughts on this.[View]
397142313Ok good job guys, now kill microtransactions in rdr please.[View]
397125026>this is a first party game in 8th gen Goddam why are nips stuck in this 6th gen art style?…[View]
397136932Killing floor 2 thread.[View]
397135876>the most powerful console ever made >4k resolution, 60fps, no compromises…[View]
397073043Dragon Ball Fighterz: Who are the final characters? Who will be DLC[View]
397108768Less than a half hour till USUM is out. Is /v/ ready?[View]
397141921one of these threads[View]
397135528>See this game is hyped on /v/ >Play it >Its full of emotional bullshit, pseudo intellectua…[View]
397140817I'm having problems with the fog glitching out in certain levels. Does anyone know how to fix i…[View]
397122904Zelda Breath of the Wild thread: So what are you doing while waiting for Champions update? What is t…[View]
397139436Choose your character.[View]
397141476No Man's Sky - naming things: How should I name all the new shit I discover? Make your suggesti…[View]
397141580Luigi time![View]
397133387Did they just save gaming?[View]
397128435Lately all I have been able to play are multiplayer games. I can't bring myself to care about a…[View]
397017291This is Etna. Say something nice about her. Disgaea thread[View]
397138863>shits on people that use dubs over the original voices >uses a japanese dub in a game that…[View]
397101393Seriously though, SFM when?[View]
397140837How is it[View]
397114231Do thots have a place in vidya?[View]
397132334Name games with cute dragons in them. I want to add them to my collection.[View]
397131558Finished this last night. Why was this so good? What are /v/'s thoughts on this?[View]
397141015Starwars battlefront 2: >they removed microtransactions! >mfw It's temporary…[View]
397138192winter: why are snow levels so great? discuss your favourite winter related video games elements htt…[View]
397140584Sonic Forces Speed Battle: Who else tried this out? I have to admit, I'm having quite a lot of …[View]
397137565A photo of the band evanescence playing donkey konga. (2004)[View]
397132027When will get some good Multipayer shooters again? That have >no chests >are balanced >no …[View]
397134537The alliance is doomed.: She's going to enslave him with her cold elven pussy.[View]
397139854Why is Genn so smug?[View]
397136371>Final Fantasy XV released >Last Guardian released >Duke Nukem Forever released >Nier go…[View]
397136430I want to play a video game but don't know what to play. Recommend me a video game and i'l…[View]
397140087Can't see a sqt thread: I downloaded For Honor during free-to-play. I want to crack it for now …[View]
397139759Windows: >runs ALL games >runs all games at the best possible framerate >easy to install, c…[View]
397135486Pixel Art Thread?[View]
397138229Hey Louis look, i'm making devils cry now[View]
397137584cemu help: was thinking of starting breath of the wild finally but i havent used this emulator befor…[View]
397132037Where do you consume your vidya news from?[View]
397137618looks like Leffen finally learned to respect his elders[View]
397133583Cows VS Vikings tower defense game: Hello, gaming guys and girls! I would like to invite you into th…[View]
397139519*Blocks your path*[View]
397134646Post Your Battlestations: It's not much. I like the more confined space although I wish I had a…[View]
397136583>autistic heavy metal rock music starts playing[View]
397131213how do i make neet $?[View]
397139297Battlefront 2: I'm so happy that they removed the microtransactions for the start of the game =…[View]
397138983Proper sequel when? Starships was garbage.[View]
397122397What is your personal opinion of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Overrated? Groundbreaking? Does i…[View]
397135831We'll this is it bois. I'm finally done with video games. Just spent the past 3 hours play…[View]
397129446Nintendo bonus is real[View]
397138639It's 2017 and nothing has been able to top this. How does that make you feel?[View]
397126412This any good? Need a new rune factory style game. But it's like 120$ Worth it?[View]
397138851Is the true next gen for video games finally approaching us?[View]
397131749how many fucking times am I supposed to die on the first Dark Souls 3 level? it's been 20-30 ti…[View]
397138352>Srphiroth? Never heard of the man >Jenova experiment? Isn't that just a shitty version o…[View]
397132921First time playing Clear Sky, and HOW THE FUCK i get through the turret when i get into the cordon? …[View]
397138702Ys 9: Will the franchise finally go back to being good?[View]
397135310>It's not about the fluidity of the gameplay, it's about how the game looks this is why…[View]
397122624All your old friends have moved on with their lives. Why haven't you?[View]
397138542Are they cucks?[View]
397137642>main character is lazy teenager from rural area >best friend is way smarter and a cynical ass…[View]
397137580“h-hahh ahhh!!”: Fuckin el’ DMC4’s graphics are nothing special, but I have never seen tits look as …[View]
397138328DOUBLE KONG![View]
397124479Are the Shantae game any good? There's a nice little sale on psn right now and I was thinking a…[View]
397130261Why women criticise sexualised character designs: When will uglies stop their hate toward good looki…[View]
397125572Do you think dipshits will finally stop giving EA money after all of this?[View]
397137759What is the appeal of this game? I tried it and it seemed pretty shit.[View]
397138115She sounds like a grandma. Why do people like her?[View]
397130491Ok so lets imagine EA fucks up so bad that disney moves the Star Wars licence to another publisher. …[View]
397137574How is /v/ enjoying stardew valley on the switch?[View]
397132839BF2: NOT CLEAR! Why do you keep falling for the EA ruse again, /v/? I REPEAT NOT CLEAR![View]
397134504Hello, I'm the only good wRPG post 2000[View]
397122005Another week... Another lack of Ninja Gaiden 2 on Xbox One. Seriously what's the hold up? NG th…[View]
397134103How many more GOTY awards do you think this'll get now that it's definitive release has co…[View]
397135775Now that the king is back, let's have a browser games thread. What's the name of that shit…[View]
397136924If you could name one thing that is actively destroying the game industry, what would it be?[View]
397134571What can be done about microtransaction whales? Despite representing like 2% of the playerbase of an…[View]
397137216was this the peak of Rainbow Six?[View]
397118054Kie yuku sukui Todaeru karada Sora wa~ ima mo kuraku~[View]
397131413essential mods?[View]
397135698>microtransactions and pay to win games are ok only if japan does it[View]
397133251Elder Scrolls Kalpas & Skyrim: I'm not totally clear on the whole Kalpa thing in TES so hop…[View]
397135949>You're a contrarian if you don't love shitty (but popular) games like Half Life 2 or F…[View]
397127579ITT: Retarded decisions[View]
397130093I never played this before What am I in for?[View]
397131914Vintage /v/: Post your nostalgic oldies in any capacity. Preferably a 4v4 but if you are too inexper…[View]
397132865Do you enjoy Otome games? You know, like the VN diabolik lovers where you basically play as a cute g…[View]
397134268The Caligula Effect Unreal Engine 4 remake announced for PS4: >The UI has been completely remade,…[View]
397136016is Season 12 worth playing?[View]
397129267Arc Sys comes up to you. They tell you that they're planning to make a new 2D anime fighter bu…[View]
397136784Final Fantasy XIV: Are you guys looking forward to the new not-Dota PvP mode being implemented on Tu…[View]
397085927So apparently a Yugioh game called Duel Links is coming to Steam tomorrow and it's free to play…[View]
397135748Square Enix will not be attending the 2017 PlayStation Experience: RIP https://blog.us.playstation.c…[View]
397131289To this day I haven't find a fighting game with a better single player mode.[View]
397136474cursors.io: I know threads about were spammed a lot the last few days, but there are currently over …[View]
397117293Cyberpunk 2077 'Game as a Service': >An interview with Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD Project Red on Po…[View]
397134364>When the 501st was finally rotated out of Felucia, Aayla Secura made a point of seeing us off pe…[View]
397127091>'Rocket League runs at 30fps on the Switch' >'Well of course, I guess' PR…[View]
397134819Pillars of Eternity: what did Seybalus mean by this?[View]
397111184Would you still use Windows if game/software compatibility weren't an issue with macOS or Linux…[View]
397134095Anyone else here still playing ps2 regularly? What are you playing lately?[View]
397133691Whaleocaust when? The mobile market is already completely dead and if you aren't spending 200+ …[View]
397135791Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
397130283Is this worth buying? I kinda liked the first one though it was a bit short. Also does it justify th…[View]
397134842Battlefront II: 4D Chess Edition™.: Sup /v/ - might cop a ban for this, might not, but here we go an…[View]
397126605Is nobody reading the fine print?[View]
397128739Holy FUCK this game is intense: It never gives you a break does it? My fingers ache and hands start …[View]
397126657Let's play some Jackbox: Heyheyhey let's play Jackbox. We'll be starting off with Fib…[View]
397129702Game Theories: Are there any game theories that make sense?[View]
397130668Just played through rune factory 3 and 4. Should I play pic related next or 2 for DS?[View]
397131373I browsed the website, known as 4chan, looking for Adam. I always trusted his instinct, he had a per…[View]
397134332Times you almost dropped your main: >Snakebite (miss) Fellow fighting game autists, what are cert…[View]
397135050This is the ultimate alchemist body. You might not like it but this is what peak performance looks l…[View]
397134886Hoho well EA do we have a problem? .[View]
397133219I’ve been seeing a lot of people say that they’re just tricking us and this is all a facade. This is…[View]
397133668This game is amazing and I can't believe I waited 11 years before playing it[View]
397134978>https://gematsu.com/2017/11/caligula-effect-overdose-announced-ps4 >FuRyu has announcedThe Ca…[View]
397134874Support our boys in White: Gunner GP-37 will end EA's reign of terror but only if you respond t…[View]
397133736>tfw blew 2000$ for pc parts >tfw will continue to play shit like minecraft and shitpost on /v…[View]
397127429RIP dark souls 2010-2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blIcRWV39Z8[View]
397119921Style Savvy 3/Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 3 - Styling Star: >comes out next week today …[View]
397113110Final Fantasy Tactics TWOL Final Mix: I made this hack off and on over several years, at least 6 I w…[View]
397129824Worst cast and final act in the whole series[View]
397129854Alien Games: What do you want from an alien game?[View]
397101324'The CEOs of EA and Disney reportedly spoke on the phone today about Battlefront 2.'[View]
397134423Yo is £200 any gud for an Xbone? I heard you can play Lost Odyssey on it now.[View]
397096901what's it gonna be, boys?[View]
397126005What went right?[View]
397134320Spongebob Filename Thread Grab a spongebob scene and make it vidya related[View]
397133250>Starcraft 2 went F2P >Overwatch went F2P for this weekend Blizzard is getting desperate. The …[View]
397119006*replaces nargacug and zinogre*[View]
397119673>Male plays females >'What are you, gay?' >'Nope a proud heterosexual'…[View]
397133824>700,000 sales What the fuck happened?[View]
397128554Should I do it /v/?[View]
397130547I'm about to play this for the first time. What are some of the essential mods? I'm mainl…[View]
397133565Post your currently installed Xbox One games. What do you think /v/?[View]
397120296The sad part is that the game is really fun aside from the loot box stuff. Honestly hoping the entir…[View]
397133118Tell me how much of a degenerate I am, /v/ Also Post your recently played vidya[View]
397132506>The strength and library of a home console with the portability of a handheld >Its first year…[View]
397131691ITT: God-tier soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naPhZbhDxMQ[View]
397128245It's not fair, /v/! We're supposed to win! How is Denuvo holding back the true heirs of th…[View]
397132836Do you collect videogame figurines, /v/?[View]
397123227Assassin's Creed Origins: >Assassin's Creed Origins has nice graphi--…[View]
397129768Why do games offer a 'remove blood' option but not a 'remove homosexual content' option? At least bl…[View]
397128642This is Midoriko. She and her friends are finally confirmed for Heroes. Say something nice about her…[View]
397132602The best way to stop lootboxes is bullying: bully the devs, bully the players >plebbitors create …[View]
397127350Jesus fucking CHRIST This was a legit difficult boss fight[View]
397131582Tetris: I'm tired of using Tetris Friends, man... Can /v/ tell me what the BEST version of tetr…[View]
397132392>remaking a game that came out in 2016 And you fags say the west are cancer at this…[View]
397128543Greatest Game of the 90s coming through[View]
397131964Where are the games about the Vietnam War?[View]
397128562The state of modern RPGs: How did we go from this[View]
397128920Chao thread: What are some good Chao Garden mods?[View]
397129840Would Duel Links be a much better game if the player can romance NPCs?[View]
397131195ITT: Deepest lore[View]
397129049All right this is Silver Surfer. Silver SHIT[View]
397132119>90s japanese game >has blood in it >blood gets censored to sweat in the localization >y…[View]
397127996Do you think we'll see future games go the Battlefront 2 route of P2W, especially in regards to…[View]
397130790So... any Xbone exclusives to look forward to?[View]
397080604Name a better race in TES than Khajiit. Ahnassi to this day remains the undisputed best love interes…[View]
397131473Is this the worst Zelda box art?[View]
397125539>there are people who actually played MGS in Japanese Neck yourself[View]
397131742What are old /v/ memes you miss?[View]
397131739Blazblue Cross Tag Battle - Gordeau, Yukiko, Azrael Confirmed: https://twitter.com/AFGCNews/status/9…[View]
397130112Who was in the wrong here?[View]
397131334>so many MMOs have been released >none of them have playable skeletons >closest thing is Wo…[View]
397131069How does Mario get Peach to love him?[View]
397131030ITT: Areas/battles in games that give you fond memories[View]
397126092I'm not alone in thinking this is the best game so far on the switch am I?[View]
397129868Engineers will defend this.[View]
397128443Do you sometimes shit on games just to justify you not buying them? This month I am shitting on MH W…[View]
397125976Redpill me on /v/ - Video Games[View]
397126279Thank you Reddit: I would like to say thank you to Reddit for actually standing up to corporate cock…[View]
397114318When is Blizzard going to be next now that EA is down?[View]
397127521Was Konami actually the good guy the entire time?[View]
397130340What are some of your 'video game ideas' that you sometimes think of when you're lying in bed a…[View]
397129310Post characters who'll be playable in the next Smash Bros.[View]
397130119unreleased content release when 1945 winter chapters are the most comfiest winter themed levels in a…[View]
397128342>the randomly thrown in romance indicator actually dictates the 'canon' pairings why has nobody m…[View]
397126179About to start my pirated version of this with all DLCS give me a horrible character build to go by[View]
397130225Nekojishi: >Picking anyone but Best Leopard[View]
397130127Are the cutscenes still insufferable?[View]
397128661How is everyone enjoying the new sonic game?[View]
397124056Would /V/ buy my tf2 cosmetic?[View]
397120436Fuck you. I bought this game and some lootboxes just to spite /v/.[View]
397122079Why does nobody make Dinosaur Action Horror Survival Adventure game? I'm looking at you Naughty…[View]
397129796Christmas: What video games do you want to get from Santa, /v/?[View]
397128406>Mario & Luigi's positions can no longer be switched manually. what the FUCK were they t…[View]
397113004What are some games that are in the same vein as Mass Effect 1?[View]
397127474what ps4 games are you looking forward to in 2018?[View]
397129898Hey guys we're going to release a loot box system soon, but don't worry! It'll be onl…[View]
397118738Arthas: 'Me alegra que hayas podido venir Uther.' Uther: 'Controla tu tono cuando te dirijas a mi, c…[View]
397129764Ace Attorney thread: What are your hopes for AA7?[View]
397121806Retro games are selling like mad on the Switch, and so all the classic developers like Konami and Ca…[View]
397128951Will it flop?[View]
397105443Out of all the games to have movies based on them how come Rampage gets one? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
397129528>Play old favourite >Map is empty, graphics are crap >Go play something else…[View]
397116265New Nintendo 3DS XL: OP just got a New Nintendo 3DS XL. What do?[View]
397121452>https://strefainwestorow.pl/artykuly/wywiady/20171108/adam-kicinski-cdprojekt Now that CDPR is o…[View]
397124408I...I'm gonna get it.[View]
397126871Did we win? http://uk.ign.com/articles/2017/11/17/ea-takes-star-wars-battlefront-ii-microtransaction…[View]
397127608Was it worth EA buying exclusive rights to Star Wars? >Battlefront 1 lambasted for no single-play…[View]
397123461Which one is better?[View]
397129090So now Blizzard confirmed they will not be adding anything to classic wow: The biggest question is g…[View]
397111562E-123 Omega is your favorite Sonic character.[View]
397110092Steam avatars Post 'em, rate 'em, hate 'em, I don't give a fuck[View]
397126405only thing im not mad about from EA. pic related. Shriv appreciation thread.[View]
397126676I recently (as in the last 24 hours) played and beat and did everything in Doki Doki Literature Club…[View]
397126272Can we have a Funny Vidya Pictures thread? Please no comics.[View]
397120193SS1 remake backer update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKfnTnZuC5E[View]
397121093post things that made you turn off your xbox as a kid[View]
397090039Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu 'had to fight back tears' while recording FF15 expans…[View]
397127589What are some games where I can raise my daughter properly[View]
397126385Now that the dust has settled, what did Tidus mean by this?[View]
397127813Are you threatening me, gamers?[View]
397127853What do you think?[View]
397124957ITT: games with awesome box art that is not necessarily an accurate representation of the game itsel…[View]
397127650What’s her condition?[View]
397114152>sister gets you a birthday present based on the last videogame you played…[View]
397128114>implying you can stop the millions of normalfags who'll still buy the game regardless of lo…[View]
397118624Post video game characters who did NOTHING WRONG and got killed.[View]
397127130Final Fantasy XIV: Will this bleed subs once WoW Classic is released?[View]
397096493Can't beat Airman /v/ Help: HOLY FUCKING SHIT I'm been at it with this cockgargling mothe…[View]
397116187Just bought Sleeping Dogs: DE. What am i in for /v?[View]
397128215Disney does not care about you or your children. They just don't want to taint their image, so …[View]
397125414So, I bought the Necro pack during the Halloween sale and decided to do the season thingy after a lo…[View]
397127709>tfw the game u were hyped for is actually good[View]
397128057After all this time, I still can't beat this dude. Can't go to another place to grind xp a…[View]
397122483Is he right?[View]
397127335>discover reddit hates Battlefront II >immediately preorder it…[View]
397118658Now that Andromeda crashed and burned does /v/ like this game?[View]
397127887ITT: Fuck you I like it[View]
397126912Witcherfags are the worst. Sure, it's a very solid game, but you people blow it way out of prop…[View]
397127564Ace Combat 7 release date when?[View]
397126803>game in a series is an unironic 5/10 or lower >fans still act like it’s good and will defend …[View]
397125328What went wrong?[View]
397116685I want an explanation for this. Are we just going to allow it long as it's moeshit? Legit quest…[View]
397127327Can anyone recommend me a good office chair to use for my set-up? Thinking about something in the $1…[View]
397095210.hack thread? What am I supposed to do with the greeting cards? I hear I can run out of them.[View]
397125865ITT:: We predict the next cancerous fanbase for up coming shows[View]
397126970ITT: Rare unique Hideo Kojima photographies.[View]
397123852>I play the Japanese version[View]
397124896La-Mulana 2 Update #187: WORKWORKWORK!: >What we do recently is... add animations with the comple…[View]
397125879Dis is our land You wanna stay? You stay here forever We gonna bury you here[View]
397126068SHILLien knight or bladedancer lineage 2 revolution thread[View]
397123615How is this game never discussed here? I know it's kinda old, but I can't think of any TPS…[View]
397118897>vote with your wallet by not buying a game/loot crate >one ballot is cast towards 'I don…[View]
397116139RULES OF NATURE[View]
397123451Would anyone here play a single player, 3d, dark, mature starship survival sandbox simulator? >Au…[View]
397097960/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>397064808 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
397118637>Canada dollar is worth less than American dollar >Price of video games goes up >Canada dol…[View]
397123494Hello, I'm the best DOA game[View]
397126280>lootboxes are bad!!!! fuck these greedy jews!!! microtransactions have ruined the video game ind…[View]
397120829EA: >they actually think they won The darkness is eternal, fools! btw. They will patch it in agai…[View]
397104305>Official devil may cry channel just uploaded something but didn't make it available to see …[View]
397125660Good evening, /v/. Tell me, how's that backlog going?[View]
397122510Multiplayer is cancer: Fuck off from my games.[View]
397120870>mfw EA adds more microtransactions Glad to see a company that finally caters to NEETs like mysel…[View]
397123731https://youtu.be/i2nuHEGhwiw?t=52 >handcuffs light up same way as a PS4 controller What the FUCK …[View]
397124186>its an anon making 10 threads about the game he is currently playing >the game is 10yo at thi…[View]
397094508Post best female vidya protagonists. I'll start.[View]
397123935does this work with retro consoles https://www.amazon.ca/Udigital-Converter-Coaxial-Output-Upscaler/…[View]
397120162Now that Odyssey is out, people were expecting it to be the Mario equivalent of Sonic 06 due to New …[View]
397125697ITT discover your destiny fags >0-2 Dishonored >3-5 Guild Wars 2 >6-8 Mortal Kombat X >9…[View]
397122878How the fuck can they keep getting away with this?[View]
397119717Disappointed by Wolfenstein 2? Well then go give this criminally underrated game some love. It'…[View]
397124402How's that NEET life treating you, /v/?[View]
397125497PAGIES IN CAGIES[View]
397124152/v/ - Twitter Posts[View]
397122696Can the gaming industry crash already pls?[View]
397125476Video Game Soundtrack Thread. Post GOOD video game music. Inb4, please do not post the Resident Evil…[View]
397121851KiD is free for the grabs for a limited time. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead-nigh…[View]
397120217cursors.io thread: lets see if we can get the numbers we got the other night[View]
397123051The Soul Calibur VI rumors were fake: David Bixenspan made the whole thing up[View]
397123987what are some real role-playing games where you can play whatever character you want and aren't…[View]
397102847Xenoblade Chronicles 2 thread[View]
3971070493x3 thread: 3x3 thread. no bitching about resident evil 4 or fallout new vegas edition.[View]
397098776I have never really thought of princess peach as somebody you would think of sexualy before but jesu…[View]
397124038Besides persona and rune factory what games have great combat and dating/marriage?[View]
397121495How much would you pay for an authentic arcade cabinet, /v/?[View]
397117940Is Bloodborne the best game ever made? Why not?[View]
397123810smithy was dangling his dong the whole time: this is worse than finding out mack is the red guy not …[View]
397123903>'We did it! Now when microtransactions come back it'll only be for cosmetics!' https://twit…[View]
397124960What are the comfiest JRPGs? Not the stuff where you fulfill some ancient prophecy and everyone is c…[View]
397119579Video game happiness: >Game is actually entertaining and fun to play…[View]
397109343Even the people who liked this game couldn't possibly defend the outcome of this[View]
397114148Post character heights[View]
397121139Do you enjoy Otome games? You know, like the VN diabolik lovers where you basically play as a cute g…[View]
397124797>rainbow rocket is literally teleporting shitty minigame rooms with cannon fodder until you get t…[View]
397123098>Play BF4 on PC expecting a barren wasteland with nothing but Russians and hackers >Find a num…[View]
397094552VA Hiromi Tsuru Dies at 57: https://twitter.com/awesome_WM32/status/931328911513829376 >Dragon Ba…[View]
397120120ITT: literal 10/10 games. I'll start and stuff.[View]
397118105/v/ vs reddit, Who would win an Overwatch 6v6?[View]
397113991if /v/ had achievements what would they be?[View]
397117112DANCE WATER DANCE[View]
397115475ffxv comrades: so what's the /v/erdict?[View]
397090861Would this series be better if it actually showed nipples?[View]
397124350Solve the riddle, get the game. Start out easy, gets harder. First game: Out of the Park Baseball 18…[View]
397079924What's on your wishlist?[View]
397124337>Complaining about video game gambling now >Never even experienced the true terror that unleas…[View]
397123089>wow is dead[View]
397122787What is your favorite video game to play when you just feel like derpin' around?[View]
397111261UNIST Thread: Crossover news in 8 hours[View]
397123925>Meanwhile at the /v/aker family dinner table Settle an argument for us Ethan, is Mario Odyssey, …[View]
397095161Black friday sale thread: This game is $20 on the xbox store. Is it worth that to those of you who h…[View]
397121217Remember when world war 2 games were good?[View]
397120036What specs do i need to emulate this in stable 30 FPS.?[View]
397123694ITT: remakes done right: This fan remake on the doom engine(via edge source port) is a decent remake…[View]
397119338*blocks your path* OK here's what I've got to say. Crates will come back in battlefront bu…[View]
397107801Have any of you guys played any of the Super Sonico games?[View]
397114243EA played you: Allyall niggas getting tricked by EA. They knew their microtransactions were shit. Th…[View]
397120316how does /v/ feel about the current state of games journalism[View]
397122270Reminder to be kind to others and spread positive vibes. Depression and other mental health issues a…[View]
397117995>neckbeards really can't understand that a business is here to make money and not cater to f…[View]
397118668Neir Gestalt: PLEASE tell me this gets better after this boss. im ready to just watch a video of the…[View]
397122118How do you separate 'art and the artist' if these faggots keep putting their shitty outlook and agen…[View]
397120601Fightin gems: I've always had a knack for fighting games and been the contender among friends, …[View]
397122047>implying this wasn’t the biggest false flag of all time pulled off by EA in order to get more at…[View]
397122438There is literally nothing more fun than playing Dota stoned[View]
397121936Now that Denuvo is uncrackable will you stop pirating video games?[View]
397121879Full Game: >play the demo, it's great >play the full game, it's dogshit What game wa…[View]
397119142will we see a death stranding trailer at the game awards?[View]
397085889Games women will never understand[View]
397121283Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Give me a quick rundown on this game. It got shit on hardcore for microtran…[View]
397122224What do you guys think about Observer? I just finished it, and while I didn't think it was that…[View]
397122378When is there going to be a WoW touch edition?[View]
397122356What game lets me completly crush FOOLS, /v/? Only 1vs1 games? Card games? Is it even possible to '…[View]
397102036FOR THE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!!!!!! Anyone else got epic goosebumps when she yelled this?[View]
397074027>I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any New Vega…[View]
397122149is there any sort of adapter or cable I can buy to make my USB mic work on Xbox One, or do I have to…[View]
397057298Very serious thread. Which final fantasy is unironically the best. We are all in agreement it's…[View]
397121792>maces penetrate armor >axes increase crit >swords can double hit >consent age is 12…[View]
397114835Shadowrun: people still play this game[View]
397116891I LOVE Tharja![View]
397090524Alliancefags get BTFO! Hows it feel being the minority?[View]
397121438It has been 0 days since EA has killed off another franchise. We all thought it couldn't happen…[View]
397120382My HDD failed and I lost my Witcher 1/2 saves. Is there a good save editor that'll let me remak…[View]
397100916Can I just start with the third one or should I buy the collection to play one and two? My sister gi…[View]
397121418Battlefronters unite, FP mode best mode[View]
397121378https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPhRDN8T9_M Don't fall for EA's 'making the outrage outdat…[View]
397121368UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: I'm getting this tomorrow, it comes with Battlefront 2. I was just going to…[View]
397121353It's my personal GOTY, and maybe even the best game of this generation so far But... 10/10? Com…[View]
397088305So I was thinking... melee still has a competitive scene 15 years later, and there's obviously …[View]
397121028Steam autumn sale is 22nd-28th nov winter sale is 21st-Jan 4th[View]
397120641did you fellas pick up any vidya in the humble fall sale that started??[View]
397120295Games where you can judo chop?[View]
397119746>there are actually people on /v/ who bought Battlefront 2[View]
397118865Does this need mods to be enjoyable?[View]
397120694Civilization 5 anybody?[View]
397118646WELCOME TO THE Bioshock thread OF VALUE[View]
397116587Best female aliens in gaming? Looks/character wise.[View]
397118360Did you ever get picked on for liking video games?[View]
397117448Star Wars: Why are Star Wars games either sickdark or super serious nowadays? I miss when they were …[View]
397106517COD WW2: Is this the most casualized and poorly designed game ever? >soldier customization very s…[View]
397116262When's the last time /v/ played boardgame online together?[View]
397118681Who's hyped for Monster Hunter? No microtransactions here.[View]
397118382I want to marry this angel[View]
397108474With the way that things like the bosses and romance were handled in P5, would it be an indicator th…[View]
397114352>I'll admit X was a better game, but I enjoy Y more[View]
397120103FML: Fuck 2k games and their shitty customer service.[View]
397119390Who's your favorite SFM character?[View]
397117750What is the future of space games? X4 and Star Citizen are the only ones I know of that are in devel…[View]
397118860'Andrew DSP Clay': https://vocaroo.com/i/s1FsteWwyVAT[View]
397111776Fortnite is literally unstoppable[View]
397119204okay so: how the fuck am i supposed to pull this off without aim assist? and i don't wan to use…[View]
397119519PC or PS4? Is PC really that dead?[View]
397118396when the fuck is microsoft gonna fire phil spencer and bring back based peter moore?[View]
397119306Epic Hearts of Iron 4 stream: Hey /v/ if you are into HOI4 check this out, I just watched a stream w…[View]
397119264I'm making a Roblox game where players fight each other with nuclear weapons, but I can't …[View]
397118130Is Metal Gear Solid 2 the only game that can be considered art?[View]
397092219WR DID IT REDDIT[View]
397115551MGSV: If you think TPP was going to be about pic related, even when the trailers said it was going t…[View]
397106026IT'S ONLY FUCKING TEMPORARY DUMBASSES! Do not give into your autism and buy the game now. EA is…[View]
397117117First we had FMV games. Then QTE cinematic games. Now walking simulators. All of them trying to be m…[View]
397118652>microtransation inside of a lootbox[View]
397112896Will technology ever advance to the point of being able to create digital worlds indistinguishable f…[View]
397114058Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion: This is on sale now, is it worth it? Should I also get Space Empire…[View]
397118641ITT: FMV-core[View]
397117959https://youtu.be/Y9nDagqKL7Q /v/ btfo[View]
397117649Is anyone else disappointed that EA is caving to entitled man babbies' demands instead of stand…[View]
397116801Just figured you guys might want to know. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead-nightmar…[View]
397118285FFXI MOBILE REBOOT UPDATE: >Gaming Union: Final Fantasy XI also sits within your Business Divisio…[View]
397117349EA looses no matter what, and they have damned thenselves. The reason this got so out of hand for th…[View]
397118024ITT: Vidya jokes: Starting off with some knock knock jokes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6khIKVs…[View]
397116557MMO thread: What's a good mmo to play? I've already played ffxiv and I'm bored of it …[View]
397106624How do you even beat this chapter?[View]
397115458How do we fix erotic games, /v/?[View]
397118304Post funny WoW memes. Bonus: vanilla shitting on retail.[View]
397111825Why are there zero recent western games with good scores? What happened?[View]
397112028I don't get it. What the fuck was he so angry over that would justify starting another world wa…[View]
397115471I AM THE DARKEST NIGHT best card intro [View]
397101827FE Warriors: >New patch on Warriors adds clothing destruction like in Fates >Only affects Row…[View]
397108593>leave JPRGs to us...[View]
397093942>cool looking game >it's multiplayer These multiplayer focused games are the real cancer …[View]
397099986SO while the dust is settling, what’s the general consensus on loot boxes?[View]
397113901*blocks your path*: Apparently this error affects a lot of people on PS4. Got this same error messag…[View]
397115465EA: So, can we stop saying that EA never listens to their fans now? Battlefront 2 just turned to a g…[View]
397112070Is it worth 40 dollars?[View]
397116079Is the Doom slayer (Doom 2016) the original doom guy?[View]
397093045This is my sweet cousin Lucina. Say something nice about her![View]
397117342SCARIEST GAMES EVER: i say Fatal Frame: https://www.stream.me/Cyberdemon531[View]
397111343Who here /midnight release/?[View]
397113535Why are angels so rare in video games? They are quite common in anime, but so rare in games.[View]
397116269>talking to / streaming to ideal gaming gf >fighting a boss in darksouls 3 (Oceiros, the Consu…[View]
397115067What are some video games?[View]
397109946What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
397110241>Love the shit out of Ace Combat 4 and 5 >Zero is ok >Never get the hype I wonder if it…[View]
397108693Why is /v/ still in denial that this game is a masterpiece?[View]
397094979What am I in for?[View]
397088968Jackbox Thread: Continuing from >>397084251 It's been a while my dudes, let's do thi…[View]
397113718Forza horizon 3 worth 25 dollars? Its on black friday sale right now, works on windows 10 too, it ne…[View]
397115791I'm bored Need some new vidya Recommend plz[View]
397116414It's not fucking fair. Why doesn't Paper Mario get any respect[View]
397114239Why should I get this game if I already have Sun?[View]
397115760why did they exactly mean by this?[View]
397110136Stop wasting your money on bad games: Don't buy AAA games. Seriously don't. Stop buying th…[View]
397116176What are some good games that feature or let you play as the Devil/a fallen angel, /v/?[View]
397106907>simply just be near an enemy >it will make your health go to 3 hp without it even touching yo…[View]
397108704So when is he coming, and what fucking else did SEGA hold back from the full release of Forces? Why …[View]
397099894>implying they would dare to make this promotional photo session today[View]
397116010Who feels like playing right now?[View]
397110296I noticed that Humble Store is selling Hyperdimension Neptunia games for under $10. I'm complet…[View]
397115752Pokemon is going to save the Switch and Sonyfags will be BTFO forever.[View]
397111489>people mad about meme boxes >no one except me mad about no best unit…[View]
397114842Spore is undoubtedly the best video game of all time, and if you disagree I woll kick your ass[View]
397111798There are no good Halo ga-[View]
397111445ITT: Character's who deserved better[View]
397115909NO RUB DUCKY FOR YOU[View]
397115778What games should I get? https://m.windowscentral.com/black-friday-2017-xbox-one-and-xbox-360-deals-…[View]
397115746>turrent sections[View]
397115307The Paper Mario video game series 2000-2004 was Nintendo's greatest accomplishment.[View]
397115695What a pleasant conclusion! No micro-transactions AND free DLC? Oh what a steal![View]
397109531What's a game that's cheap?[View]
397115408Who is the strongest guy in any video game? >pic related You can throw him in lava like 100 times…[View]
397112942WRPG Tier: Is this thing accurate?[View]
397115359were your songs any good /v/?[View]
397114046Hey, pass the controller bro.[View]
397108576S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Thread: Welcome to the Zone, rookie. Which faction would you join?[View]
397107118People need to stop giving a shit about how other people spend their own money. Ok, assume you and a…[View]
397098052Umineko is fucking shit: Please fucking tell me if the dialogue gets any better. I haven't even…[View]
397114807Here’s your fucking purse[View]
397113271>hey guys, welcome to the stream >this is one of my favorite rogue likes that isn't total…[View]
397089529Comfy 3DS thread: What are you playing bros? What are you planning to play? What games are you excit…[View]
397110810why didnt you buy binary domain /v/? now /ourguy/ is forced to make yakuza for the rest of his life[View]
397114972>the call that saved battlefront[View]
397110819>I didn't catch that anon, you called me a sand what?[View]
397110109>he didnt join the elves the moment he got a chance[View]
397113272All new Pokemon Trainer thread! Double the content of the original, without having to buy DLC, lootb…[View]
397114852I only know one truth.: Gaming is nothing but drama. It's time to end it, don't you think?…[View]
397114760PC vs. Console Experiences: I've been switching between console and PC. I enjoy playing on cons…[View]
397066012Comy Switch thread: Skyrim is out - runs at flawless 30 fps, just like every other console version, …[View]
397103459So what exactly did I accomplish by beating this game again?[View]
397105414Why does this game trigger /v/ so hard?[View]
397114218ITT: Post good and totally not dead multiplayer games that have no lootboxes/cancerous progression s…[View]
397113985>playing XCom2 for first time >favorite soldier cornered by enemies >saturate area with gre…[View]
397077175Lads this is the comfiest gaming system I've ever owned.[View]
397112574Overlooked GBA gems. Pic related.[View]
397114254What the fuck is his problem?[View]
397114070Does anyone else find this more difficult than the originals? I just fully 100 percented all three n…[View]
397111758So uh.....: Is the text on this card that reads 'When this card in your possession is sent to the Gr…[View]
397106715Get your free game (car commercial) you stupid goyem.[View]
397108196Black Friday VR deals: Have you picked up psvr? Best time now.[View]
397111065>you couldn’t save Yuri[View]
397111143Will we ever get a true sequel to Mafia 2? What would you want in it?[View]
397111238>Morio >Yoashi[View]
397113974Apologize.: Do it.[View]
397113884Why, exactly, was Adell butthurt over Zenon turning everyone in her realm into demons? Seems like a …[View]
397108624What's the Video game equivalent of this? Hard Mode: No star wars games[View]
397113849Some idiots actually think the video game industry is ever going to crash again. Dummies.[View]
397113195Loot boxes loot boxes No-No-No! Micro transactions have got to go! EA EA shame-shame-shame! We will…[View]
397112484Can we talk about the other EA game released this month? Payback has ACTUAL fucking slot machines fo…[View]
397111923ITT: We convert beloved games into a 'Games as a Service' EA modification. >You get to choose bet…[View]
397113245ITT: canon cuckhold: What are other canon cuckholds in vidya?[View]
397105287Are people really paying 60 bucks for Skyrim? Jesus Christ.[View]
397112059You guys bought your crystal controller already, right?[View]
397113178>we will bring crystals back at a later date You aren't really falling for this trick now ar…[View]
397107640So /v/, why do you still buy AAA games? The only AAA games I've got on my steam are the civs, n…[View]
397112119This game gave me a fetish for girls with dreadlocks[View]
397111263If you like fantasy settings and strategy video games, and prize immersion and storytelling on top o…[View]
397112807>Do you remember the days when you actually had to land the vehicle to repair it? Why do devs in…[View]
397106865Imagine EA buys Fromsoft and decide to do Dark Souls 4 In a scale from 0 (Dark Souls 2) to 10, how s…[View]
397112638Ultimate Contrarian: Fuck you and your 'cosmetics only lootboxes are fine'. No, it isn…[View]
397111096What video game has the best writing of all-time?[View]
397101924So was Mitch Conner real or was Cartman really just bulshitting that hard?[View]
397111784>use fireproof elixr >catch on fire This game is fucking retarded dude, the only challenge i…[View]
397105941Overwatch on Switch, seems like an obvious choice. I wonder why Blizz isn't working on this? Mo…[View]
397110157why is this game so fun to watch guys? I don't even play fighters anymore, but this is way funn…[View]
397112383best games ever thread[View]
397111529What is your favorite genre of vidya, /v/? Fps here[View]
397112217Help me choose a nickname /v/: I like: Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Bioshock 1-2, Battlefield Bad Company…[View]
397112328Black Friday Vidya Plans: Thanksgiving is approaching and it's another 'Look who came out of hi…[View]
397110285HOLY SHIT: WHO HERE FUCKING /HYPE/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/748540/Solitaire/[View]
397111719EA is just doing what CoD WW2 did. Delaying mtx loot boxes until after launch.[View]
397111994PS VR on PC: Has anyone tried their PSVR on PC? Does Trinus make it work well? Is it worth to buy a…[View]
397111353Attention: EDF 4.1 is on sale for $30 at Humble Bundle. It'll probably go on sale on Steam late…[View]
397111367How bad is this for me /v/? All I know is it tastes like shit and it doesn’t feel like there is any …[View]
397105335Collection Thread: Post your vidya related collections. Games, hardware, anything. Here's my co…[View]
397111596Don’t mind me, just waiting for those photo hints to reload on page 10[View]
397111430What are some video games that have ensembles of characters who are all interesting and somewhat unr…[View]
397108934Get in here Jews and Pirates Killer is Dead free on Humble Bundle Get it while you can fags free ga…[View]
397109264Record for biggest in-game explosion: How would you define the record? Obviously, a space game can h…[View]
397107637Android Games Thread: So, I ordered one of these yesterday. What are some good android games to inst…[View]
397108156Is it really that bad? I'm thinking about getting it for the Switch.[View]
397110486How would you ever guess that you need to find the car keys and hop in the car to kill Jack in the g…[View]
397109720I'm trying to join the peecee mustard rice but all my usual usernames are taken on Steam. How d…[View]
397105669What are some video games that do the female-action protagonist right?[View]
397107776ITT: Good games that died/were a little too early for their era[View]
397109876>zelda is an rpg[View]
397101686What phone games do you play?[View]
397109148Let's have a nice comfy webm thread. Keep it vidya.[View]
397105562Can we have a general modding thread? What are your favorite mods of all time for any game? I'm…[View]
397107109>Only the winning team says GG[View]
397098717Do I NEED to play part 1&2: Just bought Infamous Second Son. Based solely on the single player s…[View]
397105312I will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames 21…[View]
397108769Post a game you love and a game you hate. Others try and guess. >The Evil Within >Killer is D…[View]
397108596What's the consensus on this game?: The reviews seem really mixed for this game but the combat …[View]
397108568The Great Debate[View]
397108127Anyone remember this?: When I was younger my brother and I played this game and I can't remembe…[View]
397108158Does anyone know what game this is?[View]
397102096Mice: Why does this suck so much. I just bought this, thinking it would be an improvement...it fucki…[View]
397105785>game doesn't allow you to romance the best girl[View]
397110068Its time to test out if they're telling the truth. Wish me luck brothers[View]
397109049Who's ready for us normies to join the fight in 12 minutes? Got my game downloaded. News coming…[View]
397104742So I just found out that that final level of this game is unlocked at 500 moons. Is this the most di…[View]
397107415Uhh, yeah, I don't know what i'm supposed to being doing here.[View]
397108201This game isn't good? I wanted to buy budokai 3 which is a great game but I got this instead an…[View]
397092973>that game no one but you gives a shit about what's her name /v/? sequel fucking never…[View]
397109609Endless Space 2: Free weekend going on right now. What are your thoughts so far?[View]
397099268Great video game music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kcF7E69C6Q[View]
397102373Alright, here are some things that need to happen for the switch to succeed first, the 3ds needs to …[View]
397101157What's the /v/erdict, lads? Pay to win shit aside is it a decent game in its own right? Just pl…[View]
397105727so which of the two meme bosses gave you guys the most trouble? keep hearing people complaining abou…[View]
397106429Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door: >town square is a fucking gallows >one of the first cutscenes…[View]
397109231Doki Doki Literture Club: is there a more depressing game this this. Fuck this game got me good…[View]
397108751Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
397099157Is she gay?[View]
397102134World of Warcraft: The Battle for Azeroth reveal made me want to play the upcoming expansion really …[View]
397107037How's that game coming along, /v/? You do have a game, don't you?[View]
397101317NIOH: So what boss/enemy has fucked you the most? Muneshige has killed me 78 times over 5 difficulti…[View]
397106890Any good Racing games /v/ i want a slightly more realistic approach no Mario Kart or Modern Nation r…[View]
397100905Classic /v/ Thread: I don't browse here anymore because I honestly hate the rehashes/sequals/sp…[View]
397107294What's the vidya equivalent of Polygondwanaland? (i.e. Free and GOTY)[View]
397099516Show those switch collections also what's your favorite game so far?[View]
397108507rich gamers only thread: Post and admire games reserved for the upper class. Poorfags move along.…[View]
397064721WoW Classic: This is going to be a major FUCKUP. >Blizz is going to listen to the community. >…[View]
397102349Mace Windu, reporting for dinduty[View]
397108219Europa Universalis 3 Steppe Wolf Multiplayer: I'm hosting a Europa Universalis 3 Steppe Wolf Mu…[View]
397108181Let's remember this: Internet shitstorms work. This is going to set a precedent and we'll …[View]
397098043Be honest, rate the game from 1 to 10.[View]
397105021Thoughts on new zed?[View]
397101182You know what's sad? 2D Mario these days is seen as 'safe and predictable', but SEGA would be l…[View]
397107481SILENT HILL THREAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94aZP0fxUrc >favourite game >favourite song…[View]
397107383I don't like playing on a team, what are some multiplayer fps where I can run around by myself …[View]
397104958>a fearsome, terrifying final boss appears! disgaea thread[View]
397086909Which one?[View]
397105869Previous FFVII Remake legit, Square-Enix Press Conference: I don't want any fame and I don…[View]
397101530Is there a definitive tier list for this yet?[View]
397106824Tropico: Oh Tropico, how I love you. I come to power, fleece the peasants and flee in my boat. No ne…[View]
397105213How was the video game adaptation of this? I never played it.[View]
397104458ITT: Video game characters who are /fa/ pic related, i even at one point thought about cutting my h…[View]
397106752Is the storyline realistic? Will we have augmented subhumans among us by 2030? What can we do to sep…[View]
397099946Video Game Dungeon Music: Post the best dungeon music from video games, any genre, any game, though …[View]
397106514Comfy games thread: Post good and comfy games to play while its raining outside and you are drinking…[View]
397105142Worth getting a ps2?: Is it worth getting a ps2 just for beatmania iidx? What other games are on the…[View]
397100970>4chan complains about a game. 'Fuckin' who? We couldn't possibly give less of a shit.…[View]
397104243Can I use a gog copy to play over direct connect or lan with multiple computers or online? My friend…[View]
397106170What are some games that let me fight giant veiny testicles?[View]
397106024What kind of games do you expect to see post 2018?[View]
397105995Favourite movie in the Stuntman games? (both 1 and Ignition)[View]
397099319Can you guys get as mad about net neutrality as you did about microtransactions? Because this shit i…[View]
397071537Make:APP vidya girls: Post your make app conversions and discuss[View]
397101973>fuck over everyone in the first game >lose sales >pretend that you're finally acknowl…[View]
397104809Will Theed be in the Star Wars cinematic universe?[View]
397105659After playing Stardew Valley for 60 hours I'm already getting tired of the shallow characters a…[View]
397099957My summer car: I've been walking for days and can't find anything[View]
397105684>mod a Wii U >haha time to pirate games >.....…[View]
397102785Is this the spiritual successor to Mario RPG?[View]
397105082>Star Wars game >Lightsaber operates like a glowing bat…[View]
397105530pc gaming: any suggestions for a new motherboard under 90$[View]
397104116Can anyone recommend me other puzzle platformers that have some actual damn puzzles in them?[View]
397086221Roleplaying: When i'm playing an MMO (Normally late at night) i come across people in hub zones…[View]
397103065The new overwtach hero looks great[View]
397104203Haven’t bought a Nintendo system since the GameCube. Tell me why I should buy a switch Please and th…[View]
397102948ITT: Weird shit you thought as a kid: I thought Wario was French because he was the opposite of Mari…[View]
397099594Does anyone else like to look at the edge of the video game worlds, and wonder, what's down the…[View]
397060775Any future MMOs you're looking forward to?[View]
397105041Anyone Willin to play OG Battlefront 2?: I havent seen any threads bout it in a good while[View]
397097991Which one will you vote for /v/? my vote goes to B because there should be some flying mobs[View]
397104430vidya opening cinematics: post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZBlnUf-KrY&index=3&list=L…[View]
397102436What are some games with an ambient setting and music? I don't even care about the gameplay. Ju…[View]
397104612So today's pic related's birthday. To be honest, he's such a detriment to the company…[View]
397088680is it okay to refund video games after beating them?[View]
397095914WHAT is this series even about??!?[View]
397101489This is a german RPG.[View]
397104198ITT: vidya wallpapers: post r8 h8[View]
397104053what was the best lego game ever made?[View]
397098950GTA V PC for SALE: Would anyone be interested in purchasing a GTA V Social's Club account with …[View]
397104205>The best soundtrack of 2017 belonged to a demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3eGUN7zPwQ…[View]
397098190i remember years ago there was a thread on fucking weird / spooky / obscure online games. Unfortunat…[View]
397103967A certain game part 1: I want to tell you guys a story about a friend of mine whose ideas was so bon…[View]
397100625Switch port when?[View]
397095385Jaina has been captured by a blademaster of the black rock clan, he plans to sacrifice her to his de…[View]
397101790>create awesome fluid fast paced combat system >create awesome fluid fast paced movement syste…[View]
397088339What did they mean by this[View]
397049609I bring to you the best class in Team Fortress 2[View]
397094117>Buy book for $10 >Only comes with first half >'The next 50 pages are included in the seaso…[View]
397094427>HAHA WE DID IT REDDIT BATTLEFRONT 2 HAS NO MICROTRANSACTION xDDD Reminder that this is a japanes…[View]
397103502DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation: >maintenance is still ongoing It's past 12PM JST alread…[View]
397103416Post a picture of your game collection[View]
397092582BUTT-RICE IS A TOTAL FAGGOT .hack//G.U. Last Recode general[View]
397102807What's the point of all these tests? It seems more like finding out if these lab rats can solve…[View]
397098147Remember to pick up your copies tonight /v/[View]
397101789Will it go F2P? There's really no other option at this point, as bad and broken as it is[View]
397102291Will she join your party?[View]
397085640I don’t think this game is good: Thoughts?[View]
397089616Does /v/ still like vinesauce? Or have they become too mainstream?[View]
397102131MEN OF GONDOR![View]
397102313Post those violin tracks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ZNRyrD34A https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
397095970So now that blizzard has said they wont be making any changes. what patch should the game be at/reac…[View]
397100353Is Assassin's Creed 3 worth pirating on the Wii U?[View]
397100596How do I uncap bunnyhopping in Half Life 1? I tried installing Bunnymod XT and Bunnymod Pro but none…[View]
397102089Why the fuck is this a thing?[View]
397096715I grow tired of shitposting and reading shitposts all the time, what are some good sites to talk abo…[View]
397041767Steam Hidden Gems: Post steam games that pleasantly surprised you.[View]
397101760Whirrthread: Braaaposting Postart your Fartanal Vorecomic Memes[View]
397098414Ok, /v/, you have ten seconds to name your top 5 PC games of all time.[View]
397101846*drinks crit-a-cola* *meatshots you for ~140HP*[View]
397098679Like it or not, this is where gaming peaked.[View]
397086489How much longer until AAA VR takes off?[View]
397101186This is the best Star Wars fighting game ever.[View]
397098693I don't know you. You in /v/ looking for trouble?[View]
397101523And then on the third game, he rose again[View]
397100257Is he the most handsome man in all of vidya?[View]
397098507I want to make a roster for a fighting game but I don't what it should be on. Give me a premise…[View]
397100989Quarian Girls > Asari >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Human Women[View]
397101451This game is in early access, and is one of the most comfy games I ever played, Atmosfere, explorati…[View]
397098330Zelda > Mario: and it's not even that close.[View]
397099841Getting a ps4 in a few days. Recommend me some games please. I like Souls games so obviously I'…[View]
397096402P5: >play Persona 5 for the first time >had fun >really like Futaba >accidently press a …[View]
397096045>Run behind you >Slit throat >Heh nothing personal nigga…[View]
397101220Who else here is apart of the true master race? seXlessBox owners need not apply.[View]
397099753Which one /v/?[View]
397099370I think this game is good:: Thoughts?[View]
397092150REDDIT WON[View]
397099719>DICE removes micro transactions from battlefront >WHAT THE FUCK I STILL HAVE TO PLAY TO UNLOC…[View]
397060418Xenoblade chronicles 2: >This xenoblade thread doesnt belong to you…[View]
397100981Historical accuracy of call of duty: Isnt having female soldiers in the latest call of duty ww2 game…[View]
397093094WELL /v/?[View]
397100932Boxers with Famicom hat is objectively the best outfit.[View]
397100880What would have to happen for sub-hour?[View]
397100874Good vidya that will get past my parents: Hello children, I require some assistance. I'm normal…[View]
397100636Are Gaming Headsets just a meme, or are they actually worth it?[View]
397081970Post ways that you would hypothetically fix games that you think are flawed[View]
397080932ITT: Post your favorite Star Wars game[View]
397100151can we discuss this game? does having a map full of creeps engender passivity? does teleporting you…[View]
397091865What are some essential mods for this game?[View]
397100445Elysian Shadows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhy9Rd9KNdc WHAT HAPPENED[View]
397097971Not even a distant land/We're stuck on a whole different planet[View]
397100263Reminder that anyone who supports EA backing down to the Redditerrorists is not welcome here[View]
397098538>want to stream new game I pirated >I'm afraid the pirated copy is versions behind the or…[View]
397088991This will be GOTY 2018, right?[View]
397097975'the ability to purchase krystals will come on-line at a later date'[View]
397097854Superstar Saga: So what's the consensus? Is it any good?[View]
397087709RE7 was more like the classics than anything from RE4 after. And it's better than them, coming …[View]
397099743>can't like SF3:TS without coming across as some tryhard '09-er attempting to earn cred…[View]
397099956Streaming Abom Wing in Naxxaramas, Private Vanilla WOW Server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFej7…[View]
397094074Is this any good, /v/? It's pretty cheap where I live, also has free shipping[View]
397090025Playstation Experience: >http://www.vgchartz.com/article/270263/more-than-80-exhibitors-confirmed…[View]
397078660blazblue cross tag battle: new characters in 12 hours[View]
397084150Destiny 2: Is this MMO still bombing?[View]
397097451>nintendos two “big” games this year are the worst games in the last decade remind me why anyone…[View]
397092082ITT: Games you just couldn't get into no matter what[View]
397099241Is it any good?[View]
397095695Talk shit about the game all you like, but don't shit on the soundtrack. It's all great ex…[View]
397099772I seriously hope you aren't considering buying this after their low tier lip service they paid …[View]
397097621Is this iPhone port worth $1.01? It looks pretty fun.[View]
397066637Post yfw the story is actually good and Iden is a decent character[View]
397073934Dragon Ball Fighterz: >Ultimate Gohan >Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks >Kid Buu Good additions. Noth…[View]
397098758What are some good naval combat games?[View]
397099510Hello, /v/ I need a PC game which I can play for thousands of hours, I just need to cope with loneli…[View]
397096163this game is great seriosly maybe the story is unfinished and the act 2 is a bullshit but the gamepl…[View]
397098738That's a cute sunflower[View]
397099585I made a vanilla PVP Minecraft server, anything goes. It has a very stable connection, an irishman c…[View]
397099374What are some of the Worst pieces of shit on the gamecube?[View]
397090263i wanna play this so fucking bad, but i can't stand playing as a girl, i don't know why, i…[View]
397094193Skyrim and its famdom[View]
397082039>Classic is going to be like a child who begs and begs for ice cream, finally gets it, then sudde…[View]
397097882>there are whales out there that already spent $200+ on Battlefront II crystals that are useless …[View]
397097896ITT: Post the most overpowered characters in their respective games.[View]
397099116Maybe the greatest arpg of our life. Pic related.[View]
397095917Any of you borrow from the library?: The only gsme ive purchased for my PS4 is Bloodborne and thats …[View]
397097334Battlefront II - Fuck This: This is one of the games that will decide our future respect from the ga…[View]
397098527>four great and complete games that are unique in their own way >one game that's in early…[View]
397095274What's the best video game genre?[View]
397098892Forgive me /v/ for I have sinned About to buy CoD WW2, there's just no other game that does qui…[View]
397098887Am I Capcbro because I cannot accept that this game is better than anything Capcom makes? Injustice …[View]
397097358>Three switch threads >Zero threads for skyrim VR Fucking poorfags of /v/, get a job so you ca…[View]
397078384You... I've seen you...[View]
397098713How's your videogame going, /v/?[View]
397092370WE WON REDDIT[View]
397077198ITT: post untranslated Japanese games that you want to play.[View]
397088142Did it really need a live action film to be made? I thought the age of terrible vidya flicks was ove…[View]
397090845Ugliest console thread. Everyone knows the PlayStation 1 and N64 are the most beautiful consoles eve…[View]
397093474EA Temporarily Backs Away From Virtual Currency In Battlefront II: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/new…[View]
397064808/v/idya Draw thread: Previous thread >>397002632 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
397096281ha ha[View]
397095478>yfw it's literally the same story as the first game[View]
397098319Bloodborne artist name?: Holy shit I can't find this guy's name for the life of me and goo…[View]
397096553>tfw you buy a game from a shit company just because you feel starved for a game in that genre…[View]
397088714When you play a game you play as your own gender right?[View]
397098064So it turns out that one guy who bought a bunch of EA gift cards wasn't going to save the compa…[View]
397096358swbf2: >purchase crystals will be available at a later date yfw they fell for it…[View]
397039376What went wrong?[View]
397088046What are the chances the Switch will be discounted in the next two months? Or am I going to end up s…[View]
397097692How THE FUCK can a kid's card game do physical harm to someone[View]
397097886Skyrim is better than BotW because at least it has some vague semblance of dungeon crawling.[View]
397097885Even Segata rhinks casual is for casuals.[View]
397096609>mfw persona 4 referenced smt 1 persona/smt thread[View]
397096004THE iDOLM@STER: Want to play a idolmaster rhythm game but there are shit loads of them. Which to sta…[View]
397088857what do I buy a 5 year old? a switch or a 2DS?[View]
397097768Which one /v/?[View]
397064430Is the ODST trailer still the greatest video game trailer? https://youtu.be/3S5I0_hjS3c[View]
397097560Can we have an indie/japanese board so we can get away from normie survivalist games and (((AAA))) d…[View]
397097265Any games where the 'generic protagonist' stereotype is actually demonstrated?[View]
397097401final fancy is best game[View]
397046590Glory to mankind, Nineassu-kun[View]
397096978This whole thing has just been a massive shitshow. Can we call it TWOtanic?[View]
397097264Underatted video game songs. Everyone loves bad future when this is so much better. https://www.yout…[View]
397078191>game has shit controls >lmao git gud[View]
397097221ITT: Oh yeah, that happened Pretty great remix too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_O6F5FwQ0s[View]
397094579Shitposting aside, is Skyrim really that bad? I kinda wanna get it for Switch.[View]
397096983When can we expect the final death of EA?[View]
397075318Was it kino?[View]
397097065Reminder that EA is only TEMPORARILY removing microtransactions from Battlefront II. They probably o…[View]
397097056Convince me to not buy this game.: So I was browsing to Top Seller section on my 3DS and this came i…[View]
397096525Have you gotten over it anon?[View]
397096820the strongest pokemon that ever lived in video game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YlQAXNx-V4…[View]
397075215Hello, I'm the best soul calibur[View]
397083874God I love this little piece of tech Being able to play legit PS4/XONE ports without too many compro…[View]
397095617What's your best speedrun time? Mine is 3:08, I know it's terrible but it was my first spe…[View]
397096431Vidya Reaction Thread: Only post shit thats VIDYA[View]
397069147Black Friday 2017: Which sales are you looking forward to?[View]
397094463Is there a good reason to install linux on a ps2?[View]
397093213>squad based tactical shooter set in the Halo universe following UNSC grunts. Why is this not a t…[View]
397095291What are the chances this game ends up not being a disaster, /v/? Like what that can be expected fro…[View]
397092314it's over[View]
397095993There's this game I can't stop thinking about. It's an older unity game, and the poin…[View]
397095784how do we fix warcraft?[View]
397095227We did it reddit![View]
397093350What are some psychotic video game characters?[View]
397091941what fighting game is fun to watch even if you don't play it? I'm looking to stream some c…[View]
397088432Switch Wars when?[View]
397095630http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/11/15/marvel-heroes-shut-down-by-disney Has this been discussed yet…[View]
397089658Skyrim for Switch Thread. You are gonna buy his game, right /v/?[View]
397095042which controller feels better? Which one looks more aesthetic? I'm asking because the snes cont…[View]
397095126Which racing game has the best carrer mode?[View]
397079960What are some games with comfy cities? Pic related.[View]
397090080ITT: We post what the GOTY contenders should actually be: >BOTW >Odyssey >Persona 5 >Nie…[View]
397054592What is your opinion on the forgotten Illusion masterpiece Artificial Girl 3?[View]
397091536Who was in the wrong here?[View]
397095175So, is anyone actually documenting how fucking shitty some of these launches are? I don't pay c…[View]
397093791So Why haven't you guys joined /v/scape yet? It's honestly the most comfy version of runes…[View]
397092540hello, i'm the best racing game ever made[View]
397093065What games let me float?[View]
397088589Post em[View]
397090853Is Danganronpa a 'video game'[View]
397090706Who is the best evil boss in pokémon? and why is it Ghetsis?[View]
397081248ARMS: Let's discuss Nintendo's bizarre fighter and it's new character[View]
397094096>go to a non /v/ video game forum >come back with something…[View]
397092937Does a hero need to be cute?[View]
397078948Wolfenstein 2 is already -50%: did it really flopped this hard? WHAT WENT WRONG?[View]
397094573This was a sadder conclution than Viseral, Prove me wrong >b-But they games are cancer, they…[View]
397090769Due to the amount of consumers buying downloadable content, micro trans actions, season passes and y…[View]
397094014[ Insert your new account name ][View]
397093420something i always wanted to know: what actually triggers you allowing to look inside fargoth's…[View]
397074467This is an assassin.[View]
397094335What games let me fill the entire catalog with threads about the same thing?[View]
397089467A Packageru? nani the fuck ?!: What could it be ?[View]
397094227Post triggering vidya phrases You'll need to hurry to beat the tides! [View]
397094217Can we all agree on this?[View]
397094185Do you you even know what the reference is?[View]
397054965Third world gaming: How are you holding up bros? Argentinian here. Here they praise Bioshock 3, Hell…[View]
397093176webm thread[View]
397092378>you can play Virtual-On in arcades in Kiwami 2 HOLY NIGGERTITS, IS THIS THE BEST MINIGAME ADDITI…[View]
397090162Fortnight: I need somebody on PC to play with ebcause everybody IRL and on Discord plays it on PS4 o…[View]
397093890It's their turn now.[View]
397089158What games do you play when you're depressed? pic related was my go to, but I've played t…[View]
397087279Why is this game so goddamn nerve-wracking to play? I never feel this way playing other fighters...[View]
397090635HB free game: THIS IS NOT A DRILL HB GIVING AWAY FREE VIDYA https://www.humblebundle.com/store/agech…[View]
397091460The last day dawns on the kingdom of Ascalon.[View]
397088961Alright /v/ faggots I need to make a quick decision because I'm going on a long fucking plane r…[View]
397093614https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVqTDaHYLmU m8 are you shitting me[View]
397090646Skyrim for the Schitch: >7 year old game >540p '''dynamic resolution''' >horrible textures …[View]
397090782OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
397087419Is there any game that has better sunsets than the Witcher 3? Ultimate comfy[View]
397093446Pillars of Equality: Is Hard equivalent to 'DnD core rules' from IE games? Do I miss out on anything…[View]
397061282Non-existent games you want to play: Eternal Sonata PC Tales of Vesperia PC Bloodborne II New NiGHTs…[View]
397091429How do I get good at this game? Just bought it yesterday for switch, and It's definitely fun, b…[View]
397091490Whats the /v/erdict?[View]
397092790Shadow of Colossus Wrap Party Cake: Figured you guys would like this one. Friend is a dev on the upc…[View]
397092857Handheld Consoles are Dead, Portability is a Thing of the Past: Will you miss them? What is your fav…[View]
397089935My nose itches, but I am in the middle of gaming. What are some dope techniques that I can perform t…[View]
397088137Comfy BC2 Thread Been playing this again and abusing engineer's silenced weapons to get behind …[View]
397090421ITT: we post good idea for microtransactions and loot boxes. Wouldn't it be awesome if pokemon …[View]
397057592Congrats EA on a stellar release! :^)[View]
397086126Oh shit /v/!! Tasofro finally stopped being retarded and theyre now developing a soku sequel!! The b…[View]
397089863Is the Playstation the most important console of all time?[View]
397073354Nintendo Switch hardware revision: What do you want/expect from a Switch revision and when do you th…[View]
397090698BOYCOTT EA, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: This company has eaten away at gamers for many years, every year they …[View]
397036613ITT: Autistic things you do while playing games Whenever I get easily killed or destroyed by an enem…[View]
397088948Does steam has cyber monday sale? How much will Tekken 7 and Nier be? It is my birthday, I won'…[View]
397090595Whats up guys? Its me sernandoe, and today I have VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR U! GTA 6 TRAILER IS OUT,…[View]
397061748Games only you have played[View]
397087597Can they be more blatant with their bribes?[View]
397091832I'm generally curious: Alright /v/irgins I got a good question for you Nintendo fags (Myself in…[View]
397086101Mario Lore: How did bowser trap yoshis in his eggs?[View]
397089375I bought a PS4 just for Bloodborne. 100% worth it, easily one of the best games made in the past ten…[View]
397091586Reminder that gamers are idiots and never follow through on anything, EA will always get away with s…[View]
397091253Name a more sexual character than Fat Princess. Protip: You can't.[View]
397079142>obsidian writing[View]
397091391a few years ago a friend bought some keys off of me and I was able to effectively convert some of my…[View]
397065132Moira and Merct nerfs are now live (she's unavailable for comp until next week, though). Will t…[View]
397091537> wears full plate armor > dies in 4-5 sword swings why do games do this?…[View]
397091028Just picked up this Nintendo Switch. What games should I get?[View]
397090295Who was in the wrong here?[View]
397084896WAH WAH WAH[View]
397086702Would you forgive EA if they made a new Jedi Knight game? It'd be a reboot without Kyle since h…[View]
397091301>still can't buy the soundtrack life is suffering Also, vidya ost thread I guess…[View]
397090393Alright /v/, I've got 3 possible AAA games to buy on Steam and only $60 to spare in my measly p…[View]
397074903>ITT losers from /v/ try to pretend that they are not autistic also Klonoa thread…[View]
397084071The success of this game is seriously living proof that anything with Mario name in it becomes succe…[View]
397090439Xbox One Blows: >Grab pic related for $100 second hand >excellent shape >pick 3 of the 7 ex…[View]
397083974>Odyssey comes out >It's talked about for a day or two >Nobody cares anymore and no po…[View]
397086495Imagine just how much better this game could have been if it was developed entirely for the Wii U. …[View]
397087817Rhythm Heaven: So whats your opinion about these games /v/? It's one of my favorites!…[View]
397085427how do I git gud at fighting vidya[View]
397089231Anyone else wish we could get a Morrowind remake with Skyrim graphics? I think the style still holds…[View]
397090739Why do mods hate threads about Christian games when even if the thread is Christian oriented it…[View]
397090507What are some games where I can nuke cities[View]
397083234I have 400 bucks lying around. Should I buy a switch with mario odyssey or like 10 games for PC/PS4 …[View]
397083775Dark Souls 1: I am soul Level 35. Someone help me clear Anor Londo. Put your soul sign in the bonfir…[View]
397088515what went wrong?[View]
397081383Windows 10 is more stable than 7 when alt tabbing games. That is FACT.[View]
397082557So /v/, why did you make Zero Time Dilemma so fucking shit man?[View]
397087498>Radeon update >Ppsspp Tekken crashes What now? This is what I get for choosing rx470 instead …[View]
397089156There are like 5 BFII threads recently created and all of them are blatantly praising the game. 3 of…[View]
397088674Here's how to not be shut down by EA . . . . Don't let them buy you in the first place.[View]
397064872Nintendo tops October NPD: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20171116005572/en/Nintendo-News …[View]
397088629Age of Mythology: What is /v/'s opinion on age of mythology as opposed to the standard aoe fran…[View]
397047956Did you rike it?[View]
397074317The appeal of the lightsaber is that it can cut through everything. So why in God's name do Sta…[View]
397090274ITT: games that had no right being so good[View]
397090243Let me trim your capes!: share your runescape scam stories[View]
397053775Dokkan Battle thread: 300 free stones Nov14-Nov29 for JP version Is this a good enough or should re…[View]
397089147>enter cabin >councilor jumps out window >teleport out of cabin >councilor jumps back in…[View]
397076112>'I only play Japanese games'[View]
397089514Is the Wii U community more delusional than the Vita community?[View]
397089808Im about to fight the Demi Fiend in Digital Devil Saga. Tips? Help? Digital Devil Saga Thread[View]
397081304Now that the Xbox One X pretty much is a console that operates like a high-end PC, will devs FINALLY…[View]
397089662>Nintendo finally made a system that doesn't force you to use dumb gimmicks like a gamepad i…[View]
397068997Is installing Windows 7 worth it for old games?[View]
397088870Is pic related worth playing? Its the only game in the series I haven't played and that trailer…[View]
397087684Which one /v/?[View]
397088950All wings report in. I bought SWBF2 just for Starfighter Assault. https://youtu.be/aHQrcyerVQQ[View]
397089421It's a VIVE™... It's an Oculus Rift... No, it's...![View]
397087890what is the Call of Duty of video games?[View]
397085976Switch port when?[View]
397079859Leisure Suit Larry: best girl[View]
397086303Why is everyone calling these PS4/Xbox 1 console online subscriptions a 'service'? They're lite…[View]
397088853When the hell did Bomberman art get so damn cute? Also, is this worth buying yet? Heard they pretty …[View]
3970849863DS: Just bought the Samus bundle with these games plus SMT IV and Devil Survivor. What else should …[View]
397086858Do you own any vidya merchandise, /v/?[View]
397086230>selling rune scimmy 20k runescape comfy thread[\spoiler][View]
39708690490s >Put game >Play >Everything is response and sharp >pause any time >save >no cu…[View]
397079302KOTOR: >Stronk empowered woman gets abducted and raped for a week >Eventually starts to like i…[View]
397087719Favorite game: >favorite game(s) >others judge you >silent hill 2…[View]
397088181ITT: /v/-approved YouTube channels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4QBRgyitFs[View]
397087207Why the FUCK is there no awesome wireless third party controllers for the ps4?[View]
397061934Valkyria Chronicles: What's it going to be, /v/, VC4 or VR2?[View]
397087028Fuck Bethesda: This right here could of been one of the most emotional scenes in all of vidja histor…[View]
397080934whats the v/erdict?[View]
397078830ITT: Games you just couldn't get into no matter what[View]
397083934>Wow this game looks really cool! I can't wait to pla... PS4 exclusive It's like game d…[View]
397039960Fire Emblem: We had a decent Fire Emblem thread yesterday, don't we have another. What's y…[View]
397084234>people that teabag[View]
397074858Kawakami Thread: >Go on /v/ >People are still posting the dumb 'she wuz prostitute' meme It…[View]
397085919Congratulations: You managed to kill that boss you see[View]
397085326Can we agree this is the best handheld ever made?[View]
397086470I'm in the mood for a new JRPG, this game any good?[View]
397087981https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urk_kp76RoI >you will never be Anthony Burch…[View]
397079084>tfw I'm so starved of Star Wars games I'm probably still going to buy this garbage tom…[View]
397087806Why did Mario not attract a legion of weird, autistic self-inserts the way Sonic did?[View]
397087062Nintendo Switch, garbage Playstation 4, garbage Xbox One, garbage Gaming in general, a pile of shit …[View]
397087739Middle Earth and Ass Creed are the best selling October games in USA: Unsurprisingly, Americans have…[View]
397080228whatever happened to this guy?[View]
397060197There's nothing wrong with what EA is doing with battlefront 2. In case you morons of /v/ didn…[View]
397086984Will we ever get any games about the Finno-Korean Hyperwar?[View]
397085961I'm coming home..[View]
397083361Why haven't video game graphics advanced in like over a decade?[View]
397087385Is a remake of this too much to ask? How hard can it possibly be?[View]
397087384I don't know if I should be more amazed because /v/ didn't lie for once and this thing is …[View]
397087358Digimon Cyber Sleuth: So, cyber sluts basically proved that in case of doubt, add a bunch of hot thi…[View]
397082935Okami is now coming to steam![View]
397086797fallout 4: are the DLCs worthwile?[View]
397084340 FK (in the coffee) stands for 'Forest Kaysen' for those of you who don't know [View]
397085727This is what you are fighting for. We did it /v/?[View]
397087030Please sir can I have more console ports?[View]
397085457Thoughts on this dude?[View]
397084471Assassin's Creed Origins: >Assassin's Creed Origins looks goo-…[View]
397080647I'm bored, please post Maries[View]
397084251Jackbox Thread: Last one >>395847919 It's been a while my dudes, let's do this Remem…[View]
397076620Soul Calibur 6: Do you think the leak's real? What do you want to see from a new SC? What do yo…[View]
397086474Who was your choice?[View]
397086354I just decided to get into doom map making the other day and spent an afternoon learning this progra…[View]
397080335>still no crack for AC Origins & NfS Payback It's fucking over isnt it?…[View]
397078049Just a reminder[View]
397085869why is he the worst[View]
397081296Save the Light: So, how did you like the game? was it everything you hoped for in a paper-mario spir…[View]
397083439Why aren't you playing the best FPS out right now Law Breakers? Legit the dark souls of fps.[View]
397085378Destroy People policing in Pokemon Go: So I'm having trouble with people in my area bullying an…[View]
397085909>He fell for the 144hz monitor meme[View]
397085903>Game grades you on how well you do[View]
397083946>hear people say this game is too easy >finally play it >it's about as easy as most ki…[View]
397083064Vidya & Relatives: This type of thread always cheer me up. Tell me about your positive experienc…[View]
397083936Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGk80avddCI Why are you not this dedicated…[View]
397081921Is this still active on PC ?[View]
397084476FREEZE!: Who are you? Whatta ya doin here?![View]
397085124Give me the straight dope /v/: is this fun? If it is EA can have my shekels, loot boxes and all, bec…[View]
397084310Playing hotline miami 2 on hardest. Could use some help in the comments.asbergers welcome. Just doin…[View]
397084323Red pill me on this. It looks very usable, but is it?[View]
397069324>after the european goverments now even the danish police warns people about lootboxes How is it …[View]
397085242People constantly complain about ragequitting and companies try to counteract it, what they should d…[View]
397081053Daily reminder if it wasn't for japanese companies we would be stuck with loot crates and unfin…[View]
397081423>PC Release date >TBD[View]
397078981>Objective : survive[View]
397083824How different would things have been if Forces came out two months before Mania instead of after?[View]
397078618I heard you guys liked videogame graphics Tell me, how does this look to you?[View]
397082787>must have exclusives?[View]
397081320Is this the ultimate tier list for playing games? I would argue that sometimes the atmosphere can b…[View]
397082934Which is better?[View]
397080870So what are they actually doing?[View]
397079198why aren't you playing this piece of shit right now? it's free https://www.humblebundle.co…[View]
397074260Is Starcraft 2 'CO-OP' mode the most badly named game mode ever... >or am I literally going craz…[View]
397084921Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter…[View]
397078565Is this worth $12 /v/?[View]
397080841Post only the comfiest video game music in this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCA4fTZean8…[View]
397084312Was it kino, /v/?[View]
397084761Video games soundtrack: I'm making a video game with some friends and I have to make the soundt…[View]
397031317Why aren't you playing 「DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation」 right now? Just 5 bucks for 10 new…[View]
397082882>die on purpose because the boss fight is so hard, it must mean you're not supposed to beat …[View]
397083086>ttlg.com >Gaming community since 1996 is this the oldest and comfiest surviving gaming forum…[View]
397084250Have Videogames come full circle?[View]
397080308>Assassin's Creed is the GOTY of the year Only true patricians would agree with the above st…[View]
397084367i hope that you dont work in cd projekt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AynvqY4cN8M[View]
397079668How is no one talking about the first ever vidya adaptation that will be pure vidyakino? https://www…[View]
397083637>game has report button >after losing match, report everyone on the enemy team >do for a mo…[View]
397083264Steam release WHEN?[View]
397075968post your cans, /v/[View]
397060181The last game you played gets a mod installed based on the month you were born in. Is the game bette…[View]
397081974I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
397082092Now that the dust has settled, what's the /v/erdict?[View]
397042329Kill Paarthurnax.[View]
397072383>Robots in real life are approaching videogame robots Do you think we'll be able to use them…[View]
397070375It's been 10 years /v/.[View]
397083837Wei Yan did no wrong[View]
397077316Break Your Own News: /v/ Edition: http://www.breakyourownnews.com/ Let's get some OC up in here…[View]
397080440SKYRIM ON THE GO: What's your excuse /v/ ? just buy it now it's a warning[View]
397064956Smash 5 discussion: Select your hero Made this roster under the assumption that Sakurai won't r…[View]
397083015>tfw profit margins aren't affected by your downboats on Leddit[View]
397083159Nice of the trader to invite us over for a car boot sale, eh Luigi?[View]
397083072What did EA mean by this?: https://wccftech.com/ea-claim-star-wars-battlefront-ii-not-gambling/…[View]
397080787>See this screen like 30 times Give me one reason not to end my life right now…[View]
397039904Whats the worst Remake you've ever played?[View]
397081640What a fucking surprise.: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/11/battlefront-2-ama-leaves-users-unsatisfi…[View]
397082868If you bought this game, its fine, you're a sheep who needs to be entertained constantly, thats…[View]
397082767are retailfags really that worried that more people are gonna like vanilla better than retail? is th…[View]
397082123Happy birthday, Miyamoto. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shigeru_Miyamoto[View]
397079450Why is Yakuza 0 STILL so fucking expensive?[View]
397082506I unironically think Skyrim is better than BotW, but I don't really like either game. At least …[View]
397081370ITT the exact moment you dropped a game[View]
397082398https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcgpZ-kUwLw Is he right? Is it really important for 'historical' gam…[View]
397081713how did you pronounce her name? Marl (silent e) or Marl-ee[View]
397073242Is it even possible for Sony to make another good handheld after Vita's failure and Switch…[View]
397082353Arigato Gyro[View]
397063045Apologize https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJWWZYlH29M[View]
397081618Any good? Was the original game actually good? Or was the selling point that it used voxels?[View]
397080423>woman = overwatch >cookie = players >dog = battleborn…[View]
397082047How can you call yourself a real gamer if you've never been to a casino? >have to be 21 to g…[View]
397082045>final boss is your father[View]
397074287Picked Up Splatoon 2 CE today. What am I in for?[View]
397072779Endless Space 2 or Endless Legend?[View]
397081903Anyone else feel sorry for people who only have an xbox? What the fuck are they playing on it? Gears…[View]
397072958Now that the dust has settled can we agree that this game is good but not really that great?[View]
397081847>I LOVE YOU TODOITE What did Kojima mean by this?[View]
397078075What's your favorite gaming UI?[View]
397081207>'WoW Classic won't be moving away from the community and inconveniences, the question is wh…[View]
397080463Is this the most realistic female character ever seen in a video game? >objectively weaker than B…[View]
397081130Free steam game, first come first served!: Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition, free to the first comm…[View]
397080329Thinking about buying a used Wii U to hack it for Sm4sh and more Is it possible to play backed up Wi…[View]
397062559>tfw Pokemon is already past their peak design[View]
397073642This is Heather, a single mother out on her own. Say something nice about her![View]
397079723Anyone else like Lost Planet? Really liked the way those games controlled. The hookshot, learning to…[View]
397076203>only through conflist will I evolve What did Blizzard mean by this?[View]
397070803Does /v/ hate board games?[View]
397009623Same voice actor thread: YEAH! Who the won the lottery?! I did! Smell that air! Couldn't you dr…[View]
397069331Battlestation thread.[View]
397081245Does your taste in video games vary widely? For example, I enjoy fighting games but I also like gran…[View]
397081367Rampage world tour movie: https://twitter.com/SuperBroMovies/status/931273055992733697 How does this…[View]
397081290Kkk: Is patches from dark souls some kind of reference to a gopnik?[View]
397081114>Don't you know it's time to raise our sales What did they mean by this?…[View]
397079527So this game's on sale this weekend. I don't have time to play it this weekend since I…[View]
397079030what if Metroid was a girl??[View]
397072181Hopes, dreams, expectations? I want to see more unique items like dawnbreaker and spellbreaker and l…[View]
397081117Battlerite: Thanks Blossom[View]
397055423Why on earth aren't you hype?[View]
397080937She's so fucking FUN[View]
397073012Gravity Rush 2: >hey anon, wanna go back to my place and show me JUST how grateful you are for my…[View]
397080712https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seJPH-NiTU4 Who's this semen demon?[View]
397078801What's the first videogame that comes to your mind when you heard or read the word video games?…[View]
397080376Odyssey. Overall, Pros and Cons? >Pros Lives are gone Moons are plentiful and assigned to good ch…[View]
397078462is this game worth to play even with the unfinished thing and all?[View]
397080539Hey guys! Ion Hazzikostas, aka Watcher, Lead Game Director for World of Warcraft here. We're s…[View]
397074898why does a 2011 game look shit on nintendo switch[View]
397080248Is a patient considered ambulatory for medevac if they got their arm blown off? I say no but my coll…[View]
397070105Collection Thread: Heya, friendos. Post your collections here. Any and all vidya related related col…[View]
397073408How do we incorporate quantum physics in modern platformers?[View]
397079543To the left: A cast of funny, well written, fun to play characters that have a vast backstory as wel…[View]
397079852What are some good RPG maker games to play this night?[View]
397050875Do you play fighting games /v/?[View]
397079792You literally CANNOT find a sadder moment than this one.[View]
397079749Which games have the best sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking content?[View]
397076552>Enemies can EAT your character Why do devs do this? That shit is gross.…[View]
397079804Nioh: >that fight right before 100 Eyes >that post game boss fights great fucking design Nioh …[View]
397079587>you will never be worshiped as a deity by an entire nation simply by having blue eyes and gold h…[View]
3970745903ds, vita and switch all use cartridges Are cartridges the future? Can PC use them?[View]
397077495this is free humble right now, is it fun?[View]
397076904Monitor test: How good is your gaming monitor /v/? Do you see a clear or a blurry ayy lmao?[View]
397079272>mfw saying 'thanks' after every kill[View]
397079137It doesn't matter if From and Sony Japan Studio make another Bloodborne; as long as it is on th…[View]
397079230fuck this shit >>>397040079, what is your personal GOTY /v/?: mine is splatoon 2 i fucking …[View]
397073456>Free online. >Modding. >Can use any controller and customize controls >Best performance…[View]
397079032ITT: OP weapons. if you are a main soldier or a good solder, this is a good upgrade to the stock R.L…[View]
397079000https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ognwnLNqe6k: Some weird gameplay i made[View]
397075956>New Objective: Run![View]
397078941Why are characters with Asian eyes so rare?[View]
397058295Have Sony and Microsoft fans always been this bitchy towards Nintendo? The Switch is my first Ninten…[View]
397072606>tfw I have friends who defend lootboxes[View]
397076441Comedy = Tragedy + Time[View]
397078769Daily reminder that Ion Maiden will be the savior of FPS games.[View]
397076597Is this a good game? Never played Neptunia before.[View]
397040079GOTY 2017: Are you ready for that Horizon win?[View]
397078543unarguably best PvP in any MMO ever[View]
397077039Is Playstation VR worth it now /v/? Been thinking about getting one for Christmas.[View]
397076598>vote with your wallet meme I only bought a couple lootboxes so far and this trend shows no sign …[View]
397077629why does dark souls have such shit graphics? why does it have the same retarded potatofaces as Obliv…[View]
397076806Let's see them[View]
397077960So I'm pretty desperate boys. I need a multiplayer game that I can play with my friends that wi…[View]
397077301Where were you when Nintendo unleashed not one but two GOTY competitors in one year, and then topped…[View]
397074736Mario's lore is nothing compared to Animal Crossing.[View]
397070639Does anyone remember a game on GBC/GBA? It was a fighter game (Street Fighter style) where one of th…[View]
397065098Why did Nintendo fail in Poland?[View]
397073808itt: top notch video game soundtracks I'll start[View]
397077827Stop deflecting to tf2: Why do overwatch fags keep trying to deflect to tf2? They are the ones who p…[View]
397077713Games you wish they would remaster or simply bring out for modern consoles/pc.[View]
397076930Is this still alive? Saw a tiny bug update but I remember the game being updated a lot more before[View]
397075473https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coOKvrsmQiI This is actually happening.[View]
397077360>Wow these controls are tight! Wow your game functions congratulations!…[View]
397077659>game has a joke enemy boss or mob >it's the hardest enemy in the game…[View]
397077051Defcon. Hosting a server. Server - Hate Vidya No password (yet) inb4 4 replys 1 poster, 1 image. t…[View]
397077414Does /v/ play online card games? What is your opinion on them?[View]
397073665Game of the Year[View]
397057018>Indie dev has to put his game up for pennies if he wants to sell his game >AAA dev charges fu…[View]
397076791This is Samus.[View]
397062502What are the comfiest games you ever played?[View]
397076603Who was in the wrong here?[View]
397076668Why 'MMO' mice have shit button placement? And they only have extra thumb buttons anyway[View]
397075631All console wars aside, anyone else glad Nintendo is back? The fucking Wii U days were an unbelievab…[View]
397064479>not even a fucking penny off for Black Friday Seriously, what's the logic here? The Slim wi…[View]
397071794I don't know the GOTY 2017, but I do already know the GOTY 2018 BANNERLORD THREAD YOU FUCKS!…[View]
397076906The great debate[View]
397072623What are some games with distinctive art styles? I played pic related recently and I was wondering w…[View]
397077005Post shit that gives you a nostalgia boner ( a boner of the heart): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
397076887Type-Moon: Will you be playing her VR game in December?[View]
397049356What is it /v/?: PLACE YOUR BETS Ryan gosling in Death Stranding, calling it now[View]
397076847>he doesn't tap the kidmann ass But why? Aside from that I just finished it and thought it w…[View]
397076828Does Mercy finally die tonight? Also why the fuck does Blizzard put changes on the PTR if they ignor…[View]
397067493NE mains > Human mains > UD mains >>>>>>>>>>>> literal gar…[View]
397074782Should I buy it? Something tells me it's gonna be crap.[View]
397074737This is unironically the graphical style I've settled on. Would you buy my game on steam for $6…[View]
397076623Wow, she's really the best girl. Betty and Veronica suck, Cheryl is the loveliest.[View]
397073765Loot boxes are gambling: Let me explain how loot boxes are Gambling, regardless of the current indus…[View]
397069187Tannenberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR6k2MagQbs Ready for the early acces? It's quite d…[View]
397070151>wait 15 minutes to get into a game >it's a 4v3 >one of my teammates goes 3-14 or igno…[View]
397057180Why aren't you supporting the successors to your favorite dead franchises?[View]
397070783It's much better than I expected, only finished the Paris level so far but pleasantly surprised…[View]
397076210ITT: Bizarre or obtuse strategies you've used that actually worked I'll start > Door Ki…[View]
397075201Injustice 2: Is there a torrent for this? No way I'm paying 80 bucks for all the content[View]
397074447how do you decide what game to stream?[View]
397072535Meanwhile in the co/v/enant...[View]
397075937HITMAN: >update game >destroys performance…[View]
397071158Just finished this: Pretty nice, although I just felt like the second act was pretty weak, and besid…[View]
397071431>normalfags only NOW realize how cynical and repulsive this industry is after the recent controve…[View]
397070837What a fucking surprise. It's shit.[View]
397073278A Switch now costs only 0.038 BTC. Are any of you taking advantage of this discount?[View]
397075920Should I do it, /v/?[View]
397075757what's the verdict ?[View]
397072693>want to make crafting funner/easier >solution is to remove all crafting materials What the fu…[View]
397072740What are the best mobile games out there? I need recommendations to wittle away time at my job (no I…[View]
397070092GOTY 2017 options are: >Nintendo babbyshit >Nintendo babbyshit >Weeb trash >Streamer can…[View]
397068458Is there anything we can realistically do to avoid modders from ruining games?[View]
397074052https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhZBDNQ3gas&t=9s What's the greatest video game theme ever …[View]
397073515Looking at the VGAs, does it seem like to anyone else that Horizon: Zero Dawn and Destiny 2 were alm…[View]
397057012The FCC is gonna kill Net Neutrality in December, /v/. Are you prepared to pay extra for the gamer p…[View]
397069017One of the most fond memories of wow for me was gearing up and eventually tanking heroics in early c…[View]
397049964what did you think of the poll /v/? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc64CYad2GpAVvH6yEl-mLd…[View]
397069652ITT: post games that you regret buying Hard Mode: give reasons as to why you regret your purchase[View]
397071243elder scrolls online: looking for someone to chat about the game want to start it , but don't k…[View]
397074094Killer Is Dead is Free on Humble Bundle: Killer Is Dead is Free on Humble Bundle https://www.humbleb…[View]
397072503Defend this nintenbros The pricing is ridiculous[View]
397073834>There is literally nothing wrong with handheld consoles[View]
397063708>Most Anticipated Game >No Metroid Prime 4…[View]
397073582Thoughts on this dude?[View]
397074595If you think this was shit, you unironically love getting Overcucked.[View]
397069142This mansion is HUGE[View]
397071365Rarest item in your collection thread! Just purchased this bastard finally after waiting for the rig…[View]
397056795>it's ok when japan rips of the players[View]
397070042>TFW PS4 version only received an 81 >Switch haters BTFO HEY NOW, YOU'RE AN ALL STAR!…[View]
397070647Holy fucking yum[View]
397068027Jet Force Gemini: Fucking Jet Force Gemini thread. Favourite level? Favourite weapon? Favourite song…[View]
397073858I love Battle Cats[View]
397064790>Enter your: >Forename >Middle name >Surname >Nickname What games do this?…[View]
397071913Remake when[View]
397073668Why is this allowed?[View]
397069046VIDYA JOKES: ITT: Only the best video game related jokes. Everything goes, even knock knock jokes an…[View]
397046823It's time to discuss the greatest rpg ever made.[View]
397073563Punch Out for Switch: Who agrees that they should make a punch out game for switch?[View]
397068683Loot boxes and P2W confirmed: >“Multiplayer is strategically important, playing online is strateg…[View]
397071885>Mass Effect: Andromeda was an embarrassing failure >Need for Speed: Payback is a literal flop…[View]
397073158what's the master of reality of video games?[View]
397073375>tfw we can zoom all the way to the moon from this great wide wacky world…[View]
397070959Tell me about one of your favourite games. What itch does it scratch that few others do?[View]
397060139Siege: /k/ wouldn't help. Is this gun even real? Korean 707th, but doesn't seem to be one …[View]
397070913FUCK YOU, AND FUCK THIS GAME. 7HE9B-GY74D-9DPP7 >you are welcome desu[View]
397072847why don't we get football and sports on pc: I want to play madden and hockey and baseball in su…[View]
397073015>the switch is portable This is what passes for portable now? 2 hours of battery life and it can…[View]
397073010>the supplementary media is better than the actual game[View]
397066169If suddenly the healer class ceased to exist,how would you redesign games so they arent needed anymo…[View]
397072923This was the last good Sonic final boss fight Prove me wrong[View]
397070041Which is the best RPG?: Thinking of picking up one of these games[View]
397068496Do you guys think Worgens are angry all the time because of fleas?[View]
397071597What are some games that feature deep, intuitive crafting mechanics that make it really feel like yo…[View]
397071726Gamebuino has a new handheld launching in February. Anyone else into this bullshit?[View]
397068994Was Gary Smith autistic? What was his problem?[View]
397071474>gamershell.com >Gamer Shell . Com[View]
397069929D-does anyone here wanna bind with me? c:[View]
397071523List the flaws of Kingdom Hearts. Pic related. We'll never see the actual FF characters in KH.[View]
397049428Show me your power-level, /v/: pic related[View]
397012792I just now found out that this was released on the pc, I forgot the game completely when people clai…[View]
397070609Release Half-Life 3 you fat nigger[View]
397072317Why do I feel they wrote this particular scene into the game not as a way to promote liberal propaga…[View]
397068271its out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EMc_S_vAsk&t=0s[View]
397054890Dragon's Crown Pro: Dragon's Crown Pro is coming to PS4 next year. Anyone else pumped up a…[View]
397027501Show me how contrarian you are this year /v/ What games despite no one really caring about are your …[View]
397068967>AAA devs https://youtu.be/AiwRIkRTvms[View]
397070268This girl is 100% japanese. Discuss.[View]
397057686VIRTUAL THREAD: So people who actually own these things, did you feel like your purchase was worth i…[View]
397070629Why don't you play Battlefront 2? It's the Star Wars game we all deserve.[View]
397067685poorly coded n64 emulator[View]
397057121Whats happening guys? Is Pupg FINALLY dieing?[View]
397069627>game has skeleton enemies >they can't really die…[View]
397064062Name a better Persona girl. Protip:you can't[View]
397067919when were you when best boi was announced for dbfz?[View]
397068527tired gamers: anyone else just tired of most video games? i bought the dark souls III ringed city DL…[View]
397068074>americans love xbox >japan loves nintendo >europeans love playstation which of the big 3 d…[View]
397031031GAME posts full-year loss due to 'volatile' retail market: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/ar…[View]
397067575How come I never see none of you niggas talk about GCCX a? Is it because there's fuckall for su…[View]
397070361This is one of the most criminally underrated games ever made Post games that deserved the fame othe…[View]
397071159How come Valve is seemingly free from the loot box criticism? They certainly pushed the idea the fur…[View]
397069417IT'S HAPPENING http://www.siliconera.com/2017/11/16/disaster-report-4-plus-second-trailer-shows…[View]
397070553Nintendo Switch one of Top 25 Inventions of 2017: http://time.com/5023212/best-inventions-of-2017…[View]
397071512So why do people like this shit again? Every recruitable ally you find is so poorly written with the…[View]
397068942Banjo-Tooie: This is the best 3D Platformer ever made and one of the best games all around. And ther…[View]
397014773Why in hell are we getting so many Warhammer Fantasy themed games when GW literally just fucking kil…[View]
397054461Switch monthly fee: So is anyone here actually going to pay for the monthly fee on the Switch? Payin…[View]
397071245No Man's Sky: So I checked it up recently and it seems to have gotten quite alot of developer s…[View]
397065389>hoa! hoa! *spams boulder* >HaHahAHahaHa! >hoa!< God I hate this fucker.…[View]
397070613What games have cute autists?[View]
397069753here's a free copy pf killer is dead: 3RCR5-5L2JV-3NHPD[View]
397071028Is it worth coming back to bns saw the upcoming event with the lvl50 boost...[View]
397065027Loot boxes loot boxes No-No-No! Micro transactions have got to go! EA EA shame-shame-shame! We will…[View]
397066036So true...[View]
397070650>Ultra Megalopolis >used as one of the game's main selling points >It's just a sh…[View]
397070321Daily reminder that they blew their load on 4 and Ridley is the only major Nintendo character not pl…[View]
397069130It's over, EA is finished![View]
397069219Classic will be sold as a standalone 'expansion' for $15. It will still cost $15 a month to play. Bl…[View]
397069416Aside from better controls and graphics, you cannot defend this game. BFD is miles better.[View]
397069741Do you really want to play Skyrim on the go /v/?[View]
397069783Please, send help. cursors.io[View]
397069998This thing was under your bed anon[View]
397070123MHXX Switch: Is it now decent to play thanks to patches or still shit ? Framerate on the demo was di…[View]
397070071>run out of lives >have to pay more money or be locked out of the game Fuck people who support…[View]
397069705Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Opening Cinematic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyIP0PGPlTU WE…[View]
397065586>EA in charge of historical accuracy[View]
397069850RACING: Since the new grand turismo is shit and i dont own an xbox one to play forza, what's th…[View]
397069830Why can't we have a Digimon monster raising game that isn't full of tedious bullshit?[View]
397067270Opus Magnum - Brainlet edition: Has everybody moved on already?[View]
397066593so this..... is the power...... of... '''''''''harvest moon''''''''........[View]
397065814Was her game good?[View]
397069217>objective: defend >objective failed >new objective >objective: RUN…[View]
397069579How would you make a Motu Patlu game?[View]
397069531>we don't want the reddit audience are all anime games good because they're normie and …[View]
397065702This weebshit worth 7.5 Yurobux? It's on sale on Steam right now and I like the genre, so I was…[View]
397068981Yeah...I'm thinking I'm loving my Switch. Probably the greatest gaming purchase I've …[View]
397065887>2007 >13 years old, LANning with friends >Playing Call of Duty 4, GOAT at the time >Get…[View]
397044490TEKKEN: I don't expect /v/ to love 3D fighters, and say about Katsuhiro 'don't ask me for …[View]
397069128I'm tired of the games. All the video games.[View]
397066056Is it worth $400?[View]
397069098ITT: Cucks who you hope get terminal brain cancer.[View]
397064776>Alice: Asylum[edit] On September 3, 2017, American McGee announced on his blog that he is curren…[View]
397068209>ITT: games you didn't fully enjoy until your second playthrough[View]
397065916Why is it so good bros? Also, when should I start exploring pyramids? Do they work in the same way a…[View]
397065526Should I buy it?: I have a lot of money to spend and people are buying the shit out of this game. Wh…[View]
397067696I dont own a nintendo switch and i dont want one.[View]
397066262>playing online with my buddy >keep dying >he says 'u mad?' >stay quiet and ho…[View]
397057892Traditional video game audiences are not large enough to support 'blockbuster' titles with 'blockbus…[View]
397063616Gta v griefers. What's up with them,are they retarded or something?[View]
397067931Do you think the next Far Cry after Far Cry 5 flops will end up being good? https://gamingbolt.com/u…[View]
397068052Can games be a philosophical experience?[View]
397068593So ive been binging MechWarrior Online recently in hype for battletech. Anyone else looking forward …[View]
397067983What is Bowser running for? Where is he going?[View]
397068254I'm mainly going to use this for on the road with my PS4/Laptop. So I think I either need a hea…[View]
397067247This support hero comes over and braps in your face. What do you do?[View]
397054136Trails: So like, who's bringing this in the west?[View]
397053164FREE GAEM: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead-nightmare-edition[View]
397066465I'm sick of normie games. What are some surreal games that will make me feel actual feels?[View]
397066489How do we go from this...?[View]
397066385Games where you don't play as a human being: Post games where you don't play as a human be…[View]
397060619Why do people like to bully ARMS so much? Has there ever been a game that was successful and well re…[View]
397058503Did it save the franchise or was it nothing but a last good bye?[View]
397055779what has changed between 2013 and now that they can lampoon in GTA VI?[View]
397049129woah, the Switch looks like THAT? aahhahahhahahahaaaa[View]
397061131I want a comfy space trading game. One where I can buy commodities in system X and sell them at a pr…[View]
397067689With all this EA stuff going on, can all we take a moment to wish a happy 65th birthday to Shigeru M…[View]
397067481When will they learn to stop putting fighting games on PC[View]
397067316>title screen >press start >'GAME TITLE!'…[View]
397066202>Only gaming friends are really bad at teamwork and tactics. >Enjoy playing with them but get …[View]
397067296>'Im a Field ops!'[View]
397066458If you had lost all memories of video games, what would you want the first game you play to be? Worl…[View]
39706696015 years ago today anyone down for some synergy coop?[View]
397065418Vidya Feels: Post the most feels worthy moment in vidya. >The once familiar scent of burning jet …[View]
397066916Why aren't you playing Azur Lane, /v/? Ditch FGO, FEH, and Dokkan. They're all outdated.[View]
397066926Well, is he wrong /v/?[View]
397057983What is your favourite Yoshi transformation?[View]
397066716What is the sexiest pixel sprite in vidya?[View]
397060349What are you five favorite Nintendo games?[View]
397066736best pirate game to date?[View]
397065330za'pi boi: omg boi I dunno[View]
397066837>go on twitch >see Star wars bf 2 at top >click the most viewed video >tell everyone tha…[View]
397066828Waifu disccusion.: Post your cute gaming waifus and rate each others one.[View]
397066790Who was the Jannetty?[View]
397066526https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npr7RMQs_rQ 5 Y E A R S[View]
397065076Smash Bros for Switch: >Gamecube controller adaptability with Switch added secretly in October …[View]
397059047Be honest with me, how long would it take for someone with 0 programming knowledge to make a game si…[View]
397062176Most Anticipated Game: Wait a minute... What about the Switch?[View]
397066019>tfw no good games are coming out this Christmas time Guess I'll have to settle for the mini…[View]
397047901NO SOULCALIBUR: its official, the soul calibur rumours were false here is list of developers coming …[View]
397062448Team Overwatch Vs Team Fortress: To the left: A cast of funny, well written, fun to play characters …[View]
397066095Oh, hey kids, didn't notice you there. You've seen the commercials for my name game right?…[View]
397044965Is this game worth the shekels?: I've been considering buying Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodline…[View]
397065680you guys tell me metal gear solid v was shit but now i'm playing ground zeroes and the gameplay…[View]
397062542Will we ever get a third? Will there ever be another Jade Empire?[View]
397065549swords and sandals: What does /v/ think about swords and sandals?[View]
397053394Would you like to see Nero back in DMC5, or would you rather the game just focus on Dante?[View]
397061628WoW Allied Races: Which one are you going to unlock first /v/?[View]
397059890Anthro character: Is there a way to make good anthro IP without getting shit up by furries, legitima…[View]
397065880>can't run a game >google online what is the problem >you need to reinstall Windows…[View]
397065654Yeah, why the fuck ARE Nazis so popular, /v/? What is the problem with people associating World War …[View]
397064470Are y'all getting Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?[View]
397061203If anyone ever wonders where the ed edd n eddy online and spongebob online etc. memes come from. The…[View]
397055784>this unironic digital goddess actually got censored and ruined Any other casualties of the SJW w…[View]
397065464When was the last time you finished a game for the first time? When was the last time you finished a…[View]
397049901How to fix the Star Card system in 2 easy steps: >Make the credit earn rate 1/10 of your score li…[View]
397065506Which game haf the best space ship?[View]
397065551Classic will be without changes: WoW Classic will be like it was back then, they are only wondering …[View]
397065430Did politics ruin video games?[View]
397064326Save Places: Share your favourite.[View]
397062019Gaymer: Post gaymer gear.[View]
397059094Tails: How would you fix his gameplay in 3D? Racing Sonic and mech stages didn't wprk.[View]
397037315>'WORDS CAN KILL' >'THE LANGUAGE IS A PARASITE' >Thought Kojima will try some cool take on …[View]
397053798How to fix loot boxes: Easy. Make every game that allows a player to spend real world currency on l…[View]
397052067NEW CHARACTERS HAVE: Dragon Ball Z Fighter thread https://gematsu.com/2017/11/dragon-ball-fighterz-a…[View]
397063953I was in the computer shop the other day and looked at new keyboards. On the shelf they had an off b…[View]
397064992>buy $60 AAA game and get bored after 2 hours >buy older game on sale and have a fuckload of f…[View]
397056779Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! So what is your name little boy? Anon huh? Well it says here on my list t…[View]
397054056Mgrgrgr: Mgrgrgr![View]
397064014Who else here is apart of the true master race? seXlessBox owners need not apply.[View]
397064680Rocksteady's new game will be announced at TGA?: >Rocksteady has been recently posting conce…[View]
397062371You a gamer dude?[View]
397002632/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>396975365 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
397064815ITT : Times video games got to real. >play p4 >main cast does not interest me >meet yumi , …[View]
397064782What do you think will pinkpill the next generation the most?[View]
397054176How do we save the .have franchise?[View]
397039601Burn baby burn: This is getting interesting. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/15/wall-street-is-getting-…[View]
397007106Nier Automata thread? What happened with /ndg/?[View]
397064571is this a good game? im 2 or 3 chapters in and its so on-rails 'movie'-type games and the controls a…[View]
397063678This Kills the Star Wars[View]
397060326>game has beast race(s) >they are actually really badass >play as one due to sheer awesomen…[View]
397063990Don't you miss the days when games didn't have micro transactions and the game actually fe…[View]
397050357Paladins: Why arent you Paladins right now, /v/? >fun >good game >free >good teammates …[View]
397055751Miss me yet?[View]
397061836For me its Wario Ware Inc, the best game for ADHD bearers[View]
397064374You choose the control ending didn't you?[View]
397064352>it'll never get a sequel[View]
397054476The new FFXV expansion is pretty good, anyone playing it?[View]
397061662I payed for this game to play on my Switch Where the fuck is it?[View]
397064058I wish that EA continues the Star Wars Battlefront series[View]
397063978Why are underages always hating on Konami?[View]
397063606Just as the game was starting to get good the credit's roll. WTF. >£50.00 for a seven hour g…[View]
397063081http://cursors.io/ Have you thanked your clickers today?[View]
397063903And this is to go even further beyond: super autism 3 [View]
397062547What went right ?[View]
397062581I'll ask it nicely, buy my lootboxes[View]
397054602*breathes in*[View]
397063915Assassin's Creed Origins: https://youtu.be/ydc0MRqUGjk Please watch! and like?[View]
397063695What was the vidya OTP of 2017?[View]
397063156>Belgium, Netherlands, and soon the rest of Europe are going to effectively ban loot boxes. >A…[View]
397061553>tfw Mother 3 is probably fully translated and Nintendo is holding off it's release for god …[View]
397059607Would you marry some bones?[View]
397063506>pirate a game >get the full game >can play however, wherever, whenever >buy a game >…[View]
397062145What does /v/ think about Senran Kagura?[View]
397059618NeoGAF hacked, all threads deleted: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2 lmaooooo…[View]
397062020This section is the worst part of this game. This is the most tedious, poorly paced and annoying que…[View]
397061592What are some good horror games for PS2 aside from obvious ones like RE and Silent Hill?[View]
397058190This is Infinite, the new villain of Sonic Forces, he's definitely NOT weak. Say something nice…[View]
397063035>GameStop Can't Seem to Do Anything Right The small-box video-game retailer kills PowerPass…[View]
397046545Yakuza 2 Kiwami: https://gematsu.com/2017/11/yakuza-kiwami-2-details-toilets-virtual-karaoke-gravure…[View]
397055325Those are the games I own and enjoyed playing on my PS4: The Last Guardian Taiko Drum Master God War…[View]
397061551Sonic Thread: How do we fix bosses in Sonic games?[View]
397062904I feel terrible for ever waifuing Yennefer van Vomitberg. I had no idea this goddess here existed. H…[View]
397062776Nintendo Switch: Lick My Ass!: http://www.japanesenintendo.com/post/167549925404 >Mebius will be …[View]
397053801Fire Emblem Warriors: Where's the 1.2 update? It's supposed to be out today.[View]
397062745https://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2017/research/multiplayer-video-games/ Out of the way, s…[View]
397062727PSX Classic: Nintento's releasing every one of their old consoles as a classic plug'n…[View]
397058164Is the COG from Gears of War socialist or fascist?[View]
397062602>install GNU/Linux to escape the botnet >hard work, but finally got everything running >fir…[View]
397062386What is the krabby patty of video games?[View]
397062048SW: Battlefront 2: Hmmm...how many characters have you unlocked so far, /v/?[View]
397062208Might be good, after all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8zaNelwUU8[View]
397062139Winter is coming.: what are some comfy summer games you like to play during the cold seasons?[View]
397062106>want to git gut at game >read the games wiki to achieve this >lose all motivation to play …[View]
397054665Was a Link between worlds good? What did you think of it? I haven't played it but am curious :…[View]
397028742what are some games with openly religious characters (that aren't the villains)?[View]
397058954The hospital basement killing level still freaks me out to this day[View]
397048287>kill cyclops >loot 2 eyes[View]
397054449Do you fuckers even play video games anymore? C'mon, tell us what you're playing.[View]
397052398so you want me to believe that a woman can achieve this much bulk in a post-apocalyptic world where …[View]
397056248The new patch is finally out! >Son of a shepard nerfed >added a new emote for plank >Added …[View]
397053736Game of the year 2015. Prove me wrong. You can't; Underages are the only ones with issue.[View]
397061496How do we dethrone her?[View]
397061452Mario Kart: Anyone complaining about 64, Wii, 7, DD, etc. are all forgetting the true worst Mario Ka…[View]
397061350Will we ever go above VR and hook our games up to our nervous systems? Would you play a game where y…[View]
397059510Why is this so good yet sad ?[View]
397021156Make it vidya related[View]
397041843Reminder that if you've ever done even one of the following you are cancer that caused the curr…[View]
397060804Miss me yet?[View]
397047010Why didn't you pre-order /v/?[View]
397051192Can we talk about what is actually ruining modern shooters?[View]
397056071Why are split personality characters always the best vidya characters?[View]
397053234Help me out /v/, which should I get? I'd sooner offer Todd a foot of my height before I buy Sk…[View]
397061030Can we have a Warcraft Lore thread? Like for example who are the strongest characters? How does my n…[View]
397060004Which version of this game is superior, 3ds or Wii. I want to play this before Xenoblade 2 comes out[View]
397058131Is Microsoft the only one of the big three without cute girls?[View]
397060567Please rank the games of each series.[View]
397058574Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005): So, now that multiplayer is back on Steam (REJOICE), can I…[View]
397057504What's /v/s opinion on Space Engineers?[View]
397059373Chair thread: What do you sit in while playing vidya /v/? Pic related is the only respectable choice…[View]
397057164Battlefront Is In The House Tonight!: Who else /hype/ for when Star Wars Battlefront II unlocks at m…[View]
397059081Your new favorite support is live now, say something nice to her.[View]
397044713Naoto a cute. CUTE![View]
397057779*halts your progression for many years*[View]
397059875This purchase was a mistake. I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking, but it's purely r…[View]
397057931Crusader Kings 2 -75% on Steam: Is this game difficult to learn? I have never played Paradox games a…[View]
397060282ITT: lewd game you you want sequel or remake[View]
397058187what do you bet that Death Stranding's gameplay wont look half as fun as this? https://twitter.…[View]
397056676why do you guys care more about getting mad than playing video games?[View]
397042752Euros will defend this[View]
397059986ITT: games that made you actually sad they sucked[View]
397060041What are the best non-licensed Superhero games (i.e. where the main protagonist is much stronger th…[View]
397059680A Quick Poll: Hey bois. I am collecting data on people's favorite video game genres and I would…[View]
397059443ITT: games only you remember[View]
397060006Which vidya female character is the most fuckable and why is it Vanessa?: Just look at dat jiggle…[View]
397056359Why were people allowed to like Little Big Planet games?[View]
397059717What /v/ characters could you beat in a fight?[View]
397058726Why aren't you playing Lights Hope RIGHT NOW? Explain yourselves[View]
397046102It's time to discuss the best RPG ever[View]
397057539What is /v/'s opinion on Tomonobu Itagaki?: After the massive failure that is Devil's Thir…[View]
397055926As a 25 year old PC fag who has never owned a console in his life before, should I buy a Switch? The…[View]
397058392Bubsy: Why has no other video game in history won the 'GOLD X AWARD' since Bubsy on the PS…[View]
397059241Is Titanfall 2 the best FPS game right now or is it Battlefield 1?[View]
397059309Rated M for Mature. THIS WINTER![View]
397056746It's happening.[View]
397058167PS5: I really hope Sony designs quieter cooling for the PS5. Im so sick of my PS4 Pro screaming all …[View]
397059023Winter is coming.: what are some comfy summer games you like to play during the cold seasons?[View]
397057306>item drop chance is <1% on very hard boss that spawns rarely >item drop chance is <1% o…[View]
397054872Best $5 I Ever Spent: Give me some viable jokes for it[View]
397053620This game looks nice and all, but why doesn't it ever rain?[View]
397058397>1 hour boss fight why ffx is so shit?[View]
397058646Why are they so cute?[View]
397055023>Trying to name one JRPG that has objectively good combat, interesting level design, and a story …[View]
397053341loot boxes[View]
397055638Someone greenpill me on Giantbomb's new hire.[View]
397058550>dad is being homophobic, sexist and racist again[View]
397056193Is this an interesting game? i saw some screenshots and there were dialogs like *boops his nose*, *t…[View]
397056928What should I play, /v/? Don't feel like playin vidya nowadays and it's sad. Also, post yo…[View]
397039084GameStop stories thread? I'll start I went into GS to get a copy of Sonic Forces. Had $45 cash…[View]
397056757did you play the GOAT educational series anon?[View]
397056303ArcheRage: Why aren't you playing ArcheRage with us yet, /v/? >What is ArcheRage/Archeage? …[View]
397051396>That series that you really like that is impossible to discuss anywhere thanks to its fucking te…[View]
397058069bruh, look at this dood oh no no no no[View]
397058124Which are the best business simulation/managment/empire building games in your opinion? Mine's …[View]
397038295Damn, never thought about this Star Wars Battlefront 2 thing like this. I guess there's no reas…[View]
397054247Super Mario Odyssey: Stacking Goombas. Sometimes I just do it with no reason[View]
397051736What do I do now?[View]
397057840>start to answer some questions for Dontnod since i really like what they did so far(Life is Stra…[View]
396998557ITT: Games only you played[View]
397057702Is Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island a Mario series game? http://www.strawpoll.me/14415273/r[View]
397057080Worst girl thread[View]
397016981How many of you went digital and preloaded this already?[View]
397057648Where does EA’s money go?: We need to do some old-fashioned Roosevelt-era muckraking if we want any …[View]
397054621Is this game good?: I've been looking at warframe for a while and the one thing I keep hearing …[View]
397054065Everyone talks about how the Orphan of Kos or Ludwig were hard yet this guy was the only one who rea…[View]
397050271What were your 1st, 2st and 3st favorite videogames of 2017?[View]
397057330Space Recker: Probably one of the hardest Space Shooters you ever play, try your luck ;) MOve with a…[View]
397057037What is the most obscure game you've played and beaten? Just beat a game called 'I Of The Drago…[View]
397057112Why do you come to /v/?: I've been browsing and posting on this board for a long time, yet I…[View]
397057063Why wasn't she in the actual game?[View]
397053773We getting comfy in here bros. Gonna need some comfy/10 vidya music. https://youtu.be/CKAc3nYEatw[View]
397052708I got an Xbox One X for my birthday. What are some good games I should get?[View]
397055463can you recommend me some fun free online trading card games? Doesn't matter if they're br…[View]
397055550This looks neat. What does /v/ think of it?[View]
397049602What game is this from ?[View]
397052061>Her game is an actually good Skyrim Apologize right now.[View]
397053281Neat. Aside from the Disgaeas and Phantom Brave (which I never beat when I got the wii edition), any…[View]
397056504The Hideo Kojima movie script that went around a few weeks ago: David Bixenspan made the entire thin…[View]
397056810It's time to discuss the greatest RPG ever[View]
397056057I want to marry her right now[View]
397055713I’ve never been here before, but I just bought this at Gamestop for my Xbox, I’ve never heard of thi…[View]
397056642ITT: Post 10/10 masterpieces.[View]
397054586China apparently produces a lot of video games but none of them ever come to the west. Can /v/ tell …[View]
397054071It is an objective fact that 2D perspective is inherently inferior to the 3D one. You cannot hide an…[View]
397055038Have graphics gone too far?[View]
397047305Was 2017 the best year for JRPGs?[View]
397038881Right cunts, I finally bit the bullet and downloaded Steam. Library is currently empty as fuck and …[View]
397053707'The year of VR': Why do people keep hyping up every year as the year of VR. Can't we just acce…[View]
397054983I just got an xbox 360 after only ever playing red dead redemption, halo, and deadly premonition. Al…[View]
397046439Say goodbye to Marvel Heroes[View]
397052043Shapeshifting: What RPGs let you transform into powerful beasts/monsters/creatures and kill shit in …[View]
397052228THIS *clap* This right here is the future of controller gaming. You can either accept it or be on th…[View]
397054258Deus Ex doesn't hold up to the test of time. When it was released, conspiracy theories were coo…[View]
397043147hmmm they have a point[View]
397053185Star Wars Battlefront AMA: What are your toughts? (Over at the offical star wars bf2 pebbit) Our guy…[View]
397043186Emulator, Samsung: Where can I download an emulator for GameBoy Advance on samsung? Don't wanna…[View]
397055882I'M GONNA KILL MAXIS[View]
397054871Dear Sonybros, please let Windjammers come to the Switch.[View]
397047538Kumatora Thread #3: Daily reminder that Kumatora is best girl.[View]
396997161I got this today to upgrade my PC (Master Race) U jelly, /v/?[View]
397055706*teleports behind Azeroth*[View]
397054362Which one is the most successful video game developer?[View]
397055510Has there ever been a better ending to a game? https://youtu.be/QMbHn7KU39k[View]
397054108Was this the moment when Final Fantasy died?[View]
397054121This one is tricky.[View]
397054972Nintendos before hoes.[View]
397043815ITT: times you were literally the joker in video games >team says we need a healer >pick DPS …[View]
397054358>a game released in late october is already a top 5 2017 bestsellers[View]
397050767Digimon: Just bought this, what am I in for?? Digimon Thread[View]
397049526How does it feel that this game is better than Battlefront 2 in literally everyway /v/?[View]
397054646super pyra odyssey[View]
397052452Do you like gender-swaps of your favourite gaming characters, /v/?[View]
397035547Starbound: Is it finally not shit yet?[View]
397051428How can people say with a straight face that Japanese designs are good?[View]
397055024All this shit about BATTLEFRONT™ 2 makes me want to play Battlefront 2 again. How many people are pl…[View]
397054129What's the stupidest thing you've ever done or attempted in a video game? What's the …[View]
397048271wow... so powerful...[View]
397054786When will he come back?[View]
397052931Headsets: What's your favorite PC compatible headset /v/? I have a G35 right now and the fake l…[View]
397052582Game is having a free weekend play a few matches and they'll give you the founder's pack f…[View]
397052417subtle video games clothing & merchandise[View]
397054427Why is Mario about to lose a life on the Super Mario Bros cover?[View]
397026078E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy thread: No E.Y.E thread? What is this, jian-o-clock?[View]
397054304What do you think of Pathologic ? What do you hope to see in the remake ? Pathologic thread.[View]
397053786ITT: nightmare mode vidya puzzles: WAIT A MINUTE, THAT CARD[View]
397049994Describe your favorite video game in two words, /v/.[View]
397042252Can someone explain to me how the wii u 2 is selling so well when the wii u 1 sold like shit?[View]
397054090Dead On Arrival 4K 4K Xbox Jaguar 4K 4K[View]
397054091When were you when best boy was announced in DBZF?[View]
397052482>100% Mario Odyssey >Immediately jump back into ARMS I hate to say it, since I was so skeptica…[View]
397039914SOON. >Switchfags on NintendoGAF will never know this feel Who else is going to be taking part in…[View]
397035937Daily reminder[View]
397029520This slut is bottom tier what are you gonna do to her?[View]
397052954Slaves never had the power to abolish slavery themselves: Just like a bunch of reddit and /v/ activi…[View]
397052007ITT: the exact moment when the game stopped being a 10/10[View]
397052674https://twitter.com/SaveMediEvil/status/931152379692457984/photo/1 So there's a campaign now to…[View]
397037978/v/ will defend this.[View]
397049298What are some games where you can kill Satan worshippers?[View]
397052914inJUSTice: wh...whoa....[View]
397038364is this a fake?: I bought this on ebay for 15 bucks and it's not turning on Is it a fake?…[View]
397050974Planning on building a gaming pc. Any tips or recommendations?[View]
397050907>play arcade mode without an internet connection >get 0 credits AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
397048170http://cursors.io/ Is there anything more fun than being the traffic coordinator?[View]
397049978I really hope you're OVERCLOCKING your GAMING for the BEST gaming experience.[View]
397049714How can game devs improve: Im doing my essay on a 'propose a solution for a problem' topic, wanted t…[View]
397050109In the original trilogy, Crash 2 is my absolute favourite. In the N.Sane trilogy, it's my least…[View]
397052750You will buy her game, right?[View]
397049982Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
397052647Don't mind me, just being the most underrated song in the entire game. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
397052598mobile gasha games general: So which games do you think are the best gasha games on the store right …[View]
397052224What are some good intro weeb games for a non-weeb to get into?[View]
397050152Board PSA: EA/microtrasaction shills and sympathizers are at all time high. They'd try to use r…[View]
397045653What are some games that take place in Ancient Rome? Are there even any good ones?[View]
397052114>this Japanese game is too Japanese! Okay, then can I complain about Western games being too West…[View]
397044563Why are normies flipping the fuck out so much about battlefront but not this? You basically have to …[View]
397051734I don't care that you're all mad at EA. I got the deluxe edition and I'm having fun. …[View]
397049394Anon-kun what is your favorite fighting game theme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVhVYmFADRQ[View]
397044394Afag will say there's a force moving you outward when you take a sharp turn in a car[View]
397048997fuck this piece of shit game[View]
397051091She'll be in God Eater 3, right?[View]
397045592>It's real Who the fuck is even going to buy this? Where is all that promised third party Ni…[View]
397046660King Dom Cum: Delivered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozX1-ojzq1M New video is out.[View]
397051637>tfw Mother 3 is probably fully translated and Nintendo is holding off it's release for god …[View]
397017416Would you a Hifumi?[View]
397051824>see game that looks fun >kikestarter alpha >hmm >can't find torrent, only way to p…[View]
397051859Intel Core i5-7500 or Intel Core i3-7100 2 play minecraft??[View]
397049425>spiderman again >god of war again >tlou2 again >days gone again >death stranding te…[View]
397051832>Multiplayer game = 30$ >Map packs = 10$ each >Weapon packs = 5$ each >Character packs =…[View]
397051821Isn't it a little unnecessary for 47 to steal a plane? Wouldn't anyone investigate that? W…[View]
397051813Will you be letting your kids gamble this holiday season?[View]
397051514TRS did nothing wrong. Valve and 2kikes/Take-Jew is to blame.[View]
397051439Buy more quartz[View]
397049925Six more characters until we hit a nice even number of 32 with 8 in each category. Any ideas, genera…[View]
397040087Dragonball FighterZ Thread: https://gematsu.com/2017/11/dragon-ball-fighterz-adds-gotenks-kid-buu-ad…[View]
397046278This is unironically the graphical style I've settled on. Would you buy my game on steam for $6…[View]
397044663Why is there no game about a monster hunter who just hunts various kinds of classic monsters in a va…[View]
397047484anyone played Cossacks 3? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk1I7IT4Cl8 worth it for an RTS fan?[View]
397048194WHO ELSE LIKES CHYNA ??[View]
397050994ITT: post best fake video game covers[View]
397047904Do fallout 4's DLC add anything to the main game? Do I miss out on anything if I play through t…[View]
397041284>be Koei Tecmo >release a game on PC that rides the Monster Hunter franchise's coattails …[View]
397048861worth it or nah?[View]
397045158Why were they done so much better than Shannon and Kanon ?[View]
397049319>Take Star Wars script >Change the title to Final Fantasy…[View]
397043892Why does no one ever talk about this classic? The music and atmosphere is jaw dropping.[View]
397050212My lootbox is not the same as the others. Please do not insult her.[View]
397048009>/v/ recommends game >it's shit[View]
397036556What has ruined games more, live streams or gambling?[View]
397038219>Friend starts talking about that game again What is it /v/? Second Life…[View]
397044427>in a bizzaro world FFXV main cast is 4 females and Cindy is a man >/v/ will ironically like i…[View]
397049787what did she mean by this?[View]
397044896Keep a dishonored kills or remove dishonored kills for Classic?[View]
397045561NINTENDO WON[View]
397049331http://www.siliconera.com/2017/11/16/dynasty-warriors-9-heads-west-february-13-2018/ Ready to slay t…[View]
397047790Can we talk about how good Breath of the Wild would be if there were more areas like Hyrule Castle? …[View]
397045476ITT Kino tier VGM that Uncharted and Last of Us playing normies don't know about. I'll sta…[View]
397044098Which is actually the better game?[View]
397049410I have the uncontrollable urge to suck a Video Game right now. I cannot go 10 seconds without thinki…[View]
397047304Soul Calibur 6 Devils n' Demons Metal Gear Rising: Arsenalvation Star Wars: Jedi Knight Death S…[View]
397048418Why don't you get paid /v/?[View]
397038957Should I buy Xenobureido 2 as my first Switch game or Mario Odissey? How long is the latter to 100%?…[View]
397048827emmm this is came out so what do you think about it?[View]
397047808So is he going to ride Kojima's dick for half of the show again this year?[View]
397047579It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made.[View]
397047651Star Wars Battlefront 2: The only way to win is not to play.[View]
397046110can you come up with actual objective quantifiable criticisms against this game other than the click…[View]
397049143Asking videogame advice: Hi, I wanna play games from this generation like dark souls 3, crash bandic…[View]
397049041Buying this game on gog to try and play with friends, can we multiplayer this with 4 people on 1 cop…[View]
397042643Terraria: Is anyone still into Terraria? let's play it then, message me: Steam: Ricardo Galvão …[View]
397027323Do you miss old Maplestory, /v/?[View]
397030506Why do people like Command & Conquer?[View]
397046634New Danganronpa confirmed: https://gematsu.com/2017/11/spike-chunsoft-hiring-staff-danganronpa-model…[View]
397023705Post dem comfy game locations that could live in[View]
397040987>Voted worst company in America year after year >Endlessly fuck consumers >Still post recor…[View]
397048361Help me abandon my farm and stop grinding /v/[View]
397046723Neopets is 18 today, lads. Post best flash games or first image with 'neopets ____'.[View]
397048749>he plays third person shooters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii9y97PlFwQ Cancer of the industr…[View]
397036632>WTF! The toy I get is RNG and I have to buy another Happy Meal to get another toy!? This is gamb…[View]
397046253Are there any switch games besides Splatoon that takes advantage of gyro aiming? I was tempted to pi…[View]
397048572>replay favorite game for the first time in a decade: It's shit [View]
397048710Why are people so mad about loot crates? Just don't buy them.[View]
397048657Mc server: Hi im starting a new server and was wondering if you guys could give it a try. ip: play.d…[View]
397046434Play my game.[View]
397025450Now that the dust has settled, who won?[View]
397046104>Be thesda >make premium $60 video game >sells like hotcakes on every system you release i…[View]
397034938Why did Sephiroth impale the Zolom if he is always carrying a Masamune around?[View]
397048202Why does anyone continue to buy games from these assholes? Why is anyone thinking of buying Battlefr…[View]
397047947How does she stay so fit?[View]
397040108Don’t Starve: Is there a goal to this game? I can’t even kill a fucking spider[View]
397046589Whoops I just dropped the best fire emblem girl, can someone pick her up for me?[View]
397042818any good 40k games coming up?[View]
397039340Anybody remember this gem?[View]
397047502Ok /v/, I need your opinion. I'm writing a piece for my journalism university course regarding …[View]
397040018What's the best way to play through this series?[View]
397047187Go on. You've earned it.[View]
397007283Belgium might classify Overwatch and BF2 as gambling: EA and Blizzard on suicide watch! http://www.p…[View]
397039865>same guys who made Dawn of War 3 are making Age of Empires 4 confirmed dead on arrival. rip RTS.…[View]
397007757WHERE MY VANILLA BROS AT jokes aside I'd love to level a feral but can't bear thoughts abo…[View]
397030649EA: Say what you want about EA, but at least they listen to their fans and change stuff after feedba…[View]
397046482Overwatch: >Is this easy mode? What did she mean by this? Next hero when?…[View]
397046620>I got adicted to management video games >5-6 hours in a row playing the game >Sleep and ge…[View]
397046609Where my RSV2 boys at?[View]
397039337What did she mean by this?[View]
397044487Why does /v/ like Nintendo so much?[View]
396997375Its been a few years since pic related, does it still hold true /v/?[View]
397046398What are some good current gen sneakan games? I got bored 50 hours into MGS5 because copy-pasted bas…[View]
397046382>I've always liked working with you Winston. No awkward small talk. >I've always lik…[View]
397046438Teemo Is Dead: https://youtu.be/fFkhkDloDNI[View]
397046316Kumatora Thread #3: Daily daily reminder that Kumatora is best girl.[View]
397041874Who is she?[View]
397042648Hey guys you don't have to reply to this post, I just wanted to say pic related is my favorite …[View]
397046218new member of elite four in pokemon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnlDC6_BV4s&t=1s…[View]
397031481Would this be considered vidya?[View]
397022168press F to pay respects[View]
397044796Anyone want to protest EA with me?[View]
397044665sexual innuendo[View]
397032885video games that have aged poorly[View]
397037535>grinding in videogames is ba-[View]
397043032Will there be a third party miiverse clone app on the switch maybe?[View]
397031081Can anyone stop Nintendo this Christmas shopping season?[View]
397035425What consoles does /v/ own and what are their reasons for owning the consoles? >Exclusives >C…[View]
397041023Terry McGinnis (Stuart Allan) as Batman, old Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) as his mentor. Would this ga…[View]
397043741How?: 1981 real time graphics. Why did it take 15 years for the gaming world to catch up to video re…[View]
397044751PlayStation.com 'As with all things, this list is subject to change — plus, we don’t want to give ev…[View]
397043812Tower 57: Anyone played this game Is it any good? Gettting some chaos engine vibes off it[View]
397042637So here is the deal, I started playing overwatch on PC when it first came out, I did pretty damn wel…[View]
397045390>that game company >game[View]
397043583Demon Gaze 2: What the fuck happened? How did they mess up this bad? >All the customization optio…[View]
397041604I'm hyped for Ghost of T(sushi)ma: Are you hyped about something /v/ ?[View]
397043259How's that wishlist looking, anon?[View]
397037692Will forced 720p save gaming?: OK, hear me out. The new meme to explain the sudden upsurge in the pr…[View]
397043375Starting my first run through of Fallout today. (Had a couple trial and error characters) Any tips b…[View]
397025536Why are people so mean towards healers? I only play healers in games, and because of this people hav…[View]
397037098This will never be surpassed: Take a look at the best motion capture of this century can this ever b…[View]
397042710What video game quote you want in your grave?[View]
397027839What's the appeal?[View]
397042265What're some of your favorite co-op games /v/, both online and offline? You do have friends to…[View]
397043537It's up.: It's up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiwRIkRTvms[View]
397042981What's the point of investing money and skill points in weapons when you can just git gud at ha…[View]
397017928So why haven't you bought it yet?[View]
397044531Killing Floor 2 Thread: Can we have a Kf2 thread? Saw one last night and had a good time. This is th…[View]
397041136FFXV: Comrades: Is it worth my 20 bucks? Make your explanation based on the following: >length …[View]
397042930Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Just a few days until we can say NEXT WEEK Have you pre-loaded? Gone for the…[View]
397044354ITT: underrated vidya OST: No shit you think is hip but everyone knows https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
397043623What game lets me be alone and secluded from the rest of the bullshit of the world?[View]
397034156ITT Old Machinima videos you watched a decade ago: The Grind by Oblivious Films is still near and de…[View]
397044281>game lets you choose between 2000+ party members[View]
397024516Switch-only https://senrankagura.marv.jp/series/switch/system/[View]
397033345Wii U: Just picked up one of these, shortly after it's 'death', with pre-owned games being chea…[View]
397004795can we 10/10 armor sets from videogames?[View]
397039637>2 expansions >no fixes to PvP >Warriors can run around and never die taking 0 damage from …[View]
3970370152 weeks until 2017 is finished for Nintendo releases. what a year it's been. I hope they'v…[View]
397043945So, they have the MK8 DLC up on MyNintendo now. Reckon they'll start putting up DLC for other g…[View]
397036554Mario Moustache Draw!: Let's get creative![View]
397002330MMO Thread: GSTAR 2017 Has BEGUN!!: GSTAR Trailers Mabinogi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBv1rzJ…[View]
397024007Be honest, /v/. How many of you faggots are going to buy Battlefront 2 even though EA is shitting in…[View]
397041121>if you don't like it don't buy it! >ok I won't :^) What's the latest game…[View]
397042080Happy 65th birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto!: Not that he did anything massive or anything /v/ cares about…[View]
397041010Armin van buuren plays nintnedo switch on an aeroplane what now sonybros? https://youtu.be/b1nuUwIGY…[View]
397037528What's that nostalgic game/series from your past that makes you want to kill yourself because y…[View]
397039308the most difficult game ever made: so THIS.. is the POWER.... of the final boss... of NI..OH..…[View]
397038204inJUSTice 2 is out![View]
397043083Anyone else craving for a good JRPG? It felt like ages since I last played a good one even though we…[View]
397036652can you recommend any good turn based RPGs? to be specific: i'm not looking for jrpg, just-use-…[View]
397043028Consuming entertainment is not a profession. You're just a loser who dropped out of school and …[View]
397039450>that kid that had a human child as a pet[View]
397042241This game is now 13 years old...: It's now able to open it's own steam account. HL and HL2…[View]
397042005>/v/ says this and the base game are sjw garbage >get it on super sale might as well try it …[View]
397042785*blocks your path*[View]
397027948>₽1299 $21.58 +7.96% Why is this allowed? CAPCOOOOOOOOOOM![View]
397034228>PC 'master' race >Have to settle for ports of literally over decade old console games >Not…[View]
397035602>appear offline >mute all Why is this a thing? Why even play MP games if you want to appear of…[View]
397042575Kirby star allies: Let’s discuss and speculate this game. because after xenoblade 2 releases and wit…[View]
397037620>32 years old[View]
397028887at least EA can't destroy our memories[View]
397042140Can you remember the first image you used as a spray? Pic related was mine.[View]
397040024why do they talk like liberians[View]
397042321What does /v/ think of Ingress? Anyone playing? RES or ENL?[View]
397036846It's time to discuss the best RPG ever made[View]
397036532Shouldn't we be getting this on PC by now?[View]
397042091Join me brothers! Let's purify video games of toxic waste together! For real guys, being salty …[View]
397039861was he a virgin?[View]
397040904Please comfort me, /v/chan. Just for today.[View]
397021193Is it worth the $44.99? And if so, how do I convince 4 friends of mine to pay that much so we can do…[View]
397039885Hell yea! Cyberpunk is going to be the next GTA online!: https://techraptor.net/content/cd-projekt-r…[View]
397041032/v/, we need to talk about your entitlement issues. Seriously, it's getting sad when you'v…[View]
397032619Cool games that are not popular. This is AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!. A game about basejumping. Ge…[View]
397040123https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmnEQO75whc: our favorite autistic manman is back[View]
397041267Nioh: >You did it, Widdyam. Now the souls of those who were sacrificed will be at peace! What did…[View]
397010491https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/22999-sonic-forces-development-speculation-spoilers/?page=3 …[View]
397041293Knuckle controllers when[View]
397031557Super Mario Odyssey: How many moons/coins/costumes ya got, /v/? >moons: 701 >coins: all but 3 …[View]
397038185ohai mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byx3i2_mBNM[View]
397040275I always thought Tetris or Pong is the most casual game ever existed. yet recently I discover some m…[View]
397030975Switch Skyrim: Docked - 900p Portable - dynamic, usual 896x720p. LOD lower than docked. Much lower v…[View]
397030283DRV3 ending: It's all over isn't it. The ending called the entire thing immoral and made f…[View]
397040289What's your favorite Vidya webcomic?[View]
397028391>1/35 SOLDIER >There aren't 35 of them Was this game even fucking tested?…[View]
397013821/fallout/ bitching general: >we can all agree FO4 sucks ass - edition >> last thread >…[View]
397040209Give me $200 when you pass go.[View]
397034012What, exactly, was her endgame ?[View]
397038136Estival Versus o Valkyrie Drive?[View]
397040137>Romance a companion: >She cucks you for a black guy while you're frozen in carbonite for…[View]
397040135Mac users[View]
397036379DB Dokkan Battle: JP scamco shame reroll edition[View]
397010318Which one was better?[View]
397039989Who is the guy in the top post cosplaying as?[View]
397036804I played battlefront 2 and it was fun. none of these 'star cards' you niggers are tisming about act…[View]
397032684ITT: Franchises that need to make a comeback[View]
397039768Post games that are ROME as fuck[View]
396987163Any games with alternative buffing items that aren't potions? Stuff like sodas, milkshakes, and…[View]
397037278>game has a high fantasy setting >soundtrack consists entirely of eurobeat…[View]
397039668So it's agreed that BotW has the worst soundtrack of 2017, right?[View]
397039721I wanted to play a WW2 shooter and I feel like I've played everything under the sun. I've …[View]
397038549The Four Horsemen of the Vidya Apocalypse[View]
397038527Can someone please use the makeup remover app on this nice lady?[View]
397028160Dragonball FighterZ Thread: https://gematsu.com/2017/11/dragon-ball-fighterz-adds-gotenks-kid-buu-ad…[View]
397038958What are some games about corporations trying to control the public narrative?[View]
397039372Get Hyped son!!!!: or not ;)[View]
397034279Does anyone know if it's possible to transfer my wii u breath of the wild save file to my switc…[View]
397039257Soul Calibur: What’s this I hear that a SC game is coming to PC in two weeks[View]
397039274Post kino portable games[View]
397038672MGSV: /v/ hivemind opinions you haven't fallen for >MGSV is fucking GARBAGE, the WORST game …[View]
397035465GameStop felt sorry: The manager was the only one working, he felt so bad that he gave me cash back.…[View]
397038774Miss me yet?[View]
397035534Who else is still playing this?[View]
397035902OH GOD THE WAIT IS KILLING ME First time I've been excited for a DICE game, but my god those gr…[View]
397028131This is Miu Iruma, the Ultimate Inventor, and today is her birthday! Say something nice about her![View]
397026832Why did he lose his smile?[View]
397034401Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?[View]
397036312So this is the power of Windows 10?[View]
397004003You ARE going to side with the imperials, right? You're not going to take the side of the terro…[View]
397037481Is this any good? I've seen it mentionned on those underrated games lists and the fact that Shi…[View]
397038107/v/ we need to have the talk about the best vidya for taking a shit. here's a strong contender …[View]
397033648The best fantasy game soundtrack of all time.[View]
397035887Why is Nintendo praised for being cheap: Since the Gameboy Nintendo has held back progress by making…[View]
397038234Netherlands' gaming authority investigating lootboxes and the possible relationship between soc…[View]
397038342>i-it'll never be on pc! One more reason to not own a console today bois suck it peasants…[View]
397027203hey peter[View]
397033971'Stop complaining, you'll buy it anyway'[View]
397034351>first game is actually the last in the timeline[View]
397025118Is this shit worth it yet?[View]
397036142Fire Emblem: Why doesn't /v/ like Lucina?[View]
397027217Marked One,i presume?[View]
397034834What company has the worst fanbase in videogames? pic related get my vote.[View]
397038105Movies that would make good games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhjKNmgsQmM[View]
397032040Apologise v/irgins it was fun[View]
397031949How the fuck are you suppose to do non-lethal attacks? Even headshots just cause enemies to run to t…[View]
397037720Do you still play World of Warcraft?[View]
397034141Was this thing objectively the worst starter in the franchise?[View]
397026157Is the DLC worth getting?[View]
397036102CEX thread lads >walk in with some loose change in my pocket >walk out with the Prince of Pers…[View]
397021414Why PCgamers have to take video games so seriously?[View]
397037373So is there a guide on how to download Roms on this bad boy? Also can it emulate anything other than…[View]
397029006I'm just here to shill this new game that came out because I'm having fun with it. http://…[View]
397033419Resident evil 4 is kinda boring after the village[View]
397037029>online video gaming[View]
397036878SUFFER ME NOW!![View]
397011216ITT: fuck you I like it[View]
397035650This series worth getting into?[View]
397035735Games that make you rage[View]
397036319>the fucking intro of Little Fury Things fuuuck man[View]
397032252What is your opinion on kingdom hearts?[View]
397036001Most Underrated 2D mario?: > Unique level designs. > Useful power-up that keeps your top jump …[View]
397031805>Cosmetics are a part of gameplay Do you agree with this?[View]
397036152Hey does Odyssey have any Amiibo locked content? There's like 20 Mario Amiibo and I own none of…[View]
397034864>only 50 Star Bits in Odyssey is enough to buy everything of importance on the moon >likewise,…[View]
397036080why this genre is so fucking fun?[View]
397033182Tannenberg: Anyone buyign this game? How similar is it to Verdun? Better or worse? Worth the $18 pri…[View]
397035159>the switch is a failure >people are actively trying to copy it pick one and only one…[View]
397033524Starcraft 2: Is this any fun in Multiplayer or do I just get streamrolled by koreans, /v/?[View]
397032493Find a flaw: You can't, because this THE Samus[View]
397008836How were the Adventure games bad? No nostalgia goggles are on. I played it recently and it plays fin…[View]
397032864>Enemy bullies you[View]
397028409Meet the definition of perfection /v/[View]
397035276battlefront 2: >i remember the first time i played star-wars battlefront 2, >it was amazing T…[View]
397033557Overlooked GBA gems. Pic related.[View]
397033554Do you call people out for talking as if they were from 4chan outside of 4chan. Or do you hide your …[View]
397035172>the Switch port runs at 480p 15fps and if you don't give it a blood sample every 2 hours it…[View]
397034709which dark souls 3 dlc is better?[View]
397034548https://www.engadget.com/2017/11/16/battlefront-ii-belgium-gambling-investigation/ so the battle bet…[View]
397032862Times 'that kid' was right. >dude you can play super nintendo and gba games on your computer >…[View]
397035354ITT:Fanfiction: We make fun of and judge video game communities based on the quality and genres of t…[View]
397029443Who else is picking up the definitive release of the game tomorrow?[View]
397034059Name me some good 6th gen PC games. They don't have to be exclusive[View]
397033154I have a question about PSP: If I put two microSD cards into my PSP, using an adapter (pic related),…[View]
397030202Lootboxes are fine if the contents are only cosmetic. Why do you care so much?[View]
396995654The Switch: Docked or Undocked: Am I the only only person who has never undocked my switch? I got it…[View]
397031121Why can't I seem to get into this on my PC? PS4, I was super immersed, PC has better mods and I…[View]
397033980It's here![View]
396969990How did you resist falling for Ann?[View]
397017627Battlerite: Could the game achieve this numbers without her?[View]
397032192I need a comfy JRPG: I was a fan of the first two Neptunia games, FFVII's another favorite. Any…[View]
397032605MorrOblivion: Anyone ever tried this? Want to know is it well done as a whole not just main quest…[View]
397009772Why are mmos getting cancelled left and right? Is WoW and FF the only mmos people want to play these…[View]
397034180Have you pre-loaded /our game/ yet?[View]
397034725Who else got the Anno Domini 1257 mod for Mount and Blade so they could slaughter hundreds of the de…[View]
397034726>$59.99 for cinematic slideshow experience >b-but muh portability!!!…[View]
397032667Do you appreciate Samus Aran's character design?[View]
397032870What are some games where I can be the strong, silent type?[View]
397034358Last Voyage of the USS Constitution: Let's be honest here, from an logical in-universe perspect…[View]
397032029>grindan hundreds of hours is ok in RPGs >grindan hundreds of hours is ok in MMOs >grindan …[View]
397016392This game wasn't that bad.[View]
397018637Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire: The beta is here and it's pretty fun, senpaitachi. My Transce…[View]
397025731ITT: good looking vidya vegetation[View]
397010913>tfw Monster Hunter is gonna be shit[View]
397031689Okay, is there any fucking chance of this being good?[View]
397032061Why is there no extremely detailed goomba simulator where you go to goomba school and goomba college…[View]
3970175754x4 thread: 4x4 thread.[View]
397031715>protagonist has amnesia[View]
397033014INTERVIEW LEAKED DETAILS https://pastebin.com/ke70i278[View]
397021895Are there even any games you're looking forward to anymore? It seems like 4 out of 5 big titles…[View]
397031174Can we have a Bloodborne thread. Lady Maria a shit.[View]
397028139>Belgian website VTM is reporting that the country’s Gaming Commission is currently taking a look…[View]
397031679As someone with 2,000+ hours, I can comfortably say that there is some sort of active cult following…[View]
397033215Scenes In Games That Arouse You: What are some scenes that appeal to you in that special way? For me…[View]
397028113What are some comfy games?[View]
397033290>It's a love letter to x fans[View]
397027076This game is really fucking good.[View]
397032974Marvel Heroes Closing: What's good for the ARPG genre? >3rd person cameras >WASD >comb…[View]
397032664BLOCKS YOUR PATH[View]
397033098>House Hlaalu represents the future of the Dunmer, integrated into the sophisticated mainstream o…[View]
397028294>animals can witness and report your crimes[View]
397029465Outcast - Second Contact is out: The original was amazing for the time, I hope the remake doesn…[View]
397032791>party member you grinded with betrays the team[View]
397031319Is Caramel dead ?[View]
397027916Anon, why do you spend your money and time on trash like Stellaris? Hell, even Sins of a solar Empir…[View]
397031649Galactic Conquest Event: 2 days. Are you ready? http://www.moddb.com/mods/battlefield-galactic-conqu…[View]
397015559GOTM 2017: We can all agree on this right?[View]
397029927What's your opinion on this game?[View]
397030334Who’s the real villain here, EA or Disney?[View]
397030328Find a flaw.[View]
397025546>modern wow[View]
397028990What are some games that only soyboys are into? I think pic related fits the bill.[View]
397030313Why do Earthbound fans get so butthurt about reproduction cartridges, even when they're not bei…[View]
397025550I think the VGA exit of my TV is broken and it no longer works I'm going to get another one to …[View]
396980036Filename thread: Keep it video game related.[View]
397028501Why are there no more chao gardens?[View]
397019951What will he fix?[View]
397029345Is there going to be a black friday steam sale?[View]
397027461Dark Souls 1, 2, 3 >bosses have unlimited stamina and cannot be blocked, staggered or parried Ni…[View]
397031938>driving calmly around the track with your Nimi >wild EL KING appears What do /v/?…[View]
397028921Has there ever been a more autistic game[View]
397030638since android users got animal crossing early, it's only fair that iphone users get pictochat, …[View]
397028087Started playing the remaster fully expecting to enjoy the nostalgia but not much else. Turns out it…[View]
397016015Does EA even care at this point?[View]
397025934When did you realize that CDPR was dead? https://youtu.be/Rwx1N5BbqaY >Online is necessary, or ve…[View]
397012884So the new Alliance race is draenei, but with gold eyes instead of blue?[View]
397031225What games have sudden shocking swerves in narrative or gameplay - where everything seems going fine…[View]
397028553wasn't it supposed to have some DLC? this game post-release looks like it was complete failure …[View]
397027941KINO trailer thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3E358n7pcI[View]
397030443Just finished this. It's really good. Also, Orphan did nothing wrong.[View]
397027716Having three game of the year (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Xeno…[View]
397021763How do we solve the Nord problem?[View]
397024357How is it?[View]
397028702>Exclusively gank female characters >Only help out Male characters in quests (excluding homoer…[View]
397020124The HD Rumble Power of Joy-Con.: It's up! ShinobiRefre -SENRAN KAGURA- https://senrankagura.mar…[View]
397030109are people so fucking desperate for a stupid lootbox? printscreen was returning a blank image, had …[View]
397020536who invented lootboxes?[View]
397024174Have you ordered these magnificent candles yet, /v/?[View]
397027783Does /v/ like party games?[View]
397018497>type in chat 'gg' >it was actually bg[View]
397023153If lootboxes were declared gambling by american law, would we see the rise of native american gamede…[View]
397028448Lara has always been the best part of her games, do you agree?[View]
397030541ITT: Triple A games or at least high profile games released in the last 2 years that do NOT have any…[View]
397029974Xbox LAN: Say I want to play a game with a friend. I have two TVs, and so would rather not have to d…[View]
397029731ITT: Games only you played[View]
397029960How's that Youtube channel coming, anon?[View]
397023332How much more powerful was the SNES than the Genesis? Besides the Genesis's color limitations a…[View]
397025883Is there any game where the tiny race isn't the best race?[View]
396983627FINAL FANTASY VII: Episode I [Written Transcript]: https://anonfile.com/S7wfXdcabc/FF7_EP1_WRITTEN_T…[View]
397029681When will Disney revive the gaming division of Lucas Arts?[View]
397027339My Switch is on the way. Do I need one of these right away or are the joycons with the grip acceptab…[View]
397025673Why does this exist?: What's so special about Chinese games that get their own award? Or is thi…[View]
397028312Laughing Out Loud This one actually made me laugh for real guys[View]
397029693>yfw you first modded your console/handheld[View]
397029640What are some IQ intensive gaming experiences? I can't enjoy games that simple minded nonces ar…[View]
397028064Let's have a Hitman thread >who are you killing >how are you killing them >did you buy…[View]
397029501This game is underrated[View]
397029502I'M A SCATMAN[View]
397029419Piracy doesn't have a real effect on the videogame industry: It's actually a benefit for d…[View]
397026173>2017 >Not having an isolated gaming pod Why are you living in the past?…[View]
397009358So which is the better Musou game? Fire Emblem Warriors or Hyrule Warriors?[View]
397028745Post your favorite villains.[View]
397026903>tfw 50 hours in and still haven't finished the main quest This game is so much fucking fun …[View]
397025440Name our band /v/[View]
397027286>WE WUZ MOVIES N SHIEET[View]
397022659Metro Karma: Fucked up my good boy run somewhere. Do I have to rebeat the game to get another chance…[View]
397022096>bought a Switch with 6 games >it's been 7 months and I have no desire to actually open i…[View]
397025572What is /v/'s opinion on The Elder Scrolls Online compared to other MMOs? It's my first M…[View]
397019838>tfw no Xenoblade Chronicles X 2[View]
397027634TES Lore question: I'm not totally clear on the whole Kalpa thing in TES so hoping a lorefag ca…[View]
397028991>game tries to be funny >it is What's her name /v/?[View]
397021348What games let me own castle?[View]
397026419Which was the better game?[View]
397018083bout to start this. any must have mods or is the game actually fine as is?[View]
397022842Look, i heard the some treasure down that hole. I was saving it for myself but i figured i'd sh…[View]
397027557Predictions for E3 2018? Try to avoid the usual 'e3 is shit/no gameplay/people who don't like v…[View]
396971931.hack//GU Last Recode: Let's have a comfy .hack thread, /v/, I don't see one in the catalo…[View]
396987393what period of gaming do you miss the most?[View]
397026283How can we meme this into a remaster?[View]
397021196Hey /v/, I've been drawing some characters in the style of MK8 and was wondering who you would …[View]
397022438Why racing games nowadays are so shit?[View]
397027470>mgsv was shit[View]
397028265Death Stranding: >December 7th IT'S HAPPENING[View]
397000765DOA Thread: So what will Misaki's fighting style be in DOA6?[View]
397027253/mgs/: why did Kojima never design MGS to be played in the skilful style you always see coming out o…[View]
397013449>you dont own the games you buy >whats the point in buying games then >usually get the bett…[View]
397014914What went wrong?[View]
397024701Where's the billion dollar IP?[View]
397026587>That overpowered party member that was carrying your team through the start of the story gets on…[View]
397021198EA won't change: Why don't you guys realize how futile your little '''crusade''' is? EA su…[View]
397026447How did Infogrames (France) buy out the Atari trademark circa early 2000s when the statute for class…[View]
397026667Holy shit: Does Samus have bounce?[View]
397008193Vidya curves that should be illegal[View]
397027664Is the backer beta out yet? I can't find a torrent.[View]
397015452https://gematsu.com/2017/11/dragon-ball-fighterz-adds-gotenks-kid-buu-adult-gohan 'Gotenks’ Meteor s…[View]
397019960>he buys microtransactions in a video game for armor instead God I miss halo 3 when it was Very a…[View]
397023881Dragon Age Inquisition symbol: hello,don't know if this is the right place but I can't fin…[View]
397023159Breath of the Wild: 3.84m The Legend of Zelda: 6.51m What happened?[View]
397026382Nostalgia Thread That feeling when playing that good old game that you played in your childhood Worm…[View]
397004657despite reddit's best efforts, this game will continue to sell millions and be a massive succes…[View]
397025287Importfags; is this any good or just Compile Heart/Gust-tier shit? Apparently Sega are tossing up wh…[View]
397027082So did Wolfenstein II sell well?[View]
397027154How did Nomura get away with blatant theft?[View]
397023660What did you guys think of the mechanics?[View]
397024223Who here hyped for the remastered version of Dead Rising 4? You whined and they listened, this packa…[View]
397019728>tfw making thousands of dollars every day cuz i made a dogshit app with stolen assets from a pop…[View]
397026728Where do I start? And what other good Wii games run well in Dolphin?[View]
397017525Need more ppl to play this shit http://cursors.io/[View]
397020919yesterday was fun now choose your traits[View]
397026353I unironically believe this will be one of the more enjoyable Video Game to Movie Adaptions out ther…[View]
397025971what are some games where i can do drugs?[View]
397022494$300 Dollar Budget Build: I just copped the parts for my first gaming PC, considering my budget is $…[View]
397011526Have you given praise unto our heroic little idol extraordinaire?[View]
397010183name one vidya series in which every game was good[View]
397023113Reminder that playing Japanese games with English text or voices makes you a pleb. Go fully Japanese…[View]
397018298Objectively bad practices in the video game industry: 1. microtransactions > but theyre fine if t…[View]
397020750This is Wei Yan. He had a hard life.[View]
397023065How come Bethesda ports this game to everything but they give none of the other Elder Scrolls games …[View]
397025060What are some games with realistic but satisfying melee combat. I was just watching Lindybeige (>…[View]
397025503>Free Radical >>> Rare[View]
397018237>it's just a game How can you POSSIBLY respond?[View]
397020134Nature Exploration Games: I need your help /v/. I'm looking for some games that allow me to exp…[View]
397014853Are you buying the GOTY?[View]
397020942Cross-platform: Why don't every non-exclusive game have cross-platform multiplayer between cons…[View]
397024050NEW MINECRAFT SERVER: I need testers for a Minecraft server. It's vanilla but I built the serve…[View]
397024756>enemies can only be damaged during a brief window of opportunity[View]
397025427Buy my game anon, we're going to fight the rebels, I swear![View]
397024573>mfw I've never played a game with a lootbox or a microtransaction or encountered one anyw…[View]
397020073Where is my Chip'n'Dale game, Volvo?: I want a new Chip'n'Dale game. Why was the…[View]
397015807Shitty games /v/ tricked you into buying thread[View]
397024950What is his end game?[View]
397004461When did you realize it was better than 5?[View]
397024968Nintendo Switch is such a success in Japan than raffles for the chance to buy it still have to be co…[View]
396977913Now that the dust has settled, can we admit that, while BotW was pretty good, it's world could …[View]
396980116Why did you stop practicing?[View]
397024451I'm getting a 2DS XL and only ever played Yellow and Silver, which Pokegame should I get? Alpha…[View]
397024558Where do you get your internet to post in here? I'm running out, gais!!![View]
397021991Rank the following, or make up your own:: A) >Game = 60$ >Free update DLC every now and then …[View]
397024392This is your GOTY of the year. Say something nice about it.[View]
397024190Is it true that the real money made off this shit comes from like 0.1% of players? Who are they? Wha…[View]
397019696So, why does he look and sound like the guy from the first game?[View]
397024269I'll send my boys to come see ya[View]
397011059Will we get another Deus Ex?: Saw BR2049 recently and am desiring a similar world to explore.[View]
397024158Who is max level hype here? Who are ready to burn your hours of existence ?[View]
397022765Resi 7 DLC: One more month guys[View]
397016071Commandos-like games: Last birthday gift I gave a friend who really used to love the Commandos serie…[View]
397022245>imagine buying every new NBA game >every new FIFA game >every new COD game People like thi…[View]
397020280Can we agree that Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 are better than F1 and F2 because they are modern, they ar…[View]
397021248Friends: Just got done with a 4 hour gaming session with 4 friends I've been friends with since…[View]
397021876xiv: Is everyone ready for the new PvP MOBA mode? https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/pr/blog/…[View]
396982874New ARMS character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzH6wtGeaBM Looks pretty cool[View]
397022005I just need you all to appreciate for a moment that Princess Motherfucking Tomato is back.[View]
397015603A reminder that you faggots asked for this.[View]
397017189Anyone else play the shit out of this back in the day? What was your favorite server?[View]
397021958ITT: Characters that were in games that didn't deserve them.[View]
397010420Any Xbros here? I don't really play Sonic games, last one I played was Sonic Heroes and it was …[View]
397022329What games let me troll people LIKE A BOSS?[View]
397020969explain this within the lore how are small sections of these bases so different?[View]
397019639>'It's not pay to win' Literally can't even make decks or get creative without spending…[View]
3970204843x3 brot[View]
397019491DEAD SPACE THREAD: Literally the perfect series[View]
397020291Why do devs put these progression mechanics in modern shooters? Why should some shmuck do more damag…[View]
397016625What happened to the big budget AAA PC exclusive games? There used to be a good amount back in the 2…[View]
397019412oh shit guys IT'S HAPPENING[View]
397019375RPGs or action games with city building elements?: What are some good RPGs or just games in general …[View]
397021742What is it about Bethesda games that triggers autists to plan and edit up to 5 hour long videos wher…[View]
396998045Petition to make ESRB declare lootboxes as gambling: Will force ESRB to rate any game with loot boxe…[View]
396997043Brigador: Because 99% of the people who see this won't know what this is, a small introduction.…[View]
397021643Star Ocean: Is it good or just waifu bait? I'm fine with both. [View]
397020496have you beaten Nobunaga and Nohime yet, anon?[View]
397021174Which Mario was better?[View]
397020363Why do ugly low budget weeb games bother with 4k as if their games look good in the first place?[View]
397015748I used to like Damsel, but then I got to the part where she's really not concerned about murder…[View]
397019337>reddit hates them now is this...dare I say it /ourcompany/?[View]
397009946Meanwhile, on NPC /v/...[View]
397020626>here's your controller bro[View]
397014814>DUDE should we expand on the massive success of Rayman 2 and 3 or should we make a generic 2d si…[View]
397006394First poster for the Rampage movie starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Thoughts, Rampagefags? MODS DON…[View]
397019507>game has to reinstall every version of microsoft directx because there still isnt a single game …[View]
397017056>1>2>3 >1>3>2 >2>1>3 >2>3>1 >3>1>2 >3>2>1 List…[View]
397019441ITT: 10/10 masterpieces only[View]
397020272ITT: Times a franchise peaked.[View]
397015395What went wrong? Lots seem to hate compared to Stick of Truth[View]
397020137What are some video games where I can capture little girls?[View]
397010968How well does Crysis hold up compared to modern shooters?: And which game is the best in the series?…[View]
397004798UNI Thread: It's lobby time bitches get in here[View]
397014848>Every single boss is inmune to every detrimental status >Debuffs are useless on regular enemi…[View]
397000752Why didn't you buy her game?[View]
397011683What is the best video game villain ever?[View]
397019930I will eat you[View]
397019824Don't pick on me. But how much people on this board play roblox?: I'm just wandering.…[View]
397014098This game is gonna win GOTY isn't it[View]
397019892Holy crap! We're $49.99 on Microsoft Windows![View]
397016960>tfw getting too old to keep playing hard, frustrating games >tfw I'm turning into a filt…[View]
397014931How much does CPU matter for overall game performance?[View]
396973975What a piece of shit, thank goodness shes not in any new games[View]
397019313>mansion has a secret underground area How many video games have this?[View]
397017956Has anybody here got Nier:Automata on steam? i wanna get it cause I'm a PC fag but from what I…[View]
397019612Since when did VN's get classed as GOTY again when they're barely games?[View]
397018992>Your at worlds and this guy locks in Yosuo What do?[View]
397019520ITT: best expansions in gaming[View]
397019287ITT: Games that are borderline unplayable without mods.[View]
397009985good old memories[View]
397019232PUBG Let's be real, this is GOTY 2017. Nintendo-shit is for kids. Persona is weeb trash for wai…[View]
397002521Did Gamma have an AI?[View]
397017134ive played very few games in my steam library. 5 or dubs decides what i play tonight out of pic rela…[View]
397019024Elephant Dung: the Video Game: Should Prank call this to Gamestop?[View]
397018713LESS THAN 1[View]
397015783Neopets just turned 18 years old today. Your Neopet is legal.[View]
397008973Why were PC gamers so notoriously awful at getting past chapter 3 in this game? I've platinum…[View]
397018463>playing MMOs >chooses a female character Disgusting.…[View]
397012075Post companies that might as well not even exist, but technically still do.[View]
397017310Chris or Jill?[View]
397018578>lowest settings, 30 fps smooth >highest settings with 16xAA, 60fps but game stutters every 10…[View]
397018418I can't stop thinking about this game. I can't wait to play it. I think there's somet…[View]
397012352Anyone seen it?[View]
397018448First games thread: Windows 3.5. I can't be the only one who played this shit[View]
397011862remember 20 years ago? (no of course not, everyone on this site is a fucking 15 year old) okay, well…[View]
397002138New Xeno 2 thread?: Not seeing any[View]
397012862Dragonball Fighterz: Are you hyped for Zarbon to get revealed this week?[View]
397014128What games have a MC with good family bonds?[View]
397017064One of the best games ever: FARCRY4 Not only an epic and amazing modern-day FPS but also an epic sag…[View]
397018045How do you stay up to date on indie games?: I never liked totalbiscuit, but at least he covered indi…[View]
397015825>My legitimate video game thread gets deleted instantly, while porn threads stay up for hours Fuc…[View]
397017502Anybody else here snort cracktorio? I've lost so many nights of sleep it's getting hard to…[View]
397002642You hate me so fucking much? FINE THEN SOMEBODY ELSE CAN DO THIS STAR WARS SHIT. I'M ALSO TAKIN…[View]
397006713Why is this allowed?[View]
397017281>b-but they censored m-muh nazi mark NO THEY DIDN'T[View]
397012496What's the best fighting game and why is it melee?[View]
396964784This is Isabeau. She is a samurai prentice of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. Say something neutral t…[View]
397017558Still no PC release yet have releases on dinosaur consoles? WTF were they thinking?[View]
397016549>Having DMR duel with a player >Armor Lock >Having duel with a player >Jet Packs to stra…[View]
397016732You live in the timeline where Star wars Battlefront 3, Jedi Knight 3, and Knights of the Old Republ…[View]
397016628>don't mind me, just pirating this tv[View]
397015550ITT: sequels that improved on their predecessor in every way bonus points if the original was alread…[View]
397017301ITT games with unique/interesting advertising. >Acclaim created a minor controversy when plans of…[View]
397015415ITT: 10/10 video games no 9.9/10s allowed.[View]
397014752>he thinks melee's dying anytime soon[View]
397017419SMO is flavor of the month garba-[View]
396938275To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Puyo Puyo. The strategy is extremely subtl…[View]
397004468Apology to /v/ For Not Being Able to Beat DARK SOULS 3: I lost a bet to my friend saying Dark Souls …[View]
397017285Hey guys This MMO is pretty neat You can create an avatar and chat in the rooms It's pretty fun…[View]
396978779Steam Avatar r8 and h8, go![View]
397014421Tropes you love: >villain was trying to protect you from a threat even greater than himself all a…[View]
397004225Just ordered pic related what should I get?: Planning on getting: Horizon Zero Dawn Bloodborne Uncha…[View]
397015862What a letdown DLC compared to the main game. >full-on anime designs (when AA games more like bet…[View]
397014068You may only post video game music that is in odd time signatures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a…[View]
397014090PC or PS4?[View]
397016940GTA V: GTA V https://youtu.be/C7Xsr81qeq4[View]
397016570Is Shadow going up or down?[View]
396980339Castlevania: I recently played Aria of Sorrow and enjoyed it. Should I move onto the DS games at thi…[View]
397014969Should I get a GTX 1080 or a Vega 64?[View]
397015584What went right?[View]
397006443ITT: games that aren't the best but hold a lot of sentimental value >inb4 'muh BFBB is bette…[View]
397012062Do you think a Mega Man Battle Network revival would work in the modern climate?[View]
396991462Post kino fights[View]
397012578Why is this CS is so much more fun than CSGO and why is CSGO more popular?[View]
397012292Will this live up to Symphony of the Night?[View]
397007952This is Lady Lyndis, also known by her nickname Lyn. What exactly is /v/'s cognitive reasoning …[View]
397008925How's the N3DS ? What are your favorite games ? I'm thinking about buying one next week.[View]
397016057my cousin just gave me one of these. what should I play?[View]
397011080>normie friends have smash at their party >i play really well >they're impressed >l…[View]
397016226Cursors: http://cursors.io/ Doing a full raid of the dungeon, only proletariat classes, no leeching …[View]
397015447Dragon Ball FighterZ: He finally made the cut bros. Along with Ultimate Gohan and Kid Buu https://tw…[View]
396969802Sequel when?[View]
397014307My Friendo's Twitch: Hello Videogaming folk of 4chan, my friend is at 45 followers on Twitch an…[View]
397016032>lootbox is you[View]
397013883>start up an RTS >skirmish 1v1 >pick random race >computer rolls the same race Do you im…[View]
397015838What is your favorite soundtrack? Also, how much does a really good soundtrack influence your enjoym…[View]
396990773Why aren't you playing a ''''fun'''' free game, /v/[View]
397008167>you own your game[View]
396998674ITT: legitimately bad games that you like[View]
397010131Thorn is killing this game[View]
397001680This game turns 16 years old today. Message THE ONE BIG RED on Xbox live if you want to join us in M…[View]
397009926And I thought previous boss was hard.[View]
396997942aaaaaaaaaaa.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....[View]
397015214What game has the best turnbased combat?[View]
397014923ITT: best videogame guns[View]
397011692anno 1800: so /v/,what do you think of the upcoming anno 1800?do you think it will be good?do you th…[View]
397004052What are some games with great music?[View]
397014735Anyone know any good Mario 3 lore or rumors? or Pokemon Red/Blue secrets[View]
397013380>2017 >No portable GPU equivalent of this If there was something to supplement your laptop and…[View]
397003602Why do people pretend PC gamers play fighting games?[View]
396989764Some guy managed to buy, finish and refund forces live on twitch. What does /v/ think about this? SE…[View]
397012865What's the best private wow server for classic gameplay? No added xp increase or bullshit like …[View]
396968384Where is it?[View]
397013886>pay us money to kill ourselves What kind of business model is that? A mercenary suicide bomber i…[View]
397009886When on earth will Assassin's Creed be cracked? I'm getting impatient.[View]
397014308What are some games with punished MC's?[View]
397006803Is this the best moment in a Mario game?[View]
397013582EA did nothing wrong I just unlocked Darth Vader in 3 hours I don't know what people were compl…[View]
397010198>fall out of a plane >jog around >get sniped from 8 miles away >hide stationary in a bui…[View]
397012002*Sees you through wall and shoots you* Heh, nothing personnel.[View]
397012593ITT: the worst /v/ the musical numbers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx_pNg02HSU https://www.youtu…[View]
397014360Why didn't you buy his game?[View]
397010514I'm thinking of buying a 720p tv for my PS3 and PS4 what do you think? I have to buy a TV that …[View]
396993937Duel Links on PC: Coming to Steam tomorrow. UI looks awful, but there you go.[View]
397011705How did Sony make people believe in buying consoles again?[View]
397013139We will never play our favorite video games for the first time again ;_;[View]
397014042I picked dah cotton massa! May I get mah cornbread now massa?[View]
397012434dokkan: Yes yes global well done... HOWEVER[View]
396964912lord gerstmann destroys battlefront 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0_uEFb4clA&feature=youtu.…[View]
397012827You lost.[View]
397009902Post stuff from games you used to play in your childhood. Bonus points for early mmo games.[View]
397007306Please do your part to save gaming. File a complaint against EA with your local attorney general. Lo…[View]
397013602is this thing even worth playing on pc the way it is right now?[View]
397012813What the fuck is this blank paiting?: Ive done literally everything in this game and this painting i…[View]
396981993IF video games are not art, doesn't that make them just expensive toys?[View]
397012270Should I bother doing the post-game in D3 on the Vita, or should I move on to a different game in th…[View]
397013249What's in your PS4 lineup for 2018?[View]
397005436>Looks just like Bloodborne >60FPS on a portable FromSoft needs to learn how to program games.…[View]
397012848Lyn is a filthy mongrel from backwards nowhere.[View]
397011929Why haven't you went to the PC master race?[View]
397010429You know she's God tier. Don't act like any other persona girl comes close.[View]
397012384'What kind of paintjob they could give me, the most top voted comment will win!'[View]
397008162post your collections, lads[View]
397012878Name that moment in the franchise when the Revolver just Ocelots. For me the sheer pinnacle was figh…[View]
396950986How high IQ you need to understand this scene? Because I couldn't.[View]
397010329Why nobody has used the kingdom hearts gameplay in other games?[View]
397012629Venom Snake is less of a bad guy than Big Boss.[View]
397009206why were japanese exclusives on xbox consoles better than the ones on sony consoles?[View]
396972121Why is New Vegas generally considered to be better than 3?[View]
397011951Does anyone have an odd reason they like a game thats considered bad or a dissapointment? There was …[View]
397009667Horizon Zero Dawn is the only good western game released since 2009 prove me wrong[View]
397005814Name a better race in the Elder Scrolls series than Khajiit. Ahnassi to this day remains the undispu…[View]
397008850One more day until ULTRA SUN & MOON, Biiiiiiitch![View]
397012187Tell me about the time you revealed your power level.[View]
397000152Can we just stop pretending that we like the Vita?[View]
397005989Just finished the campaign. It was shit with only a few redeeming moments. Most of it was Michael Ba…[View]
397007515Survey WoW Classic Design: So here is the situation plebbit has made a survey and the horde of mongo…[View]
397011891What happened: ?[View]
396993806Valkyria Project: New Valkyria game coming out, how do you feel about this?[View]
397009030>clicks a button >your character will automatically play this fucking game for you from start …[View]
397011492Why is Samus's butt so big?: My little brother is asking.[View]
397009191Sonic Adventure style: Look. Sega will not listen to us adventure fans. And even if they did... >…[View]
397009375Battlefront 2: As hard as EA is raping the game with jewish greediness, I have to say that I'm …[View]
397005969https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl9Nz-X4M68 FIND ME A BETTER SONG IN ANY VIDYA I FUCKING DARE YOU…[View]
397010398Anyone still play this sometimes? Feeling nostalgic and want some people to play with[View]
397010925Just saw all the reddit ea hate. When will people realize it's consumers fault for buying shit …[View]
397009984Any vidya Zombie out there you would fuck?[View]
397011589Disney fags BTFO: Guess trusted reviews really is the only based review site left[View]
397008878what fucking game do i get for my vita next Ive played >p4g >all danganronpas >ys celceta …[View]
397002478World of Warcraft RP: Wyrmest Accord vs Moonguard. Which community is better? Which one do you play …[View]
396981256Injustice 2 is out on PC. Give me one reason you're not playing it, /v/.[View]
397010016ffXIV: Are you ready for the new Frontline /v/? Well you have to do it anyway for the mount.[View]
397004997i installed linux but i cant play any games on it!![View]
397011137why do you guys hate that most of PS3 games gave a 'movie experience'? i really enjoyed the cinemati…[View]
396992615>there are people who prefer this series over Ace Attorney[View]
397009007Thinking of buying a new PS2. What PS1 and PS2 games should I get? Here's the catch; I only wan…[View]
396974919The Absolute State of WoW: Will you guys be playing Battle for Azeroth?[View]
397004872ITT post the moment a franchise was ruined[View]
396999136>it's ok when valve does it[View]
397008237https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7TmXpCJI8s 'The star cards don't have enough of an impact to r…[View]
397008291Just picked up this game. Are you supposed to play without widescreen support and lower than 1080p r…[View]
397010780How come you don't like Lucina anymore, /v/?[View]
397010727ITT:Multiplayer Games you always MVP at For me it's Halo Reach[View]
397007312new from games: A..anytime now...[View]
397010301The worst character in your favorite vidya[View]
397009783>he doesn't like the fact his favorite video game franchise has been taken over by commercia…[View]
397003394Nostalgia thread[View]
397004647How can people see the Peach Bomber as 'sexy'?: It's obviously a silly attack meant to look fun…[View]
397010182Videogame support: hi 4chan people i need all your support so we can accomplish this goal. acknowled…[View]
397006479With the Dune movie coming out in three years or so, do you think there's a chance we'll a…[View]
397000264What went wrong?[View]
397010137This man is a martyr for gaming. A hero needlessly maligned by fools who know nothing.[View]
397009575>4 hour campaign IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE![View]
397004457Of all the shitty things they've done away with in monster hunter why are egg delivery quests s…[View]
397007912Now that the dust is settled, was the neogaf thing a scam to get money?: >Girl had sex with him a…[View]
397009930Have you heard of the High Elves?[View]
397006138ITT: oh yeah, that happened[View]
396991410Thrones of Britannia: Total War: We were Kings, chap![View]
397008774The seasons have gone crazy: A call to action!: So who is going to buy 2hu when it comes out on Stea…[View]
397008532>Animal Crossing >Fire Emblem >Metroid Prime 4 >Kirby >Yoshi >Smash Bros. >Punc…[View]
397009738Did you like the ass jiggle in DoAX3?: Or did you like the previous games better where the girls had…[View]
396995798Semi-Unpopular Opinions: I propose that the PS2 GTA games still hold up to this day. I have spent th…[View]
396983450ITS OVER!! http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-41997252[View]
3969915033x3 Thread: Get to posting, faggots Make yours here: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php Don't f…[View]
397009403>rocksteady should make a superman game Objectively false. Instead, Rocksteady should make a TMNT…[View]
397007702ITT: games that make you feel like an idiot[View]
396983139What version of Minecraft is the best /v/? I'm feeling nostalgic Minecraft is 7 years old[/spoi…[View]
397009130NEVER FELT LIKE[View]
397002597I'll give you exactly ten seconds to post one good reason why you haven't ditched old, wit…[View]
397005796>takes place in a local, rural majority white town >american flags all over town >has a con…[View]
396997025Anybody have knowlege of the chances of a Nier remake/remaster for multiple platforms? My copy of Ni…[View]
396878806/ctt/ - After Dark: Scorpio late night run edition[View]
397007085Is the Xbox One X a failure? Unlike most consoles it wasn't even sold out when it first dropped…[View]
397003094>Gaming TIme[View]
396978604ITT: Games that LITERALLY only you've played[View]
397003675>4321 days since the last proper Ape Escape game was released[View]
397006782Any OG Destiny 1 players here? Never got D2 because of all the minor changes that just added up. D1 …[View]
396993756>we will never get a game that looks like this I'm not one of those 'mature gamer' people bu…[View]
397003001Is it worth a try?[View]
397000797Now that /pol/ is gone, how is this game really? Ratings are through the roof, can't imagine it…[View]
397007961BYOND Lifeweb: I play Space Station 13 a lot and I see people talking about Lifeweb all the time, wh…[View]
397002695What do you want out of Disgaea 6?[View]
397007405Game Feels: >tfw you played burning crusade as a child >tfw you can't get into any other …[View]
397004676what the hell happened /v/[View]
397003403i've been maxed on my mesmer since like April, but now that I'm FINALLY touching PoF I…[View]
397006971Why is there no demand for a classic server?[View]
397006635how long do you give them?[View]
397007531>there are people who actually can't parry in this game[View]
397006095>final boss is a big turtle[View]
397006856What games do people try to look into too deeply?[View]
397003589MAGIC WAS REAL: Remember those japanese polls about the possible survivors before the game got relea…[View]
397007048Why aren't you playing the best multiplayer shooter on the market?[View]
397006915Ironically, Korean pixel-graphic MMOs seem to be a sort of last stand of implicit White Identity[View]
397004949The most fun healing class in MMO history are Paladins. How can any other class compete??[View]
396987137jackbox/drawful2: Let's play some drawful to view mixer.com/stabsdiicks to play jackbox.tv…[View]
397006805https://gematsu.com/2017/11/legend-heroes-trails-cold-steel-kai-ps4-launches-march-8-japan fucking f…[View]
397003217This thing always black screens when I load a rom. Only worth having if you have a super famicom but…[View]
397005190This is your new DPS for tonight, say something formal and respectful to her[View]
397004008Is this really as good as everyone claims it is?[View]
396975365/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>396945090 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
397001869Need some informed opinions on this. Be me. Going to college soon with not alot of money.Have PS4. A…[View]
397006521Do weapons deserve to have rights?[View]
397005496Which controller is superior?[View]
397001323Broken/worn out conlose thread: Post your worn out/broken consoles here. I'll start. 3DS origin…[View]
397003163/v/idya Drawthread: Old Thread >>396975365 >Post references and names >Keep it vidya, …[View]
397004691Pokemon cards can be fun too: Why is it always fucking Yu-gi-oh here when it comes to card games. Th…[View]
3969955372007 >'The government should interfere with the video game industry leave us alone' 2017 >'WAH…[View]
397006185First 8th gen game: I stopped playing vidya when I went to college and got wrapped up in life, and g…[View]
397000123I was gifted Battlefront II: Considering the lowering of the grind to a less extreme but still extre…[View]
397002579i miss them so fucking much[View]
397005549Is it even possible to make a perfect third person camera?[View]
396976146>Go to fighting game tournament >Only 30% participants are white Fighting games are racist.…[View]
397003757What's the this of video games?[View]
397002820I like to communicate with my team using angry voices. How do you fellow 4Channers communicate with …[View]
397003970This is the ideal WoW patch. You may not like it, but this is what pure Vanilla looks like.[View]
397000062From the studio that brought you games like KotoR II, New Vegas, Mask of the Betrayer, and Alpha Pro…[View]
397003325>do new game plus >start old hunters nightmare for first time ever >oh shit >OH SHIT …[View]
397005694>https://youtu.be/N2JOVX9DR_U How do we make it easier for casuals to play Mario?…[View]
397003956This is called a Naoto[View]
397003989please upvote: It's a beautiful breakfast outside. Oranges are peeling, cereal is floating. On …[View]
397003117Why the FUCK is this allowed?[View]
397005567ONLINE: For those who didn't know: SWBF2 is online again[View]
396994912MMO Marvel Heroes shutdown: Free currency for everybody, reduced cash shop prices, and general chat …[View]
396999448What upcoming games are capable of saving their genre single-handedly?[View]
397004337You will buy her game when she gets added to Battlefront 2, right anon?[View]
396959274Fire Emblem: Why don't we have a Fire Emblem thread. What's your favourite game?[View]
397004058I found the kino of jrpgs[View]
397003508Death Stranding: Well /v/?[View]
396999862'Whats is your vocation?' ~ Im a professional streamer gamer[View]
396996370Is this good enough to start with in Dokkan Battle?[View]
396992862Would you buy a MediEvil remake pack, /v/?[View]
397001835Name a game where triggering a super mode does NOT result in an annoying change in music[View]
397004680Fuck, the thread was deleted before I posted mine...[View]
397002529Since the last Lara thread got purged for some reason... What's the /v/erdict? Old or NuLara?[View]
396993165C'mon lads, is there out there a more beautiful console?[View]
397002893What are some games that take place in Peru?[View]
396997504Worthabuy - No it's not: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfkk0U7Pfr0 What a complete POS lmao j…[View]
396972871Monster Hunter: Monster Hunter World is gearing up to be one of the best games in the franchise, and…[View]
397002525Why the fuck is this allowed? >shit no one asked for >we are getting fucking brown orcs next …[View]
396998379D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die: SEASON 2 WHEN?[View]
396998064>game's story has prominent anti war message >gameplay consists of making war and violenc…[View]
397001969Why isn't /v/ talking about this? This could be the most important video game release of all ti…[View]
397000645How do you play your games: Do you anons have a preferred platform of choice when it comes to gaming…[View]
397004173>the final boss is your apprentice[View]
397004018/freebitcoins /gifts /discord: Free bitcoins u only work is join to this chat of discord and convinc…[View]
397002426Best game of all time = Shenmue 2[View]
397000410*ends your play through*[View]
396977984Was it kino, /v/?[View]
397003935I have a pretty extensive backlog on my Steam library. Want to play through some and finish them but…[View]
397000387>Esports will be obsolete in your lifetime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAu1ZsTCA64…[View]
396989219Hi, I'm still the best Persona game.[View]
397002621Do you vape while gaming, /v/?[View]
397003086why does sonic get so much hate? i think hes pretty cool[View]
396997920What are your favorite Left 4 Dead 2 mods, /v/?[View]
397002000This game fucking sucks[View]
396993742>no force >no combat training >no actual experience as a tactician >special “hero” How …[View]
396991825http://www.sqwar.io/: Sqwar.io[View]
397002329Where is the ass jiggle?: I was so disappointed when I found out that 2B, while having a big butt, a…[View]
396971923Friendly reminder that Redguards split an atom and caused a literal nuclear Holocaust on their home …[View]
396992582Do card bonuses actually affect gameplay to the point where skill doesn't matter and I'll …[View]
397003097Is Dark Souls online community still active (on PC)? Or have people all abandoned it long ago for Da…[View]
397001320Be honest, was he right?[View]
396996326>die in Weeping City 6 separate times >realize I am the shitters Should I uninstall?…[View]
397002626What's your favorite Source Filmmaker work?[View]
397001624Destroy All Humans: Does this game hold up?[View]
396983951What is your favorite perk/map?[View]
396995621It's interesting how three little words can destroy the entire 'lootboxes are gambling' argumen…[View]
397002309say something about Mahiru[View]
397002506Xenoblade Chronicles 2 thread: Japan time soon[View]
396999616Now that the dust has settled: can we at least agree that this is the best CoD since MW2?[View]
397002534I wanna marry Dagger[View]
396998717Hey /v/ what's your favorite video game?[View]
396994064Is this the ugliest console of its time? It looks like a CD player or cable box from the 90s.[View]
396986108>tfw can't enjoy games with ludonarrative dissonance after finishing Nier: Automata Yoko Tar…[View]
396998686>this is the best xbox could come up with to compete with playstation, the switch, and pc…[View]
396999112there is literally no good reason for this cunt to be in bloodborn[View]
396998945Don’t mind me, just waiting for those Photo hints to reload[View]
397002232>shitposting thread got deleted I was having so much fun mods.[View]
396991240When is the Switch getting hacked?[View]
396999490One day i will own this board[View]
397002081Wait that's not Mark Hamill's voice wtf![View]
397001765How does /v/ feel about trashtalking?[View]
397000346are you hyped for a complete edition?[View]
397002071LWA:Chamber of Time: Are you gonna buy their game when it comes out in 2018?[View]
396998849I don't understand her design. How does he stomach work?[View]
397001897Obscure Voxel-Based MMO: There was a old voxel-based MMO with a very small playerbase. The world was…[View]
396973924Were video games really better in the 90s/early 2000s, or is it just nostalgia?[View]
397001797So it turns out that no one actually hates diversity or cares about it in games when it's mostl…[View]
397001345>think you beat the game >you are only halfway finished…[View]
397001297What does the future hold for Sonic?[View]
397000863Final Fantasy XV Comrades: Holy shit this is so fucking boring. What the fuck were all the delays fo…[View]
397001125>25% better than PS4Pro >$499+tax >oh don't worry you can play 360 games !…[View]
397001640ey boys, got a 1tb hd for my ps2, wat guys you recommend me install for it?[View]
396999338>PAL ahahahahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSSYo0npMhA[View]
397000124Can we talk about Harley's ass in Arkham Knight?: You remember this scene where Batman picks he…[View]
396994524>monkey boss >'time for monkey business!'…[View]
396999590>Mario has logged in[View]
396996351I bully guys who play girls in video games[View]
396999215What are some games that start out really happy and joyful and slowly become nightmare fuel?[View]
396999284What were the most popular games of 2017?[View]
397000038Look at this: https://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=65 it's crap.[View]
397001329PSO2 thread, definitely not because I desperately need help with the capcha boss. Recommendations fo…[View]
396995891>Multiculturalism for Skyrim! Open borders for Windhelm! What did Ulfric Stormcuck mean by this? …[View]
397001309King of Fighters Thread: Which is the best version of King of Fighters available on the Switch eshop…[View]
396997936I want to talk about how the Switch uses FreeBSD as their underlying OS.[View]
397001140I'm buying BF2 even though I dislike nu-Star Wars and I'll be recommending everyone to buy…[View]
397001131Eternal Dissapointment: >No new weapons >No new classes >No new vehicles >Still the same…[View]
396984414If you aren't playing >Druid >Shaman >Paladin Then your opinion on class balance isn…[View]
396999339>Xbox One X is a huge upgr-[View]
396999045Death Stranding: Well /v/?[View]
397000672*blocks your path*[View]
396997228Well /v/, what does it mean?[View]
396999851Was it good?[View]
397000773I know TES6 probably won't be released any time in the near future due to Skyrim being popular …[View]
396999159Why do you people keep bitching about >muh forced diversity nigger samurai? Why aren't you c…[View]
396986404>b-bbote with yur b-b-ballet![View]
396987269>not maining a paladin in every RPG you play What is your excuse, heathen?…[View]
396998126will post this everyday until E3 I will cling to hope in possibility that E3 will be videogames 211 …[View]
396995554Why aren't they releasing Monster Hunter World for the Switch?[View]
397000297>get sent this over Discord What is wrong with Soyblox?[View]
397000051Say something bad about your favorite game I’ll start Bloodborne shit bosses[View]
396989547God Eater was complete garbage[View]
397000179Dankest Dungeon: This is the result of level 0/1 heroes and mostly short runs because I'm scare…[View]
397000052a SERIOUS video game related question: What DDR GAMES have party rock anthem in it?[View]
396990870How did this mediocre game have the most patrician soundtrack of all time? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
396992173>2017 >32GB Hard drive >$300…[View]
396999976Poorly Drawn Final Bosses: This is a recreation of a thread I found months ago. It was fun so I figu…[View]
396999673What's the Entertech of electronic games? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU1b_F5ztX0[View]
396996693Did he ever get his pizza?[View]
396999921Post your best reaction images[View]
396997947Overwatch lootboxes are literally just as cancerous as Battlefront 2 lootboxes. You cannot refute th…[View]
396998842Xenoblade 2 thread: New zone theme up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qsz0ReBU3VY Maximum comfy…[View]
396998940New game when?[View]
396996594Will the Switch ever get a game with good graphics?[View]
396997927This is Nintendo's strongest female character[View]
396998069will this ever get remade/remastered? should it be?[View]
396996919>If you like the game, BUY IT! >CHANGE MY PITCH UP, SMACK MY BITCH UP…[View]
396998610I have <2 hours in this game. Should I refund it?[View]
396997832Am I mistaken to believe that The Ringed City DLC is the hardest shit in all of DS3? It's liter…[View]
396995407>just vote with your wallet, anon[View]
396999334You didn't cure the Genophage did you?[View]
396995862CLOSERS: Anyone here give it a try? Worth jumping into for 15 bucks or no?[View]
396994012What would've been the ideal MGSV ending?[View]
396999232games for rich people: >find an old hard drive with a bitcoin wallet >suddenly rich af So, /v…[View]
396999201He's gonna take you back to the past...[View]
396992934Whats the scariest moment in videogames?[View]
396991642>it's been 3 years >still can't get out of medical…[View]
396998608Vidya game stories?: Anybody have em?[View]
396995962>RPG with 'choices' >1. Yes, m'lord. Consider it done. >2. OK, I will do it. >3. Ug…[View]
396993341What's on your wishlist?[View]
396981585eggman: robotnik[View]
396998312Why is Capcom wasting their time with ports? Are they really that strapped for cash after SFV, MvCI,…[View]
396998627Right now. /v/ is averaging 1.5 Loot Crate threads per hour. 110 in the last 3 days, nearly all of w…[View]
396997227To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand microtransactions. The intent is extremely…[View]
396981360despite the forced diversity this is the best bf game since bfbc2[View]
396995875Old Game: I've been looking for an old game (~2001, maybe earlier) and can't find it anywh…[View]
396996452Huh. It must be that time again.[View]
396996773heads up /v/ https://deals.dell.com/mpp/productdetail/ozs[View]
396998372>new vegas >majority of the game is spent outside of vegas >when you finally get to vegas t…[View]
396993120>the entire video game industry crashing >Clueless politicians >right wing censors >fem…[View]
396997508The current consoles fucking suck, they keep trying to extend the lifespan but it's a waste of …[View]
396988882How do you go from this...[View]
396996792>Build $1800 gaymur computer >Do nothing but browse /v/ and watch porn…[View]
396998193Character flaws intact, is there a way for Dr. Eggman to achieve his goals?[View]
396998131I like girl peepee: desu I told my girlfriend not to use 4chan and now her life is ruined by overly …[View]
396996498What are the must play gamecube games that you think or know hold up well in 2017?[View]
396997587I've been boycotting EA since Mass Effect 3 buy none of the backlashes from their various abort…[View]
396998004Am I the only one that doesn't care if it's a 100% carbon copy of vanilla? I just wanna pl…[View]
396996820>large boss enemy summons lots of smaller enemies Is this just a crutch for not being able to des…[View]
396986664Deepest lore revealed on Super Bomberman R: >This explains why bomberman got a proper voice while…[View]
396996882Does anyone still play Metal Gear Online? Let's get a room going.[View]
396996168I'll feel like I'm 13 years old again, r-right guys?[View]
396997852It's like, there's FOUR buttons right on the front of the controller? Like, that's NO…[View]
396997623Killing floor thread L-O-D-S OF E-M-O-N-E WHOSSAT SPELL?[View]
396983039Alright /v/ the only Sonic game I played was Advance 2 back in the day. What games should I play and…[View]
396969993What the fuck is wrong with japan post more vidya characters with retarded ages in regards to their …[View]
396977131Friendly reminder that Pokemon is going to save the Switch.[View]
396984749Don Corneo - Final Fantasy VII: What was his endgame?[View]
396982073This is the greatest Lego video game ever made.[View]
396997057How long before EA is bought by Disney?[View]
396997272I dont get it tell me /v/ whats the appeal to this character[View]
396997579What game do you like to when you're angry or stressed /v/?[View]
396997567'We want the fast and furious crowd'[View]
396996257Why did they ruin the sequel: Bad company had some of the best humor and most likable characters in …[View]
396995234Why do people pretend PC gamers play fighting games?[View]
396996535Is it still true?[View]
396975072Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire: The beta is here. Anyone else enjoying it? Share your thoughts. Th…[View]
396991257Is this any good? feel like playing a crpg and it looks like fallout.[View]
396988096Why do men who play as girls in video games make them look prettier (or rather sluttier) than real g…[View]
396995173Operation Bad Front The timing is now, EA games just had a horrible reddit AMA and no one is buying …[View]
396996808>https://youtu.be/N2JOVX9DR_U How do we make Mario games easier for the crowd?…[View]
396996262I'm about to waste all of my money on this somebody stop me[View]
396958515Is this true?[View]
396994640>The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh.[View]
396991427Not even Michael Fassbender could save this movie. What the fuck went wrong?[View]
396989970War on lootboxes: https://www.change.org/p/entertainment-software-rating-board-esrb-make-esrb-declar…[View]
396995541you have 10 seconds to name me a better star wars game[View]
396991110How is it[View]
396996130here's your general grievous bro[View]
396995804Mom games: There's been a lot of talk that the recent wave of video games about gritty fathers …[View]
396995145Halo Thread? What game has your favorite: >Campaign >Multiplayer >Customs >Forge >Fav…[View]
396991525Did they really have to make him a rapist? You can be a villain without being murderous , raping pe…[View]
396995221>tfw no switch Thank fuck MH beta is soon[View]
396996013Guys get hyped another version of best waifu is on her way soon :^)[View]
396992651Who had the better final boss fight?[View]
396993273I started playing Dark Souls, and i sucks. Can anyone give me some advices?[View]
396995824You tards realize that this won't be coming out for another two years right? You would be bette…[View]
396995781Do you have something about vidya you want to bitch about on /v/ but you are too scared it's go…[View]
396995708I had a dream last night that I replayed this game and it still held up and even surpassed my expect…[View]
396995702Star Wars Battlefront 2: How do you enjoy this KINO, lads?[View]
396993936>people will defend this[View]
396976903Why is the community for this game so fucking terrible? >Somebody gets killed, immediately blames…[View]
396984853Loving it so far, but this has got to be one of the aesthetically chaotic games ever >jarring mix…[View]
396991765ITT: subtle video game clothing[View]
396995058ITT: 'Emotional' Game Music: https://youtu.be/e0h09RpeMSY I dunno why, this music hits me right in t…[View]
396992740What's some of your favorite Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts songs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
396993235how the FUCK did they get away with this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Fd-Gz9j40 https://www.y…[View]
396990749ITT: Videogame childhood crushes[View]
396994898When will Square give us classic Final Fantasy XIV? I'm tired of playing this linear casual bul…[View]
396990712What video games does the average Brazilian man like to play?[View]
396987793Do you guys ever take your PS4 outside to do some comfy gaming in the outdoors?[View]
396994875What was his fucking problem?[View]
396994712Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy of this beautiful, beautiful game?[View]
396991895Can anyone give me a game ps1 era or before that would work well on a mobile phone. I got a flight t…[View]
396994740Is it fun?[View]
396987107>jap games are full of STRONK WOMYN, gay shit, trannies+futas, male villains, nonwhite protagonis…[View]
396965463How is your game coming along? You *are* making a game right? I hope you picked a good engine and no…[View]
396994331sonic forces sucks: how did sega even think this game was ok to release anyway here's my review…[View]
396978648It's obvious why boys like Nier: Automata so much. Why do girls love it as well?[View]
396994583CURSE YOU REDDIT![View]
396992723>love max payne 1 >enjoyed max payne 3 a lot >can't be bothered to finish max payne 2 …[View]
396964447The first three Smash Bros games were all fun in their own way. Why isn't this one fun?[View]
396973606Lookin' good! Gold best protagonist[View]
396994441Here ya go: https://www.roblox.com/games/142823291/Murder-Mystery-2?rbxp=35341912 Hourly Daily…[View]
396993839What are your fondest memories of this generation? Does it feel nostalgic yet?[View]
396987676DOA Xtreme Venus Vacation: How it going guys?[View]
396982170>Most Anticipated Game >Most Anticipated Game HAHAHAHAHA…[View]
396992568*blocks scout path*[View]
396993187How are these neps?[View]
396932586Dokkan: JP is giving away 300 stones because of the banner fuck up. So if you were thinking of rerol…[View]
396981105So... is SE ready to go or are we still stuck with the original.[View]
396993473>plays soldier >doesn't sprint nonstop just go ahead and uninstall the game…[View]
396994173FFXI: Is it that time again?[View]
396977575I've just finished Fire Emblem Awakening, it was good. One of the best games I've played i…[View]
396986896So, who the fuck created Simon?[View]
396993039This game fucking sucks. Why did you lie to me /v/?[View]
396991521>tfw Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be released next year >tfw Kingdom Hearts 3 is reaching the …[View]
396983767Are there any other games that are on par with VTMB in terms of atmosphere and writing?[View]
396993910will they be re-released on the Switch by end of the year? ;-;[View]
396992812*blocks your path*[View]
396993336Do it: https://www.roblox.com/games/185655149/Welcome-to-Bloxburg-BETA?rbxp=35341912…[View]
396992983ITT: Games only you played.[View]
396993623I have almost finished Disgaea 5 and am looking for some more lengthy games to play. I have played p…[View]
396993008>play a game >pretend I'm a popular Let's Player or streamer and narrate things goin…[View]
396993043Where were you when we finally stood up to EA games?[View]
396991268why do they have such a colossal boner for the original trilogy? do they not realize the prequels ha…[View]
396992653Reminder that Delfino Isle is 100% CONFIRMED to be in the game as DLC.[View]
396991059>game forces you to walk slowly and listen to someone talk[View]
396993328What i'm in for? played the 'tutorial' and game feels incredibly fluid. I had fun playing a SF …[View]
396993314So if I fail a mission by losing all lives, I never get to do that mission again? What type of homos…[View]
396989260Is Pillars of Eternity good? I really liked DOS2 and Wasteland 2. Recently bought and finished Tyran…[View]
396993132How the fuck i'm supposed to win this? Doesn't matter what i do, he always instakill me at…[View]
396931306Get in here faggots, we need more players. http://cursors.io/[View]
396992008was he right?[View]
396979178What did he mean by this?[View]
396974989ITT: Games only you have played[View]
396991484Ok im not trying to get banned, but now some time has passed can someone post THAT pic?[View]
396992839Wait a minute, you're telling me I have to actually play the game to unlock these levels and I …[View]
396978860What is the biggest mistake a developer has made in a game EVER, and why is it flying mounts?[View]
396992410Name one game that deserves game of the year besides mario. I'll wait, no rush /v/[View]
396986301Okay /v/, how the FUCK do you beat this guy? I've been stuck fighting him for literal weeks now…[View]
396992534why aren't more games using vulkan? Are gamedevs all a bunch of microshaft cucks? Do they not c…[View]
396991976>boss' weak point is his arse.[View]
396991527So, how is FFXV's multiplayer mode?[View]
396992340you wanna know something really awesome /v/? >dont buy an EA game in over 15 years. >wont ever…[View]
396987445>Micro transactions aren't even that bad, who are you to tell me that wasting my money on th…[View]
396990397Odyssey Screenshot thread: Post them[View]
396985867What gaming achievement are you most proud of /v/? What's the first example you would give if y…[View]
396978221What are the complains to the game other than SJW?[View]
396992138Best bros in gaming: Best bros in gaming[View]
396988229Is Sonic Battle a fighting game?[View]
396991646Given their long history of tanking the credibility of studios and then shutting them down, why woul…[View]
396988114Tarzan joins ARMS https://youtu.be/JzH6wtGeaBM[View]
396981050I've looked through your 4chan post history with Warden, and it seems you've been quite cr…[View]
396991672Why aren't there any reverse-fishing games?[View]
396991784>So Anon, what do you do for fun?[View]
396991326Why hasn't there ever been a good Superman game?[View]
396990504>tfw pretending to be a girl in servers with a voice changer >all those free items and friend …[View]
396985528Horror: >horror game >it doesn't have combat…[View]
396988089Forced Perspective?: Does the new Battlefront game have a mode that locks everyone to first-person? …[View]
396986291This error could be translated into: there was an error during CS:GO update (locked file content) I …[View]
396990696what vidya do you play just to feel comfy?[View]
396991352Do you think bigger dev teams lose their soul when they become mega popular?[View]
396990964What are some snes era games that are just as fun to play today as when they first released? Pic ver…[View]
396989771Daily reminder that TF2's hat update is the spark that eventually lead to the loot crate gambli…[View]
396988904what went wrong?[View]
396988393What are some truly awful, utterly irredeemable, unironically 0/10 games?[View]
396989642I need games with good cooking systems NOW![View]
396989825Kain is deified: The clans tell tales of him, few know the truth.[View]
396989325Games where the player character becomes the villain throughout the course of the story?[View]
396991170SA2 custom level mods: Look. Sega will not listen to us adventure fans. And even if they did... >…[View]
396991162Is this the best game ever made?[View]
396990087YEEHAW! It is of me! Mario person![View]
396990627why are there literally no POC in mario games? is it because nintendo is racist?[View]
396982401FFXII: >Square Enix is celebrating the 1 million shipments and digital sales for Final Fantasy XI…[View]
396990902what are some games where i can predict the future?[View]
396986802Remember when people laughed at you for playing games and called you a fucking nerd?[View]
396988131https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRsFAJaiTwk Why haven't you bought the first Star Wars game wit…[View]
396983697Under 'games preordered' you have not listened any Fallout or Elder Scrolls games. Care to explain?[View]
396990310As someone with 2,000+ hours, I can comfortably say that there is some sort of active cult following…[View]
396986247What are some Switch peripherals you want?[View]
396987824What is THE BEST Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the GBA? Looking to pick one up after years of disinterest in YG…[View]
396990496hey /v/ i like video games anyone else?[View]
396984398https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDVzexhr7io is Nvidia really that bad?[View]
3969848644x4 thread: 4x4 thread couldnt find any decent box art for commander keen so i said fuck it and made…[View]
396989319>John Redcorn's family quest line rewards adjusted for balance >Boggle Tournament festiva…[View]
396990315What are games that let me be stupendously vored by large musical instruments?[View]
396989401Okay /v/, Im drunk as shit and just downloaded Persona 5 porn from a russian site that 100% gave me …[View]
396988487Worth getting the HD version of Apollo Justice?[View]
396940476Dragon Quest 11 brought me back to gaming.: DQ11 is a 10/10 game, it's just amazing it's t…[View]
396978089Which type of armor do you typically go for, and why?[View]
396989463You now just realized that Cry of Fear is better than any Silent Hill game. It seems the student has…[View]
396989869While Asscreed still having some problems, i think it does deserve some talk here, /v/ >shitty lo…[View]
396986294BURN, EA, BURN!: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/star_wars_battlefront_ii/b/xboxone/archive/2017/1…[View]
396986242>fall damage decreases armor points[View]
396989705Where are all the niggers in WoW?: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759182917?page=5…[View]
396986156When will we have a Reddit vs. 4chan tourny again? What game can we play? The year is about to end w…[View]
396982982Company 'HOL UPS': AYO HOL UP *releases new add that needs own power supply* HOL UP HOL UP *slows do…[View]
396988147was there an xbox game that had all these features ?[View]
396983085Valkyria Chronicles 4?[View]
396989191They showed this during Paris Game Week but nobody gave it any attention. I've played it and I …[View]
396989160Rainbow Six Vegas 1 or 2, which is better?[View]
396962763Did FFXV 'save' Final Fantasy? Is SE on the right track again or no?[View]
396977912Step aside! Video Game kino coming through! Could this be the best vidya game movie of all time?[View]
396988710Why have not you wanted to buy a Nintendo Switch/v/?: This year have two GOTY’s[View]
396984287What was his name again?[View]
396985336Baten Kaitos: I really wish this series had received more games. I really enjoyed the combat, the ba…[View]
396983392Screenshot Thread: >Screenshot[View]
396946774who is the best member of S.T.A.R.S.?[View]
396986250Lootboxes aside, this game is incredibly boring after you get past the fan service and the incredibl…[View]
396985904CAPESHIT GAMES: Good super hero games that are not Batman Arkham series. Post them, I wanna get hipp…[View]
396983624give it to me straight /v/, are these games and the nier games actually worth playing or am i better…[View]
396981568Why is the lootbox controversy suddenly exploding now when we've known about the cards being in…[View]
396985662Why can't we get more awesome rythm games? Most newer ones seem to fall a bit flat. I've …[View]
396988545>Design a random enemy generator with the idea that each boss will be memorable and will make the…[View]
396987451Is this a console or a toy? What’s the difference? Is there a difference?[View]
396986370It's Blaze's birthday today. Wish her a happy birthday, /v/[View]
396986531>let the team down >moment of redemption comes >you're doing it all on your own >in…[View]
396977820Remake when?[View]
396979574/v/ music: alright, /v/, post music that makes you go like pic-related https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
396986571>tfw 120 hours in Tekken 7 and STILL can't get out of blue ranks with Nina >tfw you will …[View]
396987765Don't mind me, just busy having the worst soundtrack in the series here.[View]
396987532>I want EA to remove DLC for Battlefront II[View]
396981363>playing Mario Odyssey on my flight >reach to grab some water and pull out my headphone cord …[View]
396971540when is the 3ds sucessor going to come out?? also when will psvita 2 going to come out[View]
396983809Wait a minute... Is that..?[View]
396987342>discussion on /v/ about a non-RPG game >disscusses the game with RPG standards…[View]
396987468Pirates of /v/, why are all of you such self-righteous, entitled cunts?[View]
396952046This is William-san, the world's first European samurai and Japanese culture enthusiast. Please…[View]
396981896I'm getting a PSN, somebody give me a gamertag[View]
396969181Conception II: Has anyone ever played this? I remember it coming out on the eShop but I know literal…[View]
396980290>first time playing new vegas with its dlc >have a blast with honest hearts and dead money …[View]
396980482NFS Payback Review: It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFAG2MLVjAY[View]
396986738So this is the power of the Switch...wow.[View]
396953669this is your healer for today[View]
396986970Boss! There's another... in my...[View]
396954901ITT: Post the very best video game map.[View]
396984969Be honest, /v/. If you were a game developer with a following, would you the include the DLC and/or …[View]
396985238Can we get a shitlist of every game that has loot boxes and have them effectively banned from /v/?[View]
396986538'I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I've ruled as Tamriel's Emperor. But for all these …[View]
396984459>Great campaign >Great soundtrack >Great maps >Last time any real effort was put into a …[View]
396979415*blocks ur path*[View]
396986014Are cooking games dead?[View]
396971663Why didn't you pre-order us /v/?[View]
396985828This is your new DPS for tonight[View]
396985847Shantae and Wario Ware?: Wikipedia lists Wario Ware D.I.Y as a crossover game with the Shantae serie…[View]
396981769'Oh boy, I can't wait for my boss fight!'[View]
396984713Is there any way to calibrate my 360 controller to account for its stick drift? Windows's built…[View]
396982384DDLC: So what was her epiphany?[View]
396985476ITT: characters who literally did nothing wrong[View]
396978227Super Bomberman R Update 2.0: >10 new characters including Dracula, Goemon, Princess Tomato and R…[View]
396985848Nowadays games are either: >braindead fps open world reskins or >dark souls inspired cancer nu…[View]
396984507you're supporting his game release on steam this friday right? im even doing a giveaway[View]
396962383Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Hype thread[View]
396985295>every total war game ever >spearmen lose to swordsmen Thanks for clearing that up CA. But wil…[View]
396985668/v/, what's the best raycaster game in your opinion? (as in games that draw the graphics like w…[View]
396985156>you can see friends playing non-steam games wtf does this apply to porn games too? what else ste…[View]
396983765TO THE ABYSS WITH THEE![View]
396985398I ITCHING FOR A FIGHT[View]
396973054Last of Us Sucks: Let’s face it, this game is bad. The story isn’t worthwhile, the characters are me…[View]
396984452/v/ BTFO: >Multiplayer video games: Researchers discover link between skill and intelligence Scie…[View]
396985369>*tells you that our upgrade pace is looking strong at the moment in a unskippable cutscene you…[View]
396985385>when you've thought the old man down the road has been dead for months, until one day you s…[View]
396979475How many times has doomguy beat up hell now? 4 times? Can he be beat? Name a single protagonist who’…[View]
396984896Where's their Switch game?[View]
396978795Skyrim VR: This is the moment we've all been waiting for, /v/. Finally, a full-length legitimat…[View]
396966119This is Celica. Say something nice about her.[View]
396976478This is your squad for today's mission. How can ayyylmaos even compete?[View]
396959978A Hat in Time: Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this game was much better than O…[View]
396984923Those people should be immediately deported in a fucking concentration camp. Look at those fucking r…[View]
396983808What happened to /v/ playing Mario Kart on weekends?[View]
396982865ARMS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzH6wtGeaBM New trailer for 4.0 is up.[View]
396967660Who's your favorite fighting game character /v/? Mines is Urien because of how /fit/ and effay …[View]
396984094There is no acceptable reason to not play this game at least once a month.[View]
396938286Post them dark souls webms. Demon's souls and bloodborne too[View]
396977119PS3 to get custom firmware, even after the surprise update from Sony. Release scheduled for 'ar…[View]
396981887Unpopular opinions: I think we can all agree on this at least.[View]
396979007What is Nintendo's problem with Fighting Games? The Switch has -no Tekken -no Street Fighter -…[View]
396983905>he fell for the OLED meme[View]
396978541Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread: A reminder that this Friday will be the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links for PC on …[View]
396984229Video game tropes that you hate >Beat a boss >They're shown kicking your ass in the proce…[View]
396981975Balance!: If this guy has any say on the direction of Classic WoW its going to be ruined.[View]
396983671What's the difference between Gacha mobile games and Lootboxes?[View]
396970596Will this series ever be good?[View]
396981864>sword >6-10 damage >spear >1-11 damage >increased range >axe >7-12 damage …[View]
396979807>Study shows Tekken has the most female e-sports players compared to any other e-sports title. Wh…[View]
396983764OH NO NO NO NO NO NOO *inhales* PFFFFFFF HAHAHAAH[View]
396980712This game sucks, who the fuck would pay $50 for it? Feels like a $20 downloadable title.[View]
396967132Vidya moments that give you gooseflesh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM33Hr94SKw[View]
396983321make way for the funniest youtuber on the block: CHOO CHOO! You can't criticize me if I do ever…[View]
396982936So how badly is Todd going fuck a main story on the whole world Elder Scrolls. INB4 Elder Scrolls On…[View]
396980445I see a distant dark future. All games on PC and console are now filled with loot boxes and in game …[View]
396977086Hori, what the actual fuck?[View]
3969749142 > Andromeda > 1 > 3 Any other opinion is delusional or just plain foolish.[View]
396971887This is the best controller.[View]
396983521You now realise that Skyrim 2 will have a voiced protagonist[View]
396977950Hello, I'm the best Ace Combat game.[View]
396963389ok you won /v/ You can stop now[View]
396983409what are the best games with permadeath? pic semi related unfortunately[View]
396971024Fighting EX Layer: Name's finally set, new trailer, beta starting december 11. Shirase redesign…[View]
396982675>injustice 2 comes out >big batch of new characters >main joker I DON'T THINK YOU TRUS…[View]
396967834ITT: IP’s you want to see as games: Pic related. Not sure what it would look like as a game, but the…[View]
396982801>Game for adults. >Mainly played by kids. >Game for kids. >Mainly played by adults.…[View]
396981704Why the fuck wasn't it nominated for GOTY?[View]
396903897Why haven't you played Misaki's game yet?[View]
396975363What makes a video game character good?[View]
396956636Name a better race in TES than Khajiit. Ahnassi to this day remains the undisputed best love interes…[View]
396981394What does /v/ plan on buying for black friday? Might pick up a ps4 pro slim for 199[View]
396980959So it's agreed that BotW has the best soundtrack of 2017, right?[View]
396960812Which is the better game, /v/?[View]
396982814New ARMS character: misango https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzH6wtGeaBM[View]
396963352Remember that were police, stick with the prod. it will stun your opponents or knock them unconsciou…[View]
396982173NEW KOEI GAME, WHAT IS IT /v/? https://twitter.com/KoeiTecmoUS/status/930963940959334400[View]
396982541What's your favorite cinematic platformer?[View]
396975253the state of western gaming[View]
396973381anybody play nioh? if I always wanted a Souls game in a Japanese mythos setting, how much exactly wi…[View]
396980636I live under a rock.: What's the deal with Battlefront II exactly?[View]
396982471Name one game that damaged 'gaming culture' more than Portal >so quirky and randum Xd >girl po…[View]
396978704>game constantly updated for free since launch >now has double the stages and characters >e…[View]
396975473This is the best development studio.[View]
396969259Should I get DOOM or Super Mario Odyssey? I know it should be obvious, but Odyssey looks kind of bor…[View]
396982129Z3RO just a easy riddle for you: link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/fvjr42r66vcb2mk/Z3R%C3%98+game.r…[View]
396977049Shameful vidya DLC purchases: Which ones do you regret the most?[View]
396981994do you still playing splatoon?[View]
396977491>Left my torrents open while I went out for groceries >come back with the cops waiting outside…[View]
396981976Hello /v/ I need some recs of emulators as well some game recs. I can only emulate up to Gamecube. A…[View]
396981759Stealth games/classes: whats the appeal of spending hours sneaking just to do what a warrior can do …[View]
396981839wolfy thread? just made it to the research center[View]
396981607What did he mean by this? Also, is the game REALLY that bad?[View]
396978539This is your teams healer for the next case Say something nice about her[View]
396980716Guys can we cut EA some slack? They do support LGBT and they have been attacked for defending these …[View]
396978819>Hybrid classes are better than the primary ones[View]
396931805>sell my console and gayman pc >buy a motorcycle instead >infinitely happier as a result Ga…[View]
396980771>mfw I think back to 2006 or so, and remember horse armor and halo 3 map packs dropping >every…[View]
396980683After Installing Call of Duty WW2 and trying out the Multiplayer for 5 minutes i quit instant becau…[View]
396966946>Post your top five favorite games >other anons try to guess your personality…[View]
396981407ITT: Franchises that need to make a come back[View]
396968595How pathetic is it that Nintendo are able to create a true sense of SCALE on “sub-par” hardware? A f…[View]
396978628Name one publisher that's more jewish, I fucking dare you[View]
396943118Who's gonna take the gold home?[View]
396981143What is the most autistic thing you have ever done because of a video game >be me >Play overwa…[View]
396979467Post embarrassing flops.[View]
396971582Twitch is full of Sluts streamers...: >“This used to be a god damn community of gamers, nerds, ki…[View]
396960181VR is the future Accept it goyim[View]
396977549Is steampunk an inherently shit genre?[View]
396980160I found an old Model F for $6.99 at a thrift store today, is this worth replacing my Model M for? I …[View]
396979224Just got a Wii U, what games does this have besides mario, BotW, and Bayo 2? And is online dead for …[View]
396971267Star Fox 64 > Star Fox 2 > Star Fox > Star Fox Assault > Star Fox Zero > Star Fox Adv…[View]
396980707Games like this that aren't Stardew Valley[View]
396980230Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
396980325>Game lets you distribute stats >Only three out of ten actually matter and rest are useless …[View]
396980292>classic wow gets announced >everyone is hype, sharing stories and reminiscing >one week la…[View]
396974751>consider getting a snes mini >everyone spergs out every time >JUST GET A RASPBERRY PI FAGG…[View]
396980141Heads up shiteaters: Video game overlord Intel is cucking you again >Built into many Intel® Chips…[View]
396944483What games depict hell properly? Pic not related. I feel like I'm shooting aliens and mutants[View]
396979523>Sequel is a glorified mission pack[View]
396980046Who's the strongest rhythm game character? My money is on Ulala[View]
396980021Killing Floor: *teleports behind you*[View]
396980028>ITT we post movies/books/comics that deserve a video game[View]
396975702Why do you play video games, /v/? What are you trying to escape from?[View]
396951775>Unlocking Everything in Battlefront II Requires 4528 hours or $2100 Holy fuck, I don't even…[View]
396978127Does killing Rom affect the expansion areas at all? I'm not sure if I should start before or af…[View]
396979727This War of Mine: Who playing this shit?: I bought this for a quid, turned it on and didn't lea…[View]
39697971672 chooses my (male) cosplay for this weekend's con.[View]
396951063So... why did she need help from Gerald again?[View]
396978313diablo ii lod: why the fuck they didn't fix the lackluster act IV?[View]
396979072Is this fake[View]
396979190Team Overwatch Vs Team Fortress: To the left: A cast of funny, well written, fun to play characters …[View]
396979170The Hamlet. Home.[View]
396961313Was he /our guy/?[View]
396979297So how many beta males plan on gifting their female 'friends' sub?: Twitch just releases sub gifting…[View]
396979491>We want to be Blizzard 2.0 What did they mean by this? https://youtu.be/Rwx1N5BbqaY…[View]
396978943>Leather and Padded armor sets both in game >Leather has every advantage over padded…[View]
396970514Why does /v/ defend this?[View]
396978453space vidya thread: >star citizen succeeds >we get a great new space game >star citizen fai…[View]
396970849>default battle theme changes halfway through the game[View]
396976148>Came out on Wii U >Wii U version didn't even have pointer controls I just want to experi…[View]
396971541Team Dark is the best thing about Sonic.[View]
396978272I am Diego.[View]
396967971Horizon Zero Dawn is GOTY. Vote for it.: Mario and Link's story have been stale for the last 20…[View]
396971556>I exclusively listen to anime and video game soundtracks[View]
396976041Real talk if this game is in early access, it didn't officially release yet which means it tech…[View]
396933725This is a SEGA MMO in 2017.[View]
396978479>the state of capcbros[View]
396975435How will the future of video games play out if Battlefront 2 flops because of negative feedback over…[View]
396972565realistically how much money would it take to literally be an 'idea guy' and pay a bunch of people t…[View]
396978416I've beaten Way of the Ninja: Veteran, but still can't buy Okatsu. Do I have to do anythin…[View]
396972703ITT: Games that would be impossible to publish in 2017 I'll start The original Devil May Cry ga…[View]
396978356Its time to go Gordon. Into the test chamber.[View]
396974659ITT: AAA Games that /v/ never discuss.[View]
396963489Any gw2 players?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3KWOxFvoXo What does it mean? I am new to gw2 an…[View]
396974614I decided to watch a Roblox stream just to see what it's all about. And then I found this. clip…[View]
396977935What games have realistic western mechs?[View]
396942123I'm near the end of FF9, which is the first turn based RPG I've ever played. I love it and…[View]
396954546You didn't let Wrex live, did you? >Knows firsthand what a monster Saren is, but convenientl…[View]
396966752Hey, where is that shill that keeps promoting Gothic 2? Which game of the series is the best (1 to 4…[View]
396977132why is this acceptable[View]
396976569Who /solo queue/ here? How do you overcome the frustration?[View]
396976615Ffxv comrades doesn't even work: Can anybody even play online without bots? It keeps saying una…[View]
396961929V.C thread: I'm not done yet![View]
396977517Fire Emblem Thread because i said so.[View]
396974139This game is shit. Easily the weakest of the mainline 3D Mario games.[View]
396972515>had a much better library than the original playstation and saturn >sold way less than the or…[View]
396975379Just finished the darker side of the moon and have all 880 moons. should I bother grinding for 999 m…[View]
396976661>Game tries to look like an anime >It's /c/ shit Why can't there be any cool anime/m…[View]
396976885ITT: Games that were sent out to fucking die: There's no way this sold well.[View]
396977385Final Fantasy XI: It's that time again. Free login period still for another week, don't mi…[View]
396968414Which makes the most sense?[View]
396922491>Sonic can never work in 3D Are we finally ready to admit that this statement isn't true, an…[View]
396977327What they were thinking?[View]
396977147Zelda is a qt[View]
396960116pc version fucking when? emulating it is terrible.[View]
396955315>$600 GPU can't even handle 4K60fps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4UM2Kx3EgU DEEP INHALE…[View]
396960187welcome to a world of 900000000000 objectives/opportunies/targets for a single level[View]
396975171Operation: Stop Gambling: /v/, we CAN stop lootboxes from ruining gaming. Financially, it is impossi…[View]
396973254New Bomber Man game: Now named 'Bomber Girl', based on the 1995's game Tokimeki Memorial. In th…[View]
396945090/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>396891525 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
396975590Post some good games for this thing.[View]
396975045So HAL Laboratory (Kirby, BoxBoy) has released their first mobile game. (Hataraku UFO) はたらくUFO You t…[View]
396973129>Persona 5 has a pretty shaky story when compared to Nier Automata >enjoy and care about it a…[View]
396955739Just saw this ad for Wolfenstein 2 HOLY FUCKING SHIT, how can so many sites be objectively wrong whe…[View]
396929603>die >see this >what do…[View]
396976386>Bioware is full of cucks >mages are literally the black people of Thedas >we can safely de…[View]
396971796So we will never get a new silent hill huh[View]
396975314Anyone else couldn't get into this game? What's all the fuss about? I love the OST though.…[View]
396969257Witcher 1 Remastered Prologue: It's up https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/2767/? https://w…[View]
396970143Cyberpunk 2077 will include online elements to ensure long-term success, says CD Projekt: >We sti…[View]
396942592EA dev who claimed to receive death threats was a fake: >Earlier this week, a man with “Game Dev …[View]
396968780Should loot boxes be illegal? New York banned Pinball for decades because it was perceived as a game…[View]
396974121Which PS1 games had great OST's?[View]
396975517/v/ should sing Jump up Super star![View]
396974157I work for a translating company My company is currently translating MGS 6 Ask me anything No I will…[View]
396969251Dead Rising: Just finished DR2, how does this stack up to the 360 titles?[View]
396974602>Characters that singlehandedly made a franchise not boring Oh wait that was a lie…[View]
396974887>he still is blacked[View]
396951792The state of Xbox exclusives: Oh wait there aren’t any[View]
396917002RTS: Whatever happened to RTS'? Is it such a niche genre?[View]
396968579>Platinum thread: Was the W101 actually good? When kamiya and plat make W102 for the switch are y…[View]
396974847This was a ton of fun[View]
396973479Did gaming peak here?[View]
396971313Why do people get mad when they die to a bodyshot in TF2? Why don't they get mad when this happ…[View]
396972024The year is 2022. >Blizzard has started filing fines for profanity in Overwatch. >Lootboxes an…[View]
396974791Name one game that damaged 'gaming culture' more than Portal >so quirky and randum Xd >girl po…[View]
396971501ITT games with really satisfying swordplay.[View]
396974746>there are people on /v/ RIGHT NOW that thing the n64 had more good games than the playstation da…[View]
396971704Can someone redpill me on 'early access' games? The whole concept is confusing to me. It doesn'…[View]
396973735will this work with ps1 https://www.amazon.ca/Udigital-Converter-Coaxial-Output-Upscaler/dp/B01501C0…[View]
396916708SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
396974361Anyone else here more bothered by the campaign than the MP?[View]
396973589From Software presents... Mario Souls[View]
396972409Gravity Rush thread: White Kat Edition Post your favorite white Kat photos, other recent photos you…[View]
396974264Your killing has been observed by forces unknown...[View]
396970767The year is 3017. Skyrim has been released so many times that it is now the only source of entertain…[View]
396972679Yakuza 6: Yuck, why couldn't they keep them CG? Real life nips are ugly as fuck.[View]
396972352Any games that capture underwater terror?: Cont. of /v/ spook thread https://youtube.com/watch?v=qWX…[View]
396974087What eventually happened with Camdrome? Seemed to be building up to something interesting, was it ju…[View]
396966875Where can I find mods? How to install them?[View]
396974058what's the /v/erdict?[View]
396973964>$20 >Still have to pay for playing online Defend this.…[View]
396971798Black Friday thread: What are you planning/hoping to get on sale this Black Friday?[View]
396973870Guardian Heroes: The fuck is up with their nasty chicken wing arms?[View]
396973521>game has no save slots >game autosaves during checkpoints >game has multiple endings and a…[View]
396958715This is fake right? It has to be. http://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/quit-day-job-spend-two-years-cod…[View]
396973782Games you wish you could play for the first time again.[View]
396969984You realise you have nobody to blame for this situation but yourselves right? This has been brewing …[View]
396973593Fortnite battle royal: Have you played the pubg killer /v/[View]
396937580So even if its years off, people seem really confident that the Switch will get a hardware revision …[View]
396943195Resident Evil Revelations Collection: You are going to buy the definitive editions of the two Reside…[View]
396961218FINAL FANTASY XV: Comrades: Now that it's out, what are your impressions? Is it good? https://w…[View]
396922719Pillars of Eternity 2 Beta comes out in a few hours. The models look great.[View]
396973531>lmao just build a pc bro it's really worth i-[View]
396972581ITT: Video game characters only intellectuals will understand.[View]
396968683*blocks your sleep*[View]
396973273>I didnt study games, I played them OH IT SHOWS KOJIMA, IT SHOWS[View]
396973434I just realized who's probably not gonna appear in Travis Strikes Again[View]
396964826>excited to play Mario odyssey >play handheld mode >requires waggle for certain moves feel…[View]
396970202>There won't be raid sets in the next WoW expansion What are they thinking?…[View]
396971417>this is the most rule 34ed character ever How did this came to be?[View]
396972438Which one did you choose /v/?[View]
396972481Do you think access to underwear will be a game feature of Metriod Prime 4[View]
396973206What's the deal with this? It's a Platinum Games ARPG based on a mobile game from 2014? I …[View]
396965913A designated PS4/PC game that looks worse than a mobile kusoge for 27$ Why?[View]
396936675Would you pay a monthly sub fee to play Classic WoW?[View]
396943945DO NOT BUY THIS SHITTY GAME: It represents everything that is wrong with AAA games Vote with your wa…[View]
396972807You now remember the EA Sports class action settlement. https://www.polygon.com/2013/11/4/5065922/ea…[View]
396967298Where is anyone else hyped for this?: Did I mention it’s being made by some ex-Just Cause devs? AND …[View]
396969572ITT Games that aren't as good as you remembered.[View]
396970532>The big cheese turns into some sort of centipede thing >Salazar fuses with his guard and beco…[View]
396969197How do I get into the post-game of the Disgaea series? Anything I should be doing in 3 on the Vita s…[View]
396959415How the FUCK is an early-access game nominated for a GOTY award? The absolute fucking STATE of video…[View]
396970068What's your opinion on RNG cards?[View]
396968802Why do people get so upset by 'squid bagging' in Splatoon? I can't get my head around why peopl…[View]
396963913thank you so much EA.[View]
396964079Greatest Castlevania ever made?[View]
396967945Would VR boxing games improve your boxing skills in real life?[View]
396971475>Battlefront 2 is a pay-to-win shitshow >COD WW2 is pure garbage >Rainbow Six isn't we…[View]
396972145D2 LOD: why the fuck they didn't fix the lackluster act IV?[View]
396968403Killing floor thread. IT'S RAYNIN MUNNAY[View]
396966504About to play this bad boy for the first time since 2004. Anybody want to give me a rundown? I know …[View]
396961390Did ARMS fail?[View]
396967609So, how exactly does Wii emulation work? I've been wanting to play pic related but feel lazy an…[View]
396966745Is this game an unabashed masterpiece or are there glaring flaws?[View]
396970815What are some good games where you have to create and devellop your settlement with no other goal th…[View]
396970510Fortnite battle royal: Have you played the pubg killer /v/[View]
396962581Why do games have to be rates by the ESRB? Why can't developers just say fuck these losers and …[View]
396968010Baldur's Gate II is the best WRPG.[View]
396963812How does this make you feel?[View]
396927781When did Boogie became such a faggot?[View]
396968230Justice Rider: Who is the Mumen Rider of videogames?[View]
396943754Holy shit. The pot calling the kettle black. https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/14/16652186/blizzard-sa…[View]
396970042Post em[View]
396968221Just finished Castlevania Circle of the Moon after playing Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance …[View]
396969264Is it worth it to 100% Odyssey? I'm at 700 moons now and I'm starting to get bored. Should…[View]
396966981Which games are the must haves for PS4?[View]
396970147>Yeah I can get this game for free, but I better give some money to the publisher so it can insti…[View]
396970907How do you guys like Lego Marvel Superheroes 2?[View]
396970875What are some obscure fighting game waifus?[View]
396965798Hope you didn't update your Switch: http://wololo.net/2017/11/15/can-now-run-homebrews-nintendo…[View]
396950126Play Battlerite[View]
396970447Armature Studio: What is next for them?[View]
396966748Anyone remember this shit?[View]
396970218Moot How come he don't want us, man?[View]
396967760Post consoles that don't have enough storage to play physical copies of games.: I'll start…[View]
396970137Will the Switch maintain it's success in 2018: or i'll flop?[View]
396966978Why is one more expensive than the other? Is Majora's Mask just better?[View]
396943462>shoots the delivery guy >kills the priest and reporter 47's a bit of a dick in Blood Mon…[View]
396969462even after a 2nd free weekend this game still hasn't gained any players despite being a 6/10 ga…[View]
396946691Japanese devs have xenophobic tendencies, meaning that while they can actually make brown or black c…[View]
396969158ITT: Things that will fuck your shit up.[View]
396967006Reminder: Just a friendly reminder, how the best Metroid game actually looks like.[View]
396968080>ending is good for everyone else except the MC Why the hell devs thinking this is a good way to …[View]
396969739Recommended mods for SoC and CoP?[View]
396964726Do any of you even LIKE Takumi? If so, why?[View]
396969136How do you fuck up THIS badly?[View]
396952068What are the best horror games?[View]
396964620So, did you get yours yet, /v/? If not, how will you get your hands on the hottest Christmas gift of…[View]
396961851I want to play Silent Hill 2. Never have before. What's the best way to play it? (PS2, PS3, PC,…[View]
396964451Xbox Live officially turns 15 today, say something nice![View]
396967568Post interracial couple[View]
396968923Dokkan Battle dev's stock price has gone down nearly 20% in one day after it appears that their…[View]
396964332What was the game again?[View]
396965984So do you prefer Science Fiction or Fantasy?[View]
396968251>game about snow >no footprints in snow ???…[View]
396969131Speedtest thread fuck comcast edition[View]
396967795Xbox Daily: New Titanfall 2 patch is up for the 1X http://www.usgamer.net/articles/new-patch-greatly…[View]
396966819Skyrim Spell Research Mod help: Anyone used this mod? I'm having trouble composing a spell. Whe…[View]
396965613>Sometimes I even look like this! What did he mean by this?[View]
396963778Why don't you want to play Puzzle & Dragons with me anymore, Anon?[View]
396968356>loading screen has a guy dabbing What the fuck FROM?[View]
396967605ps4 hacks: so i wanted to use multiplayer since on ps4 since it is free for some days but i need to …[View]
396968156Is Legend of Kay worth investing time in? The tutorial has been going in for about an hour.[View]
396963828Fortnite battle royal: Have you played the pubg killer /v/[View]
396958160Favorite box arts /v/[View]
396959227Explain to me why this gaming series is popular?[View]
396937826What's your favorite jrpg?[View]
396962553Why did Kantai Collection die?[View]
396967076So to progress the game the dwarves have to either buy the loot crates of grind for 4000 hours... Ha…[View]
396959574DAMN, son. Blizzard Grames laying down the LAW.[View]
396966397>Janky as fuck >Worse VS scoring system >Finale issues like helicopter glitch >Horde st…[View]
396957349Is Jayce still OP?[View]
396967278Would you play a Monster girl game that was essentially a cross between SMT and Harvest Moon?[View]
396967037Post lesser known indie games[View]
396962373ITT: 'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
396967431So /v/, what do you think about Assassin's Creed?[View]
396942994OKAMI HD is up for sale $20 bucks is a steal http://store.steampowered.com/app/587620/OKAMI_HD/[View]
396966580>so desperate for players Blizzard is trying to make me click their shit games…[View]
396923906>680.000 downvotes for the Battlefront 2 fiasco Since when is Reddit this fucking big? Is /v/ no…[View]
396966428>tfw haven't played Super Meat Boy in five years because I'm stuck on a few levels What…[View]
396967087Crash: Let's discuss the future of the Crash Bandicoot series, since the N. Sane Trilogy has be…[View]
396966776How do you guys even have time for vidya? I haven't even played any new games the past two year…[View]
396965732>RAM prices have doubled in a year wtf![View]
396962229ITT: We post our Dokkan battle teams and rate them. >Pic related[View]
396966683>he's so autistic he thinks Morrowind is better than Oblivion[View]
396957002>The virgin Venosaur >The chad Charizard >The beta Blastoise You can't deny this…[View]
396966956Morrowind: Die fetcher![View]
396962290>L.A. Noire meets Blade Runner Why isn't there a game like this already?…[View]
396962106https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBeLSGr3EVs ready to throw people at Japanese machine guns /v/?[View]
396966817BILLION DOLLAR IP[View]
396962597Hardcore Risette Fan trophy: Any tips on getting this? I’m already on my 3rd playthrough and it’s a …[View]
396965530Anyone want to add me and party up for multiplayer? I'm not an amazing player or anything but i…[View]
396966742>spoiled myself a game AGAIN how do i stop being a fucking retard, /v/? how do I resist the tempt…[View]
396935843Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem Heroes, Book II. Just a couple of weeks away. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
396964754Kill your friends anon, if you have any.[View]
396966407Has a game ever scared you?[View]
396962687The Duke: https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/21/16345334/the-duke-xbox-controller-release-date-price The…[View]
396957384best level in any stealth game ever[View]
396964454https://youtu.be/CTfur5i5eB0 You weren't actually excited for this game, were you, anon?[View]
396966065Why do all the fuck monkeys on the Internet belive that 'Remaster' nonsense? Can we be brainwashed b…[View]
396965878I've never played the franchise, which is the best game to start?[View]
396965995Was thinking of trying this out, would I need to play the first one to understand everything? Is the…[View]
396963217New DD comic for those who haven't seen it.[View]
396962682It's happening.[View]
396954489Who the fuck buys this shit? You'd think if you were that far gone you'd only buy hentai s…[View]
396957354>Hack your own mobile gatcha game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle into making impossible to get char…[View]
396965721THE journo vIrGiN vs the INDIE CHAD: Literally memes.[View]
396956807Are there any other games out there like Persona 5...: ...that lets me experience how it is to have …[View]
396959253How did a package like this end up moving 150 million units in it's lifetime?[View]
396965632ps4 hacks: so i wanted to use multiplayer since on ps4 since it is free for some days but i need to …[View]
396963674>2021 >standard option in most games: open world or linear…[View]
396921245Tell me about your best memory from old WoW, /v/[View]
396954695>tfw awful at video games What about you guys? What genres are you good and bad at? Atleast I can…[View]
396965403Just bought the definitive edition, what can I expect?[View]
396965392>game with capture points or objectives >mental retard teammates ignore them and waste all you…[View]
396965275Why is /v/ still not using devices by the best manufacturer yet? Toddlers still playing with Razer?[View]
396944992Genuinely curious. What's the appeal of these types of games?[View]
396964186thoughts on this?[View]
396964495chadtronic is collabing with other youtubers to play minecraft hardcore: am i allowed to watch it /v…[View]
396958000Fallout New Vegas: This is objectively the best Fallout[View]
396964878Game Awards Vote Count: Who selects the winners? The winners in most categories are determined by th…[View]
396964814Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is out: Please talk about this game someone. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
396957820So now that Battlefront 2 is officially confirmed a triple AAA 'mobage'. How do you feel about the w…[View]
396964121what the fuck happend to this game?[View]
396963776It's ok to cry while playing telltale games right?[View]
396964542lol is anyone even playing anymore?[View]
396963360it wasnt supposed to fucking be like this. i hate this goddamn kike so much, why the fuck would trum…[View]
396960235I'm tired of waiting. How can I play this game online in a full 64-player server RIGHT NOW?[View]
396964426Assassin's Creed: https://youtu.be/AOhMzJ_IEhk[View]
396963058Wow, what an obnoxious cunt, who thought she was a good idea? I liked Wolf 2 but holy fuck.[View]
396959064Why is this game reviewed so positively? >loot boxes >no music in game >bad graphics >…[View]
396961613>a dev tries to be relevant by using outdated cultural references Stop.…[View]
396954421Will it be the STALKER 2 we've always wanted?[View]
396961346Why did Valve make Legion Commander a girl in Dota 2?[View]
396961548Holy shit that ending was cool what the fuck was up with that music though?[View]
396957445Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds[View]
396961293H-hey guys! It's been a couple weeks already! How did you like my game? I hope you had fun, I w…[View]
396961302What did he mean by this?[View]
396963214>Having DMR duel with a player >Armor Lock >Having duel with a player >Jet Packs to stra…[View]
396957892Princess Crown: Opinions?: Fans of Vanillaware: What do you think of Princess Crown? Do you think it…[View]
396962615the great debate[View]
396947464Which subrace are you going to unlock and level first?[View]
396956398Based Belgiuim is going to save gaming. >Belgium's gambling commission is officially investi…[View]
396949486which series will Nintendo save next?[View]
396962132Who would win?[View]
396952317what went wrong?[View]
396942937AMA with Battlefront II devs: Thoughts? Will it just be EA shills asking themselves loaded questions…[View]
396953965Will you buy the N.Sane™ Game & Sock Bundle Pack /v/?[View]
396960813Loot-boxes will now be called Skinner boxes: we must now call loot boxes Skinner boxes or you are a …[View]
396961528Post your reaction to PT and DS officially announced as being the same game followed by an apology b…[View]
396962302Saw shocked and transgressed Facebook mommies circulating this. Smart or deceitful? I especially lik…[View]
396960589So what, exactly, is the point of this kind of 'puzzles'? They are not challenging, they are not int…[View]
396948156Oh cool, arms is getting another update![View]
396962253What are some games to play if you find out you have only 3 weeks left to live?[View]
396962153Yo is Jackbox any good? I wanna buy something board gamey for me sister and her wife but I'm wo…[View]
396961735It's menstrual blood, right?[View]
396962020What's a game to lose yourself in?[View]
396951552ITT: moments where a video game series became completely irredeemable[View]
396961031Disney is shutting down Marvel Heroes: RIP[View]
396956224>Hispanic vidya character >It's always a Mexican…[View]
396960393Hidden gems thread?[View]
396958846Is this a good game? I know it's nothing like FE, but does it hold up on its own?[View]
396959545Was it really THAT bad? I think it's alright. Gameplay wise best tps action RE.[View]
396952451What does /v/ think of him?[View]
396921608Make RTS great again - Shitposts per minute edition: You know what to do, post gayms, talk about RTS…[View]
396949580Brutal Doom v21 Alpha: >BRUTAL DOOM V21 ALPHA IS HERE GUYS! The full release will be out in decem…[View]
396955396Games that feel like a dream.: Games that feel like a dream.[View]
396961718you would NEVER see kaz or koizumi hanging out shooting the shit with their respective fanbase. phil…[View]
396956367We're all in agreement right? Sephiroth is a pretty terrible villain when you think about it. K…[View]
396954917Remember when numale and women didn't decide what goes on the cover of a game?[View]
396944863Xenoblade 2 previews thread Continued from >>396932317 Some previews (all of them are positive…[View]
396961627Are you ready for classic wow /v/?[View]
396961116What's the point of Metal Gear when ballistic missile submarines are better in pretty much ever…[View]
396931042when did you realize she was the superior one?[View]
396956357S.T.A.L.K.E.R. thread how the hell do i talk with petruha, i keep pressing F and nothing happens at …[View]
396958462Dog Moblins > Pig Moblins[View]
396950437>17 years later >STILL the best Zelda game How did they do it /v/?…[View]
396961103Watch out everyone, /ourguy/ is passing through![View]
396958701WHERE THE FUCK IS IT???? It's been over 6 years Todd, you piece of shit At least confirm you…[View]
396960439Yo fuck this fucking faggot, I don't want to be forced to play this boring shitty ass retarded …[View]
396948898Have you ever liked a video game so much that you decided to make an abridged series out of it? http…[View]
396960639>too dumb to play civ >too dumb to play total war…[View]
396960472What reviewer do you trust?[View]
396960627Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
396960010What's the best mobile game to play?[View]
396960149What're some games where the main character unwaveringly acts on just principles with determina…[View]
396941443It’s up (on YouTube): https://youtu.be/0J0KNjh4nAU[View]
396960313Games where the 'evil' choice made more sense[View]
396959297>No major mario/zelda release for another 4-6 years. >I'll probably get to experience thi…[View]
396954645Playstation VR: Memes aside, what do y'all think the future of this thing looks like? Will it h…[View]
396960087What will it take to go back to the golden age of MMOs?[View]
396959609>Haha, We've got EA right where we-[View]
396960030Steam new regional prices: So, fellow latin americans, how are you enjoying those new regional price…[View]
396958868I Main Little Mac in Smash 4: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to play Little Mac. The mo…[View]
396960004>underwater level[View]
396955007ITT: Absolute bullshit in video games[View]
396957985FFXI: It's that time again.[View]
396959807Anyone remember this?[View]
396951621>I am a being of solitude. What did she mean by this?[View]
396951807Virtua Fighter™ reveal next week. The game is an exclusivity for Sony PS4(also on PC). A remastered …[View]
396955689Why are you on /v/ when you could be playing video games instead?[View]
396957494Lootboxes don't need regul-[View]
396957902>'we targeting a wider audience' Can we list games that had the developers mention this?…[View]
396959230Uh, guys? Is this any good?: Sick of hearing about XV but maybe multiplayer is worth at least trying…[View]
396955408Are there any mods that make fallout 4 not shit?[View]
396956092>tfw you're the only person on this entire planet that likes turn-based RPGs…[View]
396957923Bloodlines: Anyone else wish there was more playing as the Nosferatu in VtM - Bloodlines? Obfuscate …[View]
396958335PC controller thread: I somehow lost my Xbox one controller. Should I buy another one or go with a d…[View]
396923075>Lootboxes are OK as long as they don't directly affect gameplay, are cosmetic and you can e…[View]
396956728Why is Morrowind multiplayer so addictiively fun?[View]
396957254How do you get over a losing streak? You've been on at least one or you aren't challenging…[View]
396957519You all laughed when he left, but he wasn't even EA's final form.[View]
396945948What are the chances of pic related winning best narrative? Are people too much of a brainlet to und…[View]
396958017Is anyone else still hyped about Biomutant?: Did I mention it’s being made by some ex-Just Cause dev…[View]
396947161>tfw there hasn't been a single AAA game made in the last 5 years that I've actually wa…[View]
396954618Why do Nohr girls dress like sluts?[View]
396906781We did it /v/! CDPR is crashing cp77 cancelled/postponed indefinitely[View]
396953774so what did they change from the 2 years old prototype?i already know about some shitty character re…[View]
396958075This game is kino: Absolutely kino[View]
396925951Media Create: 01./02. [NSW] Super Mario Odyssey - 73.315 / 652.284 (-37%) 02./01. [PS4] Call of Duty…[View]
396957920>mothership core is dead just kill me[View]
396934347So it's agreed that BotW has best soundtrack of 2017, right?[View]
396948598Prostag ma?[View]
396957761Daily reminder that this is just a nerfed PC with no exclusives and a paid online service.[View]
396956808Anybody played this? I tried it a while back and the skill trees got boring after my first character…[View]
396956676Is Little Nightmares any good?[View]
396946121Did you ever get mad when somebody stole your games? or were you happy because they'd be able t…[View]
396950810FEH: *unzips wallet*[View]
396956342Can we talk about our boy FUG?[View]
396956856WoW:Classic: >this game's target demographic was the vanilla wow crowd really made me think…[View]
396954914https://panpingo.com/room/vidya Let's play Pictionary together, /v/ password: rage[View]
396956071I want to fuck that cat[View]
396947309what does /v/ thinks about don't starve?[View]
396955724ITT: That one game you put too much time in > Addictive gameplay > Actually became mid tier As…[View]
396957043What percentage of potential PC gamers have rigs that can outperform a PS4 and/or Xbox One? We'…[View]
396956984does the Mario series need a makeover?[View]
396956816Does this game exists?: Do you have a copy of a game called Elephant Dung The Video Game for the Xbo…[View]
396956916Retro games with simple controls: I´m making a Retropie, but with an integrated controller. I want t…[View]
396944569What's the game with the most replay value? I'm looking for games to sink a 1000 hours in.[View]
396956852So I bought this for the Switch yesterday. Really fun! However, I already owned a copy on Steam alon…[View]
396955053>Pyramid Head confirmed for Super Bomberman R NANI?![View]
396956623Age of Empires Online: Anyone remember this game from years ago? It is the best AOE game in my opini…[View]
396953325>when the game has lots of rule34 bait[View]
396956420>A forigner, yuoa skill against Oni...is Implesive. >As is your skill with english. mfw…[View]
396954054How do we save modern Sonic?[View]
396955087What is your Nintendo's most nostalgic game /v/[View]
396956376>professional video game players >can't figure out the grapple hook button in a children…[View]
396954821>play CoD WW2 for a bit >Remember why I quit playing in the first place. >Play BF1, sudden…[View]
396956261>Terrible level design that is all about presentation and fanservice over gameplay (BF1 maps are …[View]
396956170I feel terrible for ever waifuing Yennefer van Vomitberg. I had no idea this goddess here existed. H…[View]
396956161>healer is a female character[View]
396954106Hey, gonna sound like a fag for this, but anyone know how to steal WW2 emblems?[View]
396941765why is it okay for FFX to be linear as fuck but when 13 does it, it gets shat on? >b-b-b-b-b-but …[View]
396955891whens melee[View]
396948743Tekken: Saw this in a thread today, if you got anymore like this please post here. Also thoughts on…[View]
396955830Remember when this was all the story exposition you needed?[View]
396935303>REAL horror games don't have jump scares![View]
396955695Have you pre-ordered it yet? After all, it will be the game of the year 2018.[View]
396925139How do we kill them?[View]
396953208Sonic forces: There was a missed opportunity in this DLC Infinite could have used the Phantom Ruby t…[View]
396949659Who else excited for tannenberg tomorrow? Also Verdun/Tannenberg General[View]
396910524This game is fun[View]
396955559Since Sonic Forces turned out to be a big piece of shit and no there is no cracked version yet I dec…[View]
396954108So, let me get this straight: >In the Pokémon games you could visit the Game Corner, where your c…[View]
396952531PS3 CFW/JB: Finally picked up a ps3 slim for a really cheap price. I only ever played a few games on…[View]
396952316h-here i go![View]
396952261Thoughts on user reviews?[View]
396952497Conjuration/Necromancy: Any recent RPGs where you can be a mage and summon/raise lots of creatures a…[View]
396953924NiYOOOOOOO thread: LITTLE GREEN BUTTS[View]
396950286its out[View]
396955297>final boss can't afford a car[View]
396952231Multi-platform release when?[View]
396946980Give me your hottest opinions on this franchise. What's your favourite game, what's the wo…[View]
396953932> I play games for immersion[View]
396949237Those are the games I own and enjoyed playing on my PS4: The Last Guardian Taiko Drum Master God War…[View]
396954969Was thinking about spaceships today. Why is it that in every game, movie and show with spaceships, w…[View]
396953662Ruin has come to our board...[View]
396954269Are they so corrupted that their plan is to play the victim card, like they knew how awful the featu…[View]
396954221>Game has deep gameplay mechanic >Too retarded to understand it…[View]
396954805Dark Rose Valkyrie: Currently on sale for 10€. Is it worth it? I've never seen it discussed her…[View]
396952365>Hey anon, come see this cool video I found[View]
396893073ITT: fuck you I like it[View]
396953564You have 10 seconds to name 1 (one) video game character that can beat Leo Luster.[View]
396954587Was anyone else really hopeful this was gonna get some kinda sweet remake someday? Totally seems wor…[View]
396954552B R O W N B R I C K S R I C K S[View]
396947307Fishing levels?[View]
396953312Am I the only one here who skips cutscenes and dialogue? They are so pointless lol what is this a mo…[View]
396953597It's pretty clear that this is just going to keep spiraling down, this shit makes loads of mone…[View]
396953975Wtf is this game: Aight so my bro just got pic related delivered to his place for no reason (he neve…[View]
396953130What went wrong? I was really anticipating Battlefront 2: Now everyone is bashing it online[View]
396953942Looking for a retailer that sells these: I want to buy some joysticks for an upcoming arcade set tha…[View]
396953835>Be McCree >Have your ultimate ready >Far away from enemies to attack you >'It's hi…[View]
396951263Am I the only person still hyped for this game?: Does anyone even remember this exists?[View]
396945747All right losers what am i in for? I plan to play normal difficulty first. Whats the Next best thing…[View]
396944538>Final Fantasy >Fable >Valkyria Chronicles >Zelda >Dragons Dogma Why do all of my fav…[View]
396948516Describe your sex life with a video game screenshot.[View]
396953058Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that the new Battlefront II would have been a GOOD g…[View]
396953543What was the point of this fucker?[View]
396942845You guys... are the best.[View]
396950841whats going on with this new update on PS3 system?[View]
396952574What did Mandalore mean by this?[View]
396944315Switch doesn't have any gam- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guqWZnAjGII[View]
396949198What comes after Mario Odyssey? I know the game just came out, but it's such a big ass Mario ga…[View]
396951203>mmo you've spent years of your life on shuts down[View]
396951703GOTY 2017 Deliberations are going to be EPIC!!!![View]
396953037Does /v/ hate Mario?[View]
396946418Name one mech in any game that is better than Jehuty.[View]
396950087What are the best MMOs on the market right now? Free or otherwise, as long as its not pay to win idk…[View]
396953012What did you choose the first time?[View]
396924260>design a White girl >call her a Japanese When will Japan stay away from this?…[View]
396939582Switch or PS4?: So i'm a big RPG fan, i couldnt care less about shooter or M-rated games, i mos…[View]
396950734It's up.[View]
396952830Which game has the best remaster?[View]
396952829Who was in the wrong here?[View]
396952645ITT: Underused characters[View]
396916287Has there ever been a game with actually decent breast physics? It seems like every game with them t…[View]
396943747It's the 11th anniversary of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, also known as Sonic 06 and Sonic Next Gen. Say…[View]
396879006Do you own any vidya-related clothing?[View]
396951620>tfw theres literally no game worth buying for months and you can save some money and pay bills …[View]
396952469>Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue >HD >2.8 >Final Chapter >Prologue…[View]
396948309IGN TOP25 Switch Games: The top 25 Switch games 25. Fire Emblem Warriors 24. Picross S 23. Disgaea 5…[View]
396930443Is Deus Ex the greatest RPG of all time?[View]
396947884>remaster of an old game >it still has a freaking 14gb day one patch How is this much shittyne…[View]
396951680Considering how much better Odyssey looks in photo mode (which halves the framerate), should the gam…[View]
396949532>First area of a stage has god tier music >Second area theme is complete trash https://www.you…[View]
396952165Chaotic vs Lawful: What does /v/ think of Blizzard switching its narrative from Good vs Evil to Lawf…[View]
396950728>final boss shows up out of nowhere without any explaination of what the fuck just happened…[View]
396951953Meh, what a generic and shitty ga- >Zelda... HOLY SHIT BEST GAMNE EVER 10/10 THANK YOU NITENDO…[View]
396942365This whale is the lead writer of Destiny 2. Say something nice about her.[View]
396946737ITT:: post cozy video game hubs[View]
396949683Let's get some good GBA music in this thread https://youtu.be/xET8DT0Cy7w[View]
396949835>final boss is a pussy[View]
396949923Yahtzee’s Wolfenstein II review is up: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/…[View]
396945217ITT: Scariest enemies in video games. Pic extremely related.[View]
396951346Is this a good monster design?[View]
396948034Leaked Elders Scroll: 6 screenshot. What do you think? Legit?[View]
396941770Did you buy her game yet, /v/? You aren't gay, right?[View]
396950072Mother-likes: Just finished playing the mother series and I'm still thirsty. Can you recommend …[View]
396935194Unlocking Everything in Battlefront II Requires 4,528 hours or $2100: *inhales by using the Force* …[View]
396950990ITT: Good Video games with God-tier soundtracks[View]
396949491Why are the parkour mechanics in a parkour game fully automated?[View]
396921717Why are Nintendo so good at making chocolate women?[View]
396945667You guys wanna order a pizza?[View]
396946357Games you think are the pinnacle of human achievement[View]
396950807itt: 'THAT level'[View]
396946270Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links arrives to PC Steam on November 17: YUGGGGIIOOOOOHHHHH https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
396950675HQ! HQ! Ons is onder aanval![View]
396949261[You cannot rest with enemies nearby.][View]
396950583Middle Earth: Shadow of War: Was it /v/ino?[View]
396950532What are some videogames where i can enjoy good sex?[View]
396942865HE LIVES[View]
396949186Post games that are better than OOT.[View]
396933769You are Wojak, the Level 1 Wizard. You know the spell Magic Missile. You see a pile of gold. Welcom…[View]
396949215How have Xbox360 games aged? Have some aged better than others? I haven't played video games in…[View]
396948839>he doesn't always pick the tallest character Why even bother with a Shortstack, /v/?…[View]
396948008Getting a refund for Star Wars Battlefront II after 20 hours of played game time and even beating th…[View]
396941971Have you ever pretending to be girl in a videogame and roleplayed as the gf of someone else?? inb4 v…[View]
396948407Why didn't you play Usami-san's game yet? It's been available in English for a long t…[View]
396949967Why is FFX so comfy?[View]
396949729THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!!!!!!!![View]
396945196Here is your 2017 GOTY[View]
396943783Harassed EA's employee was fake: It was all a Ruse!!! https://web.archive.org/web/2017111517492…[View]
396949421All this shit from Battlefront 2 has got me in the mood for a good space game. Any recommendations, …[View]
396944597Man, /v/ is more shit than usual with this EA spam. Let's discuss some shit you're doing n…[View]
396946557>'oh you like video games? me too!' >'do you play COD, FIFA, Counterstrike and Dota?' Every si…[View]
396907529Lemmie get some Bloodborne memes, /v/[View]
396949565So a thread that gets just under 3000 comments somehow manages to downvote a post over 600,000 times…[View]
396949341fuck EA: I just had an interesting idea: What if we go over to plebbit and try to convince people to…[View]
396946312So /fgg/ made a list of the 20 best fighting games of all time, what do you guys think of it? 1. Vam…[View]
396946762Video game music mash up thread: Post what you have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efuS4i1BlKg…[View]
396946052>never played a video game with a loot box option >ignore everyone losing their mind about it…[View]
396946872Beamdog might be working on a new Planescape game: >Last June, we reported that Beamdog were hiri…[View]
396948830https://archive.fo/GUgJw sorry buugie, you just helped a con artist. How does it feel? You are not j…[View]
396948125What's with the recent hate of EA ? i always hated them since the battlefield premium crap is…[View]
396944067I'm looking for games with bosses or generally notable scenes happening in music houses, operas…[View]
396940690Spike chunsoft hiring staff for new DR action game: https://gematsu.com/2017/11/spike-chunsoft-hirin…[View]
396929343Why don't you own a Nintendo Switch home console?[View]
396947829Still hasn't been dethroned.[View]
396943564Was 360 era the best of video games?: Games were better and had charm when compared to soulless curr…[View]
396945230IT'S ON BOYZ https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7d4qft/star_wars_battlefront…[View]
396948456whats the cal arts of video games[View]
396947262Vidya Videos From YesterYear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlaP7mx_kB8 Did you ever make it to le…[View]
396948546>Got SK Bon Apetit >Ready to play against sister >No multiplayer Why…[View]
396904018The Great Debate continued: Old Lara or NuLara?[View]
396945772>he buys games to play as scantily clothed women just admit you're trans already and want to…[View]
396947534What if Dante is the guest character for Soul Calibur 6?: It would be pretty fitting after all those…[View]
396947786member when games used to have cool pre-rendered intros? i member. https://youtu.be/dUSZ2tCQ_Ko http…[View]
396946845>resub WoW for the first time in 9 years >don't fucking recognize the game at all >loo…[View]
396944850Xenoblade chronicles 2 thread: Some dude is releasing some of the ost Battle theme https://www.youtu…[View]
396891525/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>396869918 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
396945206Marvel Heroes shutting down: >“We regret to inform our Marvel Heroes fans that we have ended our …[View]
396947858I'm getting this game tomorrow. What should i expect?[View]
396946459Is the new Harvest Moon any good? It's pretty ugly..[View]
396945653What are the best vidya logos?[View]
396947548That fucking soundtrack though[View]
396922280Where am I?: This weird E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy thread again! déjà vu![View]
396926682Fighting EX Layer Beta: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/11/15/fighting-ex-layer-coming-to-ps4-b…[View]
396944397I unironically believe Paladins is better than Overwatch[View]
396947469nioh thread: This final boss fight is fucking awful. >build game primarily around melee weapon co…[View]
396939796roblox is better than minecraft and blockland minecraft and blockland are for noobs lol[View]
396947428I honestly believe this is the best mobile game out there[View]
396946667Thoughts on /ourguy/ Chris Smoove?[View]
396945404Chowder MMO: The new patch is out. Gazpacho is still living with his mother for some reason. How co…[View]
396946608ayo what games got lil pump songs on em[View]
396943269>Switch – 79,958 (64,387) >PlayStation 4 – 20,021 (21,830) >New 2DS LL – 10,323 (11,116) …[View]
396947295Eagle eye.: Can anyone confirm if this thing still works on a ps3 with the latest firmware? Recentl…[View]
396946891YOU'RE NOT THE SAME[View]
396945546Overwatch Widow Maker Story: *Opens Overwatch.exe* *Opens Spotify and puts on the new Black Dahlia M…[View]
396927569Please give Battlefield 2 a shot. Don't mindlessly listen to anything reddit says. But the game…[View]
396945042Who are the best dogs in vidya?[View]
396946897>see this cute looking RPG >watch the trailer >'it looks fun, let's see when it's…[View]
396940989/v/, it sure is boring around here[View]
396945243Anyone still play Gods gift?[View]
396946873I've never managed to get into the series. Awful engine, terrible controls, stupid story put me…[View]
396938194Daily reminder that Kumatora is best girl.[View]
396945674Yakuza Thread: Sure, stance switches are cool and all but what's the point when there's a …[View]
396946279Was it good?[View]
396944853electronic arts.....more like electronic farts[View]
396928653Literally impossible.[View]
396945846I'm playing this right now, without needing to buy a 3DS or the fucking game. How stupid do you…[View]
396936518Why do people think this is better than 999?[View]
396945336Everyone calling this game a scam has clearly done zero research on it. Go to their site or youtube …[View]
396945394Describe a video game with a Homestar Runner quote[View]
396939540Dragons dogma dark arisen: How do you like it? I got it a few days ago and I've been playing th…[View]
396945039does anyone remember [adult swim games][View]
396906343Was it really that bad?[View]
396945592>almost 2018 >atlus still given pity nominations for game awards >implying persona 5 was be…[View]
396944829>there are people on this board thread, right now, who unironically want flying mounts and paid d…[View]
396926769Dragon Ball FighterZ: Jump leak by the end of the week Who will it be?[View]
396945409>wanted to play majora mask >dl emulator/game >even buy a n64 looking controller for PC …[View]
396935417>action combat >dungeon finder >teleports >flying >instanced content >F2P/B2P >…[View]
396945307This is it, bois. This is the greatest Role-Playing game ever made. It has the most fun game mechan…[View]
396945294FFXI: It's that time again.[View]
396939636What the fuck happened to them?[View]
396945121So now that the dust have settled can we fi ally agree that both Galaxy games weren't all that …[View]
396944864Please buy this game /v/...: my manager say he fire me if i don't meet sale quota by end of thi…[View]
396936936>Persona 5 >2017[View]
396927307Oh fuck you just landed a crit post your smirk face when[View]
396933808Why couldn't they just make an actual class system with no microtransactions with Ground to Spa…[View]
396944936This game is a insult to the franchise, Risky's revenge had that open world going for it, and e…[View]
396944116is /v/ hyped for kingdom hearts 3?[View]
396927113ITT: Autistic things you do while playing games Whenever I get easily killed or destroyed by an enem…[View]
396941365>party members never really become BFFs and never see each other after beating the final boss and…[View]
396935559You need to choose[View]
396933487>game lets you befriend/date your party members[View]
396928645This is now the lead writer for the next game in your favorite franchise. How fucked are you?[View]
396934562It's really sad that crappy games like BOTW or Oddysey gain GOTY: And the actual good games lik…[View]
396943832Apologise v/ it's fun I just beat it. Take the nostalgia goggles off. It's no mania but it…[View]
396930625Have you ever won a console? Like 'Answer this question and get a Switch this Christmas!'?[View]
396935975>2017 Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Gravity Rush 2 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter P…[View]
396931581The last game you played now turns into hentai. What fetishes does it have? Is it hot?[View]
396915687FFXV Comrades: Well that was a fucking disaster. Anyone else play it yet?[View]
396926327Artificial Difficulty in games: How the fuck were you supposed to know you were supposed to jump int…[View]
396944393What games feature high tier grappling characters?[View]
396932317Xenoblade chronicles 2 thread: Previews are out and so far its pretty positive[View]
396934446This will make more money than every Nintendo game ever made. EA stock is going to skyrocket and it …[View]
396943102I'm new to JRPGs and I'm interested in Persona 5. How does the combat compare to the comba…[View]
396941818Dont get why you all love this so much, is boring af[View]
396938247https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGxQNQtnr6Q How does this make you feel?[View]
396943092IGN showing a surprising amount of integrity.[View]
396934358The Senran Kagura Burst remake will have tan options, for example, this is untanned Homura, discuss.…[View]
396942870True diversity comes from designing a character's appearance around exaggerating their unique p…[View]
396938603Why do jrpgs suck so bad. They're all literally the exact same game and plot. The only noticabl…[View]
396936383What are some games that can turn a bad day into a good one? Pic very much related.[View]
396933337I just bought this game and all DLC. What am I in for?[View]
396938379Are you excited for the Half Life Movies? Who will Gaben and JJ Abrams Cast? Will the vortigons and …[View]
396939968Here’s my best and worst game nominees for my Honest: >Yahtzee Sorta Mostly Liked It Award (Best)…[View]
396942962*SAVES* gaming[View]
396940567whats our /v/ent server?[View]
396938263What MMOs use, and what kind of, methods to make people not play the game too much? Care for player…[View]
396943270Jesus fucking Christ this is the worst piece of fucking dogshit I have ever played. Blizzard needs t…[View]
396943236Why are they so much better than Trashure?[View]
396922920Final Fantasy XII HD confirmed for PC: https://gematsu.com/2017/11/final-fantasy-xii-zodiac-age-fift…[View]
396940942ITT: The REAL masterminds behind all the shit.[View]
396941873How do you justify piracy /v/? Do you think developers appreciate you stealing their money they’ve w…[View]
396940321>Game has deep gameplay mechanic >Too retarded to understand it…[View]
396941405This game is better than Bloodborne.[View]
396939746>game ruins your controller[View]
396940720I need help im on a trip for 3 days and forgot my vita what android games gone keep me alive.[View]
396942702He picked Princess Peach over Harriet, tell me why /v/?[View]
396942237Reminder that only poorfags and redditors hate EA for offering extra content for Battlefront II[View]
396942613Winter Wonderland skin Wishlist: Hopefully Jolly Saint Jeff will come this Christmas seeing that I w…[View]
396938967Say something nice to 2B and Machine!9S.[View]
396934330Was PS2 era the best of video games?: Games were better and had charm when compared to soulless curr…[View]
396941812>I dont play modern Bethesda games[View]
396936538What's games besides TES where you can read in-game books / data entries and learn about the wo…[View]
396942294and when they open up his book[View]
396929413The state of modern RPGs: How did we go from this[View]
396938692Darker Side Of The Moon pt2: >>396926795 I fucking did it. FUCKING GODDAMN FINALLY. After far …[View]
396942104This is my favorite souls game.[View]
396934720Hey ya Barn, wonder what the best Flintstones game is? Uh, well, I dunno Fred... let's ask /v/.[View]
396942057>want to build a pc >have to spend 200 euro's on RAM >have to spend 100 euro's mo…[View]
396940515EA using pay to win loot boxes in their new game? Well you have to admit atleast the Creation Club™…[View]
396940873Will someone please tell me the docked resolution of Skyrim on the Switch? There isn’t a definitive …[View]
396933450So I suddenly became my exiled demonic Aztec God Emperor son during the early game while slowly buil…[View]
396932808FFXIV: What other primals can we expect for this expansion? Now that the developers are playing with…[View]
396934427My, you're a tall one![View]
396940961Pripara: >idols >paper doll dress up >rhythm game Why doesn't /v/ talk about Pripara? …[View]
396939706https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wilson_(businessman) >Get pissed off at EA >Would love …[View]
396914386>install another game >play for 2 hours >install another game >play for 2 hours >inst…[View]
396941438Greatest game of all time: What is the greatest videogame of all time, /v/?[View]
396939017New Valkyria project: >sega.jp has it in the PC and home console category >Director of VC1 ret…[View]
396937737why do you like it?[View]
396932221Will you be playing it?[View]
396939112Looking for a modern RPG or Action Game that I can get into with a controller: I have not really pla…[View]
396937380>Blizzards own character/voice lines are all super 'toxic' (no matter the game) >if people use…[View]
396941082What kind of movie do you think Gay Cowboys was?[View]
396940597How would make the ultimate Santa game, about doing the big delivery run? I know it's still Nov…[View]
396934863You can do 10 in a row on both sides, right /v/?[View]
396933965Hi, /v/ Recommend me a game about propaganda.[View]
396904943>this unfinished trash is a contender for GOTY What the fuck went wrong? Truly this is the worst …[View]
396939753Hey anon here i was wondering what game should i play on pcsx2.[View]
396940247Favorite scene from predator, Go[View]
396940540Ass creed originz: It's never coming out is it ? It's been what ? A month ? /v/ told me t…[View]
396940363>Battle Royale games are now more popular than ever thanks to PUBG >Still not game about the O…[View]
396937535This one is cool because it's an owl, and owl's are cool[View]
396935009What kind of DLC do you want for Odyssey?[View]
396940009they should have called this piece of shit Riddler and Batmobile:The game featuring the Batman[View]
396933183What video game would you play before your death?[View]
396926081Okami HD on steam requires 34 GB: Why[View]
396938923The main cast of the last game you played now has to survive on a deserted island for a year before …[View]
396938525I'm the first one shitting on valve, but I got to admit that's a geat idea. No more chines…[View]
396934950Why do we hate it again?[View]
396937834>sit through entire game credits >doesn't say 'And You' at the end…[View]
396939880>high budget game >released with bugs and clumsy animations >happens every year Is it reall…[View]
396938058>Bloodborne is a masterpiece[View]
396936923Post some comfy vidya music. https://youtu.be/LDvKwSVuUGA[View]
396938495How are you liking Alex-chan so far, /v/?[View]
396937004So, guys, i've finally decided to get into consoles. What's better to buy, ps4 or xbox?[View]
396937160why isn't it a thing?[View]
396939518>game creates an entire new wolrd with its own lore and everything >really want to explore and…[View]
396937389Who cares about lootboxes?: I'm serious. Only shitty games are affected by them.[View]
396939374Get kicked for being a Troll. Why Blizzard?[View]
396931435Just refunded Star Wars Battlefront 2 Deluxe Edition, did I make the right choice guys?[View]
396939271Of course lootboxes are Millennials' fault: Reminder that these things exist because entitled m…[View]
396935191What was the last game you played released between the years 2000-2005? Not considered new games, bu…[View]
396938907>here, i'll mark the location on your map[View]
396934298what should i expect[View]
396936034do you participate in community made events?[View]
396935063never forget never fogive[View]
396924004Resident Evil Revelations Switch features trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkyouXrrTHc Anyone…[View]