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432943431Anyone else really love pantyshots in video games? Especially if it takes some work to catch a glimp…[View]
432940647Spyro: Ripto's Rage... Home. Worlds.[View]
432950476how do you feel about accesories in games?[View]
432951132Isabelle love: Let's celebrate our dog making it into Smash! I love the salt she generates on t…[View]
432953982This is Primarina-chan. Her species is 87.5% male, but this one is a girl.[View]
432943662What's /v/'s thoughts about this?[View]
432953141>https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/devil-may-cry-5-will-have-microtransactions-capcom-1921894 …[View]
432953159WWII vidya thread: Into the Motherland the German army march![View]
432954964>series sell well with each entry, stable sales >but the higher-ups think they can sell more s…[View]
432944370What went wrong?[View]
432954782Man, they really ruined this game. Looks like we can't have good things for so long[View]
432954704Alright you fucks which one should I get- Mario Odyssey or Yakuza Kiwami 2? I just beat 6 but I want…[View]
432945540*CRAAAAACK* *SIIIIIP* Ah the late 1980's. Now that was the golden age of gaming.[View]
432948293The year is 2018 A.D and /v/ still care about western games When will you learn?[View]
432926974Pathfinder Kingmaker thread: Around 10 hours to go[View]
432953472How would you design a parody of a anime edgelord character in a multi character pvp game. Specifica…[View]
432952749You will never lick Lightning's armpits[View]
432954341this is your the new claire redfield say something nice about her![View]
432953867One week left faggots What would you like to see? How many surprises are you expecting?[View]
432954090>see game has 10 points lower meta score >read development section on Wikipedia >>the p…[View]
432951464Who is the Gordon Ramsay of video games?[View]
432942051Post your coolest/badass looking character from any mmo[View]
432948049>*Ruins your game*[View]
432952327Hello we killed the handheld gaming industry: >Handhelds are dead >3DS already dead and forgot…[View]
432945575>Wake me... when you need me >Tfw[View]
432953646I HOPE YOUR HAPPY![View]
432935368>xbox is dead and MS can't make good gam- APOLOGIZE[View]
432953413Midget Nero thread[View]
432943738Why isn't there anyone asking for him in Smash?[View]
432951568>Teammate buys Deagle in Round 1 >Loses >Forces AK with no armor in Round 2 >Clantag is …[View]
432945481Today I will remind them.[View]
432951813Were you ever grounded from playing video games as a kid? What's the longest you've been g…[View]
432952572where is the trigger?[View]
432952391https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk8TEujsJNc >tfw when this was 10 years ago time sure flies by h…[View]
432952280What do you think of Fifa 19?[View]
432948674What do you want to see in the inevitable sequel? I wanna see Mario in a dark world[View]
432952660I'm playing Super Mario on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator.[View]
432943291Let's keep it wholesome boys, who would you legitimately want in Smash Ultimate and why?[View]
432950645>he bought a SNES mini classic[View]
432948782Grand Chase or Elsword[View]
432946524What's the best Bioshock and why is it Infinite?[View]
432939381Are these things actually comfortable? I use a shitty office chair and I can never find a proper pos…[View]
432949619Assassin's Creed thread: You guys hyped for AC Odyssey? It's literally Morrowind: AC editi…[View]
432951563Radiata Stories: First time player here. How would you suggest I go about tackle this game? Just pla…[View]
432947336What will be the big shocking twist Nomura got ready in KH3?[View]
432945430Reimu, let it go.... it is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone w…[View]
432946526ITT: Bad character design.[View]
432950789Forza Horizon 4 best recent racing game: Xbox finally has a good game with good reviews. Get ready f…[View]
432946097hehehehehe friggin sweet check me out lois im bowsette[View]
432950763It's Super Tuesday. You make your plans right an' proper![View]
432952105She's in as third DLC after Steve and Sora[View]
432948735what yous your opinion of 'GVMERS' videogame documentaries? other than the retarded name, I find th…[View]
432952048Say what you want about the collectathon gameplay, but DK64's soundtrack was pure, 64-bit kino,…[View]
432949271>tfw finally have a hacked vita after literal years of letting it auto update What games should I…[View]
432943985TELLTALE GAMES IS SHUTTING DOWN: https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1044370808657915905 They c…[View]
432950295>it's dead already Welp it was fun while it lasted. Back to your regularly scheduled program…[View]
432943391>See this game cheap >Buy it >Have a blast I didnt play the first one but this is so far on…[View]
432950689This is a 92 on metacritic.[View]
432947994Yo niggas. Yesterday some of us had a discussion about cheating in games, and if possible I would li…[View]
432951112Britannia: >army names are repeated >Have two members of faction with the exact same name and …[View]
432951119ITT - Moments in games that genuinely surprised and or shocked you / put you in awe: For me, it was …[View]
432937759DONT BUY DIGITAL THREAD. For saying one word privately you can lose hundreds of dollars worth of gam…[View]
432935373I never really got into the expansion, but I always wanted to especially learning about Shantoto. Is…[View]
432936041Just make everyone happy and make another Pokemon trainer.[View]
432950353When will Gust make a sexier MC?[View]
432904932Labyrinth of Refrain: I had 2 save files before this, do I make it 3 now?[View]
432943932Who will stop her killing-spree?[View]
432944034Why aren't games kino anymore?[View]
432943929How important are cute girls in video games to you? Are they necessary for your enjoyment?[View]
432904071MapleRoyals /v/ Guild: Are you ready to re-live the glory days of MapleStory? /v/ Guild Degenerates …[View]
432950824I paid money for this expansion.[View]
432939641Who is the best MC?[View]
432948980Any chance this game is being made in Japan or is it still Leaf shit?[View]
432948918Will it save this decade from being the worst decade of gaming?: Very few good games in general.…[View]
432939054>that kid who wanted to look at a guy's ass the whole game instead of playing as a girl…[View]
432944970Pillars of eternity POTD party: Need some help crafting a party for a first time POTD run. Would pr…[View]
432944021>quick time events but you have to do them to the rhythm of the battle music discuss…[View]
432947141> you gain edge in the game by knowing multiple languages What games do this?…[View]
432928731Who are your favorites?[View]
432941549>Still no Shadow of the Tomb Raider have they finally won?[View]
432939593Just woke up: No bowsette threads? Wtf? Bowsette and bolina thread![View]
432950183She's in.[View]
432946882So I've just spent ... > $1200 on a GPU > $500 on a CPU (+ $200 on a watercolling system)…[View]
432947318Doki Doki Exit Music mod ending.: Has anyone played the Exit Music mod and felt ready to die after c…[View]
432949881when in the timeline is this[View]
432932609I want to protect Mysterious Onyx's smile[View]
432946705One Piece World Seeker: >Garbage fighting >Open World >Bad animations >Bad AI >Boring…[View]
432948497ESO: I played ESO back in early 2016 and I really liked it (finished the story and played some endga…[View]
432949539>John Riggs: 'This particular Famicom Game was released at the end of the console's cycle, t…[View]
432940294>lose fight >get raped[View]
432943374What the hell did they try to accomplish with this game: This game reminds me so much to dirge of ce…[View]
432941609>real-time with pause And dropped. Why not making it like Divinity Original Sin?…[View]
432949284Warframe: what the FUCK[View]
432947363ITT: Post fun flash games you found online[View]
432934701My entire life I have never even gone near an Xbox or any of the games (inb4 memearrows) associated …[View]
432943486>hey man, can i borrow your game? i'll give it back next week[View]
432934420When does it pick up? Am this game some giant practical joke that everyone else is in on? When does …[View]
432942860 [View]
432941665Hey hey people[View]
432943843With Pathfinder Kingmaker releasing very soon, let's talk about a recent game that also tried t…[View]
432947976What is the consensus on this? It comes in 2 days.[View]
432937695A user with fighting game sources, and accurately leaked Samurai Spirits, confirms Steve for Smash: …[View]
432946727What are the games you play when the weather is bad outside and you have lots of free time? I play E…[View]
432947938>Open world games at night time[View]
432946987Would you a Lopunny?[View]
432940612How did we go from 7 classes to 4?[View]
432931164How do 25+ anons find the time to play games? >28 >Dead end job with long, shitty hours >Dr…[View]
432945817>tfw you get lucky and make a very sus move[View]
432941628BANJO IN SMASH?: hello guys, what possibilities do you think Banjo Kazooie has to be in smash ultima…[View]
432947624Is RTX a meme?[View]
432947609Why is she so perfect?[View]
432943484Not long now 'til the king of /v/ is a free man! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-xetxYwyak…[View]
432930401Kingdom Hurts: Former fans: What was the drop off point for you? Continued fans: What keeps you draw…[View]
432940731Why can't we have sci-fi guns like pic related instead of the garbage seen on Mass Effect or Bo…[View]
432944218He's in[View]
432922003CyberPunk 2077: AND I COULD HAVE IT ALL[View]
432946231Any games with the vibe of pic related? Ever since CP2077 decided to go for the GTA audience it does…[View]
432945489>tfw you got the statue already UnderRail thead? Full Thought Control is ridiculously OP by the e…[View]
432945716>Luigi gets higher jump >Toadette gets a super mode that gives her Peach's shitty hover j…[View]
432943404The 1998 Curien Case. Guess who was behind it. It was (((Goldman)))[View]
432937932What would you want to see in Rayman's next 3D adventure?[View]
432946810What games make you think?[View]
432943170ITT: Post 'tropes' that are specific to one game and anons try to guess what that game is. >game…[View]
432945598oh great,now that plague is spreading[View]
432943960What's your least favourite chapter, how would you fix it? 2 Make a quick warp to boogly tree …[View]
432944561Hi, I have an old childhood friend who lives a few cities over. The only opportunity we really have …[View]
432943940Is this fun playing solo or offline?[View]
432945194Ah... Port Town... home[View]
432945139What are some video game villains who did nothing wrong?[View]
432939591what does he delivers?[View]
432942789What's everyone's favorite video game?[View]
432904381What am I in for?[View]
432939368What video games allow me to use the best weapon type?[View]
432923898Play Maplestory 2[View]
432942207So what was it like during that one month where Ridley was confirmed but K. Rool wasn't?[View]
432946037The state of SJWs. It's not like most of us are light skins in america, nope. Really makes you …[View]
432913948Ace Combat bread: >Free AC5 port and PSVR mode for PS4 >Free AC6 back comp for Xbone >Free …[View]
432945165Is Johnny the comfiest video game reviewer out there?[View]
432927969late night 3x3 thread[View]
432944589She's in: why do people want a fucking goomba instead of bestgirl[View]
432935950Rank these bloated fatass guns.[View]
432916280Alright /v/ Im going to wipe ONE game from your memory so you can experience it for the first time a…[View]
432918308If Incineroar actually makes it into Smash, he will become the next Corrin. >blatant shill/market…[View]
432942995Board-tans: What would happen if we put a crown on /v/, /b/, or other board-tans?[View]
432936237Clementine: So what's her endga- ...Oh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL_l9HPWNKQ&feature…[View]
432934360Should nintendo have removed the islamic references in Ocarina of Time? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
432942379Play Azur Lane[View]
432903139What do anons think about microtransactions in Devil May Cry V? Worth chimping out?[View]
432924975Have you ever thought about how vital music is to your enjoyment of a video game? Without music, Pho…[View]
432934030>$100 USD[View]
432938672What’s the best moble game?[View]
432935975>He doesn't own a Vita >He hasn't hacked his vita What's your excuse, anon?…[View]
432935117How do you guys keep track of your games and your game data? Google docs? Excel? What do you like to…[View]
432939327Why can't For Honor maintain a decently sized player base?[View]
432938132Fallout 4 mods: Did I missed anything? What other mods should I get?[View]
432938660>Ashly Burch is in a Final Fantasy game Feels fucking terrible.[View]
432940073Why do japanese game developers obsess over have incel's that are chad and chad's that are…[View]
432942276Where were you when Nickelodeon saved the Kart racing genre?[View]
432906819This game blows Zelda and Octopath the fuck out despite being four times cheaper.[View]
432939143A Shiggy Shiggy Shiggy[View]
432943350Wake up /v/[View]
432929185>videogames can't be ar-[View]
432942709Ring of Elysium: So Tencent brought out a PUBG clone. Except Tencent owns Bluehole already so they…[View]
432938685I wanna play this game so bad but my pc says it can only run well on Minimum Requirements. Will it h…[View]
432940923games where I can be executed for sedition?[View]
432938275>more fun than dragon quest 11 How did they do it?[View]
432940658>ITT Your favourite pokemon[View]
432942175So long gay Bowser[View]
432941982>Beasts all over the shop. You'll be one of them... sooner or later. >HHUUUUUUURGHHHHHH…[View]
432942536Anyone know any music that gets you pumped up/hyped? Just an example: >https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
432933537Alright time to choose /v/ Bowsette Or Queen Boo ?[View]
432941095How do I git gud at this?[View]
432914031Seal the Deal: I can't believe Act 2 of is Arctic Cruise is even worse than Act 1. How the hell…[View]
432942769She's in[View]
432939831I have a gut feeling that Michael Ironside is going to kick the bucket before a new Splinter Cell ga…[View]
432941958You will never lick her armpits[View]
432940975>Made everyone gay >Boosted Nintendo stock >Still a great dad Bowser is a better mascot tha…[View]
432942571why are you here talking about masturbation with fat pedophiles instead of playing xenoverse 2?[View]
432934408>*cast Zing* >miss >*cast Zing* >miss >*cast Zing* >miss >*cast Zing* >miss …[View]
432942228>Game pretty much dead online >Rarely anyone plays >Join server, cool, finally found one …[View]
432942446DMC: When will they reveal him?[View]
432942285what historical musou do you want to be made[View]
432935304Chris Taylor just passed away: The guy who was sick with cancer that played the Smash demo just died…[View]
432942216mods are asleep: post autistic waifus[View]
432914201This is the best Sonic game of all time.[View]
432941127Death Stranding Complete Story Leaked![View]
432941994Bad cosplay thread[View]
432934327/v/ turned into a rule34 board and the mods are doing absolutely nothing about it[View]
432938463>own top 3 consoles a gaming PC and HTC vive Explain why you don't own everything?…[View]
432940139who team japan here?[View]
432941758good endings in vidya[View]
432941661Another extra link enabler?[View]
432936076Are you excited switch bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sjv8es_gv0[View]
432939481So is this game still worth playing with the single player mods? Remember being hyped as fuck for it…[View]
432941385What's your least favourite chapter, how would you fix it? 2 Make a quick warp to boogly tree …[View]
432933547What's the best suit and why is it Spirit Suit?[View]
432940927The last album you listened to has become a videogame. how does it play /v/[View]
432937540>still no game about the Hero of Men that used the Picori Sword before Minish Cap's Link …[View]
432940684Is this game going to be worth it, should I spend my 100 goy points for the 20% discount[View]
432838730What are your thoughts on the Disgaea series, /v/?[View]
432941064Why the fuck gaystation fags can play manhunt on their PS4 and I can’t play manhunt on my shitbox on…[View]
432926740ITT children's games that /v/ tricked you into playing. Pic related.[View]
432876454What's her appeal?[View]
432937890Why aren't you playing Ironsight?[View]
432936986>Here's your map bro I'm tired of such small shitty maps, I thought nesxt gen would be …[View]
432940243I’m buying a Switch for the new Animal Crossing and so should you![View]
432931963GOTY: Say it with me: GAME OF THE YEAR[View]
432940549>boss is a boomer[View]
432939903>wake up >open twitter >see browsette fanpics >next day >wake up >open twitter …[View]
432914365What do they eat?[View]
432935130What are some video games?[View]
432935191>get new game >oh boy cant wait to play this >4gb update what the fuck…[View]
432934725Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn: >You can die now >All-new power-ups >Meta Knightmare AND Dede…[View]
432938791So in what games is it possible to play as little girl? I can't think of many outside of Dragon…[View]
432940303>pc gaming show[View]
432938315>A fighting game where aggressive play is punished >Projectile spam is referred to as zoning t…[View]
432936637Why are the J. Jonah Jameson podcast's so unfunny?[View]
432937604Will this be the end of steam?[View]
432937508Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
432935749Stalker How do you feel about it? Mods or raw?[View]
432937128What exactly is this game about? How does it work? Is this just like wow but with eso skin? Or is th…[View]
432939917Is it still a buggy mess like it was on release? Is it safe to play now?[View]
432939578it's been a while, hasn't it?[View]
432900338So some guys disassembled Metroid Prime and are now making a source port for PC. And it looks pretty…[View]
432928175Playing some hollow knight. Is this supposed to be the third boss you fight? I can't find anywh…[View]
432937870is this correct /v/?[View]
432937702Would /v/ think less of me if I beat Shin Megami Tensei IV on easy mode?[View]
432920747SHIT! THE MEME HAS REACHED JAPAN NOW. Even Pannenkoek2012 never reached this level of complete disse…[View]
432934921Why does almost every non-jewish content-based DLC pack end up hailed as 'Even better than the base …[View]
432937520>Shut the FUCK UP you FUCKING NIGGER! Shiiieettt this episode is dope so far. Makes absolutely no…[View]
432935821>game tries to combine two contradicting genres[View]
432934613Just cancelled my order for RTX Ask me anything.[View]
432935329how do i get into resident evil? what should i play first? remake or original?[View]
432937881When are we getting a Warhammer Vidya RPG based on WFRPG? I want to start as a Dung Collector.[View]
432937095BEGONE THOT[View]
432938282Name a more chillaxing game OST song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFFOXwniVKw[View]
432936068What is the modern day equivalent to 'Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde' a.k.a the current crownho…[View]
432938151It's far too powerful for our own good /v/[View]
432916317Has there ever been a game with a more outstanding group of QTs as DMC5?[View]
432932170>want to play game >computer won't turn on…[View]
432936539Nintendo, can we get some black male characters?: .[View]
432928836Say something nice about our chemoqueen for getting rid of /pol/ cancer.[View]
432934907>*reduces your sales*[View]
432936275Animal Crossing for the Switch: I'm really excited for AC for the Switch but that lighting is j…[View]
432934375Nabbit is just a poor man's Croco.[View]
432936201ONE MORE WEEK[View]
432936504Are there any cool games where I can meticulously craft my power with an in depth magic system?[View]
432932261Hello, I work at Best Buy and just got my hands on a demo copy of Smash Ult. From what I've see…[View]
432935352The Walking Dead final season will be finished /v/. Telltale are committed to it. We will see Clemen…[View]
432933513Telltale: TWD Final Season will continue: We did it /v/bros![View]
432916887UNIST Thread: Time to iron out those bad habits.[View]
432913967Feeling nostalgic and longing for the old days. Can someone reminisce with me about this fucking gam…[View]
432934162She's in![View]
432916657/v/ plays X-Com: Xpiratez AKA the best titty mod ever made: his is X-Piratez, a total conversion of …[View]
432936651Valkyria Chronicles 4: 31 Critic$ said it was a good game. Why didn't you pre-order? Besides th…[View]
432897185Are you excited for Resident Evil 2 Remake?[View]
432937424What if white people can't make good games because of low IQ? american water + modern education…[View]
432931320Save Office Princess from getting fired by Head Manager King.[View]
432937220Yukari is the best extra stage boss in this entire series, as a matter of fact, most extra stage bos…[View]
432936428Limits and Creativity: Does it take a limited budget and/or technical limitations to create a true m…[View]
432932820How did she get so popular?[View]
432926852Well, /v/? Do you?[View]
432932526Sasuga Phil-dono![View]
432930809Geno, Isaac, and Banjo should get in solely so I can stop seeing these awful Smashified renders.[View]
432931989Why are shared color skill banners still a thing?[View]
432936340Where do you guys have your set up?[View]
432935036Day 1 buy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul5xOFjT28w[View]
432936169If a human being listened to and actively acted on and believed in everything /v/ said on a regular …[View]
432918223Games you would like to see more of. Pic related[View]
432934206post yfw switch in 2018[View]
432933308>Valkyria chronicles for switch already on torrents >PCjunkies have to wait 6 Months for broke…[View]
432926032>Satsuki is the main character and is getting a new final form like Ryuko >game is leaning mor…[View]
432932510How should they improve it in the inevitable remaster?[View]
432934412is this good?[View]
432931490Anon how is your Youtube channel doing ? When is the time for you to quit university and start your…[View]
432935864Play EarthBound.[View]
432930279Admit you were wrong: Can /v/ finally admit it's the most important, influential and best selli…[View]
432928237is bioshcok 2 story really that bad?[View]
432934702ITT: wasted potential What are games that didn't live up to the hype? DE:MD is especially sad, …[View]
432935510i want to get one but it's so ugly, the neon color scheme is kinda cool. Is there a hardware r…[View]
432925601>Is already guaranteed to be the best selling game of the year and a GOTY contender despite showi…[View]
432927813Keep this hush-hush: I don't want anyone I know getting in trouble, so I've been holding o…[View]
432923993>Game ends on a cliffhanger >Never gets a sequel…[View]
432934827Forza Horizon 4 reviews: Forza chads get in here The reviews are coming up and the score keep rising…[View]
432932794Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them soon...[View]
432933986All these bowsette niggas forgetting the real og[View]
432933253why are you here talking about masturbation with fat pedophiles instead of playing xenoverse 2?[View]
432917148What happened to this?[View]
432930015/v/ cards against humanity game: Cards Against Humanity - /v/ https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game…[View]
432932125Smash Leak: Here you go. Ok bye.[View]
432921056This is Clementine. Her story has been cancelled. Say something nice to her.[View]
432934468I want a Twilight Princess remake but set in Breath of the Wild Hyrule, and with a modified final bo…[View]
432933051I just learned that this game has zero sort of autosave. Ama[View]
432934060He's in![View]
432931905>want to play snowy game right now >but would be better to play it in winter Anyone know this …[View]
432921592Do you ever feel like you're on the side of the video game?[View]
432929909What is the greatest portable emulation device?[View]
432929516What are some of the worst deaths you ever had in your time playing video games[View]
432916581>Fallout >Fallout 2 >Fallout 3 >Fallout 4 >Fallout 76…[View]
432932451you wouldnt pirate a sarcophagus would you?[View]
432931889Okay guess what video game I'm thinking of and you get the prize[View]
432930716DOOK: 12 fuckin weapons to choose from... not even 2011 DNF hadda flamethrower to it[View]
432929851I think he's in, boys; a REALLY good chance after what I've found. If you go on the fighte…[View]
432929337>Overwatch was a huge success, though it's playerbase has dwindled in the past 18 odd months…[View]
432927594Assuming we all started the 7-day trial at the same time, at what day and what time does it end?[View]
432914063Sssh...Malos is sleeping...[View]
432889067What is he thinking?[View]
432931273ITT: Video Game Glitches: Ill start[View]
432929157Predict the MetaScore[View]
432932954Xenoblade 2 or Dragonquest 11? Help me /v/ you're my only hope![View]
432929915So this is pretty much confirmed to be a walking simulator, right? >Kojima has said the gameplay …[View]
432933087Seeeeee ya![View]
432933072Goodnight, Tharja I'm just a dummy in your arms[View]
432933036Will they get along in Smash?[View]
432927835*blocks ur path*[View]
432910707Let's have a perfectly normal Megaman thread. What's your favourite robot master in 11?[View]
432930747Is the switch worth buying at the moment?[View]
432928936Why does PT get so much love with it's just another fucking hide and seek simulator except now …[View]
432928623Great trend hope to see more cute characters.[View]
432920084What was your first Dark Souls play through like?[View]
432928317TELLTALE GAMES ARE SHUTTING DOWN: https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1043252010999410689 Offic…[View]
432930590Which do you prefer the Amiibo do?[View]
432918825ITT: The best OST’s for their respective franchises[View]
432931975New Smash Leak: I have a friend who claims to be a credible smash source. I didn’t even know at firs…[View]
432932370That last Made in Abyss thread was videah related: what the fuck just happened to the thread, we wer…[View]
432926578Post games for tough guys.[View]
432928507Is she a pervert?[View]
432926905Final Fantasy X Terra Wars?: Okay these crossovers are starting to get stupid how much momey did the…[View]
432923046Did the guy get the good ol' one-two lawsuit yet? Do you think he destroyed the cartridge alrea…[View]
432930039do you get to the cloud district often?[View]
432928049Border Break: Does anyone else here play it?[View]
432930014Just want to say, this DLC, back in the day was the shit with me and my friends, we would come home …[View]
432931791Skeith is coming for you in a low level dungeon, what're you going to do without your Data Drai…[View]
432931681>ruins your game[View]
432931528For the anon who want Cierra in a bikini and a pareo skirt, here it is. What do you think?[View]
432929713the best month of the year is just around the corner. what are some comfy halloween games?[View]
432930073Switch 6.1: Feature got delayed due to a lack of time for testing. Next update: >Template of pres…[View]
432930454Dear Riot Games: Dear Riot Games I have played League of Legends since 2011. I was never a very fre…[View]
432929146Wahoo! It's a me mario! Do you know that with skyrim™ special edition for nintendo™ switch™ you…[View]
432928159Where was the US Army when Electro and Rhino ran havoc in Manhattan?[View]
432906101ITT: Meme characters that nobody actually likes[View]
432930865Are they being fucking serious with this boss? Is this some kind of joke?[View]
432928969>sprite based x-bit games becomes the standard >polygon based games take over the industry …[View]
432923893What are some insanely difficult vidya?[View]
432927956Whatever happened to unironic edge in videogames? When did everyone become so afraid of doing someth…[View]
432925968I'm a couple of hours in. Honestly, when the fuck does this get good?[View]
432873773Soundtracks with awesome slap bass.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKtn7_2w9u8[View]
432913776>make game on PC >'this is a pretty good game!' >make a small insignificant change >'GOD…[View]
432925803rate my 3DS/DS collection: what do you think?[View]
432928950TWEWY: In the last TWEWY thread someone dropped a MEGA link for every single OST out there. Anyone h…[View]
432929170What is the third best Sonic game?[View]
432922272>checking freezing error solution online >'first, make sure your system meets the games minimu…[View]
432928501how weird is too weird for gaming normies?[View]
432927943Metroid prime 4: - Nintendo seems to be aiming for a q3 2019 release date - developed by Bandai nam…[View]
432925080thanks for beta testing nerds![View]
432918757>New York stage >Jazz music starts playing…[View]
432930215ITT: Crazy game ideas you have: Heres my idea: >Viscera Cleanup Detail >With loot mechanics, i…[View]
432930143What was the last video game romance that left you hollow inside? >Theresa in Kingdom Come: Deliv…[View]
432888295Persona Q 2: Who will be your main 5?[View]
432890517Mobile Games worth Downloading: Red pill me on mobile games. Good ones I've played so far: …[View]
432889993>first Mads character who can control the undead and use electrical wire tentacles to spawn shit …[View]
432928032We don't need three Marios.[View]
432929771This is the current state of Identity. Progress is slow it seems.[View]
432928553Cases: Hey /v/, how are y’all tonight? I was just wondering if any of you knew a good place to get e…[View]
432929460>mfw it's actually good Why aren't you playing Cross Code yet?…[View]
432874851Xenoblade Chronicles: /v/, won't you join me in discussing the greatest game of all time?…[View]
432929479Smash, why there is no heros vs villains theme: numba oon:if it wernt for the k rool trailer not as …[View]
432929493Spyro: Myths Awaken: Spyro Myths Awaken thread. Are there any download mirrors for the 3 playable de…[View]
432923581>you fight yourself as the final boss[View]
432876797/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>432843148 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
432928824Days gone upgraded: Proof that doesn’t downgrade games if that wasn’t clear enough[View]
432926071Going to GameStop tomorrow with 120$ bros what games should I get? I have a Switch and a PS4 will po…[View]
432857460whatever happened to second life: and second life trolling like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeRb…[View]
432927131What if...[View]
432929009Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 4: James is bestboy but since he's not a romance option…[View]
432926748F: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/9iod9d/chris_taylor_has_passed_away/[View]
432929110Despite the big boob I think this is the first non fapbait Compile Heart game[View]
432927763>japanese-themed level >'ting ting ting tingtingtingting' >'boom boom, BUM B…[View]
432927695smash ultimate: the box theory is obviously fake to anyone with common sense. If you believe in it y…[View]
432928678>be tf2 >be in steams top 10 games despite updates happening once a year or less >have econ…[View]
432927596REAL SMASH LEAK??!?!?!1111one: Im not here to mess around so lets get right into what this leak has …[View]
432907707You've been given 400 million dollars & your goal is to create a game that get's a 99 …[View]
432927379Is this helmet the main source of inspiration for all other helmets in video games?[View]
432915275Switch Thread: What is it about this system that makes me want to spend money on games I otherwise w…[View]
432920640Damn, this game looks good.[View]
432916010/v/ makes a vault: Let's design a vault guys. Posts that end in 5 decide something about the va…[View]
432885264Activision is pulling a Nintendo with fan games[View]
432926218I think we went too far guys...[View]
432921868Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Official Final Roster (Spoiler Warning!): Hey guys! I wasn't going…[View]
432917819Post some pretty video boys[View]
432928489Join my call of duty Black ops 4 clan |tha killaz|. leave your applications here please.[View]
432921057Well I finally finished this game after a lot of grinding and scrub savescumming. Are 2, 3 and 4 any…[View]
432926808make the perfect fighting game >long combos >short combos >juggles >no juggles >proje…[View]
432917548Is this the closest we'll ever get to system shock 3? Also killer soundtrack https://www.youtub…[View]
432923387smash leak: i work at N.O.A (nintendo of america) as part of the script writer for directs and such.…[View]
432927301>I'M GOING TO LYNCH THAT NIGGER PRAXIS Was bringing Raimi in for Jak 2 really such a good id…[View]
432924114Bowsette never dies[View]
432927883>Terminal Cancer Patient Chris Taylor passes away. What are some games where you can accomplish g…[View]
432927536Anyone tried it yet? How far did you get? https://cachacacha.com/GAME/flappyppa/[View]
432922074>/v/ says game is bad >it's actually one of the best games ever made the amount of blind …[View]
432913164opinions on this?[View]
432925261I hate Reddits culture and left wing garbage circlejerking manchild rhetoric. I hate 4chans extremi…[View]
432925997CA is retarded: To include womyn in a history themed gaimu, you need to sex them up to the max, you …[View]
432923307Play Snatcher.[View]
432926671I'm going to hack my Vita! Wish me luck to avoid an UNRECOVERABLE brick!![View]
432917875AAAAAADAAAM, we've got to investigate pizza gate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qri7bg7HHM S…[View]
432920114What game comes to mind when you see this /v/?[View]
432921865Battle damage system from Soul Calibur 6: What's your opinion? I think it's fucking dumb b…[View]
432927396From the eye of terror, we come to kill![View]
432909078Why does this happen so often nowadays? Why do modern developers go against the wishes of their cons…[View]
432927089Who's the cutest character in video games?[View]
432923863Video Game Addiction: Let's talk about vidya addiction. Was there a phase in your life where a …[View]
432926153Is it really that bad?[View]
432902781This outfit was canonically made by one of the best fashion designers in the world. Thoughts?[View]
432927051risk of rain: Just got this on Switch. I seem to get stuck on the second level as it ramps up from “…[View]
432918781>Be greatest fps of all time >Used to be the game only cool kids play >Now all my pubg frie…[View]
432921521What PS3 games are worth picking up?[View]
432919779Just a friendly reminder that he's in.[View]
432924785That feel when there is nothing that you want to play[View]
432913593>there is no final boss because its too video gamey[View]
432925736Why am I always logged out of steam on my browser? I cant recall how many times I have saved my cred…[View]
432926418>pirate game >devs don't get a cent >buy preowned game from retailer >lose money, …[View]
432920318Can anyone tell what this game is from the screenshot?[View]
432926067Who thought Scarecrow was a good main villain? He didnt even have a reason to be so angry at Batman[View]
432888464>came out two months ago >nobody talking about it I guess it must have been great, then?…[View]
432926057Cases: Hey /v/, how are y’all tonight? I was just wondering if any of you knew a good place to get e…[View]
432923721Is there a single Navi in this series who is legitimately a challenge?[View]
432911971ITS HAPPENING ITS FUCKING HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=285X1uLlN4k[View]
432925830what's the angriest you ever made someone in a video game?[View]
432914268Zelda thead: Which one are you playing, Anons? Are you having fun? Which one's your favorite? W…[View]
432907360Cross Code: It's been about 4-5 days since it was released. Are you still playing and have you …[View]
432924878The Walking Dead Final Season is going to be finished (probably). Tell Tale said on twitter that sev…[View]
432905583It's amazing how cheap this looks compared to Smash.[View]
432923673CS CZ Deleted Scenes - My Experience: Just played through the Deleted Scenes (Single Player Mode) of…[View]
432925325>came out two weeks ago >nobody talking about it I guess it must have been great, then?…[View]
432922672PC ARPGS (Action role playing game): Anything with like some extreme difficulty? List me some shit …[View]
432924548>Flash Game with gacha to get .png file[View]
432902504Will you be purchasing Katamari for the Nintendo Switch?[View]
432924986It will flop, right?[View]
432923426Why would you stick with smelly WASD over superior ESDF?[View]
432924998>music continues even during random encounters Post em /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xRCjj…[View]
432920372Smash Ultimate Characters: Hello, I am a Smash Model Designer, and I'm pretty new to 4chan. I…[View]
432921414What are the most disappointing games you've ever played?[View]
432922391Hi /v/. I haven't been feeling good lately. I'm trying to quit drugs and have been succes…[View]
432925132DQXI Dragon Quest XI: Orchestral mod is up: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1…[View]
432923736>wait half a decade for SC only for the series to completely die in the West due to XSeed's …[View]
432924535BASIC BITCH[View]
432918851ITT good sports games[View]
432894081HOLY SHIT HE ATE THE AUDIENCE This is gonna be a good game isn't it?[View]
432923832I just got a Nintendo Switch and bought an SX pro for it but looking through the release list, I can…[View]
432922542Wow what the fuck is wrong with this game? I'm only a few hours in and all of a sudden I gotta …[View]
432917916>*whistles for non-magic horse* >autoruns on road to quest marker >*cowboy curtis vision ac…[View]
432913252>'Human! Go ahead! Show me what LOVE is!' How do you respond?[View]
432917669STALKER CoP: About to start this for the first time. Any tips? I've heard it's not very fr…[View]
432923374Sssh... Sasha is a sheep...[View]
432922174Maplestory 2 thread.: This officially launches on October 10. http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/micros…[View]
432923012>tfw haven't played a game in 2 weeks even though I'm neet Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
432917509Just got a PS3, planning to hack it and need some game recommendations.[View]
432922372*blocks your path* what do?[View]
432921890Do you think highly graphical games of 2016+ will get remasters in 10 years?[View]
432923570ITT: Video game development companies that no longer exist.[View]
432919398Serious question, is there anything more annoying than a Chrono Trigger fanboy? These people cling t…[View]
432923368Do you think blizzard will ever let people own Frostmourne or will we forever be cucked with the fro…[View]
432872364Pathfinder: Can you tame monsters in this?[View]
432916104I'm fighting this fucker in KH2FM on Proud @ level 45. I can get him to his final phase but the…[View]
432923317IT WAS HER TURN[View]
432923237after five years on the east coast[View]
432921905When will they put Persona 3 and 4 on the PS4 to capitalize on the success of Persona 5? I started w…[View]
432918740how can we save immersive sim?[View]
432922710Why aren't you playing the only Star Wars game worth a fuck? I feel like so many people are mis…[View]
432914891Queen Boo is as good as it's gonna get. Who cares about Bowsette?[View]
432910303Honest thoughts on Fate Stay Night?[View]
432917027>Play Berseria >AI teammates sit around like idiots during boss fights >Hate it >Try to …[View]
432921203Well /v/?[View]
432910608>second best borderlands game, only beat by BL1 >no sequel The only thing I'll miss, rip …[View]
432913027Remember that time they added stealth in a souls game? I do. And it was shit.[View]
432914715I want to make a game like Godhand except it's about an incel running around and beating the sh…[View]
432903938What are your opinions on these games?[View]
432910163>huge attack >fills the screen 10 times >screen shake, particle effects all over the place …[View]
432921789What JRPG has the best story? What JRPG has the best characters? What JRPG has the best combat? What…[View]
432917902When do you think they'll announce the 3rd Wave of Dream Friends for Star Allies? Who do you th…[View]
432922273Isaac niggas get in here: I'm sure you've heard of the trademarks but Isaac's from wh…[View]
432921947That's incredibly devious that it's almost worth applauding. >Trim the fat >Cash in …[View]
432920474the US release will be Just Dance with drums[View]
432919759How come whenever you jump on yoshi the bongos start playing?[View]
432920109They should start releasing more wii ports for the n3ds[View]
432875572Don't tell me you do this.[View]
432922024Alright I just got done playing Half-Life for the first time. I don't get it. On a Rail didn…[View]
432902125DMC Thread: Get Motivated. Get Cuhrazy. Get Hype[View]
432866667ITT: Bad weapon design[View]
432920792What's a good game to start with if I want to get into SMT? I've got a PS2/3 and a 3DS.[View]
432921770It's me or the moding scene is decaying? I think most modders just want to make their own games…[View]
432921768Is he in yet?[View]
432878661hey hey[View]
432906772Fucking hell Luigi[View]
432921112Have anyone of you was so mad about video game, that you wanted it to fail and burn? Have you ever s…[View]
432917321Since Subhuman was a flop and may end up being replaced, recommend a 'sound' more fitting of Boomer …[View]
432920992What would be the craziest or most ridiculous way falcon punch could be buffed in SSBU while still b…[View]
432921249This is May Greenfield, say something nice about her![View]
432915045>1911 >Wild West What the fuck? The so called wild west ended in the 1890s at the latest, this…[View]
432919961Was it GOTY?[View]
432917009>The Expansion turns out to be much better than the base game.[View]
432913106Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Let me just start off by saying this. I do not know everything about the …[View]
432919004Which Nintendo series has the greatest (most fun) fanbase?[View]
432912332>everyone's guessing and pining for her after the initial tease >finally get to see her i…[View]
432896023Today's Fighter: #21ᵋ: Lucina Lucina is Marth's Echo Fighter, so she shares most of her st…[View]
432920971All these bowsette threads are reminding me that i dont have a girlfriend, what are some games that …[View]
432914734SmUsh Leak: Hey retards, Elma is an assist, Got your attention now?. Let's get this Shit Starte…[View]
432919738>The PS4 version gets Ratchet, one of the Ape Escape monkeys and Toro Inoue (The PlayStation divi…[View]
432907831Why don't you buy it? I thought you want more Gundam games on PC?[View]
432920262any games with happy endings?[View]
432920658Reddit: the Brotherhood of Steel 4chan: the Enclave[View]
432919735Monster Hunter: Fuck this game. I have access to nothing in terms of skills and I'm supposed to…[View]
432915947Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Ive already seen the direct snippets from a marketing friend. I saw the s…[View]
432915108Bowsette is the new Arrow in the Knee this meme is so oversaturated it will be universally loathed w…[View]
432918448please post your favorite speedruns, human or tool assisted I'm in desperate need of something …[View]
432919386Post vidya characters that you have (2) things in common with. I'll start. >Youngest brother…[View]
432919385What's the biggest 'What the fuck were they thinking?' decision in gaming history for you? For …[View]
432919112Itt: oh yeah, that happened.[View]
432919823The SSD that I was using for my wii u had pin that fell off and it's essentially broken now. Wh…[View]
432899574>Look why your grandma got you Anon! Happy birthday. I love you so much.…[View]
432920035Why is Suikoden the best RPG franchise? Try to change my opinion, cuckolds. This RPG is miles better…[View]
432920013This officially launches on October 10. http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/microsite/officiallaunch Is …[View]
432918840>write a story >split them up in multiple parts while padding each one with filler and barely …[View]
432918674Hello Vchan, to be clear, this isn't a leak. i am not a translator for Nintendo nor do I know a…[View]
432918982ITT: deepest lore[View]
432916226Who is /v/'s daughteru?[View]
432918498Happy Suikoden day, /v/[View]
432859756Are you excited?[View]
432919251You did pat your daughters head today, right?[View]
432919225Warframe: I haven't played this game in a few years and wanted to know what changes have been m…[View]
432918987Pegasus Knights are the best girls in every FE game.[View]
432888631Why is Bethesda so based?[View]
432906286Why are people so obsessed with this basic bitch?[View]
432916215from what I gather, this is just a retelliing of the anime? which am i better off experiencing first…[View]
432909471/v/ BTFO.[View]
432915454So, what's your thoughts about goth elves?[View]
432918629Is there a way to get twitch vods from a recently suspended account? Pic related[View]
432912931Is there a bigger hack in the game industry than Jonathan Blow? All he makes shitty pretentious art …[View]
432905179Labyrinth of Refrain[View]
432918594>all gpus are suddenly ddr5 >all prices went up even for a gtx 1050 2gb…[View]
432915264>Like how every gamer should play atleast some of Ocarina of Time, every gamer should play atleas…[View]
432911915Let's not kid ourselves: There's going to be a Smash Pass. Zelda had it. Xenoblade had it.…[View]
432918163back with more info and a song. this is the opening song to game.. i will have video proof tomorrow …[View]
432918139What game has the best writing ever made?[View]
432917728Oh come on, now she MOVES?[View]
432917523whats a good game to play online and make friends? years and years ago in middle school I played an …[View]
432905331Your appointment to HIRO should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter…[View]
432905039mega man 11 looks kinda weird[View]
432917682>Can't just throw the big logs on the fire. Got to have the little bits too. Post quotes tha…[View]
432916865I need help about the name of a game: I remember having played in 2010, and the only image I have of…[View]
432917595Would your favourite franchise still be good if: >1 It was originally 2D with sprite graphics and…[View]
432917426>the absolute state of nu-falcom OP's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvjHn5BYpg4&t=…[View]
432917552Played over 500 hours and still haven't been able to choose a weapon that i totally love. Why d…[View]
432913606What games have the best religions?: I always liked how Dragon Age was ambiguous on whether or not t…[View]
432900282>One of the best selling and iconic games of all time >Limitless moveset potential >Wouldn…[View]
432905793You hear it you lose[View]
432916913Favorite Character Bingo: Post your favorite characters. Only rule is that you MUST HAVE 16 vidya re…[View]
432911465>great story >lots of content >great soundtrack >Shitty gameplay Why do all japanese gam…[View]
432890246is this game fucked? between a stacked release season, the marketing guy drama (thank god he got can…[View]
432915838So long Melee. Did you like it while it was around?[View]
432914143Post Mario characters that are still pure[View]
432916024Shit NormPCs would never get: >still not having played New Vegas…[View]
432907851Post piss tier vidya soundtracks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofTwO9zAyAU[View]
432915528Which Final Fantasy has the best overworld theme and why is it Final Fantasy IX? https://www.youtube…[View]
432911059>Death’s vastness holds no peace. I come at the end of the long road. Neither human nor devil... …[View]
432915992Best Civ game?: Hey /v/, which is the best Civ game in your opinion? I've been away from gaming…[View]
432911631What do they say again?[View]
432897695What’s /v/‘s opinion on Toby Fox, the creator of undertale?[View]
432911162Can anyone stop Sony at this point? >Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle that includes a physical copy …[View]
432911462What's the point of the bowsette thing when they're generic anime women with large tiddies…[View]
432847556OpenXcom X-COM files: Previously, on X-COM files. .. People were complaining that there was a Let…[View]
432912705Left: bow/slingshot Down: hookshot/boomerang/misc. Right: ocarina This is the correct way.[View]
432909468Jarl Pilkinton: Jarl Pilkinton[View]
432906735I require your help /v/ in picking the 10th exclusion tag. Obviously I cannot exclude tags such as '…[View]
432908164He's Playable [View]
432905547Would you pay 5000$ to play Mario Party 1 week before anyone else? https://www.ebay.com/itm/UNRELEAS…[View]
432913452WAKE UP[View]
432916329The puppet never stood a chance[View]
432909997>Bowsette was real and was Bowser's wife >She died while giving birth to Bowser Jr. >T…[View]
432915134DMC Thread: let's rock![View]
432915634Episode 2 of the Walking Dead Final Season is up.[View]
432915923Divinity Original Sin 2: Trying to decide whether to be Lone Wolf Red Prince and Sebille, or have a …[View]
432915248>There are people who think this would be more entertaining than the real thing.…[View]
432911473>fattest guy in front: Was this deliberate?[View]
432909105Which is the better series?[View]
432912874What would your thoughts be if they went into a backstory for Sonic and made it so that he gained hi…[View]
432915378Thoughts on this series?[View]
432911498Convince me somehow to buy me a switch[View]
432915721Smash rosterfaggotry gets worse every new installment Every year, every generation introduces more c…[View]
432912291Say hello to your new lane partner /v/.[View]
432902403Devil May Cry 5 thread, get the fuck in here.[View]
432914706When does it get fun?[View]
432913845SoulCalibur VI network test coming soon! Who are you most excited to play as?[View]
432914821did m64 cast a literal zoomer on purpose?[View]
432907827There is still a chance.: It might seem all said and done BUT There is still a chance for hope when …[View]
432915449AAAAAADAAAM, we've got to investigate pizza gate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qri7bg7HHM […[View]
432909239I have never been good at a video game, once. No matter how much time and practice I commit, I have…[View]
432911691>forced stealth Way to fuck up your game.[View]
432909283Did Total War peak here?[View]
432914090Vainglory, Mobile MOBA touch players wanted: forget vgfire, im here where the real contenders are. i…[View]
432912991tell me, cicero, if the republic was so great, why there no good pre-empire roman games?[View]
432913361He's in: https://twitter.com/Marc_IRL/status/1044151546110447616[View]
432913674Haven't played new vegas in a LONG time and never finished all the DLCs Since I wanna do it any…[View]
432901342Lora for Smash[View]
432910153What are some games with good boss fights on the ps4?: What makes them good?[View]
432912930What the fuck, /v/? I started Super Metroid for the first time today, and got to this point, and des…[View]
432908218Anyone else love the shit out of Picross/Picross 3D? Are there any good nonogram games for your phon…[View]
432904451Playing DMC1 for the first time on mission 4 what should I power up first? I got stinger and that…[View]
4329141977 months ago >Hahaha DmC is fucking dogshit based Itsuno will create DMC5 his magnum opis now …[View]
432889002Regardless of how you feel about the character, the series, or whether she should have been an echo/…[View]
432909129What went wrong?[View]
432910084Post the saddest vidya death scenes[View]
432891673Final Fantasy VII: /v/, won't you join me in discussing the greatest game of all time?[View]
432914017guys can anyone tell me where my dad is? roy’s been abusing me and wendy’s been furiously masturbati…[View]
432913959Why are people forcing this Bowsette shit so hard when Nintendo already has a black latex clad mean …[View]
432912710>play an MMO >still play solo all the time Fess up /v/, who here does that all the time?…[View]
432913317I can't deny it anymore, OoT is OBJECTIVELY one of the best games ever made[View]
432912987Name a more based and redpilled character[View]
432909609>be me >pretty nice day, it was 2012 >just want to game desu >sit on pc, boot up TESV …[View]
432909904Why did couch multiplayer die?[View]
432913293Anyone else just doesn't care about rosterfaggotry after with what been revealed? Just nothing …[View]
432913004>this meme is 12 years old In the end did the ps3 get games?[View]
432913570Even though he hasn’t been official announced yet, there’s still a non-Zero chance that they’re savi…[View]
432913545y'all are stupid. If the is one person who can successfully make Steve a fighter for Smash is S…[View]
432881954>there are people browsing /v/ AT THIS VERY MOMENT who think RDR2 won't be the game of the y…[View]
432906769>haha, what if we gav this shitty character no one cares about 7 echoes Yep, still mad.…[View]
432913428Online games: There are actual people out there that think talking shit is ban worthy, but also wors…[View]
432909067Is it worth playing, or should I skip it and play TTYD?[View]
432913261ITT: Wizard101: Have any of guys ever played wizard101? What are your thoughts on it? Any memories? …[View]
432908615Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust and another one down, and another one down Ano…[View]
432905387I like how everyone gave up on this guy because Vergeben told them to. It's gonna throw people …[View]
432912220why does an android need glasses or a navel what the fuck was himukai thinking[View]
432912107Scored NMS for $8.50. Am I still gonna regret it? Looking forward to a relaxing wander through the g…[View]
432912907Megafaggot's Best Friend: Hey retards, Elma is an assist, Got your attention now?. Let's g…[View]
432871850Which returning stage are you most pleasantly surprised by? Are there any you wish they didn't …[View]
432901632Am i the only person really botherd by those fucking things on Geno's head? i really want him i…[View]
432881776Amazon is coming out with a game. While the general concept sounds pretty gay, the technology behind…[View]
432880559Here is my list of smash characters. You can agree and disagree but let's keep shitposting to a…[View]
432912434How does Crash N Sane Trilogy keep selling a gajillion copies? It seems ridiculous.[View]
432909825PS4 Exclusives: Ok /v/, I am seriously thinking about getting a PS4 Pro for RDR2 when it comes out a…[View]
432909330Is Master Chief a virgin?[View]
432908357Let's be real here. No other game released so far this year has even come close to this, and no…[View]
432910113Is this generation proof that video games over an extended period of time cause autism? And what ca…[View]
432909003>final bid $7100[View]
432912473Who else had one of these? I got one for a gift in the early 2000s and I wonder how much they costed…[View]
432912331https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucjQUjMbG4I Good Xbox 360 emulation soon?[View]
432907194>50,000+ enemies on screen at once how can AAA shit even compete?[View]
432912170What is the most elaborate attack in video games?[View]
432912168What's the verdict?[View]
432911456Pushdustin on Ken and Incineroar: Thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1_RKeIp3kk[View]
432912045Yugioh: Why can't I locate this game at all anywhere I look?[View]
432906492You are now the man in the middle and told that you have to start development on the next Tekken tit…[View]
432902423vampire the masquerade bloodlines thread[View]
432905598Why is Princess Boo so much better than Bowsette?[View]
432900946Spyro Myths Awaken got Cease & Desist Order[View]
432908008>tfw my dad actually works for Nintendo since 1999 and no one believes me…[View]
432897337Easily the best girl the Persona series has ever conceived.[View]
432884647Musicfag thread. What songs do we want in smash, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIiFT9dse84 (I…[View]
432911502HE'S IN[View]
432908913>one week its Isabelle Smash reveals >Next is DMC5 reveal of Trisha and Lady whoever the hell …[View]
432911218I'M IN CHARGE NOW[View]
432910671paladins thread: I've been playing this game on the switch (yes i know, sue me) a fair bit and …[View]
432909664>kill boss >explodes in lots of tiny explosions as it dies…[View]
432911240What the fuck? https://www.youtube.com/embed/KTYbBRCGlXM[View]
432907654Will we ever know what her endgame is?[View]
432910910I need my elf knight gf.[View]
432908241Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how awesome this looks? -And how no one will ever see i…[View]
432906628This is a thread where we celebrate old man link, show your appreciation for this man anon's[View]
432910232September 2018... We are forgotten...[View]
432910571The prophecy has come true.[View]
432909008haha ridley turned samus into a space dragon like him and he tried to mate with her haha just for la…[View]
432894853Hey lads: Should I play this game?[View]
432910401Luna BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_oNEIY1mVg[View]
432909580Shes in.[View]
432910235Remember when there was real innovation in video games? What would it take to get that back, VR that…[View]
432908142geralt: geralt[View]
432909079>literally 95% of the board is this bowwhatever circlejerking autist shitpost What the hell? Did …[View]
432902648What happened to Pokken? It was re-released for the Switch, but I haven't seen a single thread …[View]
432909640my name is[View]
432908369guys can anyone tell me where my dad is? roy’s been abusing me and wendy’s been furiously masturbati…[View]
432909660The Bowsette world takeover continues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF0o7c5LXN4[View]
432908130*sexual moaning noises*[View]
432909667File name bread. Keep it vidya.[View]
432909546Com is the only game in the series to develop Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jimminy's relationship b…[View]
432904660Will he ever get a sequel?[View]
432901797The most attention based King Boo has ever got: Is people wanting to fuck a big tittied anime versio…[View]
432904631I want Masahiro Sakurai to to take a long ass vacation once development for Ultimate is finally done…[View]
432905023>New Animal Crossing coming >The greatest Smash coming yet >RIDLEY is in >Odyssey and Bo…[View]
432906689ITT: Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
432885589Before any other Final Fantasy 7 content existed, what did you think about the ending?[View]
432858048The great debate[View]
432905732How would you have fixed Bioshock Infinite[View]
432909158Hey, Isabellefags: bill trinen[View]
432907701What happened? I thought they were pumping out widely popular games, how were they not able to make …[View]
432909108>AHHHHH! No this isn't happening, there's no reason for me to go on! Wha-what am I figh…[View]
432907460>another 10 bowsette threads I enjoy it just as much as any other anon, but can you call PLEASE t…[View]
432909054>Find sidequest >ZOMG pls halp quick PC that thief stole my thing! >ZOMG pls halp quick PC …[View]
432909002comfy witcher thread: 2 and 3 are allowed[View]
432901727The Walking Dead Season Finale is not dead: /v/ BTFO[View]
432908690He's in.[View]
432900512What are some good detective games?[View]
432908805Border Break: Does anyone else here play it?[View]
432906148this is a problem how we can fix it?[View]
432908704World of WoDcraft: Beta for Azeroth[View]
432903423So why do people keep thinking Big Boss is Darth Vader? Implying that Big Boss ever had a downfall e…[View]
432885398Dragon Quest XI: What went wrong?[View]
432905748Game delivers what it's supposed to but why the cover art is this fucking ugly? Who the hell pu…[View]
432897838FF XIV: Is it possible that this is not Gaius? Seems like they want you to think that, but they migh…[View]
432908321antwar.io: the nightly thread isnt' here so why dont we improvise lets have some fun games, boy…[View]
432902924>match starts >'gl hf'[View]
432882985>buy game >money stolen[View]
432905151SO LONG, GAY BOWSER![View]
432907725Halo 3: >A whole decade after it came out >still don't have recon armor…[View]
432896581ITT: vidyas with absolute GOD-tier soundtrack[View]
432907780so uhh, this is the story of how i cucked myself by buying overwatch >be me, barely 2-4 months ag…[View]
432906014>he chose a career in video games I hope none of you actually did this, rule 1 of life states, ne…[View]
432901686Why the fuck does /v/ hate these games so goddamn much?[View]
432904501SSBU Leak. Confirming our current and unrevealed characters.: I'll list the current fighters an…[View]
432907418when rockstar?[View]
432907358>skyrim is still the best rpg of its kind apologize to todd[View]
432907330What new storylines do you want to see in the yakuza series/universe?[View]
432878782Bad Vidya Fanart Thread?[View]
432894916>playing TF2 >ctf_2fort >join game >in chat someone keeps saying 'hoovey is friendly, do…[View]
432907186Post em[View]
432907226What the fuck is this guy's problem?[View]
432887990Stop right there criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on my Oblivion thread![View]
432896656So, is this worth a preorder yet /v/?[View]
432906989Console OCD: Tell me /v ,about how you handle your electronics? some of you don't really care i…[View]
432904938Ignoring threads with only 1 reply... >search up 'god of war' and 'gow' in ar…[View]
432906638ITT: Underrated Gameboy Color Games[View]
432906556What a bullshit ending.[View]
432900043It still doesn't slow[View]
432906554Why can't we have characters from this game cross over into the mainline GTA games?[View]
432906784He's in.[View]
432905110Need for Speed: Which Need for Speed games are worth playing?[View]
432899608DMC2: Just finished it. It's bad but not unplayable, surprisingly enjoyable actually. People ov…[View]
432906301This is gonna be the betterest best game ever!!!!1[View]
432899224Is there a bigger redflag when it comes to picking a game?[View]
432905252You can't put a Crown on everything.: C'mon Guys. Do it. I dare you. Put a Crown on these …[View]
432906483Hello fellow gamers. Im here to present my leak. The announcement will be in 3 days on wednesday at …[View]
432904535If Bowsette can get into Ultimate, then so should Old Link.[View]
432905892E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy unreleased OST tracks: http://www.olivierzuccaro.com/projects/e-y-e-divine-…[View]
432906016How gimped is this going to be on a standard PS4?: I was planning on waiting for the PC release, but…[View]
432902739This entire board must be purged.[View]
432906353>mods delete comfy yugioh thread, which we've had for years >meanwhile autistic bowser wa…[View]
432905286Hey guys did you hear they're making a new Smash Bros.?[View]
432903678What's on Coco's computer?[View]
432903673Name a more patrician zelda character[View]
432906235You finished those pantheons yet, /v/?[View]
432904217Probably already asked but googles not helping so mucu: Okay did they change soras hair I only just …[View]
432906212Risk of Rain: Risk of Rain: Host When Edition[View]
432905691I LOVE VIDEO GAMES SO MUCH!!![View]
432899430Does Peach only see Mario as a friend?[View]
432905505Do games even go full on /fa/ anymore?[View]
432906172Is legitimately quite a riot of fun.[View]
432906036Quality: Literature, Art, and Gameplay: Objective gameplay and other qualities (art and literature) …[View]
432906027>Taizo Digs into battle![View]
432905725Dark Souls: King of the Hill Edition. Propane Deluxe Edition.: So I've currently been working o…[View]
432905937Bought this on gog today because of boredom and it is still bad, but was EA too advanced at that tim…[View]
432905730how can one trilogy be so based?[View]
432904976NEVER. EVER.[View]
432900324Will it sell well?[View]
432905439what roguelikes is /v/ playing right now?[View]
432905307>Maybe somewhere out there even a Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening Special Edition HD when …[View]
432900331Is this game worth playing now that they removed the microtransactions?[View]
432899545This board is under the watchful eye of the local borb police. Keep shitposting to a minimum, please…[View]
432904895Dont buy my game CIS White male!![View]
432905195calming and chill games for nighttime?[View]
432905139*takes your smash spot*[View]
432905013/v/ plays Jackbox: How clever and sexy is /v/? Lets play some Monster Seeking Monster. to join: go …[View]
432904058ITT: unironically good mobile games[View]
432904926Objects in Space: Have any of you anons played this? Its an open world space sim that treats space s…[View]
432901579Kassette when?[View]
432902764My friends tell me it's good but /v/ tells me it's bad. I have a pretty high bullshit tole…[View]
432904596JUST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKLcLunvtWo[View]
432904836Hi... what are some games that let me wear a big suit?[View]
432860864Bowser Thread: Who agrees that Bowser is beautiful just the way he is?[View]
432880298Stop right there, Goers![View]
432904725Post adorable vidya shit: >2:18 https://youtu.be/ffx_fAMai40[View]
432904223with emuparadise fucked, what site are you guys using for ROMs? kinda in the mood to fuck around and…[View]
432868459Trails of Cold Steel is finally finished. How does this make you feel? Calvard will be next.[View]
432904482>all these redditors who think bowsette belongs on /v/ Uhhh no sweetie. We like traps and cute bo…[View]
432904420https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7-bDBDgOUo What's another series that does music as cool as So…[View]
432904242Does Bleach have any good games? Particularly fighters, only one I ever played was the one on Wii, b…[View]
432904379Who's the best Soul Calibur guest to play as?[View]
432899993YOU NO TAKE CANDLE[View]
432903813what games can you win by just buttonmashing?[View]
432899887Why don't we give our favorite plumber some love?[View]
432904043>a Bowsette thread died for this[View]
432902264What does the Bowser App do?[View]
432904169Quality: Literature, Art, and Gameplay: Objective gameplay and other qualities (art and literature) …[View]
432904073Fortnite: what you guys think of this still of video ? DURR BURGER RESTAURANT GET'S DESTROYED m…[View]
432901336>says u cant get ps4 pro specs with 400 dollars >look on craigslist, find several good offers …[View]
432836456What are you playing on this beauty?[View]
432904016But what if I make him wear the crown?[View]
432885508How can people defend DMC5 putting in a system where you can spend extra money to get more orbs? Ima…[View]
432903852https://vocaroo.com/i/s1pgpUXUHVv0 which NES game is this from? It's been in my head for like 2…[View]
432897197this is your semi-clone for tonight[View]
432903894only dumb contrarians think this game is bad holy fucking shit why does it keep getting better and b…[View]
432900898Since Nintendo is hellbent on porting/remastering everything when are we getting our paper mario rem…[View]
432901420I'm not usually one to post leaks, but I got in touch with a few connections of mine and they h…[View]
432903778Hey /v/, which is better, Blog or Box?[View]
432900004So what are best games about time loops?[View]
432903649*clears throat* Well..... How do I put this? Ahem.. Jannies? I believe they are NOT based.[View]
432903661I want to _____ Prellex![View]
432903693I need some technical help. I recently installed dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin last Saturda…[View]
432903669Objects In Space: Have any of you anons played this? Its an open world space sim that treats space s…[View]
432901175You got a key from ebay, right?[View]
432903609fuck the mods fuck the jannies yall are terrible at this shit[View]
432903196First you draw Princess toad-stool then you add the shell add the skull don't forget the big t…[View]
432900610God Eater Thread: She told you to stay out of her line of fire, but you didn't listen. Well /v/…[View]
432859572Labyrinth of Refrain[View]
432893406I need literal spooky games that are pretty niche/short/small. Or just good hidden gems.[View]
432902239Hi, I work for Vergeben and I'm here to say that three reps will be announced in the next direc…[View]
432902820>mfw no good wrestling games in a over a decade When are we gonna get some good rasslin games /v/…[View]
432899892BOOETTE: Superior Mario girl on the scene[View]
432901862So now that Bowsette just won the console war through porn and effectively conquered /v/. What video…[View]
432890151>Game franchise that gets steadily better releases absolute peak of the franchise (pic related) …[View]
432903145So what did you guys think about this game? Also did you prefer English or Japanese vocals?[View]
432900214Whatever happened to Rex and Springman fags? Also, Smash Ultimate roster shitflinging thread.[View]
432903030The Nintendo strikes back: >Because of Bowsette Nintendo is on top of the world again since the 8…[View]
432903049It's not even slowing down. Shes fucking unstoppable.[View]
432883572What the FUCK went wrong with Telltale Games?[View]
432852814/v/ The Musical VI: Time To Make Videos Edition Previous Thread: >>432718965 >What is this?…[View]
432882132>Give me 20 years, and I'll reignite the high technology development sectors. 50 years, and …[View]
432902142It's saved /v/ https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1044370808657915905[View]
432902028What is the greatest JRPG of all time?[View]
432902806What if the crown wore the crown. It's Crownette :D![View]
432899791Jail-breaking your switch with sx os should be a no brainier, who dosent want free games?? What abou…[View]
432899127>inb4 “another smash leak go kill yourself” Yeah, sorry. So I just got the opportunity to catch u…[View]
432902253Feel good moments about or in video games.[View]
432896445Decoy Octopus was by far the most effective member of FOXHOUND. Sniper Wolf? Outsnipped by Snake. Oc…[View]
432899609Was Martin really the last of the Septim line?: I'm just thinking, Martin must have offspring h…[View]
432891079How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
432902484Oh fuck i'm on vacation next week and can work on my backlog! Of these what should I try and ch…[View]
432902543Bowsette / Smash / Autism: Nintendo only board when?[View]
432902314How good are these ports? Legacy collection 2 was pretty good. Does it have input lag?[View]
432902397Is the reason why Mega64 aren't good anymore because games aren't either?[View]
432893893When will it end?[View]
432894371Looks at the roaster: Is that.... all their is? No challenge? No... resistance.[View]
432901832What is this?: What do you think is going on?[View]
432892378What /v/ thinks about Gears of War? Anyone excited for Gears 5?[View]
432895340Let's make a new and good Sonic RPG Ok here we go >Turn based >With special team attacks …[View]
432902176Thoughts? https://dailystormer.name/total-war-rome-ii-getting-patched-to-replace-white-soldiers-wit…[View]
432899725Do you have any interest in this? I have a bad feeling people will compare it to Spider-man. It look…[View]
432797513Death Stranding: Discuss the new trailer and other shit[View]
432896224>2018 >still shopping at gamestop when amazon exists explain yourselves…[View]
432900614>There are fags who don't ship Ryuji with Makoto Why? They're literally perfect for eac…[View]
432888685video game characters that should have been introduced to the video game super smash bros. a long ti…[View]
432900516It's That Time Again: 1. Go to Tumblr 2. Search the name of a game you like 3. Find the ugliest…[View]
432901886Is this nigga thinking about killing my iguana? Rimworld Thread[View]
432901619Will there ever be good exercise vidya like DDR again?[View]
432899739Is she gonna be in Cyberspunk 2069?[View]
432901814Why are there so many man-hating feminist gamers?: I click on this cute girl's stream and she h…[View]
432897543If you didn't preorder Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise already then you're a faggot …[View]
432900829reminder that the mushroom kingdom operates on xenomorph rules when there is a need for a queen or i…[View]
432874756Post your 'I ship it'[View]
432901394Eleven years later, was it really that bad?[View]
432898213Someone found a fucking Super Mario Party cartridge on a plane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fEo…[View]
432898437Let out your thoughts on a video game, that you know is not commonly shared. I happen to like Silent…[View]
432900450>you can literally pay girls to play games with you[View]
432899685post the games you are waiting the most i will start >resident evil 2 remake >kingdom hearts 3…[View]
432901132Proof Geno is NOT in!: God, let me post this if Geno is NOT in.[View]
432897219Any video game induced injuries or weird habits you've picked up in real life through playing c…[View]
432899816what's worse, being addicted to video games or being too lazy to play video games?[View]
432901097>updating controlled[View]
432900440This bowsette shit is an unholy sin. It is not right. It is an ill omen. It must be stopped.[View]
432900515Bruh... lookit dis dude.[View]
432900571GET THE FUCK IN HERE: What would happen if Kirby or monsters from the franchise were to wear the sup…[View]
432899807Post boss themes that get your adrenaline going https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlNLB8UdkBM[View]
4328932617 is the best one.[View]
432900595So, is he a Manky Kong who decided to ally himself with the Kongs instead of the Kremlings?[View]
432899321How the fuck can I play famicom detective club in english? i just wanna play the goddamn game.[View]
432899092On today's episode of The Game Chasers![View]
432900527Who would've thought that in 2018 we would all masturbate to this guy[View]
432900520Are there some games with meta-twist on this level?[View]
432900061>have the most advanced props and CGI company in the world design weapons for your game >put a…[View]
432900462Super Smash bros Ultimate: Unfortunately I cannot reveal my credentials as I am afraid of losing my …[View]
432900005Convince me that this isn’t MGS 6[View]
432898462Hardest MH game, change my mind.[View]
432896637Colonel? I've got Emma Emmerich here… we've managed to avoid drowning.[View]
432900206join gamers discord: https://discord.gg/eSJpzc hey guys its me gangstaguns47 join this discord…[View]
432897762Hey /v/ can you help me out with this connect the dots puzzle?[View]
432896791Lets make a Kirby RPG together, /v/ >Kirby, and Bandanna Dee are the two characters you start off…[View]
432895030https://youtu.be/Lz4kBN5l0eY https://youtu.be/BkRvgb27xnU Has the music from any other game aged as …[View]
432887782Devil May Cry 5 thread, get the fuck in here.[View]
432896689>no pre-load[View]
432888814What went so horribly wrong?[View]
432900015Now Loading X7: -Beat boss >Now Loading -See slow Weapon Get demo -Top Time / Top Time (Boss) scr…[View]
432893029/ygyl/: post them jams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tejp0wBa344[View]
432898784This is /v/, say something nice to him[View]
4328589233DS Thread: ITT: Post your 2DS/3DS. What are you playing lately?[View]
432852263Invent a new genre right now[View]
432881409bros did we get any worthwhile exclusives in the past 5 years? there must be something r-right?[View]
432894189Pretty fucking stylish, eh /v/?[View]
432878654Maplestory: Remember the days of wasting your life as a kid on this game? Remember not having any ca…[View]
432898215Who is your favorite MC, /v/?[View]
432873573Triss is for boys, Yen is for men.[View]
432898375Just spent 200 dollars on new games now money is stolen this was all I had to stop the depression cr…[View]
432899551What is this body type called?[View]
432896753Hi niggas. I have a retarded problem. I'm playing Skyrim, and I wanted to learn enchanting. I …[View]
432894459https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edVx1lZSnoI post some comfy dungeon music[View]
432898506Smush: You people seriously think PC characters can make it to Smash?[View]
432899553What were the point of these types of elites? Why did they wear the mask?[View]
432870495Ace Attorney[View]
432899543When?: When?[View]
432899527n lol odyssey ref code skin for me skin for you tx[View]
432897737Ayy somebody get his some clippers, his fucking beard is weird.[View]
432898639This is Lora. She is not that fucking Hinoka bitch. She will be in SmUsh as DLC.[View]
432889972Play Wario Ware[View]
432894374Smash leaker We will be getting a smash blog update unveiling the flipper returning. Here is the ros…[View]
432887407Out of curiosity, which will you most likely go with?[View]
432893431Samurai asks you for any 3 newcomers, but you must personally present them at the next Direct as you…[View]
432897530Smash info: So I got to see some footage of the new smash game and it's pretty wild. Before you…[View]
432899219The Nintendo: >Nintendo is on top of the world again since the 80’s >All because of this bowse…[View]
432898776Is this game SJW? Asking because I saw a black woman on the screenshots, and the art looks dangerous…[View]
432898726Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days: I want to play this game. Should I do it on a cartridge or through an em…[View]
432892278>character has pun-based dialogue[View]
432887217Name any better guest characters for Mortal Kombat: These two fit the mold perfect. Are video game c…[View]
432888175Post cool stage morph ideas.[View]
432897130>Dean couldn't let go of the money >Elijah couldn't let go of the technology >Chr…[View]
432881746Hey all, new Smash Leaker here. Let's skip the bullshit and get straight into validity. Lucas o…[View]
432894987Imagine there are unironically faggots on /v/ right now who want to discuss anything else then bowse…[View]
432898669/v/ - porn drawings good job mods[View]
432896221H e l p: Well guys, in a few months (I hope) I'll have some cash, and, since 2010 I haven'…[View]
432889431Fallout 76: Discuss the upcoming beta. Good and bad of it, your thoughts an opinions.[View]
432896785>a game's quality is inversely proportional to its popularity[View]
432898510Smash fan art thread? c: only cuties allowed[View]
432895671ITT: incompetent villains[View]
432897542What do you think about Foxhole[View]
432894712fuck bros...: skull kid deconfirmed...?[View]
432889207dudesex: Will it ever be topped? CAN it be topped?[View]
432895751Just got a vita for cheap, installed enso and the rest. What vita games does /v/ recommend?[View]
432897804>developers willingly 'choose' to be sexually insensitive to turn on a specific demographic…[View]
432893678>game has a katana >its named 'Masamune'…[View]
432896881>make internet friends >play games together >just get on voice chat bro…[View]
432894816Wrex: Did you know: There are more Wrex art than there are stars in the universe.[View]
432897404>Play JRPG >Character's levels are not the same >try to get the overlevel ones killed …[View]
432896490He's in.[View]
432840196>no proper lock-on >30fps >loading screens >shit gameplay >impossible boss fights (pi…[View]
432896085Morgan wants to Smash too.[View]
432882073You have 10 seconds make your best impression of /sthg/[View]
432895319Do you prefer your 3DS or Switch more?[View]
432891553Playstation has become the HBO of video games.[View]
432895007Imagine a world where Notch allowed Dock to make models for the player character and mobs.[View]
432896568Why is squid Link so kawaii?[View]
432890773if you aren't playing the meta in a multiplayer game, you are willingly and purposefully playin…[View]
432889635How do I start liking this game? I’ve played a little over 10 hours now and outside of Nia’s voice b…[View]
432889624Literally fucking impossible Why the fuck is this allowed?[View]
432894792Smash: Hey, another smash leak. You know the drill, the same 3 echos that everyone says will be in w…[View]
432896635Reddit made a Tear Ring Saga Tier list: A tier: Early Narron Raffin Plum Martel Zieg Renee Sierra …[View]
432894381Why was Aquaria so forgotten about? It basically did everything right that Hollow Knight did 10 year…[View]
432894621Anyone here recommend buying this next week ?[View]
432895589how many gb ps3 should i get. just wanna play ps2 games[View]
432894768Demo Disc Thread: What company had the best demo discs, and do you wish demo disc would make a come …[View]
432889496What went so right?[View]
432894897She should've been the protag. Fuck Shuichi, he's a boring self-insert and I have no idea …[View]
432875643this is the best game i ever playing in my whole life!!![View]
432893628ITT We discuss the only relevant game coming out november: also discuss why the hitman games have sh…[View]
432895383Double Queen when[View]
432892153halo thread is a go[View]
432880250Attack of the kurisus.[View]
432895206I SWER[View]
432895067S A V E D[View]
432887294Someone has offered to come in and finish Walking Dead for Telltale. Who will finish Walking Dead: T…[View]
432890682Nightmare difficulty and the mod that unleashes the alien. What am I in for?[View]
432866535What's their appeal?[View]
432894278>when the video game has a bad soundtrack[View]
432881387Will they return to hardware?[View]
432892701KenGate - He's in: Taking a look at the supposed leak, if we enhance on Ken every 8 pixels (ver…[View]
432894814theres a fucking note in the chorus in this song that she misses every fucking time and it makes me …[View]
432892715He's in as DLC[View]
432887134More Smash shit: What happened to all the Rex/Pyra/Mythra fags?[View]
432889208Bowsette: Did you know: There are more Bowsette art than there are stars in the universe.[View]
432873768What characters do you want in Dissidia? Pic related for me.[View]
432891329Steve in Smash Ultimate (Demo build): Steve[View]
432889909Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Unfortunately I cannot reveal my credentials as I am afraid of losing my…[View]
432893415Why are the original intros so much better than the ones in FES and Golden? Do they do it on purpose…[View]
432893230leave Total War alone![View]
432885951If you could return one of these companies back to it's glory days, which one would it be?[View]
432892438Does anybody here still use GameStop for anything? GameStop general I guess.[View]
432893808Was he right in assisting in the kidnapping of Buddy?[View]
432892435>Video game 'music'[View]
432893592I really don't mind this thing being a port machine at all. What games would you like to see br…[View]
432858729>light '''armor'''[View]
432893550Games with shitty soundtrack[View]
432893534Kimishima tatics for Bowsette meme![View]
432892761>first ending I ever cried to in a video game[View]
432887431What's the appeal of the Lovers Arcana?[View]
432891460Justice for Pepsiman: >prototype of the game was literally named after him >protype characters…[View]
432893057Okay /v/ time for a real debate. Should I hack my 3DS first or should I hack my Vita first?[View]
432889960Reminder that we are getting both Brother Goku and Tan Goku in the Fighterz season 2[View]
432890895The cat of fire and the fighter of street are sure to have a smashing time.[View]
432893202>bowsette threads[View]
432893191Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Waifu Thread: Enough with this Bowsette and Bowser shit. Lets post the GOOD w…[View]
432893129What are your favorite Halloween games? mine are this and the plague knight stuff in shovel knight[View]
432881036What's her appeal?[View]
432883028Link should be in Mario Party[View]
432879953All right, I'm giving you one chance you entitled shits. Tell me what you want for Animal Cross…[View]
432874646Smash edition switch bundle: Do you honestly think it's worth spending money on a right joycon …[View]
432892997>shower with my dad simulator sold 48 times more than a kof game[View]
432892713In defence of microtransactions?: The douchebags in the gaming industry don't deserve to be def…[View]
432852883Which one is better for someone who's really not that much into Japanese RPGs? Final Fantasy XV…[View]
432885712Why aren't you getting SNK microconsole?: >It's portable >More games and more fun th…[View]
432891202Aloy: Did you know: There are more Aloy art than there are stars in the universe.[View]
432872684Elf thread: Any good games where Elves are decent and respectful people who treat humans and dwarves…[View]
432889704trevor was a refreshing glimpse into everybodys true core. in reality we are all as soulless and cru…[View]
432892397>His favorite video game series will never have better fan art than the Zelda series https://imgu…[View]
432891839Who would win in a fight?[View]
432887526>Grind or just buy amiibos and get a bunch of halos, lolipops and costumes for free in-game. Did …[View]
432886084Peach Thread: Peach Thread[View]
432892317>tfw halo 3 turns 11 tomrrow time sure does fly huh anonettes[View]
432891335lets discuss GBA games: just picked up a Game Boy Micro with an EZ-Flash. Loading it with the entire…[View]
432884440>Playing XBC2 >Get right to the end >Architect asks me what I plan to do about Malos …[View]
432891431Do you think he has any regrets?[View]
432867532So what is the best Sonic: >2D Classic >2D Modern >3D Classic >3D Modern >Spin off…[View]
432885681Objective Quality: Literature, Art, and Gameplay: It's OK having extremely high standards for g…[View]
432867148Who do you think would be the bet choices for Smash? Whether they're likely or not.[View]
432878146>3 years is it finally old enough for /v/ to stop pretending to hate it?…[View]
432888009RDR2: why won't you be getting this game /v/ ?[View]
432891716$$ SMASH LEAK $$: Hey guys, th0t here, yoshi will be the new blog post. exitebiker ken shadow geno b…[View]
432891521Yeah, I'm thinking he's in[View]
432891419>1.3.6 still hasn't come out because they're working on pooping NPCs come the fuck on…[View]
432891625>mega man general will never come back[View]
432886991Which Peach form is best?[View]
432888804Ok boys, I need some help, I have been searching for shantae proof for she being in smash ultimate, …[View]
432848956Places that can easily be a setting for a video game.[View]
432891168How do we get her in Luigi's Mansion 3 lads?[View]
432891281Super Smash Bros Ultimate. New Content: Let's get into it right now. I don't care if you d…[View]
432887815Is there a single video game character that can defeat him?[View]
432891447How to Make Smash Leak: -Required characters: Isaac, Ken, Incineroar, Shadow, Skull Kid (they'r…[View]
432889175what switch game are you looking forward to?[View]
432890959Resident Evil 6 is a good game.[View]
432887486ITT games you watch streams of but never play[View]
432889078That's What I Call a Sticky Situation: >no notarized, written consent >no witnesses, for …[View]
432839485Now that WoW and FFXIV have went to shit, this is unironically the best MMO on the market right now.…[View]
432882927> Trilogy of games with satisfying conclusion > gets a sequel many years later by a different…[View]
432889041Deviantart Autism thread How have the denizens of deviantart butchered your favourite games? Hard Mo…[View]
432890283Post-Levine Bioshock: What would you like to see out of a new Bioshock game?[View]
432889963What are some good turn based games on Steam? I already have Civ V. Want to play something different…[View]
432890005Info about smash ultimate: Believe this or not, I don't care. All I know is that we are getting…[View]
432874958>mfw GTAV is already 5 years old[View]
432885573>that 1500 year old Boomer who asks you a million pointless questions before joining your party…[View]
432881578Here's your boss fight /v/[View]
432878546>we're historically authentic not historically accurate[View]
432888078I'm actually past schadenfreude at this point, these 'people' are destroying so many of our gam…[View]
432889945I was born in South California. I was still in highschool when I got knocked up by my boyfriend, a f…[View]
432889331This Rayman game for mobile is a better sonic game than sonic games[View]
432889912>builder in DoBRP >design and decorate an elaborate city, ignoring wanderers who say 'ready' …[View]
432889881>A good video game, although theoretically possible, has yet to be accomplished. Do you agree wi…[View]
432889415Good bye telltale[View]
432889815ever play a game really liked it then it got hard and you hated it?[View]
432889534Door kickers: Action Squad: why the fuck can't I continue to the second chapter? I've comp…[View]
432885205>that one guy who didn't fall for the vr meme[View]
432870964Now Anonymous, picture in your head your Persona, and call out it's name.[View]
432888165It should've been Metroid.[View]
432884816hey thanks[View]
432889134LITERALLY UMPOSSIBLE: fuck this stupid fucking golden pickle god damn bitch asshole constant spam sl…[View]
432885190/v/: Klonoa would be a DLC Character or an Assist Trophy for Smash Bros Ultimate.[View]
432886874Ok boys, I need some help, I have been searching for shantae proof for she being in smash ultimate, …[View]
432888405Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
432885482TICK TOCK /v/: Your Switch online trial is almost Over. Ready to come back to Splatoon ONE![View]
432888769>ITT trilogies that go 3 > 2 > 1 Dark Souls[View]
432873546How can NuLara be so perfect?[View]
432880379So I'm currently playing through this and absolutely loving it. I was pretty excited to hear th…[View]
432886324Only games with 10/10 gameplay are allowed in this thread.[View]
432888519Smash Ultimate Info: So I'm aware that text leaks on 4chan are fake bs. I'm willing to tak…[View]
432886027Evil Within: What did you guys think of this game? Probably the only game in years I've finishe…[View]
432882337What games can I play with integrated graphics: My 1060 died and was wondering what I can play with …[View]
432888431>ITT we make themed stage morph combos. (examples: Onett->Magicant= Onyx Hook, Brinstar->Br…[View]
432882335Kojima Productions hate general.: Here you can hate the art direction, the producer, the actor choic…[View]
432886540Post them, rate them, and if you does not have make it yet, make it[View]
432848075>'''remastered'' edition looks worse than the original game Is this the ultimate proof that graph…[View]
432887848>tfw press X to skip gameplay is not even a far fetche idea now[View]
432887380Why couldn't they port this to the Switch?[View]
432886252pic related is an absolute nigger on DMD devil may cry's a rocking don't come a knocking b…[View]
432883050Criminally underrated games: >ITT: Criminally underrated games that, if remade, would be masterpi…[View]
432886623Look at all of these kino games![View]
432887876Actual Bowser thread. No Bowserette, there's plenty of that. Name a better father. I'll wa…[View]
432885857Mario Party thread: https://youtu.be/0fEoOhI8a78 https://youtu.be/asml0sQ7ky4 https://youtu.be/bBi…[View]
432885337What are some games with good parties full of interesting characters? I feel like party dynamics are…[View]
432870295Valkyria Chronicles 4 comes out tomorrow.[View]
432887684What would you put here, /v/?[View]
432882397aqworlds: anyone ever play this? i used to play the fuck outta this when i was 14, with dragonfable …[View]
432882401How would you feel?[View]
432884058zoomers will never know the feel of playing SNES in darkness, only using light from a CRT.[View]
432885480how come there isn't a yearly major volleyball game like madden/UFC/fifa?[View]
432885158ever enjoyed a game then it got harder you started to hate it?[View]
432876535>10 days until release >still no beta its going to be a trainwreck, isnt it?…[View]
432873358Give me one reason Skullkid would be in over any of the Champions?[View]
432887258mario 64 hacks are fun why were they never as big as smw hacks[View]
432866172RDR2 PC WHEN?[View]
432873293DMC5: How the fuck did they manage to make a fast paced 60 FPS action game this good looking? DMC5 l…[View]
432882701i'm REALLY looking forward to this game desu[View]
432885516You don't need 2080 unless you play in 3440 x 1440 or higher resolution with ultra settings wit…[View]
432887049Thoughts on Amazon MMO and Battle Royale games? The fuck is Amazon poking it's nose in vidya, a…[View]
432885548This is the restart button: This button will restart the entire video game industry back to zero. If…[View]
432886662How is your farm, anon?[View]
432886869Steve in smash: https://sourcegaming.info/2018/02/21/the-potential-of-simple-actions-sakurais-famits…[View]
432875782>tfw Steve has a much higher chance than the characters you literal who fags want…[View]
432867614Dear God....[View]
432883341Who is the Homer Simpson of video games?[View]
432843716Why is STALKER not considered an RPG? >immersive, well-defined world and story >character prog…[View]
432864571What does /v/ prefer from PPT, Puyo Puyo, or Tetris?[View]
432882913There hasn't been a single valid point against her inclusion >she's just a menu! So is …[View]
432883328What was his name again?[View]
432886647I'm always watching you[View]
432877019Finally fell for the console meme and bought an Xbox One. What games should I get?[View]
432885141Honestly I don't have a problem with the soulless cash grab that is the New Super Mario Bros se…[View]
432879410What am I in for?[View]
432885916Considering Jet Set Radio (series) was at the very top of the most wanted Sega Ages games for Switch…[View]
432863558*Becomes the best selling console of 2018: (1/2)[View]
432877389SO I finished this game last evening and felt it ended weirdly abruptly. I don't know if I was …[View]
432865697Why is skeleton race fucking unpopular?[View]
432885852RE4: How in the FUCK do i kill these chainsaw niggers in mercenaries[View]
432881584Why does no one like Jam?[View]
432884306You're buying Mai's game on the switch right? BB Central Fiction is coming soon![View]
432875071Club Nintendo: Do you still have any good from it? Which one was your favourite?[View]
432866831>Destiny 1 >all classes are balanced in PVP >sunsinger warlocks are the main cancer, bur mo…[View]
432885776>tfw IQ to high too enjoy video gaem[View]
432885095Hello. I am Nintendo Smash Ultimate leaker. I work for Nintendo. Here are new characters. Jeano from…[View]
432875662Choose your main character.[View]
432885672Like a dragon: prologue https://youtu.be/f4yEM7iww-M Is this canon? Pure kino[View]
432885598Now that the dust has settled, whats the general consensus?[View]
432884850I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, on…[View]
432882358Games you can play as Skeletons in! I'll start, Divinity: Original Sin 2.[View]
432884479>Geno was removed from the Remake of Superstar Saga >People STILL think he's a possible f…[View]
432880119Dunkie isn't funny[View]
432881478Are you ready to RECEIVE DREAMS next month? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Km-16EJRw&list=RDG…[View]
432883491Leave Cyberpunk 2077 to us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X85KOAYfObc[View]
432882162What went wrong?[View]
432884637Videogame Dances: Have you ever danced to videogame music, /v/? https://youtu.be/vcNcQobBfEw[View]
432873794This is shaping up to be the greatest blunder of all time Kojima will be finally exposed as the hack…[View]
432884726Pfft yeah well...I could do that to if I wanted....[View]
432876790If he was American, /v/ would call his games interactive movies.[View]
432853001Super Crown/Not-Bowser: Lets talk about the supercrown powerup, toadette and other characters that a…[View]
432865938Look what I bought.[View]
432882585Smash ultimate final characters: Hello everyone, I work at Nintendo and help work on models for all …[View]
432883105ITT: post games with SOUL[View]
432884378ITT: Characters/Properties that are impossible to get right: I'll start with an easy one[View]
432880442Mega Man 11 Thread: 8 Days Until Release What do you think the weakness order will be, and why? Post…[View]
432884262reminder: pre-release footage promoting xbox 360/ps3 version of gta 5[View]
432882180is this acknowledging that we have failed nuclear disarmament? Can the new game begin now?[View]
432883946What went wrong?[View]
432853890Be honest. You forgot this was about to come out didn't you?[View]
432881080If you can spend 1500 bucks on a PC then why can't you spare 400 for a gaming device for the te…[View]
432883937I summon up the power of the GOD HAND! thread[View]
432883980I just watched the Castlevania episode of AVGN and even even though I havent played any Castlevania …[View]
432875639Will we ever get a fallout game this good again?[View]
432881552Warioware thread[View]
432871106Quick! Claim your raifu![View]
432883527Would a DBZ racing game work?[View]
432880000Why can't modern games even compete?[View]
432882251Would you play a 1:1 remake of Digimon World? The only changes would be: >Graphics upgraded to 4K…[View]
432883632post a picture others guess what game you had in mind[View]
432883552Who Gaming Club Here?: >be me >first month of college >go to school 500+miles away know nob…[View]
432883512I'm a consol war veteran. AMA[View]
432857928Smash Ultimate Information: Hello everyone, I am back again. As I am sure you all are aware at this …[View]
432877025Which one of you goobers is buying New Gundam Garbage? https://store.steampowered.com/app/738530/New…[View]
432883352Do you think there will ever be more commercial interest in hero shooters? Even a return to 2016 lev…[View]
432882663Touhou or Smash Bros thread. Either works really: I really wish Reimu had a chance to get in Smash. …[View]
432879413LOST ODYSSEY PC - DECEMBER 12th: FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
432881657What games do you want to like but can't? It's Majora's Mask and Final Fantasy VII fo…[View]
432879461What's the best zombie game?[View]
432877325*Blocks your path*[View]
432878860>stare directly at spy >crosshairs trained on him the entire time >get backstabbed >spy…[View]
432876728HFTF thread: have you played this game, /v/? be honest[View]
432878493LiS2: Am I going to regret this?[View]
432872371There is no hype at all! What went wrong?[View]
432882743>wake up >go to sankaku channel >literally nothing but a humanoid big-tit bowser >500 pi…[View]
432841474>In philosophy >Professor asks me about the concept of evil >Put on the spot, start panicki…[View]
432877995Is this the best Supergiant Games game?[View]
432877140Friendly reminder that Kirby thinks you're amazing.[View]
432880957What expectations did you have for roblox back in 2008-2010? What do you think of their direction to…[View]
432877434Someday she'll be playable in Smash[View]
432882027>not supporting Geno in Smash BECAUSE he's a literally who one off party member from decades…[View]
432880097how old will you be when this game is released on December 7th 2018?[View]
432882095ITT: Underrated games[View]
432882087You're in the Blood Bowl pitch and this guy blitzes your catcher's ass. What do?[View]
432881889This was the only game I cared about hearning news for at TGS. Thanks, Vanillaware.[View]
432881715Is there any reason to get this when you own a pro controller?[View]
432879424Soul vs Soulless[View]
432877870You ARE taking breaks from you video game and going outside to stay in shape, right Anon?[View]
432861157It's another rate, hate, bait, whatever Smash roster thread! But let's add something else …[View]
432876937King K. Rool's fan outcry and confirmation for Smash made me realize something. The possibility…[View]
432880220FUTARI DE STEP AND GO[View]
432878816I've updated my Dragon's Dogma thread, Arisen.[View]
432874610>literally just that Chico design from MGS5 reskinned black and gold BRAVO KOJIMA…[View]
4328761098bitdo: New 8Bitdo controllers got released recently, are problems with the previous versions fixed?…[View]
432868148play etrian odyssey nexus[View]
432876262This is some really good sprite-work: .[View]
432877501Which company is currently the Laughing Joking Numbnuts of gaming?[View]
432879047>Everything before anor londo is fun![View]
432880623Hey /v/, just curious, were mods as ban happy whenever people used to bitch about Battlefield 5 as t…[View]
432881090has anyone used this?[View]
432881069Bone Divinity: Original Sin 2: I want to run an army of 10 skeletons (via mods) through the campaign…[View]
432880665Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final Information & Demo: Hello, everyone. As you may know, an image …[View]
432868543ITT: we post the best games of their respective franchises[View]
432880909Comfy gaming evening/night: So, my plan for either wednesday or thursday is to have a comfy gaming n…[View]
432878923Leak, again: 11.05.2018 Not all in the same day, some as DLC Ask Vergeben, you will see[View]
432861796Happy 25th[View]
432879863>cant look at twitter in public anymore >cant look at Instagram in public anymore >just ha…[View]
432876483Imagine being one of the fucks that bought the Final Season and they won't even get to finish i…[View]
432877514Do you believe in all-digital, or all-physical, /v/? Do you buy digitally for relatively cheap and/o…[View]
432880357>tfw Bowsette makes nintendo stock go up a lot suddenly https://twitter.com/TheAtlasOne/status/10…[View]
432880187Why did you drop it? Me? I was in the desert town 13 hours in and noticed I didn't want to keep…[View]
432877489Seriously, how the fuck does this work?[View]
432880118Sims 4 is game of the century[View]
432874223With the 3DS refusing to die, do you think this means we'll get another wave or two of Nintendo…[View]
432879409>pistols both facing same direction, so its pistol+backup instead of dual wielding I wonder how m…[View]
432879768H-he's fast![View]
432873121The first Battlefront is much better than the sequel.: Map pool is much better(there is a reason the…[View]
432867928>THE GAME IS FUN, IF IT'S NOT FUN, WHY BOTHER Is this a naive statement by Nintendo?…[View]
432877740is it worth coming back to retail or should i simply wait for classic?[View]
432878045what makes your taste in video games the best?: pic related cuz its my favorite sonic game and objec…[View]
432879481Could he be dlc?[View]
432871767SOUL CALIBUR VI: Are you gonna buy my new game? Don't forget!: Soul Calibur 6 Beta Times: Pre-L…[View]
432835508Nickelodeon Kart Racers: NEW KING OF KART RACERS HAS ARRIVED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKeKYg…[View]
432877348What is the comfiest game /v/ I think fable 2[View]
432878347In Retrospect was the Mass Effect trilogy ever good in the first place?[View]
432876912Nintendo NX Leak: I have loads of info on the Nintendo NX, which is being revealed very soon, so lis…[View]
432878874Simple Question: If you could have any stage that hasn't been confirmed to return in Ultimate, …[View]
432870870Why does /v/ hate Isabelle so much?[View]
432876247What am I in for?[View]
432878386Summon Night thread. Just started this game and it's a ton of fun. Iron Blade seems to have bee…[View]
432877198Visual Novel Fans: How do you feel about the current golden age on consoles? How do you feel about T…[View]
432855758Why does Andy have a 1/4th scale loli doll in his room bros?[View]
432878580They're in: http://shoryuken.com/2018/09/24/new-leak-reveals-samurai-shodown-and-snk-heroines-t…[View]
432875515I think it's our responsibility to help Creative Assembly accurately tag their games Bonus poin…[View]
432878474LA Noire thread: Discuss >'You're going to the gas chamber Edgar'…[View]
432869307>*Retunes guitar* How are you coming along /v/?[View]
432878304When is the next Red Dead Redemption trailer?[View]
432878075OUT OF MY WAY SON[View]
432877354Anyone have a date one earth defense force 5 yet?[View]
432877736Very Very Small Smash Bros Ultimate Leak: Hello. Former Telltale employee here. I know you're a…[View]
432875340What is this, /v/?[View]
432877673Man Until Dawn has some really nice ass: Post vidya asses[View]
432854236Discuss Indie Titles + Super Cloudbuilt Free 24 Steam Keys Giveaways: Talk about your favorite indie…[View]
432875116What did Square mean by this?[View]
432876880If sora got in how mad would you be if his stadium was olympus colosseum. AGAIN[View]
432877149How do we feel about Crush's new look /v/? While I feel like Toys for Bob did a great job, his …[View]
432843148/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>432774513 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
432870657Why is she such a hot button issue when it comes to Smash?[View]
432877706Why: Why no one is talking about Sea of Thieves?[View]
432876526Elite: Dangerous thread: >finally get enough for an Anaconda >stock conda is ass, only good fo…[View]
432826491ITT: Games literally only YOU played.[View]
432867027those wireless GC controllers: >gets excited >reads the rest of the page…[View]
432877156Peak comfy. I'm using those two words in a sentence and I think I have a good grasp on them.[View]
432871743literally impossible[View]
432869658TELLTALE GAMES ARE SHUTTING DOWN: https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1043252010999410689 Offic…[View]
432877147>Binding Blade remake never ever[View]
432866780Hail to the Queen! Boosette/Queen Boo/Teresa-hime![View]
432858282what WAS he fighting for anyway?[View]
432874527The game that nintnedo fans will never able to play.[View]
432866895/v/ rage: Someone remade it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAVLq961tWc[View]
432877138>not siding with the order Imagine being such a pushover.[View]
432868905Shut the fuck up and install Azur Lane already.[View]
432876401Spider-Man Screenshot Thread[View]
432875228what are the cutest vidya couples?[View]
432875238Metal Gear who?[View]
432876875What is the best Character Action series?[View]
432876686Where the fuck is gameplay trailer #2. Or do they need to give some more private viewings to journos…[View]
432821750Rockstar taking a massive shit on Breathe of the Wild: As they should[View]
432875736I'm trying to play dishonored GOTY on my PS3 and this is what I get. How am I supposed to play …[View]
432876392King Boo Thread: Are fake smash leakers going to start putting him on there rosters?....he'd be…[View]
432851486>healing and revival items can be bought with microtransactions >people are okay with this I n…[View]
432875903Creepy RPG Happenings: Anyone else have strange things happen on their favorite RPG Games? Here…[View]
432873058This was beautiful, probably the best depiction of Croft's manor yard ever, so viviv yet so mel…[View]
432854458Smash: what are your dream characters that you want to appear in the game? Mine is pic related.[View]
432870021I wish Eileen Galvin was real and she was my gf desu[View]
432855994it's still a port[View]
432872404Redpill me on this game.[View]
432876141Makes to BILLION Dollars: >No DLC >$25 >250-400 million-dollar budget >exclusively for n…[View]
432871672Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando[View]
432874990Do you consider Smash Bros as canon, as in this is how these characters interact when they meet (for…[View]
432729387>Mega Man Battle Network is fucking dead Why is this injustice going unpunished?…[View]
432871786There will be a Direct Mini on October 11th.: There will be a Nintendo Direct mini on October 11th t…[View]
432875054Hello. AiAi will be in Smash Ultimate okay bye.[View]
432866713GLASS CANNONS ARE THE ULTIMATE TEST OF SKILL: Anyone else love playing games where you can manually …[View]
432875007>Run for five minutes >Die of thirst[View]
432875513What's the consensus? Was it a misunderstood masterpiece?[View]
432870209What are your hopes for ProjectXZone 3?[View]
432874940why the FUCK cant i get out of green ranks[View]
432870639Do you think a Star Trek video games could work in this day and age? Are young audiences smart enoug…[View]
432870016Smash Direct 11.7.18: I know you're thinking that this is fake. It's on 4chan, and there…[View]
432875148This is too cute for our world[View]
432865946Absolver: Downfall: Absolver: Downfall is coming out tomorrow and I haven't seen hair or breath…[View]
432873567Post your fashionable huntsmen/women who put on their best for a hunt even if it's a massive cr…[View]
432872076How do you feel about DLC and season passes ? Would we possibly be better off making regular games …[View]
432874956Why don't more developers make comfy open world RPGs like KCD and TES?: Let's ignore that …[View]
432874189ITT: Characters you thought were way older than they actually were[View]
432872554Will Smash Ultimate revitalize Amiibo?[View]
432871696When does this game begin? I'm tired of kino and dialogs.[View]
432872446BK in Smash: Did anyone notice that the wings in the swich online video make almost the exact same s…[View]
432874069>last game in the series is a crossover Where were they thinking?[View]
432874614What is /v/'s opinion on this classic?[View]
432874534I remember reading a report on a point n click adventure game where you have limited time and have t…[View]
432866659Dark Souls was out for the last three days on Nintendo Switch. To my fellow Nintendies like myself, …[View]
432872187Should I get Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, or Shin Megami Tensei: Stran…[View]
432865908What am I in for?[View]
432873809This game literally has a God-Tier OST[View]
432867217Should video game history be an elective in schools?[View]
432872262World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth: Anyone else enjoying their daily log-in for scaled item level…[View]
432866978What went wrong?[View]
432873838Smash Ultimate Spirits Leak: So I have a few sources who are attached to the development of Super Sm…[View]
432870517>game ends with a plot point >never gets mentioned again in the sequel…[View]
432873848>order your units to do X >they either do nothing or do Y and it's your job to babysit th…[View]
432871913You know what, after playing Destiny, Warframe, and now this, I think this is the best one. Anyone e…[View]
432873645Holy fuck, Peter was literally PUNISHED so hard in Spiderman PS4 Suprised he was able to keep it tog…[View]
432868345is he the only mario character to have any kind of character arc? i mean think about it: >underli…[View]
432872992Do you think this moment will be topped in Kingdom Hearts III or will it stay as the greatest scene …[View]
432873301Both of these women were better than MJ in every way. In this game anyway[View]
432872912/v/ buyfag thread: Physical editions, collectibles, other various viyda related memorabilia, what ha…[View]
432833438you didn't forgot his game, right?[View]
432872121Is Geralt /ourwitcher/?[View]
432873057>angle snapping[View]
432870326Why did he have a monado, though.[View]
432863148>that kid whose mom didn't let him play M-rated games.[View]
432860109>the very last fight of the entire franchise is also the best fight of the entire franchise What …[View]
432866861ITT: We predict the plot of Death Stranding one word at a time. I'll start: VOCAL[View]
432872810JRPG music is often bad: Oh shit son! You just activated your super mode! Everything is super charge…[View]
432866498is there a better nintendo girl than lora?[View]
432862567ITT: games that were objectively better than their sequels in every way[View]
432872737Here lies Lora. She never scored.[View]
432867879DMC3 remake with RE engine when[View]
432872496Gona get back into WoW. What should I name my gnome mage?[View]
432872435So, how did it go?[View]
432856569DMC5: I've unironically started liking the version of Subhuman that plays in the Dante trailer.…[View]
432846845How gay is it to beat off to Bowsette, or Ridlette, or whatever? Am I in the clear?[View]
432870960I will never touch this garbage but damn is the OST good[View]
432867962What are the most OPERATOR games to play?[View]
432872176Is this a good character design?[View]
432867408Good afternoon /v/ my name Is Connor! Detroit become human thread[View]
432872126Updates coming to Skyrim? Well with all the new diversity updates coming to outdated games it seems …[View]
432871667What, so just because WarioWare Gold is two months old you're going to stop thinking about the …[View]
432871895To clear up any confusion, some cut stages will return with new forms. This is the list from what my…[View]
432871892<<Warning! Incoming Ace Combat thread detected!>>[View]
432869213Final boss of kingdom hearts three. Pooh bear: oh bother looks like you finally figured it out sora …[View]
432871305>Easy, Normal, Hard[View]
432868556Why didn't they get a license for an existing IP?[View]
432871537important strategy: use black slang when playing games with a chat posing as their natural predator …[View]
432866653Let's be real here. Odyssey really wasn't that great The shitton of moons, being a huge s…[View]
432860376Red Dead Redemption 2 physics: https://wccftech.com/rdr2-nuts-physics-detailed-interiors/ >Shooti…[View]
432869334Post games that can beat themselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUK3ohTTVLQ[View]
432869117I will not stop posting this until he gets in.[View]
432868481>And not just here......but everywhere... what did she (best girl) (female) mean by this?…[View]
432851961Take the last game you played and smash it together with the second to last game you played. Describ…[View]
432862159>8 months >still don't know what they meant by this…[View]
432851816Why does this exist? The original still looks amazing and this adds no notable new content.[View]
432867590Will we ever get a physical release?[View]
432871285Will this guy EVER get his Nhaama?[View]
432869373imagine implementing microtransations on a hack and slash 'game' how braindead you have to be to pre…[View]
432869746Post good Science Fiction games[View]
432869869What went so fucking right?[View]
432863889>/v/ recommends a game >it's bad[View]
432870485I've never seen such a massive drop in quality for a game such as the one that happens in this …[View]
432849879i present to you...the best final fantasy game...[View]
432870720Post cancelled games MGS2 was going to have Snake infiltrate an aircraft carrier that gets hijacked…[View]
432859987This is going to be the best survival horror game ever: >Game is bigger, multiple paths (think ab…[View]
432870356This game is pretty good Why does everyone here hates it?[View]
432870483>final boss is too video gamey[View]
432861590This is a member of S.T.A.R.S, and elite unit of Special Tactics for racoon City. Say something nice…[View]
432866623>Mario is the family fun platform and party games mascot for Nintendo >Link is the single play…[View]
432857272HELP ITSUNO CREATE DRAGON'S DOGMA 2: continuation from >>432816419 I CAN ALMOST SEE THE E…[View]
432870091What are the best RPGs in this console?[View]
432867279How can I stop buying Steam games? I've already got 1.5k+ games in my library and only ever pla…[View]
432869991Remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_EiEIKLd4U[View]
432869631>cloud gaming is the future is he retarded? game streaming is terrible in every possible way, i…[View]
432784249TELLTALE GAMES ARE SHUTTING DOWN: https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1043252010999410689 Offic…[View]
432842402Male Lara Croft: Thoughts[View]
432868778Regretting that decision yet?[View]
432869378seething Melodyfag: ITT waifus that are better than Bowsette or Booette[View]
432868887FUCK THESE GUYS[View]
432825441What was the best yakuza game /v/?[View]
432868130HEALING HALO[View]
432869190Dragalia Lost: Who's planning on giving this a shot? I liked GBF and FEH so I figure I should a…[View]
432868674https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTrP9p_i4C0 WEW LAD E W[View]
432838838Pathfinder Kingmaker: Here is a website with all the classes/subclasses/monsters etc. http://legacy.…[View]
432868119Can we stop with the whole 'bowsette' thing. it's gotten to the point where it's taken ove…[View]
432866076HeartGold thread: Thread for Pokemon HeartGold (no SoulSilvers allowed). What's your top 50 Pok…[View]
432866470>games about WW1 >games about WW2 >games about the Cold War >games about the War on Terr…[View]
432866758I'm thinking of starting a new playthrough of The Witcher 3 sometime next year but I remember I…[View]
432856393So is CoD back?[View]
432868074>ITT: Oh yea, that happened... How about them Hololens?[View]
432865925MYSTERY NIGGAS[View]
432868226Plot will be about Valenwood building a portal to reach Masser. The plot implies some form of time t…[View]
432868170GAME OF ALL TIME[View]
432866823WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE HER? https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1043252010999410689[View]
432867982TES VI: >Takes place in Orsimer and will feature the smallest in-game world to date. Will also ju…[View]
432854984Don't mind me, just posting the biggest and most shameless whore in the entire Final Fantasy se…[View]
432865282You can only put one MGR song in Smash Ultimate. Which one do you pick?[View]
432867842Beata janitors, you know i am a righteous one.[View]
432857141Bowsette thread Last thread with the mega link I made died... MEGA Compilation: https://mega.nz/#!Uo…[View]
432865560GF should add a Pokémon TCG mini game in the main games. Like Gwynt in the Witcher or Tetra Magic in…[View]
432845923will someone enlighten me. yes i know its something someone will inevitably masturbate to. but why, …[View]
432863220This is your Smash newcomer Please, say something nice about him![View]
432867191what does /v/ think about Wakfu? Such a nice game should deserve more players, shoudn't it ?[View]
432866143What's her fucking problem?[View]
432866664i unironically enjoy shitty online shooters like combat arms and blackshot but no one plays them[View]
432865827Will it ever be finished?[View]
432866819Name the bully.[View]
432864026Hey Louise remember that time I met Sam's Undertale?[View]
432866986so long straight bowser[View]
432865774videogame thread lets talk about videogames[View]
432859578Thoughts on Dark Samus?[View]
432863676Why doesn't anyone play skullgirls anymore?: Like it has a nice art style, its so fun, bunch of…[View]
432852532why this particular game makes /v/ so butthurt?[View]
432866080Okay so how many people UNIRONICALLY want Goku in Smash?[View]
432866827https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/1044157137759465473 Is it finally happening?[View]
432862891https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE28OEs-39k >The Final Season Episode 2 gets 5/10 >ANF had 9/1…[View]
432866614Aaaanon!! They were being mean, saying I wasn't toppestest of neps and that my game sucked![View]
432865983Anyone hyped for Pathfinder Kingmaker? Comes out tomorrow and I haven't seen any threads about …[View]
432866741Excuse me good sir, one copy of Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise please.[View]
432866370A wild challenge appears: Play the Game posted under your post[View]
432863742ITT: /v/ games[View]
432863720ITT: Good Diablo Clones: I'm mainly looking for ones that aren't well known, and offer mor…[View]
432866509>the games story is a little complicated so it must be bad why are some people even given a platf…[View]
432862317>Attack power increases the lower your HP is[View]
432862628Building Games: I want a building game, is sub-nautica for me? I want to watch a film whilst I build…[View]
432865172Which is the best controller for a person with short fingers? I want to play Smash but the GC is big…[View]
432864324>Multiplayer game with an element of preparation >People turn up with absolutely no preparatio…[View]
432860794BOWSETTE YOU FOOL[View]
432859014Got my hands on Ultimate, here's some details for you to leak: Characters: >The Pencil >…[View]
432866015He's in[View]
432866130A game i spent the last 2 days non stop searching for: I am trying to find a browser game, it might …[View]
432866120>have been working through my backlog at a pace of one game being finished per week every week si…[View]
432825045Dragon Quest Thread: How far are you guys into XI? Liking it so far? I liberated Heliodor last night…[View]
432865974I will not stop posting this until he gets in.[View]
432863624Other Mario characters to 63: CATAQUACK![View]
432865807Who the fuck puts their own arms on a throne?[View]
432865918Why do Boomers like to dress up as anime fags?[View]
432864487We will never get another good Metal Gear Solid game.[View]
432865094why don't games try to innovate in genres anymore?[View]
432865317Is this the best in the series?[View]
432865746Just got a 360 from someone who didn't want it. I played most of this generation's multipl…[View]
432862997Shantae in Smash: October 16th[View]
432864414https://youtu.be/CuFY7BfmcTU Have you jumped on the Wings of Redemption hate train yet?[View]
432852675Fuck Bowsette. Boosette thread. Post Boosettes. http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5ba937064e270-luigi…[View]
432865597Is he still in, right?: Right , /v/ros?[View]
432865598man I just don't know why tv/film adaptations of video games never work![View]
432865595GTX 2060 when??[View]
432858281Why don't First Person Shooters star any blind people?: That's discrimination, and offensi…[View]
432857107Nintendo stock jumps from 44.64 to 46.61 immediately after #Bowsette blew up. That's more than …[View]
432865498Do you think Nintendo knew they would actually change the world when they put Toadette in the new Ma…[View]
432825618Comfy Valkyria Chronicles 4 thread: Get yours tomorrow edition: You are getting it right?[View]
432865119In my mind they're still Bowser's kids: It's pretty comfy and endearing to imagine hi…[View]
432856712Redpill me on the switch, what are the best games? I'm buying one next week and plan on getting…[View]
432865286Did you know that Robotnik has a mother?[View]
432859031Shhhh. Feh is sleeping.[View]
432865152Will Final Fantasy ever be good again?[View]
432865120Was it just me that liked her with a longer face?[View]
432865116Fuck it guys. I just cancelled my preorder for Smash Ultimate. I'm a Bowser main, been one sinc…[View]
432828045bros my dick just exploded thats gonna be a day 1 for me[View]
432863813Does anyone wanna just talk about the greatness that is the mass effect trilogy with me i reply it a…[View]
432865084Have you played Thief FMs?[View]
432863836IT'S NOT FAIR BROS https://twitter.com/Melyhutch/status/1043622786743169024[View]
432864219How can SMTV make a post-apocalyptic Tokyo interesting? They've shown in the past that they ca…[View]
432864773Put the crown on him.[View]
432791741Which is the worst mission in Blood Money: Mississippi or Vegas?[View]
432861430>this saves the nintendo[View]
432864535>fetchquests and chores >generic dilemmas >annoying characters >MC can't even talk,…[View]
432864825KINGDOM HEARTS 3 GOTY 2019: >We are 4 months away from the 2019 Game of the Year >Aqua vs Sora…[View]
432864782AMERICAN GAME THREAD 2: CHEESEBURGER EDITION: PREVIOUS THREAD: >>432799785 Due to Bowsette bec…[View]
432855045Deadfire: is there any expansion planned for this like white march? Want to get it but only if I can…[View]
432859776ITT: Post your personal 10/10 games that aren’t usually considered a 10/10 by most people[View]
432864669oh isn't this fucking great, spamming averagefag tier rule 63 that is the curent flavour of the…[View]
432802070Obscure horror game thread? Obscure horror game thread. I love the games this guy makes especially[View]
432864607This is the perfect Nintendo woman. Please be respectful to her.[View]
432860407What are the best Switch games to get cute girls to play with you?: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe didn't …[View]
432864561Say they announce a seasonal dlc system for ssbu with 4 new characters for 3 years, which would you …[View]
432857917Is there ANY video game character that could defeat Spider-Man?[View]
432862007red queen > rebellion > yamato[View]
432856419What was her fucking problem?[View]
432811972>'you don't have to play any previous KH games to understand KH3'[View]
432864307With the advance 'ancient' technology that has has slowly been creeping into the franchise since SS …[View]
432863324Where were you when one of the most classic video game characters of all time was utterly and perman…[View]
432863068>tfw a good game is ruined because of an unrelated lawsuit against the larger franchise…[View]
432864020SKRIBBL.IO: come play http://skribbl.io/?orkyIbSS9hfEIUISy7jQ[View]
432848095Why doesn't anyone make a Star Wars mmorpg with the technology we have now?[View]
432856274Will you play it? Remember to preregister for a free mount.[View]
432843651Is telltalle going to finish this before closing?: THEY HAD ONE FUCKING JOB, INSTEAD OF FUCKING MAKI…[View]
432861980Elder Scrolls 6: What will go wrong?[View]
432862347Best Male Characters: Post & Discuss male video game characters that have one of the following. …[View]
432861412Post only the best of the best vidya feels.[View]
432861298Its up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o1ieehttdA[View]
432855636>EA shovels microtransactions into Dead Space 3 >/v/ reeeeeeeees endlessly >SquareEnix shov…[View]
432859361You've had an evil thot Peach for 14 years; leave Bowser alone.[View]
432855962Sakurai agrees to include any character of your choosing...: ...that was created within the past fiv…[View]
432863526Why are social justice warriors trying to ruin our games?[View]
432862568Is speedrunning a sign of mental illness? Just the idea of someone spending thousands of hours tryin…[View]
432858314AAA Publishers: Are there any AAA publishers you would consider ‘good’?[View]
432863009Did he do it or not?[View]
432862890>Terrible western faces >casualized gameplay >garbage OST made specifically for DmCfags …[View]
432850856How did this become the biggest vidya event of the year?[View]
432862646>buy game because it has good mod support >lose interest in playing it before installing a sin…[View]
432856772Does this game ever get better? Im at bionis leg and keep falling asleep trying to progress. The cha…[View]
432862162Poor Jr.[View]
432858329>finish game >credits roll >'thanks for buying our game' >I pirated it…[View]
432862083>Character trailer intro >Wide shot of a big, beautiful green field >Birds chirping, waterf…[View]
432861053>NO >APE >ESCAPE…[View]
432861276Anybody here /olympiagang/?[View]
432848926Has a video game every ruined or nearly ruined your life? Have you ever played a video game so frequ…[View]
432862131I just wish Todd had eaten the mushroom[View]
432859892How is 4.4 treating you anon? You're not one of those casuals that thinks 'Will of the Moon' w…[View]
432859971ITT: Post popular games you never played[View]
432862040What are some video game characters who literally did nothing wrong?[View]
432861742Why do 15 year old zoomers love this game so much?[View]
432860228dragon's dogma was great because I could be the little girl that's really all a game with …[View]
432857329No Anon, a “toxic” fanbase isn’t a reason[View]
432854021Why the fuck did they decide to add THIS guy over: > Professor E. Gadd > Dixie Kong > Capta…[View]
432857412>destroys libertarianism and right wing beliefs in the first game >destroys authoritarianism a…[View]
432858473see you in the next direct fuckers: pic related[View]
432859632PS4 or Xbox. Overwatch or TF2. Keyboard/mouse or controller. Runescape or World of Warcraft. Skyrim …[View]
432861006This Is The Face Of /v/ In 2018, And It's Beautiful![View]
432858185Vault Boy in Smash?: Opinion?[View]
432861362RISE THE FUCK UP[View]
432861323it's glover[View]
432859823oWo, what is this?: This is the first package I've gotten since the MGS Legacy Collection. Very…[View]
432860346Sasel made a video about bowsette: wow.[View]
432859480>he joined the imperials Independent Skyrim with a Dragonborn at the head of it is the undisputed…[View]
432858976Why does every video game I play feel hollow and empty?[View]
432858192Bowsette in smash: bowsette is smash 69 newcomer, this entire thing is just trolling from sakurai…[View]
432831054so who's going to be the character that pulls this shit again? (gets announced out of nowhere a…[View]
432857060Samus should've just been a robot from the beginning. The gameplay applications would've b…[View]
432839135>ashleyfags finally go away >now replaced by bowsette What the fuck is wrong with you people. …[View]
432860279>every Megaman X game that he isn't involved with is shit How do you explain this?…[View]
432853085>After Spider Man loses his original Suit in the new PS4 game he jokingly says how everyone would…[View]
432853649PS4 Pro RDR2 bundle: Because someone at Sony thought they weren't winning hard enough[View]
432860181Handheld Gaming Systems: what Handheld gaming systems do y’all use? I want to replay all of the old …[View]
432841607What is the future of SMT?[View]
432859121>people actually play this https://youtu.be/8o1ieehttdA[View]
432858491How does /v/ feel about Bowletta?[View]
432860028Leave Red Dead to me![View]
432855101Nintendo is very close to having a 'Saberface' problem Peach, Rosalina, and Toadette with the crown …[View]
432858623Does anyone know if it's possible to use the gear vr controller as a controller for a non vr em…[View]
432859976Surely everyone here has played one of the best ARPGs ever? I have but I'm too bad for nightmar…[View]
432859267epic smash bros: It's happening[View]
432859938KH3: Unreleased Kingdom Hearts III trailers are being datamined from the new demo. https://vocaroo.c…[View]
432854368toby is making a new rpg set to be out in 2019 for windows, mac, linux, ps4, xboner, and switch will…[View]
432858536One of these threads? https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
432859271Just how powerful is Nintendo viral marketing? They've flooded Reddit, Twitter and 4chan instan…[View]
432859710ITT: Games only you played[View]
432856143Where would I start: My gf is a monster hunter for a very long time. She played most of the games ex…[View]
432859383>lived long enough to see video games turn from being interactive art/entertainment into social m…[View]
432855619the only good one[View]
432857323HE'S IN[View]
432804523Cyberpunk 2077: JUST[View]
432832069Red Dead Redemption 2 new screenshots: Part of new wildlife articles is bunch of max fucking comfy s…[View]
432859269Tier List thread: Post, create, rate whatever https://ssbworld.com/create/tier-list/ultimate/…[View]
432859104>FFXIV and WoW are lacking the fun factor The only solution left is to play the hidden gem of MMO…[View]
432852896>take game design class >teacher asks what kind of game everyone wants to make >they all sa…[View]
432859357>Armageddon can maintain a healthy playerbase 20 years after release >Boss Key can't main…[View]
432857982What's up with the jagged models? Did Smash 4 have these while in development?[View]
432823234Put this in the 'Things Nintendo will pretend never existed' vault along with the Super Mario Bros. …[View]
432859287Is Yakuza 0 ever gonna get cracked or did DENUVO finally win?[View]
432856576ITT: Super Crown versions of vidya characters[View]
432858037It's up. Surprise surprise, it runs and looks like shit on portable mode.[View]
432859224She believed in you, anon.[View]
432859181Tenchu Souls: what went wrong?[View]
432830663>Watch a lot of nuLara sfm. >Very nice >Decide to actually play rise of the tomb raider …[View]
432853847OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
432857625How is your country represented in videogames?[View]
432843840The be all end all truth of Smash leaks: Incineroar and Ken That’s it. Screencap this but you mother…[View]
432856327>Catherine Remake will only launch on PS4 in the west Guess that's it for vita bros.…[View]
432856641ITT: We post Pokemon that would be better choices for Smash Ultimate than Incineroar.[View]
432858371Alright /v/ Show me something that's just too hard[View]
432855262Characters that need the Super Crown treatment: Cataquack[View]
432835394Is this the final nail in the coffin of this dead franchise?[View]
432851310Cyberpunk 2077 for switch petition: Anybody would like Cyberpunk 2077 on Nintendo Switch? If so, ple…[View]
432858462He's in.[View]
432854765Criminally underrated games: Only post criminally underrated games like pic related in this thread.…[View]
432855530Why do so many games have fucking horrible padding and game stopping pacing? Resident Evil 4 is one …[View]
432856630Kingdom Hearts: I've only played the 3DS KH game, but want to get all the games at once when KH…[View]
432857571>If you want a character in Smash is because you want to fuck it Do you guys actually believe thi…[View]
432858169Do you think Nintendo knew they would actually change the world when they put Toadette in the new Ma…[View]
432858035>He doesn't want to end reality and return to an objectively superior state of existence…[View]
432856285Guys, remember: You have less than 100 days to upgrade from Windows XP to Win7.[View]
432852960>game panders to competitive fags >they ruin the game What's her name?…[View]
432857452When is the next sale for Danganronpa on PC? I didn't play all of the games yet.[View]
432816094Labyrinth of Refrain[View]
432855380I wish /v/ wasn't flooded with Smash threads![View]
432850920Hideaki Itsuno one of the greatest action game designers plays retro games on a CRT. Why don't …[View]
432846407What am I in for?[View]
432856043it would've been so simple...we could've just gone back...[View]
432851279Mario is going to be in Smash Bros Ultimate: >Nintendo's mascot >Highly requested charact…[View]
432857691The thread about attractive East Asian women in video games.[View]
432857692>'Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?' >'Last time, you asked me, if it …[View]
432841296Is anyone else doing a classic-series marathon in preparation for Mega Man 11? we are 8 days away! I…[View]
432857324>Game starts off simple and fun to play >They pile on more and more mechanics until it's …[View]
432857661>you can't be hit by monsters, they can't kill you >you can push around monsters …[View]
432857313What is your favorite Lovecraftian game?[View]
432834048Top 20 Videogame Characters (Nintendo Dream November 2018 issue): Nintendo Dream character poll resu…[View]
432856525Will you play as Bandana Dee or Little Mac in Smash?[View]
432857253So we've all come to a consensus then?[View]
432853558Was it any good[View]
432856213>there are +11 bowsette threads with literally ZERO video game discussion currently on /v/ >Fo…[View]
432854761What a fantastic list of newcomers.[View]
432822878The great debate Is dmc5 a total scam or not?[View]
432856752What's the /v/erdict?[View]
432856701>Start game >Play for days on straight; enjoying it a lot >Suddenly lose interest after a f…[View]
432857058Why didn't they just make halo 3 with new assets and call it something else?[View]
432856813How deep does the /mlpol/ cabal run?: >character in Valve's newest title LITERALLY has cutie…[View]
432853070What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
432856454Seriously, chill the fuck out.[View]
432855698Sekiro - Miyazaki's disturbing enemies have returned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqv47mLdL…[View]
432854000>Bloodbronies can keep it in one thread >Spider-Manchildren can keep it in one thread >Step…[View]
432856562I did you guys. I defeated the radiance and it was pretty sweet. I already beat the nightmare king t…[View]
432852585Bowsette/Princes Bowser is trans. Deal with it, cis scum.[View]
432829920Hey kiddo, its me, the actual video game discussion thread for DMC free of OH NO NO NO and cringe ly…[View]
432855559There’s no Gen 7 rep in Smash.: Genenerations 3 and 5 got skipped, you know what comes next. Now if …[View]
432851723Was this remake actually bad or are boomers just salty?[View]
432855243Knights of the Old Republic 2: I'm playing KotOR 2 for the first time and I don't know how…[View]
432856134>skeleton boss >he was inside you the whole time…[View]
432851207Is it bad that I want the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Smash Bros just so we can get Turtles in T…[View]
432856074>/v/ Video Games[View]
432847708This is your new tank destroyer[View]
432855364Do girls play roguelikes? How bout a roguelike where you kill monsters by farming?[View]
432854682He's next to jump in.[View]
432847367ITT:predict 3DS successor hardware capabilities: 720p[View]
432855992Leak smash: Zeraora codytavers geno[View]
432853015Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Stop talking about leaks when it's just rumors... you could be disa…[View]
432852612The only people who want Banjo Kazooie, a character owned by a rival competitor of all things are fu…[View]
432855197>skin makes the character unrecognisable[View]
432854191Now step back and watch this 5 as steve is added to smash bros[View]
432853229games where I can wear full plate?[View]
432855114Exactly 11 years since Halo 3 was released and still no PC version...[View]
432853494Can I genuinely not buy the standard edition of Destiny 2 anymore? I just want the base game without…[View]
432850000So Samus is bi?[View]
432849080PSX: What are some PSX games I should play? Looking in particular for quirky japanese games or obscu…[View]
432854096think of a name for the next big FPS franchise battlecharge duty[View]
432854756This is going to be my first and last Smash thread. Fuck you fucking children. Shut the fuck up god…[View]
432843601How do we save /v/?[View]
432852095Steve in Smash Thread: who else has always thought Steve in Smash would be kind of cool but was alwa…[View]
432852790>Bowsette threads He was right. He was always right.[View]
432830930Why can games never live up to the epic feels and sense of adventure captured in the concept art?[View]
432854339Good thing I'm a sonic fan: I've seen people rag on the sonic franchise, but from what I…[View]
432854936>game lets you betray team mates[View]
432852047Granberia Thread/True Monstergirl Thread: Who does this bowsette bitch think she is? Make way for th…[View]
432853437Made this to propose a middle ground between dark-skinned and light-skinned Bowsette; her dark-skinn…[View]
432853610THIS GAME SUCKS LOL *dab*[View]
432849374Bowsette Thread!: What are the chances of Bowsette being in the franchise? Will it be under a differ…[View]
432853421Move over Bowsette.[View]
432842480How much GRINDAN' is TOO MUCH GRINDAN', /v/? Where do you draw the line?[View]
432851438What's the worst plague? Smash or Bowsette threads?[View]
432853771Best basketball game?[View]
432854076what are some games you need a high iq to enjoy?[View]
432851504Can a PS4 do this?[View]
432846298will BOTW and TW3 be forgotten after RDR2?[View]
432854271Are Slavs gonna blow the fuck away American developers once more? The games budget was almost a mill…[View]
432819095What does /v/ think of France's most wanted characters for Smash?[View]
432849570If Incineroar actually makes it into Smash, he will become the next Corrin. >blatant shill/market…[View]
432852783Alright /v/ How do we destroy the crown? It has become too powerful.[View]
432852202Hey Lois. Remember that one time we were in Super Smash Bros.?[View]
432854081>first time bj, doomguy and ranger are officially in the same game together >their inclusion i…[View]
432854079How do you build something that looks cool?[View]
432850017I'm tired of all this gay bowsette shit, how were the xen levels in HL? Personally I think it…[View]
432851783When will she get on this pic?[View]
432853529Is there any better indicator of a game being good than its biggest criticism being 'The fans like i…[View]
432852691Why is this so much better than its shit sequels?[View]
432846308How do you feel about fanservice in games?[View]
432852026Who is the real mayor of the Town? Isabelle claims you're the mayor, basically appointing you w…[View]
432844497BLADE COMBO, 3RD STAGE[View]
432849774Did a game ever make you cry?[View]
432853552what: what is going on with this bowser shit???????????[View]
432851938I own the.. >PS4 >Xbox One S >Nintendo Switch >gaming PC >HTC VIve feels good not b…[View]
432852382What's with these things disconnecting if you slightly move the controller?[View]
432848503So we all agree that 1 is better than 2, right?[View]
432851334Yusuke Murata's in it now. https://twitter.com/NEBU_KURO/status/1044282859580612610 Holy fuck t…[View]
432853447Will the final game have better rock textures?[View]
432853248When will they flop?[View]
432853438>the state of nintendo[View]
432851815What made Black Ops 1 so good? Why is it the only CoD game that /v/ has consistently liked since rel…[View]
432850174>this godlike soundtrack >on a fucking Super Nintendo How the fuck…[View]
432853249>Heh, third person open world game? Breath of the Wild did it first[View]
432853208Who Katamari here?[View]
432850752>/v/ is flooded by barafags celebrating virginben including them >the other half is a blond gi…[View]
432849265>spends next to zero time in japan with his dev studio because he prefers to hang out with his ho…[View]
432852187>boss uses 'that'[View]
432852837Daily reminder that Black Ops 2 has more story choices than many self proclaimed rpgs with “choice”[View]
432852476>build entire game around story >have a literally nothing ending >you only got to fight a …[View]
432852000One copy of Assassins Creed Odyssey please.[View]
432838660predict the ending.[View]
432852842>boss starts spawning minions[View]
432849723Hmmm, I see. Interesting.[View]
432850143Why aren't there any video games set in the Other World Kingdom?[View]
432852642Need to get something off my chest: THE JANNY IS A DORK LMAO[View]
432850929i miss him guys[View]
432845834PSVITA TV: Whats with all the hype around the new PS Classic when we already had the VITA TV? It clo…[View]
432851160All genderbending, even magical, is gay.[View]
432848325Oblivion: Why do people like this guy again? Latter half of SI was shit (DUNGEONS DUNGEONS DUNGEONS)…[View]
432852359Wario + Double Cherry + Super Crown[View]
432846780I want to go back /v/[View]
432851065> He thinks Sora will be in Smash[View]
432842472How good is the first one?: Wanna play all the NES MMs for the 1st time and this seems accessible en…[View]
432852282>extreme hard to develop for >don't make exclusive deals for the first two years outside …[View]
432851335One Two One Two He is all that remains of a once powerful nation (showtime) Right now, you're …[View]
432844036Why would you pay 60 buckaroos to play as an NPC in someone else's power fantasy? Bethesda fags…[View]
432851957> Dark cave area > Mission Name: Who turned off all the lights?…[View]
432849136>everyone complains about the 'three-handed' controller >no one complains about the bigger pro…[View]
432846052the sacred icon, the holiest of holies[View]
432844319>upgrade PC >realize there are no good demanding games…[View]
432851912post favorite ps2 game[View]
432718965/v/ The Musical VI: Too Much Effort For Not Enough Pay-Off Edition >What is this? An annual colla…[View]
432825845>playing overwatch with my bf >flirting a bit in voice chat but still taking the game seriousl…[View]
432845728Autistic Vidya Tendencies: What are your autistic vidya tendencies, we all have them so let's h…[View]
432851679I really like the high level extreme and savage fights, but everything else in this game is so borin…[View]
432851487don't mind me: just fishing[View]
432851038Would you play an all female punch-out?[View]
432851472I can't take anymore of these Bowser porn threads. Goodbye, /v/.[View]
432851245Does anyone else feel like this game ended really abruptly? I reloaded and did all the endings I had…[View]
432827539Congratulation Anon you did it! You have won Twisted Metal! So.... What is your wish?[View]
432851260Was Big Boss severely autistic by TPP?[View]
432851443/v/humor thread: Haha git gud[View]
432851403Why do people like movie games? What's the appeal of playing something with subpar gameplay and…[View]
432851379Stone Tower Temple[View]
432844328Alright /v/: Show me how good you are at Tetris: https://www.tetrisfriends.com/games/Mono/game.php P…[View]
432840551Why do people hate Half Life 2 now?[View]
432848001why am I seeing vita threads all the time now I thought it was supposed to be dead please respond[View]
432799851DMC5: >tfw no lady wife[View]
432821515why ?[View]
432848070The truth behind Bowsette is more deep than we even thought...[View]
432846123Oh, you are a true gamer, eh? List all the brush powers of Okami then, without looking them up[View]
432849454OYA OYA OYA[View]
432797046dead or alive 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P15x6YqHRL4 >people can decide for themselves if…[View]
432850698Will it be good? What do you think of the story mode?[View]
432850025does /v/ stream their video games[View]
432840334This is really really really janky and pathetic[View]
432850756So... Limbo of the lost 2 when?[View]
432848382H...he son. I thought we could finally talk about video games like use t.. Oh...You're still ta…[View]
432850731Let's see those kino screens and comic book covers. Starting with one of my own.[View]
432848660What is that?: I. I am the monument. To all yours sins. This one is but machine and nerve and has i…[View]
432842552I'm about to subscripe to WoW. I never played a MMORPG before. Convince me otherwise?[View]
432850684If you don't buy Forza this man narrates the rest of your life.[View]
432806763What's your favorite pokemon?[View]
432847480What if?[View]
432850506>Yakuza.0-CODEX >Yakuza.0-CODEX >Yakuza.0-CODEX WE IN BOYS…[View]
432849630Why is this suddenly so popular on /v/? Are you fags that turned on by a gender swapped meme?[View]
432849021*ruins your game*[View]
432844724Make a new mode for Smash Bros: Lets see if someone can think of something better than Smash Tour…[View]
432850076Another smash leak incoming. Coming to you straight from the mouth of ballsFLINGER. Now listen up al…[View]
432842784If I don't find the contradiction... It's all over! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAT-Cs…[View]
432850042This image sumarize our current state[View]
432847074Is /v/ ever gonna be about videogames again or are we perpetually stuck talking about a whore with a…[View]
432844965What would Pikachette look like?[View]
432849842>im gana hold the nigger faggot Praxis down and butt fuck him My 12 year old self wasn't rea…[View]
432849438You should not buy or financially support Disney Games. Disney is the reason why Star Wars and Marve…[View]
432833064What The world mean by this?[View]
432835432How would you design a Mario FPS, assuming Nintendo gives you carte blanche?[View]
432843940What do we think about the assreel rework?[View]
432849162Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How Morrigan is so much better than Yen but Dragon Age is so mu…[View]
432847079AAAAAAAAAAAAAH: 'right /v/ermins, gimme your favourite aRPG right now[View]
432847604Why are you not playing the best Destiny expansion to date?.[View]
432840302webm thread[View]
432847048The challenges are difficult on Spectacular and I can't do them but I'm too stubborn to lo…[View]
432844963The Bowsette Phenomenon: Yusuke Murata is in lads https://twitter.com/NEBU_KURO/status/1044282859580…[View]
432825451Are you hyped?[View]
432845520What is the worst mini game inside a video game and why is it blitzball?[View]
432849115Monster hunter weapon discussion thread: I’ve used the hammer in every monster hunter game since Tri…[View]
432845423> y-you mean you don't play rainbow six siege?![View]
432849071Pls rec me a decent card game with good art, tired of anime and Wow shite[View]
432847648>microtransactions >lootboxes >DLC >QTEs >moviegames/VNs >godawful remakes (doom t…[View]
432847264>This is the modern Xeno franchise Absolutely disgusting.[View]
432848532Fortnite thread: Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUEnoijT__c Are you hype for season 6?…[View]
432848574Based = blackpilled = upvote Cringe = bluepilled = downvote[View]
432846472What are some of the best examples of the worst decisions a company has ever made, /v/?[View]
432843665What are your essential mods for this game? Ones that fix bugs without adding content.[View]
432845202This game is better than Skyrim, and easily is one of the best RPGs ever. It's unique in a lot …[View]
432748129Cute Peri![View]
432848368Hey, remember Secret Hitler?[View]
432841882Hmmm: Is Death Stranding in fact MGS0 or its Kojima's self-copying in a nutshell???[View]
432835018Feminine boys in Japanese video games bother me.[View]
432847571>weeb games are mainstream now: what happened[View]
432843396>tfw never managed to finish a single turn based JRPG in my life >always drop after a few hour…[View]
432844650Have you ever played video games with a girl before?[View]
432847839it hurts to know skull kid will be a boss and keep spawning this AT[View]
432832350What /v/ think's about Devil May Cry 4? The vanilla one[View]
432843213I'm not buying this piece of shit if it doesn't have planes.[View]
432846420I want to start another playthrough of Dragon Age Origins but this time actually finish it. Give me …[View]
432847681Who are the top 3 video game writers?[View]
432847563Same voice actors: >DON'T WORRY, MY FRIENDS. I AM YOUR SHIELD…[View]
432846151they should add Gacha in Smash and make it free to play. Also mobile release[View]
432846860Lost Planet 4 isn't happening, hopefully the monsters get ported to Monster Hunter[View]
432847402Dubs will decide what I should play from pic related, including the ones that are not dowloaded.[View]
432847335>*record scratch* YEP, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here.…[View]
432841236Where were you when Madcatz rose from the grave?[View]
432840717it'll actually sell well this time, r-right /v/?[View]
432843340What does /v/ think of Danganronpa?[View]
432844752if I put on a crown will you like me again?[View]
432842553So is this game 'redpilled' on the refugee crisis or is it just satirizing corporate America HR-spea…[View]
432847113It's been one of those days...: Come on, Luigi![View]
432840478Personal anecdote, but every non-gamer relative I've recommended recent games to has been able …[View]
432842558Why don't games have cheat codes anymore?[View]
432843758what the fuck was her problem?[View]
432846650Kingdom Hearts 3: Is Willa gonna stop slutting up for good once Aqua gets purified from darkness?…[View]
432844941Morning Recap - 9/24/18 - Replayability: A lot of replayability comes from competitiveness, or sandb…[View]
432846462Do you think the intro song for KH3 will ever top the previous ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
432846170>play Game >beat the first level >'achievement unlocked: Game'…[View]
432842853What's his problem ?[View]
432836583Black Messa[View]
432846406Who is the biggest bro in videogames?[View]
432837121Perfect character deaign thread.[View]
432844740>RPG where you create your own character >voiced protagonist…[View]
432844575You got in, right?[View]
432842783Nobody seems to care anyone about Miku or Project Diva. Would now be a good time to port it to more …[View]
432844663Which game has the best character creator?[View]
432823347So, this is the power of gaming on Linux https://youtu.be/IWJUphbYnpg?t=7m30s This is what the shill…[View]
432846192Bastion: >'Now here's a kid whose whole world got all twisted, leaving him stranded on a roc…[View]
432846157what is this move called[View]
432845556>extreme hard to develop for >don't make exclusive deals for the first two years outside …[View]
432843559Why does Peach always get kidnapped?[View]
432817814Why would a minor cosmetic change cause such a stir? CA never stated the games were historically acc…[View]
432845906choose your character[View]
432814295Is this game run by WarZ devs or literally a Russia Mob?: There is no legal names or addresses of an…[View]
432839843can we get a poe thread going? just starting play this game the other day and it's fun as fuck.[View]
432845434Namco Vs Sega Arcade Clash[View]
432844939Wow this looks great: Goty rockstar[View]
432842550name a better visual novel series protip: you can't[View]
432845685MGS Peace Walker: Anyone down for MGS Peace Walker co-op on Xbox 360?[View]
432845547friendly reminder bowsette likes girls[View]
432843748Hi how do I filter smash and bowsette posts ?[View]
432844649can we talk about this video game about timing a beat with the rhythm i dont want to see anymore mar…[View]
432823737Modern Game Engines: I haven't really worked with the nuts and bolts in video games in a long t…[View]
432828876Is this game really hard or am I just bad?[View]
432845465https://youtu.be/G8CS7KXb87o what do you think of deracine[View]
432845391Murata Jumped the train: What other famous artists have jumped in ?[View]
432844526>Smash reveals are frontloaded Why do people keep trying to push this?[View]
432828606OK: I AM SOLD ![View]
432843761I don't follow Kingdom Hearts but this song is so good, what is it even about? https://youtu.be…[View]
432845027Anyone fucking hyped?[View]
432819570Red Dead Redemption II: >over 200 animals in RDR2[View]
432840954>AND _YOU_ GOTTA HELP US >*points at the screen* How come Luigi is aware that he is in a video…[View]
432844769There will be a new direct early october. Decidueye with Pokemon Sun/Moon Stage Blackshadowε New Adv…[View]
432842598Remaining Smash Characters: The game is almost finished. It will be going gold around early November…[View]
432844657Mario vs Sonic Discuss[View]
432835863Is there a more perfect RPG?[View]
432842992Hello, I'm someone with no creative thinking and I'm here to leak you the next smash bros …[View]
432843718I thought this was /v/: and people here talked about videogames and such. Guess I get somehow on /bi…[View]
432842640Devil May Cry: So years ago I played DMC3, my first DMC game. And after that I thought about playing…[View]
432840741ITT: Predict metascore and review bylines I predict 98-99 metascore Reasoning: With everything the p…[View]
432840094I remember /v/ praising this game years ago, yet these days it seems to get shit on a lot. What went…[View]
432837210So how likely do you think a PC/Switch release is of this? https://www-dualshockers-com.cdn.ampproj…[View]
432844219NINTENDO Lineup 2019 and beyond: How excited are you? This is a great time to be a Nintendo fan!…[View]
432840680All Hail Bowsette: Sieg[View]
432839854Is there a comfier FF game than IX?[View]
432842261Smash Leak: Hey guys im a leaker I work at Nintendo im gonna make this short: -Minecraft Steve is pl…[View]
432840854halo thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCxv2daOwjQ[View]
432833469>no microtransactions whatsoever >both games shattered records at release >we live in a tim…[View]
432837395Is there any game more pretentious than this one?[View]
432774513/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>432728094 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
432842115N64 Classic News: Hey there, N64 Classic QA person here, guess I'll give you some information a…[View]
432833046Why do you hate Ruby's game /v/? She even won CEOtaku last night but no one's happy about …[View]
432829870You can only choose one.[View]
432842324Smash Renders: Why are these so good?[View]
432843732Rome 2 Total War is being reviewbombed by misogynists because it added female generals: Fucking disg…[View]
432782990>takes 23~ hours to beat >played it for 60 hours, still not even half done Am I just retarded,…[View]
432839750Can I talk about my favorite PMD game: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon?[View]
432842331When will this 'bowsette' shit stop? Also the comics and romantism are making me feel awkward, I don…[View]
432843016How does the top 5 attacker and defenders look like for current r6s?[View]
432841417You hyped for Black Ops 4? Did you play the Blackout beta? why do people care about single player w…[View]
432843378You're lucky... looks like my summer vacation is...over...[View]
432841458What are some games that have left you completely indifferent? You played it, and everything balance…[View]
432843216Post those video game good boys[View]
432839368so how bad is this gonna run on regular PS4?[View]
432827624>we've spent 8 years creating authentic horse cocks, realistic leaf physics and facial hair …[View]
432840538stop fucking shitposting about microtransactions nobody fucking cares money goes to the right place …[View]
432835037'One copy of Spider-Man on the Ps4, please. '[View]
432840938what is the best Mario Kart game?[View]
432843085The World Ends with You: Final Remix: It's almost here bros[View]
432815803ITT: Characters ruined by their respective communities[View]
432842786Why is it so hard to play with your friends when there's no Splatfest going on? No party system…[View]
432832472Post an image, get a VIDEO GAME recommendation.[View]
432835690You have five seconds to explain why you don't want this cute christmas cake in smash.[View]
432842176what's your fav horror game?[View]
432830707MONAFAGS RISE UP[View]
432841971>was pissed off that everyone kept shilling isabelle >wished upon a star for it to go away …[View]
432841587How do we get rid of Mike Matei and make AVGN good again?[View]
432833757Spyro Remake is BARA not FURRY: The uneducated morons pestering every Spyro thread crying about 'muh…[View]
432840661Is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 the only game in existence where NPCs have vastly better designs than actu…[View]
432840525Dumb reasons you hate a game: I'll start. >Play SSBM all day with a friend during the GC era…[View]
432837303I think we need to support this game because chances are it will probably be really good, but also b…[View]
432841619What are some business tycoon games like Game Dev Tycoon where you have to run a company? I'm a…[View]
432834606>Olivier Zuccaro has released for free some unreleased soundtracks made for E.Y.E: Divine Cyberma…[View]
432834146ITT: Difficulty done right[View]
432841573Grow Home: Bought this yersteday and completed it in 5-6 hours, pretty fun while it lasted. What did…[View]
432841935>tfw the girls in DMC V still look better than this uggo dyke[View]
432835060What changes would you like to see in the next animal crossing, niggas?[View]
432840615Help: how do I avoid making waves[View]
432837834Is it possible to play video games as a living?[View]
432841673why is there so many single women in their 30s-40s playing this game? I think they may top the trann…[View]
432836620Tell me this isn’t Peak Robot master Design[View]
432814003ITT: We pretend ES6 is released now: How did you guys like it? What was your favorite quest?[View]
432833083what is a must play rpg?[View]
432841171>Snake obviously made it in because Konami forgot snake existed >Samurai asks Kojima instead …[View]
432839463This game is fucking dead. What the hell happened?[View]
432837790>Taeja returns to SC2. Foreignerfags are about to get BTFO. He's going to rape all the whit…[View]
432839694Bowsette is old a wrinkled. Sonichette is the new hotness.[View]
432840238This fucking comic predicted it all: >A power-up that transforms characters into princesses >'…[View]
432833879*cures your depression*[View]
432839520Why arent we seeing more gameplay yet?? Its a month away now. But they keep doing shit like low res …[View]
432839341ITT: THAT song https://youtu.be/PgXLdGTo29o[View]
432812360Artifact: Dota Two Card Game: god i wish that was me[View]
432839639Was it autism?[View]
432837963Gordon Freeman was only 27 years old in Half-Life 1. >tfw older than Freeman already FUCK…[View]
432840639>all these mini consoles being released >all these rereleases of really old titles what's…[View]
432840324Girls, girls! No one has realizes this yet, but.... TEAM SONIC RACING DOESN'T HAVE GREEN HILL O…[View]
432794387PHOENIX WRIGHT COMING TO PC: PC WINS AGAIN BABY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxElkhKbdVI…[View]
432832312Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: King Boo footage at 11:30 CST: Everything's in the title. I have fo…[View]
432840739One copy of Rainbow Six Siege, please.[View]
432828418Are people only now starting to discover gijinkas?[View]
432839417It's weird how 4chan leakers knows about pretty much the whole smash ultimate roster and Spirit…[View]
432840246>Succesfully derails the hype train for one of the most anticipated titles coming next year with …[View]
432834262>Delayed last year out of fear of Breath of The Wild taking all their sales >Now competes agai…[View]
432840304*blocks your path*[View]
432837326YOU _______ UP MY FACE[View]
432837390Do you think that modding potential can excuse some of a game's flaws?[View]
432839927Literally impossible. Why the fuck is this allowed?[View]
432838261Do you think there's any chance of us getting Metroid Prime 4 footage at the Game Awards later …[View]
432838480what's the last game that filled you with a sense of childlike wonder that you couldn't wa…[View]
432837001Move over Bowsette[View]
432839885>enemies don't recover any health if you die[View]
432839973I watched you change Into a fly I looked away[View]
432837929Why is it acceptable to release sequels with the same name as the original game?[View]
432833841Why didn't this gain as much traction as Bowsette?[View]
432839432What went wrong with the series as a whole?[View]
432830837>2018 >STILL no modern Berserk game And no, the mosou abomination does not count.…[View]
432839578I was sorting out my Nintendo folder and I found this boyo in it. When is Fate getting a rep in Smas…[View]
432839196>get out of Jail >Fortnite is now popular as fuck What the fuck happened, lads?…[View]
432794281Why is every MMO nowadays super easy and filled with instant gratification?[View]
432839354Why pennyfags have such a hard time admitting they are cucks?[View]
432833747You can actually fish in this game. No more throwing bombs or swimming next to fish and spamming a b…[View]
432839095Now that the hype for Devil May Cry 5 is officially D E A D can we take a moment to finally be excit…[View]
432838281Is it worth playing /v/? I have it in my steam library but dont want to waste my time with it if its…[View]
432830000Was it really all that bad?[View]
432838856Y'all need to lay off the fat gay turtle hentai[View]
432809613Why was The Last Guardian such a whiff? Shadow of the Colossus was such a defining game for many peo…[View]
432835276Bowsette: >Dethrones Merula Snyde >BTFO Wojack shitposters >BTFO Consolewar shitposters …[View]
432838680>/v/ hypes up game for weeks before release >it can't live up to expectations and ends up…[View]
432838461>jrpg in fake fantasy land >no Dwarves Why don't the rice and dogeaters incorporate the D…[View]
432824556What games are you looking forward to the most?[View]
432820035Telltale's Stranger Things leaked footage: looks like shit desu, maybe it's a good thing i…[View]
432838446ITT: oh right, that happened: I'll start.[View]
432838430Game begging (Rainbow 6 Siege): Hello everybody, Going to make it simple but unfortunately I do not …[View]
432836558Batman Vengence was the best batman game[View]
432807509Pathfinder Kingmaker: Less than 24 hours to go! What is your first character going to be? Team?…[View]
432837258XBOX BTFO[View]
432832787ITT we post SNES games we had as kids.[View]
432838064One thing I've always liked about MMORPGs is getting to make your own character with its own fa…[View]
432836107Are we ever going to get a point where there aren't graphical limits aside from the vision and …[View]
432838095Has anyone played this? I'm pretty much in love with the concept of it, but I have no knowledge…[View]
432837927Smash Ultimate Video Leak: this video is of the minecraft stage with a brand new minecraft soundtrac…[View]
432837283This whole board is full of people implying that objectively bad games, yes graphics are a thing and…[View]
432835910Encased Sci-fi cRPG inspired by Fallout and Stalker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71wzYn9fvUc …[View]
432837864Rate my cosplay *UwU's into you'r cheek nuzzle :3*[View]
432836771Pitch a video game starring a historical figure. Pic related, Eternal Sonata is what inspired this t…[View]
432835576Six Days in Fallujah: Why was the american media so harsh to this game? By the time it was announced…[View]
432837732>you're not actually having fun with that vidya game, anon. You're misinterpreting your…[View]
432835227Subhuman: will they pussy out and change his theme? I thought it wasn't bad and provided a nice…[View]
432833997>'What's that? They want me for Smash?' >'Alright, I'll get my bat I guess...'…[View]
432837494They're pure fucking sick and that's what we want in an anime. Welcome to WatchMojo.com an…[View]
432836750Creaking Skull:Die monster.You don't belong in this world! Soma: It was not by my hand that I a…[View]
432833881So who are you gonna main /v/? They should've swapped out Goomba and Monty Mole and brought bac…[View]
432837565*halves your units*[View]
432831715>buy 2k gaming pc/equipment >hundreds of games >upgrade internet to 1gbps (cox gigablast) …[View]
432837221The trilogy killed Metroid by making Samus ugly as shit. The last thing I want to do is play as la c…[View]
432837136>AC 2019 >The Isabelle shitstorm that effectively killed most of the Smash shitposting >In…[View]
432832996CLICK CLICK POW[View]
432836993So is it good yet? when will Fortnite get VR so we can blow this shit out of the water[View]
432825362Chrono Trigger is the perfect JRPG.[View]
432822750Comfy Forza thread? Did you enjoy the demo? Will you buy it?[View]
432834037madotsuki spinning in her chair[View]
432805503Regardless of how likely it is in the base game or as DLC, how would Rex work in Smash? >B swaps …[View]
432827126XIV: You got those nidhogg scales yet?[View]
432832031Characters you created that best represent who you are: post em lads - its gonna be an epic thread…[View]
432823928Red Dead Redemption 2 is SO far away. I've already replayed the first 2 earlier this year. Who …[View]
432836410Touhou thread No amanojakuposters[View]
432830209Is there an JRPG more kino than Xenoblade Chronicles?[View]
432832485Is there ANY video game character that could beat him?[View]
432832746nicola, bart...[View]
432836319do you assbabies realize that, dmc5 developers didn't put in microtransactions? they have bosse…[View]
432829862Will this ever be on Switch?[View]
432831912is this a senran?[View]
432826574you better not have pussied out like a bitch /v/[View]
432833639>That guy who had this avatar[View]
432827865Many people believe Dark Souls 2 is a bad game. I present an alternative fact that it is in fact a g…[View]
432835806In Tf2's meet the medic, it's shown that the medigun can regenerate teeth - Ergo it's…[View]
432833087>It is raining in the game >It is also raining IRL…[View]
432834106Hey guys what amusement park/ Restaurant Concept Art ideas do you have for Konami, Sega,Square Enix,…[View]
432835183Name a comfy game.[View]
432831847Walking Dead Final Season Episode 2 Released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAsCCfLBYiA[View]
432833423can /v/ work together and solve the oblivion crisis?[View]
432828908BANNERLORD: only ONE YEAR until release lads[View]
432835541My favourite video game is paper mario 1-3 what is yours/[View]
432835307>intro contains spoilers[View]
432817881>Boomers got big reveals like Ridley, Simon and K.Rool >Zoomers got nothing for now >The un…[View]
432835053i make tonzu of kiuto gars i make pich, i make zeruda, i make deiji, i make rozarina but now aru you…[View]
432835239Layton in smash[View]
432822570Why you're wrong: You realize that if you play a game for simply just fun, then you're not…[View]
432834301Tú debes de ser el ingrediente secreto.[View]
432833967King Boo Smash Ultimate footage.: Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS9OO0S5w2k…[View]
432814575Today is the 30th anniversary of the best romance in manga. What's the best romance in video ga…[View]
4328270753x3: 3x3 thread rate played/enjoyed and assume the kind of person we are from our shit taste https:…[View]
432834727Why didn't this work, & should they bring this series back?[View]
432830689THE FINAL FOUR[View]
432830713Banjo Smash Ultimate Gameplay: https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ[View]
432834505The new Smash costume for Bowser is great![View]
432834854>About to play 0.19 >Want nice trees >Want any QoL improvements Which mods should I get?…[View]
432828686>By far the most original, creative and charming vidya design ever made >Made by a fan, not an…[View]
432825553Lately, I can't help but notice that anything German-related in video games triggered some peop…[View]
432832540What games feature means of transportation where the player is the passenger and has no influence on…[View]
432816516What went wrong?[View]
432832082>ps4 and pc[View]
432834501trying to fix this mesh problem, I figured out its being caused by new vegas interiors, I have the c…[View]
432833071PLEASE DON'T DO THAT[View]
432819875Uh, excuse me...sir?[View]
432833152>Be 12, nerd loser and addicted to vidya >School announces Smash Bros Melee tournament >Pri…[View]
432832923When you gonna outgrow video games?[View]
432833004Now that the dust has settled, what's the opinion on Super Mario Odyssey?[View]
432833813ok so TellTale got a hold of BACK TO THE FUTURE, an extremely fertile and versatile property that is…[View]
432830704TUNNEL SNAKES ____![View]
432833783GOÔÔMBÀ GÖT BÆCK[View]
432810881>can’t play bloodborne >can’t play uncharted 4 >can’t play super mario odyssey >can’t p…[View]
432833732Are we ever going to get a point where there aren't graphical limits aside from the vision and …[View]
432825715Why did her game flop?[View]
432816136Boss is better than Solid: At least from a Meta perspective >Boss's games don't require…[View]
432813507What is Nintendo smoking?[View]
432829778Meta Knight: there he is[View]
432821302>Push ↑^ to go fast Trackmania in a nutshell[View]
432831496Dark Souls 3 is actually pretty kino[View]
432833365these two and the ultima weapon are probably the ones we know for sure will return in KH3, even thou…[View]
432833360What's Your Favorite Microtransaction Vehicle Masqueraded As A Game?: Personally excited to see…[View]
432832074Don't forget who the real queen of /v/ is.[View]
432830728/mobile/ vidya: What are some Android games worth playing? I need something to play on my phone duri…[View]
432832345How do you go from this....[View]
432827284Don't forget about her game.[View]
432831607Terrible game wiki articles thread.: Post your favorites. https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Team_Fo…[View]
432825561Banjo video for smash ultimate coming up: I'm scheduling an upload for 9 AM PDT of leaked foota…[View]
432825962Why didn't the N64 use Cd's?[View]
432830680What was the last game to make you say this?[View]
432822686Where were you when Ubisoft saved PC gaming and interactive storytelling?[View]
432829714>3D animation is easier/cheaper/more efficient than traditional 2D Just kill yourself if you thin…[View]
432832337Black mesa[View]
432829113trips decide what ps2 game I play next[View]
432832726Will we ever get a difinitive version with the improved gameplay and female MC option of portable co…[View]
432828643Literally impossible.[View]
432829343TCGs: What Trading Card Game are you currently playing, /v/? Hearthstone? Magic Arena? Eternal? Faer…[View]
432831720I liked this but I can't imagine playing this for the fourth game in the series[View]
432818758thoughts on the beta?[View]
432817282>Make a game to celebrate Shonen Jump's 50th anniversary >Very few anime make it in, only…[View]
432832054>I think youtube gaming sucks![View]
432810923just what is it about sony they just feel so desperate[View]
432824926I want a big-budget Touhou game made by a triple-A company![View]
432830456If you were a womyn, would you date a gamer?[View]
432830919c'mon guys a block character can't bend his limbs he'll never work sakurai always has…[View]
432826976>*whistles for non-magic horse* >autoruns on road to quest marker >*cowboy curtis vision ac…[View]
432827703>https://gearnuke.com/devil-may-cry-5-western-audience-avengers/ Dear lord, this game is going to…[View]
432830207>everyone forgetting the REAL Bowser genderswap[View]
432822676It didn't have to end like this[View]
432825676400 Employees: One fucking guy made Rollercoaster Tycoon one of the best theme park simulation of al…[View]
432818219YOU CANNOT KILL ME!: so, who do you guys should act as Suicide Silence's replacement? i'm …[View]
432822995Today I learned they actually wont let you spawn in multiplayer vehicles in singleplayer even with t…[View]
432807657WoW mythic raid more succesful than Fortnite: >'Sco peaked at over 150,000 individual viewers on …[View]
432826667>/v/ tells you game is great >it's dodshit…[View]
432830846Vidya music that makes you sad /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lhJ0LZtv3w[View]
432813309Whats their secret? Its obvious they are at the top of the video game food chain.[View]
432823385you have ten seconds to name a better OST[View]
432831008*tanks your MMO*[View]
432821137Battlestation Thread: Fuck me and my cable management's shit right up[View]
432830692Ha ha.[View]
432830778Can we get a thread for the best video game animals?[View]
432826694WHAT GAMES IS OLD /V/ PLAYIN: Jannies deleted last thread because they're huge assmad faggots H…[View]
432826721'The miracle never happen'[View]
432828582What was her fucking problem?[View]
432818815Why are the Conquest girls such breeding machines? How can such a shit nation produce healthy fertil…[View]
432797648Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree the Halo trilogy was a magical piece of art that wil…[View]
432829458Is there a reason why the console versions of 3 and Vice City couldn't have the same aiming as …[View]
432825657ITT: Worst boss designs in good games >In Godhome Luck based: need jelly fish which the boss rand…[View]
43282503764 DAYS TILL GOTY[View]
432829751What if this new 'Bowsette' is just a way for Nintendo to try and market Super Princess Peach 2?[View]
432830153Modern Remake When?: I unironically think this would make a great game if it was remade today by com…[View]
432828602We will never find out how the best Forester took his revenge![View]
432829810Jill Valentine is the best Resident Evil[View]
432826265Here's your new Square Enix rep bro[View]
432830026>Tfw you have sex for the first time and don't like video games anymore because they feel li…[View]
432829702>there are people that have been locked away as a“bad sport” for 3 years >can’t play with oth…[View]
432828716“To my knowledge, no one in or out of the field has ever been able to cite a game worthy of comparis…[View]
432824197Just got my hands on some footage for Smash bros ultimate: So I'm sure by now all of you are si…[View]
432828221Demonic game: I recently found my son playing a video game called 'Persona 3.' I was doing house cho…[View]
432828457>Batman mixed with GTA tier >Diverse map full of provinces with different environmets. >kil…[View]
432816815> Princess TOADstool Reminder that the Mushroom Kingdom does not have any natural born humans…[View]
432823660What game companies / game developers truly care about their fans?[View]
432822717Post dev teams[View]
432828812>Watch a lot of nuLara sfm. >Very nice >Decide to actually play rise of the tomb raider …[View]
432824309How accurate is this?[View]
432827289BLOPS4 Only 7 New Maps: OH NO NO NO NO[View]
432824813When will PS2 emulation improve? PCSX2 can run a lot of games pretty well but there are still a lot …[View]
432815269How do you enjoy new Spider Man game? You liking the photo mode?[View]
432828493https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9h33CPKBuQ Could this finally be THE Cthulhu game we've been w…[View]
432827903>tfw completely broke and can't afford a switch >'that's cool, it's not like th…[View]
432815163DMC V Continues To Highlight Why DmC (Definitive Edition) is the Better Game: Ahahaha you guys are s…[View]
432827007What do you think of Ken Levine?[View]
432828314>implying there's a shooter with better lore until 343 raped it…[View]
432827116What would you like to pre-order sir?[View]
432821431What are your genuine, honest opinions about Mario? The character, not the games.[View]
432827891good old fashioned streamer meltdown, you know what to do twitch /bradwoto[View]
432828259How true has this been lately?[View]
432828156Skull Kid - Spirit's Boss: You know he'll have phases and you'll face wrath and incar…[View]
432826787itt best writing in games[View]
432827457>all these orbs running like a stream. >wallets on fire its bleeding green >frustration is …[View]
432827657Is there anything in this franchise that hasn't been retconned?[View]
432827731>16 years later and still the best RE[View]
432826817Remember to pre-order the Deluxe Edition so you can get Mega Man's Mega Buster, and to purchase…[View]
432827421What went wrong?[View]
432827413>Watch a lot of nuLara sfm. >Very nice >Decide to actually play rise of the tomb raider …[View]
432827358Rising storm 2 meme thread: nam' memes or dumb shit in game[View]
432826339Dark Souls Switch trailer https://youtu.be/9sjv8es_gv0 >dis gaem so hard u die!!!! XDDD What the …[View]
432827250>Casual filter[View]
432823469He's in[View]
432806815>he hasn't fallen for the VR meme https://streamable.com/vk27c[View]
432825750NOW I'M MOTIVATED[View]
432819990>join an online lobby >mentally prepare myself for the inevitable soul crushing experience tha…[View]
432825215What are some games that have left you completely indifferent?[View]
432804772What are your video game confessions?[View]
432821723Stealthy sjw tricks in video games thread. >Make main character white male >Has to protect fem…[View]
432824348Why doesn't he just use his infinite money to buy Telltale?[View]
432826825I can't think of a single game that had better A.I. than pic related, literally every other gam…[View]
432822594Why hasn't anyone made a good Star Wars game with the technology we have to make games nowadays…[View]
432826716WHO ART THERE?[View]
432813389>hurr durr you sacrified your save at the end of the game when you are most likely to stop playin…[View]
432816220where were you when boolina kicked bowsette off the throne?: https://twitter.com/search?vertical=def…[View]
432826471>there are people who have not played the best Fire Emblem game Explain…[View]
432825168pls don't mind me, just posting the most comfy tales of all.[View]
432826223which game has the most realistic sounding guns?[View]
432820947PC GAMING: Is 1080p @ 60hz still acceptable in 2018?[View]
432822268Have good graphics ever saved an otherwise bad or average game?[View]
432818456what are some RPGs with absolutely god tier world exploration?[View]
432825482ITT: games you would recommend for their aesthetics alone[View]
432822314What games make driving feel really good? Just achieving high speed in a 3D space very well.[View]
432822858Jesus fuck it's been that long? Where has the time gone? https://youtu.be/OAVLq961tWc[View]
432825832He's not a villain is he? I really feel like this version of Norman genuinely loves and wants t…[View]
432817743>all that shitposting/ smear campaigning was for nothing Find a better pass time /v/tards…[View]
432795828Remember The Good of Telltale: https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/09/22/telltales-underappreciated-co…[View]
432825704>Watch a lot of nuLara sfm. >Very nice >Decide to actually play rise of the tomb raider …[View]
432825656>*points down* Objectively the most OP move in gaming.[View]
432825070Darksiders: Is this game series worth playing? I watched some let's play and it looked generic …[View]
432808796Are you still mad at her?[View]
432824257>I-i-it's gunna be another billion dollar IP! >It's the Dark Souls of competitive fi…[View]
432825147Are the Syphon Filter games good? I've never really heard anyone talk about them, and they don…[View]
432825214>dude they're hiring new people to work on diablo 2 >where did you read that >on blizz…[View]
432809462ITT: Only the hardest video games[View]
432825009>hey kenny clemetine an 8 year old girl has been kidnapped by some weirdo we have to save her …[View]
432801824>game gets a sequel years later >artstyle is completely ruined Is there any other video game m…[View]
432821772Red Dead Redemption 2 will feature around 200 species of animals: For the record, RDR1 featured 38…[View]
432824157Did I like it?[View]
432824236My favourite video game is Animal Crossing, you? I've never been called Based or Redpilled...[View]
432812308Eyyy T, we'se in a video game or some sort. Like the marios.[View]
432811023Mega Man: X5 is better than X4. >more secrets >more replayability >more variety in level sc…[View]
432824440How is it possible that in a group of four alleged game journalists, only one expresses ability to c…[View]
432811365>Capitalism works just fi-[View]
432798386Smash characters as Mothers: Discuss Couldn't find a good place for Dark Sammy[View]
432823635I got Nero Bride but already have Altera. Which one is better?[View]
432805179What are the best games with LGBT representation? Also, why is there so much more L than G in games?…[View]
432824208>all these orbs running like a stream. >wallets on fire its bleeding green >frustration is …[View]
432808341>MUH ANGER OVER BIDIOGAEMS! It's funny because if the industry would listen to literal commi…[View]
432816105You didn't fall for this fake leak, right? Be honest.[View]
432817001Heres your gaming monitor bro, that will be 999$ plus tip ;)[View]
432822902Sonybros still haven't recovered[View]
432823468what do you think Tommy is up to now?[View]
432818259ITT games that are rarely ever talked about[View]
432823281Why are westerm games so shit? >EA >ALL Telltale feminist who ruin The company refusing to evo…[View]
432821547Where were you when Rico Rodriguez became Iron Man? That DLC turned Just Cause 3 from a decent game …[View]
432822098ITT: games that surprised you with how good they are[View]
432815651>everyone bitching about no hype >one month before release, Rockstar give out tons of info …[View]
432820946Does a place like Purgatory from Yakuza exist in real life?[View]
432817602>I'm evil because I am angry and hate all you people that don't live in the desert >…[View]
432821558What do you guys think of the new transformers game?[View]
432823093>Watch a lot of nuLara sfm. >Very nice >Decide to actually play rise of the tomb raider …[View]
432822782>*pounces out of nowhere* >EEYAH What do?…[View]
432802921Let's settle this one and for all....[View]
432821091Visual Novel Thread: I finished 428. Let’s talk about it and other visual novels /v/[View]
432791861Valkyria Chronicles 4: It releases today. Remember to buy Kai's game.[View]
432822090>communism is better than capitalis-[View]
432820729How do I play jrpgs if I don't know how to read[View]
432818538>The Expansion is actually leagues better than the base game.[View]
432822404It is time.[View]
432792472DGXI Dragon Quest XI: how many hours you lads clocked so far? Also Orchestral mod (replaces MIDI/Syn…[View]
432821636Not a day goes by where this doesn't hurt[View]
432813537>can't go anywhere at all without seeing bowsette everywhere[View]
432822246PS4 vs Xbox1 exclusives. Also what are the odds of PS5/Xbox2 coming out next year?[View]
432822195https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXtXzBVcP3E Can we have a Blazblue thread?[View]
432820379MICHAEL KIRKBRIDE IS OUT OF A JOB HAHAHAHAHAHA fuck yourselfx3 Kirkbride. maybe now you can start wr…[View]
432819731Did you forget about me, anon?[View]
432820997/v/, are there any other non-impressions games city builders (caesar, pharaoh, etc) that make you f…[View]
432742920This is a 27 year old virgin[View]
432812625Who is your fav vidja character?[View]
432821813Young Jeff Gerstmann was s handsome[View]
432789760Rome 2: Is this worth the money now that it's been extensively patched? How are the new dlc cam…[View]
432821516What's the appeal of Fortnite and all of the dances it has?[View]
432803158This is by far the best Spider Man game to ever exist.[View]
432821630She just wants to be loved by someone :([View]
432821626>tfw no bosozoku vidya >inb4 Yakuza games Not the same. Would you play a game about Japanese g…[View]
432820839What is that little Sonic icon by the lives counter? I just replayed Mania for the first time in awh…[View]
432821409Why does he act like he is the god of Battletoads when there are speedrunners who can beat this in u…[View]
432819769Why is the gravy is this game so poor? The real and true gamers will never settle for games that are…[View]
432819401Artwork for chris††† by Christine Weston Chandler: I have found this music album, featuring artwork …[View]
432820230>PlayStation CEO Kodera steps onto the stage >'Thank you all for coming today. We have somethi…[View]
432818865>Revamping and morphing stages >90% of smash fights happen in the air to the extreme left/righ…[View]
432821096>vidya video essay on youtube >dude has monotone voice…[View]
432821169>receiving Smash Bros. Ultimate early due to an Amazon Prime error I'll be sure to let you g…[View]
432820514> Play recommended game & supposed GOTY/Some of the people's favorite > The gameplay …[View]
432821103>Watch a lot of nuLara sfm. >Very nice >Decide to actually play rise of the tomb raider …[View]
432816867>having dlc is now the standard[View]
432818475Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 and PS4 Pro bundles: >https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/09/24/red-de…[View]
432820021One of these games will be an utter failure and disappointment. The other will be GOTY and will go d…[View]
432816601When did it become controversial to have Nazi enemies in a video game?[View]
432809180Game Over Screens: Post 'em![View]
432816551>paying actual money for single models and textures in a video game Why do people do this?…[View]
432813487Are there any games you can play for 100 hours and still not get bored?(no MMOs please)[View]
432816956Any fallout nv jokes to make me less depressed? Pretty please[View]
432818970Am I the only one that is worried about the bethestification of RDR 2? What made RDR great wasn…[View]
432816858What is harder than beating Americans at Overwatch?[View]
432820591What games do you hope to see in the Nintendo Switch classic mini bros?[View]
432819261What would a modern MMO need to get a stable playerbase larger than peak WoW? Is it just a genre wit…[View]
432805714Are microtransactions in singleplayer games defensible?[View]
432793791Is CrossCode any good?[View]
432819532You bought her game right,/v/?[View]
432819326Death Stranding: Are you hyped for this ps4 exclusive?[View]
432817909201x...... I am forgotten Skullgirls 2 never[View]
432814382Where's the gameplay?[View]
432780428/v/ will defend gacha[View]
432819409do yoh think companies will learn from telltale and hire more programmers over writers[View]
432819131ITT: Games from out childhood that are still the best[View]
432757605Post your specs: we guess your age[View]
432819848>Valve spends years pushing devs to dev on Linux, and huge amounts of cash working on emulators f…[View]
432819979This man will save the Switch[View]
432819768What are some games with intelligent enemies?[View]
432819315>the state of toddlers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sjv8es_gv0…[View]
432812179This is just Ryse: Son of Rome as an open world RPG[View]
432818069>makes a video >it's slightly longer than 10 minutes…[View]
432816418 [View]
432817217>some western nerds make a better Ys game than Falcom has in over a decade What went so right bro…[View]
432816365who /hype/ here?[View]
432812350Why did nintendo make her attractive[View]
432817396Good games to play while getting high as FR*CK?[View]
432818158Who's your favourite vidya bartender /v/?[View]
432812659she's gone and lost forever[View]
432815571what was his end game?[View]
432816430ITT: Games /v/ can't criticize without being a hypocrite: I thought about it recently and the S…[View]
432799802Spider-Shit PS4: How come there are no stealth side missions for the actual trained cop that is Yuri…[View]
432818435Do you think that Maria Renard will be in Smash Ultimate as a DLC character?[View]
432818353Just wanted to make this thread to shut up the anon that was saying that the Japanese twitter leaked…[View]
432816325Better be hard at work on that hit new game anon...[View]
432818178Ripperino [75][View]
432813965Was he right? There is no denying the success of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, MHW, BotW, Pokemon etc.[View]
432814606Anybody here trading gaming stocks? I've learned to do so in the past years day-trading Activis…[View]
432817972Admit you want to wear to wear the super crown and be turned into a pretty girl. Admit you want to b…[View]
432815806>mfw people are playing wow paying for expansion, paying sub for a time-restricted content and on…[View]
432816354evil within 2: Why everyone turned into zombies? How does this e.w 2 world works? What profit?…[View]
432817406Do the gamers that play mostly by the story care about graphics? Like they still play pixel art game…[View]
432811626I dont know if its just me or latley i find every game to be so boring. All the popular games just k…[View]
432801805Cute! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVSh-GgMGUk[View]
432812885>tfw Nintendo is now aware of Bowsette and will make her canon[View]
432811671>We really wanna ruin our show Say no more, she is already putting on make up…[View]
432817479i add boobs on goomba and make her cute anime girl plz gib followers and $$$ on patereon[View]
432817287I fucking suck at Tetris https://www.tetrisfriends.com/games/Mono/game.php[View]
432815180You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't use Bing.[View]
432814972*sells the most consoles in 2018*[View]
432814461Reminder that if the box theory is true then Smash Ultimate will have 69 fighters and Incineroar wil…[View]
432814821The Banjo games were the only good N64 Rare games. Prove me wrong[View]
432807885>buy game >never play it[View]
432811887What are some games you would like to see but you know will never happen? >Bloodborne 2 >Dark …[View]
432815809Was Banjo Tooie the E rated game with the bigger number of adult jokes?[View]
432816684Now hopefully he dies, but sadly that may not happen, either way he needs to get the fuck out of the…[View]
432811483Does /v/ still play Housamo?[View]
432815218>'b-b-but we need more characters!' This is quite literally all you need. With a roster this smal…[View]
432816830Dude I just pulled my Wild Boolossus Card: You gotta pick 4 cards[View]
432815905Is it too late for Bowsette to make it into Smash Ultimate?[View]
432814705oh no no no no[View]
432783849Realistically, what are his chances like?[View]
432808456What's your favorite videogame?[View]
432808745is /v/ ready for the greatest game of all time?[View]
432812727What is it with Japanese games and wasting your time? Unskipable cutscenes, unskipable popups, for t…[View]
432810820I know what you're thinking: 'Did he re-release Skyrim six times or only five?': Well, to tell …[View]
432810019>He plays Danganronpa with english dub.[View]
432804372ITT: We try to make the most Crowd Pleaser Smash Roster: Okay, I know this is pretty much impossible…[View]
432812051Would you be grateful were he an assist trophy?: Considering he's only had a single role in 20+…[View]
432811568Grug play rockstation Grug notice main character always dark skin tribe Grug also notice rockstatio…[View]
432816121would you play a love live visual novel where you play as honoka or chika and can date the other 8 g…[View]
432809324What is the best way to play Castlevania Rondo of Blood? I have a Wii U with homebrew installed. Sho…[View]
432812286Spyro: Ripto's Rage... Home. Worlds.[View]
432815701When will Bowsette end: So anon's how long will this last?[View]
432813057not having the best day in the world and it's only 8am. can you recommend me a kino vn to get m…[View]
432806964Finally, a proper educational game[View]
432810474Why wasn’t there an update? They usually update on Sunday Will this ruin the 3 character streak?[View]
432815845What would you consider to be all the video game genres, including subgenres?[View]
432815670I've been here a long time and I just can't deny it any longer: /v/ is never going to get …[View]
432809137Why shouldn't this happen?[View]
432811995What would be the best gameplay for him?[View]
432814213Is there any other game with as batshit a plot as this?[View]
432805920>The Ocarina of Time formula is dead[View]
432814415He's in, and that's a good thing. Seriously all the fake leaks and theories and bullshit …[View]
432815000ITT post subtle vidya clothes[View]
432814913why do you play videogames anyway?[View]
432810918Should people stop lusting over characters in video games?[View]
432815060Why did Nintendo turn him into such a soγ-addled trapboi?[View]
432810328You people are weird.[View]
432814179>six years developpment >no date >content like castle customization is being removed What …[View]
432815009Sportscucks shitting their baby diapers: https://www.pcgamer.com/swiss-football-fans-protest-esports…[View]
432814956Is there a more cute, child-like and adorable mythological creature than Godlings? https://www.youtu…[View]
432802763I'm glad gamefreak is sticking with the original 151 in LGPE. The new 'pokemon' are literally g…[View]
432800685Castlekino is back on the fucking menu boys, SotN and Rondo of Blood confirmed for PS4 sometime in t…[View]
432814650Does anyone else play games as if they're showcasing them for E3? Please tell me I'm not t…[View]
432793735Have you ever made a really, really big mistake?[View]
432809398gtx 2080: There was so much talk about the new Nvidia cards 2080/ti and then it just died. Are the c…[View]
432803259Digimon Thread: what would you like to see in a new digimon game /v/? Post your favorite digimon gam…[View]
432814442This game is way too fucking long Like, I spent like two hours doing puzzles in one dungeon and beat…[View]
432814439this is a good game, in fact it's a great game[View]
432810834>post yfw when you will never have to play another telltale game[View]
432813187Ahahaha you guys are seriously defending Singleplayer Microtransactions all because Capcom is develo…[View]
432814171Star Fox Grand Prix: >big, fully explorable hub >npcs interactions, side missions, shops where…[View]
432754487Post dev teams[View]
432814189Thoughts on Ghost Recon Wildlands? Are there other games like it that do it better? Been looking for…[View]
432813371I know you don't believe me but this is real. I know it looks shaddy and easily faked but he…[View]
432811775*crack* *siiip*[View]
43280062910/03 Smash Direct leak: >Steve will be revealed at MINECON, 09/29 >He will bring two stages t…[View]
432810157Amiibo/Smash bros: Hi guys, I'm working at the amiibo factory in China, and I resigned yesterda…[View]
432811108Was outlast the last good psychological horror game?[View]
432811846Are SJWs ruining the gaming industry?[View]
432813048>BTFOs Capcom with a 5 minute video, sends paid shills into panic mode Name a more based vidya gu…[View]
432804938wait: that's it?[View]
432811347Link is cute![View]
432798378A true legend. He will never be forgotten for his contributions to pc gaming.[View]
432812774Which games have awesome equipment upgrades? I`m not talking about Diablo-like randomfest, i`m talki…[View]
432812768Best Arland girl[View]
432808791The music in this boss fight is giving me goose bumps. We are reaching hype levels never before thou…[View]
432812765I've become a normie accidently as I stopped playing video games. I'm only waiting for Rea…[View]
432812763>Be a lonely teenager >Hate this reality >Decides to try and make some others that don…[View]
432810852What does /v/ think of this game? It's one of the first games I plan on getting with my switch …[View]
432812251https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpSt6-L2caw This opening has no right being as good as it is.[View]
432810021World and GU Unity Thread: Last one got saged to oblivion for whatever reason. Let's talk more …[View]
432780293Labyrinth of Refrain[View]
432812250Nobody´s safe now[View]
432812502Why can't guns in sci-fi games look like pic related? It has no useless details, and looks mili…[View]
432807208This guy porked the greatest soldier of his time and got her pregnant[View]
432807290ITT: Post Soul-core games[View]
432808379Have you heard about the new twitter trend クッパ姫? Seems to be very popular in Japan, but was started …[View]
432809781How do you feel about depictions of true love in video games[View]
432809616Play Blade and Soul[View]
432808684ITT: /v/ approved gamer gear[View]
432784879Who will you main in Team Sonic Racing?[View]
432812018Error: Error[View]
432804609Why would people hack there own Nintendo Switch?: i want to know why people do this the switch is st…[View]
432809659With the new underwater update for minecraft out i was wondering: is it worth it to buy and play Sub…[View]
432811742oh fuck: So is dittonut real?[View]
432807229I want to go back /v/...[View]
432810971COMFY PS4 THREAD Hollow Knight is coming out tomorrow. Have you pre-ordered it yet? Also what are yo…[View]
432806643ITT: Post modern games with garbage art style[View]
432804305What went right?[View]
432811548Isabelle is kind, caring, hardworking and looking forward to playing alongside you in the upcoming S…[View]
432811774I like burqa outfits in female video characters, fighting games tends to sexualize them too much and…[View]
432809782Where the fuck is the new game + or the new dlc? FUCK[View]
432808079Descriptions for games you know will be shit: >'An emotional journey'…[View]
432808285K. Roolette thread[View]
432811597>Believing or trying way too hard to make any made-up bullshit on /v/ like the playable character…[View]
432805912Overwatch: This is one of the reasons why this game is ruined. Why would you pay $20 an hour for her…[View]
432809423Why is Nintendo always a decade behind?[View]
432806457What's the game with the biggest amount of endings? Pic related has 13 endings[View]
432804771Is PC+Switch+PS4 the Deluxe Diamond Race?[View]
432809837>/v/ tells you game is fun >it's shit…[View]
432810275I can't believe you autist are actually having a fucking 'meme war' by spamming generic blonde …[View]
432809691Do you consider Smash bros as like, canon, as in these is how these characters interact when they me…[View]
432810787Hope's Peak. Home.[View]
432810337*prints money*[View]
432811116Is it okay to spam R63 of other characters?[View]
432808017Let's form an Overwatch team, /v/ I'll be Tracer![View]
432809209Goodnight, Midna You're the best time of day[View]
432811104Best games for fulfilling my fantasy of being a tank commander?[View]
432810543Vidya midriffs: Post vidya girls that have bare midriffs.[View]
432810476Area Overhaul: What are some games that have area/level/world purification mechanics? Preferably ins…[View]
432747619Prove to me that Shantae's chances of getting into Smash are low currently. Come the next Smash…[View]
432790789I'm the australanon who bought this from target for $20 AUD a few days ago. Honestly no where n…[View]
432792291What did you think of stay-at-home honest living Nathan Drake?[View]
432808048For me, it is still the best game of the franchise[View]
432810495What a fool you are, I'm a Todd! No refunds will work in this place.[View]
432804507Was Isabelle a good newcomer pick?[View]
432782462GTA IV is better than GTA V[View]
432806096read only what's inside the gear[View]
432810496What is it with Japanese games and wasting your time? Unskipable cutscenes, unskipable popups, for t…[View]
432804498Why does the English dub of Persona 5 feel so awkward. When the principal called him Kamoshida-kun i…[View]
4328085403d games on a game boy advance were a mistake https://youtu.be/oBRqVZObvu0?t=703[View]
432790865Itsuno: If you want Dragon's Dogma 2 or Rival Schools 3, ask Capcom: https://www.eurogamer.net/…[View]
432808667>not even a special edition console Gay[View]
432802754What do you guys think of Rocco 'Food Man' Botte?[View]
432804835Aww dude 4 strength 4 stam leather belt[View]
432808047Left Alive: Are we hyped? https://youtu.be/9yG4-22y2mA[View]
432782551>play DMC1 and 4 because /v/ tells me to >they are god awful >every /v/ thread is full of o…[View]
432809336As bad as it was, at least it didn't have Micro-transactions .[View]
432809479will they ever resolve this cliffhanger?[View]
432806410I will not stop posting this until he gets in.[View]
432800184What if Nintendo made Zelda a girl after seeing the Bowsette hype?[View]
432790538What is the appeal of this character?[View]
432793383Is there any way to emulate this or do I need to play vanilla 4? Are the changes that important? I d…[View]
432787524What's a good game where I can punch monsters. preferable in first person with a fun[View]
432802859>Could have been a good licensed game with gameplay akin to a more methodical version of the 3D N…[View]
432808798is this any good?[View]
432803903How about some more actual gameplay assholes?[View]
432803915/v/ IS DYING QUICKLY, POST your favorite game[View]
432806807Remember when this series had SOUL?[View]
432803463What's the appeal of Yakuza as a game?[View]
432805584So Spider-Man PS4 was fucking amazing, but when are we getting an Iron Man game?[View]
432784580Should we have had another female robot master in Megaman 11?[View]
432808052Seriously Ubisoft?[View]
432806294Smash bros ultimate info: Hey all, I have some information reguarding the remaining fighters in the …[View]
432808078what went wrong?[View]
432806626God Tier OSTs[View]
432808281SORA, I.....[View]
432783425itt we trigger zoomers[View]
432808151What are some games where I can toy with people?[View]
432802365any good obscure japan only games for the ps2?[View]
432805916Smash Ultimate: Roster was just leaked via private discord channel with industry reps: Incineroar Ke…[View]
432805448Do you think the microtransactions news will drastically reduce or even kill the hype? Microtransact…[View]
432795949Was Daelin Proudmoore right? Will the Horde always return to being evil?[View]
432802354DBFZ: >Nintendo of Europe >They don't upload DBFZ on European eshop >it's to hide…[View]
432803897Does anyone wanna talk about video games? Post the last video game you played and one thing you like…[View]
432800983Hello, my name is Troy Baker. I am literally the most boring voice actor of all time.[View]
432767979shaolin v wutang: anyone tried this game?[View]
432771653World and GU Unity Thread: How's the hunting, /v/? Note: Real fans of the series are just happy…[View]
432806196>people keep making Smash 'leak' threads Just fucking stop it already. You faggots have been maki…[View]
432806062Do you think Lyn did anything to you while you were unconscious at the start of the game?[View]
432807181Morrowind hate thread.[View]
432807897Are their any creepy pastas that would make good games?[View]
432806118VR Gaming: Vive, Oculus or PSVR?[View]
432739516>Regular human female >Beats up Spider-Man TWICE…[View]
432807675>would have been perfect for an RPG >all be got was an VN…[View]
432806150Dragon Quest XI: Really loving the game so far, but one thing thats really shit about it is the fram…[View]
432798530I love you, Kairi. Our smiles are what keep me going[View]
432807668Lets have permadeath games thread. I found far cry primal survivor mode the best game in years, aft…[View]
432807551interesting vidya interviews & presentations: I don't code myself but I love listening to g…[View]
432803973*siiiiip* Ah, Wipeout 3 Special Edition, now THAT is a racing game.[View]
432807331Its only hated because is a Nintendo exclusive[View]
432807042When it’s the fucking gifting system coming out? It’s taking epic way too much fucking time and I’m…[View]
432807090Is this why ansel was created?[View]
432806770In this thread we post moves that trigger Smash shitters[View]
432805080Can they fix it?[View]
432802578What is your favorite vidya monster/boss and why, /v/? I personally love Ragnaros, because his voice…[View]
432806550This is kind of shit.[View]
432799739This outfit was canonically made by one of the best fashion designers in the world. Thoughts?[View]
432806627How did he know the word 'Bejesus'? Does Jesus Christ exist in the world of Dragon Quest?[View]
432806115Enough of this Bowser Shit, post some Gijinka.[View]
432805262Spider-Man should be black in the next game, discuss.[View]
432805736Daily reminder that he did nothing wrong and Mario bears the shit out of him every game[View]
432803792Video Game Thread: Alright guys, you know the deal: > What have you been playing? > Are you en…[View]
432796140Bowsette fag btfo[View]
432804810Are books superior to video games?[View]
432805371Why do you retards want Skull Kid in Smash? There's no way he's ever getting in.[View]
432806182Waifu threads are fine on /co/ and /a/. /v/ throws a tantrums when there's one on /v/[View]
432804994>reinstall GTAO >login >everyone is flying around on hover bikes, jet cars and flying delor…[View]
432798772Checked the catalog, didn't see any Smash threads. Nintendo fucked up and leaked Skull Kid. The…[View]
432794971The never ending debate. Which is better?[View]
432804490>be Hideo Kojima >rip-off American movies to make a game >put in a scene with a 14 years ol…[View]
432805627ITT: games you just simply couldn't get into no matter how hard you tried >tried 3 or 4 time…[View]
432803587gamers take the hogpill today[View]
432805125There will be a Nintendo Direct next week where they announce General Custer for Smash and a Custer…[View]
432805419Fighters: Do you play as the meme characters? I seem to gravitate towards the unorthodox options. I …[View]
432804287When will FFVII Remake come out?[View]
432803265ITT we hypothetically fix the flawed gems we really love parts of but hate other parts of: Anon, we …[View]
432800139Would you sign up for an esports degree?[View]
432805121Are Goomba With hat faggots the new Waluigifags?[View]
432803820>literally a movie game >but also available on pc and made by japan >'Thank you based nippo…[View]
432767764>this is a gun in Mass Effect[View]
432802725Which version of this should I play? The Wii port or the Gamecube original? >Wii has supposedly b…[View]
432805051Leave Mario Party to me.[View]
432805049You got in right?[View]
432800080This is trash... I'm sorry.[View]
432790471>tea, ms croft? Just finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider and I'm glad the butler is confirmed…[View]
432804809>Romance subplot[View]
432804790This guy has a fetus 1-up too. Does this mean the voidout monster is a different entity from the 'ba…[View]
432793597>experienced mentor character in the profession you are about to adopt dies within the first 15 m…[View]
432804525Gorogoa stage confirmed for Smash[View]
432792661What do you think of Nioh /v/?[View]
432804212Shootie HG in DMC5 Get devil trigger 2 edition: Why you anon still haven't signed? https://www.…[View]
432801689Why are Koreans godlike at starcraft and leage but absolute dogshit on fps games???[View]
432797590ch'ka ch'ka: https://youtu.be/lQ1MgPjBGTE[View]
432803418Which Mushroom Kingdom would you fuck?[View]
432799908Splatoon: Reminder that being on the less popular team doesn't hand you wins anymore[View]
432803396Anno 1404: Anyone still playing this? Love it but the fucking Bots are kicking my ass every single t…[View]
432802738Do you agree with the nihillistic clown ( with a wicked sense of humor ) ?[View]
432800960Why does this dude say 'AND GAMING' in a commercial for a Japanese convention when gaming is an Amer…[View]
432802073I will not stop posting this until he gets in.[View]
432802632worst fanbases thread: If Smash GameFAGS leak spam wasn't enough, how about a shitty forced mem…[View]
432798764This is Isabelle, and she's very tired after working all day preparing for Smash:Ultimate! Say …[View]
432801220What is a game you have an unexpectedly large amount of hours in?[View]
432802526GUYS..... WHERE DO WE LIVE, AGAIN.....????[View]
432802330Alright, please suggest an alternative site to discuss video games. I can't share this board wi…[View]
432801898Such is a Samurai skill![View]
432798923you made sure she lived, right, /v/?[View]
432798873Smash leak: Hi everyone, call me DoubleK, I'm working on the smash development since the beginn…[View]
432793319>character is a tough female warrior >but deep down she just wants to be pampered and praised …[View]
432800987Peachyboo: FORGET HER[View]
432801475captain marvel: would you play a captain marvel videogame? what would you want in a CM game???…[View]
432793423Hollow Knight: >you have to pogo on retracting spikes until the final saw blade arrives >then …[View]
432800491Do you prefer Ludo or Labo games?[View]
432800705How do I come up with a good username for gaming /v/?[View]
432801092https://twitter.com/Codemasters/status/1044157039528865792 https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/10441…[View]
432801015What do video games represent in your life?: I know I’m a couple months late to the discussion, but …[View]
432800138Any monster tamer game you recommend?: not necessarily a jrpg[View]
432754327Pathfinder Kingmaker thread: 39 hours to go[View]
432800280It's a beautiful day outside /v/, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, …[View]
432772448ITT: We recall bullshit rumors spread in the schoolyard: >Of course Ash was playable in Smash 64,…[View]
432801062Soulless engine Battlefront, Battlefield, FIFA, all feel soulless[View]
432800551nintendo: Nintendo made the tools for its own demise[View]
432798430*blocks your true ending*[View]
432798613>newfag memekids be like 'NPC wojack!' >newfag ironic weebs be like 'Bowsette!' And I'm j…[View]
432797190what are some videogames with trains[View]
432798564UNIST: Why is this the popular anime fighter nowadays when it plays the exact same as the rest? The …[View]
432798642Why didn't you play it, /v/?[View]
432798585WE MIGHT GET A TWEWY SEQUEL /V/ https://gonintendo.com/stories/318906-the-world-ends-with-you-produc…[View]
432798308Does /v/ enjoy video games ?: I've been playing vydia since 10, now im soon turning 21 and in t…[View]
432795421Still More Fighting Those Who Fight Further Fight On! Why the fuck does this song have so many title…[View]
432797131nigger: i have $6 left in my steam wallet I want to get rid of[View]
432799910>cannot contact reCAPCHA. Check your connection and try again >check connection >it's …[View]
432794812Sonybro here. Playing pic related for the first time. Its pretty amazing. I'm starting to think…[View]
432798983So what’s the /v/erdict on this? This would be a really really good roster desu. Did Vergeben actual…[View]
432794709IT'S PAYNE!: Which Max Payne game is your favorite and why?[View]
432795261Why the fuck haven't we seen any FF characters in KH3 yet? There's only 4 months left till…[View]
432799614https://www.twitter.com/choco_mugi/status/1044140329509634048 >Official artists for First Party N…[View]
432798626Resident Evil 2 remake thread: New videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzi2tIQ-yf8 https://www.yo…[View]
432800310Something to play while working: What are so simple fun games I can play in 'background' while worki…[View]
432797119Is this the one where /v/ actually gets all the characters they want,or will there still be >neve…[View]
432800391Non lewd Mario Thread: Post enemies that should really reappear again.[View]
432799785AMERICAN GAME THREAD 2: FREEDOM ISNT FREE: PREVIOUS THREAD: >>432757638 Due to Bowsette becomi…[View]
432780274VR Gaming Thread: >he didnt fall for the vr meme Post everything VR in here Upcoming Games: >S…[View]
432799380I will not stop posting this until he gets in.[View]
432798578What's your favourite dunkey video? I really like the ones where he does co-op with other peop…[View]
432786210*gets away with tormenting you for 5 episode straight*[View]
432791921People had trouble with this? You did use the cannon?[View]
432799952Get fucked[View]
432799806Comfy Vidya Thread: The board is very chaotic right now. Come in here where it's safe and tell …[View]
432799854So I always hear about how Treehouse fucked up Fire Emblem, but are there any other games or series …[View]
432799818>ITT: games that only succeeded through fake news due to the failure and demonization of gamergat…[View]
432791559will Red dead redemption 2 be very similar to Max Payne 3 in gunplay: So how their been any info on …[View]
432781636>tried overclocking my cpu >fucked it up >now wont start tried ocing my 8700k to 5.8ghz…[View]
432788107Are you an Apple gamer?[View]
432795136Is anyone here looking forward to Warriors Orochi 4? There doesn't seem to be any hype for it a…[View]
432798751Don't forget to buy me tomorrow anon![View]
432799372>Here's your realistic crew cabin, bro.[View]
432798963Who is gonna join them now?[View]
432796847These new memes are incredibly fucking unoriginal. Can we just go back to the days of hamsterdance a…[View]
432798456What are some games with playable beast races?[View]
432794483Why did SuperRedditHop become such PSVR shill?[View]
432796305Bastion: Which ending did you pick? Did you save the Ura boy? Did Zia convince you to choose evacu…[View]
432788318You get to: >revive 1 dead game studio >shut down 1 game studio >erase 1 studio from existe…[View]
432782653But if this is Shell City... The where's the-[View]
432798184I'm playing this for the first time with the super strong monsters modifier enabled. Should I b…[View]
432794356All shall worship Bowsette: Bowsette Thread[View]
432794527This whole board is full of people implying that objectively bad games, yes graphics are a thing and…[View]
432797663Is Red Dead Redemption worth playing on PS3 or should I just buy a cheap Xbone and play it on there?[View]
432794878Man this game is pretty badass. When are we getting a sequel, PSbros?[View]
432710571Would anyone care for a game of Omok?[View]
432796470what went wrong with the series ?[View]
432796329Was Ragnarok Online the only korean mmo with a soul?[View]
432798492YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM[View]
432796969ME3: Is there a way to not be friends with Steve Cortez or kill him off?[View]
432798183Diversity in gaming: When do you think this virtue signaling will stop?[View]
432794030I've got 14 dollars and change on my 3DS, what should I buy?[View]
432798129Baldur's Gate 1 vs. 2: which is better? and why?[View]
432798080>/v/ has a list dedicated to any waifu >posting bowsette in here is considered a crime and mak…[View]
432790256Why does Nintendo like skintight suits so much?[View]
432794318>Skrillex making KH music >Nutty putty Pokemon >Bowser is fucking hot…[View]
432793112Unironically worth it.[View]
432792215>yfw Nintendo drops Bowser forever and just brings back Wart instead[View]
432791079We can all agree, he's the best potential Square Enix Newcomer, right?[View]
432797817We're finally there but (((they))) dont give us proper games to trick us into consoles. Bioshoc…[View]
432793716why are Jrpgs since the PS1 so fucking long? on the nes/snes they would last a much more reasonable …[View]
432792182>There are some people that think that there is a bad doom game.[View]
432790241Redpill me /v/, are any of these games in my backlog actually worth playing?[View]
432791718These Sam and Max, the free lance police. Since Telltale is getting shut down they need a new home. …[View]
432790657>fat ugly white woman playing thin attractive black woman No wonder the company died press p to …[View]
432796983Have you ever been attracted to an anthropomorphic (furry) character from a video game?[View]
432789229He literally did nothing wrong[View]
432796583as much as i love porn this shit is getting annoying what vidya are you enjoying rn?[View]
432793758>tfw people are work are talking about video games[View]
432797332Is /v/ in /olympia/ or /m14/?[View]
432793000Who here /f95zone/?[View]
432789312Spider-Man Sells 3.3 Million Copies in First Three Days: https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talking…[View]
432796331In the midst of all this Bowsette madness, can we finally agree sometimes an A press isn't just…[View]
432793260What's a mod that adds the Recharger Rifle/Pistol from NV into Fallout 4?[View]
432786043Why can't we talk about video games anymore? I swear this board is becoming /b/ tier levels of …[View]
432744547>new gameplay video yesterday >basically zero hype whatsoever >no threads here >looks li…[View]
432776842What game pushed each console to its limits?[View]
432792201Konami will be unveiling two collections: I know next to nothing on Metal Gear, but i do know my Cas…[View]
432785875ITT we post dead games[View]
432791710If every game lived up to it's pre-release hype, what would the best games be?[View]
432782071We had such a nice discussion a couple of days ago, so let's try again. How would you make a On…[View]
432790729Miku Monday New extra-extreme charts for FT/FTDX drop on Thursday. Surely I'm not the only per…[View]
432768538Someday, she'll be just as popular as Mario.[View]
432790536heres your new moonkin form[View]
432784348Let's discuss stages. They don't get discussed often enough.[View]
432791638What are your essential unofficial patches for this game? Ones that fix bugs without adding content.[View]
432793126Hi guys.[View]
432789504How's that youtube gaming channel coming along?[View]
432796396/v/: we get shit done[View]
432794949>NCR economy is in the shitter following the destruction of their gold So does that mean they…[View]
432794612Just got FFXIV complete edition. What am I in for /v/?[View]
432796247he's in[View]
432798027Why do mods allow SFW porn dumps? Actual video game discussions keep getting outbumped in minutes. P…[View]
432795278Only games with perfect ludonarrative are allowed in this thread.[View]
432766698SKRILLEX WRITING KH3 OPENING?: Skrillex.....writing the opening song to kh3?.... I don't know h…[View]
432765872/v/ buyfag thread: Physical editions, collectibles, other various viyda related memorabilia, what ha…[View]
432794562They keep trying, but they still can't top this meme.[View]
432763121Anyone else feel bad for having brought Telltale games Vidya given how badly they've treated th…[View]
432794196Bruh, Look at this dude Wait till you see this HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS …[View]
432793767Tú debes de ser el ingrediente secreto.[View]
432793252What’s the best engine to make a point and click adventure game?[View]
432794948For me it's Mahoxy-chan.[View]
432795025You have 10 seconds to name a better boss fight from ANY game[View]
432795032>tfw 25 yo boomer >found my old PS2 >boot it up >GTA LCS >spend the entire night with…[View]
432790451hey kid play etrian odyssey[View]
432793079>Here's your command pod, bro.[View]
432791261Prosper, as Tau shall[View]
432784454What was the point of the dagger and axe styles? When were they ever useful?[View]
432790383Hey guys, xX_SmashLeaker69_Xx here. Today I'll leak the entire roster, and you never would…[View]
432781446ITT: Pick a console only game that you would kill to have a Steam port of[View]
432781817>ITT: games with soul[View]
432794314Aah, Vivian James... now that was a good FOTM waifu OC[View]
432792559>Luigi... I don't feel too good...[View]
432792878The DMCfags are the new Smashfags and yet. Dante is never coming to Ultimate.[View]
432784756Post trash games that /v/ told you was good. I'll start.[View]
432791089Does anyone here speak Japanese and know who made Echidna Wars? I want to complain at them for their…[View]
432786536Post games that ruined their franchises. This is the game that started Kojimas infatuation with Big…[View]
432786151Why is Outer Heaven mostly dudes? Is Big Boss gay?: Why did he make a male only club in the middle o…[View]
432793757What was that shitty /v/-made game/fansite about a secret alien investigation network or something?[View]
432783057What do we think of it?[View]
432743727Previous thread: >>432714539[View]
432791720>game has a console version >PC version doesn't have native controller support…[View]
432758174Is this game harder than Nocturne?: I found Nocturne piss easy after Daisojou but this game is still…[View]
432792864brainlet here: Running certain mods in Arma Combat Operations causes the console(?) to appear after …[View]
432791745Redpill me on Mafia 3. Heard good things about the story and atmopshere.[View]
432793546Name ONE videogame that barely constitutes being called that or else pic related will tweet out that…[View]
432790221The Nintendo 64 controller discriminates against 2 handed people: Nintendo is full of 3-handed supre…[View]
432791054>'Will you cheer for me or do we have to do this the hard way anon?'[View]
432783853Smash (I know): Okay, first of all, I want to say this up front. Not every source is a good source. …[View]
432784308>I cant stand the way games are going, cutscenes left and right >Cant wait to play this new tu…[View]
432790267This game is going to be released on Steam: How good is it for a gunpla Beginner?[View]
432791472Mario has the deepest lore[View]
432789781>fortnite is ba- APOLOGIZE[View]
432791163You haven't suicided because you're waiting to play that one day, what's its name /v/…[View]
432786956I bet none of you even play videogames[View]
432791419Smash Roster UPDATED: So early i had posted a roster that was actually wrong and had a bit of misinf…[View]
432774478Why did FF drop the playable animals[View]
432792727Johnny Rancid: Which character is the Johnny Rancid of Vidya?[View]
432790008>'Sakurai.. it seems you're gonna stream a direct pretty soon. Let me give you some friendly…[View]
432770039You will never lick Lightning's armpits[View]
432792479I am on Halloween night of boogeyman and holy shit, did that have to make this game this fucking dif…[View]
432781845Alright, gimme all your gold or the Filipino gets it.[View]
432785446Onpopular vidya opinions. I've never liked stuff like Skyrim, Oblivion, The Witcher, Bloodborne…[View]
432791427having another night where i dont wanna sleep: what should i play /v/ Lost Odyssey MHW Guilty Gear R…[View]
432774176UNIST Thread: Shhh, no Akatsukis anymore[View]
432792041Hello /v/, I won't reveal my sources, name or job. But this info is 100% factual >There will…[View]
432773757Do you still see yourself involved with video games when you're old or become a dad?[View]
432791264New challenger[View]
432748542Capcom's latest masterpiece comes out in 10 days , are you anticipating it?[View]
432768746I have never seen anyone play as this character ever. Do you really want another one of these?[View]
432765805Filename Thread[View]
432790875This bitch is pretty stupid[View]
432777597What are some good historical grand strategy games not made by Paradox? Their new games suck ass and…[View]
432778484Did the PS3 processor ever reached it's full potential?[View]
432784105>Uuuh I never even held hands with anyone before! >Please praise me, uguu~ >Kiyaaah, don…[View]
432771748If you guys actually like Super Mario RPG and aren't just bandwagoners who haven't played …[View]
432790787Post video game music that sounds like negative feelings given form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
432789573Post box arts that irk you. Bart wears a blue t-shirt in this one but not in the game, they probably…[View]
432788953>33 Tomes of Chaos[View]
432788672Which one company are you missing the most, /v/? Wich of their games do you hope gets a remake/new v…[View]
432790473>combo list is in binary[View]
432789054does anybody in here play this scam?[View]
432783826>this is what switch does to your brain Yikes[View]
432790113I never played Skyrim am I missing out on something special here?[View]
432784652This game should've released before MGS3 and the story should've taken place right after M…[View]
432790080Video game websites that you miss: For me it was gametrailers.com, my first visit to the site was ba…[View]
432787873Have you ever pissed or shit yourself playing a game? >be 8 >playing star fox 64 >on level …[View]
432787934>rig >was used for elderly patients >now everyone uses it for some reason >monitors your…[View]
432787715How many of you actually don't want this 47 year old anime swordsman absolute unit of a geomanc…[View]
432759374>/v/ tells you a game is fun >it's actually shit…[View]
432789772Where do you guys get your roms now that emu paradise is kill? Found this but idk if it's legit…[View]
432786391Bowsette: クッパ姫 921,817 Tweets Keep 'em coming![View]
432789151Well at least the're one thing we agree on with the new DMC game,[View]
432789508When will game companies learn its red blooded white men that keep them in business? >Mass effect…[View]
432785364There are people who think this will sell better then M2's masterpieces.[View]
432788052Oh no..no please no Noooo HAHAHAHA OH NONO HAHAHAA[View]
4327799583x3 thread: post em[View]
432789427why does /v/ hate aqours[View]
432789371What was your favorite theory about this game?[View]
432780938I know its a prequel but did they have to cover them?[View]
432771174In 3 days this became one of the most drawn video game characters.[View]
432785427What are some games about first encounters with Ayy people?[View]
432772245So who would you put the crown on?[View]
432783697So we can all agree that he was the best CoD villain of all time, right?: https://youtu.be/ktXhsDyJV…[View]
432787561Shadowban thread, use this thread to check if you're shadowbanned. Make a post, others will rep…[View]
432785815Find a flaw, Pro Tip: You cannot[View]
432787792ITT: One of our parents is a vidya character of your choosing: I'd get my ass whooped hard if T…[View]
432788923>Socialist bisexual feminist okay this is epic[View]
432788546Why is Aria's soul system so fun?[View]
432783021Did Sonic Unleashed deserve the hate it got?[View]
432734198This site-wide spam of Bowsette just goes to show you that sex fanservice in games will always be de…[View]
432786656Smash: Guys what if: What if the couch and plant werent hinting at skull kid being playable, but ins…[View]
432787031Where do you guys go for for vidya news?[View]
432786328yep, street fighter is a might fine game[View]
432776613Take off your mask. I want to see my nephew.[View]
432788292How do we go from THIS....[View]
432783447Hello /v/ I am an omnipotent being I am going to destroy the universe and let a new one begin unless…[View]
432786436Do you agree with these random posters from 2ch? >107: 名無しさん@キングダムハーツ3 2018/09/18(火) 18:10:11.51 …[View]
432785127Give me a sequel that would surpass the original in sales if released right now[View]
4327873692hu: Reimu is the most drawn video game character. She did nothing wrong, Fortune Teller deserved it…[View]
432784690post your idle[View]
432786909Does anybody play this game anymore? I haven’t played it since 2013 and remember enjoying it for the…[View]
432783934How close to Sudoku are their PR division after these past couple of weeks?[View]
432785898Steam Profile Thread[View]
432784214>all those 100% game save files where you achieved incredible gaming feats will become useful one…[View]
432787740Does anyone happen to have any ps4 game codes they aren't using?[View]
432787431>like a game genre >suck at it >not NEET so I can't put hundreds of hours into it like…[View]
432782205Geno was so mad he didn't get in Smash over Sora he succumbed to Darkness. Press F to pay respe…[View]
432787415Resident Evil: So when's he coming back to show villains how it's done?[View]
432772725Name a better 6th gen game Protip: You can't[View]
432787318What viddiya game this art reminds you of?: Just wanting to prove a point to a PC cuck artist[View]
432787256This game is going to release in Steam, how good is it for a gunpla beginner?[View]
432766895>that kid who ran with his arms held out behind him like Sonic[View]
432784678Friendly reminder that Atlus robbed us of this.[View]
432787085Why do normies hate it?[View]
432786618Will video games ever be looked at as a serious art form alongside film and literature? Or will they…[View]
432783887Refute this[View]
432785805Explain /v/ to me?: Sticky gets pruned before 100 posts. How does this shitshow work?[View]
432785416even castlevania reps aren't finalized in their animations[View]
432785426Chvrches is pretty good[View]
432786448Why haven't you played Finding Paradise yet anon? Do you hate good games?[View]
432786021If we do get character skins for DLC, which would you want the most? Pic related over Wario for me[View]
432768214Is this the canon ending to the Starfox series?[View]
432779747Kingdom Hearts 3: KH3 trailer audio leaked @ D23. Wasn't supposed to air until Paris Games Week…[View]
432782495>350 employees >100 more than Naughty Dog >only 10 less than Rockstar North >Quantic D…[View]
432780742The late 90's and early 00's were the time of akward transition from 2D to 3D and aged lik…[View]
432775335Okay honestly when was the last time a company made a character this popular? I can't remember …[View]
432784952Kingdom Hearts 3: The final boss will be MX's keyblade[View]
432742908Are you excited /v/? Best gaming coming out next month on Steam![View]
432780223There's no way this is just a coincidence. They have to know.[View]
432781873Why didn't they just snipe him?[View]
432785817Seriously. Most of the anons here on /v/ are fucking retards who believed in dumb shit and need to k…[View]
432785812Castlevania: This game departed from what minute measures HoD took to distinguish itself and instead…[View]
432779680why haven't you made a bullet casing controller mod yet?[View]
432783871When will this die? Will MMOs be great again when it does?[View]
432784976>H-Hey, guys! Remember me?[View]
432768202post 3 games youlike or I'll shoot![View]
432778747Give me one good reason why this being canon to Ace Attorney wouldn't be a good thing?[View]
432785434SSBU: Lol, there's no point in a corny ass intro cuz regardless of what I say ppl are just gonn…[View]
432785385DOKI DOKI: Oh no..no please no Noooo HAHAHAHA OH NONO HAHAHAA[View]
432784260Black Mesa[View]
432778075>incredible music in his boss fight >rainbow background completely alienated from the black an…[View]
432776552Why all the hate?: > be Microsoft > have idea > make people pay for online for no reason …[View]
432784635'What's with this Bowsette thing?'[View]
432777419How to stop being so toxic?: I literally start to hate myself because of my behavior in vidya.…[View]
432782054How come some games age beautifully (see pic related) and others age like shit?[View]
432784809Today, Zoomers learn that the first Female-Bowser was a fan-character called 'Clawdia'!: A popular r…[View]
432780079Another Bowsette Thread before I hit the sack: See you guys in the morning.[View]
432782604>be a western dev >literally be so devoid of originality that your 'game' is about ripping up …[View]
432776535Puyo Puyo: I question Sega's choices for the newest game's roster.[View]
432781897Who's the girl next door stuck inside the assist trophy?[View]
432783063when will video games not be complete shit dude[View]
432782831Why are you here talking about masturbation and degeneracy and not playing Xenoverse 2?[View]
432784392>Sorry Parker, only BBC can make this girl’s spider sense tingle~<3 Hmmmm this scene went agai…[View]
432783994Remember The Good of Telltale: >As Telltale seemingly winds down for good, it’s important to reme…[View]
432783920There's will be no Xenosaga remake bitches, let's hope for Xenogears remake[View]
432784305Do you prefer Ludo or Labo games?[View]
432782238Name the most unlikely characters that will never make it to smash WITHOUT naming characters people …[View]
432784120We strike at dawn.[View]
432784247I can picture you. Weak. I watch you from my ship at sea every night. You sadden me. I could take y…[View]
432768952Halo 1 art style was the best prove me wrong. Every map in CE is just nice. It has that beautiful se…[View]
432783676Battle Brothers: Bought this yesterday, and I'm having a blast. Any tips for a new player? Also…[View]
432784190post the actually funny art to come from this stupid fucking meme get any and all waifufaggotry OUT[View]
432783574I just tried quicksaving in my mind before i nutted in case it didnt feel good and it ruined my nut …[View]
432782741We need to complete the set[View]
432778845>100% completion >now that there's absolutely nothing left to do, here have this ultimate…[View]
432784146why dont u guys just[View]
432784047>FIVE (5) of the threads on the first page are Bowsette threads >FIFTY PERCENT of the top thre…[View]
432783970Shouldn't you be sleeping instead of gaming?[View]
432783961yeah it is game of the year: https://youtu.be/aU2ucm8vVU8[View]
432780910>Poorfag growing up >Forced to sell/trade-in older games to afford newer ones >Finally able…[View]
432781180This is your Ditto[View]
432780062Now that the dust has settled, what's /v/'s opinion on this game?[View]
432783806>Geno cucks Sora twice >being in Smash >fucking being in his own game what a legend dude t…[View]
432782978C-can't we take a break to fapping: And shit on nvidia!? https://youtu.be/eZgX4EfIiXc Apart fr…[View]
432783798This guy would make more sense than steve[View]
432782716>every time you beat a boss you get a new weapon >you're encouraged to replay levels afte…[View]
432782538Did Square really shoot themselves in the foot by releasing Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360?[View]
432778764Smash thread[View]
432781257These comprise the official currently featured canon to the Legend of Zelda series according to Zeld…[View]
432772695Unpopular Opinions: ITT Post your most unpopular opinion on a video game, video games series, consol…[View]
432774327i like tekken. what about you?[View]
432774292Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hey guys, so I’m not sure where else to go about this but it’s something I tho…[View]
432782081Halo Wars 2v2: Can 2 people get on Halo Wars so we can 2v2[View]
432779054No dumb gook JRPG had come close to Western RPGs like Mass Effect, Fallout, The Witcher, and Deus Ex…[View]
432777341SO I bought Nioh at long last, and I'll preface this post by saying I am fucking terrible at So…[View]
432781950>check out my community college's computer science club >can't wait to learn new thi…[View]
432781486What is the best way to play Silent Hill 2 on PC? I don't want to buy a Playstation 2 just to p…[View]
432727047Thoughts on Dragon Quest 11?: Is it a really grindy game like the other dragon quest games? How does…[View]
432781946Tick Tock: https://youtu.be/-sUuMzYoITQ[View]
432775340ITT: We post the state of /v/ in one image[View]
432782165How do you go from this...[View]
432779684The reason why Vergeben never “disspointed” Smash players.: Vergeben correctly named Smash character…[View]
432769652Boob Wars: Just found out today that this game series exists yes, series because it has a fucking se…[View]
432782494where my 2007 bros at?[View]
432782512Daily reminder that these are the 9 best video game tracks in all of gaming[View]
432781509Are there any games that do this too?[View]
432737661>Well, at least someone knows how to get the girl >Y-Yeah...haha... How can Dantefags ever rec…[View]
432782463What in the absolute fuck was his problem?[View]
432779283I- I think she is the one, /v/.[View]
432777529Happy 25th Anniversary, Myst! 09/24/93 - 09/24/18: I realized, the moment I fell into the fissure, t…[View]
432782416You DID created an unbeatable fleet of ships to terrorize other player's games, didn't you…[View]
432782381Last Bowsette thread for me: Thread theme - https://youtu.be/CncGyeScMWo Bout to hit the hay guys, l…[View]
432772312Got the platinum for this a few days ago, here's a short review (things I liked and didn't…[View]
432769162I'M NOT A FIGHTER[View]
432778874Enderal: >it's coming to steam (for free) Fucking how, Todd. How did they do it? https://sto…[View]
432776981I hate this stupid meme it’s really annoying. Where is my bara bowser daddy[View]
432780138Someone fucking explain: 4chan plz explain what the fuck Big Boss was doing the entirety of MGSV. Wh…[View]
432780106Leave Bowsette to me[View]
432781968>keep on clicking on /v/ >then remember how unusable it is with bowsette threads >go to a d…[View]
432780979Here's your new Square Enix rep bro[View]
432776960ITT post vidya related things you're still mad about[View]
432781891She's out.[View]
432777056HE'S IN![View]
432780915Reminder that classic characters will always be better additions to Smash than characters that have …[View]
432778339I'm having fun playing video games and you faggots can't stop me.[View]
432777724I'm bored, recommend me a good PC game to put my 1060 6GB to the test.[View]
432777612>voice acting What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
432779730Why do women love this game so much?[View]
432780862Would you buy my game if I put on that crown that's suddenly really popular?[View]
432777027Give me the video game equivalent of this album.[View]
432781252BOWLETTA THREAD[View]
432781173>mainly black people play Super Smash Bros. >takes 20 years to add a black character…[View]
432774828So who is going to be our obligatory new generic anime swordsman with a counter this time?[View]
432778961>some edgelord in a skullmask Ruined[View]
432781482he banned us for toxicity we banned his hairline for stealing our money[View]
432779503how do i solo hell with a zon[View]
4327812912018... I am forgotten[View]
432781212Itt: Smash bros original characters[View]
432780949guess who[View]
432781103So I just rememberd that this game existed, does it still have a decent playerbase? Cause I was thin…[View]
432780870Are we going to be able to have a playable Destiny Island in KH3? I think it would be a cool post ga…[View]
432767429ITT: Objectively amazing & universally beloved games that are liked everywhere except on /v/[View]
432778192Majora's Mask remake disappointed people, but which is the superior version of Ocarina of Time?[View]
432780817Shhhhh. Feh is sleeping.[View]
432780881What's the appeal of heavy armor girls in vidya?[View]
432773189row row https://youtu.be/OAVLq961tWc[View]
432779113>Spider Man PS4 doesn't have moonswi-[View]
432763359This ain't Bowsette lewds. This is something entirely else. What's coming next from Ninten…[View]
432780334>tfw you clean all the clutter from your desk, wipe it down and make it squeaky clean…[View]
432780463what am i in for boys[View]
432780020ITT: Post cursed vidya images.[View]
432780310Do you think Nintendo will make a game where Bowsette is the antagonist?[View]
432780016What if Eve:Online had Freelancer style combat?[View]
432765712These are apparently the best RPGs of all time, do you agree /v/?[View]
432779604How does Blood Money still look so nice?[View]
432778898So if memorization is not a skill and if bullet hell games aren't just memorization, why aren…[View]
432777712Why aren't you playin Spacelords?: A major update is coming soon. >New Enemies >New appea…[View]
432772297Controversial Vidya Opinion Thread: >STALKER CoP > SoC >And here's why While while SoC…[View]
432778732>'He told me my mama got kidnapped by a BAAAAD man named Mario' I finally understand what Bowser …[View]
432776636Final Bowsette thread for tonight: Let's go boys. Starting with the one that started it all.…[View]
432775879Quality mods: Post quality mods you've been playing recently. Pic related for me.[View]
432759403FUCKING STOP[View]
432772863So why dont you play marvel infinite?: I don't like how it plays and my mains from 3 arent in t…[View]
432779753what game has the best cover art?[View]
432776696GTA Online: Anyone want to get some shit done? PC I got the doomsday heist and a few MK2 weapons. ti…[View]
432779143Why does /v/ hate girl gamer[View]
432779167Which game will let me explain it all?[View]
432774519He's in: The best indie rep. Change my mind.[View]
432778070Does telltale deserve to be honored in this group?[View]
432765435Would you personally purchase a 3DS Successor? What if it was a phone as well? What would you think…[View]
432779497This is a randomized Character in oblivion. My friend is saying it looks like someone on the Interne…[View]
432773195>main character of one of the biggest arcade hits of all time >easily recognizable and iconic …[View]
432777904So is black room gonna be good or shit? No Carmack to keep romero under control, hows this one gonna…[View]
432776436A E S T H E T I C[View]
432778340Classic Vidya Jam thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tBGC_31LmY[View]
432778840Confirmed by meinkraft Steve being in smash.[View]
432776852Best Shantae game for Switch: All this smash character faggotry convinced me to play a Shantae game.…[View]
432778869>Doomguy had a pet rabbit therefore meaning Doomguy likes Bunny-Rabbits So something like pic rel…[View]
432777478Escape From Hell: I just beat this game, why idon't people talk about it? Its sidequests, uniqu…[View]
432778830Will we ever get another proper Predator game??[View]
432778559>Me, during the Undertale for Switch Release Trailor. I bet that's a sex doll Alphys built i…[View]
432778697How are they going to do it in the remake?[View]
432775358Let's fix that, what are some of your favorite video game songs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
432766980>Akira and Makoto are studying in their room >Sae's watching TV in the other room >The…[View]
432776151What are games with this aesthetic?[View]
432761825Samus got herself a new plaything.[View]
432778115Greatest hunting game of all time. Perfect balance between simulation and FPS mechanics. >spendin…[View]
432731797I see you're awake now.[View]
432774656How would /v/ feel about Labo Man's inclusion in Smash?[View]
432775064Is bringing her to Alrest worth the trouble? Out of desperation I started using the difficulty slide…[View]
432765828Is Fortnite the official game of normies and NPCs?[View]
432769228Ace Attorney Thread: Diego Armando did nothing wrong[View]
432773859Bowserette was a mistake[View]
432776753My new life is strange game will be out this week. You will buy ze game, yez?[View]
432768849Estelle dabbing in Cold Steel IV. Very kino anon[View]
432777776>Valve closes down gambling websites >/csgog/ dies >CSGO playerbase drops Seeing a pattern …[View]
432777892What are some games where the best boy wins?[View]
432769832>*whistles for non-magic horse* >autoruns on road to quest marker >*cowboy curtis vision ac…[View]
432774516Leak from Virgeben: Here is your roster bois: >Incineroar >Geno >Banjo >Marx >Porky …[View]
432777015What the fuck is death stranding?[View]
432767820Anyone here actually making any games? Post your projects[View]
432776895>Main character is named Joker >Main villain is society Gamers…[View]
432777470>Playing XBC2 >Get right to the end >Architect asks me what I plan to do about Malos …[View]
432775123>Persona Q op song is about how life is amazing adventure and how you need to learn enjoy the rid…[View]
432728823Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk: Any tips on beating Pecorino? Just got to her and I'm afra…[View]
432776240Would the game be better if Rinoa were Ultimecia?[View]
432761078Cringiest comedy in games?[View]
432776924what are some games that help me cope with my loneliness and depression[View]
432767283What’s the comfiest wrpg?[View]
432777269Underhero: Since this isn't a waifu thread it'll probably die, but this game is pretty fun…[View]
432771682What’s your recent purchases, /v/? not seen: fully paid off My Hero One’s Justice preorder[View]
432764235Do the Silent Hill games hold up in 2018? Are they still fun?[View]
432767686Mini Xbox: Should Microsoft even bother making their own classic mini?[View]
432756454>There's no such thing as a perfect gam-[View]
432771830Mother 3 VS Pokemon?: Why is it that a GBA game released in 2006 looks so much better than Gen 3 Pok…[View]
432760921Meanwhile, on bizarro /v/...[View]
432776738Just rebought tie fighter: Why is it such a bitch to remap joystick buttons?[View]
432775992ITT: 10/10 character designs[View]
432775367LOOKING FOR NEW FRIENDS TO PLAY CSGO WITH ME !!!! MUST be FRIENDLY ^*^ 0.0 STEAM ID @hellokitty_0000[View]
432774134*BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *BOOM* that's how long it takes for someone to come in and steal all you…[View]
432773745Steve would unironically be a creative addition to Smash and come with a unique stage[View]
432772070>these dumbass leakers never have a retro rep How to tell they are phony 101…[View]
432776573Is this trilogy worth playing in 2018 if you've never touched an Eldar Scrolls game before, but…[View]
432774638I edit the Super Smash Bros Special trailers. 5 more unique characters are coming. Son Goku, Steve, …[View]
432764731How did Final Fight end up as the iconic Capcom beat 'em up? It's the worst game on here a…[View]
432764037>faggots complained for years because of the artstyle in WW >TP released with a more realistic…[View]
432774554Vivian WILL indeed be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Don't believe me? Well fucking sc…[View]
432768409All of you are stuck on Bowserette, and I’m already looking forwards the future. (She) needs a name …[View]
432776249I’m fucking bored, /v/. There’s nothing to play that’s out yet. I’ve just been resorted to play NBA2…[View]
432772846BOWSETTE > PEACH (FINAL THREAD FOR ME!): Give it all you got! Don't Give Up![View]
432772238Whats the best Ninja/Samurai game for PC of all time?: pic unrelated[View]
432770412Can anyone on this board tell me a video game that is equivalent to having 6 (six) rings?[View]
432770228>tfw Kiryu is canonically a 48 year old virgin. I know that Kiryu had opened up an orphanage at …[View]
432760721KIU Thread: Kid Icarus Uprising Thread? What's your favorite weapon? How much of the game have …[View]
432744829Omega Labyrinth Life will get localized: Sony caved to the SJW, Nintendo would not.[View]
432773417Where's the games?[View]
432773586>Soulless game got higher score than the soul game[View]
432772270Why are video games going backwards?: >16 years old >Superb animations >Deep mechanics >…[View]
432772287What went wrong, /v/? It's like the game stopped existing a week after it was released. Even fa…[View]
432751328Would Futaba's character been nearly as endearing if she was a male?[View]
432773485Counter Strike Game Leak: So i was visiting valve headquarters and i saw a usb stick on an employees…[View]
432773937Hotline Miami thread? Hotline Miami thread.[View]
432770097Into the Breach: >/v/ claims it's worse than FTL >It's much better than FTL LOL…[View]
432775508Valkyria Chronicles: Are you ready to murder some Imp scum tomorrow?[View]
432769890Smash Bros. Ultimate: Item of the day directly translated from the official Japanese Smash Bros. Twi…[View]
432772254Here's Kojima's fans on TGS but you are still a failure[View]
432775105What's going on over there, Alex?[View]
432775096seriously there are no women: there is no pussy in the zone and the army won't let you leave th…[View]
432774794based: >retro reps >new gen pkmn >banjo/geno/isaac >tap girl >based echoes (dixie) to…[View]
432768658DON'T play Rune Factory.[View]
432772223T. Video Games that went from gold to pure shit[View]
432774707RGH/Jtag Xbox 360: Planning on buying a Xbox 360 RGH with a Jasper Motherboard, anything I should kn…[View]
432774660the last thread was nice until jannies delete it any game that is better/almost as good as the sourc…[View]
432771805Objective Fact: Fashion: BB > DS3 > DS2 > DeS > DS1 Gameplay: DS3 > BB > DeS > …[View]
432728094/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>432666348 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
432774810Is this a new thing? I've never seen this on steam before.[View]
432773249>playing some game i don't remember when i was 7 >reach invisible wall but still see some…[View]
432746029>Prequel movies are terrible >They get a lot of great games >Sequel movies are amazing >…[View]
432774106*never appears or is mentioned ever again*[View]
432767913Is Ganondorf strong enough to stop the moon if he wanted to?[View]
432774319What were the most visually impressive Dreamcast games?[View]
432772303Recommendations for challenging games on 3DS?[View]
432770160Hey /v/ I just built a really good gaming PC, what are some must play games that I need to play? Ive…[View]
432774234>Go 20 million dollars over budget after taking five years longer than you were given >Post pi…[View]
432772729Cant believe we'll never see the resolution to clem's story...... I wonder why the game st…[View]
432772293I’m trying to hook up my original Xbox to my TV. I randomly got the urge to replay Vice City, and wa…[View]
432766685>you now remember world at war[View]
432768886What is your favorite Resident Evil game /v/?[View]
432729145ITT: describe a game as poorly as you can and others guess it: >Clint Eastwood shoots fuckers and…[View]
432749490Wow Lara Croft looks like THAT?[View]
432769765Smash Ultimate Roster: Hi everyone, i'm a legal adviser and communicator for Nintendo of Americ…[View]
432773727Haiiiii I am JOrdy ^.^ i play CSGo (Counter strike global offensive) and i need more friends to play…[View]
432765024>we live in a timeline where yakuza isshin and knezan will not only be localized, but also ported…[View]
432773606What the FUCK was her problem? This cutscene makes no sense.[View]
432761539Has a video game character ever helped you discover your sexuality /v/? This picture of Big Boss tha…[View]
432773308ITT: Video game characters who had a hard life[View]
432768087Why is everyone jerking off to my dad?!?!?![View]
432772620If Metal Solid V is garbage why are people excited for Death Stranding?[View]
432769401Take off your mask. I want to see my Spider Man thread.[View]
432771293GameCube ports: How do I clean the GameCube ports on the Wii? They work fine, but the first one no l…[View]
432773004Smash Ultimate DLC: I lived in Japan for 2 years and while I was there I become friends with someone…[View]
432772871Metroid and fanservice: saw a thread with people bitching about metroid suffering from fanservice an…[View]
432771278Nero can you lend your father a hand?[View]
432771286KH 3 Deluxe Edition: Is there any chance they sell out of pre orders for the Deluxe? I definitely wa…[View]
432770990This is Ingrid! She is a future Extra Battle boss, an arcade release secret boss and an upcoming unl…[View]
432769137Bowsette: Petition to make all bowsette thread /trash/ or /d/ exclusive or else permaban[View]
432766189Is Herobrine real?[View]
432767525This was pure kino.[View]
432767802Fallout 4: So I usually just do single player games but I'm gonna go for Fallout 76. I wanted t…[View]
432769076BOWSETEE > PEACH PT.4: Right? RIGHT?![View]
432772364>isabelle in smash >bowsette Was this the worst direct ever?…[View]
432772194Who is the funniest game making man?(or women)[View]
432767663If you have a son, what will be the first console that you buy for him? If you have a daughter, what…[View]
432751083What happens when Sora gets revealed instead of Geno?[View]
432772079OYA OYA OYA[View]
432759779I played Bubsy 3d for ten minutes and now have the urge to kill myself Ask me anything[View]
432771382Sonic CD: best Genesis story worst Genesis videogame[View]
432753975Pannenkoek2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9n01vqsk8A He's at it again.[View]
432768031https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo609jN95fI Is this the most kino moment in Sonic history?[View]
432768154I've played Deus Ex. What are some other games with deep moral choices?[View]
432771824Who would you recommend I unlock next for r6s?[View]
432769024Are people still upset about Zant not being the main villain of Twilight Princess? Personally I thou…[View]
432767773Dragon Quest in Smash Ultimate: Hello everyone, I have a source, similar to vergeben but not the sam…[View]
432771224 [View]
432769618>Nintendies thought BOTW had any staying power >Nintendies thought it actually revolutionized …[View]
432768843she killed millions[View]
432771570>As Telltale seemingly winds down for good, it’s important to remember what they did for modern g…[View]
432767947What's the appeal of this series?[View]
432770456When is FE4 going to get a remake?[View]
432757051I'm gonna miss the best Zelda.[View]
432770901What's your favorite puzzle game, /v/?[View]
432770942Sorry, /v/chan, my internetz blew up before[View]
432771004is this a dead franchise?[View]
432768956Look who's angry because people is having fun[View]
432770579Have you forgiven 343 industries? They brought Halo back.[View]
432770974>Uhh... mayor? You haven't forgotten about me already, have you? And who is this 'browsette'…[View]
432767901You're eight years old again and back at your old arcade. What's the first game you play?[View]
432770941>Activision makes whole-ass publishing agreement with famous Halo developer Bungie, high off Halo…[View]
432769508Whoa! Holy moley! That's the shape of a body![View]
432751084Congratulations on your victory. Now, make your wish...[View]
432769657/v/ autism shelter. come here and discuss vidya safely since mods are faggots[View]
432770518If you think the cgi clone wars is good you are a zoomer[View]
432770634What are some games where I can take out the trash?[View]
432762238Now that the dust has settled, was it really that bad?[View]
432768186How do Neps gather shares?[View]
432770434where men cried[View]
432765216ITT: Nintendo of America is planning on making a reboot of Captain N: The Game Master, and they have…[View]
432765485Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaked information.: I've been doing some chatting with a few inside…[View]
432768601If 2B got in Smash, what music would you want to come with her? Not saying she will (far too new and…[View]
432770096Hrngh. Again, huh? Too easy.[View]
432768724PSHome: Why did consoles stop having these cool social interfaces? I would love more shit like this,…[View]
432756252*lalalas you are path*[View]
432768397Smash Bros Ultimate: I have some Leeks for you, fuckos: Hello, my uncle works at GameCube and he gav…[View]
432764080>here's your Salem bro What were they thinking?[View]
432768759>Couldn't control your own brotherhood in base game or DLC The fact that you got to be a ma…[View]
432715067>Post games that prove you're not a zoomer faggot[View]
432769186How long is too long?[View]
432769628I'm having a real hard time finding a game I like right now. I really want a fun RPG game where…[View]
432740336Civilization: How is Civ VI doing compared to Civ V these days? Is it worth getting on sale?[View]
432765427I unironically enjoy playing this game in the modern age[View]
432762070The greatest sequel ever made. Every game should follow its formula. Improvements, tight controls, r…[View]
432768474Real talk, I have these on PS3 and a CRT on stand by. I haven't touched these beyond a little b…[View]
432766557I wish I didn't miss the train on hearthstone[View]
432769493he’s in, after all these years[View]
432769475daily reminder that Jeff Kaplan killed the Overwatch graphic novel so tumblr land whales wouldn’t be…[View]
432769368Are there any other RPGs with similar combat and leveling to this[View]
432760670will nomura put more swastikas in kh3? also kingdom hearts thread[View]
432769319Quick, post your favorite Final Fantasy song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z_3hRm7K8g[View]
432738067I fucking warned you, I said if we kept letting in 3rd party characters it would be bad. you all lau…[View]
432766196How's your video game backlog coming along? I'm actually caught up.[View]
432768879Are there any Carpe Fulgur games other than Recettear, Chantelise and Fortune Summoners? They'r…[View]
432769056Just bought this game based off some recommendations, is it all worth it? Also Saturn/buyfag thread …[View]
432769117I've heard Red Dead Redemption looks and runs like shit on PS3. Is that true? Do I really need …[View]
432756748favorite AVGN episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCTt2hNdidc[View]
432767664We can all agree this is one of the best WWII games ever made, right?[View]
432766882How can one kid be so fucking based?[View]
432765819Post the best vidya couples[View]
432767832>No blog update hmm...[View]
432768725Who has the better platformer series and why. How would you rate their games like Sonic the Hedgehog…[View]
432766081Which style rank names are the best? (thread is not limited to Devil May Cry names)[View]
432762474Bowsette thread 3: keep it mostly in one thread folks.[View]
432764774Xbox or PlayStation, Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch, controller or mouse n keyboard We may have our ar…[View]
432755242Leak: >Geno is in >Sora is in >Skull Kid is in >Rhythm Duo is in >Incineroar is not …[View]
432766773This just in, Toon Link is considered the 'Base' link, all others are Echo fighters.[View]
432765512Vergeben is right you fucking idiots: Except he doesn't have the full roster. Impa, Dixie Kong …[View]
432768370Is it good?[View]
432764784ITT: seriously underrated and underappreciated games. I'll start, great graphics and fun gamep…[View]
432727336PS5 vs. XB2: 9th generation specs prediction thread.[View]
432766601Been out for 2 days: Where do I send the death threats again /v/?[View]
432766657>at college, only have my PC and switch >urge to play Bloodborne >decide to go home for a w…[View]
432768060ITT: Games you instantly regret buying Pic related freezes like a bitch and on global mode im stuck …[View]
432768123>gregor has joined the server[View]
432768048Post graceful elegant video games. Ill start with the most well known example.[View]
432764937This guy is the undisputed king of autism, and I don't even mean that as a bad thing.[View]
432765883>Wii Games >still costing over $35[View]
432762065tick tock weebs[View]
432767713>want to play yu gi oh >gouki/althergeist/trickstar/brandish/pendulum decks still exist…[View]
432767810>Mexican videogame character >It's a luchador http://the-wonderful-101.wikia.com/wiki/Won…[View]
432765354Post them tiddy characters[View]
432765294Seal the Deal: Just finished Chapter 1 of Arctic Cruise, and what in the actual hell was that? This …[View]
432765908Hollow Knight absolute radiance: I think I can do it /v/ I think I found the winning stragity! quick…[View]
432765413Have you ever dressed as a vidya character for Halloween? https://www.partycity.com/mens-costumes…[View]
432767552What should we expect? Release date? Where will it be based?[View]
432766760>remove the crown NOW[View]
432766874>ruins the highest selling first party playstation franchise why hasnt sony fired this faggot?…[View]
432766602This game is leagues above BOTW: ...and came out in 2012. Why do Nintendo kiddies pretend that their…[View]
432764553Why do people ignore Ultra Chicken-chan?[View]
432766826Is it worth it to pick up a vita? Please respond[View]
432767235Nuttn betta than lootin an drinkan, boys.[View]
432765370I still can't believe he's in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLM2nMWsKL8[View]
432767110Belkan Priority One Strategic Airspace B7R...[View]
432766008Think they're starting to regret that blank check yet? >No I'm sure we'll see some…[View]
432710563TELLTALE GAMES ARE SHUTTING DOWN: https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1043252010999410689 Offic…[View]
432764972>game is so popular it spawns it's own genre[View]
432762319Somebody get his dude some clippers. His fucking beard is weird.[View]
432752729This is going to sell a lot[View]
432765420this work with ps2 for my dvi computer monitor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M4GR6X4?ref_=pe_623860_7…[View]
432766637Why do people want to play as 3 kids when you could pick the doggo instead?: 80% of the moves are go…[View]
432765827Smash Ultimate Product Manager: Hello everyone! I am a product manager for Smash Bros Special (Ultim…[View]
432766569Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
432765362Why did Microsoft forget all of their games besides Halo, Gears of War and Forza? Why haven't M…[View]
432750106What videogames do people play in this country?[View]
432766484The omega version of this should just be the flying limo with the city in the back ground On that no…[View]
432765852EU4: After 10 failed attempts on easy mode Castille, I finally got a decent start where I kicked in …[View]
432766154Halloween Merch: Anyone getting any Halloween merch this year? I'm thinking about picking up a …[View]
432766132Smash Ultimate Thread: No leaks.[View]
432765205Dragon Quest XI Orchestral mod is out. GET IN HERE https://steamcommunity.com/app/742120/discussions…[View]
432764020Hey guys, check this out. If you post your Steam credentials and you live in Europe, it actually cen…[View]
432757634Cost of Freedom: Holocaust game kino Play as poor jew or ebil nazi >Can even put jews in gas cham…[View]
432763689Ellie is FUCKING pissed![View]
432756396MHXX Casualisation: So people have been shitposting to death about how awful the ability to resupply…[View]
432765802ITT:Post (unused/used) Steam keys and be 4chanate everyone: CEXCE-ENJL6-VBHC9[View]
432763891I'm a newfag and just bought the DMC HD collection and 4. Why does 2 have such a bad reputation…[View]
432759961Fallout 3's Intro: People criticize Fallout 3's intro for not having enough choices. Why? …[View]
432765851Holy fuck, this is SO much better than World.[View]
432761520Genuine question, if Geno is such a never ever, why is he included/mentioned in nearly every fake le…[View]
432756545Bowsette Discussion: Let's try to have an actual discussion about how Nintendo will logically h…[View]
432764514>First fight is the casual filter Why is this game so good bros[View]
432764973I like to cum to Kazooie wearing boots.[View]
432763417ITT Kino unused songs in vidya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIARexKebuM I understand why this wa…[View]
432714817hey guys what happened to my dad[View]
432764782>TFW NO SNAKETTE[View]
432762913switch online leak: I got a tip by an *anonymous* source and apparently these are the NES games that…[View]
432764389Is he in?[View]
432764450>/v/ is being overrun by Bowsette threads >A valiant counterattack is being led by 'post them …[View]
432764420>secret route lets you romance the villain[View]
432763029How did they do it? Despite getting worse and worse every year tf2 is still the most fun online game…[View]
432764395The anon who dumped this in the last thread, had a good time. Limbo but you get fucked was an accura…[View]
432764361How come no other game in the genre surpasses it?[View]
432750237Can somebody explain to me why this game is such a fucking bore-fest?[View]
432760992Devil May Cry Thread - Vergil edition[View]
432763315ITT: Post dem 'post dem [...] characters' characters[View]
432764279ITT: post dem marisa characters[View]
432762136ITT: post dem ugly characters[View]
432764219So what's the story?[View]
432764196When will game companies learn its red blooded white men that keep them in business? >Mass effect…[View]
432764174ITT: post dem guilty characters[View]
432734121>She'll never show up in the series again[View]
432741361No one would even care about these two characters if it weren't for rosterfagging.[View]
432764083Spider-man: Is anyone else having this issue with the end of the game or is there something wrong wi…[View]
432721956Red Dead Redemption II: What are you looking most forward to in RDR2?[View]
432763036ITT: post dem unlockable characters[View]
432683067Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate thread: What HR are you? What monster are you grinding? What wea…[View]
432744747Why is everyone a retard?: >Rushing to end game >Looking up optimal builds >Researching the…[View]
432762675Post 'em[View]
432761837Is it possible to speedrun an RTS? What could be harder than speedrunning StarCraft?[View]
432763725Who did it better?[View]
432763675post dem cake characters[View]
432763110Why does everyone hate him so much, Castlevaniabros?[View]
432749149Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits leak: I know some info on Ultimate that I'd like to share to…[View]
432763073ITT: post dem cursed characters[View]
432763504Pokemon Leak: Nah just kidding, i was bored before and i suddenly think... if i make the new pokemon…[View]
432763473ITT: post dem fire characters[View]
432763430ITT: post dem deconfirmed characters[View]
432763389This is very shameful, but does someone has a LaTam Steam key for Borderlands 2?[View]
432762880ITT: post dem fish characters[View]
432762528Post dem inverted characters[View]
432763317ITT: post dem ugleh characters[View]
432763094>Bowsette threads get spammed 24/7 by beta virgins >/v/ responds by spamming vidya threads to …[View]
432762457ITT: post dem trustworthy characters[View]
432743597ITT: Franchises ruined by sjws.[View]
432763290ITT: post dem toasty characters[View]
432762327ITT: we don't post bowsette: You have 30 seconds to NOT POST BOWSETTE[View]
432763219ITT: GOD TIER VIDYA OSTS ONLY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W5TvaBdNJc[View]
432758131>Take skyrim >Get rid of meaningful sidequests, lore, dungeons >Add transvestite link game …[View]
432763162>tactical raincoat >golden skull mask >golden stripes on coat >golden padding on back of…[View]
432756859I feel bad for him, he just needed some friends like joker but society convinced him the only way to…[View]
432762957It's time for Devil Trigger Lounge Edition Perfect mood music to seduce your favorite demon hun…[View]
432761935>those dorks thinking bowsette is the hottest thing from mario >not knowing a few of us enligh…[View]
432732723You knew?[View]
432763000SMASH LEAK NINTENDO INSIDER: I know quite a bit about Ultimate. >your memepicks are not in >la…[View]
432757112https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icXeqIEwBq8 >'Yar har har,'[View]
432759019SSBU Roster: I will give you the Newcomers and Echo Fighters. And confirm our current fighters. Supe…[View]
432732850Xenoblade 2: Me have just buyed this from the recommendation of another anons. What am i in for i kn…[View]
432753296Let's say you needed a cyborg bodyguard as your protector. Adam Jensen or Motoko Kusanagi?[View]
432762745Summons: >game has no summon limit >you can summon allies which summon even more creatures by …[View]
432752457Left or right?[View]
432761424>this fatty is considered attractive current state of /v/ also hi carsh…[View]
432757428So... This is it, huh? The best RPGs ever made...[View]
432761787'Video Game'? More like 'SHITTY GAME'[View]
432760875AAAAAA!: AAAAAA![View]
432759967How will /v/ ever recover when he finally gets announced?[View]
432760176post DOOMER-core videO games >DOOM >Fallout >Max Payne…[View]
432761496what the fuck was his problem?[View]
432756415Is there a videogame you're glad to have played but that you'll never touch again?[View]
432761747you know that you hit bikini rock bottom when you fish at 4 am in a hamster wheel gambling simulator[View]
432761484ITT: post dem boss characters[View]
432761762it really be like this senpai[View]
432753740ITT: Neat console versions[View]
432762236post dem skin colored characters[View]
432762184ITT: Post dem blue waifus[View]
432762158You guys excited for 76? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aIgZqMWrkE Pic unrelated[View]
432748108Kingdom Hearts Thread: Will they get their happy ending?[View]
432744051>yfw most insightful philosopher of the modern age has the most pedestrian taste in vidya…[View]
432759310So now that we have achieved full photo-realism in video games, where do we go from here? More inte…[View]
432758468What video games let me fulfill my weeaboo dream?[View]
432762004>FF7 remake has a extended Costa Del Sol chapter where you take one of them on a date. Who would …[View]
432762043Super Mario Odyssey's 'New Donk City' is the most amazi-[View]
432761134whats your favorite Mario enemy?[View]
432762017ITT:post dem motivated characters[View]
43276069011.05.2018 Big CGI trailer.[View]
432731345>finally a fucking update after six months >adds one enemy and an ally >game still full ren…[View]
432759464Baby's first 3D Mario.[View]
432761720why in god's name is literally every mod for fnv about sex, i just want some cool story mods. i…[View]
432757120BOWSETTE > PEACH PT.2: Am I right everyone?![View]
432761205What's your opinion on Pokemon as it evolved through these years?[View]
432761515DRAON QUEST XI ORCHESTRAL MOD RELEASED: GET IN HERE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedeta…[View]
432761485>One will protect you >The other two work together to kill you Who do you pick?…[View]
432761464ITT: Post dem blu characters[View]
432740650How much longer, /v/? Also, Yakuza thread, I guess.[View]
432748607Overwatch consistent Plat players looking to group up?[View]
432740080What's /v/'s opinion on the series[View]
432755737what is this fucking bullshit[View]
432759980death stranding rip off bloodborne?: its literally the cut beast boss. kojima is hack[View]
432760636Why do current consoles use X86?[View]
432761054Would you ever get a tattoo of a video game character? Do you feel comfortable showing the world you…[View]
432760376For me? It's Mario Party 6.[View]
432753039Are arcade sticks a meme?[View]
432709896Anyone else pumped for Forza horizon 4? Just played the demo and I must say it looks really good.[View]
432760078Why is the fusion suit in every way inferior to the original power suit?[View]
432748728I like videogames :): They're fun![View]
432758920You know the drill, post yours.[View]
432760590Link and Zelda had sex at the end of BOTW[View]
432757827What do you want to see an a new Switch model?[View]
432759749Is there any point in doing clan creator in Kiwami 2? Also, Yakuza thread.[View]
432756465It's almost been a year and we've heard nothing...[View]
432756816People kept missing it before so let's start a little early tonight. Do you wanna play some Pok…[View]
432760772What does V think of Goombette?[View]
432755885>to give the covenant back their bomb[View]
432759696True bowseta thread: Only real mene here. Discuss the new king (female) of the kingdom[View]
432758418what's your favorite video game character? mine is the pink character from smash bros[View]
432744956DMC Thread: Reminder that Vergil literally did nothing wrong. Gaining power is not to be frowned upo…[View]
432753330Shootan genre is redeemed.[View]
432759006Spiderman: Goty or goty?[View]
432760578why are wh*te elves so uppity about discrimination when its the dark elves that are oppressed the mo…[View]
432760548A weekend of research: 'Hey man, what games do you have?' (whips out 32GB 3B+) 'All of them'[View]
432760062Sis I... I... I wanna...[View]
432759498whats a good time sink for my android phone?[View]
432711163Why aren't you playing a JRPG right now?[View]
432760471I've been hearing talk about Sora being in some game called Smash or something. I can assure yo…[View]
432760429Why does /v/ say this game is better than Witcher 3?[View]
432760431Somebody get his dude some clippers. His fucking beard is weird.[View]
432760052Dragon Quest 11: THE ORCHESTRA MOD IS OUT https://fex.net/056488327084 https://fex.net/056488327084…[View]
432759270What vidya games broke new ground?[View]
432757514It's time for the 98th smash thread today Post and r8 em[View]
432757587Peter-? Peter? Where are you going? Peter! PETER!![View]
432724368Alright faggots, post your Smash Ultimate mains. I'm sticking with mine main since Melee.[View]
432758371What if this is how Bowser Jr was born? Therefor technically Peach is really his mother? Another the…[View]
432739220ARE YOU READY? What's the first song that comes to mind?[View]
432759632Twitch streamer deserves fun: https://www.twitch.tv/im_linzy If I was in the same room with @im_linz…[View]
432758975ITT vidya puns. The one with the funniest pun wins. I'll start. Nintendo? More like virgin fore…[View]
432750618Justify your character of choice from a purely gameplay perspective.: No aesthetic fluff such as nu …[View]
432757782Does anyone know if brutal doom will run on a hp 360 envy laptop?[View]
432759196Can we all finally agree that it was a good game?[View]
432751647Stop with the Bowsette already.: There are way too many Bowsette threads. A perfectly good EENEO thr…[View]
432759783>tfw you hacked your Wii after Nintendo shut down all of the sites holding their games…[View]
432754862can Someone please recommend good rhythm games besides rhythm heaven. it is quite possibly my favori…[View]
432759441>third party smash character[View]
432759410>we need a gun for the generic gangsters quick! >i got just the thing…[View]
432759561Visually similar images to this[View]
432759265The best NES game[View]
432753792The liar princess and the blind prince: This game looks promising and cute, what do you think bros…[View]
432748239So what do we think of this bois? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jMkMvnKAFSQ[View]
432758991ITT: Games that are objectively the worst in the franchise[View]
432754364Today's Item: The Moon from 'The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask' appears as an assist trop…[View]
432759250Why are people so adverse to female characters in games being designed with sex appeal in mind?[View]
432756138Dante and Ammy thread: Now that the producer for DMC5 has confirmed that Dante x Lady is not canon. …[View]
432747957Now that Ashley is BTFO, who is the real second WarioWare rep?[View]
432751631What's Really Going Down in Smash Ultimate: Hello everyone. I really didn't want to do thi…[View]
432756030Just got ending E. What the fuck just happened?[View]
432759009New Vegas Screenshots: Despite how old it is, the right mods make it atmospheric AF with no equals. …[View]
432758828The Chat between Hideo Kojima and Troy Baker: This are official Screenshots from the chat between Ko…[View]
432754234They will never be in Smash Bros.[View]
432740164now that they listened to your criticisms do you forgive them now?[View]
432757483what are some free diablo clones that arent path of exile[View]
432756853I get the feeling that this guy is just a rehashed unused design from MGS.[View]
432752081Who did you choose?[View]
432758645Which games let me be Clarissa?[View]
432750764>in order to be in smash, third party characters have to have had an impact on industry oh really…[View]
432738160If jet is now a prewar drug then is Myron's background reconned? Does Myron even exist? Has Bet…[View]
432758413Some friends told me how much fun it is to do raids in MMO's as a party so I decided to give it…[View]
432745790Who is your favorite Overwatch hero?[View]
432756078etrian odyssey: why would anyone want this retarded bunny bitch in their guild[View]
432758206Have you ever played this game before, /v/?: It's still decently active with over 300 players a…[View]
432757638AMERICAN GAME THREAD: Due to Bowsette becoming a epidemic on various websites due to it's lewdn…[View]
432754937Why the fuck is there always at least 20 fucking Smash threads up at any given time? Don't nint…[View]
432758063New Smash Bros. Content![View]
432755615Will we ever get a game as good as Murder Your Family Simulator?[View]
432720006Artifact leaks, Reddit mods seething edition. https://streamable.com/26t5g[View]
432749685Why did it fail?[View]
432757540>mom walks in on my zoomer brother playing fornite >why are you playing a girl >my brother …[View]
432757594Why are they drowning in Nickelodeon slime?[View]
432749869How come CD is the only good 2D Sonic game?[View]
432757705Going somewhere, Jarek?[View]
432755267Here's who's REALLY left....: 36ε Dixie Kong 38ε Shadow 60ε Ken 69 Incineroar 70 Geno 71 S…[View]
432755457>bad guy is actually the good guy[View]
432754725The controls in this game are seriously hindering my enjoyment of it.[View]
432755836My father ruled over this kingdom for 70 years, and I’ve ground it to dust in a matter of days[View]
432749397Why can't the brits make good games?[View]
432757298Why the fuck DD bombed?[View]
432755854SoW: Why the fuck did they do it lads?[View]
432756724Literally the least exciting choice Sakurai could make.[View]
432757072Melanin of da Tomb Raider: So first Lara couldn't be sexy now she can't be white![View]
432757068D'you guys ever play Grim Fandango and not only wondered what else the characters did in their …[View]
432756110>Knocks you off giant screw >Heh, nothin personal kid…[View]
432744784What Final Fantasy stuff do you want to see in Smash Ultimate?[View]
432755415what are games that make you react like pic related?[View]
432756841What am I in for?[View]
432751446Came back to WoW only to see that hot draenei ass waggle has been removed. Why bother playing anymor…[View]
432755523SSBU Leak: Hey, I work in one of the development team in the upcoming smash title. I’m not going to …[View]
432755603Can we all agree that this is objectively the most magical game of all time?[View]
432742306Why didn't you buy their games?[View]
432740392Remember The Good of Telltale: >As Telltale seemingly winds down for good, it’s important to reme…[View]
432748879BOWSERETTE > PEACH!: We all are in an agreement to this right? She should be Mario new love!…[View]
432756207holy fuckin shit bros the struggle is real[View]
432756625I think and without the Silvagunner meme that Wood Man would make a good Mega Man rep.[View]
432756607HMMM MOBABABS?[View]
432756492Smash Insider here, come on in /v/!: I got the goods guys, I work at Nintendo and am an assistant of…[View]
432755607Ace Combat games: Ace Combat 1&2 - a shooter with great gameplay and some RPG elements that was …[View]
432753389>there are people who wasted money on FighterZ's season pass, just to have the entire thing …[View]
432755343Post a game Other anons post ONE track. The single track they believe is the best in the entire soun…[View]
432749334How could they make the next Animal Crossing more engaging than New Leaf or City Folk?[View]
432756094>tell teammate to stop being so cocky >get banned…[View]
432756168Why does Europe love racing games so much?[View]
432752696What game has the best most enjoyable tutorial level?[View]
432755907He's in: screenshot this[View]
432744915Why is she so popular? She used to be a man. You gay if you like her.[View]
432754386Most underrated game on switch: Literally better than most of the switch's exclusives, why isn…[View]
432752603*indistinct radio chatter* UHHHHHHHHHH... ROGER, THAT *tsh* *holds mp5 in one hand and bobs head aro…[View]
432720295Smash thread. Post em, boys.[View]
432753871Why haven't you played Narumi's game yet /v/?[View]
432754601Sell me on EO, 4 is on sale and I'm thinking about getting it.[View]
432744024Pick one[View]
432752386Given Chrom's pseudo-aether, why couldn't they do somethig similar for Dark Samus? What wo…[View]
432755825Tier list thread: Ranking waifus edition Previous: >>432695023[View]
432749406MAX AMMO[View]
432755350ITT we post dead games[View]
432730551Stealth Thread: What's your favorite Stealth game /v/? Any new Stealth games you played or are …[View]
432723793ITT: Shitty mission names >Mission 13: 'Trouble in Paradise' >Mission 15: 'Here we go again'…[View]
432755391What Tomb Raider games from PS2 & PS3 gens are worth playing today?[View]
432738020I think I liked the Wii U more.[View]
432750980>Nothing shown at Tokyo Game Show It’s dead[View]
432755317>mfw some faggot from Psychotronics literally waited 3 months to get one of these >they don…[View]
432754976Nintendo meets Ubisoft. Prove me wrong.[View]
432755239>every 1 in 4 thugs is wearing a red Adidas jumpsuit literally unplayable.…[View]
432752313It was a different time[View]
432723583Look at this nep[View]
432753554Yea so I beat 4 a long time ago and honestly thought it kinda sucked, does this suck too? Or does it…[View]
432754348Civilization and 4X thread >comfy road networks edition >Whats the best 4x >What's the…[View]
432754737edgelord y/n[View]
432754296Who here still hasn’t left the plateau?[View]
432752339I actually want Hat Goomba. >relevant >interesting moveset >popular (especially in origin c…[View]
432754703Anon, why aren't you playing the best nes game right now?[View]
432754512ITT: Games where the regular enemies are more annoying/harder to fight than the bosses Pic related (…[View]
432754456Which version of FF Tactics should I play?[View]
432727258Was it worth it?[View]
432754592People said this shit will flop hard, but Its actually greatest capcom game ever and killed nintendo…[View]
432751456Presenting newcomer #69 #70 #71 & #72[View]
432753570Give me games like the sims that don't include over $1000 in dlc[View]
432749496CHRIS BENOIT was great in svr07: Is Chris Benoit the most murderous character in vidya?[View]
432747414Mario Maker Switch: What do you guys want in the inevitable sequel?[View]
432738663Icons Combat Arena: New Character!: Hey, all you Ashley fans! If you're anything like me, you…[View]
432704905Comfy Vidya Thread: Let’s get a comfy vidya thread going. Talk about what you’re playing, what you w…[View]
432751041For me, it’s Tenko. I LOVE TENKO[View]
432754161Icons Combat Arena: Leave Ultimate to me! Why add a secretary dog to your game, when you could add s…[View]
432752827Which is the best Dynasty Warriors Gundam game?[View]
432753936Mighty No. 9 DAYS TILL MEGAMAN 11 Did you guys get your preorders yet? The Wily Numbers classical ar…[View]
432753969Name a game with a better opening level, Pro Tip: You cannot[View]
432750105Hollow Knight: Any tips for beating these guys?[View]
43275025710/10 games.[View]
432750569What happened to those Ace type plane fighter games? I remember playing one on PS2 and quitting when…[View]
432751354You have lost[View]
432731785You're given the chance to make a supposedly improved version of Dark Souls 3. What do you chan…[View]
432753584Did you enjoy it anon?[View]
432753003nu-Lara with Kylie Jenner's lips mod[View]
432705518HAAH WAAW[View]
432746624smug is best[View]
432749883Why doesn’t vee talk about this amazing game? I feel like people drop it early on because it has a s…[View]
432752721>killing the enemy unleashes a chain reaction[View]
432743819Resident Evil 2 is going to suck isn’t it?[View]
432735823>be capcom >create a game with the most pathethic and tiniest roster in the franchise >trea…[View]
432749726Its on sale how is it? Would you recommend this game?[View]
432751196Why the fuck didn't you keep buying The Walking Dead games?[View]
432751886Waluigi in Smash ultimate: He will never be playable.[View]
432742961I need screenshots! Screenshots of Spider-man![View]
432748342I feel like playing a Dreamcast game Which one should I play[View]
432752052ITT: Brawl Mods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZJdj27eUmo[View]
432751071Which game had the best new roster?[View]
432750854>Peter...i don't feel so good..[View]
432749218Reptiles are the coolest[View]
432703293Pathfinder Kingmaker: Out in 2 days. Who here /necro/?[View]
432751417What are some games where i can play as a girl character i can create[View]
432744802Fuck it, let's have an evil thread. What are some of the evillest fucking characters in gaming?[View]
432749326Smash Ultimate Leak: hey guys, don't care if you believe me or not but i work for NoA and we…[View]
432751272Hey guys Smash_Leaker_Real2006 here. He's in the game and I don't care if you don't t…[View]
432751151Just what was his end-game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnLR2S3n-Cg[View]
432748617This is Sans the spooky skeleton and he is here to destroy the shitty Bowsette meme[View]
432750981Thoughts on Qathrine?[View]
432746154Who's the best guest character? Who's the worst?[View]
432750457Damn, this game is fun.[View]
432732945She'll be playable in Smash someday[View]
432749871how to make a 'convincing' smash leak >act as condescending as possible >use fancy words like …[View]
432748943That's it folks. Go home and fuck off.[View]
432733615I LOVE ROBOTS[View]
432735571>be capcom >you can get enough red orbs in game >charge for them anyway Not even EA does th…[View]
432750485Is Lady cosplayer really his wife? Also she's not Japanese, the far right girl is prettier imo…[View]
432750482What was Kamen Rider Hibiki's problem?[View]
432750462Lately, I have been playing Prey. PREY 2017, FOOL.[View]
432715883JUMP FORCE: 21 Playable Characters Confirmed: One Piece: 1. LUFFY 2. ZORO 3. SANJI 4. SABO 5. B…[View]
432749554This looks fucking ridiculous.[View]
432750373These advertisements for Rayman Legends on Switch were so charming. I wish Ubisoft would do more wit…[View]
432749758CrossCode Steam or GOG: Should I get on Steam or GOG ? GOG is the cheapest with a Russian VPN, but G…[View]
432746043ITT: We pretend it's 2015: Now that the dust has settled, what's your opinion on Fallout 4…[View]
432748628https://www.change.org/p/save-the-walking-dead-the-final-season Sign this petition for Clementine.…[View]
432745902Will we get full dive VR games in this lifetime or is it just a sci-fi pipe dream? Genuinely asking …[View]
432749770did yoh play it[View]
432749642Smash Ultimate New Fighter Intro Video: Set for October 4th. Video starts with Ryu fighting Mario on…[View]
432749295ITT: Weapons that are literally you[View]
432749853Who has the best Smash pun?[View]
432747338Smash Ultimate Upcoming Video: Hey everyone, expect a video abd pics Wednesday the 26th at 8 pm East…[View]
432737807Rook had a hard life.[View]
432749905I'm not going to be ignored /v/[View]
432747914Imagine the utter STENCH that must permeating from this room.[View]
432749541hey guys remember when giga bowser was the hot beans what happened[View]
432746986>I'm so glad I spent all that time playing video games and browsing /v/…[View]
432731831Vidya enemies that are actually really fucking dangerous[View]
432746017What are some games were 'the power of friendship' is used properly. Please no cringe japanesse reco…[View]
432742727MapleRoyals /v/ Guild: It's happening again. Download the client: https://mapleroyals.com/?page…[View]
432749091this game is unbalanced as shit. balrog is my main and I can never beat people playing that overpowe…[View]
432746281Why aren't you supposed to pre order games again? If you are gonna get a game as soon as it com…[View]
432749169The most important question: Wich one /v/ ? Did it changed, or it has never changed at all?[View]
432749248It's fun when Japanese Twitter gets a hold of something innocent[View]
432748858>draws peach with minor bowser features >call it bowsette (bowser + toadette) damn, weebs are …[View]
432747819What have you degenerates done!? You messed with the natural order! You don't go messing with t…[View]
432747429>So long, gay Bowser! >Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay Luigi? >UR …[View]
432747173The last 4 newcomers are Incineroar, Noctis, Steve, and Banjo. That's it.[View]
432747271>have a cute, smart, caring boyfriend that also happens to be a badass superhero that cares for o…[View]
432744932Ironically the summoning in this trailer reminded me of transmutation circles in Fullmetal Alchemist…[View]
432742974Was he right?[View]
432741067Why’s she so perfect /v/?[View]
432744259Can you make a top 10 list of the best top jrpgs on the Sega Genesis and SNES, compared the two list…[View]
432739617Reliable Source: What would /v/ think of this?[View]
432748279Am I allowed to like an arcade game without giving a single shred of a fuck about its scoring system…[View]
432748178>game has an open world >and a stamina bar…[View]
432664768Comfy PS2 thead: Come and tell what games are you playing or played recently. Post games that you th…[View]
432746402Regarding Ultimate: I don't have much to say, but I know some of the big things in the next Sma…[View]
432748136How should his representation be done?[View]
432748125How would you rank these games from best to worst?[View]
432748086Anyone who claims that the sun has any place in a cyberpunk game is a CDPR shill[View]
432747267Looks like my summer vacation is over[View]
432745657On a scale of 1-10, how disappointed in us is Miyamoto right now?[View]
432747478Does anyone else think a furry themed spinoff of Persona, called Fursona would sell well and you cou…[View]
432743883So you faggots all romanced yennefer right? You’re a fucking degenerate if you romanced anyone but y…[View]
432745813Whats the deal with Call of Duty Nazi zombies?[View]
432747489The protagonist of the last game you played has now been replaced by the Tourettes Guy How much bett…[View]
432744087What went so right?[View]
432747561Fire Emblem Maker: Now that gameboy-era FE is fucking dead and heroes is completely soulless. Are yo…[View]
432747670Fool! You don't know what a power is! Me a gaming elite. In my finger tips I held the power to …[View]
432745142Mount and Blade 2: What the hell happened during this games development? It doesn't make sense,…[View]
432745979SSBU Source.: Let's just get straight into it. I'll list Stages, Echo Fighters, Newcomers,…[View]
432747536Post your current banner and recommend a game based on the one above you[View]
432742880Best girl is sad /v/. What do we do?[View]
432747139ITT: Autistic things you do on /v/[View]
432740063People who write reviews like this should be sterilized.[View]
432743206November Nintendo Direct Leak: Hello. Apologies if there are some errors on posting this as I'm…[View]
432735110totally forgotten...[View]
432747086Alright /v/, what am I in for?[View]
432743836Have you given up hope on him being playable?[View]
432746816How come you guys are attracted to this?[View]
432745670So I really enjoyed this for one playthrough, but don't feel like ever touching it again. Is th…[View]
432746845What are some games you like to play when you are sad?[View]
432741516God Danm, this is Stef Joosten, goys!![View]
432746830ITT - Comfy Games: What are some games that you can open up and play contently for hours?[View]
432744548What the FUCK is going on here?[View]
432743463Spirits Mode Bosses: >Petey Piranha (Super Mario Bros.) >Cookatiel (Super Mario Odyssey) >M…[View]
432745146Any leaks or news on when we're gonna get stuff like Spotify? The inability to listen to my own…[View]
432746709> boss has a leg in one hand[View]
432746534>pc is the best version[View]
432745169Stop making waves.[View]
432746429Is Dragon Quest 11 good? I’m thinking about getting it, is the gameplay decent? It looks a little ch…[View]
432742992>All AAA games are shit >Just play other games anon >Player count: 600 what now? put hours …[View]
432665469I WILL BURN MY Persona thread[View]
432744535I'm getting tired of waiting, when will Layton be in Smash.[View]
432727442What video games do they play?[View]
432745236Continuing theme of the last thread Previous thread: >>432714539[View]
432744979What Is Your Favorite Game Inventor?[View]
432744084>Character already in the game as a summon >Have to pay to actually play him Fucking lol…[View]
432737769Why must he be so disappointing?[View]
432741756So am I getting my money back or did I basically burn 20 bucks?[View]
432745694So how is Season 5? Heard so far it's the best so far[View]
432743986>no Megalo Box game It should just exist. Remember when almost every anime/series/movie had a gam…[View]
432745323DID RATATOUILLE PREDICT SKYRIM AND FALLOUT 4?: Did Ratatouille predict Skyrim and Fallout 4?[View]
432736552Should I do it?[View]
432745679Civilization and 4X: Civilization and 4X thread >comfy road networks edition >Whats the best 4…[View]
432744964How long til Bowsette ends up in the main series?[View]
432740756itt we post game series that are vastly improved when the original devs don't touch them. This …[View]
432744415what feel this pic give to you /v/?[View]
432740768Worth playing or nah?[View]
432745095zombies >brainlet sjws converting other living things to their cause skeletons >their soiboi o…[View]
432743736/v/'s opinion on Dies Irae?[View]
432741089Redpill me on Black Desert Online. Is it fun? How far will I get without spending hundreds of dollar…[View]
432712936It is not impossible to make a fun Superman game because of is power. Its honestly just all down to …[View]
432744026>Mario paint remix[View]
432742651Should there be a Zelda game where Linkle has to save Zelda instead? They could be childhood friends…[View]
432743415He looks like a bitch. Capcom just can't get it right.[View]
432744880The weak should fear the strong.[View]
432732393Just nabbed this real quick.: Don’t snitch, let’s just keep this between us here.[View]
432741285Dont mind me, just posting the hardest boss in a 3d platformer[View]
432735867you found me beautiful once[View]
432719764DMC5 Thread: >shitposters, discordfags, redditors and media outlets try to kill the game's h…[View]
432744120I'm really in the mood to summon and command some creatures. What are some modern games/mmo…[View]
432742890What kind of deetractor are you? For me, it's hat goomba fag.[View]
432722649Here's your Smash roster after 30 passes through Google Translate. Pick your main. More incomin…[View]
432741568Whoa your not on the list[View]
432742979Previous thread got locked.: You are an idiot but I will entertain you further.[View]
432743186Real talk /v/, why has nobody brought up Linkle as an echo possibility?[View]
432739650*announces you're out of ammo in your path*[View]
432742215Hory shet. Why didn't more games use photo-blending textures for realistic face graphics? This …[View]
432742942MHGU THREAD: Can any help me farm Hyper keenclaws? Also MHGU thread[View]
432743654Afk mmorpg?: So I wanna progress in a game while not actually putting any work on at all. What game …[View]
432742342Hello, this is Mario's adversary, Donkey Kong. I have drawn him after coming into contact with …[View]
432743395*scams you* Thanks for the $30, sucker.[View]
432743826Bowsette Simulator 2018: Since a lot of you enjoyed that YouTubeMultiplier OC thing I made (http://w…[View]
432742821Lets have an Unpopular Opinion thread. Share any of your unpopular opinions you might get hate for T…[View]
432740374Who is the strongest video game character ever created? No licensed games so no goku or Golden exper…[View]
432743293Who's the best guest character? Who's the worst?[View]
432727858me and my friend was able to watch part the new announcement for smash, i couldnt see it very well s…[View]
432742969Is HOVER any good?: I've been looking for a comfy open world-ish game on the Switch (besides Bo…[View]
432743527HE'S IN[View]
432743524For Honor Campaign: Was it /ubi/kino?[View]
432743516>even Google acknowledges that MGS is a movie[View]
432733141This is Clementine. Her game is being cancelled. Say something nice to her.[View]
432743452What are some games where poison doesn't suck?[View]
432743443Objective: Survive[View]
432739907The protag of the last game you played is replaced with Dragonborn How easy did your game get?[View]
432706646ITT : we laugh at banjofags[View]
432740089Super Mario Bros. but with Bowsette: The most famous 2D platform game, now featuring Bowsette from '…[View]
432739494She's in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKL-j-3d3cE[View]
432741023Please recommend me a game with hot character designs.[View]
432738978Paper Mario: >LEAKS about Paper Mario Color Splash Port >Despited everyone hate it >A lot …[View]
432742302>15 (fifteen) years since the release of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for the Nintendo Gameboy Adv…[View]
432742425Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, All dead.[View]
432743018You're walking down the streets and this guy slaps your ass and yells 'I AM SUBHUMAN' What do y…[View]
432735025alright boys and gals its time for another one of these[View]
432742749IO Roberto: https://youtu.be/0A8LqdwG9H4 Tock tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock…[View]
432739519Why is the MMORPG genre so garbage now? What the fuck went wrong?[View]
432740526>they used to release finished games not unfinished stuff that make you pay for DLCs and get a to…[View]
432742628Your scalefag dreams will never be canon: I hope you retards know that since almost all of these cri…[View]
432742458So Did the guy with cancer who played ultimate see any new character?[View]
432742163Why did they make her so hot?[View]
432742237I will send my condolences to your kangaroo wife[View]
432740145Nier, Nioh, FFXV: These three games are all at $30, which one of these is better my /v/ros?[View]
432738009Why the fuck does /v/ hate this game so much when it's objectively the best in the series?[View]
432740368In the course of a lifetime, a man will see uncountable meetings and partings. Yet, as your life’s c…[View]
432741647Fresh new SSBU Bandai leak: A source of mine just informed me that one of the Bandai Namco character…[View]
432739151https://gematsu.com/2018/09/cygames-wants-to-make-a-new-zone-of-the-enders you guys did buy Jehuty…[View]
432742349Let's think of way RDR 2 could retroactively fuck up RDR >Johns wife cucks him and tricks hi…[View]
432739779Smash /v/kend: Teams: 3165-2465-5343-24 Password is 'rage'[View]
432740329Remember when Mario Kart used to take skill? Before the blue shells and bullets[View]
432738881Less than two weeks to go. Nostalgiafags can seethe all they want but there is yet to be a legitimat…[View]
432737317Post your >moveset ideas >palatte swaps >victory animations >splash screen taglines…[View]
432740436Why is there absolutely no hype for The Last of Us 2? You would think after the success of the first…[View]
432731747Really subtle game design, Nintendo.[View]
432741738What's her appeal?[View]
432740490>Super Smash Bros Ultimate >Everyone is here >Master Hand still isn't a playable chara…[View]
432741621How can we help our FPS bros to evolve, anons?[View]
432741204So can we all agree that these are objectively the best gaming franchises ever?[View]
432713707Can we just have a super crown thread where it isn't just bowser? How about some other characte…[View]
432733532Do you think this will murder Bioware? I was actually looking forward to Dragon Age 4.[View]
432741439/v/ confessions: I enjoy Half-Life 2 more than 1 but think both are fantastic games. I got about an …[View]
432719543Ok who did it? Speak up[View]
432741796>*whistles for magical self driving car* >*auto drives through road to quest marker* >*cine…[View]
432740128What the fuck was her problem?[View]
432741775Hey, can anyone help me out here? :) I'm looking for a 3d flash game that was a arena vehicular…[View]
432741696Spoiler for who didn't play Torna yet.: Am I the only dumbass that didn't notice that pic …[View]
432702332Isn't he supposed to be an ugly weirdo?[View]
432735274The best space roguelike game ever made: Why haven't you played it yet?[View]
432741014Name one video game character that ISN'T Bowsette. I'll start. The Dead Hand[View]
432740798A character having a high amount of personality is more important than having an interesting design.…[View]
432741102What are the best fighting games for at least semi-realistic martial arts and not fireballs or demon…[View]
432740495F:NV Female courier is canon: You cannot change my mind. It makes sense and fits the lore. She fucks…[View]
432708268Why is Lady so autistic?[View]
432741563>so long gay bowser! why is nintendo such a transphobic company?[View]
432741507Deus Ex Coop Multiplayer Reinstall Thread: You read the subject line correctly. It's 2018, and …[View]
432737517What's your favorite 007 video game?[View]
432729606Convince me that she is not completely useless.[View]
432740441What am i in for ?: Just got this game outta curiosity I don't play much isometric games .....…[View]
432740280Furi: Is it worth a buy?If so what platform?[View]
432734879Why the fuck does /v/ hate this game so much?[View]
432741308>You have been warned >Reason: Racism, flames, troll.…[View]
432736086So i just revived my old ps2. im looking for good/weird/charming (by this i mean games like katamari…[View]
432727827Switch in 2019: Anyone feels that 2019 might not be very good for Switch, specially for sales. I mea…[View]
432738169is huge headbobbing a casual filter?[View]
432738886>Japanese level >Naruto music starts playing…[View]
432739265Will you buy Satsuki's game?[View]
432740854Hey you. Yes, you right there. Tell me your favorite Warband mods, i'm in the mood to play it a…[View]
432735880Putting the Bowserette meme aside for a moment, how did such a simple power up turn the entirety of …[View]
432740448I don't think it looks bad. Then again, I'm also excited for Crackdown 3.[View]
432740582Would I like breath of the wild if I hated horizon zd?[View]
432740494>Final Fantasy VII REMAKE - Episode 1: Midgar (part 1)[View]
432739524Hello, this is Mario's adversary, Donkey Kong. I have drawn him after coming into contact with …[View]
432734681This is unironically one of the best RPG's I've played in the longest while. Why haven…[View]
432673463Remember The Good of Telltale: >As Telltale seemingly winds down for good, it’s important to reme…[View]
432740274Guys are ever gonna get Project X Zone 3?[View]
432738606How long til Bowsette ends up in the main series?[View]
432740238Best girl is sad /v/. What do we do?[View]
432740208I'm not autistic, but I do have a habit of yelling out spell and attack names when I perform th…[View]
432716176FEH Thread: Post who you want to see in the next banner. For me it's her. Also post your S supp…[View]
432740161Why is this allowed? Seriously who thought this is acceptable?[View]
432740149High School: What games let me live a high school experience where I wasn't a failure? Hard Mod…[View]
432737528I really like the idea about expeditions. It is fairly fun in mythic and the PvP mode is great anywa…[View]
432739843Give me a platformer game that's comfy, /v/[View]
432737423Best of Miiverse[View]
432738293Just a random undead like you... Honestly? Cheers to Miyazaki and an nice fuck you to the folks at F…[View]
432724742I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a…[View]
432739341What does /v/ think of the Prototype series? Did it deserve another game?[View]
432696487>play Morrowind >the Emperor actually sent me to Morrowind because I fit the description of th…[View]
432739889Smash Ultimate Leak: The game will have a nudist option for ALL fighter, male and female. Echos will…[View]
432737479My Wiimote doesn't bend like this. What am I doing wrong?[View]
432719776am I just a cynical piece of shit if all this support for Telltale looks like virtue signalling and …[View]
432738032https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul0Gilv5wvY why aren't we funding this.[View]
432733460@stomamohow can anyone defend this? its literal pay 2 win tactic designated towards the lowest commo…[View]
432735443>there are 'gamers' that haven't played one of the best platformers…[View]
432736704How do we fix this game?[View]
432701565>jealous bitch >shitty accent >probably a lesbian >flat as fuck Why do people like her a…[View]
432731502/v/ is playing in the 4chan spring cup in a few months. Post memes/characters you think should be on…[View]
432736119What even is this game? Should it even be a game?: death stranding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L…[View]
432739069Dark Souls Switch Demo: Only half an hour until you can grind a 20-minute segment of your favorite g…[View]
432735852Meanwhile in 1998 /v/...[View]
432739356What went right?[View]
432735468Post non-virgin characters in this thread.[View]
432725543I liked it.[View]
432736558>Genderbent version of Sonic's villain >cute little girl >not sexualized at all has ta…[View]
432728548God of War? not so good[View]
432738510>literally going back to older games to patch in forced diversity sasuga western gaming.…[View]
432739316DEUS EX: He’ll come back...right?[View]
432739148Is she the hardest boss in a 3rd platformer?[View]
432735135>Character slowly goes from innocent to insane[View]
432736237Super Smash Bros Special: スーパースマッシュブラザーズスペシャル予告編を編集します。 5人のユニークなキャラクターが登場します。 孫悟空、スティーブ、ガオガエン, バンダナワ…[View]
432691128Is this the highest quality fake Smash leak since Rayman?[View]
432735883Whats the best way to level the hero... ? >NOT the Alchemy >NOT the Weapons…[View]
432735162Jack is best girl hands down Talifags can fuck off[View]
432738763When's this get good?[View]
432738741Sunday night comfy ESO thread: Get in here and discuss Elder Scrolls Online. Share tips, builds, hou…[View]
432726123let's discuss genderbent in video games[View]
432733859Will she be in DMC5?[View]
432736919how to improve my skill to beat opponents in fortnight: I can't win any matches. it's a di…[View]
432737940>everyone is talking about some Mario nonsense while those games are obviously aimed on kindergar…[View]
432730617Anyone else not a fan of this over-the-shoulder camera that seems to be in every third-person game t…[View]
432737657Horror games never have interesting stories (Granted that applies to 90% of games) It's always …[View]
432737954REDFLAGS: ITT: redflags[View]
432734821It really is crazy that these two characters are in the same game and don't look as jarring nex…[View]
432737959Smash direct on october 5th: Hello. I work at Sora ltd. I have info on the next smash direct. The di…[View]
432737952Ah shit.[View]
432737895>Nintendo history >Recognizable >Reps a genre with no rep (horror) Either Jill or Leon is i…[View]
432737883videogames are for children. you youngsters shouldn't be on an 18+ website ok. go play outside.[View]
432736635> anon says 'your character is a neverever' > he wants a currently irrelevant character…[View]
432725589>nu-/v/ thinks microtransactions are totally acceptable. We used to have standards.…[View]
432685184*blocks your path*[View]
432734687why did one become popular while the other became irrelevant?[View]
432737584I wanted an Elite: Dangerous thread. What ship are you flying? How are you making money? And come co…[View]
432737101What am I in for?[View]
432736394Will nintendo implement her kn a future game[View]
432737303Now that we know where Bowser Jr. came from, can we confirm Mario has the deepest lore ever?[View]
432736094rosterfaggotry: r8 h8 masterb8[View]
432735818say hello to the first non vidya rep[View]
432733262> Game has a song with lyrics > You can't understand shit except for that one line, and w…[View]
432737194>Simon, Mega Man, and Pit are playable >Dragon Quest is one of the few franchises that has bee…[View]
432736783>game lets you play as the cool super-powerful side character for a segment…[View]
432733382What games do Yugofags play?[View]
432729748>trans people compare a magic transposition to a medical one whenever there will be a perfect way…[View]
432719343ITT: offensively bad re-designs[View]
432736589The Next Rep is Tetromino Man >The design is an animated Tetromino that has a fifth piece that ac…[View]
432736584When will you learn to let console wars go?[View]
432715131ITT: Characters you want to see in Smash Ultimate (with a twist): Post one character you want to see…[View]
432734780Claim your main[View]
432736952Spatial puzzles in vidya: Which games have good spatial puzzles? The less text the better.[View]
432734963Shitty voice acting thread. I'll start with a very low hanging fruit. https://youtu.be/wDZs1LSg…[View]
432736185I can't believe I'm typing this...but CAPCOM is among my favorite publishers again!!: I pl…[View]
43273586230+ year old gamer thread: What did my fellow boomers play this weekend? What games are you looking …[View]
432733634good casting choice?[View]
432735678duckin gamestop![View]
432736445Why is this the best fighting game ever made? Also sailor moon vidya thread.[View]
432736367Anyone played this?[View]
432717105'Hello, I'm the shittiest Paper Mario 64 party member.'[View]
432682741What the fuck I thought Cyberpunk was supposed to look like this[View]
432716264Why do people on /v/ have disdain for this game?[View]
432735296why did capcom nerf him? Being able to beat him SFV is nothing worth bragging about. People who were…[View]
432733278>black girl >red/white/blonde hair why is this so hot?…[View]
432733218Is this game worth playing? My gf bought it to play it herself but she's playing a different ga…[View]
432734249what games do indians play?[View]
432733426People who call games that aren't 99% combat and action walking simulators will never admit tha…[View]
432729039If you fags keep hyping up this Bowsette shit it's going to turn into another My Little Pony. D…[View]
432725662Modder puts Double Gear system in Mega Man 2 before 11 is even out: https://youtu.be/MJsqBs_KJo0…[View]
432732231Who the fuck was this guy and why don't we ever see him again?[View]
432722848>Splatfests are actually rigged now[View]
432732368Why no business sim of Mario's plumbing service?[View]
432735052How does this thing work? Is the performance based on the PC's GPU or the Steam Link's GPU…[View]
432735382Has anyone played rengoku 2? I played through the main game and had a blast but theres no documentat…[View]
432726393Death Stranding: So, best case scenario is that this turns out like NT's Hellblade, aka a reall…[View]
432735170Hey Tone, I don't think we're in Jersey no more.[View]
432728847I went to the dallas best buy event for super smash brothers ultimate. AMA.[View]
432733992Did you guys already forget about me ?[View]
432724883>Boss heals 50% of it’s health[View]
432731621> Anon is that the satanic game they use to train soldiers? How do you even reply to this without…[View]
432735043Is this the best turn based tactics games have to offer?[View]
432718343Name one problem with Breath of the Wild. You can't. Seriously. >t-t-there's only koro…[View]
432734385Updated my journal[View]
432730925Vampyr: I'm a really big fan of Dracula and Peter Cushing's Van Helsing, is this the game …[View]
432723292>Sekiro >Death Stranding >Bayonetta 3 What surprise will it bring?…[View]
432733665this is kirby he's a good lad and this is a thread about him[View]
432733271How the fuck can a company that made Wolfenstein 2, a pro communist black panther anti white shitfes…[View]
432734851Anyone played it? Looks like WW 2 squad with even worse graphics and optimization. Would someone who…[View]
432718525Castlevania - 7/10 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - 6/10 Castlevania: The Adventure - 6/10 Castl…[View]
432730278>he's in[View]
432734571I'M WATCHING YOU SCUM.: What are your favorite TES 3: Morrowind mods?[View]
432733336Defend this shit Personafags.[View]
432734259How long til Bowsette ends up in the main series?[View]
432734630How do you feel knowing that the future of the Tales series is edgy and turn based?[View]
432731704Ignore the Todd. Get the load.[View]
432693276Sakurai tells you that there are 9 character slots left and he lets you choose the final 9 Who do yo…[View]
432732309>ruins everything[View]
432732742Generic anime porn drawings are NOT video games >b-but its bowse- No it's not. Bowser is a t…[View]
432728824Good games to play while getting baked as F*CK?[View]
432709023How does this picture make you feel?[View]
432729212Who will be in the house tonight?[View]
432734082OYA OYA OYA[View]
432726197Seriously, what the actual fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
432730352>yfw Steve didn't even touch any fan polls and even the one that matters back in 2015 when t…[View]
432721438meanwhile on USG /v/shimura[View]
432733114What's the verdict? Buy or wait for sale?[View]
432731421So can we all agree that this is objectively the best media franchise of all time?[View]
432730330Code Vein: Are you going to buy her game today?[View]
432730728>/v/ in 2012 >TWD is based, I love it, GOTY >hey want to discuss this VN >NO FUCK OFF TH…[View]
432733167This whole board is full of people implying that objectively bad games, yes graphics are a thing and…[View]
432733367*teleports behind you*[View]
432732405>Expansion dedicated to Alliance vs. Horde war >Barely any in it at all >Best Warchief isn…[View]
432732341its-a me, mario! okiedokie, letsa make a pizza pie together! you go get some-a sausage, im-a gonna g…[View]
432698650>”Hey moonpie, I have a box of bravarian cream-filled doughnuts in the back. You uhh, want to che…[View]
432700373non-shitpost DMC Thread: Have you been doing anything motivating lately?[View]
4327298182 more weeks until GOTY. Im not even going to leave my house for a week when this releases[View]
432732301What the fuck was her problem?[View]
432733034> he thinks PS5 will come out sooner than 2022[View]
432725964>life is strange gets a sequel >it isn't called life is stranger…[View]
432731597Smash Bros Ultimate Leak ScarlettN64: Hello I have multiple sources that work for Nintendo that have…[View]
432730395What are some good examples of artificial difficulty /v/?[View]
432732234totally forgotten[View]
432726089Smash want/don't want: Time for a totally unique thread Post ur shit and rate others[View]
432727287The missing piece to prove every Juri player is an irredeemable degenerate.[View]
432729414This is not as good as you guys told me it would be. Take responsibility.[View]
432731912The perfect Devil May Cry game is made in terms of gameplay, visuals, and style but the cutscene dir…[View]
432705792Join the room and share your favourite vidya tracks https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/vidya[View]
432729635Where's Giga Bowsette?[View]
432729771Black ops 4: cute CUTE![View]
432725117Anyone figure out how to get the hand sweat stains off of their nintendietablet? It's driving m…[View]
432729642>people actually buy games at $60 why[View]
432721406So can we all agree that The Witcher is the best vidya trilogy ever?[View]
432727818>*whistles for magic pterodactyl* >autoruns through forest to trail marker >*psychoserum vi…[View]
432731812>Hercules >Toy Story >Monster Inc >Tangled >Frozen >Pirates >Big Hero Six …[View]
432728546ITT: Actual Bowser: Why are people wanting to change Bowser? He's perfect as it is. The ultimat…[View]
432731163Is it still worth playing?[View]
432731178 [View]
432668979>'They've got that management of video games down,' Says Jaffe. 'It is about the teams, sure…[View]
432728341When do you think mods will come to Fallout 76?[View]
432731543Give me 1 reason nintendo isn't doing the virtual console. They sure as fuck allow their platfo…[View]
432730172So Risk of Rain on Switch randomly makes you lose data. Unlocked two characters in my first run and …[View]
432730345They really ruined V with all those tattoos. They look like shit. I know he's suppose to be the…[View]
432731469>he actually picked yennefer[View]
432728141ITT: casual filters[View]
432731446screenshot thread[View]
432728086How long til Bowsette ends up in the main series?[View]
432729614Hello nice to meet you I am working for market advertise Nintendo I will answer your question about …[View]
432730910>”The man with a skull fur a face — Skullface” Wow fucking bravo Kohima 10/10 writing…[View]
432730595We need some more racing reps.[View]
432717405Kingdom Hearts 3: You ready for KH2FM to be de-throned as the best action RPG of all time?[View]
432720941Why do people hate on telltale so much?: I knowthat their new games are hardly even 'games', but ear…[View]
432722794Hot Coldman[View]
432726650Tell me again, /v/. What went so right? Previous Thread: >>432722556[View]
432728474just started playing this when does it really gets good?[View]
432731059Setting vanilla aside, can we all agree now that WotLK was the best expansion ever?[View]
432731045>bad at stealth games >follow the basics like moving slow, no fighting etc >still get caugh…[View]
432730510Agumon in smash?: A guy posted on Smashboards that he sent Dorothy Fahn ,a voice actress and sister …[View]
432728151>main character is a dick that hates everyone[View]
432729838Do Americans really dress like this?[View]
432730665In the next days my internet will SHUT DOWN for a good 4-5 months. Burned my bridges with all my fr…[View]
432648256Are you enjoying it?[View]
432730527You got in, right?[View]
432727712should more games have a fat slider?[View]
432725448Rising Storm 2 thread: >Mid-flank >Literally the craziest flank and killstreak you've eve…[View]
432730454He's in.[View]
432727801why don't you want another xenoblade character in smash[View]
432723425Defend this.[View]
432729651Guys i have a conspiracy theory about EA What if EA is secretly run by jewish people and they'r…[View]
432729025Don't talk to me or my son ever again[View]
432728363Be real. Based on the demo, it's gonna suck.[View]
432723813>switch has no game-[View]
432728294How do you find people to play with?: >friend tells me to buy pc so we can play together >it…[View]
432727715Itt: We post more iconic and deserving characters than geno.[View]
432729573Name a game that looks better. Protip: You can't.[View]
432725651lets settle this once and for all Beard or smile?[View]
432727854>Melee 'Who's Marth and Roy they seem cool.' >Brawl 'I don't know who Ike is but he…[View]
432695023Tier list thread. Get in here.[View]
432727686>cures your depression[View]
432727551Does Battlefront 2 stand a chance to make a comeback like Rainbow 6 Siege? A while back R6 Siege was…[View]
432729338ITT: Games that are manly and takes actual skill.[View]
432727579What if you became a Hot Girl? Wouldn't that be funny? Ha ha.[View]
432729269Luigi's Mansion 3 Thread: >Concert Hall >boss fight is Melody >she turns into the pia…[View]
432722553How many times have you been banned? >4 LoL accounts permabanned[View]
432729253Should Chika Takami be in Smash?[View]
432726304Guys what happened to my dad?: Can someone explain this shit to me[View]
432729050Hey anon come play Sega Saturn with me! You do have a Sega Saturn...right?[View]
432726039stop not playing cs 1.6 and play new maps from the community[View]
432678687Realistically, Sony wouldn't bother with Kojima and Death Stranding if he pitched a glorified w…[View]
432728854What do you do when you get the spontaneous urge to play another game when you're currently goi…[View]
432727609VR Gaming Thread: >he didnt fall for the vr meme Post everything VR in here Upcoming Games: >S…[View]
4327185263x3 thread[View]
432725952This is a movie game like The Last of Us, how come /v/ loves it?[View]
432728582MY FELLOW GAMERS! Have you RISEN up today?[View]
432728456I don't get it[View]
432728125The imitation game: Graphics within videogames have come a long way in so few year and with the dawn…[View]
432728770Is this the best looking feet in a game?[View]
432728729Bargain games: Hey /v/, what type of games were you able to get at a bargain price, I've get bo…[View]
432727660Exxplain to me again why exactly Bloodborne isnt better than Dark Souls[View]
432728672Soulcalibur VI Unlocks: This is a complete guess. I have absolutely no insider information Remaining…[View]
432728659Hideaki Itsuno: I’d love to make Rival Schools 3, Dragon’s Dogma 2, or even Street Fighter 6.: “If I…[View]
432726570Are they dare I say, back?[View]
432727890What do you want to see from Xenoverse 3?[View]
432718448>Mom please buy me one PLEASE[View]
432666348/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>432594402 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
432713585How the FUCK do we fix zorah magdaros?[View]
432728206Can y'all niggas just stop with the Bowsette threads and make just one fucking general? Like ho…[View]
432728190>If jannies stop deleting threads we'll stop making them >Jannies stop deleting threads a…[View]
432723580Spacelords / Raiders of the broken planet: >be me >queue up for mission >mentor match >o…[View]
432724131Tak thread: Tak and the power of juju What went so right /v/?[View]
432726124Pokemon: Gale of Darkness[View]
432723880Friendly reminder: These are objectively the best Video game Songs of all time[View]
432726117Nostalgia Thread: You have been disconnected from the server.[View]
432727643whats the best tiger woods game?[View]
432726791>mfw when the wind is slow and the fire is hot[View]
432713529Come up with a new ip and title in 1 sentence or less[View]
432727868So you ever notice how Mario is always all like 'Wohoo!' and 'yipee!' but then Luigi is more like ju…[View]
432727787There is not ONE game I have enjoyed on the Switch. Really regret buying it at midnight the day it c…[View]
432681987Haven’t had an all nighter with the boys since high school almost 8 years ago.[View]
432724606RDR2: Is it fair to say this is going to top 3 best game of all time? Considering Rockstar as a whol…[View]
432665631Bought this game today, what am I in for?[View]
432725165Has there ever been a good Sailor Moon videogame? Mars best girl[View]
432715010https://youtu.be/HNSjseHb8wc please be good, please be good, please be good I don't want anoth…[View]
432723454Normally I wouldn’t do something this blatant and stupid, but since /v/ is 99 percent shit right rig…[View]
432726345Smash Ultimate Final Roster: Hey everyone, Before I get started, I just want to say if you believe n…[View]
432722497The Xbox BubbleGum Profile pic: what was your experience with these type of peeps, i remember them b…[View]
432716089>game takes place in ancient Greece >people fight >with loincloths >not naked Why can’t …[View]
432726990Y I K E S I K E S[View]
432704089I fucking hate living in this shithole. We have a murder every 5 minutes and now THIS! A FUCKING THI…[View]
432723679Is this a fun, immersive game? I wonder if should spend 1000€ for a PS4 Pro + VR set etc to play it.[View]
432726891chad lubba vs virgin rosalina[View]
432720220Literally the best Final Fantasy.[View]
432679954Labyrinth of Refrain: What is the rundown on specifically named souls? Got one labeled for Rugal, do…[View]
432725067>more like TallTale Games[View]
432719056ITT: Acceptable smash picks: I’ll begin with the SNK rep[View]
432726843Undertale, now that was a game: https://youtu.be/Z9chht6X2IY[View]
432726738DEAD CELLS: Just got it on switch. What am I in for?[View]
432726719Imagine wasting your cancer wish on this[View]
432726432This whole board is full of people implying that objectively bad games, yes graphics are a thing and…[View]
432721883How based are you, /v/?[View]
432726608THIS GAME SUCKS *dab*[View]
432716952Why aren't you using TWiLightMenu and nds-bootstrap to play DS games off your 3DS' SD card…[View]
432726237When did you grow out of FPS games, anons?[View]
432726348What went so right?[View]
432722403sims: which game is the best?[View]
432726517Admit it. A Smash x TF2 crossover would be unbelievably fucking hype.[View]
432726442TellTale 'Choice' ''games'' So your choices matter but they have very little impact on the over all…[View]
432725686Comen, if thou darest![View]
432725937>hitscan guns[View]
432718979Thinking on buying this, some friends liked it, other not so much. Is it worth it? i love metroidvan…[View]
432722556What went right?[View]
432725718Describe how you felt when she didn't want to give you a badge for beating her.[View]
432726075what are the major game shows that take place? I know of E3, TGS, and GOTY awards, what am I missing…[View]
432726048This would be $110 + tip[View]
432725984best weapons from a game: Y'all aint shit if you dont like the Stromberg from GTA V[View]
432725962First episode was great! I was actually looking forward to finishing the rest of this game! Now it…[View]
432723671What's his problem?[View]
432725894Would you a Queen Dedede, /v/?[View]
432725880literally the third nuke[View]
432721027When did you realize that they were in the wrong the whole time? After so many unfinished, broken, p…[View]
432721645Can anyone explain to me how did they actually do the time travel level on the tech side of things? …[View]
432725728Dual bossfights: the game.[View]
432725429Ha ha.[View]
432722779Was this shit any good?[View]
432724593ITT: Mysteries in games[View]
432725446>mfw I wake up one day and I barely recognize half the games posted on /v/ >there are hardly a…[View]
432718417N64 Classic: Nintendo posted 20 videogame manuals for the N64 on their website These are the 20 game…[View]
432721487[STRENGTH 10] Buy my game, or else!...[SUCCESS][View]
432719389Any of these games worth playing for the campaign?[View]
432724391Risk of Rain Switch: Y'all havin fun? Considering actually paying for online now just to play t…[View]
432721273Why stop at just Bowsette? Have the plumber wear the crown too.[View]
432723989post last screenshot you took yourself senpai[View]
432725148AAAAAADAAAM, we've got to investigate pizza gate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qri7bg7HHM S…[View]
432670708Name my band /v/[View]
432724979Gaming Improvements: Racing games are an example of really simplistic status from previous games to …[View]
432723054Just a little over a week, and Mega Man 11 will be here. Are you looking forward to it? You have pla…[View]
432710670Red Dead Redemption 2: I've been working at Rockstar as a Programmer for just over 3 years and …[View]
432722717GOTY drops in 10 days, you have played the other 11 games in the series right anon?[View]
432714662Why are skin tight leather suits the best most flexible clothing for fighter vidya girls to wear?[View]
432722767>'I play games on the Normal difficulty setting because that's the way the game was meant to…[View]
432722810Really hated this game. I played through this to completion (which was a real struggle) with my wife…[View]
432714859>Bloodborne finally releases on PC >Bloodborne goes from hourly shillthreads to not having a s…[View]
432707430Metroid thread Does Prime 4 coming out mean they're finally retconing Other M?[View]
432720064From the DMC discord, based Matt.[View]
432723274Squad: Is this game worth it? I've seen YouTube videos and it looks good.[View]
432724639Japan expects that these will be the best games to release within the next few months. Thoughts?[View]
432724734Redpill me on Kingdom Hearts. I've only played the 3DS game, but I'm aiming to get fully i…[View]
432721932Hey /v/ should i consider getting into the Hitman Series? since Hitman 2 is coming out soon and i do…[View]
432724673Y'all watching top four or what? Polaritygg on Twitch.[View]
432722407Luigi's Mansion 3: >What are your hopes? >What are your fears? So far this is looking alr…[View]
432721638i didn't see it coming[View]
432724634Is there any word about when Mario Kart Switch is going to come out ?[View]
432724618Whatare some games with deep themes.[View]
432723317How to i get gut in Naruto Shinobi Striker /v/?[View]
432724169Where my ken bros at? How do you feel about best bro bein in smash[View]
432724250I'm still upset.[View]
432717813Etrian Odyssey 4: Why do EO fans consider 4 to be one of the weaker entries? I never finished it (Go…[View]
432722172SHE'S IN[View]
432723651Are there really people here that only have one console? Why?[View]
432721959Hey /v/! I'm working on something about gaming culture, so I'm starting two surveys. Do yo…[View]
432720029This pic is the perfect setting for video games[View]
432723703The best pokemon rival.[View]
432723652blazed out the yin-yang Hit me with some good high /v/-music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlg43w…[View]
432722363Help! I'm stuck![View]
432720315>those environments >that atmosphere >those cool as fuck upgrades >those cool as fuck su…[View]
432722805Black ops IIII launches with 11 maps: Call of duty 4 launched with 16 plus a kick ass multiplayer h…[View]
432723031Dolphin emulation thread.[View]
432721842Rayman smash bros thread[View]
432722616Games with this feel.[View]
432720541The World Ends with You: Final Remix: I had to wait 11 years but finally, here it is bros, more peop…[View]
432722554Why does Kamek still put up with Bowser's shit?[View]
432722746Ray Tracing: So besides the upcoming RTX lineup, what are some existing games/mods that have ray tra…[View]
432722108https://youtu.be/UF8x0Y_5QO0 Steve's in and this is his trailer theme.[View]
432722591What are some video games where you can be a gangster?[View]
432722519Has there ever been a good Sailor Moon videogame? Mars best girl[View]
432720495>I SEE NO, HEAR NO EVIL[View]
432721337>be me today, newfag >go back to roblox for nostalgia >find jojo related game >dio.png …[View]
432721631>Crown makes a toad peach How many times has peach been assassinated by a toad and replaced?…[View]
432722226*looks at roaster: Is that... all their is? No challenge, no... resistance?[View]
432717721>v-sync makes game run like shit >turned off the screen tearing is terrible >no borderless …[View]
432721740>be me >getting new neighbours >i'm shy as fuck but i want to make a good impression …[View]
432716881Can people explain why they want skull kid in smash more than this guy. >Been in more games >W…[View]
432721781DeadbyDaylight: Check out this meme I made[View]
432720512>It's okay for /trash/ to spam the board if it's Nintendo themed WHAT DID THE JANNIES M…[View]
432715176is this game technically gacha?[View]
432707294Is Minecraft the game with the biggest mass appeal? >children love it >autists love it >nor…[View]
432718650>gaming has evolved to offer rich and complex experiences, artistic merit, layered, challenging g…[View]
432721521'im a gamer' meme: im looking for an image similar to this where it depicts a man getting hit by thr…[View]
432718226>Be Hidetaka Miyazaki >Create extremely popular game franchise >After 3 games and a spin-of…[View]
432714832Bowsette Is Getting Bigger and Bigger: Let's talk Bowsette. It's entirely possible for her…[View]
432709807What is the most hated game on /v/?[View]
432717426Let's write our own ending for Clem, 5 words at a time: Clementine was sleeping, when suddenly…[View]
432721478Do you buy your vidya /v/?[View]
432705416So recently I've learned I actually like Metroidvanias. I have some time in Dead Cells and pla…[View]
432695732Comfy PS3 thread[View]
432719398Post your fight-sticks.[View]
432720764dad where's the video games[View]
432719078Are you guys ready for the Year of Waluigi?[View]
432721142It's fucking monday again[View]
432719818Will Red Dead Redemption 2 have a scene as kino as this?[View]
432714543>that one kid who said he was going to become a video game pro but never did…[View]
432720840xbox: Why did this happen?[View]
432718114/v/. I don't know what betrayed you and caused you to fall into such despair in the past. But y…[View]
432698702Todd helps terminally ill 12 year-old fan play Fallout 76: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-0…[View]
432720224What do you think is the best platform for competitive esports?? For me? Its league of legends[View]
432719942https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-9uTDraPxY This game has a lot of potential. The combat is almost D…[View]
432720912>hypes Forza with commanding voice[View]
432717397Show me a game with well written lesbians. Pro tip: you can't, dykes are disgusting[View]
432707841She's in.[View]
432720735Post video game characters that are actually you.[View]
432720689I'll probably get shat on, but I don't care. /v/, any good minecraft mods so I can do more…[View]
432719375PSA for all the potential buyers of Red Dead Redemption 2: Hey guys! Rockstar here. We just wanted t…[View]
432718853Square Enix PR dude here. FF8 isn't being ported right now because a couple if devs are working…[View]
432684316X10/100 matches are just a way for devs to rig splatfests in broad daylight.[View]
432719928Grove Street[View]
432720000Apologize to David Cage: Admit it Cage is at the top of his game. He makes the best Adventure games…[View]
432720182>7-hour tutorial with a Sora palette swap who comes from the Donutsteel Akatsuki Corps >Storyl…[View]
432720128ITT: major redflags.[View]
432719506well /v/? how we can fix this problem?[View]
432707115why can't more games focus on giving female characters ripped bodies? i am tired of flabby look…[View]
432720025How long has the fem Bowser thing been going on and how did it start? Pic unrelated.[View]
432719910Mega Man Powered Up artwork: Anyone have this style of artwork (pic related) for the Genesis Unit or…[View]
432719897How can one game be so full of soul?[View]
432713259How long until Bowser gets his own game? BiS doesn't count, that's a Mario game.[View]
432707510Are you gonna buy her game in 2020?[View]
432719618Serious question /v/ With everyone here lusting after Bowsette would anyone like to join a Bowsette-…[View]
432719840ITT: bosses only YOU have trouble with[View]
432719830Post male video games characters that you like[View]
432719805What's your favorite kind of side quest?[View]
432717001Smash Ultimate: I know most leaks start by saying how they got their information, however, I will no…[View]
432713072Why is MMO music so great?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SotTOj51eIM Despite what you think of MM…[View]
432708957>play game >you're in a relationship >uninstall…[View]
432719646So why did the press overhype this game? Dubbing it as the next gen or anything along those lines? N…[View]
432714185who is your favorite female protagonist?[View]
432718175How are you liking his movie?[View]
432719095If I was addicted to anything edible like I am to TF2, I'd suspect that it has drugs in it. How…[View]
432718463>get n64 + mario 64 for Xmas >play for a few days without knowing about paintings >think th…[View]
432719391DON'T play Rune Factory[View]
432702375>Takes 10 years to make a sequel >Almost kills the franchise with DmC >Finally releases DMC…[View]
432717116Imagine actually getting mad while looking at this. pathetic.[View]
432715908I miss d&d games: the best cRPG since Mask of the Betrayer about to drop how hyped are you /v?…[View]
432718860Excuse this newfag I'm maliciously complying: >be me >see post on r/writingprompts >wr…[View]
432707102You can pick one assist trophy or pokeball pokemon to turn into a playable character, who do you pic…[View]
432718940The real question is, can I cut the grass and foliage?[View]
432718420>game is actually good when you ban the bird[View]
432718139WHWYYYY in the video games 4channnn board IS THERE JUST AS MUCH HENTAI/PORN as everywjhere ELSE WtfF…[View]
432718358> all these bowserette posts > none for KRool chan Smh…[View]
432715000Akinator is dead[View]
432716746Vidya ads: ITT: Post the best/worst vidya ads.[View]
432717914Play Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight[View]
432717946Anyone else miss translucent Controllers and consoles?[View]
432718547this kills the bowsette thread[View]
432716778>2018 >Gaming laptops are still awful Why?…[View]
432718193Spiderman Thread: I can't fucking decide which costume to use. I constantly switch between Adva…[View]
4327181203 days: In 3 days time maybe we will find that special price held within his eyes.https://youtu.be/N…[View]
432712672What does /v/ think of brown Anne?[View]
432718493is trailer park boys /co/ now?[View]
432717351Sorry to get your hopes up, but Browsette will NEVER be canon[View]
432714957A Starter Objectively Great MMO: Alright, /v/, here's for posting what's known about MMOs …[View]
432712657How to make Bowserette 100% non-gay: In an alternate timeline (Odyssey bad ending), king Bowser and …[View]
432718346God Hand: >have worst camera in vidya history >add enemies that teleport behind you and need a…[View]
432704430ITT: underrated kino endings[View]
432718323Daily reminder that if you don't like girls in games, you might be fucking gay[View]
432717838 [View]
432717027Why do you feel obligated to beat every game on its hardest difficulty? Lower difficulties can be mo…[View]
432718231What do you guys think of Tenchu Creeds atmosphere? It's fucking garbage in my opinion. It…[View]
432718096Sis I... I... I wanna...[View]
432718201Nier Automata: It's a masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NiyfG8Ctbo[View]
432717798Why aren't you playing Destiny 2 right now? They've literally fixed everything.[View]
432718125What, still here? Hand it over. That thing, your dark soul. For my Dark Souls thread.[View]
432718108castleminerz: first people to send a message to cboysplash (steam) will get free copy of the game,bt…[View]
432713984Can we take a moment to appreciate Duon?[View]
432710598Next MonolithSoft Game Thread: What do you want for it? What kind of gameplay should it get?[View]
432713006We post old games that are never going to come back: Miss me yet?[View]
432684768Monster Hunter World: Bladefags are forbidden to post in my thread. Who else is hyped as fuck for AT…[View]
432717968What game do you think is the best platform for competitive esports? For me? It league of legends[View]
432714601Games that quickly put you in a good mood: also any chance this gets a sequel on Switch?[View]
432717126day 1 buy playing dark souls while taking a shit is quite the experience[View]
432717834You did side with the knights right?[View]
432715930destiny 2: Does anyone still play this?[View]
432708204> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iF9LgQ3e7Y So the new Death Stranding trailer actually changes…[View]
432713416Hat kid>Geno Hat kid is the better smash pick.[View]
432717706How can you describe her swimsuit?[View]
432681385Comfy HK Thread: >flies in from offscreen nuthin' personnel, kid…[View]
432717217Hey /v/, can we make a list of all known major autists who plague this board? The ones I know are …[View]
432700636Life after vidjia: What will you do if video games become uninteresting to you? Do you have a second…[View]
432713150Should I play Paper Mario 64 before Thousand Year Door?[View]
432717429Why haven't you switched to Linux yet anon? 4chan is hosted on Linux. Your Android and iPhone r…[View]
432717505It seems as though Subhuman will still be in, and you'll have the option of choosing other song…[View]
432714238ITT: Underrated masterpieces[View]
432713059Who is the greatest Belmont and why is it Christopher?[View]
432714547Will we ever get another Parappa game?[View]
432717408Anyone from south america or another 3rd world shithole getting cucked hard by the price tag?[View]
432717348Daily reminder that these are the 9 best video game tracks in all of gaming[View]
432693923KINGDOM HEARTS 3: This is the most hyped I’ve ever been for a video game. Everything we’ve seen from…[View]
432716335where's goddamn art FFS: post some DMC ladies[View]
432714616Is this ludo?[View]
432717072Best Animal Crossing character thread[View]
432716808had recently spawned a new world in single-player Minecraft. Everything was normal at first as I beg…[View]
432690829What is the point of this mechanic other than to annoy the living piss out of you? This game is not …[View]
432716370i will buy free game to 3 people (you have to play with me at it): i will buy 3 people castleminerz …[View]
432716980>Virgin Eggette Not Popular in Japan Made after the release of Sonic Mania >CHAD Bowsette Popu…[View]
432713029>'Will you cheer me on anon?'[View]
432716947You guys weren’t kidding when you said that Gungeon got fixed by AGnD update.[View]
432715461Is it actually hype?[View]
432716862Best new character of 2018[View]
432714843requesting someone port sex mod for fallout 4 xbox please?[View]
432706592Assasin's Creed recommendations? Finishing currently Black Flag. 90% of game is literally (Sid …[View]
432716604>This is appropriate attire for a 14 year old >t. level 5…[View]
432710947What are you worried about for Resident Evil 2?[View]
432715078I did a thing on Kenshi: And now I must flee! Anyone else enjoy Kenshi, I bet a lot of people have h…[View]
432716183DA: Inquisition egg hate thread: why is this absolute fuckin cunt so autistic about 'muh duty' liste…[View]
432715402Why has nobody done this before me[View]
432715190Trying to help a fellow up and coming streamer who is hurting for follows if your bored and have not…[View]
432713634Shantae in Smash: Steve? More like Dweeb. Shanty support thread![View]
432710657Was this Bioware's last good game?[View]
432716094Bowsette thread But i got a question, bowsette should be: A) a peach look a like Or B) a Tan Amazon …[View]
432714389Spore thread: WHY DID EA FUCK UP THIS FRANCHISE SO HARD? I still enjoy it but damn, it feels like so…[View]
432716263What are some games where the hero looses everything at the end?[View]
432710784>the absolute state of Kojima apologists. Can't insult their baby, or you'll get blocke…[View]
432702662Switch, Piracy and Online: Where were you when Nintendo won the fight against hack? Sure there are c…[View]
432716158Jack Marston: Why did Rockstar go prequel? Jack's character arc was badass. And I would have pl…[View]
432714147The future of VR: Chose two >real-life like FOV >inside out, full body tracking with full bod…[View]
432716010>game with random weather >starts raining >get my avatar into a house or store or whatever …[View]
432715939>tfw enemy is winning or in a winning position >he taunts you >you manage to kill him anywa…[View]
432709512ITT: it's 2018[View]
432711687It flopped right?[View]
432687504post video games that would be perfect in VR[View]
432714280>GTA Online characters look like crack junkies >character creation sucks dick ALSO >Why did…[View]
432715326Hey /v/ play Blood Bowl[View]
432715803Just finished Star Ocean 2. It was fantastic. Trying to make my way through the series, how does the…[View]
432715854Horror games never have interesting stories (Granted that applies to 90% of games) It's always …[View]
432712349That game you like? It's shit and you're shit for liking it. How does that make you feel?[View]
432710112>tfw we'll never get to [glass him] again[View]
432715432>big, fully explorable hub >npcs interactions, side missions, shops where you can upgrade your…[View]
432715127castleminerz: ok so basically theres thsi game castleminerz that is similiar to minecraft but has gu…[View]
432714178Post some motherfucking party games ITT[View]
432703493IT'S DEAD, JIM: Switch sequel when, Nintendo?!??[View]
432681287Post them custom characters[View]
432710038More Bowsette? More Bowsette[View]
432714301Happy 128th birthday, Nintendo![View]
432714216Flavor of Last Month: The last two years have seen an absolute torrent of good new games and I'…[View]
432712302>Granblue Fantasy JRPG is a ps4 exclusive by Platinum, based on one of the most popular mobages i…[View]
432711348You wake up & see this headline, how do you react?[View]
432713432How would you feel having Masked man as a echo fighter and Duster as an Assist trophy?[View]
432703387Anti Super Crown thread: This a thread who for anyone who hates this mother fucking thing.[View]
432714589He's the next entry in the Marvel Videogame Universe[View]
432712052Only one is the best game of all time[View]
432714163Golden Chiral Lion[View]
432714679What the fuck is her problem?[View]
432714096what are some games that make you feel like this?[View]
432712921Discuss geno's chances in smash ultimate in this thread, as well as mario rpg representation in…[View]
432709008What is the most iconic (evil) duo (trio?) in video games, /v/?[View]
432682443gen 4: Is this the comfiest game of all time brehs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpkr49RioHg http…[View]
432690117How have I never played this before? It's really good wtf. I'm actually enjoying the remas…[View]
432709219Honest opinions about Japanese indie developers hating western gamers?[View]
432712337Anybody have any tips for playing support in lol? I'm shit, but I'd really like to play wi…[View]
432711165Hi guys i have this error all the time in the same spot in dragon quest 11, any help?[View]
432712082>A 'movie game' where your choices actually matter rot in hell telltale…[View]
432704994How much do you need to pay to create a successful gaming company?: Is $50k/year in San Francisco en…[View]
432689634Dark Souls Switch is a complete disaster: >Namco Bandai spent over a year trying to get the updat…[View]
432713523Why is it that the only time trans women get any respect is when cishet men fetishize us?[View]
432713895How do we fix the horror genre?[View]
432662538>over a decade ago[View]
432705563Is it too late to start playing League of Legends?[View]
432708376Here are your historically accurate Roman generals bro[View]
432713869ban waifufags[View]
432713867Why do /v/ mods ban all non-bait threads yet leave nudity up?: Seriously /v/setera has become a shel…[View]
432710771>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3ePLvGeNYc Just why?[View]
432708265Daily reminder that these are the 9 best video game tracks in all of gaming[View]
432679178What killed Telltale Games?[View]
432713698Left Alive Gameplay: >looks generic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8viVC3duX0…[View]
432703975>Be me >have no friends who plays wow anymore >Join a new Guild >Havent raided before du…[View]
432713037>/v/ is now defending microtransactions in full priced games because they love Devil May Cry How …[View]
432713563He's in[View]
432710171Played Chrono Trigger for the first time last year. Loved it. How's Chrono Cross?: Anything I n…[View]
432709203DMCV Leak: Leaving this here, enjoy DMCV /v/ ;)[View]
432711756Ace Attorney: When will AA7 be announced? TGS was a fucking disappointment.[View]
432704373Non massive Online RPG: Hi everyone, I'm not much of a gamer, and I wanted to try some kind of …[View]
432713393Ascalon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMUdPF260Uk[View]
432679831Valkyria Chronicles 4: VC4 thread. Only a couple days till you EOPs get to play the best game of 201…[View]
432683038Why is /v/ and /vg/ so bad at fighting games?. This is someone from /fgg/ who thought it'd be f…[View]
432710032Thalmor did nothing wrong[View]
432709735First time playing: Tell me in detail what I'm in for.[View]
432703186Is Mass Effect 1 Kino?[View]
432713148>Oh how we danced when we were young...in a videogame...[View]
432712319Does Lineage II still got it?[View]
432712372I get we can get our clothes stained with blood, but can we cut the grass or trees or foliage in any…[View]
432712716Just a friendly reminder if you are attracted to this character in a physical/sexual way you are A C…[View]
432708972How do you go from this...[View]
432711529nothing to see here[View]
432712247What are some Pac-Man where I can game as play?[View]
432712456>there will never be a WW2 game with a German campaign[View]
432712278Let me in.[View]
432696985The New Colossus: >completely ruin the perfectly balanced tone set by TNO >make Wyatt a drug f…[View]
432684449Which Nintendo handheld has the best overall library?[View]
432710962>your password is incorrect. Please try again >your password is incorrect. Please try again …[View]
432695056It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAVLq961tWc[View]
432712525MGS4 was a pretty comfy game[View]
432710204What happened to the vidya community? I have a few guys that I play games but lately they've b…[View]
432710981Post best vidya girls Pic related[View]
432708570ITT: Post your 10/10s[View]
432712141Part 7 Never[View]
432711029>base game is horrible >paid DLC is 10x better Why is this allowed?…[View]
432708862What are some realistic Conquistador games[View]
432708857All franchises in smash so far[View]
432711590Anyone else kind of disappointed at the state of modern gaming? I mean, most developers are choosing…[View]
432706668Will they be playable? Will we get DLC campaigns and costumes? Will this be the biggest DMC game eve…[View]
432680073SCP Sunday Funday Join up at[View]
432664401>Enter a tomb that no one has been in a thousand years >The torches are lit…[View]
432707097This is your new smash character. Say something nice.[View]
432699384SERIOUS QUESTION GUYS. What do you really think about toxic crusader episode? This is the only episo…[View]
432703790bye felicia *crying laughing*[View]
432711114List your favorite game from every single genre here[View]
432711659It's just too good for Nintendo.[View]
432711620I liked it.[View]
432711053Gamer boyz thread /v/ 2.0: Thread for boys only! What games are you boys playing? I'm having a …[View]
432699537>you can actually play this on PC right now, and for free if you're quick about it >nobod…[View]
432711275Report: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launching With Only 11 Maps and 4 Are Remakes: AND 4 ARE REMAKES K…[View]
432708780Which Witcher game do you think is the best?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16513967[View]
432711274>'Hey, it's ya boy, back at again'[View]
432711186How would you rank the dungeons in P5 in terms of gameplay?[View]
432704637Worth the buy /v/?[View]
432700145>One copy of Spiderman PS4 please.[View]
432703196MGS V: Installing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with no prior knowledge of the series. Can an…[View]
432709581>waifu is at home >want to play games instead of seeing her >waifu is not at home >want …[View]
432693852Why do people pretend that Dark Souls has a good story? >Kingdom Heart's main antagonist is …[View]
432710902Deepest lore.[View]
432707570>give a champion a skin that is clearly 100% ripped off of Bloodborne >bring up Bloodborne in …[View]
432710264Hey look buddy, I'm a level 70 warrior. That means I solve problems, not problems like 'What is…[View]
432681868TELLTALE GAMES ARE SHUTTING DOWN: https://twitter.com/telltalegames/status/1043252010999410689 Offic…[View]
432708891Playing this for the first time. What will I think of it?[View]
432710504You did side with the knights, right /v/?[View]
432703565r8 h8 and masturb8[View]
432708225What weapon should I use?[View]
432708342I’m jumping on, but I need a little help /v/.: Good word of mouth has convinced me to hop onto the D…[View]
432710292Level that you want to see again that only appeared once: Picture related Post em.[View]
432710213when do you guys suppose Nintendo will release the Nintendo 64 mini?[View]
432710164What's the /v/erdict on this game?[View]
432705845So is his power oil manipulation or something?[View]
432675284Is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. better than sex?[View]
432710012If Lubba met Professor E. Gadd from Luigi's Mansion![View]
432684063Soul Calibur 6/SC6: Will you be playing the network test, lads? https://twitter.com/soulcalibur/stat…[View]
432703261The green mode in Smash Ultimate ISN'T called Spirits some weeb ASSUMED it was Spirits Are you …[View]
432709872Genre variety: >thread on resetgaf about topic >OP says the obvious >99% of responses the s…[View]
432709742How fucking dumb can you be to not get the brain copying after the password puzzle[View]
432708197Here is the Trailer Preview of a new comic I am making starring Lubba as the main antagonist and all…[View]
432709169Will Kiefer Sutherland be in it too ?[View]
432700459Are you buying her game?[View]
432701776What's the point of owning an Xbox One?[View]
432709558Her midriff bothers me. I don't know why.[View]
432708143Are you going to miss Telltale Games?[View]
432689212CYBERPUNK 2077: DROPPED[View]
432707964So /v/, have you ever fell for a kickstarter scam?[View]
432709269g-guys GUYS I THINK ZERO'S DEAD[View]
432703518are girls worse at video games because their hands are too small to efficiently use a controller?[View]
432699074What are Rocksteady/WB Montreal working on??: Any employees that lurk these forums, care to provide …[View]
432708263Guys, holy shit. This is Master Chieffete... he got inside the gravelord Nitto's coffin and tur…[View]
432706991What game is /v/ excited for the most in October?[View]
432708163why dont you do one of these instead of the other template[View]
432703336>'He bought the season pass?' >'Cancel it'…[View]
432708114CrossWorld: are you enjoying the game?[View]
432708964sekiro: sleeper hit? I loved all of the Souls and BloodBorne, and all of them got me hyped with a si…[View]
432708819Sekiro headless enemy: Chinese site shows this spooky hidden enemy that rips the MC's spine out…[View]
432703061What video games allow me to simulate a 48-character battle royale/hunger games scenario?[View]
432700593He did nothing wrong.[View]
432708247The thread about optional equipment in video games.[View]
432698601Bowsette is so popular that I could imagine Nintendo buying the character to his original author and…[View]
432707051DQ Thread: >tfw just got to the halfway point and just left Nautica behind for the demons to feas…[View]
432706345RETARDED DEATH BATTLE: 5 Dota heroes vs 5 LoL champions >The map is split down the middle, with R…[View]
432703028Any actually kind of excited for this? The sprite work is much better than the last one.[View]
432701761You are buying their game, right /v/? We all know the only way Sonic's friends will ever be pla…[View]
432706515Can video game movies work?: I know we’ve had fun stuff to watch like the SF movie, but I’m wonderin…[View]
432694031PS4: Which version do you guys have?[View]
432707235What's harder than evading the blue shell in Mario Kart?[View]
432702840Should I pick DotA2 or LoL if I want to play semi-casually?[View]
432708124Does Lineage II still got it?[View]
432707448If you don't have a conclusive and well thought out favorite game from each of these genres you…[View]
432689770SOLD OUT. It took a little longer than the SNES classic but preorders here on Amazon are no longer a…[View]
432706558>JRPG >game pushes you with romance towards first girl, who's also the most boring and ge…[View]
432707850https://www.pcgamer.com/major-layoffs-hit-telltale-games/ SO it looks like Telltale games is done. T…[View]
432707691>when you go from being the top vidya female in the industry to it's biggest cuck over night…[View]
432704534*makes you go silent for a few seconds while you try to figure out who that is*[View]
432706718>start game >edges start shimmering[View]
432704074In retrospect, have they ever actually been good?[View]
432707645Why didnt you protect his smile /v/ ?[View]
432707590>Remake is better then then original What are some games where this has happened?…[View]
432706198>story doesn't matter in video games >if i want a story i'll read a book…[View]
432707485What is the best Samurai X game?: Why is it that the best anime ever made doesn't have a good g…[View]
432706625Who does this even appeal to? Ironic weebs?[View]
432707442Anyone else looking forward to Resident Evil on Switch?: I hope they confirm it soon, I'll be s…[View]
432704194Have you taken the 'mu is the real v' redpill yet?: Would you play your favorite vidya without music…[View]
432700191ffxiv: Was it kino?[View]
432707335DAVID CAGE IS THE GREATEST AND YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO HIM: Admit it Cage is at the top of his game…[View]
432707319>X-Kira datamine leaks confirms Ingrid will be the secret boss in the arcade version Based.…[View]
432702357Who is your favorite videogame character of all times?[View]
432706965Shattered Dimensions is the best spiderman game. Prove me wrong.[View]
432705564Any good games with cyber aesthetics? >I like the style of pic related, but the game is boring af…[View]
432703628>TFw cheat day and want to eat food and play vidya, but can't get any takeout because they a…[View]
432706764KINGDOM HEARTS III: How did they fuck up this badly? Was it a last second change or do models really…[View]
432702187ITT: games you miss playing online lets grieve together /v/ ;_;[View]
432701327Red Dead Redemption II: >it's no wonder why everyone had to delay their games into 2019 or h…[View]
432699846Kingdom Come: Deliverance: I just got paid and am looking for a new game to buy. Remembered KCD came…[View]
432705836The absolute state of modern gaming.[View]
432706645>All this seething about Bowsette.[View]
432703714Final Fantasy Tactics FFT: When are Square gonna release the fourth game on Switch? It'd be coo…[View]
432703123Anyone still playing the multiplayer?[View]
432706509Is it me or there is a genuine lack of new horror games right now?[View]
432663025Why do we never get realistic SHOTGUNS in video games, /v/?[View]
432703323Give me some games where I can build stuff You can be making houses, bases, factories, theme parks, …[View]
432706450Anyone have any solid info on the american release date of edf5 cause I keep seeing 12/31/18 but I d…[View]
432703730Where do you think you are going, Sherman boy?[View]
432702985>romance options are not pure[View]
432704983It's all so tiresome...[View]
432701307>But we need a tube TV to play smash bros. man >You don't want to deal with lag do you? …[View]
432706010meanwhile on USG /v/shimura[View]
432704003Name ONE actual innovation that actually affects gameplay and isn’t padding[View]
432705352What are some yikes tier videogames?[View]
432703957Daily reminder that these are the 9 best video game tracks in all of gaming[View]
432689160She's the best thing to come out of the Sonic fandom, how would you feel if she was in Sonic Ma…[View]
432704675The character that killed an entire company and tanked a popular franchise. A literal self insert fo…[View]
432684124Nier Automata: So I just finished ending E. Game was alright. Best part was the music, followed by t…[View]
432705362Why aren't you playing the game that will be remembered as the most-defining game of the 2010s,…[View]
432704380>mfw Resident Evil 2 is third person[View]
432704650Nintendo has the audacity of charging you for using your internet but can't even provide a dece…[View]
432705694https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1548272412/radio-the-universe-0/description >dev ends this y…[View]
432678009Should gamedevs unionize? Is it even possible for them to unionize with a mass of dumb, fresh out of…[View]
432705238How do you switched between all these fucking platforms, /v/? Do you keep them stacked on top of eac…[View]
432705538Generally, it's thought that when it comes to horror games, single player is the way to go but …[View]
432705414Love Live: School Idol Festival All-Stars: You *ARE* going to play Honoka and Chika's game, rig…[View]
432701730What's the best Yu-Gi-Oh game of all time?[View]
432705384OwO DQ XI thread[View]
432695179Which video game character do you believe would actually work genderbendered? Talking about both, fe…[View]
432705278Anyone here own a set of Logitech G933s? I'm having issues using them via the 3.5mm port on the…[View]
432704301I'm sick, /v/. Recommend me some comfy, easygoing, fun games.[View]
432705176Funniest game ever made.[View]
432687002Where the fuck is morgan? She deserves a spot in smash.[View]
432701798What went wrong[View]
432705109>Game is more than 30 hours long[View]
432698668How do you handle it when you're playing gaems and your girl steps out of line?[View]
432702849Devil May Cry 5: This is gonna be one of the best games ever[View]
432703441This is HMS Unicorn, a carrier belonging to the Royal Navy.[View]
432704757>ベiиجه قк礼 >बख्лиц ソyなάk顔 σb 얼굴 >æدبл 派اaن גלי 찮아 aбख् aт…[View]
432703647Name a single MMORPG worth playing. I'll wait[View]
432697745Could Bowsette Become Canon?: >Absolutely exploded in Japan >Makes sense in canon lore and cou…[View]
432701451How would you rank the crysis games from best to worst? Does the original still have the best gamepl…[View]
432704121Hey earth i'ma just introduce skells to you and try to save your planet from doom for no reason…[View]
432703503Atomic Heart: What does /v/ think about this enigmatic game. Barely anything is revealed and there…[View]
432704156>be me playing new PS5 >PRIVILEGE CHECK PLEASE >bend over and pull down pants so PS5 can ch…[View]
432701224Already 89 minutes playing this. The game is pretty decent[View]
432702341ITT: Autistic things you do while playing games[View]
432703757Nostalgia Thread: -What Games do you have nostalgic feelings for? - What was your first Vidya? -What…[View]
432697752Bad Smash Ultimate Wishlist #592: Make with it as you wish[View]
432681757PC Fags eternally BTFO[View]
432687575>Pick up Witcher 1 on /v/'s advice >It's pretty okay so far I don't really see …[View]
432688285>big name franchise following a classic >fun as fuck to play >great artstyle all around …[View]
432695086Full roster is 72 characters, not counting echoes or the 4 unlockable OC characters who appear in Sp…[View]
432703313It’s objectivly worse than vanilla[View]
432691482Hows that gaming channel coming along?[View]
432703213Now that WoW is dead, why aren't you playing the best MMO on the market right now?[View]
432703101what are some good mmos with a character creation system, which satisfies some... fetishes of mine[View]
432696617>The perfect game doesn't ex-[View]
432699415>Large imposing figure with a golden skull mask and controls oil >Talks like a goddamn cowboy …[View]
432702981did you make the right choice and kill it?[View]
432697014It really makes you think[View]
432702718first 8th gen pokemon?: Welp here we fucking go.[View]
432702691next months ps+ games?[View]
432702628Confess your Vidya Sins to this Priest[View]
432702484Is this game great or what?[View]
432702532What are some games with good/flashy combat?[View]
432698771press S[View]
432698251ITT: game characters too pure for this world[View]
432667396Pathfinder Kingmaker: >2 days to go You are going to built a brothel and gallows right, /v/?…[View]
432702276Dount County: This game is cute and all but I can't stand the main characters. One is a dirty, …[View]
432700237You should be able to see how your character moves around and looks in different lightings before yo…[View]
432700549Claire always looked bad, concept art and CG renders don't count.[View]
432687203Is this the quintessential autumn game?[View]
4326999084chan - Cards Against humanity game: Cards Against Humanity Game - 4chan https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.…[View]
432702107ITT: underrated kino endings[View]
432702073Steve bros where you at?[View]
432699365Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando[View]
432698487Hat kid>Geno Genofags are still seething that he's inevitably going to be put in as a Mii co…[View]
432702004>That one game that you will never play for the first time ever again Tell her name /v/…[View]
432702007fucking chad in videogaym: so this stupid fucking chad has been killing me in sports videogame and i…[View]
432700842TO THE PRESSURE[View]
432701948>not playing a game that can earn you actual money What is wrong with you?…[View]
432700541Okay /v/, let's make some memories![View]
432700838>Long, empty corridor[View]
432701086FF7 Remake dafq: Am i alone in losing all optimism/hope/hype for this. The reveal trailer got me pre…[View]
432701704https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8a8Y5XiEMg >Gameplay demonstrations by western people: Females q…[View]
432701814Lubba, oh lubba youre worse than tubba blubba you are worse than grubba and you smell like and fat l…[View]
432667670RISK OF RAIN: its raining outside, whos in for a ride. I cant host so someone other has to host...…[View]
432700467CAPCOM ON SUICIDE WATCH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne3zK5omCV0[View]
432699821Glad I could make it, Arthas.[View]
4326999843DS version > PS4 version[View]
432701426So, like, I love my xbox one controller, I have three for my pc actually, but if there is something …[View]
432698846Daily reminder that these are the 9 best video game tracks in all of gaming[View]
432701618Dragon's Dogma: >1st Playthrough >Play as a melee class because anything else is for fagg…[View]
432701473What are some good sandbox or building games You can be making houses, bases, factories, theme parks…[View]
432701402tom nook was supposed to be in ssbu not isabelle[View]
432690224This guy is tearing me a new asshole. I only have Alastor and E+I. What do?[View]
432701362Games only you’ve played.[View]
432700184>He looks hungry[View]
432701275Why is hype for this on /v/ way smaller than for Cyberpunk 2077?[View]
432689796What's his endgame?[View]
432701228I bet the microtransaction system will really up my speed runs through Devil May Cry V. I think this…[View]
432701029Which dev or publisher's stocks would you invest in to make decent money in 2018? Any of you ma…[View]
432696295Sekiro Shadows die twice: What do you guys think so far? I'm thinking it looks a bit soulless h…[View]
432700904>One copy of [game I like], please[View]
432701170Morning Recap - 9/23/18: Deep gameplay is about simultaneously balancing the 3: intensity of inputs,…[View]
432698462This is the new claire redfield do I have a crush on her?[View]
432692601Slay the Spire: Why aren't you playing GOTY?[View]
432701058What'cha playing tonight?[View]
432701045>game has romance >childhood friend is the canon pick >other girls are barely developed…[View]
432697091Devil May V Microtransactions are completely fine.[View]