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385315194Why did this meme die: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odu9vKse9Uc[View]
385292957ITT: Post an image and have other anons recommend you a game based on that image[View]
385304906If you could live the rest of your life in a video game, which one would it be? What would you do th…[View]
385309253>Tfw you started a Twitch channel but you're to scared to use a mic and cam…[View]
385297120daily reminder that pokemon is dead last good game was hg/ss[View]
385279956>rainy city at night level >________ starts playing…[View]
385313738Is The Warriors still the best Movie to Video Game adaption ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1…[View]
385314110What games let me see the military conflict with a paranormal stuff in it? inb4 MGS[View]
385314520>Get really into game >Playing it too much, drop it for a day so I dont finish it too fast …[View]
385312319Pick one and defend your choice.[View]
385307180So I finished Splatoon 2's single player, the scrolls cover nothing and the ending doesn't…[View]
385314413why do kikes force team plays in games these days? every fuckin time its something where im forced t…[View]
385314484http://www.dq11.jp/minna-slime/make/ rate my slime /v/ ![View]
385314354They used to be close friends. Do you think they still talk to one another? Inti almost destroyed Ig…[View]
385314235What's next for Nintendo in mobage?[View]
385314128Have a steam code 68ly4-I6ktc-mjwtx[View]
385298876PSP: Is it worth buying one of these for $40? More importantly, is the PSN still available for it? C…[View]
385313903I've owned a crimson ds for 6 years now so it's time to move on. Is a 80 dollar 3ds xl ful…[View]
385312546Seduce me[View]
385310936You are going to get miitopia, right /v/? It's a pretty good game with nice music https://youtu…[View]
385307832What went wrong?[View]
385309901What a thrill...[View]
385313086FFXV getting online multiplayer Why does this piece of shit keep getting so much work done on it? I …[View]
385304389Lawbreakers: There's gonna' be an open beta for Lawbreakers coming up tomorrow - now on PS…[View]
385311040Is Vita hacking PSP tier yet? Like can I just pirate any game I want? If so I'm tempted to sell…[View]
385299360Games you don't understand the love for? Pic related is literally just your typical TPS. What d…[View]
385307576Meanwhile, aboard the HMS /v/[View]
385311214Grimoire AYYliens edition: Most bestest Wizardry 7 clone of all time. > I've got one journal…[View]
385297672ITT: Your favorite video game quotes: >I have you within my vision -Colonel 82…[View]
385305046ITT: Greatest moments in vidya Personal opinions, of course. It could be a cutscene, action sequence…[View]
385305626Was this a real life reference? Oligarchs=The greedy bikes Arena=Consumerism and entertainment Also,…[View]
385312183Who was a better dad?[View]
385313360ITT: Battlestation Cancer edtion Bonuspoints retarded steam profils Here is mine steamcommunity.co…[View]
3852639693x3 Thread >template https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php ratings work like '# you liked / # you pl…[View]
385306859Why is this community so fucking boring? Dota 2 has an overflow of memes Overwatch has porn CS:GO ha…[View]
385306709ITT: Best Games in the series: Fuck the autistic fags who say otherwise[View]
385313138Why were his friends such assholes?[View]
385310956GTA VI: http://resumes.breakdownexpress.com/751904-3340379[View]
385311402So, where do I get Switch istorage roms? >There is no websites that have them.…[View]
385312771Is this the ultimate vidya kino?[View]
385307037I know it's popular to dislike this game, but damn if I just can't hate this game. This ga…[View]
385294697Bestiary Thread: Post your favorite monster from any game. Descriptions welcome.[View]
385305398>there's not a maplestory thread going on WE OUGHTA PUT AN END TO THIS HERESY. >tfw 'I-It…[View]
385310320Pillars of Eternity: what should I do on a second playthrough?[View]
385307429Is Fatlus still the best vidya meme?[View]
385307121House Party removed from Steam: Thank you Valve. Until 2D sex games are allowed, 3D sex games shoul…[View]
385312606>Reclass > -3 STR > +4 INT…[View]
385305049PUBG will sell 20 milllion: >3 million more PC >8 million ps4 >4 million xbone /v/ CANNOT r…[View]
385309150He deserved a happy ending with Clem.[View]
385311652Is he Square's Lightning?[View]
385302551Why the FUCK aren't you playing Dragon's Dogma Online right now? There's an English p…[View]
385312119>Final boss fight takes place in a cathedral >latin chanting plays in the background…[View]
385312098Citadel: Forged With Fire: I just found out about this. Any good? I want to be a wizard. It's i…[View]
385311571So, this is the power of pc.[View]
385308683a better game simply cannot exist[View]
385309221https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb055Kd-Tko EDF5 stream starting in 20 minutes. They're showing…[View]
385311601>PS4 sold 7 million in 6 months >Switch sold 5 million in 4 months Is it time for western hard…[View]
385310804I'm considering buying a keyboard with macro support and I have a few questions regarding the m…[View]
385311418Warhammer 40000: Dawn of war III (3): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjZPPnghlrg Macha is best girl…[View]
385305391>literally just a dark souls clone Why are nintendofags so obsessed with this?…[View]
385310330is kingsway an actual good mostly-text-based role playing game? or is it just a buybait meme with le…[View]
385310159Ranked Anxiety: Anyone having ranked anxiety in competitive games? This happens to me a lot in SC2, …[View]
385299280Are there any games where catholics are the good guys? maybe like 40k except in real life[View]
385298431The combat in dark souls is too hard and[View]
385307132First souls game. How do I fuck the doll? The guy in the wheelchair made it pretty obvious I can hav…[View]
385309431Okay /v/, we haven't had a good Hunger Games thread in a while. Post those vidya characters an…[View]
385307079Why is this game so hard?[View]
385291580Do your worst /v/ http://www.dq11.jp/minna-slime/make/[View]
385310726>Game >Super Game Name >Super Game Name: Subtitle Edition I don't know why, but I love…[View]
385310634We had one of these threads last night and it went pretty well Artify thread? Art up your vidya scre…[View]
385310605What's your favourite RPG /v/?[View]
385310560Why did he not go check for Hannah and Beth?[View]
385309308I just got Ending E I must say I was disapointed until route B and the gane got better but l still t…[View]
385309715Steam purchases: yo. I have been using a VPN to buy cheaper games from Russia, since where I live th…[View]
385306606Let's play some Quiplash /v/ EVERYBODY GET IN HERE > twitch dot tv slash happyappletron >…[View]
385304560/v/, please talk to me. Say something to keep my mind off the pain.[View]
385308124this kills the xbox emulation[View]
385307959How do I defeat this boss?[View]
385304452is there any mod or any fix that'll let me play and finish gta 4 on i5 6500's integrated g…[View]
385303667Thoughts on this boss? How does it rank among the rest of the Souls games bosses?[View]
385307934HEY SPLAY[View]
385305513What are some games where you can play as a yakuza?[View]
385299278>Be game developer >Put a smug anime wolf girl in my game >Steam sales increase 120% Is thi…[View]
385297407Why has this game never been looked upon as favorably as RE2? What's wrong with it?[View]
385305068I never saw thread about this game on /v/ Is it really that bad? I heard that it is a black sheep of…[View]
385306535Why can't wizards wear heavy armor?: It can't be THAT heavy.[View]
385308613What went wrong? Why don't people like Red Alert 3?[View]
385305760What else can be played in portrait?[View]
385307532What the fuck was his problem?[View]
385305261This is billy. He's been stuck in a fridge for 200 years. Say something nice about him[View]
385309170Nintendo's mobile game revenue already overtaking 3DS: http://nintendotoday.com/nintendos-smart…[View]
385304814I just beat silent hill 3. Was a bit short but it's still better than any garbage put out today…[View]
385308351pls no bully: guys can we have a Clem thread, I really want to hold her hand[View]
385309241Are you cuckoo for Coco Puffs?[View]
385308784HAHAHA!: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and other Source Engine games w…[View]
385308745Really gets the neurons firing[View]
385308368Just bought this game for 2 european Dollar. What am I in for? Did it aged well?[View]
385308142Was he right?[View]
385301634GTAVI almost done. Mocap is usually done at late stages of development. Guesses on the location?[View]
385306006What went right?[View]
385304357If you're Killerqueen on steam and just invaded me on DS and lost Im sorry i cheated and maxxed…[View]
385308991Vidya midriffs thread[View]
385285581Top or bot?[View]
385307981What are some good games that focus on mother nature and wildlife? Bonus points if they feature Dru…[View]
385267320Why do you hate her so much /v/?[View]
385308830Steam starts banning SEX games: Apparently Steam is not that comfortable with sex as we thought even…[View]
385307218This was the most awkward romance in Persona. She's crying over her suicidal friend moving and …[View]
385308131What went wrong?: I hear that its pretty good tactical RPG with great potential. But then this happe…[View]
385303939Is there one (1) game everyone on /v/ loves?[View]
385307920Just beat this masterpiece yesterday. Do the other games compare? I feel like I've reached the …[View]
385280982ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: inFAMOUS NEXT: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight LA…[View]
385282135So, where should Fallout 5 be set? Canada would be a cool place for a new Fallout. Montreal or Otta…[View]
385287043BEST GTA EVER MADE[View]
385306212is it September yet[View]
385307835What are some good roleplaying multiplayer games? I used to be a fan of space station 13, specifical…[View]
385305368What moment in vidya made you really hate a character[View]
385302597Why does everyone keep insulting me every time I play a multiplayer game?[View]
385303908Do I need to have played Silent Hill 2 in order to appreciate pic related? Played 1,3,4 and downpoor…[View]
385305691Was Tawna always this pulchritudinous? I don't remember her leaving any sort of impact on me in…[View]
385304779WOW Private Servers: Can someone ELI5 me why was Felmyst shut down the day it launched and why was t…[View]
385301395I recently bought a Switch Pro controller and had the dpad issue. I was interested so tried it on my…[View]
385307214esim: help ur country develop and become one of the most powerful nation in e-world new serv harmoni…[View]
385304984how can one handheld have so many quality titles?: NDS thread. What are the must have titles?[View]
385307167>ITT: Games like this[View]
385306632>he mains shaggy let's be honest he is completely broken i hope he gets balanced in the nex…[View]
385295505Reminder to not purchase or support Nu-Kirby games.[View]
385286179What are some games that take place in Mexico? Hard mode: No stereotypical shit like Guacamelee, Sup…[View]
385303087Who would win?[View]
385302170Am I crazy, or does this game run weird as fuck? It's like the screen is stuttering or lagging …[View]
385306938>'C to crouch'[View]
385298432What changes are you hoping for with the coming august patch update? >still no word about the mar…[View]
385293469What the FUCK is this THING???[View]
385305275tfw boss has same name as your wife[View]
385306707>ITT Good licensed games I know the game is pretty broken and glitchy sometimes but it's gen…[View]
385295637I want to play all the main Dragon Quest games what versions should I play?[View]
385305343Whats the best video games to play while watching anime? It must not require me to look at the game …[View]
385304515Tom Savini Skin is free on Microsoft's website Link: microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/tom-savini-des…[View]
385306427Now that the worlds greatest game series has been abandoned and closed down, who will pick up the re…[View]
385293784Name me one game where the protagonist didn't need to have a tragic past to become a hero. No d…[View]
385304332Let's settle this once and for all, who was in the wrong here?[View]
3853053502000 since I was into computer games: being poor I played demos of Project I.G.I Tony Hawk Quake 2 U…[View]
385295521Skyrim Character Hate Thread: >thane of every hold >own property in nearly every hold >most…[View]
385305604>ludonarrative dissonance >Convoluted gameplay >ubiquitous mecanics…[View]
385303172What would be some really innovative video game ideas?[View]
385305635Peace Day never came...[View]
385304504Dark Souls: Any anons playing Dark Souls 1 right now?[View]
385305418>find a fantastic video game analysis series on youtube with genuinely interesting and insightful…[View]
385305636im start playing Dark Souls yesterday and im have pass much difficult to advance. What tips can you …[View]
385305147So what is it that makes Marie the best Squid sister?[View]
385302171your move, anon[View]
385292620Whats the best game to play while high /v/?[View]
385305776is it a mouth or not?[View]
385301131Do we talk about pic related on /v/? I.e.: what went wrong?[View]
385305870*blocks your path*[View]
385297914Am I the only one that unironically finds Miranda attractive? I don't know what is. And don…[View]
385297087>Leave Splatoon 2 to me[View]
385301729THe greatest title in mobile gaming industry[View]
385293025Threads of Fate/Dewprism: I recently found this gem last year while browsing the net for old PSX tit…[View]
385304747What's your agenda, /v/?[View]
385303652Hiigarans: Do we need them?[View]
385302308how was this allowed?[View]
385300348ITT: Games that need a sequel but probably wont get one[View]
385302749Has he gone too far this time?[View]
385302364Why aren't you playing Nero's game, /v/? It was released 2 days ago, after all![View]
385305206>Still no monster HP bar >Still shitty slow ass sword animations What a shitty Monster Hunter …[View]
385304008Diablo 3: Are you playing Diablo 3 /v/? Necromancer came out and the new season just started. It…[View]
385305093What games have a great enviroment destruction? WiC and BC1 & 2 are my choices. I love to destro…[View]
385302758You could have prevented this if only you had tried harder in the final splatfest.[View]
385300725Help Me Choose: What games should I play first from this image? I like RPG mechanics, customization…[View]
385305003The World Ends With You turns 10 today! Happy Birthday TWEWY! We're never getting the sequel ar…[View]
385304882Will it actually be finished?[View]
385301919Is it good?[View]
385234545Risk of Rain: HOST WHEN[View]
385299801how come the only threads /v/ doesn't accuse people of being shills are for anime styled games …[View]
385303205What are some multiplayer PS4 games that are either exclusive or better than their PC counter part.[View]
385301491KILLING FLOOR 2: Does anyone here still play this game? If not why? Also does any one know where all…[View]
385298837>Push the sound chip of whatever he worked on to it's absolute limits >Was only able to w…[View]
385289495Childhood is thinking Chie is best girl because she's into guy stuff but then you realize she s…[View]
385301984mandatan? >fresh adventure every time with random maps >chopping dem trees >hearing dat sou…[View]
385285718Rimworld Thread Post your base[View]
385303502has /v/ tried this? worth it?[View]
385304256>every stable, fast server is full of freaks[View]
385297620>/tg/ lives in the timeline where that insufferable faggot Cato Sicarius is captain of the second…[View]
385303728What are some good crossover games?[View]
385284972Hollow Knight Thread: I just lost 3200 geo in the Soul Cathedral thing. Am I fugged or is it just a …[View]
385304069Im going to replay Dogma with a mod for stamina free sprinting so I dont have to use 100s of mushroo…[View]
385302862Stop playing MOBA games.[View]
385301331PS1 or PS2: Which one was best, /v/? Best game library, best memories, biggest impact on gaming- whi…[View]
385269147What went wrong?[View]
385302881Would you want a metal gear solid remake if kojima was working on it?[View]
385297016Make a vidya character in kisakae and post results How is there still no kimono option?[View]
385301939What does /v/ think of Kult as a source for a videogame? >Humans have divinity within >They ar…[View]
385302061Growing up is realizing that Peach would have chosen Luigi in real life because Mario is a manlet.[View]
385299468Why the fuck was the theme of this so good and MGS:V so fucking goofy?[View]
385301041When will Kojima make a Captain America game?[View]
385299576>co-workers starts talking about early access games[View]
385296949Do you try to get all the achievements in games?[View]
385300112Early morning battlestation thread. Don't forget to hate, bait, rate and masturbate.[View]
385299068>there will never be another proper MechWarrior game >there will never be another proper Heavy…[View]
385300275CURRENT OW META FUCKING SUCKS: Last thread hit the bump limit real fast[View]
385300940ITT: Games you're glad you didn't buy Pirated this and I feel sorry for anyone who bought …[View]
385301349Was he right?[View]
385267638Video wifu claim: Claim your wifu[View]
385299992Would you play a Fan-made Remake of these of the first two Metal Gears?[View]
385302997Elric of Melnbone and other books inspired chara designs: white haired fuccboi with magical powers i…[View]
385299983/v/ Buyfag Thread: Anything wrong about being a Manlet?[View]
385299134> This game is a callback and homage to those 80s and 90s games. > It's another crappy in…[View]
385302907Come and play /v/ http://cursors.io/[View]
385287361>Have a friend >Been best friends with the guy for nearly 10 years >We hang out play vidya …[View]
385294696Why the fuck did the west only get a few Goemon games? Would it really have been that hard for Konam…[View]
385301881Is anyone else subscribed to this shit? It looks interesting as a collector fag but I'm unsure …[View]
385301847TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT[View]
385300365Pcfag wants a console,wich one to buy?: So i got bored of my pc and want to buy a console. I only ca…[View]
385291449Why is this allowed?[View]
385302146https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqkNPcUMffU What did Sony mean by this?[View]
385302598In a perfect world, men like me would not exist[View]
385280527Who's the got the best costumes and why is it Tyto? Let's have a Gigantic thread niggas[View]
385302175What went wrong?[View]
385292319What the fuck[View]
385300991pass me the controller bro[View]
385289496>making an actual AUTIST your team strategist what were they thinking?[View]
385302001How can Bloodborne even compete? 3 fucking phases with each starting after you kill her[View]
385302085>DLC / season pass of the game costs more than the game itself >98% of the DLC is entirely cos…[View]
385291462Best castlemetroid ever[View]
385301848Oblivion: Oblivion is a beautiful game.[View]
385301802Gacha is the future[View]
385276094You and me, hoss...[View]
385289394What are some games that you don't want other people to know you play?[View]
385301456Paper Cirno: Holy fuck Yuuka is just impossible to beat.[View]
385301268MOOOOOOODDDSSSSSS Explain why 1 FF14 thread isn't OK and gets labeled a general but 4 Overwatch…[View]
385296534>WE TRIED TO SAVE YOU[View]
385300850What games do you play when walking up?[View]
385291158Game Recommendations: What do you all recommend to play for someone to escape from their real-life o…[View]
385301486EAT MY BALLS BRO[View]
385298167Oh yeah: that happened: Post 'em[View]
385301305ITT: nostalgic kids internet games [neopets, webkinz, poptropica, moshi monsters, etc] I actually st…[View]
385300191Can you name a character from a videogame who can defeat Shrike?[View]
385295563Let's use this template to turn a video games character into a 'radical dude with attitude' who…[View]
385301109Give a character an alternate theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5mtclwloEQ[View]
385297835I need a new game to play while I wait for my inevitable hearth attack at young age because of my ov…[View]
385300346I havent played any of the other games in the series, is this going to be worth picking up when it g…[View]
385275701Just beat this. I really liked it, but I don't feel like it's the insanely perfect masterp…[View]
385300014Which video games have god tier feet?[View]
385299808Hello /v/. I'm a bot. I have come to fill up all your old favorite servers in games you have fo…[View]
385300646Its pretty gud[View]
385299341More hype than Mcgregor vs Mayweather: So this is hapenning. Who outta those vidya niggers the nigge…[View]
385298493''We want the battleborn audience'' -Blizzard[View]
385299978Why do publishers push so hard for the e-sports angle? Is there actually money to be made there? And…[View]
385300282Stop buying Nintendo products[View]
385300106YouTube gaming section. Why is it cancer?[View]
385296613Mommies: Best best vidya moms[View]
385293775https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_vz44bp3c >you can stun lock heroes to death >jedi and sith …[View]
385299678>Didn't care for Hotline Miami >Had it sitting in my backlog for ages >Decide to downl…[View]
385300173Is Nintendo's Mario setting unrealistic standards for noses around the world?[View]
385299325>other youtubers are biting the dust >phil keeps doing well How does he do it?…[View]
385292767This is Salem. He recently won both EVO and Dreamhack in Smash for Wii U using Bayonetta. Say someth…[View]
385297741So what do you want from Grand Theft Auto 6? http://resumes.breakdownexpress.com/751904-3340379[View]
385299497Why doesn't anyone want to join my party?[View]
385299973How's that Youtube channel going, anon? You are still making videos for it, right?[View]
385294265>WATCH OUT OVERWATCH, IM COMING FOR YOU Cliffy B is such a fucking retard having the open beta th…[View]
385295679>Two thirds of the way into 2017 >Still no info on the Final Fantasy PS4 Collection Was this j…[View]
385299403Hey, who's that? Is that Luigi?[View]
385293769who's the Scaruffi of videogames?[View]
385296936>enemies can steal your items including the story related >you can get them back but they…[View]
385299218Help me decide what Castlevania game to play. After watching the Netflix pilot I have had a interest…[View]
385292131was he in the wrong?[View]
385299543Leave the destruction of the Mario franchise to me.[View]
385298037How do we save the Horrow Genre?[View]
385274839Overwatch: Just saw this post on Blizzard forums: >This game just isn't fun anymore. >It…[View]
385298561do u agree with Brendaniels list? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl4eKcwaRfE[View]
385284443Reminder to cancell your pre-order: Fuck Ninitendo Locking content behind McDonald's toys is un…[View]
385299186how come redout flew under my radar? been playing it for an hour now, and other than there being too…[View]
385298654albion online: can /v/ give me the redpill on this game is it fun[View]
385299104>Come on, man[View]
385293439Just Cause 3: SALVA MIA! What went wrong? 2 was so much fun, but 3 isn't even close.[View]
385299073>'Final Boss' is absorbed by True Final Boss >Hear that FB scream in pain every time you destr…[View]
385292421>mfw nobody wants to talk about the best rhythm gam[View]
385295351>Game has romance options >They're all very well fleshed out and can intertwine with the …[View]
385292067Tales of the Rays: What’s /v/‘s thoughts on this ‘console quality’ game? I’m about to download it ht…[View]
385293513>play 95% of a game >drop it and don't finish it Does anyone else do this?…[View]
385296079hahahahahaha: death of FF general[View]
385289198If you play as a girl in a video game, you're a fag. Discuss.[View]
385289604Are knives cool vidya weapons?[View]
385294149What does /v/ think about 'age restriction' in vidya? Would you argue 'age restrictio…[View]
385297282I saw it's on PS4 now. Is it still a broken mess? It looks pretty fun.[View]
385294471Will the next story based MGS be better than V, 4 or PW? Who will it be about?[View]
385296929Wrench was unironically a good character.[View]
385298482Are there any games similiar to Rose of Versailles?[View]
385298478>Playing through game >Save becomes corrupt >Quit What's her name /v/?…[View]
385277338Splatoon 2 night time woomy: Post your likes and dislikes. Discuss anything Woomy. I love Splatoon.…[View]
385259976Why the fuck can't Japan make a dragon if their lives depend on it?[View]
385297546Consolefags will argue with this.[View]
385297726DQXI Trophies out: >https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6419-%E3%83%89%E3%83%A9%E3%82%B4%E3%83%B3%E3…[View]
385297123Times /v/ lied: ITT times /v/ lied and kept you away from playing fun games. Pic related. It's …[View]
385294383Its been 30 Years.: Why do people, mostly one that have nothing to do with Nintendo (Studios, publis…[View]
385295786>July 2017 is over >August is coming >the best game of 2017 is still Zelda BotW what the fu…[View]
385291090How many kikestarter projects have you backed /v/?[View]
385283648Why was GTA 4's story so much better than GTA 5's?[View]
385281232>/v/ recommends a game >it's pure shit What's her name?…[View]
385295872good night anons, i will see you tomorrow where we will do the same shit we have been doing for the …[View]
385297381Does /v/ like Mario's nose?[View]
385297551Anybody play this game?[View]
385296409Today I will remind them http://zeroescape.wikia.com/wiki/Snail[View]
385297301Screenshot Thread: No console war shit, please.[View]
385293158Ripped Samus or soft Samus: You can only choose one for the next game. http://www.strawpoll.me/13546…[View]
385285936Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah.[View]
385283354Games that actually stress you out[View]
385297280What is the most comfiest game and why is it Grim Fandango?[View]
385297579When will FMV games make a comeback? I know like 5 percent of /v/ were around during their heyday, b…[View]
385248232Whats the best free mmo?[View]
385297180Damnit /v/, why is this game so fucking frustrating in choosing a romantic option between two girls.…[View]
385297517are they finished now?: I followed the scene >even if they made a new version it would be cracked…[View]
385289573What's the best giant robot fighting game?[View]
385296136nioh: what's the best way to level up and get good gear when I'm level 130? I stopped play…[View]
385295970>he unironically plays games rated E or E10+[View]
385281139Should I just hack a Wii, or mod my old Gamecube? Have the GC but no Wii or WiiU. GC emulation isn…[View]
385293289>wake up >see this what do? Personally, I would cum inside.…[View]
385273581FFXV MULTIPLAYER BETA: http://www.finalfantasyxv.com/comrades what the fuck, did this just come out …[View]
385279102I replayed all the classic Sonic games out of hype for Mania, and all my hype is now killed. Sonic 3…[View]
385297181Are there any games that address the origins of the universe and the purpose of life, in a non-relig…[View]
385297237Why do people like Mikan, /v/?[View]
385295439How do we fix flamethrowers in videogames?[View]
385294881Should I play this emulated or on the original hardware?[View]
385292017ITT: Video games that you can't discuss on /v/[View]
385293934Weird leader choices.[View]
385296754I like New Vegas I like it's soundtrack and characters. Let's discuss the characters of Fa…[View]
385276457Dragonball Fighterz is going to be shit and there’s nothing you can do about it. >only one assist…[View]
385295517Why do you want sequals so much? It's because you want the same game we get 'remasters…[View]
385295364I bought this on release, but had major plot/character details spoiled for me, and got discouraged s…[View]
385290816So the 3DS has about 1.5 years left of its lifespan at maximum. How can we get Nintendo to localize …[View]
385273642Is Fallout 4 good? How's the enemy variety?[View]
385292050Halo Thread[View]
3852922962 > 3[View]
385293164Oh shit here comes Pac-Man.[View]
385288714Games you can only play once.[View]
385295931Reminder healer carried the group[View]
385295750Greatest rhythm game ever coming through[View]
385292745Comfy Late Night BotW Thread: How is everyone playing through it? I just got it Friday and got thro…[View]
385289893Hellblade is another Dark Souls clone[View]
385295470I actually like Street Fighter 5 but the amount of people shitting on it really sours my mood. I wis…[View]
385287197Gimme a quick rundown on Bloodkino[View]
385295358Is there a video game where the self insert is androgynous and gender-ambiguous so the writers won…[View]
385295436ITT: People who actually play video games. What are you playing now. What are you recommending. I wi…[View]
385290170So why didn't House just hire a bunch of separate human agents/operators to accomplish his plan…[View]
385288884The Legend of Dragoon: Did /v/ ever enjoyed this game? I feel I'm the only person who ever play…[View]
385273009Destiny 2 is just dlc: Does any other game have a more cancerous fanbase than destiny? I understand …[View]
385294408Hellfire.: Anyone ever played This game? It is to this day, one of the HARDEST games I've ever …[View]
385295131>But none of this is real >So why should you care…[View]
385248365Pyre: Is anyone else bummed out by this game? It has a decently written story and characters, some c…[View]
385291762What bores you in video games? Have you ever played a level so boring you had to put down a game? It…[View]
385271505Final Fantasy thread? >List your favorite >List your least favorite >How many you've …[View]
385294309So I just beat the campaign for this game and picked up the multiplayer. This is pretty fun, but am …[View]
385293704ITT: Embarrassing stuff you did in online games. I roleplayed as a baby in Club Penguin and waited t…[View]
385292153Do you guys have any video games recommendations for me? I'm 25 and have a computer if that hel…[View]
385294650Little Nightmares: When did it go to shit? After the name change? After they got cucked by Bandai Na…[View]
385292791Wow Capcom, way to go! We're sooo glad you're joining the rest of us in 2017 with a realis…[View]
385293253which was better[View]
385290975Alright, can any of you guys lend me a hand on ds3? I'm stuck at the abyss watchers. Xbox1. Hel…[View]
385285960>batman triangulates a cell signal >location of cellphone is outside of the triangle immersion…[View]
385287058>yfw this is the actual blazblue crossover lineup[View]
385294228>'brb smoke break'[View]
385292160>build a gaming PC >some games still have their framerate cap out >hmm must be something I …[View]
385294152>he still plays chess 1 Get with the times old man[View]
385291185>he fell for the 4K meme >he fell for the VR meme >he fell for the 144 Hz meme >he fell …[View]
385292386Does PC actually have any good games? It seems to mostly just be indie shit and early access.[View]
385294047What games can I play to learn how to fix my roof?[View]
385283939ITT: That one video game class/job/character you will never play in your entire life[View]
385290541is /v/ ready for fusionfall[View]
385290098Look at this sick-ass Kirby watch nintendo is making. I wish nintendo would do something nice like t…[View]
385292886>new objective: answer the door[View]
385276452Monster Hunter: World 14 weapon types: Where my SnS bros at? http://gematsu.com/2017/07/monster-hunt…[View]
385293685AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH: https://mic.com/articles/182664/dream-daddy-trans-inclusion-damien#.qwUJANLtg It h…[View]
385287071Why are Blizzard's official forums so toxic?[View]
385293650>got Arkham Knight on sale in PS store, haven't played or seen any playthroughs of it >re…[View]
385292198Anyone else going through a gaming depression? Lemme explain I have over 400 games on steam alone a…[View]
385293464Hit it[View]
385293110For sake of board this is a MGSV modding thread. Discuss MGSV mods and modding So I'm intereste…[View]
385288096Who are the best girls of their respective series? Pic related.[View]
385289708Name a more obscure Nintendo girl[View]
385292467Ys Origin: what did he actually mean by this?[View]
385277041Why are we here? Just to suffer?[View]
385292407Vidya Lyrics: THE SIIIIIIIIINS NEVER DIE[View]
385292195Where's my Metro, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and OG Fallout lovers at?[View]
385292970I dunno if I like or hate this game yet. How's everyone else enjoying Pyre?[View]
385289960Great now Blizzard bans people for playing the game the wrong way. Cool.[View]
385292862>year of our lord 2017 >still no Idolmaster fighting game…[View]
38523919510'TH ANNIVERSARY: It's TWEWY's 10'th anniversary! Let's talk about how wel…[View]
385292480Vidya feels thread[View]
385262792Is this actually good for someone who found XBC to be cringeworthy and boring ?[View]
385289752Someone hurry up and invade me as the old monk in Demons souls. Im about to go up the stairs. Im lev…[View]
385292373Party Van For TF2?: Alright /v/, after playing on the EU based Party Van server I noticed it wasn…[View]
385277506What do you think of the cute girl do cute things genre?[View]
385283285Just played through MG1 and MG2 SS for the first time. MG1 has a few real bullshit moments and desig…[View]
385289154THE MASS-DEBATE[View]
385277470>mentor is the final boss oh wow never saw that coming[View]
385288808Don't mind me, i'm just the best X game.[View]
385292395Only the most underappreciated video game girls in here[View]
385288491>ywn be able to play an MMO RPG like Yggdrasil where you can take over and renovate entire dunge…[View]
385287000you're at the bar when this guy runs up to your girlfriend and throws her straight up into the …[View]
385290714I've made a couple mmo threads today but i decided i would give ffXIV a try. anything big I sho…[View]
385287048>'Careful, that busta's whoring Arma!' What did he mean by this?[View]
385284876>sonic games always have bad writin-[View]
385284287DQH2 story: >DQH2 >prince starts a war to get revenge for his fathers death >soldiers on bo…[View]
385272872Why did you let me die /v/?[View]
385291648Recommend me some cheap and comfy PC games: should be on GOG and be less than 5 USD. I need another …[View]
385290561Old Flash Games: Hey, been playing through some old flash games on Newgrounds for fun. Anybody have …[View]
385280554What are some games with lots of replayability?[View]
385291756That's it anon I had enough, you are turning off that game, leaving your room and getting a job…[View]
385291804Any good modern era arcadey shooters on the market right now? Warfighter didn't really work for…[View]
385287059I played tf2 tonight /v/ >waiting 10 minutes to get into a game >Surprise the game is over …[View]
385286912Don't mind me, just posting games that are the best of their series[View]
385287794xbox was never good[View]
385286238Zelda games are abysmally boring. Ocarina of Time was a ground breaker, but they've never reall…[View]
385289216What went wrong?[View]
385260182For God to be perfectly good, there must be a Castlevania thread of perfect darkness.[View]
385287771ITT: confessions i couldnt finish this game because of the country music i hate country music worst…[View]
385291298Fantasy anime game: All right, guys, looking to hear some ideas here. Working with an indie game dev…[View]
385283205RE4:: Watched a speed-runner do RE4. Their layout: Village: >Handgun >Shotgun >nades Castle…[View]
385290996Darkest Dungeon: REMIND YOURSELF[View]
385280730Now that the remastered Crash game is out, which Crash Bandicoot is your favourite? Mine is pic rel…[View]
385288235Are there any character designs that rival the arkham knight?[View]
385290462What is the best way to build my wife? Also Fire Emblem Heroes thread.[View]
385286741>Play a Total War campaign. >Start winning and progressing towards completion. >Get bored a…[View]
385290904>Note Added: A Tragedy Has Befallen All Mankind[View]
385260245Is there a fighting game more balanced than Melee?[View]
385277012Is this game worth playing ironically?[View]
385285213Leaked screenshot of Far Cry 5. What do you think? Are these the most advanced graphics to date?[View]
385289184Flash game stumper: I got a question that will probably stump this whole damn boad. >Computer fla…[View]
385283384Find a flaw[View]
385289269Sundered: Anyone getting this?[View]
385282293Is 2017 the best year for video games ever? >Persona 5 >Breath of the Wild >Nioh >Hollow…[View]
385248176What's her appeal?[View]
385290149Is Mario's nose realistic?[View]
385284878ITT: Creepy shit in non-horror games: What the fuck, Nintendo?[View]
385289132When will they start solely focusing on PC?: Mobile/arcades/handhelds/home-consoles are terrible pla…[View]
385260263webm: post vidya webms sorry for shit quality[View]
385288710The most comfy JRPG since FFVI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxiJAWhsKkY[View]
385286646>Read walkthrough for game >Creator makes an extremely un-subtle remark hinting a character is…[View]
385285701Prinny thread, dood! other Disgaea and Nippon Ichi stuff welcome[View]
385285772What's the appeal of these games?: Seriously, what do people get from it?[View]
385286308Phone gamers truly are the masterrace.[View]
385285732What did he mean by this?[View]
385287965WoW Arathi: STOP FIGHTING ON ROADS!!! There's no one at farm GG. Take stables or lose lol.…[View]
385288973let me tell you about one of the most frustrating moments i've had in recent memory >be me …[View]
385242565>overwatch will die in a month Still going strong >it'll die in 6 months tops Still going…[View]
385276545RIP crabs.[View]
385288214DQ11: NEVER EVER[View]
385285690What is the best Videogame magazine? I realize tha magazines are obsolete for gaming news/reviews si…[View]
385283215ITT: Games few people remember.[View]
385282670What if Nintendo has 100+ ebay accounts scalping Switch, NES and SNES classic systems? Would it make…[View]
385288302Paladinsfags BTFO[View]
385278661>That one game that will never be surpassed in it's genre Any other examples of perfect vide…[View]
385288225elder scrolls 6 thread[View]
385263483Why does Kirby get off scot free for making the same game over and over again, while every other vid…[View]
385284519God of War Reboot (2018): So he ends up killing his son at the end of the game, right?[View]
385287863Kino vidya trailers: https://youtu.be/UgXM7ivgYTo[View]
385285650you still remember me, right anon? i know my game's almost 4 months old at this point but pleas…[View]
385286209COME ON COME ON[View]
385287236The Dragon Ball Fighter Z beta starts and ends right before the release of MvCI...: Is Bandai Namco …[View]
385280581Wario games: Will Wario ever get another game? Be it a Land, World, or Ware game.[View]
385286928>YFW Based Kojima does it again![View]
385281056Best Bojo-Kozo Level[View]
385287192Hair clipping was never fixed. Fuck those lazy yellow assholes.[View]
385280402Why do games with steampunk style even get made anymore? Steampunk is a shit aesthetic, shit setting…[View]
385286852whose the space godzilla of gaming? >'Despite his impressive intellect, SpaceGodzilla is devoid o…[View]
385285275>wrath of the lich king was 9 years ago Is it old enough to be considered good?…[View]
385285159Mario 64[View]
385286330>mfw the next gta will be built around micro transactions and online with a small tacked on singl…[View]
385286932Who /chargeblade/ here?[View]
385286341>1st gen winner-pong consoles >2nd gen winner-atari 2600 >3rd gen winner-nes >4th gen wi…[View]
385286768Can you beat the hardest game in the world? https://www.datingariane.com/[View]
385285819I need to see more of this game. But at the same time I don't want to spoil it. How much more d…[View]
385282074What are games with crossovers?[View]
385286597Explain to me why James emits light out of his Silent Hill Thread[View]
385249517DBZ Dokkan Battle: >incoming SS4 Gogeta/Omega Shenron LR-tier leaders >month long 200mil dl du…[View]
385285903If Smash Bros is a fighting game, then Overwatch is a first person shooter.[View]
385279901Xenoblade: yes yes well done BotW/P5 well done HOWEVER[View]
385286423Hill Climb Rip off in 3D: Hill Climb has so many rip off but this is the best or bad[View]
385285338How the fuck can people like this piece of shit?[View]
385286362Things we agree: God Eater 2 > Toukiden 2 > Monster Hunter 4 Right?[View]
385286012itt: forced as fuck characters[View]
385278023How many worlds do you think this will have?[View]
385286078Was his game any good?[View]
385269351This is the greatest game ever made[View]
385285109Nomura: 'a new TWEWY entry 'isn't ruled out' and must be delivered as equal as the fi…[View]
385284651>call a game shit >leave thread tab open and forget about it >come back an hour later >1…[View]
385280420>wanted to replay a game >remember THAT part…[View]
385280128>he doesn't play multiplats on a PC[View]
385281405Would you buy Twintelle's clothing line, /v/?[View]
385278587So I got myself one of these. What arcade games should I play on it and what is the best way to set …[View]
385283726Have we gone anywhere in 20 years?[View]
385284731Hey /v/, I've been thinking of picking this game up Japanese since its cheaper. Does it come wi…[View]
385255828What's the biggest video game lie you believed?[View]
385234712Fate/EXTELLA is on steam? Why? Since when?[View]
385283370>actually consider getting a PS4 >remember that paid online is a thing why did we let this ha…[View]
385285572This any good?[View]
385284163first vidya faps[View]
385282337How did Warframe ended up being one of the best F2P games out there?[View]
385280408Does this piss anyone else off?[View]
385264638ITT: Benched party members[View]
385285430Fucking Nintendo![View]
385283616I HAVE to play this game. Now.[View]
385282029>11-19 Wait, what?[View]
385284842Are you guys excited for Guide_NPC Quest 2018: The Game?[View]
385284806What do you guys think of this movie? I thought it was going to be goofy considering Nic Cage but, b…[View]
385282362The draenei are the protoss: I think it's pretty much official you guys. I'm playing aroun…[View]
385278839Well that was underwhelming. I like the design though.[View]
385279830>buy a top of the line GPU >been doing nothing but emulating Pokemon Black 2 for the last week…[View]
385282821Is Temjin the sexiest /v/idya mech? I honestly can't think of anyone else that's as aesthe…[View]
385282508le meat girl[View]
385270640Fire Emblem Heroes...again: So...what can I do with this?[View]
385281136Are the match making servers just not working? I'm connected to all the US servers but I never …[View]
385282394Splatoon 2: How the fuck do you people get around 1500p? I always max out around 800p and tend to be…[View]
385283501What's John Romero been up to lately?[View]
385282534Where does Catherine fit into the SMT lore?[View]
385280514Someday, he will die...[View]
385280521give me free games plz steamcommunity.com/id/artherman5/wishlist/[View]
385281386>enjoying game >start thinking about life >don't want to play anymore >close game…[View]
385282071Up scaled ps1 games are a savior to the world and if you disagree then you can ass if[View]
385278369E3 2018 What are your hopes? Your dreams? And your __________ at next year's event?[View]
385283985Games you never see get talked about on /v/ This game was really fun but kinda rough. I do wish it w…[View]
385283641Pokemon Direct when?[View]
385282269Is it me or are Bethesda games just kinda bland. I've tried multiple times to get into Fallout …[View]
385281697>3 weeks away from Sonic Mania >All these conflicting leaks >Just wanna see if Ice Cap got …[View]
385282497>spend nearly all your gold on a new weapon >find it in a treasure chest in the next dungeon…[View]
385280771Is the Logi G Pro good? I've had a Zowie ZA11 for about a year and a half and I do pretty good …[View]
385282982>healer is the only competent member[View]
385282737What kind of trap would you create if you were the creator of the Nonary Games?[View]
385278607First video game boner[View]
385283172why do people hate these guys?: started with oblivion so enlighten me[View]
385280252What are some legitimately fun and good mmorpgs? hardmode: doesn't have a complete bullshit pay…[View]
385281370mobile games: Antiyoy Really simple and fun turn based strategy game with a hex map. No ads, no in …[View]
385283192how do you beat this fucker[View]
385281850>find group of awesome online friends to play vidya with >have tons of fun for a few months …[View]
385281978hey guys, why don't you buy skyrim for $89.99 on your nintendo switch?[View]
385276412Games you just played yesterday but you realized 'oh shit, yesterday was nearly 10 years ago'[View]
385282943I used to visit a website that works like 'Can You Run It?' but reversed, You put your PC …[View]
385282935Are you all excited to chew your steak slowly on the switch?[View]
385275792Rimworld Thread?[View]
385277961is Oblivion worth replaying or do i have nostalgia googles? Same thing with Morrowind.[View]
385281991Video Game Drama Thread: It's cringey, it's petty but most of all, it is fucking hilarious…[View]
385280051*walks into ur store*[View]
385282458is this any good?[View]
385282104whats wrong with this game?[View]
385272432Do you have a character archetype that you tend to gravitate towards in games?[View]
385272797>4 dungeons When will this meme end? I haven't even played it and now I don't even want…[View]
385280485what went wrong http://onlysouls.stream[View]
385282245>After release, director Motomu Toriyama felt that the lower-than-expected review scores for a ma…[View]
385280993https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKhpE-oNoGY Why the fuck is this speech so popular with normalfags?…[View]
385282198>ITT: We discuss hypothetical games we would develop if we had the resources I was thinking about…[View]
385282051You nostalgia, you lose.[View]
385280293What do you guys think of sites like Indie Box and Limited Run Games? Do you own any of their produc…[View]
385279642Can we all agree that this is the OST of the year by a long shot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ…[View]
385281058>DUKE IS BACK BABY! i hope Randy die in a fire[View]
385279601And when he does... It will be THE END™ for the boy.[View]
385280910Are nintenkids really like this?[View]
385280859Are there any games like The Sims that are in any way close to The Sims quality?[View]
385281696Swordfish, kitfisto, Boomsticka. Are you guys here?! Diabolos 4 lyfe[View]
385280857>game has poker minigame[View]
385281665*blocks your path*[View]
385278087Bloodborne: >*Uses Rosmarinus* Show me your Dark Souls/Bloodborne characters. I'm sure you m…[View]
385280896So which is better/more active now old school or current runescape? I want something I can relax and…[View]
385279162Ogre Battle 64: What did you think of this game and what are some good unit builds? I remember build…[View]
385281368>Have to keep crafting the same weapons over and over because there's no way to repair them …[View]
385280435I'm looking for to get into a fighting game. I've been itching to play one recently, and I…[View]
385281109Come play with us faggots: http://skribbl.io/?Q7uHkjzgg8xRKivdMvRp[View]
385230312Spla2n thread: I'm really digging Splatoon 2 yo. I have a couple of minor annoyances, like that…[View]
385275861https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF7wMV-2HDo >those graphics >that map layout >teleporting …[View]
385268535https://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/ Sculpt your favorite vidya character. Post results[View]
385277301Is /v/ excited for the upcoming Steven Universe game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtNvyD--WP0…[View]
385277052We all thought this game would be good. How wrong were we. How wrong were we...[View]
385268551>Get a Destiny fidget spinner when you preorder Destiny 2. Say what you will but I think this bet…[View]
385280003>new, fun, addictive gamemode added >far more interesting than comp or turf >is locked unde…[View]
385267445ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Super Metroid Rotation NEXT: 007: Agent Under Fire LATE…[View]
385277206Any day now!!![View]
385276325>Be me, poor ass modder in mommy's basement >Make shitty arma 3 mod based off of shitty j…[View]
385279928Pitch me your video game idea.[View]
385279270How did we let this game fall into obscurity[View]
385280658So at the end of the game, you basically genocide your foes...? Are inklings #literallyhitler?[View]
385278958Fallout: New Vegas challenging?: Is fallout new vegas worth playing, despite the lack of challenge i…[View]
385273254itt: the last game you played and your reaction to it >silent hill 3 emulated…[View]
385232619You already rolled her right? You didn't reroll without beating fuyuki first did you??[View]
385276426pick your class i did the math so there is an actual objectively correct answer [View]
385279126Blizz handing out bans for throwing. Watch out fellow throwers.[View]
385271357What does /v/ think of Diablo III?[View]
385273327This time is not youtube compression Why is nintendo doing this? Why are they not hiring decent peop…[View]
385279231what happened[View]
385278979Warhammer vidyagaem thread! 40k and fantasy both welcome. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is n…[View]
385273308>there are tons of reviews on the game on youtube >not even on single thread on /v/ Arms and S…[View]
385278072I love Kass![View]
385270689PS Plus: Free Games for August 2017: https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/07/26/ps-plus-free-games-f…[View]
385257818Remember that time you and your bros got together and made that video game while eating pizza while …[View]
385279987reminder that a shitty dayz clone made by some monkeys has more players 24/7 than overwatch made by …[View]
385268852Nintendo Switch has the absolute WORST user interface of any Nintendo Console.: >no music >no …[View]
385276010Who is the best danganronpa and why is it Nekomaru?[View]
385279272How to crack doom?: I downloaded Doom during the steam free weekend and i still have it on my PC. is…[View]
385279890ITT 10/10 flavor of the months(plural) games(plural)[View]
385279724>tfw you try to play vidya but end up playing for a few mins of 3 different games because of exis…[View]
385270158Emulatin thread What are you playing? What are you hoping will be playable soon(tm)?[View]
385279629The President of the United-fucking-States-of-America. Who’d you think I was talking about? Who the …[View]
385278206Have you ever bought a game and immediately regretted it? Pic related.[View]
385278997Will TitanFall Assault make more money than TitanFall 1 and 2 combine?[View]
385264074Man, this one kinda sucks, huh?[View]
385279075Walmart confirms it’s canceling every single SNES Classic preorder: >“Unfortunately, due to a tec…[View]
385278760Post the worst enemies of their respective games[View]
385277694Why did this game fail?[View]
385265068Are these JRPG ranks accurate? Why not?[View]
385276067Actual bad level design.[View]
385277934How's that video game collection coming along? Here's mine. It's small but functional…[View]
385278390Why did you hate it?[View]
385250779Are you guys still mad at Ruby's appearance in the newest Blazblue game or have you forgiven he…[View]
385272927In terms of Nintendo video content, are they the go-to channel on Youtube, or are there any other go…[View]
385276921Korean aesthetics[View]
385278948There are people on /v/ right now who have never played the best video game of all time[View]
385246869ITT: Enemies that unnerve you. pic related[View]
385277331>Wake up >Do some work >'Eh I've got some free time, maybe I'll shitpost a little…[View]
385269540Who is the most successful villain in vidya?[View]
385276394Dungeon crawlers, huh? So they're, like, slow?[View]
385277194What the fuck was Sony thinking? The games don't even look better on the 'pro'[View]
385275757Damn, some good games for once![View]
385276495What do you guys even do to support your gaming hobby?[View]
385277615Sims 4 coming to PS4 and One: I actually want to buy this for some reason.[View]
385277507Hey guys, I've been intrigued with the idea of becoming an entertaining streamer and so I look …[View]
385274335Pick one of your favorite games and describe something about it that's shitty: Atrocious combat…[View]
385272040>hurr durrr >snes9x is better >durr hurrr >zsnes is bad Well done. You made me install t…[View]
385277741What is he screaming about?[View]
385250920Excited for Hiveswap?[View]
385277167So I have an idea for mounting power strips for my battlestation. If I used posterboard and gorilla…[View]
385278275So... this is Garrosh... a main character in the warcraft franchise for a story arc that spanned mul…[View]
385277926Can you make your dreams come true cousin?: http://nothingsgonnastopmenow.com[View]
385278362Wow....Sonybros have hit a new low, PS4 gets a new paint job and they go apeshit drooling over it.[View]
385278334>game has a boss rush/gauntlet >bosses names changes to [Name] x, dark [name], etc…[View]
385251304Sonic Mania: Days until Mania: 19 Looks like no track dropped yesterday, probably because of Sunday…[View]
385277594suck my cock, faggot mods[View]
385276608Explain this[View]
385277995In the entirely of the history of MMORPG's, do any of them allow you to take over and create a …[View]
385278096>we will never shit our pants seeing the graphics jump from gen 6 to gen 7 again…[View]
385275484ITT: Worst Castlemania[View]
385276548Are there any other games with the fantastic, wonderful, unique world design of Xenoblade Chronicles…[View]
385270674How did snake beat him in universe?[View]
385278025Who's ready for the greatest game of all time? Thoughts? Hopes? Expectations? What will his exc…[View]
385275567Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your 2017 video game Hall of Famers! >b-but the year isn…[View]
385261985Sony is thinking about making another upgraded PS4 pro. Are they really that Scared of the Xbox One …[View]
385258050Friendly reminder that 2B's design was ripped off another character![View]
385232243Looking to start this game tonight with my girlfriend. Could someone give me a rundown on what I nee…[View]
385277576NEW MHWORLD GAMPLAY GET IN HERE NIGGAS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orzh-5dPBCk >all 14 are up…[View]
385273717Did you like it?[View]
385277013Is there a way of telling which of these guys I killed second on my last playthrough? I'm doing…[View]
385277397Are you playing GOTY 2k17 /v/?[View]
385277091Can someone give me a rundown on the devs?: Are they really banning anyone that messes with their fr…[View]
385275408Where can I download the Halo PC installer? I found my old cd key today, but I'm hesitant to go…[View]
385277173How is this a video game?[View]
385273393Achievements/trophies: Are they good or bad?[View]
385277172No Dream Daddy thread? Let's fix that! What route are you currently working on?[View]
385276739Hey Anon! Did you pre-order the Elder Scroll IV Skyrim™ the Nintendo Switch?[View]
385267743ITT Games that make you feel like the ultimate killing machine[View]
385269589How come everyone loved Bravely Default when this game was much better?[View]
385276053have video game controllers peaked? like seriously, what could they possibly do with the next iterat…[View]
385274494*also on PS4[View]
385252676VROOM VROOM[View]
385216427ITT: NPCs being NPCs[View]
385272306Captain Falcon has been in as many SSB games as F-Zero games.[View]
385268094I need a bitchin' chair that will put up with my extensive neck beard computer sessions. -it g…[View]
385276687>MMORPGs are 100% dead The last one was Everquest 1, 17 years ago. And even Everquest 1 became 'L…[View]
385271741What the hell did they do to the controls? I can't play this.[View]
385269641Hey /v/ I've been looking into darkest dungeon and I love the artstyle and atmosphere of the ga…[View]
385276451Should ESRB make additional age restrictions up to 25?[View]
385273306Thoughts on the Shadow Hearts series? I've never played them but I'm listening to the sou…[View]
385275454How did she survive in Novigrad?[View]
385271662What's next for her? Cameo in a game? Doomed to being the newswoman for the switch? Or has she …[View]
385274920What genres absolutely will not work in VR?: I remember people with small imaginations saying VR wou…[View]
385276105is /v/ ready for fusionfall[View]
385276237Do you think there will ever be a game like PT again? None of the copycats come close to the level o…[View]
385275629I updated my game about teams and squares: Try it out again http://squarebattle.com/[View]
385273059Would Persona 3 Portable be enjoyable for...: Someone who enjoyed Persona 4, 5 and SMT strange journ…[View]
385275464Darkest Dungeon Thread: What mods you playan?[View]
385274798Hey /v/, I'm trying to remember the name of this game I saw on steam. All I can recall is it wa…[View]
385265821Hey, i would want to produce music for videogames, i know its a tricky question but someone has know…[View]
385252224ITT: Video game characters that are literally you[View]
385269250Does kojima ever stop being right about the future?[View]
385275230What are some RPG's where your party members walk around with you? Pic-related is Dragon's…[View]
385274406There will never be a greater Star Wars game: > Literally perfect lightsaber combat > passiona…[View]
385275828Hiro allowed one meta thread per board: Meta thread Which is the cancer of /v/? A) Hysterical whores…[View]
385272409Don't fall for the RPCS3 meme >6 years and still can't get some games to run >can…[View]
385266790Whelp. MN9 2.0 Incoming?[View]
385275759saw this vid, thought of you /v/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXOEj1mSqc8[View]
385275478What's the point of a stealth game where you don't have to use stealth to complete objecti…[View]
385266661Absolver: What do you guys think of Absolver? Will it be any good or another meme multiplayer game d…[View]
385275507Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: W-what does the easter egg do?[View]
385274159Fuck you, /v/ I liked this game. I didn't follow the development much, so I didn't know ab…[View]
385274185What happened to him, /v/? He almost redeemed AVGN.[View]
385275452Ps2 games?: Anyone know a reliable place to get ps2 games online? Pic related[View]
385275451One week until EPotY (Expansion Pack of the Year) releases.[View]
385272898what is the best thing and the most amount of fun you can have while playing an app?[View]
385272749Installing pic related at the moment, should i play vanilla version or mod the shit out of it? can …[View]
385270359Shit games you keep playing in the hope that will get better some day. At this point Im just holdin…[View]
385270012Why aren't you playing Ascension? >Kill either faction and take their gear as loot >Class…[View]
385274645If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me?[View]
385253571*blocks your platinum trophy*[View]
385274142https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QV_zTsmr1Q Joseph Clarence did nothing wrong. Prove me wrong.[View]
385273252Who will win?[View]
385266323Can we have a Dante's Inferno thread? I think this game is underrated. It's better than Go…[View]
385275015http://store.steampowered.com/app/463680/Guardians_of_Ember/ Early access shit but I saw this on sal…[View]
385273572they did it again another bland spin-off from the creators of Yoshi's New Island™ and Mario™ …[View]
385249842It's officially time to stop shitting on this game. It's the sequel to 3rd Strike that we …[View]
385269562>You have been invaded by dark spir-[View]
385274856Eyepatch or Fake Eye, /v/?: Assuming the character in question 'has' to lose an eye.…[View]
385270929S4 LEAGUE IN THE BUILDING. What the fuck happened to this game?[View]
385274780Remind me again why you fags aren't excited about this.[View]
385274719What are you playing tonight?;: Tell us why the guy above you has good or bad taste. Or if they shou…[View]
385274662I haven't played Dark Souls 3 since launch. Is it worth coming back for the DLC and the balance…[View]
385274060ITT: Games only you remember[View]
385272094Can someone explain to me how the hell does Amazon price games?[View]
385272054>massive maps >up to 64 players in a multiplayer map >barely any lag if any >fun with f…[View]
385266747oblivion was better than skyrim[View]
385274386dear god.[View]
385274337>Go to Gamestop to buy Nier: Onomatopia >Two copies >New: $50 >Used: $70 >Wat.jpg …[View]
385272193Ready to play the best multiplayer game ever made again /v/?[View]
385257719Did he make the right decision?[View]
385273891How y'all want berserk to end? I got a couple ideas: 1: Caska cured, but a completely different…[View]
385274265Best moments in games: Those points where a shit character suddenly becomes the best one. Where the …[View]
385273856Bravely Default: There is no jrpg girl like Edea![View]
385272249What is your favorite video game and why is it Morrowind?[View]
385274160ITT: God Tier Vidya Music continued: Not original OP, but I want to keep this going. Darksiders II i…[View]
385273791ITT: Characters who bulked properly.[View]
385273180Fallout 4. When you're hacking terminals is there any way to be sure of which brackets (),[], {…[View]
385272239Winnie's Homerun Derby: It's that time again. Can you defeat Robin, ethereal prince of dar…[View]
385268231>be kid >like childish things >become teenager >hate childish things, like edgy stuff …[View]
385273951ITT: Awkward vidya stories. Can we have a vidya stories thread? >at friends house for sleepover …[View]
385268909ITT: Games only you played I'll start[View]
385242513Is there a more based vidya soundtrack composer?[View]
385267561Battleborn thread: Battleborn[View]
385269549Is there any situation where Early Access is acceptable? I think it's a good way to support a …[View]
385271721how do I win in this game?[View]
385268473Which stealth game is more superior than the other /v/?[View]
385270252For real!?[View]
385271171>It's another revenge plot Are there any games with an active protaganist instead of a react…[View]
385251739Splatoon Fixes. How would you fix Splatoon ? >I wouldn't its perfect Sony pony. Its not an…[View]
385273040VICTORY OR DEATH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-_qEVW9I_A[View]
385272978ITT: Post bullshit[View]
385272952What are some games where I can play as a wizard? Preferably one so ancient and powerful that he has…[View]
385272947What can I run on my rig?[View]
385226558Can anything stop this man?[View]
385260864ITT: we attempt to make each other overdose on nostalgia[View]
385272083What are some games with nice depictions of the afterlife? I can't stop thinking about death la…[View]
385264145Dragonball Fighterz: Post your > Team that you will probably end up maining > Secondary team …[View]
385242586Odin Sphere: I just picked up pic related. What am I in for? Any tips?[View]
385272278What phenomena would you like to see more often in space games? I'm talking stuff like gamma ra…[View]
3852640672 and a half years later, they're still pushing out DLC for this single player game. I don…[View]
385267480Elsword Classes: Who is your favorite Elsword class and why?[View]
385236719Mariofags defend THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDHN8TFPDoc Bland, boring, barren as fuck, te…[View]
385270373>Join stream with 1-2 viewers >'Hello anon'…[View]
385272012>pwnd noobs[View]
385265004Name a move that's cooler than the Izuna Drop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtUbL5kSZDU You …[View]
385260775Favorite Dark Souls weapons. Hard mode: no overpowered weapons.[View]
385263254Post video game essays: >>385260626 https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2008/04/11/butchering-pat…[View]
385270484Have conviced someone to buy a bad game?: Storytime. >Be Me >Community College Fag >Taking …[View]
385271378Tonight's not the night. It never will be.[View]
385270174ITT: describe your dream game >MMORPG based around instanced PvP, like Guild Wars, it also has th…[View]
385258365games that you just feel sorry people paid full price for: I mean holy shit I know this is about rep…[View]
385271497> Why does blizzard insist upon making world first Mythic raiders beta test their game…[View]
385269879Making one last drawing on MS paint before it goes away forever.[View]
385267475ITT: God tier vidya music Or we can just talk about how Nier Automata is the masterclass of vidya ga…[View]
385267194Will you import Dragon Quest XI?[View]
385267834/v/ talks: If you could kill 1 manufacturer (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo), who would you and how would…[View]
385271203What games let me walljump?[View]
385269635Why the FUCK was this allowed?[View]
385270541How can i stop being a bad driver in euro truck simulator?[View]
385271069Would u rather eat a Sony Baloney, Mic-Croissants, or a nintendumplimg? Leaning towards a nintendum…[View]
385184493/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>385120976 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
385269975>unironically thinking emblemfags shouldn't be purged[View]
385270121>load up game >see this window >close game…[View]
385270074What went wrong?[View]
385269436Can anyone recommend a GPU under 100€? I was thinking about GeForce GT 1030, because it seems it can…[View]
385270778Oh fuck yes. Why is no one talking about the GOAT game that just came out?[View]
385230562Gigantic Thread: I am become Sven, destroyer of worlds.[View]
385270798ITT: Bro-tier party members[View]
385270679how come they dont invest in vidya?[View]
385270737Whats the best theme park simulator out right now? Planet Coaster is getting stale.[View]
385264947Why do we fight?[View]
385267381ESA 2017: Now: Super Metroid Rotated Next: 007 Later: Infamous link: google it dummy_________…[View]
385264924>'Old games aren't better it's all just nostalgia!' >Play old game. >Have more f…[View]
385264750Not sure what I was expecting ordering from Walmart[View]
385266096Necro > Others[View]
385269239Most funny IP in IOS gaming history: Need I say more?[View]
385269649Nintendo Network Down: >buy splatoon >can't play it wow great job nintendo, looks like I…[View]
385269819Maple Story: I never played maple story. I recently heard that there is a new 'reboot' server that h…[View]
385269121comfy vidya places[View]
385269706This level was fucking bullshit to get those black coins.[View]
385269075im bored after two hours[View]
385267979Sega Genesis better than PS2: 1- Megadrive is so much light than PS2 who launches the slim version t…[View]
385268943Any body know: Please if anybody knows what these symbols are from I would greatly appreciate it.…[View]
385269929Detective Games: Are there any genuinly good detective games out there? Preferably on PC[View]
385269256What went wrong? I was having so much fun then forgot it existed.[View]
385261879Why don't you support Tekken?: This was supposed to be Tekken's year[View]
385269743>'Wow' >'I have a giant Robot with 2 Giant Hammers. How will I deal with the hero?' >'Oh I …[View]
385210741Tomoooo, what's wrong buddy?[View]
385267268>play Diablo III >be bored beyond reason and assume I grew out of the genre since it's su…[View]
385269485Are the performance issues related to Windows 10? Playing right now at 1080p60 with only a GTX 1060 …[View]
385268301Will you play the savior of fighting games? there's a free weekend soon http://www.fantasystrik…[View]
385269380Budget gaming build: Soo Im making a budget gaming pc and this is what I have >Mobo H81M-E33 >…[View]
385269161>tfw spending more time trying to get the games to work on my PC than actually playing them…[View]
385268423ITT: games you asked for[View]
385269321Is Dark Cloud in the Elder Scrolls universe?[View]
385267225>tfw vidya doesn't fill the void anymore[View]
385255980Does anyone on v even still play botw? Surely you must be bored by now? I stopped playing months ago…[View]
385263803Medoicre but fun games: What are some games that you've played that aren't anything ground…[View]
385269243are mesh gaming chairs able to hold lardasses? or should i look for a traditional style chair? and w…[View]
385269230>game inflates its health and hit points >200k damage is only actually worth around 100 compar…[View]
385269146Shitty thinks in shitty games: >shotgun shoots to 20 feet accurately…[View]
385268617https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJX4ytfqw6k&feature=share /v/ in a nutshell[View]
385265640>be stalker >only way out of swamps is through a funnel set up by the military to mow down sta…[View]
385266614>buy loads of new games >end up just replaying the same old ones anyone else do this? pic unre…[View]
385260337Arle is still the main character in the Puyo Puyo franchise, right?[View]
385268283OMG, Marie just called me adorable! :D[View]
385268635>Start new playthrough of game >Dies >Loads save so it's not on the record Who else do…[View]
385260472What's the best magic the gathering game if I want to play with old school artworks with early …[View]
385268324I really don't get the hype and acclaim: >boring 'gameplay' >retarded story >awful voi…[View]
385266337can someone explain to me how this isn't just jojo's bizarre adventure in a school setting…[View]
385268603Back at this bitch again, 33 pulls in so far...[View]
385268552Fire Emblem Warriors: Second Bond Interview is out: This time Chrom and Ryoma are featured: https://…[View]
385257871Why do japs like games that require grinding so much?[View]
385266836>hear people go on and on about how the batmobile literally kills the game >recently pick it u…[View]
385244196ITT: Oh yeah that game exists[View]
385262872Is it kino?[View]
385268403Dr. Winston, I'm Overwatch[View]
385263281I've noticed LGBT characters seem to be better received in Japanese games than Western games. W…[View]
385264581If you play as a girl than it means you want to be a girl and like the idea of guys hitting on you. …[View]
385266458Beta just went live on PS4 redpill me on this game[View]
385260582Who wins?[View]
385265137what does /v/ think of my tattoo?[View]
385229112woah, haha...[View]
385266021Yu-Gi-Oh!: Another Yu-Gi-Oh! thread. Megamorph33 released a new video of him or her playing with a N…[View]
385264559I challenge you faggots to post a more relaxing PC game: >smoke a lot of weed >choose your own…[View]
385265591Was Haru's personality changed during development? She never does this expression during any po…[View]
385267525What's the video game equivalent of the 2016 Bursurk series? Hard mode: No Bioware games…[View]
385267974>visual novel >has a rpg elements or strategy game…[View]
385267591What are some games that feature pop culture references?[View]
385266542Why is Overwatch such shit but still alive?[View]
385265772Disgaea thread: What's your favorite game in the series? And this is best girl btw[View]
385264717Would you?[View]
385265424Good Video Games?: Are there any?[View]
385260993subnautica: I just got the habitat builder, where should I start planning my first base? I was think…[View]
385260369PUBG: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is the most popular game on Twitch, the best selling on St…[View]
385264460Are we all in agreement that Ori and the Blind Forest the best platformer of all time?[View]
385233195What is the most violent video game?[View]
385260671alright guys, i finally did it. i broke down and spent $1100+ on pc parts and they should be here in…[View]
385252882>game's main content is doable in less than fucking 6 hours[View]
385240454Cemu 1.9.0 Bayonetta 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd-QgM6MleU Zelda - Kakariko village https://…[View]
385267420This honestly the worst goddamn final boss fight they could have designed. >laser spam >hyper …[View]
385267406Skyrim V Modding Help: How can I install SkyUI5 on a pirated, non-Steam version of The Elder Scrolls…[View]
385242342Thanks for beta testing. Are there any exclusives left on PC?[View]
385257714JUST YOU AND ME MINER[View]
385244435Is this still accurate? What else do we need to add to it? How many alarms do you raise?[View]
385267136Can we all agree that PES is the only game that keep konami survive until now?[View]
385264083Leave GOTY 2018 to me.[View]
385244204Metroid: Samus Returns and continuity: Question, /v/, lets say that somehow Sakamoto decide that nea…[View]
385263213>best exclusive platformers >best exclusive hack and slash >best exclusive jrpgs >best e…[View]
385265994Why only Naughty Dog and Activision can make good graphics/[View]
385263443Uh oh, God is taking a vacation, and he picked Tod Howard to be his replacement. What does Tod do wi…[View]
385265067>mfw hearing my friends talk about how hard cod and bf are like bitch have you even played dark s…[View]
385266752Convince others to play a game with one image or sentence.[View]
385265097How do we combat the threat large breasted onee-sans in vidya?[View]
385265407South Korea bans Danganronpa V3: >The game committee decided to not allow Danganronpa V3 from bei…[View]
385266335>open wold indie survival crafting[View]
385264140Just finished this. I guess... What a journey... holy shit... words can't describe the beauty o…[View]
385250652ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Resident Evil 2 NEXT: Resident Evil HD Remaster LATER: …[View]
385253075So it comes out in less than 2 days and I've been playing the fuck out of the demo. I got 2 rel…[View]
385248538Blizzards time is over: >no diablo 3 general, nobody plays it anymore even though they just relea…[View]
385265338*blocks your path*[View]
385265658ITT: characters that did everything wrong[View]
385240869What the fuck kind of combo is battle axe and grenade launcher?[View]
385262158>SO LONG, AIDS FUCKER! Did Nintendo really think this was okay?[View]
385256764This Callie is so fucking delicious.[View]
385263920What games make you happy? Either because they're really fun and jolly, or because they remind …[View]
385263781>it's just a game bro No, it isn't.[View]
385259694Meme's aside. What are some good recommended early access games? My picks are Lobotomy Corp. Ri…[View]
385265554Ultimate Battle simulator thread. 1000 Knights vs 500 US Marines in a desert city Who will win?[View]
385240820>''it will eventualy die'' >the playerbase just keeps getting bigger What …[View]
385263693This guy walks up to you in Mournhold and asks you for a hundred gold, what do you do?[View]
385244084>crash is hard, hurdur >crash is dark souls, breh >omg so retro have this people played tro…[View]
385264273Just finish this game, too liner for time travel plot, don't have any real challenge, but i enj…[View]
385265253>install mario kart 8 on usb hdd >install dlc >it overwrites the actual game…[View]
385257829He did the best he could with what he was given. He deserved better.[View]
385263252>tfw you feel a void after finishing a good game.[View]
385251113You are creating a new MMORPG, which races you put in the game?[View]
385262453>DC has the Arkham games but Origins wasn't really well received and Knight was a disaster w…[View]
385264731So how's your event going[View]
385257951Do you think we'll be seeing the old DBZ games at side tournaments by any chance?: There's…[View]
385264437How do I even learn to make character textures like this in photoshop? Are there any resources that …[View]
385264207>It's a 'champion enemy kills two of your hard worked for champion heroes in the first fight…[View]
385263797 [View]
385256105/v/ockbusters: Alright... /v/ockbusters. Just in case ye haven't played before, its when I give…[View]
385250972Pre-order cancelled: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=244452672&postcount=222…[View]
385262695Vidya cringe Thread[View]
385263846>press <not bound> to (insert action here)[View]
385261775Kimishima Asks when?[View]
385253032SWITCH MINECRAFT UPDATED TO FULL 1080p60fps: http://time.com/4873376/minecraft-1080-nintendo-switch/…[View]
385230559ITT: 10/10 Character Designs[View]
385261732out of touch developers: Square Enix today announced that Final Fantasy XV fans can look forward to …[View]
385262332Guitar Hero thread: Picked up pic related for 20 bucks at GameStop. It's actually pretty fun. A…[View]
385252356What attracts modders to the TES games (Skyrim more specifically) so much?[View]
385263207I need some opinions for the Zodiac Age, So far my setup is this >Vaan-Uhlan >Balthier-Shikari…[View]
385263452Which of these options is better in an open world game that is supposed to simulate an entire develo…[View]
385263435Come join Link start discord server: Hey come and join my brand new discord server for gaming, nsfw …[View]
385263156Over rated and/or Over hyped games you regret buying? Picture related: Early access is no excuse fo…[View]
385262168>the main character of the first game you ever played/owned now has to protect you from the chara…[View]
385254548>not nominated for best story Were the coinflip faggots behind this?[View]
385245364Times /v/ fucked up big league: Remember the time that one of us worked really hard and made us a vi…[View]
385262609>loading screen is black >you see the reflection of yourself in the tv/monitor/display…[View]
385263112SNES Preorder canceled: I cannot fucking believe this shit! I can sue Walmart and Nintendo for this …[View]
385263102Recommend some games before I kill myself from boredom[View]
385261315Ocelot Vs Kaz: Who do you choose, /v/?[View]
385258071im making the unist uni[st] thread this time someone make a lobby i want to body newfags[View]
385262338i was kinda surprised to see all 3 of these are the same personality. the summary: The Logistician …[View]
385261878WARIOWARE: How do we save WarioWare? I feel like it could very easily become a hit, but they just ha…[View]
385262824What went wrong?[View]
385262112How do you feel about beautiful women playing video games?[View]
385262774This WoW server is amazing. It's the dream MMO I've always wanted. >Free for all PvP, l…[View]
385261446Mass Effect: How's one supposed to play this without stopping to masturbate to her voice every …[View]
385260317Clowns in games: How many clowns have you seeing in games? Also, I guess no clown can be name Joker …[View]
385262356What is the terry wads of video games?[View]
385260168What game do you think has aged very well. In my opinion its the original F.E.A.R (F.E.A.R. F.E.A.R …[View]
385260746give me good games to play your favorite games of all time literally anything i feel like i played e…[View]
385260992Has anyone ever added you in hearthstone after a battle[View]
385258372Why did Big Smoke and Ryder vanish from the story after the Green Sabre? What was the entire point o…[View]
385234018Game franchises you'd love to see die? Call of duty would be nice.[View]
385262372Is there anyone more deserving of public castration that anti SFV little fags? I mean the FGC parrot…[View]
385262351Honestly, if it weren't for the gimmicky as fuck combat this game would've actually been p…[View]
385262297Have you guys ever heard of Power Bomberman? Found this yesterday >wide maps for up to 12 players…[View]
385262259>start up game >edit graphics settings >tells me a restart is needed to apply changes >…[View]
385261034Half-Life 2: Lost Coast: Is this the best Half-Life game?[View]
385261718Where do you go for your video game reviews?[View]
385262037Best Final Fantasy game EVER coming through[View]
385260875Are there any other vidya secret eggs like this in media? Metal Gear Solid in Kimi No Na Wa.[View]
385262030Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
385261678I've played every Metroidvania except Circle of the Moon. Is it worth tracking down?[View]
385260098ITT: Games you like playing even if they're not the best[View]
385242902Disgaea thread: Best girl right here, etna is second.[View]
385261429Is this the face of gaymen?[View]
385260061need halp: I'm assuming Nintendo removed all of the gamecube ISOs or roms or whatever since i c…[View]
385261165prove this wrong.[View]
385260614Steam Thread: Whats on your installed/to play list? Whats on your wishlist?[View]
385255489is Starcraft 2 dead as an e-sport?[View]
385261571video game wallpapers[View]
385252787Did your parents ever forbid you from playing a game because you weren't old enough?[View]
385261282LO-wait what?[View]
385257152Why is League of Legends never talked about on /v/? It is one of the most popular games and is const…[View]
385259626What are some games you asked for be?[View]
385260256>fires lead devs 1 year into production >doesn't tell anyone for 1 year until asked point…[View]
385259351I need a new computer, /v/, but know nothing about building one. Pls help[View]
385260172>want to replay a game >remember THAT part whats her name?…[View]
385261095Donkey Kong is better than Mario[View]
385259305Are there any older RPGs that play like the KOTOR games?[View]
385259315what is the better mod, between call of chernobyl and misery[View]
385257409Is Fallout 4 modding dead?: Is it? http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25621/?[View]
385240217What do these three series have in common? Their first game was the best in the series[View]
385259162>game has story[View]
385256787>SEGA is AGES backwards WTF?????[View]
385251816Why do you cheat in video games /v/?[View]
385259654Can we even call Switch ports ports? If you're offering portability, it changes the game entire…[View]
385260762Dragon Ball FighterZ - DBFZ - DBZ: Beta signups are today! Look out for Bandai twitter for details o…[View]
385260385>enemy can only be defeated through the power of singing[View]
385248164Name your favorite video game essay or review. HARD MODE: No youtube videos.[View]
385258920That time Capcom paid a bunch of BRs to make an official comic book: Story time, pt. 2[View]
385257963Post your ideas for the next Splatoon 2 ranked mode[View]
385260413animal crossing: GC > NL > CF = WW Did you have a crush on any of your neighbors when you were…[View]
385256715Which one should I order?[View]
385256884I started playing Path of Exile in open beta and left it right before they started making temporal l…[View]
385260485Enjoyment vs. Optimization: When you find or learn about a cheesy or otherwise dominant strategy in …[View]
385257798Will it fail?[View]
385256760New York and Vandenburg were the only good parts of this game prove me wrong[View]
385260257anyone play BC2 still?[View]
385230286Yes, well done Nintendo, well done. 4.7M units. However, it remains a machine for WiiU ports.[View]
385257903Look at all these fucking casuals with this bullshit hurr durr i liek gamesphere SPHEERICAL fuck you…[View]
385253000>Ouya exclusive[View]
385257097This is Kochin. For the next few years she'll be your personal advisor. I hope you guys will ge…[View]
385238912Show me your souls character (can be of any game)[View]
385257642Is Velvet girl of the year so far? no magilou allowed[View]
385259771>when a doggy does something significant, it's difficult to boil it down to one word. >th…[View]
385259723Post your most recent buyer's remorse[View]
385257359Did anyone actually like this asshole?[View]
385252539Simple question. Is pic related good?[View]
385250045>load up dark souls 3 >no story, no intro >tons of classes but no explanations >clunky c…[View]
385259418what did steam mean by this?[View]
385256072Worst kinamania.[View]
385259384Suggest me a pc game with great story and gameplay(bonus if good graphics) Just played Deus Ex HR an…[View]
385259287Fuck you /v/, Dark souls 2 it's the best game in the souls series not like shitborne, shit soul…[View]
385259132Yo /v/, does anyone remember a fantasy game with a sort of eye teardrop logo (in blue) that played l…[View]
385258532>video game lets you romance members of your party >video game has a brothel >your love int…[View]
385258986The last video game you played now features Umarie Rose. What changes?[View]
385245103Graphics: Graphics Thread[View]
385259105>that feel when you finally beat his second fight and get all the genji armors Oh man it was awes…[View]
385258827Dice will improve with Battlefront 2 they said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_vz44bp3c…[View]
385257759Fighting Games: Should i get Mortal kombat x or Injustice 2[View]
385257803I want the opposite of Cities: Skylines and other city builders. Why aren't there any games abo…[View]
385250379will we ever get a new F-Zero again?[View]
385258690is this game actually that good? demo seemed fun. please be honest with me, you guys already lied to…[View]
385258868Despite being exactly the same as Destiny 1 and not improving on any of it's flaws, this is goi…[View]
385244197You didn't actually think you got one right Anon?[View]
385258807Walmart confirms it’s canceling every single SNES Classic preorder: >Walmart confirmed today that…[View]
385257583Who is ready for the revival of melee medieval games next month[View]
385238887>Etika playing Crash Who wants to bet that he's not even going to play an hour of it?…[View]
385251857This...is the power....of PC gaming........damn[View]
385254146I'm just planning on sticking with 1080p/60fps gaming, plenty of emulation 6th gen emulation an…[View]
385257384I'm 22 hours in and haven't beaten mom once. Is this typical or am I exceptionally bad at …[View]
385258015Can some /v/ person please post that picture of the Mario Xcom game dev who was crying tears of prid…[View]
385256756ITT - Games you feel bad for pirating but can't quite justify buying them despite having a good…[View]
385258193This is an evil place[View]
385257167What did they mean by this?[View]
385254148Hi, I am finally feeling a little bit burnt out on guild wars 2, can anyone here recommend me a good…[View]
385255662As retardyd as the series may be, which traditional Mario Party is your favorite? http://www.strawpo…[View]
385256947Indie ps4 games: Whats a good indie ps4 games that i could get?[View]
385251602why aren't you as smart as Bioshock?[View]
385256240The Evil Within thread: What exactly was Leslie? Why did she disappear out of thin air outside STEM?…[View]
385256701Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: All the villains are going to have one hell of a party since Hilda is a f…[View]
385248607>some furry in his basement made a best selling game that will go down as a classic >/v/ can…[View]
385253334What does /v/ think of the new Nioh dlc?[View]
385254881EZA - Ssssh..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tReOJ9UYAc[View]
3852379263x3 Thread. Post yours, judge others: For making one: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php Last threa…[View]
385255453>wizard enemy >'i'll put a spell on you!'…[View]
385257230Decided to try this shit out. Can someone give me a quick rundown on the servers? A quick bit of res…[View]
385250535Why do you still use controllers?[View]
385251395Is God of War possibly the most violent game of all time?[View]
385257273Need a new game with a good story, suggestions?: I am thinking perhaps 'What remains of Edith Finch'…[View]
385244985Dragon Ball Fighter z: Will this game save the fighting genre Will Caulifla be in it?![View]
385239487What is the best recording software other than Shadowplay? I can't get it to work no matter wha…[View]
385251415morning breath: This game bores the fuck out of me. The first time I took a stab at it, I ended up f…[View]
385256250What exclusive PC games are best played with a joystick rather than kb+m? Is there such thing?[View]
385254163what's the appeal?[View]
385250227What went wrong?[View]
385200147ITT: Vidya scenes that brought utter despair.[View]
385251502Is Melee the most technical and skill-based fighting game ever?[View]
385250407Better than Zelda BOTW?[View]
385256012This bandicoot doesn't have jeans[View]
385241521Why did Japan stop making turn based JRPG's that are actually cool and don't make you crin…[View]
385254057>game seamlessly transitions from cutscene to gameplay if theres one thing i like about modern ga…[View]
385243021You're able to use one ability from World of Warcraft for the rest of your life, at any time no…[View]
385254831This game has been advertised practically everywhere in the last week or so (or at least where I…[View]
385252691Screenshot thread?: Screenshot thread[View]
385248261I just finished ending A and I want to know when I get the feels. I dont care much for ass and I wan…[View]
385256390Would you want a sequel even knowing there's a very high chance the new villain lineup and musi…[View]
385255020https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a2k-zbj0hY NINTENDO WON[View]
385252804KinoRat buffs/nerfs.: BREAK DOWN. BREAKDOWN DA NA NA NA NA AN https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwa…[View]
385249168ITT Subtle vidya clothing[View]
385256293So how long am I going to have to wait for a soft mod option?[View]
385256239what other games allow you to use two mouse controllers? also, games with unique controls general[View]
385254310Some shitty RPG that i played like 10 years ago and i can't fucking remember it: Hey /v/ there …[View]
385253258will any game ever be able to fill the void left by tf2? >inb4 trannywatch…[View]
385255004What went wrong?[View]
385254289>Splatoon 2 out >still can't find Switches on store shelves How can I play a new game whe…[View]
385252248What's the best JRPG on the PSP in your opinion?[View]
385248378>The final boss has 13 forms[View]
385255835Buy my game[View]
385255389Someone play Melty Blood with me.[View]
385255686This game will always be considered a masterpiece and one of the best Zelda games. You can do nothin…[View]
385245007I'm going to play GBA games on my phone. What controller should I get? (need to be able to clip…[View]
385249543Splatoon 2 Art? Post yours. Bonus points for anyone who still knows what game mine is from[View]
385254735Great game. I wish I wasn't too lazy to break out the PS3 to play it again PC port when[View]
385224690Remember when Mortal Kombat was total crap? How did survive until today?[View]
385251414Xbox is dea-[View]
385251679I don't understand the mentality of you Nintendo haters on this board. You NEED company. That…[View]
385249364The Great Debate: FF7 and Ocarina: Which one is the most overrated?[View]
385255047>drinks bleach >it refills mana[View]
385254395voice chat was a mistake[View]
385255040ITS UP, FAGS!: CIA is Out at the Usual place[View]
385251684>The Elder Scrolls 6 comes out >as a homage, its cover looks just like this one how would eve…[View]
385254037Why didn't the Phantom Thieves check to see if this guy had a palace?[View]
385231745ITT: Name 5 (FIVE) games that are both difficult and engaging that were released in the last few yea…[View]
385253882DISPENSER GOIN' UP[View]
385254649What are some games everyone thought was bad or mediocre but you thought were amazing? Explain why y…[View]
385254562New unofficial Humble Bundle Telegram channel: Hi, I created a new unofficial telegram channel for H…[View]
385254516more like this[View]
385254456What games is /v/ playing atm?[View]
385254207>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziwuudqfLxY&t=126s >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_GCg…[View]
385223983So now Blizzard bans you if you play their game the wrong way.[View]
385245754Just bought Persona 5, never played the series before, what am I in for?[View]
385252342What's with early access games being put on steam in increasingly unfinished states? At this ra…[View]
385251050What was his fucking problem?[View]
385252553Crash Bandicoot: Are you enjoying Stormy Ascent, anon?[View]
385253978Do you think that ultra realistic walking simulators are the future of VR? Farm51 will show their Ch…[View]
385249992What was the last game you played where you felt utterly sucked into, whether it be for story or gam…[View]
385251228ITT: easiest bosses of all time[View]
385250019>Read tutorial on port forwarding >Follow everything step by step >Fails every time…[View]
385250419>Mighty Number 9 'pysical boxed copy' >no physical copy of game included >box is not assemb…[View]
385250473I sold my RX 580 8 GB to a normie looking to get into mining for $600. With those funds, I put $500 …[View]
385252807Tachanka is God. Best operator, best gadget, best defense. There is no argument against this.[View]
385211901What's going on with the Hollow Knight devs?[View]
385253363>Cemu got BotW up and running at a record time >RPCS3 stopped being an useless piece of shit a…[View]
385250376What the fuck is this? There's also a few weeb games I've never seen like blue reflection …[View]
385240728How long will it take for Sony to copy the Nintendo Switch?[View]
385249064Is the translation in the english-patched rom any good for this? I want to play it after finishing S…[View]
385206835Senran Kagura http://gematsu.com/2017/07/senran-kagura-new-title-presentation-2017-set-august-1 …[View]
385224576Is this the peak of gaming journalism?[View]
385235261Most annoying castlevania game I've ever played yet. Does anyone actually have this one as thei…[View]
385250850Dicks and Crows: >Already coming to EVO >1.2 MILLION copies sold in a mere 2 weeks (double tha…[View]
385252640Was part of the design plan for this season that anybody who's lived this long is batshit crazy…[View]
385248857How does /v/ feel about this? I'm about to play it again.[View]
385246365Do you refrigerate your mousepad?[View]
385252616Make this /v/ related.[View]
385250348>Moviebob >GaijinGoombah >Andrew Dobson >pic related Why do the most autistic individual…[View]
385250242>kind of want to buy a switch to play disgaea 5 on a handheld >do not want to be associated wi…[View]
385242060Harley Quinn appreciation thread (ass): I see a lot of 2B ass, but Harley is nowhere to be found. Wh…[View]
385247096Do you like tank controls?[View]
385251518>you can hit the boss after you beat them[View]
385252482You are obligated to break into an FBI building by your corrupt FBI contacts to retrieve and delete …[View]
385250538>jumps in the air >2 shoots phara Easy[View]
385247415what's missing?[View]
385250807ITT: Games only you played[View]
385241382>Holy Light costs 12% of total mana per cast >Holy light costs 26,400 mana >total mana is 1…[View]
385250180How long until it's Free to Play? I give it three more weeks before their playerbase shrinks fr…[View]
385247464Okay /v/ I have a theory about Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid. So most of you probably know th…[View]
385247185Is the two weapon system more tactically meaningful than the ten weapon systems of yesteryear?[View]
385251486Hidden gems general: How the hell did Game Freak make a fucking horse racing solitaire game be engag…[View]
385249784>My mouse is hovering over the purchase button for Fortnite.[View]
385251379I think she's growing on me.[View]
385248021>Join MMO RP/RPPVP Server >Literally no one is in character >Everyone has shitty gag or pop…[View]
385251462Flappy Bird: Jeff Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJu7lvaiJ3A[View]
385251004Shhh... Kass is sleepping[View]
385251387What is the worst fanbase on /v/, /v/? Vote. http://www.strawpoll.me/13542588[View]
385251363Can we not make Switch threads for a couple weeks? My house was robbed and they took my Switch and i…[View]
385251324>PS4 sold more in 6 weeks than the Switch sold in 4~ months How do we stop them…[View]
385247175Name a video game franchise with a deeper lore than Project Diva.[View]
385250717What did you think of Mario Run?[View]
385248759Is San Andreas the greatest game of all time?[View]
385244397What are some games where I can play as a different species? Bonus points if the species has not a s…[View]
385251106Best. Year. Ever.[View]
385251070And you said they were sold out everywhere[View]
385248054New Vegas Thread: >He thinks there's one faction that's 'the best' in New Vegas…[View]
385250839I am going to with the current one is that one of my friends is a good time to stop this and also I …[View]
385244874How do we save our guy Angry Joe?[View]
385248156>tfw own a Switch and BotW >put over 50 hours into Fast RMX but less than 40 into Zelda Am I d…[View]
385249648Roast me /v/[View]
385249339B A B Y A B Y[View]
385248948Games that completely btfo every other game in its series[View]
385249647Is it any good?[View]
385240509The Nintendo Switch will sell 20 million or more in its first year. True or false[View]
385237930What went wrong?[View]
385247704Does Majora's Mask emulate well? As a European, I want to experience the game properly at least…[View]
385249071>No Eye >No Ear >No Nose >No Hand >No Body >No Mind >No Shape >No Shape What…[View]
385250475'Hey, Snake! Is there a reason why we call you 'Big Boss' now?'[View]
385239754ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: GTA: Vice City NEXT : Resident Evil 2 LATER: Resident E…[View]
385249074So lazy joe is losing subscribers. To keep this /v/ related, which game has the best ost of all time…[View]
385250230Tracer throws like a girl[View]
385250208>decide to buy bf4 because I hear it's a fun shooter and it's on sale for 75% off >f…[View]
385241459x vs zero: lets settle this whos the superior specimen?[View]
385218292Would Bowser kill Mario if he had a change? Also why does he kidnap Princess Peach?[View]
385241509MMOFPS like Planetside 2 except set in european cities during different stages of WW2? Well?[View]
385248525>Smash Melee Evo Finals >Crowd barely cheers >Announcers sound bored and tired >On some …[View]
385240935>decide to give Skyrim another chance after a few years >over 100 hours into it >I'm h…[View]
385247773Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain is 6£/8$ roughly with gold.[View]
385222776RIP Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: >PUBG is getting a key and loot crate model like CS:GO …[View]
385249862Is the Logi G Pro good? I've had a Zowie ZA11 for about a year and a half and I do pretty good …[View]
385229310How do we help him /v/?[View]
385249807ITT: casual filters[View]
385247871Just downloaded the p64 build that enables 60fps and mouse control. So far I've gotten to Area …[View]
385248843 RULES OF NATURE [View]
385249716>forces you to jump through a bunch of hidden hoops no one without a guide would even notice to g…[View]
385245336ITT: Casual filters[View]
385248812Quake: 20-odd years later, is Quake still one of the better FPS' out there? Aside from how usel…[View]
385245071Anyone know where I can watch competitive fighting games that isn't Evo? I've been getting…[View]
385203525>no Sonic Mania thread Let's fix that. Only 20 more days left to go.…[View]
385248987How many games should a console have that you want before you buy it? I want a Switch, but right now…[View]
385249337Know any game characters who look like real people?[View]
385249189Loghain was the good guy[View]
385247212oh how the mighty have fallen[View]
385249180This game would have been a lot better if it was just about the nemesis system and nothing else. The…[View]
385235628Post a vidya character who has the same first name as you If you have a stupid name because your par…[View]
385249138F13 Thread: Bear trap nerf when? If you play as Part 2 or 6 it's instant win mode with the bear…[View]
385244627Ryū ga Gotoku: Kiwami: Friendly reminder to pre-order this PS4 exclusive[View]
385245668Why does the Switch, and Nintendo in general, trigger Mature Hardcore Gamers so much?[View]
385248449Need coop games: Hey any good coop games there I could play with my gf pic related[View]
385248914How long before it gets fun.[View]
385239937Is there a game that doesn't exist but you wish it did?[View]
385247136You guys played it yet?[View]
385244587>game has multiple types of swords >they don't all do the same function Why are game deve…[View]
385248715>mouse cursor moves extremely slowly in game's menu Why does this happen? It's very ann…[View]
385248065What classes would you want to see in the World of Warcraft 2? Should Blizzard continue use spec/tal…[View]
385232415Building a sentry! *CLANG* *CLANG* *CLANG* *CLANG* *CLANG*[View]
385246184So I'm playing Secret of Mana with my friend Senate over ZSNES. We just got to The Empire (more…[View]
385245483Best PS4 games?: WHat are some must own PS4 Games? Just picked up Bloodborne with my new PS4, and lo…[View]
385248628Is this any good?[View]
385245872So now that the dust has settled, did the remake(s) do anything right?[View]
385248529so this is the power of flavor of the month kino, wow...[View]
385204561Guild Wars 2 - new expansion: You ready to explore some new branded areas in the crystal deserts, an…[View]
385247243isnt it weird how the best consoles were from sega or microsoft?[View]
385248243Why are there so few transgender twins in games?[View]
385247442is it still bad?[View]
385212693ITT: Tracks where the composer went 'Just fuck my shit up.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGIN2jkZ…[View]
385247672>Given this progress, and in collaboration with several of our technology partners – including Ap…[View]
385248050>Beating the game unlocks a new character >They have a different playstyle…[View]
385247893Is the Logi G Pro good? I've had a Zowie ZA11 for about a year and a half and I do pretty good …[View]
385219071Pyre: So, is it any good?[View]
385247680Best old-school shooter coming through, excuse me..[View]
385216059>Only 4 pics of Lavenza on Rule 34 WHY IS THIS ALLOWED[View]
385240925Why does it seem like everyone else on PC has perfect aim while I can't hit anything with even …[View]
385238171Lord Malak was most displeased when he learned you had escaped Taris alive. He has offered a great r…[View]
385247490Is this an interesting game?[View]
385247482$ 8 5 0 8 5 0 http://www.overclock.net/t/1635160/nordichardware-translated-amd-rx-vega-pricing-info…[View]
385241210>TLG sold less than fucking ARMS where did it all go wrong[View]
385247269Name a better RPG than Off. Protip: You can't. [View]
385246129>Just ate 700 calories >900 if you include burned caloric in-take What video game lets me diet…[View]
385244763This game is literally too hard >slippery climb >sunset vista >road to nowhere All without …[View]
385247216I haven't played a game in split-screen in over 10 years.[View]
385247174https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIDakHOJGk8 >no Switch version[View]
385244541Need a Japan for HOI4 tournament: In a discord server we're doing a hoi4 last man standing tour…[View]
385244006BORN DIFFERENT: Should this guy's reviews be taken into account on Metacritic?[View]
385243898>Neo /v/ will defend this[View]
385246994The PC gaming blackpill (PC Gaming Meta thread): I've been playing exclusively on PC for 6 year…[View]
385243681What went wrong?[View]
385232326Bonafide Monafied![View]
385243557Gameboy display: Anyone have or know where I can buy a classic gameboy table top display case[View]
385237418Has anyone ever used a trip mine in a single-player game for combat purpose?[View]
385242430>Play Rayman Origins with two friends two years younger than me >Play through the entire game …[View]
385244994lets have one of those >what you saw like image >what it actually was his eyes were actually s…[View]
385244725Hei /v/ Is it worth getting a 3ds ? I always see people starting threads about them and I get jealou…[View]
385242671Deepest Lore[View]
385239285>Game out in 12 days >Still no thread about it Will it be shite?…[View]
385245893Why aren't you playing the new season of Diablo 3 with the newly released Necromancer?[View]
385243828Fire Emblem: Ok /v/,So I hacked my 3DS recently and decided to dive into the Fire Emblem series. Wha…[View]
385231393Now that Arms is confirmed another success, what do you want to see in a sequel?[View]
385245512why doesn't Sony have any studios that can make fun games like mario odyssey?As a PS4 owner i…[View]
385244846>when you create the literal perfect Zelda[View]
385246183Will KH3 be one of the worst PS4 games?: Like, why people still play this.[View]
385246068RIP Wraith.[View]
385245604what did he do[View]
385241032give me one good reason why this wont be as good as SM64 and sunshine give me one good reason why th…[View]
385245657https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq_TfL-FRFA He... he got a platinum relic, on deep pressure. Is the …[View]
385218587Name a more perfect woman. That's right, you can't.[View]
385244062The visuals story and presentation are great, but how can this be a 10/10 when the combat is even wo…[View]
385241915Super Mario Sunshine: Why did this game Bomb so hard with half the Mario fanbase? And why do people …[View]
385242454ITT: Things you love in your favorite game that doesn't affect the gameplay Advisors broken eng…[View]
385241392Nintendo never has any third party titl-[View]
385243445do games exist where I can be a skeleton?[View]
385239358>Wear plate armor >Not immune to all damage from weapons Explain this…[View]
385245026I need to be here Yes Wunderbar[View]
385241429Three of the greatest Star Wars games of all time did not get sequels... What went so wrong /v/?[View]
385239216Alright, I loved FF XV,: BUT how Square Enix handled DLC sets a precedent for for the scammiest and …[View]
385244910Is this this the best Star Fox game?[View]
385244384Finished it after 100 hours. >empty fields everywhere >nonexistent music outside of barely rec…[View]
385239573What is the most overrated fighting game series of all time and why is it pic related?[View]
385244835don't mind me, I'm just the best year in gaming passing by[View]
385219528New Wolfenstein trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYV1yfmUGYY Are you ready to kill some Nazis…[View]
385239764Save your mother: This game... That artstyle... It look familiar or is my imagination?[View]
385244479I hope you people don't want Phantasy Star V from current Sega.[View]
385244201Can we get an Ace Combat thread going?[View]
385244298Whats so great about Gigantic and why should I switch instead of playing paladins?[View]
385239828Well /v/?[View]
385241376Is this dude right about Persona 5? http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spsblb >Persona 5 - Sure, i…[View]
385239146Persona 5 ships 1.8 million copies: Nierfags on suicide watch[View]
385240947>first game to be written and directed by Suda since NMH1 >all but confirmed to be No More Her…[View]
385228807What do you want from this game?[View]
385240703all the characters from the last game you played get their sex changed. How's the result?[View]
385241048The Great Debate[View]
385241082Still, from this day, haven't seen a game as beautiful as Okami. It is truly art personified in…[View]
385231330New Dying Light Content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h05XWVoMpqI[View]
385241676Which one do you enjoy more and why?[View]
385243537*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*[View]
385243804Can we agree left girl has the better ass?[View]
385239210There isn't a SINGLE good witch/magical girl game in existence.[View]
385235730I just beaten this game. Its such a fucking mixbag. What you think of it?[View]
385242576Who was in the wrong?[View]
385243697Is there an RTS out there that lets me customize my units and decide if they'll have more defen…[View]
385243632GIGANTIC: Have you guys tried this bad boy yet? It's actually pretty fun to play[View]
385218768Yu-Gi-Oh!: >playing ygo vidya >you can actually mindbreak the characters through the power of …[View]
385225481What are your favorite card games, /v/?[View]
385242168Is this worth buying for 26$?[View]
385240849How's the PS3 version? My PC is trash but I want to go fast.[View]
385243410FIND A FLAW: FIND A FLAW[View]
385236827>buy the Jak collection instead of Ratchet's because I've never played Jak >it'…[View]
385238937Paper Mario: >get nostalgic for old game >get a rom for it and get it to emulate well >star…[View]
385208492You literally cannot defend this.[View]
385176530the character creator sucks in this game. How hard is try to make a woman?[View]
385243091Warcraft IV: >see the character models in Heroes of the Storm >makes me want Warcraft IV >s…[View]
385238546>there are thousands of Let's Play channels with little to no views >millions of hours o…[View]
385241845What went wrong?: How do we fix him?[View]
385240130what in the fuck was this supposed to be? “social commentary“ jesus christ i rarely ever cringed so …[View]
385242927why is ps plus so shit?[View]
385241909Which are games with god-tier gunplay?[View]
385241040So, now that flash is confirmed dead. What are some of your favorite flash games growing up? My pers…[View]
385239213Nier Automata audio fuckery: I finally finished Route A in Nier Automata and I'm running throug…[View]
385242612Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Playstation The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the Nin…[View]
385239227the genesis has a bad soundchi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYPcte3BlPw[View]
385217321>This is what the Final Fantasy series has slumped down to https://play.google.com/store/apps/det…[View]
385236436This masterpiece comes out in two days,who hype?[View]
385239226>the year is 2018 >PUBG is the most played game on stream >been ported and also most played…[View]
385240430ITT: red flags that immediately let you know a game will be complete utter shit[View]
385242263Games that require high IQ's to Be fully appreciated[View]
385241614When I play multiplayer games I feel like I am pissing away my life. When I play single player games…[View]
385236816>You've just got a new game >But your memory card is full! >What do you delete?…[View]
385241291How to promote an online game for free ?: Hello, there's no ad in my online game, no in app buy…[View]
385240574Best quote's from your favorite video game characters[View]
385238551Who is your favorite dog in video games?[View]
385228751ITT: Lores you didn't know[View]
385241214Is anyone else getting flash backs?[View]
385240467Why do we hate him?[View]
385239045Is Cammy the cutest Street Fighter? I don't think anyone else could compare.[View]
385241487Unused Characters you wish were used[View]
385240125To recap on the recent Playerunknown Battlegrounds fiasco: >They are hosting a tournament. >Th…[View]
385241548Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How Morrigan is so much better than Yen but Dragon Age is so mu…[View]
385236631Peach is a ditzy, stupid blonde: How fucking stupid do you need to be to fly at your opponent ass fi…[View]
385232305Resident Evil vs Silent Hill: The Greatest Debate Ever Which is the superior brand?[View]
385240786>t-this time isn't different guys!!! >GOTY !!1! *deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
385235910> 'I am sorry that there is no 'nice' way to put it. > Japanese games are just bad. …[View]
385240685I've enjoyed past Zelda games but I've only played two open-world games (Skyrim and MGSV) …[View]
385239768Calling all Nintendo friends. Make your Switch sales predictions in this thread please. I'm wor…[View]
385240770ITT:Devs that had a hard fall from grace[View]
385236028Hey /v/ I'm trying to gain some use of my PS4. The thing is I'm a generally a PC user and …[View]
385240842Fallout Greentext Stories: Post your favorite Greentexts I'll start >NCR new recruit >Joi…[View]
385238286Apart from the obvious stuff like web browsers and apps, what do you want to see in the next revisio…[View]
385239883>he thinks that video games are art[View]
385238465So after watching the success of the Switch, aka the Wii U 2. The only reason the Wii U failed was a…[View]
385225346Do you still go to Gamestop?[View]
385237036Tosh and Nova decision: Tosh or Nova?[View]
385239790Would there be any facts you thought were true about a vidya that turned out to be wrong /v/? Just l…[View]
385237057What did they mean by this?[View]
385240286The Tekken 7 costume dlc is just going to be just bikinis and goofy shit, isn't it....?[View]
385223415>Tits so big you have to hold the fuckers up by your neck Please say this shit will finally get l…[View]
385240024I've been thinking of selling my gtx 980 and going for SLI 970(they cost less than 250 eur for …[View]
385240107>CP was legal in Japan until 2014 >Splatoon is religiously popular there Really makes me think…[View]
385237623my own smash roster: what's your guys input on my roster for a new game that may/may not happen…[View]
385235192Combine any 2 existing video games to make the worst imaginable.[View]
385221954How do you deal with a casual gf/bf?[View]
385238947Destiny 2: Which platform will you be playing this masterpiece on, anon?[View]
385188851Why does Kojima hate Solid Snake?[View]
385240071it looks like kingdom hearts 1[View]
385238679>greatsword >at least one move where you spin like a fucking dreidel…[View]
385235983How did we go from this[View]
385240065i push forward and dont win all the achievements :( this game is too dark souls[View]
385240057What's the best party golf game? Can be either a standalone game or a minigame within a bigger …[View]
385240050Any minute now[View]
385240042best flavor of the month ever.[View]
385239625What was his problem?[View]
385208424What did they mean by this? That she's tasty like pork burger?[View]
385237365Rogue Trooper Redux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM2CGr9DSU8&t=10s >you have lived long e…[View]
385233282>switch will get third party suppor-[View]
385238532This is ティファ・ロックハート. Say something nice about her[View]
385236005>grenade as a weapon >grenade as a hotkey choose…[View]
385238960Binary Domain 2. WHEN?[View]
385237363What is the Dark Souls of action games?[View]
385236031What the FUCK was Nintendo thinking?!: ..When they decided to release TWO GOTYs in a SINGLE year?! N…[View]
385239450So I just started mh4u on my new 3ds, I know this is a retarded ass question.... but like... is ther…[View]
385237590Suggest me games for Steam/PS4: I'm bored and I just got paid yesterday. I know you guys have g…[View]
385239090[muffled mooing][View]
385239337Who is your video game waifu?[View]
385238129>Laughs for a few seconds >Hacks up phlegm like he's been smoking since he was 12…[View]
385238184can we have a thread about FFXV's GAMEPLAY. not story, but gameplay. https://youtu.be/Pgf-Dme7G…[View]
385218813So anon, what kinda HDD are you using for your PS2 and what games you got loaded up? I'm lookin…[View]
385238152ITT: videogame tropes you love >the protagonist leads a team that works through their differences…[View]
385237614Can you truly say you understood and enjoyed Nier: Automata if you didn't comprehend it on so m…[View]
385238839What do you guys think of Kenshi?[View]
385237306another failed gimmick. when will developers stop being stupid?[View]
385227515ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Grand Theft Auto IV NEXT : I Wanna Be The Co-op LATER: …[View]
385221592>Three years ago in 2014, when Trevor Sutton was twelve years old, he was diagnosed with inoperab…[View]
385236132>there will never be an actual Battle Royale game based on the actual film/book and concept What …[View]
385239037What were they thinking?[View]
385204434Why is this allowed?[View]
385234112what company could be vidya equivalent of Dreamworks?[View]
385236998Games with /nice/ pixel art. Anything that is enjoyable to look at. Nothing overly complex or simpli…[View]
385237561Rate my taste[View]
385232973Kingdom Hearts III’s Toy Story Visuals Wowed Pixar, Big Hero 6 World Only In Early Stages: Is PC (da…[View]
385238763>mfw I see someone on /v/ complain about how devs focus too much resources on Graphics instead of…[View]
385236293ITT: Those that you couldn't save[View]
385220223Etrian Odyssey V[View]
385219280Why don't you own a Switch? 5 million other people do.[View]
385238369The best weapon in mw2 is the tar-21. Prove me wrong :protip u can't[View]
385235216>Battleborn was in a Humble Bundle a few months after launch >Took over a year for Mighty No 9…[View]
385237915Anyone played this game?[View]
385237546*Double clicks[View]
385229740Finally, the dlc everyone has been waiting for.[View]
385237058The only thing I seem to be doing in this game is collecting apples/mushrooms, fighting moblins, do …[View]
385198683Why does /v/ underrate this game?[View]
385237871ITT: Games that would be complained about today. >Japs make game >all characters are white/lig…[View]
385235386What went wrong?[View]
385236551Will Odyssey Top Mario 64?[View]
385196210What are some games with G R A P H I C S[View]
385236389>Beter looking >Better singer It's no wonder Callie lost.…[View]
385236087This is Clementine: She's a young survivor of the zombie apocalypse. Say something nice about h…[View]
385236340Remember this?[View]
385234182What game lets me roleplay as a bood thirsty pure strength ass raping Orc? killing inocents, plunder…[View]
385237707Looking for a new pc game to play with a friend or two Here's what we've already played (R…[View]
385232434the Dpad is utter trash: So the Dpad is complete garbage on the Switch Pro controller, but I want to…[View]
385224586Peace Day never came...[View]
385235118>western game comes out >has a season pass >FUCKING JEWS >CUT CONTENT AGAIN RESOLD AS DL…[View]
385233879FortNite: So is it worth the standard version price? I really want to play the game but not sue how …[View]
385237542Hover: Revolt of Gamers: What's the verdict on this game? It looks good, but I don't know …[View]
385236310Whats the best way of playing this game if I want to play The Last Samurai: The Game.[View]
385234871redpill me on the current state of diablo 3.[View]
385233026Damn, Naughty Gogs still have it. New Uncharted looks amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOSPd…[View]
385232402ITT: Unpopular Opinions: Fallout: New Vegas + Fallout 3 have shit graphics and no amount of mods or …[View]
385237385Holy shit, I can't believe the stories about Andromeda are true. I love the original Mass Effec…[View]
385208359IT'S STILL FAILING >KS backers are starting to receive their physical copies of Mighty Numbe…[View]
385236782Rage would have been a great game if there was far less dialogue, and all the driving sections were …[View]
385237203Oh yes he's hot![View]
385234912Who you got?[View]
385196529Dicks and Crows Pt2: ARMS sells 1.18 million in a month. A quarter of all Switch owners bought. Sa…[View]
385222024Cole Phelps did nothing wrong[View]
385236961You still playing it /v/?[View]
385234793123 for gf: because we basement dwellers need to sex it up somehow[View]
385235932Hi /v/ Just bought a switch today while on vacation in Germany. Any game recommendations? I got the …[View]
385235109Anyone else just stop buying games because of their massive, massive backlog? It's been a year …[View]
385236630>Yfw Futaba isn't and never be real >Yfw you will never have loving relationship where yo…[View]
385236558>there are hackers already Did you have fun while it lasted?[View]
385236712What would you say was the golden age for online gaming? I think around 1998 to 2008.[View]
385231405Which is generally considered the best Tomb Raider game? also which one is the least linear and scri…[View]
385234051i love when i download 63 gigs of a game jsut to start it up and have to keep downloading its so nic…[View]
385223067>game ends with protagonist dying[View]
385224984Make some vidya art,use Fotosketcher for the best results.[View]
385233667>haven't been to a GameStop in years >Walking around local mall >See a GameStop tucke…[View]
385228164So I just finished 2B's ending, and I have to say that they made her too 'bland' personality wi…[View]
385220656What does /v/ truly think of Fallout 3?[View]
385234006Hello. I' am a former employee at Sony who is now gotten a position at Nintendo. Spoilers: The…[View]
385236319What went wrong?[View]
385235486Atelier Rorona or Atelier Totori?[View]
385233028ITT: Worst Castlevania[View]
385233449>Sony won 2 generations with 1 console How do they do it?[View]
385235929Video games that can cure insomnia[View]
385235892'Them panties. Take 'em off.' -Cousin Otis, Killing Floor.[View]
385235872>Literally looks like a grown man cosplaying sora What the fuck was Nomura thinking?…[View]
385235767Memeing aside did they even listen to feedback?[View]
385235687How strong is base Sonic? Video game Sonic only[View]
385230351just finished building my PC, missing any other DRM platform to install?[View]
385234412What is the actual future of video games? Is it this? Will some other medium of entertainment transc…[View]
385213879How is Nintendo doing it?: >underpowered console >identity issues - not sure if it wants to be…[View]
385235084Is it really necessary to have 7 different Persona threads on /v/ at all times?[View]
385235378Select all squares with Nintendos bullshit: Will there be any good games outside Zelda and RPGs rele…[View]
385228156What game allows me to exterminate filthy ningens?[View]
385233359All i do is play siege: >stuck playing a bad shooter help[View]
385231975Trails of Cold Steel III: Sara CONFIRMED[View]
385235259>Japan consistently puts out top tier women while the West shits the bed What went wrong? Are Wes…[View]
385233328>when you're on a date and she gives you that look[View]
385225770Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen thread: The wind is pushing me![View]
385235314Jedi Academy RIP yay or nay?: Is this game worth it anymore? Also, any knowledge if there will me a …[View]
385232690What's wrong with this game? I loved the first one and played the fuck out of it in my child ye…[View]
385221385How's that backlog coming along, anon?[View]
385235157ITT games you should play before you die[View]
385227002Blizzard offered 7 days for free Should I return and level my demonhunter tank/dps?[View]
385235097ITT:bosses with an easier second form: His moveset just becomes way to easy to read.[View]
385223201>'Don't get me wrong, I love you' >'But does that mean I have to meet your father?' What …[View]
385232860And on this day, we of the educated gamers commemorate one of the most wonderful game worlds to be c…[View]
385235004Be honest Did you buy it?[View]
385225501>no online when emulating on pc Whats the point? Demons souls had the best invasions in the entir…[View]
385230703When an outfit you get early on is the coolest looking one in the game so you end up being disappoin…[View]
385234894video game cringe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBAN8Qa_-Xg[View]
385232232Exercise: Who else exercises while playing vidya For instance in Splatoon 2 while waiting in between…[View]
385234591You don't save scum in Layton games, do you?[View]
385233804MMO balance: Would Elder Tale be considered 'balanced' by modern MMO standards? Please stay on topic…[View]
385233614This console lasted 13 years[View]
385230283Why would anyone think this game needs to be resurrected?[View]
385227356>buy a game on Steam >finish it in 1.9 hours >get a refund…[View]
385234353What are the first games you had for various consoles you've had throughout your life? Or, for …[View]
385232808>moray towers DEFEND THIS[View]
385230069GameFAQs Rankings: Why aren't you using GameFAQs rankings to determine what to play next? It…[View]
385231196>get message from another player >panic and leave the game…[View]
385226471So I played with some VR and fell in love with it. It was a free moving shooter on PS4, blasting awa…[View]
3852170983x3 thread https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
385231231how would you describe spyro's personality. friendly, blunt, laid-back or am I just afraid to a…[View]
385233657Why is Megaman 6 the best Megaman game: Here are the reasons why Megaman 6 is the best game of the s…[View]
385232617How did this shit not kill the game completely after they abandoned it after six months? I'm ge…[View]
385218582Just bought this on ebay. What should I do with it?[View]
385233906>mfw people don't consider ffxv one of the better ones[View]
385233895What are some games with evil clowns?[View]
385232903Post your wife in video game.[View]
385233542I made it good[View]
385233691>Persona 5 Has Shipped More Than 1.8 Million Copies Worldwide: >Yesterday, on the latest editi…[View]
385232294>play this on phone >like it >buy tabletop game >love it >pirate steam game >can…[View]
385233536>already has nearly 30$ worth of DLC >it's not even units that people care about http://g…[View]
385233465Post /v/ 'facts'. >bringing japanese audio is prohibitively expensive[View]
385203708Warhammer vidyagaem thread! 40k and fantasy both welcome. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is n…[View]
385231197Why aren't there many good mecha games? Feels like there's a lot of wasted potential[View]
385226881you have 60 seconds to name a more fun shooter.[View]
385233317Lets have a video game soundtrack thread. Preferably songs not posted frequently. https://www.youtu…[View]
385221678Hat in time new trailer: Who else is hype for the resurgence of 3D-platformers? Hat in time is look…[View]
385231931I got Adrenaline installed on my Vita and I want to get caught up on the PSP's library. I'…[View]
385231032>the only good character is the only one that doesn't get a good ending what other video gam…[View]
385230656Thoughts on the RadBrad?[View]
385231908What's his name again?[View]
385226051Who has the best theme in Guilty Gear. And why is it Johnny.[View]
385231291This convinced me to buy a PC[View]
385228247>Nintendo makes the only good turn-based game of all-time >Kills it after 2 installments…[View]
385227761Is it worth getting a Switch now or waiting a few months for the inevitable 'New Nintendo Switc…[View]
385229652What's the deal with all the Persona 4 hate on this board?[View]
385232241Persona 5 ships 1.8 million WW: http://personacentral.com/persona-5-shipped-1-8-million-copies-world…[View]
385232420where teh FUCK is she[View]
385225089>2017 is a good year for gaming Name a more reddit thing to say[View]
385231953What else could be played in portrait /v/?[View]
385205870>high mobility >high damage >high hp >no counter Soldier sure is balanced…[View]
385232394Gaming Industry Crash: While 2017 was one of the best years for videogames in history, we still have…[View]
385229295Just started pic related after finishing Bloodborne. What should I expect?[View]
385219442Did you get your summer units, /v/? Only 5 days left.[View]
385232106>rpg made after the 90's[View]
385231927Is this a good game or are the reviews false?[View]
385231091is there any game that will make me feel like persona 4 did? It has to be on PC or be emulatorable.[View]
385225938What are some great franchises that died for absolutely no reason? >Patapon 3 sold three times as…[View]
385230035What the fuck is her problem?[View]
385232038Why is this allowed?[View]
385228048I thought all the fallout 4 hate was typical /v/ negativity but I started playing yesterday and came…[View]
385226619Post games with canon bad endings.[View]
385223041PS Plus August: August PS+: Just Cause 3, PS4 Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, PS4 Super Motherload, P…[View]
385230461I hate them Flaming Fist pansies.[View]
385228787Is this fun?[View]
385227443ITT underrated games no one would expect to be good[View]
385230639Where do you guys go to actually discuss vidya? It's come to my attention over the past month o…[View]
385216105Find a Flaw[View]
385229171Will I be stuck in silver forever?[View]
385228606>Game becomes increasingly gay about halfway through[View]
385231376Name a more satisfying sniper rifle Protip: You probably can[View]
385231104>play a game >it's shit >post about it on /v/ >hurr, you need 150 mods installed an…[View]
385231139What's a good, funny Youtube video game channel?[View]
385220971A videogame inspired by the last song you heard exists, how does it play?: >enemies can make your…[View]
385229943Will she get different outfits?[View]
385229848So how did video games help you prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, /v/?[View]
385227752Nintendo Switch Sells 4.7 Million Units in 5 months: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/07/26/nintendo…[View]
385230915Is he, dare I say it, /bestboy/?[View]
385222919FFXV multiplayer mode: Who the fuck asked for this? http://m.ign.com/articles/2017/07/26/first-deta…[View]
385230381Explain to me why Sega isn't the greatest vidya company of all time[View]
385211782okay /v/, let's see them desktops. NO CLEANING UP EDITION[View]
385230749>Blooming Villan Is this the best 'regular' boss theme of all time?[View]
385209035this kills the xbox emulation scene[View]
385230336Have you tried him yet /v/? Do you still hate him? After playing with him for a while I was pleasant…[View]
385222285Ratchet and Clank trilogy is so fucking good, why doesn't anyone ever talk about them? Beats Ma…[View]
385228409Tell me what is your current best team comp and why it isnt Solo Leper[View]
385230486Resident Evil: What's your favorite? Least favorite? Do you still enjoy the series? What do y…[View]
385230479/v/, why haven't you got a PlayStation 2 yet?[View]
385230476I like this game.[View]
385229498Obligatory meta thread: Hey, mods, I know you're gonna delete this and I don't blame you. …[View]
385223257Why did it fail to achieve the success that Skyrim did?[View]
385230062>'X' emulation is flawless![View]
385225338>you have to beat the first final boss everytime to enter the true battle(even though it is easy …[View]
385230413What are your thoughts on hitboxes in fighting games?[View]
385228887>wake up >see this what do?[View]
385227694Fucking Abigail & Capcom: >meanwhile at Capcom HQ >'Alright boys, we had a rough start but…[View]
385230053A very good day to you everyone. Today I want to tell you about a video game I played by the name of…[View]
385225293What's the best mass effect class and why is it infiltrator?[View]
385230226Smash Bros Tournament - New York: Greetings to all anon lurkers and posters. We are hosting a Super…[View]
385227246What is the best nintendo console capable of full 3d graphics? What is the worst? Highest vote = irr…[View]
385229404Will this be good with the Xbox One d-pad?[View]
385222968So this is the power of the PS4... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VmTZ_hHvX4[View]
385200741Post your Steam avatar[View]
385229951Did you hear that, Zach? I think it's... A Deadly Premonition thread.[View]
385213072Which is better - Windows 7 or Windows 10?[View]
385229061Games only you played[View]
385227282Who is better, Raziel or Kain?[View]
385229170is this any good? is it trying to be simpler 3D DorfFort?[View]
385229584What's the deal of SWERY and that monkey?: Every image of him he has that monkey.[View]
385227564Anybody got an old league of legends account they wouldn't mind giving away? Doesn't have …[View]
385224795Trails of Cold Steel 3: Damn, Sara looks like THAT?[View]
385211668>switch has sold 4,7 million >it's sold out worldwide oh my good better pre-order now to …[View]
385204297Does it get better?: So far I'm 10 hours in and fucking shit this game is awful. It's the …[View]
385229393Classic Game Room: why doesn't he just give up? what went wrong? I used to watch this channel a…[View]
385228579Why do they hate Latin America so much? What did the spics do to them?[View]
385229374Seriously think people are taking the Agent hate too far and are forgetting the type of games R* can…[View]
385229362Do you guys think it is worth sending money on when it's going to be free to play in the future…[View]
385229343Spyro thread: A while ago on /vr/, a Spyro thread turned into a fanart thread and it was great. Post…[View]
385228956Is 'Open World' the 'Cinematic Universe' of video games?[View]
385225589>that nanako voice acting I only played the Japanese version and thank god I only played the Japa…[View]
385229152What is your verdict?[View]
385225127what are some games where your base/hideout/home is a moving vehicle like a train, boat or something…[View]
385225534>Spend about 2-3 hours learning basic combos for Ky >I'm only able to pull them off 3-4 a…[View]
385223439marina hate thread marina is the fucking worst and has ruined splatoon fuck marina[View]
385213547Is this the worst emulator ever made?: >15 years in development. >runs like crap.…[View]
385222590>Shit approach >Shit air normals >Shit special moves I really want to play this guy in 3rd …[View]
385222720Why can't we have another one?[View]
385228337No Honor: Well I know at this point this is pretty much an irrelevant game to /v/ but this is the mo…[View]
385228610You got fired so you drowned your sorrows in booze. She had to get a part time time working a grocer…[View]
385224307Are there any MMORPGs worth playing? Semester break starts in a few weeks and I need something to fi…[View]
385228262https://youtu.be/CFm8SJ0VOaA How the hell do you fuck up this badly? >WE FUCKING CAN'T…[View]
385228450Emulation: Looking for a psp emulator (for windows) whats the best one out there? Also Emulation dis…[View]
385228430Quick anon, those two need your help.[View]
385218996Counter strike : global offensive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWYpeB3srVM Why the fuck is this …[View]
385223079PS Plus August: Opinions?[View]
385227061Anyone else find these games linear and campy? The level design's feel too claustrophobic, espe…[View]
385222492Post last 3 games and hours and we r8[View]
385223579Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dzstxE_5Rc Feel free to skip over the part about the mu…[View]
385228198NINTENDO SWITCH IS THE NEW NINTENDO MONEY MACHINE: >switch has 4.70 million units sold in only 4 …[View]
385227186Stop picking your nose![View]
385222914>Brand new game >Already 30+ DLC why is this allowed again?…[View]
385227931Any good AI Skyrim mods?: I love Skyrim but the AI seems to me kinda dull. Are there any mods for th…[View]
385226110Post only the best PSP recommendations[View]
385195283Can we agree the heels are the most awkward, stupid and out of place thing that has ever happened to…[View]
385227681ITT: Childhood nostalgia[View]
385221992What the hell do you upgrade and how do you play Pakko?[View]
385203001Yoshi, release the new PotD already, I'm tired of the old one![View]
385224563I'm new to strategy games, why does everyone complain about Dawn of War 3? I was thinking on pu…[View]
385225917Layton 7: Was anyone else really disappointed with this game? I dropped it after beating Case 4. Doe…[View]
385227347Games where the player gets cucked[View]
385226815>Play game in english >It's full of meme translations and terrible casting I'm so si…[View]
385223669name a more overrated gen on /v/[View]
385218960ITT: games that are literally never coming out[View]
385225368>'alright, time to play some Crash Bash' >pic related comes up My PS1 isn't chipped, so h…[View]
385224250Strategy Games: I like to play strategy games like civilization 5 and i would like to know if there …[View]
385226691How to kill a AAA pay-to-win game without even trying: >Make bland multiplayer third person shoot…[View]
385226090So...: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
385226952Why are the controls so shit? It's unplayable.[View]
385225204Which gta is the best and why is it vice city?[View]
385210520ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Super Hot NEXT: Grand Theft Auto IV THEN : I Wanna Be T…[View]
385222465>The Nintendo has has now sold over SEVEN (7) *VII* million consoles in 4 months. Just for compar…[View]
385226504What game has the best exploration?[View]
385214451>he plays video games less than 100 hours per week[View]
385210252Its less than fastfood bill: >If you buy a car its not only gas you paying for…[View]
385225212Yakuza: Estate Agency or Club management?[View]
385222517What's /v/'s opinion on pic releated?[View]
385226124>video games will never be fun ever again What went wrong?[View]
385222950Humble Bundle Thread: I missed the thread. Can someone explain this shit to me?[View]
385226515Fallout: New Vegas: Why didn't Caesar just send one of his grunts down the mysterious bunker in…[View]
385226152>enemy can only be defeated through the power of singing[View]
385215828Using a mouse is clearly better for aiming but a keyboard is clearly clunkier than a controller for …[View]
385224180>A few feet away from entering the boss's lair >Dad walks in room >You: Hey dad. What …[View]
385217225Ideaguy time: What non-existing game /v/ wishes to play?[View]
385220235it's actually finished. you want it to be unfinished because it's bad, but sometimes thing…[View]
385224872How did Naughty Dog manage to make this desert with that FPS when driving cars and so beautiful too …[View]
385224780Can you tell me where Armond Christophe is hiding?[View]
385223168Black Desert Online: I know a lot of /v/ plays this BDO game. How are you doing it in? upgrading gea…[View]
385216582I've been watching Daggerfall for Unity? The oldest ES I've played is Morrowind but had no…[View]
385199638Lets talk about Thief: The Dark Project aka the best Thief. Metal Age plebs also invited, but will b…[View]
385215626Undertale is better than Touhou[View]
385225773There are not making good games anymo-[View]
385221006>2017 >still no vidya protagonists that can beat Kenshiro 1v1 is he just too skilled?…[View]
385225347What's his endgame?[View]
385225679>An Ancient Evil Awakens[View]
38522559130 on Steam: So, I have about 30 euros on Steam and I would like to have some recommendations. Now, …[View]
385225692SM64;King boo's revenge[View]
385193615Splatoon 2: The ink continues to fall. Here's a thread topic, post the weapons you hate fightin…[View]
385220090Real talk. Wouldn't it be better for the industry and pretty much everyone if they went 3rd par…[View]
385225479'The GameCube will be the last Nintendo cons-- The Wii will die out because it only caters to casu--…[View]
385224106Miitopia thread: >game already leaked Why aren't you playing the game right now anon?…[View]
385206352ITT: We say something positive about Dark Souls 2: I'll start, it had some of my favorite armor…[View]
385223559Is there a crash course guide on how2gitgud? Is it nothing more than practice and learning movesets …[View]
385184417ITT: Moments that scared the fuck out of you[View]
385221391your favorite video game OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuVn7F_tiS8[View]
385225093These are the only genuinely great PS1 games that are still reasonably priced. Prove me wrong. t.som…[View]
385178904What are some really good games about Poker? I'm a luck kind of guy.[View]
385224993Omega keeps killing me! ;_; Is there a Mix potion that makes me immune to Petrified?[View]
385224707Should he have let the man cook?: I mean that omelette sounds pretty tasty.[View]
385224814>Need to buy some arrows >See this guy peddling his wares at a stable >Ah yes finally >T…[View]
385212189>didn't even sell 1million on all platforms combined Why did no one buy it?…[View]
385223806Should we be concerned? http://www.siliconera.com/2017/07/25/inti-creates-no-longer-involved-main-de…[View]
385214285So when is it going to be time to upgrade from the i5-2500k for gaming purposes? I've been rock…[View]
385223009Star Citizen: Biggest flop or biggest blunder?[View]
385223158It's time to discuss the best game ever made.[View]
385224431>game villain is with you since the beginning of the game[View]
385224396Sony thread Discuss sales/imdb-ratings and why pic doesnt sell[View]
385224394Ive started about a dozen different characters on Mount and Blade Warband: Viking Conquest but I alw…[View]
385224126A Hat in Time - PC/PS4/XB1 - Fall 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIDakHOJGk8 Is Mario done fo…[View]
385160369What microphone do you use for team games? No streaming or 'lets play' recording bullshit. Blue Yeti…[View]
385224196Switch is the future of Nintendo: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2017/170726e.pdf Net sales (Hard…[View]
385223459When did you give up on modern gaming? >>>/vr/[View]
385221181>turn off trophy/achievement notification >start enjoying games again…[View]
385222204Whats up with Nintendo and its ability to trigger the living shit out of anyone in the industry?? …[View]
385223178>Flash and paint are dead How will I get my meet and fuck games now?[View]
385215704The game is just fine if you get your ADP to 25[View]
385220452*lands here*[View]
385217970Campaign to get developers to release source code for old games: Sorry if this belongs on /vr/ but I…[View]
385216559Why did this game fail?[View]
385222898Any chance of a nice honest thread about the GPD Win without Switchkiddies coming in to cry about it…[View]
385220240A review of Nintendo's flawed hardware history: NES Hardware was designed to run their arcade t…[View]
385215331How did he have FoxDie? Why does it kill him?[View]
385222887GTA 3d mega comfy thread: >tfw immediately after you finish The Green Sabre mission…[View]
385223608'You are not prepared!' - Infinite, 2017[View]
385218668Why did this game fail?[View]
385223027>Game starts out relentlessly challenging >Becomes a joke later on What other games do this?…[View]
385221773So XCOM Enemy Unknown or XCOM 2 which is better and why?[View]
385220380How did they managed to get to 'very positive'? It's literally baby's first RTS > borin…[View]
385210792Woomy: Splatoon 2 has been out for a few days now, and sales are now beginning to come out on how we…[View]
3852212838Bitdo deceptive advert: > Seeing the ad for the SNES30 with someone playing Hyper Light Drifter …[View]
385222074Today I will remind them[View]
385222901Miss me yet?[View]
385215124yeeaaaah haha[View]
385219435What is the best boss theme in vidya? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6cSbof7Pik[View]
385220038What if Zelda was a women?[View]
385221071The Duke 3D soundtrack is really fucking good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5mRBZz93ok&t=4s…[View]
385219840What are some games that makes me carry that weight?[View]
385218945reminder that if it'll get released most of you won't be able to try it because it'll…[View]
385222487What could it be?[View]
385222418https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjPUq4Hs5UM >speed cards Simply abhorrent. Also lmao at the custo…[View]
385143620Path of Exile - Fall of Oriath: Fall of Oriath is scheduled to be released on Aug 4th, 2017, which i…[View]
385222275what is the state of the splatoon hacking scene[View]
385222358>Tfw not only is the evil path more fun but you get a better ending too Anyone even bother with …[View]
385219239Wildlands: Since Ghost Recon Wildlands was cracked and is now piratable, I was wondering if anyone h…[View]
385222304I want to play minecraft. I have a ps3. PSN: bobjobjoe add me cunts.[View]
385210597>Steam removing Greenlight because they don't trust their users anymore How did PCu-cks ruin…[View]
385217785I know this doesnt need any story but i would like to know if the original had any and they didnt pu…[View]
385217928Tekken 7: What was your reaction on this reveal? Seeing how they made him fight like from the 2d fig…[View]
385216574What Happens To Our Video Games When Steam Shuts Down?[View]
385221973>Both Persona 3 and Persona 4 have the EXACT SAME 'hit on a hot babe who seems cool with fucking …[View]
385218843*BRAAAAAAAAP* Whoa, now that was a stinker, nya hah hah.[View]
385216813I thought the battle royale meme died with DayZ Why are people still falling for it?[View]
385221464My penis is argumented. Is yours too?[View]
385220948What games let you marry your childhood crush and have kids that inherit both yours and your spouse…[View]
385220482So, since Igor's jap voice actor died (And in his brief appearance at the end of Persona 5 he u…[View]
385218236Fuck you i loved it![View]
385219439Damnit this woman...!!! The way she stands, speaks, and her tone... gets me undead hard. They have g…[View]
385189479Oh shit. Blizzard started banning for throwing.[View]
385221380>name yourself sniper wolf >doesn't even snipe ??…[View]
385221787>mods deleted a perfectly reasonable Guilty Gear thread Post them mains. Post them rivals. Hell, …[View]
385196939Should we be concerned? http://www.siliconera.com/2017/07/25/inti-creates-no-longer-involved-main-d…[View]
385220773Is this worth ~20 solely for multiplayer? All I want is a mindless fast FPS and I remember having fu…[View]
385218560Stop. Hating. On. These. Consoles.[View]
385219154Would gaming be better off if CoD never took off the way it did?[View]
385220005Hey /v/ I'm looking for some creepy/wierd maybe cruel video games, but not some pussy ass jumps…[View]
385220783New 3DS XL or New 2DS XL?: Is the 3D the only difference? Does the 3D look better than it did on the…[View]
385221253>be guardian scout >have weak laser, but try my best >only purpose is to get beat up by the…[View]
385212814What's wrong with porn games being on steam?[View]
385220993They know what they are doing.[View]
385218821>draw a woman >call it a squirrel why we like Blazblue again?…[View]
385220920>ps3 won 7th gen because it got so many great exclusives from 2010 and onwards OK, so what are th…[View]
385215836What does he even do? Hes not a programmer, hes not a writer, hes not an artist. What does he DO?[View]
385219220Was it a fun game?[View]
385217593Anontendo Anonymous: Greetings pals! After powering through the wonder Breath of the Wild, Fighting …[View]
385221002Milkshakeman: https://youtu.be/yI1TVhecBQ4[View]
385218552What are the best games that can run on a toaster? So far playing Brood War and Darkest Dungeon.[View]
385220450Why don't you own a PS4? Sixty million other people do.[View]
385184412ITT: artified: >take a screenshot of a game >Use Fotosketcher, or other programs >put it th…[View]
385220903Why don't you own a PC? Other 1+ billion people do[View]
385219765Goatrpg: Daily reminder that Gothic 2 is better than Morrowind >challenging and unforgiving comb…[View]
385203447Switch worldwide sales top 4.7 million: haha /v/ and console haters eternally btfo[View]
385207749>Injustice 2 has better looking females than MvCI: Really makes you think[View]
385210790What's some other LGBT vidya?[View]
385216892WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS https://youtu.be/XKjOJuPjiu4[View]
385219881Guild Wars 2 new expansion: W H Y JUST LET IT DIE ALREADY STOP RAPING THE GAME[View]
385216471>Microsoft is definitely going to quit the console mark-[View]
385219989TF2 Party Van: IP - Password: the usual (if there is one) Get in here faggots, we…[View]
385217025NEVER FORGET[View]
385215654Is any of the new gen Fire Emblems good? Last ones I played were the GBA ones.[View]
385219578'It's dark souls but better'' how do you deny this now that there is video evidence?[View]
385184449>neir team wants to do a sequel http://wccftech.com/nier-automata-team-would-make-sequel/ Will h…[View]
38520911410 Minutes of New Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb-RH2…[View]
385219053I know none of you nerdy cunts actually have any friends but, hypothetically speaking, if you did wh…[View]
385200330They should've just stopped making Pokémon games after these two. They'll never ever be to…[View]
385217385I bought this, is it good?[View]
385219382Randy BTFO yet again[View]
385210787Why are the japs so based when it comes to creating videogames?: They make the best action games: Mo…[View]
385217582Quick, post a video game character from your country.[View]
385219209Why are we still here, just to suffer[View]
385217363What are some features/games/levels that give you this feeling? >single player game >asks you …[View]
385218219Well, /v/... do they?[View]
385216814when you thought they can't go any worse...[View]
385217375Now that I've beat FFV what should I play next? VII or X? Pls no mmo discussion. >>>/…[View]
385214413Looking for some TF2 servers: I'm looking for some specific TF2 servers (IP adresses) : -A vani…[View]
385215472My gf likes cars, don't ask me. I don't know shit about racing games, so what are the best…[View]
385218696Thoughts on Sundered? Also what games inspired in the Lovecraftian lore (besides Darkest Dungeon) d…[View]
385218590what are some games for mature gamers? (25+)[View]
385218681ITT: meme developers you fell for[View]
385196181what is the absolute correct super smash brothers melee for the nintendo gamecube tier list and why …[View]
385206723>he thinks jrpgs are superior to wrpgs[View]
385218107who is going to be the next most popular Lucio main now that DSPStanky left?[View]
385216802How's the Necromancer treating you, diabros?[View]
385211464What's the dumbest shit you ever done in a video game >Playing manhunt 2 game >I was like…[View]
385217139What are some (preferably RPG or RPG-styled games) where you can play as a cute trap/twink, or use m…[View]
385218072Champions: >tfw no friends to play coop on Champions Returns to Arms with…[View]
385218474Am able to play Witcher 3/BF1/syndicate in low/mid setting with smooth fps But infinite warfare at …[View]
385215493Why do devs bother adding voice acting to normal dialogue? If I'm enjoying the game, I always c…[View]
385215893ARMS: >ARMS sold 1.2 million in 2 weeks /v/ what happened? You told me that this game was a dead …[View]
385217401What is the best Vanillaware game?[View]
385218340Tell me, Shol'va, if you can: If the Tauri are indeed so great, why are there no good Stargate …[View]
385217119Just wanna thank the based anon that said Larian studios always delivers in a random thread yesterda…[View]
385172542QUICK /v/! Post a screenshot of a character you made in any game or else![View]
385204083Why is /v/ so adamant that video games can't be a good storytelling medium?[View]
385214974ITT: Bad games you liked and you're not entirely sure why[View]
385170669Pyre thread[View]
385218156Is it just me or is it kinda ironic that shehorning in Women and Minorities has become popular at th…[View]
385218145Dynasty Warriors 8: So /v/, Dynasty Warriors 8 is on sale or $18 right now and I'm unsure if I …[View]
385217923I'm 33 and I haven't played video games in 15+ years. I feel like everyone plays video gam…[View]
385217858>go sniper in a class based game >the other sniper(s) leave when i load in probably because th…[View]
385213191MediaCreate Week 29: |NSW | 98.999 | 31.906 | | 3DS # | 34.145 | 58.559 | | PS4 # | 30.878 | 36.218…[View]
385217978>2017 >still buying a windows 10 machine to install 3 kinds of DRM pathetic…[View]
385215445Can someone explain CHIM to me?[View]
385214047What are some games that have fun npc allies to fight alongside? I'd say Halo, Half-Life, and S…[View]
385217831/v/ on r/kappa: As far as I know, r/kappa got its start from /v/ and seeing as how many people are i…[View]
385213734>final chapter: game title[View]
385217697Literally impossible without abusing chips[View]
385216069Does /V/ like listen to music when you play games? What kind?[View]
385198557Post your vidya weaponfu For me its Sam's sword Muramasa from MGR[View]
385217510>trying to download demon's souls to emulate on RPCS3 >internet is slow as fuck >if I …[View]
385209742Divinity: Original Sin 2: Don't mind me, just winning 2017 RPG GOTY since there is no competiti…[View]
385217479What games should i get for my Dreamcast?[View]
385216014When is it supposed to stop hurting?[View]
385217101your opinion on the twisted metal series.[View]
385215338Why do so many hack game companies use this fucking line?[View]
385214884ITT: ˢᵘᵇᵗᶫᵉ game trivia.: Remember ˢᵘᵇᵗᶫᵉᵗʸ is the key here. When Impa and Zelda escape, Impa is wea…[View]
385217113Plebeian's favorite games vs Patrician's favorite games.[View]
385217251As a followup to yesterday's thread, post your best Fake Crash pics here[View]
385214458pic real challenge you to duel you're a character from the last game you played how screwed are…[View]
385212747I liked the Half Life 'hey Gordon, do this and that' intro but once I was on the space station I gav…[View]
385205824You nostalgia you lose[View]
385217037more work?[View]
385216012>RELEASE DATE NEVER EVER Being a Dragon Quest fan is suffering, Playing builders whilst it's…[View]
385205112>competitive gaming is most profitable now >nobody gives a shit about single player games anym…[View]
385204043THE iDOLM@STER: Who is the best Idolmaster and why is it Miki?[View]
385211403BIG RIGS[View]
385216808ITT references to video games[View]
385216579Does /V/ like to listen to music when you play games? What kind?[View]
385214796> There are people posting on this board RIGHT NOW that DO NOT think this Egyptianfu is the best …[View]
385213551What is /v/'s opinion on this hidden gem?[View]
385199780GBA Flashcards?: I just ordered pic related and I'm super happy, because I always wanted one. O…[View]
385215250>Worse than all of its' predecesors >Only good for porn mods What went so wrong…[View]
385216498>Has only been 4 months >Legend of Zelda and MK8D are mostly helping the system >About 670…[View]
385207651If you are older than 25 and like videogames you must own this PC[View]
385215043Vidya Magz: Any /v/irgins here still subscribed to vidya magazines? If so, which one(s)?[View]
385202179Why on earth would they not release this on STEAM? It's as if they don't want it to be a s…[View]
385216378Nerds, nerdettes and gamers of /v/, game the fuck on![View]
385215231Was his anger rational[View]
385214165ITT: Outdated games: Post games that are so outdated that they are not enjoyable to play today at al…[View]
385214132I know this is going to get into a shit storm but I honestly have a question. Why does people love o…[View]
385214392Can vibrations hurt your wrists?[View]
385208368Any good co-op RPGs?[View]
385179780Playing this for the first time. The amount of playable characters is a little overwhelming so I…[View]
385215960Waifu Grand Strategy anyone?: http://store.steampowered.com/app/420520/Lost_Technology/[View]
385214979PS4 the character.[View]
385215882Just ordered a rog strix 1050ti for 130 yuros >gaylights My current card is an amd 6950, so you c…[View]
385215156I can't solo this thing as a mostly dex melee katana user. I don't want to cheese by the k…[View]
385213107>an ancient evil awakens[View]
385215260How many Persona fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One to screw it in and one to complain t…[View]
385215067Tell me about your favorite power armor set up. Mine was full titanium T45 model F. Mods: Auto sti…[View]
385215010Who can tell me what game this is?[View]
385214168NEW 3DS END OF PRODUCTION: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/hardware/3dsseries/new3ds/index.html https://w…[View]
385200014should I play 3 and 4 before this one? never tried a persona game before and I know they aren't…[View]
385215234>tlou knockoff >the poor man's forza >'uncharted:' no drake edition Are there games I…[View]
385211969Lets settle this - Who is the best girl?[View]
385211897Y'all got any meme games that are good to enjoy ironically?[View]
385213373Rainbow 6 Siege: Any tips on constantly winning ranked matches?[View]
385212756>play Black Flag >sail to a beach >walk on the sand >just listen to the waves I love shi…[View]
385215317Big Hero 6 confirmed for KH3!: Hypee![View]
385213659>this game has a slavsquat button 10/10 GOAT[View]
385204765Tails in Games: I really love using characters that have tails in games, they are just such amazing …[View]
385213059Just finished FFIX. Are all Final Fantasy games so lacking in optional content? There's nothin…[View]
385207149Old People Today Less Able To Finish Video Games: Oldies today are literally struggling to finish Re…[View]
385212072> Your bossy annoying bitchy gf > The daughter of motherfucking satan Why was the choice so ob…[View]
385212565Memorable death animations[View]
385214963why can't we have simple, not overly intrusive and busy HUDs anymore?[View]
385214179What the fuck were their problems?[View]
385214553TES: Legends thread. Thoughts on this game? Phone version when?[View]
385194814>yfw retards 3 years ago saying ps3 emulator would take decades L O L[View]
385212102Why do PC fags keep lying about how superior their platform is when it's not? >W-We have the…[View]
385213354Any good Greek mythology based game >inb4 no GoW[View]
385209102do you already fuck his literal boipussy[View]
385214424>Select a teammate >'Hmph. Just don't get in my way. I'll do this by myself.'…[View]
385211764>8:51 in the A M >No Abigail thread Why aren't you playing the best DLC character release…[View]
385214302Vidya Dash, free PC game: It's fun, it's free, it is well made and if you're a bad th…[View]
385211912>the year is 2018 >PUBG is the most played game on stream >been ported and also most played…[View]
385214209HYPE thread How many of you lads got this preordered?[View]
385208159What happened in 2002?[View]
385213329Why do normies love Assassins Creed so much? I thought they didn't like single player.[View]
385211028>Final boss can heal itself[View]
385212109>I'm Bart Simpson, who the fuck are you, faggot? wow how'd they get away with this?…[View]
385208012>Not buying multiple consoles in case of hardware failure. Are you poor or something?…[View]
385160948Risk of rain thread, we're currently in a match.[View]
385210931Is it possible to like Nintendo is you don't have childhood nostalgia for them?[View]
385175570Kids Today Less Able To Finish Video Games: Kids today are literally struggling to finish God of War…[View]
385208235games you think deserve more love: ill start: nefarious, its a platformer where you play as the vill…[View]
385212290ITT: Excellent games disguised as shovelware.[View]
385212827Do you think it will ever be made or released?[View]
385199963>movies have been around for 120 years >they are made almost exclusively in 24 FPS, which is a…[View]
385212695>Halo Gravemind was fake >we will never get a Halo survival horror game where you play as a ma…[View]
385209556SYSTEM FAGS BTFO: >never ever >never ever How does it feel that we finally got the superior ve…[View]
385211490>high fantasy RPG with exotic races, a variety of classes and generous magic system >better pi…[View]
385211882ITT: Vaporware thread.[View]
385199385What's the most autistic vidya opinion you've heard on or off of /v/? I'll start. Tri…[View]
385213001What's your favourite 3DS faceplates /v/? I'm bored of my ambassador edition ones[View]
385199726Crash 2 is harder than Crash 1. Why do you suggest playing Crash 2 first in the N-Sane trilogy?[View]
385201212So why do you all always get hyped about a game, buy it, play it for two seconds and then stop playi…[View]
385205726Ishimaru will never come back Sakura will never come back Chihiro will never come back Chihiro'…[View]
385192523There are more people on this board posting from their phones than from their PCs. Let's discus…[View]
385210960New games from THQ Nordic: >THQ Nordic, the studio formerly known as Nordic Games, has revealed i…[View]
385210037>Those people that thought the second tier would go below $4 because of Mighty Number 9 LMAO…[View]
385212953Is this any good? I really need a reason to ditch Hearthstone.[View]
385212860Which one /v/? Vee or Neese?[View]
385212068Are people actually claiming you can do a no-kill playthrough with a high intelligence? 'Cause …[View]
385197409Nintendo Q1 2018 IR: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/earnings/index.html >Cash and Depos…[View]
385201953GOD TIER >Elementalist >Monk >Mesmer HIGH TIER >Ranger >Ritualist >Necromancer MID…[View]
385212592Will Camelot Unchained be the next big mmo? Pic Unrelated[View]
385206976>Final Fantasy hasn't been good since 10 >Metal Gear hasn't been good since 3 >El…[View]
385211807Damn it feels good to be a Ninty fan: Of course, a year ago the company wasn't selling the Swit…[View]
385210959>Hey that's a nice lead you have would be a shame if you hit a curb and spinout…[View]
385210017Why can't /v/ make simple Yes or No choices in games?[View]
385212101Are there any games similiar to Rose of Versailles?[View]
385212092Mobile games: I never thought I'd ever see a decent mobage out there. It's actually really…[View]
385208307Thoughts on MAME?[View]
385211836>final boss is the main character from the future[View]
385212029Bravely Default thread: we need more Edeas in this board. MORE![View]
385207157>xenoblade 2 confirmed for october/november And /v/ said it would get delayed jajajaja…[View]
385207742What am I in for /v/. I haven't played a Pokemon game since Emerald. The new pokemon designs ar…[View]
385211756ITT: Best girls of their series[View]
385210874Source is So Poorly Programmed It Allowed Hackers To Access Your Computer: Hackers hijacked PCs usin…[View]
385207339>Hey guys. Let's make it so that arguably the hardest faction of the game can't stand t…[View]
385211659Looks like the 4k meme is here to stay, so which tv should i buy for glorious 4k content?[View]
385208201Could Cipher also be Mobius? Also AC thread.[View]
385208803>tfw you misplan by one tile and your city turns into an assymetrical nightmare…[View]
385197487What's the best F2P game out there and why is is Warframe?[View]
385207440I feel horrible /v/. Help me. I never allowed my daughter play casual games. She grew up with Mario …[View]
385211428How's that game coming along, anons?[View]
385209092This game sold more than ARMS: Admit it, ARMS is a meme[View]
385205620>/v/ will defend this[View]
385206204WoW: Why the fuck did she have to die, bros? Could they just have killed Wrathion or Nozdormu?!…[View]
385209049WHO ELSE WILL I HAVE a Kingdom Hearts thread WITH?[View]
385205710Six minutes of Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay: First live gameplay showcased at Sony's ChinaJoy 20…[View]
385211214Would a chair like this be a better alternative than an office chair? i use a pretty generic office …[View]
385209554>A statement from IllFonic CEO Chuck Brungardt: >I wanted to address the concerns that IllFoni…[View]
385210786H-here bro, here's your controller.[View]
385210889Sonic Forces thread. Ready for Infinite Edgy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNjY-5dJgOg[View]
385210964Make your class look like another character: I'll start[View]
385209861so, /v/, will you be paying the extra $30 to unlock a couple extra features? Fry's still has th…[View]
385210025Splatoon 2 sucks?: so whats the deal with this game anyway? I bought it and played some turf war, go…[View]
385201201what are your thoughts on the game of thrones video game?[View]
385201328This feels out of place it does not belong in a mario game.[View]
385208015What am I in for?[View]
385204007Whats the logic behind axe beating spears in Fire emblem? If it was realistic, spear would be unbeat…[View]
385194887Did anyone else feel bad for killing her? All she was basically doing was protect her crippled sick …[View]
385207229Is this good?[View]
385208410Lost Sphear: Square Enix execs got shitfaced and accidentally greenlit a real JRPG. It has ATB comba…[View]
385210467How does this message appear on a SNES?[View]
385210009ITT: Redeeming things about DaS2[View]
385209592Which version do I play?[View]
385209087is it September yet[View]
385207281Your thought about this game? Just bought it couple days ago.[View]
385209146>Bard is the best class in the game Any games other than FF4 do this?[View]
385210420Trying to Jailbreak a fucking ps3 superslim firmware version 4.80. Can't find shit except for '…[View]
385179219Quick! Go find that online game you played years ago for days on end, and see if it is still alive. …[View]
385205110>the definitive version of the game can only be played on an obscure console with little to no em…[View]
385209070Factorio Thread: Rate my new factory On and below the minimap you can see the planned expansions I…[View]
385208903Any RPG's I can emulate on my 3DS where I can be a furry?[View]
385200015>two masterpieces in one year How does Nintendo consistently do it and why are other developers u…[View]
385191395ESA 2017: Mimic Edition: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Paper Mario: Sticker Star NEXT: birdsong…[View]
385209091>Helped someone with headless bloodletting beast >They send a 'thank you' message Such a warm …[View]
385189614So have you all adored Sachiko today?[View]
385206920What is the funniest/stupidest thing you've ever seen a new player do?[View]
385207707Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree Futaba's best girl, right?[View]
385209798>game has animals that you can pet[View]
385208703What games let me play as a bitch?[View]
385209752>your favorite game in a series >its flaws Character design was shit.…[View]
385208290what is his endgame?[View]
385204519what are some games where you dont get banned for hurting peoples fee-fees?[View]
385208897which games allow me to play a badass who buries everyone[View]
385208887Dark Souls 4 gameplay https://youtu.be/xb-RH2b8ac4[View]
385209534Doom WAD thread? Whats the best Doom mods? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-rbxdcZDpQ[View]
385208543How do I approach this game without getting immediately bored of it? Last time I tried getting into …[View]
385202896>dfw you will never wake up in a comfy game town surrounded by good feels and wanderlust…[View]
385205153What went wrong?[View]
385208780What's the word on Blue Reflection[View]
385209202>Game changes music variation depending on weather[View]
385183587Would you ever get a gaming related tattoo?[View]
385208501Inafking strikes again[View]
385208837>tfw no bullshit dlc >tfw no shark cards >tfw no cancerous online modes >tfw rockstar wi…[View]
385203645What games would you play with your kids?[View]
385206759ITT: Underrated games: X-Men Origins is about as good as Spider-Man Web of Shadows, Bamham Arkham Ci…[View]
385207882Who do you main, /v/?[View]
385207457Which games let you eat varieties of food?[View]
385197869Get over your autism about Skyrim /v/ and just admit this is the best mmo currently on the market[View]
385203330Find a flaw. Protip: you can [View]
385192960Why is this RPGkino so unknown and underrated while Diablo 2 was extremely popular?[View]
385198583What was he doing up there?[View]
385206604I want a new Crystal Chronicles: Remember how fun it was to play it with friends, on the tv screen, …[View]
385208267Give me your bloodborne memes. Feed my obsession.[View]
385208228Do people even want this? /v/ never talks about it[View]
385207367Who would win? Feel free to post 'battles' of your own and let /v/ tell you who the winner is.[View]
385208068TeamFortress2: Does anyone still play Team Fortress 2 besides me?[View]
385206948>get a subconscious urge to check on my Roblox profile, even though I'm in the middle of 3D …[View]
385207778Do you honestly think that Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft are going away anytime soon?[View]
385207405How to make an infograph?: Hello, I want to make an image with a list of games on it and a short blu…[View]
385207304My external appearance is down 5%. Shion, I need to be cleaned.[View]
385168776Desktop Thread: No cleaning[View]
385199893Have you ever speedrun a video game before?[View]
385198963how do you feel about fights you're supposed to lose?[View]
385205732Unless you're Resident Evil and make the characters actually different, stop doing this[View]
385194762Steam's Top 10 Most Played Games: This is crazy.[View]
385201257Did his death motivate Nintendo to make people understand?[View]
385176121ITT: We post our GOTY for the last 11 years of gaming and judge each others tastes[View]
385204851You guys played Souls Bandicoot yet?[View]
385201923Demonophobia: So which camp were you in, the camp that wanted to fap to this game, or the camp that …[View]
385200923At gamescom 2017, Nintendo will be there to reveal the next instalment of smash. I don't have m…[View]
385202050What is your honest opinion of Warframe?[View]
385206496wild woody[View]
385202834DQH2: Did you guys enjoy it? I just recently got it and am having a pretty good time so far. Desdemo…[View]
385204452>Those people that thought the second tier would go below $4 because of Mighty Number 9 LMAO…[View]
385206683>fe echoes sold less 1 million ww >Fe Warriors Will sell like shit too We need more games like…[View]
385200310Hey guys, My brother is a 8 year old snot cunt who plays videogames like FNAF and suicide guy (appar…[View]
385206809comfy vidya soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkHFGL1NOfA[View]
385206623LOW VIEWS[View]
385203721Mountain Blade: What are the best Mount and Blade mods ? Both conversional and gameplay additions, o…[View]
385204179Describe a vidya in exactly 5 words.: State sponsored terrorism: The Game[View]
385203967Can we have a thread about Life is Strange? Max is best girl btw[View]
385204987Why does /v/ pretend ecelebs help sell games? Is it just because they're fans of these unfunny…[View]
385179720Adobe Flash Discontinued, to be Killed in 2020: https://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2017/07/adobe-…[View]
385202361Why don't you move into the /v/ault anon?[View]
385175474What is your favorite Zelda game and why is it Majora's Mask?[View]
385204384>all playable characters together in a cutscene before big battle >game resumes and it's …[View]
385180084WHAT WENT SO WRONG?[View]
385200183A beautiful innocent picture: It's a really beautiful interaction between two friendly inklings…[View]
385188280W-what did it say /v/?[View]
385195578Does /v/ like Payday 2? Also Payday thread I guess[View]
385201617*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*[View]
385204993>twirls leave blood splatter Unexpected details are the best.[View]
385204020ANOTHER SHITTY EABATTLEFRONT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_vz44bp3c >no reason to even shoo…[View]
385204657I'm so glad that the N-sane trilogy finally cleared up what Aku Aku says when you pick him up.[View]
385203849What's a good game with a character creator where I can play as a cute girl?[View]
385204437>unironically playing video games ironically[View]
385199929What's a game where I can descend into an abyss (underground or in the water, but preferably un…[View]
385204989Do you guys like turn based DRPGs?[View]
385191067free games: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=knUcWKHYUA2wcNmA https://www.humblebundle.com/gift…[View]
385201048was he a poochie?[View]
385174797Filename Thread: Carl Edition[View]
385202260>tfw perhona won How will we ever recover smtbros?[View]
385200579What mods should I install to make Skyrim play like Dark Souls > Inb4 just play Dark Souls Alread…[View]
385204907Reminder that not a single good game has done this[View]
385203894> Objective: Lee Wrong[View]
385202675Overwatch hero delvopment: From a blizzard employee Hello! So I want to make thing clear about hero…[View]
385204985Why didn't she write Ahab a letter?[View]
385204950>will never be ported to PC Why does it hurt so much?[View]
385202540This obj_motherfucker shows up and slaps you're gfs arse wat do[View]
385204893is it K I N O or what?[View]
385204327How is it possible to be this perfect?[View]
385204650Why is this legal?: >cant even 1080p Inb4: muh bloodborn[View]
385199706Who's ready for GotY 2018?[View]
385204056Stormy Ascent: Fuck this level in time trial mode Also, post your time[View]
385204651When I download a game between 30 to 60 GB, what kind of files do i download percentagewise? Or: wha…[View]
385204515Mobile Games: Best mobile game? Doeasnt matter if free or not Pic related, its my current favourite …[View]
385204579SKYRIM: Why are Skyrim games such shit? No rolling, no backstabing, no boss fights, no invasion. Lit…[View]
385204332/v/ I need your help: I'm having a memory of an old mmo that I've been trying to find fore…[View]
385202495Devilish thread: >click to continue >presses space…[View]
385204073So, I went back to BB for two weeks after playing DS3 for over half a year >absolutely loved it o…[View]
385197862Video game name + Fidget spinner: Post the stupid shit that is generated by amazon sellers.[View]
385203963What do you like to drink while gaming?[View]
385203789Sales charts - Week 29, 2017: Sony always wins, baby[View]
385196651ARMS is officially a million seller.[View]
385204036YES, that's it. That's the feeling. PURE HATE. AHAHAHAHA COME, 2B!!!! https://www.youtube.…[View]
385202887>buy new game >play for 20 minutes before hacking it for max level/currency >fuck around fo…[View]
385151358JUST PLAY IT[View]
385203496ITT: unpopular opinions I'm primarily a Sony fan but I preferred my Gamecube to the PS2.[View]
385201015Dragon Quest XI: Friendly reminder that the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI will be the most compl…[View]
385180726Kirby thread: Kirby thread[View]
385200782Gigantic: Tripp is a gigantic fag and if you enjoy using this literal no skill hero then you too are…[View]
385203630ITT: Underrated gems. I have a fucking blast playing this game and finding my own team combo. I even…[View]
385202267S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Loadout Edition: Hi /v/. Show us your loadout in the Zone. Mods used for Call Of Prip…[View]
385202470I'm Deve, the storage keeper. You can even store your worries here! How can I help you today?[View]
385199530its definitely coming out this time guys[View]
385203438>2017 >steam[View]
385202313>mfw inklings take damage if they touch ink of another color >mfw they twitch like crazy when …[View]
385202228wait, was this not a real guy? why did he become a ghost or whatever in the end? help me out here[View]
385203401what are some truly E P I C video game moments? pic related[View]
385199639Splatoon 2 sells 671,000 in first three days in Japan: https://www.famitsu.com/news/201707/26138427.…[View]
385182278UNI[st] Thread: Let's gather under night for some lobbies[View]
385200137Havent been gaming for a few years What are some good games that came out that are actually fun and …[View]
385197239What are the best games with ships?[View]
385198549Splatoon 2 3DS [LEAK]: Hello, I am a member of the Nintendo US marketing team. We have recently been…[View]
385195709Would you pay thirty dollars for a free game just because it has a physical copy and physical manual…[View]
385192028>wow this game has a lot of interesting and unique weapons to choose from >better pick the gen…[View]
385198612What video game character would be the best mascot of /v/?[View]
385187234Discuss this Lynel.[View]
385203190draw yoshi[View]
385201318What are some games that aren't too hard but still feel rewarding/engaging?[View]
385201960Gamers of /v/, are you even trying?[View]
385202637Is this thing worth using?: I got one cheap but haven't actually bothered to try it, some part …[View]
385198603You FAGGOTS told me this game had a good story? Why did you lie to me like that?[View]
385194321So what did your coffee say today, /v/?[View]
385198808Do you prefer it when Fire Emblem focuses on older sister-younger brother relationships, or older br…[View]
385195017Will you buy ホムラ's game - ゼノブレイド2?[View]
385197131PiGRRL 2 Raspberry pi 3: Are these fucking things worth it? im thinking of dropping $400 on this. Or…[View]
385200070What are some games that let you party?[View]
385182813Is there anything more pathetic than playing translated versions of games, instead of in their origi…[View]
385202525When does that thing get hacked? I want to play emulation games on it already.[View]
385151410I can tell what kind of person you are just by your preference between these two characters. If you …[View]
385191927The Bethesda Effect: >Fallout 3: Looking for your dad >Fallout 4: Looking for your son Fallout…[View]
385155625How is your game project coming along?[View]
385202091Which one is better for emulation?[View]
385201270Games you don't feel bad for dropping in retrospect: I dropped this game a while years ago, aro…[View]
385199556Just got F.E.A.R: What am I in for /v/?[View]
385201432ITT: The best RPGs in existence[View]
385202017you know it's true: The day1 patch will fix everything EVERYTHING!!![View]
385201907>Odyssey this year >Pokemon in Fall/Winter 2018 >Smash in Fall/Winter 2019 >Nintendo wi…[View]
385201818Soundtracks that are only good to listen to ingame[View]
385197364Why are they releasing Odyssey so early in October? Wouldn't it have made more sense for the ga…[View]
38520170560 FPS is the worst drug on the planet. Once you take it, you can never go back to the peasant frame…[View]
385201732PC port never[View]
385195921How do you feel about video games incorporating romance and loving subplots between a male and femal…[View]
385195765>DBZ Fighters and Blazblue vs RWBY combined will not sell as much as this game Why do people thin…[View]
385200258Nintendo know what they are doing[View]
385194674>Ay yo new kid, what games you play?[View]
385200176We have all noticed the flood of open world games lately but which one of the modern AAA open world …[View]
385201256Who is the Gregory Palamas of video games?[View]
385196365Did Valve forget that the crowbar in half life 1 was actually a piece of shit?[View]
385198787Look what just came in the mail: What could it be?[View]
385196517Who's the James Joyce of video game creators?[View]
385200938A-anon-kun, why haven't you considered Fallout 4? I'm sure we can work things out~[View]
385196717>Our game takes a relatively long time to load levels, what should we do? >I know, let's …[View]
385194441SWITCH IS NOW AT 4.7 MILLION UNITS WW AS OF JUNE 30TH: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/hard…[View]
385200798What is video game culture?[View]
385200552>Collect all Star Coins >Beat every level >Think I'm finished >Have to rebeat every…[View]
385200565Why is nostalgia such an important factor in vidya?[View]
385200863>its fine when nintendo does it[View]
385194537are there other games like Phantom Crash? >arena combat with customizable mechs, done recreationa…[View]
385192836feeling depressed and wanna end it all /v/, is there a game that can help me cope[View]
385176714itt: remasters that are better than the originals[View]
385142859New Roadhog Balance Changes: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20758316091#post-4 >…[View]
385196737ITT: Decent games /v/ memed you into thinking were trash[View]
385199958Sup my dudes. First time poster, long time lurker. Just started up DS2 again since 2015 and am wor…[View]
385196979What a lie.[View]
385192927>model viewer lets you look up skirts[View]
385198554Double story cities by the year 2027!? what were they thinking?? I thought Deus Ex was supposed to b…[View]
385185471>you don't need a stick to play fighting ga-[View]
385194927Is this game good? It's 3 dollars on GMG right now so I need to know.[View]
385192791Best wife in skyrim Aela is my queen[View]
385199619Can Nintendo survive after the Wii U and Switch?[View]
385199419>phase 1: hating abigail >phase 2: ironically loving abigail >phase 3: unironically startin…[View]
385197108>Half way through a game >save file gets corrupted What do you do in this situation?…[View]
385188030ITT: games only you've played[View]
385196769Ren'Py and Visual Novel Making: Anyone who worked or is working with Ren'Py right now? I…[View]
385198783post funny s.t.a.l.k.e.r webms webm related i need more regular s.t.a.l.k.e.r webms welcome too[View]
385199232urgot (top lane) in league: :thinking:[View]
385194571*blocks your platinum trophy*[View]
385197204Do your parents know what video games you like? How do they feel about video games?[View]
385198438>You will never pull out a sword that's been stuck on the ground for who knows how long and …[View]
385198775>computer starts crashing while playing games >lose mafia 3 save file…[View]
385195159BR vs BLC: >'new chapter of the game' >make everything look like shit…[View]
385185985>character creation >spends 3 hours perfecting the most hideous creature possible…[View]
385151104SFV: Servers are up and update is live. >First Canadian character in Street Fighter is an annoyin…[View]
385192961It's been 4 years since Breaking Bad ended. One of the greatest shows ever created. Who else wo…[View]
385197671Game devs thinking poisonous swamps are orig[View]
385198183Hey, /v/. Recommend me some games to get me fucking pumped. Lately I've only been playing slow-…[View]
385198461Why do white people love this garbage?[View]
385198927>get shitty rewards 1 year after the game >manual does not fit >all the quality is super po…[View]
385192512...Be careful.[View]
385191556Is he STR or DEX?: The Bigass sword says STR But the lack of armor says DEX[View]
385198754What are the chances he will get the sony treatment?[View]
385197329Are we heading to another crash? Why I believe we are: >Corporate shitlords now control the compa…[View]
385190718Memory Trees : RPG Life Farming simulation game: RPG Life+Farming Game base on rune factory and harv…[View]
385192473Let's have a Yakuza thread. What's your favourite entry in the series and can we agree tha…[View]
385192895First DW9 gameplay https://vid.me/wmtEz Nice scale.[View]
385198295games that made you feel something[View]
385195362Dungeon Crawlers: >turn based >dungeon crawler >interesting quests >good gameplay >lo…[View]
385195664honest thoughts on A:MR?[View]
385197951>listen to music while playing video games >suddenly gain superhuman reaction times and perfec…[View]
385187342Can asymmetrical multiplayer work? Discuss.[View]
385196220Quick question /v/: Building my own fightstick with Sanwa buttons and joystick, should the holes in …[View]
385198391What's your favourite taunt in a video game?[View]
385198342pick your class i did the math and there is an actual objectively correct answer here [View]
385198273Special effects request: Didn't know how to name that thread, but here I go. I've always l…[View]
385190207Is it me or do all Korean games seem to have the same artist. It looks nearly all the same.[View]
385198202>selling merchandise before the game is released[View]
385192938What events changed the course of the video game industry as a whole?[View]
385189862>just bought a new office chair for my desk >it's super big and plush >like sitting on…[View]
385196819What is the /v/ equivalent of this scene?[View]
385197790How is it so perfect /v/ros?[View]
385179341>So anon, did you liked Undertale too?[View]
385198000Stop shitposting the Switch, 4.7 in 4 Fucking months in the literal who month of March is good[View]
385194470Is Dark Souls 2 better than Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1? I only have a PS3. So please don't me…[View]
385194025Star citizen: Why is this allowed? Seriously 15,000 dollars how do they get away with this shit…[View]
385197279>final boss is a woman Any other games that do this?[View]
385180102PUBG ADDS MTX IN EARLY ACCESS: http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/143818926…[View]
385194482Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
385197663What if Nintendo made a gritty rated M game about the old turf wars of splatoon and it drew heavy in…[View]
385196607how are these graphics allowed?: >I literally cant play this game coz of its graphics I just play…[View]
385195658ITT: Videogame Secrets[View]
385193638Todd Howard[View]
385187031Does this get any harder?[View]
385192224Escape from Tarkov: closed beta around the corner boyos thoughts on the game?[View]
385191020Star Fox 2 Mastered ROM: So we all know at this point that Nintendo decided to include Star Fox 2 wi…[View]
385183802Time to choose /v/[View]
385192031GW1 is still semi-active yet many other MMOs have come and gone. Any other people still playing GW? …[View]
385193836Would you back a game that was largely finished and only needed an original soundtrack funded?[View]
385167801ITT: worst castlemania[View]
385196803If I made a Roblox school shooter game, would people give me money for the lulz? Am poor, can't…[View]
385193369>search catalog >No mxm thread >mxm thread What so you think about the game anons?…[View]
385194503> Go to a fighting games tournament near my place for the first time > Win 2 matches and piss …[View]
385184259Why don't game developers make religious games anymore?[View]
385196128Why do people shill indie games, /v/? Indie games are garbage.[View]
385196631Lyrania and Relics of Avabur account!: Anyone interested in a Relics of Avabur or Lyrania account wi…[View]
385187015Why do people hate chibi?[View]
385187921I'm not even trolling I swear, this is a legit question. Is there any reason for consoles to e…[View]
385164985Why do we never get frieza's 2nd or 3rd form in any DBZ games? There's always 100 differen…[View]
385193531DARK SOULS IV: BLOODBORNE 2 Discuss, which one you want more.[View]
385178979HA HAHAHA HA[View]
385190349Not going to lie, this ff is not bad.. it's like a cheesy 1980s movie.. I like how square enix …[View]
385195417Challenge to GMod players: >download Half Life Renaissance and iNPC >spawn lots of citizens …[View]
385190297The Last Remnant: I figured I'd give this game a shot but I've heard it has autistic amoun…[View]
385191024>VN >that super cute side character doesn't have a route or H scenes…[View]
385191004chun li: chun li[View]
385195721_________ in the battlefield.[View]
385193469Rocket League: Anyone down for some rocket league? https://discord.gg/J66kHH Discord link for anyon…[View]
385152749Let's settle this once and for all. Who is best girl to romance in Persona 5? Obviously it…[View]
385192740What went right?[View]
385193678ITT: Trigger /v/'s PTSD. Also a Mario & Luigi Thread[View]
385147191Gigantic: New heroes leaked[View]
385195653Im almost 31 /v/. I find I just dont enjoy vidya that much anymore. They almost feel like too much w…[View]
385195567What is a good component to hdmi adapter/upscaler that doesn't introduce input lag? My new tele…[View]
385195490*shoots your waifu*[View]
385190818Is this game worth playing ironically?[View]
385195304i missed a button press in 'until dawn'. will it save if i just close the application now?…[View]
385193606>tfw getting filtered by this fuck How do I git gud enough to beat him? Literally impossible…[View]
385144327>hello >may i please have some mesos?[View]
385191849Anyone play For the King? I like it, game name Anyone welcome.[View]
385194338Who is the Nozomi Tojo of video games?[View]
385194707For the youtubers and streamers, how much would you score using this list? Starting with 0 points.[View]
385194514>go to ps4 games section in jbhifi >literally at least half the games are 'HD remasters' and c…[View]
385177276Box Art Thread: As the name implies, just post whatever is your favorite.[View]
385187046What's the best Videogame-themed party you've attended?[View]
385193158>advertising your game on a site centered around charity These guys have reached a new lew…[View]
385185683Splatoon 2 sold 671K(Physical only) in the first 3 days in Japan: The Switch sold 102K that week htt…[View]
385190605I just beat pic related for the first time and holy shit it was fun. >dat art >dat music >d…[View]
385192631WOW: Can we get a World of Warcraft thread going? I've never played the game myself yet it…[View]
385192543Still not worth it for MN9?[View]
385184672What is it about bows that always seem to attract the absolute WORST kinds of players to them?[View]
385180176https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmYH3G0DIUQ What's the verdict, /v/? Good, bad, overpowered, to…[View]
385192965>co-workers starts talking about vidya[View]
385171038ITT: Best games on the 3DS[View]
385105543console-tan tuesday[View]
385193939This is the hardest game ever, I got to the hot tub truth or dare but I can't seem to get back.…[View]
385193208THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY which one will be more gamekino?[View]
385193586So what's the deal with this game? It seemed like /v/ loved it, but opinions after its release …[View]
385180307Give me one reason to play this.[View]
385190194Vintage magazine thread Monthly cassette full of demos and sometimes full versions <3[View]
385191686MUSIC PO- PO- POWER (AHHH)[View]
385192128What games can teach me things about japanese culture?[View]
385193682>play Gravity Rush 2 >finish all side quests >get gold medals on all challenges >finish …[View]
385186713*Parents walk in*[View]
385173215Sonic Mania Hype: Reminder that Hydrocity won't be in the game. Hydrocitycucks on suicide watch…[View]
385179191ITT: God Tier PS2 games[View]
385185843Give me one good reason why this shouldn't happen.[View]
385191287will there ever be a fps that tops it as reigning king of competitive fps?[View]
385193407>sequel retcons things so that 5 years after what was seemingly a 'happily ever after' ending, al…[View]
385188745Kingdom Hearts 3: Frozen World Announcement WHEN ??[View]
385187014Is this the most overlooked, underappreciated main entry in Resident Evil?[View]
385189846How come Japanese video game designers designed levels in platformers to be completed from left to r…[View]
385191680MTGS 4 and the rest of the games: I don't mind the cutscenes in MTGS4 thought they might get an…[View]
385189013>drops out of the tree you shake wat do[View]
385190932Do you think any vidya character drowns in more pussy than Professor Herschel Fucking Layton?[View]
385190272How did overwatch become the biggest game in the world?[View]
385174495This is final, no argument.[View]
385171564I just finished Bamham Arkham Knight. I just want to know if anyone else thinks that the 'true' knig…[View]
385182120Alright /v/ I'm at a crossroads and need to decide the fate of Nevada. Who should I side with? …[View]
385177239When there's nowhere else to run, is there room for one more son?[View]
385192536>played, beaten, and enjoyed a lot of games >struggle to come up with a list of ten games i co…[View]
385190517Never played a S.T.A.L.K.E.R (Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers, Robb…[View]
385189380Kill all sons-a-bitches. That's my 'ficial instructions.[View]
385191924>oh neat, this visual novel has little rhythm mini-games to go with the main theme >this is si…[View]
385182830Why don't you own a vita? You can pirate games, you know.[View]
385192334Anybody know a good anti-air for Ibuki? (Besides her dp)[View]
385190631Lets hope the animation in Blaze Blue thread is better than in the cartoon[View]
385190618>game sizes becoming ever more bloated >compression on majority of downloads is absolute shit …[View]
385188921I need my payday too[View]
385190394STR VS DEX: Dex > Str[View]
385190478Is this game worth 8 bucks,[View]
385189996Why did horizon flop?[View]
385190995Warcraft III: Frozen Throne: Anyone up and wanna play some Bnet? I'm on Frozen Throne get enoug…[View]
385154769http://www.siliconera.com/2017/07/25/square-enix-explains-dragon-quest-xi-wont-voice-acting/ There a…[View]
385191639ITT: Times things went better than expected, single player or multiplayer >fightan game >perso…[View]
385191610how do you play this?[View]
385190034>Game has terrible cover art yet it's GOAT[View]
385191538Who will you marry /v/?: Choose one girl to marry /v/. It's from Memory Trees, you can thank me…[View]
385188210How accurate is this?[View]
385182848>All they had to do for Episode 3 was make 20 maps where you traveled to the Borealis, met Dr. Mo…[View]
385190239>Real time strategy (RTS) games >structures can be built within seconds >tanks roll out aft…[View]
385190670>TTYD is 13 years old[View]
385189824Nobody thinks this was a good idea, right?[View]
385186396The Ruse Cruise is back on: >Serial number in the plan leads to a warehouse in ohio >the insig…[View]
385183817>Mario game >No run button This isn't good.…[View]
385189204>Find out about a cool game coming out >It's Japan-only BORN IN THE WRONG COUNTRY…[View]
385177489ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly GDQ btfo'd edition NOW: Prince of Persia: Warrior Withi…[View]
385190964Leaked Fallout 5 screenshot[View]
385183613Find a flaw[View]
385184089Do you pay attention to voice actors, /v/? [/spoiler]Who is your favorite Japanese voice actor and w…[View]
385190698Can someone tell me what disease she had?: Seriously what was it?[View]
385189264New lost legacy gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hNeEHmmAoc So are you hyped? Disappointed…[View]
385172040Splatoon 2 Thread: Lots of threads on what we like about the game, but what are some of your dislike…[View]
385187448Is there a video game Protagnist who could defeat a man like Escanor? Basically he radiates with the…[View]
385190748You have roughly 1.26 picoseconds to post your favorite games of all time[View]
385190691Game friend finder. If you're looking for people to play shit with you, post the following: .Co…[View]
385190128Back then >Game releases >it's acclaimed enough to get a sequel >Game 2 releases wi…[View]
385184721I'm thinking about getting a PS4 soon, I'll buy 3 games with it to start. Which ones would…[View]
385188732There has been nothing but shitting on this game, lets see if we can go one thread talking about it …[View]
385165721Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: I just unlocked the second license board but I'm stuck choosi…[View]
385183018Post your best crash pics[View]
385189094When and where do you find the thing that lets you summon and invade other people? Been playing for …[View]
385188694How to stay awake while gaymen?[View]
385186829Would you prefer to play a game that is slightly too difficult to be enjoyable or slightly too easy …[View]
385172693Done. I finished Fallout 4. It was better than expected.[View]
385188353/v/ humour thread, I'll start[View]
385188549What's the /v/erdict?[View]
385188632How do you defeat the cyberdemon in Doom 4?[View]
385188687>beat game >realize the ending is just velvet reliving her adventures >replaces phi with la…[View]
385153438ITT: Post an image and others will recommend you a video game based on it[View]
385188429>i own all the 6th gen consoles >oh cool, what dreamcast games do you have? >whats a dreamc…[View]
385189552Anyone interested in playing some MGS Peace Walker coop on PS3? https://discord.gg/2jA9uU[View]
385185649Doing a saint and true ending run of Dead Rising. Did I fuck up since I don't have 50 survivors…[View]
385181994How would you design a multiplayer game for people who work full time and rarely have time to spend …[View]
385184826>Dark Souls un-excplicitly draws influence from Beserk >The finale boss of the entire series i…[View]
385187387Post your MMO characters[View]
385179986/v/ Plays SimCity 4: 7 decides everything. Where do we build our city?[View]
385185016damn why is this faggot so fucking annoying all of his dialogue is cringey and his personality is an…[View]
385179524Halo Thread[View]
385170508Will we ever get a Yu-Gi-Oh! game with Link Monsters? They completely changed the gameplay and are p…[View]
385189095>'hello hero and welcome to your quest' >'press the A button to jump'…[View]
385185716The World Ends With You (すばらしきこのせかい) was released for Nintendo DS 10 years ago today in Japan, on Ju…[View]
385186580Why did they have to change Bowser from his Nintendo 64 Model? He was gorgeous.[View]
385188315Show me the last review which actually swayed your decision to buy or play a video game.[View]
385178605Oh my[View]
385188834>protagonist and antagonist.... are BROTHERS[View]
385177035ok anons, I'm thinking on building a PC but I need some advice. I found a cheap 1060 but I don…[View]
385184098Save Wizard: Has anyone bought it? Is it worth the $60?[View]
385158054You're still buying her game right?[View]
385158404Now that the dust has truly settled...: Which one was better?[View]
385187832>Game has extremely cool and fun mechanic >Its only used once in the whole game What's he…[View]
385187192Red pill me on vita visual novels . Which are weeb shit , which are worth my time[View]
385182935Why is 'mother nature' in a none destructive form and ' self aware plant life' s…[View]
385182446>tfw kill vivic cause he's a cunt >'the thread of prophecy has been severed, bla bla…[View]
385187326How many games do you need to play to become a game buff?[View]
385187454Are games becoming too 'videogamey'?[View]
385177942beta delayed for another month, only a few days before MVCI launches. Is arc sys purposely trying to…[View]
385188068>lasers get randomly delayed so I can't parry consistently FUCK OFF YOU AUTISTIC ROBOT SPIDE…[View]
385170504Month old game has less player than year old game: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO TEKKEN?[View]
385185712Hello /v/ I'm working on an open-world sci-fi anarchy MMORPGFPS (so, primarily guns, no norange…[View]
385185830Seriously, why the fuck are you guys posting this stupid thing? I don't get it. Is it supposed …[View]
385177759Pyre thread Current one is unsalvageable garbage edition. >Who have you freed >Who have you lo…[View]
385187914Is this game still alive on PC? I want a mindless FPS I can just round around and shoot dudes in mul…[View]
385185275HAI DOMO VIRTUAL YOUTUBER KIZUNA AI DESU what games do you wanna see her play next?[View]
385187784That's a cool franchise, let me see it[View]
385187682What games do you find yourself replaying and enjoying it as much as the first time you played it?[View]
385184981>Game gets a remake >It's just like you played it all those years ago https://www.youtube…[View]
385185754holy fuck how did they manage to ruin their game series so fast? the first game was a 10/10, this on…[View]
385187210What is your favourite boss battle of all time?[View]
385185826How do I git gut at this? Am I supposed look at the path the bullets create or closer to my hitbox? …[View]
385184452Tranny receives the 'boxed version' of Mighty N9 and its literally just a cardboard box with no game…[View]
385181565will this game EVER be released?[View]
385185790Anyone here bought these yet? I ordered them a week ago but still haven't seen any pictures of …[View]
385186583Give me your best bloodborne memes my friend is depressed on the train heading to uni and he just fi…[View]
385184479Thoughts on Digimon Rury?[View]
385177776How's your game coming along anon?[View]
385185086I'm starting to feel empty about video games, I want to know if they are any games out there wh…[View]
385185659While he sleeps and you quietly approach him, the most beautiful lullaby music starts playing. Did a…[View]
385185590Help me settle a dispute: during his super move in injustice 2, does he shout 'huzzah' or 'Shazam'?[View]
385120976/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>/385064065 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
385175928What is the most overrated X game?[View]
385186582*blocks your path and energetic jazz starts to play*[View]
385186365Do good video games for the PlayStation Vita exist?[View]
385186550What are some good games for the PS4? pic unrelated[View]
385172619What's her disability again?[View]
385180818PS vita or Nintendo 3dsl: Should I get the PS vita or Nintendo 3ds?. Write a 1000 word persuasive es…[View]
385186212>game ends >to be continued...[View]
385186382Why hasn't anyone else tried their hands at a harvest moon style game? Is it too niche? Thought…[View]
385182410I'm tired[View]
385182659>$60 >paid online starting next year >90% of the game is online only >single player has …[View]
385154953worst game covers[View]
385186108Thoughts on this game? Is it worth $20? Any other Switch games I should look at?[View]
385186009Finished persona 5. What the actual fuck was that ending? As a person that played persona 4 and 3 (d…[View]
385172085>ITT criminally underrated games Resonance of Fate[View]
385185946Memory Trees better than Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon: How do we make this game successful /v/? I…[View]
385185926EA Battlefront 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_vz44bp3c how can a clone punch a droid to death…[View]
385183571How the hell am I supposed to beat her? She's way too powerful.[View]
385185093>*battle cry*[View]
385185617ITT: Dead games[View]
385171687This is honestly amazing[View]
385177714Biggest piece of shit in gaming? Pic very related[View]
385185508Are 'progressive' ideas and the recent influx of women into the gaming community ruining a lot of ga…[View]
385184530This $60 DLC is going to be the best selling game of the year isn't it?[View]
385185335Can we have a Way of the Samurai thread? >tfw grinding for scrap metal[View]
385184663Positive MVC:I thread: There has been nothing but shitting on this game, lets see if we can go one t…[View]
385178687> kicked from server > reason: lolololol[View]
385185167Who GameCrazy here?[View]
385185024What a shit summer.[View]
385182712Fighting games.: With all the flip flops that have been happening on all fighting games, I want to a…[View]
385184124What happens if you try to update an Xbox 360 that hasn't been updated in a long time?[View]
385179521Is it any good?[View]
385183656The master race wins again[View]
385184954Consensuson on Abbreviation: The real name for this game is ridiculously long, so what are we going …[View]
385181257emulation >>>>> native pc games[View]
385178181Subnautica: SOMEbody got a lot more terrifying now that he has an HD model.[View]
385183172Icewind Dale: EE Killing Hrothgar at LvL 1: How do I kill this fucker at level 1? Is it at all possi…[View]
385179981Punished Kaz: >fucks everything up with the kids from Africa >wanted to see if he could make t…[View]
385164538>Dynamic Beard Growth GOTY inbound[View]
385184265>Majora's Mask was my favorite Zelda game[View]
385183578>Gyro controls, and NFC reader >40 hours of battery life This thing is a literal miracle of th…[View]
385184549When will the Byuu of N64 emulation emerge?[View]
385184076Hello. My name is Wei Shen and I am totally not a cop. Sleeping Dogs Thread[View]
385184506>series/franchise created by men, for men >becomes popular with men >women are like 'haha l…[View]
385132256Trying her best![View]
385183278Dudes. I really like me some fighting games. But recently i am getting way too mad at them when i lo…[View]
385180462IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!! >MGO2 for OFW will be publicly released on Thursday the 27th, some…[View]
385181706S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Complete beginner here, how am I supposed to go through this tunnel at the beginning…[View]
385182035I feel like Nintendo should release a premium model of the Switch for older gamers. >Glass Screen…[View]
385184059>Maybe it is best to clarify it here. Inti Creates is not involved in the main development of the…[View]
385180109>game doesn't treat 0.999 repeating as 1[View]
385171882Why do these games get so much hate? Uncharted and The Last of Us are honestly some of my favorite g…[View]
385183849Multiplayer Trophies: Trying to get the 4 player trophy and the play online trophy. Was wondering if…[View]
385183351How similar is this game to the original Morrowind?[View]
385166638It's gonna be great.[View]
385183236Is SM64 Wii VC on Dolphin the best way to play SM64 on PC?[View]
385183164What is the night begins to shine of video games?[View]
385181802>There are people on /v/ who have ever pre-ordered a game >There are people on /v/ who have ev…[View]
385181325Grim Fandango: Just bought this remastered for $5. Is it really one of the best games of all time?…[View]
3851835173x3/Top Ten thread Post em' Rate em' Discuss em' TEMPLATE: http://bighugelabs.com/mo…[View]
385183326whats the best flavor of the month game?[View]
385179728Have you been to GaymerX ?: What was it like ? Was it worth it ? No memes pls[View]
385182306What's the consensus on this? A lot people liked it on launch from what I could tell, but opini…[View]
385181167FTL thread. >best run/best luck >worst luck >how did your most recent run go…[View]
385179898ITT: Post an image and others will recommend you a video game based on it[View]
385173105BEING PC IS FUN: Uh oh.... >'We believe that our in-game reporting and player penalty system is o…[View]
385180763It's overrated. I mean, on the first playthrough I felt like it was the best in the series, but…[View]
385179917What is the Best SMT Game? What is the Worst SMT Game?[View]
385180574Are licensed games hard to come by nowadays?[View]
385182819How do I use this thing without steam's workshop?[View]
385181238The Water Temple is the only thing worth playing in this game.[View]
385180456>that game/mmo that you always wanted to play but your family couldn't afford it or the inte…[View]
385182553Ok /v/, i just got a brand new PC with an r7 and an rx580 4gb, recommend me some good games with a g…[View]
385182802Gimme some gaming stories, /v/[View]
385182067>game has unlockable playable characters[View]
385177285The point of her game is that, without others, we cannot define a meaning for our existence. How…[View]
3851790183x3: 3x3 thread[View]
385176189Am I a faggot if I wept through this game /v/?[View]
385182537I think I found Aloy's father.[View]
385178090Reminder: If people say 'Git gud' to you often enough that you get annoyed by it, the problem probab…[View]
385180610Who /monolith/ here? Let's chant. We thank you, oh Monolith, for revealing the cunning plans of…[View]
385151458>That name you bought with your dick an instantly regretted What was her name /v/…[View]
385179450Are there any romance games that aren't just smooth sailing? I get kinda mad whenever I romance…[View]
385149202>kill thousands of human enemies >feel nothing >kill one dog enemy >feel bad…[View]
385172346What is the best way to hook my Xbox/PS2/Gamecube up to a modern television without composite/compon…[View]
385176112Which one?: Which one is it? I'll post the results.[View]
385182089MS-DOS point and click games had more gameplay than this. What the hell went wrong?[View]
385177502>Guild Wars is dead >complete trash like Runescape and WoW still live IT'S NOT FUCKING FA…[View]
385179537Why does Kenny dress as Princess Zelda?[View]
385155668ITT: Announcements that would make you lose your shit.[View]
385179925What drives a man to do this[View]
385181149>PSvita >vita means life >it's dead…[View]
385181826Holy shit, why the hell is the random encounter rate so high? I can't be alone in thinking it…[View]
385180626Choose one /v/[View]
385180695what are some games that let me play as a customizable loli? No MMOs, they all fucking suck[View]
385178757I bought a 3DS, what now: All right /v/ so after finally getting some disposable income and listenin…[View]
385181692Are exclusivity contracts the most damaging thing in the games industry?[View]
385181627So this exists. https://youtu.be/OT4oyuGlCmQ[View]
385175704>maps and modes are still locked behind real time Why are people okay with this?…[View]
385181119>Map gets released with major glitch >Constant community complaints to developers >IW never…[View]
385180115>Bought PS4 at pawn shop >now i get to watch my girlfriend play Until Dawn >Realistic squir…[View]
385180940Did you try any of the brain exercising meme games back in the day /v/?[View]
385178765>30% off >digital title >only for one month T-Thanks Nintendo...…[View]
385179237Name a better quest in the franchise[View]
385180853Someone play this? What are you building right now?[View]
385176869Name a better vidya sniper and/or sniper rifle Brotip: You can't[View]
385167601>game is fun >but not good What games capture this phenomenon?…[View]
385170105Dragonball FighterZ BETA - NO SATISFACTION EDITION: Details of the beta BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment I…[View]
385180520https://youtu.be/4H13T4rJFJ4 Is this FEMAkino?[View]
385178896In fighting games, which do you prefer the most? 2D sprites (Some KoF games, Darkstalkers, etc.) or …[View]
385174220I like chocobos, do you guys like chocobos? Let's talk about game's that feature chocobos[View]
385180417Well, /v/? Are you a scrub?[View]
385179185So what's the /v/erdict?[View]
385175296Do you pirate games? If so, why do you do? Do you think pirating is wrong? Of so, why do you do? I h…[View]
385179502Why do normies love Assassins Creed so much? I thought they didn't like single player.[View]
385180319Just finished this after picking it up on sale. I mean the twist I saw coming a mile away (mostly be…[View]
385174850Anyone has a psn card generator? Or some codes?[View]
385152678Early Access is the future.[View]
385176558Name one good thing about this game.[View]
385170932#Gadgetron Has there ever been a more unforgivable remake/sequel to a beloved Gaming franchise?[View]
385174263You're awful, Aqua: You're awful, Aqua[View]
385178224Why do people at like kids (or maybe they are) trying to defend their consoles? It's sad.[View]
385178795Now, I'll admit, this game is garbage. At launch, the connection was trash, and it was horribly…[View]
385168793Anybody else love Namine? I love the beggining of Kingdom hearts1 & 2 in general. The whole, hea…[View]
385178449What is new on the 'Definitive Edition'?[View]
385178501Nintendo is back, baby.[View]
385159780Things you can say about your console but not your girlfriend.[View]
385178791Will she ever get her own game?[View]
385177791>can't pause the game and go pee pee time This is the true artificial difficulty. I have pro…[View]
385147332So will /v/ like RE7 after the next RE comes out? Same happened with 6.[View]
385178285Old Game: Hey does anyone remember the name of this old game? It started with your GF being stolen b…[View]
385179142Whatever happened to Libertus?[View]
385177909Why are Final Fantasy games becoming less and less entertaining and just all around fun? 15 was not …[View]
385177497World of Warcraft (wow): Alright, I'm bored with my main, so whoever gets dubs gets to choose t…[View]
385178154>4th most picked tanked in pro play >blizzard decides to nerf him repeatedly Makes sense to me…[View]
385176638Why do so many shitters and morons play this game?[View]
385172082>You got a Purple Rupee! >....but it won't fit in your wallet now, so let's put it b…[View]
385175114This is Melia Antiqua, princess of the High Entia.: Say something nice about her![View]
385178831DLC 2 released today. I haven't personally tried Tonfas or the new missions yet though. Still w…[View]
385178785Vega is going to be shit isn't.. isn't? :([View]
385176670Leisure Suit Larry Thread: Why did this get shat on? What did you guys think Also, Leisure Suit Larr…[View]
385166249DOOM thread >favorite map >worst map >best music >favorite wad Nu-doomers are also welco…[View]
385169586ITT: Games you enjoyed that literally nobody talks about.[View]
385170450Anybody else disappointed of the length of the new DLC?[View]
385176934What sound does the Orphan of Kosm make, /v/?[View]
385177723JUST A BOX https://twitter.com/Isfet/status/889955595272560640[View]
385168141>Steam profile lists PC specs >They're not even impressive…[View]
385163459what tha fuck is this shit: UHSUhaushsUHSUhus[View]
385172923Skies: ARRRRRRRR it be time for a Skies thread[View]
385171945Really Good Vidya Tattoos: Thinking of copying this.[View]
385175919I wanna date Amanda[View]
385172980>character is told that if they kill him they'll be just like him >they kill him anyway…[View]
385177971>going back to your laptop with a 60 Hz screen after months of getting used to 144 Hz It's a…[View]
385178012where this bitch from?[View]
385175556>this is what battlefront has become https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_vz44bp3c…[View]
385177436E3 2018 What are your hopes? Your dreams? And your _ _ _ _ at next year's event?[View]
385173961>MGS 50% filler >MGS2 60% filler >MGS3 30% filler >MGS4 90% filler >MGS PW 99% filler…[View]
385177519What should i name all of the items in my Soldier loadout?: What should i name all of the items in m…[View]
385176230Ariane: does /v/ have Chad-tier game? >https://www.datingariane.com/default.htm >read her some…[View]
385168131Are there any games that feel like D&D? I know that no video game can give you the endless possi…[View]
385171335HOLY SHIT /v/! I think I just made a discovery in FF7, I'm currently doing a 4k playthrough ab…[View]
385174736ITT describe your favorite game with a Jojo quote[View]
385177617SEGA Persona/Yakuza Director Livestream: So what happened to that Sega/Yakuza/Persona livestream tha…[View]
385175425ITT: Mind-blowing Videogame Secrets[View]
385168098ESA 2017: ESA 2017 Now: SSX Next: Car Building Simulator race Later: Who knows twitch /esamarathon…[View]
385165830Claim your weapon-fu.[View]
385176516Post some god tier final dungeon / area music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imnmNtECuBk https://w…[View]
385173136what do you anons think of this so far? im really looking forward to it wasnt expecting a prequel bu…[View]
385172152I'm about to tell an emotional tale of a close friend whom I just lost >Be me >playing st…[View]
385159472Windows 10 Creators Update: The Windows 10 Creators Update is out! It includes the new gaming mode t…[View]
385172594Amiibo DLC: >post game content locked behind amiibos >art gallery/sound test >in-game cheat…[View]
385159230ITT: we skyrocket /v/'s blood pressure[View]
385173570What make a game good?[View]
385177079>tfw getting old[View]
385175257What are the best jobs for each character? I know vaan is good at everything. I was thinking about m…[View]
3851750523ds developer status: I registered myself as a developer for nintendo because I was bored, and that …[View]
385176998r8 my library, friends also what are some /comfy/ game suggestions?[View]
385176962You're in a tavern and this card slaps your deck's ass - what do?[View]
385174497Did Ellie know she'd die in the operation? If so, how was this hot piece of black ass wrong?[View]
385174130How did they manage to fuck it up?[View]
385171196>Finally pick up ps4 to go along with the PC >Pic related is actually as good as they say For …[View]
385176776https://twitter.com/Isfet/status/889955595272560640 THE RIDE NEVER ENDS[View]
385176757do you like cooking in games? sometimes when cooking is included it consists of getting materials an…[View]
385176550Hi, I'm the best expansion pack ever.[View]
385176379Guess The Mechanic: ITT we describe a game mechanic as subtly as we can, only using drawings like pi…[View]
385171082ITT: perfect 10s[View]
385176250Give me some gaming stories /v/[View]
385172170In all the years to come, in your most private moments, I want you to remember the one man who beat …[View]
385174243hey /v/ i dont really know where else to go for pictures of my favorite series so please post some, …[View]
3851349473x3 Thread: Based on the 3x3, recommend people their new favorite game[View]
385170519>free update for F2P game >looks wayy better than Destiny 2 what the hell happened to Bungie? …[View]
385173741flavor of the month kino[View]
385175972Haha yes :)[View]
385174884Should i get Tekken 7 or GG Rev 2? Only gonna have time for one[View]
385167452Think it'll be worth the wait?[View]
385159627>he doesn't own a 1080ti. Explain yourself anon, I thought you wanted to be part of the PC …[View]
385174930Would a movie work? I think it will work if they do about Artorias descend into darkness or some oth…[View]
385174643>literally no games exclusive to PS4 worth playing, so nothing to play >take the trial to Sony…[View]
385169872Pic related: history's only great superhero game. Prove me wrong.[View]
385169986Aside from the inevitable disappointment that came after the massive hype for MGSV, how do you feel …[View]
385175258Ace Attorney: Reminder that Nahyuta did nothing wrong.[View]
385174010Apologize /v/.[View]
385172061Should he have died at the end of Shido's palace?[View]
385175297>that one game you're waiting to release before you kill yourself whats her name /v/…[View]
385135109Are scythes cool vidya weapons?[View]
385172910So is the Virtual Console not coming until 2018?[View]
385145728One day I will own this board.[View]
385172448Daily reminder that house makes the most sense[View]
385174982>Pirate Game >Command Prompt opens for a split second…[View]
385166586>game lets you dual wield 2H weapons[View]
385157293>$7.50 MINIMUM for this outfit RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >Advertise all this co…[View]
385169819Free key for Saints Row 2 on Steam. https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=B28aaft2w5PXcYSn I bought…[View]
385174384I just turned 25. Any must play games I need to play with my new computer?[View]
385174332First 4chan post. why yall hate dark souls 2: dark souls 2 sotfs was my first souls game, i went bac…[View]
385174186This is Celestia 'Queen of Liars' Ludenberg from the Zero Escape series. Say something nice to her![View]
385171431just got a controller for my pc what video game should i play[View]
385174338>the PS4 won't even happen, sony will go bankrupt >ok the PS4 will happen but it will fai…[View]
385173256What do you get put of playing your modern AAA games?: They are all filled with cutscenes, might as …[View]
385159206>dfw you will never merrily stumble home drunk from The Bannered Mare under a frosty starlit sky,…[View]
385174296Fallout 4 is complete shit.: Lets put this meme to bed, >Fallout4 is a good game just not a good …[View]
385159981TES VI speculation thread[View]
385173489>Game has mixed reviews on Steam >You try it and enjoy it What's her name? Pic related f…[View]
385174158https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeNHa6k8L5M >The state of blizzard…[View]
385172002Why is Fallout New VEgas so bad when Fallout 3 was superb? It came after it and still did everything…[View]
385173179DST: Why isn't /v/ ever talking about Don't Starve (Together)?[View]
385173801where and how can i play this classic Gauntlet online with co-op?[View]
385173669Let's. Work. Hard. Today![View]
385170035Who else here /tiredgamer/?[View]
385173907Remember Official Xbox Magazine? Remember the demo discs that used to come with it? I miss those day…[View]
385171315Why the fuck did I waste my money on the stinking piece of shit that is Tekken 7?[View]
385173764I'd just like to take a minute to talk about how much I love D-I-C-K[View]
385171116>Finally found motivation to finish some games >House is cold as a Yeti's balls and heate…[View]
385173189What a shitty way to die. Hotline Miami thread[View]
385173059ITT: Video Game characters we despise and why: For me it's Blaise Debeste from Ace Attorney Inv…[View]
385173048What are some games that feature epic references?[View]
385173518Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Purple Gypceros can go fuck itself. Discuss.[View]
385143235>Tommy Vercetti, huh! Shit! >Didn'tthinkthey'deverlethimout...…[View]
385166471What is the video game equivalent of this scene?[View]
385169910I miss it and its never coming back.[View]
385173278Steamworks fuckin' WHEN[View]
385164332Why are video games more popular with men than with women? Pic unrelated.[View]
385173257>galka scum in glorious Roman Empire stand-in >elves and cats too Can't believe Square fo…[View]
385160342SNES Classic pre-order thread: Did you get some /v/? I'm selling these to Nintenbros for $300-4…[View]
385173121How the FUCK is he still alive.[View]
385172993Contender for best walking simulator?[View]
385173052Does anybody remember playing this?[View]
385172180Splatoon 2 thread: >/v/ tells me to bump gyro sensitivity up to max >follow /v/'s advice…[View]
385172942whats the general opinion on albion online?[View]
385166108>fifth game is the worst one in the series What series' do this?[View]
385172538This game is so fucking boring..... Why did I fall for the /v/ meme AGAIN?! >auto attacks that ar…[View]
385167064>game has weapon durability[View]
385172334Why is space black? Also, what games feature black holes?[View]
385167662Is this game worth 40 dollars?[View]
385171619>Choose girl >Game's UI changes to be pink and pretty…[View]
385167440How were video games looked upon in your family while growing up? Did your parents play anything? Si…[View]
385169535Steam Keys Purchased on Kinguin: Can anyone vouch for steam keys purchased on Kinguin? Ive never bou…[View]
385142732Splatoon 2 Thread: Tower Control > Rainmaker > getting kicked in the cock > Splat Zones Dis…[View]
385171929What would Nomura think of FFXV? The man basically had his baby taken from him and saw it transform …[View]
385170157why is it called xBOX if the logo is an sphere? Shouldn't it be a cube?[View]
385170181I guess I make a fucking gw2 thread then: How do you like that new map? Did it end the story well? X…[View]
385171158Who here /absolutelysickandtiredofconsolewarsandwojacks/?[View]
385169823What is the best Bond game?[View]
385170361>Numbered sequel uses the exactly the same engine as the first game Off the top of my head Fallou…[View]
385171362Supergiant Games wtf: Just.....fuck...up my....subscriptions. Prye Sounds great though…[View]
385167317What did they mean by this?[View]
385168390Why do we need to spread hate towards each other every 5 minutes?[View]
385169351What are some video games with the best trees?[View]
385171560Favorite Extreme Sports Games/Reccomendations: >I'll start[View]
385170514>not maining insect glave >he doesnt slay monsters with his kinsect bro…[View]
385164651Yeah it's another until dawn thread. I just love the game so much. If you do too then get in he…[View]
385171328New hearthstone expansion dropping soon, guess who got to preview one of the new cards... Straight f…[View]
385169850Why can't more companies cater toward my taste in lusting after cute anime girls?[View]
385161379Can we have a Serious Sam thread? Tell me your favorite game, your favorite indie inspired game, and…[View]
385171154>Official Stuff you cant believe is real[View]
385169050The BEST game art >ads >covers >posters >promotional material >related merchandise …[View]
385171347So how did you get through this part in Dolphin? I'm playing with DS4 and shit's mapped to…[View]
385170285what’s the point of being a contrarian[View]
385166092Noita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBLoffoZLH8 So this just got revealed. Procedurally generated…[View]
385170661>tfw not a jaded old fart >tfw still enjoy video games…[View]
385169715DJ Max Thread: Anyone ready for DJ Max Respect? Which songs/Composters do you like from the franchis…[View]
385169797>win videogame >feel good >lose videogame >feel bad Can someone explain this to me?…[View]
385166242Talk about vidya as autistically as you can. LET IT OUT[View]
385169450Now can we all agree that this game is dead?[View]
385170993Don't mind me, just posting the best thing id software ever made[View]
385168674I know it's kinda a shitty topic, but anyone know the name of the game in this post? Also, any …[View]
385170715Any entertaining streams you guys know about? bonus points for old video games[View]
385170706If Donald got fed up he would just run away again. Why would you keep running from your problems? Th…[View]
385160737Indisputably best partner coming through.[View]
385170676Will you be buying Maitetsu now that 18+ version has been confirmed by Sekai Project?[View]
385149192Sonic Mania Thread Days until Mania: 20 Expect a new track sometime today! Uploads are Tuesdays and …[View]
385167387game consoles you wish you never gave away: https://youtu.be/ZLzb8UTC1aM hey anon, do you still have…[View]
385169417Opinions on this? I just started and I'm worried it's going to be nothing but 'clear out a…[View]
385141567What's the best Cthulu mythos game[View]
385170215Why are mobile games more fun than console games? Keep in mind that I did not say better, I said mor…[View]
385170152>Havent played in a while >people hype up the new patch >play for an hour >realize its s…[View]
385170517Spore: Creatures: >Spore but parts are actually more useful than just being aesthetic It was bet…[View]
385135460Nintendo is at it again, Metroid paywalls: http://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2017/July/See-what-the-new…[View]
385169095What is a game you know is extremely flawed but like anyways? What are the flaws with it? How does t…[View]
385169446>kills you[View]
385167415Roast me /v/[View]
385167447How do you feel about video games implementing a 'morality' system?[View]
385170184what are some games like skyrim where wearing heavy armor is a skill, like the elder scrolls games? …[View]
385165969What live action Disney properties do you want to see in KH3? If pirates got in why can't this?[View]
385169016My Switch just today started to make an audible 'rumble' sound through its fans. Assuming the worst,…[View]
385167891Anyone else think Tiny is sexy?[View]
385135808The greatest platformer ever made.[View]
385169857*Blocks your kill*[View]
385169701*blocks your path*[View]
385167903Admit it. The best villains are the villains whose motivations have nothing to do with destroying th…[View]
385169818The evil within: better than The last of Us >muh storyline, evil has shit story line k kid if yo…[View]
385156000How does this fit into the lore?[View]
385169679Does your favorite video game girl have alternate outfits? Which one is your favorite?[View]
385123885Pyre release thread: IT'S OUT OST PLAYLIST IS FUCKING UP TOO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?…[View]
385166995I've never played Star Wars: Galaxies nor Dark Age of Camelot. These two seem very highly regua…[View]
385166230Where's the fucking sequel, Nintendo[View]
385167516Vidya weapon tiers: Crossbows>bows>throwing>unarmed>melee weapons>magic[View]
385152103This game feels like a chore: After the first few bosses everything feels too samey now. There aren…[View]
385166524If Marvel vs Capcom was a purely MCU fighting game and branded as 'Avengers Infinity Fighters' or so…[View]
385169170Trying to start an MGO3 group. Or, if you're just playing MGSV you can join our small group if …[View]
385167048So I'm playing Zidiac Age; Just found this place and it's cleaving my asshole into fractio…[View]
385158827This is your new character for today. Say something nice about him.[View]
385167879Bes GTA ever[View]
385168982Best Zelda Ever[View]
385165951>I'VE BEEN DELAYED[View]
385164060 I'M NOT A [View]
385166226Why are Zelda fags like this?[View]
385168934/v/ in one image[View]
385168709seriously though how the fuck do you play this?[View]
385167162What went wrong here? How can this game be improved so it can live up to the hype?[View]
385166225Xbox 360 malfunctioning joystick: Hello /v/. I wanted to make a quick post about a problem I'm …[View]
385163805How the tables have turned...[View]
385168204>he has a gaming channel[View]
385168135>it's an apparatus shrine[View]
385146723why did he want to ruin everyone's lives and take all his friends back to the real world even t…[View]
385168758Whats the vidya equivalent of this?[View]
385166961Wolfenstein 3D Nostalgia: >Sure it's ridden with cliches and the story is almost nonexistent…[View]
385168691Sargeras did nothing wrong[View]
385168576What does /v/ do for a living?: Give me some inspiration, I need to get my shit together...[View]
385159725>They're called 'indie games' >They're funded from big companies or crowdfunding to …[View]
385168059What am I in for?[View]
385112781Dragonball FighterZ - DBFZ - DBZ: Will I see you on the beta, /v/? post drem tems Piccolo Trunks Jan…[View]
385165976Interesting Stuff: Ever wonder what's on those other islands?[View]
385166280Pitch a Samurai Jack game.[View]
385165929Have you ever cried over a video game loss/defeat?[View]
385163492Be honest /v/ Do you actually like video games?[View]
385161310Why don't you own a Switch[View]
385143556last gen (2005-2013) hidden gems[View]
385168179so this is the power of wind waker...[View]
385154841>the game is fun, if it's not fun why bother Why did this quote trigger so many people? He…[View]
385166180And though I know The world of real emotion has surrounded me I won't give into it Now I know t…[View]
385164473>he fell for the 4K meme >he fell for the VR meme >he fell for the 144 Hz meme >he fell …[View]
385163932>2015 game is still full priced[View]
385150586Good fucking god did this game become boring. What's the cause of it?[View]
385159482>2017 >People are still making bible games…[View]
385168057So we all agree that Blizzard official went to irredeemable shit around 2007-2008, but have those em…[View]
385157282What were they thinking?[View]
385167290Tier Lists: Do people actually give two shots about tier lists?[View]
385166430At what point can you start calling it false advertising? I mean sure, I get that nobody EXPECTS a n…[View]
385167808What are games where I can be a Skeleton?[View]
385167652Roadhog Defensive Buff: -50% Damage while healing? Imagine two of them fighting! https://youtu.be/_r…[View]
385157682ITT: Games that will be cancelled[View]
385153462ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Crash Bandicoot: Warped NEXT:: Crash Team Racing THEN: …[View]
385167365My pre order didn't get cancelled are you buying one to play or sell?[View]
385167331A voice from the past, joining yours and mine Adding up the layers of harmony And so it goes, on and…[View]
385117867When the fuck is Ganondorf going to be allowed back into another Zelda game? It's been over ten…[View]
385150520Anyone here hyped for this?[View]
385156338Western 'game' industry needs to be nuked.[View]
385167217Play good video games with good OST's.[View]
385167070I really miss the streams of old Cosmo and his GF. Both had the most comfy streams I've seen to…[View]
385134981Half life 2 nostalgia: >Sure it's ridden with cliches and the story is almost nonexistent, b…[View]
385165930I'm about to go on a trip for a few weeks and only have my 2DS to satisfy my gaming cravings. W…[View]
385166951Say something bad about a game you love: >Bungie took too long to realize battle rifle starts wer…[View]
385155130The great debate[View]
385166809ITT: Vidya OST that gets you PUMPED: I'll start: Opening + Bombing mission in FFVII[View]
385160892Techland announced 10 free DLC are coming to Dying Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnj2WH8N68…[View]
385162661Why do people play in 4k when the eye can't see past 1440p?[View]
385164447Has there ever been a more blatant example of fetish pandering in a game?[View]
385166689Why aren't you playing Titanfall 2 anon? Are you afraid of mad FUN?[View]
385108501Which ending do you like the most? Also, Silent Hill thread?[View]
3851069913DS thread: What are you enjoying on your 3DS /v/?[View]
385164019>betray and kill Nerevar, lie and blame it on some creep in the mountain >decide to randomly d…[View]
385166598Will she ever get a proper sequel?[View]
385163028>I don’t want to have to get the duct tape out again What exactly did they mean by this?…[View]
385125912>45$ for base game >45$ for DLC The fuck is this?…[View]
385156192I just beat Shinryu. Say something nice to me![View]
385166287Who wins?[View]
385163543ITT: Fuck you, I liked it: I genuinely love Jak 2. I'm aware of its flaws but I actually liked …[View]
385165790Tfw just upgraded from 25mbps download 15mbps upload. Looks like we're downloading lots of Ste…[View]
385157537What are the most essential Civ 5 mods?[View]
385161004>elemental attacks >earth, fire, wind, water >game 1.01 patch >poison, death, light, spa…[View]
385164670Buyer's rejoice thread[View]
385165726Its so funny how handgeld manufacturers cant admit to themselves a smartphone is the perfect gaming …[View]
385156206>Demons Souls got emulated on PC before we got a proper remaster/remake/sequel Jesus Christ.…[View]
385163338How did we go from this...[View]
385165459>think I'm going to play a fun puzzle game >get somebody's barely legible, middle sc…[View]
385165941>game advertised as letting you play as the villain >just a really weak anti-hero…[View]
385165401Found her in another game. Who is she?[View]
385158970There have been over 100 games featuring Mario in the history of video games. The first Mario game c…[View]
385165728What the fuck was her problem?[View]
385163998MMORPG is a dying breed and I lost almost all hope to ever see a greatness again. Is there any way t…[View]
385165628Two games and they still aren't playable. Why?[View]
385163298Anybody play this, it's an interesting concept? You play as a cute girl. You basically pay mone…[View]
385161389Why did this get so much undeserved hate? Was it the chibi artstyle? Was it the fact that it was a m…[View]
385158514lost handhelds: have you ever completely lost a handheld console?[View]
385165409>travelling down a road >you meet the same scripted NPC on the road no matter what >NPC is …[View]
385159109Don't mind me, just being the best handheld Sonic game over here.[View]
385163243>sold my PS4 >bought a PC >didn't realize PS4+PC is the true master race >mfw At le…[View]
385165348what are some games like skyrim where wearing heavy armor is a skill, like the elder scrolls games? …[View]
385162093Best horror game? i think its the ORIGINAL F.E.A.R Game hasn't aged one bit Combat is great Sto…[View]
385162375ffxiv: >People tell me Savage omega is easily pugable >Been stuck on 3.0 for 4 days now I hat…[View]
385165209https://discord.gg/u6ZR8xh: https://discord.gg/u6ZR8xh[View]
385153962Damnation was better.[View]
385163684Has anyone else ever try the ultra popular games like zelda, mario, final fantasy, warcraft, residen…[View]
385163734What games use smart AI and advanced technology?[View]
385163568Just beat Shadows of Mordor and... well. What the fuck, that last battle was so underwhelming. All …[View]
385161885What the fuck are you waiting for, From? The Switch is already outselling all the other vidya platf…[View]
385128131>The only decent BC private server worked only for the 5 hours before Blizzard forced owner to sh…[View]
385162563Make this /v/ related.[View]
385163657>achievement requires more then 1 person[View]
385164613Can we have one of these threads[View]
385156510Any of you Jians wanna join a public server ? Or better yet, host a server ? I could use the brouzou…[View]
385163869Juri confirmed worst girl[View]
385144953Why does the best super hero not have any good games?[View]
385164483You do play nice video games with your steam friends right? Right?[View]
385156142how do you even play this game[View]
385164382He deserved better and you all know it.[View]
385164278What's the absolute best Street Fighter game?: ... on home console/PC? Original, I, II, III, IV…[View]
385132606The last game you played is now getting a porn parody adaptation. What's it called? For me, it…[View]
385160482what do you have against flat archers /v/?[View]
385164193Mom said it's my turn to play Overwatch[View]
385163589>Positives +it's still Splatoon +ranked at launch +more weapon variety at launch +noticeable…[View]
385163870Bought this a while ago and havent really played it much but about to dive in now. Any mods that ar…[View]
385162912>outside of nippon shit, girls are now unattractive in the video games of today What have we done…[View]
385163137Now that Roxy appeared in Abigail's vroom shenanigans; what's the chance of getting Poison…[View]
385161827>dude, we're getting thousands of dollars a month. Should we save PS2 emulation? >lol no …[View]
385159661Why is this game getting compared to other games even if they're from different genres?[View]
385162497npc dialouge in rpgs: is there a game funnier than Oblivion when it comes to people in game talking …[View]
385163590Games only you played: Post 'em[View]
385163547Hmmm.... this is really one for the memory books....[View]
385163359How do you think Iga told Inti-Creates head Takuya Aizu that they were fired?[View]
385163446Is there any game as ahead of its time as pic related? >Branching, complex storyline >Modern p…[View]
385149392post your favourite video game girls[View]
385163416Now that the dust has settled can we agree that pic related was overrated? Also can't believe b…[View]
385163054I miss him so much /v/[View]
385158784Chose your sword and shield bro. Keep in mind that a shield is not guaranteed defense if you are una…[View]
385158719Fallout 2: > call out two well-known burgelars in town out and piss them off. > one hits me a…[View]
385153140>interact with cat >meow >interact with Kodo >Greetings, [player name]…[View]
385162991I build for China.[View]
385162918It's Johnny Appreciation Day. Post a pic of your favourite Vidya Johnny.[View]
385140595scary things in vidya: For me it's black holes. I can't even look at one without feeling a…[View]
385162189ITT: 10/10 games /v/ never talks about[View]
385162765We got scammed. Again.[View]
385161851Pyre: Supergiant did it again. Bastion. Transistor. Pyre. Have you played it yet /v/? I think is GO…[View]
385162843what's a good MMO where I can play as a tank? like the tankiest thing possible forgoing DPS for…[View]
385162831ITT: Weird phenomenons that only you care about proof: http://www.gamerankings.com/browse.html?site=…[View]
385159826>No review copies[View]
385157915>Get to special weapons facility >see this thing…[View]
385160838Rank the Castlevania games from best to worst[View]
385161889>E now gives 50% damage reduction when healing >can move while healing like bastion How many o…[View]
385162374https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33VZiy3Fz1o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtMrnTS7VYQ[View]
385160076How does /v/ feel about the Scribblenauts series?[View]
385130903CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Nubia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmYH3G0DIUQ&t Civ Ability: …[View]
385161903Is there any video game character who can defeat Godzilla?[View]
385162232>play Final Fantasy VII for the first time >already spoiled on Aeris dying >mfw that's…[View]
385162202Just look at this game. Really look at it. Look at the gorgeous colours that make you feel like a ki…[View]
385162149https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmHVgBh7Lx8 >vehicle has to catch on fire and before exploding…[View]
385162134Why is the sims 4 so much worse than the sims 3?[View]
385158289He was still a better detective than Akechi.[View]
385158271Why did it fail to take over the FGC?[View]
385132279Hi, how was your day?[View]
385159490Is this any good?[View]
385160353what went wrong[View]
385158634Does anyone feel like the Dark Souls games ose their steam too quickly? I had more fun with Undead B…[View]
385160841Will pic related ever get thrown of the throne? Will there ever be a game better than this? 22 year…[View]
385146516This bitch is impossible. https://www.datingariane.com/[View]
385160597This is Ellie, she is 14 years old. Say something nice about her.[View]
385161712Name a better vaporwave game[View]
385158887videogames are dead[View]
385159878>current state of vidya journalism. http://1stamender.com/article.php?articlenumber=1110…[View]
385148389Meme of the Wild: I'm really not feeling this at all. combat is shit. framerate issues out the …[View]
385158542When do you think we'll see an AO game on a console? I'm long for the day Microsoft or Son…[View]
385159961Is this the best video game moment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYmqJl4MoNI[View]
385160206*blocks your path*[View]
385161278how the fuck do you play this?[View]
385160828>ITT games you can finish without literally killing anyone[View]
385145793reminder that 2013 was the worst year for video games ever[View]
385160762Anyone have any vidya related experiences that really had a huge impact on your life? When I was a y…[View]
385156806It took me 5 tries to realize you had to be mean to her in order to get her to sleep with you, and t…[View]
385160618Is this franchise overrated? There are like 15 mainline games and yet only 1-2 of them are actually …[View]
385160491Things only a madman would do.[View]
385159643Jess would totally kill that bitch right?[View]
385160664ITT 25 year old trees[View]
385159276How has Counter-Strike consistently stayed one of, if not the most popular FPS since its debut, with…[View]
385157390> 50 hours into training mode > Can't even combo and cancel DP moves after > Freeze at…[View]
385160746>'starfox 64 is my favorite shmup!' >it's not a shmup you faggot >'you are in a plane …[View]
385159967>You awaken as a tormented soul whose trying to get out of hell To where? For what? How does that…[View]
385156525>game has multiple endings[View]
385160629WHAT THE FUCK!?[View]
385140013Why are modern consoles so shit?[View]
385160040Games that can be beat in less than 5 minutes:[View]
385159808Creation Club: My Opinion: FIELD: At first I was a bit skeptical about the whole Creation Club annou…[View]
385160093Omega Weapon was once a strong random encounter in the final dungeon of FF1. How does a quadrupedal …[View]
385158832running MGS on multiman right now how the fug do I change discs? I've got both ISOs in the same…[View]
385159656what are some unrealistic/nonsensical things games do in the name of 'balance'?[View]
385155542Who's your vidya queen/king, /v/?[View]
385159741>tfw no Monster Trap Quest game where you battle cute monster sissies that crave your manhood…[View]
385158696Destiny 2 is an expansion: I played the destiny 2 beta over the weekend. I enjoyed the first game un…[View]
385153548So when is she getting confirmed for Death Stranding?[View]
385159085I was never part of your... b-ball family[View]
385157741WSG or AB /v/, which was harder to win?[View]
385144832Metal Gear Solid ;^): >Image related 'That's right Quiet, stretch like that... yeah, just li…[View]
385159698>His name is Sir Lancelot >He's lagging…[View]
385159285It's up.[View]
385159310How is your game going, /v/? I mean you work on a game right?[View]
385158359Why no xbox one remaster? Or at least rerelease?[View]
385158285NES Classic at ThinkGeek: Did you get yours? I sure as hell didn't, since it went on sale at FU…[View]
385156112Demon's Souls Emulated: http://www.pcgamer.com/heres-demons-souls-running-in-the-rpcs3-ps3-emul…[View]
385156314Ever heard of this online game?: you guys ever heard of Lost Saga? z8games.lostsaga.com theres more …[View]
385154034what are games that weren't scary that scared you as a kid? For me it was fucking minecraft. Of…[View]
385156384>ps1 literally sold 100 million >/v/ unironically believes video gaming was underground until …[View]
385159059>share playing a friend play bloodborne >somehow gets invaded >starts complaining about inv…[View]
385159184TITANFALL 2: Frontier Defense Update is up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE7_tVG_t28&t=0s >…[View]
385152458Is /v/ good at chess?: >inb4 white advantage[View]
385124626Risk Of Rain Thread[View]
385159160What would you want to see in a new sequel?[View]
385157073Is it bad that my friend stole a replica colt revolver (one in pic) from his brother and left it at …[View]
385154778Vidya OST thread, I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faJMFBBlvJs Hard mode: Post stuff…[View]
385158124PlayStation 3 games are now available for Linux: >PlayStation 3 games are now available for Linux…[View]
385146857Pick one[View]
385158908>You still have dreams? ...Tell the little doll I said hello... 10/10 Does dark souls 3 has any n…[View]
385158871I just want more games like SWAT4 REEEEE[View]
385158584So all of a sudden those fuckers can actually talk with proper sentences and what not? I used to thi…[View]
385156754Gee guys, it looks like Radical 6 is gonna spread with dis-EASE![View]
385158475>Steam is down for routine maintenance every Tuesday.[View]
385157884Let's say, hypothetically, that I'm a video game journalist that works for one of the bigg…[View]
38514249230+ yo gamer thread what are you playing lately? still managing to squeeze in that sweet vidya time?…[View]
385156641Visual Novel/Dating Sim Do's and Don't's?: List your things you hate and love in this…[View]
3851586573DS RANKING: post yours[View]
385155667gta: >Was GTA San Andreas actually MADE to be played with cheats? When I played as a kid I used …[View]
385158506>tfw when you only ever look at the positives of a game and will always find something to enjoy i…[View]
385158453What's the best Kinnikuman game? and why it's Muscle Grand Prix 2?[View]
385152395Name a better intro cinematic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ_KtvVvolY[View]
385156214Are you ready to pull for him?: Or are u a Jew fag saving for anniversary?[View]
385158392What are some games that can be played with just a mouse.[View]
385156454What went wrong?[View]
385156870Let's talk about this: How is FF XV ? Is this game and it's dlc worth the money ? Can you …[View]
385155002this nigga think he all that finna show him who he fuckin wit[View]
385157993It's cracked. And it's not that bad.[View]
385155957So you don't want developers to rip off retards who actually spend money on crate keys, which d…[View]
385154451I know I'm kinda late but what did /v/ think of this game? Are you looking forward to the seque…[View]
385156246some people like marvel vs capcom and others tekken i play sir gerge monoux college https://www.yout…[View]
385155820>hey man brb >Last online: 567 days ago[View]
385157635How did Overwatch get to be the biggest game in the world?[View]
385139108Fuck the old Thread >It's fucking something™ edition[View]
385157631Dark Souls: Anyone else strongly feel like TRC was intended to be the 'real endgame' of DS3 from the…[View]
385157490Choose your party members.[View]
385134291It's up.[View]
385156447>Inti Creates fired from Bloodstained last year and only revealed now How do you guys think this …[View]
385155953Levels+: I think I committed a sin, /v/. I recently purchased this game from the Nintendo eShop for …[View]
385157340Is this the beginning of the end for Destiny /v/?[View]
385157512TES 6 story speculation: it's either 1). the thalmor basically take over most of the continent …[View]
385156878What are some games that let me betray my country of origin?[View]
385151759>developer thinks violence in video games is bad >makes one of the most violent video games o…[View]
385115681*blocks your story progression*[View]
385154509Uhh, this still happening? Or nah[View]
385136043>Loved Dark Souls 1 >Give this a try >Everything feels so slow and shit >Looks worse tha…[View]
385154834Why exactly was Linkle such big news again? I remember her announcement making headlines everywhere,…[View]
385155916Senran Kagura Future? Thread: Welp, it looks like the Switch will not be getting Senran Kagura 7 and…[View]
385144473So what's the appeal of this series?[View]
385155414Why Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo don't relase a phone console? I would buy one in a blink. I mea…[View]
385151536>faggots saying Mafia 3 is bad How about sucking my big black schlong? You faggots just dont know…[View]
385144242>Characters are just functions. What did he mean by this?[View]
385154259Roadhog is VERY cute![View]
385148653UNIEL thread anyone? Yesterday thread was fun and comfy.[View]
385154156It's time to discuss the deepest lore of all time.[View]
385147843No Absolver threads? Does /v/ not care or does /v/ not know?[View]
385155320I fucking defy you to find a game with a worst multiplayer experience.[View]
385156423Vidya Dash, free PC game: it's fun. but if you're a bad you will die a lot. https://gamejo…[View]
385156886>tfw morphogenetic fields are actually real[View]
385156835Hotline miami thread general: >This man asks you for the Miami mutilator what you do…[View]
385154429>best party member is a cavegirl Any other games that do this?[View]
385135376>item has a 0.1% chance to drop >it's a single player game…[View]
385154519Choice your faction: >deus vult >skyrim >anime…[View]
385154068Herobrineis fake right?: well i was recovering data from my old computer and came a cross this photo…[View]
385139102Game Theory: FNAF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RJbPyXadYk Is he right?[View]
385156537Recommend me an active MMO where I can play a Dark Elf Knight.[View]
385153784>player can talk with ayyliens >they talk perfect English…[View]
385156043Call of Duty WW2 or BF1?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvLk5XETuEw[View]
385155475>fighting games >have THE best girls of all vidya >all wasted because they are fighting gam…[View]
385155478Post your favorite MMO mount stealth FFXIV thread[View]
385153893>tfw hate the Switch >tfw want the Splatoon Switch >but only ironically…[View]
385144538Why did this game fail? Why will Ultra S&M fail too?[View]
385156191The best game ever is being remade for the Switch. Explain why you are not hyped. http://blog.esuter…[View]
385154106What the FUCK was his problem? Seriously, WHY WAS THE SUN TRYING TO KILL MARIO?[View]
385152789>video game features sky section >you can use a reptile instead of a bird…[View]
385154702>30fps >no 900p/60fps option >playing Dark Souls in 30fps Why is Fromsoft so jewish? Also h…[View]
385155883Would you rather a half life 3, or a finished MGSV?[View]
385155819PLEASEE INEED HEEELP: do anyone know how to play 'disney animal kingdom explorers' without use faceb…[View]
385155793Steam/Games: We started from the beginning (on the internet there is a page called humble bundle in …[View]
385154572Why can't we have ever having a thread about Donkey Kong?[View]
385120108Thoughts on Markiplier?[View]
385154432Where have you been?[View]
385154949>this game is good >why? >it's comfy…[View]
385155491>game/franchise is fantastic >gets mainstream and eceleb attention >becomes utter dogshit a…[View]
385154830Vydia frustration: What's the most frustrating moment you had playing vydia?[View]
385148647I love this game[View]
385152335Signs of a 10/10 game: >you can carry around and abduct little girls…[View]
385155457Now that he is playable. What is the verdict?[View]
385152426Can you just fucking stop sucking valve off? You people keep on buying shitty early access titles ev…[View]
385150760Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Origins was the best Batman Arkham game?[View]
385148373What is your team going to be?[View]
385142382Replayed MGS1 after a long time >Roy Campbell contacted Snake for a mission to rescue the ArmsTec…[View]
385155431So has the 'sexy female characters in video games are bad' hysteria died down? I rarely see any arti…[View]
385155428Let's get real, you're never going to play most of the games in your collection.[View]
385155072What does /v/ think of this game? Personally, I loved it.[View]
385139906Friendly reminder that if you're using a 1080p monitor with HDMI, go into the Nvidia control pa…[View]
385149018I think there's something wrong with my shit[View]
385155234Attention PSVR owning weebs: Is this worth getting? I enjoyed the show and a 3D concert sounds cool,…[View]
385149076Bed of Chaos is the worst designed boss of all ti-[View]
385151664>Being so lazy with your game's backer rewards that you can't even assemble the box for…[View]
385153653Back when the project was starting, they looked like they were happy and having so much fun. What w…[View]
385154921>tfw lucky chloe main How do i beat people /v/? It feels like half of my attacks dont even connec…[View]
385128704>Just another FOTM >dude after 2-3 months twitch streamers will switch to another game >DUD…[View]
385154764Rosetta is a gorgeous woman![View]
385152338GAME OF THE YEAR How will Bioware haters ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj29Nhi578A…[View]
385152615>disabled comments and ratings >subscriptions and views are dropping How long till he commits …[View]
385153874Silent hill ost-Not tomorrow I can't believe this.[View]
385151830What was his fucking problem /v/ ?[View]
385153192>game where you can get trapped in a giant jello What are some games that do this?…[View]
385151606Ever Oasis: Why can't the seedlings be allowed to be happy?[View]
385150827Hi /v/, I come with a request. Im looking to satisfy a small vidya fetish of mine. Im looking for a …[View]
385152361>9/11 was an inside job.... MY job! Whoa, how did Nintendo get away with this?…[View]
385145228>no Nioh thread I guess we're all too busy playing it. How are you guys all finding it? Tha…[View]
385143765>please name your character Okay, no problem, I'll just.... >forty-five minutes later …[View]
385146649What went wrong?[View]
385151834name 10 titles that defined the 5th generation of video games[View]
385146625>itt post games you don't like that everyone loves[View]
385152241ITT post shit tier ports i just played this version on an emulator no idea what it even was before t…[View]
385146438CUPHEAD HYPE THREAD!!![View]
385144195Have you ever bought a game for one character?[View]
385153190I'm thinking of downloading and playing GBA games on my phone (with a controller) Is it okay t…[View]
385153850>Video game references an obscure japanese anime Why do they keep doing this? Do they really thin…[View]
385153448ESA 2017: Now: Crash and Fable Later: Some other shit link: try google[View]
385141404PAID COSMETIC >PAID COSMETICS PAID COSMETIC >PAID COSMETICS http://steamcommunity.com/games/57…[View]
385151880Akihiko, Shinjiro, or Kanji all would have pushed this faggot's shit in day one and you guys kn…[View]
385153717What does /v/ think of Nioh? Im shitty about it being a direct clone of dark souls and diablo 3. But…[View]
3851506402 DAYS[View]
385128116ITT:10/10 flavor of the month games[View]
385152687How did Telltale fuck up so badly after Minecraft: Story Mode?[View]
385148507Post good metroidvanias you can play on a toaster[View]
385150993What are some city building games that have military or survival aspects? In other words, what city/…[View]
385153047Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week, I've already discussed the matter…[View]
385125132ITT bring something back from Japanese /v/.[View]
385152512What does /v/ think of Glitchwave and its top chart for videogames? https://glitchwave.com/charts/[View]
385144021Why did the PS Vita fail?[View]
385151995This is game is going to sell 2 million copies and there's nothing you X-faggots and DBFZshills…[View]
385112492>ruins ur poker game[View]
385152450>tfw I want to make a game but got no time for it I've got ideas and know how to code but I…[View]
385149213Where are they now?: What ever happened to Twinbee? The last game he was in was a smash bros clone f…[View]
385096612Can I get her in NA yet?[View]
385148839Alright /v/. Can you recommend me a game where I can become so powerful, enemies die just from being…[View]
385149590Where is the hype for this? You can't even get Xenoblade 2 threads going here The fuck happened…[View]
385140221ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly 17 hour super mario run edition NOW: Ape Escape NEXT: Crash …[View]
385147743So, I can't be the only one who thinks that Nu-Nintendo will release paid DLC or a season pass …[View]
385148252Would you play a 3D open world Pokemon game, /v/? There seems to be a lot of fangames and fanart out…[View]
385152629ITT: Bad games you love. I adore this game. Art style, cheesy voice acting/writing, music, enemy de…[View]
385151345Will the soundtrack be as good as Galaxy?[View]
385148970Game rec: What are some games where me and my loyal subjects can take over the world and enslave/kil…[View]
385148556>the entire csgo community is nothing but ironic weebs with erping with eachother…[View]
385151271Wasteland Thread: So Wasteland 2: Director's Cut was on sale for 15 bucks on PSN, and I bought …[View]
385151934Whatever >Be about a year ago >Playing team fortress 2000 >CTF Turbine >Team is mostly f…[View]
385152296>starcraft has two or more races viable in comp play >hearthstone has multiple decks viable in…[View]
385152159Crystal Dynamics 25th anniversary charity bundle: https://tiltify.com/events/crystal-dynamics-25th-a…[View]
385150230>leave the spawn at the wilkerson house >get to the school zone >destroyed by op lionel and…[View]
385150454>steals your gf[View]
385150681Kino vidya moments https://youtu.be/lgmpPjc-Mfg[View]
385150389So you're traped in your cycles of guilt and this guy slaps your Commanders ass. What do you do…[View]
385149110What >GBA Game >DS Game >3DS Game >PSP Game >PSVita Game would you bring with you ont…[View]
385152028Don't be tricked into buying this game. It's a trap. It's dead as fuck. What players …[View]
385151981>TERIAAAAA What does this even mean?[View]
385150521NINTENDO THE FUCKING MAD MEN!!!@!!![View]
385151910What are some games where I can re-live the sino-Japanese war? http://medaka.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/g…[View]
385150913LOL he bread boi[View]
385151785ITT: ''''Villains'''' who literally did nothing wrong[View]
385148621Disappoint, simply disappoint.[View]
385150285do you guys think there's a hope of P4 Golden coming to PS4 at some point? a quick search didn…[View]
385149864I keep dying What do I do /v/?[View]
385149679Can someone recommend some platformers with good movement like mario 64 or really good platforming l…[View]
385150851So why exactly is KH3 taking so long? KH2 didn't even take this long.[View]
385151651WWCC: So Wizard World Comic Con is coming up in Ohio, is this thing even going to be worth going to?…[View]
385151623Which game is better Tales of Xillia 1 or 2[View]
385151478How can I play games for free on an original 3DS? I don't know shit about 3DS modding, just got…[View]
385148080Does vidya calm you down or excite you?[View]
385150384>Keiji Inafune is doomed to live the life of a middle manager working on mobile games he hates Is…[View]
385151378Audiophiles: Have you ever experienced a game in which Hi-Fi audio actually helped you locate a hidd…[View]
385143304OFFICIAL COMFY THREAD: >playing a game while listening to a podcast or something in the middle of…[View]
385142182Do you think Link went back to Malon after saving Hyrule and started a family with her?[View]
385146450Have you ever been tempted to buy toys related to game you've played?[View]
385149608Dark and Light: What's this game like?[View]
385146657Quick! Draw a video game character in paint![View]
385143435*Blocks your art*[View]
385149741>The good looking gear has shitty stats >The good stat gear looks like shit…[View]
385140213Was 1996-2005 the greatest period in game history, with 1998 as the greatest of those years? This ye…[View]
385149849What are some games where you can feel ridiculously overpowered?[View]
385150539I can say that I have never had a waifu before, never understood the concept behind it, there were g…[View]
385150538i'm looking for a MP game without a retarded player base that won't get my get blood press…[View]
385150016Anyone else feeling like this is gonna be the last vidya generation for them? So many interesting ga…[View]
385143498>fall for the linux meme >can't play any games…[View]
385149793Finally played dark souls 3 dlc and beat Friede Please just tell me, how the fuck you could call thi…[View]
385140859When are we gonna get news about Senran Kagura 7?[View]
385134504>he didn't side with Caesar's legion i bet you think Mr. House is some deep 4 u 1984 le…[View]
385150126ITT we post /fa/ vidya characters Bonus point if customizable characters[View]
385150165What happened?[View]
385150009>Enemy taunts you[View]
385142618This has got to be the holy trinity of overrated fucking games. They're boring and control like…[View]
385143386Question: Should I get Megaman Legacy Collection 2 even though I've already played Megaman 7, 9…[View]
385149123So what even happened to this game? It was perpetually hyped up and downgraded for what seemed like …[View]
385137230Does anyone else think MGS2 graphics hold up better than MGS3 blurry mess of a jungle? I just can…[View]
385149662>Whenever any major shooting happens IRL >Immediately load up GTA and realistically RP a mass …[View]
385129676Okay /v/, which game has the best ice levels? Ice/Frozen North level general thread, get in here![View]
385149362Secret world legends is out, has anyone been playing? So far I've leveled rifle a little bit, b…[View]
385149612So what should happen to the old Resident Evil cast now that the main series is using new characters…[View]
385147939What are some comfy driving/racing games for PC? I've been itching to play one lately, and I…[View]
385149331PokémonGO fest stories?: Hello /v/, I just heard about that shitty PokémonGO fest that's going …[View]
385144097How the fuck am I supposed to lance this guy if it keeps doing that fire cloud thing every time it s…[View]
385142275Seriously, why THE FUCK are there no threads on this game. Release date is close, and everyone here …[View]
385149363Fresh from the cloning wats: Another ARK clone? Will these stop anytime soon? https://www.altchar.co…[View]
385140701>increases droprate by 0.7% for 8 seconds[View]
385148250Post your MMO character[View]
385072745How do I into Miku (and Vocaloid in general) games? I have a PS4, PS3, and Vita.[View]
385149219Bloodborne: Post your weaponfu, niggers.[View]
385145384Splatoon 2: >Fighting for the middle ground in Turf War >Me and my teammates keep getting spla…[View]
385147602So if I'm looking to checkout P3, should I go with the original release or the PSP update?[View]
385149046ITT: Your favourite NPC or type of NPC[View]
385148968Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm1Jm5ePij8[View]
385146934Just Dropping Some Kino: Don't mind me[View]
385145480Well, /v/?[View]
385146149you have ten seconds to pitch a trailer park boys game that isn't a gta clone[View]
385147173Shitty hitboxes thread: Post examples of shitty hitboxes in vidya.[View]
385144287Rank your top 5 beach ball-based platform puzzle games.[View]
385145425-In Their Current Retail Forms-: Which game would you pick? >If you choose RS, please state rathe…[View]
385133597Remember me?[View]
385148664dude region locks lmao: hey /v/ is there any relatively simple way of getting around humble bundle s…[View]
385137605>1.1M sales AHAHHAHAHHA WHAT A FAILURE[View]
385144361What do you call a person who owns a multitude of controllers? I personally have >2 SNES control…[View]
385143102Do you think there is still value in using Pre Rendered backgrounds in games in this day and age?[View]
385115992How many Twitch streamers are you subscribed to and supporting financially?[View]
385148319Giant Bomb: Can someone link me to the updated document? Lost all my bookmarks when I just reset my …[View]
385144264Why do people phonepost? Why do people play vidya on their phones? It's just so inconvenient co…[View]
385148227ITT: Criteria that /v/ thinks makes a game good. >Has to be 15years old >Has to have shitty gr…[View]
385146685Are Video Games too expensive?[View]
385146202Why does this game have the most toxic community? Worse than cs:go and all the popular shite by far.[View]
385147017How am I supposed to get one of these at the MSRP?[View]
385148008Donate me any CS:GO trash and tradin card: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=133929…[View]
385147252Why the new games dont have cutscenes in live action anymore?[View]
385147965>Game series has a good first game >second game is the best in the series. >third on comple…[View]
385147223name the best and worst part of your favorite game re4: best: the tmp worst: the bits on the island …[View]
385147884Is Wasteland 2 worth playing before 3 comes out?[View]
385114017Sonic Mania hype thread.[View]
385109767Can someone explain to me what they found so good about the gameplay of nuDoom? I've replayed i…[View]
385147219WHERE IS STRONGBAD?[View]
385145954>feel like replaying a game >remember THAT part…[View]
385130447Kingdom Hearts: What worlds do you want for KH? And could someone explain the allure of properties l…[View]
385147594>cat stand sun front of the TV[View]
385147380What a dumbster fire of a project. How could making a game like this be so hard?[View]
385147158Off the hook > Squid Sisters[View]
385147507[duckbumps intensifies][View]
385147501Hey guys I finally got my Japanese Mighty No.9 box and manual, I never thought it would actually com…[View]
385146090>want to replay dark souls 2 >remember i need to spend the first 20 levels on agility just to …[View]
385083491anyone down for a late night gigantic thread[View]
385146641>playing multiplayer game >use voice chat >other weeb in game >check profile >full of…[View]
385095109Every Angry Joe broken promise: >found it on (((reddit)))) :* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J_…[View]
385144934>This board unironically thinks Console is better than PC This is why everyone on this site hates…[View]
385146486Just fuck my hitbox up senpai[View]
385144918are you still supporting the Voice Actor strike, Anon?[View]
385145894Which dev has fallen the hardest?[View]
385137361Post your MMO toon.[View]
385146845Xbone: The xbone controllers are for stupid people and their retarded strength[View]
385144923Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen: Fighter or Mage first character? Obviously I'll be choosing the othe…[View]
385145528This girl is the final boss of a fighting game.[View]
385146590Is kiryu the Japanese superman? https://youtu.be/6U0sQAcVHMw[View]
385146576well? why arent you playing it?[View]
385130138Is this the greatest piece of video game fanfiction ever made? A classic rock opera, a true successo…[View]
385146357Will this game ever be finished?[View]
385146451>'Hey, wanna be in my gang?' What did he mean by this?[View]
385146139Where do they sell this?: So I went to game stop to buy this game ( I only buy physical copies of ga…[View]
385146223Who is the best Vampire Hunter?[View]
385142067How fucking difficult does this shit get? Currently on overachiever rank and there are up to 6 bosse…[View]
385145426VNs: Has anyone tried The Letter? It's on Steam right now and I'm considering picking it u…[View]
385145938Pick up that can[View]
385143436What's the best Dragon Quest game to start with if you want to get into the series?[View]
385140671Emulation thread: what are you emulating? i'm about to try some golden sun[View]
385144854It's time to talk about the worst game of all time.[View]
385145870Do you think that the millions of Chinamen that play Warcraft and Starcraft are even aware of Warham…[View]
385144629Rule-abiding /v/ meta thread: Propose 1 thing to improve the quality of this board. I'll start.…[View]
385115516Tell me Captain; if your Federation is so great, why are there no good Star Trek games?[View]
385142443God of War thread!: Just finished the first one. Should i play the games in release order or chronol…[View]
385117918Why the hell are people so triggered by this game? It's clear for everyone that it has lower bu…[View]
385143878When did splatoon jump the shark with difficulty?[View]
385144390>JRPG >final boss is god[View]
385145525*blocks your mutants*[View]
385145243Is Wario a libritarian?[View]
385145489Would you play a racing game with the characters and art style and designs of Ed Roth?[View]
385143073Post the last video game you finished/beaten/completed. Just beaten Garruk 5 minutes ago in Magic 20…[View]
385138741Anyone playing this? I bought it and I'm about an hour in so far it's pretty terrible, adm…[View]
385134023>look up gameplay footage >HEY EVERYONE THIS IS…[View]
385143938Find me a better co-op experience. You can't.[View]
385143990Hey /v/ Are there any video games out there that lets me play as a casting agent in the music indust…[View]
385139193Switch!: Who else has a switch? I'm currently enjoying NO GAEMS and REGRET…[View]
385091173Continue playing guilty gear.[View]
385143329Are you going to get Hey! Pikmin /v/?[View]
385143508robot thread post robots from video games cyborgs are not robots do not post them androids are ok[View]
385140004Zero Escape: >unironically liking VLR more than 999 >Has a great amount of bullshit >Forced…[View]
385142860> Makes you crawl for the first 30 minutes.[View]
385144773Video Game News: Where do you get your video game news?[View]
385144765>city level >derailed trains everywhere >the trains are placed in the perfect spot to be us…[View]
385143368What is the appeal of this shit? Just watched half an hour of gameplay and it was complete shit. Tf …[View]
385143641>/v/ complains about Star Wars Battlefront's season pass being 50 dollars >EA announces t…[View]
385110459How does such a shit company create the best multiplayer game in recent years?[View]
385134483So if MOBAs killed MMOs, what will kill MOBAs?[View]
385140792Its over Sonybros time to make the switch to PC: Sony has said the life cycle for the PS4 will be sh…[View]
385143562Another board needs your help: Once you're done posting head north of /v/, I've gotten wor…[View]
385130298ITT: Iconic Enemies: Bonus if they're just some regular enemy and not a boss or whatever[View]
385137795Convince me to buy one of these. I don't like turn-based rpgs. If you name 15+ good games, I…[View]
385141729What do people think of modern TF2?[View]
385142253What VR Game is this?: Hey /v/, What VR game is the one in picture? Looks super interesting, you cas…[View]
385142502Post your main.[View]
385144268>the bard is the best character[View]
385128674ITT: we design a 2D videogame[View]
385143265someone rip and share some premium content pls.[View]
385142547Is this game any good or is it shit that's only fun with friends? I have no friends and just wa…[View]
385133436>lightning attacks have thunder in their names[View]
385136707>there hasn't been a decent vampire-themed video game since 2004 13 years. 13 fucking years …[View]
385141018>2 weeks until launch >didn't even have the slightest idea that this was actually coming …[View]
385140607Recommended channels?: Does anyone know any reliable channels I can watch ( preferably in the backgr…[View]
385143849>Siding with a dying Empire even though it's been foretold that it would come to an end when…[View]
385131917How do we save the horror genre?[View]
385143332I fucked a she-elf once.: I fucked a she-elf once.[View]
385143016I've got the sniper /v/ what are you gonna do about it?[View]
385140240What went wrong?[View]
385140602How would you bring back worthwhile unlockable content for AAA games while considering development c…[View]
385143428How the fuck did this series come up with the absolute perfect RPG progression template and NO ONE h…[View]
385113490all these games are trash, but which one was the biggest slap in the face of the fans?[View]
385139326help: Alright /v/ my dad wants me to get him a call of duty modern warfare game on his laptop. I hav…[View]
385142092why is this game giving me a from dusk till dawn vibe?[View]
385139142Was Grom Hellscream a hero?[View]
385143414Does there exist a horror game that is more fun to play by overpowering yourself?[View]
385141601Why is this game getting shilled so much? >been in development for years >terrible art style …[View]
385143404keep up, motherfucka[View]
385143328smalll peebis[View]
385141702Did this prove games are art?[View]
385143064>I'm eighteen You guys know what to do[View]
3851427783 1/2 hours until /ourguy/ is released, /v/. Will you be having fun with him?[View]
385143069Sci-fi Vidya: What went wrong? Do they promise too much or are sci-fi players whining middle aged me…[View]
385125184>What was her fucking problem?[View]
385140959How can Peach, Rosalina, and Daisy compete?[View]
385133465A good horror game without shitty 'hide and seek' mechanic ?: Ok so recently, I tried to play some g…[View]
385133742Went in with low expectations because of the things you guys said but I ended up really liking it.[View]
385142967What is the LOGH of vidya?[View]
385133576>/v/ can't even name a single game[View]
385134979>moore's law is over >computers won't be getting much faster >video games will ne…[View]
385120209Will we have another November 2007 ever again?[View]
385142638Claim you are vidya waifu. Also stealth Pyre thread.[View]
385142446>Stylosa has been ranting at Overwatch lately after so long of trying to remain positive about th…[View]
385141501>the blood moon rises once again Is she referring to to her period?[View]
385142470Classic flash game appreciation thread[View]
385123596So, what is your final opinion on this game?[View]
385142415The Ace: One of the best Aces i have ever seen. starting at 02 55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd…[View]
385138226Why are we still here?[View]
385140093>Play MoF for a while >Manage to do a Normal No Bomb 1cc >Aim for a Hard No Bomb in the sam…[View]
385141309e celebs desparately need either a containment board or some kind of auto ban filter[View]
385136060Post official art that got away with lots of things.[View]
385142210This is the Greatest GTA ever made.[View]
385136406went back to BB for two weeks after playing DS3 for over half a year >absolutely loved it on my f…[View]
385141492Ironically good games: How can a game be ironically good? The only way I see someone ironically enjo…[View]
385140106So after all the patches that fixed most of the major complaints, what's the verdict on this? L…[View]
385142148more like reddit league[View]
385132459>item has a 10% chance to drop >kill 90 enemies before it drops…[View]
385138772>he missed his one and only final chance to get an nes classic[View]
385141860is there a game where i can play as a solider and oppress people and kill women and children indiscr…[View]
385131296For the first few hours you think 'Wow, I guess Ion Storm guys weren't wasting money in that gl…[View]
385139576Post the worst of vidya copypasta I'll start with a classic: http://www.creepypasta.co.uk/2013/…[View]
385141882Don't mind me, just posting the best thing id Software has ever done.[View]
385141525Why do people like this game so much even though the graphics are utter shit?[View]
385090836Is Splatoon 2 unironically a good game? Should I buy it?[View]
385141664Monster Hunter Lore Thread: What was wyverian participation in the dragon wars? why they decided to …[View]
385141376meta thread: this whole board turned into reddit/neogaf sjws vs /vpol/ discuss[View]
385141518It's time to discuss the GOTY 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djUH7NpE9XQ[View]
385141308>I hate my brother >he goes treasure hunting >he steal from pirates >he flys planes and …[View]
385141504Devil's Third: Mission 4 is one of the worst things I have ever played. That hospital section s…[View]
385128919Which daddy /v/? Seriously I can't decide.[View]
385137505You say it's shit but I bet you can't name a modern WRPG not named the Witcher 3 that…[View]
385141008Spider-Man Video Games: Whats your favorite spiderman game? So far my favorite has to be The Amazing…[View]
385140008FUNNEST SHIT I'VE SEEN IN MONTHS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynaEW2Y9xp0 Oh my god this is…[View]
385083808>nvm fixed it :)[View]
385138383>tfw only plebs can't appreciate the Divine Beasts Feels good to be a patrician…[View]
385138947Miitopia comes out in a few days what are you playing to pass the time[View]
385137930What controller should I use for my Android phone /v/? I want to play GBA games.[View]
385140703Who is your favorite female protagonist?[View]
385140760Which games suck you into their world so much you forget about the real one?[View]
385140340Whats the best video game and why is it the one I like the most[View]
385134557How can anyone say this was the best souls game? >Clunky controls allowing only 4 directions for …[View]
385140382BEWARE COWARD[View]
385140660>play american game >main heroin is gay nig…[View]
385138046Well, /v/?[View]
385140539Sonic Forces: So.. are Sonic team still trying to appeal to the edgy underage with this character?…[View]
385140283ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly american at an european event edition NOW: Ape Escape NEXT:…[View]
385139887>Game asks you to distribute stats >No explanation what any of stats do Should I just put 3 po…[View]
385125905Daily Witcher 3 argument thread There is literally nothing wrong with the combat edition[View]
385138703Is today finally the day?[View]
385135712How do I get a trainer to work in online? I don't want to grind all over again and I am not buy…[View]
385138584>Who's choice is it? >The choice is yours, the choice is yours >It's mine, it…[View]
385138205Rosetta is gorgeous woman.[View]
385139886Fuck Jake Paul: Jake Paul doesn't know what a real maverick is[View]
385137163Do game ever really have great note worthy music? Anime have great sound tracks all the time, but th…[View]
385138006Inti Creates end work on Bloostained: >https://www.hardcoregamer.com/2017/07/24/inti-creates-ends…[View]
385139824>there's no better movie tie in game than spider-ma-[View]
385112624In fighting games do you pick your main based on favorites or based on tiers?[View]
385133029another one bites the dust[View]
385139235>Anti-hero main character betrays the party[View]
385136474What went wrong?[View]
385139734>Xbox and PS4 have a large number of multiplats >W-where are the original games? >Nintendo …[View]
385124818ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly 17 hour super mario run edition NOW: Super Mario Sunshine N…[View]
385139607>this is the current state of /v/' front page /eceleb/ FUCKING WHEN GET THIS LITERALLY WHO C…[View]
385139564>Skipping derail[View]
385137672http://kotaku.com/speedrunner-accused-of-cheating-just-had-a-really-good-1797237474 The pink haired …[View]
385137449If you can change one detail in a game, which one will it be and what will that change be? >Monst…[View]
385139462Comfy Games: Post comfy games where you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want with no rush o…[View]
385137429NIER or Lightning Returns?: which has better open world, sidequests and battle system?[View]
385139417wait why the fuck do people think venom snake was mg1 big boss again?? it makes no sense, MG2 Big Bo…[View]
385138583What a baby[View]
385139050Why /v/ doesn´t talk about Sherlock Holmes games?: They are actually pretty good, which one is your …[View]
385132525>csgo is a skill based competitive shooter >you can't just point your crosshair on someon…[View]
385135471Post your gunfu.[View]
385138872>I will hang every kike I see Woah... how did they get away with this?[View]
385108181The more things change...: Tell me /v/, how does this make you feel?[View]
385136275Why aren't you playing Splatoon 2?: Even Chad plays it[View]
385138736Games to have a petfu? waifus are booring i want good petfus to pat[View]
385138746Anita is best female video game character?[View]
385136552What is the point of Let's Plays?[View]
385133719Is DaS 2 the dark souls of the dark souls series?[View]
385136578Worth 2€?[View]
385138330I've been looking for a controller to use with some 2D games on my PC and a lot of reviews seem…[View]
385137395Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How Morrigan is so much better than Yen but Dragon Age is so mu…[View]
385137513Is there any reason to play him now at all?[View]
385138623What makes a good map design? What are some examples in vidya of good, balanced maps? Pic possibly r…[View]
385138596>game lets you tame horses >eventually catch myself staring at the rumps…[View]
385134885what are some games where I can dodge bullets?[View]
385111072How did she survive in Novigrad?[View]
385133021Just returned my PS4 Pro because it was loud as fuck at pro patched games. Should I gamble for anoth…[View]
385116165Whats the best Dwarf Fortress style game that doesn't require severe autism?[View]
385138079What are some games centered around being in denial?[View]
385132428Filename Thread[View]
385135257stop playing SFV[View]
385137801What games let me be an insane pirate?[View]
385137567Is she a witch?[View]
385137551Is Ann the canon romance to Akira (protagonist)? >that look he gives Ann the first time he lays …[View]
385135126This is Grand Theft Auto IV. This game is nearly 10 years old and it still completely destroys almos…[View]
385135931Aven Coloney: So this little gem just came out today. I bought it because it hit the alpha centuri s…[View]
385134625What does MP stand for?[View]
385132580Fate Extella Switch: You did buy her game right?[View]
385137182>game has cute girls >no gore WHY?[View]
385137207Why are the MUH MAYLAY smash players such weebs? Melee fags seem quite delusional. Is this because t…[View]
385134937my dad works for steam and yesterday he took this pic from gaben's computer. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIR…[View]
385132506What videogames did you play today anon?[View]
385117198>Game takes away EXP[View]
385122114you can feel it's coming, get hype for literally nothing New Humble Bundle thread[View]
385127148Why did they kill the scientists?[View]
385133156How much do you think the Switch's Virtual Console Subscription is going to cost per month? Ass…[View]
385122016pseudo moba assfaggots: Which one won CBAG (Character Based Action Game) genre?[View]
385135270*kills your franchise*[View]
385136909This game's main problem is that it does a lot of pointless shit instead of focusing on importa…[View]
385131463Why is the ending to Ocarina of Time commonly considered the greatest in fiction?[View]
385135570ITT: best gaming e-celebs ^-^[View]
385136723Why didnt you pirate this?: I am not a graphics whore BUT I draw the line at ps1 graphics I cant pla…[View]
385132537Who would win /v/?[View]
385129008>HP: ????[View]
385120771Why won't Nintendo go third party already?: Everyone would benefit from Nintendo going 3rd part…[View]
385132439what's her story about[View]
385136103Name games with different words & guess what they are. >Satan Might Sob >Going to die figh…[View]
385134950>PS2 has 4mb vram[View]
385132401Why does steam force you to sign in every few days?[View]
385133003Post your favorite JRPG of all time.[View]
385136025Post vidya qts[View]
385131995How would you fix the competitive scene for this game? I say making this game a 'competitive moba' w…[View]
385135934What quote is this from? But what if i can't.. But what happens if i ... fail. Its from a Movie…[View]
385133574WTF is going on with AAA single player games[View]
385135595Does anyone actually enjoy horde mode type games? I feel like they wear themselves out super quick c…[View]
385135695>fires lead devs >doesn't tell anyone about it until forum users unearth evidence making …[View]
385132714Has anyone on /v/ played Eador Genesis? It's like if homm 3 were made by one guy. It's got…[View]
385132634Never ever[View]
385107161Who is the sexiest male in video games? Rrly makes u think..[View]
385135073Ft13th devs move on to make first person zombie shooter: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-07-2…[View]
385135435Do you like bunnies or cats?[View]
385134019Why did Vice City have better graphics than San Andreas?[View]
385126878Name a worse Dad[View]
385135517>Play on PC the so called MUSTARD RACE >Play some new game >Get tired, play another game …[View]
385135351Why are the wolverines one of the most satisfying weapons in any game?[View]
385135250Thoughts on DSPGaming?[View]
385135228Survival: Seriously is there any good multiplayer survival game out there? I'm reading up on so…[View]
385135217>lets play[View]
385120678Almost 2 years later, DLC releases, tons of mods, is this game finally playable? Is it at least dece…[View]
385134780Sims 4 is coming to Xbone: PC loose another exclusive.[View]
385129041hehe Glad i didn't fall for the twitch meme game feelsgoodman[View]
385129956Games you didn't think you'd enjoy that proved you wrong.: >brother and I have a deal w…[View]
385121505Does /v/ have a favourite rts?[View]
385134354ITT: Those that you couldn't save[View]
385133523Is she right?[View]
385134257ITT: Vidya characters who don't deserve to be in such shitty games[View]
385134806You are past redemption.[View]
385133721It's been awhile... Describe a video game with a Spongebob quote.[View]
385126235I'm not gonna play this games so fuck it. Use them as you like. >Umbrella Corps™ 6PZXB-IGLXF…[View]
385134678Why is Piper the sexiest companion?[View]
385132535Am I simply too old to play games?: I don't know what the hell happened but in the last 5 years…[View]
385134421What are some events/changes within a game entry's lifespan culled/displeased a lot of the play…[View]
385134406What's your fav multiplayer?[View]
385134359ITT: Oh yeah, that existed[View]
385133940What're some visually-pleasing comfy and/or simulation games? Particularly ones that can be enj…[View]
385129220Anyone here play planet coaster? Is it just a rct clone or is it better?[View]
385134207Gimme your best mash-ups https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kpCIxGjrCY https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
385131975SOMA: >6$ on ps store >Best story and atmosphere i've experienced in recent years…[View]
385127484How many Wii U games are they going to port to the Switch ? I owned a Wii U and I enjoyed it, but th…[View]
385119350>Russian game >Russian tanks are overall best in game Well, what did I expected?…[View]
385133885ITT essential vidya kino Il start[View]
385130428Why does /v/ hate pixel art indie game?[View]
385134000>has the best dungeons out of any 3d Zelda >it's the most hated game in the series Really…[View]
385133736Tell me anon, why do you still buy early access games?[View]
385133172What went wrong?[View]
385131960Looking for good DS / 3DS / Vita games I can play with the sound off. I'm away from home and my…[View]
385133932le empty world meme: What are these games you faggots are playing that have amazing content hidden a…[View]
385133902So like what's the deal with Dragoons in Final Fantasy? Like they're heavy armored frontli…[View]
385132735What was your favorite Ace Combat /v/? Mine was Zero and 4. Zero for its combat and 4 for its story…[View]
385125369titanfall 2 got a new update today[View]
385133167Monster Hunter: Is Monster Hunter World a new generation or is it still a 4th generation? Will they …[View]
385132874What game lets me do a flip[View]
385131678Why don't you main Sombra?[View]
385133480Crash N.Sane Trilogy: Where were you when Crash saved Video Game Rap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
385122639>Game 1 >Game 2 >Gam3…[View]
385131470>Game you like has a toxic and rude community that always blames you for losing even when you pla…[View]
385133381Which is the best sims game? I think 3 would be the best if it had any optimization, but It's i…[View]
385133274Why is it so fucking boring?[View]
385130930Boring to best.[View]
385131742Give me good fucking reasons why should I stop using Steam and start using GOG[View]
385131604Has this set a new standard for video game adaptations?[View]
385127940For me it's Fedora's Mask[View]
385125943are you excited for Kojima's next game, Death Stranding? he's never made a bad game[View]
385131502The games on 8th gen are so much prettier than 7th gen. It's not a huge leap like the other gen…[View]
385128020I must say. New Lara has actually pretty big boobs too[View]
385128853I just started the Witcher and got to this battle. How the fuck is this fight even fair? The beast c…[View]
385127131ITS UP! https://youtu.be/M6ivlJpxqwM[View]
385132745It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6ivlJpxqwM[View]
385132227when will this meme die: >a game has too have at least +50000 hours worth of content or it's…[View]
385129183Why dr.wily don't do this at first?[View]
385131714>Is a Tree >Hates Turtles >Uses a sword and magicks >Appreciates the qualities of heavy …[View]
385129015so Fate/Extella just released on steam is it good weebshit or bad weebshit?[View]
385131160Are diversity points worth more then money: After disasters such as the recent Ass Effect I thought …[View]
385128721UNIST Thread: Akatsuki is now fucking great in UNIST, you have no excuse.[View]
385117984DESTINY 2 THREAD: How are you enjoying the beta?[View]
385131818Kino moments in vidya thread. Hard Mode: no Bloodborne.[View]
385132157*blocks your path*[View]
385132442>w8 a bit >want to smoke[View]
385130442Games where you can tickle enemies?[View]
385131498Why is he such a pussy when it comes to something like spraying chemicals on petty C4:s and other sm…[View]
385121867EYE is shit: Why the fuck does this game get so much respect on /v/? >0 level design >complete…[View]
385129294This is the first 'serious' DB fighting game, not FighterZ: We already had one come out over 10 year…[View]
3851181845th picture of your /v/ folder current game you're playing fortnite[View]
385130559Would be possible to make a Splatoon kind of game. With out being called a clone or rip off? Just li…[View]
385130993why did the wii u failed ?[View]
385132195So not only is she a hideous abomination but also a massive cunt too?[View]
385132056There are literally no bad mainline Zelda games. Even the worst ones, the DS entries, are still pret…[View]
385131849can we have a thread about FFXV's GAMEPLAY. not story, but gameplay. https://youtu.be/Pgf-Dme7G…[View]
385126429You guys said this would flop. Why hasn't it flopped?[View]
385131928help! my mom says I can only buy one PS2 game: should I buy this (Psychonauts) or Sly 2: Band of Thi…[View]
385130507Does Sony have a monopoly at this point?[View]
385131782https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BZwivFCikI It's coming soon. >inb4 Ed, Edd, 'n' E…[View]
385129418Why do people call the singleplayer mode in western games a 'Campaign' now?[View]
385115193what is the ''''appeal''' of this character?[View]
385128183>game advertises build diversity with tons of equipment, skills and stats to choose from >only…[View]
385123296Are you hyped?. because i am.[View]
385131627>So when we have a main character like Shelob who is about balance and visions and your volition …[View]
385128342>That kid that called lives 'guys'[View]
385131075What are the best Obsidian RPGs?: Just started Tyranny and very much enjoyed it so far So what do I …[View]
385119516>He plays Japanese games >Hasn't learned Japanese.…[View]
385128792guys waht do you think of fnaf?!?: guys i actually like the game i might be autistic and fucking gay…[View]
385128601What went so right?[View]
385128846How can Japs continue to make such Official Art for their products?[View]
385123150Is Fallout 4 good enough for a day of fun? Haven't played it before.[View]
385131114>Thank you for playing T-thank you too.[View]
385131169>Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency was asked if cash prizes for a competitive event built around a …[View]
385128105Of all the games you've played which has the strangest plot?[View]
385131086Why are we still here....[View]
385126887Never played XCOM before. What's the difference between it and games like the Original Fallouts…[View]
385128782How is she so perfect, guys?[View]
385125839>game has no gay characters am I selfish for wanting some representation?…[View]
385125348>It switched from killer Science Fiction to meh Drama in a Sci Fi universe. Seven years and I sti…[View]
385115630>A lowly warrior of the lowest possible power level sworn to his duty survives the end of the wor…[View]
385126895Why'd you kill me? All I wanted to do was shield and cure you :([View]
385120327teabagging: I don't get it, why do people get humiliated or angered by teabagging? it makes the…[View]
385130070Have you managed to evade the curse of mobage or have you succumbed to temptation?[View]
385126554Literally who the fuck is Cipher[View]
385124059Yo,/v/ I really want to buy play DB xenoverse 2 Do you know any trustworthy website when I can buy f…[View]
385130397http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Madeline_Bergman >woman at fault for in the Motherbrain conspir…[View]
385129894I love you brother...and I'm sure gonna miss you[View]
385126350Games With Gold - August 2017: Thoughts?[View]
385126591Why are there no good coop games? Recommend something please.[View]
385130267Which is the best sims game? I think 3 would be the best if it had any optimization, but It's i…[View]
385128667Please let the Nintendo Switch fail....[View]
385127105Survival: what's your favourite survival game at the moment? I'm looking into The Forest, …[View]
385129459Deep Sea Vidya: What are some good Deep Sea games? And more importantly what are some deep sea horro…[View]
385122128what the fuck?[View]
385130067ITT: Hidden Gems: this was remamed kingdom of paradise in the US[View]
385123919>Four band members >They said they kept playing until being evacuated >Could have been a n…[View]
385129863What went wrong?[View]
385129965WE... GOT... HOSTILES[View]
385121135Funnest classes to play as in Skyrim, and your strategy behind it? When it comes out for the switch,…[View]
385128932Miitopia: Share your mii/class combo[View]
385129765So...i have 26$ on my account on amazon might add another 10 to it what ps4 game should i get.[View]
385127465What space game can i live out my dune fantasies?[View]
385129426Whats your opinion on nu-quake?[View]
385129158Freeman's Mind: New episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6ivlJpxqwM[View]
385129609Anybody else hate the tonfas?[View]
385129518What are some meme games that I can genuinely enjoy ironically?[View]
385103867MUH BENEVOLENCE[View]
385121368The Souls games have been officially ranked[View]
385129424ITT, we predict how many Game of the Year awards pic related wins. I say at least the same amount as…[View]
385126446Why does/v/ hate COD Infinite Warfare again? >great graphics >good gameplay >awesome fire…[View]
385123369>Literally just puts poison all over itself on the 3rd phase I'm about to blow my fucking br…[View]
385129321Subnautica Thread: Subnautica thread. Post bases and share your opinions on what should be added/fix…[View]
385128581>esports is a jo- what are you bad at the game or something? Reminder that Gabe took 3 times as …[View]
385126342Nintendo has Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, and Fox McCloud. Sony has Kratos and the guy from God …[View]
385112721Why do western Europeans love PlayStation so much? Why do eastern Europeans love PC so much?[View]
385127712what are some good games with with NPC AI that can do things so the world feels more alive[View]
385128759Heavy Rain thread: https://youtu.be/_JJWIZ_S8UQ >BLAKE[View]
385128479He just wanted to help people. So why did you kill him?[View]
385128698/v/ said switch will get games.[View]
385126553>there will NEVER EVER be a localization of Ishin atleast the translation guides are alright, unl…[View]
385121378What are some good games where your choices actually matter? Pic related, but I have no controller t…[View]
385127352Reccomend me a small indie game (preferably under 300 MB) that doesn't suck[View]
385128087when did MMOs die?[View]
385111454Civ: WE wuz actually kangz n shiet in Nubia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmYH3G0DIUQ&feature=…[View]
385128186Welcome to paradise[View]
385124331What are some good games to play while listening to audio books?[View]
385120480Is this a good character design?[View]
385117627I need long single player games on the Switch right now[View]
385126575>you can upgrade characters health >health bar doesn't extend…[View]
385128109Monster Hunter: Let's settle this once and for all /v/ Which monster is the cutest?[View]
385127751How do you find a nice guild in modern MMOs?[View]
385085723nine fucked a cat[View]
385127937What's this game about? Is it just some guy?[View]
385128074>This long without any smash news from nintendo At this point do you think they'll port Sm4s…[View]
385120006Chibi Robo Thread: How can there be so many bad design decisions made on one game? >Add spinner t…[View]
385120634Killing Floor 2 on integrated videocard: I finally got Killing Floor 2 running on my integrated vide…[View]
385115414You gain E.Y.E thread[View]
385127821What are they worth: Got then from a charity shop for £2.50 each[View]
385127910Well? Did you back it? Did you try the demo?[View]
385126663Holy fuck, why did Amiibo Festival flop so fucking hard? $210 MXN = $12 USD Literally considering ge…[View]
385123459Redpill me on Rocksmith: Will it help me make musical gains?[View]
385127610Has anyone else noticed how it's the black squids that need to be carried the most?[View]
385125979Thoughts? It's a pretty good month to be an Xbro by the looks of it[View]
385127730I this original disc set with a copy of Delta Force Land Warrior with the original disc and CD Key b…[View]
385121878FK in the coffee...[View]
385108063Our Deus Ex thread has limited power by design[View]
385126696why has no one else tried to make a game with good controls like sm64[View]
385118991The game would be better without these generic monsters[View]
385127446join me online now[View]
385125729What games would you recommend?: Hey guys what games would you recommend for a potato pc until I can…[View]
385125349Why couldn't he just call Luna?[View]
385126105New Pannen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOSY5zoB6TI[View]
385125607What is a man?[View]
385126501Would you date a video game character?[View]
385116117I want to check out Dragon Quest, but where should I start? Is V a good choice? I heard it was fine…[View]
385124669How many days does it take for you to finish a 15 hour game?[View]
385124080Be honest, do you really want another FROM dark fantasy souls like game after shitfest Dark Souls 3 …[View]
385123415Game of the Year >Nier: Automata >Horizon: Zero Dawn >the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wi…[View]
385097002Super Mario Odyssey thread. Post webms[View]
385126981Anybody got any good game music from the 8-bit and 16 bit era. Need the hook up[View]
385054058>die to the first boss >credits start rolling What did they mean by this?…[View]
385119218>board about video games >e-celebs, console wars, and politics are at least half of the thread…[View]
385126802>no matter what you choose you still lose[View]
385125472Where were you when Titanfall 2 was fixed?[View]
385126718If all MMOs are single player, then why does the population matter? It sounds like a cheap excuse to…[View]
385123148How the fuck did we go from this...[View]
385122458Just started playing this last night. First Mario RPG I've played. So far it's fun. Also …[View]
385126120RPG Maker FES Thread: Alright /v/, recommend me an RPG. What RPG has stood out to you and why. Also …[View]
385126524>tfw no waifu >tfw all the fictional girls i've ever considered waifuing either have a ca…[View]
385119019ITT red flags in video games.[View]
385100857Have you ever fell in love with a video game character?[View]
385123985What are the most immersive controller commands? >press left punch and right punch to throw your …[View]
385124212Posting some underrated game analysts! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqD0cS7348vy9atmJKt5w0g Real…[View]
385124936>game has stealth elements[View]
385122384[SPLASHING NOISES][View]
385126129Best penis designs[View]
385126116>Play resident evil 6 >City of bla bla bla >Go someone's house >See a dead family …[View]
385126101WTF - Playstation Portable: Some retard on /vr/ wanted to know how long this game is. Anybody?…[View]
3851255749 hours in and i'm only at the Harrier boss (well rather i still need to get the sniper to deac…[View]
385118478Need some vidya recommendations: Just came out of a 2 year jail sentence. I have nothing to do or lo…[View]
385122846Stop playing smash.[View]
385125567Anyone else notice...?: Playerunknown's battle grounds is an entire game that plays like an Arm…[View]
385125265Sam and Max: Will we ever get another one?[View]
385124614These are your ARMS voice actors. Say something nice about them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5Y…[View]
385124540Kingdom Hearts: Since KH3 is not getting Zootopia as a world, how about Disney's Robin Hood ins…[View]
385124362What is /v/ opinion on current No Man's Sky, what's anon take on Waking Titan, the officia…[View]
385124246Devil DOES Cry (2018): The question has been asked for many games now. Devil may cry. The devil may …[View]
385123273Why is this allowed: What the fuck happened to steam? Where did it all go wrong[View]
385124839Best 2D Metroid coming through.[View]
385124315How's Sega Saturn emulation?[View]
385123517What makes a good Steam avatar?[View]
385067185IT'S NOT HAPPENING[View]
385125198違うジャンル同士をくっつける クイズ+対戦格闘[View]
385125193How do you guys swap discs if you're running ISOs off your PS3?[View]
385123339Can we all agree that he is the hardest boss in Soulsborne series?[View]
385120367Where did it all go wrong?[View]
385124002anyone else got a sore hand from bad mouse positioning? should i get me those tits mouse pads?[View]
385125057I'm leaving /v/ forever hopefully there is a better site out there then a board that is full of…[View]
385125023Now that the dust has settled on the Wii U, what did /v/ think of it? Personally, I think it was one…[View]
385124963BRIGHT BODY[View]
385108950>Devil May Cry >The Devil never cries[View]
385111274ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Final Fantasy VIII NEXT: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Ra…[View]
385124720Why is Dr. Nefarious so huge in R&C 3?[View]
385124657Xbox 360: Can this be hacked to play pirated games? Or should I just buy an Xbone for Halo/Gears? An…[View]
385123542I love you.[View]
385122308*blocks ur path*[View]
385110045Did you cry again /v/? Don't enter this thread if you haven't played P3[View]
385124454Stop making fun of our game, guys. We even updated the graphics for you so please like us again.[View]
385124058why do so many nomura characters sit like this?[View]
385112740I wanna get into strategy both multiplayer and single player, what are the must plays and the recomm…[View]
385124343Is it just a meme to hate this game? I don't understand what it is all about. People claim it…[View]
385124340>I hate [single player game] because the fanbase is shit[View]
385114259You have discovered the tenth Sermon of Vivec, which was hidden in the words that came in the afterm…[View]
385122612CROSSHAIRS: What is objectively the best crosshair there is and why is it a static green dot?[View]
385116868The Mummy Demastered by WayForward: >Art looks amazing, the map/style screams castlevania, the de…[View]
385122421What do I gotta do to get into the e-sports scene?[View]
385122549Mobile Gaming: What's your take on mobile gaming? Are there any good original games for mobile …[View]
385123063Look behind you... I said LOOK behind you.[View]
385122985Which one is better ?[View]
385087613Pyre: So this is out in like 10 hours, all reviews are 9s across the board since the embargo dropped…[View]
385122886What are some good Transformers games?[View]
385123873Which games best illustrate the horrors of war?[View]
385123859Fire Emblem: Ok /v/ so I hack my 3ds and decided to dive into Fire Emblem series. So what should I n…[View]
385121458Why the fuck did nobody tell me that Grant Kirkhope was composing this game? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
385122417ITT: Post the worst video game review you've ever read I'll start: https://gamecritics.com…[View]
385120679Where were you when Omega Savage 2 was the casual filter?[View]
385123124What are some cases where remakes where 100x better than the original? Can only thing if Fire Red/Le…[View]
385123740E.Y.E.: >buy this game because of the memes >boot it up for the first time >quote from Bori…[View]
385123531What is the difference between a VN and a PowerPoint presentation?[View]
385123023Name a better soundtrack protip: you can't https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM1ygRNw83k…[View]
385123646>when you die you lose your stuff and you have to go back and pick it up! Okay, fucking STOP It w…[View]
385122571ITT dreadlords[View]
385121631>mgs codec ringtone goes off in class >half the class checks their phone…[View]
385123515Hello Guys, What are the games that you really enjoyed playing, however, which are neither perfect n…[View]
385120095Have you prayed to your lord and savior today?[View]
385120786RD HYPE: Be me, freelance 3D artist. Looking for gigs, not finding any. feelsbadman.jpg Finally get …[View]
385121194Do you miss them, /v/?[View]
385092882I Just Beat Persona 5...: Literally the first game where in which it ending made me cry. I didn…[View]
385122772100% Japanese.[View]
385121963ITT: Excellent Handheld Ports[View]
385119753I fucking love when parents destroy their children's electronics. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
385122304Masterpiece Thread Lets see what you think is a masterpiece, /v/irgins ALSO, FUCK TRANSISTOR[View]
385121750Why can't more games have the mod variety that the Elder Scrolls games have? Also, Skyrim threa…[View]
385121485*Penetrates your defenses*[View]
385104659Extreme autism: What does /v/ think of maximum autismo fuel games like factorio or Zachtronics games…[View]
385121005So what's her story?[View]
385115928>/v/ - Video Games >zero threads about the queen of vidya Explain.…[View]
385120228You ready for DQXI???[View]
385122257Can we have a thread about video games and not e-celebs please?[View]
385106020Warhammer games: >Warhammer Fantasy tabletop was killed off by GW because of low sales >Warham…[View]
385115135I've never had a game cube or Wii. I'm gong to emulate them. I can't find any rooms f…[View]
385122534Development Hell Games: >pic related >Cool multiplayer >EA will never let this fly on Origi…[View]
385077909Game Critique/Review General: What do you think of long form review content like pic related makes? …[View]
385118578Best way to git gud at this game? I've been stuck hovering around Silver 2 for the longest and …[View]
385116274What is the stupidest thing you've ever seen anyone post on a video game forum?[View]
385122313Filename thread[View]
385121472Would you buy a Gameboy Advance classic edition?[View]
385110683Can we have a The Sims thread? I spend hours playing the first game when it was new, and I've b…[View]
385112756>Yakuza Studio will host a new titles presentation on August 26 from 19:00 to 20:00 JST >Studi…[View]
385119435Uncharted Lost Legacy gameplay: Not bad for a stand-alone game. Feels like a full game at this point…[View]
385117176Questionable games: Which games have plots and storylines that are so questionable/nuts that you won…[View]
385120983/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>385064065 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
385120535Half Life 2 revisits several locations from the beginning of the game in 'Anti-citizen One' during t…[View]
385119501So is this good to emulate on PC or does it run like shit?[View]
385121871what's your favorite game developer trickery[View]
385121828Fortnite Free?: Just got it on psn for $0 thought it wasnt free til next year.[View]
385119785ITT: Series that were ruined when they became multiplat[View]
385103698Which video games are great but /v/ hates for their popularity?[View]
385110051ITT: Things that would not fly in modern games[View]
385121596>work 40 hours at a job, get paid >work 40 hours to beat a game, have to pay to play including…[View]
385121257Mighty Number 9 2.0 incoming: http://nintendoeverything.com/tag/artplay/[View]
385120467>WTS Sword of eternal slashes 160k >hi can u sell it for 70k?…[View]
385118714Sequel when and will it have the same 'open world' design like Firis?[View]
385116832Who is the most powerful GTA protagonist?[View]
385064065Previous Thread >>384981124 >Post character name/franchises and references and keep them in…[View]
385120828People Say the Universe is a Star Ocean Thread: Star Ocean thread! >favorite games >favorite c…[View]
385120395>the last remnants of civilisation live on collosal Titans that are slowly dying This game is go…[View]
385120984>Jester Is this a good class, /v/?[View]
385120937Am I the only one that find her very cute?[View]
385120442Pyre thread: Hey guys are you downloading my game?[View]
385120903I'm at the point where i have to cross a bridge to Shell 2. Where do i get a sniper rifle? Also…[View]
385120867Unknown Games: What are your favorite game that are not well known? Pic Related: Space Station 13…[View]
385120358Fate Extella Switch: You did buy her game right?[View]
385119491Sonic Forces is being intentionally over the top in edgyness right? If not, I still love Infinite an…[View]
385116905BUY MY GAME[View]
385081434Nioh Patch 1.14: Patches Notes >New rarity Well, fuck my perfect divine rolls then…[View]
385112658Never played it, which version should I get? I have a Switch, a ps4, a ps3 and a laptop. Don't…[View]
385117729Guys, how should I play this game? I am about eight hours into this game and I fear I've made a…[View]
385111215It's been 14 years since GX came out. Have you played it? Did you like it?[View]
385118469what was his problem[View]
385114546Question /v/ I got a PlayStation TV and I want to know which games are compatible for it, also, do I…[View]
385120379So Microsoft is giving away early access games with Gold now. You can't make this shit up.[View]
385093884I hope Soulcalibur 6 will have this Amy.[View]
385108263>She also revealed that when working on Metal Gear Solid Hideo Kojima did not wish to hear any so…[View]
385118807What the fuck is this horseshit I'm like 30 minutes into the game and already they're thro…[View]
385115278Why do fighting games still use the L/M/H button layout instead of the much more intuitive 4-button …[View]
385119870Eliza is the cutest Tekken[View]
385119727my ps4 controller keeps registering the pressing of the left analog stick even when i don't do …[View]
385118014Are 2D Metroid games a relic of the past? Metroid games are usually short but sweet and have a lot o…[View]
385119483Games where you play as a zombie? It's a really unexplored concept that I'm a bit surprise…[View]
385119229Still excited for that expansion, /v/?[View]
385119608For Glory aka spamming spics from huehueland Can I fucking not play 3rd world countries with Ebola? …[View]
385118694Games based off Egypt?[View]
385101562ITT: Best girls of their respective games[View]
385118153>repeatedly trying to rip off a 70+ year old Agatha Christie novel without even making something …[View]
385117527eSports career: So I was just kicked out of uni. Which game has the most accessible paid eSports sce…[View]
385119606UK BUK UK BUK UK BUK UK BUK[View]
385114359ITT: games you're excited to uninstall[View]
385111942Where the fuck can I find one of these in Canada? I want to up my game.[View]
385119475>salmonid boss incoming >it's a fucking Flyfish FUCKING KILL ME ALREADY…[View]
385115958Whoa, is this...? [Spellcraft]: 27 A Neverwinter Nights thread![View]
385119165Video game[View]
385119319Well, well. This is indeed a rare treat... Captain Nathaniel J. Claw. I'm sorry but I must info…[View]
385115759>'Speedrun' >it's a 2+ hour playthrough of a JRPG >with no skips or sequence-breaking…[View]
385119247share your memories with pic releated and i respond to every one of them[View]
385117741anyone else get this[View]
385117783what would his favorite game be?[View]
385118627Grown men play this game.[View]
385112275>Invented first person shooters >invented multiplayer deathmatch >invented modding >inte…[View]
385118141Anybody ever play theese games? Are there any lewds of the princess?[View]
385117108Is there a more perfect girl?[View]
385112520>never feel like playing games >backlog keeps getting bigger >when I do start playing a gam…[View]
385112031>prologue/intro chapter is far better than the rest of the game[View]
385118131>Yeah, I'm maining Abigail.[View]
385116459>DRV3 is coming out at the same time for PC this time http://store.steampowered.com/app/567640/Da…[View]
385118226GPU: I'm long overdue for an upgrade on my 6 year old PC. I realize that prices for RAM and GPU…[View]
385117875Monado no chikara yo![View]
385117080I planning on start playin pick related. Anyone here plays it? its good?[View]
385116978https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z74mKK-l_ng Are you going to buy the game based on /a/'s AOTS?…[View]
385105708Please Rank[View]
385080905MS Paint is kill. Post your /v/ MS Paint OC in remembrance.[View]
385116507Is this the hardest musou game? All of the late game enemies either have bullshit hyper armor or bul…[View]
385115501So why doesn't this game have the 'Sega PROUDLY Presents' in front of it, too?[View]
385112171Stuttering after getting killed and when spawning at base and audio is clipping. How do I fix that?[View]
385112985https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp8d0K4l7Dk Defenders of the white tree![View]
385118557Vidya characters that was copied or might as well have been: Jaime Lannister[View]
385109267Why did spla2n flop?[View]
385116818So who owns Galaxy Fight... SNK? I miss Gunther[View]
385118492>*sick ass guitar riff*[View]
385113024Why did he quit Starcraft?[View]
385118493>used to recommend people the ZE series a lot before ZE3 >now I don't really want to beca…[View]
385111843Why is this game so fucking hard?[View]
385105093Why hasn't Portable Ops been released on PS3 as a HD remastered? It's better than Peace Wa…[View]
385116503Would you even buy it if they released it as a standalone now? I feel like my hype for it died about…[View]
385113921Why is videogame music so terrible and derivative compared to classical? From my experience gamers h…[View]
385116835ITT best feeling ever[View]
385110627Do you guys think you'll ever leave /v/? Like when you're older? 30's,40's,50…[View]
385112316Hi! I'm the worst starter pokemon of all time![View]
385089523Ok /v/, it's that time again. Tell me why you don't think DaS3 is the best souls game and …[View]
385113545WHEN YOU WALK AWAY[View]
385117648Want to play game 2.8gb update required [View]
385099252To this day, is it still the only single player open world game with a living world that doesn'…[View]
385114868What does /v/ think of the most popular games?[View]
385098285Best Language for BotW: So I tried Italian voices yesterday, and I have to say, they are really good…[View]
385094215Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar: http://store.steampowered.com/app/650670/Grimoire__Herald…[View]
385109162>best girl has the highest attack stat of the roster.[View]
385116485Keyboards: Didn't see a thread open at the minute. Can we get a discussion on mechanical keybo…[View]
385116267Let's talk a bit about open worlds in open world games. Which ones did you like? Which ones did…[View]
385115771LINK: HE COME TO TOWN[View]
385113019literally every game after 2010 was horrible prove me wrong, you can't[View]
385115354ITT: Times vidya inspired you to do autistic shit >Be like 13 years ago and remember getting some…[View]
385113551ITT: We talk about how new vegas is best fallout >Fallout 1: need to find a chip >Fallout 2: …[View]
385114730Did I like it?[View]
385116794>NPC in video game says 'According to ancient legends, it is foretold that blahblahblah'... >A…[View]
385114809>fire main dev team in 2016 >don't tell anyone until today >only tell people when some…[View]
385059796Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite: OH MY[View]
385072093Greatest Castlevania ever.[View]
385116870Nintendo needs to pressure Square Enix into remaking Dragon Quest IX: This game took Japan by storm.…[View]
385104935Source is So Poorly Programmed It Allowed Hackers To Access Your Computer: Hackers hijacked PCs usin…[View]
385111301This game is way better than it deserves to be.[View]
385113103How's your Vitamin D Holding Up, /v/?: >one of the amazing benefits from actually playing Po…[View]
385116582>walk into store >this merchant slaps your wallet what do…[View]
385110006ITT: Games you would kill for a sequel to God damn you Relic for Fucking up DoW3 so bad, now a Spac…[View]
385113231>42 kg >sumo wrestler[View]
385102504G A M E R G I R L S[View]
385108302Musical puzzles: Yes / No ?[View]
385112696Tony Taka: Is there a more perfect elf?[View]
385113830I have this vision. It's not letting me sleep. I toss and turn, brain manic, running and runnin…[View]
385041828>Best girl in Danganronpa is siblings with the worst character in Danganronpa What did they mean …[View]
385113005which one we playin?[View]
385103898Which Final Fantasy games would you consider to be must-play?[View]
385082825NV > 1 > 2 > 4 > 3 Old World Blues > Honest Hearts > Dead Money > Lonesome Road[View]
385115695meta thread: make a board called /vc/ - vidya culture do it gookmoot[View]
385109442Describe a game as [Blank] meets [Blank] and other people try to guess the game Ex: >It's li…[View]
385114756bring me back my daughter cirilla[View]
385101079What year did videogames stop being good?[View]
385110651Guys I need help, I want to buy Splatoon 2, but I'm scared that I won't be able to play on…[View]
385115915The Walking Dead: At least Season 2 still has people talking(mainly about Kenny and Jane), which mea…[View]
385106520RPG of the year is out in a few days. Post Miis.[View]
385102257ITT: Times where /v/'s shit opinion almost made you miss out on a good game.[View]
385111767>game has pay to win DLC, whether it's items that increase your experience, items you can se…[View]
385112241Name a more patrician-tier platform You literally can't[View]
385115657What /v/ thinks about Resident Evil Zero[View]
385102937https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puJxvCgwiD8 >A fucking corn maze meme >Biodrones unironically …[View]
385111662Why was the character and environmental art style so different from each other in FFXV?[View]
385114732Zero Escape Thread: Overall decent cast. Some out of nowhere 'game over' endings from VLR made me di…[View]
385113464Havent seen a Fate GO thread in a while. When is Tohsaka going to be playable already?[View]
385111950Why isn't Pocahontas in KH3?: https://soundcloud.com/user-874982876/sets Just leaving this ther…[View]
385113950How were you supposed to know to press UP to enter the door?[View]
385114926>didn't actually have a human form There goes the thing I honestly anticipated the most from…[View]
385113735Everyone's fucked when Lu Bu comes back[View]
385114346Is 2017 the year that saved vidya?[View]
385114854Why does /v/ hate this game? I thought it was a good adaptation of Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now …[View]
385111182Hack and slash ARPG in Ancient mythological setting: Why have I never heard of this game before ? Is…[View]
385112806Greatest game[View]
385112646Uncharted The Lost Legacy gameplay https://youtu.be/pOSPd7o0Iic Thoughts? I like the setting desu[View]
385064875How come Injustice 2 got better reviews than Tekken 7? Injustice 2: >Another casual fighting game…[View]
385110418Witcher 3 the treu CRPG descendant: So its a bit of a stretch but environment that reacts to you …[View]
385113812Pick only one game[View]
385114096Squad: Reminder that Squad is the best shooter out right now[View]
385113125how many /v/tards knows how to make good mods? post stats for your most populat one[View]
385114030Did Hideo get kicked from Konami on purpose to draw on parallels between his game and Moby Dick whil…[View]
385107623ITT: THAT level[View]
385113503Convince me that Mario Kart 64 is not the worst game in the series. No nostalgiafaggotry, please.[View]
385109396Replace a word in the game title with 'loli' I'll start The Legend of loli Witch 2[View]
385113573Will his movie be any good?[View]
385095386searching for a game that i played as a kid, please help me. it has to be from the 90s, most probabl…[View]
385098195Is it bad if I'm actually enjoying Resident Evil 6? Anyone in the same boat? I think I need hel…[View]
385099930Albion online has just released a little while ago and the game is getting fucking nutty. What is Al…[View]
385113057Should I get playerunknown battlegrounds or should I get the new doom and doom 3? whats with the bfg…[View]
385112095Anyone else pumped for Suarian: Maybe I'm just autistic about dinosaurs but this game has me so…[View]
385112916>tfw you can't play games that aren't 'cinematic'/Western AAA/dull/extremely …[View]
385110746This game is luck for the first 2 minutes but after that it's a pretty skill based. It's n…[View]
385105994https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep48jruOzdg This looks like a less meme'y and Ubishit free For …[View]
385105338Hey /v/ I recently finished The House in Fata Morgana and I really feel like reading more stuff like…[View]
385103417Name a more comfier Pesona Track: https://youtu.be/ybaVWcH_zBQ[View]
385106359MFW when I play Arms ranked and its nothing but grabs.[View]
385111772Is there an MMO to look forward to in 2017/18?[View]
385103509Has their ever been a good video game adaption?[View]
385111872jesus christ, what are the awards for? the voice acting (not to mention the sound mixing) and writin…[View]
385109834do you prefer 2 or 3 and why?[View]
385109231PS2 emulation is so trash, why can't anybody remake it from scratch with new technologies? At t…[View]
385112036I am the Trumpeter... it is I who will announce the end of time.[View]
385102205ITT: Satisfying sounds. >bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang PING[View]
385099652Are you going to buy the new Taiko game? It has the Kemono Friends opening in it. https://www.youtu…[View]
385109593Every Sonic game is trash except for these games: -Sonic Adventure -Sonic Adventure 2 -Sonic 06 -Sha…[View]
385110756Dead on arrival[View]
385106926So we can all agree esports is literally the worst thing that's ever happened to gaming, right?[View]
385108859>want to play some platformers lately >pirate pic related because I heard it's pretty shi…[View]
385110873What classes do you want to see in the World of Warcraft 2? Do you want blizzard to keep talent/spec…[View]
385111845Whats the modern day version of the crate review system?[View]
385111813Let's talk about Summer Vacation & Video Games What's your favorite type of game to ta…[View]
385111774>0-2 Gothic >3-5 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 >6-8 Tales of Phantasia >9 kill self…[View]
385111292Gamecube controller: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282572517567?ul_noapp=true&autorefresh=true…[View]
385110208Fuck you /v/. Why didn't you tell me about this? It's fucking fun. >https://www.youtu…[View]
385106801Is the mobile games market the most oversaturated heap of garbage so far? This is Atari era levels o…[View]
385110519If a game has excellent atmosphere but horrible gameplay and game design, is it still a good game[View]
385102835Tokyo Game Show 2017: What are your hopes and dreams?[View]
385111208>am watching my dad play battlefield 1 on his new PS4 while using laptop on the couch >he used…[View]
385101342The N64 cannot be emulated! How will Nintendo make a N64 mini?[View]
385109727How does /v/ separate/hide their normie friends with their online friends? Does someone here use a n…[View]
385111505> French version of Anita Sarkeesian in charge of making an AAA game for children Nintendo won ag…[View]
385101240ITT: '''''villains''''' that LITERALLY and unironically did nothing wrong[View]
385091639Other than clothing and ammo, what the fuck is there to buy in this? What purpose does money have in…[View]
385105286What are some more examples of Ludo in gaming? I'm making another one of these images.[View]
385109034ITT: top 10 plot twists in anime[View]
385110407AA Games made in Japan >P5 >NieR: Automata Triple A western games >Skyrim >Witcher 3 …[View]
385108024Stand up... there you go. You were dreaming. What's your name? Well, not even last night's…[View]
385110789A very good day to you everyone. Today I want to tell you about a video game I played by the name of…[View]
385109763>Lets have each boss start with unskippable dialogue/monologues to annoy the ever living shit out…[View]
385111006The PCbro is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profit…[View]
385111061ITT: Vidya shirts you would definitely wear in public[View]
385110273So this... is the power of modern gamers.[View]
385061078Why do you hate Overwatch?[View]
385101050What are the best PS2 games?[View]
385095326ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly NOW: Final Fantasy VIII NEXT: More Final Fantasy VIII THEN: …[View]
385104295Why can't Bethesda into faces?[View]
385100367Any tips on how to not get assblasted in the first winter? Also don't starve thread[View]
385105075Is this the best game released in 2017?[View]
385110747So i've got a ps4, 4 pads and around 100$, i'm looking for a fun local co-op games to play…[View]
385105947daily reminder that europeans make better games than americans[View]
385109938Grim Dawn: I have a loot hunger Someone give me a build[View]
385110059It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert: So are you an expert?[View]
385108485How come my real-life neesan will never love me as much as Camilla loves her little brother?[View]
385108587Xanadu: is it good?[View]
385101004ITT: Vidya PTSD[View]
385110068Does /v/ have something like /tv/'s kino/cinema/movie/flick distinction?[View]
385106786I get jealous when i see NTSC PS2 spines, in Yurop we only have a text on a white backround[View]
385102341Is there a bigger jobber in fighting games?[View]
385090823clean your headset /v/ unless you want a fungal infection[View]
385107070/v/ please I need a good, single-player medieval-style RPG as fast as possible. Something with magic…[View]
385068782which one do you choose, /v/? Same swing speed.[View]
385105283Will Tameem deliver?[View]
385087680localizations done right[View]
385105445Why did /v/ whine all these years about these two? They are retardedly easy, just keep backing up wh…[View]
385108806>playing rpg >leveling everyone equally up >someone gets petrified before the final blow PO…[View]
385109976Best local multiplayer games thread. Posting the king of multiplayer first[View]
385103843Subnautica Thread: Which is best fish and why is it Reginald?[View]
385102842What are games that let you launch people miles away with your fists?[View]
385109793What would she think of the whole cuckolding meme?[View]
385108554What went wrong?[View]
385108632>He plays videogames for the gameplay: Seriously why are there people that play videogames for th…[View]
385108402ITT unbelievable moments: >reinforcement units heading to a rebel city are intercepted by the ene…[View]
385103349Post your favorite vidya class/job. I'll start with an easy one.[View]
385107171So what games are worth getting for this? Just got a phone thats good enough to emulate on[View]
385109464We're gonna see a new Soul Sacrifice eventually, right?[View]
385108612>the guy who summoned the greater evil is instantly killed by him[View]
385106959Did video games peak too early this year?[View]
385109182why this shit game runs at 28fps (20 and under in gunfights) at the lowest setting while im using i7…[View]
385064338Post a worse father.[View]
385107461Which Puyo Puyo girl would you like to have a Puyo battle (lewd) with?[View]
385105398PS4: Soon I'll buy a PS4 Slim (that comes with Ratchet and Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn and some du…[View]
385104143can we have a psp thread? what are your favourite games on psp?[View]
385104053What is the point of making references to adult stuff in games for children?[View]
385088203Splatoon 2: WOOMY O O M Y[View]
385108761What are your favourite video game puzzles?[View]
385108669ITT: Sequals that make you feel a deep hate towards the respective company. Fuck you capcpom.[View]
385107361Why do japs make such ugly hardware compared to western companies?[View]
385108286What will win Game of the Decade? Xenoblade Chronicles 1 or Xenoblade Chronicles 2[View]
385108357What should I call my gun? 'Oy Vey' 'Goyim' Or something else? CSGO BTW[View]
385086269Sonic Mania: Days until Mania: 20 Expect a new track sometime today! Uploads are Tuesdays and Thursd…[View]
385104671>enhanced edition What the fuck is this? I don't remember this in the original.…[View]
385108552Why are modern TRIPLE AY games almost entirely just graphics wankery?[View]
385093920Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Come play /v/[View]
385108456>First companion you meet is the most overpowered character of the game…[View]
385087030Thoughts on Xcom 2? Are you excited for the expansion?[View]
385101681Are there any games where victory is impossible?[View]
385090619Dogma: How long did it take you to slut your pawn out because she wasn't being rented? How long…[View]
38507217580% off on steam, should I buy it?[View]
385105593Video Games That Have Enjoyable Competitive Communities: Hello Friends, It'd be incredibly appr…[View]
385107914Friendly reminder that both Titanfall 2 and Street Fighter V get big patches today! be sure to come …[View]
385103478Is the asymmetric multiplayer dead? Which of these is the better game?[View]
385107967>BOOM! Like happy festival fireworks ya? What did he mean by this?[View]
385106262are any of these worth getting? https://www.chillblast.com/desktop-pcs/choose-by-task/gaming-pcs i w…[View]
385098976>When announced, everyone lusted after Robert and Craig >On release, everyone switches towards…[View]
385107603>game is advertised as open world >it's actually linear as hell…[View]
385071351ITT: we post our top 10 and other judge our shitty taste also I just wanna add bloodborne and dark s…[View]
385105852Is destiny still worth playing?: I played destiny up to ttk and enjoyed it but never got around to b…[View]
385104629When you upload your photos for review, does it happen instantly or is the pre-moderation? How many …[View]
385101792Just played REmake after only playing the shooter RE games and my GOD what a game. First it took a l…[View]
385103235Steins;Gate Thread (Name subject to change): Obvious spoilers ahead, venture forth at your own peril…[View]
385105112>want to play a Nintendo game of my choosing >Get appropriate emulator >go to emuparadise S…[View]
385107345This was the first Mario game I played since Sunshine and I cried at the ending. Can anyone relate?[View]
385106096Best dad in vidja: Can we all agree that Relius is the best father in all of vidja?[View]
385103163>an ancient evil awakens[View]
385107172ITT:: only the most relaxing PC games[View]
385106081Backlog thread Post your backlog, other anons tell you want to play next/remove from it without play…[View]
385106340What are you ashamed of, /v/?[View]
385106218>get on steam >11 o'clock at night so tired >open up no mans sky and have archer runni…[View]
385104469Shadow of War: It actually feels like an actual improvement upon first game. https://youtu.be/MQnf7j…[View]
385102686I don't get why everyone seems to hate Thalmor in this game >shitty Nords are always hateful…[View]
385104901Are 2D Metroid games a relic of the past? Metroid games are usually short but sweet and have a lot o…[View]
385106640I like it when games have stats/skills/choices/quests/equipment/dialogue disparity between male and …[View]
385093168Seeing this jolly mother fucker always makes me happy. Fuck Mudkip, gen 3 has the ugliest starters e…[View]
385096996What is the most mysterious game you've ever played?[View]
385102913DQH2: Would /v/ recommend this game? I've been looking at it and don't know whether it…[View]
385102617Is anyone playing this? How is it?[View]
385103895I don't think any other vidya has ever made me feel so fulfilled before. That all empowering fe…[View]
385103873I just bought Umbrella Corps on steam and it is COMPLETELY DEAD, there are NO people online ...and y…[View]
385094132He's already in jail, why deny the Misham case?[View]
385103918Was this the best GBA game?[View]
385075141*space lubes your path*[View]
385105556What's the most interesting video game you have ever played?[View]
385096068>tfw obsessed with video games and have to play it offline to hide it from friends >said frien…[View]
385105390Games people say are shit and you know they're shit: But you still enjoy them[View]
385105538>mfw it says Bethesda and not Bethseda I was pronouncing the company wrong for years.…[View]
385092480DPADS: What makes a good dpad? What's /v/'s favorite dpad? Do dpads still matter for moder…[View]
385100109Alright, so I'm interested in Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, but I need the internet to va…[View]
385102101ITT: Vidya Edits: Recommend me some to edit OR post your own[View]
385104310What games do you like /v/ ?: I've been lurking for quite a while and i wondered what games /v/…[View]
385101493Who the fuck pays for an early access game and expects the quality of a finished product? Try your h…[View]
385101579This game is fucking great Recommend me similar[View]
385104494Was it really that bad, /v/? Now that it isn't broken on Pc anymore, is it worth 7$ with season…[View]
385105047How could other platforms even compete?[View]
385105063are there any other comfy games preferably with pixel graphics like stardew valley on PC?[View]
385097674These kind of people play Pokemon. Notice anything?[View]
385103551Remember me?[View]
385103185How does this make you feel?[View]
385082485What's the point?: I recently had a birthday, and had a bunch of money given to me. I was think…[View]
385104746>he picked bulbasaur I bet your mom was single[View]
385101561>fell for the summer sales meme >paid plenty of money for a bunch of worthless bytes >my ga…[View]
385103319So I downloaded depressurizer to sort my steam games... But these categories aren't as helpful…[View]
385096679Escalation is good for my autism.[View]
385097552Just finished the Digital Devil Saga duology. How did /v/ feel these titles compared to other Megami…[View]
385104650The isle MYSTERY: yo we got a mystery to solve, this game is needing some 4chan. https://www.youtube…[View]
385104478*snaps your neck[View]
385088984squad vs arma?: Finally have a pc to run these games. which ones better and why?[View]
385101628Halt, citizen. Tell me what you thought about Dreamfall Chapters. Answer the question or you will be…[View]
385099067Itt: god tier stealth games[View]
385100978Fucking miners: >Big bonus AT WORK >an entire week off >lets buy a GPU and play my backlog …[View]
385102595Dead already.: >A month after release... >Switch owners sweep it under the rug, pretend it doe…[View]
385102431>creates a new character >bosmer archer >altmer mage >orc warrior…[View]
385103634First Person Combat: What are some (Non-shooter) first person games that have interesting/well-execu…[View]
385103546I’ve already written about my initial intolerance for Ubisoft’s brutal, unheroic open world shooter …[View]
385103631What does /v/ think about this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMZ1OxZGw1w[View]
385098854Do you remember the good old days right after 9/11, /v/?[View]
385103126>Nioh, gr2, nier, vietnam game, horizon, persona, ARMS and every normie game released this year f…[View]
385103802We talk about this game. Favorite boss,item,gun ect. 165 attempt got to High Dragun,got killed becau…[View]
385103683Most annoying NPCs.[View]
385101514The only slightly good competitive game. Sadly its still cancer[View]
385102768Would you rather play a game with god tier story and writing but average gameplay or a game with gre…[View]
385103493/v/, show off your idling skills[View]
385093653does anyone play Squad?[View]
385103109>game is really fucking fun, soundtrack is awesome and graphics are nice as fuck >have to drop…[View]
385099773Have you played this masterpiece yet?[View]
385102785What does /v/ think of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series?[View]
385101069>cant play new games because they have shit gameplay >cant play old games because they have sh…[View]
385102709Hotline Miami: What are your thoughts on Dennaton's games: Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2?…[View]
385100164What are good games for practicing languages?[View]
385066405Steam Avatar Thread: Old thread reached image limit. r8 and h8[View]
385098229Warioware Thread[View]
385099278ITT: Blind characters in video games.[View]
385097993Aging Video Games: What is the average lifespan of a video game?[View]
385102939What games do references and cameos right?[View]
385100604Any games where I can kill people with a pencil?[View]
385102843Vote for Knuckles, and make the Floating Islands great again![View]
385092145Fate Extella: >9 hours left You're buying your emperor's game today, right /v/?…[View]
385102764>staff roll is just a black screen with the names rolling down[View]
385101619How/Where do I get shit without steam's workshop[View]
385100313Localization when?[View]
385081313>year of our lord 2017 >not replaying RE4 What's the best way to revisit the game, lads? …[View]
385102601>game 1 is 10/10 >game 2 is twice as good…[View]
385098945What are your thoughts on this game[View]
385098093>Indie game promises PSX era graphics >Ends up with PS2 era graphics Why is this allowed?…[View]
385097350ITT: Once excellent series that fell from grace[View]
385095943What is /v/s thoughts on Vermintide I for one enjoy it(Sony nigger) but I definitely need to improv…[View]
385102365Gamers of /v/. Are you even trying?[View]
385100781 [View]
385071416say something nice to the xbox one.[View]
385088284UNiST thread: you ARE maining Akatsuki, right?[View]
385101080Whatever happened to Cube World[View]
385099806Welcome to Abercrombie & Fitch®. Please take a look at our Fall Collection.[View]
385096387>Want to try a new JRPG >None of the strategy or depth satisfies me like SMT does I just want …[View]
385082082What did you name your group?[View]
385085407I have a linguistics quiz for you, /v/. A-kun doesn't understand Japanese. A-kun played 10000 h…[View]
385099817Penumbra thread[View]
385101034did /v/ have any small youtubers they followed but suddenly stopped uploading?[View]
385100043ITT: Those we could not save[View]
385101623What are some of the greatest game journalism/critic breakdowns of all time? Hard mode: no gamergate…[View]
385100678>Game is dead >Valve adds cosmetic microtranactions >It becomes popular What does this say…[View]
385100806RE4 Fans Are Fucking Retards: >RE4 comes out >RESIDENT EVIL NEEDED THIS OR IT WOULD HAVE DIED!…[View]
385101538Wake me, when you need me.[View]
385099363Man, this game is so good. Too bad we never got The Wolverine and Logan video games. The movies alre…[View]
385098108Real talk, Hotline Miami 2 is better than 1.[View]
385098508>enemy is super entrenched with barriers >swap to attack junk, bust them all in a single push …[View]
385098786Theme Park: Anyone else remember this game? I used to play it non stop as a kid. It was so much fun.…[View]
385062907where are my new dinosaur games?[View]
385098865Ever feel like you can't enjoy video game anymore?[View]
385043885Your troughs on the KH series?[View]
385100945Mastahpiece: Post things that prove that a game was/is still a masterpiece. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
385101029>there will never be a FULL Final Fantasy game based on the world of ruin chapter What a fucking …[View]
385098893Literally and figuratively impossible.[View]
385087757Bought this game during the sale. Pretty fucking fun but I usually get rekt. How do I git gud /v/? …[View]
385095374you're lying if you say you didn't cry during the ending.[View]
385100585In 2017, what is the best Sims game to play?[View]
385100189ITT: '''''villains''''' that LITERALLY and unironically did nothing wrong[View]
385099372[Muffled 'DANCIIIING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES' in the distance][View]
385097392Did you get that Preorder in /v/?[View]
385090467GameDev education: So, i have a choice between https://www.hal.ac.jp/english (Japan) and www.digip…[View]
385099564>let me see what this game is about...[View]
385096327I know this game made for a lot of butthurt on /v/ but can we just stop and appreciate the aiming sy…[View]
385098112>best pistol in Halo history coming through Post your weaponfu[View]
385095319>marketed as open world game >it's actually extremely linear what's her name, /v/?…[View]
385099867Starcraft II thread: I just cannonballed all three campaigns, completed every side mission and liste…[View]
385099379So like I already set up a minecraft server using hamachi, but like its slow and shit, so I decided …[View]
385099993What game has the best boarding mechanics?[View]
385091228Admit it, this was the most fun you had in a while in a FPS.[View]
385093939Games where you play as friendly skeleton/ghoul/undead/zombie/necromancer/lich?[View]
385096305MvC2 appreciation thread: Alright /v/, it is time to stop pretending otherwise. Do not be a tier or …[View]
384895198Risk of Rain[View]
385090378What in the fuck is this shit?: https://youtu.be/Xj29Nhi578A[View]
385099237We will never have another Alpha Centauri game because EA hold parts of the copyrights to the IP. Ho…[View]
385090573Should I play Persona 4 Golden or Persona 4 vanilla? Also is there any development on a way to play …[View]
385088132ITT: Game series that got worse with each release. Pic related.[View]
385050743Yakuza: Tell me Why does he wear the eyepatch?[View]
385099234can you name another fighting game with so many traps[View]
385092202Your most disappointing gaming moment? For me, it was when I heard Majora's Mask was getting re…[View]
385093985Clementine: Are you guys excited for Season 4 and being able to play as her again? Since it's c…[View]
385099260Greenhill me on this series[View]
385097296The bow and arrow combat in Tomb Raider 2013 felt more satisfying than this.[View]
385099243this breaks my heart...[View]
385068701ITT: 6/10 vidya.[View]
385099162ITT: gamekinos where you play as the baddies[View]
385090801ITT: comfykino[View]
385099025Demon's Souls emulation continuation thread >>385020434 Running semi-decently on a 2500k,…[View]
385094513Nope. I started vomiting nto this 3D I need help.[View]
385098927Quick, claim your vidya waifu.[View]
385098895NAZI zombies: I never had much interest in the CoD series but I really loved the NAZI zombies from W…[View]
385074771[Spy death scream][View]
385091016I'm trying to play this game for PSP and the controls/UI are so fucking bad. What a lazy piece …[View]
385089518His surgery got delayed today. Let's show him some support[View]
385095976What's the general consensus on this, /v/? I was thinking of picking it up.[View]
385095772Reminder that New Denuvo Version is out & even that Bald Russian is given up to crack it.[View]
385096859What are some good video games that allow me to play as a pirate?[View]
385095903These games are extremely underappreciated, i was looking for a cool 90s rpg to play that's sim…[View]
385098237I'm breaking up with you.[View]
385098010TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT[View]
385098393post you're ideal waifu, aveline from AC liberation , sensitive but doesnt act cute and retarde…[View]
385094604guess my country based on what i play[View]
385091330new Chucky game being made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkQXB7v1hCE[View]
385094738Don't use the Switch app for voice chat or buy the third party mixer/headsets. Send the Switch …[View]
385094121Samus is best when this suit stays on.[View]
385095887>16 years have passed >still the best game of all time Really makes you think…[View]
385098194>when the community for a game is so bad you actively start to dislike the game itself…[View]
385088020>Last level in the second game is the First level in the First Game.[View]
385094714So was this good?[View]
385097109Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay: >huge open spaces with nothing to do in them The open world meme st…[View]
385089740>remake doesn't fix the issues from the original instead they make them worse…[View]
385089540Fights like Vaelastrasz the Corrupt: Do you think blizz will ever give us another fight like this? I…[View]
385086227Post your main: Doesn't matter the game, get judged in the process.[View]
385077430Hi! I'm the best starter Pokemon of all time![View]
385095658>'So long, gay Bowser!' How come Nintendo allowed homophobia back in the day?…[View]
385093795Is the remake going to be a Silent Hill Shattered Memories type of remake, or is it going to be a Re…[View]
385096262Which Fire Emblem is the best on the 3DS?: and easy to get into[View]
385088935>I've missed over 9000 edgeguards in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, m…[View]
385096376Did you have the same reaction to Doopliss as them the first time around? That was one the best chap…[View]
385093704Who's the sexiest western video game character of all time, /v/?[View]
385087454Why did they go extinct?[View]
385095590How come Nintendo still haven't done a trophies/achievements system?[View]
385068229PUBG: So what millenials want in a multiplayer game is a big open space, bare bones functionality an…[View]
385091617You ARE going to support Ys 8 and buy the poster bundle with two shirts from nisa for $250 right? It…[View]
385096901where is the next nioh dlc set[View]
385095851>there are people on this board right now who bought >No man sky >Battleborn >Andromeda …[View]
385091241How does Kat keep her hair so full?[View]
385093680Is that Obama? Did he endorse the ps2?[View]
385096640YOLO - You Oughta Look Out: https://youtu.be/gYNNsiIsSeo[View]
385095082What games did you find easy to platinum?: I'll start[View]
385062381Will we ever get another Max Payne game?[View]
385089028name 1 good game[View]
385095548dis game is like your mother. It's a shit[View]
385096430New DLC out today. Anyone knows at what time it becomes available on PSN?[View]
385091537Brad did nothing wrong Also lisa thread[View]
385090609ITT: Games you want to see on the switch Mine: >new warioware title Would work great with all the…[View]
385095264You nostalgia you lose: Hi, I'm Bill Ding and you're... BUILDING![View]
385092031WHY WON'T YOU DIE[View]
385095454Are there any games where you can play as the monster or become one?[View]
385095051Hey /v/ I'm on the lookout for games with similar gameplay to pic related Something that allows…[View]
385092729VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT ART.: I don't understand how people can consider video games art, they are …[View]
385093791>company can't balance their own game correctly >whenever the playerbase asks them to do …[View]
385076427Can we have a thread about Saints Row? I'm currently playing through all SR games (from 2, sinc…[View]
385095376show your mmorpg character: ...or toon[View]
385092860>Mario: works only in 3D >Sonic: works only in side scrollers >Crash: works in both 3D and …[View]
385093961You all continue to wonder why this game is so popular. it's actually quite simple. The game h…[View]
385086571Hello, I'm the most perfect video game of all time.[View]
385094454Should I aim to S rank every fight on my first playthrough? Is it even possible? Should I try this a…[View]
385094373So I'm stuck on Top o' the Town. I'm trying to do an A-button run and it's been …[View]
385076698ESA 2017: European Speedrunner Assembly comfy edition. NOW: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's …[View]
385082570castlevania sucks[View]
385092252Are there any games that accurately portray detective work?[View]
385084810>main characters are all White dudes Why are Japanese games still allowed to be diversity free in…[View]
385092116ok but, isn't she evil or something? I thought octupussies want to conquer the world or somethi…[View]
385087861Games where I won't feel lonely anymore?[View]
385020434Who here /demon'ssoulsemulatin'/[View]
385090586video game ideas thread: (gif unrelated) what ideas for video games do ya'll have? I'm in…[View]
385092582>Playing online 1v1 >Lose to the player in a close game. The cocky cunt starts mocking you …[View]
385090994*blocks your path*[View]
385093008need game with good story/cut scenes: hey guysm ive been watcing game 'movies' on utube. need some a…[View]
385093994Super Mario Odyssey thread. Post webms/gifs and meme shit.[View]
385089561Is this game worth getting? I only have Splatoon 2 right now.[View]
385073752ITT: most unsettling/mysterious locations in video games[View]
385092325Star Citizen: So what's the word on this game's development? It seems to be going on fine,…[View]
385091314Dragon Ball FighterZ thread: FemBroly Edition: Kale instead of Broly when?[View]
385085174Jessica>Sam>Ashley>Emily Chris>Matt>Mike>Josh[View]
385085537best GTA ever[View]
385091556What would you want Crash 4 to be? Wrath of Cortex does not count[View]
385072309Biggest piece of shit in gaming. Pic related.[View]
385059627So, everyone talks about how this game is the pinnacle of gaming and rpgs. However, I tried playing …[View]
385089032You're in the world of the last game you played. How Comfy are you?[View]
385079598Screenshot thread.: Post some nice screenshots.[View]
385091038>Waaa! It's too hard! There are too many enemies! *sniffs* Why do I have to properly explore…[View]
385089147EFT: Anyone at all interested in this game? >Inb4 dayz[View]
385087456What sound does it make?[View]
385080447This game is fucking impossible to learn.[View]
385089890New case, also rate specs: I just got a new case and I'm pretty happy with it :) It took along …[View]
385087461Any good 3DS games that I should get? What's your top 5 Anon?[View]
385088704Why is this part so well known? I walked up and punched Wiegraf twice and the fight was over. Was it…[View]
385086487How can manufactures get away with this? a 1080Ti doesn't require a 1500w PSU[View]
385086280Was this Bioware's last good game?[View]
385089597>'mods are what makes PC gaming great!' >'community servers are needed in every multiplayer ga…[View]
385076562when was the last time you defragged your hard drive /v/?[View]
385090404Overrated games thread[View]
385088368>Get a fighting game >Go online >Lose a match >Never plays the game again Who does this?…[View]
385086835https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyYofPb9ATo Leave MHW to me.[View]
385084561My PC is fucking amazing. Is it worth taking that VR dive? I'm torn between Rift and Vive, lean…[View]
385089487With everyone agreeing TS4 being subpar, How do you fix The Sims /v/?[View]
385085304Filename thread[View]
385087748I heard this game was a piece of shit, is that true? I bought the humble bundle for REmake and RE0 a…[View]
385090490>island level >steel drums start playing[View]
385088338Games /v/ lies about.[View]
385091198When your pc so shit you can't play hearthstone[View]
385089510Post top 10 most played[View]
385085837Do not buy Todd's game. Buy Genm's games. We got all genres. Action platforming, zombie su…[View]
385091057Who would win?[View]
385083141nioh nioh[View]
385090938Star Wars Battlefront 2: This guy is going to save EA Battlefront II, isn't he? If you aren…[View]
385090907anyone else sad you had to leave these guys behind... :( ?[View]
385090891Any body ever play this? more importantly is there ludes of the princess[View]
385075420Is there a more disturbing ending to a game than Dog's Life? This shit traumatized me as a chil…[View]
385090791Anyone else playing this?[View]
385089401>launch executable >desktop icons reset[View]
385083407Why are these consistently the most overpowered class in all strategy RPGs?[View]
385089236sorry shipments only[View]
385090669So what happened to this game?[View]
385088361M E N E N D E Z[View]
385087974Why can't some people take care of their shit properly?[View]
385077738I am excited for this. when do you think we'll get more footage?[View]
385079549I like fighting games in theory, but trying Skullgirls recently reminded me why I only play low skil…[View]
385090383How can others soulsborne games even compete?[View]
385061681Aside from Dark Souls, what other series follow this pattern?[View]
385086843Mother Series: Alright /v/, thinking of playing through Cognitive Dissonance. Has anyone here played…[View]
385080401Starbound: Is it still shit?[View]
385074276Characters who would easily destroy Samus[View]
385084523get in here faggots http://skribbl.io/?5HudOs7Wfv39ks76MIgh[View]
385082781dev bullshit thread: >we wanted to get back to the roots of the franchise…[View]
385089696ITT post physics glitches that gives you a confused boner[View]
385088159Greed: Why the fuck is this allowed in 2017? How do we stop this[View]
385072736Can /v/ get laid? https://www.datingariane.com/[View]
385070628These are Ibuki's new outfits in SFV: Please support her[View]
385085264>tfw not amazing at any game Every game I fucking play I'm above average at best, but in no …[View]
385053467Dragon Ball FighterZ - DBFZ - DBZ: Lets see them rosters. Best list incoming: >Confirmed Tier: 1.…[View]
385089114is it September yet[View]
385070802'Y'all mind if I ruin the video game scene real quick?'[View]
385086410Why does Microsoft always shit out the most unremarkable games of this gen? Also see Dead Rising 4 a…[View]
385086757What are some popular games you think are over-rated?: >Pic related…[View]
385088004Mario + Rabbids coming out next month! Ready for Mario X-Com?[View]
385086451ITT: games you enjoyed but understand are utter shit: Post em' i loved playing the online, mak…[View]
385087559>only PC gamers know of a MGSV worth playing >where walker gear gears are present at every out…[View]
385088709>Game has been out for over a year >Even in grand master level every match has one teammate wh…[View]
385088680What's with this game and it's influx of dumb healsluts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4…[View]
385083217Binding of Isaac thread? Favourite/least favourite: >Characters >Stages/areas >Items/synerg…[View]
385086976HI 4chan i want to buy my son a video game console for his Birthday. He is 7 years old should i get…[View]
385080307Respond when you see this[View]
385086204What was the best of the original 6 megaman games and why was it 4?[View]
385074802Splatoon 2: Splatoon 2 thread This game is fun[View]
385085806>nips love splatoon, they said >it'll save the switch, they said What happened?…[View]
385011812Would /v/ be up for playing Maplestory again? If so, how? Official or private server?[View]
385078251Worst video game to movie/tv adaptations[View]
385088050>want to play against other baddie fucks in scbw >only people playing since 1975 still play…[View]
385079436Is this game good? I found it for 15 bucks at a store in the border and I figured might as well. Wha…[View]
385025087Who's your favourite hero in Overwatch?[View]
385079458>go to game store >parents from a poor family tries to buy last gen console (or several gens b…[View]
385042294What do you guys think nintendo could do to shake up the zelda franchise in the next iteration?[View]
385087834people think pre-F7 games have good 'music'? its literally shit-tier midi on a system not designed t…[View]
385087808Its that time of the year again. https://dockets.justia.com/docket/washington/wawdce/2:2017cv00327/2…[View]
385087756>playing old video game >there's a dream sequence…[View]
385085596>PlayStation 4 only has Bloodbo....[View]
385069694Guilty Gear: *eats in your path* Where my PS4 guys at?[View]
385084887Have any of yall played Wild Woody on the Sega CD? If you find all the mermaid parts you get to see …[View]
385080896The last video game character/characters you took control of has to do mortal combat against the dea…[View]
385083460How is she so perfect /v/ros?[View]
385071502Fire Emblem thread: What's your favorite Fire Emblem game? What do you like about it? Play anyt…[View]
385033447What the fuck happened to the MMO genre? How did we go from 10/10 masterpieces like Everquest, Ultim…[View]
385084878help i have fallen and cant get up[View]
385086037Why doesn't Riku get more love compared to other Kingdom Hearts characters: He's literally…[View]
385087140why has this game sucked so bad lately: this game become super stale out of nowhere[View]
385086945Anyone else excited about this? It's a first-day buy for me.[View]
385083805>SMT is so much better than Persona >SMT doesn't have all the gay social sim aspects of P…[View]
385087239How do you spell Pearl Harbor?[View]
385085327>game is amazing >but it's also way too easy What's her name, /v/?…[View]
385079384Is this the hardest From Software boss?[View]
385084181Which is the best sims game? I think 3 would be the best if it had any optimization, but It's i…[View]
385076557>Be careful...[View]
385072351I bought a vita[View]
3850801412 > Bloodborne > Demon's Souls > 1 > 3 Anyone who isn't a no-brain pleb can ag…[View]
385084087Dirty Secret: What's your dirty secret /v/? I've played like 40 hidden object games…[View]
385082908Why do Rune Factory games make me think so much?[View]
385084023ITT: post video game characters who you could probably beat up[View]
385085732Gundam Versus DLC announced: >Cut a shit ton of JP fan favorite suits like 00 Season 2 and SEED D…[View]
385086090Isn't it about time he got his own game again?[View]
385085025Gameplay in singleplayer games serve the same purpose that Prose does in Literature. It's meant…[View]
385077481What do you think about World of Warcraft? Would you ever go back to her?[View]
385086509>fighting game woman >has no muscle definition the worst…[View]
385086527Underail: Anybody play this? game is really fun, DLC is on the way, too[View]
385080363I have an Xbox One, and a shit laptop, I would like to get into pc gaming sometime, though don'…[View]
385085686The last video game character you played has violated the law. They choose to resist arrest. How do …[View]
385086249Moments where you got completely rekt'd in vidya.[View]
385086137Why is 47 so perfect?[View]
385084224Come play with us: http://skribbl.io/?QanyRzMPon0FdxqYPyFG[View]
385077590reminder that you need to finish witcher 1[View]
385076870Metroid Prime 4 speculation: So what are you expectations for this? Personally, I'm hoping for …[View]
385083713Top 5 favorite consoles: 1. Genesis 2. Super Nintendo 3. Dreamcast 4. Xbox 5. Xbox 360 be sure to r…[View]
385084219Was Eveline the old lady the entire time? I just finished this but I can't figure out how Eveli…[View]
385023323UNIST: https://twitter.com/AlzarathEX/status/889521100241108994 I keep on hearing that UNIST's …[View]
385080420What are some games that feel like Cowboy Bebop?[View]
385085898I hate Pete Hines.[View]
385085219Ninja Gaiden Sigma or DmC3[View]
385079235 I'M NOT A [View]
385080827Is this game fun: I never played any previous mgs games. I know the story is not very good ( based o…[View]
385076648>switch is announced to be the NX >'oh cool. i don't really want it. i'll keep my 3d…[View]
385072283Nier: Automata: How were your experiences with the PC port?[View]
385081012what does your brain tell you wumpa fruit would taste like[View]
385082418How much do Claire and Chris love each other?[View]
385085454Weird shit youve played. I actually thought the girl avatars were real girls irl at one stage.…[View]
385078221Find a flaw[View]
385077254When will game devs stop thinking that open world = good?[View]
385081874>That dislike ratio Do people even like SF5?[View]
385085078BASED FALCOMBRO[View]
385084712Was it kino?[View]
385084883How come modders haven't made any software for older consoles that can recover deleted files? O…[View]
385082785http://modern-vinyl.com/2017/07/24/dark-soul-soundtrack-up-for-pre-order/ Which one (1) are you gett…[View]
385076570>tfw realizing all games are disposable and I'll likely drop and never touch again games I…[View]
385082771Residen Evil: Can we all agree that the first Resident Evil was actually not bad? Sure it went downh…[View]
385083191thanks, nintendo now i'm attracted to bird people[View]
385082326does anyone else here only play blizzard games?[View]
385084407Do you think modern gaming would be much better today if the industry catered to their audience with…[View]
385080872My SNES Classic order is good to go. I can't wait to sell it to one of you plebs for $250+ arou…[View]
38508153851 DAYS TILL RPG GOTY[View]
385082062Games with color coded loot? I want to kit out my character with equipment that has a high rarity bu…[View]
385081831Why you always save when you can: >Be me >Playing KH 358/2 days, DS version >been playing s…[View]
385084310>he plays video games after the age of 15[View]
385083515BOTW Mutiplayer MOD: Conquer Yourself... Dark Link Entity Test Twilight Princess Link Test Coming So…[View]
385078937>otherwise extremely high depth combat system is trivialized by the dodge roll with i-frames mapp…[View]
385083779What does /v/ think of this game? Multiplayer is still active ten years later.[View]
385084161How is it possible that one game can kill a decade old franchise?[View]
385083995Xenogears Patch 2.0 (UNDUB): is it good?[View]
385083284Name a worse city skyline in a game. Protip: I'm legitimately interested in seeing bad city des…[View]
385035719Sonic Mania: Days until Mania: 21 Special Stage Theme (Dimension Heist): https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
385079403Anyone else still having fps issues with BotW? I've been playing it on the Switch since I got i…[View]
385083918Mother Russia: I play Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 zombies and do a Russian Accent https://youtu.be/Dy…[View]
385078784One more week until the I N C L I N E Prepare to feel the Neanderthal's girth[View]
385078408all aboard the hype train[View]
385078149So is this game actually any good?[View]
385072741I wish bayonetta was my femdom gf[View]
385080427Does aiming with the right joy con feel as good as aiming with a wiimote + nunchuck? How similar/dif…[View]
385082305Would you play a vaporwave-themed top-down arena shooter with fast and intense gameplay? what would …[View]
385078871Lol (D)weeb,.now sit there and play Miitopia while I fuck our sister in the same room. HAHA what a (…[View]
385082946What were some times that /v/ tricked you into playing a game because they said it was good, but it …[View]
385080219With the success of the crash remaster, what do you think the chances are we'll get a spyro tri…[View]
385079630Games with lore: Just finished Hollow Knight and I need more games that scratch that lore itch. What…[View]
385081170>(((esport))) game lmao: https://streamable.com/2d4gh[View]
385078229>Vietnam level >It Aint Me starts playing…[View]
385080831most underrated characters he was awesome and a total bro[View]
385081145>the villain whose shadow you saw in a cutscene turns out to be your character's friend…[View]
385033958>Not owning a high-end PC and a high-end console Explain.[View]
385082001/v/ wrong again: >/v/ spams that switch games will cost 100 CAD over and over since that was the …[View]
385082161hey /b/, what is a good game where I can defend myself from enemies?[View]
385063032Turns out Inti Creates was fired last year, and they're just announcing this now, and only afte…[View]
385081391ITT: Terrible looking games that are actually alright[View]
3850741894 days.[View]
385082116>An item spawns and then you get put into a forced cutscene >it despawns…[View]
385082470'Does not like shoes' trope. Post em[View]
385080816What games are there where your partner/party member outright hates you at first, but warms up to yo…[View]
385049868Draw your favourite vidya character in paint as fast as you can[View]
385079343What are some modern RPGs that are much more focused on mythology, world building, and social decisi…[View]
385080105Why haven't they done this yet? It seems so obvious and it could give Waluigi actual character.[View]
385078505Tomodachi Life: Is it good? Worth $20?[View]
385078365how the fuck do you beat this on ace difficulty ace combat thread I guess[View]
385080369Spelunky: Spelunky Thread! Favorite character? Most/least favorite item? How far have you gotten? Ha…[View]
385079721I wonder what he's up to these days... https://youtu.be/h3ueqnInfH0[View]
385069042Are you ready for the GOTY 207?[View]
385075785Hey it's me, Dante. Dante from Devil May Cry.[View]
385078850new 3x3 thread[View]
385081553GTA based on phoenix/hispanic organized crime?: The map could be based on many cities/areas in the u…[View]
385081739Should I believe what he says?[View]
385081392What enemies in games can open doors?[View]
385073904>there will never be another year like 1998 in gaming What happened? How could they put so many g…[View]
385078710ps4 dissidia closed beta: Hurry up and register while you can. First come first serve.[View]
385079618ITT: Overrated/Underrated gayms (preferably shooters)[View]
385077686Is CrazyBob's Cops 'n' Robbers still alive?[View]
385077630>rapidfirecannon+shiv+infedge= 1700 total damage >resets on kills or assists which lets her wr…[View]
385051245Silent Hill: Thought on this titles, specifically the last 3?[View]
385035537Where did it all go wrong?[View]
385076403ITT: Post characters you could beat in a fight.[View]
385071194Shrimp Fighter: Would you play a Shrimp fighter and if so.. Who would you pick? [View]
385080708Childhood is when you idolize Miriam. Adulthood is when Lal makes more sense.[View]
385080274ITT: We post quotes from a game and try to guess the game >Just let me through or else >You th…[View]
385078012getting real sick and tired of /v/ shitting on sega and microsoft consoles. they are all great.[View]
385069641So what determines if a game is considered a JRPG/WRPG? Is it the style of the gameplay or just wher…[View]
385080471How to use a gamepad as a keyboard?: I like to use a ps3 nav controller and mouse when gaming, but i…[View]
385077340Terry Crews confirmed new savior of Crackdown. Forget the Overwatch betrayal.[View]
385078143Just got a 60 gb Iphone. Any games worth playing on this?[View]
385076472Upcoming Games: For those that somehow managed to plow through their backlogs and play every 2017 re…[View]
385059707'Charge in, guns blazing!' 'Heroes don't need plans.'[View]
385077775METAL SLUG IS THE BEST EVER, pic related is me after playing metal slugs[View]
385079998Old School Runescape Mobile Beta: >The Old School RuneScape mobile client is coming, featuring fu…[View]
385077713What makes a good character???[View]
385078786What vidya characters fucked their shit up the hardest?[View]
385079494>openworld >no flying mounts where the fuck are my loftwings…[View]
385078350post 10/10 flavor of the month games[View]
385058058DOOM 2016: Now the dust has settled lets admit it, this was a terrible game. -Try hard gore kills f…[View]
385076075Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
385058362gigantic thread: eat steel[View]
385077125Opinions so far?[View]
385053395When was the last time you bought a physical copy?[View]
385074269>When you are so ugly a curse turning you into a toad-orc makes you prettier.: This ending lol. T…[View]
385079261If you could live in any village from MH, which one would you be? Will you start your life as a hunt…[View]
385078045>universally regarded by the industry as inaccurate shit that just pull numbers out of their ass …[View]
385075137Are there any video games where I can just have a nice cabin in the woods and hang out there? Beside…[View]
385078767so i broke my right hand and i cant play anything i was playing before it happened, what are some go…[View]
385079021Cringy steam friends/encounters thread?[View]
385078820Which Bravely game had the better party, Default or Second?[View]
385078604>play Horizon Zero Dawn >itt is literally a shitty clone of BOTW Why do people pretend to like…[View]
385071463Just got a Switch today. I'm a little annoyed about my Joycons. >RZ has a solid clicky feedb…[View]
385070480When will Smash for the Switch be announced? Will it be an updated port or a sequel? What new charac…[View]
385077898>Find out about 2142 Revive >Get hyped to play >Server browser isn't working and none …[View]
385078678That game that would never be translate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su60t2JwJXI[View]
3850728653x3 thread because everyone wants it but nobody will start it[View]
385078020>protagonist is a male with a girls name[View]
385075293Is this? Could it...?[View]
385074404>dying to final boss makes you start over from the beginning of the game…[View]
385077825https://youtu.be/kFQAucOHB_o The madman went and did it.[View]
385071506ITT: Red flags in vidya >Season Pass/Day one DLC[View]
385075782Are the divinity games worth playing?[View]
385073759What game does /v/ spend most of their time playing these days?[View]
385076081is it worth it to do the main quest line for this addon? I feel like I would be cutting down a shit …[View]
385075779I can't take this guy seriously with the goofy ass accent. It's like an unholy mixture of …[View]
385071348ITT underrated, overlooked, or Japan-only PS2 games The last thread died before I could dump a ton o…[View]
385073447>can't adjust audio levels in zelda because it's a shitty console game >delete all b…[View]
385076561After being afraid to touch the darksouls series because of how notoriously hard it was I finally pi…[View]
385076434wonderful 101: it's there a modern game more underrated than wonderful 101? the inaccessibility…[View]
385056643Greatest video game ever made, period.[View]
385073815Why is this so good?![View]
385074052Did you give in to temptation?[View]
385060142Who did you pair up in Fire Emblem Awakening? Who were your favorite kids? I am obsessed with gettin…[View]
385077358What's a game with old men ruling the world?[View]
385076513ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong.[View]
385072765http://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz someone make a game, i want to play, but don't know how to add th…[View]
385076270>the final area/level/act is the title of the game[View]
385077202Anyone played this online? I remember finding full games was very easy even long after support for t…[View]
385076615Any of you virgin's subscribed to this or similar? Thoughts, opinions or recommendations?[View]
385076097What are some games that let me climb a ladder for 1:52 while listening to the main theme of the gam…[View]
385052007This is a thread about Exdeath What games have your favorite version of Exdeath How has an evil wiza…[View]
385074023Groove Street[View]
385074671Vidya OST: What are some good video game osts to listen to? I feel like jamming.[View]
385056867This game is free on the Playstation Store right now on PS4. I very much enjoyed it, and just finis…[View]
385076154Hey /v/, currently getting treated at the Followers of the Apocalypse base down in lower Freeside, t…[View]
385071534>everyone made of it in the reveal >turned out to be the best FF title in over a decade What w…[View]
385073341ITT: Post an image and others will recommend you a video game based on it[View]
385073515I haven't had this much fun playing video games in a long time. How does such a shit company cr…[View]
385076453Memes aside, are there any JRPGs that have an actual serious plotline? I'm genuinely interested…[View]
385038425RIDERS ON THE STORM[View]
385072150What makes video games not as degenerate as movies?[View]
385074240I want a space 4x game that isn't a race to victory conditions. Where it's more about buil…[View]
385063753European Speedrunner Assembly 'I am really sorry' edition. NOW: Bloodrayne NEXT: Archangel THEN: Arx…[View]
385070639So after playing Metroid Zero Mission on emulator I decided to pick up the original Metroid today (f…[View]
385075486I'm reinstalling MGSV, I just want to be played like a damn fiddle one last time; for old times…[View]
385073148E3 2018 What are your hopes? Your dreams? And your _________ at next year's event?[View]
385070709Choose your party members.[View]
385066096How do you research games before buying? Any reviewers you recommend? Do you watch gameplay? Any cha…[View]
385070684>friend recommends me a game >play 8 hours >find it boring as shit >'anon you have to pl…[View]
385055362Beta/Unused content: Breath of the Wild would have small people similar to the minish and you could …[View]
385074610TS4, Spore, Simcity. How did everything go so wrong?[View]
385071914How come Magilou and Velvet dress up like sluts but this girl is so conservative?[View]
385057925I think I finally understand why so many people dislike this game so much. None of the 'Cool' skills…[View]
385075981>party member betrays you[View]
385071989*Blocks your path*: What the fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
385073218What are some RPGs with fun/light-hearted takes on the traditional turn-based battle system? Games l…[View]
385062924Why haven't you preordered one yet?[View]
385064972I WILL[View]
385063647Who is the best girl in Persona 5 and why is it Haru?[View]
385075475>*rolls almost exclusively* >everyone jizzes over it constantly someone explain this shit…[View]
385073205*wins every GOTY award*[View]
3850755383DS RANKING: Post your ranking and everyone will respectfully judge your taste and guess your age…[View]
385072824What went wrong?: >enemies literally drop health packets now >no mechs >shit english voice …[View]
385059565Four more days men[View]
385070351Thoughts on this game?[View]
385064606Anyone got any good Dedede reaction faces? King Dedede Thread[View]
385067939Why is this Kong in chains?[View]
385072248ITT: insignificant shit you can't get over[View]
385075016can someone help me out? please and thank you.: this isn't a necessity by any means. But I woul…[View]
385074818>playing fighting game >end up not using a character anymore after I hear from somewhere that …[View]
385075019this game made me realize that I am really not creative[View]
385073041video game music: Alright, post the best video game music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acVjEoRvpv…[View]
385074320Did you do it /v/? You better have.[View]
385074654Brian is best daddy. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can, everyone has their own opinion.[View]
385052860Only 20 more days bros Who's ready to stomp scrubs on ladder? Terran master race here[V