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391089804>horror game >a great sadness happened >and you will slowly find out what…[View]
391077497>Kojima thinks Vietnam is in Siberia Is he retarded?[View]
391087220~ GAMES FOR VIRGINS ~ Unashamedly, I greatly enjoy looking at hot female characters in video games .…[View]
391089129>game opens in a jail cell[View]
391077029Getting into fighting games: It has been 12 years, give or take, since I touched a fighting game. Th…[View]
391089440>suddenly gets a triple kill How is this a balanced hero?[View]
391089273Here, take it.[View]
391081012Let's have one of these[View]
391089289What games should I play before the end of the world?[View]
391089263>Only seen the one trailer from E3 Is anyone else holding all of the cum in their testicles until…[View]
391089005>September 22, 2017 >Still buying western games…[View]
391080676Warioworld is the Citizen Kane of gaming culture. Prove me wrong. >protip: you can't…[View]
391075839Modern MMOs: What MMO would one play nowadays if one wanted to play an MMO?[View]
391087071Name a more overrated game.[View]
391077183Why are there no (good) modern stealth games?[View]
391088623>LOL let's ad a random fucking delay to EVERYTHING so people can't rely on their reflex…[View]
391088813>Great choice, I love that game! Would you like to buy anything else from gamespot today?…[View]
391087048Literally $5 for the BFG: fucking kikes, I swear Bethesda is trying so hard[View]
391084064Even bakers are shitposting about MvC:I: Is this the biggest flop of the year?[View]
391086505Fuck it. Nintendo won .[View]
391087681Have you praised the greatest emperor to ever walk the land today?[View]
391082648Arika adds Doctrine Dark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9At1i-tzCkE Noice https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
391088440The Wii U was a pretty good clue to what lead to the switch. But what new gimmick would nintendo hav…[View]
391087709We all know there's a bunch of games with shitty ending but what are some games with 10/10 endi…[View]
391085661DMC 4 Special Edition: Is this game worth getting if I detest everything about DMC 4 except for the …[View]
391084650>He mods his game before he plays it[View]
391082481Heat Signature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifgjEMIqRO4 Not gay or nout but I'm just about …[View]
391086385ITT post some kino moments in vidya[View]
391088238>I hate consoles because they make you depend on a monopolistic company, that's why I use Wi…[View]
391058515Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Leaks: Old thread: >>391039565 News: …[View]
391076495私の妻の息子はどこですか?!: God Of War 4 JAP Trailer https://youtu.be/zU-6UhmRfDk[View]
391088131>tfw female protags are becoming a meme in both nipponland and the west…[View]
391079826Why has it become popular and edgy in the past year to hate on this game? I prefer sf2 because of th…[View]
391085834What do you guys think of Throne of Darkness? Picked it up in a sale recently, and it seems pretty c…[View]
391058245Best MGS game: Let's settle this once and for all. http://www.strawpoll.me/13982269[View]
391085741What's up with these western memes in my japanese video games?[View]
391081429Is Battlefield 4 and its dlc's still active on PS4?[View]
391083585Anyone else (trying) playing this? Can't get past the first enemy. I hammer 'E' to br…[View]
391087094Why doesn't /v/ like OpenSpades? I haven't tried it yet but it seems a lot like the regula…[View]
391075197The Incom T-65 X-Wing is the fighter that killed the Death Star. An almost perfect balance of speed,…[View]
391082227Have we witnessed perfection?[View]
391083309Who is the best Tales protagonist and why is it Ludger?[View]
391087656*blocks your path*: >game set in western middle ages >shoehorn a weebtrash anime character Why…[View]
391087527Was Sephiroth kangz?[View]
391080217Makoto thread :3[View]
391083419Dualshock 4 analog stocks are made of notoriously low quality rubber, but has anyone tried ones made…[View]
391043868What phone games does /v/ play?[View]
391082696it is time to show us the fruits of your labor, anon[View]
391086137>the bad ending is better than the good ending[View]
391087180So how was the western release of this, despite the popularity and well-received release of Awakenin…[View]
391084318What makes good villain[View]
391082559What the hell was his goddamn problem?[View]
391086226>dev blocks nude mod[View]
391085530>I don't wait until the GOTY edition[View]
391085452>game isn't open world[View]
391081656juicy yuuji[View]
391042380What went wrong?[View]
391069215>tfw your little sister is better at games than you[View]
391081343Post a screenshot of your desktop like so Right. Now.[View]
391086262low budget PC gaming: Share your doubts with us and let's talk about low ending PC gaming…[View]
391068732WebM thread![View]
391083151>hot new multiplayer game comes out >everyone is enjoying it >developers are making a ton …[View]
391064831Can we have a thread for when vidya blew your fuckin' mind? I can think of three big times for …[View]
391085124Which one is better?[View]
391072314Do you like your idols on the older side, /v/?[View]
391060941>been playing for ten years >never enjoyed getting crits or being killed by them Would anyone …[View]
391079639100 DOLLARY DOOS![View]
391082739oi goys, just an FYI, the first Outlast game is free on HumbleBundle for TODAY ONLY. I fucking hate …[View]
391086439I can't FUCKING believe this. It's not fair how such a masterpiece gets ignored. Do these …[View]
391088074>dude turn on your mic[View]
391085946Show me dat summoner profile boiz: I'll show you mine... If you show me yours ;)[View]
391079608>females are better at casting arcane magic than males i fucking hate this trope so much. it make…[View]
391085316when a person cheats to boost his stats while pretending he's that good it's kinda fucked …[View]
391081708>hardest boss is a dragon[View]
391082143How the FUCC do you play Mahjong?[View]
391072115>RPG has unnecessarily high damage numbers and health Most Japanese weeb RPGs are guilty of this.…[View]
391082858Have you ever been made fun of for your accent in voice chat?[View]
391080515Cities and their skylines: Why didn't you memeloving fucks tell me that this was the greatest g…[View]
391083740What does /v/ think of Hazama?[View]
391084689Is this literally the worst madden game ever? >Deep pass is literally unstoppable >can't …[View]
391085994i'm afraid it has been... nein years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pgs2iS2i7Rg[View]
391085373>Wanting resolutions higher than 1080p when games still have noticeable flaws in textures and pol…[View]
391077564Square Enix Talks Talks About Embracing 'Games As A Service' Model: After EA's 'STREAMING GAMES…[View]
391084537would you?[View]
391084014When will this piece of shit finally die so we can get Warcraft IV?[View]
391085589It's horde night, where are you?[View]
391080776Why aren't you playing the latest HuniePop rip-off?[View]
391043237Xenoblade chronicles 2 thread: Fucking amazon uk still doesn't have the special edition up…[View]
391085183Samus Thread: Post and discuss best girl. Also Samus anon where are you?[View]
391078959Disgaea Thread: I've never actually seen Disgaea mentioned on /v/[View]
391085296Outlast deluxe edition is free on Humble Bundle: Hey guys just thought I would let you know Outlast …[View]
391085192I can't fucking stand youtubers anymore. Thank god for the adpocolypse. It's a blessing in…[View]
391078181Does it stand the test of time? It's been 15 years[View]
391083449What are some characters like Alarak in other games?[View]
391083117Now that the dust of battle has settled, Metal Gear Rising thread?[View]
391082295>Square designs a pair of light haired, blue eyed twins >literally, (liteally), zero twincest…[View]
391060145Why aren't you bitches voting for Yoyo?[View]
391082628Why are Corsairs so rarely used in PvT when Disruption Web completely fucks over siege tanks?[View]
391084778Eurogamer EGX 2017: is anyone else going to EGX? I don't even have anything on my list to see t…[View]
391077067>when the grapeshot whiffs just right[View]
391082985Thanks /v/, this game is shit. I can't believe I bought this shit game for 20$. Bloodborne is …[View]
391084195What was his fucking problem?[View]
391083923If Nintendo actually still cared about this franchise and made a new game for it in 2018 What would …[View]
391078198Couldn't they have picked more equivalent elements? I get black/white or red/blue, but Gold is …[View]
391038384I am 100% completely disgusted with anyone who defends shit like HEALING WHILE SPRINTING for the sak…[View]
391082245>can't solve puzzle >try out all combinations from 1111 to 9999…[View]
391083964Have you apologized yet? Because we'll be the only MonHun left after World bombs, so better sta…[View]
391083896Diablo III: Blizzard, why? >Diablo I >Simple, slightly monotonny gameplay with low gruesome da…[View]
391080114>discover pic related >pirate it >bretty fun >it's 2010+7 >no friends have this …[View]
391084017Was this Nintendo's worst E3 since E3 2008?[View]
391077364Do you think that Odyssey will include an unlockable platforming gauntlet stage like the past few 3D…[View]
391076629at what point should man just shave it all?[View]
391078091what's a good online multiplayer game that you can play without friends? everything seems to ne…[View]
391082050Post bad but fun games[View]
391083768>Hey anon I got you that pokemon game you wanted so much. Happy birthday!…[View]
391078214What video games do girls play![View]
391079207What game can I play that will replicate this comfy feel?[View]
391080252http://fesorter.tumblr.com/ Get to it, faggots.[View]
391082703Why on earth aren't you playing it?[View]
391080601Quickly; post your main, usual Arm load-out and what you hate about the game. For me, it's: …[View]
391079290Explain the joke[View]
391062869Yooka-Laylee: From the perspective of someone who did not play 3D colletathons growing up, this game…[View]
391072217NICK SUPER BRAWL 3 FRIDAY, FAGGOTS! http://kbhgames.com/super-brawl-3/[View]
391081707This thread... It has been fortold by gyromancy[View]
391075253>/v/ will defend this[View]
391083178>lava level >lava scorpions enemies[View]
391076523Which is better, Samus Returns or AM2R?[View]
391077224What went wrong?[View]
391079209>sign up for mobile FFT >the MCs turn out to be knockoff Naruto characters Why is this allowe…[View]
391076224Deadly Premonition thread: How do you like your coffee, /v/?[View]
391075430Is bomberman good now?[View]
391077720i fucking loved darkest dungeon. can anyone give me any suggestions for similar games?[View]
391080830WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$: Is this the greatest game of all time?[View]
391070568Reached the point where no games are fun anymore. Recommend a game that saved you from the darkness …[View]
391078119No other piece of media can even compare to the true kino masterpiece of Bloodborne when it comes to…[View]
391082263>Playing moba over RTS games[View]
3910796781 game for 3 years: okay /v/, here's a question You're locked in solitary with no one to t…[View]
391075810Should nintendo have waited for AMD's Raven Ridge APUs? Would be mobile APUs sub 35W most likel…[View]
391081397jeusus christ Sims 1 came out 21 years ago feeling old yet???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs5QG…[View]
391073951Why does /v/ hate switchs spec[View]
391070402What went wrong?[View]
391075480>people can't immigrate, because dwellings don't have enough free room because they don…[View]
391079854The last time our franchise was good was thirteen years ago. We expect an immediate rescue, Shadow t…[View]
391078317Sonic 3 & Knuckles: whaddya think i say it's a 9/10 game >best song: tie between hydroci…[View]
391077343what do you prefer /v/ empire at war or galactic battlegrounds[View]
391066412>First wotlk kids pretended to love eastern plaguelands and azhara >Now they are pretending to…[View]
391070281Atelier Lydie & Suelle announced for PC: That was fast. They're not even waiting for the W…[View]
391076027What did the Danganronpa v3 translators mean by this?[View]
391081614The story was mediocre and the cutscene/loading thing was a pain in the ass. But holy shit the gamep…[View]
391080089ITT: Post something /v/ was wrong and right about: >Right: Dark Souls is fucking awesome. The fir…[View]
391057461If we're being completely honest with ourselves here, this is undoubtedly game of the year. It …[View]
391072163How the hell can people play games with dubs? I'm serious! 50 hours of listening to fat old cow…[View]
391079568>killed by Server >reason: sniper limit Absolute bullshit.…[View]
391077493remember me?[View]
391075236This year is the best year since ps2 >gravity rush 2 >kingdom hearts 2.8 >yakuza 0 >yaku…[View]
391076640What's the last game you enjoyed[View]
391069727Is this work buying a vita for? I want something to play on breaks at work.[View]
391080775jesus Gothic 3 came out 15 years ago feeling old yet?[View]
391057250Dragon Ball FighterZ: Anon, it says here that you don't want Ultimate Gohan in the roster, care…[View]
391079198>Power of Friendship[View]
391053698Dang it Ron Paul: I Hope that you are ready to Pre-Order Kaede's game in some hours[View]
391076223Pro patch when?: So how long do u guys think we'll have to wait until the pro patch comes out? …[View]
391074904>That area/world that decided to break the norm for the rest of the game and was despised for it…[View]
391079219Am I the only one who walked everywhere and didn't use the horse at all?[View]
391076880>/v/ openly loves and worships AVGN, two best friends, etc >openly shuns Alpha who is pretty m…[View]
391080706Pardon my intrusion But did I happen to hear someone on this board mention, Delicious Pancakes?[View]
391080406I've noticed an odd phenomenon with people my age(22). Most people in my graduating class(2013)…[View]
391061720this is a nintendo game released in 2017[View]
391077354Episode three confirmed: While it's not necessarily canon, circumstantial evidence is strong en…[View]
391079168why aren't you playing the goty RIGHT NOW?[View]
391080624Name a more autistic fanbase: >constant crying about some boogeyman >cancerous waifufags >…[View]
391079960What is your opinion on Vivian?[View]
391036061Let's have a good old Resident Evil thread: >favorite Resident Evil game http://www.strawpol…[View]
391072790Why are people(you) adverse to using the D-pad? I've noticed this phenomenon watching Hollow Kn…[View]
391080489>main theme's title of the song is the title of the game[View]
391068943>nu-/v/ hates FFXV >It's actually pretty good, one of the best endings in video games htt…[View]
391078507Is Metroid Prime 4 what the series really needs?: I loved MP back in the gamecube days but even then…[View]
391077994>yakuza online is literally just a shitty mobile rpg HYPE IS DEAD[View]
391074823Just be glad won't be the cemu emulator author when this game get released. Every day, every ho…[View]
391074839What are some single player games that let you play a healer?: I've been wanting to heal my par…[View]
391074493Will it bomb?[View]
391030781ITT: Dream Game: Alright /v/irgins. Comes post your dream game for the switch. It can be a port, rem…[View]
391074285three six nine[View]
391079739Is there a more overrated dumb plot device than revenge? I just can't it believeable that a lus…[View]
391061687>dead game updates out of the blue >gets a popularity spike Why don't more games do this?…[View]
391076023Fallout thread: Why does /v/ never talk about fallout 1 and 2 which are superior games to new vegas,…[View]
391072109Think we will get a Switch port the the Witcher 3?[View]
391074151Nintendo TGS 2017: http://nintendotoday.com/tokyo-game-show-will-showcase-46-switch-games/ DEAMS HO…[View]
391078706What are some other games with cool abstract visuals like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lHU…[View]
391078878I don't get why this boring piece of shit was so highly praised. The gameplay sucks. Tapping A …[View]
391079647From Gunpoint dev: Heat Signature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifgjEMIqRO4 http://store.steampowe…[View]
391071094NAMCO TGS STREAM SHORTLY: TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT BOYS Post >Predictions >Wants >Favorite Namc…[View]
391070091Redpill me on STALKER, which ones are worth playing[View]
391078983>That guy on your team who's talking to his stream and you get to hear the garbage he spews …[View]
391076595when is Peach Beach Splash coming to steam I want it now FUUUCK[View]
391079648The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III TGS 2017 Demo Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
391067834>*skips Lava Reef* Ah... truly a GOTY contender now.[View]
391073261How do you feel about e-sports getting popular in Japan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkKngvL4DOo…[View]
391068285Fanbase aside, what are your honest thoughts on the game?[View]
391071509Why won't Nintendo reach out to them? They could make so much money if they rereleased Rare…[View]
391012049/v/ The Musical V - ANON/MEME/OUS Edition: Have YOU written any songs? You are nothing to me but jus…[View]
391066284Does HoD still have a playerbase?[View]
391062628Luigi floating on an egg over the sea: Luigi floating on an egg over the sea[View]
391069081Is it any good?[View]
391072701In a word, how would you describe these graphics?[View]
391070931Best map coming through[View]
391077949no more heroes: reaper reaper[View]
391063117Why does this game get such a bad rep here?[View]
391077607Good deal thread. Rare sega console near Houston. Should I pull the trigger?[View]
391076413what games let me play as a bard? im not shitposting, I want to see only THE best bard characters in…[View]
391056582ITT: Games Only You Played: ITT: Post games only you've played.[View]
391075759How did we go from this...[View]
391076378What was the hidden meaning of this game title?[View]
391071641>Vanillware game[View]
391078012ITT: Games with terrible, irredeemable and unsatisfying endings[View]
391077814Why are interesting and vital threads about the effects of gaming on youth or the effects of piracy …[View]
391046869This is the future of super smash brothers. Not Melee. Not tr4ash. Not even Project M. This right he…[View]
391072887>'STEP YOUR GAME UP!' What did he mean by this?[View]
391052891Meanwhile, on the USG /v/shimura...[View]
391077916>Blocks your burning crusade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsaobgFiiso https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
391077203What's the best port/version of this?[View]
391072851Holy shit could've they made this game any more boring? With an anticlimactic cliffhanger at th…[View]
391030557Sonic Chronicles is such a flawed game... The soundtrack and animations are horrible. It is graphica…[View]
391077765Don't mind me, i'm just the greatest healing system in video games to exist[View]
391077071Well, what are you waiting for /v/? Your friends aren't going to kill themselves.[View]
391062179I really hope CD Projekt Red uses Perturbator or Carpenter Brut to produce the score in Cyberpunk 20…[View]
391053579Reminder! Voice actors are still on strike with the video game industry. They are returning back to …[View]
391077452Project Reality: Does /v/ play PR:BF2?[View]
391064178Remember when Alvin-Earthworm said he would reboot the series and make it better than ever, and even…[View]
391071375>his gaming machine doesn't have a window[View]
391031448>mfw this game was released 20 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njkKWdB1lQY&t=192s f…[View]
391077145>'here's your controller bro'[View]
391068660I'm... dying... Won't you help me, old friend?[View]
391074915Why the fuck does Nintendo not make games for the PC? I get it. They want to boost their console, bu…[View]
391077060ITT we post video game content you made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpO8BO6GWSM my AC movie trai…[View]
391074749NINTENDO WON[View]
391076665>Good western fighting games dont exis-[View]
391074038What do you usually name your character in games?[View]
391075549What kind of monitor do you use, /v/? How big is it, and how long have you had it? What have you use…[View]
391041873>game came out 2 days ago >not a single thread >number 63 in sales on amazon What went wron…[View]
391061115Why do you hate my game?[View]
391002903Would you play a Souls game with Aztec aesthetic? I know this rumor is old and most likely fake but …[View]
391072435Enclave here, why isn't your Classic fallout thread working?[View]
391074001is there a good tetris game for the PC that has multiplayer, singleplayer and a community? I miss i…[View]
391074104I got 60 dollars, should I get Skyrim or GTA 5?[View]
391034434so we all agree that AS OF RIGHT now this is game of the year?[View]
391075690Red Alert 2 Soundtrack: Is there a better soundtrack? I usually cringe when people on /v/ say they l…[View]
391075552should i update my geforce gtx 1050 drivers if i play only WoW and everything works fine? why would …[View]
391064551Will it outsell SFV and Marvel?[View]
391075217>tfw gaming peaked 17 years ago[View]
391073846DDR?: Ive always wanted to get into DDR but never had the chance to, i thought i might as well just …[View]
391063217Why are few female characters in video games as charming as Tifa?[View]
391062719UNIST Thread: Mistakes were made. Lobby it up[View]
391075223>mfw I save-scum and there is nothing you can do about it. What's that? You actually want to…[View]
391071475What am I in for? Is it any good on the Wii? It's my only platform to play it on right now, sin…[View]
391064918What would make you buy a switch? For me it would be an All Stars Mario with mario 64, mario sunshin…[View]
391028842Seriously, what happened? All of a sudden, it seemed like the entire internet turned it's back …[View]
391073084I also liked Evil Zone[View]
391071157Is this harder than the SNES/NES version?[View]
391069165MVCI: It's another Dante crushes everyone and saved the day episode: DMC5 fucking when[View]
391036976Have you ever fallen in love with a girl from a videogame?[View]
391036285Fire Emblem Heroes: 32 hours, my main men. Also, the Warriors maps were lame. But hey, 17 Orbs.…[View]
391074464Are you hype for XB2? Personnely, i think the turnaround from XCX is too fast but I'm still buy…[View]
391068323Grand Strategy: Which country should I play?[View]
391071805https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHzfgFF8RPM Does anyone else remember these Independence Day floppy …[View]
391074007>The EU Suppressed a 300-Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn’t Harm Sales https://gizmodo.com/the-…[View]
391067869>Go to fighting games tournament >Start doing well >Make it into winners >Start playing …[View]
391065657What is your favorite JRPG out of the ones you grew up with? What is your favorite JRPG out of the o…[View]
391069974This board if fucking terrible and doesn't deserve to exist if I have to go out of my way to ma…[View]
391065639Why is Iron Man taller than Dante?: RDJ and Marvel can't keep getting away with this! Boycott p…[View]
391065406this is a nintendo game in 1991[View]
391074073What went wrong?[View]
391074051So what happened to the collection ?[View]
391065479>3D platformers are de-[View]
391073959I stop playing for a few months and the game goes to shit. What the fuck happened?[View]
391072714Paizuri Automata[View]
391058645How do you come up with a simple but memorable vidya username?[View]
391054196ITT: >puzzles where you caved and looked up the solution pic-related, really fucked my shit up…[View]
391071609Why do the women in this game have such large hands?[View]
391071102You ever try a Sinner's Sandwich /v/? You'd think it really was a self-inflicted punishmen…[View]
391067686Why haven't they gone bankrupt yet?[View]
391068918Who was in the wrong here[View]
391073431>enemy can't see you but you have a perfect shot lined up >line of fire is between two pr…[View]
391069875What was his fucking issue?[View]
391064574Dodge vs Block vs Parry: Which do you prefer? http://www.strawpoll.me/13982543[View]
391072380>I form my opinion of a game from someone I watched on Youtube[View]
391069683Do you feel regret for buying PS4 Slim, not PS4 Pro?[View]
391072740New 3ds or New 3ds xl?[View]
391069669Is there ANY game that did dwarfs better than Warhammer Online?[View]
391071026This past week really exposed just how casual /v/ is: For a board that like to think they are above …[View]
391072660>Nier tops 2 million copies >Normies find Taro >Nier community is ruined by normies…[View]
391071706>when you beat a game and were overall disappointed in it Alan Wake was so good, why was American…[View]
391048695Have you gotten 1001% completion? How long did it take you? Was it worth it? [View]
391072569Will this setup be enough to let me play Dwarf Fortress?[View]
391067960NA NA NANA NA NANA NA[View]
391063016This kills /v/[View]
391055612Hello fellow wagecucks, anybody want to play some Risk of Rain?[View]
391069664Does anyone even play this anymore?[View]
391070321ITT: Buzzwords used by /v/ >Core gameplay >Game design >Soulless >Fun >Comfy >Aged…[View]
391071752Where were you when C'Thun got sword-nuked?[View]
391069439>moving soon >talking to isp, tell them to keep internet on until the 25th >they say okay …[View]
391071036Found My Copy Of Halo 2: It is so nice to come back and play this. So many memories. Does anyone hav…[View]
391066541This masterpiece was uploaded a year ago today https://youtu.be/VqB1uoDTdKM[View]
391067918Alright /V/, now that the dust has resettled, do you finally admit that VII IS a good game? >dat …[View]
391069887ITT: Games you never fucking beat: I swear this shit had like a BILLION fucking levels in 1999 but g…[View]
391063480Better than Forza 7: >twice as many tracks >handling that is both more realistic AND more fun …[View]
391010804DOA will have the new girl Misaki. BTW why do they add a Marie clone again?[View]
391071034I'm looking for the title of an old Gameboy game. It was a japanese game and some sort of jump …[View]
391041818Divinity: Original Sin II Thread: Les go boys[View]
391067270Fix this game without drastically changing the level design[View]
391071171BOW YA SHITS[View]
391069076I have so many fucking games I'd like to play but no money to buy them.[View]
391067251Arika TGS Thread: Twitch tv/TWITCH Arika shows off the Allen Snider build on stage.[View]
391070780Does anybody own one of these things? I want to know how they are. I absolutely love playing games …[View]
391068783Why does /v/ like Worst FF MMO more than Best FF MMO?[View]
391068446Itt: Best characters from their respective series.[View]
391069705Apparently Valve still sucks at source engine[View]
391068941bravery is not a function of firepower[View]
391067278DS1 is such a garbage game. after gaping dragon i get the blighttown key, and HOW the fuck could i…[View]
391070468Post 10/10s that went by unnoticed[View]
391070117>shield deflects 100% of face damage when held in your hand >Blocks 0 damage when on the back,…[View]
391054691Post what you believe represents the main userbase of a particular gaming device: >PS VITA…[View]
391066125Yes! A new entry in Umihara Kawase for the switch![View]
391069057I've been on a strategy binge lately and I want to get Homeworld 1 and 2, but the only way to g…[View]
391070262ITT the most definitive gaming moments.[View]
391067604Internal Capcom marketing presentation shows they don't give a shit about the actual game, just…[View]
391070101Friendly reminder that this game just released on Android and IPhone. Sacrifice 3D for better resolu…[View]
391069851Just got this did i do good ?[View]
391064329Were you able to do it? You probably enjoyed it, didn't you? You sick fuck.[View]
391065539>dota 2[View]
391066458>Loot boxes >Card packs >Season passes >Map packs >Coins/Credits/Virtual Currency e…[View]
391065994>having no games in the 90s dead on arrival. saturn, 32x, 3do, cdi, 64, jaguar, and amiga cd32 pr…[View]
391068953is it me or this shit the poster child for artificial difficulty?[View]
391053181This is Celica. Say something nice about her.[View]
391068523its time to go back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkjAq6G8AOs[View]
391066420How do you feel about this Japanese jack o lantern?[View]
391066564What did she mean by this?[View]
391069240Mirror, mirror on the wall What's the biggest meme of all?[View]
391044287very nice[View]
391064830just bought a /v/ita off a friend for $50. played thru katamari already. what are some of the best g…[View]
391069065Why is CS:GO such a pile of shit? I honestly want to know why people think it's a good game[View]
391067838What games on the PS4 prominently feature pretty girls? Not necessarily fapbait (though that's …[View]
391069220>enemy that represents the suit of clubs >fights with a club What are some vidya that do fun s…[View]
391069046>using your Sneak skill to hide weapons when entering a building >not just going full-Columbin…[View]
391053015TOMORROW I'LL[View]
391068883What they are up to?[View]
391068903So according to the writer of the game you actually do die after that first helicopter crash. Skip t…[View]
391066639>skilled player >he memes in chat[View]
391059962So is this game kusoge or it's at least playable?[View]
391068740Who will win[View]
391063246Why do so many people find Sonic's relationship with Elise so uncomfortable for? There was noth…[View]
391058717Do you play video games with your girlfriend? I play Terraria with mine.[View]
391068320What video game can cure my crippling autism?[View]
391067979Two Anime MMOs are coming to the WEST this Winter!: We coudln't get PSO2 so this'll have t…[View]
391068263>nearly finish a tough boss after spending so many hours >black out…[View]
391066525Mechwarriors: Does anybody know how to get Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries? It's fucking impossible t…[View]
391068336I need your help. I must be crazy or something, but remember loosely that someone made a game using …[View]
391066150You know, Dark Souls II may not have been the best game in the series, but overall. Was it the most …[View]
391068104>Left WoW during Cata >Wagecucked for 10 years >Lost my job and gf >Wanna crawl back int…[View]
391064731Describe you felt when you got your very own gameboy color[View]
391060747How do we go from this...[View]
391063263Will this OST ever be topped?[View]
391054027Tera online: Anyone else notice that most played race?[View]
391064198Alright /v/, let's make a rival for our previous Sonic OC, all posts ending in 5 decide the lor…[View]
391059826What does /v/ think of Mako's game?[View]
391067709I regret selling my new 3ds white and want to rebuy the system. Im tempted to buy the snes xl versio…[View]
391066353Are you playing her game, /v/?[View]
391060889Get trolled, kid...,.[View]
391053231Which Japanese console has the edge in power and performance?[View]
391055456LR goku: So let me get this straight to obtain lr goku in dokkan you don't have to pull him in …[View]
391067129Comfy games thread: Trying to get through Dark Souls for the first time, it's completely draini…[View]
391067560Post yfw best mario villian ever is coming back[View]
391066669>have a singing musician in the game >he has no voice acting I'm STILL mad.…[View]
391066954Games that got undeserved hate[View]
391053559Epic Mafia: Play mafia on a terribly coded website. https://epicmafia.com/game/6206189[View]
391043928Wtf is with Japan and their cringy art direction? Do they actually enjoy these unrealistic proportio…[View]
391066089Just saw someone post this in my facebook feed. What is this some sci-fi Bioshock rip off?[View]
391066278Would you play its vidya adaption?[View]
391065449>not owning a graphics card the size of a newborn baby. LMAO. Come on /v/ you better step it up! …[View]
391060807NITW: This game has profound autism.[View]
391067218Rainbow Six Seige thread Is Ela broken?[View]
391065207What do you have to say to that? Explain yourself![View]
391066979These fuckers walk into an arena Who makes it out alive?[View]
391039023CODE VEIN CONFIRMED GOTY: https://www.dualshockers.com/code-vein-no-easy-mode-dark-souls-difference/…[View]
391066980Any thoughts about this new game?[View]
391066908admit it, it's mario sunshine all over again[View]
391066931ITT: Times where you let hype stop you from enjoying a game as much as you could have, even though t…[View]
391059541>I mod games on the first playthrough[View]
391063395Imagine if raiden grabbed your balls and smashed them like he does with the spines lol[View]
391065835Paradox has released another piece of Stellaris Are robots a proper gamechanger, or is it just fluff…[View]
391063534Best N64 RPG? Also Paper Mario and Paper Mario TTYD Thread. There are no sequels.[View]
391065176Come out! Your death will be quick and painless.[View]
391064682What is your excuse when your lil cousin/ nephew/ just someone younger to you asks you, 'Why are you…[View]
391063313This is a Nintendo game released in a year[View]
391062734An MMO where subscribers can play and level their characters normally, and F2P characters can random…[View]
391055210Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this is the game of the year?[View]
391066139Does anyone else wish the Lego games would offer a 'hard mode' alternative? Either limited lives, th…[View]
391059601>Hines: Honestly, it’s been a long series of them. They came out to see us before they unveiled t…[View]
391066131is this game fun? kinda want to play it[View]
391033042So it's going to be shit, right?[View]
391062506Have you ever fallen in love with a man from a videogame?[View]
391045696What went horribly wrong with the new Wolfenstein /v/?[View]
391064929ITT: subtle video game clothing[View]
391065591where can i find reliable roms for ps2 emulator?[View]
391057952What MMO is good these days? Is pic related still worth playing?[View]
391025612What exactly is Filia's importance to the Skullgirls lore? Does she play any significant part t…[View]
391063525Alright I'm getting it. Here's my current list. Any other recommendations? Already got a p…[View]
391062937you can't deny it[View]
391062325I've seen the light /v/. I.'m done with Overwatch. How can a playerbase be so retarded? I…[View]
391065073Japan always win https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdvheYipALU https://theplaystationbrahs.com/2017/09…[View]
391058408What is the Jade Idol of videogames?[View]
391054515Is the Nintendo Switch hardware impressive ? Shit posters please go away. I'm asking people wh…[View]
391059691Escape from Tarkov: Who's playing this shit? What do you guys think so far?[View]
391065081>final boss changes according to player's genre[View]
391062649This is fucking X-COM 2, not that casual bullshit claiming to be X-COM 2.[View]
391057865Be honest: Have you ever used the 'n-word' while playing games online?[View]
391051827Just finished this /v/, what did I think about it?[View]
391047808thegamingbritshow's top 50 games of all-time: Holy shit, is he right?[View]
391048306ITT: Content you cant believe is official[View]
391064906Edwenno o Gwath!: Who else feels a testosterone rush from making an Uruk your bitch?[View]
391007704/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread >>390941132 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
391043017Quake Champions: Will Quack Champs become a big game?[View]
391060251Have you ever bought and played a video game just because it's popular?[View]
391063383Sup /v/[View]
391062774Is Peace Walker worth playing? I heard people shitting on its controls, but an emulator could fix th…[View]
391062636ITT: We 'SMB3' Mario RPGs >Everyone replaced with default variants (Goombella is a goomba with a …[View]
391061171>playing vidya alone >imagine streaming it and talking to chat…[View]
391050632This is Carol...: She is a lesbian and the only good looking female in MvC Infinite Say something ni…[View]
391060009Please be reminded to avoid career guidance of your selected profession from Joe Piscapo[View]
391061085ONE WEEK[View]
391062015Can we all stop being cynical fucks harping about the need for a second gaming crash for one fucking…[View]
391063073>Addiction mixed with social obligation. >'This game is ruining my life, but I can't log …[View]
391063259What are some games where I can: >Become a hero by defeating a terrible enemy that threatens my p…[View]
391063892What went so right /v/ros?[View]
391060021Is it worth playing the Kingsfield games? Which ones are worth playing?[View]
391056642>turn on mic >*coughs*[View]
391063642RTS for fuckin mac: So, I have a mac that I play Rome Total War on, which runs pretty good despite b…[View]
391056280>cutscene is pre rendered[View]
391063167Switch: >everyone on facebook, twitter, and other places I goto complain there are no switches in…[View]
391061050>tfw broken hand in cast I often daydreamed about how i'd get by with 1 hand. It's not …[View]
391055239/bst/ Post your Battlestations: Get in here, motherfuckers.[View]
391058670This comes out tomorrow.[View]
391059257When you say you want to fuck a video game character, how do you think that works? Would they immedi…[View]
391053950Holyshit, MMORPGs are back! How can others compete?!?!: This one is a fucking game changer. This gam…[View]
391001881RHYTHM GAME THREAD: What does /v/ think of Rhythm games? Which ones are your favorite? Are you any g…[View]
391060680Daily reminder that the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch combined[View]
391061479Cute little tech demo but it's kind of boring[View]
391063121>35 GB update I just want to play singleplayer man[View]
391061873Whats the point of pc gaming? consoles are the more easy though[View]
391062983How have you been enjoying CF 2.0?[View]
391041423you DO read japanese right... weebs of /v/? you aren't THAT casual to play japanese games in en…[View]
391049539Metroid 2 actually has a pretty good soundtrack. It's a shame Samus Returns didn't deliver…[View]
391057696The Gamecube: Recommend me some games for the system, /v/.[View]
391062775Come in, Fallout fan. There are things you must know. The fandom is dying. The signs are everywhere.…[View]
391058923Is the OUYA a good emulator machine?[View]
391060480>oldfag >worked at pic related from 2000 - 2010 >worked on nearly every major Tony Hawk gam…[View]
391061820i just uninstalled 3 blizzard games ths week, i havent had fun in a single blizzard game for the las…[View]
391061593>Try to load into a game of Halo 3 >Takes 7+ minutes for the bar to even move >Game is almo…[View]
391062397Alright /v/ I need a happy place tonight and you know what that means. Kirby thread[View]
391054872So uh, when's this get good? Not getting 'Perfect 10 - Masterpiece' vibes after the 1st shrine …[View]
391060305I hope she made lotsa spaghetti[View]
391061941/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous thread >>391007704 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
391060663Best Sims game: So kinda a new fag to PC vidyas and i've always been interested in the Sims gam…[View]
391059735>Three years ago in 2014, when Trevor Sutton was twelve years old, he was diagnosed with inoperab…[View]
391060928Can we talk about how absolutely addictive this game is? Even while playing I'm well aware that…[View]
391061807The Evil Within 2 comes out on the 13th of October and the gameplay is looking pretty good. If RE4 i…[View]
391061585Morning only awaits those who traverse the deep night.[View]
391060072What game has made you feel super fucking hard recently?[View]
391051178>some people actually want to sex Ciri while playing as Geralt Disgusting…[View]
391061524Fighting games are cool, but why is their community so poor and have shitty infrastructure? Like sti…[View]
391059727>Play SMITE for 3000 hours >Get kinda bored, pick up HOTS >Play it for a while over the cou…[View]
391059514I have $100 from CS:GO items in my steam wallet. what do i buy?[View]
391061001What are some games where I can fight Skeletons?[View]
391059082What are your thoughts on Hacking/Cheating in videogames? Do you hack/cheat? If so, why?[View]
391056592You should have thought about what I am willing to do in order to get the job DONE[View]
391060107Is this a good video game?[View]
391049370Bloodborne would have been much better with a shield. Why didn't they include a shield?[View]
391061060whats his end game?[View]
391061002>Beat a good game >'Thank you for playing' >Title screen and music change >New Game plus…[View]
391056256>PS4 has no-those don't count[View]
391057202>Alright, this is Silver Surfer. Silver shit.[View]
391043348B-but remakes are all garbage b-but it's better the way I remember in my childhood[View]
391060321Shitty/Funny Box Art thread: I'll start with the obvious[View]
391056424Is there any game about a serial killer?[View]
391056220E3 2018 What's your hope? Your dreams? And your disappointment at next year's event?…[View]
391029175Pillars of Eternity: I don't have the money to buy the new Divinity but I got this on my steam …[View]
391059436May I borrow your earpiece? 'This is Scout, rainbows make me cry! Over!'[View]
391059292Pretend You're Xyzzy. https://pyx-3.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=29 pass is 4chan[View]
391054641was this piece of shit one of the best games of 2016?[View]
391060718Smiles /v/ couldn't protect[View]
391054036Alright /v/, Heres the dilemma. I'm an idort with consoles and video games from 2nd gen up (App…[View]
391059189Strike Vector[View]
391053396Why do japanese have such a shit taste?[View]
391060209/v/ help me out, I need a gaymen laptop but don't want to get ripped off. I need at least 60fps…[View]
391056505Games like ToME?: People who play, what are some other games you enjoy? I've played this game s…[View]
391057554Friendly reminder that a one off female prosecutor for a single trial day was still a better prosecu…[View]
391058646ITT: Indie kino[View]
391059894Dotards: >Dota2 >full noob >always 1/10 >Not paying attention to ancient kill Why are th…[View]
391058197Is Splinter Cell the only pure Ubisoft franchise left?[View]
3910548623x3 thread: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
391032908These games any good? Never played them.[View]
391054218There should be a Rick and Morty MMO: >play as a fully-customieable Rick or Morty >drop-in dro…[View]
391052923So apparently some finally put together a 'stable' new version of /v/lancer and have a server going …[View]
391056747Imagine if raiden grabbed your balls and smashed them like he does with the spines lol[View]
391058862What are some good competitive puzzle games?[View]
391055852Would you prefer voice acting in Switch Pokemon game: Seems like pokemon is very few rpg not to use …[View]
391055856>Game doesn't have subtitles[View]
391055098He looks like a broken man[View]
391055937Did things change?: It seems like I can't really enjoy games now and days, I still play them, w…[View]
391051264Persona 5: So I started playing Persona 5 a few days and I am completely hooked. I'm usually no…[View]
391057613This is Teemo. Say something nice about him.[View]
391059260this ones for all the R6 bros and that fuck who did this; if you're reading this, love you <…[View]
391052649Yo, anybody live in Compton Castles? I keep seeing this fucking hobo around the complex digging thro…[View]
391053642Why does no other game give the same feelings as Morrowind? What made it feel so special?[View]
391055718>Character creation has no make up option[View]
391057595>he doesn't get to experience samus returns in glorious 3d[View]
391057809Oregon Trail Thread 2: Fuck Bullet Anon Edition: Posts ending in either 5, 7 or 2 choose what we do.…[View]
391053164What are the most aesthetic world maps?[View]
391055101NEW YUGIOH GAME FOR PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILbgG4-_RFc&feature=youtu.be Coming this…[View]
391058410What is her backstory?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13982275[View]
391057589Animus Gp: Any rocket League players? I'll be doing a giveaway log on and subscribe I'm on…[View]
391056258Ian Bell on EA “They tried to f*ck us over, we have no respect for them”: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
391024096NintenDOOM: >That framerate I'm getting the port anyway, but damn. I feel nauseous just look…[View]
391054045Oxenfree: Game's free on xbone right now (inb4 hurr console), it's one of the indie titles…[View]
391058409Will there ever be another Fable that comes close to the original? I've given up.[View]
391054698i want to get a used ps4, what's the most sensible, hassle-free way? >craigslist >gamesto…[View]
391056602Post what mods you're using for the current game your playing and rate each others choices. …[View]
391055980Is Kiryu /ourguy/?[View]
391058140So uh... is that voice actor strike starting to take effect now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD…[View]
391057774>The MHW LE PS4 PRO was sold out less than an hour in Japan >Monster Hunter XX on Switch is th…[View]
391039565Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga DX Leaks: Old thread:>>391019904 News: >>Game got leake…[View]
391054845Thanks technical '360p/30fps' Wizard Idtech 6 Bethesda is joke[View]
391055958Game length: How do you feel about game length and size these days? For most games I play nowadays, …[View]
391056398What went right?[View]
391032518Oregon Trail: Oregon Trail thread boys Posts ending in 5 decide what we do What's our professio…[View]
391050182Hyrule Field... Home.[View]
391051563>rip moves directly out of tekken and give them to pokemon how does Nintendo keep getting away wi…[View]
391023390>Let's break with tradition and do actual voice acting instead of the traditional grunts …[View]
391054439So if they decide to bring Okamidan to the consoles built from the scratch up for the systems, would…[View]
391055123Today I will remind them[View]
391056141What are some games that allow me to punish heretics?[View]
391056990I bet we get a Borderlands 3 that is excellent- but is full of microtransactions or loot boxes consi…[View]
391048708*blocks your path*[View]
391049431Guys, I really want to enjoy this series since it has my favorite character designs ever, but I neve…[View]
391054558Racing setups: Is this too much? What if you're already married and two kids deep with the sexy…[View]
391055809>make a monster hunter thread during the hours of the american school day >500 replies of cons…[View]
391053973Am I in for a gut time? Or eine waste of time?[View]
391048361Games people hype but don't play[View]
391045040¡Te voy a matar![View]
391053594KOTOR 2: Thinking about reinstalling. Any essential mods? How viable is a master swordsman/lightsabe…[View]
391054517How does it feel to know that the state of the majority of video games has been shaped by this one g…[View]
391050781It sucks this will be the first year in a decade without Cinemassacre's Monster Madness. James …[View]
391052368Have you pre-ordered Cordelia's game yet?[View]
391053868>play TF2 after quitting overwatch and hearing how much better it is >get much with profession…[View]
391018638https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7c5f0LfAzk Do lootboxes need legal intervention? Has it gotten that…[View]
391055854>Akio Otsuka, a 6'0 man >does the mocaps of a man who is supposed to be 6'3 W h y?…[View]
391044361Hello there! It's good to see a friendly face. Almost took you for a raider, I did. Name's…[View]
391040315Has the capcom show started at TGS yet? I'm ready for the announcement of Mega Man X9[View]
391055762Think of your viday waifu. How far would you two get on your first date?[View]
391052362>they included the beeps and boops from the original game into the new tracks >when you use Sc…[View]
391041367What went right?[View]
391053819Why does everyone still get upset when they remember her death? She really wasn't that great of…[View]
391053254This game is pretty fun. Let's talk about it.[View]
391053612I'm about to waste all my money on this someone help me[View]
391055393A daily reminder: You are not Anothony Burch[View]
391052083Video game[View]
391049310ITT: casual filters[View]
391054426Name games nobody asked for: I'll start[View]
391055147Smash and WoW: found this small channe called Wag Productions that makes pretty legit content They d…[View]
391044654MVC INFINITE IS A MARKETING SCHEME: Internal Capcom marketing presentation shows they don't giv…[View]
391054554Why isn't there an AR Yu-Gi-Oh! videogame yet? Is Konami fucking retarded?[View]
391054865hey 4chan. have a free shitty game from anon. first come first serve. QAR2Y-XCYXK-KM7BY[View]
391054694I can finally live out my dreams of being a Japanese high school rocker girl https://www.youtube.com…[View]
391018676I miss the old city builders.[View]
391046558any games about cia[View]
391049891So which one(s) did you have?[View]
391054126Terra Battle 2: Papa Guchi's new game came out today. How are you enjoying it?[View]
391046871>let's keep reminding the player that our shit console has no d-pad…[View]
391050080Is Star Citizen a scam?[View]
391042737Advance Wars Online: Who's up for some Advance Wars? Sharing the old pasta: >How do I play? …[View]
391047064What's the best suda51 game? I've only played pic related and had a fun ass time.[View]
391047854I need a game to keep me busy for a LONG time. So I'm wondering, what is the LONGEST GRINDIEST …[View]
391047393i just got E.Y.E, any tips for beginners? Divine Cybermancy Thread I guess Any flowcharts?[View]
391052830New Evil Within 2 Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWPTq5diTnc What do you think? This is ru…[View]
391043002ITT game only you played[View]
3910529975 words: Quick /v/ I'm in a class where I have to come up with 5 words to describe the gamin co…[View]
391052425Hey boys, are we going to raid Habbo again on December 1st - National Aids Day. What time + timezone…[View]
391035098Just torrented this, what are some fun builds ?[View]
391049561>/v/ now HATES CJ even though he's got nothing to do with current sjw nonsense…[View]
391053348What is the best 3d Zelda and why is it Wind Waker?[View]
391052432Pokken tournament DX: only a few hours until pokken DX is live worldwide, post your >main >3v…[View]
391048713When will we get more decent games set in Vietnam? Rising Storm 2 is nice but so much more could be …[View]
391049814<< Can you see any Ace Combat threads from the catalog? What has shitposting given us? >…[View]
391052582Who should buy Capcom once the company files for bankruptcy?[View]
391039158>FFX ended up being the best of the final fantasies beginning with X What a timeline.…[View]
391053414Give me your best TES guard quotes: Here's mine >Go fiddling with any locks around here, and…[View]
391053383Would /v/ play a Home Alone mod for Half-Life 1?[View]
391044839I wish the TF2 comic came out on a decent schedule and that there was more to it than what's cu…[View]
391043119Did you ever join your school's video game club? Share stories.[View]
391043993Monster Hunter: Which title should i try first? I really want to give this franchise an opportunity …[View]
391053094What game has the best flying mechanics?[View]
391053046Please remember that nobody what happens, you'll get through with it just fine[View]
391052525What would an SMT game developed by Bethesda be like?[View]
391052957>valve takes over the world >announces artifact >in this news a rebellion springs up >af…[View]
391052913Buy EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, DICE and Activision games[View]
391049382This is my girlfriend, spikechunisoft doesn't want to make her game. Say hello.[View]
391049578Post your running animation[View]
391041720So /v/, why is she so flat? Disgaea thread[View]
391045125ITT: great games that will never be known outside japan[View]
391052648Let's make /v/ their very own Sonic OC in preparation for Forces! First post ending in 4 or 6 d…[View]
391052556>people praise 30 fps Doom What went wrong with hardcore gaming?[View]
391048782Games that need sequels, or more use of their gameplay/mechanics.[View]
391051169I can't fucking beat him.[View]
391050530Anyone playing some video games? Printscreen thread?[View]
391052565>RPG >Boss creatures become regular enemies near the end of the game…[View]
391045691>that game you've been waiting years for finally comes out[View]
391052463Is this a meme? How do people seriously think she looks bad? She's so fucking adorable now[View]
391052107How does it feel knowing that you will never like a video game again after playing the GOAT?[View]
391052412>You gain Brouzouf >You gain Brouzouf >You gain Brouzouf >You gain Brouzouf >_ What d…[View]
391042593Which one is harder?[View]
391052378I WILL DRINK FROM YOUR Mount and Blade thread This game is so fucking good. Bannerlord when?[View]
391050761Kirby fans get everything they wan-[View]
391052150The Sims 3: Someone has a Free Sims 3 download link?[View]
391051450What are some games with good magic systems?[View]
391008479Are there ANY good MMOs currently out? What about guild wars 2 I heard it improved a good amount sin…[View]
391049662What the FUCK is this outfit supposed to be?[View]
391050956What's the biggest fuck you in the videogame industry?[View]
391042114>ITT: Trailers that were nothing like the Game https://youtu.be/lZqrG1bdGtg It still hurts /v/…[View]
391049123>stop posting those retard wojak images, they're fucking annoying[View]
391041841vidya composers: Name a better vidya composer[View]
391044914You guys ready? PUBG has started its decline.[View]
391037313What's next for Zeldafu? Personally, I'd like to see her in a more empowered role in the n…[View]
391052137Ruiner: Has it leaked yet?[View]
391030907Do you survive?[View]
391040376Should I buy a used GTX 980 to replace my 2GB 7850? I can't really afford better, and you can…[View]
391051309Post Autumn games.[View]
391045467How the hell do I beat these fucking space elfs!? also Dawn of War thread[View]
391051729Its morphin time /v/[View]
391051857What's /v/'s thoughts on Uplink? Playing through the old version again before I give Uplin…[View]
391050429Fort Joy is boring and slow as shit, does it get better or should I just get a refund?[View]
391046530Matrix Online: >tfw i will never be able to play this[View]
391044106Will CD project make a game starring Ciri?[View]
391051638Why aren't you watching the TGS live streams? https://youtu.be/ktdis2UJ5Oc[View]
391051575>final boss is QTE[View]
391043061Best conversations in vidya: Post the best conversations that are in video games. This is the one in…[View]
391050421Am I right, fellow gamers?[View]
391051373Why most people refuse to see reality?[View]
391046886Comfy Todd: Hey,I really hope that you are pre-ordering Doom for the switch while your on that compu…[View]
3910503251. Is Psi + Gun a viable build? 2. Should I feel bad for savescumming?[View]
391047376ITT : That vidya map you'd design if you could[View]
391050702Outlast Deluxe edition.: Outlast is free in Humble Bundle. Go ahead and download it anons.[View]
391046303Morrowind thread: Been playing morrowind for the first time, pretty fun pretty cool, I downloaded th…[View]
391050836>Push to talk >Teammate talks to someone else in the same room as them.…[View]
391047676/VRgen/: why haven't you bought a VR headset yet? Why does Palmer Luckey look so natural in a b…[View]
391050609Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how bad trailers and screenshots look on Steam game pages? …[View]
391045368Was Sneed the best boss in WoW?[View]
391050573You did preorder Nia's game, right /v/?[View]
390974021gamedev thread: How's your game?[View]
391044137New Vegas Serial Killer: So, I need some suggestions for a proper MO and target ideas. I'm goin…[View]
391048305Halo: Were the Prophets wrong to make Brutes their bodyguards? I mean, the Elites DID fail and allow…[View]
391050328Wasted Potential: Fuck You, Capcom. Wasn't torpedoing Phoenix/Iris enough?[View]
391050078https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhCHo9bgNyE Thoughts?[View]
391048975Rival Regions: Hey /v/ So im not sure if im posting this in the wrong place but it is a game so i…[View]
391049683What did he mean?[View]
391049997I'm not part of the dev team or anything but I want this to succeed and it's a pretty fun …[View]
391002474Azeroth got FELED: Where were you when Sargeras PLUNGED his HOT-FLAMING FEL DICK inside Azeroth…[View]
391049732What vidya games would Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí play?[View]
391048489Got somethin' that might interest ya'.: Just got a steam key for RE: 4 that I don't n…[View]
391041241Has there ever been a better intro for a game? Seriously, holding R2 for several minutes while robot…[View]
391048398Post obscure good/bad games: gunple gunman's proof[View]
391049483>Doom is 30fps on switch Bethesda did suck about technology again[View]
391049339How do virtual console local battles work for G/S?: Does it round levels to 50/100 or is it the actu…[View]
391047537HNNNNNNG fuck you mcc Whos getting on?[View]
391048976Where did they go wrong?[View]
391049023So what game are you binging right now? pic related[View]
391048984Troll: ypzuxMP[View]
391047887Am I fucked?: This part is impossible without taking damage and the way back is a dead end. Should I…[View]
391033250Why haven't you tried modded Minecraft?[View]
391047063Can we get a /v/ Greenlight thread going? What are some early access games that aren't total, u…[View]
391045427When did you quit grindfests and stuck to only story-based?[View]
391044707So tempted to buy this now.. But there are problems. >huge backlog >poorfag Is it fun? Can yo…[View]
391047607Don, Don, Don[View]
391046057Why was FFXV's cast so much shittier compared to other Final Fantasies?[View]
391036578>Switch version of Steamworld Dig 2 outsells all other versions combined…[View]
391045047What is the Redline of video games[View]
391047985>multiplayer game heavily reliant on loot >receive the same loot as your party instead of rand…[View]
391047960Is there any video game that will be remembered in 500 years time as a masterpiece of art?[View]
391048170>I think the original retro-ambient atmosphere has a nice vibe to it[View]
391043409NOLF: Who here remembers this game? > One of the best first person shooters ever made. > Was …[View]
391045985Dark souls 3-xbox one: Hi folks I just got an Xbox one and dark souls 3, I saw that some people can …[View]
391046682I'm an indie dev and I'm going to release a Kickstarter campaign in some days. Any tips to…[View]
391039419What is it about MMOs that attracts such strange people?[View]
391048072Save the princess using your paint skills[View]
391048039Just Ordered This: So I just ordered this, and am actually excited to play it. There are barely any …[View]
3910429891. Your age 2. How long you've been playing games 3. Favorite game(s) 4. Current game(s) and pl…[View]
391034051>you control it by sitting inside the penis-shaped cockpit between the robot's thighs We nee…[View]
391044869How do we save it?[View]
391047936Teach me how to play this: >why do i start with a shitty pistol? >how do i hire other mercs? s…[View]
391047463UHHHH SWITCH[View]
391047419Discord: Everyone I think it's time we address the elephant in the room. I've seen a few t…[View]
391047630If anyone has an alpha key for Closers Online, I'll give you a 5 or 10 dollar steam game.: my b…[View]
391024723why do people like devil may cry: finished the game one of the worst games I've ever played …[View]
391047552>Happy birthday, anon![View]
391045334If you haven't completed every single version 100% you are a filthy casual who lacks appreciati…[View]
391046323Post battle stations[View]
391047112/v/, why aren't you excited for The 25th Ward? Suda51's games need more love. https://www…[View]
391043559The Great Debate[View]
391045512why do you play videogames?[View]
391045140Talk about video games here.[View]
391043897Arkham Thread: Which Arkham games are worth playing? Optional: Rank them from best to worst.[View]
391030796What do you all think of Dwarf Fortress?[View]
391047061wait this isn't Zone of the Enders 3[View]
391038894Am I a normie?: ive liked every Bethesda game ive played[View]
391046978Did anyone else play this pile of shit from beginning to end and wish they could take it back? I…[View]
391041868>tfw like them both >tfw can't choose Why can't i just have my own harem :/…[View]
391030864Metroid thread. Post cute Sammys.[View]
391014160At what point did you realize it was a masterpiece?[View]
391046842Primrose has had a hard life[View]
391046182What is the best 3D Sonic and why is it Sonic Adventure DX ?[View]
391046704Now that Sega is having some success dumping their library onto Steam, do you think we'll ever …[View]
391044917Thoughts on VanillaWare games?[View]
391040654If you could change gaming, what would it be?: Companies like Nintendo would be fined out of busines…[View]
391043674All you had to do was save the damn Princess, CJ!!![View]
391046470>yfw PUBG gets most goty[View]
3910419122 >>> 1 = 3[View]
391015941OLD or NEW Fire Emblem ?: What do you prefer /v/-san?[View]
391046468What did you like about Vanilla? What didn't you like? Only people who have actually played Van…[View]
391036557Fallout 4 worth playing again?: Been replaying Fallout New Vegas and 3 again doing all DLC and quest…[View]
391043390>there will never be a better video game than this What is there to live for when the peak of vid…[View]
391046009Game just came out: 112 viewers Pokken is so dead. They didn't even pokken dx icon. Twitch eve…[View]
391044296Is Stalker like the greatest optimized game of all time. I'm playing it on my shitty ancient la…[View]
391005287>promise update by the end of 2016 >end of 2016 >literally no progress >W-we'll rel…[View]
391046296Stop browsing /v/ and go read a good book like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_of_the_World…[View]
391046241Aftet the failure of MvC:I .... Is this game the peak of modern fighting games? https://youtu.be/jWU…[View]
391042758bored of samus returns, are ya?: Time to give this a try now, /v/. you know you want to.[View]
391021469Timesplitters: >sequel never ever >backwards compatibility never ever >functioning emulatio…[View]
391044949I want to play Skyrim on a handheld. Do I get this or a switch?[View]
391045875Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation on Sale again: Does /v/ play RTS games that aren't Starcra…[View]
391041548A wizard has sent you across realities, to the world of the last videogame you played. You must beat…[View]
391039723Is Bayonetta good?[View]
391043428Tell me...: What lessons are you teaching your kids? It's bad enough they're gonna find ou…[View]
391045552I just want to post here to remind you, who understand, that that little red dot at E was Carlos…[View]
391045164Is Warframe relevant on /v/?[View]
391038963When will Ubishit remake or remaster Far Cry 2? Best story, setting and 'villain'.[View]
391043413Since none of your choices actually matter and there's no real actual roleplaying in W3 what ma…[View]
391030932It's back, baby. Backwards compatibility is here. /v/ customs coming soon.[View]
391041018God Hand 2[View]
391044542FF XII Thread.: Playing the zodiac age right now. Fran as a battle mage is the best party leader.…[View]
391044820Everyone join the 'Halo 3 Revived' club if you wanna play custom games.[View]
391036215PS4 has no ga-[View]
391042103Are you ready for the Evangelion of mecha genre?[View]
391044791Oh ! excuse me ! Don't mind me, I'm just being a better RPG than Divinity : Normies advent…[View]
391044584Draw a video game character from memory in 15 seconds and see if someone can guess it.[View]
391040792>pc gaming now the focus of tgs and forever ever japanese gaming >it all started with nepnep g…[View]
391038483https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Lvw84SLXQY NINTENDO WON[View]
391044535how2vidya: So I'm gonna throw a party tomorrow since I'm gonna leave my basement probably …[View]
391041853Where do I go to play with like minded individuals?[View]
391043914Portal Quest: Any of you retards play this mobile game?[View]
391043313>what did /v/ mean by this?[View]
391044392IT'S PAYNE! WHACK 'IM[View]
391040837Friendly reminder that if you support any of these terrible companies, you're the cancer that…[View]
391038978Why is there no threads on this? its almost out. Are you buying it? I got spoiled on the entire game…[View]
391032235>Western games don't have good soundtra-[View]
391021218This game is fucking amazing.[View]
391043805Is Shadowverse better than Hearthstone?[View]
391041986Outlast + Whistleblower DLC FREE on Humble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe…[View]
391042231*attacks your home planet*[View]
391042558LZWF0-CY9TN-2BW?? ??=R7 For anyone who hadn't claimed Walking Dead when humble was giving it aw…[View]
391026440What's up with kids and vidya today man? I just got back home from visiting a friend and he was…[View]
391042435>immune to explosions >immune to overwatch >gets to run up to you to attack, stun your guy,…[View]
391043542Yakuza x Hokuto no Ken: >small gameplay vid https://youtu.be/spsFVhhxpDs >more info on the sto…[View]
391041616What non-fighting game franchise would be fantastic if it had a grade A fighting game? I would main …[View]
39104383090s ads need to make a comeback[View]
391042363where did this 'ps1 did 3d graphics better than saturn' meme come from? this video alone proves it w…[View]
391035834Why would anyone play infinite when this game is vastly superior?[View]
391042816ask an idiot who is about to spend 8 dollars on the creation club anything yes i know i shouldnt bu…[View]
391030815>mario can turn into a giant twitching piece of meat welp time to start saving up…[View]
391026050Monster Hunter Stories: One of the few times where you want things bigger and smellier.[View]
391041909Reminder that this is still the greatest anime fighting game of all time[View]
391038904Say it with me /v/ RETURN OF THE KING[View]
391043089Hopefully this is a good board for this idk Today is the day[View]
391016082What was his problem?[View]
391040219I know this was a bit of a shitpost meme on release but I bought a Switch from a Walmart last month …[View]
391038270This is the most iconic town in gaming.[View]
391029349E3 was a disappointment, TGS was a disappointment, and now Sony has two more conferences left. Will …[View]
391043193For some reason, I'm not willing to spend $100 worth of DLC for Destiny, yet I spend up to $150…[View]
390998389Favourite Hearthstone Card?: I hope you like my invention[View]
391040130>Video games are music, coded architecture, the theatre and painted works coming together to form…[View]
391039848More games like Gothic/Gothic 2 that aren't Morrowind?[View]
391037998>girl joins the clan[View]
391041127>Battleborn >Mass Effect Andromeda >Dawn of War 3 >Lawbreakers >Marvel vs Capcom Infi…[View]
391042195where can i get a legit cd crack for age of empires 3, the war chiefs expansion, and the asian dynas…[View]
391042347Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories: This game is okay.[View]
391040989Div: OS honor run: sup /v/ gimme some good builds/party composition to make this mode bearable, I ju…[View]
391041570>there will never be a good dragonball z game[View]
391039804How do you like that silver?[View]
391042465overwatch: ITT: games you 'suck' at and /v/ will go crazy at you for, although you don't give a…[View]
391042161Hey /v/ Dead Island Definitive Edition is on sale but im a poor, could anyone gift it to me please h…[View]
391038565> Destiny 2 is out apparently > It's hot garbage. Again Remember watching that video when…[View]
391039324Crusader Kings II (CK2) thread: I've recently gotten into this game, and 4x games in general (p…[View]
391041318How do we stop entitled gamers from whining about FPS?[View]
391023247Why is it so hard to find a Switch again?[View]
391028687ITT: Characters that are literally you.[View]
391041457Is 30 years old too old for video games ? I turned 30 this year. I have grey in my hair. I started W…[View]
391041086>September 2016 >Paper Mario: Color Splash leaks >September 2017 >Mario & Luigi Supe…[View]
391040885is it possible for a ps2's graphics card to be worn out? I bought one on ebay and tried playing…[View]
391032250>medic is stuck What do? I need him to progress.[View]
391038093Overgrowth: Why aren't you playing ninja rabbit murder simulator? It has a campaign and mod sup…[View]
391039447ding ding ding[View]
391024592so why did everyone give this game so much shit it seems like a good sequel to me just fi ished the …[View]
391039512Ladies & Gentlemen We have a new GOTY contender.[View]
391039062What's the best Ape Escape game?[View]
391040476Will there ever be a new SC?[View]
391041119Are there any games that have mythology elements from Hindu/India[View]
391041435>people still fall for EA tricks and buy their games Fuck you, okay? You fucking idiots deserve t…[View]
391041406>tfw I spend more time shitposting in this place than I do playing video games >tfw I will nev…[View]
391040964Post the worst video game you've ever played[View]
391030343>Shadow of the Colossus game director Fumito Ueda submitted a proposal of changes to Sony for the…[View]
391041275Every year we have dozens of FPS and waifu games but no cyberpunk why?[View]
391032948...and what are we getting this holiday season, again?[View]
391037075>all japanese games will be on ste-[View]
391040465This is Anna Williams from Tekken and I want her to step on me.[View]
391039771PREQUEL UPDATED AFTER TWO YEARS OF FUCKING NOTHING Are you ready for more crying cats?[View]
391039256Is it just me or is this having the best first year for a console since the PS2? I can't rememb…[View]
391038932would you buy a Fallout: Settlements and Trades for Switch? I actually enjoyed the minecraft of Fall…[View]
391040662What are some games with the same level system?[View]
391017116>survival cover based shooter >set in the world of Front Mission Wew fucking lad…[View]
391040525If anybody wants this fucking awful looking game it's the only one I don't own from this s…[View]
391032413THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF NINTENDO: This is actually a picture from the mario odessy game. it looks like…[View]
391040284what the h*ck is that thing!?!?[View]
391038225>pirate game >badass chiptune starting playing…[View]
391038939things that instantly make a game 10/10 >you can play as a bear[View]
391039975What does /v/ think of Saint's Row IV? Are the older games still worth a play through?[View]
391039283Is there any chance Kyle Katarn can come back to vidya or is he gone forever[View]
391033469>this triggers the handlets[View]
391037760why has the indie scene had such a major obsession with the most hideous pixel art ever?[View]
391037678What went wrong?[View]
391037082It's time to discuss the best GTA[View]
391037918here ya go[View]
391039267Which of these did you like, anon?: And who is your all-time favorite civ to play as?[View]
391038692Guys can someone give me a link to somewhere I can find out about Johnny, I saw it on this chart and…[View]
391037121wtf is this shit[View]
391038202It would be a shame if the computer conveniently got what it needed despite all the combos you execu…[View]
391035572>Get Guilty Gear Xrd 2 >Train for 3 hours offline with Ky >Think i'm hot shit >Go o…[View]
391037786Dirty Bomb: Anyone else ever played this? I tried it out like a year ago and remember it being prett…[View]
391037001Pokémon silver & gold: I just got this on 3DS Which starter do I pick?[View]
3909872081996-2006 Horror games thread: What are you playing in October anon? also i need the silent hill dow…[View]
391019904M&LSSDX Leaks: Continuation of >>390948754 Important info: >Game got leaked somehow. …[View]
391025330thicc android 21 confirmed[View]
391035035/V/, please help me. I'm looking for a game and it's been driving me fucking nuts for the …[View]
391037479>main character can transform into animals[View]
391036486Do buy vidya merchandise?[View]
391031541What is your opinion on this piece of shit?[View]
391038915Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS: When is it coming out on Steam again?[View]
391038897is there ANYONE in ALL of video games that could defeat PUNISHED WOOLIE? [View]
391037449hidden gems/ games only you played: This was a badass PC exclusive, where you could mix-match parts …[View]
391035735It's up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A48VjIYyZq4[View]
391038425Bayonetta without glasses[View]
391038793Yes, Lord Nerevar? What would you ask of me? Would you hear of my Lord, Dagoth Ur? Or of the Sixth H…[View]
391038768>No bad ending where you don't cure your plaga parasite quickly enough and become a Ganado R…[View]
391033939>used game costs more than a new game Gamestop, what the fuck?[View]
391018390It's too slow[View]
3910263271/4 >be me (classy, handsome, and a wicked sense of humor) >book flight to Japan so I can ming…[View]
391037607so i see there's an hd version available of age of empires 2 on steam is it worth getting if u …[View]
391038523>game says Press Start to Begin >press A button instead Who else /mayhem/ here?…[View]
391031383Mario Party: What is THE best Mario Party, /v/?[View]
391031993Peach's Castle in Mario Odyessy: Are we going back?[View]
391038253Yo! Noid 2: This game is better than it has any right to be.[View]
391036013Would an Overwatch campaign mode work?[View]
391038326Recommend me some games that emulate the 'Fast Cars, Fast Women' lifestyle, /v/.[View]
391033898Now that Super Mario Odyssey is about to come and unfuck 3D Mario, what should Nintendo do to fix 2D…[View]
391038045*uses force to pull down sttar destroyer*: heh... are you even trying?[View]
391032072There's this cool open PVP mmorpg with a pretty surprisingly small community that I think you g…[View]
391036413>Bayonetta 2 came out 4 years ago >Smash Bros 4 came out 5 years ago >the Switch is already…[View]
391033301This will never be released in the west because people don't buy good games so japanese publish…[View]
391036981>Steam retards spend the entire year buying AAA garbage, they have accounts in Uplay™ and EA Orig…[View]
391038042So Vanillaware are recruiting for a new game, which given George's tendency to hint at upcoming…[View]
391037990golden joystick voting: Have you voted for your golden joystick choices? http://www.gamesradar.com/g…[View]
391035995will there ever be a handheld that plays natively ps2 games?[View]
391025343How would you run a game store? What would you name it?[View]
391037625>pc vs ps4[View]
391033789You're gonna buy it, right?[View]
391018061What went wrong with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite?: This needs to be analyzed and discussed.[View]
391036618I miss when movies were ten hours long. Now that watching movies is mainstream, they've shorten…[View]
391035498Vidya songs that just make you want to go on an adventure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BksokWc3Da…[View]
391033000gaming headsets: best gaming headset? Astro A50 (gen 3) Steelseries 840 Razor Thresher Ultimate Othe…[View]
391033015Where am I supposed to go lads?[View]
391034424If you still aren't convinced yet you need to kill yourself brother. The game looks awesome.[View]
391037572ITT: minor decisions, oversights, or flaws that can really add up and irritate you, even to the poin…[View]
391032486Just fucking port the game, Square Enix.[View]
391020734Villains Who Did Absolutely Nothing Wrong: >be born after 9/11 >all you have ever known is the…[View]
391037323Fallout of Nevada / Fallout: Nevada: Is there a walkthrough or tips guide for Fallout of Nevada yet?…[View]
391033631Best Buy gave me a bunch of extra codes for some reason, first come first served. Also, post your fa…[View]
391011593Which one /v/?[View]
391035270new gameplay released makes this look like fallout 4 in a more realistic setting seriously ubisoft?[View]
391035545Holy shit that ending cutscenes and final 2 chozo memories, were in for more MercurySteam 2D Metroid…[View]
391035372Games that were hyped but didn't deliver and ended up being boring[View]
391037071*blocks your path*[View]
391036016>localizing shogi as chess thanks threehouse[View]
391004306ITT : 10/10 character designs[View]
391035652XCOM Thread: How in the hell do I breakout of the beginning missions and get a solid squad together?…[View]
391036376This is a top 3 Metroid game.[View]
391032075Is Stellaris worth it?[View]
391031338Morrowind multiplayer: How are you so far enjoying adventuring through Vvardenfel with either your f…[View]
391036879>you will never feed this fat braphog pig slop while you cuddle with her in bed What are vidya w…[View]
391022294dead game?[View]
391035782Can we save PC Gaming at this point or should we just forget about it?[View]
391036721n-now they've got mods in breath of the wild. This can't be happening... https://www.youtu…[View]
391033969Is it just a meme to hate this game or does everyone here actually hate this?[View]
391036616How video is your game?[View]
391036178I kinda want him in Fire Emblem Warriors.[View]
391036507>Spending money on microtransactions >Buying cosmetic DLC How low does your IQ have to be to f…[View]
391034950I'm ready bros[View]
391036440I just bought this and I thought I'd play the demo while I wait for it to arrive. I haven…[View]
391008098Dragon's Dogma Thread[View]
391027464ITT: Games you suspect still have undiscovered secrets.: Pic obviously related. Of course Nintendo c…[View]
391036395Tell me about the last few games you played /v/ What did you think about them? Would you recommend t…[View]
391032373Is anyone willing to trade an account with PUBG for an Origin account with a couple of games (Fifa 1…[View]
391001761Say something bad about your favorite game[View]
391021318OpenXCOM Thread: So its that time again. We beat back the Red Dawn and have them contained. We will …[View]
391034958ITT: Oh yeah, that game exists[View]
391034914Anyone else completely disinterested in sports games? I just find them to be the lamest games in exi…[View]
391035012>game has a cooking mini game[View]
391030403>look up video walkthrough for a game >30 second intro playing dubstep over scenes from sonic …[View]
391022758Which is the proper cancel button?[View]
391033837The Worst of The Worst League Skins: League of Legends has a lot of skins, in fact, it makes most of…[View]
391034174Are you excited for the future of the Half Life franchise?[View]
390991749>dps >msq stops with 5000000 exp grind til next quest >'oh it'll be fine just run cast…[View]
391032338Why on earth aren't you playing it?[View]
391033298What is your favorite game that is generally considered shovelware?[View]
391017796>serious character gets turned into a walking joke I hate when that happens…[View]
391032698Which Persona 5 character would you like to see most in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle?[View]
391021879Post games /v/ was wrong about: Aka games /v/ hates that are actually good[View]
391035237Why are they here What did they do to deserve being stuck?[View]
391032490Okay /v/ i need help. What are some good diving related games[View]
391027674Just designed my new Xbone controller...: What do you think /v/?[View]
391030282why is this allowed?[View]
391033994>Tfw FF13 was better than FF15 a game I waited 10 years for[View]
391035065Does anyone want to buy CorddroC's game or aileelia's game?[View]
391034942Sounds/phrases/quotes in gaming that get you hype as fuck every time you hear them[View]
391034893Hearts of Iron 3: Holy fuck, this is on a completely different level than HoI4. They don't even…[View]
391029792The Kojima Ruse Cruise Sails Again: http://gematsu.com/2017/09/left-alive-third-person-shooter-set-w…[View]
391034850Minecraft Server - Licentia.: Licentia is a 1.12.2 semi-vanilla, pvp and survival anarchy server cre…[View]
391026460>YOU EE AIR What did he mean by that?[View]
391034710When exactly did videogames switch from being nerd wish fulfillment to 'Chad' self insertion?[View]
391034519Is Bloodborne the Dark Souls of the Soulsborne series?[View]
391022713I think I'm about to crack and buy a Switch lads Talk me out of it[View]
391033917Why do people shit on the Zone of the Enders HD Collection?[View]
391029006>no good MMOs to mindlessly grind in while watching netflix for 16 hours a day why even live…[View]
3910134122017 is the year the 3D platformer was saved. Which ones have you played? Are you looking forward t…[View]
391019581Mick Gordon is a fucking hack: He had one job and fucked it up, instead of glorious heavy metal he c…[View]
391030481Can I play Baldur's Gate 2 without playing the first one?[View]
391030035nvm the squirrel[View]
391030914HoI4 is on sale. How does it compare with HoI3?[View]
391026748>Any given Mario game is better than any given Sonic game. Is this true or no? Could it be argues…[View]
391031497What went so right?[View]
391031626We need more /v/ sings on youtube. Who wants to help get it there? I'm thinking of singing Coll…[View]
391033616When is the SSB4 update going to hit freeshop? pic unrelated[View]
391030318Is he a Nintenbro? Serious question.[View]
391013507Battlefield 4 is on sale for $25 and Battlefield 1 is on sale for $40. I want one of these games. Wh…[View]
391033442TECHNOLOGY thread[View]
391033878This need to be fixed.[View]
391022802Ordos is the best faction, right?[View]
391026416Becoming a Twitcher.: What's it like to stream on Twitch, anon? Is it good for some side income…[View]
391011652Drawful/jackbox: Let's drop the anger for a sec and play some games together! Watch the game: h…[View]
391021086What are the best lovecraftian games?[View]
391031969Why, Marc Laidlaw?: >tfw you'll never be able to play through the 7 Hour War…[View]
391030001why is everyone here so cynical? aren't you supposed to be ENJOYING this 'hobby' of y…[View]
391022749Post your favourite game and I'll tell you exactly why its shit.[View]
391031757After replaying all the souls games because I'm currently unemployed I spotted this game. Is it…[View]
391033401Are there any games that out right refference other games? Not like a plumber that wears red and blu…[View]
391033209What the fuck is this? http://www.dmm.com/netgame/feature/galmetal.html[View]
391033284WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT AND WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpDBIfa…[View]
391028149>game doesn't have friendly fire[View]
391033185I just finished this and I didn't expect feels at the end of a silly game. Well done kurwas.[View]
391029926What is /v/'s opinion on the first female protagonist in Danganronpa main series? We hyped for…[View]
391032381Things like this makes me depressed. Any shovelware with enough marketing can sell[View]
391021113Name a better boss fight.[View]
391023613Vaporware general?[View]
391032960What games have the best chainsaws?[View]
391025571Post shitty cover art >muh gun[View]
391031426Why aren’t there more games made about New Zealand[View]
391031798Is it okay to have active saves on all three games at the same time?[View]
391009295You are planning on playing this with the eng dub right? I mean you are a real Dragon Ball fan right…[View]
391030209Lets talk about Warcraft 3, the best strategy game of all time[View]
391023335HOLY SHIT RPG of the Decade? It's literally better than the Witcher 3[View]
391031979new gameplay footage makes this look like fallout 4: redneck edition really ubisoft?[View]
391032152Poll time: which recent 2D platformer was the best return to form? http://www.strawpoll.me/13980711…[View]
391031789Were point and click adventure games simply the walking simulators of their time?[View]
391028094How do we fix the Fallout franchise, or alternatively, how do we fuck with Bethesda for ruining the …[View]
391032121Factorio: Goddamn this game is more addictive than heroin.[View]
391021114What am I in for?[View]
391032109Just beat this and realized I owe MercurySteam an apology.[View]
391031974D9DH7-N4PNZ-MMR8E Enjoy[View]
391010364This is Volgin Say something nice to him https://youtu.be/IKTb3Ew0xFw[View]
391008470What are some games where it really feels like you're killing people? I mean where there's…[View]
391031135How comfortable is the Vita for rhythm games? I'm thinking of selling my PSTV so I can get a re…[View]
391029928Lets say Konami ports Harmony of Despair to modern consoles and PC and adds in some new maps and cha…[View]
391031794just beat oxenfree /v/ what do i do with my life now[View]
391031385Wolfenstein 2 Pack Sale: https://www.bundlestars.com/en/bundle/wolfenstein-the-new-order-plus-the-ol…[View]
391024206>I don't like this game because it's not open world enough This meme needs to die. Open…[View]
391022673When you play as England on a mostly oceanic Civ 5 map and it hits the Renaissance Era.[View]
391027342>Game has .38 special ammo >It's incompatible with .357 magnum revolvers What are some un…[View]
391028897What went so horribly wrong?[View]
391026820Is it a hoax? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGN6QXv7sfs[View]
391027302Holdfast Nations at War: Is it good?[View]
391026301Who are the best witches in vidya?[View]
391016668ITT: We rate each other's 3x3s. What do you think?[View]
391030342Does PlayStation Store has Steam-like big sales in December every year? I want to pick up Persona 5 …[View]
391031140Project Cars 2: Are we ready??????? Torrent clients prepped???? Apparently its basically Toca3 all o…[View]
391020513I want wolfenstein to go back to fun paranormal bullshit[View]
391031072>finally join master race >always wanted to play civ >loved civ-rev on 360 >see outright…[View]
391030582Did it have a good library of games?[View]
391031030>game has a sex appeal slider[View]
391030793okay so i've just started this game and what the fuck? >kill boss >bonfire >walk 5 met…[View]
390999278No Persona Costumes for Sonic Forces PC: Not only will PC Never Ever get Person, they won't eve…[View]
391030870>The all-rounder class does everything well and is overpowered for multiple patches in a row…[View]
391021208How do I play a rogue in Vanilla WoW[View]
391017821ITT:casuals filters[View]
391026013>You never did get it, did you, Carl? I need to check on things in the hood. Man, that's the…[View]
391030146He's gonna be in, right guys?[View]
391028295>game gives a paraphrased version of a choice >it means something completely different to what…[View]
391030542>have to keep resuming installation ever minute to get battlefield 4 to install Don't fall f…[View]
391021121Outlast: Outlast is free for steam with dlc on humble https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-del…[View]
391028591Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed: Anyone up for a game? Had a decent party going last nig…[View]
391022876Post a better designed puzzle game than The Witness, you cannot.[View]
391029745Yakuza Thread: Majima feels Makoto's God Hand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmp5I_BULzs…[View]
391030134https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6vsm4XNx1A >New EDF game announced >It looks like insect arma…[View]
391028492Have you ever been spoiled on a game's plot/ending and still enjoyed it?[View]
391026397what even is this thing?[View]
391029536Prevent me from ending it all tonight. Hint: you c[View]
391029083Why did Desura die?[View]
391008801Zelda BOTW Wins Game Of The Year Award at Japan Game Awards 2017: Japan Game Awards 2017 was held at…[View]
391029862Amazing cosplay thread Post the best cosplay from vidya that you know of Pic related[View]
391026570>even this is open world now but why?[View]
391026375Review the last game you played[View]
391029598Assassin's Creed 2: What is it about AC2 that makes it so much compelling? Why has no other AC …[View]
391025852This is my husband, say something nice about him[View]
391028985What are some games[View]
391028176>everyone sucking off divinity 2 >get divinity 1 >cool murder mystery quest, pretty nice so…[View]
391027874The Teen Titans Go! of Mario & Luigi[View]
391026751I don't like these things! I don't like these things at all![View]
391027750Heather Mason[View]
391028845Forgotten games.: Anyone else remember this gem? It was the first and only WRPG I ever played on th…[View]
391028174>Final Fantasy >started off as a huge hit, even non-fans know a decent amount about the series…[View]
391029231Is current gaming so easy and casual that it is causing actual brain damage?: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
391028042Did she at least think about it?[View]
391019476A MAN WITH NOTHING TO LOSE...[View]
390985486Metroid Thread: How would you feel if the Metroid games pulled a roll reversal? Prime 4 takes place …[View]
391021682Grand strategy thread. What are you playing?[View]
391022806Name a better DBZ game hint: you cant[View]
391023421>XBONE X GRAPHIC TECH GAME >NO SOFT PARTICLES What did microsoft mean by this?…[View]
391028289Rayman Ledgends Definitive Edition: Is this worth getting for the switch?[View]
391025267>mom discovers phone games[View]
391004405is this the most overrated game of all time?[View]
391024578>Beat Zelda & Mario Rabbids. >Got bored of Spla2n, Mario Kart and ARMS >Have no games n…[View]
391017046Powerlevel fags, time to settle it down. Who is the most powerful ninja robot from Platinum, Raiden …[View]
391028091What was his fucking deal?[View]
390990797Divinity Original Sin 2: Non-shitpost edition. How good was this battle?(pic related) What character…[View]
391025442https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe IT'S FREE[View]
391006091Is there anything more embarrassing than buying a Japanese game from a female cashier? Besides possi…[View]
391025860>demon's souls was almost 9 years ago >wii was 11 years ago >dmc3 was 12 years ago …[View]
391017835Golden joystick awards: http://www.gamesradar.com/goldenjoystickawards/ Looks like this travesty has…[View]
391026529Okay /v/ why the FUCK did you trick me into buying this?? WHERE are the FUCKING SOCIAL LINKS? WHERE …[View]
390982854Permanent Competitive Play Bans Incoming: >Next week, we’re taking another step to help reduce un…[View]
391027746Anyone had their console dispatched yet?[View]
391023854This game is terrible >First half of the game is almost entirely linear, trying to set up a reall…[View]
391027692ITT: DoI Opinions: So how does /v/ like this game? Personally, I enjoy it, despite its quirks. Proba…[View]
391027467Turns out Snipperclips is pretty good.[View]
391027636What went wrong?: http://www.hd.square-enix.com/eng/pdf/ar_2017en.pdf >Games as a Service is a co…[View]
391023924I'm looking for a single player role playing game to get lost into, but not to much reading. I …[View]
391024332Help be pirate EU4 DLC: Bought the base game on steam for $10 and saw a thread here a few days ago t…[View]
391025372I've recently started to play SM64 and I was thinking about something. Holy fucking shit, the c…[View]
391023903What is the current state of Minecraft ?[View]
391012712>Yfw the only reason /v/ hates Overwatch is because they are bad at it.…[View]
391025938>nintendo says they can't make games like f-zero anymore due to them being repetitive >m…[View]
391021690The original is PlayStation is one of the greatest and most important video game systems ever made. …[View]
391013875Can somebody explain to me why morrowind is considered the best elder scrolls game? Skyrim fag here,…[View]
391023275Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
391025908MGS3 Looked like that?[View]
391026619Pandemic II: Alright boys, let's do this Realistic Type and disease name[View]
391024803Game Mysteries we will never solve[View]
391025252The hd remake is like 2 bucks on steam right now. What am I in for?[View]
3910224962-st3p gu1d3 2 w1n @ Sm4sh: Steppe 1: CLOBBA Stehp 2: Win[View]
391026630http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/20/super-mario-odyssey-hands-on-preview-platform-of-choice-6942636/ >F…[View]
391026345RPGs are awful. Every single one of them from across all the shitty subgenres. Horrible, no skill ga…[View]
391022042After playing and enjoying the following games, I am pretty much ready to put away my PS3 forever: B…[View]
390999887Halo 3 Backwards Compatibility: THE TIME HAS COME... AND SO HAVE I[View]
391011964Octopath: What is your favourite class and why is the BITCH[View]
391026267WE WUZ JEWS N SHIET[View]
391025902Ps4 vs Switch: >nephews playing fifa on ps4 >Suddenly gotta go out >Cant finish their games…[View]
391022638Due to relationship problems and excessive bullying, Midnight Animal is cancelled. Are you ready for…[View]
391023759It's driving me crazy that I don't know what's in that hole in the ceiling of the par…[View]
391026052BTS:chloe thread: god she's so lovely cunt[View]
391006941Sony didn't announce it...: Why didn't they kill off the switch? They could have done it. …[View]
391019470>Have Minecraft on 360 >Have alot of DLC,skins texture packs what not > Get Xbox one s Mine…[View]
391024510Steam review changes: >Dota 2 gets hoards of negative reviews due to the new card game >Implem…[View]
391016683Literally /v/: The Boss[View]
391024565Why can't SJWs make their own fucking games instead of leeching on to well known and well respe…[View]
391020295REALLY tempted to get this. I know how video game tattoos are normally recieved on /v/, but I can…[View]
391023017>Change the theme song after the 3rd game >The 6th and final game includes a somber echo of th…[View]
391025608Name a character with more annoying waifufags than her. You can't.[View]
391023831should I pull the trigger?[View]
391024058LEGO Island again: >>391003247 I posted earlier asking for questions about LEGO island, becaus…[View]
391025306>This game is great! >What do you like about it? >[story shit, writing, kino shit, 'epic' …[View]
391012091So does anyone want to talk about how batshit insane the final boss to Kirby: Planet Robobot was?[View]
390999207How innovative was Pac-Man's enemy AI? Seems like a huge step up from a couple of pixels being …[View]
391022215When will we get a Project Diva game with the content of Future Tone and the visuals of the home con…[View]
390973428Do you realize the butthurt Forces is going to bring? It's the follow-up to Mania, the game tha…[View]
391025182When will the SNES mini review be embargo be lifted?: We will finally learn if Star Fox 2 is the rea…[View]
391024089What did it do?[View]
391002547Post the objectively best game in a franchise. I'll start.[View]
391023331This is the last good James Bond game, and it's >13 years old. What happened?[View]
391023693Well I fell for the gaming computer meme. I bought it online and it should be getting it in a few da…[View]
390991936Is Moogy-denka right about Persona 5? http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spsblb >I am very, very t…[View]
391023527Where is the line drawn when playing video games for you? For instance, when is it okay to play vide…[View]
391024025Which one is better?[View]
391024545>event for Castle to get a limited charm >no one plays Castle anyways >mfw I'm Ubisoft…[View]
390975609What the fuck? This should be a controlled substance.[View]
391024502Lego batman the game thread: capekino[View]
391020528Are they the worst Mario characters?[View]
391016825That seems about right[View]
391021475>Still no fucking sequel >Hasn't had an update since 2012 >6000 players daily How much…[View]
391024267doing a literary survey of gothic literature throught the semester. what' some goth-y vidya to …[View]
391019248Fallout 4 institute query: So I've just completed fallout 4 with the institute, having previous…[View]
391022407City Shrouded in Shadow: Its not fucking fair the japs always get the best exclusives. https://www.y…[View]
391017902Is Niche fun? I was following it and I received email about it being released today.[View]
391018273What game has the best English voice acting?[View]
391020501Its thursday[View]
391021271>Nintenfags will never get to play this Feels good to be Masterrace[View]
391012095Hey, kid... Wanna see some magic?[View]
391023573The great debate[View]
391018238>super move is just the regular signature move with a spin on top of it…[View]
391020995Is it fun now, or it's still a piece of shit with cheating A.I. ?[View]
391023704Flavor of the year?: Ok so now that we can agree that it is not flavor of the month and is sticking …[View]
391023583Where can I find a download link?[View]
391022657So was there a 'nice' part of Midgar?: Like a fancy section on the plates as opposed to in the slums…[View]
391021780>happy birthday, anon![View]
391023125Anyone actually get this shit to work? I can't be the only anon who's never connected thei…[View]
391021380Censored the most games in 2016: Can they do it again this year?[View]
391020456Pc master race btfo[View]
391013747Give me some games where i can beat the shit out of goblins.[View]
391021703>Registration date : 22/06/2010[View]
391020154This is the best survival looting game in the market at the moment, right? >Populated servers …[View]
391012565Where's Halo 2?[View]
391019234How long until the hype for this game dies just like all the other anime-to-game adaptations?[View]
391009521Shantae Half-Genie Hero is getting a physical release with all DLC included Shame that the game wasn…[View]
391021338What games have where there are razors? Bonus if they are usable.[View]
391020043Best zone. Hands down.[View]
391016664This is now canon.: How does that make you feel?[View]
391020105>life is shit >also cry because of it >play VNs to escape the shitty reality >characters…[View]
391021962what are some games not named hitman with creative kills? webms welcomed[View]
391022427Square Enix is looking to get Epic Games support to tailor FFXV to nintendo switch: >'It wasn…[View]
390981716Are you exited for Monster Hunter World? What Character will you make? Boy or Girl?[View]
391020008ITT: Flawless 10/10 level designs.[View]
391021514Is this a good game?[View]
391022252*Steals your hyper potion*[View]
391013319Amazing no one on /v/ ever bothered to post this. Here's how Switch stacks up to some other han…[View]
391015642Anyone else wished to go back to the OG 3DS after upgrading?: I don't know why, my N3DSXL is am…[View]
391021448>that one arcade cabinet in the corner of a barcade collecting dust and nobody plays >check th…[View]
391011926Sly Thread: AND YOUR SUIT SUCKS[View]
391008383Have you ever used a videogame guide on the internet for help?[View]
391020565---------------------------- I sing for you...[View]
391011026this shit right here fucked me up *boom* >staff member has died (-30 heroism) *boom* >staff me…[View]
391020719This is Chris Redfield. He likes punching things. So something nice about him.[View]
391021875When will it die?[View]
391017993Webm thread Keep it vidya pls[View]
391021516Destiny 2: Im Having trouble With Destiny 2. Im Loving The Campaign And Story its All Amazing But I …[View]
391021531what are some games where cute characters get bullied?[View]
391021713Best games ever made for the playstation 1 >Einhänder unbeatable soundtrack/gameplay…[View]
391018736Why are kikes ruining vidya?[View]
391017454/bst/ Post your Battlestations: Get in here[View]
391021298/comfy games/: Post comfy games and discuss why FTL is the comfiest.[View]
391021171Is it going to suck, /v/?[View]
391005294Outlast free on Humble: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe enjoy[View]
391021142Which games never reached their full potential? Pic related due to how much was completely cut out d…[View]
391011754What did you say about Sonic Forces? Say it to my face, wimp![View]
391021079ITT: images you quite literally and figuratively cannot post anymore[View]
391017592Is it worth buying?[View]
391020141is this worth playing if i hated persona 3?[View]
391020880What is TGS 2017? Will they have discussions and stage demos and all the nice things like E3? So far…[View]
391019637Even more FREE stuff coming to Bomberman on Switch. There's Grand Prix Mode and 3 more chars. …[View]
391020813Naofumi Hataya: Naofumi Hataya is the God of video game music. Prove me wrong.[View]
390988886Dishonored: Death of the Outsider: This was a good little game. Billie is alright. The levels were w…[View]
391020750They ruined Cackletta's Soul theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itc1mtd7nEk[View]
391014928EA's attempt to sabotage Project Cars CEO: Scum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wX4QX68_uc…[View]
391006158Why is it that Japanese games more fun than Western games?[View]
391004316https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiwUXeIx9z4 Now you don't have to buy the game. Thanks IGN! …[View]
391019272So in the 80's this is what little boy tough was 'cool' What do little boys today think is 'coo…[View]
390980991Xenoblade Chronicles thread - X Edition Anybody still playing it?[View]
391018503I bought a new headset which plugs into my motherboard's audio out (and in ofc). Although the h…[View]
391017442>alpha >beta >dlc >pre-release Why is this so accepted?…[View]
391006716Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
391017978Hey anon-chan, want to play together?[View]
391015387This is the first video game boss in history. He doesn't like thieves and gets angry when peopl…[View]
391007982>Game tries to be funny >It isn't What's her namae?…[View]
391019762I don't really mind your flaws, as long as you like Skyrim.[View]
391019913Lost Planet Series: Anyone else wish they made another sequel to this? (Without the co-op bullshit o…[View]
391018995ITT: Wasted potential/Developer abandonment[View]
391016565Did /v/ like RE7?[View]
391018752>game has a priest class >doesn't let you bless the rains down in Africa…[View]
391019854Marvel Future Fight of: https://youtu.be/QnKtvIy1osI[View]
391013370Yes it's one if those: Lets have another anti-bethesda thread >tried to implement paid mods …[View]
391013738You think Japanese companies will ever catch on to the fact that not porting games to PC won't …[View]
391017729Why does she look so superior to the rest of the cast? And she's a DLC character?[View]
391019530Stick with the prod.[View]
391018073>There will NEVER be another game that features an artstyle akin to the immensely detailed, uniqu…[View]
391017928Was it ever good?[View]
391014050metroid: Samus's exploits: One planet, Ah ah ah![View]
391014986What are the must play games for 2017?: Both released and unreleased.[View]
391017791Paradox Grand Strategy Games: These are on sale right now. Which ones are worth getting? Is any of t…[View]
390948754Please man, where is it? Don't be like this[View]
391010545Monster Hunter is CUTE. CUTE![View]
391017820wats the best vers of ffiv ?[View]
391018250Misunderstood masterpiece?[View]
391018042what would you do if VR got advanced enough to be like a holodeck? what kind of game would you play?[View]
391018783>try to finish some DS games I never got to playing >the majority of them are touch screen gim…[View]
391018778>tfw Digimon video games are doing everything right and still don't sell much…[View]
391019010Fuck this game, it's all over the place in my country[View]
391017265What are some good PSP games? Or is there an infographic for that?[View]
391018130>Far Cry 4: Buddhists don't give a shit. >Far Cry 5: American Christians go apeshit even …[View]
391015603Imagine if raiden grabbed your balls and smashed them like he does with the spines lol[View]
391018902This is Castlekino[View]
391015861Is the Forza series any good?[View]
391018839>download from steam >starts with >1MB/s >always drops to >90kb/s in the next minut…[View]
391018806Mods Reloaded: Does anyone here use the site Mods Reloaded? It caught my interest but I'm conce…[View]
391017506fuck this piece of shit[View]
391017532Has VR gone too far?[View]
391014206>'I WANT DRUG!! NOWW!![View]
390982127>Only came out 2 weeks ago >Already forgotten What went wrong?…[View]
391018587This is a good game. Just admit it and move on.[View]
391015841Is this what the Boss actually wanted?[View]
391018174>the Varia suit in Fusion Mode is green What?[View]
391010568Is DMC 5 happening? tonight the night bros?[View]
391017660No Chameleos no buy[View]
391016021expectations vs reality[View]
391013796We need this project backed, goyims!: Another dinosaur game is up on Kickstarter, goys. https://www.…[View]
390987509>bad ending is canon[View]
391016837Are you buying gold and silver tonight?[View]
391011376Digital Foundry: Doom Undocked: Most ambitious cross platform Switch port yet “Utterly insane, how d…[View]
391015462>3DS For what fucking purpose?[View]
391015142About to play Dishonored 2. Which character is more fun[View]
391000428Switch or a PS4? What do you guys think?[View]
391017979Games in Tv/Film: ITT Cringey uses of real video games in tv and film. Wasn't able to get a cli…[View]
391016845So I finally got around to playing your game, Katawa Shoujo. So far I'm still in act one and en…[View]
391013282Consoles are to Apple as PC gaming is to Android True or False[View]
391016406As someone whom'st grew up playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, would I enjoy this?[View]
391017062Stellaris: I'm seeing some reviews saying that I need the DLC to get the full enjoyment out of …[View]
391015332Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How Morrigan is so much better than Yen but Dragon Age is so mu…[View]
391015954It's okay /v/. You still have me.[View]
391014653You did pick stormcloak anon didn't you?[View]
391015638>be australian >cant buy anime tiddies ITS JUST NOT FAIR…[View]
391014008new mystery dungeon on switch when?[View]
391017431Pikmin thread: I only played the first 2 Pikmin games. Never got the third one and didn't even …[View]
391005196what is the best version of tetris?[View]
391015791So who here has played spv 3 and if so what are your thoughts on it. I personally found it amazing p…[View]
391015817Just finished this and had Chris, Sam and Jess survive. What did /v/ think of it, who did you have s…[View]
391016073So when will the ps4 get its multiplayer masterpiece?[View]
391015292How did I do, /v/?[View]
390999491Should we go above the standard 60 fps?[View]
391016934>he has a variation/spin-off of his real life name as his in-game name literally anywhere…[View]
390967849Dead or Alive: Who is best girl?[View]
391017014Im RedField https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3tfVATuTQA[View]
391003247LEGO Island: (Newfag here.) Hey /v/, does anyone have any questions about the development or creatio…[View]
391014924how to fix c2-12828-1[View]
391013690Is it pronounced 'Marry-Oh' or 'Mar-eeo'?[View]
391011876>Crtl+F: Klonoa >0 Results For fuck's sake /v/…[View]
391016713If I buy an 'Ori and the blind forest' key for xbox, it it going to be the definitiv edition? alread…[View]
391016687Finding an old game: hey /v/ Im looking for a game i used to play around 7 years ago. It was an onli…[View]
391005276Based Microsoft! Phil 'Good Guy™®' Spencer does it again!!![View]
391016221if mercy, genji and hanzo didn't exist, overwatch would be a far better and less frustrating ga…[View]
391016524To me it's very interesting seeing the Japanese fanbase of western games, seeing how they perci…[View]
391006380So as Crash Bandicoot added things like coco as playable character in all three games and time attac…[View]
391013543>Character customisation in an fps[View]
391006492let us take a moment to discuss the single greatest expansion of all time tbcucks, vanillaturds and …[View]
391015926People who speedrun vs people who get 100 percent in lego batman the videogame[View]
391005746Redpill me on Alpha Protocol, it's on sale[View]
391015812why is this allowed[View]
391013169RTS games: Are there any good RTS games to play online in 2017 aside from AoE 2?[View]
391008837Is Star Citizen a scam?[View]
390969854I know Bloodborne has reached meme status round here but I seriously can't get over how excelle…[View]
391015641Objectively worst game from whole Souls/Borne series.[View]
391013194how is she able to skip all those digivolutions is she a high tier tamer?[View]
391011859For the 10-20 patricians who play Absolver on /v/, apparently all 6 of the new masks are waiting for…[View]
391011134Why can't modern video games do mirrors?[View]
391006803>Blocks your path And no, you can't use the Z-saber or Gold chip[View]
391013621>It's not being ported by id There's you have it. That's why it's so shit. W…[View]
391015253Darkest Dungeon: 'i wonder what's in that diary' edition[View]
391010887>Respects its IPs >Ports its biggest titles to PC now. >Actually makes games for Nintendo. …[View]
391013508Family Freindly Thread: I want to buy a console that has decent family games that doesn't cost …[View]
391014715Why look, an otter in my waters... Life is Strange thread[View]
391014425>game gives you a world full of content >you use fast travel to go evewhere and never see any …[View]
391012106What should I play today, /v/? I already know I have awful taste, so telling me that won't help…[View]
391004180one of these threads[View]
391013243I think that hiveswap was enjoyable, but not really a game at all. I don't think there was any …[View]
391014802>a fucking card game AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJ[View]
3910147534chan stats: Posting this here for everyone who likes statistics and likes to follow up on how is 4c…[View]
391014697>Japanese game >sword can shoot beams[View]
391014537Is moving towards casual gaming related to age or current year?: As I grew up, I stepped away from e…[View]
39100306130fps with drops, 540p with drops, FOV around 40 degrees horizontal all that with graphics lower tha…[View]
391011148Peach Beach Splash: >grindfest Why is this allowed?[View]
390994996>/v/ tells you game is hard >get a 100% shield >game is moderately difficult and easy at ti…[View]
390999783Is this the worst MGS game? I think gameplay was shit.[View]
391012906ITT: Nintendo series that won't get an entry on the Switch.[View]
391014542Did you remember to vote today, anon?: http://kirby.nintendo.com/battle-royale/#kirby-25th…[View]
391010915>Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is Switch's best-selling non-Nintendo game I'm so happ…[View]
390941132/V/idya drawthread: Previous Thread >>390894839 >Post character name/franchises and referen…[View]
391010239Is this Sandbox Kino?[View]
391011809Thoughts on this character?[View]
390968068GODDAMN Yakuza thread[View]
391012594So many fucking games: There are so many games that I won't be able to play through them unless…[View]
390987520>'One copy of Senran Kagura, please'[View]
391012770>be medic >E[View]
391009161This just in: Nintendo's famous mascot Zelda can wear black face in newest title. Has Japan gon…[View]
390997712Why does it hold up so much better than 2?[View]
391013646Is this worth a tenner if I only care about campaign and maybe co-op?[View]
391012964What are some games where one of the characters has a stereotypical evil/baddie design but ends up b…[View]
391010282>wh-who cares about 4k?[View]
391009020Can you be 'too old' for video games?: At what point did you realize you were past your pr…[View]
391013023>tfw your favorite game made a miraculous comeback It feels good, /v/ros…[View]
391013642>want to take advantage of this promo >look at eligible games >my tastes are nowhere that n…[View]
391011948An 8/10 game that is as overrated as polan and made out to be the second coming of jesus. Is there a…[View]
391011112Was this game a fluke? Even the earlier Bethesda games weren't as good as it like Daggerfall, a…[View]
391013123VVTZ: Why doesnt anyone talk about Virgo VS The Zodiac? What do you like about it?[View]
391013563EU Commission Report: Computer Games piracy leads to more 27% sales in the EU: https://cdn.netzpolit…[View]
391013483What faggot unironically likes vanilla Pac-Man?[View]
391011407STALKER: Hey /v/, I'm looking to play Shadow of Chernobyl and was wondering which mods were bes…[View]
391008901Sonic and Metroid[View]
391013223>was going to buy a PS4 >remember it is powered by AMD pajeet garbage and the royalties are ke…[View]
391012259Why are folks fawning over this game exactly? It's battle royal except everyone has automatic w…[View]
391012013FIFA 18: >Sony has marketing deals >Xbox can play it 5 days earlier thanks to the EA access. L…[View]
390994615> 30 Dollar MP-only game > Came out less than 2 months ago > 19 Concurrent players Has anyo…[View]
390987870This is the truth[View]
391004863Obsidian drops Paradox Interactive for Pillars of Eternity 2: >Independent games publisher Versus…[View]
391013021JUSTICE LEAGUE GAME IDEA: I have an idea /v/ Would Rocksteady make a good Justice League game? >e…[View]
391013070Zenimax on suicide watch[View]
390968906This is a 16 year old high school student. Say something legal to her[View]
391012432Depth Free Weekend: Before I give it a play, anything I should know? Anyone else play this? The idea…[View]
391009813*blocks your path*[View]
391012564Think of a game franchise you like /v/. Anything. Got it? Good. Kojima is now in charge of the next …[View]
391012858FFVII Remake thread: >he thinks that FFVIIR is going to be finished before 2030 >he thinks tha…[View]
390998371Where did it go wrong?[View]
391004782So Geno is in Project M now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_iBg3gO9Ck Anyone who says PM is garba…[View]
391012730EU Commission Report: Computer Games piracy leads to more 27% sales in the EU.: Denuvofags BTFO http…[View]
391008506It begins[View]
391009850ITT: Times you were scammed by /v/ I will start[View]
391012179You can hate Metroid Prime's artifact hunt, but at least the game is designed to where you can …[View]
391012340Whatever happened to the planned madeon + Sonic collab? Was he supposed to do the music for Mania bu…[View]
391008284>'Yeah, man, the new ____ game is shit.' >'Go play the older dead version with no community.'…[View]
391008113What did Sony mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QivGa7B_LYY[View]
391004527M∀RS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiu4T9WT1KY is it a mistake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i…[View]
391007735>Yeah you're Big Boss, his body double that is! You weren't even building the real Oute…[View]
391011874>tfw I sold all my retro video games because I just realized I could pirate everything I want Who…[View]
390979625Dragonball Fighter Z: MASTER LIST OF POTENTIAL CHARACTERS: *Characters listed from their initial app…[View]
391012185Did the Internet gaslight you into thinking that you never enjoyed Sonic?[View]
390996637Why is this fucking allowed, /v/? These fucking sub-humans...they don't understand good gamepla…[View]
390994383>boo-hoo-hoo why isn't this tiny handheld console as strong as a fucking ten times bigger ma…[View]
391010142The state of steam[View]
391007914Doesn't this come out tomorrow?[View]
391011918Obsidrones BTFO[View]
391008340So do we like this game?[View]
390999762Remember when Square tried to push Lightning as a real world model?[View]
391011552metroid: Samus's exploits: One planet, Ah ah ah![View]
391011842Hey, I haven't played in a while, Blacklight is still good. R-right?[View]
391011639What are some games to play while Scorpion shares some sparkling and warm mates?[View]
390958989>yfw the legend returns http://store.steampowered.com/app/668210/Super_Fancy_Pants_Adventure/…[View]
391011698HOLDFAST: NATIONS AT WAR: This game just came out. Is it better than M&B: Napoleonic Wars?…[View]
391009258Wario Land had a last chance on 2007 but it floped and now is dead >Sakamoto still believe Rhythm…[View]
391001663The Greatest Controller of all time is coming back for PC and Xbone: BIG GUYS GET IN HERE. THE DUKE …[View]
391011151>Four esports categories >A best streamer category >Game grumps nominated in everything cau…[View]
391011027GUESS THAT GAME[View]
390997206Best grimdark settings: Do you guys know any games where the whole setting is grimdark? I'm tal…[View]
391011347Do you think Hotline Miami portrays vigilantism in the most realistic way in video games?[View]
390991050Shill me the game you're currently playing.[View]
391010019He's gotten fat...[View]
391007417I've never seen a thread about Rocket League on /v/ or /vg/. Is it a normie game? >pic relat…[View]
391010942ITT: Oh yeah, THAT happened.[View]
391007174Are Overwatch ads bordering on actual porn?[View]
391010506hey /v/, remember me? drakengard thread[View]
391007194>put points in Guns >weapons now hit harder >put points in Medic >items now magically re…[View]
391006602Today is Maxine's birthday! Say something nice to her![View]
391008732>evil version of a character is developed >they become even more popular than the original How…[View]
391009056The spooky season is approaching, what vidya best represent the time of year?[View]
391009967Name a better game company.[View]
391010181ITT: Games you like that /v/ would crusify you for liking >BUT IT'S SJW! >IT HAS LGBT CH…[View]
391007590Why is this $10? It's going to die in a week. Which isn't saying much because it just rele…[View]
391010071Only a few months now until all Nintendo 64 games are finally released into public domain. Which gam…[View]
391009820>'''''Game''''' is shit because it has bad writing[View]
391004078Have you ever given a game a second chance, and ended up enjoying it?[View]
391007619How do you even go back and play a console game after using something like this? It's ruined me…[View]
391003913Why are they still holding out on PC gaming?[View]
391010085>play RPG >God(s) is a huge douchebag and forces your hand to sacrifice something and keeps de…[View]
391005574Haven't been able to find anything for dolphin. What about you guys?[View]
391003084Name one thing consumers did that made video games advance as a medium. Just one trend that is there…[View]
391007409>Spend a good amount of time in character creation >95% of the game you'll be wearing ful…[View]
391002309What game's got the best melee executions? Serious question.[View]
391010026>tfw video games stopped filling the void[View]
391006031>that one game you can't believe you've played for so long[View]
391008261Vector Strike EX: This game is actually bretty guud. I thought it was gonna suck. But I recommend it…[View]
390996156This is the best multiplayer expansion ever released. It died last night. Say something nice about i…[View]
391009138Rumours that hidden 'game' is in Nintendo Switch: >Last weekend, a user calling themselves yellow…[View]
391000573So what do we think about Planet Coaster?[View]
391004512Sonic Forces has Denuvo.[View]
391008536Post yfw when the Cyrodillic Empire actually existed irl woooow what are some other cultures made po…[View]
391004825>'Sunshine fags' >'64 nostalgia fags' Why are Galaxy fans so arrogant?…[View]
391000672>Doom is sub 30 fps >Nmh:TSB isn't a mainline Nmh >Fire Emblem Heroes runs sub 30 fps …[View]
391009105Why did the game turn into absolute trash at Act 4?[View]
390952257What was your reaction to the Conquest Ending?[View]
391009304Can a region free ps2 scratch the discs of games?[View]
391008998why is CS such an objectively shit game? Now, there's RNG, like in SWAT4, or raven shield, but …[View]
391009254https://youtu.be/uS2OKUrbh-w?t=22448 EA's studio killing process. >We made a game called Nee…[View]
391009246-On a journey to save the world -The path is treacherous. Literally. -The path takes a human form an…[View]
391006339I love my big sister velvet![View]
391009167>Anon! what do your bosmer eyes see?[View]
391005235>when you get to endgame and the world is on the brink of annihilation but also a bunch of neat s…[View]
390970931*updates the autopsy report*[View]
391008409Fish Cancer: holy shit is this boss fight badly designed or am I just shit, I've been breezing …[View]
391008751>played so much Cities Skylines everytime I see pictures of roads from above all I think about is…[View]
391004365A game it's only good if it is fun. That's the only criteria. Stop watching stupid reviews…[View]
391003227Remind me /v/, what was the name of this Gamer?[View]
391001791I just want a good Samurai Jack game.[View]
391007726What are some other games like this? Rpg games with a unique setting and are more open ended and rog…[View]
391006690Did you ever show them online?[View]
391004671https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emxwk5HIqcg What is this /v/?[View]
391006393>Search for gameplay of a game on YouTube >Find a video labelled walkthrough >'What's…[View]
390967272Fist of the north star: Actual gameplay revealed https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj1MYDs55Qs looking g…[View]
391003062Redpill me on Elysium[View]
391004865>start hearing about the stories of LowTierGod growing up >only did this because sok is dead a…[View]
391007005How can other video game writers even compete?[View]
390994789>Persona >niche series >years of anticipation >constantly attacked by the media, slingin…[View]
391007913Who was in the wrong here?[View]
391006632I don't think HL2 deserves it's praise >start in a train, fair enough a little callback…[View]
391007159>it's a reactor core level Why are they so good, bros? Ever since the original Lambda Core, …[View]
391006814>...for the curse of life is the curse of want[View]
391003635>Graphics Options >Brightness >Exit…[View]
391000459Less than 1 hour left to get Abe's Oddysee for free https://www.humblebundle.com/store/oddworld…[View]
391005609https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITXJWHOg7LE Post your Planefus faggots.[View]
391002104Never had a PsP. What are your favorite games for the system?[View]
391003506https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vJ03utcvsU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTXZvvb7RNw Say it with …[View]
391006475'There is nothing wrong with Mafia 3 and Wolfenstein'[View]
391006525ITT: 'Villians' who did nothing wrong[View]
391002896Did you just call me mommy?[View]
391006754Where is Chiaotzu now? Go wild.[View]
391006559>flagship is so bad that you have to use rathalos[View]
391006494arctic settings: anybody know any games with arctic settings?[View]
390995962It was good. But not 60$ worth. maybe a sale price of 15$ would be okay for this 10 hour game[View]
390996460>Polish game >100% white huh.[View]
390988874well then[View]
391004296Here, take it.[View]
391006596What did they mean by this?[View]
391006585>ITT: I never knew i wanted this.: Post them[View]
391005306>I don't care about reviews[View]
391006490>65% complete after two years >Implementing gameplay has been 'challenging' >New programmer…[View]
391004807ITT: redpilled characters[View]
390995916A real big fucking siege thread coming right up[View]
391002940Will they bring Magical Virtual-On to the west?[View]
390994308/V/ BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejh_Dt3z46Q[View]
390993674The great debate: Do you prefer boobplate or practical armour for vidya girls?[View]
391004124>it really is Chris welp[View]
390995701What unannounced games do you expect to see on the switch[View]
390903217So she's officially the best orange juice, right?[View]
390993234What went wrong? Is it fixable long term?[View]
391003575This is your tank for tonight.[View]
391001664Code Vein 1080p60fps gameplay. no IGN compression garbage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h8uKkTPtg…[View]
391004383itt: games you miss.[View]
391000653Selling Old Consoles: /v/ where do you sell used consoles and games you no longer want? I'm bet…[View]
391005439Am I wrong for hating the ending to Goodbye Deponia? He does such horrible shit to so many to get to…[View]
391002065Is this a fun game?[View]
391005413What is wrong with this game? It always end up shitting itself after I played through 5-6 battles an…[View]
390978329Since it's such a taboo to sexualize females nowadays, maybe we could start sexualizing somethi…[View]
391004921When I was a child I believed in the NCR, now I'm a grown up I see the Legion makes more sense.[View]
390993604give me all of the games that are worth playing on this thing[View]
391005241This is what peak performance looks like Dark souls shjtters btfo[View]
391004393Why the fuck does every modern console need multiple CPUs and multiple gigs of RAM dedicated at all …[View]
391001126So do Europoor PCfags actually buy games or is it just consolefag central over there? Without Russia…[View]
391005054>In non steam game: Overwatch why do they do this[View]
390979808Nioh time: Five days lads[View]
391001015PBS: Who are you maining? Why is it good?[View]
390994637Is Mario attractive in his world?[View]
390989345>dota, pubg, tf2, and overwatch take ski- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7wtkfQgsJg…[View]
391002027Will the next expansion for wow will be the last?[View]
391002293How much better would this have been received if it was pushed back to be a switch launch title?[View]
391004718underrated game[View]
391004678What game has the best party banter?[View]
390979340Civilization 6: Why did people lose interest? Why didn't it have the same replayability as 5?…[View]
390998171https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPpHM6CtVZw >3d Models >Demon fusion >Press turn Looks pret…[View]
391003596Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - Monster Hunter Reveal Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhQU5lVc…[View]
391004325Swing King.[View]
391004536ITT: The worst casltemania[View]
391003926What are some games with very dangerous spiders?[View]
391003353What are your feelings regarding game mods that let you use characters from other games in the modde…[View]
391002864Always wanted to track you down and hear the truth coming straight from you[View]
391004257What games let me prevent the Apocalypse?[View]
390997424What game will complete the Switch triforce of games, /v/?[View]
391001121Is this game shit or a masterpiece?[View]
391004351Are we living in the best years of japanese gaming? Ys Seven, Ys VIII, Zwei II, Code Vein, 13 Sentin…[View]
391004261>Mario accelerates infinitely by running in place >Gordon Freeman can jump absurd lengths by d…[View]
391004260At the end of Half Life 1, the G Man 'relieves Gordon of his weapons.' Why, at the beginning of Half…[View]
391001650Hidden Agenda: Where the hell did this come from? From the Until Dawn devs, It releases next month, …[View]
390998674How does the game you're playing show progression? >Previous bosses become regular mooks in…[View]
390998671GTA V is four years old. Why is it still selling gangbusters?[View]
391004150Okay, I was quite enjoying persona 5 so far. But this story moment is actual fucking bullshit that i…[View]
391004108Do you think that the PC version + modding can save this game? mods carry Skyrim pretty hard so I ca…[View]
391001645>devs claim industry is working them to death >industry keeps turning out garbage like asscree…[View]
391000463New Grand Prix mode and bombers coming for free, check Bomberman page on Facebook. Who could be next…[View]
391000750Who else /piratingmorebecauseofdenuvo/ here? The recent rash of denuvo games has gotten me back in t…[View]
391000049Would it be good?[View]
391003787Aren't you going to feed me, Hajime?[View]
391003767you can shut up now[View]
391003805Which mods allow me to sexually cuck other sims, I have an idea for a video. My friend said that /v/…[View]
391002132ILLIDIAN SENPAI YYAAMMEROOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGWuFYGuhss https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
390999342*blocks thy path*[View]
391003558Wood you play a game starring wooden DK?[View]
391003402This is Primarina-chan, say something nice.[View]
391002673ITT: Create or describe a game using buzzwords.[View]
391002249This on sale right now for $6, I already own the original and I've been hearing this version is…[View]
390995892Ace Attorney: Pic related just released for IOS/Android.[View]
391001189>Breath of the Wild >Mario Odyssey >Samus Returns Nintendo is on a fucking roll. What do y…[View]
391002662You hear it, you lose[View]
391000242Your Kingdom Hearts thread: Alright boys. Now that the dust has settled, who's the best charact…[View]
390999031What are some games where I can play is a cute boy to tide me over until Ni No Kuni 2 comes out?[View]
391001920What are some games that make no sense[View]
390995512nep rebirth 3: ok /v/ why there is so much hate at nep v ? i played rebirth v and it was in my opini…[View]
391002961What are some good fighting games and why? I want to get into the fighting genre[View]
390994767Why do fighting games on the pc die so quickly?[View]
390998018Do I buy a Switch right now or after Mario Odyssey comes out? Would there be enough stock? I'm…[View]
391002452*becomes your path*[View]
391001951Dragon Ball FighterZ: >Hear this music >Instantly your heart starts pumping >You just know …[View]
390989615So we're all in agreement that this along with CD Project Red and Warhorse Studios are the best…[View]
390997954Is this the face of true despair?[View]
391002554Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn - Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J79EBh60skU Looks awesom…[View]
390999110GOTY thread What games have you played this year? What games do you wanna play this year still? What…[View]
391002508Donkey Kong BOTW clone when?[View]
391002296So when is her game coming out?[View]
391002292So what ever happened to Tekken X Street Fighter? Who would you like to see?[View]
391002190Metroid thread: No metroid thread? Let's fix that. Just finished samus returns in 17 hours to 1…[View]
390916180Monster Hunter Stories Thread[View]
390967202new gameplay https://youtu.be/nu-WwKVTZH8[View]
390996772>Denuvo HHAHAHAHAHAH http://store.steampowered.com/app/637100/[View]
390997561For fuck's sake, what the fuck are you working on?[View]
390991149what are some interesting slow-paced action games? I'm getting old[View]
391001415What games parody old animation, besides Cuphead and CBFD?[View]
391000458Coming this Fall from a few /v/ users... The ultimate VR expeirance...[View]
391001878>bothering to update me with content i dont want from a service i will never put a cent into th-…[View]
391001835Digital vs Physical: What is your policy on console game purchases? Digital or Physical? Pros/cons?…[View]
391001825*blocks your path*[View]
390999995>Immersive Sim[View]
390992926ITT : games that don't have a SINGLE redeeming feature.[View]
390985426Now or wait until 2018.: Pre-order MH World ?[View]
390990524Which one, /v/?[View]
391001676AND IT WILL COME[View]
390997313Will it happen?[View]
391000021What games have some new mechanics or enemies on higher difficulties or NG? It would be awesome to p…[View]
391001264What's the shittiest game you like?[View]
390979502>build a $5000 pc >only play indie shits[View]
390981637>game has romance >reject all possible love interests because they only get in the way of my o…[View]
390999619>ITT games you wish were more popular: >excellent asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay >intere…[View]
391000986Hyper Dead: I'll just leave this here[View]
390999817Post Good Character Designs From The Past 10 Years: I'll start.[View]
390999829Halo 3, Halo 4 & Halo ODST are now Backward compatible: on the Xbone[View]
390995148>dfw you will never step out of the sewer and into the world full of wanderlust for the first tim…[View]
391000715Gaben release half-life 3 or Valve will be bankrupt!!!!!!!!!![View]
390991972Give me a better romance. Tip: You can't, it's impossible.[View]
391000195A well-built sniper rifle is a beautiful thing. Ours has two zoom modes, 'Up close and personal' and…[View]
391000567What game allows some realistic romance between NPCs?[View]
391000206>VNs are the best form of storytelling[View]
390978013Why is this okay?[View]
390999907does this make it better or worse? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiu4T9WT1KY >codec dialogues n…[View]
391000201>How stupid can you get? You were safe in there, you stupid fuck![View]
390984870This is a pair of Japanese Winchester repeater rifles.[View]
391000851What's the best vidya title screen song and why is it THE WIND IS PUSHING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? http…[View]
391000821DOA5 gets a new waifu: What are your thoughts on the new girl?[View]
390998780Artificial girl 4 when?[View]
390986180Final Fantasy XV: Enjoy your 3 minute cutscene faggots[View]
390999669Celebrities and vidya: Which celebrities do you know of that play video games?[View]
391000518>please maintain direct eye contact with SCP 173[View]
390991527Lord Raedric did everything wrong[View]
390996163Why did consoles used to have unique hardware like the 'Emotion Engine' and 'Reality Coprocessor', a…[View]
390999897GAME DESIGN POWER RANKINGS: 1. Gameplay 2. Visuals 3. Music 4. Story[View]
390995119Why is this games fanbase so utterly retarded? Like, literally retarded. Never did I play an online …[View]
390997671Does Gentiana have the best feet in the FF franchise? Video games as a whole?[View]
390997534Best non bullet sponge bosses: what are the best rpg bosses that are more than the normal dps and he…[View]
391000318ITT The Greatest Montages in the History of Mankind: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
390998903Well? Is the Duke correct? He is quoting people like /v/[View]
390999970Are you man enough to stop Echsenmerkel and win the german election /v/ ? http://bundesfighter.de/[View]
390992262DRAGON BALL FighterZ - Story Teaser Trailer | X1, PS4, PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQKjNSK1e…[View]
390999880What are some boring games? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJUxo-ero_8&autoplay=1[View]
390991620Doom - Nintendo Switch gameplay: Nintendo WON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eOdEkmTP0o https://ww…[View]
390998301free games: help yourself fags[View]
390997154FF XIV: >mana shift to healer and vercure to keep tank topped off so healer can spam holy to help…[View]
390994571What the fuck was his problem?[View]
390997552If we're going by canon power levels, just how powerful IS Jedah Dohma?[View]
390999263Inafune's a bottom.[View]
390997976References: Please post games that have references to other games.[View]
390998932>when you fucked up at romance dialogue and get a bad end afterwards[View]
390995407I've got an R4 on the way, what are some must play DS games, preferably ones I might have misse…[View]
390991204Why is this allowed?[View]
390995503What are some games where the main character narrates their life in a dramatic fashion?: Like Alan W…[View]
390995072Stellaris: THEY FIXED IT[View]
390998541With the oculus exclusives, vr is actually worth it now. Meet Echo Arena, 1000X more fun than all my…[View]
390951105Name a worse girl in vidya. Haha, that was a joke. You can't. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can mat…[View]
390991760*blocks your path*[View]
390997542Holy shit this is actually really good[View]
390995607Should I buy a Switch or an iPad? Obviously Switch has proper games but I really want other features…[View]
390998317If they just sold this shit as an 'expansion' instead of individual mods they could bypass the autis…[View]
390998306This faggot game is beyond repair, right?: pretty sure it is[View]
390998048Hey /v/, can you buy me a Switch please?[View]
390998273How do we fix /v/?: >Hiro said that it is allowed to have one meta thread per board for discussio…[View]
390977873Divinity: Original Sin 2: I game that is objectively worse than the first game can't be GOTY an…[View]
390990376Leave 2017 to me.[View]
390997738>Doom is sub 30 fps >Nmh:TSB isn't a mainline Nmh >Fire Emblem Heroes runs sub 30 fps …[View]
390997745Where were you when Sargeras won?[View]
390996818Is it a hoax? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGN6QXv7sfs[View]
390990142Mario thread: >Favorite 2D game? >Favorite 3D game? >How excited are you for Odyssey? threa…[View]
390997573Gungeon Thread: WE WUZ HERO edition.[View]
390989282Has /v/ ever skipped work just to play vidya?: Pic related when it first came out, I took a week off…[View]
390996546'Hey sweetie i went out and got you a shirt for that game you play![View]
390997326For Honor: tf u mean centurion is broken?[View]
390993865Battlestations: R8 h8 appreci8[View]
390995291Why is Japan so good at character designs? Why are western artists unable to compete, especially at …[View]
390980810It's ok when Japan does it LIVE: https://youtu.be/xKlAOTVwUkU[View]
390996214>tfw you know we will NEVER get a new vtmb game How do you cope with it?…[View]
390992460>Press X to tutorial Really, sega?[View]
390990227What went wrong?[View]
390991086What the fuck am I doing?[View]
390996274>voiced by troy baker/nolan north[View]
390961075BOTW thread: What do you want the DLC to add? What do you expect the DLC to add? What do you think o…[View]
390994630What dRPG are you playing, /v/?[View]
390994685fable 3 wasn't bad[View]
390990232Why aren't tourism video games a thing yet? It's not like the industry doesn't have t…[View]
390996503Show your squad[View]
390989061>final boss makes your teeth turn gray.[View]
3909924283x3 THREAD: Post 'em[View]
390996342Ben's not that bad, he's grown on me. Anyone else feel the same?[View]
390995816Best games of their respective series'.[View]
390978813>admitting a game is a mess and sucks >still defending it Are they still receiving paycheks fr…[View]
390996312ITT: Characters you want in the next Smash.[View]
390995904>ywn play vanilla Dark Souls or Demon's Souls with /v/ ever again[View]
390995561>no opponents found >no opponents found >no opponents found Well shit...…[View]
390994109DOOM SWITCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTXZvvb7RNw It looks 60fps.[View]
390995126Remember THIS shit?: Can you decipher what game it is, /v/?[View]
390994569I just ordered my 1080ti FTW3 GPU with the PG279Q 1440p 144Hz monitor. I'm upgrading from a pre…[View]
390976709Times you missed core mechanics in games: >Almost reach the end of the game without using Forms o…[View]
390992702PoE2: Pick your class.[View]
390995852Reccomend me some reccomend some good weeb games. I'm currently bored of all the games in my li…[View]
390992407Mega Man 30th Anniversary TGS 2017: Wow, it's fucking nothing.[View]
390994386>tfw you go to your girlfriends house full of morphine and ready to fuck but she's dead Path…[View]
390993441Who is the Mozart of videogames, and why is it Tim Folling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC1dTzyb…[View]
390978176So did it save XCOM 2 like Enemy Within did or did it just continue adding crazy nonsensical stuff l…[View]
390995684>Steam username is 'B-DAY IN 3 DAYS'[View]
390994382Do you like romance in videogames?[View]
390994839>Wrecks your shit in[View]
390995303Is the reason the games aren't art hiding behind the fact that game developers just don't …[View]
390990486>a ghost tried to approach me, he got larry who was larry?[View]
390994883>demolish dozens of mooks over the course of a 5 minute level >end of level cut scene shows yo…[View]
390985785Is Sonic even popular in Japan?[View]
390994898>board has post >it's about video games…[View]
390994472What's wrong with the N64 version?[View]
390994017Could a game like Uplink be made today and become successful?[View]
390993665why do people call themselfes 'gamers', this term relates to shit like pic posted. is there no bette…[View]
390972697so it seems to only get worse and worse how bad is the next one gonna be?[View]
390977758What the fuck was her problem?[View]
390992203Super Bomberman R: New free DLC announced for Super Bomberman R: >New 'Grand Prix' mode which all…[View]
390993659Release postponed to 2018. *autistic screeching*[View]
390987691Is this the pinnacle of twitch livestreaming? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGUCtncD7DE[View]
390992836>protag keeps losing all of his weapons and gear every 5 minutes >this goes on for the entire …[View]
390993362Why didn't they just remake Chrome Gadget? Instead we got a stage with more shittier music and …[View]
390993002Thoughts on this game? Does it hold up today or are there better alternatives?[View]
390993657TF2 Pyro/Jungle Update: Any day now...[View]
390994009>yfw you realize DBFz will have a tiny and incredibly dull roster Everyone is jumping on the 'law…[View]
390966295Which one is the best for gaming on PC?[View]
390994105How do I git gud?[View]
390972282How did they do it? How did they break past the curse of Overwatch? Battleborne and Lawbreakers both…[View]
390992448Project Cars CEO talks about EA attempting to sabotage his company: Scummy shit inside: https://www.…[View]
390993997nier automata: https://www.destructoid.com/square-enix-is-hiring-for-a-nier-project-462304.phtml …[View]
390993952>remake is a downgrade compared to the original[View]
390993889What AM I IN FOR?[View]
390973720Nier Automata tops 2 million copies: https://twitter.com/NieR_JPN/status/910787458421235712 JUST…[View]
390992574I had a dream where I saw symbol that looked like this. Any idea where is this from and what could i…[View]
390989885Jack > Jack[View]
390983070With my brain and your brawn, we'll make an excellent team.[View]
390986440Playstation 4 Pro: How big will the price drop be to compete with the Xbox One X™?[View]
390992652Favourite couch multiplayer: Post your favourite shoddy, low budget, buggy as fuck games for playing…[View]
390887941Use your vidya knowledge to defeat the boss.[View]
390992197https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXxDKgqBWXA NINTENDO WON[View]
390988432are there any games similar to rotmg, where you can just open up a website and it takes you to the g…[View]
390951775Left Alive trailer: >fighting wanzers with an AK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz6y3O9uuf0…[View]
390993383Evil Within 2: New gameplay. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLgU32Pxbtw[View]
390993349What are some games to play to deal with post game depression[View]
390990316Is there anyone particularly well versed in warhammer fantasy lore here that can confirm if emperor …[View]
390986860ITT: Post your face when that unbalanced piece of shit is about to die and fall into irrelevance now…[View]
390992713>final battle where you supposed to lose >not knowing this and survived anyway for an hour unt…[View]
390961445MvCI Monster Hunter Trailer: She looks dope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhQU5lVcQSg[View]
390990491Is this thing supposed to get so fucking hot so quickly?[View]
390990575If /v/ was an application on Steam, how many hours would it say you've played roughly? Would yo…[View]
390989070Are you bored of me already /v/?[View]
390992849I want to buy a phone controller (in order to play wiith emulators) and I don't know which shou…[View]
390992820What are some games that let me go on lighthearted adventures with friends[View]
390980962>This game hasn't aged well.[View]
390992851What monitor do you guys use on your PS4? How much inches? I am considering buy a 24'' ac…[View]
390987547Why don't they make games like this anymore?[View]
390987882VR will NEVER take off until it's 150$. This is a FACT.[View]
390990449Rank the Trinities[View]
390989618What went wrong?[View]
390970846What did Steam mean by this?[View]
390985041ITT: You hear it you lose-vidya edition: >To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day…[View]
390989034Divinity Original Sin 2: As a child I really enjoyed the Baldurs Gate series but I rarely enjoy any …[View]
390990068When will /v/ get over their PERSONAL ISSUES?: /v/ was wrong, accept it[View]
390983341Hi I'm from Slightly Mad Studios and I just came here to browse this board and I see there are …[View]
390991983So, I finally plateaued at rank 16 playing Kid Cobra exclusively. Is it finally time to sell my soul…[View]
390990729Is this game all about petty 'murrican college girl shit all the way through?[View]
390986853You hear it, you lose. 'Oh no!'[View]
390985407Alright /v/, I fell for the fucking vidya youtubing meme >7AM >go to make a funny video >wr…[View]
390972782VR Fail: Why do people pretend VR is viable already? Look at these pixels - SAD![View]
390976121>Many pro players/streamers of the game are constantly aggressive towards teammates, putting the …[View]
390972998Can we all agree this was the best game of the decade?[View]
390986503Name 1 (one) game that features a black female, white male relationship made in the last 10 years.[View]
390984137I mean, he's not wrong though[View]
390934598Who is having fun with this PUBG rip?[View]
390991537Porsche Caiman from le Drug-On Drugoon: >His voice isn't that bad, kind of like it, he'…[View]
390980305Did you preorder your gaming mug holder yet /v/?[View]
390984286DOOM 540P 30FPS ON THE SWITCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXktQr6EeuI HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
390990969You're buying this on the Switch aren't you?: Can play on the TV, the toilet, the bus, car…[View]
390991032GPD WIN thread: Anyone else get one of these? What are you playing on it, right now?[View]
390991228http://nisamerica.com/games/the-25th-ward/ Silver Case the 25th Ward confirmed coming West. I'm…[View]
390989131Anyone even looking forward to this? I played it on PS3 and it was boring as fuck it was just an alr…[View]
390988617Dead Island Definitive Edition: Is it worth getting for 70% off. I haven't played any zombie sh…[View]
390983178'Video Games Can Never Be Art' - Quentin Tarantino: >'Having once made the statement above, I hav…[View]
390973037Doom is 60 fps: Thread name, discuss.[View]
390990350Any chance for 1V1 or even 2V2? I remember many times in the beta doing well in a match and kicking…[View]
390989529>Weapon sucks ass but it's so much fun that you keep using it anyway…[View]
390990043you DID by the rabi ribi dlc, didn't you anon? how the fuck do i get into the new area? …[View]
390990804Why is he such a faggot? >Aonuma is given full creative control over the series with Wind Waker …[View]
390978076Thoughts?: Was it kinography?[View]
390982873what special stats do you guys give your characters when they start fresh?[View]
390977627What is the worst video game fanbase?[View]
390985484>only one unobtainable skin in the game >have it post stuff that makes you feel good and gives…[View]
390969078Resident Evil thread: >Vote for your favorite game in the series http://www.strawpoll.me/13976095…[View]
390965793NCR > Yes Man > House > Legion[View]
390987779Fight'N Rage: I fucking love this game. It feels like a love letter to all of the old '90s…[View]
390987636Samus Thread: What do you think of Samus?[View]
390989458We now live in an age where people defend RNG[View]
390989867Is he black, /v/?[View]
390989937Will you join the fight? 4 hours remaining. http://www.holdfastgame.com/ http://store.steampowered.c…[View]
390989882Lets play a game: You get to make a major business desicion for the developers of the last game you …[View]
390988970This game really dropped in quality after Anor Londo and I often feel like people praising it never …[View]
390987849Fuck EA.: EA tried to asset strip an independent studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wX4QX68_uc…[View]
390982802is playstation 2 emulation even a thing? me and my friends, total chad-bros, want to play different …[View]
390989783an ssf2 discord: Pretty sure this aint gonna work, but ya gotta try. If yall like Super Smash Flash …[View]
390983247My doctor says I have a stress-related heart problem What are some nice, relaxing games, that you ca…[View]
390987662>game heavily suggests you should only attempt thing post game or you will regret it…[View]
390950930what the fuck[View]
390987350Are there any games that let me play as an angel?[View]
390978547Monster hunter fags got btfo[View]
390984294Hi /v/ now I want to play some game which sets in Japan. Yakuza 0 or Persona 5, which is better? I…[View]
390987514>2 GOTY contending exclusives in its launch year >All those games still to come Could the Swit…[View]
390989492Edits of any kind.[View]
390949480ITT: worst guns in gaming[View]
3909877162D/10: 2D RED TO DREAD[View]
390979279NOT A HERO TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNTZLygUUzc[View]
390988413This game is awesome. Why the fuck isn't anybody talking about it?[View]
390986307Where's my Answers or Dragonsong of Stormblood? Does the expansion not have an amazing song? If…[View]
390989112How your space empire doing?[View]
390988136Guys, I finally did it. It took me 3 hours and about 200 lives, but I finally fucking beat desire. I…[View]
390986074RIP Art direction[View]
390984498Who's your favorite Dynasty Warriors character?[View]
390988796This spot marks our Dark Souls thread, you may rest here too if you like.[View]
390979064New bot names: I need 153 new bot names. Give me your worst /v/.[View]
390988620do i have to play this before 2? im not gonna play xcx because i refuse to buy a wii u[View]
390986497Dumbass can't find a game.: Hello. Yes, you guessed it. I can't find a game I have played …[View]
390987914We can agree this is the best 3ds platformer, right?[View]
390987061This map is pretty good[View]
390969997Galaxy 1 > 64 > Galaxy 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
390983218Well /v/?[View]
390987848>FPS >You can't peek around corners[View]
390985964Is this really the weakest game in the series? I never got around to playing it past the first world…[View]
390988348Which one is better?[View]
390988232>buy game >play it for 20 minutes and forget about it >pirate game >beat it in one sitti…[View]
390985231>238 video games on Steam >don't feel like playing any of them >launch a game I used t…[View]
390985713How come the best exclusive title for PS4 didn't get an upgrade for Pro? It makes no sense to m…[View]
390987432Imbecil! I'm a national treasure![View]
390985779Nintendo has spent more advertising the Switch than they did the entire Wii u life span So let me a…[View]
390983103I REALIZE[View]
390975159I've been in prison for a while, I think the last AAA game I played was Skyrim though I distinc…[View]
390967470So how does it feel knowing that the Rance series is about to end?[View]
390985439ITT we pretend to be video game journos: Staring at the promotional material of this game makes me f…[View]
390987439>his parents didn't buy him Bonestorm[View]
390987469What are some good VR games that push the boundaries of the medium? I already played Neurospeculativ…[View]
390965742Fan Art Concept: Would you play a Thai character?[View]
390987262This is fucking impossible[View]
390980451Who is she?[View]
390986447What was his problem?[View]
390981023DAILY REMINDER: Never fall for the KickStarter meme. >2 years ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
390986696Making good games bad: Think of a good video game and try to make it as horrible as possible. Horrib…[View]
390985884Do you personally like RNG or is it an old mechanic that should not exist in any form in modern game…[View]
390985709Disaster is always looming. What are your contingency plans /v/? How will you keep playing games wit…[View]
390977616What went wrong?[View]
390985262What are some games with really in-depth smithing? I want customizable weapons, armor. Maybe craftin…[View]
390982304Nintendo should retire this series for good.[View]
390986658How does this make you feel?[View]
390982658So Vanillaware are recruiting for a new game, which given George's tendency to hint at upcoming…[View]
390986643ITT : we post stories about when we caught hackers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvHIGxs6JK4[View]
390978371New fag to monster hunter is this game worth buying i hear its the hardest one.[View]
390986332'Video Games Can Never Be Art' Hideo Kojima: >'having once made the statement above, i have decri…[View]
390986345>your party is trying to escape >escape failed >the enemy is trying to flee >enemy faile…[View]
390986306Say something bad about a game you like[View]
390979335What video games do females play?[View]
390985507Predict E3 2018 What will they show? Who will win? Will Nintendo win for the third time in a row?…[View]
390979037Recommend some 3DS games for me, /v/. Going on a long trip. Pic related is what I already have[View]
390983269What kind of games are there where you can kill a lot of people? Like Hitman absolution in this Chin…[View]
390985936/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread: >>390941132 >Post character name/franchises and refer…[View]
390978426Well, /v/?[View]
390985096Microtransactions: What can we, as consumers, do to try to stop this shitty practices? I can think o…[View]
390982960Shadow warrior 2013: This game is a fucking piece of garbage, how can anyone think this game is fun?…[View]
390985681>Have you played [GAME]? >No, but I've seen the anime…[View]
390984283Was he really a bad guy?[View]
390953980Must Have Skyrim Mods. >The Kids Are Alright https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83009/…[View]
390978509Phone gamepad games: So I dusted of my old Ipega controller and plugged it in, what are some good ga…[View]
390985203Stellaris Synthetic Dawn: Now that the dust has settled, what are your thoughts?[View]
390974410Post your armorfu: Post your armorfu[View]
390977012Switch runs DOOM at 60FPS stable.: It's over. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=ca…[View]
390985353ITT: vidya terms that make your blood boil like lava: >spiritual sucesor >soft reboot >metr…[View]
390962546Metroid Prime[View]
390980152What are some games where I can kill literally everyone?[View]
390985103When will they finally go bankrupt and die? Fucking eat shit and die!!!!!![View]
390982556Which game is better?[View]
390984573I want to play an RPG. Can anyone recommend me a really good one? I find interesting characters and …[View]
39098116550,000 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor game codes to GeForce Experience users: AMD FAGS BTFO https://…[View]
390981470>enemies can open doors[View]
390983686Jet Set Radio: [Chali 2na] One of the black your contractor Attacking your backdoor, you're tra…[View]
390984917What was the hidden meaning of this game name?[View]
390983879How hyped are you for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim? Will there be food? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y…[View]
390975503Are you ready for a meditation session?[View]
390984780Damn... JRPG boss looks like that...?[View]
390978172>Game starts with a qoute about war or good and evil.[View]
390983581ITT characters the same age as you: They're twins so they both count[View]
390984541>Get Amazon Prime release day shipping >Game is supposed to arrive tomorrow >Only just now…[View]
390984528How do you feel about Digimon?[View]
390980736BLUE REFLECTION: >PC port uses mixed low quality Vita / PS4 assets PC PORT IS SHIT CONFIRMED PS4 …[View]
390977510How can shitty ripoffs of a shitty shooter such as Paladins continue to be alive while better games …[View]
390983236I know I'm late, but I can't even begin to believe you guys are eating that shit direct up…[View]
390982120Hey! Buy some artifact™ cards when it releases in 2018![View]
390979061how can someone transform from a simple Chad to elite commando jungle survivalist in 10 minutes?[View]
390977285Celica confirmed, surprising no one.[View]
390975868You, there! Stop where you are! Stay on the catalog! Don't step on the thread, it makes the A…[View]
390972890Story pack and free patch that fixes combat and shit coming out in few hours. Are you prepared?[View]
390977060>dual-wielding When will this meme end?[View]
390969359Who would win if the Forerunners and Combine fought eachother? Epistle 3 is canon for this discussio…[View]
390967492https://youtu.be/jxS_iOp4TGA?t=41 Look how scary and strong the new flagship monster is, it would be…[View]
390981390Where were you when Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga & Bowser's Minions got leaked entirel…[View]
390981594Name a better Trilogy, Protip, you can't[View]
390971972> no mini-display port CAN'T WAKE UP[View]
390983238What's a game for only the most intelligent of players? That normies simply can't play?[View]
3909832731. Why does it have hair? 2. If a sentient hat-creature from the cap kingdom wears a hat or some oth…[View]
390981803>gook games Why do people play these games? And no, erping furiously like a faggot is not playing…[View]
390981268>“it's comfy!”[View]
390965205Fallen Developers: >tfw they haven't done anything other than Call of Duty since 2010…[View]
390981780*blocks your path*[View]
390977976Shadow of the Colossus Remake: https://youtu.be/pOqXWf34mTk They fucked it up. How do we go from thi…[View]
390979364https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=sej7U2xdMTg Do you like kulbits anon?[View]
390982939ITT you attempt to post the most interesting main menu in all of video games. A menu more interestin…[View]
390977348>DOOM switch edition >drops to 30 fps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXxDKgqBWXA :^(…[View]
390965621Shadow of Mordor: Man, this game is really fun[View]
390967742Atelier Lydie & Soeur: New trailer's out, boys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFveujzrz5U…[View]
390979682Who was in the wrong here?[View]
390979165Will the next Project Diva game be based on the FT engine or the previous Diva games engine? I know …[View]
390978210This is Reinhardt from Overwatch™. Say something nice to him.[View]
390973107>delayed again >2019 Lmao[View]
390977036What went wrong?[View]
390976758You want somethiiiiing? Morrowind thread.[View]
390972789Whats your excuse for not owning a gaming pc in 2017 /v/?[View]
390981786>Dearest Marie. As the war ends for me I have no regrets.[View]
390968460>game is 'comfy' This meme has to die or get a better description[View]
390981723Fashion Souls R8 thread?[View]
390981673>videogames can't be art um, wrong again sweetie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ZrKehQ_xc…[View]
390975146ITT successful kickstarters[View]
390980937Is there a comfier game in existence?[View]
390981046https://youtu.be/wBuoexbVEFE Thoughts?[View]
390981271DDR TIPS: Hey there. I'm curious if any of you fuckers have any tips for improving my technique…[View]
390980867>Xbone X is the only way to get 4k on a budg- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw03aXdf3dI What th…[View]
390979016Why don't they make discs with two holes? it'll spin twice as fast so games will load fast…[View]
390974580Japanese RPG maker official tier list: >God tier Atlus,Falcom,Fromsoft,Monolithsoft >Good tier…[View]
390972587WWE 2k18: >Player cap from 6 to 8 >More shit added to Backstage Brawls It's no Here Comes…[View]
390981117https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7FLSI2o9rE Does the base game even warrant having all this extra co…[View]
390980830I never played anything past the Viewtiful Joe game, what was wrong with all the sequels?[View]
390979085*blocks your path*[View]
390978856>Japans favorite game is Smash >US has more entrants than Japan in Blazblue >KOFXIV has mor…[View]
390976936new Virtual-on gameplay footage: https://youtu.be/_laDWgM668Y https://youtu.be/AkEH4vy3PXM >inb4 …[View]
390978756Dark Souls 3, FROM: Brainlet: Angry that a sequel dares to reuse concepts from the series. Big Brane…[View]
390976148It looks like Kojima wears groucho marx glasses because his nose is so massive[View]
390976325Dragon 4ge when?[View]
390980379Thoughts ? How are the physics, similar to PC1 or what would you compare it with ?[View]
390980002post games with top tier bantz[View]
390979796So, how come they never made more of these games? They're great.[View]
390971834Xbox One failure: >Xbox has lots of great games >Xbox 360 has tons of great games >Xbox One…[View]
390975497Realization: I suck at video games now: It's time for me to quit. I love fighting games but I j…[View]
390970218WHO PAID YOU TO SHILL ON /v/?[View]
390976385Post what you believe represents the main userbase of a particular gaming device[View]
390966830The only way Capcom can save themselves from bankruptcy[View]
390952058How does it feel knowing that the best RPG in ~20 years will never come to consoles?[View]
390948250FF XIV: You have 10 seconds to tell me why you don't main red mage[View]
390970391So what vidya did you play today?[View]
390964845Why the fuck did they take all the criticisms of Skyrim and Fallout 3 then amp them up to 11 for Fal…[View]
390973737Is it over for our guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxycXO9fjuU[View]
390970023Personal Responsibility-Personal Responsibility Will CdRed prove thy greatness or will be destined …[View]
390951159the virgin walk[View]
390978448RE7: now the honeymoon it's over, people is really waiting for this last nail in the coffin?…[View]
390977346Gal Metal, new Switch rhythm game by Tak Fuji: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8NrocyszYM&featu…[View]
390975984I bought my Wii U in 2014, for the number of great games I bought for the system and the amount of t…[View]
390960532How well has Skyrim aged? The mechanics, structure, etc., does it still hold up compared to modern g…[View]
390969381>Completing a quest before actually receiving it gives you different dialogue >Completing the…[View]
390975413Are there any other recent attractive Western female designs other than pic related and the women in…[View]
390978667How do people not know about Rageselect.com: My favourite Lets Players ever, let me tell you why... …[View]
390975045>boss starts talking about video games >he loves fifa and red dead >you hate western games …[View]
390975849*inhales audibly*[View]
390978563Favorite Moba?: What's your favorite Moba and most importantly why do you like it more than the…[View]
390971216Tails: Any new games coming out featuring playable characters that have tails? I love tails and wish…[View]
390978601why would you be retarded enough to make a game for dead systems?[View]
390975093What does 4chan think of this videogame?[View]
390966186Is this game any fun_?[View]
390978552Metal slug general favorite metal slug? favorite weapon? favorite character?[View]
390972849Will you buy their game, /v/?[View]
390978010>sister goes missing >a mysterious dude starts complementing me on my flower gathering skills …[View]
390973625What's That?: I don't scare easily, but this part, this part got me.[View]
390977132Tonight is the night![View]
390976884I hope she made lots-a spaghetti![View]
390977719Bayonetta 2 for Pc when??[View]
390977894ARE YOU WEADY?![View]
390977078Does Demoman take skill?[View]
390977716Is 'The Life of Justin Coolidge: The Game' vaporware?[View]
390974869Oh, so you like video games, do you? Name ONE video game.[View]
390970503>Who is your favorite character? >#1: 2B (2072) >#2: 9S (1303) >#3: A2 (1126) >#4: Em…[View]
390977096>'I've hidden these eggs in places where youll never find them!' >theres an egg literally…[View]
390974020I'm playing Metroid Prime 2 for the first time, and what the fuck? Not only is scanning buttons…[View]
390971962ITT: post a game everyone is good at except you[View]
390957903BOOBS: What was your FIRST overlap of boobs and video games in your life /v/? I'm talking that …[View]
390973729Is it true that Bloodborne on PC is about to be announced?[View]
390969108Fortnite Battle Royale: Cliff, baby. What IS you doin'?[View]
390974798NieR Automata Exceeded 2 Millions Sales and Received “Japan Game Excellence Award” at Tokyo Game Sho…[View]
390973982IT'S HAPPENING[View]
390976853What went wrong?[View]
390974839what VIDEO GAMES did you play today /v/? repost because a jannie/mod doesn't understand /v/ cul…[View]
390963927>healer class can only level up by healing things[View]
390974469What's happening?[View]
390976069Steam Inventory Helper just updated to spy your activity ON EVERY WEBSITE YOU VISIT uninstall ASAP, …[View]
390976753gET mE OvErsNatCh i m3An 0vErWatcH: pls i am v p00r and i get minimal pay from asking for b0Bs anD v…[View]
390974362Filename thread[View]
390971251Any good?[View]
390975291Don't know whether to get a new gpu or a new cpu? I have a 970 twin turbo as my gpu, and an i5 …[View]
390969364https://youtu.be/sej7U2xdMTg Do a barrel roll.[View]
390975786I HATE GRAVITY[View]
390971801What's the Garden of Words of video games? In other words, what games have a good /ss/ love sto…[View]
390973971Iron Harvest: WW1 RTS Europe AU with battle mechs and power armor. What think /v/, going to be good …[View]
390974162I sound a plan.[View]
390976303ITT Vidya arguments that are completely lost on you: >'can't decide what console to get…[View]
390974408NieR: Automata shipments and digital sales top two million: http://gematsu.com/2017/09/nier-automata…[View]
390971752This is Hylian postman.[View]
390970562Apparently nobody gives a shit about U4. Why?[View]
390970204What are some games where the bad guy wins?[View]
390976202ITT: mediocre games with some cool ideas. I really loved the games sort of focus on the idea of drug…[View]
390975381Gaming shenigans and more!: What is one to do in these dire times?.....Play Skyrim. 'https://www.you…[View]
390971461Name a cuter princess Peach. Pro tip: you literally can't [View]
390976017Dude this pokemon grows weed on his neck lmao[View]
390975231It's not gonna get funded, is it[View]
390961476What went wrong?[View]
390972773What's an acceptable reason for micro-transactions to be in a non F2P game? >but muh server …[View]
390975860Is Gael the actual hero of the series?[View]
390974084Wow, that ending, what a fucking waste.[View]
390974294Is Rise of the Tomb Raider a good game?[View]
390975820a kino.[View]
390961341Half Life: I just beat this for the first time, and, WOW, what a game. Tell me though, how does Gord…[View]
390975785>be yuropoor >cant even play my fuckin game normally because of this cucked state where they f…[View]
390975606>SAO: Fatal Bullet >Melee weapons >Sub-Machine guns >Grapple system They re-skinned Free…[View]
390975667This game sold 10 million on PC alone. This game will explode on console.[View]
390973243Would you play a Nekopara platformer?[View]
390951985Etrian Odyssey /V/: >boring classes >very few classes >same ol combat >same ol graphic a…[View]
390971584>Hey, thanks for letting me have this mount >No problem, we are in the same guild after all. B…[View]
390967064What's the most toxic experience you've had in a game /v/?[View]
390972398What are some games where the main character is overpowered, but the game is still challenging nonet…[View]
390960070Will it be shit?[View]
390953308>the switch won't be popular c'mon now, nobody genuinely thought this…[View]
390971898ITT: Games that aren't great, or arguably even good, but you like any way[View]
390969835Tony Hawk General: What does /v/ think about the Tony Hawk series? I'm surprised I've neve…[View]
390967043Widescreens: I cannot sleep at night knowing that all console peasants have tunnel vision syndrome b…[View]
390969338Am I supposed to like this murderer?[View]
390973471How do you learn to stop caring about your backlog, and more importantly, stop buying games you know…[View]
390974680Where were you when Blizzard won?[View]
390965505Which chapter was the best?[View]
390966876Something tells me the only reason Zhou Tai retains his weapon is because if he hadnt the people at …[View]
390974464wtf do you think you're doing, anon?[View]
390961621Still can't believe we got rused[View]
390973548Smash bros remastered melee: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bOICUeGJfKk[View]
390972578how is your game coming along /v/?[View]
390965012Who is the best mage?[View]
390971481Has there every been a game or a mechanic in a game that made you feel like a fucking retard? >pa…[View]
390961080Why is there a black student in the persona 4? There aren't any blacks in japan.[View]
390973694Remember when video game was fun?[View]
390931986Dragon Ball FighterZ: MASTER LIST OF POTENTIAL CHARACTERS: *Characters listed from their initial app…[View]
390973030Im bored with my steam library I could take a picture if you guys want of every steam game I own. I …[View]
390974173Why did online PC games start using spyware?[View]
390963708This game looks amazing. Will it be GOTY?[View]
390973874>PC master race brags about 60fps >it looks idenical Rockstards will defend this…[View]
390973460What are some games where all of my deaths are considered canon?[View]
390973731What games have the best A.I ?[View]
390953570>new tag system and gem system gives more variety, creativity, and overall flexibility than any o…[View]
390973570Steins;Gate Elite gameplay video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Wl-Hl5t0ro[View]
390972116Any other Nintendads here excited to introduce their son to their first big Mario game?[View]
390943913This is Toobie. She had a hard life and a shitty job. Please dont bully her.[View]
390949339Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
390973184What would happen if valve went out of business?[View]
390973171why isnt Sega making a console? At one time they had 3 different consoles at the same time selling. …[View]
390957971Does /v/ believe in the Indoctrination Theory?[View]
390972632>loading screen >screen goes black >see a reflection of myself…[View]
390926982MvC:I Thread: I wanna FUCK this hunter[View]
390943553Reminder don't buy pokken dx: We at /vp/ want good spin off Pokemon games not shit like pokken …[View]
390966787Can we talk about how deliberately stupid Rockstar is being here ? Was this game even liked at all w…[View]
390971780Is there such a thing as getting too old for video games? The older i get, the more i realize that t…[View]
390965545Thoughts on AVGN's new video?: https://youtu.be/ft0aqF_Yc0A imo he's trying too hard or no…[View]
390968228Silly Dumb Game Bans: Entertain me stupid game bans you've heard or gotten heres mine I've…[View]
390965068>on l4d2 >rescue arrived >team mate got JOCKEY'ED >everyone else goes to the choppe…[View]
390971958Say what you will about rockstar but they REALLY know how to set a tone. https://youtu.be/5P3ElYrPhs…[View]
390963436What's the holdup?[View]
390971764melee hd gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOICUeGJfKk&feature=youtu.be[View]
390962754ITT: Only patrician taste I'll start[View]
390967234High speed game design: You're allowed two nouns, two verbs, and any number of buzzwords. You m…[View]
390960541Games that killed their franchise.[View]
390969810FromSoftware: >no E3 >no TGS what the fuck are they doing?…[View]
390963316If a game was good back then but isn't now, is it good?[View]
390952293Monster Hunter World: Best Boy Edition[View]
390972073What are some games that let you use your farts as a weapon? I know the Stick of Truth did[View]
390933854What do YOU think the best one is?[View]
390970607>tfw Sonic Forces came first on mobile[View]
390969467Xenoblade 2: >we live in a world where where Xenoblade has Japan time what a wonderful time to be…[View]
390964331>leave Microsoft because they exerted too much control and wouldn't let them make anything b…[View]
390948060The great debate[View]
390971785>RPG has unlockable classes >their requirements are unknown…[View]
390971397Do you approve of SweetFX /v/ ?[View]
390969641What is the best site for 3DS roms?[View]
390966614Shitty Lenovo G580 owner here, can run most of the games released until 2007. What are some timeless…[View]
390966554What's a good 'zone out' game?: I want a game where the story isn't important and the musi…[View]
390970489Marbles Thread Post your teams. How are you enjoying the game so far? Any tech you are struggling wi…[View]
390955054Under Night In-birth: Fisticuffs galore[View]
390966170>Make post legitimately criticizing Nintendo yesterday 100+ Reply Post >Make post legitimately…[View]
390966020The Switch could get discontinued in December and I'd still feel like I got my money's wor…[View]
390971262If you could erase one game from your memory and experience it again for the first time, what one wo…[View]
390960347Vidya Food You want to eat: i always wondered what a Jill Sandwich taste like[View]
390960531>you will never be 12 years old again playing runescape with no obligations or a care in the worl…[View]
390967173Why do people buy games on the day of release instead of just waiting a year or so when the price dr…[View]
390962576Hey thanks for buying fallout. If you need me, I'll be chilling with my 10 gfs. Feel free to pa…[View]
390971260https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK67Qu3e8VE City Shrouded in Shadow 2nd trailer. Thoughts?[View]
390970856Do you like console revisions (PS4 pro, New Nintendo 3DS, etc) or would you rather go back to add-on…[View]
390970184https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAiRowFQLY0 Where were you when SMT saved mobile gaming?[View]
390970859>just a cover based tps set in Fron Mission universe Wow, it's fucking nothing.…[View]
390971006JUST YOU AND ME MINER[View]
390963261> wahhh wahhh Microsoft give us halo pls I'll eat your shit just pls make halo for PC Why do…[View]
390969542What's the best major to go into if you want your life to revolve around videogames?[View]
390968986Are there any video game characters that could defeat Stopman?[View]
390970747Which game has the worse character roster?[View]
390970579What's a game where it's good to be devilish?: Dragon Age? KOTOR? Deus Ex?[View]
390970568>be yuropoor >cant even play my fuckin game normally because of this cucked state where they f…[View]
390954278Name a more overpowered video game character than this faggot. No non-vidya franchises please (no DB…[View]
390962771Wow! The new Marvel vs Capcom special edition looks siiick!![View]
390970289How come game designers get so much praise and discussion all over the internet, yet people who do t…[View]
390970273>quite a digital footpri- >*click*[View]
390956447How does /v/ feel about Steins;Gate Elite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Wl-Hl5t0ro[View]
390962462ITT: Post Subtle Vidya shirts[View]
390970121What character could beat El Reno in a fight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFlSmmHMw0o[View]
390968427October is nearly upon us, /v/. What games will you be playing during the month of spookiness? I…[View]
390966176Is this game fun?[View]
390969929>game has a movie/tv show announced for it >it's live action…[View]
390969918this is actually................................................................................... …[View]
390964975https://youtu.be/eo_scbGr7TM?t=13m16s Here's your new Virtual On[View]
390969719Are there any games that aren't fighting games where I can crush my opponents using the power o…[View]
390955232Explain one problem you have with your favorite game, I'll start Too many damn korok seeds, if …[View]
390969668home posts: space station 13, home, at least it was before I fucked everythang up[View]
390967503When will become emulable on citra?[View]
390969587What are the must have expansions or mods to download?[View]
390949864If Deus Ex was made today, what conspiracies would you want it to feature?[View]
390963769Are you buying Celica's game?[View]
390969509>play vidya with people and use voice chat >immersed and having fun, forget about everything e…[View]
390961938ITT: Pretentious Games: Pic very fucking related Bayonetta is so self-indulgent and stylistically au…[View]
390969424>Mario is 24 canonically Post yfw[View]
390966030Did James Rolfe take you back to the past with the new episode? inb4 autists act like he isn't …[View]
390966758what the FUCK went wrong?[View]
390963824Modern Sonic's 'boost' games are a lot of fun, but the levels whizz by too fast to offer any ki…[View]
390968546Most Cancerous Games: What's the most cancerous game /v/ ?[View]
390966790They...They did it. They actually did it. It's as good as zero mission. Based mercurysteam, sta…[View]
390968792https://youtu.be/ft0aqF_Yc0A >dat forced angry tone Is this the worst episode of the Nerd? I thin…[View]
390966875Do you we'll ever see another golden age of gaming?[View]
390931184Honest thoughts on Subnautica?[View]
390968663fuck u mothafucka: 6XCJ2-IYV00-J5G9 free game if u can figure out the last digit of this key nigga…[View]
390954808Kirby thread: Kirby thread[View]
390962409I can't run anything graphically powerful on my shitty laptop. What are some easy to run games …[View]
390957935Alright /v/, let's play a game. >We make a shitty Sonic OC >All posts ending in 5 add to …[View]
390967451I was not prepared for such feels....[View]
390965137It's like I'm really playing a 5th gen platformer.[View]
390966081Is it a hoax? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGN6QXv7sfs[View]
390963281So that's it? Just like that and I'm already done with this? I expected...more, considerin…[View]
390963471Has a game ever angered you to break controllers or discs?[View]
390963036Danganronpa thread:: So with V3 coming out in less than a week lets get the important questions out …[View]
390965108Video Game Creepypasta: Hi, I'm a YouTuber and with the new adpocalypse thing going on my old s…[View]
390966918Who else was going to buy this game?[View]
390936574Surely you've completed that chip library you were working on, right? Battle Network thread…[View]
390967273hey /v/ whats a game i can pirate? i am feeling totally bored RN, and cant find any games i want to …[View]
390924842What you want from Halo 6? Ill start. >no smartscope aiming down sights…[View]
390965527Post shit Nu-/v/ won't remember[View]
390965861What games have reboots that don't quite match up to the original?[View]
390967119Silithus got updated in the raid patch Cthun is back for the next expack?[View]
390967229/DEVIL MAY CRY 5/: /v/ will never surrender[View]
390966712RD2: What happened?[View]
390966017Is that the greatest early acess game ever made? Subnautica thread, post bases and talk about how fu…[View]
390967038what games did you play today /v/? I finished Symphony of the Night and Castlevania Legends[View]
390967336The next Zelda game will probably be to BotW what Majora's Mask was to OoT. What are your hopes…[View]
390966979Help me /v/: When I was little (10-11 years ago), my mom bought me a PC game, and I want to replay i…[View]
390963429It's over, nintendo already won this generation. Sell your ps4's before it's too late…[View]
390967305Alright gentlefags, which iteration was the best. Also, Sims thread[View]
390964776Has there ever been a creature that's represented so differently than the Troll? These fuckers …[View]
390965786ITT: overpriced pieces of shit: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/oddworld-abes-oddysee[View]
390962258is this a good survival horror game?[View]
390965064Well? Also shadowrun thread.[View]
390966184What games have you played this year anon?[View]
390951593Will he ever have a proper video game again? When will konami stop fucking around and sell their IPs…[View]
390958559>remake of 2nd Fire Emblem game >remake of 2nd Metroid game Pic related is definitely getting …[View]
390966569marvel v capcom infinity: is it already ded game? I'm a huge marvel faggot but .. they made the…[View]
390964959Is she the most valuable party member there ever been in video games?[View]
390965437It's a shame relatively few people have played Homefront: The Revolution's DLC. Great, gre…[View]
390962580Dracula v.s. Targoviste: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
390966013>tfw so many great PS4 games came out in 2017 there's pretty much no games to look forward t…[View]
390961567Game Boy: Obscure Games Edition: Anybody else get this as one of their first Game Boy games?[View]
390959584>Sorry, some kind of error has occurred: To post this comment, your account must have Steam Guard…[View]
390963074Admit it /v/: This is what you have always dreamed of Game is 'We happy few'[View]
390963184Street Fighter V: My first SF game and I'm really enjoying it. Been doing some trials and so fa…[View]
390966128I'm not having fun. This part of the game isn't fun.[View]
390963810Terra Battle 2: Are you ready to re-roll?[View]
390966095I'm still mad[View]
390963450I don't get it[View]
390964592Yuki Makoto vs. Yu Narukami. Who'd win in a rap battle?[View]
390928119Take it like a man, shorty![View]
390965708ITT: casual filters: The real hunt begins starting here.[View]
390936462Yakuza Thread: What the hell is Yakuza Online?[View]
390936578>2017 >You still don't own a Switch >Explain…[View]
390962854I've only played the 2D Metroids and Other M. Are the Prime games worth playing? For reference,…[View]
390958564Why does this game play and feel like a shitty fan-made flash game?[View]
390961383>the best part of the game is the last one why videogames do this?[View]
390958029This confuses, frightens, and angers the casualfag.[View]
390955986Bomberman: Super Bomberman R is getting MORE character dlc[View]
390965417Just finished this, let's get a comfy Ys 8 thread going. What did you faggots think? Who is bes…[View]
390965396GW2 PoF Tomorrow: So with PoF releasing tomorrow and for lack of a general on /vg/, what the fuck ar…[View]
390944792How did they get away with it?: Releasing a game that's objectively worse in every category tha…[View]
390963526childhood is idolizing Sonic. adulthood is realizing that Tails make more sense.[View]
390958928Boy I sure do love the pixelhunting fucking disaster that is Act 4[View]
390964642Holy shit. The expansion had a better story than the original game. This game really is a masterpiec…[View]
390961859Itt dead games: >r-remember me?[View]
390955241Name a single fanbase getting it worse than Capcom fans[View]
390922454Xenoblade thread!: Are you ready for her game /v/?[View]
390932502What do you think of Dark Souls 3?[View]
390963018Why the push for 4K gaming when so many developers struggle to deliver a consistent 1080p/60FPS expe…[View]
390952080Hidden NES Golf Game on Nintendo Switch: A tribute for Iwata's passing, thoughts? https://youtu…[View]
390914089Weekly EZA Thread Get in here and talk about games and stuff And let's hear your TGS scores[View]
390958867>Game has a mechanic >Too retarded to understand it…[View]
390960259Is this shirt too weebish/flamboyant to wear without looking like an autist? I've never been a …[View]
390962930so, currently playing this and are there any combat mods? i'm like 10 hours in and it's wa…[View]
390963667You literally cannot refute this claim.[View]
390959150Now that the dust has settled what went wrong?[View]
390956914Any thoughts /v/?[View]
390963578Tell me something /v/. Even if it's just a pipe dream.: With the popularity of the Battle Royal…[View]
390964054>game has a robust move set >'git gud' means spamming the most powerful move / combo…[View]
390962127Which is more important?[View]
390958735Neko Miko Reimu[View]
390959098Are you excited about the HL2 Demake for Goldsrc /v/? Now you can finally play Half Life 2 on your o…[View]
390963830Persona 4 > 3 > 5[View]
390961240When you love this game but its not popular enough for the PS Store: So sad. I miss fighting the Ser…[View]
390961023FEH: >A little over a day until the Burger arrives >Arvis BBQ next month We be /sizzling/ now…[View]
390962601Have you ever tried playing a game in a genre you generally don't get into and ended up really …[View]
390961942Graphics Thread: Post games with good graphics[View]
390963453We're going to Mt. Whatever.[View]
390960759Is there any game I can make my own mustard gas?[View]
390960336is tekken 7 good ?[View]
390961397Drunk vidya: Am drunk,what yiu play when drininng or drunk. TELL ME YOUR SECRET POST[View]
390954087RPG MAKER: Can we have an RPG Maker thread? Have you ever made an RPG Maker game? How shit was it? W…[View]
390962486What did he 'mean' by this?[View]
390960906>Get past a certain point in game >Can't go back and explore prior to the certain point p…[View]
390958374Is this shit dead? Reinstalled earlier because I've been binging some FPS recently and it looke…[View]
390962683so it is old gods again now?: old gods and jaina proudwhore[View]
390962539>that guy who plays Metroid games during broad daylight i seriously hope yo udont do tihs…[View]
390961448What is the objectively greatest video game?[View]
390961620>friend gives me $20 blizzard card he had lying around and urges me to install Diablo 3 so we hav…[View]
390925849So y'all complaining about Ebonywatch. How bout some Thai: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B04…[View]
390956639So destiny 2 turned out to be shit, to no one's surprise. But can we talk about how great the j…[View]
390960016How is the player base on ps4?[View]
390961052Aizen: Will this glorious man ever get his own video game?[View]
390961518>character eats 20 full course meals for health recovery and stat boosts >sprints around and d…[View]
390961391>there will never be this much love in a game again until Cyberpunk E N D I T…[View]
390948520Choose wisely, fuckface[View]
390956479Bullshit Final Bosses in Fighting Games: Fuck this guy[View]
390958904why is it so difficult to find copies of this game available in (((stores)))?[View]
390961791What are some 10/10 fan characters?[View]
390960625What was his endgame?[View]
390961470>playing dead by daylight >get hooked >exits open >guy comes back and unhooks me >he …[View]
390959306What, exactly, went wrong?[View]
390960653>In 2016, the game had more than 50 million daily active users and more than 200 million register…[View]
390949735I can't get this tune out of my head: I can't get this tune out of my head[View]
390959005What the hell is wrong with gamers today?: This piece of shit sells more than enough for a sequal, y…[View]
390961195there are already too many mages classes in RPG games why aren't there any Esper/Psychick class…[View]
390942010How do you feel about this lawyer?[View]
390958356Zelda, Zelda 2, Past, Ocarina and Majora are the only good games. The rest is hot garbage. Is this t…[View]
390960860Worthless characters who somehow survived: Who generally surprised you when they somehow lived throu…[View]
390928620Metroid thread: Metroid is back and it feels great.[View]
390959431>Designing 2D levels with the Homing attack in mind What's the fucking point? Not just this,…[View]
390959645>Time limit suddenly appears[View]
390934824This is Ying.: She's the purest Paladin![View]
390959956Quake Champions: What does /v/ think of Quake Champions? Got it for free when I bought the AMD Ryzen…[View]
390952970what went wrong?[View]
390955902/v/, I need help finding a game. A while ago, I had this one Xbox 'hunting' game. It was literally …[View]
390924657>Cross Tag Battle stream in five hours Is it her time, /v/?[View]
390957363Is it dead, /v/?[View]
390958723It's never happening is it?[View]
390957038Collection of Sand Boxes > Open World Is this the general consensus?[View]
390960636No fucking wonder these jouornos think Dark Souls is the hardest game to ever exist, look at this sh…[View]
390959832There will never be a Devil May Cry 5 will there[View]
390934714Steam profile pic thread. inb4 mods delete this because 'non vidya'.[View]
390955023Who do you agree with?[View]
390937616> western developers can't make aesthetic female char-[View]
390960421>no Noitu Love 2 for mobile >not even that Zelda parody/rip off by the same developer I don…[View]
390949549>buy new PC >realize that all the new games with fancy graphics are boring as fuck >go back…[View]
390954226What Collector's Editions do you have, /v/?[View]
390957921Well I'll be damned[View]
390960357Just a reminder for all you adventurefags and boostfags out there.[View]
390941464what's the /v/erdict?[View]
390958345Just once I'd like to know what the fuck is going on in these dumb games. Why is everything so …[View]
390957678>one of the facewear accessories is literally an airsoft face mask They didn't even try to h…[View]
390959853>handsome >naturally talented, yet still works harder than anyone for Hoshido >considers Co…[View]
390955331>Post yfw both Mario Odyssey and BOTW win the joint GOTY Award[View]
390959946What would happen if Nintendo never backed out of the deal with Sony, and created the Playstation 64…[View]
390955337What are some games that start off with you falling from the sky?[View]
390959830How many games have you 100%ed?[View]
390938185dokkan: Did you get her yet, anon?[View]
390956714Could NiGHTS ever have a renaissance? The gameplay was fun, right?[View]
390956849why d3 publisher like to translate their trailer and dont bring the games here? https://www.youtube.…[View]
390952757*WUH-SHING WUH-SHING WUH-SHING* Name a survival horror enemy that actually scared the fuck out of yo…[View]
390955564Why in the fuck do some games make you press cross instead of circle to exit a menu?[View]
390958304>forced to uninstall game because unexplained errors >reinstall game but now forced to accept …[View]
390957969Was this game a fluke? Even the earlier Bethesda games weren't as good as it like Daggerfall, a…[View]
390957049Wyrm's pull bugs into their thrall, Till ages pass and kingdoms fall, Caps and shells may fall …[View]
390956837Dynasty Warriors 9: ZHOU TAI KEPT THE KATANA Sima Yi gets the fan YInping gets Pang De's maxe G…[View]
390955408How has there not been a sequal yet?[View]
390958187>playing an MMORPG (Massive, Multiplayer, Online, Role, Playing, Game) >someone's toon co…[View]
390945609What are some games where I can play politics and command spacefleets?[View]
390958579What does /v/ think taking low amounts of damage feels like in real life? Does one damage feel like …[View]
390957234good multiplayer games: I've been thinking about picking up a cheap game to play with my m8 and…[View]
390930857question about morrowind potions: >restore health 158 points for 466 seconds Does this mean it wi…[View]
390953370A little over 5 weeks![View]
390910828Its up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft0aqF_Yc0A[View]
390942870Same Voice Actor Thread: Hey! Did you eat all of the Franken Chokies?[View]
390956985Missions that are a pain in the ass: ITT: missions that are a pain in the ass[View]
390958814Stop enjoying Up Your Arsenal[View]
390953647EDF 4.1: EDF EDF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOxT4ac8AqU[View]
390918030Post your absolute favorite indie game Let's find the gems in this pile of trash[View]
390956745>tfw you realize Fargoth was probably meant to mean 'faggot' as an inside joke of the creators ea…[View]
390953219http://gematsu.com/2017/09/four-minutes-seven-deadly-sins-knights-britannia-gameplay It looks pretty…[View]
390956592Okami?: Does anyone remember this masterpiece? It was released and then it disappeared off the face …[View]
390958493where does one get hacks for tf2 or cs:go ? i have no clue where to start and it all seems like a lo…[View]
390925140NieR: Automata side stories: Anybody got links to the translations of NieR's side stories? Lost…[View]
390953107What went wrong?[View]
390958090Is it possible for this game to not be a massive success?[View]
390958059Will PBS be the first SK game to get a 75+ Metascore?[View]
390956573What are the most outlandish things you've done in your video game career? I sold most, if not…[View]
390957153whats are your thoughts on Kid Icarus Uprising /v/? Would you be interested in a potential sequel or…[View]
390931641What does /v/ think of Arle Nadja?[View]
390925826It's my wife's birthday today! Say something nice about her![View]
390956241Should I go back, or wait for a new world?[View]
390954393La Mulana 2: Anyone that backed this thing still here? What's the progress? Is it vaporware?…[View]
390957886Racing games: What's /v/'s driving posture like?[View]
390930179Just PREDICT the shitposting on October 27[View]
390922995https://vid.me/qqpYE Are you excited for the Battlefront 2 beta? i hope melee is still broken …[View]
390956075>Dude what if we made literally half the cast be inconsequential to the story >Dude what if we…[View]
3909556659E6EN-KB782-DC9NZ Have a RE4 code /v/.[View]
390957424Drunk gaem: Hey i am somewhat fucking drunk and i want to know what you guys play while drunk or dri…[View]
390957338Games that you love but everyone hates: Post games that you love but everyone hate. I'll start…[View]
390955626>caring about solo queue rank in team based game[View]
390946887What am I in for lads? > Played every game in series > Fusion is my favorite title > then …[View]
390957416Hahahahahahahahahahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQW8HlRHw_A[View]
390954859Just a reminder that Elder Scrolls is actually a sci-fi game[View]
390952070What vidya songs produce HYPE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZLi13Yk358 No weebshit or singing…[View]
390909309Warrior, mage or rogue?[View]
390950581Blood Vials > Estus Flasks[View]
390956093Was there ever a video game movie adaptation done good?[View]
390901316/v/ the Musical: 5 days in and counting >What is this? An annual collaboration project where /v/ …[View]
390956673Why is he so perfect bros?[View]
390954082Name a better final fantasy hero Pro tip: you can't[View]
390950391most overrated and unfunny gaming youtubers pic related, a really annoying cunt[View]
390948832Most Overrated Zelda Game: Let's settle this once and for all. http://www.strawpoll.me/13975343…[View]
390950795ITT: characters who'd you dress like in real life[View]
390954315I heard you guys got a new Metroid recently.[View]
390946434Was anyone a part of a guild/clan when they were a kid? If so what was it like? Do you have any stor…[View]
390954639>kenka banchou otome wins locilization poll >decide to bring over 428 instead Why?…[View]
390954981>Get release day shipping on game from Amazon Prime >It's late >It's always late …[View]
390936436Just admit that this game looks Boring already. Every new bit of footage shows how brain-dead easy i…[View]
390938705So /v/, are you part of the 19%?[View]
390949998Is your significant other into video games? Mine was but she was into casual garbage, mostly[View]
390956027I finally got to level red but I can't beat the dreaded cone. what the hell do I do?[View]
390955931I might as well start using coke.[View]
390955352confessions: I consider Cave Story to be one of my favorite games of all time but I've never be…[View]
390949208What is your favorite dsp playthrough? Nothing will ever top his Heavy rain LP[View]
390954465This is the Dark Souls of Metroidvanias.[View]
390952986>Sonic can't work in 3-[View]
390955551Nintendo X Tencent: >Tencent gains: rights of nintendo IPs cameos or shit like Skins and direct r…[View]
390955349Devil May Orb thread: Post them Orbs[View]
390953605Fuck this Trophy: That one collectable in a game that you never managed to get and was the only one …[View]
390952697>downloaded it from cia angel >doesnt work >stuck on 3ds loading screen anyone know where t…[View]
390955195offical remastered smash bros melee?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOICUeGJfKk&feature=youtu.…[View]
390954590We waited more than a month for this. Is Fate Grand Order finally saved?[View]
390942018Are you ready for a Hat in Time? The release is nigh.[View]
390950504What happened to valve?[View]
390953180Baldur's Gate II is the best WRPG of all time.[View]
390930780>call of duty needs a new engi-[View]
390951725my wallet is asking me to pre-order these games[View]
390952821Are you prepared to save our mother Earth from any alien attack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6…[View]
390951119Gameboy Micro: this is the best and most underrated console. It's a shame it came out so late…[View]
390953508obligatory underrated gem thread: underrated games from this year.[View]
390943973Why doesn't Nintendo make special edition consoles like they did with the n64 and game cube? Th…[View]
390949561ITT: Games that had better OSTs than the whole sum of there parts.[View]
390951640An optical drive console for PCs: Instead of the 'streaming' meme like PSNow and shit like PSTV. Thi…[View]
390945659If the internet ready to admit Bioshock Infinite wasn't good yet?[View]
390948362Who was in the wrong here?[View]
390954116Vidya spinoffs thread: What are your dream vidya spinoff ideas, /v/? >a DOOM horror spinoff, in t…[View]
390954049>Best minigame hasn't been revealed for Top 100[View]
390951815Are you a Lisa or an Undertale man?[View]
390954050woah.... Octopath Traveler thread[View]
390952360I'm new to /v/: How often do anons discuss emulation?[View]
390924040What are some games that genuinely make you happy?[View]
390946584Tooth and Tail Thread: So what do you guys think of the most recent update? What changes do you reco…[View]
390949918https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFEyz6WQ10M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZZsW0TuK8g is Nintendo …[View]
390952164Reddit the game?: Was it that bad /v/?[View]
3909501589 more days bros!![View]
390940114what are some kino video game channels?[View]
390928782>pirate game >very loud techno music plays…[View]
390951360What's the game with the best graphics? I need to impress some important people.[View]
390913231They say it won't be like any previous OP games, so what are your hopes and expectations /v/?[View]
390952978What's a good gaming monitor for my gaming needs?[View]
390948089ACE COMBAT 7: We can do Pugachev's Cobra now. https://youtube.com/watch?v=ITXJWHOg7LE…[View]
390945551What games should I get for my 3DS?: I have pic related, not the new or XL one. What games should I …[View]
390953203Last game you played gets a movie. Now, what would be your dream version of the movie and what would…[View]
390941197Gee, I can't wait to play the most powerful of the new factions![View]
390949671Xperia Play: So how are we going to convince Sony/PlayStation to make the next generation Xperia Pla…[View]
390950757My deathadder 2013 finally crapped out what's a good replacement? General mouse thread I guess.[View]
390951217So when the fuck is jontron coming back? He hasnt made a new video in over 6 months[View]
390952745the fanbase was fine, you guys were the real problem[View]
390952237This is the best 2d platformer I've ever played. It's better than Sonic.[View]
390950461what happened to decicated,pricate servers and server browsing, why every mother fucking game now us…[View]
390952551What's your opinion on the PS2 Castlevania titles /v/? How do they compare to the LoS series? T…[View]
390949559I've never finished Final Fantasy VII, and with the hype and anti-hype around the remake, I…[View]
390935849SNES can't handle DOOM because it's too wea-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGIye6Bkxvw …[View]
390941602Who would you main in a mecha fighting game? Pic related for me[View]
390951754what do you think happened to breen?[View]
390950563 It looks fine, fu.[View]
390948739SoulsBorne: Why is the good hunter the strongest MC?[View]
390951154Is there any hope of climbing the ranks in solo queue or is it all luck?[View]
390952231top chop[View]
390945091YO WHAT'S UP! Scout 'ere coming to take over as the main protag of ya last played game. Im…[View]
390948501This game was pretty good.[View]
390951916Are there any good romhacks for MM or OoT?[View]
390950572Will they ever release the soundtrack to this? It's pretty good.[View]
390944036recommend a fighting game for a beginner.[View]
390949890>generic question about random shill whom is clearly the one posting it can you be anymore of a h…[View]
390951704>hack enemy emails or communications >always a message about adhering to safety regulations or…[View]
390945581I just got this: It's my first shooter since Doom 1 on the PC what should I expect?[View]
390951397>2017 >he play video games for the gameplay…[View]
390950723>artificial difficulty: the game >dude let's this beat em up a platformer lol XD…[View]
390943386ITT: Shit that makes you paranoid[View]
390951485Why should I get this game?[View]
390951414Prey or witcher 3: So i usually just use my laptop for games but got a new room mate with a ps4 Game…[View]
390950873So I got Sonic Generations from Humble the other day (which was a pleasant surprise - I'm havin…[View]
390941430This button has the ability to destroy an entire video game community to start over. Which video gam…[View]
390948635>tfw poverty and can't afford new video games[View]
390951182Joe Piscapo[View]
390950502Play For Honor[View]
390948839Will it make Giger proud?: I'm happy Scorn's Kickstarter got funded, but will it be more t…[View]
390935047Shit you HATE in vidya: >your character starts OP as fuck in the game >plot reasons he goes ba…[View]
390950857Well, /v/?[View]
390951042>boss' only attack is moving around[View]
390939758Games you dropped faster than a ugly chick on a blind date.[View]
390948752I don't want to set the world on fire, anon I love paid mod too much. I just want to start gett…[View]
390950592Post games where you legitimately could not tell who was in the wrong[View]
390948607What game has the best voice acting out of ANY game EVER? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHbokMeqMHI…[View]
390933189Who do you pick?[View]
390941657You must go into solitary confinement for 1 year. You can take 1 game system and the entire library …[View]
390950297>burgers call anime-style characters in games generic[View]
390946454what if Tomba was a girl[View]
390946363why was it ass? the trailer looks great[View]
390948770why did people pretended that this game looked good?[View]
390900052Monster Hunter thread continue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtT5GIViSXo What are you most excited…[View]
390949396When does Terraria get fun? I stopped playing back then because my friend promised to help me fight …[View]
390946840Dragon Ball FighterZ: NEW DBZ TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQKjNSK1eRE omg shes amazing…[View]
390949157What is the best Final Fantasy spin off?[View]
390949494Remember me?[View]
390937540*plays over 1000h* >well honestly I liked better the 2 hours of stealth gameplay from MGS4, V was…[View]
390950147Is this game worth it? It looks really fun and i want it[View]
390950032Fire Emblem: Playing Conquest on Lunatic Any advice for clearing chapter 12 (pot level) while gettin…[View]
390949560'Gee Sonic, what's 'denuvo' asked Tails the fox innocently. 'Well tails, it's like this,'…[View]
390949908The Hudson River, two years ago...[View]
390948386I need a good Mobile game that isn't Shattered Pixel Dungeon or a NetHack port. Give me good on…[View]
390948271Are games too hard nowadays? I think games would benefit from being more inclusive, imagine if all m…[View]
390949051Is this game actually something special, or just a generic collect a thon with a Spongebob coat of p…[View]
390947424Just bought pic related and I'm ordering Xbox 360 Slim 'cause they're selling them fo…[View]
390945908What was he looking at?[View]
390946332Morrowind Lore: Why walk when you can ride?[View]
390948561If you felt bad for killing this bleeding heart and her beta orbiter, I don't know what to tell…[View]
390949439>video game announcement trailer... REACTION[View]
390948751Darkest Dungeon: Here to post all your darkest dungeon rant[View]
390937863Will you buy it? Looks like a good old cod2 remake.[View]
390947519Grove Street.[View]
390947340Haven't seen a single thread about this game yet, what do you think? Will Frozenbyte redeem the…[View]
390921021Why do people even play this shit?[View]
390927963The Fatal Flaw of Metroid Prime: Was he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CsWlocKa7E…[View]
390949205Post cozy game towns you want to live in Pic related: Narshe[View]
390946679Is there anything else to do for Primrose after you defeat Helgenesh?[View]
390949183Looking to play this for the first time. Should I play it vanilla, or with the graphics enhanced lik…[View]
390948762What are some games that let me kill some dirty fucking aliens. And no rng games that just have you …[View]
390939597wtf was her problem: bitch[View]
390947243Welcome to Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge[View]
390948567>that fucking nigger can use chaos control! who le fuck thought THAT would be a good line for a s…[View]
390944247You lied to me /v/, you told me this would be fun. >Boot up >Can't click on anything in t…[View]
390948495Where did it all go wrong?[View]
390941575Who do you main?[View]
390946730Could you name a turn-based rpg with a more amazing battle system?[View]
390947072Why do you care about graphics? What do graphics do for you?[View]
390946110This is the Nintendo Switch's best selling game[View]
390948597is there an online scene for any 4X game?[View]
390948264This is the 2017 GOTY[View]
390944710You fagets told me this was a casual filter. Literally every boss past the guard dog has been carrot…[View]
390948203Hey /v/, I just got my first gaming PC. What games should I buy for it?[View]
390948141So I was considering buying Destiny 2 to play with some friends. But I have an issue in which I get …[View]
390905559Divinity: Original Sin 2: Is there any reason to pick anything but an all summoner party? How did t…[View]
390948278What does /v/ think of piracy?[View]
390945342Best girls?[View]
390945082WWE 2K18: Why no more custom music? Would the Switch version be able to have that if you put music i…[View]
390919589Post em >Kano >Liu kang >Rayden >Johnny Cage >Scorpion >Sub zero >Sonia…[View]
390945303Does anyone still play this wonderful game?[View]
390944704DBFZ: Android 21 holy moly[View]
390944484FFXV: So it appears that XV will be getting more updates to put in more story content. Yay or nay /v…[View]
390946753Fire Emblem: Can we have a Heroes thread? What should I be doing as a fairly new player? I can'…[View]
390945259>look at me still talking when there's science to do >when I look up there it makes me gl…[View]
390945275The original Half-Life is still one of the best horror games to date Prove me wrong[View]
390943535ZoE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHX_FNPz6vk http://www.dsogaming.com/news/zone-of-the-enders-an…[View]
390943876the chosen are fucking bullshit why are they allowed to move so far[View]
390943236Good Boss Fight in a FPS game?: How can one make a good boss battle in a fps video game and NOT be a…[View]
390944573FFXV adding free story content. APOLOGISE.[View]
390939475I finished this a few minutes ago, and I absolutely loved it. Should I play the sequel?[View]
390944339Whatever happened to the Dekavita?[View]
390944858Aqua Teen Hunger Force: It's time to discuss the greatest PS2 game that ever existed How am I s…[View]
390947157How good was this boss fight?[View]
390905320What do you hate most about this game? Most people I talk to act like this is the best game that ev…[View]
390939243What do you think about wizards? Do you think about wizards? What about sorcerers? Perhaps mages? Hm…[View]
390944851>Ever since Federation Force, NLG has been scrambling for new workers Guys, are they going to be …[View]
390945646/v/'s retarded and wrong opinions: >Dark Souls 2 is bad >VR is a meme >Dead Space is a…[View]
390946608Why is Cacodemon RGB?[View]
390943804The Crossroads is under attack by alliance scum and the last game character you played muat defend i…[View]
390945652Sega Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdEgKPAmUBE[View]
390946972>graphics thread >some retard spams S.T.A.L.K.E.R. webms…[View]
390946813>game developed by Ubisoft >reviewers keep calling it 'indie' What does that word even mean no…[View]
390945309Overwatch Comp Team: Looking for a comp team for Overwatch and just gaming in general. No friends in…[View]
390943274I love New Vegas the most BUT. >1,000,000+ Awesome and unique guns in the game with extremely cus…[View]
390945615jrpg thread: Time for a fucking jrpg thread. >what are your favorites >what have you been play…[View]
390946547Why is this game praised so much? It's another cover based corridor shooter.[View]
390912432sunshine has better looking water than odyssey: sunshine has better looking water than odyssey…[View]
3909245481. Open paint program 2. Draw an 8x8 vidya related image 3. Post it 4. Have others guess 5. Go![View]
390942174Was it kino?[View]
390900638Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: New update for Multiclassing is out https://www.fig.co/campaigns/de…[View]
390945854Games I can No Life: I have absolutely no life and besides work, all I do is play video games alone.…[View]
390943121>BotW Wii U: Moddable >BotW Cemu: Moddable >BotW Switch: Not Moddable What happened Bros? I…[View]
390945470Who here is happy we are having a great year of japanese games, Umaru was renewed, next year we…[View]
390936684So how long until Zelda gets BLACKED?[View]
390944324Do video games still give you the same excitement as they did when you were a child?[View]
390917445Persona 5 is the best thing that has come from the SMT series. Nocturne and DDS are close tho.[View]
390939839I just bought this brand new from a clueless lady on Offer Up. Will Nintendo ban my 3DS for playing …[View]
390945796>2017 >Having a DIGITAL store region-locked lmao…[View]
390941954Favourite locations in video games?[View]
390945751>ITT vidya goosebumps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0g8Huq9eFk[View]
390945735Do Germany and Japan AI ever win in HOI4? It's boring to play as anyone in the allies.[View]
390945656>10/10 gameplay Please begin E League for Roblox.[View]
390938372Aliens have come to Earth to learn about human art. What 3 games do you show them? How would they r…[View]
390943667The fuck is his problem?[View]
390945367Give me a better song than this in vidya that isn't a boss song Go on I'll wait https://ww…[View]
390937032'I think that there is nothing wrong with Wolfenstein, Overwatch and Mafia 3. After all if the game …[View]
390943690Am I the only who doesn't understand why people like this game? Is it some obsession with being…[View]
390945119Blue Reflection: Whats the verdict?[View]
390944310L4D: Valve will make L4D3, won't they? or are they done with shooters completely speculation th…[View]
390924476Games don't have to be fun in order to be good. Prove me wrong.[View]
390944960https://twitter.com/cooder_ssb4/status/910178700557037568 >blazblue is more popular than GG in Ja…[View]
390940512Diablo 3: What went wrong?[View]
390932907Silithus got updated in the raid patch Cthun is back for the next expack?[View]
390943326Ahh Kos, or some say, Kosm...[View]
390944256DUDE, you just finished a long, hard gaming session, what do you eat? Gamer fuel thread.[View]
390941492/v/idya Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>390894839 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
390943214What are some fun third person FPSes?[View]
390941278>'The MGS2 mechanics break the game' Weren't those mechanics completely optional though?…[View]
390944263Why aren't you playing video games right now?[View]
390942713ITT: We remind anons HA! Now you have to forget this all over again[View]
390938859Been under a rock since around early June so wasn't around for the launch, but I don't rea…[View]
390941073is this going to be the new TWEWY 2?[View]
390931292>want to play an mmo >only one with Australian servers is WoW How do we fix this /ausv/?…[View]
390943767Why does it feel like a strategy guide is pretty much required to figure out suit only runs?[View]
390943976I want this game to be good so bad. How was the beta?[View]
390941317>steam is literally selling shitty movies now and shilling them to me[View]
390936864So what are your mains?[View]
390943762Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character?[View]
390935484Fun what if: If a PS1 classic was made, and only 20 games were to be put on it. Keep in mind this ha…[View]
390942163Why hasn't any tried to take the Overwatch Shootymoba formula and make it more melee combat foc…[View]
390939861Well /v/?[View]
3909305507/10: Im not meming. While i think this game is mostly good and im glad that samus is back it does h…[View]
390940137What happened to banter in video games? everyone is so angry these days.[View]
390942096>Dude, have you heard of this game called Dark Souls? It's the hardest game ever made dude, …[View]
390943663Hmmmmmmm, ok. You're a mercenary now kid.[View]
390943628People claim that women are sexualized in games because male power fantasy but women exaggerate and …[View]
390943534What are some 'villains' who's motivations are better than the 'heroes'?[View]
390942363>see red enemy >immediately assume it's weak to ice attacks…[View]
390940895I've got Arms, Zelda, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart. Are there any other Switch games worth buying…[View]
390940473I started to only allow myself to play video games if I eat healthy and jog. Do you have any self co…[View]
390943107Tell me about this character[View]
390939797Now that the dust has settled what's the verdict?[View]
390942995>Hey anon, watcha looking at?[View]
390936149Why was FFXV's cast so much shittier compared to other Final Fantasies?[View]
390939687Did you pre-ordered your copy of Cuphead, anon?[View]
390941801Remember those weird times when Microsoft made consoles?[View]
390938578Are modern video games: 'better' than older games?[View]
390942773I can belive it is not an anime!![View]
390942539>If you make certain choices and spare the boss, they show up later in the game and respect you W…[View]
390942592lmao nba2k18 is bombing on Switch. Can't even sell more than a Sonic game![View]
390940086Is this a good game?[View]
390937841City Shrouded in Shadow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IT6VLapkDA A game featuring all sorts of K…[View]
390933921Anyone worried Hackmura is going to make Kairi superior to Sora in KH3 just to make her useful? That…[View]
390942291Whoa, hey guys...[View]
390938758>Main story was short and terrible >Enemies are literally all the same with different skins …[View]
390933008VINDICATED https://twitter.com/NintendoNYC/status/910643129610641410 https://twitter.com/NintendoNYC…[View]
390941909What's one fake video game company you wish was real?[View]
390942160Blue Reflection: ONE MORE WEEK HYYYYPE![View]
390942027Same VA Thread: This is Jimmy. Sounds fun![View]
390940071What are some games that you love /v/?[View]
390941869Idle Games: >player income has to be measured with up-arrow notation…[View]
390940973what is the best rpg-girl and why is it Edea?[View]
390939612>Boss fight takes place in a throne room[View]
390941289Worst TGS ever?: Or can Thursday/Friday still save it?[View]
390928770Crysis 1 was released in 2007 and it has better graphics than modern PS4 games. How is that POSSIBLE…[View]
390941386Leave Bob Page to me.[View]
390941369Check it, man! Muska is actually coming to this dump for a skate demo! Get dressed and let's go…[View]
390940102Anyone wanna play metal slug 3 online?: I got metal slug 3 for pc, seems pretty fun, anyone on /v/ a…[View]
390937017Game is hated because people are bad at it.[View]
390871995Confessions thread: It is time. You know it's there I have never played the original Donkey Kon…[View]
390938631Gay Dev Tycoon: I saw a few threads like this not too long ago and they seemed fun. 5 names our comp…[View]
390894839/v/idya Draw Thread: Previous Thread >>390848109 >Post character name/franchises and refere…[View]
390929326Why do people like Fromsoft anymore after this abomination of a game?[View]
390935940When was the last time someone came up with a unique game mechanic?[View]
390933105Name a series with better level design You can't[View]
390938345ITT: Games/series you really wanted to like, but couldn't. Metroid's setting and writing a…[View]
390933802Injustice 2: Your honest opinion on the game.[View]
390938974Why do they have to make their DLCs not only obnoxiously expensive and pad their 'complete' bundles …[View]
390931239Free things include: >Mobile games >MMOs, MOBAs, the most casual games >Youtube videos >…[View]
390938119Battlefield 4 thread: I bought Battlefield 4 premium recently and I was thinking of jumping into the…[View]
390933934'The world is worth fighting for' Do you believe this? What vidya characters would agree or disagree…[View]
390937454Woah, so this is the power of the GBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWBUdgIa0oE[View]
390939462Obscure Secrets/Hidden details[View]
390940269ITT: Obscure videogame waifus[View]
390940205The only ones complaining about the 360 movement are just bad at video games[View]
390939413Still hurts http://store.steampowered.com/app/226920[View]
390911484Why is she so underrepresented in video games, /v/?[View]
390936059Thoughts on MMO gold farmers?[View]
390939732>Demon's Souls released >Japs don't like it because it's too hard >Sony don…[View]
390938081>Tropical Freeze came out in 2014 >Not a single ounce of info about their new project >/v/ …[View]
390937806Any games where I can bully a bright purple mongoloid with 12 chins Anons?[View]
390934448Modding the Shit out of Spore: So, I recently picked up Spore and its DLC on s sale for $5, and I…[View]
390939428Destiny thread: Why did Ghaul hate a big white floating ball so much?[View]
390937773>townspeople do not understand concept of money, wage labor, private ownership etc. >after bei…[View]
390937984Vidya flash parodies thread. Post your best ones, rate others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhAVQ…[View]
390938902>tfw teabagging someone in 2017[View]
390939256*kills your game* So this is the power of.....competitive esport players[View]
390939251Final boss of Divinity Original Sin 2? Pictures/videos?: Anyone have anything? Can't find anyth…[View]
390937709Hey /v/ recommend me a game that i can play like an autist, rich in content and with not very ugly g…[View]
390939010>knack 2 is shit >mario oddissey will be a genre milestone Why do we always must suffer? Why d…[View]
390938020can someone explain me how a small country in a cold region is so obsessed with multiculturalism and…[View]
390932938Why did I have so much more fun with Ground Zeroes than I did with Phantom Pain? How did they fuck u…[View]
390938576>banned for toxic chat >game has 'taunt' emote…[View]
390937780Overwatch: is he considered white on your country? he look so brown for me[View]
390937936DOOM: 4chan in a nutshell[View]
390926737>PS4fags unironically think that The Old Hunters is the best dlc Fromsoft has made WOWWWWWW…[View]
390937141Skull and Bones: What does /v/ think? Think it'll be good?[View]
390936713Considering Rare's popular treatment of Donkey Kong, what other franchises would you have liked…[View]
390937213How do you decide whether to game or fap? Both are good stress relief.[View]
390937813Any tips on this asshole?: I've caught this bastard probably a half a dozen or more times now a…[View]
390937776Just got a switch add me. Let's play Mario kart online add: jimj0nes[View]
390921442Why do people have such a hatred of RuneScape? I don't get it....personally I find it to be one…[View]
390937672ITT: Post your age, weight, and favorite game >24 >155lbs >Wind Waker…[View]
390910183Blue Reflection: Pick you're poison.[View]
390926662Gamestop Story Thread: I work at a Gamestop. Last night I had an adventure. >guy comes in >wan…[View]
390936658Is it even worth buying a next gen console? I have a 360, but the is there any games that I just hav…[View]
390936913Is it going to have the old single stick lock on shooting mechanics or will they go with the traditi…[View]
390937345How long until this gets the Samus Returns treatment? Please?[View]
390936262>AH AHH AHHH I'm sorry, did you need this port?[View]
390919416Why is Nintendo dead set on sterilizing their old ideas?[View]
390933009Hey hey Hinata-kun[View]
390924279>if I censor my game then more people will want to play it![View]
390924991X4: FOUNDATIONS: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuIeKMYaIAk& 1hr Q&A Presentation:…[View]
390936174Which company is the Mozilla equivalent of video games?[View]
390930076In 8 minutes ITT: I'll be posting codes to 5 games redeemable on Steam. I already have my own …[View]
390902789FEH: You managed to beat infernal, right?[View]
390931025Dishonored DOTO: >the bank job >want to ghost it with no deaths >want to do the contracts …[View]
390936754So, are we back to the dry spell? How the fuck can Nomura release that godly Toy Story trailer AND g…[View]
390935206The Last Guardian: >seems like it was doing something right >and then it didn't…[View]
390935421Picross S: Are you ready to solve another 300 puzzles alone or with a friend?[View]
390936665This is a pretty damn good game. Why no HD port yet?[View]
390922705SNES Classic Mini: It's out in about a week. Anyone got their preorder in? Can't wait to u…[View]
390933427World of Warcraft has easy raid figh...... oh...[View]
390907373Why do people hate FF8 again?[View]
390936182thoughts on kaiserreich ?[View]
390934723why are gamepads so fucking expensive post-2005?: meme arguments that you'll bring: >inflati…[View]
390935879Why is this game so fucking hard?[View]
390934338Gold and silver vc coming tommorow at midnight: What will your team be?[View]
390933758I want to __________ this sunflower[View]
390935992Childhood is idolizing graphics. Teenagehood is idolizing gameplay. Adulthood is realizing that audi…[View]
390933684God New Vegas is so fucking trash, how can you low IQ idiots just stand there playing it when the CL…[View]
390935286Find something you like about a game you don't like. For all their flaws, Elder Scrolls games s…[View]
390933172You've been invited to play Darkest Dungeon! Are you a MAN to handle the challenge or a fucking…[View]
390932735cringiest fags you have met vidya related >was me >not anymore >now im me, but older >wh…[View]
390930876NEW AVGN VIDEO: Is it about time to hang it up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft0aqF_Yc0A…[View]
390935020>characters shout out their attack names[View]
390932723Diablo 4: Will be released tomorrow by Blizzard or wait for 8 years but it will be made by a develop…[View]
390920867Thoughts on Nu Lara?[View]
390931673I am playing final fantasy 8 for the first time and I like it, but I have seen a lot of hate for the…[View]
390934836>Hyping for TWW2 >Hyping for Skaven >The only Skaven campaign stream was made by TotalBiscu…[View]
390934373>game has elemental attacks but not weakness system[View]
390908330What is the worst video game collector/limited edition?[View]
390935642Post your favourite level from your favourite game[View]
390933541The Bioshock 3 we all deserved[View]
390933885Post cute game girls. No pizza talk this time, pls.[View]
390932760ITT: Cut content you will never get to play[View]
390931993>monster hunter was held backed by nintendo >dragon quest was held backed by nintendo >bayo…[View]
390932678What went wrong?[View]
390930354I don't understand how you're supposed to defeat this boss.[View]
390929354Metroid Prime 4 Dev: It's From Software.[View]
390915965>Game franchise started off good but is so shit now that you want it to die. What's her name…[View]
390934170Picked up this game for $15 for the single player campaign. To those that have played FarCry games,…[View]
390934127So, you're all done with Samus Returns: ready to give this game another shot?[View]
390934786Konami is going to show up at TGS. How likely is it that they'll announce a new Suikoden game?[View]
390935225Two Games Free for 24 Hours http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.steam…[View]
390924224EDF! EDF! EDF! https://youtu.be/KXCbY4TivRo[View]
390930285>pirating indie games[View]
390935039JRPGS: >RPG >The empire are assholes…[View]
390935035How hyped are you for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim? Will there be food?[View]
390932189>ex girlfriend is online[View]
390933505>there's an extra scene after the credits >if you skip the credits you can't see the…[View]
390934970NFS Payback: Is this game even going to be open world? Is there any reason to preorder?[View]
390934712Dragon Quest: this is a slime[View]
390932857Tell me now all vidya where I can be rad as a motherfucker[View]
390934413whats the best way to make dolla from this game[View]
390934581Overpowered Items Thread: ITT: Items/power-ups that instantly make you win the game they belong to, …[View]
390931879Does there exist a game that /v/ as a whole will generally agree was great?[View]
390927702Sonic has been on Nintendo consoles for more than three-fifths of his existence at this point. Feel …[View]
390934350ITT: Kino vidya trailers. Starting with my personal favorite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccWrbG…[View]
390934387Come play half life multiplayer best multiplayer best map[View]
390931953>finally find an ISO for PS3 version of Catherine for RPCS3 >it's a fucking undub Really …[View]
390934239About the other 'Future of project m' Cobalt legacy thread: >>390706231 First of all idk who p…[View]
390914627The great debate.[View]
390924212What a lot of people don't realize is that Mia probably got arrested for bioterrorism after Res…[View]
390924130PUBG: Reminder that it is 100% okay to dislike a game, but the people who dislike this specific game…[View]
390933875How do we deal with the pc gaming issue?[View]
390930343How many stars can fit on your save file?[View]
390931750Name me some games you can wank of to occasionally. Im also fine with dating sims or semi-dating sim…[View]
390927243How would a 4chan video game be like?[View]
390927796Can we have a thread for games with TECHNOLOGY and hidden details?[View]
390901207PC Master Race wins yet again.[View]
390932284What does /v/ think of this?[View]
390930003the GAPEstation?[View]
390929243ITT : It's 1997 the start of a new era of video games.[View]
390932686Silent hill Thread: Which ending is the best? and why is it Rebirth?[View]
390930878To anyone remotely involved in game dev, what kind of game can I make for $5,000? That's how mu…[View]
390932494Was it good?[View]
390920570Why do we let people share their opinion ?[View]
390928820Why don't you own a Switch ?[View]
390904415Mario Odyssey: it's been 3000 years[View]
390928653Convince me to buy this.[View]
390932746What are some games in which I can investigate the alleged wrongdoings of a nation's top electe…[View]
390928873Can we agree to stop putting 'retro' games on a pedestal? They aren't that great compared to mo…[View]
390932354Why does /v/ hate the shinespark[View]
390927793Need help finding an old game: Okay heres the deal. I remember when I was around 4 years old (22 now…[View]
390930006Wolfenstein 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5hrSoJ6BF0 >Someone on /v/ will buy this unironic…[View]
390932430>JRPG >characters reference leveling up[View]
390930728I'm finally getting around to playing this. Is there anything wrong with the enhanced edition o…[View]
390924131What's the best loading screen theme in BF3/BF4 and why is it Paracel Storm? https://www.youtub…[View]
390932139>AHHHHUUUUHHAAHH what did he mean by this[View]
390929680Is he funny?[View]
390930505ITT: 4chan Games: Vidya that 4chan is directly responsible for. Pic related.[View]
390919868From Software's next dark fantasy game: So now that TGS was a shitshow for people who care abou…[View]
390931586Now that the dust has settled and the memes have died down, how does /v/ feel about Solaire of Astor…[View]
390931810the wii is the best console. Prove me wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFah8Wk9Dy4&t=14s…[View]
390929276Who did you main?[View]
390931901Pay up, bitch.[View]
390931971Code vein thread lads. Now that Souls is dead, can Vampire Souls take its place? https://www.youtube…[View]
390931414Will they release a GOTY edition of this or not?[View]
390927817What video game do you think is hiding a huge undiscovered secret?: Pic related[View]
390929493>ITT post franchises that have no bad games or close to none[View]
390931246ITT: Kino Trailers: Whether you liked the games or not, these are kino trailers. I'm sure I…[View]
390927082What? You're still playing shit new multiplayer games? Come play half life multiplayer, there…[View]
390929391Childhood is when you idolize Just Cause, adulthood is when you realize Mercenaries makes more sense…[View]
390931617What's your favorite kusoge?[View]
390927769Who was in the wrong here?[View]
390930447Why does /v/ only talk about mainstream shit and entry-level 'classics'? It would be like /lit/ only…[View]
390898692WebM Thread[View]
390931213Game consoles from your childhood you still play daily Here is my personal favorite, its fake news h…[View]
390915030TGS 2017 Bloodborne PC Leak: Well look what I got this morning. PC wins again.[View]
390930176Does anyone know the trick to these consoles? I can't figure it out. As if the alien sudoku w…[View]
390930912>OST site has soundtracks up to download >it's in Ogg Vorbis format…[View]
390930528Why don't every game developers make their games mod friendly? At least the single player games…[View]
390924315Can we all agree that this game forever ruined first person shooters? All the games after this had t…[View]
390931043>dragon ball xenoverse 2 will sell loads more in Japan once the restock happens [NSW] Dragon Ball…[View]
390925552Shit games that /v/ tricked you into buying. >edgy as fuck mc >you don't even play as the…[View]
390930820Cities Skylines MODS: I bought Cities Skylines and downloaded a ton of mods for it when it first cam…[View]
390928549Is Earthbound worth the hype, or at the very least worth playing at this point?[View]
390923716This game is being made in the current year: It looks like it was made in unity.[View]
390923153What went wrong?[View]
390926138But /v/ said nobody would buy the Xbox One X[View]
390930451Divinity: Original Sin 2: ive heard a lot of people talk about this game. Whats the big deal? Is it …[View]
390923174Good news: they didn't cancel it Bad news: delayed Anyway I'm not so sad because at this p…[View]
390930605Quick question /v/- I'm trying to remember a game that came out in the last few years. I can…[View]
390930292>sequel has almost no story compared to the original >it's vastly superior as a result Na…[View]
390924175Feels good man[View]
390930340I was digging through my game shelf looking for something to play, then I noticed this.[View]
390926865Is anyone else worried this game will be too much like Breath of the Wild? I'm worried they…[View]
390926913>less than 130 subs on youtube >20 people watching on twitch >already asking for donations …[View]
390927002>strongest character is women ITS OK WHEN JAPAN DOES IT[View]
390929746>Spent over 2,000 AUD on a top-of-the-line gaming computer. >Put it all together, excited to p…[View]
390920219ITT: why doesnt this game have a bigger playerbase? Its free, its balanced, and its fun. Why aren…[View]
390930075How do I make good looking laydee?[View]
390923424Gaming equipment: Bought my first gaming mouse. Will I be able to shoot phantoms in Prey more accura…[View]
390926396Why do games use faces of real people when they can create something new and original and doesn…[View]
390927040Please do not put her in too many messed up situations, okay? No matter how heckin' cute she is…[View]
390928976What is a good, /v/ sanctioned, electronic gaming website for news, reviews and previews?[View]
390911217Animal Crossing NL deserters explain yourselves.: Whens the last time you checked up on your town? A…[View]
390929679Crime games: What are some games where I can play as a crime boss? Pic related[View]
390929414let's keep the S4 League nostalgia thread. >Saw the thread early, got hit by the nostalgia. …[View]
390929349todd howard: 'it just works'[View]
390922572>having two traitors is redundant >Ryder's arc has a very unsatisfying, anticlimactic con…[View]
390921172How does /v/ feel about Dead Space?[View]
390926334>play pic related >have so much fun playing it with my brother >see some reviews >all of…[View]
390928823ITT : The earliest PC game we can remember playing[View]
390926218ITT: games /v/ unanimously likes[View]
390909970ITT: Games where you get to play as a hobo: I'll start.[View]
390928417>Mario >Zelda >Metroid >Kirby >Yoshi >Pokemon >Xenoblade How did they win so ha…[View]
390929040ha ha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ_zveEj6aU[View]
390929030https://youtu.be/we3CjXdP-oo why do devs take 'unintended areas' out of the game this really bugs me…[View]
390927786Underrail: >tfw even some dipshit rats on the first quest wreck your shit Any advice?…[View]
390925976>game is an 'edgy' re-imagining of a more lighthearted universe >it actually works What went s…[View]
390865652Happy Birthday Momiji!: It's Momiji's Birthday! Wish her a happy birthday![View]
390928048>Uh, here's that fantasy game you wanted son[View]
390927862Fallout 4 2017: This game was garbage at release, how does it hold up now in comparison to the glori…[View]
390900437Game companies are not your friend.[View]
390903509>Yeah I preordered it[View]
390921239Is there a video game character that could defeat God?[View]
390928586Xbox One X - Amazon Best Sellers: Apologize now[View]
390919908H Y P E: https://wwwv.youtube.com/watch?v=9fIrZ_GfEmc[View]
390914264Why are certain video game companies allowed to get away with disgusting, money grabbing schemes (su…[View]
390919816How the fuck is this a Pokemon holy shit[View]
390927980Zone of the Enders Thread: Zone of the Enders Nigga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d79qbcayOMw…[View]
390927839GTA V censors the word 'PlayStation' on the PC version of GTA V online anyone know any other word it…[View]
390922682Why are the servers dead? This was supposed to be the big comeback of RTS games[View]
390927891Yo yo yo, what up mah ops.[View]
390927873>Stupidly choose 'maniac' AI for party member thinking it's their combat behavior and not di…[View]
390924462Sup /v/ i'm 100% sure this question has gotten asked before but i'll ask again anyways. Wh…[View]
3909278241. Your favorite genre 2. The genre you actually play the most (your actually favorite genre in prac…[View]
390909670Name a better opening theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhZBDNQ3gas[View]
390927472What are some excellent vidya geams that can run on a non-gaming laptop?[View]
390927249The trinity of tips fedora /r/atheism[View]
390925337I don't get it: Why don't people like her game? Is it the combat? It's not even that …[View]
390922882Is this the worst trolling ever done by game devs? 1000+ hours and counting[View]
390922576ITT: Games that you play only because there's no better alternative[View]
390926617You're going to watch my game's stream tonight,right anon?[View]
390927549Why was Nintendo pandering to Frogposters?[View]
390924396Are Videogames a wasting of time?: Why you invest many hours in video games and do not invest that t…[View]
390921870I just found out that my girlfriend (who has autism) has never played any video game in her life. Sh…[View]
390925790You know how you all complain about later installments being garbage compared to early ones? BOTW ma…[View]
390921395Game dev: Any true game devs out there?[View]
390927161Looking for something to play. These are some games I'm considering. If I can't decide I t…[View]
390927103What videogames are as exciting as trading bitcoin with 100x leverage?[View]
390868065Nier 3 confirmed. http://gematsu.com/2017/09/square-enix-hiring-staff-nier-related-product-scenario-…[View]
390915169Are there actually people that think this thing is more powerful than a PC?[View]
390924412> anon went to school yo get into video game design None of you retards actually did this, right?…[View]
390924351Just bought a small tv and ps4 and notice that the games fps are not smooth probably around 30 fps. …[View]
390926501What are the best games of 2017 so far? How does it compare to 2016?[View]
390924695https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voQXF9ADENs http://kirby.nintendo.com/battle-royale/ You did remembe…[View]
390927132Can the pirated gog version of Dragon's Dogma be played online?[View]
390896076>take game concept >apply cute girls >instantly 10x better Prove me wrong…[View]
390927052Post a better waifu you c a n ' t [/spoiler[[View]
390923946Want to play a decent RTS? Tired of all RTS games having shit conservative control schemes? tired of…[View]
390925864Is this worth getting or is it the same as the first Destiny? Are raids still artificially difficult…[View]
390924520Do you think we'll ever get another Resident Evil game quite like RE4?[View]
390923445Let's have a Fire Emblem thread[View]
390922474Do you think they'll release it after all that backlash?[View]
390926352I sound a plan.[View]
390923960Breath of the Wild: /v/ Edition: We come up with unofficial rules to make the game harder. To start …[View]
390926038Has anyone played it already? Is it any good? Is someone up to play it?[View]
390923286Hey guys it's my birthday and I just found my girlfriend of 3 years has been fucking my roommat…[View]
390889730>yfw you realize every issue with Overmeme would’ve been solved if it incorporated just a few asp…[View]
390919316Is this game good?[View]
390904749Metroid thread: What do you want to see in Metroid 5?[View]
3909206213x3 thread: Here's a 3x3 with a caveat; every game MUST have come out within the last 10 years …[View]
390926369Will it be good?[View]
390881209show me the progress you've made on your game anon[View]
390889443Can we get a siege thread going? What do you think of the last 3 ops that are added? Also, >reco…[View]
390905972This game has aged incredibly well.[View]
390926237Good Vidya Graphic Design and Concepts: I really like the artstyle and design of Oxygen Not Included…[View]
390925379What phones games does /v/ play? Post what you play them with too.[View]
390923137 So, there is any VN where you can't win or get into any route? It would be hilarious[View]
390926098>5 years later and ME3 multiplayer is still fun and actively played. What went right where everyt…[View]
390926056ITT: the first game to ever make you cry[View]
390924257Nintendo will never make a game like this again.: Sequel was casualized out the ass for little kiddi…[View]
390923638>who do the ladies love the most? AIRBORNE >who do the nazis fear the most? AIRBORNE! this tru…[View]
390921304>I have never played a Final Fantasy game[View]
390925872Two Games Free for 24 Hours http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.steam…[View]
390912979Just curious >favorite genre >your degree/what you're majoring in >Retro fps >Archi…[View]
390923847What are some of the most complex games you've played?[View]
390922905What PC games would you recommend to somebody who's been in prison since 2012[View]
390925665/v/ when's the last time you've full beaten/completed a game?: When I was a kid, I didn…[View]
390903950>Exploring the Deadly Landscapes of Code Vein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekqEuAXn6IM…[View]
390923498Is there any og Xbox emulator for android?[View]
390924065Dont fucking ask for heals when i just died in front of you because you failed to protect me you fuc…[View]
390921274Divinity OS 2: What went right?[View]
390917146ITT: You groove, you lose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XNgZYufOOE[View]
390920660Name one reason this was worse than the original besides the controls. >inb4 'm-muh rainbow bowse…[View]
390925176>these feminists and communists keep pushing garbage in western games >little do they know the…[View]
390923945Returning Consoles to Best Buy: Has anyone returned a console to best buy just before the 30 days is…[View]
390922432So just recently purchased a PS4. So far I've finished up Bloodborne, KH 1.5 2.5 2.8, Ratchet …[View]
390922137Just bought a new pc, I need some good games to play. Tell me some good game name that came out rece…[View]
390921969ITT: Games that trigger /v/.[View]
390914012ITT: it's E3 2003[View]
390924120I miss him /v/, what can i do to forget the pain?[View]
390914814I have GTX 960 2GB, and was thinking and upgrade. What Card should i get?[View]
390920906Any of you beat this on grounded mode? The AI is pretty tense[View]
390922013Reminder that art direction makes a game evoke certain feeling or atmosphere.[View]
390924104'Internet and SD card required'': what did the jews of japan mean by this? you have to buy…[View]
390924519>raped and tortured daily and the only way to rescue her is by disguising yourself as one of her …[View]
390924056Does he knows what the word 'gameplay' means?[View]
390921472A VIDEO GAME THREAD ABOUT A GAME!: Are we just not allowed to discuss video games anymore on /v/? Wh…[View]
390862392post teams[View]
390921924ITT: we trigger /v/eogaf[View]
390920210>your taste will never be as good as this[View]
390922282anyone looking forward to this? i'm wondering if i should get this or AC origins some time in …[View]
390924043Metin2: Why is nobody talking about this masterpiece[View]
390923858my nephew's currently 3 months old and i want to introduce him to vidya soon. recommend some ga…[View]
390923574Let's have a thread about smart, strong women who, against all odds, have made it in the male-d…[View]
390917479Will it ever be topped?[View]
390902717Warcraft IV: >see the character models in Heroes of the Storm >makes me want Warcraft IV >s…[View]
390922961First one to send me a link where i can download kfc the hard way vr you will get 10 respeck points.…[View]
390919409Thought /v/ would like a summary of recent tech news that'll affect gaymin. http://www.digitime…[View]
390914304Section 8: Was it ever revealed who bought the IP after Timegate went under? Will we ever get anothe…[View]
390922818>JRPG >Best friend sacrifices[View]
390922421>it's a gank fight in souls[View]
390918894Post games starring chads itt[View]
390923129what games have a cool fictional internet? pic related. I spent most of play time searching every pa…[View]
390887126Preview embargo is up today, get those final framerate predictions in 60fps 900p[View]
390921537BUT HEY: IT'S JUST A THEORY[View]
390921936Any Dariusburst fans here? I got this yesterday and forgot to finish the thread, sorry.[View]
390923353Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week, I've already discussed the matter…[View]
390907546Dragonball Fighter Z: So who's /ourteam/ ?[View]
390923069Video Game Music: Whats your favorite vidya related music, /v/? I've never played a Persona gam…[View]
390920773Katherine or Catherine: It's time to choose once and for all, /v/.[View]
390921104Why didn't they let us vote for the minigames? :([View]
390922831What vydia town is your kind of town?[View]
390922123>i5-6600k >1070 >16 GB RAM This worth checking out? What games work well on it?…[View]
390918621Is this game worth playing in 2017? I still have my original gamecube and a copy of Baten Kaitos. I …[View]
390920284/v/ I'm sick of story in vidya. Now its always shit. That, or if the story is decent it eventua…[View]
390897606Alright you fags, real talk here. Bat tops vs Ball tops What do you use and why? Are you good with b…[View]
390922515Actually good or just meme game?[View]
390922663What are some dark and scary things in non-horror games[View]
390921814You goy motherfucker![View]
390915576>Raising difficultly just increases enemy's hp[View]
390919601I'm going to get this is the gold edition worth it? it's 60% on sale[View]
390922539g: g[View]
390909489What is in your opinion the best game released in the last 10 years?[View]
390921350I'm am single handed because of a stroke. Is it possible to play disgaea using only a mouse, or…[View]
390922240What are some games where the remake is worse than the original?[View]
390917165Is it just me or is this one of Bioware's worst RPGs. Even Mass Effect 3 is better. The combat …[View]
390922167What RPG should I play, /v/?[View]
390919320What's the worst Danganronpa game? 1, 2, UDG or v3?[View]
390918178Is this /v/'s cringiest moment?[View]
390922083>boss is either a hilariously easy QTE or a lazy artificially difficult bullet sponge that is sur…[View]
390864594New New Vegas Thread Vegas Thread[View]
390922023What are some video games that deal with characters wanting to be human?[View]
390920836ITT characters that need their own single player game.[View]
390920645Anyone else playing Destiny 2? Anyone else feeling burnt out already? Felt so different, guess my ne…[View]
390921887What's the best Mario game?[View]
390918239Octopath Traveler[View]
390916580Mario's Nipples!!: What is /v/'s reaction to Mario having nipples??[View]
390921627Did any of the games he made compare favorably to any of the Souls series games?[View]
390921760>eyy whats happenin', mon?[View]
390921687Ape Escape 4 when?: When will Sony give their best platformer series the treatment it deserves?…[View]
390921517they should've really make a game about that Pliskin guy[View]
390921217Where did it all go wrong?[View]
390919552Shot in the dark but any Angband boys here? Been playing this roguuelike since I was a kid but never…[View]
390921416Hey /v/ I found a really cool game where you can make your own political parties and take over terri…[View]
390921365Anyone beaten this on normal? Halp[View]
390907465will this update save battlerite?[View]
390921358So apparently Insomniac changed their logo recently. Just read out this. What do you guys think? Not…[View]
390916963Just watched the trailer for the first time: Is this fucking satire?[View]
390913972>start playing fps with quake live and tf2 last year (was always a starcraft player) >every re…[View]
390917042Who else should be on here?[View]
390917005A game company has made the strongest game console. Its as good as a modern 1200$ PC but costs only …[View]
390920618>JRPGs >challenging Explain me how, fatlus boys.…[View]
390917520How do we save Forza 7?: https://www.pcgamesn.com/forza-motorsport-7/forza-motorsport-7-is-good-but-…[View]
390907118Anon I recognize your face. A face of a gamer. You have steam right? Now you. Show me your Steam lib…[View]
390917695Fun Times in Low Ranks: >be good enough at dps to easily carry in your rank >only know how to…[View]
390915810Why do PC fanboys keep telling console users to get PCs? I don't wanna build every sandwhich i …[View]
390921039>playing dead by daylight >get hooked >exits open >guy comes back and unhooks me >he …[View]
390921065Will Batman be in the MOBA of the Nintendo Switch?[View]
390915375This is American Guts, say something nice about him![View]
390920427How crazy am I for wanting to make a SHMUP mmo? Should I commit myself?[View]
390909141Which game has the best M1911?[View]
390917040KOF thread. Vice is nice[View]
390919325ITT : good games based around celebrities. Both the console and arcade versions were fun.[View]
390917082You guys don't actually buy these ugly things right?[View]
390920884https://www.digitimes.com/news/a20170920PD207.html >However, Intel has reportedly been facing dif…[View]
390920876>enemies can close doors[View]
390920107Vallinaware: http://gematsu.com/2017/09/vanillaware-hiring-staff-unannounced-project…[View]
390865574Times developers took shortcuts: Any particularly egregious examples?[View]
390914791TOKYO GAME SHOW: >TGS is happening RIGHT NOW >Not a single thread on /v/ What the fuck man, TG…[View]
390919695>it's a good game, just not a good X game[View]
390920605/v/ will defend this[View]
390918609>playing Persona 3 >the guys doesn't go for the QT trap WTF…[View]
390917006What is the future of videogame emulation?[View]
390919660>Game >Game 2 >Game: Subtitle >Game…[View]
390920238Snonw and ice levels thread?[View]
390918668Want to try this series: Which game should I get?[View]
390902913>Loot shit for 30 minutes >Run for 30 minutes >die Why is this shitty game so fucking popul…[View]
390865728Why don't you play fighting games, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS7hkwbKmBM[View]
390918531What's a franchise you truly can't imagine working well in 2D?[View]
390919567Does this game prove that all you need to do is add cute girls to your game to make it sell better?[View]
390915339They are going to announce her remaster soon, right?: '- Battlefield RPG remake for PS4 ' https://tw…[View]
390919839Yo Noid! II Have you fags played this game yet? its actually a really good 3d platformer[View]
390918219I'm tired of men being sexualized in video games. Why is it that female characters are allowed …[View]
390919652Which country makes the best stages and the worst stages overall in Super Mario Maker? Best: UK (Can…[View]
390892276>make 9 classes >make 1 better than the other 8 what did they mean by this?…[View]
390902692Anyone else still playing this?[View]
390914102>$500 for a minor upgrade >still not better than PC Who tf bought this?…[View]
390914210Suda 51: What's the best Suda 51 game?[View]
390911056Post your idle animation CIA NIGGER[View]
390919368I found this on my remorse folder, however I don't think it should be there. I think I should p…[View]
390916048When did you learn to stop listening to /v/?[View]
390918309You protected her smile, right /v/?[View]
390909506>ignore this game for 2 years because I assume it's some cheap hipster game >in a certain…[View]
390911781This is a new low for the Humble Bundle.[View]
390919264>press the action button to action[View]
390916443Did someone play this?[View]
390917114'Pettin-kun Gira Gira WARS': Does no one care? I know the Japanese are still napping, but god damn s…[View]
390914989ITT: Games that didn't age well[View]
390916802Ni No Kuni 2: Are we looking at the comfiest game ever here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZVD0l…[View]
390916992Filename thread. Keep it vidya.[View]
390918879Original cap pikachu gets the crappiest move set https://youtu.be/qIqBO_g1yuQ[View]
390915909im hihg: heygamers its your boy RC here[View]
390918132Final Fantasy IX: So is FF9 on PS4 just the shitty Steam version that has the phone menu?[View]
390913926What games have many fun bosses to fight? >Dark Souls >Dragon's Dogma >Paper Mario …[View]
390911649ITT: Games that trigger /v/[View]
390914189Is this the most innovative design yet?[View]
390911705>that last jump but why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ndhidEmUbI…[View]
390910936Are you still a piratefag if you seek to apply cracks to games you already own?[View]
390917034This and Odyssey will be Nintendo's GOTY[View]
390916767How was C418 able to create the most nostalgic video game soundtrack of all time?[View]
390917767What did he mean by this?[View]
390912659Are you ready to play PUBG for FREE?[View]
390917291Name 1 (ONE) good game that the 3DS or Switch didn't get.[View]
390916724Herro: I am Todeo Hojima. I hope you didn't forget to buy Fallout 4, but if you did by mistake,…[View]
390880475Looking back at it, does Dark Souls 2 really deserve all the bullying it gets?[View]
390915996face it, if the main character was ugly nobody here would like this game >inb4 some autistic frea…[View]
390917568Name a place in a video game you would love to live in but would be expensive as fuck if it existed …[View]
390917502Will this work on 3.60 Henkaku Ensou for the vita?[View]
390903273>TES VI comes out >voiced protagonist >the only skill trees avaliable are Combat, Stealth a…[View]
390916551I dug out my old modchipped PSone and a few empty cd-rs. What are some ps1 games that really benefit…[View]
390916842>WW II game >You never play as the germans or Japs unless its shitty RTS game or in multiplaye…[View]
390917316What RPG can you even play after this[View]
390916481What GTA can you even play after this[View]
390916789Help Klonoa charge his spirit bomb by leaving comments about how great his games are![View]
390914050Aegis Rim: Was there any showfloor presence of this in TGS? Is there any other info than a bunch of …[View]
390901510Cute games with cute things: It's what I want and need. Games with cute creatures and character…[View]
390916676>game is too long Why do you all burn through games like potato chips? Having a longer game is a …[View]
390913653Which games are actually NOT fun with friends?[View]
390917032>NPC hands something to main character >nothing actually appears in their hand >when you ta…[View]
390916151Good afternoon /v/, Im thinking about replaying a 5th gen classic. i might replay one of the followi…[View]
390916991God damn I want this so damn bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d79qbcayOMw[View]
390916937Who is the best champion for the people and why is it Archimedes?[View]
390916434what does /v/ think of the new assassins creed, ive not played it since 3 dissapointed me.[View]
390913480So how did it feel when the big bomb was dropped that HL2 Ep3 will never be made? Also Half Life thr…[View]
390901272Which games for which console?: So I am almost done with the ps3 game library and want to move on to…[View]
390916854Give me some good examples of old sprite graphics (or anything else) that you mistook what it was su…[View]
390889980Left Alive: Screenshots[View]
390914263Two Games Free for 24 Hours http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.steam…[View]
390916187I sold all of my video games except for my Switch games What's the next logical step after vide…[View]
390916603Currently on sale on the European PSN. Is it worth it yet?[View]
390916501What games have you do the devil's work...for no reason[View]
390896051Only oldfag remember these[View]
390909516Console Piracy Defeated?: >PSone comes out >gets cracked shortly after >PS2 comes out >g…[View]
390915914So who was the better Big Boss: Venom or Naked Snake?[View]
390863958Larry what the fuck is this shit[View]
390914310Daily fucking reminder: Consoles are the reason we: >cut content up the ass, see skyrim's cu…[View]
390916250>Final boss can only be killed with a special weapon you missed >That weapon cannot be picked …[View]
390901598Why do woman make such weak main characters?[View]
390881029Yakuza: Will Kiwami 2 surpass this?[View]
390862472Why aren't you playing Dragon's Dogma? I bet you don't have a good excuse[View]
390915669Found this online. Thought it might help.[View]
390913556Does /v/ prefer vanilla or strawberry?[View]
390858929>'you can't fight ideas with bullets' who /provehimwrong/ here?[View]
390911638Deadly Premonition: So /v/, does this game's town have interesting things to find, or is it a b…[View]
390916247One of my favorite things in any video game is how the environment in FEAR gets ripped to shreds by …[View]
390914113>john_ twitch.tv joined the game[View]
390912125pay $5 if you want to write reviews and send requests[View]
390908109September GOTM decided. You can cry in this thread if you disagree[View]
3909044703DS successor: Do you think there's going to be a 3DS successor? Is there still a future for Ni…[View]
390915853You'd better start to fight, soldier..[View]
390905448This game received high score on Famitsu and sold well in Nipponland Players and western media hated…[View]
390894218Why there's so little games that contain actual nudity? You think peoples mentality will change…[View]
390899704This is Lyn and she is perfection.[View]
390915435Whales: What's a good game with giant whales? I was thinking about playing AC Black Flag, but a…[View]
390914334This Game is a masterpiece why did it get so little recognition.[View]
390892637Christ..it's going to happen isn't it?[View]
390908307So, which one, /v/? Also Zelda thread.[View]
390915243>Game expects you to know about foreign country sports rules[View]
390912341ITT: Games with good NG+[View]
390910852What does /v/ think of this? http://www.pcgamer.com/bring-all-your-old-cd-rom-games-back-to-life-wit…[View]
390911752Monster Hunter World: How much units will it sell? Is Monster Hunter more popular than FF, DQ and Po…[View]
390911161Daily reminder that Godot literally did nothing wrong.[View]
390915147Splatoon: Anybody knows if this is the real reol girl singer?[View]
390897697ELEX Review by Gamestar: >With great quests and an even greater world Elex turns out to be the be…[View]
390915096So HumbleBundle's got some sales lined up. Most of them are shit, but there's a Capcom Sal…[View]
390913250Can I get a quick rundown on ARMA?[View]
390914961Why aren't co op games ever fun? They're all just single player games with two characters …[View]
390912375What does /v/ think of Josh Sawyer?[View]
390909534What the fuck is this?: Today in the Nintendo's official Youtube channel https://youtu.be/df8fP…[View]
390914790Whether you refer to this mech as a Mad Cat or Timber Wolf says a lot about you.[View]
390910597>MVC3 No ones dying on my watch! >MVCI When the fighting starts it's every man for himsel…[View]
390905907*breaths in*[View]
390905352Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Leaked: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-09-20-street-fighter-…[View]
390912746came to me in a dream[View]
390909532What does it taste like?[View]
390912227Who is the G-Man?[View]
390914392>calls himself a cuck in the newest episode[View]
390846483Will people be disappointed with the FF7 remake version of Tifa? Is that why the devs are so relucta…[View]
390913195Dude hamster LMAO[View]
390911557TIL Matthew Perry was a huge fan of Fallout 3 and presented Ellen Degeneres with a signed copy of th…[View]
390912584This is the first video game boss in history named Golden Dragon. Say something nice about him.[View]
390914030Spaltoon: Just turned s+ somehow What does the 0 means? Dont tell me this goes till 99 now[View]
390911290Why are indie games so hard /v/?[View]
390913079Will /v/ ever be able to discuss the switch, mario and zelda without rampant fanboys on both sides?[View]
390911593how long until it's hacked?[View]
390913773Is there a way to communicate to video game developers and publishers that increasing the number of …[View]
390909917Fellas, is it gay to still give a shit about AssCreed?[View]
390912846PS3 Exclusives: Post the best PS3 exclusives every list I find is full of shitty games and stuff tha…[View]
390911387If cookie klicker were a shooter.[View]
390912621>Replacing x-men with inhumans >probably be Replacing fantastic four with fat acceptance squrr…[View]
390913449>You will never help Gary Smith take over the school[View]
390909234Post yfw[View]
390913516What are some games where I can be the little boy?: there's like 1 million games where you get …[View]
390911532NEW AVGN GET IN HERE www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft0aqF_Yc0A[View]
390912476Hello /v/! I am looking for a game I played as a kid but I can't find it anywhere. Not even a …[View]
390912724Isn't it just sad? Just unfair? How Morrigan is so much better than Yen but Dragon Age is so mu…[View]
390903209Have you ever gotten genuinely angry at a video game?[View]
390911301>this guy appears behind you What was the correct skill to choose?[View]
390910761Why are Nintendies pissing there diapers because of them remaking a 64 area? It's already been …[View]
390913102>game not even out yet >Season Pass already announced Can the video game industry just die alr…[View]
390908983>Nintendo finally launches a metroid game. Decide to finally cave and buy a 3DS. Have been ignori…[View]
390911978Any good pirate games lately?: In the mood for sailing a ship, looting trade routes, and generally b…[View]
390911256>PC game >Delete intro files[View]
390912564What are some very stylish games?[View]
390901819Is this game going to be that easy?[View]
390910457Two Games Free for 24 Hours http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.steam…[View]
390912798HOOOLD ME[View]
390911951This is the official difficulty scale of the 3D mario games[View]
390912415What are the first 5 games I should buy for my Switch?[View]
390911728I need help with Ultra street fighter IV. Fully retard player here, need learn how to play this, nev…[View]
390910269Just started playing it, what do i think if it?[View]
390885767>Let's remake Starcraft 1 >But don't fix 20 year old pathing >Or let players sele…[View]
390872020Why are you bad at this game?[View]
390912034>the FOX engine will never be used to its full potential Konami is a cancer.…[View]
390912257>Rhythm games with motion or touch screen controls[View]
390911902Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 3 - Styling Star: /v/, talk about this game.[View]
390910256Lovecraftian Kino does not exi...[View]
390907441ITT games for true connoisseurs.[View]
390911134Post great buys slash vee[View]
390910139Why are the 'assult' rifles so shit in this game? They were somewhat good in the first game[View]
390910046Post 9/10 games /v/ never ever talked about[View]
390820598Which Blanc ended being better, Blanc from Hyper Dimension, Blanc from the second Hyper Dimension or…[View]
390911412Best character in WoW[View]
390908381This fucking series gets shitton of games every year and it still barely scratches the potential for…[View]
390911395AVGN Treasure Master: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft0aqF_Yc0A[View]
390904320How the fuck do I beat this piece of shit[View]
390909015Favorite vidya gun thread[View]
390899358Overrated Shit: I'll start.[View]
390908971BE HONEST /vidya/ Did YOU PLAY THIS? https://youtu.be/qc82euSTM2I[View]
390907226Would you consider Left 4 Dead 2 a perfect game? >randomized item locations and enemy spawn, infi…[View]
390909867Will you buy skyrim for Switch?[View]
390901317Honest thoughts on Cuphead? It comes out in 9 days.[View]
390910586>releases mid-octobre It will be the comfiest winter of all[View]
390906441Where is it Bloodworth?[View]
390906762holy shit, I can't beat that fucker Calavera. any tips? I fucking love this game, but that fig…[View]
390908993Is this game the best Star Wars game ever created?[View]
390900667Falcom released at least 10 great games in the pat 14 years. They have 70 employees on low wage work…[View]
390905905>2001: Our foes are formidable, but respectable. Nazi tenacity during WW2 is represented in their…[View]
390908754>waiting for OS2 to come to consoles >want to finish honor mode and get final trophies Tips/tr…[View]
390904540People who pirate video games, how do they repent for their sins in purgatory?[View]
390906782He's gotten fat...[View]
390909327What game can you even play after this[View]
390904774Name a more likable person in the game industry. >you can't[View]
390909919> whine about no wanzer customization > Complains about wanzers blowing up too often At least …[View]
390904982>'If you're too ill for school, you're too ill for video games too!'…[View]
390909691>'Number One: In 1945, corporations paid 50% of federal taxes; now they pay about 5%. Number Two:…[View]
390891505Why does /v/ like this game? I'm not asking to be condescending, I'm genuinely trying to f…[View]
390907702Are you a nerd, /v/?[View]
390909274>sr388 >Samus Returns >3rd Metroid 2 remake >88 on Metacritic SR(3):88 Did they know?…[View]
390909624Bethesda: Why are they such imbeciles when it comes to simple graphical option change >cant chang…[View]
390905801What do you do in Daggerfall once you left the first dungeon?[View]
390909686Hello there /v/, for the past 2 years my PS3 has been sitting abandoned. Not because I replaced it, …[View]
390906761When was the last time you pre-ordered a game knowing if you didn't you wouldn't be able t…[View]
390907231woah... made me think[View]
390902154>building a gaming pc >get all my parts >i7, 1070 >new to this so they're all based…[View]
390903230Gotta check you, white bread.[View]
390905810Is this a good remake?[View]
390890938What went wrong[View]
390905279Why aren't you playing a game in Japanese right now?[View]
390905652Why didn't he just look in a mirror?[View]
390909009Games with the most in-depth lore?[View]
390906554Never mind me, just leaking the roadmap of the final add-ons for GTA online. >Christmas 2017 -San…[View]
390898936>blocks your path >forcibly initiates you into The Blades What was his fucking problem?…[View]
390907315>Game wants you to be creative[View]
390904130>difficulty setting doesn't affect trophy unlocks[View]
390905023Why did crossover games stop having a cohesive art style? I noticed this with MvCI as well as with S…[View]
390895034Nintendo: How long are you going to deny the Switch ? Switch – 44,052 (45,439) PlayStation 4 – 19,32…[View]
390904794why nobody talk about this?: it's probably gonna be another thing like undertale, but i rarely …[View]
390907467How did Rockstar get this to run on 6th gen consoles? It still looks pretty nice on x360/ps3[View]
390908770>game has a torture section[View]
390904831Old School Club Penguin: Would anyone here be interested in a remake of Club Penguin from the years …[View]
390908749https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOqHUa2LfNY Would a Mass Effect cartoon actually work?[View]
390908537This is not a fun game.[View]
390887745Times the remake was objectively better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXIEavDUYVg Sorry nintendru…[View]
390905834Fuck /qa/.[View]
390908184Why are you not playing the best F2P fps that came from the asian competitive market?[View]
390908343>try to do a good deed >party member threatens me and beats me in rock paper scissors >my c…[View]
390884151Tonight on Cyberpunk /v/: Is Cyberpunk already here? >inb4 VR sucks…[View]
390907524Two Games Free for 24 Hours http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.steam…[View]
390908394I want to play chess with Edgeworth[View]
390904743What are you emulating right now?[View]
390907025Code Vein has bad graphi-[View]
390905938So 'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon?' will have a game. I'm not sure what I…[View]
390888995Does /v/ have any hobbies outside of vidya? How does it relate to vidya? Pic related, the patrician…[View]
390907981Castlevania Games: I like to play Castlevania type games like for example Hollow knight so i would l…[View]
390907815Underworld Ascendant: A brand-new title in the 1990s (Ultima) Underworld series.[View]
390904728Wood you play a game starring wooden DK?[View]
390907785My prediction of Mario odyssey: motif Metro kingdom Donkeykong Sand kingdom MarioLand Luncheon kingd…[View]
390902336The last game you played is now going to be a world in Kingdom Hearts 3[View]
390907667It hurts.[View]
390906456Just finished this, and I honestly think it may be the best game to have come out this year. It was …[View]
390907394What's the most kino game you've played /v/?[View]
390901452What game lets me be a total cunt? Aside from every game where you play as a brit.[View]
390906039>reflect attack back at opponent >'Achievement Unlocked: Return to sender'…[View]
390907312Planet Coaster Thread: What's your favourite coaster, /v/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wTc…[View]
390886351This is your healer for today, she just started playing because of the new skin and is going to focu…[View]
390906096Mabinogi: Does anyone play this? It's really unique but my server, Mari, is rather quiet[View]
390903383How can I get out of gold nova? I'm stuck at GN3 (currently have 60 comp wins)[View]
390890253Why is Square Enix STILL trying to push Final Fantasy XV?: This game came out a year ago. No one lik…[View]
390906329Someone call for de docta?[View]
390904618Do any of you niggers remember THIS?[View]
390906274This is Nintendo's big JRPG series ala Final Fantasy Even if it doesn't sell as much, tha…[View]
390905253Childhood is realizing that the Nords deserved an independent Skyrim Adulthood is realizing that Dag…[View]
390903801what went wrong?[View]
390906751>Great atmosphere >Dark >Artistic >Story told through environment As long as the gamepla…[View]
390906706List every game you know that takes place before the romanesque[View]
390905443Are there any other celebs or athletes that play vidya?[View]
390902218>tfw 3mbs download speed on a GOOD day[View]
390905113>There are people on this board who funded this.[View]
390905431It's gonna suck, isn't it?[View]
390894662melienna is for ____[View]
390888815Divinity Original Sin 2: Having fun /v/?[View]
390901492Why is this allowed?[View]
390904615The truth[View]
390906153Underwater games: So, what are the odds of getting an Endless Ocean 3: HD edition within the next fi…[View]
390906094ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
390905948We've had a lot of Hat in Time threads lately, so let's have a thread to talk about indie …[View]
390905116She's so much fun to play now.[View]
390901865There's speculation that Junker Queen, who we've only seen on the posters and heard her vo…[View]
390902519This is your gen 8 protagonist[View]
390904835What games can I play to turn my brain off?[View]
390900369>tfw have to quit xbox one game every time I take a break because the 'time played' sta…[View]
390905872Reminder that Fallout 4 managed to make Fallout 3 feel like an unappreciated classic[View]
390905851How playable is this on an emulator?[View]
390893885He's gone for good, isn't he?[View]
390900118>there are only 2 years between the release of these games Why is innovation in the game industry…[View]
390865067Can we have a grand strategy games thread?[View]
390905529ITT: Games that are secretly the best entries of their respective franchise but people didn't r…[View]
390905068Did Ubisoft just outubisofted themselves? >download latest Six Siege patch >'oh nice, probably…[View]
390889439Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - NEW Trailer!: Title 'NO MORE NAZIS!'(sic!) https://www.youtube.co…[View]
390897321What was bad about it?[View]
390905331>2017 >still no jetpack Are GTA fans the most cucked gamers? It's not like jetpack is eve…[View]
390905257>he preorders a remaster of a game he's already played I did this with Dragons Dogma…[View]
390904923>games where the bad guy dies[View]
390899756Games you wish were alive[View]
390902973Was it autism?[View]
390904989>mfw i get mad at video games[View]
390904936Metroid Prime 4 thoughts: So Tanabe is obviously going to make this faggot the main villain of Prime…[View]
390895441Terraria: What types of weapons does /v/ use in terraria?[View]
390903483What the fuck was his problem?[View]
390896019Hey /v/anguards, I'm about to play Icewind Dale for the first time. My question is, should I pl…[View]
390892994*blocks you're path*[View]
390867219Diablo II - Eastern Sun: Why are you not playing one of the best mods for a game that is better than…[View]
390894546Look out, here comes the Spider-Man[View]
390901778Forza 7 Demo: So how does it run i your rig? Xbros, how are you liking the demo? >inb4 Windows St…[View]
390897630the first weeb game you played?: me FF7[View]
390904204how far did you get, /vee/? no lying, i'll know [View]
390904331i miss him[View]
390874459>screen shake when hit Indie games were the biggest mistake of the past 20 years https://www.yout…[View]
390903352why was this game removed from the playstation store?[View]
390886506Who was the best?[View]
390884269PREVIEWS UP SUNSHINE VOID LEVELS CONFIRMED http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/20/super-mario-odyssey-hands-o…[View]
390892836Star Wars: How does /v/ feel about the Jedi Knight series?[View]
390904062>if the bad guys get the tomb, the world is in danger why couldn't it just be a neat action …[View]
390898934Worth a buy?[View]
390903170ITT: Ports only you play[View]
390901646Look at you, /v/irgin Pathetic creature of fat and bone Sweating profusely, while you shitpost aroun…[View]
390853228ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS SAVE THE DAMN PRINCESS, CJ god bless cemu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS-8…[View]
390902405What went wrong? Back in the early 2010s these guys dominated the vidya part of youtube with stuff l…[View]
390890954Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate: Are you getting /our girl/ game?…[View]
390899035Who is the Hottest Girl in Gaming? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKVZe0-lWVc[View]
390903140Any news on Sword art online hollow realization coming to PC?[View]
390897930Why won't Valve add options for never updating games? It would be really useful to be able to …[View]
390903174Isn't it interesting (((Digital Foundry))) didn't make any frame rate test on FF XV after …[View]
39090163415-20 years later, fps are getting dumber and dumber since quake 1 multiplayer (quakeworld), fightin…[View]
390881197Mascot: Let's make our own mascot for /v/, /v/[View]
390902952What's the best street racing sim?[View]
390887748Valve sold out to the Bethesda jew (again).[View]
390903298anyone else is worried about the lack of info about the next zelda dlc? they didn't show anythi…[View]
390902776What game has the best or at least the most realistic gypsies? Roma-gypsies also welcome.[View]
390903240SASUGA JOKA![View]
390885374How does Sony get away with only having dudebro and weeaboo shit on their consoles? Xbox has Halo/F…[View]
390901636I live.. again[View]
390903108So, what the heck's up with EDF Iron Rain? More focus on powered armors or something? More west…[View]
390903104ARMS: Tried Lola yesterday and she is so fun.[View]
390902010Why the FUCK ARE YOU ALL AFRAID OF PLAYING QUAKE? What makes you think it's a 'hard' game? Do y…[View]
390895317How would you make a Terminator game?[View]
390899306ITT: franchises destroyed by developers wanting to pander to low IQ people[View]
390892172>game has fully fleshed out magic system >always play as warrior >end up never using magic …[View]
390893412Game was recommended to me by a friend. What am I in for?[View]
390903009how is this game?: never heard about it but apparently is one of the games with the highest rate on …[View]
3908892142D Metroid Thread: How are you all liking Samus Returns?[View]
390900356Japan's favorite Action/Adventure Games (Summer 2017): >Here are the top twenty action adven…[View]
390902835https://infosquizo.blogspot.com.es/: https://infosquizo.blogspot.com.es/[View]
390899201*blocks your rank up*[View]
390875538So how is your campaign going?[View]
390901527Singularity ending: Why don't you kill past Demichev instead of yourself?[View]
390902382Games that shouldn't get a sequel: How the fuck did Homefront get a sequel? It sold poorly and …[View]
390901770Fight Night Round 5: Has anyone heard anything about the next FN game? I prefer the dynamics of FN r…[View]
390898374Anons, I just picked up PUBG. What am I in for as a solo player with no friends and a can of whiskey…[View]
390888291Why isn't esports taken seriously outside of Asia?[View]
390902265Thanks to Skull Face, the early concept for FOXDIE was introduced to Cipher. Thanks to Skull Face, m…[View]
390899881Who's the dumbest video game character out there and why is it honoka?[View]
390900927>17 years later >STILL the undisputed best Zelda game Where did it all go so right?…[View]
390896737Who had a better 2017? Sega or Nintendo?[View]
390901705proof that nintendo is for brainlets[View]
390901851WER SIND DIE JUDEN?[View]
390892904You're that ninja[View]
390898528original or redux: which one should i play /v/?[View]
390899991https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyZaaBJSIpk Just a friendly reminder that all bethesda drones are re…[View]
390901760You WILL buy Fallout every 27 years, right?[View]
390898561I normally love TPS RPGs and LOTR, but I'm 13 hours in and quite bored. The game isn't bad…[View]
390848109/v/idya Draw Thread: Old Thread >>390833496 >Post character name/franchises and references …[View]
390901645>This is the latest incarnation of Link Absolutely disgusting. How can Nintenbros defend this?…[View]
390901421So now that we've finally witnessed the return of Metroid, can we bug Nintendo for a new F-Zero…[View]
390896876im a pc gamer, are you? pc stands for pollitically correct btw :)[View]
390901374Anyone have an alpha key for this? I'll give you like a 5 or 10 dollar steam game: my brother r…[View]
390900108R: 0▶ Which Switch game should I get next bros? I already have BotW, Rabbids, Shovel Knight, Splatoo…[View]
390870292Final Characters for Dragonball FighterZ: Here's who to expect for the rest of the cast plus th…[View]
390893271what is your favourite horror game?[View]
390900153What's a video game to make me stop playing video games.[View]
390901036What actually makes a legit good female character for you? Who is your favorite?[View]
390893373Find a flaw.[View]
390898010Is Koizumi the best vidya developer of all time?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshiaki_Koizumi…[View]
390897504What is the best LucasArts adventure game?[View]
390900859RESIDENT EVIL THREAD - CHICK DISCUSSION: Listen here faggots. No one beats Rebecca as the best RE gi…[View]
390890993http://gematsu.com/2017/09/media-create-sales-91117-91717 The 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI only so…[View]
390900779Didn't know Japan had jews: I've been seeing people talking about Nintendo removing their …[View]
390900631PC port when?[View]
390899347Post screenshots where you're decent and garbage at once[View]
390889939In your opinion, what are the greatest, most consistent vidya trilogies of all time?[View]
390899984Any other /girl_gamers/ here? What games you play?[View]
390894896Let`s play: guess the game[View]
390892854jesus christ this game is awful why can't anyone make a decent smash clone?[View]
390900183ITT mediocre/bad games with good soundtracks[View]
390868294Could he beat Nyx?[View]
390897025Will they ever get over it and move on?[View]
390897512[ACU is under attack][View]
390894594I can't be the only autist who cares about achievements, r-right? >Play game >Realize I c…[View]
390891563Let's be honest. It's hard, but for the wrong reasons.[View]
390892856This is Nioh. Let's have a thread about it.[View]
390898993ITT: We post games created in your country. I'll start with Mineirinho Ultra Adventures, made i…[View]
390899742How would a sequel for this work in our day and age? >conker gets cucked by a big black squirrel…[View]
390895550ITT: top-tier cover art[View]
390899490*blocks your fun*[View]
390897141Games you show love to by picking apart everything wrong with them[View]
390886521>Nintendo IP's will become public domain within your lifetime. Only 40-ish years until we ge…[View]
390899401I just finished playing through all of the Zachtronics games and I need some more games that will im…[View]
390896472Why did our guy MALF had to leave? Now I have to watch the furfag's video.[View]
390898905How much time have you wasted playing a single game?[View]
390858334How's my city, /v/?[View]
390874637Monster Hunter World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APjAmYGzanM I wonder what is happening in Daun…[View]
390836984*blocks your path*[View]
390896664Absolver lost 97% of its playerbase in less than a month. What went wrong?[View]
3908699523: I can't be the only one looking forward to Borderlands 3 Maybe it'll be not-shit, you k…[View]
390896819Aww, aren't you going to say hello? Don't you want a perfect video game? [View]
390776747/ctt/ console-tan tuesday: consoletan.booru.org flockmod.com/thebreakroom[View]
390883992Who's the hardest boss in the first playthrough of Undertale? Why did you answer anything besid…[View]
390895889This is Blaze the Cat. Say something nice to him.[View]
390888008Thank god the fall and spooky season are approaching. What vidya do you play during the objectively …[View]
390898493What are some video game movies you wish would never come to lightagain?[View]
390898449ITT: >puzzles where you caved and looked up the solution pic-related, really fucked my shit up…[View]
390897776This is Bayonetta, say something nice about her.[View]
390898412Didn't know For a 7 was made for the N64[View]
390895793PSA: Miiverse's shutdown in November will effect XCX's BLADE report function which has an …[View]
390894727Is it good?[View]
390898195What are some good grand strategy games?[View]
390894029Monster Hunter Portable Switch: This proves we will have monster hunter on switch and it might be a …[View]
390896508Who is the most pure man in any video game?[View]
390892931Fun Viyda: What are some non-fighting games with combos?[View]
390896150You want a fucking key, post an email. One key per post, don't be greedy I bought this bundle …[View]
390897104DayZ Arma II: Is the mod still active in any way? I remember playing it a long time ago and having h…[View]
390884879TOP 5 OST THREAD Mine are, in no particular order Crash Bandicoot 2 The World Ends With You Metal G…[View]
390888580Nintendo Takes Down Videos And Patreon From Creator Of Mario 64 Online: >'Only a few days ago we …[View]
390897656Do you play any video games with your girlfriend /v/?[View]
390879271What was the last good WW2 or Vietnam shooter? Has to be pic related right? Havent had one in so lon…[View]
390897694Super Mario 64 in Super Mario Odyssey confirmed GOTY[View]
390895134>For example, portraits in each stage seem to work as quick portals between kingdoms, and one of …[View]
390892980PS2 emulation is possible with pic related right? How about CEMU?[View]
390894490New Jedi Knight game by Bioware Y/N?[View]
390894628What if there was an RPG that capped your level/build early to go through the rest of your adventure…[View]
390895990Glitches thread[View]
390872137This is officially /v/s favorite Alchemist. I hope you treat her well now, even though she's as…[View]
390894852Front Mission More Evolved confirmed!: http://www.siliconera.com/2017/09/20/left-alive-takes-place-w…[View]
390897307>it's comfy[View]
390896962Are you hyped for shovel knight: king of cards, /v/?[View]
390895796Do you think it was just a misguided attempt at a remake/revival of the franchise, or did Square Eni…[View]
390896581JC, the GEP gun is useful for nonlethal take downs.[View]
390896887Rosh Hashana Sameakh!: What games are you playing this Jewish holiday season /v/? I'm going to …[View]
390896764anyone try pic related? I saw it on a list of 'David Lynch inspired' games alongside Deadl…[View]
390894071I'm a Britbong. Gaming computers and their parts are expensive in the UK. Please help me find r…[View]
390895213What is 'tryharding'?[View]
390896013Anyone wants to play? Preferably europe for better ping Will give download link here https://discord…[View]
390887583Deadly Premonition: How good is it really? I wanna give it a shot if its not as shit as the reviews …[View]
390891074woah, where are we? this place is really dusty...[View]
390893124Morrowind thread Recommend some mods to me that will make it as aesthetic as possible.[View]
390888271SFV Arcade Edition: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-09-20-street-fighter-5-arcade-edition-spo…[View]
390895415>tfw I have so much games to play but I don't push myself to start them because 75% of them …[View]
390894805who's the guy on the cover: chris zombie? random guy?[View]
390895575When will game companies figure out that trying to reach a wider audience only makes a game worse an…[View]
390895710Are visual novels video games?[View]
390895864Yeah yeah ya'll ready? It's time for the S4 League We're about to explode like a bom…[View]
390887184The best Nintendo console since...[View]
390895581Are you guys going to buy Aoba's new game?[View]
390884146I bet u don't even know what this is /v/[View]
390891960How is the Return to Arkham collection on Ps4? I never played the Arkham games, and I wanna go throu…[View]
390880571What's the video game equivalent of cancer? >Your own body turning against you >The cance…[View]
390894260HTC VIVE RIFT: >Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is going to buy the company Vive from HTC. >HTC h…[View]
390890445>make a thread >no replies so abandon it >10 minutes later see it on the front page with 20…[View]
390894948Comfy Souls thread: Attention: this is a comfy souls thread. You know the drill, /v/. Post Souls art…[View]
390892891>Game shames you for playing on easy[View]
390892443https://mspoweruser.com/u-s-navy-to-replace-38000-joysticks-with-xbox-controllers-and-heres-why/ Wha…[View]
390895130What went wrong?[View]
390883541Is Pillars of Eternity fixed?[View]
390891348we seriously need to stop SEGA from releasing the most autistic game of all time[View]
390894754>the game is nintendo exclusive[View]
390894843When is splitscreen finally coming to VR?: its disappointing that its not benn implemented for this …[View]
390868161>Game is full of so many toxic players that they're too busy banning players to implement ne…[View]
390894768Sonic Forces: JOIN THE UPRISING[View]
390893568Whats the pitchfork of gaming journalism? Can be print or online.[View]
390894467>Someone wants to talk about Paladins on /v/ >Immediately after an Overwatch thread appears, w…[View]
390893985Holy fucking shit. I wasn't buying into the hype of Odyssey but man am I now blown away. It loo…[View]
390891916People actually want a remake of this masterpiece. What would you even change? What? Is the game too…[View]
390891775fell for the fucking PC meme and built a 1080Ti PC and there's nothing to play 'Buut buut anon …[View]
390893043Will Capcom go bankrupt soon?[View]
390878365what sort of character should I make for maximum fun, /v/?[View]
390893245You now remember Xfire and all your lost friends.[View]
390892029Fuckin mayhem, bro.[View]
390890276Super Mario: Super Mario Odyssey Famitsu issue 10/5 pages https://twitter.com/wounkun/status/910521…[View]
390886816Death Stranding: What are the chances of her being in the game? They haven't shown a female cha…[View]
390889541/v/ the musical: :^) >What is this? An annual collaboration project where /v/ sings about video g…[View]
390891263Long link[View]
390893695MVCI: DUNTE'S THEME: https://youtube.com/watch?v=KBcMnW9QEao JUST[View]
390892595What are some games with really deep, but somewhat realistic crafting? I'm looking for somethin…[View]
390893687Games you keep going back too thread? I usually wait a year or so between playthroughs, but this gam…[View]
390893678EGX: This is supposedly the UK's biggest gaming event, but does anyone actually care about it?…[View]
390891610ITT: Weirdest videogame crossovers[View]
390893478In what games can I make tricloramine gas?[View]
390886869atmospheric masterpieces: post games with god-tier atmosphere pic very related[View]
390883191Why are they so fucking incompetent!?[View]
390891052ITT: Kino moments in games[View]
390889148Steam 'friends': >That one Steam friend that sets alerts for himself every time you appear online…[View]
390893267Danger of nuke detonation in hotel: We need to close Habbo Hotel down before before its inhabitats d…[View]
390881893Media Create Thread[View]
390884875ITT: upcoming games that trigger /v/eogaf[View]
390885209Wath games are you looking forwards /v/? >crosscode >metro exodus that's all…[View]
390893058Did you ever play a game and found yourself actually giving a shit about a love interest? As a chara…[View]
390888587ITT: Games that never needed sequels I'll start[View]
390889684What is /Ourguy/ going to do?[View]
390881413ITT: predict the next switch happening[View]
390890734Are there any Marvel VS Capcom games that have a fun story mode for fans of both Marvel shit and Cap…[View]
390891502Well folks, how is it? Are the new servers any good? Been looking forward to this update since June …[View]
390890958Best android emulator to game on?: Tried BlueStacks, Nox Player, Memu, DuOS, they all suck, BlueStac…[View]
390890849please check out my video and subscribe it really means alot if you did: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
390876753Just fucking upgrade already.[View]
390892410smacks lips profusely SO HOL UP HOL UP steals SO U BE SAYIN gets jiggy wit it SO HOL UP U BE SAYIN e…[View]
390891895How do they expect people to see this? no tits, no ass. Looks like a fucking boy. Who is pushing thi…[View]
390889007What's more important in a multiplayer game? >The game being fun >Playing with friends…[View]
390892465Why are console peasants so ignorant about pc gaming? Don't they realize that console is just a…[View]
390892328>Mario 64 (1996) perfected 3d movement controls >Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) perfected 3rd-p…[View]
390882213There is NO ONE online. The game is failing on the very start of its career. What went wrong ?[View]
390891791Nintendo Stock as high as Wii days: My face when I should have bought Nintendostock in 2015 like I i…[View]
390875504df was her problem?: bitch[View]
390892049So I got a PC and a One X on the way. Tell me how I made a bad decision while I basically have a Win…[View]
390870670GOG Sale - What to get Anons?: I am bored and i want to spend money. Halp. https://www.gog.com/games…[View]
390892005>stealth in an RPG where you control a party that can't all stealth For what purpose?…[View]
390890841How do I pirate TF2?[View]
390888542Did anyone fall for this meme?[View]
390859525What happened? It looks kind of fun[View]
390891758Will Small Studios Make a Major Comeback?: It seems like the entire AAA world is falling apart, at l…[View]
390891458Name games where I can suck dick or see people get sucked or get sucked.[View]
390889584Which one is better?[View]
390891480Just finished getting 100% on Star Road, can anyone recommend some other good sm64 romhacks?[View]
390878272Rainbow six siege: It's dead, Jim[View]
390890285>gregor has joined the game[View]
390891456You call that thing a sword?[View]
390850420Which was better?[View]
390890716Picross coming to Switch: >Picross S will contain 300 puzzles in Picross and Mega Picross modes. …[View]
390889794Remember where Orcs weren't a bunch of tree hugging faggots? WC3 fleshed the setting out more b…[View]
390876821>Start for the first time >Get camera rune >Start heading south of the dueling peaks looks…[View]
390891448Videogame OSTs: >God tier soundrack >God tier OST cover for a videogame >No Shoji Meguro …[View]
390891359Good female characters don't exi-[View]
390889979will it not suck? also, what is the consensus about spidey's suit design in this game?[View]
390891206Does this feel like a scam to anyone else? I've seen the videos and they don't look much d…[View]
390883276Has there ever been a better quartet in gaming? The only group that even comes close that I can thin…[View]
390890342Her game's almost here, /v/. Are you excited?[View]
390890505How quickly will this thing be cracked wide open to add games to?[View]
390890873Which Switch game should I get next bros? I already have BotW, Rabbids, Shovel Knight, Splatoon 2, M…[View]
390890820Youtube Game Critics: Who is your favorite game reviewer at the moment? Mine is this guy Karak from …[View]
390889014ITT: absent friends[View]
390889015How do we save Mario Sports from itself?: I thought Superstars for the 3DS had the right idea, inste…[View]
390866448Dragon's Crown Super Titty Edition: Will you be playing this with /v/ this time?[View]
390890525What are some of the best 3DO games?[View]
390887821>lose game >immediately quit >win game >sit around and say 'gg wp'…[View]
390889760Why are you faggots so gay for this 2d runner game: Did you lost your last piece of mind ?[View]
390887435So under the cover of night this dropped on PSN.[View]
390890397It's out boys >5 more levels >5 more bosses >local co-op…[View]
390890305What's His Game Like: I want to know.[View]
390886551How do I miss off Super Mario Sunshine fans? I have a friend who's a massive Sunshine fanboy, a…[View]
390888556Sonic Heroes controls better than Super Mario 64.[View]
390876387Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite: Those who have bought the game, how is it so far? Is the gameplay/online…[View]
390890241https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si95lA80LIo How hyped are you?[View]
390889250*three* *two* *one* *go* Freeze Commander shepard space chunk fighting and rocking the galaxy *Gar…[View]
390885751Caesar's Legion could guarantee their conquest over the remnants of America (or at least the we…[View]
390887580I poke my head outta the gutter for ONE FREAKIN SECOND and fate shovels shit in my face![View]
390888486What are some decent MMOs? Why are you playing MMOs? Why aren't you? What are the most unusual …[View]
390884168what the fuck: what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck WHAT THE FUCK T F[View]
390885061>target someone >he targets you back[View]
390889645Shadow the Hedgehog[View]
390881410WoW: >only like 50 guilds have finished Tomb of Sageras mythic >requires perfect coordination/…[View]
390882580Mario Odyssey: Get it? It rhythms with fucker.[View]
390889469AYYYO HOLD UP! NO SPLIT SCREEN ON SPLATOON 2. Looks like I'm returning my switch lmao.[View]
390889331How did one of your favorite games get shit on for extra money?[View]
390888574Tekken 7 customization: Character customization thread.[View]
390888117MvC:I: I-it's not looking too good for /ourgame/ right now, lads.[View]
390880885Why was she so perfect?[View]
390889283Look at you, /v/irgin Pathetic creature of fat and bone Sweating profusely, while you shitpost aroun…[View]
390889274happy love day /v/: in honor of international love day, post the game you love the most.[View]
390888087ITT: Post tracks that get you nostalgic. https://youtu.be/CKKf5UJnCJA[View]
390889040i'm stuck in WW at this part, pls help.[View]
390889120Xseed promised this game by the end of summer It's never coming out :([View]
390886715Only 2 days left! GW2 PoF hype thread. Im more excited for mounts then I should be. Which profession…[View]
390885234Is Starcraft forever dead?[View]
390885615>teamkill in an online fps LOCK ME UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY[View]
390865680>from 77 to 76 >those user reviews >a fucking spin-off port no one asked for was rated high…[View]
390887159Trust no one.: Not even your own clones. http://store.steampowered.com/app/551770/ECHO/ https://www.…[View]
390885483Redpill me on Shenzhen I/O: I just bought this on GOG and printed out the 50 page autist manual. Wha…[View]
390888735Is there anything more dumber and normie than buying a pre-built pc or gaming laptop? It's even…[View]
390886680Now that China owns the Switch, do I have to learn Chinese? What are some good Chinese games[View]
390888509what are some games where i can be a commie >inb4 dont starve a communist party member not a star…[View]
390887983ITT Games better than Mahvel vs Capcuck[View]
390888194Gameplay: Diablo 2 > Diablo 1 > Diablo 3 Atmosphere/aesthetics: Diablo 1 > Diablo 2 > Di…[View]
390888384so you're in the forerunner ruins, and this guy comes and frags your pink armor gf wat do?[View]
390888382What are some games, where you can kill russians?[View]
390885821>mfw when a game flops so hard a studio goes under[View]
390870172looking for a game where i can explore the ocean on some sort of ship. i am imagining something like…[View]
390888306Which video game related choice would you make?[View]
390888236'I don't like japanese games because there are cute girls everywhere. I prefer brutal gore kill…[View]
390854632For those who've beaten it already....: Was it MetroidKino?[View]
390879604character creation in From's action-rpgs: Assuming PVP isn't your top priority, is it bett…[View]
390887575What game (or game series) is your favourite in terms of story and storytelling only?[View]
390869268Divinity: Original Sin 2: How is this such an unbalanced turd? summoners deal a ridiculous amount of…[View]
390888049>only ever played 9/10 games >never bothered with < 9 games >yesterday tried to play an …[View]
390884942>can't leave an area until I've spoken to every NPC (multiple times incase they say som…[View]
390882214why do nerds love katanas in games so much? what is so fascinating about it?[View]
390888037I've become enamored with the aesthetic of 'science fantasy with guns,' characters in armor tha…[View]
390882436Buy a PS4. Now.[View]
390881124To actually use or to sell it in a month for 30 bucks? That is the question.[View]
390885549Hey did that new Metroid game do any good? I didn't buy it because I I couldn't be bothere…[View]
390885259>game has a collector's edition >the collector's edition version only has a soundtra…[View]
390886783ITT; Characters only you want for a future Smash Brothers game.[View]
390880859So these species are like Namekians but with boobs?[View]
390886532>Survival action shooter So this is gonna be Square/Enix PUBG clone, right?…[View]
390885350Will it surpass Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the best 3D Mario game?[View]
390885473This a good port? Anything different from the NES game?[View]
390884117Does /v/ like collecting save files of the games they play ? These are most of the games that i play…[View]
390887371>game has a '''character creator''' >can only choose between an extremely small selection of f…[View]
390887549Anyone gonna buy this? looks interesting https://youtu.be/CVgcF9Shf6s https://youtu.be/0iIKnQUOZYw[View]
390887412Why are you faggots so gay for this 2d runner game: Did you lost your last piece of mind ?[View]
390884701Now that the dust has settled, was it good?[View]
390878992Is this a game to get on launch? >graphics are very appealing >21 playable pokemon at launch …[View]
390882120How is it that these European indie studios manage to be SO much better at making RPGs than the rest…[View]
390886471What am I in for?[View]
390883562Does anyone have this? Is it worth it to have fun playing fighting games? I'm a Tekken 7 player…[View]
390887307>this is the pinnacle of vidya combat according to vee[View]
390883498What you guys playing currently?[View]
390887143>bonus to damage when below 20% HP[View]
390878440Name a more alpha videogame character pro tip: you fucking can;t[View]
390873894Oh shit, Senator Armstrong is coming to kill you for disgracing 'MURICA and he is 200% MAD. In …[View]
390875587>The three protagonists are the people featured in the key visual. All three are isolated in the …[View]
390882150Is SimCity 4 still top-tier city building simulator? Gonna play it for the first time in a long time…[View]
390877695>Edgy is ba-[View]
390886774WAR: Call of Duty FSA.[View]
390885138>character: I've been sealed away in this MacGuffin for 1000 years. >same character: I al…[View]
390878597Games you think deserve a second chance: They could have been good, and had great potential to be go…[View]
390874470name one (1) good thing xbox has bought to gaming as a whole[View]
390884492If this happens I'm giving up on the PS4 meme and selling it to get enough money for the Switch…[View]
390886152What was his end game?[View]
390881575When should I buy a dedicated VR headset? I was thinking about picking up the Vive but I'm worr…[View]
390883339>Jump >Spin >Glide forward What's the game /v/?…[View]
390882204Tell me, /v/: Why did MMORPGs die? Will they ever make a comeback like RPGs are currently doing?[View]
390838403Xenoblade 2: Hyped Edition. Who's ready for JRPG of the year?[View]
390886385If you didn't like Arkham Origins, you are not allowed to post in this thread[View]
390886323ITT: Vidya enemies that gives you a boner[View]
390865710>get to publish Ys VIII in the west >fuck up the pc release so bad that they had to delay it w…[View]
390884429Why people say capcom is dead? >dmc 4 se >dragon dogma >monster hunter >marvel vs capcom…[View]
390882253Does anyone know this game? How many eurofags would like to play multiplayer again? There are 2 NA s…[View]
390878267>that one game you love so much and you've played so much that every time you start it up yo…[View]
390885149Bannerlord never: >infantry formation at least four ranks deep Does this mean phalanx is viable n…[View]
390883589Is this worth getting if I like SNES style rpgs?[View]
390882154>game starts out fun >gets VERY FUN mid game >gets boring end game What is /v/'s prefe…[View]
390885130POSSIBLE RUISECRUISE?: It begins[View]
390884994If you buy a game online, isn't the whole thing DLC?[View]
390856401Have there been any games set wholly or partially in an Arcology? It's an interesting setting I…[View]
390842896Satoru Iwata tribute found in every copy of the Switch OS. https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/17/1632345…[View]
390883332Will boogie still be a prominent voice in the gaming community if he loses weight? From my understan…[View]
390885747Such a lust for revenge![View]
390885306What makes me a BOAT?[View]
390884225Fight N' Rage: A new beat em up came out yesterday[View]
390880349So all games are shit. Every game is shit. What do we do next?[View]
390884956ITT: Kikestarter scams[View]
390884720Will/Could there be an MMO based on the sweet sweet visuals of Sci-Fi-Fantasy?: Something like pic r…[View]
390884515GENMTENDO STRIKES AGAIN: >Genm Corp took down Mighty 64 Online actually the mod is still there, t…[View]
390881931Do you play video games for fun, or only to fill the void?[View]
390885074ITT: Best vidya song you heard in the current gen. I'll start. https://youtu.be/L6TycTt7DzY[View]
390876801I think objectively, these are the 10 greatest video games of all time. Ocarina of Time Street Fight…[View]
390879632>Toxic Community How do you even define this? What would the best way be to deal with it if at al…[View]
390881745BOOBS ON FACE, AGAIN! https://gematsu.com/2017/09/famitsu-review-scores-issue-1503 >The Legend of…[View]
390877904Games that are impossible to discuss on /v/[View]
390884910Mr Jefferson is /ourguy/, right?[View]
390884856ITT: Casual filters[View]
390869412Fire Emblem Echoes fucking blows: This game sucks and is the proof why Fire Emblem elitists are a bu…[View]
390881606Games that are now part of Kojimaverse thru some convoluted fan theories[View]
390884385Third partys on switch: What title do you want on switch now that we know thanks to bethesda that ev…[View]
390864997>wearing anything other than Wolf ishygddt[View]
390871886Great game, but seriously flying battery zone 1 and 2 both are fucking absolute garbage. How the fuc…[View]
390882046Is Overwatch worth 30$? Should I buy it for PS4 or buy another game like GTA V, MGSV, Nioh? I feel l…[View]
390883394>evie frye will never shit in your mouth this is it lads the worst feel imaginable…[View]
390881569What went right? What will be their next game?[View]
390854517>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAIrm9nXdiw&feature=youtu.be Weeb Souls looking like absolut…[View]
390883062Octopath: Octobros thread. Is this a good game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-lnvBXy68Q…[View]
390882902>'Oh good! A social game with anthropomorphic animals that has decent art style!' >See this fu…[View]
390883447Anyone noticed a decline in their gaming channel's viewership lately ? Could you guys check my …[View]
390881976NMH3: Holy fuck how did I miss the announcement? Looks liek Switch indeed will have some games. Even…[View]
390881668I don't think casuals will be able to play this game well. How can you expect it to be a succes…[View]
390869407Overworld, Open World or Zones?[View]
390883359How are those day one sales looking, chap? I wish there was a way to track console sales.[View]
390883735Age of Empires 2 HD: Thoughts on this game? What do you think about the changes from the original?…[View]
390881776When was the last time you played a game of reasonable length, beat it, and then immediately started…[View]
390880225I don't have faith in this being a good game.[View]
390880886Can we have a Castlevania / Castlekino thread? Post your favorites >OoE >DoS >PoR >Rond…[View]
390883074There are fucking FLUDDless platforming challenges except with Cappy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
390883480Mario Odyssey: Bing bing wahoo, motherfucker http://nintendoeverything.com/massive-amount-of-super-m…[View]
390878520Times were good. Final Fantasy was still in it's single digits. Grandia, Lunar, and Star Ocean …[View]
390879517I NEVER FELT LIKE: Will we get new footage at TGS? I'm absurdly hype for this game. >in befo…[View]
390883380Bournout 3 Takedown cover/poster: I'm looking for 'Bournout 3 Takedown' cover without any logo …[View]
390883372I replayed this for the second time and honestly, I like it as a it's own game but as a Persona…[View]
390879192How is this possible on the NES?[View]
390883326FF15 on switch: >There was some speculation that the Switch would get Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Ed…[View]
390872376What the FUCK did I just play?[View]
390881445pic related is on sale is it good?[View]
390863994>having tons of fun playing a game >suddenly forces a shit character with the worst playstyle …[View]
390876035Is Destiny 2 worth getting or is it boring like the first one?[View]
390882907I was watching Tokyo Game Show and I didn't find any colored hair dyke. No multicultural memes,…[View]
390881726What's the new Flavor of the Month /v/ game?[View]
390882938In all honesty, did he do anything wrong?[View]
390878784Chair thread: Help me /v/, I just want a chair I can both play vidya in as well as just sick back an…[View]
390882248>Switch will sell 130m by 2022 Really? I notice mobile phones seem to trigger Nintenbros hard. Th…[View]
390880998Whaddup /v/, I'm in the mood for some good old fashioned tomfoolery in the sims, I havent playe…[View]
390880252>servers will be shutting down for maintenance >expected downtime is 2 hours…[View]
390881785What the fuck how didn't they catch this bug? They could have just turned off collision on the …[View]
390882708PICROSS S: New Picross game for the Switch is coming out Sept 28. Fucking finally[View]
390881845Anyone else playing?[View]
390877294Who are you going to main?[View]
390882276What are some good visual novel/point and click games?[View]
390882250How do you feel about the best deus ex?[View]
390877995It's been quite a while since we discussed the greatest RPG of all time.[View]
390881281Nintendo either improves the production lane or get ready for an even worst drought >https://myn…[View]
390881080bruh, look at this dood[View]
390860626bang: bang bang bang bang bang[View]
390882061I don't see anything wrong with western games, do you? I mean, only cucked weebs think there is…[View]
390879210Wishlist thread: Post 'em[View]
390878743What are some things in video games that make you angry?[View]
390879851>playing TF2 or other multiplayer games >constantly at the bottom few of the leader boards Whe…[View]
390881642post you're favorite track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qwbs9OsP2M[View]
390875824>all the good boys in Stormblood are brown people. >all the baddies in Stormblood are white de…[View]
390877041NEW WOLFENSTEIN II TRAILER: Who /HYPED/ here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkrwUzWeACg…[View]
390881485>leaders from every former antagonist team join up to take the final boss in a JRPG…[View]
390879007>'Hey guys. Sony will make a HUGE announcement in 9/19 and Nintendo will try to counter this anno…[View]
390878152Reccomend some fun games to play[View]
390878825funny shit video games edition[View]
390877542>devs give away all the game's secrets and reveal the entire plot in their hourly progress u…[View]
390880924Anyone else scared that this will be an unoptimized mess like dishonored 2?[View]
390872908Just finished pic related (including side-stories) and this is one of the most frustrating game I ev…[View]
390876234alright lads, going cex, anything you want?[View]
390880554What's the appeal of Japanese video games about underage lesbians?[View]
390878875Whaaack-hoo! I'm Whacka!! Just another picture-perfect day on /v/! Wooo! Of course, yesterday w…[View]
390880612Skyrim thread: The Stormcloaks are the GOAT[View]
390879920So this turned out to be shit right? Still haven't touched it[View]
390869727>tfw addicted to a new game is there anything that can compare vs the first two weeks of a game y…[View]
390878841>video games dont numb the pain any more[View]
390880696hey faggots. i just beat this game, and it was shit the whole way through. why the fuck did you reco…[View]
390868737I will play a skyrim playthrough as a mage on Legendary. Is it so challenging that I should use a 1-…[View]
390855410>Game is actually fun >No one's talking about it Any Tooth and Tail bros here?…[View]
390862628THIS KILLS THE XBONE X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw03aXdf3dI[View]
390880425>Game has a Multiplayer Campaign >It isn't Coop, it's a VS Campaign >Literally im…[View]
390867430Vidya where the sequels might as well be fan fiction: Post em[View]
390873804>90% of gameplay mechanics are not explained in the actual game >have to constantly open Wiki …[View]
390880141New Vegas is an actual RPG: Going into New Vegas after Skyrim, I was truly surprised that there are …[View]
390880170what modern platform are you playing? is sonic mania the best one?[View]
390880123Well I thought I'm doing well and then suddenly a civil war happened and 9 out of my 11 legions…[View]
390880051Square-Enix determined to put the full FFXV on Switch: >There was some speculation that the Switc…[View]
390879524How rich is Lara Croft in the reboot Tomb Raider games?[View]
390879581Gungeon Thread: 1.4 update when? Just finished pilots past on the first try.[View]
390873528[PS4 thread]: Greatness has arrived edition.[View]
390871730How did this happen?[View]
390879443Find a flaw[View]
390877714How often do you clean your gaming setup?[View]
390879279spooky vidya thread: post spooky stuff vidya-related[View]
390869395>Gal*Gun 2 confirmed for PS4 and Switch VITA MEANS LIFE![View]
390875548Oddbox sale on Steam: Hello guys. I was thinking buying Oddworld's Oddbox om Steam, since I fin…[View]
390876058Xbox boss Phil Spencer promoted: >'Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox group and the …[View]
390876123Whats the most innawoods game? Hard mode: No zombies Expert mode: Not a multiplayer game…[View]
390878762For me,its Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne[View]
390873471Anons what games can I play as a scientist?[View]
390873965Thank you steam retards for the early access beta testing[View]
390875330Love Live School Idol Festival: How are you doing /v/?[View]
390877109Post video game characters in video games.[View]
390876178Xperia Play: So how do we convince Sony to make the next generation Xperia play?[View]
390878594New Vegas thread: Caesar's amazingly well written.[View]
390873782What is it that makes people enjoy these literal skinner boxes like warframe, pubg, poe, and all the…[View]
390876785>it's actually fun Why did you meme me into not buying this on launch, /v/?…[View]
390872032Picross S: >now with 2 player cooperative mode What is this madness, Jupiter? Release date: Septe…[View]
390867324428: Shibuya Scramble: You *will* pre-order it, right? Switch version announcement when?…[View]
390874769With Overwatch's community a complete cesspool, alongside many other games that try to be …[View]
390878270xd: does somebody wants to play with me league of legends?[View]
390869839the absolute state of nintendo[View]
390877419>final boss is defeated by the power of friendship[View]
390876074>tfw no sequel ever[View]
390878030>complete sociopath >heartless bitch to most people in the game >takes advantage of Geralt …[View]
390877601>It's fun after the first 30 hours![View]
390874732How does one achieve victory against such an opponent? I can't take more than 1/10 of his healt…[View]
390863567I'm going to Big Bang Burger, you guys want anything?[View]
390871569>really, really want to play scary games that seem good like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Siren …[View]
390876960Wow, so this is the power of Vsauce. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nid0tHZxBA0[View]
390871843GOLDFINGER 64 RELEASED To everyone who's ever wished a goldeneye sequel exists.. IT DOES! First…[View]
390869724>start game >it's open world[View]
390838294>A first look at gameplay of Sonic Forces' Episode Shadow add-on! A prequel to the main stor…[View]
390876839Surprised I never see any ss13 threads. Why is a game that has so much content and potential not tal…[View]
390877212A Copy Of NES Golf found on every Switch and why that is: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-09-…[View]
390871317What video game related merch does /v/ own?[View]
390832371What the hell went wrong?: Why did FGC abandon this game[View]
390875075Why didn't this meme became as obnoxious as cake is a lie or arrow in the knee?[View]
390874916Ace Attorney Thread: what is this anon? [\spoiler][View]
390876059Expectation vs. reality thread: Expectation vs. reality[View]
390874723>go online >everybody and their moms are playing the same top tier character and you have to d…[View]
390873913>used to be widely said on 4chan that 2001 was when everything went to shit(9/11 police state) an…[View]
390876938Would you buy it /v/??? http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-09-20-square-enix-is-trying-to-get-fu…[View]
390874973Super Mario Odyssey: shit's out in about 5 weeks and I'm fucking broke, bing bing wahoo!…[View]
390873375ANY chance at all that this is coming west?[View]
390876349Ruiner: 1 Week Are you ready for Hotline Miami Solid? 1 Week[View]
390873763Post em[View]
3908740326 Days Till New Danganronpa V3[View]
390875862This game disappeared from Steam. What happened?[View]
390873034What are some good city builders? The more autisitc the better.[View]
390875530post vidya with KINO gameplay[View]
390875882Why is Mario Odyssey soundtrack so Banjo Kazooie?[View]
390873518daily vydia music thread: post music /v/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIWyZmFSep0 https://www.you…[View]
390870148>v-sync: on/off[View]
390872980>it's 2017 >twenty fucking seventeen >there are people still playing two dimensional f…[View]
390873967sleep tight, pikachu[View]
390876154Now that i have beaten the best turnbased game Japan has to offer, whats the western equivalent?[View]
390872741it's fixed[View]
390873706You're walking through 15th century Florence when this guy runs up to you and plays your gf a s…[View]
390870842spaltoon: I become lv 50 but still can aim properly how do you aim at this shit with joy cons?…[View]
390875280is persona a meet'n'fuck game?[View]
390875876What went wrong?[View]
390867557Why is this game so good. How come there are not more games like it? Dark Souls hack and roll combat…[View]
390864207>You step out of the sewer for the first time What's your career path, /v/irgin?…[View]
390873949stea: 4EIBI-E8N8P-G95XX Tell me why you want this game and I will post the last numbes.[View]
390871578just got this. i'm at chapter 5 now and am having troubles with the girl boss. damn she is fast…[View]
390875537Game enjoyability is proportional to playercount: This is incredibly obvious, so why do devs still d…[View]
390873596Why indies keep making those retro 2D pixel games? Especially on PC?[View]
390868554Let's talk about times where /v/ misled us into buying games.[View]
390869846Is Playstation VR a smart purchase?[View]
390871304/our show/ is almost back guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0WpQq41MMw[View]
390874595Old games with spooky ass 3D characters: bonus for unintentional spook[View]
390874540Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN-nzpFo54g >PlayStatio…[View]
390852787The great debate Which one is the crouch key /v/?[View]
390872045I need some Dreamcast recs for fun muliplayer games. I got some fitan games like Street Fighter and …[View]
390851837FFXV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMm2k4eXXDA So thoughts on Comrades /v/? I kind of wish that m…[View]
390874557Okay, why the fuck isn't Sheva on the cover? Why is it ponytail Jill, which is also worst Jill.[View]
390874783What do you think of Beyond the Void?[View]
390863625Are any of these games actually good? Never played one.[View]
390873925What am I in for?[View]
390856218Should I ? Is it worth ? Fun ? Tell me before I spend a day downloading this.[View]
390867302>Not using your sisters panties as a Switch Dock Sock You DO want to protect your console, right …[View]
390873909what happened to them, /v/?[View]
390874171Has a videogame changed your life or atleast, made you see life from another perspective?[View]
390869735Could Obsidian make a good original 'Fallout' game that takes place in Texas? Or would it feel too m…[View]
390873195This is Sega, say something nice about her[View]
390874072>he playes as inkling boy[View]
390864370Can anything save Capcom?[View]
390852874Final Fantays 15 - Already Ahead on PC: How is this allowed? http://wccftech.com/hajime-tabata-final…[View]
390867843How come Resident Evil girls are so.. meaty? I'm not exactly sure how to put that in words.[View]
390863226>tfw you find your forum posts from 2008 I ACTUALLY want to die[View]
390871168Is WoW bad now because the game changed or is it bad because MMOs are dated and obsolete?[View]
390859831maplestory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHhHy7cTkvI guess what /v/. Guess what crossover just hi…[View]
390805749Persona thread: I NEVER FELT LIKE[View]
390873626anyone up for some late night UNIEL?[View]
390869063Just finished pic related and looking for some other good TPS games. Doesn't have to be as craz…[View]
390873432What are some narrative driven games where the choices you make ACTUALLY have a significant impact o…[View]
390865587Kazuhira Miller is the best character in Metal Gear Solid V. He was a complex character with a great…[View]
390866116>makes the best MMO RPG ever >the playerbase ruins it What's his name /v/?…[View]
390873097Western people are addicted to being treated like trash That's why they buy western games, watc…[View]
390847064Games You Want to Play that Don't Exist: What's her name?[View]
390855895Have you ever been bullied while playing an online game?[View]
390867162>Never finish Bloodborne >Decide to make a new character >Can't understand why I gave …[View]
390855028Epic Mafia: time2game https://epicmafia.com/game/6203431[View]
390872613This is the greatest platformer of all time.[View]
390872968How can Playstation fans honestly support Sony? Release PS3 for $500. $600 for an extra 20 gb of sto…[View]
390870813Can it get better than this?[View]
390871380Do people really get banned from AGDQ for gendering Undertale's protagonist during Undertale ru…[View]
390849327Kratos is fucking pissed as all fuck off at you right now and your only hope is obtaining a power th…[View]
390871925Was streaming a mistake? https://twitter.com/zoieburgher/status/907726526384283648[View]
390870643Barely a third of SFV5's day 1 peak. This game is going to die in a month isn't it?[View]
390871947WHERE IS IT ITSUNO?[View]
390843649Did you like Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde when you were a child?[View]
390872335>popular company who's only made one (1) notable game series What's their name, /v/?…[View]
390863736What did they mean by this?[View]
390869665Why aren't you playing it yet?[View]
390858871Should I buy Yakuza 0 off PSN while it's on sale or should I shell out the extra money for a ph…[View]
390867848>you will never experience tf2 in its prime ever again[View]
390870484I got to the mafia boss part of persona 5 and now I want to go postal. Suggest me games where I can …[View]
390868121welcome to a tutorial on how to do dark magic[View]
390871480>oh right, that exists[View]
390863207>that warm feeling in your stomach when you get home, don't eat and just start typing your a…[View]
390866845Sup /v/. Been thinking about buying the ultimate shortcut kit in Battlefield 1. It's discounted…[View]
390826221What are some of the biggest flops in video game history?[View]
390869937what's your favorite yugioh card /v/? mine is pic related.[View]
390869930Do you need the DLC to enjoy this?[View]
390869575why modern platform suck?: it's so hard fo developers to understand that a good platform should…[View]
390855489>There are people who don't think Kamiya should be able to direct his own Devil May Cry sequ…[View]
390865481Sonic Forces: Why do people this game will be bad? Sonic Generations was good (bit short, though), a…[View]
390867378Larian Studios: How can Obsidian / InXile Entertainment even compete?[View]
390869474>Geralt completely forgets how to use his weapon if not in the correct stance >Geralt can only…[View]
390866964HEAD PAT VR experience[View]
390870550What's up with the Starcraft Marine design for the Galatic Federation troopers in Samus Returns…[View]
390865371I need trufans to rate the series for me. Also any other old adventure/platformer recommendations wo…[View]
390871125I'll admit I was one of the people on the fence when I heard Mercury Steam were developing the …[View]
390871078TGS 2017: >everything goes dark >Hideo Kojima appears front and center, molecule by molecule …[View]
390867487Why did they make him a villain?[View]
390867156I will show you... THE GREATEST NIGHTMARE[View]
390852595Post characters that have 10/10 boss themes[View]
390869060How did we go from this...[View]
390870669Looking for something more entertaining than Skyrim for my high fantasy needs. I just want to talk t…[View]
390824473So how's that game going, /v/?[View]
390870360What am I in for?[View]
390868852dragon age origins: should i buy this /v/? it's currently on sale. also, which of the DLC is wo…[View]
390868370Dracula is for __________.[View]
390831008>IT'S OKAY WHEN JAPAN DOES IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts4vsTtSyx0…[View]
390869256How are you enjoying the new co-op update for Cave Story on Switch? I just played the entire game wi…[View]
390849812Which vidya character would make the best girlfriend? > pic related[View]
390868383ITT: Games you love but suck at. I've never beaten pic related even once and I've been pla…[View]
390869156Why isnt there a Microsoft TGS conference?[View]
390867071How many people here can honestly say they've gotten 120 stars in this game?[View]
390869595And I can almost see the end of the world[View]
390870194JUST: marvel vs capcom infinite: >Shit artstyle and visuals >good gameplay dragon ball z figh…[View]
390859056 [View]
390860156ITT: Video game jokes you never got[View]
390853553ITT: kino moments in gaming[View]
390862916If you have Absolver, quit playing it and play a real fighting game you fucking scrub.[View]
390861970Nintendo Switch: Who else didn't expect DOOM on nintendo switch, it was a pleasant surprise and…[View]
390869624Why doesn't someone just make a Scooby Doo game already? It has so much potential for fun spook…[View]
390865648>mentor is the final boss wow didnt see that coming from a mile away[View]
390865361DUDE SANDBAGS: lol[View]
390860578Metal Gear Solid 4 is the worst game in the series.: ... and it's not even close. >Shit writ…[View]
390866136Visual novels are not video games, they are visual novels. It's okay to like them but they real…[View]
390866517Can't believe I fell for the hype and bought this garbage. Fuck you for lying to me /v/. Even R…[View]
390869296Whats your gamerscore, trophies, achievments look like /v/?[View]
390867956IT'S ALMOST HERE, BROS[View]
390867862im hihg: hey gamers its your boy RC here[View]
390868940>dark souls 2 has shit graph-[View]
390868401Why does Sega ignore her so much?[View]
390862932>Nintendo Stock Price Jumps 7 Points After Tencent Announcement https://www.gamespot.com/articles…[View]
390866252What is your CRAZIEST video game achievement? >sunk a ton of time into a game >reached all ach…[View]
390865493>don't mind me, just '''pirating''' this ship[View]
390867754Hey /v/ , I've been a pc couchfag for some time now and I want to go back to a desk. What monit…[View]
390865274Well PC master race? You guys hoping for Red Dead Redemption 2's PC port or are you just gonna …[View]
390868681This is on sale, should I get it? I don't especially enjoy L4D, but I like Warhammer and I hear…[View]
390868590Redpill me on Daelin Proudmoore[View]
390867973>Is buying Steamworld Dig 2, Golf Story, Axiom Verge, hopefully Stardew Valley and Hollow Knight …[View]
390867859How will 2018 be?: >Resident Evil 7 >Horizon Zero Dawn >Zelda: BotW >Nier: AUtomata >…[View]
390867608Itt: We discuss why is CT's ending is bullshit: >becomes so powerful that he can solo Lavos,…[View]
390867120What went wrong?[View]
390841085> Steam top 5 Post 'em /v/![View]
390866384Is this my favorite MGS game, /v/?[View]
390864921>normal mode is a piece of cake >hard is a fucking nightmare…[View]
390861763Im high as fuck right now v what are some good video games for this shit?[View]
390867209Spech in Oblibion: How does this wheel system work? I always end up having to bribe them[View]
390838864Fire Emblem: Post the best Fire Emblem mothers to Kana/Morgan[View]
390857146Left Alive details: >Left Alive is a survival action game featuring shoot outs and traps set up w…[View]
390867742Hi /v/, I have a sealed copy of Zelda 1 for the FDS, how much would this be worth realistically? My …[View]
390868075Jade Empire thread: Post your memories of this wonderful game killed by those bioware bastards.…[View]
390833161It's a Halo thread anon: How do we make Halo great again [View]
390851890What are some games featuring fair and balanced characters?[View]
390864513Yooka-Laylee: This game was pretty great but wish there were more worlds and enemy variety. Any clue…[View]
390865986In your opinion, what do you guys think is gonna be the next No Mans Sky? A game that everyone seems…[View]
390864359>play Dota 2 for years because my toaster is too shitty too handle anything else thats recent …[View]
390826963Divinity: Original Sin 2: Enjoying the game /v/?[View]
390863548Do you consider emulated games part of the PC library?[View]
390865465Does /v/ still do 3x3 threads? Post, rate, etc.[View]
390862331Danganronpa: Just finished this wonderful game and holy shit that finale. I haven't had this mu…[View]
390848374Who was she?[View]
390859345Shovel Knight Thread[View]
390824918Monster Hunter Stories: Monster Hunter stories thread Post riders Post monstie teams[View]
390859521ITT: Great games everyone forgot existed.[View]
390866946Monster Hunter World: Is it worth getting a PS4 for? Maybe even a PS4pro? I'd get it for PC but…[View]
390866094>looks incredible >fun as fuck plot >comfy live action segments >villain that did nothin…[View]
390864832W H E N[View]
390865835I've seen a lot of Resident Evil characters being discussed to death, but I've hardly seen…[View]
390865992Games women will never understand[View]
390863763Any games that similar to lemonade tycoon, or some sort simple business simulator game? Pic unrelate…[View]
390863545Any good games featuring the man who destroyed the Roman Republic with his sick desire of becoming a…[View]
390864974Switch fun fact: Post your face when you didn't fall for the Switch (also known as Wii 3) meme.…[View]
390866648Divinity: Original Sin 2: Now that we all agree that it's casualized trash and all the attempts…[View]
390866709What are some games that simulate the Australian experience?[View]
390863970Hyrule - Home[View]
390866601Just posting this to say I hate this boss, and he has no business being a Chamber 3 boss. Also, does…[View]
390840632https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RBYHBgtd20 How do we fix the Mario Party series?[View]
390857286Under-appreciated Games: It's all because spoiled whiney baby DMC fans that we won't get a…[View]
390863626Why can't I stop playing video games??!! I thought I was supposed to grow out of this shit???[View]
390866349So, which faction was in the right? >Skyrim thread[View]
390864934What's the worst history revisionism from a fanboy you've ever seen? https://m.youtube.com…[View]
390865235>game from 1995 >press LESS THAN to strafe left, GREATER THAN to strafe right…[View]
390830696Infinite will be remembered as the Sonic 06 of fighting games[View]
390865798Post games you would enjoy better if you played on easy[View]
390859452The entire Valkyria Chronicles series is great! Valkyria Chronicles thread[View]
390864850Coop games: So while I wait for MHW, what are some good online coop games that are also alive? A fri…[View]
390865976splatoon: splatoon thread? time for a splatoon thread[View]
390865963Have you ever tried to claim game piracy is justice unironically or just to rile people up?[View]
390864807Two Games Free for 48 Hours http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.steam…[View]
390861921how do we delete this level from sonic mania? between the boring level design with hazards and enemi…[View]
390849487Is anyone else looking forward to pic related just as much as Odyssey? It won't have ninty pol…[View]
390856623>Nintendo completely throws the WiiU under the bus >Switchfags still defend their console purc…[View]
390865646times you got screwed over: >be me >go to live with older brother because my parents moved to …[View]
390859395A (somewhat) Impartial Analysis of the Console Makers: Hello /v/. I'm an oldfag when it comes t…[View]
390858258Are the HECU the worst fictional special forces group in video game history? They sure suck at killi…[View]
390863390Who /bigbrother/ here?[View]
390853446Post your favorite character design[View]
390864530Name one(1) good couch co-op Xbone game.[View]
390830603Holy fucking shit.[View]
390863969Little rough don't you think?[View]
390865468doggo: oggodo[View]
390847557Fishing lvls?[View]
390863987Please tell me that it'll happen, /v/[View]
390863840Divinity: Original Sin 2: DUDE FREE RESPEC Already robbed a trader? Respec your other characters at …[View]
390850339I'm about to start playing this, is there anything I should know? Anyone in particular to roll …[View]
390859380so i just found out i am only renting my steam games, and that i dont own them. who the fuck okay…[View]
390864716https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBuoexbVEFE&ab_channel=YongYea Anyone else worried about Cyberpu…[View]
390862606It ain't bad[View]
390843647What's the meaning of this? Who are you?[View]
390864917Mystery tech box: What does it do???[View]
390856136Is it wrong to scalp video games?[View]
390861771>The year is 2040 >Gayben is on his death bed >The beetus has taken it's tole >The …[View]
390841776Why is this allowed?[View]
390862412The GOAT comfy season of the year is upon us /v/. What games are you looking forward to replaying?[View]
390864357You wanna buy some Star Cards?[View]
390863306Goro meets Goro: How will things go for these Goros?[View]
390816473>a new MvC game from current Capcom >no X-Men characters which were always part of MvC games …[View]
390835018Your opinion on Seiken Densetsu 3?[View]
390862821What are some good video games to play when you are alone and also very very very upset?[View]
390863197http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9r5hx47kxM >Your face when this plays after finishing New Donk Ci…[View]
390864518Redpill me on Elysium[View]
390787430Nier: Automata: At what difficulty should I be playing this game at? I have a feeling its exaggerati…[View]
390856208ITT: /v/ collectively develops Final Fantasy XVI[View]
390863691So, who got the better version? Japan, or the West?[View]
390861256Make someone want to play a game by posting ONE screenshot from it[View]
390857532How are you supposed to increase your solo MMR with a 50% win rate? Do I just wait for a lucky strea…[View]
390864037hmmm: >I remember one time in school, I had an X-Men coloring book, and the teacher looked over a…[View]
390860447>burger level >american music starts playing…[View]
390861716Does /v/ like Yo-kai Watch?[View]
390842443Which Metroid II is better, AM2R or Samus returns? http://www.strawpoll.me/13957063[View]
390851294UNIST Thread: The struggle continues[View]
390859650>mods delete a thread about a video game adaptation Let's keep the discussion going. Are you…[View]
390863262So, what are those multiplayer games that you like to play just to have a quick good time? I have 2 …[View]
390863634Where do I pirate KSP for the Mac, /v/? I dream of crazy green rocketeers but they're not her…[View]
390863596>MvC: Infinite >there's no infinite combos…[View]
390860283ITT We post games from our backlog in a strawpoll and have /v/ determine what we play. http://www.st…[View]
390850412Is this really the boxart? Two bare asses. If This gets passed regulations in the US, it will be a m…[View]
390858851FF9: Did you buy it? again?[View]
390863150>NPCs get scared of main character when you get strong enough[View]
390863184EVO. Riceland edition.: I bet your thinking the same thing. Why the empty space in the centre?…[View]
390863127>tfw the game looks like absolute dog shit but the gameplay is actually fun What does it mean, la…[View]
390857676Is he /ourguy/?[View]
390861929Twisted Metal 2: Since when does the Amazon Jungle have volcanoes and Aztec-like pyramids?[View]
390860423Mobile games look like THAT?[View]
390826485>'Fallout 3 sucks and is badly written' >favorite game has a character so nonsensical and dumb…[View]
390862545well, FFXV is on Switch now i guess.[View]
390859509Is ARMS worth 50 dollars[View]
390862783Your Average Super Mario Bros Thread: I hate how this filthy italian cunt calls you ''Gay…[View]
390855557Did graphical realism and open worlds spell the death of fantastical worlds? It seems like every RPG…[View]
390857003Danmachi: Infinite Combat new details: >The game progresses from the perspectives of two protagon…[View]
390858534Why does /v/ hate hardcore games[View]
390858723How weird is Sonic?: I find the Sonic series to be kinda odd compared to other video game series and…[View]
390860272Are nostalgic normies the worst bunch of the normies? They say things like 'San Andreas and vice cit…[View]
390862401MVC: Infinite: Since every other thread is to bitch out about how much you hate the game and why, ca…[View]
390857504What's the best summon and why is it Doomtrain?[View]
390859641Why are PeeCee gaymers so fucking angry all the time? Do they even enjoy any of the games they play?…[View]
390862246ITT: we post vidya chads[View]
390851484Top tier - low tier fighting games: It's time you scrubs learn the truth.[View]
390859297>random journalists and e-celebs get free copies of games they don't even care about or appr…[View]
390857848Can we just return to the old Final Fantasy model, where we were getting a legitimate main-line game…[View]
390858729Here Sails Pac-Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7glemDT52FM[View]
390855563Wolfenstein II: New trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_63RCm-MasE Thoughts?[View]
390859486Just finished the first game. How relevant are the anime and Fist of Mars to 2nd Runner?[View]
390862074Sup /v/? Finally got a new tv after smashing my old one. It's been three months since I've…[View]
390848146Project Octopath Traveler: I accidentally saved over my completed save with Primrose's data. Th…[View]
390825469Does this game have good character design?[View]
390853292I'm interested in playing Dota, what are your thoughts about the game?[View]
390857427ITT:Enemies/bosses that literally did nothing to deserve being killed[View]
390861989ITT: oh yeah, that happened[View]
390849802>hardest difficulty is actually most fun difficulty[View]
390861956Are you going to buy Fallout 4? Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme.[View]
390857734What can I say... you guys are the best.[View]
390861627ITT: only the most comfyludo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEgLvaMDT4E[View]
390802565>brb getting a drink >brb gotta grab a drink >brb need to go get a drink >brb smoke Lite…[View]
390860767What does /v/ think of this video game titled Pocket Mortys?[View]
390861802Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, gay Luigi.[View]
390834164>Almost every exclusive is coming to PC >The entire fucking launch >Scalebound cancelled …[View]
390858335>cel shading[View]
390770528/v/ the Musical: Mirror EditibƎ rorriM: >What is this? An annual collaboration project where /v/ …[View]
390860723we could've had a new UT, we got Fortnite (Now with PUBG mode!) instead[View]
390850704Have you ever considered[View]
390861605Would you have preferred shiny Link instead of celshit? Shit looks pretty kinochiwa[View]
390861530So is there like a guide about that to do with weapon mods? I've been stockpiling them and I…[View]
390852806What is the first 3rd-person game to use the second analog stick for camera controls?: i know Alien:…[View]
390859610https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be37-T72DNk >terrible mismanagement >hostile work environment …[View]
390856714shit... what happened bros? did gaming not have room for another FPS; hobby-grade coop campaign; gen…[View]
390847516Any for an ED thread? General discussion, builds, whatever.[View]
390860209whats the best mario game?[View]
390857723Is this the biggest retcon in the history of video games?[View]
390860230The first time I ever really played with Bastion I got play of the game! You don't care but I a…[View]
390860664What do chuchus taste like?[View]
390844713>never playing the hardest difficulty in games[View]
390856442>final boss is the good guy[View]
390858141Is this what autism looks like?[View]
390858404>playing online game >get bored, go to exit the game >'you cannot quit the game right now' …[View]
390857263What does /v/ think of this game?[View]
390860343what games really let step on the gas gas gas?[View]
390852641Is Nintendo finally on track to recover it former glory??[View]
390856779>Three years ago in 2014, when Trevor Sutton was twelve years old, he was diagnosed with inoperab…[View]
390854286Team Fortress 2 What went wrong? I stopped playing Overwatch because it got really samey and every s…[View]
390857797>Game begins by dropping many players in an area with nothing >Players have to scavenge weapon…[View]
390858237Fuck you, and fuck your Dead Space Thread![View]
390859069Post games ruined by publisher meddling[View]
390859043If I enjoyed Fallout 3 and NV and I'm about to play 4 for the first time, which pirate version …[View]
390858552>i hate subscription games i only like free to play >i hate this free to play game there are t…[View]
390857603>final boss is you from the past >first boss is you from the future…[View]
390858879Is it good[View]
390842806I liked Noctis. He was a pretty good main character.[View]
390858754Two Games Free for 48 Hours: http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.stea…[View]
390858594>I don't like something because I heard that people on another website that I dislike do …[View]
390854707Jade Empire: Where did it go right?[View]
390857163Creepy Vidya Thread: It's almost October! Let's talk about some creepy shit. What's y…[View]
390850208slap his hand /v/[View]
390858457Remember, nothing is impossible.: If I try hard enough I can beat this. I just have to **try hard en…[View]
390850771>it gets better about 5 hours in though[View]
390855886Charlie Omega Delta 4: You Can't deny this game were FUNand ORIGINAL 10 years ago. Created a sh…[View]
390855174Ive got a shitty computer, any good game for 2gRAM ?[View]
390857106Is Reimu here?[View]
390854125Game dev: Anyone wanna tell me how to export models from blender for use in unity[View]
390856762He's in a better place. Reunited with Nintendo at last.[View]
390850005DOOM: I'm excited for doom on switch, anyone else?[View]
390808962which of these expansions is better?[View]
390853265Who was in the wrong?[View]
390857148I heard the rumor that Steam is preparing a new Steam Machine but this time is going to have a singl…[View]
390848818*fun stops*[View]
390857559>protagonist never lets final boss forget that he beat him[View]
390857545trying to remember this old shareware title i played as a kid >3d first person rpg dungeon crawle…[View]
390856897Your Ideal Battlefront game?: How would you make a successor to the original battlefront games? Woul…[View]
390796856>game has a morality system >no one ever mentions that morality is subjective…[View]
390857502Street fighter V: >Master did you already forget me?[View]
390853490ITT: Not a bad game but not a good (Insert franchise here) game. Pic related.[View]
390857190>hacking sequence in the game uses your actual bandwidth to determine how long the mission should…[View]
390854830What was his problem?[View]
390856867The fight for PC Game of the Year is currently between this and PUBG. Which one do you think will ge…[View]
390856509why do niggers like kingdom hearts[View]
390856967Sent my men across a mortar field by mistake. Feel so bad.[View]
390856886Has anyone played it already? Is it worth the download time? Is anyone up to group up and play?…[View]
390856927Famitsu score: >The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4) – 9/8/8/8 [33/40] Lol…[View]
390850983>been out for 2 weeks >playerbase dropped by a third since launch what went wrong?…[View]
390845479Since when did steam have this feature? I just noticed it looking at GTA V on the steam store.[View]
390856832In which game can I play as confused protagonist?[View]
390836394Why aren't you guys talking about MGS6? http://www.allgamesdelta.net/2017/09/square-enix-announ…[View]
390847848Do you recommend playing the NG+? Has anyone here done it? Was it worth?[View]
390852829Momodora Steam Key: HEFDK-P0I5W-I22LY where 22 is actually 76. Leftover from last humble suscription…[View]
390852614Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the future of Idea Crowdsourcing at 0 cost to Game Developers…[View]
390830748Why is AM such an asshole?[View]
390852676Does anyone else have nosalgia towards this game?: Pokemon puzzle league. My favourite Tetris skin…[View]
390856287Do I need to play the first game before getting into this?[View]
390852180>be on 8th playthrough >can't stop playing What mods do you recommend /v/? Already playe…[View]
390854581Sleeping Dogs: Will Wei Shen ever have his time to shine again?[View]
390846318you know, when you think about it, Doom is one of the most casual friendly FPS out there. >game a…[View]
390855790>the soundtrack is automatically generated out of samples according to your in-game actions >y…[View]
390856198You a Trophy or Achivement hunter?[View]
390855720>When a boss fights you with your own moves[View]
390842881Geting bored of this Sonys output has totally stagnated Im not intrested in focus tested samey open …[View]
390856132Post dead clan shit you look back on from time to time https://youtu.be/hn6NZ3L-m9Y[View]
390852454>Steins;Gate Elite is a “full animation adventure game,” coming to Switch Switch means life. Say …[View]
390847007>Hey bro here is your quest reward >Dagger of Ailment: 1.7% to chance to deal 8 points of poi…[View]
390843443Sonic Mania: Has anyone figured out how the game applies background animations? The 16x16 stage tile…[View]
390855509Whats the best and worst thing about skullgirls /v/[View]
390835847Skyrim Original Edition Love Thread: Getting back into Skyrim after a 4 year hiatus >dem mods …[View]
390829450What are some infamous vidya rivalries?[View]
390846494Has 4chan ever been referenced in a video game? I know Reddit has been referenced a few times. https…[View]
390844079But what if I can't spend $2000 on a decent rig?[View]
390839628Was his first form the most kino final boss fight of all time?[View]
390843251Viyda is for Normies: Video games are no longer for us kids that used to stay inside and play games …[View]
390850548Unironically, what did valve mean by this?[View]
390836656The new Dishonored is a good game. I am enjoying it a lot. Billie is a better protagonist than Emily…[View]
390855425Mekazoo: Has anyone here played this before. I had a fucking blast with it. Post other hidden gems…[View]
390843403'Your granary stocks are growing sire'[View]
390816659You don't play low-tier orange juice, do you anon?[View]
390833496/v/idya Draw Thread: Old Thread >>390768693 >Post character name/franchises and references …[View]
390853636What's a video game that will make me stop playing video games.[View]
390852847What are the comfiest WRPG or cRPGs you've ever played?[View]
390838434Skullgirls: Can we have a Skullgirls thread going on? Any picture of your fav character(s) is fine…[View]
390852064Name a worse Kingdom Hearts minigame. I'll wait.[View]
390831989Why does it refuses to die?: The games just keep coming and coming. Can't Nintendo see it'…[View]
390854793this game aged horribly[View]
390851282Will they ever make a good game again, or are we forever stuck with microtransaction MMO garbo?[View]
390853847Craigs List: Go to craigs list and come back with something vidya related in your area[View]
390848225This game, ace of spades is the greatest game i have ever played. But it was update. And when they u…[View]
390852485>The Thirst[View]
390850459can i use this random power chord: can i use any power chord for my ps4 as long as it fits? pic rela…[View]
390854339remember the da2 vs witcher 2 wars?[View]
390849692were the rumors true?[View]
390834756What are your expectations? Will it be godly like 1 and 2 or will it be a letdown like 3?[View]
390853589Is This A JOKE? LMAO: >impeccable city full of tfw too intelligent >gets destroyed by ONE FUCK…[View]
390853443ITT: God tier game tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeGn2AE90o4[View]
390853385'Hello captain. I will be your failsafe for Tonight.' 'Wanna steal some stuff from the vex? It'…[View]
390854123Nidhogg 2: What the fuck did they do to this game? The simplicity was neat and now it's this.…[View]
390851786WHAT THE FUCK I don't want competitive multiplayer, nobody does. Give us a dedicated singleplay…[View]
390853321welcome to the afterlife feel free to crash on the couch[View]
390853232Do people still care about performance and specs of consoles?[View]
390847448Is this fun? It's free right now.[View]
390851010Why do people actually like this shitty tech demo? Is it just the autists that like Binding of Isaac…[View]
390844826Fuck BLU/DNC, GEO when?[View]
390827357Post ten games you want released for the Nintendo Switch[View]
390853346Memetractive VIDEO GAME BY BMC STUDIOS: Welcome to Meme Park. It tell the story of how Meme Park was…[View]
390853318This guy comes over and slaps your waifu on the ass. What do you do? Keep in mind that you haven…[View]
390850183that game you cant bring yourself to finish because you dont want it to end and break the immersion …[View]
390853089This game has such a horribly bland soundtrack. Grant Kirkhope is a one trick pony and can't le…[View]
390846854E3 2018 What is your hope? Your dream? And your nightmare at next year's event AND HOW ABOUT TH…[View]
390840091Whats your dream game? A game that doesn't exist.. yet.[View]
390843895About to play this for the first time. Anything to avoid?[View]
390852034What games convey this feeling?[View]
390850259>yfw /v/ uses the word 'comfy'[View]
390849674What's the best time sink game that I can forget my shitty life in for a few hundred hours?[View]
390845172Fucking hell, every time I think I've gotten a hand, there's something wrong with it and i…[View]
390847532Alright /v/, I want to hear you apologize. Right. Fucking. Now.[View]
390852667Why does nobody play Zero-K? It's actually a pretty solid RTS.[View]
390851563I'm new to Civilization series, what i need to know if i buy civ6?[View]
390851147What is the best LucasArts adventure game?[View]
390848791A remake combining these two games would be fucking legendary[View]
390852446>final stage is 10x harder than the rest of the game[View]
390849696Do I have to play the first one to play this game ?[View]
390852131How are you liking it?[View]
390851170>play breath of the wild and not really enjoying it >play it on handheld mode and enjoying it …[View]
390851381Is he /ourguy/?[View]
390851129Left Alive: Is mecha vidya saved?[View]
390851946does anybody still watch or listen to game journalist?[View]
390837085Was this the last good Final Fantasy?[View]
390851517what are some video game characters that were school shooters in the making?[View]
390851759>When I was a kid, we had a monster in our basement. My father said if I done wrong, it’d creep o…[View]
390851586ITT: Characters that deserved better[View]
390841086I can see all, and I can see clearly that D44M, Quake Champions and other great Bethesda games aren…[View]
390842528Who's going to be playing the beta in October?[View]
390846727Only 8 more days, fellas. Which faction will you be playing?[View]
390851423>get a screen protectorr for the Switch >comes with two >fuck the first one up >second o…[View]
3908445273x3/4x4 whatever the fuck thread. Instead of rating, try giving the anon a game to try based on his …[View]
390850694>still no the elder scrolls 6 : game of thrones[View]
390850619So this came out.[View]
390850689/winners/ general You did win, didn't you anon?[View]
390839664>that soundtrack what went so wrong /v/?[View]
390841475Let's have a Dragon's Dogma thread, because there hasn't been one in a few days. Hop…[View]
390849648Whatever happened to this fucker?: Kinda disappeared after he got BTFO of politics.[View]
390847329Post an idea for a game, and post theme songs for game ideas[View]
390849891inb4 'What did he mean by this': Can we all agree? http://www.strawpoll.me/13968809[View]
390810668Valve's answer to negative review bombing: http://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements…[View]
390842550Give one good reason why this shouldn't get funded[View]
390848746name a more satisfying to use yet versatile weapon in vidya[View]
390847423Who's your 1-UP girl, /v/?[View]
390850534What is the Dethklok of vidya? Is there anyone other than Midnight Riders?[View]
390846561>Look up gameplay footage on youtube >Click first video >Loud dubstep with rotating 3D text…[View]
390849739So how longs it gonna take for marvel to get cracked[View]
390846509What is wrong with this game /v/? Why do people love hating this game so much?[View]
390826241starsector: http://fractalsoftworks.com/2017/09/19/economy-outposts/ Outposts confirmed lads, also n…[View]
390847981/v/ characters with voices that make you moist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA7FJwfzKW0[View]
390849878Is there any video game that can even begin to convey the sheer vastness of space? https://www.youtu…[View]
390849749>hit save game >hit quit >'are you sure you want to quit without saving?'…[View]
390847017What if they added a Negromancer to your favorite RPG series?: ITTWD What if a Negromancer was added…[View]
390845307Post a character that's literally you.[View]
390849904This is your healer for tonight.[View]
390847409>hit friendly NPC by mistake during a fight >he now hates me forever and I can't talk to …[View]
390846976Why do pc gamers love dark souls[View]
390847546GOG Sale Recommendations: Hello /v/, I am getting back into PC gaming a little bit, I'm going t…[View]
390846576Is this DS3 fake?: the seller on ebay showed a typical ps3 controller that matches my oem one and th…[View]
390838884Is there a point to level the speech skill past 100 in fallout 2?[View]
390847652>read a note lying on the floor >'Turn around'…[View]
390849590So I know absolutely nothing about this game. I know it is labeled as a cRPG but I actually havr no …[View]
390845484*burp* *burp* *burp* *fart* *burp*[View]
390847629Everything's so blurry And everyone's so fake[View]
390847937>Horror game involves ghosts >Ghost try to scare me >I just walk through them >Beat game…[View]
390833062RPG Mechanics: Okay motherfuckers. I need some good RPG mechanics. I've recently started up and…[View]
390849223I just wasted fifteen bucks on Hearts of Iron 2, and now I'm realizing that I have no idea of h…[View]
390844379Will we ever get an Akagi game?[View]
390848845Holy FUCK this game is impossible[View]
390847481What eshop games are worth a damn on the Switch?[View]
390799863>Kojima why is this character dressed like a street side hooker? >Clothes hurt her, she breath…[View]
390823704Okay, speaking about the game without /pol/ or other nonsense, it just doesn't look that great.…[View]
390847438Wolfenstein The New Order PC: Hey /v/ i was thinking to buy this game on steam but i read that most …[View]
390846339>all those 'pirating indie games' threads with Yamasaki Hosei as the op pic >He now …[View]
390846456im hihg: hey gamers its your boy RC here[View]
390844174Did you guys know that Metroid Prime 3 is shit?[View]
390839601With Zone of the Enders 2 getting a VR remaster, does this mean there's hope for ZoE3?[View]
390831483>Stop playing MH after the series' ruining was announced >Can't even enjoy life anym…[View]
390846528JUST: https://twitter.com/WeWuzMetokur/status/910217701624344577 Can I have some of that shit their …[View]
390847528Is anyone else bothered when a game had a ton of backtracking?[View]
390845278explain this[View]
390847543I'm cancerous as fuck. The only thing that could kill the infection in my balls is a PS4 game w…[View]
390841963ITT: Games that defined a generation.[View]
390844112Would 2017 /v/ make a better or worse list than this?[View]
390847494Who is the strongest person in the Tom Clancy video game universe?[View]
390848173What the hell was his problem?: Hey I'm 9S I'm a faggy little edgelord because my gf…[View]
390848309Opinions? Is there actually any depth to the managerial and sim aspects? Or am I going to be buildin…[View]
390848115ITT: Deepest lore[View]
390845207Battle Network: ok anyone actually knows how do you even fight his SP form in Gregar and Falzar Jpn …[View]
390847824>Game has long development cycle >The beta version is better than the final release version…[View]
390845963Is the Switch deceptively powerful?[View]
390845383>All western games are officially accessible in Japan >Not all Japan games are officially acce…[View]
390846795what games let me survive the apocalypse?[View]
390843823ITT: Glitches that can defeat bosses almost instantly: What boss can you defeat really fast and easy…[View]
390826537IT'S HERE! for the 10 people who actually want to read this who didn't already read it ye…[View]
390843564Who would win: The hulk with the Mu no Ken or The hulk with the Satsui no Hado[View]
390847042New RDR2 info for you guys: Alright so i just got word on the release. We are sticking on spring 201…[View]
390811870Overwatch Update: Thoughts on the new D.Va and Mercy?[View]
390843578are we allowed to discuss virtual on?[View]
390845068How can I run like this?[View]
390846813>MediEvil >Medi Evil >Main character is a skeleton >Skeletons are not medically able to …[View]
390846680Are the Space Quest games worth playing?[View]
390831851Games with a 10/10 soundtrack[View]
390846775What happened here?[View]
390831190>Wario Land had a last chance on 2007 but it floped and now is dead >Sakamoto still believe Rh…[View]
390846270Ocelot was a hero all along. Now go! Let the legend come back to life! Solid is a bastard child. And…[View]
390846606I'll take the LAW. Never know when I'll need to make a silent take down...[View]
390820837Has anyone played the cancelled SNES game Bobby's World on an emulator I miss Fox Kids doncha k…[View]
390845847>Fates introduces same-sex marriage >Best girls can't marry each other What were they t…[View]
390842438Left Alive: GOTY 2018[View]
390838564>character loses all of the items they got in the first game in the sequel…[View]
390837547Was she planning to go all the way with Skjall?[View]
390846312Mama mia, I like that jump![View]
390836941Romhacks: Best Pokemon romhack? I'm looking for another one to play.[View]
390846324>tfw you will never ripoff YandreDev https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqeQgrRyQSI&t=301s…[View]
390846315>it actually became real Is this our Germanwings Flight 9525?[View]
390846308Plot holes in video games: >America isn't CANON in the final fantasy 15 universe >America…[View]
390846295>'Ugh! There's literally only one mode and one map! It gets boring!' >Developers: 'Alrigh…[View]
390842970Looking for something to play and came across this. Worth opening or worth selling?[View]
390845464Can we please stop calling this gorgeous perfect Jill model 'Julia Voth' already? The body never loo…[View]
390845389Will Amy ever go Super?[View]
390843086boil down a game's story in a pic thread[View]
390841921Literally how do you win? Rabi Ribi thread.[View]
390846105How did they get away with this?[View]
390839126*blocks your path*[View]
390841431Arkham Asylum is the greatest Batman video game ever[View]
390841872so how much lore have you collected in quake champions so far /v/?[View]
390841863Why can't you discuss this game?[View]
390845190Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero: H-Hey guys, you haven't forgotten about me, r-right?[View]
390844949>higher level enemies are just reused models with different colors[View]
390845265Got any good images like related?[View]
390844723Hey /V/olks. How's this? Loved these games when I was a wee lad.[View]
390844628PLEASE KONAMI!!!... BRING Metal Gear Solid V GZ and TPP to Switch. I have to have it portable. PLEAS…[View]
390845605Am I the only one that think a Dark Souls captcha would be awesome ?[View]
390843303Just bought a CyberPowerPC. Hoping it works alright, it was a bit more expensive than if I had built…[View]
390845161Anyone else playing this?[View]
390832839Is there anything more pathetic than turning up the TV and watching a stadium full of 16 year old re…[View]
390843567Me on the ground[View]
390839901What game has the worst looking food? I enjoy looking at low poly low res images of food, it gives m…[View]
390844876That one character you believed was boring as fuck but its actually really fun to play: dont get too…[View]
390844367Final Fantasy XV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMm2k4eXXDA FFXV's coop multiplayer comes out…[View]
390842231any stories about people you encountered online?[View]
390827112They should have stick with this design[View]
390840709What modern games do you think will be considered timeless classics decades from now?[View]
390842358>he talks to everyone when he arrives in a new town[View]
390779663Guild Wars 2: Only a couple days left, are you hyped yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGZ4X7cER8…[View]
390832540Stop right there! It's a Yakuza thread beyond this point.[View]
390842685For me it's paper mario[View]
390842775Kid Cobra[View]
390843156>Game Of The Year version released >the game was kinda shit and nowhere close to the best game…[View]
390833087How do you pronounce Zebes?[View]
390844071Christy is best girl.[View]
390837886>Yoshida explained when talking about the decision to defer publishing rights to Atlus. “When it …[View]
390843990Do you hear our prayers?: >tfw mummy is kill >tfw no tendies >ever…[View]
390842409Is it worth getting? The desert looks cool to traverse[View]
390842187Abe's Oddysee is free for 48 hours! Get it! https://www.gog.com/game/oddworld_abes_oddysee…[View]
390843305Best Tekken[View]
390843737So is Nintendo really making you shell out for amiibos in order to unlock the highest difficulty lev…[View]
390840094WORKED: Just how in the fuck does 1 guy make a game more polished and more fluid than a team of code…[View]
390816227Dragonball Fighter Z: tba announced characters will be Broly Gotenks Kid Buu Adult Gohan Vegito Giny…[View]
390774242Let's have a friendly atelier thread and also a vote for the best/worst atelier games since the…[View]
390843180What happened during the development of Serious Sam 2? Why is it such a black sheep of the series?[View]
390808972Why can't these games coexist?[View]
390843562Why pc gamers love dark souls[View]
390838446>still on-track to becoming the world's dominant superpower by 2030 >hasn't contribu…[View]
390841869Did anyone here actually play Duck Season? I really like subversive horror, the basic concept, and …[View]
390843345Buy western games support western developers buy the Gold Limited Edition[View]
390833529Is there any reason NOT to use an UGS in Dark Souls 3? They just cut through absolutely everything s…[View]
390843245>near perfect waifu material for sonic >he still demands to be cucked…[View]
390842906Pic related is the only reason I keep my 3DS >will never be emulatable fucking sakurai…[View]
390842935The Culling: Hey /v/, I recently came across this cool game.I decided to buy it, and completed the t…[View]
390842209>Japan >PS4,Switch >US >Xbox >Europe >...…[View]
390842867post your fuinniest messages: post your funniest xbox or playstation messages i want to have a good …[View]
390838992Gameboy Thread: How did this thing last from 1989 to 1999 or even 2002 if you count Gameboy Color as…[View]
390842903FTL is like, 3 bucks on GoG right now so let's have a thread. who's the best crew member a…[View]
390842531Post your shelf[View]
390841520What does /v/ think of >EYE: Divine Cybermancy[View]
390841242>boot up single player game >'cannot connect to game server, please try again later'…[View]
390842552Why does /v/ hate this again? I remember hating it as a kid when it came out because it wasn't …[View]
390837257>Nintendo tapping into the Black Twitter market What did they mean by this? https://twitter.com/N…[View]
390841742You're gonna do it anyway but: please dont install Apep mod.[View]
390838084So this is never coming out, right?[View]
390842063Microsoft will finally leave the gaming industry this generation. Let us all rejoice[View]
390814117Post Pokefusions. http://pokefusion.japeal.com/[View]
390836691https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHTCnDycWYg What do you think /v/?[View]
390842348Quit playing Absolver. It's fucking SHIT.: If you're playing this game, stop: https://www.…[View]
390835957Mount and Blade Thread: >you lowly dog! I'll crush you! >*retreats into wagon fort* every…[View]
390839185Best vidiya remixes, time to post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKunwYszRgg[View]
390835437If I could only buy one for now which should I get first? http://www.strawpoll.me/13967948 If V3, wh…[View]
390827039>we still don't even know what genre it actually is[View]
390840584>mvci launches with a great netcode, low input lag, vastly superior lobbies to anything capcom ha…[View]
390815873>Indivisible's battle system is ba- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew_4SwLhSqE…[View]
390839323nintendo are selling cardboard boxes now[View]
390841352How the fuck do I get up there?[View]
390840889Saturn has no UV Every quad you draw use the whole texture, so you need to cut everything manually i…[View]
390841792Bonfires were a mistake[View]
390841229Is there an optimal way to type? Do you float your left wrist or let is rest? I'm trying to get…[View]
390825007Is this one of the biggest misunderstandings that ever happened in a video game?[View]
390841537I wish Capcom would make a fun new MvC game with Mega Man X in it![View]
390841452Well, after much thought, I sold all my video games, except for my Switch games and a few PS4 games.…[View]
390841640>what if video games were like real life, lol[View]
390840139PROSTAGMA Age of Mythology 2 fucking when?[View]
390811547What's the proper way to do female armor in video games?[View]
390840385ITT: DLC better than the main game[View]
390841386>user-created level in a game with level maker uses blue floor because there's no water…[View]
390840237Is Elder Scrolls Online worth playing with just the base game, or do you need the umpteen DLCs and M…[View]
390840010Two Games Free for 48 Hours: http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.stea…[View]
390841149>He waifus anyone other than Ada[View]
390841146So the jews over at Nintendo gave Super Mario 64 Online a C&D and I can't find any working …[View]
390838703Not gonna lie[View]
390840992Reminder: Tekken 2 is best Tekken[View]
390838714Give me some tips to play this game good, anons[View]
390838072Look at the muscles on you![View]
390840649Post games you thought were amazing at the time, but have now completely forgotten.[View]
390838053Anything worth buying/stockpiling this winter?[View]
390840374>can't find a single good game[View]
390839251Battle station thread? Be gentle anons[View]
390840648Pic related is the only reason I keep my 3DS >will never be emulatable fucking sakurai…[View]
390840486Do wardens get harder? I know they get this gay shield but do they get more difficult each time you …[View]
390839656my friendo wants a spicy siege: any of you fine lads wanna game share with my buddy, he really wants…[View]
390838578>pirating 3DS games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQkaUpLxV6c[View]
390834864http://www.allgamesdelta.net/2017/09/zone-of-enders-2nd-runner-mars.html So ZOE2 is getting a PC rel…[View]
390822457Metroid Thread: What went right?[View]
390840312how do you go from this[View]
390804589What are the worst games you ever played[View]
390833691NINTNEDO DIRECT LEAK: Nintendo Direct on November 5th! Smash ballot results, 6 characters 3 availabl…[View]
390839580Are modern games too difficult? Game developers need to open up and be less elitist, games that are…[View]
390839665>knock off game made by unlikely developer is better than upcoming entry in the series it was bas…[View]
390839976https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwk-rICxWh0 Jermania 2017 is out, will it be as good as Jerma Rumble…[View]
390840119Should I kill korby: Hi there[View]
390840115So who's the new Squaresoft?[View]
390838697Games only you didn't play.[View]
390835334Fun free-to-play indie adventure/horror/RPGs? I really enjoyed this game and I'd like to play m…[View]
390835908Will there ever be another game with a better soundtrack than this?[View]
390839232>Starcraft 1: >'Kerrigan you're an evil bitch for betraying us and murdering innocent peo…[View]
390838094Trying to acquire good cards in this game is a complete hassle. You have to rely grinding weak oppon…[View]
390837291What video games require no thinking to complete?[View]
390785632are nisa localizations kill?[View]
390837948Fuck you! And fuck your Dead Space thread[View]
390837128CTR shill here Why haven't you played best racer?[View]
390838045Matthewmatosis said this was shit. Is he right?[View]
390839676Bought a VGA cable for my Dreamcast, hooked it up to my HDTV and connected the red and white audio c…[View]
390807610Mario Odyssey: New Odyssex footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7pTNh8zo5k https://www.youtube.…[View]
390839463What are the easiest levels to S rank? So far I got Down Under and Execution Think I'm pretty c…[View]
390838681Maybe this phrase just implies James saw Mary as a ''hole'' (cumdumpster) and …[View]
390826842Sonic Forces: It's gonna fail, isn't it?[View]
390836075What is your favorite cRPG?[View]
390827665DOA Bread: What do we think of Honoka v1.- I mean what do we think of Misaki, lads?[View]
390838642What does /v/ think of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFYxt9J2ZAY[View]
390832265I just got this game and I can't even find a fucking match, Is it dead bros? Also Quake thread …[View]
390838346now that all games are 50+gb how do people with slow internet live?[View]
390834621ITT: we post studio with godlike gameplay[View]
390832516Grand Strategy: What country should I play?[View]
390838959>People argue to this day if penetration was implied[View]
390838343ITT Franchises you miss Reminisce Reminisce[View]
390838994What vidya related song or sound effect do you use for your ringtone or text sound /v/? I have this …[View]
390838791HAHAHAHAGAGA This game is LITERALLY unfinished. /v/ will defend this just because >m-muh sonic!! …[View]
390837248>that kid who dressed up as a video game character for Halloween[View]
390837963Is Sam B.'s game worth 6 American dollars?[View]
390838563why is gaymer culture so cancerous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2aTeZ1gB4k[View]
390838730Scythe your party[View]
390836154He is back boys.[View]
390836721>Devil May Cry 5 >MGSV chapter 3 >Bully 2 >new jet set radio game >new f zero game …[View]
390837489Should I play Factorio or the Overwatch update, /v/? Or... possible... titanfall 2 I'm pretty s…[View]
390838406Play edf on Xbox 360 with me.[View]
390838395Who is the best waifu (or husbando) in Stardew Valley? I don't know who to pick.[View]
390826671How come Persona 4 is the best SMT game ever made?: Has best girl and villain, I mean come on. How c…[View]
390836607>types out 'ya'll' in group chat[View]
390834369>Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite >sold 7000 copies on Steam http://steamspy.com/app/493840 Where w…[View]
390824549Playstation Home[View]
390837873Why did Bayonetta[View]
390816703Daily reminder the only way you can play forza 7 is by upgrading to windows 10. It's only a mat…[View]
390832385How much money do you spend on vidya each year?[View]
390837906Two Games Free for 48 Hours: http://store.steampowered.com/app/308040/Back_to_Bed/ http://store.stea…[View]
390836046This game is a lot of mindless fun but holy FUCK the bosses are RETARDED Every other 'invasion' figh…[View]
390837714>tfw halo 2 brand new was 40 dollars >tfw games today are 100 dollars why…[View]
390836994Fuck you I liked it. Also it was the first FF I've ever played, fuck you again[View]
390836379What are some fantasy games (RPG or otherwise) with genuinely engaging and immersive combat systems?…[View]
390833814Anyone else playing the Game of the Month?[View]
390830954What games let me play as a cute young boy? Preferably with a coming of age story, do those even ex…[View]
390832848whats your favorite game quote?[View]
390836784>game offers a shitty ending >stop playing just before the final cutscene…[View]
390833785Seedler vs Terra Blade, which one is better and why? I personally think the Seedler works better whe…[View]
390835178How will Nintendo redeem themselves next year after what happened to them in 2015? >Nintendo star…[View]
390837490So at what point does censorship becomes irrelevant and more of a weapon?[View]
390832875*mashes square and trangle[View]
390833382So take what's Mine: And start this war! Sonic Forces Thread[View]
390833171They didn't deserve it[View]
390833602help: what game is this? is it on steam?[View]
390836934Could a 'Friday the 13th' style asynchronous survival horror game work based on IT? >on…[View]
390836490Hey guys, today is Wii U's birthday! Let's wish it happy birthday! It's been three ye…[View]
390837132>Credit Suisse analyst Keiichi Yoneshima forecast for sales of the Nintendo Switch game console. …[View]
390836845Hubbo Hotel: do you guys still remember the day[View]
390834091Post interesting glitches and exploits[View]
390834278Star Fox Command.[View]
390835936What's your favorite JRPG?[View]
390822721>playing a RPG >characters acknowledge leveling up…[View]
390835352Nintnedo Direct recap: >Twilight Princess HD confirmed >Zelda U still for Wii U, shitposters B…[View]
390837012>The Tails Doll is an enigmatic beast. Some say it is a deity, others a mere demon, but it is not…[View]
390835694Fire Emblem is like the antithesis to fun. I understand that it's a thinking game, but when it…[View]
390809880Perfect boss battles don't exi......[View]
390832427Underrail: What am I in for?[View]
390832082I'm thinking of starting an Arcade. Please talk me out of it.[View]
390835428>buy game with 2 years season pass >they say game been patched ready for esport >one of tea…[View]
390827623based black man: hey guys so who do you think is the most based black man in videogame history…[View]
390835064>bruh, unicorns are fucking gay shit for girls. >see this wat do? why don't manly unicor…[View]
390836007Is it a good dungeon crawler or is it indie shit that'll never come out? Should I purchase /v/r…[View]
390832175>all Switch come with Golf built in >have to do the Nintendo Direct 'direct to you' gesture wi…[View]
390834404Does Vermintide have players still? I kinda want to buy it[View]
390834531Legit question: So how come gaming journalism seems to focus so much on politics in games, rather th…[View]
390814625OpenXCOM Thread: I'm late, sorry about that. Shall we continue and get our ass handed to us, or…[View]
390836129>50 % of the game is an extremely boring woods that barely feels like lovecraft or gothic horror …[View]
390805551Confirmed: Canon.[View]
390831034>it's good with mods[View]
390835920>play american rpg >its bethesda rip off again Why american gaming lost originality…[View]
390835036>open video >HEEEEEEEEEEEEYO BOYS WHAT IS GOING ON, IT'S YO BOY- >close video Why do f…[View]
390834880Aside from very likely being one of if not the best JRPG released this year, I also think it's …[View]
390834414Remember me?[View]
390833407What games are unintentionally red pilled?[View]
390827471How do we stop them?[View]
390835013Is it worth playing the Steins;Gate game if I've already seen the anime? Are there a lot of sce…[View]
390833784Does anyone know where I can get find Crab Nicholson Extreme Sleepover? I've been trying to re …[View]
390834285>HoT MiLF WaNt tO FuK U 3 MiLe aWay[View]
390826521>Game title has the word 'God', 'Demon', 'War', 'Abyss' o…[View]
390835381I spammed the Groovitron at the citadel to make them dance. Got a hardon everytime. I've never …[View]
390834598>nothing good released since Bayo 2 last year and even that wasn't as good as the first game…[View]
390835371>developers work hard to make a creative, colorful game >LMAO THEY MUST OF BEEN ON DRUGS WHEN …[